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With Responsive Readings 

The United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

MAY 24, 1939 

Copyright, 1912, 

PnrsBURGH, Pa. 

Reprinted May 1Q13, Fiftieth Thousand 

^ 1 

^ ] 'J ■'■^ 


" I • 


The prime distinction of this Psalter is its use of the metrical version of 
the Psalms approved September 22d, 1909, by a Joint Committee from 
nine Churches of the Presbyterian family in Canada and the United States. 
These Churches are as follows: the Presbyterian Church in the United States 
of America, the Presbyterian Church in Canada, the Reformed Church in 
America, the United Presbyterian Church of North America, the Reformed 
Presbyterian Church, Synod, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, General 
Synod, the Christian Reformed Church in North America, the Associate 
Reformed Presbyterian Church, and the Associate Presbyterian Church. 
There had been a long-felt desire for a version of the Psalms which would 
satisfy modem literary standards and be recognized as the mutual property 
of the Churches. A movement in this direction was started in 1893, the 
General Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church then appointing a 
Committee to bring the project before the various ecclesiastical bodies. 
The outcome was the creation of a Joint Committee in 1895. After being 
enlarged, it met in Philadelphia on April 8th, 1897, for organization and the 
adoption of a plan of procedure. Though meanwhile there was much prep- 
aration on the part of some of its members, the Committee was not con- 
vened again until 1900, when on April 20th the first session for actual work 
began in New York City, lasting six days. From that date lengthy meetings 
were held twice a year until April, 1905, when the Revision wa3 finish«l 
and sent to the interested Churches for action thereon. Most of these 
Churches commended the progress made, but desired the Joint Committee 
to continue its efforts toward a version of still greater excellence. The 
Joint Committee, to aid it in this matter, waited for reports from the Com- 
mittees representing the Churches, with the criticisms and suggestions they 
might convey. 

The Committee of the United Presbyterian Church, increased and defi- 
nitely instructed by the General Assembly of 1905, set itself very earnestly 
to its duty, proposing practically a new metrical translation of the Psalms. 
The Committee as now constituted consisted of David A. McClenahan, D.D., 
LL.D., Chairman, David R. Miller, D.D., William E. McCuUoch, D.D., 
John McNaugher, D.D., LL.D., William J. Reid, D.D., and William L 
Wishart, D.D. It had the invaluable help of Edward A. Collier, D.D., of 
the Reformed Church in America, and of Charles E. Craven, D.D., of the 
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America, both of whom had 
shown already superior poetic gifts as members of the Joint Committee. 
Three years were spent on the undertaking, the Committee meeting weekly, 
except during the vacation periods. The Committees of the other Churches 
did little in the meantime, being informed of the work that was being prose- 
cuted on so large a scale by the United Presbyterian Committee. In April, 
1909, proof sheets of the Version were forwarded to the members of the 
Joint Committee, who offered emendations and additions, many of which 
were accepted. On September 21st, 1909, the Joint Committee gathered 
in the All^heny Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, where two days were 


occupied with a review of the Version. With some slight retouching, it 
was submitted to the Churches by almost unanimous agreement as the 
Joint Committee's final report. 

The Version was presented to the General Assembly of the United Pres- 
byterian Church at Knoxville, Tennessee, in May, 1909, subject to such 
minor changes as might still be made by the Joint Committee. The Gen- 
eral Assembly overtured it to the Presbyteries, where an overwhelming vote 
in its favor was recorded. In pursuance of this legal approval by the Pres- 
byteries, the General Assembly of 1910, meeting in Philadelphia, formally 
authorized the Version as The Book of Praise of the United Presbyterian 
Church of North America. 

In this Version the inspired Psalms have been rendered into choice 
English verse, while yet the freshness and strength and sober dignity of 
the Hebrew originals have been preserved. Besides the familiar meters, a 
number of more recent type have been introduced, permitting an ampler 
drawing from the copious stores of church music of the past and present. 
The Psalms that are prized most highly have special treatment, there being 
two or more renditions of them, differing metrically. In the thought of 
many this versification of the Divine Hymnal, because of its merit and its 
undenominational character, is destined to* receive broad acceptance and 
become historic. 

Confidently anticipating the indorsement of the Version by the Church, 
the Board of Publication in 1909 appointed an Editorial Committee to pre- 
pare a Psalter, and on November 29th of that year the initiative was taken 
in a task only now happily concluded. In this new manual of praise the 
Psalms are divided into four hundred and thirteen sections. By such par- 
titioning many passages of peculiar interest which otherwise would be un- 
sung are brought under observation. In every instance the Psalm numeral 
and the meter signature are printed prominently. Instead of numbering 
the stanzas of a Psalm consecutively through several sections, the stanzas 
are counted over again in each, and the continuous order is indicated in 
brackets below the music. Supplementing the entire Psalm, there is an 
occasional selection of stanzas that frame up into a good unity. Some of 
these selections belong to the text of the Version; others have been drafted 
by the Editorial Committee. A few choruses, nine in all, are employed. 
The headings on every page embody the keynote or leading strain of the 
several sections, and are designed to contribute meaning to the service of 

In the search for tunes the Committee has made an exhaustive study 
of the best collections of congregational music in America and Great Britain. 
The tests constantly applied were harmony with the lofty sentiment and 
spiritual utterance of the Psalms, genuinely musical quality, promise of 
permanence, and popular adaptation. Many of the old Psalm tunes retain 
their place, not because of any prescriptive right, but by reason of their 
intrinsic value. Seventeen tunes appear for the first time, having been 
written especially for this book. Each tune is set but once. This rule 
secures a wealth of music, so that this Psalter contains no less than four 
hundred and thirty-six tunes, inclusive of twenty-three alternates. A fixed 
association between tune and words is also gained thereby. Commonly 
marks of expression or speed have been avoided, it being judged better 


that organists and choirs should themselves seek such a musical interpreta- 
tion of the Psalms as will be edifying. The Committee was exceedingly 
fortunate in obtaining the co-operation, as expert musical editor, of Mr. 
Charles N. Boyd, Instructor in Church Music in the Western Theological 
Seminary, Pittsburgh. To his skill and painstaking care very much is 
owing. The Committee takes this opportunity to thank the composers and 
publishers who have granted free permission for the use of copyright mate- 

Together with the ordinary indexes, a topical index, analyzing and 
classifying the rich content of the Psalms, has been provided. This sup- 
plies a ready reference for both doctrinal and practical themes. The Psalter 
has been made more complete as a service book by the insertion of Respon- 
sive Readings. It is believed that the growing number of congregations 
which have a responsive exercise in their order of worship will welcome this 
new feature. To the Responsive Readings are appended two doxologies 
and the Apostles' Creed for public repetition. 

With this brief preface the book is sent forth upon its sacred mission. 
It presents anew the immortal songs of the Holy Spirit, those matchless 
hymns of the Bible which have been sung in far-off countries and centuries, 
which were chanted by our Lord and His disciples, and which with their 
measured language of religious feeling and devotion will abide until the 
end. In submitting the results of its labor the Committee expresses the 
earnest hope that the Church may be able, more worthily than ever, to 
fulfil the injunction: '*Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly; in all 
wisdom teaching and admonishing one another with psalms and hymns and 
spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts unto God.** 

John McNaugher, Chairman 
William E. McCulloch 
David F. McGill 
William J. Reid 
Charles F. Wishart 
William I. Wishart 

Pittsburgh, November, 191 2 



The Psalms 7-353 

Responsive Readings 355-4^7 

Special Responsive Readings 428-435 


Index of First and Special Lines 437-442 

Alphabetical Index of Tunes 443,444 

Metrical Index of Tunes 445-447 

Index of Composers and Sources 448,449 

Index of Subjects 450-459 


The Blessedness of the Godly 

PSALM 1 C. M. 


John H. Gower 

I That man is blest who, fear - ing God, From sin re - strains his feet, 

KftriF p F rn^^ 

f" ' MiJ J j iin ^^ 

i- i i 4- 


Who will not stand with wick - ed men. Who shuns the scorn - ers* seat. 


Copyright. 1B901 bj John H. Cower. Used by per. 

2 Yea, blest is he who makes God's law 

His portion and delight, 
And meditates upon that law 
With gladness day and night. 

3 That man is nourished like a tree 

Set by the river's side; 
Its leaf is green, its fruit is sure. 
And thus his works abide. 

4 The wicked like the driven chaflE 

Are swept from off the land; 
They shall not gather with the just. 
Nor in the judgment stand. 

5 The Lord will guard the righteous well. 

Their way to Him is known; 
The way of sinners, far from God, 
Shall surely be overthrown. 

2 The Righteous and Unrighteous 

PSALM 1 88 and 7s Redeemer Luther O. Emerson 

#^ii ' j J i'/ij ii^J i J^H'J' i ^ ' 

I Blest is he who loves God*s pre-cepts, Who from sin re-strains his feet, 



He who will not stand with sin - ners, He who shuns the scorn - ers' seat. 

f^ — 

hv^ur I f f i f FininF f 



2 Blest is he who makes the statutes 

Of the Lord his chief delight, 
In God's law, divinely perfect, 
Meditating day and night. 

3 He is like a tree well planted 

By the flowing river's side, 
Ever green of leaf and fruitful: 
Thus shall all his works abide. 


4 Like the driven chaff the wicked 

Shall be swept from off the land; 
With the just they shall not gather, 
Nor shall in the judgment stand. 

5 Well the Lord will guard the righteous. 

For their way to Him is known; 
But the way of evildoers 
Shall by Him be overthrown. 


Arranged from Beethoven 

iii:i \ i ^J JIJ J j: ^^ I J'J J I 

I Blest is he who loves God's pre- cepts, Who from sin re-strains his feet, 

i T: p , « f r }■ h ^ r f^ . ^ 







H-^i '^ j i r;"jr^Hii4 j i 1^ ^ 

He who will not stand with sin - ners, He who shuns the scom-ers* seat. 

KFfffnFF'f ^^ 



3 The Kingship of Jesus Christ 

PSALM 2 7» Herald Angels Ananged f rom Mendelssohn 



,f\iUi \ ii l'Ai ^ 


f • "• • — " ■ r I ■ ■ y 

I Where-fore do the ua-tions rage And the peo - pie vain-ly dream That in trl-umph 

^ \ ^ ft if f f f if f r I f > i^' «^ ^ 

they can wage War a-gainst the King su-preme ? Christ His Son a scoff they make, 


^^ t=f= f=fi^^ ^#M 

And the nil - ers plot-ting say : Their do-min-ion let us break, Let us cast their 

fe^i/m^Hj/^l:; i jjJ II 

yoke a - way, Their do - min-ion let us break, Let us cast their yoke a - way. 

i i- J 

2 But the Lord will scorn them all, 

Calm He sits enthroned on high; 
Soon His wrath will on them fall, 

Sore displeased He will reply: 
Yet according to My will 

I have set My King to reign, 
And on Zion's holy hill 

My Anointed I maintain, 

3 This His word shall be made known, 

This Jehovah's firm decree: 
Thou art My beloved Son, 
Yea, I have begotten Thee. 

All the earth at Thy request 
I will give Thee for Thy own; 

Then Thy might shall be confessed 
And Thy foes be overthrown. 

4 Therefore, kings, be wise, give ear; 

Hearken, judges of the earth; 
Learn to serve the Lord with fear, 

Mingle trembling with your mirth. 
Kiss the Son, lest o'er your way 

His consuming wrath should break; 
But supremely blest are they 

Who in Christ their refuge take. 



With Responsive Readings 

The United Presbyterian Board of Publication 


PSALM 5 78 

Confident Access to God 


Simeon B. Marsh 

^^i-^-u ^' i j ;.t^H-i'j ^i;. i, ^ ^ 

{ In the f ul - ness of Thy grace To Thy house I will re - pair, 
] Bow -ing toward Thy ho - ly place, In Thy fear will wor-ship tliere. 
D.C. Z.^J/ My feet be turned a - sitle^ Make Thy way be -fore me plain. 

Lead me in Thy right-eous - ness, 

Let my foes as - sail in vain ; 

2 False and faithless are my foes, 

In their mouth no truth is found; 
Deadly are the words they speak, 

All their thoughts with sin abound. 
Bring, O God, their plans to nought, 

Hold them guilty in Thy sight, 
For against Thee and Thy law 

They have set themselves to fight. 

[Stanxas 3-sl 

3 O let all that trust Thy care 

Ever glad and joyful be; 
Let them joy who love Thy Name, 

Safely guarded. Lord, by Thee. 
For a blessing from Thy store 

To the righteous Thou wilt yield; 
Thou wilt compass him about 

With Thy favor as a shield. 


PSALM 5 78 

Prayer and Protection 


Richard Redhead 

Pi i i i\iA^^ m. 


, jiij. ; j I 


I O Je - ho - vah, hear my words, To my thoughts at - ten - tive be ; 

£ ^ 



1 — r 



^:^ ! 'I I \ 




-i i i J: il~n 


Hear my cry, my King, 

■^ frit 

my God, 



will make my prayer to Thee. 




1 — ^ 1 r f r ' 1* -^ — | r I " 


[SdwMd Sluuu] 

Prayer and Protection 

2 With the morning light, O Lord, 
Thou shalt hear my voice arise, 
And expectant I will bring 
Prayer as morning sacrifice. 

3 O let all that trust Thy care 
Ever glad and joyful be; 
Let them joy who love Thy Name, 
Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee. 

4 For a blessing from Thy store 

To the righteous Thou wilt yield; 
Thou wilt compass him about 
With Thy favor as a shield. 

12 Divine Chastisement 

PSALM 6 8s and 78 Zeno Alexander B. Morton 

mfi^ui \ }-if\i^ ^ 

I Lord, re-buke me not in an-ger; Chastened sore I waste a - way; 

PU - y my dis-tress and hear me ; Lord, how long wilt Thou de - lay ? 

Copyitglit, S90C. by Unttad Presbyterian Board of PubUcatloa 

2 Come, O Lord, my soul deliver, 

In Thy loving-kindness save. 
Shall the dead Thy Name remember ? 
Who shall praise Thee in the grave ? 

3 Pity, Lord, my sad condition; 

I am weary and distressed; 
Many adversaries vex me. 
Weeping, I can find no rest. 

4 Now the foes that seek to harm me, 

Quickly put to shame, shall flee. 
For the Lord hath heard my weeping, 
And He will regard my plea. 

15 God's Glory in His Works 

PSALM 8 78 Thanksgiving Walter B. Gilbert 

I LordjOur Lord, Thy glorious Name All Thy wondrous works proclaim; In the heavens with 

i i P-^^i^ j {\*^ 

ra-diant signs £v-er-more Thy glo-ry shines. In-fant lips Thou dost or-dain Wrath and vengeance 

^ .f- -Vg .f- f- f- ^ ,r- f- 1^ .-dh- 



| (fP^'lH:i^JIJiJj 

to re -strain; Weakest means ful-fil Thy will, Might-y en-e-mies to still. 

\>-'U?\Uf\ \ ] 

1 1 f 


i:r\t A 


3 With dominion crowned he stands 
O'er the creatures of Thy hands; 
All to him subjection yield 
In th^ sea and air and neld. 
Lord, our Lord, Thy glorious Name 
All Thy wondrous works proclaim; 
Thine the Name of matchless worth, 
Excellent in all the earth. 


2 Moon and stars in shining height 
Nightly tell their Maker's might; 
When Thy wondrous heavens I scan, 
Then I know how weak is man. 
What is man that he should be 
Loved and visited by Thee, 
Raised to an exalted height, 
Crowned with honor in Thy sight ? 


The Lord the Righteous Judge 

PSALM 9 lis 


Geoige Klngsley 


I Whole-heart 

i-heart-ed thank^giv - ing to Thee will I bring, In praise of Thy 



f i r^ff i fffir i Mf 1 ^ 


] I ' fill,! I I 

The Lord the Righteous Judge 



ihl Mil I I I 

mar-vel- ous deeds I will sing, 

In Thee I will joy and ex- 

ult - ing - ly cry, 

f-- f- , 

, Thy Name I will praise, OJ^ 

e - ho - vah Most High. 

fM ifiMfif 

' r"-r 


2 My enemies turn and are scattered in fear^ . 
They stumble and perish because Thou art near; 
For Thou hast defended my right and my cause, 
Thou sittest in judgment, upholding Thy laws. 

3 Rebuked are the nations, the wicked destroyed, 
Their memory perished, their dwelling-place void; 
Enthroned and eternal, Jehovah shall reign. 

The peoples to judge and the right to maintain. 

4 Thou, Lord, art a refuge for all the oppressed; 

All trust Thee who know Thee, and trusting are blest; 

For never, O Lord, did Thy mercy forsake 

The sold that has sought of Thy grace to partake. 

5 Give praise t^) Jehovah, the mighty deeds tell 
Of Hun Who has chosen in Zion to dwell. 

Of Him to Whom justice and vengeance belong, 
Who visits the lowly and overthrows wrong. 

6 Behold my affiction. Thy mercy accord, 

And back from death's portals restore me, O Lord, 

That I in the gates of Thy Zion may raise 

My song of salvatiop and show forth Thy praise. 

7 The sins of the nations their ruin have wrought, 
Their own evildoing destruction has brought; 
Li this the Lord's justice eternally stands, 

That sinners are snared in the work of their hands. 

8 The wicked shall perish, the nations shall fall, 
Forgetting their God, Who is God over all; 
But God will remember the prayer of the weak, 
Most surely fulfilling the hope of the meek. 

9 Arise in Thy justice, O Lord, and Thy might. 
No longer let sinners prevail in Thy sight; 
Great Judge of the nations, in judgment appear 
To humble the proud and to teach them Thy fear. 



Whole-Hearted Praise 

PSALM 9 L. M. 


Arranged by Lowell Mason 

# ^^ i \ i: i i i I i: \ -r-t^ 


Lord Most High, with all my heart Thy won - drous 

?'b 4 /^^ 


Ur-^ni f f I 

^J' ; /^^^^drr^^tel 


I will pro <laiin ; I will be glad and give Thee thanks And sing the 

#-J-J i J-if ^i Jf jij J j pi Q w 

prais - es of Thy Name, And sing the prais - es of Thy Name. 

^ iiffii i ''^r i r ir:'ifrii 

[Selected Stanzas] 

2 The Lord, the everlasting King, 4 All they,0 Lord, that know Thy Name 

Is seated on His judgment-throne; Their confidence in Thee will place, 

The righteous judge of all the world For Thou hast ne'er forsaken them 
Will make His perfect justice known. Who earnestly have sought Thy face. 

3 Jehovah will a refuge prove, S Sing praises to the Lord Most High, 

A refuge strong for all oppressed. To Him Who doth in Zion dwell; 

A safe retreat, where weary souls Declare His mighty deeds abroad. 

In troublous times may surely rest. His deeds among the nations tell. 



John B. Dykes 

^H-^Hij \ U \ ^iMil\j, i\ ii \ ^\ 


I O Lord Most High, with all my heart Thy won-drous works I will pro - claim ; 


Whole-Hearted Praise 

I will be glad and give Thee thanks And sing the prais - es of Thy Name. 

^f hr \ 







18 Complaint Against the Wicked 

PSALM 10 L. M. BrigGS William A. Tarbutton 

UN l J- l H^IJ: Nj' l f l 

1 Why stand-est Thou a -far, O Lord, Why art Thou hid in trou-ble's hour ? 


j 'H i fififij. ^ ^m 

The wick-ed per - se - cute the poor In haugh-ty pride and reck- less power. 


\ [\\\r-\\i 

2 Let their devices work their fall, 6 

For in their shame is all their pride; 
And while they seek unrighteous gain 
The Lord of justice is defied. 

3 The wicked thinks, in foolish pride. 

There is no God Who will repay; 7 
He has no fear of God or man 
Because God's judgments long delay. 

Arise, O Lord, lift up Thy hand, 
O God, protect the poor and meek; 

Why shoiild the proud Thy justice 
And words of bold defiance speak? 

O Lord, Thou wilt indeed requite, 
The sin and sorrow Thou dost see; 

The helpless and the fatherless 
Commit themselves, O Lord, to Thee. 

4 Unmoved by fear of commg doom, g ^^^^^ ^hou the power of wicked men 

On fraud and wickedness mtent, ^nd let their works no longer stand; 

^^^ ^^,^ ?^ ^"^""^l ^^"^ y"""^^ ^"^ "^^"^ The Lord is King for evermore, 
The helpless and the innocent. ^^^h^ jrove the nations from His land. 

5 A lion crouching for his prey, 9 Lord, Thou hast heard the lowly prayer, 

He waits the poor to overthrow; The fainting heart Thou wilt restore. 

He thinks that God remembers not. The helpless cause Thou wilt maintain, 
Or hides His face and will not know. That mortal man may boast no more. 


19 Prayer for the Oppressed 

PSALM 10 S, M, Clifton C. Warwick Jordan 

I Why dost Thou stand a - far, O Lord, in our dis - tress? 


And why dost Thou con - ceal Thy - self When trou-blous times op -press? 

2 Do Thou, O Lord, arise; 

O God, lift up Thy hand; 
Forget Thou not the suffering poor, 
llLe humble in the land. 

3 Their foes Thou dost behold. 
Their wrongs Thou wilt repay; 

[Selected Stauuas] 

4 Thou, Lord, hast heard their prayer 
When humble hearts drew nigh; 
Thou also wilt revive their strength 
And ever hear their cry. 

5 Defend the fatherless 

„ ^ ^, And all who are oppressed, 

The poor commit themselves to Thee, That they by human pride and power 
Thou art the orphans' stay. May be no more distressed. 

20 Unshaken Faith Amid Danger 

PSALM 11 lis Protection Anonymous 



I In God will I trust,though my coun- sel-ors say 

i9 • I g 







F f 1 1 ° f f i M-f 

bird to your moun-tain a - way; ' The wick - ed are strong and the 




J J 3 111 

^ f 3 


j j j N- ll 




right -eous are weak, Foun-da- tions are shak - en, yet God will I seek. 

I 22 





Unshaken Faith Amid Danger 

2 The Lord in His temple shall ever abide; 
His throne is eternal, whatever betide. 

The children of men He beholds from on high. 
The wicked to punish, the righteous to try. 

3 The Lord is most righteous, the Lord loves the right, 
The evil He hates and will surely requite; 

The wicked His anger will drive from their place, 
The upright in rapture shall gaze on His face. 

21 Assurances for Evil Days 

PSALM 12 C. P. -M. Bremen Thomas Hastings 

^'^^IJ J ^l-j 

I O Lord 

, be Thou my help - er trae, For just and god - ly men are few; 

h ufir f r M f ^ 

^A i\4 i J JL-jjjJUi l J i f jf \ ^ J J I 



The faith - f ul who can find ? From truth and wis - dom men de - part, 


With flatten 




nenng ups and dou - Die 


lips anddqu- ble he^ They speak their e - vil mind. 





2 The lips that spes^, the truth to hide, 3 Because the poor are sore oppressed, 

The tongues of arrogance and pride, Because the needy are distressed. 
That boastful words employ, And bitter are their cries, 

False-speaking tongues that boast The Lord will be their helper strong; 

their might, To save them from contempt and 
That own no law, that know no right, wrong 

Jehovah will destroy. Jehovah will arise. 

4 Jehovah's promises are sure, 
His words are true. His words are piure 

As silver from the flame. 
Though base men walk on every side, 
His saints are safe, whatever betide, 

Protected by His Name. 



PSALM 5 78 

Confident Access to God 


Simeon B. Marsh 



^j g"lj ;'.MT~;J i \i '. i: \ ^/" l 

(In the ful-ness of Thy grace To Thy house I will re - pair, 
] Bow -ing towartiThylio - ly place, In Thy fear will wor- ship there. 
D.c. L^s/ my feet be turned a - sitle^ Make Thy way be -fore me plain. 

^4^^^ | j Vi ^f^ 


Lead me in Thy right-eous - ness, 

Let my foes as - sail in 


hfif Mf:f: i tiJ-4U f Mf:f: i 


2 False and faithless are my foes, 

In their mouth no truth is found; 
Deadly are the words they sp>eak, 

All their thoughts with sin abound. 
Bring, O God, their plans to nought, 

Hold them guilty in Thy sight. 
For against Thee and Thy law 

They have set themselves to fight. 

[Stanzas j-sl 

3 O let all that trust Thy care 

Ever glad and joyful be; 
Let them joy who love Thy Name, 

Safely guarded. Lord, by Thee. 
For a blessing from Thy store 

To the righteous Thou wilt yield; 
Thou wilt compass him about 

With Thy favor as a shield. 


PSALM 5 78 

Prayer and Protection 

Redhead Richard Redhead 

l^j^ i i'i: JP^ 



3^3 ' U> =t 

4 ^r 



I Je - ho - vah, hear my words, To my thoughts at - ten - tive be ; 

^1 M^: \\^\\ \ \''\ ' ' 




I ;, ; i 'i-j-jr i I i: n I I 

Hear my cry, my King, my God, I will make my prayer to Thee. 


[Select«d Staniaa] 

Prayer and Protection 

With the morning light, O Lord, 
Thou shalt hear my voice arise, 

And expectant I will bring 
Prayer as morning sacrifice. 

3 O let all that trust Thy care 
Ever glad and joyftd be; 
Let them joy who love Thy Name, 
Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee. 

4 For a blessing from Thy store 

To the righteous Thou wilt yield; 
Thou wilt compass him about 
With Thy favor as a shield. 

12 Divine Chastisement 

PSALM 6 8s and 7s Zend Alexander B. Morton 

mfi^ \ ii \ f''if \ i^iji \ ^mN~\ 

I Lord, re-buke me not in an-ger; Chastened sore I waste a - way; 

h^g i nru 

M^fiJU j l ff/^ g 


TiX ' y my dis-tress and hear me ; Lord, how long wilt Thou de • lay ? 

Copy i% ht, 1901, by United Presbyterian Board of PubUcndon 

2 Come, O Lord, my soul deliver, 

In Thy loving-kindness save. 
Shall the dead Thy Name remember ? 
Who shall praise Thee in the grave ? 

3 Pity, Lord, my sad condition; 

I am weary and distressed; 
Many adversaries vex me. 
Weeping, I can find no rest. 

4 Now the foes that seek to harm me, 

Quickly put to shame, shall flee. 
For the Lord hath heard my weeping. 
And He will regard my plea. 



PSALM 5 7. 

Confident Access to God 

Simeon B. Maish 

In the ful -nesa of Thy grace To Thy house I will re - pair, 

M Bow -iiig towardTliyho - ly place, In Thy fear will wor . sliip iWre. 

D.c. Lest my feet be turned a - siile. Mate Thy -way be -fore uie plain. 

1»- H*- ■#-■ 

I False and faithless are my foes, 

In their mouth no truth is found; 
Deadly are the words they speak, 

All their thoughts with sin abound. 
Bring, O God, their plans to nought, 

Hold them guilty in Thy sight, 
For against Thee and Thy law 

They have set themselves to fight. 

3 let all that trust Thy care 

Ever glad and joyful be; 
Let them joy who love Thy Name, 

Safely guarded. Lord, by Thee. 
For a blessing from Thy store 

To the righteous Thou wilt yield; 
Thou wilt compass him about 

With Thy favor as a shield. 

Prayer and Protection 

Richard Redhaad 

Prayer and Protection 

3 With the morning light, Lord, 
Thou shalt hear my voice arise, 
And expectant I will bring 
Prayer as morning sacrifice. 

3 O let all that trust Thy care 
Ever glad and joyful be; 
Let them joy who love Thy Name, 
Safely guarded, Lord, by Thee. 

4 For a blessing from Thy store 

To the righteous Thou wilt yield; 
Thou wilt compass him about 
With Thy favor as a shield. 

12 Divine Chastisement 

PSALM 6 8t ani 7s ZenO Alexander B. Morton 

I Lord, re-buke me not in an-ger; Chastened sore I waste a - way. 

1 Come, O Lord, my soul deliver. 
In Thy loving-kindness save. 
Shall the dead Thy Name remember? 
Who shall praise Thee in the grave ? 

27 God the Highest Good 

PSALM 16 C. M. St. Peter Alexander R. Reinagle 



2~i~i J I J.jJ j J U: I 

I O God, pre - serve me, for in Thee A - lone my trust has stood ; 

k tMF f f fth 


' F i F i r f I 

tf^j i j J l j j JljU i. 


My soul has said. Thou art my Lord, My chief and on - ly good. 

2 I love Thy saints, who fear Thy Name 

And walk as in Thy sight; 
They are the excellent of earth, 
In them is my delight. 

3 Their sorrows shall be multiplied 

Who worship aught but Thee; 
I share not in their offerings, 
Nor join their company. 

4 The Lord is my inheritance. 

The Lord alone remains 
The fulness of my cup of bliss; 
The Lord my lot maintains. 

5 The lines are fallen unto me 

In places large and fair; 
A goodly heritage is mine, 
Marked out with gracious care. 


Fellowship with God 

PSALM 16 C. M. 


George N. Allen 

^ y j j JlJi=6 -Wr- i^ ^ \ ^ ' 

I When in the night I med - i - tate On mer - cies mul - ti - plied, 




f p \ ] J^^H - ^# ^j u j J j ijfj i i 


My grate - ful heart in - spires my tongue To bless the Lord, my Guide. 





' I f f P i F i F r f ^i 


[Stanzai 6-'Xo1 

Fellowship with God 

2 Forever in my thought the Lord 

Before my face shall stand; 
Secure, unmoved, I shall remain, 
With Him at my right hand. 

3 My inmost being thrills with joy 

And gladness fills my breast; 
Because on Him my trust is stayed, 
My flesh in hope shall rest. 

4 I know that I shall not be left 

Forgotten in the grave. 
And from corruption, Thou, O Lord, 
Thy holy one wilt save. 

5 The path of life Thou showest me; 

Of joy a boimdless store 
Is ever foimd at Thy right hand, 
And pleasures evermore. 


Immortality and Resurrection 

PSALM 16 S. M. 


George William Martin 



I To Thee, O Lord, I fly And on Thy help de - pend; Thou art my Lord and 

Whose counsel guides aright; My heart instructs me in His love In sea-sons of the night. 


[Selected Stanzas] 

2 I keep before me still 

The Lord Whom I have proved; 
At my right hand He guarcb from ill, 

And I shall not be moved. 
My heart is glad and blest, 

My soul its joy shall tell; 
And, lo, my flesh in hope shall rest, 

And still in safety dwell. 

My soul in death's dark pit 

Shall not be left by Thee; 
Corruption Thou wilt not permit 

Thy holy one to see. 
Life's pathway Thou wilt show, 

To Thy right hand wilt guide. 
Where streams of pleasure ever flow, 

And boundless joys abide. 




The Lord Our Inheritance 

PSALM 16 S. M. 


Henry A. Lewis 


I To Thee, O Lord, I fly And on Thy help de - pend ; Thou art my Lord and 


King Most High ; Do Thou my soul de - fend. A her - it - age for me Je - ho-vah 

^\% \ \\\\\nilh^ \Hlh 


will re-main ; My por • tion rich and full is He, My right He will main-tain. 

RUMFtFfHMflF ^^ 

Copfright, 1901, by Untied PmbytcrUa Board of PubllcatUm 

[ Selected Stamas] 

2 The lot to me that fell 

Is beautiful and fair; 
The heritage in which I dwell 

Is good beyond compare. 
I praise the Lord above 

Whose counsel guides aright; 
My heart instructs me in His love 

In seasons of the night. 

3 I keep before me still 

The Lord Whom I have proved; 
At my right hand He guards from ill. 

And I shall not be moved. 
Life's pathway Thou wilt show, 

To Thy right hand wilt guide, 
Where streams of pleasure ever flow, 

And boundless jo3rs abide. 



The Prayer of the Righteous 

PSALM 17 C. H. M. 


Thomas Hastings 

I Lord, hear the right, re - gard my cry, My prayer from lips sin - cere; 

■^ ^1 I _ _ ]^_, 


Send Thy ap - prov - al from on high, My right - eous-ness make clear. 



I i i ' I — I — r — ^ 





t '■ ^ - — ■ 


^jrhtHitt^P-^^^^^^ ^ 


Thou in the night my heart hast tried,Nor found it turned from Thee a - side. 









2 With steadfast courage I design 

No wrong to speak or do; 
Thy path of life I choose for mine 

And walk with purpose true. 
For help, O God, I cry to Thee, 
Assured that Thou wUt answer me. 

3 O Thou that ever savest those 

Whose trust on Thee is stayed, 
Preserving them from all their foes 

By Thy almighty aid, 
Let me Thy loving-kindness see, 
Thy wondrous mercy, full and free. 

4 O guard me well as one doth guard 

The apple of the eye; 
While deadly foes are pressing hard, 

To Thee, to Thee I cry. 
Do Thou my rest and refuge be, 
O let Thy wings o'ershadow me. 

^^ ^ — ^ 

5 My enemy, grown strong in pride, 

Would take my life away, 
A lion lurking by my side. 

Most greedy for lus prey. 
Confront and cast him down, O Lord, 
From evil save me by Thy sword. 

6 Defend me from the men of pride, 

Whose portion is below. 
Who, with life's treasures satisfied. 

No better portion know; [ content, 
They, with earth's joys and wealth 
Must leave them all when life Is spent. 

7 When I in righteousness at last 

Thy glorious face shall see. 
When all the weary night is past. 

And I awake with Thee 
To view the glories that abide, 
Then, then I shall be satisfied. 



Our Need of Divine Help 

PSALM 17 C. H. M. 


Frederic F. Bullard 

f^jlj, ;,' JNW j l jlj: i , 


I Lord, hear the right, re - gard my cry. My prayer from lips sin - cere ; 

N?^f i M F f \ H . mTfTl 

jAiii n J i J^ ; ^ij i J: ;J ..j 


Sexid Thy ap - prov - al from on high, My right - eous-ness make clear. 

f l M J'J I J:/'^ 


Thou in the night my heart hast tried,Nor found it turned from Thee a-side. 

N,f | f F p F i rU H^f:[p [ i p: ff I I 

Copyright, 190a, hy Congregatioiul Suoday-School And PuUishlng Society. Used by per. 

2 With steadfast courage I design 

No wrong to speak or do; 
Thy path of life I choose for mine 

And walk with purpose true. 
For help, O God, I cry to Thee, 
Assured that Thou wilt answer me. 

3 O Thou that ever savest those 

Whose trust on Thee is stayed, 
Preserving them from all their foes 

By Thy ahnighty aid, 
Let me Thy loving-kindness see. 
Thy wondrous mercy; full and free. 

4 When I in righteousness at last 

Thy glorious face shall see. 
When all the weary night is past, 

And I awake with Thee 
To view the glories that abide, 
Then, then I shall be satisfied. 


L Selected Stanas] 


Our Refuge in the Lord 



WiUiam B. Bradbaiy 

j » I j j I ^ 


I Lord, hear the right, at - tepd my cry. And to my prayer give ear. 


iij h j i j j i J i i i m 





My prayer that ris - eth un • to Thee From heart and lips sin - cere. 




