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The history of the Latin Psalter is a history of 
successive revisions, with which the great name of 
St. Jerome is inseparably associated. Before his 
day, the Psalms had been rendered into Latin, 
along with the other books of Scripture, for the 
use of the ^\'estern Church, but a more accurate 
translation was felt to be desirable ; and, at the 
request of Pope Damasus, about the year 383, 
Jerome prepared a revision of the older version. 
This was called the Roman Psalter^ either because 
it was made for the use of the Church in Rome, or 
because it continued to be used in Rome (until 
1566) after it had been superseded elsewhere It 
never enjoyed any wide popularity, for Jerome, on 
his retirement from Rome to Bethlehem a few 
years after its issue, set himself to execute a more 
thorough revision. 

This second and revised edition of the Hiero- 
nymian Psalter was pubhshed before the year 390, 
and since that date it has been the version com- 


monly, although not universally, used throughout 
Latin - speaking Christendom. It is generally 
knowTi as the Gallican Psalter^ probably because 
it was used in the public services in Gaul before it 
was adopted in Italy. Not directly translated from 
the Hebrew, it was mainly based upon a careful 
examination of the various Greek versions, which 
Origen's labours had done so much to place in 
their proper relations to each other. 

At a later time, Jerome published yet a third 
Latin rendering of the Psalms, which he now trans- 
lated from the Hebrew ; but this, the Hebrew 
Psalter, never displaced the Gallican Psalter in the 
affections of the Church. The Gallican Psalter is, 
then, the true ' Vulgate ', in the sense that it is the 
version which has been most generally used ; and 
it has been incorporated in the Hieronymian Bible, 
all the other books of the Old Testament in this 
editio vulgata being given, in accordance with 
Jerome's latest labours, in the form in which he 
rendered them directly from the Hebrew. 

It is unnecessary to rehearse here the history of 
the printed Vulgate, and it is sufficient to say that 
in this separate issue of the Gallican Psalter, the 
text which has been followed is, in the main, that 
of Hetzenauer (1906), a scholarly reproduction of 


the Clementine editions which may serve until the 
appearance of the great critical edition of the Latin 
Scriptures recently undertaken by the authorities 
of the Roman Church. 

No translation of the Psalms has been so widely 
used in Europe as the Gallican Psalter. One of 
the most venerable monuments of Christian anti- 
quity, its influence has been conspicuous both in 
theology and in literature. The writings of the 
Latin Fathers are so full of reminiscences of the 
Psalter that some familiarity with its text is an 
essential for the patristic student. The liturgical 
language of the Latin Church, as might be ex- 
pected, bears frequent witness to its use. The 
Lavabo (xxvi. 6) ^ and the Asperges (li. 7) take their 
names from words of the Psalter ; the Placebo 
(cxvi. 9) is the anthem at vespers for the dead ; 
while another anthem in the funeral offices, Du'ige 
171 conspectii tiio via)n meafu (v. 8), has enriched the 
English language with the word ' dirge ' to express 
a mournful chant. Again, the aspiration ' Requie- 
scat in pace ' comes from In pace . . . reqiiiescam 
(iv. 9). 

^ Throughout this Imroduction the numeration assigned to 
the Psalms is that of the English Prayer Book Version, which 
differs, as is pointed out below, from the Latin. 

So, too, in our English Prayer Book the beautiful 
phrase of the evening collect ' Lighten our dark- 
ness ' is the direct translation of ilhnnina toiebras 
ineas (xviii. 28), as the familiar expression, 'a vale 
of tears,' comes ixovavaUis laayinariwi (Ixxxiv. 6).' 
Perhaps it is not always remembered that ' God 
save the king' is the English form of Do7nine 
salvumfac regem (xx. 9), which is given a different, 
and more correct, turn in our versions. Most, 
indeed, of the versicles and responses in the Book 
of Common Prayer come, through their Latin 
originals, from the Psalms : compare, e.g., xxviii. 
10, xl. 16 (= Ixx. i), li. 15, Ixxxv. 7, Ixxxvi. 2, ciii. 10, 
cxxiv. 7. 

The influence of the Latin Psalter upon the 
great hymn-writers of the Middle Ages is a fasci- 
nating subject which would repay prolonged study ; 
but only two or three illustrations can be cited 
here. ' The shout of them that triumph | the song 
of them that feast ' is Neale's rendering of a word or 
two from Bernard of Clugny's noble hymn on the 
Heavenly Country ; but not every singer observes 
the echo of sojius epulantis of Ps. xlii. 5, which is 

' The phrase noji est inventus is often used in common 
speech without recollection that it is a quotation from the 
Psalms (xxxvii. 36). 


reproduced verbatim by Bernard. Again, the 
opening phrase of the hymn of Prudentius, 
Corde natits ex par-oitis, famihar in its EngHsh 
dress, ' Of the Father's love begotten,' is derived 
from eriictavit cor meuni verbum bonmn (xlv. i). It 
was supposed— such are the fantasies of primi- 
ti\e exegesis — that the Verbum Bo7iuvi of the 
Psahn was none other than the Eternal Word, of 
whose ' ineftabilis nativitas ' St. Augustine (among 
others) believed the Psalm to speak. Whether 
it was through this interpretation, or because of 
the early choice of Heb. i. (in which Ps. xlv. 7 is 
quoted) as the Epistle, that Ps. xlv became one of 
the Proper Psalms for Christmas Day, is not e[uite 
clear : but that the application of its opening verse 
to the Incarnation lies behind the hymn of Pru- 
dentius is not doubtful. It may be noted here 
that the famous rendering, ' Pominus regnavit a 
Hgno' (xcvi. 10), which was impressed upon the 
Church by its reproduction in the stately hymn 
Vexilla I'egts prodeuiit, ' The Royal Banners for- 
ward go,' does not appear in the Gallican Psalter, 
although it is found in the Roman Psalter, where 
it is a survival of the Old Latin version. 

The numeration of the Psalms in the Gallican 
Psalter (derived from the Septuagint) is not identical 


with that of the Prayer Book, which follows the 
Hebrew divisions. Psalms ix and x of the Mas- 
soretic text are treated as one Psalm in the Septua- 
gint (a literary tradition which may be well founded), 
and so in the Latin^ Thus the Latin Psabnus ix 
represents the English Pss. ix and x ; the Latin x 
is the English xi, and so on up to the Latin cxii 
which is the English cxiii. Then we have another 
variation, the Psalms numbered cxiv and cxv in 
English (as in Hebrew) being represented by a 
single Psalm in the Septuagint and the Latin, viz. 
cxiii. Next is a change of the converse kind, the 
English (and Hebrew) Ps. cxvi being divided into 
two (at V. lo) by the Septuagint and the Latin, 
which gives us Psahmis cxiv = Psalm cxvi. 1-9, 
and Psalnius cxv = Psalm cxvi. lo-end. Then 
Psalmus cxvi = Psalm cxvii, and so on until we 
get to Ps. cxlvii (in English and Hebrew) ; this is 
divided into two by the Septuagint. giving Psalmus 
r.r/y/ = Psalm cxlvii. i-ii^and Psalmus cxlvii = 
Psalm cxlvii. 12-end. Thus the last three Psalms 
(like the first eight) are numbered identically in all 
the versions, and the total number remains at 
150, For convenience of reference, the double 
numeration is given at the head of the pages 
throughout this edition, and a comparative index 


of titles will l3e found at the end of the book. It 
should be noticed that the verses also are differ- 
ently counted in the Latin and the English, which 
arises in part from the fact that the translations of 
the ancient titles are counted in the Latin as part 
of the Psalms themselves. 

The Latin titles of the Psalms are translated 
from the Septuagint (or from the MSS. of that 
version upon which the Latin is based). Often 
obscure in the original, they are still more so in 
their Latin dress, and need some words of ex- 

The general title J//s;;//>r, or ' Psalm ', appears as 
psalmus (which also serves to render Shiggaioji of 
Ps. vii) ; Shh', or ' song ', appears as canticinn \ 
Masc/il/, which perhaps means an elaborate or 
skilful piece, as intelkctus or ad intelkctum ; while 
Michtam is /////// inscriptio. 

The obscure titles connected with the music of 
the Psalter include : For the Chief Musician, which 
is hardly to be recognized in the Latin in fi?ieni^ 
a rendering based on misunderstanding, but which 
nevertheless suggested to the Latin commentators 
many subtle thoughts : On sf?-inged instnimenis, 
represented by i)i ca7-minibus : WitJi the Xchiloth^ 
i.e.' wind instruments ', appears perversely as pro ea 
a I 


quae Jiereditatem cofiseguitur, which apparently is 
intended to describe the contents of the Psahii (v) ; 
Set to the Shemi?ut/i, i.e.' the octave ', is pro octava ; 
Set to A/dmofk, which perhaps means ' for soprano 
voices', appears asproarcanis (xlvi). 

Titles which probably relate to the names of the 
tu?jes to which the Psalms were sung appear in 
extraordinary forms in the Latin. Set to the Git- 
tith, i.e. ' the March of the men of Gath ', comes 
out as pro torcularibiis^ ' for the winepresses ' ; Set 
to Muth Lahhen, or ' Die for the son ', is/r^ occultis 
filii ', Set to Aijehth hash-SJiaJiar, or ' The Hind of 
the Morning ', is p7'o susceptio7ie matuti7ia : Set to 
Shoshannim, or ' Lilies ', \spro it's qui co>n7mitabuntm\ 
and Set to Shusha7i Ediith, or ' The Lily of Testi- 
mony ', is pro lis qui i77i77iutaln(7itur ; Set to Jo7iath 
eleiti 7'ehoki77i, or ' The silent dove of them that are 
afar off', is pro pop u to qui a sa7ictis Io7ige f actus est ; 
Set to Al-tashheth, or ' Destroy not ', is 7ie disperdas : 
and Set to Mahalath Leau7wth is /;r> Mahe/cth ad 

The liturgical titles explain themselves ; they are 
sometimes fuller in the Latin (from the Septuagint) 
than in the Hebrew, which our English versions 
follow. 1'hus Pss. xxiv, xxxviii, xlviii, xciii, xciv 
are referred (perhaps correctly) to the days of the 


week, to which they were appropriated in the 
worship of the Second Temple, as well as Ps. xcii, 
where the reference is still extant in the Hebrew 
title. The note for Ps. xciii is specially interesting : 
a?ite sabbatuyn qiiando fiDidata est terra^ i.e. it was 
set down for Friday, the day on which the work 
of creation was finished, the earth having been 
peopled.' The title, again, of Ps. xxix : in consu??i- 
7?iafione taber7taculi indicates that the Psalm was 
prescribed for the last day of the Feast of Taber- 

The historical titles are less trustworthy. Most 
of them follow the Hebrew, but there are consider- 
able additions, some of which are derived only 
from eccentric MSS. of the Septuagint. Thus it 
is attempted to indicate more precisely the occasion 
in David's life when the Psalm was written ; e. g. 
priusquam li?iiretur (xxvii), referring the Psalm to 
the time before David was anointed king ; pro 
extasi (xxxi), perhaps in allusion to i Sam. xxiii. 26, 
when David ' made haste ' ; quod salvum fecerit euin 
Domiims (Ixx) ; quando persequehatur eum AbsaIo?n 
filius eius (cxliii), referring to 2 Sam. xvii ; adversus 
Goliath (cxliv), this last being apparently a mere 
guess suggested by the first words of the Psalm. 
1 Cf. Ps. xciii. J. 


Sometimes the attn]:>utIon of a Psalm to David 
which is found in the Hebrew is omitted, e. g. 
rxxii, cxxiv ; more frequently a Psalm is assigned 
to him which the Hebrew does not designate as 
his, e. g. xxxiii, xciii, xcv, xcvi, xcvii, xcviii, xcix, 
civ. In some instances two inconsistent titles are 
prefixed, e. g. cxxxvii Psabnus David Nie?-emiae, 
neither of the suggested authors being possible ; 
Ixxi Psalnws David, Filiori(7n Jo?iadab it priorum 
captivoi'nm ; xcvi Canticuvi ipsi David, quaiido 
donius aedijicabati/r post captivitatcni, and xcvii Hnic 
David, qnando terra eius 7-estituta est, in each case 
the attribution to David being less likely than the 
post-captivity date given in the second clause. It 
is impossible to determine how far a true tradition 
may be found in some of the remaining titles that 
the (ireek version has preserved and that reappear 
in the Latin, e. g. Ixv Canticuvi Hieremiae et Eze- 
chielis populo ti'ansmig7'ationis cum incipcre?it exire ; 
Ixxvi ad Assy7'ios ; cxii Reversio7iis Aggaei et Zacha- 
riac and cxlvi Aggaei ei /.achariae. The title of 
Ixvi Cajificinfi Fsaivii 7'esurrectio7US is a not very 
felicitous attempt at interpretation. 

The arguments prefixed to the Psalms in the 
current editions of the Vulgate are devoid of 
authority, and they are not printed in this edition. 

IxNlROiJUC 'JIOX xiii 

They have assumed various forms since the days 
of Jerome, but the underlying idea has ahvays 
been that the Psalms will bear a Christian no less 
than an historical interpretation. ' Vix est ut in 
Psalmis invenias voces, nisi Christi et ecclesiae,' 
said Augustine/ and, however fanciful may be 
some of the patristic exegeses, the habit of Christen- 
dom to read into the songs of Israel the deeper 
message of the Gospel may rest itself on the inter- 
pretations provided by the writers of the New 
Testament. Thus Ps. xlv is headed ' Epithalamium 
Christi et ecclesiae ' ; of Ps. xxii the argument is 
' Christus moriturus obsecrat ut sibi adsit Deus ' ; 
of Ps. Ixix ' Christus patiens orat . . .' ; of Ps. Ixxii 
' Christi regnum justum ' ; of Ps. cxxii ' Ecclesiae 
Concordia ' ; and of Ps. cxxxiii ' Celebrat communio- 
nem sanctorum '. Such thoughts will suggest 
themselves to the Christian reader without any 
printed argume?ita ; and it is best that they should 
not be presented as if they possessed an authority 
which they cannot claim. 

The English Prayer Book Psalter follows (with 

a few minute changes) the 'Great Bible' of 1540, 

and is mainly due to Coverdale. Its exquisite 

rhythm was the cause of its retention in the public 

^ Enarr. hi Ps, Lx. 

Niv IXl'KODL'C riON 

worship of the Church in 1662, when the ' Autho- 
rized \'ersion ' superseded the older English trans- 
lations of the rest of Scripture ; and it has other 
conspicuous merits which endear it to English 

Coverdale's renderings were based on the labours 
of his predecessors, Tindale, Luther, Sanctes Pag- 
ninus, and in particular on the Zurich version of 
1524-9, which was a translation from the Hebrew. 
He was also much influenced by the Latin Vulgate, 
a conspicuous proof of this being found in the 
interpolations which he has taken over from that 
version. The most familiar (and the longest) of 
these is Ps. xiv. 5—7, verses which have no counter- 
part in the Hebrew, but which found their wa> 
into the texts of the Septuagint (and so into the 
Latin) in consequence of their quotation by St. 
Paul (Rom. iii. 10-18) in immediate sequence to 
Ps. xiv. 4.^ Another instance is cxxxvi. 27, which 
is not found in the Hebrew or Septuagint, and 
appears only in the Gallican, and not in the Roman. 
Psalter.^ At other points, the unauthorized addi- 

'■ Ps. xiv. 5-7 in the Prayer Book version is thus the repro- 
duction ;^in the wrong place) of Ps. v. 9, Ps. cxl. 3, Vs. x. 7, 
Isa. lix. 7, 8, and Ps. xxxvi. I. The interpolation does not 
appear in the second edition of Ps. xiv, i. e. Ps. liii. 

^ A full list of these interpolations is given in the Preface 
to Dr. Westcott's Paragraph Psalter. 


tions of the Latin are not reproduced by Coverdale ; 
e. g. there is no equivalent in the English for cxvii 
(cxviii) 28^, or for cxliv (cxlv) 13/^, and there are 
numerous cases of this kind of less consequence. 
Ixxi (Ixxii) 20 has been omitted in the Prayer Book 
Psalter, as being merely a note, and no proper part 
i)f the Psalm. 

The Latin headings prefixed to the Psalms in 
the English Prayer Book are the first words of the 
Latin Psalms, by which they were generally de- 
scribed at the time of the Reformation. Thus 
Ps. ii was Quare freinuenint gentes ? and Ps. xxii 
(xxiii) was Do7nini(s regit i)ie\ and these headings 
were preserved for purposes of identification. Dens 
laudiim (cix.) in the Sealed Book is perhaps a mis- 
print for Deus laudem^ and it has been corrected 
in the present edition (as in Dr. Westcott's Para- 
graph Fsa/kr) ; but the divergences from the 
Latin in the headings of the Beth, Zain, and Caph 
sections of cxviii (cxix), at vv. 9, 49, 8r, were 
probably introduced of set purpose to fit the 
English, and I have not ventured to alter them. 

The Prayer Book Psalter has, then, been aftected 
by the Vulgate ; but the differences between the 
two versions are even more striking than their 
correspondences. On the whole, the English is 


nearer to the Hebrew text of the Massoretes, while 
the Latin points back to the readings of the Septua- 
gint ; and the divergences which are apparent 
have often a long and tangled history. 

Sometimes the differences suggest a confusion 
of two Hebrew words, the Septuagint reading one 
and the Massoretes the other ; e, g. the similarity 
between d and r in Hebrew is responsible for ab 
a/i€?iis instead of ' from presumptuous sins ' (xix. 
13)5 and for confitentcs instead of 'turtle-dove' 
(Ixxiv. 20). In Ixxvi. 10 the interchange of k and r 
accounts for festuni agent as the representative of 
' refrain '. 

A different vocalization of the Hebrew, without 
any change of consonants, explains : scuta for 
'chariots' (xlvi. 9); benedictioncm for 'pools' 
(Ixxxiv. 6): medici for 'dead'" (Ixxxviii. 10); and 
cojiimutatioiiejii for 'footsteps' (Ixxxix. 50). A 
somewhat similar explanation accounts for the 
curious turn given in the Latin to ex. 3, ex utero 
ante luciferu77i geniii ie^ averse in which the Fathers, 
who were much better theologians than critics,' 
found the doctrine of the Eternal Pre-existence of 
the Son. The Prayer Book Version, ' the dew of 

^ They found in cxxxii. id, paravi haemani Chrislo nico 
an allusion to St John Baptist. 


thy birth is of the womb of the morning,' is much 
nearer the original meaning. 

Probably a difference of text also underlies such 
discrepancies as apprehendite disciplt?ia?n for 'kiss 
the Son' (ii. 12); divites for 'lions' (xxxiv. 10); 
a inontibiis aefernis for ' from the hills of the 
robbers ' (Ixxvi. 4) ; while an inferior rendering of 
the Hebrew may account for illusiofiibus for ' sore 
disease' (xxxviii. 7); peccatores for 'plowers' 
(cxxix. 3); and qui laetificat juve?iti(tem vieaju for 
' of my joy and gladness ' (xliii. 4) ; cp. also xliv. 
13, xlvii. 9, Iv. 8. K notable difference of render- 
ing is found at xc. 9, where the original has 'we 
consume our years as a sigh ', translated in Jerome's 
Hebrew Psalter by 'quasi sermonem'. This is 
the source of the splendid phrase of the English 
versions, 'as a tale that is told.' But the Septua- 
gint. whether following a different text (as is pos- 
sible), or in the endeavour to translate picturesquely, 
gives w9 apdxvi], 'as a spider,' the thought being 
that human life is as brief and frail as a spider's 
web : and hence we get the Vulgate sicuf aranea. 

A variant in the Septuagint itself seems to be 
the ultimate source of viduain for ' victuals ' (cxxxii. 
16). The Hebrew word which means 'provision' 
means also ' prey ', for which the Septuagint gave 

xviii INTRODUC'llON 

Oi'/pav. This was corrupted into x^/^"''' whence is 
derived viduam^ which makes nonsense. A like 
confusion of 8i'i/^ct with i/^erSet may be the source 
(){ i)i siti for Mies' (Ixii. 4); and perhaps a similar 
history is behind filii excussorum for ' the young 
children ' (cxwii. 5). 

]Many other discrepancies are due to a diversity 
of judgement as to punctuation ; or sometimes to 
the freedom of translators who do not aim at 
])edantic accuracy, e. g. in loco afflictionis for * in 
the place of dragons' (xliv. 20), or vi sepukris for 
*in scarceness' or 'in a parched land' (Ixviii. 6). 

Occasionally, the Latin conveys the sense more 
clearly than the English, e.g. a desertis montilnis 
as compared with ' from the south ' (Ixxv. 7). 
Again, the Revised \'ersion will show that the 
Latin is better than the almost unintelligible ' Or 
ever your pots be made hot with thorns : so let 
indignation vex him, even as a thing that is raw ' 
(Iviii. 8), or than the English of Ixviii. 30 ; and de 
fofitibus Israel is certainly right, while the Prayer 
Book rendering, ' O Israel . . . from the grounds 
of the heart ' (Ixviii. 26), is due to a mere mis- 
understanding of Miinster's Latin version ' ex 
origine Israel '} The Sixty-eighth Psalm is obscure, 
' See Kirkpatrick i)i loc. 


however, in all the versions, as it is obscure in the 
original, and the Vulgate does not represent it 

It would occupy too much space, and for 
English readers it is unnecessary, to illustrate the 
felicities of Coverdale's version, as compared with 
the Vulgate. One instance must suffice, in which 
the Latin (following a Greek rendering) conceals 
a wonderful thought of the Psalmist. Quia apiid 
te propitiatio est : et propter legem tuam sustinui te 
Domine is very well. But it does not express the 
great paradox of the Divine compassion, ' There is 
mercy with thee: therefore shalt thou be feared' 
(cxxx. 4). While the Prayer Book Version is not 
perfect, English-speaking Christians may well be 
thankful that so noble a version of the Songs of 
Israel is rehearsed daily in their ears. 

This edition of the Psalter has been arranged, 
primarily, with a view to the needs of those who 
are accustomed to follow the daily course of the 
Psalms ; and to this end the English translation 
has been given the more prominent place, the 
Latin being printed in parallel columns, for the 
benefit of those who desire to compare these two 
historic versions. The English edition will not 
suffer by comparison with the Latin ; but, none 


the less, a comparison will often suggest some 
thought that has escaped attention in the vernacular. 
If this little book serve to promote a more diligent 
and devout study of the Psalter, either in Latin or 
in English, it will have fulfilled its purpose. 

St. Patrick's Close, Dublin, 
Ash Wed?iesday, 191 1. 



pEATUS vir, qui non 
I) abiitinconsilioimpio- 
rum, et in via peccatorum 
non stetit, et in cathedra 
pestilentiae non sedit : 

2 Sed in lege Domini 
voluntas ejus, et in lege 
ejus meditabitur die ac 

3 Et erit tanquam li- 
gnum, quod plantatum est 
secus decursus aquarum, 
quod fructum suum dabit 
in tempore suo : 

4 Et folium ejus non 
defiuet : et omnia quae- 
cumque faciet, prospera- 

5 Non sic impii, non 
sic : sed tanquam pulvis, 


horning ipra^er. 

Beat us vir, qui non abiit. 

BLESSED is the man 
that hath not walked 
in the counsel of the un- 
godly, nor stood in the 
way of sinners : and halh 
not sat in the seat of the 

2 But his delight is in 
the law of the Lord : and 
in his law will he exercise 
himself day and night. 

3 And he shall be like 
a tree planted by the 
water-side : that will bring 
forth his fruit in due sea- 

4 Hisleaf also shall not 
wither : and look, what- 
soever he doeth, it shall 

5 As for the ungodly, it 
is not so with them : but 



1^S.\T.]\[ 11 

quern projicit ventus a fa- 
cie terrae. 

6 Ideo non resurgent 
impii in judicio : neque 
peccatores in concilio ju- 
storum : 

7 Ouoniam novit Domi- 
nus viam justorum : et iter 
impiorum peribit. 

they are like the chaff, 
which the wind scattereth 
away from the face of the 

6 Therefore the ungod- 
ly shall not be able to 
stand in the judgement : 
neither the sinners in the 
congregation of the right- 

7 But the Lord know- 
eth the way of the right- 
eous : and the way of the 
ungodly shall perish. 


^ gentes 
meditati sunt inania? 

et populi 

2 Astiterunt reges ter- 
rae, et principes convene- 
runt in unum adversus 
Dominum, et adversus 
Christum ejus. 

3 Dirumpamus vincula 
eorum ; et projiciamus a 
nobis jugum ipsorum. 

4 Qui habitat in caelis, 
irridebit eos : et Dominus 
subsannabit eos. 


l2ii(ire fre nine run f cyvff": '^ 

AA ^HYdothe heathen 
\ \ so furiously rage 
together : and why do 
the people imagine a 
vain thing ? 

2 The kings of the earth 
stand up, and the rulers 
take counsel together : 
against the Lord, and 
against his Anointed. 

3 Let us break their 
bonds asunder : and cast 
away their cords from us. 

4 He that dwelleth in 
heaven shall laugh them 
to scorn : the Lord shall 
have them in derision. 



5 Tunc loquetur ad eos 
in ira sua : et in furore suo 
conturbabit eos. 

6 Ego autem constitu- 
tus sum Rex ab eo super 
Sion montem sanctum 
ejus, praedicans praece- 
ptum ejus. 

7 Dominus dixit adme : 
Filius meus es tu, ego 
hodie genui te. 

8 Postula a me, et dabo 
tibi gentes hereditatem 
tuam, et possessionem 
tuam terminos terrae. 

9 Reges eos in virga 
ferrea : et tanquam vas 
figuli, confringes eos. 

10 Et nunc reges intel- 
ligite : erudimini qui judi- 
catis terram. 

1 1 Servite Domino in 
timore : et exsultate ei 
cum tremore. 

12 Apprehendite disci- 
plinam nequando irasca- 
tur Dominus, et pereatis 
de via justa. 

13 Cum exarserit in 
brevi ira ejus, beati om- 
nes, qui confidunt in eo. 

5 Then shall he speak 
unto them in his wrath : 
and vex them in his sore 

6 Yet have I set my 
King : upon my holy hill 
of Sion. 

7 I will preach the law, 
whereof the Lord hath 
said unto me : Thou art 
my Son, this day have I 
begotten thee. 

8 Desire of me, and I 
shall give thee the heathen 
for thine inheritance : and 
the utmost parts of the 
earth for thy possession. 

9 Thou shalt bruise 
them with a rod of iron : 
and break them in pieces 
like a potter's vessel. 

10 Be wise now there- 
fore, O ye kings : be 
learned, ye that are judges 
of the earth. 

11 Serve the Lord in 
fear : and rejoice unto 
him with reverence. 

12 Kiss the Son, lest he 
be angry, and so ye perish 
from the right way : if his 
wrath be kindled, (yea, but 
a little,) blessed are all 
they that put their trust 
in him. 


I'SAT.iM ill 


1 Psalinus David, cum fugprrt 
a larie Al)-sa|(.iu, Ijlii ^iil, {^ Ri'u 
xv. /^.) 

DOMINE, quid multi- 
plicati sunt qui tribu- 
lant me ? multi insurgunt 
adversum me. 

3 Multi dicunt animac 
mcae : Non est salus ipsi 
in Deo ejus. 

4 Tu autem Domine, 
susceptor meus es, gloria 
mea, et exaltans caput 

5 Voce mea ad Domi- 
num clamavi : et exaudi- 
vit me de monte sancto 

6 Ego dormivi, et sopo- 
ratus sum : et exsurrexi, 
quia Dominus suscepit me. 

7 Non timebo millia 
populi circumdantis me : 
exsurge, Domine ; salvum 
me fac, Deus meus. 

8 Ouoniam tu percus- 
sisti omnes adversantes 
mihi sine causa : dentes 
peccatorum contrivisti. 

9 Domini est salus : et 
super populum tuum bene- 
dictio tua. 

Ihwiititr^ quid nniJti' 

fORD, how are they in- 
^ creased that trouble 
me : many are they that 
rise against me. 

2 Many one there be that 
say of my soul : There is 
no help for him in his God. 

3 But thou, O Lord, art 
my defender : thou art my 
worship, and the lifter 
up of my head. 

4 I did call upon the 
Lord with my voice : and 
he heard me out of his 
holy hill. 

5 I laid me down and 
slept, and rose up again : 
for the Lord sustained me. 

6 1 will not be afraid for 
ten thousands of the peo- 
ple : that have set them- 
selves against me round 

7 Up, Lord, and help 
me, O my God : for thou 
smitest all mine enemies 
upon the cheek-bone ; 
thou hast broken the 
teeth of the ungodly. 

8 Salvation belongeth un- 
to the Lord : andthy bless- 
ing is upon thy people. 

l^SAL.M i\' 

Dav I 

F'SAl^Ml S I\'. 

I In tinr m in rarminilms, I'sal- 

CUM invocarem, exau- 
divit me Deus justi- 
tiae meae : in tribulatione 
dilatasti mihi. 

Miserere mei, et ex- 
audi orationem meam. 

3 P'ilii hominum usque- 
quo gravi corde? ut quid 
diligitis vanitatem, et quae- 
ritis mendacium ? 

4 Et scitote quoniam 
mirificavit Dominus san- 
ctum suum : Dominus ex- 
audiet me cum clamavero 
ad eum. 

5 Irascimini, et nolite 
peccare : quae dicitis in 
cordibus vestris, in cubili- 
bus vestris compungimini. 

6 Sacrificatesacrificium 
justitiae, et sperate in Do- 
mino. INIulti dicunt : Quis 
ostendit nobis bona ? 

7 Signatum est super 
nos lumen vultus tui, Do- 
mine : dedisti laetitiam in 
corde meo. 

PSAL.\J \\\ 
Cum. im'ocarctn. 

HEAR me when I call, 
O God of my right- 
eousness : thou hast set 
me at liberty when I was 
in trouble ; have mercy 
upon me, and hearken 
unto my prayer. 

2 O ye sons of men, how 
long will ye blaspheme 
mine honour ; and have 
such pleasure in vanity, 
and seek after leasing ? 

3 Know this also, that 
the Lord hath chosen to 
himself the man that is 
godly : when I call upon 
the Lord, he will hear me. 

4 Stand in awe, and sin 
not : commune with your 
own heart, and in your 
chamber, and be still. 

5 Offer the sacrifice of 
righteousness : and put 
your trust in the Lord. 

6 There be many that 
say : Who will show us 
any good ? 

7 Lord, lift thou up : 
the light of thy counten- 
ance upon us. 

D.w I 


8 A fructu frumenti, 
vini et olei sui multiplicati 

9 In pace in idipsum 
dormiam et requiescam. 

10 Quoniam tu, Do- 
mine, singulariter in spe 
constituisti me. 

8 Thou hast put gladness 
in my heart : since the 
time that their corn, and 
wine, and oil, increased. 

9 I will lay me down in 
peace, and take my rest : 
for it is thou, Lord, only, 
that makest me dwell in 


J In fineno pro ca, quae hr- 
reditatein consciiuilur, rsaliiius 

VERBA mea auribus 
percipe, Domine, in- 
tellige clamorem meam. 

3 Intcndc voci oratio- 
nis meae : Rex mens ct 
Deus meus. 

4 Quoniam ad te orabo : 
Domine, mane exaudies 
vocem meam. 

5 Mane astabo tibi, et 
videbo : quoniam non 
Deus volens iniquitatem 
tu es. 

6 Nequehabitabitjuxta 
te malignus : neque per- 
manebunt injusti ante ocu- 
los tuos. 

Verba ))ica auribus. 

1 Lord : consider my 

2 O hearken thou unto 
the voice of my calling, 
my King, nnd my God : 
for unto thee will I make 
my prayer. 

3 My voice shalt thou 
hear betimes, O Lord : 
early in the morning will 
I direct my prayer unto 
thee, and will look up. 

4 For thou art the God 
that hast no pleasure in 
wickedness : neither shall 
any evil dwell with thee. 

5 Such as be foolish shall 
not stand in thy sight : 



\\ I. 

7 Odisti omnes qui ope- 
rantur iniquitatem : per- 
des omnes, qui loquuntur 

8 Virum sanguinum et 
dolosum abominabitur 
Dominus : ego autem in 
multitudine misericordiae 

9 Introibo in domum 
tuam : adorabo ad tem- 
plum sanctum tuum in 
timore tuo. 

10 Domine, deduc me 
in justitia tua : propter ini- 
micos meos dirige in con- 
spcctu tuo viam meam. 

11 Ouoniam non est in 
ore eorum Veritas : cor 
eorum vanum est. 

12 Sepulcrum patens 
est guttur eorum, linguis 
suis dolose agebant : judi- 
ca illos Deus. 

13 Decidant a cogita- 
tionibus suis, secundum 
multitudinem impietatum 
eorum expelle eos : quo- 
niam irritaverunt te, Do- 

14 Et laetentur omnes, 
qui sperant in te, in aeter- 
num exsultabunt : et habi- 
tabis in eis. 

for thou hatest all them 
that work vanity. 

6 Thou shaft destroy 
them that speak leasing : 
the Lord will abhor both 
the blood-thirsty and de- 
ceitful man. 

7 But as for me, I will 
come into thine house, 
even upon the multitude 
of thy mercy : and in thy 
fear will I worship toward 
thy holy temple. 

8 Lead me, O Lord, in 
thy righteousness, because 
of mine enemies : make 
thy way plain before my 

9 For there is no faith- 
fulness in his mouth : 
their inward parts are 
very wickedness. 

10 Their throat is an 
open sepulchre : they flat- 
ter with their tongue. 

1 1 Destroy thou them, 
O Ciod ; let them perish 
through their own imagi- 
nations : cast them out in 
the multitude of their un- 
godliness ; for they have 
rebelled against thee. 

1 2 And let all them that 
put their trust in thee re- 
joice : they shall ever be 
giving of thanks, because 

\)\\ I 

rSALM \i. 

15 Et gloriabuntur in te 
omnes qui diligunt nomen 
tuum, quoniam tu bene- 
dices justo. 

16 Domine, ut scuto 
bonae voluntatis tuae co- 
ronasti nos. 

thou defendest them ; they 
that love thy Name shall 
be joyful in thee ; 

13 For thou, Lord, wilt 
give thy blessing unto the 
righteous : and with thy 
favourable kindness wilt 
thou defend him as with a 

iBvcninQ iprager. 


1 In Cnem in carminibus. I'sal- 
■nus David, pro octava, 

DO M I N E, ne in fu- 
rore tuo arguas me : 
neque in ira tua corripias 

3 Miserere mei, Domi- 
ne, quoniam infirmus sum : 
sana me, Domine, quo- 
niam conturbata sunt ossa 

4 Et anima mea turbata 
est valde : sed tu Domine, 
usquequo ? 

5 Convcrtere, Domine, 
et eripe animam meam ; 
salvum me fac propter 
misericordiam tuam, 

6 Quoniam non est in 
morte qui memor sit tui ; 

Doiiine^ nc in/iirorc. 

O LORD, rebuke me 
not in thine indigna- 
tion : neither chasten me 
in thy displeasure. 

2 Have mercy upon me, 
O Lord, for I am weak : O 
Lord, heal me, for my 
bones are vexed. 

3 My soul also is sore 
troubled : but. Lord, how 
long wilt thou punish me ? 

4 Turn thee, O Lord, 
and deliver my soul : O 
save me for thy mercy's 

5 For in death no man 
remembereth thee : and 


Day I. 

In inferno autem quis con- 
fitebitur tibi ? 

7 Laboravi in gemitu 
meo, lavabo per singiilas 
noctes lectum meum : la- 
crymis meis stratum meum 

8 Turbatus est a furore 
oculus mens : inveteravi 
inter omncs inimicos 

9 Discedite ameomnes 
qui operamini iniquita- 
tem : quoniam exaudivit 
Dominus vocem fletus 

10 Exaudivit Dominus 
deprecationem meam, Do- 
minus orationem meam 

11 Erubescant, et con- 
turbentur vehementer om- 
nes inimici mei : conver- 
tantur et erubescant valde 

who will give thee thanks 
in the pit ? 

6 I am weary of my 
groaning ; every night 
wash I my bed : and water 
my couch with my tears. 

7 My beauty is gone for 
very trouble : and worn 
away because of all mine 

8 Away from me, all ye 
that work vanity : for the 
Lord hath heard the voice 
of my weeping. 

9 The Lord hath heard 
my petition : the Lord will 
receive my prayer. 

10 All mine enemies 
shall be confounded, and 
sore vexed : they shall be 
turned back, and put to 
shame suddenly. 


I Psalmus David, quciii caii- 
layit Domino pro verbis Chusi, 
hlii Jcmini. (2 Rc£: xvi.) 

DOMINE Deusmeus, 
in te speravi : salvum 
me fac ex omnibus perse- 
quentibus me, et libera me. 

Dominc. Dcus dlcus. 

r\ LORD my God, in 
V / thee have I put my 
trust : save me from all 
them that persecute me, 
and deliver me ; 


Day I, 


3 Nequando rapiat ut 
leo animam meam, dum 
non est qui redimat, neque 
qui salvum faciat. 

4 Domine Deus meus si 
feci istud, si est iniquitas in 
manibus meis : 

5 Si reddidi retribuen- 
tibus mihi mala, decidam 
merito ab inimicis meis 

6 Persequatur inimicus 
animam meam, et compre- 
hendat, et conculcet in 
terra vitam meam, et glo- 
riam meam in pulverem 

7 Exsurge Domine in 
ira tua : et exaltare in fini- 
bus inimicorum meorum. 

8 Et exsurge, Domine 
Deus meus, in praecepto 
quod mandasti : et syna- 
goga populorum circum- 
dabit te. 

9 Et propter banc in 
altum regredere : Dominus 
judicat populos. 

10 Judica me, Domine, 
secundum justitiammeam, 
et secundum innocentiam 
meam super me. 

1 Lest he devour my 
soul, like a lion, and tear 
it in pieces : while there is 
none to help. 

3 O Lord my God, if I 
have done any such thing ; 
or if there be any wicked- 
ness in my hands : 

4 If I have rewarded 
evil unto him that dealt 
friendly with me : (yea, I 
have delivered him that 
without any cause is mine 

5 Then let mine enemy 
persecute my soul, and 
take me : yea, let him tread 
my life down upon the 
earth, and lay mine hon- 
our in the dust. 

6 Stand up, O Lord, in 
thy wrath, and lift up thy- 
self, because of the indig- 
nation of mine enemies : 
arise up for me in the 
judgement that thou hast 

7 And so shall the con- 
gregation of the people 
come about thee : for their 
sakes therefore lift up thy- 
self again. 

8 The Lord shall judge 
the people ; give sentence 
with me, O Lord : accord- 
ing to my righteousness, 


Day I 

II Consumeturnequitia 
peccatorum, et diriges ju- 
stum, scrutans corda et 
renes Deus. 

12 Justum adjutorium 
meum a Domino, qui sal- 
vos facit rectos corde. 

13 Deus judex Justus, 
fortis et patiens : numquid 
irascitur per singulos dies? 

14 Nisi conversi fueri- 
tis, gladium suum vibra- 
bit : arcum suum tetendit, 
et paravit ilium. 

15 Et in eo paravit vasa 
mortis, sagittas suas ar- 
dentibus effecit. 

16 Ecce parturiit injus- 
titiam : concepit dolorem, 
et peperit iniquitatem. 

17 Lacum aperuit, et 
effodit eum : et incidit in 
foveam, quam fecit. 

iS Convertetur dolor 

and according to the in- 
nocency that is in me. 

9 O let the wickedness 
of the ungodly come to an 
end : but guide thou the 

10 For the righteous 
God : trieth the very 
hearts and reins. 

11 Ivly help Cometh of 
God : who preserveth 
them that are true of 

12 God is a righteous 
Judge, strong, and pa- 
tient : and God is provoked 
every day. 

13 If a man will not 
turn, he will whet his 
sword : he hath bent his 
bow, and made it ready. 

14 He hath prepared 
for him the instruments of 
death : he ordaineth his 
arrows against the perse- 

15 Behold, he travail- 
eth with mischief: he hath 
conceived sorrow, and 
brought forth ungodliness. 

16 He hath graven and 
digged up a pit : and is 
fallen himself into the de- 
struction that he made for 

17 For his travail shall 

Day I. 


ejus in caput ejus : et in 
verticem ipsius iniquitas 
ejus descendet. 

19 Confitebor Domino 
secundum justitiam ejus : 
et psallam nomini Domini 

come upon his own head : 
and his wickedness shall 
fall on his own pate. 

18 I will give thanks 
unto the Lord, according 
to his righteousness : and 
I will praise the name of 
the Lord most High. 

PbALMUS \"lll. 

I 111 tineiu piu tuicularibu3, 
Fsdlraus David, 

DO I\II N E, Dominus 
noster, quam admi- 
rabile est nomen tuum in 
uni versa terra ! 

3 Ouoniam elevata est 
magnificentia tua super 

4 Ex ore infantium et 
lactentium perfecisti lau- 
dem propter inimicos tuos, 
ut destruas inimicum et 

5 Ouoniam videbo cae- 
los tuos, opera digitorum 
tuorum : lunam et Stellas, 
quae tu fundasti. 

6 Quid est homo, quod 
memor es ejus ? aut filius 
hominis, quoniam visitas 
eum ? 

I'SALM \11I. 
Do mine ^ Duuiinus nosiet . 

OLORD our Gover- 
nour, how excellent is 
thy Name in all the world : 
thou that hast set thy glo- 
ry above the heavens ! 

2 Out of the mouth 
of very babes and suck- 
lings hast thou ordained 
strength, because of thine 
enemies : that thou might- 
est still the enemy, and 
the avenger. 

3 For I will consider 
thy heavens, even the 
works of thy fingers : the 
moon and the stars, which 
thou hast ordained. 

4 What is man, that 
thou art mindful of him : 
and the son of man, that 
thou visitest him ? 



7 Minuisti eum paulo 
minus ab angelis, gloria 
et honore coronasti eum : 
et constituisti eum super 
opera manuum tuarum. 

8 Omnia subjecisti sub 
pedibus ejus, oves et boves 
universas : insuper et pe- 
cora campi. 

9 Volucres caeli et pi- 
sces maris, qui perambu- 
lant semitas maris. 

10 Domine, Dominus 
noster, quam admirabile 
est nomen tuum in univer- 
sa terra ! 


I In hn^ni pro ocoulfis tilii 
Psalmus Davi.1 

Domine, in toto corde 
meo : narrabo omnia mi- 
rabilia tua. 

3 Laetabor et exsultabo 
in te : psallam nomini tuo, 

5 Thou madest him 
lower than the angels : to 
crown him with glory and 

6 Thou makest him to 
have dominion of the 
works of thy hands : and 
thou hast put all things in 
subjection under his feet. 

7 All sheep and oxen : 
yea, and the beasts of the 
field ; 

8 The fowls of the air, 
and the fishes of the sea : 
and whatsoever walketh 
through the paths of the 

9 O Lord our Gover- 
nour : how excellent is thy 
Name in all the world! 

/IRorning prater. 

FS.AI.M l\. 
Confitebnr tibi. 

iWILL give thanks un- 
to thee, O Lord, with 
my whole heart : I will 
speak of all thy marvel- 
lous works. 

2 I will be glad and re- 
joice in thee : yea, my 
songs will I make of thy 
Name, O thou most High- 



4 In convertendo ini- 
micum meum retrorsum : 
infirmabuntur, et peribunt 
a facie tua. 

5 Ouoniam fecisti judi- 
cium meum et causam 
meam : sedisti super thro- 
num qui judicas justitiam. 

6 Increpasti gentes et 
periit impius : nomen eo- 
rum delesti in aeternum, et 
in saeculura saeculi. 

7 Inimici defecerunt fra- 
meae in finem, et civitates 
eorum destruxisti. 

8 Periit memoria eorum 
cum sonitu : et Dominus 
in aeternum permanet. 

9 Paravit in judicio 
thronum suum : et ipse 
judicabit orbem terrae in 
aequitate, judicabit popu- 
los in justitia. 

10 Et factus est Domi- 
nus refugium pauperi : ad- 
jutor in opportunitatibus, 
in tribulatione. 

11 Et sperent in te qui 
noverunt nomen tuum : 
quoniam non dereliquisti 
quaerentes te, Dojnine. 

3 While mine enemies 
are driven back : they 
shall fall and perish at 
thy presence. 

4 For thou hast main- 
tained my right and my 
cause : thou art set in the 
throne that judgest right. 

5 Thou hast rebuked 
the heathen, and destroy- 
ed the ungodly : thou hast 
put out their name for ever 
and ever. 

6 O thou enemy, de- 
structions are come to a 
perpetual end : even as the 
cities which thou hast de- 
stroyed; their memorial is 
perished with them. 

7 But the Lord shall en- 
dure for ever : he hath also 
prepared his seat for judge- 

8 Forhe shall judge the 
world in righteousness : 
and minister true judge- 
ment unto the people. 

9 The Lord also will be 
a defence for the oppress- 
ed : even a refuge in due 
time of trouble. 

10 And they that know 
thy Name will put their 
trust in thee : for thou, 
Lord, hast never failed 
them that seek thee. 

l^SALAr IX. 

Day 2. 

12 Psallite Domino, qui 
habitat in Sion : annun- 
tiate inter gentes studia 

13 Ouoniam requirens 
sanguinem eoruni recor- 
datus est : non est oblitus 
clamorem pauperum. 

14 Miserere mei, Do- 
mine : vide humilitatem 
meam de inimicis meis. 

15 Qui exaltas me de 
portis mortis, ut annun- 
tiem omnes laudationes 
tuas in portis filiae Sion. 

16 Exsultaboinsalutari 
tuo : infixae sunt gentes in 
interitu, quern fecerunt. 

17 In laqueo isto quem 
absconderunt compre- 
hensus est pes eorum. 

iS Cognoscetur Domi- 
nus judicia faciens : in o- 
peribus manuum suarum 
comprehensus est pecca- 

19 Convertanturpecca- 
tores in infernum : omnes 
gentes quae obliviscuntur 

20 Ouoniam non in fi- 
nem oblivio erit pauperis : 

11 O praise the Lord 
which dwelleth in Sion : 
shew the people of his do- 

12 For, when he maketh 
inquisition for blood, he 
remembereth them : and 
forgetteth not the com- 
plaint of the poor. 

13 Have mercy upon 
me, O Lord ; consider the 
trouble which I suffer of 
them that hate me : thou 
that liftest me up from the 
gates of death. 

14 That I may shew all 
thy praises within the 
ports of the daughter of 
Sion : I will rejoice in thy 

15 The heathen are 
sunk down in the pit that 
they made : in the same 
net which they hid privily, 
is their foot taken. 

16 The Lord is known 
to execute judgement : the 
ungodly is trapped in the 
work of his own hands. 

17 The wicked shall be 
turned into hell : and all 
the people that forget God. 

18 For the poor shall 
not alway be forgotten : 

Day j 

PSAL]\r lX-\\ 

patientia pauperuin non 
peribit in finem. 

21 Exsurge, Domine, 
non confortetur homo : 
judicentur gentes in con- 
spectu tuo. 

22 Constitue, Domine, 
legislatorem super eos : ut 
sciant gentes quoniam ho- 
mines sunt. 

the patient abiding of the 
meek shall not perish for 

19 Up, Lord, and let not 
man have the upper hand : 
let the heathen be judged 
in thy sight. 

20 Put them in fear, O 
Lord : that the heathen 
may know themselves to 
be but men. 

.^':a//»u7 A' sff milium Jfrbycieos 

23 Ut quid, Domine, re- 
cessisti longe : despicis in 
opporlunitatibus, in tribu- 
lation e ? 

24 Dum superbit im- 
pius, incenditur pauper : 
comprehenduntur in con- 
siliis quibus cogitant. 

25 Quoniam laudatur 
peccator in desideriisani- 
mae suae ; et iniquus be- 

26 Exacerbavit Domi- 
num peccator : secundum 
multitudinem irae suae 
non quaeret. 


(•t quid, Donn?ie^ 

\ \ ^WY standest thou so 
V \ far off, O Lord : and 
hidest thy face in the need- 
ful time of trouble ? 

2 The ungodly for his 
own lust doth persecute 
the poor : let them be 
taken in the crafty wili- 
ness that they have ima- 

3 For the ungodly hath 
made boast of his own 
heart's desire : and speak- 
eth good of the covetous, 
whom God abhorreth, 

4 The ungodly is so 
proud, that he careth not 
for God : neither is God in 
all his thoughts. 

\L^^ ix-x 


27 Xon est Deus in con- 
spectu ejus : inquinatae 
sunt viae illius in omni 

28 Auferuntur judicia 
tua a facie ejus : omnium 
inimicorum suorum do- 

29 Dixit enim in corde 
suo : Xon moveboragen- 
eratione in generationem 
sine malo. 

30 Cujus maledictione 
OS plenum est, et amaritu- 
dine, et dolo : sub lingua 
ejus labor et dolor. 

3 1 Sedet in insidiis cum 
divitibus in occultis, ut in- 
terficiat innocentem. 

32 Oculi ejus in paupe- 
rem respiciunt : insidiatur 
in abscondito, quasi leo in 
spelunca sua. 

33 Insidiatur ut rapiat 
pauperem : rapere pau- 
perem dum attrahit eum. 

34 In laqueo suohumi- 
liabit eum, inclinabit se, 
et cadet cum dominatus 
fuerit pauperum. 

35 Dixit enim in corde 
suo : OblitLis est Deus, a- 

5 His ways are alway 
grievous : thy judgements 
are far above out of his 
sight, and therefore defi- 
eth he all his enemies. 

6 For he hath said in his 
heart, Tush, I shall never 
be cast down : there shall 
no harm happen unto me. 

7 His mouth is full of 
cursing, deceit, and fraud: 
under his tongue is ungod- 
liness and vanity. 

S He sitteth lurking in 
the thievish corners of the 
streets : and privily in his 
lurking dens doth he mur- 
der the innocent; his eyes 
are set against the poor. 

9 For he lieth waiting 
secretly, even as a lion 
lurketh in his den : that 
he may ravish the poor. 

10 He doth ravish the 
poor : when he getteth him 
into his net. 

11 He falleth down,and 
humbleth himself : that the 
congregation of the poor 
may fall into the hands of 
his captains. 

12 He hath said in his 
heart, Tush, God hath for- 



vertit faciem suam ne vi- 
deat in finem. 

36 Exsurge Domine 
Deus, exaltetur manus 
tua : ne obliviscaris pau- 

37 Propter quid irrita- 
vit impius Deum ? dixit 
enim in corde suo : Non 

38 Vides, quoniam tu 
laborem et dolorem consi- 
deras : ut tradas eos in 
manus tuas. 

39 Tibi derelictus est 
pauper : orphano tu eris 

40 Contere brachium 
peccatoris et maligni : 
quaeretur peccatum illius, 
et non invenietur. 

41 Dominusregnabitin 
aeternum, et in saeculum 
saeculi : peribitis gentes 
de terra illius. 

42 Desiderium paupe- 
rum exaudivit Dominus : 
praeparationem cordis eo- 
rum audivit auris tua. 

43 Judicare pupillo et 

gotten : he hideth away 
his face, and he will never 
see it. 

13 Arise, O Lord God, 
and lift up thine hand : for- 
get not the poor. 

1 4 Wherefore should the 
wicked blaspheme God : 
while he doth say in his 
heart, Tush, thou God car- 
est not for it. 

15 Surely thou hast seen 
it : for thou beholdest un- 
godliness and wrong. 

16 That thou mayest 
take the matter into thine 
hand : the poor commit- 
teth himself unto thee ; for 
thou art the helper of the 

17 Break thou the power 
of the ungodly and mali- 
cious : take away his un- 
godliness, and thou shalt 
find none. 

18 The Lord is King for 
ever and ever : and the 
heathen are perished out 
of the land. 

19 Lord, thouhast heard 
the desire of the poor : 
thou preparest their heart, 
and thine ear hearkeneth 
thereto ; 

20 To help the father- 

PSAT.l\f X-XT 


humili, ut non apponat 
ultra magnificare se homo 
super terram. 

less and poor unto their 
right : that the man of the 
earth be no more exalted 
against them. 


I In finem, P^alraus David, 

[N Domino confido : 
quomodo dicitis ani- 
mae meae : Transmigra in 
montem sicut passer ? 

3 Ouoniam ecce pecca- 
tores intenderunt arcum, 
paraverunt sagittas suas 
in pharetra, ut sagittent 
in obscuro rectos corde. 

4 Ouoniam quae perfe- 
cisti, destruxerunt : Justus 
autem quid fecit ? 

5 Dominus in templo 
sancto suo, Dominus in 
caelo sedes ejus : 

6 Oculi ejus in paupe- 
rem respiciunt : palpebrae 
ejus interrogant filios ho- 

7 Dominus interrogat 
justum et impium : qui 
autem diligit iniquitatem, 
odit animam suam. 

8 Pluet super peccatores 


hi Domino confide. 

T N the Lord put I my 

I trust : how say ye then 

to my soul, that she should 

flee as a bird unto the hill ? 

2 For lo, the ungodly 
bend their bow, and make 
ready their arrows within 
the quiver : that they may 
privily shoot at them which 
are true of heart, 

3 For the foundations 
will be cast down : and 
what hath the righteous 
done ? 

4 The Lord is in his 
holy temple : the Lord's 
seat is in heaven. 

5 His eyes consider the 
poor : and his eye-lids try 
the children of men. 

6 The Lord alloweth the 
righteous : but the ungod- 
ly, and him that delighteth 
in wickedness doth his 
soul abhor. 

7 Upon the ungodly he 



laqueos : ignis, et sulphur, 
et spiritus procellarum 
pars calicis eorum. 

9 Quoniam Justus Do- 
minus, et justitias dilexit : 
aequitatem vidit vultus 

shall rain snares, fire and 
brimstone, storm and tem- 
pest : this shall be their 
portion to drink. 

8 For the righteous Lord 
loveth righteousness ; his 
countenance will behold 
the thing that is just. 


I Jn Unf^m nronctav a Psalmu 

i^ALVUM me fac, Do- 
V » mine, quoniam defecit 
sanctus : quoniam dimi- 
nutae sunt veritates a filiis 

3 Vana locuti sunt 
unusquisquead proximum 
suum : labia dolosa, in 
corde et corde locuti sunt. 

4 Disperdat Dominus 
universa labia dolosa, et 
linguam magniloquam. 

5 Qui dixerunt : Lin- 
guam nostram magnifica- 
bimus, labia nostra a 
nobis sunt, quis noster 
dominus est ? 

6 Propter miseriam in- 

iBvcwUxQ iprager. 


<al7>uni niefdc, 

IJELP me, Lord, for 
L there is not one god- 
ly man left : for the faith- 
ful are minished from a- 
mong the children of men. 

2 They talk of vanity 
every one with his neigh- 
bour : they do but flatter 
with their lips, and dis- 
semble in their double 

3 The Lord shall root 
out all deceitful lips : and 
the tongue that speaketh 
proud things ; 

4 Which have said, 
With our tongue will we 
prevail : we are they that 
ought to speak, who is 
lord over us ? 

5 Now for the comfort- 

PSALM XI1~X111, 


opum, et gemitum paupe- 
rum nunc exsurgam, dicit 

7 Ponam in salutari ; 
fiducialiter agam in eo. 

8 Eloquia Domini, elo- 
quia casta : argentum igne 
examinatum, probatum 
terrae purgatum septu- 

9 Tu, Domine, servabis 
nos : et custodies nos a 
generatione hac in aeter- 

10 In circuitu impii am- 
bulant : secundum altitu- 
dinem tuam multiplicasti 
filios hominum. 

less troubles' sake of the 
needy : and because of the 
deep sighing of the poor, 

6 I will up, saith the 
Lord : and will help every 
one from him that swelleth 
against him, and will set 
him at rest. 

7 Thewordsof theLord 
are pure words : even as 
the silver, which from the 
earth is tried, and purified 
seven times in the fire. 

8 Thou shalt keep them, 
O Lord : thou shalt pre- 
serve him from this gene- 
ration for ever. 

9 The ungodly walk on 
every side : when they are 
exalted, the children of 
men are put to rebuke. 


1 In fineiti, Psalnms DaA id 

W mine, oblivisceris 

me in finem ? Usquequo 

avertis faciem tuam a me? 
_ 3 Ouamdiu ponam con- 

silia in anima mea, do- 

lorem in corde meo per 

diem ? 

4 Usquequo exaltabitur 

inimicus meus super me ? 

Usquequo^ D Of /line ? 

HOW long wilt thou 
forget me, O Lord, 
for ever : how long wilt 
thou hide thy face from me ? 
2 How long shall I seek 
counsel in my soul, and be 
so vexed in my heart : how 
long shall mine enemies 
triumph over me .-' 



respice, et exaudi me, Do- 
mine Deus meus. 

5 Illumina oculos meos 
ne unquam obdormiam in 
morte : nequando dicat 
inimicus meus : Praevalui 
adversus eum. 

6 Qui tribulant me, ex- 
sultabunt si motus fuero : 
ego autem in misericordia 
tua speravi. 

7 Exsultabit cor meum 
in salutari tuo : cantabo 
Domino qui bona tribuit 
mitii : et psallam nomini 
Domini altissimi. 

3 Consider, and hear 
me, O Lord my God : light- 
en mine eyes, that I sleep 
not in death. 

4 Lest mine enemy say, 
I have prevailed against 
him : for if I be cast down, 
they that trouble me will 
rejoice at it. 

5 But my trust is in thy 
mercy : and my heart is 
joyful in thy salvation. 

6 I will sing of the Lord, 
because he hath dealt so 
lovingly with me : yea, I 
will praise the Name of 
the Lord most Highest. 


I tn finem, Psalmus iJavid. 

DIXIT insipiens in 
corde suo : Non est 

Corrupti sunt, et abomi- 
nabilesfacti sunt in studiis 
suis : non est qui faciat 
bonum, non est usque ad 

2 Dominus de caelo 
prospexit super filios ho- 
minum, ut videat si est 
intelligens, aut requirens 

Dixit insipiens. 

THE fool hath said in 
his heart : There is 
no God. 

2 They are corrupt, and 
become abominable in 
their doings : there is none 
that doeth good, no not 

3 The Lord looked 
down from heaven upon 
the children of men : to 
see if there were any that 
would understand, and 
seek after God. 



3 Omnesdeclinaverunt, 
simul iniitiles facti sunt : 
non est qui faciat bonum, 
non est usque ad unum. 

Sepulcrum patens est 
guttureorum : Unguis suis 
dolose agebant, venenum 
aspidum sub labiis eorum. 

Quorum os maledictione 
et amaritudine plenum 
est : veloces pedes eorum 
ad effundendum sangui- 

Contritio et infelicitas 
in viis eorum, et viam 
pacis non cognoverunt : 
non est timor Dei ante 
oculos eorum. 

4 Xonne cognoscent 
omnes qui operantur ini- 
quitatem, qui devorant 
plebem meam sicut escam 
panis ? 

5 Dominum non invo- 
caverunt, illic trepidave- 
runt timore, ubi non erat 

6 Ouoniam Dominus in 
generatione justa est, con- 
silium inopis confudistis : 
quoniam Dominus spes 
ejus est. 

4 But they are all gone 
out of the way, they are 
altogether become abomi- 
nable : there is none that 
doeth good, no not one. 

5 Their throat is an 
open sepulchre ; with their 
tongues have they deceiv- 
ed : the poison of asps is 
under their lips. 

6 Their mouth is full of 
cursing and bitterness : 
their feet are swift to shed 

7 Destruction and un- 
happiness is in their ways ; 
and the way of peace have 
they not known : there is 
no fear of God before their 

8 Have they no know- 
ledge, that they are all 
such workers of mischief : 
eating up my people as it 
were bread, and call not 
upon the Lord ? 

9 There were they 
brought in great fear, even 
where no fear was : for 
God is in the generation 
of the righteous. 

10 As for you, ye have 
made a mock at the counsel 
of the poor: because he put- 
teth his trust in the Lord. 


PSAUl X1V^X\' 

7 Ouis dabit ex Sion 
salutare Israel? cumaver- 
terit Dominus captivita- 
tem plebis suae, exsultabit 
Jacob, et laetabitur Israel. 

1 1 Who shall give sal- 
vation unto Israel out of 
Sion ? When the Lord 
turneth the captivity of his 
people : then shall Jacob 
rejoice, and Israel shall 
be glad. 

/IRovning Ipra^cr. 



t P^almus David. 

DOMINE, quis habi- 
tabit in tabernaculo 
tuo? aut quis requiescet 
in monte sancto tuo ? 

2 Qui ingreditur sine 
macula, et operatur justi- 
tiam : 

3 Qui loquitur veritatem 
in corde suo, qui non egit 
dolum in lingua sua : 

Nee fecit proximo suo 
malum, et opprobrium non 
accepit adversus proximos 

4 Ad nihilum deductus 
est in conspectu ejus ma- 
lignus ; timentes autem 
Dominum glorificat. 

Dominc^ quis habiiabit ? 

LORD, who shall dwell 
_^ in thy tabernacle? or 
who shall rest upon thy 
holy hill ? 

2 Even he, that leadeth 
an uncorrupt life : and 
doeth the thing which is 
right, and speaketh the 
truth from his heart. 

3 He that hath used no 
deceit in his tongue, nor 
done evil to his neighbour: 
and hath not slandered his 

4 He that setteth not 
by himself, but is lowly in 
his own eyes : and maketh 
much of them that fear 
the Lord. 



Qui jurat proximo suo, 
et non decipit, 

5 Qui pecuniam suam 
non dedit ad usuram, et 
munera super innocentem 
non accepit : 

Qui facit haec non mo- 
vebitur in aeternum. 

5 He that sweareth unto 
his neighbour, and disap- 
pointeth him not : though 
it were to his own hin- 

6 Hethathathnotgiven 
his money upon usury : 
nor taken reward against 
the innocent. 

7 Whoso doeth these 
things : shall never fall. 


\ Tituli inscriptio ipsi David. 

/"^ONSERVA me, 
V^ Domine, quoniam 
speravi in te. 

2 Dixi Domino : Deus 
meus es tu, quoniam bo- 
norum meorum non eges. 

3 Sanctis, qui sunt in 
terra ejus, mirificavit om- 
nes voluntates meas in eis. 

4 iMultiplicataesuntin- 
firmitates eorum : postea 

Non congregabo cou- 
venticula eorum dc san- 
guinibus : nee memor ero 
nominum eorum per labia 


] 3 RESERVE me, O 
1- God : for in thee have 
I put my trust. 

2 O my soul, thou hast 
said unto the Lord : Thou 
art my God, my goods are 
nothing unto thee. 

3 All my delight is upon 
the saints, that are in the 
earth : and upon such as 
excel in virtue. 

4 But they that run after 
another god : shall have 
great trouble. 

5 Their drink-ofterings 
of blood will I not offer : 
neither make mention of 
their names within my lips. 



5 Dominus pars here- 
ditatis meae, et calicis 
mei : tu es, qui restitues 
hereditatem meam mihi. 

6 Funescecideruntmihi 
in praeclaris : etenim 
hereditas mea praeclara 
est mihi. 

7 Benedicam Domi- 
num, qui tribuit mihi in- 
tellectum : insuper et us- 
que ad noctem increpue- 
runt me renes mei. 

8 Providebam Domi- 
num in conspectu meo 
semper : quoniam a dex- 
tris est mihi, ne commo- 

9 Propter hoc laetatum 
est cor meum, et exsulta- 
vit lingua mea : insuper 
et caro mea requiescet in 

10 Quoniam non dere- 
linques animam meam in 
inferno : nee dabis san- 
ctum tuum videre corru- 
pt ionem. 

Notas mihi fecisti vias 
vitae, adimplebis me lae- 
titia cum vultu tuo : de- 
lectationes in dextera tua 
usque in finem. 

6 The Lord himself is 
the portion of mine inherit- 
ance, and of my cup : thou 
shalt maintain my lot. 

7 The lot is fallen unto 
me in a fairground : yea, 
I have a goodly heritage. 

8 I will thank the Lord 
for giving me warning : my 
reins also chasten me in 
the night season. 

9 I have set God always 
before me : for he is on my 
right hand, therefore I 
shall not fall. 

10 Wherefore my heart 
was glad, and my glory 
rejoiced : my flesh also 
shall rest in hope. 

1 1 For why? thou shalt 
not leave my soul in hell ; 
neither shalt thou suffer 
thy Holy One to see cor- 

12 Thou shalt shew me 
the path of life ; in thy 
presence is the fulness of 
joy : and at thy right hand 
there is pleasure for ever- 



! Oratio Davi' 

1^ X A U D I, Domine, 
l^ justitiam meam : in- 
tende deprecationem me- 

Auribus percipe oratio- 
nem meam, non in labiis 

2 De vultu tuojudicium 
meum prodeat : oculi tui 
videant aequitates. 

3 Probasti cor meum, 
et visitasti nocte : igne 
me examinasti, et non est 
inventa in me iniquitas. 

4 Ut non loquatur os 
meum opera hominum : 
propter verba labiorum 
tuorum ego custodivi vias 

5 Perfice gressus meos 
in semitis tuis : ut non 
moveantur vestigia mea. 

6 Ego clamavi, quo- 
niam exaudisti me Deus : 
inclina aurem tuam mihi, 
et exaudi verba mea. 


Kxaudi, Jhnniuc. 

EAR the right, O 
Lord, consider my 
complaint : and hearken 
unto my prayer, that goeth 
not out of feigned Hps. 


2 Let my sentence come 
forth from thy presence : 
and let thine eyes look 
upon the thing that is 

3 Thou hast proved and 
visited mine heart in the 
night season ; thou hast 
tried me, and shalt find no 
wickedness in me : for I 
am utterly purposed that 
my mouth shall not offend. 

4 Because of men's 
works, that are done a- 
gainst the words of thy 
lips : I have kept me from 
the ways of the destroyer. 

5 O hold thou up my 
goings in thy paths : that 
my footsteps slip not. 

6 I have called upon 
thee, O God, for thou shalt 
hear me : incline thine ear 
to me, and hearken unto 
my words. 



7 Mirifica misericor- 
dias tuas, qui salvos facis 
sperantes in te. 

8 A resistentibus dex- 
terae tuae custodi me, ut 
pupillam oculi. 

Sub umbra alarum tua- 
rum protege me : 

9 A facie impiorum qui 
me afflixerunt. 

Inimici mei animam 
meam circumdederunt. 

ID Adipem suum con- 
cluserunt : os eorum locu- 
tum est superbiam. 

11 Projici elites me 
nunc circumdederunt me : 
oculos suos statuerunt de- 
clinare in terram. 

12 Susceperunt me si- 
cut leo paratus ad prae- 
dam : et sicut catulus leo- 
nis habitans in abditis. 

13 Exsurge, Domine, 
praeveni eum,et supplan- 
ta eum : eripe animam 
meam ab impio, frameam 

14 Ab inimicis manus 

Domine, a paucis de 
terra divide eos in vita 
eorum : de absconditis tuis 

7 Shew thy marvellous 
lovingkindness, thou that 
art the Saviour of them 
which put their trust in 
thee : from such as resist 
thy right hand. 

8 Keep me as the apple 
of an eye : hide me under 
the shadow of thy wings, 

9 From the ungodly 
that trouble me : mine ene- 
mies compass me round 
about to take away my 

10 They are inclosed in 
their own fat : and their 
mouth speaketh proud 

11 They lie waiting in 
our way on every side : 
turning their eyes down 
to the ground ; 

12 Like as a lion that is 
greedy of his prey : and 
as it were a lion's whelp, 
lurking in secret places. 

13 Up, Lord, disappoint 
him, and cast him down : 
deliver my soul from the 
ungodly, which is a sword 
of thine ; 

14 From the men of thy 
hand, O Lord, from the 
men, I say, and from the 
evil world : which have 
their portion in this life, 

V<.\]M XV]I-X\IIJ 


adimpletus est venter eo- 

Saturati sunt filiis : et 
dimiserunt reliquias suas 
parvulis suis. 

15 Ego autem in justi- 
tia apparebo conspcctui 
tuo : satiabor cum appa- 
ruerit gloria tua. 

whose bellies thou fillest 
with thy hid treasure. 

15 They have children 
at their desire : and leave 
the rest of their substance 
for their babes. 

16 But as for me, I will 
behold thy presence in 
righteousness : and when 
I awake up after thy like- 
ness, I shall be satisfied 
with it. 


I In fineiii puero Domini Uavid. 
qui locutus est Domino verba can- 
tici hujus, in die qua eripuit eum 
Dominu<;de manu omnium inimi 
coram ejus et de manu Saul, rt 
dirit ; {2 Rg£^. x.vii. j.\ 

fortitudo mea : 

3 Dominus firmamen- 
tum meum, et refugium 
meum, et liberator meus. 

Deus meus adjutor me- 
us, et sperabo in eum. 

Protector meus, et cor- 
nu salutis meae, et susce- 
ptor meus. 

4 Laudans invocabo 

JEvenlng prater. 

I'SAk.M Will. 

I WILL love thee, O 
1 Lord, my strength ; 
the Lord is my stony rock, 
and my defence : my Sav- 
iour, my God, and my 
might, in whom I will trust, 
my buckler, the horn also 
of my salvation, and my 

2 I will call upon the 


PSA1,!\1 XVII-X\'nF 

Dominum : et ab inimicis 
meis salvus ero. 

5 Circumdederunt me 
dolores mortis : et torren- 
tes iniquitatis conturba- 
verunt me. 

6 Dolores inferni cir- 
cumdederunt nte : prae- 
occupaverunt me laquei 

7 In tribulatione mea 
invocavi Dominum, et ad 
Deum meum clamavi : 

Et exaudivit de templo 
sancto suo vocem meam : 
et clamor mens in con- 
spectu ejus, introivit in 
aures ejus. 

8 Commota est, et con- 
tremuit terra : funda- 
menta montium conturba- 
ta sunt, et commota sunt, 
quoniam iratus est eis. 

9 Ascendit fumus in 
ira ejus : et ignis a facie 
ejusexarsit : carbones suc- 
censi sunt ab eo. 

10 Inclinavit caelos, et 
descendit : et caligo sub 
pedibus ejus. 

11 Et ascendit super 
cherubim, et volavit : vo- 

Lord, which is worthy to 
be praised : so shall I be 
safe from mine enemies. 

3 The sorrows of death 
compassed me : and the 
overflowings of ungodli- 
ness made me afraid. 

4 The pains of hell came 
about me : the snares of 
death overtook me. 

5 In my trouble I will call 
upon the Lord : and com- 
plain unto my God. 

6 So shall he hear my 
voice out of his holy tem- 
ple : and my complaint 
shall come before him, it 
shall enter even into his 

7 The earth trembled 
and quaked : the very 
foundations also of the 
hills shook, and were re- 
moved, because he was 

8 There went a smoke 
out in his presence : and 
a consuming fire out of 
his mouth, so that coals 
were kindled at it. 

9 He bowed the heavens 
also, and came down : and 
it was dark under his feet. 

10 He rode upon the 
cherubims, and did fly : he 



lavit super pennas vento- 

12 Et posuit tenebras 
latibulum sunm, in circui- 
tu ejus tabernaculumejus : 
tenebrosa aqua in nubibus 

13 Prae fulgore in con- 
spectu ejus nubes transie- 
runt, grando et carbones 

14 Et intonuit de caelo 
Dominus, et Altissimus 
dedit vocem suam : gran- 
do et carbones ignis. 

15 Et misit sagittas 
suas, et dissipavit eos : 
fulgura multiplicavit, et 
conturbavit eos. 

16 Et apparuerunt fon- 
tes aquarum, et revelata 
suntfundamentaorbis ter- 
rarum : 

Ab increpatione tua 
Domine, ab inspiratione 
spiritus irae tuae. 

17 Misit de summo, et 
accepit me : et assumpsit 
me de aquis multis. 

18 Eripuit me de ini- 
micis meis fortissimis, et 
ab his qui oderunt me : 
quoniam confortati sunt 
super me. 

came flying upon the wings 
of the wind. 

11 He made darkness 
his secret place : his pa- 
vilion round about him 
with dark water, and thick 
clouds to cover him. 

12 At the brightness of 
his presence his clouds re- 
moved : hail-stones, and 
coals of fire. 

13 The Lord also thun- 
dered out of heaven, and 
the Highestgave his thun- 
der : hail-stones, and coals 
of fire. 

14 He sent out his ar- 
rows, and scattered them : 
he cast forth lightnings, 
and destroyed them. 

15 The springs of waters 
were seen, and the founda- 
tions of the round world 
were discovered, at thy 
chiding, O Lord : at the 
blasting of the breath of 
thy displeasure. 

