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Full text of "The psalms and hymns, with the catechism, confession of faith, and canons, of the Synod of Dort; and liturgy of the Reformed Protestant Dutch Church in North America"

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cfav in PttiwM nA Hf Aim nd' Q|ilrtliwl 8mi3i, 
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Ipublic library 

58 I ^^^ I 


Entered, aooording to the Act of Congress, in urn year 1847, by 
Isaac Touno, (on behslf of the Oenersl Sjmod of the Refiinned 
Protestant Dnteh Church,) in the clerk's office of the District Cout 
of the SoQthem District of New York. 

■ Ttfji:i^6V/^ij»^ BT J. yA»A!!r. 


Of the Psalms and Hyzmm tuMd by the Eefbnned Fkotaatant 
Dutch GSiuioh. 

thM mi Tiiin ■ iiilnnipli iif ftii n ili flul in riliiw TTiium mj bt pttblUy 

■iKiBthaB«teaadnaC«tntDateb ChorehM, bvt aoah Mm ■inir oft d inil iiniM 
\\ftht0mml9fuad. PkwviiNnly to Um Amtitan Rffvtalia^ Um pnlwrfj of 
' oalj tha pnlM in UMDoteh laaitaag*, onaUjrbosad vtatha 
inn. TIm vmiioa approfwl bjr dMfl(fBod wwUMt'of DMkMHL 
iMw TMBioB of pnlM aiid hyiwM eonpOid aad adopCad !■ tte 
I, In the yg 1T>3, wm wihinp>nt|y approwd. Aftar tho pwiod of tte Aa»- 
iten lafmaaiMn, whan Ik waa fbond aaneaaarj to introdnoa Eki^iah ataninf , Iba Sav. Ob 
IW^wnn oompflad a book of ftalma and Hy— in tha Ek^iah la^fo^^ wUoh «« 
>a hlWi a d, mAthaa»pwwapprobatfanandia «wiwwanrta M fl nofthaOanaralgniod,hit>n 
yaarnatL Fhia book oontinnad in oaa in Cha chnrohaa oatil tha yaar 1813, whan, nl tha 
hiMiiii of tha Claaaia of Now Torfc, tha FtetiBalar S^nod of Naw York laftnad tha 
aii^MBt nintiva to tha rawirionof tha FMUna and Hraav than in naa^to tha OananI fl^nod. 
Tba r afc r an a e waa Atfonrably antartainad bjr tha 9fnod, and thaj rarwitad tha Bar. PVo* 
teMT UragBbm to maka tha ariaelMn of IMna and Hjrinna, afraaaUf to tha Tiawa tiMn 
aipnaad, and a |»pointad a mmmittaa to tHwa tha aama ahaold ba aobmittad Jbr thair 
■ffMBJaariMi and approraL At tha aaanon of tha Sjmod, bald in Ootober, 1813, thia ooa- 
ndttaa lapottod in &voar of tha aelaction, and tha Sfood aeoonlingly adoptad it, aaftarad 
npon tliair raoords a miaata highly oomplimantaiy to tlie djatinguiahad oampilar, and mada 
tha aacaaafy amngamenta for ita poUicatJoa and introdoetion into tlkapobUo woiaii^ 
af tha chnrehaa. 

In tha yanr 1830. tha Ganaral Sjmod daamad it azpadiant that an additional nvnibar 
af hynna ahoold baadded to thoaa ooatainad in the book then in ma, and aoooidin^ a 
ownaiiff aa waa appointed to malca a aaiection, on a vmrietj of aubjeeta, with a view tooon- 
aittato a aeoood book of hjnma. At tba nazt aaamm of the 8yiiod, thia oomnnrtaa 
reported a aaia^ioo of 173 additional hjrmns, whidi were approfed, ordered to ba pab- 
iiahid aa a aaoood book of hnnna , and aatboriaed to be naed in all tha churchaa. At tha 
hiarinn of the General Syoodli Sabbath-School Board, a committee waa appotnted at tha 
nwauag of the Synod, in Jane 1843, to compile a book for the use of the Sabbath-Sohoola 
of tha ehorch. llie aeSection, aa reprated by the committee, embraced many hymna anit- 
ablc for aodal aa well aa Sabbath-School wwship. It waa approved by tha Synod, in tha 
jmu 1843. and ordered to be pablished, ander the Utie of the ** Social and Sabbath-School 
Hymn Book.'* The Board of Sabbath-School Union being about to publnh a aacood edi- 
tion of thia bonk, reqoeeted, in tlie year 18t5. that the Synod would furnish an additkand 
anadiar of hymna fbr tlie purpoee of filling op certain blank pagea on the laat alieet of tha 
weak. On conaderinff thia reqneat, the Synod reeolTed, in TiewoftiieflMt that the Hynna 
tew aathoriaeJ to be naed by tlie chnrcbee were oompriaed tai tluee aeparato booka, and 
tLat still adJitMoal Hymna pnioeilaia sohJeoM *verp n^edi^ to rqfer the whole snbjeok 
of the Hymn Book to a conao^fn, to oo<>sifier tko unportai^cetoT »new arrangement, and 
with instractioos to repor.sarj^ ^e.w^^n^ » would in%iie tLe «>Uection more oonplata. 
At Che meetng of the General Synod in June, 1846. thia committee presented their report 
ivoommmding each new arrangement, '•r'i n .the fwae.time aubmitting a aeleotion of 
hymna on a variety of anbiacta, toona /rajphar '>f three. i.ondred and furty-twa Tba hymna 
thoa Bobnittad were approved by tba Synuu. aiid At ookomittee were authorised to com 
plete the work, and prepare ihe whott fai pnbLcatij.*^ a|<eedily as convenient. Tha 
Bi«nl of Direction were alaoramdo^acpd ^ CJ^*7 wc the necessary arrangemente for 
pnatjag the aama. All thia bu been JoM^aad tba^ present work is the result of sudi 
accmn. Tha book thoa completed will compare frvourably with the various selections 
aaad by the aaveral denominafiona of Chriatmns in oar Und. and it is fervently hoped 
wili piova a happy annhaiy m praaaoting tha devotiona, publio, aocial, and private, of tha 
anMabara of onr ChondL 

Jfcaflr*,Jhnr,10IT. «aim wcrn v woiwi ap«n. 




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• • • 



to TBI 


IfteM, pitr to Umb. SB, 41 ; nppoitad, fla^ 
Ui, MS; tiMir pnw, W, US; teppf.n^ 
K in, Uth put. 

Aflyettoai. hop* ia thMD. 13, 42. TB; ■vpport, 
llB,l«Uiput; iMtnictioBbsrtlieiB, 91,119^ 
IflUi put: MDCtified. M. 119. 18th put; 
eoonfa in thjem, 119, 17th part; removed 
by pnjvr, 34, 107; tabminioa to them, 39, 
m. 131; in miad ud bodj, 143; tryins 
o«r gnees. 68, 119, ITlh put; without 
i^ieetioB, 69: of nints ud nnnen diflhr- 
eBt,9«; gentle. 103; modented,125; tezy 
ffTMC, 77, 108, 143. 

Aged niafk reflection, 7L 

AU-eaeing God, 139. 

Ai«eli,gauilna.34,91: aU anblect to Chiiet, 
89; wonhip Chri^ 97; praise the Lord, 
HO: preesnt m dtnrchea, 138. 

Appeal to God against penecaton,7: oon- 
eenuag oar sineentf, 139; hwnili^, 131 ; 
Seardbu of hearta, 119, Slat part. 

IsMaann of Christ, 34. 47, 68, llOL 

AsMtaare from God. 138. 144. 

Atheism of the heart, 64; ptaettoal, 12, 14, 
36; paairtied, 10. 

AttnboUB of God. 36, 111. 146, 147. 

Anthony from God, 75, 8L 

BacUUdi]«.2S; raatored,61; paidaDed,78, 


rof Godmthtelire,127. 
I of a fkmjlj, laS, 133; of a nation, 

144, 157; of the cowktiy, 66, 147; of a per- 

eon. 1,32. 112. 
Blood of Chriat deanaiag. 51, 69. 
Book of aatua and aervtva, 19^ 119^ 4th 

part; happiasaB, 147. 
Broiherlj love, 133; reproof; 14L 

Cm or God ofrar kii aBiBl4 JI& 

to ite poor, J7. 41, US; Ml J 
1A, 112; mxad with tapraoatloM^ m 

GhOdranpniBlaf aod.8; Uaariip^»;ai| 

Chriat the aacoml Adn, 8; hb tfUiA. 
cienpjr. 16; hie aaeensian, 94, 661110; tha 
obuehli Ibondation, 118; the ahaphav^ 
23; hia coming, the aigaa of tl, U; eofva* 
nanl made with him, 89; first and aaoooi 
coming, 96,97. 98; the true David, 3t^ 691 
hia death and rasurectioo, 16,22,69; the 
eternal Creator, 112; exalted to the kiar 
dom, 2,8, 21, 72; 110; oar example, 109 
faith in his blood. 41 ; God and man, 86| 
hia Godhead, 102; oar hope, 4, 61; hia hi- 
camation and sacrifioe, 40; the king and 
the church hia spouae, 46; hia kingdom 
among GentQes, 72, 87, 132; hia lore to 
enemies, 36, 109: hia majesty, 97, 99; hia 
medhOorial kingdom, 80^ 110; his oba- 
dience and death, 69; hia peiaonal glorias^ 
46; priest and king. 110; hia rs anr rec ti oa 
on the Lord's daj, 118; our atrength aad 
righteousness, 71 ; his suArings and kiaf- 
dom, 2, 23, 69 ; bis soflerings, 69; hia laal 
and reproaches, 69. 

Christians, qualifications, 15, 24; diaroh 
made of Jews and Gentiles, 87. 

Church, its beauty, 4.^ 48, 112 ; the birth-place 
of sainu, 87; built on Jesus Christ, il8; 
delight and sa5Bty in it, 27. 48, 84 ; deatroo- 
tion of enemies proceeds thence, 70; ga- 
thered and aettled, 132; privilegee, 13Z; 
of the Gentiles, 45, 47; God fights for hu, 
10,30. 46; God's prsaence there, 84, 132; 
God's special duUght, 87, 132; God'W gu 
den. 92; going to it. 122; the hoon and 
care of God, 135; of the Jews aad Onh 
tiles,87; its increase, 67; pnyu ind i a tr ess, 
80; restored by prsyer, 85, UB, 107; Mi 

I aaftty, 46; ii the aafcty wbA howMT «C % 
/ Aadoq,4a; thaipoiMa orauMt,e;ta 


wonfaip and Older, 48; wrath as^inlt ene- 

miM prooeeda Jhenoe, 79. 
Comfoit, holinea and pardon, i. 32, 119, llth 

aadl2Ui parts; and rapport in Oud, 10.94; 

Ihm aoBirat prondanoa, 77, 143; of UA 

Moat, 127; and pardon, 13a 
Conpanj of aainta, Ifl^ 100. 
Oonpbunt of abaaooa from pobUo wonhip, 

43; ofiiclmMa,S; daaertioa, 13, SB; prida, 

athairai, 10, 12; of t a mp te ti o n a, 13; ga- 

aaraUlOB; of qmuTabaBianaighboan,UO; 

of aflUotiona in mind and bodjr, 143L 
Gompaaaion of Ood, 113^ 145» 147. 
Conunonion of aainta, 108, 133. 
Confoaaion of oar poifttj, 18 ; of aln, rq»Bt- 

aaoa, and pardon, 31; 38^ 81, 130, 1491 
Conadanoe, tender, 110, 13th part; tta gaitt 

Contention oomplainad of, 1201 
GoDvana with God, 83, 119, ad part. 
Ouavaniaa and jof, 128; at tha meanrion 

aCChiM,110; of JawaandOaiitilaa,e7,98, 

OamptiaB of aBBBera g«Mnl, 11, 11 
Coonael and rapport ftom Oo4, Ut lUl 
Goarafi in death, M, 17, 71; In paiaaontioB, 

118, 17th part. 
OoffMnnt made with Chikt, 89; of gnoa 

vaehanfaable, 89. 10& 
OtaatloB and proridenoa, 33; 101, 19% 138, 

CrBataraa,BDtnistlnthaiB,34,82,148; rain, 

83; pnu8in96od,l4& 

0ij of hamQiatkm In war, 80. 

Death and rBaarracUon of Chriit, 18, 89; of 

aafaits and Mnnen, 17,37,49; andaofbiinga 

of Chriat,22,69; deliToranoe from it, 31; 

and pride. 49; and the raaoifectioa, 49, 71, 

89; ooorage in It, 18, 17,23; tha afbofc of 

ate. 90. 
Defence in God, 3, 121; and aalvation In God, 

Dalajing ainnara warned. OS. 
DaUght fai the Uw of God, 119, 8th, 8dl and 

18th parte; in God. 18, 42, 63, 73^ 84. 
DeiivaraDoe, 88 ; from deqiair, 18 ; from deep 

diatresa, M, 40; from death, 31. 118; from 

opprewion, 66; ftom perMoation, 63, 91 ; 

tqr prayer, 34, 40, 80^ 126; from alander, 

31; rarpriaing, 126; ftum temptation, 3; 6, 

13, IB ; from a tomalt, U& 
Desertion and diatreei of mal, 13, 3S, 38; 143. 
Deaire of knowledge. 119, 9th pnrt; of holi- 

neaa, 119, llth part; of oomfort and deli- 

Taranoe, 119, 12ih part; of gmckaniug 

giwe, 119, 10th part. 
Deapair and hope in death, 17, 49; dalitar- 

aaoefromU 18,130 
DMotloB, daily, U, 134, 139; 14L 

Direction and pardon, 23 ; and defenoe prayi4^ 

for, 5; and hope, 42. 
Diaaaae. See SichtoM. 
Diitraaiafaoal,26; ralievdU 0, 88; ISOl 
Dominion orer oraatuiea, 8L 
Donbte rappneaed. 3, 31, 1431 
Drankard and glutton, 117, 78L 
Dolar to God and man, 1^ 24. 

EdnoatioB, religioaB, 34, 78. 

l^yptlB plagoee, 10ft. 

End of tha xighteona and wicked, 1«97. 

£Mmiea oreroome, 18 ; pnyad Ibr, SBb 119s 

Etoty and nnbelief cured, 37, 4flL 
Sqidty and wiadom of proTidanoe^ 9L 
Eraning paalm, 4, 139. 14L 
Eridancaa of gnM)e,38; of iinceritj, 18; 1% 

Era timee, 12; naighbonra, 120; BngMnfeai, 

EnOtation of Chriat to tha kiii«dom,%a»l^ 


EKhortationa to peace, 34. 

lUth of paneentad 8afote.a8; b tha hlood 

of Chriat, 33; 51 ; in dirina grace and pQfwui^ 

lUthAUnam of God, 3B; 106» 111, 140^ U0; 

of man, 15^ 14L 
FUaehooda, 12; delivatume ftum tlMai»Si; 

Fkmily goremment, 101; loro and wonUp^ 

Fean and doubte rappiaaiad, 3; 31, 34( ta 
tha wonhip of God, 89^ 99; of God, 11^ 
Llth part. 

Flattery oomplainad o<; 12, 38. 

Ftemal wonhip^ SO. 


FretftilneaB diaooongad, 37. 

FViendMhip, ite tdaaaiBti, 133; uniUthfU 
frienda. 3L 

Funeral paalm, 88, 901 

Gentilee given to Chriit, S,'22, 72; chuith, 
45, 6^ 72, 87; owning the tnm God, «7, 98^ 

Gloiyof Oodihonraaltation,89; andgrMa 
promimd. 84. 80, 97. 

God aU in all, 127; an<aedi«. U9; an-aufl- 
oient,16;33: hia attributea and proridenca, 
36,65, 147; bia care of aainta, 7,34 ; creation 
and proTidenoe, 33, 104, Ac; his hand, 78; 
our defence, 3, 33, 61, 115; eternal, ana 
aovereign, and holy, 88; eternal, and mai 
mortal. OOk 102; Cuthftdnees, 80, lOB^ 111; 
glorified, and sinners saTod. 89; goodneea 
Ml mercy and truth, 145, 148; power and 


niDEX or 8UBJXCT8. 

25; prayed tor, SB; md ooafiMrioa. SB; of 
ortginal and ^ml sin, 51 ; plentifol with 

Puienoe nadar aflUetioiMi, 39: undar pacaa- 
eatuMia, 37, 44; in darkna«» 77, 130; 13L 

Paaoa and buhnaaa aaoourigaJ, 34; with 
mandearad, 12QL 

Fwiaotiooa of God, 111, 13B. U&, 147. 

Fanecated aainta, thair pctjar and frith, 9% 

Faneeation, daUTtranoa from H, 7, 53, M; 
eooraga In it, 110, 17th part. 

FtoTMOUton pimiahad. 7, 7M29, 149; Ihdr 
lUIj, 14 ; oomplaiiMd oC 3Sk 44, 74, 80; 83; 
dalhreranoa froa tham, 9; M; M. 

FaiaaranuMa. 138; in tziala. 119; lllhpait. 

Panonal idorica of Chriat, 45^ 

Puiilanea, praaanration in it, 9L 

Piatj, ioatnioUoaa therain, 34. 

Flaadfaiff withoat rapininff, 39, 123; tba pro- 
■aiaaa, 119, 10th pnt. 

Pteir, ohaiitj, 15, 37. 41, IVL 

Ptartioa of aalnU and aimMia; 11, 17, 97. 

Fovaity confaaiad, 15. 

Fbwarandmi^iaatjof aod,a;89;14& Saa 

Practioal atheino, 14, 36, 53. 

Praiaa toGod fnun ehiUran,8; teoraatkm 
and pnmdanoa, 33, 104 ; to our Craator, 
148; fbramiaentdeUTafanoaa,34,118;fe^ 
neral, 86. 145, 150; for tha goapal. 88; for 
66, 102 ; to Jeaus Christ, 45 ; from all uaUom, 
117; and prayer public, 65 ; for pntaction, 
67; for pnmdenoa and itraoa, 36 ; for rain, 
96. 147; from the aainta, 149, 150; temporal 
blasnnga, 68, 117; for temptations orar- 
oorae. 18; inwar, la 

l^7erheard,4,34,69.6e; in time of war. 90; 
end hope ofrictncy, 30; and prsiae pablic, 
65; and hope, 27; in choreh'a dlstraas, 80; 
heard and Zion restund, 108; and foith of 
paraeeuted saiuta, 35,37,56; and praiaa for 
dalirennce, 34, 38 ; feir encj h^ 118; 19th 

Preaerrlnr KTaoe. 138. 

Fteaerration in pablic dangaia, 46» 91, 112; 

Pride and atheism ponirtiad, IQ, 12) and 
death, 4ft. 

Priaathood of Christ. 51, lia 

Prinoaa vain, 6, 147. 

PnfosaloB of ainearitj, rspantaaoa, Aa, 119, 

P ro mia s a and thiaataaiaii, 81; pleaded, 119, 

Pnaparilf daafarona; 69, 73. 
Pnaparooa sfaman; 97, 49; 73; 
PRMsUen, tntk Hi inDB,8r| bf diV and 


FlB«idaafla,9; HAcnMnia^w^iaB; and 
fr»»,S^ U7; wdVirfMtaMir ««d,99; 

Ka myatatj ufoUed.TS; iworfad.TT.l8 

107; in air, earth, and aaa, aBk8A,aikMl^ 

107, U7. 
Pndanea and naal, 39l 
Psalm for aoldian. 18, 80| for aid iCi; 111 

for haabaadmsn. 66; foraftiMnI.8i;90; 

for tha Lotdli daf,9B; I 

before aamoii, 96; for i 

for hoonholda, 101; for mBitaii% W| iv 

(tnttona and dronkanln; 107; forAaMta^ 

Poblio praiaa for prtvato aaraiai; 11% 118; 

for daliraraaae, 181; wocaUv^ 

from it oomplainad oi« SI] 

PmUunant orrinmn; HI, 87; i 

Purpoaaa hotr, 119; Ulh pmt 

QolBkaniivfnwa, 119; 18tt pwt 

Ratal from haavan, 69^ 138; lA 
Reoovaiy from liolmsm, fl^ 80; lUL 
Relathradatiea, 86,1331 
SeUgioBandJaatk9a,15; lawMdindd 

RelifloQs edocatkia, 94, m 
Remembranoe of former delliaiiiMMi, 1% 

Repentance, 32; and pnyvr for perioa iMi 

atrength, 38; and foith is tha Mood if 

Christ, 5L 
R^uxiaoh ramored, 31, 97. 
Reaignatioa, 39, 123; 131. 
Resolatioos, holy, 119, Ulh part. 
Restoring (laoa, 23, 138L 
Reeorpsctioa and death of Christ, ^N; cf 

the aainta, 16» 17. 49. 71 X and dMtk «k n. 

Rererenoe in worship, 89, 98L 
Revolntion, American, 18. 
Riches, their ranitj, 49, 144. 
RiRhtaonsBsas from Christ, 71. 

Sacrifloa.40L51.60; incarnation of dafot, dBL 

Saftty.Ol; triamphofUaacharohinnatiai^ 
deeolationa, 46; hi God, 6L 

Sainta happjr and ahmers euiaed, 1, 119; lH 
part; safatj, 12. 46; the best company, 18; 
characterized, 15, 24; and sinaanf portioo, 
1, 17; dwell in hesTen, IS, 34; pantahod 
andsaTed,78,106; Ood<)icaraoftham,94; 
rewarded at last, 50, 90, 92; and sinaan' 
end, 1, 11. 37 ; paUenoe, 37; chaatiaed aad 
Binners dntniyed. 94 ; die, bnt Christ Uvaa. 
102; pmished and pardoned, 106, 107; cca- 
docted to heaTen, 106, 107; tried and pro- 
aenred, 66, 126; aflliotjona modanttad, 186; 
Jndginf the wortd, 149L 

8alnitiooofeafaita,10; andlriampli,18; ad 
defonoa in God, 61 ; hj Chrtat, 68; 8& 




Iviptvt conpuwl with tha book of natim, 
nillilltkput: iMtraotion from tt» lift, 
Itt part; dot^ht ia it, m flth ud IfiOi 
f«ls; ltnl1no» anl oonftnt from it, lUt 
«h pirt; p«JbelM» f<tl8.7th pvt; ««. 
MBnegr. lUt ath put; attmidtd with tbo 

iMrat dtaffotkm. H llfll U fut 
StIMaBmtamliaD, 98^ I3Bk 
Shqterd af mms ii Jem, 83L 
IhMp. olnfiBd, im 2U put 

■ek-tad dMoite, 6^ ae^ an lift. 
Wiimitinliil.'.r •" 
i^ •rCkiiM eomiiV, U 881 te. 
fc«rMMi%M; fli||lBdaiidaetnl,01: 
nd fhwr— iwnr of Minlib W^ 108; «■&- 

'.maoil^iaS; iNPOTod Old vtwiid- 

, 1, n, 37, flO; hatvMl and 

,Mi ijB>ortoiicQft>]a;3i,so. 

Sbader, 31, 120. 

So«lB m MpaiBta lUte, 17, 148L' 

Spatt Kivctt at Chxm\ mnmrnkm, 68; hia 

WpiTifal aoamiea offa r c om e, 3, 18, 144 ; blam 

iBgB,81; mindadncaa, 119, aa part. 
fljpoaaa of Chiut is tha eharch, 45. 
%irnif oflhayaar,fi&; and rammer, 65, 104 ; 

and winter, 147. 
8iom aad thaadar. 28^ 136. 14& 
flcraigtli prajed far, 38; from Chitat, 61 ; of 

gnoa, I3& 

, 123; 131; to Chriit, 2; to aick- 

■ of the coepel, 19. 110. 
SaSmtufM and death of Cairiit,23; Unffdom 

of Chrat. 2,22.68.11a 
Sammar, 66 ; and winter, 147. 
Support, 16L 
Swaty aad raotfoa of Chriot, 4a 

TM iptatin aa oita f p u gia, X 18; faiifcfciMa8,6; 

aacapaafttim them, 26; of tha davil,lSs 

support mder them, 3, 6^ 01 
Tender ooaaeianoa, 118, 13th part. 
Tliaaks, puhUo^ fiv phvata meniaib 1181 lift 

llimMlar and ston^l^ US^ 136^ Ua. 


TooKiia gofanad, 31, 38l 

TMal of our graoaa hf aflUatfoMb 81^ 188; of 

oar hearts, 26, 130. 
THompb at tha last dar, 14a 
'nQst hi eraatana vain, 82, 146L 
Trtith, cnoa and prataoOoo, 07, I4fl^ Mi| 


OUnHif oarad.97; paiikkid,8aL 
UiwhaagaaWa Ood, 88^ lit 

▼aaitjofBaaaa aortal. 81^881 144; of lift 

VancaaBoa,8B; agiiHK tha «BHdM of tha 

dxoTch, 78; 14(1 
▼ktoiy pni j ra d# r , aO; ovw tanpraHnw; 8^ 

Vinejani of God wasted, 8a 
Yowi paid, U6; of hoUnesib 119^ 16th pttrt. 

WaiUnf fbr directian, 25; ibr aivwir %9 

prayer, 85, IX, 143. 
War, 20; disappointmanta, 80; fiotuy, IB; 

spiritoal, 18, 144. 
'Warnings of God to his people, 8L 
Watchfulnen, 18, 141. 
Weather, 66, 107, 136, 147, 148L 
Wickednem of man, 14, 36, 6L 
Wisdom of God in his works, 111. 
Works of creation and prondenoe, 104, 147, 

148; and grace, 18, 33, Ul, 136^ 138; pndt 

World's hatred, 37. 
Wonhip and order of the goepel, 48 ; ddight 

la it, 84; with rererenoe, 80, 98; daily, 66^ 

W, 141; hi a fiimfly, 133; pohlio, 63; 8t» 

122; 132; abeenoe firom it, 43, 63. 

Zeal aitd pmdenoe, 39. 
Zion,15; its piivileges, ISL 




A Tm« 

4LirioRTf ruler of the tkiei 93 

\lmichty Ood, tppear and save ... 36 
^reBinnen now to lenaeleia grown 39 

%riM, my gracious God 33 

Amid thy wrath remember love .... 73 
As panu the hart for cooliof , Jbc. . 78 
A word in season, spoke with power 07 

Are all the foes of Zion fools 96 

AmonfT the assemblies of tbe great ]38 

And will theGodof gnee 1.19 

Among tbe princea, eaglMj gods . . 144 
Agnin, my tongue tltvljlinoa, Jbc. 1h8 
Awake, my soul, with fervent, itc 180 

Arise, O king of grace, arise 328 

Awake, ye saints, to praise, Ac ... 333 
AU ye that love tbo Lord, rejoice . . 356 


Behold', the lofty sky 39 

Behold ! tlK morning sun 40 

Blest is the man, for ever blest .... GO 
Blest is the nation where the Lord 63 
Beliold the love, the generous luve 67 
Bf>b(ild the blest Redeemer oomes . 76 
Blest is the man whose bowels move 78 
Behold ! O God, what cruel foes ... 135 
Blest are the souls that hear, Ac . . lAI 
Before Jehovah*s awful throne . . . . ](i8 
Behold I the stately cedars stand . . 178 
Behold the sure foundation stone . 300 
Ble«t are the undefil'd in heart .... 903 
Behold thy waitinf servant, I^ird . 908 

BleM are the sons of peace ^fGO 

By Babers stream the captive, Afl.. WS 


Children in years and, Ac 64 

Come, sound his praise abroad .... 169 
Come, let t>ur souls address, Ac. . . 163 
Consider all my sorrows. Lord .... 911 


Pavid rejoiced in God, his stren|(th 45 
Deep in our hearts let us record ... 117 


Early, my Ood, without delay .... 107 
Exalt the Lord our God 167 


Pools in their hearts believe, Ac. . . 

Far as Ihy name is known 87 

Prom foes that round us rise 104 

Father, I sing thy wondrous grace 119 

Fbr ever shall my song record 149 

FJrvm Mge to age exaic his name ... 184 

Prom all that dwell below, Ac . .. . IH 
Father, I bless thy gentle band . . . . ft4 

Firm and unmov'd are ttiey Mi 

For ever blessed be Itoe Loid MS 

Give to the Lord, ye sobs of fame . . M 
God of my life, look gently down . . 74 

God is our refoge in distreee 84 

Great is tki UDid our Ood 89 

Ood counts the sorrows, Ac 101 

Great God, indulge jny, Ac .......103 

Grttat God, attend to my, Ac 108 

God of my childhood. Ac ISi 

Great God,. whose universal sway ISJ 
God, my supporter, and my hope . . M 
Great Shepherd of thine Israel .... 131 
Great G04I att«md, while Zkm ainga 141 
God in his earthly temple laya .... 149 
God, from his cloudy cistern, poaii J78 

Give thanks to God. Ac 181 

God of eternal love 183 

Give thanks to Ood; be. Ac 184 

God of my mercy and my praise ... 190 
Great is the Lonl.bis works, Ac . . 199 
Great is the Lord, ezaiC«Mi high ... 931 
Give thanks to God, moat high .... 933 
CUve to our God iounortal praisa . . 931 


How long, O Lord, Ac Ti 

How fiist their guilty sorrows, Ac 91 

Flow many Ebeneaers stand fC 

How pleasing is thy voice IIJ 

How long, eternal God, how long . 19E 
How awful is thy chast'ning rod . . 13S 
How pl<>arant, how divinely foir . . 14( 
Hear what the I<ord in vision said l&l 
He, that hath made his reAtge God MSk 

He rcifrns ; the Lord, Ac liM 

Hear me, O God, nor hide thy foce 171 
Happy is he that fears the Lord . . . lUS 
How shall the young secure, Ac . . 904 
How did my heart rejoice to hear . S9( 
Had not tlie Lord, may Israel say . 931 
Happy the city, where their sons . . 94C 


In anger. Lord, rebuke mo not .... M 

I love the volume of thy word .... 4li 

In thee, great God, with songs, Ac 44 

I lift my soul to God 5C 

I will extol thee. Lord, on high ... 51 

laWtby hand. O Ood of truth A 

I waited patient for tbe liord 11 

In Judah, God of old was known . 131 




or TB* 



or THS 




UMwoid •rChiMdwtlMnfOtt.rilili^iavIUwMora.taaoluaf and 
ftelannd Hjrim ttid*Q|^btttiil 800311 ringing ^fi^ (rwM in 
Loid.'^-CW: liL UL • --..-. . 

^■Jj<m^.J^^..,JlU». ,fc.-, 4 .. 



: vri.K Oh VUlT^T LLNE^. 

:■,:<. 14 > 

.-. . : ^:ui n: 

V. i »■ ^; v: o: luhi, ice ibtd 

>.Niv« ^ « , V »««k. my i«od, Slc . . . 15tf 
9t.i« w x^r U^ Jekorah's name . 161 
jti 14 ^' t:»r Uvd. ye difltant, Jcc . . ItiS 

N'.( KMbr l^Hd mML lugta 169 

K^wfv .>f immortal praise beloiif . . 1\H 

4k* «lMil aUviBf tHOM SOI 

l<V«rrb<rr and SaTiour of my aoul . . 815 

|B«kvet u the mem'ry of thy grace . i46 


TW man it ever Meat ^ IS 

Tk* eternal Son lAitb power. Ac . . 14 

Tliee will I love, O Lord. &c 34 

*I\> thine Almighty ann we owe ... 37 
To blefli the Luid oar God. 4cc . . . . 36 
The heaT*n« declare thy clor}-, 4bc. 41 
This spaciouf earth ia all the, Jcc. . 49 

The Lord of gloiy is my li^ht 53 

Thro' all the changing scenes, kc . 63 
The Lord fbr e\-er guards the Just. . fiS 
Thus I resolved belbre the Lnrd ... 73 
Teach me the measure of my oays. 74 
The wonders. Lord, thy love. ^. . . 77 
The Riu of sainU, how fkir, 4bc. . 84 
The Lord, the Judge, befi>re, 1^ . . 90 

Thus saith the Lord, Um. Jkc ■ 01 

The Lord, the Judge, his. fte. 09 

The <flOd of glory sends his, Itc . . . . OS 
There is a God, all nalurt* cries. ... 07 

*Tis by thy strength, the, itc Ill 

*Twas Ihr my sake, eternal God . . .118 

The mcm*r>- of Christ's, Ike MS 

To thee, most high and holy God . .189 

To God I cried with, 4tc 131 

Thio* ev'ry age, eternal Qod 1S3 

The heathen know thy glory. See, . 104 

The U>rdi«c«Mne; the.lU 16S 

The Almighty reigns. Ac OM 

To u«T Aliuishly Maker, God IHA 

The Livid, Jfliovah, reitiis 1«7 

Tha la»rd. the sovVign King ITti 

Thus wi«r« the tribrs Avm, he 181 

TV» GihI the great, tlie ever blest . . I<^ 
Thy works lifghtry, mighty l-«fd .. l« 
*l1ius the eii*rnal P«ther spakw .... 100 
The lAiixl aMtMrs my hrlper now . 1W 

This IS ths day, the Liml, *e. 800 

TVt thee, b«>Rire the dawning, 4e, « 80)1 
Thou art my ittirtloN. t» my God • . 803 
Thy mereies All ths earth, 4e. ....807 
The least , the OvebIsM of Ihe. *«. • . 816 
Tbnu UtHi of hive, thou evw blest . 817 

To Eton's hill I liA my eyss 818 

Tlie LMd In UoA plii?d his. lUL .«0 

Tlr -1. L ri, ^y <!r: to-t. &.C.. . .. <£Xi 
To Gt.'-. 1 liiriut iii\ >'>rr<j\vs,ifcc • • ii43 


Upward I lift mine eyes 810 

Up Aom my youth may Israel say . 82S 


Vast arc thy works, Jkc *. 170 

Vain man, on foolish plcasurea, Sue US 


Why did the heathen madly, Jkc . . 14 
With my wbote heart. Ml. &«..... 88 

When the Great Judge, *«. SS 

Why doih the Lord stand off, Jte . 8A 
Why do the men of malice rage . . iUi 

Who shall ascend thy, &«. 80 

When God is nigh, my faith, Jbc. . . 31 
We love thee. Lord, and we adore 30 
Writhins in pain, our Saviour, Sac 47 

Where shall the man be IbaBd SI 

While I keep silence and eonceal . 01 

When roan grows bold in sin 67 

Why should 1 vex ray sool, 4te. ... OS 

Why do the wealthy, Jkc 70 

Why doth the man of riches grow . 8B 

Why should the haughty. Jkc 06 

When overwhelmed with grief 106 

We bless the Loid, the Jiist,ftc^ ... 116 

Will God forever cast as off 187 

U*hen IsraH sinnM, the Lord, As. . 131 

While life prolongs iu, Jkc MB 

With rev'renee let thy saints, Aba. ISO 
Who will arise and plead. 4te. . . . . MO 
When Pharaoh darM to vex, Ac . . 181 
When God, provoked with, Ac .... 187 

When Israel fkeed fhMn, 4te. IBS 

What ahall I render to my God ... 107 
With my whole heart Pve. Ac . . . 810 
When pain and anguish seise, 4kc 813 

When God restored our, Ac 898 

When God reveal'd his. Ac 899 

^Vhere shall we go to seek, 4bc 887 

With all my pow'rs of heart. Ac .. 890 
When I with pleasing wonder, 4te. 8M 
With songs and honours, 4ec 893 


Te sons of pride that hate, Ac . . . 80 

Yet (saith the Lord) if. Jfce m 

Yt aona of men. a feeble race 157 

Ye servants of th* Almighty, Ac .. 104 
Ye that obey th* immortal King 838 
Yt tribes of^Adan, Join *...8M 


PSALM 1. S. M. 

Tie way and end of the rigkteout and the wicked 

1 npHE man is ever blest 

-^ Who shuns the sinners' ways, 
Amidst their councils never stands, 
. Nor takes the scorner's place. 

2 But makes the law of God 
His study and delight, 

Throughout ttie labours of the day. 
And watches of the night. 

3 He hke a tree shall thrive, 
With waters near the root : 

Fresh as the leaf his name shall Uve; 
His works are heavenly fruit. 

4 Not so the ungodly race, 
They no such blessings find ; 

Their hopes shall flee like empty chaft' 
Before the driving wind. 

5 How will they bear to stand 
Before that judgment-seat. 

Where all the saints at Christ's right hand 
In full assembly meet ? 

6 He knows, and he approves 
ITie way the righteous go ; 

But sinners and their works shall meet 
A dreadful overthrow. 

2 (w^ 

14 PSAI.M 11. 

PSALM 2. First Part. L. M. 
Crod the Father vindicates his Messiah. 

1 TE/'HY did the heathen madly rage, 

▼ ^ And why the Jews conspire m rai 
Why kings and rulers all engage, 
T' oppose Messiah's gracious reign ? 

2 "Come, let us break his bands," they say, 
" We^ll ne'er be governed by his laws i^ 
And thus they cast his yoke away. 

And nail'd Messiah to the cross. 

3 But God the Father, fix)m his throne, 
Lauffhs at their pride, their rage controls j 
He^U rex their hearts with pams unknowi 
And speak in thunder to their souls. 

4 " rU vindicate the King I pfiade, 
" On Zion's everlasting hill ; 

" My hand shall bring him from the dead, 
^^ And he shall reign Messiah stiU.'^ 

PSALM 2. Second Part. L. M. 
The Son invested with the m^diatoriaJ kingdom. 

1 npH' eternal Son, with ix>wer array'd, 

•^ Declares th' unchangeable decree : 
" Thou art my Son,'' the Father said, 
** This day have I begotten thee. 

2 " For sin thou'st ofier'd up thy soul, 
** And thou'st a right to intercede ; 
" Thy hfe shall last while ages roU, 

" And thou shalt see a num'rous seed. 

3 " Ask then, my Son, and I will give 
** The heathen for thy vast domain ; 
** The utmost ends of earth receive, 

" And boundless be thy blessed reign. 

4 ^ But nationB, that resist thy gracey 
^iSbaO SblH beneath thine iron stroke t 


^ Thy rod shall crush thy foes with ease, 
^ As pc9tters' earthen work is broke.** 

PSALM 2. Third Part. L. M. 
CM the Holff Ghoti ts^norti nrlerv to mthmniaiu 

1 "T^OW," saith the Spirit of the Lord, 

-L^ To those who sit on earthly thrones 
^ Rejoice with trembling at his word, 
*^ And at his feet submit your crowns. 

2 ^ With faith and love address the Son, 
^ Lest he grow angry, and ye die ; 

^ His wrath will bum to worlds unknown, 
" If ye provoke his jealousy. 

3 *' His fro^Mi shall drive you quick to hell, 
" For he is God, and ye but dust 

** Happy the souls that know him well, 
** And make his grace their only trust T' 

PSALMS. First Pari. L. M. 
A Morning Psalm. 

1 f\ LORD, how many are my foes, 

" In this weak state of flesh and blood ^ 
My peace they daily discompose, 
But my defence and hope is God. 

2 Tir'd with the burdens of the day. 
To thee I rais'd an evening cry ; 
Thou heard'st when I began to pray. 
And thine almighty help was nigh. 

3 Supported by thy heavenly aid, 

I laid me down and slept secure ; 

Not death should make my heart afraid, 

Tho' I should wake and rise no more. 

1 But God sustained me all the night : 
• SaJvstion doth to God belong : 


He rais'd my head to see the li^ht, 
And makes his praise my mormng 80iig» 

PSALM 3, Second Part. CM. 
Dottbr and Fears tupprewsed* 

1 ]M[Y Gody the tempter would persuade* 
^-^ There's no rehef in heaven ; 

And all my swelling sins appear 
Too big to be forgiven. 

2 Uut thou, my righteousness and strength, 

Shalt on the tempter tread ; 
bhalt silence all my threatening guih. 
And raise my drooping head. 

3 I cried, and from his holy hill 

He bow'd a listening ear; 
I caird, My Ftitlicr, and my God ! 
And he subdu'd my fear. 

4 He shed soft slunibers on mine eyes. 

In spite of all my foes ; 
I 'woke, and wonder'd at^the grace 
That guarded my rcpoee. 

5 What, tho* the hosts of death and hdl 

All arm'd against me stood ? 
Terrors no more shall shake my soul; 
My refuge is my God. 

6 Arise, O Lord, fulfil thy grace. 

While I thy glory sing : ^ 
For Christ hath Iwroke tlie serpent's teeth, 
And death has lost his sting. 

7 Salvation to the Lord belongs, 

His arm alone can save ; 
Blessings attend thy peoplq here. 
And reach beyond the grave. 


PSALM 4. First Part. L. M. 
God the Saviour our confidence and portion, 

1 f\ GOD of gitice and righfeousnesfl, 
^^ Hear and attend when I complam ; 
Tbou hast eiilargM me in distress, 
*Bow down a gracious e^^r again. 

2' Ye sons of men, in vain ye tiy 
To turn nay sflory into shame ; 
How long will scoffers lOve to lie. 
And dare re|HX)ach my Saviour^s rame? 

3 Know that the Lord divides fais saints 
From all the tribes of men beside : 
He hears the cry of penitents, 

For the dear sake of Christ that died. 

4 When our obedient hands have done 
A thousand works of righteousness, . 
We put our trust in Christ alone. 
And glory in his pardoning grace. 

5 Let the unthinking many say, 

** Who will bestow «ome earthly good ?*• 
But, Lord, thy light and love we pray ; 
Our souls desire this heavenly food. 

6 Then shall my cheerful powers rejoice 
At Ifrace and favours so divine. 

Nor will I change my happy choice, 
For all their corn, and all their wine. 

PSALM 4. Second Part. C. M. 
:^n Evening Psalm. 

1 T ORD, thou wilt hear me when I pray 
^ I am for ever thine : 

I fear before thee all the day. 
Nor would I dare to sin. 

2 And while I rest my weary head, 

HxvB cares and business free. 


^is sweet conversing on my bed ^ 
With my own heart and thee. 

3 I pay this evening sacrifice ; 

And when my work is done^ 
Great God ! my faith and hope refies 
Upon thy grace alone. 

4 Thus with my thoughts composed to peace 

I'll give rame eyes to sleep : 
Thy hand in safety keeps my days, 
And will my slumbers keep. 


For the Lord^s Day Morning. 

1 T ORD, in the morning thou shalt hear 
-■-^ My voice ascending high ; 

To thee will I direct my prayer, 
To thee lift up mine eye ; 

2 Up to the hills, where Christ is gone 

To plead, for all his saints, 
Presenting at his Father's throne 
Our songs and our complaints. 

3 Thou art a God before whose sight 

The wicked shall not stand ; 

Sinners shall ne'er be thy delight. 

Nor dweU at thy right hand. 

4 But to thy house will I resort. 

To taste thy mercies there : 
I will frequent thy holy court. 
And worship in thy fear. ^ 

5 Oh may thy spirit guide my feet 

In ways of righteousness ! 
Make every path of duty straight. 
And plain uefore my face. 

6 My watchful enemies combine 

To tempt my feet astray ; 

fiSAJLM \ni if 

Tbe^^iatter with a base 4emga 
IV) make iny soul their prey. 

7 Lord, crush the serpent in t^pe dusL 

And all his idots destroy ^ 
While thoee tnat m thy juercy tmst 
For ever 'about for joy. 

8 The men that love and fear thy name 

Shall see thebr hopes fiilfiU'di 
The mighty God will copmass them 
With &your as a lAdeUL, ^ 


CompUdniim Stekneu. 

1 TN anger, Lord, rel^e me not, 
-*- Wimdraw the dreadfd storm; 
Nor let thy fiiry grow so hot 

Against a feeble worm. 

2 My souPs bow'd down with heavy cares. 

My flesh with pain opprest j 
My couch is witness tp^my tears. 
My tears forbid my test. 

3 Sorrow and pain wear out my days ; 

I waste the night with cries, 
Counting the minutes as they pass. 
Till the slow morning rise. 

4 Shall I be still afiUcted more ? 

Mine eyes consumed with grief? 
How long, my God, how long before 
Thy hand afibrd relief? 

5 He hears when dust and ashes speak. 

He pities all our groans ; 
He saves us for our Saviour's sa](e, 
And heals our broken bones. 

6 The virtue of hisr sovereign word 

Ite$iore8 our fainting hreBth ; 

20 PSALM Vn. 

For silent graves praise not the Lord ; 
Our lips are seaPd in death. 


Tke Christianas iniegrittf — an appeal to €ML 

1 IVI Y trust is in my heavenly Friend, 
-^^-*- My hope in thee, my God ; 
Rise, and my helpless life defend 

Prom those that seek my blood. 

2 With insolence and fiuy they 

My soul in pieces tear ; 
As hungry lions rend the prey, 
When no deliverer's near. 

3 If I indulge in thoughts unjust, 

And wish and seek their woe, 
Then let them tread my life to dust 
And lay mine honour low. 

4 It tlierc were malice hid in me, 

I know tliy piercing eyes ; 
I should not dare appeal jLo thcc. 
Nor ask my God to rise. 

5 Arise, my Gk)d, lift up thy hand. 

Their pride and power control ; 
Awake to judgment, and comlnand ^^^ 
Deliverance for my soul. 

6 Let sinners and their wicked rage 

Be humbled to the dust ; 
Shall not the God of truth engage. 
To vindicate the just ? 

7 He knows the heart, he tries the reins, 

He will defend th' upright ; 

His sharpest arrows he ordains 

Against the sons of spite. 

8 For me their malice dug a pit. 

But there themselves are cast : 

PSALM Vin. 21 

My God makesall their mischief light 
On their own heads at last. 

9 That cniel,persecuting race 
Must feel his dreadfuh sword ; 
Awake, my soul, and praise the grace 
And justice of the lx)rd. 

PSALM 8. First Part. S. M. 

Condescension of God. 

1 f\ LORD, our heavenly King, 
^ Thy name is all divine. 

Thy glories round the earth are spread* 
And o'er the heavens they slune. 

2 When to thy works on high 
I raise my wond'ring eyes, 

And see the moon, complete in light, 
Adorn the darksome skies : 

3 When I survey the stars 
And all their shining forms, 

Lord, what is man ! that worthless tiling, 
Akin to dust and worms ! 

4 Lord, what is worthless man. 

That thou shouldst love him so ! • 

xVext to thine angels is he plac'd. 
And lord of all below. 

5 How rich thy bounties are ! 
How wond'rous are thy ways ! 

Of dust and worms, thy power can frame 
A monument of praise. 

PSALMS. Second Part. L. M. 

First and Second Adam. 

I T ORD, what was man, when made at first 
^ Adam, the ofl'spring of the dust. 
That thou should'st set him and his racc> 
Hut just below an angePs place I 


2 That thou should^st raise his nature 80» 
And make him lord of all below ; 
Make every beast and bird submit. 
And lay the fishes at his feet ! 

3 But O, what brighter glories wait ^ 
To crown the second Adam's state ! 
What honours shall thy Son adom. 
Who condescended to be bom ! 

4 See him below his angels made, 
See him in dust among the dead, 
To save a ruin'd world from sin : 
Yet he shall reign with power divine. 

5 The world to come, redeemed from all 
The mis'ries that attend the fall, 
New made and glorious, shall submit 
At our exalted Saviour's feet 

PSALM 8. Third Part. L. M. 
The Hotannah of the Children. 

I A LMIGHTY Ruler of the skies, 
-^ Thro' the wide earth thy name is spread^ 
And thine eternal glories rise, 

« O'er all the heav'ns thy hands have made. 

J To thee the voices of the young 
A monument of honour raise ; 
And babes with uninstructed tongue 
Declare the wonders of tliy praise. 

3 Thy pow'r assists their tender age 
To bring proud rebels to the ground ; 
To still the bold blasphemer's rage, 
And all their policy confound. 

PSALM 9. First Part. CM. 
The righteous God the refuge of hie People. 

J TMT'ITH my whole heart I'll raise my son^, 
^ ^.^/ wonders I'll proclaim ; 


Thou, ibfi great Judge of right and wrong. 
Wilt put my foes to shame. 

3 FD sing thy majesty and grace ; 
My God prepares his throne 
To judge the world in righteousness, 
And make his vengeance known. 

3 Then shall the Lord a refuge prove 

For all the poor opprest ; 
To save the people of his love, 
And give tne weary rest. 

4 The men, that know thy name, will trust 

In thine abundant grace : 
And thou wilt ne^er forsake the just, 
Who humUy seek thy face. 

5 Sing praises to the righteous Lord, 

Wno dwells on Zion's hill ; 
Who executes his threatening word, 
And doth his grace fulfil. 

PSALM 9. Second Part. C. M. 
The wisdom and equity ef Pronidenee. 

1 XI^HEN the great Judge, supreme and just, 

^^ Shall once enquire for blood. 
The humble souls, that mourn in dust, 
Shall find a faithful God. 

2 He from the dreadful gates of death 

Doth his own children raise : 
In Zion^s gates with cheerful breath. 
They sing their Father's praise. 

3 His foes shall fall with heedless feet 

Into the pit they made ; 
And sinners perish in the net, 
Which their own hands have spread. 

4 Thus by thy judgments, mighty God, 

Are tbf Beep eouasela imown ; 

24 PSALM X. 

When men of mischief are destroy'd. 
The snare must be their own. 

5 The wicked shall sink down to hell ; 

Thy wrath devour the lands 
That dare forget thee, or rebel 
Against thy known commands. 

6 Tho' saints to sore distress are brought^ 

And wait and long complain ; 
Their* cries shall never be forgot. 
Nor shall their hopes be vain. 

PSALM 10. First Pari. C. M. 
Prayer for deliverance from enemies. 

1 X¥/^HY doth the Lord stand off so far ? 

^^ And why conceal his face, 
When great calamities appear, 
And times of deep distress ? 

2 Lord, shall the wicked still deride 

Thy justice and thy power ? 
Shall they advance their heads in pride. 
And still thy saints devour ? 

3 They put thy judgments from their sig^l. 

And then insult the poor ; 
They boast in their exalted height. 
That they shall fall no more. 

4 Arise, O God, lift up thy hand ; 

Attend our humble cry : 
No enemy shall dare to stand, 
When Grod ascends on high. 

PSALM 10. Second Part. CM 
Crod our Vindicator. 

I XX^HY do the men of malice rage, 
^ ^ And say, with foolish pride, 
*^ The God of heaven will ne^er engage 
'* To 6gbt on Zion'i tide." 


2 But thou fbre?er art our Lord ; 

And poWrfiil is thy' hand. 
As when the heathens felt thy sword. 
And perish'd from thy land; 

3 God will prepare our hearts to pmjy 

And bow his ear to hear;* 
He marks whatever his children say, 
And puts the worid in fear. 

4 Proud tyrants shall no more oppress, 

No more despise the just; 
And mighty sinners shaft conf^s 
They are but earth and dust 

PSALM U. L.M. - 

Providence and justice of God. 

1 TLl^ Y refuge is the Gk)d of love : 
-l-^A Why do my foes insult and cry, 
" Fly like a tim'rous trembling dove, 
"To distant woods or mountains fly?** 

2 Ifgovemment be all destroyed, 
(That firm foundation of our peace) 
And violence make justice void, 
Where shall the rignteous seek redress ? 

3 The Lord in heav'n hath fixM his throne. 
His eye surveys the world below ; 

To him all mortal things are known. 
His eye-lids search our spirits- through. 

1 If he afflict his saints so far, 
To prove their love, and try their grace ; 
What must the bold transgressors fear? 
His very soul abhors their ways. 

5 On impious wretches he shall rain 
Tempests of brimstone, 6re and death ; 
Sncb S£f2ie kindhd on the plain 


e The righteous Lord loves righteous souki 
Whose thoughts and actions are sincere • 
And with a gracious eye beholds 
The men that his o>vn image bear. 

PSALM 12. First Pari. L. M* 

Hope in evil times. 

1 A LMIGHTY God, appear and save, 
-^ For vice and vanity prevail ; 
The godly perish in the grave, 

The just depart, the faithful fail. 

2 The whole discourse, when neighbours meet, 
Is filPd with trifles loose and vain ; 

Their lips are flatt'ry and deceit. 
And their proud language is profane. 

3 But lips that with deceit abound 
Shall not maintain their triumph long ; 
The God of vengeance will confound 
The flattering and blaspheming tongue. 

4 " Yet shall our words be free," they cry ; 
" Our tongue shall be controlled by none : 
" Where is the Lord will ask us why ; 

** Or say, our Hps are not our own ?" 

5 The Lord, who sees the poor oppressed, 
And hears th' oppressor's haughty strain, 
Will rise to give his children rest. 

Nor shall they trust his word in vain. 

6 Thy word, O Lord, tho' often try'd, 
Void of deceit shall still appear ; 
Not silver, sev'n times purify'd 

From dross and mixture, shmes so clear 

7 Thy grace shall in the darkest hour 
Defend the holy soul from harm : 
Tho', when the vilest men have pow'r, 
On every side will sinners swanxu 

FSALH XII, xin. n 

TSAIM 12. Smxrnd Part. CM. 

1 T ORDi when iniquit^M abpand, 
-Li And Uasphemj. grows bold, 
When faith is hardly to be founds 

And love is waxing cdd: 

2 Is not thr charicrt hastening on ? 

Hast thoa not given the signf 
May we not tmst and five upon 
A promise so. divine? 

i '^NoWf" saith the Lord, ^now. will I risep 
^ And make c^ressors flee ; * 
^I will appear to their surprise, 
'^And set my servants freeJ^ 

4 Thy word, like silver sev'n times tried, 
Thro' ages shall endure: 
The men that la thy truth confide 
Shall find the promise sure. 

PSALM 13. L. M. 

Pleading with God vnder desertion. 

1 ¥TOW long, O Lord, shall I complain, 
•'3. Lii^e one that seeks his God in vaiii ? 
Wilt thou thy face for ever hide ? 

Shall I still pray and be denied ? 

2 Shall I forever be forgot, 

As one whom thou regardest not ? 

Still shall my soul thine absence moum^ 

And still despair of thy return ? 

3 How long shall my poor troubled breast 
Be with mese anxious thoughts opprest ? 
And Satan, my maUcious foe. 
Rejoice to see me sunk so low? 

4 Hear, Lord^ hod grant me quick relief^ 
Be/biv my death conchide my grief ; 

28 reALM XIV. 

If thou witlihold tliy heav'uly light, 
I sleep in everlasting night. 

5 How would the pow'rs of darkness boast. 
Could but one praying soul be lost ? 

But I have trusted in thy grace, 
And shall again behold thy face. 

6 Whatever my fears or foes suggest. 
Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest : 
My heart shall feel thy love, and raise 
My cheerful voice to songs of praise. 

PSALM 14. First Part. C. M. 

Univcrwl depravity. 

1 X^OOLSin their hearts believe and say, 
-*- " That all religion's vain ; 

" There is no God that reigns on high, 
" Or minds th' affairs of men," 

2 From thoughts so dreadful and profane 

Cornipt discourse proceeds; 
And in their impious hands arc found 
Abominable deeds. 

3 The Lord, from his celestial throne, 

Look'd down on things below, 
To find the man that sought his grace. 
Or did his justice know. 

4 By nature all are gone astray. 

Their practice all the same ; 
There's none that fears his Maker's hand 
There's none tliat loves his name. 

5 Their tongues are us'd to speak deceit. 

Their slanders never cease ; 
How swift to mischief are tlieir feet ! 
Nor know the paths of peace. 

6 Such seeds of sin (that bitter root) . 

In ev'iy heart are found \ 

PSALM XrV, XV. 39 

Nor cad thejr bear diyiner firuit^ 
Till grace r^oe the gronniL 

PSALM 14.. Second Part. C.VL 

1 A RE siimers now so genseless ffrowiif 
•^ That they the saints devour r 
And Dever worahip at thy thronoi 

Nor fear thine awful po w'r ? *^ 

2 Great God, appear to their surprise. 

Reveal thy4dreadfiil name; 
Let them no more thy wrath despise. 
Nor turn our hope to shame. 

3 Dost thou not dwell among the just? 

And yet our foes deride, 
That we should make thy name our trust : 
Great Grod, confound their pride. 

4 Oh that the joyful day were come 

To finish our distress ! 
When God shall bring his cliildren home, 
Our songs shall never cease. 

PSALM 15. L. M. 

Tke character of a Saint; or the qualificoHant cfa 

1 XJi/^HO shall ascend thy heav'nly place, 

▼ ^ Great Grod, anddwell before tny lace? 
The man that minds religion now, 
And hves and walks by &ith below : 

2 Whose hands are pure, whose heart is clean ; 
Whose lips still speak the thing they mean 
No slanders dwell upon his tongue ; 

He hates to do his neighbour wrong. 

3 Scaice will he trust an ill reportj 
Nor rent it to bis neigbbouT^s hurt ; 


Sinners of state he can despise ; 
But saints are lionourM in nis eyes. 

4 Firm to his word he ever stood, 
And always makes his promise good ; 
Nor dares to change the thing he swears^ 
Whatever pain or loss he bears. 

5 He never deals in bribing gold, 

And momns that justice should be sold : 
While others scorn and wrong the poor^ 
Sweet charity attends liis door. 

6 He loves his enemies, and prays 

For those that curse him to his face ; 
And doth to all men still the same 
That he would hope or wish from them» 

7 Yet, when his hohest works are done. 
His soul depends on grace alone: 
This is the man thy face shall see. 
And dwell for ever. Lord, with thee. 

PSALM 16. First Part. L. M. 
The humble Christian rejoicing in the co7rnnvnioji qfminta 

1 PRESERVE me. Lord, in time of need 
-*^ For succour to thy tlux>nc I flee ; 
But have no merits there to plead: 

" My goodness cannot reach to thee. 

2 Oft have my heart and tongue confessed. 
How empty and how poor I am: 

My praise can never make thee blest. 
Nor add new glories to thy name. 

3 Yet, Lord, tliy saints on earth may reap \ 
Some profit by the good we do: 

These are the company I keep, 
These are the choicest friends I know« 

4 Let others choose tlie sons of mirth. 
To give a relish to their winej 


[ loye the men of heavily hirti), 
. Whose thoughts and language ara diyine. 

PSALM 16. Seconii Part. L. M. 
ne precummesi of Christ. 

1 1XOW fast their guHt and sorrows rise, 
-H Who haste to seek some idol-god ! 
I will not taste their sacrifice, 

Their offVings of forbidden bloo^ 

2 My God proyides a richer cup, 
And nobler food to five upon ; 
He for my Jiib hath offer'd up 
Jesus, his best beloved Son. 

3 His love is my perpetual feast ; 

By day his counsels guide me right : 
And be his name for ever blest. 
Who gives me sweet advice by night. 

4 I set him still before mine eyes ; 

At my right hand he stands prepared 
To keep my soul from all surpnsc, 
And be my everlasting guard. 

PSALM 16. Third Part. L. M. 

Hope in the reaurrectio/u 

1 X^HEN God is nigh my faith is strong , 

^^ His arm is my almighty prop: 
Be glad my heart, rejoice my tongue ; 
My dying flesh shall rest in hope. 

2 Tho' in the dust I lav my head, 

Yet, gracious God, thou wilt not leave 

My soul for ever with the dead ; 

For Christ hath triumphed o'er the graven 

3 My flesh shall thy first call obey. 
Shake oflf the dust, and rise on high : 
Then shalt thou lead the wondVous way 
Up to thy throne aboye the sky. 


4 There streams of endless pleasure flow ; 
And full discoveries of thy grace 
(Which we but tasted here below) 
Spread heav'nly joys thro' all the place 

PSALM 16. Fourth Part. CM. 

Divine goodness and counsel. 

1 O AVE me, O Lord, from ev'ry foe ; 
•^ In thee my trust I place : 

Tho' all the good, that I can do, 
Can ne'er deserve thy grace. 

2 Yet, here, thy children to sdstain 

Shall be my lov'd employ ; 
Thy children, first and best of mar.« 
My fiiends, my highest joy. 

3 Let heathens to their idols haste, 

And worship wood, or stone ; 
But my delightful lot is cast 
Where the true God is known. 

4 The Lord provides my constant foocV 

He fills my daily cup ; 
Much am I pleas'd with present good, 
But more rejoice in hope. 

5 God is my portion and my joy, 

His counsels are my light : 
He gives me sweet advice by day, 
And gentle hints by night. 

C My soul would all her thoughts approvo 
To his all-seeing eye : 
Not death nor hell my hope shall move, 
Wliile such a friend is nigh. 

PSALM 17. First Part. S. M. 
The Portion of Saints and Sinners. 

k RISE, my gracious God, 
-^ And make the wicked flee : 





They are but tliy chastising rod, 
To drive thy saints to thee. 

2 Bchclil the sinner dies, 

His haughty words are vain : 
Jfere in this hte his pleasure iies, 
And all beyond is ptiin. 

3 Then let his pride advance, 
And boast of all his store : 

The Lord is my inheritance, 
My soul can wish no more. 

4 I shall behold the face 
Of my forgiving God ; 

And stand complete in righteousness, 
Wash'd in my Saviour's blood. 

5 There's a new heav'u begun 
When I awake from death, 

Drest in the likeness of thy Son, 
And draw inunortal breath. 

PSALM 17. Second Pari. L. M. 
Refoic'uiff in the prospect of Heaven. 

1 y ORD, I am thine ; but tliou wilt prove 
-Li My faith, my patience, and my love ; 
When men of spite against me join. 
They are the sword, the hand is thine. 

2 Their hope and portion lie below ; 
Tis all the happmess they know ; 

Tis fill they seek ; they take their shares, 
And leave the rest among their heirs. 

3 What sinners value I resign : 

I>ord, 'tis enough that thou art mine : 

I shall behold my blissful face, 

And stand complete in righteousness. 

4 This life's a dream, an empty show ; 
But the bright world to which I go, 


Hath joys substantial and sincere ; 
When shall I wake and find me there ? 

5 O glorious hour ! O blest abode ! 
I shall be near and Hke my God ; 
And flesh and sin no more control 
The sacred pleasures of the soul. 

6 My flesh shall slumber in the ground. 
Till the last trumpet's joyful sound ; 
Then burst the chains with sweet surprisei 
And in my Saviour's image rise. 

PSALM 18. First Part. L. M. 

Deliverance from despair . 

1 rpiIEE will I love, O Lord, my strength, 

-*- My rock, my tower, my high defence 
Thy mighty arm shall be my trust : 
For I have found salvation thence. 

2 Death and the terrors of the grave, 
Spread over me their dismal shade ; 
While floods of high temptations rose. 
And made my sinking soul afraid. 

3 I saw the opening gates of hell, 
With endless pains and sorrows there, 
Which none but they that feel, can tell ; 
While I was hurried to despair. 

1 In my distress I calPd my God, 
When I could scarce believe him mine ; 
He bow'd his ear to my complaints ; 
Then did his grace appear divine. 

5 With speed he flew to my reUef, 
As on a cherub's wings he rode : 
Awfiil and bright as lightning shone 
The face of my deUv'rer, God. 

6 Temptations fled at his rebuke, 
JKspelPd by his almighty breath : 

PSALM XyiH. 3ft 

He sent Balyation. from on high. 
And drew me from the depths of deatlu 

7 Great were my fi^ars, my foes were great. 
Much was their strength, and more their rage s . 
But Christ, my L6rd, is conqueror still. 

In all the wars that dcyils wage. 

8 My song for ever shall record 
That terrible, that joyful hour; 
And give the glory to the Lord, 
Due to his mercy and his pow'r. 

PSALM 18. Second Part. L. M. 
Christian Stneerity. 

1 T ORD, thou hast form'd ii^y soul sincere, 
^ Hast made thy truth and love appear : 
Before mine eyes I set thy laws, 

And thou hast own'd my righteous cause. 

2 Since I have leam'd thy holy ways, 
I've walk'd upright before thy face : 
And if my feet from thee depart, 

It grieves my soul, it wounds my heart. 

3 What so^ temptations broke my rest ! 
What wars and strugglings in my breast ' 
But, Uiro' thy grace that reigns within, 

I guard against my darling sin. 

4 llie sin that close besets me still. 
That works and strives against my will : 
When shall tliy Spirit'^ sovereign pow'r 
Destroy it, that it rise no more ? 

5 With an impartial hand, the Lord 
Deals out to mortals their reward : 
The kind and faithful soul shall find 
A God all faithful and most kind. 

6 The just and pure shall ever say, 

Tiau art more parcj moro just than the^ \ 


And men that love revenge shall know, 
God hath an arm of vengeance too. 

PSALM IS. Third Part. L. M. 
Rtjoicing in God our Saviour. 

1 TUST are thy ways, and true thy word, 
•" Great Rock of my secure abode • 
Who is a God beside the Lord ? 

Or whcre's a refuge like our God ? 

2 Tis he that girds nie with his might, 
(iives me his holy sword to wield ; 
And while with sin and hell I fight, 
Spreads his salvation for my shield. 

3 He lives, (and blessed be my Rock !) 
The God of my salvation Uves ; 
The dark designs of hell he broke : 
Sweet is the peace my Saviour gives. 

4 Before the scoffers of the age 

I will exalt my Saviour's name : 

Nor tremble at their mighty rage ; 

But meet reproach, and bear the shame. 

PSALM 18. Fourih Part. C. M. 

Victory over national enemies. 
\ W^E love thee, Lord, and we adore ; 
▼ ▼ Now is thine arm reveal'd : 
Thou art our strength, our heav'nly tow'r : 
Our bulwark and our shield. 

2 We fly to our eternal rock, 

And find a sure defence: 
His holy name our lips invoke, 
And draw salvation thence. 

3 \\Ticn God our loader shines in arms, 

\niat mortal heart can bear 
The thunder of his loud alarms ? 
The [^^ttiog of liis spear? 

* PSALM XVm. 37 

( lie rides upcm th? winged wind; ^ 
And angels in array^ 
In milHbnSy wait to know his^mind, 
And swift as flames obey. ^ 

5 He speaks^ and at his fierce rebukiB' ' 

Wnole armies are dismayed; 
His Yotce, his frown, his angry look, . 
Strikes all their courage dead. 

6 He forms our genVals for the fieU, 

With aU th^r dreadful skill; 
Giyea them his awful swprd to wield, 
Aiki makes their heaii^ of rteel. ' * 

7 He arms our captains to the figh^ 

(Tho' there his name's forgot,) 
He ff^^ Cyrus with his might, 
When Cyrus knew him not. 

B Oft has the Lord whole nations blest 
For his o^vn children's sake : 
The pow'rs, that give his people rest. 
Shall of his care partake. 

PSALM 18. Fifth Part. C. M. 

1 nr\) thine ahnighty arm we owe 

-^ The triumphs of the day ; 
Thy terrors, Lord, confound the foe, 
And melt his strength away. 

2 'Tis by thine aid our troops prevail. 

And break united powVs: 
Or bum their boasted fleets, or scale 
The proudest of thehr tow'rs. 

3 How have we chas'd them thro' the field, 

And trod them to the ground ; 
WhUe itfr gaJration was our shield^ 
Aad they no shelter found ! 

38 PSALM XVm. 

4 In vain to idol saints they cry, 

And perish in their blood : 
Where is a rock so great, so high, 
So powVlul as our God? 

5 The Rock of Israel ever lives, 

His name be ever blest; 
Tis his own arm the vict'ry gives, 
He gives his people rest. 

PSALM 18. Sixth Part. P. M. 
Thanksgivings applied to the American Revolution* 

1 ^jpo bless the Lord, our God, in strains di- 

-^ vine, [join : 

With thankful hearts, and raptur'd voices 
To us what wonders his right hand hath 
shown ! [known ' 

Mercies, his chosen tribes have scarcely 
Like David blest, begin th' enraptur'd song ; 
Let praise and joy -awaken ev'ry tongue. 

2 When, fir'd to rage, against our nation rose 
Cliiefs of proud name, and bands of haughty 

foes ; [ray'd. 

He traiuM our hosts to fight, with arms ar- 
With health invigorM, and with bounty fed ; 
Gave us his chosen chief our sons to guide ; 
Heard ev'ry prayV, and ev'ry want supplyM. 

3 He gave their armies captive to our hands, 
Or sent them frustrate to their native lands ; 
Burst the dark snare, disciosM the miry pit, 
And led to broad, safe grounds, our sliding 

Bounteous, for us, extended regions won. 
The fairest empire spread beneath the sun. 

4 When, dark and threatening, civil broils aro:.a» 
Each hope grew dim, and fncnds werecbung'o 

to foes; 

God was oar staj, otir help, onr heavVily 

flhiekl: ^ 

His grace preserv'd tut, and his aim upheld ; 
Sav'd us firom tumults dire, and deep distress ; 
EUarg'd our biessiugs, and connrmVI our 


5 No moi« against our land shall strangers, rise, 
But &de, and fade, beneath avenging skies : 
Pleased, the fieree heathen yield to happier 

The grmin^f savage hail the gospel day ; 
Low sins Uie' proud, the sons of blood be 

Nor injured Zion lift her cries in vain. 

6 But, O thouPowV belovM ! our shores around 
Be ev*ry virtue, ev*ry blessing found. 
Here bid thy seasons crown the fruitful plain ; 
Here lud fair peace extend her blissful reign : 
Let laws, let justice, hold perpetual sway, 
The soul unfettered, and the conscience free. 

7 With clearest splendour, here, lei knowledge 

Here ev^ry glory beam firom truth divine ; 
To Jesus' call the soul obsequious bend ; 
Grace firom thy Spiiril in rich showVs descend ; 
Nations each day ascend the bright abode. 
And boundless praise unceasing rise to God 

PSALM 19. First Part. S. M. 
The hook of nature and scripture. 

1 "OEHOLD! the lofty sky 
JEf Declares its maker God, 
Ittd all his starry works on high 
Vrodaim bis pow'r abroad 


2 The darkness and the Ught 
Still keep their course the same. 

While night to day, and day to nighti 
Divinely teach his name. 

3 In evVy different land 
Their gen'ral voice is known • 

riiey show the wonders of his hand^ 
And orders of his throne. 

4 Ye Western lands, rejoice, 
Here he reveals his word : 

We arc not left to nature's voice 
To bid us know the Lord. 

5 His statutes and commands 
Are set before our eyes ; 

rie puts his gospel in our hands, 
Where our salvation hes. 

6 His laws are just and pure, 
His truth without deceit ; 

His promised forever sure, 

And his rewards are great. 

7 Not honey to tlie taste 
Affords so much delight ; 

Nor gold that has the furnace passM 
So much allures the siMit. 

8 While of thy works I sing. 
Thy glor}'^ to proclaim ; 

Accept the praise, my God, my King, 
In my Redeemer's name. 

PSALM 19. Second Part. S. M. 
The word of God most excellent. 

1 TJEHOLD! the morning sun 
-D Begins his glorious way ; 
His beams thro' all the nations run, 
And life and light convey. 

' PSALM XIX: 41 

2 But where the gospel comes, 
It spreads diviner jiglU; 

(t caUs dead sinners from their tomlMU 
And gires the bfind their sight. 

3 How perfect is thy word ! 
And all thy judgments just . 

For ever sure thy promise, Lord ; 
And men securely trust. 

4 My gracious Grod, how plain 
Are thy directions giv*n ! 

(Hi may I never read in tain, 
But find the path to heav^i ! 

5 I hear thy word with love. 
And I would fain obey : 

Send thy good Spirit from above. 
To guide me, lest I stray. 

6 O, who can ever find 
The errors of his ways ! 

Yet with a bold presumptuous mind, 
I would not dare transgress. 

7 Warn me of ev'ry sin ; 
Forgive my secret faults : 

And cleanse this guilty soul of mine, 
Whose crimes exceed my thoughts. 

8 While with my heart and tongue 
I spread thy praise abroad ; 

Accept the worship and the song. 
My Saviour and my God. 

PSALM 19. Third Part. L. M. 
The book cf natwre and tcripture eompartd. 

1 ^I^HE heav'ns declare thy glory, Lortl, 
-*- In ev'ry star thy wisdom shines ; 
But when pur eyes heboid thy word, 
We read thy name in fairer lines* 


2 The rolling sun, the changing light, 
And nights and days thy pow'r confess; 
But the blest volume tliou hast writ, 
Reveals thy justice and thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon, and stars convey thy praise 
Round the whole earth, and never stand 
So when thy truth began its race. 

It touch'd and glanc'd on ev'ry land. 

4 Nor shall thy spreading gospel rest ; 
Till thro' the world tliy truth has run • 
Till Christ has all the nations blest. 
That see the light, or feel the sun. 

5 Great Sun of righteousness, arise , 
Bless the dark world with heavVi/y \'/)u 
Thy gospel makes the simpb wis^? , 
Thy laws are pure, thy juagments rights 

fi Thy noblest wonders hc:<3 we view, 
In souls renew'd, and eins forgiv n : 
Lord, cleanse my sir..-<, my soul renew, 
And make thy word my guide to heav'n. 

PSALM 19. Fourth Part. P. M. 
The Gospel, 

1 T LOVE the volume of thy word : 
A What light and joy its leaves afford 

To souls benighted and distrest ! 
Thy precepts guide my doubtful way ; 
Thy lear forbids my feet to stray ; 

Thy promise leads my heart to rest. 

2 From the discov'ries of thy law 
The perfect rules of life I draw ; 

These are my study and delight : 
Not honey so invites the taste. 
Nor gold, that hath the furnace past, 

Appears so pleasing to the sight 


3 Thy duceafnings wake my ^lumb'ring 6jef| 
And warn me where my danger lies ; ^ 

But His thy blessed gospel. Lord, 
That makes my ffuilty conscience dean; 
Converts my souT, subdues my sin ; 

And gives a free, but large rewaxd. . 

4 Who knows the isrrors of .his thoughts? 
My God, forgive, my secret faults. 

And from presumptuous sins restrain : 
Acq^t my poor attempts at paise. 
That I have read thy book ot grace 
. And b(xk of nature not in vain. 


PSALM 20. L. M. 

Prayer in Hme of war. 

NOW may the God of pow'r and grace 
Attend his people's humble cry ! 
Jehovah hears when Israel prays, 
And brings deliverance from on high. 

The name of Jacob's God defends. 
Better than shields or brazen walls : 
He from his sanctuary sends 
Succour and strength when Zion calls. 

Well he remembers all our sighs ; 
His love exceeds our best deserts : 
His love accepts the sacrifice 
Of humble groaiis, and broken hearts. 

In his salvation is our hope ; 
And in the name of Israel's God, 
Our troops shall lift their banners up ; 
Our navies spread their flags abroad. 

Some trust in horses train'd for war, 
And some of chariots make their boasts^ 
Our surest expectations are 
From thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts. 


6 Oh may the mem'ry of thy name 
Inspire our armies for the fight ! 
Our foes shall fall and die with shame 
Or quit the field with shameful flight. 

•7 Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear ; 
Now let our hope be firm and strong ; 
Till thy salvation shall appear. 
And joy and triumph raise the song. . 

PSALM 2L First Part. C. M. 
Pious rulers are the care of heaven. 

1 OUR rulers, Lord, witli songs of prauM 
^^ Should in thy strength rejoice ; 

And blest with thy salvation, raise 
To heaven their cheerful voice. 

2 Thy sure defence thro' nations round 

Has spread their honours far ; 
And their successful measures crown'd 
AUke in peace and war. 

3 Then let them still on God rely 

For wisdom, and for grace ; 
His mercy shall their wants supply, 
And save our happy race. 

PSALM 2L Second Part. CM. 
Praise for peace and nattorial blessings. 

1 TN thee, great God, with songs of praiau 
-^ Our favoured realms rejoice ; 

And, blest with thy salvation, raise 
To heav'n their cheerful voice. 

2 Thy sure defence, from foes around, 

Hath spread our rising name ; 
And all our feeble efforts crown'd 
With freedom and with fame. 

3 In deep distress our injured land 

Implor'd thy powV to save : 


For peace we prayed ; 'thy bounteous ttaiid 
The timely blessing gaVe. yj 

4 Thy mighty arm, eternal Pow'r, 

6pfx>sM their deadh^ aim; 
In mercy swept them from our shore^ ^ 
And spread their sails with shame. • 

5 On thee, in want, in woe, or pain. 

Our hearts alone rely: 
Our rights thy mercy will maintain, 
And all our wants supply. 

6 Thus,' Lord, thy wond^rous pow^r declare ; 

And still exalt thy fiune; 
While we glad songs of praise prepare 
To thine Almighty name. 

PSALxM 21. ridrdPart. L. M. 

Ckrist*8 exaltation- 

1 T\AVID rcjoic'd in God, his strength, 
■"-^ RaisM to the throne by special grace; 
But Christ, the Son, appears at length, 
Fulfils the triumph and the praise. 

2 How great is the Messiah's joy 
In the salvation of thy hand ! 

Lord, thou hast raisM his kingdom high, 
• And giv'n the world to liis conunand. 

3 Whatever he wills thy goodness gives. 
Nor dotli the least request witlihold : 
Blessings attend him while he lives 
And crowns of glory, not of gold. 

4 Around his sacred temples shine, 
Th' Etemars uncreated rays : 
AU pow'r is his, and grace divine. 
Ana length of everlasting days. 

5 But as a fiery ovea glows 

With raging beat, and bumivg COals : 


Thy vengeance shall consume his foes j 
Thy wrath devour their guilty souls. 

PSALM 22. First Part. C. M. 
Christ forsaken on the cross, 

1 It/FY God, my God, why hast thou left 
-^^ My soul without rehef! 

Of thy blest smiles to be bereft 
Rxceeds all other grief. 

2 But thou art holy, O my God, 

And wit not spare tliy Son ; 
As Saviour, he must bear the load, 
And taste the curse alone. 

3 Our fathers trusted in thy name, 

And great dcliv'rance found ; 
But I'm a worm despis'd of men, 
And trodden to the ground. 

4 Shaking the head, they pass me by, 

And laugh my soul to scorn ; 
" In vain he trusts in God," they cry, 
"Neglected and forlorn." 

5 Yet, thou, O God ! hast form'd my fleshy 

By thy almighty word. 
And since I hung upon the breast, 
My hope is in the Lord. 

6 My God, if possible it be. 

Withhold this bitter cup! 
But I resign my will to thee. 
And drink the sorrows up. 

7 My heart dissolves with pangs unknown ; 

In groans I waste my oreath : 
Thy heavy hand hath brought me dovm 
Low as the dust of death. 

^ Father, I give my spirit up, 
And tmst it in thme hand* 


My dying flesh shall rest in hope, 
And rise at thy command. 

PSALM 22. Secojid Part. C. M. 
Blessings from Christ crucified* 

1 "Wiri^ITHIxVG in pain, our Saviour prayM 

^ ^ With mighty cries and tears : 
In that dread hour, his Father heard, 
And chas'd away his fears. 

2 Great was the vict'rv of his death ; 

His throne exalted high : 
And all the kindreds of the earth 
Shall worship,or shall die. 

3 A numerous race shall mount the skies 

On his expiring groans: 
They shall be reckon'd in his eyes 
For daughters and for sons. 

4 The meek and humble souls shall see 

His table richly spread : 
And all that seek the Lord shall be 
With joys immortal fed. 

5 The isles shall know the righteousness 

Of our incarnate God, 
And nations yet unborn profess 
Salvation in his blood. 

PSALM 22. Third Pari. L. M. 
The sufferings and exaltation of Christ. 

1 I^OW let our mournful songs record 
•^^ The dying son-ows of our Lord ; 
When he coraplainM in tears and blood, 
As one forsaken of his God. 

2 The Jews beheld him thus forlorn, 

And shook their heads and laugh'd in scorn; 
** He rescu'd others from the grave ; 
^ Now Jot him try himself to save.'* 


3 They wound his head, his hands, his feet. 
Till streams of blood each other meet ; 
Ity lot his garments they divide, 
And mock the pangs in which he died. 

. 4 But God, his Father, heard his cry ; 
Rais'd from the dead, he reigns on high 
The nations learn his righteousness. 
And humble sinners taste his grace. 

PSALM 23. First Part. L. M. 

Jesus a shepherd, 

1 TESUS, my Lord, doth condescend, 
•^ To be my shepherd and my friend ; 
I on his faithfulness rely, 

His cares shall all my wants supply. 

2 In pastures green he doth me lead. 
And there in safety makes me feed : 
Refreshing streams are ever nigh, 
My thirsty soul to satisfy. 

3 When stray'd, or languid, I complain, 
His grace revives my soul again : 
For his name's sake, in ways upright. 
He makes me walk with great delight. 

4 Yea, when death's gloomy vale I tread. 
With joy, ev'n there, I'll lift my head ; 
From fear and dread he'll keep me free : 
His rod and staff shall comfort me. 

5 A table stor'd with living bread. 

In spite of foes. Lord, thou hast spread j 
Thou dost my head with oil anoint. 
And a full cup for me appoint. 

6 Goodness and mercy shall to me. 
Thro' all my life extended be ; 
And when my pilgrimage is o'er, 

/yy dwell wim wee for evermoxc. 

PSALM xxin, xxiy. . a9 

PSALM 23. Secmd'Part. S. M. 


1 TESUS^my Shepherd lives, ., 
•• ills name: - 

Siace he is mme, and I am his, 
I shall not sufler sh^e. - 

2 He leads me to the place > ; 
Where heav'niy pasture grows; 

Where living wat^ gendy pass, S^ 
And full salvation flows. 

3 If e^er I go astray, . 

Ho doth my soul reclaim; 
And guides me in his ovm right way, , 
For his most holy name. 

4 While he affords his aid, 
I cannot want or fear: 

rho^ I shoald walk thro' death^s dark shade. 
My shepherd's with me there. 

5 In spite of all my foes, 
Thou dost my table spread; 

My cup with blessings overflows, 
And joy exalts my head. 

6 The bounties of thy love 

Shall crown my following days; 
Nor from thy house will I remove. 
Nor cease to speak thy praise. 

PSALM 24. L. M. 

The ChriHian'i rtit.—The atcension of Christ. 

I npHIS spacious earth is all the Lord's, 
-L Andmenandworms,andbeastsandbiida: 
He Ttaefd&e buildup on Aeaeas^ 
And gave it fyr their dweUing^^piace. 


2 But there's a brighter world on high. 
Thy palace, Lord, above the sky : 
Who shall ascend that blest abode, 
And dwell so near his Maker, God ^ 

3 He that abhors and fears to sin, 

Whose heart is pure, whose hands are cleafe 
Him shall the Lord the Saviour bless. 
And clothe his soul with righteousness. 

4 These are the men, the pious race, 
That seek the God of Jacob's face : 
These shall enjoy the blissful sight. 
And dwell in everlasting light. 

5 Reioice, ye shining worlds on high. 
Behold the King of glory nigh ! 
Who can this King of glory be ? 
The mighty Lord, the Saviour's he. 

6 Ye heav'nly gates, your leaves display, 
To make the Lord, the Saviour, way : 
Laden with spoils from earth and hell. 
The Conqu'ror comes with God to dwell. 

7 Rais'd from the dead, he goes before. 
He opens heav'n's eternal door. 
To give his saints a blest abode 
Near their Redeemer, and their God. 

PSALM 25. First Pari. S. M. 

Waiting for pardon and direction. 

1 T LIFT my soul to God, 
-^ My trust is in his name; 

Let not my foes that seek my blood 
Still triumph in my shame. 

2 Sin, and the pow'rs of hell 
Persuade me to despair: 

Lord, make me know thy covenant weU, 
That I may ^scape the snare. 

FSALM ixV. 51 

3 Ftomi the fist 4fiwiiiiij(. light. 
Till the dark et^kung nae. 

For thy salvation, Lmd, I /wait, y. 
With ever longing eyes^ 

4 Remember all thy grace, 
And lead ine^in thy trutJii; 

Fofgire the Bins of riper daysi 
And follies of my youtq. 

5 The Lord ia just and kind. 
The meek shatt leam Ua wajHij 

And ev^ humble, sinner find 
The Uessings of his grace. 

6 Fw his own goodness^ sake, 
He saves my scml from shame; 

He pardons (though my guilt be groat) 
Thro' my R^eemer's name. 

PSALM 25. Second Part. S. M. 
Covenant bleuings^ 

1 \¥7HERE shall the man be founds 

▼ ▼ That fears V offend his God ; 
That loves the gospel's loyful sound, 
And trembles at the rod? 

2 The Lord shall make him know 
The secrets of his heart j 

The wonders of his covenant show, 
And all his love impart. 

3 The dealings of his hand 
Are truth and mercy still. 

With such as in his covenant stand. 
And love to do his will. 

4 Their souls shall dwell at ease 
Before their Maker's &ce: 

*rheir seed sbaU taste the promises 
Jo tbeir extensird grace. 


PSALM 25. Third Part. S. M. 

Distrtts of sotd. 

1 11/riNE eyes and my desire 
^^ Are ever to the Lord: 

I love to plead his promises, 
And rest upon nis word. 

2 Turn, turn thee to my soul; 
Bring thy salvation near: 

When will thy hand release my feet 
Out of tlie deadly snare ? 

3 When shall the sovereign grace 
Of my forgiving God, 

Restore me from those dang'rous waya^ 
My wand'ring feet have trod ? 

4 The tumult of my thoughts 
Doth but enlarge my woe ; 

My spirit languishes ; my heart 
Is desolate and low. 

5 With ev'ry morning light 
My grief anew begins ; 

Look on my anguish and my pain^ 
And pardon all my sins. 

6 Heboid the hosts of hell. 
How cruel is tlieir hate ! 

Against my life they rise, and join 
Their fury with deceit. 

7 O keep my soul from death. 
Nor put my hope to shame : 

For I have plac'd my only trust 
In my Redeemer's name. 

8 With humble faith I wait. 
To see thy face again: 

Of Israel it shall ne'er be said, 
Ho sought tlie Lord in vain 


PSALM 26. L.M. 

The Christian*M inUgrity — An appeal to God. 

1 TUDGE me, O Lord, and prove my ways, 
•* And try my reins, and try my heart ; 
My faith upon thy promise stays, 

Nor from thy law my feet depart. 

2 [ hate to walk, I hate to sit 
With men of vanities and lies : 
The scoffer and the hypocrite 
Are the abhorrence of mine eyes. 

3 Among thy saints will I appear. 
With hands well wash'd in innocence ; 
But when I stand before tliy bar. 
The blood of Christ is my defence. 

4 I love thy habitation. Lord, 

The temple where tliine honours dwell ; 
There shall I hear thy holy word, 
iVnd tliere thy works of wonder tell, 

5 Let not my soul be join'd at last 
With men of treachery and blood ; 
Shicc I my days on earth have past 
Among tlie saints, and near my God. 

PSALM 27. First Part. C. M. 

Delight and tafcty in the Church. 

1 'T^HE Lord of glory is my lignt, 

A And my salvation too : 
God is my strength ; nor will I fear 
What all my foes can do. 

2 One privilege my heart desires ; 

O grant me an abode. 
Within th' assemblies of thy saints, 
The temples of my God ! 

3 There shaJi / offer my requests^ 

And see thy beauty still; 


Shall hear thy messages of love, 
And there enquire thy urilL 

4 When troubles rise, and storms appeoi 

There may his children hide : 
God has a strong pavilion, where 
He makes my soul abide. 

5 Now shall my head be lifted high 

Above my foes around ; 
And songs of joy and victory 
Within thy temple sound. 

PSALM 27. Second Part. C. M 
Cofnfort in God. 

1 ^OON as I heard my Father say, 
^ " Ye children, seek my grace ;** 
My heart repHed without delay, 

" I'll seek my Father's face." 

2 Let not thy face be hid from me, 

Nor frown my soul away : 
God of my life, I fly to thee 
In a distressing day. 

3 Should friends and kindred, near and dear 

Leave me to want, or die ; 
My God would make my hfe his care, 
And all my need supply. 

4 My fainting flesh had died with grief, 

Had not my soul believ'd 
Thy grace would soon provide relief; 
Nor was my hope deceived. 

5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints, 

And keep your courage up : 
He'll raise your spirit when it faints 
And far exceed your hope. 

PSrAUfXXVip. ^ 

PSALat'28. L. M. o 

1 f\ GdD of giace^ my ciy attend ! 

^ liMt^ like the 8on» of guilt heoomi^i 

B^uil'd by Satan, I deaccnd 

With hopeless wretcnes to the tomb. 

2 To thee my hmnhle sighs arise ; 
With Ufted hands, on^ee I call ; 
Lord, hear my, fervent pray'rs and cxiesi 
Nor leave me in despair to fall. 

3 Oh save my sonl from shame and sin ; 
Nor I^t my heedless footsteps go, 
Where hardenM virretches swift decline 
Down the broad way to endless woe. 

4 While peace their flatt'ring lips proclainiy 
And love profess, and hope impart ; 
They blast their neighbour's honest fame, 
And wing their arrows to his heart. 

5 But, while they plant the secret snari^. 
Thy searching eyes their path regard : 
Thy hands their dreadful doom prepare. 
And mete their guilt its just reward. 

6 Because their hearts thy works despise. 
Thy works of wisdom, grace, and pow'r. 
Thy hand, regardless of their cries. 
Shall sink them, that they rise no more. 

7 Blest be the Lord, who heard my pray'r ; 
The Lord my shield, my help, my song ; 
Who sav'd my soul from sin and fear ; 
And tun'd with praise my thankful tonguo ! 

8 In the dark hour of deep distress. 
By foes beset, of death afraid ; 
Aiy spirit trusted in hjs gracej 

AjiA sought, and found his heav'nly aid. 


9 O blest Redeemer, great and kind ! 
Thy shield, thy saving length, shall be 
The shield, the strength, of ev'ry mind, 
That loves thy name, and trasts in thee. 

10 Remember, Lord, thy chosen seed ; 
Israel defend from guilt and woe : 
Thy flock in richest pastures feed, 
And guard their steps from ev'ry foe. 

! 1 Zion exalt, her cause maintain ; 

With peace and joy her courts surround s 
In show'rs let endless blessings rain. 
And saints eternal praise resound. 

PSALM 29. L.M. 

Majesty and power of God. 

1 £^ IVE to the Lord, ye sons of fame, 
^Jf Give to the Lord renown and pow'r 
Ascribe due honours to his name, 

And his eternal might adore. 

2 The Lord proclaims his pow'r aloud, 
Upon the ocean and the land : 

His voice divides the wat'ry cloud, 
And lightnings blaze at his conunand. 

3 He speaks, and tempest, hail and wind, 
Lay the wide forest bare around : 
The fearful hart, and frighted hind. 
Leap at the terror of the sound. 

4 To Lebanon he turns his voice, 
And lo, the stately cedars break ; 
The mountains tremble at the noise. 
The valleys roar, the deserts quake. 

5 The Lord sits sovereign on the flood ; 
The Thund'rer reigns for ever king ; 
But makes his church his blest ab<xle, 
Where we his awful glories siiig. 


6 la gentler language there the Lord 
The counsels of his grace imparts : 
Amid the raging storm, his word 
Speaks peace and courage to our hearts 

rSALM 30. L. M. 

SicJcness healed, 

1 T WILL extol thee, Lord, on high, 
A At thy command diseases fly : 
Who, but a God, can speak, and save 
From the dark borders of the grave ? 

2 Sing to the Lord, ye saints of his. 
And tell how large his goodness is ; 
Let all your pow'rs rejoice and bless, 
While you record his holiness. 

3 His anger but a moment stays; 

I lis love is life and length of days : 
Tho' grief and tears the night employ, 
The morning-star restores the joy. 

4 Firm was my health, my day was bright. 
And I presumed 'twould ne'er be night : 
Fondly I said within my heart, 

"* Pleasure and peace shall ne'er depart." 

5 But I forgot thine arm was strong, 
Which made my mountain stand so long. 
Soon as thy face began to hide, 

My health was gone, my comforts died. 

G I cried aloud to thee, my God : 
*• What can'^st thou profit by my blood ? 
*• Deep in the dust can I declare 
*" Thy truth, or sing thy glories there ? 

7 " Hear me, O God of grace," I said, 

" And brinij me from amon^jr the dead :^' 
Thy word rebuk'd tiw pains I felt ; 
Th^ pardoning love rcnio\\l my guilt. 


8 My groans, and tears, and forms of woo, 
Are tumM to joy and praises now ; 

I throw my sackcloth on the ground, 
And ease and gladness gird me round. 

9 My tongue, the glory of my frame, 
Shall ne'er be silent of thy name : 

Thy praise shall sound thro' earth and hcav^i 
For sickness heaPd and sins forgiv'n. 

PSALM 31. First Pari. CM. 

Deliverance from death. 

1 TNTO thy hand, O God of truth, 
-^ My spirit I commit ; 

Thou hast redeemed my soul from death, 
And sav'd me from the pit. 

2 Th(5 passions of my hope and fear 

Maintained a doubtful strife ; 
While sorrow, pain, and sin conspir'd 
To take away my life. 

3 " My times are in thy hand,'' I cried, 

" Tho' I draw near the dust:" 
Thou art the refuge whdre I hide, 
The God in whom I irust. 

4 O make thy reconciled face 

Upon thy servant shine. 
And save me for thy mercy's sake ! 
For I'm entirely thine. 

.'i 'T was in my haste my spirit said, 
" I must despair and die ; 
" I am cut off before thine eyes ;" 
But thou hast heard my cry. 

6 Thy goodness how divinely free ! 
How wond'rous is thy grace 
To those that fear thy majesty, 
And trust thy promises f 


7 love the Lord, all ye his saints, 
And sing his praises loud : 
He'll bend his ear to your complaints, 
And recompense the proud. 

PSALM 31, SecmdPart. CM. 
Deliverance from slander and reproach. 

1 |LTY heart rejoices in tliy name, 
-^*A My God, my help, my trust : 

Thou hast preserv'd my face from shame, 
Mine honour from the dust. 

2 " My life is spent with grief,'' I cried, 

" My years consumed in groans ; 
" My strength decays ; mine eyes are dried , 
** And sorrow wastes my bones." 

3 Among mine enemies my name 

Was a mere proverb grown ; 
While to my neighbours I became 
Forgotten and unknown. 

4 Slander and fear on cv'ry side 

Seiz'd and beset me round : 
I to the throne of grace applied, 
iVnd speedy rescue found. 

5 How great dcliv'rancc thou hast wrought 

Before the sons of men ! 
The lying hps to silence brought, 
And made their boastings v-iin ! 

6 Thy children, from the strife of tongues^ 

Shall thy pavilion hide ; 
Guard them from infamy and wrong ; 
And crush the sons of pride. 

7 Within thy secret presence. Lord, 

Let me forever dwell : 
No fenced city waJjy and barred 
Secures a saint so welL 


PSALM 31. Third Part. L. M. 

. Special mercies acknowledged. 

1 XT ()\V many Ebenezers Stand, 

-tl. To mark the mercies of thy hand ! 
How many prayVs hav« reached thy throne' 
How often has thy grace been shown ! 

2 When sorrows rise and pains prevail, 
Or angry foes my peace assail ; 
When dangers thicken all around ; 
In thee alone my help is found. 

3 Thro' all the road, each day, each hour^ 
Fresh evils threaten to devour : 

Some new complaint, some painful case, 
Still drives me to the throne of grace. 

4 My former friends their friend forget, 
And change their love to cruel hate ; 
But truth and love wuth thee remain ; 
My Saviour always is the same. 

5 Support me in this sharp distress. 
While all forsake, and some oppress ; 
And if my ways the Lord approve, 
Then turn their hatred into love. 

PSALM 32. First Part. L. M. 

The justifiea bdieter. 

1 IDLEST is the man, for ever blest, 

JLf Whose guilt is pardoned by his God ; 
Whoje sins w ith sorrow are confessM, 
And covered with his Savioiur's blood. 

2 Blest is the man to whom the Lord 
Imputes not his iniquities : 

He pleads no merit of reward. 
And, not on works, but grace, relics. 

3 From guile bis heart and lips are free : 
His humblo joy^ his holy fear, 


With deep leprntance well agre? ; 
And join to fmyre lii» &ith sincere. 

I How fflOTioua 18 that righteousness, 
That hides and cajicels all his sins ! 
While a brk^t evidence of grace, 
Thro' his whole Hfe^'^appears^and shines. 

PSALM 33. Second Part. *L. M. 
Biene/U$ fMmng eonfe$sUm. 

1 TX^HILE I keep^ silence and conceal 

^^ My heavy guilt within my heart. 
What torments' doth my conscience feel * 
What agonies of inward smart ! 

2 I spread my sins before the Lord^ 
And all my secret faults confess : 
Thy gospel speaks a pard'ning word ; 
Thy holy spirit seals the grace. 

3 For this shall ev'ry humble soul 
Make swift addresses to thy seat : 
When floods of huge temptations roll 
There shall they find a blest retreat. 

4 How safe beneath thy wings I lie, 

When days grow dark, and storms appear* 
And when I walk, thy watchful eye 
Shall guide me safe from ev'ry snare. 

PSALM 33. First Part. C. M. 
Creation and praoidenee. 

1 TJ EJOICE, ye righteous, in the Lord ; 
-■^ This work belongs to you: 
Sing of his name, his ways, his word. 

How holy, just and true! 

2 His mercy and his ri^gbteousness 

hethearii aad earth proclaim : 


His works of nature and of grace 
Reveal his wondVous name. 

3 His wisdom and almighty word 

The heav'nly arches spread; 
And by the spirit of the Lord 
Their shining hosts were made. 

4 He bid the liquid waters flow 

To their appointed deep : 
The flowing seas their limits know, 
And their own station keep. 

5 Ye tenants of the spacious earth. 

With fear before him stand: 
He spake, and nature took its birth. 
And rests on his command. 

6 He scorns the angry nations' rage, 
And breaks their vain designs : 

His counsel stands thro' ev'ry age, 
And in full glory shines. 

rSALM 33. Second Part. C. M. 
Godf a ncUiorCs refuge. 

V T> LEST is the nation where the Lord 

-*-* Hath fix'd his gracious throne ; 

Where he reveals his heav'nly word, 

And calls their tribes his o>vn. 

2 His eyes, with infinite survey, 

The s[>acious world behold; 
He formed us all of equal clay. 
And knows our feeble mould. 

3 Kings are not rescu'd by the force 

Of armies from the grave : 
Nor speed nor courage of a horse 
Can tlie bold rider save. 

4 Vain is the strength of beasts or men. 

To hope for safety thence; 

Bat holy booIb fiom God obtain 
A BtTong and sure defence. 

5 God 18 their.&ar, and God their trusty 

When plaffues or (amine sfnread: 
His watchfiiT eye secures the just 
Amolig ten thousand dead. 

6 Lord, let our hearts in thee rejoice. 

And bless us Scorn thy thrcHie : 
For we have made thy word our choice, 
And trust thy grace alone. 

PSALM 34. First Pari. CM. 
ProMe Jor eminent deUveranee. 

1 nnHRO' all the changing scenes of life, 

A In trouble and in joy, 
The praises of my God shall still 
My heart and tongue employ. 

2 Come, magnify the Lord with me, 

And high exalt his name: 
When m distress on him I calPd, 
He to my rescue came. 

2 The hosts of God encamp around 
The dwellings of the just : 
Deliverance he affords to all, 
Who on his succour trust. 

4 O make but trial of his love : 

Elxperience will decide, 
How blessM they are, and only they. 
Who in his truth confide. 

5 Fear him, ye saints ; and you will then 

Have nothing else to fear: 
Make you his service your dch'ght ; 
He'U MDoke yx^ur wants bis care. 


PSALM 34. Second Part. L. M. 
GoiTs care of saints. 

1 T ORD, I will bless thee ^11 my days ; 
-L^ Thy praise shall dwell upon my tonguo 
My soul shall glory in thy grace ; 

While saints rejoice to hear the song. 

2 Come, magnify the Lord with me; 
Come, let ue all exalt his name : 

I sought th' eternal God, and he 
Has not exposed my hope to shame : 

3 I told him all my secret grief; 

My secret groaning reach'd his eais : 
He gave my inward pains relief, 
And calm'd the tumult of my fears. 

4 To him the poor lift up their eyes, 
Their faces feel the heav'nly beam ; 
A beam of mercy, from the skies. 
Fills them with light and joy supreme : 

5 His holy angels pitch their tents 
Around the men, that serve the Lord : 
O ! fear, and love him, all his saints ; 
Taste of his grace, and trust his word. 

6 The wild young lions, pinch'd with pain 
And hunger, roar thro' all the wood ; 
But none shall seek the Lord in vain, 
Nor want supplies of real good. 

PSALM 34. Third Part. L. M. 

Advantages of early piety, 

1 1^ HILDREN in years and knowledge young 
^ Your parents' hope, your parents' joy. 
Attend the counsels of my tongue : 
Let pious thoughts your minds employ. 

2* If you desire a length of days, 
And peace to crown your mortal stale : 


Restrain your feet frcHn impious wajB, 
Your lips from slander and deceit, 

3 The eyes of God regard his. saints ; 
His ears are open to their cries : 
He sets his frowning face against 
The sons of violence, and ]ie& 

4 To humble souls and broken hearts 
God With his grace is ever nigh : 
Pardon and hope his love imparts, 
When men in deep contrition lie. 

5 He tells their tears, he counts their groans V 
His Son redeeicns their souls from death: 
His spirit heals their broken bones ; 
While they in praise employ their breath 

PSALM 34. Fourth Part. C. M. 
God^B care of saints. 

1 nPHE Lord forever guards the just, 

A His ears attend meir cry : 
When broken spirits dwell an dust. 
The God of grace If^ nigh. 

2 What tho' the sorrows, here they taste, 

Be sharp and tedious too; 
The Lord, who saves his saints at last. 
Is their supporter now. 

3 Evil shall smite the wicked dead ; 

But God secures his own; 
Prevents the mischief when they slide, 
Or heals the broken bone* 

I When desolation, like a flood, 
O'er tlic psoud sinner rolls; 
Saints find a refuge in their God: 
¥oT he redeems their Bovis. 


PSALM 35. First Pari. C. M. 

Judgments threatened on persecutors. 

1 I^OW plead my cause, Almighty God» 
-L^ With all the sons of strife ; 

And fight against the men of blood, 
Who fight against my life. 

2 Draw out thy spear, and stop their way : 

Lift thine avenging rod ; 

But, to my soul in mercy say, 

" I am thy Saviour God." 

3 They plant their snares to catch niy feet. 

And nets of mischief spread : 
Plunge the destroyers in the pit. 
That their own hands have made. 

4 Let fogs and darkness hide their way ; 

And slippery be their ground : 
Thy wrath shall make their lives a prey . 
And all their rage confound. 

5 They fly, like chaflT before the wind. 

Before thine angry breath : 
The angel of the Lord behind 
Pursues them down to death. 

6 They love the road that leads to hell : 

Then must the rebels die. 

Whose maUce is implacable 

Against the Lord on high. 

7 But if thou hast a chosen few 

Amongst that impious race ; 
Divide them from the bloody crew 
By thy surprising grace. 

8 Then will I raise my tuneful voice 

To make thy wonders kno>\ii ; 
In their salvation I'll rejoice. 
And bless thee for my own. 


PSALM 35. Second Part. C. M. 
Tlie love of Christ typified in David. 

1 TIEHOLD the love, the gen'rous love 
-*-• That holy David shows ! 

Mark how his tender bowels ipove 
For his afflicted foes ! 

2 When they are sick, his soul complains, 

And seems to feel the smart ; 
The spirit of the gospel reigns. 
And mehs his pious heart. 

3 How did his flowing tears condole 

As for a brother dead ! 
And fasting mortified his soul. 
While for their life he pray'd. 

4 They groan'd and curs'd him on their bed ; 

Yet still he pleads and mourns : 
And double blessings on his head 
The righteous God returns. 

5 O glorious type of hcav'nly grace ! 

Thus Christ the Lord appears ; 
While sinners curse, the Saviour prays. 
And pities them with tears. 

6 He, the true David, Israel's king. 

Blest and belov'd of God, 
To save us rebels dead in sin, 
Paid his own dearest blood. 

PSALM 36. First Pari. S. M. 

Description and Doom of practical aiheisif 

1 "Y^HEN man grows bold in sin, 

^ ^ My heart within me cries, 
** He hath no faith of God within, 
** Nor fear before his eyes." 

2 He walks a while conceaPd 
In a self-flatterin^r dream ; 


Till his dark crimes, at once reveal'd, 
Expose his hateful naine. 

3 His heart is false and foul, 

His words are sniooth and fair: 
Wisdom is banishM from his soul, 
And leaves no goodness there. 

4 He plots upon his bed 
New mischiefs to fulfil : 

He sets his heart, his hand and head. 
To practise all that's ill. 

5 But there's a dreadful God, 
Tho' men renounce his fear : 

His justice, hid behind the cloud, 
Shall one great day appear. 

6 His truth transcends the sky ; 
In hcav'n his mercies dwell ; 

Deep as the sea his judgments lie ; 
His anger burns to hell. 

7 How excellent his love, 
Whence all our safety springs ! 

never let my soul remove 

From underneath his wings ! 

PSALM 36. Second Part. L.M. 
Confidence in Divine Providence* 

1 f\ LORD, thy mercy, my sure hope, 
^-^ The highest orb of heav'n transcendt 
Thy sacred truth's unmeasured scope 
Beyond the spreading sky extends. 

2 Thy justice like the hills remains ; 
Unfathom'd depths thy judgments are 
Thy providence the world sustains ; 
The whole creation is thy care. 

3 Since of thy goodness all partake ; 
With what assurance should the just 



Thy shelt^rmg wings their refuge make { 
And saints to thy protection trust 1 

4 Such guests, shall to thy courts m^ied, 
To banquet on thy love's repast ; • 
And drinky as from a fouqtauliiiead. 

Of joys that shall for ever lasL 

5 With thee the springs of life r^nain ; 
Thy presence is eternal day : 

O ! let thy grace thy saint$ sustain : 
To upright hearts Uiy truth disjJay. 

PSALM 37; First Part. C. M. 
FMy of envying the vneied. 

1 '^WTllY should I vex my soul and fret 

^^ To see the wicked rise ? 
Or envy sinners waxing great 
By violence and lies ? 

2 As flow'ry grass, cut down at noon, 

Before the ev'ning fades ; 
So shall their, glories vanish soon. 
In everlasting shades. 

3 Then let me make tlie Lord my trust. 

And practise all that's good ; 
So shall I dwell among the just, 
And he'll provide me food. 

4 I, to my (Jod, my ways commit, 

And cheerful wait his will : 
Thy hand, which guides my doubtful feet. 
Shall my desires fulfil. 

5 Mine innocence shalt tliou display ; 

And make thy judgments known, 
F^ir as the light of Owning day, 
And glorious as the noon. 

6 Tlie meek at last the earth possess, 

Aod are the heirs of heaven : 


True riches with abundant peace, 
To humble souls are giv'n. 

7 Rest in the Lord, and keep his way. 

Nor let your anger rise ; 
Tho' providence should long delay, 
To punish haughty vice. 

8 Let sinners join to break your peace, 

And plot, and rage, and foam ; 

The Lord derides them, for he sees 

Their day of vengeance come. 

9 They have drawn out the threat'ning swo 
Have bent the murd'rous bow. 
To slay the men, that fear the Lord, 
And bring the righteous low. 

10 My God shall break their bows, and bui 
' Their persecuting darts : 
Shall their own swords against them tui 
And pain surprise their hearts. 

PSALM 37. Second Part. CM. 

Righteous and wicked contrasted, 

1 TXT^HY do the wealthy wicked boast, 

^ ^ And grow profanely bold ? 
The meanest portion of the just 
Excels the sinner's gold. 

2 The wicked borrows of his friends. 

But ne'er designs to pay : 
The saint is merciful and lends. 
Nor turns the poor away. 

3 His alms with lib'ral heart he gives 

Amongst the sons of need : 
His mem'ry to long ages lives, 
And blessed is his seed. 

4 He fears to talk with lips profane, 

To slander or defraud : 



His ready tongue declares to men, * 
What he has kam'd of God. 

5 The law apd gospel of the Lord 4|r . ^ 

De«p in his heart abide ; ^ 

Led by the Spirit and the.wofd, . 
His feet shall never slide. 

6 When sinners fall, the righteous stand 

Preserv'd firom ev'ry snare ; 
They shall possess the promise land 

And dwell for ever there. , 

PSALM 37. Hird Par/. CM. 

Tke way and end rf tie rigkiewM and ike wiched. 

1 l^/TY God, the steps of pious men 
-^^i Are ordered by thy will : 
Tho' they should fall, they rise again, 

Thy hand supports them still. 

2 The Lord delights to see their ways, 

Their virtues he approves ; 
He ne'er deprives them of his grace. 
Nor leaves the men he loves. 

3 The heav'nly heritage is theirs, 

Their portion and their home : 
He feeds them now, and makes them heirs 
Of blessings long to come. 

4 Wait on the Lord, ye sons of men, 

Nor fear when tyrants frown : 
Ye shall coQfess their pride was vain. 
When justice casts them down. 

5 The haughty sinner have I seen. 

Not fearing man or God, 
Like a tall bay-tree fair and oreen, 
Spre.du.g^U.n»s abroad? 

6 And lo ! he vajaabV} Ircmi the ground 

Ihgtrojr^d bjr bands uaaecn : 


Nor root, nor branch, nor leaf was foundi 
Where all that pride had been. 

7 But mark the man of righteousness, 
His sevVal steps attend : 
True pleasure runs thro' all his ways, 
And peaceful is his end. 

PSALM 38. CM. 

The trmibJed conscience relieved* * 
i A MID thy \\Tath remember love, 
-^ Restore thy Servian t, Lord ; 
Nor let a father's chastening prove 
Like an avenger's sword. 

2 Thine arrows stick within my heart. 

My flesh is sorely prest : 
Between the sorrow and the sm^rt^ 
My spirit finds no rest. 

3 My sins a heavy load appear. 

And o'er my head are gone ; 
Too heavy for my soul to bear, 
Too hard for me t' atone. 

4 My thoughts are like a troubled sea. 

My head still bending down ; 
And I go mourning all the day. 
Beneath my Father's frown. 

5 Lord, I am weak and broken sore, 

None of my pow'rs are whole : 
The inward anguish makes me roar, 
The anguish of my soul. 

6 All my desire to thee is known. 

Thine eye counts cv'ry tear ; 
And ev'ry sigh, and ev'ry groan. 
Is notic'd by thine ear. 

7 Thou art my God, my only hope; 

My God will hear my cry : 


MrOod will bwr mj spirit up» 
When Satan bids me die. 

8 My §)e8 rejoice to see nie fliidei "' ' 

Into the 111117 pit: ' 

They; raise their, pleasure and their pride 
when they sup^ant my feet. 

9 But I^ confess my guilt to thee, 

And grieve for alf my sin : 
I feel how weak my graces be, 
And beg support divine. 

10 My God, forgive my follies past, 
And be forever ni^h :. 
O Lord of my salvation, haste, ^ 
Before thy servant die. 

PSALM 39. First Part. C. M. 

WaickfvlnetM over the tongue. 

1 nnHUS I resolv'd before the Lord: 

A w Now will I, watch my tongue, 
'^ Lest I let slip one sinful word ; 
" Or do my neighbour wrong.'* 

2 And, if I'm e'er constrain'd to stay 

With men of hves profane ; 
I'll set a double guard that day, 
Nor let my ta& be vain. 

3 I'll scarce allow my lips to speak 

The pious thoughts I feel ; . 
Lest scoffers should th' occasion take 
To mock my holy zeal. 

4 Yet if some proper hour appear, 

I'll not be overawed; 
But let the soq£i^ ifiumej^fii hear, • 
TZa/ / caa /speak for God. 



PSALM 39, Second Pari. C. M. 
The vanity of man as mortal, 

1 nr^EACH me the measure of my jays, 

-■- Thou maker of my frame : 
1 would survey life's narrow space. 
And learn how frail I am, 

2 A span is all thcit we can boast ; 

How short, how fleet our time ! 
Man is but vanity and dust, 
In all his flowV and prime. 

3 See the vain race of mortals move 

Like shadows o'er the plain : 
.They rage and strive, desire and love 
But aff their noise is vain, 

4 Some walk in honour's gaudy show ; 

Some dig for golden ore ; 
They toil for heirs they know not who, 
And straight are seen no more. 

5 What should I wish or wait for then 

From creatures, earth and dust ? 
They make our expectations vain, 
And disappoint our trust. 

6 Now I forbid my carnal hope, 

My fond desires recall; 
I give my mortal interest up, 
And make my God my all. 

PSALM 39. Third Part. C. M 

Sick'hed devotion. 

1 I^OD of my life, look gently down, 
^^ Behold the pains I feel ! 

But I am dumb before thy throne. 
Nor dare dispute thy will. 

2 Diseases are thy servants, Lord, 

Tbey come at thy command: 


I'D not attempt a monn^riiig wordt 
Against thy chastening band. 

3 Yet I may plead with faunUda diefli 

^ Remove thy sharp rebi)kM :^ ^ 
Mystrenffth consmnes, my sfMrit dies, 
Thro* my repeated strokte. 

4 Crush'd as a moth beneath thy hand. 

We moulder to the dust: ' 
Our feeble powVs can ne^er withstandf 
And all our beauty's lost 

5 This mortal life decays apace, 

How soon the bubble's broke ! 
Adam, and all his numerous race, 
Are yanity and smoke. 

6 Fm but a sojourner below, 

As all my &thers were ; 
May I be well prepared to go, 
When I the summons hear ! 

7 But, if my life be spared a while 

Before my last remove ; 
Thy praise shall be my business still. 
And I'll declare thy love. 

PSALM 40. First Part. CM. 
DeUterancefram great dUtreu. 

1 T WAITED patient for the Lord; 
-*- He bowM to hear my cry : 
He saw me resting on his word, 

And brought salvation nigh. 

2 He raisM me from a horrid pit. 

Where mourning long I lay; 
And from my bonds releasM my feet. 
Deep bonds of miry clay. 

3 Firm on a rcyk he made me stand ; 

And taagbt my cheerM tongue 


To praise the wonders of his hand, 
In a new, thankful song. 

4 ni spread his works of grace abroad ; 

The saints with joy shall hear : 
And sinners learn to make my God 
Their only hope and fear. 

5 How many are thy thoughts of love ! 

Thy mercies, Lord, how great ! 
We have not words, nor hours enough, 
Their numbers to repeat. 

6 When I'm afflicted, poor and low, 

And light and peace depart. 

My God beholds my heavy woe. 

And bears me on his heart. 

PSALM 40. Second Part. C. M. 
The incarnation and sacrifice of Christ. 

1 T> EHOLD tlie blest Redeemer comes 
-*-* Th' eternal Son appears! 

And at the appointed time assumes 
The body, God prepares! 

2 Jesus revealVl his Father's grace, 

And his rich mercy show'd : 
He preach'd the way of righteousness, 
And spread his truth abroad. 

3 His Father's honour touch'd his heart, 

He pitied sinners' cries; 
And, to fulfil a Saviour's part. 
Was made a sacrifice. 

4 No blood of beasts, on altars shed, 

Could wash the conscience clean ; 
The sacrifice which Jesus paid 
Atones for all our sin. 

5 Then was the great salvation spread, 

And Satan's kingdom shook : 




Thus fay the woinaii'a prom^M peed 
The serpent^B head wu ,broke. 

PSALM 40. Third Part: L.M.. 
Chndffur jomjlCtre. 

1 ^I^HEwcmderSfXord, thy love has iRH^^ 

-L Exceed our praise, surmouiit our thou^tj 
Should I attempt the long detail, 
My speech would faint, my numbers fiuL 

2 No Uood of beasts on altars spHt, 

Can cleanse the souls of ihen from guflt ; 
But thou hast set before our eyes 
An all-sufficient sacrifice. ' ' 

3 In heav^ before his Father^s throne, 
Complacent, smiles th* eternal Son ; 

And, pleasM, presents with boundless grace 
Himself, a ransom for our race. 

4 ** Behold! I come" (the Saviour cries, 
With love and duty in his eyes) ' 

** I come to bear the heavy load 
**Of sins, and do thy will, my God. 

5 " Mine ear is openM to thy voice, 

" My heart delighted with thy choice : 
^ PleasM, I assume a fleshly form, 
" Akin to man, that dying worm. , 

6 " Tis written in thy great decree ; 
" Tis in thy book foretold of me ; 
** I must fulfil the Saviour's part ; 
" And lo ! thy law is in my neart. 

7 ** Pll magnify thy holy law, 

" And rebels to obedience draw ; 
** When on my cross I'm fifted high, 
" Or to my crown above the sky. 

8 ^ The Spirit s^aU descend and show 

^ What thou biUft done, and what I do i 



" The wond'ripg world shall learn thygracCi 
** Thy wisdom and thy righteousness.^ 


Charity to the poor. 

1 "D LEST is the man whose bowels more, 
-*-• And melt with pity to the poor ; 
Whose soul, by sympathising love. 
Feels what his fellow-saints endure. 

2 His heart contrives, for tlieir relief, 
More good than his own hands can do : 
He, in the time of gen'ral grief, 

Shall find the Lord nas bowels too. 

3 His soul shall live secure on earth. 
With secret blessings on his head ; 
When drought, and pestilence, and dearth. 
Around him multiply their dead. 

4 Or, if he languish on his couch, 
God will pronounce Iiis sins forgiven ; 
Will save him with a healing touch. 
Or take his willing soul to heav'n. 

PSALM 42. First Part. C. M. 
Desertion and hope. 

1 AS pants the hart for cooling streams, 
-^ When heated in the chase ; 

So longs my soul, O God, for thee. 
And thy refreshing grace. 

2 For thee, my God, the living God, 

My thirsty soul doth pine : 
O ! when shall I behold tliy face. 
Thou majesty divine ? 

3 Tears are my constant food, while thuf 

Insulting foes upbraid ; 
** Deluded wretch ! where is thy God ? 
" And where his promis'd aid ?'* 

4 TiB witb a moomful pleasiire now 

I think CD ancient days ; 
Then to thy hoose'^did numbers go. 
And all Our work Vas ]praiise. 

5 But why's mj soul sunk down so far 

Beneftth this heavy load 
Why do my though indidse desj^ir. 
And sin.against my God r 

6 the Lord, whose migh^ hand 

OfiKall thy woes remove : . ' 

For I shall yet before him stand,. . 
And sing restoring love. 

PSALM 42. Second Part. L. M. 

Hope in qfflicHan. 

1 ILTY spirit sinks within me, Lord, 
-L^-*- But I will call thy name to mind ; 
And times of past distress record. 
When I have found my God was kind. 

2 Huge troubles, with tumultuous noise, 
Swell like a sea, and round me spread ; 
Thy water-spouts drown all my joys. 
And rising waves roll o'er my head. 

3 Yet will the Lord command his love. 
When I address his tlirone by day. 
Nor in the night his grace remove : 
The night shall hear me sing and pray. 

4 I'll cast myself before his feet. 

And say, " My God, my hcav'uly Rock ! 

** Why dotli thy love so long forget 

** The soul, that groans beneath my stroke?^ 

5 I'll chide my heart that sinks so low ; 
Why should my soul indulge her^rief ? 
Hope in the Lord, and praise him too: 
He is my r&st, mv 8ure relief. 

80 PSALM XLin. 

6 Thy light and truth shall guide me still : 
Thy word shall my best thoughts employ. 
And lead me to thine heav'nly hill. 
My God, my most exceeding joy. 

PSALM 43, P. M. 

Complaint mingled tnth hope. 

1 1\/f Y God, defend my cause 
^^ Against a host of foes: 
O! save me from th' unjust, 
Who triumph in mv woes. 

Why dost thou mint. 
My trembling heart? 
To God impart 
Thy sad complaint. 

2 Why dost thou, O my shield, 
Desert me thus forlorn? 
Why, hated and oppressed. 
Thus bid me ceaseless mourn? 

To God I fly; 
In God 111 trust. 
When low in dust 
My head shall lie. 

3 Now to thy sacred house 
With joy direct my feet ; 
Where saints, with morning vowB 
In full assembly meet. 

Thy power divine 
Shall there be shown. 
And from thy tlirone 
Thy mercy shine. 

4 O ! send thy light abroad : 
Thy truth >vith heav'nly ray 
Shall lead my soul to God, 

And guide my doubtful way. •« 

^ in hear &7 word 

With faith sincere, 

And learn to fear 
^ And praisp the Lord. 

5 There»r6ach thy liounteous hand, 
And iall my scmtows heal; ^ 
There health and Strength divine 
O! make my bosom feSL 

lUke balmy dew, 
anil Jesus* voice 
My bones rejoice, 
My strength renew. 

6 Then in thy holy hill, 
Before thine altar, Lord, 

My harp and song shall sound 
The glories of thy word. 

Henceforth to thee, 

O God of grace, 

A hymn of praise 

My Ufe shall be. 

7 My soul, awake to joy, 
And triumph in the Lord, 

My health, my hope, my song. 
And my divine reward. 

Ye fears remove: 

No more I mourn; 

But blest, return 

To sing his love. 

PSALM 44. CM. 

The ChurcK*a eomplairU mpeneeuHcn 

I T ORD, we have heard thy worKs of old, 
-»-^ Thy works of pow'r and grace ; 
When to our ears our fathers told 
The wonders of their days : 


2 How thou didst build thy churches here, 

And make thy gospel known ; 
Among them did thine arm appear, 
Thy liglit and glory shone. 

3 In God they boasted all the day. 

And in a cheerful throng 
Did thousands meet to praise and pray. 
And grace was all their song, 

4 But now our souls are seizM with ^ame 

Confusion fills oUr face, '^ 

To hear the enemy blaspheme, 
And fools reproach thy grace. 

5 Yet have we not forgot our God, 

Nor falsely dealt with heav'n ; 
Nor have our steps declin'd the road 
Of duty thou hast giv'n. 

6 Tho' dragons all around us roar, 

With their destructive breath ; 
And thine own hand has bruis'd us sore 
Hard by the gates of death. 

7 We are expos'd all day to die. 

As martyrs for thy cause ; 
As sheep for slaughter, bound we lie 
By sharp and bloody laws. 

8 Awake, arise, Almighty Lord ! 

Why sleeps thy wonted grace ? 
Why should we look like men abhorred 
Or banish'd from thy face ? 

9 Wilt thou for ever cast us off. 

And still neglect our cries ? 

For ever hide thy heav'nly love 

From our afflicted eyes? 

10 Down to the dust our souls are bow^d. 

And lie upon the ground; 


Rise for our help, rebuke the proud, 
And all their powers cQufound. 

11 Redeem us irom perpetual shame. 
Our SaTiour jaiid our Grod : 
Weplead the hoopurs of thjr name, 
The merits of thy blood. 

PSALM 45. First Pari. L. M. 

The glory of ChrUt. 

1 I^OW. be my heart in^irM to sing 
-L^ The slones of my Saviour King, 
Jesus the Lord.; how heav'nly fair 
His form ! how bright his beauties are \, 

2 O'er all the sons of human race, 
He shines with a superior grace ; 
Love from his lips mvinely flows, 
And blessings aU his state compose. 

3 Dress thee in arms, most mighty Lord ! 
Gird on the terror of thy sword ! 

In majesty and glory ride, 

With truth and meekness at thy side. 

4 Thine anger, like a pointed dart, 
Shall pierce the foes of stubborn heart: 
Or words of mercy, kind arid sweet. 
Shall melt the rebels at thy feet. 

5 Thy throne, O God, for ever stands : 
Grace is the sceptre in thy hands : 
Thy laws and works fCre just and right; 
Justice and grace are thy delight. 

6 O Grod, thy God has richly shed 
His oil of gladness on thy head. 
And with ms sacred Sprit blest 
Tb' eternal S(m above the rest^ 


PSALM 45. Second Part. L- M. 
The beauty of the Church, the Bride. 

1 npHE King of saints how fair his face, 

-■- Adorn'd with majesty and grace ! 
He comes with blessings from above, 
And wins the nations witli liis love. 

2 At his right hand our eyes l^ehold 
The queen array'd in purest gold : 
The world admires her heav'nly dress ; 
Her robe of joy and righteousness. 

3 He forms her beauties Kke his own, 
He calls and seats her near his throne j 
Fair stranger, let thy heart forget 
The idols of thy native state. 

4 So shall the King the more rejoice 
In thee, the fav'ritc of his choice ; 
Let him be lovM, and yet ador'd : 
For he*s thy Maker and thy Lord. 

5 O happy hour ! when thou shalt rise 
To his fair palace in tlie skies ; 
And all thy sons (a numerous train) 
Each, like a prince, in .glory reign. 

6 Let endless honours crown his head ; 
Let ev'ry age his praises spread ; 
While we with cheerful songs approve 
The condescension of his love. 

PSALM 46. First Part. L. M. 

The safety of the Church. 

1 £^ OD is our refuge in distress, 

^^ A present help when dangers press . 

On him for safety we relied : 

And in his strength we will confide ; 

2 Tho' earth were from her centre tost, 
And mountains in the ocean lost ; 

Or loftjT hills from theur abode, ^ 1 

Tom piece-meal -by tlie roaiing floocL 

3 Let angiy wares together rollM 
Rage on yrithiurjr uncontroIPd ; 
We will not fear, whilst we depend 
On God, who is oar conistant mend. 

4 A gentler stream, that ever flows, -^^ 
AikL joy to an around bestows, 

The city of the Lord shall fill. 
The city where he^s wotsh^ipM still. 

5 God dweUs in Zion, whose strong to^vr'rs 
Shall mock th' assault of earthly powers ; 
And his almighty aid is nigh, ^ 
To those who on his strength rely. 

PSALM 46. Second Pari. L. M. 
7%e Churches safety amid national distress* 

1 X ET Sion in her King rejoice, 

-" Tho' tyrants rage, and kingdoms rise ; 
He utters his almighty voice, 
The nations melt, the tumult dies. 

2 The Lord of old for Jacob fought. 
And Jacob's God is still our aid : 
Behold the works his hand hath wrought, 
WTiat desolations he hath made ! 

3 From sea to sea thro' all the shores. 
He makes the noise of battles cease ; 
When from on high his thunder roars, 
He awes the trembling world to peace. 

4 He breaks the bow, he cuts the spear ; 
Chariots he bums with heav'nly name: - 
Keep silence all tiie eartbj and hear 
The sound and glory of bis name. 


5 " Be still, and Icam that I am God, 
" I'll be exalted o'er the lands ; 

** I will be known and fear'd abroad, 
^^ But still my throne in Zion stands.** 

6 O Lord of hosts, Almighty King ; 
While we so near thy presence dwell, 
Our faith shall sit secure, and sing 
Defiance to the gates of hell. 

PSALM 47. C. M. 

Christ ascending and reigning. 

1 £\ FOR a shout of sacred joy, 
^^ To God the sovVeign King ! 
Let ev'ry land their tongues employ. 

And hymns of triumph sing. 

2 Jesus, Our God, ascends on high ; 

His heav'nly guards around 
Attend him rising thro' the sky, 
With trumpet's joyful sound. 

3 While angels shout and praise their King, 

Let mortals learn their strains : 
Let all the earth his honours sing ; 
O'er all the earth he reigns. 

4 Rehearse his praise with awe profound. 

Let knowledge lead the song ; 
Nor mock him with a solemn sound 
Upon a thoughtless tongue. 

5 Li Israel stood his ancient throne, 

He lov'd that chosen race ; 
But now he calls the world his own, 
And heathens taste his grace. 

6 These western climes arc all the Lord's, 

Here Abraham's God is known; 
While pow'rs and princes, shields and swoul 
Submit before his throne. 

PSAOI48. First Part. &M. 

1 ri REAT is the Lord our God, 
^7 And let his praise be ffreat; 

He makes his churches his abooe^ 
His most delightful seat. 

2 These temfdes of his grace, 
How beautiful they stand! 

The honour of our native place, 
And bulwarks , of our land. 

3 In Zion God is known, 
A refuge in distress : 

How bright hath his salvation shono 
Thro' all her palaces! 

4 When Kings against her joined, 
And saw the Ibord was there, 

In wild confusion of the mind 
They fled with hast} fear. 

5 When navies tall and proud 
Attempt to spoil our peace, 

He sends his tempests roaring loud. 
And sinks them in the seas. 

6 Ofl have our fathers told; 
Our eyes have oflen seen; 

How well our God secures the fold, 
Where his own sheep have been. 

7 In ev'ry new distress, 
We'll to his house repair: 

We'll think upon his wond'rous grace. 
And seek deliv'rance there. 

PSALM 48. Second Pari. S. M. 
The warship and order cfihe Church. 

1 I^AR as thv name i& known, 
'■- The woM declares thy praise* 


Thy saint8, O Lord, before thy throno, 
Their songs of honour raise. 

2 With joy thy people stand 
On Zion^s chosen hill, 

Proclaim the wonders of thy hand. 
And counsels of thy wilL 

3 Let strangers walk around 
The city where we dwell, 

Compass and view thy holy ground. 
And mark the building well ; 

4 The orders of thy house. 
The worship of thy court. 

The cheerful songs, the solemn vows. 
And make a fair report.^ 

5 How decent and how wise ! 
How glorious to behold, 

Beyond the pomp that charms the eyes. 
And rites adorn'd with gold! 

6 The God we worship now, 
Will guide us till we die ; 

Will be our God while here below, 
And ours above the sky. 

PSALM 49. First Pari. C. M. 
The vanity of life and riches, 

1 \^7^HY doth the man of riches grow 

^^ To insolence and pride. 
To see his wealth and honours flow 
With ev'ry rising tide? 

2 Why doth he treat the poor witli scx^m. 

Made of the self-same clay ; 
And boast as tlio' his flesh were bom 
Of better dust than thev ? 

3 Not all his treasures can procure 

Hia Boud a short reprieve; 

PSALM XUX. * 89 

Redpan from death one guilty hour^ 
Chr make his brother li?e. 

4 Life 18 a blessing can't be sold, 

The ransom is. too high ; 
Justice will ne'er be bribed with gold. 
That man may never die. 

5 He sees the brutish and the wise, 

The timorous and the brave, 
Quit their possessions, close their eyes. 
And hasten to the grave.' 

6 Yet 'tis his inward thought and pride, 

^ My house shall ever stand ; 
^ And that my name may long abide^ 
** I'll give it to my land." 

7 Vain are his thoughts, his hopes are Iost« 

How soon his raem'ry dies ! 
His name is buried in the dust, 
Where his own carcass lies. 

8 This is the folly of their way ; 

And yet their sons, as vain. 
Approve the words their fathers say, 
And act their works again. 

9 Men void of wisdom and of grace, 

If honour raise them high. 
Live like the beasts, a thought^ess race, 
And like the beasts they die. 

10 Laid in the grave like silly sheep, 
Death feeds upon them there ; 
Till the last trumpet breaks their sleep, 
In terror and despair. 

PSALM 49. Second Part. C. M. 
Death and the resurrection* 
I "Y^ sons of pride that hate the just, 
JL And trample on the poor} 

90 PSALM L. 

When death hath brought you down to dust, 
Your pomp shall rise no more. 

2 The last great day shall change the scene: 

When will that hour appear ? 
When shall the just revive, and reign 
O'er all that scorn'd them here ? 

3 God will my naked soul receive, 

When sepVate from the flesh ; 
And break the prison of the grave, 
To raise my bones afresh. 

4 Heav'n is my everlasting home, 

Th' inheritance is sure ; 
Let men of pride their rage resume. 
But ril repine no more. 

PSALM 50. First Part. CM. 

The last judgment Saints reicarded. 

1 ^ I ^HE Lord, the Judge, before his throne 

A Bids the whole earth draw nigh ; 
The nations near the rising sun. 
And near the western sky. 

2 No more shall bold blasphemers say, 

" Judgment will ne'er begin ;" 
No more abuse his long delay 
To impudence and sin. 

3 Thron'd on a cloud our God shall come. 

Bright flames prepare his way ; 
Thunder and darkness, fire and storm 
Lead on the dreadful day. 

4 Ilcav'n from above his call shall hear, 

Attending angels come ; 
And earth and hell shall know and fear 
His justice, and their doom. _ 

5 " But gather all my saints (he cries) 

" That made their peace with God, 

w PSALM L. 91 

^ ^. the Rede^ner's sacrifice, 
^ And aealM it with his blood. 