* — «■ 





2 I shunned the ways of wicked men, 

For I Thy word obey; 
Upon Thy paths my steps held fast, 
My feet slipped not away. 

3 On Thee, O God, again I call, 

For Thou wilt answer me; 
Incline Thy ear and hear the prayer 
That I direct to Thee. 

[Selected Stanas] 

4 Thy wondrous loving-kindness show, 

Thou Who by Thy right hand 

Defendest those who trust in Thee 

From all who them withstand. 

5 Soon I in glorious righteousness 

Shall see Thee as Thou art; 
Thy likeness, Lord, when I awake 
Shall satisfy my heart. 


iJiji;.' I III ,^ii 

Hermann Arranged from Ii^colaus Hermann 




I Lord, hear the right, at - tend my cry, And to my prayer give ear, 





f r i^ i fif r f> I f 

ij i i j i j pn jij i { j i ,j- II 

My prayer that ris - eth un - to Thee From heart and lips sin - cere. 

Kfif ^^ i f I 'MPit 





34 God's Strength Our Protection 

PSALM 18 L. M. Mendon German Melody 



I I love the Lord, His strength is mine ; He is my God, I trust His grace ; 

My for - tress high,my shield 




di - vine, My Sav-iour and my hid - ing - place. 

r.if f c i p t i l, t 


f2 • 



2 My prayer to God shall still be raised 

When troubles thick around me close; 
The Lord, most worthy to be praised, 
Will rescue me from all my foes. 

3 When, floods of evil raging near, 

Down nigh to death my soul was 

I cried to God in all my fear; 
He heard and great deliverance 


4 He came: the earth's foimdations 

The hills are shaken from their place, 
Thick smoke and fire devouring break 
In anger dread before His face. 

5 Descending through the bending skies, 

With gloom and darkness imder 
Forth through the storm Jehovah flies 
As on the wings of cherubim. 

6 Thick darkness hides Him from the 

view, [veil, 

And swelling clouds His presence 

Until His glorious light breaks through 

In lightning flash and glistening hsul. 

7 Jehovah's thimders fill the heaven, 

The dreadful voice of God Most 
High; [riven, 

With shafts of light the clouds are 
His foes, dismayed, in terror fly. 

8 The raging torrents overflow. 

And sweep the world's foundations 
Because Thy blasts of anger blow, 
O Lord of earth and sea and air. 

9 He took me from the whelming waves 

Of bitter hate and sore distress; 
The Lord, my stay and helper, saves, 
Though mighty foes around me 

ID From direful straits He set me free. 
He saved the man of His delight; 
For good the Lord rewarded me. 
Because I kept His ways aright* 



Holiness and Divine Favor 

PSALM 18 L. M. 


W. St. Clair Palmer 

I Since with my God with per-fect heart I walk and make His word my guide. 

^••Affi f f f i f • i f f i 


[Stanzas 11-16] 

2 The merciful shall know Thy grace, 

The perfect Thy perfection see, 
The pure shall see Thy own pure face, 
The froward find a foe in Thee. 

3 To smite the proud and bring them low, 

To save the poor is Thy delight. 
The Lord will cause my lamp to glow. 
My God will make my darkness light. 


4 From God the victory I receive; 

Most perfect is His holy way; 
His word is tried, they who believe ' 
Will find the Lord their shield and stay. 

5 For who is God, and strong to save, 

Beside the Lord, our God of might? 
'Tis He that makes me strong and brave. 
The Lord Who guides my steps aright. 

6 Thy free salvation is my shield. 

My sure defense in every strait; 
Thy hand upholds me, lest I yield; 
Thy gentleness has made me great. 



Our Source of Strength 

PSALM 18 L. M. 


Arranged from Mozart 

I As Thou, O Lord, hast made me strong To o - ver - come my might -y foe, 



i4J:lJJ | ^ l /^J l Jjli:l l 

So now to fight a - gainst the wrong And con-quer in Thy Name I go. 

[Sunaw iT-ai] 

2 From strife Thou wilt deliver me, 

And make the nations own my sway; 

Strange peoples, when my power they see, 

Shall come with trembling and obey. 

3 Jehovah lives, and t>lest is He, 

My rock, my refuge and defense. 
My Saviour Who delivers me. 
And will the wicked recompense. 

4 For grace and mercy ever near, 

For foes subdued and victories won, 
All nations of the earth shall hear 
My praise for what the Lord has done. 

5 To David, His anointed king, 

And to his sons upon his throne. 
The Lord will great salvation bring 
And ever nudce His mercy known. 



Nature's Tribute to God 

PSALM 19 H. M. 

Arthur's Seat 

Arranged from John Goss 


t — r 

gjj i j J j ni 




I The spa - cious heavens de - clare The glo 






ry of 


our God, 



I f ^lUJ JiQi;^^ 

The fir - ma - ment dis - plays . . His hand - i - work a - broad ; 

W! \ \- I r FiM i f i F I f f 


^ l j l j>j l ,/TJjlj ^g 

Day lui - today pro-claims His might,And night His wis - dom tells to night. 






2 Aloud they do not speak, 
They utter forth no word, 
Nor into language break, 

Their voice is never heard; 
Yet through the world the truth they 

And their Creator's power declare. 

3 The clouds of heaven are spread, 
A tent to hold the sun, 
And like a bridegroom fair 

Comes forth the mighty one, 
Rejoicing in his strength and grace 
To nm his wondrous daily race. 

4 His daily going forth 

Is from the end of heaven; 
The firmament to him 

Is for his circuit given; 
His journey reaches to its ends. 
And everywhere his heat extends. 



The Perfect Law of God 

PSALM 19 H. M. 


i ^ J ii'i'i i iiM 



I Je - ho-vah's per -feet law 

Airanged by Lowell Mason 



Re - stores the soul a - gain; His 

f f Fl 'I 


tes- ti-mo-ny sure Gives wis- dom un- to men; The pre -cepts of the 








rf)C^rJi^iirJij p 










heart with great de - light. 

: 15 






2 The Lord's commands are pure, 

They light and joy restore; 
Jehovah's fear is clean, 

Enduring evermore; 
His statutes, let the world confess. 
Are wholly truth and righteousness. 

3 They are to be desired 

Above the finest gold; 
Than honey from the comb 

More sweetness far they hold; 
With warnings they Thy servant guard, 
In keeping them is great reward. 



[Stanzas 5-9] 

4 His errors who can know? 

Cleanse me from hidden stain; 
Keep me from wilful sins, 

Nor let them o'er me reign; 
And then I upright shall appear 
And be from great transgressions dear. 

5 When Thou dost search my life. 

May all my thoughts within 
And all the words I speak 

Thy full approval win. 
O Lord, Thou art a rock to me. 
And my Redeemer Thou shalt be. 

39 The Witness of Nature to God 

PSALM 19 8s Olena John B. Herbert 

^^ f 


I The heavens in their splendor de - clare The might and the glo - ry of God ; 

Copyiif ht, 191a, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 


The Witness of Nature to God 

For day un - to day speaks His praisCi And night tells His wis<lom a - broad. 

' I T I 1 I 1^^ 




2 They speak not with audible word, 

Yet clear is the message they send; 
Their witness goes out through the earth, 
Their word to the world's farthest end. 

3 Forsaking his tent in the sky, 

Arrayed as a bridegroom, the sun 


Comes forth in his glorious strength, 
Rejoicing his circuit to run. 

4 He tells through the length of the 
His Maker's great wisdom and might, 
And nothing in all of the earth 
Is hid from his heat and his light. 


PSALM 19 88 

The Divine Law 


George C. Stebbins 

I The law that the Lord has or - dained Is per-fect|the soul to re • store; 


His truth makes the sim-ple most wise, The truth that is sure ev - er - more. 

Copjnisht. i9<9, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 His precepts are righteous and just. 

Rejoicing the heart and the mind; 
And all His commandments are pure, 
Enlightening the eyes of the blind. 

3 The fear of the Lord is most clean, 

Forever unmoved it has stood; 
His judgments are perfectly true, 
In all things most righteous and good. 

4 Such treasure no gold can supply. 

Such sweetness no honey afford; 

[Stanias 5-10] 

Their warnings none heed and obey 
But find most abundant reward. 

S O who can his errors discern? [free; 
From hidden faults. Lord, keep me 
Let pride never reign in my heart, 
And clear of great sin I shall be. 

6 1 pray that my words and my thoughts 
May all with Thy precepts accord, 
And ever be pleasing to Thee, 
My Rock, my R^eemer, my Lord. 


41 The Value of Holy Scripture 

PSALM 19 C. M. Mount Auburn George Kingsley 


F ^-~Fr^? 


1 — r- 


I Most per -feet is the law of God, Re -stor-ing those that stray; 

^-»-Va -H 







f" P" r I '-^ 















tes- ti - mo - ny is most sure, Pro- claim-ing wis-dom's way. 


^ — a (2 — ^ — p — j2 — ,-g 


[Selected Sbuuas] 

2 The precepts of the Lord are right; 

With joy they fill the heart; 
The Lord's commandments all are pure. 
And clearest light impart. 

3 The fear of God is midefiled 

And ever shall endure; 
The statutes of the Lord are truth 
And righteousness most pure. 

4 They warn from ways of wickedness 

Displeasing to the Lord, 
And in the keeping of His word 
There is a great reward. 

5 What man can know his evil heart. 

Discerning all his sin ? 
O cleanse me, Lord, from hidden faults, 
And make me pure within. 

6 From wilful sins Thy servant keep. 

No vantage let them gain; 
From great transgression thus made free, 
I upright shall remain. 

7 The words which from my mouth proceed, 

The thoughts within my heart, 
Accept, O Lord, for Thou my Rock 
And my Redeemer art. 



Love for God's Word 

PSALM 19 C. M. 


James McGranahan 

I Most per - feet is the law of God, Re - stor - ing those that stray ; 




i'>\pii .f i j niji/w'i j i jj i 

His tes - ti - mo - ny is most sure. Pro - claim - ing wis - dom's way. 


O how love I Thy law 1 O how love I Thy law 1 It is my med - i - 

ta - tioa all 



the day. 


O how love I Thy law! O how 



^ Tt t ^ 

love I Thy law I It is my med - i - ta 

Copjrrlglit, SS97, bjr James McGmiahan. U«e<l by per. 

2 The precepts of the Lord are right; 

With joy they fill the heart; [ pure, 
The Lord's commandments all are 
And clearest light impart. 

3 The fear of God is undefiled 

And ever shall endure; 

[Selected Stanzas 1 

The statutes of the Lord are truth 
And righteousness most pure. 

They warn from ways of wickedness 

Displeasing to the Lord, 
And in the keeping of His word 

There is a great reward. 




PSALM 20 L. M. 

^>^'i J j J 



Mutual Intercession 

Ward Arranged by Lowell Mason 




I Je - ho-vah hear thee in thy grief, Our fa - thers* God de-fend thee still, 












Send from His ho - ly place re - lief, And strengthen thee from Zi - on*s hill. 










^ , <g ' ft ■ g> 




2 Thy sacrifice may He regard, 

And all thy oflferings bear in mind; 
Thy heart's desire to thee accord, 
Fulfilling all thou hast designed. 

3 In thy salvation we rejoice, [raise; 

And in God's Name our banners 

Jehovah hearken to thy voice, [days. 

Fulfil thy prayers through all thy 

4 Salvation will the Lord command, 

And His anointed will defend; 

Yea, with the strength of His right hand 
From heaven He will ananswersend. 

5 How vain their every confidence 

Who on mere human help rely; 
But we remember for defense [High. 
The Name of God, the Lord Most 

6 Now we arise and upright stand, [fall; 

While they, subdued and helpless, 
Jehovah, save us by Thy hand. 
The King give answer when we call. 


The Safeguards of Prayer 

PSALM 20 c. M. 


William B. Bradbuiy 

U \ l J' i JlJN i 

- ho - vah hear thee in the day When trou - ble He doth send : 



And let oiu- covenant-keep-ing God 




From ev - ery iU de - fend. 

2 O let Him send His help to thee 
Forth from His holy place; 
Let Him from Zion, His own hill. 
Sustain thee by His grace. 

[ Selected Stanias] 

3 May He remember all thy gifts, 
Accept thy sacrifice. 
And, granting thee thy heart's desire. 
Fulfil thy counsels wise. 


The Safeguards of Prayer 

4 In thy salvation we will joy; 
When thou to God dost pray, 

May He give answer, in Whose Name 
Our banners we display. 

45 Jesus Crowned and Triumphant 

PSALM 21 1 28 and 98 Latakia £. G. Taylor 

in Thy streng;th shall be 

r r r f r 



O Lord, Thy sal 





"U Jii^-iji 



va-tion shall make Him re-joice; For the wish of His heart Thou didst 



free - ly ac - cord, The re - quest of His sup - pli - ant voice. 

F^ r f ri ^ 



2 All the blessings of goodness Thou freely didst give; 

With the purest of gold He is crowned; 
When He asked of Thee life Thou hast made Him to live 
While the ages shall circle around. 

3 Through salvation from Thee hath His fame spread abroad, 

Thou didst glory and honor impart; 
Thou hast made Him most blessed forever, O God, 
And Thy presence hath gladdened His heart. 

4 For the King in the strength of Jehovah Most High 

Did unwavering confidence place; 
On the Name of Jehovah He still will rely. 
And shall stand evermore in His grace. 

5 By the hand of Thy might and Thy anger destroyed, 

All Thy foes and their ofiFspring shall fail; 
By the evil they planned and the craft they employed 
They shall never against Thee prevail. 

6 Thou wilt speedily make them turn backward in flight, 

When Thy arrows are aimed to destroy, 
O Jehovah, be Thou far exalted in might. 
And Thy power shall our praises employ. 


46 The Coronation of Jesus Christ 

PSALM 21 L. M. Falconer Alexander B. Morton 

I The Kinir re-ioic-eth in Thy strencrth. In 

y strength. In Thy sal -va-tion,Lord Most High, 


For Thou hast filled His heart's de - sire, His prayer Thy love doth not 

'y ^.Ui^^^H 

Copyright, 190X, by United Presbyterian Botrd of Publication 

FJ i tf^ i fFfi i h" 

[ Selected SUnia>] 

2 A kingly crown Thou givest Him, 

Thy blessings meet Him on His ways; 
He asked for Ufe, and imto Him 
Thou gavest endless length of days. 

3 With majesty and honor crowned, 

How great His glory in Thy grace I 
Forever blest, Thou makest Him 
With joy to live before Thy face. 

4 The King doth in Jehovah trust, 

His loving-kindness He hath proved; 
Confiding in the Lord Most High 
He standeth evermore unmoved. 


St. Drostane 

John B. Dykes 


I The King re - joic-eth in Thy strength, In Thy sal - va - tion, Lord Most High, 

kiVF^f^iFffTF i fFf r^ i FtM 

l^'i i iiii i iii'j | jjj^i; i />j]" 

For Thou hast filled His heart's de - sire, His prayer Thy love doth not de - ny. 

4 ,j- 1.; 

K^Mf ) f f i f r ^^ 



The Cross of Calvary 

PSALM 22 L. M. 


Lowell Mason 

I j | ;j'j|j|;JJ>IJ^^ 

I My God, My God, I cry to Thee; O why hast Thou for - sak -en Me? 

UU\ i Uf\ \ l[! I 

I f ,i i Hi \ \ i\ui \ in j i /ij B 

A - far from Me, Thou dost not heed, Though day and night for help I plead. 

h' r' ij f ^ F I f [ f i-f-Zf^-iO-U 

2 But Thou art holy in Thy ways, 
Enthroned upon Thy people's praise; 
Our fathers put their trust in Thee, 
Believed, and Thou didst set them free. 

3 They cried,and, trusting in Thy Name, 
Were saved, and were not put to 

But in the dust My honor lies. 
While all reproach and all despise. 

4 My words a cause for scorn they make. 
The lip they curl, the head they shake, 
And, mocking, bid Me trust the Lord 
Till He salvation shall afford. 

5 My trust on Thee I learned to rest 
When I was on My mother's breast; 
From birth Thou art My God alone, 
Thy care My life has ever known. 

7 Unnumbered foes would do Me wrong, 
They press about Me, fierce and 

Like beasts of prey theirrage they vent. 
My courage fails. My strength is spent. 

8 Down imto death Thou leadest Me, 
Consumed by thirst and agony; 
With cruel hate ancj anger fierce 

My helpless hands and feet they 

9 While on My wasted form they stare, 
The garments torn from Me they share, 
My shame and sorrow heeding not, 
And for My robe they cast the lot. 

lo O Lord, afar no longer stay; 

Thou My helper, haste, I pray; 
From death and evil set Me free; 

1 live, for Thou didst answer Me. 

6 O let Thy strength and presence cheer, ii I live and will declare Thy fame 

For trouble and distress are near; Where brethren gather in Thy Name; 

Be Thou not far away from Me, Where aU Thy faithful people meet, 

I have no soxurce of help but Thee. I will Thy worthy praise repeat. 



PSALM 22 L. M. 

A Call to Praise 

Park Street 

Frederick M. A. Venua 

I All ye that fear Je - ho - vah's Name, His glo - ry tell. His 

kf F F i ^^^Flf i p f [ F i r 






Ij jlj:lj J J I 

praise pfo - claim; Ye chil- dren of His cho - sen race, Stand ye in 


J— ^ 





f IF F r \Vf-H 

< f>'n i ^ i i j :i 

awe be - fore His face, Stand ye in awe be - fore His face. 

J. I P m f \ ^ ± \ T ^ • ■ < ^ 

2 The suffering one He has not spumed 
Who unto Km for succor turned; 
From him He has not hid His face, 
But answered his request in grace. 

3 O Lord, Thy goodness makes me 

Amid Thy people songs of praise; 
Before all them that fear Thee, now 
I worship Thee and pay my vow. 

4 For all the meek Thou wilt provide, 
They shall be fed and satisfied; 

All they that seek the Lord shall live 
And never-ending praises give. 

5 The ends of all the earth shall hear 
And turn unto the Lord in fear; 

[Stanias is-19] 

All kindreds of the earth shall own 
And worship Him as God alone. 

6 For His the kingdom. His of right. 
He rules the nations by His might; 
All earth to Him her homage brings, 
The Lord of lords, the King of kings. 

7 Both rich and poor, both bond and free, 
Shall worship Him with bended knee. 
And children's children shall proclaim 
The glorious honor of His Name. 

8 The Lord's unfailing righteousness 
All generations shall confess. 
From age to age shall men be taught 
What wondrous works the Lord has 




The Triumphs of the Gospel 

PSALM 22 L. M. 


William H. Doane 



I J j J J: J 





I The ends of all the earth shall hear And turn un - to the Lord in fear; 


i^ Ji'^j^^:rJ Jj,^Jjju J .. I 


All kin-dreds of the earth shall own And wor-ship Him as God a - lone. 

— 1 . ■ O W j O ^ 

9 ^ ^- 




■ f I ' F4 ' r 



All earth to Him her hom-age brings, The Lord of lords, the King of kings. 

Copyrtffht, X90Z, by W. H. Doane. Reaewal. Used by per. 

' ^ I ^ L L 1^ p 11 gzi g ^ II 

[ Selected SUnas ] 

2 For His the kingdom, His of right, 
He rules the nations by His might; 
All earth to Him her homage brings, 
The Lord of lords, the King of kings. 

3 Both rich and poor, both bond and free, 
Shall worship Him with bended knee, 
And children's children shall proclaim 
The glorious honor of His Name. 


50 The Dominion of Jesus Christ 

PSALM 22 78 and 6s Tours Berthold Toura 


^ T 








I Come,ye that fear Je - ho - vah, Ye saints, your voi -ces raise; 





jii^i^ij ;i^j j \^. 

ComCyStand in awe be - fore Him, And sing His glo - rious praise. 

^rHf-ffl^p ^ I F i f f f fr 

^H ^ ^J i -i J i ,n j pJ Jl 


Ye low - ly and af - flict - ed Who on His word re - ly, 















Your heart shall live for - ev - er, The Lord will sat - is - fy. 


f J J ,^ I .J ' 

2 All kindreds of the nations 

To Christ the Lord shall turn, 
Through earth's remotest regions 

His altar-fires shall bum. 
All kingdom, power, and glory 

Belong to Him alone; 
He rule& o'er the nations, 

Kings bow before His throne. 

[Selected Stanzas] 

3 Both high and low shall worship. 

Both strong and weak shall bend, 
A faithful Church shall serve Him 

Till generations end. 
His praise shall be recounted 

To nations yet to be, 
The triumphs of His justice 

A new-bom world shall see. 


51 Witness-Bearing and Grateful Praise 

PSALM 22 C. M. Bovina Lauia A. Tate 

#^/ i ^ r]^.; i i jJilJli:^ J i 


I A - mid the throng-ing wor - ship-ers Je - ho -vah will I bless; 


1— r 


F ' F i piFf 




[tTtniJ i '' H j 

. . t ^ ^ J 

Be - fore my breth-ren, gath - cred there, His Name wiU I con -less 



1— r 

I III I nfir 


i y \ i i i jj i j j iii i H'ji^ 

Come,praise Him, ye 



that fear the Lord, Ye chil-dren of His grace; 

V} nu \ \\ Mf i fir I i ll 

if i jjn^ jN p^uu^il^, 


With rev - erence sound His glo - ries forth And bow be -fore His face. 

r r'r r 

^ j i H F=f > I Fff=g=F=F 



Copjrrfsht. 1904. bj United Presbyterian Board of PubUcadon 

2 The burden of the sorrowful 
The Lord will not despise; 
He has not turned from those that 
He hearkens to their cries. 
His goodness makes me join the throng 

Where saints His praise proclaim, 
And there will I fulfil my vows 
'Mid those who fear His Name. 

[Selected Stanzas] 

He feeds with good the humble soul 

And satisfies the meek, 
And they shall live and praise the 

Who for His mercy seek. 
The ends of all the earth take thought. 

The nations seek the Lord; 
They worship Him, the King of kings. 

In earth and heaven adored. 



The Guardian Care of God 

PSALM 23 88, 78, 4 


William H. Monk 



-^-f-j-j jij j j j^^ 

I Thou, Je 

m ' 

kf f p I 

ho - vah, art my Shep-herd,There-fore I no want shall know ; 

1 ^ r f fi^ f ^ [ \ ^ m 










In green pas - tures Thou dost rest me, Lead - est where still wa - ters flow. 

4i f ; ; 

2 For Thy Name's sakeThou dost guide me 
In the paths of righteousness; 
Though I walk the vale of shadows, 
Fears no more my soul oppress ; 

Thou art with me, 
With Thy rod and staff to bless. 

3 Thou preparest me a table 
In the presence of the foe; 
Thou my head with oil anointest, 
Yea, my cup doth overflow. 

O my Saviour, 
Having Thee, no want I know. 


4 Surely grace and loving-kindness 
Shall forever foUow me. 
Till, my days of life all ended, 
Evermore my home shall be, 

O Jehovah, 
In Thy holy house with Thee. 

The Lord Our Shepherd 

PSALM 23 C. M. 


William H. Haveigal 


l i i 4'-g- ' ii-J. -1' ^ ' 

I The Lord's my Shep - herd, 111 not want; He makes me down to lie 

f f ig — g 

p' M : \ [ [ 

fMf F ;\ 




The Lord Our Shepherd 


In 'pas -tures green; He lead-eth me The qui - et wa • ters by. 




\f n^ F F I P \ ^ m 




2 My soul He doth restore again, 

And me to walk doth make 
Within the paths of righteousness, 
Even for His own Name's sake. 

3 Yea, though I walk through death's 

dark vale. 
Yet will I fear no ill, 
For Thou art with me, and Thy rod 
And staff me comfort still. 

4 A table Thou hast furnished me 
In presence of my foes; 
My head Thou dost with oil anoint, 
And my cup overflows. 

5 Goodness and mercy all my life 
Shall smrely follow me, 
And in God's house for evermore 
My dwelling-place shall be. 


Jesus Our Shepherd 

PSALM 23 C. M. 


Lowell Mason 


y'u i j V i i j j U: ^^ 


I My faith -ful Shop- herd is 

the Lord, Sup-ply - ing a ll my needs ; 


ji \ \ \ j j i , 






In pas - tures green He makes me rest, By qui - et wa - ters leads. 

j-j_j - -^ 





2 He tenderly restores my soul 

When I am in distress, [feet 

And for His Name's sake guides my 
In paths of righteousness. 

4 A table Thou dost spread for me 
In presence of my foes; 
Thou hast anointed me with oil, 
My cup of joy o'erflows. 

3 Through death's dark valley though I s Through life Thy goodness and Thy 

No evil will I fear; 
Thy rod and staff wfll comfort me. 
For Thou art ever near. 


Sluill daily follow me; 
And I, within Thy house, O Lord, 
Shall ever dwell with Thee. 



PSALM 23 78 and 6s 

The Good Shepherd 






Alexander Emtg 





4 :* i 

I The Lord my Shep-herd holds me With- in 



NwMf \ \ \ 


f If l f F t 

His ten - der care, 


i ' j N J j. j. ' .g p^j 


And with His flock He folds me, 





No want shall find me there. 

[ifiF F 1 'If 

ffAVjiJ j J J i ;l \ m 




In pas-tures green He feeds me, With plen - ty I am blest; 




' p f ' y 1^ ^ \ ^ \ \ f r ^ 

^-'''' J iJ J i . 

j. I j N J 



By qui 




et streams He leads 



me And makes me safe 



- ly 








2 Whatever ill betides me, 

He will restore and bless; 
For His Name's sake He guides me 

In paths of righteousness. 
Thy rod and staff shall cheer me 

In death's dark vale and shade, 
For Thou wilt then be near me: 

I shall not be afraid. 


3 My food Thou dost appoint me, 

Supplied before my foes; 
With oil Thou dost anoint me, 

My cup of bliss overflows. 
Thy goodness, Lord, shall guide me. 

Thy mercy cheer my way; 
A home Thou wilt provide me 

Within Thy house for aye. 



The Saviour's Constant Presence 

PSALM 23 I08 and 48 

Lux Bekigna 

John B. Dykes 

f^H ^^^j^^ 

I My Shep-herd is the Lord Who knows my needs 

And I am blest; 

-n^tf il ^itel 

By qui - et streams, in pas - tures green, He leads And makes me rest. 




^-j— ^^ 


- J I j ^ On 

Vrr'T f 


g ^ 

My soul He saves and for His own Name's s ake . . . . 

gU^j ..... . j'T'J 









He guides my feet the paths of right 

^ WV~P ~i 






2 Though in death's vale and shadow be my way 

I fear no ill, 
For Thou art near, Thy rod and staff my stay 

And comfort still. 
My table Thou dost spread before my foes, 
My head Thou dost anoint, my cup overflows. 

3 The goodness and the mercy that have aye 

Upon me shone 
Shall surely follow me through all the way 

Till life is done; 
And evermore Jehovah's house shall be 
My dwelling-place through all eternity. 


57 Conditions of Approach to God 

PSALM 24 118 Adeste Fideles Anonymous 


I The earth and the ful-ness with which it is stored,The world and its dwellers be - 

iU-^.,^i^.\^ \ i iM lif^i^ \ piim0 

f • ■ r 

long to the Lord;For He on the seas its foun-da-tions has laid, And firm on the 

[-.♦r^ ; fipi^ iPfP i nf i f:^^f i ^^?Vir.Vi^ 

wa-tersits pil-larshas stayed, And firm on the wa - ters its pil-lars has stayed. 

2 What man shall the hill of Jehovah ascend, 
And who in the place of His presence attend? 

The man of pure heart, and of hands without stain, 
Who swears not to falsehood nor loves what is vain. 

3 That man ever blest of Jehovah shall live. 
The God of salvation shall righteousness give; 
For this is the people, yea, this is the race, 
The Israel true that are seeking His face. 

58 The Triumphal Ascension of Christ 

PSALM 24 118 


Charles H. Gahriel 

I Ye gatesylif t your heads,the glad summons obey, Ye doors everlasting,wide o - pen the way ; 

^>-^ . f .f t t J .y ,f- 

Copyrlijrht, 191a, by Uolted Presbyterian Board of Publication 


The Triumphal Ascension of Christ 

The King of all glo - ry high honors a-wait, The King of all glo-ry shall enter in state. 

[Stanzas 4-6] 

2 What King of all glory is this that ye sing? 
The Lord, strong and mighty, the conquering King. 
Ye gates, lift your heads, and His summons obey, 
Ye doors everlasting, wide open the way. 

3 The King of all glory high honors await, 
The King of all glory shall enter in state. 
What King of ^11 glory is this that ye sing? 
Jehovah of Hosts, He of glory is King. 

59 The Divine King and the Worshiper 

PSALM 24 C. M. Jazer WUlUm B. Bradbuiy 

I The earth, with all that dwell there - in, With all 

its wealth un - told, 


Be - loi 


^4p \ p^ 

to God Who found - ed it Up - on the seas of old. 


2 What man shall stand before the Lord 5 Who is this glorious King that comes 

On Zion's holy hill? 
The dean of hand, the pure of heart, 
The just who do His will. 

3 Lo, such are they that seek for God, 

And blest by Him they live; 
To them His perfect righteousness 
The God of grace will give. 

4 Ye everlasting doors, give way, 

lift up your heads, ye gates! 
For now, behold, to enter in 
The King of glory waits. 

To claim His sovereign right? 
It is the Lord omnipotent, 
All-conquering in His might. 

6 Ye everlasting doors, give way, 

Lift up your heads, ye gates I 
For now, behold, to enter in 
The King of glory waits. 

7 Who is this glorious King that comes 

To claim His rightful throne? 
The Lord of Hosts, He is the King 
Of glory, God alone. 



Prayer for Defense and Guidance 

PSALM 25 S. M. 


Airanged from Hans G^ Nageli 

I To Thee I 


»>i<Tlr 'f u^f 

lift my soul, In Thee my 







My God, O put me not to shame Be - fore tri - um - phant foes. 




'L[^Lj-i fd. 

I rr ^t= U>= — >=l 


2 None shall be put to shame 

That humbly wait for Thee, 
But those that wilfully transgress, 
On them the shame shall be. 

3 Show me Thy paths, O Lord, 

Teach me Thy perfect way, 
O guide me in Thy truth divine. 
And lead me day by day. 


4 For Thou art God that dost 

To me salvation send, 
And patiently through all the day 
Upon Thee I attend. 

5 Recall Thy mercies, Lord, 

Their tenderness imtold, 
And all Thy loving-kindnesses, 
For they have been of old. 



PSALM 25 S. M. 


The Sins of Youth 


J. Baptists Calkin 



< ^ ji^ r n 


I My 



and faults of youth, Let them for - got - ten be, 

.e ti 

N^ r nri^ 







And for Thy ten - der mer - cies' sake, O Lord, rc-mem-ber me. 


Mi4F f H i trt3lfj_nLC^ 



The Sins of Youth 

2 The Lord is just and good, 
Instructing those that stray; 
The meek He will in judgment guide 
And make them know His way. 

3 The pathways of the Lord 
Are truth and mercy sure 
To such as keep His covenant 
And testimonies pure. 

4 For Thy Name's sake, O Lord, 
With Thee I humbly plead 
To pardon my iniquity, 
For it is great indeed. 


The Friendship of the Lord 

PSALM 25 S. M. 


Ananged from Handel 







I The man that fears the Lord God*s way shall un - der - stand; 

m f i rj p 






His soul - shall ev - er dwell at ease, His chil - dren rule the land. 



2 The friendship of the Lord 

Is ever with His own, 
And unto those that fear His Name 
His faithfulness is shown. 

3 My eyes are evermore 

Toward Thee, O Lord, Whose care 
Shall surely save my heedless feet 
From every hidden snare. 

4 O turn to me Thy face. 

To me Thy mercy show, 
For I am very desolate 
And brought exceeding low. 


[Stanzas 10-13] 

63 Forgiveness and Deliverance 

PSALM 25 S. M. . Palmer Israel B. Sweezj 

j M nU Ni 

it tjt t tTttp 


I My griefs of heart a - bound, 

Re-lieve my sore dis- tress, See 


my af - flic - tion and my pain. For - give my 

-^ — 








sin - f ul - ness. 









Copjrrlgbt tyy H. R. Palmer. Used by per. 

2 Consider Thou my foes, 
So many and so bold, 
For cruel is the hatred. Lord, 
Which they against me hold. 

[StaniaB 14-17] 

3 Defend and keep my soul, 
From foes deliver me, 
And let me not be brought to shame: 
I put my trust in Thee. 


PSALM 25 78 

4 Be truth and right my shield, 
Because I wait for Thee; 
Thy Church, O God, do Thou redeem 
From all adversity. 

Spiritual Aspirations 

Spanish Hymn 

Arranged by Benjamin Carr 


m j: n j i j j ajq=ro5= 


{ Lord, I lift my soul to Thee, O my God, I trust Thy might; 

I Let not foes ex - ult o'er me, Shame me not be - fore their sight. 

T>.C. But dis-hon-ored be theirname Who with - out a cause trans -gress, 


wf [j [ I ff i 'lf [ r I If f p 

I . . K . I I . D,C, 

rf A'J. n J i J J \ \ \4UU4^ 




may none be 



to shame, None who wait for Thee 

J . ■ J. i . J ,1 



to bless; 



spiritual Aspirations 

2 Lord, to me Thy ways make known, 

Guide in truth and teach Thou me; 
Thou my Saviour art alone, 

All the day I wait for Thee. 
Lord, remember in Thy love 

All Thy mercies manifold, 
Tender mercies from above. 

Changeless from the days of old. 

3 Sins of youth remember not, 

Nor my trespasses record; 
Let not mercy be forgot, 

For Thy goodness' sake, O Lord. 
Just and good the Lord abides. 

He His way will sinners show. 
He the meek in justice guides. 

Making them His way to know. 


The Blessings of the God- Fearing 

PSALM 25 7« 

Evening Prayer 

Alberto Randegger 

m i: i' i P^- 

Hrf = i -= t^ =i = p ^ 


I Grace and truth shall mark the way Where the Lord His own will lead, 

'^'\>i \ ] / ]/ '^ y* 5 ( "^ 

If : : ^-T-i 



M-L^ii i iirpt^ a i ik " 

If His word they still o - bey And His tes - ti - mo - nies heed. 

a- i'^ "f T f" t t 

[Stanxas 7-10] 

2 For Thy Name's sake hear Thou me, 

For Thy mercy, Lord, I wait; 
Pardon my iniquity, 
For my sin is very great. 

3 He who walks in godly fear 

In the path of truth shall go; 
Peace shall be his portion here. 
And his sons all good shall know. 

4 They that fear and love the Lord 

Shall Jehovah's friendship know; 
He will grace to them accord, 
And His faithful covenant show. 



PSALM 25 7B 

The Look of Faith 


Geoxge Hews 



I Ev - er are my long - ing eyes Toward the Lord, Whose watch- ful care, 







» — J]* 




When my foes their plots de - vise, Keeps my feet from ev - ery snare. 