16 He shall send down 
from on high to fetch me : 
and shall take me out of 
many waters. 

17 He shall deliver me 
from my strongest enemy, 
and from them which hate 
me : for they are too 
mighty for me. 


v'>^]^\ x\Ti-xviii 

19 Praevenerunt me in 
die afflictionis meae : et 
factus est Dominus pro- 
tector meus. 

20 Et eduxit me in lati- 
tudinem : salvum me fecit, 
quoniam voluit me. 

21 Etretribuetmihi Do- 
minus secundum justitiam 
meam, et secundum puri- 
tatem manuum mcarum 
retribuet mihi : 

22 Quia custodivi vias 
Domini, nee impie gessi a 
Deo meo. 

23 Quoniam omnia ju- 
dicia ejus in conspectu 
meo : et justitias ejus non 
repuli a me. 

24 Et ero immaculatus 
cum eo : et observabo me 
ab iniquitate mea. 

25 Et retribuet mihi 
Dominus secundum justi- 
tiam meam : et secundum 
puritatem manuum mea- 
rum in conspectu oculo- 
rum ejus. 

26 Cum sancto sanctus 
eris, et cum viro innocente 
innocens eris : 

18 They prevented me 
in the day of my trouble : 
but the Lord was my up- 

19 He brought me forth 
also into a place of liberty : 
he brought me forth, even 
because he had a favour 
unto me. 

20 The Lord shall re- 
ward me after my right- 
eous dealing : according 
to the cleanness of my 
hands shall he recompense 

21 Because I have kept 
the ways of the Lord : and 
have not forsaken my 
God, as the wicked doth. 

22 P^or I have an eye 
unto all his laws : and will 
not cast out his command- 
ments from me. 

23 I was also uncorrupt 
before him : and eschewed 
mine own wickedness. 

24 Therefore shall the 
Lord reward me after my 
righteous dealing : and 
according unto the clean- 
ness of my hands in his 

25 With the holy thou 
shalt be holy : and with a 
perfect man thou shalt be 
perfect : 




27 Et cum electoelectus 
eris : et cum perverso per- 

28 Ouoniam tu populum 
humilem salvum facies : 
et oculos superborum hu- 

29 Ouoniam tu illuminas 
lucernam meam Uomine : 
Deus mens illumina tene- 
bras meas. 

30 Ouoniam in te eri- 
piar a tentatione, et in Deo 
meo transgrediar murum. 

31 Deusmeus impolluta 
via ejus : eloquia Domini 
igneexaminata : protector 
est omnium sperantium in 

32- Ouoniam quis Deus 
praeter Dominum ? aut 
quis Deus praeter Deum 
nostrum ? 

33 Deus qui praecinxit 
me virtute : et posuit im- 
maculatam viam meam. 

34 Qui perfecit pedes 
meos tamquam cervorum, 
et super excelsa statuens 

35 Qui docet manus 

26 With the clean thou 
shalt be clean : and with 
the froward thou shalt 
learn frowardness. 

27 For thou shalt save 
the people that are in ad- 
versity : and shalt bring 
down the high looks of 
the proud. 

28 Thou also shalt light 
my candle : the Lord my 
God shall make my dark- 
ness to be light. 

29 For in thee I shall dis- 
comfit an host of men : and 
with the help of my God I 
shall leap over the wall. 

30 The wayof C^iod is an 
undefiled way : the word 
of the Lord also is tried 
in the fire ; he is the de- 
fender of all them that put 
their trust in him. 

31 For who is God, but 
the Lord : or who hath any 
strength, except our God .- 

32 It is God. that gird- 
eth me with strength of 
war : and maketh my way 

33 He maketh my feet 
like harts' feet : and set- 
teth me up on high. 

34 He teachetb mine 

Uav 3. 


meas ad proelium : et po- 
suisli, lit arcum aereiim, 
brachia mea. 

36 Et dedisti mihi pro- 
tectionem salutis tuae : et 
dextera tua suscepit me : 

Et disciplina tua correxit 
me in finem : et disciplina 
tua ipsa me docebit. 

37 Dilatasti gressus 
meos subtus me : et non 
sunt infirmata vestigia 

38 Persequar inimicos 
meos, et comprehendam 
illos : et non convertar 
donee deficiant. 

39 Confringam illos, 
nee poterunt stare : cadent 
subtus pedes meos. 

40 Et praecinxisti me 
virtute ad bellum : et sup- 
plantasti insurgentes in 
me subtus me. 

41 Et inimicos meos de- 
disti mihi dorsum, et odi- 
entes me disperdidisti. 

42 Clamaverunt, nee 
erat qui salvos faceret, ad 
Dominum ; nee exaudivit 

hands to fight : and mine 
arms shall break even a 
bow of steel. 

35 Thou hast given me 
the defence of thy salva- 
tion : thy right hand also 
shall hold me up, and thy 
loving correction shall 
make me great. 

36 Thou shalt make 
room enough under me 
for to go : that my foot- 
steps shall not slide. 

37 I will follow upon 
mine enemies, and over- 
take them : neither will I 
turn again till I have de- 
stroyed them. 

38 1 will smite them, 
that they shall not be able 
to stand : but fall under 
my feet. 

39 Thou hast girded me 
with strength unto the bat- 
tle : thou shalt throw down 
mine enemies under me. 

40 Thou hast made 
mine enemies also to turn 
their backs upon me : and 
I shall destroy them that 
hate me. 

41 They shall cry, but 
there shall be none to help 
them : yea, even unto the 
Lord shall they cr>', but he 
shall not hear them. 



43 Et comminuam eos, 
ut pulverem ante faciem 
venti : ut lutuiii platearum 
delebo eos. 

44 Eripies me de con- 
tradictionibus populi:con- 
stitues me in caput gen- 

45 Populus, quern non 
cognovi, servivit mihi : in 
auditu auris obedivit mihi. 

46 Filii alieni mentiti 
sunt mihi, fihi alieni inve- 
terati sunt, et claudicave- 
runt a semitis suis. 

47 Vivit Dominus, et 
benedictus Deus meus, et 
exaltetur Deus salutis 

48 Deus qui das vindic- 
tas mihi, et subdis populos 
sub me, liberator meus de 
inimicis meis iracundis. 

49 Et ab insurgentibus 
in me exaltabis me : a viro 
iniquo eripies me. 

50 Propterea confitebor 
tibiinnationibus, Domine: 

42 1 will beat them as 
small as the dust before 
the wind : I will cast them 
out as the clay in the 

43 Thou shalt deliver 
me from the strivings of 
the people : and thou shalt 
make me the head of the 

44 A people whom I 
have not known : shall 
serve me. 

45 As soon as they hear 
of me, they shall obey me : 
but the strange children 
shall dissemble with me. 

46 The strange children 
shall fail : and be afraid 
out of their prisons. 

47 The Lord liveth,and 
blessed be my strong help- 
er : and praised be the God 
of my salvation. 

48 Even the God that 
seeth that I be avenged ; 
and subdueth the people 
unto me. 

49 It is he that deliver- 
eth me from my cruel 
enemies, and setteth me 
up above mine adversaries: 
thou shalt rid me from the 
wicked man. 

50 For this cause will I 
give thanks unto thee, O 

Day 4 


et nomini tuo p?;almiini 

51 Magnificans salutes 
regis ejus, et faciens mi- 
sericordiam christo suo 
David, et semini ejus us- 
que in saeculum. 

Lord, among the Gentiles : 
and sing praises unto thy 

51 Great prosperity giv- 
eth he unto his King : and 
sheweth loving-kindness 
unto David his Anointed, 
and unto his seed for ever- 


1 In fmem, Psalnms David, 

CAELI enarrant glo- 
riam Dei, et opera 
manuum ejus annuntiat 
firmament um. 

3 Dies diei eructat ver- 
bum, et nox nocti indicat 

4 Non sunt loquelae, 
neque sermones, quorum 
non audiantur voces eo- 

5 In omnem terram 
exivit sonus eorum : et in 
fines orbis terrae \erba 

6 In sole posuit taber- 
naculum suum : et ipse 
tamquam sponsus proce- 
dens de thalamo suo : 

Exsultavit ut gigas ad 
currendam viam. 

/Bbornina pragcr. 

PSALM Xl.\. 
Caeli enarrant. 

'^T^HE heavens declare 
1 thegloiyof God:and 
the firmament sheweth his 

2 One day telleth an- 
other : and one night cer- 
tifieth another. 

3 There is neither 
speech nor language : but 
their voices are heard 
among them. 

4 Their sound is gone 
out into all lands : and 
their words into the ends 
of the world. 

5 In them hath he set a 
tabernacle for the sun : 
which comcth forth as a 
bridegroom out of his 
chamber, and rejoiceth as 
a giant to run his course. 


Day 4. 

7 A summo caelo egres- 
sio ejus : 

Et occursLis ejus usque 
ad summum ejus : nee est 
qui se abscondat a calore 

8 Lex Domini immacu- 
lata convertens animas : 
testimonium Domini fi- 
dele, sapientiampraestans 

9 Justitiae Domini rec- 
tae, laetificantes corda : 
praeceptum Domini luci- 
dum, illuminans oculos. 

10 Timor Domini sanc- 
tus, permanens in saecu- 
lum saeculi : judicia Do- 
mini vera, justificata in 

11 Desiderabilia super 
aurum et lapidem pretio- 
sum multum : et dulciora 
super mel et favum. 

12 Etenim servus tuus 
custodit ea, in custodien- 
dis illis retributio multa. 

13 Delicta quis intelli- 
git? aboccultismeismun- 
da me : 

6 I tgoeth forth from the 
uttermost part of the hea- 
ven, and runneth about 
unto the end of it again : 
and there is nothing hid 
from the heat thereof. 

7 The law of the Lord 
is an undefiled law, con- 
verting the soul : the tes- 
timony of the Lord is sure, 
and giveth wisdom unto 
the simple. 

S The statutes of the 
Lord are right, and rejoice 
the heart : the command- 
ment of the Lord is pure, 
and giveth light unto the 

9 The fear of the Lord 
is clean, and endureth for 
ever : the judgements of 
the Lord are true, and 
righteous altogether. 

10 More to be desired 
are they than gold, yea, 
than much fine gold : 
sweeter also than honey, 
and the honeycomb. 

1 1 Moreover, by them 
is thy servant taught : and 
in keeping of them there 
is great reward. 

12 Who can tell how 
oft he offendeth : O cleanse 
thou me from my secret 



14 Et ab alienis parce 
servo tuo. 

Si mei non fuerint do- 
minati, tunc immaculatus 
ero : et emundabor a de- 
licto maximo. 

15 Et erunt ut com- 
placeant eloquia oris mei : 
et meditatio cordis mei in 
conspectu tuo semper. 

Domine, adjutor meus, 
et redemptor meus. 

13 Keep thy servant 
also from presumptuous 
sins, lest they get the do- 
minion over me : so shall 
I be undefiled, and inno- 
cent from the great offence. 

14 Let the words of my 
mouth, and the meditation 
of my heart : be ahvay ac- 
ceptable in thy sight, 

15 O Lord: my strength, 
and my redeemer. 


I In Onem, Psalinus David. 

minus in die tribula- 
tionis : protegat te nomen 
Dei Jacob. 

3 IMittat tibi auxilium 
de sancto : et de Sion 
tueatur te. 

4 Memor sit omnis sa- 
crificii tui : etholocaustum 
tuum pingue fiat. 

5 Tribuat tibi secundum 
cor tuum : et omne con- 
silium tuum confirmet. 

6 Laetabimur in salutari 
tuo : et in nomine Dei 
nostri magnificabimur. 

7 Impleat Dominusom- 
nes petitiones tuas : nunc 
cognovi quoniam salvum 

Exaudiat tc Dominus. 

THE Lord hear thee in 
the day of trouble : 
the Name of the God of 
Jacob defend thee ; 

2 Send thee help from 
the sanctuary : and streng- 
then thee out of Sion ; 

3 Remember all thy 
offerings : and accept thy 
burnt-sacrifice ; 

4 Grant thee thy heart's 
desire : and fulfil all thy 

5 We will rejoice in thy 
salvation, and triumph in 
the Name of the Lord our 
God : the Lord perform all 
thy petitions. 

6 Now know I, that the 



fecit Dominus Christum 

Exaudiet ilium de caelo 
sancto suo : in potentati- 
bus salus dexterae ejus. 

8 Hi in curribus, et hi 
in equis : nos autem in no- 
mine Domini Dei nostri 

9 Ipsi obligati sunt, et 
ceciderunt : nos autem. sur- 
reximus et erecti sumus. 

10 Domine, salvum fac 
regem : et exaudi nos in 
die, qua invocaverimus te. 

Lord helpeth his Anoint- 
ed, and will hear him from 
his holy heaven : even 
with the wholesome 
strength of his right hand. 

7 Some put their trust 
in chariots, and some in 
horses : but we will re- 
member the Name of the 
Lord our God. 

8 They are brought 
down, and fallen : but we 
are risen, and stand up- 

9 Save, Lord, and hear 
us, O King of heaven : when 
we call upon thee. 


I In finem, Psalmus David. 

DOMINE, in virtute 
tua laetabitur rex : et 
super salutare tuum ex- 
sultabit vehementer. 

3 Desiderium cordis 
ejus tribuisti ei : et volun- 
tate labiorum ejus non 
fraudasti eum. 

4 Ouoniam praevenisti 
eum in benedictionibus 
dulcedinis : posuisti in ca- 
pite ejus coronam de la- 
pide pretioso. 

5 Vitam petiit a te : et 

Donuie, i?i virtute tua. 

THE King shall rejoice 
in thy strength, O 
Lord : exceeding glad shall 
he be of thy salvation. 

2 Thou hast given him 
his heart's desire : and 
hast not denied him the 
request of his lips. 

3 For thou shalt prevent 
him with the blessings of 
goodness : and shalt set a 
crown of pure gold upon 
his head. 

4 He asked life of thee, 



tribuisti ei longitudinem 
dierum in saeculum, et in 
saeculum saeculi. 

6 Magna est gloria ejus 
in salutari tuo : gloriam et 
magnum decorem impo- 
nes super eum. 

7 Ouoniam dabis eum 
in benedictionem in sae- 
culum saeculi : laetificabis 
eum in gaudio cum vultu 

8 Ouoniam rex sperat 
in Domino : et in miseri- 
cordia Altissimi non com- 

9. Inveniaturmanustua 
omnibus inimicis tuis : 
dextera tua inveniat om- 
nes, qui te oderunt. 

10 Pones eos ut cliba- 
num ignis in tempore vul- 
tus tui : Dominus in ira 
sua conturbabit eos, et de- 
vorabit eos ignis. 

11 Fructum eorum de 
terra perdes : et semen 
eorum a filiis hominum. 

12 Ouoniam declinave- 
runt in te mala : cogitave- 
runt consilia, quae non 
potuerunt stabilire. 

and thou gavest him a 
long life : even for ever 
and ever. 

5 His honour is great in 
thy salvation : glory and 
great worship shalt thou 
lay upon him. 

6 For thou shalt give 
him everlasting felicity : 
and make him glad with 
the joy of thy countenance. 

7 And why? because the 
King putteth his trust in 
the Lord : and in the mer- 
cy of the most Highest he 
shall not miscarry. 

8 All thine enemies shall 
feel thy hand : thy right 
hand shall find out them 
that hate thee. 

9 Thou shalt make them 
like a fiery oven in time of 
thy wrath : the Lord shall 
destroy them in his dis- 
pleasure, and the fire shall 
consume them. 

10 Their fruit shalt thou 
root out of the earth : and 
their seed from among the 
children of men. 

1 1 For they intended 
mischief against thee: and 
imagined such a device as 
they are not able to per- 



13 Ouoniam pones eos 
dorsum : in reliquiis tuis 
praeparabis vultum eorum. 

14 Exaltare Domine in 
virtute tua : cantabimus et 
psallemus virtutes tuas. 

12 Therefore bhalt thou 
put them to flight : and the 
strings of thy bow shalt 
thou make ready against 
the face of them. 

13 Be thou exalted, 
Lord, in thine own 
strength : so will we sing, 
and praise thy power. 


I In finem pro susceptione 
niatutina, Psalmus David, 

Tj EUS, Deus meus, re- 
■*-^ spice in me : quare 
me dereliquisti ? longe a 
salute mea verba delicto- 
rum meorum. 

3 Deus meus clamabo 
per diem, et non exaudies: 
et nocte, et non ad insi- 
pientiam mihi. 

4 Tu autem in sancto 
habitas, laus Israel. 

5 In te speraverunt pa- 
tres nostri : speraverunt, 
et liberasti eos. 

salvi fact! sunt : in te spe- 

iBvcnim prater. 

Dc'us, Deus meus, 

MYGod, myGod, look 
upon me ; why hast 
thou forsaken me : and art 
so far from my health, and 
from the words of my com- 
plaint ? 

2 O my God, I cry in 
the day-time, but thou 
hearest not : and in the 
night-season also I take 
no rest. 

3 And thou continuest 
holy : O thou worship of 

4 Our fathers hoped in 
thee : they trusted in thee, 
and thou didst deliver 

5 They called upon thee, 
and were holpen : they put 

Day 4. 


raverunt, et non sunt con- 

7 Ego autem sum ver- 
mis, et non homo : op- 
probrium hominum, et ab- 
jectio plebis. 

8 Omnes videntes me, 
deriserunt me : locuti sunt 
labiis, et moverunt caput. 

9 Speravit in Domino 
eripiateum : salvum faciat 
eum, quoniam vult eum. 

10 Quoniam tu es, qui 
extraxisti me de ventre : 
spes mea ab uberibus ma- 
tris meae. 

11 In te projectus sum 
ex utero : de ventre matris 
meae Deus meus es tu. 

12 Xe discesserisame: 
Quoniam tribulatio pro- 

xima est : quoniam non 
est qui adjuvet. 

13 Circumdederunt me 
vituli multi : tauri pin- 
gues obsederunt me. 

14 Aperuerunt super 
me OS suum, sicut leo ra- 
piens et rugiens. 

their trust in thee, and 
were not confounded. 

6 But as for me, I am a 
worm, and no man : a very 
scorn of men, and the out- 
cast of the people. 

7 All they that see me 
laugh me to scorn : they 
shoot out their lips and 
shake their heads, saying, 

8 He trusted in God, 
that he would deliver him : 
let him deliver him, if he 
will have him. 

9 But thou art he that 
took me out of my mother's 
womb : thou wast my hope, 
when I hanged yet upon 
my mother's breasts. 

10 I have been left un- 
to thee ever since I was 
born : thou art my God 
even from my mother's 

11 O go not from me, 
for trouble is hard at hand : 
and there is none to help 

12 Many oxen are come 
about me : fat bulls of Ba- 
san close me in on every 

13 They gape upon me 
with their mouths : as it 
were a rampingandaroar- 
in<: lion. 


Day 4- 

15 Sicut aqua eft'usus 
sum : et dispersa sunt om- 
nia ossa mea. 

Factum est cor meum 
tamquam cera liquescens 
in medio ventris mei. 

16 Aruit tamquam testa 
virtus mea, et lingua mea 
adhaesit faucibus meis : 
et in pulverem mortis de- 
duxisti me. 

17 Ouoniam circumde- 
derunt me canes multi : 
concilium malignantium 
obsedit me. 

Foderunt manus meas 
et pedes meos : 

1 8 Dinumeraverunt om- 
nia ossa mea. 

Ipsi vero considerave- 
runt et inspexerunt me : 

19 Diviserunt sibi vesti- 
menta mea, et super ves- 
tem meam miserunt sortem. 

20 Tu autem Domine 
ne elongaveris auxilium 
tuum a me : ad defensio- 
nem meam conspice. 

21 Erue aframea Deus 
animam meam : et de 
manucanisunicam meam. 

22 Salva me ex ore leo- 
nis : et a cornibus unicor- 
nium humilitatem meam. 

14 I am poured out like 
water, and all my bones 
are out of joint : my heart 
also in the midst of my 
body is even like melting 

15 My strength is dried 
up like a potsherd, and 
my tongue cleaveth to my 
gums : and thou shalt 
bring me into the dust of 

16 For many dogs are 
come about me : and the 
council of the wicked lay- 
eth siege against me. 

17 They pierced my 
hands and my feet : I may 
tell all my bones : they 
stand staring and looking 
upon me. 

18 They part my gar- 
ments among them : and 
cast lots upon my vesture. 

19 But be not thou far 
from me, O Lord : thou art 
my succour, haste thee to 
help me. 

20 Delivermy soul from 
the sword : my darling 
from the power of the dog. 

21 Save me from the 
lion's mouth : thou hast 
heard me also from among 
the horns of the unicorns. 


AV 4. 


23 Xarrabo nomen 
tuum fratribus meis : in 
medio ecclesiae laudabo 

24 Qui timetis Domi- 
num laudate eum : univer- 
sum semen Jacob glorifi- 
cate eum : 

25 Timeat eum omne 
semen Israel : quoniam 
non sprevit, ncque de- 
spexit deprecationem pau- 
peris : 

Necavertitfaciem suam 
a me : et cum clamarem 
ad eum exaudivit me. 

26 Apud te laus mea in 
ecclesia magna : vota mea 
reddam in conspectu ti- 
mentium eum. 

27 Edent pauperes, el 
saturabuntur : et lauda- 
bunt Dominum qui requi- 
runt eum : vivent corda 
eorum in saeculum saeculi. 

28 Keminiscenturetcon- 
vertentur ad Dominum 
universi fines terrac : 

Et adorabunt in con- 
spectu ejus universae fa- 
miliae gentium. 

29 Quoniam Domini est 
regnum : et ipse domina- 
bitur gentium. 

22 I will declare thy 
Name unto my brethren : 
in the midst of the congre- 
gation will I praise thee. 

23 O praise the Lord, 
ye that fear him : magnify 
him, all ye of the seed of 
Jacob, and fear him, all 
yc seed of Israel ; 

24 For he hath not de- 
spised, nor abhorred, the 
low estate of the poor : he 
hath not hid his face from 
him, but when he called 
unto him he heard him. 

25 My praise is of thee 
in the great congregation : 
my vows will I perform 
in the sight of them that 
fear him. 

26 The poor shall eat, 
and be satisfied : they that 
seek after the Lord shall 
praise him ; your heart 
shall live for ever. 

27 All the ends of the 
world shall remember 
themselves, and be turned 
unto the Lord : and all the 
kindreds of the nations 
shall worship before him. 

28 For the kingdom is 
the Lord's : and he is the 
Governour among the 



w 4. 

30 MancUicaverunt et 
adoraverunt omnes pin- 
gues terrae : in conspectu 
ejus cadent omnes qui de- 
scendunt in terram. 

31 Et anima mea illi 
vivet : et semen meum 
serviet ipsi. 

32 Annuntiabitur Do- 
mino generatio ventura : 
et annuntiabunt caeli jus- 
titiam ejus populo qui na- 
scetur, quern fecit Domi- 

29 All such as be fat 
upon earth : have eaten, 
and worshipped. 

30 All they that go down 
into the dust shall kneel 
before him : and no man 
hath quickened his own 

31 My seed shall serve 
him : they shall be counted 
unto the Lord for a genera- 

32 They shall come, and 
the heavens shall declare 
his righteousness : unto a 
people that shall be born, 
whom the Lord hath 


I Psalmus David. 


PMINUS regit me, 
et nihil mihi deerit : 

2 In loco pascuae ibi 
me collocavit. 

Super aquam refectio- 
nis educavit me : 

3 Animam meam con- 

Deduxit me super se- 
mitas justitiae, propter no- 
men suum. 

4 Nam, et si ambula- 

Dominus regit me. 

THE Lord is my shep- 
herd : therefore can 
I lack nothing. 

2 He shall feed me in 
a green pasture : and lead 
me forth beside the waters 
of comfort . 

3 He shall convert my 
soul : and bring me forth 
in the paths of righteous- 
ness, for his Name's sake. 

4 Yea, though I walk 


vero in medio umbrae 

quoniam tu mecum es. 

Virga tiui, et bacuius 
tuLis : ipsa me consolata 

5 Parasti in conspectu 
meo mensam ad versus 
eos, qui tribulant me. 

Impinguasti in oleo ca- 
put meum : et calix meus 
inebrians quam praecla- 
rus est ! 

6 Et misericordia tua 
subsequetur me omnibus 
diebus vitae meae : 

Et ut inhabitem in dome 
Domini, in longitudinem 

through the valley of the 
shadow of death, I will 
fear no evil : for thou art 
with me ; thy rod and thy 
staff comfort me. 

5 Thou shalt prepare a 
table before me against 
them that trouble me : 
thou hast anointed my 
head with oil, and my cup 
shall be full. 

6 But thy loving-kind- 
ness and mercy shall fol- 
low me all the days of my 
life : and I will dwell in 
the house of the Lord for 

/IRovniiiQ piager. 


i prima Sahhati, Psalmus l)a\ 11 

DOMINI est terra, et 
plenitudoejus : orbis 
terrarum, et universi, qui 
habitant in eo. 

2 Quia ipse super ma- 
ria fundavit eum : et super 
flumina praeparavit eum. 

3 Quisascendetinmon- 


Domini est terra. 

TH E earth is the Lord's, 
and all that therein 
is : the compass of the 
world, and they that dwell 

2 For he hath founded it 
upon the seas : and pre- 
pared it upon the floods. 

3 Who shall ascend into 



tern Domini ? aut quis sta- 
bit in loco sancto ejus ? 

4 Innocens manibus et 
mundo corde, qui non 
accepit in vano animam 
suam, nee juravit in dolo 
proximo suo. 

5 Hicaccipiet benedic- 
tionem a Domino : et mi- 
sericordiam a Deo salu- 
tari suo. 

6 Haec est generatio 
quaerentium eum, quae- 
rentium faciem Dei Jacob. 

7 Attollite portas prin- 
cipes vestras, et eleva- 
mini portae aeternales : et 
introibit rex gloriae. 

8 Quis est iste rex glo- 
riae ? Dominus fortis et 
potens : Dominus potens 
in proelio. 

9 Attollite portas prin- 
cipes vestras, et eleva- 
mini portae aeternales : et 
introibit rex gloriae. 

10 Ouis est iste rex glo- 
riae ? Dominus virtutum 
ipse est rex gloriae. 

the hill of the Lord : or 
who shall rise up in his 
holy place ? 

4 Even he that hath 
clean hands, and a pure 
heart : and that hath not 
lift up his mind unto 
vanity, nor sworn to de- 
ceive his neighbour. 

5 He shall receive the 
blessing from the Lord : 
and righteousness from 
the God of his salvation. 

6 This is the generation 
of them that seek him : 
even of them that seek 
thy face, O Jacob. 

7 Lift up your heads, O 
ye gates, and be ye lift up, 
ye everlasting doors : and 
the King of glory shall 
come in. 

8 Who is the King cf 
glory : it is the Lord 
strong and mighty, even 
the Lord mighty in battle. 

9 Lift up your heads, O 
ye gates, and be ye lift 
up, ye everlasting doors : 
and the King of glory 
shall come in. 

10 Who is the King of 
glory : even the Lord of 
hosts, he is the King of 





1 In finTP !'=alrmi' Hi'.''' 

^D te, Domine, leva\ i 
an imam meam : 

2 Deus meus, in te con- 
fide, non erubescam : 

3 Neque iriideant me 
inimici mei : etenim uni- 
versi, qui sustinent te, non 
con fund en tur. 

4 Confundantur omnes 
iniqua agentes superva- 

Vias tuas Domine de- 
monstra mihi : et semitas 
tuas edoce me. 

5 Dirige mc in veritate 
tua, et doce mc : quia tu 
es Deus salvator meus, et 
te sustinui iota die. 

6 Reminiscere misera- 
tionum tuarum Domine, 
et misericordiarum tua- 
rum, quae a saeculo sunt. 

7 Delicta juventutis 
meae, et ignorantias meas 
ne memineris. 

Secundum misericor- 
diam tuam memento mei 
tu : propter bonitatem 
tuam Domine. 

8 Dulcis et rectus Do- 


/Iff t\ Dfvn'?ir, levavi. 

j 'NTO thee, O Lord; 

L, will I lift up my 
soul ; my God, I have put 
my trust in thee : O let 
me not be confounded, 
neither let mine enemies 
triumph over me. 

2 For all they that hope 
in thee shall not be 
ashamed : but such as 
transgress without a cause 
shall be put to confusion. 

3 Shew me thy ways, O 
Lord : and teach me thy 

4 Lead me forth in thy 
truth, and learn me : for 
thou art theGodof my sal- 
vation ; in thee hath been 
my hope all the day long. 

5 Call to remembrance, 
O Lord, thy tender mer- 
cies : and thy loving- 
kindnesses, which have 
been ever of old. 

6 O remember not the 
sins and offences of my 
youth : but according to 
thy mercy think thou 
upon me, O Lord, for thy 

7 Gracious and right- 


Dav .-;. 

iniaus : propter hoc legem 
dabit delinquentibus in 

9 Diriget mansuetos in 
judicio : docebit mites 
vias suas. 

10 Universae viae Do- 
mini, misericordia et Veri- 
tas, requirentibus testa- 
mentum ejus et testimonia 

1 1 Propter nomen tu- 
um Domine propitiaberis 
peccato meo : multum est 

12 Quis est homo qui 
timet Dominum ? legem 
statuit ei in via, quam 

13 Anima ejus in bonis 
demorabitur : et semen 
ejus hereditabit terram. 

14 Firmamentum est 
Dominus timentibus cum : 
et testamentum ipsius ut 
manifestetur illis. 

15 Oculi mei semper 
ad Dominum : quoniam 
ipse evellet de laqueo pe- 
des meos. 

16 Respice in me, et 
miserere mei : quia unicus 
et pauper sum ego. 

eous is the Lord : there- 
fore will he teach sinners 
in the way. 

8 Them that are meek 
shall he guide in judge- 
ment : and such as are 
gentle, them shall he learn 
his way. 

9 All the paths of the 
Lord are mercy and truth : 
unto such as keep his 
covenant, and his testi- 

10 For thy Name's sake, 
O Lord : be merciful unto 
my sin, for it is great. 

1 1 What man is he that 
feareth the Lord : him 
shall he teach in the way 
that he shall choose. 

12 His soul shall dwell 
at ease : and his seed shall 
inherit the land. 

13 The secret of the 
Lord is among them that 
fear him : and he will 
shew them his covenant. 

14 Mine eyes are ever 
looking unto the Lord : 
for he shall pluck my feet 
out of the net. 

15 Turn thee unto me, 
and have mercy upon me : 
for I am desolate, and in 

Day r.. 


17 Tribulationes cordis 
mei multiplicatfie sunt : de 
necessitatibus meis erue 

18 Vide humilitatem 
meam, et laborem meum : 
et dimitte universa delicta 

19 Respice inimicos 
meosquoniam multiplicati 
sunt, et odio iniquo ode- 
runt me. 

20 Custodi animam 
meam, et erue me : non 
erubescam quoniam spe- 
ravi in te. 

21 Innocentes et recti 
adhaeserunt mihi : quia 
sustinui te. 

22 Libera, Deus, Israel, 
ex omnibus tribulationi- 
bus suis. 

16 The sorrows of my 
heart are enlarged : O 
luring thou me out of my 

17 Look upon my ad- 
versity and misery : and 
forgive me all my sin. 

18 Consider mine ene- 
mies, how many they are : 
and they bear a tyrannous 
hate against me. 

19 O keep my soul, and 
deliver me : let me not 
be confounded, for I have 
put my trust in thee. 

20 Let perfectness and 
righteous dealing wait 
upon me : for my hope 
hath been in thee. 

21 Deliver Israel, O 
God : out of all his trou- 


I In finem, Psalmus Da\ i'i. 

JUDICA me, Domine, 
quoniam ego in inno- 
centia mea ingressussum : 
et in Domino sperans non 

2 Proba me Domine, 
et tenta me : ure renes 
meos et cor meum. 


Judica wt", Do})u->u'. 

I) E thou my Judge, O 
J) Lord, for I have 
walked innocently : my 
trust hath been also in the 
Lord, therefore shall I not 

2 Examine me, O Lord, 
and prove me : try out 
my reins and my heart. 




3 Ouoniam misericor- 
dia tua ante oculos meos 
est : et complacui in veri- 
tate tua. 

4 Non sedi cum con- 
cilio vanitatis : et cum ini- 
qua gerentibus non intro- 

5 Odivi ecclesiam ma- 
lignantium : et cum im- 
piis non sedebo. 

6 Lavabo inter inno- 
centes manus meas : et 
circumdabo altare tuum, 
Domine : 

7 Ut audiam vocem 
laudis, et enarrem univer- 
sa mirabilia tua. 

8 Domine dilexi deco- 
rem domus tuae, et locum 
habitationis gloriae tuae. 

9 Ne perdas cum im- 
piis, Deus,animam meam, 
et cum viris sanguinum 
vitam meam : 

10 In quorum manibus 
iniquitates sunt : dextera 
eorum repleta est muneri- 

11 Ego autem in inno- 
centia mea ingressus sum : 
redime me, et miserere 

3 For thy lovingkind- 
ness is ever before mine 
eyes : and I will walk in 
thy truth. 

4 I have not dwelt with 
vain persons : neither will 
I have fellowship with the 

5 I have hated the con- 
gregation of the wicked : 
and will not sit among the 

6 I will wash my hands 
in innocency, O Lord : 
and so will I go to thine 
altar ; 

7 That 1 may shew the 
voice of thanksgiving : and 
tell of all thy wondrous 

8 Lord, I have loved the 
habitation of thy house : 
and the place where thine 
honour dwelleth. 

9 O shut not up my soul 
with the sinners : nor my 
life with the bloodthirsty ; 

10 In whose hands is 
wickedness : and their 
right hand is full of gifts. 

1 1 But as for me, I will 
walk innocently : O de- 
liver me, and be merciful 
unto me. 

Day -,. 

P^^.\L>[ xxvr-xxvi 

12 Pes mens stctit in 
directo : in ccclesiis bene- 
dicam te Domine. 

12 My foot standeth 
right : I will praise the 
Lord in the congrega- 


I Psalinu3 David pr-'usquaTt! 

DOMINUS illumina- 
tiomea,et salusmea, 
quern timebo ? 

Dominus protector vitae 
meae, a quo trepidabo } 

2 Dum appropiant su- 
per me nocentcs, ut edant 
carnes meas : 

Qui tribulant nie ini- 
mici mei, ipsi infirmati 
sunt et ceciderunt. 

3 Si consistant adver- 
sum me castra, non time- 
bit cor meum. 

Si exsurgat adversum 
me proelium, in hoc ego 

4 Unam petii a Do- 
mino, hanc requiram, ut 
inhabitem in domo Do- 
mini omnibus diebus vitae 
meae : 

lEvening jprager. 


Dombui'^ iUnm{natio. 

7 'HE Lord is my light, 
and my salvation ; 
whom then shall I fear : 
the Lord is the strength 
of my life ; of whom then 
shall I be afraid ? 

2 When the wicked, e\en 
mine enemies, and my 
foes, came upon mc to eat 
up my flesh : they stum- 
bled and fell. 

3 Thoughanhostof men 
were laid against me, yel 
shall not my heart be a- 
fraid : and though there 
rose up war against me, 
yet will I put my trust in 

4 One thing have I de- 
sired of the Lord, which 1 
will require : even that I 
may dwell in the house of 
the Lord all the days of 



Ut videam voluptalem 
Domini, et visitem tem- 
pi um ejus. 

5 Ouoniam abscondit 
me in tabernaculo suo : 
in die malorum protexit me 
in abscondito tabernaculi 

6 In petraexaltavit me: 
et nunc exaltavit caput 
nieum super inimicos 

Circuivi. et immolavi in 
tabernaculo ejus hostiam 
vociferationis : cantabo, 
et psalmum dicam Do- 

7 Exaudi Domine vo- 
cem meam, qua clamavi 
ad te : miserere mei, et 
exaudi me. 

8 Tibi dixit cor meum, 
exquisivit te facies mea : 
faciem tuam Domine re- 

9 Ne avertas faciem 
tuam a me : ne declines 
in ira a servo tuo. 

Adjutor mens esto : ne 
derelinquas me, neque de- 
spicias me Deus salutaris 

ID Ouoniam pater 

my life, to behold the 
fair beauty of the Lord, 
and to visit his temple. 

5 For in the time of trou- 
ble he shall hide me in his 
tabernacle : yea, in the 
secret place of his dwell- 
ing shall he hide me, and 
set me up upon a rock of 

6 And now shall he lift 
up mine head : above 
mine enemies round about 

7 Therefore will I otter 
in his dwelling an oblation 
with great gladness : I will 
sing, and speak praises 
unto the Lord. 

8 Hearken unto my 
voice. O Lord, when I cry 
unto thee : have mercy 
upon me, and hear me. 

9 My heart hath talked 
of thee, Seek ye my face : 
Thy face, Lord, will I seek. 

10 O hide not thou thy 
face from me : nor cast 
thy servant away in dis- 

1 1 Thou hast been my 
succour : leave me not, 
neither forsake me, O God 
of my salvation. 

1 2 \\'hen my father and 

Day 5- PSALM XXVll-XXVllI. 

mens, et mater mea dere- 
liquerunt me : Dominus 
autem assumpsit me. 

11 Legem pone mihi 
Domine in via tua : et 
dirige me in semitam 
rectam propter inimicos 

12 Ne tradideris me in 
animas tribulantium me : 
quoniam insurrexerunt in 
me testes iniqiii, et men- 
tita est iniquitas sibi. 

13 Credo videre bona 
Domini in terra viven- 

14 ExspectaDominum, 
viriliter age : et conforte- 
tur cor tuum, et sustine 

my mother forsake me : 
the Lord taketh me up. 

13 Teach me thy way, 
O Lord : and lead me in 
the right way, because of 
mine enemies. 

14 Dehver me not over 
into the will of mine ad- 
versaries : for there are 
false witnesses risen up 
against me, and such as 
speak wrong. 

15 1 should utterly have 
fainted : but that I believe 
verily to see the goodness 
of the Lord in the land 
of the living. 

16 O tarry thou the 
Lord's leisure : be strong, 
and he shall comfort thine 
heart ; and put thou thy 
trust in the Lord. 


I Psalmus ipsi Davii, 

AD te, Domine, clama- 
-^ J»" bo, Deus meus,ne si- 
leas a me : ne quando ta- 
ceas a me, et assimilabor 
descendentibus in lacum. 


Ad te, Doninc. 

T ' NTO thee will I cry, 
V_ O Lord my strength : 
think no scorn of me ; 
lest, if thou make as 
though thou hearest not, 
I become like them that 
go down into the pit. 


Dav 5. 

2 Exaudi Domine vo- 
cem deprecationis meae 
dum oro ad te : dum ex- 
tollo manus meas ad tem- 
pkim sanctum tuum. 

3 Xe simul trahas me 
cum peccatoribus : et cum 
operantibus iniquitatem 
ne perdas me : 

Qui loquuntur pacem 
cum proximo suo, mala 
autem in cordibus eorum. 

4 Da illis secundum 
opera eorum, et secundum 
nequitiam adinventionum 

Secundum opera ma- 
nuum eorum tribue illis : 
redde retributionem eo- 
rum ipsis. 

5 Ouoniam non intelle- 
xerunt opera Domini, et 
in opera manuum ejus de- 
strues illos et non aedifi- 
cabis eos. 

6 BenedictusDominus: 
quoniam exaudivit vocem 
deprecationis meae. 

7 Dominus adjutor 
meus, et protector meus : 
in ipse speravit cor meum, 
et adjutus sum. 

2 Hear the voice of my 
humble petitions, when I 
cry unto thee : when I 
hold up my hands to- 
wards the mercy-seat of 
thy holy temple. 

3 O pluck me not away, 
neither destroy me with 
the ungodly and wicked 
doers : which speak friend- 
ly to their neighbours, but 
imagine mischief in their 

4 Reward them accord- 
ing to their deeds : and 
according to the wicked- 
ness of their own inven- 

5 Recompense them 
after the work of their 
hands : pay them that 
they have deserved. 

6 For they regard not in 
their mind the works of the 
Lord, nor the operation ot 
his hands : therefore shall 
he break them down, and 
not build them up. 

7 Praised be the Lord : 
for he hath heard the 
voice of my humble peti- 

8 The Lord is my 
strength, and my shield ; 
my heart hath trusted in 
him, and I am helped : 



Et refloruit caro mca : 
et ex voluntate mea con- 
fitebor ei. 

8 Dominus fortitudo 
plebis suae : et protector 
^alvationum christi sui 

9 Salvum fac populum 
tiiiim, Domine, et benedic 
hereditati tuae : et rege 
eos et extolle illos usque 
in aeternum. 

therefore my heart da nceth 
for joy, and in my song 
will 1 praise him. 

9 The Lord is my 
strength : and he is the 
wholesome defence of his 

10 O save thy people, 
and give thy blessing unto 
thine inheritance : feed 
them, and set them up for 


Psalnius David. 

In consumuialiunc labcrna- 


AFFERTE Domino, 
-^ filii Dei : afferte Do- 
mino filios arietum : 

2 Afferte Domino glo- 
riam et honorem, afferte 
Domino gloriam nomini 
ejus : ad orate Dominum 
in atrio sancto ejus. 

3 Vox Domini super 
aquas, Deus majestatis in- 
tonuit : Dominus super 
aquas multas. 

4 Vox Domini in vir- 
tute : vox Domini in ma- 

Aff'erte DQuiino. 

BRING unto the 
Lord, O ye mighty, 
bring young rams unto the 
Lord : ascribe unto the 
Lord worship and strength. 

2 Give the Lord the ho- 
nour due unto his Name : 
worship the Lord with 
holy worship. 

3 It is the Lord, that 
commandeth the waters : 
it is the glorious God, that 
maketh the thunder. 

4 It is the Lord, that 
ruleth the sea ; the voice 
of the Lord is mighty in 
operation : the voice of 


Day .=; 


5 Vox Domini confrin- 
gentis cedros : et confrin- 
get Dominus cedros Li- 
bani : 

6 Et comminuet eas 
tamquam vitulum Libani : 
et dilectus quemadmodum 
filius unicornium. 

7 Vox Domini interci- 
dentis flammam ignis : 

8 Vox Domini concu- 
tientis desertum et com- 
movebit Dominus deser- 
tum Cades. 

9 Vox Domini praepa- 
rantis cervos, et revelabit 
condensa : et in templo 
ejus omnes dicent gloriam. 

10 Dominus diluvium 
inhabitare facit : et sede- 
bit Dominus rex in aeter- 

11 Dominus virtutem 
populo suo dabit : Domi- 
nus benedicet populo suo 
in pace. 

the Lord is a glorious 

5 The voice of the Lord 
breaketh the cedar-trees : 
yea, the Lord breaketh 
the cedars of Libanus. 

6 He maketh them also 
to skip like a calf : Liba- 
nus also, and Sirion, like 
a young unicorn, 

7 The voice of the Lord 
divideth the flames of 
fire ; the voice of the Lord 
shaketh the wilderness : 
yea, the Lord shaketh the 
wilderness of Cades. 

S The voice of the Lord 
maketh the hinds to bring 
forth young, anddiscover- 
eth the thick bushes : in 
his temple doth every man 
speak of his honour. 

9 The Lord sitteth above 
the water-flood : and the 
Lord remaineth a King 
for ever. 

10 The Lord shall give 
strength unto his people : 
the Lord shall give his 
people the blessing of 

Day 6. 



I Psalmus Catitici, 

In deiiicatioiie doiiius I).i\i'! 

"P XALTABOte,Domi- 
1 - ne, qiioniam susce- 
pisti me : nee delectasti 
inimicos moos super me. 

3 Domine Deus meus, 
clamavi ad te, et sanasti 

4 Domine eduxisti ab 
inferno animam meam : 
salvasti me a descenden- 
tibus in lacum. 

5 Psallite Domino san- 
cti ejus : et confitemini 
memoriae sanctitatis ejus. 

6 Ouoniam ira in indi- 
gnatione ejus : et vita in 
voluntatc ejus. 

Ad vesperum demora- 
bitur Actus : et ad matu- 
tinum laetitia. 

7 Ego autem dixi in 
abundantia mea : Non 
movebor in aeternum. 

8 Domine, in voluntate 
tua,praestitisti decori meo 

Avertisti faciem tuam 

Ilxaltabo tc, Doniijic. 

T WILL magnify thee, O 
1 Lord, for thou hast set 
me up : and not made my 
foes to triumph over me. 

2 O Lord my God, I 
cried unto thee : and thou 
hast healed me. 

3 Thou, Lord, hast 
brought my soul out of 
hell : thou hast kept my 
life from them that go 
down to the pit. 

4 Sing praises unto the 
Lord, O ye saints of his : 
and give thanks unto him 
for a remembrance of his 

5 For his wrath endur- 
eth but the twinkling of 
an eye, and in his pleasure 
is life : heaviness may en- 
dure for a night, but joy 
cometh in the morning. 

6 And in my prosperity 
I said, I shall never be 
removed : thou. Lord, of 
thy goodness hast made 
my hill so strong. 

7 Thou didst turn thy 

psal:\i xxx-xxxi. 

Day 6. 

a me, et factus sum con- 

9 Ad te Domine cla- 
mabo : et ad Deum meum 

10 Quae utilitas in san- 
guine meo. dum descendo 
in corruptionem ? 

Numquid confitebitur 
tibi pulvis, aut annuntiabit 
veritatem tuam ? 

11 Audivit Dominus,et 
misertus est mei : Do- 
minus factus est adjutor 

12 Convertistiplanctum 
meum in gaudium mihi : 
conscidisti saccum meum, 
et circumdedisti me lae- 
titia : 

13 Ut cantet tibi gloria 
mea, et non compungar : 
Domine Deus meus in 
aeternum confitebor tibi. 

face from me : and I was 

8 Then cried I untothee, 
O Lord : and gat me to my 
Lord right humbly. 

9 What profit is there 
in my blood : when I go 
down to the pit ? 

10 Shall the dust give 
thanks unto thee : or 
shall it declare thy truth ? 

11 Hear, O Lord, and 
have mercy upon me : 
Lord, be thou my helper. 

12 Thou hast turned 
my heaviness into joy : 
thou hast put off my sack- 
cloth, and girded me with 

13 Therefore shall every 
good man sing of thy 
praise without ceasing : 
O my God, I will give 
thanks unto thee for ever. 


Paaliuus David, 

1 In finem 
pro extasi. 

IN te, Domine, speravi ; 
non conf undar in aeter- 
num : in justitiatua libera 


In tCy Do/nine^ spcravi. 

IN thee, O Lord, have I 
put my trust : let me 
never be put to confusion, 
deliver me in thy right- 

Day 6. 


3 Inclina ad me aurem 
tuam, accelera ut eruas me. 

Esto mihi in Deum pro- 
tectorem : et in domum 
refugii, ut salviim me fa- 

4 Ouoniam fortitude 
mea, et refugium meum 
es tu : et propter nomen 
tuum deduces me, et enu- 
tries me. 

5 Educes me de laqueo 
hoc, quem absconderunt 
mihi : quoniam tu es pro- 
tector meus. 

6 In manus tuas com- 
mendo spiritual meum : 
redemisti me, Domine, 
Deus veritatis. 

7 Odisti observantes 
vanitates, supervacue. 

Ego autem in Domino 
speravi : 

8 Exsultabo,etlaetabor 
in misericordia tua. 

Quoniam respexisti hu- 
militatem meam, salvasti 
de necessitatibus animam 

9 Nee conclusisti me in 
manibus inimici : statui- 
sti in loco spatioso pedes 

ID ISIiserere inei Domi- 
ne quoniam tribulor : con- 

2 Bow down thine ear to 
me : make haste to deliver 

3 And be thou my strong 
rock, and house of defence : 
that thou maycst save me. 

4 For thou art my strong 
rock, and my castle : be 
thou also my guide, and 
lead me for thy Name's 

5 Draw me out of the 
net, that they have laid 
privily for me : for thou 
art my strength. 

6 Into thy hands I com- 
mend my spirit : for thou 
h ast redeemed me, O Lord, 
thou God of truth. 

7 I have hated them 
that hold of superstitious 
vanities : and my trust 
hath been in the Lord. 

8 I will be glad, and re- 
joice in thy mercy : for 
thou hast considered my 
trouble, and hast known 
my soul in adversities. 

9 Thou hast not shut me 
up into the hand of the 
enemy : but hast set my 
feet in a large room. 

10 Have mercy upon 
me, O Lord, for 1 am in 


Day 6, 

turbatus est in ira oculus 
meus, anima mea, et ven- 
ter mens : 

11 Ouoniam defecit in 
dolore vita mea : et anni 
mei in gemitibus. 

Infirmata est in pauper- 
tate virtus mea : et ossa 
mea conturbata sunt. 

12 Super omnes inimi- 
cos meos factus sum 
opprobrium et vicinismeis 
valde : et timor notis meis. 

Qui videbant me foras 
fugerunt a me : 

13 Oblivionidatussum, 
tamquam mortuusacorde. 

Factus sum tamquam 
vas perditum : 

14 Ouoniam audivi vi- 
tuj^erationem multorum 
commorantium in cir- 
cuitu : 

In eo dum convenirent 
simul adversum me, acci- 
pere animam meam con- 
siliati sunt. 

15 Egoautem inte spe- 
ravi Domine : dixi : Deus 
meus as tu : 

trouble : and mine eye is 
consumed for very heavi- 
ness ; yea, my soul and 
my body. 

1 1 For my life is waxen 
old with heaviness : and 
my years with mourning. 

12 My strength faileth 
me, because of mine ini- 
quity : and my bones are 

13 I became a reproof 
among all mine enemies, 
but especially among my 
neighbours : and they of 
mine acquaintance were 
afraid of me ; and they 
that did see me without 
conveyed themselves from 

14 I am clean forgotten, 
as a dead man out of mind: 
I am become like a broken 

15 For I have heard the 
blasphemy of the multi- 
tude : and fear is on every 
side, while they conspire 
together against me, and 
take their counsel to take 
away my life. 

16 But my hope hath 
been in thee, O Lord : I 
have said, Thou art my 

Day 6 


16 In manibus tuis sor- 
tes meae. 

Eripe me de manu ini- 
micorum meorum, et a 
persequentibus me. 

17 lllustrafaciem tuam 
super servum tuum, sal- 
vum me fac in misericor- 
dia tua : 

18 Dominenonconfun- 
dar, quoniam invocavi te. 

Erubescant impii, et 
deducantur in infernum : 

19 Muta fiant labia do- 

Quae loquuntur adver- 
sus justum iniquitatem, in 
superbia, et in abusione. 

20 Guam magna multi- 
tude dulcedinis tuae Do- 
mine, quam abscondisti 
timentibus te. 

Perfecisti eis, qui spe- 
rant in te, in conspectu 
filiorum hominum. 

21 Abscondeseosinab- 
scondito faciei tuae a con- 
turbatione hominum. 

Proteges eos in taber- 
naculo tuo a contradic- 
tione linguarum. 

22 Benedictus Domi- 

17 My time is in thy 
hand ; deliver me from 
the handof mineenemies: 
and from them that per- 
secute me. 

18 Shew thy servant the 
light of thy countenance : 
and save me for thy mer- 
cy's sake. 

19 Let me not be con- 
founded, O Lord, for I 
have called upon thee : 
let the ungodly be put to 
confusion, and be put to 
silence in the grave. 

20 Let the lying lips 
be put to silence : which 
cruelly, disdainfully, and 
despitefully, speak against 
the righteous. 

21 O how plentiful is 
thy goodness, which thou 
hast laid up for them that 
fear thee : and that thou 
hast prepared for them 
that put their trust in thee, 
even before the sons of 
men ! 

22 Thoushalt hide them 
privily by thine own pre- 
sence from the provoking 
of all men : thou shalt 
keep them secretly in thy 
tabernacle from the strife 
of tongues. 

23 Thanks be to the 


Dav 6 

nus : quoniam mirificavit 
misericordiam suain mihi 
in civitate munita. 

23 Ego autem dixi in 
excessu mentis meae: Pro- 
jectus sum a facie oculo- 
rum tuorum. 

Ideo exaudisti vocem 
orationis meae, dum cla- 
marem ad te. 

24 Diligite Dominum 
omnes sancti ejus : quo- 
niam veritatem requiret 
Dominus, et retribuet a- 
bundanter facientibus su- 

25 Viriliter agite, et 
confortetur cor vestrum, 
omnes qui speratis in 

Lord : for he hath shewed 
me marvellous great kind- 
ness in a strong city. 

24 And when I made 
haste, I said : I am cast 
out of the sight of thine 

25 Nevertheless, thou 
heardest the voice of my 
prayer : when I cried unto 

26 O love the Lord, all 
ye his saints : for the Lord 
preserveth them that are 
faithful, and plenteously 
rewardeth the proud doer. 

27 Be strong, and he 
shall establish your heart : 
all ye that put your trust 
in the Lord. 


I Ipsi David intellectUb 

BE AT I, quonmi re- 
missae sunt iniquita- 
tes : et quorum tecta sunt 

2 Beatus vir, cui non 
imputavit Dominus pecca- 
tum, nee est in spiritu ejus 

3 Quoniam tacui inve- 

ISvcwUxQ prager. 


Beati, quorun:. 

IJLESSED is he whose 
1-^ unrighteousness is 

forgiven : and whose sin 

is covered. 

2 Blessed is the man 
unto -whom the Lord im- 
puteth no sin : and in whose 
spirit there is no guile. 

3 For while I held my 

Day 6 


teravcrunt ossa mea. diini 
clamarem tota die. 

4 Ouoniam die ac node 
gravata est super me ma- 
nus tua : conversus sum in 
aerumna mea, dum confi- 
gitur spina. 

5 Delictum meum cog- 
nitum tibi feci : et injusti- 
tiam meam non abscond i. 

Dixi : Confitebor ad- 
versum me injustitiam 
meam Domino : et tu re- 
misisti impietatem peccati 

6 Pro hac orabit ad te 
omnis sanctus, in tempore 

\'erumtamen in diluvio 
aquarum multarum, ad 
eum non approximabunt. 

7 Tu es refugium meum 
a tribulatione, quae cir- 
cumdedit me : exsultatio 
mea erue me a circumdan- 
tibus me. 

8 Intellectum tibi dabo. 
et instruam te in via hac, 
cpa gradieris : firmabo su- 
per te oculos meos. 

9 N elite fieri sicut e- 

tongue : my bones con- 
sumed away through my 
daily complaining. 

4 For thy hand is heavy 
upon me day and night : 
and my moisture is like 
the drought in summer. 

5 I will acknowledge my 
sin unto thee : and mine 
unrighteousness have I not 

6 1 said, I will confess 
my sins unto the Lord : and 
sothouforgavest the wick- 
edness of my sin. 

7 For this shall every 
one that is godly make his 
prayer unto thee, in a time 
when thou mayest be 
found : but in the great 
water-floods they shall not 
come nigh him. 

8 Thou art a place to 
hide me in, thou shalt pre- 
serve me from trouble : 
thou shalt compass me 
about with songs of deli- 

9 I will inform thee, 
and teach thee in the way 
wherein thou shalt go : 
and I will guide thee with 
mine eye. 

ID lie ye not like to 


Day 6. 

quus et mulus. quibus non 
est intellectus. 

In camo et freno maxil- 
las eorum constringe, qui 
non approximant ad te. 

10 Multa flagella pec- 
catoris, sperantem autem 
in Domino misericordia 

11 Laetamini in Do- 
mino, et exsLiltate justi, et 
gloriamini omnes recti 

horse and mule, which 
have no understanding : 
whose mouths must be 
held with bit and bridle, 
lest they fall upon thee. 

11 Great plagues re- 
main for the ungodly : but 
whoso putteth his trust 
in the Lord, mercy em- 
braceth him on every side. 

12 Be glad, O ye right- 
eous, and rejoice in the 
Lord : and be joyful, all 
ye that are true of heart. 

psALMUs xxxn. 

Psalmus David. 

EXSULTATE justi in 
Domino : rectos de- 
cet collaudatio. 

2 Confitemini Domino 
in cithara : in psalterio 
decem chordarum psallite 

3 Cantata ei canticum 
novum : bene psallite ei 
in vociferatione. 

4 Quia rectum est ver- 
bum Domini, et omnia 
opera ejus in fide. 

5 Diligit misericordiam 


Exsultate. jusff. 

IV O ye ri< 

• ICE in the Lord, 
^hteous : for 
it becometh well the just 
to be thankful. 

2 Praise the Lord with 
harp : sing praises unto 
him with the lute, and in- 
strument of ten strings. 

3 Sing unto the Lord a 
new song : sing praises 
lustily unto him with a 
good courage. 

4 For the word of the 
Lord is true : and all his 
works are faithful. 

5 He loveth righteous- 

Day 6. 

psAOr xxxii-xxxiii. 

et judicium : misericordia 
Domini plena est terra. 

6 \'erbo Domini caeli 
firmati sunt : et spiritu 
oris ejus omnis virtus eo- 

7 Congregans sicut in 
utre aquas maris : ponens 
in thesauris abyssos. 

8 Timeat Dominum o- 
mnis terra : ab eo autem 
commoveantur omnes in- 
habitantes orbem. 

9 Ouoniam ipse dixit et 
facta sunt : ipse mandavit. 
et creata sunt. 

10 Dominus dissipat 
consilia gentium : repro- 
bat autem cogitationes po- 
pulorum, et reprobat con- 
silia principum. 

11 Consilium autem 
Domini in aeternum ma- 
net : cogitationes cordis 
ejus in generatione et ge- 

12 Beata gens, cujus est 
Dominus, Deus ejus : po- 
pulus, quern elegit in here- 
ditatem sibi. 

ness and judgement : the 
earth is full of the good- 
ness of the Lord. 

6 By the word of the 
Lord were the heavens 
made : and all the hosts of 
them by the breath of his 

7 He gathereth the wa- 
ters of the sea together, 
as it were upon an heap : 
and layeth up the deep, 
as in a treasure-house. 

8 Let all the earth fear 
the Lord : stand in awe of 
him, all ye that dwell in 
the world, 

9 For he spake, and it 
was done : he commanded, 
and it stood fast. 

10 The Lord bringeth 
the counsel of the heathen 
to nought : and maketh 
the devices of the people 
to be of none effect, and 
casteth out the counsels 
of princes. 

11 The counsel of the 
Lord shall endure for ever: 
and the thoughts of his 
heart from generation to 

12 Blessed are the peo- 
ple, whose God is the Lord 
Jehovah : and blessed are 
the folk, that he hath 


Day 6. 

13 De caelo respexit 
Dominus : vidit omnes ti- 
lios hominum. 

14 De praeparatohabi- 
taculo suo respexit super 
omnes qui habitant ter- 

1 5 Qui finxit sigillatim 
corda eorum : qui intelli- 
git omnia opera eorum. 

16 Non salvaturrex per 
multam virtutem : et gi- 
gas non salvabitur in mul- 
titudine virtutis suae. 

17 P'allax equus ad sa- 
lutem : in abundantia au- 
tem virtutis suae non sal- 

18 Ecce oculi Domini 
super metuentes eum : et 
in eis qui sperant super 
misericordia ejus. 

19 Ut eruat a morte 
animas eorum : et alat 
eos in fame. 

20 Anima nostra susti- 
net Dominum : quoniam 
adjutor et protector noster 

cliosen to him to be his 

13 The Lord looked 
down from heaven, and 
beheld all the children of 
men : from the habitation 
of his dwelling he consid- 
ereth all them that dwell 
on the earth. 

14 He fashioneth all 
the hearts of them : and 
understandeth all their 

15 There is no king that 
can be saved by the mul- 
titude of an host : neither 
is any mighty man de- 
livered by much strength. 

16 A horse is counted 
but a vain thing to save a 
man : neither shall he de- 
liver any man by his great 

17 Behold, the eye of 
the Lord is upon them that 
fear him : and upon them 
that put their trust in his 
mercy ; 

1 8 To deliver their soul 
from death : and to feed 
them in the time of 

19 Our soul hath pa- 
tiently tarried for the Lord : 
for he is our help, and our 

Day 6. 


21 Quia in eo laetabitur 
cor nostrum : et in nomine 
sancto ejus speravimus. 

22 Fiatmisericordiatua 
Domine super nos : quem- 
admodum speravimus in 

20 For our heart shall 
rejoice in him : because 
we have hoped in his 
holy Name. 

21 Let thy merciful 
kindness, O Lord, be up- 
on us : like as we do put 
our trust in thee. 


I Uavi(l, cum immutavit vul- 
lum suum coram Achimelech, et 
dimisiteum,etabiit. (/ Rf^.xxi.) 

) num in omni tem- 
pore : semper laus ejus in 
ore meo. 

3 InDominolaudabitur 
anima mea : audiant man- 
sueti, et laetentur. 

4 Magnihcate Domi- 
num mecum : et exaltemus 
nomen ejus in idipsum. 

5 Exquisivi Dominum. 
et exaudivit me : et ex 
omnibus tribulationibus 
meis eripuit me. 

6 Accedite ad eum, et 
illuminamini : et facies 
vestrae non confundcntur. 

7 Iste pauper clamavit, 
et Dominus exaudivit eum: 

Benedica??! Do?n2?w. 

{WILL alway give 
thanks unto the Lord : 
his praise shall ever be in 
my mouth. 

2 My soul shall make 
her boast in the Lord : the 
humble shall hear there- 
of, and be glad. 

3 O praise the Lord with 
me : and let us magnify 
his Name together. 

4 I sought the Lord, and 
he heard me : yea, he de- 
livered me out of all my 

5 They had an eye unto 
him, and were lightened : 
and their faces were not 

6 Lo, the poor crieth, 
and the Lord heareth 


Day 6. 

et de omnibus tribulationi- 
bus ejus salvavit eum. 

8 Immittet angelus Do- 
mini in circuitu timentium 
eum : et eripiet eos. 

9 Gustate, et videte 
quoniam suavis est Domi- 
nus : beatus vir qui sperat 
in eo. 

TO Timete Dominum 
omnes sancti ejus : quo- 
niam non est inopia timen- 
tibus eum. 

11 Divites eguerunt et 
esurierunt : inquirentesau- 
tem Dominum non minu- 
entur omni bono. 

12 Venite filii, audite 
me : timorem Domini do- 
cebo vos. 

13 Ouis est homo qui 
vult vitam : diligit dies vi- 
dere bonos ? 

14 Prohibe linguam 
tuam a malo : et labia tua 
ne loquantur dolum. 

15 Diverte a malo, et 
fac bonum : inquire pa- 
cem, et persequere eam. 

16 Oculi Domini super 
justos : et aures ejus in 
preces eorum. 

him : yea, and saveth him 
out of all his troubles. 

7 The angel of the Lord 
tarrieth round about them 
that fear him : and de- 
livereth them. 

8 O taste, and see, how- 
gracious the Lord is : 
blessed is the man that 
trusteth in him. 

9 O fear the Lord, ye 
that are his saints : for 
they that fear him lack 

10 The lions do lack, 
and suffer hunger : but 
they who seek the Lord 
shall want no manner of 
thing that is good. 

11 Come, ye children, 
and hearken unto me : I 
will teach you the fear of 
the Lord. 

12 What man is he that 
lusteth to live : and would 
fain see good days ? 

13 Keep thy tongue 
from evil : and thy lips, 
that they speak no guile. 

14 Eschew evil, and do 
good : seek peace, and en- 
sue it. 

15 Theeyesof the Lord 
are over the righteous : 
and his ears are open unto 
their prayers. 

Day 6. 


17 Vultiis autem Do- 
mini super facientes mala : 
ut perdat de terra memo- 
riam eorum. 

18 Clamaverunt justi, 
et Dominusexaudivit eos : 
et ex omnibus tribulatio- 
nibus eorum liberavit cos. 

19 Juxta est Dominus 
iis qui tribulato sunt cor- 
de : et humiles spiritu sal- 

20 Multae tribulationes 
justorum : et de omnibus 
his liberabit eos Dominus. 

21 Custodit Dominus 
omnia ossa eorum : unum 
ex his non conteretur. 

22 Mors peccatorum 
pessima : et qui oderunl 
justum delinquent. 

23 Redimet Dominus 
animas servorum suorum : 
et non delinquent omnes 
qui sperant in eo. 

16 The countenance of 
the Lord is against them 
that do evil : to root out 
the remembrance of them 
from the earth. 

17 The righteous cry, 
and the Lord h caret h 
them .-anddelivereth them 
out of all their troubles. 

1 8 The Lord is nigh un- 
to them that are of a con- 
trite heart : and will save 
such as be of an humble 

19 Great are the trou- 
bles of the righteous : but 
the Lord delivereth him 
out of all. 

20 He keepeth all his 
bones : so that not one of 
them is broken. 

21 But misfortune shall 
slay the ungodly : and 
they that hate the right- 
eous shall be desolate. 

22 The Lord delivereth 
the souls of his servants : 
and all they that put their 
trust in him shall not be 




JUDICA Domine no- 
centes me, expugna 
impugnantes me. 

2 Apprehende arma et 
scutum : et exsurge in ad- 
jutorium mihi. 

3 Effuiide frameam, et 
conclude adversus eos qui 
persequuntur me : die ani- 
mae meae : Salus tua ego 

4 Confundantur et re- 
vereantur quaerentes ani- 
mam meam. 

Avertantur retrorsum. 
et confundantur cogitantes 
mihi mala. 

5 Fiant tamquam pulvis 
ante faciem venti : et an- 
gelus Domini coarctans 

6 Fiat via illorum tene- 
brae et lubricum : et an- 
gelus Domini persequens 

7 Ouoniam gratis abs- 
conderunt mihi interitum 

/Iftorning prater. 

J u die a, no))unc. 

1J> LEAD thou my cause, 
O Lord, with them 
that strive with me : and 
fight thou against them 
that fight against me. 

2 Lay hand upon the 
shield and buckler : and 
stand up to help me. 

3 Bring forth the spear, 
and stop the way against 
them that persecute me : 
say unto my soul, I am thy 

4 Let them be con- 
founded, and put to shame, 
that seek after my soul : 
let them be turned back, 
and brought to confusion, 
that imagine mischief for 

5 Let them be as the 
dust before the wind : and 
the angel of the Lord 
scattering them. 

6 Let their way be dark 
and slippery : and let the 
angel of the Lord perse- 
cute them. 

7 For they have privily 
laid their net to destroy 




laquei sui : supervacue 
exprobraverunt animam 

8 Veniat illi laqueus 
quern igiiorat : et captio, 
quam abscondit, appre- 
hendat eum :etin laqueum 
cadat in ipsum. 

9 Anima autcni mea 
exsultabit in Domino : et 
delectabitur super salutari 

ID Omnia ossa mea di- 
cent : Domine, quis similis 

Eripiens inopem de 
manu fortiorum ejus : ege- 
num et pauperem a diri- 
pientibus eum. 

1 1 Surgentes testes ini- 
qui,quae ignorabaminter- 
rogabant me. 

12 Retribuebant mihi 
mala pro bonis : sterilita- 
tem animae meae. 

13 Ego autcm cum mihi 
molesti essent, induebar 

Humiliabam in jejunio 
animam meam : et oratio 
mea in sinu meo conver- 

me without a cause : yea, 
even without a cause have 
they made a pit for my 

8 Let a sudden destruc- 
tion come upon him un- 
awares, and his net, that 
he hath laid privily, catch 
himself : that he may fall 
into his own mischief. 

9 And, my soul, be joy- 
ful in the Lord : it shall re- 
joice in his salvation. 

10 All my bones shall 
say, Lord, who is like un- 
to thee, who deliverest the 
poor from him that is too 
strong for him : yea, the 
poor, and him that is in 
misery, from him that 
spoileth him ? 

1 1 False witnesses did 
rise up : they laid to my 
charge things that I knew 

12 They rewarded me 
evil for good : to the great 
discomfort of my soul. 

13 Nevertheless, when 
they were sick, I put on 
sackcloth, and humbled 
my soul with fasting : and 
my prayer shall turn into 
mine own bosom. 



14 Quasi proximum, et 
quasi fratrem nostrum, sic 
complacebam : quasi lu- 
gens et contristatus sic 

1 5 Et adversum me lae- 
tati sunt, et convenerunt : 
congregata sunt super me 
flagella, et ignoravi. 

16 Dissipati sunt, nee 
compuncti, tentaverunt 
me, subsannaverunt me 
subsannatione : frendue- 
runt super me dentibus 

17 Domine quando re- 
spicies ? restitue animam 
meam a malignitate eo- 
rum, a leonibus unicam 

18 Confitebor tibi in 
ecclesia magna, in populo 
gravi laudabo te. 

19 Non supergaudeant 
mihi qui adversantur mihi 
inique : qui oderunt me 
gratis et annuunt oculis. 

20 Ouoniam mihi qui- 
dem pacifice loquebantur : 

14 I behaved myself as 
though it had been my 
friend, or my brother : 
I went heavily, as one 
that mourneth for his 

15 But in mine adver- 
sity they rejoiced, and 
gathered themselves to- 
gether ; yea, the very 
abjects came together 
against me unawares, 
making mowes at me, 
and ceased not. 

16 With the flatterers 
were busy mockers : who 
gnashed upon me with 
their teeth. 

17 Lord, how long wilt 
thou look upon this : O 
deliver my soul from the 
calamities which they 
bring on me, and my dar- 
ling from the lions. 

18 So will I give thee 
thanks in the great con- 
gregation : I will praise 
thee among much people. 

19 O let not them that 
are mine enemies triumph 
over me ungodly : neither 
let them wink with their 
eyes that hate me without 
a cause. 

20 And why. Hheir com- 
muning is not for peace : 


Day 7. 


et in iracLindia teirae lo- 
quentes, dolos cogitabant. 

21 Etdilataverunt super 
me OS suLim ; dixerunt : 
Euge, euge, vidcrunt oculi 

22 Vidisti Dominc, nc 
sileas : Domiiie ne disce- 
das a me. 

23 Exsurge et intende 
JLidicio meo : Deus meus 
et Dominns meus in cau- 
sam meam. 

24 Judica me secundum 
justitiam tuam Domine 
Deus meus, et non super- 
gaudeant mihi. 

25 Xondicant in cordi- 
bus suis, Euge, euge, ani- 
mae nostrae : nee dicant, 
Devoravimus euni. 

26 Erubcscant et reve- 
reantur simul, qui gratn- 
lantur malis meis. 

Induantur confusione et 
reverentia qui magna lo- 
quuntur super me, 

27 Exsultentetlaetentur 
qui volunt justitiam meam: 
et dicant semper, Magni- 

but they imagine deceitful 
words against them that 
are quiet in the land. 

21 They gaped upon me 
with their mouths, and 
said : Fie on thee, fie on 
thee, we saw it with our 

22 This thou hast seen, 
O Lord : hold not thy 
tongue then, go not far 
from me, O Lord, 

23 Awake, and stand 
up to judge my quarrel : 
avenge thou my cause, my 
God, and my Lord. 

24 Judge me, O Lord 
my (iod, according to thy 
righteousness : and let 
them not triumph over 

25 Let them not say in 
their hearts, There, there, 
so would we ha\e it : nei- 
ther let them say. We ha\c 
devoured him, 

26 Let them be put to 
confusion and shame to- 
gether, that rejoice at my 
trouble : let them be cloth- 
ed with rebuke and dis- 
honour, that boast them- 
selves against me. 

27 Let them be glad 
and rejoice, that favour my 
righteous dealing : yea, let 



ficetur Dominus, qui vo- 
lunt pacem servi ejus. 

28 Et linguameamedi- 
tabitur justitiam tuam, tota 
die laudem tuam. 

them say alway, Blessed 
be the Lord, who hath 
pleasure in the prosperity 
of his servant. 

28 And as for my tongue, 
it shall be talking of thy 
righteousness : and of thy 
praise all the day long. 


I In finein, servo Domini ipsi 

DIXIT injustus ut de- 
linquat in semetipso : 
non est timor Dei ante 
oculos ejus. 

3 Ouoniam dolose egit 
in conspectu ejus : ut in- 
veniatur iniquitas ejus ad 

4 \'erba oris ejus ini- 
quitas, et dolus : noluit 
intellisrere ut bene ageret. 

5 Iniquitatemmeditatus 
est in cubili suo : astitit 
omni viae non bonae, ma- 
litiam autem non odivit. 

6 Domine in caelo mi- 
sericordia tua : et Veritas 
tua usque ad nubes. 

/J/x'i^ injustus. 