6 «* Their ftith and works brought forth to light, 
^ Shall make the world confess 
^ My sentenceof reward is right, 
^ And heay^ adore my grace.** 

PSALM 50; SeamdPart. C.M. 
Obedience is hetier tAoa mierifiee, 

1 nnnUS saith the Lord, ""The spacious fields 
-L u ^^ flocks and herds are mine : 

"^ O'er all the cattle of the hills 
^ I claim a right divine. 

2 " I ask no sheep for sacrifice, 

** Nor bullocks burnt with fire ; 
" To hope and love, to pray and praise, 
" Is all that I require. 

3 " Invoke my name when trouble's near, 

^ My hand shall set thee free ; 
^ Then shall thy thankful lips declare 
** The honour due to me. 

4 " The man that offers humble praise, 

** Declares my glory best ; 
•* And those that tread my holy ways, 
" Shall my salvation taste. 

5 " Not for the want of bullocks slain 

" Will I the world reprove : 
** Altars and rites and forms are vain 
" Without the fire of love. 

6 ** And what have hypocrites to do 

" To bring their sacrifice ? 
« They call my statutes just and true, 
" But deal in theft and lies. 

7 " Could you expect to 'scape my sight, 

•* Ar d sin witbout control J 

92 PSALM L. 

" But I will bring your crimes to ligtitf 
"With anguish in your soul." 

8 Consider, ye that slight the Lord, 
Before his wrath appear ; 
If once you fall beneath his sword. 
There's no deliverer there. 

PSALM 50. Third Part. L. M. 

Ifypocrisy warned. 

1 npHE Lord, the Judge, his churches warns 

-■- Let hypocrites attend and fear, 
Who place their hope in rites and forms. 
But make not faith nor love their care. 

2 Vile wretches dare rehearse his name 
With Hps of falsehood and deceit ; 

A friend or brother they defame, 
And sooth and flatter those they hate. 

3 They watch to do their nei^Hbours wrong. 
Yet dare to seek their Maker's face ; 
They take his covenant on their tongue, 
But break his laws, abuse his grace. 

4 To heav'n they lift their hands unclean, 
Defird with lust,dcfird with blood: 

By night they practise ev'ry sin. 

By day their mouths draw near to Grod. 

5 And, while his judgments long delay, 
They grow secure, and sin the more : 
They think he sleeps as \ve]\ as they. 
And put far off' the dreadful hour. 

6 Oh dreadful hour ! when God draws near, 
And sets their crimes before their eyes : 
His wrath their guilty souls shall tear. 
And no deliverer dare to rise. 


PSALM uu, g& 

PSALM 50. Fourth Part', P. M. 
Tke lasi JvdgmenL 

1 npHE Grod of glo^ sends his summoiui 
.\ A forth, 

Colls the south nations and awakes the north: 
From^ast to west the soV're]|[n orden^sfHread^ 
Thro' distant iMrlds andnregions of the dead. 
The trumpet sounds ; hell trembles ; heaven 
rejeices ; [voum. 

Lfft. up your headsj ye saints^ with cheerfiu 

2 No more shall atheists mock his long, delay; 
His vengeance sleeps no more: behold the 

day! [lugh; 

Behold the Judgd descends ! his guards are 
Tempests and nre attend him down the sky. 
When God appears, all nature shall adore him: 
While sinners tremble j saints rejoice before him. 

3 Sinners, awake betimes; ye fools, be wise; 
Awake, before this dreadful morning rise: 
Change your vain tlioughts, your crooked 

works amend, [friend : 

Fly to the Saviour, make the Judge your 

Then join, ye saints; wake ev*ry cheerful 

jKission, \vai%on. 

When Christ returnsj Tie comes for your sal- 

PSALM 51. First Part. h. M. 
A penitent pleading for pardon* 

1 O HOW pity, Lord, O Lord, forgive, 
*^ Let a repenting rebel live ; 

Are not thy mercies large and free ? 
May not a sinner trust m thee ? 

2 My crimes are great, but don't surptu^ 
The pow'r and glory of thy grace : 
Great Crod, Ajr nature batb no bound; 
#Sb Jet tbypardhang love be found. 

94 PSALiM U. 

3 O ! wash niy soul from ev'ry sin, 

And make my guilty conscience clean: 
Here on my heart the burden lies, 
And past offences pain mine eyes, 

4 My lips with shame my sins confess 
Against thy law, against thy grace : 
Lord, should thy judgmcitf grow severe, 
I am condemnM, but thou art clean 

5 Yet save a trembling sinner, Lord, 
Whose hope still hovVing round thy word, 
Would light on some sweet promise Uiere ; 
Some sure support against despair. 

PSALM 5K Second Pari. L. M. 

Original and actual sins confessed, 

1 T ORD, I am vile, conccivM in sin, 
-*-^ And born unholy and unclean : 
Sprung from the man, whose guilty fali 
Corrupts his race, and taints us all. 

2 Soon as we draw our infant breath, 
The seeds of sin grow up for death : 
Thy law demands a perfect heart ; 
But we're defiPd in ev'ry part, 

3 Great God, create my heart anew. 
And form my spirit pure and true : 
O ! make me wise betimes, to see 
My danger and my remedy, 

4 Behold ! I fall before thy face ; 
My only refuge is thy grace : 

No outward ibrms can make me clean; 
The leprosy lies deep within. 

5 No bleeding bird, nor bleeding beast ; 
Nor hyssop branch, nor sprinkling pricLi i 
Nor running brook, nor flood, nor sea. 
Can wash die dismal stain away. 


6 Jesus, my God, thy blood alone 
Hatli pow'r sufficient to atone : 
Thy blood can make me white as snow ; 
No Jewish types could cleanse me so. 

I While guilt disturbs and breaks my peace, 
Nor flesh nor soul hath rest or ease : 
Lord, let me heltr thy pard'nin^ voice. 
And make my broken bones rejoice. 

PSALM 51. riiirdPart. L. M. 

The backslider reclaimed ; or, Repentance and faith in 
the blood of Christ. 

1 f\ THOU, that hear'st when sinners cry 
^ Tho' all my crimes before tliee lie, 
Avert from them thy angry look, 

And blot their mcmVy from thy book. 

2 Create my nature pure within, 
And form my soul averse to sin ; 
Let thy good s[)irit ne'er depart, 

Nor hide thy presence from my heart. 

3 I cannot hve without thy light, 

Cast out and banish'd from thy sight : 
Thy holy joys, my God, restore. 
And guard me, that I fall no more. 

4 Tho' I have griev'd thy s[)irit. Lord, 
His help and comfort still aflbrd : 

And let a wretch come near thy throne, 
To plead the merits of thy Son. 

5 A broken heart, my God, my King, 
Is all the sacrifice I bring : 

The God of grace will ne'er despise 
A broken heart for sacrifice. 

6 My soul lies humbled in the dust. 
And owns thy dreadful sentence just : 
Look down, O Lord, with pitying eye, 

And save the soul condemned to die. 


7 Then will I teach the world thy ways : 
Sinners shall learn thy sovereign grace ; 
I'll lead them to my Saviour's bl(x>d, 
And they shall praise a pard'nmg God. 

8 O ! may thy love inspire my tongue ; ■ 
Salvation shall be all my song : 

And all my powVs shall join to bless 
The Lord, my strength and righteousness. 


PSALM 52. First Part. L. M. 
The destruction of tyrants and persecutors. 

'VV'^HY should the haughty tyrant boast, 
^ ^ His vengeful arm, his warlike host I 
While blood detilcs his cruel hand, 
And desolation wastes the land. 

He joys to hear the captive's cry, . 
The widow's groan, the orphan's sigh; 
And when the weary sword would spare, 
His falsehood spreads the fatal snare. 

He triumphs in the deeds of wrong, 
And arms with rage his impious tongue ; 
With pride proclaims his dreadful pow'r, 
And bids the trembling world adore. 

But God is good, and with a frown, 
Casts to the dust his honours down : 
The righteous, freed, their hopes n^call. 
And hail the proud oppressor's fiill. 

How low the persecutor hes. 
Who dar'd th' eternal pow'r dcspis*'^ ; 
And vainly strove, with impious joy, 
The church and nation to destroy ! 

We praise the Lord, who heard oui cries. 
And sent salvation from the skies : 
The saints who saw our mournful days* 
Shall join our grateful songs of praise. 

PSALM LU, Lin. m 

PSALM 52. Second Paft. L. M. 
T%e experiatee of the Lor^t people in Ids kemte* 

1 A WORD in season, spoke with pbw^, 
-^ Fyo often heard witnin these walls ; 
But none slirpassing^ what tiiis hoar 
Attends the predoos gospel calls. 

3 When Christ uiiyeils his lovelj fiice, 
And grace for grace is largely giv'n ; 
A glory shines, which makes this place 
The house of Godt the gate of heav'n. 

3 Here, in thy courts, let me. be seen, i 
Growing in faith, and hope, and k>ve ; 
Like oUve fair, and fr^^ and green. 
And ripening for the world above. 

4 Here will I view thy glory, Lord, 
And songs for all thy goodness raise : 
Here wiU I wait to hear thy word. 

And join with saints who smg thy praise. 

PSALM 53. First Part. L. M. 
PraeHcal atheism. 

1 « npHERE is a God,** all nature cries : 

-■- The heavens and earth this truth con 
Yet this, the atheist fool denies, 
And dares his impious thoughts express. 

2 The Lord, firom his celestial towV, 
Looked down, the sons of men to view ; 
To see if any own'd his pow'r. 

If any truth and justice knew. 

3 But all he saw were gone aside, 

AJl, in their hearts, were atheists grown ; 
None took retigicHi for their guide, 
Not oaedid Gad bis Bor^iga omu 


4 O wretched state ! how fall'n are men ! 
How. guilty, helpless, lost, and dead ! 
They're all concluded under sin, 
Their hope is gone, their peace is fled. 

5 To such, the Lord his gospel sends; 
For these, a Saviour he appoints ; 

To them his grace wdth powV extends ; 
And changes atheists into saints. 

PSALM 53. Second Part. C. M. 
Deliverance from persecuHom. 

1 A RE all the foes of Zion fools, 
-^ Who thus devour her saints ?. 
Do they not know her Saviour ndes, 

. And pities her complaints ? 

2 They shall be seized with sad surprise : 

For God's avenging ann 
Scatters the bones of them, that rise 
To do his children harm. 

3 In vain the sons of Satan boast 

Of armies in array : 
When God has first dispersed their host, 
They fall an easy prey. 

4 O for a word from Zion's King, 

Her captives to restore! 
Jacob witn all his tribes shall sing, 
And Judah weep no more. 

PSALM 54. P. M. 

The folly of persecutors, — Security of Saints. 

1 1%/f Y (Jod, preserve my soul ; 
-^^ O make my spirit whole : 

To save me let thy strength appear. 
Strangers my steps surround ; 
Their pride and rage confound. 

And bring thy great salvation near. 


I 2 Those that against me rise 
Aie aliena. fimn Ihe akiea: 

They hate thy church and kingdonif Lord? 
They mock thy fearfiil name : 
Thej glory in their shame, 

Kor heed the wonders of thy wordL 

3 But O thouKjng divine. 

My chosen friends are thine, 
The men, that still jay soul sustain : 

Wilt thou my foes subdue,, 

And form their hearts anew, 
And snatch ihma from eternal pain ? 

4 EscapM fix)m ev*ry woe, 
! grant me, here below. 

To praise thy name with those I lore : 
And, when beyond the skies. 
Our souls unbodied rise. 

Unite us in the realms above. 

PSALM 55. First Part. C. M. 
Support far the afflicted and tempted »ouL 

1 C\ GOD, my refuge, hear my cries, 
^^ Behold my flowing tears : 

For earth and hell my nurt devise. 
And triumph in my fears. 

2 Their rage is levelPd at my life ; 

My soul with guilt they load ; 
And fill my thoughts with inward strifOf 
To shake my hope in God. 

3 With inward pain my heart-strings sound, 

I groan witn ev'ry breath : 
Horror and fear beset me round. 
Among the shades of death. 

4 O ' were I like a feather'd dove, 

Soao wauUIatretcb my wingm. } 

100 PSALM LV. 

And fly, and make a long remove 
From all these restless things. 

5 Let me to some wild desert go, 

And find a peaceful home ; 
Where storms of malice never Uow, 
Temptations never come. 

6 Vain hopes, and vain inventions all^ 

To 'scape the rage of hell ! 
The mighty God on whom I call, 
Can save me here as well. 

PSALM 55. Second Part. S. M. 

Daily detodons. 

1 T ET sinners take their course, 
-*-^ And choose the road to death ; 

But in the worship of my God 
I'll spend my daily breath. 

2 My thoughts address his throne. 
When morning brings tlie light : 

I seek his blessing ev'ry noon, 
And pay my vows at night. 

3 Thou wilt regard my cries, 
O my eternal God ! 

While sinners perish in surprise. 
Beneath thine angry rod. 

4 Because tliey dwell at ease, 
And no sad changes feel; 

They neither fear nor trust thy name^ 
Nor learn to do thy will. 

5 But I with all my cares. 
Will lean upon the Lord: 

ni cast my burdens on his arm. 
And rest upon his word. 

6 His arm shall well sustain 
The children of his love ; 

FSAtUff LVL tOl 

Ilie eroand on whidi their safety standsy 
No earthly pow*r can miove. 

PSALM^. FirsiPart. ak. 

T\nui in God under t^andarauM impkUUianM, 

1 f\ THOU whose justice reigns on high, 
^ And makes th' oppressor cease ; 
BehoM ! ho w enyiQus sinners try 

To yez and break my peace. 

2 The sbns of violence and^lies 

Join to deToor me, Loid; 
But as my hourly dangers rise» 
My reifuge is thy word. 

3 In Grod, most holy, just, and true, 

I have reposM my trust ; 
Nor will I tear what flesh can do, 
The ofispring of the dust 

4 They wrest my words to mischief stilly 

Charge me with unknown faults : 
Mischief doth all their counsels fill. 
And malice all their thoughts. 

5 Shall they escape without thy fi-own ? 

Must their devices stand ? 
O ! cast the haughty sinner down. 
And let him know thy hand * 

PSALM 56. Second Pari. G. M. 
God^M care of hi» people. 

i^OD counts the sorrows of his saints, 
Their grofiis affect his ears : 
Thou hast a book for my complaints, , 
A bottle for my tears. 

When to thy throne I raise my cry, 

The wicked fear and flee ; 
So swift ispmyV to reach the sky, 

St? near la (^ to me. 



3 In thee, most holy, just, and trae, 
I have reposM my trust ; 
Nor will I fear what man can do, 
The olSspring of the dust. 

ft Thy solemn vows are on me, Lord, 
Thou shalt receive my praise ; 
I'll sing, " How faithful is thy word ! 
" How righteous all thy ways !** 

5 Thou hast securM my soul from death ; 
O ! set thy prisoner free : 
That heart and hand, and life and breath 
May be employed for thee. 

PSALM 57. L. M. 

Providence praised. 

1 A/f Y God, in whom are all the springs 
-L^A Of boundless love, and grace unknown 
Hide me beneath thy spreading wings^ 
Till the dark cloud is overblown. 

to the heav'ns I send my cry, 
e Lord will my desires perform : 
He sends his angels from the sky, 
And saves me from the threatening storm 

Be thou exalted, O my God ! 
Above the heavens where angels dwell : 
Thy pow'r on earth be known abroad^ 
Let land to land thy wonders tell. 

My heart is fix'd ; my song shall raise 
Immortal honours to thy Aame : 
Awake, my tongue, to sound his praise. 
My tongue, the glory of my frame. 

High o'er the earth his mercy reigns^ 
And reaches to the utmost sky : 
His truth to endless years remains. 
When lower worlds dissolve and die. 



6 Be thou exalted, Omj God! 
AboTe the heay'ns ^ere angeb dweH ^ 
Thy jpowV on earth be known abroad^ 
And land to land thy wonders telL 

FSALM58. P.M. 


1 JUDGES, who rale the world by laws, 
^ WiH yedesiHse the rigbteooB caose, 

When vile oppression wastes the land ? 
Dare ye condemn the righteous poor. 
And let rich sinners 'scape seciwe. 

While gold andgreatness* bribe yonr hand? 

2 Forgot ye then, or xiever knew, 
That God will Judge the judges too ? 

High in the heavens his justice reigns : 
Yet you invade the rights of "God, - 
And send your bold decrees abroad. 

To bind the conscience in your chains. 

3 A poisonM arrow is your tongue, 
The arrow sharp, the poison strong. 

And death attends where'er it wounds ; 
You hear no counsels^ cries, nor tears $ 
So the deaf adder stops her ears 

Against the pow'r of charming sounds. 

4 Break out their teeth, eternal God ! 
Those teeth of lions, dy'd in blood ; 

And crush the serpents in the dust : 
As empty chaff, when whirlwinds rise. 
Before the sweeping tempests flies, 

So let their names and hopes be lost. 

5 The Almighty thunders from the sky. 
Their grandeur melts, their titles die. 

As hills of snow disaolve and run; 

104 PSALM UX. 

Or snails that perish in their slime, 
Or births that come before their time. 
Vain births, that never see the son. 

6 Thus shall the vengeance of the Lord, 
Safety and ioy to saints afford : 

And all that hear shall join and say, 
** Sure there's a God that rules on high. 
** A God that hears his children cry, 

•* And will their sufferings well repay.* 

PSALM 59. S. M. 

Prayer against invading fan* 

1 "OROM foes that round us rise, 
-^ O God of heay'n, defend ; 

Who brave the vengeance of the skies, 
And with thy saints contend. 

2 Behold ! from distant shores 
' And desert wilds they come. 

Combine for blood their barbarous force, 
And thro' our cities roam. 

3 Beneath the silent shade, 
Their secret plots they lay ; 

Our peaceful walls by night invade. 
And waste the fields by day. 

4 And will the God of grace. 
Regardless of our pain, 

Pennit secure that impious race 
To riot in their reign ? 

5 In vain their secret guile. 
Or open force, they prove : 

His eye can pierce the deepest veil ; 
His hand their strength remove. 

6 Yet save them. Lord, from death, 
Lest we forget their doom ; 

Bat driTe them with thine angry hreaoi, 
Thro* distant lands to roam. 

7 Hien AbHH our grateful voice 
Ptoclaim our guardian God ; 
The nations round the earth rejoice. 
And sound thy praise abroad. '^ 

PSALM 60. C. M. 

On 'm ddjf cf humUiaHon in war. 

1 T ORD, thou hast scourg'd our guilty land; 
-*-^ Beholdfthy people mourn! 

Shall vengeance ever guide thy hand ? 
Shall mercy ne'er return ? 

2 Beneath the terrors of thine eye, 

Earth's haughty tow'rs decay ; 
Thy frowning mantle spreads the sky, 
And mortals melt away. 

3 Our Zion trembles at thy stroke, 

And dreads thy lifted hand ! 
O ! heal the nation thou hast broke. 
And save the sinking land. 

4 Exalt the banner in the field, 

For those that fear thy name ; 
From barb'rous hosts thy people shield, 
And put our foes to shame. 

5 Attend our armies to the fight, 

And be their guardian God : 
In vain shall tium'rous pow'rs unite. 
Against thy Hfted rod. 

6 Our troops, beneath thy guiding hand, 

Shall gain a glad renown : 
Tis God who makes the feeble stand, 
And treads the mighty down. 


PSALM 61. First Part. S. M. 
Refuge in Crod. 

1 'TlJ'IIEN^overwhelm'd witli grie^ 

^ ^ My heart within me dies ; 
Helpless and far from all relief, 
To heav'n I lift mine eyes. 

2 O lead me to the rock, 
That's high above my head ; 

And make the covert of thy wings. 
My shelter and my shade. 

3 Within thy presence, Lord, 
For ever I'll abide : 

Thou art the tow'r of my defence. 
The refuge where I hide. 

4 Thou givest me the lot 
Of those that fear thy name : 

If endless life be their reward, 
I shall possess the same. 

PSALM 01. Second Part. L. M. 

Jesus our king. 

1 IVJY soul of thy protection sure, 
^^ Against her foes shall rest secure ; 
For thou, O God, hast heard my vows. 
And brought me joyful to thy house. 

2 With all thy saints I'll strive to sing 
The glories of my heav'nly King ; 
Whom thou in mercy didst ordain. 
Should o'er thy chosen people reign. 

3 Jesus shall live for ever blest. 

And give his people peace and rest ; 
His years shall last, and God will own 
His righteous sceptre, and his throne. 

4 O let thy truth prepare the way ; 
In mercy, I^ord, extend his sway : 

FSAm Lxn, Lxm. lo? 

Thus well devote bar future days. 
To pay our vows and sing thy praise. 

PSALM 62. L.M. 

Faiik in ike grace and power of the Redeemer. 

1 ILfY spirit looks to God alone ; 
-^▼A My roct and refuge is his throne j 
In an my fears, in all my straits, 

My soul on Ms salvation waits. 

2 Trust him, y6 saints, ip all your ways, 
Pour out your hearts before his &ce : 
When helpers fail, and foes invade, 
God is our all-sufficient aid. 

3 False are the men of high degree, 
The baser sort are vanity ;. 

Laid in the balance, both appear 
Light as a puff of empty air. 

4 Make not increasing gold your trust, 
Nor set your hearts on glitt'ring dust; 
Why will ye grasp the fleeting smoke. 
And not believe what God has spoke ? 

5 Once hath his awful voice declared. 
Once and again my ears have heard, 
** All pow'r is his eternal due ; 

** He must be fearM and trusted too.'* 

6 For sovreign pow'r reigns not alone, 
Grace is a partner of me throne : 
Thy grace and justice, mighty Lord, 
Shall well divide our last reward. 

PSALM 63. First Part. C. M, 
Lord^e day morfdng. 

I "p ARLY, my God, without delay, 
-^ I haste to seek thy face ; 
My thirsty spirit faints away, 
yfitb(mt thj- cheering grace. 

108 PSALM LXm. 

2 I've seen thy glory and thy powV, 

Thro' all thy temples shine : 
My God, repeat that heav'nly hour. 
That vision so divine. 

3 Not life itself, with all its joys. 

Can my best passions move ; 
Or raise so high my cheerful voice. 
As thy forgiving love. 

4 Thus till my last expiring day 

I'll bless my God and king; 
Thus will I lift my hands to pray. 
And tune my lips to sing. 

PSALM 63. Second Part. L. M. 
Delight in God and his worship. 

1 1^ REAT God, indulge my humble claim, 
^^ Thou art my hope, my joy, my rest; 
The glories, that compose thy name, 
Stand all engag'd to make me blest. 

2 Thou Great and Good, thou Just ouJ Wiae^ 
Thou art my Father and my God ; 

And I am thine by sacred tics, 

Thy son, thy servant, bought with blood. 

3 With early feet I love t' appear 
Among thy saints, and seek thy face ; 
Oft have I seen thy glory there. 

And felt the pow'r of sov'reign grace. 

4 Not fruits nor wines that tempt our taste^ 
Nor all the joys our senses know, 
Could make me so divhicly blest. 

Or raise my cheerful passions so. 

5 My Ufe itself, without thy love. 
No taste of pleasure could afford ; 
T^would but a tiresome burden prove. 
If I were banish'd from the Lord. 


6 Amkbt the wakefiil hours of nig^t, 
Wlien busy eaies afflict Qiy hmd; 

One thought of thee gives new deUg^ . 
And adds refire9hment to my bed. 

7 111 lift tar hands, PU raise my Yoice» . ^ 
Whik I have breath to pray^ or praidat 
This wojrk shall make nqr h^urt rejoicei 
And Uess the remoiEuit of my days. 

PSALM 63. Third FaH. S. M. 
ouktHg CML 

1 AA^ Ckxl? penni( my tongue 
-^▼x This joy, to call thee mitaej 

And let my early cries prevail 
To taste thy love divine. 

2 My thirsty fainting soul 
Thy mercy does implore ; 

Not travellers in desert lands 
Can pant for water more. 

3 Within thy churches, Lord, 
I long to find my place ; 

Thy pow'r and glory to behold. 
And feel thy quick^ing gracd! 

4 Since thou hast been my help. 
To thee my spirit flies ; 

And on thy watchful providence. 
My .cheerful hope relies. 

5 The shadow of thy wings 
My soul in safety keeps ; 

I follow where my Father leads. 
And he supports my steps. 

PSALM 64. L. M. 

Seeking deli/veranee from enemies^ 

I r^ REAT God, attend to xof coAmlamti . 
^^ Nor let my drooping gpi lit faiat t 


When foes in secret spread the snaro, 
Let my salvation be thy care. 

2 Shield me without, and guard within. 
From vile temptations and from sin ; 
May envy, lust, and pride depart. 
And heav'nly grace expand my heart. 

3 Thy justice and thy pow'r display, 
And scatter far thy foes away ; 
While list'ning nations learn thy word. 
And saints, tnumphant, bless the Lord. 

4 Then shall thy Church exalt her voice, 
And all that love thy name rejoice: 
By faith approach thine awful throne. 
And plead the merits of thy Son. 

PSALM 65. First Part. C. M. 
A prayer-hearing God. 

1 ¥9 RAISE waits in Zion, Lord, for thee 
•t There shall our vows be paid : 
Thou hast an ear when sinners pray ; 

All flesh shall seek thine aid. 

2 Lord, our iniquities prevail, 

But pard'ning grace is thine ; 
And thou wilt grant us pow'r and skill 
To conquer ev'ry sin. 

2 Blest are the men whom thou wilt.choos< 
To bring them near thy face ; 
Give them a dwelling in thy house. 
To feast upon thy grace. 

4 In answ'ring what thy church requests. 

Thy truth and terror shine ; 
And works of dreadful righteousness 
Fulfil thy kind design. 

5 Thus shall the wondering nations see 

The Lord is good and just ; 

And distant idwds flj to theo. 
And make, thy aam^ dieir tmsjc* 

6 They dread thy^ glittering tokenst Lord, 
When signs iii faeav^ appear;. 
But theV slmll lieam thy holy word. 
And We as well as fear. 

PSALM 65. Second Part. CM. " 
The pmiioiee of Ood in mxr^ eaitA, and ma. 

1 ^npiS by thy strength the mountain^ stand, 

-L God of etemiu pow^; 
The sea grows cahil at thy comndandy 
And tempestsxease to roar. 

2 Thy moming light and eyeing shade 

Successive ccnnforts bring; 
Thy plenteous fruits make harvest glad, 
Thy flowers adorn the spring. 

3 Seasons and times, and months, and hours, 

Heav'n, earth, and air are thine ; 
When clouds distil in fruitful showers, 
The Author is divine. 

4 Those wandering cisterns in the sky, 

Borne by the winds around, * 
With wat'ry treasures well supply 
The furrows of the ground. 

5 The thirsty ridges drink their fill. 

And ranks of corn appear ; 
Thy ways abound with blessings still. 
Thy goodness crowns the year. 

PSALM 65. Third Part. P. M. 
The ^omdeneecf God in the seaMme. 
I ¥XOW pleasing is thy voice, 
•*1 O Lord, our heav'nly King, 
That bids the frosts retire, 
And wakes the hvely spring I 


The rains return, the ice distils, 
And plains and hills forget to mourn. 

2 The lofty mountains stand, 
Established by thine arm : 
Thy voice the ocean stills, 
The tumult, and the storm. 

Thro' earth and skies, with terror spread 
Thy tokens dread, all lands surprise. 

3 The mom, with glory crown'd, 
Thy hand arrays in smiles ; 
Thou bid'st the eve decline, 
Rejoicing o'er the hills. 

Soft suns ascend ; the mild wind blows ; 
And beauty glows to earth's far end. 

4 Thou mak'st the pasture green; 
Thou call'st the nocks abroad; 
The springing com proclaims 
The footsteps of our God. 

Both bird and beast partake thy care, 
And happy share the gen'ral feast. 

5 Thy show'rs make soft the fields ; 
On ev'ry side, behold ! 

The rip'ning harvests wave 
Their loads of richest gold. 
The lab'rers sing with cheerftil voice, 
And, blest, rejoice in God their King. 

6 The thunder is his voice ; 
His arrows blazing fires; 
He glows in yonder sun, 
And smiles in stariy choirs. 

The balmy breeze his breath perfumes ; 
His beauty blooms, in flow'rs and trees. 

7 With life he clothes the spring ; 
The earth with summer warms j 


H« spreads th^auluomld feast. 

And rides id-wibUj stonns. 
His gifts diyiiie thro' all appeiiXf ^ ^ 

And roiind the .year his .glories shine 

PSALM 6^. First Part: G. M. v 
AlvUg^ ofid graettms Providence.' " 

1 Q ING, alt ye nattiotis, ta the LfiiteU 
•^ Singteith a joyfelnoise?^ 
With melody of sound record 

Ilis honours, and yow joys. - 

2 Say to the P6w*r that shakes the slcy, 

"^ How terrible art thou ! : 
^ Sinners before thy presence fly, 
♦*Or at thy feet they bow.'* 

3 He rules by his resistless might ; 

Will rebel mortals dare 
Provoke th' Eternal to the fight, 
And tempt that dreadful war? 

4 O bless our God, and never cease ; 

Ye saints, fulfil his praise ; 
He keeps our life, maintains our peace ; 
And guides our doubtful ways. 

5 Lord, thou hast provM our sufTring souls, 

To make our graces sliine : 
So silver bears the burning coals. 
The metal to refine. 

6 Thro' watery deeps, and fiery ways, 

We march at thy command. 
Led, to possess the promised place. 
By thme unerring hand. 

PSALM 66. Second Part. C. M. 
Prai$e to God for hearing prayer. 

1 'VfOW shall my solemn vows be paid 

^ To that Almighty Pow^r^ 
10 "^ 


Who heard the long requests I made 
In my distressful hour, 

2 My lips and cheerful heart prepare 

To make his mercies known : 
Come, ye tliat fear my God, and hear 
The wonders, he hath done. 

3 When on my head huge sorrows fell, 

I sought his heavenly aid ; 
lie savM my sinking soul from hell. 
And death's eternal shade. 

4 If sin lay cover'd in my heart, 

While pray'r employed my tongue. 
The Lord had shown me no regajxi. 
Nor I his praises sung. 

5 But God (his name be ever blest) 

Hath set my spirit free ; 
Nor turn'd from him my poor request. 
Nor turn'd his heart from me. 

PSALM 67. C. M- 

The pros^perity of the nation, and increase of the chunk 

1 ^JHINE on our land, Jehovah, shine, 
^ With beams of heavenly grace ! 
Reveal thy pow'r thro' all our coasts, 

And show thy smiling face. 

2 Here fix thy throne exalted high. 

And, here, our glory stand ; 
And, like a wall of guardian fire, 
Surround thy lav'rite land. 

3 When shall thy name from shore to shore 

Sound all the earth abroad, 
And distant nations know and love 
Their Saviour and their God ! 

4 Sing to the Lord, ye distant lands, 

Sing loud with solemn voice ; 

' Let thftiikfill tbogties exalt hid priaise, 
And thankfiil hearte rejoice.' - 

5 He, the greatlxMrd, tbe'MTV^ign Judge, 

Hiat sits enthrcmM abicyv<e, 
Wifldy cofluiiMids tfie wofidbsrhe made. 
In justice and k lore. 

6 Earth siiaH cmfess her Makers hand, 

And yiefil a full increase : 
Our £Sod wiH^ crown hiBchos^i land 
With firaitfokiess and peace. 

7 Godi the Redeemer, scatters lipund 
. His choicest ^vours here ; 
liVhile the creation's utmost bound 

Shan see, adore, and fearl 

PSALM 68. First Part. L. M. 

Mtyettjf and compassion of God. 

1 T ET God arise in all his might, 

-*-^ And put the troops of heU to flight ? 
As smoke, that sought to ck>ud the skie^ 
Before the rising tempest flies. 

2 He rides and thunders thro' the sky : 
His name Jehovah sounds on high ; 
Sing to his name, ye sons of grace : 
Ye saints, rejoice before his face. 

3 The widow and the fatherless 
Fly to his aid in sharp distress ; 

. In him, the poor and helpless find 
A Judge, that^s just, a Fatlier kind. 

4 He breaks the captive's heavy chain. 
And prisoners see the light again ; 
But rebels, that dispute his will. 

Shall dwell in chains and darkness still. 

5 Kingdoms and thrones to God belong ; 
Crown himf ye aations^ in your song : 

116 PSALM LXVin. 

llis wondVous names and pow'rs rehearse; 
His honours shall enrich your verse. 

G He shakes the heavens with loud alarms . 
How terrible is God in amis! 
In Israel are his mercies known, 
Israel is his peculiar throne. 

7 Proclaim him King, pronounce him blest; 
He's your defence, your joy, your rest: 
When terrors rise, and nations fainty 
God is the strength of ev'ry saint. 

PSALM 68. Second Part. L. M. 
The ascension of Christ, and the gift of the Spirit* 

1 T ORD, when thou didst ascend on high, 
-*-^ Ten thousand angels filPd the sky : 
Those hcav'nly guards around thee wait. 
Like chariots, that attend thy state. 

2 Not Sinai's mountain could appear 
More glorious when the I^rd was there ; 
While he pronounc'd his dreadful law, 
And struck the chosen tribes with awe. 

3 How bright the triumph none can tell, 
When the rebellious pow'rs of hell, 
That thousand souls had captive made, 
Were all in chains like captives led. 

4 Rais'd by his Father to the throne. 
He sent the promised Spirit down. 
With gifts and grace for rebel men, 
That God might dwell on earth again. 

PSALM 68. Third Part. L. M. 
Common and special mercies acknowledged. 

I \\rE bless the Lord, the just, the good, 
^ ▼ Who fills our hearts with joy and food 
Who pours his blessings from the skies. 
A/id loads our days with rich supplies. 

UaSL 117 

2 He sends the km his circuit round. 

To cheer ther fruits, to warm the ground i 
He liids the clouds^ with plenteous rain, - 
Refresh the thirsty eardi again. 

3 Tis to his care we oWe our breath, 
And all our near escapes from de^: 
Safety and health to <^o4 belong. 

He hSsals the weak, and guards the strong 

4 He makes the saint and sinner prove 
The common blessings of his love: 
But the wide diffVence that remains, 
Is endless joy, and endless pains. 

5 The Lord that brvisM the serpent^s head, 
On all tlie serpent^s seed shall tread: 
The stubborn sinner's hope confbond. 
And smite him with a lasting wound. 

6 But his right hand his saints shall raise 
From the deep earth, or deeper seas ; 
And bring them to his courts above : 
There shall they taste his special love. 

PSALM 69. First Part. L. M. 

Christ* 8 pcusion. 

1 T^EEP in our hearts let us record 
•^ The deeper sorrows of our Lord ; 
Behold ! the rising billows roll/ 

To overwhelm his holy soul. 

2 In long complaints he spends his breath, 
While hosts of hell, and powVs of death. 
And all the sons of malice join 

To execute their cursM design. 

3 Yet, gracious God, thy pow'r and love 
Have made the curse a blessing prove : 
Those dreadful sufferings of thv Son 
AtauV} ^ sins which we had done* 


4 The pajigs of our expiring Lord 
The honours of thy law restored : 
His sorrows made thy justice knoM n, 
And paid for follies, not his own. 

5 O for his sake our guilt forgive, 
And let the mourning sinner live ! 
The Lord will hear us in his nan^e, 
Nor shall our hope be turnM to shanif 

PSALM 69. Second Part. 1. M 
The sufferings and zeal of Ckrisi. 

1 '^l^WAS for my sake, eternal God, 

-■- Thy Son sustain'd that heavy lot $^ 
Of base roproach, and sore disgrace ; 
. And shame defil'd his sacred face. 

2 The Jews, his brethren and his kin, 
Abus'd the man tiiat checked their sin ; 
While he fiilliird thy holy laws. 
They hate him, but without a cause. 

3 " My Father's house," said he, " was ma h 
" A place for worship, not for trade:" 
Then scattVing all their gold and brass, 
He scourgM the merchants from the pla<:f 

4 Zeal for the temple of his God 
Consumed his life, exposed his blood ; 
Reproaches, at thy glory thrown. 

He felt, and mourn'd them as his own. 

5 His friends forsook, his followers fled. 
While foes and arms surround his head ; 
They curse him with a sland'rous tongue, 
And the false judge maintains the wrong. 

6 His hfe they load with hateful lies, 
And charge his lips with blasphemies ; 
They nail him to the shameful tree : 
There hung my Lord, who died for me. 


7 Wuichcs, vith hearts as hard as stones, 
Insult bis piety and groans ; 

Gall was the food they gave him there, 
And mock'd his thirst with vinegar. 

8 But God beheld ; and from his throne 
Mark'd out the men that hate his Son : 
The hand that raisM him from the dead, 
Shall pour due vengeance on their head. 

PSALM 69. Third Part. C. M. 

Praise for the obedience and death of Christ. 

1 p^ ATHER, I sing thy wond'rous grace, 
-■- I bless my Saviour's name ; 

He bought salvation for the poor, 
And bore the sinner's shame. 

2 His deep distress hath rais'd us high : 

His duty and his zeal 
Fulfill'd the law, which mortals broke. 
And finished all thy will. 

3 His dying groans, his living songs 

Shall better please my God, 
Than harp's or trumpet's solemn sound, 
Than goat's or bullock's blood. 

4 This shall his humble follow'rs see. 

And set their hearts at rest : 
They by his death draw near to thee. 
And live for ever blest. 

5 Let heav'n and all that dwell on high, 

To God their voices raise ; 
While lands and seas assist the sky. 
And join t' advance the praise. 

6 Zion is thine, most holy God : 

Thy Son shall bless her gates ; 
And glory, purchas'd by his blood. 
For thme own Israel waits. 


PSALM 70. L. M. 

A prayer of the church for the presence of ChrUt 

1 £\ THOU, whose hands thekingdomsvirj 
^^ Whom earth, and hell, and hcav'n oIm 
To help thy chosen sons appear, 

And show thy pow'r and glory here ! - 

2 While stupid wretches, sunk in sleep, 
Slide onward to the fiery deep, 

To sense; and sin, and madness giv'n, 
JSelieve no hell, and wish no heav'n ; 

S While fools deride, while foos oppress, 
And Zion mourns in deep distress ; 
Her friends withdraw, her foes grow bok 
Truth fails, and love is waxen cold. 

i O haste, with ev'ry gift inspired. 
With glory, truth, and grace attir'd, 
Thou Star of heav'n's eternal morn ; 
Thou Sun, whom beams divine adorn ! 

5 Assert the honour of thy name ; 
0'er>vhelm thy foes with fear and shame 
Then, send thy Spirit from above, 

And change their enmity to love. 

6 Saints shall he glad before thy face, 
And grow in failb, in truth, and grace : 
Thy church shall blossom in thy sight, 
Yield fruits of peace and pure delight. 

7 O hither, then, tliy footsteps bend ; 
Swift as a roe, from hills descend ; 
Mild as the sabbath's cheerful ray, 
Till life unfolds eternal day ! 

PSALM 71. First Part. CM 
The aged sainfs reflection and hope* 

1 1%/f Y God, my everlasting hope, 
-*-'-■- I live upon thy truth ; 

Thy hands have heM my cyUUiood 11^ 
And straiq^then'd aJl my ybutiL 

8 My flesh vms fiuduooM by thy, powV, 
Wifli bU Aeae limbs of mme ; 
And, from ipy mother^s painful hour, 
IVe been entirely thine. 

S Still haft my Hfe new wonders seen '^ 

Repeated eVVyyear; 
Bdhold f my days that ^ remain, 
I trust them to thy care. 

4 Cast me not off when strength dedines,' ' 

When hoary hairs arise ; 
And round tne let thy glorf shine, 
Whene'er thy servant dies. 

5 Then in the hisfiy of my age, 

When men review my days, 
TheyTl read thy love in ev'ry page, 
In evVy line thy praise. 

PSALM 71. Second Part. C. M. 
ChrtMi our strength and rigkteoutness. 

1 1^/f^Y Saviour, my Almighty Friend, 
ivX When I begin thy praise, 
Where will the growing numbers end. 

The numbers of thy grace? 

2 Thou art my everlasting trust, 

Thy goodness I adore ! 
And, since I knew thy graces first, 
I speak thy glories more. 

3 My feet shall travel all the length 

Of the celestial road ; 
And inarch with courage in thy strengths 
To see my Father, God. 

4 Whea I am fiU'd with sore distress 

For jBfome sarpming tm^ 


I'll plead thy perfect righteousness, 
And mention none but thine. 

5 How will my lips rejoice to tell 

The vicfries of niy King ! 
My soul, redeemed from sin and heD, 
Shall thy salvation sing, 

6 My tongue shall all the day proclaim 

My ^viour and my God ; 
His death hath brought my foes to shame ^ 
He sav'd me by his blood. 

7 Awake, awake, my tuneful powers, 

With this delightful song : 

I'll entertain the darkest hours. 

Nor think the season long. 

PSALM 7L Third Part. C. M. 

The aged christian's jfrayer and song* 

1 £^ OD of my childhood, and my youth, 
^^ The Guide of all my days, 

I have declared thy heav'nly truth, 
And told thy wond'rous ways. 

2 Wilt thou forsake my hoary hairs, 

And leave my fainting heart ? 
Who shall sustain my smking years. 
If God, my strength, depart ? 

3 Let me thy pow'r and truth proclaim 

To the surviving age ; 
And leave a savour of thy name,. 
When I shall quit the stage. 

4 The land of silence and of death 

Attends my next remove : 
O may these poor remains of breath 
Teach the wide world thy love ! 

5 Thy righteousness is deep and high ; 

Unsearchable thy deeds : 

Thy gknj 8proad0 beyond the ri^ 
And au my piaiM exceeds. 

6 Oft ha^ I heafd dijr threat^migfl raiur, 

And oft etidoir'd thegiief I 
But wheii tl^ hand hafl tffest me «o^ 
Thygraioe wa9 my Telief. 

7 By long ^experience have I known 

"ray BOvVeign pow^ to jwvd : 
At tl^ command^ lirienture down 
Serarely to the gmve« 

8 When I lie Iwnrted deep in du8t^ 

My flrah (diafl be thy can: " 
These witfi^ing Ihnlid wi& thee I trust. 
To raise them strong and fair* 

PSALM 72. First Part. L. M. 
. The kingdom of €ML 

GREAT God, whose universal sway 
The known and unknown worlds obeyt 
Now give the kingdom to thy Son, 
Extend his powV, exalt his throne. 

Thy sceptre well becomes Ids hands. 
All heaven submits to his commands ; 
His justice shall avenge the poor, 
And pride and rage prevail no more. 

With pow'ir he vindicates the just. 
And treads th' oppressor in the dust ; 
His worship and his fear shall last. 
Till hours, and years, and time be past. 

As rain on meadows newly mown, 
So shall he send his influence down : 
His grace on fainting souls distils. 
Lake heav^^ dew on thirsty hills. 

llie heathen lands^ that He beneath 
The Bbadetf of orerspreading death. 


124 PSALM LXXn. 

Revive at his first dawning light. 
And deserts blossom at the sighL 

6 The saints shall flourish in his da^a, 
Drest in the robes of joy and praiso: 
Peace, like a river, from his thraDe, 
Shall flow to nations yet miknown. 

PSALM 72. Second Pari. L. M. 
Univertal reign of Chritt* 

1 TESUS shall reign where'er the smi 
•^ Does his successive journeys rtm ; 
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore. 
Till moon shall wax and wane no more. 

2 For him shall endless pray'r be made, 
And praises circle round his head: 
His name, like sweet perfume, shall rise 
With cv'ry morning sacrifice. 

3 People and realms of ev'ry tongue 
Dwell on his love with sweetest song : 
And infant voices shall proclaim 
Their early blessings on his name. 

4 Blessings abound where'er he reigns. 
The pns'ner leaps to lose his chams. 
The weary find eternal rest. 

And all the sons of want are blest. 

5 Where he disjJays his healing powV, 
Death and the curse are known no more j 
In him the tribes of Adam boast 

More blessings, tliuu their father lost. 

6 Let ev'ry creature rise, and bring 
Peculiar honours to our King : 
Angels descend with songs again. 
And earth repeat the loud Amen. 

KALMTL Third Part: CM. 
n£ giarg of CkriM wnvermif omit perpei^aL 

1 npHE nMUVf or<3iriBt% gloricnu name 
-L Tlifo!* endless vearp shall jrim; 

His spotlesd fiune shall Aane as br^grfat 
Ana lasting as the siitu 

2 In him the nations of the world 

Shall be coniptetely blest ; ^ 
And his imputed righteoasness 
By ey'fy tbng&e confessed. 

3 Then blec»\l be God, tte mighty £oEd, 

T^ God ^rfKHU' Iiirael fears ; « 
Who only, wond*rocts in his woiks^ 
Beyond compare appears. 

4 Let earth be with his glory fill'd; 

For ever bless his name ; 
Whilst to his praise, the listening world 
Their glad assent proclaim. 

PSALM 73. First Part. S. M. 
The mytUry of Prcmdenct wtfoldetL 

1 O URE diere^s a righteous God, 
1^ Nor is religion vain : 

Tho' men of vice may boast aloud, 
And men of grace complain. 

2 I saw the wicked rise, 
And felt my heart repine ; 

While haughty fools, with scornful eyes, 
In roMS of honour shine. 

3 Pamper^ with wanton ease. 
Their flesh looks full and fidr ; 

Their wealth rolls in like flowing seas. 
And grows without their care. 

4 Free from the plagues and pains, 
That piaas bows endure ; 

11 "^ 

126 PSALM LXXia 

Thro^ all their life oppression reigna. 
And racks the humble poor. 

5 Their impious tongues blaspheme 
The everlasting God : 

Their malice blasts the ^ood man's name. 
And spreads their lies abroad. 

6 But I with flowing tears 
IndulgM my doubts to rise ; 

" Is there a God that sees or hears 

" The things below the skies ?*• 

7 The tumults of my thought 
Held me in hard suspense ; 

Till to thy house my feet were brought. 
To learn thy justice thence. 

8 Thy word with light and pow'r 
Did my mistake amend ; 

I view'd the sinners' life before, 
But here I learn'd their end. 

9 On what a slipp'ry steep 
The thoughtless wretches go ; 

And, O that dreadful fiery deep. 
That waits their fall below ! 

10 Lord, at thy feet I bow. 

My thoughts no more repine ; 
I call my God my portion now. 

And all my pow'rs are thine. 

PSALM 73. Second Part. CM. 
God our portion here and hereafter, 

1 I^O^» "^y supporter, and my hope, 
^-^ My help for ever near ; 
Thine arm of mercy held me up, 

When sinking in despair. 

2 Thy counsels. Lord, shall guide my feet. 

Thro' this dark wilderness ; 

Thy hand conduct me near thy aeat. 
To dwell before thy ,&be. 

3 Were I ui heaven without my Grod, 

Twonld be. no joy to me^ 
And while this ciarm is my abode,' 
I h>ng for none but thee. 

4 What if the springs of life were broke« 

Aod flesh and heart should faint? 
God is my soul's eternal rock. 
The strength of evVy saint. 

5 Behold ! the sinners, that remoTO^- 

Far firom thy presence, die : 
Not all tho idol gods they love» 
Can save them when they cry. 

6 But to draw near to thee, my Grod, 

Shall be my sweet employ j 
My tongue shall sound thy works abroad^ 
And tell the world my joy. 

PSALM 74. First Part. C. M. 
The church pleading under sore perseeuHan. 

1 VJ^ILL God for ever cast us off? 

▼ ^ His wrath Tor ever smoke 
Against the people of his love, 
His little chosen flock ? 

2 Think of the tribes so dearly bought 

With their Redeemer's blood ; 
Nor let thy Zion be forgot. 
Where once thy glory stood. 

3 Lifl up thy feet, and march in haste ; 

Aloud our ruin calls : 
See what a wide and fearful wfiste 
Is made within thy walls. 

4 Where once thy churches pray'd and sang 

Thy foes profane)/ roar; 


Over thy gates their ensigns hang. 
Sad tokens of their powV, 

5 How are the seats of worship broke ! 

They tear the buildings down : 
And he, that deals the heaviest stroke. 
Procures the chief renown. 

6 With flames they threaten to destroy 

Thy children m their nest : 
" Come, let us bum at once,'' they cry, 
" The temple and the priest" 

7 And still to heighten our distress, 

Thy presence is withdrawn ; 
Thy wonted signs of pow'r and gracoi 
Thy powV and grace are gone. 

8 No prophet speaks to calm our woes. 

The best, the wisest, mourn : 
And not a friend nor promise, shows 
The time of thy return. 

PSALM 74. Second Part. C. M. 
A Prayer of the church for deliverance fromgreait^fUeHcm 

1 TTOW long, eternal God, how long, 
-tl. Shall men of pride blaspheme ! 
Shall saints be made their endless song, 

And bear immortal shame ? 

2 Is not the world of nature thine, 

The darkness and the day ? 
Didst thou not bid the morning sliine, 
And mark the sun his way f 

3 Hath not thy pow'r form'd ev'ry coast, 

And set the earth its bounds ; 
With sunmier's heat and winter's frost, 
In their perpetual rounds ? 

4 And shall the sons of earth and dust 

That sacred pow'r blaspheme ? 

Will jHft thy hand tluit fqrm'd theiL fint^ 
Aveiig^ dime jpjor'd name 7 

5 Tbiiik on the eov'nant thou hast made, 

And all tt^ words pf love ; ~ 
Nor let the .birds.of prej invade. 
And Yex thy mourning dove. , , 

6 Our foes would triumph iq pur bipod 

And make oiir hope their jest : . 
Plead th^ own cause, Almighty God, 
And give thy qhiidren rest. 

PSALM 75. L.M. 

Praise fornaHanal deliterance* 

1 TpO thee, most high and holy God, 

-L To thee our thankful hearts we raiser- 
Thy works declare thy name abroad, 
Thy wond^rous works demand our praise. 

2 To slavery doom'd, thy chosen sons 
Behold their foes triumphant rise ; 
And, sore opprest by earthly thrones. 
They sought the sov'reign of the skies. 

3 Twas then, great (Jod, with equal pow'r 
Arose thy vengeance and thy grace. 

To scourge their legions from the shore. 
And save the remnant of tliy race. 

4 Thy hand, that form'd the restless main^ 
And rearM the mountain's awful head, 
Bade raging seas their course restrain. 
And desert wilds receive their dead. 

5 Such wonders never come by chance. 
Nor could the wind such blessings blow : 
Tis God the Judge doth one advance, 
Tis God that lays another low. ' 

6 Let haughty tyrants sink their pride. 
Nor hJi 8o high their scornful head ; 


But lay their impious thoughts aside, 
And own the empire God hath made. 

PSALM 76. C. M. 

7%e Churches 9ecttrity in God. 

1 TN Judah, God of old was known; 
-■- His name in Israel great : 

In Salem stood his holy throne. 
And Zion was his seat. 

2 What are the earth's wide kingdoms clsC| 

Than mighty hills of prey ? 
The hill, on which Jehovah dwells 
More glorious is than they. 

a Twas Zion's king, who stopt the breath 
Of captains, and their hosts : 
The men of might slept fast in death 
And vain were all their boasts. 

4 At thy rebuke, O Jacob's God, 

Both horse and chariot fell ; 
Who knows the terrors of thy rod ! 
Thy vengeance who can tell ! 

5 When God in his own sovereign ways 

Comes down to save th' opprest ; 
The wrath of man shall work his praise 
And he'll restrain the rest. 

6 Vow to the I^ord, and tribute bring. 

Ye princes fear his frown ; 
His terror shakes the proudest king 
And cuts an army down. 

7 The thunder of his sharp rebuke 

Our haughty foes shall feel : 
The God of Jacob ne'er forsook, 
But dwells in Zion still. 

PSAOMTTL First Part, CM. , . 

1 nnO Gpod I cjiod with osiponiful yoictf / 
-*- I aoQffht hi9 ff^^ . 

b the sad nour wbsb troubles rose; , ^ 

Aod filTd my hevt with fear. 

2 Gkxmiy my days, and. dariL my nigfatsr 

My soiifrefujs'd relief : ' 
I thought on God, the just and wise, 
Bat thoughts increasM my gxie£ 

3 SdD I compkun'd, and, stiU opprest^ 

My heart began to teeak ; \ ^ 

My Uod, ibj wrath forbade my lest/ 
And kept my eyes awake. . 

4 My overwhelming sorrows grew, 

Till I could speak no more ; 
Then I within myself withdrew, 
And caUM thy judgments o'er. 

5 I callM back years and ancient times^ 

When I beheld thy face ; 
My spirit searched for secret crimes, 
That might withhold thy grace. 

6 I calPd thy mercies (o my mind. 

Which I enjoy'd before ; 
And will the Lord no more be kind ? 
His face appear no more ? 

7 Will he for ever cast me off? 

And Mrill his promise fail ? 
Hath he forgot nis tender love? 
Shall anger still prevail ? 

8 But we forbid this hopeless thought, 

This dark, despairing frame ; 
Remembering what thy nand hath wrou^t^ 
Thy h&DQ is still the same. 


9 ril think again of all thy ways, 
4nd talk thy wonders o'er, 
Thy wonders of recovering grace, 
When flesh could hope no more. 

10 Grace dwells with justice on the throne ; 
And men, that love thy word, 
Have in thy sanctuary known 
The counsels of the Lord. 

PSALM 77. Second Part. C. M. 
Providence towards ancient Israel improved. 

1 " TTOW awful is thy chast'ning rodi^ 

il (May thy own children say) 
'* The great, the wise, the dreadful God, 
" How holy is his way !" 

2 Pll meditate his works of old. 

The King that reigns above : 
I'll hear his ancient wonders told. 
And learn to trust his love. 

3 Long did the house of Jacob lie 

With Egypt's joke opprest : 
Long he delay'd to hear their cry. 
Nor gave his people rest. 

4 Israel, his people and his sheep. 

Must follow where he calls ; 
He bids them venture thro' the deep 
And makes the waves their walls. 

5 The waters saw thee, mighty God ! 

The waters saw thee come ; 
Backward they fled, and frighted stood, 
To make thine armies room, 

6 Strange was thy journey thro' the sea, 

Thy footsteps, Lord, unknown : 

Terrors attend thy wond'rous way. 

That brings thy mercies down. 




7 He gave them water from the rock ; 
And safe by Moses^ hand, 
Thro' a diy desert led his flock 
Home to the piomisMland. 

PSALM 78. First Pari, CM^ 

Ckildrem ioMtnicUd bg the Ptoindt^ , 

1 T ET childieii hear the m^hty deeds, 
-"Which God perform'4 of old. 
Which in our younger years, we saw, 

And which our fathers told. 

2 He bids us make his glories known ; 

His works of powV and grace : 
And we^ll convey hfs; wonders dQwn 
Thro' evVy rising race. 

3 Our Kns shall tell them to our sons, 

And they agikin to theijrs ; 
That generations yet unborn 
May teach them to their heirs. 

4 Thus sliall they learn in God alone 

Their hope securely stands ; 
That they may ne'er forget 1 is works. 
But practise his commands. 

PSALM 78. Second ParL CM. 
Sins and chasHsemenis of Israel improved. 

OWHAT a stiff, rebellious house 
Was Jacob's ancient race ! 
Fqjse to their own most solemn vows, 
And to their Maker's grace. 

2 They broke the cov'nant of his love, 

And did his laws despise ; 
Forgot the works he wrought, to prove 
His pow'r before their eyes. 

3 They saw tine places on Egypt light. 

From bis aveagmg hand : 


What dreadful tokens of his might 
Spread o^er the stubborn land ! 

4 They saw him cleave the mighty 

And marched in safety through, 
With wat'ry walls to guard their way 
Till they had 'scap'd the foe. 

5 A wond'rous pillar mark'd the road. 

Composed of shade and light ; 
By day it prov'd a shelt'ring cloud, 
A leading fire by night. 

6 He from the rock their thirst supplied ; 

The gushing waters fell ; 
And ran in rivers by their side, 
A constant miracle. 

7 Yet they provok'd the Lord most high, 

And darM distrust his hand : 
" Can he with bread our host supply 
" Amidst this desert land ?" 

8 The Lord with indignation heard. 

And caus'd his wrath to flame : 
His terrors ever stand prepared 
To vindicate his name. 

PSALM 78. Third Part. C. M. 

Abuse of temporal mercies followed by chastiscmenl 

1 "VljrHEN Israel sinn'd, the Lord reprov'd 

^ ^ And fiird their hearts with dread ; 
Yet he forgave the tribes he lov'd. 
And sent them heav'nly bread. 

2 He fed tliem with a libVal hand, 

And made his treasures known ; 
He gave the midnight clouds command 
To pour provision down. 

3 The manna, like a morning shower, 

Lay thick around their feet : 

mAXM LatXEt 18k 

The com of heiLy^ so light, so purey 
As. tho^ 'twOTB anji^s. meat 

i Bat thej in nmnii^ff language saidy. 
^ Manna k all our feast : 
'^ We loathe this light, this airy bread ; 
^ We most have flesh to taste.** : 

5 '^ Ye ^mll haye fl^esh to please your lust,** .. 

llie Ix»rd in wrath replied ^ 
And sent them quails, like .sand or dust. 
Heaped up firoin idde to side. 

6 He gave them all their own desire ; 

And^ greedy as they fed, 
His yengeance burbt with secret fire, 
And smote the rebels dead. 

7 When some were slain, the rest retum'd, 

And sought the Lord with tears ; 
Under the rod they fearM and mourned 
But soon forgot their fears. 

8 Oft he chastised and still forgave : 

Till, by his gracious hand, 
The nation, he resolved to save. 
Possessed the promisM land. 

PSALM 79. L.M. 

The Church fUading under tore ptrsecuUan, 

1 WEHOLD! O God, what cruel foes, 
-" Thy peaceful heritage invade : 
Thy holy temple stands defil'd ; 

In dust thy sacred waHs are laid. 

2 Wide o'er the valleys, drench'd in blood, 
Thy people fallen in death remain : 

The fowls of heav'n their flesh devour; 
And savage beasts divide the slain. 

3 Th* insulting foes with impious rage, 
Re/mmcb tbf^cbikben to their fece: 


" Where is your God of boasted pow'r 
" And where the promise of his grace ?'* 

4 Deep from the prison's horrid gloom, 
O ! hear the mournful captive sigh ; 
And let thy sovereign pow'r repneve 
The trembhng souls condemn'd to die. 

5 Let those who dar'd t' insult thy reign. 
Return dismay'd with endless shame ; 
While heathens, who thy grace despise. 
Shall from thy vengeance learn thy name 

6 So shall thy children, freed from death. 
Eternal songs of honour raise ; 

And cv'ry future age shall tell 

Thy sovereign pow'r and pard'ning graca 

PSALM 80. First Pari. L. M. 

The prayers of the Church under desertion* 

1 pi REAT Shepherd of thine Israel, 

^^ Who did'st between the cherubs dwell, 
And lead the tribes, thy chosen sheep^ 
Safe thro' the desert and the deep. 

2 Thy church is in the desert now. 

Shine from on high, and guide us through : 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore. 
We shall be sav'd and sigh no more. 


3 Great God, whom heav'nly hosts obey. 
How long shall we lament and pray, 
And wait in vain thy kind return ? 
How long shall thy fierce anger bum ? 

4 Instead of wine and cheerful bread, 
Thy saints with their own tears are fed 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore. 

We shaU be sav'd, and sigh no more. 

PSALM 80, Second Part. L. M 
Seeking the rmvdl of ike Churck. 

1 T ORD^ tikmhast- planted with thy hands 
-^ A lovely vine ia heathen lands ; 

Thy powV defended it aroond, 

And neav^nly dews enriched the ground. 

2 How did 'die -sfmuding branches shoptv 
And bless the nations with th6 fndt ! 
But now, dear Lord^ look down and see 
Thy mourning vine, that bvely tiea. r 

3 Why is its- bean^ thus defacM ? 
Why hast thou .laid* her fences waste? 
Strangers and foes against her join^ 
And ev'ry beast devours thy vine, 

4 Return, Almighty God, return ; 

Nor let thy bleeding vineyard mourn : 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore ; 
We shall be sav'd, and sigh no more. 

PSALM 80. Third Pari. L. M. 
Christ J the defender of Ma church. 

1 T ORD, when thy vine in Canaan grow, 
-" Thou wast its strength and glory too; 
Attack^ in vain by all its foes. 

Till the fair branch of promise rose. 

2 Fair Branch, ordainM of old to shoot 
From David's stock, from Jacob's root 
Himself a noble Vine, and we 

The lesser branches of the Tree. 

3 Tis thy own Son ; Und he shall stand 

- Girt with thy strength, at thy right hand ; 
Th' eternal Son, .enthroned and blest, 
To give his suffering people rest. 

4 O ! foi^ his sake htteDd our cry^ 
Shiffe on thy churches, lest they die : 



Turn U9 to tliee, tliy love restore ; 
We shall be sav'tl and sigh no more. 

PSALM 81. S. M. 

Christian fidelity urged 

1 C ING to the Lord aloud, 
1^ And make a joyful noise : 

God is our strength, our Saviour God ; 
Let Israel hear his voice. 

2 ** From vile idolatry 

" Preserve my worship clean ; 
"I am the Lord, who set thee free 
" From slavery and sin. 

3 " Stretch thy desires abroad, 
" And I'll supply them well ; 

" But if ye will refuse your God, 
" If Israel will rebel, 

4 "I'll leave them," saith the Lord, 
" To their own lusts a prey, 

" And let them run the dang'rous road, 
" 'Tis their own chosen way. 

5 " Yet'O, that all my saints 

" Would hearken to my voice ! 
" Soon would I ease their sore complaints, 
" And bid their hearts rejoice. 

6 " While I destroyed their foes, 
" I'd richly feed my flock, 

"And they should taste the stream, that fl 
" From their eternal Rock." 

PSALM 82. L. M. 

God the supreme ruler ; and magistrates warned, 

1 A MONG til' assemblies of the great, 
-^ A greater Ruler takes his seat ; 
The God of heav'n, as Judge, surveys , 
Those gods on earth, and all their ways 


2 Why wis 79 <^ ikame .wickei^ 

Or why qupqiiort th' unrighteous cause ? 
When will ye once defc^^ tlte poori . ; 
That unners vex the^saints no more? 

3 They know nol, Lord^ nor will they know ; 
Dark are th^ waya ID which tb^got . 
Their nai»e of earthly godaia tain ; 

For they phall faU, and dieJikfe ineo* 

4 Arisey O. Lord, and let thy jSon 
Possera his uidVfenal throne ; 
And rule file nations with his rod : 

He is our Judg6»andhc Pur God. . .. i 

PSALM 83. S.M. . 

71c fraftr rfthg churek against perwtcMtan 

1 A ND will the God of grace 
-^ Perpetual silence keep ? 

The God of justice hold his peace, 
And let his vengeance steep? 

2 Behold what cursed snares 
The men of mischief spread ! 

The men, that hate thy saints and thee. 
Lift up their threatening head. 

3 Against tliy hidden ones 
Their counsels they employ ; 

And malice, with her watchful eye. 
Pursues them to destroy, 

4 " Come, let us join," they cry, 

^^ To root them from the ground ; 
^Till not the name of saints remain, 
** Nor mem'ry shall be found/^ . 

5 Awake, almighty God ! 
And call tlw wrath to mind 

Give them like forests to the Sre^ 
Or BiiMJe to the wind. 


6 Convince their madness. Lord, 
And make them seek thy name : 

Or else their stubborn rage confomid. 
That they may die in shame. 

7 Then shall the nations know 
That glorious dreadful word : 

Jehovah is thy name alone, 

And thou the sovereign Lord. 

PSALM 84. First Pari. L. M* 
The pleasure of public worship. 

1 TTOW pleasant, how divinely fair, 
-*-■- O Lord of hosts, thy dwellings are 
With long desire my spirit faints 

To meet th' assemblies of thy saints. 

2 My flesh would rest in thine abode, 
My panting heart cries out for God ; 
My God, my King, why should I be 
So far from all my joys, and thee ? 

3 The sparrow chooses where to rest. 
And for her young provides her nest ; 
But will my God to sparrows grant 
That pleasure which nis children want ? 

4 Blest arc the saints who sit on high. 
Around thy throne of majesty ; 
Thy brightest glories shine above. 
And all their work is praise and love. 

5 Blest are the souls that find a place 
Within the temple of thy grace : 
There they behold thy gentler rays, 

'And seek thy face, and learn thy praise. 

6 Blest are the men whose hearts are set 
To find the way to Zion's gate : 

God is their strength, and thro' the road 
They lean upon their helper, God. 

7 Cheerful they wblk with nowiiig atraiigdiy 
Till all shall ine^t Jn heaTW ^t length { 
Till all befinre thj hce appear^ 
And join in nobler worship there, 

PSALM 84. Second Part. L. M. . 
Ordee and ghrff. 

1 pREA'f God aiteiid, while Zionrin^ 
^^ The joy, that from Ay presence spfrings 
To spend one day, with the6 on' earth, 
Eiceeda a thousand days of mirth. - 

2 Migrht I enjoy the meanest place 

Within thy house, O Gr6d of grac^ ; . 

Not tents of ease, nor thrones of pow^. 
Should tempt my feet to leave thy door. 

3 God is our su9, he makes oui iaj; 
God is our shield, he guards c or way 
From all th^ assaults of hell and sin ; 
From foes without and foes within. 

4 All needful grace God will bestow. 
And crown that grace with glory too : 
He gives us all things, and withholds 
No real good from upright souls. 

5 O (xod, our King, thy sovereign sway, 
The glorious hosts of heav'n obey ; 
And devils at thy presence flee : 
Blest is the man that trusts in thee ! 

PSALM 84. Third Part. P. M. 
Longing for the house of God. 

1 T ORD of the worlds above, 
-" How pleasant and how feir. 
The dweUings of thy love. 
Thine earthly temples are ! 
I To thine abode my neart aspires, 
I With iraim desires to see my God. 


2 The sparrow for her young 
With pleasure seeks a nest, 
And wand'ring swallows long 
To find their wonted rest : 

My spirit faints with equal zeal, 

To rise and dwell among thy saints. 

3 O happy souls that pray 
Where Gk)d appoints to hear I 
O happy men tliat pay 
Their constant service there ! 

They praise thee still ; and happy they 
That love the way to Zion's hill. 

4 They go from strength to strength, 
Thro' this dark vale of tears; 
Till each arrives at length ; 

Till each in heav'n appears. 
O glorious seat, when God our King 
Shall thither bring our willing feet ! 

5 To spend one sacred day, 
Where God and saints abide. 
Affords diviner joy, 

Than thousand days beside: 
Where God resorts, I covet more 
To keep the door, than shine in courts. 

6 God is our sun and shield, 
Our light and our defence; 
With gifts his hands are fill'd; 
We draw our blessings thence : 

He shall bestow on Jacob's race 
Peculiar grace, and glory too. 

7 The Lord his people loves; 
His hand no good withholds 
From those his heart approves; 
From pure and pious 8ouls« 


Tlirico happy he, O God of ho8t8» 
WhoBO spirit trusts alone in thee ! 

PSALKI 85; "First Part. L. M. 

ne 9pirii*9 ii^memn aeknawledgedy iaSd detired Ai 
greaier meamtre. 

1 T ORD, thou hast callM thy grace to mind« 
-" Thou hast reversed pur hiMtvy doom : t 
So God fbrsave when Israel sinn^lf - ' 
And brought his wandVing captives hom^r 

2 Thou hast begun to set us free, 
And made thy fiercest wrath abate : 

Now let our he^^ts be tumM to thee ; !" 

And thy salvation be complete. 

3 Revive our dying graces, Lord, 
And let thy saints in thee rejoice : 
Make known thy truth, fulfil thy word ; 
We wait for praise to tune our voice. 

4 We wait to hear what God will say ; 
He'll speak, and give his people peace : 
But let them run no more astray. 
Lest his returning wrath increase. 

PSALM 85. Second Part. L. Af. ^ 
Salvation by Christ. 

1 a ALVATION is for ever nigh 

^ The souls, that fear and trust the Lord ; 
And grace, descending from on high, 
Fresh hopes of glory shall afibrd. 

2 Mercy and truth on earth are met. 

Since Christ the Lord came down fromheavb: 
By his obedience so complete. 
Justice is pleased, and peace is giv'n. 

3 Now truth and honour shall abound : 
Reliffion dwell on earth a^ain ; 
AitdJiMvWjr inBu^Dce blesB the ground, 

Jb oar Bedeemer^a g&ith reign. i * 


4 His righteousness is gone before, 
To give us free access to God : 
Our wandVing feet shalF stray no more. 
But mark his steps, and keep the road. 

PSALM 86. First Port. C. M. 

Majcsttj and grace of God* 

1 A MONG the princes, earthly gods, 
-^ There's none hath pow'r divine ; 
Nor is their nature, mighty Lord ! 

Nor are their works hke thine. 

2 The nations, thou hast made, shall bring^ 

Their oftVings round thy throne : 
For thou alone dost wond'rous things ; 
For thou art God alone. 

3 Lord, I would w alk w^ith holy feet : 

Teach me thy hcav'nly ways ; 
And my poor scattcr'd thoughts unite 
In God my Father's praise. 

4 Great is thy mercy, and my tongue 

Shall those sweet w onders tell ; 
How by thy grace my sinking soul 
Rose from the deeps of hell. 

PSALM 80. Second Part. L. M. 
Mourning over vnbcUef and pleading for the evidcHee 
an inlercst in Christ. 

1 TESUS, my God, my All in all, 

" Display thy pow'r, unveil thy face ; 
Wilt thou not hear when sinners call ? 
Is not thy reign, a reign of grace ? 

2 A thousand times my tongue hath said, 

" Bought with a price, I'm not niv own ;" 
A thousand times my soul hath fled, 
And sought relief before thy throne. 

3 But now I grope, as in tlie night ; 
I canH believe, and date i\ol txual*. 

Myrath ift kedged^ I see no light; 

My nopes am {xroArate in fh& dust ' '> 

!•[ :: 

4 With fears duaidltikpeiienee, past 
Halh be6» ckkudvjeymibQ and Ya^ } 
I dreadt ket fikUing short at last^> * 

I ii0?ar shsU die pnzepbtaku 

5 Whe^ to thexrossJ.wi^ tajB^t ' ' 
And see the bJood of spriiddidgflow;.- 
To Sinai^s mpunt,.i|ot CalYaiyn . 

^ IfIgM ^I^nt t|i4!^ me ^/ . 

6 StriYing to str;9tch my. withwM areas, 

I &in wcMild gjjiyeinyself awayi :?;- 
But sins and giuilt excite alarmst 
And check a near approach to thee^ 

7 O! if already Pve believM, 

If Christ ana I indeod be one : 

Then prove thyself my Help and Shield, 

Or, let the WOK be aow begun. 

8 Show me a token, Liord, for good. 
And let me know that I am ddne ; 
Dispel my doubts, disperse the cloud. 
And on my soul benignant shine. 

9 Now, let thy Spirit from above, 
Bear witness to my troubled heart ; 
Now ^ed abroad my Father's love, 
And filial confidence impart. 

10 Then shall my foes, who hate me, sec 
That God is faithful to his saints ; 
That he hath heard and helped me. 
And changM to praise my sad complaints. 


PSALM 87. L. M. 

Tke glorp. if the Ckutekj mnd happinewB rfheh^n^ 
to her. 

t^OD ID his earthly templea lays 

*^ FoundatifmB for his heav'nly praise i 


He likes the tents of Jacob well ; 
But still in Zion loves to dwell. 

2 His mercy visits ev'ry house. 

That pays its night and morning vow« ; 
But makes a more delightful stay. 
Where churches meet to praise and pray 

3 What glories were describe of old ! 
What wonders are of Zion toW ! 
Thou city of our God below, 

Thy fame shall Tyrie and Egypt know. 

4 Egypt and Tyre, the Greek and Jew, 
Shall there begin their lives anew ; 
Angels and men shall join to sing 
The Hill, where living waters spring. 

5 When God makes up his last account 
Of natives in his holy mount, 
Twill be an honour to appear. 

As one new bom and nourishM there. 

PSALM 88. First Pari. L. M. 

Life the only accepted time, 

1 X^HILE life prolongs its precious light, 

^ ^ Mercy is found and peace is giv'n ; 
But soon, ah soon ! th' approaching night 
Shall blot out ev'ry hope of heav'n. 

2 While God invites, how bless'd the day ! 
How sweet the gospel's charming sound ! 
" Come, sinners, haste, O haste away, 

" While yet a pard'ning God he's found. 

3 ^^ In that lone land of deep despair, 
"No Sabbath's heav'nly hght shall riscj 
** No God regard your bitter pray'r, 

" Nor Saviour call you to the skies.'' 


PSALM 88. Second Part. S. M 
Sickness sanctified. 

1 a TRETCITD on the bed of grief, 
^ In silence long I lay ; 

For sore disease and wasting pain 
Had worn my strength away, 

2 How mournM my sinking soul 
The Sabbath's hours divme ; 

The day of grace, that precious day, 
ConsumM in sense, and sin ! 

3 The work, the mighty work 
Of life, so long delayed ; 

Repentance, yet to be begun, 
Upon a dying bed ! 

4 Then to the Lord I pray'd, 
And rais'd a bitter cry : 

** Hear me, O God, and save my soul, 
" Lest I for ever die.'' 

5 He heard my humble cry ; 
He sav'd my soul from death : 

To him I'll give my heart and hands. 
And consecrate my breath. 

6 Ye sinners, fear the Lord, 
While yet 'tis call'd to-day ; 

Soon will the awful voice of death 
Command your souls away. 

PSALM 88. Third Part. L. M, 

Resurrection and immortality, 

1 a HALL man, O God of light and life, 
^ For ever moulder in the grave ? 
Can'st thou forget thy glorious work. 
Thy promise, and thy pow'r to save ? 

2 Cease, cease, ye vain desponding fears • 
WhenCAmt, our Lord, from darkness spradj^^ 

148 PSAI^ LXXXVm. 

Death, the last foe, was captive led, 
And heaven with praise and wonder rang. 

3 Him, the first fruits, his chosen sons 
Shall follow from the vanquish^ grave ; 
He mounts his throne, the King of kings. 
His church to quicken, and to save. 

4 Faith sees the bright eternal doors 
Unfold, to make his children way : 
They shall be clothed with endless life. 
And shine in everlasting day. 

5 The trump shall sound ; the dust awake; 
From the cold tomb the slumb^rers luring , 
Thro' heav'n with joy their myriads rise. 
And hail their Saviour and their King. 

PSALM 88. Fofirfh Pari L. M. 

A believer valking' in darkness, 

1 T ORD, in a day of powV divine 

•^ Thy grace prcvaiPd, and made me thine 
To thee, my soul, when young, I gave. 
And trusted in thy pow'r to save. 

2 But where remain my joy and peace. 
Which, then I thought, would never ceast*? 
If I am thine, how can it be. 

That comforts should for ever flee ? 

3 Involved in glooms of darkest night 
And banish 'd from thy blissful sight, 
1 seek thy face on ev Vy side ; 

But still the glooms of night abide. 

4 Up from my youth, dcpriv'd of joy. 
Afflictions all my peace destroy ; 
Thy terrors oft distract my soul. 
And sorrows rise beyond control. 

5 O ! turn thine hand, command relief^ 

I Restore my peace^ assuage my grief; 


And lety of future rest, an heir 
One drop of consolation share. 

PSALM 89. First Part. L. M. 
The covenant made with Christ. 

1 p^OR ever shall my song record 

-■- The truth and mercy of the Lord ; 
Mercy and truth for ever stand. 
Like heaven established by his hand 

2 Thus to his Son he swarc, and said, 

<^ With thee my covenant first was made ; 
^ In thee shall dying sinners live ; 
•* Glory and grace are thine to give. 

3 ** Be thou my Prophet, thou my Priest ; 
" Thy children shall be ever blest ; 

" Thou art my chosen King ; thy throne 
" Shall stand eternal, like my own.'' 

4 Now let the church rejoice, and sing 
Jesus her Saviour, and her King : 
Angels his heav'nly wonders show. 
And saints declare his works below. 


PSALM 89. Second Part. CM. 
The faithfulness of God. 

Y never-ceasing songs shall show 

The mercies of the Lord : 
And make succeeding ages know 
How faithful is his word. 

The sacred truths his lips pronounce, 
Shall firm as heav'n endure ; 

And if he speaks a promise once, 
Th' eternal grace is sure. 

How long the race of David held 
The promised Jewish throne ! 

But there's a nobler cov'nant seal'd 
To David's greater Son. 


4 His seed for eyer shall possess 

A throne above the skies ; 
The meanest subject of his grace, 
ShaU to thy glory rise. 

5 Lord God of hosts, thy wond^rouswaya 

Are sung by saints above ; 
And saints on earth their honours raise 
To thy unchanging love. 

PSALM 89. Third Part. C. M. 
The power and mqjewty cf God. 

1 "VtriTH rev'rence let thy saints appea 

^^ And bow before the Lord ; 
His high commands adoring hear. 
And tremble at his word. 

2 How terrible thy glories be ! 

How bright thine armies shine ! 
Where is the pow'r that vies with thee 1 
Or truth compared with tliine ? 

3 The northern pole and southern rest 

On thy supporting hand ; 
Darkness and day from east to west 
Move round at thy command. 

4 Thy words the raging winds control. 

And rule the boisterous deep : 
Thou mak'st the sleeping billows roll. 
The rolling billows sleep. 

5 Heaven, earth, and air, and sea are thin 

And the dark world of hell ; 
How did thine arm in vengeance shine 
When Egypt durst rebel ! 

6 Justice and judgment are thy throne. 

Yet wond'rous is thy ^race ; 
While truth and mercy, pin'd in one. 
Invite us near thy face. 


PSALM 89. Fourth Part. CM. 
The hUsscdncss of knmoing the Gospel. 

1 OLEST are the souls that hear and know 
•" The gospePs joyful sound ; 

Peace shall attend the path they go, 
And light their steps surround. 

2 Their joy shall bear their spirits up 

Thro' their Redeemer's name ; 
Ilis righteousness exalts their hope, 
Nor Satan dares condemn. 

3 The Lord, our glory and defence. 

Strength and salvation gives ; 
Israel, thy King for ever reigns. 
Thy God for ever lives. 

PSALM 89. Fifth Fart. C. M. 

ChrisCs mediatorial Kingdom. 

1 TTEAR what the Lord in vision said. 
-'"'■ And made his mercy known ; 

" Sinners, behold, your help is laid 
" On my almighty Son." 

2 High shall he reign on David's throne 

My people's better King ; 
My arm shall beat his rivals down. 
And still new subjects bring. 

3 My truth shall guard him in his way, 

With mercy by his side ; 
While in my name thro' earth and sea 
He shall in triumph ride. 

4 My cov'nant stands for ever fast. 

My promises are strong ; 
Firm as the heav'ns his throne shall last, 
His seed endure as Ions. 


PSALM 89. Sixth Part. CM. 
7%e covenant of grace unchangeable^ 

1 VET (saith the Lord) if David's race, 

-■- The children of my Son, 
Should break my laws, abuse my grace^ 
And tempt mine anger down ; 

2 Their sins FU visit with the rod, 

And make their folly smart ; 
But rU not cease to be their God, 
Nor from my truth depart. 

3 My cov'nant I will ne'er revoke. 

But keep my grace in mind ; 
And what eternal love hath spoke, 
Eternal truth shall bind. 

4 Once have I sworn (I need no more) 

And pledg'd my holiness. 
To seal my sacred promise sure 
To David and his race. 

5 The sun shall see his offspring rise. 

And spread from sea to sea, 
Long as he travels round the skies 
To give the nations day. 

6 Sure as the moon that rules the night, 

His kingdom shall endure ; 
^ Till the fix'd laws of shade and light 
Shall be observ'd no more. 

PSALM 89. Seventh Part. L. M. 
Mortality and hope. A funeral jualm. 

1 Tl EMEMBER, Lord, our mortal state , 
-t^ How frail our life, how short the dat 
Where is the man that draws his breath 
Safe from disease, secure from death ? 

2 Lord, while we see whole nations die, 
Our fle^ and sense repine, and cry. 

PSALM XC. 153 

<^ Mvm\, death for ever rage and /eiga ? 
^ Or hast thou made mankind in vain ? 

3 " Where is thy promise to the just ? 
"Are -not thy servants tum'd to dust?" 
But faith forbids these mournful sighs, 
And sees the sleeping dust arise. 

4 That glorious hour, that dreadful day, 
Wipes the reproach of saints away ; 
And clears the honour of thy word : 
Awake, our souls, and bless the Lord. 

PSALM 90. First Part, L. M. 
Man mortal and God eternal. A funeral psalm. 

1 ^HRO' ev'ry age, eternal God ! 

-*- Thou art our rest, our safe abode ; 
High was thy throne, crc lieav'n was made, 
Or earth thy humble footstool laid. 

2 Long had'st thou rcign'd ere time began. 
Or dust was fashion'd into man ; 

And long thy kingdom shall endure. 
When earth and time shall be no more. 

3 But man, weak man, is born to die. 
Made up of guilt and vanity : 

Thy dreadful sentence, Lord, was just, 
" Return, ye sinners, to your dust.'' 

4 A thousand of our years amount 
Scarce to a day in thine account ; 
Like yesterday's departed light 
Or the last watch of ending night. 

5 Death, like an overfloM ing stream. 
Sweeps us away : our life's a dream ; 
An empty tale ; a morning flow'r. 
Cut down and wither'd in an hour. 

6 Our age to seventy years is set ; 

^Jow Bbort the term ! how frail the state \ 

154 PSALM XC. 

And if to eighty we arrive, 

We rather sigh and groan, than live. 

7 But oh ! how oft thy wrath appears, 
And cuts off our expected years ! 
Thy wrath awakes our humble dread : 
We fear the powV that strikes us dead. 

8 Teach us, O Lord, how fcail is man ; 
And kindly lengthen out our span ; 
Till faith, and love, and piety. 

Fit us to die, and dwell with thee. 

PSALM 90. Second Part. CM. 
Man frail, and God our rffiige* 

1 tf^UR God, our help in ages past, 
^ Our hope for years to come. 
Our shelter from die stormy blast. 

And our eternal home ! 

2 Before the hills in order stood. 

Or earth rcceiv'd her frame. 
From everlasting thou art God, 
To endless years the same. 

3 Time, like an ever-rolling stream 

Bears all its sons away ; 
They fly, forgotten, as a dream 
Dies at the opening day. 

4 Our God, our help in ages past, 

Our hope for years to come. 
Be thou our guard while troubles last. 
And our eternal home. 

PSALM 90. Third Part. CM. 

Death the effect of sin — brevity of human life. 

1 X ORD, if thine eves survey our fault 
•^ Ana jusiice grow severe, 
Thy dreadful wrath exceeds oiur though 
And bums beyond our fear. 

PSAI.M XC. 155 

2 Thine anger turns our frame to dust; 

Bj one offence to thee, 
Adam and all his sons have lost 
Their immortality. 

3 Life, like a vain amusement, flies, 

A fable or a song : 
By swift degrees our nature dies, 
Nor can our joys be long. 

4 Tis but a few, whose days amount 

To three score years and ten ; 
And all, beyond that short account. 
Is sorrow, toil, and pain. 

5 Almighty God, reveal thy love. 

And not thy wrath alone : 
let our sweet experience prove 
The mercies of thy throne ! 

PSALM 90. Fotirth Part. C. M. 

Breathing after Heaven. 

1 Tl ETURN, O God of love, return ; 
-*^ Elarth is a tiresome place : 

How long shall we, thy children, mourn 
Our absence from thy face ? 

2 Let heav'n succeed our painful years. 

Let sin and sorrow cease ; 

And, in proportion to our tears. 

So make our joys increase. 

3 Thy wonders to thy servants show. 

Make thy own work complete ; 
Then shall our souls thy glory know. 
And own thy love was great. 

4 Then shall we shine before thy throne. 

In all thy beauty. Lord ; 
And, the poor service, we have done, 
Meet a divine reward. 


PSALM 9L First Part. L. M. 
Safety in public diteaaes and dangers. 

1 XT E) that hath made his refuge God, 
XI Shall find a most secure abode ; 
Shall walk all day beneath his shade. 
And there at night shall rest his head. 

2 Then will I say, " My God, thy pow'r 
" Shall be my fortress and my tow'r : 
" I, that am fonn'd of feeble dust, 

" Make thine almighty arm my trust.'' 

3 Thrice happy man ! thy Maker's care 
Shall keep thee from the fowler's snare, 
Satan, the tempter, who betrays 
Unguarded souls a thousand ways. 

4 Just as a hen protects her brood 
From birds of prey, that seek their blo< 
Under her feathers ; so the Lord 
Makes his own arm his people's guard. 

5 If burning beams of noon conspire 
To dart a pestilential fire, 

God is their life : his wings are spread 
To shield them, with an healthful shade 

6 If vapours with malignant breath 
Rise thick, and scatter midnight death, 
Israel is safe : the poison'd air 
Grows pure, if Israel's God be there. 

7 What tho' a thousand at thy side, 
At thy right hand ten thousand died ; 
Thy God his chosen people saves 
Among the dead, amid the graves. 

8 But if the fire, or plague, or sword, 
Receive commission from the Lord, 
To strike his saints amons^ tlie rest ; 
Their very pains and deaths are blest. 

ShaU Imt fUia their beat dewe : 
Froiii-8inA:ai^ W»ow0 «et them free. 
And bring tfaj cbiklieiit Lqi^ 

1 TTE nQDa of njep, a feebly racei 
-*■ , ExpPB^d to ey'iy snare, 
C^Mne, sake th& libsd. your 4w 
And tty, and trwt ms care. 

2 No ill diall!eot0r where you dwell; .^ - 
Or if the j^ague cjome nigh, 
And syeep tne wicked down to hell, 
^will raise his saints on high* 

8 He^U give his angels charge to keep 
Your feet in aB their ways ; 
To watch your [hUow, while you sleep. 
And guajrd your happy days. 

4 Their hands ^fhall bear you, lest you fall, 

And dash against the stones : 

Are they not servants at his call, 

And sent V attend his sons ? 

5 Adders and lions ye shall tread ; 

The tempter^s wiles defeat : 
For he that broke the serpenf s head 
Puts him beneath your feet. 

6 ^ Because on me they set their love, 

^ ril save them ; Tsaith the Lord) 
^ 1^11 bear their joyful souls above 
^ Destruction, aiid the sword. 

7 ^ My grac^ shall answer when they cfdl; 

"^ In trouble ini be niffh: 
•^ My powV shall help dnem when they ftJl, 
^^And miae tbem when they die. 

156 PSALM Xai. 

8 " Tliose that on earth my name have knowi 
*' ril honour them in heav'n ; 
** There my salvation shall be shown, 
" And endless Hfe be giv'n.*' 

PSALM 92, First Part. L. M. 
A psalm far the Lord*s day. 

1 CWEETisthe work, myGod, my King, 
''^ To praise thy name, give thanks and sing 
To show thy love by morning light. 

And talk of all thy truth at night. 

2 Sweet is the day of sacred rest, 

No mortal care shall seize my breast : 
O ! may my heart in tune be founds 
Like David^s harp of solemn sound. 

3 My heart shall triumph in my Lord, 
And bless his works, and bless his word : 
Thy works of grace, how bright they sliine 
How deep thy counsels ! how divine ! 

4 Fools never raise their thoughts so high ; 
Like brutes they live, like brutes they die : 
Like grass they flourish, till thy breath 
Blasts them in everlasting deaUi. 

5 But I shall share a glorious part. 
When grace hath well refin'd my heart j 
And fresh supplies of joy are shed, 
Like holy oil, to cheer my head. 

6 Sin fmy worst enemy before) 

Shall vex my eyes and ears no more x 
My inward foes shall all be slain j 
Nor Satan break my peace again. 

7 Then shall I see, and hear, and know 
All I desir'd or wish'd below : 

And ev'ry pow'r find sweet employ 
In that eternal world of joy. 

PSALM xcn, xcra. 159 

PSALM 92. Second Pari. L. M. 
Aged miinis. 

1 T ORD, 'tis a pleasant thing to stand 
^ In gardens planted by thy hand : 
Let me within thy courts ^ seen^ 
Like a young cedar fresh and green. 

2 There ^row thy saints in faith and love, 
Blest with thine influence from above ; 
Not Lebanon with all its trees 

Yields such a comely sight as these. 

3 The plants of grace shall ever live ; 
Nature decays, but grace must thrive ; 
Time, that doth all things else impair, 
Still makes them flourish strong and fair 

4 Laden with fruits of age, they show 
The Lord is holy, just and true ; 
None, that attend his gates, shall find 
A God unfaithful or unkind. 

PSALM 93. L. M. 

Eternity and dominion of God. 

1 JEHOVAH reigns : He dwells in light, 
^ Girded with majesty and might : 
The world, created by his hands. 

Still on its first foundation stands. 

2 But ere this spacious world was made. 
Or had its first foundation laid ; 

Thy throne eternal ages stood. 
Thyself the ever-living God. 

3 Like floods the angry nations rise, 
And aim their rage against the skies ; 
Vain floods, that aim their rage so high ! 
At thy rebuke the billows die. 

4 For ever shall thy throne endure ; 
Thy promise stands for ever sure ; 


And everlasting holiness 

Becomes the dwellings of thy grace. 

PSALM 94. First Part. CM. 

Sinners threatened, — Saints chastised* 

1 f\ GOD, to whom revenge belongs, 
^^ Proclaim thy wrath aloud ; 

Let sovereign powV redress our wrongs. 
Let justice smite the proud. 

2 They say, "The Lord nor sees nor hears:** 

When will the fools be wise ? 
Can he be deaf, who form'd their ears ? . 
Or Wind, who made their eyes ? 

3 He knows their impious thoughts ale Tain, 

And they shall feel his pow'r : 
His wrath shall pierce tlieir souls with pain 
In some surprising houn 

4 But if thy saints deserve rebuke, 

Thou hast a gentler rod ; 
Thy providences and thy book 
Shall make them know their God. 

5 Blest is the man, thy hands chastise, 

And to his duty draw : 
Thy chast'nings make thy children wise. 
When they forget thy law, 

6 But God will ne'er cast off his saints. 

Nor his own promise break ; 
He pardons his inheritance 
For their Redeemer's sake. 


PSALM 94,^ Second Part. C. M. 

God our 'svpport and comfort. 

TX/lIO will arise and plead my right 

▼ ^ Against my num'rous foes ; 
While earth and hell their force unite, 
And all my hopes oppose ? 


2 Had not the Lord, my rock, my help, 
SustainM my fainting head. 
My life had now in silence dwelt 
My soul among the dead. 

3 '^ Alas ! my sliding feet !'^ I cried, 

Thy promise was my prop : 
Thy grace stood constant by my side, 
Thy spirit bore me up 

4 While multitudes of mournful tlioughts 

Within my bosom roll ; 
Thy boundless love forgives my faults, 
Thy comforts cheer my soul. 

5 Pow'rs of iniquity may rise, 

And frame pernicious laws ; 
But God, m> refuge, rules the skies ; 
He will defend my cause. 

6 Let maUce vent her rage aloud. 

Let bold blasphemers scoff: 
The Lord our God shall judge the proud, 
And cut the sinners off. 

PSALM 95. First Part. C. M. 

Introductory ptal/n. 

1 Q ING to the Lord Jehovah's name, 
^ And in his strength rejoice : 
When his salvation is our theme, 

Rvaited be our voice. 

2 With thanks approachlhis awful sight. 

And psalms of honour sing : 
The Lord's a God of boundless might. 
The whole creation's King. 

3 Let princes hear, let angels know. 

How mean their natures seem. 
Those gods on high, and gods below, 
When once compared with him. 


4 Earth, with its caverns dark and dcc[i| 

Lies in his spacious hand ; 
He fixM the seas, what bounds to keep, 
And where the hills must stand. 

5 Come, and with humble souls adore, 

Come, kneel before his face ; 
O ! may the creatures of his pow'r 
Be children of his grace ! 

6 Now is the time : he bends his ear, 

And waits for your request : 
Come, lest he rouse his wrath, and swear 
" Ye shall not see my rest.'* 

PSALM 95. Second Part. S. M. 
A call to delaying sintiers, 

1 i^OME, sound his praise abroad, 
^ And hymns of glory sing : 

Jehovah is the sovereign God, 
The universal King. 

2 He form'd the deeps unknown ; 
He gave the seas their bound ; 

The watVy worlds are all his own. 
And all the solid ground. 

3 Come worship at his throne, 
Come bow before the Lord : 

We are his work, and not our own, 
He form'd us by his word. 

4 To-day attend his voice, 
Nor dare provoke his rod ; 

Come, like the people of his choice, 
And own your gracious God. 

5 But if your ears refuse 
The language of his grace ; 

And hearts grow hard like stubborn Jews, 
That unbelieving race : 


6 The Lord in vengeance drest 
Will lift his handand swear; 
^ Ye that despise my promised rest, 
** Shall have no portion there.'* 

PSALM 95. Third Part. L. M. 

A call to delaying sinnerM. 

1 #^OME, let our souls address the Lord, 
^ Who fram'd our natures with his word 
He is our shepherd ; we the sheep, 

His mercy chose, his pastures keep. 

2 Come, let us hear his voice to-day. 
The counsels of his love obey ; 
Nor let our harden^ hearts renew 
The sins and plagues that Israel knew. 

3 Seize the kind promise, while it waits, 
And march to Zion's heav'nly gates ; 
Believe, and take the promised rest : 
Obey, and be for ever blest. 

PSALM 96. First Part. C. M. 
The first and second coming of Christ, 

1 ^ING to the Lord, ye distant lands, 
'^ Ye tribes of ev'ry tongue ; 

His rich display of grace demands 
A new and nobler song. 

2 Say to the nations, Jesus reigns, 

God's own almighty Son : 
His powV the sinkhig world sustains, 
And grace surrounds his throne. 

3 Let heav'n proclahn the joyful day ; 

Joy thro' the earth be seen : 
Let cities shine in bright array. 
And fields in cheerful green. 

4 Let an unusual joy surprise 

The islands of the sea : 


Yc nioiintains sink; yc valleys rise; 
Prepare the Lord his way. 

5 Behold he comes ! he comes to bless 

The nations as their God : 
To show the world liis righteousness, 
And send his truth abroad. 

6 But w^hen his voice shall raise the dead. 

And bid the world draw near ; 
How will the guilty nations dread. 
To see their Judge appear ! 

PSALM 96. Second Pari. P.M. 
Universal aclcnowledgment cf (rod. 

1 nnHE heathen know thy glory, Lord , 

A The wondVing nations read thy word ; 

In these far climes Jehovah's known : 
Our worship shall no more be paid 
To gods which mortal hands have made ; 

Our Maker is our God alone. 

2 He fram'd the globe, he built the sky ; 
He made the shining w^orlds on high ; 

And reigns complete in glory there : 
His beams are majesty and light ; 
His beauties, how divinely bright ! 

His temple, how divinely fair ! 

3 Come, the great day, the glorious hour. 
When earth shall feel his saving pow'r. 

And barbVous nations fear his name : 
Then shall the race of man confess 
The beauty of his holiness. 

And in his courts his grace proclaim. 

PSALM 97. First Part. L. M. 
Chrsit reigning^ and coming to judgment. 
1 lyE reigns ; the Lord, the Saviour reigns f 
-tl. Praise him in evangelic strains : 

PSALM XCVn. 165 

Let the whole earth in songs rejoice, 
And distant islands join their voice. 

2 Deep are his counsels and unknown ; 
But grace and truth support his throne : 
Tho' gloomy clouds his way surround, 
Justice is their eternal ground. 

3 In robes of Judgment, lo, he comes ! 
Shakes the wide earth, and cleaves the tombs! 
Before him bums devouring fire ; 

The mountains melt, the seas retire. 

4 His enemies, with sore dismay, 

Fly from the sight, and shun the day : 
Then lift your heads, ye saints, on high. 
And sing, for your redemption's nigh. 

PSALM 97. Second Pari. L. M. 
Christ adored by angeh. 

1 nPHE Lord is come ; the heav'ns proclaim 

A His birth ; the nations learn his name • 
An unknown star directs the road 
Of eastern sages to their God. 

2 All ye bright armies of the skies. 
Go, worship, where the Saviour lies : 
Angels and kings before him bow. 
Those Gods on high, and Gods below. 

3 Let idols totter to the ground. 

And their own worshippers confound : 

Let Judah shout, let Zion sing, 

And earth confess her sovereign King. 

PSALM 97. T/iird Pari. L. M. 
(rrace and glory. 

I nPH' Almighty reigns, exalted high 
A O'er all the earth, o'er all the sky: 
Tho' clouds and darkness veil his feet, 
His dwelling is the mercy-seat. 


2 O ye, that love his holy name, 
Hate ev'ry work of sin and shame ! 
He guards the souls of all his friends. 
And from the snares of hell defends. 

3 Immortal light, and joys unknown, 
Are for the saints in darkness sown • 
Those glorious seeds shall spring and rise 
And the bright harvest bless our eyes. 

4 Rejoice, ye righteous, and record 
The sacred honours of the Lord : 
None but the soul that feels his grace, 
Can triumph in his holiness. 

PSALM 98. First Part. C. M. 
Praise for the gospel. 

1 nPQ our almighty Maker, God, 

A New honours be siddrest : 
His great salvation shines abroad. 
And makes the nations blest. 

2 He spake the word to Abraham first ; 

His truth fulfils the grace : 
The Gentiles make his name their trust. 
And learn his righteousness. 

3 Let the whole earth his love proclaim, 

With all her diflfVent tongues ; 
And spread the honours of his name 
In melody and songs. 

PSALM 98. Second Part. C. M. 
The Messiah's coming and kingdom. 

1 TOY to the world ; the Lord is come : 
" Let earth receive her King ; 

Let ev'ry heart prepare him room, 
And heav'n and nature sing. 

2 Joy to the earth ; the Saviour reigns : 

Let men their songs employ ; 

PSALM XaX. 167 

Wliile fields and floods, rocks, hiUs and plains. 
Repeat the sounding joy. 

3 No more let sins and sorrows grow, 

Nor thorns infest the ground : 
He comes, to make his blessings flow 
Far as the curse is found. 

4 He rules the world with truth and grace, 

And makes the nations prove 
The glories of his righteousness. 
And wonders of his love* * 

PSALM 99. First Part. S. M. 
The kingdom and majesty of Christ. 

1 nPHE Lord, Jehovah, reigns, 

-■- Let all the nations fear; 

Let sinners tremble at his throne; 

And saints be humbled there. 

2 Jesus the Saviour reigns, 
Let earth adore its Lord: 

Bright cherubs his attendants stand. 
And swift fulfil his word. 

3 In Zion is his throne; 
His honours are divine; 

His church shall make his wonders known 
For there his glories shine. 

4 How holy is his name! 
How terrible his praise ! 

Justice and truth, and judgment join, 
In all his works of grace. 

PSALM 99. Second Part. S. M. 
The mqjesty and grace of God acknowledged. 

I T^XALT the Lord our God, 
J" And worship at his feet; 
His ways are wisdom, powV and truth. 
And merc^ ia his seat. 

168 PSALM C. 

2 When Israel was bis church, 
When Aaron was his priest. 

When Moses cried, when Samuel pray'd, 
lie gave his jjeople rest. 

3 Oft he forgave their sins. 
Nor would destroy their race ; 

And oft he made his vengeance known 
When they abus'd his grace. 

4 Exalt the Lord our God; 
His grace^is still the same: 

Still he's a God of holiness. 
And jealous for his name. 

PSALM 100. First Part. L. M. 
Praise to our Creator, 

1 "13 EFORE Jehovah's awful throne, 
-t* Ye nations bow with sacred joy : 
Know that the Lord is God alone ; 
He can create, and he destroy. 

2 His sovereign pow'r, without our aid. 
Made us of clay, and form'd us men ; 
And when like wandViiig sheep we stray^df| 
He brought us to his fold again. 

3 We are his people, we his care ; 
Our souls and all our mortal frame : 
What lasting honours shall we rear, 
Almighty Maker, to thy name? 

4 We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs; 
High as the heav'n our voices raise : 

And earth with her ten thousand tongues 
Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 

5 Wide as the world is thy conunand. 
Vast as eternity thy love : 

Firm as a rock thy truth must stand , 
When rolling years shall cease to move* 

PSALM C, CI. 169 

PSALM 100. Second Part. P. M. 
Praite to our Prefcrvcr. 

1 QING to the Lord most high; 
'^ Let ev'ry land adore: 
With grateful voice make known 
His goodness and his pow'r. 

Let ch^rful songs declare his ways. 
And let his praise inspire your tongues. 

2 Enter his courts with joy ; 
With fear address the Lord: 
He fonnM us with his hand, 
And quickenM by his word. 

With wide c(Mnmaiid he spreads his sway 
O'er evVy sea, and evVy land. 

3 His hands provide our food, 
And ev'ry blessing give: 
We fised upon his care, 
And in his pastures live. 

With cheerful songs declare his ways. 
And let his praise inspire your tongues. 

4 Grood is the Lord, our God, 
His truth and mercy sure; 
While earth and heaven shall last. 
His promises endure. 

With bounteous hand he spreads his sway 
O'er ev'ry sea, and ev'ry land. 


PSALM 101. First Part. L. M. 
The magistrate*8 paalm. 

MEIRCY and judgment are my song : 
And since they both to thee belong, 
My gracious God, my righteous King, 
To mee my songs and vows I'll bring. 

If I am rais'd to bear the sword, 
ni take my counsels from thy word : 

170 PSALM CI. 

Tliy justice and thy heav'nly grace 
Shall be the pattern of my ways. 

3 Let wisdom all my actions guide, 
And let my God -with me reside : 

No wicked thing shall dwell with me. 
Which may provoke thy jealousy. 

4 V\\ search the land, and raise the just 
To posts of honour, wealth and trust ; 
The men that work thy holy will, 
Shall be my friends and fay Vites stilL 

5 In vain shall sinners hope to rise 
By flattering or malicious lies ; 
And while tiie innocent I guard. 
The bold offender shanH be spar'd. 

6 The impious crew, that factious band. 
Shall hide their heads, or quit the land ; 
And all that break the public rest. 
Where I have pow'r, shall be supprest. 

PSALM lOL Second Part. C. M. 
The magistrate's psalm^ 

1 r\Y justice and of grace I sing, 
^^ And pay my GcS my vows : 
Thy grace and justice, heav'nly King, 

Teach me to rule my house. 

2 Now to my tent, O God, repair. 

And make thy servant wise : 

ril suffer nothing near me there. 

That shall offend thine eyes. 

3 The man, that doth his neighbour wrong. 

By falsehood or by force ; 
The scornful eye, the slanderous tongue, 
I'll thrust them from my doors. 

* 4 111 seek the faithful and the just, 
' And will their help enjoy ; 

PSALM Cn. 171 

These are the friends that I shall trust, 
The servants Pll employ. 

5 The wretch that deals in sly deceit 

rU not endnre a night : 
The Uar's tongue I'll ever hate, 
And banish fix>m my sight. 

6 ril purge my family around, 

And make the wicked flee ; 
So shall my- house be ever found, 
A dwelling fit for thee. 

PSALM 102. Firsi Pari. C M. 
A prajferfar the aJUeted. 

1 1TEAR me, O God, nor hide thy face, 
-"■ But answer, lest I die : 

Hast thou not built a throne of grace 
To hear when sinners cry ? 

2 My days are wasted like the smoke 

Dissolving in the air ; 
My strength is dried, my heart is broke. 
And sinking in despair. 

3 My ^irits flag Uke withering grass 

Burnt with excessive heat : 
In secret groans my nlinutes pass. 
And I forget to eat. 

4 As on some lonely building^s top. 

The sparrow tells her moan; 
Far from the tents of joy and hope 
I sit and grieve alone. 

5 My soul is like a wilderness. 

Where beasts of midnight howl ; 
There the sad raven findslier place. 
And there the screaming owl. 

6 Dark dismal thoughts and boding fears 

DweB in my troubled breast ; 


While sharp reproaches wound m} ears. 
Nor give my spirit rest. 

7 My cup is mingled with my woes. 

And tears are my repast ; 
My daily bread hke ashes grows 
Unpleasant to my taste. 

8 Sense can afford no real joy 

To souls that feel thy frown ; 
Lord, Hwas thy hand advancM iiie higL ; 
Thy hand hath cast me down. * 

9 My looks like withered leaves appear ; 

And life's declining light 
Grows faint, as ev'ning shadows arc. 
That vanish into night. 

10 But thou for ever art tlie same, 
O my eternal God ! 
Ages to come shall know thy name. 
And spread thy works abroad. 

J 1 Thou wilt arise and show thy face; 
Nor will my Loi-d delay 
Beyond the appointed hour of grace. 
That long expected day. 

1 2 lie hears his saints, he knows their cry ; 
And by mysterious ways 
Redeems the prisoners doomed to die, 
And fills their tongues with praise. 

PSALM 102. Second Pari. CM. 
Prayer heard, and the church revived. 

1 T ET Zion and her sons rejoice z 
-*^ Behold the promised hour! 

Her God hath heard her mourning voice 
And comes t' exalt his pow'r. 

2 Her dust and ruins, that remain 

Are precious in our eyes; 

PSALM Cn. 173 

Tliose ruins shall be built again, 
And all that dust shall rise. 

3 The Lord will raise Jerusalem, 

And stand in glory there : 
Nations shall bow before his name, 
And kings attend with fear. 

4 He sits a sovereign on his throne, 

With pity in his eyes ; 
He hears the dying prisoners' groan. 
And sees their sighs arise. 

5 He frees the souls condemn^ to death ; 

And when his saints complain, 
It shanH be said, " That praying breath 
** Was ever spent in vain.** 

6 This shall be known when we are dead, 

And left on long record; 
That ages yet unborn may read. 
And trust, and praise the Lord. 

PSALM 102. Third Part. L. M. 

Perpetuity of the Churchy thoftgk the saintg die. 

1 TT is the Lord our Saviour's hand 

-■- Weakens our strength amid the race 
Disease and death, at his command, 
Arrest us and cut short our days. 

2 Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray, 
Nor let our sun go down at noon: 
Thy years are one eternal day ; 
And must thy children die so soon ? 

3 Yet in the midst of death and grief. 
This thought our sorrow shall assuage ; 
" Our Father and our Saviour live : 

" Christ is the same thro' ev'ry age.'' 

4 Twas he, this earth'jsr foundation laid ; 
Hoav^n IS the building of his hand : 


174 PSALM an. 

This earth grows old, these heavens shall I 
And all be changed at his conmiand. 

5 The starry curtains of the sky. 
Like garments, shall be laid aside ; 

But still thy throne stands firm and higti 
Thy church for ever must abide. 

6 Before thy face thy church shall live, 
And on thy throne thy children reign : 
This dying world shall they survive. 
And the dead saints be raisM again. 

PSALM 103. First Pari. S. M. 
Praise for spiritual and temporal mercies. 

1 fk BLESS the Lord, nvy soul! 
^^ Let all within me jom, 

And aid my tongue to bless his name. 
Whose favours are divine. 

2 O bless the Lord, my soul ! 
Nor let his mercies lie 

Forgotten in unthankfulness, 
And without praises die. 

3 Tis he forgives thy sins '; 
'Tis he relieves thy pain ; 

Tis he tliat heals thy sicknesses. 
And makes thee young again. 

4 He crowns thy life with love. 
When ransoniM from the grave; 

He, that redeemed my soul from hell, 
Hath sovereign pow'r to save. 

5 He fills the poor with good, 
He gives the suiTrers rest; 

The Lord hath judgments for the proud^ 
And justice for th^ opprest. 

6 His wondrous works and ways 
He made by Moses known ; 

PSALM an. 175 

But sent the world his truth and grace, 
By his beloved Son. 

PSALM 103. Second Pari. S. M. 
Praise for spiriUtal and temporal mercies. 

1 TtJfY soul, repeat his praise, 
-'-'-■- Whose mercies are so great ; 

Whose anger is so slow to rise, 
So ready to abate. 

2 God will not always chide : 
And when his strokes are felt. 

His strokes are fewer than our crimes, 
And lighter than our guilt. 

3 High as the heavens are raisM 
Above the ground we tread ; 

So far the riches of his grace 
Our highest thoughts exceed. 

4 His pow'r subdues our sins: 
And his forgiving love, 

Far as the east is from the west. 
Doth all our guilt remove. 

5 The pity of tlic Lord, 

To those that fear his name, 
Is such, as tender parents feel : 
He knows our feeble frame. 

6 He knows we are but dust, 
Scattered with evVy breath ; 

His anger, like a rising wind, 
Can send us swift to death. 

7 Our days are as the grass. 
Or like the morning flow'r: 

If one sharp blast sweep o'er the field 
It witliers in an hour. 

8 But thy compassions. Lord, 
To endless years endure • 

176 PSALM cm, CIV- 

And children's children ever find 
Thy words of promise sure. 

PSALM 103. Third Part. S. M. 
Oenend aong ofprai9e^ — iniroduciorjf. 

1 npHE Lord, the sovereign King, 

-L Hath fix'd his throne on hi^ : 
O'er all the heav'nly world he rules, 
And all beneath the sky. 

2 Ye angels, great in might. 
And swift to do his wiU ; 

Bless ye the Lord, whose voice ye hear. 
Whose {Measure ye fulfil. 

3 Let the bright hosts who wait 
The orders of their King, 

And guard his churches when they pray, 
Join in the praise they sing. 

4 While all his wondrous worka 
Thro' his vast kingdom show 

Their Maker's glory ; uou, my soul^ 
Shalt sing his praises too. 

PSALM 104. First Part. L. M. 
The glory of God in creation and proeidenee, 

1 ']\/rY soul, thy great Creator praise ; 
ItX When cloth'd in his celestial rays, 
He in full majesty appears, 

And, like a robe, his glory wears. 

2 The heav'ns are for his curtains spread, 
Th' unfathom'd deep he makes his bed : 
Clouds are his chanots, when he flies 
On winged storms across the skies. 

3 Angels, whom his own breath inspires. 
His ministers, are flaming fires ; 

And swift, as thought, their armies move 
To bear his vengeance, or his love. 


( The world's foundations by his hana 
Are poisM, and shall for ever stand: 
He binds the ocean in his chain, 
Lest it should drown the earth again. 

5 When earth was cover'd with the flood, 
Which high above the mountains stood, 
He thunder'd ; and the ocean fled, 
ConfinM to its appointed bed. 

6 The swelling billows know their bounds. 
And in their channels walk their rounds ; 
Yet thence convey'd by secret veins, 

They spring from hills, ancf drench the plains. 

7 He bids the crystal fountains flow, 
And cheer the valleys as they go ; 
Tame heifers there their thirst allay. 
And for the stream wild asses bray. 

8 From pleasant trees which shade the brink. 
The lark and linnet light to drink ; 

Their songs the lark and linnet raise, 
And chide our silence in his praise. 

PSALM 104. Second Pari. L. M. 


1 f^ OD, from his cloudy cistern, pours 

^J^ On the parch'd earth enriching show'rs, 
The grove, tlie garden, and the field, 
A thousand joyful blessings yield. 

2 He makes the grassy food arise. 
And gives the cattle large suppHes; 
Witli herbs for man, of various pow'r. 
To nourish nature, or to cure. 

3 What noble fruit the vines produce ! 
The olive yields a shining juice : 

Our hearts are checr'd w ith generous wine , 
With myiard jojr our /aces shine. 


4 O ! bless his name, ye nations, fed 
With nature^s chief supporter, bread : 
While bread your vital strength impartfly 
Serve him with vigour in your hearts. 

PSALM 104. Third Part. L. M. 

1 "DEHOLD! the stately cedar stands, 
•^ Rais'd in the forest by his hands ; 
Birds to the boughs for shelter fly, 
And build their nests secure on high. 

2 To craggy hills ascends the goat ; 
And at Ae airy mountain's foot, 
The feeble creatures make their cell; 
He gives them wisdom where to dwell. 

3 He sets the sun his circling race. 
Appoints the moon to change her face; 
And when thick darkness veils the day. 
Calls out wild beasts to hunt tlieir prey. 

4 Fierce lions lead their young abroad^ 
And roaring, ask their meat from God ; 
But when the morning beams arise. 
The savage beast to covert flies. 

5 Then man to daily labour goes ; 
The night was made for his repose : 
Sleep is thy gift, that sweet relief 
From tiresome toil, and wasting grief. 

6 How strange thy works ! how great thy sb 
All land^ thy boundless riches fill : 

Thy wisdom round the world we see ; 
This spacious earth is full of thee. 

7 Nor less thy glories in the deep. 
Where fish in millions swim and creep, 
With wondrous motions swift or slow, 
StUl wandVing in the paths below. 


8 There ships divide their watery way, 
And flocks of scaly monsters play ; 
There dwells the huge Leviathan, 
And foams and sports in spite of man, 

PSALM 104. Fourth Part. h. M. 

1 TT AST are thy works, Almighty Lord ! 

^ All nature rests upon thy wprd : 
And the whole race of creatures stands. 
Waiting their portion from thy hands. 

2 While each receives his difPrent food, 
His cheerful looks pronounce it good : 
Eagles and bears, and whales and worms 
Rejoice, and praise in difTrent forms. 

3 But when thy face is hid they mourn. 
And dying, to their dust return ; 
Both man and beast their souls resign • 
Life, breath, and spirit, all are thine. 

4 Yet thou canVt breathe on dust again. 
And fill the world with beasts and men : 
A word of thy creating breath 
Repairs the wastes of time and death. 

5 Thy works, the wonders of thy might, 
Are honoured with thine own delight : 
How awful are thy glorious ways ! 
Lord, thou art dreadful in thy praise. 

6 The earth stands trembling at thy stroke, 
And at thy touch the mountains smoke : 
Yet humble souls may see thy face. 

And tell their wants to sovereign grace. 

'^ In thee my hopes and wishes meet, 
And make my meditations sweet : 
Thy praises shall my breath employ, 
Till it expire in endless joy* 

180 PSALM CV. 

8 While haughty sinners die accurst. 
Their glory buried with their dust, 
I, to my God, my heav'nly king, 
Immortal hallelujahs sing. 

PSALM 105. First Part. C. M. 
The Covenant tcith the Patriarchs remembered. 

1 1^ IVE thanks to God, invoke his name, 
^J And tell the world his grace ; 
Sound thro' the earth his deeds of fame. 

That all may seek his face. 

2 His covenant, which he kept in mind 

For num'rous ages past, 

To num'rous ages yet behind, 

In equal force shall last. 

3 lie sware to Abraham and his seed, 

And made the blessing sure : 
Gentiles the ancient promise read. 
And find his truth endure. 

4 *' Thy seed shall make the nations blest," 

Said the Almighty voice ; 
" And Canaan's land, shall be their rest, 
" The type of heav'nly joys." 

5 How large the grant ! how rich the grace ' 

To give them Canaan's land. 
When tliey were strangers in the place, 
A little, feeble band, 

6 Like pilgrims, thro' the countries round 

Securely they remov'd ; 
And haughty kings, that on them frown'd, 
Severely he reprov'd. 

7 "Touch mine anointed, and my arm 

" Shall soon revenge the wrong : 
" The man, that does my prophets hanm 
^* Shall know their God is strong*" 

1«ALM CV. 181 

8 Then let the worldforhear its ragej 
Nor put the Church in fear : 
Israel must live thro* ev^ry age^ 
And be tk* Almighty*s care. 

PSALM 105. Second Part. C. M, 
Ood'9 judgments — Plagues of Egypt. 

1 T17T1EN Pharaoh dar'd to vex the samts 

^^ And thus provok'd their God ; 
Moses was sent to their complaints, 
Arm'd with his dreadful rod. 

2 He caird for darkness ; darkness came, 

Like an o'erwhelming flood ; 
He made each lake, and ev'ry stream, 
A lake, a stream of blood. 

3 He gave the sign, and noisome flies 

Thro' the whole country spread ; 
And frogs, in croaking armies, rise 
About the monarch's bed, 

4 Thro' fields and towns, and palaces, 

The tenfold vengeance flew : 
Locusts in swarms devoured their trees, 
And hail their cattle slew. 

5 Then, by an angel's midnight stroke. 

The flow'r of Egypt died ; 
The strength of ev'ry house was broke. 
Their glory and their pride. 

6 Now lei the world forbear its rage^ 

Nor put the Church in fear : 
Israel must live thro'* ev\y age. 
And be th'^ AlmigJity^s care. 

PSALM 105. Third Part. C. M. 

Israel led to Canaan — God^s gracious Providence to 

his Church. 

1 npH US were the tribes from bondage freed 
J- And left the hated ground : 


Egyptian spoils supplied their need; 
Nor was one feeble found. 

2 The Lord himself chose out their way 

And mark'd their journeys right ; 
Gave them a leading cloud by day, 
A fiery guide by night. 

3 They thirst, and waters from the rock 

In rich abundance flow ; 
And,foll\ving still the course they took. 
Ran all the desert through. 

4 O wondrous stream ! O blessed type 

Of ever-flowing grace ! 
So Christ our rock maintains our life, 
Thro' all the wilderness. 

5 Thus guarded by th' Almighty's hand. 

The chosen tribes possest 
Canaan, the rich, the promised land ;^ 
And there enjoy'd tneir rest. 

6 Then let tlie world forbear its rage^ 

The Church renounce her fear: 
Israel must live thro'* ev\y age^ 
And be th'* Almigldifs care. 

PSALM 106. First Part. L. M. 

General praise,, — introductcry, 

1 ^TV) God the great, the ever blest, 

-'- Let songs of honour bo addrest ; 
His mercy firm for ever stands ; 
Give him the thanks his love demands. 

2 Who knows the wonders of thy ways T 
Who shall fulfil thy boundless praise ? 
Blest are the souls that fear thee still, 
And pay their duty to thy will, 

3 Remember what thy mercy did 
For Jacob's race, thy chosen seed ; 


And with the same salvation bless 
The meanest suppliant of thy grace. 

4 may I see thy tribes rejoice, 
And aid their triumphs with my voice ! 
This is my glory, Ix)rd, to be 
JoinM to thy saints, and near to thee. 

PSALM 106. Second Part. S. M. 
beonManey cfmiinU — Unchangeahle love of God 

1 f^ OD of eternal love, 

^^ How fickle are our ways ! 
Aod yet how oft did Israel prove 
Thy constancy of grace ! 

2 They saw thy wonders wrought. 
And then thy praise they sung ; 

But soon thy works of pow'r forgot, 
And murmur'd with their tongue. 

3 Now they believM liis word. 
While rocks with rivers flow ; 

Now with their lusts provok'd the Lord, 
And he reduced them low. 

4 Yet when they moum'd their faults. 
He hearken'd to their groans ; 

Brought his own cov'nant to his thoughts, 
And caird them still his sons. 

5 Their names were in his book ; 
He sav'd them from their foes : 

Oft he chastis'd, but ne'er forsook 
The people that he chose. 

6 Let Israel bless the Lord, 
Who lov*d their ancient race ; 

And Christians join the solemn word, 
Ameriy to all their praise. 

184 PSALM CVn. 

PSALM 107. First Pari. L. M, 
Israel led to Canaan, and Christians to heaven, 

1 f^ IVE thanks to God ; he reigns abdv 
^J Kind are his thoughts, his name is k 
His mercy ages past have known, 

And ages long to come shall own. 

2 Let the redeemed of the Lord 
The wonders of his grace record ; 
Israel, the nation whom he chose, 
And rescued from their mighty foes. 

3 In their distress to God they cried, 
God was their Saviour and their guide ; 
He led their march far wand'ring round : 
'Twas the right path to Canaan's ground 

4 Thus when our first release we gain 
From sin's old yoke and Satan's chain. 
We have this desert world to p^ss, 

A dang'rous and a tiresome place. 

5 He feeds and clothes us all the way. 
He guides our footsteps lest we stray ; 
He guards us with a pow'rful hand. 
And brings us to the heav'nly land. 

6 O let the saints with joy record 

The truth and goodness of the Lord ! 
1 low great his works ! how kind his waj 
Let ev'ry tongue pronounce his praise. 

PSALM 107. Second Part. L. M. 
Justice and mercy of God in dealing with men* 

FROM age to age exalt his name ; 
God and his grace are still the same 
He fills the hungry souls with food. 
And feeds the poor with ev'ry good. 

But if their hearts rebel and rise 
Against the God, that rules the skies ; 



If they Teject his heavenly woiti, 
And slight the counsels of the Lord ; 

3 He^ll bring their spirits to the ground, 
And no deliverer shall be found: 

Laden with grief they waste their breath 
In darkness, and the shades of death. 

4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries ; 
He makes the dawning Ught arise ; 
And scatters all that dismal shade, 
That hung so heavy round their head. 

5 He cuts the bars of brass in two, 
And lets the smiling prisoners through ; 
Takes off the load ot guilt and grief, ^ 
And gives the laboring soul relief. 

6 may the sons of men record 

The wondrous goodness of the Lord ! 
How great his works, how kind bis ways ! 
Let ev'ry tongue pronounce his praise. 

PSALM 107. Third Part. L. M. 
Intemperance punished and pardoned, 

1 TTAIN man, on foolish pleasures bent, 

^ Prepares for his own punishment : 
What pains, what loathsome maladies 
From luxury and lust arise ! 

2 The drunkard feels his vitals waste. 

Yet drowns his health to please his taste ; 
Till all his active pow'rs are lost, 
And fainting life draws near the dust. 

3 The glutton groans, and loathes to eat ; 
His soul abhors delicious meat : 
Nature with heavy loads oppresl. 
Would yield to death to be released. 

i Behold the fright'ned sinners fly 
To God for help with earnest cry ! 

186 PSALM CVn. 

He hears their groans; prolong their brea 
And saves them from approaching death 

5 No medicines could effect the cure 
So quick, so easy, or so sure : 
The deadly sentence God repeals, 

He sends liis sovereign word and heals. 

6 O may the sons of men record 

The wondrous goodness of the Lord ! 
And let their thankful offVings prove ' 
How they adore their Maker's lave. 

PSALM 107. Fourth Part. C. M. 
The mariner'* 8 psalnu 

1 ^I^HY works of glory, mighty Lord, 

-*- Thy wonders in the deeps, 

The sons of courage shall record, 

Who trade in floating ships. 

2 At thy command the winds arise. 

And swell the tow'ring waves ; 
The men astonish'd mount the skies. 
And sink in gaping graves. 

3 Frighted to hear the tempest roar. 

They pant with fluttering breath ; 
And hopeless of the distant shore, 
Rvpect hnmediate death. 

4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries. 

He hears their loud request; 

And orders silence thro' the skies, 

And lays the floods to rest. 

5 Sailors rejoice to lose their fears. 

And see the storm allay'd: 
Now to their eyes the portappears , 
There let their vows be paid. 

6 ^is Grod that brings them safe to land ; 

Let stupid mortals know^ 


That waves are under his command, 
And all the winds that blpw. 

7 that the sons of men would praise 
The goodness of the Lord! 
And those that see thy wondrous ways, 
Thy wondrous love record. 

PSALM 107. Fifth Pari. L. M. 

Nations blest and punished^ A psalm for America. 

1 TII/^HEN God, provok'd with daring crimes, 

^ ^ Scourges the madness of the times, 
He turns the fields to barren sand, 
And dries the rivers from the land. 

2 His word can raise the springs again. 
And make the withered mountains green ; 
Send show'ry blessings from the skies ; 
And harvests in the desert rise. 

3 Where nothing dwelt but beasts of prey. 
Or men as fierce and wild as they ; 

He bids th' opprest and poor repair, 
And builds them towns and cities there. 

4 They sow the fields, the trees they plant ; 
Whose yearly fruit supplies their want : 
Their race grows up from fruitful stocks ; 
Their wealth increases with their flocks. 

5 Thus they are blest ; but if they sin. 
He lets the heathen nations in : 

A savage crew invades their lands ; 
Their people die by barb'rous hands ; 

6 Their captive sons, expos'd to scorn. 
Wander unpitied and forlorn : 

The country lies unfenc'd, untill'd. 
And desolation spreads the field. 

7 Yet if the humbled nation mourns, 
Aff/ii'n bis dreadful hand he turns ; 

188 PSALM CVm. 

Again he makes their cities thrive, 
And bids the dying churches live. 

8 The righteous with a joyful sense, 
Admire the works of Providence ; 
And tongues of atheists shall no more 
Blaspheme the God, that saints adore. 

9 How few with pious care record 
These wondrous dealings of the Lord ! 
But wise observers still shall find, 
The Lord is holy, just and kind. 

PSALM 108. First Part. L. M. 
God*s care of his Church. 

1 A GAIN, my tongue, thy silence break 
-^ My heart, and all my pow'rs, awaki 
My tongue, the glory of my frame, 
Awake, and sing Jehovah's name. 

2 O'er hcav'n exalted is his throne ; 
In ev'ry world his glory shown : 

The church, he loves, his hand shall save 
From death, and sorrow, and the grave 

3 Ye kingdoms, hear his awful xoice ! 
" In Zion shall my heart rejoice ; - 

" This hand shall all her foes dismay, 
" And make their scattered strength a pn 

4 " Mine are the sons of Zion, mine 

" Their glory, grace, and truth divine ; 
" My sceptre shines in Judah's hands, 
^^ And still my strength in Ephraim stanci 

5 ** My foes to ruin shall be giv'n, 

"The shame of earth, the scorn of heav^ 
" Their eyes shall see my church prevail 
" Their strength shall shrink, theu: cooi 
fail " 

6 thoo, beneath. ii[how aoyVeign sway, 
Na^knmi ao^.T^prldh Vi dust decay, , 
Tbo' th;^ sweet smile has beep witbfk^w^i, . 
Tbiiiti aidld€med,;th^ presence ffmA; •; f 

7 Yet wik 4thou still with bve return i 
With duQF teach Qur hearts to bum: . 

Our. dj^iltt grace?. Lord. xeTivciy , 

And bid ttij j^tiog ch^lftui ^v^ . 

8 Save us from on, and fisar, ttid woe, 
FVom ev'ry snare, and erVy fbe, - 
And help us.Md^ to contend, ., 
Falsehood resist, and truth defends, 

PSALM 108. Second Part. ^CvM. 

General praisej — itUroductorji. 

1 4 WAKE my soul, with fervent praise, 
-^ Awake my heart to sing ; 

Join all my powers the song to raise. 
And morning incense bring. 

2 Among the people of his care, 

And thro' the nations round, 
Glad songs of praise will I prepare. 
And high his name resound. 

3 Be thou exalted, O my God, 

Above the starry train; 
IMfiuse thy lieav'nly grace abroad. 
And teach the world thy reign. 

4 The eliurch is thine ; thou wilt maintain 

Her cause in ev'ry age : 
Built on a rock, her foes in vain 
Against her rights engage. 

5 Then let thy chosen sons rejoice, 

And throng thy codrts above ; 
While sinners heajr thy nard'ning vmce, 
Ajod taste redeemng hvCm 

190 PSALM ax, ex. 

PSALM 109. CM. 

Love to enemicsyfrom the example of CkritL 

1 f^ OD of my mercy and my praise, 
^^ Thy glory is my song ; 

Tho' sinners speak against thy grace 
With a blaspheming tongue. 

2 When in tlie form of mortal man 

Thy Son on earth was found ; 

With cruel slanders false and vain. 

They compassM him around. 

3 Their miseries his compassion move, 

Their peace he still pursu'd ; 
They render hatred for his love, 
And evil for his good. 

4 Their malice rag'd without a cause ; 

Yet with his dying breath, 
He pray'd for murdVers on his cross, 
And blest his foes in death. 

5 Lord, shall thy bright example shine 

In vain before my eyes ? 

Give me a soul akin to thine, 

To love mine enemies. 

6 The Lord shall on my side engage j 

And in my Saviour's name, 
I shall defeat their pride and rage. 
Who slander and condemn. 

PSALM 110. First Part. L. M. 
The success of the gospel. 

1 ^HUS the eternal Father spake 

-*- To Christ the Son ; " Ascend and 
" At my right hand, till I shall make 
** Thy foes submissive at thy feet. 

2 " From Zion shall thy word proceed ; 
^' Thy word, the sceptre in iVvy bscoids 

PSALM CX, 191 

^Siall make the hearts of rebels bleed, 
^Aad bow their wills to thy command. 

3 **That day shall show thy pow'r is great; 
"When saints shall flock with wiUing minds, 
" And sixmers crowd thy temple-gate, 
"Where holiness in beauty shines." 

4 blessed pow'r ! O glorious day ! 
What a large victory shall ensue ! 
And converts, who thy grace obey, 
Exceed the drops of morning dew. 

PSALM 110. Second Part. C. M. 

Chriafs kingdom and priesthood. 

1 TESUS, our Lord, ascend thy throne, 
^ And near thy Father sit : 

hi Zion shall thy pow'r be known, 
And make thy foes submit. 

2 What wonders shall thy gospel do ! 

Thy converts shall surpass 
The num'rous drops of morning dew. 
And own thy sovereign grace. 

3 God hath pronounced a firm decree, 

Nor changes what he swore : 
** Eternal shall thy priesthood be, 
" When Aaron is no more. 

4 " Melchisedec, that wondrous priest, 

" That king of high degree ; 
" ThaJ; holy man, whom Abraham biesf , 
" Was but a type of thee." 

5 Jesus our Priest forever lives, 

To plead for us above; 
Jesus our King forever gives 
The blessings of his love. 

6 Grod shall exalt his ^Jorious head, 

Hjj9 lofty throne maintain ; 


And strike the powVs and princes dead. 
Who dare oppose his reign. 

PSALM 110. Third Part. L. M. 
The success of the Gospel. 

1 TESUS the Priest ascends the throne ; 
•^ While counsels of eternal peace 
Between the Father and the Son, 
Proceed with honour and success. 

2 Thro' the whole earth his reign shall spret 
And cnish the powVs that dare rebel : 
Then shall he judge the rising dead, 

And send the guilty world to hell. 

S Tho' while he treads his glorious way^ 
He drinks the cup of tears and blood; 
The sufl\ing3 of that dreadful day 
Shall but advance him near to God. 

PSALM 111. First Part. CM. 
Perfections of God in nature. 

1 CONGS of immortal praise belong 
'^ To my almighty God : 

He hath my heart, and he my tongue, 
To spread his name abroad. 

2 I low great the works, his hand hath wrougl 

How glorious in our sight ! . 
And men in ev'ry age have sought 
His wonders with delight. 

3 How most exact is nature's frame ! 

How wise th' Eternal mind ! 
His counsels never change the scheme, 
That his first thoughts designed. 

4 When he redeem'd his chosen sons. 

He fix'd his cov'nant sure: 
The orders, that his lips pronounce, ' 
To endless years endure. 


5 Nature and time, and eaitli and skies, 

Thy heav'nly skill proclaim : 
What shall we do to make us wise, 
But learn to read thy name? 

6 To fear thy pow'r, to trust thy grace, 

Is our divinest skill; 
And he's the wisest of our race, 
Who best obeys thy will. 

PSALM 111. Second Part. C. M. 
Perfeeiums of God in grace. 

1 pi REAT 18 the Lord, his works of might 
^ Demand our noblest songs : 

Let his assembled saints unite 
Their harmcmy of tongues. 

2 Great is the mercy of the Lord, 

He gives his children food ; 
And ever mindful of his word, 
He makes his promise good. 

3 His Son, the great Redeemer, came 

To seal his covenant sure : 
Holy and rev'rend is his name ; 
His ways arc just and pure. 

4 Thev that would grow divinely wise. 

Must with his fear begin ; 
Our fairest proof of knowledge lies 
In hating ev'ry sin. 

PSALM 112. CM. 

Liberality rewarded. 

1 ITAPPY is he tliat fears the Lord, 
-■J- And follows his commands ; 
Who lends the poor, without reward. 

Or gives with lib'ral hands. 

2 As pity dwells within Iiis breast 

To all the bods of need; 

194 PSALM CXm. 

So God shall answer his request 
With blessings on his seed. 

3 No evil tidings shall surprise 

His well established mind : 
His soul to God, his refuge, flies. 
And leaves his fears behind. 

4 In times of general distress 

Some beams of light shall shine, 
To show the world his righteousnesSy 
And give him peace divine. 