2 Turn to me, Thy grace impart, 
I am desolate indeed; 
Great the troubles of my heart; 
Save Thou me, O Lord, I plead. 

[Stmzu 11-14] 

3 Look on my afflicted state, 
Freely all my sins forgive, 
Mark my foes, their cruel hate. 
Keep my soul and let me live. 


PSALM 25 78 

4 Shame me not, I hide in Thee; 

Truth and right preserve me still; 
Let, O God, Thy people be 
Now redeemed from every ill. 

Aspiration and Supplication 


Arranged from von Weber 

frlj |lj JI»J ^UIJ J l j J l J i 


I Lord, to me Thy ways make known,Guide in truth and teach Thou me ; 


\ \ i Ji iJ n \ i u h pf }\i i [ 


Thou my Sav - iour art a - lone, All _ the day I wait for Thee. 


%} hf f i l' f fpiff i f f if-^m 



[ Selected Stanxul 

Aspiration and Supplication 

2 Lord, remember in Thy love 

All Thy mercies manifold, 
Tender mercies from above, 
Changeless from the days of old. 

3 Sins of youth remember not, 

Nor my trespasses record; 
Let not mercy be forgot, 
For Thy goodness' sake, O Lord. 

4 Just and good the Lord abides. 

He His way will sinners show. 
He the meek in justice guides. 
Making them His way to know. 

5 Grace and truth shall mark the way 

Where the Lord His own will lead. 
If His word they still obey 
And His testimonies heed. 


PSALM 25 78 

The Paths of the Lord 


Arranged from Cherubini 


"UJ J I 'i 3 I 'J ri ^ 

I Grace and truth shall mark the way Where the Lord His own will lead, 

If His word they still o - bey, 

nff\fi.f \ ^,i \ l 



2 For Thy Name's sake hear Thou me, 

For Thy mercy, Lord, I wait; 
Pardon my iniquity, 
For my sin is very great. 

3 He who walks in godly fear 

In the path of truth shall go; 
Peace shall be his portion here. 
And his sons all good shall know. 

4 They that fear and love the Lord 

Shall Jehovah's friendship know; 
He will grace to them accord. 
And His faithful covenant show. 


And His tes - ti - mo • nies heed. 

' m 



[ Selected Stanzas ] 

69 The Petition of a Good Conscience 

PSALM 26 C. M. Belief . English Melody 




rv Thou m\ 


i m \ 9i 





I Be Thou my judge, O righteous Lord, Try Thou my in - most heart; 




rJ | j j jirJjj j j^^ 


I walk with stead - last trust in Thee, Nor from Thy ways de - part. 














2 O search me, Lord, and prove me now; 

Thy mercy I adore; 
I choose Thy truth to be my guide, 
And sinful ways abhor. 

3 My hands I wash in innocence 

And seek Thy altar, Lord, 
That there I may with thankful voice 
Thy wondrous works record. 

4 The liabitation of Thy house 

Is ever my delight; pLord, 

The place where dwells Thy glory, 
Is lovely in my sight. 

5 Let not the judgment fall on me 

For evil men decreed, 
For cruel men and violent. 
Inspired by bribes and greed. 

6 But I in my integrity 

Will humbly walk with Thee; 
O my Redeemer and my Lord, 
Be merciful to me. 

7 Redeemed by Thee, I stand secure 

In peace and happiness; 
And in the Church, among Thy saints, 
Jehovah I will bless. 


Integrity of Character 

PSALM 26 S. M. 


Ernest R. Kroeger 



i ; i UJ i l l I 

r^i'i i * < 

I Judge my in - teg - ri - ty. 

ne ri 

ght - eous judge Thou art ; 

r T- g 


^.|Nr 5-JL-M ^ 

Prove me, O Lord, ex - am - ine me, And try my in - most heart. 

Ni^firt ^ [ I f f fata-tti 



Copyr^ht, 1901, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 


Integrity of Character 

2 Thy mercy and Thy grace 

I love to contemplate; 
Thy paths of truth my footsteps trace, 
And wicked men I hate. 

3 Qean hands, O Lord, I raise 

As I Thy altars seek. 
Where I may sing in grateful praise. 
And of Thy wonders speak. 

4 O Lord, Thy house I love, 

Where glory dwells within; 
O keep my heart secure above 
All fellowship with sin. 

5 Redeeming love and grace 

Bestow, O Lord, on me; 
Among Thy saints how blest my place, 
Forever praising Thee. 

71 The Fearlessness of Faith 

PSALM 27 H. M. Millennium 






* i j 


ho - vah is my Hght, And my sal - va - tion near ; 

iS^-^ r-f r-H 1 ^ a 1 t g ' 

Who shall my soul af- fright, Or cause my heart 


to fearPWhae 

ip i f i f ff f^ i p ^ ^ 

strength, my life sus - tains, Se - cure from fear mv soul re -mains. 






2 When evil-doers came 

To make my life their prey, 
They stumbled in their shame 

And fell in sore dismay; 
Though hosts make war on every side, 
Still fearless I in God confide. 

3 My one request has been, 

And still this prayer I raise, 
That I may dwell within 

God's house through all my days, 
Jehovah's beauty to admire, 
And in His temple to inquire. 


;ar my 






When troubles round me swell, 
When fears and dangers throng. 

Securely I will dwell 
In His pavilion strong; 

Within the covert of His tent 

He hides me till the storm is spent. 

Uplifted on a rock 

Above my foes aroimd. 
Amid the battle shock 

My song shall still resound; 
Then joyful offerings I will bring, 
Jehovah's praise my heart shall sing. 


Entreaty and Hopeful Trust 

PSALM 27 H. M. 


Arthur S. Sullivan 

fe i Jij. ii ^^^ 




I Lord, hear me when I pray, And an - swer me in grace ; Oft 




M= Mf4M-i^ 





I hear Thee say, Come ye and seek My face, My 


^r f F ^.4iA4^ 


#^^ n i j j i-f^^m 

heart and lips their an -swer speak, Thy face, Je - ho -vah, will I 




N ' ^ [ |. [ ILLU 

[Stauu 6-9] 

2 Hide not Thy face from me, 

In wrath turn not away, 
My help and Saviour be, 

Forsake mc not, I pray; 
Should father, mother, both forsake, 
The Lord on me will pity take. 

3 Teach me, O Lord, Thy way, 

Make plain to me my path; 
Because of foes, I pray. 

Protect me from their wrath^ 
To false accusers, cruel foes, 

Lord, do not my soul expose. 

4 Faint-hearted would I be. 

Didst Thou not promise, Lord, 

1 shall Thy goodness sec 
While Thou dost life accord. 

Wait on the Lord, nor faint, nor fear, 
Yea, trust and wait, the Lord is near. 



The Confidence of Faith 

PSALM 27 88 and 6 

St. Margaret 

Alliert L. Peace 


^- ; i w ^o 


l il t: t^ 

I The Lord Al - might - y is my light. 

He is 



r t r f t 

f f iH^F i p 


\A^ lU i\ irf \\\^^J^ 



Sav - iour ev - er near, 

And, since my strength is in His might, 

%\^ ^ f f f f^ 

— 1/ l -^-^— ^=^ 


Who can dis- tress me or af-f right? What c - vil shall I fear? 



2 O Lord, regartl me when I cry, 
In mercy hear me when I speak; 
Thou bidst me seek Thy face, and I, 
O Lord, with willing heart reply, 
Thy face, Lord, will I seek. 

3 Hide not Thy face afar from me. 
For Thou alone canst help afford; 
O cast me not away from Thee 
Nor let my soul forsaken be, 
My Saviour and my Lord. 


^ \f y 


r Selected StatnsHS 

4 Though earthly friends no pity lake, 

Yet Thy compassion knows no end; 
E'en though my father shall forsake, 
E'en though my mother's love shall 

The Lord will be my friend. 

5 My heart had failed in fear and woe 

Unless in God I had believed. 
Assured that He would mercy show 
And that my life His grace should know, 

Nor was my hope deceived. 

6 Fear not, though succor be delayed, 
Still wait for God, and He will hear; 
Be strong, nor be thy heart dismayed, 
Wait, and the Lord shall bring thee aid, 
Yea, trust and never fear. 



PSALM 27 C. M. 

Desire After God 


Arranged from Hans G. Nageli 

L — ^■ 

I O Lord, give ear when witli my voice I cry a - loud to Thee ; 

J — — . « , f • f — r f i f 

. _L r r i — 



Have mer-cy al - so, I en -treat, Give an-swer ua - to me. 








2 When Thou didst say, Seek ye My face, 

My answering heart repUed, 
Thy face, Jehovah, will I seek 
Above all else beside. 

3 Hide not Thy face, nor in Thy wrath 

Thy servant put away; 

[Selectei StaiuM] 

Thou hast a helper been to me 
In every troublous day. 

4 O God, my Saviour, leave me not; 
Though parents should forsake, 
The Lord, within His arm^ of lov^ 
His child will surely take. 


Invocation and Confident Petition 

PSALM 28 S. M. 


Darius £. Jones 






I O Lord, to Thee I 

■^ - -f- . f- — • a 






cry; Thou art my rock and trust; 






J ^l,j 

\^^li.i J i 


g i g I 



O be not si - lent, lest I 


r , f r t 





die And slum-ber m 

f^-T-H« ^ 

the dust. 


2 O hear me when in prayer 
Thy favor I entreat; 
Hear, while I lift imploring hands 
Before Thy mercy-seat. 







3 let me have no part 

With those that hate the right; 
For as their works, so their reward: 
Jehovah will requite. 


Invocation and Confident Petition 

4 But blessed be the Lord 

Who hearkens when I cry; [shield, 

Jehovah is His people's strength, 
The stronghold of their king. 

The I^rd, my strength, my hdp, my g gj^ ^hy inheritance, 
On Hmi wiU I rely. Our Saviour be, I pray; 

5 His help makes glad my heart, 
And songs of praise I sing; 

Supply Thou all Thy people's need, 
And be their constant stay. 

76 Divine Power in Manifestation 

PSALM 29 128 and l is Arles Charles H. Gabriel 

m i I i i j-H-f^ffH-t-H-T! 

I Now un - to Je - ho - vah, ye sons of the might - y, All glo - ry and 

J ■ i I I , I / > , J . / j , J t 



I f' J J JlJ J J l J lil .l J J IJ , 

strength and do - min - ion ac - cord ; As - cribe to Him glo - ry, and 


f^'-'!''M f i f F f i f 

rfA'hN i J j i j i j - ri 

ren - der Him hon - or, In beau - ty of ho - li - ness wor-ship the Lord. 

C0p)rrighC( i9Ut bjr United TnAytaian Board of Publication 

2 The voice of Jehovah, the God of all glory, 

Rolls over the waters, the thunders awake; 
The voice of Jehovah, majestic and mighty, 
Is heard, and the cedars of Lebanon break. 

3 His voice makes the mountains and deserts to tremble, 

Wild beasts are affrighted, the forests laid bare. 
And through all creation, His wonderful temple, 
All things He has fashioned His glory declare. 

4 The Lord ruled in might at the flood of great waters, 

A King Whose dominion is never to cease; 
The Lord will give blessing and strength to His people. 
The Lord all His people will comfort with peace. 


77 Commemoration and Praise 

PSALM 30 78 and 6s Crucifix Greek Melody 

!0 Lord, by Thee de-liv-ered, I Thee with songs ex - tol ; i /-. - » t-l. 

MyfoesThouhastnotsuffeiedToglo-iy o'er my faU. } O Lord, my GodJ sought Thee, 

And Thou didst heal and save; Thou,Lord,from death didst ransom And keep me from the giaye. 

By permlukm of C. C. CoovecM 

2 His holy Name remember, 

Ye saints, Jehovah praise; 
His anger lasts a moment. 

His favor all our days; 
For sorrow, like a pilgrim, 

May tarry for a night, 
But joy the heart will gladden 

\^en dawns the morning light 

3 In prosperous days I boasted, 

Unmoved I shall remain. 
For, Lord, by Thy good favor 

My cause Thou didst maintain; 
I soon was sorely troubled. 

For Thou didst hide Thy face; 
I cried to Thee, Jehovah, 

I sought Jehovah's grace. 

4 What profit if I perish. 

If life Thou dost not q>are ? 
Shall dust repeat Thy praises. 

Shall it Thy truth declare ? 
O Lord, on me have mercy. 

And my petition hear; 
That Thou mayst be my helper. 

In mercy, Lord, appear. 

5 My grief is turned to gladness. 

To Thee my thanks I raise. 
Who hast removed my sorrow 

And girded me with praise; 
And now, no longer silent. 

My heart Thy praise will sing; 
O Lord, my God, forever 

My thanks to Thee I bring. 


PSALM 30 H. M. 

Grateful Praise 


Arranged by William H. Doane 

I Lord, I will praise Thy Name,For Thou hast set me free,Nor sufiEered foes to claim 

Bj permiMkni of W. H. Tkmam 

Grateful Praise 



I a! I j I \ 






tri-umph o 



I J 3 





O Lord, my God, to Thee I cried 




1 — r 




j j i \ i \ \ j i J J ^^ 

And Thou hast health and strength supplied. And Thou hast health and strength supplied. 

' i ' I i " 


r~i — f 

2 Thou hast my soul restored 
When I was near the grave, 
And from the depths, Lord, 
Thou graciously didst save; 
O ye His saints, sing to the Lord, 
With thanks His holiness record. 




3 His wrath is quickly past, 

His favor lives for aye; 
Though grief a night may last, 

Joy comes at break of day; 
In my prosperity secure 
I said. My peace shall still endure. 

79 Thoughts on God's Loving- Kindness 

PSALM 30 H. M. 

bi I I i ^ 




William B. Bradbuiy 





^ I I I -* 

( My God, it was Thy grace That did my strength sup -ply;> .j. 
< Whea Thou didst hide Thy face, Sore trou - bled then was I. i 

Thee I cried, O Lord ; to Thee I maSe . 

my sup - pli - cat - ing plea. 

3 What profit can it bring 

If life Thou dost not spare ? 
Shall dust Thy praises sing, 

Shall it Thy truth declare ? 
Jehovah hear, in mercy hear. 
My Helper, Saviour, now appear. 


[ Stanias 4-6 ] 

With grief to gladness turned, 
Witih sorrow changed to joy. 

Thy praises I have learned, 
And songs my lips employ; 

So shall my tongue through life adore 

And praise Thy Name for evermore. 


God Our Resort in Trouble 

PSALM 31 C. M. 


Nicholas Heins 

I In Thee,0 Lord, I put my trust, I call up - on Thy Name ; O 

h^^'f ff t P f i f ^ Tfrnf - p f [ \f ^ 


iLj^ J I j N: ; j j L ^ 

: -^ bi ^ 


save me in Thy right - eous - ness, Nor let me suf - fer shame. 


H^ — a M 




2 Bow down Thy ear to my request. 

And swift deliverance send; 
Be Thou to me a rock of strength, 
A fortress to defend. 

3 Since Thou my rock and fortress art, 

My leader be, and guide; 
From all temptation rescue me, 
Thou dost my strength abide. 

4 To Thee my spirit I commend; 

Redemption is with Thee, 

Thou Jehovah, God of truth. 
Who hast delivered me. 

5 I hate all those that love the false, 

My trust is in the Lord; 

1 will be glad, and jojrfully 
Thy mercy will record. 

6 For my affliction Thou hast seen. 

And known my many woes; 
Thou hast not let me be enslaved. 
But freed me from my foes. 

7 Show mercy. Lord, to me distressed, 

And send my soul relief; 
My life is spent with bitterness. 
My strength consumed with grief. 

8 I mourn and fail because of sin. 

Friends turn in dread away; 
Reproached am I and terrified, 
While foes conspire to slay. 

9 But, Lord, in Thee is all my trust. 

Thou art my God, I cried; 
My life,- my times are in Thy hand, 
I in Thy strength confide. 

10 From all that persecute my soid 

Thy gracious help I crave; 
O smile upon Thy servant. Lord, 
And in Thy mercy save. 

11 Let me not be ashamed, O Lord, 

I plead with Thee to save; 
But let the wicked be ashamed. 
And silent in the grave. 

12 Yea, let their lips henceforth be mute 
Who words of falsehood seek. 
The lips which with contempt and pride 
Against the righteous speak. 


81 The Riches of God's Goodness 

PSALM 31 C. P. M. Ariel Arranged from Mozart 

I How great the good-ness kept in store For those who fear Thee and a - dore 

mhr^f ^^ 

\r Tif ^ I J 

j 1 ^' i' J i rs i 

In meek hu- mil - i - ty. How great the deeds with mer - cy fraught Which 

» i f i ^^^F i r ! 

o-pen - ly Thy hand hath wrought For those who trust in Thee,For those who trust 

[Stanias 13-16] 

2 Secured by Thy unfailing grace. 
In Thee they find a hiding-place 

When foes their plots devise; 
A sure retreat Thou wilt prepare, 
And keep them safely sheltered there, 

When strife of tongues shall rise. 

3 Blest be the Lord, for He hath showed, 
While giving me a safe abode. 

His love beyond compare; 
Although His face He seemed to hide. 
He ever heard me when I cried, 

And made my wants His care. 

4 Ye saints, Jehovah love and serve, 
For He the faithful will preserve, 

And shield from men of pride; 
Be strong and let your hearts be brave; 
All ye tlmt wait for Him to save. 

In God the Lord confide. 



Security in God 

PSALM 31 S. M. 


John Zundel 

P^u i pi ^ 

*u ' i 

I De • fend me, Lord, from shame, For still I trust in Thee ; 

tLf U 


j J J nnn\i \ ^ n / 


Since just and right - eous is Thy Name, From trou - ble set me free. 

kMf }} T i T fTif i f tf p-Q-i 






njj' i Hi 


O Lord, in mer - cy hear, 



De - liv - er me with speed; 



' g f t l [ 


^i n i' l nUM i i jj ;i^ 

Be my de-fense and ref - uge near. My help in time of need. 

kf l f ff T i f ff -Lp .f ff [ifO II 

2 Thee for my rock I take, 

My fortress and my stay; 
O lead me for Thy own Name's sake 

And guide me in Thy way. 
Lord, Thou dost strength impart; 

Then free me f tom the snare 
Which foes for me, with wicked art, 

Did secretiy prepare. 

{Selected Stanias] 

3 My spirit unto Thee 

I trustfully commend; 
Jehovah, God of truth, to me 

Thou didst redemption send. 
I hate the false and vain. 

My trust is in the Lord, 
And still my heart in joyous strain 

Thy mercy will record. 


83 Sin and Forgiveness 

PSALM 32 7* and 6i Rxtthbrford Ananged from Cht^tien Uriian 


I How blest is he whose trespass Hath free - ly been forgiven, Whose sin is whol -ly 


cov - ered Be -fore the sight of heaven. Blest he to whom Je - ho - vah Im - 

O i r \ fiVt'ft\r ^m 

put - eth not his sin, Who hath a guile-less spir - it, Whose heart is true with • in. 




2 While I kept guilty silence 

My strength was ^)ent with grief, 
Thy hand was heavy on me, 

My soul found no relief; 
But when I owned my tr^pass, 

My sin hid not from Thee, 
When I confessed transgression, 

Then Thou forgavest me, 

3 So let the godly seek Thee 

In times when Thou art near; 
No whelming floods shall reach them, 

Nor cause their hearts to fear. 
In Tliee, O Lord, I hide me. 

Thou savest me from ill, 
And songs of Thy salvation 

My heart with rapture thrill. 



84 Gracious Guidance 

PSALM 32 78 and 68 Modena Isaac B. Woodbaiy 

I I gra-cious-ly will teach thee The way that thoushaltgo, And with My eye up • 


r^ j i j i , 

T^ 3 1 j.'l j N j S 

on thee My coun • sel make thee know. But be ye not un - ru - ly, 


04? f f n.F i f i f f+t4^^ i 

j i j i ^f j i 'j j i 

Or slow to un-der-stand, Be not per-verse,but will-ing To heed My wise command. 

2 The sorrows of the wicked 
In number shall abound, 
But those that trust Jehovahy 
His mercy shall surround; 

[ Stanias 4 and 5 ] 

Then in the Lord be joyful, 
In song lift up your voice; 

Be glad in God, ye righteous. 
Rejoice, ye saints, rejoice. 


The Praise of Almighty God 

PSALM 33 C. P. M. 


William J. Kirkpatrick 

4i^i-J J: J l J J J l 





I Ye right-eous, in the Lord re-joice; Tiscome-ly that with joy-ful voice 

Np i f F rFiffF i pFFFNf f 




God's saints His Name should praise.With harp and hymn of glad-ness sing, 
__ -f- -f- f^. - -. ^ ^ 

CopyrlghC. 1901, by Win. J. Kirkpatrick. Used by per. 

mm ^ i| rr I 


The Praise of Almighty God 

^1 i l l Hpn i ; J i UN:i' J J I J: I I 

Your g^t of sweet -est mu - sic bring, To Him a new song raise. 

2 For upright is Jehovah's word, 
And all Uie doings of the Lord 

In justice have their birth; 
In judgment and in deeds of right 
The Lord forever takes delight, 

His goodness fills the earth. 

3 Jehovah speaks, the heavens appear; 
He breathes, and, lo, each shining 

In splendor stands arrayed; [sphere 
He rolls the waters heap on heap, 
He stores away the mighty deep 

In garners for it made. 


The God of Providence and Grace 

PSALM 33 C. P. M. 


James McGranahan 

fi^ \ Hn\ui ^ i ^ ^''^h^in \ 

I Let all the earth Je - ho-vah fear, Let all that dwell both far and near 

'r%i\HI l\i I [i^ i [-[r fif-^^ 

In awe be - fore Him stand ; For, lo, He spake and it was done, 

h" f i [:f [ f i r i rif-FF } ii 


/t\ /r\ 

f^liii Jlj J fl,l l j J i jljHI 

And all with sovereign power be - gun Stood fast at His com - mand. 

s»y ^ I f • t 


/BN /T\ 

: rt t 





Copyrig h t, X901, by James McGranahao. Used by per. 

2 He makes the nations' counsels vain. 
The plans the peoples would maintain 

Are thwarted by His hand; 
Jehovah's counsel stands secure, 
His purposes of heart endure, 
For evermore they stand. 

[Stanzas 4-6] 

O truly is the nation blest [fessed 
Whose God before the world con- 
Jehovah is alone; 
And blest the people is whom He 
Has made His heritage to be, 
And chosen for His own. 



God the Only Deliverer 

PSALM 33 C. P. M. 

Westminster College 

Gennan Melody 

I Je - ho - vah from His throne on high Looks down with clear and searching eye 

On all that dwell be • low; 

K if, i f » i ,^ fi^^ i s 

And He that fashioned heart and mind 

^ . . J . . L- J 

tfAj l J 'J i J J l i ' I jl 

Looks ev - er down on all man-kind, The works of men to know. 


2 Not human strength or mighty hosts, 3 Our hope is on Jehovah stayed, 

Not chaiging steeds or warlike boasts In Him our hearts are joyful niade. 

Can save from overthrow; [shame Our help and shield is He; 

But God will save from death and Our trust is in His holy Name, 

AU those who fear and trust His Name, Thy mercy, Lord, in faith we claim. 

And they no want shall know. As we have hoped in Thee. 


The Goodness of God Proved 

PSALM 34 C. M. 


Benjamin C. Unseld 

I The Lord I will at all times bless, In praise my mouth em- ploy; 

P' J J i U j IJ 

My soul shall in Je - ho - vah boast, The meek shall hear with joy. 

The Goodness of God Proved 

^ i ft J^ 'j I j I ^J ^M J I ;J: T^ j> l 

O mag-ni • fy the Lord with me, Let us ex - alt His Name ; 

When in dis- tress on Him 


my res - cue came. 











2 We looked to Him and light received. 

Ashamed we shall not be; 
Our humble cry Jehovah heard, 

From trouble set us free. 
The angel of the Lord encamps 

Around about His own, 
Delivers them from all their foes. 

Lest they be overthrown. 

3 O taste and see that God is good 

To all that seek His face; 
Yea, blest the man that trusts in Him, 

Confiding in His grace. 
O fear the Lord, all ye His saints; 

No want shall bring distress; 
The lions young may pine for food, 

The saints all good possess. 


The Secret of a Happy Life 

PSALM 34 C. M. 


William Arnold 



I Ye chil-dren, come, give ear to me And learn Je - ho-vah*s fear; 

— J - '^ 

j_ l U 1 — H — \ — r .rg ■" "^ 


He who would long and hap - py live 


nf f i F p i f I 

i jf'JN Jl, J I I 

, Let him my coun • sel hear. 


[ Stanzas 7-1 1 J 

4 The Lord may suffer many griefs 

Upon the just to fall, 
But He will bring them safely through, 
Delivering them from all. 

5 By evil are the evil slain, 

And they that hate the just; 
But all His servants God redeems, 
And safe in Him they trust. 

2 Restrain thy lips from speaking guile, 

From widced speech depart, 
From evil turn and do the good, 
Seek peace with all thy heart 

3 Jehovah's eyes are on the just. 

He hearkens to their cry; 
Against the wicked sets His face. 
Their very name shall die. 



PSALM 34 L. M. 


Testimony and Praise 

Ames Sigismund Neukomm 



I The Lord I will at all times bless, My mouth His praises shall ex - press ; 

In Him shall all my boasting be, While all the meek re - joice with me. 

2 O magnify the Lord with me, 
Let us to praise His Name agree; 

I sought the Lord, He answered me, 
And from my fears He set me free. 

3 Who look to Him shall walk in light, 
With joy their faces shall be bright. 
Distressed, they cried; the Lord arose 
And saved them out of all their woes. 

4 Around His saints as watch and ward 
Encamps the angd of the Lord; 
That God is good, O taste and see, 
Who trusts in Him shall blessed be. 


5 Fear Him, ye saints, and do His will. 
And all your needs He will fulfil; 
Though beasts of forest lack their food, 
Those seeking God shall want no good. 

6 Ye children, come and hear my voice, 
And learn to make God's fear your choice; 
Who seek long life and happy days 
Must learn to walk in wisdom's ways. 

7 Who fears the Lord must keep his tongue 
From evil and his lips from wrong. 
Must do the good, from evil cease, 

And ever seek and follow peace. 



The Safety of Believers 

PSALM 34 L. M. 


Herbert S. Oakelej 

I God guards the good with watch-ful eye, His ear at-ten-tive to their cry, 

A-gainst the wick • ed sets His face. From earth their memory to e - rase. 


2 The righteous cry, Jehovah hears, 4 By evil are the evil slain, 

And rescues them from all their fears; The hope of sinful men is vain; 

The Lord draws nigh to broken hearts, The wicked, who the righteous hate. 

To contrite spirits help imparts. Their condemnation shall be great. 

3 AfSictions on the good must fall, [all; 
But God will bring them safe through 
From harmful stroke He will defend, 
And sure and full deliverance send. 

5 The Lord redemption will provide 
For all who in His grace confide; 
From condenmation they are clear 
Who trust in Him with holy fear. 



WUliam Boyd 

i \^ ^ 1 ^ 

I God guards the good with watch -ful eye, His ear at -ten - tive to their cry, 



[ i p fif'- l 

A-gainstthe wick-ed sets His face,From earth their memory to e-rase. 

bi^rrnr >f i p )\[ ' \ nnn \ r F i i" ^ 



God Our Advocate and Judge 

PSALM 35 L. M. 


KM. Claik 

I Be Thou my help - er in the strife, O Lord, my strong de- fend- er be; 

Thy might -y shield pro-tect my life, Thy spear con-front the en - e - my. 

P'Ff ^ l g: l 

A - mid the con - fiict, O my Lord, Thy pre-ciousprom-ise let 

rjjj i jij jj i jjjjji^j J 



The faith-f ul, re - as-sur-ing word: I am thy Sav-iour, do not fear. 

Copjiiffht by DftTid C. Cook Pub. Co. Used by per. 

2 Ashamed, confounded let them be 

Who seek my ruin and disgrace; 
O let Thy angel fight for me, 

And drive my foes before his face. 
Without a cause my life they sought, 

Without a cause their plots they laid; 
Themselves within their snares be caught, 

And be my crafty foes dismayed. 


God Our Advocate and Judge 

3 My soul is joyful in the Lord, 

In His salvation I rejoice; 
To Him my heart will praise accord 

And bless His Name with thankful voice. 
For who, O Lord, is like to Thee, 

Defender of the poor and meek? 
The needy Thy salvation see 

When mighty foes their ruin seek. 

4 Unrighteous witnesses have stood 

And told of crimes beyond belief; 
Returning evil for my good. 

They overwhelm my soul with grief. 
When in affliction they were sad, 

I wept and made their grief my own; 
But in my trouble they are glad 

And strive that I may be o'erthrown. 

5 O Lord, how long wilt Thou delay? 

My soul for Thy salvation waits; 
My thankfulness I will display 

Amid the crowds that throng Thy gates. 
Let not my enemies rejoice 

And wrongfully exult o'er me; 
They speak not peace, but lift their voice 

To trouble those that peaceful be. 

6 My foes with joy my woes survey. 

But Thou, O Lord, hast seen it all; 
O be no longer far away. 

Nor silent when on Thee I call. 
O haste to my deliverance now, 

O Lord, my righteous cause maintain; 
My Lord and God alone art Thou; 

Awake, and make Thy justice plain. 

7 O Lord my God, I look to Thee. 

Be Thou my righteous Judge, I pray; 
Let not my foes exult o'er me 

And laugh with joy at my dismay. 
With shame and trouble those requite 

Who would my righteous cause destroy; 
But those who in the good delight, 

Let them be glad and shout for joy. 

8 Yea, let the Lord be magnified, 

Because Thy servants Thou dost bless; 
And I, from mom till eventide, 

Will daily praise Thy righteousness. 
My soul is joyful in the Lord, 

In His salvation I rejoice; 
To Him my heart will praise accord 

And bless His Name with thankful voice. 



PSALM 36 C. M. 

A Wicked Life 


Lowell Mason 



^fHH \ \\\^\ \ \n 


I The tres - pass of the wick - ed man Most plain - ly tes - ti - des 






Ml \\T\ 





That fear of Go3^s most ho - ly Name Is not be - fore his eyes. 

b-- L it Tit L i t L it |+ i^^"^-4X 



pr r ' r r 'r 


2 He cherishes the empty hope, 
Although his sin be great, 
It never shall be brought to light 
And viewed with righteous hate. 




3 The words he utters with his mouth 
Are wickedness and lies; 
He keeps himself from doing good, 
And ceases to be wise. 


4 While on his bed his thought he gives 
To planning wickedness; 
He sets himself in evil ways, 
He shuns not to transgress. 

94 The Love and Justice of God 

PSALM 36 C. M. Caddo WillUm B. Bradbury 

I Thy mer - cy and Thy tnmi^ O Lord, Tran-scend the loft - y sky ; 



frh'if'jijii^ij j^ij^ 


Thy judg-ments are a might - y deep, And as the moun-tains high. 

J.J J ,ir \.ni 


[Suaza» s~<o] 

The Love and Justice of God 

2 Lord, Thou preservest man and beast; • 4 The fountain of eternal life 

Since Thou art ever kind, Is found alone with Thee, 

Beneath the shadow of Thy wings And in the brightness of Thy light 

We may a refuge find. We clearly Ught shall see. 

3 With the abundance of Thy house 
We shall be satisfied, 
From rivers of unfailing joy 
Our thirst shall be supplied. 

5 From those that know Thee may Thy 
And mercy ne'er depart, [love 

And may Thy justice still protect 
And bless the upright heart. 

6 The workers of iniquity 
Are fallen utterly; 
They shall not triumph in their pride, 
Or drive my soul from Thee. 


An Answer to Distrust 

PSALM 37 c. p. M. 

Ernest R. Kroeger 

I Fret not thy-self, nor en- vious be, When wick - ed work- ers thou shalt see, 





L U\\l J' J I 




Who pros-per in their way; 

f f ^ 


For like the grass they per - ish soon, 


Tff i rrr i 


tl: j i j I J- / d Ibd liJ 

— »■ 




And, like the herb cut down at noon, They with-er 





a • 


ppf i F'Ppifif ^ 





Cdpyilglit, t9U, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Trust in the Lord and still do well, 
Within the land securely dwell, 

Feed on His faithfulness; 
Delight thee also in the Lord, 
And to thy heart He will accord 
The good it would possess. 

3 Yea, to the Lord thy way is known; 
Confide in Him Who on the throne 

Abides in power divine; 
Thy righteousness He shall display; 
Resplendent as the light of day. 

It shall unclouded shine. 



Contrasted Characters 

PSALM 37 C. P. M. 


#gjij i J Jiji^^ 

V^liam Hayes 


I Hest in the Lord and be thou still. With pa-tience wait His ho - ly wiH, 

£n • dur - ing to the end. Fret not though sin - ners' gains in - crease ; 


i q i f ^f ■ 


ii U 1 ^- " 

For - sake thy wrath, from an - ger cease ; It will to e - vil tend. 



2 The evil-doer soon shall die, 
But those that on the Lord rely 

Shall all the land obtain; 
A little while and thou shalt see 
That wicked men cut off shall bci 

They shall be sought in vain. 

3 Yea, thou shalt soon consider well ' 
The place where they were wont to 

And it shall not be found; [dwell, 

[Stanzas 4-7] 

But saints shall all the land possess, 
And find delight and happiness 
Where fruits of peace abound. 

4 The vile may plot against the just 
Who in the Lord Jehovah trust, 

But God will scorn them all; 
The Lord their coming day shall see. 
When broken all their power shall b^ 

And ruin on them f aU. 

97 Weil-Doing and Well-Being 

PSALM 37 C. P. M. Ganges S. Chandler 


ijji^ i jjj j i ji^i^ i ^^i-i^i^ i 

I A lit-tle that the righteous hold Is bet-ter far than wealth untold Of m'an-y wick-ed men ; 

Destroyed shall be their arm of pride,But they who in the Lord confide Shall be uphol 






0. ' ' [StaniasS-ii] 

2 He knows the days the perfect live. 
To them a heritage will give 

Which ever shall abide; 
In evil times no shame they know, 
And in the days of famine's woe 

They shall be satisfied. 

Well-Doing and Weil-Being 

Like fields once fair, now brown and 
Like smoke they fade away. 

3 Although the wicked prospered seem, 
At last they vanish like a dream 

And perish in a day; 
Jehovah's foes shall soon appear 


4 They borrow oft and pay not back, 
But righteous men do nothing lack, 

And give with gracious hand; 
Those cursed by Him shall be de- 
But such as have His grace enjoyed, 
They shall possess tiie land. 

The Rewards of the Righteous 

PSALM 37 C. P. M. 


Arthur H. D. Tioyto 

I The good man's steps are led a -right, His way is pleas -ing in God*s sight, 

i i jli i i \ 



£s- tab-lished it shall stand; He shall not per- ish though he fall, 






k f>' J iH n IJ _ 






The might - y Lord Who rules o*er all 

Nf i MF \\U-^ m 

Up-holds him with His hand. 