MY heart sheweth me 
the wickedness of 
the ungodly : that there 
is no fear ofGod before his 

2 For he flattereth him- 
self in his own sight : until 
his abominable sin be 
found out. 

3 The words of his 
mouth are unrighteous, 
and full of deceit : he hath 
left off to behave himself 
wisely, and to do good, 

4 He imagineth mis- 
chief upon his bed, and 
hath set himself in no good 
way : neither doth he ab- 
hor any thing that is evil. 

5 Thy mercy, O Lord, 
reacheth unto the hea- 
vens : and thy faithfulness 
unto the clouds. 

Day 7, 


7 Justitia tua sicut nion- 
tes Dei : judicia tua abys- 
sus multa. 

Homines et jumenta 
salvabis Domine : 

8 Quemadmodum mul- 
tiplicasti misericordiam 
tuam Deus. 

Filii autem hominum 
in tegmine alarum tuarum 

9 Inebriabuntur ab u- 
bertate domus tuae : et 
torrente voluptatis tuae 
potabis eos. 

10 Ouoniamapudleest 
fons vitae : et in lumine 
tuo videbimus lumen. 

11 Praetende misericor- 
diam tuam scientibus te, 
et justitiam tuam his, qui 
recto sunt corde. 

12 Xon veniat mihi pes 
superbiae : et manus pec- 
catoris non moveat me. 

13 Ibi ceciderunt qui 
operanturiniquitatem : cx- 
pulsi sunt, nee potuerunt 

6 Thy righteousness 
standeth like the strong 
mountains : thy judge- 
ments are like the great 

7 Thou, Lord, shalt 
save both man and beast ; 
How excellent is thy mer- 
cy, O God : and the chil- 
dren of men shall put their 
trust under the shadow of 
thy wings. 

8 They shall be satisfied 
with the plenteousness of 
thy house : and thou shalt 
give them drink of thy 
pleasures, as out of the 

9 For with thee is the 
well of life : and in thy 
light shall we see light. 

10 O continue forth thy 
loving-kindness unto them 
that know thee : and thy 
righteousness unto them 
that are true of heart. 

11 O let not the foot of 
pride come against me : 
and let not the hand of 
the ungodly cast me down. 

12 There are they fall- 
en, all that work wicked- 
ness : they are cast down, 
and shall not be able to 




I Psalmus ip«»i David. 

N' OLI aemulari in ma- 
lignantibus : neque 
zelaveris facientes iniqui- 

2 Ouoniam tamquam 
foenumvelociterarescent : 
et quemadmodum olera 
herbarum cito decident. 

3 Spera in Domino, et 
fac bonitatem : et inhabita 
terram, et pasceris in di- 
vitiis ejus. 

4 Delectare in Domino : 
et dabit tibi petitiones cor- 
dis tui. 

5 Revela Domino viam 
tuam, et spera in eo : et 
ipse faciet. 

6 Et educet quasi lumen 
justitiam tuam : et judi- 
cium tuum tamquam me- 

7 Subditus esto Domi- 
no, et ora eum. 

Noli aemulari in eo, qui 
prosperatur in via sua : in 
homine faciente injusti- 

Evening prater. 

Noli aemulari, 

17 RET not thyself be- 
-l cause of the ungodly : 
neither be thou envious 
against the evildoers. 

2 For they shall soon 
be cut down like the grass : 
and be withered even as 
the green herb. 

3 Put thou thy trust in 
the Lord, and be doing 
good : dwell in the land, 
and verily thou shalt be 

4 Delight thou in the 
Lord : and he shall give 
thee thy heart's desire. 

5 Commit thy way unto 
the Lord, and put thy trust 
in him : and he shall bring 
it to pass. 

6 He shall make thy 
righteousness as clear as 
the light : and thy just 
dealing as the noon-day. 

7 Hold thee still in the 
Lord, and abide patiently 
upon him : but grieve not 
thyself at him, whose way 
doth prosper, against the 
man that doeth after evil 

l)\v - 


8 Desine ab ira, et de- 
relinque furorem : noli 
aemulari ut maligneris. 

9 Ouoniam qui malig- 
nantur exterminabuntur : 
sustinentes autem Domi- 
num, ipsi hereditabunt 

10 Et adhuc pusillum, 
et non erit peccator : et 
quaeres locum ejus, et non 

11 Mansueti autem he- 
reditabunt terram, et de- 
lectabuntur in multitudine 

12 Observabit peccator 
justum : et stridebit super 
cum dentibus suis. 

13 Dominus autem ir- 
ridebit eum : quoniam pro- 
spicit quod veniet dies 

14 Gladium evaginave- 
runt peccatores : intende- 
runt arcum suum, 

Ut dejiciant pauperem 
et inopem : ut trucident 
rectos corde. 

15 Gladius eorum in- 
tret in corda ipsorum : et 
arcus eorum confringatur. 

8 Leave oft" from wrath, 
and let go displeasure : 
fret not thyself, else shalt 
thou be moved to do evil. 

9 Wicked doers shall be 
rooted out : and they that 
patiently abide the Lord, 
those shall inherit the land. 

10 Yet a little while, and 
the ungodly shall be clean 
gone: thou shalt look after 
his place, and he shall be 

1 1 Butthe meek-spirited 
shall possess the earth : 
and shall be refreshed in 
the multitude of peace. 

12 The ungodly seeketh 
counsel against the just : 
and gnasheth upon him 
with his teeth. 

13 The Lord shall laugh 
him to scorn : for he hath 
seen that his day is com- 

14 The ungodly have 
drawn out the sword, and 
have bent their bow : to 
cast down the poor and 
needy, and to slay such as 
are of a right conversation. 

15 Their sword shall go 
through their own heart : 
and their bow shall be 


i6 A small thing that 
the righteous hath : is 
better than great riches of 
the ungodly. 

1 7 For the arms of the 
ungodly shall be broken : 
and the Lord upholdeth 
the righteous. 

18 The Lord knoweth 
the days of the godly ; and 
their inheritance shall en- 
dure for ever. 

1 9 They shall not be con- 
founded in the perilous 
time : and in the days of 
dearth they shall have 

20 As for the ungodly, 
they shall perish : and the 
enemies of the Lord shall 
consume as thefat of lambs: 
yea, even as the smoke, 
shall they consume away. 

21 The ungodly borrow- 
eth, and payeth not again : 
but the righteous is mer- 
ciful, and liberal. 

22 Such as are blessed of 
God shall possess the land : 
and they that are cursed of 
him shall be rooted out. 

23 The Lord ordereth 
a good man's going : and 
maketh his way accept- 
able to himself. 

16 Melius est modicum 
justo, super divitias pec- 
catorum multas. 

17 Ouoniam brachia 
peccatorum conterentur : 
confirmat autem justos 

18 Novit Dominus dies 
immaculatorum : et here- 
ditas eorum in aeternum 

19 Xon confundentur 
in tempore malo, et in 
diebus famis saturabun- 
tur : 

20 Quia peccatores pe- 

Inimici vero Domini 
mox ut honorihcati fuerint 
et exaltati : deficientes, 
quemadmodum fumus de- 

21 Mutuabitur pecca- 
tor, et non solvet : Justus 
autem miseretur et tribuet. 

22 Quia benedicentes 
ei hereditabunt ten-am : 
maledicentes autem ei dis- 

23 Apud Dominum 
gressus hominis dirigen- 
tur : et viam ejus volet. 



24 Cum ceciderit, non 
collidetur : quia Dominus 
supponit manum suam. 

25 Junior fui, etenim 
senui : et non vidi justum 
derelictum, nee semen 
ejus quaerens panem. 

26 Tota die miseretur 
et commodat : et semen 
illius in benedictione erit. 

27 Declina a malo, et 
fac bonum : et inhabita in 
saeculum saeculi. 

28 Quia Dominus amat 
judicium, et non derelin- 
quet sanctos suos : in 
aeternum conservabuntur. 

Injusti punientur : et 
semen impiorum peribit. 

29 Justi autem heredi- 
tabunt terram : et inhabi- 
tabunt in saeculum saeculi 
super eam. 

30 Os justi meditabitur 
sapientiam, et lingua ejus 
loquetur judicium. 

31 Lex Dei ejus incorde 
ipsius : et non supplanta- 
buntur gressus ejus. 

32 Con?iderat peccator 

24 Though he fall, he 
shall not be cast away : 
for the Lord upholdeth 
him with his hand. 

25 I have been young, 
and now am old : and yet 
saw I never the righteous 
forsaken, nor his seed 
begging their bread. 

26 The righteous is ever 
merciful, and lendeth : and 
his seed is blessed. 

27 Flee from evil, and 
do the thing that is good : 
and dwell for evermore. 

28 For the Lord loveth 
the thing that is right : 
he forsaketh not his that 
be godly, but they are 
preserved for ever. 

29 The unrighteous 
shall be punished : as for 
the seed of the ungodly, it 
shall be rooted out. 

30 The righteous shall 
inherit the land : and dwell 
therein for ever. 

31 The mouth of the right- 
eous is exercised in wis- 
dom : and his tongue will 
be talking of judgement. 

32 The law of his God 
is in his heart : and his 
goings shall not slide. 

33 The ungodly seeth 


justum : et quaerit mortl- 
ficare eum. 

33 Dominus autem non 
derelinquet eum in mani- 
bus ejus : nee damnabit 
eum cum judicabitur illi. 

34 Exspecta Dominum 
et custodi viam ejus : et 
exaltabit te ut hereditate 
capias terram : cum perie- 
rint peccatores, videbis. 

35 Vidi impium super- 
exaltatum, et elevatum 
sicut cedros Libani. 

36 Et transivi, et ecce 
non erat : et quaesivi eum, 
et non est inventus locus 

37 Custodi innocen- 
tiam, et vide aequitatem : 
quoniam sunt reliquiae 
homini pacifico, 

SS Injusti autem dispe- 
ribunt simul : reliquiae 
impiorum interibunt. 

39 Salus autem justorum 
a Domino : et protector 
eorum in tempore tribula- 

the righteous : and seeketh 
occasion to slay him. 

34 The Lord will not 
leave him in his hand : 
nor condemn him when 
he is judged. 

35 Hope thou in the 
Lord, and keep his way, 
and he shall promote thee, 
that thou shalt possess the 
land : when the ungodly 
shall perish, thou shalt see 

36 I myself have seen 
the ungodly in great 
power : and flourishing 
like a green bay tree. 

37 I went by, and lo, he 
was gone : I sought him, 
but his place could no 
where be found. 

38 Keep innocency, and 
take heed unto the thing 
that is right : for that 
shall bring a man peace 
at the last. 

39 As for the transgres- 
sors, they shall perish to- 
gether : and the end of 
the ungodly is, they shall 
be rooted out at the last. 

40 But the salvation of 
the righteous cometh of 
the Lord : who is also 
their strength in the time 
of trouble. 


40 Et adjuvabil cos Do- 
minus, et liberabit eos : et 
eriiet eos a peccatoribus, 
et salvabit eos : quia spe- 
raverunt in eo. 

41 And the Lord shall 
stand by them, and save 
them : he shall deliver 
them from the ungodly, 
and shall save them, be- 
cause they put their trust 
in him. 


I\ OMINE ne in furore 
/ tuoarguasme,nequc 
in ira tua corripias me. 

3 Quoniam sagittae 
tuae infixae sunt mihi : 
et confirmasti super me 
manum tuam. 

4 Non est sanitas in 
carne mea a facie irae tuae : 
non est pax ossibus meis 
a facie peccatorum meo- 

5 Quoniam iniquitates 
meae supergressae sunt 
caput meum : et sicut onus 
grave gravatae sunt super 

6 Putruerunt et cor- 
ruptae sunt cicatrices 
meae, a facie insipientiae 

/Iftornlng tpca^cr. 

I'SAl.M WW Mi. 
IhoniH.--. Hr in furor--. 

1) UT me not to rebuke, 
O Lord, in thine 
anger : neither chasten me 
in thy heavy displeasure. 

2 For thine arrows slick 
fast in me : and thy hand 
presseth me sore. 

3 There is no health in 
my flesh, because of thy 
displeasure : neither is 
there any rest in my bones, 
by reason of my sin. 

4 For my wickednesses 
are gone o\er my head : 
and are like a sore burden, 
too heavy for me to bear. 

5 Tvly wounds stink, and 
are corrupt : through my 


7 Miser factus sum, et 
curvatus sum usque in fi- 
nem : tota die contristatus 

8 Ouoniam lumbi mei 
impleU sunt illusionibus : 
et non est sanitas in carne 

9 Afflictus sum, et hu- 
miliatus sum nimis : rugie- 
bam a gemitu cordis mei. 

10 Uomine, ante te 
omne desiderium meum : 
et gemitus meus a te non 
est absconditus. 

1 1 Cor meum contur- 
batum est. dereliquit me 
virtus mea : et lumen ocu- 
lorum meorum, et ipsum 
non est mecum. 

12 Amici mei, et proxi- 
mi mei adversum me ap- 
propinquaverunt, et stete- 

Et qui juxta me erant, 
de longe steterunt : 

13 Et vim faciebant 
qui quaerebant animam 

Et qui inquirebant mala 
mihijlocutisuntvanitates : 
et dolos tota die medita- 

1 4 Ego autem tamquam 
surdus non audiebam : et 

6 I am brought into so 
great trouble and misery : 
that I go mourning all 
the day long. 

7 For my loins are filled 
with a sore disease : and 
there is no whole part in 
my body. 

8 I am feeble, and sore 
smitten : I have roared 
for the very disquietness 
of my heart. 

9 Lord, thou knowest 
all my desire : and my 
groaning is not hid from 

10 My heart panteth, 
my strength hath failed 
me : and the sight of mine 
eyes is gone from me. 

11 My lovers and my 
neighbours did stand 
looking upon my trouble : 
and my kinsmen stood 
afar off. 

12 They also that sought 
after my life laid snares 
for me : and they that 
went about to do me evil 
talked of wickedness, and 
imagined deceit all the 
day long. 

13 As for me, I was like 
a deaf man, and heard not : 


sicut mutus non apenens 
OS suum. 

15 Et factus sum sicut 
homo non audiens : et non 
habens in ore suo redar- 

16 Ouoniam in te Do- 
mine speravi : tu exaudies 
me Domine Deus meus. 

17 Quia dixi : Nequan- 
do supergaudeant mihi 
inimici mei : et dum com- 
moventur pedes mei, super 
me magna locuti sunt. 

18 Ouoniam ego in fla- 
gella paratus sum : et dolor 
meus in conspectu meo 

19 Ouoniam iniquitatem 
meam annuntiabo : et co- 
gitabo pro peccato meo. 

20 Inimici autem mei 
vivunt, et confirmati sunt 
super me : et multiplicati 
sunt qui oderunt me ini- 

21 Qui retribuunt mala 
pro bonis, detrahebant 
mihi : quoniam sequebar 

22 Ne derelinquas me 
Domine Deus meus : ne 
discesseris a me. 

and as one that is dumb, 
who doth not open his 

14 I became even as a 
man that heareth not : 
and in whose mouth are 
no reproofs. 

15 For in thee, O Lord, 
have I put my trust : thou 
shalt answer for me, O 
Lord my God. 

16 I have required that 
they, even mine enemies, 
should not triumph over 
me : for when my foot 
slipped, they rejoiced 
greatly against me. 

17 And I, truly, am set 
in the plague : and my 
heaviness is ever in my 

1 8 For I will confess my 
wickedness : and be sorry 
for my sin. 

19 But mine enemies 
live, and are mighty : and 
they that hate me wrong- 
fully are many in number. 

20 They also that reward 
evil for good are against 
me : because I follow the 
thing that good is. 

21 Forsake me not, O 
Lord my God : be not thou 
far from me. 


23 Intende in adjuto- 
rium meum, DomineDeus 
salutis meae. 

22 Haste thee to help 
me : O Lord God of my 


I In finern, ipsi Idithun, Caiiti- 
cum David. 

DIXI, Custodiam vias 
meas : ut non delin- 
quam in lingua mea. 

PosLii ori meo custodiam 
cum consisteret peccator 
adversum me. 

3 Obmutui, et humilia- 
tus sum, et silui a bonis : 
et dolor meus renovatus 

4 Concaluit cor meum 
intra me : et in medita- 
tione mea exardescet ig- 

5 Locutus sum in lingua 
mea : Notum fac mihi IJo- 
mine finem meum. 

Et numerum dierum 
meorum quis est : ut sciam 
quid desit mihi. 

6 Eccemensurabilespo- 
suisti dies meos : et sub- 
stantia mea tanquam ni- 
hilum ante te. 


Dixi^ custudiaiiL. 

IS AID, I will take heed 
to my ways : that I 
offend not in my tongue. 

2 I will keep my mouth 
as it were with a bridle : 
while the ungodly is in my 

3 I held my tongue, and 
spake nothing : I kept si- 
lence, yea, even from good 
words ; but it was pain 
and grief to me. 

4 My heart was hot with- 
in me, and while I was 
thus musing the fire kin- 
dled : and at the last I 
spake with my tongue ; 

5 Lord, let me know 
mine end, and the num- 
ber of my days : that I 
may be certified how long 
I have to live. 

6 Behold, thou hast 
made my days as it were 
a span long : and mine age 
is even as nothing in re- 

Day 8. 


\'erumtamen univeisa 
vanitas, omnis homo vi- 

7 Verumtamen in ima- 
gine pertransit homo : sed 
et frustra conturbatur. 

Thesaurizat : et ignorat 
cui congregabit ea. 

8 Et nunc quae est ex- 
spectatio mea? nonne Do- 
minus ? et substantia mea 
apud te est. 

9 Ab omnibus iniqui- 
tatibus meis erue me : op- 
probrium insipienti dedisti 

10 Obmutui, et non a- 
perui OS meum, quoniam 
tu fecisti : 

1 1 Amove a me plagas 

12 Afortitudine manus 
tuae ego defeci in increpa- 
tionibus : propter iniquita- 
tem corripuisti hominem. 

Et tabescere fecisti sicut 
araneam animam ejus : 
verumtamen vane contur- 
batur omnis homo. 

13 Exaudi orationem 
meam Domine, et depre- 
cationem meam : auribus 
percipe lacrymas meas. 

Ne sileas : quoniam ad- 

spect of thee ; and verily 
ever)' man living is alto- 
gether vanity. 

7 For man walketh in a 
vain shadow, and disquiet- 
eth himself in vain : he 
heapeth up riches, and 
cannot tell who shall ga- 
ther them. 

8 And now, Lord, what 
is my hope : truly my hope 
is even in thee. 

9 Deliver me from all 
mine offences : and make 
me not a rebuke unto the 

10 I became dumb, and 
opened not my mouth : 
for it was thy doing. 

11 Take thy plague 
away from me : I am even 
consumed by the means of 
thy heavy hand. 

12 When thou with re- 
bukes dost chasten man 
for sin, thou makest his 
beauty to consume away, 
like as it were a moth fret- 
ting a garment : every man 
therefore is but vanity. 

13 Hear my prayer, O 
Lord, and with thine ears 
consider my calling : hold 
not thy peace at my tears. 

14 For 1 am a stranger 


Day 8. 

vena ego sum apud te, et 
peregrinus, sicut omnes 
patres mei. 

14 Remitte mihi, ut re- 
frigererpriusquam abeam, 
et amplius non ero. 

with thee : and a sojourn- 
er, as all my fathers were. 
15 O spare me a little, 
that I may recover my 
strength : before I go 
hence, and be no more 


' In finem, Psalmus ipsi David 


*^ ^ spectavi Dominum, 
et intendit mihi. 

3 Et exaudivit preces 
meas : et eduxit me de 
lacu miseriae, et de luto 

Et statuit super petram 
pedes meos : et direxit 
gressus meos. 

4 Et immisit inosmeum 
canticum novum, carmen 
Deo nostro. 

Videbunt multi, et time- 
bunt : et sperabunt in Do- 

5 Beatus vir cujus est 
nomen Domini spes ejus : 
et non respexit in vanita- 
tes et insanias falsas. 

6 MultafecistituDomi- 
ne Deub mens mirabilia 


Exspccians cxspcciavi. 

T WAITED patiently for 
* the Lord : and he in- 
clined unto me, and heard 
my calling. 

2 He brought me also out 
of the horrible pit, out of 
the mire and clay : and 
set my feet upon the rock, 
and ordered my goings. 

3 And he hath put a 
new song in my mouth : 
even a thanksgiving unto 
our God. 

4 Many shall see it, and 
fear : and shall put their 
trust in the Lord. 

5 Blessed is the man 
that hath set his hope in 
the Lord : and turned not 
unto the proud, and to such 
as go about with lies. 

6 O Lord my God , great 
are the wondrous works 

Day S. 


tua : et cogitationibiis tuis 
non est qui similis sit tibi. 

Annuntiavi et locutus 
sum : multiplicati sunt 
super numerum. 

7 Sacrificium et obla- 
tionem noluisti : aures au- 
tem perfecisti mihi. 

Holocaustum et pro pec- 
cato non postulasti : 

8 Tunc dixi, Ecce ve- 

In capite libri scriptum 
est de me, 

9 Ut facerem volunta- 
tem tuam : Deus meus 
volui, et legem tuam in 
medio cordis mei. 

10 Annuntiavijustitiam 
tuam in ecclesia magna, 
ecce labia mea non prohi- 
bebo : Domine tu scisti. 

II Justitiam tuam non 
abscond i in corde meo : 
veritatem tuam et salutare 
tuum dixi. 

Xon abscondi miseri- 

which thou hast done, like 
as be also thy thoughts 
which are to us-\vard : 
and yet there is no man 
that ordereth them unto 

7 If I should declare 
them, and speak of them : 
they should be more than 
I am able to express. 

8 Sacrifice, and meat- 
offering, thou wouldest 
not : but mine ears hast 
thou opened. 

9 Burnt-offerings, and 
sacrifice for sin, hast thou 
not required : then said I, 
Lo, I come. 

10 In the volume of the 
book it is written of me, 
that I should fulfil thy will, 
O my Ciod : 1 am content 
to do it ; yea, thy law is 
within my heart. 

11 I have declared thy 
righteousness in the great 
congregation : lo, I will 
not refrain my lips, O 
Lord, and that thou know- 

12 I have not hid thy 
righteousness within my 
heart : my talk hath been 
of thy truth, and of thy 

13 I have not kept back 


Day .^. 

cordiam tuam, et veritatem 
tuam a concilio multo. 

12 Tu autem Domine 
ne longe facias misera- 
tiones tuas a me : miseri- 
cordia tua et Veritas tua 
semper susceperunt me. 

13 Ouoniam circumde- 
derunt me mala, quorum 
non est numerus : com- 
prehenderunt me iniqui- 
tates meae, et non potui 
ut viderem. 

Multiplicatae sunt super 
capillos capitis mei : et 
cor meum dereliquit me. 

14 Complaceattibi Do- 
mineuteruasme : Domine, 
ad adjuvandum me re- 

15 Confundantur et re- 
vereantur simul, qui quae- 
runt animam meam, ut 
auferant eam. 

Convertantur retror- 
sum, et revereantur qui 
volunt mihi mala. 

16 Ferant confestim 
confusion em suam, qui 
dicunt mihi : Euge, euge. 

17 Exsultent et lae- 
tentur super te omnes 
quaerentes te ; et dicant 

thy loving mercy and 
truth : from the great 

14 Withdraw not thou 
thy mercy from me, O 
Lord : let thy loving-kind- 
ness and thy truth ahvay 
preserve me. 

15 For innumerable 
troubles are come about 
me : my sins have taken 
such hold upon me that I 
am not able to look up : 
yea, they are more in 
number than the hairs of 
my head, and my heart 
hath failed me. 

16 O Lord, let it be thy 
pleasure to deliver me : 
make haste, O Lord, to 
help me, 

17 Let them be asham- 
ed, and confounded to- 
gether, that seek after my 
soul todestroy it : let them 
be driven backward, and 
put to rebuke, that wish 
me evil. 

18 Let them be deso- 
late, and rewarded with 
shame : that say unto me. 
Fie upon thee, fie upon 

19 Let all those that 
seek thee be joyful and 
glad in thee : and let such 

Day 8. 


semper, Magnificetur Do- 
minus, qui diligunt salu- 
tare tuum. 

i8 Egoautemmendiciis 
sum et pauper : Dominus 
soUicitus est mei. 

Adjutor meus et pro- 
tector meus tu es : Deus 
meus ne tardaveris. 

as love thy salvation say 
alway, The Lord be prais- 

20 As for me, I am poor 
and needy : but the Lord 
careth for me. 

21 Thou art my helper 
and redeemer : make no 
long tarrying, O my God. 


1 In linem, Psalmus ipsi iJaviil, 

BEATUS qui intelligit 
super egenum et pau- 
perem : in die mala libera- 
bit eum Dominus. 

3 Dominus conservet 
eum, et vivificet eum, et 
beatum faciat eum in ter- 
ra : et non tradat eum in 
animam inimicorum ejus. 

4 Dominus opem ferat 
illi super lectum doloris 
ejus : universum stratum 
ejus versasti in infirmitate 

5 Ego dixi, Domine 
miserere mei : sana ani- 
mam meam, quia peccavi 

6 Ininiici mei dixerunt 

jSvening prater, 

l\sALAI XLi. 

Beat us qui inielligit, 

T>LESSED is he that 
I ) considereth the poor 
and needy : the Lord shall 
deliver him in the time of 

2 The Lord preserve 
him, and keep him alive, 
that he may be blessed 
upon earth : and deliver 
not thou him into the will 
of his enemies. 

3 The Lord comfort 
him, when he lieth sick 
upon his bed : make thou 
all his bed in his sickness. 

4 I said, Lord, be mer- 
ciful unto me : heal my 
soul, for I have sinned 
against thee. 

5 Mine enemies speak 


Day 8. 

mala mihi : Ouando mo- 
rietur, et peribit nomen 

ejus ? 

7 Et si ingrediebatur 
ut videret, vana loqueba- 
tur, cor ejus congregavit 
iniquitatem sibi. 

Egrediebatur foras et 

8 In idipsum. 
Adversum me susurra- 

bunt omnes inimici mei : 
adversum me cogitabant 
mala mihi. 

9 Verbum iniquum con- 
stituerunt adversum me : 
Numquid qui dormit non 
adjiciet ut resurgat? 

10 Etenim homo pacis 
meae, in quo speravi : qui 
edebat panes meos, mag- 
nificavit super me sup- 

11 Tu autem Domine 
miserere mei, et resuscita 
me : et retribuam eis. 

12 In hoc cognovi quo- 
niam voluisti me : quo- 
niam non gaudebit inimi- 
cus mens super me. 

13 Me autem propter 
innocentiam suscepisti : et 
confirmasti me in con- 
spectu tuo in aeternum. 

evil of me : when shall he 
die, and his name perish .- 

6 And if he come to see 
me, he speaketh vanity : 
and his heart conceiveth 
falsehood within himself, 
and when he cometh forth 
he telleth it. 

7 All mine enemies 
whisper together against 
me : even against me do 
they imagine this evil. 

8 Let the sentence of 
guiltiness proceed against 
him : and now that he 
lieth, let him rise up no 

9 Yea, even mine own 
familiar friend, whom I 
trusted : who did also eat 
of my bread, hath laid 
great wait for me. 

10 But be thou merci- 
ful unto me, O Lord : 
raise thou me up again, 
and I shall reward them. 

11 By this I know thou 
favourest me : that mine 
enemy doth not triumph 
against me. 

12 And when I am in 
my health, thou upholdest 
me : and shalt set me be- 
fore thv Jace for e\ er. 

Day 8. 


14 BenedictusDominus 
Deus I srael a saeculo,et us- 
que in saeculum : fiat, fiat. 

13 Blessed be the Lord 
Ciod of Israel : world with- 
out end. Amen. 


1 In finem, IntellectusfiliisCore. 

\^ desiderat cervus ad 
fontes aquarum : ita desi- 
derat anima mea ad te 

3 Sitivit anima mea ad 
Deum fortem vivum : 
quando veniam et ap- 
parebo ante faciem Dei ? 

4 Fuerunt mihi lacry- 
mae meae panes die ac 
nocte, dum dicitur mihi 
quotidie : L^bi est Deus 
tuus ? 

5 Haecrecordatussum, 
et eflfudi in me animam 
meam : quoniam transibo 
in locum tabernaculi ad- 
mirabilis, usque ad do- 
mum Dei ; 

In voce exsultationis et 
confessionis : sonus epu- 

6 Ouare tristis es anima 
mea ? et quare conturbas 

Spera in Deo, quoniam 


"T I KE as the hart desireth 
*^ - the water-brooks : 

so longeth my soul after 

thee, O God. 

2 My soul is athirst for 
God, yea, even for the 
living God : when shall I 
come to appear before the 
presence of God ? 

3 My tears have been 
my meat day and night : 
while they daily say unto 
me. Where is now thy 
God ? 

4 Now when I think 
thereupon, I pour out my 
heart by myself : for I 
went with the multitude, 
and brought them forth 
into the house of God ; 

5 In the voice of praise 
and thanksgiving : among 
such as keep holy-day. 

6 Why art thou so full 
of heaviness, O my soul : 
and why art thou so dis- 
quieted within me ? 

7 Put thy trust in God : 


Day 8. 

adhuc confiteborilli : saln- 
tare vultus mei, 

7 Et Deus meus. 

Ad meipsum aninia mea 
conturbata est : propterea 
memor ero tui de terra 
Jordanis, et Hermoniim a 
monte modico. 

8 Abyssus abyssum in- 
vocat, in voce cataracta- 
rum tuarum. 

Omnia excelsa tua, et 
fluctus tui super me trans- 

9 In die mandavit 
Dominus misericordiam 
suam : et nocte canticum 

Apud me oratio Deo 
vitae meae. 

10 Dicam Deo : Sus- 
ceptor meus es, 

Ouare oblitus es mei ? 
et quare contristatus ince- 
do, dum affligit me inimi- 
cus ? 

11 Dum confringuntur 
ossa mea, exprobraverunt 
mihi qui tribulant me ini- 
mici mei ; 

Dum dicunt mihi per 
singulos dies : Ubi est 
Deus tuus ? 

for I will yet give him 
thanks for the help of his 

8 My God, my soul is 
vexed within me : there- 
fore will I remember thee 
concerning the land of 
Jordan, and the little hill 
of Hermon. 

9 One deep calleth an- 
other, because of the noise 
of the water-pipes : all 
thy waves and storms are 
gone over me. 

10 The Lord hath 
granted his loving-kind- 
ness in the day-time : and 
in the night-season did I 
sing of him, and made my 
prayer unto the God of 
my life. 

11 I will say unto the 
God of my strength, Why 
hast thou forgotten me : 
why go I thus heavily, 
while the enemy oppress- 
eth me ? 

12 My bones are smit- 
ten asunder as with a 
sword : while mine ene- 
mies that trouble me cast 
me in the teeth : 

13 Namely, while they 
say daily unto me : Where 
is now thy God ? 

Day 8. 


12 Quare tristis es ani- 
ma mea ? et quare con- 
tiirbas me ? 

Spera in Deo, quoniam 
adhuc confiteborilli : salu- 
tare vultus mei, et Deus 

14 Why art thou so 
vexed, O my soul : and 
why art thou so disquieted 
within me ? 

15 O put thy trust in 
God : for I will yet thank 
him, which is the help of 
my countenance, and my 


I Psaliiius David 

T UDICA me Deus, et 

/ discernecausammeam 

" de gente non sancta, ab 

homine iniquo et doloso 

erue me. 

2 Quia tu es Deus for- 
titudo mea : quare me 
repulisti ? et quare tristis 
incedo, dum affligit me 
inimicus ? 

et veritatem tuam : ipsa 
mededuxerunt,et adduxe- 
runt in montem sanctum 
tuum, et in tabernacula 

4 Et introibo ad altare 
Dei : ad Deum qui laeti- 
ficat juventutem meam. 

Confitebor tibi in citha- 
ra, Deus, Deus meus : 


Jiidica me^ Deus. 

/ ^IVE sentence with 
V I me, O God, and de- 
fend my cause against the 
ungodly people : O deliver 
me from the deceitful and 
wicked man. 

2 For thou art the God 
of my strength, why hast 
thou put me from thee : 
and why go I so heavily, 
while the enemy oppress- 
eth me ? 

3 O send out thy light 
and thy truth, that they 
may lead me : and bring 
me unto thy holy hill, and 
to thy dwelling. 

4 And that I may go 
unto the altar of God, even 
unto the God of my joy 
and gladness : and upon 
the harp will I give thanks 



5 Quare tristis es ani- 
ma mea? et quare con- 
turbas me : 

Spera in Deo, quoniam 
adhucconfiteborilli : salu- 
tare vultus mei, et Deus 

unto thee, O God. my 

5 Why art thou so 
heavy, O my soul : and 
why art thou so disquieted 
within me ? 

6 O put thy trust in 
God : for I will yet give 
him thanks, which is rhe 
help of my countenance, 
and my God. 


1 In finem, filiis Cof mi intr'l 

DEUS auribus nostris 
audivimus : patres 
nostri annuntiaverunt no- 

Opus quod operatus es 
in diebus eorum : et in 
diebus antiquis. 

3 Manus tua gentes 
disperdidit, et plantasti 
eos : afflixisti populos, et 
expulisti eos : 

4 Xec enim in gladio 
suo possederunt terram, 
et brachium eorum non 
salvavit eos : 

Sed dextera tua, et bra- 

/nboming iprager. 

J^eus, aurihits. 

\\^Y. have heard with 

\ \ our ears, O God, 
our fathers have told us : 
what thou hast done in 
their time of old : 

2 How thou hast driven 
out the heathen with thy 
hand, and planted them 
in : how thou hast de- 
stroyed the nations, and 
cast them out. 

3 For they gat not the 
land in possessionthrough 
their own sword : neither 
was it their own arm that 
helped them ; 

4 But thy right hand, 

Dav 9. 

PSAOi xLiii xr.n 

chium tuiim, et illuminatio 
vultus tui : quoniam com- 
placuisti in eis. 

5 Til es ipse rex meus 
et Deus meus : qui man- 
das salutes Jacob. 

6 In te inimicos nostros 
ventilabimus cornu, et in 
nomine tuo spernemus in- 
surgentes in nobis. 

7 Non enim in arcu 
meo sperabo : et gladius 
meus non salvabit me. 

8 Salvasti enim nos de 
affligentibus nos ret odien- 
tes nos confudisti. 

9 In Deo laudabimur 
tota die : et in nomine tuo 
confitebimur in saeculum. 

10 Nunc autem repu- 
listi et confudisti nos : et 
non egredieris Deus in 
virtutibus nostris. 

11 Avertisti nos retror- 
sum post inimicos nostros : 
et qui oderunt nos diri- 
piebant sibi. 

12 Dedisti nos tam- 
quam oves escarum : et in 
gentibus dispersisti nos. 

and thine arm, and the 
light of thy countenance : 
because thou hadst a 
favour unto them. 

5 Thou art my King, O 
God : send help unto Jacob. 

6 Through thee will we 
overthrow our enemies : 
and in thy Name will we 
tread them under, that 
rise up against us. 

7 For I will not trust in 
my bow : it is not my 
sword that shall help me ; 

8 But it is thou that 
savest us from our ene- 
mies : and puttest them 
to confusion that hate us. 

9 We make our boast 
of God all day long : and 
will praise thy Name for 

10 But now thou art far 
off, and puttest us to con- 
fusion :and goest not forth 
with our armies. 

11 Thou makest us to 
turn' our backs upon our 
enemies : so that they 
which hate us spoil our 

12 Thou lettest us be 
eaten up like sheep : and 
hast scattered us among 
the heathen. 


iJ.w 9. 

13 \'endidisti populum 
tuum sine pretio : et non 
fuit multitudo in commu- 
tationibus eorum. 

14 Posuisti nos oppro- 
brium vicinis nostris, sub- 
sannationem et derisum 
his qui sunt in circuitu 

15 Posuisti nos in simi- 
litudinem gentibus : com- 
motionem capitis in po- 

16 Tota die verecundia 
mea contra me est, et 
confusio faciei meae co- 
operuit me. 

17 A voce exprobrantis 
et obloquentis : a facie ini- 
mici et persequentis. 

18 Haec omnia vene- 
runt super nos, nee obliti 
sumus te : et inique non 
egimus in testamento tuo. 

19 Et non recessit retro 
cor nostrum : et declinasti 
semitas nostras a via tua : 

20 Ouoniam humiliasti 
nos in loco afflictionis, 
et cooperuit nos umbra 

13 Thou sellest thy peo- 
ple for nought : and takest 
no money for them. 

14 Thou makest us to 
be rebuked of our neigh- 
bours : to be laughed to 
scorn, and had in derision 
of them that are round 
about us, 

15 Thou makest us to 
be a by-word among the 
heathen : and that the 
people shake their heads 
at us. 

16 Myconfusion is daily 
before me : and the shame 
of my face hath covered 
me ; 

17 For the voice of the 
slanderer and blasphemer: 
for the enemy and aven- 

18 And though all this 
be come upon us, yet do 
we not forget thee : nor be- 
have ourselves frowardly 
in thy covenant. 

19 Our heart is not 
turned back : neither our 
steps gone out of thy way ; 

20 No, not when thou 
hast smitten us into the 
place of dragons ; and co- 
vered us with the shadow 
of death. 

Day o 

]'<.\1.AI WAX XI. \ 

21 Si obliti sumus no- 
men Uei nostri, et si 
expand! mus manus no- 
stras ad deum alienum : 

22 Nonne Deiis rcqui- 
ret ista ? Ipse enim novit 
abscondita cordis. 

Quoniam propter te 
mortificamur tota die : 
aestimati sumus sicut oves 

23 Exsurge, quare ob- 
dormis Domine ? exsurge. 
et ne repellas in finem. 

24 Ouare faciem tuam 
avertis, oblivisceris ino- 
piae nostrae et tribulatio- 
nis nostrae ? 

25 Quoniam humiliata 
est in pulvere anima no- 
stra : conglutinatus est in 
terra venter noster. 

26 Exsurge Domine, 
adjuva nos : et redime nos 
propter nomen tuum. 

21 If we have forgotten 
the Name of our God, and 
holden up our hands to 
any strange god : shall not 
God search it out ? for he 
knoweth the very secrets 
o*" the heart. 

22 For thy sake also are 
we killed all the day long : 
and are counted as sheep 
appointed to be slain. 

23 Up,Lord,whysleep- 
est thou : awake, and be 
not absent from us for 

24 Wherefore hidest 
thou thy face : and for- 
gettest our misery and 
trouble ? 

25 P^or our soul is 
brought low, even unto the 
dust : our belly cleaveth 
unto the ground. 

26 Arise, and help us : 
and deliver us for thy 
mercy's sake. 


1 In finem, pro iis qui rommu- 
talmntiir, filiis Core, ad intflle 
•■lum, Canticum yjro 'lil'^ctd 

' meum verbum bo- 
num : dico ego opera mea 

Rructavit cor vieuni. 

^/TY heart is inditing 
. 1 of a good matter : 1 
speak of the things which 
I have made unto the 


Day 0. 

Lingua mea calamus scri- 
bae velociter scribentis. 

3 Speciosus forma prae 
filiis hominum, diffusa est 
gratia in labiis tuis : pro- 
pterea benedixit te Deus 
in aeternum. 

4 Accingere gladio tuo 
super femur tuum, poten- 

5 Specie tua et pulchri- 
tudine tua intende, pros- 
pere precede, et regna, 

J^ropter veritatem et 
mansuetudinem, et justi- 
tiam : et deducet te mira- 
biliter dextera tua. 

6 Sagittae tuae acutae, 
populi sub te cadent, in 
corda inimicorum regis. 

7 Sedes tua Deus in 
saeculum saeculi : virga 
directionis virga regni tui. 

8 Dilexisti justitiam et 
odisti iniquitatem : pro- 
pterea unxit te Deus Deus 
tuus oleo laetitiae prae 
consortibus tuis. 

9 Myrrha, et gutta, et 

2 My tongue is the pen: 
of a ready writer. 

3 Thou art fairer than 
the children of men : full 
of grace are thy lips, be- 
cause God hath blessed 
thee for ever. 

4 Gird thee with thy 
sword upon thy thigh, O 
thou most Mighty : ac- 
cording to thy worship and 

5 Good luck have thou 
with thine honour : ride 
on, because of the word 
of truth, of meekness, and 
righteousness : and thy 
right hand shall teach thee 
terrible things. 

6 Th)' arrows are very 
sharp, and the people shall 
be subdued unto thee : 
even in the midst among 
the King's enemies. 

7 Thy seat, O God, en- 
dureth for ever : the scep- 
tre of thy kingdom is a 
right sceptre. 

8 Thouhast loved right- 
eousness, and hated ini- 
quity : wherefore God, 
even thy God, hath a- 
nointed thee with the oil 
of gladness above thy 

9 All thy garments smell 

AV 9. 


casia a vestimentis tuis, 
a domibus eburneis : ex 
quibus delectaverunt te 

10 Filiae regum in ho- 
nore tuo. 

Astitit regina a dextris 
tuis in vestitu deaurato : 
circumdata varietate. 

1 1 Audi filia, et vide, et 
inclina aurem tuam : et 
obliviscere populum tuum. 
et domum patris tui. 

12 Et concupiscet rex 
decorem tuum : quoniam 
ipse est Dominus Deus 
tuus, et adorabunt eum. 

13 Et filiae Tyri in mu- 
neribus vultum tuum de- 
precabuntur : omnes divi- 
les plebis. 

14 Omnis gloria ejus 
filiae regis ab intus, in fim- 
briis aureis 

15 Circumamictavarie- 

Adducentur regi virgi- 
nes post eam : proximae 
ejus afferentur tibi. 

16 Afferentur in laetitia 

of myrrh, aloes, and cassia: 
out of the ivory palaces, 
whereby they have made 
thee glad. 

10 Kings' daughters 
were among thy honour- 
able women : upon thy 
right hand did stand the 
queen in a vesture of gold, 
wrought about with divers 

11 Hearken, O daugh- 
ter, and consider, incline 
thine ear : forget also 
thine own people, and thy 
father's house. 

12 So shall the King- 
have pleasure in thy beau- 
ty : for he is thy Lord God, 
and worship thou him. 

13 And the daughter of 
Tyre shall be there with a 
gift : like as the rich also 
among the people shall 
make their supplication 
before thee. 

14 The King's daughter 
is all glorious within : her 
clothing isof wroughtgold. 

1 5 She shall be brought 
unto the King in raiment 
of needle-work : the virgins 
that be her fellows shall 
bear her company, and 
shall be brought unto thee. 

16 With joy and glad- 



et exsultatione : adducen- 
tur in templum regis. 

17 Propatribustuisnati 
sunt tibi filii : constitues 
eosprincipes superomnem 

18 Memores erunt no- 
minis tui in omni genera- 
tione et generationem. 

Propterea populi confi- 
tebunturtibi in aeternum : 
et in saeculum saeculi. 

ness shall they be brought : 
and shall enter into the 
King's palace. 

17 Instead of thy fathers 
thou shalt have children : 
whom thou mayest make 
princes in all lands. 

18 I will remember thy 
Name from one generation 
to another : therefore shall 
the people give thanks 
unto thee, world without 


I In fjnrtn, (iliis Core pro ai- 
canis, Psalnms. 

DEUS noster refugium 
et virtus : adjutor in 
tribulationibus quae inve- 
nerunt nos nimis. 

3 Propterea non time- 
bimus dum turbabitur 
terra : et transferentur 
montes in cor maris. 

4. Sonuerunt, et turba- 
tae sunt aquae eorum : 
conturbati sunt montes in 
fortitudine ejus. 

5 Fluminis impetus 
laetificat civitatem Dei : 
sanctificavit tabernacu- 
lum suum Altissimus. 

Deus Hosier rcfui^iiuii. 

(^ OD is our hope and 
J strength : a ver)' pre- 
sent help in trouble. 

2 Therefore will we not 
fear, though the earth be 
moved : and though the 
hills be carried into the 
midst of the sea. 

3 Though the waters 
thereof rage and swell : 
and though the mountains 
shake at the tempest of the 

4 The rivers of the flood 
thereof shall make glad the 
city of God : the holy place 
of the tabernacle of the 
most Highest. 

Day 9. 


6 Deus in medio ejus, 
non commovebilur : adju- 
vabit earn Deus mane 

7 Conturbatae sunt 
gentes, et inclinata sunt 
regna : dedit vocem suam, 
mota est terra. 

8 Dominus virtutum 
nobiscum : susceptor no- 
ster Deus Jacob. 

9 Venite, et videte 
opera Domini, quae posuit 
prodigia super terram : 

10 Auferensbelia usque 
ad finem terrae. 

Arcum conteret, et con- 
fringet arma:et scuta com- 
buret igni : 

11 Vacate, et videte 
quoniam ego sum Deus : 
exaltabor in gentibus, et 
exaltabor in terra. 

12 Dominus virtutum 
nobiscum : susceptor no- 
ster Deus Jacob. 

5 God is in the midst of 
her, therefore shall she not 
be removed : God shall 
help her, and that right 

6 The heathen make 
much ado, and the king- 
doms are moved : but God 
hath shewed his voice, 
and the earth shall melt 

7 The Lord of hosts is 
with us : the God of Jacob 
is our refuge. 

8 O come hither, and 
behold the works of the 
Lord : what destruction 
he hath brought upon the 

9 He maketh wars to 
cease in all the world : he 
breaketh the bow, and 
knappeth the spear in 
sunder, and burneth the 
chariots in the fire. 

10 Be still then, and 
know that I am God : I 
will be exalted among the 
heathen, and I will be 
exalted in the earth. 

1 1 The Lord of hosts is 
with us : the God of Jacob 
is our refuge. 


Dav 9, 


I In finein, pro filiis Core, Psal- 

OMNES gentes plau- 
dite manibus : jubi- 
late Deo in voce exsulta- 

3 Ouoniam Dominus 
excelsus, terribilis : Rex 
magnus super omnem ter- 

4 Subjecit populos no- 
bis : et gentes sub pedibus 

5 Elegit nobis heredi- 
tatem suam : speciem Ja- 
cob, quam dilexit. 

6 Ascendit Deus in ju- 
bilo : et Dominus in voce 

7 Psallite Deo nostro, 
psallite : psallite Regi no- 
stro, psallite. 

8 Ouoniam Rex omnis 
terrae Deus : psallite sa- 

9 Regnabit Deus super 
gentes : Deus sedet super 
sedem sanctam suam. 

lEvcning prater. 

O nines g€7itcs, pi audit c. 

OCLAP your hands 
together, all ye peo- 
ple : O sing unto God with 
the voice of melody. 

2 For the Lord is high, 
and to be feared : he is 
the great King upon all 
the earth. 

3 He shall subdue the 
people under us : and the 
nations under our feet. 

4 He shall choose out an 
heritage for us : even the 
worship of Jacob, whom 
he loved. 

5 God is gone up with 
a merry noise : and the 
Lord with the sound of 
the trump. 

6 O sing praises, sing 
praises unto our God : O 
sing praises, sing praises 
unto our King. 

7 For God is the King 
of all the earth : sing ye 
praises with understand- 

8 God reigneth over the 
heathen : God sitteth up- 
on his holy seat. 


AY 0. 


lo Principespopulorum 
congregati sunt cum Deo 
Abraham : quoniam dii 
fortes terrae vehementer 
elevati sunt. 

9 The princes of the 
people are joined unto the 
people of the God of 
Abraham : for God, which 
is very high exalted, doth 
defend the earth, as it 
were with a shield. 


I I'salmus Catitiri filiis Cnrr 
sccumla sabbati. 

MAGNUS Dominus, 
et laudabilis nimis, 
in civitate Dei nostri, in 
monte sancto ejus. 

3 Fundatur exsultatio- 
ne universae terrae mons 
Sion, latera aquilonis, ci- 
vitas Regis magni. 

4 Deus in domibus e- 
jus cognoscetur, cum su- 
scipiet eam. 

5 Quoniam ecce reges 
terrae congregati sunt : 
convenerunt in unum. 

6 Ipsi videntes sic ad- 
mirati sunt, conturbati 
sunt, commoti sunt : 

7 Tremor apprehendit 

Ibi dolores ut parturien- 

.Uifj^jnrs' Do))iiinis. 

r^ REAT is the Lord, 
^ ^ and highly to be 
praised : in the city of our 
God, even upon his holy 

2 The hill of Sion is a 
fair place, and the joy of 
the whole earth : upon the 
north-side lieth the city of 
the great King : God is 
well known in her palaces 
as a sure refuge. 

3 P^or lo, the kings of 
the earth : are gathered, 
and gone by together. 

4 They marvelled to 
see such things : they 
were astonished, and sud- 
denly cast down. 

5 Fear came there upon 
them, and sorrow ; as 
upon a woman in her 

PSAL.Af xr.vji-xrAMii, 


\v 9. 

8 In spiritLi vehementi 
conteres naves Tharsis. 

9 Sicut audivimus, sic 
vidimus in civitate Domi- 
ni virtutum, in civitate 
Dei nostri : Deus funda- 
vit eam in aeternum. 

10 Suscepimus Deus 
misericordiam tuam, in 
medio templi tui. 

11 Secundum nomen 
tuum Deus, sic et laus tua 
in fines terrae : justitia 
plena est dextera tua. 

12 Laetetur mons Sion, 
et exsultent filiae Judae. 
propter judicia tua Do- 

13 Circumdate Sion, et 
complectimini eam : nar- 
rate in turribus ejus. 

14 Ponite corda vestra 
in virtute ejus : et distri- 
buite domos ejus, ut enar- 
retis in progenie altera. 

15 Quoniam hie est De- 
us, Deus noster in aeter- 
num, et in saeculum sae- 
culi : ipse reget nos in 

6 Thou shalt break the 
ships of the sea : through 
the east-wind. 

7 Like as we have 
heard, so have we seen in 
the city of the Lord of 
hosts, in the city of our 
God : God upholdeth the 
same for ever. 

8 We wait for thy 
loving-kindness, O God : 
in the midst of thy temple. 

9 O God, according to 
thy Name, so is thy praise 
unto the world's end : thy 
right hand is full of right- 

10 Let the mount Sion 
rejoice, and the daughter 
of Judah be glad : because 
of thy judgements. 

11 Walk about Sion, 
and go round about her ; 
and tell the towers there- 

12 Mark well her bul- 
warks, set up her houses : 
that ye may tell them that 
come after. 

13 For this God is our 
God for ever and ever : 
he shall be our guide 
unto death. 



I In linpin, filiis ("on- Psalmu* 

AUDITE haec omnes 
^ V gentes : auribus per- 
cipite omnes, qui habita- 
tis orbem : 

3 Ouique terrigenae. et 
filii hominum : simul in 
unum dives et pauper. 

4 Os meiim loquetur 
sapientiam : et meditatio 
cordis mei prudentiam. 

5 Inclinabo in parabo- 
lani aurem meam : ape- 
riam in psalterio propo- 
sitionem meam. 

6 Cur timebo in die 
mala ? iniquitas calcanei 
mei circumdabit me : 

7 Qui confidunt in vir- 
tute sua et in multitudine 
divitiarum suarumglorian- 

8 Frater non redimit, 
redimet homo : non dabit 
Deo placationem suam. 

9 Et pretium redemp- 

. luditc haec, omnes. 

f^ HEAR ye this, all ye 
^ ^ people : ponder it 
with your ears, all ye that 
dwell in the world ; 

2 High and low. rich 
and poor : one with an- 

3 My mouth shall speak 
of wisdom : and my heart 
shall muse of under- 

4 I will incline mine ear 
to the parable : and shew 
my dark speech upon the 

5 Wherefore should I 
fear in the days of wicked- 
ness : and when the 
wickedness of my heels 
compasseth me round 
about ? 

6 There be some that 
put their trust in their 
goods : and boast them- 
selves in the multitude of 
their riches. 

7 But no man may de- 
liver his brother : nor make 
agreement unto God for 
him : 

8 For it cost more to 


tionis animae suae : et 
laborabit in aeternum, 

10 Et vivet adhuc in 

11 Xon videbit interi- 
tum, cum viderit sapientes 
morientes : simul insi- 
piens, et stultus peribunt. 

Et relinquent alienis di- 
vitias suas : 

12 Et sepulcra eorum 
domus illorum in aeter- 

Tabernacula eorum in 
progenie et progenie : vo- 
caverunt nomina sua in 
terris suis. 

13 Et homo, cum in ho- 
nore esset, non intellexit : 
comparatus est jumentis 
insipientibus, et similis fa- 
ctus est illis. 

14 Haec via illorum 
scandalum ipsi : et postea 
in ore suo complacebunt. 

15 Sicut oves in infer- 
no positi sunt : mors de- 
pascet eos. 

Et dominabuntur eorum 
justi in matutino : et auxi- 
lium eorum veterascet in 
inferno a gloria eorum. 

Day 9. 

redeem their souls : so 
that he must let that alone 
for ever ; 

9 Yea, though he live 
long : and see not the 

10 For he seeth that 
wise men also die, and 
perish together : as well 
as theignorant and foolish, 
and leave their riches for 

11 And yet they think 
that their houses shall 
continue for ever : and 
that their dwelling-places 
shall endure from one 
generation to another ; 
and call the lands after 
their own names. 

12 Nevertheless, man 
will not abide in honour : 
seeing he may be compared 
unto the beasts that perish; 
this is the way of them. 

13 This is their foolish- 
ness : and their posterity 
praise their saying. 

14 They lie in the hell 
like sheep, death gnaweth 
upon them, and the right- 
eous shall have domination 
over them in the morning : 
their beauty shall consume 
in the sepulchre out of 
their dwelling. 

Day 10. 


1 6 Verunitamen Deus 
rediniet an imam meam de 
manu inferi, cum accepe- 
rit me. 

1 7 Ne timueris cum di- 
ves factus fuerit homo : et 
cum multiplicata fuerit 
gloria domus ejus. 

1 8 Ouoniam cum inter- 
ierit, non sumet omnia : 
neque descendet cum eo 
gloria ejus. 

19 Quia anima ejus in 
vita ipsius benedicetur : 
confitebitur tibi cum benc- 
feceris ei. 

20 Introibit usque in 
progenies patrumsuorum : 
et usque in aeternum non 
videbit lumen. 

21 Homo, cum in ho- 
nore esset, non intellexit : 
comparatus est jumentis 
insipientibus, et similis 
factus est illis. 

15 But Cod hath deli- 
vered my soul from the 
place of hell : for he shall 
receive me. 

16 Be not thou afraid, 
though one be made rich : 
or if the glory of his house 
be increased ; 

17 For he shall carry 
nothing away with him 
when he dieth : neither 
shall his pomp follow him. 

18 For while he lived, 
he counted himself an 
happy man : and so long 
as thou doest well unto 
thyself, men will speak 
good of thee. 

19 He shall follow the 
generation of his fathers : 
and shall never see light. 

20 Man being in honour 
hath no understanding : 
but is compared unto the 
beasts that perish. 


/ I'^aliim-. Asapii. 

DEUS deorum Domi- 
nus locutus est : et 
vocavit terram, 


Dcus dcoruin. 

^HE Lord, even the 
most mighty God, 
hath spoken : and called 




A solis ortu usque ad 
occasum : 

2 Ex Sion species de- 
coris ejus. 

3 Deus manifeste ve- 
niet : Deus noster et non 

Ignis in conspectu ejus 
exardescet : et in circuitu 
ejus tempestas valida. 

4 Advocabit caelum de- 
sursuni : et terram discer- 
nere populum suum. 

5 Congregate illi san- 
ctos ejus : qui ordinant te- 
stamentum ejus super sa- 

6 Etannuntiabuntcaeli 
justitiam ejus : quoniam 
Deus judex est. 

7 Audi populus meus, 
et loquar : Israel, et tes- 
tificabor tibi : Deus Deus 
tuus ego sum. 

8 Non in sacrificiis tuis 
arguam te : holocausta 
autem tua in conspectu 
meo sunt semper. 

9 Non accipiam de do- 
mo tua vitulos : neque de 
gregibus tuis hircos. 

the world, from the rising 
up of the sun, unto the 
going down thereof. 

2 Out of Sion hath God 
appeared : in perfect 

3 Our God shall come, 
and shall not keep silence : 
there shall go before him 
a consuming fire, and a 
mighty tempest shall be 
stirred up round about him. 

4 He shall call the hea- 
ven from above : and the 
earth, that he may judge 
his people. 

5 Gather my saints to- 
gether unto me : those that 
have made a covenant 
with me with sacrifice. 

6 And the heaven shall 
declare his righteousness : 
for God is Judge himself. 

7 Hear, O my people, 
and I will speak : I myself 
will testify against thee, O 
Israel ; for I am God, even 
thy God. 

S I will not reprove thee 
because of thy sacrifices, 
or for thy burnt-ofiferings : 
because they were not 
alway before me. 

9 I will take no bullock 
out of thine house : nor 
he-goat out of thy folds. 

Day 10. 


10 Ouoniam meae sunt 
omnes ferae silvarum, jii- 
menta in montibus et 

11 Cognovi omnia vo- 
latilia caeli : et pulchii- 
tudo agri mecum est. 

12 Si esuriero, non di- 
cam tibi : meus est enim 
orbis terrae, et plenitude 

13 Xumquidmanducabo 
carnes taurorum ? aut san- 
guineni hircorum potabo ? 

14 Immola Deo sacrifi- 
cium laudis : et redde Al- 
tissinio vota tua. 

15 Et invoca me in die 
tribulationis : eruam te, et 
honorificabis me. 

16 Peccatori autem di- 
xit Deus : Quare tu enar- 
rasjustitias meas, et as- 
sumis testamentum meum 
per OS tuum ? 

17 Tu vero odisti disci- 
plinam : et projecisti ser- 
mones meos retrorsum : 

18 Si videbas furem, 
currebas cum eo : et cum 
adulteris portionem tuam 

10 For all the beasts of 
the forest are mine : and 
so are the cattle upon a 
thousand hills. 

11 I know all the fowls 
upon the mountains : and 
the wild beasts of the field 
are in my sight. 

12 If I be hungry, I 
will not tell thee : for the 
whole world is mine, and 
all that is therein. 

13 Thinkest thou that 
I will eat bulls' flesh : and 
drink the blood of goats ? 

14 Offer unto God 
thanksgiving : and pay 
thy vows unto the most 

15 And call upon me in 
the time of trouble : so will 
I hear thee, and thou shalt 
praise me. 

1 6 But unto the ungodly 
said God : Why dost thou 
preach my laws, and tak- 
est my covenant in thy 
mouth ; 

1 7 Whereas thou hatest 
to be reformed : and hast 
cast my words behind 
thee ? 

18 When thou sawest a 
thief, thou consentedst un- 
to him : and hast been par- 
taker with the adulterers. 


Day fo. 

19 Os tuum abundavit 
malitia : et lingua tua con- 
cinnabat dolos. 

20 Sedensadversusfra- 
trem tuum loquebaris, et 
adversus filiummatristuae 
ponebas scandalum : 

21 Haecfecisti,ettacui. 

Existimasti inique quod 
ero tui similis : arguam te, 
et statuain contra faciem 

22 Intelligite haec qui 
obliviscimini Deum : ne- 
quando rapiat, et non sit 
qui eripiat. 

23 Sacrificium laudis 
honorificabit me : et illic 
iter quo ostendam illi sa- 
lutare Dei. 

19 Thou hast let thy 
mouth speak wickedness : 
and with thy tongue thou 
hast set forth deceit. 

20 Thou satest, and 
spakest against thy bro- 
ther : yea, and hast slan- 
dered thine own mother's 

21 These things hast 
thou done, and I held my 
tongue, and thou thought- 
est wickedly, that I am 
even such a one as thyself: 
but I will reprove thee, 
and set before thee the 
things that thou hast done. 

22 O consider this, ye 
that forget God : lest 1 
pluck you away, and there 
be none to deliver you. 

23 Whoso oftereth me 
thanks and praise, he ho- 
noureth me : and to him 
that ordereth his conver- 
sation right will I shew 
the salvation of God. 


1 In firifin, Psalraus David. 

2 Cum venit ad eum Nathan 
pTophf^ta, quando intravii ad 
Bethsabec 1 2 h'ft^. i .• 

\ TISEREREmei De- 

. > i us, secundum mag- 

nam misericordiam tuam. 


Miserere met. Deus. 

II A V E mercy upon 
1 me, O God, after thy 
great goodness : accord- 

l)\^ ID 

r.^AL:\i I, LI 

Et secundum multitudi- 
dele iniquitatem meam. 

4 Amplius lava me ab 
iniquitate mea : et a pec- 
cato meo munda me. 

5 Ouoniam iniquitatem 
meam ego cognosco : et 
peccatum meum contra 
me est semper. 

6 Tibi soli peccavi et 
malum coram te feci : ut 
justificeris in sermonibus 
tuis, et vincas cum judi- 

7 Ecce enim in iniqui- 
tatibus conceptus sum : 
et in peccatis concepit me 
mater mea. 

8 Ecce enim veritatem 
dilexisti : incerta et oc- 
culta sapientiae tuae mani- 
festasti mihi. 

9 Asperges me hysso- 
po, et mundabor : lavabis 
me, et super nivem deal- 

ID Auditui meo dabis 
gaudium et laetitiam : et 
exsultabunt ossa humi- 

II Averte faciem tuam 
a peccatis meis : et omnes 
iniquitates meas dele. 

ing to the multitude of thy 
mercies do away mine 

2 Wash me throughly 
from my wickedness : and 
cleanse me from my sin. 

3 For I acknowledge 
my faults : and my sin is 
ever before me. 

4 Against thee only 
have I sinned, and done 
this evil in thy sight : that 
thou mightest be justified 
in thy saying, and clear 
when thou art judged. 

5 Behold, I was shapen 
in wickedness : and in sin 
hath my mother conceived 

6 l)Ut lo, thou requirest 
truth in the inward parts : 
and shalt make me to un- 
derstand wisdom secretly. 

7 Thou shalt purge me 
with hyssop, and 1 shall 
be clean : thou shalt wash 
me, and I shall be whiter 
than snow, 

8 Thou shalt make me 
hear of joy and gladness : 
that the bones which thou 
hast broken may rejoice. 

9 Turn thy face from my 
sins : and put out all my 



^ I O. 

12 Cor mundum crea 
in me Deus : et spiritum 
rectum innova in visceri- 
bus meis. 

13 Ne projicias me a 
facie tua : et spiritum 
sanctum tuum ne auferas 
a me. 

14 Reddemihilaetitiam 
salutaris tui : et spiritu 
principali confirma me. 

15 Docebo iniquos vias 
tuas : et impii ad te con- 

16 Libera me de san- 
guinibus Deus, Deus sa- 
lutis meae : et exsultabit 
lingua mea justitiam tuam. 

17 Domine, labia mea 
aperies : et os meum an- 
nuntiabit laudem tuam. 

18 Ouoniam si voluis- 
ses sacrificium, dedissem 
utique : holocaustis non 

19 Sacrificium Deo 
spiritus contribulatus : cor 
contritum et humiliatum 
Deus non despicies. 

20 Benignefac Domine 

10 Make me a clean 
heart, O God : and renew 
a right spirit within me. 

11 Cast me not away 
from thy presence : and 
take not thy holy Spirit 
from me. 

12 O give me the com- 
fort of thy help again : 
and stablish me with thy 
free Spirit. 

13 Then shall I teach 
thy ways unto the wicked :. 
and sinners shall be con- 
verted unto thee. 

14 Deliver me from 
blood-guiltiness, O God, 
thou that art the God of 
my health : and my tongue 
shall sing of thy righteous- 

15 Thou shalt open my 
lips, O Lord : and my 
mouth shall shew thy 

16 For thou desirest no 
sacrifice, else would I give 
it thee : but thou delight- 
est not in burnt-offerings. 

17 The sacrifice of God 
is a troubled spirit : a bro- 
ken and contrite heart, O 
G od, shalt thou not despise. 

1 8 O be favourable and 
gracious unto Sion : build 

Day to. 


ut aedifirentur muri Je- 

21 Tunc acceptabis sa- 
crificium justitiae, obla- 
tiones, et holocausta : tunc 
imponent super altare tu- 
um vitulos. 

thou the walls of Jerusa- 

19 Then shalt thou be 
pleased with the sacrifice 
of righteousness, with the 
burnt-offerings and obla- 
tions : then shall they 
offer young bullocks upon 
thine altar. 


1 In linrni, int<'llfctus Uitvid, 
J Cum vfnii Dorg Iduiiiaeus 
e-t nuntiavlt '^auli : Venit Davin 
in domum -AchimHrrh u A*^/ 

.-x-xii. CI 

QUID gloriaris in ma- 
_^ litia, qui potens es 
in iniquitate ? 

4 Tota die injustitiam 
cogitavit lingua tua : sicut 
novacula acuta fecisti do- 

5 Dilexisti malitiam su- 
per benignitatem : iniqui- 
tatem magis quam loqui 

6 Dilexisti omnia verba 
praecipitationi s, lingua do- 

Out J ^loriaria f 

\A^HY boastest thou 
\ V thyself, thou ty- 
rant : that thou canst do 

2 Whereas the goodness 
of God : endureth yet 
daily ? 

3 Thy tongue imagineth 
wickedness : and with lies 
thou cuttest like a sharp 

4 Thou hast loved un- 
righteousness more than 
goodness : and to talk of 
lies more than righteous- 

5 Thou hast loved to 
speak all words that may 
do hurt : O thou false 



7 Propterea Deus de- 
struet te in finem, evellet 
te, et emigrabit te de ta- 
bernaculo tuo : et radicem 
tuam de terra viventium. 

8 Videbunt justi, et ti- 
mebunt, et super eum 
ridebunt, et dicent : 

9 Ecce homo, qui non 
posuit Deum adjutorem 
suum : 

Sed speravit in multitu- 
dine divitiarum suarum : 
et praevaluit in vanitate 

10 Ego autem, sicut 
oliva fructifera in domo 
Dei, speravi in misericor- 
dia Dei in aeternum : et 
in saeculum saeculi. 

11 Confitebor tibi in 
saeculum quia fecisti : et 
exspectabo nomen tuum, 
quoniani bonum est in 
conspectu sanctorum tuo- 


I In finem, 
ProMa<rIeth,intdlig-entiae Davie 



IX IT insipiens in 
corde suo : Non est 

6 Therefore shall God 
destroy thee for ever : he 
shall take thee, and pluck 
thee out of thy dwelling, 
and root thee out of the 
land of the living. 

7 The righteous also 
shall see this, and fear : 
and shall laugh him to 
scorn ; 

8 Lo, this is the man 
that took not God for his 
strength : but trusted un- 
to the multitude of his 
riches, and strengthened 
himself in his wickedness. 

9 As for me, I ani like 
a ^reen olive-tree in the 
house of God : my trust is 
in the tender mercy of 
God for ever and ever. 

10 I will always give 
thanks unto thee for that 
thou hast done : and I 
will hope in thy Name, 
for thy saints like it well. 

lEventng prater. 

Dixit insipiens 

^yHE foolish body hath 
1 said in his heart : 
There is no God. 


rSAT.^1 TJl-I.llI, 

2 Corrupti sunt, et abo- 
minabiles facti sunt in 
iniquitatibus : non est qui 
faciat bonum. 

3 Deus de caelo pro- 
spexit super filios homi- 
num : ut videat si est in- 
telligens, aut requirens 

4 Omnesdeclinaverunt, 
simul inutiles facti sunt : 
non est qui faciat bonum, 
non est usque ad unum. 

5 Nonne scient omnes 
qui operantur iniquitatem, 
qui devorant plebem me- 
am ut cibum pan is ? 

6 Deum non invoca- 
verunt : illic trepidaverunt 
timore, ubi non erat timor. 

Ouoniam Deus dissi- 
pavit ossa eorum qui ho- 
minibus placent : confusi 
sunt, quoniam Deus spre- 
vit eos. 

7 Quis dabit ex Sion 
salutare Israel ? cum con- 
verterit Deus captivitatem 
plebis suae, exsultabit Ja- 
cob, et laetabitur Israel. 

2 Corrupt are they, and 
become abominable in 
their wickedness : there is 
none that doeth good. 

3 God looked down from 
heaven upon the children 
of men : to see if there 
were any that would under- 
stand, and seek after (^,od. 

4 But they are all gone 
out of the way, they are 
altogether become abo- 
minable : there is also 
none that doeth good, no 
not one. 

5 Are not they without 
understanding that work 
wickedness : eating up my 
people as if they would 
eat bread ? they have not 
called upon God. 

6 They were afraid 
where no fear was : for 
God hath broken the bones 
of him that besieged thee ; 
thou hast put them to con- 
fusion, because God hath 
despised them. 

7 Oh, that the salvation 
were given unto Israel 
out of Sion : Oh, that the 
Lord would deliver his 
people out of captivity ! 

8 Then should Jacob 
rejoice : and Israel should 
be right glad. 


\).\\ 10. 


1 Fn fiiifiTi, 

In carminibus intellectus David, 

2 Cum vpivisseiit Zipliaei et 
Hixissent ad Saul : Nonne David 
al>sconditus est apiul iios? (/ ffejE". 
xxiit. lo rt x-v:'!. /.) 

DEUS in nomine tuo 
salvum me fac : et in 
virtute tua judica me. 

4 Deus exaudi oratio- 
nem meam : auribus per- 
cipe verba oris mei. 

5 Ouoniam alieni insur- 
rexerunt adversum me, et 
fortes quaesieruntanimam 
meam : et non proposue- 
runt Deum ante con- 
spectum suum. 

6 Ecce enim Deus ad- 
juvat me : et Dominus sus- 
ceptor est animae meae. 

7 Averte mala inimicis 
meis : et in veritate tua 
disperde illos. 

8 Voluntariesacrificabo 
tibi, et confitebor nomini 
tuo Domine : quoniam 
bonum est : 

9 Ouoniam ex omni 
tribulatione eripuisti me : 
et super inimicos meos 
despexit oculus meus. 

])cus^ in nomine. 

S" AVE me, O God, for 
thy Name's sake : and 
avenge me in thy strength. 

2 Hear my prayer, O 
God : and hearken unto 
the words of my mouth. 

3 For strangers are risen 
up against me : and ty- 
rants, which have not God 
before their eyes, seek 
after my soul. 

4 Behold, God is my 
helper : the Lord is with 
them that uphold my 

5 He shall reward evil 
unto mine enemies : de- 
stroy thou them in thy 

6 An offering of a free 
heart will I give thee, and 
praise thy Name, O Lord : 
because it is so comfort- 

7 For he hath delivered 
me out of all my trouble : 
and mine eye hath seen his 
desire upon mine enemies. 

Day io. 



I In finem, 
fri carminihiisintrllectm DaviH 

F'XAUDI Deus ora- 
- tionem meam, et ne 
despexeris deprecationem 
meam : 

3 Intende mihi, et ex- 
audi me. 

Contristatus sum in ex- 
ercitatione mea : et contur- 
batus sum 

4 A voce inimici, et a 
tribulatione peccatoris. 

Ouoniam declinaverunt 
in me iniquitates : et in 
ira molesti erant mihi. 

5 Cor meum conturba- 
tum est in me : et formido 
mortis cecidit super me. 

6 Timor et tremor ve- 
nerunt super me : et con- 
texerunt me tenebrae : 

7 Et dixi : Ouis dabit 
mihi pennas sicut co- 
lumbae, et volabo, et re- 
quiescam ? 

8 Ecce elongavi fugiens : 
et mansi in solitudine. 

9 Exspectabam eum, 
qui salvum me fecit a 

Exaudi, Deus. 

HEAR my prayer, O 
God : and hide not 
thyself from my petition. 

2 Take heed unto me, 
and hear me : how I mourn 
in my prayer, and am 

3 The enemy crieth so, 
and the ungodly cometh 
on so fast : for they are 
minded to do me some 
mischief; so maHciously 
are they set against me. 

4 My heart is disquieted 
within me : and the fear 
of death is fallen upon 

5 Fearfulness and trem- 
bling are come upon me : 
and an horrible dread hath 
overwhelmed me. 

6 And I said, O that I 
had wings like a dove : for 
then would 1 flee away, 
and be at rest. 

7 Lo, then would I get 
me away far off : and re- 
main in the wilderness. 

8 I would make haste 
to escape : because of the 


Day io. 

pusillanimitate spiritus, et 

10 Praecipita Domine, 
divide linguas eorum : quo- 
niam vidi iniquitatem, et 
contradictionem in civi- 

11 Dieacnocte circum- 
dabit earn super muros 
ejus iniquitas : et labor in 
medio ejus, 

12 Et injustitia. 

Et non defecit de plateis 
ejus usura et dolus. 