5 His works of piety and love 

Remain before the Lord: 
Honour on earth, and joys above. 
Shall be his sure reward. 

PSALM 113. L.M. 

The sovereignty and goodneu of God. 

1 XTE servants of th' Almighty King, 

A In e\^ry age his praises sing : 
Where'er the sun shall rise or set, 
The nations shall his praise repeat. 

2 Above the earth, beyond the sky. 
Stands his high throne of majesty : * 
Nor tune, nor place, his pow'r restrain 
Nor bound his universal reign. 

3 Which of the sons of Adam dare, 
Or angels with tlieir God compare ? 
His glories how divinely bright, 
Who dwells in uncreated light ! 

4 Behold his love ! he stoops to view 
What saints above, and angels do ; 
And condescends yet more to know 
The mean affairs of men below. 

5 From dust and cottages obscure. 
His grace exalts the humble ^oot*. 


Gifcs them the honour of his song, 
And fits them for their heavenly thronei. 

» A word of his creating voice 
Can make the barren house rejoice ; 
Tho' Sarah's ninety years were past. 
The promised seed is born at last. 

Witii joy the mother views her son, 
And tells tlie wonders God has done : 
Faith may grow strong, when sense despairs; 
Tho' nature fails, the promise bcarB. 

PSALM 114. L. M. 

Miracut4)u8 power attending ItraePt Journey* 

WHEN Israel freed from Pharaoh's hand, 
Lieft the proud tyrant and his land ) 
rhe tribes with cheerful homage own 
rheir King, and Judah was his throne. 

icross the deep their journey lay ; 
The deep divides to make them way ; 
Fordan beheld their march, and fled 
^ith backward current to his head. 

rhe mountains shook, like frighted shoep ; 
jike lambs, the little hillocks leap ; 
^or Sinai, on her base, could stand, 
!>)nscious of sov'reign pow'r at hand. 

iVhat pow'r could make the deep divide ? 
!>r Jordan, backward roll his tide ? 
WTiy did ye leap, ye little hills ? 
ind whence the fright that Sinai feels ? 

Let ev'ry mountain, ev'ry flood, 
Retire and know th' approaching Grod ; 
The king of Israel, see him here ; 
Tremble thou earth, adore and fear. 

He thunders, and all nature mourns ; 
rhe ifocks to standing pooh he turna ; 


Flints spring with fountains at his wont. 
And fires ami seas confess the Lord. 

PSALM 115. L. M. 

The true God^ — IdoUUry reproved. 

1 l^OT to ourselves^ who are but dust, 
-L^ Not to ourselves is glory due ; 
Tis thine, great God, the only just, 
The only gracious, wise, and true. 

2 Shine forth in all thy dreadful name ; 
Why should a heathen's haughty tongue 
Insult us ; and, to raise our sfmme, [lODg 
Say, "Where's tlie God you've serv'd i 

3 The God, we serve, maintains his throne 
Above the clouds, beyond the skies : 
Thro' all the earth his will is done, 

He knows our groans, lie hears our cries* 

4 But the vain idols, they adore. 

Arc senseless shapes of stone and wood ; 
At best a mass ot glitt'ring ore, 
A silver saint, or golden god. 

5 With eyes and cars they carve the head ; 
Deaf are their ears, their eyes are blind ; 
To them in vain arc ofl^'rings made. 
And vows are scattcr'd in tne wind. 

6 Their feet were newr made to move. 
Nor hands to save when mortals pray : 
Mortals, that piiy them fear or love. 
Seem to be blind and deaf, as they. 

7 O Israel ! make tlic I^ord thy ho[}e. 
Thy help, thy refuge and thy rest ; 
The Lord shall build thy ruins up. 
And bless the people and the priest. 

8 The dead no more can speak thy praise 
They dwell in silence and the grave ; 


But we shall live to sing thy grace. 
And tell the world thy pow'r to save. 

PSALM 116. First Pari. CM. 
Reetneryjram sickneu. 

1 T LOVE the Lord; he heard my cries 
-■- And pitied ev'ry groan : 

Long as I live, when troubles rise 
rfi hasten to his throne. 

2 I love the Lord ; he bow'd his ear, 

And chased my griefs away : 

0! let my heart no more despair, 

While I have fyrcath to pray. 

3 My flesh declined, my spirits fell, 

And I drew near the dead ; 
While inward pangs, and fears of hell, 
Perplex'd my wakeful head. 

4 " My God," I cried, ** thy servant save, 

'*Thou ever good and just; 
" Thy pow'r can rescue from the grave, 
" Thy pow'r is all my trust.*^ 

5 The Lord beheld me sore distrest, 

He bade my pains remove : 
Return, my soul, to God, thy rest. 
For thou hast known his love. 

5 My God hath sav'd my soul from death, 
And dried my falling tears : 
Now to his praise I'll spend my breath. 
And my remaining years. 

PSALM 116. Second Tart. CM. 
Recovery from danger, — Personal consecration. 

I "Y^^HAT shall I render to my God, 
^ ^ For all his kindness shown ? 
My feet shall visit thine abode, 
My soi^^ address thy throne. 


2 Among the eaints that fill thine house 

My ofTrings shall be paid ; 
There shall my zeal perfonn the vows, * 
My soul in anguish made. 

3 How much is mercy thy delight. 

Thou ever Messed Grod! 
How dear thy servants in thy sight ! 
How precious is their blood ! 

4 How happy all thy servants are ? 

How great thy grace to me ! 
My life, which thou hast made thy care^ 
Lord, I devote to thee. 

5 Now I am thine, for ever thine. 

Nor shall my purpose move ; 
Thy hand hath loosM my bonds of pain. 
And bound me with thy love. 

6 Here in thy courts I leave my vow, 

And thy rich grace record ; 
Witness, ye saints who hear me now. 
If I forsake the Lord. 

PSALM 117. L.M. 

General praisCy — {clo€e of warship.) 

1 T^ROM all that dwell below the skies 
-*- Let the Creator's praise arise: 
Let the Redeemer's name be sung 
Thro* ev'ry land, by ev'ry tongue. 

2 Eternal are thy mercies. Lord ; 
Eternal trutli attends thy word ; . 

Thy praise shall sound from shore to sha 
Till suns shall rise and set no more. 

PSALM 118. First PatL C. M. 
Security of the ULWis^ 

I nnHE Lord appears my helper now, 
-^ Nor is my faith afraid ; 

PSALM cxvnL m 

Whatever the sons of earth may do. 
Since heav'n affords its aid. 

2 Tis safer, Lord, to hope in thee, 

And have my God my friend. 
Than trust in men of high degree, 
And on their truth depend. 

3 Tis thro' the Lord my heart is strong, 

In him my lips rejoice; 
While his salvation is my song. 
How cheerful is my voice ! 

4 Like angry bees, they girt me round ; 

When God appears, they fly : 
So burning thorns, with crackling sound. 
Make a fierce blaze, and die. 

5 Joy to the saints, and peace belongs ; 

The Lord protects tneir days : 
Let Israel tune immortal songs 
To his almighty grace. 

PSALM 118. Second Part. C. M. 
Recovery from sickness publicly acknowledged. 

1 T ORD, thou hast heard thy servant cry, 
•*-^ And rescu'd from the grave ; 

Now shall he live : for none can die. 
If God resolve to save. 

2 Thy praise more constant than before, 

Shall fill his daily breath ; 
Thy hand that hath chastis'd him sore. 
Defends him still from death. 

3 Open the gJites of Zion now. 

For we shall worship there ; 
The house where all the righteous go, 
Thy mercy to declare. 

4 Among th' assemblies of thy saints 

Our thankful voice we raise ; 

800 PSALM CXVm. 

There we have told thee our complaints, 
And there we speak thy praise. 

PSALM 118. Third Part. C. M. 
Chritt thefoundaiian of his church. 

1 TIEHOLD the sure foundation Stone 
-*-* Which God in Zion lays. 

To build our heav'niy hopes upon^ 
And his eternal praise. 

2 Chosen of God, to sinners dear, 

How glorious is thy name ! 
Saints trust their whole salvation heret 
Nor shall they suffer shame. 

3 The foolish builders, scribe and priestf 

Reject it with disdain : 
Yet on this rock the church shall rest. 
And envy rage in vain. 

4 What tho' the gates of hell withstood ; 

Yet must this building rise : 
TTis thy own work, Almighty God, 
And wondrous in our eyes. 

PSALM 118. Fourth Pari. CM, 
The Lord*8 day — The resurrection of ChrisL 

1 nPHIS is the day, the Lord hath made* 

-■- He calls the hours his own ; 
Let heav'n rejoice, let earth be glad, 
And praise surround the throne. 

2 To-day he rose, and left the dead ; 

And Satan's empire fell: 
To-day the saints his triumph spread. 
And all his wonders tell. 

3 Hosanna to th^ anointed King, 

To David's holy Son : 
Help us, O Lord, descend and bring 
i^ivation from thy throne. 


4 Blest bothe Lord who comes to men 

With messages of grace ; 
Who comes in God, his Father's name, 
To save our dinful race. 

5 Hosanna in the highest strains 

The chim^h on earth can raise! 
The highest heav'ns in \%hich he reigns. 
Shall give him nobler praise. 

PSALM 118. Fifth Part. S. M. 
Christ the Living Stoned—for the LorcTs day. 

1 ^EE what a living Stone 
•^ The builders did refuse ! 

Yet God hath built his church thereon, 
In spite of envious Jews. 

2 The scribe and angry priest 
Reject thine only Son ; 

Yet on this rock shall Zion rest, 
As the chief Corner Stone. 

3 The work, O Lord, is thine. 
And wondrous in our eyes : 

This day declares it all divine, 
This day did Jesus rise. 

4 This is the glorious day. 
That our Redeemer made: 

Let us rejoice, and sing and pray ; 
Let all the church be glad. 

5 Hosanna to the King 
Of David's royal blood ; 

Bless him, ye saints ; ho comes to bring 
Salvation from your God, 

6 We bless thy holy word. 
Which all this grace displays; 

And offer on thine siltar. Lord, 
Our sacrifice of praise. 


PSALM 119. First Pari. C. M^. 
Tke bUtsednesg ofmiinU^ and mxBory cftumer&B 

1 T» LEST are the undefird in heart, 
-*-* Whose ways are right and clean; 
Who never from tliy law depart, 

Bat fly from ev'ry sin. 

2 Blest are the men that keep thy wcnrd. 

And practise thy commands ; 
With their whole heart they seek the Loi 
And serve him with their hands. 

3 Great is their peace who love thy law, 

How firm their souls abide ! 
Nor can a bold temptation draw 
Their steady feet aside. 

, 4 Then shall my heart have inward joy, 
And keep my face from shame ; 
When all thy statutes I obey, 
And honour all thy name. 

5 But haughty sinners God will hate ; 

The proud shall die accurst : 
The sons of falsehood and deceit 
Are trodden to the dust. 

6 Vile as the dross the wicked are ; 

And those that leave thy ways 
Shall see salvation from afar, 
But never taste thy grace. 

PSALM 119. Second Part. CM. 
Habitual devoUony and spiritualrmindednesM. 

1 ^W\) thee, before the dawning light, 

-■- My gracious God, I pray ; 
I meditate thy name by night. 
And keep thy law by day. 

2 My spirit faints to see thy grace, 

Tbj promise bears me up; 


And, while salvation long delays, . 
Thy word supports my hope. 

3 SeTen times a-day I lifl my hands, 

And pay my thanks to thee : 
Thy righteous providence demands 
Repeated praise from me. 

4 When midnight darkness veils the skies, 

I call thy works to mind ; 
My thoughts in warm devotion rise. 
And sweet acceptance find. 

PSALM 119. Third Part. CM. 

1 nnHOU art my portion, O my Grod : 
A Soon as I know thy way, 

My heart makes haste t' obey thy word, 
And suffers no delay. 

2 I choose the path of heav'nly truth, 

And glory in my choice : 
Not all the riches of the earth 
Could make me so rejoice. 

3 The testimonies of tliy grace, 

1 set before mine eyes ; 
Thence 1 derive my daily strength. 
And there my comfort lies. 

1 If once I wander from thy path, 
I think upon my ways ; 
Then turn my feet to thy commands 
And trust thy pard'ning grace. 

5 Now I am thine, for ever thine, 

O save thy servant. Lord ! 
Thou art my shield, my hiding-place. 
My hope is in thy word. 

6 Thou hast inclinM this heart of mine, 

Thy f^i&tutea to Mil: 


And thus, til] mortal life shall end, 
Would 1 perform thy will. 

PSALM 119. Fourth Part. C. M. 
Excellence of the scripture. 

1 TTOW shall the young secure their hea 
-H And guard their lives from sin ? 
Thy word the choicest rules imparts 

To keep the conscience clean. 

2 When once it penetrates the mind. 

It spreads such light abroad ; 
The meanest souls instruction find^ 
And raise their thoughts to God. 

3 'Tis, Hke the sun, a heav'nly light 

That guides us all the day : 
And thro' the dangers of the night, 
A lamp to lead our way. 

4 The men that keep thy law with care, 

And meditate thy word, 
Grow wiser than their teachers arc, 
And better know the Lord. 

5 Thy precepts make me truly wise ; 

I hate the sinner's road : 
I hate my own vain thoughts, that rise i 
But love tliy law, my GoA. 

6 The starry heav'ns thy rule obey ; 

The earth maintains heir place : 
And these thy servants night and day 
Thy skill and pow'r express. 

7 But still thy law and gospel, Lord, 

Give lessons more divine ; 
Nor earth stands firmer than tliy word 
Nor stars so nobly shine. 

8 Thy word is everlasting truth : 

How pure is ev*ry page ! 


That holy book shall guide our youtli, 
And well support our age. 

PSALM 119. Fifth Part. CM. 
Delight in scripture, 

1 f\ HOW I love thy holy law ! 
" Tis daily my delight : 

And thence my meditations draw 
Divine advice by night. 

2 My waking eyes prevent the day. 

To meditate thy word : 
My soul with longing melts away, 
To hear thy gospel, Lord. 

i How doth thy word my heart engage ! 
. How well employ my tongue ! 
And in my tiresome pilgrimage, 
Yield me a heav'nly song ! 

4 Am I a stranger, or at home, 

TTis my perpetual feast ; 
Not honey, dropping from the comb, 
So much allures the taste. 

5 No treasures so enrich the mind ; 

Nor shall thy word be sold 

For loads of silver well rcfin'd ; 

Nor heaps of choicest gold. 

6 When nature sinks, and spirits droop, 

Thy promises of grace 
Are pillars to support my hope ; 
And there 1 write thy praise. 

PSALM 119. Sixth Part. C. M. 
Holiness and comfort through the Word, 
1 T ORD, I esteem thy judgments right, 
-^ And all thy statutes just ; 
Thence I maintain a constant fight 
With cv*ry ffaiVring lust. 


2 Thy precepts often I survey ; 

1 keep ttiy laws in sight. 
Thro' all the business of the day 
To form my actions right. 

3 My heart in midnight silence cries, 

" How sweet thy comforts be !" 

My thoughts in holy wonder rise, 

And bring their thanks to thee. 

4 And when my spirit drinks her fill, 

At some good word of thine ; 
Not mighty men, that share the spoh. 
Have joys compar'd to mine. 

PSALM 119. Seventh Part. C. M, 
Imperfection of nature, and petfeetian ofseripiyrt* 

1 T ET all the heathen writers join, 
■^ To form one perfect book ; 

Great God ! if once comparM with thine^ 
How mean their writings look ! 

2 Not the most perfect rules they gave, 

Could show one sin forgiv'n ; 
Nor lead a step beyond the grave ; 
But thine conduct to heav'n. 

3 I've seen an end of what we call 

Perfection here below : 
How short the pow'rs of nature &1I ! 
And can no further go. 

4 Yet men would fain be just with God, 

By works their hands have wrought • 
But thy commands, exceeding broad, 
Elxtend to ev'ry thought. 

5 In vain we boast perfection here. 

While sin defiles our frame ; 
And sinks our virtues down so far. 
They scarce deserve the name 


6 Our faith and love, and ev Vy grace^ 
Fall far below thy word ; 
But perfect trutlkaad righteousness 
Dwell only with the Lord. 

PSALM 119. EigJah Part. CM. 

T%e excellency and variety of icriphtre. 

1 T ORD, I have made thy word my choicOt 
■■^ My lasting heritage ; 

There shall my noblest powVs rejoicOi 
My wannest thoughts engage. 

2 m read the histories of thy love, 

And keep tliy laws in sight ; 
While thro' thy promises I rove, 
With ever fresh delight. 

3 Tis a broad land of wealth unknown. 

Where springs of life arise ; 
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown. 
And hidden glory lies. 

4 The best relief that mourners have ; 

It makes our sorrows blest ; 
Our fairest hope beyond the grave. 
And our eternal rest. 

PSALM 119. Ninth Part. C. M. 
SecTcing Divine instntction. 

1 nnHY mercies fill the earth, O Lord, 

A How good thy works appear ! 
Open mine eyes to read thy word, 
And see thy wonders there. 

2 My heart was fashion'd by thy hand, 

My service is thy due : 
O make thy servant understand 
The duties he must do ! 

3 Since I'm a stranger here below, 

Let not thy paw be hid; 


But mark the road my feet should gO| ' 
And be my constant guide. 

4 When I confessed my wand'ring ways, 

Thou heard'st my soul complain ; 
Grant me the teachings of tliy grace. 
Or I stiall stray again. 

5 If God to me his statutes show, 

And heavenly truth impart ; 
His work for ever I'll pursue, 
His law shall rule my heart. 

6 This was my comfort whea I bore 

Variety of grief; 
It made me learn thy word the more. 
And fly to that relief. 

7 In vain the proud deride me now ; 

ril ne'er forget thy law. 
Nor let that blessed gospel go. 
Whence all my hopes I draw. 

8 When I have Icarn'd my Father's will, 

I'll teach the world his ways ; 
My thankful lips, inspir'd with zeal. 
Shall loud pronounce his praise. 

PSALM 119; Tenth Pari. C. M. 
Pleading the promises. 

BEHOLD thy waiting servant, Lord^ 
Devoted to thy fear ; 
Remember and confirm thy word : 
For all my hopes are there. 

Hast thou not sent salvation down. 
And promis'd quick'ning grace ? 

Doth not my heart address thy throne ^ 
And yet thy love delays. 

Mine eyes for thy salvation fail ; 
O bear thy servant up ! 



Nor let the scoffing lips prevail, 
Which dare reproach my hope. 

4 Did'st thou not raise my faith, O Lord ! 
Then let thy tnijth appear : 
Saints shall rejoice in my reward, 
And trust as well as lear. 

PSALM 119. Eleventh Pari. C. M. 
Breathing after kolineMB. 

1 f\ THAT the Lord would guide my ways 
^ To keep his statutes still ! 

that my God would grant me grace 
To know and do his will ! 

2 send thy spirit down, to write 

Thy law upon my heart ! 
Nor let my tongue indulge deceit. 
Nor act the liar's part. 

6 From vanity turn off my eyes ; 
Let no corrupt design, 
Nor covetous desires arise. 
Within this soul of mine. 

4 Order my footsteps by thy word, 
And make my heart sincere : 
Let sin have no dominion, Lord ; 
But keep my conscience clear, 

b My soul hath gone too far astray. 
My feet too often slip ; 
Yet since Tve not forgot thy way. 
Restore thy wand'ring sheep. 

6 Make me to walk in thy commands, 
Tis a delightful road; 
Nor let my head, nor heart, nor hands. 
Offend against my (rod. 


PSALM 119. Twelfth Part. CM. 
Seeking comfort and deliverance* 

1 TLfY God, consider my distress, 
-^▼A Let mercy plead my cause : 
Tho' I have sinnM against thy grace, 

I can't forget thy laws. 

2 Forbid, forbid the sharp reproach, 

Which I so justly fear : 
Uphold my hfe, uphold my hopes, 
. Nor let my shame appear. 

3 Be thou a surety, Lord, for me, 

Nor let the proud oppress ; 
But make thy waiting servant see 
The shinings of thy face. 

4 Mine eyes with expectation fail : 

My heart within me cries, 
" When will the Lord his truth fiilfil, 
" And make my comforts rise ?'' 

5 Look down upon my sorrows, Lord, 

And show thy grace the same i 
As thou art ever wont t' afford 
To those, that love thy name. 

PSALM 119. Tfiirteenih Pari. CM. 
Holy fear and tenderness of conscience. 

1 X1[/^ITH my whole heart IVe sought tljy 

^ ^ Then let me never stray [face ; 

From thy commands, O God of grace ; 
Nor tread the sinner's way. 

2 Thy word I've hid within my heart 

To keep my conscience clean, 
And be an everlasting guard 
From ev'ry rising sin. 

3 I'm a companion of the saints, 

Who fear and love the Lord ; 


My sorrows rise, my nature faints. 
When men transgress thy word. 

4 While sinners do thy gospel wrong, 

My spirit stands in awe : 
My soul abhors a lying tongue ; 
But loves thy righteous law. 

5 My heart with sacred rev'rence hears 

The threat^nings of thy word ; 
My flesh with holy trembling fears 
The judgments of the Lord, 

6 My Crod, I long, I hope, I wait 

For thy salvation still ; 
While .thy whole law is my delight. 
And I obey thy will. 

PSALM 119. Fourteenth Part. C. M. 

Benefit of afflictions. • 

1 I^ONSIDER all my sorrows, Lord, 
^ And thy deliv'rance send : 

My soul for thy salvation faints ; 
When will my troubles end ? 

2 Yet I have found it good for me 

To bear my Father's rod ; 
Afilictions make me learn thy law, 
And live upon my God. 

3 This is the comfort I enjoy, 

When new distress begins ; 
I read thy word, I run thy ways. 
And hate my former sins. 

4 Had not thy word been my delight. 

When earthly joys had fled, 
My soul, opprcst with sorrow's weight. 
Had sunk among the dead. 

5 I know thy judgments. Lord, are right, 

Tho' t}wy may seem severe : 


The sharpest sufTrings, I enduro. 
Flow from thy faithful care. 

6 Before I knew tliy chastening rod. 
My feet were apt to stray ; 
But now I learn to keep thy word. 
Nor wander from thy way. 

PSALM 119. Fifteenth Part. CM 
C^iriMian perweteramoe* 

i £\ THAT thy statutes evVy hour 
^^ Might dwell upon my romd ! 
Thence I derive a quickening pow*r, 
And daily peace I find 

2 To meditate thy precepts, Lord, 

Shall be my sweet employ ; 
My soul shall ne'er forget thy word ; 
Thy word is all my joy. 

3 How would I run in^thy commandsi 

Should'st thou my heart discharge 
From sin, and Satan's hateful chains. 
And set my feet at large ! 

4 My lips with courage shall declare 

Thy statutes and thy name ; 
I'll speak thy word, tho' kings should bear 
Nor yield to sinful shame. 

5 Let bands of persecutors rise. 

To rob me of my right ; 
Let pride and malice forge their lies, 
Thy law is my delight. 

6 Depart from me, ye wicked race, 

Whose hands and hearts are ill : 
I love my God, I love his ways, 
And nmst obey his will. 


PSALM 119. Sixteenth Part. C. M 
Prafferfar quickening grace, 

1 \/f Y soul lies cleaving to the dust ; 
^^ Lord, give me life divine : 
From vain desires and ev'ry lust. 

Turn off these eyes of mine. 

2 I need the influence of thy grace 

To speed me in thy way ; 
Lest I should loiter in my race, 
Or turn my feet astray. 

3 When sore afflictions press me down, 

I need thy quickening pow'rs ; 
Thy word, that I have rested on. 
Shall cheer my heaviest hours. 

4 Are not thy mercies sov'reiOT still, 

And thou a faithful God ? 
Wilt thou not grant me warmer zeal 
To run the heav'nly road ? 

5 Does not my heart thy precepts love, 

And long to see thy face ? 
And yet how slow my spirits move. 
Without enliv'ning grace ! 

6 Then shall I love thy gospel more. 

And ne'er forget tliy word ; 
When I have felt its quick'ning powV, 
To draw me near the Lord. 


PSALM 119. Seventeenth Part. L. M. 
Constancy vnder trials* 

WHEN pain and anguish seize me, Lord, 
All my support is from thy word: 
My soul dissolves with heaviness. 
Uphold me with thy strengthening grace. 

The proud have framed their scoffs and lies^ 
They watch my feet with envious eyes % 


And tempt m\ soul to snares and sin ; 
Yet thy coniinands 1 ne'er decline. 

3 They hate me^ Lord, without a cause ; 
They hate to see me love thy laws ; 
But I will trust and fear thy name, 
Till pride and malice die with shame. 

PSALM 119. Eighteenth Part. L. M. 

Sanctified afflictions. 

1 Tj^ ATHER, I bless thy gentle hand ; 
-*- How kind was thy chastising rod, 
That forc'd my conscience to a stand, 
And brought my wand'ring soul to God ! 

2 Foolish and vain I went astray. 
Ere I had felt thy scourges, Lord ; 
I left my guide, and lost my way ; 
But now I love and keep thy word. 

3 'Tis good for me to wear the yoke. 
For pride is apt to rise and swell : 
'Tis good to bear my Father's stroke. 
That I might learn his statutes well. 

4 The law, that issues from thy mouth, 
Shall raise my cheerful passions more, 
Than all the treasures of the South, 
Or Western hills of golden ore. 

5 Thy hands have made my mortal frame. 
Thy Spirit fonn'd my soul within : 
Teach me to know thy wondrous name. 
And guard me safe from death and sin. 

6 Then all that love and fear the Lord, 
At mv salvation shall rejoice : 

For I have hoped in thy word. 
And made thy grace my only choice* 


PSALM 119. Nineteenth Part. L. M. 
PerBeverance in prayer* 

1 TT EEP me trom fainting in my prayers, 
•■^ When to thy footstool, Lord, I come 
My soul with Grod would leave her caret. 
And hope for mercy irom the throne 

2 Kindle a flame of love and zeal, 
While wrestling for the grace I need ; 
Bring me by faith within the /ail, 
And help me ardently to pleaci 

3 Known to the Lord are all mj ^if^^ • 
I will not yield to unbelief; 

But persevere with fervent criei 
Until he hear and grant relief. 

PSALM 119. Twentieth Pan ^\ ]Vl 
Pleading the Promises. 

1 "O EMEMBER aU my sorrows, Loid, 
-■^ And do as thou hast said ; 

Send help according to thy word, 
And give the promised aid. 

2 Repeated mercies in a train 

Demand my gratitude ; 
And these my faith and hope sustain, 
That more will be bestow'd. 

3 Renew thy work of grace, tllen, Lord> 

Nor let my soul complain ; 
That, while I rest upon thy word. 
My hopes arc still in vain. 

PSALf/IllO. Twenty-First Part. L. M. 
Christian sincerity — an appeal to God, 

1 OEARCHER and Saviour of my soul, 
•^ My Sun, my Shield, my sov'reign Judge, 
All things are naked to thy view, 
Hy heart, my thoughts, my words, my way^ 


2 Sinners of state with pow'r array'd. 
Who fear not (Jod, nor man regard^ 
Have persecuted without cause ; 
But all their hatred I defy. 

3 Still to thy word my soul repaurs ; 
Thence I my highest comforts draw : 
Tho' foes may fight and devils rage. 
If God be for me, all is welL 

4 Sustain me then with promised srace. 
Revive my heart, increase my faith : 
I hate to lie, 1 love the truth ; 

O ! make me be what I profess. 

5 Sev'n times a day my pray'rs ascend 
With mingled praises, to the throne 
'Tis good to seek my Father's face, 
And plead in my Redeemer's name. 

6 Strong peace have they, who love thy lai 
Firm on a rock their hopes are built j 
Their faith looks up to nobler scenes, 
And nothing can detain them here. 

7 Seal to my soul thy pard'ning love, 
Let strength be equal to my day ; 
Then will I run with great delight. 
And eager press, to seize the prize. 

8 Supremely wise, and good, and great ; 
O ! search my heart, and try my ways ; 
Thy word I love, thy judgments fear, 
And tremble, while I pray and praise. 

PSALM 119. Twenty-Second Part. CM 
Inconstancy of saints — Unchangeable love of Chris 

1 nnHE least, the feeblest of the sheepi 
-*- To Christ, the Father gave ; 
He loves the flock, the charge he'll keep: 
His arm is strong to save. 


2 The} *re prone to wander out of sight, 
And apt to run astray; 
And when once lost, unable quite 
To find again the way. 

3 That hand, which heav'n and earth upholds, 
Can keep them free from harms ; 
The Shepherd brings them to their folds. 
And bears them m his arms. 

I To thee, imr Shepherd and my Rock, 
A grateful song PU raise ; 
O ! let the meanest of the flock 
Attempt to speak thy praise. 

» Thou art my guard ; my all I owe 
To thine amazing love: 
My standing in thy fold below, 
And hopes of bliss above. 

i Ten thousand thousand comforts here* 
Dispense in various ways, 
Confinn thy faithfulness and care, 
And claim adoring praise. 

' Then, guided, Shepherd, by thy love, 
My feet shall keep thy way ; 
Soon shall I reach thy fold above, 
And go no more astray. 

PSALM 120. C. M. 

The Ckri^iatCs complaini against slrifcy arid his lov 
of ytiiacc. 

THOU God of love, thou ever blest. 
Pity my sufTring state : 
When wilt thou set my soul at rest 
From Hps, that love deceit? 

{ Hard lot of mine ! my days are cast 
Among the sons of strife ; 
Whose never-ccasiij^ brawiings waste 
My golden boura of life. 


3 O ! might I fly to change my place. 

How would I choose to dwell 
In some wide, lonesome, wilderness. 
And leave these gates of hell ! 

4 Peace is the blessing that I seek : 

How lovely are its charms ! 
I am for peace ; but, when I speak, 
They all declare for arms. 

5 New passions still their souls engage 

And keep their malice strong : - 
What shall be done to curb thy rage, 
O thou devouring tongue! 

6 Should burning arrows smite thee throi 

Strict justice would approve ; 

But I would rather spare my foe, 

And melt his heart with tove. 

PSALM 121. First Part. C. M. 

Divine protection, 

1 nno Zion's hill I lift my eyes, 

-*- From thence expecting aid ; 
From Zion^s hill, and Zion^s God, 
Who heaven and earth has made. 

2 Thou, then, my soul, in safety rest ; 

Thy guardian will not sleep : 
His watchful care, that Israel guards, 
Will thee in safety keep. 

3 Sheltered beneath th' Almighty's wings. 

Thou shalt securely rest. 
Where neither sun nor moon shall thee 
By day or night molest. 

4 At home, abroad, in peace, in war. 

Thy God shall thee defend ; 
Conduct thee thro' life's pilgriinage 
Safe to thyjoumey'a ei^L 


PSALM 121. Second Part. P.M. 
Constant preMereation, 

I lyPWARD I lift mine eyes; 
^ From God is all my aid ; 
The God that built the skies, 
And earth and nature made: 

God is the powV, 

To which I fly; 

His grace is nigh 

In ev'ry hour. 

2 My feet shall never slide, 
Nor fall in fatal snares; 
Sbee God, my guard and ^guide, 
Defends me from my fears* 

Those wakeful eyes, 

That never sleep, 

Shall Israel keep 

When dangers rise. 

3 No burning heats by day. 
Nor blasts of evening air. 
Shall take my health away, 
If God be with me there : 

Thou art my sun. 
And thou my shade. 
To guard my head 
By night, or noon. 

4 Hast thou not giv'n thy word 
To save my soul from death ? 
And I can trust my Lord, 
To keep my mortal breath. 

Fll go and come. 
Nor fear to die. 
Till firom on high 
Thou caJJ me boaie. 


PSALM 122. C. M. 

Public worship. 

J ¥¥OW did my heart rejoice to heai 
-H My friends devoutly say, 
^ In Zion let us all appear, 
"And keep the solemn day!'* 

2 I love her gates, I love the road : 

The church adom'd with grace 
Stands, like a palace built for God^ 
To show his milder face. 

3 Up to her courts with joys unknown. 

The holy tribes repair; 
The Son of David holds his throne. 
And sits in judgment there. 

4 Ho ncars our praises and complaints ; 

And while his awful voice 
Divides the sinners from the saints^ 
We tremble and rejoice. 

5 Peace be within this sacred place. 

And joy a constant guest ; 
With holy gifts and heav'niy grace 
Be her attendants blest. 

a My soul shall pray for Zion still. 
While life or breath remains : 
There my best friends, my kindred dwell* 
There God, my Saviour, reigns. 

PSALM 123. C. M. 

Pleading with submission. 

1 £\ THOU, whose grace and justice rcigii 
^^ EntnronM above tlie skies ; 

To thee our hearts would tell their pain^ 
To thee we lift our eyes. 

2 As servants watch their masters liand^ 

And fear the angry sltokc*. 


Or maids before their mistress stand, 
And wait a peaceful look : 

3 So for our sins we iustly feel 

Thy discipline, O God ; 
Yet wait the gracious moment still. 
Till. thou remore thy rod. 

4 Those, that in wealth and pleasure live, 

Our daily groans deride ; 
And thy delays of mercy give 
Fresh courage to their pride. 

5 Our foes insult us, but our hope 

In thy compassion lies : 
This thought shall bear our spirits up. 
That God will not despise. 

PSALM 124. L. M. 

Thaitksgimng for national deliverance. 

1 TTAD not the Lord, may Israel say, 
-U- Had not the Lord maintained our side 
When men, to make our lives a prey, 
Rose like the swelling of the tide, 

2 The swelling tide had stopt our breath, 
So fiercely did the waters roll ; 

We had been swallovv'd deep in death : 
Proud waters had o'erwhelm'd our soul. 

3 We leap for joy, we shout and sing, 
Who just escaped the fatal stroke ; 
So flies the bird with cheerful wing. 
When once the fowler's snare is broke. 

4 For ever blessed be the Lord, 

Who broke the fowler's cursed snare ; 
Who sav'd us from the murd'ring sword, 
And made our lives and souls his care. 

5 Our help is in Jehovah's name. 

Who form'd the earth, and built the skie« i 


He, tliat upholds that wondrous frasDBf 
Guards his own church with watchful cjes. 

PSALM 125. S. M. 

J%e iriah and safety of beliewerg^ 

1 X^IRM and unmovM axe th^ 
•*- That rest their souls on 6od : 

Fix'd as the mount where David dwelt. 
Or where the ark abode. 

2 As mountains stood to guard 
The city's sacred ground, 

So God and his almighty love 
Embrace his samts around. 

3 What, tho' the Father's rod 
Drop a chastising stroke, 

Yet, lest it wound their souls too deep^ 
Its fury shall be broke. 

4 Deal gently, Lord, with those. 
Whose faith and pious fear. 

Whose hope and love, and ev'ry graces 
Proclaim their hearts sincere. 

5 Nor shall the tyrant's rage 
Too long oppress the saint : 

The God of Israel will support 
His children, lest they faint. 

6 But if our slavish fear 
Will choose the road to hell. 

We must receive our portion there, 
Where bolder sinners dwell. 

PSALM 126. First Pari. L. M. 

Praise for unexpected mercies, 

1 XM/HEN God rcstor'd our captive state, 
^ ^ Joy was our song, and grace our therocj 
A grace beyond our hopes so great. 
The joy aj^pear'd but fancy's dream. 


2 The scoifer owns thy hand, and pays 
Unwilling honours to thy name ; 

While we with pleasure shout thy praise. 
With cheerful notes thy love proclaim. 

3 When we reviewed our dismal fears, 
Twas hard to think they'd vanish so ; 
With God we left our flowing tears, 
He makes our joys like rivers flow. 

PSALM 126. Second Part. C. M. 
The joy of conversion* 

1 TM^^HEN God reveal'd his gracious name, 

^^ And chang'd my mournful state, 
My rapture seem'd a pleasing dream, 
The grace appeared so great. 

2 The world beheld the glorious change. 

And did thy hand confess ; 
My tongue broke out in unknown strains, 
And sung surprising grace. 

3 " Great is the work," my neighbours cried. 

And own'd thy pow'r divine ; 
" Great is the work,'' my heart replied, 
" And be the glory thine." 

4 The Ix)rd can clear the darkest skies. 

Can give us day for night ; 
Make (Irops of sacred sorrow rise 
To rivers of delight. 

5 Let those that sow in sadness wait 

Till the fair harvest come : 
They shall confess their sheaves are great. 
And shout the blessings home. 

6 Tho' seed lie buried long in dust, 

It shan't deceive their hope : 
The precious grain can ne'er be lost, 
For grace insures the crop. 

PSALxM 127. L. M. 

Pros])crity and happineta from Chd. 

1 TF God succeed not, all the cost 

-^ And pains to build the house are lost 

If God the city do not keep, 

The watchful guards as well may sleep. 

2 What, tho' you rise before the sun, 
And work and toil when day is done , 
Careful and sparing cat your bread. 
To shun that poverty you dread ; 

3 rris all in vain, till God hath blest ; 
He can make rich, yet give us rest : 
Children and friends are blessings too, 
If Gk)d, our sovereign, make them so. 

4 Happy the man to whom he sends 
Obeaient children, faithful friends! 
How sweet our daily comforts prove, 
When they are season^ with his love! 

PSALM 128. C. M. 

A chrisHan bleued in his family, 

1 f\ HAPPY man, whose soul is fill'd 
^^ With faith and rev'rend awe ; 
Whose lips to God their honours yield. 

Whose life adorns the law. 

2 A careful Providence shall stand, 

And ever guard thy head ; 
And on the labours of thy hand 
Its kindly blessings shed. 

3 Thy wife shall be a fruitful vine ; 

Thy children round thy board, 
Each, like a plant of honour, shine. 
And learn to fear the Lord. 

4 The Lord shall thy best hopes fulfil, 

For months and years to c^me ; 

ShaU aeiMl xhe bleMiiigs hboie; 

5 This is the inaii, whoM happy eyea 
SbalL see bis houso increase ; 
Shall see the -smluDg church arise. 
And leave the vnprkt in peace; 

PSALM 129. CM. 

1 ¥TP. fiom my yooUi, may krael saf , ; 
^ Have I been nUrs'id in tears $ 

My griefii were constant as.the day, . 
And tedious m tiie years. 

2 Up from wpj youth I Jbore the rage 

Of all the sons of strife ; 

Oft they assail'd my riper age, 

But not destroyed my life. 

3 Their cruel plou^ had torn my flesh 

With furrows long and deep ; 
Hourly they vex'd my wounds afresh. 
Nor let my sottows sleep. 

4 How was their insolence surprised. 

To hear his thunders roll ! 
And all the foes of 21iou seizM 
With horror to tlie soul. 

5 Thus shall the men that hate the saints, 
. Be blasted from the sky ; 

Their glory fades, their courage faints. 
And all their projects die. 

6 What tho' they flourish tall and fair ! 

They have no root beneath ; 
Their growth shall perish in despair. 
And lie despised m death. 

7 So com, that on the house-top stands* 

No hope of barreat gires } 


The reaper ne'er shall fill his handsy 
Nor binder fold the sheaves : 

8 It springs and withers on the place : 
No traveller bestows 
A word of blessing on the grass. 
Nor minds it as he goes. 

PSALM 130. CM. 

Pardoning grace. 

1 OUT of the depths of long distress, 
^^ The borders of desoair,^ 

I sent my cries to seek tny grace, 
My groans to move thine ear. 

2 Great (Jod ! should thy severer eye 

And thine impartial hand, 
Mark and revenge iniquity, 
No mortal flesh could stand. 

3 But there are pardons with my God, 

For crimes of high degree ; 
Thy Son has bought them with his blood, 
To draw us near to thee. 

4 I wait for thy salvation, Lord, 

With strong desires I wait ; 
My soul, invited by thy word. 
Stands watching at thy gate. 

5 Just as the guards, that keep the night. 

Long for the morning skies ; 
Watch the first beams of breaking light ; 
And meet them with their eyes ; 

6 So waits my soul to see thy grace. 

And, more intent than they. 
Meets the first openings of thy face, 
And finds a brighter day. 

7 Then in the Lord let Israel trust ; 

Let Israel seek his face : 


The Lord w good, a9 wdl aa justy' 
Aod pleateoitt in his grace. 

8 Iliere^s fidi redemption at his throne 
For sinners long ensIavM : 
The great Redeemer is his Son ; 
Ai^ Israel shall be sav'd. 

PSALM 131. CM. 

HumUUy and suhmUnon. 

1 TS there ambition in my heart? 
^ Scorch, gracious Grod, and see ; 
Or do I act a haughty part ? 

Lord, I appeal to tnee. 

2 I charge my thoughts, be huxnUe still, 

And all my carriage mild ; 
Content, my Father, with thy will. 
And quiet as a child. 

3 The patient soul, the lowly mind 

Shall have a large reward : 
Let saints in sorrow lie resign^. 
And trust a faithful Lord. 

PSALM 132. First Part. L. M. 

Provinons ofZion. 

1 Vl/^HERE shall we go, to seek and fihd 

▼ ^ A habitation for our God ; 
A. dwelling for th^ eternal mind, 
Among the sons of flesh and blood ? 

2 The God of Jacob chose the hill 
Of Zion for his ancient rest ; 
And Zion is his dwelling still ; 

His church is with his presence blest. 

3 Here will I fix my gracious throne. 
And reign for ever, saith the Lord; 
Here sluill my pow^ and love be known, 
And YAesmngB mall sttmd my word. 


4 Here will I meet the*hungiy poor, 
And fill their souls Yirith living bread ; 
Sinners that wait before my door, 
With sweet provision shall be fed. 

5 Girded with trutli, and doth'd with grace, 
My priest, my ministers shall shine ; 
Not Aaron, in his costly dress, 

Made an appearance so divine, 

6 The saints, unable to contain 

Their inward joy, shall shout and sing : 
The Son of David here shall reign, 
And Zion triumph in her King, 

7 Jesus shall see a numerous seed 

Bom here, t' uphold his glorious name; 
His crown shall flourish on his head. 
While all his foes are cloth'd witli shame 

PSALM 132. Second Pari. CM. 
Prioileges of the New Testament Church. 

1 A RISE,0 King of grace, arise, 
-^ And enter to thy rest : 

Lo ! thy church waits with longing eyes, 
Thus to be own'd and blest. 

2 E^ter with all thy glorious train, 

Thy Spirit and thy word : 
All, that the ark did once contain. 
Could no such grace alibrd, 

3 Clothe all thy ministers with grace, 

Let trutli their tongues employ ; 
That in the Saviour's righteousness 
Thy saints may shout for joy. 

4 Here, mighty God ! accept our vows. 

Here let thy praise be spread ; 
Bless the provisions of thy house, 
And fill thy poor with bread. 

Let God's anointed dutte.; \ * 
J— dee aadtrttfh hia court maintainy 
With love aiMl powV divine. . ^ 

PSALM 132: Third Part. CifL 
TU privU^^ ^ 0^ t^^m^ umder the New TtMammi , 

1 npHE Lord in ZipnjL>1ac'd his throne* 
•^ Hia ark waa settled there: 

To 2Soa the whole nation caine* ; * 
To won^p.thnoe a year. 

2 Bat we hate nq siich leurths to V^lky '^ 

Nor wander fiuralMPoad; 
Wherever thy saints flasemble now, 
There is a house for God. 

3 Blest Zion still, in God^s esteem, 

All other seats excels : 
Wherever he records his name, 
Tis Zion ; there he dwells. 

4 **Her store,** says he, *• I will increase ; 

** Her poor with plenty bless ; 
^ Her saints shall shout for joy ; her priests 
^ My saving health confess. 

5 "There David's pow'r shall long remain 

" In his estabbshM line ; 
"There David's Son and Lord shall reign, 
" And with fresh lustre shine. 

6 " The faces of his vanquish'd foes 

" Confusion shall overspread ; 
" Whilst, with confinn'd success, his croMrn 
^ Shall flourish on his head.** 

PSALM 133. First Part. CM. 
Brotierlp love. 
1 T O ! what an entortaining sight 
-^ Axe^hreibrm ibitt agrees 


Brethren whose cheerful hearts unite 
In boi^s of piety. 

2 When streams of love from Christy the spri 

Descend to ev'ry soul, 
And heav'nly peace with balmy wing, 
Shades and bedews the whole : 

3 Tis like the oil divinely sweet, 

On Aaron's rev'rend head ; 
The trickhng drops perfum'd his feet 
And o'er his garments spread. 

4 Tis pleasant as the morning dews 

That fall on Zion's hill ; 
Where Grod his mildest glory shows, 
And makes his grace distil. 

PSALM 133. Seccmd Part. S. M. 

Brotherly love. 

1 "OLEST are the sons of peace, 

-■^ Whose hearts and hopes are one . 
Whose kind designs to serve and please, 
Thro' all their actions run. 

2 Blest is the pious house, 
Where zeal and friendship meet : 

Their songs of praise, their mingled vows. 
Make their communion sweet. 

3 Thus, on the heav'nly hills 
The saints are blest above. 

Where joy, like morning dew, distils, 
And all the air is love. 

PSALM 134. C. M. 

General praise, 

1 XTE that obey th' immortal King, 
-■- Attend his holy place ; 
Bow to the glories of his pow'r. 
And bless hb wondrous grace. 



2 Lift up your hands by morning light, 
And raise your souls on high; 
Send your admiring thoughts by night 
Above the starry sky. 

3 The God of Zion cheers our hearts, 
With rays of quick'nin^ grace ; 
The God that spread the heav'ns abroad 
And rules the swelling seas. 

PSALM 135. First Pari. L. M. 
The Church God's house and care — general praise 

PRAISE ye the Lord, exalt his name, 
While in his earthly courts ye wait, 
Ye saints that to his house belong, 
Or stand attending at his gate. 

I Praise ye the Lord, the Lord is good ; 
To praise his name is sweet employ : 
Israel he chose of old, and still 
His church is his peculiar joy. 

t The Lord himself will judge his saints ; 
He treats his servants as nis friends : 
And when he hears their sore complaints^ 
Repents the sorrows, that he sends. 

I Thro' ev'ry age the Lord declares 
His name, and breaks th' oppressor's rod 
He gives his suff'rin^ servants rest. 
And will be known tn' Almighty God. 

i Bless ye the Lord, who taste his love ; 
People and priests exalt his name : 
Among his saints he ever dwells ; 
His church is his Jerusalem. 

PSALM 135. Second Part. L. M. 

Grandeur of God. 

GREAT is the Lord, exalted high, 
Above al/pow'rs and er^ry throne ; 


Whale'er he pleasM in earth or sea. 
Or heaven, or hell, his hand hath done. 

2 At his command the vapours rise, 
The Hghtnings flash, the thunders roar ; 
He pours the rain ; he brings the wind. 
And tempest from his airy store. 

3 'Twas he, those dreadful tokens sent, 
O Egypt, thro' thy stubborn land ! 
When all thy first-born, beasts and men 
Fell dead by his avenging hand. 

4 What mighty nations, mighty kings 
He slew, and their whole country gave 
To Israel, whom his hand redeemed, 
No more to be proud Pharaoh's slave. 

5 His pow'r the same, the same his grace 
That saves us from the hosts of hell : 
And heav'n he gives us to possess. 
Whence those apostate angels fell. 

PSALM 135. Third Part. C. M. 

Grandeur of Chd^ — introdvciory. 

1 4 WAKE, ye saints, to praise your Kin|, 
-^ Your sweetest passions raise ; 

Your pious pleasure, while you sing, 
Increasing with the praise. 

2 Great is the Lord ; and works unknown 

Are his divine employ ; 
But still his saints are near his throne. 
His treasure and his joy. 

3 Heav'n, earth, and sea confess his hand ; 

He bids the vapours rise : 
Lightning and storms at his command 
Sweep thro' the sounding skies. 

4 All pow'r, that gods or kings have claira^di 

Is found with him alone; 


But hcatlien gods should ne'er be nam'd 
Where our Jehovah's known. 

5 Zion, trust the living God, 
Serve him with faith and fear; 
He makes thy courts his blest abode, 
And claims his honours there. 

PSALM 136. First Pari. P.M. 
The wonder* of CreaHanj Providence^ and Redemptiaiu 

1 f^ I VE thanks to God most high, 
^^ The universal Lord; 

The sovereign King of kings; 

And be his grace ador'd. * 

^His pow'r and grace are still the same ; 
"And let his name have endless praise.'* 

2 How mighty is his hand ! 
What wonders hath he done ! 
He form'd the earth and seas, 
And spread the heav'ns alone. 

"Thy mercy, Lord, shall still endure ; 
"And ever sure abides thy word." 

3 His wisdom fram'd the sun, 
To crown the day with light ; 
The moon and twinkling stars. 
To cheer the darksome night. 

"His pow'r and grace arc still the same ; 
"And let his name have endless praise." 

4 He smote the first-born sons, 
The flow'r of Egypt, dead ; 
And thence his chosen tribes 
With joy and glory led. 

"Thy mercy. Lord, shall still endure; 
"And ever sure abides thy word." 

5 His pow'r and lifted rod 
Qeft the Red Sea in two ; 



And for his people made 

A wondrous passage through. / 

^His pow'r and grace are stillthc same; 
^An4 let his name have endless praise.^ 

6 But cruel Pharaoh there, 

• With all his host he drown'd, 
And brought his Israel safe 
Thro' a long desert ground. 
^Thy mercy, Lord, shall still endure; 
"And ever sure abides thy word.'' 

7 The kings of Canaan fell 
Beneath nis dreadful hand ; 
While his own servants took 
Possession of their land. 

**His pow'r and grace are still the same j 
"And let his name have endless praise." 

8 He saw the nations lie 
All perishing in sin; 
And pitied the sad state 
The ruin'd world was in. 

"Thy mercy, Lord, shall still endure; 
"And ever sure abides thy word." 

9 He sent his only Son 

To save us from our woe. 
From Satan, sin, and death, 
And ev'ry hurtful foe. 

"His pow'r and grace are still the same ; 

"And let his name have endless praise." 

10 Give thanks aloud to God, 

To God the heav'nly king ; 

And let the spacious earth 

His works and glories sing. 
"Thy mercy. Lord, shall still endure ; 
And ever sure abides thy word." 


PSALM 136. Secand Part. L. M. 
The wonderM of creaiion^ promdencet ond rcdempticn. 

I r^IVE to our Grod immortal praise ; 
^ Mercy and truth are all his ways: 
Give to the Lord of lords renown, 
The King of kings with glory crown. 

2* He built the earth, he spread the sky, 
And fixM the starry lights on high : 
He fills the sun with morning light. 
He bids the moon direct the night. 

3 The Jews he fi:'eed from Pharaoh's hand, 
And brought them to the promisM land : 
He saw the Grentiles dead in sin, 

And felt his pity work within. 

4 He sent his Son with pow'r to save 
From guilt, and darkness, and the grave : 
" Wonders of grace to God belong, 

" Repeat his mercies in your song." 

5 Thro' this vain world he guides our feet 
And leads us to his heav'nly seat : 

^ His mercies ever shall endure, 

^ When this vain world shall be no more.'* 

PSALM 137. First Part. L. M. 

The sorrows of Israel in captivity. 

1 TJ Y Babel's stream the captives sate, 
-^ And wept for Zion's hapless fate : 
Useless, their harps on willows hung, 
While foes requir'd a sacred song. 

2 With taunting voice, and scornful eye, 
" Sing us a song of heav'n," they cry : 
" While foes deride our God, and King, 
" How can we tune our harps or sing ?" 

3 ** If Zion's woes our hearts forget, 

*' Or cease to mourn for /sracl's fate. 


" Let useful skill our hands forsake ; 

** Our hearts with hopeless sorrow break.'* 

4 " Thou, ruinM Salem, to our eyes 

" Each day, in sad remembrance, rise ! 
** Should we e'er cease to feel thy wrongs, 
" Lost be our joys, and mute our tongues!'* 

5 " Remember, Lord, proud Edom's sons, 
" Who cried, exulting at our groans, 

" While Salem trembled at her base, 

" Rase them : her deep foundations rase.^ 

6 While thus they sung, the mourners view'd 
Their foes by Cyrus' arm subdu'd^ 

And saw his glory rise, who spread 
Their streets, and fields, with nosts of dead 

7 Pleas'd, they foresaw, the blest decree, 
That set their tribes from bondage free ; 
Renew'd the temple, and restor'd 

The sacred worship of the Lord. 

PSALM 137. Second Pari. L. M. 
Church in distress, seeking God. 

1 X ORD, in those dark and dismal days, 
-^ We mourn the hidings of thy face ; 
Proud enemies our path surround, 

To level Zion with the ground. 

2 Her sons, her worship, they deride, 

And hiss thy word with tongues of pride; 
And cry, t' insult our humble prayer, 
"Where is your God, ye Christians, wherp?* 

3 Errors, and sins, and follies grow ; 
Thy saints bow down in deepest woe : 
Their love decays, their zeal is o'er : 
And thousands walk with Christ no more. 

4 To happier days our bosoma Iuth; 
Those days but teach us Yiovr lo moxntL*. 



Tlio God, who bade his mercy flow, 
In wrath withdraws his blessing now. 

& The blessing from thy trutli's withdrawn ; 
Its quick'ning, saving influence gone: 
Unwarned, unwakenM, sinners hear, 
Nor see their awful danger near. 

6 In dews unseen, in scanty show'rs, 
Thy Spirit sheds his healing pow'rs : 
Thy thirsty ground is parcli'd beneath, 
And all is barrenness, and de^th. 

7 Yet still, thy name be ever blest, 
On thee our hope shall safely rest : 
Zion her Saviour soon shall see 
Array'd to set his Israel free. 

8 Jesus, with vengeance arm'd, shall come 
To crush his foes, and«eal their doom; 
The mystic Babel whelm in dust, 

Ilcr pomp, her idols, pow'r and trust. 

9 Then shall thy saints exult, and sing 
The matchless glories of their King ; 
Nations before his altar bend, 

And peace from realm to realm extend 

PSALM 137. Third Part. S. M, 
LoDcfor the Church, 

1 T LOVE thy kingdom, Lord, 
-■- The house of thine abode ; 

The church our blest Redeemer sav'd 
With his own precious blood. 

2 I love thy Church, O God ! 
Her walls before thee stand, 

Dear as the apple of thine eye. 
And graven on thy hand. 

S If e'er to bless thy sons 
Mjr voice, or hands deny^ 


These hands let useful skill forsakOf 
This voice in silence die. 

4 If e'er my heart forget 
Ilcr welfare, or her woe, 

Let evVy joy this heart forsake, 
And ev'ry grief overflow. 

5 For her my tears shall fall ; 
For her my prayers ascend ; 

To her my cares and toils be giv'n, 
Till toils and cares shall end. 

6 Beyond my highest joy 

I prize her hcav'nly ways ; 
Her sweet communion, solemn vows. 
Her hymns of love and praise. 

7 Jesus, thou Friend divine. 
Our Saviour, and our King, 

Thy hand from evVy snare -end foe 
Shall great deliv'rance bring.* • 

8 Sure as thy truth shall last, 
To Zion shall be giv'n 

The brightest glories, earth can yield, 
And brighter bliss of heav'n. 

PSALM 138. L. M. 

Praise for deliverance* 

1 •VliriTH all my pow'rs of heart and tongue 

^ ^ ril praise my Maker in my song : 
Angels shall hear the notes I raise, 
Approve the song, and join the praise. 

2 Angels, that make thy church their care. 
Shall witness my devotion there; 
While holy zeal directs mine eyes 

To thy fair temple in the skies. 

3 rU sing thy truth and mercy, Lord, 
ni sing the wonders of tVvy ^ott\\ 


Not all thy works and names below 
So much thy pow'r and glory show. 

4 To God I cried when troubles rose ; 
He beard me, and subdued my foes ; 
He did my rising fears control, 

And strength dinusM thro' all my soul. 

5 The God of heav'n maintains his state. 
Frowns on the proud, and scorns the great 
But from bis throne descends, to see 

The sons of humble poverty. 

6 Amid a thousand snares I stand. 
Upheld and guarded by thy hand : 
Toy words my fainting soul revive. 
And keep my dying faith alive. 

7 Grace will complete what grace begins. 
To save from sorrows and from sins: 
The work, that wisdom undertakes. 
Eternal mercy ne'er forsakes. 

PSALM 139. First Part. L. M. 

Tke omniscience and omnipresence of God. 

1 nnHOU,Lord,by strictest search hast known 
-*- My rising up and lying down : 

My secret thoughts are known to thee, 
Known long before conceiv'd by me. 

2 Thine eye my bed and path surveys. 
My public haunts and private ways ; 
Thou know'st what 'tis my lips would vent ; 
My yet unutter'd words' intent. 

3 Within thy circling powV I stand ; 
On ev'ry side I find thy hand: 
Awake^ asleep, at home, abroad, 

I am surrounded still with God. 

4 O ! CQwld I so perfidious be, 
To'think of once deserting thee, 


Where, Lord, could I thy influence shun ? 
Or whither from thy presence run ? 

5 If up to heav'n I take my flight, 

Tis there thou dwelPst enthroned in light • 
If down to hell's infernal plains, 
Tis there almighty vengeance reigns, 

6 If I the morning wings could gain. 
And fly beyond the western main. 
Thy swifter hand would first arrive. 
And there arrest thy fugitive. 

7 Or should I try to shun thy sight 
Beneath the sable wings of night ; 
One glance from thee, one piercing ray, 
Would kindle darkness into day. 

8 The veil of night is no disguise. 

No screen from thy all-searching eyes ; 
Thro' midnight shades thou find'st thy way* 
As in the blazing noon of day. 

9 " O may these thoughts possess my breast, 
" Where'er I rove, where'er I rest ! 

" Nor let my weaker passions dare 
** Consent to sin ; for God is there." 


PSALM 139. Seccmd Part. C. M. 
The wisdom of God in thefortnoHon of man, 

WHEN I with pleasing wonder stand, 
XnA nW mv {rame^ oiti»vov 

And all my frame survey , 
Lord, 'tis thy work ; I own, thy hand 
Thus built my humble clay. 

2 Thy hand my heart and reins possest, 
Where luibom nature grew : 
Thy wisdom all my features trac'd, 
And all my members drew. 

3 Tbine eye with nicest care sonej^A 
The growth of every part •, 


Till the whole scheme, thy thoughts had laid. 
Was copied by thine arL 

4 Heay'n, earth, and sea, and fire, and wind^ 

Show me thy wondrous skill ; 
But I review myself^ and find 
Diviner wonders still. 

5 Thine awfiil glories round me shine. 

My flesh proclaims thy praise ; 
Lord, to thy works of nature join 
Thy miracles of grace. 

PSALM 139. Third Part. C. M. 
The mercies ef God innumerable. An etening Psalm, 

1 T ORD, when I count thy mercies o'er, 
•" They strike me with surprise ; 

Not all the sands that spread the shore 
To equal numbers rise. 

2 My flesh with fear and wonder standa, 

The product of thy skill ; 
And hourly blessings from thy hands 
Thy thoughts of love reveal. 

3 These on my heart by night I keep ; 

How kind, how dear to me ! 
! may the hour that ends my sleep 
Still find my thoughts with thee. 

PSALM 139. Fourth Part. L. M. 
Christian integrity — An appeal to God. 

I lijrY God, what inward grief I feel, 
if A When impious men transgress thy will 
I mourn to hear their Ups profane, 
Take thy tremendous name in vain. 

2 Does not mv so.ul detest and hate 
The sons of malice and deceit ? 
Those that oppose thy laws and thee, 
I count them onemiea to me. 


2 PSALM CXL. W^-^ 

LiOrd, search my soul, try ev'ry thought v- — r=^ 

rho' my own heart accuse me not ,mrmc^. 

)f walking in a false disguise ; • ikw sd 

[ beg the trial of thine eyes. i4h ^b 

[X)th secret mischief Inrk within? "^^^■f 

>o I indulge some unknown sin ? ^Bfir Mm 

) turn my feet whene'er I stiay ! ^i^ <a 

ind lead me in thy perfect vray. «Eir7 1 

PSALM 140. S. M. J^^^ 

A eoi^ptaini agairut personal fite wigj. ^^^^ 

I ^^Y God, while impious men, 

-"^ With malice in their heart, 
' peace destroy, my life defame. 

Thy guardian grace impart. 

} With poison in their lips. 

And with a serpent's tongue, 
ey sting my fainting soul to death. 

And make my name their song. 

) Ceaseless they he in wait 

My footsteps to betray ; 
ey hide their snare, they set their gin* 

Beside my peaceful way. 

t O hear my humble cry ! 

Their fondest hope destroy; 
eir arts confound, their plots disclose, 

And blast their envious joy. 

i On their own heads shaD fall 

The mischiefs they devise ; 
y hand shall take them in tiieir net, 

Their slanders, and their lies. 

{ As coals the wood consuqie, 
As pits receive their slain ; I 

shall the men of malice sink, 
And never rise again* ' 


7 The Lord, who hates the proud, 
Shall scorch the slanderous tongue ; 

Shall hunt the wicked from the eartS, 
And well requite their wrong. 

8 Thou wilt sustain the poor, 
And bid th' afflicted sing ; 

Before tliee, shall thy children dwell, 
Their Father, and their King. 

PSALM 14L L. M. 

Watckfidness and brotherly love — A morning or 
evening pgalm. 

1 IkM^ God, accept my early vows, 
-L^A Like morning incense in thy house ; 
And let my nightly worship rise 

Sweet as the evening sacrifice. 

2 Watch o'er my lips, and guard them. Lord, 
From ev'ry rash and lieedless word ; 

Nor let my feet incline to tread 
The guilty path, where sinners lead. 

3 may the righteows, when I stray, 
Smite and reprove my wandering way ! 
Their gentle words, like ointment shed, 
Shall never bruise but cheer my head. 

4 When I behold them prest with grief, 
ni cry to heav'n for their relief; 
And by my warm petitions prove 
How much I prize their faithful love. 

PSALM 142. C. M. 

Deliverance in sore distreM. 

1 npO God I made my sorrows known, 
•*- From God I sought relief; 

In long complaints before his throne 
I pour'd out all my grief. 

2 My soul was overwhelmed with woet^ 

Mjr heart began to break : 


My God, who all my burdens knows. 
Knows evVy way I take. 

3 On evVy side I cast mine eye, 

And found my helpers gone ;. 
While friends and strangers pass'd me by 
Neglected or unknown. 

4 Then did I raise a louder cry, 

And calPd thy mercy near ; 
" Thou art my portion, when I die : 
" Be thou my refuge here." 

5 Lord, I am brought exceeding low ; 

Now let thine ear attend, 
And make my foes, who vex me, know, 
Fve an Almighty Friend. 

6 From my sad prison set me free ; 

Then shall I praise thy name : 
And holy men shall join with ine. 
Thy kindness to proclaim. 

PSALM 143. L. M. 

Mourning under afflictions. 

1 TLf Y righteous Judge, my gracious God ? 
-^^ Hear, when I spread my hands abroai 
And cry for succour from thy throne : 

O make thy truth and mercy known ? 

2 Let judgment not against me pass ; 
Behold, thy servant pleads thy gi-ace : 
Should justice call us to thy Imr, 

No living man is guiltless there. 

3 Ijook down in pity, Lonl, and see 
The mighty woes that burden me . 
Down to the dust my life is brought^ 
Like one long buried and forgot. 

4 I dwell in darkness and unseen^ 
My heart is desolate within ; 


My thoughts in musing silence trace 
The ancient wonders of thy grace. 

5 Thence I derive a glimpse of hope 
To bear my sinking spirits up ; 

I stretch my hands to €rod again, 
And thirst, like parched lands, for rain. 

6 For thee I thirst, I pray, I mourn ; 
When will thy smiling face return ? 
Shall all my joys on earth remove ? 
And God for ever hide his love ? 

7 My God, thy long delay, to save. 
Will sink thy prisoner to the grave ; 

My heart grows faint^ and dim mine eye ; 
Make haste to help before I die. 

8 The night is witness to my tears. 
Distressing pains, distressing fears : 
O, might I hear thy morning voice. 
How would my wearied pow'rs rejoice ! 

9 In thee I trust, to thee I sigh. 

And raise my grieved soul on high ; 
For thee sit waiting all the day. 
And wear the tiresome hours away. 

10 Break off my fetters. Lord, and show 
Which is the path, my feet should go ; 
If snares and foes beset the road, 

I flee to hide me near my God. 

11 Teach me to do thy holy will, 
And lead me to thy heav'nly hill ; 
Let the Good Spirit of thy love 
Conduct me to thy courts above. 

12 Then shall my soul no more complain 
The tempter then shall rage in vain : 
And flesh, that was my foe before, 
Sb^ never y^x my spirit more. 



PSALM 144. First Part. C. M 

Victorff in the tpiritual warfare. 

1 X^OR eter Messed be the Lord, 
-■- My Saviour and my shield f 
He sends his Spirit with his woni. 

To arm me tor the field. 

2 When sin and hell their force unite^ 

He makes iny sool his care ; 

instructs me to the heavenly fight. 

And guards me thro' the war. 

3 A friend and helper so divine^ 

Does my weaK courage raise ; 
He makes the ^oiious victory mine ; 
And his shaU be the praise. 

PSALM 144. Second Part. CM. 
J%e vanity rfman — Condescension of God* 

1 T ORD, what is man, poor feeble man* 
-^ Bom of the earth at first ! 

His life a shadow, light and vain. 
Still hastening to me dust. 

2 O what is feeble dying man. 

Or any of his race. 
That God should make it his concern 
To visit him with grace ! 

3 That Grod, who darts his lightnings down» 

Who shakes the worlds above ; 
While mountains tremble at his frown : 
How wondrous is his love ! 

PSALM 144. Third Part. L. M. 
The happy nation. 

HAPPY the city, where their sons 
Like pillars round a palace set. 
And daughters, bright as polished stones^ 
Give strength and beauty to the state. 




2 Happy the country, where the sheep, 
Cattle, and com, have large increase ; 
Where men securely work, or sleep. 
Nor sons of plunder break their peace. 

3 Happy the nation thus endowed : 
But more divinely blest are those, 
On whom the all-sufficient God, 
Himself with all his grace bestows. 

PSALM 145. First Part. L- M. 

Creneral praise — Greatness of God. 

1 li/TY God, my King, thy various praise 
^^ Shall fill the remnant of my days ; 
Thy grace employ my humble tongue 
Till death and glory raise the song. 

2 The wings of ev'ry hour shall bear 
Some thankful tribute to thine ear ; 
And ev'ry setting sun shall see 
New works of duty done for thee. 

3 Thy truth and justice I'll proclaim ; 
Thy bounty flows an endless stream ; 
Thy mercy swift ; thine anger slow ; 
But dreadful to the stubborn foe. 

4 Thy works with sovereign ^lory shine 
And speak thy majesty divme : 

Let Zion in her courts proclaim 
The sound and honour of thy name. 

5 Let distant times and nations raise 
The long succession of thy praise ; 
And un^m ages make my song 
The joy and labour of their tongue. 

6 But who can speak thy wondrous deeds ? 
Thy greatness all our thoughts exceeds : 
Vast and unsearchable thy ways ; 

Vast and immortal he thy praise. 


PSALM 145, Second Part. C. M* 
7%e goodness of God. 

1 O WEET is the memory of thy grace, 
•^ My God, my heav'nly King : 

Let age to age thy righteousness 
In sounds of glory sing, 

2 God reigns on high, but not confines 

His goodness to the skies; 
Thro' the whole earth his bounty shines. 
And ey'iy. want supplies, 

3 With longing eyes thy creatures wait 

On rfiee tor daily food ; 
Thy liberal hand provides their meat. 
And fills their mouths with good. 

4 How kind are thy compassions, Lord I 

How slow thine anger moves ! 
But soon he sends his pardoning word 
To cheer the souls he loves, 

5 Creatures, with all their endless race; 

Thy pow'r and praise proclaim ; 
But saints that taste thy richer grace, 
Delight to bless thy name. 

PSALM 145. Third Part. C. M. 
The mercy of God. 

1 T ET ev'ry tongue thy mercy speak, 
' •*^ Thou sovereign Lord of all ; 

Thy strengthening hands uphold the weak 
And raise the poor that fall. 

2 When sorrow bows the spirit down, 

Or virtue lies distrest 
Beneath some proud oppressor's frown^ 
Thou giv'st the mourners rest. 

3 The Lord supports our sinking days, 

And guides our giddy youth : 


Holy and just are all his ways, 
And all his words are truth. 

4 He knows the pain his servants feel ; 
He hears his children cry ; 

And their best wishes to fulfil, 
His grace is ever nigh. 

5 His mercy never shall remove 
From men of heart sincere : 

He saves the souls, whose humble love 
Is join'd with holy fear. 

6 His stubborn foes, his sword shall slay, 
And pierce their hearts with pain ; 

But none, that serve the Lord, shall say, 
" They sought his aid in vain.'' 

7 My lips shall dwell upon his praise, 
And spread his fame abroad : 

Let all the sons of Adam raise 
The honours of their God. 

PSALM 146. First Part. L. M. 

Goodness cuid faithfulness of God* 

1 "DRAISE ye tlie Ix)rd : my heart shall join 
^ In work so pleasant, so divine ; 

I Now while the flesh is my al>ode, 

i And when my soul ascends to God. 

2 Praise shall employ my noblest pow'rs^ 
While immortality endures ; 

My days of praise shall ne'er be past, 
[ While life, and thought, and being last 

I 3 Why should I make a man my trust ? 
I Princes must die and turn to dust ; 

Their breath departs, their pomp and pow 
And thoughts all vanish in an hour. 
I 4 Happy the man, whose hopes rely 
I On israd^s Crod; be made the sky, 


And earth and seas, with all their train ; 
And none shall find his. promise vain. 

5 His truth for ever stands secure ; 

He saves th' opprest^ he feeds the poor; 
He sends the laboring conscience pn^ce, 
And grants the prisoner sweet release. 

6 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind ; 
The Lord supports the sinking mind ; 
He helps the stranger in distress, 
The Widow and the fatherless. 

7 He loves his saints, he knows them well, 
But turns the wicked down to hell : 
Thy God, O Zion, ever reigns ; 

Praise him in everlasting strains. 

PSALM 146. Second Part. P. M. 
GoodMss and faiihfulneBS of God. 

1 T 'LL praise my Maker with my breath 
-*- And when my voice is lost in death, 

Praise shall employ my nobler powVs : 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past. 
While Hfe, and thought, and being last. 

Or immortality endures. 

2 Why should I make a man my trust ! 
Princes must die and turn to dust : 

Vain is the help of flesh and blood ; 
Their breath departs, their pomp, and powh 
And thoughts, all vanish in an hour : 

Nor can they make their promise good. 

3 Happy the man whose hopes rely 
On Israel's God ; he made the sky. 

And earth and seas, with all their train : 
His truth for ever stands secure ; 
He saves th' opprest, he feeds the poor; 

And none shall find his promise vain. 




4 The Lord hath eyes to give the blind ; 
The Lord supports the sinking mind ; 

He sends the lab'ring conscience peace : 
He helps the stranger in distress, 
The widow, and the fatherless ; 

And grants the prisoner sweet release. 

5 He loves his saints, he knows them well : 
But turns the wicked down to hell : 

Thy God, O Zion,ever reigns. 
Let ev'ry tongue, let ev'ry age, 
In this exalted work engage ; 

Praise him in everlasting strains. 

6 111 praise him while he lends me breath ; 
And when my voice is lost in death. 

Praise shall employ my nobler pow'rs 
My days of praise shall ne'er be past, 
While life, and thought, and being last. 

Or immortality endures. 

PSALM 147. First Pari. L. M. 
Providence and grace. 

1 OR AISE ye the Lord : 'tis good to raise 
^ Our hearts and voices in his praise : 
His nature and his works invite 

To make this duty our delight. 

2 The Lord builds up Jerusalem, 
And gathers nations to his name : 
His mercy melts the stubborn soul. 
And makes the broken spirit whole. 

3 He form'd the stars, those heavenly flames. 
He counts their numbers, calls their names : 
His wisdom's vast, and knows no bound, 

A deep where all our thoughts are drown'd. 

4 Great is our Lord, and ^at his might ; 
And all his g\oriea in&nite ; 

352 PSALM CXVn. 

He crowns the meek, rewards the justf 
And treads the wicked to the dust. 

5 The saints are lovely in his sight : 
On them he looks with great delight : 
He sees their hope, he knows their fear, 
And views, and loves his iinage there. 

PSALM 147. Second Pari. L. M. 
The seasons of the year. 

1 T ET Zion praise die mighty God, 

■^ And make his honours known abroad 
For sweet the joy our songs to raise. 
And glorious is the work of praise. 

2 Our children live secure and blest ; 
Our shores have peace, our cities rest ; 
He feeds our sons with finest wheat, 
And adds his blessing to their meat. 

3 The changing seasons he ordains, 
The early and the latter rains ; 

His flakes of snow, like wool, he sends. 
And thus the springing corn defends. 

4 With hoary frost he strews the ground ; 
His hail descends with dreadful sound ; 
His icy bands the rivers hold. 

And terror arms his wintr}^ cold. 

5 He bids the warmer breezes blow. 
The ice dissolves, the waters flow ; 
But he hath nobler works and ways 
To call his children to his praise. 

6 Thro' all our coasts his laws are showUf 
His gospel thro' the nation known : 

He iMith not thus revcal'd his word 
To evVy land ; Praise ye the Lord. 


PSALM 147, Third Part. C. M, 
The teoMont of the year. 

1 Vllj^ITH songs and honours sounding loud 
^ ^ Address the Lord on high ; 
Around the heavens he spreads his cIoud« 
And waters veil the sky. 

2 He sends his showers of blessings down 

To cheer the plains below ; 
He makes the grass the mountains crown, 
And com in valleys grow, 

3 He gives the grazing ox his meat. 

He hears the raven's cry ; 
But man, who tastes his finest wheat, 
Should raise his honours high. 

4 His steady counsels change the face 

Of the declining year ; 
He bids the sun cut short his race, 
And wintry days appear, 

5 His hoary frost, his fleecy snow, 

Descend and clothe the ground; 
The liquid streams forbear to flow, 
In icy fetters bound, 

6 When from his dreadful stores on high 

He pours the rattling hail ; 
The wretch, that dares his God defy. 
Shall find his courage fail. 

7 He sends his word, and melts tlie snow ; 

The fields no longer mourn ; 
He calls the southern gales to blow. 
And bids the spring return. 

8 The changing wind, the flying cloud. 

Obey his mighty word : 
With songs and honours sounding loud, 
Praise j^e the sovereign Lord, 


PSALM 148. First Part. P. M. 
Universal praise. 

1 '\^ tribes of Adam, join 

A With heav'n and earth and seas. 

And offer notes divine 

To your Creator's praise. 

Ye holy throng of angels bright, 
In worlds of light, begin the song. 

2 Thou sun with dazzling rays, 
And moon that rul'st me night. 
Shine to your Maker's praise. 
With stars of twinkhng light. 

His pow'r declare, ye floods on high, 
And clouds, that fly in empty air, 

3 The shining worlds above 
In glorious order stand. 
Or m swift courses move 
By his supreme command. 

He spake the word, and all their frame 
From nothing came, to praise the Lord. 

4 He mov'd the mighty wheels 
In unknown ages past ; 
And each his word fulfils. 
While time and nature last. 

In diff'rent ways his works proclaim 
His wondrous name, and speak his praiso 

5 Let all the earth-born race, 
And monsters of the deep ; 
The fish that cleave the seas, 
Or in their bosom sleep ; 

From sea and shore their tribute pay. 
And still display their Maker's pow'n 

6 Yc vapours, hail and snow, 
Praise yc th' almighty Lord ; 

PSALM CXLVin. 355 

And Btormy winds, that Uow, 

To execute his word. 
When Ughtnings shine, or thunders roar, 
Let earth adore his hand divine. 

7 Ye mountains near the skies, 
With lofty cedars there. 
And trees of humbler size, 

That fruit in plenty bear ; [worms. 

Beasts wild and tame, birds, flies, and 
In various forms, exalt his name. 

8 Ye kings, and judges, fear 
The Lord, the sovereign King ; 
And, while you rule us here. 
His heav'nly honours sing : 

Nor let the dream of pow'r and state 
Make you forget his pow'r supreme. 

9 Virgms, and youth, engage 
To sound his praise divine, 
While infancy and age 
Their feebler voices join : 

Wide as he reigns, his name be sung 
By ev'ry tongue, in endless strains. 

10 Let all the nations fear 
The God that rules above ; 
He brings his people near, 
And makes them taste his love : 
While earth and sky attempt his praise, 
His saints shall raise his honours nigh. 

PSALM 148. Second Part. L. M. 

Universal praise to God, 

1 T ODD hallelujahs to the Lord, [dwell • 
•*-^ From distant worlds, where creatures 
Let heav'n begin the solemn word, 
And sound it dreadful down to helU 


2 The Lord, how absolute he reigiw! 
Let ev'ry angel bend the knee ; 
Sinff of his love in heav'nly strains, 
And speak how fierce his terrors be. 

3 Mortals, can you refrain your tongue. 
When nature all around you sings ? 
O for a shout from old and young, 
From humble swains and lofty kings ! 

4 Wide as his vast dominion lies. 
Make the Creator's name be known ; 
Loud as his thunder shout his praise. 
And sound it lofty as his throne. 

5 Jehovah ! His a glorious word ! 
O may it dwell on ev'ry tongue ! 

But saints, who best have known the Lord 
Arc bound to raise the noblest song. 

PSALM 149. C. M. 

The triumph of the Church* 

1 A LL ye that love the Lord, rejoice, 
-^ And let your songs be new ; 
Amid the church with cheerful voice. 

His later wonders show. 

2 The Jews, the people of his grace. 

Shall their Redeemer sing ; 
And Gentile nations join the praise. 
While Zion owns her King. 

3 The I^rd takes pleasure in the just, 

Whom sinners treat with scorn ; 
The meek, that lie despis'd in dust. 
Salvation shall adorn. 

4 Saints shall be joyful in their King, 

Ev'n on a dying bed ; 
And, like the souls, in glory sing : 
For Grod shall raise the dead. 

PSALM CL. 257 

5 Then his high praise shall fill their tongues^ 

Their hand shall wield the sword ; 
And vengeance shall attend their songs ; 
The vengeance of the Lord. 

6 When Christ the judgment-seat ascends. 

And bids the world appear ; 
Thrones are preparM for all his friends^ 
Who humbly lov'd him here. 

V Then shall they rule, with iron rod, 
Nations that dar'd rebel ; 
And join the sentence of their God, 
On tyrants doom'd to hell. 

8 The royal sinner bound in chains, 
New triumphs shall afford : 
Such honour for the saints remains ; 
Praise ye, and love the Lord. 

PSALM 150, First Part. P, M, 
Universal praise to the God of our salvation* 

1 TN Zion's sacred gates, 

-*• Let hymns of praise begin ; 

Where acts of faith and love 

With ceaseless beauty shine : 
In mercy there, while God is known, 
Before his throne, with songs appear. 

2 In heav'n, his house on high, 
Ye angels, lift your voice ; 
I^t heav'niy harps resound. 
And happy saints rejoice : 

The glories sing, that ever shine. 
With pomp divine, around your King 

3 His wondrous acts demand. 
His wisdom and his grace, 
The labours of our hands. 
And transports of our praise : 

258 PSALM CL. 

Rehearse his name to ev'iy shore, 
Where'er his powV his works proclaim. 

4 Let the trranp's martial voice, 

The timbrel's softer sound, 

The organ's solemn peal. 

United praise resound. 
To swell the song with highest joy, 
Let man employ his tuneful tongue. 

PSALM 150. Second Pari. L. M. 

1 T)RAISE ye the Lord ; all nature join 
A In work and worship so divine : 
Let heav'n and earth unite, and raise 
High hallelujahs to his praise. 

2 While realms of joy, and worlds around, 
Their hallelujahs loud resound ; 

Let saints below, and saints above. 
Exulting smg redeeming love, 

3 As instruments well tun'd and strung. 
We'll praise the Lord with heart and tongue 
While life remains, we'll loud proclaim 
High hallelujahs to his name, 

4 Beyond the grave, in nobler strains. 
When freed from sorrow, sin, and pains, 
Eternally the church will raise 

High hallelujahs to his praise. 

5 Praise the Father, Hallelujah ; 
Praise ye the Son, Hallelujah ; 
Praise the Spirit, Hallelujah ; 

These three are one, praise ye the Lor» 








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LIL Lord's Day. 465. 432, 498-^02, 344, 847. 





1-P. M. Hymn 1. Add 


1 f\R Zion, tune thy voice, 

\) And lift thy hands on high ; 

Tell all the world thy joys, 

And shout salvation nigh : 
Cheerful in Grod, arise and shine, 
While rays divine stream all abroad. 

2 He gilds thy mourning face 
With beams that cannot fade ; 
His all resplendent grace 

He pours around thy head. 
The nations round, thy form shall view. 
With lustre new, divinely crown'd. 

3 In honour to his name, 
Reflect that sacred light, 
And loud that grace proclaim, 
Which makes thy darkness bright: 

Pursue his praise, till sovereign love, 
In worlds above, thy glory raise. 


262 HYMN II. 

4 There, on his holy hill, 

A brighter sun shall rise, 

And with his radiance fill 

Those fairer, purer skies : 
While round his throne, ten thousand stars 
In nobler spheres, his influence own. 

2— C. p. M. Hymn 2. Add. 


V r^ O, tune thy voice to sacred song ; 
VX Exert thy noblest pow'rs ! 
Go, mingle with the choral throng, 
The Saviour's praises to prolong. 
Amid life's fleeting hours. 

2 O ! hast thou felt a Saviour's love. 

That flame of heav'nly birth ? 
Then let thy strains melodious prove. 
With rapture soaring far adove 

The trifling toys of earth. 

3 Hast found the pearl of price unknown. 

That cost a Saviour's blood! 
Pleir of a bright celestial crown, 
That sparkles near tli' eternal throne, 

O, sing the praise of God ! 

4 Sing of the Lamb that once was slain 

That man might be forgiv'n ; 
Sing how he broke death's bars in twain. 
Ascending- high in bliss to reign. 

The God of earth and heav'n. 

5 Begin on earth the notes of praise, 

" Glory to God on high," 
Sing through tlie remnant of thy days ; 
At death, the song of vict'ry raise, 

And soar beyond the sky. 

HYMN III. 263 

3— C. p. M. Hymn 3. Add 


1 BEGIN, my soul, th' exalted lay, 

-L' Let each enraptured thought obey. 
And praise the Ahnighty name: 
Let heay'n and earth, and seas and skies, 
la one melodious concert rise. 
To swell th' inspiring thema ^ 

2 Thou heav'n of heav'ns, his vast abode. 
Ye cloudS) proclaim your Maker— God, 

Ye thunders, speak his power; 
Lo! on the lightning's fiery wing, 
In triumph walks the eternal King : 
Th' astonished worlds adore. 

\ Ye deeps, with roaring billows rise, 

To join the thunders of the skies, 

Praise him who bids you roll : 

His praise in softer notes declare, 

Each whispering breeze of yielding air. 

And breathe it to the soul. 

X Wake, all ye soaring throngs, and sing ; 
Ye feather'd warblers of the spring, 

Harmonious anthems raise, 
To him who shaped your finer mould. 
Who tipp'd your glitt'ring wings witli gold, 

And tuned your voice to praise. 

\ Let man, by nobler passions sway'd. 
Let man, in God's own image made. 

His breath in praise employ ; 
Spread wide his Maker's name around, 
Till heav'n shall echo hack the sound. 

In songs of holy joy. 

264 HYMN IV, V. 

4— L. M. Hymn 4 Add. 


1 r^OME, O my soul, in sacred lays, 

^ Attempt thy great Creator's praise : 
But O, what tongue can speak his fame, 
What mortal verse can reach the theme ! 

2 Enthroned amid the radiant spheres. 
He, glory like a garment, wears : 
To form a robe of light divine, 

Ten thousand suns around him shine. 

3 In all our Maker's grand designs, 
Omnipotence with wisdom sUhes ; 

His works, through all this wondrous frame. 
Declare the glory of his name. 

4 Raised on devotion's lofty wing, 
Do thou, my soul, his glories sing ; 
And let his praise employ thy tongue, 
Till list'ning worlds shall join the song. 

5— C. M. Hymn 5. Add 

JPerpetual Praise. 

1 TTES, I will bless thee, O my God, 

J- Through all my mortal days ; 
And to eternity prolong 

Thy vast, thy boundless praise. 

2 Nor shall my tongue alone proclaim 

The honours of my God; 
My life, with all its active pow'rs, 
Shall spread thy praise abroad. 

5 Not death itself shall stop my song, 

Though death will close my eyes, 
My thoughts shall then to nobler hdgbti 
And sweeter raptures rise. 


4 There shall my lips ia endless praise 
Their gratet'ol tribute pay ; 
The theme demands an angel's tongue 
And an eternal day. 

6— L. M. Hymnl, B. 2. 

Creation praising God. 

1 ^H£ spacious firmament on higli, 
-1- With all the blue ethereal sky, 
And spangled heavens, a shining frame, 
Their great Original proclaim. 

2 The unwearied sun, from day to day, 
Does his Creator's pow'r display. 
And publishes to every land, 

The work of an Ahnighty hand. 

3 Soon as the evening shades prevail. 
The moon takes up the wondrous tale ; 
And, nightly, to the list'ning earth, 
Repeats the story of her birth; 

4 Whilst all the stars that round her burn, 
And all the planets in their turn, 
Confirm the tidiugs as they roll. 
And spread the truth from pole to pole. 

5 What, though in solemn silence all 
Move round this dark terrestrial ball ; 
What, though no real voice nor sound 
Amidst their radiant orbs be found ; 

6 In reason's ear they all rejoice. 
And utter forth a glorious voice, 
For ever singing, as they shine, 

" The hand that made us is divine.** 

266 HYMN Vll, VIIL 

7 — 8s 78 4s. Hymn 6. Add. 


1 TN thy name, O Lord, assembling, 
-L We, thy people, now draw near; 
Teach as to rejoice with trembling ; 

Speak, and let thy servants hear-* 

Hear'with meekness, 
Hear thy word with godly fear. 

2 While oor days on earth are lengthened. 

Let as give them, Lord, to thee, 
Cheer'd by hope and daily strengthened. 
We would ran, nor weary be ; 

Till thy glory 
Without clouds in heaven we see. 

3 There in worship, purer, sweeter, 

All thy people shall adore, 
Tasting of enjoyment greater 

Than they could conceive before ; 

Full enjoyment, 
Full, unmix'd, for evermore. 

8— P. M. 7s. Hymn 7. Add 


1 T ORD, we come before thee now ; 
-L^ At thy feet we humbly bow ; 

O ! do not our suit disdain ; 
Shall we seek thee. Lord, in vain ? 

2 Lord, on thee our souls depend, 
In compassion, now descend ; 

Fill our hearts with thy rich grace ; 
Tune our lips to sing thy praise. 

3 Send some message, from thy word. 
That may joy and peace afford ; 
Let thy Spirit now impart 

Fall salvation to each heart 

HYMN IX, X. 267 

4 Comfort those who weep and moarn ; 
Let the time of joy return ; 
Those who are cast down, lift up ; 
Make them strong in faith and hope. 

5 Grant, that all may seek and find 
Thee, a God supremely kind : 
Heal the ^ck, the captive free — 
Let us all rejoice in thee. 

9— R ML 78. Hymn 8. Add. 


1 T ORD, behold thy people here, 

-Li Gome to learn what thoa wilt say ; 
O, in mercy now draw near ; 
Meet thy people when they pray ; 
Thou art God, and thou alone. 
Lord, we worship at thy throne. 

2 Jesus, 'tis on thee we call, 
Israel's Saviour, Israel's King; 
Low before thy feet we fall ; 
Thee, whom angels love, we sing; 
Saviour, lead us in the way. 
Only thee would we obey. 

3 Teach us what we do not know. 
Lord, instruct us in thy will ; 

*What we learn, O may we do ! 
To thy voice obedient still; 
Close to thee may we abide. 
Thee, our Saviour and our Guide. 

10— C. P. M. Hymn 9. Add, 

Social Worship. 
1 •'TI7HERE two or three together meet, 
^^ My love and mercy to repeat 
And tell what I have done, 

268 HYMN XL 

There will I be," saith God, "to bless, 
And ev*ry burden'd soul redress, 
Who worships at my throne." 

2 Make one in this assembly, Lord, 

Speak to each heart some cheering word. 

To set the spirit free; 
Impart a kind celestial shower. 
And grant that we may spend an hour 

In fellowship with thee. 

11— CM. HymnlO.Adc 


1 TN thy great name, O Lord, we come, 
J- To worship at thy feet; 

O pour thy Holy Spirit down 
On all that now shall meet. 

2 We come to hear Jehovah speak. 

To hear the Saviour's voice : 
Thy face and favour, Lord, we seek. 
Now make our hearts rejoice. 

3 Teach us to pray, and praise, and hear. 

And understand thy word; 
To feel thy blissful presence near. 
And trust our living Lord. 

4 Here let thy power and grace be felt; 

Thy love and mercy known ; 
Our icy hearts, dear Jesus, melt. 
And break this flinty stone. 

5 Let sinners, Lord, thy goodness prove. 

And saints rejoice in thee; 
Let rebels be subdued by \ove^ 
^^^y)^ ^be Savlovir ftee. 

^■-Wrbe 5 



6 This house, with grace and glory fill. 
This congregation bless; 
Thy great salvation now reveal — 
Thy glorious righteousness. 

12— C. M. Hymn 11. Add. 

Confession, Prayer, and Praise. 

1 T ORD ! when we bend before thy throne, 
•^ And oar confessions ponr, 

Teach as to feel the sins we own 
And hate what we deplore. 

2 Oar broken spirits pitying see, 

True penitence impart: 
Then let a kindling glance from thee 
Beam hope on every heart 

3 When we disclose our wants in prayer. 

Oh, let our wills resign; 
And not a thought our bosom share. 
Which is not wholly thine. 

4 Let faith each weak petition fill. 

And lift it to the skies; 
And teach our hearts 't is goodness still 
Which grants it, or denies. 

5 When our united voices strive 

Their cheerful hymns to raise. 
Let love divine within us live, 
And lift our souls in praise. 

13— C. M. Hymn 12- Add. 

God^s Presence sought. 
1 \ GAIN our earthly cares we leave, 
-^ And to thy courts repair ; 
Again with joyful feet we come, 
To meet oar Saviour there. 

270 HYMN XIV. 

2 Great Shepherd of thy people, hear ! 

Thy presence now display : 
We bow within thy house of prayer; 
O! give us hearts to pray. 

3 The clouds which veil thee from our sight. 

In pity, Lord, remove ; 
Dispose our minds to hear aright 
The message of thy love. 

4 Help us, with holy fear and joy, 

To bow before thy face ; 
And make us, creatures of thy power. 
The children of thy grace. 

14— C. M. Hymn 13. Add 

A Blessing sought. 

1 pOME,0 thou all-victorious Lord, 
^ Thy power to us make known ; - 
Strike with the hammer of thy word. 

And break these hearts of stone. 

2 Speak with the voice which wakes the dead, 

And bid the sleeper rise ; 
And let each guilty conscience dread 
The death that never dies. 

3 To each a sense of guilt impart, 

And then renu)ve the load; 
Quicken and wash the troubled heart 
In thine atoning blood. 

4 Our desperate state through sin declare^ 

And speak our sins forgiven ; 
By daily growth in grace prepare, 
Then take us up to heav'n 


15— 7s. Hymn 14. Add. 

Before Hearing. 

1 OOURCE of light and power divine, 
^ Deign upon thy truth to shine ; 
Lord, behold thy servant stands, 

Lo ! to thee, he lifts his hands ; 
Satisfy his souFs desire, 
Touch bis lips with holy fire ! 
Source of light and power divine, 
Deign upon thy truth to shine. 

2 Breathe thy Spirit, so shall fall 
Unction sweet upon us all; 
Till by odours scatter'd round, 
Christ himself be traced and found; 
Then shall ev'ry raptured heart, 
Rich in peace and joy, depart 
Source of light and power divine; 
Deign upon thy truth to shine. 

16— L. M. Hymn 15. Add. 


1 TTOW sweet to leave the world awhile, 
-tl And seek the presence of our Lord ! 
Dear Saviour, on tby people smile. 

And come according to thy word. 

2 From busy scenes we now retreat. 
That we may here converse with thee : 
Ah, Lord, behold us at thy feet ! 

Let this the "gate of heaven" be. 

3 " Chief of ten thousand," now appear, 
That we by faith may see thy face ; 
0, speak, that we thy voice iiiay hear, 
And let thy presence fill this place. 


4 Lord, let thy people's views be clear, 
And let their hearts be fill'd with love ; 
O may their light to all appear, 
And prove their doctrines from above. 

1 7— L. M. Hymn 123. B. 2 

Commencement of Public Worship. 

1 'PHY presence, gracioas God, aflford— 
J- Prepare us to receive thy word ; 
Now let thy voice engage our ear, 
And faith be mixt with what we hear. 

2 Distracting thoughts and cares remove, 
And fix our hearts and hopes above ; 
With food divine may we be fed, 
And satisfied with living bread. 

3 To us thy sacred word apply. 
With sov'reign pow'r and energy ; 
And may we, in true faith and fear, 
Reduce to practice what we hear. 


18— C. M. Hymn 31, Pt 2. B. 1 

The Bible. 

1 Tj^ATHER of mercies, in thy word 
J- What endless glory shines! 
For ever be thy name ador'd 

For these celestial lines! 

2 Here may the. wretched sons of want 

Exhaustless riches find; 
Riches, above what earth can grant. 
And lasting as the mind. 

HYMN XIX. 273 

3 Here the fair tree of knowledge grows 

And yields a sweet repast; 
Sublimer sweets, than nature knows. 
Invite the longing taste. 

4 Here springs of consolation rise, 

To cheer the fainting mind ; 

And thirsty souls receive supplies, 

And sweet refreshment find. 

5 Here the Redeemer's welcome voice 

Spreads heav'uly peace around ; 
And life and everlasting joys 
Attend the blissful sound ! 

6 may these heav'nly pages be 

My ever dear delight; 
And still new, beauties may I see, 
And still increasing light ! 

7 Divine Instructor, gracious Lord, 

Be thou for ever near ; 
Teach me to love thy sacred word. 
And view my Saviour there ! 

19_n. M. Hymn 16. Add. 

Tlie Scriptures. 

1 T^HIS is the field where hidden lies 
-L The pearl of price unknown : 
And they are all divinely wise 

Who make that pearl their own. 

2 Here consecrated water flows, 

To quench our thirst for sin : 
Here the fair tree of knowledge grows — 
No danger dwells therein. 

3 This is the judge that ends the strife, 

Where wit and reason fail; 
Our guide to everlastings life, 
Through all this gloomy vale. 

274 HYMN XX, XXI. 

4 O may thy counsels, mighty God, 
Our roving feet command ; 
Nor we forsak^ the happy road. 
That leads to thy right hand. 

20— C. M. Hymn 17. A 

The Scriptures. 

1 TTOW precious is the book divine, 
-t-L By inspiration given ! 

Bright as a lamp its doctrines shine. 
To guide our souls to heaven. 

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping hearts 

In this dark vale of tears ; 
Life, light, and joy, it still imparts, 
And quells our rising fears. 

3 This lamp, through all the tedious night 

Of life, shall guide our way ; 
Till we behold the clearer light 
Of an eternal day. 

21— L.M. Hymn 18. A( 

The Scriptures. 

1 Tl/TORE joy than earth can e'er afford, 
-L»-L Is found in God's delightful word ; 
Be it my study, night and day. 

My guide through all the lonely way. 

2 Clothed with a majesty divine, 

Its doctrines and its precepts shine ; 
Infinite wisdom, truth and grace, 
Appear in all its promises. 

3 'Tis here the liOrd, as in a glass, 
Displays the glories of his face. 
Stoops from his high, imperial throne, 
And makes his great salvation known« 


4 Then be his word to all address'd — 
Able to make us wise and blest — 
Till the whole earth shall own his name, 
And all, his boundless love proclaim. 

22-L. M. Hymn 19. Add 

The Scriptures. 

1 THY word, O Lord, is light and food, 

•*• The law of tmtb, and source of good : 
There thou hast pointed out my way 
To pardon and perpetual day. 

2 Hay I receive it. Lord, as thine, 
Receive it as thy word divine. 
With firm assent, with listening ear. 
With bending heart, and filial fear. 

3 Make me to know its saving might. 

Its quick'ning power, its cheerful light : 
May it my stubborn heart subdue. 
And still my sinful soul renew! 

4 0! let it richly dwell within, 

To keep me from the snares of sin, 
And gnide me still to choose thy way. 
That I no more may go astray. 

23-C. M. Hymn 20. Add. 

The riclies of God^s word. 

1 T ET worldly men from shore to shore 
^ Their favourite god pursue ; 

Thy word, O Lord, we value more 
Than India or Peru. 

2 Here mines of knowledge, love, and joy 

Are open to our sight ; 
The purest gold without alloy 
And gems divinely bright 


3 The counsels of redeeming grace 

These sacred leaves unfold ; 
And here the Saviour's lovely face 
Our raptured eyes behold. 

4 Our numerous griefs are here redrest, 

And all our wants supplied : 
Nought we can ask to make us blest 
Is in this book denied. 

5 For these inestimable gains 

That so ei»ich the mind, 
O may we search with eager pains. 
Assured that we shall find. 

24— L. M. Hymn 21. Add 

A Saviour seen in the Scriptures. 

1 \rOW let my soul, eternal King, 

-L^ To thee its grateful tribute bring ; 
My knee, with humble homage, bow. 
My tongue perform its solemn vow. 

2 All nature sings thy boundless love. 
In worlds below and worlds above ; 
But, in thy blessed word, I trace 
Diviner wonders of thy grace. 

3 There, what delightful truths I read ! 
There, I behold the Saviour bleed ; 
His name salutes my listening ear. 
Revives my heart, and checks my fear. 

4 There Jesus bids my sorrows cease. 
And gives my laboring conscience peace; 
Raises my grateful passions high. 

And points to mansions in the sky. 

-5 For love like this, O ! let my song, 

Through endless years, thy praise prolong; 
Let distant climes thy name adore, 
Till time and nature are no \t\ot^. 



25— L. M. Hymn 47, P. 2. B. 1. 

The name of God exalted above all praise. 

1 INTERNAL Pow'r! whose high abode 
J-^ Becomes the grandeur of our God ; 
Immensely far, beyond the bounds. 
Where stars revolve their little rounds. 

2 The lowest step above thy seat 
Rises too high for Gabriel's feet ; 
In vain the tallest angel tries 

To reach the height with wond'ring eyes. 

3 Lord, what shall earth and ashes do! 
We would adore our Maker too; 
From sin and dust to thee we cry, 
The Great, the Holy, and the High' 

4 Earth, from afar, has heard thy fame. 
And worms have learn'd to lisp thy name; 
But O ! the glories of thy mind 

Leave all our soaring thoughts behind. 

5 God is in heav*n, but man below ; 
Rais'd be our thoughts ; our words be few ; 
A sacred rev'rence checks our songs. 
And praise sits silent on our tongues. 

26— P. M. Hymn 4, Pt. 1. B. 1. 

The perfection of God, 

I T^HE Lord Jehovah reigns, 
^ His throne is built on high; 
The garments he assumes, 
Are light and majesty. 

Qis glories shine with beams so bright, 

No mortal eye can hear the sight. 


2 The thunders of his hand 
Keep the wide world in awe; 
His wrath and justice stand 
To guard his holy law; 

And where his love resolves to bless, 
His truth confirms and seals the grace. 

3 Thro* all his perfect works 
Surprising wisdom shines; 
Confounds the pow'rs of hell. 
And breaks their curs'd designs; 

Strong is his arm, and shall fulfil 
His great decrees, his sov'reign will. 

4 And can this mighty King 
Of glory condescend? 

And will he write his name, 

My Father and my Friend t 
I love his name, I love his word ; 
Join all my pow'rs, and praise the Lord. 

27— L. M. Hymn 9, Pt. 1. B. 

God the Father, the almighty Creator. 

1 A LMIGHTY God, we praise and own 
-^ Thee our Creator, King alone ; 

All things were made to honour thee, 
O Father of eternity! 

2 To thee all angels loudly cry. 

The heav'ns and all the pow'rs on high, 
Cherubs and seraphim proclaim, 
And cry, Thrice holy to thy name ! 

3 Lord God of hosts, thy presence bright 
Fills heav'n and earth with beauteous light 
Th' apostles' happy company, 

' And ancient prophets, all praise thee, 




The crowned martyrs' noble host, 
The holy church in ev'ry coast, 
Their Maker for their Father own, 
Now reconcil'd in Christ his Son. 

28— L. M. Hymn 35, Pt 2. B. 1. 

C^od injcamprehensiUe. 

1 i^AN creatures, to perfection, find 
^ Th* eternal, uncreated Mind ! 
Or can the largest stretch of thought 
Measure and search His nature outt 

2 'T is high as heav'n, 'tis deep as hell. 
And what can mortals know, or tell ? 
His glory spreads beyond the sky, 
And all the shining worlds on high. 

3 God is a King of pow'r unknown. 
Firm are the orders of his throne ; 
If he resolve, who dare oppose, 
Or ask him why, or what he does? 

4 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole ; 
He calms the tempest of the soul ; 

When he shuts up in long despair, 
Who can remove the heavy bar? 

5 He frowns, and darkness veils the moon. 
The fainting sun grows dim at noon ; 
The pillars of heav'n's starry roof 
Tremble and start at his reproof. 

6 These are a portion of his ways ; 
But who shall dare describe his facet 
Who can endure his light, or stand 
To hear the thunders of his hand \ 


29— C. M. Hymn 22. Add 


1 T^HY greatness, Lord, what thoaght can 
-^ reach ! 

What mortal tongue can tell! 
Thy throne is fix'd, thy power extends 
O'er heaven, and earth, and hell. 

2 Who can evade, or who resist. 

The vengeance of a God! 
Thy fearful wrath, when once provoked. 
Spreads terror all abroad. 

3 The wide dominion and the power, 

The sovereignty is thine : 
'Tis thine the universe to rule. 
With majesty divine. 

4 To thee, by all the hosts of heaven, 

And all of human race. 
Be everlasting honours given, 
And universal praise. 

30— C. M. Hymn 23. Add 


1 TN all my vast concerns with thee, 
J- In vain my soul would try 

To shun thy presence. Lord, or flee 
The notice of thine eye. 

2 Thine all surrounding sight surveys 

My rising and my rest, 
My public walks, my private ways, 
And secrets of my breast 

3 My thoughts lie open to the Lord, 

While yet unform'd within; 
And ere my lips pronounce the word, 
He knows the sense I mean. 

HYMN XXXl. 281 

4 O wondroq; knowledge, deep and high ! 

Where can a creature hide t 
Within thy circling arms I lie, 
Beset on every side. 

5 So let thy grace surround me stiU, 

And like a bulwark prove, 

To guard my soul from ev'ry ill, 

Secured by sov'reign love. 

31— C. M. D. Hymn 24. Add. 


1 'PHE Lord our God is full of might, 
-*- The winds obey his will ; . 

He speaks, and in his heav'niy height 

The rolling sun stands still. 
Rebel, ye waves, and o'er the land, 

With tlireat'ning aspect roar; — 
The Lord uplifts his awful hand, 

And chains you to the shore. 

2 Ye winds of night, your force combine; — 

Without his high behest. 
Ye shall not, in the lofty pine, 

Disturb the sparrow's nest. 
His voice sublime is heard afar — 

In distant peals it dies; 
He yokes the whirlwind to his car, 

And sweeps the howling skies. 

a He lives, he reigns in ev'ry land. 
From winter's polar snows 
To where across the burning sand. 

The blasting meteor goes. 
Ye nations, bend, in rev'rence bend : 

Ye monarchs, wait his nod. 
And bid the choral song ascend, 
To celebrate your God ! 


32— L. M. Hymn 25. Add. 


1 TT7ITH deepest reverence at thy throne, 

^Y Jehovah, peerless and unknown, 
Our feeble spirits strive, in vain, 
A glimpse of thee, great God, to gain. 

2 Who, by the closest search, can find 
Thy mighty, uncreated mind ! 

Nor men, nor angels can explore 

Thy heights of love, thy depths of power. 

3 We know thee not ; but this we know. 
Thou reign'st above, thou reign'st below : 
And though thine essence is unknown, 
To all the world thy power is shown. 

4 That power we trace on every side; 
Oh may thy wisdom be our guide ! 
And while we live, and when we die. 
May thine almighty love be nigh. 

33_p. M. Hymn 26. Add 

Ever living. 

1 'pHE Lord Jehovah lives, 

-L And blessed be my Rock; 

Though earth her bosom heaves 

And mountains feel the shock; 
Though oceans rage and torrents roar; 
He is the same for evermore. 

2 The Lord Jehovah lives — 
The dying sinner's Friend: 
How purely he forgives 
The folUes that offend: 

He wipes the penitential tear, 
Bids faith and hope, the spirit cheer. 


3 The Lord Jehovah lives, 
To hear and answer prayer, 
Whoe'er in him believes 
And trusts his guardian care, 

A Father^s tender love shall know, 
^Whence living streams of comfort flow. 

4 The Lord Jehovah lives. 
Salvation to secure: 
The title that he gives 
Will be forever sure: 

'T is drawn in characters of blood, 
'Tis issued from the throne of God. 

34— CM. Hymn 28 Add 

GW knoum by his Wbrh. 

1 T SING th' almighty power of God, 
-■- That made the mountains rise. 
That spread the flowing seas abroad 

And built the lofty skies. 

2 I sing the wisdom that ordained 

The sun to rule the day; 
The moon shiues full at his command. 
And all the stars obey. 

3 I sing the goodness of the Lord, 

That fiird the earth with food; 
He form'd the creatures with his word, 
And then pronounced them good. 

4 There's not a plant or flower below. 

But makes thy glories known ; 
And clouds arise and tempests blow 
By order from thy throne. 

5 Lord, how thy wonders are displayed, 

Where'er I turn mine eye; 
If I survey the ground I tread, 
Or gaze upon thg sky- 


6 Creatures (as numerous as they be) 
Are subject to thy care; 
There 's not a place where we can flee 
But God is present there.. 

35— L. M. Hymn 29. Ad 

Voice of Creation. 

1 ^HERE seems a voice in ev'ry gale, 
-L A tongue in ev'ry op'ning flower, 
Which tells, O Lord, •• the wondrous tale" 
Of thy indulgence, love, and power. 

The birds that rise on quiv'ring wing, 
Appear to hymn their Maker's praise. 
And all the mingling sounds of spring 
To thee one general chorus raise. 

2 And shall my voice, great God, alone. 
Be mute midst nature's loud acclaim T 
No, let my heart with answering tone, 
Breathe forth in praise thy holy name. 
And nature's debt is small to mine, 
Thou badest her being, bounded be, 
But — matchless proof of love divine — 
Thou gavest immortal life to me. 

3 The Saviour left his heav'niy throne, 
A ransom for my soul to give ; 
Man's sufl«?ring state he made his own. 
And deign'd to die that I might live. 
But thanks and praise for love so great 
No mortal tongue can e'er express. 
Then let me, bow'd before thy feet, 

In silence love thee, Lord, and bless. 


36— C. R M. Hymn 27. Add. 

The Love of God. 

1 IVr^ ^^^' ^^^ boundless love I praise ; 
^^ How bright on high its glories blaze, 

How sweetly bloom below ! ' 
It streams from thine eternal throne ; 
Through heaven its joys forever run, 

And o'er the earth they flow. 

2 'T is love that paints the purple morn, 
And bids the clouds, in air upborne, 

Their genial drops distil; 
In every vernal beam it glows, 
And breathes in every gale that blows. 

And glides in every rill. 

3 But in the gospel it appears 
In sweeter, fairer characters, 

And charms the ravish'd breast ; 
There love immortal leaves the sky, 
To wipe the drooping mourner's eye 

And give the weary rest, 

4 Then let the love that makes me blest 
With cheerful praise inspire my breast, 

And ardent gratitude; 
And all my thoughts and passions tend 
To thee, my Father and my Friend — 

My soul's eternal good. 

37— C. M. Hymn 3. B. 2. 

Love of Grod. 

1 pOME, ye that know and fear the Lord, 
^ And lift your souls above: 
Let ev'ry heart and voice accord. 
To sin^ that God is love. 


2 This precious truth his word declares, 

And all his mercies prove ; 
Jesus, the gift of gifts, appears 
To show, that God is love. 

3 Sinai, in clouds, and smoke, and fire. 

Thunders his dreadful name; 
But Zion sings, in melting notes, 
The honours of the Lamb. 

4 In all his doctrines and commands, 

His counsels and designs — 
In ev'ry work his hands have fram'd, 
His love supremely shines. 

5 Angels and men the news proclaim. 

Thro' earth and heaven above, 
The joyful and transporting news. 
That God, the Lord, is love. 

38— C. M. Hymn 4. B. J 

Goodness of God. 

1 n^HY goodness, Lord, our souls confess, 
-L Thy goodness we adore, 

A spring whose blessings never fail, 
A sea without a shore. 

2 Sun, moon, and stars, thy love attest. 

In ev'ry golden ray; 
Love draws the curtains of the night, 
And love brings back the day. 

3 Thy bounty ev'ry season crowns, 

With all the bliss it yields; 
With joyful clusters loads the vines — 
With strength'ning grain, Ih^ ^eldsu 



4 Bat chiefly thj compassioD, Lord, 

Is in the gospel seen; 
There Uke a san thy mercy shines, 
Without a cloud between. 

5 Pardon, acceptance, peace, and joy, 

Through Jesus' name are given; 
He on the cross was lifted high, 
That we might reign in heaven. 

39— L. M. Hymn 4, Pt 2. B. 1. 

The justice of God. 

1 INTERNAL King! the gre^-ScC, bost, 
J-^ For ever glorious, ever blest; 

The great I AM, Jehovah, Lord, 
By seraphim and saint ador'd. 

2 Justice the firm foundation lays. 

Of all thy laws, thy works, and ways : 

Obedient souls will ever find 

A God that's faithful, loving, kind. 

3 But he who sins, becomes accurs'd, 
Or God would be no longer just ; 
Curs'd is the man, who dares withdraw 
Obedience from thy holy law. 

4 Where then, great God. or how shall we 
Approach thy dreadful majesty 1 

Thy sacred law we oft have broke. 
And stand obnoxious to my .-tr^kx'^. 

5 But, O thou holy, just, and ime ! 
The' justice must have all it? due. 
Thou canst be just, yet justify 
The soul, that doth od Christ rely. 

6 boundless wisdom, love and pow'r ! 
Thy matchless mercy we adore. 
That found out this amaziug pjan, 
To save tby rain'd creature, man. 

288 HYMN XL. 

7 We plead tlie suflTrings of thy Son, 
We plead bis righteousness alone; 
He bore the curse, whence thou art just 
In pard'ning those, who were accors'd. 

40— L. M. Hjmn 4, Pt 3. B. 1. 

Jicstice and mercy united. 

1 "INFINITE grace! and can it be 

-J- That heav'n's supreme should stoop so 

low ! 
A wretch to visit, vile like me ; 
One who has been his bitt'rest foe ! 

2 Can holiness and wisdom join, 

With truth, with justice, and with grace. 
To make eternal blessings mine, 
And sin, with all its guilt, erase \ 

3 O love ! bej'ond conception great, 
That form'd the vast stupendous plan ! 
Where all divine perfections meet 

To reconcile rebellious man ! 

4 There wisdom shines in fullest blaze, 
And justice all her rights maintains ! 
Astonish'd angels stoop to gaze. 
While mercy o'er the guilty reigns. 

6 Yes, mercy reigns, and justice too; 
In Christ harmoniously they meet: 
He paid to justice all her due, 
And now he fills the mercy-seat, 

6 Such are the wonders of our God, 
And such th' amazing depths of grace : 
To save, from wrath's vindictive rod, 
The chosen sons of Adam's race. 

HYMN XLl. 289 

7 With grateful songs, then let our souls 
Sarroand our gracious Father's throne ; 
And all between the distant poles 
His truth and mercy ever own. 

41— L, M. Hymn 5. B. 2 

Loving-kindness of OocL 

1 A WAKE, my soul, to joyful lays, 

•^ And sing the great Redeemer's praise; 
He justly claims a song from me, 
His loving-kindness. Oh, how free ! 

2 He saw me ruin'd in the fall 

Yet lov'd me, notwithstanding all : 
He sav'd me from my lost estate, 
EGs loving-kindness. Oh, how great ! 

3 Tho' num'rous hosts of mighty foes, 
Tho' earth and hell my way oppose, 
He safely leads my soul along. 

His loving-kindness, Oh, how strong ! 

4 When trouble, like a gloomy cloud, 
Has gather'd thick, and thunder'd loud, 
He near my soul has always stood, 
His loving-kindness. Oh, how good ! 

5 Often I feel my sinful heart, 
Prone from my Jesus to depart ; 
But, though I have him oft forgot, 
His loving-kindness changes not. 

6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale. 
Soon all my mortal pow'rs must fail ; 
Oh ! may my last expiring breath 
His loving-kindness sing in death ! 

7 Then let me mount, and soar away 
To the bright world of endless day, 
And sing, with rapture and surprise, 
His loving-kindness in the skies. 



42— 8s. ' Hymn 126, B. S 

Owr God for ever. 

1 npHIS Ood is the Ovd we adore, 

•^ Oar faithful, unchangeable Friend ; 
Whose love is as large as his pow'r, 
And neither knows measure nor end; 

2 *Tis Jestis, the first and the last. 

Whose spirit shall guide us safe home, 
We'll praise him for all that is past. 
And trust him for all that's to come. 

43— C. M- Hymn 122, B. 2 

God speaking Peace to his People. 

1 TTNITE, my roving thoughts, unite, 
^ In silence soft and sweet; 

And thou, my soul, sit gently down 
At thy great Sovereign's feet. 

2 Jehovah's awful voice is heard. 

Yet gladly I attend; 
For lo! the everlasting God 
Proclaims himself mv friend 

3 Harmonious accents to my soul, 

The sounds of peace convey; 
The tempest at his word subsides. 
And winds and seas obey. 

4 By all its joys, I charge my heart 

To grieve his love no more; 
But, charm'd by melody divine, 
To ^ve its follies o'er. 



44h-L, M. Hymn 8. Pt 1. B. 1. 

The Holy Trinity. 

1 T^HERE is one God, and only one ; 
^ No rivals can his essence share : 
He is Jehovah, he alone, 

And with the Lord none can compare. 

2 His works, thro' all this wondroos framCp 
Express the Maker's vast designs: 
They bear the impress of his name, 

In ev'ry part his wisdom shines. 

3 If in his works such wonders rise. 
How much more wonderful is he, 
Whose nature's fill'd with mysteries; 
His being One, his person Three. 

4 What finite pow'r with ceaseless toil, 
Can comprehend th' eternal Mindt 
Or, who th' ahnighty Three and One, 
By searching to perfection, find ! 

5 Angels and men in vain may raise 
Harmonious, their adoring songs; 

The lab'ring thoughts sink down opprest, 
And praises die upon their tongues. 

6 Yet would I lift my trembling voice, 
Th' eternal Three in One to sing; 
And mingling faith, while I rejoice. 
My humble, gratefiil tribute bring. 

7 All glory to th' eternal Three, 
The sacred undivided One: 
To Father, Son, and Spirit be 
Co-equal praise, and bononrs done. 


45— L. M. Hymn 8, Pt. 2. B. 1 

The triune God, the Ood of our salvation. 

X T 0N6 ere the snn began his days, 
^ Or moon shot forth her silver rays, 
Salvation's scheme was fixt, 'twas done 
In covenant by the Three in One. 

2 The Father spake, the Son replied, 
The Spirit with them both complied ; 
Grace mov'd the cause for saving man. 
And wisdom drew the noble plan* 

3 The Father chose his only Son 
To die for sins, that man had done; 
Immanuel to the choice agreed, 
And thus secur'd a numerous seed. 

4 He sends his Spirit from above. 
To call the objects of his love ; 
Not one shall perish or be lost : 

He bought them dear ; his blood they cost 

6 What high displays of sovereign grace ! 
What love to save a ruin'd race ! 
My soul, adore His lovely name. 
By whom thy free salvation came. 

46— C. M. Hymn 8, Pt 3. B. i 

Praise to the Holy Trinity. 

1 T ET them neglect thy glory, Lord, 
-Li Who never knew thy grace ; 
But our loud songs shall still record 

The wonders of thy praise. 

2 We raise our shouts, O God, to thee. 

And send them to thy throne ; 
All glory to th' united Three, 
The undivided One, 


3 Twas he, (and we '11 adore his name) 

That form'd us bj a word; 
Tis he restores oar rain'd frame; 
Salvation to the Lord! 

4 Hosanna ! let the earth and skies 

Repeat the joyful soand; 
Rocks, hills and vales reflect the voice, 
In one eternal round. 

47— P. M. 6. 4. Hymn 6. B. 2 

Praise to the Trinity. 

1 HOME, thou Almighty Bang, 
^ Help us thy name to sing, 

Help us to praise ! 
Father all glorious, 
O'er all victorious. 
Come and reign over us, 

Ancient of days. 

2 Jesus, our Lord, arise. 
Scatter our enemies. 

And make them fall ! 
Let thine almighty aid 
Our sure defence be made: 
Oar souls on thee be stay'd: 

Lord, hear our call! 

3 Come, thou incarnate Word, 
Gird on thy mighty sword; 

Our pray'r attend ! 
Come, and thy people bless, 
And give thy word success ; 
Spirit of holiness. 

On us descend! 

* Come, holy Comforter, 
Thy sacred witness bear, 
In this glad hour! 

«d4 HYMN XLVm. 

Thou, who almighty art, 
Now rule in ev'ry heart. 
And ne'er from us depart. 
Spirit of pow'r. 

6 To the great One in Three, 
The highest praises be, 

Hence evermore! 

His sov'reign majesty. 

May we in glory see, 

And to eternity 

Love and adore. 

48— L. M. 6 1. Hymn 30, Adc 


1 "VES, I adore thee, O my God, 

JL Father sapreme of earth and skies ; 
Up to the heav'ns thy bright abode. 
Let songs of praise and joy arise : 
Thou art the High and Holy One, 
Thy will through earth and heaven be don 

2 Yes, I adore thee, O my God, 

Son of the Father, wond'rous King : 

" Thou hast redeemed us by thy blood,**- • 

Sweet is the anthem we would sing ; 

Prince of Peace, accept the strain, 
*• Forever live, forever reign." 

3 Yes, I adore thee, O my God, 
Blest Comforter, supreme, divine ; 
Still lead me in the narrow road. 
Bid heav'nly light around me shine : 
Spirit of Holiness, impart 

1 hy gifts to every trembling heart 



4 Yes, I adore thee, O my God, 

Blest Three in One, blest One in Three ! 
Angels that fill thj' high abode, 
All praise and glory give to thee ; 
Earth with her millions shall confess 
The boundless plenitude of grace. 

49— S. M. D. Hymn 31. Add 

To the Holy Trinity. 

^UR Father, who dost lead 
The children of thy grace, 
A new-born and believing seed. 
Through this wide wilderness : 
Thy providential care 
In dangers past we own; 
Still let thine arm be ever near ; 
Still let thy love be shown. 

2 O Saviour, Lamb of God ! 
Our gracious dying Friend! 

Reveal the virtue of thy blood, 

On us thy mercy send ; 

Thou art a Master kind. 

With voice and person sweet; 
Bestow on us a loving mind, 

And keep us at thy feet 

3 Thou, Holy Spirit, art 

Of truth the promised Seal : 
Convincing power thou dost impart. 

And Jesus' grace reveal: 

O, breathe thy quick'ning breath, 

And light and life afford; 
Instruct us how to live by faith. 

And glorify the Lord. 

296 HYMN L. 

50— P. M. Hymn 32. Add 

Praise to the Godhead. 

1 TTTE give immortal praise 

VV To God the Father's love. 

For all our comforts here, 

And better hopes above ; 
He sent his own eternal Son 
To die for sins that man had done. 

2 To God the Son belongs 
Immortal glory too, 

Who bought OS, with his blood, 

From everlasting wo; 
And now he lives, and now he reigns. 
And sees the fruit of all his pains. 

3 To God the Spirit's name 
Immortal worship give ; 
Whose new-creating power 
Makes the dead sinner live ; 

His work completes the great design, 
And fills the soul with joy divine. 

4 Almighty God, to thee 
Be endless honours done ; 
The undivided Three, 
And the mysterious One : 

Where reason fails, with all her powers^ 
There faith prevails and love adores. 

HYMN LI. 297 


1. Praise to Him. 

2. Divinity and Sonship. 

3. Names — Titles— Various Appellations. 

4. His WORK IN general — Advent — Death — 

Atonement — Resurrection — Ascension 

AND exaltation. 

51— P. M. 6, 4. Hymn 17. B. 2. 

Worthy the Lamb. 

1 n LORY to God OD high: 

^ Let heav'n and earth reply - 

Praise ye his name! 
His love and grace adore, 
Who all oar sorrows bore; 
And sing for evermore 

Worthy the Lamb. 

2 All they around the throne, 
Cheerfally join in one, 

Praising his name ; 
We, who have felt his blood. 
Sealing onr peace with God, 
8onnd his dear name abroad — 

Worthy the Lamb. 

3 Join, all ye ransom'd race, 
Onr Lord and God to bless; 

Praise ye his name : 
In him we will rejoice. 
And make a joyful noise. 
Shouting with heart and voice- 
Worthy the Lamb, 


4 What tho* we change oar place- 
Yet we shall never cease 

Praising his name: 
To him our songs we bring — 
Hail him our gracious King, 
And without ceasing sing, 

Worthy the Lamb. 

52— P/M. Hymn IS. I 

Praise to Christ. 

1 pOME, ev'ry pious heart 

^ That loves the Saviour's name» 

Your noblest power exert 

To celebrate his fame : 
Tell all above, and all below. 
The debt of love to him you owe. 

2 He left his starry crown, 
And laid his robes aside: 
On wings of love came down. 
And wept, and bled, and died : 

What he endur'd, oh, who can tell ! 
To save our souls from ^death and helL 

3 From the dark grave he rose, 
The mansion of the dead ; 
And thence his mighty foes 
In glorious triumph led: 

Up thro' the sky the conq'ror rode. 
And reigns on high the Saviour God. 

4 Jesus, we ne'er can pay 
The debt we owe thy love; 
Yet tell us how we may 
Our gratitude approve : 

Our hearts — our all to thee we give : 
The gift, tho' small, do thou receive. 

HYMN LUI. 299 

(3— P. M. 8, 7. Hymn 19. B. 2. 

Praise for Redeeming Love. 

LET OS love, and sing, and wonder, 
I Let us praise the Saviour's name, 
He has husn d the law's loud thunder, 
He has quench'd mount Sinai's flame * 
He has wash'd us with his blood ; 
He has brought us nigh to God. 

2 Let us love the Lord who bought us, 

Pitied ns when enemies, 
Caird OS by his grace, and taught us, 
Gave us ears, and gave us eyes : 
He has wash'd us with his blood. 
He presents our souls to God. 

3 Let us sing^ though fierce temptations 

Threaten hard to bear us down ! 
For the Lord, our strong salvation, 
Holds in view the conqu'ror's crown : 
He who wash'd us in his blood 
Soon will bring us home to God. 

4 Let us wonder; grace and justice 

Join, and point to mercy's store ; 
When through grace, in Christ our trust is. 
Justice smiles, and asks no more : 
He who wash'd us with his blood. 
Has secur'd our way to God. 

6 Let \k&prauey and join the chorus 
Of the saints enthron'd on high ; . 
Here they trusted him before us, 
Kow their praises fill the sky : 
*" Thou hast wash'd us with thy blopd, 
•• Thou srt ^ratthy, Lamb of God." 

800 HYMN LIV. 

6 Hark! the name of Jesus, sounded 
Loud from golden harps above! 
Lord, we blush, and are confounded, 
Faint our praises, cold our love: 
Wash our souls, and songs with blc 
For by thee we come to God* 

54— C. M. Hymn 13, Pt I 

Jesus is our Lord and Master. 

1 pOME, ye that love the Saviour's m 
^ And joy to make it known, 
The Sovereign of your hearts proclain 

And bow before his throne. 

2 Behold your Lord, your Master crowi 

With glories all divine ! 
And tell the wond'ring nations round, 
How bright those glories shine. 

3 Infinite pow'r, and boundless grace, 

In him unite their rays: 
You, that have e'er beheld his face, 
Can you forbear his praise? 

4 When in his earthly courts we view 

The glories of our King; 
We long to love, as angels do. 
And wish, like them, to sing. 

b And shall we long and wish in vain t 
Lord, teach our songs to rise: 
Thy love can animate the strain. 
And bid it reach the skies. 

6 O happy period! glorious day! 

When heav'n and earth shall raise, 
With all their pow'rs, th' enraptured 1 
To celebrate thy praise. 


55— S. M. Hymn 145. B. 1. 

The song of Moses and the Lamb. 

1 AWAKE, and sing the song 
-^ Of Moses and the Lamb; 

Wake, ev'ry heart, and ev'ry tongue, 
To praise the Savioui^s name. 

2 Sing of his dying love, 
Sing of his rising pow'r; 

Sing how he intercedes above. 
For those whose sins he bore. 

3 Sing, on your heavenly way, 
Ye ransom'd sinners, sing; 

Sing on rejoicing, ev'ry day, 
In Christ, the exalted King. 

4 Soon shall your raptur'd tongue 
His endless praise proclaim; 

And sweeter voices tune the song 
Of Moses and the Lamb. 

56— C. M. Hymn 11, Pt. 1. B. ]. 

Glorying in Christ. 

1 T'M not asham'd to own my Lord, 
J- Nor to defend liis cause ; 
Maintain the honour of his word. 

The glory of his cross. 

2 Jesus, my God ! I know his name ; 

His name is all my trust ; 
Nor will he put my soul to shame, 
Nor let my hope be lost. 

3 Firm, as his throne, his promise stands, 

And he can well secure 
What I've committed to his hands, 
Till the decisive iioor. 


4 Then will he own my worthless name. 
Before his Father's face; 
And in the New Jerusalem 
Appoint my soul a place. 

67— L. M. Hymn 11, Pt 6. B. 1 

Glorying in Christ 

1 nPHE wond'ring world inquires to know 
-L Why I should love my Jesus so: 

" What are his charms," say they, ** above 
" The objects of a mortal love t" 

2 All-over glorious is my Lord, 
He must be lov'd and yet ador'd ; 
His worth if all the nations knew, 

Sure the whole earth would love him too. 

3 The Love of Christ is strong as death, 
He seal'd it wuth his latest breath ; 
My love to him, secur'd by grace. 

No pains nor doubts can e'er deface. 

4 What can destroy, what separate 
A love so pure, so free, so great ? 

In heav'n both faith and hope subside ; 
But love for ever will abide. 

58— C. M. Hymn 11, Pt. 2. B. I 

Tlie na7ne of Jestts. 

1 TTOW sweet the name of Jesus sounds, 
-tl In a believer's ear ! 

It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, 
And drives away his fear. 

2 It makes the wounded spirit whole. 

And calms the troubled breast; 
'Tis manna to the hungry soul, 
And to the weary rest 

HYMN LIX. 303 

3 Dear name ! the rock on which I build, 

My shield and hiding place ; 
My never-failing treasury, filFd 
With boundless stores of grace! 

4 Jesus! my Shepherd, Hosband, Friend, 

My Prophet, Priest, and King; 
My Lord, my Life, my Way, my End ; 
Accept the praise 1 bring. 

5 Weak is the effort of my heart. 

And cold iny warmest thought; 
Bat when I see thee a^ thon art, 
ril praise thee as I ought 

6 Till then, I would thy love proclaim 

With ev^ry Meeting breath; 
And may the music of thy name 
Refresh my soul in death. 

59— L. ML Hymn 12, Pt 3. B. 1 

Christ is aU^ and in '€tU. 

1 TN Christ I've all my soul's desire; 
^ His Spirit does my heart inspire 
With boundless wishes large and high : 
And Christ will ail my wants supply. 

2 Christ is my Hope,' my Strength and Guide ; 
For me he bled, and groan'd, and died: 

He is my Sun, to give me light, 
He is my soul's supreme delight. 

3 Christ b the source of all my bliss, 
My Wisdom, and my Righteousness — 
My Saviour, Brother, and my Friend; 
On him aloae 1 now depend. 

4 Christ is my King to rule and bless. 
And all my tronbles to redress; 
He's nay niraikm and my Ail, 
JViMialsr on earth shall me befaL 


6 Christ is my Strength and Portion oo, 
My soul in him can all things do ; 
Thro' him I'll triumph o'er the grave. 
And death, and ev'ry foe outbrave. 

60— C. M. Hymn 36. Ada 

All in all. 

1 pOMPARED with Christ, in all beside 
^ No comeliness I see; 

The one thing needful, dearest Lord, 
Is to be one with thee. 

2 The sense of thy redeeming love 

Into my soul convey; 
Thyself bestow, for thee alone. 
My All in All, I pray. 

3 Less than thyself will not suffice 

My comfort to restore; 
More than thyself I cannot crave. 
And thou canst give no more. 

4 Loved of my God, for him again 

With love intense I'd burn; 
Chosen of thee, ere time began, 
I'd choose thee in return. 

5 Whate'er consists not with thy love, 

O teach me to resign; 
Tm rich to all th' intents of bliss 
If thou, O God, art mine. 

61— C. M. Hymn 14, Pt 6. B. 1 

God reconciled in Christ. 

1 TVEAREST of all the names above, 
J^ My Jesus, and my God, 
Who can resist thy heav'nly love. 
Or trifle with thy blood I 

2 Tis by the iqeritt of thy death • 

The Father smiles again; 
'Tis by thy ioDereediiig breath, 
The Spirit dwells with men. 

3 Till God in hnman flesh I see, 

My tKooght^ no comfort find; 
The holy, jasi, and sacred Three 
Are terrofs to my mtnd. 

4 Bnt if Immanners face appear. 

My hope, my joy b^na; 
His name forbids my slavish fear, 
His grace removes my sins. 

5 While Jews on their own law rely. 

And Greeks of wisdom boast ; 
I love th' Incarnate Mystery, 
And there I fix my tmst 

62— C. M. Hymn 19, Pt 2. B. 1. 

Jesus, our vital Head. 

1 TESUS, we sing thy matchless grace, 
J That calls poor worms thy own ; 
Gives ns among thy saints a place, 

To make thy glories known. 

2 Allied to thee, oar vital Head, 

We live, and grow, and thrive : 
From thee divided, each is dead, 
When most be seems alive. 

3 Thy saints on earth, and those above, 

Here join in sweet accord : 
One body all in mutaal love, 
And thoot oar common Lord. 

4 May faith from thee each hoar derive 

Supplies with fresh delight; 
While death and hell in vain shall strive 
This bond lo disanite. 


6 Thou, the whole body wilt present 
Before thy Father's face; 
Nor shall a wrinkle or a spot 
Its beauteous form disgrace. 

63— C. M. Hymn 32, Pt 4. B. 1 

Love to Christ desired. 

1 'PHOU lovely Source of true delight 
-L Whom I unseen adore, 

Unveil thy beauties to my sight ; 
That I may love thee more. 

2 Thy glory o'er creation shines ; 

But in thy sacred word 
I read, in fairer, brighter lines, 
My bleeding, dying Lord. 

3 *Tis here, whene'er my comforts droop, 

And sin and sorrow rise, 
Thy love, with cheerful beams of hope, 
My fainting breath supplies. 

4 But ah ! too soon the pleasing scene 

Is clouded o'er with pain ; 
My gloomy fears rise dark between, 
And I again complain. 

5 O may my soul with rapture trace 

The wonders of thy love ! 
But the full glories of thy face 
Are only known above. 

64— C. M. Hymn 37. Add 

Fulness of Christ. 

1 A WHAT treasure all divine 
^j Is hid in Christ the Lord ! 
From him what rays of glory shine, 
What peace his paths afford ! 