[ Stanzas 12-15 ] 

2 Though I am old who young have been, His faithfulness His saints have proved, 

No saint have I forsaken seen, 

Nor yet his home m need; 
He ever lends in gracious ways. 
His life true charity displays. 
His sons are blest indeed. 

3 Depart from evil, do thou well, 

And evermore securely dwell; 

Jehovah loves the right 

Forever they shall stand unmoved, 
But sinners God will smite. 

4 The righteous, through Hisfavoring hand, 
Shall yet inherit all the land 
And dwell therein for aye; 
He talks of wisdom and of rights 
In God's pure law is his delight. 
His steps go not astray. 


The Righteous and the Evil-Doer 

PSALM 37 C. P. M. 


Edward Harwood 


z g I ^ — Z^ ^ I S -J-J l "gt 








I The wick- ed, watching for their prey, De-sire the right-eous man to slay, 







But God IS on his side ; He 


not leave him in 

their hands, 












tf* — tf^ 



Nor count him guilt - y when he stands In 

^ g I g 



- ment to be tried. 






g * 


2 Wait on the Lord and keep His way; 
He will exalt thee, nor delay 

To give the land to thee; 
And when the wicked are cut off, 
The wicked who against thee scoff, 

Their judgment thou shalt see. 

3 The wicked in great power are seen, 
Like spreading tree with foliage green 

That grows in native ground. 
I looked again, they were no more; 
I sought the men so proud before. 

But they could not be found. 

[Stanas i6-ao] 

4 Mark thou the upright day by day, 
Behold the perfect in his way: 

His journey ends in peace. 
Destroyed at once shall rebels be; 
Cut off from all posterity, 

Their very name shall cease. 

5 Salvation is from God alone, [known 
Whom as their covert saints have 

When by sore troubles tried; 
The Lord Who helped in troubles past 
Will save them to the very last, 

For they in Him confide. 


The Secret of Tranquility 

PSALM 37 C, M. 

Morris Chant 

WUHam B. Bradbury 


I For- ev-er trust- ing in the Lord, Take heed to do His will; So shalt thou 


ni [Y^ 

The Secret of Tranquility 

dwell with-in the land. So shall thou dwell within the land, And He thy needs shall fill. 

2 Delight thee in the Lord, and He 
Will grant thy heart's request; 
To Him commit thy way in faith, 
And thus thou shalt be blessed. 

I — r 

[ Selected Stanzas ] 

3 And He shall make thy righteousness 
Shine brightly as the light, 
And as the burning noonday sun 
Thy judgment ^11 be bright. 

4 Rest in the Lord with quiet trust. 
Wait patiently for Him; 
Though wickedness triumphant seem, 
Let not thy faith grow dim. 

101 The Prosperity of the Upright 

PSALM 37 C. M. Downs 

Lowell Mason 

f^- p tti 

gl ' ** j S * ' 





I The steps of those whom He ap-proves Are or - dered by the Lord ; 

m MP f i " r i f ^ 




i"^^ i\\ \ i 









And though they fall, held by His hand, They yet shall be re - stored. 

P\\\- \ } } f 





[ Selected Stanos ] 

2 I have not seen, though since my 4 Wait on the Lord and keep His way, 

Full many years have fled, [youth And then, by Him approved, 

The saint forsaken, nor beheld Thy heritage shall still remain 

His children begging bread. When sinners are removed. 

3 The children of the merciful 
Find blessings kept in store; 
Depart from evil and do good. 
And live for evermore. 

5 Mark well the perfect, upright man, 
As still his years increase; 
Behold his life, and thou shalt see 
His journey end in peace. 


102 Penitential Grief and Supplication 

PSALM 38 8t and 7s St. Sylvester John B. Dykes 

^.i-.n i j i i i'i 

I In Thy wrath and hot dis - pleas - ure, Chas • ten not Thy serv-ant. Lord ; 

n\ f - f f f f ^ 


Let Thy mer - cy, with - out 

meas- ure, Help and peace to me af 

2 Heavy is my tribulation, 

Sore my punishment has been; 
Broken by Thy indignation, 
I am troubled by my sin. 

3 With my burden of transgression 

Heavy laden, overborne, 
Hiuibled low I make confession, 
For my folly now I mourn. 

4 Weak and woimded, I implore Thee; 

Lord, to me Thy mercy show; 
All my prayer is now before Thee, 
All my trouble Thou dost know. 

5 Darkness gathers, foes assail me, 

But I answer not a word; 
All my friends desert and fail me, 
Only Thou my cry hast heard. 

103 A Plea for Salvation 

PSALM 38 88 and 75 Mount Vernon 

Lowell Maaon 

I Lord, in Thee am I con - fid - ing ; Thou wilt an - swer when I call, 

Nf rfrif rrri tf 


Lest my foes, the good de - rid - ing, Tri-umph in Thy serv - ant's falL 






[Staniaa 6-9] 

A Plea for Salvation 

2 I am prone to halt and stumble, 
Grief and sorrow dwell within, 
Shame and guilt my spirit humble, 
I am Sony for my sin. 

3 Foes about my soul are closing, 
Full of hatred, false and strong; 
Choosing good, I find opposing 
All who love and do the wrong. 


PSALM 39 L. M. 

4 Lord, my God, do not forsake me. 
Let me know that Thou art near, . 
Under Thy protection take me, 
As my Saviour now appear. 

The Frailty of Life 


John K Gould 

M j i J I J i I (i jj 

I. With firm re-solve I held my peace And spake not ei - ther bad or good, 

Lest I should ut - ter sin • ful thoughts While wicked men be - fore me stood. 


gF s> 




6 And now, O Lord, what wait I for ? 
I have no hope except in Thee; 

Let not ungodly men reproach, 
From all transgression set me free. 

7 Because Thou didst it I was dumb, 
I spoke no word of rash complaint; 

Remove Thy stroke away from me, 
Beneath Thy chastisement I faint 

8 When Thou for his iniquity 
Rebukest and correctest man, 

His beauty is consiuned away. 
How weak his strength, how vain 
his plan. 

5 Man's life is passed in vain desire 9 Lord, hear my prayer, regard my cry. 

If troubled years be spent for gain; I weep, be Thou my comforter; 

He knows not whose his wealth shall be, I am a stranger here below. 

And all his toil is but in vain. A pilgrim as my fathers were. 

10 O spare me. Lord, avert Thy wrath, 
Deal gently with me, I implore, 
That I may yet recover strength 
E'er I go hence and be no more. 


2 While I was dumb my grief was stirred. 

My heart grew hot with thought 
The while I mused the fire increased. 
Then to the Lord I made request 

3 Make me, O Lord, to know my end. 

Teach me the measure of my days. 
That I may know how frail I am 
And turn from pride and sinful ways. 

4 My time is nothing in Thy sight. 

Behold, my days are but a span; 
Yea, truly at his best estate, 
A breath, a fleeting breath, is man. 

105 The Brevity of Human Life 

PSALM 39 S. M. Aylesbury Harvey Camp 

I I con - stant care will take, Lest sin - ful words they hear; 

ii.^JiU I 




t f I ir'-r I 

My lips their si - lence shall not break While wick - ed men are near. 

2 I dumb and silent stood, 

No words of mine were heard; 
I even refrained from speaking good, 
Till sorrow's deeps were stirred. 

4 My end, Lord, make me know, 
My days, how soon they fail; 
And to my thoughtful spirit show 
How weak I am and frail. 

3 My heart was all on fire, s To Thy eternal thought 

With burning thoughts suppressed; My days are but a span; 

My tongue was loosed, my soul's desire To Thee my years appear as nought, 

I then to God addressed. A breath at best is man. 

6 Man lives in empty show, 
His anxious care is vain, 
He hoards his wealth, and does not know 
Who shall possess his gain. 


Chastened Submission 

PSALM 39 S. M. 


Robert S. Ambrose 

M n j 

H in 




I What wait I for but Thee? My hope is in Thy Name; 

^r t ^ 



I f n ^ M- 


From all my sins de - liv - er me, Nor put my soul to shame. 

' " ^ 

[Stuuaa T^is] 



Chastened Submission 

2 I suffered s3ently, 

Because Thy will is best; 
Remove Thy heavy stroke from me, 
For I am sore distressed. 

3 When sin Thou dost repay 

And chasten and restrain, 
Man's beauty quickly fades away; 
Yea, human life is vain. 

4 O Lord, regard my fears. 

And answer my request; 
Turn not in silence from my tears, 
But give the mourner rest 

5 I am a stranger here. 

Dependent on Thy grace, 
A pilgrim, as my fathers were, 
With no abiding place. 

6 spare me and restore 

My failing strength, I pray; 

E'er I go hence and be no more. 

The hand of judgment stay. 


A Mourner's Entreaties 

PSALM 39 S. M. 



Joseph E. Sweetser 






3 i I 

Wi\ \ \ 



■\\\ w 


I My end, Lord, make me know, My days, how soon they fail ; 

^g: iU-^ 

And to my thought -ful spir - it show How weak I am and fndl. 

-^ i I <g — p I g 



2 To Thy eternal thought 
My days are but a span; 
To Thee my years appear as nought, 
A breath at best is man. 

[Selected Stanos] 

3 O Lord, regard my fears, 
And answer my request; 
Turn not in silence from my tears. 
But give the mourner rest. 

4 I am a stranger here, 

Dependent on Thy grace, 
A pilgrim, as my fatiiers were, 
With no abiding place. 


108 A Recital of Gracious Experience 

PSALM 40 C. M. I ElizABETHTOWN George Kingsley 


wait-ed for the Lord 

my God, Yea, pa - tient - ly drew near. 







And He at length in - clined 





me, My plead-ing cry to hear. 

iF i H f [ i ri i 

5 O truly blessed is the man 

That on the Lord relies, 
Respecting not the proud, nor such 
As turn aside to Ues.. 

6 O Lord my God, how manifold 

The works which Thou hast wrought. 
Of ttimes Thou hast bestowed on us 
Thy care and gracious thought. 

a He took me from destruction's pit. 
From out the miry day; 
He set my feet upon a rock, 
And steadfast made my way. 

3 A new and joyful song of praise 

My thankful heart He taught, 
A song of glory to our God 
For all ^t He has wrought. 

4 And many who behold how good 7 Thy works and thoughts most wonderf ul. 

The Lord has been to me If I of them would speak, 

Shall learn to fear, and in His Name Cannot be numbered, and in vain 
Their trust henceforth shall be. To set them forth I seek. 


Personal Devotion to God 

PSALM 40 C. M. 


William Gardiner 





I The of -fering on the al - tar burned Gives no de- light to Thee; 

The hear - ing ear, the will - ing heart, Thou giy - est un • to me. . . 

[Stufltf 8*11 ] 

Personal Devotion to God 

2 Then, O my God, I come, I come, 

Thy purpose to fulfil; 
Thy law is written in my heart, 
Tis joy to do Thy will. 

3 Before Thy people I will now 

Thy righteousness proclaim; 

Thou knowest, Lord, I will not cease 
To praise Thy holy Name. 

4 I never have within my heart 
Thy faithfulness concealed. 
But Thy salvation and Thy truth 
To men I have revealed. 

110 The Mercy of God Besought 

PSALM 40 C. M. Ruth W. Irving Hartshom 

m ii^jii i \ i Ji i j' i ;;;j 

I Thy ten - der mer - cies, my Lord, With - hold not 


im - plore ; 

[[[ \ f n\[ \ \ i[^ ^ 

Nl Jjiji^ifiJi 

But let Thy kind - ness and Thy truth Pre - serve me ev - er - more. 


For count -less ills have corn-passed me, My sin - ful deeds a - rise 

k-nrrf P i [ H' ^ 


^ i j nu^ i ii{U \ m 

Yea, they have o - ver • tak - en me ; I dare not raise my eyes. 


' [ r ^ 1^ ^' ^ 


2 My sins are more than I can coimt, 

My heart has failed for grief; 
Be pleased, O Lord, to rescue me, 

O haste to my relief. 
Be those who seek to hurt my soul 

Dismayed and put to flight, 
And they themselves be put to shame 

Who in my woe delight. 

iM i i :r no 



[Stanias ia-17^ 

3 Let all who seek Thee now rejoice. 

Yea, glad in Thee abide. 
And, loving Thy salvation, say, 

The Lord be magnified. 
My lowly state and bitter need 

The Lord has not forgot; 
Thou art my Saviour and my help. 

Come, Lord, and tarry not. 



Grace and Gratitude 

PSALM 40 L, H. M. 


Joseph Bamby 

iMj - iJU} j i j j i 'ji i j H i; 

^ 3 Ij 1; J 


I I wait - ed for the Lord Most High, And He in - clined to hear my cry ; 

^'•A^i H f I p F 





iff • 


j i j; i j j j L- 




He took me from de-stmc - tion^s pit And from the mir - y clay; 















-» J ' J.. ' 


1 ^ 'rQ'f'f^f.f' 

Up - on a rock He set my feet, And stead-fast made my way. 

f>'>l^F f fH 

2 A new and joyful song of praise 

He taught my thankful heart to raise; 

And many, seeing me restored, 
Shall fear the Lord and trust; 

And blest are they that trust the Lord, 
The humble and the just. 

3 O Lord my God, how manifold 

Thy wondrous works which I behold, 
And all Thy loving, gracious thought 

Thou hast bestowed on man; 
To coimt Thy mercies I have sought, 

But boimdless is their span. 

4 Not sacrifice delights the Lord, 

But he who hears and keeps HSs word; 

Thou gavest me to hear Thy will, 
Thy law is in my heart; 

I come the Scripture to fulfil. 
Glad tidings to impart. 



An Entreaty for Mercy 

PSALM 40 L. H. M. 


Arranged from F. F. Flemmlng 

I Be-fore Thy people I con -f ess The wonders of Thy righl-eous-ness ; 





Thou know-est, Lord, that I have made . . Thy great sal - va - tion known, 

Thy truth and faith - ful - ness dis - played, Thy lov-ing-kind- ness shown. 

■>wf ^ f I f f 


S — I 


[Stanias 5^] 

2 Withhold not Thou Thy grace from me, 3 Let all who seek to see Thy face 

O Lord, Thy mercy let me see, 
To me Thy loving-kindness show, 

Thy truth be still my stay; 
Let them preserve me where I go. 

And keep me every day. 

Be glad and joyful in Thy grace; 

Let those who Thy salvation love 
For evermore proclaim, 

O praise the Lord Who dwells above, 
And magnify His Name. 

4 Although I poor and needy be, 
The Lord in love takes thought for me; 

Thou art my help in time of need, 
My Saviour, Lord, art Thou; 

Then, O my God, I pray, I plead, 
Stay not, but save me now. 



The Friend of the Poor 

PSALM 41 C. M. 


George Kingsley 

I How blest the man who thoughtful- ly The poor and weak be - friends; 

^ \' ' [' If4 h ¥ 






liv - erance in 

e - vil day To 





yah sends. 

2 The Lord will keep him, guard his life, 

On earth he shall be blest; 
The Lord will not surrender him 
By foes to be distressed. 

3 Upon the bed of sufiferlng 

Jehovah will sustain, 
And in his sickness God will soothe 
The weariness and pain. 

4 O Lord, to Thee my cry ascends. 

Let me Thy mercy see; 
Heal Thou my soul, for I have sinned, 
I have offended Thee. 

5 My enemies against me speak. 

And they my life have scorned; 
. They wish my name to pass away, 
Unhonored and immoumed. 

6 My foe, deceitful, visits me. 

By seeming kindness led. 
His heart intent on gathering 
Some hurtful news to sprc^. 

7 My foes, together whispering, 

Their evil plans devise; 
Disease, they say, cleaves fast to him, 
Laid low, he shall not rise. 

8 Yea, he who was my chosen friend. 

In whom I put my trust, [ wrath 
Who ate my bread, now turns in 
To crush me in the dust. 

9 Do Thou, Jehovah, show me grace. 

And raise me up again, 
That I with justice may requite 
These base and wicked men. 

10 By this I know assuredly 

That I am loved by Thee, 
Because my foe does not exult 
In triimiph over me, 

11 And as for me, in uprightness 

Thou dost uphold me well. 
And settest me before Thy face 
For evermore to dwell. 

12 Blest be Jehovah, Israel's God 
For evermore. Amen. 
Let age to age eternally 
Repeat His praise. Amen. 



Thirstings for God 

PSALM 42 L. M. 


William B. Bradbury 



tty— i 

I As thirsts the hart for 


ter brooks, So thirsts my 

^ ^^r=H , 



1 — r 





soul, O God, for Thee; It seeks for God, and ev - er looks And longs the 


rii ' i ' i ' i i ' , ' i ' , ' i i'i 

liv - ing God to see. And longs the liv - ing God to 


^^yp- f F ^ 






2 Far from the courts of God, my tears 

Have been my food by night and 
While constantly with bitter sneers, 
Where is thy God, the scoffers say. 

3 With grief I think of days gone by, 

When oft I trod the hallowed way 
To Zion, praising God on high 
With throngs who kept the holy day. 

4 O why art thou cast down, my soul, 

And why so troubled shouldst thou 
Hope thou in God, and Him extol. 
Who gives His saving help to me. 

5 Since, O my God, my soul is bowed, 

In exile far, with bitter grief, 
I turn my thoughts to Thy abode 
For consolation and relief. 

6 With mighty voice deep calls to deep, 

While raging storms Thy judg- 
ments tell; 
The angry billows o'er me leap, 
The waves of sorrow near me swell. 

7 Though troubles surge, yet through 

the day 
The Lord His gracious help will give. 
And in the night my heart shall pray 
And sing to Him in Whom I live. 

8 To God my Rock I cry and say, 

why hast Thou forgotten me? 
Why go I mourning on my way, 
expressed by foes that know not 

9 With anguish as from piercing sword 

Reproach of bitter foes I hear. 
While day by day, with taunting word 
Where is thy God, the scoffers sneer 

lo O why art thou cast down, my soul, 
And why so troubled shouldst thou be? 
Hope thou in God, and Him extol, 
Who gives His saving help to me. 




Longing After God 

lis and I OS 

SandRINGHAM Arranged from Joseph Bamby 





I As 





pants the hart for 






\ )f i\ g 


g f I 


streams of liv - ing wa • ter, 

% i i -^' ^ — «^ 




















liv - ing God, 


for Thee ; 






I thirst for Thee, 

P'A r ^ 



J J H iJ 

Thee my heart is yearn - 











When shall I come Thy gra - clous face 












2 O Lord my God, o'erwhelmed in deep affliction, 

Far from Thy rest, to Thee I lift my soul; 
Deep calls to deep and storms of trouble thimder, 
While o*er my head the waves and billows roll. 

3 Thou wilt command Thy servant's consolation, 

Thy loving-kindness yet shall cheer my day, 
And in the night Thy song shall be my comfort; 
God of my life, to Thee I still will pray. 

4 Why, O my soul, art thou cast down within me, 

Why art thou troubled and oppressed with grief? 
Hope thou in God, the God of thy salvation, 
Hope, and thy God will surely send relief. 




Remembrance of God 

PSALM 42 C. M. 



Cliarles H. Gabriel 

I As pants the hart for cool -ingstreams,When heat -ed in the chase, So 

f i r P ^ p IP- r r I r i r t t ^' 

\ ''m-\\\\\\\W 


jV n^ijj'j i j ^^ 



longs my soul, 6 God, for Thee And Thy 

re - fresh - ing grace. 

Copy il gli l ; 190s, by United Kobyteriaa Board of Publicatloa 


[ Selected Stanzu] 

2 For Thee, my God, the living God, 

My thksty soul doth pine; 
O when shall I behold Thy face. 
Thou Majesty Divine? 

3 Why restless, why cast down, my soul? 

Trust God, Who will employ 
His aid for thee, and change these sighs 
To thankful hymns of joy. 

4 Why restless, why cast down, my soul? 

Hope still, and thou shalt sing 
The praise of Him Who is thy God, 
Thy health's eternal spring. 



Arranged from Spohr 


I As 





d\tsi\J\es>'i\^ 3 





pants the hart for cool - ing streams, When heat - ed in the chase. 





^Uu^ i j ,ji>j f i ^iJ i j i \ j j^ ^ 



So longs my soul, God, for Thee, And Thy re -fresh -ing grace. 

t i "r^f|f'i^if if ' ^ ^ 








Our Support Amidst Distress 

PSALM 42 1 18 and I08 


Arranged from Mendelssohn 

I As pants the hart for streams of living wa-ter, So longs my soul, O kv-ing God^or Thee ; 

I thirst for Thee»f or Thee my heart is yearning ; When shall I come Thy gracious face to see ? 


2 O Lord my God, o'erwhelmed in deep affliction, 

Far from Thy rest, to Thee I lift my soul; 
Deep calls to deep and stonns of trouble thimder, 
While o'er my head the waves and billows roll. 

3 Thou wilt command Thy servant's consolation, 

Thy loving-kindness yet shall cheer my day. 
And in the night Thy song shall be my comfort; 
God of my life, to Thee I still will pray. 

4 Why, O my soul, art thou cast down within me. 

Why art thou troubled and oppressed with grief? 
Hope thou in God, the God of thy salvation, 
Hope, and thy God will surely send relief. 

118 Spiritual Thirst 

PSALM 42 88 and 48 Snowden Robert B. Robertson 

Starnas ] 

m ; \ i\ n. I 

^: i' iUU..Ii % 

I As thirsts the hart for cool - ing flood, So longs my soul, 


liv - ing God, To taste Thy grace; When un • to Thee shall I draw near, 

nM^Cf i MI' M[:i^ 

( Selected Stuuu] 


Spiritual Thirst 

^^^H-j-hfc^i I i i j ii, 


2 How oft I led the happy throngs 3 O why, my soul, thy hc^lessness? 

That sought the house of God with Why such disquiet and distress? 

Of joy and praise; [songs On God rely; 

I ever joined with true delight For I shall yet behold His face. 

The multitude that kept aright Who is my God, and I His grace 

The holy days. Will magnify. 


PSALM 43 C. M. 

Devout Longings 


I Judge me,0 God, and plead my cause A - gainst a god-less race ; From men de- 

■ i luniF 

,if^aUlIl^ii;i^^;^ ^ 

ceit-ful and un- just De - liv - er in Thy grace, De - liv - er in Thy grace. 



2 O Thou the God of all my strength, 4 Then will I to God's altar go, 

Why hast Thou cast me off? To God, my boundless joy; 

Why go I mourning all the day. Yea, God, my God, Thy Name to 

While foes oppress and scoff? My harp I will employ. [praise 

3 O send Thou forth Thy light and truth, 
Let them be guides to me, 
And bring me to Thy holy hill, 
Thy dwelling-place to see. 

5 Why art thou then cast down, my soul, 
What should discourage thee? 
And why with vexing thoughts art 
Disquieted in me? [thou 

6 Hope thou in God; His praise shall yet 
My thankful lips employ; 
He is the spring of all my health, 
My God, my boundless joy. 


120 Hope and Trust 

PSALM 43 88 and 7s Amara William O. Perkins 

jm i i ^ i i. I. nj] ^; ;..u j i j^ j'^ji ^ 

I Judge me, God of my sal-va - tion, Plead my cause, for Thee I trust; 

Wif MF'F'f ^' i pf i f [ i fTF [T i 

Hear my ear - nest sup - pli - ca - tion, Save me from my foes un - just. 

Hf Urn P iFB 

O my soul, why art thougriev-ing? What dis- qui - ets and dis- mays? 

J » J ■ "^ # a r^ • . ^ , • . g ■ 


^/p j j i ^ j- /j j i j- n 

Hope in God; His help re-ceiv-ing, I shall yet my Sav-iour praise. 

J- J. -^ 


2 On Thy strength alone relying, 

Why am I cast off by Thee, 

In my helpless sorrow sighing, 

While the foe oppresses me? 

3 Light and truth, my way attending. 

Send Thou forth to be my guide, 
Till Thy holy mount ascending, 
I within Thy house abide. 

4 At Thy sacred altar bending, 

God, my God, my boundless joy, 
Harp and voice, in worship blendmg, 
For Thy praise will I employ. 



God the Giver of Victory 

PSALM 44 118 



!i< i j j ju ; j 1^ ^ j i jjji j i ij j ii 

lO God, we have heard and our fa - thers have told What won -ders Thou 


j Ji<i i^i i fi'i; 


didst in the great days of old ; The na - tions were crushed and ex - 

W \' f 1 1 







Wi ^ JUJj 


\ J j l j: ll 

pelled by Thy hand, Cast out that Thy peo - pie might dwell in their land. 


m F F i pi 




I I l ^i 

2 They gained not the land by the edge of the sword, 
Their own arm to them could no safety afford, 

But Thy right hand saved, and the light of Thy face, 
Because of Thy favor and wonderful grace. 

3 Conmiand, and Thy word shall deliverance bring, 
God, to Thy chosen, for Thou art our King; 
Through Thee we will surely defeat all our foes, 
Through Thy Name will tritimph o'er those that oppose. 

4 No trust will I place in my strength to defend, 
Nor yet on my sword as a safeguard depend; 

In Thee, Who hast saved us and put them to shame, 
We boast all the day, ever praising Thy Name. 



PSALM 44 118 

The Martyr Church 

Good Shepherd 


Joseph Bamby 

PJ l J jjl 





I Thou, Lordyhast for - sak • en, to shame brought our boasts; No more to the 

I ' M' l f f f l | I If I I II l,'N| I I 

fill jlU Jlfi^ 




field dost Thou go with our hosts ; Thou turn - est us back from the 



If f f i f 




foe in dis - may. And spoil -ers who hat 

in dis - may, And spoil -ers who hate 

^^'^ i i'^ 

us have made us their prey. 


[Sunzas 5-^] 

2 Like sheep to the slaughter Thy people are given. 
Dispersed through the nations afar we are driven; 
Thou sellest Thy people to strangers for naught, 
Their price to Thy treasure no increase has brought. 

3 Thou makest our neighbors reproach us in pride, 
And those that are near us to scoff and deride; 
A by-word the nations have made of our name, 
With scorn and derision they put us to shame. 

4 Yea, all the day long I behold my disgrace, 
And covered am I with confusion of face; 
The voice of blasphemers and scoffers I hear, 
The foe and avenger against me appear. 

5 All this have we suffered, and never forgot 

To serve Thee, Jehovah, nor falsely have wrought; 
Our heart is not turned and our steps have not strayed. 
Though crushed amid ruins and under death's shade. 



PSALM 44 118 

An Importunate Prayer 

Magnus John B. Herbert 

I If we have for - got- ten the Name of our God, Or un • to an i - dol our 

hands spread a - broad, Shall not the Al-might-y nn-cov-er this sin? He 


knows all our hearts and the se - crets with - in. Rise, help, and re- deem us, 

Thy.mer - cywe trust; Rise,help,and re-deem us, Thymer-cy we trust. 

Copjrrlcfat, 1901, by United Presbyterian Board of Publiaitlon 

2 We all the day long for Thy sake are consumed, 
Defeated and helpless, to death we are doomed; 
Then why dost Thou tarry? Jehovah, awake. 
Nor spurn us forever; arise for our sake. 

3 why art Thou hiding the light of Thy face, 
Forgetting our burden of grief and disgrace? 

Our soul is bowed down, yea, we cleave to the dust; 
Rise, help, and redeem us, Thy mercy we trust 


[ Stanzas 10-12 ] 

124 The Royal Majesty of Christ 

PSALM 45 S. M. MorNINGTON Earl of Momington 

i |V'tt=H 




^i \ \ J-JiJ 






muM ^ 







My ea - ger tongue with joy - ful song Doth praise the King Di - vine. 

2 Supremely fair Thou art, 

Thy lips with grace overflow; 
His richest blessings evermore 
Doth God on Thee bestow. 

3 Now gird Thee with Thy sword, 

O strong and mighty One, 
In splendid majesty arrayed, 
More glorious than the sim. 

4 Triumphantly ride forth 

For meekness, truth, and right; 
Thy arm shall gain the victory 
in wondrous deeds of might. 

5 Thy strength shall overcome 

All those that hate the King, 
And under Thy dominion strong 
Hie nations Thou shalt bring. 

6 Thy royal throne, O God, 

For evermore shall stand; 

Eternal truth and justice wield 

The sceptre in Thy hand. 

7 Since Thou art sinless found, 

The Lord, Thy God confessed, 
Anointeth Thee with perfect joy, 
Thou art supremely blest. 

8 Thy garments breathe of myrrh 

And spices sweet and rare; 
Glad strains of heavenly music ring 
Throughout Thy palace fair. 

9 Amid Thy glorious train 

Kings' daughters waiting stand. 
And fairest gems bedeck Thy bride, 
The queen at Thy right hand. 



The Church the Bride of Christ 

PSALM 45 S. M. 


I O Roy-al Bride, give heed, And to my words at -tend; For Christ the 

King . . for • jsake . . the world And ev - ery for - mer friend. 

2 Thy beauty and thy grace 

Shall then delight the King; 
He only is thy rightful Lord, 
To Him thy worship bring. 

3 To thee, since thou art His, 

Great honor shall be shown; 
The rich shall bring their gifts to thee, 
Thy glory they shall own. 

4 Enthroned in royal state, 

All glorious thou shalt dwell, 
With garments fair, inwrought with gold. 
The Church He loveth well. 

5 And they that honor thee 

Shall in thy train attend, 
And to the palace of the Khig 
Shall jo3^ully ascend. 

6 O King of royal race. 

Thy sons of heavenly birth 
Thou wilt endow with kingly gifts 
As princes in the earth. 

7 Thy Name shall be proclaimed 

Through all succeeding days, 
And all the nations of the earth 
Shall give Thee endless praise. 


[Staiuu 10-16] 


God a Very Present Help 

PSALM 46 C. M. 


Samuel A. Ward 

J : ji i^i: ^iU^i ^ ^ 

I God IS our ref • uge and ourstrengthjOur ev • er pres- ent aid 

NfifgF [iF'f ^^ 



And, there-f ore,though the earth 

le earth re-move, We will not be a - fraid: . . 

f i FFFif i f Fffia 

^ || || Hj ^ i ln i J i J i J | i;^_, I 

Though hills a -midst the seas be cast,Though foaming wa - ters roar 




^ m J i j :; ^ 


Yea, though the might - y bil - lows shake The moun-tains on the shore. 



2 A river flows whose streams make 4 

The city of our God, [glad 

The holy place wherein the Lord 

Most High has His abode; 
Since God is in the midst of her, 

Unmoved her walls shall stand. 
For God will be her early help, 

When trouble is at hand. 

3 Hie nations raged, the kingdoms 

moved, 5 

But when His voice was heard 

The troubled earth was stilled to peace 
Before His mighty word. 

The Lord of Hosts is on our side, 
Our safety to secure; 

The God of Jacob is for us 

A refuge strong and sure. 



O come, behold what wondrous works 

Jehovah's hand has wrought; 
Come, see what desolation great 

He on the earth has brought. 
To utmost ends of all the earth 

He causes war to cease; 
The weapons of the strong destroyed, 

He makes abiding peace. 

Be still and know that I am God, 

O'er all exalted high; 
The subject nations of the earth 

My Name shall magnify. 
The Lord of Hosts is on our side. 

Our safety to secure; 
The God of Jacob is for us 

A refuge strong and sure. 


The Protective Power of God 

PSALM 46 L. M. 


J. Baptiste Calkin 

:Jj | ii J i j H :\U m 

I God will our strength and ref - uge prove, In all dis -tress a pres-entaid, 

^ 'M \ I f 






And,though the trembling earth re-move, We will not fear nor be dis-mayed. 

Uhn\\[\l\[ ^^ 


2 Our trust in God shall still abide 

Though hills be sjiaken from their seat, 
And though the ocean's swelling tide 
Against the trembling mountains beat 

3 A river flows, whose living streams 

Make glad the city of our God, 
The holy place where glory beams, 
Where God Most High has His abode. 

4 God has in her His dwelling made. 

And she shall nevermore be moved; 
Her God shall early give her aid, 
Her constant helper He has proved. 

5 The kings and nations raged in pride; 

He spake, the earth did melt away; 
The Lord of Hosts is on our side, 
Our fathers' God, our strength and stay. 

6 Come, see the works of God displayed. 

The wonders of His mighty hand. 
What desolations He has made, 
What ruin spread through all the land. 

7 Through all the peopled earth He makes 

The dreadful scourge of war to cease. 
The implements of battle breaks. 
And makes the nations dwell in peace. 

8 Be still, ye nations, bow in fear. 

And know that I alone am God; 
To us the Lord of Hosts is near. 
Our fathers' God is our abode. 


128 The Lord of Hosts 

PSALM 46 8s, 7s, 6s Ein' Feste Burg 

Martin Lather 

(God is our ref - uge and our strength, A help-er ev-cr near us;? 
I We will not fear though earth be moved, For Goa is nigh to cheer us. ( 

fi'j l j Jljtj l ?!; ^ 



though the mountains quake And earth's foim - da-tions shake,Though an - gry 

HiMf f l i;Fl[ l f i f f i i' P l ^Nf f l 

||'"H l I l JN J i nijljlJjIjJ l Ml l 

bil-lows roar And break a-gainst the shore, Our might-y God will hear us. 

iU kei 

hf?^r i Fr i f4i i ff r^i ff i Q i fii 

2 God's dty is forever blest 
With living waters welling; 
Since God is there she stands unmoved 
'Mid tumults round her swelling; 
God speaks and all is peace, 
From war the nations cease; 
The Lord of Hosts is nigh, 
Our fathers' God Most High 
Is our eternal dwelling. 

3 Behold what God has done on earth; 
His wrath brings desolation, 
His grace, commanding wars to cease, 
Brings peace to every nation; 
Be still, for He is Lord, 
By all the earth adored; 
llie Lord of Hosts is nigh, 
Our fathers' God Most High 
Is our strong habitation. 

129 The Universal Sovereignty of Christ 

PSALM 47 L. M. 


Charles Barney 





g Ui * 

I Re- joice,ye pco - pie, hom -age give, To God with voice of tri - umph sing ; 

Ha^i H\^-^ 






The Universal Sovereignty of Christ 

He ml - eth in dread ma - jes - ty, The great, the u 

i'ljijdyjjjijji p 

ni - ver - sal King. 

2 He putteth nations under us 

And maketh us triumphant stand; 
He giveth for our heritage 
His promised rest, a goodly land. 

3 God hath ascended with a shout, 

Jehovah with the trumpet's sound; 
Sing praise to God our King, sing 
Yea, let His glorious praise abound. 

4 Our God is King of all the earth. 

With thoughtful heart His praise 
make known; 
O'er all the nations God doth reign, 
Exalted on His holy throne. 

5 To praise and serve our covenant God 

The princes of the earth draw nigh; 
All kingly powers belong to Him, 
He is exalted, God Most High. 


The Ascended King 

PSALM 47 S. M. 

Silver Street 

Isaac Smith 


I All na - tions, clap 3rour hands, Let shouts of tri - umph ring, 

- J J . I J i> . i- f . r-^J^i 


^' I k | = i 


/g * 






'.\\^^pj \ l.\\ \i\' i. 




For might- y o - ver all the . . lands The Lord . . Most High is King. 