13 Ouoniamsiinimicus 
meus maledixisset mihi, 
sustinuissem utique. 

Et si is, qui oderat me, 
super me magna locutus 
fuisset : abscondissem me 
forsitan ab eo. 

14 Tu vero homo una- 
nimis : dux meus, et notus 
meus : 

15 Qui simul mecuni 
dukes capiebas cibos : in 
domo Dei ambulavimus 
cum consensu. 

16 Veniat mors super 
illos : et descendant in 
infernum viventes : 

Ouoniam nequitiae in 

stormy wind and tem- 

9 Destroy their tongues, 

Lord, and divide them : 
for I have spied unright- 
eousness and strife in the 

10 Day and night they go 
about within the walls there- 
of : mischief also and sor- 
row are in the midst of it. 

11 Wickedness is there- 
in : deceit and guile go 
not out of their streets. 

12 For it is not an open 
enemy, that hath done me 
this dishonour : for then 

1 could have borne it. 

13 Neither was it mine 
adversary, that did mag- 
nify himself against me : 
for then peradventure I 
would have hid myself 
from him. 

14 But it was even thou, 
my companion : my guide, 
and mine own familiar 

15 We tooksweet coun- 
sel together : and walked 
in the house of God as 

16 Let death come has- 
tily upon them, and let 
them go down quick into 
hell ; for wickedness is 


PSAr,M MV-f,V 

habitaculis eoriiin : in me- 
dio eorum. 

17 KgoautemadDeuin 
clamavi : et Dominus sal- 
vabit me. 

18 Vespere, et mane, 
et meridie narrabo et 
annuntiabo : et exaudiet 
vocem meam. 

19 Redimet in pace ani- 
mam meam ab his qui 
appropinquant mihi : quo- 
niam inter multos erant 

20 Exaudiet Deus, et 
humiliabit illos, qui est 
ante saecula. 

Non enim est illis com- 
mutatio, et non timuerunt 
Deum : 

21 Extenditmanum su- 
am in retribuendo. 

Contaminaverunt testa- 
mentum ejus, 

22 Divisi sunt ab ira 
vultus ejus : et appro- 
pinquavit cor illius. 

Molliti sunt sermones 
ejus super oleum : et ipsi 
sunt jacula. 

23 Jacta super Domi- 
num curam tuam, et ipse 
te enutriet : non dabit in 
aeternum fluctuationem 

in their dwellings, and 
among them. 

1 7 As for me, I will call 
upon God : and the Lord 
shall save me. 

18 In the evening, and 
morning, and at noon- 
day will I pray, and that 
instantly : and he shall 
hear my voice. 

19 It is he that hath de- 
livered my soul in peace 
from the battle that was 
against me : for there 
were many with me. 

20 Yea, even God, that 
endureth for ever, shall 
hear me, and bring them 
down : for they will not 
turn, nor fear God. 

21 He laid his hands 
upon such as be at peace 
with him : and he brake 
his covenant. 

22 The words of his 
mouth were softer than 
butter, having war in his 
heart : his words were 
smoother than oil, and 
yet be they very swords. 

23 O cast thy burden up- 
on the Lord, and he shall 
nourish thee : and shall 
not suffer the righteous 
to fall for ever. 



24 Tu vero Deus dedu- 
ces eos in puteum interi- 

Viri sanguinum et do- 
losi non dimidiabunt dies 
suos : ego autem sperabo 
in te Domine. 

24 And asfor them : thou, 
O God, shalt bring them 
into the pit of destruction. 
25 The blood-thirsty 
and deceitful men shall not 
live out half their days : 
nevertheless, my trust 
shall be in thee, O Lord. 


I In finpin. 

Propopulo, qui a Sanctis lonn^c 
.'actus est, DavTil in tituli inscri- 
ptionem, cum tenuerunt eum Al- 
lopliyli in Getli. (/ Rc,^. xxi. 12 ■> 

Deus, quoniam con - 
culcavit me homo : tota 
die impugnans tribulavit 

3 Conculcaverunt me 
inimici mei tota die : quo- 
niam multi bellantes ad- 
versum me. 

4 Ab altitudine diei ti- 
mebo : ego vero in te spe- 

5 In Deo laudabo ser- 
mones meos, in Deo spe- 
ravi : non timebo quid fa- 
ciat mi hi caro. 

6 Tota die verba mea 

/nbocuina prager. 

PSALM L\ i. 
Miserere viei, Deus. 

BE merciful unto me, 
O God, for man goeth 
about to devour me : he 
is daily fighting, and 
troubling me. 

2 Mine enemies are 
daily in hand to swallow 
me up : for they be many 
that fight against me, O 
thou most Highest. 

3 Nevertheless, though 
I am sometime afraid : yet 
put I my trust in thee. 

4 I will praise God, be- 
cause of his word : I have 
put my trust in God, and 
will not fear what flesh 
can do unto me. 

5 They daily mistake 

Day II 


exsecrabantur : adversum 
me omnes cogitationes 
eorum in malum. 

7 Inhabitabunt et abs- 
condent : ipsi calcaneum 
meum observabunt. 

Sicut sustinuerunt ani- 
mam meam, 

8 Pro nihilo salvos fa- 
des illos : in ira populos 


9 Vitam meam annunti- 
avi tibi : posuisti lacrymas 
meas in conspectu tuo, 

Sicut et in promissione 
tua : 

10 Tunc convertentur 
inimici mei retrorsum : 

In quacumque die in- 
vocavero te : ecce cognovi 
quoniam Deus meus es. 

1 1 In Deo laudabo ver- 
bum, in Domino laudabo 
sermonem : in Deo spe- 
ravi, non timebo quid fa- 
cial mihi homo. 

12 In me sunt Deus 
vota tua, quae reddam, 
laudationes tibi. 

13 Quoniam eripuisti 
animam meam de morte, 
et pedes meos de lapsu : 
ut placeam coram Deo in 
lumine viventium. 

my words : all that they 
imagine is to do me evil. 

6 They hold all together, 
and keep themselves 
close : and mark my 
steps, when they lay wait 
for my soul. 

7 Shall they escape for 
their wickedness : thou, 

God, in thy displeasure 
shalt cast them down. 

8 Thou tellest my fiit- 
tings ; put my tears into 
thy bottle : are not these 
things noted in thy book ? 

9 Whensoever I call up- 
on thee, then shall mine 
enemies be put to flight : 
this I know ; for God is 
on my side. 

10 In God's word will 

1 rejoice : in the Lord's 
word will I comfort me. 

1 1 Yea, in God have I put 
my trust: I will not be afraid 
what man can do unto me. 

12 Unto thee, O God, 
will I pay my vows : unto 
thee will I give thanks. 

13 For thou hast de- 
livered my soul from death, 
and my feet from falling : 
that I may walk before God 
in the light of the living. 


Day II. 


I In finein, 

>fe dispenJas, David in tituli 
inscriptionem, cum fujjeret a facie 
Saul in spcluncain. 

(j Re^. xxii. i ci xxiv. y) 

US, miserere mei : 
quoniam in te confidit 
anima mea. 

Et in umbra alarum 
tuarum sperabo, donee 
transeat iniquitas. 

3 Clamabo ad Deum 
altissimum : Deum qui be- 
nefecit mihi. 

4 Misit de caelo, etlibe- 
ravit me : dedit in oppro- 
brium conculcantes me. 

MisitDeus misericordiam 
suam, et veritatem suam, 

5 Et eripuit animam 
meam de medio catulorum 
leonum : dormivi contur- 

Filii hominum dentes 
eorum arma et sagittae : 
et lingua eorum gladius 

6 Exaltare super caelos 
Deus : et in omnem terram 
gloria tua. 

Miserere inei^ Deus. 

P>E merciful unto me, O 
^ merciful unto 
me, for my soul trustelh 
in thee : and under the 
shadow of thy wings shall 
be my refuge, until this 
tyranny be over-past. 

2 I will call unto the 
most high God : even un- 
to the God that shall per- 
form the cause which I 
have in hand. 

3 He shall send from 
heaven : and save me from 
the reproof of him that 
would eat me up. 

4 God shall send forth 
his mercy and truth : my 
soul is among lions. 

5 And I lie even among 
the children of men, that 
are set on fire : whose 
teeth are spears and ar- 
rows, and their tongue a 
sharp sword. 

6 Set up thyself, O God, 
above the heavens : and 
thy glory above all the 

Day II. 


7 Laqueum paraverunt 
pedibus meis : et incurva- 
verunt animam meam. 

Foderunt ante faciem 
meam foveam : et incide- 
runt in earn. 

8 Paratum cor nieiun 
Deus, paratum cor meum : 
cantabo, et psalmum di- 

9 Exsurge gloria mea, 
exsurge psalterium et ci- 
thara : exsurgam diluculo. 

10 Confitebor tibi in 
populis Domine : et psal- 
mum dicam tibi in genti- 
bus : 

1 1 Ouoniam magnifica- 
ta est usque ad caelos mi- 
sericordia tua, et usque ad 
nubes Veritas tua. 

12 Exaltare super cae- 
los Deus : et super omnem 
terram gloria tua. 

7 They have laid a net 
for my feet, and pressed 
down my soul : they have 
digged a pit before me, 
and are fallen into the 
midst of it themselves. 

8 My heart is fixed, O 
God, my heart is fixed : I 
will sing, and give praise. 

9 Awake up, my glory ; 
awake, lute and harp : I 
myself will awake right 

10 I willgivethanks un- 
to thee, O Lord, among 
the people : and I will 
sing unto thee among the 

1 1 For the greatness of 
thy mercy reacheth unto 
the heavens : and thy 
truth unto the clouds. 

12 Set up thyself, O 
God, above the heavens : 
and thy glory above all 
the earth. 


I Tfi fincni. 

Xf^ dispenlas, David in tiluli 

SI vere utique justitiam 
loquimini : recta judi- 
cate filii hominum. 

Si I'crc utiquc. 

\RE your minds set up- 
^ on righteousness, O 
ye congregation : and do 


Day I I 

3 Etenim in corde ini- 
quitates operamini : in 
terra injustitias manus 
vestrae concinnant. 

4 Alienati sunt pecca- 
tores a vulva, erraverunt 
ab utero : locuti sunt falsa. 

5 Furor illis secundum 
similitudinem serpentis : 
sicut aspidis surdae, et ob- 
turantis aures suas, 

6 Quae non exaudiet 
vocem incantantium : et 
venefici incantantis sa- 

7 Deus conteret dentes 
eorum in ore ipsorum : 
molas leonum confringet 

8 Adnihilum devenient 
tamquam aqua decurrens : 
intendit arcum suum do- 
nee infirmentur. 

9 Sicut cera, quae fluit, 
auferentur : supercecidit 
ignis, et non viderunt so- 

10 Priusquamintellige- 
rent spinae vestrae rha- 
mnum : sicut viventes, sic 
in ira absorbet eos. 

ye judge the thing that is 
right, O ye sons of men ? 

2 Yea, ye imagine mis- 
chief in your heart upon 
the earth : and your hands 
deal with wickedness. 

3 The ungodly are fro- 
ward, even from their 
mother's womb : as soon 
as they are born, they go 
astray, and speak lies. 

4 They are as venom- 
ous as the poison of a ser- 
pent : even like the deaf ad- 
der that stoppeth her ears ; 

5 Which refuseth to 
hear the voice of the 
charmer : charm he never 
so wisely. 

6 Break their teeth, O 
God, in their mouths; 
smite the jaw-bones of the 
lions, O Lord : let them 
fall away like water that 
runneth apace ; and when 
they shoot their arrows let 
them be rooted out. 

7 Let them consume a- 
way like a snail, and be 
like the untimely fruit of 
a woman : and let them 
not see the sun. 

8 Or ever your pots be 
made hot with thorns : so 
let indignation vex him, 
e\en as a thing that is raw. 


\Y I 1 


1 1 Laetabitur Justus 
cum viderit vindictam : 
manus suas lavabit in 
sanguine peccatoris. 

12 Et dicet homo : Si 
utique est fructus justo : 
utique est Deus judicans 
eos in terra. 

9 The righteous shall 
rejoice when he seeth the 
vengeance ; he shall wash 
his footsteps in the blood 
of the ungodly. 

10 So that a man shall 
say, \^erily there is a re- 
ward for the righteous : 
doubtless there is a God 
that judgeth the earth. 


I In finem, 
Nc disperdas, David in tituli 
insrriptionrm, quando misit Saul, 
rt custodix it domum ejus, ut rum 
intprficeret (j Re^r. xix. ii.) 

ERIPE me de inimicis 
r meis Deus mens : et 
ab insurgentibus in me 
libera me. 

3 Eripe medeoperanti- 
bus iniquitatem : et de vi- 
ris sanguinum salva me. 

4 Quia ecce ceperunt 
animam meam : irruerunt 
in me fortes. 

5 Neque iniquitas mea, 
neque peccatum meum 
Domine : sine iniquitate 
cucurri, et direxi. 

Evening ipragcr. 

Eripe vie de inimicis. 

DELIVER me from 
mine enemies, O 
God : defend me from 
them that rise up against 

2 O deliver me from 
the wicked doers : and 
save me from the blood- 
thirsty men. 

3 Yqx lo, they lie wait- 
ing for my soul : the mighty 
men are gathered against 
me, without any offence or 
fault of me, O Lord. 

4 They run and prepare 
themselves without my 



6 Exsurge in occursum 
meum, et vide : et tu 
Domine Deus virtutum, 
Deus Israel. 

Intende ad visitandas 
omnes gentes : non mise- 
rearis omnibus qui ope- 
rantur iniquitatem. 

7 Convertentur ad ves- 
peram : etfamem patientur 
ut canes, et circuibunt ci- 

S Ecce loquentur in ore 
suo, et gladius in labiis 
eorum : quoniam quis au- 
di vit ? 

9 Et tu Domine deride- 
bis eos : ad nihilum dedu- 
ces omnes gentes. 

10 Fortitudinem meam 
ad te custodiam, quia 
Deus susceptor meus es : 

11 Deus meus miseri- 
cordia ejus praeveniet me. 

12 Deus ostendet mihi 
super inimicos meos, ne 
occidas eos ; nequando 
obliviscantur populi mei. 

Disperge illos in virtute 
tua : et depone eos pro- 
tector meus Domine : 

13 Delictum oris eo- 
rum, sermonem labiorum 

fault : arise thou therefore 
to help me, and behold. 

5 Stand up, O Lord 
God of hosts, thou God of 
Israel, to visit all the hea- 
then : and be not merciful 
unto them that offend of 
malicious wickedness. 

6 They go to and fro in 
the evening : they grin 
like a dog, and run about 
through the city. 

7 Behold, they speak 
with their mouth, and 
swords are in their lips : 
for who doth hear ? 

8 But thou, O Lord, 
shalt have them in deri- 
sion : and thou shalt laugh 
all the heathen to scorn. 

9 My strength will I a- 
scribe unto thee ; for thou 
art the God of my refuge. 

10 God sheweth me his 
goodness plenteously : and 
Ciod shall let me see my 
desire upon mine ene- 

11 Slay them not, lest 
my people forget it : but 
scatter them abroad a- 
mong the people, and put 
them down, O Lord, our 

12 For the sin of their 
mouth, and for the words 



ipsorum : et comprehen- 
dantur in superbia sua. 

Et de exsecratione et 
mendacio annuntiabuntur, 

14 In consummatione : 
in iia consummationis, et 
non erunt. 

Et scient quia Deus 
dominabitur Jacob : et 
finium terrae. 

15 Convertentur ad ve- 
speram, et famem patien- 
tur ut canes : et circuibunt 

16 Ipsi dispergentur ad 
manducandum : si vero 
non fuerint saturati, et 

17 Ego autem cantabo 
fortitudinem tuam : et ex- 
sultabo mane misericor- 
diam tuam. 

Ouiafactus es susceptor 
meus, et refugium meum, 
in die tribulationis meae. 

18 Adjutor meus tibi 
psallam, quia Deus susce- 
ptor meus es : Deus meus 
misericordia mea. 

of their lips, they shall be 
taken in their pride : and 
why ? their preaching is 
of cursing and lies. 

13 Consume them in 
thy wrath, consume them, 
that they may perish : and 
they shall know that it is 
God that rulcth in Jacob, 
and unto the ends of the 

14 And in the evening 
they will return : grin like 
a dog, and will go about 
the city. 

15 They will run here 
and there for meat : and 
grudge if they be not satis- 

1 6 As for me, 1 will sing 
of thy power, and will 
praise thy mercy betimes 
in the morning : for thou 
hast been my defence and 
refuge in the day of my 

17 Unto thee, O my 
strength, will I sing : for 
thou, O God, art my re- 
fuge, and my merciful 


Day I 


1 In lineni, 

Pro his qui iinmutabiintur, iii 
tituli inscripiiontMn ipsi David 
in doctrinam. 

2 Cum succendit Mesopota 
miam Syriae, et Sobal, et com er- 
tit Joab, et percussit Idumaeatii 
in valle Salinurum duodeoimmil- 
lia. I, J Reg. via. i et x. 7, t7 
1 J'ar. .vviii. 1.) 

DEUS repulisti nos, 
et destruxisti nos : 
iratus es, et misertus es 

4 Commovisti terram, 
et conturbasti earn : sana 
contritiones ejus, quia 
commota est. 

5 Ostendisti populo tuo 
dura : potasti nos vino 

6 Dedisti metuentibus 
te significationem : ut fu- 
giant a facie arcus : 

Utliberenturdilecti tui : 

7 Salvum fac dextera 
tua, et exaudi me. 

8 Deus locutus est in 
sancto suo, Laetabor, et 
partibor Sichimam : et 
convallem tabernaculo- 
rum metibor. 


Deus, repulisti nos. 

/ \ GOD, thou hast cast 
V / us out, and scattered 
us abroad : thou hast also 
been displeased ; O turn 
thee unto us again. 

2 Thou hast moved the 
land, and divided it : heal 
the sores thereof, for it 

3 i hou hast shewed thy 
people heavy things : thou 
hast given us a drink of 
deadly wine. 

4 Thou hast given a to- 
ken for such as fear thee : 
that they may triumph be- 
cause of the truth. 

5 Therefore were thy 
beloved delivered : help 
me with thy right hand, 
and hear me. 

6 God hath spoken in 
his holiness, I will rejoice, 
and divide Sichem : and 
mete out the valley of 

1).\^ 1 1 


9 Meus est Galaad, et 
meus est Manassas : et 
Ephraim fortitude capitis 

Juda rex meus : 

10 Moabollaspeimeae. 
In Idumaeam extendam 

calceamentum meum : mi- 
hialienigenae subditisunt. 

1 1 Quis deducet me in 
civitatem munitam ? quis 
deducet me usque in Idu- 
maeam ? 

12 Nonne tu Deus, qui 
repulisti nos : et non egre- 
dieris Deus in virtutibus 
nostris ? 

13 Da nobis auxiliuni 
de tribulatione : quia vana 
salus hominis. 

14 In Deofaciemus vir- 
tutem : et ipse ad nihilum 
deducet tribulantes nos. 

7 Gilead is mine, and 
Manasses is mine : Eph- 
raim also is the strength 
of my head ; Judah is my 
law-giver ; 

8 Moab is my wash- 
pot ; over Edom will I cast 
out my shoe : Philistia, be 
thou glad of me. 

9 Who will lead me 
into the strong city : who 
will bring me into Edom ? 

10 Hast not thou cast 
us out, O God : wilt not 
thou, O God, go out with 
our hosts ? 

11 O be thou our help 
in trouble : for vain is the 
help of man. 

12 Through God will 
we do great acts : for it is 
he that shall tread down 
our enemies. 


1 In hiiciii, 

In h 


EX AUDI Deus de- 
, precationem meam : 
Intende orationi meae. 

3 A finibus terrae ad te 
clamavi : dum anxiaretur 
cor meum, in petra exal- 
tasti me. 

Deduxisti me, 


I'lxauili, Deus. 

f EAR my crying, O 
God : give ear unto 
my prayer. 

2 P'rom the ends of the 
earth will I call upon 
thee : when my heart is 
in heaviness. 

3 O set me up upon the 


D.W 12. 

4 Quia factus es spes 
mea : turris fortitudinis a 
facie inimici. 

5 Inhabitabointaberna- 
culo tuo in saecula : pro- 
tegar in velamento alarum 

6 Ouoniam tu Deus 
mens exaudisti orationem 
meam : dedisti heredi- 
tatem timentibus nomen 

7 Dies super dies regis 
adjicies : annos ejus us- 
que in diem generationis 
et generationis. 

8 Permanetinaeternum 
in conspectu Dei : miseri- 
cordiam et veritatem ejus 
quis requiret ? 

9 Sic psalmum dicam 
nomini tuo in saeculum 
saeculi : ut reddam vota 
mea de die in diem. 

rock that is higher than 
I : for thou hast been my 
hope, and a strong tower 
for me against the enemy. 

4 I will dwell in thy 
tabernacle for ever : and 
my trust shall be under 
the covering of thy wings. 

5 For thou, O Lord, 
hast heard my desires : 
and hast given an herit- 
age unto those that fear 
thy Name. 

6 Thou shalt grant the 
King a long life : that his 
years may endure through- 
out all generations. 

7 He shall dwell before 
God for ever : O prepare 
thy loving mercy and 
faithfulness, that they may 
preserve him. 

8 So will I always sing 
praise unto thy Name : 
that I may daily perform 
my vows. 


c In finem, 
Pro Idithun, Psalmus David. 


ONNE Deo subjecta 
erit anima mea ? ab 
ipso enim salutare meum. 
3 Nam et ipse Deus 

/Rorning prater. 

Nonne Deo ? 

MY soul truly waiteth 
still upon God: for of 
him Cometh my salvation. 
2 He verily is my 

1)A\ 1 


meus, et salutaris meus : 
susceptor meus, non mo- 
vebor amplius. 

4 Ouousque irruitis in 
hominem ? interficitis uni- 
versi vos : tamquam parie- 
ti inclinato et maceriae 

5 Verumtamen pretium 
meum cogitaverunt repel- 
lere, cucurri in siti : ore 
suo benedicebant, et corde 
suo maledicebant. 

6 Verumtamen Deosub- 
jectaestoanima mea:quo- 
niam ab ipso patientia 

7 Quia ipse Deus meus, 
et saivator meus : adjutor 
meus, non emigrabo. 

8 In Deo salutare me- 
um, et gloria mea : Deus 
auxilii mei, et spes mea in 
Deo est. 

9 Sperate in eo omnis 
congregatio populi, effun- 
dite coram illo corda ve- 
stra : Deus adjutor noster 
in aeternum. 

10 Verumtamen vani 
tilii hominum, mendaces 

strength and my salva- 
tion : he is my defence, so 
that I shall not greatly fall. 

3 How long will ye 
imagine mischief against 
every man : ye shall be 
slain all the sort of you ; 
yea, as a tottering wall 
shall ye be, and like a 
broken hedge. 

4 Their device is only 
how to put him out whom 
God will exalt : their de- 
light is in lies ; they give 
good words with their 
mouth, but curse with 
their heart. 

5 Nevertheless, my 
soul, wait thou still upon 
God : for my hope is in 

6 He truly is my 
strength and my salva- 
tion : he is my defence, so 
that I shall not fall. 

7 In God is my health, 
and my glor>' : the rock 
of my might, and in God 
is my trust. 

8 O put your trust in 
him alway, ye people : 
pour out your hearts before 
him, for God is our hope. 

9 As for the children of 
men, they are but vanity : 



filii hominum in stuteris : 
ut decipiant ipsi de vani- 
tate in idipsum. 

11 Nolite sperare in 
iniquitate,et rapinas nolite 
concLipiscere : divitiae si 
afflaant nolite cor appo- 

12 Semel locutus est 
Deus, duo haec audivi 
quia potestas Dei est, 

13 Et tibi Domine mi- 
sericordia : quia tu reddes 
unicuique juxta opera sua. 

the children of men are de- 
ceitful upon the weights, 
they are altogether light- 
er than vanity itself. 

10 O trust not in wrong 
and robbery, give not 
yourselves unto vanity : 
if riches increase, set not 
your heart upon them. 

11 God spake once, and 
twice I have also heard 
the same : that power be- 
longeth unto God ; 

12 And that thou, Lord, 
art merciful : for thou re- 
wardest every man ac- 
cording to his work. 


I Psalmus David, 
Cuin esset in Heserto Idinnapar 


EUS, Deus meus ad 
te de luce vigilo. 

Sitivit in te anima mea, 
quam multipliciter tibi 
caro mea. 

3 In terra deserta, et 
invia, et inaquosa : sic in 
sancto apparui tibi, ut vi- 
derem virtutem tuam, et 
gloriam tuam. 

4 Ouoniam melior est 
misericordia tua super 

Dctis, Deus nitus. 

/A GOD, thou art my 
V / God : early will I 
seek thee. 

2 My soul thirsteth for 
thee, my flesh also longeth 
after thee : in a barren 
and dry land where no 
water is. 

3 Thus have I looked 
for thee in holiness : that 
I might behold thy power 
and glory. 

4 For thy loving-kind- 
ness is better than the life 

Day 12. PSALM LXIl-LXllI, 

vitas : labia mea lauda- 
bunt te. 

5 Sic benedicam te in 
vita mea : et in nomine 
tuo levabo manus meas. 

6 Sicutadipeetpingue- 
dine repleaturanima mea : 
et labiis exsultationis lau- 
dabit OS meum. 

7 Si memor fiii tui super 
stratum meum, in matuti- 
nis meditabor in te : 

8 Quia fuisti adjutor 

Et in velamento alarum 
tuarum exsultabo, 

9 Adhaesit anima mea 
post te : me suscepit dex- 
tera tua. 

10 Ipsi vero in va- 
num quaesierunt animam 
meam, introibunt in infe- 
riora terrae : 

11 Tradentur in manus 
gladii, partes vulpium c- 

12 Rex vero laetabitur 
in Deo,laudabunturomnes 
qui jurant in eo : quia ob- 
structum est os loquentium 

itself : my lips shall praise 

5 As long as I live will 
I magnify thee on this 
manner : and lift up my 
hands in thy Name. 

6 My soul shall be sa- 
tisfied, even as it were 
with marrow and fatness : 
when my mouth praiseth 
thee with joyful lips. 

7 Have I not remem- 
bered thee in my bed : and 
thought upon thee when 
I was waking ? 

8 Because thouhast been 
my helper : therefore un- 
der the shadow of thy 
wings will I rejoice. 

9 My soul hangeth upon 
thee : thy right hand hath 
upholden me. 

ID These also that seek 
the hurt of my soul : they 
shall go under the earth. 

1 1 Let them fall upon 
the edge of the sword : 
that they may be a portion 
for foxes. 

12 But the King shall 
rejoice in God ; all they 
also that swear by him 
shall be commended : for 
the mouth of them that 
speak lies shall be stopped. 


Day 12. 


I In (incm, Psalmu^ I)a\i'l 

EXAUDI Deus ora- 
, tionem meam cum 
deprecor : a timore inimici 
eripe animam meam. 

3 Protexisti me a con- 
ventu malignantium : a 
multitudine operantium 

4 Quia exacuerunt ut 
gladium linguas suas : in- 
tenderunt arcum rem 

5 Ut sagittent in occul- 
tis immaculatum. 

6 Subito sagittabunt 
eum, et non timebunt : 
firmaveruntsibi sermonem 

Narraverunt ut abscon- 
derent laqueos : dixerunt : 
Ouis videbit eos ? 

7 Scrutati sunt iniqui- 
tates : defecerunt scrutan- 
tes scrutinio. 

Accedet homo ad cor 
altum : 

8 Et exaltabitur Deus. 
Sagittae parvulorum 

factae sunt plagae eorum : 

Ilxaudi^ Deu . . 

HEAR my voice, O 
God, in my prayer : 
preserve my life from fear 
of the enemy. 

2 Hide me from the 
gathering together of the 
froward : and from the 
insurrection of wicked 
doers ; 

3 Who have whet their 
tongue Hke a sword : and 
shoot out their arrows, 
even bitter words ; 

4 That they may privily 
shoot at him that is per- 
fect : suddenly do they hit 
him, and fear not. 

5 Theyencourage them- 
selves in mischief : and 
commune among them- 
selves how they may lay 
snares, and say, that no 
man shall see them. 

6 They imagine wicked- 
ness, and practise it : that 
they keep secret among 
themselves, every man in 
the deep of his heart. 

7 But God shall sud- 
denly shoot at them with 
a swift arrow : that they 
shall be wounded. 


AY 12. 


9 Et infirmatae sunt 
contra eos linguae eorum. 

Conturbati sunt omnes 
qui videbant eos : 

10 Et timuit omnis 

Et annuntiaverunt opera 
Dei : et facta ejus intelle- 

11 Laetabitur Justus in 
Domino, et sperabit in 
eo, et laudabuntur omnes 
recti corde. 

8 Yea, their own tongues 
shall make them fall : in- 
somuch that whoso seeth 
them shall laugh them to 

9 And all men that see 
it shall say, This hath God 
done : for they shall per- 
ceive that it is his work. 

ID The righteous shall 
rejoice in the Lord, and 
put his trust in him : and 
all they that are true of 
heart shall be glad. 


1 In finrm, Psalmus David. 

Caiiticum Hirremiaf. el Kzr 
rhieli<; populo transmifjrationis. 
rum iiicipriftit i-\ii,-. 

TE decet hymnus Deus 
in Sion : et tibi red- 
detur votum in Jerusalem. 

3 Exaudi orationem 
meam : ad te omnis caro 

4 Verbainiquorumprae- 
valuerunt super nos : et 
impietatibus nostris tu 

5 Beatus quem elegisti 

iBveninci ipra^er. 

7c decet hvmnus. 

"FHOU, O God, art 
1 praised in Sion : and 
unto thee shall the vow be 
performed in Jerusalem. 

2 Thou that hearest the 
prayer : unto thee shall 
all flesh come. 

3 My misdeeds prevail 
against me : O be thou 
merciful unto our sins. 

4 Blessed is the man, 


Day 12. 

et assumpsisti : inliabita- 
bit in atriis tuis. 

Replebimurin bonis do- 
mus tuae : sanctum est 
templum tuum, 

6 Mirabile in aequitate. 

Exaudi nos Deus salu- 
taris noster, spes omnium 
finium terrae, et in mari 

7 Praeparans montes in 
virtute tua, accinctus po- 
tentia : 

8 Qui conturbas pro- 
fundum maris, sonum tlu- 
ctuum ejus. 

Turbabuntur gentes, 

9 Et timebunt qui habi- 
tant terminos a signistuis : 
exitus matutini et vespere 

10 Visitasti terram, et 
mebriasti earn : multipli- 
casti locupletare eam. 

Flumen Dei repletum 
est aquis, parasti cibum 
illorum : quoniam ita est 
praeparatio ejus. 

whom thou choosest, and 
receivest unto thee : he 
shall dwell in thy court, 
and shall be satisfied with 
the pleasures of thy house, 
even of thy holy temple. 

5 Thou shalt shew us 
wonderful things in thy 
righteousness, O God of 
our salvation : thou that 
art the hope of all the 
ends of the earth, and of 
them that remain in the 
broad sea ; 

6 Who in his strength 
setteth fast the moun- 
tains : and is girded about 
with power ; 

7 Who stilleth the 
raging of the sea : and the 
noise of his waves, and the 
madness of the people. 

8 They also that dwell in 
the uttermost parts of the 
earth shall be afraid at 
thy tokens : thou that 
makest the outgoings of 
the morning and evening 
to praise thee. 

9 Thou visitesttheearth, 
and blessest it : thou 
makest it very plenteous. 

10 The river of God is 
full of water : thou prepar- 
est their corn, for so thou 
providest for the earth. 

Day I 


1 1 Rivos ejus inebria, 
multiplica genimina ejus : 
in stillicidiis ejus laeta- 
bitur germinans. 

12 Benedices coronae 
anni benignitatis tuae : 
et campi tui replebuntur 

13 Pinguescent specio- 
sa deserti : et exsultatione 
colles accingentur. 

14 Induti sunt arietes 
ovium, et valles abunda- 
bunt frumento :clamabunt, 
etenim hymnum dicent. 

11 Thou waterest her 
furrows, thou sendest rain 
into the Httle valleys there- 
of : thou makest it soft 
with the drops of rain, and 
blessest the increase of it. 

12 Thou crownest the 
year with thy goodness : 
and thy clouds drop fat- 

13 They shall drop upon 
the dwellings of the wil- 
derness : and the little 
hills shall rejoice on every 

14 The folds shall be full 
of sheep : the valleys also 
shall stand so thick with 
corn, that they shall laugh 
and sing. 


I In lincm, 
Canticum Psalini resuirrcttonii 

JUBILATE Deo omnis 

2 Psalmum dicite no- 
mini ejus : date gloriam 
laudi ejus. 

3 Dicite Deo, quam 
terribilia sunt opera tua 
Domine ! in multitudine 
virtutis tuae mentientur 
tibi inimici tui. 

Jubilate D€o. 

/ A BE joyful in God, 
V / all ye lands : sing 
praises unto the honour of 
his Name, make his praise 
to be glorious. 

2 Say unto God, O how 
wonderful art thou in thy 
works : through the 
greatness of thy power 
shall thine enemies be 
found liars unto thee. 


4 Omnis terra adoret 
te, et psallat tibi : psal- 
mum dicat nomini tuo. 

5 Venite, et videte opera 
Dei : terribilis in consiliis 
super tilios hominum. 

6 Qui convertit mare in 
aridam, in flumine per- 
transibunt pede : ibi lae- 
tabimur in ipso. 

7 Qui dominatur in vir- 
tute sua in aetemum, oculi 
ejus super gentes respi- 
ciunt : qui exasperant non 
exaltenturin semetipsis. 

8 Benedicite gentes 
Deum nostrum : et audi- 
tam facite vocem laudis 

9 Qui posuit animam 
meam ad vitam : et non 
dedit in commotionem 
pedes meos. 

10 (2uoniam probasti 
nos Deus : igne nos exa- 
minasti, sicut examinatur 

11 Induxisti nos in la- 
queum, posuisti tribulatio- 
nes in dorso nostro : 

13 Imposuisti homines 
super capita nostra. 

3 For all tiie world shall 
worship thee : sing of 
thee, and praise thy name. 

4 O come hither, and 
behold the works of God : 
how wonderful he is in 
his doing toward the 
children of men. 

5 He turned the sea into 
dry land : so that they 
went through the water 
on foot ; there did we re- 
joice thereof. 

6 He ruleth with his 
power for ever ; his eyes 
behold the people : and 
such as will not believe 
shall not be able to exalt 

7 O praise our God, ye 
people : and make the 
voice of his praise to be 
heard ; 

8 Who holdeth our soul 
in life : and sufifereth not 
our feet to slip. 

9 For thou, O God, hast 
proved us : thou also hast 
tried us, like as silver is 

10 Thou broughtest us 
into the snare : and laid- 
est trouble upon our loins. 

1 1 Thou sufteredst men 
to ride over our heads : 



Transivimus per ignem 
et aquam : et eduxisti nos 
in refrigerium. 

13 Introibo in domum 
tuam in holocaustis : red- 
dam tibi vota mea, 

14 Quae distinxerunt 
labia mea. 

Etlocutum estosmeuni, 
in tribulatione mea. 

15 Holocausta medul- 
lata ofteram tibi cum iri- 
censo arietum : offeram 
tibi boves cum hircis. 

16 Venite, audite, et 
narrabo, omnes qui time- 
tis Deum, quanta fecit 
animae meae. 

17 Ad ipsum ore meo 
clamavi, et exaltavi sub 
lingua mea. 

18 Iniquitatem si a- 
spexi in cordc meo, non 
exaudiet Dominus. 

19 Propterea exaudivit 
Deus, et attendit voci de- 
precationis meae. 

20 Benedictus Deus, 
qui non amovit orationem 
meam, et misericordiam 
suam a me. 

we went through fire and 
water, and thou brought- 
est us out into a wealthy 

12 I will go into thine 
house with burnt-offer- 
ings : and will pay thee 
my vows, which I pro- 
mised with my lips, and 
spake with my mouth, 
when I was in trouble. 

13 I will offer unto thee 
fat burnt-sacrifices, with 
the incense of rams : I 
will offer bullocks and 

14 O come hither, and 
hearken, all ye that fear 
God : and I will tell you 
what he hath done for my 

15 I called unto him 
with my mouth : and gave 
him praises with my 

16 If I incline unto 
wickedness with mine 
heart : the Lord will not 
hear me. 

17 But God hath heard 
me : and considered the 
voice of my prayer. 

18 Praised be God who 
hath not cast out my 
prayer : nor turned his 
mercy from me. 


DaV 12. 


In linem, 
I In hvitinii, Psalmus Cantici 

DEUS misereatur no- 
stri, et benedicat 
nobis : illuminet vultum 
suum super nos, et mise- 
reatur nostri. 

3 Ut cognoscamus in 
terra viam tuam : in om- 
nibus gentibus salutare 

4 Confiteantur tibi po- 
puli, Deus : confiteantur 
tibi populi omnes. 

5 Laetenturetexsultent 
gentes : quoniam judicas 
populos in aequitate, et 
gentes in terra dirigis. 

6 Confiteantur tibi po- 
puli Deus : confiteantur 
tibi populi omnes : 

7 Terra dedit fructum 

Benedicat nos Deus, 
Deus noster, 

8 Benedicat nos Deus : 
et metuant eum omnes 
fines terrae. 

Dei{s 7)iiserea1nr. 

(' OD be merciful unto 
-Jf us, and bless us : and 
shew us the light of his 
countenance, and be mer- 
ciful unto us ; 

2 That thy way may be 
known upon earth : thy 
saving health among all 

3 Let the people praise 
thee, O God : yea, let all 
the people praise thee. 

4 O let the nations re- 
joice and be glad : for 
thou shalt judge the folk 
righteously, and govern 
the nations upon earth. 

5 Let the people praise 
thee, O God : let all the 
people praise thee. 

6 Then shall the earth 
bring forth her increase : 
and God, even our own 
God, shall give us his 

7 God shall bless us : 
and all the ends of the 
world shall fear him. 





In tineiii, 

(^antii i \y)->\ Inn 

r;XSURGATDeus, et 
I . dissipentur inimici 
ejus, et fugiant qui ode- 
runt eum a facie ejus. 

3 Sicut deficit fumus, 
deficiant : sicut fluit cera 
a facie ignis, sic pereant 
peccatores a facie Dei, 

4 Et justi epulentur, et 
exsultent in conspectu 
Dei : et delectentur inlae- 

5 Cantate Deo, psal- 
mum dicite nomini ejus : 
iter facite ei qui ascendit 
super occasum : Dominus 
nomen illi. 

Exsultate in conspectu 
ejus, turbabuntur a facie 

6 Patris orphanorum, 
et judicis viduarum. 

Deus in loco sancto suo: 

7 Deus qui inhabitare 
facit unius moris in domo : 

/looming iprai^er. 


/•'vsurycJ/ Deus. 

IET God arise, and let 
. his enemies be scat- 
tered : let them also that 
hate him flee before him. 

2 Like as the smoke 
vanisheth, so shalt thou 
drive them away : and 
like as wax melteth at 
the fire, so let the ungodly 
perish at the presence of 

3 But let the righteous 
be glad and rejoice before 
God : let them also be 
merry and joyful. 

4 O sing unto God, and 
sing praises unto his 
Name : magnify him that 
rideth upon the heavens, 
as it were upon an horse ; 
praise him in his Name 
J AH, and rejoice before 

5 He is a Father of the 
fatherless, and defendeth 
the cause of the widows : 
even God in his holy habi- 

6 He is the God that 
maketh men to be of one 


Day rr 

Qui educit vinctos in 
fortitudine, similiter eos, 
qui exasperant, qui habi- 
tant in sepulcris. 

8 Deus cum egredere- 
ris in conspectu populi 
tui, cum pertransires in 
deserto : 

9 Terra mota est, et- 
enim caeli distillaverunt 
a facie Dei Sinai, a facie 
Dei Israel. 

10 Pluviam volunta- 
riam segregabis Deus 
hereditati tuae : et infir- 
mata est, tu vero perfecisti 

11 Animalia tua habi- 
tabunt in ea : parasti in 
dulcedine tua pauperi, 

12 Dominus dabit ver- 
bum evangelizantibus, vir- 
tute multa. 

13 Rex virtutum dilecti 
dilecti : et speciei domus 
dividere spolia. 

14 Si dormiatis inter 
medios cleros, pennae co- 
lumbae deargentatae, et 

mind in an house, and 
bringeth the prisoners out 
of captivity : but letteth 
the runagates continue in 

7 O God, when thou 
wentest forth before the 
people : when thou wentest 
through the wilderness, 

8 The earth shook, and 
the heavens dropped at the 
presence of God : even as 
Sinai also was moved at 
the presence of God, who 
is the God of Israel. 

9 Thou, O God, sentest 
a gracious rain upon thine 
inheritance : and refresh- 
edst it when it was weary. 

10 Thy congregation 
shall dwell therein : for 
thou, O God, hast of thy 
goodness prepared for the 

11 The Lord gave the 
word : great was the com- 
pany of the preachers. 

12 Kings with their ar- 
mies did tlee, and were 
discomfited : and they of 
the household divided the 

13 Though ye have lien 
among the pots, yet shall 
ye be as the wings of a 

Day I 

I'SAI.M I.XVll LWll! 

posteriora dorsi ejus in 
pallore auri. 

15 Dum discernit cae- 
lestis reges super earn, 
nive dealbabuntur in Sel- 
mon : 

16 Mons Dei, mons 

Mons coagulatus, mons 
pinguis : 

17 Ut quid suspicamini 
montes coagulates ? 

Mons in quo beneplaci- 
tum est Deo habitare in 
eo : etenim Dominushabi- 
tabit in finem. 

18 Currus Dei decern 
millibus multiplex, millia 
laetantium : Dominus in 
eis in Sina in sancto. 

19 Ascendisti in altum, 
cepisti captivitatem : ac- 
cepisti dona inhominibus : 

Etenim non creden- 
tes, inhabitare Dominum 

20 Benedictus Domi- 
nus die quotidie : prospe- 
rum iter faciet nobis Deus 
salutarium nostrorum. 

21 Deus noster, Deus 
salvos, faciendi : et Do- 

dove : that is covered with 
silver wings, and her fea- 
thers like gold. 

14 When the Almighty 
scattered kings for their 
sake : then were they as 
white as snow in Salmon. 

15 As the hill of Basan, 
so is God's hill : even an 
high hill, as the hill of 

16 Why hop ye so, ye 
high hills ? this is God's 
hill, in the which it pleas- 
eth him to dwell : yea, 
the Lord will abide in it 
for ever. 

17 The chariots of God 
are twenty thousand, even 
thousands of angels : and 
the Lord is among them, 
as in the holy place of Si- 

18 Thou art gone up on 
high, thou hast led capti- 
vity captive, and received 
gifts for men : yea, even 
for thine enemies, that the 
Lord God might dwell a- 
mong them. 

19 Praised be the Lord 
daily : even the God who 
helpeth us, and poureth 
his benefits upon us. 

20 He is our God, even 
the God of whom cometh 




22 Verumtamen Deus 
confringet capita inimi- 
corum suorum : verticem 
capilli perambulantium in 
delictis suis. 

23 Dixit Dominus : Ex 
Basan convertam, conver- 
tam in profundum maris : 

24 Ut intingatur pes 
tuus in sanguine : lingua 
canum tuorum ex inimicis, 
ab ipso. 

25 Viderunt ingressus 
tuos, Deus, ingressus Dei 
mei : regis mei qui est in 

26 Praevenerunt prin- 
cipes conjuncti psallenti- 
bus, in medio juvencu- 
larum tympanistriarum. 

27 In ecclesiis benedi- 
cite Deo Domino, de fon- 
tibus Israel. 

28 Ibi Benjamin ado- 
lescentulus, in mentis ex- 


salvation : God is the Lord, 
by whom we escape death. 

21 God shall wound the 
head of his enemies : and 
the hairy scalp of such a 
one as goeth on still in his 

22 The Lord hath said, 
I will bring my people a- 
gain, as I did from Basan : 
mine own will I bring 
again, as I did sometime 
from the deep of the 

23 That thy foot may 
be dipped in the blood of 
thine enemies : and that 
the tongue of thy dogs 
may be red through the 

24 It is well seen, O 
God, how thou goest : how 
thou, my God and King, 
goest in the sanctuary'. 

25 The singers go be- 
fore, the minstrels follow 
after : in the midst are the 
damsels playing with the 

26 Give thanks, O Is- 
rael, unto God the Lord in 
the congregations : from 
the ground of the heart. 

27 There is little Benja- 
min their ruler, and the 
princes of Judah their 




Principes Juda, duces 

eorum : principes Zabu- 
lon, principes Nephthali. 
29 Manda Deus virtuti 
tuae : confirma hoc Deus, 
quod operatus es in nobis. 

30 A templo tuo in 
Jerusalem, tibi efferent 
reges munera. 

31 Increpa feras arun- 
dinis, congrcgatio tauro- 
rum in vaccis populorum : 
ut excludant eos, qui pro- 
bati sunt argento. 

Dissipa gentes, quae 
bella volunt. 

32 Venient legati ex 
Aegypto : Aethiopia prae- 
veniet manus ejus Deo. 

33 Regna terrae, can- 
tate Deo : psallite Domi- 
no : psallite Deo, 

34 Qui ascendit super 
caelum'caeli, ad orientem. 

Ecce dabit voci suae 
vocem virtutis, 

35 Date gloriam Deo 
super Israel, magnificen- 

counsel : the princes of 
Zabulon, and the princes 
of Nephthali. 

28 Thy God hath sent 
forth strength for thee : 
stablish the thing, O God, 
that thou hast wrought 
in us, 

29 For thy temple's sake 
at Jerusalem : so shall 
kings bring presents unto 

30 When the company 
of the spear-men, and mul- 
titude of the mighty are 
scattered abroad among 
the beasts of the people, 
so that they humbly bring 
pieces of silver : and when 
he hath scattered the peo- 
ple that delight in war ; 

31 Then shall the prin- 
ces come out of Egypt : 
the Morians' land shall 
soon stretch out her hands 
unto God. 

32 Sing unto God, O ye 
kingdoms of the earth : O 
sing praises unto the Lord; 

33 Who sitteth in the 
heavens over all from the 
beginning : lo, he doth 
send out his voice, yea, 
and that a mighty voice. 

34 Ascribeye the power 
to God over Israel : his 


IJav i^,. 

tia ejus, et virtus ejus in 

36 Mirabilis Deus in 
Sanctis suis, Deus Israel 
ipse dabit virtutem, et 
fortitudinem plebi suae : 
benedictus Deus. 

worship and strength is 
in the clouds. 

35 O God, wonderful art 
thou in thy holy places : 
even the God of Israel ; 
he will give strength and 
power unto his people ; 
blessed be God. 


I hi ijneirj, pru iis qui comiuu 
ibuntur Uavid 

' ALVUM mefac Deus : 


quoniam mtraverunt 
aquae usque ad animam 

3 Infixus sum in limo 
profundi : et non est sub- 

Veni in altitudinem ma- 
ris : et tempestas demersit 

4 Laboravi damans, 
raucae factae sunt fauces 
meae : defecerunt oculi 
mei, dum spero in Deum 

5 Multiplicati sunt su- 
per capillos capitis mei, 
qui oderunt me gratis. 

Confortati sunt qui per- 
secuti sunt me inimici mei 
injuste : quae non rapui, 
tunc exsolvebam. 

iBvcniuQ prater* 


Sa/:'uw nt^ fa. . 

V/AVE me, O God; for 
r^ the waters are come 
in, even unto my soul. 

2 I stick fast in the deep 
mire, where no ground is : 
I am come into deep 
waters, so that the floods 
run over me. 

3 I am weary' of crying ; 
my throat is dry : my sight 
faileth me for waiting so 
long upon my God. 

4 They that hate me 
without a cause are more 
than the hairs of my head : 
they that are mine ene- 
mies, and would destroy 
me guiltless, are mighty. 

Day I 


6 Deus tu scis insipien- 
tiam meam : et delicta 
mea a te non sunt abscon- 

7 Non erubescant in 
me qui exspectant te Do- 
mine, Domine virtutum. 

Non confundantur su- 
per me qui quaerunt te, 
Deus Israel. 

8 Ouoniam propter te 
sustinui opprobrium : o- 
peruit confusio faciem 

9 Extraneus factus sum 
fratribus meis, et peregri- 
nus filiis matris meae. 

10 Ouoniam zelus do- 
mus tuae comedit me : et 
opprobria exprobrantium 
tibi ceciderunt super me. 

11 Et operui in jejunio 
animam meam : et factum 
est in opprobrium mihi. 

12 Etposuivestimentum 
meum cilicium : et factus 
sum illis in parabolam. 

13 Adversum me loque- 
bantur qui sedebant in 
porta : et in me psallebant 
qui bibebant vinum. 

5 I paid them the things 
that I never took : God, 
thou knowest my simple- 
ness, and my faults are 
not hid from thee. 

6 Let not them that 
trust in thee, O Lord God 
of hosts, be ashamed for 
my cause : let not those 
that seek thee be con- 
founded through me, O 
Lord God of Israel. 

7 And why.? for thy sake 
have I suffered reproof : 
shame hath covered my 

8 I am become a stran- 
ger unto my brethren : 
even an alien unto my 
mother's children. 

9 For the zeal of thine 
house hath even eaten 
me : and the rebukes of 
them that rebuked thee 
are fallen upon me. 

10 I wept, and chasten- 
ed myself with fasting : 
and that was turned to my 

11 I put on sackcloth 
also : and they jested up- 
on me. 

12 They that sit in the 
gate speak against me : 
and the drunkards make 
songs upon me. 


14 Ego vero orationem 
nieam ad te Domine : tem- 
pus beneplaciti Deus. 

In multitudine miseri- 
cordiae tuae exaudi me, in 
veritate salutis tuae. 

1 5 Eripe me de luto, ut 
non infigar : libera me ab 
iis qui oderunt me, et de 
profundis aquarum. 

16 Non me demergat 
tempestas aquae, neque 
absorbeat me profundum : 
neque urgeat super me 
puteus OS suum. 

17 Exaudi me Domine. 
quoniam benigna est mi- 
sericordia tua : secundum 
multitudinem miseratio- 
num tuarum respice in me. 

1 8 Et ne avertas faciem 
tuam a puero tuo : quo- 
niam tribulor, velociter 
exaudi me. 

19 Intende animae 
meae, et libera earn : pro- 
pter inimicos meos eripe 

20 Tu scis improperium 
meum, etconfusionem me- 
am, et reverentiam meam. 

21 In conspectu tuo 
sunt omnes qui tribulant 
me, improperium exspec- 

Day 13. 

1 3 But. Lord, I make my 
prayer unto thee : in an 
acceptable time. 

14 Hear me, O God, in 
the multitude of thy mer- 
cy : even in the truth of 
thy salvation. 

15 Take me out of the 
mire, that I sink not : O 
let me be delivered from 
them that hate me, and 
out of the deep waters. 

16 Let not the water- 
flood drown me, neither 
let the deep swallow me 
up : and let not the pit 
shut her mouth upon me. 

17 Hear me, O Lord, 
for thy loving-kindness is 
comfortable : turn thee 
unto me according to the 
multitude of thy mercies. 

iS And hide not thy 
face from thy servant, for 
I am in trouble : O haste 
thee, and hear me. 

19 Draw nigh unto my 
soul, and save it : O de- 
liver me, because of mine 

20 Thouhast known my 
reproof, my shame, and 
my dishonour : mine ad- 
versaries are all in thy 

21 Thy rebuke hath 




tavit cor meum, et mise- 

Et sustinui qui simul 
contristaretur, et non fiiit : 
et qui consolaretur, et non 

22 Etdederuntin escam 
meam fel : et in siti mea 
potaverunt me aceto. 

23 Fiat mensa eorum 
coram ipsis in laqueum, 
et in retributiones, et in 

24 Obscurentur oculi 
eorum ne videant : et dor- 
sum eorum semper incurva. 

25 Effunde super eos 
iram tuam : et furor irae 
tuae comprehendat eos. 

26 Fiat habitatio eorum 
deserta : et in tabernacu- 
lis eorum non sit qui in- 

27 Ouoniam quem tu 
percussisti persecuti 
sunt : et super dolorem 
vulnerum meorum addi- 

28 Appone iniquitatem 
super iniquitatem eorum : 

broken my heart ; I am full 
of heaviness : 1 looked for 
some to have pity on me, 
but there was no man, 
neither found I any to 
comfort me. 

22 They gaveme gall to 
eat : and when I was thirs- 
ty they gave me vinegar 
to drink. 

23 Let their table be 
made a snare to take them- 
selves withal : and let the 
things that should have 
been for their wealth be 
unto them an occasion of 

24 Let their eyes be 
blinded, that they see 
not : and ever bow thou 
down their backs. 

25 Pour out thine indig- 
nation upon them : and 
let thy wrathful displea- 
sure take hold of them. 

26 Let their habitation 
be void : and no man to 
dwell in their tents. 

27 For they persecute 
him whom thou hast 
smitten : and they talk 
how they may vex them 
whom thou hast wounded. 

28 Let them fall from 
one wickedness to an- 

et non intrent in justitiam 

29 Deleantur de libro 
viventium : et cum justis 
non sciibantur. 

30 Ego sum pauper et 
dolens : salus tua Ueus 
suscepit me. 

31 Laudabo nomen Dei 
cum cantico : et magnifi- 
cabo eum in laude : 

32 Et placebit Deo 
super vitulum novellum : 
cornua producentem et 

33 Videant pauperes et 
laetentur : quaerite Deum, 
et vivet anima vestra : 

34 Ouoniam exaudivit 
pauperes Dominus : et 
vinctos suos non despexit. 

35 Laudent ilium caeli 
et terra, mare, et omnia 
reptilia in eis. 

36 Ouoniam Deus sal- 
vam faciet Sion : et aediti- 
cabuntur civitates Juda. 

Et inhabitabunt ibi, et 
hereditate acquirent eam. 

yj Et semen servorum 
ejus possidebiteam, et qui 
diligunt nomen ejus habi- 
tabunt in ea. 


other : and not come into 
thy righteousness. 

29 Let them be wiped 
out of the book of the 
living : and not be written 
among the righteous. 

30 As for me, when I am 
poor and in heaviness : thy 
help,0 God, shall lift meup. 

31 1 will praise the 
Name of God with a song : 
and magnify it with 

32 This also shall please 
the Lord : better than a 
bullock that hath horns 
and hoofs. 

33 The humble shall 
consider this, and be glad : 
seek ye after God, and 
your soul shall live. 

34 For the Lord heareth 
the poor : and despiseth 
not his prisoners. 

35 Let heaven and earth 
praise him : the sea, and 
all that moveth therein. 

36 For God will save 
Sion, and build the cities 
of Judah : that men may 
dwell there, and have it in 


37 The posterity also 
of his servants shallinherit 
it : and they that love his 
Name shall dwell therein. 

Day 13. 



J In finem, Psalmus David, 
In rememorationem, quod sal- 
vum fecerit eum Dominu' 

DEUS in adjutorium 
meum intende : Do- 
mine ad adjuvandum me 

3 Confundantur, et re- 
vereantur, qui quaerunt 
animam meam : 

4 Avertantur retror- 
sum, et erubescant, qui 
volunt mihi mala : 

Avertantur statim 
erubescentes, qui dicunt 
mihi : Euge, euge. 

5 Exsultent et laetentur 
in te omnes qui quaerunt 
te, et dicant semper : Ma- 
gnificetur Dominus : qui 
diligunt salutare tuum. 

6 Ego vero egenus et 
pauper sum : Deus adjuva 

Adjutor meus, et libera- 
tor meus es tu : Domine 
ne moreris. 

Dcus in adjutorium, 

HASTE thee, O God, 
to deliver me : make 
haste to help me, O Lord. 

2 Let them be ashamed 
and confounded that seek 
after my soul : let them be 
turned backv/ard and put 
to confusion that wish me 

3 Let them for their re- 
ward be soon brought to 
shame : that cry over me. 
There, there. 

4 But let all those that 
seek thee be joyful and 
glad in thee : and let all 
such as delight in thy 
salvation say alway, The 
Lord be praised. 

5 As for me, I am poor 
and in misery ; haste thee 
unto me, O God. 

6 Thou art my helper, 
and my redeemer : O 
Lord, make no long tarry- 




T Psalnius David. 
Filiorum JonaHab. rt prinium 

IN te Domine speravi, 
non confundar in ae- 
ternum : 

2 In justitia tua libera 
me, et eripe me. 

Inclina ad me aurem 
tuam, et salva me. 

3 Esto mihi in Dcum 
protectorem, et in locum 
munitum : ut salvum me 

Ouoniam firmamentum 
meum, et refugium meum 
es tu. 

4 Deus meus eripe me 
de manu pcccatoris, et de 
manu contra legem agen- 
tis et iniqui. 

5 Ouoniam tu es pa- 
tientia mea Domine : Do- 
mine, spes mea a juventute 

6 In te confirmatus sum 
ex utero : de ventre matris 
meaetues protector meus: 

In te cantatio mea sem- 
per : 

horning ipraget. 

/// fc^ T^nmitic, spcmvi. 

TN thee, O Lord, have I 
put my trust, let me 
never be put to confusion : 
but rid me, and deliver 
me, in thy righteousness ; 
incline thine ear unto me, 
and save me. 

2 Be thou my strong 
hold, whereunto I may 
ahvay resort : thou hast 
promised to help me, for 
thou art my house of de- 
fence, and my castle. 

3 Deliver me, O my 
God, out of the hand of 
the ungodly : out of the 
hand of the unrighteous 
and cruel man. 

4 For thou. O Lord Ciod, 
art the thing that I long 
for : thou art my hope, 
even from my youth. 

5 Through thee have I 
been holden up ever since 
I was born : thou art he 
that took me out of my 
mother's womb ; my praise 
shall be always of thee. 


\Y M- 


7 Tamquam prodigium 
factus sum multis : et tu 
adjutor fortis. 

8 Repleatur os meum 
laude, ut cantem gloriam 
tuam : tota diemagnitudi- 
nem tuam. 

9 Ne projicias me in 
tempore senectutis : cum 
defecerit virtus 
derelinquas me. 

10 Quia dixerunt ini- 
mici mei mihi : et qui cus- 
todiebant animam meam, 
consilium fecerunt in u- 

11 Dicentes, Deusdere- 
liquiteum; persequimini, 
et comprehendite eum : 
quia non est qui eripiat. 

12 Deus ne elongeris a 
me : Deus meus in auxi- 
lium meum respice. 

1 3 Confundantur, et 
deficiant detrahentes ani- 
mae meae : operiantur 
confusione et pudore qui 
quaerunt mala mihi. 

14 Ego autem semper 
sperabo : et adjiciam super 
omnem laudem tuam. 

15 Os meum annuntia- 

6 I am become as it 
were a monster unto many : 
but my sure trust is in 

7 O let my mouth be 
filled with thy praise : that 
I may sing of thy glory 
and honour all the day 

8 Cast me not away in 
the time of age : forsake 
me not when my strength 
faileth me. 

9 For mine enemies 
speak against me, and 
they that lay wait for my 
soul take their counsel to- 
gether, saying : God hath 
forsaken him ; persecute 
him, and take him, for 
there is none to deliver 

10 Go not far from me, 
O God : my God, haste 
thee to help me. 

11 Let them be con- 
founded and perish that 
are against my soul : let 
them be covered with 
shame and dishonour that 
seek to do me evil. 

12 As for me, I will pa- 
tiently abide alway : and 
will praise thee more and 

13 My mouth shall 


I.»A> 14. 

bit justitiam tuam : tota 
die salutare tuum. 

Ouoniam non cognovi 

16 Introibo in potentias 
Domini : Domine memo- 
rabor justitiae tuae solius. 

17 Deus docuisti me a 
juventute mea : et usque 
nunc pronuntiabo mirabi- 
lia tua. 

18 Et usque in senec- 
tam et senium : Deus ne 
derelinquas me, 

Donee annuntiem bra- 
chium tuum generationi 
omni, quae ventura est : 

Potentiam tuam. 

19 Et justitiam tuam 
Deus usque in altissima, 
quae fecisti magnalia : 
Deus quis similis tibi ? 

20 Quantas ostendisti 
mihi tribulationes multas, 
et malas : et conversus 
viviticasti me : et de abys- 
sis terrae iterum reduxisti 
me : 

21 Multiplicasti magni- 
ficentiam tuam : et con- 
versus consolatus es me. 

daily speak of thy right- 
eousness and salvation : 
for I know no end thereof. 

14 I will go forth in the 
strength of the Lord God : 
and will make mention of 
thy righteousness only. 

15 Thou, O God, hast 
taught me from my youth 
up until now : therefore 
will I tell of thy wondrous 

16 Forsake me not, O 
God, in mine old age, when 
I am gray-headed : until 
I have sh ewed thy strength 
unto this generation, and 
thy power to all them that 
are yet for to come. 

17 Thy righteousness, 
O God, is very high : and 
great things are they that 
thou hast done ; O God, 
who is like unto thee? 

18 O what great troubles 
and adversities hast thou 
shewed me I and yet didst 
thou turn and refresh me : 
yea, and broughtest me 
from the deep of the earth 

19 Thou hast brought 
me to great honour : and 
comforted me on every 


22 Nam et ego confite- 
bor tibi in vasis psalmi 
veritatem tuam : Deus 
psallam tibi in cithara, 
sanctus Israel. 

23 Exsultabunt labia 
mea cum cantavero tibi : 
et anima mea, quam rede- 
mi sti. 

24 Sed et lingua mea 
tota die meditabitur ju- 
stitiam tuam : cum con- 
fusi et reveriti fuerint qui 
quaerunt mala mihi. 

20 Therefore will I 
praise thee and thy faith- 
fulness, O God, playing 
upon an instrument of mu- 
sick : unto thee will I sing 
upon the harp, O thou 
Holy One of Israel. 

21 My lips will be fain 
when I sing unto thee : 
and so will my soul whom 
thou hast delivered. 

22 My tongue also shall 
talk of thy righteousness 
all the day long : for they 
are confounded and 
brought unto shame that 
seek to do me evil. 


I In Psalmus, 
In Saloinone^in. 

DEUS judicium tuum 
regi da : et justitiam 
tuam filio regis : 

Judicare populum tuum 
in justitia, et pauperes 
tuos in judicio. 

3 Suscipiant monies pa- 
cem populo : et colles 

4 Judicabit pauperes 
populi, et salvos faciet 

Deus, ju did inn. 

( MVE the King thy 
^ ^ judgements, O God : 
and thy righteousness 
unto the King's son. 

2 Then shall he judge 
thy people according unto 
right : and defend the 

3 The mountains also 
shall bring peace : and the 
little hills righteousness 
unto the people. 

4 He shall keep the sim- 
ple folk by their right : de- 



nlios pauperum : et humi- 
liabit calumniatorem. 

5 Et permanebit cum 
sole, et ante lunam, in 
generatione et generatio- 

6 Descendet sicut plu- 
via in vellus : et sicut 
stillicidia stillantia super 

7 Orietur in diebus ejus 
justitia, et abundantia pa- 
cis : donee auferatur luna. 

8 Et dominabitur a mari 
usque ad mare : et a flu- 
mine usque ad terminos 
orbis terrarum. 

9 Coram illo procident 
Aethiopes : et inimici ejus 
terram lingent. 

10 Reges Tkarsis, et 
insulae munera efferent : 
Reges Arabum, et Saba 
dona adducent : 

11 Et adorabunt eum 
omnes reges terrae : omnes 
gentes servient ei : 

12 Quia liberabit pau- 
perem a potente : et 
pauperem, cui non erat 

fend the children of the 
poor, and punish the 
wrong doer. 

5 They shall fear thee, 
as long as the sun and 
moon endureth : from one 
generation to another. 

6 He shall come down 
like the rain into a fleece 
of wool : even as the drops 
that water the earth. 

7 In his time shall the 
righteous flourish : yea, 
and abundance of peace, 
so long as the moon en- 

8 His dominion shall be 
also from the one sea to 
the other : and from the 
flood unto the world's end. 

9 They that dwell in 
the wilderness shall kneel 
before him : his enemies 
shall lick the dust. 

10 The kings of Tharsis 
and of the isles shall give 
presents : the kings of 
Arabia and Saba shall 
bring gifts. 

11 All kings shall fall 
down before him : all na- 
tions shall do him service. 

12 For he shall deliver 
the poor when he crieth : 
the needy also, and him 
that hath no helper. 


AV 14, 


13 Parcet pauperi et in- 
opi : et animas pauperum 
salvas faciei. 

14 Ex usuris et iniqui- 
tate redimet animas eo- 
rum : et honorabile nomen 
eorum coram illo. 

15 Et vivet, et dabitur 
ei de auro Arabiae, et 
adorabunt de ipso semper : 
tota die benedicent ei. 

16 Et erit firmamentum 
in terra in summis mon- 
tium, superextolletur super 
Libanum fructus ejus : et 
florebunt de civitate sicut 
foenum terrae. 

17 Sit nomen ejus bene- 
dictum in saecula : ante 
solem permanet nomen 

Etbenedicentur in ipso 
omnes tribus terrae : om- 
nes gentes magnificabunt 

18 Benedictus Dominus 
Deus Israel, qui facit mi- 
rabilia solus : 

19 Et benedictum no- 
men majestatis ejus in 

13 He shall be favour- 
able to the simple and 
needy ; and shall preserve 
the souls of the poor. 

14 He shall deliver their 
souls from falsehood and 
wrong ; and dear shall 
their blood be in his 

15 He shall live, and 
unto him shall be given of 
the gold of Arabia : pray- 
er shall be made ever unto 
him, and daily shall he be 

16 There shall be an 
heap of corn in the earth, 
high upon the hills : his 
fruit shall shake like Li- 
banus, and shall be green 
in the city like grass upon 
the earth. 

17 His Name shall en- 
dure for ever; his Name 
shall remain under the 
sun amongthe posterities : 
which shall be blessed 
through him ; and all the 
heathen shall praise him. 

18 Blessed be the Lord 
God, even the God of Is- 
rael : which only doeth 
wondrous things ; 

19 And blessed be the 
Name of his Majesty for 



\v 14. 

aeternmn : et replebitur 
majestate ejus omnis 
terra : fiat, fiat. 

20 Defecerunt laudes 
David filii Jesse. 


I rsalmu^>li 

OUAM bonus Israel 
Deus his, qui recto 
sunt corde I 

2 Mei autem pene moti 
sunt pedes : pene effusi 
sunt gressus mei. 

3 Quia zelavi super ini- 
quos, pacem peccatorum 

4 Ouianonestrespectus 
morti eorum : et firma- 
mentum in plaga eorum. 

5 In labore hominum 
non sunt, et cum homini- 
bus non flagellabuntur : 

6 Ideo tenuit eos super- 
bia, operti sunt iniquitate 
et impietate sua. 

7 Prodiit quasi ex adipe 
iniquitas eorum : transie- 
runt in affectum cordis. 

ever ; and all the earth 
shall be filled with his 
Majesty. Amen, Amen. 

Evening iprager. 

rSALM LXXill. 

^T^RULY God is loving 
L unto Israel : even un- 
to such as are of a clean 

2 Nevertheless, my feet 
were almost gone : my 
treadings had well nigh 

3 And why ? I was 
grieved at the wicked : I 
do also see the ungodly in 
such prosperity. 

4 For they are in no 
peril of death : but are 
lusty and strong. 

5 They come in no mis- 
fortune like other folk : 
neither are they plagued 
like other men. 

6 And this is the cause 
that they are so holden 
with pride : and over- 
whelmed with cruelty. 

7 Their eyes swell with 
fatness ; and they do even 
what they lust. 




8 Cogitaverunt, et 
locuti sunt nequitiam : 
iniquitatem in excelso 
locuti sunt. 

9 Posuerunt in caelum 
OS suum : et lingua eorum 
transivit in terra. 

10 Ideoconverteturpo- 
pulus meus hie : et dies 
pleni invenientur in eis. 

11 Et dixerunt : Ouo- 
modo scit Deus, et si est 
scientia in excelso ? 

12 Ecce ipsi peccatores, 
et abundantes in saeculo, 
obtinuerunt divitias. 

13 Et dixi : Ergo sine 
causa justificavi cor 
meum, et lavi inter inno- 
centes manus meas : 

14 Et fui flagellatus tota 
die, et castigatio mea in 

1 5 Si dicebam : Narrabo 
sic : ecce nationem filiorum 
tuorum reprobavi. 

16 Existimabam ut co- 
gnoscerem hoc, labor est 
ante me : 

17 Donee intrem in 

8 They corrupt other, 
and speak of wicked 
blasphemy : their talking 
is against the most High. 

9 For they stretch forth 
their mouth unto the hea- 
ven : and their tongue 
goeth through the world. 

I o Therefore fall the peo- 
ple unto them : and there- 
out suck they no small ad- 

I I Tush, say they, how 
should God perceive it : 
is there knowledge in the 
most High? 

12 Lo, these are the un- 
godly, these prosper in the 
world, and these have 
riches in possession : and 
I said, Then have I 
cleansed my heart in vain, 
and washed mine hands in 

13 All the day long have 
I been punished : and 
chastened every morning. 

14 Yea, and I had al- 
most said even as they : 
but lo, then I should have 
condemned thegeneration 
of thy children. 

15 Then thought I to 
understand this : but it 
was too hard for me, 

1 6 Until I went into the 



\Y 14, 

Sanctuarium Dei : et in- 
telligam in novissimis 

18 Verumtamen propter 
dolosposuistieis : dejecisti 
eos dum allevarentur. 

19 Quomodo facti sunt 
in desolationem, subito 
defecerunt : perierunt pro- 
pter iniquitatem suam. 

20 Velut somnium sur- 
gentium Domine. in civi- 
tate tua imaginem ipso- 
rum ad nihilum rediges. 

21 Quia inflammatum 
est cor meum, et renes 
mei commutati sunt : 

22 Et ego ad nihilum 
redactus sum, et nescivi. 

23 Ut jumentum factus 
sum apud te : et ego sem- 
per tecum. 

24 Tenuisti manum 
dexteram meam : et in 
voluntate tua deduxisti 
me, et cum gloria susce- 
pisti me. 

25 Quid enim mihi est 
in caelo ? et a te quid vo- 
lui super terram ? 

sanctuary of God : then 
understood I the end of 
these men; 

17 Namely, how thou 
dost set them in slippery 
places : and castest them 
down, and destroyest 

18 Oh, how suddenly 
do they consume : perish, 
and come to a fearful end ! 

19 Yea, even like as a 
dream when one awaketh : 
so shalt thou make their 
image to vanish out of the 

20 Thus my heart was 
grieved : and it went even 
through my reins. 

21 So foolish was I, and 
ignorant : even as it were 
a beast before thee. 

22 Nevertheless, I am 
alway by thee : for thou 
hast holden me by my 
right hand. 

23 Thou shalt guide me 
with thy counsel : and 
after that receive me with 

24 \\ horn have I in hea- 
ven but thee : and there 
is none upon earth that 
I desire in comparison of 


26 Defecit caro mea, 
et cor meum : Deus cor- 
dis mei, et pars mea Deus 
in aeternum. 

27 Quia ecce, qui elon- 
gant se a te, peribunt : 
perdidisti omnes qui for- 
nicantur abs te. 

28 IVIihi autem adhae- 
rere Deo bonum est : po- 
nere in Domino Deo spem 
meam : 

Ut annuntiem omnes 
praedicationes tuas in por- 
tis filiae Sion. 

25 My flesh and my 
heart faileth : but God is 
the strength of my heart, 
and my portion for ever. 

26 For lo, they that for- 
sake thee shall perish : 
thou hast destroyed all 
them that commit forni- 
cation against thee. 

27 But it is good for me 
to hold me fast by God, to 
put my trust in the Lord 
God : and to speak of all 
thy works in the gates of 
the daughter of Sion. 


I Tntellectus Asaph. 

UT quid Deus repu- 
listi in finem : iratus 
est furor tuus super oves 
pascuae tuae ? 

2 Memor esto congre- 
gationis tuae, quam posse- 
disti ab initio. 

Redemisti virgam here- 
ditatis tuae : mons Sion, 
in quo habitasti in eo. 

3 Leva manus tuas in 

[// quid, Dens ? 

OGOD, wherefore art 
thou absent from us 
so long : why is thy wrath 
so hot against the sheep 
of thy pasture '^. 