HYMN LXV. 307 

2 Id him our light and life are found. 

Though we were dead before; 
And now he makes our joys abound. 
Who all our sorrows bore. 

3 When sore distress'd, he to our aid, 

On rapid pinions flies; 
And to the wounds which sin has made, 
A healing balm applies. 

4 Tis from his fulness we receive, 

And daily grace for grace; 
That to his glory we may live, 
And see him face to face. 

65— C. M. Hymn 34. Add 

Christ precious. 

1 TESUS, I love thy channing name, 
J 'Tis music to my ear; 

Fain would I sound it out so loud 
That earth and heaven might hear 

2 Yes, thou art precious to my soul, 

My transport, and my trust ; 
Jewels to thee are gaudy toys, 
And gold is sordid dust. 

3 All my capacious powers can wish. 

In thee most richly meet ; 
Not to mine eyes is life so dear. 
Nor friendship half so sweet. 

4 may thy grace still cheer my heart 

And shed its fragrance there; 
The noblest balm of all its wounds. 
The cordial of its care. 

6 ril speak the honours of thy name. 
With my last lab' ring breath; 
When speechless, clasp thee in my arms, 
M/ jojrjn life and death. 


66— C. M. Hymn 41. Add_ 

Praise to tlie Redeemer. 

1 A FOR a thousand tongues to sing 
^5 My dear Redeemer's praise, 
The glories of my God and King, 

The triumphs of his grace. 

2 My gracious Master and my God, 

Let saints thy love proclaim. 
And spread through all the earth abroad 
The honours of thy name. 

3 Jesus, the name that calms our fears. 

That bids our sorrow cease ; 
*T is music to our ravish'd ears ; 
*T is life, and health, and peace. 

4 It breaks the power of reigning sin, 

And sets the prisoner free; . 

Thy blood can cleanse the foulest stain ; 
And can avail for me. 

67— C. M. Hymn 33. Add. 


1 T>LEST Jesus ! when my soaring thoughts 
-L> O'er all thy graces rove, 

How is my soul with transport lost 
In wonder, joy, and love ! 

2 Not softest strains can charm mine ears 

Like thy beloved name ; 
Nor aught beneath the skies inspire 
My heart with equal flame. 

3 Where'er I look, my wond'ring eyw 

Unnumber'd blessings see; 
But what is life, with all its bliss. 
If once compared with thee t 


last thou a rival in my breast ! 

Search, Lord, for thou canst tell 
If aoght can raise my passions thus, 

Or please my soul so well. 

No, tbou art precious to my heart — 

My portion and my joy ; 
Forever let thy boundless grace 

My sweetest thoughts employ. 

6 When nature faints, around my bed 
Let thy bright glories shine ; 
And death shall all his terrors lose, 
In raptures so divine. 

68— C. P. M. Hymn 35. Add 

Excellence of Christ. 

1 f\ COULD I speak the matchless worth, 
^5 O, could I sound the glories forth 

That in my Saviour shine; 
I'd soar and touch the hcav'nly strings, 
And vie with Gabriel while he sings 

In notes that are divine. 

2 I'd sing the characters he bears, 
And all the forms of love he wears 

Exalted on his throne; 
In loftiest songs of sweetest praise, 
I would, to everlasting days, 

Make all his glories known. 

3 Soon the delightful morn will come, 
When my dear Lord will bring me home. 

And I shall see his face; 
There with my Saviour, Brother, Friend, 
A blest eternity I'll spend, 

Triamphant in his grace. 


69— 8s 7s^ Hymn 40, Ai 

The Grace of Jesus ChrisL 

1 TESUS CHRIST, metliinks I lore thee 
^ But I fain would love thee more ; 
'Twas thy grace at first did move thee. 

To a soul extremely poor. 
Thou wast rich beyond expression — 

Rich in Godhead, rich in grace ; 
But to better my condition, 

Thou my nature didst embrace. 

2 Hungry, naked, and abused 

By the men thou earnest to bless : 
By thy Father sorely bruised ; 

Groaning, bleeding with distress: 
Thou wast poor beyond expression, 

Bathed in thine own precious blood ; 
All to better my condition — 

All to make me rich in God. 

3 Jesus Christ, methinks I love thee ; 

But I fain would love thee more ; 
'Twas thy grace at first did move thee 

To a soul extremely poor. 
For thy mercy thus enjoy'd, 

If I had ten thousand tongues, 
They should all be still employed 

In ten thousand grateful songs. 

70— L. M. Hymn 23, Pt 4. B. 

The excellencies of ChrisL 

1 TOIN, all who love the Saviour's name, 
J To sing his everlasting fame; 
Great God, prepare each heart and voices 
In him for ever to rejoice. 

2 Of faim what wondrous things are told ! 
Id him what glories I behoYd \ 

5;,^.^MN LXXL m 

For him I ^adHj all things leave; 

To him. my sool for ever cleave ! ' ' 

3 In lum my trdasure'slall contained ; 
B^ bim my feeUe rant's snstain'd ; 
From him wliat fayonrs I receive ! . 
Thro' him I abatt for ever live. 

4 With him I daily love to walk: 
Of him my loul delights ta talk; 

On him I cast my erry care :^ ^ , 

' Like him one day I shall appear. ^ • 

6 Bless him, my sonl, from day to day ; 
Trott bim to lead diee on thy way; 
Give hiin thy poor, weak, sinful heart; 
With him him O never, never part 

6 Take him for strength and righteoasness ; 
Make him thy refuge in distress : 

Love him above all earthly joy ; 
And him in ev'ry thing employ. 

7 Praise him in cheerful, grateful songs, 
To him your highest praise belongs ! 
Bless him, who doth your heav'n prepare ; 
And whom you'll praise for ever there. 

71— L. M. Hymn 114, B. 2 

Worshipping Jesus, 

1 OQFT be the gently breathing notes, 
^ That sing the Saviour's dying love ; 
Soft as the ev'ning zephyr floats, 

Sofi^ as the tuneful lyres above : 

2 Soft as the morning dews descend, 

While the sweet lark exulting soars, - 
Bo soft to your Almighty Friend, 
Be ev^ry tighjodr- bosom pours. 


3 Pure as the sun's enlivening ray, 

That scatters life and joy abroad ; 
Pure as the lucid car of day, 

That wide proclaims its Maker, God. 

4 True as the magnet to the pole, 

So true let your contrition be — 
So true let all your sorrows roll, 
To Him who bled upon the tree. 

72— P. M. Hymn U, Ft 1. B 

God is vdth us. 

1 C^ OD with us! O glorious name ! 
^ Let it shine in endless fame : 
God and man in Christ unite; 

O mysterious depth and height ! 

2 God tvith us! th' eternal Son 
Took our souls, our flesh, and bone ; 
Now, ye saints, his grace admire, 
Swell the song with holy fire. 

3 God with us ! but tainted not 
With the first transgressor's blot; 
Yet did he our sins sustain. 
Bear the guilt, the curse, the pain. 

4 God unth us! O wondrous grace! 
Let us see him face to face ; 
That we may Immanuel sing. 

As we ought, our God and King. 

73— P. M. Hymn 6, Pt 1. B 

Jesus is God and Man. 

1 T^RE the blue heav'ns were stretch'd abrc 
-" From everlasting was the Word : 
With God he was; the Word was Grod, 
And must divinely be adored. 


2 By his own pbw'r all things were inade; 
By him ^appott^ all thi hgs stand ; 

He is the whole creation's head. 
And angels fly at his command. 

3 Ere sin was horn, or Satan fell, 
He led die host of tnorning stars f 

. His generation who can teU, 
Ot connt the number of his years! 

4 Bat !o ! he leaves those heav'nly forms: 
The Word descends and dwells in clay; . 
That he may converse hold with worms, 
Drest in snch feeble flesh as they. 

5 Mortals with joy beheld his face, 
Th' eternal Father^s only Son : 
How fall of trttth, how foil of grace. 
When thro' his flesh the Godhead shone ! 

6 The angels leave their high abode, 
To learn new mysteries here, and tell 
The love of onr descending God, 
The glories of Immanael. 

74— L. M. Hymn 13, Pt 1. B. X 

Christ is the eternal San df Oad. 

1 A CHRIST, thoa glorioas King, we own 
^ Thee to be God's eternal Son: 

The Father's fulness, life divine, 
Mysteriously are also thine. 

2 When rolling years brought op the day 
Foret6ld and fix'd for this display. 
Our great deliv'rance to obtain. 
Thou didst our nature not disdain. 

3 At God's right hand, now, Lord, thoa*it 

And with t^y Yaihefs ^ory graced, 


True God and man, in person one; 
A judge to pass our final doom. 

4 From day to day, O Lord, do we 
On high exalt and honour thee : 
Thy name we worship and adore 
World without end, for evermore. 

75— L. M. Hymn 13, Pt. 2. B. 1 

God the Son equal with the Father. 

1 TJRIGHT King of glory, dreadful God! 
-D Our spirits bow before thy feet ; 

To thee we lift an humble thought. 
And worship at thine awful seat 

2 A thousand seraphs strong and bright 

Stand round the glorious Deity ; 

But who, among the sons of light. 

Pretends comparison with thee ? 

3 Ycl there is one of human frame, 

Jesus, array'd in flesh and blood. 
Thinks it no robbery, to claim 
A full equality with God. 

4 Their glory shines with equal beams ; 

Their essence is for ever one; 
Distinct in persons, and in names ; 
The Father God, and God the Son. 

5 Then let the name of Christ our King 

With equal honours be ador'd ; 
His praise let evVy angel sing, 
And all the nations own the Lord. 

76— C. M. Hymn 39. Add. 

Chief among ten thousand. 

1 TliTAJESTIC sweetness sits enthroned 
iiL Upon the Saviour's brow ; 



His head with radiant glories crown'd, 
His lips with grace o'erflow. 

2 No mortal can witL him compare, 

Among the sons of men ; 
Fairer is he» than all the fair 
Who fill the heavenlj train. 

3 He saw me planged in deep distress, 

And flew, to mj rdief ; 
For me he bore the shamefbl cross^ 
And carried all my grief. 

4 To him I owe mj life and breath. 

And all the joys I have : 
He makes me triumph over death, 
And saves me from the grave. 

5 To heaven, the place of his abode. 

He brings my weary feet; 
Shows me the glories of my God, 
And makes my joys complete. 

6 Since from thy bounty I receive 

Such proofs of love divine, 
Had I a thousand hearts to give, 
Lord, they should all be thine. 

77— 7s. Hymn 38. Add. 

Christ Unchangeable. 

1 TI7HAT a changing world is this! 

'V Void of all substantial bliss; 
All we see beneath the sun, 
In successive changes run : 
But our Jesus proves the same. 
Endless blessings on his name! 

2 Wisdittet holiness, and might, 
Traib Mnd Justice are his right; 

316 HYMN LXXVm. 

Boundless goodness, love supreme^ 
Flow'd eternally from him; 
Jesus Christ is still the same, 
Endless blessings on his name! 

3 Abram's bold rebellious race, 
Found him full of truth and grace. 
Priests and prophets all have told 
What he did for saints of old; 
Jesus Christ is still the same, 
Endless blessings on his name ! 

4 Let us to his throne repair, 
Wait with humble patience there; 
He will soon our cries attend, 
Love and save us to the end; 
He will ever prove the same, 
Endless blessings on his name! 

78— L. M. Hymn 6, Pt. 2. R 1 


1 A LL hail, thou great Immanuel ! 
-^ Thy love, thy glory, who can tell ? 
Angels, and all the heav'nly host. 
Are in the boundless prot^ect lost. 

2 Mortals, with reverential songs, 

Take this dear name upon your tongues; 
With holy fear, attempt his praise. 
In solemn, yet triumphant, lays. 

3 Among a thousand forms of love. 

In which be shines and smiles above; 
This with peculiar joy we view. 
He's David's root and offspring toa 

4 There Jesus, in the glorious plan. 
Shines, the great God, the wondrous Man * 
As God, the root of all our bliss, 

As man, the branch o{ n^Vvl^ovjsii^^. 


( All hail, thou dear redeeming Lord ! 
All hail, tboa co-essc^ntial Word ! 
All hail, thoa Root and Branch divine ! 
All hail, and be the Gbry thine ! 

79—78. ^ Hymn 48* Add. 

Ckriit, the Day-Star. 

1 pHRIST, whose gloiy fills the skies— 
^ Christ, the trae, the 9nly light; 

San of Righteonsness, arise, 
Triamph o er the shades of night ; 
Dayspring from on high, be near, 
Day-Star, in our hearts appear. 

2 Dark and cheerless is the mom. 
If it bring no ray from thee ; 
Joyless is the day's return, 
Till thy mercy's beams we see. 
Lord, thine inward ligbt impart, 
Cheering each benighted heart 

3 Visit every soul of thine, 
Pierce the gloom of sin and grief; 
Fill with radiancy divine, 
Scatter all our unbelief; 
More and more thyself display. 
Shining to the perfect day. 

80— C. M. Hymn 12, Pt 1. B. 1. 

The Offices of Christ. 

I WE bless the prophet of the Lord, 
W That comes with truth and grace ; 
Jesus, thj.Siiirit, and thy word, 
Shatt^lMd OS in thy ways. 


2 We rev'rence our High-Priest abov^ 

Who offered up his blood. 
And lives to carry on his love. 
By pleading with our God. 

3 We honour our exalted King; 

How sweet are his commands! 
He guards our souls from hell and sin. 
By his almighty hands. 

4 Hosanna to his blessed name. 

Who saves by glorious ways; 
Th' anointed Saviour has a claim 
To our immortal praise. 

81— P. M. Hymn 12, Pt 2. 

The Offices of Christ. 

1 TOIN all the glorious names 

J Of wisdom, love, and powV, 

That ever mortals knew, 

That angels ever bore; 
All are too mean to speak his worth ; 
Too mean to set my Saviour forth. 

2 Great Propliet of my God, 

My tongue would bless thy name : 

By thee the joyful news 

Of our salvation came ; 
The joyful news of sins forgiv'n, 
Of hell subdued, and peace with heav'n. 

3 Jesus, my great High Priest^ 
Offer'd his blood, and died; 
My guilty conscience seeks 
No sacrifice beside. 

His powerful blood did once atone ; 
And now it pleads before the throoe« 


4 My dear and mighty Lord, 
My Conqu'ror, and my King; 
Thy sceptre and thy sword, 
Thy reigning grace I sing. 

Thine is the pow'r ; behold ! I sit 
In willing bonds beneath thy feet. 

5 Now let my soul arise, 

And tread the tempter down: 

My Saviour leads me forth 

To conquest and a crown. 
A feeble saint shall win the day, 
The' death and hell obstruct the way. 

6 Should all the hosts of hell, 

And pow'rs of death unknown, 

Pnt their most dreadful forms, 

Of death and mischief, on : 
I shall be safe, for Christ displays 
Superior pow'r and guardian grace. 

82— L. M. Hymn 16, Pt. 2. B. 1. 

The Lamh of God. 

1 "DEHOLD the sin-atoning Lamb, 
-L^ With wonder, gratitude, and love ! 
To take away our guilt and shame, 
See him descending from above. 

2 Our sins and griefs on him were laid ; 
He meekly bore the mighty load : 
Our ransom-price he fully paid. 

In groans and tears, in sweat and blood. 

3 To save his guilty church, he dies ; 
Mourners, behold the bleeding Lamb ! 
To him lift up your longing eyes. 
And hope for mercy in his name. 


4 Pardon and peace thro' him abound ; 
He can the richest blessings give : 
Salvation in his name is found; 
He bids the dying sinner live. 

5 Jesus, my Lord, I look to thee ; 
Where else can helpless sinners go ! 
Thy boundless love shall set me free 
From all my wretchedness and woe. 

83— C. M. Hymn 47. Add. 

The Lamb of God. 

1 nONTEMPLATE, saints, the source di- 

^ vine, 

Whence all your joys have flow'd ; 
With gladsome hearts and grateful tongues 

" Behold the Lamb of God !" 

2 If saved from wrath, and from the stroke 

Of heaven's avenging rod. 
Pouring his precious blood for you, 

"Behold the Lamb of God!" 
8 Freed from the pangs of conscious guilt. 

And sin's afflicting load, 
To Jesus' blood you owe your peace; 

" Behold the Lamb of God !" 

4 With holy mind, and heart renew'd, 

Run ye the narrow road ; 
His sprinkled blood has cleansed your souls • 
"Behold the Lamb of God I" 

5 Each heavenly blessing ye receive, 

Through Jesus is bestow'd. 
In every good your souls possess, 
" Behold the Lamb of God !" . 

6 Hope ye in heaven with God, at last, 

To find your blest abode! 
Still as the ground of all your hopes, 
"Behold the Lamb of God^'' 


84-S. M. Hymn 4& Add. 

The Lamb of OoA. 

1 MOT all the blood of beasts, 
^ On Jewish altars, slain, 

Coald give the guilty conscience peace. 
Or wash a^jray the stain. 

2 Bnt Christ, the heavenly Lamb, 
Takes all our silks away; 

A sacrifice of nobler name, 
And richer blood than they. 

3 My faith wonld lay her hand 
On that dear head of thine, 

While like -a penitent I stand, 
And tliere confess my sin. 

4 My soul looks back to see 
The burdens thou dfdst bear, 

When hanging on the accursed tree, — 
And hopes her guilt was there. 

5 Believing, we rejoice 

To see the curse remove; 
We bless the Lamb with cheerful voice, 
And sing his bleeding love. 

85~P. M. Hymn 30, Pt..2. B. 1 

Christ our High Priest. 

1 A GOOD High Priest is come, 

-^ Supplying Aaron's place. 

And taking up his room. 

Dispensing life and grace: 
The law by Aaron's priesthood came^ 
fiot grace and truth by Jesus' name. 


2 My Lord a priest is made, 
As sware the mighty God, 
To Israel and his seed, 
Ordain'd to offer blood; 

For sinners, who his mercy seek, 
A Priest, as was Melchizedec. 

3 He once temptations knew. 
Of ev'ry sort and kind, 
That he might succour show. 
To ev'ry tempted mind : 

He once for us was sacrific'd, 
And only once for us he died. 

4 I other priests disclaim, 
And laws and olFrings too, 
None but the bleeding Lamb 
The mighty work can do: 

He shall have all the praise : for he 
Hath lov'd, and Hv!d, and died for me. 

86— C. M. Hymn 42. Add. 

A merciful High-Priest. 

1 r^OME, let us join in songs of praise 
^ To our ascended Priest; 

He enter'd heaven with all our names 
Engraven on his breast. 

2 Below he wash'd our guilt away 

By his atoning blood ; 
Now he appears before the throne. 
And pleads our cause with God. 

3 What though while here we oft must feel 

Temptation's keenest dart ? 
Our tender High-Priest feels it too, 
And will appease the smart 

4 Clothed with our nature still, he knows 

The weakness of out feame^ 


And bow to shield us from the foes 
Which he himself overcame. 

5 Nor time nor distance e'er shall qaench 
The fervour of his love; 
Per us, he died in kindness here. 
Nor is less kind above. 

S O may we ne'er forget his grace, 
Nor blush to bear his name ; 
Still may our hearts hold fast his faiths 
Our lips his praise proclaim. 

87— L. M. Hymn 13, B. 2 

Christ our sympatliizing High-PriesL 

1 TITHE RE high the heav'nly temple stands, 

' » The house of God not made with hands; 
A great High-Priest our nature wears, 
Our friend and advocate appears. 

2 Though now ascended up on high, 
He bends on earth a brother's eye ; 
Partaker of the human name, 

He knows the frailty of our frame. 

3 Our fellow sufTrcr yet retains 
A fellow feeling of our pains, 
And still remembers in the skies. 
His tears, his agonies, and cries. 

4 In ev'ry pang that rends the heart, 
The man of sorrows had a part; 
He sympathizes with our grief, 
And to the sufTrer sends relief. 

5 With boldness, therefore, at the throne. 
Let us make all our sorrows known ; 
And ask the aid of heav'nly pow'r, 
To help us in the eviJ hour. 


88— C. M. Hymn 43. A 

Cotnpassianate High-Prie^st. 

1 T17ITH joy we meditate the grace 

W Of our High-Priest ahove; 
His heart is made of tenderness, 
His bosom glows with love. 

2 Touch'd with a sympathy within, 

He knows our feeble frame ; 
He knows what sore temptations mean. 
For he hath felt the same. 

3 He, in the days of feeble flesh, 

Pour'd out his cries and tears ; 
And in his measure feels afresh 
What every member bears. 

4 He'll never quench the smoking flax. 

But raise it to a flame; 
The bruised reed he never breaks. 
Nor scorns the meanest name. 

5 Then let our humble faith address 

His mercy and his power; 
We shall obtain deliv'ring grace 
In every trying hour. 

89— C. M. Hymn 10. B 

The fountain of Clmsfs blood. 

1 rpHERE is a fountain fill'd with blood. 
J- Drawn from Emmanuel's veins; 
And sinners, plung'd beneath that flood, 

Lose all their guilty stains. 

2 The dying thief rejoic'd to see 

That fountain, in his day ; 

And there may I, as vile as he, 

Wash all my sins away. 

HYMN XC, XCI. 325 

3 Dear dying Lamb, thy precious blood 

Shall never lose its pow'r, 
Till alt the Tsnsom'd charch of God 
Be sav'd, to sin no more. 

4 E'er since, by faith, I saw the stream, 

Thy flowing wounds supply, 
Redeeming love has been my theme, 
And shall be— -till I die. 

5 Then in a nobler, sweeter song, 

rU sing thy power to save; 
When this poor lisping, stamm'ring tongue. 
Lies silent in the grave. 

90— L. M. Hymn 1, Pt 4. B. 1. 

The good old way. 

1 T^HE righteousness, th' atoning blood 
•L Of Jesus, is the way to God ; 

! may we then no longer stray, 
But come to Christ, the good old way. 

2 The prophets and apostles too, 
Pursued tliis path while here below ; 
We therefore will, without dismay," 
Thus walk in Christ, the good old way. 

3 Wilh faith and love, and holy care. 
In this dear way, I '11 persevere ; 
And when I die, triumphant say. 
This is the right, the good old way, 

91— C. M. Hymn 45. Add 

The Way, S^. ^ 

1 T^HOU art the Way ; to thee alone 
-*• From sin and death we flee ; 
And he, who would the Father seek. 
Must seek him, Lord, in thee. 


2 Thoa art tlie Truth ; thy word alooe 

True wisdom can impart; 
Thou only canst instruct th^jnind, 
And purify the heart. 

3 Thou art the Life ; tlie rending tomb 

Proclaims thy conquering arm ; 
And those who put their trust in thee 
Nor death nor hell shall harm. 

4 Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life,— 

Grant us to know that Way, 
That Truth to keep, that Life to win, 
Which leads to endless day. 

92— L. M. Hymn 11. B. 

Chrut the Physician of Souls. 

1 T\EEP are the wounds which sin has mad 
^ Where shall the sinner find a cure ? 
lu vain, alas, is nature's aid — 

The work exceeds all nature's pow'r ! 

2 And can no sov'reign balm be found ? 

And is no kind physician nigh, 
To ease the pain and heal the wound, 
Ere life and hope forever fly ? 

3 There is a great Physician near. 

Look up, O ! fainting soul, and live; 
See, in his hcav'nly smiles, appear 
Such ease as nature cannot give 

4 See, in the Saviour's dying blood. 

Life, health, and bliss abundant flow ! 
'T is only this dear sacred flood 
Can ease thy pain or heal thy woe. 


93-L. M, Hymn 11, Pt 4. B. 1. 

Jesus the only Saviour. 

1 JESUS, the spring of joys divine, 

I " Whence all our hopes and comforts flow; 
Jesas, no other name, but thine. 
Can save us from eternal woe. 

2 In vain would boasting reason find 
The way to happiness and God ; 
Her weak directions leave the mind 
Bewilder'd in a dubious road. 

3 No other name will heav'n approve ; 
Thou art the true, the living way, 
Ordain'd by everlasting love, 

To the bright realms of endless day. 

4 Safe lead us thro' this world of night, 
And bring us to the blissful plains, 
The regions of unclouded light, 
Where perfect joy for ever reigns. 

94— C. M. Hymn 5, Pt. 2. B 1. 


1 THE Saviour ! O what endless charms 
-L Dwell in the blissful sound ! 

Its influ'nce ev'ry fear disarms, 
And spreads sweet comfort round. 

2 Here pardon, life, and joys divine, 

In rich effusion flow. 
For guilty rebels lost in sin. 
And doom'd to endless woe. 

3 Th' almighty Former of the skies 

Stoop'd to our vile abode ! 
While angels view'd, with wond'ring eyes. 
And ha'iYd th' incarDate God. 

328 HYMN XCV. 

4 O the rich depths of love divine, 

Of bliss a boundless store ! 
Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine ; 
I cannot wish for more. 

5 On thee alone my hope relies, 

Beneath thy cross I fall; 

My Lord, my life, my sacrifice, 

My Saviour, and my all. 

95— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 52. AA 

Meekness of Christ. 

1 nENTLE Jesus, how I love thee ! 
^ Words cannot my love express ; 
Day and night how much I prove thee 

Full of mercy, full of grace ; 

Wretclicd sinners. 
Thou dost take delight to bless. 

2 Of thy condescending goodness, 

What examples do I find ! 
'Midst neglect, contempt and rudeness, 

Meek and lowly was thy mind ; 
Gentle Jesus, 
Thou wast altogether kind. 

3 O how mild and condescending 

Are the methods thou dost take ! 
Low beneath my burden bending. 
Bleeding, dying for my sake : 

Gentle Jesus, 
Now some word of comfort speak. 

4 Lo ! I venture to approach thee ; 

Though my sins are great indeed : 
Tf by faith I may but touch thee, 
Virtue will from thee proceed ; 

Gentle Jesus, 
Thou alone art all I need. 


96-L. M. Hymn 11, Pt. 3. B. 1 

Jesus the gift of God. 

1 JESUS, my love, my chief delight, 
J For ihee I long, for thee I pray, 
Amid the shadows of the night, 
Amid the business of the day. 

2 When shall I see thy smiling face. 
Which I, thro' faith, have often seen! 
Arise, thou Sun of Righteousness, 
Dispel the clouds tliat intervene. 

3 Thou art the glorious gift of God, 
To sinners weary and distrest ; 
The first of all his gifts bestow'd, 
And certain pledge of all the rest. 

4 Now I can say, this gift is mine, 

ril tread the world beneath my feet; 
No more at pain or want repine, 
Nor envy the rich sinner's state. 

5 This precious jewel let me keep, 
And lodge it deep within ni}' heart ; 
At home, abroad, awake, asleep, 

It never shall from thence depart 

97— C. M. Hymn 23, Pt. 3. B. ]. 

The Lord our Righteousness. 

1 OAVIOUR divine, we know thy name» 
^ And in that name wc trust; 

Thou art the Lord our Righteousness, 
Thou art thine Israel's boast. 

2 The sins of ev'n the best spent day 

Might plunge us in despair ; 
Yet all the crimes of num'rous years 
ShaU oar great Surety clear, 

330 HYMN XCVin. 

3 That spotless robe, which he hath wrought 

Shall deck us all around; 
In his imputed righteousness, 
No blemish shall be found. 

4 Pardon, and peace, and lively hope 

To sinners now are giv'n ; 
And weeping saints shall change ere long, 
Their wilderness for heav'n. 

6 With joy we taste that manna now, 
Thy mercy scatters down ; 
We seal our humble vows to thee. 
And wait the promis'd crown. 

98— L. M. Hymn 12, B. 2 

Christ an hiding place. 

1 TTAIL ! sovereign love, that first began 
-LL The scheme to rescue fallen man ! 
Hail ! matchless, free, eternal grace, 
That gave my soul a hiding place. 

2 Against the God that rules the sky 

I fought with hands uplifted high ; — 
Despis'd tlie offers of his grace, 
Too proud to seek a hiding place. 

3 Enwrapp'd in dark Eg}^ptian night. 
And fond of darkness more than light. 
Madly I ran the sinful race. 

Secure without a hiding place. 

4 But thus th* eternal counsel ran : 

" Ahnighty Love ! arrest the man ;" 
I felt the arrows of distress. 
And found I had no hiding place. 

5 Vindictive justice stood in view ; 
To Sinai's fiery mount I flew; 

HYUiS XCIX. 331 

Bat justice cried with frowning face: 
*■ This moontain is no hiding place." 

6 Bat lo ! a heav'nly voice I heard— 
And merc/s angel soon appear'd ; 
Who led me on a pleasing pace, 
To Jesas Ghrjst, my hiding place. 

7 Oa him Almighty vengeance fell, 
Which mast have sank a world to hell ; 
He bore it for his chosen race, 
And DOW he is my hiding place. 

8 A few more rolling suns at most, 
Will land me on fair Canaan's coast ; 
There I shall sing the song of grace, 
And see my glorious hiding place. 

99— L. M. Hymn 14. B. 2. 

Christ our example. 

1 A ND is the gospel peace and love ? 
-f^ Such let our conversation be; 
The serpent blended with the dove, — 
Wisdom and meek simplicity. 

2 Whene'er the angry passions rise, 

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife ; 
To Jesus let us lift our eyes, 
Bright pattern of the Christian life. 

3 O, how benevolent and kind ! 
How mild — how ready to forgive ! 
Be this the temper of our mind, 
And these the rules by which we live. 

4 To do his heav'nly Father's will, 
Was his employment and delight ; ' 
Humility and holy zeal 

Shone throo^b bis Ufe divinely bright. 

332 HYMN C, CI. 

5 Dispensing good where'er he came, 
The labours of his life were love ; 
Then, if we bear the Saviour's namei 
By his example let us move. 

100— F. M. 7s. Hymn 15. B. 3 

Christ tJie Rock of Ages. 

1 "pOCK of ages! cleft for me, 
-Li Let me hide myself in thee ; 
Let the water and the blood, 
From thy side a healing flood, 
Be of sin the double cure. 

Save from wrath, and make me pure, 

2 Should my tears forever flow, 
Should my zeal no languor know, 
This for sin could not atone, 
Thou must save, and thou alone; 
In my hand no price I bring, 
Simply to thy cross I cling. 

3 While I draw this fleeting breath. 
When my eye-lids close in death, 
When I rise to worlds unknown, 
And behold thee on thy throne, 
Rock of ages! cleft for me, 

Let me hide myself in thee ! 

101— lis 8s. Hymn 50. Adc 


I 'PHE Lord is my Shepherd, his kindness 
J- know. 

My wants will be ever supplied : 
He nfiakes me repose where the green pai 
tures grow. 
And waters in gentleness ^l\de« 


2 Uj wandering affections, so often astray, 
His kindness and care will reclaim, 

To wisdom and holiness point out the way, 
To the praise of bis glorious name. 

3 What though I walk through the dark valley 

of death. 
No evil my spirit will fear; 
My Shepherd is with me, his arm is beneath, 
His love and his comfort are near. 

4 The hand of his bounty my table supplies, 

My cup of enjoyment overflows : 
He keeps me in safety when troubles arise, 
Nor yields to th' assaults of my foes. 

5 His goodness and mercy around me are found. 

His love shall forever endure ; 
Forever I'll dwell in the house of the Lord; 
His word of salvation is sure. 

102— C. M. Hymn 49. Add. 

Uncluzngeable Friend. 

1 pOME, let our hearts and voices join, 
^ To praise the Saviour's name ; 
Whose truth and kindness are divine, 

Whose love's a constant flame. 

2 When most we need his gracious hand, * 

This Friend is always near ; 
With heaven and earth at his command. 
He waits to answer prayer. 

3 His love no end nor measure knows, 

No change can turn its course ; 
Immutably the same, it flows 
From one eternal source. 

4 When frowns appear to veil his face, 

And clouds surround his throne ; 


He hides the purpose of his grace 
To make it better known. 

5 And when our dearest comforts fall 
Before his sov'reign will, 
He never takes away our all, 
Himself, he gives us still. 

103 — 8s 7s. Hymn 61. Ad( 

ChrisVs Love. 

1 ANE there is, above all others, 

^ Well deserves the name of Friend; 

His is love beyond a brother's. 
Costly, free, and knows no end : 
They who once his kindness prove, 
Find it everlasting love. 

2 Which of all our friends, to save us. 

Could or would have shed his blood I 
But our Jesus died to have us 
Reconciled in him to God: 
This was boundless love indeed ! 
Jesus is a Friend in need! 

3 When he lived on earth abased. 

Friend of Sinners was his name; 
Now above all glory raised. 
He rejoices in the same ; 
Still he calls them "Brethren — friends," 
And to all their wants attends. 

4 O, for grace our hearts to soften ! 

Teach us, Lord, at length to love ; 
We, alas ! forget too often. 

What a Friend we have above : 
But when home our souls are brought; 
We will love thee as we ought* 

HYMN CIV, CV. 335 

I04-L/M. Hjmn44. Add 

He is our Peace. 

1 DLEST be the Saviour's sacred name ; 
■'-' On embassies of peace he came ; 
And angels chanted at his birtli, 

" Good-will to men, and peace on earth/* 

2 "He is our peace ;" for by his blood 
Sinners are reconciled to God ; 
Sweet harmony is now restored, 
And man beloved, and God adored. 

3 ••He is our peace ;" in him we find 
A sweet serenity of mind ; 
This is to us his own bequest, 
And makes the soul supremely blest. 

4 ••He is our peace" 'tween man and man ; 
And by his harmonizing plan, 
Barbarian, Scythian, bond and free. 

In perfect fellowship agree. 

5 Blest be the bleeding Saviour's name ; 
On embassies of peace he came. 

Let mortals to their latest breath 
Sing of his reconciling death. 

105— C. M, Hymn 54. Add. 

Mediatorial Work. 

1 11/ HAT wisdom, majesty and grace, 
' » Through all the gospel shine; 

'Tis God that speaks, and we confess, 
The doctrine most divine. 

2 Down from his starry throne on high, 

The almighty Saviour comes; 
Lays his bright robes of glory by, 
And feeble flesh assumes. 

»36 HYMN CVI. 

3 The mighty debt, the sinner owed» 

Upon the cross he pays ; 
Then through the clouds ascends tQ G 
'Midst shouts of loftiest praise. 

4 There he, our great High Priest, appei 

Before his Father's throne.: 
Offers his incense with our pray'rs, 
And pours salvation down. 

6 Great God, with rcv'rence we adore 
Thy justice and thy grace ; 
And on thy faithfulness and power, 
Our firm dependence place. 

106— L. M. Hymn 5, Pt L 

A Saviour is necessary. 

1 "pNSLAV'D by sin, and bound in chi 
-L^ Beneath its dreadful tyrant sway, 
And doom'd to everlasting pains, 

We wretched guilty captives lay. 

2 Nor can our arm procure our peace ; 
Nor will the world's collected store 
Suffice to purchase our release : 

A thousand worlds were all too poor. 

3 A Saviour, Man, and mighty God, 
A glorious ransom must procure ; 
Justice divine demands his blood; 
And nothing less can life insure. 

4 Jesus, the man, the mighty God, 
This all-sufficient ransom paid : 
The Mediator's precious blood 

For wretched sinners has been shed. 

5 Jesos the sacrifice became, 

To rescue guilty souls firom hell ; 


The spotless, bleeding, dying Lamb 
Seoeath avenging justice fell. 

6 Amazing justice ! love divine ! 

may our grateful hearts adore 

The matchless grace ; nor yield to sin. 
Nor wear its. cruel fetters more ! 

107-^. M. Hymn 14, Pt 3. B. 1. 

The Incarnation. 

1 "Y^E saints, proclaim abroad 

^ The honours of your King : 
To Jesus, your incarnate God, 
Your songs of praises sing. 

2 Not angels round the throne 
Of majesty above, 

Are half so much oblig'd as we. 
To our Immanuel's love. 

3 They never sunk so low, 
They are not rais'd so high ; 

They never knew such depths of woe, 
Such heights of majesty. 

4 The Saviour did not join 
Their nature to his own ; 

For them he shed no blood divine, 
Nor breath'd a single groan. 

5 May we with angels vie, 
The Saviour to adore! 

Our debts are greater far than theirs, 
O be our praises more ! 

108— S. M. Hymn 66- Add. 

Christ's Mission. 
1 T>AIS£ your triumphant songs, 
^ To an immortal tune; 

338 HYMN CIX. 

Let the wide earth resoand the deeds 
Celestial grace has done. 

2 Sing how eternal love 
Its chief Beloved chose ; 

And bade him raise oar wretched race 
From their abyss of woes. 

3 His hand no thunder bears, 
No terror clothes his brow, 

No bolts to drive our guilty souls 
To fiercer flames below. 

4 'Twas mercy fill'd the throne, 
And wrath stood silent by, 

When Christ was sent with pardons doiv 
To rebels doomed to die. 

5 Now, sinners, dry your tears, 
Let hopeless sorrows cease : 

Bow to the sceptre of his love. 
And take the offer'd peace. 

6 Lord, we obey thy call. 
We lay an humble claim 

To the salvation thou hast brought. 
And love and praise thy name. 


109— C. M. Hymn 7. 1 

Nativity of Christ, 

1 TliTORTALS, awake, with angels join, 
-1-"- And chant the solemn lay: 
Joy, love, and gratitude, combine 
To hail th' aaspicioos day. 

HYMN ex. 339 

2 In heav'o the rapt'rous song began. 

And sweet seraphic fire 
Through all the shining legions ran. 
And Strang and tun'd the lyre. 

3 Swift, thniugh the vast expanse, it flew. 

And loud the echo roli'd; 
The theme, the song, the joy was new, 
'T was more than heav'n could hold. 

4 Down through the portals of the sky, 

Th' impetuous torrent ran; 

And angels flew, with eager joy. 

To bear the news to man. 

5 Hark ! the cherubic armies shout. 

And glory leads the song: 
Good will and peace are heard throughout 
Th' harmonious heav'niy throng. 

110— P.M. 11,10. HymnS, B. 2. 

Star in the East. 
i BRIGHTEST and best of the sons of the 
•^ morning, 
Dawn on our darkness, and lend us thine 
Star of the East, the horizon adorning. 
Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid. 

2 Cold on his cradle, the dew-drops are shining; 
Low lies his bed, with the beasts of the stall ; 
Angels adore him, in slumber reclining; 
Maker, and Monarch, and Saviour of all. 

I Say, shall we yield him, in costly devotion. 
Odours of Edom, and ofl^'rings divine, 
Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the ocean. 
Myrrh from the forest, and gold from the 
i Vainly we offer each ample oblatioHi 

VainJjr with gold would his favouTS Becox^\ 

340 HYMN CXI. 

Richer by far is the heart s adoration, 
Dearer to God are tiie pray'rs of the pooi 

5 Brightest and best of the sons of the morning 
Dawn on onr darkness, and lend os tbim 
Star of the East, the horizon adorning, 
Guide where oar infant Redeemer is laid 

111_L. M. Hymn 9. B. 2- 

The Star of Bethlehem. 

1 TI7HEN, marshaird on the nightly plain, 

VV The glitt'ring host bestud the sky ; 
One star alone of all the train, 

Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. 

2 Hark ! hark ! to God the chorus breaks^ 

From ev'ry host, from ev'ry gem : 
But one alone the Saviour speaks ; 
It is the Star of Bethlehem. 

3 Once on the raging seas I rode, 

The storm was loud, the night was dark 
The oceau yawn'd, and rudely blow'd 
The wind that toss d my foundVing bark. 

4 Deep horror then my vitals froze. 

Death-struck, I ceas'd the tide to stem ; 
When suddenly a star arose. 
It was the Star of Bethlehem. 

5 It was my guide, my light, my all; 

It bade my dark forebodings cease ; 
And through the storm and danger's thrall. 
It lead me to the port of peace, 

6 Now safely moor'd — my perils o'er, 

1*11 sing, first in night's diadem. 
For ever and for evermore, 

The star— the Star of Bethlehem. 


112— L. M. Hjmn 6, Pt 3. B. 1. 

Types and prophecies fulfilled in ChrisL 

1 DEHOLD the woman's promised seed ! 
^ Behold the great Messiah come ! 
Behold the prophets all agreed 

To give him the superior room ! 

2 Abra'm, the saint, rejoic'd of old, 
When visions of the Lord he saw ; 
Moses, the man of God, foretold 
This great fulfiUer of his law. 

3 The types bore witness to his namo. 
Obtain'd their chief design, and ceas'd : 
The incense and the bleeding lamb. 
The ark, the altar, and the priest 

4 Predictions in abundance meet, 

To join their blessings on his head ; 

Jesus, we worship at thy feet, 

And nations own the promised seed. 

IJ3— L. M. Hymn 14, Pt 2. B. 1. 

The Saviour's Advent. 

1 'PO us a child is born from heav'n ; 
-L To us the Son of God is giv'n ; 
Gentiles in Jesus' name shall trust, 
And of bis glories make their boast : 

2 His name the Wonderful shall be ; 

His wonders heav'n and earth shall see \ 
The Counsellor of truth and grace, 
Who leads in paths of righteousness. 

3 The Mighty God, that glorious name, 

^ His works and n'ord join to proclaim: 


Tke Everlasting Fatlier^ He— 
And the whole charch his family. 

4 The Prince of Peace, on David's thro 
And nations, yet nnbom, shall own 
His sov'reign and his gracious sway ; 
Glad of the honour to obey. 

5 Justice and Judgment be '11 maintain- 
To everlasting ages reign: 

And his blest empire shall increase. 
Till time, with all its movements, cea 

6 Our faith in grateful triumph boasts 
These wonders of the Lord of Hosts: 
And trusts the love, that form'd the p 
To perfect what that love began. 

114— S.M. Hymn 143.; 

The song of the Angels. 

1 TJEHOLD! the grace appean 
JJ The promise is fulfill'd ; 

Mary, the wondrous virgin, bears. 
And Jesus is the child. 

2 To bring the glorious news, 
A heav'niy form appears; 

He tells the shepherds of their joys. 
And banishes their fears. 

3 " Go, humble swains," said he, 
"To David's city fly; 

" The promis'd infant, bom to-day, 
"Doth in a manger lie. 

4 " With looks and heart serene, 
"Go visit Christ your King;'* 

And straight a flaming troop was seei 
The shepherds heard tbem sinf 

HYMN CXV. 343 

6 '•Glory to God on high! 
''And heav'nly peace on earth, 
"Good- will to men, to angels joy, 
"At the Redeemer's birth!" 

6 In worship so divine 
Let saints employ their tongues: 

With the celestial hosts we join, 
And Joud repeat their songs. 

7 •* Glory to God on high, 
"And heav'nly peace on earth, 

" Good-will to men, to angels joy, 
"At our Redeemer's birth!" 

115— C. M. Hymn 14, Pt. 4. B. 1. 

Jesus came to save Sinrief's. 

1 TTARK the glad sound! the Saviour's 
-CI come ! 

The Saviour promis'd long! 
Let ev'ry heart prepare a throne. 
And ev'ry voice a song. 

2 On him the Spirit, largely pour'd. 

Exerts its sacred fire; 
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love, 
His holy breast inspire. 

3 He conies the pris'ners to release. 

In Satan's bondage held: 
The gates of brass before him burst, 
The iron fetters yield. 

4 He comes, from thickest films of vice 

To clear the mental ray. 
And on the eye-balls of the blind 
To pour celestial day. 

6 He comes the broken heart to bind, 
The bleeding soul to cure; 


And with his righteoosness and grace 
T' enrich th' humble poor. 

6 His gospel trampets pablish load 

The jub'lee of the Lord ; 
His people are redeemed now, 
Their heritage restor'd. 

7 Oar glad Hasannas, Prince of peace, 

Thy welcome shall proclaim; 
And heav'n's eternal arches ring 
With thy beloved name. 

116— CM. Hymn 142. R 

The Song of Zacharias. 

1 ^OW, be the God of Israel bless'd, 
-L^ Who makes his truth appear ; 
His mighty hand fulfils his word, 

And all the oaths he sware. 

2 Now he bedews king David's root 

With blessings from the skies : 
He makes the branch of promise grow, 
The promis'd horn arise. 

3 John was the prophet of the Lord, 

To go before his face ; 
The herald which our Saviour God 
Sent to prepare his ways. 

4 " Behold the Lamb of God," he cries, 

" That takes our guilt away; 
" I saw the Spirit o'er his head, 
*'0n his baptising day. 

5 "Be ev'ry vale exalted high, 

"Sink ev'ry mountain low: 
" The proud mast stoop, and humble soob 
"Shall his salvation know. 

HYMN CXVn. 545 

6 *< The heathen realms, with Israel's land, 

*• Shall join in sweet accord ; 
^ And all, that's born of man, shall see 
" The glory of the Lord 

7 " Behold the Morning Star arise, 

" Ye that in darkness sit ! 
^ He marks the path that leads to peace, 
"And guides our doubtful feet." 

117_C. M. Hymn88. B. 1. 

The Birth of Christ. 

1 A WAKE, awake the sacred song 
-^ To our incarnate Lord: 
Let ev'ry heart, and ev'ry tongue 

Adore tli* eterual Word. 

2 Sinners awake, with angels join. 
And chant the solemn lay ; 

Joy, love, aod gratitude combine. 
To hail til' auspicious day. 

3 Then shone almighty pow'r and love, 
In all their glorious forms ; 

When Jesus left his throne above, 
To dwell with sinful worms. 

4 Adoring angels tun'd their songs 
To hail the joyful day ; 

With rapture then, let mortal tongues 
Their gmteful worship pay. 

5 Hail, Prince of life, for ever hail ! 
Redeemer, Brother, Friend ! 

Tho' earth, and time, and life should fail, 
Thy praise shall never end- 



118— CM. Hymn 67. Ad 


1 T\ARK was the night, and cold the groai 
^ On which the Lord was laid ; 

His sweat like drops of blood ran down. 
In agony he pray'd : — 

2 •* Father, remove this bitter cup. 

If such thy sacred will ; 
If not, content to drink it up. 
Thy pleasure I fulfil !'' 

3 Go to the garden, sinner ; see 

Those precious drops Uiat flow: 
The heavy load he bore for thee — 
For thee he lies so low. 

4 Then learn of him the cross to bear, 

Thy Father's will obey; 
And when temptations press thee near. 
Awake to watch and pray. 

119— P. M. Hymn 97, B. 


1 TITANY woes had Christ endured, 
-"J- Many sore temptations met. 
Patient, and to pains inuir'd ; 

But the sorest trial yet 
Was to be sustain'd in thee, 
Gloomy, sad Gethsemane. 

2 Came at length the dreadful night, 
Vengeance with its iron rod 
Stood, and with collected might, 
Bruis'd the harmless Lamb of God : 

HYMN CXX. 347 

See^ my. soul, the Saviour see ; 
Prostrate in Gethsemane. 

3 There my God bore all my guilt, 
This thro* grace can be believed ; 
fiut the torments which he felt 
Are too vast to be conceived; 
None can penetrate through thee, 
Doleful, dark GethseAane. 

4 All my sins against my God, 
All my sins against his laws, 
All my sins against his blood. 
All my sins against his cause. 
Sins as boundless as the sea ; 
Hide me, O Gethsemane. 

5 Here's my claim, and here alone; 
None a Saviour more can need ; 
Deeds of righteousness I've none ; 
Not a work that I can plead ; 
Not a glimpse of hope for me. 
Only in Gethsemane. 

6 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
One Almighty God of love : 
Prais'd by all the heav'nly host. 
In thy shining courts above ; 

We poor sinners, Gracious Three, 
Praise thee for Gethsemane. 

10— L. M. Hymn 16, Pt. 1. B. I 

Substitution and Satisfaction. 

IMMORTAL God, on thee we call, 
^ The great Original of all ; 
Thro' thee we are, to thee we tend, 
Dor sure support^ our glorious end 

348 HYMN CXXl. 

2 We praise that wise mysterious grace. 
That pitied our revolted race, 

And Jesus^ our great cov'oant-head. 
The Captain of salvation made. 

3 Thy justice doom'd that we mast die, 
Who for our sins would satisiy ; 

His death was therefore fix'd of old. 
And in thy word^f truth foretold. 

4 A scene of wonders here we see, 
Worthy thy Son and worthy thee ; 
And while this theme employs our tong 
All heav'n unites its sweetest songs. 

121— 8s 7s. Hymn 56. 


1 TI7ITH0UT blood is no remission 

' » Thus the law proclaims from hes 
Blood must flow — on this condition, 
This alone, is sin forgiven : 
Yes, a victim must be slain, 
Else all hope of life is vain. 

2 But the victim — who shall find it X 

Such a one as sinners need ? 
To the altar who shall bind it ? 
Who shall make the victim bleed ! 
Questions these of anxious though 
Till the word of God is brought. 

3 God himself provides the Victim — 

Jesus is the Lamb of God ; 
Heaven, and earth, and hell afflict hii 
While he bears the sinner's load ; 
'Tis his blood, and that alone, 
Can for human guilt atone. 


4 Jojfal tnitb ! he bore transgression 
In his body on the cross; 
Through his blood, there's full remission; 
All for him we count but loss : 
Jesus for the sinner bleeds, 
Nothing more the sinner needs. 

122-.L. M. Hymn 15, Pt 1. B. 1. 

[ He suffered. 

1 A LORD, when faith with fixed eyes 
^ Beholds thy wondrous sacrifice, 
Love rises to an ardent flame, 

And we all other hope disclaim. 

2 With cold affections who can see 

The thorns, the scourge, the nails, the tree, 
The flowing tears, the crimson sweat. 
The bleeding hands, and head, and feet ! 

3 Jesus, what millions of our race 
Have been the triumphs of thy grace ! 
And millions more to thee shall fly, 
And on thy sacrifice rely. 

4 The sorrow, shame, and death, were thine^ 
And all the stores of wrath divine ! 
Ours are the pardon, life, and bliss : 
What love can be compar'd to this 1 

123_L. M. Hymn 15, Pt. 2. B. L 

lie was crucified. 

1 OTRETCffD on the cross the Savioui 
•^ dies. 

Hark ! his expiring groans arise ! 
See, from his hands, his feet, his side, 
Runs down the sacred crimson tide ! 

2 Believers now, behold the Man ! 

The Man of Grief condemned for you, 


The Lamb of God for sinners slain. 
Weeping to Calvary pursue. 

3 His sacred limbs they pierce, they tear, 
With nails tUey fasten to the wood — 
His sacred limbs ! expos'd and bare, 
Or only cover'd with his blood. 

4 See there ! his temples crown'd with thorns 
His bleeding hands extended wide, 

His streaming feet transfix'd and torn, 
The fountain gushing from his side. 

'6 Thou dear, thou suflTring Son of God, 
How doth thy heart to sinners move ! 
Sprinkle on us thy precious blood, 
Constrain us with thy dying love ! 

124— P. M. 8, 7. Hymn 98, B. S 

Sitting at the foot of the Cross. 

1 O WEET the moments, rich in blessing, 
^ Which before the Cross I spend. 
Life, and health, and peace possessing 

From the sinner's dying friend. 

2 Here I '11 sit, for ever, viewing 

Mercy's streams in streams of blood ; 
Precious drops ! my soul bedewing. 
Plead, and claim my peace with God. 

3 Truly blessed is this station, 

Low before his Cross to lie ; 
While I see divine compassion 
Floating in his languid eye. 

4 Here it is I find my heaven, 

While upon the Cross I gaze ; 
Love I much,— I've much forgiven; 
I'm a miracle of grace. 


^ Love and grief, my heart dividing, 
With my tears bis feet Til bathe, 
Constant still in faith abiding, 
Life deriving from his death. 

^ May I still enjoy this feeling, 
In all need to Jesus go ; 
Prove his wounds each day more healing. 
And himself more fully know. 

25— L. M. Hymn 15, Pt. 3. B. 1. 

It is Christ that died. 

OINNERS rejoice, 'tis Christ that died: 
^ Behold, the l)lood flows from his side ! 
To wash yonr souls, and raise you high. 
To dwell with God above the sky. 

Tis Christ that died ! O love divine! 
Here mercy, truth, and justice shine ; 
God recoucil'd, and sinners bought 
With Jesus' blood — how sweet the thought ! 

t 'Tis Christ that died ! a truth indeed. 
On which my faith would ever feed: 
Nor let the works that I perform 
Be nam'd, to swell a haughty worm. 

4 Tis Christ that died ! 'tis Christ was slain, 
To save my soul from endless pain ; 
'Tis Christ that died, shall be my theme. 
While I have breath to praise his name. 

126— S. M. Hymn 68. Add. 

Christ upon the Cross. 

1 TJEHOLD th' amazing sight, 

-D The Saviour lifted high ; 
Behold the Son of God's delight, 

Expire in agony. 


2 For whom was broke that heart t 
For whom these sorrows borne! 

Why did he feel that piercing smart. 
And meet that hitter scorn ! 

3 For love of us he bled, 
And all in torture died ; 

'Twas love that bow'd his fainting hea 
And op'd his gushing side. 

4 I see, and I adore, 
In sympathy of love; 

I feel the strong attractive power 
To lift my soul above. 

6 Drawn by such cords as these. 
Let all the earth combine, 

With cheerful ardour to confess 
The energy divine. 

G In thee, our hearts unite, 
Nor share thy griefs alone, 

But from thy cross pursue their flight 
To tby triumphant throne. 

127— C. M. Hymn 16, Pt. 3. 

Christ sustained the pains of hell, 

1 A ND did the holy and the just, 
-^ The Sovereign of the skies, 
Stoop down to wretchedness and dui 

That guilty worms might rise? 

2 Yes, the Redeemer in his soul. 

Sustained the pains of hell ; 
The wrath of God without control, 
On him our surety fell. 

3 He took the dying sinner's place, 

And suffered in his stead; 


For mao, (O miracle of grace !) 
For man the Saviour bled! 

4 Dear Lord, what heav'nly wonders dwell 
In thy atoning blood! 
By this are sinners snatch'd from hell, 
And rebels brought to God. 

5 Jesus, my soul, adoring, bends 

To love so full, so free ; 
And may I hope that love extends 
Its sacred pow'r to me ! 

6 What glad return can I impart 

For favours so divine? 
! take my all — this worthless heart, 
And make it only thine. 

128— C. M. Hymn 30, Ft 1. B. 1. 

Christ our substitute. 

1 TESUS, in thee our eyes behold 
J A thousand glories more, 

Than the rich gems and polish*d gold, 
The sons ot Aaron wore. 

2 Fresh blood, as constant as the day. 

Was on their altars spilt ; 
But thy one olFring takes away 
For ever all our guilt. 

3 Once, in the circuit of a year, 

With blood, but not his own, 
Aaron within the veil appears. 
Before the golden throne. 

4 But Christ, by his own powerful blood, 

Ascends above the skies ; 
And, in the presence of our God, 
Shows his own sacrifice. 


129— L. M. Hymn 59. A. 

The Crucifixion. 

1 "Jrpis finish'd !" so the Saviour cried, 

-J- And meekly bow'd his dying head ; 
"'Tis finish'd !" yes, the race is run, 
The battle fought, the victory won. 

2 "Tis finish'd !" all that Heaven decreed, 
And all the ancient prophets said, 

Is now fulfiird, as was design'd, 
In Christ, the Saviour of mankind. 

3 " 'T is finish'd !" this, his dying groan, 
Shall sins of deepest hue atone ; 
Millions shall be redeem'd from death, 
By this, his last expiring breath. 

4 " 'T is finish'd !" Heaven is reconciled. 
And all the powers of darkness spoif d, 
Peace, love, and happiness, again 
Return and dwell with sinful men. 

5 " 'T is finish'd !" let the joyful sound 

Be heard through all the nations round ; 
" 'T is finish'd !" let the echo fly 
Through heaven and hell, through earth a 


130— 8s 7s. Hymn 63. A 

The Cross of Christ. 

1 TN the cross of Christ I glory ! 

J- Towering o'er the wrecks of time. 
All the light of sacred story, 
Gathers round its head sublime. 

2 When the woes of life o'ertake me, 

Hopes deceive and fears annoy, 
Never shall the cross forsake me, 
Lo ! it glows wuh peae^ ^n^ y\^. 


3 When the sun of bliss is beaming 
Light and love upon my way, 
From the cross the radiance streaming 
Adds more lustre to the day. 

4 Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure, 

Bj the cross are sanctified ; 
Peace is there that knows no measure, 
Joys that through all time abide. 

5 In the cross of Christ I glory; 

Towering o'er the wrecks of time, 
All the light of sacred story, 
Gathers round its head sublime. 

§1— L. M. Hymn 64. Add 

Glorying in the Cross. 

WHEN I survey the wondrous cross 
On which the Prince of glory died; 
My richest gain I count but loss, 
And pour contempt on all my pride. 

2 Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast. 
Save in the death of Christ, my God ; 
All the vain things that charm me most, 
I sacrifice them to his blood. 

3 See, from his head, his hands, his feet. 
Sorrow and love flow mingled down ; 
Did e'er such love and sorrow meet. 
Or thorns compose so rich a crown ! 

t Were the whole realm of nature mine 
That were a present far too small ; 
Love so amazing, so divine, 
Demands my soul, my life, my all. 


132— 7s. Hjmngi. A 

Go to GolgotJia. 

1 pO to Golgotha and weep 

^ With the sufTring Son of God 
And behold, with anguish deep, 
Where the sacred Victim stood ; 
Like a lamb to slaughter led, 
Every friend and helper fled. 

2 Go to Golgotha, and see 

All the heav'ns in sackcloth hung. 
While rebuke and blasphemy 
Issue foul from every tongue. 
Hear that agonizing cry. 
While the rending rocks reply. 

3 Go to Golgotha, and tell 

Why the scourge, the crown of thorn. 
Why the powers of earth and hell 
Join in deeds of hate and scorn ; 
Why such innocence in tears, 
On the shameful cross appears. 

4 Go to Golgotha, and learn 
All the bitterness of sin; 

In those scenes of wrath discern 
What thine own desert hath been. 
Thine the shame, reproach, and guilt; 
'T was for thee that blood was spilt 

5 Go to Golgotha, and pray 
That thy sins may be forgiven; 
He on whom thy burthens lay, 
Now is Advocate in heaven. 
Lift thine eyes to his abode. 
Trusting in the Son of God. 



iSL-L. M. Hymn 17, Pt. 1. B. 1 

T^e Resurrection of Christ. 

1 ''PIS^/JwwA'rf, the Redeemer cries; 

-L When lowly bows his fainting head: 
And soon th' expiring sacrifice 
Sinks to the regions of the dead. 

2 ^Tis done — the mighty work is done ! 
For men or angels much too great ; 
Which none, but God's eternal Son, 
Or would attempt, or could complete. 

3 'Tis done — old things are past away, 
And a new stale of things begun ; 

A kingdom which shall ne'er decay. 
But shall outlast the circling sun. 

4 A new account of time begins; 

Now our dear Lord resumes his breath, 
Charg'd with our sorrows and our sins ; 
Our lives to ransom by his death. 

5 Once he was dead, but now he reigns, 
He lives, he lives, he lives again : 
Let's tell our joys in pious strains. 
And spread the glory of his name. 

134— P. M. 7s. Hymn 89, B. 1 

The Resurrection of Christ. 

1 "pHRIST, the Lord, is ris'n to-day/' 
^ Sons of men and angels say ; 
Raise your joys and triumphs high, 
Stmg, ye heavens, and earth reply. 


2 Love's redeeming work is done, 
Fought ihe fight, the battle won : 
Lo ! the sun's eclipse is o'er, 

Lo ! he sets in blood no more. 

3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, 
Christ has burst the gate of hell ; 
Death in vain forbids his rise, 
Christ hath opcn'd Paradise. 

4 Lives again our glorious King! 

" Where, O death, is now thy sting T 

Once he died our souls to save : 

** Where 's thy vict'ry, boasting grave T 

5 Hail, the Lord of earth and heav'n ! 
Praise to thee by both be giv'n ! 
Thee we greet triumphant now, 
Hail ! the resurrection — Thou ! 

135— C. L. M. Hymn 60. A< 

The Lord is risen. 

1 TTOW calm and beautiful the morn, 
-tl That gilds the sacred tomb, 
Where once the Crucified was borne. 

And veird in midnight gloom ! 
O, weep no more the Saviour slain ; 
The Lord is risen — he lives again. 

2 Ye mourning saints, dry every tear 

For your departed Lord, 
" Behold the place — he is not here," 

The tomb is all unbarr'd : 
The gates of death were closed in vain 
The Lord is risen — he hves again. 

3 Now, cheerful to the house of pray'r, 

Yonr early footsteps bend, 


TBo Saviour will himself be there, 

Your Advocate and Friend : 
Once b}' the law your hopes were slain : 
£at now in Christ ye Uve again. 

Sow tranquil now the rising day, 

'Tis Jesus still appears, 
A risen Lord to chase away 

Your unbelieving fears: 
0, weep no more your comforts slain. 
The Lord is risen — he lives again. 

And when the shades of evening fail, 
When life's last hour draws nigh. 

If Jesus shines upon the soul, 
How blissful then to die ! 

Since he is risen that once was slain, 

Ye die in Christ to live again. 

•6— L. M. Hymn 61. Add. 

Christ's Intercession. 

1 TTE lives, the great Redeemer lives ! 
•11 What joy the blest assurance gives : 
And now before his Father, God, 

He pleads the merit of his blood. 

2 Repeated crimes awake our fears, 

And justice, arm'd with frowns, appears ; 
But in the Saviour's lovely face, 
Sweet mercy smiles and all is peace. 

3 Hence, then, yc black despairing thoughts; 
Above our fears, above our faults. 

His powerful intercessions rise, 
And guilt recedes, and terror dies. 

4 In every dark, distressful hour. 
When sin and Satan join their power, 
This hope repels each fiery dart — 
Thai Jesus bears us on his heart. 


5 Great Advocate, Almighty Friend* 
On thee alone our hopes depend : 
Our cause can never, never fail, 
For Jesus pleads, and must prevail 

137_L. M. Hymn 17, Ft 2. 

/ know that my Redeemer liveth, 

1 T KNOW that my Redeemer lives ; 
J- What comfort this sweet seni 

gives ! 
He lives, he lives, who once was dea 
He lives, my ever-living head ! 

2 He lives triumphant from the grave, 
He lives eternally to save; 

He lives all glorious in the sky, 
He lives exalted there on high. 

3 He lives to bless me with his love, 
He lives to plead for me above: 
He lives my hungry soul to feed. 
He lives to help in time of need. 

4 He lives to grant me fresh supply. 
He lives to guide me with his eye ; 
He lives to comfort me when faint. 
He lives to hear my souFs complaint 

5 He lives to silence all my fears, 

He lives to stop and wipe my tears ; 
He lives to calm my troubled heart, 
He lives all blessings to impart. 

6 He lives, my kind, wise, heav'nly Fri 
He lives and loves me to the end ; 
He lives, and, while he lives, I 'II sine 
He lives, my Prophet, Priest, and Ku 

7 He lives, and grants me daily breath. 
He lives, and i shaSL cou^c^t dwdi; 


He lives my mansiou to prepare, 
He lives to bring me safely tiiere. 

8 He lives, all glory to his name ! 
He lives, my Jesus, still tlie same ; 

the sweet joy this sentence gives, 

1 know that my Redeemer lives ! 


138-C. M. Hymn 16. B. 2 

Coronation of ChiisL 

1 A LL hail, the pow'r of Jesus' name ! 
•^ Let angels prostrate fall; 
Bring forth the royal diadem. 
And crown him — Lord of alL 

^ Crown him, ye martyrs of our God, 
Who from his altar call; 
Extol the stem of Jesse's rod, 
And crown him — Lord of all. 

^ Hail him, ye heirs of David's line. 
Whom David, Lord did call; 
The God incarnate! Man Divine! 
And crown him — Lord of all. 

4 Ye chosen seed of Israel's race, 
Ye ransom'd from the fall. 
Hail him who saves you hy his grace, 
And crown him — Lord of all. 

5 Sinners whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormword and the gall. 

Go, spread your trophies at his feet, 

And crown him — Lord of alL 



6 Let every kindred, every tribe. 

On this terrestrial ball, 
To him all majesty ascribe, 
And crown him — Lord of all. 

7 Oh, that with yonder sacred throng, 

We at his feet may fail; 
We'll join the everlasting song, 
And crown him — Lord of all. 

139— L. M. Hymn 18, Ft. 1. B. L 

He ascended into heaven. 

1 AUR Lord is risen from the dead« 
^ Our JesQS is gone up on high ; 
The pow'rs of hell are captive led, 
Dragg'd to the portals of the sky. 

2 There his triumphal chariot waits, 
And angols chant the solemn lay ; 

" Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates ! 
" Ye everlasting doors, give way !" 

3 Loose all your bars of massy light, 
And wide unfold the radiant scene : 
He claims those mansions as his right. 
Receive the King of glory in, 

4 " Who is the King of glory, who T 
The Lord, that all his foes o'ercame, 
The world, sin, death, and hell o'erthrew ; 
And Jesus is the conqu'ror's name. 

5 Lo ! his triumphant chariot waits. 
And angels chant the solemn lay, 

" Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates ! 
" Ye everlasting doors, give way !" 

6 « Who is the King of glory, who f ' 
The Lord, of boundless pow'r possest. 
The King of saints and angels too, 
God over all, for ever blest. 


I 140-L. M, H)rnm 18, Pt 2. B. 1. 

I Forerunner. 

1 1?AR, far beyond these lower skies, 
^ Up to the glories all his own, 
k Where we by faith lift ap our eyes, 
f^ There Jesas, oar Forerunner's gone. 

2 Amidst the shining hosts above, 
Where his best smile new pleasure gives, 
Where all is wonder, joy, and love ; 
There Jesus, our Forerunner, lives. 

3 Before his heav'nly Father's face, 
For ev'ry saint he intercedes; 
And with infallible success, 

There Jesus, our Forerunner, pleads. 

4 We shall, when we in heav'n s^ppear. 
His praises sing, his wonders tell; 
And with our great Forerunner there, 
For ever and for ever dwell. 

141— L. M. Hymn 18, Pt. 3. B. h 

T7ie presence^ glory, and power of Christ 

1 TI7ITH transport, Lord, our souk proclaim 

» » Th' immortal honours of thy name ; 
Altho' ascended to thy throne. 
Thou still art present with thine own. 

2 High on his Father's royal seat, 
Our Jesus shone divinely great ; 

Ere Adam's clay with life was warm'd, 
Or Gal)rier$ nobler spirit form'd. 

3 Thro' all succeeding ages, he 

The same hath been — the same shall be ; 
Immortal radiance gilds his head. 
While stars and suns wax old, and fade. 

364 HYMN CXLtt 

4 The same his pow'r his flock to gnard ; 
' The same his bounty to reward : 

The same his faithfulness and love. 

To saints on earth and saints above. 
6 Let nature change, and sink, and die ; 

Jesus shall raise his chosen high ; 

And fix them near his heav'nly throne^ 

In glory changeless as his own. 

142— P. M. Hymn 90. B. . 

The Ascension and Kingdom of Ckri^. 

1 T>EJOICE, the Lord is King, 
Xt Th' ascended King adore ; 
Mortals, give thanks, and sing 
And triumph evermore ! 

Lift np the heart, lift up the voice> 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

2 Rejoice, the Saviour reigns. 
The God of truth and love : 
When he had purg'd our stains^ 
He took his seat above : 

Lift up the heart, lift up the voice^ 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

3 His kingdom cannot fail, 

He rules o^er earth and heaven ; 
The keys of death and hell 
Are to our Jesus giv'n: 
Lift up the heart, lift up the voice. 
Rejoice aloud, ye saints, rejoice. 

4 Rejoice in glorious Lope; 
Jesus the Judge shall come. 
And take his servants up 
To their eternal home : 

We soon shall liear the ArchangeFs voio 
The tramp of God shall sound, rejoice. 


i43-L. M. Hymn 19, Pt 1. B. L 

Re sitteth at the right hand of God. 
1 TESUS the Lord our souls adore, 
^ A painful suff'rer now no more ; 
At the right hand of God he reigns 
O'er earth, and heav'n's extensive plains. 

2 His race for ever is complete ; 
Por ever undisturbed his seat ; 
Myriads of angels round him fly, 
And sing his well-gain'd victory. 

3 Yet 'midst the honours of his throne, 
He joys not for himself alone ; 

His meanest servants share their part, 
Share in that royal tender heart. 

4 Raise, raise, my soul, thy raptur'd sight 
With sacred wonder and delight; 
Jesus at God's right hand now see, 
Entered within the veil for thee. 

144— a M. Hymn 62. Add, 

T/ie Cross and Cronm. 

1 npHE head that once was crown'd with 
-L thorns. 

Is crown'd with glory now; 
A royal diadem adorns 
The mighty Victor^s brow. 

2 The highest place that heaven affords, 

Is his by sov' reign right; 
The King of kings, the Lord of lords. 
He reigns in glory bright. 
3 The joy of all who dwell above, 
The joy of all below. 
To whom he manifests his love. 
And grants his name to know; 


4 To them the cross, with all its shames 

With all its grace, is given ; 
Their name an everlasting name. 
Their joy — the joy of heaven. 

5 They safier with their Lord below. 

They reign with him above ; 
Their profit and their joy to know 
The myst'ry of his love. 

6 The cross he bore, is life and health. 

Though shame and death to him ; 
His people's hope, his people's wealth. 
Their everlasting theme. 

145— L. M. Hymn 31, Pt 1. B. Li 

Jesus hath tTie key of the kingdom of heaiven, 

1 ll/ITH what delight I raise my eyes, 
^^ And view the courts where Jesus dwells 
Jesus, who reigns above the skies. 
And here below his grace reveals. 

S' Of God's own house the sacred key 

Is borne by that majestic hand : 
• Mansions and treasures there I see 

Subjected all to his command. 

3 He shuts, and worlds might strive in vain 
The mighty obstacle to move ; 

He looses all their bars again. 
And who shall shut the gates of love ! 

4 Fix'd in omnipotence, he bears 
The glories of his Father's name : 
Sustains his people's weighty cares. 
Thro' ev'ry changing age the same. 

5 My httle all I here suspend. 

Where the whole weight of heav'n is hong; 
Secure I rest on such a friend. 
And into raptures wake my Iow^q. 


46—88 78. Hymn 63. Add. 

Our High-Priest.^ 

1 TTAIL, thou once despised Jesas, 

-LL Hail, thou bleeding, conq'ring King; 
Thou didst soflfer to release us ; 

Thou didst free salvation bring ! 
Hail, thou agonizing Saviour, 

Thou didst bear our sin and shame, 
Through thy merit we find favour; 

Life is given through thy name. 

2 Paschal Lamb, by God appointed, 

All our sins on thee were laid ; 
By Almighty love anointed. 

Thou hast fall atonement made. 
All thy people are forgiven, 

Through the virtue of thy blood ; 
Open'd is the gate of heaven, 

Man is reconciled to God. 

3 Jesus, hail, enthroned in glory, 

There forever to abide, 
All the heavenly hosts adore thee, 

Seated at thy Father's side : 
There for sinners thou art pleading. 

There thou dost our place prepare: 
Ever for us interceding. 

Till in glory we appear. 

147— L. M. Hymn 65. Add. 

Lord of Angels. 

i p RE AT God, to what a glorious height 
^ Hast thou advanced the Lord, thy Son ' 
Angels, in all their robos of light. 
Are made the servants of his throne. 



2 Before his feet, their armies wait, 
And swift as flames of fire they move, 
To manaM his ajQTairs of state, 

In works of vengeance or of love. 

3 Now they are sent ta^ide oar feet, 
Up to the gates of thine abode. 
Through ail the dangers that we meet. 
In travelling o'er the heavenly road. 

4 Lord, when we leave this mortal gronnd, 
And thou shalt bid us rise and come, 
Send thy beloved angels down, 

Safe to conduct our spirits home. 

148— L. M. Hymn 19, Pt 3. B. 

Christ loiU come to judge the icorld. 
[O W to the Lord, that made us know 
The wonders of his dying love. 
Be humble honours paid below, 
And strains of nobler praise above. 

'T was he that cleans'd our foulest sins, 
And wash'd us in his richest blood ; 
'Tis he that makes us priests and kings, 
And brings us rebels near to God. 

To Jesus, our atoning Priest, 
To Jesus, our superior King, 
Be everlasting pow'r confessed. 
And ev'ry tongue his glory sing. 

Behold ! on flying clouds he comes, 
And evVy eye shall see his face ; 
Tho' with our sins we pierc'd him once ; 
He now displays his pard'ning grace. 

The unbelieving world shall wail. 
While we rejoice to see the day ; 
Come, Lord ! nor let thy promise fail. 
Nor Jet thy chariots lot\g, d^Va^. 


U9-P. M. Hymn 147, B. 1 

Surdy I come quicMy ; Amen, even so, come. 
Lord Jesus. 

1 T O ! he comes, with clouds descending, 
-L^ Once for favour'd sinners slain ! 

n'boosand thousand saints attending 

Swell the triumph of his train : 
Hallelujah ! 
Jesus now shall ever reign. 

2 Ev'ry eye shall now behold him, 
Rob*d in dreadful majesty: 

Those, who set at naught, and sold him, 

Pierc'd and nail'd him to the tree. 
Deeply wailing. 
Shall the great Messiah see. 

3 Ev'ry island, sea, and mountain, 
Heav'n and earth, shall flee away:] 

All who hate bim must, confounded. 
Hear the trump proclaim the day ; 
Come to judgment! 
Come to judgment ! come away ! 

4 Now rcdeuiption, long expected, 
See in solemn pomp appear ! 

All his saints, by men rejected. 

Now shall meet hiui in the air ! 
Hallelujah ! 
See the day of God appear ! 

5 Answer thine own bride and Spirit ; 
Hasten, Lord, and quickly come ! 

The new heav'n and earth t' inherit. 

Take thy weeping exiles home : 
All Creation 
Travails, groans, and bids tliee come I 

370 HYMN CL. 

6 Yea ! amen ! let all adore tliee, 
High on thine exalted throne ! 

Saviour, take the pow'r and glory : 
Claim the kingdoms for thine own ! 

come quickly, 
Hallelujah ! come, Lord, come ! 

150— P. M. Hymn 19, Pt 5. B. 

Loy he cofneth. 

1 T O ! he Cometh ! countless trumpets 
-L^ Blow to raise the sleeping dead ; 
'Midst ten thousand saints and angels 

See their great exalted Head. 
Welcome, welcome, Son of God ! 

2 Now his merit, by the harpers. 

Thro' th' eternal deep resounds; 
Now resplendent shine his nail-prints, 

Ev'ry eye shall see his wounds : 
They, who pierc'd liim, 
Shall at his appearance wail. 

3 Full of joyful expectation. 

Saints, behold the Judge appear ! 
Truth and justice go before him. 

Now the joyful sentence hear: 
Welcome, welcome. Judge divine. 

4 " Come, ye blessed of my Father, 

"Enter into life and joy; 
" Banish all your fears and sorrows, 

" Endless praise be your employ :' 
Welcome, welcome to the skies. 


6 Now at once they rise to glory, 
Jesus brings them as their King, 

There, with all the hosts of heav'n, 
They eternal anthems sing; 


Boundless glory to the Lamb. 


lal-C. M. Hymn 66. Add 

Effusion of the Spirit. 

1 T ET songs of praises fill the sky ! 
^ Christ, our ascended Lord, 
Sends down his Spirit from on high, 

According to his word. 

2 The Spirit, by his heavenly breath, 

New life creates within. 
He quickens sinners from their death 
Of trespasses and sin. 

3 The things of Christ the Spirit takes, 

And to our hearts reveals; 

Our bodies he his temple makes. 

And our redemption seals. 

4 Come, Holy Spirit, from above. 

With thy celestial fire; 
Come, and with flames of zeal and love 
Our hearts and tongues inspire ! 


152— C. M. Hymn 67. Add 

Work of the Spirit. 

1 'PHE blessed Spirit, like the wind, 

-^ Blows when and where he please ; 
How happy are the men who feel 
The soul-enlivening breeze. 

2 He forms the carnal mind afresh, 

Subdues the power of sin, 
Transforms the heart of stone to flesh. 
And plants his grace within. 

3 He sheds abroad the Father's love. 

Applies redeeming blood, 
Bids both our guilt and grief remove. 
And brings us near to God. 

4 Lord, fill each dead, benighted soul, 

With light, and life, and joy ; 
None can thy mighty power control, 
Thy glorious work destroy. 

15B— C. M. Hymn 68. Adcf 

Work of the Spirit. 

1 nREAT Spirit, through whose mightf 
^ power 

All creatures live and move. 
On us thy benediction shower. 
Inspire our souls with love. 

2 Hail, Source of light, arise and shine, 

Darkness and doubt dispel ; 
Give peace and joy, for we are thine. 
In us forever dwell. 

3 From death to life our spirits raise. 

Complete redemption bring ; 
New tongues impart, to speak the praise 
Of Christ, our God and %A\i^. 


4 Thine inward witness bear, unknown 
To all tiie world beside ; 
Exalting, then, we 'II show and own 
Our Jesus glorified. 

I54-L. M. Hymn 20, Pt. 1. B. 1. 

Influences of the Holy Ghost. 
1 "PTERNAL Spirit! we confess 
-" And sing the wonders of thy grace : 
Thy pow'r conveys our blessings down 
From God the Father and the Son. 

2 Enlighten'd by thine heav'nly ray, 
Our shades and darkness turn to day ; 
We learn the meaning of thy word. 
And find salvation in the Lord. 

3 Thy pow'r and glory work within. 
And break the chains of reigning sin ; 
Our wild imperious lusts subdue, 
And form our wretched hearts anew. 

4 The troubled conscience knows thy voice. 
Thy cheering words awake our joys ; 
Thy words allay the stormy wind, 

And calm the surges of the mind. 

J55— L. M. Hymn 20, Pt. 2. B. 1. 

Influences of the Holy Ghost. 

1 TiEAR Lord, and shall thy Spirit rest 
-L' In such a wretched heart as mine X 
Unworthy dwelling ! glorious Guest ! 
Favour astonishing, divine ! 

2 When sin prevails, and gloomy fear, 
And hope almost expires in night. 
Lord, can thy Spirit then be here. 
Great spring of comfort, life and light! 



3 Sure the blest Comforter is nigh ; 
'Tis be sustains my fainting heart; 
Else would my hopes for ever die, 
And ev'ry cheering ray depart. 

4 When some kind promise glads my sou 
Do I not find his healing voice 

The tempest of my fears control, 
And bid my drooping pow'rs rejoice T 

6 Whene'er to call the Saviour mine, 
With ardent wish my heart aspires ; 
Can it be less than pow'r divine, 
Which animates these strong desires T 

6 What less than thine almighty Word 
Can raise my heart from earth and dusi 
And bid me cleave to thee, my Lord, 
My life, my treasure, and my trust ! 

7 And when my cheerful hope can say, 
" I love my God, and taste his grace ;" 
Lord, is it not thy blissful ray. 
Which brings this dawn of sacred pea< 

8 Let thy kind Spirit in my heart 
For ever dwell, O God of love ; 
And light and heav'nly peace impart. 
Sweet earnest of the jojs above. 

156— S. M. D. Hymn 69. A 

Witness of the Spirit. 

1 OPIRIT of faith, come down, 

^ Reveal the things of God, 
And make to us the Saviour known 

And witness with the blood. 

'Tis thine the blood t' apply, 

And give us each to see. 
That he who did for sinners die. 

Hath surely died for fM. 


2 No ODe can truly say, 

That Jesas is the Lord, 
Unless thou take the veil away, 

And breathe the living word. 

Then, only then, we feel 

Our interest in his blood, 
And cry, with joy unspeakable, 

"Thou art my Lord, my God." 

157-L. P. M. Hymn 70. Add 

Spirit sought. 

1 pOME, Holy Ghost, all quick'ning fire, 
^ Come, and in me delight to rest ; 
Grant the supplies that I require ; 

O come, and consecrate my breast : 
The temple of my soul prepare. 
And fix thy sacred presence there. 

2 My peace, my life, my comfort thou. 
My treasure and my all thou art; 
True witness of my souship, now, 
Engraving Christ upon my heart, 
Seal of my sins in him forgiven. 
Earnest of love, and pledge of heaven. 

3 My Comforter, mark out thine heir. 
Of heaven a larger earnest give ; 
With clearer light thy witness bear, 
More actively within me live ; 

Let all my powers thy presence feel, 
And deeper stamp thyself the seal. 

158— P. M. 8, 7. Hymn 20, B. 2. 

The Holy Spirit invoked. 
I TJOLY GHOST, dispel our sadness, 
-Q- Pierce the clouds of sinful night; 
Come, thou Source of sweetest gladness, 
Breathe thy life and spread thy light; 


Loving Spirit, God of peace, 
Great Distributer of grace, 

Rest upon this congregation ! 

Hear, Ob, hear our supplication. 

2 From that height which knows no m< 

As a gracious show'r, descend ; 
Bringing down the richest treasure • 

Man can wish, or God can send. 
O, thou Glory shining down 
From the Father and the Son, 

Grant us tiiy illumination ! 

Rest on all this congregation. 

3 Come, thou best of all donations, 

God can give, or we implore ; 
Having thy sweet consolations, 

We need wish for nothing more : 
Holy Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
Now descending from above. 

Rest on all this congregation ! 

Make our hearts thy habitation. 

159— CM. Hymn? 

Grieving the Spirit 

1 'PHE God of grace will never lea 
-L Or cast away his own; 

And yet when we his Spirit grieve. 
His comforts are withdrawn. 

2 If noisy war or strife abound, 

We grieve the peaceful dove ; 
His gracious influence is found 
In paths of truth and love. 

3 Should we indulge one secret sin, 

Or disregard his laws. 
His succours and support, within, 
The Spirit vex'd withdraws. 


4 To sin, O leave us not a prey, 
Nor yet to Satan's hand ; 
But guide us, in the heav'nly way, 
To our Emmanuers land. 

I60_L. M. Hymn 72. Add 


1 pOME, Holy Spirit, calm my mind, 
^ And fit me to approach my God ; 
Remove each vain and worldly thought, 
And lead me to thy blest abode. 

2 Hast thou imparted to my soul 
A living spark of holy fire ! 

O kindle now the sacred fiame ; 
Make me to burn with pure desire. 

3 A brighter faith and hope impart. 
And let me now my Saviour see ; 

O, soothe and cheer my burden'd heart, 
And bid my spirit rest in thee. 

161— 7s. Hymn 73. Add. 

Influences of the Spirit. 

1 r\ RACIOUS Spirit. Love divine, 
^ Let thy ligh: within me shine; 
Let my guilty fears remove, 

Fill me with thy heavenly love. 

2 Speak thy pard'ning grace to me; 
Set the burdened sinner free; 
Lead me to the Lamb of God, 
Wash me in his precious blood. 

3 Life and peace to me impart, 
Seal salvation on my heart ; 
Breathe thyself into my breast, 
Earnest of immortal rest 



4 Let me never from thee stra7» 
Keep me ia the narrow way ; 
Fill my soul with joy divine. 
Keep me, Lord, for ever thine. 

162— 7s. Hyinn74.ifc^ 


1 TJOLY GHOST, with light divine, 
J^ Shine upon this heart of mine ; 
Chase the shades of night away, 
Turn my darkness into day. 

2 Holy Ghost, with power divine. 
Cleanse this guilty heart of mine; 
Long hath sin, without control, 
Held dominion o'er my souL 

3 Holy Ghost, with joy divine, 
Cheer this sadden'd heart of mine; 
Bid my many woes depart, 

Heal my wounded, bleeding heart 

4 Holy Spirit, all-divine, 

Dwell within this heart of mine ; 
Cast down every idol-throne. 
Reign supreme — and reign alone. 

163— CM. Hymn75.Adi 

Various injluences desired. 

1 "EXTERNAL Spirit— God of truth, 
J-^ Our contrite hearts inspire ; 
Kindle a flame of heav'nly love, 

And feed the pure desire. 

2 'T is thine to soothe the sorrowing mind, 

Witli guilt and fear oppress'd ; 
'T is thine to bid the dying live. 
And give the weary rest 



8 Sobdae the power of every sin, 
Whatever that sin may be ; 
That we, in singleness of heart, 
May worship only thee. 

4 Then with onr spirits witness bear, 
That we're the sons of God; 
Redeemed from sin, and death, and hell 
Throngh Christ's atoning blood. 

-C. M. Hymn 76. Add. 

The Spirit desired. 

1 nREAT Father of each perfect gift, 
^ Behold thy servants wait; 
With longing eyes, and lifted hands, 

We flock around thy gate. 

2 ! shed abroad that choicest gift — 

Thy Spirit from above, 
To cheer our eyes with sacred light, 
And fire our hearts with love. 

3 Blest earnest of eternal joy, 

Declare our sins forgiven : 
And bear with energy divine. 
Our raptur'd thoughts to heaven. 

4 Difiuse, O God, thy copious showers, 

That earth its fruit may yield, 
And change the barren wilderness 
To Carmel's flowery field. 

165— P. M. 8, 7. Hymn 132, B. 2 

Love divine. 

1 T OVE divine, all love excelling! 
-L^ Joy of heav'n, to earth come down ! 
Fix in us thy humble dwelling; 
All thy faitbfrti mercies crown. 


Jesiis, thou art all compassion ! 

Pure, unbounded love, thou art! 
Visit us with thy salvation, 

Enter ev'ry trembling heart. 

2 Breathe, O breathe, thy loving Spirit 

Into ev'ry troubled breast ! 
Let us all in tbee inherit, 

Let us find thy promis'd rest 
Take aw^iy the love of sinning. 

Alpha aud Omega be; 
End of faitb, as its beginning. 

Set our hearts at liberty. 

3 Come, Almighty to deliver. 

Let us all thy life receive ! 
Suddenly return — and never — 

Never more thy temples leave! 
Thee we would be always blessing, 

Serve thee as thy hosts above ; 
Pray, and praise thee without ceasing. 

Glory in thy precious love. 

4 Finish, then, thy new creation ; 

Pure, unspotted, may we be ; 
Let us see our whole salvation, 

Perfectly secur'd by tbee: 
Chang'd from glory unto glory. 

Till in heav'n we take our place; 
Till we cast out crowns before thee, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise ! 

166— C. M. Hymn 20, Pt. 3. B- 

Breathing after the Holy Spirit. 

1 pOME, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove, 
^ With all thy qnick'ning pow'rs, 
Kindle a flame of sacred love 
In these cold hearts of oars. 

HYMN CLXVn. 881 

2 Look, how we grovel here below, 
Fond of these trifling toys: 
Oar souls can neither fly nor go, 
To reach eternal joys. 
' In vain we tane our formal songs. 
In vain we strive to rise, 
Hosannas languish on our tongues. 
And our devotion dies. 
: Dear Lord ! and shall we ever live 
At this poor, dying rate? 
Our love so faint, so cold to thee, 
And thine to us so great 7 
> Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove, 
With all thy quick'ning pow'rs. 
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love, 
And that shall kindle ours. 


— C. p. M, rHymn 91. B. 1 

The out-pouring of the Spirit. 
"XTTHEN the blest day of Pentecost 
^^ Was fully come ; the Holy Ghost 

Descended from above, 
Sent by the Father ?ind the Son : 
The Sender and the Sent are one, 

The Lord of life and love. 
But were the first disciples blest 
With heav'nly gifts! And shall the rest 

Be pass'd unheeded by? 
What ! Has the Holy Ghost forgot 
To quicken souls, that Christ has bought; 

And let them lifeless lie? 
No, thou almighty Paraclete ! 
Thou shedd'st thy heav'nly influ'nce yet ; 

Thou visit'st sinners still ; 
Thy breath of life, thy quick'ning flame. 
Thy pow'r, thy Godhead, still the same. 

We own ; because we feel. 



168— CM. Hymn 2, B. 2. 

Sovereignty and Decrees of God. 

1 TZEEP silence — all created things, 
-^ And wait your Maker's nod: 
My soul stands trembling while she sings 
The honours of her God. 

Z Life, death, and hell, and worlds unknown 
Hang on his firm decree; 
He sits on no precarious throne, 
Nor borrows leave — to be. 

3 Chain*d to his throne a volume Ues, 

With aH the fates of men ; 
With ev'ry angel's form and size. 
Drawn by th' eternal pen. 

4 His providence unfolds the book, 

And makes bis counsels shine ; 
Each opening leaf, and cv'ry stroke, 
Fulfils some deep design. 

5 Here,, he exalts neglected worms. 

To sceptres and a crown; 
And there, the following page he tarns. 
And treads the monarch down. 

6 Not Gabriel asks the reason why, 

Nor God the reason gives ; 
Nor dares the fav'rite angel pry 
Between the folded leaves. 

7 My God, I would not long to see 

My face, with curious eyes; 


What gloomy lines are writ for me, 
Or what bright scenes may rise. 

8 In thy fair book of life and grace, 
O may I find my name, 
Recorded in some humble place, 
Beneath my Lord — the Lamb. 

)9— P. M. 11, 8. Hymn 67, B. 2. 


IN songs of sublime adoration and praise, 
Ye pilgrims, for Zion who press, 
Break forth and extol the great Ancient of 
His rich and distinguishing grace. 

His love from eternity fix'd upon you, — 
Broke forth and discovered its flame. 

When each with the cords of his kindness 
he drew, 
And brought you to love his great name. 

0, had not he pitied the state you were in, 
Your bosoms his love had ne'er felt : 

Yon all would have liv'd, would have died 
too in sin, 
And sunk with the load of your guilt. 

What was there in you that could merit 

Or give the Creator delight? 
'T was **Even so, Father,'' you ever must sing, 

"Because it secm'd good in thy sight" 

Then give all the glory to his holy name, 

To him all the glory belongs; 
Be yours the high joy still to sound forth his 

And crown bim in each of jour songs* 


170— L. M. Hymn 21, Pt 2. 

Election sovereign and free. 

1 "DEHOLD ! the potter moulds the cla 
J-* His vessel forms, himself to please : 
Such is our God, and such are we. 
The subjects of his just decrees. 

2 Doth not the workman's pow'r extend 
O'er all the mass ; which part to choose 
And mould it for a nobler end; 

And which to leave for viler use T 

3 May not the sov'reign Lord on high, 
Dispense his favours as he will ; 
Choose some to life, while others die* 
And yet be just and glorious still! 

4 What, if to make his terror known, 
He lets his patience long endure, 
SufTring vile rebels to go on, 

And seal their own destruction sure ? 

5 What, if he mean to show his grace, 
And his electing love employ 

To mark out some of mortal race, 
And form them fit for heav'nly joy T 

6 Shall man reply against the Lord, 
And call his Maker's ways unjust ; 
The thunder of whose dreadful word 
Can crush a thousand worlds to dust ! 

7 But, O ! my soul, if truth so bright 
Should dazzle and confound thy sight; 
Yet still his written will obey. 

And wait the great decisive day. 

8 Then shall he make his justice known : 
And the whole world, before his throne^ 
With joy, or terror, sYiaW coiifeaa 
The glory of his rigJ[i\«o\xaiiea»- 


171 — L. M, Hjuin 137. B, 1. 

The triumph of Faith, 

X TITHO shall the Lord's elect condemn ! 
^^ 'T is God that justifies their souls ; 
And mercy, like almighty stream. 
O'er all jtheir sins divinely rolls. 

2 Who shall adjudge the saints to hell T 
'Tis Christ that sufTer'd in their stead: 
And the salvation to fulfil, 

Behold him rising from the dead. 

3 He lives ! he lives ! and sits above 
For ever interceding there: 
Who shall divide us from his love, 
Or what should tempt us to despair T 

4 Shall persecution or distress, 
Famine, or sword, or nakedness ? 

He, that hath lov'd us, bears us through, 
And make us more th&n conq'rors too. 

5 Faith hath an X)vercoming pow'r. 
It triumphs in the dying hour : 
Christ is our life, our joy, our hope ; 
Nor can we sink with such a prop. 

6 Not all that men on earth can do, 
Nor pow'rs on high, nor pow'rs below, 
Shall cause his mercy to remove, 

Nor wean our hearts from Christ our love. 

172— C. M. Hymn 32, Pt. 3. B. 1. 

Elected to Holiness. 

row vast the benefits divine, 
L Which we in Christ possess I 
We 're sav'd fmm. guilt and ev'ry nn^ 
And caWd to iioliness. 



2 'T is not for works which we have • 

Or shall hereafter do ; 
But he, of his electing love^ 
Salvation doth bestow. 

3 The glory, Lord, from first to last. 

Is due to thee alone; 
Aught to ourselves we dare not taL 
Or rob thee of thy crown. 

4 Our glorious Surety undertook 

Redemption's wondrous plan; 
And grace was given us in him. 
Before the world began. 

5 Safe in the arms of sov'reign love 

We ever shall remain; 
Nor shall the rage of earth or hell 
Make thy dear counsels vain. 

6 Not one of all the chosen race 

But shall to^heav'n attain, 
Partake on earth the purposed grace 
And then with Jesus reign. 


173— C. M. Hymn 9, Pt 2 


1 T ORD, when our raptur'd thought st 
-" Creation's beauties o'et, 
AU jtiatare joins to teacVi tVx^ ^to»»^ 
And bidb our souls adote* 


2 Where'er we turn our gazing eyes, 
Thy radiant footsteps shine; 
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise. 
And speak their source divine. 

3 The living tribes of countless forms, 
In earth, and sea, and air, 
The meanest flies, the smallest worms. 
Almighty pow'r declare. 

4 Thy wisdom, pow'r, and goodness. Lord, 
In all thy works appear: 
And, O ! let man thy praise record, 
Man, thy distinguished care. 
^ Prom thee the breath of life he drew ; 
That breath thy pow'r maintains : 
Thy tender mercj', ever new, 
His brittle frame sustains. 
6 Yet nobler favours claim his praise. 
Of reason's light possess'd ; 
By revelation's brightest rays, 
Still' more divinely blest 

lT4— L. M. Hymn 3, Pt 1. B. 1 

Primitive state of man. 

1 A DAM in Paradise was plac'd, 

-^ Our nat'ral and our federal head ; 
With holiness and wisdom grac'd. 
In his Creator's image made. 

2 Bless'd with the joys of innocence, 
Upright and happy, firm he stood ; 
Till he debased himself to sense. 
And ate of the forbiddenlTood. 

3 His soul at first, a holy flame, 

Was kindled bj his Maker's breath ; 
jBat stung by sia, it soon became 
The seat of darkness, strife, and deatVi. 


175_C. M. Hymn 10, Pt. 4. B. I 

The blessings of Providence. 

1 A LMIGHT Y Father, gracious Lord, 
-^ Kind Guardian of my days, 

Thy mercies let my heart record. 
In songs of grateful praise. 

2 In life's first dawn, my tender frame 

Was thy indulgent care ; 
Long ere I could pronounce thy name. 
Or breathe the infant prayer. 

3 Around my path what dangers rose ! 

What snares spread all my road ! 
No pow'r could guard me from my foes. 
But my Preserver, God. 

4 How many blessings round me shone. 

Where'er I turn'd mine eye ! 
How many past, almost unknown. 
Or unregarded, by ! 

5 Each rolling year new favours brought 

From thy cxhaustless store ; 
But ah ! in vain my lab*ring thought 
Would count thy mercies o'er. 

6 While sweet reflection, thro' my days 

Thy bounteous hand would trace ; 
Still dearer blessings claim my praise, 
The blessings of thy grace. 

7 Yes, I adore thee, gracious Lord, 

For favours more divine ; 
That I have known thy sacred word. 
Where n\\ thy glories shine. 

8 Lord, when this mortal frame decays. 

And ev'ry weakness dies, 
Complete the woudevs ol xVi^ ^^^^^ 
And raise me lo t\\e sVves* 


9 Then shall my joyful pow'rs unite 
In more exalted lays; 
And join the happy sods of light, 
In everlasting praise. 

^O^L. M. Hymn 9, Pt. 4. B. 1. 

My times are in thine hand. 
^ t>ESISTLE9S SovVeign of the skies, 
-*•*' Immensely great ! immensely wise ! 
My times are all within thy hand; 
And all events at thy command. 
' My times of sickness and of health, 
)^y times of penary and wealth, 
3My times of trial and of grief, 
Idy times of triumph and relief 
^ Sad times, the tempter's pow'r to prove, 
* Blest times, to taste a Saviour's love, 
Must all begin, and last, and end. 
As best shall please my God and Friend. 
^ Tho' plagues and deaths around me fly, 
Till he commands, I cannot die : 
No; not a single shaft can hit. 
Till God, who guards my life, sees fit 
S O thou, tremendous, wise and just ! 
In thy kind hands my life I trust; 
Yea, had I somewhat dearer still. 
It should be thine, and at thy will. 
C May I, at all times, own thy hand, 
And still to thee surrendered stand ; 
Convinc'd that thou art God alone. 
May I and mine be all thy own. . 
7 Thee, Lord, at all times will I bless, 
For, having thee, I all possess ; 
Nor can I e'er bereaved be, 
Since tbon wilt never part with me. 


177_C. M. Hymn 10. Pt SJ. B. 1 

The mysteries of Providence. 

1 r\ OD moves in a mysterious way, 
^ His wonders to perform ; 

He plants his footsteps in the sea, 
And rides upon the storm. 

2 Deep in unfathomable mines 

Of never-failing skill, 
He treasures up his bright designs, 
And works his sovereign wilL 

3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take^ 

The clouds, ye so much dread. 
Are big with mercy, and shall break 
In blessings on your head. 

4 Judge not the Lord by feeble sense ; 

But trust hhii for his grace : 
Behind a frowning Providence, 
He hides a smiling face. 

5 His purposes will ripen fast, 

Unfolding ev'ry hour ; 
The bud may have a bitter taste, 
But sweet will be the flow'r. 

6 Blind unbelief is sure to err, 

And scan his work in vain ; 
God is his own interpreter. 
And he will make it plain. 

178— L. M. Hymn 10, Pt 1. B. 

Wisdofn of Providence. 
1 WAIT, O my soul, thy Maker's will! 
'^ Tumultuous passions, all be still! 
Nor let a murm'rmg tkow^v. ^x\^\ 
His providence and w«k^^ «Lt^ v^vafe. 


.€ in the thickest darkness dwells, 
erforms his work, the cause conceals ; 
»iit tho' his methods are unknown, 
adgment and truth support his throne. 

Q heav'n, and earth, and air, and seas, 
le executes his firm decrees ; 
Lod by his saints it stands confest, 
That what he does is ever best. 

'Vait then, mj soul, submissive wait, 
^rostrate before his awful seal; 
^d 'midst the terrors of his rod, 
^rust in a wise and gracious God. 

'— P M. Hymn la, Pt 3 B 3 

The Lord will provide. 

1 'PHO' troubles assail, 

J- And dangers affright; 

Tho' friends should all fail, 

And foes all unite: 

Yet one thing secures us, 

Whatever betide ; 

The scripture assures us, 

The Lord will provide. 

2 The birds, without barn 
Or store-house, are fed; 
From them let us learn 
To trust for our bread: 
His saints what is fitting 
Shall ne'er be denied; 
So long as 'tis written. 
The Lord will provide. 

3 We may, like the ships, 
U/ tempests be tost 

Oa periloas deeps, 
Bat caaaot he lost ; 


Tho' Satan enrages 
The wind and the tide. 
The promise engages, 
The Lord will provide. 

4 His call we obey, 
Like Abra'm of old, 
Not knowing our way, 
But faith makes us bold; 
For, tho' we be strangers. 
We have a good guide, 
And trust in all dangers, x 
The Lord will provide. 

5 When Satan appears 
To stop up our path, 
And fill us with fears, 
We triumph by faith ; 
He cannot take from us, 
Tho' oft he has tried. 
This heart-cheering promise. 
The Lord will provide. 

6 He tells us we're weak, 
Our hope is in vain; 
The good, that we seek. 
We ne'er shall obtain; 
But when such suggestions 
Oar spirits have plied, 
This answers all questions. 
The Lord will provide. 

7 No strength of our own. 
Or goodness, we claim; 
Yet, since we have known 
The Saviour's great name. 
In this our strong tow'r 
For safety we hide: 

The Lord is our pow'r. 
The Lord w\\\ ^tonVA^. 



8 When life sinks apace. 
And death is in view. 
This word of his grace 
Shall comfort us throagb : 
. No fearing or doubting, 
With Christ on our side! 
We hope to die shoutings 
The Lord will provide. 

O—C. M. Hjmn 10, Pt. 5. B. 1 

II is well. 

L TT shall be well, let sinners know, 
•^ With those who love the Lord; 
His saints have always found it so, 
When resting on his word. 

2 Peace, then, ye chasten'd sons of God, 

Why let your sorrows swell I 
Wisdom directs onr Father's rod — 
His word says. It is well. 

3 Tho' you may trials sharp endure, 

From sin, or death, or hell ; 
Your heav'nly Father's love is sure, 
And, therefore, it is well. 

I Soon will vour sorrows all be o'er, 
And you shall sweetly tell. 
On Canaan's calm and pleasant shore. 
That all at last is well. 

il— C. M. Hymn 9, Pt. 3, B. 1. 

God our preserver, 

1 T ET others boast how strong they be, 
^ Nor death nor danger fear ; 
While we confess, O Lord ! to tbee, 
What feeble things we are. 


2 Fresh as the grass our bodies stand. 

And flourish brigtit and gay ; 
A blasting wind sweeps o'er the land. 
And fades the grass away. 

3 Our life contains a thousand springs. 

And dies if one be gone; 
Strange ! that a harp of thousand strii 
Should keep in tune so long. 

4 But 'tis our God supports our frame, 

The God, that form'd us first : 
Salvation to th' almighty Name 
That rear'd us from the dust 

6 While we have breath, or life, or tbng 
Our Maker we'll adore: 
His Spirit moves our heaving lungs, 
Or ihey would breathe no more. 

182— L. M. Hymn 50, Pt 2. I 

Father, feed and bring us safely hwne ! 

1 'PHRO' all the various shifting scene 
J- Of life's mistaken ill or good ; 
Thy hand, O God, conducts unseen 
The beautiful vicissitude. 

2 Thou givest with paternal care, 
Howe'er unjustly we complain, 
To each their necessary share, 

Of joy and sorrow, health and pain. 

3 Trust we to youth, or friends, or pow'r. 
Fix we on this terrestrial ball ? 
When most secure, the coming hour, 
If thou see fit, may blast them all. 

4 When lowest sunk with grief and shame 
FiU'd with affliction's bVxxet ew^\ 

host to relations, ftiends audi iavwe^. 
Thy powerful hand can taia^ \x^ vx^- 


1*liJfP^ffi^ Goottolations cheer; 
Thj smites sappresfi the deep-fetch'd ngh ; 
Tkj hfuid caa dry the trickling tear, 
Tliat secret wets the orphan's eye. 

6 Thos &f sustained, ^nd cloth'd and ied. 

Thro' life's tamoltaous scenes we Ve come ; 
f Gm OS thb day onr daily breads 
Aid lead, and bring us safely home. 

M. Hymn 9, Pt 6. B. 1 

We rdy an God our Father. 

1 BENEATH a nnrn'roas train of ills^ 
, -L) Qur feeble flesh and heart may faih 

Tet shall bar hope in thee* onr God, 

(fer er'ry gloomy fear prevail 

2 Pardot and Husband, Gaard and Gnide, 
Thoaart each tender name in one; 

Oil thee we cast onr heavy cares, 
And comfort seek from thee alone. 

3 Oof Father, God, to thee we look ; 

Oar Rock, onr Portion, and our Friend; 
And on thy covenant love and trnth, 
Ou'' siiiking souls shall still depend. 


184_C. M. Hymn 3, Pt 3. B. L 

DepraoUy and inability of sinners. 

^N, like a venomous disease, 
^; JbiAcia our vital blood; 
Tbe aafy help is sov'reign grace, 
Tbe sole pbjrsiciau, God* 



2 Our beauty and our strength are fleP — : 

And we draw near to death'; 
But Christ, the Lord, recalls the deaiKi 
With his almighty breath. 

3 Madness, by nature, ^reigns within; 

The passions burn and rage; 
Till God's own Son, with skill divine^ 
The inward fire assuage. 

4 We lick the dust, we grasp the wind, 

And solid good despise: 
Such is the folly of the mind. 
Till Jesus make us wise. 

6 We give our souls the wounds, they kej 
We drink the pois'nous gall, 
And rush with fury down to hell ; 
But grace prevents the fall. 

6 Tbc man, possessed among the tombs, 
Cuts his own flesh, and cries ; 
He foams and raves, till Jesus conies : 
Then the foul spirit flies. 

185— C. M. Hymn 3, Ft 2. B. 

Original sin. 

1 IVTOW back with humble shame we loi 
-L^ On our original; 

How is onr nature dash'd and broke 
In our first father s fall ! 

2 To all that's good, averse and blind, 

But prone to all that's ill ; 
What dreadful darkness veils our mind ! 
How obstinate our will! 

3 Conceived in sin, O wretched state ! 

Before we draw our breathy 


The first young pulse begins to beat 
Depravity and death. 

Wild and unwholesome as the root, 

Will all the branches be: 
How can we hope for living fruit 

From such a deadly treet 

5 What mortal pow*r from things unclean 
Can pure productions bring! 
Who can command a vital stream 
From an infected spring 1 

^ Yet, mighty God, thy wondrous love 
Can make our nature clean; 
While Christ and grace prevail above 
The tempter, death, and sin. 

^ The second Adam can restore 
The ruins of the first; 
Hosanna to that sovereign pow'r, 
That new-creates our dust! 

186— P.M. 7,6. Hymn 23, B. a 

Tlie Alarm. 

1 OTOP, poor sinners, stop and think 
^ Before you further go; 
Will you sport upon the brink 

Of everlasting woe? 
On the verge of ruin stop — 

Now the friendly warning take — 
Stay your footsteps — ere ye drop 

Into the burning lake. 

2 Say, have you an arm Uke God« 
That^you his will oppose? 
Fear ye not that iron rod 

With which he breaks his foes ! 


Can you stand in that dread day, 
Which his justice shall proclaim, 

When the earth shall melt away 
Like wax before the flame t 

3 Ghastly death will quickly come, 

And drag you to his bar: 
Then to hear your awful doom 

Will fil\ you with despair! 
All your sins will round you crowd ; 

You shall mark their crimson dye ; 
Each for vengeance crying lond, 

And what can you reply ? 

4 Tho' your heart were made of steel, 

Your forehead lin'd with brass ; 
God at length will make you feel, 

He will not lot you pass; 
Sinners then in vain will call, 

Those who now despise his grace, 
'* Rocks and mountains on us fall. 

And hide us from his face." 

187— C. M. Hymn 24, B. 2. 

The hi'oad and narrmo ways, 

1 OINNERS, behold that downward road 
^ Which leads to endless woe ; 
What multitudes of thoughtless souls, 

The road to ruin go ! 

2 But yonder see that narrow way. 

Which leads to endless bliss ; 

There see a happy, chosen few. 

Redeemed by sovereign grace. 

3 They from destruction's city came, 

To Zion upward tend ; 
The Bible is their precious guide, 
And God himseu tVieu iu^tk^ 


4 Lord, I wqpld now a pilgrim be — 
Guide thoa my feet aright ; 
I would not for ten thousand worlds 
Be banish'd from thy sight. 

188— RM, 78. Hymn22, B. 2. 

Sinners exhorted in view of judgment. 

1 OINNER, art thou stiU secure I 
^ Wilt thou still refuse to pray! 
Can thy heart or hands endure 

In the Lord's avenging day ! 

2 See, his mighty arm is bar'd! 

AwfuV terrors clothe his brow! 

For his judgment stand prepared ; 

Thou must either break or bow 

3 At his presence nature shakes. 

Earth affrighted hastes to flee ; 
Solid mountains melt like wax, 
What will then become of thee ! 

4 Who his advent may abide I 

You that glory in your shame, 
Will you find a place to hide, 
When the world is wrapt in flame ! 

5 Lord, prepare us by thy grace ! 

Soon we must resign our breath, 
And our souls be call'd to pass 
Through the iron gate of death. 

6 Let us now our day improve. 

Listen to the gospel voice;. 
Seek the things that are above ; 
Scorn the world's pretended joys. 


189— H. M. * Hymn 25. B. 2. \ 

Death the close of the day of grace. 

1 TITHEN frowning death appears, 

^^ And points his fatal dart. 
What dark foreboding fears 
Distract the sinner's heart! 
The dreadful blow 
No arm can stay, 
. But, torn away, 
He sinks to woe. 

2 Now ev'ry hope denied, 
Bereft of every good, 
He must the wrath abide 
Of an avenging God ; 

No mercy there 
Will greet his ear, 
Nor wipe the tear 
Of black despair. 

3 Sinners, awake, attend. 
And flee the wrath to come ; 
Make Christ, the Judge, your friend^ 
And heav'n shall be your home. 

His mercy nigh 
Now points the path 
That leads from death 
To joys on high. 

190— CM. Hymn27, B. 2 

Exhortation to repentance. 

1 "DEPENT, the voice celestial cries, 
^ Nor longer dare delay ; 
The wretch that scorns the mandate diea^ 
And meets a fiery day. 


2 No more the sovereign eye of God 

O'erlooks the crimes of men; 

His heralds are despatch^ abroad. 

To warn the world of sin. 

3 Together in his presence bow, 

And all your guilt confess; 

Accept the ofTer'd Saviour now, 

Nor trifle witli his grace. 

4 Bow, ere the awfol trumpet sound, 

And call you to his bar : 
For mercy knows th' appointed bound, 
And turns to vengeance there. 

5 Amazing love, that yet will call. 

And yet prolong our days ! 
Our hearts, subdued by goodness, fall. 
And weep, and love, and praise. 

191— C. M. Hymn 26, B. 2. 

The Sinner warned against abuse of the 
Divine Goodness. 

1 TTNGRATEFUL sinners, whence this 
^ scorn 

Of God's long-sulTring grace T 
And whence this madness, that insults 
Th' Almigljty to his face! 

2 Is it because his patience waits. 

And pitying bowels move. 
You multiply transgressions more. 
And scorn his ofler'd love X 

3 Dost thou not know, self-blinded man, 

His goodness is designed 
To wake repentance in thy soul. 
And melt thy iiarden'd mmd\ 
34 ♦ 


4 And wilt thou rather choose to meet 

Th' Almighty as thy foe ; 
And treasure up his wrath in store 
• Against the day of woe ! 

5 Soon shall that fatal day approach. 

That must thy sentence seal, 
And righteous judgments, now anknowi 
In awful pomp reveal. 

6 While they, who, full of holy deeds. 

To glory seek to rise, 
Continuing patient to the end, 
Shall gain th' immortal prize. 

192— P.M. 7. Hymn 28, B. 

To-day, the season of mercy. 

1 TTASTEN, sinner, to be wise ; 
-*-J- Stay not for the morrow's sun: 
Wisdom, if you still despise, 

Harder is it to be won. 

2 Hasten, mercy to implore ; 

Stay not for the morrow's sun; 
Lest thy season should be o'er, 
Ere this ev'ning's stage be run 

3 Hasten, sinner, to dptiirn ; 

Stay not for the morrow's sun; 
Lest thy lamp should cease to bum. 
Ere salvation's work is done. 

4 Hasten, sinner, to be blest ; 

Stay not for the morrow's sun : 
Lest perdition thee arrest, 
Ere the morrow is begun. 

HYMN CXCItt 403 

I88-A M. Hymn 7, Pt 1. B; 1 

Tie impeniteht waitned^fabe refuges exposed. 

1 •nESTRUCTION'S dangerous road, 
^ What multitades pursue! 

While that, which leads the soul to God, 
Is imown or sought by few. 

2 Believers enter in 

By Christ, the living door; 
(at they, who will not leave their sin, 
Must perish evermore. 

3 If self must be denied, 
And sin forsaken quite; 

They rather choose the way that's wide, 
• And strive to think it right. 

4 Encompassed by a throng, 
On numbers they depend; 

They think so many can't he wrong, 
And miss a happy end. 

5 But numbers are no mark 
That men will right be found; 

*A few were sav'd in Noah's ark, 
For many millions drown'd. 

6 Obey the gospel call, 

• And enter while you may; 
The flock of Christ remains still small. 
And none are safe, but they. 

7 Lord, open sinners' eyes, 
Their awful state to see; 

^d make them, ere the storm arise. 
To thee for safety flee. 


194— CM. Hymn 77. Add 

Boast not thyself of to-morrow. 

1 TTTHY should we boast of time to come, 

^^ Though but a single day! 
Tliis hour may fix our nnal doom, 
Though strong, and young, and gay. 

2 The present we should now redeem; 

This only is our own; 
The past, alas ! is all a dream. 
The future is unknown. 

3 O ! think, what vast concerns depend 

Upon a moment's space; 
When life and all its cares shall end 
In vengeance or in grace. 

4 O, for that power which melts the heart,* 

And mounts the soul on high. 
Where sin, and grief, and death depart, 
And pleasures never die. 

6 There we with erstacy shall fall 
Before Emanuel's feet; 
And hail him as our All in all, 
In happiness complete. 

195_p. M. Hymn 78. Add 

Call to the Young. 

1 TTP» for thy life, young soul ! 
^ Foes gather round thee fast; 
Up, for the swift hours roll 
Thy favoured season past. 

Now thou art strong, 

Gird for the fight, 

Decay, ere long. 

Shall waste lV\^' im^x. 

■ . JHYMN CXCVl. 4(» 

' Christ aud his ransoin'd band, 
Toward heaven thy soul allure; 
Glorious; at his right hand, 
While joys on high endure. 

There rest complete: 

Thrice-welcome they, 

Whose early feet 

His call obey. 

^ Mark, now, from realms above. 
The Spirit o'er thee bends : 
Gift of the Saviour's love, 
Him, God the Father sends : 

He leads^ secure — 

His sword and shield 

Make victory sure,* 

Make Satan yield. 

t God and his saints invite; 
Hell warns with dreadful voice ; 
Life, death, all things unite 
To press thy timely choice. 

List to that call ! 

On Jesus' side, 

Trust now thine all — 

In him abide. 

-S. M- Hymn 79. Add. 

Life, a Vapour. 

npO-MORROW. Lord, is thine, 
-*• Lodged in thy sovereign hand; 
id if its sun arise and shine, 
It shines by thy command. 

The present moment flies, 
And bears our life away ; 
make thy servants truly wise, 
That they may live to-day ! 


3 Since on this winged hoar 
Eternity is hung, 

Awake by thine ahnighty power, 
The aged and the young. 

4 " One thing'' demands our care, 
O, be it still pursued. 

Lest, slighted once, the season fair 
Should never be renew'd. 

197— L.M. Hymn 80. Add. 

Why tvill ye die f 

1 TT7HY, thoughtless sinner, wilt thou die! 

^^ Why yield to Satan's fatal charm 1 
Why wilt thou yet believe the lie, 
That sin can do thy soul no harm T 

2 God has pronounced the sinner's doom; 
In ruin soon his course must end : 
Wilt thou in sin on peace presume, 

Or on vain confidence depend ! 

3 Hast thou an arm like God most high. 
In equal war with him to meet? 
Canst thou his thunderbolts "defy, 

Or quench his flames beneath thy feet! 

4 Peace is proclaim'd ! O bless the sound 
Of pardon, bought with love divine; 
God has himself the ransom found, 
Which could atpne for sins like thine. 

198— L.M Hymn 81. Add. 

One thing needful. 

WHY will ye waste on trifling cares, 
That life which God's compassion 
While, in the various range of tboqght, 
The one thing need&A \a fot^ciX\ 



2 Sli;ii| God invite you from above ? 
Sfaall JesQS urge his d)''ing love 1 
Shall troubled conscience give you pain ! 
Aod all these pleas unite in vain 1 

' Not so your eyes will always view 
Those objects which you now pursue; 
Kot so will heaven and hell appear, 
When death's decisive hour is near. 

t Almighty God, thy grace impart, 
Fix deep conviction on each heart ; 
Nor let us waste, on trifling cares, 
That life which thy compassion spares. 

>9— C. L. M. Hymn 82. Add. 

Go, watch and pray. 

1 p O, watch. and pray : thou canst not tell 
^ How near thine hour may be ; 
Thou canst not know how soon the bell 

May toll its notes for thee. 
Death's countless snares beset thy way; 
Frail child of dust, go, watch and pray. 

^ Fond youth, while free from blighting care, 
Does thy firm pulse beat high? 

Do hope's glad visions, bright and fair, 
Sparkle before thine eye ? 

Soon these must change, must pass away ; 

Frail child of dust, go, watch and pra3\ 

8 Ambition, stop thy panting breath ; 

Pride, sink thy lifted eye ! 
Behold the caverns dark with death 

Before you open lie. 
The heavenly warning now obey ; 
Ye soas of pride, go, watch and pray. 


4 Thoa aged man, life's wintry storm, 

Hath sear'd thy vernal bloom ; 
* With trembling limbs and wasting fon 
Thou 'rt bending to the tomb. 
And can vain hope lead thee astray 1 
Go ! weary pilgrim, watch and pray, 

200— C. M. Hymn 3, Pt 4, 1 

New birth. 

1 r^UR nature 's totally deprav'd ; 
^ •The heart a sink of sin ; 
Without a change we can't be sav'd; 

We must be born* again. 

2 That, which is born of flesh, is flesh. 

And flesh it will remain ; 
Then marvel not that Jesus saith, 
" Ye must be born again." 

3 Spirit of life, thy grace impart, 

And breathe on sinners slain : 
Bear witness. Lord, in ev'ry heart. 
That we are born again. 

4 Dear Saviour, let us now begin 

, To trust and love thy word, 
And, by forsaking evr'y sin. 
Prove we are born of God. 


201— L. M. Hymn 2, Pt, 1. ] 

Summary of the Law. 
1 n^HUS saith the first, the great comm 
-L " Let all thy inward powers unite 
" To love thy Maker, and thy God, 
*^ With utmost vigour and delight 


2 «« Then shall thy neighbour, next in place, 
••Share thine affections and esteem; 
**And let thy kindness to thyself 
''Measure, and rule thy love to him." 

3 The substance this, that Moses spoke, 
This did the prophets preach and prove : 
For want of this the law is broke ; 
The law demands a perfect love. 

4 But O how base our passions are! 
This holy law we can't fulfil : 
R^enerate our souls, O Lord, 
Or we shaH ne'er perform thy will. 

202~a M. Hymn 34, Pt. 1. B. 1. 

The moral Law. 
1 T^HAT God, who made the world on 
J- high, 

And air, and earth, and sea, 
Own as thy God, and to his name 
In homage bow thy knee. 

2 Let not a shape which hands have wrought 

Of wood, or clay, or stone. 
Be deem'd thy Grod ; nor think him like 
Aught, tliou hast seen or known. 

3 Take not in vain the name of God : 

Nor must thou ever dare 
To make thy falsehood pass for truth. 
By his dread name to swear. 

4 That day on which he- bids thee rest 

From toil, to pray, and praise; 
That day keep holy to the Lord, 
And consecrate its rays. 

6 Thy father and thy mother love, 
Both boaour ana obey; 


So shall thy life be blest with peace, 
And lengthened be thy day. 

6 Tha blood of man thou shalt not shed, 

ISor wrath, nor malice feel ; 
To maim, or hurt, or wish him dead. 
Is in thy heart to kill. 

7 Fromiscaoas lasts the Lord forbids, 

Bat honours wedlock pare ; 
Vast is the gailt of wicked lusts^ 
Their punishment is sare. 

8 Thou shalt not, or from friend or foe^ 

Take aught by force or stealth ; 
Thy goods, thy stores must grow froi 
Or God will curse thy wealth. 

9 No man shalt thou, by a false charge^ 

Or crush or brand with shame : 
Dear as thine own, so wills thy God, 
Must be his life and name. 

10 Thy soul one wish shall not let loose 

For that which is not thine ; 
Live in thy lot, or small or great : 
For God hath drawn the line. 

11 O may the Lord, who gave these laws, 

Write them on ev'ry heart. 
That all may feel their living pow'r. 
Nor from his paths depart ! 

203— S. M. Hymn 2, Pt 2. B. ] 

Spirituality and perfection of the Law. 
1 O^HE law of God is just, 
-L A strict and holy way ; 
And he, that would escape the curse, 
Must all the law obey. 


2 Not one vain thought mast rise 
Not one andean desire ; 

'e must be holy, jast, and wise, 
Who keeps the law entire. 

3 If in one point he fail. 

In thought or word or deed, 
^he corses of the law prevail. 
And rest upon his head. 

4 I tremble and confess; 
O God ! I am accurs'd : 

Guilty, I fall before thy face, 

And own thy sentence just 

5 But does the cnrse still rest 
Upon my guilty head? — 

No— Jesus — let his name be blest ! 
Hath borne it in my stead. 

6 Hehathfulfiird thelaw: 
Obtain'd my peace with God: 

Hence doth my soul her comforts draw, 
And leave her heavy load. 


— L. M. Hymn 44, Pt 3. B. L 

Practical use of the mxyral law. 

1 A LORD, my soul convicted stands 
^ Of breaking all thy ten commands : 
And on me justly might'st thou pour 
Thy wrath in one eternal show'r. 

2 But thanks to God, its loud alarms 
Have warn'd me of approaching harms; 
And now, O Lord, my wants I see ; 
Lost and undone, I come to thee. 

3 I know my fig-leaf righteousness 
Can ne'er thy broken law redress; 

412 HYMN CCV. 

Yet in the gospel plan I see. 
There's hope of pardon e*en for me. 

4 There, I behold with wonder. Lord ! 
That Christ hath to thy law restored 
Those honours on th' atoning day. 
Which guilty sinners took away. 

5 Amazing wisdom, pow'r and love, 
Display'd to rebels from above ! 
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase 
To love and trust thv plan of grace. 

205— C. M. Hymn 2, Pt. 3. B. I 

Conviction of sin hy the law. 

1 T ORD, how secure my conscience was^ 
-L^ And felt no inward dread ! 

I was alive without the law, 

And thought my sins were dead. 

2 My hopes of heav'n were firm and brigbt' 

But since the precept came 
With a convincing pow'r and light 
I find how vile I am. 

5 My guilt appcar'd but small before. 

Till, terribly I saw, 
How perfect, holy, just, and pure. 
Was thine eternal law. 

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load» 
My sins revived again; 
I had provoked a dreadful God, 
And all my hopes were slain. 

6 My God, I cry with ev>y breath 

For grace and pow'r to save; 
To break the yoke of sin and deatl^ 
And thus redeem the slave* 


{— L. M. Hymn 24, Pt 1. B, 1. 

Salfxition not of works. 

NO more, iny God, I boast no more 
Of all the duties I have done ; 
I qait the hopes I held before. 
To trust the merits of thy Son. 

t Now, for the love I bear his name, 
What was my gain, I count my loss; 
My former pride I call my shame, 
And nail my glory to his cross. 

\ Yes ; and I mast and will esteem 
All things but loss for Jesus' sake : 
O may my soul be found in him. 
And of his righteousness partake ! 

1 The best obedience of my hands 
Dares not appear before thy throne ; 
But faith can answer thy demands, 
By pleading what my Lord has done. 

7— C. M. Hymn 2, Pt 4- B. 1. 

Conviction of misery by the law. 

VAIN are the hopes the sons of men 
On their own works have built : 
Their hearts by nature are unclean. 
And all their actions guilt 

I Let Jew and Gentile stop their moutbai^ 
Without a murm'ring word, 

Lnd the whole race of Adam stand 
Guilty before the Lord. 

I In vain we ask God's righteous law 

To justify us now ; 
Since to convince, and to condemn. 

Is all the law can do. 


4 Jesns, how glorious is thy grace. 
When in thy name we trust I 

Our faith receives a righteousness 
That makes the sinner just 

208— L. M. Hymn S4, Pt 2 B. i 

The Jirst command. 

1 Tp TERN AL God! AluMghty cause 

•^ Of earth and seas, and worlds unki; v^n 
All things are suL^ect to thy laws ; 
All things depend on thee alone. 

2 Thy glorious Being siugly stands, 
Of all within itself possest ; 
Controird by none are thy commands. 
Thou from thyself alone art Uest 

3 To thee alone ourselves we owe ; 

* Let heav'n and earth due homage pay : 
All other gods we disavow, 
Deny their claims, renounce their sway. 

4 Spread thy great name thro' heathen lands; 
Their idol-deities dethrone: 

Reduce the world to thy command. 
And reign, as thou art, God alone. 

209— L. M. Hymn 35. Pt. 1. B. J 

TTie second com^nand. 

1 n^HOU art, O God ! a spirit pure, 
-L Invisible to mortal eyes: 

Th' immortal, and th' eternal King, 
The great, the good, the only wise. 

2 Whilst nature changes, and her works 
Corrupt, decay, dissolve and die, 
Thy essence pure no change shall see, 
Secure of immortality. 

HYMN OCX. 416 

^ Thoa great Invisible ! what hand 
Can draw tbj image, spotless, fairt 
To what in heav'u, to what on earth. 
Can men th' immortal King compare 7 

'^ Let stupid heathens frame their gods 
Of gold and silver, wood and stone ; 
Oars is the God that made the heav'ns, 
Jehovah he, and God alone. 

S My soul, thy purest homage pay. 
In truth 9na spirit him adore ; 
More shall this please, than sacrifice, 
Than outward forms delight him more. 

2lO_aM. Hymn 36, B.] 

Tike third command. 

1 TTOLY and rev'rend is the name 
•^ Of our eternal King; 
Thrice holy Lord ! the angels cry, 

Thrice holy, let us sing. 

2 Holy is he in all his works. 

And truth is his delight; 
But sinners and their wicked ways 
Shall perish from his sight 

3 The deepest rev'rence of the mind. 

Pay, O my soul, to God ; 
Lift with thy hands, a holy heart 
To his sublime abode. 

4 With sacred awe pronounce his name. 

Abhor the lips profane ; 
Let not thy tongue the Lord blasphemy 
Nor take his name in vain. 

5 Thou holy God ! preserve my soul 

From all pollution free; 
The pure in heart, and hands, and lips, 
Alone thv fare shall see. 


211— L.M. Hymn 37, P 

Christians may take a religious 

1 11/ HEN God his gracious promis( 
^^ To faithful Abra'm and his se 

To show his grace and truth to hot 
Confirtn'd the promise with an oatl 

2 So, by an oath, in ev'ry age, 

The saints their promise oft engage 
When questions rise of death or Hi 
An oath confirms and ends all strifi 

3 Christians the truth will ever say, 
Their yea be yea, their nay be naj 
And with conscientious dread refra 
From swearing any oath profane. 

4 But when great facts demand high 
They honour God by solemn oath 
And thereby teach the world to ow 
The Judge eternal on his throne. 

6 The fear of God is thus maintained 
And men from perjury restrain'd, 
Religious oaths may be abus'd, 
But may not therefore be refus'd. 

6 Christians, the worthiest men on e; 
Who cherish peace, and love the ti 
Will put religion's sacred seal 
To what is held the last appeal. 

212— C. M. Hymn 37, P 


1 T ET those who bear the christ 
-L^ Their holy vows fulfil: 
The saints, the followers of the ] 
Delight to do his will. 


2 True to the solemn oaths they take, 
Tho' to their hurt they swear ; 
Constant and just to all they speak; 
For God they know can hear. 

3 Still with their lips their hearts agree. 
Nor flatt'ring words devise ; 
They're sure the God of truth can see 
Thro' ev'ry false disguise. 

4 Deceits they hate, they dread all lies, 
Whatever forms they wear ; 
Preferring death to perjuries, 
They dare not falsely swear. 

^ Lo! from above the Lord descends, 
And brings the judgment down : 
He bids his saints, bis faitbful friends, 
Rise and possess their crown. 

6 While Satan trembles at the sight. 
And devils wish to die; 
Where will the faithless hypocrite 
And perjur'd liar fly ? 

213— L. M. Hymn 38, Pt. 1. B. 1 

The fourth command. 

1 "DETURN, my soul, enjoy tby rest, 
^ Improve tbe day tby God bas bless'd ; 
Anotber six days' work is done, 
Another sabbath is begun. 

2 Come, bless tbe Lord, whose love assigns 
So sweet a rest to wearied minds ; 
Provides a blest foretaste of heav'n. 

On this day more than all the sev'n. 

3 O ! that our thoughts and thanks may rise, 
As grateful incense to the skies ; 


And draw from Christ that sweet repose 
Which none, but he, that feels it, knows. 

4 This heav'nly calm, within the breast. 
Is the dear pledge of glorious rest ; 
Which for the church of God remains, 
The end of cares, the end of pains. 

5 With joy, great God, thy works we scan, 
Creation's scene, redemption's plan : 
With praise, we think on mercies past, 
With hope, we future pleasures taste. 

6 In holy duties let the day, 
In holy comforts, pass away ; 

How sweet, a sabbath thus to spend. 
In hope of one, that ne'er shall end ! 

214— L. M. Hymn 38, Pt. 2. B. ] 

Tlie Lords day, 

1 /^OME, dearest Lord, and feed thy sheej 
^ On this sweet day of rest ; 

O ! bless this flock, and make this fold 
Enjoy a heav'nly rest. 

2 Welcome, and precious to my soul, 

Arc these sweet days of love; 
But what a sabbath shall I keep, 
When I shall rest above ! 

3 I come, I wait, I hear, I pray. 

Thy footsteps, Lord, I trace ; 
Her^, in thine own appointed way, 
I wait to see thy face. 

4 These are the sweet and precious days 

On which my Lord I've seen ; 
And oft, when feasting on bis word. 
In raptures 1 have b^eu. 


5 ^ ! if my soal, when death appears, 
Id this sweet frame be found : 
1*11 clasp my Saviour in mine arms, 
And leave this earthly ground. * 

6 1 long for that delightful hour, 
When from this clay undrest, 
1 shall be cloth'd in robes divine, 
And made for ever blest. 

; ^l9--L. M, Hymn 38, Pt. 3. B. 1. 

Ttie eternal Sabbath. 
1 T^HINE earthly sabbaths, Lord, we lore ; 
J- But there's a nobler rest above : 
To that our longing souls aspire, 
With cheerful hope and warm desire. 

2 No more fatigue, no more distress, 
Nor sin, nor hell shall reach the place ; 
Nor groans shall mingle with the songs. 
Which warble from immortal tongues. 

3 No rude alarms of raging foes, 

No cares to break the long repose ; 
No midnight shade, no clouded sun ; 
But sacred, high, eternal noon. 

4 O long-expected day ! begin — 
Dawn on these realms of woe and sin : 
Eain would we leave this weary road, 
And sleep in death, to rest with God. 

216— S. M. Hymn97, B. 1. 

Lord's day 7norning. 

1 TITELCOME, sweet day of rest, 

'» That saw the Lord arise! 
Welcome to this reviving breast. 
And these rejoicing eyes! 


2 The King himself comes near. 
And feasts his saints to-day , 

Here we may sit, and see him here, 
And love, and praise, and pray. 

3 One day amidst the place 
Where my great God hath been, 

Is sweeter than ten thousand days 
Of pleasurable sin. 

4 My willing soul would stay 
In such a frame as this ; 

And sing, and bear herself away 
To everlasting bliss. 

217— CM. Hymn98,B.l 

Lord^s day evening. 

1 pREaUENT the day of God retun^ 
J- To shed its quickening beams ; 
And yet how slow devotion burns ! 

How languid are its flames! 

2 Accept our faint attempts to love, 

Our frailties, Lord, forgive: 
We would be like thy saints above. 
And praise thee while we live. 

3 Increase, O Lord, our faith and hope. 

And fit us to ascend, 
Where the assembly ne'er breaks up, 
The sabbath ne'er shall end ; 

4 There we shall breathe in heav'nly air, 

With heav'nly lustre shine; 
Before the throne of God appear, 
And feast on love divine. 



218-1 Is. Hymn 288. Add. 

Rest of the Sabbath. 

^ lIOW sweet is the Sabbath, this daj of 
"*-*- repose, 

Ofl which the Redeemer triumpbaDtly rose, 

Confirming his mission, by leaving the dead. 

To comfort the inourners,who left him and fled. 

2 His work then completed, oar sabbath began, 
A day of rejoicing to penitent man ; 

For when the Messiah had euter'd his rest, 
The gospel our freedom and pardon expressed. 