^' L i p \ 

:f i r^F Jflf l rl l 

2 Above our mighty foes 

He gave us power to stand. 
And as our heritage He chose 
The goodly promised land. 

3 With shouts ascends our King, 

With trumpet's stirring call; 
Praise God, praise God, His praises sing, 
For God is Lord of all. 

4 O sing in joyful strains. 

And make His glory known; 
God over all the nations reigns, 
And holy is His throne. 

5 Our fathers' God to own 

The kings of earth draw nigh, 
For none can save but God alone, 
He is the Lord Most High. 


131 The Glory of the Church 

PSALM 48 L. M. Otterbourne Arranged from Haydn 

ji/^yMjjJiJ i i r;j^ 

I The Lord is great; with wor - thy praise Proclaim His power,His Name confess, 

'J L ^'- i j iJ irpiJii P 

With -in the cit - y of our God, Up -on Hismoimtof ho - li-ness. 

^ff^.\rf'\ \ f f i f^ B 

2 Mount Zion, glorious and fair, 
Gives joy to people in all lands; 
The city of the mighty KLing 
In majesty securely stands. 

3 Within her dwellings for defense [known, 
Our God has made His presence 
And hostile kings, in sudden fear, 
Have fled as ships by tempests blown. 

4 With our own eyes we have beheld 
What oft our fathers told before, 
That God Who in His Zion dwells 
Will keep her safely evermore. 

132 Meditation and Joyful Gratitude 

PSALM 48 L. M. St. John's Highlands Anonymous 

I With - in Thy temple's sa - cred courts, With lov-ing and a - dor - ing thought. 

We con- template Thy grace, O God, And all Thy deeds with mer-cy fraught 






[Stinaft 5-9] 


Meditation and Joyful Gratitude 

2 Where'er Thy Name, O God, is known, 4 £ncompass Zion, count her towers, 

Where'er Thy glorious fame extends, And mark her strong defenses well; 

There also is Thy praise proclaimed, Consider all her palaces. 

Far as the earth's remotest ends. And to your sons her glory tell. 

3 Thy hand is full of righteousness; 
Let Zion's gladness then be great. 
And let her daughters sing for joy 
And all Thy judgments celebrate. 

S This mighty God forever lives 
Our God and Saviour to abide. 
And till our pilgrim days shall end 
Will ever be our faithful guide. 


The Church of the Living God 

PSALM 48 H. M. 


Ernest R. Kroeger 





i i » f ='^. 

I With - in Thy tern - pie, Lord, We think on mer - cies past; 

r r r n . r- . , J J J ^ 







^i i^ i f^ l J: I bJI J J \9 j I j-^' 

Let earth all praise ac - cord, Long as Thy Name shall last 






g — I 

, V- , -i 

^.^ i Hj jij j j i j i j, n j 





Theright-eousjudg-mentsof her King Let Zi - on and her daugh-ters sing. 

bnf'^rfirxiip i .. d p i 




Copyright, 190X, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 About Mount Zion go, 

Her towers and ramparts tell; 
That ye her strength may know, 

Mark her defenses well; 
Her ro3ral palaces behold 
That ye her glories may unfold. 

[ Selected Stanas] 

3 To all the coming race 

Repeat the message o'er: 
This mighty God of grace 

Is ours for evermore; 
Yea, He our Saviour will abide, 
And unto death will be our guide. 



Praise and Trust 

PSALM 48 S. M. 


George J. Elvey 



M\i I i i \ m 

I With - in Thy tern - pie, Lord, In that most ho - ly place, 

»¥»if f r F f ip'l^f ^ 


g • 

iH*i \ i ^ j jh^ n ^i jr l i j ^ i; 

We on Thy lov - ing-kind - ness dwell, The won-ders of Thy grace. 

N»[ i F F F f 


F f i t i f FFI * 

g ' 


sing Thy praise, O God, Wher - e'er Thy Name is known ; 

' \ T' ] f \*f f f *f if' 

f' M l . '/j J N j I IJN J \ 

By ev - ery deed Thy hand hath wrought Thy right-eous- ness is shown. 



2 Let Zion now rejoice, 

And all her children sing; 
Let them with thankfulness proclaim 

The judgments of their King. 
Moimt Zion's walls behold, 

About her ramparts go, 
And number ye the lofty towers 

That guard her from the foe. 

[Selected SHiom] 

Observe her palaces, 

Mark her defenses well, 
That to the sons that follow 3rott 

Her glories you may tell; 
For God as our own God 

Forever will abide, 
And till life's journey dose in death 

Will be our faithful guide. 



PSALM 49 78 

The Vanity of Trust in Riches 


Calvin S. Harrington 

I Hear this, all ye peo - pie, hear, Earth's in - hab -it - ants, give ear ; 

U P f i/"T-e^#Tfe 




AU of high and low de - gree» Rich and poor, give heed to me. 




2 Truth with all my heart I seek, 
And my mouth shall wisdom speak; 
Hearken while in lyric strain 

I make hidden wisdom plain. 

3 Why should I to fear give way 
When I see the evil day, 
When with wickedness my foes 
Shall surround me and oppose? 

4 They that trust in treasured gold, 
Though they boast of wealth imtold, 
None can bid his brother live, 
None to God a ransom give. 

5 If from death one would be free 
And corruption never see. 
Costly is life's ransom price, 
Far beyond all sacrifice. 



John B. Dykes 

I Hear this, all ye peo - pie, hear, Earth's in • hab - it - ants, give ear ; 

'>M\ f f fif 

\n F f I t f 



i>U J J ^N -r^Jlf i i jl,ui^ § 


All of high and low de - gree, Rich and poor, give heed to me. 



PSALM 49 78 

The Issues of Life 


Lowell Mason 

I Dust to dust, the mor-tal dies, Both the fool-ish and the wise ; None for-ev - er can re-maun. 

Each must leave his hoard-ed gain. Yet with- in their heart they say That their hous- es 

iDiii i ' JJJJ 

are for aye, That their dwell -ing pla-ces grand Shall for gen - er - a -lions stand. 

H f t f: i 

2 To their lands they give their name 
In the hope of lasting fame, 
But man's honor quickly flies, 
Like the lowly beast he dies. 
Though such folly mark their way, 
Men approve of what tbey say; 
Death their shepherd, they the sheep 
He within his fold will keep. 

[ Stanias 6-13 ] 

3 O'er them soon shall rule the just, 
All their beauty turn to dust; ' 
God my waiting soul shall save, 
He will raise me from the grave. 
Let no fear disturb your peace 
Though one's house and wealth in- 
Death shall end his fleeting day, 
He shall carry naught away. 

4 Though in life he wealth attained, 
Though the praise of men he gained. 
He shall join those gone before, 
Where the light shall shine no more. 
Crowned with honor though he be, 
Highly gifted, strong and free, 
If he be not truly wise, 
Man is like the beast that dies. 



Acceptable Worship 

PSALM 50 L. M. 

St. Petersburg 

Arranged from Bortniansky 

I Themight-y God, Je 

ho - vah^peaks And calls the earth from sea to sea ; 



From beau-teous Zi 

on God shines forth, He comes and will not si - lent be; 

De- vour - ing flame be - fore Him goes, And dark the tem-pest round Him grows. 

2 He calls aloud to heaven and earth 

That He may justly judge His own; 
My chosen saints togetiier bring 
Who sacrifice to Me alone; 
The heavens His righteousness 

For God Himself as Judge is there. 

3 Hear, O my people, I will speak, 

Against thee I will testify; 
Give ear to Me, O Israel, 

For God, thy covenant God, am I; 
I do not spurn thy sacrifice. 
Thy offerings are before My eyes. 

4 I will receive from out thy fold 

No offering for My holy shrine; 
The cattle on a thousand hills 
And all the forest beasts are Mine; 
Each mountain bird to Me is 

Whatever roams the field I own. 

5 Behold, if I should hungry grow, 

I would not tell My need to thee, 
For'all the world itself is Mine, 
And all its wealth belongs to Me; 
Why should I aught of thee re- 
My thirst or himger to relieve? 

6 Bring thou to God the gift of thanks, 
And pay thy vows to God Most High; 
Call ye upon My holy Name 
In days when sore distress is nigh; 
Deliverance I will send to thee, 
And praises thou shalt give to Me. 


138 Sins of Hypocrisy 

PSALM 50 L. M. Rakem Isaac B. Woodbuiy 

I Thus speaks the Lord to wick- ed men : My stat-utes why do ye de - clare ? 





:l j j i lil: J J ^ 

Why take My cov-enant in your mouth, Since ye for wis - dom do not Care? 

n f f F I P- F f 


P j j jMt ^ ^ 

For ye My ho - ly words pro-fane And cast them from you in dis - dain. 




2 Ye have consented with the thief, 

Ye have partaken with the vile, 
Your mouths to evil words ye give, 

Your tongues proclaim deceit and guile. 
Ye glory in your brother's shame. 
Your mother's son do ye defame. 

3 Thus have ye done; I silence kept, 

And this has been your secret thought, 
That I was wholly as yourselves. 

To take your evil deeds as nought; 
I will reprove you and array 
Your deeds before your eyes this day. 

4 Consider this, who God forget. 

Lest I destroy with none to free; 
Who offers sacrifice of thanks, 
He glorifies and honors Me; 
To him who orders well his way 
Salvation free I will display. 







The Eternal Judgment 

PSALM 50 S. M. 


Lowell Mason 

tfJ I ji'i JN H^^ 





From lis - ing to the set - ting sun The na - tions hear His call. 

[ Selected Stuiaa ] 

2 From Zion His abode, 

Where perfect beauty dwells, 
The Lord His glory has displayed 
In brightness that excels. 

3 Our God shall surely come, 

Nor silence shall He keep; 
Devouring fire shall herald Him, 
About Him storms shall sweep. 

4 Then to the heavens above 

He from His throne shall call, 
The earth His kingly voice shall hear, 
He is the Judge of all. 

5 Let all My chosen saints 

Before Me gathered be. 
Those that by sacrifice have sealed 
Their promise unto Me. 

6 Then shall the heavens declare 

His righteousness abroad, 
Because the Lord Himself is Judge, 
Yea, none is Judge but God. 



PSALM 51 78 

Penitential Prayers 


Ricliard Redhead 

i=^ ^ ^ f ifi-t H iM 

I God be mer - d - f ul to me. On Thy grace I rest my plea; Plenteous in compassion Thou, 

^" un f r i f ' fP \f-Ty^Tv f^W & 

P^ i J jiij 


Blot out my transgressions now; Wash meymake me pure within,Cleanse,0 cleanse me from my sin. 

2 My transgressions I confess, 
Grief and guilt my soul oppress; 
I have sinned against Thy grace 
And provoked Thee to Thy face; 
I confess Thy judgment just, 
Speechless, I Thy mercy trust. 

3 I am evil, born in sin; 
Thou desirest truth within. 
Thou alone my Saviour art. 
Teach Thy wisdom to my heart; 
Make me pure. Thy grace bestow, 
Wash me whiter than the snow- 

4 Broken, hmnbled to the dust 
By Thy wrath and judgment just. 
Let my contrite heart rejoice 
And in gladness hear Thy voice; 
From my sins hide Thy face, 
Blot them out in boundless grace. 







Thomas Hastings 

J* — [V 


J. » l&j 


I God be mer - ci - f ul to me, On Thy grace I rest my plea ; 


r 5 T r-t 


[ 4^JU 




Plen-teous in com-pas- sion Thou, Blot out my trans -gres-sions now; 

b- & i ^ I I 



Penitential Prayers 

»'j;nj; J:/IJ i niHJi l : 


Wash me, make me pure with - in, Cleanse, O cleanse me from my sin. 

wi[\[ f i[\[ ^m 

g: ; J J 




PSALM 51 78 
M u Slowly 

Gracious Renewal and Testimo 



John B. Dykes 

I'l 1 11^,1 

I Gra- cious God, my heart re - new 




ake my spir - it right and true ; 

^ ^f [ I f f J ^ 

Cast me not a - way from Thee, Let Thy Spir - it dwell in 


ȴ>^^ f'!lf^ 


f^Ul.i\i^i in ^ 

Thy sal - va - tion's joy im - part. Stead-fast make my wul - ing heart. 

f:pfr/ir ' i i^- J ' F I 



2 Sinners then shall learn from me 
And return, O God, to Thee; 
Saviour, all my guilt remove, 
And my tongue shall sing Thy love; 
Touch my silent lips, O Lord, 
And my mouth shall praise accord. 

[Stanzas 5-8] 

3 Not the formal sacrifice 
Hath acceptance in Thy eyes; 
Broken hearts are in Thy sight 
More than sacrificial rite; 
Contrite spirit, pleading cries. 
Thou, God, wilt not despise. 

4 Prosper Zion in Thy grace 
And her broken walls replace; 
Then our righteous sacrifice 
Shall delight Thy holy eyes; 
Free-will ofTerings, gladly made. 
On Thy altar shall be laid. 



PSALM 51 78 

A Penitent's Plea 


Joseph P. Holbiook 

ih 1\ J! | J. 

■ f J', y 


I God be mer - ci - ful to 




On Thy grace I rest my plea; 

'» • ~ "8 

Plen-teous in . . . com-pas-sion Thou, Blot out my . . .trans-gres-sions now; 

fllj-j1f: I PH^l f l j. J iJ l ] I 

Wash me, make me pure with - in, . . Geanse, O cleanse me from my sin, 

-^ J I f f i f 

hi ' MF f f 



f^m' I i^^ i o ' :^i^'^Jwi^" 

Wash me, make me pure with - in, . . Qeanse, O cleanse me from my sin. 

I fifr^ :'^^ 

[Selected Stantas] 


[Selected Stantasl 

2 I am evil, bom in sin; 
Thou desirest truth within. 
Thou alone my Saviour art, 
Teach Thy wisdom to my heart; 
Make me pure, Thy grace bestow, 
Wash me whiter than the snow. 

3 Gracious God, my heart renew, 
Make my spirit right and true; 
Cast me not away from Thee, 
Let Thy Spirit dwell in me; 
Thy salvation's joy impart, 
Steadfast make my willing heart. 

4 Sinners then shall learn from me 
And return, O God, to Thee; 
Saviour, all my guilt remove. 
And my tongue shall sing Thy love; 
Touch my silent lips, O Lord, 
And my mouth shall praise accord. 


143 Prayer for Pardon and Cleansing 



John B. Dykes 


h\h-rhu \ . 


I O God, ac - cord - ing to Thy grace Be mer - ci - fid to me, 


tf/ i l l J J ^u■ U^\Ui ^ i J 



W ^ 1^ J J J I j: f J Ij li J J |J 1 ^. I""* 

In Thy a -bound -ing love blot out All my in - iq - ui - ty; 











. ^ U 'j. 


wash me whol - ly from my guilt And make me clean with - in, 




i ' . ^^\ \ \ f I' l n r ^ m 

For my transpgres-sions I con- f ess, I ev - er see 

my sm. 

' f ^F I F f f f f I I 

2 Against Thee only have I sinned, 

Done evil in Thy sight; 
Lord, in Thy judgment Thou art just, 

And in Thy sentence right. 
Behold, in evil I was formed, 

And I was bom in sin, 
But Thou wilt make me wise in heart, 

Thou seekest truth within. 

3 From all pollution make me clean. 

Yea, whiter than the snow; 
O let my broken heart rejoice 
And gladness make me know; 

Blot out all my iniquities, 
And hide my sins from view; 

Create in me a spirit right, 
O God, my heart renew. 

4 From out Thy presence cast me not, 

Thy face no more to see; 
Thy Holy Spirit and His grace 

Take not away from me. 
Restore me Thy salvation's joy. 

My willing heart uphold; 
Then sinners shall be turned to Thee 

When I Thy ways unfold. 


144 Pardon and Testimony 

PSALM 51 CM. Cooling Alonzo j. Abbey 

'>j fs i j. ;^ t U^^ir n\i: i ^' i \ i m 

I O God, the God that sav - eth me, Re - move my guilt - y stains, 

And I will sing Thy right-eous-ness In grate -ful, joy- ous strains. 

Wf \ n ^^MU\p \ [.^i [ 


[Stanzas 9-14] 

A broken and a contrite heart 
Thou, Lord, wilt not despise. 

2 O Lord, now open Thou my lips. 
Long closed by sin and shame; 

^^°!li?„!*!^'^°\T'^°J*' ^"^ """'^^ 5 Do good to Zion in Thy grace, 
""" " " " - jj^^ ruined walls restore; 

The glory of Thy Name. 

3 No sacrifice dost Thou desire, 

Else would I give it Thee; 
Nor with appointed offerings 
WUt Thou delighted be. 

4 A broken spirit is to God 

Then sacrifice of righteousness 
Shall please Thee as of yore. 

6 Thy people then with willing hands 
And hearts that Thou hast blessed 
Shall bring in thankful sacrifice 
Their choicest gifts and best. 

A pleasing sacrifice; 

145 The Vindication of Righteousness 

PSALM 52 L. M. Luton Geoige Burder 

I O might -y man, why wilt thou boast Thy - self in hate -ful cm - el-ty, 

2 Thy tongue deviseth wickedness, 
A weapon treacherous and keen; 
Thou lovest evil more than good, 
And falsehood in thy sight is clean. 

3 Since, O thou false, deceitful tongue, 

In deadly words thou findest joy, 

The Lord shall pluck thee from thy 


And all thy wickedness destroy. 

The Vindication of Righteousness 

4 The good, confirmed in godly fear, $ I put my trust in God alone, 

The pride and folly shall confess For evermore I trust His grace, 

Of those who make not God their And like the trees within His courts 
strength, I flourish in a favored place. 

But trust in wealth and wickedness. 

6 With endless thanks, O Lord, to Thee, 
Thy wondrous works will I proclaim, 
And in the presence of Thy saints 
Will ever hope in Thy good Name. 


The Folly of Unbelief 

PSALM 53 S. M. 


Gennan Melody 

Jil^M i j 

I UM J N i L ^ 



I Fools in their heart have said, There is no God of might; 






i . f ^N ^ j -i i j . 1 jiUi i 




Cor - nipt are they and base their deeds, In e - vil they de - light. 









2 God looked from heaven above 

On all the human race, 

To see if any imderstood, 

If any sought His face. 

3 They all are gone aside, 

Corruption doth aboimd; 
There is not one that doeth good. 
Not even one is foimd. 

4 These men of evil deeds, 

Will they no knowledge gain. 

Who feed upon my people's woes, 

And prayer to God disdain? 

5 The day is drawing nigh 

When they shall fear and quail, 
For God shall scatter and destroy 
Those who His saints assail. 

6 Yea, God will put to shame 

And make them flee away, 
For He will cast them off in wrath 
And fill them with dismay. 

7 O would that Israel's help 

Were out of Zion come! 
O would that God might early bring 
His captive people home! 

8 When God from distant lands 
His exiled ones shall bring, 
His people shall exultant be, 
And gladly they shall sing. 



PSALM 54 S. M. 

Our Saviour in Trial 


Lowell Mason 

rU i i 

g I g; 


I O save me by Thy Name And judge me in 

^ ^ 



P'Allf f f 


^ ^ 

Thy might; 
-O^ — 

y.. * . 

JVI J J l ! J J \ \\MX4 


-^ — i 

O God, now grant my ur- gent claim, Ac - cept - ance in Thy sight. 



'ant my ur- gent cu 




2 Strong foes against me rise, 

Oppressors seek my soul, 
Who set not God before their eyes, 
Nor own His just control. 

3 Lo, God my helper is, 

The Lord, my mighty friend; 
He shall requite my enemies, 
Their just destruction send. 

4 My sacrifice of praise 

To Thee I freely bring; 
My thanks, O Lord, to Thee I raise 
And of Thy goodness sing. 

5 From troubles and from woes 

Thou hast delivered me. 
The overthrow of all my foes 
, Hast given me to see. 

148 Earnest Appeal Against Enemies 

PSALM 55 C. M. 


Joseph Grigg 



e - ho - vah, to my prayer give ear, Nor hide Thee from my cry ; 















j i j j I J I /: i f J J i;j j I j I I 

tend my sad com-plaint, and hear My rest - less moan and sigh. 





^=1 u 






— r 

3 Sore pained in heart I find no ease, 
Death's terrors fill my soul, 
Great fear and trembling on me seize, 
And horrors o'er me roll. 

2 My enemies lift up their voice. 
The violent oppress; 
To do me wrong my foes rejoice, 
And love my soul's distress. 


Earnest Appeal Against Enemies 

4 O had I wings, I sigh and say, 
Like some swift dove to roam, 
Then would I hasten far away 
And find a peaceful home. 

5 Lo, wandering far my rest should be 
In some lone desert waste; 
I from the stormy wind would flee, 
And to a shelter haste. 

6 Lord, their malice recompense, 

Their wicked tongues confound. 
For in the dty violence 
And bitter strife abound. 

7 They walk her walls both night and 

Within all vices meet; [sway. 

Oppression, fraud, and crime hold 
Nor leave the crowded street. 

8 No foreign foe provokes alarm. 
But enemies within; 
May God destroy their power to harm 
^d recompense their sin. 


PSALM 55 C. M. 


Confession of Trust 

Ascription Luther O. Emerson 


r soul re - lies, And He will soon re - lieve ; 




God a -lone 

The Lord will hear my plain - tive cries 



At mom-ing, noon, and 

a — ^ — 0t — (S. 







3 He has redeemed my soul in peace, 
From conflict set me free; 
My many foes are made to cease, 
And strive no more with me. 

3 The living God in righteousness 
Will recompense with shame 
The men who, hardened by success, 
Forget to fear His Name. 


4 All treacherous friends who overreach 

And break their plighted troth, 
Who hide their hate with honeyed 
With sudi the Lord is wroth. 

5 Upon the Lord thy burden cast, 

To Him bring all thy care; 
He will sustain and hold thee fast, 
And give thee strength to bear. 

6 God will not let His saints be moved; 
Protected, they shall see 
Their foes cut off and sin reproved; 
O God, I trust in Thee. 



PSALM 55 8t 

Desire for Rest 


George C. Stebbins 

^^-'4J I J iii 

j l j l j j' N J'^l^' l 



I O God, give Thou ear to my plea, And hide not Thy-self from my cry ; 

f . > ,J^i . - . / > > > . ^> 

O heark - en and an • swer Thou me, As rest • less and wea - ry I sigh. 

,' '[[[f [-Mni 

Copyright. 1919, by United Preibyterlan Board of Publlcatloa 

2 O that I had wings like a dove, 
For then I would fly far away 
Andseek for the rest that I love, ^hy burden now cast on the Lord, 

Where trouble no more could dismay. ' /„h W*. «h«ll f hv w«ifcn«K s,«t«5n • 

[Selected Stanzas] 

At eve, morn, and noon hiunbly pray. 
And He thy petition will hear. 

3 Nay, soul, call on God all the day; 
The Lord for thy help will appear; 

And He shall thy weakness sustain; 
The righteous who trust in His word 
Unmoved shall forever remain. 


PSALM 56 6% 

Prayer for Deliverance 



I O God, be mer - ci - f ul. Be mer - ci - ful to me. For man, with con-stant 

(f>SlJ I J J J j l j: l jlj JH l JlJ I 

hate, Would fain my ru - in see. My man • y en - e - mies A - 

J . - - - - ^ 

h-j H i f f f ffrhff f f i f I 

gainst me proudly fight ; To o • ver-whelm my soul They watch from mom to night 

Prayer for Deliverance 

2 What time I am afraid 

I put my trust in Thee; 
In God I rest, and praise 

His word, so rich and free; 
In God I put my trust, 

I neither doubt nor fear, 
For man can never harm 

With God my helper near. 

3 All day they wrest my words, 

Their thoughts are full of hate; 
They meet, they lurk, they watch, 

As for my soul they wait; 
Shall they by wickedness 

Escape Thy judgment right? 
O God of righteousness. 

Destroy them in Thy might. 

4 Thou knowest all my woes, 

O treasure Thou my tears; 
Are they not in Thy book. 
Where all my life appears? 

My foes shall backward turn 
When I appeal to Thee, 

For this I surely know. 
That God is still for me. 

5 In God, the Lord, I rest. 

His word of grace I praise, 
His promise stands secure, 

Nor fear nor foe dismays; 
In God I put my trust, 

I neither doubt nor fear. 
For man can never harm 

With God my helper near. 

6 Upon me are Thy vows, 

O God, in Whom I live; 
The sacrifice of praise 

To Thee I now will give; 
For Thou hast saved from death. 

From falling kept me free, 
That in the light of life 

My walk may be with Thee. 


PSALM 56 6% 

Fear and Faith 

Holy Guide 

Uzziah C. Bumap 

m i\i i J ikH ^ 

V-U-44 U\ 

I What time I am 

a - fraid 

W'lJ I J j j j 

I put my trust in Thee; 

\fl i Ij J J 

ii^if f r r ir ^ I 



In God 

r— r 



rest, and praise His word, so rich and free. 


Cop yi l nht, tags, ^ Trustees of Presbyterian Bd. of Pub. snd S. 3* Work 

[Selected Stanxas] 

2 In God I put my trust, 

I neither doubt nor fear, 
For man can never harm 
With God my helper near. 

3 In God, the Lord, I rest. 

His word of grace I praise, 
His promise stands secure. 
Nor fear nor foe dismays. 

4 Upon me are Thy vows, 

O God, in Whom I live; 
The sacrifice of praise 
To Thee I now will give. 

5 For Thou hast saved from death, 

From falling kept me free. 
That in the light of life 

My walk may be with Thee. 



PSALM 56 C. M. 

Heroic Faith 

Mason's Chant 

WUUain B. Biadbaiy 

^.UiJlJ:.|^ i j J i r- I JN J J 



I O God, be mer - ci • ful to me, 

• r f- 

For men no mer - cy show; 

»>'i ,t i ( f if • ! f F ^ I 






With con - stant war-fare press-ing me 

They seek my o - ver- throw. 



M ^ 





2 When foes invade, I safely rest, 

Confiding in Thy word; 
I will not dread what man can do, 
My trust is in the Lord. 

3 I take Thy vows upon me now, 

O God, Who savest me; 

[ Selected Stama] 

The sacrifice of praise I bring 
In gratitude to Thee. 

4 My feet from falling and my soul 
From death Thou hast restored, 
And ever in the light of life 
I walk before the Lord. 

154 Danger and Rescue 

PSALM 57 L. M. Selwyn Arranged from Mendelssohn 

I O God, be mer- ci - ful to me. My soul for ref - uge comes to Thee; 

Be-neath Thy firings I safe will stay Un-til these trou-bles pass a -way. 

'iftfi irfr 


Danger and Rescue 

2 To God Most High shall rise my 
To (jod Whomakesmy wants Hiscare; 
From heaven He will salvation send, 
And me from every foe defend. 

3 Great foes and fierce my soul alarm, 
Inflamed with rage and strong to harm, 
But God, from heaven His dwelling- 
Will rescue me with truth and grace. 

4 Be Thou, O God, exalted high. 
Yea, far above the starry sky, 
And let Thy glory be displayed 
O'er all the earth Thy hands have made. 


PSALM 57 L. M. 

Assurance Amid Peril 

Church Triumphant 

James W. Elliott 


I My soul is grieved be-cause my foes With treach-erous plans my way in - close; 

l'>"iiiiif i ntqrrW 

But from the snares that they de-vise Their own un - do - ing shall a - rise. 


rff i r/f-i 


2 My heart is steadfast, O my King, 
My heart is tuned Thy praise to sing; 
Awake, my soul, and swell the song, 
Let vibrant harp the notes prolong. 

3 Yea, I will early wake and sing, 

A thankful hynm to Thee will bring, 
For unto heaven Thy mercies rise. 
Thy truth is lofty as the skies. 

4 Be Thou, O God, exalted high. 
Yea, far above the starry sky. 
And let Thy glory be displayed 

O'er all the earth Thy hands have made. 


156 Wickedness and Retribution 

PSALM 58 C. M. Bone Pastor John B. Dykes 




i i 4 

'^ i j^ ^M-H 


I Do ye, O men,speak right -eous-ness And up -right judg-xnent mete? 







f J li ^ i i pU:J J I JIJ Jij l , 


Nay, in your hearts is wick - ed-ness, And in your hands de - ceit 

Pflf F f f I F' 

ifir [ I MX 


2 The wicked, from their earliest da3rSy 
In sin are gone astray, 
With froward heart, in foolish pride, 
From wisdom turned away. 

3 The God of vengeance will destroy 
The wicked from His sight; 
The Lord will bring to nought their 
And scatter all their might. 

4 The good shall triumph and rejoice, 
And this shall be confessed: 
On earth the God of justice reigns, 
And righteousness is blessed. 



James Lucas 

^ ^ 

I Do ye, O men, speak right • eous - ness And up - right 

-f^ — M — r^ -t- tT-- — ^ — ^ — I — ^ 1 — — I — i»- 

^'Nj^ l MJ l /^JjI/JfT^ I .^-Ml^^n 

judg • ment mete? Nay, in your hearts is wick - ed • ness, 


Wickedness and Retribution 

And in your hands de - ceit, And in your hands de • ceit 

iM'^ff i rfr i u i 


PSALM 59 C. M. 

A Cry for Help 


James Walch 

j/'i j H I jj J l i i m 



I Pro-tect and save me, O my God, From foes that seek my life, 

i fiiJ I /r^i l fVJ I J.N^ JIJJJI. 


And set me high, se - cure a - bove The ris - ing tide of strife. 

2 The workers of iniquity 

Against me lie in wait; 
Thoiigh I am innocent, O Lord, 
They gather in -their hate. 

3 Behold their wickedness, O Lord, 

To help me, O awake; 
Lord God of Hosts, Thou, Israel's 
Arise, and vengeance take. 

4 My enemies with deadly rage 

Renew their fierce attack; 
They think the Lord will not regard. 
But Thou wilt turn them back. 

6 O God, our shield, let wickedness 

And pride be put to shame. 
Till all shall know that Thou dost rule 
And all shall fear Thy Name. 

7 Let wickedness that raged in power 

Now rage in impotence; 
But I will glory in Thy strength. 
My refuge and defense. 

8 When all the night of woe is past 

And morning dawns at length. 
Then I shall praise Thy grace, O God, 
My refuge and my strength. 

5 O God, my strength, on Thee I wait, 9 To Thee, O God most merciful. 

To Thee for refuge flee; 
My Goi with mercy will defend, 
Triumphant I shall be. 

My thankful song I raise; 
My might, my strong, secure abode, 
I wOl proclaim Thy praise. 



Defeat and Triumphant Hope 

PSALM 60 c. M. 


Richard Fanant 

I O 



God,Thou hast re - ject - ed ns, And hast af • flict - ed sore ; 

Ff^f i f ~^ 





Thou hast been an - gry, but in grace O once a - gain re - store. 

i^f^firrf iJirTTT 



2 Lo, Thou hast torn and rent our land, 

Thy judgments dread appall; 
heal her shattered strength before 
She totter to her fall. 

3 Through wa3rs of trial and distress 

Thy people Thou hast led, 
A bitter cup Thou givest us 
Of misery and dread. 

4 A glorious banner Thou hast given 

To those who fear Thy Name, 
A banner to display abroad, 
And thus the truth proclaim. 

5 That Thy beloved may be saved 

And from their foes set free. 
Help with the might of Thy right hand. 
In mercy answer me. 

6 God in His holiness hath said: 

I will triumphant be, 
All heathen lands I daim as Mine, 
And they shall bow to Me. 

7 Now, therefore, who will lead us on 

Sin's strongholds to possess? 
No longer cast us off, O God, 
But give our hosts success. 

8 Give Thou Thy help against the foe, 

For help of man is vain; 
Through God we shall do valiantlyy 
The victory He shall gain. 


159 Communion with God 

PSALM 61 C. P. M. Meribah Lowell Mason 

jM u i.n j J Ji^u i U J J j ^ 

I O God, re-gard my hum-ble plea; I can -not be so far from 

i'' J j I i J I 

\4 \ i n ^ ^ i ^ 




Thee But Thou wilt hear my cry; When I by trou-ble am dis-tressed, 



b 1 > g > 






r i pFFPffM 



fj J j j JU I 

b t> g 


Then lead me on the Rock to rest That high-er 






than L 





2 In Thee my soul hath shelter found, 
And Thou hast been from foes aroimd 

The tower to which I flee. 
Within Thy house will I abide; 
My refuge sure, whate'er betide, 

Thy sheltering wings shall be. 

3 For Thou, O God, my vows hast heard. 
On me the heritage conferred 

Of those that fear Thy Name; 
A blest anointing Thou dost give, 
And Thou wilt make me ever live 

Thy praises to proclaim. 

4 Before Thy face shall I abide; 

God, Thy truth and grace provide 

To guard me in the way; 
So I will make Thy praises known, 
And, humbly bending at Thy throne. 
My vows will daily pay. 





PSALM 61 C. M. 

Confidence in God 


Thomas Hastings 




I O God, give ear un - to 

^jH" g J i^ 

my cry, And to my voice at - tend; 

Though far 

^i\\\' U 

from home and from Iny house, To Thee my prayers as - cend. 









r T r 

I reli_ 


2 When troubles overwhelm my heart, 

Then Thou wilt hear my cry; 
For safety lead me to the Rock 
That higher is than I. 

3 A refuge Thou hast been for me 

When storms of trouble lower; 

[Selected Stanzas] 

When foes assail, then Thou hast been 
My strong defense and tower. 

4 Within Thy holy temple, Lord, 
I ever will abide; 
Beneath the covert of Thy wings 
In confidence I hide. 


PSALM 62 C. M. 

Dependence on God 


James Walch 


I My soul in 



vZ f 


lehce waits for God, My Sav-iour He has proved: 

§' i j J I J. ; I ^"^ j U J ^ >^ 

He on - ly 

^V f f p 

rock and tower ; I nev - er 

F' l Fff i r'f 

shall be moved. 

ta • 


2 My enemies my ruin seek, 

They plot with fraud and guile; 
Deceitful, they pretend to bless, 
But inwardly revile. 

3 My soul, in silence wait for God; 

He is my help approved, 
He only is my rock and tower, 
And I shall not be moved. 

4 My honor is secure with God, 

My Saviour He is known; 
My refuge and my rock of strength 
Are found in God alone. 

5 On Him, ye people, evermore 

Rely with confidence; 
Before Him pour ye out your hearti 
For God is our defense. 


Dependence on God 

6 For suidy men are helpers vain, 
The high and the abased; 
Yea, lighter than a breath are they 
When in the balance placed. 

8 For God has spoken o'er and o'er, 
And unto me has shown, 
That saving power and lasthig strength 
Belong to Him alone. 

7 Trust not in harsh oppression's power 9 Yea, loving-kindness evermore 

Nor in imrighteous gain; Belongs to Thee, O Lord; 

If wealth increase, yet on your gold And Thou according to his work 

Ye set yoiu: hearts in vain. Dost every man reward. 


PSALM 62 C. M. 