2 O think upon thy con- 
gregation : whom thou 
hast purchased, and re- 
deemed of old. 

3 Think upon the tribe 
of thine inheritance : and 
mount Sion, wherein thou 
hast dwelt. 

4 Lift up thy feet, that 


Day t4 

superbias eorum in finem : 
quanta malignatus est ini- 
micus in sancto ! 

4 Et gloriati sunt qui 
oderunt te : in medio so- 
lemnitatis tuae. 

Posuerunt signa sua, 
sign a : 

5 Et non cognoverunt 
sicut in exitu super sum- 

Quasi in silva lignorum 

6 Exciderunt januas e- 
jus in idipsum : in securi, 
et ascia dejecerunt eam. 

7 Incenderunt igni san- 
ctuarium tuum : in terra 
polluerunt tabemaculum 
nominis tui. 

8 Dixerunt in corde suo 
cognatio eorum simul : 
quiescere faciamus omnes 
dies festos Dei a terra. 

9 Signa nostra non vidi- 
mus, jam non est pro- 
pheta : et nos non cogno- 
scet amplius. 

10 Usquequo Deus im- 
properabit inimicus : irri- 

thou mayest utterly de- 
stroy every enemy : which 
hath done evil in thy 

5 Thine adversaries roar 
in the midst of thy congre- 
gations : and set up their 
banners for tokens. 

6 He that hewed timber 
afore out of the thick 
trees : was known to bring 
it to an excellent work. 

7 But now they break 
down all the carved work 
thereof : with axes and 

8 They have set fire upon 
thy holy places : and have 
defiled the dwelling-place 
of thy Xame, even unto 
the ground. 

9 Yea, they said in their 
hearts, Let us make ha- 
vock of them altogether : 
thus have they burnt up 
all the houses of God in 
the land. 

10 We see not our to- 
kens, there is not one 
prophet more : no, not one 
is there among us, that 
understandeth any more. 

1 1 O God, how long 
shall the adversary do this 



tat adversarius 
tuum in finem ? 


11 Ut quid avertis ma- 
num tuam, et dexteram 
tuam, de medio sinu tuo 
in finem ? 

12 Deus autem rex no- 
ster ante saecula : opera- 
tus est salutem in medio 

13 Tu confirmasti in 
virtiite tua mare : contri- 
bulasti capita draconum 
in aquis. 

14 Tu confregisti ca- 
pita draconis : dedisti eum 
escam populis Aethiopum. 

15 Tu dirupisti fontes, 
et torrentes : tu siccasti 
fluvios Etlian. 

16 Tuus est dies, et tua 
est nox : tu fabricatus es 
auroram et solem. 

17 Tu fecisti omnes ter- 
minos terrae : aestatem 
et ver tu plasmasti ea. 

18 Memor esto hujus, 
inimicus improperavit 

dislionour : how long shall 
the enemy blaspheme thy 
Name, for ever ? 

12 Why withdrawest 
thou thy hand : whypluck- 
est thou not thy right hand 
out of thy bosom to con- 
sume the enemy ? 

13 For God is my King 
of old : the help that is 
done upon earth he doeth 
it himself. 

14 Thoudidstdividethe 
sea through thy power : 
thou brakest the heads 
of the dragons in the 

15 Thou smotest the 
heads of Leviathan in 
pieces : and gavest him 
to be meat for the people 
in the wilderness. 

16 Thou broughtest out 
fountains and waters out 
of the hard rocks : thou 
driedst up mighty waters. 

17 The day is thine, 
and the night is thine : 
thou hast prepared the 
light and the sun. 

18 Thou hast set all the 
borders of the earth : thou 
hast made summer and 

19 Remember this, O 
Lord, how the enemy hath 


Domino : et populus in- 
sipiens incitavit nomen 

19 Xe tradas bestiis 
animas confitentes tibi, et 
animas pauperuni tuorum 
ne obliviscaris in rineni. 

20 Respice in testa- 
nientum tuum : quia re- 
pleti sunt, qui obscurati 
sunt terrae domibus ini- 

21 Xe avertatur humi- 
lis factus confusus : pau- 
per et inops laudabunt 
nomen tuum. 

22 Exsurge Deus, ju- 
dica causam tuam : me- 
mor esto improperiorum 
tuorum, eorum quae ab 
insipiente sunt tota die. 

23 Xe obliviscaris vo- 
ces inimicorum tuorum : 
superbia eorum qui te 
oderunt ascendit semper. 

Day 14. 

rebuked : and how the 
foolish people hath blas- 
phemed thy Xame. 

20 O deliver not the 
soul of thy turtle-dove 
unto the multitude of the 
enemies : and forget not 
the congregation of the 
poor for ever. 

21 Look upon the cove- 
nant : for all the earth is 
full of darkness, and cruel 

22 O let not the simple 
go away ashamed : but let 
the poor and needy give 
praise unto thy Xame. 

23 Arise. O God, main- 
tain thine own cause : 
remember how the foolish 
man blasphemeth thee 

24 Forget not the voice 
of thine enemies : the 
presumption of them that 
hate thee increaseth ever 
more and more. 

Day 1, 



1 In finem, Ne corrumpas. 
Psaltnus Cantici Asaph. 

^^--^ tibi Ueiis : confitebi- 
mur, et invocabimus no- 
men tuum. 

Narrabimus mirabilia 
tua : 

3 Cum accepero tem- 
pus, ego justitias judicabo. 

4 Liquefacta est terra, 
et omnes qui habitant in 
ea : ego confirmavi co- 
lumnas ejus. 

5 Dixi iniquis : Nolite 
inique agere : et delin- 
quentibus : Nolite exal- 
tare cornu : 

6 Nolite extollere in 
altum cornu vestrum : no- 
lite loqui adversus Deum 

7 Quia neque ab orien- 
te, neque ab occidente, 
neque a desertis monti- 
bus : 

8 Ouoniam Ueus judex 

Hunc humiliat, et hunc 
exaltat : 

jflftornins lpray>er. 


Confitebimur tibi. 

T TNTOthee,OGod,do 
v^ we give thanks : yea, 
unto thee do we give 

2 Thy Name also is so 
nigh : and that do thy 
wondrous works declare. 

3 When I receive the 
congregation : I shall 
judge according unto right. 

4 The earth is weak, and 
all the inhabiters thereof : 
I bear up the pillars of it. 

5 I said unto the fools, 
Deal not so madly : and 
to the ungodly. Set not 
up your horn ; 

6 Set not up your horn 
on high : and speak not 
with a stiff neck. 

7 For promotion Cometh 
neither from the east, nor 
from the west : nor yet 
from the south. 

8 And why ? God is the 
Judge : he putteth down 
one, and setteth up an- 

psal:\i lxxv-lxxvi. 


9 Quia calix in manu 
Domini vini meri plenus 

Et inclinavit ex hoc in 
hoc : verumtamen faex 
ejus non est exinanita : 
bibent omnes peccatores 

ID Egoautemannuntia- 
bo in saeculum : cantabo 
Deo Jacob. 

1 1 Et omnia cornua 
peccatorum confringam : 
et exaltabuntur cornua 

9 For in the hand of the 
Lord there is a cup, and 
the wine is red : it is full 
mixed, and he poureth 
out of the same. 

10 As for the dregs there- 
of : all the ungodly of the 
earth shall drink them, 
and suck them out. 

1 1 But I will talk of the 
God of Jacob : and praise 
him for ever. 

12 All the horns of the 
ungodly also will I break : 
and the horns of the right- 
eous shall be exalted. 


I III lineni, in Laudibu=. Psal- 
luus Asaph, Canticum ad Assy- 

No/ us in Judaea. 

N' O T U S in Judaea 
Deus : In Israel ma- 
gnum nomen ejus. 

3 Et factus est in pace 
locus ejus : et habitatio 
ejus in Sion. 

4 Ibiconfregitpotentias 
arcuum, scutum, gladium 
et bellum. 

5 lUuminans tu mirabi- 
liter a montibus aeternis : 

IX Jewry is God known : 
his Name is great in 

2 At Salem is his taber- 
nacle : and his dwelling 
in Sion. 

3 There brake he the 
arrows of the bow : the 
shield, the sword, and the 

4 Thou art of more ho- 
nour and might : than the 
hills of the robbers. 

Day I' 


6 Turbati sunt omnes 
insipientes corde. 

Dormierunt somnum 
suum : et nihil invenerunt 
omnes viri divitiarum in 
manibus suis. 

7 Ab increpatione tua 
Deus Jacob dormitaverunt 
qui ascenderunt equos. 

8 Tu terribilis es, et 
quis resistet tibi ? ex tunc 
ira tua. 

9 De caelo auditum fe- 
cisti judicium : terra tre- 
muit et quievit, 

10 Cum exsurgeret in 
judicium Deus, ut salvos 
faceret omnes mansuetos 

11 Quoniam cogitatio 
hominis confitebitur tibi : 
et reliquiae cogitationis 
diem festum agent tibi. 

12 Vovete, et reddite 
Domino Deo vestro : om- 
nes qui in circuitu ejus 
affertis munera. 


13 Et ei qui aufert spiri- 
tum principum, terribili 
apud reges terrae. 

5 The proud are robbed, 
they have slept their sleep : 
and all the men whose 
hands were mighty have 
found nothing. 

6 At thy rebuke, O God 
of Jacob : both the chariot 
and horse are fallen. 

7 Thou, even thou art to 
be feared : and who may 
stand in thy sight when 
thou art angry ? 

8 Thou didst cause thy 
judgement to be heard 
from heaven : the earth 
trembled, and was still, 

9 When God arose to 
judgement : and to help 
all the meek upon earth. 

10 The fierceness of 
man shall turn to thy 
praise : and the fierceness 
of them shalt thou refrain. 

11 Promise unto the 
Lord your God, and keep 
it, all ye that are round 
alDOUt him : bring presents 
unto him that ought to be 

12 He shall refrain the 
spirit of princes : and is 
wonderful among the 
kings of the earth. 


i.'.\> 1 ;, 


1 In fiiieiii. pro iHitluin, Psai- 
mus Asa])!) 

VOCE mea ad Domi- 
num clamavi : voce 
mea ad Deum, et intendit 

3 In die tribulationis 
meae Deum exquisivi, 
manibus meis nocte con- 
Ira eum : et non sum de- 

Renuit consolari anima 

4 Memor fui Dei et de- 
lectatus sum, et exercita- 
tus sum : et defecit spiritus 

5 Anticipaverunt vigi- 
lias oculi mei : turbatus 
sum, et non sum locutus. 

6 Cogitavi dies anti- 
quos : et annos aeternos 
in mente habui. 

7 Et meditatus sum 
nocte cum corde meo, et 
exercitabar, et scopebam 
spiritum meum. 

8 Numquidinaeternum 
projiciet Deus : aut non 
apponet ut complacitior 
sit adhuc ? 

y Aut in tinem miseri- 


yoct' viea ad Dominum. 

iWILL cry unto God 
with my voice : even 
unto God will I cry with 
my voice, and he shall 
hearken unto me. 

2 In the time of my 
trouble I sought the Lord : 
my sore ran, and ceased 
not in the night-season ; 
my soul refused comfort. 

3 When I am in heavi- 
ness, I will think upon 
God : when my heart is 
vexed, I will complain. 

4 Thou boldest mine 
eyes waking : I am so 
feeble, that I cannot speak. 

5 I have considered the 
days of old : and the years 
that are past. 

6 I call to remembrance 
my song : and in the night 
1 commune with mine own 
heart, and search out my 

7 Will the Lord absent 
himself for ever : and will 
he be no more intreated ? 

8 Is his mercy clean 



cordiam suain abscindet, 
a generatione in genera- 
tionem ? 

10 Aut obliviscetur ini- 
sereri Deus? aut contine- 
bit in ira sua misericoidias 

11 Etdixi:Nunccoepi: 
haec mutatio dexterae 

12 Memor fui operum 
Domini : quia memor ero 
ab initio mirabilium tuo- 

13 Et meditabor in om- 
nibus operibus tuis : et in 
adinventionibus tuis exer- 

14 Deus in sancto via 
tua : quis Deus magnus 
sicut Deus noster ? 

15 Tu es Deus qui facis 

Notam fecisti in populis 
virtutem tuam : 

16 Redemisti in brachio 
tuo populum tuum, filios 
Jacob, et Joseph. 

17 Viderunt te aquae 
Deus, viderunt te aquae : 

et timuerunt, 
sunt abyssi. 

et turbatae 

gone for ever : and is his 
promise come utterly to an 
end for evermore ? 

9 Hath God forgotten 
to be gracious : and will 
he shut up his loving- 
kindness in displeasure ? 

10 And I said, It is 
mine own infirmity : but 
I will remember the years 
of the right hand of the 
most Highest. 

Ill will remember the 
works of the Lord : and 
call to mind thy wonders 
of old time. 

12 I w^ill think also of 
all thy works : and my 
talking shall be of thy 

13 Thy way, O God, is 
holy : who is so great a 
God as our God ? 

14 Thou art the God 
that doeth wonders : and 
hast declared thy power 
among the people. 

15 Thou hast mightily 
delivered thy people : even 
the sons of Jacob and 

16 The waters saw thee, 
O God, the waters saw 
thee, and were afraid : 
the depths also were 


17 The clouds poured 
out water, the air thun- 
dered : and thine arrows 
went abroad. 

18 Multitudo sonitus a- 
quarum : vocem dederunt 

Etenim sagittae tuac 
transeunt : 

19 Vox tonitrui tui in 

Illuxerunt coruscationes 
tuae orbi terrae : commota 
est et contremuit terra. 

20 In mari via tua, et 
semitae tuae in aquis mul- 
tis : et vestigia tua non 

21 Deduxisti sicutoves 
populum tuum, in manu 
Moysi et Aaron. 

18 The voice of thy 
thunder was heard round 
about : the lightnings 
shone upon the ground ; 
the earth was moved, and 
shook withal. 

19 Thy way is in the sea, 
and thy paths in the great 
waters : and thy footsteps 
are not known. 

20 Thou leddest thy 
people like sheep : by the 
hand of Moses and Aaron. 

iBvcnUxQ iprager. 


I Intellectus Asaph. 

^ meus legem meam : 
mclinate aurem vestram 
in verba oris mei. 

2 Aperiam in parabolis 
OS meum : loquar propo- 
sitiones ab initio. 

3 Quanta audivimus et 
cognovimus ea : et patres 
nostri narraverunt nobis. 


Attenditt\ popule. 

HEAR my law, O my 
people : incline your 
ears unto the words of 
my mouth. 

2 I will open my mouth 
in a parable : I will declare 
hard sentences of old ; 

3 Which we have heard 
and known : and such as 
our fathers have told us ; 



4 Non sunt occuUata a 
filiis eorum, ingeneratione 

Narrantes laudes Do- 
mini, et virtutes ejus, et mi- 
rabilia ejus quae fecit. 

5 Et suscitavit testimo- 
nium in Jacob : et legem 
posuit in Israel. 

Quanta mandavit patri- 
bus nostris nota facere ea 
filiis suis : 

6 Ut cognoscat genera- 
tio altera. 

Filii qui nascentur, et 
exsurgent, et narrabunt 
filiis suis, 

7 Ut ponant in Deo spem 
suam, et non obliviscantur 
operum Dei : et mandata 
ejus exquirant : 

8 Ne fiant sicut patres 
eorum : generatio prava et 

Generatio quae non di- 
rexit cor suum : et non est 
creditus cum Deo spiritus 

9 Filii Ephrem inten- 
dentesetmittentesarcum : 
conversi sunt in die belli. 

4 That we should not 
hide them from the chil- 
dren of the generations to 
come : but to shew the 
honour of the Lord, his 
mighty and wonderful 
works that he hath done. 

5 He made a covenant 
with Jacob, and gave Israel 
a law : which he com- 
manded our forefathers to 
teach their children ; 

6 That their posterity 
might know it : and the 
children which were yet 
unborn ; 

7 To the intent that 
when they came up : they 
might shew their children 
the same ; 

8 That they might put 
their trust in God : and 
not to forget the works of 
God, but to keep his 
commandments : 

9 And not to be as their 
forefathers, a faithless and 
stubborn generation : a 
generation that set not 
their heart aright, and 
whose spirit cleaveth not 
stedfastly unto God ; 

10 Like as the children 
of Ephraim : who being 
harnessed, and carrying 


bows, turned themselves 
back in the day of battle. 
II They kept not the 
covenant of Ciod : and 
would not walk in his law ; 

10 Non custodierunt 
testamentum Dei : et in 
lege ejus noluerunt ambu- 

11 Et obliti sunt bene- 
factorum ejus, et mirabi- 
lium ejus quae ostendit 

12 Coram patribus eo- 
rum fecit mirabilia in terra 
Aegypti, in campo Taneos. 

13 InteiTupit mare, et 
perduxit eos : et statuit 
aquas quasi in utre. 

14 Et deduxit eos in 
nube diei : et tota nocte 
in illuminatione ignis. 

15 Interrupit petram in 
eremo : et adaquavit eos 
velut in abysso multa. 

16 Et eduxit aquam de 
petra : et deduxit tanquam 
flumina aquas. 

17 Et apposuerunt ad- 
huc peccare ci : in iram 
excitaverunt Excelsum in 

12 But forgat what he 
had done : and the won- 
derful works that he had 
shewed for them. 

13 Marvellous things 
did he in the sight of our 
forefathers, in the land of 
Egypt : even in the field 
ot Zoan. 

14 He divided the sea, 
and let them go through : 
he made the v/aters to 
stand on an heap. 

15 In the day-time also 
he led them with a cloud : 
and all the night through 
with a light of lire. 

16 He clave the hard 
rocks in the wilderness : 
and gave them drink 
thereof, as it had been 
out of the great depth. 

17 He brought waters 
out of the stony rock : so 
that it gushed out like the 

18 Yet for all this they 
sinned more against him : 
and provoked the most 
Highest in the wilderness. 


1 8 Et tentaverunt De- 
um in cordibus suis : ut 
peterent escas animabus 

19 Et male locuti sunt 
de Deo : dixerunt : Num- 
quid poterit Deus parare 
mensam in deserto ? 

20 Ouoniam percussit 
petram, et fluxerunt a- 
quae, et torrentes inun- 

Numquid et panem po- 
terit dare, aut parare men- 
sam populo suo ? 

21 Ideo audivit Domi- 
nus et distulit : et ignis 
accensus est in Jacob, et 
ira ascendit in Israel : 

22 Quia non credide- 
runt in Deo, nee sperave- 
runt in salutari ejus : 

23 Et mandavit nubi- 
bus desuper, et januas 
caeli aperuit. 

24 Et pluit illis manna 
ad manducandum, et pa- 
nem caeli dedit eis. 

25 Panem Angelorum 
manducavit homo : ciba- 
ria misit eis in abundantia. 

26 Transtulit Austrum 

19 TheytemptedGodin 
their hearts : and required 
meat for their lust. 

20 They spake against 
God also, saying : Shall 
God prepare a table in the 
wilderness ? 

21 He smote the stony 
rock indeed, that the 
water gushed out, and the 
streams flowed withal : 
but can he give bread 
also, or provide flesh for 
his people ? 

22 Whenthe Lord heard 
this, he was wroth : so the 
fire was kindled in Jacob, 
and there came up heavy 
displeasure against Israel ; 

23 Because they be- 
lieved not in God : and 
put not their trust in his 

24 So he commanded 
the clouds above : and 
opened the doors of hea- 

25 He rained down man- 
na also upon them for to 
eat : and gave them food 
from heaven. 

26 So man did eat an- 
gels' food : for he sent them 
meat enough. 

27 He caused the east 


de caelo : et induxit in 
virtute sua Africum. 

27 Et pluit super eos 
sicut pulverem carnes : et 
sicut arenam maris vola- 
tilia pennata. 

28 P];t ceciderunt in me- 
dio castrorum eorum : cir- 
ca tabernacula eorum. 

29 Et manducaverunt 
et saturati sunt nimis, et 
desiderium eorum attulit 
eis : 

30 Non sunt fraudati a 
desiderio suo. 

Adhuc escae eorum e- 
rant in ore ipsorum : 

31 Et ira Dei ascendit 
super eos. 

Et occidit pingues eo- 
rum, et electos Israel im- 

32 In omnibus his pec- 
caverunt adhuc : et non 
crediderunt in mirabiHbus 

33 Et defecerunt in va- 
nitate dies eorum : et anni 
eoruni cum festinatione. 

34 Cum occideret eos. 
quaerebant eum : et rever- 
tebantur,et diluculo venie- 
bant ad eum. 

wind to blow under hea- 
ven : and through his 
power he brought in the 
south-west wind. 

28 He rained flesh upon 
them as thick as dust : 
and feathered fowls like 
as the sand of the sea. 

29 He let it fall among 
their tents : even round 
about their habitation. 

30 So they did eat, and 
were well filled ; for he 
gave them their own de- 
sire : they were not disap- 
pointed of their lust. 

31 But while the meat 
was yet in their mouths, 
the heavy wrath of God 
came upon them, and slew 
the wealthiest of them : 
yea, and smote down the 
chosen men that were in 

32 But for all this they 
sinned yet more : and be- 
lieved not his wondrous 

33 Therefore their days 
did he consume in vanity : 
and their years in trouble. 

34 When he slew them, 
they sought him : and 
turned them early, and 
inquired after God. 


35 Et rememorati sunt 
quia Deus adjutor est eo- 
rum : et Deus excelsus re- 
demptor eorum est. 

36 Et diiexerunt eum 
in ore suo, et lingua sua 
mentiti sunt ei : 

37 Cor auteni eorum 
non erat rectum cum eo : 
nee fideles habiti sunt in 
testamento ejus. 
• 38 Ipse autem est mise- 
ricors, et propitius fiet 
peccatis eorum : et non 
disperdet eos. 

Et abundavit ut averte- 
ret iram suam : et non ac- 
cendit omnem iram suam : 

39 Et recordatus est 
quia caro sunt : spiritus 
vadens, et non rediens. 

40 Ouoties exacerbave- 
runt eum in deserto, in 
iram concitaverunt eum 
in inaquoso ? 

41 Et conversi sunt, et 
tentaverunt Deum : et 
sanctum Israel exacerba- 

42 Non sunt recordati 

35 And they remem- 
bered that God was their 
strength : and that the 
high God was their re- 

36 Nevertheless, they 
did but flatter him with 
their mouth : and dis- 
sembled with him in their 

y] For their heart was 
not whole with him : nei- 
ther continued they sted- 
fast in his covenant. 

■}i'^ But he was so merci- 
ful, that he forgave their 
misdeeds : and destroyed 
them not. 

39 Yea, many a time 
turned he his wrath away : 
and would not suffer his 
whole displeasure to arise. 

40 For he considered 
that they were but flesh : 
and that they were even 
a wind that passeth away, 
and Cometh not again. 

41 Many a time did 
they provoke him in the 
wilderness : and grieved 
him in the desert. 

42 They turned back, 
and tempted God : and 
moved the Holy One in 

43 They thought not of 


manus ejus, die qua re- 
demit eos de manu tribu- 

43 Sicut posLiit in 
Aegypto signa sua, et pro- 
digia sua, in campo Ta- 

44 Et convertit in san- 
guinem fiumina eorum, et 
imbres eorum, ne bibe- 

45 Misit in eos coeno- 
myiam, et comedit eos : 
et ranam, et disperdidit 

46 Et dedit aerugini 
fructus eorum : et labores 
eorum locustae. 

47 Et occidit in gran- 
dine vineas eorum : et 
moros eorum in pruina. 

48 Et tradidit grandini 
jumenta eorum : ct pos- 
sessionem eorum igni. 

49 Misit in eos iram 
indignationis suae : in- 
dignalionem, et iram, ct 
tribulationem : immissio- 
nes per angelos malos. 

50 Viam fecit semitae 
irae suae, non pepercit a 
morte animabus eorum : 

II-LXXVIII. Day 15. 

his hand : and of the day 
when he delivered them 
from the hand of the 
enemy ; 

44 f]ow he had wrought 
hismiracles in Egypt : and 
his wonders in the field of 

45 He turned their wa- 
ters into blood : so that 
they might not drink of 
the rivers. 

46 He sent lice among 
them, and devoured them 
up : and frogs to destroy 

47 He gave their fruit 
unto the caterpillar : and 
their labour unto the grass- 

48 He destroyed their 
vines with hail-stones : and 
their mulberry trees with 
the frost. 

49 He smotetheircattle 
also with hail-stones : and 
their flocks with hot thun- 

50 He cast upon them 
the furiousness of his 
wrath, anger, displeasure, 
and trouble : and sent evil 
angels among them. 

51 He made a way to 
his indignation, and spared 
not their soul from death : 



et jumenta eorum in morte 

51 Et percussit omne 
primogenitum in terra 
Aegypti : primitias omnis 
laboris eorum in taberna- 
culis Cham. 

52 Et abstulit sicut 
oves populum siium : et 
perduxit eos tamquam 
gregem in deserto. 

53 Et deduxit eos in 
spe, et non timuerunt : et 
inimicos eorum operuit 

54 Et induxit eos in 
montem sanctificationis 
suae, montem, quern 
acquisivit dextera ejus. 

Et ejecit a facie eorum 
gentes : et sorte divisit eis 
terram in funiculo dis- 

55 Et habitare fecit in 
tabernaculis eorum tribus 

56 Et tentaverunt, et 
exacerbaverunt Deum ex- 
celsum : ettestimoniaejus 
non custodierunt. 

57 Et averterunt se, et 
non servaverunt pactum : 

but gave their life over to 
the pestilence ; 

52 And smote all the 
first-born in Egypt : the 
most principal and migh- 
tiest in the dwellings of 

53 But as for his own 
people, he led them forth 
like sheep : and carried 
them in the wilderness 
like a flock. 

54 He brought them out 
safely, that they should not 
fear : and overwhelmed 
their enemies with the 

55 And brought them 
within the borders of his 
sanctuary : even to his 
mountain which he pur- 
chased with his right 

56 He cast out the hea- 
then also before them : 
caused their land to be 
divided among them for 
an heritage, and made the 
tribes of Israel to dwell in 
their tents. 

57 So they tempted, and 
displeased the most high 
God : and kept not his 
testimonies ; 

58 But turned their 
backs, and fell away like 


quemadmodum patres eo- 
rum, conversi sunt in ar- 
riim pravum. 

58 In iram concitave- 
riint eum in collibus suis : 
et in sculptilibus suis ad 
aemulationem eum provo- 

59 Audivit Deus, et 
sprevit : et ad nihilum 
redegit valde Israel. 

60 Et repulit taberna- 
culum Silo : tabernaculum 
suuni ubi habitavit in ho- 

61 Et tradidit in capti- 
vitatem virtutem eorum : 
et pulchritudineni eorum 
in manus inimici. 

62 Et conclusit in gla- 
dio populum suum : et he- 
reditatem suam sprevit. 

63 Juvenes eorum com- 
edit ignis : et virgines 
eorum non sunt lamen- 

64 Sacerdotes eoruni 
in gladio ceciderunt : et 
viduae eorum non plora- 

65 Et excitatus est tam- 
quam dormiens Dominus, 
tamquam potens crapula- 
tus a vino. 

66 Et percussit inimi- 

their forefathers : starting 
aside like a broken bow. 

59 For they grieved him 
with their hill-altars : and 
provoked him to displea- 
sure with their images. 

60 When God heard this, 
he was wroth : and took 
sore displeasure at Israel. 

61 So that he forsook 
the tabernacle in Silo : 
even the tent that he had 
pitched among men. 

62 He delivered their 
power into captivity : and 
their beauty into the ene- 
my's hand. 

63 He gave his people 
over also unto the sword : 
and was wroth with his 

64 The tire consumed 
their young men : and their 
maidens were not given to 

65 Their priests were 
slain with the sword : and 
there were no widows to 
make lamentation. 

66 So the Lord awaked 
as one out of sleep : and 
like a giant refreshed with 

67 He smote hisenemies 


cos suos in posteriora : 
opprobrium sempiternum 
dedit illis, 

67 Et repulit taberiia- 
culum Joseph : et tribnm 
Ephraim non elegit : 

68 Sed elegit tribum 
Juda, montem Sion quern 

69 Et aedificavit sicut 
unicornium sanctificium 
suum in terra, quam fun- 
davit in saecula. 

70 Et elegit David 
servum suum, et sustulit 
eum de gregibus ovium : 
de post foetantes accepit 

71 Pascere Jacob ser- 
vum suum, et Israel here- 
ditatem suam : 

72 Et pavit eos in inno- 
centia cordis sui : et in 
intellectibus manuum sua- 
rum deduxit eos. 


I Psalmu^ Asaph, 

DEUS venerunt gentes 
in hereditatem tuam, 
polluerunt templum san- 
ctum tuum : posuerunt 

in the hinder parts : and 
put them to a perpetual 

68 He refused the taber- 
nacle of Joseph : and chose 
not the tribe of Ephraim ; 

69 But chose the tribe 
of Judah : even the hill of 
Sion which he loved. 

70 And there he built his 
temple on high : and laid 
the foundation of it like 
the ground which he hath 
made continually. 

71 He chose David also 
his servant : and took him 
away from the sheep-folds. 

72 As he was following 
the ewes great with young 
ones he took him : that 
he might feed Jacob his 
people, and Israel his in- 

'j'^ So he fed them with 
a faithful and true heart : 
and ruled them prudently 
with all his power. 

/IRornlng iprager. 

Dens. 7>enei-7f77f. 

OGOD, the heathen 
are come into thine 
inheritance : thyholy tem- 
ple have they defiled, and 


Jerusalem in pomorum 

2 Posuerunt morticina 
servorum tuorum, escas 
volatilibus caeli : carnes 
sanctorum tuorum bestiis 

3 Effuderunt sanguinem 
eorum tamquam aquam in 
circuitu Jerusalem : et non 
erat qui sepeliret. 

4 Facti sumus oppro- 
brium vicinis nostris : 
subsannatio et illusio his 
qui in circuitu nostro sunt. 

5 Usquequo Domine 
irasceris in finem : accen- 
detur velut ignis zelus 
tuus ? 

6 Effunde iram tuam in 
gentes, quae te non nove- 
runt : et in regna, quae 
nomen tuum non invo- 
caverunt : 

7 Quia comederunt Ja- 
cob : et locum ejus deso- 

8 Ne memineris iniqui- 
tatum nostrarum antiqua- 
rum, cito anticipent nos 
misericordiae tuae : quia 
pauperes iacti sumus nimis. 

made Jerusalem an heap of 

2 The dead bodies of 
thy servants have they 
given to be meat unto the 
fowls of the air : and the 
flesh of thy saints unto the 
beasts of the land. 

3 Their blood have they 
shed like water on every 
side of Jerusalem : and 
there was no man to bury 

4 We are become an 
open shame to our enemies : 
a very scorn and derision 
unto them that are round 
about us. 

5 Lord, how long wilt 
thou be angry : shall thy 
jealousy burn like fire for 
ever ? 

6 Pour out thine indig- 
nation upon the heathen 
that have not known thee : 
and upon the kingdoms 
that have not called upon 
thy Name. 

7 For they have de\our- 
ed Jacob : and laid waste 
his dwelling-place. 

8 O remember not our 
old sins, but have mercy 
upon us, and that soon : 
for we are come to great 


9 Adjuva nos Deus salu- 
taris noster : et propter 
gloriam nominis tui Do- 
mine libera nos : et pro- 
pitiusestopeccatis nostris, 
propter nomen tuum. 

10 Ne forte dicant in 
gentibus : Ubi est Deus 
eorum ? et innotescat in 
nationibus coram oculis 

Ultio sanguinis servo- 
rum tuorum, qui efifusus 
est : 

11 Introeat in conspe- 
ctu tuo gemitus compedi- 

Secundum magnitudi- 
nem brachii tui, posside 
filios mortificatorum. 

12 Et redde vicinis no- 
stris septuplum in sinu 
eorum : improperium ipso- 
rum, quod exprobraverunt 
tibi Domine. 

13 Nos autem populus 
tuus, et oves pascuae tuae, 
confitebimurtibi in saecu- 
lum : 

In generationem et 
generationem annuntiabi- 
mus laudem tuam. 

9 Help us, O God of our 

salvation, for the glory of 
thy Name : O deliver us, 
and be merciful unto our 
sins, for thy Name's sake. 

10 Wherefore do the 
heathen say : Where is 
now their God ? 

11 O let the vengeance 
of thy servants' blood that 
is shed : be openly shewed 
upon the heathen in our 

12 O let the sorrowful 
sighing of the prisoners 
come before thee : accord- 
ing to the greatness of thy 
power, preserve thou those 
that are appointed to die. 

13 And for the blas- 
phemy wherewith our 
neighbours have blas- 
phemed thee : reward thou 
them, O Lord, seven-fold 
into their bosom. 

14 So we, that are thy 
people, and sheep of thy 
pasture, shall give thee 
thanks for ever : and will 
alway be shewing forth 
thy praise from generation 
to areneration. 


Day 1 6. 


I In finem, pro iis qui cominu- 
tabuntur, testimonium Asaph, 

OUI regis Israel, in- 
tende : qui deducis 
v'eTut ovem Joseph. 

Qui sedes super cheru- 
bim manifestare 

3 Coram Ephraim, 
Benjamin, et Manasse. 

Excita potentiam tuam, 
et veni, ut salvos facias 

4 Deus converte nos : 
et ostende faciem tuam, et 
salvi erimus. 

5 Domine Deus virtu- 
tum, quousque irasceris 
super orationem servi tui ? 

6 Cibabis nos pane 
lacrymarum : et potum 
dabis nobis in lacrymis 
in mensura ? 

7 Posuisti nos in con- 
tradictionem vicinis no- 
stris : et inimici nostri 
subsannaverunt nos. 

8 Deus virtutum con- 
verte nos : et ostende 

Qui regis Israel. 



EAR, O thou Shep- 
herd of Israel, thou 

leadest Joseph like 
a sheep : shew thyself also, 
thou that sittest upon the 

2 Before Ephraim, Ben- 
jamin, and JNIanasses : 
stir up thy strength, and 
come, and help us. 

3 Turn us again, O 
God : shew the light of 
thy countenance, and we 
shall be whole. 

4 O Lord God of hosts : 
how long wilt thou be an- 
gry with thy people that 
prayeth ? 

5 Thou feedest them 
with the bread of tears : 
and gi vest them plenteous- 
ness of tears to drink. 

6 Thou hast made us a 
very strife unto our neigh- 
bours : and our enemies 
laugh us to scorn. 

7 Turn us again, thou 
God of hosts : shew the 


faciem tuam, et salvi eri- 

9 Vineam de Aegypto 
transtulisti : ejecisti gen- 
tes, et plantasti earn. 

10 Dux itineris fuisti in 
conspectu ejus : plantasti 
radices ejus, et implevit 

1 1 Operuit montes um- 
bra ejus : et arbusta ejus 
cedros Dei. 

12 Extendit palmites 
suos usque ad mare : et 
usque ad flumen propagi- 
nes ejus. 

13 Ut quid destruxisti 
maceriam ejus : et vinde- 
miant eam omnes, qui 
praetergrediuntur viam ? 

14 Exterminavit eam 
aper de silva : et singula- 
ris ferus depastus est eam. 

15 Deus virtutum con- 
vertere : respice de caelo, 
et vide, et visita vineam 

16 Et perfice eam quam 
plantavit dextera tua : et 
super filium hominisjquem 
confirmasti tibi. 

light of thy countenance, 
and we shall be whole. 

8 Thou hast brought 
a vine out of Egypt : thou 
hast cast out the heathen, 
and planted it. 

9 Thou madest room 
for it : and when it had ta- 
ken root it filled the land. 

10 The hills were cov- 
ered with the shadow of 
it : and the boughs thereof 
were like the goodly ce- 

11 She stretched out 
her branches unto the sea : 
and her boughs unto the 

12 Why hast thou then 
broken down her hedge : 
that all they that go by 
pluck off her grapes ? 

1 3 The wild boar out of 
the wood doth root it up : 
and the wild beasts of the 
field devour it. 

14 Turn thee again, 
thou God of hosts, look 
down from heaven : be- 
hold, and visit this vine ; 

15 And the place of the 
vineyard that thy right 
hand hath planted : and 
the branch that thou ma- 
dest so strong for thyself. 


1 6 It is burnt with fire, 
and cut down : and they 
shall perish at the rebuke 
of thy countenance. 

17 Let thy hand be upon 
the man of thy right hand : 
and upon the son of man, 
whom thou madest so 
strong for thine own self. 

iS And so will not we 
go back from thee : O let 
us live, and we shall call 
upon thy Name. 

19 Turn us again, O 
Lord God of hosts : shew 
the light of thy counte- 
nance, and we shall be 

17 Incensa igni, et suf- 
fossa ab increpatione vul- 
tus tui peribunt. 

18 Fiat manus tua su- 
per virum dexterae tuae : 
et super filium hominis, 
quem confirmasti tibi. 

19 Et non discedimus 
a te, vivificabis nos : et 
nomentuum invocabimus. 

20 Domine Deus virtu- 
tum converte nos : et 
ostende faciem tuam, et 
salvi erimus. 


1 In finem, 
Pro torcularibus, Psalraus ipsi 

adjutori nostro : ju- 
bilate Deo Jacob. 

3 Sumite psalmum, et 
date tympanum : psalte- 
rium jucundum cum ci- 

4 Buccinate in neome- 
nia tuba, in insigni die 
solemnitatis vestrae : 

Exsultate Deo. 

SING we merrily unto 
God our strength : 
make a cheerful noise 
unto the God of Jacob. 

2 Take the psalm, bring 
hither the tabret : the 
merry harp with the lute. 

3 Blow up the trumpet 
in the new-moon : even in 
the time appointed, and 
upon our solemn feast- 


5 Quia praeceptum in 
Israel est : et judicium 
Deo Jacob. 

6 Testimonium in Jo- 
seph posuit illud, cum 
exiret de terra Aegypti : 
linguam, quam non no- 
verat, audivit. 

7 Divertit ab oneribus 
dorsum ejus : manus ejus 
in cophino servierunt. 

8 In tribulatione invo- 
casti me, et liberavi te : 
exaudivi te in abscondito 
tempestatis : probavi te 
apud aquam contradictio- 

9 Audi populus meus, 
et contestabor te : Israel 
si audieris me, 

10 Non erit in te deus 
recens, neque adorabis 
deum alienum. 

11 Ego enim sum Do- 
minus Deus tuus, qui e- 
duxi te de terra Aegypti : 
dilata os tuum, et implebo 

12 Et non audivit popu- 
lus meus vocem meam : 
et Israel non intendit 

4 For this was made a 
statute for Israel : and a 
law of the God of Jacob. 

5 This he ordained in 
Joseph for a testimony : 
when he came out of the 
land of Egypt, and had 
heard a strange language. 

6 I eased his shoulder 
from the burden : and his 
hands were delivered from 
making the pots. 

7 Thou calledst upon 
me in troubles, and I de- 
livered thee : and heard 
thee what time as the 
storm fell upon thee. 

8 I proved thee also : 
at the waters of strife. 

9 Hear, O my people, 
and I will assure thee, O 
Israel : if thou wilt heark- 
en unto me, 

10 There shall no 
strange god be in thee : 
neither shalt thou worship 
any other god. 

11 I am the Lord thy 
God, who brought thee 
out of the land of Egypt : 
open thy mouth wide, and 
I shall fill it. 

12 But my people would 
not hear my voice : and 
Israel would not obey me. 


13 Et diinisi eos se- 
cundum desideria cordis 
eorum, ibunt in adinven- 
tionibus suis. 

14 Si populus meus au- 
disset me : Israel si in 
viis meis ambulasset : 

15 Pro nihilo forsitan 
inimicos eorum humilias- 
sem : et super tribulantes 
eos misissem manum meam. 

16 Inimici Domini 
mentiti sunt ei : et erit 
tempus eorum in saecula. 

17 Et cibavit eos ex 
adipe frumenti : et de pe- 
tra melle saturavit eos. 

13 So I gave them up 
unto their own hearts' 
lust : and let them follow 
their own imaginations. 

14 O that my people 
would have hearkened 
unto me : for if Israel had 
walked in my ways, 

15 I should soon have 
put down their enemies : 
and turned my hand 
against their adversaries. 

16 The haters of the 
Lord should have been 
found liars : but their time 
should have endured for 

17 He should have fed 
them also with the finest 
wheat-flour : and with 
honey out of the stony 
rock should I have satis- 
fied thee. 


1 Psalums Asapli. 

DEUS stetit in syna- 
goga deorum : in 
medio autem deos dijudi- 

2 Usquequo judicatis 
iniquitatem : et facies 
peccatorum sumitis ? 

JBvcninQ iprager. 


Dl'us stetit. 

GOD standeth in the 
congregation of prin- 
ces : he is a Judge among 

2 How long will ye give 
wrong judgement : and 
accept the persons of the 
ungodly ? 


3 Judicata egeno, et 
pupillo : humilem, et pau- 
perem justihcate. 

4 Eripite pauperem : et 
egenum de manu peccato- 
ris liberate. 

5 Xescierunt, ncque 
intellexerunt, in tenebris 
ambulant : movebuntur 
omnia fundamenta terrae. 

6 Ego dixi : Dii estis, 
et filii Excelsi omnes. 

7 Vos autem sicut 
homines moriemini : et 
sicut unus de principibus 

8 Surge Deus, judica 
terram : quoniam tu here- 
ditabis in onmibus genti- 

3 Defend the poor and 
fatherless : see that such 
as are in need and neces- 
sity have right. 

4 Deliver the out-cast 
and poor : save them from 
the hand of the ungodly. 

5 They will not be 
learned nor understand, 
but walk on still in dark- 
ness : all the foundations 
of the earth are out of 

6 I have said, Ye are 
gods : and ye are all the 
children of the most 

7 But ye shall die like 
men : and fall like one of 
the princes. 

8 Arise, O God, and 
judge thou the earth : for 
thou shalt take all heathen 
to thine inheritance. 


! Canticuin Psaliui Asaph. 

DEUS, quis similis erit 
tibi ? ne taceas, ne- 
que compescaris Deus : 

3 Quoniam ecce inimici 

Deus. quis similis ? 

HOLD not thy tongue, 
O God, keep not 
still silence : refrain not 
thyself, O God. 

2 For lo, thine enemies 


tui sonuerunt : et qui ode- 
runt te, extulerunt caput. 

4 Super populuin tuuni 
malignaverunt consilium : 
et cogitaverunt adversus 
sanctos tuos. 

5 Dixerunt : Venite, et 
disperdamus eos de gente : 
et non memoretur nomen 
Israel ultra. 

6 Ouoniam cogitaverunt 
unanimiter : simul adver- 
sum te testamentum dis- 

7 Tabernacula Idumaeo- 
rum et Ismahelitae : 

Moab, et Agareni, 

8 Gebal, et Ammon, 
et Amalec : alienigenae 
cum habitantibus Tyrum. 

9 Etenim Assur venit 
cum illis : facti sunt in 
adjutorium filiis Lot. 

10 Fac illis sicut Ma- 
dian, et Sisarae : sicut 
labin in torrente Cisson. 

II Disperierunt in En- 
dor : facti sunt ut stercus 

make a murmuring : and 
they that hate thee have 
lift up their head. 

3 They have imagined 
craftily against thy peo- 
ple : and taken counsel 
against thy secret ones. 

4 Theyhave said, Come, 
and let us root them out, 
that they be no more a 
people : and that the 
name of Israel may be no 
more in remembrance. 

5 For they have cast 
their heads together with 
one consent : and are con- 
federate against thee : 

6 The tabernacles of the 
Edomites, and the Is- 
maelites : the Moabites, 
and Hagarens : 

7 Gebal, and Ammon, 
and Amalek : the Philis- 
tines, with them that 
dwell at Tyre. 

8 Assur also is joined 
with them : and haveholp- 
en the children of Lot. 

9 But do thou to them 
as unto the Madianites : 
unto Sisera, and unto 
Jabin at the brook of 
kison : 

10 Who perished at En- 
dor : and became as the 
dung of the earth. 


12 Pone principes eo- 
rum sicut Oreb, et Zeb, et 
Zebee, et Salmana : 

Omnes principes eo- 
rum : 

13 Qui dixerunt : Here- 
ditate possideamus Sanc- 
tuarium Dei. 

14 Deus meus pone il- 
los ut rotam : et sicut sti- 
pulam ante faciem venti. 

15 Sicut ignis qui com- 
burit silvam : et sicut 
flamma comburens mon- 
tes : 

16 Ita persequeris illos 
in tempestate tua : et in 
ira tua turbabis eos. 

17 Imple facies eorum 
ignominia : et quaerent 
nomen tuum, Domine. 

1 8 Erubescant, et con- 
turbentur in saeculumsae- 
culi : et confundantur, et 

19 Et cognoscant quia 
nomen tibi Dominus : tu 
solus Altissimus in omni 

11 Make them and 
their princes like Oreb 
and Zeb : yea, make all 
their princes like as Zeba 
and Salmana ; 

12 Who say, Let us 
take to ourselves : the 
houses of God in posses- 

13 O my God, make 
them like unto a wheel : 
and as the stubble before 
the wind ; 

14 Like as the fire that 
burneth up the wood : and 
as the flame that con- 
sumeth the mountains. 

15 Persecute them even 
so with thy tempest : and 
make them afraid with 
thy storm. 

16 Make their faces a- 
shamed, O Lord : that 
they may seek thy Name. 

17 Let them be con- 
founded and vexed ever 
more and more : let them 
be put to shame, and 

1 8 And they shall know 
that thou, whose Name is 
Jehovah : art only the 
most Highest over all the 



In finom, Pro torrularihu^ 
filiis Coro, P<almu« 

GUAM dilecta taber- 
nacula tua Domine 
virTtitum : 

3 Concupiscit, et de- 
ficit anima mea in atria 

Cor meum, et caro mea 
exsultaverunt in Deum 

4 Etenim passer in- 
venit sibi domum : et tur- 
tur nidum sibi, ubi ponat 
pullos suos. 

Altaria tua Domine vir- 
tutum : rex meus et Deus 

5 Beati qui habitant 
in domo tua Domine : in 
saecula saeculorum lauda- 
bunt te. 

6 Beatus vir cujus est 
auxilium abs te : ascen- 
siones in corde suo dis- 

7 In valle lacrymarum, 
in loco quern posuit. 

S Etenim benedictio- 
nem dabit legislator, ibunt 
de virtute in virtutem : 
videbitur Deus deorum in 

Qitain diledit. 

QHOW amiable are 
thy dwellings : thou 
Lord of hosts ! 

2 My soul hath a desire 
and longing to enter into 
the courts of the Lord : 
my heart and my flesh re- 
joice in the living God. 

3 Yea, the sparrow hath 
found her an house, and 
the swallow a nest where 
she may lay her young : 
even thy altars, O Lord 
of hosts, my King and my 

4 Blessed are they that 
dwell in thy house : they 
will be always praising 

5 Blessed is the man 
whose strength is in thee : 
in whose heart are thy 

6 Who going through 
the vale of miser}- use it 
for a well : and the pools 
are filled with water. 

7 They will go from 
strength to strength : and 
unto the God of gods ap- 
peareth every one of them 
in Sion. 


9 Domine Deus virtu- 
tum exaudi orationem 
meam : auribus percipe 
Deus Jacob. 

10 Protector noster a- 
spice Deus : et respice in 
faciem Christi tui : 

1 1 Quia melior est dies 
una in atriis tuis super 

Elegi abjectus esse in 
domo Dei mei : magis 
quam habitare in taber- 
naculis peccatorum. 

12 Quia misericordiam 
et veritatem diligit Deus : 
gratiam et gloriam dabit 

13 Non privabit bonis 
eos qui ambulant in in- 
nocentia : Domine virtu- 
tum, beatus homo qui 
sperat in te. 

8 O Lord God of hosts, 
hear my prayer : hearken, 
O God of Jacob. 

9 Behold, O God our 
defender : and look upon 
the face of thineAnointed. 

10 For one day in thy 
courts : is better than a 

11 I had rather be a 
doorkeeper in the house 
of my God : than to dwell 
in the tents of ungodliness. 

12 For the Lord God is 
a light and defence : the 
Lord will give grace and 
worship, and no good 
thing shall he withhold 
from them that live a 
godly life. 

1 3 O Lord God of hosts : 
blessed is the man that 
putteth his trust in thee. 


I In finem, Filiis Core, Psal- 

mine terram tuam : 
avertisti captivitatem Ja- 


Benedixisti, Domine. 

LORD, thou art be- 
-> come gracious unto 
thy land : thou hast turned 
away the captivity of Ja- 


1)AV I 6. 

3 Remisisti iniquitatem 
plebistuae: operuisti om- 
nia peccata eorum. 

4 Mitigastiomnemiram 
tuam : avertisti ab ira in- 
dignationis Uiae. 

5 Converte nos Deus 
salutaris noster : et averte 
iram tuam a nobis. 

6 Numquid in aetemum 
irasceris nobis ? aiit ex- 
tendes iram tuam a gene- 
ratione in generationem ? 

7 Deus tu conversus 
vivificabis nos : et plebs 
lua laetabitur in te. 

8 Ostende nobis Domi- 
ne misericordiam tuam : 
et salutare tuum da no- 

9 Audiam quid loqua- 
tur in me Dominus Deus : 
quoniam loquetur pacem 
in plebem suam. 

Et super sanctos suos : 
et in eos, qui convertuntur 
ad cor. 

10 Verumtamen prope 
timentes eum salutare ip- 
sius : ut inhabitet gloria 
in terra nostra. 

11 Misericordia et Ve- 
ritas obviaverunt sibi : 

2 Thou hast forgiven 
the offence of thy people : 
and covered all their sins. 

3 Thou hast taken a- 
way all thy displeasure : 
and turned thyself from 
thy wrathful indignation. 

4 Turn us then, O God 
our Saviour : and let thine 
anger cease from us. 

5 Wilt thou be displeas- 
ed at us for ever : and 
wilt thou stretch out thy 
wrath from one genera- 
tion to another .' 

6 Wilt thou not turn 
again, and quicken us : 
that thy people may re- 
joice in thee ? 

7 Shew us thy mercy, O 
Lord : and grant us thy 

8 I will hearken what 
the Lord God will say con- 
cerning me : for he shall 
speak peace unto his peo- 
ple, and to his saints, that 
they turn not again. 

9 For his salvation is 
nigh them that fear him : 
that glory may dwell in 
our land. 

10 Mercy and truth are 
met together : righteous- 

Dav]- psalm LXXXV-LXXXNl, 

justitia et pax osculatae 

12 Veritas de terra 
orta est : et justitia de 
caelo prospexit. 

13 Etenim Dominus 
dabit benignitatem : et 
terra nostra dabit fructum 

14 Justitia ante eum 
ambulabit : et ponet in 
via gressus suos. 

ness and peace have kiss- 
ed each other. 

11 Truth shall flourish 
out of the earth : and 
righteousness hath look- 
ed down from heaven. 

12 Yea, the Lord shall 
shew loving-kindness : 
and our land shall give 
her increase. 

13 Righteousness shall 
go before him : and he 
shall direct his going in 
the way. 


Oralin \p^\ Davi 1 

INCLINA Domine au- 
rem tuam, et exaudi 
me : quoniam inops et 
pauper sum ego. 

2 Custodi animam 
meam, quoniam sanctus 
sum : salvum fac servum 
tuum, Deus meus, spe- 
rantem in te. 

3 Miserere mei Do- 
mine, quoniam ad te 
clamavi tota die : 

4 Laetifica animam 
servi tui, quoniam ad te 
Domine animam meam 

/Iftorning ipra^cr. 

Inclinn. DoDiine. 

I >OW down thine ear, 
\y O Lord, and hear 

me : for I am poor, and in 


2 Preserve thou my 
soul, for I am holy : my 
God, save thy servant that 
putteth his trust in thee. 

3 Be merciful unto me, 
O Lord : for I will call 
daily upon thee. 

4 Comfort the soul of 
thy servant : for unto 
thee, O Lord, do I lift up 
my soul. 


5 Ouoniam tu Domine 
suavis, et mitis : et multae 
misericordiae omnibus in- 
vocantibus te. 

6 Auribus percipe Do- 
mine orationem meam : 
et intende voci depreca- 
tionis meae. 

7 In die tribulationis 
meae clamavi ad te : quia 
exaudisti me. 

8 Non est similis tui in 
diis Domine : et non est 
secundum opera tua. 

9 Omnes gentes quas- 
cumque fecisti, venient, 
et adorabunt coram te 
Domine : et glorificabunt 
nomen tuum. 

10 Ouoniam magnus es 
tu, et faciens mirabilia : 
tu es Deus solus. 

11 Deduc me Domine 
in via tua, et ingrediar in 
veritate tua : laetetur cor 
meum ut timeat nomen 

12 Confitebor tibi Do- 
mine Deus meus in toto 
corde meo, et glorificabo 
nomen tuum in aeternum : 

13 Quia misericord ia 
tua magna est super me : 

5 For thou, Lord, art 
good and gracious : and 
of great mercy unto all 
them that call upon thee. 

6 Give ear, Lord, unto 
my prayer : and ponder 
the voice of my humble 

7 In the time of my 
trouble I will call upon 
thee : for thou hearest 

8 Among thegods there 
is none like unto thee, O 
Lord : there is not one 
that can do as thou doest. 

9 All nations whom 
thou hast made shall come 
and worship thee, O Lord : 
and shall glorify thy 

10 For thou art great, 
and doest wondrous 
things : thou art God 

11 Teach me thy way, 
O Lord, and I will walk 
in thy truth : O knit my 
heart unto thee, that I 
may fear thy Xame. 

12 I will thank thee, O 
Lord my God, with all 
my heart : and will praise 
thy Name for evermore. 

13 For great is thy 
mercy toward me : and 


\Y 1 


et eruisti animam meam 
ex inferno inferiori. 

14 Deus, iniqui insur- 
rexerunt super me, et 
synagoga potentium quae- 
sierunt animam meam : et 
non proposiierunt te in 
conspectu suo. 

15 Et tu Domine Deus 
miserator et misericors, 
patiens, et multae miseri- 
cordiae, et verax, 

16 Respice in me, et 
miserere mei, da impe- 
rium tuum puero tuo : et 
salvum fac filium ancillae 

17 Fac mecum signum 
in bonum, ut videant qui 
oderunt me, et confun- 
dantur : quoniam tu Do- 
mine adjuvisti me, et con- 
solatus es me. 

thou hast delivered my 
soul from the nethermost 

14 O God, the proud are 
risen against me : and the 
congregations of naughty 
men have sought after 
my soul, and have not set 
thee before their eyes. 

15 But thou, O Lord 
God, art full of compas- 
sion and mercy : long- 
suffering, plenteous in 
goodness and truth. 

16 O turn thee then un- 
to me, and have mercy up- 
on me : give thy strength 
unto thy servant, and help 
the son of thine hand- 

17 Shew some token 
upon me for good, that 
they who hate me may 
see it, and be ashamed : 
because thou. Lord, hast 
holpen me, and comforted 


iFiliis Corf, Psalmus Cantici. 


1 in montibus Sanctis : 

3 Diligit Dominus por- 

tas Sion super omnia ta- 

bernacula Jacob. 

Fundanienta ejus. 

J_T ER foundations are 
1 upon the holy hills : 
the Lord loveth the gates 
of Sion more than all the 
dwellings of Jacob. 


4 Gloriosa dicta sunt 
de te, civitas Dei. 

5 Memor ero Rahab et 
Babylonis, scientium me. 

Ecce alienif^cnae, et 
Tyrus, et populus Aethio- 
pum, hi fuerunt illic. 

Numquid Sioii dicet : 
Homo, et homo natus est 
in ea : et ipse fundavit 
earn Altissimus ? 

6 Dominus narrabit in 
scripturis populorum, et 
principum : horum qui 
fuerunt in ea. 

7 Sicut laetantium om- 
nium habitatio est in te. 

2 Very excellent things 
are spoken of thee : thou 
city of God. 

3 I will think upon Ra- 
hab and Babylon : with 
them that know me. 

4 Behold ye the Philis- 
tines also : and they of 
Tyre, with the Morians ; 
lo, there was he born. 

5 And of Sion it shall 
be reported that he was 
born in her : and the most 
High shall stablish her. 

6 The Lord shall re- 
hearse it when he writeth 
up the people : that he 
was born there. 

7 The singers also and 
trumpeters shall he re- 
hearse : All my fresh 
springs shall be in thee. 


I Canticiiiii rsaImi,Filiis("or> . 
in linpin, pro Malielefli .hI ro- 
spondniHuin. intplJprtU'^ Em^n 

DOMINE Deus sa- 
lutis meae : in die 
clamavi,et nocte coram te. 

3 Intret in conspectu 
tuo oratio mea : inclina 
aurem tuam ad precem 
meam : 

4 Quia repletaest malis 

Ihu/iinc I\i(s. 

( A LORD God of my 
V '' salvation, I have 
cried day and night before 
thee : O let my prayer 
enter into thy presence, 
incline thine ear unto my 

2 For my soul is full 


anima mea : el vita mea 
inferno appropinquavit. 

5 Aestimatus sum cum 
descendentibus in lacum : 
factus sum sicut homo 
sine adjutorio, 

6 Inter mortuos liber, 
Sicut vulnerati dormi- 

entes in sepulcris, quo- 
rum non es memor am- 
plius : et ipsi de manu 
tua repulsi sunt. 

7 Posuerunt me in la- 
cu inferiori : in tenebrosis, 
et in umbra mortis. 

S Super me confirma- 
tus est furor tuus : et 
omnes fluctus tuos in- 
duxisti super me. 

9 Longe fecisti notos 
meos a me : posuerunt 
me abominationem sibi. 

Traditus sum, et non 
egrediebar : 

10 Oculi mei langue- 
runt prae inopia. 

Clamavi ad te Domine 
tota die : expandi ad te 
manus meas. 

11 Numquid mortuis 
facies mirabilia : aut me- 
dici suscitabunt, et con- 
fitebuntur tibi ? 

of trouble : and my life 
draweth nigh unto hell. 

3 I am counted as one 
of them that go down into 
the pit : and I have been 
even as a man that hath 
no strength. 

4 Free among the dead, 
like unto them that are 
wounded, and lie in the 
grave : who are out of re- 
membrance, and are cut 
away from thy hand. 

5 Thou hast laid me in 
the lowest pit : in a place 
of darkness, and in the 

6 Thine indignation li- 
eth hard upon me : and 
thou hast vexed me with 
all thy storms. 

7 Thou hast put away 
mine acquaintance far 
from me : and made me 
to be abhorred of them. 

8 I am so fast in prison : 
that I cannot get forth. 

9 My sight faileth for 
very trouble : Lord, I have 
called daily upon thee, I 
have stretched forth my 
hands unto thee. 

10 Dost thou shewwon- 
ders among the dead : or 
shall the dead rise up 
again, and praise thee ? 


V'i I 

12 Numquid narrabit 
aliquis in sepulcro mise- 
ricordiam tuam, et verita- 
tem tuam in perditione? 

13 Numquid cogno- 
scentur in tenebris mira- 
bilia tua : et justitia tua 
in terra oblivionis ? 

14 Et ego ad te Domine 
clamavi : et mane oratio 
mea praeveniet te. 

15 Ut quid Domine re- 
pellis orationem meam : 
avertis faciem tuam a 

16 Pauper sum ego, et 
in laboribus a juventute 
mea : exaltatus autem, 
humiliatus sum et contur- 

17 In me transierunt 
irae tuae : et terrores tui 
conturbaverunt me. 

18 Circumdederunt me 
sicut aqua tota die : cir- 
cumdederunt me simul. 

19 Elongasti a me a- 
micum et proximum : et 
notos meos a miseria.. 

11 Shall thy loving- 
kindness be shewed in the 
grave : or thy faithfulness 
in destruction } 

12 Shall thy wondrous 
works be known in the 
dark : and thy righteous- 
ness in the land where all 
things are forgotten .^ 

13 Unto thee have I 
cried, O Lord : and early 
shall my prayer come be- 
fore thee. 

14 Lord, why abhorrest 
thou my soul : and hidest 
thou thy face from me.^ 

15 I am in misery, and 
like unto him that is at 
the point to die : even 
from my youth up thy ter- 
rors have I suffered with 
a troubled mind. 

16 Thy wrathful dis- 
pleasure goeth over me : 
and the fear of thee hath 
undone me. 

17 They came round 
about me daily like water : 
and compassed me toge- 
ther on every side. 

18 Mylovers andfriends 
hast thou put away from 
me : and hid mine ac- 
quaintance out of my 



T Tntellpctns Etlian Ezraliitaf . 

Domini in aeternum 

In generationem et ge- 
nerationem annuntiabo ve- 
ritatem tuam in ore meo. 

3 Ouoniam dixisti : In 
aeternum misericordia ae- 
dificabitur in caelis : prae- 
parabitur Veritas tua in 

4 Disposui testamen- 
tum electis meis, juravi 
David servo meo : 

5 Usque in aeternum 
praeparabo semen tuum. 

Et aedificabo in gene- 
rationem et generationem 
sedem tuam. 

6 Confitebuntur caeli 
mirabilia tua Domine : et- 
enim veritatem tuam in 
ecclesia sanctorum. 

7 Ouoniam quis in nu- 
bibus aequabitur Domi- 
no : similis erit Deo in 
filiis Dei.? 

\ f Y song 
x> 1 way of 


.1 [iscricordins Douini. 

shall be al- 
of the loving- 
kindness of the Lord : 
with my mouth will I ever 
be shewing thy truth from 
one generation to ano- 

2 For I have said, Mer- 
cy shall be set up for ever : 
thy truth shalt thou stab- 
lish in the heavens. 

3 I have made a cove- 
nant with my chosen : I 
have sworn unto David 
my servant ; 

4 Thy seed will I stab- 
lish for ever : and set up 
thy throne from one gene- 
ration to another. 

5 O Lord, the very hea- 
vens shall praise thy won- 
drous works : and thy 
truth in the congregation 
of the saints. 

6 For who is he among 
the clouds : that shall be 
compared unto the Lord ? 

7 And what is he among 


8 Deus, qui glorificatur 
in consilio sanctorum : 
magnus et terribilis super 
omnes qui in circuitu ejus 

9 Domine Deus virtu- 
tum quis similis tibi ? po- 
tens es Domine, et Veritas 
tua in circuitu tuo. 

10 Tu dominaris po- 
testati maris : motum au- 
tem tluctuum ejus tu mi- 

11 Tu humiliasti sicut 
vulneratum, superbum : 
in brachio virtutis tuae 
dispersisti inimicos tuos. 

12 Tui sunt caeli, et 
tua est terra, orbem terrae 
et plenitudinem ejus tu 
fundasti : 

the gods : that shall be 
like unto the Lord? 

8 God is very greatly to 
be feared in the council of 
the saints : and to be had 
in reverence of all them 
that are round about him. 

9 O Lord God of Hosts, 
who is like unto thee : 
thy truth, most mighty 
Lord, is on every side. 

10 Thou rulest the 
raging of the sea : thou 
stillest the waves thereof 
when they arise. 

11 Thou hast subdued 
Egypt, and destroyed it : 
thou hast scattered thine 
enemies abroad with thy 
mighty arm. 

12 The heavens are 
thine, the earth also is 
thine : thou hast laid the 
foundation of the round 
world, and all that therein 

13 Aquilonem, et mare 
tu creasti. 

Thabor et Hermon in 
nomine tuo exsultabunt : 

14 Tuum brachium 
cum potentia. 

Firmetur manus tua, et 
exaltetur dextera tua : 

15 Justitia et judicium 
praeparatio sedis tuae. 

13 Thou hast made the 
north and the south : Ta- 
bor and Hermon shall re- 
joice in thy Name. 

14 Thou hast a mighty 
arm : strong is thy hand, 
and high is thy right 

15 Righteousness and 
equity are the habitation 


^tisericordia et Veritas 
praecedent faciem tuam : 

16 Beatus populus qui 
scit jubilationem. 

Domine, in liimine vul- 
tus tui amlDulabunt, 

17 Et in nomine tuo 
exsultabunt tota die : et 
in justitia tua exaltabun- 

18 Ouoniam gloria vir- 
tutis eorum tu es : et in 
beneplacito tuo exaltabi- 
tur cornu nostrum. 

19 Quia Domini est as- 
sumptio nostra ; et sancti 
Israel regis nostri. 

20 Tunc locutus es in 
visione Sanctis tuis, et 
dixisti : Posui adjutorium 
in potente : et exaltavi 
electum de plebe mea. 

21 Inveni David ser- 
vuni meum : oleo sancto 
meo unxi eum. 

22 Manus enim mea 
auxiliabitur ei : et bra- 
chium meum confortabit 

23 Nihil proficiet ini- 

of thy seat : mercy and 
truth shall go before thy 

16 Blessed is the peo- 
ple, O Lord, that can re- 
joice in thee : they shall 
walk in the light of thy 

17 Their delight shall 
be daily in thy Name : 
and in thy righteousness 
shall they make their 

18 For thou art the 
glory of their strength : 
and in thy loving-kind- 
ness thou shalt lift up 
our horns. 

19 For the Lord is our 
defence : the Holy One 
of Israel is our King. 

20 Thou spakest some- 
time in visions unto thy 
saints, and saidst : I have 
laid help upon one that is 
mighty ; I have exalted 
one chosen out of the 

21 I have found David 
my servant : with my holy 
oil have I anointed him. 

22 My hand shall hold 
him fast : and my arm 
shall strengthen him. 

23 The enemy shall not 


micub in eo, et hlius 
iniquitatis non apponet 
nocere ei. 

24 Et concidam a facie 
ipsius inimicos ejus : et 
odientes eum in fugam 

25 Et Veritas mea, et 
misericordia mea cum 
ipso : et in nomine meo 
exaltabitur cornu ejus. 

26 Et ponam in mari 
manum ejus : et in flumi- 
nibus dexteram ejus. 

27 Ipse invocabit me : 
Pater meus es tu : Deus 
meus, et susceptor salutis 

28 Et ego primogeni- 
tum ponam ilium excelsum 
prae regibus terrae. 

29 In aeternum ser- 
vabo illi misericordiam 
meam : et testamentum 
meum tidele ipsi. 

30 Et ponam in saecu- 
lum saeculi semen ejus : 
et thronum ejus sicut dies 

31 Si autem derelique- 
rint tiiii ejus legem meam : 
et in judiciis meis non 
ambulaverint : 

32 Sijustitiasmeaspro- 
fanaverint : et mandata 

be able to do him vio- 
lence : the son of wicked- 
ness shall not hurt him. 

24 I will smite down 
his foes before his face : 
and plague them that hate 

25 My truth also and 
my mercy shall be with 
him : and in my Name 
shall his horn be exalted. 

26 I will set his domi- 
nion also in the sea : and 
his right hand in the 

27 He shall call me, 
Thou art my Father : my 
God, and my strong salva- 

28 And I will make him 
my first-born : higher than 
the kings of the earth. 

29 My mercy will I 
keep for him for evermore : 
and my covenant shall 
stand fast with him. 

30 His seed also will I 
make to endure for ever : 
and his throne as the days 
of heaven. 

31 But if his children 
forsake my law : and walk 
not in my judgements ; 

32 If they break my 
statutes, and keep not my 


mea non cr.stodierint : 

33 Visitabo in virga 
iniquitates eorum : et in 
verberibus peccata eorum. 

34 Misericordiam aii- 
tem meam non dispergam 
ab eo : neque nocebo in 
veritate mea : 

35 Neque profanabo 
testamentum meum : et 
quae procedunt de labiis 
meis non faciam irrita. 

36 Semel juravi in san- 
cto meo, si David men- 
tiar : 

37 Semen ejus in aeter- 
num manebit. 

38 Et thronus ejus si- 
cut sol in conspectu meo, 
et sicut luna perfecta 
in aeternum : et testis in 
caelo fidelis. 

39 Tu vero repulisti et 
despexisti : distulisti Chri- 
stum tuum. 

40 Evertisti testamen- 
tum servi tui : profanasti 
in terra sanctuarium ejus. 

41 Destruxisti omnes 
sepes ejus : posuisti firma- 
mentum ejus formidinem. 

commandments : I will 
visit their offences with 
the rod, and their sin with 

33 Nevertheless, my 
loving-kindness will I not 
utterly take from him : 
nor suffer my truth to fail. 

34 j\Iy covenant will I 
not break, nor alter the 
thing that is gone out of 
my lips : I have sworn 
once by my holiness, that 
I will not fail David. 

35 His seed shall en- 
dure for ever : and his 
seat is like as the sun be- 
fore me. 

36 He shall stand fast 
for evermore as the moon : 
and as the faithful witness 
in heaven. 

37 But thou hast ab- 
horred and forsaken thine 
Anointed : and art dis- 
pleased at him. 

38 Thou hast broken 
the covenant of thy ser- 
vant : and cast his crown 
to the ground. 

39 Thou hast over- 
thrown all his hedges : 
and broken down his 
strong holds. 


40 All they that go by 
spoil him : and he is be- 
come a reproach to his 

41 Thou hast set up the 
right hand of his enemies : 
and made all his adver- 
saries to rejoice. 

42 Thou hast taken 
away the edge of his 
sword : and givest him 
not victory in the battle. 

43 Thou hast put out 
his glory : and cast his 
throne down to the ground. 

44 The days of his 
youth hast thoushortened: 
and covered him with dis- 

45 Lord, how long wilt 
thou hide thyself, for ever : 
and shall thy wrath burn 
like fire ? 

46 O remember how 
short my time is : where- 
fore hast thou made all 
men for nought .' 

47 What man is he that 
liveth, and shall not see 
death : and shall he de- 
liver his soul from the 
hand of hell ? 

48 Lord, where are thy 
old loving - kindnesses : 
which thou swarest unto 
David in thy truth ? 

42 Diripuerunt eum 
omnes transeuntes viam : 
factus est opprobrium vi- 
cinis suis. 

43 Exaltasti dexteram 
deprimentium eum : laeti- 
ficasti omnes inimicos 

44 Avertisti adjutorium 
gladii ejus : et non es 
auxiliatus ei in bello. 

45 Destruxisti eum ab 
emundatione : et sedem 
ejus in terram collisisti. 

46 Minorasti dies tem- 
poris ejus : perfudisti eum 

47 Usquequo Domine 
avertis in finem : exar- 
descet sicut ignis ira tua ? 

48 Memorarequaemea 
substantia : numquid enim 
vane constituisti omnes 
filios hominum ? 

49 Ouis est homo qui 
vivet et non videbit mor- 
tem : eruet animam suam 
de manu inferi ? 

50 Ubi sunt misericor- 
diae tuae antiquae Do- 
mine, sicut jurasti David 
in veritate tua ? 

Day 1 8. 


5 1 Memor esto Domine 
opprobrii servorum liio- 
rum (quod continui in sinii 
meo) multarum gentium. 

52 Quod exprobrave- 
runt inimici tui Domine, 
quod exprobraverunt com- 
mutationem Christi tui. 

53 BenedictusDominus 
in aeternum : fiat, fiat. 

49 Remember, Lord, 
the rebuke that thy ser- 
vants haAe : and how I do 
bear in my bosom the re- 
bukes of many people ; 

50 Wherewith thine 
enemies have blasphemed 
thee, and slandered the 
footsteps of thine Anoint- 
ed : Praised be the Lord 
for ever more. Amen, and 

/Iftorning ipraver. 


J Ol-jtio M..x:>i lioilnnis Df-l 

DOMINE. refugium 
factus es nobis : a 
generatione in genera- 

2 Priusquam montes 
fierent, aut formaretur 
terra et orbis : a saeculo 
et usque in saeculum tu 
es Deus. 

3 Ne avertas hominem 
in humilitatem : et dixisti : 
Convertimini filii homi- 

4 Ouoniam mille anni 
ante oculos tuos tamquam 



LORD, thou hast been 
^ our refuge : from one 
generation to another. 

2 Before the mountains 
were brought forth, or 
ever the earth and the 
\\orld were made : thou 
art God from everlasting, 
and world without end. 

3 Thou turnest man to 
destruction : again thou 
sayest. Come again, ye 
children of men. 

4 For a thousand years 
in thy sight are but as 


Day 1 8. 

dies hesterna, quae prae- 


Et cListodia in nocte, 
5 Quae pro nihilo ha- 

bentur. eorum anni erunt. 