3 With him may we rest in the favour divine, 
Until in his kingdom above we shall shine 
More bright than the sun, in the robes of free 

And never remove from the sight of his face. 

4 Saviour, assist us— thy Spirit impart. 
To change and to sanctify every heart ; 
Divinely instructed from evil to flee, 

May we never wander from peace and from 

2l 9— L. M. Hymn 39, Pt 1. B. 1. 

The Jifth co7nmand. 

1 p RE AT Source of order, Maker wise ! 
^ Whose throne is high above the skies; 
We praise thy name ; thy laws ordain, 
That order shall on earth obtain. 

2 Let each inferior rank revere 
All such as their superiors are ; 
And let superiors also do 
What's right by each inferior too 

3 To thee may each united house. 

At mom and night, present its vows ; 
ibay each family proclaim 
The honours of thy glorious name. 


220— C. M. Hymn 39, Pl 2. B ^ 

Honour to Magistrates 

1 pTERNAL Sov'reign of the sky, 
J-^ And Lord of all below ; 

We mortals to thy majesty - 
Our first obedience owe. 

2 Our souls adore thy throne supreme; 

And bless tby providence, 
For magistrates of various name, 
Our glory and defence. 

3 Where laws and liberty combine 

To make the nation bless'd; 
There magistrates with lustre shine, 
And states are governed best. 

4 Nations on firm foundations stand, 

While virtue finds reward; 
And sinners perish from the land. 
By justice and the sword. 

6 To magistrates be honour paid, 
To laws obedience shown ; 
But consciences and souls were made 
To be the Lord's alone. 

221— C. M. Hymn 39, Pt. 3. B. 1 

The anaiety of pious parents for their children* 

1 nPHO' parents may in cov'nant be, 
-L And have their heav'n in view; 
They are unhappy, till they see 

Their children happy too. 

2 Their hearts with inward anguish bleed. 

When all attempts prove vain 
To save their race from paths, that lead 
To everlasting pain. 

• ' >"• ^ ftYMN CCXXIL 428 

( They warn, indalge, correct, beseech, 
While tears io torrents flow; 
And 'tis beyond the pow'r of speech 
To tell the griefs they know. 
I Till they can see victorious grace 
Their children's soals possess. 
The sparkling wit, the smiling face, 
' Bnt adds to tbeir distress. 
K ''Shall cruel spirits dras thee down 
«*To darkness and despair; 
''Beneath th* Almighty's angry frown, 
"Te dwell for ever there! 
6 <' Saviour, the dreadful scene forbid ! 
"Look down, dear Lord, and bless; 
" We '11 wrestle hard, as Jacob did — 
" May we obtain success !" 

^L. M. Hymn 148. B. 2. 

Prayer for the children of the church. 

1 TiEAR Saviour, if these lambs should 
^ stray 

From thy secure enclosure's bound, 
And, lur'd by worldly joys away, 

Among the thoughtless crowd be found, 

2 Remember still that they are thine, 

That thy dear sacred name they bear, 
Think that the seal of love divine,— 
The sign of covenant grace they wear. 

3 In all their erring, sinful years, 

O, let them ne'er forgotten be : 
Remeniber all their pray'rs and tears. 
Which made them consecrate to thee. 

4 And when these lips no more can pray. 

These eyes can weep for them no more, 
Tdra thon their itet from folly's way, 
The wand'rers to thy fold restore. 


'— C. M. Hyiim 259. A..^*^ 

The God of Bethel. 

1 A GOD of Bethel, by whose hand 
^ Thy people still are fed, 

Who, through tliis weary pilgrimage. 
Hast all our fathers led : — 

2 Our vows, our prayers, we now presenV ^ 

Before thy throne of grace : 
God of our fathers ! be die God 
Of their succeeding race. 

3 Through each perplexing path of life, 

Our wandering footsteps guide ; 
Give us each day our daily bread, 
And raiment fit provide. 

4 O, spread thy covering wings around, 

Till all our wanderings cease, 
And at our Father's loved abode, 
Our souls arrive in peace. 

5 Such blessings, from thy gracious hand. 

Our humble prayers implore. 
And thou shalt be our chosen God, — 
Our portion evermore. 

224— C. M. Hynm 260. Add 

Sanctification of children. 

1 r\ GOD of Abra'm, hear 

^ The parent's humble cry ; 
In covenant mercy now appear. 
While in the dust we lie. 

2 These children of our love 

In mercy thou hast given, 
That we through grace may faithful prove 
In training them for heaven. 


O, grant thy Spirit, Lord, 

Their hearts to sanctify; 
Hemember now thy gracious word, 

Oar hopes on thee rely. 

' Draw forth the melting tear, 
The penitential sigh ; 
Inspire their hearts with faith sincere. 
And fix their hopes on high. 

5 These children now are thine, 
We give them back to thee; 
O lead them by thy grace divine, 
Along the heavenly way. 

to— 7s. Hymn 262. Add. 

Teach thy Children. 

1 T ORD, assist us by thy grace, 
^ To instruct our infant race; 
Grant us wisdom from above, 
Fill us with a Saviour's love. 

2 Let us in thy peace abide, 
In thy promises confide. 

While our seed, with ready zeal. 
Learn of us to do thy will. 
8 May we teach them day by day. 
In the house, and by the way. 
When they rise, or go to rest, 
Till thy truth shall make them blest 

4 While in childhood's tender age, 
They unfold the sacred page. 
May they see in every line. 
Kindling rays of light divine. 

5 Precious Saviour, hear our prayer. 
We commit them to thy care ; 

Be their Shepherd, and their Guide, 
Bring them to thy bleeding side. 


4 Jesus, how glorious is thy grace. 
When in tiny name we trust I 

Our faith receives a righteousness 
That makes the sinner just 

208— L. M. Hymn 34, Pt 2 B. J 

The Jirst command, 

1 p TERN AL God! Alnnghty cause 

^ Of earth and seas, and worlds unki^ wn 
All things are subject to thy laws ; 
All things depend on thee alone. 

2 Thy glorious Being singly stands, 
Of all within itself possest ; 
Controird by none are thy commands. 
Thou from thyself alone art blest 

3 To thee alone ourselves we owe ; 

• Let heav'n and earth due homage pay : 
All other gods we disavow. 
Deny their claims, renounce their sway. 

4 Spread thy great name thro' heathen lands? 
Their idol-deities dethrone: 

Reduce the world to thy command. 
And reign, as thou art, God alone. 

209— L. M. Hymn 35, Pt 1. B- 3 

The second command. 

1 nPHOU art, O God ! a spirit pure, 
J- Invisible to mortal eyes: 

Th' immortal, and tli' eternal King, 
The great, the good, the only wise. 

2 Whilst nature changes, and her works 
Corrupt, decay, dissolve and die, 
Thy essence pure no change shall see. 
Secure of immortality. 


2 Error and ignoraucc remove, 

Their blindness both of heart and mind ; 
Give them tlie wisdom from above, 
Spotless, and peaceable, and kind ; 
In knowledge pure, their minds renew, 
And store with thoughts divinely true. 

3 Father, accept them through thy Son, 
And ever by thy Spirit guide ; 

Thy wisdom in their lives be shown. 
Thy name confess'd and glorified; 
Thy power and love diffused abroad. 
Till all the earth be fill'd with God. 

'8_C. M. Hymn 261. Add 

Childreiis Conversion. 

1 C\ LORD, behold us at thy feet, 
^ A needy, sinful band; 

As suppliants round thy mercy-seat. 
We come at thy command. 

2 'T is for our children we would plead, 

The offspring thou hast given ; 
Where shall we go in time of need. 
But to the God of heaven ? 

3 We ask not for them wealth or fame, 

Amid the Avorldly strife: 
But in the all-prevailing Name, 
We ask eternal life. 

4 We crave the Spirit's qnick'ning grace, 

To make them pure in heart; 
That they may stand before thy face. 
And see thee as thou art 


229— L. xU HymQ40, Ptl.Z B.] 

The sixth command. 

1 pLAMOUR, and wrath, and war be g jzodc^ 
^ Envy and spite for ever cease; 

Let bitter words no more be known 
Among the saints, the sons of peace. 

2 The Spirit, like a peaceful dove, 
Flies from the realms of noise and stril 
Why should we vex and grieve his* lov( 
Who seals our souls to heav'nly life ! 

3 Tender and kind be all our thoaghts, 
Thro' all our lives let mercy run : 
So God forgives our numerous fanlts, 
For the dear sake of Christ his Son. 

230— L. M. Hymn 40, Pt 2. :»• 1 


1 T\ARE we indulge our wrath and strifS^ 
J-^ And yet assume the Christian name* ? 
Give our wild passions sway, yet call 
Ourselves the follow'rs of the Lamb? 

2 He was all gentle, meek, and mild — 
Full of benevolence and love; 

Nor could the rage of numerous foes 
Aught, but his soft compassion, move. 

3 Not all their scoffs, nor the sharp pangs 
Of crucifixion, could inspire 

Within his breast one vengeful thought. 
Or one tumultuous passion fire. 

4 But we, alas ! how soon the storms 
Impetuous in our bosoms swell ! 
What stores of fuel in our breasts, 
To feed those rnging fires of hell! 


2 Trae to the solemn oaths they take, 

Tho' to their hurt they swear ; 

Constant and just to all they speak; 

For God they know can hear. 

3 Still with their lips their hearts agree. 

Nor flattering words devise ; 
They're sure the God of truth can see 
Thro* eV'ry false disguise. 

4 Deceits tliey hate, they dread all lies. 

Whatever forms they wear; 
Preferring death to perjuries, 
They dare not falsely swear. 

5 Lo! from above the Lord descends, 

And brings the judgment down : 
He bids his saints, bis faitbful friends, 
Rise and possess their crown. 

6 While Satan trembles at the sight, 

And devils wish to die ; 
Where will the faitbless hypocrite 
And perjur'd liar fly ? 

213— L. M. Hymn 38, Pt. 1. B. 1 

The fourth command. 

1 T)ETURN, my soul, enjoy tliy rest, 

J-^ Improve tbe day tby God lias bless'd ; 
Another six days' work is done. 
Another sabbath is begun. 

2 Come, bless the Lord, wbose love assigns 
So sweet a rest to wearied minds ; 
Provides a blest foretaste of beav'n. 

On this day more than all the sev'n. 

3 O ! that our thoughts and thanks may rise. 
As grateful mvense to tbe skies ; 

f * t 

430 ' HYMN CCXXXI^: 

Each kindred heart enli^teofl^ 

With many a heayen-bom ray, ^ 

That ever shines and brigittens, 
"Unto the perfect day/' 

2 There discord is a stranger^ 

There strife can never come ; 
And many a fear and dalDger 

Are exiled from that home; 
While indolence and folly 

Are banish'd with their train, 
And. converse pare and holy, 

Exerts her gentle reign. 

3 And there how sweet and preciods, 

The grateful song to raise, 
To him so kind and gracious, 

Wiio claims the highest praise ; 
While glad harmonious voices. 

Parents and children join ; 
While ev'ry heart rejoices, 

In blessings so divine. 

4 In such a habitation, 

May we be ever found, 
\yhere waters of salvation. 

In healing streams abound: 
Affection's voice to chide us, 

Whene'er we gO astray, 
And mercy's hand to guide us. 

Along the narrow way. 

23B— L. M. Hymn 41, Pt 1. B. 1 

Tlie seventh comrnand. 
1 CACRED wedlock ! law of heaven, 
^ By wisdom fram'd, in mercy giv'n ; 
The spring, whence all the kindred ties 
Of parents, children, brethren, rise! 

HYMN c6fl. 409 

2 ''Hieil sh^ thj ne^hbour; neyt in place, 
<* Share thine isiffections and esteem; 
•An* let thy kindness to thyself 
"Measure/ and rale thy love to him.'' 

3 The s&bstance this, that Moses spoke. 
This did the prophets preach and prove: 
For want of diis the law* is hro/^; ^ 
The law demands a per&ct Ibt^ ^ 

4 But how base oar: passions jsael 
This holy law we cant fulfil : 
Regenerate our souls, O Lord, 

Or we shaH ne'er perform thy wilL 

202— a M. Hymn 34, Ft 1. B. 1. 

The moroF Law. 
1 T^HAT God, who made the world on 

And air, and earth, and sea, 
Own as thy God, and to his name 
In homage bow thy knee. 

Let not a shape which hands have wrought 

Of wood, or clay, or stone. 
Be deem'd thy God ; nor think him like 

Aught, thou hast seen or known. 

Take not in vain the naUle of God : 

Nor mnst thou ever dare 
To make thy falsehood pass for trath. 

By his dread name to swear. 

That day on which he* bids thee rest 
From toil, to pray, and praise; 

That day keep holy to the Lord^ 
And consecrate its rays. 

Thy father and diy mother love^ 
JBodb hoaoar isma obey; 


— L. M. Hymn 42, Pt. 1. ZZ3 

The eighth command. 

1 p RE AT God, thy holy law comma -i 
^ Strict honesty in our demands ; 
Forbids to plunder, steal or cheat, 

To practise falsehood or deceit 

2 We must be faithful, upright, tme. 
Nor take but what is strictly due: 
If honesty be banish'd hence. 
Religion is a vain pretence. 

3 No righteous debt must be denied 
By fraud or pow'r, by lies or pride ; 
The poor should not, by long delay, 
Be made to groan for want of pay. 

4 What equity enjoins as right. 

We must perform with all our might; 
Nor seek our neighbour to deceive. 
With what ourselves do not believe. 

5 Let Christians never dare disgrace 
The name and cause which they profess; 
Lord, help us ever to pursue 

Things which are honest, just, and tme. 

236— S. M. Hymn 42, Pt. 2. B. L 

The worldling. 

1 TTTTHAT does the worldling gain 

^^ By all his vain pursuits ? 
His very pleasure gives him pain. 
And mis'ry are its fruits. 

2 Wiiat anxious cares corrode 
The mind intent on wealth! 

His mammon oft becomes a load. 
Which robs him of his health. 


3 Does he his end attain, 
And in fall afflu'uce roll! 

'^hat does the sordid creature gain, 
When God demands his soul! 

4 My heart, to heav'n aspire, 
And seek thine all in God: 

Nor e'er pollute thy pure desire. 
By trifles on the road. 

5 He doth my soul now bless 
With his enriching grace; 

Bat O what wealth shall I possess, 
When I behold his face! 

6 These riches of his grace 
Will then to glory rise. 

When I have run my earthly race. 
And gain'd the immortal prize. 

2S7— C. M. Hymn 43, Pt 1. B. 1 

The ninth command. 

1 T3ELIGI0N is the chief concern 
^ Of mortals here below: 
May all its great importance learn. 

Its sovereign virtue know. 

2 Let deep repentance, faith and love, 

Be join'd with godly fear; 
And all our conversation prove 

Our souls to be sincere. 


3 Let with our lips our hearts agree. 

Nor sland'ring words devise : 
We know the God of truth can see 
Thro' ev'ry false disguise. 

4 Lord, never let our envy grow. 

To hear another's praise; ^ 


412 HYMN CCV. 

Yet ID the gospel plan I see, 
There*s hope of pardon e*en for me. 

4 There, I behold with wonder, Lord ! 
That Christ hath to thy law restored 
Those honours on th' atoning day» 
Which guilty sinners took away. 

5 Amazing wisdom, pow'r and love. 
Displayed to rebels from above ! 
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase 
To love and trust thv plan of grace. 

205— C. M. Hymn 2, Pt. 3. ] 

Conviction of sin hy the law. 

i T ORD, how secure my conscience \ 
^ And felt no inward dread ! 
I was alive without the law. 

And thought my sins were dead. 

2 My hopes of heav'n were firm and bri 

But since the precept came 
With a convincing pow'r and light 
I find how vile I am. 

3 My guilt appeard but small before. 

Till, terribly I saw, 
How perfect, holy, just, and pure. 
Was thine eternal law. 

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load» 

My sins reviv'd again ; 
I had provokM a dreadful God, 
And all my hopes were slain. 

5 My God, 1 cry with ev'ry breath 

For grace and pow'r to save; 
To break the yoke of sin and deatl^ 
And thus redeem the sTave. 


Sat sin bath not yet ceas'd to move, 
It tyrannizes still. 

Hence often fill'd with dread alarms, 
My peace and joy subside ; 
And I've employ for all the arms 
The gospel has supplied. 

i Thus difTrent pow'rs within me strive, 
While opposites I feel ; 
I grieve, rejoice, decline, revive. 
As sin or grace prevail. 

4 Bat Jesus hath his promise past ; 
Sin with the body dies: 
And grace in all his saints at last 
Shall gain its victories. 


240— L. M. Hymn 6, Pt. 4. B. 1- 

TJie gospel of CfirisL 

1 pOD, in the gospel of his Son, 

^ Makes his eternal counsels known ; 
'Tis here his richest mercy shines. 
And truth is drawn in fairest lines. 

2 Here sinners of a humble frame 

May taste his grace, and learn his name ; 
'T is writ in characters of blood, 
Severely just, immensely good. 

3 Here Jesus, in ten thousand ways. 
His soul-attracting charms displays ; 
Recounts his poverty and pains. 
And tells his love in melting strains. 


4 Wisdom its dictates here imparts^ 

To form our minds, to cheer our hearts:: 
Its infla'nce makes the sinner live, 
It bids the droo{Hng saint revive. 

6 Our raging passions it controls^ 
And comfort yields to contrite soqIs ; 
It brings a better world in view. 
And guides us all our journey tbroogb. 

6 May this blest volome ever lie 

Close to my heart, and near mine eye ; 
Till life's last hour my soul engage. 
And be my chosen heritage. 

241— L. M. Hymn 31, Pt 4. B. 1 

The Gospel is the power of God to salvatm. 

1 TTTTHAT shall the dying sinner do, 
^^^ That seeks relief for all his woe! 
Where shall the guilty conscience find 
Ease for the torment of the mind ? 

2 How shall we get oar crimes foi^v'n. 
Or form our nature fit for heav'n ? 
Can souls, all o'er defilM with sin. 
Make their own pow'rs and passions clean 1 

3 In varn wo search, in vain we try. 
Till Jesus brings his gospel nigh; 
*Tis there that powV and glory dwell. 
That save rebellious souls from helL 

4 This is the pillar of our hope. 
That bears our fainting spirits up ; 
We read the grace, we trust the wordL 
And find salvation in the Lord. 

5 Let men or angels dig the mines. 
Where nature's golden treasure shines; 

HYMN CCXLll. 437 

£rought near the doctrine of the cross, 
A II nature's gold appears but dross. 

& Should vile blasphemers, with disdain. 
Pronounce the truth of Jesus vain, . 
We'll meet the scandal and the shame, 
And sing, and triumph in his name. 

142— P. M. Hymn 31, Pt 6. B. 1 

J7i€ Gospel Trumpet — Jubilee. 

1 "DLOW ye the trumpet, blow, 
J-^ The gladly solemn sound! 
Let all the nations know 

To earth's remotest bound, 
The year of jubilee is come; 
Return, ye raosom'd sinners, home. 

2 Exalt the Lamb of Grod, 
The sin-atoning Lamb: 
Redemption by his blood 
Thro' all the lands proclaim: 

The year of jubilee is come ; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

3 Ye, who have sold for nought 
The heritage above. 

Shall have it back, unbought, 

The gift of Jesus' love ; 
The year of jubilee is come; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

4 Ye slaves of sin and hell. 
Your liberty receive; 
And safe in Jesus dwell. 
And blest in Jesus live; 

The year of jubilee is come; 
Return, ye ransom'd sinners, home. 

438 HYMN CCXLia 

5 The gospel trampet bear, 
The Dews of pard'^Ding grace: 
Ye happy soob, draw near. 
Behold yoxn Savionr's face: 

The year of Jabilee is come ; 
Retariv ye ransom'd sinners, home* 

6 Jesus, oar great High Priest, 
Has fall atonement made : 
Ye weary spirits^ restj 

Ye moamful souls, be glad: 
The je9jt of jabilee is come ; 
Retoro, ye raosom'd stnbersi home: 

243— C. M. Hymn 31, Pt 5. B. 1 

The Cda. 

1 OINNERS, the voice of God regard; 
^ 'Tis mercy speaks to-day; 

He calls you by his sovereign word. 
From sin's destructive way. 

2 Like the rough sea, that cannot rest. 

You live devoid of peace ; 
A thousand stings, within your breast. 
Deprive your souls of ease, 

3 Your way is dark, and leads to hell ; 

Why will you persevere \ 
Can you in endless torments dwell. 
Shut up in black despair! 

4 Why will you in the crooked ways 

Of sin and folly go I 
In pain you travel all your days. 
To reap immortal woe ! 

5 But he, that turns to God, shall live. 

Thro' his abounding grace: 
Hid mercy will the guilt mrgive 
Of those that s**^-^^' Ha vaic.^. 


3ow to the sceptre of his word, 

Renouncing ev'ry sin; 
Sobmit to him your sov'reign Lord, 

And learn his will divine. 

His love exceeds your highest thoughts ; 

He will become your God, 
A.nd will forgive your nnm'rons faults, 

Thro' a Redeemer's blood. 

-P. M. 8, 7, 4. Hymn 34. B. 2 

Sinners invited to Christ. 

1 pOME, ye weary, heavy laden, 
^ Lost and ruin'd by the fall ; 
If you tarry till you're better, 

You will never come at all ; 

Not the righteous — 
Sinners Jesus came to call. 

2 Let not conscience make you linger. 

Nor of fitness fondly dream : 
All the fitness he requireth, 
Is to feel your need of him ; 

This he gives you — 
'Tis the Spirit's rising beam. 

3 Agonizing in the garden, 

Lo ! your Maker prostrate lies ! 
On the bloody tree behold him ; 
Hear him cry before he dies, 

''It isjinislidr 
Sinners, will not this suflSce T 

4 Lo ! th' incarnate God ascended, 

Pleads the merit of his blood ; 
Venture on him, venture wholly. 
Let no other trust intrude : 

None but Jesus 
Can do helpless sinners good. 

412 HYMN CCV. 

Yet ID the gospel plan I see, 
There*s hope of pardon e*en for me. 

4 There, I behold with wonder, Lord ! 
That Christ hath to thy law restored 
Those honours on th' atoning day» 
Which guilty sinners took away. 

6 Amazing wisdom, pow'r and love, 
Displayed to rebels from above ! 
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase 
To love and trust thv plan of girace. 

205— C. M. Hymn 2, Pt. 3. B. 1 

Conviction of sin hy the law. 

1 T ORD, how secure my conscience was^ 
J^ And felt no inward dread ! 

I was alive without the law. 

And thought my sins were dead. 

2 My hopes of heav'n were firm and bright* 

But since the precept came 
With a convincing pow'r and light 
I find how vile I am. 

3 My guilt appeared but small before. 

Till, terribly I saw, 
How perfect, holy, just, and pure. 
Was thine eternal law. 

4 Then felt my soul the heavy load» 

My sins revived again; 
I had provok'd a dreadful God, 
And all my hopes were slain. 

6 My God, 1 cry with ev'ry breath 
For grace and pow'r to save; 
To break the yoke of sin and deatl^ 
And thus redeem the sTave« 


" : 3 Here mercy's boundless ocean flows, 
j To cleanse your guilt and heal your woes; 

Pardon, and life, and endless peace ; 
/ How rich the gift, how free the grace ! 

/ 4 Lord, we accept with thankful heart, 
The hope thy gracious words impart ; 
We come with trembling, yet rejoice, 
And bless the kind inviting voice. 

247— L. M. Hymn 37. B. 2 

The Young invited to Christ. 

X 'PO-DAY, if ye will hear his voice, 
J- Now is the time to make your choice; 
Say, will you to Mount Zion go^ 
Say, will you have this Christ, or no ? 

2 Ye wand'ring souls, who find no rest, 
Say, will you be for ever blest ? 
Will you be sav'd from sin and hell T 
Will you with Christ in glory dwell ! 

? Come now, dear youth, for ruin bound, 
Obey die gospel's joyful sound ; 
Come, go with us, and you shall prove 
The joy of Christ's redeeming love. 

1 Once more we ask you in his name — 
For yet his love remains the same — 
Say, will you to Mount Zion go ? 
Say, will you have this Christ, or no ! 

5 Leave all your sports and glitt'ring toys ; 
Come, share with us eternal joys ; 
Or most we leave you bound to hell — 
TheD, dear young friends, a long farewell. 



248— L. M. Hymn 30. JK^A 

/ ^ 
Christ knocking at the heart of tJie sinim^. jr^ 

1 T)EHOLD a stranger at the door f / ^ 
-L^ He gently knocks, has knocked h^fore, hr^e^ 
Hath waited long — is waiting still ; j T 
You treat no other friend so ill. Is^ 

2 Oh, lovely attitude ! he stands 
With melting heart and loaded hands! 
Oh, matchless kindness ! and he shows 
This matchless kindness to his foes ! 

3 But will he prove a friend indeed ! 
He will ; the very friend you need ; , 
The friend of sinners — ^j'es,'tis He, 
With garments dyed on Calvary. 

4 Rise, touched with gratitude divine, 
Turn out bis enemy and thine, 
That soul-destroying monster. Sin, 
And let the heav'nly stranger in. 

5 Admit him, ere his anger burn. 
His feet departed ne'er return ; 
Admit him, or the hour 's at band, 
You '11 at his door rejected stand. 

249— C. M. Hymn 32. B. 2 

T/ie value of tlie Soul. 

1 TI7HAT is the thing of greatest price, 

▼» The wiiolc creation round 1 — 
That which was lost in Paradise, 
That which in Christ is found : 

2 The soul of man — ^Jehovah's breath — 

That keeps two worlds at strife ; 
Hell moves beneath to work its death, 
Heav'n stoops to give it life. 


^ A.Dd is this treasure born below, 
In earthen vessels frail ? 
Can none its utmost value know, 
Till flesh and spirit fail ? 

^ Then let us gather round the cross, 
That knowledge to obtain ; 
Not by the soul's eternal loss, 
But everlasting gain, 

10— L. M. Hymn 21, Pt 5. B. 1- 

Forgiveness of sins. 

1 ™RGIVENESS! Vis a joyful sound, 
J- To sinners doom'd to death and pains ; 
The blood of Christ heals evVy wound. 
And washes from tbe foulest stains. 

2 'Tis the rich gift of love divine : 
'Tis full, out-measVing ev'ry crime : 
Unclouded shall its glories shine, 
And feel no change by changing time. 

i O'er sins unbounded as the sand, 
And Uke the mountains for their size, 
The seas of sov' reign grace expand ; 
The seas of sov'reign grace arise. 

I For this stupendous love of heav'n. 
What grateful honours shall we show ! 
Where much transgression is forgiv'n, 
Love should with fervent ardour glow. 

l—C. M. Hymn 5, Pt. 3. B. 1. 

I O ALVATION ! O melodious sound, 
1^ To wretched dying men ! 
Salvation, that from God proceeds. 
And leads to God again. 



2 Rescued from hell's eternal gloom. 

From fiends, and fires, and chains ^ / ^Joi 

Rais'd to a paradise of bliss, piiao 

Where love triumphant reigns! ibi^ 

3 But may a poor bewilder'd soul, ^Je^ 

Sinful and weak* as mine, r/j 

Presume to raise a trembling eye i y ^ 

To blessings so divine ! | t< 

4 The lustre of so bright a bliss^ l^iu 

My feeble heart overbears; 
And unbelief almost perverts 
The promise into fears. 

5 My Saviour God, no voice, but thine, 

These dying hopes can raise; 
Speak thy salvation to my soul. 
And turn my prayer to praise. 

252— P. M. 12s. Hymn 38. B. 2 

Free grace to Sinners. 

THE voice of free grace cries, Escape to tlie 
For all that believe, Christ has open'd a foun- 
For sin, and uncleanness, and every trans- 
His blood flows so freely in streams of salva- 


Hallelujah to the Lamb, who has bonght us 
a pardon, 

We '11 praise him again, when we pass over 

Ye souls that are wounded, to the Saviour 

Now he calls you in mercy, and caa you for- 



2 True to the solemn oaths they take, 

Tho* to their hurt they swear ; 

Constant and just to all they speak; 

For God they know can hear. 

3 Still with their lips their hearts agree. 

Nor flatt'ring words devise ; 
They're sure the God of truth can see 
Thro' ev'ry false disguise. 

4 Deceits they hate, they dread all lies, 

Whatever forms they wear ; 
Preferring death to perjuries, 
They dare not falsely swear. 

5 Lo! from above the Lord descends, 

And brings the judgment down : 
He bids his saints, his faithful friends, 
Rise and possess their crown. 

6 While Satan trembles at the sight, 

And devils wish to die ; 
Where will the faithless hypocrite 
And perjur'd liar fly 1 

213— L. M. Hymn 38, Pt. 1. B. 1 

The fourth co?nmand. 

1 13 E TURN, my soul, enjoy thy rest, 

^ Improve the day thy God has bless'd ; 
Another six days' work is done. 
Another sabbath is begun. 

2 Come, bless the Lord, whose love assigns 
So sweet a rest to wearied minds ; 
Provides a blest foretaste of heav'n, 

On this day more than all the sev'n. 

3 O ! that our thoughts and thanks may rise« 
As grateful mcense to (he skies ; 


3 A bleeding Saviour seen by fdith ; 

A sense of pard'ning love i 
A hope, that triumphs over death, 
Give joys like those above. 

4 To take a glimpse within the veil ; 

To know that God is mine ; 
Are springs of joy, that never fail, 
Unspeakable ! divine ! 

5 These arc the joys, which satisfy, 

And sanctify the mind : 
Which make the spirit mount on higli, 
And leave the world behind. 

6 No more, behevcrs, mourn your lot ; 

But since you are the Lord's, 
Resign to them, that know him not, 
Such joys as earth affords. 

254— L. M. Hymn 29. B. 2 

Tlie striving of tlie Spirit. 

JAY, sinner, hath a voice within. 
Oft whisper'd to thy secret soul, 
Urg d thee to leave the ways of sin. 
And yield thy heart to God's control! 

2 Hath something met thee in the path 
Of worldliness and vanity, 

And pointed to the coming wrath, 

And warned thee from that wrath to flee 1 

3 Sinner, it was a heav'nly voice. 
It was the Spirit's gracious call, 

It bade thee make the better choice, 
And haste to seek in Christ thine all. 

4 Spurn not the call to life and light; 
Regard in time the warning kind ; 

That call thou may'st not always slight. 
And yet the gate ol meie^j ^w4.. 



^ Quod's Spirit will not always strive, 

With harden'd, self-destroying man ; 
xe, who persist his love to grieve, 
May niver hear his voice again. 

6 Sinner — ^perhaps this very day. 
Thy last accepted time may be ; 
Oh, sbouidst thou grieve him now away. 
Then hope may never beam on thee. 

55— S. M. Hymn 83. Add. 

The Gospel Trujnpet. 

1 VE trembling captives, hear! 

-1- The gospel trumpet sounds: 
No sound beside can charm the ear, 
Or heal your heart-felt wounds. 

2 'Tis not the trump of war, 
Nor Sinai's thunder's roar ; 

Salvation's news it spreads afar, 
And vengeance is no more. 

3 Grace, pardon, love, and peace ; 
Glad heaven aloud proclaims ; 

And earth the Jubilee's release, 
With eager rapture, claims. 

4 Far, far to distant lands 
The joyful news shall spread ; 

And Jesus all his willing bands, 
la one blest triumph, lead. 

16 — 6s 4s. Hymn 84. Add 


1 npO-DAY, the Saviour calls! 
-■- Ye wand'rers, come; 
O, ye benighted souls, 
Why longer roam! 


2 To-day, the Saviour calls! 

O, listen now : 
Witbia these sacred walls 
To Jesus bow. 

3 To-day, the Saviour calls 

For refuge fly; 
The storm of vengeance falls; 
Ruin is nigh. 

4 The Spirit calls to-day! 

Yield to bis power; 
O, grieve him not away; 
'Tis mercy's hour. 

257— 7s. Hymn 85. Add 

Come and Welcome. 

1 "U'ROM the cross uplifted high, 

J- Where the Saviour deigns to die, 
What melodious sounds we hear, 
Bursting on the ravished ear! 
" Love's redeeming work is done. 
Come and welcome, sinner, come.** 

2 Sprinkled now, with blood, the throne, 
Why beneath thy burdens groan t 

On my pierced body laid, 
Justice owns the ransom paid ; 
Bow the knee, and kiss the Son, 
" Come and welcome, sinner, come." 

3 Spread for thee, the festal board, 
See with richest dainties stored ; 
To thy Father's bosom press'd. 
Yet again a child confess'd ; 
Never from his house to roam, 

" Come and welcome^ sinner, coma" 


4 Soon the clajs of life sliall end ; 
Lo! I couie, your Saviour, Friend; 
Safe ^'oqr spirit to convey 
To the re^uis of endleas day ; 
Up to my eternal home, 
*^ Uome and welcome, sinner, come.'* 

258^78. HymqSe.Add. 


1 -TIE ART of stone, relent, relent, 
J-1- Break, by Jesus' cross subdued, 
See his body mangled, rent, 
Qoyerfd with a gore, of blood ; 
SiafolsonV what bast thou done, 
Crucified th** Eternal Son ! 

2 Yea^.lhy sins have done the deed, .; 
Driven the nails that fix'd him there, 
Crowu'd with thorns his sacred head, 
Plunged into his side the spear, 
ifi^de his soul a sacrifice, 

While for sinful man he dies. 

3 Wilt thou let him bleed in vain ! 
Still to death thy Lord pursue ! 
Open all his wodnds again 1 
And the abanieful cross renew ! 

. No; with all my sins Til part ; 
Break, O break, my bleeding heart. 

259— lis. Hymn 87. Add^ 

Delay not. f 

1 TiELAY not, delay not, O sinner, draw 
^ near. 

The waters of life are now flowing for thee 
No price is demanded, the Saviour is here, 
Reaeo^jon is parcliascd, salvation is {Tee. 


2 Delay not, delay not, why longer abuse 
The love and compassion of Jesus, thy God! 
A fountain is open'd, how canst thou refuse 
To wash and be cleansed in his pardoning 


3 Delay not, delay not, O sinner, to come, 
For mercy still lingers, and calls thee to-day: 
Her voice is not heard in the vale of the tomb; 
Her message, unheeded, will soon pass away. 

4 Delay not, delay not, the Spirit of Grace, 
Long grieved and resisted, may take its sad 

And leave thee in darkness to finish thy race^ 
To sink in the vale of eternity's night 
6 Delay not, delay not, the hour is at hand — 
The earth shall dissolve, and the heaveDS 

shall fade; 
The dead, small and great, in the judgment 

shall stand ; 
What power, then, O sinner, shall lend the ^ 

its aid! 

260— 7s. Hymn 88. Ad^ 

Fulness of Christ 

1 T)LEEDING hearts, defiled by sin, 
-L' Jesus Christ can make you clean : 
Contrite souls, with guilt oppress'd, 
Jesus Christ can give you rest. 

2 You that mourn o'er follies past, 
Procious hours and years laid waste ; 
Turn to God, O turn and live, 
Jesus Christ can still forgive. 

3 You that oft have wander'd far, 
From the light of Bethlehem's star, 
Trembling, now your ate^^ tetrace, 

Jesus Christ is iutt of gcace. 


4 Souls benighted and forlorn, 
Grieved, afflicted, tempest-worn, 
Now in Israel's Rock confide, 
Jesus Christ for man has died. 

5 Fainting souls, in peril's hour, 
Yield not to the tempter's power; 
On the risen Lord rely, 

Jesus Christ now reigns on high. 

II— C. P. M. H}Tnn 89. Add. 

The voice of warning. 

r[AT warning voice, O sinner, hear, 
And while salvation lingers near, 
The heavenly call obey ; 
Flee from destruction's downward path, 
Flee from the threatening storm of wrath. 
That rises o'er thy way. 

Soon night comes on with thick'ning shade; 
The tempest hovers o'er tliy head. 

The winds their fury pour ; 
The lightnings rend the earth and skies. 
The thunders roar, the flames arise, 

What terrors fill that hour. 

That warning voice, O sinner, hear. 
Whose accents linger on thine ear; 

Thy footsteps now retrace: 
Renounce thy sins, and be forgiven. 
Believe, become an heir of heaven. 

And sing redeeming grace. 

Then, while a voice of pardon speaks. 
The storm is hush'd, the morning breaks, 

The heavens are all serene ; 
Fresh verdure clothes the beauteous fields, 
Joy echoes from the distant hills, 

New wonders till the scene. 


262— 7s 6s. Hymn 90. Add 

Balm in GUead. 

1 TI7HY should gloomy thoaghts arise 

W And darkness fill tbe mindt 
Why that bosom heave with sighsi 

And yet no refuge find! 
Knowest thou not of Gilead's balm; 
Of the great Physician there, 
Who can every fear disarm, 

And save thee from despair ! 

2 Still overwhelmed with floods of grief, 

And fiil'd with sore dismay; 
Looking downward for relief, 

Without one cheering ray! 
Lift thy streaming eyes to heaven; 
There the great atonement see. 
All thy sin shall be forgiven ; 

Believe, and thou art free. 

3 He that for thy soul hath died. 

Invites thee now to come; 
He, the law hath satisfied, 

And can reverse thy doom : 
He hath suffer'd grief and shame ; 
He hath shed his precious Ulood. 
O believe in Jesus' name. 

And be at peace with God. 

263— 8s 7s. Hymn 92. Ad J 

A Fountain opened. 

1 pOME to Calv ry's holy moantain, 
^ Sinners ruin'd by the fall, 
Here a pure and healing fountain 
Flows for every thirsty soult 


In a full perpetual tide; 
Open'd when the Saviour died. 

i Come, in sorrow and contrition, 
Wounded, impotent, and blind ; 

Here the guilty seek remission ; 
Here the lost a refuge find. 

Health, this fountain will restore ; 

He that drinks shall thirst no more. 

3 Come, ye dying, live forever ; 
'T is a soul-reviving flood ; 
God is faithful; he will never 

Break his covenant, seal'd in blood ; 
Sign'd when our Redeemer died — 
Seal'd when he was glorified. 

4— L. M. Hymn 35. B. 2 

Wanderer invited to return. 

1 "DETURN, O wanderer, return, 

•^^ And seek an injured Father's face : 
Those warm desires that in thee burn, 
Were kindled by reclaiming grace. 

2 Return, O wanderer, return. 

And seek a Father's melting heart; 
His pitying eyes thy grief discern. 

His hand shall heal thine inward smart. 

3 Return, O wanderer, return, 

Thy Saviour bids thy spirit live^ 
Go to his bleeding feet, and learn 
How freely Jesus can forgive. 

i Return, O wanderer, return, 

And wipe away the falling tear; 
'T^ God who says, " No longer monm," 
^''^i"^ is mercy's voice invites thee near. 



265— C. M. Hymn 31. B. 2 

The Sinner's heart opened, 

1 TI7H0 is this stranger at the door, 

YY That woald admission gain T 
I know he oft has knock'd before, 
Still be has come again. 

2 I find him knocking at my heart. 

Though I've defied his will ; 
He waits to act a gracious part, 
And all his truth fulfil. 

3 Too long, alas ! I've entertained 

A soul-destroying guest, 
Who took possession of my heart. 
And all my powers oppressed. 

4 But art thou not tlie same that died, 

A sacrifice for sin? 
Then enter my polluted breast. 
And make me pure within. 

6 That grace that I 've so long abus'd 
rd willingly receive; 
Dear Saviour, teach me how to pray, 
Lord, help me to believe! 

6 My hungry soul would now partake 
The banquet of thy love ; 
Tiiat sacred fiesh and blood of thine, 
Foretaste of joys above. 

266— L. M. Hymn 21. B. 2. 

Prayer for the influence of the Spirit. 

1 QTAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay, 
^ Tho' I have done t^fi,^fich mspite, 


Cast not a sinner quite away, 
Nor take thine everlasting flight: 

Though I have most unfaithful been 
Of all who e'er thy grace received, 
Ten thousand times thy goodness seen, 
Ten thousand times thy goodness griev'd. 

Yet Oh, the chief of sinners spare, 
In honour of my great High Priest ; 
Nor in thy righteous anger swear 
I shall not see thy people's rest. 

If yet thou canst my sins forgive, 
E'en now, O Lord, relieve my woes; 
Into thy rest of love receive, 
And bless me with thy calm repose. 

E'en now my weary soul release, 
And raise me by thy gracious hand ! 
Gaide me into thy perfect peace, 
And bring me to the promis'd land. 

— S. M. Hymn 40. B. 2 

mtance frmn a sense of the Divine Goodness. 

IS this the kind return. 
And these the thanks we owe ; 
Thns to abuse eternal love, 
Whence all our blessings flow ? 

To what a stubborn frame. 

Hath sin reduc'd our mind ! 
What strange rebellious wretches we, 

And God as strangely kind ! 


3 On us he bids the sun 

Shed his reviving rays; 
For us the skies their circles run, 
To lengthen out our days. 

4 The brutes obey their God, 

And bow their necks to men : 
But we, more base, more brutish tbings. 
Reject his easy reign. 

5 Turn, turn us, mighty God, 

And mould our souls afresh ; 
Break, sovereign grace, these hearts of stone 
And give us hearts of flesh. 

6 Let base ingratitude 

Provoke our weeping eyes; 
And hourly, as new mercies fall. 
Let hourly thanks arise. 

268— C. M. Hymn 93. Add 

^OTH God invite me to his arms. 
And do I still delay? 
Shall he impart his just commands^ 
And I refuse t* obey ? 

2 Doth Jesus call me to rely 
Upon his righteousness, 

For safety bid me thither fly, 
Aud I despise his grace 1 

3 Hath not the holy Spirit yet 
Withdrawn his influence ? 

And do I still supinely sit, 
Immersed in earth and sense ! 

4 By mercy wooed, by wrath pursued. 
How sluggish I remain ! 

Rouse up, my dull inactive powers^ 
The heavenly pnze to gaivDu 



'— L. M. Hynm 21, Pt 6. B. 1. 

Seeking Pardon. 

1 T ORD, at thy feet I prostrate fall, 
-Li Opprest with fears, to thee I call : 
Reveal thy pard'ning love to me, 
And set my captive spirit free. 

2 Hast thoii not said, " Seek ye my face ;'* 
The invitation I embrace ; 

ril seek thy face; thy Spirit give! 
O ! let me see thy face, and live. 

3 I'll seek thy face with cries and tears, 
With secret sighs and fervent prayers ; 
And, if not heard, I'll waiting sit. 
And perish at my Saviour's feet 

4 But canst thou. Lord, behold my piaiin,' 
And bid me seek thy face in vain ! 
Thou wilt not, canst not me deceive. 
The soul that seeks thy face shall live. 

270— C. M. Hymn 48. B. 2. 

Seeking Pardon. 

1 TTOW sad our state by nature is! 
•*-L Our sin, how deep it stains ! 
And Satan binds our captive minds 

Fast in his slavish chains. 

2 But there's a voice of sov'reign grace 

Sounds from the sacred word ; 
Ho! ye despairing sinners^ comCy 
And trust upon the Lord. 

3 My soul obeys th' Almighty call, 

And runs to this relief; 
I would believe thy promise, Lord, 
O! help mine unbelief. 


4 To the dear fountaia of thy blood, 

Incarnate God, I fly; 
Here let me wash my spotted soul 
From crimes of deepest dye. 

5 Stretch oat thine arm, victorioos King, 

My reigning sins sobdne: 
Drive the old dragon from his seat, 
With all his hellish crew. 

6 A cuilty, weak, and helpless worm. 

On thy kind arms I fall : 
Be thoQ my Strength and Righteousness 
My Jesus, and my All ! 


271— p. M. 7. Hymn 43, B. 

Pleading for Mercy. 

^OV'REIGN Ruler, Lord of all. 
Prostrate at thy feet I fall ; 
Hear, oh, hear my ardent cry. 
Frown not, lest I faint and die. 

2 Vilest of the sons of men. 
Worst of rebels, I have been ! 
Oft abus'd thee to thy face, 
Trampled on thy richest grace ! 

3 Justly might thy vengeful dart 
Pierce this bleeding, broken heart ; 
Justly might thy kindled ire 
Blast me in eternal lire. 

4 But with thee there's mercy found. 
Balm to heal my every wound; 
Soothe, oh soothe the troubled breast, 
Gire the weary wand'rer rest. 

HtMN CfCJi^XXn, CGLXXm. 4S» 

W2— L. M. Hjmn 44, B. 2. 

Pleading the Fromiue. 

1 T^RIEND of the friendless and the faint! 
•^ Where can I lodge mj deep complamtt 
Where^ bat with thee, whose open door 
Invites the helpless sinner, poor ! 

2 Did ever moomer plead with thee, 
And thou refuse that moumer^s plea t 
Does not the word still fix'd remain, 
That none shall seek thy &ce in yain t 

3 That were a grief I coald not bear» 
Didst thou not hear and answer prayer: 
O thou, prayV-hearing, answ'ring God, 
Take from my heart this painfiii load 

273— R M. 7. Hymn 45. B. 2. 

The Sinner's suit at the Mercy-Seat. 

1 pOME, my soul, thy suit prepare, 
^ Jesus loves to answer pray r ; 
He himself has bid thee pray, 
Therefore, will not say thee nay. 

2 Thou art coming to a King, 
Lai^ petitions with thee bring; 
For his grace and pow'r are such, 
None can ever ask too much. 

3 With my burden I begin : 
Lord, remove this load of sin ! 
Let thy blood, for sinners spilt. 
Set my conscience free from guilt 

4 Lord, I come to thee for rest; 
Take possession of my breast ; 
There thy blood-bought right maintain, 
And witluHit a rival reign 

460 HYMN CGLXXIVf <JC|-X?!I^. 

5 While I am a pilgrim here. 

liet thy love my spirit cheer ; 

As my guide, my guard, my friend, 
V Lead me to my jommey's .end. 

- t6 Show me what I ha?e to do, . 
. Er^iy hour my strength renew, 
Letine live a Ufe of £uth, 
Let me die thy people's death. 

274—8,7. Hymn 46. B. 2 

SyppHant address to the Siwiaur. 

1 TESUS, fall of all compassion, 

^ Hear thy humble suppliant's, cry; 
Let me know thy great salvation^ 
See, I languish, faint, and die. 

2 Guilty, but with heart relenting, 

Overwhelmed with helpless grief — 
Prostrate at thy feet repenting — 
Send, O send me quick relief I 

3 Whither should a wretch be flying. 

But to him who comfort gives 1 
Whither, from the dread of dying. 
But to him who ever lives 1 

4 Sav'd-^the deed shall spread new glory 

Thro' the shining realms above ; 
Angels sing the pleasing story. 
All enraptur'd with thy love. 

275— CM. Hynm49,B.a 

Seeking Renetoing Grace. 

1 TTOW helpless guilty nature lies, 
-tl Unconscious of its load ! 
The heart unchanged can never risd 
To happiness and God. 


2 The will perverse, tlie passions blind, 
In paths of ruin stray : 
Reason debas'd can never find 
The safe, the narrow way. 

^ Can anght beneath a pow'r divine. 
The stabborn will subdne t ^ 
'T is thine, Almighty Saviour, thine 
To form the heart anew. 

4 'T is thine the passions to recall. 

And upwards bid them rise ; 
And make the scales of error fall 
From reason's darken'd eyes; 

5 To chase the shades of deadi away. 

And bid the sinner live ; 

A beam of Heav'n, a vital ray, 

'Tis ihine alone to give. 

6 O change these wretched hearts of oura; 

And give them life divine ! 
Then shall our passions and our powers, 
Almighty Lord, be thine. 

276— C. M. Hymn 39. B. 2. 

J%e humble sinnef^s resolve. 

1 /^OME, humble sinner, in whose breast 
^ A thousand thoughts revolve; 
Come, with your guilt and fear oppressed, 

And make this last resolve :— - 

2 ^I'llgo to Jesus, though my sin 

'^Hath like a mountain rose; 
''I know his courts, I'll enter in, 
••Whatever may oppose. 

S ••Prostrate I'll lie before hb throne, 
••And there my guilt confess; 


^ 1*11 tell him I'm a wretch oodone^ 
Without his sov'reign grace. 

4 " I'll to the gracious Kibg approad^ 
** Whose sceptre pardon gives ; 
** Feriiaps he may commaQd my toach — 
^^And then the soppliant Uvea 

6 '* Perhaps he will admit my plea^ 
'* Perhaps will hear my prayer ; 
** But if 1 perish, I will pray^ 
And perish only there. 

6 " I can but perish if I go, 
"I am resolv'd to try; 
" For if I stay away, I know 
I must for ever die." 

277— CM. Hymn 41. R! 

The contrite hearL 

1 r\ THOU, whose tender mercy hears 
^ Gcmtrition's humble sigh; 
Whose hand, indulgent, wipes the tears 

From sorrow's weeping eye ; — 

2 See, low before thy throne of grace^ 

A wretched wand'rer mourn ; 
Hast thou not bid me seek thy face t 
Hast thou not said — "Return!* 

3 And shall my guilty fears prevail 

To drive me from thy feet ! 
Oh, let not this dear refuge fail. 
This only safe retreat! 

4 Oh, shine on this benighted heart. 

With beams of mercy shine ! 
And let thine healing voice impart 
A taste of joys divine. 


S_C. M. ■ Hymn 94. Add. 

Sinner's Relief. 

•- TI7HERE shall a wretched sinner flee, 
' ' To ease his wounded soul ! 
The Saviour cries, Believe in me^ 
And I will make thee whole. 

^i Believe in thee, my dearest Lord, 
Oh, help mine unbelief, 
All needful grace do thou afford. 
And send me quick relief. 

3 Sprinkled with thine atoning blood, 
Let me at length appear 
Before the awful bar of God, 
And find acceptance there. 

279— 7s 6s. Hymn 95. Add. 

Sinner desjyonding. 

1 TXTHY sinks my soul desponding ! 

^^ Why fill my eyes with tears. 
While nature all-surrounding 

The smile of beauty wears? 
Why, burden*d still with sorrow. 

Is every lab'ring thought? 
Each vision that I borrow, 

With gloom and sadness fraught T 

2 The pleasures that deceived me 

My soul no more can charm, 
Of rest they have bereaved me, 

And fill'd me with alarm; 
The objects, I have cherish'd, 

Are empty as the wind; 
My earthly joys are perish'd ; 

What comfort shall I find t 

4«4 HYMN CCLJOatl ' '^ ^ ' ' 

3 If inward, still inqniring, 

I turn my searching eye. 
Or upward, now aspiring, 

I raise my feeble cry, 
No heavenly light is beaming 

,.To cheer my troubled breast, 
No ray of comfort gleanung 

To give my spirit rest 

4 O, from this dreadful anguish. 

Is there no refuge nighl 
'Tis suilt that makes me languish. 

And leaves me thus to die 
I wilt renounce my foify 

Before the throne of grace ; 
And make the Lord, most holy. 

My strength and righteousness. 

280— CM. Hymn 96. A 


1 A H, what can I, a sinner, do, 
-^ With all my guilt oppressed ! 
I feel the hardness of my heart, 

And conscience knows no rest 

2 Great God, thy good and perfect law 

Does all my life condemn ; 
The secret evils of my soul 
Fill me with fear and shame. 

3 How many precious Sabbaths gone, 

I never can recall; 
And O, what cause have I to mourn, 
Who misimproved them all. 

4 How long, how often have I heard. 

Of Jesus, and of heaven; 
Tet scarcely listened to his word. 
Or pray'd to be forgiven. 


^ CZSonstrain me, Lord, to turn to Thee, 
And grant renewing grace ; 
I*^or thou this flinty heart canst break, 
And thine shall be the praise. 

281 c. M. Hymn 97. Add 


^ A LAS ! and did my Saviour bleed, 
-^ And did my Sovereign die, 
Did he devote that sacred head, 
For such a worm as I ? 

^ Was it for crimes that I had done. 
He groan'd upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity, grace unknown. 
And love beyond degree. 

^ Well miglit the sun in darkness hide, 
And shut his glories in; 
When Christ, the Prince of Glory, died, 
For man, the creature's sin. 

4 Thus might I hide my blushing face, 

While his dear cross appears. 
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, 
And melt my eyes to tears. 

5 But floods of grief can ne'er repay 

The debt of love I owe ; 
Here, Lord, I give myself away — 
'Tis all tliat I can do. 

282— C. M. Hymn 98. Add. 


1 A IF my soul was form'd for wo, 
^j How would I vent my sighs. 
Repentance should, like rivers, flow 
FrOm both my streaming eyes. 


2 'T was for my sins, my dearest Lord, 

Hung on the carsed tree, 
And groan'd away a <h^ing life. 
For thee, my soul, for &ee. 

3 O, how I hate those sins of ixdne 

That shed the Sanoor^ii blood ; 
That pierced and nail'd his sacred flesh 
Fast to the fatal wood. 

4 Yes, my Redeemer, they shall die ; 

My heart hath so decreed; 
Nor will I spare the gailty things 
That made my Saviour i>i€^. 

5 While with a melting, broken heart. 

My murder'd Lord I view, 
I'll raise revenge against my sins, 
And slay the murderers too. 

283— S. M. Hymn 99. Ad 


1 A THAT I could repent, 
^j With all my idols part. 

And to thy gracious eye present 
An humble, contrite heart. 

2 A heart with grief oppress'd 
At having grieved my God, 

A troubled heart that cannot rest. 
Till sprinkled with thy blood. 

3 JesQS, on me bestow 
The penitent desire: 

With deep sincerity of wo 
My thoughtless breast inspire. 

4 With soft'ning pity look, 
And melt my hardness down; 

Strike, with thy love's effectual stroke, 
And break ^^'~ ^«»iait oi «tou<^ 


184— L. M. Hymn 100. Add. 


1 A LAS, alas, how blind I've been, 
-^ How little of myself IVe seen! 
Sportive I sail'd the sensual tide. 
Thoughtless of God, whom I defied. 

2 Oft have I heard of heaven and hell, 
Where bliss and woe eternal dwell ; 
But mock'd the threats of truth divine. 
And scorn'd the place where angels shine. 

3 My heart has long refused the blood 
Of Jesus, the descending God ; 
And guilty passion boldly broke 

The holy law which Heaven had spoke. 

4 Th' alluring world controll'd my choice ; 
When conscience spoke, I hush'd its voice: 
Securely laugh'd along the road, 
Which hapless millions first had trod. 

5 But now, th' Almighty God comes near 
And fills my soul with awful fear — 
Fear, lest I sink to endless pain. 

Nor hear the voice of joy again. 

285_C. M. Hymn 42. B. 2. 

TJie Penitent. 

1 pROSTRATE, dear Jesus ! at thy feet, 
■t A guilty rebel lies; 

And upwards to the mercy-seat 
Presumes to lift his eyes. 

2 If tears of sorrow would suffice 

To pay the debt I owe. 
Tears should from both my weeping eyes 
In ceaseless torrents flow. 


. 3 Bat DO such sacrifice I plead. 
To expiate my guilt; 
No tears but those which thou hast shec 
No blood, but thou hast spilt. 

4 Think of thy sorrows, dearest Lord ! 
And all my sins forgive : 
Justice will well approve the word 
That bids the sinner live. 

286— S. M. Hymn 101. AA 


1 AH, whither should I go, 

■^ Burden'd, and sick, and faint t 
To whom should I my troubles show. 
And pour out my complaint T 

2 My Saviour bids me come: 
Ah, why do I delay? 

He calls the weary sinners home ; 
And yet from him I stay. 

3 What is it keeps me back. 
From which I cannot part, — 

Which will not let the Saviour take 
Possession of my heart! 

4 Some wicked thing unknown 
Must surely lurk within ; 

Some idol which I do not own. 
Some secret bosom-sin. 

5 Jesus, the hindrance show. 
Which I have fear'd to sec : 

And make me now consent to know 
What keeps me back from thee. 

6 Searcher of hearts : in mine 
Thy trying power display; 

Into its darkest corners shine. 
And take the v^W away. 


n — S. M. Hymn 102. Add. 

Ruin and Recovery. 

1 TTOW heavy is the night, 
J-L That hangs upon our eyes, 

Till Christ with his reviving light, 
Over our souls arise! 

2 Our guilty spirits dread 

To meet the wrath of Heaven ; 
But in his righteousness array'd, 
We see our sins forgiven. 

3 Unholy and impure, 

Are all our thoughts and ways ; 
His hands infected nature cure 
With sanctifying grace. 

4 The powers of hell agree 
To hold our souls in vain; 

He sets the sons of bondage free, 
And breaks the galling chain. 

5 Lord, we adore thy ways. 
That bring us near to God; 

Thy sovereign power, thy healing grace. 
And thine atoning blood. 

'88— C. P. M. Hymn 103. Add. 


1 T LOOK to thee, O Lord, alone, 
J" And low beneath thy gracious throne 

Pour out my ardent prayer : 
Pardon my sin, my soul reprieve, 
No hand but thine can now relieve, 
Or save me from despair. 

4»0 HYMN CCLXXXIX.' ^ ' 

2 My trembling spirit, filfd vith awe. 
Beholds the terrors of thy law, 

And bows itself in dost; 
Thou, Lord, art righteoas, just, and goo 
My only refuge is thy blood : 

Tboa art my only trust 

3 Guilty, before thy bar I plead, 
Guilty in thought, in word, and deed, 

Wholly defiled by sin: 
O, heal the leprosy of soul ! 
One pard'ning word can make me whol 

And bid my heart be clean. 

289— S, M. Hymn 47. B. 

The convinced and seeking sinner. 

1 IITY former hopes are fled, 
-"-^ My terror now begins; 
I feel, alas ! that I am dead 

In trespasses and sins. 

2 Ah, whither shall I fly ! 

I hear the thunder roar; 
The law proclaims destruction nigb, 
And vengeance at the door. 

3 When I review my ways, 

I dread impending doom; 
But sure, a friendly whisper says, 
" Flee from the wrath to come.'' 

4 I see, or think I see, 

A glimmering from afar; 
A beam of day that shines for me. 
To save me from despair. 

6 Forerunner of the sun. 

It marks the Pilgrim's way ; 
I'll gaze upon it while I ran, 
And watch the rava^ ^^« 


290^h. M, Hymn 50. B. 2. 

A sinner submitting to God. 

1 "TITEARY of struggling with my pain, 
' ' Hopeless to barst tiiis sinful chain, 
At length I give the contest o'er, 
And seek to free myself no more. 

2 From my own works at last I cease — 
God, that creates, must seal my peace ; 
Praitless my toil, and vain my care, 
Unless thy sovereign grace I share. 

i Lord, I despair myself to heal ; 
I see my sin, but do not feel ; 
Nor shall I, till thy Spirit blow. 
And bid th' obedient waters flow. 

4 'Tis thine a heart of flesh to give. 
Thy gifts I only can receive : 
Here then to thee I all resign, — 
To draw, redeem, and seal, is thine. 

291 ^S, M. Hymn 1CI4. Add. 

Troubled Soul. 

1 T ORD, can a soul like mine, 

J-^ Unholy and unclean, 
Dare venture near a throne of grace. 

With such a load of sint 

S When I attempt to pray, 

And lisp thy holy name, 
I^y thoughts are hurried soon away, 

I know not where I am. 

S When in thy word I look. 
Such darkness flits my mind, 

I only read a scaled book, 
And no relief I find. 



4 Myself can hardly bear 

This wretched heart of mine; 
How hateful, then, must it appear, 
To those pure eyes of thine ! 

5 Low at thy feet I bow, 
O, pity and forgive ! 

Here will I lie, and wait til! thou 
Shalt bid me rise and live. 

292— R M. 8, 7. 4. Hymn 61, B. S 

Tlie Surrender. 

1 TI7ELC0ME, welcome, dear Redeems^ 

^^ Welcome to this heart of mine: 
Lord, I make a full surrender, 

Ev'ry pow'r and thought be thine. 

Thine entirely, 
Thro' eternal ages thine. 

2 Known to all to be thy mansion. 

Earth and hell will disappear ; 
Or in vain attempt possession. 
When they find the Lord is near — 

Shout, O Zion! 
Shout, ye saints, the Lord is here ! 

293— L. M. Hymn 57. B. 5? 

The returning sinner. 

1 T^AR from thy fold, my God, my feet 
J- Once mov'd in error's devious maze, 
Nor found religious duties sweet. 

Nor sought thy face, nor lov'd thy ways. 

2 With tend'rest voice thou badst me flee 

The paths which thou couldst ne'er ap 
prove ; 
And gently drew my soul to thee. 
With cords ^^ «weet, eietn^WoN^^ 


Now to thy footstool, Lord, I fly, 

And low in self-abasement fail ; 
A vile, a helpless worm, I lie, 

And thou, my God, art all in all. 
Dearer, far'dearer to my heart. 

Than all the joys that earth can give ; 
From fame, from wealth, from friends Pd part, 

Beneath thy countenance to live. 
And when, in smiling friendship drest. 

Death bids me quit this mortal frame 
Gently reclin'd on Jesus' breast. 

My latest breath shall bless his name. 
Then my unfettered soul shall rise. 

And soar above yon starry spheres, 
Join the full chorus of the skies. 

And sing thy praise thro' endless years. 

)4_7s 6s. Hymn 105. Add. 

Pleading for Grace, 

1 WRETCHED, helpless, and distressed, 

▼V Ah whither shall I fly? 
Ever panting after rest, 

Where shall I turn mine eye ? 
Naked, sick, and poor, and blind, 
Bound in sin and misery : 
Friend of sinners, let me find 

My help, my all in thee. 

2 Jesus, full of truth and grace, 

O, hear my sad complaint ; 
Be the wanderer's resting place, 

A cordial for the faint : 
Make me rich, for I am poor ; 
Let me now thy presence find ; 
To the dying, health restore, 

And eyesight to the blind. 

414 HYMN CCKCn. 

3 Fill my soul with heaTOnly grace, 

Wath pare humility: 
Clothe me with thy righteoasness; 

Endae nly heart wiUi thee; 
Let thine image he. restored ; . 
Let me thy forgiveness proTo; . 
Fill me with thy fulness^ Lord, ' 

For boundless is thy love. 

295— 7s. Hymn 106. ki 

Deqf Contrition. 

1 TESUS, save n^y dying soul ; 

^ Make the broken spiHt whole; 
Humbled in the dust I lie ; 
Saviour, leave me not to die. 

2 Jesus, full of every grace, 
Now reveal thy smiling face : 
Grant the joy of sin forgiven, 
Foretaste of the bliss of hlBaven. 

3 All my guilt to thee is known, 
Thou art righteous, thou alone ; 
All my help is from thy cross ; 
All beside I count but loss. 

4 Lord, in thee I now believe ; 
Wilt thou — wilt thou not foi^vel 
Helpless at thy feet I lie ; 
Saviour, leave me not to die. 



-L. M. Hjmn 52. B. 2. 

f in Heaven aver a repenting dnner. 

nJHO can describe the joys that rise^ 
V* Throngh all the coarts of paradise, 
Po see a prodigal return, 
Fo see an heir of glory bom ! 

i¥ith joy the Father doth approve 
The frait of his eternal love ; 
The Son with joy looks down, and sees 
The purchase of his agonies. 

The Spirit, takes delight, to view 
The holy soul he form'd anew ; 
ind saints and angels join, to sing 
The growing empire of their King. 


-C. M. Hymn 53. B. 2. 

Joy over Conversion. 

|H, how divine, how sweet the joy, 
When but one sinner turns, 
ind with an bumble, broken heart, 
His sins and errors mourns ! 

Pleas'd with the news, the saints below 
In songs their tongues employ ; 

Beyond the skies the tidings go, 
And heav'n is fill'd with joy. 

WeU pleas'd, the Father sees and bears 
1 The conscious sinner's moan ; 
FesQS receives bim in his arms. 
And claims him for his own. 


4 Nor angels can their joy contain. 
But kindle with new fire : 
" The sinner lost is found," they sing 
And strike the sounding lyre. 

298— C. M. Hymn 107- i 

Prisoners of Hope. 

1 TI7HEN first my dangerous state I s 

▼ ' And knew not where to run ; 
I fled from God's avenging law, 
To duties I had done. 

2 But these, alas ! I quickly found, 

Afibrded no defence; 
For threat'ning vengeance burst aroan 
And drove my soul from thence. 

3 Cut ofl" from ev'ry legal hope, 

And sinking in despair, 
I turn'd mine eyes to Calv'ry's top, 
And saw a refuge there. 

4 Jesus, the Saviour, cried aloud, 

" Prisoners of hope," come in ! 
There's peace and safety in my blood, 
From vengeance and from sin. 

6 I enter'd this stronghold in haste — 
And found myself secure ; 
And from a sense of mercies past, 
I learn to trust him more. 

299— L.M. Hymn 108. i 

Renouncing tk^ World. 

1 T SEND the joys of earth away — 
•^ Away, ye tempters of the mind ! 
False as the smooth, deceitful sea. 
And empty as the whistling wind. 

HYMN CCC. 477 

2 Yonr streams were floating me along, 
Down to the gulf of dark despair: 
And, while I listen'd to your song, 
Yoar streams had e'en convey'd me there, 

S Lord ! I adore thy matchless grace, 
That warn'd me of that dark abyss ; 
That drew mo from those treacherous seas. 
And bade me seek superior bliss. 

4 Now to the shining realms above, 
I stretch my hands, and lift mine eyes; 
! for the pinions of a dove, 
To bear me to the upper skies. 

6 There, from the bosom of my God, 
Oceans of endless pleasure roll ; 
There would I fix my last abode, 
And drown the sorrows of my soul. 

'300— C. M. Hymn 109. Add. 

Looking to Christ. 

1 TESUS, thou art the sinner's Friend ; 
J As such I look to thee ; 

Now, in the fulness of thy love, 

Lord, remember me. 

2 Remember thy pure word of grace, — 

Remember Calvary; 
Remember all thy dying groans, 
And, then, remember me. 

3 Thou wondrous Advocate with God, 

1 yield myself to thee ; 

While thou art sitting on thy throne, 
Dear Lord, remember me, 

4 Lord, I am guilty — I am vile, 

Bat thy salvation's free; 


Then, in thine all-abonnding gracOi 
Dear Lord, remember me. 

6 And, when I close my eyes in death, 
When creature-helps all flee, 
Then, O my dear Redeemer-God, 
I pray, remember me. 

801— C. M. Hymn 110. A. 

Taking up the Cross. 

1 A ND must I part with all I have, 
-^ Jesus, my Lord, for thee t 
This is my joy, since thou hast done 

Much more than this for me. 

2 Yes, let it go ! — one look from thee 

Will more than make amends 
For all the losses I sustain 
Of credit, wealth, or friends. 

3 Ten thousand worlds, ten thousand li?< 

How worthless they appear. 
Compared with thee, supremely g^od, 
Divinely bright and fair ! 

4 Saviour of souls, while I from thee 

A single smile obtain; 
Though destitute of all things else, 
I '11 glory in .my gain ! 

302— C. P. M. Hymn 111 A 

The World renounced. 

2 T QUIT the world's fantastic joys, 
-I- Her honours are but idle toys, 

Her bliss an empty shade ; 
Like meteors in the midnight sky, 
That glitter for a while and die, 

Her glories flvidi «sid ^e. 


2 Let fools for riches strive and toil, 
Let greedy minds divide the spoil, 

' Tis all too mean for me ; 
A^tove the earth, above the skies, 
My bold aspiring wishes rise, 
My God, to heaven and thee. 

8 O Source of glory, life, and love, 
VVhen to thy courts I mount above. 

On contemplation's wings, 
I look with pity and disdain 
On all the pleasures of the vain, 
I On all the pomps of kings. 

♦ Thy beauties rising in my sight, 
Divinely sweet, divinely bright,' 

With raptures fill my breast, 
Though robb'd of all my earthly store. 
With thee I never can be poor. 

But must be ever blest. 

803— C. M. Hymn 112. Add. 

Bearing the Cross, 

1 A SHAMED of Christ! — my soul disdains 
-^ The mean, ungen'rous thought ; 
Shall I disown that Friend, whose blood 

To man salvation brought ? 

2 With the glad news of love and peace. 

From heaven to earth he came; 
For us endured the painful cross, 
For us despised the shame. 

3 At his command, we must take up 

Our cross without delay ; 
Our lives, yea, thousand lives of ours, 
His love can ne'er repay. 

4 Each faithful sufFrer, Jesus views 

With infinite delight ; 


Their lives to him are dear ; their deal 
Are precious in his sight 

5 To bear his name — his cross to beai 

Oar highest honoar this! 
Who firmly saffers for him now, 
Shall reign with him in bliss. 

6 But should we, in the evil day, 

From our profession fly, 
Jesus, the Judge, before the world 
The traitors will deny. 

304— C. M. Hymn 113. A 

Subdued hy the Cross, 

1 TN evil long I took delight, 

-^ Unawcd by shame or fear, ■ 
Till a new object struck my sight, 
And stopp d my wild career. 

2 I saw one hanging on a tree, 

In agonies and blood ; 
He fix'd his languid eyes on me. 
As near his cross I stood. 

3 O ! never till my latest breath. 

Shall I forget that look; 
It seem'd to charge me with his death, 
Though not a word he spoke. 

4 My conscience felt and own'd the guilt 

It plunged me in despair ; 
I saw, my sins his blood had spilt, 
And help'd to nail him there. 

5 A second look he gave, that said, 

" I freely all foi^ve ; 
This blood is for thy ransom paid— 
I die that thpa mayest live. 

VjrV^bu; while hh death my sin diqilajt 
l7w*w IjJ.iir blackest hije-— ' 
t ,£iidri8 the mysterj of grace — 
It Mab my par4oi4too. 



P. M. Hymn 114. Add 


1 POME, my Redeemer, come. * v*» » 

COME, my Redeemer, come. 
And deigfi to dwell with me, 
Come, and thy right, a3snme, 
And bid thy rivals flee : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly eome, . 
And make my heart thy lasting home. 

2 Exert thy mighty power, 

And banish ail my sin ; 

In this aospicious hoar, 

Bring all thy graces in : 
OUM^ my Redeemer, quickly come, 
nd mak6 my heart thy lasting home. 

3 Role thou in every thought 
« And passion of my soul, ^ 

Till all my powers are brought 

Beneath thy full control : 
Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And make my heart tby lasting home. 

4 Then shall my days be thine, 
And all my heart be love, 
And joy and peace be mine^ 
Such as are known abovd : 

Come, my Redeemer, quickly come, 
And maJke mf heart tby laatmg hovoMi 

^ #i. 


806— C. M. Hymn 115w* AJ 

Peace returning. 

1 f\ SPEAK tfaaat gracious word again, 
^) And cheer my drooping heart ! 
No voice but thine can soothe my pain, 

And bid my fears depart. 

2 And wilt thou still vouchsafe to own 

A worm so vile as I! 
And may I still approach thy tlirone, 
And Abba, Father, cry! 

3 My Saviour, by his powerful word, 

Hath turnM my night to day ; 
And all those heav'nly joys restored, 
Which I had sinn'd away. 

4 Dear Lord ! I wonder and adore : 

Thy grace is all divine : 
O keep me, that I sin no more 
Against such such love as thine. 

307— L. M. Hymn 116. Ad 

Entire Consecration. 

NOW I resolve with all my heart, 
With all my powers to serve the Lon 
Nor from his ways will I depart, 
Whose service is a rich reward. 

O, be this service all my joy ! 
Around let my example shine ; 
Till others love the blest employ, 
And join in labours so divine. 

Be this the purpose of my soul. 
My solemn, my determined choice. 
To yield to his supreme control. 
And in his kind commands rejoice. 



,^ '4^/&'vaBj I never faint nor tire 
^ Nor, wandering, leave his sacred ways ; 
Great God ! accept my soul's desire, 
And give me strength to live thy praise. 

B08— C. M, Hymn 117. Add. 

Old things passed away. 

1 T ET earthly minds the world pursue, 
^ It has no charms for me ; 

Once I admired its trifles too, 
But grace hath set me free« 

2 Its visions can no longer please, 

Nor happiness afibrd: 
Far from my heart be joys like these, 
For I have seen the Lord. 

3 As by the light of opening day, 

The stars are all conceal'd ; 
So earthly pleasures fade away, 
When Jesus is reveal'd. 

4 Creatures no more divide my choice, 

I bid them all depart; 
His name, his love, his gracious voice, 
Have fix'd my roving heart 

5 And may I hope that thou wilt own 

A worthless worm like me t 
Dear Lord, I would be thine alone, 
And wholly live to thee. 

—F. M. 8, 7. Hymn 58, B. 2 

A miracle of Grace. 

1 TTAIL, my ever blessed Jesus, 
^ Only thee I wiBh to sing; 


To my soul thy name is precious, 
Thou uiy Prophet, Priest, and Kiog 

2 Oh, what mercy flows from lieav'n, 

Ob, what joyand happiness ! 
Love I much? — I've much forgiv'n— 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

3 Once, with Adam's race in ruin, 

Unconcera'd in sin I lay ; 
Swift destruction still pursuing, 
Till my Saviour pass'd that way. 

4 Witney, all ye hosts of heav'n. 

My Redeemer's tenderness ! 
Love I much? — I've much forgiv'n — 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

5 Shout, ye bright angelic choir ; 

Praise the Lamb enthron'd above; 
While, astonish'd, I admire 

God*s free grace and boundless love. 

6 That bless'd moment I receiv'd him, 

Fiird my soul with joy and peace ; 
Love I much? — I've much forgiv'n — 
I'm a miracle of grace. 

310— L. M. Hymn 59. B. 2. 

Distingiiishiiig Grace acknowledged. 

1 T HEAR a voice that comes from far; 
-A. From Calvary it sounds abroad; 

It soothes my soul, and calms my fear : 
It speaks of pardon bought with blood 

2 And is it true, that many fly 

The sound that bids my soul rejoice ; 
And rather choose in sin to die, 
Tbaa turn an ear to mercy's voice ! 


^^^s» for those ! — the day is near, 
r|>^ "When mercy will be heard no more ; 
^ Ven will they ask in vain to hear 

The voice, they would not hear before 

^^ith such, I own, I once appear'd, 
But now I know how great their loss ; 

<^or sweeter sounds were never heard 
Than mercy utters from the cross. 

^ iut let me not forget to own, 

That if I differ aught from those, 
'Tis due to sov'reign grace alone. 
That oft selects its proudest foes. 

1 l_p. M. 7. Hymn 56. B. 2. 

Choosing the heritage of GoFs people. 

1 pEOPLE of the living God ! 

^ I have sought the world around, 
Paths of sin and sorrow trod. 

Peace and comfort no where found : 
Now to you my spirit turns, 

Turns, — a fugitive unblest; 
Brethren, where your altar burns. 

Oh, receive me into rest 

2 Lonely I no longer roam. 

Like the cloud, the wind, the wave, 
Where you dwell shall be my home. 

Where you die shall be my grave : 
Mine the God whom you adore— 

Your Redeemer shall be mine ; 
Earth can fill my soul no more, 

Ev'ry idol I resign. 


312— P. M. 8, 7. Hymn 95. B^^- 

Forsaking all, to follow Christ. 

1 TESUS, I my cross have taken, 
J All to leave, and follow thee ; 
Naked, poor, despised, forsaken, 

Thou from hence my all shalt be, ^ 
Perish, ev'ry fond ambition, 

All I've sought, or hop'd, or known; ^^i 
Yet how rich is my condition ! 

God, and heav'n, are still my own. 

2 Let the world despise, and leave me; 

They have left my Saviour too ; 
Human hearts and looks deceive me. 

Thou art not like them untrue; 
And whilst thou shalt smile upon me^ 

God of wisdom, love, and might. 
Foes may hate, and friends disown me 

Show thy face, and all is bright. 

3 Go then, earthly frame, and treasure. 

Come, disaster, scorn, and pain ; 
In thy service, pain is pleasure. 

With thy favour loss is gain. 
I have called thee Abba, Father, 

I have set my heart on thee : 
Storms may howl, and clouds may gath^^» 

All must work for good to me. 

4 Man may trouble and distress me, 

'Twill but drive me to thy breast; 
Life with trials hard n^ay press me, 

Heav'n will bring me sweeter rest. 
Oh ! 'tis not in grief to harm me ; 

While thy love is left to me ; 
Oh ! 'twere not in joy to charm mc. 

Were that joy unmix'd with thee. 


5 Soul, then know thy full salvation ; 
Rise o'er sin, and fear, and care ; 
Joy to find, in every station, 

Something still to do, or bear. 
"Think what Spirit dwells within thee ; 

Think what Father*s smiles are thine ; 
Think that Jesus died to win thee; 
Child of Heav'n, can'st thou repine ? 

•^ Haste thee on from grace to glory, 

Arm'd by faith, and wing'd by pray'r , 
Heav'n's eternal day's before thee, 

God's own hand shall guide thee there 
Soon shall close thy earthly mission, 

Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days ; 
Hope shall change to glad fruition. 

Faith to sight, and pray'r to praise. 

tl3_c. M. HymnGO. B. k 

Asking the way to Zion. 

1 TNQUIRE, ye pilgrims, for the way 
J- That leads to Zion s hill, 

And thither set your steady face. 
With a determin'd will. 

2 Invite the strangers all around, 

Your pious march to join ; 
And spread the sentiments you feel 
Of faith and love divine. 

3 Oh, come, and to his temple haste, 

And seek his favour there ; 
Before his footstool humbly bow. 
And pour your fervent pray'r ! 

4 Oh, come, and join your souls to God, 

In everlasting bands; 
Accept the blessings he bestows. 
With thankful hearts and hands. 


314— C. M. Hymn 63. 

Deliverance from evil companions. 

1 n^HE giddy world, with flatt'ring toi^ga 
-*• Had charm'd my soul astray, 

And lur'd my heedless feet to death, 
Along the flow'ry way. 

2 My heart, with agonizing pray'r. 

Besought the Lord to save ; 
Unseen he seiz'd my trembling hand, 
And brought me from the grave. 

3 He broke the charm, which drew my feet 

To darkness and the dead : 
From lips profane, and tongues impure, 
With quiv'ring steps I fled, 

4 Homeward I flew to find my God, 

And seek his face divine ; 
Restored to peace, to hope, to life, 
To Zion's friends, and mine. 

315— CM. Hymn 64. B. 2 

Penitential Gratitude. 

1 T) ISE, O my soul, the hours review, 
^ When aw'd by guilt and fear. 

To Heav'n for grace thou durst not sue, 
And found no rescue here : 

2 Thy tears are dried, thy griefs are fled» 

Dispeird each bitter care ; 
For Heav'n itself hath lent its aid. 
To save thee from despair. 

3 Hear, then, O God ! thy work fulfil. 

And, from thy mercy's throne, 
Vouchsafe me strength to do thy will, 
And to resist mine own. 


3o shall my soul each powV employ 

Thy mercy to adore; 
While Heav'n itself proclaims with joy — 

"One pardon'd sinner more!" 

-L. M. Hymn 55. B. 2. 

lie Convei't's grateful acknotcledgment 

1\TY soul, with humble fervour raise 
^^ To God the voice of grateful praise, 
And ev'ry mental pow'r combine, 
To bless his attributes divine. 

Deep on my heart let mem'ry trace 
His acts of mercy and of grace ; 
Who, with a Father's tender care, 
Sav'd me when sinking in despair ; 

Gave my repentant soul to prove 
The joy of his forgiving love ; 
Pour'd balm into my bleeding treast. 
And led my weary feet to rest. 

— L. M. Hymn 61, B. 2. 

Not ashamed of Jesus, 

JESUS ! and shall it ever be, 
A mortal man ashamed of thee ! 
Asham'd of thee, whom angels praise, 
Whose glories shine thro' endless days. 

Asham'd of Jesus ! — sooner far 
Let evening blush to own a star: 
He sheds the beams of light divine 
O'er this benighted soul of mine. 

Asham'd of Jesus! — just as soon 
Let midnight be asham'd of noon ; 
'Tis midnight with my soul, till He, 
Bright morning Star, bid darkness flee. 

4 Asham'd of Jesas ! — ^that dear friend. 
Oa whom my hopes of heaven depend !! 
No ! when I blash, be this my shame. 
That I no more revere his name. 

6 Asham*d of Jesas ! — ^yes I may-^ 
When I Ve no gailt to wash away — 
No tear to wipe — ^no good to crave— 
No fear to quell — ^no soul to save. 

6 Till then — ^nor is my boasting vain — 
Till then I boast a Saviour sldn ! 
And O may this my glory be, ^* 
That Christ is not asham'd of me ! 

818^L. M. Hymn 62. R 2 

Renewal of self-dedication. 

1 A HAPPY day, that fix'd my choice 
^ On thee, my Saviour, and my God! 
Well may this glowing heart rejoice, 
And tell its raptures all abroad. 

2 O happy bond, that seals my vows 
To him, who merits all my love ! 
Let cheerful anthems fill his house, i 
While to that sacred shrine I move. 

3 'Tis done: — the great transaction's don©» 
I am my Lord's, and he is mine : 

He drew me — and I followed on — 
Charm'd to confess the voice divine. 

4 Now rest, my long-divided heart, 
Fix'd on this blissful centre, rest ; 
With ashes who would grudge to part. 
When caird on angel's bread to feast ! 

5 High heav'n, that heard the solemn vow, 
That vow renew'd shall daily hear, 
Till in life's latest hour I bow, 

And bless in death a bond ao dear. 


— L. M. Hymn 24, Pt. 2. B. 1. 

Influence of Grace. 

ELF-rigbteous souls on works rely, 
^ And boast tbeir moral dignity ; 
at wben I lisp a song of praise, 
race is the note my soul shall raise. 

*was grace that quickened me wben dead, 
nd grace my soul to Jesus led; 
race brings me pardon for my sin; 
^is grace subdues my lusts within. 

^ is grace, that sweetens ev'ry cross, 
Ms grace supports in ev'ry loss; 
I Jesus' grace my soul is strong; 
race is my hope, and Christ my song. 

7 is grace defends when danger's near; 
y grace alone I persevere ; 
?is grace constrains my soul to love — 
ree grace is all they sing above. 

'bus, 'tis alone of grace I boast, 
nd 'tis alone in grace I trust; 
or all that 's past, grace is my theme ; 
'or what 's to come, 'tis still the same. 

^hro' endless years, of grace I '11 sing, 
dore and bless my heav'nly King; 
'U cast my crown before his throne, 
nd shout free grace to him alone. 

^S. M. Hymn 66. B. 2. 

Salvation by Grace. 

GRACE ! 'tis a charming sound ; 
Harmonious to the ear ! 
Heav'n with the echo shall resound, 
Aod all the earth shall hear. 


2 Grace first contrived the way, 

To save rebellious man ; 
And all the steps that grace displaj 
Which drew the wond'rous plan. 

3 Grace led my roving feet 

To tread the heav'nly road; 
And new supplies each hour I meet^^ 
While pressing on to God. 

4 Grace all the work shall crown, 

Through everlasting days ; 
It lays in heav'n the topmost stone, 
And well deserves the praise. 

321— CM. Hymn 22, Pt 3. B. ^ 

Triumphs of Grace. 

1 A MAZING grace ! how sweet the sout^^ 
-^ That sav'd a wretch like me! 

I once was lost, but now am found, 
Was blind, but now I see. 

2 'Twas grace that taught my heart to fea^» 

And grace my fears relieved ; 
How precious did that grace appear. 
The hour I first believed ! 

3 Through many dangers, toils and snares, 

I have already come ; 
'Tis grace has brought me safe thus far. 
And grace will lead me home. 

4 The Lord has promised good to me. 

His word my hope secures; 
He will my Shield and Portion be, 
As long as life endures. 

5 Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, 

And mortal V\\'q ^Vi^W eeaw ; 

HYxMN CCCXXll. 493 

I shall possess within the veil, 
A life of joy and peace. 

6 There, joys unseen by mortal eyes, 

Or reason's feeble ray, 
In ever-blooming prospects rise, 
Unconscious 'of decay. 

7 Then novtr, on faith's sublimest wing, 

Let ardent wishes rise, 
To those bright scenes, where pleasures 
Immortal in the skies. 

322— C. M. Hymn 33, Pt 3. B. 1. 

Qmversion cmd Faith. 

1 T ORD, we adore thy matchless ways, 
J-^ In bringing souls to thee ; 

We sing and shout eternal praise. 
For grace so full and free. 

2 " What must I do," the jailer cries, 

" To save my sinking soul T 
** Believe in Christ," the Word replies, 
" Thy faith shall make thee whole." 

3 Our works are all the works of sin, 

Our nature quite deprav'd ; 

Jesus alone can make us clean : 

By grace are sinners sav'd. 

4 " Believe, believe," the gospel cries, 

" This is the living way :" 
From faith in Christ our hopes arise, . 
And shine to perfect day. 

6 Come, sinners, then, the Saviour trust, 
. To wash you in his blood ; , 
To change your hearts, subdue your lust, 
And bring you home to God. 


823— L. M. Hymn 1, Pt 2, 

In life and death I belong to ChrisL 

1 T ET thoaghtless thousands choose the 
J-^ That leads the soul away from God 
This happiness, deaf Lord, be mine, 
To live and die entirely thine. 

2 On Christ, by ^ith, my soul would live. 
From him, my life, my a,ll receive : 
To him devote my fleeting hours : 
Serve him alone with all my powers. 

3 Christ is my everlasting all. 
To him I look, on Mm I call ; 
He ev'ry want will well supply, 
In time, and thro' eternity. 

4 Soon will the Lord, my life, appear ; 
Soon shall I end my trials here ; 
Leave sin and sgrrow, death and pain : 
To live is Christ, — to die is gain. 

824— L.M. Hymn 89. B. 3 

Life and Safety in Christ alone. 

1 'PHOU only Sov'reign of my heart, 
J- My refuge, my Almighty Friend : 
And can my soul from thee depart, 
On whom alone my hopes depend f 

2 Whither, ah ! whither shall I go, 

A wretched wand'rer from my Lord I 
Can this dark world of sin and woe. 
One glimpse of happiness afford t 

3 Thy Name my inmost pow'rs adore ; 

Thou art my life, my joy, my care ; 
Depart from thee I — ?i\^ de^iVv— 'tia mon^ 
Tis endless toiu— Aei^^ diweixtX 


Low at thy feet my soul would lie 
Here safety dwells, and peace divine ; 

Still let me live beneath thine eye^ 
For life, eternal life, is thine. 

lb Hfii CaAMAcmR ahd CoNDmoN. 


8. Hn Gbacbs and Duties. 

5— L. M. Hymn 12, Pt 4. B. I. 


1 \rOT all the nobles of the earth, 

^ Who boast the honours of their birth, 

Sacb real dignity can claim 

As those who bear the Christian name. 

2 To them the privilege is giv'n 

To be the sons and heirs of heav'n ; 
Sons of the God who reigns on high. 
And heirs of joy beyond the sky. 

8 On them, a happy, chosen race, 
Their Father pours his richest grace : 
To them bis counsels he imparts, 
And stamps his image on their hearts. 

4 Their infant-cries, their tender age, 
His pity and his love engage : 
He ciMspa them ia bis arms, and then 
Secares them with parental care. 


5 His will he makes them early luiow. 
And teaches their yoang feet to go ; 
Whispers instruction to their minds^ 
And on their hearts his precepts bind^ 

6 When thro' temptations they rebel, 
His chast'ning rod he makes them feel; 
Then, with a Father's tender heart, 

He soothes the pain and heals the smart 

7 Their daily wants his hands supply. 
Their steps he guards with watchnil eye; 
Leads them from earth to heav'n abore, 
And crowns them with eternal love. 

8 If I've the honour, Lord, to be 
One of this num'rous family ; 
On me the gracious gift bestow, 
To call thee Abba, Father, too. 

9 So may my conduct ever prove 
My filial piety and love ; 

Whilst all my brethren clearly trace 
Their Father's likeness in my face. 

826— C. M. Hymn 1, Pt 3 B. 1 

The Christians e^^erience. 

1 "VTO strength of nature can suflSce 
-^^ To serve the Lord aright; 
And what she has, siie misapplies, 

For want of clearer light. 

2 How long beneath the law I lay 

In bondage and distress ! 
I toil'd the precept to obey, 
But toil'd without success. 

3 Then all my servile works were done 

A righteousness to raise ; 


Now freely chosen in the son, 
I freely choose his ways. 

1 To see the law by Christ fulfill'd, 

And hear his pardoning voice, 
AVill change a slave into a child, 
And duty into choice. 

5 *• What shall I do," was once the word, 

" That I may worthier growT 
"What shall I render to the Lord T 
Is my enquiry now. 

6 I've seen now great my mis'ry is, 

And mourn'd my helpless case ; 
I've fonnd in Christ a righteousness, 
And praise him for his grace. 

-7— S. M. Hymn 3, Pt. 6. B. 1. 

Union to Christ. 

X "HEAR Saviour, we are thine 

^ By everlasting bands : 
ir names, our hearts, we would resign. 
And souls, into thy hands. 

2 Accepted for thy sake, 
And justified by faith, 

"e of thy righteousness partake. 
And find in thee our life. 

3 To thee we still would cleave. 
With ever growing zeal; 

millions tempt us Christ to leave, 
O let them ne'er prevail 

4 Thy spirit shall unite 
Our souls to thee our head ; 

lall form us to thy image bright. 
That we thy paths may tread. 


5 Death may our souls divide 
From these abodes of clay ; 

But love shall keep us near thy side. 
Thro' all the gloomy way. 

6 Since Christ and we are one, 
Why should we doubt or fear ! 

Since he in heav'n hath fix'd his throne, 
He Ml fix his members there. 

328— L. M. Hymn 23, Pt. 2. B^ 

Union with Christ. 

1 JrpwiXT Jesus and the chosen race, 

J- Subsists a bond of sovereign grace, 
That hell, with its infernal train, 
Shall ne'er dissolve, or rend in twain. 

2 Hail, sacred union, firm and strong ! 
How great the grace ! how sweet the son i 
That worms of earth should ever be 
One with incarnate Deity. 

3 One in the tomb, one when he rose, 
One when he triumphed o'er his foes; 
One when in heav'n he took his seat, 
While seraphs sung all hell's defeat. 

4 This sacred tie forbids their fears, 
For all he is, or has, is theirs ; 

With him their Head, they stand or falU 
Their life, their Surety, and their all. 

'— L. M. Hymn 23, Pt. 1. B. ' 


T ORD, thy imputed righteousness, 
J^ My beauty is, \\\y glorious dress ; 
*Midst flaming worlds in this array'd, 
With joy sUaW 1 \\?X. v\^ my head. 


When from the dust of death I rise, 
To take my mansion in the skies ; 
£v'n then shall this be all my plea, 
" Jesus hath liv'd and died for me." 

Bold shall I stand in that great day. 
For who aught to my charge shall lay T 
While thro' thy blood absolved I am. 
From sin's tremendous curse and shame. 

Thus Abraham, the friend of God, 
Thus all the armies bought with blood, 
By faith on thee alone relied, 
And in the Lord were justified. 

This spotless robe the same appears, 
When ruin'd nature sinks in years : 
No age can change its glorious hue, 
The robe of Christ is ever new. 

O ! let the dead now hear thy voice ! 
Bid, Lord, thy mourning ones rejoice ; 
Their beauty this, their glorious dress, 
" Jesus, the Lord, our Righteousness." 

i— C. M. Hymn 33, Ft I. B I. 

Work of grace. 

^OT the malicious or profane, 
-L^ The wanton or the proud, 
Nor tliieves, nor slanderers, shall obtair 
The kingdom of our God. 

Surprising grace ! and such were we 

By nature and by sin ; 
Heirs of immortal misery. 

Unholy and unclean. 

But we are wash'd in Jesus' blood, 
We're pardon d thro' his name; 
And the good Spirit of our God 
'Hath sanctified our frame. 


4 O for a persevering powV, 

To keep thy just commands ! 
We wonid defile our hearts no more, 
No more pollute our hands. 

331— L. M. Hymn 13, Pt. 3. R 


1 TESUS, we bless thy Father's name; 
^ Thy God and ours are both the saBi 
What heav'nly blessings from his throne 
Flow down to sinners thro' his Son ! 

2 " Christ be my first elect," he said. 
Then chose our souls in Christ our hea 
Before he gave the mountains birth, 
Or laid foundations for the earth. 

3 Thus did eternal love begin 

To raise us up from death and sin ; 
Persons and characters decreed, 
Blameless in love, a holy seed. 

4 Predestinated to be sons ; 

Born by degrees, but chose at once ; 

A new regenerated race; 

To praise the glory of his grace. 

6 With Christ our Lord, we share our pa 
In the affections of his heart ; 
Nor shall our souls be thence removed 
Till he forgets his first belov'd. 

332— S. M. Hymn 13, Pt 4. B. 


1 "DEHOLD what wondrous grace 
-^ The Father has bestow'd 
On sinners of a mortal race, 
To call them sons o? Gv>Al 

HYMN CCCXXXni. r.oi 

2 'Tis 110 surprising thins;. 
That we should he uukuovvu; 

The Jewish world knew not their King, 
God's everlasting -Son. 

3 Nor doth it yet appear 
How great we mast be made ; 

fiot when .we «ee our 8avioar there 
Wje shall be like our head. 

4 A hope so much divine 
May trials well endure ; 

May purge onr sonls^from sense and sin. 
As Christ the Lord is pare. 

6 If in my Father's love, 
I share a filial part, 
Send down thy Spirit, like a dove, 
To rest upon my heart 

6 We would no longer lie, 
Like slaves, beneath the throne; 
Oar faith shall Abba, Father, cry, 
And thou the kindred own. 

§33— P. M. lit Hymn 68. B. 2. 

Precious Projnises. 

1 Trow jBrm a foundation, ye saints of the 
JJ- Lord, 

Is laid for your faith in his excellent word ! 
What more can he say than to you he hath 

Who unto the Saviour for refuge hath fled t 

2 ''Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dismay'^, 
For I am thy God, and will still give thee aid ; 
I *ll strengthen thee, help thee, and cause thee 

to standi 
Upheld by my righteous, omnipoteul haiidu 


3 When thro' the deep waters I call thee to go, 
The rivers of sorrow shall not overflow; 
For I will be with thee thy troubles to bless, 
And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress. 

4 When thro' fiery trials thy pathway shall He, 
My grace all-sufficient shall be thy supply; 
The flame shall not hurt thee, I only design 
Thy dross to consume, and thy gold to refioa 

5 E'en down to old age, all my people shall 

My sov'reign, eternal, unchangeable love; 
And then, when grey hairs shall their temples 

Like lambs they shall still in my bosom be 


6 The soul that on Jesus hath Ican'd for repose, 
I will not, I will not desert to his foes ; 
That soul, tho' all hell should endeavour to 

I '11 never — no, never — no, never forsake." 

834— P. M. 8s. Hymn 133. B. 1 

The life of faith. 

1 ^PHE moment a sinner believes, 

J- And trusts in his crucified Lord, 
His pardon at once he receives, 
Redemption in full thro' his blood. 

2 The Christian is dead, yet he lives, 
His life is with Christ, hid in God, 
This life now, from Christ he derives, 
And he lives by faith in his Lord. 

3 Tho' thousands and thousands of foes 
Against him in malice unite. 

Their rage he thro' Christ can oppose, 
Led forth by the s^mt to fi^ht 


The faith, that unites to the Lamb, 
And brings sach salvation as this, 
Iff more than mere fancy or name ; 
The work of God's Spirit it is. 

It says to the mountains " depart," 
That stand betwixt God and the soul; 
It binds up the broken in heart, 
The wounded in conscience makes whole. 

Christ lives by his Spirit in them. 
Whose hearts are renewed by grace ; 
And they, by their faith, live in him, 
A Ufe of pure joy, love and peace. 

L-7s. Hymn 119. Add 

Chosen in Christ 

GOD'S own promise standeth sure; 
Saints shall to tlie end endure ; 
Safely will the Shepherd keep 
Those he purchased for his sheep. 

Known to him before the sun 
First began its course to run. 
Chosen, called from above, 
Objects of eternal love. 

Put thy seal upon each heart ; 
Thy blest image, Lord impart; 
All thyself in us reveal — 
We the clay and thou the seal. 

Every evil, Lord, subdue ; 
Make us to our duty true ; 
Trom base affections set us free ; 
Dead, to sia, we 7/ live to thee. 


■ F 
336— C. M. ' Hymn 155. Add 

Christian's Wealth. 

1 "TF Christ is mine," theu all is mine, 

J- And more tlian angels know; 
Both present things and things to come^ 
And grace and glory too. 

2 " If Christ is mine," then though he frown' 

He never will forsake; 
His chastisements all work for good, 
And bat his love bespeak. 

3 "If Christ is mine," I need not fear 

The rage of earth and hell; 
He will support my feeble frame, 
And all their power repel. 

4 "If Christ is mine," let friends forsake, 

And earthl}' comforts flee; 

He, the Dispenser of all good, 

Is more than these to me. 

5 "If Christ is mine," I'll fearless pass 

Through death's tremendous vale. 
He'll be my comfort and my stay, I 
When heart and flesh shall fail. 

6 Let Christ assure me, " I am thine," 

I nothing want beside ; 
My soul shall at the fountain live, 
When all the streams are dried. 

337— 8s. H^mn 118. Add. 

Rejoicing in Mercy. 

YE angels, who stand round the throne, 
And view my Emmanuel's face, — 
In rapturous songs make him known, 
Tune — tune your soft harps to his praise : 


He ferm^l^oo the spirits yoa are, 
80 happy, so noble, so good ; 
When others sank down in despdr. 
Confirmed by his power, ye stood. 

I Te saints, who stand nearer than they. 
And cast your bright crowns at his ieet. 
His grace and his glory display. 
And all his rich mercies repeat : 
He snatch'd you from hell and the grave, 
He rans^'d from death and despair: 
For yon lie was mighty to save- 
Almighty to bring yon safe there. 

8 Oh, when will the moment appear. 
When I shall unite in year song t 
I 'm weary of lingering here. 
While I to your Saviour belong : 
I'm fetter'd, and chain'd here in clay, 
I stniggle and pant fe be free; 
I long to be soaring away, 
My God and my Saviour to see. 

4 I long to put on my attire. 
Washed white in the blood of the Lamb ; 
I long to be one of your choir, 
And tone my sweet harp to his name ; 
I long — O, 1 long to be there, 

* Where sorrow and sin bid adieu — 
Your joy and your friendship to share. 
To wonder, and worship with you. 

88— R M. 8, 7. Hymn 133. B. 2 

OrcUefud Recollection. 

1 pOME, thou Fount of ev'ry blessing, 
^ Tnne my heart to sing thy grace ; 
Streams of mercy, neyer ceasing. 
Call for songs of loudest praiae. 


Teacli me some melodious sonuet, 
Sung by flaming tongueS^'above ; 

Praise the mount — I 'm fix'd upon it- 
Mount of God's unchanging love. 

2 Here I raise my Eben-Ezer, 

Hither by thy help I'm come; 
And I hope, by thy good pleasure, 

Safely to arrive at home. 
Jesus sought me, when a stranger, 

Wand' ring from the fold of God; 
He, to rescue me from danger, 

Interpos'd with precious blood. 

3 Oh ! to grace how great a debtor. 

Daily I'm constrain'd to be, 
Let that grace now, like a fetter, 

Bind my wand'ring heart to thee: 
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it — 

Prone to leave the God I love- 
Here 's my heart — O take and seal it; 

Seal it from thy courts above. 

339— S.M. Hymn 76. B.' 

Heavenly Joy on Earth. 

1 pOME, we who love the liOrd, 
^ And let our joys be known ; 
Join in the song with sweet accord, 

And thus surround the throne. 

2 Let those refuse to sing, 

Who never knew our God ; 
But fav'rites of the heav'nly King, 
Should speak their joys abroad. 

3 The men of grace have found 

Glory begun below. 
Celestial fruits on earthly ground, 
From faitli aad Uo^^ m^.^ ^x^>n. 


4 The hill of Zion yields 

A thousand sacred sweets, 
Before we reach the heav'nly fields. 
Or walk the golden streets. 

5 Then let oar songs abound, 

And ev'ry tear be dry; 
We're marching thro' Imnianuei's ground. 
To fairer worlds on high. 

^4(X— P. M. 7. Hymn 100. B. 2 

Rejoicing in hope. 

1 pHILDREN of the heav'nly King. 
^ As ye journey, sweetly sing; 
Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, 
Glorious in his works and ways. 

2 Ye are trav'ling home to God 
In the way the fathers trod, 
They are happy now, and ye 
Soon their happiness shall see. 

3 Shout, ye little flock, and, blest, 
Yon near Jesus' throne shall rest: 
There your seats are now prepar'd, 
There your kingdom and reward. 

4 Fear not, brethren, joyful stand 
On the borders of your land : 
Jesus Christ, your Father's Son, 
Bids yon undismayed, go on. 

5 Lord ! submissive make us go. 
Gladly leaving all below: 
Only tbou our Leader be, 
And we still will follow thee. 


341— L. M. Hymn 340. Add 

Final Triumph. 

1 /^OME, saints, and shout the Savioar^s praise 
^ To him yoar grateful tribute bring; 
Let angels hear the notes yon raise. 

And strike their golden harps and sing. 

2 Sing, how he left the heavenly throne. 
And laid his splendid robes aside. 
Put all our mortal weakness on. 

And groan'd, and labonr'd, wept and died. 

3 Now lift your songs to nobler strains^ 
High let your ardent passions soar ; 
See, where the great Redeemer reigns. 
And all the hosts of heaven adore. 

4 Again he comes — a mighty cloud ' 
Bears him in sacred triumph down ; 
The trumpet sounds, it summons loud. 
And angels shout his high renown. 

5 From realms of death, beneath the gronndf 
The saints, in countless millions, rise; 
While seraphs stand admiring round. 
And view the change with vast surprise. 

6 Hail, mighty Prince ; thy kingdom now, 
Thy bliss and triumph are complete; 
To thee the ransom'd myriads bow. 
And lay their glories at thy feet. 

342— P.M. 7. Hymn 101. R 2 

Redeeming Love. 

1 XrOW begin the heavenly theme, 
^ Sing aloud in Jesus' name; 
Ye, who Jesus* kindness prove. 
Triumph in redeeming love. 


2 Ye, who see the Father's grace 
Beaming in the Saviour's face. 
As to Canaan on ye move, 
Praise and bless redeeming love.. 

3 Moamiog souls, dry np yoar tears* 
Banish all your guilty fears, 
See your guilt and curse remove, 
Canceird by redeeming love. 

4 Te, alas ! who long have been 
WUling slaves of death and sin ; 
Now from bliss no longer rovie, 
Stop, and taste redeeming love. 

5 Welcome, all by sin oppressed ! 
Welcome to his sacred rest! 
Nothing brought him from above. 
Nothing, hot redeetning love. 

6 Hither, then, your music bring, 
Strike aloud each joyful string ; 

. Mortals, join the hosts above — 
Join to praise redeeming love. 

343— L. M. Hymn 79. B. 2. 

Seeking rest in God. 

1 "DETURN, my soul, unto thy rest, 

J^ From vain pursuits, and madd'ning cares ; 
From lonely woes that wring thy breast, 
The world's allurements, Satan's snares. 

2 Retnm unto thy rest, my soul, 
From all the wand'rings of thy thought ; 
From sickness unto death made whole, . 
Safe through a thousand perils brought 

f Thea to tbjr rest, my seal, return. 
From passions, ev'ry bout at ttnfe ; 


Sin's works, and ways, and wages spnm^ 
Lay hold upon eternal life. 

4 God is tby rest, — with heart inclin'd 
To keep his word, that word believe ; 
Christ is thy rest, — with lowly mind, 
Hb light and easy yoke receive. 

344— P. M. 8, 7, 4. Hymn 94. B. - 

The Pilgrim's Guide. 

1 n UIDE me. Oh, thoo great Jehovah, 
^ Pilgrim thro' this barren land, 

I am weak, but thou art mighty. 
Hold me with thy powerful hand : 

Bread of Heaven, 
Feed me till I want no more. 

2 Open thou the crystal fountain, 

Whence the healing streams do flow : 
Let the fiery, cloudy pillar 

Lead me all my journey through : 

Strong Deliverer, 
Be thou still my strength and shield. 

3 When I tread the verge of Jordan, 

Bid my anxious fears subside : 
Death of death, and hell's destruction. 
Land me safe on Canaan's side : 

Songs of praises 
I will ever give to thee. 

345— L. P. M. Hymn 70. B. 2 

Confidence in ike Mediator. 

1 TI7HEN gathering clouds around I view, 
' ^ And days are dark, and friends are ky^ 
On him I lean, who, not in vain, 
Experienc'd evVy human pain; 
He feels my grie&, he sees my fears, 
And counts and tteasutw u^ my tears. 


2 If aught should tempt my soul to stray 
From heav'nly wisdom's narrow way, 
To fly the good I would pursue, 

Or do the ill I would not do ; 
Still he, who felt temptation's pow'r, 
Shall guard me in that dangerous hour. 

3 When vexing thoughts within me rise, 
And, sore dismayed, my spirit dies ; 
Then he who once vouchsafd to bear 
The sickening anguish of despair. 
Shall sweetly soothe, shall gently dry, 
The throbbing heart, the streaming eye. 

4 When sorrowing o'er some stone I bend, 
Which covers all that was a friend, 
And from his voice, his hand, his smile. 
Divides me for a little while; 

Thou, Saviour, seest the tears I shed. 
For thou didst weep o'er Laz'rus dead, 

5 And, oh ! when I have safely past 
Through ev'ry conflict but the last, 
Still, still unchanging, watch beside 
My bed of death — for thou hast died ; 
Then point to realms of endless day. 
And wipe the latest tear away. 

346— S. M. Hymn 75. B. 2. 

CoTifidence and Submission. 

1 piVE to the winds thy fears; 
^ Hope, and be undismayed, 

God hears thy sighs and counts thy tears, 
God shall lift up thy head. 

2 Through waves, and clouds, and storms, 

He gently clears thy way ; 
Wait thoa his time ; so shall llie i\\^\. 
Soon end in joyous day. 


3 He ev'ry where hath sway, 

And all things serve his might ; 
His ev'ry act pure blessing is — 
His path unsullied light 

4 When he makes bare his arm. 

What shall his work withstand! 
When he his people's cause defends, 
Who, who shall stay his hand! 

6 Leave to his sovereign sway, 
To choose, and to command ; 
With wonder fill'd, thou then shalt ow 
How wise, how strong his hand. 

6 Thou comprehend'st him not, 
Yet earth and heaven tell, 
God sits as SovVeign on the throne — 
He ruleth all things well. 

847— P. M. 7. Hymn 82. 1 

In temptation flying to Christ. 

1 TESUS, lover of my soul, 

J Let me to thy bosom fly, 
While the billows near me roll. 

While the tempest still is high ; 
Hide me. Oh, my Saviour, hide. 

Till the storm of life be past; 
Safe into the haven guide, 

Oh, receive my soul at last. 

2 Other refuge have I none, 

Lo ! I, helpless, hang on thee : 
Leave, Oh, leave me not alone. 

Still support and comfort me. 
Thou art all my trust and aid, 

All my help from thee I bring ; 
Cover my defenceless head 

With the shadow of thy wlu^l 


3 Thou, O Christ, art all I want; 

Boundless love in thee I find : 
Raise the fallen, cheer the faint. 

Heal the sick, and lead the blind. 
Just and holy is thy name; 

I am all unrighteousness, 
Vile and full of sin I am, 

Thou art full of truth and grace. 

4 Plenteous grace with thee is found, 

Grace to pardon all my sin ; 
Let the hcaUng streams abound. 

Let me feel them flow within. 
Thou of Hfe the fountain art, 

Freely let me take of thee : 
Spring thou up within my heart, 

Rise to all eternity. 

348— C. M. Hymn 85. B. 2. 

God a refuge. 

1 T\EAR refuge of my weary soul, 
-L' On thee, when sorrows rise, 
On thee, when waves of trouble roll, 

My fainting hope relies. 

2 To thee I tell each rising grief, 

For thou alone can'st heal; 
Thy word can bring a sweet relief 
For ev'ry pain I feel. 

3 But O ! when gloomy doubts prevail, 

I fear to call thee mine; 
Tlie springs of comfort seem to fail. 
And all my hopes decline. 

4 Yet, gracious God, where shall I flee ! 

Thou art my only trust; 
And still my soul would cleave to thee, 
Tho' prostrate in the dust. 


349— P. M. 7, 6. Hymn 102. B. 2 

Divine light breaking into the Saul. 

1 COMETIMES a light sarprises 
•^ The Christian while he sings; 
It is the Lord, who rises 

With healing on his wings ; 
When comforts are declining, 

He grants the soul again 
A season of clear shining, 

To cheer it after rain. 

2 In holy contemplation, 

We sweetly then pursue 
The theme of God's salvation, 

And find it ever new : 
Set free from present sorrow. 

We cheerfully can say, 
Let the unknown to-morrow, 

Bring with it what it may. 

3 It can bring with it nothing, 

But He will bear us through ; 
Who gives the lilies clothing, 

Will clothe his people too : 
Beneath the spreading heavens. 

No creature but is fed ; 
And he who feeds the ravens. 

Will give his children bread. 

4 Tho' vine nor fig-tree either, 

Their wonted fruit should bear, 
Tho' all the fields should wither. 

Nor flocks nor herds be there; 
Yet God the same abiding, 

His praise shall tune my voice; 
For while in him confiding, 

I cannot but rejoice. 


150— C. M. Hymn 77. B. 2. 

Hope in Trouble. 

1 TITHEN musing sorrow weeps the past, 

^^ And mourns the present pain, 
'T is sweet to think of peace at last, 
And feel that death is gain. 

2 'T is not that murm'ring thoughts arise, 

And dread a Father's will ; 
'Tis not that meek submission flies, 
And would not suffer still. 

3 It is, that heav'n-horn faith surveys 

The path that leads to light, 
And longs her eagle plumes to raise, 
And lose herself in sight. 

4 It is, that hope with ardour glows, 

To see him face to face, 
Whose dying love no language knows. 
Sufficient art to trace. 

5 It is, that harassed conscience feels 

The pangs of struggling sin ; 
And sees, though far, the hand that heals, 
And ends the strife^within. 

6 O let me wing my hallow'd flight, 

From earth-born woe and care ; 
And soar above these clouds of night. 
My Saviour's bliss to share. 

551— P. M. 8, 7, 4. Hymn 87. B. 2. 

Hope encouraged. 
MY soul, what means this sadness. 
Wherefore art thou thus cast down t 
Let thy grief be turn'd to gladness, 
Bid thy restless fears begone ; 

Look to Jesus, 
And rejoice in his dear name. 


2 What though Satan's strong temptatioM 

Vex and grieve thee day by day ; 
And thy sinful inclinations 
Often fill thee with dismay? 

Thou shalt conquer — 
Thro' the Lamb's redeeming blood. 

3 Tho' ten thousand ills beset thee, 

From without and from within ; 
Jesus saith he'll ne'er forget thee, 
But will save from hell and sin ; 

He is faithful 
To perform his gracious word. 

4 Tho' distresses now attend thee, 

And thou tread'st tlic thorny road ; 
His right hand shall still defend thee; 
Soon he'll bring thee home to God; 

Therefore praise him — 
Praise the great Redeemer's name. 

5 Oh, that I could now adore him, 

Like the heav'nly hosts above, 
Who for ever bow before him. 
And unceasing sing his love ! 

Happy songsters! 
When shall I your chorus join ! 

*— P. M. 7. Hymn 86. B. 2. 

The Christian Pilgrim encouraged. 

PILGRIM, burdcu'd with thy sin, 
Haste to Zion's gate to-day ; 
There, till mercy let thee in. 

Knock, and weep, and watch, and pray. 

Knock — for mercy lends an ear ; 

Weep — she marks the sinner's sigh ; 
Watch — till heav'nly light appear ; 

Pray — she hears x.\ie mowttiQx'^ cxn. 


Mourning Pilgrim ! what for thee 
In this world can now remain 1 

Seek that world from which shall flee 
Sorrow, shame, and tears, and {lain. 

Sorrow shall for ever fly; 

Shame shall never enter there ; 
Tears be wip'd from ev*ry eye ; 

Pain in endless bliss expire. 

— L. M. Hymn 135- B. 1 

The CanflicU of Faith. 

JESUS, our soul's delightful choice. 
In thee believing, we rejoice ; 
Yet still our joy is mix'd with grief. 
While faith contends with unbelief. 

Thy promises our hearts revive. 
And keep our feinting hopes alive ; 
But guilt and fears, and sorrows rise. 
And nide the promise from our eyes. 

Do thou the languid spark inflame, 
That we may conquer in thy name ; 
And let not sin and Satan boast, 
While saints lie mourning in the dust. 

Unequal to the conflict, Lord, 
Too weak to wield the shield or sword, 
On thine almighty arm we fall ; 
Be thou our Jesus, and our all. 

— L. M. Hymn 136. B. 1. 

The Trials of Faith. 

IPRAY'd the Lord, that I might grow 
In &ith, and love, and evVy grace ; 
Might more of bis salvation know. 
And seek more earnestly hb face. 


2 'Tvvas he, who taught me thus to praj. 
And he, 1 trust, has aaswer'd prayer; 
But answer came in such a way, 

As almost drove me to despair. 

3 1 hop'd that in some favoured hour. 
At once he'd grant me my request; 
And by his love's constraining pow'r 
Subdue my sins and give me rest 

4 Instead of this, he made me feel 
The hidden evils of my heart ; 
And let the angry pow'rs of hell 
Assault my soul in ev'ry part, 

5 Yea, more ; with his own hand, he seeni'iL 
Intent to aggravate my woe ; 

Cross'd all the fair designs I schem'd. 
Blasted my gourds, and laid me low. 

6 " Lord, why is this Y' I trembling cried, 
*' Wilt thou pursue thy worm to death !" 
" 'Tis in this way," the Lord replied, 

" I answer prayer for grace and faith : 

7 " These inward trials I employ, 

" From self and pride to set thee free ; 
" And break thy schemes of earthly joy, 
" That tliou mayest seek thine all in me." 

355— S. M. Hymn 81. B. 2 

Conflict between Sin and Chace. 

1 T WOULD, but cannot sing, 
J- I would, but cannot pray ; 
For Satan meets me when I try. 

And frights my soul away. 

2 I would, but can't repent. 

Though I endeavour oft ; 
This stony heart can ne'er relen: 
Till Jesus makes It soft 


^ I would, but cannot love, 

Though woo'd by love divine ; 
No arguments have pow'r to move 
A soul so base as mine. 

4 I would, but cannot rest 

In God's most holy will ; 
I know what he appoints is best, 
Yet murmur at it still. 

5 O could I but believe ! 

Then all would easy be : 
I would, but cannot — Lord, relieve, 
My help must come from thee ! 

6 But if indeed I would, 

Though I ca7i nothing do ; 
Yet the desire is something good. 
For which my praise is due. 

7 By nature prone to ill, 

Till thine appointed hour, 
I was as destitute of will 
As now I am of pow'r. 

8 Wilt thou not crown at length 

The work thou hast begun, 
And with a will aflTord me strength. 
In all thy ways to run \ 

6— C. M. Hymn 83. B. 2. 

In distress pleading icith God. 
I AH, that I knew the secret place, 
^ Where I might find my God ! 
I *d spread n)y wants before his face. 
And pour my woes abroad. 

S I 'd tell him how my sins arise. 
What sorrows I sustain ; 
How grace decays, and comfort dies, 
And leaves my heart in pain. 


3 lie knows what argoments I 'd take 

To wrestle with my God; 
I'd plead for his own mercy's sake, 
And for my Saviour's blood. 

4 My God will pity my complaints. 

And heal my broken bones; 
He takes the meaning of his saints, 
The language of their groans. 

6 Arise, my soul, from deep distress, 
And banish ev'ry fear; 
He calls thee to his throne of grace^^ 
To spread thy sorrows there. 

357— P. M. 7. Hymn 84. B- -2 

In Darkness. 

1 ANCE I thought my mountain strong, 
^ Firmly fix'd, no more to move; 
Then my Saviour was my song, 

Then my soul was fill'd with love ^ 
Those were happy, golden days, 
Sweetly spent in prayer and praise. 

2 Little, then, myself I knew. 

Little thought of Satan's pow'r; 
Now I feel my sins anew; 

Now I feel the stormy hour ! 
Sin has put my joys to flight ; 
Sin has turn'd my day to night. 

3 Saviour, shine and cheer my soul, 

Bid my dying hopes revive ; 
Make my wounded spirit whole, 

Far away the tempter drive ; 
Speak the word and set me free, 
Let me live alone to iViee. 


§58— L. K Hymn 80. B. 2. 

Indwelling Sin. 

1 TT7HAT jarring natures dwell within — 
'V Imperfect grace, remaining sin ! 
Not this can reign, nor that prevail, * 
Tho' each by turns my heart assail. 

i Now I complain, and groan, and die ; 
Now raise my songs of triumph high ; 
Sing a rebellious passion slain, 
Or mourn to feel it live again. 

3 One happy hour beholds me rise, 
Borne upwards to my native skie«: 
When faith assists my soaring flight, 
To realms of joy, and worlds of light 

4 Scarce a few hours or minutes roll, 
Ere earth reclaims my captive soul ; 
I feel its sympathetic force, 

And headlong urge my downward course. 

5 How short the joys thy visits give ! 
How long thine absence. Lord, I grieve ! 
What clouds obscure my rising sun, 

Or interrupt its rays at noon ! 

6 Great God, assist me through the fight, 
Make me to triumph in thy might ; 
Thou the desponding heart can'st raise, 
The victVy mine, and thine the praise. 

359— S. M. Hymn 73. P ? 

Holy mourning for sin, 
\ID Christ o'er sinners weep ? 
And shall our cheeks be dry ! 
Let floods of penitential grief 
Bnrst forth from ev^ry eye. 



2 The Son of God in tears, 

Angels with wonder see ! 
Be thou astonish'd, O my soal, 
He shed those tears for thee. 

3 He wept, that we might weep ; 

Each sin demands a tear : 
In heav'n alone no sin is founds 
And there's no weeping there. 

360— L.M. Hymn88.B.!2 

Darkness removed. 

1 TITHE N darkness long has veiFd my mind 

VY And smiling day once more appears, 
Then, my Redeemer! then I find 
The folly of my doubts and fears. 

2 I chide my unbelieving heart; 
And blush that I should ever be 
Thus prone to act so base a part, 

Or harbour one hard thought of thee. 

3 O, let me then, at length, be taught 
(What I am still so slow to learn,) 
That God is love, and changes not, 
Nor knows the shadow of a turn. 

4 Sweet truth, and easy to repeat ; 
But when my faith is sharply tried, 
I find myself a learner yet, — 
Unskilful, weak, and apt to slide. 

5 But, O my Lord, one look from thee 
Subdues the disobedient will; 
Drives doubt and discontent away, 
And thy rebellious worm is still. 

6 Thou art as ready to forgive, 
As I am ready to repine; 

Thou, therefore, all the praise receive; 
Be shame and seK-abliorrence mine. 


I— -S. M. Hjma 99. B. 2, 

Weak believers comforted. 

YOUR harps, ye trembling saints, 
Down from the willows take; 
Loud to the praise of love divine, 
Bid every string awake. 

J Though in a foreign land, 
We are not far from home ; 
And nearer to our home above, 
We ev'ry moment come. 

5 His grace will, to the end, 

Stronger and brighter shine ; 
Nor present things, nor things to come. 
Shall quench the love divine. 

4 When we in darkness walk. 
Nor feel the heav'nly flame ; 
Then is the time to trust our God, 
And rest upon his name. 

6 Soon shall our doubts, and fears. 

Subside at his control; 
His loving kindness shall break through 
The midnight of the soul. 

G Bless'd is the man, O God, 

That stays himself on thee ! 
Who waits for thy salvation. Lord, 
Shall thy salvation see. 

J2— C. M. Hymn 177. Add. 

Submission and Hope. 

1 A FFLICTION is a stormy deep. 
•^ Where wave resounds to wave ; 
Thongh o'er my head the billows roll, 
I know the Lord can save. 


2 The hand that now withholds my }oj% 

Can reinstate my peace ; 
And he who bade the tempest roar, 
Can bid the tempest cease. 

3 In the dark watches of the night, 

ril coant his mercies o'er; 
ril praise him for ten thousand past, 
And humbly sue for more. 

4 When darkness and when sorrow rose, 

And press'd on every side ; " 
The Lord has still sustained my steps, 
And still has been my Guide. 

5 Here will I rest, and build my hopes, 

Nor murmur at his rod; 
He 's more than all the world to me, 
My Health, my Life, my God ! 

363— L. M. Hymn 176. Adi 

Affliction Sanctified. 

1 A MIDST these various scenes of ills, 
-^ Each stroke some kind design fulfils; 
And shall I murmur at my God, 
When sovereign love directs the rod ; 

2 Peace, rebel thoughts ! I '11 not complaio* 
My Father's smiles suspend my pain ; 
Smiles, that a thousand joys impart. 
And pour the balm that heals the smart. 

3 Though Heaven afflicts, I 'II not repine. 
Each heartfelt comfort still is mine ; 
Comforts that shall o'er death prevail. 
And journey with me through the vale. 

4 Lord Jesus, smoothe the rugged way, 
And lead me to the realms of day, 
To milder skies and brighter plains. 
Where everlasting sunshine reigns. 


1 — C. P. M. Hjmn 176. Add 

In Darkness. 

L T MOURN the hidings of thy face, 
-L The absence of that smile 
That sweetly fili'd a throne of grace, 
And gav€ my heart a resting place. 
From earthly care and toil. 

2 How sad and desolate the night ! 

How gloomy is the day! 
Nature no more can charm the sight, 
Afford one ipuufort or delight, 

Without thy cheering ray. 

3 Oft in the lone and silent hour, 

I tell my tale of grief; 
In tears of tenderness implore 
The presence of thy healing power. 

But tears bring no relief. 

4 'T is sin that separates from thee 

This poor benighted soul; 
My folly and my guilt I see, 
And now upon the bended knee. 

Submit to thy control. 

6 Up to the place of thine abode, • 
I lift my darken'd eye : 
To thee, O bleeding Lamb of God, 
Whence all the springs of life have flow'd, 
To thee, I raise my cry. 

6 O, wilt thou lend a list'ning ear. 

And answer my request: 
Forgive and wipe the falling tear. 
And with thy love my spirit cheer. 

And set my heart at rest 


365— C. M. Hymn 134. B. I 

Wandering deplored. 

1 A FOR a closer walk with God, 
^ A calm and heav'nly frame ; 
And light to shine upon the road. 
That leads me to the Lamb ! 

2 Where is the blessedness I knew, 

When first I sought the Lord t 
Where is the soul-refreshing view 
Of Jesus and his word t 

3 What peaceful hours I then enjoy'd ! 

How sweet their nieui'ry still ! 
But now I find an aching void, 
The world can never fill. 

4 Return, O holy Dove, return. 

Sweet messenger of rest ! 
I hate the sins, that made thee mourn, 
And drove thee from my breast. 

5 The dearest idol I have known. 

Whatever that idol be ; 
Help me to tear it from the throne, 
And worship only thee. 

6 So shall my walk be close with God, 

Calm and serene my frame: 
So purer light shall mark the road 
That leads me to the Lamb. 


6 — L. M. Hjmn 169. Add. 

Mourning over Sin. 

1 CEE a poor sinner, gracious Lord, 

^ Whose soul, encouraged by thy word, 
At mercy's footstool would remain. 
And there would look, and look agam. 

2 How oft, deceived by self and pride. 
Has my fond heart been turn'd aside, 
And, Jonah-like, has fled from thee, 
Till thou hast look'd again on me. 

3 Ah, bring a fetched wanderer home. 
And to thy footstool let me come, 

And tell thee all my grief and pain, 
And wait, and look, and look again. 

4 Take courage, then, my trembling soul, 
One look from Christ will make thee whole; 
Trust thou in him, 'tis not in vain. 
But wait, and look, and look again. 

5 Look to the Lord, his word, his throne ; 
Look to his strength, and not thine own; 
There wait and look, and look again, 
Thou shalt not wait, nor look in vain. 

IT— C. L. M. Hymn 167. Add. 

Faith struggling.. 

LET my trembling soul be still. 
While darkness veils the sky ; 
And wait thy wise, thy holy will, 
Wrapt yet in mystery ; 
' I cannot, Lord, thy purpose see. 
But ail Is well, since ruled by \\\^e. 


2 Thus, trusting in thy love, 1 tread 

The path of duty ou; 
What though some cherish'd joys are fled 

Some flatt'ring dreams are gone ! 
Yet purer, brighter joys remain. 
Why should my spirit then complain t 

368— L.M. Hymn 72. B. 2. 

Hatred of Sin. 

1 AH, could I find some peaceful bow'r, 
^ Where sin has neither place nor pow'r; 
This traitor vile I fain would shun, 
But cannot from his presence run. 

2 When to the throne of grace I flee. 
He stands between my God and me ; 
Where'er I rove, wliere'er I rest, 

I feel him working in my breast. 

3 When I attempt to soar above ; 
To view the heights of Jesus' love ; 
This monster seems to mount the skies, 
And veils his glory from my eyes. 

4 Lord, free me from this deadly foe, 
Which keeps my faith and hope so low; 
I long to dwell in heav'n my home. 
Where not one sinful thought can come. 

369— L. M. Hymn 170. Add 

Inconstancy lamented. 

1 AH! wretched, vile, ungrateful heart, 
-ti- That can from Jesus thus depart : 
Thus fond of trifles vainly rove. 
Forgetful of a Saviour's love. 

2 In vain I charge my thoughts to stay, 
And chide each vanity away ; 

In vain, alas! resolve to bind 
This rebel heart, this wand'ring niind. 


Throagh all resolves, bow soon it flies. 
And mocks the weak, the slender ties ; 
There's nought beneath a power divine. 
That can this roving heart confine. 
Jesns, to thee I wonid retam, 
And at thy feet repenting moam ; 
There let me view thy pard'niog love. 
And never from thy dght remove. 
O, let thy love, with sweet control. 
Bind all the passions of my soul ; 
Bid every vanity depart, 
And dwell for ever in my hearL 

)— a M. Hymn 171. Add 

Recovered Wimderer. 

HOW oft, alas ! this wretched heart 
Has wandcr'd from the Lord ; 
How oft my roving thoughts depart. 
Forgetful of his word. 

Yet sovereign mercy cries, " Return ;** 
Dear Lord, and may I come ! 

My vile ingratitude I mourn ; 
O, take the wanderer home. 

And canst thou, wilt thou, yet forgive. 

And bid my guilt remove : 
And shall a pardon'd rebel live, 

To speak thy wondrous love ? 

; Almighty grace, thy healing power. 
How glorious, bow divine. 
That can to life and bliss restore 
So vile a heart as mine. 

i Thy pard'ning love, so free, so sweei» 
Dear Saviour, I adore; 
O keep me at thy sacred feet. 
And let me rove no more. 


371— 8s. Hjmn 172. Add 

Returning Backsliders. 

1 A SHEPHERD of Israel, divine ! 

^ Too far from thy fold I have stray'd; 
What hand can restore me but thine, 
Thus wounded, cast down, and disma/d! 
My soul would look upward to thee, 
Though prostrate, I'll cry from the dust; 
No other salvation I see, 
In no other name will I trust. 

2 Thou, thou art my strength and my shield, 
Henceforth in thy arm I '11 confide ; 
The weapons alone I will wield. 

Thy wisdom and mercy provide : 
Salvation belongs to the Lord, 
Deliv'rance must come from his hand ; 

! who would not trust in his word, • 
Acknowledge his right toxommandt 

3 O Shepherd of Israel, divine, 
Thy life-giving presence I feel ; 

Let the light of thy countenance shine, 
Thine arm now in mercy reveal : 
For strength and deliv'rance I wait ; 
On thee in my trouble I call, 
My sinful backslid! ngs I hate, 
Uphold me, dear Lord, or I fall. 

872— L. P. M. Hymn 173. Ad J 

Returning Backslider. 

1 TI7EA11Y of wand'ring from my God, 
» » And now made willing to return, 

1 hear, and bow beneath the rod ; 
To him with penitence I mourn. 
I have an Advocate above, 

A Friend beioie th^ \S[ixou^ of love. 


I O Jesas, full of pard'ning grace ; 
More full of grace thaa I of guilt ; 
Yet ouce again I seek tby face, 
Whose precious blood for man was spill*d; 
O, freely my backslidings heal, 
And love the dying sinner stilL 

i Now give me, Lord, the tender heart, 
That trembles at th' approach of sin, 
A godly fear ta me impart; 
Implant and root it deep within^ 
That I may know thy sov'reign power, 
And never dare offend thee more. 

B— L. M. Hymn 174. Add. 

The Backslider's Prayer. 

I r\ TURN, great Ruler of the skies, 
v^J Turn from my sin thy searching eyes, 
Nor let th' offences of my hand 
- Within thy book recorded $tand. 

2, Give me a will to thine subdued, 
A conscience pure, a soul renew'd ; 
Nor let me, wrapt in endless gloom. 
An outcast from thy presence roam. 

3 O let thy Spirit to my heart 
Once more his quickening aid impart. 
My mind from ev'ry fear release. 

And sootlie my troubled thoughts to peace. 

4 So shall the souls, whom error^s swaj, 
Has urged from thee, blest Lord, to stray, 
From me thy heav'niy precepts leaxii^ 

Ami bambled, to their God retonu 


874_7s 5s. Hyma 168. Add 

The tried one encouraged. 

1 pHILD of sorrow, child of care, 

^ Wouldst thou learn thy griefs to bear 
And escape from every snare ! 

Trust in God alone: 
Human strength is weak and vain. 
Sin will oft its power regain; 
Humbly ask, and help obtain, 

From thy Father's throne. 

2 Know'st thou, in this vale of tears, 
Gloomy doubts, distracting fears, 
Painful mouths, and sorrowing years! 

To the Saviour fly. 
He that drank the bitter cup. 
Bids thee in his mercy hope; 
Let thy prayer be lifted up 

To his throne on high. 

375— C. M. Hymn 178. M^ 

Inconstancy Lamented. 

1 TXTHY is my heart so far from thee, 

^^ My God, my chief delight! 
Why are my thoughts no more by day 
With thee, no more by night! 

2 Why should my foolish passions rove ? 

Where can such sweetness be 
As I have tasted in thy love, 
As I have found in thee ! 

3 When my foigetfnl soul renews 

The savour of thy grace, 
My heart presumes I cannot lose 
The reusli a.\\ \\\>f A^h^ 


I Bat ere one fleeting hour is passed, 
The flatt'ring world employs 
Some sensual bait to win my taste. 
And to pollute my joys. 

i Then I repent and vex my soul. 
That I should leave thee so : 
Where will those wild affections roll, 
That let a Saviour go! 

6 Wretch that I am, to wander Cbns, 
In chase of false delight ! 
Let me be fastened to thy cross. 
Rather than lose thy sight 

'6 — 88 7s. Hymn 158. Add 

The Lord is my helper. 

1 AFT as I look upon the road 

^ That leads to yonder bless'd abode, 

I feel distressed and fearful; 
So many foes the passage throng 
I am so weak, and they so strong. 
How can my soul be cheerful ! 

2 But when I think of him whose power 
Can save me in a trying hour. 

And place on him reliance ; 
My soul is then ashamed of fear. 
And, though ten thousand foes appear, 

I bid them ail defiance. 

3 The dangerous road I then pursue, 
And keep the glorious prize in view ; 

With joyful hope elated ; 
Strong in the Lord, in him alone. 
Where he conducts I follow on 

With ardour nnabated. 


4 O Lord, each day renew my strength, 
And let me see thy face at length, 

With all thy people yonder; 
With them in heaven thy love declare, 
And sing thy praise for ever there, 

With gratitude and wonder. 

377_C. M. Hymn 113. B. I 

Complaint and hope in Sickness. 

1 T ORD, I am pain'd ; but I resign 
^ My body to thy will: 

'T is grace, 't is wisdom all divine, 
Appoints the pains I feel. 