God our Strength 


Lowell Mason 

I My sou 

: n J I J: J' j I ^ 

y soul in si - lence waits for God, My Sav - iour He has proved ; 

ki^iftf nrrfiM 



: n jij: n\{ ^ 




ly is my rock and tower; I nev 

rrm rfi ri 

er shall be moved. 



fj f|j. ;.'i;ij,^^ 

My hon - or is se - cure with God, My Sav - iour He is known ; 

M/-^f f i Fffi fifff ^11' 

in \ i '. n ^ I J: J' JlJ l l i. U l l 'J : l 


y ref • uge and my rock of strength Are found in God a - lone. 

I r i rrfi ii' Tr i r irr^i' 




2 For God has spoken o'er and o'er, 
And unto me has shown, 
That saving power and lasting strength 
Belong to Him alone. 

[Selected Stanxu] 

Yea, loving-kindness evermore 

Belongs to Thee, O Lord; 
And Thou according to his work 

Dost every man reward. 



PSALM 63 C. M. 

Satisfaction in God 

The Green Hill 

Geoige C. StebUns 

m ^U-ii J'lj jj l i M U j 'l jrP 

I O Lord, my God, most ear - nest • ly My heart would seek Thy face, 

miF [MMf f ^ ^ 

r* /i j H 

U \ i J j j' l jfj I 

'i a 

With -in Thy ho- ly house once more To see Thyglo-rious grace. 

miw ff n[ [f m 

V — h 


tl t \ l fiU l 

A - part from Thee I long and thirst, And nought can sat - is - fy ; . . 

a!i^iHf np fMMf ff fi ^ 

f' iU j ' J ilJ» J^ J lf l pJJ j l j rT " 

I wan - der in a des - ert land Where all the streams are dry. 

m^} f f N'Y f^^ 


Copyright, 1906, by Geo. C. Stebblns. Renewal. Used by per. 

2 The loving-kindness of ray God 

Is more than life to me; 
So I will bless Thee while I live 

And lift my prayer to Thee. 
In Thee my soul is satisfied, 

My darkness turns to light, 
And joyful meditations fill 

The watches of the night. 

3 My Saviour, 'neath Thy sheltering 

My soul delights to dwell; [wings 
Still closer to Thy side I press, 

For near Thee all is well. 
My soul shall conquer every foe, 

Upholden by Thy hand; 
Thy people shall rejoice in God, 

Thy saints in glory stand. 


164 Spiritual Longing and Devotion 

PSALM 63 C. P. M. Americus Charles H. Gabriel 

I Thou art my God, O God of grace, And ear - nest - ly I seek Thy 

^fl f. ^. I W 


face. My heart cries out for Thee; My spir-it thirsts Thy grace to taste. An ex -lie 

-tf — «• .0' .Jm 

m this des - ert waste In which no wa - ters be, In which no wa - ters be. 

Ccpyrig fct, 1901, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

[IMPliU l M I 

2 I long as in the times of old 
Thy power and glory to behold 

Within Thy holy place; 
Because Thy tender love I see 
More precious far than life to me, 

My lips shall praise Thy grace. 

3 Thus will I bless Thee while I live, 
And with uplifted hands will give 

Praise to Thy holy Name; 
When by Thy bounty well supplied, 
Then shall my soul be satisfied, 

My mouth shall praise proclaim. 

4 My lips shall in Thy praise delight 
When on my bed I rest at night 

And meditate on Thee; 
Because Thy hand assistance brings. 
Beneath the shadow of Thy wings 

My heart shall jo3rful be. 


165 Prayer for Protection 

PSALM 64 C. M. Monora William B. Bradbuiy 

'i-'"'^i i i. ii^ i uj i i i ji i jg. ' 

(Hear, Lord, the voice of my complaint, Pre - serve my life from fear,) 
(Hide me from plot -ting en - e-mies And e - vil crowd-ing near.) 


^[fnf"''' ^ ^ I 


: Jjijij ] J W'^ 

The work - crs of in - iq - ui - ty Their dead - ly shafts pre - pare ; 

k i i>f i f:n^rff i hf f rr ^^ 


f'i \ in^ \ i^±i^ ^ 


They aim at me their treacherous words ; O save me from their snare. 

h>' pf: ^ f F i n f "' ^^ 



2 The wicked in their base designs 

Grow arrogant and bold; 
Conspiring secretly they think 

That God will not behold; 
They search out more iniquity, 

Their thoughts and plans are deep, 
But God will smite, for He is near 

His saints to guard and keep. 

3 The wicked, by their sins o'ercome, 

Shall soon be brought to shame; 
The hand of God shall yet appear, 

And all shall fear His Name. 
The just shall triumph in the Lord, 

Their trust shall be secure, 
And endless glory then shall crown 

The upright and the pure. 



Divine Grace Magnified 

PSALM 65 L. M. 


St. Alban's Tune Book 

I Praise waits in Zi • on, Lord, for Thee, And un • to Thee shall vows be paid ; 



r T t it r 

. f i nf [ Mf 



tf)^ j i JL J i\f i 

O Thou that hear - est those who cry, To Thee by all shall prayer be made. 


2 Against us sin has battled hard; 

For help we look to Thee and pray; 
Thou our transgressions wilt forgive, 
Yea, Thou wilt take them all away. 

3 How blest are they whom Thou dost choose 

To come and in Thy courts abide; 
Commiming in Thy holy house. 
With good we shall be satisfied. 

4 By mighty deeds in righteousness 

Pra)rer's answer surely comes from Thee, 
God our Saviour, God the trust 
Of all Thy saints on land or sea. 

5 Thy power has set the moimtains firm, 

O God Almighty, girt with strength; 
At Thy command the waves are still. 
The nations cease from war at length. 

6 The tokens of Thy mighty power 

Lead men in every clime to fear; 
From east to west through all the earth 
Thou sendest gladness far and near. 


170 A Celebration of Divine Grace 

PSALM 65 78 and 68 Mendebras Gennan Melody 

{Praise waits for Thee in Zi - on ; All men shall worship there I r^ . * , ^ 

'^ ? Oixrsms nseupaffainstus. 

And pay their vows before Thee, O God Who hearest prayer. ) 

1 1 nrfy I lit rr r 

Pre - vail- ing day by day, But Thou wilt show us mercy And take their guilt a - way. 

2 How blest the man Thou callest 

And bringest near to Thee, 
That in Thy courts forever 

His dwelUng-place may be; 
He shall withm Thy temple 

Be satisfied with grace, 
And filled with all the goodness 

Of Thy most holy place. 

3 God of our salvation, 

Since Thou dost love the right. 
Thou wilt an answer send us 

In wondrous deeds of might. 
In all earth's habitations. 

On all the boundless sea, 
Man finds no sure reliance, 

No peace, apart from Thee. 


PSALM 65 70 and 68 

God in Nature 


George J. Webb 

fWU ! i|' i i\U\ n \i\ m 

I Thy might sets fast the moun - tains; Strength girds Thee ev - er • more 



n.'if r f f 


ir^ l J: Ji JN ilj l ^ J J jl: 


To calm the rag • ing peo - pies And still the o - cean's roar. 



FinF r f f 




God in Nature 

f ,1 1 U Ul 


j J J jl>J I 

Thy maj - es - ty and great - ness Are through aU lands con - f^sed, 

And joy on earth Thou send 

I'vf i f? r 


A - far, from east to west 


' ^m 





2 To bless the earth Thou sendest 

From^Thy abundant store 
The waters of the spring-time, 

Enriching it once more. 
The seed by Thee provided 

Is sown o'er hill and plain. 
And Thou with gentle showers 

Dost bless the springing grain. 

[Stanzas 4-6] 

3 The year with good Thou crownest, 

The earth Thy mercy fills, 
The wilderness is fruitful, 

And joyful are the hills; 
With corn the vales are covered, 

The flocks in pastures graze; 
All nature joins in singing 

A joyful song of praise. 

172 The Blessings of Grace 

PSALM 65 C. M. St. Stephen 

Isaac Smith 

I Praise waits in Zi - on, Lord, for Thee ; There we will pay our vow ; 


'W^M\\U \ ^\\ 


- for 

lOUfthe God that hear -est prayer, Be - fore Thee aU^ shall bow. 



2 Against me my besetting sins 

Prevail from day to day. 
But Thou in Thy forgiving grace 
Wilt take them all away. 

3 O blest the man whom Thou dost 

And draw in love to Thee, 

[ Selected Stanaw] 

That in Thy sacred courts, O Lord, 
He may a dweller be. 

4 We surely shall be satisfied 
With Thy abundant grace, 
Yea, with the goodness of Thy hotise, 
Of Thy most holy place. 



PSALM 66 C. M. 

Joyous Praise 


Sylvanus 6. Pond 

^ a 

I All lands, to God in joy - ful sounds A - loft your voic - es raise ; 

N p f fl l^-' crf 






Sing forth the hon - or of His Name, And glo - rious make His praise. 

2 Say ye to God, How terrible 

In all Thy works art Thou! 
To Thee Thy foes by Thy great power 
Shall be constrained to bow. 

3 Yea, all the earth shall worship Thee, 

And unto Thee shall sing; 
To Thy great Name shall songs of joy 
With loud hosannas ring. 

4 O come, behold the works of God, 

His mighty doings see; 
In dealing with the sons of men 
Most wonderful is He. 

5 He led in safety through the flood 

The people of His choice. 
He turned the sea to solid ground; 
In Him let us rejoice. 

6 He rules forever by His might, 

His eyes the nations try; 
Let not the proud rebellious ones 
Exalt themselves on high. 



The Obligations of Grace 

PSALM 66 C. M. 


Benjamin C. Unseld 

imU' m i l jjljlj ; j, |lj-j i 

I O an ye peo - pies, bless our God, A • loud pro -claim His praise, 


• ^ i f i r f r [I 



f ;ij: ii ii^ p 

i ' JU.;ii 



Who safe - ly holds our soul 

in life, And stead - fast makes our ways. 

^: p-4-^ 

i h bMM^ r ^ 



i l^j i j; ; J ^ i J^ nijij j j |i/>f i 

Thou, Lord, hast proved and test - ed us As sil - ver tried by fire, . . . 

kf i ^. ff f i frr iMi'n' 'ifi i i 

[jfHN^ nvi: /T^ti^r 


— — — ^ — 

Thy hand has made our bur- den great And thwart- ed 




^>'>^|^' ff Nf^ gf i Mi I I r 

de - sire. 


Capyricht. 1901, bf United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Through pain and trouble Thou hast led, 

And humbled all our pride; 
But, in the end, to liberty 

And wealth Thy hand did guide. 
Here in Thy house I give to Thee 

The life that Thou dost bless, 4 

And pay the solemn vows I made 

When I was in distress. 

3 Come, ye that fear the Lord, and hear 

What He has done for me; 
My cry for help is turned to praise, 
For He has set me free. 


[Staniaa 7-13] 

If in my heart I sin regard, 
My prayer He will not hear; 

But truly God has heard my voice. 
My prayer has reached His ear. 

O let the Lord, our gracious God, 

Forever blessed be, [Him, 

Who has not turned my prayer from 

Nor yet His grace from me. 
O all ye peoples, bless our God, 

Aloud proclaim His praise. 
Who safely holds our soul in life, 

And steadfast makes our ways. 


Personal Testimony 

PSALM 66 C. P. M. 


Charies H. Gabriel 

|>*t.|j j J:J1J J J: l 

I Come, all ye peo- ple,bless our God And tell His glo- rious praise a -broad. 












Who holds our soul in life, Who nev - er lets our feet be moved 


f I f ' I M F F F- ! I P t f I 

^if^ij i J:J i JiJ J i p i J J J JU 


And,though our faith He oft has proved, Up -holds us in the strife. 

Copyright, zgxa* by United Ficsbytalan Board of Publication 

F I rfif: II 

[Selected Stanxas] 

2 We come jmdth offerings to His house, 
And here we pay the solemn vows 

We uttered in distress; 
To Him our all we dedicate, 
To Him we wholly consecrate 

The lives His mercies bless. 

3 Come, hear, all ye that fear the Lord, 
While I with grateful heart record 

What God has done for me; 
I cried to Him in deep dbtress. 
And now His wondrous grace I bless, 

For He has set me free. 

4 The Lord, Who turns away the plea 
Of those who love iniquity. 

Has answered my request; 
He has not turned away my prayer. 
His grace and love He makes me share; 

Hb Name be ever blest. 


176 A Revived Church and Missions 

PSALM 67 7t and 6$ Aurxlia Samuel S. Wesley 


I J J j ^ 

g j U I j. J i j iwrH 

I O God, to us show mer - cy And bless us in Thy grace; 

(J/N U J i i i i 

I j|i|| U ■ 


Cause Thou to shine up - on us The bright- ness of Thy face; 

jU j J j i 

I j I f I f: a J 



That so Thy way most ho - ly On earth may soon be known, 





'if i ^^Ufir I 

m^ i i i j jij iuu i i lU, II 

And im - to ev - ery peo - pie Thy sav - ing grace be shown. 

kf i F F f r 



2 O God, let all men praise Thee, 

Let all the nations sing, 
In every land let praises 

And songs of gladness ring; 
For Thou shalt judge the people 

In truth and righteousness. 
And through the earth the nations 

Shall Thy just rule confess. 


3 O God, let people praise Thee, 

Let all the nations sing, 
For earth in rich abunduice 

To us her fruit shall bring. 
The Lord our God shall bless us. 

Our God shall blessing send, 
And all the earth shall fear Him 

To its remotest end. 



The Missionary Church 

PSALM 67 L. M. 


Jljj'j l j l j i j 

George C. Stebbiiis 

I O God, be mer - ci - ful and bless,And let us see Thy shin - ing face, 

,^f f i rti^fif [f f i^ 

Pj ' b J I J J h * 

That all the earth may know Thy way»Ai^ all men taste Thy sav - ing grace. 

'n\f \ * 

m 4 1] J J j 

O let the na - tions pnuse Thee,Lord,Let all give thanks with glad ac-cord. 

-flf-r - J - - - - '"" ■" 

N,>fif ;^f fif' 

Copyrig ht , B9SS, ty UnUed PraftqrtcrUa Board of PubUcadoo 

2 O let the nations all be glad 

And sing to God with joy and mirth, 
For Thou shalt judge with equity 

And lead the nations of the earth. 
O let the nations praise Thee, Lord, 
Let all give thanks with glad accord. 

3 The earth has yielded her increase, 
And God, yea, our own God, shall 
We shall be blest, and all the earth 

Shall reverently His Name confess. 
O let the nations praise Thee, Lord, 
Let all give thanks with glad accord. 


A Missionary Prayer 

PSALM 67 S. M. 


Lowell Mason 

pijU J J J 

rJ I i j j j 1-^ 



I Lord, bless and pit - y us. Shine on ' us 




with Thy face, 

I f I f ^ ^ F 


A Missionary Prayer 

That all the earth Thy way may know And men may see Thy grace. 






f f ^ If: II 

2 Thy praise, O gracious God, 
Let all the nations sing; 
Let all men worship Thee with joy 
And songs of gladness bring. 

3 The nations Thou wilt judge 
And lead them in Thy ways; 
Let all men praise Thy Name, O God, 
Let all the people praise. 

4 The earth her fruit shall yield, 
For God, our God, will bless; 
We shall be blest, and all the world 
His glory shall confess. 


Invocation and Praise 

PSALM 68 L. M. 


Christopher £. Willing 

i: i i 1 1 jT j j. l ^rhiT^^ i i ' i -^ H 

I Let God a • rise, and by His might Let all His foes be put to flight ; 

\n f l y g f f ll-j^ p 

i i 'i: i i 

h J 1 ^. ; J j I j ; ^ 

But, O ye right*eous^lad-ly sing. Ex - ult be -fore your God and King. 

}>■• i i r I m' If f r 


2 Jehovah's praises sound abroad, 
Rejoice before the living God; 
Prepare the way that He may come 
And make the desert places bloom. 

3 A father of the fatherless, 
A judge of widows in distress. 
Is God, the God of boundless grace, 
Who dwells within His holy place. 

4 God frees the captive and He sends 
The blessedness of home and friendsy 
And only those in darkness stay 
Who will not trust Him and obey. 



PSALM 68 L. M. 

Manifold Mercies 


^in\{\niM\ ^m 

David D. Wood 

I God saved His peo-ple from dis-tress And led them through the wil - der*ness ; 

'di±^i \ n' i: Ih.i 

Then mountains trem-bled in their place, The heavens were bowed before His face. 

^f fi^F^i^ ^fifr\ ^ 


Copyrieht. 189s. by Trartees of PiafayterUn B<L of Pub. and S. S. Work [ Stanai 5-ia ] 

2 With copious showers Thou didst as- Their mighty King did overthrow 
The thirsting of Thy heritage, [suage The hostile kings like driven snow. 
Thy congregation dwelt secure; 6 AU mountains unto God belong, 
Thou, God, art gracious to the poor. But Zion's holy mountains strong 

3 The Lord sent forth His mighty word. Above them all the Lord loves well, 
And shouts of victory were heard; And there He will forever dwell. 
The women came, a mighty throng, y Great hosts to holy wars have trod, 
To join the glad triumphant song. The armies of the living God; 

4 When God His chosen people led, Among them He reveals His face, 
The kings and armies turned and fled; The Grod of justice and of grace. 
The hosts of God victorious fought, g Thou hast ascended up on high 
And home their spoils and trophies And captive led captivity; 

brought. They come with gifts, who did rebel, 

5 God's people rested, free from care, That with them God the Lord might 
In glorious peace and beauty fair; dwell. 


PSALM 68 L. M. 

God Our Deliverer 


George Kingsley 

I Blest be the Lord I for us He cares And dai - ly sdl our 

mr bur - den bears ; 

Our God is might -y, strong to save; }e • ho-vah frees us 


m the grave. 

[StaiuM 13-16] 

God Our Deliverer 

2 God's unieienting enemies 
No peace shall find in earth or seas; 
His people shall triumphant go 
Victorious over every foe. 

3 With glorious pomp our King and God 
Has entered into His abode. 
With sacred minstrelsy and song, 
While maidens with their timbrels 

4 Assemble ye before His face, 

All ye that spring from Israel's race; 
Ye chosen tribes, with one accord 
Come ye, and bless your God, the Lord. 

182 God the Conquering King 

PSALM 68 L. M. Shelteriik; Wing Joseph Bamby 




I O Zi - on, 'tis thy God's command That thou in strength se - cure - ly stand ; 


O God|Con*finn and strength-cn still, Thy pur - pos - es in us ful - fil. 

2 O Thou, Whose glorious temple stands 
In Zion, famed through heathen lands, 
Kings shall Thy power and glory see. 
And bring their presents unto lliee. 

3 Thou wilt rebuke the fierce and strong 
Who hate the right and choose the 

And scatter those who peace abhor. 
The nations that delight in war. 

4 The heathen princes yet shall flee 
From idols and return to Thee; 
Earth's sinful and benighted lands 
To God shall soon stretch out their 


[Stanzas 17*33] 

5 Praise God and sing His matchless 

Ye kings and kingdoms of the earth; 
He dwells within the heavenly height, 
And utters forth His voice of might. 

6 Ascribe ye strength to God on high, 
His might transcendent fills the sky; 
His glory and omnipotence 
Remain His people's sure defense. 

7 Forth from Thy dwelling-place,0 God, 
Thy awful glory shines abroad; 

Thy people's strength is all from Thee; 
Blest be Thy Name eternally. 



PSALM 68 71 and 6f 

Ascension Blessings 

Missionary Hymn 

Lowell Bfason 


I O Lord,Thou hast as - cend • ed On high in might to reign ; 


-' pifrrf I 





j U N J J iJ I -- 


Cap - tiv - i - ty Thou lead - est A cap - tive in Thy train. 




\ jHiJ J pwm 

Rich gifts to Thee are of - fered By men who did re • bel, 


' I F f f f 

I I'''' J U J .1 J 


o pray that now Je - 

hiV' i p ,' r fif'^^ 

ho - vah Their God with them may dwell. 





2 Blest be the Lord Who daily 

Our heavy burden bears, 
The God of our salvation 

Who for His people cares. 
Our God is near to help us, 

Our God is strong to save; 
The Lord alone is able 

To ransom from the grave. 

3 Sing unto God, ye nations, 

Ye kingdoms of the earth; 
Sing unto God, all people, 
^d praise His matdiless worth. 

[Selected Stansat] 

He rides in royal triumph 
Upon the heavens abroad; 

He speaks, the mountains tremble 
Before Uie voice of God. 

4 All glory, might, and honor 

Ascribe to God on high; 
His arm protects His pec^le 

Who on His power rely. 
Forth from Thy holy dwelling 

Thy awful glories shine; 
Thou strengthenest Thy people; 

Unending praise be Thme. 


184 SufFering and Prayer 

PSALM 69 C. M. Ella Isaac B. Woodbury 


I sink in depths where none can stand, Deep wa - ters o'er me roll. 

iF i r f^ f i F 

2 My constant calling wearies me, 

My throat is paiched and dried; 
My eyes grow cUm while for my God 
Still waiting I abide. 

3 The foes who hate me unprovoked 

Are strong and still increase, 
Though to disarm their enmity 
My right I yield for peace. 

4 O God, my folly and my sin 

Thy holy eye can see; 
Yet save from shame. Lord God of Hosts, 
Thy saints that wait on Thee. 

5 Forbid, O God, our covenant God, 

That those who seek Thy face 
Should see Thy servant put to shame 
And share in my disgrace. 

6 It is for Thee I am reproached. 

For Thee I suffer shame, 
Until my brethren know me not. 
And hated is my name. 

7 It is my zeal for Thy abode 

That has consumed my life; 
Reproached by those reproaching Thee, 
I suffer in the strife. 

8 I wept, with fasting bowed my soul, 

Yet that was made my shame; 
When I in sackcloth clothed myself, 
Their byword I became. 

9 The men who sit within the gate 

With slander do me wrong, 
And they who linger at their cups 
Make me their jest and song. 



Petitions for Deliverance 

PSALM 69 C. M. 

St. Flavian 

Daye's Psalter 




fi i i 





I In full as - sur - ance of Thy grace To Thee my prayers as - cend ; 



:nf \ nr] 

4' ^\i J J ^ 







In Thy 

< f 1 ^ 

a • bound-ing love and truth, O God, sal - va - tion send. 


f F f i f ffif i fF m 


[Stanxas lo-iS] 

6 My heart is broken by reproach, 

My soul is full of grief; 
I looked in vain for comforters. 
For pity and relief. 

7 They gave me bitter gall for food, 

And taunting words they spake; 
They gave me vinegar to drink, 
My burning thirst to slake. 

8 Their peace and plenty be their snare, 

In blindness let them grope; 
Thy indignation on them pour, 
And desolate their hope. 

9 Because they proudly persecute 

Those whom Thou, Lord, dost smite, 
Let them be blotted from Thy book 
And banished from Thy sight. 

2 Preserve my sinking soul, I pray. 

From tides of hatred save; 
Let not the waters overflow, 
Redeem me from the grave. 

3 Because Thy mercy, Lord, is good, 

O answer me in grace, 
And in the riches of Thy love 
O turn to me Thy face. 

4 Hide not Thy face from my distress, 

A speedy answer send; 
Draw near to me, my soul redeem. 
From all my foes defend. 

5 Well known to Thee is my reproach, 

My shame and my disgrace; 
The adversaries of my soul 
Are all before Thy face. 

186 Anticipation of Answered Prayer 

PSALM 69 C. M. Balerma Arranged by Robert Simpson 





1 Though I am poor and sor - row - f ul, Hear Thou, O God. my cry; 

tojid rn 






nr If I 



Anticipation of Answered Prayer 

Let Thy • sal - va - tion come 




me And lift me up 

on high. 

[Stanaa 19-13] 

2 Then will I praise my God with song, 4 Let heaven and earth and seas rejoice, 
To Him my thanks shall rise, Let all therein give praise, 

And this shall please Jehovah more For Zion God will surely save, 

Than offered sacrifice. Her broken walls will raise. 

3 The meek shall see it and rejoice, 
Ye saints, no more be sad; 
For lo, Jehovah hears the poor 
And makes His prisoners glad. 

5 In Zion they that love His Name 
Shall dwell from age to age; 
Yea, there shall be their lasting rest. 
Their children's heritage. 

187 Supplication and Testimony 

PSALM 69 I OS Eventide 

WiUiam H. Monk 

I Thy lov-ing-kind-ness, Lord, is good and free, In ten-dermer- cy turn Thou unto me; 

Hide not Thy face from me in my dis-tress, In mer-cy hear my prayer,Thy serv-ant bless. 

2 Needy and sorrowful, to Thee I cry; 
Let Thy salvation set my soul on high; 
Then I will sing and praise Thy holy Name, 
My thankful song Thy mercy shall proclaim. 

3 With joy the meek shall see my soul restored. 
Your heart shall live, ye saints that seek the Lord; 
He helps the needy and regards their cries. 
Those in distress the Lord will not despise. 

4 Let heaven above His grace and glory tell. 
Let earth and sea and all that in them dwell; 
Salvation to His people God will give, 

And they that love His Name widi I£m shall live. 


[ Selected Stanzas ] 

188 A. Suppliant's Urgent Prayer 

PSALM 70 lis and 8s Delphine Hart P. Danks 





orav. O 



I Make haste, O my God, to de - liv - cr, I pray, 












Lord, to my res - cue make haste ; Let those who would harm me be 

J f J 

p,^ f f i p p; ^^ 





j: i' l j: I I 




filled with dis - may, And in their own fol - ly dis-graced. 









Copyright, 190S, by United Prasbymfan Board of Publication 

2 Let them be turned back in confusion, O Lord, 

Who in my destruction would joy; 
Let shame and defeat be their oiUy reward 
Who sneers and derision employ. 

3 May all those who seek Thee, and make Thee their choice. 

Great gladness and blessedness see; 
May all those who love Thy salvation rejoice 
Aid constantly magnify Thee. 

4 I cry in deep need and Thy help I implore; 

Make haste to the rescue, I pray; 
My Saviour Thou art, and my strength evermore, 
No longer Thy coming delay. 


PSALM 70 S. M. 

Prayer for Help 

St. Michael 

Genevan Psalter 

i^jij \ M444 J i J J J J 


I Make haste, O God, to save; To help me, Lord, make haste; 


\ f I If I [If f I 





Prayer for Help 

ji j i j J j i j i j i ^^ 


A-shamed, con-found - ed, they shall be Who would my life lay waste. 

"f" I T" • I • a '0 , 


fttvu [ \ nf^m 



2 They shall be put to shame 
That in my hurt delight, 
And backward in dishonor turned, 
Their mocking to requite. 

3 All they that seek Thy face 
With joy in Thee abide, 
And, loving Thy salvation, say, 
Let God be magnified. 


4 In need am I, and poor; 

O God, make haste, I pray; 
Thou art my Saviour and my help, 
O Lord, make no delay. 

Trustful Entreaty and Praise 

PSALM 71 c. M. 



f'^-'i VU H^^^iMr^HW 

I In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust; Shamed let me nev - er be ; O 



HMPr-hFlf l ^ i 

save me in Thy righteousness,Give ear,and res-cue me, Give ear, and res- cue me. 

2 Be Thou my rock, my dwelling-place, 3 Deliver me from wicked hands. 

Forever mine, as now; Save me from men unjust, 

Salvation Thou hast willed for me. For Thou, Jehovah, art my hope, 

My rock and fortress. Thou. From youth Thou art my trust. 

4 Thou hast upheld me in Thy grace 
From childhood's early days; 
To Thee from Whom I life received 
Will I give constant praise. 


191 Abiding Confidence and Hope 

PSALM 71 CM. SiLOAM Isaac B. Woodbury 


#'!i;i i J ji^ I' l j q 

I Though trou-bles great o'er-shad - ow me, Thou art my ref - uge strong; 


- fffiF Tip If 




My mouth shall praise Thee all the day, Thy hon - or be my song. 








[Stansas 5-11I 

2 Cast me not off when hoary age 

Becomes my weary lot, 
And in the da3rs of failing strength 
Do Thou forsake me not. 

3 My foes are strong and confident, 

For I to them appear 
As one forsaken by his God, 
With none to help me near. 

4 My God, be Thou not far from me. 

Make haste to hear my call; 
Ashamed, consumed be all my foes. 
Dishonored let them fall. 

5 But I will ever hope in Thee. 

My ceaseless praise is Thine; 
I will declare Thy countless deeds 
Of truth and grace divine. 

6 Yea, I will tell the mighty acts 

Performed by God the Lord; 
Thy righteousness, and Thine alone. 
With praise I will record. 

7 For from my early youth, O God, 

By Thee have I been taught, 
And faithfully have I declared 
The wonders Thou hast wrought 


192 A Prayer of Faith 

PSALM 71 C. M. Avon . Hugh Wilson 




.ri i J J I I i 4=p 

; =Qj-J j Id I 

I O gra - cious God, for - sake me not When I am old and gray, 

m i \ i Hi hi ^ 

That un - to those that fol - low me I may Thy might dis-play. 


J ; 

N^Mr Mf M-F^^p ^^ l r glF f \ m 

2 Thy perfect righteousness, O God, 

The height of heaven exceeds; 
O who is like to Thee, Who hast 
Performed such mighty deeds? 

3 Thou Who hast sent me many griefs 

Wilt yet my soul restore, 
And out of sorrow's lowest depths 
Wilt bring me forth once more. 

4 O turn again and comfort me, 

My waning strength increase, 
And for Thy faithfulness, O God, 
My praise shall never cease. 

5 Thou Holy One of Israel, 

To Thee sweet songs I raise; 
The soul Thou hast redeemed from death 
Shall give Thee joyful praise. 

6 My enemies that seek my hurt 

Thy help has put to shame; 
My thankful tongue will ceaselessly 
Thy righteousness proclaim. 


[StaniaB 13-17] 

193 The Reign of Christ 

PSALM 72 C. M. Hymn 

John £. Gould 

:Jiil^JJ:ij i j 

d k-r^ 


f— r -• r - r 

I O God, to Thy A-noint-ed King Give truth and right-eous - ness; 








l^ 'vJ.J'Hi^ ' ^ i i.i^^ 


Thy pco-ple He will just 


- judge 

And give the poor re' - dress. 





2 Then every fruitful mountain side 

Shall yield its rich increase, 
And righteousness in all the land ^ 

Shall bear the fruit of peace. 

3 The poor man's cause He will maintain. 

The needy He will bless, 
And He will break the strength of 
those ^ 

Who would the poor oppress. 

4 So men shall fear Thee while the sun 

In daily splendor glows, 



And through all ages, while the moon 
On earth its light bestows. 

Like rain upon the new-mown grass, 

That falls refreshingly, 
Like gentle showers that cheer the 

So shall His coming be. 

The righteous in His glorious day 
Shall flourish and increase; 

The earth, imtil the moon shall fade. 
Shall have abundant peace. 


The Kingdom of Our Lord 

PSALM 72 C. M. 

Holy Cross 

Arranged by James C. Wade 

p ^ 

>^ J N I j I J 


I His wide do - min - ion shall 


rm \\f-} 




tend From sea 


to ut - most sea, 



And un - to earth^s re - mot - est bounds His peace - ful rule shall be. 










The Kingdom of Our Lord 

3 The tribes that in the desert dwell 
Shall bow before His throne; 
His enemies shall be subdued, 
And He shall rule alone. 

4 Yea, all the kings shall bow to Him, 
His rule all nations haU; 
He will regard the poor man's cry 
When other helpers fail. 

3 The kings shall come from distant 

lands 5 The poor and needy He shall spare. 

And islands of the sea; And save their souls from fear; 

Oblations they shall bring to Him He shall redeem them from all wrong, 

And wait on bended knee. Their life to Him is dear. 

6 So they shall live, and bring to Him 
Their gifts of finest gold; 
For Him shall constant prayer be made, 
His praise each day be told. 

195 Christ and His Cause 

PSALM 72 C. M. BkatitUDO John B. Dykes 

mi J j 




F Mr-rF i ^-. i 




I A-bun-dant fields of grain shall wave All white for har • vest • ing, 

g , f I fit T "C 



rfAN i \ \ \ \ 


J j l J l J l J >J | 

And bound-less joy and glad - ness fill The cit - y of the King. 



1 1 ^ J 







[Stanzas 13-16] 

2 His Name, enduring like the sun. 
Shall ever be confessed; 
All nations shall be blest in Him, 
All men shall call Him blest. 

3 Blest be the Lord, our fathers' God, 
Eternal King of kings, 
Who only is onmipotent, 
Performing wondrous things. 

4 Blest be His great and glorious Name 
For evermore, Amen, 
And let His glory fill the earth 
From shore to shore. Amen. 


196 Grateful Adoration 

PSALM 72 C. M. Tabler 


E. H. Frost 

mi i i \ i^ 

\i i J 1 ^. ' i \-i-*-] 

X Blest be the Lord, our fa - thers' God, £ - ter - nal King of kings, 

\ f\ I \ \ 1'\ \ IU \ \ 

ij j j i r^j i M i 


Who on - ly is om-nip - o-tent, Per- form -ing won-drous things. 







PSALM 72 C. M. 

2 Blest be His great and glorious Name 
For evermore, Amen, 
And let His glory fill the earth 
From shore to shore. Amen. 

The Doxology 


Oliver Holden 

I Now blessed be Je'ho-vah,God,TheGodof Is-ra-el, Who on - ly do-eth wondrous woiks, 

iip i fffntr^N 

In glo-ry that ez - eel, Whoon-ly do- eth wondrous worksylnglo-iy that ex>ceL 



H p\Hm^f\ 

2 And blessed be His glorious Name 
To all eternity; 
The whole earth let His glory fill. 
Amen: So let it be. 


198 The Blessings of Immanuers Reign 

PSALM 72 L. M. Hursley Gennan Mekxfy 


I O God,be Thy 

A - noint - ed Son With truth and right - eous- ness en^lowed. 

That jus -tice may on earth be done, The meek pro - tect - ed from the proud. 

^^ 1 l^fl? I 

2 Then over mountain side and plain 

Shall peace spring forth from righteousness; 
The poor man's cause will He maintain, 
And save the weak, that none oppress. 

3 Then shall Thy fear on earth be known 

Long as the sun and moon shall shine; 
While endless generations run 
Kingdom and glory shall be Thine. 

4 Like copious rain in time of dearth, 

So shall His gracious coming be; 
As gentle showers that cheer the earth. 
So He shall bring prosperity. 

5 The just shall flourish in His day. 

And evermore shall peace extend; 
From sea to sea shall be His sway, 
And to the earth's remotest end. 

6 The desert lands to Him shall bow. 

And all the islands of the sea, 
And kings with gifts shall pay their vow, 
His enemies shall bend the knee. 

7 In great compassion for the weak 

He ever will maintain their right, 
\^1 help the poor and save the meek; 
TTieir lives are precious in His sight. 



The King and His Kingdom 

PSALM 72 L. M. 

Missionary Chant 

Heiniich C. Zeiiner 

I His saints shall live, and to the King Rich gifts in trib - ute shall be paid ; 

bv'if rr I f rrf 





His prais-es men shall ev - er sing, For Him shall end-less prayer be made. 