6 Mane sicut herba 
transeat, mane floreat, et 
transeat : vespere decidat, 
induret, et arescat. 

7 Quia defecimus in ira 
tua, et in furore tuo tur- 
bati sumus. 

8 Posuisti iniquitates 
nostras in conspectu tuo : 
saeculum nostrum in illu- 
minatione vultus tui. 

9 Quoniam omnes dies 
nostri defecerunt : et in 
ira tua defecimus. 

Anni nostri sicut aranea 
meditabuntur : 

10 Dies annorum no- 
strorum in ipsis, septua- 
ginta anni. 

Si autem in potentati- 
bus octoginta anni : et 
amplius eorum, labor et 

Quoniam supervenit 
mansuetudo : et corripie- 

1 1 ()uis novit potesta- 

yesterday : seeing that is 
past as a watch in the 

5 As soon as thou scat- 
terest them they are even 
as a sleep : and fade away 
suddenly like the grass. 

6 In the morning it is 
green, and groweth up : 
but in the evening it is 
cut down, dried up, and 

7 For we consume away 
in thy displeasure : and 
are afraid at thy wrathful 

8 Thou hast set our 
misdeeds before thee : and 
our secret sins in the light 
of thy countenance. 

9 For when thou art an- 
gry all our days are gone : 
we bring our years to an 
end, as it were a tale that 
is told. 

10 The days of our age 
are threescore years and 
ten ; and though men be 
so strong that they come 
to fourscore years : yet is 
their strength then but 
labour and sorrow ; so 
soon passeth it away, and 
we are gone. 

11 Rut who regardeth 

1)\V IS. 


tern irae tuae : et prae 
timore tuo iram tuam 

12 Dinumerare ? 
Dexteram tuam sic no- 

tam fac : et erudites corde 
in sapientia. 

13 Convertere Domine 
usquequo ? et deprecabilis 
esto super servos tuos. 

14 Repleti sumus mane 
misericordia tua : et ex- 
sultavimus, et delectati 
sumus omnibus diebus 

15 Laetati sumus pro 
diebus quibus nos humi- 
liasti : annis quibus vidi- 
mus mala. 

16 Respice in servos 
tuos, et in opera tua : et 
dirige filios eorum. 

17 Et sit splendor Do- 
mini Dei nostri super nos, 
et opera manuum nostra- 
rum dirige super nos : et 
opus manuum nostrarum 

the power of thy wrath : 
for even thereafter as a 
man feareth, so is thy dis- 

12 So teach us to num- 
ber our days : that we 
may apply our hearts unto 

13 Turn thee again, O 
Lord, at the last : and be 
gracious unto thy ser- 

14 O satisfy us with thy 
mercy, and that soon : so 
shall we rejoice and be 
glad all the days of our 

15 Comfort us again 
now after the time that 
thou hast plagued us : and 
for the years wherein we 
have suffered adversity. 

16 Shew thy servants 
thy work : and their chil- 
dren thy glory. 

17 And the glorious 
Majesty of the Lord our 
God be upon us : prosper 
thou the work of our hands 
upon us, O prosper thou 
our handy-work. 


Day 1 8. 


1 Laus (antiri iJavicl. 

(\UI habitat in adju- 
) torio Altissimi, in 
protectione Dei caeli com- 

2 Dicet Domino : Sus- 
ceptor meus es tu, et re- 
fugium meum : Deus meus 
sperabo in eum. 

3 Ouoniam ipse libera- 
vit me de laqueo venan- 
tium, et a verbo aspero. 

4 Scapulis suis obum- 
brabit tibi : et sub pennis 
ejus sperabis. 

5 Scuto circumdabit te 
Veritas ejus : non timebis 
a timore nocturno. 

6 A sagitta volante in 
die, a negotio perambu- 
lante in tenebris : ab in- 
cursu, et daemonic meri- 

7 Cadent a latere tuo 
mille, et decem millia a 
dextris tuis : ad te autem 
non appropinquabit. 


(Ji/i Jtabitat. 
A\^HOSO dwelleth 
\ \ under the defence 
of the most High : shall 
abide under the shadow 
of the Almighty. 

2 I will say unto the 
Lord, Thou art my hope, 
and my strong hold : my 
God, in him will I trust. 

3 For he shall deliver 
thee from the snare of 
the hunter : and from the 
noisome pestilence. 

4 He shall defend thee 
under his wings, and thou 
shalt be safe under his 
feathers : his faithfulness 
and truth shall be thy 
shield and buckler. 

5 Thou shalt not be 
afraid for any terror by 
night : nor for the arrow 
that flieth by day ; 

6 Forthepestilencethat 
walketh in darkness : nor 
for the sickness that de- 
stroyeth in the noon-day. 

7 A thousand shall fall 
beside thee, and ten thou- 
sand at thy right hand : 
but it shall not come nigh 

Day iS. 


8 Verumtamen oculis 
luis considerabis : et re- 
tributionem peccatorum 

9 Ouoniam tu es Do- 
mine spes mea : altissi- 
mum posuisti refugium 

10 Non accedet ad te 
malum : et flagellum non 
appiopinquabit taberna- 
ciilo tuo. 

11 Ouoniam angelis 
suis mandavit de te : ut 
custodiant te in omnibus 
viis tuis. 

12 In manibus por- 
tabunt te : ne forte offen- 
das ad lapidem pedem 

13 Super aspidem, et 
basiliscum ambulabis : 
et conculcabis leonem et 

14 Ouoniam in me 
speravit, liberabo eum : 
protegam eum, quoniam 
cognovit nomen meum. 

15 Clamabit ad me, et 
ego exaudiam eum : cum 
ipso sum in tribulatione : 
eripiam eum et gloritlcabo 

16 Longitudine dierum 

8 Yea, with thine eyes 
shalt thou behold : and 
see the reward of the un- 

9 For thou, Lord, art my 
hope : thou hast set thine 
house of defence very 

10 There shall no evil 
happen unto thee : nei- 
ther shall any plague 
come nigh thy dwelling. 

1 1 For he shall give his 
angels charge over thee : 
to keep thee in all thy 

1 2 They shall bear thee 
in their hands : that thou 
hurt not thy foot against 
a stone. 

13 Thou shalt go upon 
the lion and adder : the 
young lion and the dragon 
shalt thou tread under thy 

14 Because he hath set 
his love upon me, there- 
fore will I deli\er him : I 
will set him up, because 
he hath known my Name. 

15 He shall call upon 
me, and I will hear him : 
yea, I am with him in 
trouble; I will deliver him, 
and bring him to honour. 

16 With long life will I 

psAT,:\i xci-xriT 

i'>\\ I 

replebo eum : et ostendam satisfy him : and shew him 
ill! sahitare meum. my salvation. 


1 Psalmus Lantici, In dir sab- 

BONUM est confiteri 
Domino : et psallere 
nomini tuo Altissime. 

mane misericordiam tuam: 
et veritatem tuam per 

4 In decachordo, psal- 
terio : cum cantico in 

5 Quia delectasti me 
Domine in factura tua : 
et in operibus manuum 
tuarum exsultabo. 

6 Ouam magniticata 
sunt opera tua Domine ! 
nimis profundae factae 
sunt cogitationes tuae. 

7 Vir insipiens non co- 
gnoscet : et stultus non 
intelliget haec. 

S Cum exorti fuerint 

Bo)m)n est confiteri. 

IT is a good thing to 
give thanks unto the 
Lord : and to sing praises 
unto thy Name, O most 
Highest ; 

2 To tell of thy loving- 
kindness early in the 
morning : and of thy truth 
in the night-season ; 

3 Upon an instrument 
of ten strings, and upon 
the lute : upon a loud 
instrument, and upon the 

4 For thou, Lord, hast 
made me glad through 
thy works : and I will re- 
joice in giving praise for 
the operations of thy 

5 O Lord, how glorious 
are thy works : thy 
thoughts are very deep. 

6 An unwise man doth 
not well consider this : 
and a fool doth not un- 
derstand it. 

7 \\'hen the ungodly are 

\)\\ IS. 


peccatores sicut foenum : 
et apparuerint omnes qui 
operantur iniquitatem : 

Ut intereant in sae- 
culum saeculi : 

9 Tu autem Altissimus 
in aeternum Domine. 

10 Ouoniam ecce ini- 
mici tui Domine. quoniam 
ecce inimici tui peribunt : 
et dispergentur omnes qui 
operantur iniquitatem. 

11 Et exaltabitur sicut 
unicornis cornu meum : 
et senectus mea in miseri- 
cordia uberi. 

12 Et despexit oculus 
mens inimicos meos : et 
in insurgentibus in me 
malignantibus audiet au- 
ris mea. 

13 Justus ut palma 
florebit : sicut cedrus 
Libani multiplicabitur. 

14 Plantati in domo 
Domini, in atriis domus 
Dei nostri florebunt. 

15 Adhuc multiplica- 
buntur in senecta uberi : 
et bene patientes erunt, 

16 Ut annuntient : 
Ouoniam rectus Domi- 

green as the grass, and 
when all the workers of 
wickedness do flourish : 
then shall they be de- 
stroyed for ever ; but 
thou, Lord, art the most 
Highest for evermore. 

8 For lo thine enemies, 
O Lord, lo, thine enemies 
shall perish : and all the 
workers of wickedness 
shall be destroyed. 

9 But mine horn shall 
be exalted like the horn 
of an unicorn : for I am 
anointed with fresh oil. 

10 Mine eye also shall 
see his lust of mine ene- 
mies : and mine ear shall 
hear his desire of the 
wicked that arise up 
against me. 

1 1 The righteous shall 
flourish like a palm-tree : 
and shall spread abroad 
like a cedar in Libanus. 

12 Such as are planted 
in the house of the Lord : 
shall flourish in the courts 
of the house of our God. 

13 They also shall bring 
forth more fruit in their 
age : and shall be fat and 

14 That they may shew 
how true the Lord my 



nus Deus noster : et non strength is : and that 
est iniquitas in eo. there is no unrighteous- 

ness in him. 

Bvenlng pragcr. 


l-aus Catittci ipsi iJavi'l in Hir 
ante sabbatuin, quando Jundata 
est terra. 

DOM I NUS regnavit, 
decorem indutus 
est : indutus est Dominus 
fortitudinem, et praecinxit 

Etenim firmavit orbem 
terrae, qui non commove- 

2 Parata sedes tua ex 
tunc : a saeculo tu es. 

3 Elevaverunt flumina 
Domine : elevaverunt flu- 
mina vocem suam. 

Elevaverunt flumina 
fluctus suos, 

4 A vocibus aquarum 

Mirabiles elationes ma- 
ris, mirabilis in altis Do- 

5 Testimonia tua credi- 
bilia facta sunt nimis : 

Dominus regnavit. 

THE Lord is King, and 
hath put on glori- 
ous apparel : the Lord 
hath put on his apparel, 
and girded himself with 

2 He hath made the 
round world so sure : 
that it cannot be moved. 

3 Ever since the world 
began hath thy seat been 
prepared : thou art from 

4 The floods are risen, 
O Lord, the floods have 
lift up their voice : the 
floods lift up their waves. 

5 The waves of the sea 
are mighty, and rage hor- 
ribly : but yet the Lord, 
who dwelleth on high, is 

6 Thy testimonies, O 
Lord, are very sure : ho- 

Day rS. 


doinum tuam decet sancti- 
tudo D online in longitu- 
dinem dierum. 

liness becomelii 
house for ever. 



Psalmus ipsi David, Quarts 

DEUS ultionum Do- 
minus : Deus ultio- 
num Hbere egit. 

2 Exaltare qui judicas 
terram : redde retribu- 
tionem superbis. 

3 Usquequo peccatores 
Domine : usquequo pecca- 
tores gloriabuntur : 

4 Effabuntur,etloquen- 
tur iniquitatem : loquentur 
omnes qui operantur in- 

5 Populum tuum Do- 
mine, humiliaverunt : et 
hereditatem tuam vexa- 

6 Viduam, et advenam 
interfecerunt : et pupillos 

7 Et dixerunt : Non 

Dcus iiUionuffi. 

O LORD God, to whom 
vengeance belong- 
eth : thou God, to whom 
vengeance belongeth,shew 

2 Arise, thou Judge of 
the world : and reward 
the proud after their de- 

3 Lord, how long shall 
the ungodly : how long 
shall the ungodly tri- 
umph ? 

4 How long shall all 
wicked doers speak so 
disdainfully : and make 
such proud boasting ? 

5 They smite down thy 
people, O Lord : and trou- 
ble thine heritage. 

6 They murder the 
widow, and the stranger : 
and put the fatherless to 

7 And yet they say, 


\)\\ i.s. 

telliget Deus Jacob. 

8 Intelligite insipientes 
in populo : et stulti ali- 
quando sapite. 

9 Oui plantavit aurem, 
non aiidiet ? aut qui finxit 
oculum, non considerat ? 

10 Oui corripit gentes, 
non arguet : qui docet 
hominem scientiam ? 

1 1 Dominus scit cogi- 
tationes hominum, quo- 
niam vanae sunt. 

12 Beatus homo quern 
tu erudieris Domine : et 
de lege tua docueris eum. 

1.3 Ut mitiges ei a die- 
bus malis : donee fodiatur 
peccatori fovea. 

14 Quia non repellet 
Dominus plebem suam : 
et hereditatem suam non 

15 Ouoadusque justitia 
converlatur in judicium : 
et qui juxta illam omnes 
qui recto sunt corde. 

16 Ouis consurget mihi 

Tush, the Lord shall not 
see : neither shall the God 
of Jacob regard it. 

8 Take heed, ye unwise 
among the people : O ye 
fools, when will ye under- 
stand ? 

9 He that planted the 
ear, shall he not hear : or 
he that made the eye, shall 
he not see ? 

10 Or he that nurtureth 
the heathen : it is he that 
teacheth man knowledge, 
shall not he punish ? 

11 The Lord knoweth 
the thoughts of man : that 
they are but vain. 

12 Blessed is the man 
whom thou chastenest. O 
Lord : and teachest him 
in thy law ; 

13 That thou mayest 
give him patience in time 
of adversity : until the pit 
be digged up for the un- 

14 For the Lord will 
not fail his people : neither 
will he forsake his inheri- 
tance ; 

15 Until righteousness 
turn again unto judge- 
ment : all such as are true 
in heart shall follow it. 

16 Who will rise up 

]>.\\ iS, 


adversus malignantes ? aut 
quis stabit mecum adver- 
sus operantes iniquitatem ? 

17. Nisi quia Dominus 
adjuvit me : paulominus 
habitasset in inferno ani- 
ma mea. 

18 Si dicebam : Motus 
estpesmeus: misericordia 
tua Domine adjavabat me. 

19 Secundum multitu- 
dinem dolorum meorum 
in corde meo : consola- 
tiones tuae laetificavcrunt 
an imam meam. 

20 Numquid adhaeret 
tibi sedes iniquitatis : qui 
fingis laborem in prae- 
cepto ? 

21 Captabunt in ani- 
mam justi : et sanguinem 
innocentem condemna- 

22 Et factus est mihi 
Dominus in refugium : et 
Deus meus in adjutorium 
spei meae. 

23 Etreddetillis iniqui- 
tatem ipsorum : et in ma- 
litia eorum disperdet eos : 
disperdet illos Dominus 
Deus noster. 

with me against the 
wicked : or who will take 
my part against the evil- 
doers ? 

17 If the Lord had not 
helped me : it had not 
failed but my soul had 
been put to silence. 

18 But when I said, 
I\Iy foot hath slipt : thy 
mercy, O Lord, held me up. 

19 In the multitude of 
the sorrows that I had in 
my heart : thy comforts 
have refreshed my soul. 

20 Wilt thou have any 
thing to do with the stool 
of wickedness : which 
imagineth mischief as a 

21 They gather them 
together against the soul 
of the righteous : and 
condemn the innocent 

22 But the Lord is my 
refuge : and my God is 
the strength of my confi- 

23 He shall recompense 
them their wickedness, 
and destroy them in their 
own malice : yea, the Lord 
our God shall destroy 

psal:\i xcjv-xcv. 

I'A'l 10. 

/IBornina prater. 



f.aus (.'antici ip<i DaviH. 

7ENITE, exsultemus 
Domino : jubilemus 
Deo salutari nostro : 

2 Praeoccupemus fa- 
ciem ejus in confessione : 
et in psalmis jubilemus ei. 

3 Ouoniam Deus ma- 
gnus Dominus : et rex 
magnus super omnes 

4 Quia in manu ejus 
sunt omnes fines terrae : 
et altitudines montium 
ipsius sunt. 

5 Ouoniam ipsius est 
mare, et ipse fecit illud : 
et siccam manus ejus for- 

6 Venite adoremus, et 
procidamus : et ploremus 
ante Dominum qui fecit 

7 Quia ipse est Do- 
minus Deus noster : et 
nos populus pascuae ejus, 
et oves manus ejus. 

8 Hodie si vocem ejus 

/ 'cnitc. cxsultcinus. 

OCOME, let us sing 
unto the Lord : let 
us heartily rejoice in the 
strength of our salvation. 

2 Let us come before 
his presence with thanks- 
giving : and shew our- 
selves glad in him with 

3 For the Lord is a 
great God : and a great 
King above all gods. 

4 In his hand are all 
the corners of the earth : 
and the strength of the 
hills is his also. 

5 The sea is his, and 
he made it : and his hands 
prepared the dry land. 

6 O come, let us wor- 
ship and fall down : and 
kneel before the Lord our 
]Maker ; 

7 For he is the Lord 
our God : and we are the 
people of his pasture, and 
the sheep of his hand. 

8 To-day if ye will hear 

Pay K). 


audieritis, nolite obdurare 
corda vestra ; 

9 Sicut in irritatione se- 
cundum diem tentationis 
in deserto : ubi tentave- 
runt me patres vestri, pro- 
baverunt me, et vidcrunt 
opera mea. 

10 Ouadraginta annis 
offensus fui generationi 
illi, et dixi : Semper hi 
errant corde. 

II. Et isti non cogno- 
verunt vias meas : ut ju- 
ravi in ira mea : Si intro- 
ibunt in requiem meam. 

his voice, harden not your 
hearts : as in the provo- 
cation, and as in the day 
of temptation in the wil- 
derness ; 

9 When your fathers 
tempted me : proved me, 
and saw my works. 

10 Forty years long was 
I grieved with this gene- 
ration, and said : It is a 
people that do err in their 
hearts, for they have not 
known my ways ; 

1 1 Unto whom I sware 
in my wrath : that they 
should not enter into my 


I Caiiticuniipsi iJavid.Quaiulo 
'loiiius aedificabatur post capti- 
\itatem. Ci Par. xv.) 

/^ANTATE Domino 
V^ canticum novum : 
cantate Domino omnis 

2 Cantate Domino, et 
benedicite nomini ejus : 
annuntiate de die in diem 
salutare ejus. 

3 Annuntiate inter 
gentes gloriam ejus, in 
omnibus populis mirabih"a 

CiUitatc Dotnifio. 

OSING unto the Lord 
a new song : sing 
unto the Lord, all the 
whole earth. 

2 Sing unto the Lord, 
and praise his Name : be 
telling of his salvation 
from day to day. 

3 Declare his honour 
unto the heathen : and his 
wonders unto all people. 



\ ^ 1 . 

4 Quoniam magnus 
Dominus, et laudabilis 
nimis : terribilis est super 
omnes deos. 

5 Quoniam omnes dii 
gentium daemonia : Do- 
minus autem caelos fecit. 

6 Confessio et pulchri- 
tude in conspectu ejus : 
sanctimonia, et magnifi- 
centia in sanctificatione 

7 Afterte Domino pa- 
triae gentium, afFerte Do- 
mino gloriam et hono- 
rem : 

8 Afferte Domino glo- 
riam nomini ejus. 

Tollite hostias. et in- 
troite in atria ejus : 

9 Adorate Dominum in 
atrio sancto ejus. 

Commoveatur a facie 
ejus universa terra : 

10 Dicite in gentibus 
quia Dominus regnavit. 

Etenim correxit orbem 
terrae qui non commove- 
bitur : judicabit populos 
in aequitate. 

II Laetentur caeli. et 
exsultet terra, commo- 

4 For the Lord is great, 
and cannot worthily be 
praised : he is more to be 
feared than all gods. 

5 As for all the gods 
of the heathen, they are 
but idols : but it is the Lord 
that made the heavens. 

6 Glory and worship 
are before him : power 
and honour are in his 

7 Ascribe unto the 
Lord, O ye kindreds of 
the people : ascribe unto 
the Lord worship and 

8 Ascribe unto the Lord 
the honour due unto his 
Name : bring presents, 
and come into his courts. 

9 O worship the Lord 
in the beauty of holiness : 
let the whole earth stand 
in awe of him, 

10 Tell it out among 
the heathen that the Lord 
is King : and that it is he 
who hath made the round 
world so fast that it can- 
not be moved ; and how 
that he shall judge the 
people righteously. 

1 1 Let the heavens re- 
loice. and let the earth l3c 

Day I 

rsAi.M xrxuxcvii. 

veatur mare, et plenitudo 
ejus : 

12 Gaudebunt campi, 
et omnia quae in eis 

Tunc exsultabunt om- 
nia ligna silvarum 

13 A facie Domini, 
quia venit : quoniam venit 
judicare terram. 

Judicabit orbem terrae 
in aequitate, et populos 
in veritate sua. 

glad : let the sea make a 
noise, and all that therein 

12 Let the field be joy- 
ful, and all that is in it : 
then shall all the trees of 
the wood rejoice before 
the Lord. 

13 For he cometh, for 
he cometh to judge the 
earth : and with right- 
eousness to judge the 
world, and the people 
with his truth. 


I Huic Da\i'I, Quando jpii? 
nus restituta rnt. 

DOM IN US regnavit, 
exsultet terra : lae- 
tentur insulae multae. 

2 Nubes et caligo in 
circuitu ejus : justitia et 
judicium correctio sedis 

3 Ignis ante ipsum 
praecedet, et inflammabit 
in circuitu inimicos ejus. 

4 Illuxerunt fulgura 
ejus orbi terrae : vidit, et 
commota est terra. 


Dominus rc\o>uri 'if. 

^PHE Lord is King, the 
i earth may be glad 
thereof : yea, the multi- 
tude of the isles may be 
glad thereof. 

2 Clouds and darkness 
are round about him : 
righteousness and judge- 
ment are the habitation 
of his seat. 

3 There shall go a fire 
before him : and burn up 
his enemies on every side. 

4 His lightnings gave 
shine unto the world : the 
earth saw it and was 

i^sal:\i xr\i-xc\iJ. 

]K\\ 1 

5 Monies, sicut cera 
fluxerunt a facie Domini : 
a facie Domini omnis 

6 Annuntiaverunt caeli 
justitiam ejus : et vidcrunt 
omnes populi gloriam 

7 Confundantur omnes 
qui adorant sculptilia : et 
qui gloriantur in simula- 
cris suis. 

Adorate eum omnes 
Angeli ejus : 

8 Audivit, et laetata est 

Et exsultaverunt filiae 
Judae, propter judicia tua 
Domine : 

9 Ouoniam tu Dominus 
altissimus super omnem 
terram : nimis exaltatus 
es super omnes deos. 

10 Qui diligitis Domi- 
num, odite malum : cu- 
stodit Dominus animas 
sanctorum suorum, de 
manu peccatoris liberabit 

11 Lux orta est justo, 
et rectis corde laetitia. 

12 Laetamini justi in 

5 The hills melted like 
wax at the presence of 
the Lord : at the presence 
of the Lord of the whole 

6 The heavens have de- 
clared his righteousness : 
and all the people have 
seen his glor}'. 

7 Confounded be all 
they that worship carved 
images, and that delight 
in vain gods : worship 
him, all ye gods. 

rejoiced : and the daugh- 
ters of Judah were glad, 
because of thy judge- 
ments, O Lord. 

9 For thou, Lord, art 
higher than all that are 
in the earth : thou art 
exalted far above all gods. 

10 O ye that love the 
Lord, see that ye hate the 
thing which is evil : the 
Lord preserveth the souls 
of his saints ; he shall de- 
liver them from the hand 
of the ungodly. 

11 There is sprung up 
a light for the righteous : 
and joyful gladness for 
such as are true-hearted. 

12 Rejoice in the Lord, 


A \ I y . 


Domino : et confitemini ye righteous : and give 
memoriae sanctificationis thanks for a remembrance 
ejus. of his holiness. 


r Psalmu!^ ipsi David. 

r^ANTATE Domino 
v^ canticum novum : 
quia mirabilia fecit. 

Salvavit sibi dextera 
ejus : etbrachium sanctum 

2 Notum fecit Dominus 
salutare suum : in con- 
spectu gentium revelavit 
justitiam suam. 

3 Recordatus est mise- 
ricordiae suae, et veritatis 
suae domui Israel. 

Viderunt omnes termini 
terrae salutare Dei nostri. 

4 Jubilate Deo omnis 
terra : cantate,et exsultate, 
et psallite. 

5 Psallite Domino in 
cithara, in cithara et voce 
psalmi : 

opening iprager. 

I'SALM XC\ 111. 
Ca72tnte Dowmo. 

O SING unto the Lord 
a new song : for he 
hath done marvellous 

2 With his own right 
hand, and with his holy 
arm : hath he gotten him- 
self the victory. 

3 The Lord declared his 
salvation : his righteous- 
ness hath he openly 
showed in the sight of the 

4 He hath remembered 
his mercy and truth to- 
ward the house of Israel ; 
and all the ends of the 
world have seen the sal- 
vation of our God. 

5 Shew yourselves joy- 
ful unto the Lord, all ye 
lands : sing, rejoice, and 
give thanks. 

6 Praise the Lord upon 
the harp : sing to the harp 
with a psalm of thanks- 



6 In tubis ductilibus. 
et voce tubae corneae. 

Jubilate in conspectu 
regis Domini : 

7 Moveatur mare, et 
plenitudo ejus : orbis ter- 
rarum, et qui habitant in 

8 Flumina plaudent 
manu, simul montes ex- 

9 A conspectu Domini : 
cjuoniam venit judicare 

Judicabit orbem terra- 
rum in justitia, et populos 
in aequitate. 

7 With trumpets also, 
and shawms : O shew 
yourselves joyful before 
the Lord the King. 

8 Let the sea make a 
noise, and all that therein 
is : the round world, and 
they that dwell therein. 

9 Let the floods clap 
their hands, and let the 
hills be joyful together 
before the Lord : for he is 
come to judge the earth. 

10 With righteousness 
shall he judge the world : 
and the people with 


1 Psalmus ipsi \ia.\\ J 

DOMINUS regnavit, 
irascantur populi : 
qui sedet super cherubim, 
moveatur terra. 

2 Dominus in Sion ma- 
gnus : et excelsus super 
omnes populos. 

3 Confiteantur nomini 
tuo magno : quoniam ter- 
ribile et sanctum est : 

4 Et honor regis judi- 
um diligit. 

Doifilftus retinal 'it. 

^T^HE Lord is King, be 

1 the people never so 
impatient : he sitteth be- 
tween the cherubims, be 
the earth never so unquiet. 

2 The Lord is great in 
ion : 


3 They shall give thanks 
unto thy Name : which is 
great, wonderful, and holy. 

4 The King's power 
loveth judgement : thou 


AV 19. 


Tu parasii directiones : 
judicium et justitiam in 
Jacob tu fecisti. 

5 Exaltate Dominum 
Deum nostrum, et adorate 
scabellum pedum ejus : 
quoniam sanctum est. 

6 IMoyses et Aaron in 
sacerdotibus ejus : et 
Samuel inter eos cjui 
invocant nomen ejus : 

Invocabant Dominum, 
et ipse exaudiebat eos : 

7 In columna nubis lo- 
quebatur ad eos. 

Custodiebant testimonia 
ejus, et praeceptum quod 
dedit illis. 

8 Domine Deus noster 
tu exaudiebas eos : Deus 
tu propitius fuisti eis, et 
iilciscens in omnes adin- 
ventiones eorum. 

9 Exaltate Dominum 
Deum nostrum, et adorate 
in monte sancto ejus : 
quoniam sanctusDominus 
Deus noster. 

hast prepared equity : thou 
hast executed judgement 
and righteousness in Ja- 

5 O magnify the Lord 
our God : and fall down 
before his footstool, for he 
is holy. 

6 Moses and Aaron 
among his priests, and 
Samuel among such as call 
upon his Name : these 
called upon the Lord, and 
he heard them. 

7 He spake unto them 
out of the cloudy pillar : 
for they kept his testi- 
monies, and the law that 
he gave them. 

8 Thou heardest them, 
O Lord our God : thou 
forgavest them, O God, 
and punishedst their own 

9 O magnify the Lord 
our God, and worship him 
upon his holy hill : for the 
Lord our God is holy. 


« Psalinm in confessionr: 

JUBILATE Deo omnis 
terra : servite Domino 
in laetitia. 

Jukflatr Deo. 

O BE joyful in the Lord, 
all ye lands : serve 
the Lord with gladness, 


Day 19. 

Introite in conspectu 
ejus, in exsultatione. 

2 Scitote quoniam Do- 
minus ipse est Deus : ipse 
fecit nos, et non ipsi nos : 

Populus ejus, et oves 
pascuae ejus : 

3 Introite portas ejus 
in confessione, atria ejus 
in hymnis : confitemini 

Laudate nomen ejus : 

4 Quoniam suavis est 
Dominus, in aeternum 
misericordia ejus, et usque 
in generationem et gene- 
rationem Veritas ejus. 

and come before his pre- 
sence with a song. 

2 Be ye sure that the 
Lord he is God : it is he 
that hath made us, and 
not we ourselves ; we are 
his people, and the sheep 
of his pasture. 

3 O go your way into 
his gates with thanksgiv- 
ing, and into his courts 
with praise : be thankful 
unto him, and speak good 
of his Name. 

4 For the Lord is gra- 
cious, his mercy is ever- 
lasting : and his truth 
endureth from generation 
to feneration. 


1 P=;almu=; ip'?i David. 

et judicium cantabo 
tibi Domine : Psallam, 

2 Et intelligam in via 
immaculata, quando ve- 
nies ad me. 

Perambulabam in inno- 
centia cordis mei, in medio 
domus meae. 

MiseHco7-diam ef Jndi- 

\i\ Y song shall be of 
i mercy and judge- 
ment : unto thee, O Lord, 
will I sing. 

2 O let me ha\e under- 
standing : in the way of 

3 When wilt thou come 
unto me : I will walk in 
my house with a perfect 

Day 10. 

PSAT.M (-(I 

3 Non proponebam an- 
te oculos ineos rem in- 
justam : facientes prae- 
varicationes odivi. 

Non adhaesit mihi 

4 Cor pravum : decli- 
nantem a me malignum 
non cognoscebam. 

5 Uetrahentem secreto 
proximo suo, hunc perse- 

Siiperbo oculo, et insa- 
tiabili corde, cum hoc non 

6 Oculi mei ad fi deles 
terrae ut sedeant mecum : 
ambulans in via immacu- 
lata, hie mihi ministrabat. 

7 Non habitabit in me- 
dio domus meae qui facit 
superbiam : qui loquitur 
iniqua, non direxit in con- 
spectu oculorum meorum. 

8 In matutino interfi- 
ciebam omnes peccatores 
terrae : ut disperderem de 
civitate Domini omnes 
operantes iniquitatem. 

4 I will take no wicked 
thing in hand ; 1 hate the 
sins of unfaithfulness : 
there shall no such cleave 
unto me. 

5 A froward heart shall 
depart from me : I will 
not know a wicked person. 

6 Whoso privily slan- 
dereth his neighbour : him 
will I destroy. 

7 Whoso hath also a 
proud look and high sto- 
mach : I will not suffer 

8 Mine eyes look upon 
such as are faithful in the 
land : that they may dwell 
with me. 

9 Whoso leadeth a 
godly life : he shall be my 

10 There shall no de- 
ceitful person dwell in my 
house : he that tellcth 
lies shall not tarry in my 

Ill shall soon destroy 
all the ungodly that are 
in the land : that I may 
root out all wicked doers 
from the city of the Lord. 




I Oratio pauperis, Cum anxiu> 

merit, et in conspectu Domini 

nOMINE exaudi ora- 
tionem meam : et 
clamor mens ad te veniat. 

3 Non avertas faciem 
tuam a me : in quacumque 
die tribulor, inclina ad me 
aurem tuam. 

In quacumque die in- 
vocavero te, velociter 
exaudi me. 

4 Quia defecerunt sicut 
fumus dies mei : et ossa 
mea sicut cremium arue- 

5 Percussus sum ut foe- 
num, et aruit cor meum : 
quiaoblitus sum comedere 
panem meum. 

6 A voce gemitus mei 
adhaesit os meum carni 

7 Similis factus sum 
pelicano solitudinis : fa- 
ctus sum sicut nycticorax 
in domicilio. 

S Vigilavi, et factus sum 
sicut passer solitarius in 

9 Tota die exprobra- 

/IRorn(ng ipragcr. 


IT EAR my prayer, O 
1 Lord : and let my 
crying come unto thee. 

2 Hide not thy face 
from me in the time of my 
trouble : incline thine ear 
unto me when I call ; O 
hear me, and that right 

3 For my days are con- 
sumed away like smoke : 
and my bones are burnt 
up as it were a tire-brand. 

4 My heart is smitten 
down, and withered like 
grass : so that I forget to 
eat my bread. 

5 For the voice of my 
groaning : my bones will 
scarce cleave to my flesh. 

6 I am become like a 
pelican in the wilderness : 
and like an owl that is in 
the desert. 

7 I have watched, and 
am even as it were a 
sparrow : that sitteth 
alone upon the housetop. 

S Mine enemies revile 

Day 20. 


bant niihi inimici mei : ct 
qui laudabant me adver- 
sum me Jurabant. 

10 Quia cineiem tam- 
quam panem manduca- 
bam, et potum meum cum 
fletu miscebam. 

1 1 A facie irae et in- 
dignationis tuae : quia 
elevans allisisti me. 

12 Dies mei sicut um- 
bra dcclinaverunt : et ego 
sicut foenum arui. 

13 Tuautem Dominein 
aeternum permanes : et 
memoriale tuum in gene- 
rat ionem et generat ionem. 

14 Tu exsurgens mise- 
reberis Sion : quia tem- 
pus miserendi ejus, quia 
venit tempus. 

15 Quoniamplacuerunt 
servis tuis lapides ejus : 
et terrae ejus misere- 

16 Et timebunt gentes 
nomen tuum Domine, et 
omnes reges terrae glo- 
riam tuam. 

17 Quia aedificavit Do- 

me all the day long : and 
they that are mad upon 
mc are sworn together 
against me. 

9 For 1 have eaten 
ashes as it were bread : 
and mingled my drink 
with weeping ; 

10 And that because of 
thine indignation and 
wrath : for thou hast 
taken me up, and cast me 

11 My days are gone 
like a shadow : and I am 
withered like grass, 

12 But, thou, O Lord, 
shalt endure for ever : 
and thy remembrance 
throughout all genera- 

13 Thou shalt arise, 
and have mercy upon 
Sion : for it is time that 
thou have mercy upon 
her, yea, the time is come. 

14 And why ? thy ser- 
vants think upon her 
stones : and it pitieth 
them to see her in the 

15 The heathen shall 
fear thy Name, O Lord : 
and all the kings of the 
earth thy Majesty ; 

16 When the Lord shall 



minus Sion : et videbi- 
tur in gloria sua. 

1 8 Respexit in ora- 
tionem humilium : et non 
sprevit precem eorum. 

19 Scribantur haec in 
generatione altera : et 
populus, qui creabitur, 
laudabit Dominum : 

20 Quia prospexit de 
excelso sancto suo : Domi- 
nus de caelo in terram 
aspexit : 

21 Ut audiret gemitus 
compeditorum : ut solve- 
ret filios interemptorum : 

22 Ut annuntient in 
Sion nomen Domini : et 
laudem ejus in Jerusalem. 

23 In conveniendo po- 
pulos in unum, et reges ut 
serviant Domino. 

24 Respondit ei in via 
virtutis suae : Paucitatem 
dierum meorum nuntia 

25 Xe revoces me in 
dimidio dierum meorum : 
in generationem et genc- 
rationem anni tui. 

build up Sion : and when 
his glory shall appear ; 

17 When he turneth 
him unto the prayer of 
the poor destitute : and 
despiseth not their desire. 

18 This shall be written 
for those that come after : 
and the people which 
shall be born shall praise 
the Lord. 

19 For he hath looked 
down from his sanctuary : 
out of the heaven did the 
Lord behold the earth : 

20 That he might hear 
the mournings of such as 
are in captivity : and de- 
liver the children appoint- 
ed unto death ; 

21 That they may de- 
clare the Name of the 
Lord in Sion : and his 
worship at Jerusalem ; 

22 When the people are 
gathered together : and 
the kingdoms also, to 
serve the Lord. 

23 He brought down 
my strength in my jour- 
ney : and shortened" my 

24 But I said, O my 
God, take me not away 
in the midst of mine age : 
as for thy years, they 

Day 20. 

PSALM Cil-Clll. 

26 Initio tu Domine 
terram fundasti : et opera 
manuum tuarum sunt 

27 Ipsi peribunt, tu au- 
tem permanes : et omnes 
sicut vestimentum vete- 

Et sicut opertorium 
mutabis eos, ct muta- 
buntur : 

28 Tu autem idem ipse 
as, et anni tui non defi- 

29 Filii seivorum tuo- 
rum habitabunt : et se- 
men eorum in saeculum 

endure throughout all 

25 Thou, Lord, in the 
beginning hast laid the 
foundation of the earth : 
and the hea\ens are the 
work of thy hands. 

26 They shall perish, 
but thou shalt endure : 
they all shall wax old as 
doth a garment ; 

27 And as a vesture 
shalt thou change them, 
and they shall be changed : 
but thou art the same, 
and thy years shall not 

28 The children of thy 
servants shall continue : 
and their seed shall stand 
fast in thy sight. 


I Ipsi DaMii. 

p) ENEDIC anima mea 
JL) Domino : et omnia, 
quae intra me sunt, 
nomini sancto ejus. 

2 Benedic anima mea 
Domino : et noli obli- 
visci omnes retributiones 
ejus : 

3 Qui propitiatur om- 

Bt/itdu, anima mea. 

1) RAISE the Lord, O 
1 my soul : and all 
that is within me praise 
his holy Name. 

2 Praise the Lord, O 
my soul : and forget not 
all his benefits : 

3 Who forgiveth all thy 


nibus iniquitatibus tuis : 
qui sanat omnes infirmi- 
tates tiias. 

4 Qui redimit de in- 
teritu vitam tuam : qui 
coronat te in misericordia 
et miserationibus. 

5 Qui replet in bonis 
desiderium tuum : renova- 
bitur ut aquilae juventus 
tua : 

6 Faciens misericordias 
Dominus : et judicium 
omnibus injuriam patien- 

7 Notas fecit vias suas 
r^Ioysi, filiis Israel volun- 
tates suas. 

8 Miserator, et miseri- 
cors Dominus : longa- 
nimis, et multum miseri- 

9 Non in perpetuum 
irascetur : neque in ueter- 
num comminabitur. 

10 Non secundum pec- 
cata nostra fecit nobis : 
neque secundum iniqui- 
tates nostras retribuit 

1 1 Quoniam secundum 
altitudinem caeli a terra : 
corroboravit misericor- 
diam suam super tinien- 
tes se. 

U.w JO. 

sin : and healeth all thine 

infirmities ; 

4 Who saveth thy life 
from destruction : and 
crowneth thee with mercy 
and loving-kindness ; 

5 Who satisfieth thy 
mouth with good things : 
making thee young and 
lusty as an eagle. 

6 The Lord executeth 
righteousness and judge- 
ment : for all them that 
are oppressed with wrong. 

7 He shewed his ways 
unto Moses : his works 
unto the children of 

8 The Lord is full of 
compassion and mercy : 
long-suffering, and of 
great goodness. 

9 He will not alway be 
chiding : neither keepeth 
he his anger for ever. 

10 He hath not dealt 
with us after our sins : 
nor rewarded us according 
to our wickednesses. 

the heaven is in compari- 
son of the earth : so great 
is his mercy also toward 
them that fear him. 


AY 20. 

PSAL-M Cii Llil. 

12 Quantum distat or- 
tus ab occidente : longe 
fecit a nobis iniquitates 

13 Ouomodo miseretur 
pater tiliorum, misertus est 
Dominus timentibus se : 

14 Ouoniam ipse cogno- 
vit figmentum nostrum. 

Recordatus estquoniam 
pulvis sumus : 

1 5 Homo, sicut foenum 
dies ejus, tamquam flos 
agri sic efflorebit. 

16 Ouoniam spiritus 
pertransibit in illo, ct non 
subsistet : et non cognos- 
cet amplius locum suum. 

17 Misericordia autem 
Domini ab aeterno et us- 
que in aeternum super ti- 
mentes eum. 

Et justitia illius in filios 

18 His qui servant 
testamentum ejus : 

Et memores sunt man- 
datorum ipsius, ad facien- 
dum ca. 

19 Dominus in caelo 
paravit sedem suam : ct 

12 Look how wide also 
the east is from the west : 
so far hath he set our sins 
from us. 

13 Yea, like as a father 
pitieth his own children : 
even so is the Lord mer- 
ciful unto them that fear 

14 For he knoweth 
whereof we are made : he 
remembereth that we are 
but dust. 

1 5 The days of man are 
but as grass : for he 
flourisheth as a flower of 
the field. 

16 For as soon as the 
wind goeth over it, it is 
gone : and the place 
thereof shall know it no 

17 But the merciful 
goodness of the Lord 
endureth for ever and 
ever upon them that fear 
him : and his righteous- 
ness upon children's 
children ; 

18 Even upon such as 
keep his covenant : and 
think upon his command- 
ments to do them. 

19 The Lord hath pre- 
pared his seat in heaven : 


Day 20. 

regnum ipsius omnibus 

20 Benedicite Domino 
omnes Angeli ejus : po- 
tentes virtute, facientes 
verbum illius, ad audien- 
dam vocem sermonum 

21 Benedicite Domino 
omnes virtutes ejus : 
ministri ejus, qui facitis 
voluntatem ejus. 

22 Benedicite Domino 
omnia opera ejus : in 
omni loco dominationis 
ejus, benedic anima mea 

and his kingdom ruleth 
over all. 

20 O praise the Lord, 
ye angels of his, ye that 
excel in strength : ye 
that fulfil his command- 
ment, and hearken unto 
the voice of his words. 

21 O praise the Lord, 
all ye his hosts : ye ser- 
vants of his that do his 

22 O speak good of the 
Lord, all ye works of his, 
in all places of his domi- 
nion : praise thou the 
Lord, O my soul. 


I Jj)?! Da\ I'J 

E^ENEDIC anima mea 
• Domino : Domine 
Deus meus magnificatus 
es vehementer. 

Confessionem, et de- 
corem induisti : 

2 Amictus lumine sicut 
vestimento : 

Extendens caelum sicut 
pellem : 


Bcnedii. anima /nc'i. 

] 3 RAISE the Lord, O 
^ my soul ; O Lord 
my God, thou art become 
exceeding glorious ; thou 
art clothed with majesty 
and honour. 

2 Thou deckest thyself 
with light as it were with 
a garment : and spreadest 
out the heavens like a 


PSALM Clll-ClV. 

3 Qui tegis aquis supe- 
riora ejus. 

Qui ponis nubem as- 
censum tuum : qui ani- 
bulas super pennas ven- 

4 Qui facis angelos 
tuos spiritus : et ministros 
tuos igiiem urentem. 

5 Qui fundasti terram 
super stabilitatcm suam : 
non inclinabitur in saecu- 
lum saeculi. 

6 Abyssus, sicut vesti- 
mentum, amictus ejus : 
super monies stabunt a- 

7 Ab increpatione tua 
fugient : a voce tonitrui 
tui formidabunt. 

8 Asccndunt monies ; 
et descendunl campi in 
locum, quern fundasti eis. 

9 Terminum posuisti, 
quern non transgredien- 
tur : neque convertenlur 
operire terram. 

10 Qui emillis fontes in 
convallibus : inter me- 
dium montium perlransi- 
bunt aquae. 

1 1 Potabunt omnes be- 

3 Who layelh the 
beams of his chambers in 
the waters : and maketh 
the clouds his chariot, 
and walketh upon the 
wings of the wind. 

4 He maketh his angels 
spirits : and his ministers 
a flaming tire. 

5 He laid the founda- 
tions of the earth : that 
it never should move at 
any time. 

6 Thou coveredsl it with 
the deep like as with a 
garment : the waters 
stand in the hills. 

7 At thy rebuke they 
flee : at the voice of thy 
thunder they are afraid. 

8 They go up as high 
as the hills, and down to 
the valleys beneath : ev- 
en unto the place which 
thou hast appointed for 

9 Thou hast set them 
their bounds which they 
shall not pass : neither 
turn again to cover the 

10 He sendeth the 
springs into the rivers : 
which run among the hills. 

1 1 All beasts of the 


stiae agri : exspectabunt 


onagri in siti sua. 

12 iSuper ea volucres 
caeli habitabunt : de me- 
dio petrarum dabunt vo- 

13 Rigans inontes de 
buperioribus suis : de 
fructu operum tuoruin 
satiabitur terra : 

14 Producens foenum 
juinentis, et herbam ser- 
vituti hominum : 

Ut educas panem de 
terra : 

15 Et vinum laetiricet 
cor hominis : 

Ut exhilaret faciem in 
oleo : et panis cor homi- 
nis conhrmet. 

16 Saturabuntur ligna 
campi, et cedri Libani 
quas planta\ it : 

17 lllic passeres niditi- 

Herodii domus dux est 
eorum ; 

18 Montes excelsi cer- 
vis : petra refugium heri- 

19 Fecit lunam in tem- 

field drink thereof : and 
the wild asses quench 
their thirst. 

12 Beside them shall 
the fowls of the air have 
their habitation : and sing 
among the branches. 

13 He watereth the hills 
from above : the earth is 
filled with the fruit of thy 

14 He bringeth forth 
grass for the cattle : and 
green herb for the service 
of men ; 

15 That he may bring 
food out of the earth, and 
wine that maketh glad the 
heart of man : and oil to 
make him a cheerful coun- 
tenance, and bread to 
strengthen man's heart. 

16 The trees of the 
Lord also are full of sap : 
even the cedars of Li- 
banus which he hath 
planted ; 

17 Wherein the birds 
make their nests : and the 
fir-trees are a dwelling 
for the stork. 

iS The high hills are a 
refuge for the wild goats : 
and so are the stony 
rocks for the conies. 

19 He appointed the 

Day 20 


pora : sol cognovit occa- 
sum suuni. 

20 Posuisti tenebras, et 
facta est nox : in ipsa per- 
transibunt omnes bestiae 

21 Catuli leonum m- 
gientes, ut rapiant, et 
quaerant a Deo escam 

22 Ortus est sol, et 
congregati sunt : et in 
cubilibus suis collocabun- 

23 Exibit homo ad o- 
pus suuni : et ad opera- 
tionem suam usque ad 

24 Quam niagniticata 
sunt opera tua Domine I 
omnia in sapientia feci- 
sti : impleta est terra 
possessione tua. 

25 Hoc mare magnum, 
et spatiosum manibus ; il- 
lic reptilia quorum hon 
est numerus. 

Animalia pusilla cum 
magnis : 

26 Illic naves pertrans- 
ibunt : 

Draco iste. quern for- 
masti ad illudendum ei : 

27 Omnia a te exspec- 

moon for certain seasons : 
and the sun knoweth his 
going down. 

20 Thou makest dark- 
ness that it may be night : 
wherein all the beasts of 
the forest do move. 

21 The lions roaring 
after their pre>' : do seek 
their meat from God. 

22 The sun ariseth, and 
they get them away to- 
gether : and lay them 
down in their dens. 

23 Man goeth forth to 
his work, and to his la- 
bour : until the evening. 

24 U Lord, how mani- 
fold are thy works : in 
wisdom hast thou made 
them all ; the earth is full 
of thy riches. 

25 So is the great and 
wide sea also : wherein 
are things creeping innu- 
merable, both small and 
great beasts. 

26 There go the ships, 
and there is that Levia- 
than : whom thou hast 
made to take his pastime 

27 These wait all upon 

psAL:\r ciTi-civ 

Day 20. 

tant ut des illis escam in 

28 Dante te illis, colli- 
gent : aperiente te ma- 
num tuam, omnia imple- 
buntur bonitate. 

29 Avertente autem te 
faciem, turbabuntur : au- 
feres spiritum eorum, et 
deficient, et in pulverein 
suum revertentur. 

30 Emittes spiritum 
tuum, et creabuntur : et 
renovabis faciem terrae. 

31 Sit gloria Domini in 
saeculum : laetabitur Do- 
minus in operibus suis : 

32 Qui respicit terram, 
et facit eam tremere : qui 
tangit monies, et fumi- 

33 Cantabo Domino in 
vita mea : psallam Deo 
meo quamdiu sum. 

34 Jucundum sit ei elo- 
quium meum : ego vero 
delectabor in Domino. 

35 Deficiantpeccatores 
a terra, et iniqui ita ut 

thee : that thou mayest 
give them meat in due 

28 When thou givest 
it them they gather it : 
and when thou openest 
thy hand they are filled 
with good. 

29 When thou hidest 
thy face they are trou- 
bled : when thou takest 
away their breath they 
die, and are turned again 
to their dust. 

30 When thou lettest 
thy breath go forth they 
shall be made : and thou 
shalt renew the face of 
the earth. 

31 The glorious Majes- 
ty of the Lord shall en- 
dure for ever : the Lord 
shall rejoice in his works. 

32 The earth shall 
tremble at the look of 
him : if he do but touch 
the hills, they shall smoke. 

33 I will sing unto the 
Lord as long as I live : I 
will praise my God while 
I have my being. 

34 And so shall my 
words please him : my 
joy shall be in the Lord. 

35 As for sinners, they 
shall be consumed out of 

Day 2 1, 


non sint : benedic anima the earth, and the un- 
mea Domino. godly shall come to an 

end : praise thou the 
Lord, O my soul, praise 
the Lord. 


Alleluia. (/ Par. X7>i. ^ » 

mino, et invocate 
nomen ejus : annuntiate 
inter gentes opera ejus. 

2 Cantate ei, et psal- 
lite ei : narrate omnia mi- 
rabilia ejus. 

3 Laudamini in nomine 
sancto ejus : laetetur cor 
quaerentium Dominum. 

4 Ouaerite Dominum, 
et contirmamini : quaerite 
faciem ejus semper. 

5 Mementote mirabi- 
lium ejus quae fecit : 
prodigia ejus, et judicia 
oris ejus. 

6 Semen Abraham, ser- 
vi ejus : hlii Jacob elect! 

/Iftocnina iprager. 
PSALM cv. 

Confitemivi Do7nivo. 

C\ GIVE thanks unto 
^-^ the Lord, and call 
upon his Name : tell the 
people what things he 
hath done. 

2 O let your songs be 
of him, and praise him : 
and let your talking be of 
all his wondrous works. 

3 Rejoice in his holy 
Name : let the heart of 
them rejoice that seek the 

4 Seek the Lord and 
his strength : seek his 
face evermore. 

5 Remember the mar- 
vellous works that he hath 
done : his wonders, and 
the judgements of his 

6 O ye seed of Abra- 
ham his servant : ye chil- 
dren of Jacob his chosen. 

PSALM cn'-cv 

)a-, ?t. 

7 Ipse Dominus Deus 
noster : in universa terra 
judicia ejus. 

8 Memor fuit in saecu- 
lum testamenti sui : verbi, 
quod mandavit in mille 
generationes : 

9 Quod disposuit ad A- 
brahain : et juramenti sui 
ad Isaac : 

TO Et statuit illud Ja- 
cob in praeceptum : et Is- 
rael in testamentum ae- 
ternum : 

11 Dicens : Tibi dabo 
terram Chanaan, funicu- 
lum hereditatis vestrae. 

12 Cum essent numero 
brevi, paucissimi et inco- 
lae ejus : 

13 Et pertransierunt de 
gente in gentem, et de 
regno ad populum alte- 

14 Non reliquit homi- 
nem nocere eis : et corri- 
puit pro eis reges, 

15 Xolite tangere chri- 
stos meos : et in prophetis 
meis nolite malignari. 

16 Et vocavit fameni 

7 He is the Lord our 
(^lod : his judgements are 
in all the world. 

8 He hath been alway 
mindful of his covenant 
and promise : that he 
made to a thousand gene- 
rations ; 

9 Even the covenant 
that he made with Abra- 
ham : and the oath that 
he sware unto Isaac; 

10 And appointed the 
same unto Jacob for a 
law : and to Israel for an 
everlasting testament ; 

11 Saying, Unto thee 
will I give the land of 
Canaan : the lot of your 
inheritance ; 

12 When there were 
yet but a few of them : 
and they strangers in the 
land ; 

13 What time as they 
went from one nation to 
another : from one king- 
dom to another people ; 

14 He suffered no man 
to do them wrong : but 
reproved even kings for 
their sakes ; 

15 Touch not mine an- 
ointed : and do my pro- 
phets no harm. 

16 Moreover, he called 

Day 2 T. 

PSALAT riv-rv 

super terrain : et oinne 
firmamentuni panis con- 

17 Misit ante eos vi- 
rum : in servum venum- 
datus est Joseph. 

18 Humiliaverunt in 
compedibus pedes ejus, 
ferrum pertransiitanimam 

19 Donee veniret ver- 
bum ejus. 

Eloquium Domini in- 
flammavit eum : 

20 Misit rex, et solvit 
eum ; princeps populo- 
rum, et dimisit eum. 

21 Constituit eum do- 
minum domus suae : et 
principem omnis posses- 
sionis suae : 

22 Ut erudiret princi- 
pes ejus sicut semetip- 
sum : et senes ejus pru- 
dentiam doceret. 

23 Et intravit Israel in 
Aegyptum : et Jacob ac- 
cola fuit in terra Cham. 

24 Et auxit populum 
suum vehementer : et fir- 
mavit eum super inimicos 

25 Convertit cor eorum 
ut odirent populum ejus : 

for a dearth upon the 
land : and destroyed all 
the provision of bread. 

17 But he had sent a 
man before them : even 
Joseph, who was sold to 
be a bond-servant ; 

18 Whose feet they hurt 
in the stocks : the iron 
entered into his soul ; 

19 Until the time came 
that his cause was known : 
the word of the Lord tried 

20 The king sent, and 
delivered him : the prince 
of the people let him go free. 

21 He made him lord 
also of his house : and ru- 
ler of all his substance ; 

22 That he might in- 
form his princes after his 
will : and teach his sena- 
tors wisdom. 

23 Israel also came into 
Egypt : and Jacob was a 
stranger in the land of 

24 And he increased 
his people exceedingly : 
and made them stronger 
than their enemies ; 

25 Whose heart turned 
so, that they hated his 


et dolum facerent in ser- 
vos ejus. 

26 Misit Moysen ser- 
vum suum : Aaron quern 
elegit ipsum. 

27 Posuit in eis verba 

signorum suorum, et pro- 
digiorum in terra Cham. 

28 Misit tenebras, et 
obscuravit : et non exa- 
cerbavit sermones sues. 

29 Convertit aquas eo- 
rum in sanguinem : et 
occidit pisces eorum. 

30 Edidit terra eorum 
ranas in penetralibus re- 
gum ipsorum. 

31 Dixit, et venit coe- 
nomyia : et cinifes in 
omnibus finibus eorum. 

32 Posuit pluvias eorum 
grandinem : ignem com- 
burentem in terra ip- 

33 Et percussit vineas 
eorum, et ficulneas eorum : 
et contrivit lignum finium 

34 Dixit, et venit lo- 
custa, et bruchus, cujus 
non erat numerus : 

35 Et comedit omne 
foenum in terra eorum : 

Day 21. 

people : and dealt untruly 
with his servants. 

26 Then sent he Moses 
his servant : and Aaron 
whom he had chosen. 

27 And these shewed 
his tokens among them : 
and wonders in the land 
of Ham. 

28 He sent darkness, 
and it was dark : and they 
were not obedient unto 
his word. 

29 He turned their wa- 
ters into blood : and slew 
their fish. 

30 Their land brought 
forth frogs : yea, even in 
their kings' chambers. 

31 He spake the word, 
and there came all man- 
ner of flies : anil lice in 
all their quarters. 

32 He gave them hail- 
stones for rain : and 
flames of fire in their 

33 He smote their vines 
also and fig-trees : and 
destroyed the trees that 
were in their coasts. 

34 He spake the word, 
and the grasshoppers 
came, and caterpillars 
innumerable : and did 
eat up all the grass in 

Day 2 1 

PSALM riv-rv 

et comedit omnem fruc- 
tum terrae eorum. 

36 Et percussit omne 
primogenitum in terra eo- 
rum : primitias omnis 
laboris eorum. 

37 Et eduxit eos cum 
argento et auro : et non 
erat in tribubus eorum 

38 LaetataestAegyptus 
in profectione eorum : 
quia incubuit timor eorum 
super eos. 

39 Expandit nubem in 
protectionem eorum : et 
ignem ut luceret eis per 

40 Petierunt, et venit 
coturnix : et pane caeli 
saturavit eos. 

41 Dirupit petram, et 
fluxerunt aquae : abierunt 
in sicco flumina ; 

42 Ouoniam memorfuit 
verbi sancti sui, quod ha- 
buit ad Abraham puerum 

43 Et eduxit populum 
suum in exsultatione, et 
electos suos in laetitia. 

44 Et dedit illis regiones 

their land, and devoured 
the fruit of their ground. 

35 Pie smote all the 
first-born in their land : 
even the chief of all their 

36 He brought them 
forth also with silver and 
gold : there was not one 
feeble person among their 

37 Egypt was glad at 
their departing : for they 
were afraid of them. 

38 He spread out a 
cloud to be a covering : 
and fire to gi\e light in 
the night-season. 

39 At their desire he 
brought quails : and he 
filled them with the bread 
of heaven. 

40 He opened the rock 
of stone, and the waters 
flowed out : so that rivers 
ran in the dry places. 

4 1 For why .' he remem- 
bered his holy promise : 
and Abraham his servant. 

42 And he brought forth 
his people with joy : and 
his chosen with glad- 
ness ; 

43 And gave them the 

PSAL^r rv-rvT. 


\Y 2 1. 

gentium : et labores po- 
puloriim possederunt : 

45 Utcustodiantjustifi- 
cationes ejus, et legem 
ejus requirant. 

lands of the heathen : and 
they took the labours of 
the people in possession ; 
44 That they might 
keep his statutes : and 
observe his laws. 




mino quoniam bo- 
nus : quoniam in saeculum 
misericordia ejus. 

2 Ouis loquetur po- 
tentias Domini, auditas 
faciet omnes laudes ejus ? 

3 Beati qui custodiunt 
judicium, et faciunt jus- 
titiam in omni tempore. 

4 Memento nostri Do- 
mine in beneplacito po- 
puli tui : visita nos in 
salutari tuo : 

5 Ad videndum in boni- 
tate electorum tuorum, 
ad laetandum in laetitia 
gentis tuae : ut lauderis 
cum hereditate tua. 

6 Peccavimus cum pa- 

JEvcning iprager. 

Confitetnini Domino. 

OGIVF: thanks unto 
the Lord, for he is 
gracious : and his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

2 Who can express the 
noble acts of the Lord : 
or shew forth all his 
praise ? 

3 Blessed are they that 
ahvay keep judgement : 
and do righteousness. 

4 Remember me, O 
Lord, according to the 
favour that thou bearest 
unto thy people : O visit 
me with thy salvation ; 

5 That I may see the 
felicity of thy chosen : 
and rejoice in the glad- 
ness of thy people, and 
give thanks with thine 

6 We ha\e sinned with 

Day 2 


tribiis nostris : injuste egi- 
nius, iniquitatem fecinuis. 

7 Patres nostri in Ae- 
gypto non intellexerunt 
mirabilia tua : non fuc- 
runt memores multitudi- 
nis misericordiae tuae. 

Et irritaverunt ascen- 
dentes in mare, Mare 

8 Et salvavit eos pro- 
pter nomen suum : iit 
notani faceret potentiam 

9 Et increpuit Mare 
rubrum, et exsiccatum est : 
et deduxit eos in abyssis 
sicut in deserto. 

10 Et salvavit eos de 
manu odientium : et re- 
demit eos de manu ini- 

1 1 Et operuit aqua tri- 
bulantes eos : unus ex eis 
non remansit. 

12 Et crediderunt ver- 
bis ejus : et laudaverunt 
laudem ejus. 

13 Cito fecerunt, obliti 
sunt operum ejus : et 
non sustinuerunt con- 
silium ejus. 

14 Etconcupieruntcon- 

our fathers : we have done 
amiss, and dealt wickedly. 

7 Our fathers regarded 
not thy wonders in Egypt, 
neither kept they thy 
great goodness in remem- 
brance : but were dis- 
obedient at the sea, even 
at the Red sea. 

8 Nevertheless, he help- 
ed them for his Name's 
sake : that he might make 
his power to be known. 

9 He rebuked the Red 
sea also, and it was dried 
up : so he led them through 
the deep, as through a 

10 And he saved them 
from the adversary's 
hand : and delivered them 
from the hand of the 

11 As for those that 
troubled them, the waters 
overwhelmed them : there 
was not one of them left. 

12 Then believed they 
his words : and sang 
praise unto him. 

13 But within a while 
they forgat his works : 
and would not abide his 

14 But lust came upon 


Day 2 1. 

cupiscentiam in deserto : 
et tentaverunt Deum in 

15 Et dedit eis peti- 
tionem ipsorum : et misit 
saturitatem in animas co- 
rn m. 

16 Et irritaverunt Moy- 
sen in castris : Aaron 
sanctum Domini. 

17 Aperta est terra, et 
deglutivit Dathan : et 
operuit super congrega- 
tionem Abiron. 

18 Et exarsit ignis in 
synagoga eorum : flamma 
combussit peccatores. 

19 Et fecerunt vitulum 
in Horeb : et adoraverunl 

20 Et niutaverunt glo- 
riam suam in similitu- 
dinem vituli comedentis 

21 Obliti sunt Deum 
qui salvavit eos, qui fecit 
magnalia in Aegypto, 

22 Mirabilia in terra 
Cham : terribilia in Mari 

23 Et dixit ut disper- 
deret eos ; si non Moyses 

them in the wilderness : 
and they tempted God in 
the desert. 

15 And he gave them 
their desire : and sent 
leanness withal into their 

16 They angered Moses 
also in the tents : and 
Aaron the saint of the 

17 So the earth opened, 
and swallowed up Dathan : 
and covered the congrega- 
tion of Abiram. 

18 And the fire was 
kindled in their company : 
the flame burnt up the 

19 They made a calf in 
Horeb : and worshipped 
the molten image. 

20 Thus they turned 
their glory : into the 
similitude of a calf that 
eateth hay. 

21 And they forgat God 
their Saviour : who had 
done so great things in 
Egypt ; 

22 \\ ondrous works in 
the land of Ham : and 
fearful things by the Red 


23 So he said, he would 
have destroyed them, had 

Day 2 1. PSALM 

electus ejus stetisset in 
confractione in conspectu 
ejus : 

Ut aveiteret iram ejus 
ne disperderet eos : 

24 Et pro nihilo ha- 
buerunt terrani desidera- 
bilem : 

Non crediderunt verbo 

25 Et murmuraverunt in 
tabernaculis suis : non ex- 
audierunt voceni Domini. 

26 Et elevavit nianum 
suam super cos : ut pro- 
sterneret eos in deserto ; 

27 Et ut dejiceret se- 
men eoruni in nationibus ; 
et dispergeret eos in re- 

28 Et initiati sunt Beel- 
phegor ; et comederunt 
sacrificia mortuoruin. 

29 Et irritaverunl eum 
in adinventionibus suis : 
et multiplicata est in eib 

30 Et stetit Piiinees, et 
placavit : et cessavit quas- 

31 Et repuiatum est ei 
in justitiam, in genera- 

not Moses his chosen 
stood before him in the 
gap : to turn away his 
wrathful indignation, lest 
he should destroy them. 

24 Yea, they thought 
scorn of that pleasant 
land : and gave no cred- 
ence unto his word ; 

25 But murmured in 
their tents : and heark- 
ened not unto the voice 
of the Lord. 

26 Then lift he up his 
hand against them : to 
overthrow them in the 
wilderness ; 

27 To cast out their seed 
among the nations : and to 
scatter them in the lands. 

20 They joined them- 
selves unto Baal-peor : 
and ate the offerings of 
the dead. 

29 Thus they provoked 
him to anger with their 
own inventions : and the 
plague was great among 

^o Then stood up I'hi- 
nees and prayed : and so 
the plague ceased. 

3 1 And that was counted 
unto him for righteous- 


Day ji. 

tionem et gencrationem 
usque in sempiternum. 

32 Et irritaverunt eum 
ad Aquas contradictionis : 
et vexatus est Moyses 
propter eos : 

;^^ Quia exacerbaverunt 
spiritum ejus. 

Et distinxit in labiis 
suis : 

34 Xon disperdiderunt 
gentes, quas dixit Domi- 
nus illis. 

35 Et commisti sunt 
inter gentes, et didicerunt 
opera eorum : 

36 Et ser\ ierunt sculp- 
tilibus eorum : et factum 
est illis in scandalum. 

2,7 Et immolaverunt ri- 
lios suos, et filias suas dae- 

38 Et elTuderunt san- 
guinem innocentem : san- 
guinem filiorum suorum 
et filiarum suarum, quas 
sacrificaverunt sculptili- 
bus Chanaan. 

Et infecta est terra in 

39 Et contaminata est 
in operibus eorum : et 
fornicati sunt in adinven- 
tionibus suis. 

ness : among all posteri- 
ties for evermore. 

32 They angered him 
also at the waters of 
strife : so that he punished 
Moses for their sakes : 

T,^ Because they pro- 
voked his spirit : so that 
he spake unadvisedly with 
his lips. 

34 Neither destroyed 
they the heathen : as the 
Lord commanded them ; 

35 But were mingled 
among the heathen : and 
learned their works. 

36 Insomuch that they 
worshipped their idols, 
which turned to their 
own decay : yea, they 
offered their sons and 
their daughters unto 
devils ; 

^y And shed innocent 
blood, even the blood of 
their sons and of their 
daughters ; whoni they 
offered unto the idols of 
Canaan ; and the land 
was deriled with blood. 

;58 Thus were they 
stained with their own 
works : and went a whor- 
ing with their own in- 

Day 21. 


40 Et iratiis est furore 
Dominus in populum 
suiim : et abominatus est 
hereditatem suam. 

41 Et tradidit eos in 
manus gentium : ct domi- 
nati sunt eorum qui ode- 
runt eos. 

42 Et tribulaverunt eos 
inimici eorum, et humi- 
liati sunt sub manibus 
eorum : 

43 Saepe liberavit eos. 
Ipsi autem exacerbave- 

runt eum in consilio suo : 
et humiliati sunt in iniqui- 
tatibus suis. 

44 Et vidit cum tribu- 
larentur : et audivit ora- 
tionem eorum. 

45 Et memor fuit testa- 
menti sui : et poenituit 
eum secundum multitudi- 
nem misericordiae suae. 

46 Et dedit eos in 
misericordias in conspectu 
omnium qui ceperant 

47 Salvos nos fac Do- 
mine Deus noster : et con- 
grega nos de nationibus : 

L't contiteamur nomini 

39 Therefore was the 
wrath of the Lord kindled 
against his people : inso- 
much that he abhorred 
his own inheritance. 

40 And he gave them 
over into the hand of the 
heathen : and they that 
hated them were lords 
over them. 

41 Their enemies op- 
pressed them : and had 
them in subjection. 

42 Many a time did he 
deliver them : but they 
rebelled against him with 
their own inventions, and 
were brought down in 
their wickedness. 

43 Nevertheless, when 
he saw their adversity : 
he heard their com- 

44 He thought upon 
his covenant, and pitied 
them according unto the 
multitude of his mercies : 
yea, he made all those 
that led them away cap- 
tive to pity them. 

45 Deliver us, O Lord 
our God, and gather us 
from among the heathen : 
that we may give thanks 


Day 2 2. 

sancto tuo : et gloriemur 
in laude tiia. 

48 BenedictusDominus 
Deus Israel a saeculo et 
usque in saeculum : et 
dicet omnis populus : Fiat, 



mino quoniam bonus: 
quoniam in saeculum 
misericordia ejus. 

2 Dicant qui redempti 
sunt a Domino, quos re- 
demit de manu inimici : 
et de regionibus congre- 
gavit eos : 

3 A solis ortu. et oc- 
casu : ab aquilone, et mari. 

4 Erraverunt in solitu- 
dine in inaquoso : viam 
civitatis habitaculi non 

5 Esurientes et sitien- 
tes : anima eorum in ipsis 

6 Et clamaverunt ad 
Dominum cum tribularen- 

unto thy holy Name, and 
make our boast of thy 

46 Blessed be the Lord 
God of Israel from ever- 
lasting, and world without 
end : and let all the people 
say, Amen. 

/Iftorning ipragcr. 

Confitemini Domino. 

OGIVE thanks unto 
the Lord, for he is 
gracious : and his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

2 Let them give thanks 
whom the Lord hath re- 
deemed : and delivered 
from the hand of the 
enemy ; 

3 And gathered them 
out of the lands, from the 
east, and from the west : 
from the north, and from 
the south. 

4 They went astray in 
the wilderness out of the 
way : and found no city 
to dwell in : 

5 Hungry and thirsty : 
their soul fainted in them. 

6 So they cried unto 
the Lord in their trouble : 

Day 2 2. 


tur : et de necessitatibus 
eorum eripuit eos. 

7 Et deduxit eos in 
viam rectam : ut irent in 
civitatem habitationis. 

8 Confiteantur Domino 
misericordiae ejus : et 
mirabilia ejus filiis homi- 

9 Quia satiavit animam 
inanem : et animam esu- 
rientem satiavit bonis. 

10 Sedentes in tenebris 
et umbra mortis : vinctos 

1 1 Quia exacerbaverunt 
eloquia Dei : et consilium 
Altissimi irritaverunt. 

12 Et humiliatum est 
in laboribus cor eorum : 
infirmati sunt, nee fuit 
qui adjuvaret. 

13 Et clamaverunt ad 
Dominum cumtribularen- 
tur : et de necessitatibus 
eorum liberavit eos. 

14 Et eduxit eos de 
tenebris et umbra mortis : 

and he delivered them 
from their distress. 

7 He led them forth by 
the right way : that they 
might go to the city 
where they dwelt. 

8 O that men would 
therefore praise the Lord 
for his goodness : and de- 
clare the wonders that he 
doeth for the children of 
men ! 

9 For he satisficth the 
empty soul : and fiUcth 
the hungry soul with 

10 Such as sit in dark- 
ness, and in the shadow 
of death : being fast bound 
in misery and iron ; 

1 1 Because they re- 
belled against the words 
of the Lord : and lightly 
regarded the counsel of 
the most Highest ; 

12 He also brought 
down their heart through 
heaviness : they fell down, 
and there was none to 
help them. 

13 So when they cried 
unto the Lord in their 
trouble : he delivered 
them out of their distress. 

14 For he brought them 
out of darkness, and out 


Day 2 

et vincula eorum dis- 

15 Confitcantiir Do- 
mino misericordiae ejus : 
et mirabilia ejus filiis ho- 

16 Ouiacontrivit portas 
aereas : et vectes ferreos 

17 Siiscepit eos de via 
iniquitatis eorum : propter 
injustitias enim suas hu- 
miliati sunt. 

18 Omnem escam abo- 
minata est anima eorum : 
et appropinquaverunt us- 
que ad portas mortis. 

19 Et clamaverunt ad 
Dominum cum tribularen- 
tur : et de necessitatibus 
eorum liberavit eos. 

20 Misit verbum suum, 
et sanavit eos : et eripuit 
eos de interitionibus eo- 

21 Confiteantur Do- 
mino misericordiae ejus : 
et mirabilia ejus filiis ho- 

22 Et sacrificent sacri- 

of the shadow of death : 
and brake their bonds in 

15 O that men would 
therefore praise the Lord 
for his goodness : and de- 
clare the wonders that he 
doeth for the children of 
men ! 

16 For he hath broken 
the gates of brass : and 
smitten the bars of iron 
in sunder. 

17 Foolish men are 
plagued for their offence : 
and because of their 

18 Their soul abhorred 
all manner of meat : and 
they were even hard at 
death's door. 

19 So when they cried 
unto the Lord in their 
trouble : he delivered 
them out of their distress. 

20 He sent his word, 
and healed them : and 
they were saved from 
their destruction. 

21 O that men would 
therefore praise the Lord 
for his goodness : and de- 
clare the wonders that he 
doeth for the children of 
men ! 