2 Dark are thy ways of providence, 

While they, who love thee, groan : 
Thy reasons lie concealed from sense, 
Mysterious and unknown. 

3 Yet nature may have leave to speak. 

And plead before her God, 
Lest the o'erburden'd heart should break 
Beneath thy heavy rod. 

4 These mournful groans and flowing tear^ 

Give my poor spirit ease : 
While ev'ry groan my Father hears, 
And ev'ry tear he sees. 

5 Is not some smiling hour at hand. 

With health upon its wings! 
Give it, O God, thy swift command. 
With all the joys it brings. 

878— S. M. Hymn 159. Adc3 

Affliction Blessed. 
1 TTOW tender is thy hand, 
-^^ O thou beloved Lord ! 
Afflictions come at thy command* 
And leave ob ax xu^ YiotdL. 


2 How gentle was the rod 
That cbasten'd us for sin, 

How soon we fouad a smiling God 
Where deep distress had been. 

3 A Father's hand we feh, 

A Father's heart we knew; 

With tears of penitence we knelt, 

And foand his word was true. 

4 We told him all our grief; 
We thought of Jesus' love ; 

A sense of pardon brought relief, 
And bade our pangs remove. 

5 Now we will bless the Lord, 
And in his strength confide: 

For ever be his name adored, 
For there is none beside. 

879— lis. Hymn 160. Add 

Longing for Rest. 

1 T AM weary of straying — O fain would I rest 
•L In the far distant land of the pure and the 

Where sin can no more her blandishments 

And tears and temptations for ever have fled. 

2 I am weary of hoping — where the hope is 

As fair, but as fleeting as morning's bright dew : 
I long for that land, whose blest promise alone 
Is changeless, and sure, as Eternity's throne. 

3 I am weary of sighing o'er sorrows of earth, 
O'er joy's glowing visions, that fade at their 

birth ; 
O'er the pangs of the loved, which we cannot 

O'er the bligbtings of youth, and the ^eaVLiif^» 
of age. 


4 I am weary of loving what passes away— 
The sweetest, the dearest, alas ! may not stay; 
I long for that land, where these partings are 

And death and the tomb can divide hearts no 

5 I am weary, my Saviour, of grieving thy love; 
O, when shall I rest in thy presence above! 
I am weary — bat O, let me never repine, 
While thy word, and thy love, and thy promise 

are mine. 

880— C. M. Hymn 161. Adi 

Christian Submission. 

1 A LORD, my best desires fulfil, 
^ And help me to resign 

Life, health, and comfort to thy will. 
And make thy pleasure mine. 

2 Why should I shrink at thy command t 

Thy love forbids my fears; 
Why tremble at the gracioua^iiand 
That wipes away my tears ! 

3 No, let me rather freely yield 

What most I prize to thee : 
Thou never hast a good withheld. 
Or wilt withhold from me. 

4 Thy favour, all my journey through, 

Shall be my rich supply; 
What more I want, or think I do, 
Let wisdom still deny. 


381— 7s. Hymn 162. Add 

Strength promised. 

1 11/ AIT, my soul, upon the Lord, 
^^ To his gracious promise flee. 

Laying hold upon this word, 

" As thy days, thy strength shall be.** 

2 If the sorrows of thy case 
Seem peculiar still to thee, 

God has promised needfhl grace— 
•• As thy days, thy strength shall be/* 

3 Days of trial, days of grief, 
In succession thou mayest see; 
This is still thy sweet relief — 

•* As thy days, thy strength shall be/* 

4 Rock of Ages, I 'm secure. 
With thy promise, full and free. 
Faithful, positive and sure; 

" As thy days, thy strength shall be." 

B82— S. M. Hymn 163. Add. 


1 TN thee, O Lord, I trust, 

-L My hope is in thy name; 
In righteousness, deliver me. 
Nor put my soul to shame. 

2 From heaven bow down thine ear, 
My cause in mercy plead: 

My Rock, my Fortress, my Defence, 
Vouchsafe my soul to lead. 

3 From every snare preserve. 
From every foe defend ; 

For thy name's sake, O God, va^ ^M^Xi^^ 
Divine protection send. 


4 Into thy hands, O Lord, 
My spirit I commend, 

Thou hast redeemed me, God of truth, 
In death be thou my friend. 

5 I will be glad and praise, 
And in thy name rejoice ; 

In sorrow thou hast known my soul, 
And heard my suppliant voice. 

883— 8s. Hymn 164. Add 

The Christian's Portion. 

1 'PHE Lord is my Strength, and my Song, 
-L The Lord is my Life, and my Light, 
His praises shall dwell on my tongue, 
Though plunged in the darkness of night: 
Temptations and trials must come. 
Chastisements, afflictions severe ; 

Yet these shall but hasten me home, 
And bid me in glory appear. 

2 My spirit is burden'd with grief. 
And fainting with sorrow and care, 
To Jesus ril fly for relief, 

I'll seek for deliverance there: 
How tender and gracious thou art. 
My Saviour, my Shepherd, my Friend ! 
Still rule in this desolate heart, 
Preserve me, through grace, to the end. 

3 Yes, thou art my Strength, and my Song 
The Guide of my pilgrimage here ; 
And though tribulation be strong. 
Thy love can preserve me from fear : 
Still, still let me lean on thy breast. 
And pour out my sorrows to thee. 

For there shall my spmv. ftudi t^^x. 
Thy presence is heaven to me. 


I — 8s 7s. Hymn 165. Add. 


JESUS, while our hearts are bleeding, 
O'er the spoils that death has won. 
We would, at this solemn meeting, 
Calmly say, " Thy will be done." 

Though cast down, we're not forsaken, 
Though afflicted, not alone ; 

Thou didst give, and thou hast taken. 
Blessed Lord, *• Thy will be done." 

I Fill us now with deep contrition, 
Take away these hearts of stone. 
And may all, with true submission. 
Meekly say, " Thy will be done." 

[ Though to-day we're fill'd with mourning, 
Mercy still is on the throne; 
With thy smiles of love returning, 
We can sing, " Thy will be done." 

) By thy hands the boon was given, 
Thou hast taken but thine own ; 
Lord of earth, and God of heaven. 
Evermore, " Thy will be done." 

5— C. M. Hymn 166. Add 

Devout Gratitude. 

1 T1[7H0 can have greater cause to sing, 

▼ ' Who greater cause to bless, 
Than we, the children of a King, 
Than we, who Christ possess ? 

2 We late were Satan's captives led. 

And hell had been our end, « 

Hadst thoa not for our pardon \Aed— 
The siaoer's only Frieud. 


3 For this we will employ our tongue, 

Nor shall our praises cease; 
We evermore will sing that soog, 
•* The Lord, our righteousness." 

4 No other God we know but thee, 

None else did us create ; 
Thy glory may we ever be, 

holy Advocate. 

6 We daily prove thee still the same. 
Whene'er our need we see; 
Thou bearest still a Saviour's name, 
Our Saviour thou shalt be. 

6 Nor law, nor sin, nor hell, nor death, 
Shall us from thee divide, 
Strongly we hold that precious faith, 
For us our Saviour died. 

386— P. M. 6, 8. Hymn 74. B. 2. 

Spiritual Peace, 

1 /^OME, heav'niy peace of mind, 
^ I sigh for thy return ; 

I seek, but cannot And, 

The joys for which I mourn ; 

Ah ! Where's the Saviour now, 
Whose smiles I once possess'd ; 

Till he return, I bow. 

By heaviest grief oppress'd ; 

My days of happiness are gone. 

And I am left to weep alone. 

2 I tried each earthly charm 

In pleasure's haunts I stray'd — 
I sought its soothing balm — 

1 ask'd the world its aid ; 
But ah! no balm it had 

To heal a wouuAeA \«^to\^ 



And I9 forlorn and sad, 

Mast seek another rest; 
My days of happiness are gone^ 
And I am left to weep alone. 

Where can the mourner go, 

And tell his tale of grief ! 
Ah ! who can soothe his woe, 

And give him sweet relief! 
Thou, Jesus ! canst impart, 

By thy long-wish'd return. 
Ease to this wounded heart. 

And bid me cease to mourn ; 
Then shall this night of sorrow flee» 
And I rejoice, my Lord, in the^. 


17— C. M. Hymn 71. B. 2 

Lave to God, 

1 TTAPPY the heart where graces reign, 
■L*- Where love inspires the breast z 
Love is the brightest of the train. 

And strengthens all the rest. 

2 Knowledge, alas ! 't is all in vain, 

And all in vain our fear ; 
Our stubborn sins will fight and reign. 
If love be absent there. 

3 'Tis love that makes our cheerful feet' 

In swift obedience move ; 
The devils kaow, and tremble loo ; 
But Satan cannot love. 


4 This is the grace that lives and sings, 
When faith and hope shall cease; 
'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings 
In the sweet realms of bliss. 

6 Before we quite forsake our claj, 
Or leave this dark abode. 
The wings of love bear us away, 
To see our smiling God. 

388— S. M. Hymn 121. Adi 1 

Christian Love. 

1 T OVE is the fountain, whence 
-^ All true obedience flows; 

The Christian serves the God he loves, 
And loves the God he knows. 

2 He treads the heavenly road, 

And neither faints nor tires; 
That generous love which warms his breast 
With fortitude inspires. 

3 No burden seems so great, 

No task so hard appears. 
But this he cheerfully performs, 
And that he meekly bears. 

4 May love — that shining grace — 

O'er all my powers preside ; 
Direct my thoughts, suggest my words. 
And every action guide. 

389— C. M. Hymn 122. Ad(0 

Love to Christ. 

1 TVO not I love thee, O my Lord ^ 
^ Behold my heart and see; 
And cast each worthless idol oat. 
That dates to uvaV \\i«^ 


2 Is not thy name melodious still 

To my attentive ear ? 
Doth not each pulse with pleasure bound 
My Saviour's voice to hear ! 

3 Do not I love thee from my soul t 

Then let me nothing love: 
Dead be my heart to every joy, 
When Jesus cannot move. 

4 Hast thou a lamb in all thy flock 

I would disdain to feed t 
Hast thou a foe before whose face 
I fear thy cause to plead ? 

5 Could not my heart pour forth its blood 

In honour of thy name 1 
And challenge the cold hand of death 
To damp th' immortal flame ? ' 

6 Thou know'st I love thee, dearest Lord, 

But O, I long to soar 
Far from the sphere of mortal joys, 
And learn to love thee more. 

i90_C. M. Hymn 123. Add. 

Clinging to Christ. 

1 'PO whom, my Saviour, shall I go, 
J- If I depart from thee 1 

My Guide through all this vale of wo. 
And more than all to me. 

2 The world reject thy gentle reign 

And pay thy death with scorn; 
Ob, they could plat thy crown again, 
And sharpen every thorn, 

3 But I have felt thy dying love 

Breathe gently through my heart. 
To whisper hope of joys above; 
Aad can we ever part 1 


4 Ah, no ! with thee I'll tmlk beloWt 
My journey to the grave : ^ i 
To whom, my SaFionr, shall I- jg^"'^ 
When only thon canst &««§. 

891— L.M. ^^rmi^ 


1 TTES, I would love'thee, bleMed God, 

^ Paternal goodness marks di^MM^^ 
Thy praises, through thy high abode. 
The heavenly hosts with joy proclaum. 

2 Freely thcu gav'st thy dearest Son, 
For man, to suffer, bleed, and die: 
And bidd'st me, as a wretch undone, 
For all I want on him rely. 

3 In him thy reconciled face 
With joy unspeakable I see, 
And feel thy powerful, wondrous grace 
Draw and unite my soul to thee. 

4 Whene'er my foolish, wand'ring heart. 
Attracted by a creature's power. 
Would from this blissful centre start, 
Lord, fix it there, to stray no more. 

392— 8s. Hymn 125. Add 

Longing for Chist. 

1 TTOW tedious and tasteless the hours, 
JJ. When Jesus no longer I see ! 
The woodlands, the fields, and the flowen 
Have lost all their sweetness to me. 
His name yields the richest perfume, 
And softer than music his voice , 
His presence can ban\s\\ \\a^ ^oo\a. 
And bid all witViin tae xejovie^. 


Content with beholding his face, 
My ail to his pleasure resigned, 
No changes of season or place 
Wonld make any change in my mind ; 
While blest with the sense of his love, 
A palace a toy would appear; 
And prisons woald palaces prove. 
If JesQS would dwell with me there. 

Dear Lord, if indeed I am thine, 
If thou art my Sun and my Song, 
Say, why do I languish and pine. 
And why are my winters so long ! 
O drive these dark clouds from my sky, 
Thy soul-cheering presence restore; 
Or take me up to thee, on high. 
Where winter and cloud are no more. 

]—L. M. Hymn 126. Add 

^Christ s Love. 

[ESUS, thy boundless love to me 

' No thought can reach, no tongue declare , 

) knit my thankful heart to ihee, 

md reign without a rival there. 

Thy love, how cheering is its ray ! 
LU pain before its presence flies : 
]!are, anguish, sorrow, melt away, 
Yhere'er its healing beams arise. 

) let thy love my soul inflame, 
Lnd to thy service sweetly bind ; 
Transfuse it through my inmost frame, 
Lnd mould me wholly to thy mind. 

Thy love in sufierings be my peace ; 
Thy love m weakness make me strong; 
\.Dd when the storms of life shaW cea^^^ 
'Yrf Jove shall be wy heaven aud aoik^^ 


394_7s. Kymn 127. Add 

Lovest thou me t 

1 TTARK, my soul, it is the Lord; 
J-L 'Xis thy Saviour, hear bis word; 
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee ; ^ 
" Say, poor sinner, iov'st thou me ! 

2 "I delivered thee when bound, 

And, when wounded, heal'd thy wound; 
Sought thee wandering, set thee right, 
Turn'd thy darkness into light. 

3 " Can a woman's tender care 
Cease towards the child she bare ; 
Yes, she may forgetful be. 

Yet will 1 remember thee. 

4 "Mine is an unchanging love, 
Higher than the heights above ; 
Deeper than the depth beneath, 
Free and faithful, strong as death. 

6 " Thou shalt see my glory soon. 
When the work of grace is done ; 
Partner of my throne shalt be, 
" Say, poor sinner, Iov'st thou me T 

6 Lord, it is my chief complaint, 
That my love is weak and faint ; 
Yet I love thee, and adore, 
O for grace to love thee more. 

395— L. M. Hymn 128. Add 

Ttie Christian's Pattern. 

1 l\/rY dear Redeemer, and my Lord, 
-ij-L I read my duty in thy word, 
But in thy Hfe the law appears 
Drawn oat in V\v\t\g e\\u.t;icter8. 


2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal, 
Such defrence to thy Father's will; 
Such love, and meekness so divine, 

I woald transcribe, and make tbem mine. 

3 Cold monntains and the midnight air, 
WitnessM the fervour of thy prayer; 
The desert thy temptations knew, 
Thy conjSict an^- thy victory too. 

4 Be thou my pattern ; make me bear 
More of thy gracious image here ; 
Then God, the Judges shall own my name 
Among the followers of the Lamb. 

396— P. M. 7. Hymn 78. B. 2. 


I. i^^lS a point I long to know, 

J- Oft it causes anxious thought: — 
Do I love the Lord, or no 7 
Am I his, or am I nott 

2 If I love, why am I thus ? 
Why this dull, and lifeless frame ? 
Hardly, sure, can they be worse. 
Who hacve never heard his name. 

3 Gould my heart so hard remain, 
Fray'r a task and burden prove — 
Ev'ry trifle give nie pain — 

If I knew a Saviour's love 1 

4 When I turn my eyes within, 
All is dark, and vain, and wild; 
Fiird with unbelief and sin — 
Can I deem myself a child ! 

6 If I pray, or hear, or read, 
Sin is mix'd with all I do; 
Yoi, who love the Lord indeeOi, 
Tell me — is it so with yout 


6 Yet I mourD my stubborn will, 
Find my «in a grief and thrall ; 
Should I grieve for what I feel. 
If I did not love at all I 

7 Could I joy his saints to meet, 
Choose the ways I once abhorred— 
Find, at times, the promise sweet, 
If I did not love the Lord t 

8 Lord, decide the doubtful case ! 
Thou, who art thy people's sun; 
Shine upon tlxy work of grace, 
If it be indeed begun. 

9 Let me love thee more and more. 
If I love at all, I pray; 

If I have not lov'd before, 
Help me to begin to-day. 

397_C. M. Hymn 90. B. 5 

Love to the creature dangerous. 

1 TTOW vain are all things here below, 
J-^ How false, and yet how fair ! 
Each pleasure has its poison too, 

And every sweet a snare. 

2 The brightest things below the sky 

Give but a flatt'ring light; 
We should suspect some danger nigh, 
Where vvc possess delight. 

3 Our dearest joys, and nearest friends. 

The partners of our blood, 
How they divide our wavVing minds, 
And leave but half for God. 

4 The fondness of a creature's love. 

How strong \t strikes the sense ! 


Thither the wann affections move, 
Nor can we call them thence. 

Dear Saviour, let thy beaaties be 

My soul's eternal food ; 
And grace command my heart away 

From all created good. 


— S. M. * Hymn 21, Pt 4. B. 1 

Christian Lave. 

LET party-names no more 
The Christian world o'ersipread ; 
Jle and Jew, and bond and free, 
Are one in Christ their head. 

Among the saints on earth 
Let mutual love be found ; 
s of the same inheritance, 
With mutual blessings crown'd. 

Let envy, child of hell ! 
Be banish'd far away ; 
se should in strictest friendship dwell, 
Who the same Lord obey. 

Thus will the church below 
Resemble that above, 
sre streams of pleasure ever flow. 
And ev'ry heart is love. 

L^s 7s 4s. Hymn 153. Add 

Brotherly Love. 
JDRETHREN, let us walk tog&lYiet 
•^ la the bonds of love and peaee\ 


Can it be a question whether 

Brethren should from conflict cease ! 

'T is in union, 
Hope, and joy, and love increase. 

2 While we journey homeward, lot us 

Help each other on the road ; 
Foes on ev'ry side beset us, 

Snares through all the way ar© strei 

It behoves us 
Each to bear a brother's load. 

3 When we think how much our I a\.'i »^ 

Has forgiven, and does forgive. 
Brethren, we should learn, the ratlii^.' 
Free from wrath and strife to live 

Far removing 
All that might oflend or grieve. 

4 Then let each esteem his brother 

Better than himself to be ; 
And let each prefer another. 
Full of love, from envy free : 

Happy arc we 
When in this we all agree. 

6 Soon our Father will receive us, 
As we hope to dwell above ; 
Nothing then shall harm or grieve as. 
We shall all his goodness prove : 

Wrath and discord 
Ending in eternal love. 

400— S. M. Hymn 21, Pt 3, B. 

Communion of Saints. 

1 T) LEST be the tie that binds 
-L^ Our hearts in Christian love : 
The fellowship of kindred minds 
Is like to that above. 


Before our Father's throne 
We pour our ardent prayers; 
fears, cor hopes, our aims are ooe 
Our comforts and our cares. 

"We share our mutual woes; 
Oar mutu&l burdens bear; 

often for each other ilows 

The sympathising tear. 

We're one in Christ our head, 
In him we grow and thrive ; 
r will he leave ns with the dead, 
While he remains alive. 

i This glorious hope revives 

Our courage by the way; 
iiile each in expectation lives. 

And longs to see the day. 

3 From sorrow, toil and pain 

And sin, we shall be free : 
id perfect love and friendship reign 

Thro' all eternity. 

H— C. M. Hymn 64. B. 2 

Christian Fellowship. 

1 AUR souls, by love together knit, 
^Cemented, mixt in one, 

One hope, one heart, one mind, one voice ; 
'Tis heav'n on earth begun! 

2 Our hearts have often burn'd within. 

And glow'd with sacred fire; 
While Jesus spoke, and fed, aud VAe^X^ 
AndWd til' enlarged i\eHue. 


3 The little rload increases fttitl. 

The hea^ns are big with rain; 
We haste to catch the teeming shoVr^ 
And all its moistore drain. 

4 A rill, a stream, a torrent flows ! 

Bat poar a mighty flood; 
Oh ! sweep the nations, shake the eartB^, 
Till all proclaim thee God. 

6 And when thon mak'st thy jewels ap, 
And sett'st thy starry crown ; 
When all thy sparkling gems shall shin ^^ 
Proclaim'd by thee thine own; 

6 May we, a little band of love. 
We sinners, sav'd by grace, 
From glory unto glory chang'd, 
Behold thee face to face. 

402— L.M. Hymn 65. B. ^^ 

Christian Fellowship. 

1 TTOW blest the sacred tie that binds, 
-*-■*• In union sweet, according minds! 
How swift the heav'nly course they ran, ^ 
Whose hearts and faith and hopes are on^ 

2 To each, the soul of each how dear ! 
What jealous love, what holy fear ! 
How doth the gen'rous flame within 
Refine from earth, and cleanse from sin * 

3 Their streaming eyes together flow. 
For human guilt and mortal woe ; 
Their ardent prayers together risep 
Like mingling; ftamm Vn vannfiML 


I Together oft they seek the place. 
Where God reveals his awful face ; — 
At length they meet in realms above, 
A heav'n of joy — because of love. 

I^C. M. Hymn 154. Add. 

Christians one familif. 

1 /^OME, let us join our friends above, 
^ That have obtain'd the prize; 
And on the eagle wings of love. 

To joys celestial rise. 
Let all the saints terrestrial, sing 

With those to glory gone; 
For all the servants of our King 

In heaven and earth are one. 

i One family, we dwell in him ; 
One church above, beneath ; 
Though now divided by the stream — 

The narrow stream of death; 
One army of the living God, 
To his command we bow; 
Fart of his host have cross'd the flood, 
And part are crossing now. 

3 Ten thousand to their endless home 
This solemn moment fly ; 
And we are to the margin come, 

And in our turn must die. 
His militant, embodied host, 

With wishful looks we stand, 
And long to see tliat happy coast, 
And reach the heavenly land. 



404— S. M. Hymn 7, Pt, 2. B. 1 


1 TT'AITH! — 'tis a precious grace, 
J- Where'er it is bestow'd ; 

It boasts of a celestial birth, 
And is the gift of God. 

2 Jesus it owns a King, 
An all-atoning Priest; 

It claims no merit of its own, 
But finds it all in Christ. 

3 To him it loads the soul. 
When fiird with deep distress ; 

Appropriates his precious blood. 
And trusts his righteousness. 

4 Since 'tis thy work alone. 
And that divinely free ; 

Lord, send the spirit of thy Son 
To work this faith in me. 

405— C. M. Hymn 7, Pt 3. B. 1- 


1 TV/TISTAKEN souls! tha t dream of heav'n 
-^-^ And make their empty boast 

Of inward joys, and sins forgiv'n. 
While they are slaves to lust. 

2 Vain are our fancies, airy flights. 

If faith be cold and dead : 

None, but a Uving pow'r, unites 

To Christ the living head. 

3 'Tis faith, that changes alt the heart; 

'T is fiaith, that Nvotka b^ Vo^e ; 



That bids all sinful joys depart. 
And lifts the thoughts above. 

*Tis faith that conquers earth and hell 

By a celestial pow*r: 
This is the grace that shall prevail 
In the decisive hour. 

Faith must obey her Father's will, 

As well as trust his grace ; 
A pard'ning God is jealous still 

For his own holiness. 

When from the curse besets us free, 
He makes our natures clean ; 

Nor would he send his Son to be 
The minister of sin. 

His spirit purifies our frame, 
And seals our peace with God ; 

Jesus and his salvation came 
By water and by blood. 

6— L. M, Hymn 23, Ft. 5. B. 1. 

Faith not meritorious. 

1 T)Y faith in Christ we're justified, 
-^ Since 'tis by faith Christ is applied. 
But not for faith or any thing 

We either suffer, do or bring. 

2 Faith is the hand, that Christ receives, 
And takes the treasures, which he gives; 
But faith no merit can possess: 
Christ is the Lord our Righteousness. 

3 Jesus, our soul's delightful choice. 
In thee believing, we rejoice ; 
Thjr promises oar hearts revive, 

Ajid keep oar faintiiig faith a\ivt. 


6 Do thoa the languid spark inflame^ 
Reveal the glories of thy name ! 
Let thy imputed righteousness 
Be all our trust, our joy and peace. 

407— C. M. Hymn 69. R 2 

The power of Faith. 

1 T?AITH adds new charms to earthly bliss, 
J- And saves me from its snares ; 

Its aid in cv'ry duty brings, 
And softens all uiy cares: 

2 Extinguishes the thirst of sin, 

And lights the sacred fire 
Of love to God and heavenly things 
And feeds the pure desire. 

3 The wounded conscience knows its powV, 

The heahng balm to give; 
That bahn the saddest heart can cheer, * 
And make the dying live. 

4 Wide it unveils celestial worlds, 

Where deathless pleasures reign ; 
And bids me seek my portion there. 
Nor bids me seek in vain. 

408— lis. Hymn 130. Ad^ 


1 QTAND fast in the faith, 't is the mandate or > 
►3 God, 

Once utter'd in anguish, once written in blood 
From the cross of the Lord, from the throne it^ 

the sky, 
It was breathed o^etQ^.nVi)\t.\&^ttfic'doD bi^ 


* Stand fast in the faiih; bold apostles have died 
Willi the words on their lips, careless who 

might deride, 
Confessors and martyrs, 'mid torture and flame, 
Have drunk in its accents, and welcomed the 


^ Stand fast in the faith, for the church of the 

Hath inscribed on her banner the glorious word ; 
0*er all her bright cohorts, its glory displayed, 
Ani blazonM on harness, and bucider, and 


L Stand fast in the faith, there are those at thy side 
Who can vanquish the foe in his ramparts of 

pride ; 
Be loyal, be valiant ; thy heart to inspire, 
Lo ! the chariots of God, and the horses of fire. 

K Stand fast in the faith ; though the conflict is 

hot. ^ 

The field hath no strife where thy Captain is 

His eye is upon thee, thou hear'st what he saith : 
" Ho ! quit you like men, and stand fast in the 


6 Stand fast in the faith ! though the faithless 

may flee, 
We will peril our a//, dear Redeemer, for thee ; 
We wiil stand in the conflict, assured that thine 

Shall shield ev'ry soldier from peril and harm. 

409— L. M. Hymn 131. Add 

Power of Faith. 
1 JT^IS by ibe faith of joys to come, 

-^ We walk through deserts dark aaiiv^V 
47 • 


Till we arrive at heaven, oor home, 
Faith is our guide, and faith our light 

2 The want of sight she well supplies; 
She bids the peariy gates appear: 
Far into distant worlds she pries. 
And brings eternal glories near. 

3 Cheerful we tread the desert through, 
While faith beholds a heavenly ray, 
Though lions roar, and tempests blow 
And rocks and dangers fill the way. 

4 So Abr'am, by divine command, 

Left his own home to walk with Grod ; 
His faith beheld the promised land. 
And fired his zeal klong the road. 

Particular Duties. 
410— 7s. Hymn 143 Adi 

Onward. « 

1 TTTHEN we cannot see our way, 

' V We should trust and still obey ; 
He who bids us forward go, 
Will instruct the way to know; 

2 Though the sea be deep and wide. 
Though a passage seems denied — 
Fearless let us still proceed, 
Since the Lord vouchsafes to lead. 

3 Though it seems the gloom of night, 
Though we trace no ray of light, 
Since the Lord himself is there, 
'Tis not meet that we should fear 

4 Night, with him, is always bright. 
Where he is, there all is light ; 
When he calls us, why delay t 
They are happy, ytVio ob^^. 


Be it ours, then, wliilo we 're here, 
Him to follow without fear ; 
Where he calls us, there to go, 
What he bids us, that to do. 

— L. M. Hymn 129. Add 

Conformity to Christ. 

JESUS, my Saviour, let me be 
More perfectly conformed to thee : 
Implant each grace, each sin dethrone. 
And form my temper like thine own. 

Let the envenom'd heart and tongue, 
The hand outstretched to do me wrong, 
Excite no feelings in my breast, 
iBut such as Jesus once express'd. 

To others let me always give 
What I from others would receive ; 
Good deeds for evil ones return, 
Nor when provoked, with anger burn. 

This will proclaim how bright, how fair. 
The precepts of thy gospel are. 
And God himself, the God of love. 
His own resemblance will approve. 

I— L. M. Hymn 142. Add 

Chi^tian Consistency. 

FATHER of spirits, grant that we 
May more and more resemble thee ; 
Daily from strength to strength proceed, 
Christians in name, and so in deed. 

In our whole lives may we express 
The truth and energy of grace; 
A ]ive)y faith, an humble fear, 
And be in truth what we appe^ic. 


3 By our exact obedience show. 
What we to thy rich mercy owe; 
And thus a bright example give. 

To teach the world how they should live 

4 Not tire, nor stop, but still press on, 
To finish well the course begun; 
And then receive the great reward, 
For such, and only such prepared. 

413— S.M. Hymn 157. Adi 

Confidence in God. 

1 TTOW gentle God's commands, 
-tl How kind his precepts are, 

" Come, cast your burdens on the Lord, 
And trust his constant care." 

2 While Providence supports, 
Let saints securely dwell; 

That hand which bears all nature up, 
Shall guide his children well. 

3 Why should this anxious load 
Press down your weary mind ! 

Haste to your heavenly Father's throne. 
And sweet refreshment find. 

4 His goodness stands approved, 
Down to the present day; 

I *11 drop my burden at his feet. 
And bear a song away. 

414— CM. Hymn 14L Ad 

True and false Zeal. 

1 ni^Mi is that pure and heavenly flame, 
^ The fire of love supplies ; 
While that which often bears the name, 
Is self in a disguise. 


i^hile zeal for truth the Christian warms, 
He knows the worth of peace ; 

3at self contends for names and forms. 
Its party to increase. 

Zeal has attain'd its highest aim, 

Its end is satisfied, 
[f sinners love the Saviour's name, 

Nor seeks it aught beside. 

Self may its poor reward obtain, 

And be applauded here ; 
But zeal the best applause will gain 

When Jesus shall appear. 

Dear Lord, the idol self dethrone, 
And from our hearts remove ; 

And let no zeal by us be shown, 
But that which springs from love. 

-C. M. Hymn 132. Add. 

Christian Activity. 

RISE from the dust, my drowsy soul. 
Awake, awake, for God ; 
See, boundless floods of pleasure roll 
Around his blest abode. 

Rouse up and seize the starry crown. 

Nor grovelling lie below ; 
Exertion leads to high renown, 

But sloth to endless wo. 

Dangerous and steep is the ascent. 

To Zion s lofty hill : 
Nor can the soul that's negligent, 

Th' important task fulfil. 

A thousand duties must be doue, 
A tboasaDd lusts destroyed ; 


Th' immortai prize mast first be won, 
Before it is enjoy'd. 

6 Great God, my drooping powers revive, 
The love of sin subdue ; 
Short is the time I have to live, 
Yet so much work to do. 

416— CM. Hymn 133. Add. 

Spiritual Sloth. 

1 IV/TY drowsy powers, why sleep ye so! 
-L^-*- Awake, my sluggish soul, 
Nothing has half thy work to do, 

Yet nothing's half so dull. 

2 The little ants, for one poor grain. 

How they will toil and strive ! 
Yet we, who have a heaven to gain. 
How negligent we live! 

3 We, for whose sake all nature stands. 

And stars their courses move; 
We, for whose guard the angel bands 
Come flying from above. 

4 We, for whom God the Son came do\^^*^ 

To labour for our good ; 
How careless to secure that crown 
He purchased with his blood ! 

6 Lord, shall we be indilFrent still, 
And never act our parts ? 
Spirit Divine, O come, and fill, 
And purify our hearts. 

6 Then shall our active spirits move. 
Upward our souls shall rise. 
With hands of faith and wings of love. 
We'll fly and taWe \.Vi% ^tize. 


7— L. M. Hyum 134. Add 

Christian Race. 

AWAKE our souls, away our fears, 
Let every trembling thought be gone ; 
Awake, and run the heavenly race, 
And put a cheerful courage on. 

I True, 'tis a strait and thorny road. 
And mortal spirits tire and faint; 
But they forget the mighty God, 
Who feeds the strength of every saint. 

3 O mighty God, thy matchless power 
Is ever new and ever young, 
And firm endures while endless years 
Their everlasting circles run. 

i From thee, the overflowing Spring, 
BeHevers drink a fresh supply: 
While such as trust their native strength. 
Shall melt away, and droop, and die. 

5 Swift as an eagle cuts the air, 
O, may we mount to thine abode ; 
On wings of love to Jesus fly. 
Nor tire amidst the heavenly road. 

[8_C. M. Hymn 135. Add 


1 OTRAIT is the way— the door is strait, 
^ Which leads to joys on high ; 

'T is but a few that find the gate, 
While crowds mistake, and die. 

2 Beloved self must be denied; 

The mind and will renewed; 
Passion suppressed, and patience ined. 
And vain desires subdaed. 


3 The tODgae — that most unruly power- 

Requires a strong restraint; 

We must he watchful every hour, 

And pray, but never faint 

4 Lord, can a feeble, helpless worm 

Fulfil a task so hard? 
Thy grace must all the work perform, 
And give the free reward. 

419— 7s 6s. Hymn 136. Add 

The Armour. 

1 TTEIRS of an immortal crown, 
-tl Heed not every foeman's frown, 
Tread the powers of darkness down. 

Through Jehovah's might : 
Though they oft in wrath arise, 
Like the tempest of the skies. 
He can fill them with surprise. 

From his heav'nly height 

2 Soldier, in the tented field 

Ply thy helmet, sword, and shield. 
Till the line of battle yield. 

And before thee flee: 
In thine armour, fearless stand. 
Girded by Jehovah's hand, 
Till within the promised land. 

He shall set thee free. 

420— S. M. Hymn 33, Pt. 2. B. 

Death of Sin. 

1 OHALL we go on to sin, 

^ Because thy grace abounds! 
Or crucify the Lord again. 
And opeu aiV Uv^ wounds! 


2 Forbid it, mighty God! 
Nor let it e'er be said, 

That we, whose sins are crucified, 
Shoald raise them from the dead 

3 We shall be slaves no more. 
Since Christ hath made us free ; 

Hath nail'd our tyrants to his cross, 
And bought our liberty. 

;1— L. M. Hymn 137. Add. 

Christian Warfare. 

1 C TAND up, my soul, shake off thy fear, 
^ And gird the gospel annour on ; 
March to the gates of endless joy. 
Where Jesus, thy great Captain's gone. 

2 Hell and thy sins resist thy course. 
But vanquish'd are those threatening foes ; 
Thy Saviour nail'd them to the cross. 
And sung the triumph when he rose. 

3 What though the prince of darkness rage, 
And waste the fury of his spite; 
Eternal chains confine him down 

To fiery deeps alid endless night. 

4 What though thy inward lusts rebel, 
'T is but a struggling gasp for life; 
The weapons of victorious grace 
Shall slay thy sins and end the strife. 

6 Then let my soul march boldly on. 
Press forward to the heavenly gate ; 
There peace and joy eternal reign, 
And glitt'ring robes for conq'rors wait 
6 There shall I wear a starry crown. 
And triumph in almighty grace, 
While all the armies of the sk\es 
Joia in my glorious Leadei^s ptaiae. 


422— C. M. Hymn 138. Add 

Watch and Pray. 

1 A LAS ! what hourly dangers rise, 
-^ What snares beset my way ! 
To heaven I fain would lift my eyes, 

And hourly watch and pray. 

2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain, 

And melt in flowing tears ! 
Striving against my foes in vain, 
I sink amid my fears. 

3 O gracious God, in whom I live, 

My feeble efforts aid ; 
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive, 
Nor let me be dismay 'd. 

4 Do thou increase my faith and hope, 

When fears and foes prevail : 
And bear my fainting spirit up, 
Or soon my strength will fail. 

5 Oh, keep me in thy heavenly way, 

And bid the tempter flee ; 

And never, never let me stray 

From happiness and thee. 

423— C. M. Hymn 93. B^ "^ 

Running the Christian race. 

1 A WAKE, my soul ! stretch every ne^^ 
-^ And press with vigour on: 

A heav'nly race demands thy zeal, 
And an immortal crown, 

2 'T is God's all-animating voice, 

That calls thee from on high : 
'Tis his own hand presents the prize 
To thine aspxnn^ c^^. 


3 A cload of witnesses around 

Hold thee in full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod, 
And onward urge thy way. 

4 Bless'd Saviour! introduced by thee. 

Have we our race begun: 
And, crown'd with vict'ry, at thy feet 
We lay our laurels down. 

14— L. M. Hymn 92. B 2 

Wi^ming against Slothfulness. 

1 A ISRAEL, to thy tents repair; 

^ Why thus secure on hostile ground ? 
Thy Lord commands thee to beware, 
For many foes thy camp surround. 

2 The trumpet gives a martial strain ; 
O Israel ! gird thee for the fight ; 
Arise, the combat to maintain ; 
Arise, and put thy foes to flight. 

3 O ! sleep not thou as others do, 
Awake, be vigilant, be brave ; 
The coward, and the sluggard too. 
Must wear the fetters of the slave. 

i A nobler lot is cast for thee, 
A crown awaits thee in the skies ! 
With such a hope shall Israel flee. 
And yield through weariness the prize ? 

5 No ! let a careless world repose. 

And slumber on through life's short day. 
While Israel to the conflict goes, 
And bears the glorious prize aw^i^. 



425— C. M. Hymn 43, Pi. 2. B. 1 

The Christian Soldier. 

1 A M I a soldier of the Cross, 
-^ A follow'r of the Lamb ! 
And shall I fear to own bis cause, 

Or blush to speak bis name ! 

2 Must I be carried to the skies, 

On flow'ry beds of ease ; 
While others fought to win the prize, 
And saiFd thro' bloody seas ! 

3 Are there no foes for me to face T 

Must I not stem the flood ? 
Is this wild world a friend to grace, 
To help me on to God ? 

4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign : 

Be faithful to my Lord, 
And bear the toil, endure the pain. 
Supported by thy word. 

5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war, 

Shall conquer tho* they die ; 

They see the triumph from afar. 

And seize it with their eye. 

6 When that Illustrious day shall rise, 

And all thy armies shine 
In robes of vict'ry thro' the skies. 
The glory shall be thine. 

426— S. M. Hymn 91. B 

Watchfulness and Prayer. 

1 IVTY soul, be on thy guard ; 
•^J-L Ten thousand foes arise ; 
And hosts of sin are pressing hard. 
To draw thee ftou\ \\\e %V\«^ 


2 Oh, watch, and fight, and pray, 

The battle ne'er give o'er ; 
Renew it boldly every day, 
And help divine implore. , 

3 Ne'er think the vict'ry won, 

Nor once at ease sit down : 
Thy arduous work will not be done, 
Till thou hast got thy crown. 

27— S. M. Hymn 140. Add. 


1 VE servants of the Lord, 

^ Each in his office wait, 
Observant of his heavenly word. 
And watchful at his gate. 

2 Let all your lamps be bright, 
And trim the golden flame ; 

Gird up your loins, as in his sight, 
For awful is his name. 

3 Watch — ^'t is your Lord's command ; 
And while we speak, he 's near ; 

Mark the first signal of his hand, 
And ready all appear. 

4 O happy servant ho. 

In such a posture found. 
He shall his Lord with rapture see, 
And be with honour crown'd. 

6 Christ shall the banquet spread. 
With bis own bounteous hand, 
And raise that favoured servant^s V\ea4 
Amidst ib' angelic baud. 


428— L. M. Hymn 32, Pt 2. B. I 

Christian Consistency. 

1 CO let our lips and lives express 
^ The holy gospel we profess ; 
So let our works and virtues shine, 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad, 
The honours of our Saviour God; 
When the salvation reigns within, 
And grace subdues the pow'r of sin. 

3 Our flesh and sense must be denied. 
Passions and envy, lust and pride ; 
While justice, temp'rance, truth and love, 
Our inward piety approve. 

4 Religion bears our spirits up, 
While we expect that blessed hope, 
The bright appearance of the Lord ; 
And faith stands leaning on his word. 

429— L. M. Hymn 145. AdJ 

Christian Caution. 

1 TS it a thing of good report 

-L To squander Hfe and time away ! 
To cut the hours of duty short, 
While toys and follies waste the day. 

2 Doth it become the Christian name, 
To venture near the tempter's door, 
To sort with men of evil frame. 
And yet presume to stand secure T 

3 Am I my own suflScient guard, 
While I expose my soul to shame ? 
Can the short joys of sin reward 
The lasting b\emVs\i o^ isi^ tk^\sk^t 


O, may it be my constant choice, 
To walk with men of grace below, 
Till I arrive where heavenly joys 
And never-fading honours grow. 

)— C, M. Hymn 115. B. 2 

Habitual Devotion. 

jXTHILST thee I seek, protecting Power ! 
^^ lie my vain wishes still'd ; 
Lnd may this consecrated hour 
With better hopes be fill'd. 

Thy love the pow'r of thought bestow'd, 
To thee my tiioughts would soar: 

Thy mercy o'er my life has flow'd : 
That mercy I adore. 

n each event of life, how clear 

Thy ruling hand I see ! 
Jach blessing to my soul most dear, 

Because conferred by thee. 

D ev'ry joy that crowns my days, 

In ev'ry pain I bear, 
ly heart shall find delight in praise, 

Or seek relief in praj^'r. 

Vhen gladness wings my favour'd hour. 
Thy love my thoughts shall fill ; 

Lesign'd, when storms of sorrow low'r. 
My soul shall meet thy will. 

fy lifted eye, without a tear. 

The gath'riug storm shall see; 
fj steadfast heart shall know no few \ 
That heart wiil rest on thee. 


431— C. M. Hymn 139. Adi 

Watch and Prat/. 

1 T^HE Saviour bids us watch and pray, 
-^ Through life's brief fleeting hour, 
And gives the Spirit's quick'ning ray 

To those who seek its power. 

2 The Saviour bids us watch and pray, 

Maintain a warrior's strife; 
Help, Lord, to hear thy voice to-day; 
Obedience is our life. 

3 The Saviour bids us watch and pray, 

For soon the hour will come. 
That calls us from the earth away, 
To our eternal home. 

4 O Saviour, we would watch and pray, 

And hear thy sacred voice ; 
And walk as thou hast mark'd the way 
To heaven's eternal joys. 

432— C. M. .Jymn 62, Pt. 3. B. 1 


1 "DEJOICE, believer, in the Lord, 
-"^ Who makes your cause his own ; 
The hope that's built upon his word 

Can ne'er bo overthrown. 

2 Tho' many foes beset your road, 

And feeble is your arm : 
Your life is hid with Christ in God, 
Beyond the reach of harm. 

3 Weak as you are, you shall not faint, 

Or, fainting, shall not die; 
Jesus, the strength of ev'ry saint, 
Will aid \ou <tov£v ow Viv^ 


As snrely as he overcame, 
AdcI triamph'd once for you ; 

So surely, jon, that love his name, 
Shall triumph in him too. 

— L. M. Hymn 33, Pt. 4. B. 1. 

Christ our Strength. 

LET me but hear my Saviouftsay, 
Strength shall he equal to thy day : 
Then I rejoice in deep distress, 
Leaning on aU-su$cicnt grace. 

I glory in infirmity, 

That Christ's own pow'r may rest on me; 
When I am weak, then am I strong 
Grace is my shield and Christ my song. 

I can do all things, or can bear 
All suflTrings, if my Lord be there ; 
Sweet pleasures mingle with the pains. 
While his left hand my head sustains. 

But if the Lord be once withdrawn, 
And we attempt the work alone. 
When new temptations spring and rise, 
We find how great our weakness is. 

—C. M. Hymn 10, Pt. 6. R 1 


StJBMLSSIVE to thy will, my God, 
I all to thee resign ; 
And bow before thy chast'ning rod— 
I mourn, but not repine. 

Why should my foolish heart complain. 
When wisdom, truth, and love 

Direct the stroke, inflict the pain, 
And point to joys above. 


3 How short arc all my sufTriDgs here, 

How needful ev'ry cross! 
Away, my uubeiieving fear, 
Nor call my gain, my loss. 

4 Then give, dear Lord, or take away, 

I '11 bless thy sacred name ; 
My Jesus, yesterday, to-day. 
For ever is the same! 

435— C. M. Hymn 162. B I 

Sickness stceetened. 

1 TI7HEN languor and disease invade 

^^ This trembling house of claj', 
'T is sweet to look beyond my pains, 
And long to fly away. 

2 Sweet to look inward, and attend 

The whispers of his love; 
Sweet to look upward to the place 
Where Jesus pleads above. 

3 Sweet to look back, and see my name 

In life's fair book set down ; 
Sweet to look forward, and behold 
Eternal joys my own. 

4 Sweet to reflect, how grace divine, 

My sins on Jesus laid ; 
Sweet to remember, that his blood 
My debt of suflTring paid. 

5 Sweet in his righteousness to stand, 

Which saves from second death; 
Sweet t' experience, day by day. 
His Spirit's quick'ning breath. 

6 Sweet on his faithfulness to rest. 

Whose love can \ieivei ^tk^\ 


Sweet on his covenant ol grace, 
For all things to depend. 

Sweet in the confidence of faith, 

To trust his firm decrees; 
Sweet to lie passive in his hands, 

And know no will but his. 

; If such the sweetness of the streams, 
What must the fountain be. 
Where saints and angels draw their bliss 
Immediately from thee ? 

6— C. M. Hymn 49, Pt. 3. B. 1. 

The will of God be done in providence. 

L TT is the Lord — enthron'd in light, 
-L Whose claims are all divine ; 
Who has an undisputed right 
To govern me and mine. 

I It is the Lord — should I distrust. 
Or contradict his will! 
Who cannot do but what is just, 
And must be righteous still. 

\ It is the Lord — who gives me all 
My wealth, my friends, my ease; 
And of his bounties may recall 
Whatever part he please. 

I // is the Lord — vi'ho can sustain 
Beneath the heaviest load, 
From whom assistance I obtain 
To tread the thorny road. 

> It is the Lord — whose matchless skill 
Can from afflictions raise 
Matter, eternity to fill 
With ever-growing praise 


6 It is the Lord — my covenant God, 

Thrice blessed be his name! 
Whose gracious promise, scal'd with blood, 
Must ever be the same. 

7 His cov'DaDt will my soul defend. 

Should nature's self expire; 
And the great Judge of all descend 
In awful flames of fire. 

8 And can my soul, with hopes like these, 

Be sullen, or repine ! 
No, gracious God, take what thou please, 
I'll cheerfully resign. 

437— C. M. Hymn 114. B. !• 

Praise for recovery from Sickness. 

1 IV/TY God, thy service well demands 
-L'J- The remnant of my days ; 
Why was this fleeting breath renewed. 

But to renew thy praise? 

2 Thine arms of everlasing lov^ 

Did this weak frame sustain; 
When life was hov'ring o'er the grav^^ 
And nature sunk with pain. 

3 Calmly I bow'd my fainting head 

On thy dear faithful breast; 
Pleas'd to obey my Father's call 
To his eternal rest 

4 Into thy hands, my Savionr-God, 

Did I my soul resign ; 
In firm dependence on that truth, 
Which made salvation mine. 

6 Back from the borders of the grave, 
At thy commuidL \ eom« \ 


Nor will I urge a speedier flight, 
To my celestial home. 

Where thou determio'st mine abode. 
There would I choose to be ; 

For in thy presence death is life, 
And earth is heaven with thee. 

i— C. M. Hymn 129. B. 1. 

Submission under bereavemens. 

PEACE! 'tis the Lord Jehovah's hand 
That blasts our joys in death ; 
Changes the visage once so dear, 
And gathers back the breath. 

'Tis he, the Potentate supreme, 

Of aH the worlds above, 
Whose steady counsels wisely rule, 

Nor from their purpose move. 

' Tis he, whose justice might demand 

Our souls a sacrifice; 
Yet scatters with unwearied hand 

A thousand rich supplies. 

Our covenant God and Father he. 
In Christ our bleeding Lord; 

Whose grace can heal the bursting heart 
With one reviving word. 

' Silent we own Jehovah's name. 
We kiss the scourging hand ; 
And yield our comforts and our life 
To thy supreme command. 

)— P. M. Hymn 7, Pt 4. B. 1. 

Unbelief rebuked. 
7EGONE, unbelief, 
' My Saviour is near; 

^78 HYMN CCCCXXEOt -> ■ 

And for my relief 

Will surely appear; 
By pray'r let me wrestle, and he will petforn 
Widi Christ in the Vessel, I smile at toe storm 

2 Tho' dai[k be my way, 

Since he is my guide, 

'Tis mine to obey, 
: 'T is his to provide: 
Tho' cisterns be broken, and creatures all bS, 
The word, he has spoken, shall surely preraiL 

8 Hb love, in time past. 

Forbids me to think 

He 'U leave me at last. 

In trouble to sink : 
Each sweet Ebenezer, I have in review, 
Confirms his good pleasure to help me qait< 

4 Determined to save. 

He watch'd o'er my path; 

When, Satan's blind. slave, 

I sported with death : 
And can he have taught me to trust in his nal^ 
And thus far have brought me, to put me to sbau^^ 

5 Why should I complain 
Of want or distress, 
Temptation or pain T 
He told me no less: 

The heirs of salvation, I know from his woM 
Thro' much tribulation,' must follow the hotC 

6 How bitter that cup 
No heart can conceive, 

: Which he drank quite up. 
That 'sinners might live! 
Did Jmos thus wffer, and sViaSil t«^a\ 


Since all, that 1 meet, 

Shall work for my good; 

The bitter is sweet, 

The med'cine is food ; 

lo' painful at present, 'twill cease before long, 

id then ! oh bow pleasant the conqueror^s song ! 

tO— C. M. Hymn 49, Pt. 2. B. 1. 

Resignation to the wiU of God. 

1 npHRO' all the downward tracts of time, 
J- God's watchful eye surveys; 

O ! who so wise to choose our lot, 
Or regulate our ways ! 

2 I cannot doubt bis bounteous love, 

Unmeasurably kind ; 
To his unerring, gracious will, 
Be ev'ry wish r^feign'd. 

3 Good when he gives, supremely good. 

Nor less when he denies; 
Ev'n crosses from his sovereign hand 
Are blessings in disguise. 

4 Here perfect bliss can ne'er be found ; 

The honey's mix'd with gall; 
'Midst changing scenes and dying friends. 
Be thou my all in all. 

tl— C. M. Hymn 116. B. 2. 

The devout request. 

1 "pATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss 
-L Thy sov'reign will denies ; 
Accepted at thy throne of grace* 

Let this petition rise. 

2 ^ Give me a calm, a thankful beaxt. 

From ev'ry murmur free; 


The blessings of thy grace impart. 
And make me live to thee. 

3 *' Let the sweet hope that I am thine. 
My life and death attend ; 
Thy presence thro' my journey shine» 
And crown my journey's end" 

442—78. Hymn 149. Add 


1 pHRISTIAN, would'st thou know the joj 
^ Pare religion can impart ! 

Let her truths thy mind employ, 
Firmly fix thy roving heart — 
Till her radiance round thee shine, 
With an influence all divine. 

2 Think, who fills a Father's throne ; 
How in righteousness he reigns ; 
What perfections he hath shown, 
And unchangeable remains : 
Countless worlds proclaim his power. 
And his glorious name adore. 

3 Think of all that heavenly grace. 
Which in Christ, the Lord, appears; 
Till the vision of his face, 

A celestial glory wears; 

While the eye of faith may view 

Wonders still forever new. 

4 Think upon that spirit pure, 
Who the love of God reveals ; 
Shows the promise ever sure, 
And, within, his witness seals : 
Think upon his hallow'd name^ 
Till his love thy ^mI luCL^me. 


is holy, jast and good, 
>u art sinful, weak and vile ; 
isings by his hand bestowed, 
ind thy habitation smile : 
)se should charm thy heart to love, 
^se should fix thy thoughts above. 

t thou now in sadness mourn, 
[ the tear of anguish shed 1 
Id of hope, to God return; 
on high thy drooping head : 
s celestial round thee shine, 
iven and all its joys are thine. 

L. M. Hymn 144. Add. 


THAT my grovelling thoughts could rise 
And rest on things above the skies ; 
ere Christ, my Lord, in glory bright, . 
clothed in robes of heavenly light 

y should my heart descend so low, 
brood on earth, a world of wo, 
ile heaven, where endless pleasures roIl« 
its to entrance the new-born soul. 

Lly, and weak, and languid, I 
V iSutter, and attempt to fly ; 
earth, and sense, and guilt combined 
ig heavily upon my mind. 

iour, let thine attractions be 
felt in all their force by me, 
m shall I mount on wings of love^ 
' £x, and dwell "on things above'* 


444— P. M. 7, 6. Hymn lOa R S 

Breathing after Heaven. 

1 T)ISE, my soul, and stretch thy wings^ 
-"' Thy better portion trace ; 

Rise from transitory things, 

Toward heav'n, thy native place. 

San, and moon, and stars decay — 
Time shall soon this earth remove; 

Rise, my soul, and haste away 
To seats prepared above. 

2 Rivers to the ocean run. 

Nor stay in all their course ; 
Fires ascending seek the sun, 

Both speed theui to their source ; 
So a soul that's born of God, 

Pants to view his glorious face ; 
Upward tends to his abode. 

To rest in his embraca 

3 Fly me riches, fly me cares. 

While I that coast explore ; 
Flatt'ring world, with all thy snares, 

Solicit me no more. 
Pilgrims fix not here their home. 

Strangers tarry but a night ; 
When the last dear morn is come, 

They '11 rise to joyful light. 

4 Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to mourn. 

Press onward to the prize ; 
Soon the Saviour will return, 

Triumphant in the skies : 
There we'll join the heavenly train. 

Welcome to partake the bliss ; 
Fly from sorrow and from pain, 

To realms o( eud\&sa ^eace. 


5— P. M. Hymn 148. Add 

FoUomng Clirist. 

LOOK up to yonder world, 
See myriads round the throne! 
Each bears a golden harp, 
And wears a glorious crown : 
With zeal they strike the sacred lyre, 
\.nd strive to raise their praises higher. 

I Believing in his name, 

They in his footsteps trod ; 

His righteousness their hope. 

Their only plea his blood; 
Lo! now they reign with him above, 
Behold his face, and sing his love. 

3 And shall we not aspire. 
Like them, our course to run T 
The crown if we would wear 
That crown must first be toon : 

Divinely taught, they show'd the way, 

First to believe, and then obey. 

[6— C. p. M. Hymn 150. Add 


WITH eyes of faith and wings of love. 
My soul would upward rise ; 
And converse hold with things above. 
And all that heavenly influence prove. 
Which grace divine supplies. 

But sin will oft my heart betray, 
And cares from morn till e'en 
Command my lab'riug thoughts away, 
And my alTections far astray 
From happiness and heavea. 


3 Heaven is the portion of my soal, 

My treasure and my joy ; 
There's "naught on earth, from pole to pole,' 
Where mountains rise or oceans roll. 

That should my heart employ. 

4 Upward, still upward, let me soar, 

While in this vale of tears ; 
Till earthly cares and toils are o'er. 
And sin shall wound my heart no more^ — 

When heaven itself appears. 

447— C. M. Hymn 151. Add 

A Christian Life. 

1 npHRICE happy souls, who, bom from heaven 
-L While yet they sojourn here, 

Do all their days with God begin, 
And spend them in his fear. 

2 'Midst hourly cares, may love present 

Its incense to thy throne ; 
And while the world our hands employs. 
Our hearts be thine alone. 

3 As sanctified to noblest ends 

Be each refreshment sought ; 
And by each various providence 
Some wise instruction brought 

4 When to laborious duties call'd, 

Or by temptations tried. 
We'll seek the shelter of thy wings. 
And in thy strength confide. 

6 As different scenes of life arise, 
Our grateful hearts would be 
With thee, amidst the social band- 
In solitude with thee. 


^D solid, pare delights like these, 

Let all my days be past; 
!*^or shall I then impatient wish, 

Nor shall I fear the last. 

8— L. M. Hymn 146. Add. 


1 T^OUNTAIN of blessing, ever blest, 
-L Enriching all, of all possessed ; 
By whom the whole creation's fed, 
Give me, each day, my daily bread. 

2 To thee my s^xy life I owe. 
From thee do all my comforts flow; 
And ev'ry blessing which I need, 
Most from thy bounteous hand proceed. 

3 Great things are not what I desire. 
Nor dainty meat, nor rich attire ; 
Content with little would I be; 
That little, Lord, must come from thee. 

4 While wicked men, with all their store, 
Are ever grasping after more ; 

With Agur's wish I'm satisfied, 
Nor grudge them all the world beside. 

:9— C. M. Hymn 152. Add- 

Justice and Equity, 

1 piOME, let us search our ways and try ; 
^ Have they been just and right t 

Is the great rule of equity 
Our practice and delight ? 

2 What we would have our neighbour do, 

Have we done still the same! 
And ne'er dehy'd to pay h\s Awo^ 
Nor injured his good namel 


3 III il we sell ia iJ w* tej. 

Do w^ rea&f-mbw tjod is bisIi. 

Aiid ii>* wTitii cirxse ! 

4 In rain w^ tsslk of Jesiis' IOckmL 

Aod boast Lb name in rain. 
If we can slight the laws of God, 
And prore anjast to men. 

450— C. 3L Hnnn 32, Pl 1. R 1. 


1 XJOW can I ^nk with snch a prop 
-tl As my eternal God. 

Wbo bears the earth's hage pillars np, 
And spreads the heav'ns abroad ! 

2 IIow can I die while Jesns lives, 

Wbo rose and left the dead \ 
Pardon and grace my soal receives, 
From mine exalted head. 

3 All that I am, and all I have, 

Sball be for ever thiue ! 
Wbatc'cr my duty bids me give. 
My cheerful bands resign. 

4 Yet if I niigbt make some reserve, 

And duty did not call, 
I \i)\i\ my Ciod with zeal so great, 
That I would give him all. 

451—0. M. Hymn 147. Ac^ 

Christian Charity. 

1 T ORI), when our offerings we present 
J-^ Before thy gracious throne, 
Wo but return what thou hast lent, 
And give ihee oC thine own. 


The power and willingness to give, 

Alike proceed from thee : 
We still are debtors, since we live 

Only by thy decree. 
Ourselves, our all, to thee we owe ; 

And if we come behind 
What others of their wealth bestow, 

Accept our willing mind, 
i O Lord, our contributions bless. 

For their appointed end; 
And crown with happiest success, 

The cause that we befriend. 

)2— S. M. Hymn 116. B. 1 


1 ^HY bounties, gracious Lord, 
-L With gratitude we own: 

We bless thy providential grace, 

Which show'rs its blessings down^ 

2 With joy the people bring 
Their offerings round thy throne ; 

With thankful souls behold we pay 
A tribute of thy own. 

3 Accept this humble mite. 
Great Sovereign Lord of all ; 

Nor let our num'rous mingling sins. 
The fragrant ointment spoil. 

4 Let a Redeemer's blood 
Diffuse its virtues wide ; 

Hallow and cleanse our ev'ry gift. 
And all our follies hide. 
fi O may this sacrifice 
To thee the Lord ascend, 
An odoar of a sweet perfume, 
Presented by his hand. 


6 Well pleas'd, our God shall view 
The products of his grace; 
And in a plentiful reward 
Fulfil his promises. 

453— L. M. Hymn 116. B 


1 T^HE gold and silver are the Lord*s, 
-A- Aod ev'ry blessing earth affords; 
All come from his propitious hand, 
And must return at his command. 

2 The blessings which I now enjoy, 

I must for Christ and souls employ ; 
For if I use them as my own, 
My Lord will soon call in his loan. 

3 When I to him in want apply, 
He never does my suit deny ; 
And sliall I then refuse to give, 
Since I so much from him receive ? 

4 Shall Jesus leave the realms of day. 
And clothe himself in humble clay, 
Shall he become despis'd and poor, 
To make me rich for evermore 1 

5 And shall I wickedly withhold. 
To give my silver and my gold ? 
To aid a cause my soul approves. 
And save the sinners Jesus loves? 

6 Expand my heart— incline me. Lord, 
To give the whole 1 can afford ; 
That, what thy bounty renders mine, 
I may with cVkcet^xA Vi^.uds resi^. 


54— L. M. Hymn 117. B. 1. 


WHEN Jesus dwelt in mortal clay, 
What were his works from day to day, 
But miracles of pow'r and grace, 
That spread salvation thro' our race T 

Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view 
Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue ; 
Let alms bestow'd, let kindness done 
Be witnessed by each rolling sun. 

That man may breathe, but never lives^ 
Who much receives, but nothing gives, 
Whom none can love, whom none can thank ; 
Creation's blot, creation's blank : 

But he, who marks, from day to day. 
In gen'rous acts, his radiant way, 
Treads the same path his Saviour trod. 
The path to glory and to God. 

55— C, M- Hymn 118. B. 1. 


\ TESUS, my Lord, how rich thy grace! 
J Thy bounties how complete ! 
How shall I count the matchless sumt 
How pay the mighty debt? 

3 High on a throne of radiant light 
Dost thou exalted shine ; 
What can my poverty bestow 
When all the worlds are thine ? 

3 But thou hast brethren here below. 
The partners of thy grace ; 
And wilt confess their humble T\am^ti 
Belbre tby Father's face. 


4 In theui thou ma/st be cloth'd and fed, 

And visited and cheer'd ; 
And in their accents of distress, 
My Saviour's voice is beard. 

5 Thy face, with revVence and with love, 

We in thy poor would see ; 
O let us rather beg our bread 
Than keep it back from thee ! 

456— L.M. Hymn 119. B.l 


1 A WHAT stupendous mercy shines 
^ Around the majesty of heav'ni 
Rebels he deigns to call his sons, 
Their souls renew'd, their sins forgivn. 

2 Go, imitate the grace divine, 
The grace that blazes like a sun ; 
Hold forth your fair, tho' feeble light. 
Thro' all your lives let mercy run, 

3 Upon your bounty's willing wings, 
Swift fly your gifts and charity ; 
The hungry feed, the naked clothe. 
To pain and sickness health apply. 

4 Pity the weeping widow's woe. 
And be her counsellor and stay ; 
Adopt the fatherless, and smooth 
To useful, happy life, his way. 

5 Let age, with want and weakness bow'^ 
Your bowels of compassion move ; 

Let e'en your enemies be bless'd, 
Their haired recompens'd with love. 

6 When all is done, renounce your deeds. 
Renounce self-righteousness with scorn ; 
Thus will you glorify your Grod, 

And thus the CVimu^w i\aLU\c adorn. 


7— C. M. Hymn 120. B. L 


I T7ATHER of mercies, send thy grace, 
J- All powerful, from above, 
To form, in our obedient souls. 
The image of thy love. 

J O may our sympathising breasts 
The generous pleasure know, 
Kindly to share in others' joy. 
And weep for others' woe ! 

5 Not Hke the Levite and the Priest, 

Who saw, with hearts of stone, 
Their neighbour groaning in distress, 
And left him still alone. 

4 When the most helpless sons of grief 
In sorrows low are laid ; 
Soft be our hearts, their pains to feel, 
And swift our hands to aid. 

6 So Jesus look'd on dying man, 

When thron'd above the skies; 
And, 'midst th' embraces of his God, 
He felt compassion rise.' 

G On wings of love the Saviour flew. 
To raise us from the ground ; 
And shed the richest of his blood, 
A balm for ev'ry wound. 

8— C. M. Hymn 121. B. 1. 


BLEST is the man whose heart expands 
At melting pity's call ; 
And the rich blessings of whose \vaivds 
Like heav'nly manna falL 


2 Mercy, descending from above, 

In softest accents pleads ; 
O may each tender bosom move, 
When mercy intercedes ! 

3 Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way 

To guide untutor'd youth; 
And lead the mind, that went astray, 
To virtue and to truth. 

4 Children onr kind protection claim, 

And God will well approve. 
When infants learn to lisp his name, 
And their Creator love. 

5 Delightful work, young souls to win, 

And turn the rising race 
From the deceitful paths of sin, 
To seek redeeming grace. 

6 Almighty God, thy influ nee shed 

To aid this good design ; 
The honours of thy name be spread, 
And all thy glory shine. 

459— P. M. Hymn 122. B. 1 


1 \rOW let^ur hearts conspire to raise 
^ A cheerful anthem to his praise. 

Who reigns enthroned above : 
Let music, sweet as incense, rise, 
With grateful odours, to the skies ; 

The work of joy and love. 

2 How many children, Lord, we see 
In ignorance and misery. 

Unprincipled, untaught ! 
Shall they continue still to lie 
In ignorance and tmsety 1 

We cannot beat tVie tVvou^x- 


We feel a sjmpathising heart ; 
Lord, 'tis a pleasure to impart, 

To thee thine own we give : 
Hear thou our cry, and pitying see ; 
O let these children live to thee ! 

O let these children live ! 

)— C. M. Hymn. 117. B. 2. 


FAR from the world, O Lord, 1 flee, 
PVom strife and tumult far ; 
From scenes where Satan wages still 
His most successful war. 

I The calm retreat, the silent shade. 
With pray'r and praise agree : 
And seem hy thy sweet bounty made 
For those who follow thee. 

J Then, if thy Spirit touch the soul. 
And grace her mean abode, 
Oh, with what peace and joy and love, 
She there communes with God ! 

4 There, like the nightingale, she pours 
Her solitary lays; 
Nor asks a witness of her song, 
Nor thirsts for human praise. 

I— C. M. Hymn 118. B. 2. 

Evening Twilight. 

I T LOVE to steal awhile away 
A From ev'ry cumb'ring care. 
And spend the hours of setting day, 
In bumble, grateful pray'r. 

) I love in solitude to shed 
Tlw penitentinl tear, 


And all His promises to plead 
Where none but God can hear. 

3 I love to think on mercies past, 

And future good implore, 
And all my cares and sorrows cast 
On Him whom I adore. 

4 1 love by faith to take a view 

Of brighter scenes in heav'n; 
The prospect doth my strength renew, 
While here by tempests driv'n. 

6 Thus when life's toilsome day is o*er, 
May its departing ray 
Be calm as this impressive hour, 
And lead to endless day. 

462— CM. Hymn 106. B. a 

Passage through Life. 

1 TX7E seek a rest beyond the skies, 

^^ In everlasting day ; 
Through floods and flames the fiassage lie^ 
But Jesus guards the way. 

2 The swelling flood, and raging flame. 

Hear, and obey his word; 
Then let us triumph in his name, 
Our Saviour is the Lord. 

463— P. M. 11. Hymn 107. B. 2. 

The Pilgrim of Zicn. 

1 O AD pilgrim of Zion, tho' chasten'd awhile, 
^^ Thro* this dark vale of tears, hope bids thee 

to smile ; 
Far spent is the night ; — see approaching the 

That calls thee froiw&oncm^tkdsv^hiDg away. 


• ^o tear of repentance, nor wave of the storm, 
^ot a cloud shall e'er darken the light of that 

W"here thy sun sets no more, but for ever shall 

tliisullied in beauty, in glory divine. 

^Vhitethy robe, wash'din blood, the price that 

was giv'n 
I'o redeem thee from earth, and raise thee to 

heav'n ; 
Where love blooms in peace, and blestjoys feast 

thy sight. 
Where God is thy Glory, the Lord thy delight 

4 O Pilgrim, till then be thou instant Jip pray'r, 
Life's sorrows and pains thy Redeemer will 

Reposing in death, still the love that ne'er dies. 
Sheds light to conduct thee in peace to the 


464— L. P. M. Hymn 103. B. 2. 

The Christian IsiaeL 

L T^HUS far on life's perplexing path, 
-L Thus far, thou. Lord, our steps hast led ; 
Snatch'd from the world's pursuing wrath, 
Unharm'd though floods hung o'er our head ; 
Like ransom'd Israel on the shore. 
Here then we pause, look back, adore. 

2 Strangers and pilgrims here below. 
Like all our fathers in their day. 
We to the land of promise go, 
Lord, by thine own appointed way ; 
Still gaide, illumine, cheer our fl'igVit, 
la cloud by day, in fire by mght. 


3 Safety tby presence is, and rest. 
While, as the eagle o*er her brood. 
Flatters her pinions, stirs the nest, 
Covers, defends, provides them food, 
Bears on her wings, instructs to fly, — 
Thy love prepares us for the sky. 

4 Protect us through the wilderness, 
From fiery serpents, plague, and foe; 
With bread from heav'n thy people bless^ 
And living streams where'er we go ; 
Nor let our rebel hearts repine. 

Or follow any voice but thine. 

5 Thy holy law to us proclaim, 
But not from Sinai's top alone ; 
Hid in the rock-cleft, be thy name. 
Thy pow'r and all thy goodness shown • 
And may we never bow the knee, 

Nor worship any God but thee. 

6 When we have numbered all our years. 
And stand at length on Jordan's brink. 
Though the flesh fail with mortal fears, 

let not then the spirit sink: 

But strong in faith, and hope, and love. 
Plunge through the stream to rise above. 

465— L. M. Hymn 52. Pt 1. B. :« 


1 ^FHUS far my God has led me on, 

-L And made his truth and mercy knowa 
My hopes and fears alternate rise. 
And comforts mingle with my sighs. 

2 Thro' this wide wilderness I roam, 
Far distant from my blissful home; 
Lord, let thy presence be my stay, 

A nd guard mc \y\ llus dau^'rous way. 


Pemptations evVy where annoy, 
\nd sins and snares my peace destroy; 
My earthly joys are from me torn, 
^nd oft an absent God I mourn. 

My soul with various tempests toss'd ; 
Her hopes o'ertum'd, her projects cross'd ; 
Sees ev'ry day new straits attend, 
And wonders where the scene will end. 

Is this, dear Lord, that thorny road 
Which leads us to the mount of God ? 
Are these the toils thy people know. 
While in the wilderness below ! 

T is even so — thy faithful love 
Doth all thy children's graces prove; — 
'T is thus our pride and self must fall, 
That Jesus may be All in all. 

-C. P. M. Hymn 264. Add 

The Family Vow. 

I AND my house will serve the Lord: 
But first, obedient to his word, 
I must myself appear ; 
By actions, words, and temper, show 
That I my heavenly Master know, 
And serve with heart sincere. 

I must the fair example set ; 

From those that on thy pleasure wait. 

Each stumbling-block remove ; 
Their duty by my life explain; 
And still in all niy works maintain 

The dignity of love. 

Easy to be entreated, mild, 
Qaickly appeased and reconcWed, 
A follower of my God ; 


A saint, indeed, I long to be, 
And lead my faithful family 
In the celestial road. 

4 Lord, if thou didst the wish infuse, 
A vessel fitted for thy use. 

Into thy hands receive ; 
Work in me both to will and do. 
And show them how believers true 

And real Christians live. 


1. General Character. 

2. Her Worship. 

3. Ministry. 

4. Sacraments. 

167— L. M. Hymn 21, Pt. 1. B. I 

The Church. 

1 OHOUT ! for the blessed Jesu^i reigns, 
^ Thro' distant lands his triumphs spread 
And sinners, freed from endless pains, 
Own him their Saviour and their head. 

2 He calls his chosen from afar, 
They all at Zion's gate arrive; 
Those who were dead in sin before, 
By sovereign grace are made alive. 

3 Gentiles and Jews his laws obey. 
Nations remote their off'rings bring. 
And, unconstrained, their homage pay 
To their cxaUed God aiid King;. 


O may his Holy Cliurch increase, 
His Word and Spirit still prevail ; 
While angels celebrate his praise, 
And saints his growing glories hail ! 

^ Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb, 
From all below and all above; 
InJofty songs exalt his name, 
In songs, as lasting as his love. 

8— 8s 7s. Hymn 179. Add. 

The Glories of the Church. 

1 /GLORIOUS things of thee are spolwen, 
^ Zion, city of our God ; 

He, whose word can ne'er be broken, 
Chose thee for his own abode. • 

On the Rock of Ages founded. 
Who can shake her sure repose T 

With salvation's wall surrounded, 
She can smile at all her foes. 

2 See the streams of living waters, 

Springing from eternal love, 
Well supply her sons and daughters. 

And the fear of want remove : 
Who can faint, while such a river 

Onward flows her thirst t' assuage — 
Grace, which, like the Lord — the giver. 

Never fails from age to age. 

3 Round each habitation hov'ring, 

See the cloud and fire appear. 
For a glory and a cov'ring, 

Showing that the Lord is near. 
Glorious things of thee are spoken, 

Zion, city of our God ; 
He, whose word can ne'er be broken. 

Forms thee for his own abode, 


469— L. M Hynm 185. Add 

The Church. 

1 T)17E are a garden, wall'd aroand, 

^Y Chosen and made pecaliar grooD^; 
A little spot enclosed by grace. 
Out of the world's wide wildcrqess. 

2 Like trees of myrrh and spice we stao^ 
Planted by God the Father's hand, 
And all our springs in Zion flow, 

To make the young plantation grow. 

3 Awake, O heavenly wind, and come, 
Blow on this garden of perfume, 
Spirit divine, descend and breathe 

A gracious gale on plants beneath. 

4 Make our best spices flow abroad, 
To entertain our Saviour, God ; 
Let faith, and love, and joy, appear. 
And every grace be active here. 

470— 12s lis. Hymn 183. Add. 

The House of God. 

1 ^HERE'S a refuge of peace, from the tempests 
-A- that beat, 

From the dark clouds that threaten, from tb^ 
wild wind that blows, 
A holy, a sweet, and a lovely retreat, 
A spring of refreshment, a place of repose* 

2 'T is the house of my God — 'tis the dwelling 

of prayer — 
'T is the temple all hallo w'd by blessing and 

praise ; 
If sorrow and faithfulness conquer me there. 
My heart to the t\iTou^o(V»%^r«ja«lcan raise. 


P*or a refuge like this, oh! what praises are due, 
^ w a rest so serene, for a covert so fair ; 

Ah, why are the seasons of worship so few ! 

Ah, ivhy are so seldom the meetings of 
prayer ! 

i7l— L. M. Hymn 180. Add, 

Admission of Members. 

1 17 INDEED in Christ, for his dear sake, 
-"- A hearty welcome here receive ; 
May we together now partake 

The joys which he alone can give, 

2 To you and us, by grace 't is given, 
To know the Saviour's precious name ; 
And shortly we shall meet in heavdn. 
Our hope, our way, our end the same. 

3 May he, by whose kind care we meet. 
Send his good Spirit from above. 
Make our communications sweet. 
And cause our hearts to burn with love. 

4 We '11 talk of all he did and said. 
And sufTer'd for us here below ; 
The path he mark'd for us to tread. 
And what his mercy will bestow. 

^ 5 Thus as the moments pass away, 
We'll love, and wonder, and adore, 
And think upon that glorious day 
When we shall meet to part no more. 

472— L. M. Hymn 181. Add. 

Young Converts. 

1 TI7ELCOME, ye hopeful heirs of heav'n, 
^^ To this rich gospel feast of love ; 
This pledge is but the prelude given 
To that immomX feast above. 


How great the blessing, thus to meet 
Aconnd the sacramental board, 
And hold, by faith, communion sweet 
With Christ, our dear and cominoQ Lori 

3 And if so sweet this feast below, 
What will it be to meet above, 
Where all we see, and feel, and know, 
Are fruits of Everlasting love. 

4 Soon shall we tune the heavenly lyre,. 
Whilst list'uing worlds the song approve; 

* Eternity itself expire, 

Ere we exhaust the theme of love. 

473— CM. Hymn 184. A(H 

• ChurcKs Appeal. 

1 TI7HY should'st thou linger to obey . 

' ' Thy Saviour's great command! 
. Why from his blessed gospel feast 
At awful distance stand ! 

2 Why shouidst thou not his death record 

And with his people join, 
To take the sacramental bread. 
And sacramental wine? 

3 Why shouidst thou say, " I am too young 

Or fear thou art unfit X 
Should'st thou not love the Saviour's nan 
And to his yoke submit. 

4 Why shouidst thou hesitate to go, 

And friendly counsel take? 
His servants may resolve thy doubts^ 
And words of comfort speak. 
6 Arise, arise, go, seek advice; 
And if thou art sincere. 
With haste obey thy dying Lord^ 
And with his saints appear. 


74— P. M. Hymn IQO. B. 1. 

At the forming of a Church. 

1 n REAT Father of mankind, 
^ We bless, that wondrous grace, 
Which conld for Gentiles find 
Within thy courts a place ; 
How kind the care our God displays, 
For us to raise a hocise of prayer! 

2 Tho' once estranged far, 

We now approach the throne ; 
For Jesus brings us near. 
And makes our cause his own ; 
Strangers no more, to thee we come, 
And find oor home, and rest secare. 

3 To thee our souls we join. 
And love thy sacred name ; 
No more our own, but thine. 
We triumph in thy claim: 

Our Father King, thy covenant grace, 
Our souls embrace, thy titles sing. 

4 Here in thy house we feast 
On dainties all divine ; 

And while such sweets we taste. 

With joy our faces shine : 
Incense shall rise from flames of love. 
And God approve the sacrifice. 

5 May all the nations throng 
To worship in thy house! 
And thou attend the song, 
And smile upon their vows; 

Indulgent still, till earth conspire 
To join the choir on ZiorCs hill ! 



475— S. M. Hymn 182. A dd 

Public Worship. 

1 TTOW pleased was I to bear 
JLL The friends of 

Zion say» 
Now to her courts let us repair 
And keep the solemn day. 

2 Hither the rich and poor 
Their various offerings bring. 

And in harmonious strains adore 
Their Maker, and their King* 

3 Here beams of mercy shine. 
And streams of goodness flow ; 

Here we may feast on joys divine. 
And taste of heaven below. 

4 Here I would ever stay 
Or, if I must remove. 

Gome, angels, bear me swift away. 
To brighter scenes above. 

476— P. M. 8, 7, 4. Hymn 124. R ^ 

Al the close of Worslnp. 

1 T ORD, disutiss us with thy blessing, 
-Li Fill our hearts with joy and peace ; 
Let us each, thy love possessing. 

Triumph in redeemii^ grace ; 

Oh, refresh us. 
Traveling through this wilderness ! 

2 Thanks we give, and adoration. 

For thy Gospel's joyful sound ; 
May the fruits of thy salvation 
In our hearts aod ^n«& thcMuod ! 


May thy presence 
With us evermore be found! 

So, whene'er the signal 's giv'n, 

Us from earth to call away ; 
Borne on angels' wings to heav'u, 

Glad to leave our cumbrous clay. 
May we, ready, 

Rise and reign in endless day ! 


17— C. M. Hymn 156. Add. 

Confidence in God. 

1 A PPROACH, my soul, the mercy-seat, 
-^ Where Jesus answers prayer ; 
There humbly fall before his feet, 

For none can perish there. 

2 Thy promise is my only plea. 

With this I venture nigh; 
Thou cailest burdened souls to thee, 
And such, O Lord, am 11 

3 Bow'd down beneath a load of sin, 

By sorrow sore oppressed ; 
By war without, and fears within, 
I come to thee for rest. 

4 Be thou my Shield and Hiding-place, 

That, shelter'd near thy side, 
I may my fierce accuser face. 
And tell him, thou hast died. 

5 O, wondrous love ! to bleed and die. 

To bear the cross and shame. 
That guilty sinners, such as I, 
Might plead thy gracious name« 


478— L.M. Hymn 45, PL 1. B. 1 


1 TI7HERE is mj God? does be retire 

V f Beyond the reach of homMe agh^^f 
Are these weak breathings of desire 
Too languid to ascend the skies! 

2 No^ Lord! the breathings of desire. 
The weak petition, if sincere, 

Is not forbidden to aspire ; 
Bat reaches thy all-graeioiis ear. 

Look op, my soal, with cheerful eye. 
See where the great Redeemer stands ; 
The glorious Advocate on high; 
With precious mcense in his bands. 

4 He sweetens evVy humble groan. 
He recommends each broken prayer : 
Recline thy hope on Him alone. 
Whose pow'r and love forbid despair. 

479— C. M. Hymn 113. R S=^ 

The nature of Prayer. 

1 "pRAY'R is the soul's sincere desire, 
^ Utter'd or unexpress'd ; 

The motion of a hidden fire. 
That trembles in the breast. 

2 Pray'r is the burden of a sigh, 

The falling of a tear; 
The upward glancing of an eye. 
When none but God is near. 

8 Pray'r is the simplest form of speech 
That infant lips can try ; 
Fray'r the sublimest strains that reach 
The majesty ou h\^tu 


rray'r is the Christian's vital breath, 

The Christian's native air, 
The watchword at the gates of death :— 

He enters heav'n with pray'r. 

I'ray'r is the contrite sinner's voice, 

Returning from his ways; 
^hile angels in their songs rejoice, 

And cry, " Behold, he prays !" 

In pray'r on earth, the saints are one : 
They're one in word and mind 

When, with the Father and the Son, 
Sweet fellowship they find. 

f O thoa, by whom we come to God, 
The life, the truth, the way,- 
The path of pray'r thyself hast trod ; 
Lord, teach us how to pray. 

!0— C. M. Hymn 112. B. 2 

Preparation for Prayer. 

1 T ORD, teach us how to pray aright, 
-L^ With rev'rence and with fear; 
Though dust and ashes in thy sight. 

We may, we must draw near. 

2 God of all grace, we come to thee. 

With broken, contrite hearts; 
Give, what thine eyes delight to see. 
Truth in the inward parts. 

3 Give deep humility — the sense 

Of godly sorrow give ; 
A strong desiring confidence 
To hear thy voice and live ;— 

4 Faith in the only sacrifice 

That can for sin atone; 
To cast our hopes, to fix our eyes, 
On Christ, on Christ alone; — 


5 Patience to watch, and wait, and weepi 

Though mercy long delay; 
Courage our fainting souls to keep, 
And trUst thee though thou slay. 

6 Give these, and then thy will be done, 

Thus strengthened with all might. 
We by thy Spirit, and thy Son, 
Shall pray, and pray aright. 

481— L. M. Hymn 45, Pt 3. B^ ^ 

Exhortation to Prat/er. 

1 TI7HAT various hindrances we meet, 

Y » In coming to a mercy-seat ! 
Yet who, that knows the worth of prayer. 
But wishes to be often there ? 

2 Prayer makes the darkened cloud withdrar^^i! 
Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw — 
Gives exercise to faith and love — 

Brings ev'ry blessing from above. 

3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fight ; 
Prayer makes the Christian's armour brigh^^* 
And Satan trembles, when he sees 

The weakest saint upon his knees. 

4 Were half the breath that's vainly spent, 
To heav*n in supplication sent — 

Our cheerful song would oft'ner be, 

•• Hear what the Lord has done for me !" 

482— L. M. Hymn 125. B.T ^ 

Social Worship. 

1 "TITHERE two or three with sweet accord- 
^^ Obedient to their sov'reign Lord, 
Meet to recount his acts of grace, 
And oflFer solemn iptu^^t ^iid praise— 


i ** There, says the Saviour, will I be, 
Amid this little company ; 
To them anveil my shining face, 
And shed my glories round the place.'' 

t We meet at thy command, dear Lord, 
Kelying on thy faithful word ; 
Now send thy spirit from above. 
Now fill our hearts w*ith heav'nly love. 

183— L. M. Hymn 111. B. 2 

TTie Mercy Seat. 

1 T?ROM ev'ry stormy wind that blows, 
J- From ev'ry swelling tide of woes. 
There is a calm, a sure retreat, 

T is found beneath the mercy seat. 

2 ^erc is a place, where Jesus sheds 
The oil of gladness on our heads ; 
A place than all besides more sweet. 
It is the blood-bought mercy seat. 

3 There is a scene, where spirits blend. 
Where friend holds fellowship with friend, 

. Though sunder'd far, by faith they meet^ 

Around one common mercy seat. 
^ Ah ! whither could we flee for aid. 
When tempted, desolate, dismayed ! 
Or how the hosts of hell defeat, 
Had sufFring saints no tncrcy seat f 

6 There, there on eagle's wings we soar, 
And sin, and sense, seem all no more; 
And heav'n comes down our souls to greet. 
And glory crowns the mercy seat. 

6 O, let my hand forget her skill. 
My tongue be silenjt, cold and still, 

• ' This bounding heart forget to beat» 
If I forget thy mercy seat. 


484— lis. Hymn 120. Adc^- 

Pray tciihout ceasing. 

1 TT7HEN morning is rising, o'er moantain aik. ^ 

^' lawn, 

And every thing waketh to welcome the daw^^^t 
When far down the valley the mists fly awa^P"* 
Aronse thee from slumber, arouse thee an ^ 

2 And when the still noon in its beauty draw * 

And nature seems ready to languish and die*^» 
Then halt on thy march, in the heat of th-^^ 

Then lift up thy thoughts to thy Father, an^^ 


3 When evening descends like a spirit of peaces -^ 
And labour and tumult grow fainter and ceas^^ 
When night cometh down in her starry arra}'-^ 
Then haste to the God of thy spirit and pray^- 

4 Remember his goodness, whose hand hassup^ 

Each want of thy bosom, nor ever denied 
The smiles of his bounty to gladden thy way ; 
Remember his goodness, and gratefully pray- 

5 Oh, pray to him always, in sorrow and joy 
When peace is around thee, or troubles 

annoy ; 
The light of his presence the storm shall 
% Or temper thy gladness — then constantly 

pray. I 


5— S. M. Hymn 45, Ft. 2. B. 1. 

Tlie prayer of faith. 

1 npHE Lord, who truly knows 
J- The heart of evVy saint, 

[nvites us, by his holy word, 
To pray, and never faint. 

2 He bows his gracious ear! 
We never plead in vain ; 

Yet we must wait till he appear. 
And pray, and pray again. 

3 Tho' unbelief suggest 
"Why should we longer wait ? 

He bids us never give him rest; 
But be importunate. 

4 'T was thus a widow poor, 
Without support or friend, 

Beset the unjust judge's door, 
And gain'd at last her end. 

5 And shall not Jesus hear 
His chosen when they cry ? 

Yes ; tho' he may a while forbear. 
He '11 not their suit deny. 

6 Then let us earnest be. 
And never faint in prayer; 

He loves our importunity. 

And makes our cause his care. 

!6— L. M. Hymn 45, Ft. 4. B. 1. 

Lonts Prayer. 

1 rjUR Father, thron'd in heav'n, divine, 
^To thy great name be praises paid ; 
Thy kingdom come, — Thy glory shine ; 
And thy good will be still obeyed. 


2 Give us our bread from day to day, 
And all our wants do thou supply : 
With gospel-truth feed us, we pray. 
That we may never faint, uor die. 

3 Extend thy grace, our hearts renew, 
Our each offence in love forgive; 
Teach us divine forgiveness too. 
And, freed from evil, let us live. 

4 For thine 's the kingdom, and the pow'r 
And all the glory waits thy name; 

Let ev'ry saint thy grace adore. 
And sound in songs their loud Amen. 

487— C. M. Hymn 46, Pl 1. B. ^ 

Our Father. 

1 OOV'REIGN of all the worlds on high, 
^ Allow our humble claim; 

Nor, while poor worms would raise theirheaJ^ 
Disdain a Father's name. 

2 Our Father God I how sweet the sound ! 

How tender and how dear ! 
Not all the melody of heav'n 
Could so delight the ear. 

3 Come, sacred spirit, seal the name. 

On my expanding heart ; 
And show, that in Jehovah's grace, 
I sbare a filial part. 

4 Cheer'd by a signal so divine, 

Unwav'ring I believe : 
Thou know'st I Ahhay Father, cry, 
Nor can thy wotA Aecwj^ 


8— L. M. Hymn 46, Pt. 2. B. 1. 

Our Father and our Saviour in Heaven. 

1 TVESCEND from heav'n, immortal Dove, 
-*^ Stoop down and take us on thy wings ; 
And mount and bear us far above 

The reach of these inferior things ; 

2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky, 
Up where eternal ages roll; 
Where solid pleasures never die, » 
And fruits immortal feast the soul. 

3 O for a sight, a blissful sight 
Of our almighty Father's throne ! 
There sits the Saviour, crown'd with light, 
Cloth'd in a body, like our own. 

4 Adoring saints around him stand, 
While thrones and pow'rs before him fall , 
And God shines gracious thro' the man. 
And sheds sweet glories on them alL 

5 O what amazing joys they feel, 
While to their golden harps they sing, 
And sit on ev'ry heav'nly hill. 

And spread the triumphs of their King ! 

6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear, 
That I shall mount, to dwell above. 
And stand, and bow, and worship there, 
And view thy face, and sing, and love ? 

19— C. M. Hymn 46, Pt. 3. B. 1 

Rejoicing in God our Father. 

1 pOME, shou^ aloud che Father's grace, 
^ And sing I be Suriour's love : 
Soon shaM yi)ii jr/a the glorious theme, 
In lofdex n' tains above. 


2 God, the eternal, mighty God, 

To dearer names descends; 
Calls you bis treasure and bis joy, 
His children and his friends. 

3 My Father God ! and may these lips 

Pronounce a name so dear ! 
Not thus could heav'n's sweet harmony 
Delight my Ust'uing ear. 

4 Thanks to my God for evVy gift, 

His bounteous hands bestow ; 
And thanks eternal for that love 
Whence all those comforts flow. 

5 For ever let my grateful heart 

His boundless grace adore ; 
Which gives ten thousand blessings now, 
And bids mc hope for more. 

490— C. M. Hymn 47, Pt. 1. B. 1 

Hallmced be thy Name. 

1 K MONG the princes, earthly gods, 
-^ There's none hath pow'r divine; 
Nor are their naujcs nor works, O Lord, 
Nor natures, like to thine. 

2 Thy matchless |)ow'r, thy sov'reign sway, 
The nations shall adore; 

Their lon^ misguided prayers and praise 
To thee, God, restore. 

3 Let all confess thy name, and know 
The wonders thou hast done ; 

Let all adore thee, God supreme. 
And own thee God alone. 

4 While heav'n and all who dwell on high, 
To thee their voices raise ; 

Let the whole earth assist the sky, 
And join t' advauc^ \i\^ ^x^kaa. 


t91~L. M. Hjmu 48, Pt. 1. B. 1 

Thy kingdom come. 

1 ASCEND thy throne, almighty King, 
-^ And spread thy glories all abroad ; 
Let thine own arm salvation bring, 
And be thou known the gracious God. 

^ Let millions bow before thy sear, 
Let hamble moarners seek thy face ; 
Bring daring rebels to thy feet, 
Sabdued by thy victorious grace. 

^ 1 let the kingdoms of the world 
Become the kingdoms of the Lord ; 
Let saints and angels praise thy name, 
Be thou thro' heav'n and earth adored. 

l82— L. M. Hymn 48, Pt. 2. B. 1. 

Prayer for the spread of the gospel. 

L "DRIGHl' as the sun's meridian blaze, 
J-' Vast as the blessings he conveys, 
Wide as he shines from pole to pole. 
And permanent as his control : 

2 So, Jesus, let thy kingdom come ; 
Let sin and helFs terrific gloom 
Swift, at thy brightness, flee away. 
And usher in the promised day. 

3 Then shall the heathen, filFd with awe. 
Learn the blest knowledge of thy law : 
And Antichrist, on ev'ry shore. 

Fall from his throne to rise no more. 

4 Then shall thy lofty praise resound 
On Afric's shores — thro' Asia's ground ; 
And Europe with America 

Shall stretch their eager arms to thee. 

61© HYMN ccccxciii; efctjdkciv. 

5 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet 
In pure devotion at thy feet: 
And earth shall yield thee, as thy due, 
Her fulness and her glory too* 

493— L. M, Hymn 48, Pl 3. B. 1 

Prayer far the Jews. 

1 pATHER of faithful Abra'm, hear 
^ Our earnest suit for Abra'm's seed; 
Justly they claim the tend'rest prayer 
From us, adopted in their stead: 

2 Outcasts from thee, and scattered wide 
Thro' ev'ry nation under heav'n, 
Blaspheming whom they crucified, 
Unsav'd, unpitied, unforgiv'n. 

3 But hast thou finally forsook, 

. For ever cast thine own away ! 
Wilt thou not bid the niurd'rers look 
On him they pierc'd, and weep and praj • 

4 Come, then, thou great Deliverer, come; 
The veil from Jacob's heart remove, 

O ! bring thine ancient people home, 
And let them know thy dying love ! 

494— L. M, Hymn 48, Pt. 4- B. 1 


1 T OOK up, ye saints, with sweet surprise, 
^ Toward the joyful, coming day, 
When Jesus shall descend the skies, 
And form a bright and dazzling ray. 

2 Nations shall in a day be born. 
And swift, like doves, to Jesus fly ; 

The church shall know no clouds retam. 
Nor sorrows mmiig mvVi iVww ykv 


The lion and the kmb shall feed 
Together ia his peaceful reign ; 
And ZioD, blest with heav'nij bread, 
Of pinching wants no more complain. 

The Jew, the Greek, the bond, the free, 
Shall boast their separate rights no more ; 
Bat join in sweetest hannoDy, 
Their Lord, their Savioar to adore. 

Thas, till a thousand years be past, 
Shall holiness and peace prevail ; 
And ev'ry knee shall bow to Christy 
And ev'ry tongue shall Jesus hail 

Then the redeemed shall mount on high, 
Where their deliAing Prince is gone ; 
And angels at his word shall fly, 
To bless them with the conq'ror's crown. 

)5— L. M. Hymn 49, Pt. 1. B. 1. 

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. 

THOU reign'st, O Lord, thy throne is high, 
Thy robes are light and majesty ; 
Thy pow'r is sovereign to fulfil 
The holy counsels of thy will. 

Thy will be done on earth below, 
As 'tis in heav'n; thy grace bestow 
On us and all ; may we and they 
llenounce our wills, and thine obey. 

While all the hosts of heav'n rejoice 
To yield obedience to thy voice ; 
In constancy, and zeal, and love. 
May we resemble those above. 


496— L. M, Hymn 50, Pt L B. 1 

Gim us this day our daily bread. 

1 ]\/rOST gracious Father, God of all, 
-Iji To thee we coiner on thee we cali 
By whom both mao and beast are fed; 
Give us this day our daily bread, 

% All our stxpplies on thee depend ; 
Whale er we want, in mercy send j 
Thou art the glorious fount ain-head, 
Give u3 this day our daily bread. 

3 Nothing, O Lord, do we deserve; 
The thought of merit we would dread; 
*T is as an alms alone we crave, 
Give us this day our daily bread. 

4 Forgiving grace do thou impart, 
To cheer and sanctify each heart; 
May we in death join with our Head, 
And feed on Christ the living bread. 

497— C. M. Hymn 51. B. 1 

Forgive us our debts ^ as we forgive our debtof^ 

1 T ORD, at thy feet we sinners lie, 
^ And knock ar mercy's door ; 
With heavy heart and downcast eye, 

Thy favour we implore. 

2 In deep distress we seek thy face, 

Forgiveness to receive; 
We trust our souls are taught, thro* grace» 
Our debtoi-s to forgive. 

3 'T is pardon, pardon we implore, 

O let thy bowels move ! 
Thy grace is an exbaustless storet 
And thou tViy«e\( mi Vnok 


O ! for thine own, for Jesus' sake, 

Onr many sins forgive; 
Thy grace our rocky hearts can break, 

And breaking soon relieve. 

Mercy, good Lord, rfiercy we plead, 

This is the total sum ; 
Mercy, thro' Christ, mercy we need ; 

Lord, let thy mercy come. 

-C. M. Hymn 52, Pt. 2. B. 

Deliver us from evil. 

TEACH us, O Lord, aright to plead, 
For mercies from above : 
! come, and bless our souls indeed. 
With light, and joy, and love. 

The gospel's promis'd land is wide, 

We fain would enter in ; 
But we are press'd on ev'ry side, 

With unbelief and sin. 

Arise, O Lord, enlarge our coast. 
Let us possess the whole ; 

That Satan may no longer boast, 
He can thy work control. 

! may thy hand be with us still. 
Our guide and guardian be ; 

To keep us safe from ev'ry ill. 
Till death shall set us free. 

Help us on thee to cast our care. 
And on thy word to rest; 

That Israel's God, who heareth prayer, 
Will grant ns our request. 


499— C. M. Hviun 52, Pt 4. B. 1 

Victory through free grace. 

1 T ET me, my Saviour and my God, 
-L^ On sov reign grace rely ; 

And own 'tis tree, because bestowed 
On one so vile as I. 

2 Election I 't is a word divine ; 

For, Lord, I plainly see. 
Had not thy choice prevented mine, 
I ne'er bad chosen thee. 

3 For perseverance^ strength I've none; 

But would on this depend, 

That Jesus, having lov'd his own. 

Will love them to the end. 

4 Empty and bare, I come to thee, 

For righteousness divine : 
O ! may thy glorious merits be, 
By imputation, mine. 

5 Free grace alone can wipe the tears 

From my lamenting eyes ; 
And raise my soul, from guilty fears, 
To joy that never dies. 

6 Free grace can death itself out-brave, 

And take the sting away: 
Can sinners to the utmost save. 
And give them victory. 

500— L. M. Hymn 52, Pt, 5. B. 1 

Thine is tlie Kingdom, Potaer, and Glory. 

1 AUR grateful tongues, immortal King, 
^ Thy glory shall for ever sing; 
^ Our hymns, to time's remotest day, 
^ Thy truth in sacred uoles display. 

HYMN DI. , 621* 

T/VhatjptwV, O Lord, shall vie with thine, 
What tfame, among the saints, who shine, 
Of equal excellence possessed, 
Thy soy'reigntj will dare contest! 

Thee, Lord, heavVs host their Maker own, 
Thine is the Kingdom, thine alone ; 
Thee, endless majesty has crown'd. 
And glory ever vests thee round. 

Thrones and dominions round thee fall. 
Thy presence shakes this lower ball: 
From change to change the creatures run ; 
But all thy vast designs are one. 

wise in all thy works ! thy name 
Let man's whole race aloud proclaim ; 
And grateful, thro' the length of days, 
In ceaseless songs repeat thy praise. 

H— L. M. Hymn 52, Pt 6- B. 1 

Home in view. 

1 A S, when the weary trav'ler gains 

-^ The height of some o'erlooking hill, 
His heart revives, if 'cross the plains 
He eye^ his home, tho' distant still: 

2 Thus, when the Christian pilgrim views, 
By faith, his mansion in the skies; 
The sight his fainting strength renews, 
And wings his speed to reach the prize. 

3 TIte thought of home his spirit cheers, 
No more be grieves for troubles past ; 
Nor any future trial fears. 

So he may safe arrive at last. 

4 'T is there, he says, I am to dwell 
With Jesus, ia the realms of day : 


There T shall bid my cares farewell, 
And he will wipe my tears away. 

5 Jesas, on thee our hope depends, 
To lead us on to thine abode; 
Assur'd our home will make amends 
For all our toil while on the road. 

502— L. M. Hymn 52, Pt. 7. B. 1 


1 A MEN! My Father hears my prayers, 
-^ He knows my sorrow, counts my tears; 
He never said to Jacob's race, 

In vain ye seek your Father's face. 

2 Amen ! My precious Jesus lives. 
And access to his people gives ; 

A rainbow now surrounds the throne ; 
And in his name I boldly come. 

3 Amen! the Spirit will impart 
His sacred influ'ence to my heart ; 
He'll teach and help me when I pray, 
Nor shall I go ashamed away. 

4 Amen ! The words, my lips pronounce, 
The wishes of my soul announce; 
And God more willing is to give. 
Than I am willing to receive. 

5 Amen ! I said, when first I gave 
Myself to Christ, that he might save ; 
And still my tongue repeats that word, 
Whene'er I call upon my Lord. 

6 Amen ! I will not faint or cease. 
But wait as long as he shall please : 
Depending, praying, pressing on, 
Till to himself V\e Ul&«& me home 


7 Amen ! The covenant is secure, 
In all things order'd well, and sare : 
Tbe promises confirmed remain ; 
In Christ thej 're jea, in him Amen. 

8 Amen ! This is the Saviour's name, 
He is the faithful, true. Amen ; 
As he hath said, so shall it be, 
Amen to all eternity. 


|03— S. M. Hymn 99. B. 1 

The gospel Ministry. 

1 TTOW beauteous are their feel, 
J-1 Who stand .^n Zion's hill; 

Who bring salvation on their tongues, 
And words of peace reveal! 

2 How charming is their voice, 
How sweet the tidings are ! 

"Zion, behold, thy Saviour-King, 
•* He reigns and !riuuiphs here." 

3 How happy are our ears 
That hear this joyful sound; 

Which kings and prophets waited for, 
And sought, but never found ! 

4 IEIow blessed are our eyes, 

That see this heav'niy light ! 
Prophets and kings desir'd it long, 
But died without the sight. 

6 The watchmen join their voice, 
' Aad tanefal notes employ ; 

624 HYxMN DIV, DV. 

Jerusalem breaks forth ia songs, 
And deserts learn the joy. 

6 The Lord makes bare his arm 
Thro' all the earth abroad ; 
Let ev'ry nation now behold 

Their Saviour and their God. 

504— CM. Hymn 154 B. 2. 

Tlie Ministerial Office. 

1 T ET Zion's watchmen all awake, 
-Li And take th' alarm they give ; 
Now let them, from the mouth of God, 

Their awful charge receiva 

2 'T is not a cause of small import, 

The pastor's care demands; 
But what might fill an angel's heart- 
It fiU'd a Saviour's hands. 

3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord 

Did hcav'iily i)liss forego ; — 
For souls, which must for ever live, 
In raptures, or in woe. 

4 May they that Jesus, whom they preach, 

Their own Redeemer, see ; 
And watch thou daily o'er their souls. 
That they may watch for thee. 

505— L. M. Hymn 31, Pt 3. B. 1. 

The Commission. 

I "P O preach my gospel, saith the Lard^ 
^ " Bid the whole earth my grace receive; 
''He shall be sav'd that trusts my word; 
"And he coudemu'dt\i^'«o\JlxVwXBAt6. 


■^rU make yoar great commission knoit^pt(; 
'And yjb shall prove my gospel tnie^ . / 
*By aJI the works, that I have done, ' ' ^ 
^By aH the wonders ye shall do. ' ^ 

*6o heal the sick, g<o raise the dea^» 

'Go cast oat devils in my name; :* 

' Nor let my prophets be afraid, . 

* Tho' Greeks reproach, and Jewsblasphmie. 

' Teach all the nations my commands, 
' I 'm with yon, till the world shall end ; 
'All pow'r is trusted in my hands, 

' I can destroy, and can defeDd." 


He sjpake, and light shone round his head. 
On a bright cloud to heaven he rode ; 
They to the farthest nations spread 
The grace of their ascended Uod. 


6— L. M. Hymn 162. B. 2 

helling direction to the choice of a Pastor. 

I OHEPHERD of Israel, bend thine ear, 
•^ Thy servants' groans indulgent hear ;, 
Perplex'd, distress'a, to thee we cry, 
And seek the guidance of thine eye. 

I Send forth, O Lord, thy truth and light 
To guide our doubtful footsteps right : 
Onr drooping hearts, O God, snstfLm, 
Nor let iis seek thy face in vain. 

I -^Return, in ways of peace retnrii, 
. Nor let thy flock neglected mourn ; 
May oar bless'd eyes a shepherd it% 
Heuiio oar souk, and dear to the% 

eae hymn Dvn, ©viil 
507— c.iff: ; 'yv Hydft m 

Praise, to 0(^/or -sending a Qaiif^^ 

- 1 'npO thy great name, O. Prince of p^acc, 
-L Oiir grateful sodct we raise; 
Accept, tfabii San of Ktgbteoiisn^ 
The -tKbutB of oar ptaise. 

2 In wtjdowi'd state these walls no moire 

^ Their uioarning weeds shall wear; 
Thy messenger ^all joy restoroi 
And evVj loss repair. 

3 Thy providence oar sools admire, 

With joy its windings' trace; 
And shout with one united choir 
The triumphs of thy grace. 

4 Onr happy union, Lord, maintain, 

Here let thy presence dwell; 
And thousands, loos'd from Satan's chain, 
Haise from the brink of hell. 

6 Distressed churches pity, Lord, 
Their dismal breaches close ; ^' 
Their. sons unite in sweet accord. 
And troubled minds compose. 

6 In all be purity maintain'd, 
Peace like a river flow; 
And pious zeal, and love unfeign'd, 
. : In ev'ry bosom glow. 

508^L:M. Hymn 102. B.1 

At the ordination of a Minister. 

1 OHEPHERD of Israel, thoa dost keep, 
^ With constant care, thy hamble sheep i 
By thee. inferior Pastors rise, 
To foed our sooh, aud biMt que «f ei. 

r.«YMN DIX. . e27 

2 Ta alLch ji chorcbea soch impArt)' i . ' 
Prepw^d accocdiog to iby heart ; ' 
Whose coarage, watchfiiiln^St. and lp¥9 
Men inaj attest, and God approve.^ ^[^ 

a Fed by their activev tender casei, : i:* i' 

Heakhfnl.may all thy sheep appeari|/ 
. And, by tbeir fair example led., < ^ 
The Way to Zion\s pastures trtod f ' ' ''^ 

4 Here, iiast thou li^ten'd to oijr vows. 
And if atferM bKssrngs on thy honsq ; 
Thy saints Arb sacconr^d, and ho more 
A sbeep withbtitii giiide deplore. * 

5 Corapletely heal each former stroke. 
And mess tire shepherd and the 'Dbck ; 
Confirm the ho|^es thy mercies raise, 
And own this tribbte of • out* praSje. 

509-^s, Hymn 260; Add 

Prayer for 3finisters. 

1 1^4THEB. of mercies, bow thine ear, 
-^ Attentive to our earnest prayer : 
We plead for those who plead for tbee ; 
Successfnl may they ever be. ' ; 

^ Clothe them with energy divine, 
And let their messages be thine : 
To them thy sacred truth reveal ; 
Suppress their fear, inflame their zeaL 

3 Teach them to sow the precions seed t 
Teach them, thy chosen flock to feed ; 
Teach them, immortal sonls to gain*^ 
Sonls that will well reward their pain. 

4 Let thronging multitudes aronnd, . ^ 
i *ftoai timr Jips the joyftil- ioundi V<^ 


Id humble strains tby grace implore, 
And feel thy new-creating power. 

5 How great their work, bow vast their charge; 
Do thoa their anxious souls enlai^e, 
Till light through distant realms be spread, 
And Zion rear her drooping head 

6 1 0— C. M. Hymn 251. Adi 

Prayer for the Minister. 

1 riHIEF Shepherd of thy chosen sheep, 
^ From death and sin set free, 
May every under-shepherd keep 

His eye intent on thee. 

2 With plenteous grace their hearts prepare 

To execute thy will; 
Compassion, patience, love, and care 
And faithfulness and skill. 

3 Inflame their minds with holy zeal. 

The flock to feed and teach, 
And let them live, and let them feel. 
The sacred truths they preach.- 

4 O never let the sheep complain. 

That toys which fools amuse — 
Ambition, pleasure, praise, or gain — 
Debase the shepherd's views. 

511— L. M. Hymn 153. R 2 

At the insta/kUimi of a Minister. 

1 T117E bid thee welcome in the name 

' » Of Jesus our exalted Head, — 
Come as a servant — so Ihe came. 
And we receive thee in his stead. 

2 Come as a Shepherd ; guard and keep 
This fold Ctoiu V\e\V t^tA «%x\\^«ul sin ; 

HYMN DXU. 629o 

Nourish the laoibs, dnd feed tb&ihe^, ; 
The wounded heal, the lost brmgiD* : 

8 Come as a Waichnian; take thy st^d 
ijpob thy tov/r amidst the sky, 
And when the sword comes on the land. 
Call us to fight, or warn, to :fly, - 

i Come as sin Attgeli hetice to gtlrtf^. ' ' 
A band of piTgrims on th^ir way, • ' 
That, safely walking at thy side. 
We faiDt not, fail not, turn, nor stray. 

6 Come as a Teacher, sent from God, 
Chai^'d his whole counsel to declare ; 
^ Lift o'cir pur ranks the prophet'^ ro^, • . 
'^ While we uphold thy hands with pray'r 

6 Come as a Messenger of peace, 
' i^Fill'd with the spirit, fir'd with Idvp; 
Live to behold our large iBcrease, 
And die to meet us all above. 

2— L.M. Hymi> 269. Add. 

Consecration. •• i 

1 T ONG as he lives he shall be thpe ; 
-" This cherish'd gift I now restore, 
Nor longer call the treasure voovl^ 
Given to my God for evermore. 

2 Still firm in purpose, and sincere, 
This dedication, Lord, shall stand ; 
The child shall now be doubly dean i 
As kept and guarded by thy. hand. 

3 Let him be early .taught of God ;, ' 
Prepsire him in the days of youtii, 

. Amid the courts of thine abodes : // 
To bear the messages of i truth. - 


4 Be this the object of my heart, 
Be this the burden of my prayer, 
That he thy gospel may impart 
To those who shall thy mercy share. 

6 And may thy Spirit, dearest Lord, 
Help me in mem'ry to retain 
Each promise of thy holy word, 
Till hope her sweet assurance gain. 


513— CM. Hymn25.B.l 

The Sacraments. 

1 T^/TY Saviour God, jny sovereign Prince, 
-"^ Reigns far above the skies ; 

But brings his graces down to sense, 
And helps my faith to rise. 

2 My eyes and ears shall bless his name: 

They read and hear his word ; 
My touch and taste shall do the same, 
When they receive the Lord. 

3 Baptismal water is designed 

To seal his cleansing grace ; 
While at his feast of bread and wine 
He gives his saints a place : 

4 But not the waters of a flood 

Can make my flesh so clean. 

As, by his Spirit and his blood. 

He '11 wash my soul from sin. 

6 Not choicest meats, nor noblest wines, 
So much my heart refresh, 


As when my faith goes thro' the signs. 
And feeds npon bis flesli. 

I lore the Lord, that stoops so low, 

To give his word a seal: 
Bat the rich grace bis bands bestow, 

Exceeds the ftgnres still. 


4— L. M. Hymn 26, Pt. 1. B. 1 


1 )npWAS the commission of onr Lord, 

-^ Cfo, teach the nations^ and baptize: 
The nations have received the word 
Since he ascended to the skies. 

2 He sits npon th' eternal hills, 
With grace and pardon in his hands, 
And sends his covenant, with the seals. 
To bless the distant heathen lands. 

3 Repent and be baptiz'dy he saith. 
For the remimon of your sins }- 
And thus our sense asisists our faith, 
And shows us what his gospel means. 

4 Our souls he washes in his blood. 
As water makes the body clean ; 
And the good Spirit of oar God 
Descends like purifying rain. 

5 Thus we engage ourselves to thee, 
And seal our cov'nant with the Lord ; 
O may the great eternal Three 

In Iheav'n our solemn vows record! 

632 HYMN DXV. 

515— L. M. Hymn 27, Pt 1. B. 1. 

Baptism is not Regeneration. 

1 n^HE sacraments are holy signs 
•^ And precious gospel seals ; 
They 'xhibit what the Lord designs, 

And what his word reveals, 

2 But these are not themselves the grace 

Which signs and seals set forth : 
The supper's not the sacri6ce, 
Nor water the new birth. 

3 The sacraments were never meant 

A substitute for grace ; 
They 're not the truths they represent, 
Nor must they take their place. 

4 Sinners may publicly profess. 

And signs and seals receive, 

Of what they never did possess. 

Or what they don't believe. 

5 Man may baptize, but 'tis the Lord 

Regenerates the heart ; 
None but the Spirit, by his word, 
That blessing can impart. 

6 Preserve us, Lord, from self-deceit. 

From resting on a sign ; 
Bestow what symbols indicate, 
And give us life divine. 

7 Let none who preach the gospel hide 

This solemn truth from men : 
They may with water be baptiz'd. 
Yet not be bom ^^Vti. 


^— C. M. Hymn 27, Pt. 2. B. L 

Infant Baptism. 

THUS saith the mercy of the Lord, 
ril he a God to thee ; 
rU bless thy numerous race, and they 
Shail'be a seed to me. 
' Abra'm believ'd the promis'd grace, 
And gave his child to God ; 
But water seals the blessing now, 
That once was seaFd with blood. 
{ Jesus the ancient faith confirms, 
To our forefathers giv'n ; 
He takes young children to his arms» 
And calls them heirs of heav'n. 
I Our God, how faithful are his ways ! 
His love endures the same ; 
Nor from the promise of his grace. 
Blots out his children's name. 
5 With the same blessings grace endows 
The Gentile and the Jew; 
If pure and holy be the root, 
Such are the branches tpo. 
) Then let the children of the saints 
Be dedicate to God ; 
Pour out thy Spirit on them, Lord ! 
And wash them in thy blood. 
' Thns to the parents and their seed 
Shall thy salvation come ; 
And num'rous households meet at last 
In one eternal home. 
\ Thy faithful saints, eternal King ! 
This precious truth embrace ; 
To thee their infant offspring bring. 
And humbly claim thy grace. 


517— L.M. Hymn27,Pt3.Rl 

Baptism is insHtuied instead of CircumdnmL 

1 npHUS did the Mns of Abra'm pasi 
-L Beneath the bloody seal of grace; 
The yoang disciples. bore theyok^^ 
Till Christ the paiofol boodage broke. 

2 By milder ways doth Jestis pre^e 
His Father^s coy'oaat^^^d his love; 
He seals to saints his prions grace, 
And not forbids their infant race. 

3 Their seed is sprinkled with his blood, 
Their children set apart for God; 
His Spirit on their offspring shed, 
Like water pour'd upon the head. 

4 Let ev'ry saint with cheerful voice 
In this large covenant rejoice: 
Young children, in their early days, 
Shall give the Grod of Abra'm praise. 

518— C. M. Hymn 27, Pt 4. B. 1. 

Infant Baptism. 

1 T^HE Saviour, with inviting voice, 
J- Says, " Let your children come : 

" For them there's love within my breast, 
"And in my kingdom room." 

2 Lord, at thy call, we bring our babes. 

And give them up to thee; 
Let angels, and let men, behold, 
And all our witness be. * 

3 Now our dear offspring are baptized, 

According to his word : 
As Abra'm his did circumcise, 
Obediont to the luOtA, 


4 This water, sprinkled on the child, 
Doth a rich emblem show 
Of poaiiDg out the Spirit's grace, 
To form the heart anew. 

) 1 9_C. M. Hymn 27, Pt. 5. B. 1. 

, Infant Baptism. 

1 T)EHOLD what condescending love 
-l^ Jesus on earth displays ; 

To babes anJKuckfings he extends 
The riches of his grace. 

2 '' Forbid them not/* is his command ; 

Then why should men resist ! 
Our children now may be baptized ; 
The church of such consist 

3 With flowing tears and thankful hearts, 

We bring them, Lord, to thee; 
Receive them, Jesus, to thine arms ; 
Thine may they ever be. 

4 Thine may they be ; for ever thine. 

Thy rausom'd, purchased seed, 
O ! let this seal of sprinkling, now. 
Be own'd of thee indeed. 

5 Here, parents, with thanksgiving view 

Your right to what you've done; 
Let songs of praises sound aloud 
To the great Three in One. 

520— C. M. Hymn 26, Pt. 2, B. 1. 

Improvement of Baptism. 

1 A TTEND, ye children of your God ; 
-^ Ye heirs of glory, hear ; 
For accents, so divine as these. 
Might charm the dullest ear. 


2 Baptized into your Saviour's death, 

Your souls to sin must die ; 
With Christ your Lord, ye live anew, 
With Christ ascend on high. 

3 There by his Father's side he sits, 

Enthron'd divinely fair ; 
Yet owns himself your Brother still, 
And your Forerunner there. 

4 Rise from these earthl|f trifles, rise 

On wings of faitli and love ; 
Above your choicest treasure lies, 
And be your hearts above. 

5 But earth and sin will drag us down, 

When we attempt to fly; 
Lord, send thy strong attractive pow'r 
To raise and fix us high. 

lord's supper. 

521— L. M. Hymn 28, Pt. L B. 1 

21ie Lord's Supper. 

1 5nnWAS on that dark, that doleful nigbt, 

-L When pow'rs of earth and hell arose 
Against the Son of God's delight, 
And friends betray'd him to his foes: 

2 Before the mournful scene began, 

He took the bread, and bless'd, and brake; 
What love thro' all his actions ran! 
What wondrous words of grace he spake • 

3 This is my body, broke far Hn, 
Receive and eat tlie living food; 
Then took the cup, and bless'd the wine: 
*Tis the neu) cov'noat iu tM| hlood. 


1 For us bis flesh with nails was torn, 

: He bore the sc6urce, he felt the thorn ; 

And JQstice ponr'd upon his bead 

Its heavy vebgeance, in our stead. 
i For. us his Tita) blood w^s spilt. 

To buy tlie pardon of our guilt ; 

When for black Crimes of greatest size, 

He gave his soul a sacrifice. 
3 Do tfds^ (he cried,) tiU time shaU end^^ 

In memory ^ your dying friend : 

Meet at my tabk^ and record 

The love of your departed Lard. 
' Jesus, thy feast we celebrate, 

We show thy death, we sing thy nime ; 

Till thou return, and we shall eat 

The inarriage-supper of the Lamb. 

i—C. M. ' Hymn 151. B. 2. 

Lords Supper. 

[F human kindness meets return, 

And owns the grateful tie ; 
If tender thoughts within us burn. 
To feel a friend is nigh ; 

2 • Oh ! shall not warmer accents tell 

The gratitude we owe 
To Him, who died our fears to quell, 
Our more than orphan's woel 

3 While yet his anguished soul surveyed 

Those pangs he would not flee,. 
What love his latest words display'dt 
•* Meet and remember me." 

4 Remember thee ! thy death, thy shame. 

Our sinful hearts to share! 
v Ob, memory ! leave no other name 
Bur His recorded there. 



638 BYMN DXXilL 1 

523— CM. Hymn'80,Pt3.B.L| 

The Commiinicane. I 

1 TJO W sweet and awfiil U the place, I 
J-^ With Christ withio the doors; 1 
While everiastipg love disphiys 

The choicest of her stores ! 

2 Here ev'ry bowel of oar God ^ 

With soft compassioii rolls : 
Here peace and pardon, bonght widi blood, 
Is food for dying sonls. 

3 While all our hearts, and all our songs, 

Join to admire the feast ; 
Each of OS cries with thankiid tongues, 
" Lord, why was I a guest V* 

4 " Why was I made to hear thy voice, 

" And enter while there's room ; 
" When thousands make a wretched choice, 
" And father starve than come !" 

5 'T was the same love, that spread the feast, 

That sweetly forc'd us in ; 
Else we had still refus'd to taste, 
And perish'd in our sin. 

6 Pity the hypocrites, Lord, 

Direct them how to come ; 
^ Teach them to know and fear thy word, 
And bring the strangers home. 

7 We long to see thy churches full ; 

That all the chosen race 
May with one voice, and heart, and sool, 
Sing thy redeeming grace. 

. HYMN DXXIV; 639 

(5i4— S. M. Hymn 29. B. 1. 

The iiord^s Supper, 

1 TESUS invites his saints 

^ To meet aroand the board ; 
Here.pardon'd rebels at, and hold 
Communion with their Lord* 

2 For food he ^ves his flesh ; 
He bids lis drink his blood ; 

Amazing favour ! matchless grace 
Of our descending God \ 

3 The sa.cred elements 
Remain mere wine and bread ; 

Bat signify and seal the love 

Of Christ our covenant head. 

4 This holy bread and wine 
Maintains our fainting breath ; 

By anion with our living Lord, 
And int'rest in his death. 

5 Our heav'nly Father calls 
Christ and his members one ; 

We the young children of his love, 
And he die first-born Son. 

6 We are but sev'ral parts 
Of the same broken bread ; 

The body bath its sev'ral limbs, 
But Jesus is the head. 

7 Let all our pow'rs be join'd 
His glorious name to raise : 

Fleaaore and love fill ev'ry mind» 
And ev'ty voice be |)raise. 


)— L. M. Hymn 53. B. 1 

Let a 7?ian examine himself^ and so let him eat. 

1 TI7HAT strange perplexities arise! 

* ' What anxious fears and jealousies! 
What crowds in doubtfnl light appear ! 
How few, alas, approv'd and clear! 

2 And what am I ? — My soul, awake, 
And an impartial survey take ; 
Does no dark sign, no ground of fear, 
In practice or in heart, appear! 

3 What image does my spirit bear ! 
Is Jesus form'd and Uviug there 
Say, do his lineaments divine, 

In thought, and word, and action shine! 

4 Searcher of hearts, O search me still 
The secrets of my soul reveal : 
My fears remove ; let me appear 

To Crod, and my own conscience, clear. 

5 May I, consistent with thy word. 
Approach thy table, O my Lord t 
May I among thy saints appear. 
Shall I a welcome guest be there ? 

6 Have I the wedding garment on, 
Or do I, naked, stand alone ? 

O ! quicken, clothe, and feed my soul, 
Forgive my sins, and make me whole. 

526— L. M. Hymn 64. B- 1 


1 "INTERNAL King, enthron'd above, 
J-^ Look down in faithfulness and love ; 
Prepare our hearts to seek thy face, 
And grant ns \V\y tevrntk^ ^gt^^cj^. 


Long have we heard the joyful call, 
But yet our faith and love are small : 
Our hearts are torn with worldly cares, 
Aud all our paths are fill'd with snares. 
Unworthy to approach thy throne, 
Our trust is fix'd on Christ alone; 
In him thy covenant stands secure, 
And will from age to age endure. 

O ! let us hear thy pard'ning voice, 
And bid our mourning hearts rejoice; 
Revive our souls, our faith renew, 
Prepare for duties now in view. 

Make all our spices flow abroad, 
A grateful incense to our God ; 
Let hope, and love, and joy appear, 
And ev'ry grace be active here. 

— L. M. Hymn 55. B. 1. 


THE broken bread, the blessed cup, 
On which we now arc calfd to sup, 
Without thy help and grace divine, 
Will prove no more than bread and wine. 

But come, great Master of the feast, 
Dispense thy grace to ev'ry guest : 
Direct our views to Calvary, 
And help us to remember thee. 

Let us with light and truth be blest, 
That on thy bosom we may rest; 
And at thy supper each may learn 
Thy broken body to discern. 

O that our souls may now be fed 
With Christ, himself, the living bread ; 
That we the covenant may renew, 
And to our vows be rendered true ! 


528— CM. HymnS&B.! 


1 ^£ wretched, hangry, stanriiig poor, 

^ Behold a royal teaftt! 
Where mercy spreads her bounteoiui store; 
For evVy humble guest 

2 See Jesus stands with open arms ; 

He calls, he bids you come ; 
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms: 
But see, there yet is room — 

3 Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart: 

There love and pity meet; 
Nor will he hid the soul depart, 
That trembles at his feet 

4 In Him the father reconcird 

Invites your souls to come; 

The rebel shall be call'd a child 

And kindly welcom'd home. 

5 O ! come, and with his children taste 

The blessings of his love ; 
While hope attends the sweet repast 
Of nobler joys above. 

6 There, with united heart and voice 

Before th' eternal throne. 
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice 
In ecstasies unknown. 

7 And yet ten thousand thousand more 

Are welcome still to come; 
Ye longing sou\s^ xXi^ ^^c» ^^<^x^\ 
Approach, theTe ^ex. V^ xocwsx. 


-C. M. Hymn 57. B. 1. 


rH£ King of heav'n his table spreads, 
And blessings crown the board ; 
^ot Paradise, with all its joys, 
Could such delight afford. 

?ardon and peace to dying men, 

And endless life are giv'n; 
Thro' the rich blood that Jesus shed, 

To raise our souls to heav'n. 

(e hungry poor, that long have strayed 

In sin's dark mazes, come; 
yome, from your most obscure retreats, 

And grace shall find you room. 

Millions of souls, in glory now. 

Were fed and feasted here; 
Lnd millions more, still on the way, 

Around the board appear. 

W\ things are ready, come away. 

Nor weak excuses frame; 
Jrowd to your places at the feast. 

And bless the founder's name. 

-L. M. Hymn 58. B. 1. 


'^OME in, ye blessed of the Lord, 
^ Ye that believe his holy word ; 
yome, and receive bis heav'niy bread, 
The food with which his saints are fed. 

four Saviour's boundless goodness. prove, 
Lnd feast on his redeeming love; 
^ome, all ye happy souls, tUat iVutst, 
'he last is welcome as the fitsU 


3 Come to his table, and receive . 
Whatever a pard'ning God can givtf; 
His love thro* ev'ry age endures; 
His promise and himself are yoara. * 

531— P.M. Hymn69.B.l 

InvUation — // is Jinished. 

1 TT ARK ! the voice of love and mercy 
-Ll Sounds aloud from Calvary; 
See ! it rends the rocks asunder, 

Shakes the earth, and veils the sky! 
"It is finished!" 
Hear the dying Saviour cry. 

2 It is finish'd! O what pleasure 

Do these precious words afford ! 
Heav'niy blessings, without measure, 

Flow to us from Christ the Lord: 
It is finished ! 
Saints, the dying words record. 

3 Finish'd, all the types and shadows 

Of the ceremonial law ! 
Finish'd, all that God had promis'd ; 

Death and hell no more shall awe* 
It is finish'd ! • 

Saints, from hence your comfort draw 

4 Happy souls, approach the table, 

Taste the soul-reviving food ! 
Nothing's half so sweet and pleasant 

As the Saviour's flesh and blood. 
It is finish'd ! 
Christ has borne the heavy load. 

5 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs, 

Join to sing tbe pleasing theme ; 
All on earth, and all in heav'n. 

Join to praise Immanuel's name ! 
Hallelujah ! 
Glory to 1^^^ b\eeA\i\^ \i^v«Ai\ 


2— L. M. Hymn 60. B. 1. 

The memorials of our absent Lord, 

L TESUS is gone above the skies, 
^ Wher^ oar weak senses reach him not ; 
And carnal objects court our eyes, 
To thrust our Saviour from our thought 

I He knows what wand'ring hearts we have, 
Apt to forget his lovely face: 
And, to refresh our minds, he gave 
These kind memorials of his grace. 

i The Lord of life this table spread 
With his own flesh, and dying blood ; 
We on the rich provision feed, 
And taste the wine, and bless our God. 

1 Let sinful sweets be all forgot, 
And earth grow less in our esteem ; 
Christ and his love fill ev'ry thought, 
And faith and hope be fix'd on him. 

5 While he is absent from our sight, 
'T is to prepare our souls a place ; 
That we may dwell in heav'nly light, 
And live for ever near his face. 

6 Our eyes look upwards to the hills, 
Whence our returning Lord shall come; 
We wait thy chariot's awful wheels, 
To fetch our longing spirits home. 

'3— C. M. Hymn 61. B. 1 

The lave of Christ. 

V TTOW condescending, and how kind, 
JJ. Was God's eternal Son ! 
Onr mis'ry reach'd his heav'nly mind, 
And pity brought iiim do^^n. 



2 When justice, by our sins provok'd, 

Drew fortli liis dreadful sword. 
He gave his soul up to the stroke, 
Without a murin'riug word. 

3 Here we receive repeated seals 

Of Jesus' dyiug love : 
Hard is the wretch that never feels 
One soft affection move. 

4 Here let our hearts begin to melt, 

While we his death record ; 
And with our joy for pardon'd guilt, 
Mourn that we pierc'd the Lord. 

534— C. M. Hymn 62. B. 1 

Christ tlie Bread of Life. 

1 T ET us adore th' eternal word, 
-Li 'T is he our souls hath fed ; 
Thou art our living stream, O Lord, 

And thou th' immortal bread. 

2 Bless'd be the Lord, that gives his flesh 

To nourish dying men ; 
And often spreads his table fresh, 
Lest we should faint again. 

3 Our souls shall draw their heav'nly breath, 

Whilst Jesus finds supplies ; 
Nor shall our graces sink to death: 
For Jesus never dies. 

4 The God of mercy be ador'd, f 

Who calls our souls from death ; 
Who saves by his redeeming word, 
And new-creating breath. 

5 To praise the Father, and the Son, 

And Spirit all divine, 
The One in Three, and Three in Ooe^ 
Let saints aud a\i^c\% yAti. 


5— L. M. Hymn 63. B. 1. 

^n tlie first approach to the Lord's Table. 

1 T ORD, I am thine, entirely tbine, 

-Li Purchas'd and sav'd by blood divine ; 
With full consent thine I would be, 
And own thy sov'reign right in me. 

2 Here, Lord, my flesh, my soul, my all, 
I yield to thee beyond recall; 
Accept thine own, so long withheld. 
Accept what I so freely yield. 

3 Grant one poor sinner more a place 
Among the children of thy grace; 
A wretched 3inner, lost to God, 
But ransomM by Immannel's blood. 

4 Thine would I live — thine would I die ; 
Be thine thro' all eternity; 

The vow is past beyond repeal ; 
And now I set the solemn seal. 


6 Be thou the witness of my vow. 
Angels and men attest it too ; 
That to thy board I now repair. 
And seal the sacred contract there. 

6 Here, at that cross, where flows the blood 
That bought my guilty soul for God ; 
Thee, my new Master, now I call, 

And consecrate to thee my all. 

7 Do thou assist a feeble worm. 
The great eug-agement to perform ; 
Tbjr grace can full assistance \eT\d, 

Aad OD that grace I dare depeud. 


536— CM. Hymn 64 Rh 

Faith, Hope, and Lave. 

1 'pHE blest memorials of tliy grief, 
-A- The suflTrings of thy death. 
We come, dear Saviour, to receive, 

But would receive with faith. 

2 The tokens sent us to relieve 

Our spirits, when they droop, 

We come, dear Saviour, to receive, 

But would receive with hope. 

3 The pledges, thou wast pleas'd to leave, 

Our mournful minds to move. 
We come, dear Saviour, to receive, 
But would receive with love, 

4 Here, in obedience to thy word. 

We take the bread and wine ; 
The utmost we can do, dear Lord^ 
For all beyond is thine. 

5 Increase our faith, and hope, and love ; 

Lord, give us all that's good : 
We would thy full salvation prove, 
And share thy flesh and blood. 

537— L. M. . Hymn 65. B. 1- 

Struggling against Unbelief. 

1 T)ITY a helpless sinner. Lord, 

^ Who would believe thy gracious word ; 
Who owns his heart with shame and grieff 
A sink of sin and unbelief. 

2 Lord, in thy house, I read, there's rooiiit 
And venturing hard, behold I come ; 
But can there, Saviour ! caa there be, 
Among thy cbMteti^twimSssi wtt 


I I eat the bread and drink the wine: 
Bat O ! mj soal wants more than sign ! 
I faint, unless I feed on thee. 
And drink thy blood as shed for Me. 

I For, sinners, Lord^thon cam'st to tdbjO^; 
And I 'm a sinner vile indeed ; 
Lord, I believe thy grace is free : 
O ! magnify thy grace in me. 

8— P. M. Hymn 66. B. 1. 

We ^elehraU his dying lave, 

1 TESUSi once for sinners slain, 

^ From the dead was rai9'd again ; 
And in heav'n is now set down 
With his Fatlier on his throne. 

2 There he reigns a King supreme : 
We shall also reign with him : 
Feeble souls, be not dismayed ; 
Trust in his almighty aid 

3 He has made an end of sin ; 

And his blood hath wash'd Us clean; 

Fear not, he is ever near ; 

Now, ev^n now, he's with us here. 

4 Thus assembling, we, by faith, t 
Till he come, show forth his deadi : 
Of his body, bread's the sign ; 
And we view his bk)od in wino. 

6 Saints on earth, with saints abovc^ . 
Celebrate his dying love ; 
Aad let ev'ty ransom'd sool 
SouDd bis praise from pole to pcSoi 


539— L. M. Hymn 28. Pt 2. B. 1 

Communion with Christ at his table. 

1 n^O Jesus, our exalted Lord, 

-1- Dear name, by heav'n and earth adored! 
Fain would our hearts and voices raise 
A cheerful song of sacred praise. 

2 But all the notes which mortals know. 
Are weak, and languishing, and low; 
Far, far above our humble songs, 

: The theme demands immortal tongues. 

3 Yet while around his board we meet. 
And humbly worship at his feet ; 

O let our warm affections move. 
In glad returns of grateful love ! 