2 Abundant fields for harvest white 

Already wave in every land, 
And Zion's citizens delight [ mand. 
And prosper in their King's com- 

3 His Name shall evermore abide, 

In Him shall all the world be blest; 
By all the nations far and wide 
His praise shall ever be confessed. 

[Stanias S-ia ] 

4 Now blessed be the Mighty One, 

Jehovah, God of Israel, 
For He alone has wonders done, 
And deeds in glory that excel. 

5 And blessed be His glorious Name, 

Long as the ages shall endure; 
O'er all the earth extend His fame. 
Amen, Amen, for evermore. 


Morning Hymn 



William Boyce 

J J J J i j J J I J i j i i^^ 

I His saints shall live, and to the King Rich gifts in trib - ute shall be paid ; 

h j 1^ ^ F f n f i p I f f f f 

I'i'j i j J J:lljjnjl,lJJJJ l JU" 

His prais - es men shall ev - er sing, For Him shall end -less' prayer be made. 

>-'"MFf f Mf f MFi^ 


200 The Enthroned Christ 

PSALM 72 6s tnd 58 St. Gertrude Arthur S. Sullivan 

k f,>ij j j j i |^| i 


I Christ shall have do- min - ion O - ver land and sea, Earth's remot - est re - gions 

Shall His em-pire be; They that wilds in - hab - it Shall their wor- ship bring, 

^ U i i i i f ::f^j| 

Kings shall render trib - ute, Na-tions serve our King.Christ shall have do-min - ion 

j->^ • ■ — ^ .... J I 

If f f f i p j ij i i_ ; i : ii 

O-ver land and sea, Earth's re- mot- est re - gions Shall His em-pire be. 

^ t t jT 


I ff Mi: I I 

2 When the needy seek Him, 

He will mercy show; 
Yea, the weak and helpless 

Shall His pity know; 
He will surely save them 

From oppression's might, 
For their lives are predous 

in His holy sight. 

3 Ever and forever 

Shall His Name endure, 
Long as sims continue 
It shall stand secure; 


[ Selected Stanias ] 

And in Him forever 

All men shall be blest, 
And all nations hail Him 

King of kings confessed. 

4 Unto God Almighty 

Joyful Zion sings; 
He alone is glorious, 

Doing wondrous things. 
Evermore, ye people, 

Bless His glorious Name, 
His eternal glory 

Through the earth proclaim. 

201 A Vindication of God's Ways 

PSALM 73 IIS Mobile John P. CampbeU 

















I God lov - eth the right - eous, His good - ness b sure, 


He nev 



er for - sak • eth the 



good and the 






Yet once 

J .4 

my faith fal - tered, I 

en - vied the proud, 






/O • 






j-^u-j J J 




In doubt and ^s - qui 


et my spir 



was bowed. 



^ [: r I f' I I 

3 The wicked are prospered and firm in their strength, 
No pangs do they suffer, though death come at length; 
They are not in trouble as other men are, 
The plagues of their fellows they view from afar. 

3 In garments of boasting and violence decked, 
With wealth more abimdant than heart could expect. 
They scofif, and the helpless they proudly oppress, 
The heavens and the earth they assume to possess. 


A Vindication of God's Ways 

4 Despising God's people, they cause them to drain 
The cup of oppression, injustice, and pain; 
They question God's knowledge and boldly defy 
The might and the justice of God the Most High. 

5 The wicked, grown wealthy, have comfort ^d peace, 
While I, daily chastened, see troubles increase. 
And, wronging God's children, I cried in my pain, 

That dean hands are worthless and pure hearts are vain. 

6 I went to God's temple: my doubts were dispelled, 
The end of life's journey I clearly beheld; 

I saw in what peril ungodly men stand 
With sudden destruction and ruin at hand. 

7 As when one awaking forgetteth his dream. 

So God will despise them, though great they may seem; 
My envy was senseless, my grief was for nought. 
Because I was faithless, and foolish my thou^t. 


St. Denio 

Welsh Melody 

jMjl; ^ 


fOod lev - eth the right -eous, His good - ness is sure, 

He nev - er for - sak - eth the good and the pure 


f>' m f I f f 





Yet once my faith fal - tered, I en - vied the 

J — J — t , t t t ,t — * — J 








In doubt and dis - qui - et my spir • it was bowed. 









202 Guidance and Glory 

PSALM 73 IIS Carter E. Grace VpdtgiatC 

i>'n:iii ' i\UM 

I In doubt and temp - ta - tion I rest,Lord, in 

Thee ; My hand is in 

K'liiiJ i rMire 

i'^'' J: i J:i-^J i U: i J: i i iij^. 

Thy hand, Thou car - est for me; My soul with Thy coun - sd 

Kfr i ft I 

r g ' r^ 

J IT [[[in 

••■ ' lUVki 

through life Thou wilt guide, And af - ter-ward make me in glo - ry a - bide. 


i^iii i pm, ni\{ ^ j { \ ^r^ 

My God, I will ex - tol Thee And ev - er bless Thy Name; 




' t f uyf I 

ium jij 4L ii; , ^j i ^;jj i 

Each day will I give thanks to Thee And all Thy praise pro - claim. 

H i f ^h' l f i ^i^' i f gf MJ:"J:" 

Copyright, X891, by R. Kelso Carter. E. O. Ezcell, owner. Used by per. 


[SlUflM 8-so] 

Guidance and Glory 

2 In glory Thou only my portion shalt be. 

On earth for none other I long but for Thee; 
My flesh and heart falter, but God is my stay, 
The strength of my spirit, my portion for aye. 

3 All they that forsake Thee must perish and die. 
But near to my Saviour most blessed am I; 

I make Thee my refuge, my Lord and my God; 
Thy grace and Thy glory I publish abroad. 


PSALM 73 C. M. 

Life with God 


William U. Butcher 

I In sweet com-mun • ion, Lord, with Thee I con-stant-ly 

n MP' r i F ^ 

f i pif i f fic f ^ 



' & I I ^-^ ■^ — 


I J I a' i \ P h'\ i 


My hand Thou hold - est in 

\>'' J i p F I F 


Thy own To keep me near Thy side. 







Uicd bf ftmngement with Oliver EHtaon Co. 

[ Selected StanttB] 

2 Thy cotmsel through my earthly way 

Shall guide me and control. 
And then to glory afterward 
Thou wilt receive my soul. 

3 Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but 

To Whom my thoughts aspire? 
And, having Thee, on earth is nought 
That I can yet desire. 

4 Though flesh and heart should faint 

and fail, 
The Lord will ever be 
The strength and portion of my heart, 
My God eternally.^ 

5 To live apart from God is death, 

'Tis good His face to seek; 

My refuge is the living God, 

His praise I long to speak. 


204 God Our Only Good 

PSALM 73 68 and 48 Olivet 

Lowell Mason 

I O God,how good Thou art To all the pure of heart,Though life seems vain;Buidened with 

anx-ious care, I groped in dark de-spair, Till in Thy house of prayer All was made plain. 

2 Ever, Lord, with Thee, 
All shall be well with me, 

Held by Thy hand; 
And Thou wilt guide my feet 
By Thy own counsel sweet, 
1^1 1, for glory meet, 

In glory stand. 

3 In earth or heaven above 
Who is there that I love 

Compared with Thee? 
My heart may faint with fears, 


[Selected Staniu] 

But God my strength appears, 
And will to endless years 
My portion be. 

4 it is good that I 
May still to God draw nigh. 

As oft before; 
The Lord Jehovah blest, 
My refuge and my rest, 
Shall be in praise confessed 

For evermore. 

LvTE Joseph P. Holbrook 

I O God,how good Thou art To all the pure of heart, Though life seems vain ;Burdened with 





i jjj i ij'j i j^ i j,^ 

anx- ious care, I groped in dark de-spair, Till in Thy house of prayer All was made plain. 

205 The Church in Trial 

PSALM 74 C. M. Cowpsr 

Lowell Maaon 

art Thou an • gry with Thy sheep, The sheep of Thy own fold* The sheep of Thy own fold? 


2 Remember Thy inheritance, 

Thy Church, redeemed by grace; 
Remember Zion's mount profaned, 
Thy ancient dwelling-place. 

3 In ruin long Thy temple lies; 

Arise, O God of grace, 
And see the ruin foes have wrought 
Within Thy holy place. 

4 Amid Thy courts are lifted high 

The standards of the foe, 
And impious hands with axe and fire 
Have laid Thy temple low. 

5 They have profaned the holy place 

Where Thou hast set Thy Name, 
Tlie sanctuaries of our God 
Are given to the flame. 

6 We see no signs of power divine. 

No prophet speaks for Thee, 
And none can tell, and none can know. 
How long these woes shall be. 

7 How long, God, shall blasphemy 

And shame reproach our land ? 
Why dost Thou not destroy Thy foes 
With Thy ahnighty hand ? 

8 O God, Thou art our King of old, 

Salvation Thou hast wrought; 
In safety through the mighty sea 
Our fathers Thou hast brou^t. 

9 With mighty arm Thou didst destroy 

The pride of boastful man. 
And for Thy people made a path 
Where mighty waters ran. 

ID The day is Thine, and Thine the 
And Thine the shining sun; [set 
At Thy command earth's bounds are 
And changing seasons run. 

11 Mark how Thy enemies, O Lord, 

Against Thee proudly speak; 
Preserve Thy saints from wickedmen, 
Be mindful of the meek. 

12 Fulfil, Lord, Thy covenant, 

Our strong protector be. 
For in the earth are dark abodes 
Of crime and cruelty. 

13 Let not Thy saints be put to shame. 

No longer in Thy sight 
Permit Thy foes to vaunt themselves; 
Lord, vindicate the right. 



206 The Righteous Judgment of God 

PSALM 75 C. M. Boston Uzziah C. Bura^ 

^^4 =4= ^ 






I To Thee, Q God, we ren - der thanks, To Thee give thanks sin - cere, 

»MJ J J l ;J-^H I J I f If flf-^ 

¥\ UU^ 


i i i i J i iJJ if ^jJ iJ . ii 

Be - cause Thy won-drous works de -clare That Thou art ev - er near. 



[ [ ^ i f [If, ^jfjf i f^fiF ^f ii 

3 Thy righteous judgment, Thou hast 
Shall in due time appear, [said. 
And Thou Who didst establish it 
Wilt fill the earth with fear. 

3 Thou teachest meekness to the proud, 
And makest sinners know 
That none is judge but God alone, 
To honor or bring low. 

207 Zion's Glory and Safety 

PSALM 76 88 and 78 Temple Boro 

4 Jehovah holds a cup of wrath. 
And holds it not in vain, 

For all the wicked of the earth 
Its bitter dregs shall drain. 

5 The God of Israel I will praise 
And all His glory show; 

The righteous He will high exalt 
And bring the wicked low. 

F. Pinder 

\ im j j I kXXM^ j I j j I j. J j ^ 

I God is known a • monir His Deo - Dle« £v -erv mouth His prais-es fill : 

v^ m^Hf 

From of old He hath es - tab - blished His a - bode on S - on*8 hill ; 

1^-* 1 — ha a — r^- 

There He broke the sword and ar - row, Bade the noise of war be still. 





Zion's Glory and Safety 

2 Excellent and glorious art Thou, 
With Thy trophies from the fray; 

Thou hast slain the valiant-hearted, 
Wrapt in sleep of death are they; 

When Thy anger once is risen, 
Who can stand in that dread day ? 

3 When from heaven Thy sentence 
All the earth in fear was still, 
While to save the meek and lowly 

God in judgment wrought His will; 

Even the wrath of man shall prabe 

Thy designs it shall fulfil. [ Thee, 

4 Vow and pay ye to Jehovah, 

Him your God forever own; 
All men, bring your gifts before Him, 

Worship Hun, and Him alone; 
Mighty kings obey and fear Him, 

Princes bow before His throne. 

208 Aspects of the Divine Character 

PSALM 76 L. M. Easton Arranged from Mozart 

kf%iJ i iJ i jJ i ;^J«gjj l jjljJ: i j | 

I A-mongHispeo-ple God is known, Most glo-rious in His might and grace; 

J , M . J r. 


He makes Te - ru - sa - lem His throne, Her peaceful hills His dwell -ing- place. 

2 When God the righteous judge appeared 

To save the meek from wrong and shame. 
The earth stood still and greatly feared; 
Then forth from heaven His sentence came. 

3 The wrath of man shall praise the Lord, 

Restrained by His almighty will; 
Your vows to God the Kmg record, 
Your covenant made with Him fulfil. 

4 Let all to Him their presents bring, 

To Him Whom all the world should fear; 
Ye kings and princes, own your King, 
With reverence and with awe draw near. 


[ Selected Stanas ] 

209 Doubts Overcome by Faith 

PSALM 77 L. M. Sessions Luther O. Emenon 

I To God for help will I re -pair, To God will I di - rect my prayer, 







f F I f f C I 

And sure - ly He will an-swer me, His great sal - va • tion I 

2 In long-continued grief I stand 
And seek the Lord with outstretched 

I find no comfort for my soul, 
The clouds of darkness o'er me roll. 

3 I think of God and call to mind 
His goodness, yet no peace I find; 

I still pour out my sad complaints, 
My burdened spirit almost faints. 

4 With sleepless eyes and speechkss 

I search the past to find relief, 
The former years when days were 

And songs of gladness cheered my 


5 My constant meditations bring 
My heart to anxious questioning: 
Has God cast off, and will He be 
No longer merciful to me? 

6 Has God forgotten to be kind? 
Shall I His promise faithless find? 
For me shall wrath henceforth replace 
His tender mercies and His grace? 




In weakness I was pressed with fear, 
But better hopes my ^irit cheer; 
Past mercies lead me to rely 
Upon the help of God Most Hi^ 

Thy deeds, Lord, will I relate 
And on Thy wonders meditate; 
Thy way, O God, is just and right, 
And none is like to Thee in might. 

Among the nations Thou hast shown 
Thy wondrous power and made it 

Thou art the God that mightily 
Redeemed and set Thy people free. 

At sight of Thee the waters fled. 
The quaking clouds their torrents 

The lightnings flashed, the thunder 

The trembling earth her fear revealed. 

Thy way, God, was in the sea, 
But, though Thy paths mysterious 

Thy people Thou didst safely keep 
As shepherds lead their helpless sheep. 


210 Questionings and Comfort 

PSALM 77 L. M. Fillmore Jeiemiah IngaHs 


m^ \ p ^ ^u ju j u i Jia 

I To God will I di-rect my prayer, And He will make my needs His care; 

I trust Him still, though in my grief No an-sweryet has brought re- lief ; 


^^^[iffif i M^^'r^f i ^ m/; . 

With hands stretched out through all the night, Un - com - fort - ed 

I sought for light 

kf i r'^f \ \. f i [^ ^ 


2 The thought of God brought me no 

But rather made my fears increase; 
With sleepless eyes and speechless pain 
My fainting spirit grieved in vain; 
The blessedness of long ago 
Made deeper still my present woe. 

3 Recalling days when faith was bright, 
When songs of gladness filled my 

I pondered o'er my grievous woes 
And searching questioning arose: 
Will God cast o£F, and nevennore 
His favor to my soul restore ? 

4 I asked in fear and bitterness, 
Will God forsake me in distress ? 
Shall I His promise faithless find ? 
Has God forgotten to be kind ? 
Has He in anger hopelessly 
Removed His love and grace from me? 

5 These doubts and fears that troubled 

Were bom of my infirmity; 
Though I am weak, God is most high, 
And on His goodness I rely; 
Of all His wonders I will teU, 
And on His deeds my thoughts shall 



211 The Wonderful Deeds of God 

PSALM 77 L. M. Yoakley vniliam YoaUey 

mii \ jiMjiUf-ii^ \ ii^m 

fO God, most ho - ly are Thy ways, And who like Thee deserves my piaise? ) 
Thou on - ly do - est won - drous thmgs, The whole wide world Thy glory sings ; > 

Thy outstretched arm Thy peo - pie saved,Though sore dis-tressed and long en - slaved. 

2 O God, from Thee the waters fled, 3 Thy way was in the sea, O' God, 

The depths were moved with mighty Through mighty waters, deep and 

dread, broad; 

The swelling douds their torrents poured. None understood but God alone, 

And o'er the earth the tempest roared; To man Thy footsteps were unknown; 

'Mid lightning's flash and thunder's sound But safe Thy people Thou didst keep, 

Great trembling shook the solid groimd. Almighty Shepherd of Thy sheep. 


PSALM 77 C. M. 

Hallowed Memories 


William J. Kirkpatrick 

1 3 Ij^ j If fi \ \S ' 

I I tboughtup-on the days of old, The years de - part - ed long, 




eld com - mun - ion with my heart, By nieht re - called my song. 

■ rJ H9 ri9 n i ^ 1 ^^ J ^^ 

Copyright. 1900, hy Wm. J. Klrkpttrlck. Uicd by per. 

' rSekotodStuiail 


Hallowed Memories 

2 My heart inquired with anxious care, 4 These doubts are my infirmity, 

Will God forever spurn? My thoughts at once reply; 

Shall we no more His favor see? I call back years of God's right hand, 

Will mercy ne'er return? The years of God Most High. 

3 Forever shall His promise fail? 
Has God forgotten grace? 
Has He withdrawn His tender love. 
In anger hid His face? 

5 I will commemorate, O Lord, 
Thy wondrous deeds of old. 
And meditate upon Thy works 
Of power and grace imtold. 


6 O God, most holy is Thy way. 
Most perfect, good, and right; 
Thou art the only living God, 
The God of wondrous might. 

AuLD Lang Syne 

Scotch Melody 

tejlj. i'i J'lUW I J' l ^. ji JlJ: l 

thought up -on the days of old, The years de-part-ed long, 

\>--At wit Fif t^if i r g! m 





I ^ held com-mun- ion with my heart, By night 

\>hi \ v u t \ i: ] 



re -called my song 



d^U^' n' H/, ji/ifii' JN' i+l^ 

My heart in-quired with anx - ious care, Will God for - ev - cr spurn ? 

KMt' U t \ ^\l \ [ \ l'- U iw 


Shall we no more His fa - vor sec? Will mer - cy ne'er re - turn? 

ktif T=^^£^ 









Lessons from the Past 

PSALM 78 losand iis 


Charles H. Gabriel 





J Jl^MijH I J I 


I My peo 


pie, give ear, 

^ ^ ■ gj. 

- tend 

my word, In par 


new deep truths shall be heard ; The won - der - ful sto - ry our 

Wt Frif i N'fTif~m 







fa - thers made known To chil - dren suc-ceed • ing by us must be shown. 

f fii' [M^ ffif" 

Copyright, i^xa, by United PmbyterUn Board of Publication 

2 Instructing our sons we gladly record 

The praises, the works, the might of the Lord, 
For He hath commanded that what He hath done 
Be passed in tradition from father to son. 

3 Let children thus learn from history's light 
To hope in our God and walk in His sight. 
The God of their fathers to fear and obey. 

And ne'er like their fathers to turn from His way. 

4 The story be told, to warn and restrain. 

Of hearts that were hard, rebellious, and vain. 
Of soldiers who faltered when battle was near. 
Who kept not God's covenant nor walked in His fear. 

5 God's wonderful works to them He had shown, 
His marvelous deeds their fathers had known; 
He made for their pathway the waters divide, 
His glorious pillar of cloud was their guide. 

6 He gave them to drink, relieving their thirst. 
And forth from the rock caused water to burst; 
Yet faithless they tempted their God, and they said. 
Can He Who gave water supply us with bread? 


Lessons from the Past 

7 Jehovah was wroth because they forgot 

To hope in their God, and trusted I£m not; 
Yet gracious, He opened the doors of the sky 
And rained down tlie manna in richest supply. 


8 With bread from on high their need He supplied, 
And more did He do when thankless they sighed; 

The strong winds commanding from south and from east, 
He sent them abimdance of quail for their feast 

9 Though well they were filled, their folly they chose. 
Till God in His wrath o'erwhelmed them with woes; 
He slew of their strongest and smote their young men, 
But still unbelieving they sinned even then. 

ID Because of their sin He smote with His rod. 

And then they returned and sought for their God; 
Their Rock and Redeemer was God the Most High, 
Yet false were their praises, their promise a lie. 

II Not right with their God in heart and in will, 
They faithlessly broke His covenant still; 
But He, in compassion, reluctant to slay, 
Forgave them and oft turned His anger away. 

12 His pity was great, though often they sinned, 
For they were but flesh, a swift passing wind; 
Yet though His compassion and grace they beheld, 
Th^ tempted and grieved Him and often rebelled. 

13 They limited God, the Most Holy One, 
And hindered the work His grace had begun; 
The hand that was mighty to save they forgot, 
The day of redemption remembering not 

14 Ungrateful and blind, no longer they thought 
Of wonders and signs and mighty deeds wrought, 
Of how all the rivers of Egypt ran red, 
And plagues in God's anger were heaped on their head. 

15 They thought not of how, their freedom to gain. 
In Egypt's abodes the first-bom were slain, 
And how all God's people were led forth like sheep, 
The flock He delighted in safety to keep. 


214 Reminders from Israel's History 

PSALM 78 I OB and l is Stella Crown of Jesus Music 

mni j j i j ^^ ji j j jij i JN j j i 


I My peo - pie give ear, at - tend to my word, In par - a - bles 

%^ jlf \ f F Mf^^ftf P Mr i Mf f ^ 

new deep truths shall be heard; The won - der • f ul sto - ry our 

k'iff MP f F 




fa • thers made known To chil< dren sue - ceed- ing by us must be shown. 


[Stuuat i6-^i] 

2 Unharmed through the sea, where perished their foe, 
He caused them with ease and safety to go; 

His holy land gaining, in peace they were brought 
To dwcdl in the moimtain the Lord's hand had bought 

3 He gave them the land, a heritage fair; 
The nations that dwelt in wickedness diere 

He drove out before them with great overthrow, 
. And gave to His people the tents of the foe. 

4 Again they rebelled and tempted the Lord, 
Unfaithful they turned to idols abhorred, 

And God in His anger withdrew from them then, 
No longer delighting to dwell among men. 

5 He gave them to death in battle, although 

His glory and strength were scorned by the foe; 
Their young men were fallen, their maidens imwed. 
Their priests slain in battle, none wept for the dead. 


Reminders from Israel's History 

6 Then mercy awoke, the Lord in His might 
Returned, and the foes were scattered in flight; 
Again to His people His favor He showed. 
And chose in Mount Zion to fix His abode. 

7 His servant He called, a shepherd of sheep. 
From tending his flock, the people to keep; 

So David, their shepherd, with wisdom and might 
Protected and fed them and led them aright. 


PSALM 78 C. M. 

Religious Training 


G«oTge Kingsley 

m a I j ■ J' j 

\ \ in\\ \ U^^ 

O come, my peo - pie, to my law At - ten-tive - ly 

with will - ing heart an( 

and teach - a - ble The words of wis - 

k'- \%\\\ i mlTp^^ 



2 My mouth shall speak in parables 

Of hidden trutl^ of old. 
Which, handed down from age to age. 
To us our fathers told. 

3 We will not from their children hide 

Jehovah's worthy praise, 
But tell the greatness of His strength, 
His wondrous works and wa3rs. 

4 A testimony and a law 

The Lord our God decreed. 
And bade our fathers teach their sons, 
That they His wa3rs might heed. 

5 He willed that each succeeding race 

His deeds might learn and know, 
That children's children to their sons 
Might all these wonders show. 

6 Let children learn (jod's righteous ways 

And on Him stay their heart. 
That they may not forget His works 
Nor from I£s wa3rs depart. 


[Selected Stanas] 

216 The Church Under Discipline 

PSALM 79 88 and 78 Salonica Charles K Pollock 


I In Thy her - it - age the hea - then Now, O God, tri - umphant stand ; 

y'lAl J l J: 

They de - file Thy ho - ly tem - pie, They de -stroy Thy cho - sen land ; 

iP U \ \- ^H i j \\i\ \ \' \\\ 

Ruth- less, they have slain Thy serv - ants,They have caused Thy saints to mourn, 

9'A> i T i f IX l\} \ \ 

rn i j: n'j' i j j i j'/iJ'H jij I 

In the sight of all a - bout us We en - dure re-proach and scorn. 

2 O how long against Thy people 

Shall Thy anger burn, O Ix)rd ? 
On Thy enemies, the heathen, 

Be Thy indication poured; 
Smite the kingdoms that defy TheCi 

Calling not upon Thy Name; 
They have long devoured Thy people 

And have swept Thy land with flame. 


The Church Under Discipline 

3 O remember not against us 

Evil by our fathers wrought; 
Haste to help us in Thy mercy, 

Near to ruin we are brought; 
Help us, God of our salvation, 

For the glory of Thy Name; 
For Thy Name's sake come and save us, 

Take away our sin and shame. 

4 Let Thy foes no longer scorn Thee, 

Now avenge Thy servants slain; 
Loose the prisoner, save the dying. 

All Thy enemies restrain; 
Then Thy flock, Thy chosen people. 

Unto Thee their thanks shall raise. 
And to every generation 

We will sing Thy glorious praise. 

217 Forgiving Mercy Besought 


PSALM 79 S. M. Gorton Arranged from Beethoven 


1 1 1 J I J ^^ 

4^ I f= 

I Re - mem - bcr not, O God, The sins of long a - go ; 

tm[ \ [ f f P 




JH ^ j jiN / i j i j j j J i i U 


In ten-der mer-cy vis - it us, Dis-tressed and hum -bled low. 

h^n[ [ f fif f [ i f i fT F F 


2 O Lord, our Saviour, help, 
And glorify Thy Name; 
Deliver us from all our sins 
And take away our shame. 

[Selected Stanas] 

3 In Thy compassion hear 

Thy prisoners' plaintive sigh, 
And in the greatness of Thy power 
Save those about to die. 

4 Then, safe within Thy fold. 
We will exalt Thy Name; 
Our thankful hearts with songs of joy 
Thy goodness will proclaim. 



A Suppliant Church 



James Langnm 





O Thou great Shep - herd 
From out the cher - u • 





of Thy cho - sen race, Who lead - est 
bim re - veal Thy face, Be - fore our 







I I * 


a flock Thy Is - rael dear, ) Come 
now let Thy might ap - pear. ) 





Thou, O 



God, to 







i Vi i ^ 




us and re - store ; We shall be saved when shines Thy face once more. 

Lrrrrr^ . f-^-^ 





2 How long, O Lord, wilt Thou disdain our prayer? 

For Thou hast fed us with the bread of tears, 
And bitter sorrow Thou hast made us share; 

The nations round us mock with scornful jeers. 
O God of Hosts, Thy people now restore; 
We shall be saved when shines Thy face once more. 

3 A vine Thou broughtest forth from Egjrpt's land; 

The nations were thrust out to give it room; 
It took deep root, it spread on every hand. 

The hills were covered with its shade and bloom; 
Its boughs were like great cedars spreading wide; 

They reached the sea, its roots the riverside. 

4 Why hast Thou broken down its circling wall 

Tliat they may pluck who pass along the way? 
Wild beasts from out the wood destroy it all 

And feed upon Thy vine by night and day. 
O God of Hosts, we pray Thee now, restore; 

We shall be saved when shines Thy face once more. 

5 Look down, behold and visit this Thy vine 

Which Thou hast planted with Thy own right hand. 
The branch Thou n^est strong and owned it Thine, 

For it is burned with fire, no more to stand; 
Thy people perish in Thy anger sore 

Because lliy face now shines on them no more. 


A Suppliant Church 

6 O let Thy hand Thy chosen one snstam, 

The son of man Thou madest strong to be; 

So we shall faithful to Thy cause remain; 
Revive Thou us, and we will call on Thee. 

Jehovah, God of Hosts, again restore; 
We shall be saved when shines Thy face once more. 


Restoration and Revival 


Voices in Unison 


John H. Gower 





I O Thou great Shep-herd of Thy cho-sen ra ce. Who lead- est lik e a flock Thy 

Voices in Harmony 

4^'i^J J | J.| J i p ^ \ i' J i J J ^ 



Is - rael dear. From out tne cher - u - bim re - veal Thy face, 

Be - fore our host now let Thy might ap - pear. Come Thou, O God, to 

k^V- F i if f n 












save us and re -store; We shall be saved when shines Thy face once more. 

Copyrlffbt by John H . Cower. Used by per. 

2 O let Thy hand Thy chosen one sustain, 

The son of man Thou madest strong to be; 
So we shall faithful to Thy cause remain; 

Revive Thou us, and we will call on Thee. 
Jehovah, God of Hosts, again restore; 
We shall be saved when shines Thy face once more« 


[ Selected Stamsas] 


Prayer for Restoring Grace 

PSALM 80 118 


Ira D. Sankey 


l iN J ^ I 

I Great Shep- herd Who lead - est Thy peo 


9A f\f f f if ^m 

in love, *Mid cher 

u - bim 




_J_iJ|j;H l ;j j ^ 





dwell - ing, shine Thou from a - bove ; In might come and save us, Thy 


^^ r r 


t t i f 


Copyrightt Z905, Djr Ii« D. Sankey. Renewal. Used bj per. 

2 O haste, Lord, to hear us and pity our woes. 
Affliction our portion, despised by our foes; 
O Lord God Almighty, in mercy restore, 

And we shall be saved when Thy face shines once more. 

3 A place for Thy people Thou, Lord, didst prepare. 
Thy vine deeply rooted rewarded Thy care; 

Its branches like cedars, majestic and free, 
Spread over the moimtains from river to sea. 

4 Thy vineyard no longer Thy tender care knows. 
Defenseless, the victim and spoil of her foes; 

O turn, we beseech Thee, all glory is Thine, 
Look down in Thy mercy and visit Thy vine. 

5 The branch of Thy planting is burned and cut down, 
Brought nigh to destruction because of Thy frown; 
The man of Thy right hand with wisdom endue, 
The son of man strengthen Thy pleasure to do. 

6 When Thou shalt revive us Thy Name we will praise. 
And nevermore, turning, depart from Thy ways; 

O Lord God Almighty, in mercy restore. 

And we shall be saved when Thy face shines once more. 



Longing for Revival 

PSALM 80 118 


Adoniram J. Gordon 

j'iKtjhi J J i f.'ij^ J g j j i i: ' !'*^ ^ ^ ' 

I Great Shep - herd Who lead - est Thy peo - pie in love, 'Mid cher - u - bim 

$^Hi ^N 

♦— r 


JI ;J J j l ^ji i l 


dwell- ing, shine Thou from a - bove; In might come and save us, Thy 

peo -pie re - store. And we shall be saved when Thy face shines once more. 



' i >-j| f i f f f i f'^f jf^r r 



[Selected Stmnas] 

2 O haste, Lord, to hear us and pity our woes. 
Affliction our portion, despised by our foes; 
O Lord God Almighty, in mercy restore. 

And we shall be saved when Thy face shines once more. 

3 When Thou shalt revive us Thy Name we will praise, 
And nevermore, turning, depart from Thy wajrs; 

O Lord God Almighty, in mercy restore. 

And we shall be saved when Thy face shines once more. 


222 A Summons to Joyful Worship 

PSALM 81 88 and Jt StOCKWELL Darius E. Jones 

rrrr^7:iJf i H^^ 

I Now to God, our Strength and Sav - iour, Ren-der praise and loud - ly sing ; 

-^ m r-42- 

y^ [ [ i r p tl:^ 

<f/ j; i j i H i j ^ \ ii \ i n i 



In our fa-thers*God re-joic-ing, All your no -blest mu - sic bring. 

U[[\\ f i\ \ ]Uri \ i[n 


2 Let the trumpet, far resounding, 

This our festal day proclaim. 
By our fathers' God appointed. 
When from bondage Israel came. 

3 I, thy God, removed thy burdens, 

When thou calledst, set thee free, 
Proved thee in the thirsty desert, 
In the thunder answered thee. 

4 O My people, hear My pleadings; 

that thou wouldst hearken now; 
No strange worship shalt thou oflFer, 

Nor to idols shalt thou bow. 

5 I am God the Lord Who saved thee, 

And from cruel bondage freed; 
Open wide thy mouth of longing; 

1 will satisfy thy need. 

6 But My people would not hearken, 

Yea, they would not yield to Me; 
So I left them in their blin^jhiess, 
Their own counselors to be. 

7 If My people would obey Me, 

Gladly walking in My ways, 
Soon would I, their foes subduing, 
Fill their lips with songs of praise. 

8 All the haters of Jehovah 

Shall His clemency implore, 
And the days of those that love Him 
Shall endure for evermore. 

9 Yea, with wheat the very finest 

I their himger will supply, 
Bid the very rocks yield honey 
That shall fully satisfy. 


223 Responsibility of Civil Officers 

PSALM 82 78 and 6s Algiers John B. Herbert 


4 ■# -^ -^ !♦ 



I Wher-e'er His crca-tures gath - er The un- seen God is near; . 





H-fH f f m/- 








M ^ i I 





Let ml - ers fear their Rul 

t r 



er, Their Judge let judg - cs fear. 




i j i i;' < 1 ^ i J < ^ 



1^ _ 

How long, ye earth - ly judg - es, Will ye per - vert the right ? 

"^ ^ #- -^ j«: — ^ — ti — ^ — i:±-^ 

^Ffrf i Mnfi^ ^^ 

-4-i i j: H I' A 







How long shall wick - ed per - sons Have fa - vor 


— t- 

in your sight ? 

^••t M^ ^ p f 





3 The Most High God has called you 

And set you up on high, 
But ye to Him must answer, 

For ye like men must die. 
Arise, O God Eternal, 

Thou Judge of all the earth, 
Through all Thy ransomed nations 

Send now Thy justice forth. 

Copyright, X901, by United Presbyterian Board of Publicatioa 

2 Do justice for the helpless, 

The orphan's cause maintain. 
Defend the poor and needy, 

Oppressed and wronged for gain. 
When rulers walk in darkness, 

When judges truth forsake, 
The comer-stones are crumbled, 

The firm foundations shake. 


224 The Foes of the Church 

PSALM 83 C. M. Green Hill Albeit L Peace 

^ I j; j' j I j I J ^ 


I O God, no Ion - ger hold Thy peace, No Ion - get si • lent be ; 




' i ff^i i f I 

i } . f. . 

yJ l HJ Jlj J JM I | /3j j 

Thy en - e - mies lift up their head To fight Thy saints and 





1^ [ f'f l f Uf flf^'B 

2 Against Thy own, whom Thou dost 4 O God, Who in our fathers' time 

Their craft Thy foes employ; [love. Didst smite our foes and Thine, 

They think to cut Thy people off, " So smite Thy enemies to-day 

Thy Church they would destroy. Who in their pride combine. 

3 Thy ancient foes, conspiring still, 
^th one consent agree, 
And they who with Thy people strive 
Make war, O God, with Thee. 

5 Make them like dust and stubble 
Before the whirlwind dire, . [blown 
In terror driven before the storm 
Of Thy consuming fire. 


6 Confound them in their sin till they 
To Thee for pardon fly, 
Till in dismay they trembling own 
That Thou art God Most High. 