22 That they would 

Day 2 2, 


ficium laudis : et annun- 
tient opera ejus in exsul- 

23 C)ui descendunt ina- 
re in navibus,facientes ope- 
rationem in aquis multis. 

24 Ipsi viderunt opera 
Domini, et mirabilia ejus 
in profundo. 

25 Dixit, et stetit spiri- 
lus proceliae : et exaltati 
sunt ductus ejus. 

26 Ascendunt usque ad 
caelos, et descendunt us- 
que ad abyssos : anima 
eorum in malis tabescebat. 

27 Turbati sunt et moti 
sunt sicut ebrius : et om- 
nis sapientia eorum devo- 
rata est. 

28 Et clamaverunt ad 
Dominum cum tribularen- 
tur, et de necessitatibus 
eorum eduxit eos. 

29 Et statuit procellam 
ejus in auram : et silue- 
runt fluctus ejus. 

30 Et laetati sunt quia 
siluerunt : et deduxit eos 
in portum voluntatis eo- 

offer unto him the sacri- 
fice of thanksgiving : and 
tell out his works with 
gladness I 

23 They that go down 
to the sea in ships : and 
occupy their business in 
great waters ; 

24 These men see the 
works of the Lord : and 
his wonders in the deep. 

25 P'or at his word the 
stormy wind ariseth : 
which lifteth up the waves 

26 They are carried up 
to the heaven, and down 
again to the deep : their 
soul melteth away because 
of the trouble. 

27 They reel to and 
fro, and stagger like a 
drunken man : and are at 
their wits' end. 

28 So when they cry 
unto the Lord in their 
trouble : he delivereth 
them out of their distress. 

29 For he maketh the 
storm to cease : so that 
the waves thereof are still. 

30 Then are they glad, 
because they are at rest : 
and so he bringeth them 
unto the ha^■en where they 
would be. 

psal:\i cvi-cvii, 

Day 2 2. 

31 Confiteantur Do- 
mino misericordiae ejus : 
et mirabilia ejus filiis 

32 Et exaltent eum in 
ecclesia plebis : et in 
cathedra seniorumlaudent 

33 Posuit flumina in 
desertum : et exitus aqua- 
rum in sitim. 

34 Terram fructiferam 
in salsuginem, a malitia 
inhabitantium in ea. 

35 Posuit desertum in 
stagna aquarum : et ter- 
ram sine aqua in exitus 

36 Et collocavit illic 
esurientes : et constitue- 
runt civitatem habitationis. 

37 Et seminaverunt 
agros, et plantaverunt 
vineas : et fecerunt fru- 
ctum nativitatis. 

38 Et benedixit eis. et 
multiplicati sunt nimis : 
et jumenta eorum non 

31 O that men would 
therefore praise the Lord 
for his goodness : and de- 
clare the wonders that he 
doeth for the children of 
men I 

32 That they would 
exalt him also in the con- 
gregation of the people : 
and praise him in the seat 
of the elders ! 

33 Who turneth the 
floods into a wilderness : 
and drieth up the water- 

34 A fruitful land mak- 
eth he barren : for the 
wickedness of them that 
dwell therein. 

35 Again, he maketh 
the wilderness a standing 
water : and water-springs 
of a dry ground. 

36 And there he setteth 
the hungry : that they may 
build them a cit>' to dwell 
in ; 

yj That they may sow 
their land, and plant vine- 
yards : to yield them fruits 
of increase. 

38 He blesseth them, 
so that they multiply ex- 
ceedingly : and suftereth 
not their cattle to de- 

Day 22. 

PSAUI ( ;\1I-('VIII, 

39 Et pauci facti sunt : 
et vexati sunt a tiibiila- 
tione inalorum, et dolore. 

40 Effusa est contem- 
ptio super principes : et 
errare fecit eos in invio, 
et non in via. 

41 Etadjuvitpauperem 
de inopia : et posuit sicut 
oves familias. 

42 \'idebunt recti, et 
laetabuntur : et omnis ini- 
quitas oppilabit os suum. 

43 Quis sapiens et cus- 
todiet haec ? et intelliget 
misericordias Domini ? 

39 And again, when 
they are minished, and 
brought low : through 
oppression, through any 
plague, or trouble ; 

40 Though he sufter 
them to be evil intreated 
through tyrants : and let 
them wander out of the 
way in the wilderness ; 

41 Yet helpeth he the 
poor out of misery : and 
maketh him households 
like a flock of sheep. 

42 The righteous will 
consider this, and re- 
joice : and the mouth of 
all wickedness shall be 

43 Whoso is wise will 
ponder these things : and 
they shall understand the 
loving - kindness of the 


1 Canticum Psalmi ip?i Da\i.1. 

PARATUM cor meum 
Deus, paratum cor 
meum : cantabo et psallam 
in gloria mea. 

Bvenincj ipraver. 

I'SALM ( \ 111. 
Piiraiityn cor mejtm. 

OGOD, my heart is 
ready, my heart is 
ready : I will sing and 
give praise with the best 
member that I have. 

PSAL!\[ rviI-CVIIl, 

Day 2: 

3 Exsurge gloria mea, 
exsurge psalterium, et ci- 
thara : exsurgam diluculo. 

4 Confitebor tibi in po- 
pulis Domine : et psallam 
tibi in nationibus. 

5 Quia magna est super 
caelos misericord ia tua : 
et usque ad nubes Veritas 

6 Exaltare super caelos 
Deus, et super omnem 
terram gloria tua : 

7 Ut liberentur dilecti 

Salvum fac dextera tua, 
et exaudi me : 

8 Deus locutus est in 
sancto suo : 

Exsultabo, et dividam 
Sichimam, et convallem 
tabemaculorum dimetiar. 

9 iNIeus est Galaad, et 
meus est Manasses : et 
Ephraim susceptio capitis 

Juda rex meus. 

10 Moab lebes spei 

In Idumaeam extendam 
calceamentum meum : 
mihi alienigenae amici 
facti sunt. 

2 Awake, thou lute, and 
harp : I myself will awake 
right early. 

3 1 will give thanks un- 
to thee, O Lord, among 
the people : I will sing 
praises unto thee among 
the nations. 

4 For thy mercy is 
greater than the heavens : 
and thy truth reacheth 
unto the clouds. 

5 Set up thyself, O God, 
above the heavens : and 
thy glory above all the 

6 That thy beloved may 
be delivered : let thy right 
hand save them, and hear 
thou me. 

7 God hath spoken in 
his holiness : I will re- 
joice therefore, and divide 
Sichem, and mete out the 
valley of Succoth. 

8 Gilead is mine, and 
Manasses is mine : Eph- 
raim also is the strength 
of my head. 

9 Judah is my law- 
giver, Moab is my wash- 
pot : over Edom will I 
cast out my shoe ; upon 
Philistia will I triumph. 


\Y 2 2. 

rsAL:\i cviTi-cix 

1 1 Ouis deducet me in 
civitatem munitam ? quis 
deducet me usque in Idu- 
maeam ? 

12 Nonne tu Deus, qui 
repulisti nos, et non exibis 
Deus in virtutibus nostris ? 

13 Da nobis auxilium 
de tribulatione : quia vana 
salus hominis. 

14 InDeo faciemus vir- 
tutem : et ipse ad nihilum 
deducet inimicos nostros. 

10 Who will lead me 
into the strong city : and 
who will bring me into 
Edom ? 

11 Hast not thou for- 
saken us, O God : and 
wilt not thou, O God, go 
forth with our hosts ? 

12 O help us against 
the enemy : for vain is the 
help of man. 

13 Through God we 
shall do great acts : and it 
is he that shall tread down 
our enemies. 


I Tn finpm, P<alrriu=; Da\i(!. 

DEUS laudem meam 
ne tacueris : quia os 
peccatoris, et os dolosi 
super me apertum est. 

3 Locuti sunt adversum 
me lingua dolosa, et ser- 
monibus odii circumdedc- 
runt me : et expugnave- 
runt me gratis. 

4 Pro eo, ut me dilige- 
rent, detrahebant mihi : 
ego autem orabam. 

Deus laudem. 

HOLD not thy tongue, 
O God of my praise : 
for the mouth of the un- 
godly, yea, the mouth of 
the deceitful is opened 
upon me. 

2 And they have spoken 
against me with false 
tongues : they compassed 
me about also with words 
of hatred, and fought 
against me without a 

3 For the love that I 
had unto them, lo, they 
take now my contrary 


Day 2 

5 Et posuerunt adver- 
sum me mala pro bonis : 
et odium pro dilectione 

6 Constitue super eum 
peccatorem : et diabolus 
stet a dextris ejus. 

7 Cum judicatur, exeat 
condemnatus : et oratio 
ejus fiat in peccatum. 

S Fiant dies ejus pauci : 
et episcopatum ejus acci- 
piat alter. 

9 Fiant filii ejus or- 
phan! : et uxor ejus vidua. 

10 Nutantes transfe- 
rantur filii ejus, et men- 
dicent : et ejiciantur de 
habitationibus suis. 

1 1 Scrutctur foeneratcr 
omnem substantiam ejus : 
et diripiant alieni labores 

12 Non sit illi adjutor : 
nee sit qui misereatur pu- 
pillis ejus. 

13 Fiant nati ejus in 
interitum : in generatione 
una deleatur nomen ejus. 

part : but I give myself 
unto prayer. 

4 Thus have they re- 
warded me evil for good : 
and hatred for my good 

5 Set thou an ungodly 
man to be ruler over him : 
and let Satan stand at his 
right hand. 

6 When sentence is 
given upon him, let him 
be condemned : and let his 
prayer be turned into sin. 

7 Let his days be few : 
and let another take his 

S Let his children be 
fatherless : and his wife a 

9 Let his children be 
vagabonds, and beg their 
bread : let them seek it 
also out of desolate places. 

10 Let the extortioner 
consume all that he hath : 
and let the stranger spoil 
his labour. 

1 1 Let there be no man 
to pity him : nor to have 
compassion upon his fa- 
therless children. 

12 Let his posterity be 
destroyed : and in the next 
generation let his name be 
clean put out. 



14 In memoriam redeat 
iniquitas patrum ejus in 
conspectu Domini : et 
peccatum matris ejus non 

15 Fiant contra Domi- 
num semper, et dispereat 
de terra memoria eorum : 

16 Pro eo quod non est 
recordatus facere miseri- 

17 Et persecutus est 
hominem inopem, et men- 
dicum, et compunctum 
corde mortificare. 

18 Et dilexit maledi- 
ctionem, et veniet ei : et 
noluit benedictionem, et 
elongabitur ab eo. 

Et induitmaledictionem 
sicut vestimentum, et in- 
travit sicut aqua in interio- 
ra ejus, et sicut oleum in 
ossibus ejus. 

19 Fiat ei sicut vesti- 
mentum quo operitur : et 
sicut zona, qua semper 

20 Hoc opus eorum qui 
detrahunt mihi apud Do- 

13 Let the wickedness 
of his fathers be had in 
remembrance in the sight 
of the Lord : and let not 
the sin of his mother be 
done away. 

14 Let them alway be 
before the Lord : that he 
may root out the memo- 
rial of them from off the 

15 And that, because 
his mind was not to do 
good : but persecuted the 
poor helpless man, that he 
might slay him that was 
vexed at the heart. 

16 His delight was in 
cursing, and it shall hap- 
pen unto him : he loved 
not blessing, therefore 
shall it be far from him. 

17 He clothed himself 
with cursing, like as with 
a raiment : and it shall 
come into his bowels like 
water, and like oil into his 

18 Let it be unto him 
as the cloke that he hath 
upon him : and as the 
girdle that he is alway 
girded withal. 

19 Let it thus happen 
from the Lord unto mine 


Day 2 2. 

minum : et qui loquuntur 
mala ad versus animam 

21 Et tu Domine, Do- 
mine, fac mecum propter 
nomen tuum : quia suavis 
est misericordia tua. 

Libera me 

22 Quia egenus et pau- 
per ego sum : et cor meum 
conturbatum est intra me. 

23 Sicut umbra cum 
declinat ablatus sum : et 
excussus sum sicut locu- 

24 Genua meainfirmata 
sunt a jejunio : et caro 
me a immutata est propter 

25 Et ego factus sum 
opprobrium illis : viderunt 
me, et moverunt capita 

26 Adjuva me Domine 
Deus meus : salvum me 
fac secundum misericor- 
diam tuam. 

27 Et sciant quia ma- 
nus tua haec : et tu Do- 
mine fecisti eam. 

28 ^laledicent illi, et tu 
benedices : qui insurgunt 
in me confundantur : ser- 
vus autem tuus laetabi- 

enemies : and to those 
that speak evil against my 

20 But deal thou with 
me, O Lord God, accord- 
ing unto thy Name : for 
sweet is thy mercy. 

21 O deliver me, for I 
am helpless and poor : 
and my heart is wounded 
within me. 

22 I go hence like the 
shadow that departeth : 
and am driven away as 
the grasshopper. 

23 My knees are weak 
through fasting : my flesh 
is dried up for want of fat- 

24 I became also a re- 
proach unto them : they 
that looked upon me 
shaked their heads. 

25 Hear me, O Lord 
my God : O save me ac- 
cording to thy mercy ; 

26 And they shall know, 
how that this is thy hand : 
and that thou, Lord, hast 
done it. 

27 Though they curse, 
yet bless thou : and let 
them be confounded that 
rise up against me ; but 
let thy servant rejoice. 

Day 23. 

psAL:\r cix-cx. 

29 Induanturqui detra- 
huni mihi pudore : et 
operiantur sicut diploide 
confusione sua. 

30 Confitebor Domino 
niinis in ore nieo : et in 
medio multorum laudabo 
eum : 

31 Quia astitit a dextris 
pauperis, ut salvam faceret 
a persequentibus animam 

28 Let mine adversaries 
be clothed with shame : 
and let them cover them- 
selves with their own con- 
fusion, as with a cloke, 

29 As for me, I will _c,nve 
great thanks unto the 
Lord with my mouth : 
and praise him among the 
multitude ; 

30 For he shall stand 
at the right hand of the 
poor : to save his soul 
from unrighteous judges. 


1 Psalmus David. 

DIXIT Dominus Do- 
mino mco : sede a 
dextris meis : 

Donee ponam inimicos 
tuos scabellum pedum 

2 Virgam virtutis tuae 
emittet Dominus ex Sion : 
dominare in medio inimi- 
corum tuorum. 

3 Tecum principium in 
die virtutis tuae in splen- 
doribus sanctorum : ex 
utero ante luciferum genui 

/Ilbonuiui ipr»i\:cr. 

PSALM ex. 
Dixit Dominus. 

THE Lord said unto 
my Lord : Sit thou 
on my right hand, until 1 
make thine enemies thy 

2 The Lord shall send 
the rod of thy power out of 
Sion : be thou ruler, even 
in the midst among thine 

3 In the day of thy 
power shall the people 
offer thee free-will offer- 
ings with an holy wor- 
ship : the dew of thy birth 



4 Juravit Dominus et 
non poenitebit eum : Tu 
es sacerdos in aeternum 
secundum ordinem Mel- 

5 Dominus a dextris 
tuis, confregit in die irae 
suae reges. 

6 Judicabit in nationi- 
bus, implebit ruinas : con- 
quassabit capita in terra 

7 De torrente in via 
bibet : propterea exaltabit 

•is of the womb of the 

4 The Lord sware, and 
will not repent : Thou art 
a priest for ever after the 
order of Melchisedech. 

5 The Lord upon thy 
right hand : shall wound 
even kings in the day of 
his wrath. 

6 He shall judge among 
the heathen ; he shall fill 
the places with the dead 
bodies : and smite in sun- 
der the heads over divers 

7 He shall drink of the 
brook in the way : there- 
fore shall he lift up his 



Domine in toto corde 
meo : in consilio justorum. 
et congregatione. 

3 Magna opera Do- 
mini : exquisita in omnes 
voluntates ejus. 

3 Contessio ct mauni- 


Coiijitcbor tibi. 

I WILL give thanks 
unto the Lord with 
my whole heart : secretly 
among the faithful, and 
in the congregation. 

2 The works of the 
Lord arc great : sought 
out of all them that have 
pleasure therein. 

3 His work is worthy to 

Day 23. 


ficentia opus ejus : et 

justitia ejus manet in sae- 
culum saeculi. 

4 Memoriam fecit mi- 
rabilium suorum, miseri- 
cors et miserator Domi- 
nus : 

5 Escam dedit timen- 
tibus se. 

Memor erit in saeculum 
testamenti sui : 

6 Virtutem operum suo- 
rum annuntiabit populo 
suo : 

7 Ut dct illis heredi- 
tatem gentium : opera 
manuum ejus Veritas et 

8 Fidelia omnia man- 
data ejus : confirmata in 
saeculum saeculi, facta in 
veritate et aequitate. 

9 Redemptionem misit 
populo suo : mandavit in 
aeternum testamentum 

Sanctum et terribile 
nomen ejus : 

10 Initium sapientiae 
timor Domini. 

Intellectus bonus omni- 
bus facientibus eum : 
laudatio ejus manet in 
saeculum saeculi. 

be praised, and had in ho- 
nour : and his righteous- 
ness endureth for ever. 

4 The merciful and gra- 
cious Lord hath so done 
his marvellous works : 
that they ought to be had 
in remembrance. 

5 He hath given nieat 
unto them that fear him : 
he shall ever be mindful 
of his covenant. 

6 He hath shewed his 
people the power of his 
works : that he may give 
them the heritage of the 

7 The works of his 
hands are verity and 
judgement : all his com- 
mandments are true. 

8 They stand fast for 
ever and ever : and are 
done in truth and equity. 

9 He sent redemption 
unto his people : he hath 
commanded his covenant 
for ever ; holy and reve- 
rend is his Name. 

10 The fear of the Lord 
is the beginning of wis- 
dom : a good understand- 
ing have all they that do 
thereafter : the praise of 
it endureth for ever. 




Alleluia, Reversionis Awgaei. 
et Zacliariae. 

BEATUS vir qui timet 
Dominum : in man- 
datis ejus volet nimis. 

3 Potens in terra erit 
semen ejus : generatio 
rectorum benedicetur. 

3 Gloria et divitiae in 
domo ejus : et justitia ejus 
manet in saeculum sae- 

4 Exortum est in tene- 
bris lumen rectis : mise- 
ricors, et miserator. et 

5 Jucundus homo qui 
miseretur et commodat, 
disponet sermones suos in 
judicio : 

6 O^'^^ ^n aeternum non 

7 In memoria aeterna 
erit Justus : ab auditione 
mala non timebit. 

Paratum cor ejus spe- 
rare in Domino, 

8 Confirmatum est cor 
ejus : non commovebitur 
donee despiciat inimicos 


Bcatiis vi>\ 

BLESSED is the man 
that feareth the 
Lord : he hath great de- 
light in his command- 

2 His seed shall be 
mighty upon earth : the 
generation of the faithful 
shall be blessed. 

3 Riches and plenteous- 
ness shall be in his house : 
and his righteousness en- 
dureth for ever. 

4 Unto the godly there 
ariseth up light in the 
darkness : he is merciful, 
loving, and righteous. 

5 A good man is merci- 
ful, and lendeth : and 
will guide his words with 

6 For he shall never be 
moved : and the righteous 
shall be had in everlasting 

7 He will not be afraid 
of any evil tidings : for 
his heart standeth fast, 
and believeth in the Lord. 

8 His heart is estab- 
lished, and will not 
shrink : until he see his 
desire upon his enemies. 



9 Dlspersit, dedit pau- 
peribus : justitia ejus 
manet in saeculum sacculi, 
cornii ejus exaltabitur in 

10 Peccator videbit, et 
irascetur, dentibus suis 
fremet et tabescet : desi- 
derium peccatorum peri- 

v^ He hath dispersed 
abroad, and given to the 
poor : and his righteous- 
ness reinaineth for ever ; 
his horn shall be exalted 
with honour. 

lo The ungodly shall 
sec it, and it shall grieve 
him : he shall gnash with 
his teeth, and consume 
away ; the desire of the 
ungodly shall perish. 



LAUDATE pueri Do- 
minum : laudate 
nomen Domini. 

2 Sit nomen Domini 
benedictum, ex hoc nunc, 
et usque in saeculum. 

3 A solis ortu usque ad 
occasunijlaudabile nomen 

4 Excelsus super om- 
nes gentes Dominus, et 
super caelos gloria ejus. 

5 Quis sicut Dominus 
Deus noster, qui in altis 

6 Et humilia respicit 
in caelo et in terra .' 


Laiidatc^ piicri. 

PRAISE the Lord, yc 
servants : O praise 
the Name of the Lord. 

2 Blessed be the Name 
of the Lord : from this 
time forth for evermore. 

3 The Lord's Name is 
praised : from the rising 
up of the sun unto the 
going down of the same. 

4 The Lord is high 
above all heathen : and 
his glory abo\e the 

5 Who is like unto the 
Lord our God, that hath 
his dwelling so high : and 
yet humbleth himself to 
behold the things that are 
in heaven and earth 'i 



7 Suscitans a terra 
inopem, et de stercore 
erigens pauperem : 

8 Ut collocet eiim cum 
principibus, cum princi- 
pibus populi sui. 

9 Qui habitare facit 
sterilem in domo, matrem 
filiorum laetantem. 

6 He taketh up the 
simple out of the dust : 
and lifteth the poor out 
of the mire ; 

7 That he may set him 
with the princes : even 
with the princes of his 

8 He maketh the bar- 
ren woman to keep house : 
and to be a joyful mother 
of children. 



JN exitu Israel de 
Aegypto, domus Ja- 
cob de populo barbaro : 

2 Facta est Judaea 
sanctificatio ejus, Israel 
potestas ejus. 

3 Mare vidit, et fugit : 
Jordanis conversus est 

4 Montes exsultaverunt 
ut arietes : et colles sicut 
agni ovium. 

5 Quid est tibi mare 
quod fugisti : et tu Jor- 
danis, quia conversus es 
retrorsum ? 

JBvenim Ipra^er. 


In exitu Israel. 

'IT THEN Israel came 

V V out of Egypt : and 

the house of Jacob from 

among the strange people, 

2 Judah was his sanc- 
tuary : and Israel his do- 

3 The sea saw that, and 
fled : Jordan was driven 

4 The mountains skip- 
ped like rams : and the 
little hills like young 

5 What aileth thee, O 
thou sea, that thou fled- 
dest : and thou Jordan, 
that thou wast driven 
back ? 

K ^ 


Day 23. 

6 i\iontes exbultaslis 
sicut arietes, ct colles 
sicut agni oviiim. 

7 A facie Domini inota 
est terra, a facie Dei 

8 ()ui convertit petram 
in stagna aquarum, et 
rupem in fontes aquarum. 

I Non nobis Domine, 
non nobis : sed nomini 
luo da gloriam. 

2 Super misericordia 
tua et veritate tua : ne- 
quando dicant gentes : 
Ubi est Deus eorum ? 

3 Deus autem noster 
in caelo : omnia quae- 
cumque vol u it, fecit. 

4 Simulacra gentium 
argentum,etaurum, opera 
manuum hominum. 

5 Os habent, et non 
loquentur : oculos habent, 
et non videbunt. 

6 Aures habent, et non 

6 Ve mountains, that ye 
skipped like rams : and 
ye little hills, like young 
sheep ? 

7 Tremble, thou earth, 
at the presence of the 
Lord : at the presence of 
the God of Jacob ; 

8 Who turned the hard 
rock into a standing wa- 
ter : and the flint-stone 
into a springing well. 


Non nobis, Domine. 

"XT OT unto us, O Lord, 
^\ not unto us, but 
unto thy Name give the 
praise : for thy loving 
mercy and for thy truth's 

2 Wherefore shall the 
heathen say : Where is 
now their God ? 

3 As for our God, he is 
in heaven : he hath done 
whatsoever pleased him. 

4 Their idols are silver 
and gold : even the work 
of men's hands. 

5 They have mouths, 
and speak not : eyes have 
they, and see not. 

6 Thev have ears, and 


audienL : nares habent, et 
non odorabunt. 

7 Manus habent, et 
non palpabunt : pedes 
habent, et non ambula- 
bunt : non clamabunt in 
gutture suo. 

8 Similes illis fiant qui 
faciunt ea : et omnes qui 
confidunt in eis. 

9 Domus Israel spera- 
vit in Domino : adjutor 
eorum et protector eorum 

10 Uomus Aaron spera- 
vit in Domino : adjutor 
eorum et protector eorum 

11 ()ui timent Do- 
minum, speraverunt in 
Domino ; adjutor eoium 
et protector eorum est. 

12 Dominus memor 
fuit nostri : et benedixit 
nobis : 

Benedixit domui Israel : 
benedixit domui Aaron. 

13 Benedixit omnibus 
qui timent Dominum, 
pusillis cum majoribus. 

14 Adjiciat Dominus 
super vos : super vos et 
super filios vestros. 

15 Benedicti vos a Do- 

Day 23. 

hear not : noses have they, 
and smell not. 

7 They have hands, 
and handle not ; feet have 
they, and walk not : nei- 
ther speak they through 
their throat. 

8 They that make them 
are like unto them : and 
so are all such as put their 
trust in them. 

9 But thou, house of 
Israel, trust thou in the 
Lord : he is their succour 
and defence. 

10 Ye house of Aaron, 
put your trust in the 
Lord : he is their helper 
and defender. 

11 Ye that fear the 
Lord, put your trust in 
the Lord : he is their 
helper and defender. 

12 The Lord hath been 
mindful of us, and he shall 
bless us : even he shall 
bless the house of Israel, 
he shall bless the house 
of Aaron. 

13 He shall bless them 
that fear the Lord : both 
small and great. 

14 The Lord shall in- 
crease you more and more : 
you and your children. 

15 Ye are the blessed 

Day 24. 

mino, qui fecit caelum et 

16 Caelum caeli Do- 
mino : terram autem dedit 
filiis hominum. 

17 Non mortui lauda- 
bunt te Domine : neque 
omnes qui descendunt in 

18 Sed nos qui vivimus, 
benedicimus Domino, ex 
hoc nunc et usque in sae- 



D I LEX I, quoniam ex- 
audiet Dominus vo- 
cem orationis meae. 

2 Quia inclinavit aurem 
suam mihi ; et in diebus 
meis invocabo. 

3 Circumdederunt me 
dolores mortis : et peri- 
cula inferni invenerunt 

Tribulationem et dolo- 
rem inveni : 

4 Et nomen Domini in- 

O Domine libera ani- 
mam meam : 


of the Lord : who made 
heaven and earth. 

16 All the whole hea- 
vens are the Lord's : the 
earth hath he given to the 
children of men. 

17 The dead praise not 
thee, O Lord : neither all 
they that go down into 

18 But we will praise 
the Lord : from this time 
forth for evermore. Praise 
the Lord. 

Nomina ipragev. 

Dilext. quoniam. 

I AM well pleased : that 
the Lord hath heard 
the voice of my prayer ; 

2 That he hath inclined 
his ear unto me : therefore 
will I call upon him as 
long as I live. 

3 The snares of death 
compassed me round a- 
bout : and the pains of 
hell gat hold upon me. 

4 I shall find trouble 
and heaviness, and I will 
call upon the Name of the 
Lord : O Lord, I beseech 
thee, deliver my soul. 

psAUi cxv-cxvr. 



5 Misericors Dominus, 
et Justus, et Deus noster 

6 Custodiens parvulos 
Dominus :humiliatus sum, 
et liberavit me. 

7 Convertere anima 
mea in requiem tuam : 
quia Dominus benefecit 

8 Quia eripuit animam 
meam de morte : oculos 
meos a lacrymis, pedes 
meos a lapsu. 

9 Placebo Domino in 
regione vivorum. 

5 Gracious is the Lord, 
and righteous : yea, our 
God is merciful. 

6 The Lord preserveth 
the simple : I was in 
misery, and he helped me. 

7 Turn again then unto 
thy rest, O my soul : for 
the Lord hath rewarded 

8 And why? thou hast 
delivered my soul from 
death : mine eyes from 
tears, and my feet from 

9 I will walk before the 
Lord : in the land of the 



CREDIDI, propter 
quod locutus sum : 
ego autem humiliatus sum 

11 Ego dixi in excessu 
meo : Omnis homo men- 

12 Quid retribuam Do- 
mino, pro omnibus quae 
retribuit mihi ? 

13 Calicem salutaris 

10 I believed, and there- 
fore will I speak ; but I 
was sore troubled : I said 
in my haste, All men are 

11 What reward shall 
I give unto the Lord : for 
all the benefits that he 
hath done unto me ? 

12 1 will receive the 


vv 24, 

psal:\[ cxvr-cxvii. 

accipiam : et nomen Do- 
mini invocabo. 

14 \'Ota mea Domino 
reddam coram omni po- 
piilo ejus : 

15 Pretiosa in conspec- 
tu Domini mors sancto- 
rum ejus : 

16 O Domine quia ego 
ser\us tuus : ego servus 
tuus, et filius ancillae tuae. 

Dirupisti vincula mea : 

17 Tibi sacrirtcabo ho- 
stiam laudis. et nomen 
Domini invocabo. 

18 Vota mea Domino 
reddam in conspectu om- 
nis populi ejus : 

19 In atriis domus Do- 
mini, in medio tui Jerusa- 

cup of salvation : and call 
upon the Name of the 

1 3 1 will pay my vows 
now in the presence of all 
his people : right dear in 
the sight of the Lord is 
the death of his saints. 

14 Behold, O Lord, how 
that I am thy servant : 1 
am thy servant, and the 
son of thine handmaid ; 
thou hast broken my 
bonds in sunder. 

15 I will offer to thee 
the sacrifice of thanks- 
giving : and will call upon 
the Name of the Lord. 

16 I will pay my vows 
unto the Lord, in the 
sight of all his people : in 
the courts of the Lord's 
house, even in the midst 
of thee, O Jerusalem. 
Praise the Lord. 


O PRAISE the Lord, 
all ye heat hen : praise 
him, all ye nations. 

2 For his merciful kind- 
est super nos misericordia ness is ever more and 

psal:\ius cxvi. 


AUDATE Dominum 
omnes gentes : lau- 
date eum omnes populi : 
2 Ouoniam confirinata 


ps.\L:\r rxvii-cxviii. Dav 24 

ejus : et Veritas Domini 
manet in aeternum. 



V^ minoquoniani bonus: 
quoniam in saeculum mi- 
sericordia ejus. 

2 Dicat nunc Israel 
quoniam bonus : quoniam 
in saeculum misericordia 

3 Dicat nunc domus 
Aaron : quoniam in sae- 
culum misericordia ejus. 

4 Dicant nunc qui ti- 
ment Dominum : quoniam 
in saeculum misericordia 

5 De tribulatione invo- 
cavi Dominum : et exau- 
divit me in latitudine 

6 Dominus mihi adju- 
tor : non timebo quid 
faciat mihi homo. 

7 Dominus mihi adju- 
tor : et ego dcspiciam 
inimicos meos. 

more towards us : and 
the truth of the Lord en- 
dureth for ever. Praise 
the Lord. 


Co7i/ite}}n'?v' Dnvivo. 

OGIVE thanks unto 
the Lord, for he is 
gracious : because his 
mercy endureth for ever. 

2 Let Israel now con- 
fess, that he is gracious : 
and that his mercy en- 
dureth for ever. 

3 Let the house of 
Aaron now confess : that 
his mercy endureth for 

4 Yea, let them now 
that fear the Lord confess : 
that his mercy endureth 
for ever. 

5 I called upon the 
Lord in trouble : and the 
Lord heard me at large. 

6 The Lord is on my 
side : I will not fear what 
man doeth unto me. 

7 The Lord taketh my 
part with them that help 
me : therefore shall I sec 
my desire upon mine ene- 


8 Bonum est confidere 
in Domino, quam confi- 
dere in honiine : 

9 Bonum est sperare 
in Domino, quam sperare 
in principibus. 

10 Omnesgentescircu- 
ierunt me : et in nomine 
Domini quia ultus sum in 

1 1 Circumdantes cir- 
cumdederunt me : et in 
nomine Domini quia ultus 
sum in eos. 

12 Circumdederunt me 
sicut apes, et exarserunt 
sicut ignis in spinis : et in 
nomine Domini quia ultus 
sum in eos. 

13 Impulsus eversus 
sum ut caderem : et Do- 
minus suscepit me. 

14 Fortitudo mea, et 
laus mea Dominus : et 
factus est mihi in salutem. 

15 Vox exsultationis et 
salutis in tabernaculis ju- 

16 Dextera Domini fc- 

8 It is better to trust in 
the Lord : than to put any 
confidence in man. 

9 It is better to trust in 
the Lord : than to put any 
confidence in princes. 

10 All nations com- 
passed me round about : 
but in the Name of the 
Lord will I destroy them. 

11 They kept me in 
on every side, they kept 
me in, I say, on every 
side : but in the Name 
of the Lord will I destroy 

12 They came about 
me like bees, and are ex- 
tinct even as the fire 
among the thorns : for in 
the Name of the Lord I 
will destroy them. 

13 Thou hast thrust 
sore at me, that I might 
fall : but the Lord was 
my help. 

14 The Lord is my 
strength, and my song : 
and is become my salva- 

1 5 The voice of joy and 
health is in the dwellings 
of the righteous : the right 
hand of the Lord bringeth 
mighty things to pass. 

16 The right hand of 


cit virtutem : dextera Do- 
mini exaltavit me, dextera 
Domini fecit virtutem. 

17 Non moriar, sed 
vivam : ct narrabo opera 

18 Castigans castigavit 
me Dominus : et morti 
non tradidit me. 

19 Aperite mihi portas 
justitiae, ingressus in eas 
confitebor Domino : 

20 Haec porta Domini, 
justi intrabunt in eam. 

21 Confitebor tibi quo- 
niam exaudisti me : et 
factus est mihi in salutem. 

22 Lapidem quern re- 
probaverunt aedificantes : 
hie factus est in caput 

23 A Domino factum 
est istud : et est mirabile 
in oculis nostris. 

24 Haec est dies quam 
fecit Dominus : exsulte- 
mus, et laetemur in ea, 

25 O Domine, salvum 
me fac, O Domine bene 
prosperare : 

the Lord hath the pre- 
eminence : the right hand 
of the Lord bringeth 
mighty things to pass. 

17 I shall not die, but 
live : and declare the works 
of the Lord. 

18 The Lord hath chas- 
tened and corrected me : 
but he hath not given me 
over unto death. 

19 Open me the gates of 
righteousness : that I may 
go into them, and give 
thanks unto the Lord. 

20 This is the gate of 
the Lord : the righteous 
shall enter into it. 

21 I will thank thee, 
for thou hast heard me : 
and art become my salva- 

22 The same stone 
which the builders re- 
fused : is become the head- 
stone in the corner. 

23 This is the Lord's 
doing: and it is marvellous 
in our eyes. 

24 This is the day 
w^hich the Lord hath 
made : we will rejoice and 
be glad in it. 

25 Help me now, O 
Lord : O Lord, send us 
now prosperity. 

Day 2 


26 Benedictus qui venit 
in nomine Domini. 

Benediximus vobis de 
domo Domini. 

27 Deus Dominus, ct 
illuxit nobis. 

Constituite diem solem- 
nem incondensis usque ad 
cornu altaris. 

28 Deus meus es tu, 
et confitebor tibi : Deus 
meus es tu, et exaltabo 

Confitebor tibi quoniam 
exaudisti me : et factuses 
mihi in salutem. 

29 Confitemini Do- 
mino quoniam bonus : 
quoniam in saeculum mi- 
sericordia ejus. 

26 Blessed be he that 
Cometh in the Xame of the 
Lord : we have wished you 
good luck, ye that are of 
the house of the Lord. 

27 ( Jod is the Lord who 
hath shewed us light : 
bind the sacrifice with 
cords, yea, even unto the 
horns of the altar. 

28 Thou art my God, 
and I will thank thee : 
thou art my God, and I 
will praise thee. 

29 O give thanks unto 
the Lord, for he is gra- 
cious : and his mercy en- 
dureth for ever. 



BEATI immaculati in 
via : qui ambulant in 
lege Domini. 

2 Beati qui scrutantur 
testimonia ejus : in toto 
rorde exquirunt eum. 

Bvening prater. 

/?('////■ iuimnntlnti. 

].)LESSED are those 
1 ) that are undefiled in 
the way : and walk in the 
law of the Lord. 

2 Blessed are they that 
keep his testimonies : and 
seek him with their whole 



3 Non enim qui ope- 

rantur iniquitatem, in viis 
ejus ambulaverunt. 

4 Tu mandasti man- 
data tua custodiri nimis. 

5 Utinam dirigantur 
viae meae ad custodien- 
das justificationes tuas. 

6 Tunc non confundar, 
cum perspexero in omni- 
Inis mandatis tuis. 

7 Confitebor tibi in di- 
rectione cordis : in eo 
quod didici judicia justi- 
liae luae. 

8 Justificationes tuas 
custodiam : non medere- 
linquas usquequaque. 


9 In quo corrigit ado- 
lescentior viam suam ? 
in custodiendo sermones 

10 In toto corde meo 
exquisivi te : ne repellas 
me a mandatis tuis. 

11 In corde meo ab- 
scondi eloquia tua : ut 
non peccem tibi. 

3 For they who do no 
wickedness : walk in his 

4 Thou hast charged : 
that we shall diligently 
keep thy commandments. 

5 O that my ways were 
made so direct : that I 
might keep thy statutes! 

6 So shall I not be con- 
founded : while I have re- 
spect unto all thy com- 

7 I will thank thee with 
an unfeigned heart : when 
I shall have learned the 
judgements of thy right- 

8 I will keep thy cere- 
monies : O forsake me not 

/;; quo corris^ef f 

» \ shall a young man 
cleanse his way : even by 
ruling himself after thy 

10 With niy whole heart 
have I sought thee : O let 
me not go wrong out of 
thy comniandments. 

11 Thy words have I 
hid within my heart : that 
I should not sin against 


12 Benedictus es Do- 
mine : doce me justifica- 
tiones tuas. 

13 In labiis meis, pro- 
nuntiavi omnia judicia 
oris tui. 

14 In via testimonio- 
rum tuorum delectatus 
sum, sicut in omnibus 

15 In mandatis tuis 
exercebor : et conside- 
rabo vias tuas. 

16 In justificationibus 
tuis meditabor : non obli- 
viscar sermones tuos. 


17 Retribue servo tuo, 
vivifica me : et custodiam 
sermones tuos. 

18 Revela oculos me- 
os : et considerabo mira- 
bilia de lege tua. 

19 Incola ego sum in 
terra : non abscondas a 
me mandata tua. 

20 Concupivit anima 
mea desiderare justifica- 
tiones tuas, in omni tem- 

21 Increpasti superbos : 
maledicti qui declinant a 
mandatis tuis. 

12 Blessed art thou, O 
Lord : O teach me thy 

13 With my lips have I 
been telling : of all the 
judgements of thy mouth. 

14 I have had as great 
delight in the way of thy 
testimonies : as in all 
manner of riches. 

15 I will talk of thy com- 
mandments : and have 
respect unto thy ways. 

16 My delight shall be 
in thy statutes : and I will 
not forget thy word. 

Retribue servo tuo. 

ODO well unto thy 
servant : that I may 
live, and keep thy word. 

18 Open thou mine 
eyes : that I may see the 
wondrous things of thy 

19 I am a stranger up- 
on earth : O hide not thy 
commandments from me. 

20 My soul breaketh 
out for the very fervent 
desire : that it hath alway 
unto thy judgements. 

21 Thou hast rebuked 
the proud : and cursed 
are they that do err from 
thy commandments. 


22 O turn from me 
shame and rebuke : for I 
have kept thy testimonies. 

23 Princes also did sit 
and speak against me : 
but thy servant is occu- 
pied in thy statutes. 

24 For thy testimonies 
are my dehght : and my 

22 Aufer a me oppro- 
brium et contemptum : 
quia testimonia tua exqui- 

23 Etenim sederunt 
principes, et adversum me 
loquebantur : servus au- 
tem tuus exercebatur in 
justificationibus tuis. 

24 Nam et testimonia 
tua meditatio mea est : et 
consilium meum justifica- 
tiones tuae. 


25 Adhaesit pavimento 
anima mea : vivifica me 
secundum verbum tuum. 

26 Vias meas enuntia- 
vi, et exaudisti me : doce 
me justificationes tuas. 

27 Viamjustificationum 
tuarum instrue me : et 
exercebor in mirabilibus 


28 Dormitavit anima 
mea prae taedio : con- 
firma me in verbis tuis. 

29. Viam iniquitatis a- 
move a me : et de lege 
tua miserere mei. 

Adiuiesit pavmiento. 

MY soul cleaveth to 
the dust : O quicken 
thou me, according to thy 

26 I have acknowledg- 
ed my ways, and thou 
heardest me : O teach me 
thy statutes. 

27 IMake me to under- 
stand the way of thy com- 
mandments : and so shall 
I talk of thy wondrous 

28 My soul melteth 
away for very heaviness : 
comfort thou me accord- 
ing unto thy word. 

29 Take from me the 
way of lying : and cause 
thou me to make much of 
thy law. 

Day 2-.. 


30 Viam veritatis ele- 
gi : judicia tiia non sum 

31 Adhaesi testimoniis 
tuis Domine : noli me 

32 Viam mandatorum 
tuorum cucurri, cum dila- 
tasti cor meum. 

30 I have chosen the 
way of truth : and thy 
judgements have I laid be- 
fore me. 

31 I have stuck unto 
thy testimonies : O Lord, 
confound me not. 

32 I will run the way 
of thy commandments : 
when thou hast set my 
heart at liberty. 


S^ Legem pone mihi 
Domine viam justifica- 
tionum tuarum : et e\- 
quiram eam semper. 

34 Da mihi intellectum, 
et scrutabor legem tuam : 
et custodian! illam in toto 
corde meo. 

35 Deduc me in semi- 
tam mandatorum tuorum : 
quia ipsam volui. 

36 Inclina cor meum 
in testimonia tua : et non 
in avaritian\. 

37 Averte oculos meos 
ne videant vanitatem : in 
via tua vivifica me. 

;^^ Statue servo tuoelo- 

/IRoinina prater. 

Legem poHc. 

'T^EACH me, O Lord, 
1 the way of thy sta- 
tutes : and I shall keep it 
unto the end. 

34 Give me understand- 
ing, and 1 shall keep thy 
law : yea, I shall keep it 
with my whole heart. 

35 Make me to go in 
the path of thy command- 
ments : for therein is my 

36 Incline my heart 
unto thy testimonies : and 
not to covetousness. 

2,y O turn away mine 
eyes, lest they behold 
vanity : and quicken thou 
me in thy way. 

38 O slablish ihy word 

psal:\i cxviii-cxix. 

quium tuum, in timore 

39 Ainputa opprobrium 
ineum, quod suspicatus 
sum : quia judicia tua 

40 Ecceconcupivi man- 
data tua : in aequitate tua 
vivifica me. 


41 Et veniat super me 
misericordia tua Domine : 
salutare tuum secundum 
eloquium tuum. 

42 Et respondebo ex- 
probrantibus mihi ver- 
bum : quia speravi in ser- 
monibus tuis. 

43 Et ne auferas de ore 
meo verbum veritatis us- 
quequaque : quia in judi- 
ciis tuis supersperavi. 

44 Et custodiam legem 
tuam semper : in saeculum 
et in saeculum saeculi. 

45 Et ambulabam in 
latitudine : quia mandata 
tua exquisivi. 

46 Et loquebar in testi- 
moniis tuis in conspectu 
regum : et non confunde- 

47 Et mtditabar in 

Day 25. 
: that I 

m thy servant 
may fear thee. 

39 Take away the re- 
buke that I am afraid of : 
for thy judgements are 

40 Behold, my delight 
is in thy commandments : 
O quicken me in thy 

Et ic/U'd super inc. 

LET thy loving mercy 
^ come also unto me, 
O Lord : even thy salva- 
tion, according unto thy 

42 So shall I make an- 
swer unto my blasphe- 
niers : for my trust is in 
thy word. 

43 O take not the word 
of thy truth utterly out of 
my mouth : for my hope is 
in thy judgements. 

44 So shall I alway 
keep thy law : yea, for 
ever and ever. 

45 And I will walk at 
liberty : for I seek thy 

46 I will speak of thy 
testimonies also, even be- 
fore kings : and will not 
be ashamed. 

47 And niy delight shall 


mandatis tiiis, quae di- 

48 Et levavi manus 
meas ad mandata tuaquae 
dilexi : et exercebar in 
justificationibus tuis. 


49 Memor esto verbi 
tui servo tuo, in quo niihi 
spem dedisti. 

50 Haec me consolata 
est in humilitate mea : 
quia eloquium tuum vivi- 
ficavit me. 

51 Superbi inique age- 
bant usquequaque : a 
lege autem tua non de- 

52 Memor fui judicio- 
rum tuorum a saeculo 
Domine : et consolatus 

53 Uefectio tenuit me, 
pro peccatoribus dere- 
linquentibus legem tuam. 

54 Cantabilesmihierant 
justificationes tuae, in lo- 
co peregrinationis meae. 

55 Memor fui nocte 
nominis tui Domine : et 
custodivi legem tuam. 

be in thy commandments : 
which I have loved. 

48 My hands also will 
I lift up unto thy com- 
mandments, which I have 
loved : and my study shall 
be in thy statutes. 

Memor esto semi tui. 

O THINK upon thy 
servant, as concern- 
ing thy word : wherein 
thou hast caused me to 
put my trust. 

50 The same is my 
comfort in my trouble : 
for thy word hath quick- 
ened me. 

51 The proud have had 
me exceedingly in deri- 
sion : yet have I not 
shrinked from thy law. 

52 For I remembered 
thine everlasting judge- 
ments, O Lord : and re- 
ceived comfort. 

53 I am horribly afraid : 
for the ungodly that for- 
sake thy law. 

54 Thy statutes have 
been my songs : in the 
house of my pilgrimage. 

55 I have thought upon 
thy Name, O Lord, in the 
night-season : and have 
kept thy law. 

56 Haec facta est mini : 
quia Justificationes tuas 

PSALM CXVIll-CXIX. Day 2-^. 

56 This I had : because 
1 kept thy commandments. 


57 Portio mea Domine, 
dixi custodire legem tuam. 

58 Deprecatus sum fa- 
ciem tuam in toto corde 
meo : miserere mei se- 
cundum eloquium tuum. 

59 Cogitavi vias meas : 
et converti pedes meos 
in testimonia tua. 

60 Paratus sum, et non 
sum turbatus : ut custo- 
diam mandata tua. 

61 Funes peccatorum 
circumplexi sunt me : et 
legem tuam non sum 

62 Media nocte surge- 
bam ad confitendum tibi, 
super judiciajustificationis 

63 Particeps ego sum 
omnium timentium te : 
et custodientium mandata 

64 Misericordia tua Do- 
mine plena est terra : justi- 
ficationes tuas doce me. 

Poriio mea. Domine, 

THOU art my portion, 
O Lord : I have pro- 
mised to keep thy law. 

58 I made my humble 
petition in thy presence 
with my whole heart : O 
be merciful unto me, ac- 
cording to thy word. 

59 1 called mine own 
ways to remembrance : 
and turned my feet unto 
thy testimonies. 

60 I made haste, and 
prolonged not the time : 
to keep thy command- 

61 Thecongregations of 
the ungodly have robbed 
me : but I ha\e not for- 
gotten thy law. 

62 At midnight I will 
rise to give thanks unto 
thee : because of thy 
righteous judgements. 

63 I am a companion of 
all them that fear thee : 
and keep thy command- 

64 The earth, O Lord, is 
full of thy mercy : O teach 
mc thy statutes. 




65 Bonitatem fecisti 
cum servo tuo Domine. 
secundum verbum tuum. 

66 Bonitatem, et dis- 
ciplinam, et scientiam 
doce me : quia mandatis 
tuis credidi. 

67 Priusquam humilia- 
rer ego deliqui : propterea 
eloquium tuum custodivi. 

68 Bonus es tu : et in 
bonitate tua doce me 
justificationes tuas. 

69 Multiplicata est su- 
per me iniquitas super- 
borum : ego autem in toto 
corde meo scrutabor man- 
data tua. 

70 Coagulatum est sicut 
lac cor eorum : ego vero 
legem tuam meditatus 

71 Bonum mihi quia 
humiliasti me : ut discam 
justificationes tuas. 

72 Bonum mihi lex oris 
tui, super millia auri, et 

Bonitatem fecisti. 

OLORD, thou hast 
dealt graciously with 
thy servant : according 
unto thy word. 

66 O learn me true 
understanding and know- 
ledge : for I have believed 
thy commandments. 

67 Before I was troubled, 
1 went wrong : but now 
have I kept thy word. 

68 Thou art good and 
gracious : O teach me thy 

69 The proud have 
imagined a lie against 
me : but 1 will keep thy 
commandments with my 
whole heart. 

70 Their heart is as fat 
as brawn : but my delight 
hath been in thy law\ 

71 It is good forme that 
I have been in trouble : 
that I may learn thy 

72 The law of thy mouth 
is dearer unto me : than 
thousands of gold and 


Day 2-^. 


y^ Manus tuae fecerunt 
me, et plasmaverunt me : 
da mihi intellectum, et 
discam mandata tua. 

74 ()ui timent te vide- 
bunt me, et laetabuntur : 
quia in verba tua super- 

75 Cognovi Domine 
quia aequitas judicia tua : 
et in veritate tua hu- 
miliasti me. 

76 Fiat misericordia tua 
ut consoletur me, secun- 
dum eloquium tuum servo 

77 Veniant mihi mi- 
serationes tuae, et vivam : 
quia lex tua meditatio 
mea est. 

78 Confundantur su- 
perbi, quia injuste iniqui- 
tatem fecerunt in me : ego 
autem exercebor in man- 
datis tuis. 

79 Convertantur mihi 
timentes te : et qui nove- 
runt testimonia tua. 

Bvenin^ Ipvagev. 

Manus tuae fecerunt me. 

THY hands have made 
me and fashioned me : 
O give me understanding, 
that I may learn thy com- 

74 They that fear thee 
will be glad when they 
see me : because I have 
put my trust in thy 

75 I know, O Lord, that 
thy judgements are right : 
and that thou of very 
faithfulness hast caused 
me to be troubled. 

76 O let thy merciful 
kindness be my comfort : 
according to thy word 
unto thy servant. 

jy O let thy loving 
mercies come unto me, 
that I may live : for thy 
law is my delight. 

y^ Let the proud be 
confounded, for they go 
wickedly about to destroy 
me : but I will be occupied 
in thy commandments. 

79 Let such as fear thee, 
and have known thy testi- 
monies : be turned unto 


AY -2, 


80 Fiat cor meum im- 
maculatum in justifica- 
tionibus tuis, ut non con- 


yi Defecit in salutare 
tuLim anima mea : et in 
verbum tuum superspe- 

82 DefeceruntocLili mei 
in eloquium tuum, di- 
centes : Ouando consola- 
beris me ? 

83 Quia factus sumsicut 
uter in pruina : justifica- 
tiones tuas non sum ob- 

84 Ouot sunt dies servi 
tui : quando facies de per- 
sequentibus me judicium ? 

85 Narraverunt mihi 
iniqui fabulationes : sed 
non ut lex tua. 

86 Omnia mandata tua 
Veritas : inique persecuti 
sunt me, adjuva me. 

87 Paulo minus consum- 
maverunt me in terra : 
ego autem non dereliqui 
mandata tua. 

88 Secundum miseri- 
cordiam tuam vivificame : 

So O let my heart be 
sound in thy statutes ; 
that I be not ashamed. 

DeJcCLl aninia nica. 

MY soul hath longed 
for thy salvation : 
and I ha\e a good hope 
because of thy word. 

82 Mine eyes long sore 
for thy word : saying, O 
when wilt thou comfort 

83 For I am become 
Hke a bottle in the smoke : 
yet do 1 not forget thy 

84 How many are the 
days of thy servant : when 
wilt thou be avenged of 
them that persecute me '1 

85 The proud have 
digged pits for me : 
which are not after thy 

86 All thy command- 
ments are true : they per- 
secute me falsely : O be 
thou my help. 

'6'] They had almost 
made an end of me upon 
earth : but I forsook not 
thy commandments. 

88 O quicken me after 
thy lovingkindness : and 


AV 25, 

et custodiam testimonia so shall I keep the testi- 
oris tui, monies of thy mouth. 


89 In aeternum Do- 
mine, verbum tuum per- 
manet in caelo. 

90 In generationem et 
generationem Veritas tua : 
fundasti terram ct per- 

91 Ordinatione lua per- 
severat dies : quoniam 
omnia serviunt tibi. 

92 Xisi quod lex tua 
meditatio mea est : tunc 
forte periissem in humili- 
tate mea. 

93 In aeternum non 
obliviscar justiticationes 
tiias : quia in ipsis \ivi- 
ticasti me. 

94 Tuus sum ego, sal- 
vum me fac : quoniant 
justificationes tuas ex- 

95 Me exspectaverunt 
peccatores ut perderent 
me : testimonia tua in- 

96 Omnis consumma- 

In actermiw, Dnvu>2e. 

OLORD, thy word : 
endureth for ever in 

90 Thy truth also re- 
maineth from one genera- 
tion to another : thou 
hast laid the foundation 
of the earth, and it 

91 They continue this 
day according to thine 
ordinance : for all things 
serve thee. 

92 If my delight had 
not been in thy law : I 
should have perished in 
my trouble. 

93 I will never forget 
thy commandments : for 
with them thou hast 
quickened me. 

94 I am thine, O save 
me : for I have sought 
thy commandments. 

95 The ungodly laid 
wait for me to destroy 
me : but I will consider 
thy testimonies. 

96 I see that all things 



tionis vidi finem : latum 
mandatum tuum nimis. 

come to an end : but thy 
commandment is cxceed- 
ingf broad. 


97 Ouomodo dilexi le- 
gem tuam Domine? tota 
die meditatio mea est. 

98 Super inimicos meos 
prudentem me fecisti man- 
date tuo : quia in aeter- 
num mihi est. 

99 Super omnes do- 
centes me intellexi : quia 
testimonia tua meditatio 
mea est. 

100 Super senes in- 
tellexi : quia mandata tua 

1 01 Ab omni via mala 
prohibui pedes meos : 
ut custodiam verba tua. 

102 A judiciis tuis non 
declinavi : quia tu legem 
posuisti mihi. 

103 Guam dulcia fau- 
cibus meis eloquia tua, 
super mel ori meo ! 

104 A mandatis tuis in- 
tellexi : propterea odivi 
omnem viam iniquitatis. 

Quomndo dilexi f 

LORD, what love have 
^ I unto thy law : all 
the day long is my study 
in it. 

98 Thou through thy 
commandments hast made 
me wiser than mine ene- 
mies : for they are ever 
with me. 

99 I have more under- 
standing than my teach- 
ers : for thy testimonies 
are my study. 

100 I am wiser than the 
aged : because I keep thy 

1 01 I have refrained my 
feet from every evil way : 
that I may keep thy word. 

102 I have not shrunk 
from thy judgements : for 
thou teachest me. 

103 O how sweet are 
thy words unto my 
throat : yea, sweeter than 
honey unto my mouth. 

104 Through thy com- 
mandments I get under- 
standing : therefore I hate 
all evil ways. 



105 Lucerna pedibus 
meis verbum luum, et 
lumen semitis meis. 

106 Juravi et statui 
custodire judicia justitiae 

107 Humiliatus sum 
usquequaque Domine : 
vivifica me secundum ver- 
bum tuum. 

108 Voluntaria oris mei 
beneplacita fac Domine : 
et judicia tua doce me. 

109 Anima mea in 
manibus meis semper : et 
legem tuam non sum 

no Posuerunt pecca- 
tores laqueum mihi : et 
de mandatis tuis non 

111 Hereditate acqui- 
sivi testimonia tua in 
aetemum : quia exsultatio 
cordis mei sunt. 

1 12 Inclinavi cormeum 
ad faciendas justificationes 
tuas in aeternum, propter 

/IRorninc? jpra^er. 

Liicerjm fiedihiis vieis. 

THY word is a lantern 
unto my feet : and 
a light unto my paths. 

106 I have sworn, and 
am stedfastly purposed : 
to keep thy righteous 

107 I amtroubledabove 
measure : quicken me, O 
Lord, according to thy 

108 Let the free-will 
offerings of my mouth 
please thee, O Lord : and 
teach me thy judgements. 

109 My soul is alway 
in my hand : yet do I not 
forget thy law. 

no The ungodly have 
laid a snare for me : but 
yet I swerved not from 
thy commandments. 

111 Thy testimonies 
have I claimed as mine 
heritage for ever : and 
why ? they are the very 
joy of my heart. 

112 I have applied my 
heart to fulfil thy statutes 
alway : even unto the end. 



1 1 3 Iniquos odio habui : 
et legem tuam dilexi. 

114 AdJLitor et suscep- 
tor meus es tu : et in ver- 
bum tuum supersperavi. 

1 1 5 Declinate a me 
maligni : et scrutabor 
mandata Dei mei. 

116 Suscipe me secun- 
dum eloquium tuum et 
vivam : et non confundas 
me ab exspectatione mea. 

117 Adjuva me, ct sal- 
vus ero : et meditabor in 
justificationibus tuis sem- 

118 Sprevisti omnes 
discedentes a judiciis tuis : 
quia injusta cogitatio 

119 Pracvaricantes re- 
putavi omnes peccatores 
terrae : ideo dilexi testi- 
monia tua. 

120 Confige timore tuo 
carnes meas : a judiciis 
enim tuis timui. 

Ifn'gifos odio habvi, 

THATP: them that ima- 
gine evil things : but 
thy law do I love. 

114 Thou art my de- 
fence and shield : and my 
trust is in thy word. 

115 Away from me, 
ye wicked : I will keep 
the commandments of mv 

116 O stablish me ac- 
cording to thy word, that 
I may live : and let me 
not be disappointed of 
my hope. 

117 Hold thou me up, 
and 1 shall be safe : yea, 
my delight shall be ever 
in thy statutes. 

118 Thou hast trodden 
down all them that de- 
part from thy statutes : 
for they imagine but 

119 Thou puttest away 
all the ungodly of the 
earth like dross : there- 
fore I love thy testi- 

120 My flesh trembleth 
for fear of thee : and I am 
afraid of thy judgements. 


Day iG. 


121 Feci judicium et 
justitiam : non tradas me 
calumniantibus me. 

122 Suscipe servum 
tuum in bonum : non 
calumnientur me superbi. 

123 Oculi mei defece- 
runt in salutare tuum : ct 
in eloquium justitiae tuae. 

124 Fac cum servo 
tuo secundum misericor- 
diam tuam : et justifica- 
tiones tuas doce me. 

125 Servus tuus sum 
ego : da mihi intellectum, 
ut sciam testimonia tua. 

126 Tempus faciendi 
Domine : dissipaverunt 
legem tuam, 

127 Ideo dilexi man- 
data tua super aurum et 

128. Propterea ad om- 
nia mandata tua dirige- 
bar : omnem viam ini- 
quam odio habui. 

Feci judiciiDH. 

IDEAL with the thing 
that is lawful and 
right : O give me not over 
unto mine oppressors. 

122 Make thou thy ser- 
vant to delight in that 
which is good : that the 
proud do me no wrong. 

123 Mine eyes are 
wasted away with looking 
for thy health : and for 
the word of thy righteous- 

124 O deal with thy 
servant according unto 
thy loving mercy : and 
teach me thy statutes, 

125 I am thy servant, 
O grant me understand- 
ing : that I may know 
thy testimonies. 

126 It is time for thee, 
Lord, to lay to thine hand : 
for they have destroyed 
thy law. 

127 For I love thy com- 
mandments : above gold 
and precious stone. 

128 Therefore hold I 
straight all thy com- 
mandments : and all false 
ways 1 utterly abhor. 

Day 26. 



129 Mirabilia testimo- 
nia tua : ideo scrutata est 
ea anima mea. 

130 Declaratio sermo- 
num tuorum illuminat : 
et intellectum dat parvu- 

131 Os meum aperui, 
et attraxi spiritum : quia 
mandata tuadesiderabam. 

132 Aspice in me, et 
miserere mei, secundum 
judicium diligentium no- 
men tuum. 

133 Gressus meos di- 
rige secundum eloquium 
tuum : et non dominetur 
mei omnis injustitia. 

134 Redime me a ca- 
lumniis hominum : ut 
custodian! mandata tua. 

135 Faciem tuam illu- 
mina super servum tuum : 
et doce me justificationes 

136 Exitus aquarum 
deduxerunt oculi mei : 
quia non custodierunt 
les[em tuam. 


'^f^HY testimonies are 
1 wonderful : therefore 
doth my soul keep them. 

130 When thy word 
goeth forth : it giveth 
light and understanding 
unto the simple. 

131 I opened my mouth, 
and drew in my breath : 
for my delight was in thy 

132 O look thou upon 
me, and be merciful unto 
me : as thou usest to do 
unto those that love thy 

133 Order my steps in 
thy word : and so shall 
no wickedness have do- 
minion o\ er me. 

1 34 O deliver me from 
the wrongful dealings of 
men : and so shall 1 keep 
thy commandments. 

135 Shew the light of 
thy countenance upon 
thy servant : and teach 
me thy statutes. 

136 Mine eyes gush out 
with water : because men 
keep not thy law. 


I'AV 26. 


137 Justus es Domine : 
et rectum judicium tuum. 

138 Mandasti justitiam 
testimonia tua : et veri- 
tatem tuam nimis. 

139 Tabescere me fecit 
zelus meus : quia obliti 
sunt verba tua inimici 

140 Ignitum eloquium 
tuum vehementer : et 
servus tuus dilexit illud. 

141 Adolescentulussum 
ego, et contemptus : justi- 
ficationes tuas non sum 

142 Justitia tua, justitia 
in aeternum : et lex tua 

143 Tribulatio et angu- 
stia invenerunt me : man- 
data tua meditatio mea 

144 Aequitas testimo- 
nia tua in aeternum : 
intellectum da mihi, et 

Justus es, Doumic. 

1 )IGHTEOUS art 
IV thou, O Lord : and 
true is thy judgement. 

138 The testimonies 
that thou hast com- 
manded : are exceeding 
righteous and true. 

139 My zeal hath even 
consumed me : because 
mine enemies have for- 
gotten thy words. 

140 Thy word is tried 
to the uttermost : and thy 
servant loveth it. 

141 I am small, and of 
no reputation : yet do I 
not forget thy command- 

142 Thy righteousness 
is an everlasting right- 
eousness : and thy law is 
the truth. 

143 Trouble and heavi- 
ness have taken hold upon 
me : yet is my delight in 
thy commandments. 

144 The righteousness 
of thy testimonies is 
everlasting : O grant me 
understanding, and 1 
shall live. 

Day 26. PSALM CXXni-CXlX. 


145 Clamavi in toto 
corde meo, exaudi me 
Domine : justificationes 
tuas requiram. 

146 Clamavi ad te, sal- 
vum me fac : ut custo- 
diam mandata tua. 

147 Praeveni in matu- 
ritate, et clamavi : quia in 
verba tua supersperavi. 

14S Praevenerunt oculi 
mei ad te diluculo : ut 
meditarer eloquia tua. 

149 A'ocem meam audi 
secundum misericordiam 
tuam Domine : et secun- 
dum judicium tuum vi\ i- 
fica me. 

150 Appropinquaverunt 
persequentes me iniqui- 
tati : a lege autem tua 
longe facti sunt. 

151 Prope OS tu Do- 
mine : et omnes viae 
tuae Veritas. 

152 Initio cognovi de 
testimoniis tuis : quia in 
aeternum fundasti ea. 

Clamaviin toto iOrde weo. 

I CALL with my whole 
heart : hear me, O 
Lord, I will keep thy sta- 

146 Yea, even unto thee 
do I call : help me, and I 
shall keep thy testi- 

147 Early in the morn- 
ing do I cry unto thee : 
for in thy word is my 

148 ]\Iine eyes prevent 
the night-watches : that 
I might be occupied in 
thy words. 

149 Hear my voice, O 
Lord, according unto thy 
lovingkindness : quicken 
me, according as thou art 

150 They draw nigh 
that of malice persecute 
me : and are far from thy 

151 Pe thou nigh at 
hand, O Lord : for all thy 
commandments are true. 

152 As concerning thy 
testimonies, I have known 
long since : that thou 
hast grounded them for 


Day 26. 


153 Vide humilitatem 
ineam, et eripe me : quia 
legem tuam non sum 

154 Judica judicium 
meum, et redime me : 
propter eloquium tuum 
vivifica me. 

155 Longe a pecca- 
toribus salus : quia justi- 
ficationes tuas non exqui- 

156 Misericordiae tuae 
multae Domine : secun- 
dum judicium tuum vivi- 
fica me. 

157 ^Nlulti qui perse- 
quuntur me, et tribulant 
me : a testimoniis tuis non 

158 \'idi praevaricantes 
et tabescebam : quia elo- 
quia tua non custodierunt. 

159 Vide quoniam 
mandata tua diiexi Do- 
mine : in misericordia tua 
vivifica me. 

160 Principium verbo- 
rum tuorum Veritas : in 
aeternum omnia judicia 
justitiae tuae. 

Vide humilitatem. 

adversity, and de- 
liver me : for I do not 
forget thy law. 

154 Avenge thou my 
cause, and deliver me : 
quicken me, according to 
thy word. 

155 Health is far from 
the ungodly : for they re- 
gard not thy statutes. 

1 56 Great is thy mercy, 

Lord : quicken me, as 
thou art wont. 

157 Many there are 
that trouble me, and per- 
secute me : yet do I not 
swerve from thy testi- 

158 Itgrieveth me when 

1 see the transgressors : 
because they keep not 
thy law. 

159 Consider, O Lord, 
how I love thy command- 
ments : O quicken me, 
according to thy loving- 

160 Thy word is true 
from everlasting : all the 
judgements of thy right- 
eousness endure for ever- 

Day 26. 



161 Principes persecuti 
sunt me gratis : et a 
verbis tuis formidavit cor 

162 Laetabor ego super 
eloquia tua : sicut qui in- 
venit spolia multa. 

163 Iniquitatem odio 
habui, et abominatus sum : 
legem autem tuam dilexi. 

164 Septies in die lau- 
dem dixi tibi, super judi- 
cia justitiae tuae. 

165 Pax multa dili- 
gentibus legem tuam : 
et non est illis scandalum. 

166 Exspectabam salu- 
tare tuum Domine : et 
mandata tua dilexi. 

167 Custodivit anima 
mea testimonia tua : et 
dilexit ea vehementer. 

168 Servavi mandata 
tua, et testimonia tua : 
quia omnes viae meae in 
conspectu tuo. 

Principes persfcuti sutii. 

PRINCES have perse- 
cuted me without a 
cause : but my heart 
standeth in awe of thy 

162 I am as glad of thy 
word : as one that findeth 
great spoils. 

163 As for lies, I hate 
and abhor them : but thy 
law do 1 love. 

164 Seven times a day 
do 1 praise thee : because 
of thy righteous judge- 

165 Great is the peace 
that they have who love 
thy law : and they are not 
oftended at it. 

166 Lord, I have look- 
ed for thy saving health : 
and done after thy com- 

167 My soul hath kept 
thy testimonies : and 
loved them exceedingly. 

168 I have kept thy 
commandments and testi- 
monies : for all my ways 
are before thee. 



169 Appropinquet de- 
precatio mea in conspectu 
tuo Domine : juxta elo- 
quium tuum da mihi intel- 

170 Intret postulatio 
mea in conspectu tuo : 
secundum eloquium tuum 
eripe me. 

171 Eructabunt labia 
mea hymnum, cum do- 
cueris me justiticationes 

172 Pronuntiabit lingua 
mea eloquium tuum : quia 
omnia mandata tua aequi- 

173 Fiat manus tua ut 
salvet me : quoniam man- 
data tua elegi. 

174 Concupivi salutare 
tuum Domine : et lex tua 
meditatio mea est. 

175 Vivet anima mea, 
et laudabit te : etjudicia 
tua adjuvabunt me. 

176 Erravi, sicut ovis. 
quae periit : quaere ser- 
vum tuum, quia mandata 
tua non sum oblitus. 

Appropinquet deprecatio. 

LET my complaint come 
-^ before thee, O Lord : 
give me understanding, 
according to thy word. 

170 Let my supplica- 
tion come before thee : 
deliver me, according to 
thy word. 

171 My lips shall speak 
of thy praise : when thou 
hast taught me thy sta- 

172 Yea, my tongue 
shall sing of thy word : 
for all thy commandments 
are righteous. 

173 Let thine hand help 
me : for I have chosen 
thy commandments. 

174 I have longed for 
thy saving health, O Lord : 
and in thy law is my de- 

175 O let my soul live 
and it shall praise thee : 
and thy judgements shall 
help me. 

176 I have gone astray 
like a sheep that is lost : 
O seek thy servant, for I 
do not forget thy com- 


PSALIM cxix-rxx. 


I Canlicuiii ^jraduum 

A D Dominum cum tri- 
jTx. bularer clamavi : et 
exaudivit me. 

2 Uomine libera ani- 
mam meam a labiis ini- 
quis, et a lingua dolosa. 

3 Quid detur tibi, aut 
quid apponatur tibi ad 
linguam dolosam ? 

4 Sagittae potentis acu- 
tae, cum carbonibus deso- 

5 Heu mihi, quia inco- 
latus meus prolongatus 
est : habitavi cum habitan- 
tibus Cedar : 

6 Multum incola fuit 
anima mea. 

7 Cum his qui oderunt 
pacem eram pacificus : 
cum loquebar illis, im- 
pugnabant me gratis. 


A^^ DomifiU}!!. 

^T"^HEN I was in 

\\ trouble I called 
upon the Lord : and he 
heard me. 

2 Deliver my soul, O 
Lord, from lying lips : 
and from a deceitful 

3 What reward shall be 
given or done unto thee, 
thou false tongue : even 
mighty and sharp arrows, 
with hot burning coals. 

4 Woe is me, that 1 am 
constrained to dwell with 
jNIesech : and to have my 
habitation among the tents 
of Kedar. 

5 My soul hath long 
dwelt among them : that 
are enemies unto peace. 

6 I labour for peace, 
but when I speak unto 
them thereof : they make 
them ready to battle. 


Oav j; 



ranticum gradumr 

EVAVI oculos meos in 

montes, unde veniet 
auxilium mihi. 

2 Auxilium meum a 
Domino, qui fecit caelum 
et terram. 

3 Non det in commo- 
tionem pedem tuum : 
neque dormitet qui custo- 
dit te. 

4 Ecce non dormitabit 
neque dormiet, qui custo- 
dit Israel. 

5 Dominus custodit te, 
Dominus protectio tua, 
super manum dexteram 

6 Per diem sol non uret 
te : neque luna per noctem. 

7 Dominus custodit te 
ab omni malo : custodiat 
animam tuam Dominus. 

8 Dominus custodiat 
introitum tuum et exitum 
tuum : ex hoc nunc et 
usque in saeculum. 


Levavi oculos. 

T WILL lift up mine 
i eyes unto the hills : 

from whence cometh my 


2 jNIy help cometh even 
from the Lord : who hath 
made heaven and earth. 

3 He will not suffer thy 
foot to be moved : and he 
that keepeth thee will not 

4 Behold, he that keep- 
eth Israel : shall neither 
slumber nor sleep. 

5 The Lord himself is 
thy keeper : the Lord is 
thy defence upon thy right 
hand ; 

6 So that the sun shall 
not burn thee by day : 
neither the moon by night. 

7 The Lord shall pre- 
serve thee from all evil : 
yea, it is even he that 
shall keep thy soul. 

8 The Lord shall pre- 
serve thy going out, and 
thy coming in : from this 
time forth for evermore. 

L s 

Day 2' 



1 Canticum {jraduum 

LAETATUS sum in 
^ his quae dicta sunt 
mihi : In domum Domini 

2 Stantes erant pedes 
nostri, in atriis tuis Jeru- 

3 Jerusalem, quae aedi- 
ficatur ut civitas : cujus 
participatio ejus in idip- 

4 Illuc enim ascende- 
runttribus,tribus Domini : 
testimonium Israel ad con- 
litendum nomini Domini. 

5 Quia illic sederunt 
sedes in judicio, scdes 
super domum David. 

6 Rogate quae ad pa- 
cem sunt Jerusalem : et 
abundantia diligentibus 
te : 

7 Fiat pax in virtute 
tua : et abundantia in 
turribus tuis. 

8 Propter fratres meos, 
et proximos meos, loque- 
bar pacem de te : 

9 Propter domum Do- 
mini Dei nostri, quaesivi 
bona tibi. 

Laetatus suw. 