4 Let faith our feeble senses aid. 

To see thy wondrous love display'd ; 
Thy broken flesh, thy bleeding veins 
Thjr dreadful agonizing pains. 

5 Let humble penitential woe, 

With painfnl, pleasing anguish, flow; 
And thy forgiving smiles impart 
Life, hope, and joy to ev'ry heart. 

540— L.M. Hymn 67.B.1 

The Gospel Feast. 

1 TTOW rich are thy provisions. Lord! 
il Thy table fumish'd from above; 
The fruits of life o'erspread the board, 
The cup overflows with heav'nly love. 

2 Thine ancient family, the Jews, 
Were first invited to the feast : 
We humbly take what they refuse^ 
And GepUica thy Ovation ttst«i 

HYMN DXLI. ' 651' 

ate the poor, the blind, the lame, 
help was far, and death was nigh ! 
at the gospel call, we came, 
ev'ry want received supply. 

n the high waj that leads to hell, ^ 
n paths of darkness and despair, 
j, we are come with thee to dwell, 
I to enjoy thy presence here. 

at shall we pay the eternal Son, 
It left the heav'n of his abode ; 
to this wretched earth came down, 
bring us wand'rers back to God ! 

9St him death to save our lives ; 
boy out souls, it cost his own : 
1 all the unknown joys he gives, 
re bought with agonies unknown. 

everlasting love is due 
Him, that ransom'd sinners lost, 
1 pitied rebels, when he knew 
i vast expense his love had cost. 

God the Father, God the Son, 
I God the Spirit, Three in One, 
honour, praise, and glory giv'n, 
all on earth, and all in heav'n. 

-L. M. Hymn 68. B. 1. 

Not ashamed of Christ crucified 

r thy command, our dearest Lord, 
Here we attend thy dying feast ; 
Y blood, like wine, adorns thy board, - 
1 thine own flesh feeds ev'ry guest 

* fiuth adores thy bleeding love, 
i tmsts for life in one that died; ^ 


We hope for heav'nly crowns aboye. 
From a Redeemer crucified. 

3 Let the vain world pronoonce its shame, 
And fling their scandals on the caose : 
We come to boast our Saviour's name, 
And make our triumphs in his cross. 

4 With joy we tell the scoffing age. 
He, that was dead, has left bis tomb ; 
He lives, above their utmost rage. 
And we are waiting till he come. 

542— CM. Hymn. 69.B.1. 

Ris^fiesh U 7necU indeed, 

1 TTERE at thy table, Lord, we meet» 
Jj- To feed on food divine ; 

Thy body is the bread we eat. 
Thy precious blood the wine. 

2 He, that prepares this rich repast. 

Himself comes down and dies ; 
And then invites us thus to feast 
Upon the sacrifice. 

3 Here peace and pardon sweetly flow ; 

O what delightful food ! 
We eat the bread and drink the wine. 
But tliiuk on nobler good. 

4 The bitter torment he endured 

Upon th' accursed tree, 
For me, each welcome guest may say» 
'Twas all sustain'd for me. 

5 Sure there was never love so free, 

Dear Saviour, so divine : 
Well may'st thou claim that heart of m^ 
Which Qwe& so mvxcli to thine ! 

HTMK »XLm; D2tLIV 6fi» 

543— P.M. ■' : . Hymit W). B. 1. 

The blood of ehrid.' V * 

^., l/U^EwiTpick souls, draw near, 

■1 And banquet with your Kin& ^ '' 
His foyai bounty share, ^ . . 

Xn^}oQ(i bosannas siug: 
Here inercy reigns, here peace abouods, 
Here's blood to heal your dreadful wociD_da 

^'.fie-s.o&^ttbikHieof'grftffe*. :.;^'! 
And waits to answer prajpti ,, 
Whm. thot' j{cm( ^jx aiid gailt ^. . 
Like carhips^p doth;.! ^ .;^^ 
The bloQ^qf ChrW divinelj |o^8Jf ^^ • 
A healing baka for. ^alL tl^j; wcjeii . < ^ 

, 3, Q wondrous love and grace 
• ' Did Jesns die for me t •' 

Were all my nuin'roas debts ; . 

.. Disoharg^d on Calvary ! „ . 
! Y^ Jeans died — ^tbe workUdoiiei . / 
He did for all my sins atone. 

' 4 On e^rth I *11 sing his k>ve, 
In heav'n I too shall join : 
The ransom'd of the Lord, 
In accents all divine; . . / 

And see my Saviour face to face„ 
Atid ever dwell in bis embira<ce. ;• •; 

544—0. M. fiymn 71. B. 1. 

Thig Omp is the New Testament in myM)od. 
I rr\BE promise of my Fathes'.slape • 
J- SkaU stand far eter gocAt . 
He said, and gave his sool to deat^ 
! V I ;Aiid seal'd the grace with .bi»n^4* 
55* ' 


2 To this dear cov'nant of thjr word, 

1 set my worthless name ; 
I seal th' engagemeot to my Lord, 
And make my hamble claim. 

3 The light, and strength, and pard'nmggrace^ 

And glory, shall be mine : 
My life and soul, my heart and flesh, 
And all my powers, are thine. 

4 I call that legacy my own. 

Which Jesus did bequeath; 
'T was purchased with his dying groto. 
And ratified in death. 

5 Sweet is the memVy of his name, 

Who bless'd us in his will; 

And to his testament of love. 

Made his own Kfe the seal 

545— L.M. Hymn72.B.l 

Worthy u the Lamb thai tpos slam. 

THE sweet wonders of that cross, 
Where God the Saviour lov*d and died . 
Her noblest life my spirit draws 
From his dear wounds, and bleeding side. 

2 I would for ever speak his name 
In sounds to mortal ears unknown 
With augels join to praise the Lamb, 
And woi^ip at bis Father's throne. 

3 All hail ! thou great Immanuel, hail ! 
Ten thousand blessings on thy name ! 
While thus thy wondrous love we tell. 
Our bosoms feel the sacred flame. 

4 Come, quickly come, immortal King ! 
On earth thy legal honours raise; 
The full salvation promis'd brings 
Tben ev'ry toti^^ iVi^VV ^m^ thy praise ! 


6— L. M. Hymn 73. B. 1. 


L T^HE food on which thy children live» 
J- Great God, is thine alone to give : 
And we, for grace received, would raise 
A sacred song of love and praise. 

1 How vast, how full, how rich, how free. 
Dear Jesus, thy rich treasures be ! 

To the full fountain of our joys 
We gladly come for fresh supplies. 

) For this we wait upon thee^ Lord, 
For this we listen to thy word: 
Descend, like gentle show'rs of rain, 
Nor let our souls attend in vain. 

7— C. M. Hymn 74. B. 1 


L T ORD, at thy table I behold 
-" The wonders of thy grace ; 
But most of all admire, that I 
Should find a welcome place : 

2 I, that am all defil'd with sin, 

A rebel to my God; 
I, that have crucified his Son, 
And trampled on his blood ! 

3 What strange surprising grace is this, 

That such a soul has room ! 
My Saviour takes me by the .hand. 
My Jesus bids me come. 

4 Eat, O my friends, the Saviour cries. 

The feast was made for you: 
For yoa I groan d, and bled, aud tf\ed^ 
Aad rose, and triumphed too. 


5 With trembling faith, and bleeding heart» 

Lord, I accept thy love: 
'Tis a rich banquet I have had, 
What will it be above? 

6 Ye saints below, and hosts of heav'n, 

Join all your praising pow'rs; 
No theme is like redeeming love» 
No Saviour is like ours. 

7 Had I ten thousand hearts, dear Lord, 

I'd give them all to thee; 
Had I ten thousand tongues, they all 
Should join the harmony. 

8 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

The God, whom we adore, 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 
And shall be evermore. 

548— C. M. Hymn 75. B. 1 


1 O HOUT and proclaim the Saviour's love; 
^ Ye saints, that taste his wine; 
Join with your kindred saints above, 

In loud Hosannas join. 

2 A thousand glories to our God, 

Who gives such joy as this ; 
Hosannp! let it sound abroad, 
And reach where Jesus is. 

3 To praise the Father, and the Son, 

And spirit all divine, 
The One in Three, and Three in One, 
Let saints and an^V& yAxu 



Ad—C. M. Hymn 104. B. 1 

Prayer for Missionaries. 

1 n R£AT God, the nations of the earth 
^ Are by creation thine; 

And in tiiy works, by all beheld, 
Thy radiant glories shine. 

2 But, Lord, thy greater love has sent 

Thy gospel to mankind ; 
Unveiling what rich stores of grace 
Are treasur-d in thy mind. 

3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings spread 

The spacious earth around ; 
Till ev'ry tribe, and ev'ry soul, 
Shall hear the joyful sound ? 

4 O ! when shall Africs sable sons 

Enjoy the heav'nly word. 
And vassals, long enslaved, become 
The freemen of the Lord 1 

5 When shall the untutor'd Heathen tribes 

A dark bewilder'd race. 
Sit down at onr ImmanueTs feet. 
And learn and see his grace 1 

6 Haste, Sovereign Mercy, and transform 

Their cruelty to love; 
Soften the tiger to a Iamb, 
The vulture to a dove ! 

7 Smile, Lord, on ev'ry effort made 

To spread the gospel's ravs ; 
And build on sin's demolish d thrones 
The temples of thy praise. 


550— C. M. Hymn 134. B. 2 


1 OALVATION! O, the joy ful sound ; 
^ 'Tis pleasure to our ears; 

A sov'reign balm for ev'ry woand, 
A cordial for our fears; 

2 Buried in sorrow, and in sin, 

At hell's dark door we lay ; 
But we arise by grace divine, 
To see a heav'nly day. 

3 Salvation ! let the echo fly 

The spacious earth around. 
While all the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

551— 11. M. Hymn 135. B. 2 

Effects of the Gospel. 

1 TITAEIK the soft-falling snoiv, 
-^'-L And the descending rain ! 
To heav'n, from whence it fell. 
It turns not back again ; 

But waters earth tTiro' every pore, 
And calls forth all her secret store. 

2 Array'd in beauteous green 
The hills and valleys shine. 
And man and beast are fed 
By providence divine. 

The harvest bows its golden ears, 
The copious seed of future years. 

3 *• So, saith the God of grace, 
My gospel shall descend, 
Almighty to effect 

The purpose I intend : 
Millions of souls shall feel its powV, 
And bear \l Aoyjh to tg^^vota tois^t^'' 


2— C. M. Hymn 136, B. 2. 

Beauty and Strength of the Church. 

SAY» who is she that looks abroad 
Like the sweet blushing dawn. 
When with her living lights she paints 
The dew-drops of the lawn ? 

2 Fair as the moon when in the skieSi 

Serene her throne she guides, 
And o*er the twinkling stars supreme 
In full-orb'd glory rides ; 

3 Clear as the sun, when from the east. 

Without a cloud be springs, 
And scatters boundless light and heat 
From his resplendent wings; 

1 Tremendous as an host that moves 
Majestically slow, 
With banners wide display'd, all arm'd, 
All ardent for the foe ! 

5 This is the church by heaven array'd 
With strength and grace divine ; 
Thus shall she strike her foes with dread, 
And thus her glories shine. 

13— L. M. Hymn 137. B. 2. 

Prayer for the spread of the Gospel. 

1 npHY people. Lord, who trust thy word, 
J- Ana wait the smilings of thy face, 
Assemble round thy mercy-seat, 

And plead the promise of thy grace. 

2 We consecrate these hours to thee. 
Thy sov'reign mercy to entreat; 

Aad feel some animating hope. 
We shall divine acceptaace meeU 


3 Hast thoa not promis*d to thj Son, 
That his dominion shall extend ; 
Till ev'ry tongae shall call him Lord, 
And ey'ry knee before him bend t 

4' Now let the happy time appear, 
The time to favour Zion come ; 
Send forth thy heralds far and near. 
To call thy banish'd people home. 

554— P. M. 7, 6. Hymn 138. B. 2. 

Reply to the call of the Heathen. 

1 T?ROM Greenland's icy mountains^ 
•^ From India's coral strand; 
Where Afric's sanny fountains 

Roll down their golden sand; 
From many an ancient river, 

From many a palmy plain, 
They call us to deliver 

Their land from error's chain. 

2 What tho' the spicy breezes 

Blow soft o'er Ceylon's isle, 
Tho' ev'ry prospect pleases, 

And only man is vile T 
In vain with lavish kindness 

The gifts of God are strown ; 
The heathen in his blindness 

Bows down to wood and stone. 

3 Shall we, whose souls are lighted 

With wisdom from on high. 
Shall we to men benighted 

The lamp of life deny ? 
Salvation! O Salvation! 

The joyful sound proclaim, 
Till earth's remotest nation 

Has lSarn*d M.e«&\a\3L% hvsa. 


Siks DLV, DLVL 601 

4 Waft, waft, ye winds, his story, 

And yon, ye waters, roll. 
Till, like a sea of glory. 

It spreads from pole to pd||B; 
Till o'er onr nmsom'd nature. 

The Lasrtb for sinners slain, 
Redeemer, King, Creator, 

In bliss returns to reign. 

»55— L. M. Hymn 139. B. 2. 

Prayer far Zion's increase. 

RM of the Lord, awake, awake ! 
Pol on thy strength — the nations shake, 
And let the world, adoring, see 
Triumphs of mercy wrought by thee. 

2 Say to the heathen, from thy throne, 
"I am Jehovah — God alone:'* 
Thy voice their idols shall confound, 
And cast their altars to the ground. 

3 No more let human blood be spilt— 
Vain sacrifice for human guilt ! 
But to each conscience be applied 
The blood that flow'd from Jesus' side. 

4 Almighty God, thy grace proclaim, 
In ev'ry land, of ev'ry name ; 
Let adverse pow'rs before thee fall. 
And crown the Saviour — ^Loap or all. 

556— CM. Hymn 140. B- 2 

The /otter-day Glory. 

1 13 EHOLD ! the mouutain of the Lord, 
-D In latter days^ shall rise 
Above the mountains and the Yu\\s 
And draw the wond'ring eyes. 

682 HYMN PI*m- 

2 To this the joyfiil nationsi round, 

All tribes and topgaes, ^ball ffow : 
•*Up to the bill of God," th«ij say, 
" Aad to his coons we ^11 ga'' 

3 Theftams that shiae oaZioa*s biQ 

Shall lighten ey'i^ laad: 
The King wha reigns in Zion's tov'n, 
Shall ail the iworhi eoismaiiA 

4 No longer hosts encoant'ring hosts, 

Their iniHions slain deplore : 
They hang the trnoipet in the hall, 
And study war no inoraw . 

6 Come then — Oh, c<)tne from w^ry land, 
To worship at his shrine ; 
And walking in the light of God, 
With holy beauties shine. 

557— P. M. 7, 6. Hymn ]41. B. 2 

Blessings of Chrises grace. 

1 TTAIL to the Lord's anointed ! 
-Q- Great David's greater Son : 
Hail, in the time appointed, 

His reign on earth begun ! 
He comes to break oppression. 

To set the captive free : 
To take away transgression. 

And rule in equity. 

2 He comes, with succour speedy. 

To those who suffer wrong; 
To help the poor and needy, 

And bid the weak be strong ; 
To give them songs for sighing. 

Their darkness turn to light, 
Whose souls, condemned and dyin^ 

Were precious in his sight 


» He shall come down, like showers 

Upon the fruitful earth, 
And love and joy, like flowers, 

Spring^ in his path to birth : 
Before him on the mountains. 

Shall peace the herald go; 
And righteonsuess in fountains^. 

From hill to valley flow. 

I For him shall prayV unceasing 

And daily vows, ascend; 
fiis kingdom, still increasing, 

A kingdom without end : 
The tide of time shall never 

His covenant remove; 
His name shall stand for ever ; 

That name to us is — Love. 

l8— C. M. Hymn 142. B. 2. 

The Prince of Peace. 

1 T ET saints on earth their anthems raise, 
^ Who taste the Saviour's grace : 

Let heathens too proclaim his praise, 
And crown him " Prince of Peace." 

2 Praise him, who laid his glory by, 

For man's apostate race ; 
Praise him, who stoop'd to bleed and die, 
' And crown him ** Prince of Peace." 

3 Te nations, lay your weapons down, 

Liet war for ever cease; 
Immanuel for your Sovereign own, 
And crown him •• Prince of Peace." 

4 We sobn shall reach the heavenly shore, 

To view his lovely face ; 
His name for ever to adore, 
, Aq4 ^own him '' Prince id Peace/* 


559— P. M. 8, 7. 4. Hymn 143. B. 2 

Longing for the spread of the- Gospel. 

1 A'ER the gloomy bills of darkness, 
^ Cbeer'd by no celestial ray, 
San of Righteousness, arising. 

Bring ihe brigbt, the glorious day ; 

Send the gospel 
To the eartb's remotest bonnd. 

2 Kingdoms wide, that sit in darkness, 

Grant them. Lord, the glorious light ! 
And from eastern coast to western. 
May the morning chase the night ; 

And redemption, 
Freely purchased, win the day. 

3 Fly abroad, thou mighty. Gospel — 

Win and conquer, never cease ; 
May thy lasting, wide dominions 
Multiply and still increase : 

Sway thy sceptre. 
Saviour, all the world around. 

560— L. M. Hymn 144. B. 2 

For Christian Missiona^-ies. 

1 TITARK'D as the purpose of the skies, 
-L'-L This promise meets our anxious eyes, 
That heathen worlds the Lord shall know, 
And warm'd with faith each bosom glow. 

2 E'en now the hallow'd scenes appear. 
E'en now unfolds the promis'd year, 
Lo ! distant shores thy heralds trace. 
And bear the tidings of thy grace. 

3 'Midst burning climes and frozen plains, 
Where heathen daTknett^VktooAva^teigns. 

-•HYMN DLXl. 66ft^ 

Lord, mark their steps, their fears subdae. 
And nerve their arm, and cleat their view. 

When, worn by toil, their spirits fail, 
Bid them the glorions future hail: 
Bid thedt the crown of life survey. 
And onvtrard urge their conq'ring way. 

So on the Indian's gloomy night, 
The eastern star shall shed her light, 
And Jesus' hallow'd reigo coqtrol 
The stormy passions of the soul. 

So shall Messiah's influence cheer 
His humble cot, which still' is dear; ' 
And heavenly hope his soul, pervade, 
Though life, and time, and worlds, shall fade 

II— CM. Hymnl4$. B. 2. 

Farewell to Missionaries. 

1 r\ O, messenger of love, and bear, 
^ Upon thy gentle wing. 

The song which seraphs love to hear. 
And augels joy to sing. 

2 Go to the heart with sin opprest, 

And dry the sorrowing tear; 
Extract the thorn that wounds the breast 
The drooping spirit cheer. 

3 Go, say to Zion, " Jesus reigns" — 

By his resistless pow'r, 
He binds his enemies with chains: 
They fall to rise no more. 

4 Tell how the Holy Spirit flies. 

As he from heav'n descends— 
Arrests his proudest enemies. 
And. changes iJiem to finends. 



562— P. M. 7. Hymn 146. R 2L 

The Song of Jubilee. 

HARK ! the song of Jubilee, 
Loud as mighty thunders roar. 
Or the fulness of the sea, 

When it breaks upon the shore : 
Hallehijah ! for the Lord, 

God omnipotent, shall reign ; 
Hallelujah! let the word 

Echo round the earth and main. 

Hallelujah ! hark ! the sound. 

From the depth unto the skies, 
Wakes above, beneath, around. 

All creation's harmonies : — 
See Jehovah's banner furFd, 

Sheath'd his sword : he speaks, — ^'t is done 
And the kingdoms of this world 

Are the kingdoms of his Son. 

He shall reign from pole to pole 

With illimitable sway: 
He shall reign, when like a scroll, 

Yonder heav'ns have pass'd away : 
Then the end ; — beneath his rod, 

Man's last enemy shall fall; 
Hallelujah ! Christ in God, 

God in Christ, is all in all. 


d— P. M. 8, 7, 4. Hymn 131. B. 2. 

The THumphs of the GospeL 

YES ! we trust, the day is breaking; 
Joyful times are near at hand: 
God, the mighty God, is speaking 
By his wotd \u ^Vt^ Vaivd: 


When he chooses, 
Darkness flies at his command 

I Let OS hail the joyfal season ; 
Let us hail the dawning raj, 
When the Lord appears, there's reason 
To expect a glorioos day: 

At his presence 
Gloom and darkness flee away. 

i While the foe becomes more daring ; 
While be enters like a flood; 
God, the Saviour, is preparing 
Means to spread his truth abroad; 

Ev'ry Iangu9ge 
Soon shall tell the love of God. 

i God of Jacob, high and glorions, 
Let thy people see thy hand ; 
Let the gospel be victorious, 
Thro' the world in ev'ry land : 

And the idols 
Perish, Lord, at thy command. 

4— R M. Hymn 186. Add. 


1 T)ISE, gracious God, and shine 
^ In all thy saving might; 
And prosper each design 

To spread thy glorious light: 
Let healing streams of mercy flow^ 
That all the earth thy truth may know. 

2 O, bring the nations near. 
That they may sing thy praise ; 
Let all the people hear, 

And learn thy holy ways. 
Reign, mighty God, assert thy canse, 
And govern by thy righteous hi¥r%« 


3 Fat forth thy glorioas power ; 
The nations then will see, 
And eartb present her store, 
In converts born to thee. 
God, our own God, his charch will ble», 
And earth will teem with fmitfnlQess. 

565— CM. Hymn 187, Adi 

The Gospel Light. 

1 a TRETCH,0 my soul, thy ardent wing 
^ And bail the dawning light; 
Behold, what scenes, what visions spring 

Of infinite delight 

2 Soon shall the glorioas eastern star 

Above the mountains rise ; 
And rays celestial, beaming far. 
Illume e'en polar skies. 

3 If angels in their sphere rejoice, 

One rescued soul to greet. 
How will they raise tli' enraptured voice 
Whole continents to meet! 

4 Siberia spreads her frozen arms. 

Released from sin and chains. 
And Sharon's rose exhales its charms 
On Afric's sultry plains. 

6 From Java to the furthest west 
The heavenly light shall reach; 
And truth divine its power attest 
In every clime and speech. 

6 Shed, Sun of Righteousness, thy rays 
On every land of night; 
Till all the heathen sing thy praise, 
And hail the cheerful li^t 


6 — L. M, Hymn X88. Add- 

Thy Kingdom came. 

1 r\ REAT King of Zion, now arise, 

Thy glorious promises fulfil ; 
Behold thy church in mourning lies. 
Yet waiting for thy mercy still. 

2 O God, how long? thy people cry; 
When shall our prayers acceptance gain !, 

' Look from thy lofty throne on high, 
And break the prisoners' heavy chain. 

3 Let Asia's 4xiillions hear ihy voice ; 
Send them thy heralds to proclaim 
Salvation — bid them soon rejoice 
In Jesus, our Emmanuers name. 

1 Let Africa, with all her tribes, 
Be rescued from the spoiler*s hand ; 
Nor lust of power, nor golden bribes. 
Draw murderers there to waste her land. 

b Let every nation under heaven, 
In all their various tongqes receive 
The glorious gospel thou hast given, 
Renounce their idols, and believe. 

7—8. M. Hymn 1 89. Add 

Glory of Chisi's Kingdom. 

1 TESUS. the King, shall live, 
^ Shall reign for evermore ; 

To Him, her gold, shall Sheba give. 
And all her treasures pour. 

2 For him the ceaseless prayer, 
Like sweet perfume, shall rise ; 

While ev'ry day his praise shall bear 
Above the lofty skies. . 


3 As seed on mountains shed, 
His rising charch shall grow ; 

Like trees on Lebanon's high head. 
Its plenteous harvests show. 

4 Her sons a numerous train, 
In Zion's gates shall spread, 

As grass which fills the verdant plains, 
And clothes the flowery mead. 

668— L. M. Hymn 190. Add 

The People perish. 

1 'PHE heathen perish ; day by day 

-L Thousands on thousands pass away: 
O Christians, to their rescue fly ; 
Preach Jesus to them ere they die. 

2 Wealth, labour, talents, freely give — 
Yea, life itseh', that they may live, 
What hath your Saviour done for ytm, 
And what, for him, will ye not do T 

3 Thou, Spirit of the Lord, go forth, 
Call in the south, wake up the north; 
From every clime, from sun to sun. 
Gather God's children into one. 

569— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 191. Add 

God vnth us. 

3 /^OD is with us in our meeting; 
vX Here he makes his mercy known; 
While his praises we 're repeating, 
He approves us as his own. 

This is heaven begun below. 

2 God is wjth us in our labours ; 
Forward \ct \i^)ao\A^ v^^a^\ 


Heathen nations are oar neighbours, 
Let us soften their distress. 

God will hence our efforts bless. 
3 In his cause we now assemble, 

All our hearts and aims are one ; 
Idol priests begin to tremble, 
Idol gods are overthrown. 

Let Jehovah reign alone. 
i Fired with holy expectation, 
Let us spread the gospel wide ; 
Soon shall every heathen nation 
Trust in Jesus crucified. 

God is still upon our side. 

0— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 192. Add 


1 KID us, God of love and mercy ; 
-^ Aid us to extend thy name : 
Aid us, through each heathen nation 

All thy goodness to proclaim ; 

And to tell them, 
That for them a Saviour came. 

2 May they know their great Redeemer, 

Who for them, though strangers, died ] 
May they look with deep repentance, 
To their Saviour crucified ; 

Leave their idols. 
And desire no God beside. 

3 O, be there thy name extended. 

And thy love and mercy known ; 
Turn them from their vain inventions ; 
May they live to thee alone; 

And O, claim them; 
Claim tbeni, Saviour, for thine oyitv. 



571— CM. Hymn ]93. Add 

Blessing sought. 

E merciful to as, O God; 
Upon thy people shine ; 
And spread thy saving truth abroad, 
Till all that live be thine. 

2 Give light and comfort to thine own ; 

And let thy light extend; 
Till thy prevailing name be known 
To earth's remotest end. 

3 Let all the people praise thee, Lord ; 

Let all their homage bring: 

From sea to sea be thou adored, 

Redeemer, Judge, and King. 

4 Let all the people praise thee, Lord ; 

Then earth her fruits shall give, 
Thy blessing shall on all be pour*d, 
And all to thee shall Uve. 

572—88 7s 4s. Hymn 194. A^ 

A Light to ligJUen, Sfc. 

1 A'£R the realms of pagan darkness 
^ Let the eye of pity gaze ; 

See the kindreds of the people 
Lost in sin's bewildering maze ; 

Darkness brooding 
On the face of all the earth. 

2 Light of them that sit in darkness, 

Rise and shine, thy blessings bring; 
Light to lighten all the gentiles, 
Rise with healing in thy wing, 

To t\\y bTieJtitness 
Let a\\ VAnga au& tA^os^tA f»i\u^ 


.3 May the heathen, now adoring 
Mol-gods of wood and 8tone, 
Come, and worshipping before him. 
Serve the living G<m1 alone. 

Let thy glory 
Fill the earth as floods the sea. 

4 Thoa, to whom all power is given, 
Speak the word ; at thy command. 
Let the company of preachers 
Spread thy name from land to land. 

Lord, be with them) 
Alway — to the end of time. 

i73— 8s7s. Hymn 196. Add. 

Spread of the Oaspel. 

1 XTING of Zion, give the order, 
J^ Send thy light and tmth abroad, 
O, let Zion stretch her border, 

Zion, favoar'd of her God. 

2 Thon canst form the zealons preachec 

Thoa canst light and love impart ; 
Send thy word to every creatare, 
Send it to the sinners heart 

3 O, let many now be ready 

To go forth, at thy command, 
Men of faith, approved and steady- 
Leaving all at thy command. 

4 Send.thy truth to every region. 

Let the distant people hear ; 
Let them turn from false religion^ 
And to troth alone give ear. 


574— 8s 7s. Hymn 196. Add 

The Christian Call. 

1 pHRlSTIANS, up ! the day is breaking, 
^ Gird your ready armour on ; 
Slumbering hosts around are waking, 

Rouse ye ! in the Lord be strong. 

2 See ; the blest millennial dawning, 

Bright the beams of Bethlehem's star; 
Eastern lands, behold the morning, 
Lo ! it glimmers from afar. 

3 While ye sleep or idly linger, 

Thousands sink with none to save; 
Hasten ! Time's unerring finger 

Points to many an open grave. I 

4 Hark ! unnumber'd voices crying, 

" Save us, or we droop and die !" 
Succour bear the faint and dying. 
On the wings of mercy fly. 

6 Lead them to the crystal fountain. 
Gushing with the streams of life : 
Guide them to the sheltering mountain, 
For the gale with death is rife 

6 O'er the mountain top ascending, 
Soon the scatter'd light shall rise, 
Till, in radiant glory blending, 

Heaven's high noon shall greet our eye^ ' 

575— 8s 7s. Hymn 197. Ai^^ 

Latter-Day Glory. 

1 TTARK ! a cry among the nations — 
J-L '* Come, and let us seek the Lord ; 
Vain our former expectations, 
Vain the idols we adored ; 


Zion*s King is God alone, 
Let us bow before his throne.' 

'2 See ! from every quarter flowing 
Joyful crowds assemble rotiDO;' 
Love in every heart is glowing, 
FraiisQ is heard in every sound. 
While Jehovah shows his face. 
Glory fills the -sacred place. 

3 Weapons, meant for mutual slaughter, 
Now are iostruments of peace ; 
They who taste the living water, 
Learn from war and strife to cease ; 
Jesus reigns ! the earth is still ; 
All the nations do his will 

)76— C. P. M. Hymn 198. Add 

Prayer for the Heathen. 

|,0D of the nations, bow thine ear. 
And listen to our fervent prayier, 

Through thy beloved Son : 
Build up the kingdom of his grace, 
Amid the millions of our race, 

And make thy wonders known. 

2 Send forth the heralds in his name. 
Bid them a Saviour's love proclaim 

With every fleeting breath ; 
Till every land shall hear the sound. 
And send the joyful echoes round, 

Amid the shades of death 

3 O let the nations rise and bring 
Their off'rings to th' Almighty King, 

And trust in him alone; 
Renounce their idols; and adore 
The QoA of gods for evermore, 

i/pon bis lofty throne. 




4 The dying millions then shall prove 
The matchless power of bleeding love» 

And feel their sins forgiven ; 
Shall join the convert's joyful throng. 
And raise on high, redemption's son^ 

Along the paUi to heav'n. 

677— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn. 199. Add 

Fountain of lAfe. 

lEE, from Zioh^s sacred mountain, 
Streams of living water flow ! 
God has open'd there a fountain 
That supplies the plains below : 

They are blessed. 
Who its sovereign virtues know. 

2 Through ten thousand channels, flowiof 
Streams of mercy find tlieir way ; 
Life, and health, and joy bestowing 
Making all around look gay : 

O ye nations ! 
Hail the long-expected day. 

S Gladdened by the flowing treasure 
All enriching as it goes ; 
Lo, the desert smiles with pleasun 
Buds and blossoms as the rose : 

Every object 
Sings for joy wherever it flows. 

4 Trees of life, the banks adorning. 
Yield their fruit to all around ; 
Those who eat are saved from mourning 
Pleasure comes, and hopes abound ; 

Fair their portion — 
Endless Ufe^ with glory crowa'd. 


78— a. M. , Hymn^ 200. Add 

Spread of the Crospd. 

LORp, our God, arise, 
The cause of truth maintain ; 
And wide o^er aH the peopled world 
Extend her blessed reign. 

2 Thou Prince of Life, arise, 
Nor let thy glory cease ; 

Far spread thq conquests of thy grace. 
And bless the eaith with peace. 

3 Thou Holy Ghost, arise^ . 
Extend thy beaJing wine, 

And o'er a dark and ruin'a world ' 
Let light and order spring. 

4 Let all on earth arise, 
To God the Saviour sing. 

From shore to shore — ^from earth to heaven. 
Let echoing anthems ring ! 

>79— llslOs. Hymn 201. Add. 


. TTAIL to the brightness of Zion's glad morn- 
JJ- ing, 

Joy to the lands that in darkness have lain ; 
Hush'd be the accents of sorrow and mourn- 
Zion, in triumph, begins her. mild reign. 

I Hail to the brightness of Zion's glad morning 
Long by the prophets of Israel foretold ; 
Hail to the millions from bondage returning. 
Gentiles and Jews the blest vision behold. 

I Lo, ia the desert rich flowera atQ siipm^xi^ 
Streama ever copioQs are ft\idui|^ a\oii*^\ 


Loud from the inooDtaiii-top echoesare ringii^ 
Wastes rise id verdure and mingle in song. 

A' See from all lands — ^firom the isles of the ocean. 
Praise to Jehovah, ascending on hi^ ; 
Fairn are the engines of war and commotioD, 
Shouts of salvation are rending the skj. 

580— 7s 6s. Hymn 202- Add 

The Oatpet Banner 

1 MOW be the gospel banner 
^ In every land unfnrrd ; 
And be the shout, Hosanna, 

Re-echoed through the world : 
Till every isle and nation, 

Till every tribe and tongue. 
Receive the great salvation. 

And join the happy throng. 

2 What though th' embattled legions 

Of earth and hell combine T 
His arm throughout their regions 

Shall soon resplendent shine ; 
Ride on, O Lord, victorious, 

Emanuel, Prince of Peace, 
Thy triumph shall be glorious. 

Thy empire still increase. 

3 Yes, thou shalt reign for ever, 

O Jesus, King of kings. 
Thy light, tby love, thy favour. 

Each ransoui'd captive sings : 
The isles for thee are waiting. 

The deserts learn tby praise. 
The hills and valleys greeting, 

The ftong tm^iia\N« t^vM. 


»3 1 — 7s 68. Hymn 203. Add 

Send the Gospel. 

1 CEND, send the gospel messagei 
*^ In erery kngaage send; 
Give it a speedy passage. 

To gain its ^lorioas ^nd ; 
God, from on high, commands as» 

We may not now delay; 
The heathen, too, imploce ns — 

They perish day hy day. 

2 Freely have come onr blessings ; 

How freely still bestowed! 
'T is love, the soul impressing. 

Would send these gifts abroad ; 
We all were outcast aliens. 

Exposed to death and wo ; 
Our distant fathers, pagans. 

Bound to their idols too. 

3 How can we, to the heathen, 

Say, Perish in your sinst 
Nor labour now to free them, 

And guide to joyful scenes. 
How can our hearts so harden, 

When we deserve to die, 
As not to tell of pardon. 

And help to Jesus fly T 

4 Proclaim aloud the Saviour ; 

Far, far let him be known ; 
Let each implore his favour. 

Let prayer besiege the throne . 
In labours, all, assistant, 

Conspire to spread his grace, 
Till lanaa to us most distant, 
SbM htirn to seek his fac^^ 


682— 7s. Hjmn 204- Add 

TeU us of the Night. 

1 TXTATCHM AN, tell as of the night, 

VV Y/hat its signs of promise are 1 
Traveller, o'er yon mountain's height 
See the glory-beaming star. 
Watchman, does its beauteous ray» 
Aught of hope or joy foretell t 
Traveler, yes, it brings the day — 
Promised day of Israel 

2 Watchman, tell us of the night : ' 
Higher yet that star ascends, 
Traveller, blessedoess and light. 
Peace and truth its course portends. 
Watchman, will its beams, alone 
Gild the spot that gave them birth ! 
Traveller, ages are its own ; 

See it bursrs o'er all the earth ! 

3 Watchman, tell us of die night, 
For the morning seems to dawn : 
Trav'Uer, darkness takes its flight : 
Doubt and terror are withdrawn. 
Watchman, let thy wand'ring cease. 
Hie thee to thy quiet home: 
Trav'Uer, lo ! the Prince of Peace, 
Lo ! the Son of God is come. 

583— 7s 6s. Hymn 205. Add 

Christ on Earth. 

1 11/ HEN shall the voice of singing 
^^ Flow joyfully along: 
When hill and va\\e>j t\w^\t\% 
With one iriumpVkaiii wti^ 


Proclaim the contest ended, 
And him who once was slaios 

Anin to earth descended. 
In righteousness to reign t 

2 Then from the lofty mountains 

The sacred shout shall fly; 
And shady vales and fountains 

Shall echo the reply: 
Hi^ tower and lowly dwelling 

Shall send the chorus ronhd» 
All hallelujah swelling ' 

In one eterhal round. 

)84— L.M. Hymn 206. Ada 

Prayer for Labourers. 

1 T ORD of the harvest, bend thine ear, 
-" For ZiOn's heritage appear : 

O send forth labourers fill'd with zeal, 
Swift to obey their Master's will. 

2 Hast thou not bid us fervent pray 
For help in such a trying dav * 
Wilt thou not listen when we cry, 
And send the blessing from on high t 

3 Our lifted eyes, O Lord, behold 
The ripening harvest tinged with gold. 
Wide fields are op'ning to our view, 
The work is great, the lab'rers few. 

4 Under the guidance of thy Jiand, 
Let Zion's sons in many a band 
Arise, to bless the dying race, 
As heralds of redeeming grace. 

6 Bid all their hearts with ardour glow. 
As gospel messengers to go. 
And publish the inspiring sound 
Far as the race of man is fouud. 


6 Lord of the harvest, bid tbem rise, 
Train'd by the influence of the skies 
In wisdom, knowledge, grace, to shine. 
Till every kingdom shall be thine 

585— r. M. Hymn 207. Add 

The Gospel. 

1 TTARK! hark! the notes of joy 
-O. Roll o'er the heavenly plains, 
And seraphs find employ 

For their snblimest strains. 
Some new delight in heaven is known, 
Loud ring the harps around the throne. 

2 Hark ! hark ! the sounds draw nigh. 
The joyful hosts descend; 

Jesus forsakes the sky. 

To earth his footsteps bend. 
He comes to bless our fallen race. 
He comes with messages of grace. 

3 Bear ! bear the tidings round ; 
Let every mortal know 
What love in God is found ; 
What pity he can show. 

Ye winds, that blow — yc waves, that roll, 
Bear the glad news from pole to pole. 

4 Strike ! strike the harps again. 
To greet EmanueFs name ; 
Arise, ye sons of men. 

And loud his grace proclaim. 
Angels, and men, wake every string, 
'T is God the Saviour's praise we sing. 

586— L. M. Hymn 208. Adcf 

Spread of tlie Gospel. 
1 T)£HOLD, the heathen waits to know 
J-^ The joy l\ie %o%^^l vjvll bestow ; 


The exiled captive to receive, 
The freedom Jesus has to give. 

I Come, let uS, with a grateful heart, 
Iq this blest labour share a part ; 
Our prayers and offerings gladly bring 
To aid the triumphs of our King. 

3 Our hearts exult in songs of praise, 
That we have seen these latter days ; 
When our Redeemer shall be known, 
Where Satan long hath held his throne. 

i Where'er his hand hath spread the skies, 
Sweet incense to his name shall rise ; 
And slave and freeman — Greek and Jew, 
By sov'reign grace be form*d anew. 

7— S. M. Hymn 209. Add 

Clirist's Reign. 

1 rtREAT heir of David's throne ! 
^ Thy royal power assume ; 

- Come, reign in faithful hearts alone. 
Thou blest Redeemer, come. 

2 Set up thy throne of grace 
In all the heathen's sight — 

Thy kingdom of true holiness — 
And order it aright. 

3 Now, for thy promise' sake. 
O'er earth exalted be : 

The kingdom, power, and glory take. 
Which all belong to thee. 

4 In zeal for God and man. 
Thy full salvation bring: 

The universal Monarch reign, 
The saints' eternal King. 


588— L. M. Hymn 210. Add 

Success of the Gospel. 

1 O OON may the last glad song arise, 

^ Through all the millions of the skies— 
That song of triumph which records 
That all the earth is now the Lord's. 

2 Let thrones, and powers, and kingdoms be, 
Obedient, mighty God, to thee ; 

And over land, and stream, and main, 
Now wave the sceptre of thy reign. 

3 O, let that glorious anthem swell ; 
Let host to host the triumph tell — 
Till not one rebel heart remains, 
But over all the Saviour reigns. 

589— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 211. Add 

Spirit sought. 

1 TX7H0 but thou. Almighty Spirit, 

'^ Can the heathen world reclaim! 

Men may preach — but till thou favour, 

Heathens will be still the same: 

Mighty Spirit, 
Witness to the Saviour's name. 

2 Thou hast promised, by the prophets. 

Glorious light in latter days : 
Come, and bless bewilder'd nations, 
Change our prayers and tears to praise* 

Promised Spirit, 
Round the world diffuse thy rays. 

3 All our hopes, and prayers, and labours, 

Must be vain without thine aid: 
But thou wilt not disappoint us — 
All is true that thou hast said: 

Faithful Spirit, 
O'er lUe woild tl\me indaence shed. 


-C- M, Hymn 212. Add. 

Thy Will be done. 

&REAT Saviour, let thy power divine, 
O'er all the earth be known ; 
Let all to thee, their will resign, 
And make thy will their own. 

Perversion marks the guilty way, 
Which heathens madly tread ; 

From all thy laws they go astray, 
And hasten to the dead. 

Thou, Saviour-God, hast power alone, 
To turn their wand'ring feet, 

To bend their souls before thy throne, 
Low at thy mercy-seat. 

For, all the power, beneath, above, ^ 

Thy wounded hands sustain; 

Then sway the sceptre of thy love, 
And let thy mercy reign. 

-L. M. Hymn 213. Add 

The Latter-Da}/ Glory. 

THEN will the happy trump proclaim 
^ The judgment of the martyr'd Lamb ? 
hen shall the captive troops be free, 
d keep th' eternal jubilee ? 

isten it, Lord, in every land ; 
nd thou thine angels, and command, 
ro, sound deliv'rance, loudly blow — 
Ivation to the saints below." 

e long to have the day appear, 
le promised, great sabbatic year ; 
hen, far from grief, and sin, and Vvd\, 
el in ceaseless peace shalV AweW. 


4 Till then, we will not let thee rest ; 
Thou still shalt hear our strong request; 
And this our daily prayer shall be, 
Lord, sound the trump of jubilee. 

— L. M. Hymn 214. Add 

Success anticipated. 

1 T)EHOLD, th' expected time draw near, 
^ The shades disperse, the dawn appear; 
Behold the wilderness assume 

The beauteous tints of Eden's bloom. 

2 Events with prophecies conspire 
To raise our faith, our zeal to fire : 
The ripening fields, already white ; 
Present a harvest to the sight. 

3 The untaught heathen waits to know 
The joy the gospel will bestow ; 
The exiled captive, to receive 

The freedom Jesus has to give. 

4 Come, let us, with a grateful heart. 
In the blest labour share a part; 

Our prayers and offerings gladly bring 
To aid the triumphs of our King. 

— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 215. Add 

Without Hope. 

TI7H0 can tell what notes of sadness 
^^ From the hills and valleys rise, 
Where no messages of gladness 
Echo from the bending skies ; 

Where in darkness, 
Without ViOY^e, v\\^ %\\i\i«t <liea. 


\ O how desolate the dwelling, 
Where our God is not revered ; 
Where no song of praise is swelling, 
Nor the Toice of prayer is heard ; 

Where religion's 
Cheering rays have ne'er appeared ! 

3 Where the seeds of sin are growing^ 
And the. paths of folly lie; 
Where the streams of death are flowing, 
With destruction ever nigh ; . 

Bid the gospel 
Wave its peaceful banners high. 

l4_8s 7s. Hymn 216. Add. 

ChurcKs Appeal. 

1 " p O and preach to ev'ry creature !" 

^ Such the Saviour's last command. 
Not excepting hue or feature, 
Burning clime, or barb'rous land. 

2 Look to China's countless millions, 

Look to Afric's dark-hued race ; 
Look to Araby's pavilions, 
Nation after nation trace. 

3 They are sinking, they are dying, 

Losing heavenly bliss above; 
Loud to us their voice is crying, 
'' Come, and save us, in your love !" 

4 Who is ready now to sever 

Bands that round his' heart entwine ! 
Who will go, resolving never, 
Under sufiei ings, to repine. 


595— 7s 6s. Hymn 217. Add 

Departure of a Missionary. 

1 p O, for the Master calls thee, 
^ Nor shed one bitter tear ; 
No bondage hard enthrals thee, 

Nor hast thou aught to fear ; 
To Him we now commend thee, 

Who rules above the skies; 
Whose blessings will attend thee, 

Where'er thy pathway lies. 

2 Go, in the midst of dangers, 

Declare a Saviour's love ; 
Till list'ning heathen strangers 

His willing subjects prove ; 
Till many a crowd assembling. 

Shall hearken to his voice ; 
Confess their guilt with trembling, 

And in his name rejoice. 

3 Go, for the Master calls thee 

Far from thy native home; 
Whatever there befalls thee, 

Whatever ills may come. 
He is thy strong salvation ; 

His presence thou shalt share ; 
He'll hear thy supplication, 

And answer every prayer. 

596— 7s 6s. Hymn 218. Adi 

Departure of Missionaries. 

1 "DOLL on, thou mighty ocean, 
-L*' And, as. thy billows flow, 
Bear messengers of mercy 
To every vale of wo; 


Arise, ye.galcs, and waft them. 

Safe to their destined shore ; 
That men tnajr sit in darkness 

And death's black shade no more. 
2 O thou eternal Ruler, 

Who holdest in thine arm 
The tempests of the ocean, 

Deliver them from harm; 
Thy presence shall be with them 

Wherever thej may be; 
Though far from those who love them. 

Let them be nigh to . thee. 

Tl—C. M. Hymn 219. Add. 

Be not afraid, Sfc. 

1 p O, and the Saviour's grace proclaim, 
^ Ye favoured men of God ; 

Go, publish, through Emanuel's name. 
Salvation bought with blood. 

2 What though your arduous track may lie 

Through regions dark as death — 
What, though, your faith and zeal to try. 
Perils beset your path. 

3 Yet with determined courage go, 

And arm'd with power divine : 
Your Gpd will needful strength bestow. 
And on your labours shine. 

4 He who has call'd you to the war. 

Will recompense your pains, 
Before Messiah's conquering car 
Shall mountains sink to plains. 

6 Shrink not, though earth and bell oppose 
But plead. your Master's cause; 
Assured that e'en your mightiest (oe& 
Shall bow before his cross. 



598— 8s 7s 4s. Hjmn 220. Add 

Missionary CalL 

1 ]\/r£N of God, go, take your stattons 
•^ Where darkness broods opon the earth: 
Load proclaim amobg the o^tHNoa 

Joyful news of heayeoly birth. 

Bear the tidings 
Of the Saviour's matchless worth. 

2 Go to men in darkness sleeping ; 

Tell that Christ is strong to save ; 
Go to men in bondage weeping; 
Fnblish freedom to the slave : 

Tell the dying 
Christ has triampb'd o'er the grave. 

3 What, thoogh earth and hell united 

Should oppose the Saviour^s reign ; 
Plead his cause to souls benighted; 
Fear ye not the face of men. 

Vain the tumult — 
£artb aqd hell will rage in vain. 

4 When exposed to fearful dangers, 

Jesus will his own defend ; 
Borne afar 'midst foes and strangers, 
Jesus is your faithful Friend; 

And his presence 
Shall be with you to the end. 

599— S. M. Hymn 221. Ad<l 

Missionary Call. 

1 "^e messengers of Christ, 
■^ His sovereign voice obey; 

Arise, and follow where he leads, 
And peace attend your way. 

HYMN DC. , 691 

2 The Master wiiom you serve 
Will needful strength bestow ; 

Depending on his promised aid, 
With sacred courage go. 

3 Mountains shall sink to plains, 
And hell in vain oppose; 

The cause is God'^, and will prevail, 
In spite of all bis foes. 

4 Go, spread the Saviour's fame, 
And tell bis matchless grace 

To the most guilty and depraved 
Of Adam's numerous race. 

5 We wish yoa in his name, 
The most divine success ; 

Assured that he who sends you forth 
Will all your labours bless. 

•0— 8s 7s. Hymn 222. Add. 

For Musionaiies. 

1 QOFTLY blow, ye fav'ring breezes, 
^ Winds of heaven, propitious smile, 
Speed the ship across the ocean. 

Safely to her destined isle. 
Now she rides the bounding billow. 

Proudly urging on her way; 
He who holds the storm is with her, 

God, the missionary's stay. 

2 Fathers! faint not; those departing 

To a friendless heatlien shore, 
Go to toil 'mid scenes of peril, 

Where Emanuel toil'd before. 
M*others ! weep not ; those your ofTspring 

Bound to yonder pagan coast. 
Go to reap the noblest laurel— 

Go to seek the poor and \osL 



3 Who are these that haste to greet thee, 

King of uiea ! in gathering cloadsl 
Who are these that ny to meet thee, 

Rapidly as summer's clouds! 
Lo ! the ships of Tarshish, bearing 

Nobler freight than Ophir saw ; 
Thither, where the isles are waiting, 

Waiting for Messiah's law. 


601— 7s 6s. Hymn 223. Add 

The Salvation of Israel. 

1 A THAT the Lord's salvation 
^) Were out of Zion come. 
To heal his ancient nation, 

To lead his outcasts home. 

2 How long the holy city 

Shall heathen feet profane T 
Return, O Lord, in pity, 
Rebuild her walls again. 

3 Let fall thy rod of terror. 

Thy saving grace impart ; 
Roll back the vale of error, 
Release the fetter'd heart ; 

4 Let Israel, home returning. 

Her lost Messiah see ; 
Give oil of joy for mourning, 
And bind xhy cVwxteU to thee. 


02 — 8s 7s 4s. Ilymn 224. Add 

Zion comforted. 

1 AN the mountain'^ top appearing, 
^ Lo ! the sacred herald stands^ 
Welcome news to Zion bearing, 

Zion long in hostile lands ; 

Mourning captive, 
God himself vvill loose thy bands. 

2 Has thy night been long and monrnfnl T 

Have thy friends unfaithful proved ?• 
Have thy foes been proud and scornful, 
By thy sighs and tears unmoved ! 

Cease thy mourning, 
Zion still is well beloved. 

3 God, thy God, will now restore thee ! 

He himself appears thy friend ; 
All thy foes shall flee before thee. 
Here their boasts and triumphs end ; 

Great deliverance 
Zion's King will surely send. 

4 Peace and joy shall now attend thee. 

All thy warfare now be past ; 
God thy Saviour will defend thee. 
Victory is thine at last : 

All thy conflicts 
End in everlasting rest 

603— 8s. Hymn 226. Add. 

hraeVs Restoration. 

1 'pHE Song of Israel is hush'd, 

-^ And all their tales of -triumph told, 
And mute is every voice that gos^V^L^ 
la wasic to their barps oC goVd. 

694 " HYMN DCIV. 

2 A cloud is on their fathers' grave. 
And darkly spreads o'er Zion's hill, 
E'en there, their sons are sconi'd as slaves, 
Or roam like homeless wanderers still. 

3 Yet 'mid the world's tnmultuous roar, 
Floats clear and sweet the solemn word, 
*' O, virgin daughter, faint no more, 

Thy tears are seen — thy prayers are heard/ 

1 What, though with spirits crush'd and broke, 
Thy tribes like desert exiles rove. 
Though Judah feels the strangers' yoke, 
And Ephraim is a heartless dove. 

6 Yet, yet, shall Judah's Lion wake. 
And the bright day of promise come, 
Thy sons their iron bondage break, 
And God shall lead the wanderers home. 

604— L. M. Hymn 226. Add 

Plea for Jacob. 

1 A RISE, great God, and let thy grace 
-^ Shed its glad beams on Jacob's race; 
Restore the long-lost, scatter'd band. 
And call them to their native land. 

2 Their mis'ry let thy mercy heal. 
Their trespass hide, their pardon seal. 
O God of Israel, hear our prayer. 
And grant them still thy love to share. 

3 Thy quick'uing Spirit now impart. 
And wake to joy each grateful heart, 
While Israel's rescued tribes in thee 
Th>eir bliss and (uVL ^Natvoiv Me. 


-L. M. Hymn 227. Add 

Help for Israel 

WHY should Israel's sons, once blest, 
3 Still roam the scorning world around 1 
sown'd of Heaven, by men oppressed, 
itcasts from Zion's hallow'd ground. 

God of Jacob, view their race ; 
ick to thy fold the wand'rers bring; 
3ach them to seek thy slighted grace, 
3 bail in Christ their promised King. . 

hile Judah views his birthright gone, 
ith contrite shame his bosom move, 
he Saviour he denied, to own — 
lie Lord he crucified, to love. 

iste, glorious day, expected long, 

hen Jew and Greek one prayer shall pour ; 

ith eager feet one temple throng; 

le God, with grateful praise, adore. 

—8s 6s. Hymn 228. Add 

Plea for IsracL 

THE promise we for Israel plead, 
O, that the once beloved seed 
Back to their Lord might come ! 
Now bid them look on thee and mourn ; 
Where'er dispersed, collect and turn. 
And bring thy wanderers home. 

To Jews the gospel faith imp«irt, 
And pastors after thine own heart. 

Thine ancient flock to feed 
With knowledge of the crucified, 
The Lord, who by their malice died. 

And saffer'd in their stead. 


607— L. M. • Hymn 229. Add. 

Hope for Israel. 

1 TSRAEL, thy mournful night is past, 
J- Thy bitter cup wrung out at last; 
A day of rest to thee is given, 
The promise is laid up in heaven. 

2 The Lord will not forget the grace 
Reserved for faithful Abr'am's race ; 
His love their wand'rings shall restore, 
And guide them, that they stray no more. 

3 Israel ! 'tis thine accepted day, 
Thy God, himself, prepares the way — 
Behold his ensign from afar. 
Behold the light of Jacob's star. 

4 That star, which once o'er Bethlehem rose, 
A token on thy mountains glows ; 
The morn of earth's blest jubilee I 
Sheds its sweet early light on thee. i 

5 And thou, who once on Israel's ground 
A homeless wanderer wast found- 
Redeemer, on thy heavenly throne. 
Still call that ancient church thine own. 

6 Bid her departed light return, 

Thy holy splendour round her burn ; 
From prostrate Judah's ruins, raise 
A living temple to thy praise. 

608— lis. Hymn 230. Act ^ 

Zion encouraged. 

1 "nAUGHTER of Zion, awake from tl^^ 
J^ sadness ; 
Awake, (or thy {oes«Vi?\\oi^i^x«ttthm nomorA 


Bright o'er thy hills dawns the day-star of 

Arise, for the night of thy sorrow is o'er. 

ft Strong were thy foes ; bat the arm that snb- 

oaed thein, 
And scattered their legions, was migbtier far ; 
They fled, like the chaff, from the scourge 

that porsned them. 
Vain were their steeds and their chariots of war. 

3 Daughter of Zion, the power, that hath sared 

Extoird with the harp and the timbrel should 

Shout — for the foe is destroy'd that enslay'd 

Th' oppressor is vanquislid, and Zion is free! 

609— 7s. Hymn 231. Add. 

Zion enlarged. 

1 " p IVE us room, that we may dwell," 

^ Zion's children cry aloud : 
See their numbers — how they sw^ll. 
How they gather like a cloua. 

2 O, how bright the morning seems, 
Brighter, from so dark a night; 
Zion is like one that dreams. 
Filled with wonder and delight. 

3 Lo, thy sun goes down no more, 
God himself will be thy light ; 
All that caused thee grief before 
Buried lies in endless night. 

4 Zion, now arise and shine, 

Lo, thy light from heaven is colne ; 
These that crowd from far axe tViiSi^ 
Give thy sons and daughteni Toom. 



610— P. M. 8. 7. Hymn 130. R* | 

The Lar(Fs Vineyard. 

1 OEE the vineyard lately planted 
^ By thy hand, O Lord of hosts ! 
Let thy people's pray'r be granted— 

Keep it safe from hostile boasts ; 
Hear, O hear as when we pray — 
Keep thy vineyard night and day. 

2 Drooping plants revive and nourish ; 

Let them thrive beneath thy hand ; 
Let the weak grow strong, and flourish, 

Blooming fair at thy command; 
Let the fruitful yield thee more; 
Laden with a faithful store. 

3 Further, Lord, be thou intreated ; 

Plant the barren waste around ; 
Let thy work be thus completed. 

And no fruitless spot be found ; 
Let the earth a vineyard be. 
Consecrated, Lord, to thee. 

611— L.M. Hymn 105. B.l 

On a Fast-day for the revival of religion. 

1 T OOK down, O God, with pitying eye, 
J-^ See Adam's race in ruin lie; 

Sin spreads its trophies o'er the ground, 
And scatters slaughtered heaps around. 

2 And can these mould'ring corpses live T 
And can these dead, dry bones revive ? 
That, mighty God, to tVv^^ \% kxiowa: 
That woodroua wotVl \% «JX \Xi\Ti^ a^^ 

HYMN DCXir. 699 

3 Thy ministers are sent in vain 
To prophesy upon the slain : 
In vaio they call, in vain they cry, 
Till thine almighty aid is nigh. 

I O let thy Spirit come and breathe 
New life thro' all the realms of death! 
Dry bones shaU then obey thy voice, 
Shall move, shall waken, and rejoice. 

5 Load let the gospel-trnnipet blow. 
Let all the isles their Savioar know : 
O! call the nations from afar; 
Make earth's remotest ends draw near. 

5 Then shall each age and rank agree 
To raise their shouts of praise to thee ; 
The church will know, while loud she sings, 
That in her God are ^11 her springs. 

312— P. M. 8, 7. Hymn 127, B. 2. 

Declension of Religion lamented. 

1 ANCE, O Lord, thy garden flourished, 
^ Ev'ry part look'd gay and green ; 
Then thy word our spirits nourish'd, 

Happy seasons we have seen ! 

2 But a drought has since succeeded, 

And a sad decline we see; 
Lord, thy help* is greatly needed. 
Help can only come from thee. 

3 Some, in whom we once delighted, 

We shall meet no more below ; 

Some, alas ! we fear are blighted, — 

Scarce a single leaf they show. 

4 Dearest Saviour, hasten hither, 

Thou canst make them bloom again ; 
O, permit them not to wither^ 
Lei not all oor hopes be ira\ii\ 


613— P. M. 8, 7, 4. Hjmn m E 2. 

Prajf^ far a BetntxU. 

1 OAVIOUR, visit thy planutkm; 
'^ Grant as, Lord, a gracioas rain ! 
AU will coiqe to desolation. 

Unless thoa return again. • 

Lord, revive os; 
All our help most come from tbecL 

2 Keep no longer at a distance ; 

Shine tipon as from on high, 
Lest, for want of thine assistance, 
Every plant should droop and die. 

3 Let our mutual love be fervent, 

Make us prevalent in pray'rs ; 
Let each one esteem'd thy servant, 
Shun the world*s bewitching snares. 

4 Break the tempter's fatal power; 

Turn the stony heart to flesh; 
And begin from this good hour 
To revive thy work afresh. 

614— L. M. Hymn 232. Add 

Remoal sought 

1 A GOD of Zion, from the skies, 
V In mercy bo w thy* gracious ear; 
While Zioii's watchmen raise their cries. 
Do thou, Almiglity Father, hear! 

2 Since thy remembrancers they are. 
Why should thy servants give thee rest. 
Until, in answer to their prayer, 
Thy church is with thy favour bless'd t 

3 For this, O "Lord, a ^si^i^xwckX ^vjpw*.^ 
Here at thy aacted fooiau^o^^iwx 


For this we lift our voices loud, 
And ask and knock at mercy's gate. 

4 Look down with a propitious eye 
Of those that seek thee, now be found ; 
Bid unbelief and sorrow fly, 
And make our joy and praise abound. 

5— L. M. Hymn 233. Add. 

The Spirit implored. 

1 "pOREVER shall my fainting soul, 
J- O God, thy just displeasure mourn ; 
Th)' grieved Spirit, long withdrawn, 
Will ^he no more to me return ! 

S2 Once I enjoy'd — O happy time — 
The heartfelt visits of his grace ; 
Nor can a thonsamd varying scenes, 
The sweet remembrance quite efface. 

3 Beneath his warming, quick'ning beams, 
The icy rock dissolved away; 
New life difiused through all my powers. 
And darkness yielded to the day. 

I When justice waved his dreadful sword. 
And guilt and fear my soul oppress'd. 
He sprinkled o'er a Saviour's blood, 
And whisper'd pardon to my breast 

3 Great Source of light and peace, return. 
Nor let me mourn or sigh in vain ; 
Come, re-possess this longing heart. 
With all the graces of thy train. 

3 This temple, hallow'd by thy hands. 
Once more be with thy presence blest. 
Aad be thy grace anew display d« 
And this, thy everlasting rest. 


6 1 6— 8s 7s. Hymn 234. Add 

Returning Backslider. 

1 T ORD, we bow with deep contrition, 
-" Low before thy throne of grace ; 
Hear us in thy kind compassion, 

While we seek thy smiling face. 

2 Where but to a bleeding Saviour, 

Should we come for life and peace T 
Nothing but thy boundless favour, 
Can our burden'd souls release. 

3 Thou hast witnessed our transgression, 

Thou hast seen our load of guilt; 
Witness now our deep confession, 
Thou, whose precious blood was spilt 

4 Ah, this sin of cov'nant breaking, 

Canst thou, wilt thou. Lord, forgive t 
Shall we hear thy mercy speaking ! 
Canst thou bid us look and livet 

6 Pardon, peace, and consolation. 
At thy bleeding cross we see ; 
There we take an humble station, 
Lord, we look alone to thee. 

617— 8s 7s. Hymn 236. 

Seeking Revival. 

1 MET, O God, to ask thy presence, 
-^W. Join our souls to seek tl^y grace ; 
O, deny us not, or spurn us. 

Guilty rebels, from thy face. 

2 May thy people wake from slumber. 

Ere their lamps shall fail and die; 

Bridegroom of the church, awake them 

Rouse them \>>f v\i^ uvLdai^ht cry. 


3 Let convirtion seize the careless, 

Through their souls thine arrows dart; 
Let thy truth, so long neglected, 
Break and melt the flinty heart. 

4 O thou kind, forgiving Spirit, 

Comforter, on thee we call ; 
Cheer the saint, alarm the sinner, 
O revive — revwe us alL 

6 1 8— C, M. Hymn 236. Add. 

Seeking Revival, 

1 117 E now, O Lord, approach thy throne, 

»* To open all our grief: 
Now send thy promised mercy down, 
And gram us quick relief. 

2 Thou never saidst to Jacob's seed, 

" Seek ye my- face," in vain ; 
And canst thou now deny thine aid. 
When burden'd souls complain f 

3 The same thy power, thy love the same, 

Unmoved the promise shines ; 
Eternal truth surrounds thy name, 
And guards the precious lines. 

4 Though Satan rage, and flesh rebel, 

And unbelief arise. 
We '11 wait around thy footstool still, 
For thou wilt hear our cries. 

619— 8s 7s. Hymn 24L Add. 

Light of the World. 

1, T IGHT of those whose dreary dwelling 
•" Borders cfn the shades of deatli; 
Come, and by thy love reve^iWii^ 
Dissipate the clouds beneaiVi*. 


The new heaven and earth'«..Cretlor, 
In oar deepest darkniess ri8e,~ 

Scattering all the light of natore, 
Ponring light upon oar eye& 

2 Still we wait for tbin^e appearing; 

Life and joy thy beams iiopart. 
Chasing all our fears, and cheering 

Every poor heni^ted heart; 
Come, and manifest thy favoar 

To the ransom'd, helpless race ; 
Come, thou dorioos God and Saviour, 

Come, and bring the gospel-grace. 

3 Save as, in thy great conipassion, 

O thou mild, pacific Prince ; 
Give the knowledge of salvation, 

Give the pardon of our sins ; 
By thine all-sufficient merit, 

Every burden'd soul release ; 
Every weary, wand'ring spirit, 

Guide into thy perfect peace. 

620— L. M. Hymn 237. Add. 

Zion prayed far. 

1 pREAT Lord of all thy churches, hear 
^ Thy ministers' and people's prayer; 
Perfumed by thee, O may it rise. 
Like fragrant incense to the skies. 

2 May every pastor from above 

Be new inspired with zeal and love, 
. To watch thy flock, thy flock to feed, 
And sow with care the precious seed. 

3 Revive, thy churches vj\iVi vVv^ ?y^^^^ 
Heal all our bteacVxea, gt^^a \» ^^<^^\ 


^use us from sloth, our souls iuflame 
With ardent zeal for Jesus' name. 

4 May young and old thy word receive, 
Dead sinners hear thy voice and live, 
The wounded conscience healing find. 
And joy refresh each drooping mind. 

5 May aged saints, matured with grace, 
Abound in fruits of holiness ; 

And when transplanted to the skies, 
May younger in their stead arise. 

6 Thus we our suppliant voices raise ; 
And weeping sow the seed of praise. 
In humble hope, that thou wilt hear 
Thy minister's and people's prayer. 

621— C. M. Hymn 238. Add. 

Sjnrit of Holiness. 

1 CPIRIT of holiness, look down, 
^ Our fainting hearts to cheer ; 
And, when we tremble at thy frown, 

O bring thy comforts near. 

2 The fear which tliy convictions wrought, 

O let thy grace remove ; 
And may the souls, which thou hast taught 
To weep, now learn to love. 

3 Now let thy saving mercy heal 

The wounds it made before ; 

Now on our hearts impress thy seal. 

That we may doubt no more. 

4 Complete the work thou bast begun. 

And make our darkness tight. 
That we a ghrioas race may ruu» 
TV// faith be lost in sight. 


5 Then, as dar wondering eyes discern 
The Lord's uncloaded face, 
In fitter language we shall learn 
To sing triumphant grace. 

622— S.M. Hjmn239.Add 

Pr Offer far a RevitMil. 

1 A LORD, thy work revive, 
^ In Zion's gjooniy hour. 

And let our dying graces live 
By thy restoring power. 

2 O let thy chosen few 
Awake to earnest prayer ; 

Their covenant again renew, 
And walk in filial fear. 

3 Thy Spirit then will speak 
Through lips of humble clay, 

Till hearts of adamant shall break, 
Till rebels shall obey. 

4 Now lend thy gracious ear ; 
Now listen to our cry : 

O, come and bring salvation near ; 
Our souls on thee rely. 

623— S.M. Hymn 240. Add 

Spirit saughL 

1 f\ FOR the happy hour 

v^j When God will hear our cry, 
And send, -with a reviving power. 
His Spirit from on high. 

2 We meet, we sing, we pray ; 
We listen to the word 

In vain; we see no c\i^^x\tk^t^i — 
No cfceering voice \a Xieax^ 


. 3 Our prayers are faint and dulK 
And languid all our songs; 
When once with joy our hearts were full. 
And rapture . tuned our tongues. 

4 While many crowd thy house, . 
How few around thy board 

Meet to record their solemn vows, 
And bless thee as their Lord! 

5 Thou, thou alone canst give 
Thy gospel sure success; 

Canst bid the dying sinner live 
Anew in holiness. 

6 Come, then, with power divine. 
Spirit of life and love ; 

Then shall our people all be thine-^ 
Onr church, like that above. 

624— 8s 7s. Hymn 242. Add 

Spiritual Harvest. 

1 TIE that goeth forth with weeping, 
-tl Bearing still the precious seed, 
Never tiring, never sleeping, 

All his labour shall succeed. 
Then will fall the rain of heaven, 

Then the sun of mercy shine ; 
Precious fruits will then be given, 

Through an influence all divine. 

2 Sow thy seed, be never weary, 

Nor let fears thy mind employ ; 
Be the prospect ne'er so dreary. 

Thou may'st reap the fruits of joy. 
Lo ! the scene of verdure bright'ning, 

See the rising grain appear; 
Look again, the fields are whil'mii^\ 
Sure the harvest time is neat. 


625— L.M. Hjnml29.B.2 

Hoping for a RtvivaL 

1 TITHILE I to grief my soul gave way 

^V To see the work of God dectine, 
Metbought I heard the Savioar say, 
" Dismiss thy fears, the ark is miae. 

2 " Tho' for a time I hid my face. 
Rely upon my love and powV 
Still wrestle at the throne of grac^ 
And wait for a reviving hour. 

3 ** Take down thy long-neglected harp, 

I 've seen thy tears and heard thy prayer: 
. The winter season has been sharp, 
But spring shall all its wastes repair." 

4 Lord, I obey, — my hopes revive ; 
Come, join with me, ye saints, and sing; 
Our foes in vain against us strive, 
For God will help and triumph bring. 

626— 7s. Hymn 243. Adi 


'^HO are these that come from far. 
Swifter than a flyiog cloud ! 
Thick as flocking doves they are, 
Eager in pursuit of God ; 
Trembling as the storm draws nigh ; 
llast'ning to the place of rest ; 
See them to their windows fly, 
To the ark of Jesus' breast 

2 Who are these but sinners poor, 
Conscious of their low estate ; 
Sin-sick souls, >wV\o fot vVi^vt c\w^ 
On the good W\ys\cvaw Nv;aA\.\ 



Fallen — who bewail their fall — 
Proffered mercy who embrace, 
List'ning to the gospeUcall, 
Longing to be saved by grace. 

For his mate the turtle moans ; 
For his God the sinner sighs ; 
Hark ! the music of his groans- 
Humble groans that pierce the skies ; 
Surely Grod their sorrows hears — 
Every accent, every look; 
Treasares op their iracions tears; 
Notes their sufferings in his book. 

He, who hath their cure begun, 
Will he now despise their pain ! 
Can he leave his work undone ; 
Bring them to the birth in vain 1 
Ho ; we all, who seek, shall find ; 
We, who ask, shall all receive; 
Be to Christ in spirit join'd ; 
With him ever, ever live. 



7— P.M. HymnlOLB. 1. 

On opening a place of toorship. 

I TN sweet exalted strains, 
-■-The King of glory praise ; 
O'er beavea aod earth he reign^ 
TAro' ererlastiog days : • • 



He, with a nod» the world controb, 
Sasuins or sinks the distant poles. 

2 To earth he bends his throne. 
His throne of grace divine ; 
Wide is his bounty known. 
And wide his dories shine: 

Fair Salem, still his chosen rest. 
Is with his smiles and presence blest 

3 Then, King of glory, come. 
And with thy fevonr crown 
This Temple as thy dome, 
This people as thine own: 

Beneath this roof, O ! deign to show 
How God can dwell with men below, 

4 Here may thide ears attend 
Our interceding cries; 
And grateful praise ascend 
All fragrant to the skies ! 

Here may thy word melodious sound, 
And spread the joys of heav'n around ! 

6 Here, may th' attentive throng 
Imbibe thy truth and Jove ! 
And converts join the song 
Of Seraphim above ! 
And willing crowds surround the board 
With sacred joy, and sweet accord. 

6 Here, may our unborn sons 
And daughters sound thy praise; 
And shine, like polish'd stones, 
Thro' long succeeding days! 

Here, Lor^, diapU^ \.Vi^ ^vjVa^^V^vi'x^ 


18— L. M. Hymn 244. Add, 


HERE, in thy name, eternal God, 
We baild this earthly hoase for thee : 

make it now thy fix'd abode. 
And goard it long from error free. 

Here, when thy people seek thy fece, 
And dying sinners pray to live. 
Hear thou, in heayen, thy dwelling-place, 
And when tboa hearest, Lord, forgive. 

Here, when thy messengers proclaim 
The blessed gospel of thy Son ; 
Still by the. power of his great name, 
Be mighty signs and wonders done. 

When children's voices raise the song, 
Hosanna to their heavenly King; 
Let heaven, with earth, the strain prolong, 
Hosanna, let the angels sing. 

But will, indeed, Jehovah deign 
Here to abide, no transient guest t 
Here will our great Redeemer reign, 
And here the Holy Spirit rest! 

Thy glory never hence depart: 
Yet choose not. Lord, this house alone ; 
Thy kingdom come in every heart, 
In every bosom fix thy throne. 

29—78. Hymn 246. Add. 

Laying a Comer-Stone. 

1 T ORD of hosts, to thee we rf^ise 

•^ Here a house of prayer and praise ; 
Tboa thy pwple's hearts ^i(«e^%M 
JBfere to meet for praise ^uia i 


2 Let the linng bere be fed 

With thy word, the heavenly bread; 
Here, iu hope of glory blest, 
May the dead be laid to rest 

3 Here to thee a temple stand, 
While the sea shall gird the land ; 
Here reveal thy Inercy sure. 
While the san and moon endure. 

4 Hallelujah! — earth and sky 
To the joyful sound reply ; 
Hallelujah ! — hence ascend 
Prayer and praise till time shall eiid. 

630— C. M. Hymn 246 Add 


1 OPIRIT divine, attend our prayer, 
^ And make this house thy home ; 
Descend with all thy gracious power; 

O come, Great Spirit, come! 

2 Come as the light : to us reveal 

Our sinfulness and wo, 
And lead us in the paths of life. 
Where all the righteous go. 

3 Come as the fire — and purge our hearts, 

Like sacrificial fiame; 
Let our whole soul an offering be. 
To our Redeemer's name. 

4 Come as the dew — and sweetly bless 

This consecrated hour; 
May barrenness rejoice to own 
T6^ testifying power. 

5 Comp as adove — and spread thy wiogi^ 


And let the church on earth become 
Blest as the church above. 

6 Come as the wind, with '* rushing sound,'' 

And Peniacostal grace, 
That all of woman born may see 
The glory of thy face. 

7 Spirit divine, attend oar p'rayer. 

And make this house thy home ; 
Descend with all thy gracious powers ; 
O, come, Great Spirit, come! 

)\—L. M. Hymn 247. Add. 

Erection of a Church. 

1 npHIS house, O Lord, for thee we raise, 
-L Long may it echo with thy praise, 
And thou, descending, fill the place 
With choicest tokens of thy grace. 

2 Here let the great Redeemer reign, 
With all the glories of his train ; 
While power divine his word attends, 
To conquer foes and cheer his friends. 

3 And in the great decisive day. 
When thou the nations shalt survey, 
May it before the world appear, 
That crowds were born to glory here. 

(2— C. M. Hymn 248. Add 


1 TITITHIN this house, O Loi^ oar God, 
' » In glory now appear; ^ 
Make it a place of thine %bod^ 
And shed thy blessings liev«^^ 


2 When we thine awful seat surround, 

Thy Spirit, Lord, impart; 
And let thy gospel's joyful sound 
With power reach every heart 

3 Here let the blind their sight obtain, 

Here give the mourners rest; 
Let Jesus here triumphant reign. 
Enthroned m every breast 

4 Here let the voice of sacred joy 

And humble prayer arise; 
Till higher strains our tongues employ, 
In realms beyond the skies. 

633— C. M. Hymn 249. Add 

Opening a house of worship. 

1 A SHEPHERD of thy people, hear; 
^j Thy presence now display : 
Thou that hast given a house of prayer, 

Now give us hearts to pray. 

2 Within these walls, let holy peace 

And love and concord dwell ; 
Here give the troubled conscience ease; 
The wounded spirit heal. 

3 May we in faith receive thy word, 

In faith present our prayers ; 
And in the presence of the Lord 
Unbosom all our cares. 

4 And may the gospel's joyful sound, 

By thine Almighty grace. 
Awaken slumb'ring sinners round 
To come aud &\\ tll^i^ \\^c:^ 



4— S, M. . . Hymn 262. Add. 

Morning Thdnksgivin 


■^ J. i*u,nn^^ ec/cr/»^ 

] OEREKE I laid me down, 
^ Beneath his guardian care ; 

1 slept, and I awoke and found 

My kind Preserver near. 

2 Thus does thine arm support 
This weak, defenceless frame : 

Bat whence these favours, Lord, to me 
AH worthless as I am t 

3 O, bow shall I repay 
The bounties of my God t 

This feeble spirit pants beneath 
The pleasing, painful load. 

4 My life I would anew, 
Devote, O Lord, to thee; 

And in thy service I would spend 
A long eternity. 

l5— S. M. Hymn 92. B. 1. 

A Morning Hy^nn. 

1 OEE how the mounting sun 
^ Pursues his shining way ; 

And wide proclaims his Maker's praise, 
With ev'ry brightening ray. 

2 Thus would my rising soul 
Her heav'nly Parent sing; 

And to her great Original, 
Her humbler tribute bring. 

, 3 Sereae I laid me down .. 
Boaeath iiis guardian caw; j^. 


I slept, and I awoke, and found 
My kind Preserver near! 

4 Tbas dotb thine arm support 
This weak defenceless frame ; 

But whence such favours. Lord, lo me 
All worthless as I am t 

5 O ! how shall I repay 
The bounties of my God 1 

This feeble spirit pants beneath 
The pleasing, painful load. 

6 Dear Saviour, to thy cross 
I bring my sacrifice; 

Cleans'd by thy blood, it shall ascend 
With fragrance to the skies. 

7 My life I would anew 
Devote, O Lord, to thee ; 

And in thy service wish to spend 
A long eternity. 

636— C. M. Hymn 93. B. 1 

A Morning Song, 

1 ANCE more, my soul, the rising day 
^ Salutes thy waking eyes ; 

Once more, my voice, thy tribute pay, 
To him that rules the skies. 

2 Night unto night his name repeats. 

The day renews the sound ; 
Wide as the heav'n, on which he sits, 
To turn the seasons round. 

3 'T is he supports my mortal frame ; 

My tongue shall speak his prais^ : 
My sins would rouse his wrath to flame, 
And yel \ua wt^xiVk de\^^%. 


[ On a poor worm thy pow'r might tread, 
And I could oe'er withstand ; 
Thy justice might have crnsh'd me dead, 
But mercy held thine hand. 
i A thousand wretched souls are fled, 
Since the Idst setting sun. 
And yet thou length'nest out my thread. 
And yet my moments rpn. 
6 Great Ood, let all my hours be thine, 
Whilst I enjoy the light; 
Then shall my sun in smiles decline. 
And bring a pleasant night. 

17— C. M, Hymn 96. B. 1 

For Morning and Evening. 

1 TJOSANNA, with a cheerful sound, 
J-1 To God's upholding hand, 
Ten thousand snares attend us round, 

And yet secure we stand. 

2 That was a most amazing pow'r 

That rais'd us with a word ; 
And ev'ry day, and ev'ry hour, 
We lean upon the Lord. 

3 The evening rests our weary head. 

And angels guard the room ; 

We wake, and we admire the bed 

That was not made our tomb. 

4 The rising morning can't assure 

That we shall end the day ; 
For death stands ready at the door. 

To take our lives away. 
6 Our breath is forfeited by sin. 

To God's avenging law ; 
We own thy grace, immortal l&\i\^\ 
• la ev'ry gasp we draw. 


6 God is our sun, whose daily light 
Our joy and safety brings ; 
Our feeble flesh lies safe at night. 
Beneath his shady wings. 

638— L. M. Hymn 254. Adi 

Sabbath Evening. 

1 A NOTHER day has pass'd along, 
-^ And we are nearer to the tomb : 
Nearer to join the heav'niy song, 
Or hear the last eternal doom. 

2 Sweet is the light of Sabbath eve, 
And soft the sunbeams ling ring there ; 
P'or these blest hours the world I leave, 
Wafted on wings of faith and prayer. 

3 The time, how lovely and how still ; 
Peace shines and smiles on all below; 
The plain, the stream, the wood, the hill, 
All fair with evening's setting glow. 

4 Season of rest ; the tranquil soul 
Feels the sweet calm, and melts in love; 
And while these sacred moments roll, 
Faith sees a smiling heaven above. 

5 Nor will our days of toil be long ; 
Our pilgrimage will soon be trod. 
And we shall join the ceaseless song — 
The endless Sabbath of our God. 

639— 7s. Hymn 253- Add 


1 XrOW from labour and from care, 
^ Evening shades have set me free; 
In the work of praise and prayer 
Lord, 1 wou\d couN^t» V\\SDL\Jafte\ 


O, behold uie from above ; 
Fill me with a Saviour's love. 

2 Sin and sorrow, guilt and woe, 
Wither all my earthly joys: 
Nanght can charm me here below 
But my Saviour's melting voice : 
Lord, forgive, — thy grace restore, — 
Make me thine for evermore. 

S For the blessings of this day, 
For the mercies of this hour, 
For the gospel's cheering ray, 
For the Spirit's quick'ning power ; 
Grateful notes to thee I raise, 
O, accept my song of praise. 

840— L. M. Hymn 94. B. 1 

An Evening Hymn. 

i. pREAT God, to thee my ev'ning song 
vT With humble gratitude I raise ; 

let thy mercy tune my tongue, 
And fill my heart with lively praise ! 

2 My days unclouded as they pass. 
And ev'rv gentle rolling hour^ 

Are monuments of wondrous grace, 
And witness to thy love and pow'r. 

3 And yet this thoughtless, wretched heart, 
Too oft regardless of thy love, 
Unerateful, can from thee depart, 

And, fond of trifles, vainly rove. 

4 Seal my forgiveness in the blood 
Of Jesus : his dear name alone 

1 plead for pardon^ gracious God, 
And kmd acceptance at thy thron«4 



5 Let this blest hope aiine eyelids close, 
With sleep refresh my feeble frame ; 
Safe in thy care may I repose, 
And wake with praises to thy name. 

641— CM. Hymn95. B. I 

An Evening Sang. 

[0 W, from the altar of bur hearts, 
Let flames of love arise ; 
Assist us, Lord, to offer up 
Our ev'ning sacrifice. 

2 Minutes and mercies multiplied. 

Have made up all this day ; 
Minutes came quick, but mercies were 
More swift and free than they. 

3 New time, new favour, and new joys. 

Do a new song require : ' 
Till we shall praise thee as we would. 
Accept our hearts' desire. 

( Lord of our days, whose hand hath set 
New time upon our score; 
Thee may we praise for all our time. 
When time shall be no more. 

642— CM. Hymn 119. B. 2 

Evening Warship. 

1 A LORD, another day has flown, 
^ And we, a lonely band. 

Are met once more before thy throne, 
To bless thy fost'ring hand. 

2 And wilt thou bend a listening ear, 

To praises low as ours t 
Thou wilt ! for thou dost love to hear 
The song >wVucVv \ii«ft\Bi?&«Q& "^nrasA. 


3 And Jesus, thoa thy smiles wilt deign, 

As we before thee pray ; 
For thoa didst bless the infant traioi 
And we are less than thej. 

4 O let thy grace perform its part, 

And let contention cease ; 

And shed abroad in ev'ry heart 

Thine everlasting peace ! 

6 Thus chastened, cleans'd, entirely thine, 
A flock by Jesus led ; . 
The sun of holiness shaD shine 
tn glory on our head. 

6 And thou wilt turn our wand'ring feet. 
And thou wilt bless oar way ; 
Till worlds shaU fade, and faith shall greet 
The dawn of lasting day. 

843— P. M. 7. Hymn 121. B. 2. 

Saturday Evening. 

1 CAFELY through another w*eek, 
^ God has brought us on our way ; 
Let us now a blessing seek 

On th' approaching Sabbath-day : 
Day of all the week the best, 
Emblem of eternal rest. 

2 Mercies multiplied each hour, 

Through the week, our praise demand : 
Guarded by Almighty pow r. 

Fed, and guided by his hand : 
Though ungrateful we have been, 
Only made returns of sin. 

8 While we pray for pard'nmf^ gn^c^. 
Through the dear Redeemed i ii%m%^ 


Show thy recoDciled face. 

Shine away oar sin/ and shame: 
From oar worldly cares set free, 
May we rest this night with tbeei 

4 When the morn shall bid as rise, 

Ms(y we feel thy presence near ; 
May thy glory meet oar eyes, 

When we in thy lioase appear : 
There afford as,-Lord, a taste 
Of oar ererlasting feast. 

5 May thy gospeFs joyful soand 

Conqaer sinners, comfort saints ; 
Make the fhiits of grace abound, 

Bring relief for all complaints : 
Thus may all our Sabbaths prove. 
Till we join the church above. 

644— C. M. Hymn 76 B 

Frail life, and succeeding eternity. 

1 npHEE we adore, eternal name ! 
J- And humbly own to thee 
How feeble is our mortal frame ; 

What dying worms are we ! 

2 Our wasting lives grow shorter still. 

As months and days increase ; 
And ev'ry beating pulse we tell 
Leaves the small number less. 

3 The year rolls round, and steals away 

The breath at first it gave ; 
Whatever we do, where'er we go. 
We *re traveling to the grave. 

4 Dangers stand thick thro' all tbe ^roan 

To pusK^xia to lixe v.o\3cfc\ 


Aod fierce diseases wait aroand. 
To harry mortals home. 

) Great God ! on what a slender thread 
Hang everlasting things! 
Th* eternal state of all the dead 
Upon life's feeble strings ! 

> Infinite joy or endless woe 
Attends on ev'ry breath; 
And yet how anconcem'd we go. 
Upon the brink of death ! 

1 Weaken, O Lord, oor drowsy sense. 

To walk this dangerous road ; 

And if oar sonls ^re hurried hence, 

May they be fonnd with Grod. 


5— L. M. Hymn 86. B. 1. 

New Year. 

&0D of onr lives, thy constant care 
With blessings crowns each op'ningyear ; 
Onr guilty Ijves thou dost prolong, 
Awake anew our annual song. 

How many precious souls are fled 
To the vast re^ons of the dead, 
Since from this day the changing san 
Thro' his last yearly period run ! 

Onr breath is thine, eternal God ; 
T is thine to fix our soul's abode ; 
We bold our lives from thee atone* 
to earib, or in the world unknown. 


4 To thee our spirits we resign ; 

Make them and owd them still as thine ; 
So shall they smile, secure from fear, 
Tbo' death should blast the rising year. 

646— L. M. Hymn 86. B. 1. 

Neto Year. 

1 T>LEST be th' Eternal Infinite ! 

^ Whose skill conducts this rolling sphere; 
Who rules our day, who guards our night, 
And guides the swift, revolving year ! 

2 Our race are falling ev'ry hour, 
While we distinguished yet appear ; 
'T is of thy matchless love and pow'r. 
That WG are spar'd another year. 

3 O ! for a sweet refreshing time; 
Saviour ! thy people wish thee near ; 
Come, and our joys shall be sublime. 
While we begin another year. 

4 May thy good Spirit be our guide. 
While thus we stay as pilgrims here; 
Nor let us from our God backslide. 
As we have done the former year. 

5 Strengthen our faitli, increase our love 
Fill us with godly, filial fear, 

And to tliy waiting children prove 
Thy grace thro' ev'ry fleeting year. 

6 This truth impress on ev'ry soul. 
That vast eternity is near; 

That timers swift moments onward roll, 
To bring the last, the closing year. 

7 When nature in a blaze shall die, 
Or death conclude our being here ; 
Then to our Jesus may we fly. 
To spend a uevet-ewdXw^^j^^. 


47— L. M. Hymn 87. B. 1. 

New Year. 

GREAT God, we sing that mighty hand, 
Zy which supported, still we stand ; 
The opening year thy mercy shows, 
Let mercy crown it till it close. 

By day, by night, at home, abroad. 
Still we are guarded by our God ; 
By his incessant bounty fed. 
By his unerring counsel led 

With grateful hearts the past we own ; 
The future, all to us unknown. 
We to thy guardian care commit. 
And peaceful leave before thy feet 

In scenes exalted or depressed. 
Be thou our joy, and thou our rest ^ 
Thy goodness all our hopes shall raise, . 
Ador'd thro' all our changing days. 

When death shall interrupt our songs. 
And silence theise our mortal tongues, 
Our helper^ God, in whom we trust. 
In better worlds, our souls shall boast 

48— P. M. 7. Hytiin 147. B. 2. 

New Year. 

1 TTTHILE with ceaseless course the sun 

^^ Hasted through the former year. 
Many souls their race have* run. 
Never more to meet us here. 

2 Fix'd in an eternal state, 

They have done with all below ; 
We a little longer wait, 
Bat bow tittle — none can kno^v. 

raff . HYMN DCXLIX. 

3 As the winged arrow flies, 

Speedily the mark to find ; 
As the lightning from the skies, 
D^rts and leaves no trace behind : 

4 Swiftly thus our .fleeting days 

Bear as down life's rapid stream ; 
Upwards, Lord, our spirits raise. 

All below is but a dream. 
6 Thanks for mercies past receive. 

Pardon of our sins renew ; 
Teach us henceforth how to live 

With eternity in view. 
6 Bless thy word to young and old ; 

Fill us with a Saviour's love ; 
And when life's short tale is told. 

May we dwell with thee above. 

649— 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 287. Add 

New Year. 

1 npHROUGH another year conducteJ, 
J- Unto thee our song we raise; 
For thy rich unbounded kindness. 

Thee we humbly join to praise : 

Lord, assist us 
Stilt to walk in wisdom's ways. 

2 While again we bow before thee. 

Using here the means of grace ; 
While in worship we adore thee. 
In this oft-frequented place, 

O, permit us 
To behold the Saviour s face. 

3 While the word of life is preached. 

May thy Spirit now descend; 

Thus enliveu'd, thus distinguish'd, 

May this year in mercy end; 

And JeUovv^Vv 
Be bar evet\uui!^1?ti«YsA.,^ 

IIYMX J)CL, DCLl. 727 


I— L. M. Hymn 81. B. 1. 

The Seasons. 

1 'PHY providence, great God, we praise ; 
-^ How good and great are all thy Ways ! 
Thy bounty crowns our passing years, 
And dissipates our anxious fears. 

2 Thy promise stands for ever fast. 
While sun, and moon, and earth shall last ; 
The laws of seasons shall endure 

Till time and stars are known no more. 

3 Summer and winter, cold and heat. 
And night and day in order meet ; 
Seed-time and harvest, each succeed. 
To prove thy love— supply our need. 

1 When years are past, and seasons o'er, 
We still shall prove thy covenant sure ; 
And in the shining realms above 
Adore thy goodness and thy love. 

651— C. M. Hymn 26*5. Add. 

Spring. * 

1 TI7HEN beauty clothes the fertile vale, 

' ' And birds their chorus sing. 
And fragrance breathes in every gale. 
How sweet the day of spring ! 

2 O, let my inmost heart confess, 

With grateful joy and love, 
The hoimteoas hand that deig^u^ lo VXe^ 
The garden, field, and gto\^ 


3 Inspired to praise, my soul would join 

Glad nature's cheerful song: 

While love and gratitude combine 

To tune my joyful tongue. 

4 And faith exults, that yet the spring 

Of righteousness and praise. 
Our Saviour, God, will surely bring, 
And in all nations raise. 

652— C. M. Hymn 82. B. 1. 

Summer — an Harvest Song. 

1 ^FO praise the ever-bounteous Lord, 
-L My soul, wake all thy pow'rs : 
He calls, and at his voice come forth 

The smiling harvest-hours. 

2 His covenant with the earth he keeps; 

My tongue his kindness sing; 

Summer and winter know their time. 

His harvest crowns the spring. 

3 Well pleas'd, the toiling swains behold 

.The waving yellow crop; 
With joy they bear the sheaves away, 
And sow again in hope. 

4 Thus teach me, gracious God, to sow 

The seeds of righteousness ; 
Smile on my soul, and with thy beams 
The rip'niug harvest bless. 

5 Then in the last great harvest, I 

Shall reap a glorious crop ; 
The harvest shall by far exceed 
What 1 have sow' A \\i Vlo^^, 


i53— L. M. Pymn 256. Add. 


1 pREAT God, as seasons disappear, 
^ And changes mark the rolliog year, 
Tbj favour still has crown'd cur days, 
And we would celebrate thy praise. 

2 The harvest song would we repeat ; 
Thou givest us the finest wheat; 
The joys of harvest we have known : 
The praise, O Lord» is all thine own. 

3 Our tables spread, our garners stored, 
O, give us hearts to ble:^ thee, Lord ; 
Forbid it, Source of light and love. 
That hearts and lives should barren prove. 

4 Another harvest comes apace ; 
Ripen our spirits by tliy grace, 
That we may calmly meet the blow. 
The sickle gives to lay us low : 

5 That so, when angel reapers come 
To gather sheaves to thy blest home. 
Oar spirits may be borne on high, 
To thy safe garner in the sky. 

854— L. M. Hymn 267. Add. 

Harvest imported. 

1 T IFT up your joyful eyes, and see, 
-L^ A plenteous harvest all around, — 
The crop matured, and not a grain 
Shall useless fall upon the ground. 

2 A harvest of immortal souls, 
Prepared by sov'reign grace and power ; 
Nor beat, nor cold, nor winds, uoi ^\.oxx&*^ 

. Shall hart — nor birds of prey deNowt. 


3 An arm divine protects the saints, 
Omniscience rests on their abode; 
Christ will conduct them safely home, 
Their kind Protector and their God. 

4 O, happy day, when every shea^ 
Ripen d for glory shall be found ; 
When all the saints are gathered in, 
The joy of harvest shall rcsonnd ! 

655— L. M. Hymn 84. B. 1. 

The Seasons crowned with goodness. 

1 INTERNAL Source of evVy joy! 
-L^ Thy praise shall ev'ry voice employ, 
While in thy temple we appear 

To hail thee, Sovereign of the year. 

2 Wide as the wheels of nature roll. 
Thy hand supports and guides the whole; 
The sun is taught by thee to rise. 
And darkness when to veil the skies. 

3 The flowVy spring, at thy command, 
Perfumes the air, and paints the land ; 
The summer rays with vigour shine, 
To raise the corn, and cheer the vine. 

4 Thy hand, in autuuin, richly pours 
Thro' all our coasts redundant stores ; 
While winters, soften'd by thy care. 
No face of want or horror wear. 

5 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and days, 
Demand successive songs of praise ; 
And be the grateful homage paid. 
With morning light and ev'ning shade. 

6 Here in thy house let incense rise. 
And circling sabbaths bless our eyes, 
Till to those brighter courts we soar 
Where days and ^eat^ tonoV^^ w^ \&!(^td. 


6_8s 7s. Hymn 258. Add. 


1 OEE the leaves around us falling, 
^ Dry and withered, to the ground, 
Thus to thoughtless mortals calling, 

In a sad and solemn sound. 

2 Sons of Adam, (once in Eden, 

Where, like us, he hlighted fell), 
Hear the lesson we are reading; 
Mark the awful truth we tell. 

3 Youth, on length of days presuming, 

Who the paths of pleasure tread, 
View us, late in beauty blooming, 
Numbered now among the dead. 

i What though yet no losses grieve you, 
Gay with health and many a grace, 
Let not cloudless skies deceive you ; 
Summer gives to autumn place. 

5 Yearly in our course returning, 
Messengers of shortest stay. 
Thus we preach this truth concerning — 
Heaven and earth shall pass away. 

5 On the tree of life eternal, 
O, .et all our hopes be laid ! 
This alone, for ever vernal. 
Bears a leaf that shall not fade. 

7— C. M. Hymn 83. B. 1 


1 OTERN winter throws his icy chains, 
^ Encircling nature round ; 
Now Weak, how comfortless the ^\?\xl%^ 
Late with gay verdure crowtfdl 


2 The sun withdraws his vital beams, 

And light and warmth depart; 
And drooping, lifeless, nature seeuis 
An emblem of my heart 

3 My heart, where mental winter reigns. 

In night's dark mantle clad, 
Confin'd in cold inactive chains, 
How desolate and sad ! 

4 Return, O blissful Sun, and bring 

Thy soul-rreviving ray ; 
This mental winter shall be spring, 
This darkness, cheerful day. 

6 O happy state, divine abode. 
Where spring eternal reigns ; 
And perfect day, the smile of God, 
Fills all the heav'nly plains ! 

6 Great Source of light, thy beams displaji 
My drooping joys restore. 
And guide me to the seat of day, 
Where winter frowns no more. 


658— S. M. Hymn 267. Adi 

Guide of Youth. 

1 "PROM earliest dawn of life, 

■*• Thy goodness we have shared, 
And still we hve to sing thy praise, 
By sovereign mercy spared. 

2 To learn and do thy will, 
O Lord, our hearts incline ; 

And o'er the ipailis of fature life 
Comaiand ti\y Y\^v \o t^vvc^^ 


3 While taught thy word of troth, 
May we that word receive; 

And when we hear of Jesus' name, 
In that blest name believe. 

4 O, let us never tread, 
The broad destructive road, 

But trace those holy paths which lead 
To glory, and to God. 

9— S. M. Hymn 270. Add. 

Call to Youth. 

1 IV/TY son, know thou the Lord, 
-^"- Thy father's God obey; 

Seek his protecting care by night, 
His guardian band by day. 

2 Call, while he may be found, 
O, seek him while he 's near ; 

Serve him with all thy heart and mind 
And worship him with fear. 

3 If thou wilt seek his face, 
His ear will hear thy cry ; 

Then shalt thou fiujd his mercy sure. 
His grace forever nigh. 

4 But if thou leave thy God, 
Nor choose the path to heaven ; 

Then shalt thou perish in thy sins, 
And never be forgiven. 

0— C. M. Hymn 268. Add. 


1 T?RA1L youth are in a slippery path, 
J- Beset with mighty foes ; 
Burroanded with disease and deaiK 
Uaaumber'd sins and woes. 


2 Their passions war against the sool. 

And lead their feet astray; 
Submitting to the world's control. 
They ^un the narrow way. 

3 To vanities of time and sense, 

Their yonthful hearts are prone; 
How difficult to draw them t)ience» 
To seek a heavenly crown ! 

4 Great God, the work is wholly thine, 

To guide our erring youth; 
Do thou their wandering hearts incline 
To seek the ways of truth. 

5 Restrain impetuous passions. Lord; 

Upward direct their eyes ; 
Give them a heart to know thy word, 
And all thy counsels prize. 

661— CM. Hymn 269. Add. 

Invitation to the Young. ' 

1 VE hearts, with youthful vigour warm, 

^ In smiling crowds draw near, 
And turn from every mortal charm, 
A Saviour's ^oice to hear. 

2 He, Lord of all the worlds on high, 

Stoops to converse with you ; 
And lays his radiant glories by. 
Your friendship to pursue. 

3 " The soul that longs to see ray face. 

Is sure my love to gain ; 

f- And those that early seek my grace 

Shall never seek in vain.'' 

4 What object, Lord, my soul* should mov^ 

If once compared with thee! 
What beauty should commaad my kve 
^ Like wViai .m CVuna^i L iM.t\ 


i Away, ye false, delasive toys, 
Vain tempters of the miod ; 
T is here I fix my lasting choice, 
And here true bliss I find. 

2— C. M, Hymnl57. B. 2. 

Importance of the season of Youth. 

L AH, in the mom of life, when yooth, 
^ With vital ardour clows. 
And shines in all the fairest charms, 
That beauty can disclose, — 

12 Beep in thy soul, before its powers 
Are yet by vice enslaved, 
Be thy Creator's glorious nan^e 
And character engrav'd : 

3 Ere yet the shades of sorrow cloud 
The sunshine of thy days ; 
And cares and toils^ in endless round. 
Encompass all thy ways : 

i Ere yet thy heart the woes of age. 
With vain>regret, deplore, 
And sadly muse on former joys. 
That now return no. more. 

5 True wisdom, early soaght and gain'd. 
In age will give thee rest : 
O, then improve the morn of life, 
To make its ev'ning blest ! 

13— S. M. Hymn 158. B. 2. 

Ytmth the Morning of Life. 

1 O WEET is the time of Spnng, 
^ When nature's cfaanns appear ; 
T^e birds with ceaseless pleasure wti^ 
And bail the op'ning year. 


2 But sweeter far the spring 

Of wisdom, and of grace. 
When children bless and praise their Kin^ 
Who loves the youthful race. 

3 Sweet is the dawn of day, 

When light just streaks the sky, 
When shades and darkness pass away, 
And morning beams are nigh. 

4 But sweeter far the daton 

Of piety in youth ; 
When doubt and darkness are withdrawn, 
Before the light of truth. ^ 

6 Sweet is the early dew^ 

Which gilds the mountain tops ; 
And decks each plant and flowV we view, 
With pearly, glittering drops. 

6 But sweeter far the scene, 

On Zion's holy hill; 
When there the dew of youth is seen, 
Its freshness to distil.^ 

7 Sweet is the op'ning^^fotrcr, 

Which just begins to bloom. 

Which, ev'ry day and ev'ry hour, 

Fresh beauties will assume. 

8 But sweeter that young heart. 

Where faith, and love, and peace 
Blossom and bloom in ev'ry part. 
With sweet and varied grace. 

9 O, may life's early spring, 

And MORNING, ere they flee, 
youth's DEW, and its fair BLOflsoiiiic0» 
Be g\v'n, my GoA, v> Aw^ 


5 64— L. M. . Hjuin 159. B. 2. 

Yimfh Warned. 

I TTE lovefy bands of blootmngydtrth, 
-1 Waifn'd by the voice of heavenly truth. 
Now yield to Christ yonr yoiithfol ^rinie, 
With all )'6tii^ talents ami yoiirtinflfe; 

i Think on your end— nor thoughtless say, 
"I'll pat far off the evil day;" 
Ah ! not a moment's in your pow'r, 
And death stands ready at the door. 

I: ]^fQityr!-r<^Qw near it rolls! 
Count the vast valije of your souls! 
Beware! and cotlnt the awful cost, 
! What thj^y bavie gstin'd Avhose !S(Mi&%ire lost 

I Pride, $infljil^leid*stn'e$, ktistis bnd snails, 
Beset your hearts, ygdr i^es,' yoixr ears, — 
Take the alarnl— the' danger^ fly ! 
Lafrd, save mcy he Jour earnest cry. 


965— cm: HymnlfiO. B. 2. 

Middle Age. 

1 /I ND have 1 measured half my days, 
-^ And half my journey run, 

Nor tasted the Redeemer's gracet 
Nor yet my work begun t 

2 The morning of my life is past ; 

The noon is ahnost o'er; 
The night of deMb approaches fe^ 


3 O Thou, who seest and know'st my grie( 

Thyself unseen, unknown. 
In mercy help my nnbelieC 
And meh my heart of stone. 

4 Regard me with a gracious eye. 

The long-sought blessing ,giye. 
And bid me, at the point to die. 
Behold thy face, and live. 


866— C. M. Hymn 161. B. 2. 

Oid Age. 

1 INTERNAL God! enthroned on high ! 
J-^ Whom angel hosts adore; 

Who yet to suppliant dost art nigh. 
Thy presence I implore. 

2 Oh, guide me down the steep of age, 

And keep my passions cool ; 
Teach me to scan the sacred page, 
And practise ev'ry rule. 

3 My flying years time urges on, 

What's human must cfecay: 
My friends, my young companions, gone^ 
Can I expect to stay ! 

4 Ah ! no— then soothe the mortal hour ; 

On thee my hope depends; 
Support me with almighty pow'r, 
While dust to dust descends. 

667— C. M. ^ Hymn 271. Add. 

Trust in God. 

1 A LMIGHT Y Father of mankind. 
•^ On thee m^ Vio^% teuaaia ; 


And vvlieo the day of trouble comes, 
I shall Bot trust io vaiu. 

In early years thou wast my Guide, 
And of my youth the Friend ; 

And as my days began with thee, 
With thee my days shall end. 

Thou wilt not cast me off, when age 

And evil days descend ; 
Thou wilt not leave me in despair. 

To mourn my latter end. 

Therefore in life I '11 trust to thee, 

In death I will adore ; 
And after death will sing thy praise. 

When time shall be no more. 


3 — 8s 7s 4s. Hymn 272. Add 

JRzr, far at Sea. 

L OTAR of peace to wanderers weary, 
^ Bright the beams that smile on me. 
Cheer the pilot's vision dreary. 
Far, far at sea. 

i Star of hope, gleam on the billow. 
Bless the soul that sighs for thee. 
Bless the sailor's lonely pillow. 
Far, far at sea. 

( Star of faith, when winds are mocking 
All his toil, he flies to thee : 
Bave him, oa the billows rocVAn^ 
Far, far at sea. 


4 Star Divine, O safely gaide bim. 

Bring the wanderer boltae to thee ; 
Sore temptations long have tried him. 
Far, far at sea. 

6^9— CM. Hymn 273. Add 

Prayer for Seamen. 

1 II/E come, O Lord, before thj throne, 
^^ And, with united pleas. 

We meet and pray for those who roam 
Far off upon the seas. 

2 O, may the Holy Spirit bow 

The sailor^s heart to thee. 
Till tears of deep repentance flow 
Like rain-drops in the sea. 

3 Then may a Saviour's dying love 

Four peace into his breast. 
And waft him to the port above. 
Of everlasting rest. 

670— L.M. Hymn 274. Add 

The Seaman's Song. 

1 TITOULD you behold the works of God, 

V ' His wonders in the worid abroad T 
With hardy IHariners survey 
The unknown regions of the sea. 

2 They leave their native shores behind, 
And seize the favour of the wind; 
Till God commandi^ and tempests rise, 
That heave the ocean to the skies. 

3 When land is far, and death is nigh. 
Bereaved of hope, to God they ery ; 
His mercy hears their loud address. 
And sends salvatvon Vn j&iKms^ 


He bids the winds their wrath assuage, 
\nd stormy fempests cease to rage; 
The grateful band their fears give o'er, 
^nd hail with joy their native shore. 

3, may the sons of men record 
The wondrous goodness of the Lord ; 
Let them their purest offerings bring, 
A.nd in his church his glory sing. 

1— P. M. Hymn 275. Add. 

Tlie Christians Voyage. 

1 TESUS, at thy command, 
^ I launch into the deep, 
And leave my native land, 
Where sin lulls all asleep; 

For thee I fain would all resign, 

And sail to heaven with thee and thine. 

2 What though the seas are broad ? 
What though the waves are strong? 
What though tempestuous storms 
Distress me all along ? 

Yet what are seas or stormy wind T 
Compared to Christ — the sinner's Friend T 

3 Christ is my Pilot wise, 
My comj)ass is his word, 
My soul each storm defies. 
While I have such a Lord: 

I trust his faithfulness and power. 
To save me in the trying hour. 

4 Though rocks and quicksands deep 
Through all my passage lie ; 

Yet Christ will safely keep 

And guide me with his eye ; 
How can I sink with such a prop, 
Vbat bears the world and all things \i^\ 


5 Come, heavenly wind, and blow 
A prosp'rous gale of grace,* 
To waft me from below. 
To heaven, my destined place : 
Then, in fall sail, my port I '11 find, 
And leave the world and sin behind ! 


672— L. M. Hymn 106. B. 1 

On a national Fast in War. 

1 TITHILE o'er our guilty land, O Lord. 

^^ We view the terrors of the sword, 
O ! whither shall the helpless fly ? 
To whom, but thee, direct their cry ! 

2 The suffring sinner's cries and tears 
Are grown familiar to thine ears : 
Oft has thy mercy sent relief. 
When all was fear and hopeless grief. 

3 On thee, our guardian God, we call ; 
Before thy throne of grace we fall; 
And is there no deliv' ranee there I 
And must we perish in despair ? 

4 See, we repent, we weep, we mourn, 
To our forsaken God we turn ; 

O ! spare our guilty country, spare 

The church, which thou hast planted here. 

5 We plead thy grace, indulgent God, 
We plead thy Son's atoning blood. 
We plead thy gracious promises : 
And are they uuavi\\\u^^\Q%ft\ 


liesc pleas, presented at thy throne, 
ave brought ten thousand blessings down, 
ti guilty lands in helpless woe, 
?t them prevail to save us too ! 

— L. M. Hymn 107. B. ]. 

r a pub/ic Font in war, i)rayingfor peace, 

ITAIl, horrid war, deep stain'd in blood, 
^ Still pours its havoc thro' our land; 
Imighty God, restrain the flood; 
ly *• 'tis enough !" and stay thine hand. 

et peace descend with balmy wing, 
\i\ all lier blessings round us shed ; 


Lir liberties be well sccur'd, 

id commerce lift its fainting head. 

li the loud cannon cease to roar, 
he warlike trump no longer sound; 
he din of arms be heard no more, 
Dr human blood pollute the ground. 

?t hostile troops drop from their hands, 
he useless sword, the glitt'ring spear; 
id join in friendship's sacred bands, 
)r one dissentient voice be there. 

bus save, O Lord, a sinking land; 
illions of tongues shall then adore, — 
3S0und the honours of thy name, 
id spread thy praise from shore to shore. 

— C. M. Hymn 108. B. 1 

a public Fast during national Judgments. 

EE, gracious Lord, before thy throne, 
^ Thy mourning people bend I 
7-5 on thy sov'reiga grace alone 
yur humble hopes depend. 

744 HYMN DCLXKV^ ' v 

2 Tremendous jodgments from thy hand 

Thy dreadful pow'r di^lay ; 
Yet QTercy spares thiff guilty laud. 
And still we live to pray. 

3 How chaog'd, alas ! For truths divioe 

See error, guilt and shame ! 
What impious numbers, bold in sin, 
Disgrace the Christian name ! 

4 O ! turn us, turn us, mighty Lord, 

By thy resistless grace ; 
Then shall our hearts obey thy word. 
And humbly seek thy face. 

5 Then, should insulting foes inrade, 

We shall not sink in fear ; 
Secure of never-failing aid, 
Since God, our God, is near. 

675-^C..M. Hymn 109. B.I. 

On a Fast-day dunng Pestilence or generai 

1 TVEATH, with his dread commission seaFd, 
•^ Now hastens to his arms ; 

In awful state he takes the field. 
And sounds his dire alarms. 

2 Attendant plagues around him throng. 

And wait his high command ; 
And pains, and dying groans, obey 
The signal of his band. 

3 With cruel force he scatters round 

His shafts of deadly pow'r; 
While the grave waits his destined prey. 
Impatient to devour. 

4 Diseases are thy servants. Lord, 

They come ai iVi^ cow\\i\%x\ft.\ 
We'll not atteraipt a TOwti\*t\x^^w^. 
AgaiMt thy cViast:mi^&>^^^^- 


V Yet, may we plead with hamble cries, . 
Remove tbjr sharp rebates : 
Our strength consames, oar spirit dies,, 
Thro' tfaj repeated strokes. 
{ In anger, Lord, rebake os not, 

Withdraw these dreadful storms : 
Nor let thy fury grow so hot. 
Against poor feeble worms. 
7 O ! hear when dust and ashes speak. 
And pity all our pain ; 
O ! save us, for thy mercy's sake, 
And send us health again ! 

B76— C. M. Hymn 110. B. 1. 

Thanksgiving far Victory. 

L ^VO thee, who reign'st supreme above, 
J- And reign'st supreme below. 
Thou Grod of wisdom, pow'r, and love. 
We our successes owe. 
2 The thund'ring horse, the martial band. 
Without thine aid were vain ; 
And vicfry flies at thy command 
To crown the bright campaign. 
i Thy mighty arm, unseen, was nigh. 
When we our foes assail'd ; 
'Tis thou hast rais'd our honours high. 
And o'er their hosts prevail'd. 
i Their mounds, their camps, their lofty tow'rs 
Into our hands are giv'n ; 
Not from desert nor strength of onr>, 
But thro' the grace of heav'n. 
5 The Lord of hosts, our Helper, lives ; 
His name be ever blest : 
'Tis bis own arm the vict'ry g^ve&\ 
He grants bis people rest. 


6T7— L. M. Hymn 111. R li 

Thanksgiving for national Peace. 

1 n RE AT Ruler of the earth aod skies^ 
^ A word of thine almighty breath 
Can sink the world, or bid it rise : - 
Thy smile is life, thy frown is death. 

2 When angry nations rash to arms, 
And rage» and aoise, and tumqit reign ; 
And war resounds its dire alarms. 
And slaughter spreads the hostile plain ; 

3 Thy Sovereign eye looks calmly down, 
And marks their course, and bounds their 

pow'r : 
Thy word the angry nations own, 
And noise and war are heard no more. 

4 Then peace returns with balmy wing. 
Sweet peace ! with her what blessings fled! 
Glad plenty laugbs, xlie valleys sing, 
Reviving commerce lifts her head» 

5 Tbou good, and wise, and righteous Lord, 
All move subservient to thy will ; 

And peace and war await thy word, 
And tby sublime decrees fulfil. 

6 To thee we pay our grateful songs, 
Thy kind protection still implore ; 

O may our hearts, and lives, and tongues. 
Confess thy goodness, and adore ! 

678— CM. . Hymn 112. B.1 

Thanksgiving for Health after Pestilence. 

1 OOVEREIGN of life, we own thy hand, 
^ In this late chast'ni'ng stroke; 
And, since we 've smarted by thy rod, 
Thy preseace¥r^Va3i4\ift* 


2 To thee in our distress we cried, " 

And thoa bast Bow'd thine ear ; 
The pestilence thou hast remov'd, 
And brought deiiv'rance near. 

3 Unfold, ye^tes of righteousness; 

That, with the pious throng, 
We may record our solemn vows, 
And tune our grateful song. 

4 Praise to the Lord ! who staid the sWord, 

And said, "it is enough;" 
Praise to the Lord ] who makes his saints 
Triumphant e'en in death. 

5 Our God, in thine appointed hour 

Those heav'nly gates display, 
Where pain and sickness, fear and death, 
For ever flee away. 

6 There, while the nations of the bless'd, 

With raptures, bow around, 
Our anthems to delivYing grace, 
lu sweeter strains shall sound. 

B79— 8s. Hymn 276. Add. 


1 T ET gratitude waken the song, 
-^ And swell the harmonious lyre, 
Let praise the sweet anthem prolong, 
And joy every bosom inspire ! 
What favours around us have flo\i^*d. 
Unmeasured, unspeakably great, 

By Heaven in rich mercy bestow'd 
On man in his fallen estate! 

2 The earth with rich verdure is crown*d, 
The fruits in their fulness appear. 
The songs of the reapers resouxk^ 

Aad plenty encircles' the jMiT •, 


Thelilessings of freedom are oara; 
And knowledge and 'virtae increase^ 
No foe is invading pur shores^ 
We live with tbe nations at peace. 

8 The sound of tbe gospel is lieard ; 
The scriptures their treasures unfold* 
While thousands believe in the word, 
More precious than silver or gold : 
No fierce persecutions arise. 
The heart and the conscience to bind; 
That wisdom which heaven supplies^ 
The weakest believer may find. 

4 Let gratitude waken the song. 
And swell the harmonious lyre, 
Let praise the sweet anthem prolong 
And joy every bosom inspire : 
A nation so favoured of God, 
Should ever acknowledge his band ; 
Should send his salvation abroad — 
His gospel to e\ery land. 

680— 7s. Hymn. 277. Adi 

Swell the Anthem, 

1 O WELL tbe anthem, raise the son^ 
^ Praises to our God belong ; 
Saints and angels join to sing 
Praises to our heavenly King. 

2 Blessings from his libVal hand» 
Flow around this happy land ; 
Guarded by his watchful eye. 
Peace and freedom we enjoy. 

3 Here, beneath a virtuous sway» 
May we cheerfully obey ; 
Never fed oppression's rod— « 
£v«r 0¥in mod ^ovriiu^ GodL 

m^ DGI/SaOB 


681— 6s4».^-; Hymn 278, Add. 

'"' Tnd^endence Ode. 

1 "pREEMEN, awake the song! 
J- Glad Ijr the -straiti prolong, 

Welcomci ttii? day! • -** 
It tells of glory won/ ■ 
By deeds bf vdjbur done; 
Shout till t^e* setting sun * ^ * 

Sheds its last ray. ' ' 

2 Our happy land we sing — ' 
Your joyful tribute bring, 

The song to swell; 
Sing of our country's worth — 
The place of freeaotifs birth — 
The aoUest spot on earth-j- 

Her blessings tell. 

3 Tell how Jehovah's carQ, 
Guarded ottr blessings rare, 
• Till this bright houft 

' And still secure from harm, 
Held Ijy his mighty arm. 
And free from all alarm. 
We trust his. power. 

4 Science her power exerts, 
And treasures rich imparts: 

Ennobling truth, , 

Whence holy influence springs, 
Upon her heaven-plumed winga^ 
Bright burnish'd armour brings 

To guard our youth. 

6 Our youth— our country's gems — 
Tb6ir lustre brightly beams . , 
For com'mg days^^ -.^ ;^* v ^ ^ ^ 
,, 63 • ^^-^v 


Let virtue's wreath be twined 
Round each — and every mind 
The lamp of knowledge find> 
To gild their ways. 

6 Mav blest religion's lisht, 
Unniding» changeless, qright^ 

Their guide-star be : 
And, as to age they move, 
Our Father's arm of love 
Guide them to realms abovd^ 

Where all are free. 


682— C. M. Hymn 279. Add 

A Wedding Hymn. 

1 CINCE Jesus freely did appear 
^ To grace a marriage feast ; 

Dear Lord, we ask thy presence here» 
To make a wedding guest 

2 Upon the bridal pair look down, 

Who now have plighted hands ; 
Their union with thy favour crown, 
And bless the nuptial bands. 

3 With gifts of grace their hearts endow— 

Of all rich dowries best ; 
Their substance bless; and peace bestow 
To sweeten all the rest. 

4 In purest love tlieir souls unite. 

That they, with Christian care. 
May mlike domestic burdens lights 
^ % taking mutnaidDom. 


i O may each soul assembled herei 
Be married, Lord, to thee, 
Clad in thy robes, made white and fair. 
To spend eternity. 

3— L. M. Hymn 280. Add 

The same. 

1 TI71TH cheerful voices rise and sing 

^V The praises of our God and King ; 
For he alone can minds unite 
In mutual love and pure delight. 

2 O may this pair increasing find 
Substantial pleasures of the mind ; 
Happy in all thins may they be, 
And both united,, Lord, to thee. 

3 So may they live, as truly one, 

And, when their work on earth is done. 
Rise hand in hand to heaven, and share 
The joys of love forever there. 


14— 7s. Hymir 282. Add. 

Jit Parting. 

1 l^OR a season call'd to part, 

•^ Let us now ourselves commend 
To the gracious eye and heart 
Of our ever-present Friend. 

2 Jesus, hear our humble prayer, 
Tender Shepherd of thy sheep ; 
Let thy mercy and thy care 

AJJ our souls in safety keep. 

3 In thy strength may we be strong, It 
Sweeten every crose and pain; I 
And onr wasting lives prolong, I 
In thy peace to meet again. 

4 Then if thou thy help afford, 
Ebenezers shall be rear'd ; 
And onr souls shall praise the Lord, 
^Who our poor petitions heard. 

685— a M. Hymn 283. Add. 

Parting cf Friends. 

1 n^HROUGH Christ, when we together came 
J- In singleness of heart. 
We met, O Jesus, in thy name, 

And in thy name we part 

2 We part in body, not in mind, 

Our minds continue one ; 
And each to eacii, in Jesus join'd, 
We happily go on. 

3 O, may thy Spirit, gracious LiA*d, 

In all oar travels still 
Direct and be our constant guard 
To Zion's holy hill. 

4 O what a joyful meeting there, 

Beyond these changing shades ! 
White are the robes we then shall wear, 
And crowns upon our heads. 

5 Hasten, O Lord, and bring the day 

When we shall dwell at home ; 
Gome, O Aedeemer, come away ; 
O Jesns, quickly come! 


6— C. M. Hymn 284. Add. 

Re-union of~ Friends. 

L pOME, let us strike our faarps afresh, 
^ To great Jebovali's name; 
Sweet be the accents of our tongues, 
When we his love proclaim. 

2 'T was by his bidding we were call'd 

In pain awhile to part ; 
'T is by his care we meet again, 
And gladness fills our heart 

3 Blest be the hand that has preserved 

Our feet from every snare ; 
And blest the goodness of the Lord, 
Which to this hour we share. 

I O, may the Spirit's quick'ning power 
Now sanctify our joy, 
And warm our zeal in works of love, 
Our talents to employ. 

5 Fast, fast our moments j9y away, 
Soon shall our wanderings cease ; 
And with our Father we shall dwell, 
A family of peace. 

17— P. M. Hymn 285. Add. 

Birth-day Dedication. 

1 r\ OD of my life, to thee 
^ My cheerful soul I raise. 
Thy goodness bade me be. 
And still prolongs my days : 

1 see my natal hour return, 
And bless the day that I was born. 

2 A clod of living earth, ^ 
I glorify thy name; 

754. HtlitN DCLXXXVIIL' 

From whom alone my birth 

And all my blessings came ; 
Creating and preserving grace, 
Let all that is within me praise. 

3 My soul and all its powers, 
Thine, wholly thine, shall be ; . 
All, all my happy hours 

I consecrate to thee ; 
Whate'er I have, whate'er I am, 
Shall magnify my Maker's name. 

4 Long as I live on earth, . 
To thee, O let me live ; 
To thee my every breath 

In thanks and. blessings give ; 
Me to thine image now restore, 
And I shall praise thee evermore. 

688— C. M. Hymn 286. Add. 

A Birth-day Prayer. 

1 O WIFT as the winged arrow flies, 
^ My time is h^isteniug on ; 
Cluick as the lightning from the skies, 

My wasting moments run. 

2 My follies past, O God, foi^ive, 

My every sin subdue ; 
And teach me, henceforth, how to live 
With glory in my view. 

3 'T were better I had not been born, 

Than live without thy fear ; 
For they are wretched and forlorn 
Who have their portion here. 

4 But thanks to thine unbounded grace, 

That in my early youth 
I have 1[>een taught to seek thy face. 
And kuoYi \3ci^ '^vj ^ vnriL , 


- 5 O, let thy Spirit lead me still 
Along the happy road; 
Conform me to thy holy will, 
My Father and my God. 

6 Another year of life is past ; 
My heart to thee incline, 
That if this year should he my last, 
It may be wholly thine. 

589— C. L. M. . Hymn 289. Add 

Recovery from Sickness. 

1 T LOVE the Lord, whose gracious ear 
J- Was open to my cry ; 

He hade me, in the time of fear, 

Upon his grace rely. 
Long as I live I 'II trust his care—* 
To him address my fervent prayer. 

2 Death's sorrows had encompassed me, 

I felt the pains of hell ; 
On -every side was misery. 

My woes no tongue could tell. 
Then I hroke forth without control, 
"Lord, I beseech thee, save my soul." 

3 Tender and gracious is his name ; 

Our God is ever kind; 
The meek shall his protection claim, 

The humble, mercy find ; 
Unto thy rest, my soul, return, 
The bounties of thy God discern. 

4 The Lord hath kept my soul from death, 

Preserved my eyes from tears; 
My feet from falling, where beneath 

Were spread the fowler's snares ; 
Living I '11 walk before the Lord \ 
His name forever be adored. 


690— P.M. Hymn 139. B.1 

The song of Hannah — an encouragemeni to 

1 TI7HEN Hannah, press*d with grief, 

' » Pour'd forth her soul in pray'rs: 

She quickly found relief, 

And songs succeeded tears. 
Like her, in evVy trying ease, 
Let us approach the throne of grace. 

2 When she began to pray. 
Her heart was pain'd and sad ; 
But ere she went away 
Was comforted and glad : 

In trouble, what a resting-place, 

Have they who know the throne of grace ! 

3 Eli her case mistook ; 
How was her spirit mov'd 
By his unkind rebuke ! 

But God her cause approv'd. 
We need not fear a creature's face, 
While welcome at a throne of grace. 

4 Men have not pow'r nor skill 
With troubled souls to bear ; 
Tho' they express good will, 
Poor comforters they are : 

But swelling sorrows sink apace. 
When we approach the throne of grace. 

5l Thousands have often tried. 
And with success were crown'd ; 
Not one has been denied. 
But all an answex fowvxd. 
Let us by fa\i\\ tW\t ^ooxsx^^^ vt^^^ 
And hasteu to t\\^ iV^xou^ ol ^^t^. 


1— C. M. Hymn 144. B. 1. 

esong of Simeon — death to a believer desirable. 

LORD, in thy temple we appear, 
As happy Simeon came. 
A.nd hope to meet oar Saviour here ; 
O make our joys the same ! 

With what divine and vast delight 

The good old man was fiil'd. 
When fondly in his wither'd arms 

He clasp'd the holy child ! 

" Now I can leave this world," he cried, 

" Behold, thy servant dies ! 
"" I 've seei^thy great salvation, Lord, 

"And close my peaceful eyes. 

* This is the light prepar'd to shine 

'*Upon the Gentile lands; 
"* Thine Israel's glory, and their hope, 

" To break their slavish bands. 

Jesus ! the vision of thy face 

Hath overpow'ring charms ! 
Scarce shall I feel death's cold embrace. 

If Christ be in my arms. 

When flesh shall fail, and heart-strings break, 

Sweet will the •minutes roll; 
A mortal paleqess on my cheek, 

But glory in my soul. 

•2— C. M. Hymn 140. B. 1 

The song of HezeMah. 

1 TI7HEN we are rais'd from deep distress, 
^^ Our God deserves a song; 
We take the pattern of onr ptaise 
From Hessekiah's tongue. -S \ 


7W HYMN DGXqm. m 

2 The gates of the devoaring grave , 

Are open'd wide in vain, 
If he, who holds the keys of death. 
Commands them fast again. 

3 Fains of the flesh are wont Y abuse 

Our minds with slavish fears; 
" Our days are past, and we shaM lose 
" The remnant of oar years/' 

4 We chatter with a swallow's voice» 

Or like a dove we moarn ; 
With bitterness instead of joys. 
Afflicted and forlorn. 

5 Jehovah speaks the healing word, 

And no disease withstands-; 
Fevers and plagues obey the Lord, 
And fly at his commands. 

6 If half the strings of life should break, 

He can our frame restore : 

He casts our sins behind his back, 

And they are found no more. 

693— L.M. Hymn 141. B. I 

The song of Mary. 

1 nUR souls shall magnify the Lord ; 
^ In God the Savioar we rejoice ; 
While we repeat the Virgin's song, 
May the same Spirit tone our voice ! 

2 The Highest saw her low estate, 

And mighty things his hand hath done ; 
His overshadowing powV and grace 
Makes her the mother of his Son. 

3 Let ev*ry nation call her bless'd* 
And endleii ^eaift ^to>ptt|tlNn.%B^ t 

IV^yfflTMN DCXCIV. ' 769 

; Boll Qod alone mast be adored ; 
Holj and rev'rend is his name. 

4 To lihose that fear and %ast the Lord, 
His mercj stands for ever sure; 
From age to age his promise li?es, 
And the performaiice is secmre. 

6 He spake to Abra'm and his seed, 
''In thee shall all the earth be bless'd;" 
. The mem'ry of that ancient word 
Lay long in his eternal breast 

6 Bot noWy no more shall Israel wait, 
No more the Gentiles lie forlorn : 
Lo, the desire of nations comes ! 
Behold, the promis'd seed is bom ! 

694— P. M. 7. Hymn 96. B. 2. 

The three JHountaws. 

1 WHEN on Sinai's top I see 

^ ' God descend in majesty, 
To proclaim his holy law, 
All my spirit sinks with awe. 

2 When in ecstasy sublime, 
Tabor's glorious steep I climb. 
At the too transporting light, 
Darkness nubes o'er my sight. 

3 When on Calvary I rest, 
God, in flesh made manifest, 
Shines in my Redeemer's face, 
Full of beauty, truth, and grace. 

4 Here I would for ever stay. 
Weep, and gaze my soul away ; 
Thou art heav'n on earth to me, 
LoFeJf, moarafhl Cahs^. 


695— L. M. Hymn 12a B. 2 

Family Worship. 

1 Ti^ATHER df all, thy care we hless, 

J- Which crowns our families with peace; 
From thee they spripg, and by thy hand 
They have been, anil are still sostain'd. 

2 To God, most worthy to be prais'd, 
Be oar domestic .altars raised ; 

Who, Lord of heav'n, scorns not to dwell 
With saints in their obscurest celL 

3 To thee may each united house. 
Morning and night, present its vows ; 
Our servants there, and rising race. 
Be taught thy precepts and thy grace. 

4 Oh, may each future age proclaim 
The honours of thy glorious name ; 
While, pleas'd and thankful, we remove 
To join the family above. 

696— C. M. Hymn 160. B. 2. 

The Traveller's Hymn. 

1 TTOW are. thy servants bless'd, O Lord, 
J-L How sure is their defence! 
Eternal wisdom is their guide. 

Their help, OmnijjP^ence ! 

2 In foreign realms, and lauds remote. 

Supported by thy care; 
Thro' burning climes they pass unhurt, 
And breathe in tainted air. 

3 When, by the dreadful tempests borne, 

High oa the broken wave, 
They know tAxovji ^x\ wqx Asx^ \s^ V^^aLx 
Nor impoieul to »n^ 


4 The storm is laid — the winds retire, 

Obedieqt to thy will : 
The sea, that roars at^hy command, 
At thy command is' still. 

5 In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths, 

Thy goodness we Ml adore ; 
We '11 praise thee for thy mercies past, 
And hambly hope for more. 

B97— L. M. Hymn 149.' B. 2. 

Poor ChUdren^z appeal to Christians. 

1 TN God's own bouse, by silent night, 

J- The lamp of God was burning bright ; 
And there, by viewless angels kept, 
Samuel, the child, securely slept. 

2 A voice unknown the stillness broke, 

" Samuel !" it call'd, and thrice it spoke ; 
He rose — he ask'd whence came the word : 
From Eli ! No ; it was the Lord. 

3 Thus early calPd to serve his God, 
In paths of righteousness he trod ; ' 
Prophetic visions fir^d his breast. 
And all the chosen tribes were blest 

4 Speak, Lord ! and from our earliest days 
Incline our hearts to love thy ways; 
Thy wak ning voice has reach'd our ear. 
Speak, Lord, to us ; thy servants hear. 

5 And ye, who know the Saviour's love, 
And richly all his mercies prove;- 
Yonr timely, friendly aid affotd, 
That we may early serve the LiOTd. 

64 ♦ 


1 \ 

698— CM. Hymn 138. B.1 

The Summary of Faith. 

God the Father I believe, 
Who heaven and earth did frame 
By his almighty Word ; his praise 
And glory to proclaim. 

2 I do believe in Jesus Christ, 
God's only Son, our Lord, 

Begotten from eternity, 
• The everlasting Word. 

3 I in the Holy Ghost believe, 
A Person true, and One, 

In essence, pow'r, eternity, 
With Father and with Son. 

4 An holy catholic Church I own. 
The heirs of heav'n designed ; 

By union all to Christ their head, 
And one another join'd. 

5 Redemption thro' the blood of Christ, 
I heartily embrace; 

A full forgiveness of my sins. 
The gift of sovereign grace. 

6 The Resurrection of the dead, 
Sincerely I maintain ; 

My soul and body glorified, 

With Christ shall live and reign. 

7 The hopes of everlasting Life 
My fainting soul sustain : 

To this I set my solemn seal, 
And say, in truth, Amen! 

8 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
The God whom we adore. 

Be glory, as it vi^a, \% tiaw^ 
And skaUbe wenaat^. 


199— C. M. Hymn 290. Add. 

Public Profession. 

1 "VIE men and angels, witness now, 

J- Before the Lord we speak; 
To him we make our solemn vow, 
A vow we dare not break; — 

2 That, long as life itself shall last, 

Ourselves to Christ we yield ; 
Nor, from his cause will we depart, 
Nor ever quit the field. 

3 We trust not in our native strength, 

But on his grace rely; 
May he, with our returning wants, 
All needful aid supply. 

4 O, guide our doubtful feet aright. 

And keep us in thy ways; 
And, while we turn our vows to prayers, 
Turn thou our prayers to praise. 



^OO— C. M. Hymn 77. B. 1. 

Time is short. 

1 ^HE time is short ! the season near, 
-L When death will us remove ; 
To Jeare our friends, however Aeat, 
And all we fondly love. 

764 -' HYMN DCCfe > 

2 The time is short ! sinaers^ beware, 

Nor trifle time away; 
The word of great salvation hear. 
While it is call'd to-day. 

3 The dme is short ! ye rebels^ now 

To Christ the Lord sabmit; 
To mercy's golden sceptre bow, 
And fall at Jesd's feet 

4 The time is short! yesaiots, rejoice; 

The Lord will qaickly come: 
Soon shall ye hear the Bridegroom's voice, 

To call yon to yonr home. 
6 The time is short ! it swiftly flies; 

The hour is just at hand, 
When we shall mount above the skies, 

And reach the wish'd-for land 
6 The time is short ! the moment near 

When we shall dwell above; 
And be for ever happy there, 

With Jesus, whom we love. 

701— 7s 6s. Hymn 294. Add 

Time is winging, Sfc. 

1 'PIME is winging us away, 
-L To our eternal home; 
Life is but a winter's day, 

A journey to the tomb ; 
Youth and vigour soon will flee. 

Blooming beauty lose its charms ; 
All that's mortal soon will be 

Enclosed in death's cold arms. 

2 Time is winging us away 

To out eternal home; 
Life is bal a wmx^^i^ Avj, 
A journey to iSaft txMoJix 


But the Christian shall enjoy 
Health and beauty soon above ; 

Far beyond the world's alloy — 
Secure in Jesus' love. 

2— L. M. Hymn 295. Add. 


THAT awful hour will soon appear ; 
Swift on the wings of time it flies ; 
When all that pains or pleases here 
Will vanish from my closing eyes. 

Death calls my friends^ my neighbours hence. 
None can resist the fatal dart: 
Continual warnings strike my sense, 
And shall they fail to reach my heart T 

Think, O my soul, hrow much depends 
On the short period of to-day; 
Shall time, which heaven in mercy lends, 
Be negligently thrown away X 

Lord of my life, inspire my heart 
With heavenly ardour, grace divine ; 
Nor let thy presence e'er depart; 
For strength, and life, and death, are thine. 

13— C. M. Hymn 296. Add. 

MarCs days are as grass. 

1 TVEATH ! what a solemn word to all ! 
^ What mortal things are men ! 
We just arise, and soon we fall, 

To mix with earth again. - 

2 'T was sin that brought in all our wo, 

And gave to death his power; 
Hence al) our painful sorrows fiow^ 
Till life's depamng hour. 


3 'T is God that fixes each event 

Of varying life or death; 
By him revolving years are lent, 
Or he arrests our breath. 

4 Thankful we own thy goodness past, 

Thou sovereign Lord of all. 
Watching may each be found at last, 
To hear the bridegroom's calL 

5 O, fit us for thy righteous will, 

Thy mercy, Lord, impart; 
Help us thy pleasure to fulfil, 
And yield thee all our heart. 

704— S. M. Hymn 293. Adi 

Our daySf a hand-breadth. 

1 "DEFORE us to the grave 

-^ How many hence have gone ! 
Nor could a friend, a brother, save. 
Or ransom, even one. 

2 We followed their remains, 
As some will follow ours, 

Where mortals rest from all their pains, 
Nor count the tedious hours. 

3 Since in their house below 
Our bodies soon must lie. 

Our latter end, Lord, make us know. 
And teach us how to die. 

4 By faith may we receive 

Our pardon through thy blood — 
A righteousness, which thou canst ^ve, 

A hope, divinely good. 
5 Our triumph in thy name. 

Shall thus be tendered sure ; 
And we sbaW ceXeX^teXe ^^ Saxfta 

While eudYeaa :|^M% witox^ 



r05-^L. M. Hymn 292. Add. 

The Totting Bell. 

^FT as the bell, with solemn. toll, 
Speaks the departure of a soal. 
Let each one ask bimsielf, ''Am I 
Prepared, should I be call'd to die V* 

2 Only this frati and fleeting breath 
Preserves me from the jaws of death ; 
Soon as it fails, at once I 'm gone, 
And planged into a world anknown. 

^ 3 Then, leaving all I loved below. 
To God's tribanal I must go; 
Must hear the Judge pronounce my fate, 
And fix my everlasting state. 

4 Lord Jesus ! help me now to flee. 
And seek my hope alone in thee ; 
Apply thy blood, thy Spirit give. 
Subdue my sin, and let me live. 

6 Then, when the solemn bell I hear, 
If saved from guilty I need not fear ; 
Nor would the thought distressing be— 
"Perhaps it next may toll for me.** 

6 Rather my spirit would rejoice, 
And long, and wish to hear thy voice ; 
Glad when it bids me earth resign, 
Secure of heaven, if thou art mine. 

r06— 7s. N.A.291. 

Preparation for Death. 

1 QINNER, is thy soul prepar'd 
^ For the solemn hour of death T 
Coaldst thou^ if no longer spai^d^ 
Calwljr yield thy fleedug bt^aiiSckX 


Coaldst thou meet thy God in peace» 
With thy follies unforgiv'n ; 

Or obtain one moment's bliss, 
If admitted into heav'n ! 

2 Art thoa ready to depart? 

Would the heav'nly prize be sure 
To an unbelieving heart, 

To a soul by sin impure! 
Can a sinner, unrenew'd, 

Ever plead atoning blood? 
Can a rebel, unsnbdnd, 

Ever reach heaven's blest abode? 

3 Ready, in thy guilt to die ! 

Ready, evermore to dwell 
In a world of misery. 

In the burning depths of hell ! — 
They alone can look, with joy. 

For a glorious reward, 
Who on earth their souls employ 

In the service of the Lord. 

707— C. P.M. Hymn 80 B. 1. 

Time and Eternity. 

1 TO! on a narrow neck of land, 

^ *Twixt two unbounded seas I stand, 

Yet how insensible! 
A point of time, a moment's space, 
Removes me to yon heavenly placei 

Or — shuts me up in hell. 

2 O God, my inmost soul convert. 
And deeply on my thoughtful heart 

Eternal things impress; 
Give me to feel their solemn weight, 
And save me ere it be too late ; 

Wake me to righteousness. 

3 Before me p\ace,m\it\^i«»3^ 
The pomp of tb^t txem«iidLO^& ^^^ 


When thou with clouds shalt come 
To judge the nations at thy bar : 
And tdtme, Lord, shall I be there, 

To meet a joyful doom ? 
4 Be this my one great business here, 
With holy trembling, holy fear» 

To make my calling sure ! 
Thine utmost counsel to ful£lt 
And suffer all thy righteous will, 

And to the end endure ! 
b Then Saviour, then my soul receive, 
Transported from this v^le, to live, 

Ana reign with thee above; 
- Where faith is sweetly lost in sight 
And hope in full supreme delight 

And everlasting love. 

708— L. M: Hymn 78. B. 1. 


1 "PATERNITY ! stupenduous theme! 

. J-^ Compar'd herewith, our life's a dream : 
Eternity ! O awful sound ; 
* A deep, where all our thoughts are drown'd V 

2 Eternity \ the dread abode, 
And habitation of our God ; 
His glory fills the vast expanse. 
Beyond the reach of mortal sense. 

3 But an eternity there is 

Of dreadful woe, or joyful bliss : 
And, swift as time fulfils its round. 
We to eternity are bound. 

4 What countless millions of mankind 
Have left this fleeting world behind ! 
They're gone; but where 1 — ah ! pause and 

see — 
Gone to a long eternity ! 

7^ . HYMN DCqiX. 

5 Sinner, canst thoa for ever dwell 
In all the fiery deeps of bell t 
And is death nothing, then, to thiBe— 
Peatb, and a dread eternity! 

6 Ye gracioos soals, with joy look up ; 
In Christ rejoice, yonr glorious hopie ; 
This everlasting bliss secures; 

God and eternity are yours. 

709— L. M. Hymn 164. B. % 

The Living and the Dead. 

1 TX7HERE are the dead !— In heav'n or hell 

^V Their disembodied spurits dwell ; 
Their perish'd forms, in bonds of clay, 
Reserved until the judgment day. 

2 Who are the dead ! — The sons of time 
In ev'ry age, and state, and clime ; 
Renown'd^ dishonoured, or forgot. 

The place that knew them, knows them not 

3 Where are the living 1 — On the ground 
Where prayV is heard and mercy found ; 
Where, in the compass of a span, 

The mortal makes th' immortal man. 

4 Who are the living ! — They whose breath 
Draws every moment nigh to death ; 

Of endless bliss or woe the heirs : 
Oh, what an awful lot is theirs ! 

6 Then, timely wam'd, let us begin 
To follow Christ and flee from sin ; 
I Daily grow ujp in him our head, 
■ Lord of the UVwjj^^^ ^<^ ^»^ 


710— S.M. Hymn 163. B. a. 

luues of Life and Deaih. 

H, where shall rest be fooDd* 
Rest for the weary soal! 
'Twere vain the .ocean's depths to soondi 
Or pierce to either pole. 

2 The world can never give 

The bliss for which we sigh ; 
*T is not the whole of life to live. 
Nor all of death to die. 

3 Beyond this vale of tears 

There is a life above ; 
Unmeasured by the flight of years — 
And all that life is love. 

4 There is a death whose pang 

Outlasts the fleeting breath : 
Oh ! what eternal horrors hang 
Around the second death ! 

6 Lord, God of truth and grace 
Teach us that death to shun ; — 
Lest we be driven from thy face. 
And evermore undone. 

6 Here would we end our quest- 
Alone are found in thee 
The life of perfect love — the rest 
Of immortality. 

71 1— C. M. Hymn 123. B. 1 

Funeral Hymn — Death dreadful^ or ddightfuL 

1 TVEATH! 'tis a meUncholy day, 
^ To those that have no God ; 
When the poor soul is forced away, 
To seek her last abode. 


. 9f la yaiD to heav'n she lifts her ejes ; 
For gtfilt, a heavy chain. 
Still drags* her downward from the skies^ 
To dftrkness^ fire and paip. 

, 3 Awake atid moorn, ye heirs of hell, 
Ye stubborn' stnnerg fear ; 
Lest ye be drtv'n from earth,. and dwell 
A long f^ ever there. 

4 See how the pit gapes wide for yoo, 

Add flashed in yonr face;^ 
And thoa, my soni, look downward too» 
And sing recov'ring grace*. 

5 He is a God of sovVetgn love. 

That promb'd heav'n to me ; 
And taught my thoughts to soar above, 
Wl>ere iiappy spirits be. 

6 Prepare me. Lord, for thy right hand. 

Then come tl»e joyful day ; 
Come, death, and some celestial baud. 
To bear my soul away. 

712—0. M. Hymn 125. B. 1 

Funeral Hymn — Deafk and Eternity. 

1 OTOOP down, my thonghts that nsetorise, 
^ Converse awhile with death ; 

Think how a gasping mortal lies^ 
And pants away bis breath. 

2 H>s quiv'rtng lips bang feebly down. 

His pulses faint and few, 
Then speechless, with a doleful groan^ 
He bids the world adieu. 

But O, the soul that never dies^ 
At once U \e3kv^ \V» Awj V 


Ye thoughts, pursue it where it flies, 
And trace its wondrous way. 

4 Up to the courts where angels dwell. 
It mounts triumphant there ; 
Or devils plunge it down to hell. 
In infinite despair. 

6 And must tuj body faint and die ! 
And must this soul remove ! 
O ! for some guardian angel nigh, 
To bear it safe above. 

6 Jesus, to thy dear faithful hand 
My naked soul I trust; 
My flesh shall wait for thy command. 
And drop into my dust 

713— C. M. Hymn 131. B. 1. 

Funeral Hymn — A voice from the tombs. 

1 TJ ARK ! from the tombs a doleful sound ; 
J^^ My ears attend the cry: 

•* Ye living men, come view the ground, 
Where you must shortly lie. 

2 ** Princes, this clay must be your bed^ 

" In spite of all your tow'rs ! 
" The tall, the wise, the rev'rend head 
"Mast lie as low as ours.'' 

3 Great God ! is this our certain doom I 

And are we still secure! 
Still walking downward to the tomb. 
And yet prepare no more T 

4 Grant us the pow'r of quick'ning grace. 

To fit our souls to fly, 
Then, when we drop this dym^ fLes\i« 
Weil rise above the sky. 
66 ♦ 


714— CM. HjrmBl04.B.2 

Impatience far deaih sinful. 

1 TTTHY thas impatient to be gone t 

V Y Such wishes breatbe no more ; 
Let him who lock*d thy spirit in. 
When meet, nnbolt the door. 

2 Why woQidst thou snatch the victor^s pdn^ 

Before the conquest ^s won T 
Or wish to seize th' immortal prize» 
Ere yet the race is run! 

3 Inglorious wish, to haste away; 

And leave thy Work undone f 
To serve thy Lord will please no less 
Than praising round the throne. 

.4 While thou art standing in the field. 
For bliss thou 'It riper grow, 
Then wait the Lord's appointed time. 
Till he shall bid thee ga 

715— 8s. Hymn 297. Add 

Death desirahh. 

1 TI7HILE on the verge of life I stand, 

^^ And view the scene on either hand. 
My spirit struggles with my clay. 
And longs to wing its flight away ; 
.Where Jesus dwells my soul would be. 
And faints my much-loved Lord to see ; 
Earth, twine no more about my heart. 
For *tis far better to depart. 

2 Come, ye angelic envoys, come« 
And lead the willing pilgrim home ; 
Ye know tbe vra^ vo i^%\x^ iJaxw^^^ 
Source of mj jo^^ «^ti^ oI.^^mx ^w^ 


That blissful interview, how sweet! 
To fall transported at his feet ; 
Raised io his arms to view bis face 
Through the full beanuDgs of his grace. 

As with a seraph voice to sing ; 
To fly as on a cherub's wing ; 
Performing with unwearied hands 
The present Saviour's high commands ; 
Yet with these prospects full in sight, 
We -11 wait thy signal for the flight ; 
For while thy service we pursue^ 
We find a heaven in all we do. . 


716— L. M. Hymn 165. B. 2. 

Praying far a sick Minister. 

1 A THOU, before whose gracious throne 
v^ We bow our suppliant spirits down ; 
Avert thy swift descending stroke, 

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock. 

2 Restore him, sinking to the grave — 
Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save ; 
Back to our hopes and wishes give. 

And bid our friend and father live. 

» 3 Bound to each soul by tendVest ties. 
In every breast his image lies: 
Thy pitying aid, O God, impart. 
Nor rend him from each bleeding heart 

4 Yet, if our supplications fail. 

And pray'rs and tears cannot prevail ; 
Be thon his strength, be thou his slay^ 
Aad guide him safe to endless day. 


717— C. M. Hymn 156. B. 2. 

Comfort under the lose of Minitten. 

1 TI7HAT — tho' the arm of cooq'ring death 

V^ Does God's own boose invade ; 
What — tho' the Prophet and the Priest 
Be DDmber'd with the dead ! 

2 Tho' eanhly shepherds dwell in dast, 

The aged and the ybang ; 
The watchful eye in darkness dos'd, 
And mate th' instmctive tongue ; 

3 Th' Eternal Shepherd still survives, 

New comforts to impart; 
His eye still guides us, and bis voice 
Still animates our heart. 

4 Then let our drooping hearts revive, 

And all our tears be dry; 
Why should those eyes be drown'd in griet 
Which view a Saviour nigh! 

718— G. M, Hymn. 298. Add 

Death of a Minister. 

1 ^PO thee, God, when creatures fail, 
-L Thy flock deserted flies; 

And on th' eternal Shepherd's care 
Our steadfast hope relies. 

2 When o'er thy faithful servant's dust, 

Thy saints assembled mourn. 
In speedy tokens of thy grace, 
O Zion's God, return. 

3 Th^ powers of nature all are thine. 

And thine l\ie ^\&% o^ ^^ce; 
Thine arm has V>oti\e \\i^ cVvqx^Xx^^tk^^ 
Through each succee^v^^T^^^- 



4 Display thy sacred influence here, 
And here thy suppliants bless ; 
And change to strains of thankful praise 
Our accents, of distress. 
6 With faithful heart, with skilful hand, 
May this thy flock be fed ; 
Afid, persevering in thy ways, 
To Zion's mount be led. 

719— CM. ' Hymn 299. Add. 

Death of a Pastor. 

"^HY should our tears in sorrow flow, 
When God recalls his own ; 
And bids them leave a world of wo, 
For an immortal crown ! 

2 Is not e'en death a gain to those 
Whose life to God was given \ 

Gladly to earth their eyes they close, 
To open them in heaven. 

3 Their toils are past, their work is done; 
And they are fully blest ; 

They fought the fight, the vict'ry won, 
And enter'd into rest 

4 The flock must feel the shepherd's loss. 
And miss his tender care ; 

But they who bear with joy the cross, 
The crown shall brightest wear. 

5 And is not he who call'd them home. 
Still to his church most nigh. 

To bid successive labourers come, 
And all her need supply \ 

6 Then let our sorrows cease to flow ; 
God has recall'd his own ; 

"But let oar hearts in every wo, 
StiUsay, *' Thy will be doue^ 



'^20—0. M. Hymn 127. B. 1 

Funeral Hymn — Death of a young chiUL 

1 A LAS ! bow chang'd that lovelj flow'r, 
-^ Which bloom'd and cheered nijr heart! 
Fair fleieting comfort of an hour. 

How soon we Ve calFd to part ! 

2 And shall my bleeding heart arraign 

That God, whose ways are lo?e t 
Or vainly cherish anxious pain 
For her who rests above ! 

3 No !— let me rather humbly pay 

Obedience to bis will, 
And with my inmost spirit say, 
" The Lord is righteous still." 

4 From adverse blasts, and low'ring storms, 

Her favour'd soul he bore; 
And with you bright, angelic forms 
She lives, to die no more. 

6 Why should I vex my heart, or fast ! 
No more she *ll visit me ; 
My soul will mount to her at last, 
And there my child I '11 see. 

6 Prepare me, blessed Lord, to share 
The bliss thy people prove ; 
Who round thy glorious throne appear. 
And dwell in perfect love. 

721— CM. Hymn 128. B.I. 

Funeral Hymn — Comfort for pimu Parent$ fc- 
reaved of their Children. 

1 'XT'E mourning saints, whose streaming teait 
^ Flow o*eT ;yo\ii cYvMtesa ^«%&\ 


Say Dotji in tnnsports of despair^ r ^ 
That all your hopes are fled. 

2 I( cleaving to that darling dust, 
In fond distress ye lie, 
Rise, and. with joy and rev'rence view 
A heav'nly parent nigb. 

I Tho', yotir young branches torn away, 
Like withered trunks ye stand; 
With fairer verdure shall ye bloom, 
Tonch'd by the Almighty's hand.. 

I '' I '11 givd the mdumer^" saith the Lord, 
''In my own house a place; 
^ No names of daughters nor of sons 
" Conlid yield so high a grace. 

5 " Transient and vain is ev'ry hope 
••A rising race can give: 
" In endless honour and delight 
" My children all shall live." 

S We welcome, Lord, those rising tears, 
Thro' which thy face we see; 
And bless those wounds, which thro' our 
Prepare a way for thee. 

722— C. M. Hymn 165. B. 2 

Death of a Youth. 

1 TX7H£N blooming vouth is snatch'd away 
VV By death's resistless hand, 
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay. 
Which pity must demand. 

%■ While pity prompts the rising sigh, 
O may this truth, imprest 
With awful pow'r — ItoQ must die — 
Sink deep in ev^y breast 


3 Let this vain world engage no more 

Beboid the gaping tomb! 
It bids us seize the present hour ! 
To-morrow, death may come. 

4 The voice of this alarming scene 

May evVy heart obey; 
Nor be the hea/nly warning vain, 
Which calls to watch and pray ! 

5 O let us^ fly, to Jesns fly, 

Whose p</w'rfal arm can. save ; 
Then shall our hopes ascend on high, 
And triumph o'er the grave. 

723— CM. Hymn 300. Add. 

Death of a Child. 

1 T IF£ is a span, a fleeting hour, 
^ How soon the vapour flies ! 
Man is a tender, transient flower. 

That e'en in blooming dies. 

2 Death spreads his withering, wintry arms, 
• And beauty smiles no more : 

Ah, where are now those rising charms, 
Which pleased our eyes before \ 

3 That once-loved form, now cold and dead, 

Each mournful thought employs; 
We weep, our earthly comforts fled, 
And wither'd all our joys. 

4 Hope looks beyond the bounds of time, 

When what we now deplore 

Shall rise iu full immortal prime, 

And bloom to fade no more. 

5 Cease then, fond nature, cease thy tears; 

The Sav\ovvi AyieWs ou hi^h : 
T here evertasun^ ^^nu^ ^^^^ts^ 

There 3<>y* ^^^^ ^^"^^ ^^'^^ 

mnfi DCCXXIV, DQCXXVi: 781 

24— C. M. Hymn 301. Add. 

Death of a Child. 

1 'npiS Jesus speaks, — I fold, %^y% be, 

-^ , These Iambs within my br6lSa^t: 
Protection ttiey shall find in me, . 
lo ma be ever blessM: 

2 Death may the b^nds of life onloose, 

But can't dissolve my love ; 
Millionjsi of infant souls compose . 
The family above. 

3 Their feeble frames my power shall raise, 

And mould with heavenly skill: 
I '11 give them tongues to sing my praise, 
And bands to Ao my wiH. 

4 His words the happy parents hear. 

And shout with joy divine, 
" O Saviotir, aH We have and are 
Shall be for ever thine.** 

r25— 7s. Hymn 302. Add. 

Death of a Child. 

L TITOURN not ye, whose child hath found 
' 1*1 Purer skies and holier ground ; 
Flowers of bright and pleasant hue^ 
Free from thorns, and tresh with dew. 

\ Mourn not ye, whose child hath fled 
From this region of the dead, 
To yon winged angel-band, 
To a better, fairer land. 

\ Knowledge in that clime doth grow 
Free from weeds of toil and wo, 
Joj^ which mortala may not share ; 

Moara ye tkQt, your child is there,. 


726— S. M. Hymn 303. Add. 

Death of a pums Child. 

1 TT7HEN sickness, pain, and death 

▼▼ Come o'er a godly child. 
How sweetly then- departs the breath ! 
The dying pang, how mild! 

2 It gently sinks te rest. 
As once it nsed to do 

Upon its tender niother^s bi^east. 
And a3 securely too. 

3 The spirit is not dead, 
Thougti low the body lies ; 

Bat, freed from sin and sorrow, fled 
To dwell beyond the skies. 

4 That death is bat a sleep 
Beneath a Savioar's care ; 

And he will surely safely keep 
The body resting there. 


727— C. M. Hymn 16, Pt. 4. B. 1 

The HghteoiLS blessed in death. 

1 TTEAR what the voice from heaven pro* 
-" claims. 

For all the pious dead; 
Sweet is the savour of their names, 
And soft their sleeping bed. 

2 They die in Jesus, and are bless'd ; 

How kind iWx «\wmV^t^ are ! 
From soff rings anA itom im t^^^i^ 
And freed fcom eVt^ %iiw%- 


3 Far from this world of toil and strife. 
They're present with the Lord: 
The labours of their mortal life 
End in a large reward. 

r28— L. M. Hymn 16, Pt 5. B. 1. 

The righteous blessed in death. 

L C AINTS in their graves lie down in peace, 
^ No more by sin or hell opprest; 
The wicked there from troabUng cease, 
And there the weary are at rest 

2 Thrice happy soals, whoVe gone before 
To that inheritance dinne! 

They labour, sorrow, sigh no more. 
But bright in endless glory shine. 

3 There shall we join the blissful throng. 
And meet our dearest friends again ; 
And, all eternity, our song 

To Jesus raise, and with hmi reign. 

729— S. M. Hymn 16, Pt. 6. B. 1. 

Triumph aver death. 

1 A ND must this body die t 
-^ This mortal frame decay ! 

And must these active limbs of mine 
Lie mould'ring in the clay ! 

2 Corruption, earth, and worms, 
Shall but rej6ne this flesh ; « 

Till my triumphant spirit comes. 
To put it on afresh. 

3 God, my Redeemer, lives. 
And often from the skies 

Looks dowo, and watches o'er tny d\X!&x^ 
Till be shall bid me rise. 

4 Arrajr^d in glorious grace, 
Shall these vile bodies shine ; 

And ev'ry shape, and ev'ry face, 
Look heavenly and divine. 

5 These lively hopes we own 
To Jesus' dying love; 

We would adore his grace below, 
And sing his powV above. 

6 Dear Lord ! accept the praise 
Of these our hnmble songs, 

Till tunes of nobler sound we raise. 
With our imAiortd tpngnesw 

730— C. M. Hymn 16, Pt 7. B. 1. 

The prospect of Heaven makes death easy to a 

1 q^HERE is a Knd of pure delight, 
J- Where saints immortal reign : 
Infinite day excludes the night. 

And pleasures banish pain. 

2 There, everlasting spring abides 

And never-witb'ring flow'rs : 
Death, like a narrow sea, divides 
This heav'nly land from ours. 

3 Sweet fields beyond the swelling flood 

Stand dress'd in living green ; 

So to the Jews old Canaan stood 

While Jordan roH'd between. 

4 But tim'rous mortals start and shrink. 

To cross this narrow sea ; 
And linger, shiv'ring on the brink, 
And fear to launch away. 

5 0! could we maV^ om doubts remove, 

These g\oom^ AoxiXiX^ ^^v tor^ 
And see the CauawiiWivi^Wt^ 
With unbec\ouA^^ e^'^ • 


6 Could we but climb where Moses stood, 
And view the landscape o'er, 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold flood, 
Should fright us from the shore. 

731— L. M. Hymn 166. B. 2. 

Tlie Death of tlie Righteous. 

1 TTOW bless'd the righteous when he dies ! 
-tl When sinks a weary soul to rest, 
How mildly beam the closing eyes. 
How gently heaves th' expiring breast ! 

2 So fades a summer cloud away, 

So sinks the gale, when storms are o'er ; 
So gently shuts the eve of day, 
So dies a wave along the shore. 

3 A holy quiet reigns around, 

A calm, which life, nor death, destroys; 
Nothing disturbs that peace profound 
Which his unfetter'd soul enjoys. 

4 Farewell, conflicting hopes and fears, 
Where lights and shades alternate dwell ! 
How bright th' unchanging morn appears ! 
Farewell, inconstant world, farewell! 

6 Life's duty done, as sinks the clay, 
Light from its load the spirit flies , 
While heav'n and earth combine to say. 
How bless'd the righteous when he dies ! 

732— C. M. Hymn 130. B. 1. 

Funeral Hymn — A saint prejmred to die. 

1 inEATH may dissolve my boA^ uc^vi^ 
J-^ And bear my spirit Uoiwe; 
Whf do my miuutes im>ve so s\onv. 
Nor my salvation cornel 


2 With heav'nly weapons, I have fought 

The battles^ of the Lord ; 
Fioish'd my coarse, and kept the faith, 
And wait the sare 'reward. 

3 God hath laid up in heav'n for me 

A crown which cannot fade ; 
The righteous Judge, at that great day, 
Shall place it on my head. 

4 Nor hath the King of grace decreed 

This prize for me alone ; 
But all that love and long to see 

Th' appearance of his Son. 
6 Jesus, the Lord, shall guard me safe^ 

From ev*ry ill design ; 
And to his heav'nly kingdom take 

This feeble soul of mine. 
6 God is my everlasting aid. 

And hell shall rage in vain ; 
To him be highest glory paid. 

And endless praise. — Amen. 

733— C. M. Hymn 132. B. 1. 

Funeral Consolations. 

1 TTEAR what the voice from heav'n declar»« 
-tl To those in Christ who die ! 

" Released from all their earthly cares, 
'* 'jRj^ey reign with him on high." 

2 Then, why lament departed friends. 

Or shake at death's alarms ! 
Death's but the servant Jesus sends 
To call us to his arms. 

3 If %in be pardon'd, we're secure ; 

Death has no sl\n^ beside \ 
The law gave'sm \x^ ^lU^n^vV wA ysfJ \\ ^ 
.Bat Christ, out taus^^tft, «\e^^ 


1 The graves of all bis saints he bless'd, 
When in the grave he lay; 
And rising thence, their hopes he rais'd 
To everlasting day ! 

5 Then joyfully, while life we have, 
To Christ, our life, we 'II sing ; 
" Where is thy victory, O grave ! 
" And where, O death, thy sting !" 

734_C. M. Hymn 124. B..1 

Funeral Hymn — Dying in the embraces of God. 

1 TVEATH cannot make our souls afraid, 
J^ If God be with us there ; 

We may walk thro' its darkest shade. 
And never yield to fear. 

2 I could renounce my all below, 

If my Creator bid ; 
And run, if I were calFd to go 
And die as Moses did. 

3 Might I but climb to Fisgah's top, 

And view the promis'd land ; 

My flesh itself would long to drop 

And pray for the command. 

4 Clasp'd in my heav'niy Father's arms, 

I would forget my breath ; 
And lose my life amid the charms-' 
Of so divine a death. 

785— C. M. Hymn 126. B. 1. 

Funeral Hymn — Victory over Death. 

1 TIT HEN death appears before my s\^l\t^ 
^^ la all his dire array ; 
Uoeqaal to the dreadful figVit, 
Mjr coarage dies away. 


2 But see, my glorious Friend is oigh ! 

My Lord, my Saviour lives: 

Before him death's pale terrors fly. 

And my faint heart ^revives. 

3 He left his dazzling throne above. 

To meet the tyrant's da^t; 
And, (O amazing pow*r of love !) 
Receiv'd it in his hea^rt! 

4 Now for the eye of faith divine, 
• To pierce beyond the grave! 

To see that Friend, and call him mii4 
Whose arm is strong to save, 
fi Lord, I commit my soul to thee; 
Accept the sacred trust; 

Receive this nobler part of me, 
And watch my sleeping dust : 

6 Till that illustrious morning come, 

When all thy saints shall rise, 
And cloth'd in full, immortal bloom, 
Attend thee to the skies. 

7 When thy triumphant armies sing 

The honour of thy name ; 

And beav'n's eternal arches ring 

With glory to the Lamb : 

8 O let me join th' enraptur'd lays. 

And with the blissful throng 
.JKesound salvation, pow'r, and praise, 
In everlasting song! 

736— CM. Hymn 304. Add 

Present with the Lord. 

1 TN vain out Vwic^ ^vtvi^xa \Aiat 
J^ The luovaeiiX. ^^\ftt ^^^>&dl, 
• The R\ones iV^ai »mwm^^ ^Ss^ft w«6X 
W hen he teflA«A% >a^ft\swaa«^ 


^ ' HYMN DCCXXXVn. 789 

* 2 One gentle sigh bis fetters breaks ; 
We scarce can say, " He 's gone,** 
Before the willing spirit takes 
Its mansion near the throne. 

3 Faith strives, but all its efforts fail 

To trace her heavenward flight; 
No eye caji pierce within the veil 
Which hides that world of light 

4 Thoa mach (and this is all) we know. 

They are supremely blest- 
Have done with sin, and care, and wo, 
And with the Saviour rest ' 

5 On harps of gold his name they praise, 

His presence always view ; 
And, if we here their footsteps trace. 
There we shall praise him too. 

737 — 8s 7s. . Hymn 306. Add. 


1 C\ Y£ mourners, cease to languish 
^j O'er the grave of those ye love ; 
Fain and death, and night and anguish. 

Enter not the world above : 
While in darkness ye are straying. 

Lonely in the deepening shade, 
Glory's brightest beams are playing 

Round til' immortal spirit's bead. 

2 O, ye mourners, cease to languish 

O'er the grave of those ye love ; 
Far removed from pain and anguish, 

They are chanting hymns above; 
Li^t and peace at once deriving 

From the hand of God most higjbi; 
Id his glorious presence livingt 
Tfcej Aall never, neyev die. 


738— 7s. Hymn S06. Adi 

Angelic Welcome, " 

1 " C PIRIT, leave thy house of clay ; 

^ Lingering dust, resign thy breath; 
Spirit, cast thy chains away, 
Dust, be thou dissolved in death :" 
Thus th' Almighty Saviour speaks, 
While the faithful Christian dies; 
Thus the bonds of life he breaks, 
And the ransom'd captive flies. 

2 " Prisoner, long detained below, 
Prisoner, now with freedom blest, 
Welcome from a world of wo^ 
Welcome to a land of rest !" 
Thus the choir of angels sing. 
As. they bear the soul on high. 
While with hallelujahs ring 

All the regions of the sky. 
8 Grave — the guardian of our dust; 
Grave — the treasury of the skies ; 
Every atom of tby trust 
Rests in hope again to rise. 
Hark ! the judgment trumpet calls, 
" Soul, rebuild thy house of clay ; 
Immortality thy walls, 
And eternity thy day !" 

739_8g. Hymn 307. Add 

Longing to he with Christ. 

1 ^O Jesus, the crown of my hope, 
^ My soul is in haste to be gone; 
Oh bear me, ye cherubims, up. 
And waft me away to his tbrona 

2 My Saviour, whom absent I love. 
Whom, not kaViD^ w«»«;V «ftM%\ 


I Whose name is exalted above 
All glory, dominion, and power : 

3 Dissolve thou these bonds that detain 
My soul from her portion in thee ; 

O, strike off this adamant chain, 
And make me eternally free. 

4 When that happy era begins, 
When array'd in thy glories I shine, 
Nor grieve any more by my sins 
The bosom on which I recline: 

5 Oh then shall the veil be removed^ 
And round me thy brightness be pour'd ; 
I shall see Him whom absent I loved, « 
Whom not having seen, I adored. 

140— C.-M. Hymn 308. Add. 

Thanks to God far Victory. 

1 A FOR an overcoming faith, 
^j To cheer tny dying hours ! 
To triumph o'er the monster death. 

And all his frightitil powers. 

2 Joyful with all the strength I have. 

My quivering lips shall sing, 
" Where is thy boasted victory, Grave t 
And where, O Death, thy sting T 

3 If sin be pardon'd, I 'm secure. 

Death has no sting beside t 
The law is sin's condemning power, 
But Christ — my ransom — died. 

4 Now to the God of victory, 

Immortal thanks be paid, 
Who makes us cooq'rors wbWe "we d\^> 
Thioagb Christ, otir living Hea&. 


741— 4s 4s 6s,» JBfjmii 309. Add. 


1 WHILE here 1 sit 

▼▼ At Jesus- feet. 
Amid the vaJe of ieirs; 

I '11 trust his grace. 

And ring his praise, 
Nor }*ield to doubts aad feam 

2 And can it be 
That I shall see 

My Saviour face to fecet 

Forever prove 

His boundless love, 
And endless anthems raise. 

3 The thought shall still 
My musings fill, 

By cares and sorrows pressed; 

The blessed hope 

Shall lift me up— 
The hope of endless rest 

4 When God appears 
To wipe the tears 

From gvery pilgrim eye, 

What tpngue can tell 

The joys they'll feel. 
Throughout eternity t 

742— C. M. Hymn 310. Add. 

Future Glory. 

1 J'piS sweet to rest in lively hope^ 
^ That when my change shall come, 
Angels will hover round. my beid,. 
And wa& m:y,#3qi>B^s]^ ,, ^ 



2 There shall my cUsimprison'd soul 

Behold bimand adore ; 
Be with bis. likeness sattslfied. 
And grieve and sin no more. 

3 Shall see hiin we^r that very flesh .^ 
' On which my guilt was lain ; 

His love intense, his merit fresh. 
As though but newly slainl'^ 

4 Soon, toa, my slumbering dust shall hear 

The trumpet's quickening sound ; 
And' by my Saviour's power rebuilt, 
At his right hand bQ found. 

5 O, may the unction of these truths 

Forever with me^ stay, 
Till from her sinful cage dismiss'd. 
My spirit flies away. 

743— S. M. Hymn 311. Add. 

Hope in Deaih. 

1 nPHIS world of sin and death 
-1- Is not to be our home ; 

No ; by the light of precious faith. 
We se^ a world to come. 

2 Jesus 18^ gone before, 

And shows our feet the way ; 
His death has made an open door 
To everlasting day. 

3 Our load of earthly care, 
Temptation, grief, and pain, 

•Will never find admittance there. 
Or break oar peace again. 

4 We may behold the tomb, 
And songs of vict'ry sing; 

For death itself has lost its g\oom« 
£Sace Cbrim destro/d ll%.«dii^ '' 


5 O, may we walk by faith, 

Till hence our souls remoTe ; 
Then, by its light, rejoice in death, 

And find oar home above. 

744— S. M. ^ Hymn 312. Add 

Jt is not Death to die. 

1 TT is "Mt death to die— 

J- To leave this weary road, 
And, 'midst the jbrotherhood on high. 
To be at home with God. 

2 It is not death to close 

The eye long dimmed by tears. 
And wake in gforioos repose, 
To spend eternal years. 

3 It is not death to bear 

The wrench that sets as free 
From dungeon chain, to breathe the air 
Of boundless liberty. 

4 It is not death to fling 
Aside this sinful dnst, 

And rise, on strong, exulting wii^r 
To live among the just. ■ 

5 Jesus, thou Prince of Life ! 
Thy chosen canAot die; 

Like thee, they conquer in the strife. 
To reign with thee on high. 

745— 8s 7s. Hymn 313. Add 

Hope and Comfort. 

1 TJAPPY sonl! thy days are ended, 
-^ All thy monming days below; 
Go, by an^l coaida; attenided. 

To dM np^ ^ ^^"^ V^^ 


Waiting to receive thy spirit, 

Lo ! the Saviour stands above. 
Shows the purchase of his merit. 

Reaches out the crown of love. 
2 Struggle through thy latest passidiii 

To thy4ear Redeemer's breast; 
To his uttermost salvation^^k^ 

To his everlasting rest ' * 
For the joy he sets before thee. 

Bear a momentary pain ; 
Die to live the life of glory, 

Suffer, with thy Lord to reign. 

746— C. M. Hymn 314. Add 

The Rea of the Gfrtwe. 

1 TTOW still and peaceful is the grave ! 
•"- Where, life's vain tumults past, 

Th' appointed house, by heaven's decree. 
Receives us all at last. 

2 The wicked tliere from troubling cease, 

Their passions rage no more; 
And there the weary pilgrim rests 
From all the toils he bore. 

3 ThefSrest the prisoners, now released 

From slavery's sad abode; 
No more they hear th' oppressor's voice. 
Or dread the tyrant's rod 

4 There servants, masters, small and great. 

Partake the same repose; 
And there, in peace, the ashes mix, 
Of those who once were foes. 

6 AU, leveird, by the hand of death, 
Lie sleeping in the tomb; 
Till Gad in jodgment ca\U ^«m SstCDL^ 
To meet their fiaal d<K»ft.r 


747 . Hymn 815. Add 

Burial Anthem. 

1 T)ROTHER, thoa art ^ne before as» 
^ And thy saintly soal is flown. 
Where tears are wiped irom every eye, 

And sorrow is unknown. 
From' the borthen of the flesh. 

And from care and fear released* 
Where the wicked ceaae from troabling, 

And the weary are at rest. 

2 The toilsome way thou'st travelfd o*er, 
I * And- borne the heavy load ; 

Bat Christ hath taught thy languid feet 

To reach his blest abode. 
Thou 'rt sleeping now, like Lazarus 

Upon his Fatlier's breast. 
Where the wicked (!ease from troubling, 

And the weary are at rest. 

3 Siu can never taint thee now. 

Nor doubt thy faith assail. 
Nor thy meek trust in Jesus Christ, 

And the Holy Spirit, fail ; */ 
And there thou 'it sure to meet the good. 

Whom on earth thou lovedst best, 
Where the wicked cease from troubling. 

And the w^nry arc at rest. 

748— 12s lis. Hymn 316. Add. 

Funeral Hymn. 

I 'T^HOU art gone to the grave ! but we will 
-L not deplore thee, 
Thoogh sorrows and darkness encompass the 
touib; ^ ^ • 


Thy Saviour has pass'd through its portals 
before thee. 
And the lamp of his iove is thy guide through 
the gloom. 

2 Thou art gone to the grave ! we no longer 

behold xhee. 
Nor tread the rough paths of the world by 

thy side, 
But the wide arms of mercy are spread to 

enfold thee. 
And sinners may die-^forthemiilBtf has died. 

3 Thou art gone to the grave ! and its man- 

sion forsaking. 
Perchance thy weak spirit in fear lingered 

But the mild rays of paradise beamed on thy 

And the sound which thou heard'st was the 

seraphim's song. 

4 Thou art gone to the grave ! but we will not 

deplore thee, . 
Whose God was thy Ransom, thy Guar- 
dian, and guide ; 
He gave thee, he took thee, and he will restore 
And death has no sting, for the Saviour has 

749— 8s 7s. Hymn 317. Add. 

Death of a Sister. 

1 OISTER, thou wast mild and lovely, 
^ Gentle as the summer breeze. 
Pleasant as the air of even\ng,i 
When HMoBtB amoiig th^ tne^ 
67 • 


2 Peaceful be thy silent slnmber-* 
Peacefal in the grave so low ; 
Thou no more wilt join our number. 
Thou no more oar songs shalt know. 

. S Dearest sister, thou hast left us; 
Here thy loss we deeply feel ; 
But 'tis God that hath bereft us^ 
He can all our sorrows heaL 

• 4 Yet again we hope to meet thee. 
When the day of life is fled ; 
Then in heaven with joy to greet tbee, 
Where no farewell tear is shed. 

750— L. M. Hytnn 318. Adi 

Sleeping in Jesus. 

1 A SLEEP in Jesus ! blessed sleep, 

-^ From which none ever wakes to weep; 
A calm and undisturb'd repose^ 
Unbroken by the last of foes. 

2 Asleep in Jesus ! O, how sweet» 
To be for such a slumber meet ! 
With holy confidence to sing, 
That death has lost his cruel sting. 

3 Asleep in Jesus ! peaceful rest. 
Whose waking is supremely blest ; 
No fear, no wo shall dinTthat hour 
That manifests the Saviour's power. 

4 Asleep in Jesus ! O, for me 
May such a l)lissful refuge be ; 
Securely shall my ashes lie, 
Waiting the summons from on high. 

6 Asleep in Jesus ! far from thee 

Thy kindred and their graves may be ; 
But there is still a blessed sleep 
From whic\i u^ik^ %3iw i^^fiwiii^^^e^ 



r51— L. M. Hymn 22, Pl 1. B. 1. 

Resurrection of the dead. 

1 "DLEST Jesus, sonrce of ev'ry grace, 
J-^ From far to view thy smiling face, 
While absent thus by faith we live, 
Exceeds ail joys that earth can give. 

2 But O ! what ecstasy unknown 

Fills the wide circle round thy throne, 
Where ev'ry rapt'rous hour appears 
Nobler than millions of our years ! 

3 Millions by millions multiplied 

Shall ne'er thy saints from thee divide; 
But the bright legions live and praise 
Thro' all thy own immortal days. 

4 O happy dead, in thee that sleep, 

Tho' o'er their mould' ring dust we weep ! 
O faithful Saviour, who shall come 
That dust to ransom from the tomb ! 

5 While thine unerring Word imparts 
So rich a cordial to our hearts, 

Thro' tears our triumphs shall be shown, 
Tho' round their graves and near our own. 

752— C. M. Hymn 22, Pt 2. B. 1. 

A prospect of the Resurrection. 

1 TTOW long shall death, the tyrant, reign, 
-Q- And triumph o'er the just ; 
YfhWe the iich blood of manyts Aiva 
Lien mingled with the diL\&t\ 

goo HYlSIN DCCLm. 

2 Faith sees the Lord of Glory come, 

With- flaming guards around; 
The skies divide to make him room, 
The trampet shakes the ground. 

3 Faith hears '^the voice, '' Ye dead, arise T 

And lo ! the graves t>bey ; 
And waking saints with joyful eyei 
Salute th' expected day. 

4 They leave the dust, and on the vring 

Rise to the midway air; 
In shining garments meet their Bang 
And low adore him there. 

6 O may our humble spirits stand 
Among them cloth'd in white! 
The meanest place at his right hand 
Is infinite delight. 

6 How will our joy and wonder rise, 
When our returning King 
Shall bear us homeward thro the skies, 
On love's triumphant wing ! 

753— L. M. Hymn 167. B. 2. 

Hcpe in the Resurrection. 

1 TTNVEIL thy bosom, faithful tomb, 

^ Take this new treasure to thy trust; 
And give these sacred relics room, 
To seek a slumber in the dust. 

2 Nor pain, nor grief, nor anxious fear 
Invade thy bounds. No mortal woes 
Can reach the peacefnl sleeper here, 
While angjdVi ¥)%u:>\ i^ vsfisL w^w^ 


3 So JesQS slept ; — God's dying Son 
Pass'd thro' the grave and blest the bed ; 
Rest here, blest saint, till from bis throne 
The morning break, and pierce the shade. 

4 Break from his throne; illustrious mom ; 
Attend, earth ! his sovereign word ; 
Restore thy trust — a glorious form— 
Caird to ascend and meet the Lord. 

?e54— C. M. Hymn 168. B. 2. 

Prospect of the Resurrectwn. 

1 n^HRO' sorrow's night and danger's path, 

A- Amid the deep'ning gloom, 

We, soldiers of an injur'd King, 

Are marching to the tomb. 

2 There, when the turmoil is no more, 

And all our pow'rs decay. 
Our cold remains, in solitude. 
Shall sleep the years away. 

3 Our labours done, securely laid 

In this our last retreat. 
Unheeded, o'er our silent dust. 
The storms of life sball beat. 

4 These ashes poor, tbis little dust. 

Our Fathers care shall keep. 
Till the last angel rise, and break 
The long and dreary sleep. 

5 Then love's soft dew o'er ev'ry eye 

Shall shed its mildest rays, 
And the long silent dust sVvoW Wt%x 
With shouts of endless ^tavM^ 



755— P. M. & 7. 4. Hyuin 19, Pt 4. B. 1. 
Day of Judgment 

1 T\AY of jadgment, day of wonders ! 
J^ Hark ! the trouipet's arwfnl sound. 
Loader than a thousand thunders. 

Shakes the vast creation round. 
How the summons 
Will the sinner's heart confonnd ! 

2 See the Judge our nature wearing, 

CIoth*d in majesty divine ! 
You, who long for his appearing, 

Then shall say, " This God is mine! 
"Gracious Saviour, 
" Own me in that day for thine !" 

3 At his call the dead awaken. 

Rise to life from earth aud sea : 
All the powers of nature, shaken 

By his looks, prepare to flee : 
Careless sinner, 
What will then become of thee ? 

4 Horrors past imagination 

Will surprise your trembling heart, 
When you hear your condemnation, 

** Hence, accursed wretch, depart ! 
"Thou with Satan 
"And his angels have thy part!" 

5 But to those who have confessed, 

Lov'd and'serv'd the Lord, below; 
He will say, ^ Come near, ye blessed, 
" See the kingdom I bestow : 
[ **Yott for ever 

'' Shall my \oire aad^ ^r} Ybkri? 


6 Under sorrows and reproaches, 

May this tbonght oar coarage raise . 

Swiftly God's great day approaches. 
Sighs shall then be chang'd to praise: 

May we triamph 

When the wdrld is in a blaze. 

r56— L. M. Hymn 169. B. 2. 

Christ's coming to Judgment. 

L n^HE Lord shall come, the earth shall qaake, 
-L The mountains to their centre shake ; 
And with'ring from the vault of night. 
The stars shall pale their feeble light 

2 The Lord shall come, but not the same 
As once in lowliness he came ; 

A silent lamb before his foes, 
A weary man, and full of woes. 

3 The Lord shall come ! a dreadful form. 
With wreath of flame, and robe of storm, 
On cherub wings, and wings of wind, 
Appointed Judge of all mankind. 

4 Can this be He, who, wont to stray 
A pilgrim on the world's highway. 
Oppressed by powV, and mock'd by pride. 
The Nazarene, the crucified ! 

5 While signers in despair shall call, 

'' Rocks hide ns, mountains on as fall !" 
The saints, ascending from the tomb, 
Shall Joyful sing, '* The Lord is come !" 

757— C. M, Hymn 319. Add 

The Final Day. 
1 npHE day approaches, O my soul, 
X The great decisive day, 
Which from the verge of moTtaWaSft 
. BhM beu thee far away. 


2 Another day more awfol ilawns ; 

And, lo! the Judge appears; 

Ye heavens, retire before his face, 

And sink ye darkon'd stars. 

3 Yet does one short preparing hour, 

One precious hour remain; 
Awake, my soul, with all thy power, 
Nor let it pass in vain. 

4 We one and all must shortly die, 

And at thy bar appear; 
Now be our intercourse improved 
To mutual profit here. 

5 For this, thy temple, Lord, we throng, 

For this thy board surround; 

Here may our service be approved, 

And in thy presence crown'd. 

758— L.M. Hymn 320. Add 

The Day of Judgment 

1 'PHAT day of wrath, that dreadful day, 

-L When heaven and earth shall pass awaj, 
What power shall be the sinner's stay t 
How shall he meet that dreadful day t 

2 When, shrivelling like a parched scroll, 
The flaming heavens together roll ; 
When louder yet, and yet more dread. 
Swells t|;ie high trump that wakes the dead 

3 O, on that day, that wrathful day. 
When man to judgment wakes from clay, 
Be thou the trembling sinner's stay, 
Tliough hestven and fdacOok^uSiL \am ««%:) 


i9— C. M. Hyma 321. Add. 


1 "DEHOLD the day is come, 
J-* The righteous Judge is near, 
And sinners, trembling at their doom, 

Shall soon their sentence hear. 

2 Angels in bright attire 

Conduct him through the skies, 
Darkness and tempests, smoke and fire, 
Attend him as he flies. 

3 How awful is the sight, 

How loud the thunders roar ! 
The sun forbears to give his light. 
And stars are seen no mora 

1 The whole creation groans. 
But saints arise and sing, 
They are the ransom'd of the Lord, 
And he their God and King. 

0— C. M. Hymn 322. Add. 

Anticipated Judgfnent. 
L ^HAT awful day will surely come, 
-L Th' appointed hour makes haste—- 
When I must stand before my Judge, 
And pass the solemn test 

I Thou lovely chief of all my joys. 
Thou Sovereign of my heart, 
How could I bear to bear thy voice 
Pronounce the word — Depart ! 

) O, wretched state, of deep despair*— 
To see my God remove. 
And 6k my doleful station whete 
/ mast not taste hU love. 

806" -ftYMN DCCLXL 

4 Jesus, I throw my arms around, 
I bang upon thy breast; 
Without a gracious smile from thee, 
My spirit cannot rest 

6 O, tell me that my worthless, name ' 
Is graven on thy hands; 
Show me some promise in thy word. 
Where my salvation stands. 

761— S. M. Hymn 323. Add 

Judgment in prospect. 

1 A ND will the Judge descend ? 
-^ And must the dead arise T 

And not a single soul escape 
His all-discerning eyest 

2 How will my heart endure 
The terrors of that day, 

When earth and heaveu before his face 
Astooish'd, shrink away T 

3 But ere that trumpet shakes 
The mansions of the dead, 

Hark ! from the gospeFs cheering sound 
What joyful tidings spread. 

4 Ye sinners, seek his grace^ — 
His wrath ye cannot bear; 

Fly to the shelter of his cross, 
And find salvation there. 

5 So shall that curse remove. 
By which the Saviour bled ; 

And the Itfst awful day shall poor 
His blessings on^wtt >a«n^ 


12— 8s 78 6s. Hymn 324, Add, 

A Vision of Judgment. 

1 T\ARK brood the heavens o'er thee, 
^ Black cloads are gath'ring fast ; 

In awful power thy Grod has come, 
Thy days of mirth are past 

2 Dark brood the heavens o'er thee, 

Red flames are bursting round; 
Bright lightnings flash, loud thunders roar ; 
How shakes the trembling ground ! 

3 Dark brood the heavens o'er thee, 

Behold the Judge appears; 
Unnnmberd millions throng around. 
Raised from the dust of years. 

4 Dark brood the heavens o'er thee, 

Soon thou wilt hear thy doom ; 
Destruction opens wide for thee. 
Thy chosen, final home. 

5 Yet stay — the vision lingers ; 

Why, sinner, wilt thou die t 
Dark brood the heavens, but mercy waits — 
This hour to Jesus fly ! 

i3— 7s. Hymn 325. Add. 

Christ's second Advent. 

1 TTARK I that shout of rapt'rous joy, 
-*-*- Bursting forth from yonder cloud ; 
Jesus comes, and through the sky 
Angels tell their joy aloud. 

2 Hark ! the trumpet's awful voice 
Sounds abroad through sea and land : 
Let bis people now rejoicei 

' . Their redemption is at band. 

808 * HVItN* BOCLXIV. • • 

3 See, the Lord appears in view. 
Heaven and earth before hiui fly; 
Rise, ye saints, be comes for you. 
Rise to meet biai in the sky. 

4 Go, and dwell with hiua abovci 
Where no foe can e'er molest; 
Happy in a Saviour's love, 
Ever blessing, ever blest. 

764— 10s. Hymn 326. Adi 

Day of Judgment 

1 TTARK ! from ihe deep of heaven a trura- 
-tl, pet sound 

Thunders the dizzy universe around ; 
From north to south, from east to west it rolls, 
A blast that summons all created souls. 

2 And swift as ripples rise upon the deep. 
The dead awaken from their dismal sleep; 
Tbe sea has heard it; coiling up, with dread 
Myriads of mortals rush from out her bed. 

3 The graves fly open, and with awful strife 
The dust of ages startles into life ; 

All who have breathed, or moved, or seen, 

or felt, 
All they around whose cradles kingdoms 

4 Tyrants and warriors, who were throned in 

The great and mean, the glorious and the 

Are raised, from every isle, and land, and tomb 
To hear the cVi^nge\^s& ui^ ^c^atcl^ ^«^\su 


' End of the, W^^^ ;' 

1 TTO VV great, how terriWe that Qod, 
Jl Who shakes creation with , bis nod! 
He frowns, and a^rtVs Ifbund^iqn^ quake, 

And all the wheels of nature brqif^k/ 

■•■. • "i .. . ' ' t I '. » 

2 Craab'd utider gnih's eippr^aire. weight, 
This globe now tetters io Us fate^:.i 
Trembles i^neatb her guiky ison^ 
And for deliverance heaves and^^^^ns. 

3 And see, theglorioaS)vdreadfol dky. 
That takes lb', enonndiis load tawajr ; 
See skies^ and stars, 'and eartli^ aiid seas 
Sink itt one universal blaze..^ .^ j I 

4 Where ndwj—ah» where shall sinpeJrs seek 
For sHelter in the generalwreck't 

Can falling rocks conceal them noW, - 
When rbcftSv dissolve like mehiiig snow T 

6 In vain for pit^ now they (^ry, ' / 
In lake^ of jiguidVfire they lie; ' 
There on the burning billovi^stos^'d 
'^ ' l^of ^er, ever, ever w^t 

6 But saints, undaunted and serene, 

Your eyes shall view the dreadful scene ; 
Your Saviour lives, though worlds expire, 
And earth and skies dissolve in fire. 

?!66-^P. M. Hyidto 3^8. Add. 


I! /IRE AT God, wlmt do I see aadb^ari 
^J The end of tbiogs jcreatedj i ^ 
. The Judge pf ihanll «ee i^p^eijc^ > a \i 



Tbe trampet sounds — the graves restore 
The dead which they contained before; 
Prepare, uiy soul, to meet him. 

2 The dead in Christ shall first arise, 

At the last trumpet's soobdins ; 
Caught up to meet him in the skies, 

With joy their Lord surrounding: 
No gloomy fears their souls dismay. 
His presence sheds eternal day 

On those prepared to meet him. 

3 But sinners, fill'd with guilty fears, 

Behold his wrath prevailing; 
For they shall rise, and find their tears 

And sighs are unavailing. 
The day of grace is past and gone ; 
Trembling they stand before the throne, 

All unprepared to meet him. 

4 Great God, what do I see and hear! 

The end of things creaited ; 
The Judge of man I see appear, 

On clouds of glory seated ; 
Beneath his cross I view the day 
When heaven and earth shall pass away, 

And thus prepare to meet him. 


767— CM. Hymn 330. Add 


1 1?AR from these gloomy scenes of night, 
^ Unbounded glories rise : 
And realms of infinite delight, 
Unknown to mot\aX ^^«i 



2 Fair, distant land ! could mortal eyes 

But half its charms explore. 
How would our spirits long to rise, 
And dwell on earth no more. 

3 There, pain and sickness never come, 

And grief no more complains ; 
Health triumphs in immortal bloom, 
And endless pleasure reigns. 

4 No clouds these blissful regions know — 

Realms ever bright and fair, 
For sin, the source of mortal wo, 
Can never enter there. 

5 There, alt the millions of his saints 

Shall in one song unite ; 
And each the bliss of all shall view 
With infinite delight. 

6 Prepare us, Lord, by grace divine, 

For thy bright courts on high ; 
Then bid our spirits rise, and join 
The chorus of the sky. 

768— L. M. Hymn 79. B. 1. 

Eternal Life. 

1 INTERNAL life! how sweet the sound 
J-^ To sinners, who' deserve to die ! 
Proclaim the bliss the world around, 
And shout the joys, ye worlds on high. 

2 Eternal life ! how will it reign. 

When, mounting from this breathless clod, 
The soul, discharged from sin and pain. 
Ascends t' enjoy its Father, God ! 

3 Eternal life ! how will it bloom 
In beauty on that blissful day, 

When, rescued from th' imptWxuu^XatL^ 
A glory clothes our rising c\a>f\ 


4 Eternal life ! O bow refio'd 

The joy! the triamph how divine ! 
When saints, in body and in mind, 
Shall in the Savionr-s image shine ! 

6 Holy and beav'nly be that soul. 

Where dwells an hope so high as this; 
How should we long to reach the goal, 
And seize the prise of endlessi bliss ! 

769— C. M. Hymn 329. Add 


1 a^!ERE is a world of perfect bliss, 
J- Above the starry skies; 
Fatigued with sorrows and with sins, 

I thither lift mine eyes. 

2 'T is there the weary are at rest. 

And all is peace within ; 
The mind with guilt no more oppressed, 
The conscience calm and clean. 

3 Farewell to earth and earthly things, 

In vain they tempt my stay ; 
Come, angels, spread your downy wings, 
And bear me swift away. 

4 I long to see my Father's face. 

And love and sing like you ; 
Adieu, adieu, my dearest friends ; 
Vain world, once more adieu ! 

770— C. P. M. Hymn IH). B- 2 

The heavenly prospect. 
1 TJEJOICING now in glorious hope, 
-LV We stand, and from the mountain top 

View all the land below ; 
Rivers of milk and honey rise, 
And all the fruits of Paradise 
In end\e8a ^\«t\t^ ^wt. 


2 A land where sin shall ne'er invade, 
Nor doubts shall cast a gloomy shade, 

With ev'ry blessing crown'd ; 
There dwells the Lord our righteonsness, 
And keeps his own in perfect peace. 

And all his praise resound. 

3 May we this better land possess, 
When in this howling wilderness, 

No longer we shall rove ; 
Lord, help us humbly to rejoice. 
In hope we there shall hear thy voice. 

And sing redeeming love. 

i— C. P. M. Hymn 336. Add 

Enjoyment of Heaven. 

L ^HERE is an hour of peaceful rest, 
-^ To mourning wand'rers given ; 
There is a joy for souls distressed, 
A balm for every wounded breast — 
'T is found above in heaven. 

2 There is a home for weary souls 
By sin and sorrow driven; 
When toss'd on life's tempestuous shoals, 
Where storms arise and ocean rolls, 
And all is drear but heaven. 

} There faith lifts up her tearful eye, 
To brighter prospects given ; 
And views the tempest passing by, 
The evening shadows quickly fly. 
And all serene in heaven. 

1 There fragrant flowers immortal bloom. 
And joys supreme are given : 
There rays divine disperse the gloom ; 
'Bejroad the confines of the touvVi 
Appears the dawn of heaven. . 


772— .p. M. 11, 12s. Hymo 105. B. 2 

I%e ejections detached from Earthy and agpiring 
to Heamfen. 

1 T WOULD not live alway : I ask not to stay 
i- Where storm after storm rises dark o*ei 

the way ; 
The few larid mornings that dawn on ns here, 
Are enoagh for life's woes,**— full enough for 

its cheer. 

2 I would not live alway, thus fettered by sin; 
Temptation without and corruption within; 

. E'en the rapture of pardon is mingled with 

And the cup of thanksgiving with penitent 

3 I would not live alway: no — ^welcome the 

Since Jesus hath lain there, I dread not its 

gloom : 
There sweet be my rest, till he bid me arise 
To hail him in triumph descending the skies. 

4 Who, who would live alway, away from his 

Away from yon heaven, that blissful abode, 
Where the rivers of pleasure flow o'er the 

bright plains. 
And the noontide of glory eternally reigns : 

5 Where the saints of all ages in harmony meet, 
Their Saviour and brethren, transported to 

greet : 
While the anthems of rapture unceasingly roll, 
And the smile of the Lord is the feast of t^ 


773— C. M. Hymn 22, Pt 4. B. 1. 

Hope of Heaven. 

1 TXTHAT have I in this barren land ? 

^^ My Jesus is not here; 
Mine eyes will ne'er be blest, until 
My Jesus doth appear. 

2 My Jesus is gone up to heav'n, 

To fix a place for me ; 
For, 't is his will, that where he is 
His followers should be. 

3 Canaan I view from Fisgah's top ; 

Of Canaan's grapes I taste ; 
My Lord, who sends them to me here, 
Will send for me at last 

4 I have a God that changeth not; 

Why should I be perplex'd ! 
My God, who owns me in this world, 
Will own me in the next. 

5 My dearest friends they dwell above ; 

Them will I go to see ; 
And all my friends in Christ below 
Will soon come after me. 

774— C. M. Hymn 331. Add 

Heavenly Rest. 

1 'pHERE is an hour of hallow'd peace, 
•1- For those with cares oppressed. 
When sighs and sorrowing tears shall cease 

And all be hush'd to rest. 

2 'T is then the soul is freed from fears 

And doubts which here annoy ; 
Then they, who oft have sown m Xe^x^, 
Shall reap again in joy. 


3 There is a home of sweet repose, 

Where storms assail no more ; 
The stream of endless pleasure flows 
On that celestial shore. 

4 There, purity with love appears, 

And bliss without alloy ; 
There, they, who oft had sown in tears, . 
Shall reap again in joy. 

775— CM. Hymn 1 09. B. 2 

The hope of Heaven supporting. 

1 TIT HEN I can read my title clear 

^^ To mansions in the skies, 
I '11 bid farewell to every fear, 
And wipe my weeping eyes. 

2 Should earth against my soul engage, 

And hellish darts be hurl'd. 
Then I can smile at Satan's rage, 
And face a frowning world. 

3 Let cares, like a wild deluge, come. 

And storms of sorrow fall ; 
May I but safely reach my home, 
My God, my heaven, my all ! 

4 There shall I bathe my weary soul 

In seas of heav'nly rest ; 
And not a wave of trouble roll 
Across my peaceful breast. 

776— C. M. Hymn 171. B. 2. 

The heavenly Jerusalem anticipated. 

1 JERUSALEM, my happy home, 
^ Name ever dear to me ! 
When shall my labours have an end. 
In joy and i^ac^^ and thee t 


2 »Wh en shall these eyes thy heav'n-bailt walb 

And pearly gates behold t 
Thy balwarks with salvation strong, 
And streets of shining gold f 

3 O when, thou city of my God, 

Shall I thy courts ascend ; 
Where congregations ne'er break up, 
And sabbaths have no end! 

4 There happier bowVs than Eden's bloom, 

Nor sin, nor sorrow, know; 
Blest seats, through wild and stormy scenes 
I onward press to you. 

5 Apostles, martyrs, prophets, there 

Arotmd my Saviour stand; 
And soon my friends in Gbrbt below 
Will join the glorious band. 

6 Jerusalem, my happy home ! 

My soul still pants for fhee. 
Then shall my labours have aq end, 
When I thy joy shall see. 

777— P. M. 7. Hymn 172. B. 2. 

Saints in Heamn. 

1 TTI6H in yonder realms of light, 
-tl Dwell the raptur'd saints above, 

' Far beyond our feeble sight, 
Happy in ImmanueFs love. 
Pilgrims in this vale of tears. 

Once they knew, like us below. 
Gloomy doubts, distressing fears, 
Torturing ^pain, add heavy woe. 

2 Oft the \ng Dobidden tear, 

i9tedSiiigr down lUe fanow'A c3^ 


Told in ekxiQence sincere, 

Tales of woe they coald not wpea. 

Bat these days of weeping o'er. 
Fast this scene of toil and pain, 

Thej shall feel distress no morcp 
Never — ^never weep again ! 

8 'Mid the chorus of the skies, 

'Mid th' angelic lyres above^ 
Hark ! — their songs melodious rise. 

Songs of praise to Jesns' love ! 
Happy spirits! ye are fled, 

Where no grief can entrance find, 
Lall'd to rest the aching head, 

Sooth'd the angaish of the mind ! 

4 All is tranaail and serene, 

Calm and undistarb'd repose — 
There no cloud can intervene — 

There no angry tempest blows! 
Ev'ry tear is wip'd away, 

Sighs no more shall heave the breast ! 
Night is lost in endless day — 

Sorrows — in eternal rest! 

778— L. M, Hymn 146. B. 1 

The sang of the Redeemed in Heaven. 

1 "DEHOLD the saints belov'd of God ! 

-D Wash'd are their ro1>es in Jesus' blood ; 
Brighter than angels, lo, they shine. 
Their glories splendid and sublime ! 

2 Thro' tribulation great they came, 

They bore the cross, and scom'd the shame ; 

Now in the living temple blest. 

With God they dwell, on him they rest 

3 Hunger they ne'er %Vi«\V ^^^ ^3^v(i^ 
Nor pain, nor thitst iJ^ibS^ ^«!i wa*««^\ 


To wells of living water led, 
Bj God the Lamb for ever fed. 

4 While everlasting ages roll, 
Eternal love shall feast their soul ; 
And scenes of bliss, for ever new, 
Rise in succession to their view. 

5 Here, all who saffer'd sword or flame 
For truth, or Jesus' lovely name^ 
Shout vict'ry now, and hail the Lamb, 
And bow before the great I AM. 

6 Jesus, the Saviour, is their theme ; 
They sing the wonders of his name; 
To him ascribing pow'r and grace. 
Dominion and eternal praise. 

7 To him who lov'd them to the end. 
Their surety, sacrifice, and friend ; 

To him who wash'd them in his blood. 
And made them kings and priests to God ! 

8 ** Amen,'" they cry, ^''tis he alone, 

"* Who rightly fills his Father^s throne, 
''To him be glory;" and again 
Repeat his praise, and say, '' Amen !" 

9 O sweet employ, to sing and trace 

Th' amazing heights and depths of grace ! 
To spend, from sin and sorrow free^ 
A blissful, vast eternity ! 

10 O what a grand, exalted song, 
When ev'ry tribe and ev'ry tongue, 
Redeem'd by blood, with Christ appear, 
And join in one full chorus there. 

11 My soul anticipates the day; 

Would stretch her wings and soar away, 
To aid the song, the palm to \)eM, 
And bow, the chief of sinneTS, t!hsn« 

^1^ HiYifN DCGLXXIX - 

T79— r. M. 11. Hjmn 170. B. 2 

The ChrisHavLS Home. 

1 'IViTID sceaes of confuaion and creature com- 

JjA plaints, 
How sweet to my sool is commanion with 

saints ; . 
To fibd at the banquet of mercy there's room, 
And fed in the presence of Jesus at home ! 

2 Sweet bonds that unite all the diildren of 

peace ! . 
And thrice-precious Jesus, whose love caB- 

not cease f 
Though oft from thy presence in sadness I 

I iong to behold ihee, in glory at home. 

3 I sigh from this body of sin to be free. 
Which hinders my joy and communion with 

thee ; 
Though now my temptations like billows 

may foam, 
All, all will be peace^ when I'm with thee at 


4 While here in the valley of conflict I stay, 
Ogive me submission and strength as my day; 
In all my afflictions to thee would I rome, 
Rejoicing in hope of my glorious home. 

5 Whatever thou deniest, O give me tliy grac«. 
The Spirit's sure witness, and smiles of thy 

face ; 
Indulgemewith patience to wait at thy throne. 
And find even now a sweet foretaste of home. 

6 I long, dearest Lord» in thy beauties to shine» 
No more as an exile in sorrow to pine. 
And in thy dear m^|;c^ ^i\aft ^tw^ \hA tnmk 
With glorified mv\\voti^»xo^t?\»ifisi^^\»aD^ 


rSO— 8s 7s. Hymn 332. Add. 

Ltfe and Glory. 

L WHAT is life? *tis all a vapoar; 
^Y Soon it vanishes a way; 
liife is bat a dying taper; 

O, mj soul, why wisii to stay t 
Why not spread thy wings, and fly 
Straight to yonder world of joy ! 

2 See that glory how. resplendent^ 

Brighter far than fancy paints, 
There, in majesty transcendent, 

Jesns reigns, the King of saints. 
Spread thy wings, my soul, and fly 
Straight to yonder world of joy. 

S Joyful crowds his throne surrounding, 

Sing with rapture of his love. 
Through the heavens his praises soonding, ' 

Filling all the courts above. 
Spread thy wines, my soul and fly . 
Straight to yonder world of joy. 

4 Go, and share his people's glory ; 

'Mid the ransom d drowd appear; 
Thine, a joyful, wondrous story, 

One that angels love to hear. 
Spread thy wings, my soul, and fly 
Straight to yonder world of joy. 

781— L. M. Hymn 338. Add. 


I TN heaven the heart overflows with love, 
^ And every eye beholds its God ; 

. The pamaons now no longer rove. 
The soal ia waab'd in Jeana' bVood. 


2 Sin is for ever baDisb'd thence. 
Ecstatic raptures fill the mind ; 
The low delights of fleak vdd sense. 
Are changed for pleasuros^sa]! refinoiL 

3 Oceans of bl»s incessant roll. 

Nor Saltan tempts* nor tyrants fifown; 
No transient t^ionds overspread the sonli 
And gailt and grief tfre never knows. 

4 O, conid we drop this cumbrons clay, 
Soon would we climb tbd upper road; 
On wings 6f love fly swift away. 
Till we ^hall reach the throne of God 

782— C. M. Hymn 334. Add 

Sainis above. 

1 TTIEW the bright ranks in order stand, 

V And roand the throne appear; 
Now free from each polhiting sin, 
And each distracting care. 

2 They know no grief, nor suffer pain. 

Their sighs are turn'd to songs ; 
Celestial love inflames their souls, 
And praise employs their tongues. 

3 In Jesus righteousness array 'd, 

How beautiful and fair! 
Rich the enjoyments they partake, 
And bright the crowns they wear. 

4 Coald I but hope at length to join 

The spirits of the just, 
I 'd trample on xVi\s ^ui^v^ vjwX^, 
Nor cleave to eatiVi «lw^ ^xwx. 


T83— C. M. Hynm 335. Add. 


1 \rOR «ye has seen, nor ear has heard, 
'^ Nor sense, nor reason known, 
What joys the Father has prepared 

For those that love hU Son. 

2 Bat the good Spirit of the Lord 

. Reveals a heaven to come ; 
The beams of glory in his word 
Allure and guide us home. 

3 Pure are the joys above the sky, 

And aii the region peace ; 

No lying lips, nor envious eye, 

Can taste or see the bliss. 

4 Those holy gates forever bar 

Foliation, sin, and shame ; 
None shall obtain admittance there 
But followers of the Lamb. 

5 He keeps the Father's book of life, 

Where all their names are found ; 
The hypocrite in vain shall strive 
To tread the heav'nly ground. 

784— C. M. Hymn 22, Ft 3. B. 1 

Htippiness of departed Saints. 

1 TTOW happy are the souls above, 
JJ- From sin and sorrow. free! 
With Jesus they are now. at rest. 

And all bis glory see ! 

2 "Worthy the Lamb," aloud they cr}-, 

''That brought us bene to God :" 
Ja ceaseless hymns of praisCi \Vie^ ^omX 
The virtue of. his blood. 


3 Sweet eratitade inspires their soDg^ 

Ambitions to proclaim. 
Before the Father^s awfal throne, 
The honours of the Lamb. 

4 With wondering joy tfaej recollect 

Their fears and dangers past ; 
And bless the wisdom, pow r, and lo?e, 
Which brought them safe at last 

6 Lord, let the merit of thy death 
To me be likewise gi/n ; 
And I, with them, will shout thy praise 
Eternally in heav'n. 

785— 7s. Hymn 337. Add 

The Redeemed. 

1 TITHO are these ia bright array ! 

W This innumerable throng. 
Round the altar night and day. 
Tuning their triumphant song ; 
" Worthy is the Lamb once slain, 
Blessing, honour, glory, power. 
Wisdom, riches, — to obtain 
New dominion every hour." 

2 These through fiery trials trod, 
These from great aflSliction came. 
Now, before the throne, of God, 
SeaFd with bis eternal name ; 
Clad in raiment pure and white, 
Victor palms in every hand, 
Through their great Redeemer's might, 
More than conquerors they stand. 

8 Hunger, thirst, disease, unknown. 
On immortal fruits they feed ; 
Them the Lauib ^imvdisx >5ck^ ^\^\iA 
Shall to UvinR foxxutAvoaV^^eL. 


Joy and gladness banish sighs ; 
Perfect lave dispels their fears ; 
And forever from, their ejes 
God shall wipe away their tears. 

r86— 7s. Hymn 338. Add. 

Rising Saints. 

1 T?ROM the roaring surge tliey come, 
J- From the darksome depths of wo, 
Peril, weariness, and shame, f 
Mark'd their chosen lot below. 

2 Sinking in the ocean brine^ 
Jesas caught them from the flood; 
Lol how bright their garments shine. 
Blanched in their Redeemer's blood. 

3 Where is now the streaming tear ? 
Where the pang — the secret groan ! 
Sin nor sorrow mingle here, 
Shadeless splendour gilds the throne. 

4 Like the rush of ocean storm, 
High the thundering chorus blends* 
Rich with life, with rapture warm. 
Low th' adoring circle bends. 

5 One their Lord, and one their song. 
Saint and seraph there combine; 
Christian, be thy faith as strong. 
Rest as glorious shall be thine. 

787— 8s 7s. Hymn ^39. Add 

Christ Enthroned. 

1 TTARK ! ten thousand harps and voices 
Jl Sound the note of praise above ; 
Jesas reigns^ and heaven r€jo\ce&« 
Jesas reigns, the God of lonex 


See» he dts od yonder throne, 
Jesus roles the world alone. 

2 JesaSy hail ! whose glory brightens 

All above, and gives it worth ; 
Lord of life, thy smile enlightens. 

Cheers, and charms thy saints on earth. 
When we think of love like thine, 
Lord« we own it, love divine. 

3 ^i^ of glory, reign forever, 

Tnine an evermsting crown ; 
Nothing from thy love shall sever 

Those whom thon hast made thine own. 
Happy objects of thy grace. 
Destined to behold thy face. 

4 Saviour, hasten thine appearing ; 

Bring, O, bring the glorious day. 
When, the awful summons hearing. 

Heaven and earth shall pass away ; 
Then with golden harps we 'II sing, 
" Glory, glory to our King." 

788— 6s 6s. Hyn.n 341. Add. 

Glory to the Lamb. 

1 VE servants of God, 

-*- Your master proclaim. 
And pablish abroad 

His wonderful name; 
The name all-victorious 

Of Jesus extol ; 
His kingdom is glorious. 

And rules over all. 

2 God ruleth on high, 

Almighty to save; 
Yet still he is nigh, 

His ptQMiic.% ^e \a?i^\ . 


The great congregation 
His triamph shall sing, 

Ascribing salvation 
To Jesos, our King. 

Salvation to God, 

Who sits on his throne; 
Let all cry aloud, 

And honour the Bon; 
Emanuers praises 

The angels proclaim, « 
Fall down on their faces, 

And worship the Lamb. 

Then let us adore 

And give him hi^ right; 
All glory and power, 

And wisdom and might; 
All honour and blessing 

With angels above, 
4nd thanks never ceasing^ 

And infinite love. 


828 i DQXOLOGlEdr '^^ 


1/ L. M. 

r) God the Father, God the Son, 
And God the Spirit — three in one, 
Be honour, praise^ and |lorj given, 
By all on earthy and ^U m heaven. 

2.- L..M. .1 ! 

PRAISE God, from whom all blessings flow, ] 
Praise him all creatures here below, 
Praise him above, ye heavenly host, 
Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 

3. C. M. 

nnO Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
-L The God whom we adore ; 
Be glory, as it was, is now, 
And shall be evermore. • 

4. C. M. 

TO praise the Father and the Son, 
And Spirit all divine, 
The One in Three, and Three in One, 
Let saints and angels join. 

5. S. M. 

TO the eternal Three, 
In will and* essence one ; 
To Father, Son, and Spirit be 
Co-equal ViQuoutft ^lota* 

: f 


6. P.M. 

WO God the Father's throne, 

-*- Perpetaal honours raise, H* 

Glory to God the Son, 

And to the Spirit praise : 
With all our powers, Eternal King, 
Thy name we sing, while faith adores. 

7. L. P. M. 

TOW to the great, and sacred Three, 

^ The Father, Son, and Spirit, be 

ternal power and glory given, 

hrough all the worlds, where God is known, 

y all the angels near the throne, 

nd all the saints in earth and heaven. 

8. G. P. M. 

'^O Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 

- The God, whom heavVs triamphant host 

And saints on earth adore; 
e glory as in ages past, 
nd now it is, and so shall last. 

When time shall be no more. 

9. 7s. 
OING we to our God above, 
'-^ Praise eternal as his love, 
Praise him, all ye heavenly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 

10. 7s. 

PRAISE the name of God most high, 
Praise him, all below the sky, 
Praise him, all ye heavenly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost : 
Jtis through coantiess ages past, 
l^ernore. AirpraJM bW laati ^ 


11, 8s 7a. 

PRAISE tbe Father, earth and heavcD, 
jpraise the Sod, the Spirit praise, 
As it was, and is, be ^veii, 
Glory through eternal daj& 

12, 8s 7s 4s. 

FATHER, Son, and Holj Spirit, 
TboQ, the God whom we adore^ 
Maj we all thy love inherit, 
To thine image us restore. 

Vast eternal. 
Praises to thee evermore. 

13. P. M. 7s 6s. 

TO the Father, to the Son 
And Spirit, ever bless'd. 
Everlasting Three in One, 
All worship be addressed. 
Praise from all above, below, 
As through the ages past, 
Now is giv'n, and shall be so 
While endless ages last. 

14. P. M. lis 8s. 

ALL praise to the Father, all praise to the Sod, 
All praise to the Spirit, thrice bless'd, 
The Holy, Eternal, Supreme Three in One, 
Was, is, and shall still be addressed. 

15. P. M. lis. 

FATHER Almighty, to thee be addrcss'd. 
With Christ and the Spirit, one God ever 
A II glory and v7on\\\^)^m<Mttkaoid from heaven, 
As was, MidW«o^«%»fiL>M^^PHii>dA^^ 

D0X0L06IE& 831 

16. P. M. 8s 78. 
ApostoKc Benediction. 

MAY the grace of Christ the Saviour, 
And the Father's boundless love, 
With the Holy Spirit's favour, 
Rest upon us from above. 

Thus may we abide in union, 
With each other, and the Lord, 

And possess, in sweet communion, 
Joys which earth cannot afford. 

17. L. M. 

I%e peace of Ghd, Sfc. Phil, i v. 7. 

THE peace, which God alone reveals, 
And by his word of grace imparts, 
Which only the believer feels, 
Direct, and keep, and cheer our hearts. 

And may the holy Three in One, 
The Father, Word, and Comforter, 
Pour an abundant blessing down, 
On evVy soul assembled here. 

18. P. M. 

^Y all holy spirits 
That fill the wide heaven. 
And saints upon earth. 
Let praises be given 
To God, in three persons, the God we adore. 
As it has been, now is, and shall be e'ermore. 

19. 7s 6s. 

OX) Father, Son, and Spirit 
J- The God whom we adore. 
Be ioftiest praises given, 
Now and forever more. 



Earth join witk heaven in singing 

The praise of pard'ning love. 
Till the loud anthem sweUing 
, Shall reach the courts above. 

20. 7s 68. 

FROM all in earth and heaven 
To God. th^- Three in One, 
Be boundless glory given, 

And ceaseless service done ; 
Co-equal praise to Father, 

To Son and Spirit be; 
One God, they reign together. 
In holy Trinity. 

21. 6s 4s. 

n^O the great One in Three, 
-*- The highest praises be. 

Hence, evermore; 
His sovereign majesty 
May we in glory see, 
And to eternity 

Love and adore. 




Thr ScRiPTimEs 18—24 

DnriKX Perfkctions T 26—43 

The Trinity 44—50 

The Son and his Mediatorial Work 51 — 150 

His excellence in general sung 51 — 71 

Divinity and Sonship 72 — 77 

Names, titles, offices, andvarioas appellations 78— 104 

Mediatorial Work 105—108 

Advent 109—1 17 

Death ., 1 18—132 

Resurrection ; 133—137 

Ascension and Exaltation 138 — 150 

The Holt Spirit 151—167 

Decrees 168—182 

Man's Rdined State— Warnings 183—199 

The Law 200—237 

The Gospel and its Intitations 238 — 264 

Conviction and Penitence 265 — 295 

Conversion and Consecration 296—324 

The Christian 325—466 

His Character and Condition 325—336 

His Feelings and Exercises, Joyful and Sorrowing. .325— 386 

Graces and Duties 387^66 

I^ve to God and Christ 387—397 

Love of Brethren 398—403 

Faith 404,409,413,450 

Progress 410 

Conformity to Christ 411—412 

Zeal and Activity 395, 414—421 

Self-denial 418 

Watchfulness 422, 426, 427, 431 

Consistency 428, 429 

Habitual Devotion 430 

Pertteverance , » % .^3f^ 

70* \!^'K^\ 


Submissioa 434—440 

Heayenly-mindedneM 443—449 

Contentment 441 

Integrity 449 

Charily 451—451 

Miscellaneous 460 — 461 

Thx Church 467, kc 

General Character 467—470 

Admiwion of Members.. ..; 471,472 

Formation of Jl 474 

Worship ; 475, 476 

PRirxE 477—185 

Lord's Pratkr 486-502 

MuniTRT 503—512 

Sacraments .512 

BAPTDOi 514—520 

Lord's Suppkr 521—544 

Missionary 549—609 

RtviVAL >. 610—626 

Dedications 627—633 

Morning 634—637 

Evening 638—643 

New Year 644—649 

Seasons of Year 650—657 

Seasons of Life 658—667 

Mariners 668 — 671 

National Occasions 672—681 

Marriage 682 — 683 

Miscellaneous 684 — 699 

Death 700, &c. 

Death generally 700—715 

Death of a Pastor 716—719 

Death of a Child .720—726 

Death of a Christian 727 750 

Resurrection 751 755 

Judgment 756 — 766 

Heaven 767—786 

Christ enthroned and praised 787 788 




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child to> 512. . pT . 

MiMionary concert, 491—494, 549—609. . ^ : ' * 

If onuDf , 634—637. • - 

Honntuxw, three, 694. 

National oecaaiona :— Faata, 672—676; Thaokaghrioga, 677— C79; 

Independence day, 680, 681. 
Needful, one thing, 198. 
New birth, 300. 

Oath, 311. 
Onward, 410. 

Paator aonght, 506 ; praise for, 507 ; aick, 716 ; death of, 71T-7Ut 

Parental anxiety, 221 ; duty, 225. 

peace, Christian, 104 ; returning, 306. 

Penitential, 281—285, 315. 

perjury, 312. 

Perseverance, 432. 

Pilffrim, bis aim, 4G2; guide, 344 ; encouraged, 353, 463, 464. 

Praise, call to, 1—4, 50. 

Prayer, nature of, 479 ; preparation for, 480 ; eihortation to, 109,477 

—481; aocial, 482, 484; for children, 323—837; of faith, 486; 

Lord's Prayer, 486 ; invocation, 487—489 ; first petition, 85, 490; 

aecond petition, 491—404 ; third petition, 367, 378, 384, 436, 440, 

495 ; fourth petition, 182, 448, 496 ; fifth petition, 497 ; aizth ptti- 

tion, 498. 
Presence of God sought, 13. 
Preserver, God our, 181. 
Priest, High, 85—88. 
Prisoners of hope, 298. 
Providence, 175 — 179. 
Procrastination, 259. 
Profession, appeal for, 473 ; public, 699. 
Prodigal, returning, 370. 

Race, Christian, 417, 423. 

Redeeming love, 343. 

Rejoicing m mercy, 337, 378 ; in hope, 340. 

Repentance, 190, 267, 281—284, 288. 

Resignation, 180, 380, 384, 434--438, 440, 737. 

Rest sought, 343. 

Resurrection of Christ, 133 — 135 ; of Christian, 751, 758. 

Retirement, 460, 461. 

Revival, 610-626. 

Righteousness, Christ our, 97. 

Riffhteous, blessed in death, 737—733, 743, 745; longing to be with 

Christ, 739. 
Rock of ages, 100. 

Sabbaih, 213-318, 638. 


• Sacraments. i>l3, 515. 

Salvation, 251, 559; not of works, 206. 

Samuel, 697. 

SaYiour, 93, 94, 106. 

Self-denial, 48. 

Belf-examination, 396, 525. 

SeMona of year, 650—657. 

Shepherd, 101. 

Sickneas, complaint in, 377 ; sweetened, 435 ; recorery from, 437. 

Sin, indlPi4)Su[, 359 ; original, 185. 
Sinner WtfM^ 191, 261 } welcomed, 257; aelf-oondemned, 280; de- 

epondiiif , 279, 291 ; mvited to return, 264 ; heart opened, 265 ; 

•eeking pardon, 269—271 ; pleading promises, 272—274 ; hia re* 

solve, 276 ; relief, 278 ; submitting to God, 890, 292, 305. 
Sloth, apiritual, 416. 
Song of Moeea, 55 : of Zacbariaa, 116 ; of Hannah, 690 ; of Simeon* 

691 ; of Hezekiah, 692; of Mary, 693; of the redeemed, 778. 
Star in the eaat, 110 ; of Bethlehem, 778. 
Sabstitntion, 120. ^ 

Taking np the eroes, 301. 

Temptation, 465. 

Times in God'a handa, 176. 

Time, awiftneaa of, 644, 701 ; brevity of, 700, 704 ; and eternity, Tffl 

To-dhj, 192, 194, 196, 256, 702. 

ToUiRff bell. 705. 

TrayeUer'a hymn, 696. 

Trinity, 44—49. 

Triumph, final, 341. 

Tjpea fulfilled in Christ, 354. 

UobeUef rebuked, 439. 
Union to Christ, 238, 327. 

Warning, 186—199, S61, 713. 
Way, 90, 91. 

War^, Christian, 419> 421, 424, 425. 
Wanderer recovered, 370. 
WatchAilness, 422, 4^, 427, 431. 

Worship, introductory to, 1 — 17 ; family, 695 ; social, 10 ; public, 475^ 
482; closet, 476. 

Youth, importance of, 662 ; called, 195, 247, 659. 661, 664 ; prayed for* 
222—228 ; seeking guidance, 658 ; exposure or, 660 ; beauty of piety 
in, 663; " " '^^^^ 

Year, 645- 

Zeal, 414. 

in, 663; death ofT^ 
Year, 645—649. 




Adam !■ ptndiM. , 

AflUetion to • ■tonnjr. ^....CMaM 

At«iB oar emrtbtjr 


Ahl wfetteai I. JVH* «*4N 

AJll wUthtr iboald I :.,iam$i$9 40 

Ahl wretclnd. Tile SMii m 

AM Of. God Afiw. n m i mi m m 

AlM,«lMl bow blind AtmV 417 

AlMlanddM«f«». m 

AlMl bowcbannd Xkifkt fM 

Atoll wbatbouriy AmZp m 

All bail tbe power Dutun Si 

All ball, thou ff«at ^ JIMlfy....: M 

Almifbty Father of IB 

Almighty Father, gracioaa 8tt$U,,, 30 

Almighty Ood, we praise ~^ 

Anasinf grace JfitwUm 

AmenI my Father bean g0 

Am laioldier WtOa JIB 

Amidst these Tarioae Ogini ttl 

Amona the priDoea WSu 114 

And (fid the Holy UKmU » 

And have I measured (XWmU§ W 

And is the gospel .'AssTc 3H 

And most Ipart JUpyea fli 

And must this body ITatla 10 

And wiU the Judge ZhUHig*, 

Another day has passed ^sissTsn 

Approach, my soul jyiwrf <a « ■ 

Arise, great God Jkrrkk flB4 

Arm of the Lord CVfksUw «1 

Aaeend thy throne BtUtmt iU 

Ashamed of Christ JWetflom 47t 

Asleep in Jesus JWicftey 7S6 

Aawliea ibe weary • JV)nate» ttl 

Attend, ye children 905 

At thy command ITalls fSl 

Awake and sing Hmwnmm4. an 

Awake, awake the sacred SutU.. MS 

Awake, my soul, stretch fTafts 388 

Awake, my soul, to joyftil JMin m 

Awake, our aouls; away fTstta SBl 

Before OS to the grave Buhptr TM 

Begin, my soul OgiM§ «0 

Beione. unbelief Jhwtm sn 

Babold a stranger Chigf 449 

Behold tb*aniaaihg GbwpMra CWL 3S1 

Behold, the day ia come BtdtUmB 8BS 

Behold th* eipected time an 

Behold, the grace appears ITattt Mi 

BeboU the heathen FUka 181 

Behold tba mounuin Msn* Ml 

Babold the potter IpStta M 

MMd Ibe Minti 


pin atoning 3ir 

ih'oinan*! IVatU 34* 

It coniitntcending Doddridgt GST 

u wondrous WiM$ jQO 

to us l^lt 678 

lumcroMs train . |B§ 

■Hrtu Ha$UnfB 4t»« 4W 

' Etrrnal SkoctlTer ^to**" W 

(Saviour's M. Wilku ;! « 

;tii! Fuwcttt 590 

man 6tvfkan Ml 

.when my •oaring Higginhatkmm 308 

, source 7110 

»lninipet Tbpladu 437 

!t Mwalk together Aooin MB 

lesun'H Ro9k»r*aCriL «1A 

ndb«st Btber 330 

? of Glory Wmtu 314 

ou an gone JW/aicii 706 

Christ SaS 

res to perfection WatU 830 

tierd of thy chosen 60 

rrnw, chiUi of care Hmsthift 530 

'tbe heavenly Ctmniek 507 

tip 8.8. 074 

nrouldst thou Ilastingt 5B0 

Lord is risen 397 

>se glory TitfUdf 317 

nd wrath ^ 408 

«st Lord Muon 418 

7 pious heart SUmutU 0B8 

ler.Son 435 

renly peace A^w 510 

r Ghost, all-quickening C. WuUf 376 

f Spirit, calm Burder 377 

^ 8pi ri t. heavenly Dove Cowper 360 

iMe sinner..^ Jmsv 461 

e blessed 613 

Mir hearts Stoahn 833 

IS join in songs C^mpbttFt CM. 3SS 

IS join our C. fVnltf 558 

IS search Watts 565 

IB strike lUed 753 

Redeemer Reed 4il 

■oul J^neton 450 

iy»oul Blaekloek 964 

mu allvietoriooa J^ekotson S70 

lU, and shoot Higginhotham 508 

It aloud Bigginhotkam 613 

J Almighty Madan's Coll. 303 

I Fount RoHnton 505 

il vary's holy Memtgomtrff 4fiB 

•ry ■<>«•• Steele 440 

hat know Burder 965 

bat love Steele 300 

'eary Hart 430 

who love WmU$ 500 

with Christ Tbplsiy 304 

to.MinU H-ardlaw'e ColL 300 

»<»ulfe Sua 408 

I the heavens 607 

4>«"'ffht PraWeColl. 340 

)fZion, awake FlttgeraWe CM. 606 

»m«nt AVrf^ii 808 

•»••••••• Watts 304 

.«■<» •hall SteeU Sn 

eofmy Steele 513 

»ur, if these laroba jf^ 493 

w. we are 7>s4itri4gt ISn 

^inake WaHXt IW 

dimolwe Hr^tU 1N& 

842 uiDEX OF rasT uxn. 

Deatv^nisamelanclioly Wmtu TJI 

D»alb, what a mlemn word Bnlw0r*BOUL W 

DeatK. with hit dread 744 

Dee^arc the wouods 8te«le M 

Dalay not H^ttimgw 449 

Deacand from braTen H'ott* ID 

Daatniclion*! dangnrous road Jfkwtmk 411 

DM dtfist o'er ainnera Btddmmt ai 

Do not I love thee VoMrHg§ Mi 

Doth God !■ vita me B^ddamu 4» 

Bnalaved by ein St$sU SV 

Bre the blue heavena Wmtu 3H 

EternalGod. almif bty Cauw 414 

Btoriial God, enthroned W 

Sternal King, enthroned M 

Eternal King, the freaiest V7 

Eternal life I— bow aweet OUhma 811 

Eternal Power, whoae hifh Watu S77 

Eternal SoTereign WaUg 4S 

Eternal Source Dtddridf 731 

Eternal Spirit, we eonfeaa IFatta 99 

BUtnal Spirit. God of truth PrmtCt CWJL SB 

Eternity, atupendoua theme 10 

Faith adda new eharmi..... 7%rMr SSI 

lUth. *tia a precioua Btidtau SSI 

Fkr, fkr beyond JUMlay SO 

rkrflrooi thy fold TatUck 431 

Fnr fh>m t he world Oomptr El 

Far from t heae gloomy Ste^ BH 

Father of all Doddridge TU 

Fntherof faithful C lf>«/«y...'. eif 

Father of mercies, bow Btddsmt. .» 00 

Father of mercies, in thy word 8UaU S7f 

Father of mereies, aend El 

Father of apiriu, grant AmUmm Sa$ 

Father, wbate'er of earthly tmU 179 

For a season ea I I'd to part JVkvtoa 731 

For ever shall my fkinting SmU 701 

Fr>rgi veneas . 'tis a Joyflil Oibkotu 44S 

Fou ntai n of blessings Btddowu Ul 

Frail ]routh are in Bsddtmu 79 

Freemen, awake the mng JKm Str^mg^ 749 

Firequen 1 1 lie day Brmn 4E 

Friend of the ft^iendless Cnoptr 4E 

From earliest dawn 731 

From every stormy wind Kvmm.JUg, 609 

From Greenland's icy Hebtr 689 

From the cross JSfavM 448 

From the roaring surge 80 

Gentle Jesua. how Hove CntpMTtOfiL 338 

Give 10 the winds Pmul Otrkardt 511 

Give us room PrmU't OM. 687 

Glorious things of thee JVkwCon SS9 

Glory to Ood on high mU'M OM. 897 

Go and preach JUUu't CtIL €87 

Go, and the Saviour's grace JbnU 6e8 

Go, for the Master calls Huttingm 688 

God, in ttie gospel Beddome 439 

God is with us JLWUkM <7f 

God moves in a mysterious Oi^tr 398 

Godof my life CWMUf 733 

God of our lives Doddridf TO 

Ood of the nations 'HmtHngt 873 

God*sown promise Bnm 808 

Ood with us WMttOM. 8lt 

Go, messenger of love 808 

Go, preach my gospel IFatta • 891 

4lo to Golgotha BuHmgw 838 

Oo tune thy voiee Butk»g» -• >■ 

00 trateh ind pray itortma 83V 

1MVBL or FIRST LIMn. 843 


■et baa enabled 434 

ICC. *!•• a channiiif DtidrUgt 491 

■eioaa Spirit, love divioe Stoker 377 

eat Father of each Dodtridgt 379 

rat Fkther of mankind Dtddridgt 608 

eat God, a« eejifont Doh4ir9 CM TV 

eat God. the noltont Oihhoua 6f7 

eat God. thy hdy DohelFt CM. 4tt 

eat God, to thi*e . StetU 719 

eat God. to what PrmWaCM. 3G7 

eatOud, wetinf Dodiriigt 735 

eat God, what do I UUkar 800 

eat Rrir of Darid'e Prmtt'tOM. 9a 

eat KiBf of Zion . 

eat Ruler AM&....T 740 

aat KiBf 
eat Loffd 

of ail MOrngthmrf 704 

eat Saviour, let thy. 

aat Bavioar, who 496 

eat Source of order 431 

eat flpirit, through BnotU 379 

iidaBe.Othou JteMaaen 610 

ill, my eirer hl ewtd Wtmgrvvt 483 

lii, eovereisa love Brewtr ^ 

111, thou oneedeepiied JUntg^wur^'aOM..... 367 

ill lo the brifhtne«i Hanimgs 677 

III Co the Lonl'a Montf0wurf 609 

ippf WNil, thy daye C. ITftief 794 

Ipmr the heart Wits Ml 

uk\ aery C^mpbelTs CM. 674 

irki from the deep Mntgmmtr^ BOB 

ark! drom the tonbe Watu 773 

irk! hark! the note* of joy CpS 

irkI Biyeoui Cnntr 516 

irk 1 tea tliousand harpa A'«//y »i5 

irk that fihouc 807 

irk the fflad tound J)oddridg€ 343 

irktheeoiif Mantfomtrf 6(16 

■rfc the voice J. Ev^ns 644 

■Men. nnner Srett 402 

eartt of etone Hmr, Sec 449 

Hf whitL th« VDitV WatU 7R9 

■4f wliJt the tok^ IVotts 786 

mit^fif Jin ImniorlBl Ilmstings 564 

liirei.tht^ rri-Qt Redeeaier Steele 359 

creAiir^^ i;iM.- Tbptodf 653 

ere, tn itu aame Montgsmerf 711 

e that poet h forth Haetinge 707 

ijth in vonder Raglie 817 

n^ ind reverend JfeetiMam 415 

Rl> >3hoet. , Ml Tapladf 375 

oly 4.h')jFL, ^11 til iiflfat Reed 37B 

Dtmi Willi cliei*rr^jl IVmtie 717 

ow«rc tliye«rvaiiU ^Miso* 760 

ow hp^ut^'r.ia* ta t\wir JVatte t23 

ow ttk'fet the riiiitf^oHi BarhduU 7P5 

otrlilwf ih(* «aer«ij. Steele 553 

owcalm ftiiil 'bfitiilTfiil Spir.Senge 3W 

owcafi tittkr ifatta 5H6 

ow fjatulamrftniins ...♦,.,,. ir'att* C45 

ow ftrm e f^unditinn . . h . , Kennedti 501 

ow ^nnttv Gtitd'i tfKminnnita Doddridge 5<10 

am gr^M, linw tFrntfJp Danie* B09 

ow nippy 0^^ ihe piuIi Ti/piadw F93 

owbi'At^y if Ujv nigtil iratts 409 

owtiHplPis Steele 4G0 

ow lonft »ball death H'atts 799 

owoft. afae Steele 599 

owpfeaeed wa» I tn hear Seddome 604 

AW prreious in the book Fktpeett 974 

ow rich are thy provieione Wmite 650 

ow a»d our ttmttt fTatU *> fJSt 

tmMiJJlMiulpemeefiil lataii**>**********«***fA 


How tweet and twfbl fTmtU a 

How awect, huw heavenly AMtfm «l 

How wwec-l i« tbe Sabbath Butwer ^ iU 

B<»waweel the name JVWpC«m M 

Bow aweet to leave jr«ttir »l 

How tedinua and laatplcaa JiTaetoH 5H 

Hew lender ifl thy band ymMtingB IN 

How vain are all »'««• « 

Bowvait the benefila divine Tbfimdf 3fi 

1 am weary of atrayiof Mra. Ttrk SB 

1 and my houae C. Wnlt^ SR 

If Cbhit is mine Btddomtm W 

If human liindneaa Ji^l tfl 

I hear a voice ^^.Ktiig M 

Iknow that my Redeemer C tresUw V* 

1 look to thee Haitingm m 

I love the Lord Mitthurm 79 

I love toiteal Mn, Bremm SI 

lowional God, on thee 30 

I'm not aahamed WoUm M 

I moam the hidings Hm»ting9 SA 

la all my vast concerns Wmtu M 

In Christ rve all DphttttCUL SU 

In evil long 1 took ^ftrntcm IS 

Infinite grace! and can it be T>uktw Si 

In God*s own liouae W 

In God the Father W 

In heaven the heart Beddomt^ 8!l 

Inquire, ye pilgrims D9ddridfrB W 

In snntfs of sublime Rtece'a Sttccti9» 38) 

In sweet exalted Frantis Trt 

In thtf croscs of Christ Bawring 3M 

111 ihee. i) Loril CampMt* Cait. SSI 

In Ihy grvnt naine Hoskins SC^ 

111 thy iiamt:. i) l»nl Ketty ttC 

in vain our fancy strivea Ji'nrttm ^ 

1 pray'd the i/>ni JVVwton 517 

I qitil the world's Piuua Min»trtt 4:d 

1 wild the joy8 IVatts 47* 

Is it n thins( of ^ood report Siu 

1 sing th' Aluiigtity |Miwer IVtktta M 

Israi*!, thy iii<»uriifal PratV* CW/ '^ 

Is thisilrt' kind IVatt* 4iS 

Ii i.4 not d<>ath to die Bttkunt 7M 

It lithe Uird Orerne 515 

It shall ho wril Hotkint 393 

1 would, but cannot Jfctrton iU) 

I would nut h vu al way JdukUhburgk C14 

Jpru.'nlnni, my happy Jifojtt/romrrg 810 

Jexus, nii:l shall it Gmg 4^^-* 

Ji'iius, ni thy eomniniid £>• Cou,rc% *4J 

Ji'sns Christ, nioUiinks I M. ll'ilkc* 3W 

Jesii?', full of all Turntr 4i« 

JesuH, I love ihy cburuiing DoddrU^g 307 

J«!^U}<, I my cros!< Moitlj(oaierjf 4W> 

ir:<u^, ill ihoe <Mir eyes 3X1 

Jiaii8 inviii<i« H'atts f-'^ 

JerfUi is goii»; ab<»ve H'atU W5 

J.'8u-*, |„V»T of iijy Cowpcr 5W 

Jfsus. my L»»rd, how ricfi ijoJdridtrt it 'J 

jHHiia, my lov<! Bnl.L>tn€. 3i!> 

Jesufi, my S»vi»»iir Badtiome 4*> 

Jhsus, ouce for Kiniicrs G19 

Jt'Miitt. our Bouhi' pottdridg^ 517 

Je-iiH. na Vf my dyi ng Ila^-timg* 474 

Jesua. the King CamvbtUtCaU tM9 

Jesua, the Lord, our m)uU 3CS 

Jesus, ihf* Biiring SterJa W 

J»:»Hs, I hou art. ParkinunC* ColL 477 

/ffiturt. thy boiindle»H \ove C->v«»x*i4 it* 

icsuf, we l>i<.*»i "^"^ 

INDEX or riEST LINES. 845 

, we ninft thy mttclileM DoddHdff* 'dOS 

•. while our hearts Maternal H. B. 539 

Join all Ihegloriuua H'au$ 318 

Joio.aU i^hulove Mtdu^ 310 

&Mp alienee, all created IVatu 3fli 

Kindred in Chrial M^xun 6U1 

King of Zion, give A'c/ijf 673 

i«ft eftfthlx minda J^wten 483 

liM grafilude waken Haattnga 747 

I^ we but hear Waiu 57S 

Let nae uy Saviour 690 

Ijit otbera hoaat WaiU 3U3 

liBi party namea B^ddawu 549 

l^ataaiutaon eanb 6G3 

l«t aoiigaof prais«^ Cotereli 371 

LbC Chein neglert thy glory H'miu SU8 

JLbI thoM who bear 410 

L«t likiiuf htleaa Ihouaanda Hetkint 4'J4 

Jjalu* adore 640 

I^ot ua love, and aing Jfineta* S90 

Jjat worldly nien from abore SiennaU 97S 

I^ Zion'a wMBhmen Doddridg$ 094 

Uihiaaapui StfU 7B0 

JLiA up your Joyful eyea Btddama 799 

Ught of thoae whoae 703 

Lol becowca Olirtn 300 

IjiiI becoaie<h Oliver* 370 

liOng aa be Uvea MatJUr*9H.B 089 

LrfNig ere the auo Ummpkref$* OM. 999 

ErfMk down, O Ood Doidriigt 098 

U>ok up U) yonder CampbeitM CoU. 563 

L«okup.>«aaiau DabUCaCoU 610 

L«! on a narrow Baxiet'tOUL 768 

Ijord, aMist u« MaUrnaiH.B. 495 

liord, at Ihy feet I Brown 457 

Lord, at thy feec we CenmUk 618 

liord, at thy taMe SuitmM 659 

lArd. behoU Ifay people Kelif 907 

lATd.eaa a amil AVwCen 471 

Ijord, di«niiM us nfUr 604 

liord, how aecure IVatts 419 

l^ord. I aoi pain *d tVatts 534 

lx>rd, 1 awlhlne JMttita 047 

2x>rd. in thy temple fVatts 757 

liorrfof hosU, to thee Montgomtrf 711 

Ijord of the harvetit HatUnga OSl 

liord, trach ua 007 

I^rd, th>- imputed rigfateottsoeaa 498 

Lftrd. we adore HaaUna 403 

Li»rd, we bow with deep Matker*»H.B. 709 

idird, we come Hart 960 

Lord, wh**!! our ofT^ringa Balkurat 580 

Liird, when our raptured Steele 380 

J^trd, when tw heud PraU'aOaU. 969 

Ijovf. (liviiio. all JiHre excelling C H'esltt 3j9 

l<ove is the fuuuLaiu BedJoms 549 

Majestic awecinfsa SUnneU 314 

Many woes hail Uiriat Hart 340 

Mark the «oft fiilliujr I}oddrid£e C58 

Mark'ti av tlit* purpose .VM 664 

Mfu of 4;od, go take KeUp 090 

Mel. U God, to ask SeaU 709 

Mid scenes of eunfuaion * F.8. Keg B90 

Mistakf n soula Watte 554 

M'Mre Joy than earth oan e'er afford Beddama 974 

Mortals, awake Mcdttf 338 

Most gracious Father Baakima 618 

Mo«tl)oJyGod «V 

^ouru not. ye wbtMV child *I^\ 

My demr Bedeemer , , ffatU * ^^ 

71 • 

846 iRDXX at riAsT uvn. 

My drowiy powen rTcfO.. SiS 

My former hope* Cvicper 470 

My GimI, thy bmiiidlem love R.Jior*. <ys 

My God, thy lervice DUUridgt AT9 

My Saviour, God GO 

My aon, know thou OS 

MyHOul. beoH thy guard Hentk Stf 

My Miul, with humbla fervour LMmgHm 4W 

Ifn mor«, my God WatU 413 

Knr *?ye <iD« #i'en Ifott* 89 

KotUenjiib nf utlure Cnrper 4M 

Wot ali [fie: Mood Watta tSl 

VTol all lUe n(»Iilea SlenmeU «tf 

Blot ibe niafickMW H'atts 499 

Now back with humble Walts SM 

Now bef in the heavenly iMmgfard'B CM M 

Now bfi the GcmI of Urael fFatu M4 

Now be thegoepel banner Httinra CTS 

Now from the altar Muwm 791 

Now rVom labour lUttingg 710 

Nowlremlve SmTc m 

Now let my soul, eternal f3 

Now \vl r\\.ii hcarti cunfpij>« Seen • jBI 

Now to the Uml traits M 

0*er the gloonty mmams ON 

O'er the realiiM Obtereli m 

Oft OS Hook M.miMg SB 

Oft ai the bell JTewtm 7S> 

Oh, Chri»t. thou glorioua 313 

OU. could I find Harrisn XB 

Oh. could I apeak Mfdlsy 309 

Oh f«»r a closer 0>Kp€r 5d^ 

Oh for au overcoming ft^atts 791 

Oh for a thousand C. Jf>«/*y 300 

Oh for the honnv hour Bethmne 701 

Ohc;. ' ^' h^m Haatingt 434 

Oh God of Bethel Logan. 431 

Oh, God of Zion, flrom the Kkic« Campbetts OM 7VD 

Ob, happy day Doddndgt 490 

Oh, how di vi lie AVirfoA 4T5 

Ob, if my miuI fVatu 465 

Oh. in Ihe morn 7J5 

Oh Inrnel, to iby tenta 567 

Oh let my trembling Grma 527 

Oh I»rd, nnothiir day Alrkc JTAif 7» 

Oh I,«rd, bt'Iiold us j|fr«. F. 437 

Ob Ijord. my b<«t i}rsin^ Co*rptr 5% 

Ob Lord, my houI HI 

Oil l^>rd, thy work nvivn JIattinffj 705 

Oh Lord, *vIkji» faith 319 

• )h, my !-fnil what iiie.-in« Faverit 515 

Oil. Blii'ptu rU uf Iflfacl Hasiing* 530 

Oh. Shcjiiii! rJ i>f lliy penile Jitx^tou 714 

Oil. ^iH^eik U^Htirracmuj AVar/on 4!>i 

Oh Lltnl, Icoiilil rriicFil C If'rrln ¥6 

Oil that I kn- w « a/f^, 519 

Oh that my srowUing jg^ IH/jt^ 5-I 

Oh that till* I^tnlV /y/^ jjyj 

Oh: :i.!. r* ' fiit 

Oh Ihoii. iK'f.iri; wlkxtc rr^ns' CUi 775 

Oh thou, whoM> tender Sirrlt * 41^ 

Oil, what aniMang JVfd/ey 41O 

Oh, what sill pemloua * 500 

Oh, what trcaaure Brddomt 306 

Oh. whero Phttll rert M'mt^romerm 771 

Oh, w hy ohould I«rael'B aona M,»t Pioimi^t «■« 

Oh, ye inoiiriirri, ceaac 0>'(\t«« 7«» 

0/1. Zinn. tuiin thy voir* l^«l.Vt\a<t* wi 

Once I tliiiimht Kne«» ^^ 

Once niori>. my a^^ul ^!2^ "C^ 

iKDsx or rtitsT Linn. 847 

9, aftnve ^nevton 331 

iMtnin** top KeUjf 6fO 

at V.u\fr Merrick 531 

, throned in hcnvtin Godwin, mlUred 611 

. who dost lead 9D5 

il toneues 090 

irifon C. Wesief 3(18 

»ur God, ariie fVanUaw't Go//. 877 

's totally 406 

)y love MiUer , fiSl 

ball magnify IVmUs 75B 

IheL/ird DiMridf§ 577 

he living God.... JMmi^wmery 485 

rden'd » 510 

If^flM HaH ....; 048 

m aouTa MontgmMrjf 000 

(ear j£8U8 StvnneU 407 

trinmpbant Watta 337 

liever .Mwten 539 

) Lord is kiiiff aWnltff 804 

low in plorioaa 8J9 

tkt chief fkwetU 433 

• TDice celeiit ia I Doddridge 400 

krrereign 380 

'8oal. enjoy SimtneU 417 

' Boiil, unto 509 

vanderer fF. B. OMper 453 

Lheduil Btddem* 501 

)uaGod PraWtCoU. 007 

)ul Cmwieft 589 

eoul 488 

^ 717^^ saa 

>u mighty PraU*tOM, 088 

lock 430 

lof Zion 504 

ugh another AVwtox 791 

leir graven Medlnf 783 

O.nielodioua JJoddridg§ 443 

O, the joyftil fV»tt» 058 

ine, we know Doddridga 380 

Kit AVasfon 700 

. hath Hifde 440 

I she Oilibmit 650 

finner MedUjf 597 

ion's KoUf 070 

us Lord SU9U 743 

e mounting 715 

ves around us Bishop Jbme 731 

pyard «« 

»us fouls 4?»J 

the gospel 070 

id mo down Ihm/rht 715 

>on fTotta 504 

r Israid. bend Doddridge 635 

r Israel, thuu dost Doddridge 696 

proclaim j. 650 

he bli'ssod SflR 

> n-enly did Berridge 750 

t-enoinous H'attg 305 

thou Kfill JVHd/m 3B9 

hold that downward Dobeil SHB 

oice Perry 851 

voice FmwceU 418 

wast mild 707 

gentlv CoHyer 311 

,ye favouring Mi»e. Pemlmiet 001 

ipsand lives Watte 570 

a light Xfnitom ^\V 

be last clad Bong Pratt's ColU «6\ 

^ht and uower 7\>plarff *Kl\ 


BoTenrif n of «n DaJdnig^ 619 

Sovereign of life 7< 

Sovereifo Ruler Rttffles 4M 

Spirit divine, attend /i**^ 7l3 

Spirit, li-ave tliy Iukjw Momtfmmrg ,,.- 7« 

tfiirit of faith, come dowD C. IVtsUg 374 

Spirit of hoiiiieM, look down W 

Siand fast in tlie faith Brown &56 

Stand up. uiy suul *#'««# S6i 

Star of p«;are T9 

Slay, thou insulted CJVetltji 464 

Stern winter throws SLuU ... 731 

Stoop down, my thoiigbta WmUm 778 

Stop, ponr liinnf.r ^'emtsm VI 

Strait iaihe wny ffatta SO 

SlrLtch'doo tliecroaa SUtU M 

Stretch. O my coul MB 

Subinifsive to ihv will ONPpar 573 

S-ittstantial cimirort ^ftKimt 44S 

S'^ef't in ihe time AVwfaa TV 

8v\eel the moint*nUi Bmttf 3SD 

Swell the anthem 748 

Swia aa the winged arrow • MmUrnmlBLB. 794 

Teach ui, O Lord tif 

That awful day IFctta 60 

That awful hour 7SS 

That day of wrath IK.&Mtt 804 

.11idl G(»d who made 401 

Thnt warning voico HmaUngt 491 

The ble«t menioriala 048 

The bifiwid 8|iirif BtJdtwf 311 

The broken bread 041 

I'he day approaches Deddri4f9 KD 

Thee we adore \ fVatU 79 

The food on which FtUmet* OSS 

The Kiddy world Dmtgkt 488 

The G«id of «race CawtpMrt CM. 370 

Theeold and silver CFrJi»'» Ot/l. M 

The head t hat once Unhcfm OfiL 30S 

The heathen peri«h 670 

Tlie King of heaven D9iiriig§ 043 

The law of God 410 

Tiie Ijord i« my Shepherd Ha»t%nft» 338 

The Lord in my strength Utttinga S3B 

7*liu Lord JelHJvah lives H^Mtingt M 

The Lord Jehovah n>igns IVatta S77 

The Lord our God if full Kirk* MTkiU ffll 

The Lord Hliall com<> Utbtr 808 

The l^inl, who truly knows ^Tnotom 611 

The niimient a sinner Hmrt 508 

The proniise of my Ifisus 653 

7*he pr(»inisn we U\r C tfealep 6M 

There i« a fountain Cotrper m 

There is a land IVatts 784 

7'here i« an hour of peaceful Tlappun 813 

There ia an hour of haliow'd Tappan 81S 

TTinre i>9 a world BnUUma 819 

There m one (> od 991 

Then; *s a n-fuee EdtmuUn COO 

There seems a voice Mr». OpU ... SM 

Tlie richtpounnefs, th* atoning blood 325 

The sacranients are 638 

The Savicmr bids us Mather'* H. B. 5n 

The Saviou r !— Oh, what Steele 937 

llie Saviour with inviting DoheU.*.- O-U 

The son^of !»rael 609 

Tlw spacious Armaincnl JitiitM 865 

The time is short *Sj?**w ''Sl 

The voice of fr«e. grace wSS^ ^m 

Tlw wondering world n«iAAi«%.^*-'.".^*- vtk 

Thine earthly 8abb*l\i» ;;:::; H«TiVr. « 

Tkim God in tbe God 

rami: of first lines. 849 

t.OLord 713 

field 873 

! of sin and death Wa8kbmm§ 793 

one to the grave iHebtr 706 

DGod 414 

he way Doanc 38S 

rents may 49S 

luhles assail JfHoton SSl 

y Source Ste§le 300 

Sovereign 8u»U ^ 

I'st, O lA)rd W7 

py souls « Doddiidft 584 

II the downward Htrvef S70 

II the various CotltU 3M 

nother year Bulvtr 796 

lirist when we 738 

irrow's night KirluWkiU 801 

lie sons or Abram 63i 

ly God PawttU 686 

ur life's Montgmtrf ^^^ 

the first JTuttM 406 

I the mercy ScM 6X8 

ies, gracious Lord 087 

ess. Lord GihhomM 386 

leit. Lord Seddomt 980 

!, Lord Foke 6S0 

ice, gracious God Sttele 978 

lence, great God DobtWaCelL 737 

OLord 976 

inciug us Burton 7U 

t I long Atetm 647 

tnn thing to die Jlf. IVilkg 767 

faith C.We»l99 657 

d!— so the Saviour StenntU 354 

dl the Redeemer ^ JDobtWt OolL 357 

speaks 781 

to ruKt in lively 7})pladf 708 

ye will hear KenVBCML 441 

i Saviour calls Spir.Stnga 447 

lur exalted Steele 650 

thecrown Cowptr 700 

ir, Lord, is thine Doddridge 406 

th^^'VjT-^Mjunlcniif ^eedham 79B 

God when cfemurcfl Deddridge ....• 776 

ho rtiignesl Qihh^n* 746 

at name }ViUiam§ 686 

ild is born De CoUogna 341 

mySaviour HaeHngt 643 

hat dark Watu 036 

commission Watte 631 

us and the 408 

I sinners Doddridge 401 

roving thuughU Doddridge 900 

• boKom H'atte 800 

life Ck. InUUigenfr 404 

he hopes Wntte 413 

jright ranks Beddowtt 883 

soul MatemalJI.B 637 

lysoul n'atU 300 

id war 743 

«, tfll us Bewring 680 

garden Watte 000 

sirusrgling 471 

wandering C Weeley 630 

>e welcome. Montgomery 088 

he proplKft H'atts 317 

O Lord, before 740 

nmorial prais« ^G^ 

9w^t (lay Ifatls » . » HV* 

vclcome « <t^ 

•6tf UOMK or raiT usk 

Wtlcomf.ff 1»rtl>^IWI ^*>^* FBh^JU, ,._ 

W« itow, O lAff4, ftp|ito«c4i Ci^p iWf < CML . 

W«<«K t 1^*1 Mkmtm* 

8 bit A «libnj(iiif . r..... .« 
fa«l iI^MAiiw wiirMUiii 
ll4Ci;>r ttijr liH 
hui ttivr I 111 tlili...> 

WiMt Mufd ^«<.. jr«n^. 

WMr IkthM tNiif . 

«i J^rrint iiitJinrv 

«i «)iiill tWdiyiif^iF..-^ IH 

.UK liflit on ear<h HI 

Wliil Elrirtre pr<rHeii1i«i (H 

Wtiai tttoitifli ilnf irtU' ^.... ^ 

Whm virioij,a hiintriitoei. , ••OmpM* ..••••..•..•••• 0i 

Wlint wiKhiru, tiiAjiiitf ..*. OlMtff 

Wli#ii bfnntv dnthcN m 

VVIien tticKtiiijinE j^'ik^itb^ ,4 *^ ..•flBtfCi •■•.•..•.. fH 

Wli«!n ^.ifkNi^'^ii \t^ng. .,..* ....ClNip^r •••■••.•..,..•• flB 

Whpn 'IxAih ;>[i[«tBr* AImI*. ••••••....•••••• 10 

AVh>rii Ar«t my Jdi^trrniiis M. WWtg 4M 

Whra fyov^Tiirif diHTli , Xm* • 41 

Wfii^n fuLtwfirtjf itioudi .•••■ IdfrdOinMr 5li 

Wh¥t% (21^ isiii (fi^Afir^ui 411 

Wb^a Hjiniiati prtMi'd JVtaCM TH 

Wtictn [ con r*nd OlMp**^ M 

IVlwn [ iiirvi*^ , ITttttf flS 

\Vh4>n Jf>iitii ittrfK |g| 

Wti^n liftEu-tr Hid drsenu T&plmiff |94 

WrTr(MMir-haLIMf>n riMf nightly Kirkt tfkiU- SH 

Whtrfi mnriiing !■ rj*Ja| %}$ 

WMen mu#i nn unrmw. JVM. ||S 

Wtii'ci .jii f:i]rrti> Mtmtgmm^rm 19 

\v\wi\ Kiiay the Vivi« ►... PrmW» Orik M 

Wlien 4!tckEtf^4i. pain, ind death m TM 

Whrfi \\w liJoit (lay 3^1 

Wlien vpc arr rulted 757 

Wl*en werrtofKU git^ KMf 5SB 

WlH?n will the Itnppjr tmiBp |^ 

WriPrt-Brf^ilt-^rifait. JMmffMMrv Tit 

Wlwrt! bkh MiH hcBVeniy Z<«jr«« 39 

Wh»?fif ii my frnrf Affif 606 

Whfffe shnH a wretelwd J9«tfMM 40 

tVJi^ri:< rnr>nr ttirr-ft Ingt-tber StMiurt K7 

Wiii^fi; ti*'u or ilin?(», wjth sweet JTmi 606 

WfiJfr lifrtr ln\. apir.9»iun 791 

While i Ki^rU'S ; JVkvCim 109 

Whiltfo'turifurfiiiliy , Dwin 714 

While <■►, m^ vtrgis..,.. B,M mmmmM 774 

WhtK wiihf«M^fcpt.. JVtatea 796 

WTiilrt ttMc 1 #i"pk.- 571 

Who .Th' tht'tr in brtf^i 8M 

W)Lh I . . rhnt comfl r. ir««fMr tw 

Who bnt chon. ainifhty FUhrttimmmt 6H4 

Whocundewjrthe ITetl* 475 

Whoean have greater..... Ul 

Who can telJ what notea 686 

Who !• thii afranfrf jtn'dfrmm Wmtta 451 

WhophaJI the Lortf*a eleel WMl» >« 

Why is my heart Wmtta 436 

Why •hofiM cloomy AUNajr* 411 

S**^'^"''^'""''''''^* 09nr.n.B 777 

Wtiy^h'iiihM X\m\t tiiigpt M, tntks eU 

Why*hmiM w« InisH. jif. ffitta 404 

Wliyiinh* ray •mil... Butingt 40 

Why. [hiti/f hiiKM ttnu^r 4H 

Why ikm mpi»ii#i»t Cruitr 774 

Why wiU yi» vitittf! FrafTt CVff 466 

With clf^rful vmet^tTiw 75I 

ffith dt I p4r«r n-¥^r4tn»^ ^ * Vm.'fiLBiAAMBr fB 

W'fh rvv* nffdiih ^teSSi**.;^; ^ 

Wlihi tfii* l^ouni' Fraws^Sia. -^^ 

ITicJi Joy wamtdiUl* 


T» ■afala who tund . 

uoBz or riAST mm. 8oi 


WniMtMoodfaiMKaiiMiMi fTMw 348 

Wllta trftO^wrCLord V^ddHSgB 3G3 

With what Might Do4irUg% 366 

WmU jroo behnld the works WaU» 740 

IPrmdMNl, helpleM 473 

.D9nnTf &04 

I with youMinil DtHridf 734 

Tslovrly bandt 737 

T»Men andanpelt..^ PrmiC$ OM, 703 

T«Me«enfere of Christ Voke 600 

T» ■ooming niats J)oddrUg§ 778 

T« Hints, proclaim Rglmmd 3:f7 

T« servants of God Pratt*# CM. 896 

T« aanranu of the Lord IHiMig^ 560 

Tee, I edore thee HmatimfM 9H 

Tcaii-sieksoiils PUppmrd 6S3 

Tea. I will hiesi thee Ihgghik§iktm A.. S64 

T«s. 1 would love thee D.TWiisr 544 

T««.we trast 666 

T«lreaibnaf eapUvea. hew Jefss 447 

Tii wietebsd, hnncrjr MtUi 649 

T«ar harps, je trembliiif . 






_ 1 * 





' Sto 


' _9B 

•* • 





1 **•*■ 


' .• H *» 









or THE 







The Catecliism ----* *_-_.__ page j 

The Compendium of the Christian Religioti - * • W 

TliG Confession of Faith -----------K 

Canons of the Synod of Dordrechl --,*,,--^o 
Litur^ ------ ----------*5U 

A Prajer on the Lord's day btfore Sermon ------ 5* 

A Proyer on the Lord'a day aft^ Sermon - « . • . * 5t 
A Pmyer before the ExplonatloTS of tho CattTthUcii » - - S3 
A Prayer fifter the Kxjilanvition ----i- 

A Prayer before Sennon in the Weok -----^-54 

A Prayer after it --------■» w^^j ^jm ^ «• 54 

Monnng Prayer - - - - - - - * . - ~- - - - 55 

Evening Prayer --------------55 

A Pmyer at the opening of tho Consistory - - - ^ - - 55 

A Prayer tit the close of it -__ ---56 

A Prayer at the meeting of the Deacons ...... 56 

Grace before Meat - -^ /■/- *'•*••'" ' - - - 57 
Grace after Meat -....--..---..57 

A Prayer for sick and tempted Persons -..-..-58 
Another .--.-'---..------.59 

Form of Infant Baptism -...---•.-.-59 
Form of Baptism of adult Persons - - ^ . - . - - 61 
Form of AdihinlatratidD of the Lotrd's Sbpper ^ • • i . 63 
Form of Excommufpcation --..-......67 

Form of Re-admitting Excommunicated Persons r - - - 69 
Ordination of the Ministers of God's Word - - ... 70 
Ordination of Elders and DeaconJi ........74 

Form of Confirmation of Marriage -...--..77 
The Consolation of the Sick -........-80 

The Nicene Creed ....••.••••••80 

The Athanasian Creed -•-.....•..•Ml 






The Reformed C^urchee and Schools in Holland^ 
and in America. 

1. WHAT » thy onlf oomflbrt in lift and death \ 

not my 
"" pre 

Aai— . That I widi m body and aotiU buih in life and death, 6 am noi 
wmm, but balony € onto wj fluthfal Savkrar Jaaoi Chriat, who, with his 
mmmd blaad, hath fidlye aatiafied ibr all my aim, and delitercd/ me troro 
" lh» jmrnfe ef Iba dafil ; and ao prawnreame ^ that without the wiU of 
Iwayaalf yrth».iMt a hair* dan fcll from inyhaid; yea, that all things 

etvient to my aUiration. and thefelhre, by hit Holy Spirit, he 
B f* of atamal me, and makaa ib meaineeiefy willing and ready 
Inre onto him. 

I ba ^auBaunimn to my aUiration, and therelhre, I 
I major atamal r~ 

~clCteT6ul9^2(>. 6Rom.l4.7,aa el Cor. 8. St. tflPetl.l8.ia 
alJofaBl.7. /IJohnaSl HebwS.14,l& r John 6. 89. and 10. 28, 29. 
frLolBatl.ia'MBt.iaSO. «llom.&t6L iSCor.l.2S.aBd&.5. A Rom. 

Q. % How many thmn are neeemaiy for thee to know, that thou, enjoyw 
ng due aoofblC BMuraatlive and die happily f 

A. Thraa; I the mat, bow great «i my nna and miaeriea are: the second, 
bow I may ba dah'Tered n irom all my sins and miaeriea: the third, how I 
ahall aipram my gnlitnde o to God fin* luch deliverance. 

ILolwS4.4X mlCor.6.10^11. Jobn9.41. Rom. & 10, 19. nJohn 
17. a e£ph.&8^9^ia 

It. L0RD*8 DAY. 


Ofthe Misery Of Mmu 

A.a Wbeaeeknoweatlhoathymiiaiyf ^ 

A.OiitarthalaworGod.a \ 

a Krim 3. !!n* 
^ 4 What doth the law of God require of iHif 
A. Chr!aC taaohea'na thai bKoHy, A!at iiii. Jl^iO. "Thou shaft love the 
Lofd tfnr God with all \hv ht^ari, wtih all ihy soul, with all thy ^ind, and 
lildi air thy atrantfa. A This u thci firHi umJ (ho givat oominand ; and the 
1 ii li£e to thn, Thou thait hve th)^ neighbour aa thyself. On these 
'i hue the ythoie h.vt i^d the frmoheliL" 
ILnkt 10.27. 
^ a'OuBt fboa kaen all thnc things pf'rff'ctly f 
A. la no vriae; e flir I ojn prone by t^iiBrv \n hatr Qodaod my neighbour. 

cnom.aia iMibLa dH»m^s.r Tita.^. 

JIL ioiUra DAY. 
«« IW God tbM emit au •» wiekiad a&A v«rim%X 


A. Bvnoinemi; bnlGodriMlsd BuigDod.aand sltorluiOTni Imatk 
m h rignteoiMmti. mad true holinMi, thai he night rifrhlly know God M 
Oeelor, heartily love him, end live wiih hin in eienieJ IwppiiMa to ^mitjf 
■nd pfaiee him. c 

cGen. 1. 31. ft Gen. 1. 9S, S7. CoL a la £pli. 4. M. c£|ikL& 

Q. 7. Whence then npoeeede MidefMmvitf oTImm* netnief 

A. Fmm the fidl maa diaobedtenoe of* our firat peientii, Adam end Eft,d 

hB Fuediee ; hence our mtme » hecome eo comtpi, that w« eie att coBOHf 

«d and horn in lin. • 
iiGeB.3.fl. Rom.5.11iaia eIW.dl.& Gen-SLSL 
Q. & Are we then wn oormpt ihat we are wholly mcapafaie of dgiif a^ 

gpgd. and tocUned lo all wicfce dn e m > 
A. Indeed we are : /except we are regenemted bv the spirit of God./ 
/Gen. 6. A. Job 14. 4. and I& K 16. f JobnaS. £fb.SL» 


Q. tt. Doth not God then do h^joocice lo man. by raqoiffiflf finnnhflB alir 
law, that which he cannot perfira ? \ 

A. Not at all; a for God made man capible b of nefffbnnmg it; bataa^ ^ 
he the iiwiigatMm e of the deviU told hii own warnl dnobedienoe, ^ dofOMd 
Mmoelf andaU hii portoriigr of ihopo diirina gi Aii 

«Eed.7.«l AJbhn&44. 8CQr.ll.& tfG«fi.aL4.r ilRM.iLli 

Q. la Wai God oofier ooch dioohedience and rebellion logo oapaaiihidf 

A. By no means; • bat io terribly ditploesed/ with oar Ofiginsl is wi 
•B actual sins; and will paniih them in hit juci judgment, tempomUyad 
ateraally, ds he hath declared, ft " Cuned io every one that conltnoctt sol 
in all things, which are written in the book of the law, to do them.** 

e na. 6l 5. / Rom. 1. la DeuL 28. 1& Ueb. fil 87. ^ Deat fl 9fi. 
Gal. a 10. 

€t 11. Is not God then also mercifblf 

A. God ii indeed merciful, h but slao just; i iherefbre his justice nqoiivi^ 
J that sin. which is oommiUed agsiast the most high m i Q es ti of God, hs sbo 
punished with extreme, that is, with everlssting k punishmefil, both of My 
and oooL 

A Ex. 34. 6. lEx.!^. 6l Job 34. IQ, U. > Fiw. A. 5, & JkGeo.tll 
Rom. 6.8a 



Of Man^s I>eliveraace. 

Q, la Since then, by the righteous judgment of God. we dcoerre tamponl 
and etemiil punishment ; is there no way by which we "jay eecape thsl 
puniriiment. and be sgoin rsceived info fiivourV 
A. God will hsve hH jnitice a iariiified : and therefore t/e must make tUi 
I full I oalisfaction, either by ourselves, or by another. 
' a Ex. SO. 5. 6DeuLS4. in. 2 Cor. & 14, 15. 

Q. la Can we ouroelves then make this ■atisiaciioo ? 
A. By no means; c but on the cootrsry we d daily increase our debt 
cJob9.aasndl&.14,15. 16. <f Mat. 6. la tia. 61 6. 
Q. 14. Cut there be found anywhere, one who is a mere creature, able to 
ntisly forus? 

A. None ; for finf. God will not punish any other creature for the an 
which men hsih committed ; and furtUer. oo mere rmtiire can sustain the 
SordoQ of God'o eternal wrath ogainst sin. so so to/ deliver ocheis fiom it. 
eEaek.ia80. /Rev.&a Pba.4a8,a 
Qp 1& What sort of a mediator and deliverer then m^st we seek for f 
A. For one who is very man. g msA ^tI«c\V) t>^\«n»\ ^ ^f^Lwme 
dowerful than all CTeauires ; \Vxax «, ;««:^JV wT^ 
^ J C#v. 15 ai. Rom. B ^. hWota.^ tK W-IW 



Q. in. ^Vh7 miifit he be very man. and alio perfeiUj righteotw? 

A. Becauie the justice of God requireii that the ume human nature, 
which hath sinned, ihoukl a hkewim make satisfaction for sin ; and one, 
who is himself a sinner, h