I WAS glad when they 
said unto me : We will 
go into the house of the 

2 Our feet shall stand 
in thy gates : O Jerusalem. 

3 Jerusalem is built as 
a city : that is at unity in 

4 For thither the tribes 
go up, even the tribes of 
the Lord : to testify unto 
Israel, to give thanks un- 
to the Name of the Lord. 

5 For there is the seat 
of judgement : even the 
seat of the house of David. 

6 O pray for the peace 
of Jerusalem : they shall 
prosper that love thee. 

7 Peace be within thy 
walls : and plenteousness 
within thy palaces. 

8 For my brethren and 
companions' sakes : I will 
wish thee prosperity. 

9 Yea, because of the 
house of the Lord our 
God : I will seek to do 
thee good. 

PSAOF CXXlll-CXXlV. Day 27. 


Canticum {ifraduum. 

AD te levavi oculos 
i V meos, qui habitas in 

2 Ecce sicut oculi ser- 
vorum, in manibus domi- 
norum suorum, 

Sicut oculi ancillae in 
manibus dominae suae : 
ita oculi nostri ad Domi- 
num Deuin nostrum do- 
nee misercatur nostri. 

3 Miserere nostri Do- 
mine, miserere nostri : 
quia multum repleti sumus 
despectione : 

4 Quia multum repleta 
est anima nostra : oppro- 
brium abundantibus, et 
despectio superbis. 


yld te levavi oculos meos. 

T TXTO thee lift I up 
KJ mine eyes : O thou 
that dvvellest in the hea- 

2 Behold, even as the 
eyes of servants look un- 
to the hand of their mas- 
ters, and as the eyes of a 
maiden unto the hand of 
her mistress : even so our 
eyes wait upon the Lord 
our God, until he have 
mercy upon us. 

3 Have mercy upon us, 
O Lord, have mercy upon 
us : for we are utterly de- 

4 Our soul is filled with 
the scornful reproof of the 
wealthy : and with the de- 
spitefulness of the proud. 


I Canticum gra'JuuiTi. 

NISI quia Dominus 
erat in nobis, dicat 
nunc Israel : 

2 Xisi quia Dominus 
erat in nobis, 

Cum exsurgerent ho- 
mines in nos, 


Xisi auiti Do>ni}iu ^. 

IF the Lord himself had 
not been on our side, 
now may Israel say : if 
the Lord himself had not 
been on our side, when 
men rose up against us : 


3 Forte vivos degliitis- 
sent nos : 

Cum irasceretur furor 
eorum in nos, 

4 Forsitan aqua absor- 
buisset nos. 

5 Torrentem pertransi- 
vit anima nostra : forsitan 
pertransisset anima nostra 
aquam intolerabilem. 

6 Benedictus Dominus 
qui non dedit nos in cap- 
tionem dentibus eorum. 

7 Anima nostra sicut 
passer erepta est de la- 
queo venantium : laqueus 
contritus est, et nos libe- 
rati sumus. 

8 Adjutorium nostrum 
in nomine Domini, qui 
fecit caelum et terram. 

2 They had swallowed 
us up quick : when they 
were so wrathfully dis- 
pleased at us. 

3 Yea, the waters had 
drowned us : and the 
stream had gone over our 

4 The deep waters of 
the proud : had gone even 
over our soul. 

5 But praised be the 
Lord : who hath not given 
us over for a prey unto 
their teeth. 

6 Our soul is escaped 
even as a bird out of the 
snare of the fowler : the 
snare is broken, and we 
are delivered. 

7 Our help standeth in 
the Name of the Lord : 
who hath made heaven 
and earth. 


I Cantirum jrraduum 

QUI confidunt in Do- 
^.^ mino, sicut mons 
Sion : non commovebitur 
in aeternum, qui habitat 

Qui confidunt, 

T^HKY that put their 
1 trust in the Lord 
shall be even as the mount 
Sion : which may not be 
removed, but standeth fast 
for ever. 


2 In Jerusalem. 
Monies in circuitu ejus : 

et Dominus in circuitu 
populi sui, ex hoc nunc 
et usque in saeculum. 

3 Ouia non relinquet 
Dominus virgam pecca- 
torum super sortem justo- 
rum : ut non extendant 
justi ad iniquitatem manus 

4 Benefac Domine bo- 
nis, et rectis corde. 

5 Declinantes autem in 
obligationes, adducet Do- 
minus cum operantibus 
iniquitatem : pax super 

2 The hills stand about 
Jerusalem : even so stand- 
eth the Lord round about 
his people, from this time 
forth for evermore. 

3 For the rod of the 
ungodly cometh not into 
the lot of the righteous : 
lest the righteous put their 
hand unto wickedness. 

4 Do well, O Lord : 
unto those that are good 
and true of heart. 

5 As for such as turn 
back unto their own wick- 
edness : the Lord shall 
lead them forth with the 
evil-doers; but peace shall 
be upon Israel. 

Evening Ipragcr. 


Canticuin graduuiii. 

IN convertendo Domi- 
nus captivitatem Sion : 
facti sumus sicut conso- 
lati : 

2 Tunc repletum est 
gaudio OS nostrum : et 
lingua nostra exsultatione. 

Tunc dicent inter gen- 


/// LOfvrertendo. 


HEN the Lord turn- 
ed again the capti- 
vity of Sion : then were 
we like unto them that 

2 Then was our mouth 
filled with laughter : and 
our tongue with joy. 

3 Then said they a- 



tes : Magnificavit Domi- 
nus facere cum eis. 

3 Magnificavit Domi- 
nus facere nobiscum : facti 
sumus laetantes. 

4 Converte Domine 
captivitatem nostram, sic- 
iit torrens in austro. 

5 Qui seminant in la- 
crymis, in exsultatione 

6. Euntes ibant et fle- 
bant, mittentes semina 

Venientes autem ve- 
nient cum exsultatione, 
portantes manipulos suos. 

mong the heathen : the 
Lord hath done great 
things for them. 

4 Yea, the Lord hath 
done great things for us 
already : whereof we re- 

5 Turn our captivity, O 
Lord : as the rivers in the 

6 They that sow in 
tears : shall reap in joy. 

7 He that nowgoeth on 
his way weeping, and 
beareth forth good seed : 
shall doubtless come a- 
gain with joy, and bring 
his sheaves with him. 


I Canticum graduum Salo- 

NISI Dominus aedifi- 
caverit domum, in 
vanum laboraverunt qui 
aedificant eani. 

Nisi Dominus custo- 
dierit civitatem, frustra 
vigilat qui custodit earn. 

2 Vanum est vobis ante 
lucem surgere : surgite 
postquam sederitis, qui 


.y/s/ dominus. 

t;XCEPT the Lord 
i \ build the house : 

their labour is but lost 

that build it. 

2 Except the Lord keep 
the city : the watchman 
waketh but in vain. 

3 It is but lost labour 
that ye haste to rise up 
early, and so late take 


rest, and eat the bread 
of carefulness : for so he 
"iveth his beloved sleeo. 

manducatis pancm do- 

Cum dederit dilectis 
suis somnum : 

3 Ecce hereditas Do- 
mini filii : merces, fructus 

4 Sicut sagittae in ma- 
nu potentis : ita filii ex- 

5 Beatus vir qui imple- 
vit desiderium suum ex 
ipsis : non confundetur 
cum loquetur inimicis suis 
in porta. 

4 Lo, children and the 
fruit of the womb : are an 
heritage and gift that 
Cometh of the Lord. 

5 Like as the arrows 
in the hand of the giant : 
even so are the young 

6 Happy is the man 
that hath his quiver full 
of them : they shall not 
be ashamed when they 
speak with their enemies 
in the gate. 


I Canticuin graduuiii. 

BEATI omnes, qui ti- 
ment Dominum, qui 
ambulant in viis ejus. 

2 Labores manuum tua- 
rum quia manducabis : 
beatus es, et bene tibi 

3 Uxor tua sicut vitis 
abundans, inlateribus do- 
mus tuae. 

Filii tui sicut novellae 
olivarum, in circuitu men- 
sae tuae. 


Beuti omne^. 

ijLESSED are all they 
J ^ that fear the Lord : 
and walk in his ways. 

2 For thou shalt eat the 
labours of thine hands : 
O well is thee, and happy 
shalt thou be. 

3 Thy wife shall be as 
the fruitful vine : upon 
the walls of thine house. 

4 Thy children like the 
olive-branches : round a- 
bout thy table. 


Day 27 

4 Ecce sic bencdicctur 
homo qui timet Domi- 

5 Benedicat tibi Domi- 
nus ex Sion : et videas 
bona Jerusalem omnibus 
diebus vitae tuae. 

6 Et videas filios filio- 
rum tuorum, pacem super 

5 Lo, thus shall the man 
be blessed : that feareth 
the Lord. 

6 The Lord from out of 
Sion shall so bless thee : 
that thou shalt see Jeru- 
salem in prosperity all thy 
life long. 

7 Yea, that thou shalt 
see thy children's chil- 
dren : and peace upon 


1 (--anlicuin ^^ra'iuuni 

SAEPE expugnaverunt 
me a juventute mea, 
dicat nunc Israel : 

2 Saepe expugnaverunt 
me a juventute mea : et- 
enim non potuerunt mihi. 

3 Super dorsum meum 
fabricaverunt peccatores : 
prolongaverunt iniquita- 
tem suam. 

4 Dominus Justus con- 
cidit cervices peccatoruni: 

q Confundantur et con- 


A r ANY a time have 
A I they fought against 
me from my youth up : 
may Israel now say. 

2 Yea, many a time 
have they vexed me from 
my youth up : but they 
have not prevailed a- 
gainst me. 

3 The plowers plowed 
upon my back : and made 
long furrows. 

4 But the righteous 
Lord : hath hewn the 
snares of the ungodly in 

; Lei them be con- 



vertantur retrorsum om- 
nes qui oderunt Sion. 

6 Fiant sicut foenum 
tectorum ; quod priusquam 
evellatur, exaruit : 

7 De quo non implevit 
manum suam qui metit, et 
sinum suum qui manipu- 
los colligit. 

8 Et non dixerunt qui 
praeteribant : Benedictio 
Domini super vos : bene- 
diximus vobis in nomine 

founded and turned back- 
ward : as many as ha\"e 
evil will at Sion. 

6 Let them be even as 
the grass growing upon 
the house-tops : which 
withereth afore it be 
plucked up ; 

7 Whereof the mower 
filleth not his hand : nei- 
ther he that bindeth up 
the sheaves his bosom. 

8 So that they who go 
by say not so much as, 
The Lord prosper you : 
we wish you good luck in 
the name of the Lord. 


I Canticum graduum. 

DE profundis clamavi 
ad te Domine : 

2 Domine exaudi vocem 
meam : 

Fiant aures tuae inten- 
dentes, in vocem depreca- 
tionis meae. 

3 Si iniquitates obser- 
vaveris Domine ; Domine 
quis sustinebit ? 

4 Quia apud te propi- 

De profundis. 

(\UT of the deep have 
/ I called unto thee, 
O Lord : Lord, hear my 

2 O let thine ears con- 
sider well : the voice of 
my complaint. 

3 If thou, Lord, wilt be 
extreme to mark what is 
done amiss : O Lord, who 
may abide it ? 

4 For there is mercy 



tiatio est : et propter le- 
gem tuam sustiniii te Do- 

Siistinuit anima mea in 
verbo ejus : 

5 Speravit anima mea 
in Domino. 

6 A ciistodia matutina 
usque ad noctem : speret 
Israel in Domino. 

7 Quia apud Dominum 
misericordia : et copiosa 
apud eum redemptio. 

8 Et ipse redimet Is- 
rael ex omnibus iniqui- 
tatibus ejus. 

with thee : therefore shah 
thou be feared. 

5 I look for the Lord ; 
my soul doth wait for 
him : in his word is my 

6 My soul flecth unto 
the Lord : before the 
morning watch, I say, be- 
fore the morning watch. 

7 O Israel, trust in the 
Lord, for with the Lord 
there is mercy : and with 
him is plenteous redemp- 

8 And he shall redeem 
Israel : from all his sins. 


I Camicum ^raduurn David. 

DO MINE non est ex- 
alt atum cor meum : 
neque elati suntoculi mei. 
Neque ambulavi in ma- 
gnis : neque in mirabili- 
bus super me. 

2 Si non humiliter sen- 
tiebam : sed exaltavi ani- 
mam meam. 

Sicut ablactatus est 


Domine, non est. 

T ORD, I am not high- 

1 .^ minded : I have no 

proud looks. 

2 I do not exercise my- 
self in great matters : 
which are too high for 

3 But I refrain my 
soul, and keep it low, like 
as a child that is weaned 
from his mother : yea, my 

PSAT3I rxxxi-cxxxii 

super matre sua, ita retri- 
butio in anima mea. 

3 Speret Israel in Do- 
mino, ex hoc nunc et us- 
que in saeculum. 

Day 28. 

soul is even as a weaned 

4 O Israel, trust in the 
Lord : from this time forth 
for evermore. 


1 Canticum ^raJuuiii 

\ I EM EN TO Domine 
.\ 1 David, et omnis 

mansuetudinis ejus : 
2 Sicutjuravit Domino, 

votum vovit Deo Jacob : 

3 Si introiero in taber- 
naculum domus meae, si 
ascendero in lectum strati 
mei : 

4 Si dedero somnum 
oculis meis, et palpebris 
meis dormitationem : 

5 Et requiem tempori- 
bus meis : donee inveniam 
locum Domino, taberna- 
culum Deo Jacob. 

6 Ecce audivimus earn 
in Ephrata : invenimus 
eam in campis silvae. 

/IRorniHG {prater. 


J/f'/AV ///,'. Dom-.T'.r . 

IORD, remember Da- 
. vid : and all his trou- 
ble ; 

2 How he sware unto 
the Lord : and vowed a 
\ow unto the Almighty 
God of Jacob ; 

3 I will not come with- 
in the tabernacle of mine 
house : nor clinib up into 
my bed : 

4 I will not suffer mine 
eyes to sleep, nor mine 
eye-lids to slumber : nei- 
ther the temples of my 
head to take any rest ; 

5 Until I find out a 
place for the temple of 
the Lord : an habitation 
for the mighty God of 

6 Lo, we heard of the 
same at Ephrata : and 
found it in the wood. 


7 Introibimus in taber- 
nacLilum ejus : adorabiinus 
in loco, Libi steterunt pedes 

8 Surge Domine in re- 
quiem tuam, tu et area 
sanctificationis tuae. 

9 Sacerdotes tui in- 
duantur justitiam : et 
sancti tui exsultent. 

10 Propter David ser- 
vum tuum, non avertas 
faciem Christi tui. 

11 Juravit Dominus 
David veritatem, et non 
frustrabitur earn : de fructu 
ventris tui ponam super 
sedeni tuam. 

12 Si custodierint filii 
tui testamentum meum, 
et testimonia mea haec, 
quae docebo eos : 

lit filii eorum usque in 
saeculum, sedebunt super 
sedem tuam. 

13 Ouoniam elegit Do- 
minus Sion : elegit earn 
in habitationem sibi. 

14 Haec requies mea in 
saeculum saeculi : hie 

7 We will go into his 
tabernacle : and fall low- 
on our knees before his 

8 Arise, O Lord, into 
thy resting-place : thou, 
and the ark of thy 

9 Let thy priests be 
clothed with righteous- 
ness : and let thy saints 
sing with joyfulness. 

10 For thy servant 
David's sake : turn not 
away the presence of thine 

1 1 The Lord hath made 
a faithful oath unto David : 
and he shall not shrink 
from it ; 

12 Of the fruit of thy 
body : shall I set upon 
thy seat. 

13 If thy children will 
keep my covenant, and niy 
testimonies that I shall 
learn them : their children 
also shall sit upon thy 
seat for evermore. 

14 For the Lord hath 
chosen Sion to be an 
habitation for himself : he 
hath longed for her. 

15 This shall be my 
rest for ever : here will I 


habitabo quoniam elegi 

15 Viduam ejus bene- 
dicens benedicam : pau- 
peres ejus saturabo pani- 

16 Sacerdotes ejus in- 
duam salutari : et sancti 
ejus exsultatione exsulta- 

17 Illucproducamcornu 
David, paravi lucernam 
Christo meo. 

18 Inimicosejusinduam 
confusione : super ipsum 
autem efflorebit sanctifi- 
catio mea. 

dwell, for I have a delight 

16 1 will bless her vic- 
tuals with increase : and 
will satisfy her poor with 

1 7 I will deck her priests 
with health : and her saints 
shall rejoice and sing. 

18 There shall I make 
the horn of David to 
flourish : I have ordained a 
lantern for mine Anointed. 

19 As for his enemies, 
1 shall clothe them with 
shame : but upon himself 
shall his crown flourish. 


I Canticum graduum David 

ECCE quam bonum, et 
quam jucundum ha- 
bitare fratres in unum : 

2 Sicut unguentum in 
capite, quod descendit in 
barbam, barbam Aaron, 

Quod descendit in oram 
vestimenti ejus : 

3 Sicut ros Hermon, 
qui descendit in montem 

PSALM cxxxin. 

Ecce, quam honum .' 

BEHOLD, how good 
and joyful a thing it 
is : brethren, to dwell to- 
gether in unity ! 

2 It is like the precious 
ointment upon the head, 
that ran down unto the 
beard : even unto Aaron's 
beard, and went down to 
the skirts of his clothing. 

3 Like as the dew of 
Hermon : which fell upon 
the hill of Sion. 


Quoniain illic mandavit 
Dominus benedictionem, 
et vitam usque in saeculum. 

4 For there the Lord 
promised his blessing : 
and Hfe for evermore. 


I Canticnm j^raHuum. 

ECCE nunc benedicite 
, Dominum, omnes 
servi Domini : 

Qui statis in domo 
Domini, in atriis domus 
Dei nostri. 

2 In noctibus extollite 
manus vestras in sancta, 
et benedicite Dominum. 

3 Benedicat -te Do- 
minus ex Sion, qui fecit 
caelum et terram. 

Ecce fiUfu. 
OEHOLD now, praise 
J ) the Lord : all ye ser- 
vants of the Lord ; 

2 Ye that by night stand 
in the house of the Lord : 
even in the courts of the 
house of our God. 

3 Lift up your hands in 
the sanctuary : and praise 
the Lord. 

4 The Lord that made 
heaven and earth : give 
thee blessing out of Sion, 


I Alleluia. 

LA U D A T E nomen 
^ Domini, laudate servi 

2 Qui statis in domo 
Domini, in atriis domus 
Dei nostri. 

3 Laudate Dominum, 
quia bonus Dominus : 
psallite nomini ejus, quo- 
niam suave. 

Laudate Nomen. 

O PRAISE the Lord, 
laud ye the Name of 
the Lord : praise it, O ye 
servants of the Lord ; 

2 Ye that stand in the 
house of the Lord : in the 
courts of the house of our 

3 O praise the Lord, for 
the Lord is gracious : O 
sing praises unto his 
Name, for it is lovely. 


4 Quoniam Jacob elegit 
sibi Dominus, Israel in 
possessionem sibi. 

5 Quia ego cognovi quod 
magnus est Dominus, et 
Deus nosterprae omnibus 

6 Omnia quaecumque 
voluit, Dominus fecit in 
caelo, in terra, in mari, et 
in omnibus abyssis. 

7 Educens nubes ab 
extremo terrae : fulgura in 
pluviam fecit. 

Qui producit ventos de 
thesauris suis : 

8 Qui percussit primo- 
genita Aeg^pti ab homine 
usque ad pecus. 

9 Et misit signa, et 
prodigia in medio tui 
Aegypte : in Pharaonem, 
et in omnes servos ejus. 

10 Qui percussit gentes 
multas : et occidit reges 
fortes : 

1 1 Sehon regem Amor- 
rhaeorum, et Og regem 
Basan, et 

12 Et dedit terram 
eorum hcrcditatem, he- 

4 For why ? the Lord 
hath chosen Jacob unto 
himself : and Israel for 
his own possession. 

5 For I know that the 
Lord is great : and that 
our Lord is above all gods. 

6 Whatsoever the Lord 
pleased, that did he in 
heaven, and in earth : and 
in the sea, and in all deep 

7 He bringeth forth the 
clouds from the ends of 
the world : and sendeth 
forth lightnings with the 
rain, bringing the winds 
out of his treasures. 

8 He smote the first- 
born of Egypt : both of 
man and beast. 

9 He hath sent tokens 
and wonders into the 
midst of thee, O thou land 
of Egypt : upon Pharaoh, 
and all his servants. 

10 He smote divers na- 
tions : and slew mighty 
kings ; 

11 Sehon king of the 
Amorites, and Og the king 
of Basan : and all the 
kingdoms of Canaan : 

12 And gave their land 
to be an heritage : even 


reditatem Israel populo 

13 Domine nomen tuuni 
in aeternum : Domine 
memoriale tuum in gene- 
rationem et generationeni. 

14 Quia judicabit Domi- 
niis populiim suiim : et in 
servis suis deprecabitur. 

15 Simulacra gentium 
argentum, et aurum, opera 
manuum hominum. 

16 Os habent, et non 
loquentur : oculos habent, 
et non videbunt. 

17 Aures habent, et non 
audient : neque enim est 
spiritus in ore ipsorum. 

18 Similes illis fiant qui 
faciunt ea : et omnes qui 
confidunt in eis. 

19 Domus Israel bene- 
dicite Domino : domus 
Aaron benedicite Domino. 

20 Domus Levi bene- 
dicite Domino : qui time- 
tis Dominum, benedicite 

21 Benedictus Dominus 
ex Sion, qui habitat in 

an heritage unto Israel 
his people. 

13 Thy Name, O Lord, 
endureth for ever : so doth 
thy memorial, O Lord, 
from one generation to 

14 For the Lord will 
avenge his people : and 
be gracious unto his ser- 

15 As for the images 
of the heathen, they are 
but silver and gold : the 
work of men's hands. 

16 They have mouths, 
and speak not : eyes have 
they, but they see not. 

17 They have ears, and 
yet they hear not : neither 
is there any breath in 
their mouths. 

18 They that make 
them are like unto them : 
and so are all they that 
put their trust in them. 

19 Praise the Lord, ye 
house of Israel : praise the 
Lord, ye house of Aaron. 

20 Praise the Lord, ye 
house of Levi : ye that 
fear the Lord, praise the 

21 Praised be the Lord 
out of Sion : who dwelleth 
at Jerusalem. 



! AlHuia. 

/^ O N F I T E M I N I 
V^ Domino quoniam 
bonus : quoniam in aeter- 
num misericordia ejus. 

2 Confitemini Deo deo- 
rum : quoniam in aeternum 
misericordia ejus. 

3 Confitemini Domino 
dominorum : quoniam in 
aeternum misericordia e- 

4 Qui facit mirabilia 
magna solus : quoniam in 
aeternum misericordia e- 

5 Qui fecit caelos in 
intellectu : quoniam in 
aeternum misericordia e- 

6 Qui firmavit terram 
super aquas : quoniam 
in aeternum misericordia 

7 Qui fecit luminaria 
magna : quoniam in aeter- 
num misericordia ejus. 

8 Solem in potestatem 
diei : quoniam in aeternum 
misericordia ejus. 



OGIVE thanks unto 
the Lord, for he is 
gracious : and his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

2 O give thanks unto 
the God of all gods : for 
his mercy endureth for 

3 O thank the Lord of 
all lords : for his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

4 Who only doeth great 
wonders : for his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

5 Who by his excellent 
wisdom made the hea- 
vens : for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever. 

6 Who laid out the 
earth above the waters : 
for his mercy endureth 
for ever. 

7 Who hath made great 
lights : for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever ; 

8 The sun to rule the 
day : for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever ; 


9 Lunam et Stellas in 
potestatem noctis : quo- 
niam in aeternum miseri- 
cordia ejus. 

10 Qui percussit Aegy- 
ptum cum primogenitis 
eorum : quoniam in aeter- 
num misericordia ejus. 

11 Qui eduxit Israel de 
medio eorum : quoniam 
in aeternum misericordia 

12 In manu potenti, et 
brachio excelso : quoniam 
in aeternum misericordia 

13 Qui divisit Mare ru- 
brum in divisiones : quo- 
niam in aeternum miseri- 
cordia ejus. 

14 Et eduxit Israel per 
medium ejus : quoniam 
in aeternum misericordia 

15 Et excussit Pharao- 
nem, et virtu tern ejus in 
Mari rubro : quoniam in 
aeternum misericordia e- 

16 Qui traduxit popu- 
lum suum per desertum : 
quoniam in aeternum mi- 
sericordia ejus. 

17 Qui percussit reges 
magnos: quoniam in aeter- 
num misericordia ejus. 

9 The moon and the 
stars to govern the night : 
for his mercy endureth 
for ever. 

10 Who smote Egypt 
with their first-born : for 
his mercy endureth for 
ever ; 

1 1 And brought out 
Israel from among them : 
for his mercy endureth 
for ever ; 

12 With a mighty hand, 
and stretched out arm : 
for his mercy endureth 
for ever. 

13 Who divided the Red 
sea in two parts : for his 
mercy endureth for ever ; 

14 And made Israel to 
go through the midst of it: 
for his mercy endureth for 

15 But as for Pharaoh 
and his host, he overthrew 
them in the Red sea : for 
his mercy endureth for 

16 Who led his people 
through the wilderness : 
for his mercy endureth for 

17 Who smote great 
kings : for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever ; 


18 Et occidit reges for- 
tes : quoniam in aeternum 
misericordia ejus. 

19 Sehon regem Amor- 
rhaeorum : quoniam in 
aeternum misericordia e- 

20 Et Og regem Basan : 
quoniam in aeternum mi- 
sericordia ejus. 

21 Et dedit terram eo- 
rum hereditatem : quo- 
niam in aeternum miseri- 
cordia ejus. 

22 Hereditatem Israel 
servo suo : quoniam in 
aeternum misericordia e- 

23 Quia in humilitate 
nostra memor fuit nostri : 
quoniam in aeternum mi- 
sericordia ejus. 

24 Et redemit nos ab 
inimicis nostris : quoniam 
in aeternum misericordia 

25 Qui dat escam omni 
carni : quoniam in aeter- 
num misericordia ejus. 

26 Confitemini Deo 
caeli : quoniam in aeter- 
num misericordia ejus. 

Confitemini Domino do- 
minorum : quoniam in ae- 
ternum misericordia ejus. 

18 Yea, and slew mighty 
kings : for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever ; 

19 Sehon king of the 
Amorites : for his mercy 
endureth for ever ; 

20 And Og the king of 
Basan : for his mercy en- 
dureth for ever ; 

21 And gave away their 
land for an heritage : for 
his mercy endureth for 
ever ; 

22 Even for an heritage 
unto Israel his servant : 
for his mercy endureth for 

23 Who remembered us 
when we were in trouble : 
for his mercy endureth for 
ever ; 

24 And hath delivered 
us from our enemies ; for 
his mercy endureth for 

25 Who giveth food to 
all flesh : for his mercy 
endureth for ever. 

26 O give thanks unto 
the God of heaven : for 
his mercy endureth for 

27 O give thanks unto 
the Lord of lords : for his 
mercy endureth for ever. 



Psalmus David, Hieiemiac 

SUPER flumina Baby- 
lonis, illic sedimus et 
flevimus : cum rccordare- 
mur Sion : 

2 In salicibus in medio 
ejus suspendimus organa 

3 Quia illic interroga- 
verunt nos, qui captives 
duxerunt nos, verba can- 
tionum : 

Et qui abduxerunt nos : 
Hymnum cantate nobis de 
canticis Sion. 

4 Ouomodo cantabimus 
canticum Domini in terra 
aliena ? 

5 Si oblitus fuero tui 
Jerusalem, oblivioni detur 
dextera mea. 

6 Adhaereat lingua mea 
faucibus meis, si non me- 
minero tui : 

Si non proposuero Jeru- 
salem, in principio laetitiae 

7 Memor esto Domine 
filiorum Edom, in die 
Jerusalem : 

Qui dicunt : Exinanite, 
exinanite usque ad funda- 
mentum in ea. 


Super Jlumina. 

BY the waters of Baby- 
lon we sat down and 
wept : when we remem- 
bered thee, O Sion. 

2 As for our harps, we 
hanged them up : upon the 
trees that are therein. 

3 For they that led us 
away captive required of 
us then a song, and melo- 
dy in our heaviness : Sing 
usone of the son^js of Sion. 

4 How shall we sing the 
Lord's song : in a strange 
land } 

5 If I forget thee, O 
Jerusalem : let my right 
hand forget her cunning. 

6 If I do not remember 
thee, let my tongue cleave 
to the roof of my mouth : 
yea, if I prefer not Jerusa- 
lem in my mirth. 

7 Remember the chil- 
dren of Edom, O Lord, in 
the day of Jerusalem : how 
they said, Down with it, 
down with it, even to the 


8 Filia Babylonis mi- 
sera : beatus, qui retribuet 
tibi retributionem tuam, 
quam retribuisti nobis. 

9 Beatus, qui tenebit, 
et allidet parvulos tuos ad 
pet ram. 

8 O daughter of Baby- 
lon, wasted with misery ; 
yea, happy shall he be that 
rewardeth thee, as thou 
hast served us. 

9 Blessed shall he be 
that taketh thy children ; 
and throweth them against 
the stones. 


I Ipsi Davlvi. 

v>_- Domine in toto corde 
meo : quoniam audisti ver- 
ba oris mei. 

In conspectu angelo- 
rum psallam tibi : 

2 Adorabo ad tempi um 
sanctum tuum, et confite- 
bor nomini tuo. 

Super misericordia tua 
et veritate tua : quoniam 
magnificasti super omne, 
nomen sanctum tuum. 

3 In quacumque die in- 
vocavero te, exaudi me : 
multiplicabis in anima 
mea virtutem. 

4 Confiteantur tibi Do- 
mine omnes reges terrae : 
quiaaudierunt omnia ver- 
ba oris tui : 

5 Et cantent in viis 


Co?ifitebor tibi. 

1WILL give thanks un- 
to thee, O Lord, with 
my whole heart : even be- 
fore the gods will I sing 
praise unto thee. 

2 I will worship toward 
thyholy temple, and praise 
thy Xame, because of thy 
lovingkindnessand truth : 
for thou hast magnified 
thy Name, and thy word, 
above all things. 

3 When I called upon 
thee, thou heardest me : 
and enduedst my soul with 
much strength. 

4 All the kings of the 
earth shall praise thee, O 
Lord : for they have heard 
the words of thy mouth. 

5 Yea, they shall sing in 


Domini : quoniam magna 
est gloria Domini. 

6 Quoniam excelsus 
Dominiis, et humilia re- 
spicit : et alta a longc 

7 Si ambulavero in 
medio tribulationis, vivifi- 
cabis me : et super iram 
inimicorum meorum ex- 
tendisti manum tuam, et 
salvum me fecit dextera 

8 Dominus retribiiet pro 
me : Domine misericordia 
tua in saeculum : opera 
manuum tuarum ne de- 

the ways of the Lord : that 
great is the glory of the 

6 For though the Lord 
be high, yet hath he re- 
spect unto the lowly : as 
for the proud, hebeholdeth 
them afar off. 

7 Though I walk in the 
midst of trouble, yet shalt 
thou refresh me : thou 
shalt stretch forth thy 
hand upon the furiousness 
of mine enemies, and thy 
right hand shall save me. 

8 The Lord shall make 
good his loving-kindness 
toward me : yea, thy 
mercy, O Lord, endureth 
for ever : despise not then 
the works of thine own 


1 In ijnern, Fsdliuu^ UaviJ 

DOMINE probasti me, 
et cognovisti me : 

2 Tu cognovisti sessio- 
nem nieam, et resurre- 
ctionem meam. 

3 Intellexisti cogitatio- 
nes meas de longe : semi- 

Dominir, -probusti. 

OLORD, thou hast 
searched me out, and 
known me : thou knowest 
my down-sitting, and mine 
up-rising ; thou under- 
standest my thoughts long 


tarn meam, et funiculum 
meum investigasti. 

4 Et omnes vias meas 
praevidisti : quia non est 
sermo in lingua mea. 

5 Ecce Domine tu co- 
gnovisti omnia novissima 
et antiqua : tu formasti 
me, et posuisti super me 
manum tuam. 

6 Mirabilis facta est 
scientia tua ex me : con- 
fortata est, et non potero 
ad eam. 

7 (2uo ibo a spiritu tuo ? 
et quo a facie tua fugiam ? 

8 Si ascendero in cae- 
lum, tu illic es : si descen- 
dero in infernum, ades. 

9 Si sumpsero pennas 
meas diluculo, et habita- 
vero in extremis maris : 

10 Etenim illuc manus 
tua deducet me : et tene- 
bit me dextera tua. 

11 Et dixi : Forsitan 
tenebrae conculcabunt 
me : et nox illuminatio 
mea in deliciis meis. 

12 Quia tenebrae non 

2 Thou art about my 
path, and about my bed : 
and spiest out all my ways. 

3 For lo, there is not a 
word in my tongue : but 
thou, O Lord, knowest it 

4 Thou hast fashioned 
me behind and before : 
and laid thine hand upon 

5 Such knowledge is too 
wonderful and excellent 
for me : I cannot attain 
unto it. 

6 Whither shall I go 
then from thy Spirit : or 
whither shall I go then 
from thy presence ? 

7 If I climb up into 
heaven, thou art there : 
if I go down to hell, thou 
art there also. 

8 If I take the wings of 
the morning : and remain 
in the uttermost parts of 
the sea ; 

9 Even there also shall 
thy hand lead me : and 
thy right hand shall hold 

10 If I say, Peradven- 
ture the darkness shall 
cover me : then shall my 
night be turned to day. 

1 1 Yea, the darkness is 


V 2U. 


obscurabuntur a tc, et nox 
sicut dies illuminabitiir : 
siciit tenebrae ejus, ita et 
lumen ejus. 

13 Quia tu possedisti 
renes meos : suscepisti me 
de utero matris meae. 

14 Confitebor tibi quia 
terribiliter magnificatus 
es : mirabilia opera tua, 
et anima mea cognoscit 

15 N'on est occultatum 
OS meum a te, quod fecisti 
in occulto : et substantia 
mea in inferioribus terrae. 

16 Imperfectum meum 
viderunt oculi tui, et in 
libro tuo omnes scriben- 
tur : dies formabuntur, et 
nemo in eis. 

17 Mihi autem nimis 
honorificati sunt amici tui, 
Deus : nimis confortatus 
est principatus eorum. 

18 Dinumerabo cos, et 
super arenam multiplica- 
buntur : exsurrexi, et ad- 
huc sum tecum. 

no darkness with thee, 
but the night is as clear 
as the day : the darkness 
and light to thee are both 

12 For my reins are 
thine : thou hast covered 
me in my mother's womb. 

13 I will give thanks un- 
to thee, for I am fearfully 
and wonderfully made : 
marvellous are thy works, 
and that my soul knoweth 
right well. 

14 My bones are not 
hid from thee : though I 
be made secretly, and 
fashioned beneath in the 

15 Thine eyes did see 
my substance, yet being 
imperfect : and in thy 
book were all my members 
written ; 

16 Which day by day 
were fashioned : when as 
yet there was none of 

17 How dear are thy 
counsels unto me, O God : 
O how great is the sum of 
them ! 

18 If I tell them, they 
are more in number than 
the sand : when I wake 
up 1 am present with thee. 

19 Si occideris Deus 19 Wilt thou not slay the 

peccatores : vin sangui- 
nuni declinate a me : 

20 Quia dicitis in cogi- 
tatione : accipientin vani- 
tate civitates tuas. 

21 Nonne qui oderunt 
te Domine oderam : et 
super inimicos tuos tabe- 
scebam ? 

22 Perfecto odio ode- 
ram illos : et inimici facti 
sunt mihi. 

23 Proba me Deus, et 
scitocormeum ; interroga 
me, et cognosce semitas 

24 Et vide si via ini- 
quitatis in me est : et 
deduc me in via aeterna. 

wicked, O God : depart 
from me, ye blood-thirsty 

20 For they speak un- 
righteously against thee : 
and thine enemies take 
thy Name in vain. 

21 Do not I hate them, 
O Lord, that hate thee : 
and am not I grieved with 
those that rise up against 

22 Yea, I hate them 
right sore : even as though 
they were mine enemies. 

23 Try me, O God, and 
seek the ground of my 
heart : prove me, and ex- 
amine my thoughts. 

24 Look well if there be 
any way of wickedness in 
me : and lead me in the 
way everlasting. 


t In finem, Psalmus David. 

ERIPE me Domine ab 
homine malo : a viro 
iniquo eripe me. 

3 Qui cogitaverunt ini- 
quitates in corde : tota die 
constituebant proelia. 


from the evil man : 
and preserve me from the 
wicked man. 

2 Who imagine mischief 
in their hearts : and stir 
up strife all the day long. 


4 AcLierunllinguas suas 
sicut serpentis : venenum 
aspidum sub labiis eorum. 

5 Custodi me Domine 
de manu peccatoris : et ab 
hominibus iniquis eripe 

Qui cogitaverunt sup- 
plantare gressus meos : 

6 Absconderunt superbi 
laqueum mihi : 

Et funes extenderunt in 
laqueum : juxta iter scan- 
dalum posuerunt mihi. 

7 Dixi Domino : Deus 
meus es tu : exaudi Do- 
mine vocem deprecationis 

S Domine, Domine vir- 
tus salutis meae : obum- 
brasti super caput meum 
in die belli : 

9 Ne tradas me Do- 
mine a desiderio meo 
peccatori : cogitaverunt 
contra me, ne derelin- 
quas me, ne forte exal- 

10 Caput circuitus eo- 
rum : labor labiorum ipso- 
rum operiet eos. 

11 Cadent super eos 
carbonesjin ignemdejicies 

3 They have sharpened 
their tongues like a ser- 
pent : adder's poison is 
under their lips. 

4 Keep me, O Lord, from 
the hands of the ungodly : 
preserve me from the wick- 
ed men, who are purposed 
to overthrow my goings. 

5 The proud have laid 
a snare for me, and spread 
a net abroad with cords : 
yea, and set traps in my 

6 I said unto the Lord, 
Thou art my God : hear 
the voice of my prayers, 
O Lord. 

7 O Lord God, thou 
strength of my health : 
thou hast covered my 
head in the day of 

8 Let not the ungodly 
have his desire, O Lord : 
let not his mischievous 
imagination prosper, lest 
they be too proud. 

9 Let the mischief of 
their own lips fall upon 
the head of them : that 
compass me about. 

10 Let hot burning coals 
fall upon them : let them 


Day 29. 

eos : in miseriis non sub- 

12 Vir linguosus non 
dirigetur in terra : virum 
injiistum mala capient in 


13 Cognovi quia faciet 
Dominus judicium inopis : 
et vindictam pauperum. 

14 Verumtamen justi 
confitebuntur nomini tuo : 
et habitabunt recti cum 
vultu tuo. 


I Psalmus David. 

DOMINE clamavi ad 
te, exaudi me : in- 
tende voci meae, cum 
clamavero ad te. 

2 Dirigatur oratio mea 
sicut incensum in con- 
spectutuo : elevatio ma- 
nuum mearum sacrificium 

3 Pone Domine custo- 
diam ori meo : et ostium 
circumstantiaelabiis meis. 

4 Non declines cor 
meum in verba malitiae, 
ad excusandas excusa- 
tiones in peccatis. 

be cast into the fire, and 
into the pit, that they 
never rise up again. 

1 1 A man full of words 
shall not prosper upon the 
earth : evil shall hunt the 
wicked person to over- 
throw him. 

12 Sure I am that the 
Lord will avenge the 
poor : and maintain the 
cause of the helpless. 

13 The righteous also 
shall give thanks unto thy 
Name : and the just shall 
continue in thy sight. 


D online, chvna^'i. 

TORD, I call upon thee, 
i--^ haste thee unto me : 
and consider my voice 
when I cry unto thee. 

2 Let my prayer be set 
forth in thy sight as the 
incense : and let the lift- 
ing up of my hands be an 
evening sacrifice. 

3 Set a watch, O Lord, 
before my mouth : and 
keep the door of my lips. 

4 O let not mine heart 
be inclined to any evil 
thing : let me not be 
occupied in ungodly works 

Day 29. 

Cum hominibusopeian- 
libus iniquitateni ; et non 
cominunicabo cum electis 

5 Corripiet me Justus in 
misericordia, et increpabit 
me : oleum autem pecca- 
toris non impinguet caput 

Quoniam adhuc et ora- 
tio mea in beneplacitis 
eorum : 

6 Absorpti sunt juncti 
petrae judices eorum. 

Audient verba mea quo- 
niam potuerunt : 

7 Sicutcrassitudoterrae 
erupta est super terram. 

Dissipata sunt ossa 
nostra secus infernum : 

8 Quia ad te Domine, 
Domine, oculi mei : in te 
speravi, non auferas ani- 
mam meam. 

9 Custodi me a laqueo, 
quem statu erunt mihi : et 
a scandalis operantium 

10 Cadent in retiaculo 
ejus peccatores : singu- 
lariter sum ego donee 


with the men that work 
wickedness, lest I eat of 
such things as please 

5 Lei the righteous 
rather smile me friendly : 
and reprove me. 

6 But let not their pre- 
cious balms break my 
head : yea, 1 will pray 
yet against their wicked- 

7 Let their judges be 
overthrown in stony 
places : that they may 
hear my words, for they 
are sweet. 

8 Our bones lie scatter- 
ed before the pit : like as 
when one breaketh and 
heweth wood upon the 

9 But mine eyes look 
unto thee, O Lord God : 
in thee is my trust, O cast 
not out my soul. 

10 Keep me from the 
snare that they have laid 
for me : and from the traps 
of the wicked doers. 

1 1 Let the ungodly fall 
into their own nets to- 
gether : and let me ever 
escape them. 


Day 29. 


1 Intellectus David, Cum esset 
in spelunca, oratio. (/ Reg. 24."\ 

VOCE mea ad Domi- 
num clamavi : voce 
mea ad Dominum depre- 
catus sum : 

3 Effundo in conspectu 
ejus orationem meam, et 
tribulationem meam ante 
ipsum pronuntio. 

4 In deficiendo ex me 
spiritum meum, et tu co- 
gnovisti semitas meas. 

In via hac, qua ambu- 
labam, absconderunt la- 
queum mihi. 

5 Considerabain ad 
dexteram, et videbam : et 
non erat qui cognosceret 

Periit fuga a me, et non 
est qui requirat animam 

6 Clamavi ad te Do- 
mine, dixi : Tu es spes 
mea, portio mea in terra 

7 Intende ad depreca- 
tionem meam : quia hu- 
miliatus sum nimis. 

Libera me a persequen- 


Voce mea ad Domi?iuw. 

I CRIED unto the Lord 
with my voice : yea, 
even unto the Lord did I 
make my supplication. 

2 I poured out my com- 
plaints before him : and 
shewed him of my trouble. 

3 When my spirit was 
in heaviness thou knewest 
my path : in the way 
wherein I walked have 
they privily laid a snare 
for me. 

4 I looked also upon 
my right hand ; and saw 
there was no man that 
would know me. 

5 I had no place to flee 
unto : and no man cared 
for my soul. 

6 I cried unto thee, O 
Lord, and said : Thou art 
my hope, and my portion 
in the land of the living. 

7 Consider my com- 
plaint : for I am brought 
\ery low, 

8 O deliver me from my 


tibiis me : quia confortati 
sunt super me. 

8 Kduc de custodia ani- 
mam meam ad confiten- 
dum nomini tuo : me 
exspectant justi, donee 
retribuas mihi. 

persecutors : for they are 
too strong for me. 

9 Bring my soul out of 
prison, that 1 may give 
thanks unto thy Name : 
which thing if thou wilt 
grant me, then shall the 
righteous resort unto my 


1 Psalmus David, Quando per- 
sequebatur eutn Absalom filius 
ejus. (2 Reg. 17.) 

DOMINE exaudi ora- 
tionem meam : auri- 
bus percipe obsecrationem 
meam in veritate tua : 
exaudi me in tua justitia 

2 Et non intres in judi- 
cium cum servo tuo : quia 
non justificabitur in con- 
spectu tuo omnis vivens. 

3 Quia persecutus est 
inimicus animam meam : 
humiliavit in terra vitam 

Collocavit me in obscuris 
sicut mortuos saeculi : 

4 Et anxiatus est super 
me spiritus meus, in me 
turbatum est cor meum. 

5 Meinor fui dierum 

Do mine, exaudi. 

HEAR my prayer, O 
Lord, and consider 
my desire : hearken unto 
me for thy truth and 
righteousness' sake. 

2 And enter not into 
judgement with thy ser- 
vant : for in thy sight 
shall no man living be 

3 For the enemy hath 
persecuted my soul ; he 
hath smitten my life down 
to the ground : he hath 
laid me in the darkness, 
as the men that have been 
long dead. 

4 Therefore is my spirit 
vexed within me : and my 
heart within me is deso- 

5 Yet do I remember 


the time past ; I muse 
upon all thy works : yea, 
I exercise myself in the 
works of thy hands. 

6 I stretch forth my 
hands unto thee : my soul 
gaspeth unto thee as a 
thirsty land. 

7 Hear me, O Lord, 
and that soon, for my 
spirit waxeth faint : hide 
not thy face from me, lest 
I be like unto them that 
go dow^n into the pit. 

8 O let me hear thy lov- 
ing-kindness betimes in 
the morning, for in thee is 
my trust : shew thou me 
the way that I should 
walk in, for I lift up my 
soul unto thee. 

9 Deliver me, O Lord, 
from mine enemies : for I 
flee unto thee to hide me. 

10 Teach me to do the 
thing that pleaseth thee, 
for thou art my God : let 
thy loving Spirit lead me 
forth into the land of 

1 1 Quicken me. O Lord, 
for thy Name's sake : and 
for thy righteousness' sake 
bring my soul out of 

12 And of thy goodness 

antiquorum, meditatus 
sum in omnibus operibus 
tuis : in factis manuum 
tuarum meditabar. 

6 Expandi manus meas 
ad te : anima mea sicut 
terra sine aqua tibi : 

7 Velociter exaudi me 
Domine : defecit spiritus 

Non avertas faciem 
tuam a me : et similis ero 
descendentibus in lacum. 

8 Auditam fac mihi 
mane misericordiam tu- 
am : quia in te speravi. 

Xotam fac mihi viam, 
in qua ambulem : quia ad 
te levavi animam meam. 

9 Eripe me de inimicis 
meis Domine, ad te con- 
fugi : 

10 Doce me facere vo- 
luntatem tuam, quia Deus 
meus es tu. 

Spiritus tuus bonus 
deducet me in terram 
rectam : 

1 1 Propter nomen tuum 
Domine vivificabis me, in 
aequitate tua. 

Educes de tribulatione 
animam meam : 

12 Et in misericordia 


tua disperdes inimicos 

Et perdes oinnes qui 
tribulant animam meam : 
quoniam ego servus tuus 


Psalmus David. 
I Adversus Goliath. 

Dominus Deus meus, 
qui docet manus meas ad 
proelium, et digitos meos 
ad bellum. 

2 INIisericordia mea, et 
refugium meum : susce- 
ptor meus, et liberator 
meus : 

Protector meus, et in 
ipso speravi : qui subdit 
populum meum sub me. 

3 Domine quid est 
homo, quia innotuisti ei .' 
aut filius hominis quia 
reputas eum ? 

4 Homo vanitati similis 
factus est : dies ejus sicut 
umbra praetereunt. 

5 Domine inclina caelos 
tuos, et descende : tangc 
montes, et fumigabunt. 

6 Fulgura coruscatio- 

slay mine enemies : and 
destroy all them that vex 
my soul ; for I am thy 


Benedictus Douiimis. 

BLESSED be the Lord 
my strength : who 
teacheth my hands to 
war, and my fingers to 

2 My hope and my fort- 
ress, my castle and de- 
liverer, my defender in 
whom I trust : who sub- 
dueth my people that is 
under me. 

3 Lord, what is man, 
that thou hast such respect 
unto him : or the son of 
man, that thou so regard- 
est him ? 

4 Man is like a thing of 
nought : his time passeth 
away like a shadow. 

5 Bow thy heavens, O 
Lord, and come down : 
touch the mountains, and 
they shall smoke. 

6 Cast forth thy light- 


nem, et dissipabis eos : 
emitte sagittas tuas, et 
conturbabis eos : 

7 Emitte manum tuam 
de alto, eripe me, et libera 
me de aquis multis : de 
manu filiorum alienorum. 

8 Quorum os locutum 
est vanitatem : et dextera 
eorum, dextera iniquitatis. 

9 Deus canticum novum 
cantabo tibi : in psalterio, 
decachordo psallam tibi. 

10 Qui das salutem 
regibus : qui redemisti 
David servum tuum de 
gladio maligno : 

1 1 Eripe me. 

Et erue me de manu 
filiorum alienorum, quo- 
mm OS locutum est vani- 
tatem : et dextera eorum, 
dextera iniquitatis : 

12 Quorum filii, sicut 
novellae plantationes in 
juventute sua. 

Filiae eorum composi- 
tae : circumomatae ut 
similitudo templi. 

13 Promptuaria eorum 
plena, eructantia ex hoc in 

ning, and tear them : 
shoot out thine arrows, 
and consume them. 

7 Send down thine hand 
from above : deliver me, 
and take me out of the 
great waters, from the 
hand of strange children ; 

8 Whose mouth talketh 
of vanity : and their right 
hand is a right hand of 

9 I will sing a new song 
unto thee, O God : and 
sing praises unto thee 
upon a ten-stringed lute. 

10 Thou hast given vic- 
tory unto kings : and hast 
delivered David thy ser- 
vant from the peril of the 

1 1 Save me, and deliver 
me from the hand of 
strange children : whose 
mouth talketh of vanity, 
and their right hand is a 
right hand of iniquity. 

12 That our sons may 
grow up as the young 
plants : and that our 
daughters may be as the 
polished corners of the 

13 That our garners 
may be full and plenteous 
with all manner of store : 

M 3 


Oves eorum foetosae, 
abundantes in egressibub 
suis : 

14 Boves eorum cras- 

Noil est ruina maceriae. 
iieque transitus : neque 
clamor in plateis eorum. 

15 Beatum dixerunt 
populum, cui haec sunt : 
beatus populus, cujus 
Dominus Deus ejus. 

that our sheep may bring 
forth thousands and ten 
thousands in our streets. 

14 That our oxen may 
be strong to labour, that 
there be no decay : no 
leading into captivity, and 
no complaining in our 

15 Happy are the people 
that are in such a case : 
yea, blessed are the people 
who have the Lord for 
their God. 


1 Laudatio ipsi David. 

mens rex : et bene- 
dicam nomini tuo in sae- 
culum, et in saeculum 

2 Per singulos dies 
benedicam tibi : et laudabo 
nomen tuum in saeculum, 
et in saeculum saeculi. 

3 Magnus Dominus et 
laudabilis nimis : et mag- 
nitudinis ejus non est finis. 

4 Generatio etgeneratio 
laudabit opera tua : et 
potentiam tuam pronun- 

Exaltabo te, Deus, 

I WILL magnify thee, 
O God, niy King : and 
1 will praise thy Name for 
ever and ever. 

2 Every day will 1 give 
thanks unto thee : and 
praise thy Name for ever 
and ever. 

3 Great isthe Lord, and 
marvellous worthy to be 
praised : there is no end 
of his greatness. 

4 One generation shall 
praise thy works unto an- 
other : and declare thy 


5 As for me, I will be 
talking of thy worship : 
thy glory, thy praise, and 
wondrous works ; 

6 So that men shall 
speak of the might of thy 
marvellous acts : and 1 
will also tell of thy great- 

7 The memorial of thine 
abundant kindness shall 
be shewed : and men shall 
sing of thy righteousness. 

8 The Lord is gracious, 
and merciful : long-suffer- 
ing, and of great goodness. 

9 The Lord is loving 
unto every man : and his 
mercy is over all his 

10 All thy works praise 
thee, O Lord : and thy 
saints give thanks unto 

11 They shew the 
glory of thy kingdom : and 
talk of thy power ; 

12 That thy power, thy 
glory, and mightiness of 
thy kingdom : might be 
known unto men. 

13 Thy kingdom is an 
everlasting kingdom : and 
thy dominion endureth 
throughout all ages. 

5 Magnificentiam glo- 
riae sanctitatis tuae lo- 
quentur : et mirabilia tua 

6 Et virtutem terribi- 
lium tuorum dicent : et 
magnitudinem tuam nar- 

7 IMemoriam abundan- 
tiae suavitatis tuae eructa- 
bunt : et justitia tua ex- 

8 Miserator et miseri- 
cors Dominus : patiens, 
et multum misericors. 

9 Suavis Dominus uni- 
versis : et miserationes 
ejus super omnia opera 

10 Confiteanturtibi Do- 
mine omnia opera tua : 
et sancti tui benedicant 

11 Gloriam regni tui 
dicent : et potentiam tuam 
loquentur : 

12 Ut notam faciant 
filiis hon:iinum potentiam 
tuam : et gloriam magni- 
ficentiae regni tui. 

13 Regnum tuum reg- 
num omnium saeculorum : 
et dominatio tua in omni 
generatione et generatio- 

Day .:;o. 


Fidelis Doiniiuis in om- 
nibus verbis suis : et san- 
ctus in omnibus operibus 

14 Allevat Dominus 
omnes qui corruunt : et 
erigit omnes elisos. 

15 Oculi omnium in te 
sperant Domine : et tu das 
escam illorum in tempore 

16 Aperis tu manum 
tuam : et imples omne 
animal benedictione. 

17 Justus Dominus in 
omnibus viis suis : et san- 
ctus in omnibus operibus 

18 Prope est Domi- 
nus omnibus invocantibus 
eum : omnibus invocan- 
tibus eum in veritate. 

19 Voluntatem timen- 
tium se faciet, et depre- 
cationem eorum exaudiet : 
et salvos faciet eos. 

20 Custodit Dominus 
omnes diligentes se : et 
omnes peccatores disper- 

21 Laudationem Do- 
mini loquetur os meum : 
et benedicat omnis caro 
nomini sancto ejus in sae- 
culum, et in saeculum 

14 The Lord upholdeth 
all such as fall : and lifteth 
up all those that are down. 

15 The eyes of all wait 
upon thee, O Lord : and 
thou givest them their 
meat in due season. 

16 Thou openest thine 
hand : and fillest all things 
living with plenteousness. 

17 The Lord is right- 
eous in all his ways : and 
holy in all his works. 

18 The Lord is nigh 
unto all them that call 
upon him : yea, all such as 
call upon him faithfully. 

19 He will fulfil the de- 
sire of them that fear him : 
he also will hear their 
cry, and will help them. 

20 The Lord preserveth 
all them that love him : 
but scattereth abroad all 
the ungodly. 

21 My mouth shall 
speak the praise of the 
Lord : and let all flesh 
give thanks unto his holy 
Name for ever and ever. 


Day -10. 


1 Alleluia, Aggaei, et Zacharlae. 

LA U D A anima mea 
^ Dominum, laudabo 
Dominum in vita mea : 
psallam Deo meo qiiam- 
diu fuero. 

Nolite confidere in priu- 
cipibus : 

3 In filiis hominum, in 
qiiibus non est salus. 

4 Exibit spiritus ejus, 
Pt revertetur in terrani 
suani : in ilia die peribunt 
omnes cogitationes eorum . 

5 Heatiis. cujiis Deus 
Jacob adjutor ejus, spes 
ejus in Domino Deoipsius : 

6 Qui fecit caelum et 
terram, mare, et omnia, 
quae in eis sunt. 

7 Ouicustoditveritatem 
in saeculum, facit judicium 
injuriam patientilDUs : dat 
escam esurientibus. 

Dominus solvit com- 
peditos : 

8 Dominus illuminat 

Dominus erigit elisos, 
Dominus diligit justos. 

Lauda, iviima mea, 

PRAISE the Lord, O 
my soul : while 1 live 
will I praise the Lord : yea, 
as long as I have any 
being, I will sing praises 
unto my God. 

2 O put not your trust 
in princes, nor in any child 
of man : for there is no 
help in them. 

3 For when the breath 
of man goeth forth he shall 
turn again to his earth : 
and then all his thoughts 

4 Blessedishethathath 
the God of Jacob for his 
help : and whose hope is 
in the Lord his Cjod ; 

5 Who made heaven 
and earth, the sea, and all 
that therein is : who keep- 
eth his promise for ever : 

6 Who helpeth them to 
right that sutler wrong : 
who feedeth the hungry. 

7 The Lord looseth men 
out of prison : the Lord 
giveth sight to the blind. 

8 The Lord helpeth 
them that are fallen : the 


9 Dominus ciistodit ad- 
venas, pupilluni,ei viduam 
suscipiet : et vias pecca- 
torum disperdet. 

10 Regnabit Dominus 
in saecula Deus tuus Sion, 
in generationem et gene- 

Lord careth for the right- 

y The Lord careth for 
the strangers : he defendeth 
the fatherless and widow : 
as for the way of the un- 
godly, he turneth it upside 

10 The Lord thy God, 
O Sion, shall be King for 
evermore : and through- 
out all generations. 

JEvenlna prater. 


I Alleluia. 

LAUD ATE Dominum, 
^ quoniam bonus est 
psalmus : Deo nostro sit 
jucunda, decoraque lau- 

2 Aedificans Jerusalem 
Dominus : dispersiones 
Israelis congregabit. 

3 ()ui sanat contritos 
corde : et alligat contri- 
tiones eorum. 

4 Qui numerat multitii- 
dinem stellarum : et om- 
nibus eis nomina vocat. ' 


Lnvdate Do7mnum. 

O PRAISE the Lord, 
for it is a good thing 
to sing praises unto our 
(lod : yea, a joyful and 
pleasant thing it is to be 

2 The Lord doth build 
up Jerusalem : and gathei 
together the out-casts of 

3 He healeih those that 
arc broken in heart : and 
giveth medicine to heal 
their sickness. 

4 He telleth the number 
of the stars : and calleth 
them all by then- names. 


5 Great is our Lord, and 
great is his power : yea, 
and his wisdom is infinite. 

5 Magnus Dominus 
noster, et magna virtus 
ejus : et sapientiae ejus 
non est numerus. 

6 Suscipiens mansuetos 
Dominus : humilians au- 
tem peccatores usque ad 

7 Praecinite Domino in 
confessione : psallite Deo 
nostro in cithara. 

8 Qui operit caekim 
nubibus : et parat terrae 

Qui producit in monti- 
bus foenum : et herbam 
servituti hominum. 

9 Qui dat jumentis e- 
scam ipsorum : et pullis 
corvorum invorantibus 

10 Non in iortitudine 
equi voluntatem habebit : 
nee in tibiis viri bene- 
placitum erit ei. 

1 1 Beneplacitum est 
Domino super timentes 
eum : et in eis, qui sperant 
super misericordia ejus. 

6 The Lord setteth up 
the meek : and bringeth 
the ungodly down to the 

7 O sing unto the Lord 
with thanksgiving : sing 
praises upon the harp unto 
our God ; 

8 Who covereth the hea- 
ven with clouds, and pre- 
pareth rain for the earth : 
and maketh the grass to 
grow upon the mountains, 
and herb for the use of 
men ; 

9 Who giveth fodder 
unto the cattle : and feed- 
eth the young ravens that 
call upon him. 

1 He hath no pleasure 
in the strength of an 
horse : neither delighteth 
he in any man's legs. 

11 But the Lord's de- 
light is in them that fear 
him : and put their trust in 
his mercy. 

Day 30. 




LAUDA Jerusalem Do- 
^ minum : laiida Deum 
tuum Sion. 

13 Ouoniam confortavit 
seras portaruiii tuarum : 
benedixit filiis tuis in te. 

14 Qui posuit tines tuos 
pacem : et adipe frumenti 
satiat te. 

15 Ouiemittiteloquium 
suum terrae : velociter 
currit sermo ejus. 

16 Qui dat nivem sicut 
lanam : nebulani sicut 
cinereni spargit. 

17 Mittit cr>'stallum 
suani sicut buccellas : ante 
faciem frigoris ejus quis 
sustinebit ? 

18 Eniittet verbuin 
suum, et liquefaciet ea : 
flabit spiritus ejus et fluent 

19 Qui annuntiat vcr- 
bum suum Jacob : justitias, 
et judicia sua Israel. 

20 N on fecit taliter om- 
ni nationi : et judicia sua 
non manifestavit eis. Al- 

12 Praise the Lord, O 
Jerusalem : praise thy 
God, O Sion. 

1 3 For he hath made 
fast the bars of thy gates : 
and hath blessed thy chil- 
dren within thee. 

14 He maketh peace in 
thy borders : and filleth 
thee with the flour of 

15 He sendeth forth his 
commandment upon earth: 
and his word runneth very 

16 He giveth snow like 
wool : and scattereth the 
hoar-frost like ashes. 

17 He casteth forth his 
ice like morsels : who is 
able to abide his frost ? 

iS He sendeth out his 
word, and meltelh them : 
he bloweth with his wind, 
and the waters flow. 

19 Heshewethhis word 
unto Jacob : his statutes 
and ordinances unto Israel. 

20 He hath not dealt so 
with any nation : neither 
have the heathen know- 
ledge of his laws. 

psal:\i cxlviii. 




I Alleluia. 

LAUDATE Uominum 
^ de caelis : laudate 
euni in excelsis. 

2 Laudate eum omnes 
angeli ejus : laudate eum 
omnes virtutes ejus. 

3 Laudate eum sol et 
luna : laudate eum omnes 
stellae et lumen. 

4 Laudate eum caeli 
caelorum : et aquae omnes, 
quae super caelos sunt, 

5 Laudent nomen Do- 

Quia ipse dixit, et facta 
sunt : ipse mandavit, et 
creata sunt. 

6 Statuiteainaeternum, 
et in saeculum saeculi : 
praeceptum posuit, et non 

7 Laudate Dominum 
de terra, dracones, et om- 
nes abyssi. 

8 Ignis, grando, nix, 
glacies, spiritus procel- 
larum : quae faciunt ver- 
bum ejus : 

9 Montes, et omnes 
colles : ligna fructifera. et 
omnes cedri. 

10 Bestiae, et universa 


Laudate Dovii7m»i. 

O PRAISE the Lord 
of heaven : praise 
him in the height. 

2 Praise him. all ye 
angels of his : praise him, 
all his host. 

3 Praise him, sun and 
moon : praise him, all ye 
stars and light. 

4 Praise him, all ye hea- 
vens : and ye waters that 
are above the heavens. 

5 Let them praise the 
Name of the Lord : for he 
spake the word, and they 
were made ; he command- 
ed, and they were created. 

6 He hath made them 
fast for ever and ever : he 
hath given them a law 
which shall not be broken. 

7 Praise the Lord upon 
earth : ye dragons, and all 
deeps ; 

8 Fire and hail, snow 
and vapours : wind and 
storm, fulfilling his word ; 

9 Mountains and all 
hills : fruitful trees and all 
cedars : 

10 Beasts and all 

Day ^o. 


pecora : serpentes. et vo- 
iucres pennatae : 

11 Reges terrae, et 
omnes populi : principes, 
et omnes judices terrae. 

12 Juvenes et virgines : 
senes cum junioribus lau- 
dent nomen Domini : 

13 Quia exaltatum est 
nomen ejus solius. 

14 Confessio ejus super 
caelum, et terram : et 
exaltavit cornu populi sui. 

Hymnus omnibus San- 
ctis ejus : liliis Israel, po- 
pulo appropinquanti sibi. 

cattle : worms and feath- 
ered fowls ; 

1 1 Kings of the earth 
and all people : princes 
and all judges of the 
world ; 

13 Young men and 
maidens, old men and chil- 
dren, praise the Name of 
the Lord : for his Name 
only is excellent, and his 
praise above heaven and 

13 He shall exalt the 
horn of his people ; all his 
saints shall praise him : 
even the children of Israel, 
even the people that ser- 
veth him. 


I Alleluia. 

CAN TATE Domino 
canticum novum ; 
laus ejus in ecclesia san- 

2 Laetetur Israel in eo 
qui fecit eum : et filii Sion 
exsultent in rege suo. 

3 Laudent nomen ejus 
in choro : in tympano, et 
psalterio psallant ei ; 


Cant ate Domino. 

OSING unto the Lord 
a new song : let 
the congregation of saints 
praise him. 

2 Let Israel rejoice in 
him that made him : and 
let the children of Sion be 
joyful in their king. 

3 Let them praise his 
Name in the dance : let 
them sing praises unto him 
with tabrct and harp. 



4 Quia beneplacitum 
est Domino in populo 
suo : et exaltabit inansue- 
tos in salutem. 

5 Exsultabunt sancti 
in gloria : laetabuntur in 
cubilibus suis. 

6 Exaltationes Dei in 
gutture eorum : et gladii 
ancipites in manibus 
eorum : 

7 Ad faciendam vindi- 
ctam in nationibiis : incre- 
pationes in populis. 

8 Ad alligandos reges 
eorum in compedibus : et 
nobiles eorum in manicis 

9 Ut faciant in eis judi- 
cium conscriptum : gloria 
haec est omnibus Sanctis 
ejus. Alleluia. 

4 For the Lord hath 
pleasure in his people : 
and helpeth the meek- 

5 Let the saints be joy- 
ful with glory : let them 
rejoice in their beds. 

6 Let the praises of God 
be in their mouth : and a 
two-edged sword in their 
hands : 

7 To be avenged of the 
heathen : and to rebuke 
the people ; 

8 To bind their kings 
in chains : and their 
nobles with links of iron. 

9 That they may be 
avenged of them, as it is 
written : Such honour 
have all his saints. 


I Alleluia 

LAUD ATE Dominum 
^ in Sanctis ejus : lau- 
dato eum in firmamento 
virtutis ejus. 

2 Laudate eum in vir- 
tutibus ejus : laudate eum 
secundum multitudinem 
magnitudinis ejus. 

3 Laudate eum in sono 

Laudate Doninum. 

O PRAISE God in his 
holiness : praise him 
in the firmament of his 

2 Praise him in his 
noble acts : praise him 
according to his excellent 

3 Praise him in the 

Day 30. 

tubae : laudate enm in 
psalterio et cithara. 

4 Laudate eum in tym- 
pano et choro : laudate 
eiun in chordis et organo. 

5 Laudate eum in cym- 
balis benesonantibus : lau- 
date eum in cymbalis jn- 
bilationis : 

6 Omnis spiritus laudet 
Dominum. Alleluia. 


sound of the trumpet : 
praise him upon the lute 
and harp. 

4 Praise him in the cym- 
bals and dances : praise 
him upon the strings and 

5 Praise him upon the 
well-tuned cymbals : praise 
him upon the loud cym- 

6 Let every thing that 
hath breath : praise the 






















1 10 


Ad Dominum cum tribularer. 

Ad te Domine clamabo. 

Ad te Domine levavi animam. 

Ad te levavi oculos. 

Afferte Domino filii Dei. 

Attendite popule mens. 

Audite haec omnes gentes. 

Eeati immaculali in via. 

Beati omnes qui timent. 

Beati, quorum remissae. 

Beatus qui intelligit. 

Beatus vir, qui non abiit. 

Beatus vir, qui timet. 

Benedicam Dominum. 

Benedic anima mea Domino, Domine. 

Benedic anima mea Domino, et omnia 

Benedictus Dominus. 

Benedixisti Domine. 

Bonum est conhteri. 

Caeli enarrant. 

Cantatc Domino canticum novum 

Cantate Domino canticum novum 

Cantate Domino canticum novum 


Confitebimur tibi Dcus. 
Confitebor tibi Domine ... in consilio. 
Confitebor tibi Domine . . . narrabo. 
Confitebor tibi Domine . . . <,[Uoniam. 
Confitemini Domino, et invocate. 
Confitemini Domino . . . confUcmini, 

laus ejus, 
quia mira- 












1 I 2 



;. 149 




1 06 





















Contitemini Domino . . . dicant qui. 107 

Confitemini Domino . . . dicat nunc. 118 

Coniitemini Domino . . . tjiiis loquetiir. 106 

Conserva me Domine. 16 

Credidi, propter quod. ii6b 

Cum invocarem. 4 

De profundis clamavi. 130 

Deus auribus nostris. 44 

Deus deorum Dominus. 50 

Deus Deus meus ad te. 63 

Deus Deus meus, respice. 22 

Deus in adjutorium. 70 

Deus in nomine tuo. 54 

Deus judicium tuum. 72 

Deus laudem meam. 109 

Deus misereatur nostri. 67 

Deus noster refugium. 46 

Deus, quis similis erit tibi ? 83 

Deus repulisti nos. 60 

Deus stetit in synagoga. 82 

Deus ultionum Dominus. 94 

Deus venerunt gentes. 79 

Dilexi, quoniam. 116 

Diligam te, Domine. 18 

Dixi, custodiam. 39 

Dixit Dominus. no 

Dixit injustus. 36 
Dixit insipiens in corde suo ... in iniquitatibus. 53 

Dixit insipiens in corde suo ... in studiis. 14 

Domine, clamavi ad te. 141 

Domine Deus meus, in te speravi. 7 

Domine Deus salutis meae. 88 
Domine Dominus noster. 
Domine exaudi orationem meam : auribus. 
Domine exaudi orationem meam : et clamor 

Domine in virtute tua. 
Domine, ne in furore tuo. 










Domine, ne in furore tuo . . . quoiiiam. 



Domine. non est exaltatum. 



Domine probasti me. 



Domine, quid multiplicati sunt. 



Domine, quis habitabit. 



Domine, refugium factus es. 



Domini est terra. 



Dominus illuminatio mea. 



Dominus regit me. 



Dominus regnavit, decorem. 



Dominus regnavit, exsultet. 



Dominus regnavit, irascantur. 



Ecce nunc benedicite. 



Ecce quam bonum. 



Eripe me de iuimicib meis. 


J 39 

Eripe me Domine. 



Eructavit cor menm. 



Exaltabo te Deus mens. 



Exaltabo te Domine. 



Exaudiat te Dominus. 



Exaudi Deus deprecationem meam. 



Exaudi Deus orationem meam cum deprecor. 



Exaudi Deus orationem meam ; et ne. 



Exaudi Domine justitiam meam. 



Exspectans exspectavi. 



Exsultate Deo. 



Exsultate justi. 



Exsurgat Deus. 



Eundamenla ejus. 



Inclina, Domine. 


1 25 

In convertendo. 



In Domino confido. 



In exitu Israel. 



In te Domine speravi. 



In te Domine speravi. 



Jubilate Deo omnis terra, psalmum 



Jubilate Deo omnis terra : servite. 



Judica Domine. 






Judica me Deus. 



/udica me Domine. 



. .aetatus sum in his. 



Lauda anima mea. 



Laud a, Jerusalem. 



Laudate Dominum de caelis. 



Laudate Dominum in Sanctis. 



Laudate Dominum omnes. 



Laudate Dominum, quoniam bonus. 



Laudate nomen Domini. 



Laudate pueri Dominum. 



Levavi oculos meos. 



Magnus Dominus, 



Memento Domine David. 



Miserere mei Deus. miserere mei. 



Miserere mei Deus, quoniam. 



Miserere mei Deus, secundum magnam. 



Misericordiam, et judicium. 



Misericordias Domini. 



Nisi Dominus. 



Nisi quia Dominus. 



Noli aemulari. 



Non nobis Domine. 



Nonne Deo subjecta. 



Notus in Judaea Deus. 



Omnes gentes piaiidite. 



Paratum cor meum. 



Quam bonus Israel Deus. 



Quam dilecta tabernacula. 



Quare fremuerunt gentes. 



Quemadmodum desiderat. 



Qui contidunt in Domino. 



Qui habitat in adjutorio. 



Qui regis Israel. 



Quid gloriaris. 



Saepe cxpugnaverunt. 



Salvum me fac Deus. 



Salvum me fac Domine. 





57 Si vere utique justitiam. 


136 Super rtumina Babylonis. 


64 Te decet hymnus. 


I 2 Usquequo Domine. 


73 Ut quid Deu5 repuli=;ti. 


9b Ut quid, Domine. 


94 Venite, exsultemus. 


,:; Verba mea auribus. 


76 Voce mea . . . ad Deum, et intendit. 77 

41 Voce men ... ad Dnminum deprecatus «;um. 142 



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