Delight in the House of God 

PSALM 84 C. M. 


Charles H. Gabriel 

I How dear to me, O Lord of Hosts,The place where Thou dost dwell; The tab- er-na-des 

of Thy grace In pleas- ant- ness ex • eel. My splr - it longs,yea, e-ven faints, Thy 

^:.b f r r p 

CopyrlglH, aftm, bjr Ualled Pre«bytertea Board of Publicatl«i 


Delight in the House of God 

sa - cred courts to see ; My thirst - ing heart and flesh cry out, O liv • ing God^for 

-r-J' f-f.r. ' 

2 Beneath Thy care the sparrow finds 

A place of peaceful rest; 
Where she may safely lay her young 

The swallow finds a nest; [God, 
Then, Lord of Hosts, my King, my 

Thy love will shelter me; 
Beneath Thy altar's peaceful shade 

My dwelling-place shall be. 

3 Blest they who dwell within Thy house, 

Their perfect strength Thou art; 
Their joyful praise shall never cease, 

Thy ways are in their heart. 
Their tears of grief, like early rain. 

Sweet springs of joy shall fill ; [safe 
With strength renewed they journey 

To Zion's holy hiU. 

226 Longings for Sanctuary Fellowship 

PSALM 84 C. M. AudiTE AudientES Me Arthur S. Sullivan 

Voices in Unison 


X f --fi J r---\ 

Lord of Hosts,to Thee I cry, Our fathers' God,to Thee; Let my pe-ti-tion reach Thy ear, 

Voices in Harmony 



My prayer accept-ed be; 

Godourshield,look Thouon us. Reveal Thyself in grace. 


$\\\ ^ ^ M ,. 



And let Thy own a - noint - ed one Be - hold Thee face 




to iace. 

>);f | f } i f i f f-fH-flT j- 




2 A single day within Thy courts, 

Where I Thy beauty see, 
Is better than a thousand days, 

My God, apart from Thee. 
A lowly station in Thy house 

Were dearer to my heart 
Than in the tents of wickedness 

To claim the chiefest part. 

[Stanzas 4-6] 

3 A Sim and shield is Grod, the Lord, 

To lighten and defend; 
The Lord to such as look to Him 

Will grace and glory send; 
To those that walk in righteousness 

No good will He deny; 
O Lord of Hosts, how blest are they 

Who on Thy grace rely. 


227 Delight in Church Ordinances 

PSALM 84 7« and 6s St. Edith 



Justin H. Knecht and 
Edward Husband 




,- l 'i l J pi iU. 

I O Lord of Hosts, how love - ly Thy tab - er - na - cles are; 

^inr Prrrr nf i fT [ i 



f^j l j^j J 





r r f 

For them my heart is yearn - ing In ban - ish- ment a 






ri^- J 

r f r r 


i» ^-r^ 




My soul is long - ing, faint - ing, Thy sa - cred courts to see ; 


^ \ i \ k f ->— f 


f^\ \ \ f^ p \ \ J iii ji; jJij ii 


My heart and flesh are cry - ing, O liv - ing God, for Thee. 


^in[ I I Til II 

2 Beneath Thy care the sparrow 
Finds place for peaceful rest; 
To keep her young in safety 
The swallow finds a nest; 
Then, Lord, my King Almighty, 
. Thy love will shelter me; 
Beside Thy holy altar 
My dwelling-place shall be. 

3 Blest they who dwell in Zion, 

Whose joy and strength Thou art; 
Forever they will praise Thee, 

Thy ways are in their heart. 
Though tried, their tears like showers 

Shall fill the springs of peace. 
And all the way to Zion 

Their strength shall still increase. 


228 True Blessedness 

PSALM 84 78 and 6b Crux Christi 

Arthur H. Mann 

ij'iji.i jj. 




I Lord God of Hosts, in mer - cy My sup • pli - ca - tion hear ; 

l " H i' iJ j J . ' 




If l /' \ f ' 

t I fg: 

tol N JL 

ilJlUii l J: 3 

Al - might - y and all - faith - ful, Our fa - thers' God, give ear ; 

'^'^f i f: F ? fif r i f i *f: ; f fi^ 

f^ i j/N . 

J I , I J. J j |X3;^ 

r ^ - zJ 

Our shield and great de - fend - er. No Ion - ger hide Thy face. 

l >'*f i jpj j i f f ^ 



k gJitJ: ^ J j 


^^i i i 



But look up - on Thy serv - ant, A - noint - ed by Thy grace. 

I "f if fff i f f iii r ^ 



[ Stanzas 4-6 

2 In Thy blest courts to worship, 

My God, a single day 
Is better than a thousand 

While far from Thee I stray; 
Though in a lowly station, 

The service of my Lord 
I choose above all pleasures 

That sinful ways afford. 

3 A sim and shield forever 

Is God, the Lord Most High; 
To those who walk uprightly 

No good will He deny; 
His saints, His grace receiving, 

Shall soon His glory see; 
O Lord of Hosts, most blessed 

Are they that trust in Thee. 



Days in the Sanctuary 

PSALM 84 L. M. 


Joseph Bamby 

ph i j \ ^rm-^ 

I How love- ly, Lord of Hosts, to me The tab-er-na - cles of Thy grace; 


O how I long, yea, faint to see Thy hal-lowed courts,Thy dwell-ing-place ; 

For Thee my heart and spir - it sigh, For Thee, O liv - ing God, I cry. 




2 The sparrow has her place of rest; 

The swallow, through Thy kindly care, 
Has found where she may build her nest 

And brood her young in safety there; 
Thy altars as my rest I sing, 
Lord of Hosts, my Gkxi, my King. 

3 Blest they who in Thy house abide, 

They still to Thee shall render praise; 
Blest fiiey who in Thy strength confide, 

And in whose hearts are Zion's ways; 
Though passing through the vale of tears, 
Like springs of joy Thy grace appears. 

4 Advancing still from strength to strength. 

They onward go where saints have trod, 
Till every one appears at length 

In Zion's courts before his God; 
Jehovah, God of Hosts, give ear. 
Our fathers' God, in mercy hear. 


Days in the Sanctuary 

5 Upon us look, O God, our shield, 

The face of Thy anointed see; 

A thousand other days can 3rield 

No gladness like one day with Thee; 
Though only at Thy door I wait. 
No tents of sin give joy so great 

6 Jehovah, God our Shield and Sun, 
Will grace and glory surely give; 
No good will He withhold from one 

Who in His sight shall rightly live; 
O Lord of Hosts, most blest is he 
Who puts his steadfast trust in Thee. 

230 Assurance of Blessing 

PSALM 85 L. M. Rockingham Old Arranged by Edward Miller 

^ I f / ^ 1 ^^ ^If j l 

I Lord,Thou hast greatly blessed our land, Thou hast brought back our cap-tive band, 

m;\i i\i J i pi^LWj i j ^ i j.^.7Jji^. i e 

Thy paidoning grace has made us free And covered our in- iq 



nfff i FiNp Fi 


ui -ty. 

2 O Thou, Who in a former day 
Didst turn Thy dreadful wrath away, 
In grace Thy people, Lord, return, 
And let Thy wrath no longer bum. 

3 O will Thy anger never cease. 
Forever shall Thy wrath increase ? 
Revive and quicken us once more, 
And Thy salvation's joy restore, 

4 To us Thy mercy now afford 
And show us Thy salvation, Lord; 
Yea, Thou wilt answer us in peace, 
If from our folly we will cease. 

5 The Lord's salvation will appear 
To men of faith and godly fear. 
And glory in our land shall dwell [well. 
When we shall heed God's precepts 

6 Now truth agrees with mercy mild, 
Now law and peace are reconciled; 
Behold the truth from earth arise. 
With justice shining from the skies. 

7 The Lord will send His blessing down. 
And harvests all our land shall crown; 
Before Him righteousness abides, 
And in His steps our feet He guides. 



Encouragement in Prayer ' 

PSALM 85 L. P. M. 


William B. Bradbury 

a»V f ' f-i 


I Lord,Thou hast fa- vor shown Thy land, Restored a - gain Thy cap-tive band; 


J I ^' t T 



:if f f l pfl" [\h 


^ UMU 


Thy peo-ple's sins Thou par-doned hast, And all their guilt hast cov-ered o*er, 







'\\ i ^ I p^ p fVi-p-i 









Removed from them Thy an-ger sore, All Thy fierce wrath be-hind Thee cast. 

:T r T 




:i^ nff 



2 In grace Thy people, Lord, return, 
Nor longer let Thy anger bum; 

Wilt Thou forever angry be? 
Through ages shall Thy wrath survive? 
Wilt Thou not us again revive. 

That so we may rejoice in Thee? 

3 Lord, to us Thy mercy show, 
And Thy salvation now bestow; 

We wait to hear what God will say; 
Peace to His people He will speak, 
And to His saints, but let them seek 

No more in folly's path to stray. 



Expectancy of Grace 

PSALM 85 L. P. M. 


John B. Dykes 

J H^if'V^ i JiJ ^ 

I O Lord, to us Thy mer - cy show, And Thy sal-va -tion now be -stow; 

^^f i f'5rr i f^^^' 

We wait to hear what God will say ; Peace to His peo - pie He will speak, 

Hif:^ fif ff i f II If n \ f \n 

ro^' i ifN i i ^^ 


And to His saints,but let them seek No more in fol - ly's path to stray. 

^-Mrg i 'f i fE^ifiF iffiii ii II 

2 His saving help is surely near 

To those His holy Name that fear; 

Thus glory dwells in all our land. 
Now heaveidy truth unites with grace, 
And righteousness and peace embrace, 

In full accord they ever stand. 

3 Truth springing forth the earth shall crown, 
And righteousness from heaven look down, 

And God on us His goodness shed; 
Our land shall then with plenty flow, 
Before Him righteousness shall go, 

And cause us in His steps to tiead. 




Confident Pleading 

PSALM 86 L. M. 




VnUiam B. Bradbury 



[H j^ i 



* -g- ' -g- 


I Bow down Thy ear, 



O Lord, and hear, For I am poor and great my 

m r i ff 








need ; Pre 

- serve 






Thee I 







God,Thytnist-ing serv-ant heed, O God, Thy trust- ing serv-ant heed. 

N^FfFf M^^ 



2 O Lord, be merciful to me, 

For sdl the day to Thee I cry; 
Rejoice Thy servant, for to Thee 
I lift my soiil, O Lord Most High. 

3 For Thou, Lord, art good and kind, 

And reaidy to forgive Thou art; 
Abimdant mercy they shall find 
Who call on Thee with all their heart 

4 O Lord, incline Thy ear to me. 

My voice of supplication heed; 
In trouble I will cry to Thee, 
For Thou wilt answer when I plead. 

5 There is no God but Thee alone, 

Nor works like Thine, O Lord Most High; 
All nations shall surround Thy throne 
And their Creator glorify. 

6 In all Thy deeds how great Thou arti 

Thou one true God, Thy way make dear; 
Teach me with undivided heart 
To trust Thy truth. Thy Name to fear. 




Devout Prayers and Pleas 

PSALM 86 L. M. 


John B. Dykes 

I O Lord, my God, my joy - ful heart Will give Thee praise for ev - er-more, 

For rich in grace to me Thou art. My soul from death Thou didst re -store. 

2 O God, the proud against me rise, 
The wicked who delight in strife; 
They set not Thee before their eyes, 
TTiey seek to take away my life. 

3 In Thee, Lord, all grace is foimd, 
Thy people shall Thy mercy know; 
Thy truth and goodness still aboimd, 
To wrath and anger Thou art slow. 

[Stanaa jr*"! 

4 In mercy turn and look on me. 

Thy servant true. Thy chosen one; 
Let me Thy great salvation see. 
And strengthen me my course to run. 

5 Some token of Thy love bestow, [see; 

Which they who hate me now may 
Let all, O Lord, be brought to know 
That Thou dost help and comfort 



Altered from Georg Joseph 

I O Lord, my God, my joy - ful heart Will give Thee praise for ev - er-more, 

:^ W f Mr f I f 

For rich in grace to me Thou art, My soul from death Thou didst re -store. 


235 Confiding Prayer 

PSALM 86 6s ud 4s Mason WUliam F. Shenrin 


ii,H J J 







i j j j i l: i iJ 


I Lord, my pe - ti - tion heed, Now help me 

<5> i F r-F-= F P^ — ■— fi M #- 


F' P F i r f 


my need, 


My Sav-iour oe : I am Thy sery - ant Lord, My trust is 






am Thy sery - ant, Lord, My trust is 





I JA^ j; J j I J_ ai 



in Thy wotd, Mer - cy to me af - ford, I 

; p; I ^ j j ua 

cry to T 





^^f i F f f 


2 Comfort Thy servant now, 
While at Thy throne I bow, 

For Thou art love. 
Thy pardoning grace is free; 
Sinners who call on Thee 
Thy tender mercy see, 
O God above. 

236 Desires 

PSALM 86 68 and 40 

3 Lord, hear me while I pray, 
While now in trouble's day 

I seek Thy face. 
To answer, Lord, is Thine; 
Thou only art divine, 
Most bright Thy glories shine, 
God of grace. 

and Aspirations 


William H. Doane 

I By an whom Thou hast made Be praise and woxship paid Throueh earth abroad;Thy Name be 

glo - ri -fied, There b none great be-side, Match-less Thy works abide, For Thou art God. 

By penniMioii c€ W. H. DoAiia 



Desires and Aspirations 

2 Hdp me Thy will to do, 
Thy truth I will pursue, 

Teach me to fear; 
Give me the single eye 
Thy Name to glorify, 
O Lord, my God Most High, 

With heart sincere. 

3 How great Thy love appears 
That bade death's gloomy fears 

No more dismay; 
O God, to anger slow, 
Save me from every foe, 
Thy loving-kindness show. 

Thy truth display. 

4 Show me Thy mercy true, 
Thy servant's strength renew, 

Deliverance send; 
To me Thy goodness show. 
Thy comfort. Lord, bestow; 
Let those that hate me know 

Thou art my friend. 

The Church of God 

ZiON Thomas Hastings 


I Zi - on^ound-ed on the inountains,God, thy Mak-er, loves thee well; He has 


PSALM 87 8«, 7*, 4 

litfl fs fart 

i^i i (-J' l j J i 

i I J I i\ j' l j p I 

cho - sen thee,most precious, He de-lights in thee to dwell ; God's own cit - y, 

Who can all thy glo - ry tell? God*s own cit - y, Who can all thy glo - ry tell? 

2 Heathen lands and hostile peoples 3 When the Lord shall coimt the nations, 

Soon shall come the Lord to know; Sons and daughters He shall see. 

Nations bom again in Zion Bom to endless life in Zion, 

Shall the Lord's salvation show; And their joyful song shall be^ 

God Almighty " Blessed Zion, 

Shall on Zion strength bestow. All our fountains are in thee." 


238 The Church Universal 

PSALM 87 88, 7s, 4 Regent Square 

Henry Smart 

I Zi - on, found- ed on the moun-tains, God, thy Mak -er, loves thee well; 

hiff f ri^'JHif F f f i f [ 



jj^^ i l ^ m ^ ^ 


He has cho - sen thee, most pre - cious, He de - lights in thee to dwell ; 

k^ff jjiF Mti^'f. i , i f [[ I 

tfJ:'N ,j i |,. Jj nf I J X U" 

God*s own cit - y, God*s own cit - y. Who can all thy glo - ry tell ? 


'■ rf nfp fif f fff i f [ 


2 Heathen lands and hostile peoples 

Soon shall come the Lord to know; 
Nations bom again in Zion 
Shall the Lord's salvation show; 

God Almighty 
Shall on Zion strength bestow. 

3 When the Lord shall count the nationSi 

Sons and daughters He shall see, 
Bom to endless life in Zion, 
And their joyful song shall be, 

"Blessed Zion, 
All our fountains are in thee." 



FSALM 87 7t 

The Church of Christ 

Guernsey WUfiam O. PerkinB 

muij j pjjU: ^ 

I Zi • on, on the ho • ly hills, God, thy Mak-er, loves thee well; 

, g > . r ^ ,M — > — > — M,J. 

Kw^.'jif [f F i p: i ^-J f U'n I 

''''U i j J i^Jj i jiJ J i JiU i j i 

All thy courts His pres - ence fills, He de - lights in thee to dwelL 

m.u\} F \pl'l \ f f vr 


rHif r r Pr^^ ^ i ' '^ T'^- ' 

Won-drous shall thy glo - ry be, Gt - y blest of God, the Lord; 

n^rurrr PfilhJJ : \ r i 

I ff/i-' f: J I j i plU\U \ i J J: ilhW 

Na-tions shall be bom in thee, Un - to life from death re - stored. 

-Mf f f f r i rtH^^ifHi 

2 When the Lord the names shall write 

Of thy sons, a countless throng, 
God Most High will thee requite, 

He Himself will make thee strong. 
Then in song and joyful mirth 

Shall thy ransomed sons agree, 
Singing forth throughout the earth, 

"All my fountains are in thee.' 



240 An Outpouring of Sorrow 

PSALM 88 88 and 7s Irving W. Irving Hartshorn 

I Lord, the God of my sal - va - tion. Day and night I cry to Thee ; 

J^ij ^1^;. 

Let my prayer now find ac • cept- ance, In Thy mer - cy an - swer me. 

Full of trou - bles and af • flic - tion, Nigh to death my soul is brought, 

Help-less, like one cast for - ev - er From Thy care and from Thy thought. 

0, ,P-f .r- r.r-p, S^. 

Copyright owned by Darld C. Cook Pub. Co. Used by per. 

2 Thou hast brought me down to dark- 3 


'Neath Thy wrath I am oppressed; 

All the billows of af&iction 

Overwhelm my soul distressed. 

Thou hast made my friends despise me, 

And companionless I go, 

Bound, and helpless in my bondage, 

Pining in my bitter woe. 


Unto Thee with hands uplifted 

Daily I direct my cry; 
Hear, O Lord, my supplication, 

Hear and save me e'er I die. 
Wilt Thou wait to show Thy wonders 

And Thy mercy to the dead? 
Let me live to tell Thy praises, 

By Thy loving-kindQess led. 

An Outpouring of Sorrow 

4 Still, O Lord, renewed each morning 

Unto Thee my prayer shall be; 
Cast me not away forever, 

Let me now Thy favor see. 
All my life is spent in sorrow. 

Grief and terror always nigh, 
Waves of wrath have surged about me; 

Show Thy mercy e'er I die. 

5 Friend and lover are departed, 

Dark and lonely is my way; 
Lord, be Thou my friend and helper, 

Still to Thee, O Lord, I pray. 
Lord, the God of my salvation, 

Day and night I cry to Thee; 
Let my prayer now find acceptance, . 

Li Thy mercy answer me. 

241 The Mercies and Faithfulness of God 

PSALM 89 L. M. Maryton H. Percy Smith 

I My song for - ev - er shall re - cord The ten-der mer - cies of the Lord ; 

WPFf i F } \ Uf ^^ 




Thy faith-ful-ness ¥dll I pro -claim, And ev- ery age shall know Thy Name. 

rJ jtr^ ■ ^ ii g »-H2 p , J 

2 I sing of mercies that endiure, 
Forever builded firm and sure, 
Of faithfulness that never dies, 
Established changeless in the skies. 

3 Behold God's truth and grace dis- 

For He has faithfid covenant made, 
And He has sworn that David's son 
Shall ever sit upon his throne. 

4 The heavens shall join in glad accord 
To praise Thy wondrous works,0 Lord; 
Thy faithfulness shall praise conmiand 
Where holy ones assembled stand. 

5 Who in the heavenly dwellings fair 
Can with the Lord Himself compare ? 
Or who among the mighty shares 
The likeness that Jehovah bears ? 

6 With fear and reverence at His feet 
God's holy ones in council meet; 
Yea, more than all about His tJirone 
Must He be feared, and He alone. 

7 O Thou Jehovah, God of Hosts, 
What mighty one Thy likeness boasts? 
In all Thy works and vast designs 
Thy faithSfidness forever shines. 

8 The swelling sea obeys Thy will, 
Its angry waves Thy voice can still; 
Thy mighty enemies are slain. 
Thy foes resist Thy power in vain. 

9 The heavens and earth, by right 

The world and all therein, are Thine; 
The whole creation's wondrous frame 
Proclaims its Maker's glorious Name, 



God the Source of Joy 

PSALM 89 L. M. 


Heniy Basfoxd 

I Al-might-y God,Thyloft - y throne Has ju»-tice for its cor -ner- stone, 

»^' w'F f f F' f I F ^ 

I IAj jjj Ji^^J4.W-^-^4r^ 

And shin-ing bright be • fore Thy face Are truth and love and boundless grace. 

I j''i"ii 11,^,^1 \n\fli\r^\\ 

By pennisslon of C. W. Thompaon And Co. [ Stanas 10-13 ] 

2 With blessing is the nation crowned 3 Thy Name with gladness they confess, 

Whose people know the joyful sound; Exalted in Thy righteousness; 

They in the light, O Lord, shall live. Their fame and might to Thee belong, 

The light Thy face and favor give. For in Thy favor they are strong. 

4 All glory unto God we yield, 
Jehovah is our help and shield; 
All praise and honor we will bring 
To Israel's Holy One, our King. 


Covenant Faithfulness 

PSALM 89 L. M. 


William Tans'ur 







111 ' gi 



I In vi - sion to His saints God spake : From out the peo - pie 








one I take, A might -y lead - er, true and brave, Or-dained, ex - 








Covenant Faithfulness 

tf>'»i-j^j i j^iij i j i ;^^j i ^^/'j i ji i ji i 

alt - ed, strong to save, Or - dained,ex - alt - ed, strong to save. 

■J — res» — M--0 — i '^ d M I , :^J: 

\*^s r f I ,- f IP I f I F 



2 My chosen servant I appoint, 
With holy oil his head anoint; 

My hand with him shall still remain, 
My arm hisstrengthshall well sustain. 

3 No enemy shall him affright, 
His adversaries I will smite, 

My faithfidness to him will prove, 
And nevermore My grace remove. 

4 Yea, he shall triimiph in My Name, 
And great shaU be his power and 

From sea to sea his mighty hand 
Shall hold dominion o'er the land. 

5 Thou art my Father, he shall cry. 
My God, my rock of refuge high; 
My firstborn son shall he be owned, 
Above the kings of earth enthroned. 

6 For him My mercy shall endure. 
My covenant made with him is siure, 
His throne and race I will maintain 
Forever, while the heavens remain. 

7 Should sons of his my laws forsake. 
My just commands aiid statutes 


Then, though My rod their sins re- 

My mercy I will not remove. 

8 Though they be chastened sore and 

My faithfulness shall yet abide; 
My plighted word I will not break. 
Nor change the promise that I spake. 

[Stanias 14-28] 

9 My oath is steadfast, ever sure. 
My servant's race shall still endure; 
His throne forever firm shall stay 
When sun and moon have passed 

10 On Thy anointed wrath is poured 
As if Thy covenant were abhorred; 
Thou hast profaned his kingly crown. 
His matchless strength is broken 


1 1 He is reproached and spoiled of all. 
His enemies upon him fall; 

His beauty is consumed away. 
Forgotten is his kingly sway. 

13 Cut off in youth, his sacred name 
• Is covered now with deepest shame; 
How long,0 Lord, shall wrath abide? 
Thy face forever wilt Thou hide? 

13 Think on my life; O Lord, take 

Hast Thou created man for nought? 
What man that lives has power to 

save [grave? 

His soul from death, and from the 

14 Where are Thy mercies which of old 
Were in Thy promises foretold? 
Remember, Lord, the bitter shame 
Heaped on Thy own anointed's 


15 Blest be the Lord for evermore,[yore. 
Whose promise stands from days of 
His word is faithful now as then; 
Blest be His Name. Amen, Amen. 



The Cry of the Mortal 

PSALM 90 88 and 78 

Armstrong Arranged from Brinley Richards 

JiJ J i 'j: jii^ Ji^ i 

I Lord, through all the gen - er - a - tions Of the chil-dren of our race, 

T g I gi- 


In our fears and trib - u - la 
D^. Or the mountains held their sta 

tions, Thou hast been our dwell-ing place. 
tion^ Thou art Cod e - ter- nal - iy. 

,_ f M f'- 


^: J J: JlJ :J I 




E'er the vast and wide ere - a 

tion By Thy word was caused to be. . . 




2 Each succeeding generation 

At Thy mighty word appears; 
Thou dost count in time's duration 

One day as a thousand years. 
Death, with swift and sudden warning, 

Calls us from life's dream away, 
Like the grass, green in the morning, 

Withered e'er the close of day. 

3 In Thy wrath our spirits languish. 

Sinful 'neath Thy searching eye; 
All our days are passed in anguish, 

In Thy wrath we pine and die. 
Threescore years and ten we tarry. 

Fourscore years the strong may 
Long the load of grief to carry. 

Till at last we fly away. 

4 Who can weigh Thy just displeasure, 

Who can fear Thee as he ought? 
Teach us now our days to measure 

And to wisdom turn our thought. 
Lord, return, regard our sadness. 

With Thy servants now abide; 
Fill our days with joy and gladness, 

With Thy mercy satisfied. 

5 Long the clouds of evil lower; 

Bless us now with gladsome days; 
Let Thy servants see Thy power, 

Let their children learn Thy praise. 
On us let the grace and beauty 

Of the Lord our God remain, 
Strengthen us for noble duty 

That our work be not in vain. 


245 The Lord Our Dwelling-Place 

PSALM 90 L. M. St. Catherine Arranged by J. G. Walton 

\ m ii ^\ ti i \ hi \ ^ 





I Lord,Thou hast been our dwell-ing-place Through all the a - ges of our race; 

f i p i f f f i r, f i f [ 1 ^ 

ifH j ji^Jj i f ^jj 



Be - fore the moun-tains had their birth, Or ev - er Thou hadst formed the earth, 

From ev - er - last - log Thou art God, To ev - er - last - ing our a -bode. 

\>\\> f f f 

2 At Thy command man fades and dies 
And newborn generations rise; 
A thousand years are passed away, 
And all to Thee are but a day; 
Yea, like the watches of the night. 
With Thee the ages wing their flight. 

3 Man soon yields up his fleeting breath 
Before the swelling tide of death; 
like transient sleep his seasons pass, 
His life is like the tender grass, 
Luxuriant 'neath the morning sun. 
And withered e'er the day is done. 

4 Man in Thy anger is consumed. 
And unto grief and sorrow doomed; 
Before Thy clear and searching sight 
Our secret sins are brought to light; 

Beneath Thy vrrath we pine and die, 
Our life expiring like a sigh. 

5 For threescore years and ten we wait, 
Or fourscore years if strength be 

But grief and toil attend life's day. 
And soon our spirits fly away; 
O who with true and reverent 

Can fear Thy anger as he ought? 


246 A Pilgrim's Prayers 

PSALM 90 L. M. Sands WUliam J. Kirkpatrick 

jMimi. u-m 


I O teach Thou us to count our days And set our hearts on wis<lom*s ways ; 


Tum,Lord,to us, in ourdis-tress, In pit - y now Thy servants bless; Let mercy's 

P''i.,n'i\i:iill \ tim 

dawn dis-pel our night, And all our day with joy be bright,And all our day with joy be bright. 

' i nf i nff i p i 

Copyrig:ht, 190 1, by Wm. J. Kirkpatrick. Used by per. 

2 O send the day of joy and light, 
For long has been our sorrow's night; 
AflKcted through the weary years, 
We wait until Thy help appears; 
With us and with our sons abide, 
in us let God be glorified. 


3 So let there be on us bestowed 
ITie beauty of the Lord our God; 
The work accomplished by our hand 
Establish Thou, and make it stand; 
Yea, let our hopefid labor be 
Established evermore by Thee. 


God Our Help and Hope 

PSALM 90 C. M. 


John B. Herbert 

| {f,iJ | J' n JN: Ji l j3 l ; J i ^ 




I O God, our help in a - ges past, Our hope for years to come, 


Copyright, 189Q. by Ualted Presbyterian Board of Publication 

toard of PuhllAHAA ' I I I I 



God Our Help and Hope 

tf^ i j: Jj JUiJii i J i M 


Our shel - ter from the storm - y blast, And our e - ter • nal home. 

Kf i f'M fiHnf i f f f: tr ii 

[Selected Stanzas] 


2 Under the shadow of Thy throne 

Thy saints have dwelt secure; 
Sufficient is Thine arm alone, 
And our defense is sure. 

3 Before the hills in order stood, 

Or earth received her frame, 
From everlasting Thou art God, 
To endless years the same. 

4 A thousand ages in Thy sight 

Are like an evening gone, 
Short as the watch that ends the night 
Before the rising sim. 

5 Time, like an ever-rolling stream. 

Bears all its sons away; 
They fly forgotten, as a dream 
Dies at the opening day. 

6 O God, our help in ages past. 

Our hope for years to come, 
Be Thou our guard while troubles last, 
And our eternal home. 


ihi \ i j i j jirrr^i-m 

Scotch Psalter 

I O God, our help in a - ges past, Our hope for years to come, 

^ 1 r-P ^ I T ■ ^ I f m I P r^ 1 

^ f4 ,' ■ [ r\\\}\\ \ \ \ f i f I 

<fi>n i l J i j J i jij i ^ ^ 


* * j^ 


Our shel - ter from the storm - y blast, And our e - ter - nal home. 

K'i,Mf [ I f f i f fifirif fif [If I I 



Overshadowing Protection 

PSALM 91 L. M. 


WUliam B. Bradbuiy 

I The man who once has found a - bode With • in the se > cret place of God 






" M =^ 

Shall with Al-might - y God a - bide, And in His shad - ow safe - ly hide. 

2 I of the Lord my God will say, 
He is my refuge and my stay; 
To Him for safety I will flee, 

In Him my constant trust shall be. 

3 The Lord with His protecting care 
Shall keep thee from the hidden snare; 
When fearful plagues aroimd prevail 
Thy life the scourge shall not assail. 

4 Thou shalt beneath His wings abide, 
And safe within His care confide; 
His faithfulness shall ever be 

A sure protection imto thee. 

5 No nightly terrors shall alarm, 

No deadly shaft by day shall harm. 
Nor pestilence that walks by night, 
Nor plagues that waste in noonday light. 

6 At thy right hand, though thousands die, 
No harm shall unto thee come nigh; 
But thou secure, unharmed, shalt see 
What wicked men's reward shall be. 



The Reward of Perfect Trust 

PSALM 91 L. M. 


J. Christopher Maiks 

^>U J^JI/"^^ I J . 

.UJjHi^^^J i Hj l ' 1 

I Because thy trust is God a-lone, Thy ref-uge is the High-est One, 

I T" — P I ( g jt a I g # ! < g ' ■ P ^ — M I ^ a P — F— I f I g 1" 

No e - vil shall up - on theecome,Norplagueap-proachthy guard-ed home. 


Copyright, 19x9, t>]r United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Angelic guards at His commands 
Will bear thee safely in their hands, 
Will keep thee, lest, if left alone, 
Thou dash thy foot against a stone. 

3 Though fierce and treacherous foes assail, 
Their power and wrath shall not prevail; 
Their cruel strength, their venomed spite. 
Thou shalt overcome with conquering might. 

4 Because on Me he set his love, 

I will his constant Saviour prove. 
And since to him My Name is known, 
I will exalt him as My own. 

5 As of t as he shall call on Me, 
Most gracious shall My answer be; 
I will be with him in distress, 
And in his trouble I will bless. 

6 Complete deliverance I will give. 
And honor him while he shall live; 
Abundant life I will bestow, 

To him My full salvation show. 


[ Stanzas 7^1 a ] 

250 The Duty of Praise 

PSALM 92 L. M. Christine Ernest R. Kroeger 

jM f^ l Ji i i J 

1^ I J j 3 i|j N i|j ^ I 

I How good it is to thank the Lord, And praise to Thee,Most High, accord, 











t I 'P' t f f i F f y I 


To show Thy love with mom-ing light. And tell Thy faith-ful - ness each night; 

jAjlif f J JH J JUU \f^li^^ ^ 

Yea, good it is Thy praise to sing, And all our sweet-est mu - sic bring. 


t , tr t 

f i f tf.f 





Copsrriflrht, 1901. by United Presbyterian Board of Publlc«tioii 

2 O Lord, with joy my heart expands 
Before the wonders of Thy hands; 
Great works, Jehovah, Thou hast 

Exceeding deep Thy every thought; 
A foolish man knows not their 

Nor he whose mmd is of the earth. 

3 When as the grass the wicked grow, 
When sinners flourish here below, 
Then is there endless ruin nigh, [high; 
But Thou, O Lord, art throned on 

Thy foes shall fall before Thy might. 
The wicked shall be put to flight. 

4 Thou, Lord, hast high exalted me 
With royal strength and dignity; 
With Thy anomting I am blest, 
Thy grace and favor on me rest; 
I thus exult o'er all my foes, 
O'er all that would my cause op- 

The righteous man shall flourish well. 
And in the house of God shall dwell; 
He shall be like a goodly tree. 
And all his life shall fruitful be; 
For righteous is the Lord and just. 
He is my Rock, in Him I trust. 



Joyful Worship 

PSALM 92 8t and 78 


Arranged from Mozart 

| /i,lj.j'j j i j; ^a ii-j. H j i j:j u_j 

I It is good to sing Thy prais-es And to thank Thee, O Most High, 

n^^AAj-^=it4 . ^ \ \ m f 1 ^^ 

^:^i l ^^fff^^^fl^ 


Show -ing forth Thy lov - ing - kind-ness When the mom-ing lights the sky. 

kiUi \ r-}"'\ \ frf ^rt- 

mi.n j i j:i/u i-i:n i\ U ij 

It is good when night is fall - ing Of Thy faith - ful - ness to tell, 

N n-t^-1 ^^ 



mnijti^i^ .^Ji i n 

While with sweet,mel - o - dious prais-es Songs of a - do - ra - tion swell. 

2 Thou hast filled my heart with glad- 
ness [wrought; 
Through the works Thy hands have 
Thou hast made my life victorious, 
Great Thy works and deep Thy 
Thou, O Lord, on high exalted, 
Reignest evermore in might; 
All Thy enemies shall perish^ 
Sin be banished from Thy sight. 

[Selected Stanzas 

But the good shall live before Thee, 

Planted in Thy dwelling-place. 
Fruitful trees and ever verdant, 

Nourished by Thy boundless grace 
In His goodness to the righteous 

God His righteousness displa3rs; 
God my rock, my strength and refuge 

Just and true are all His ways. 


252 The Divine Rule and Power 

PSALM 93 S. M. Rialto G«oige F. Root 










I Je • ho - vah sits 


en - throned In maj 

12 iSiL J J_ 





- ty most bright, 





J J JliU 





par - eled in om - nip 

o - tence, And gird - ed 



round with might. 



2 The world established stands 

On its foundations broad; 
His throne is fixed, He reigns supreme, 
The everlasting God. 

3 The floods have lifted up 

Their voice in majesty, 

But mighty is the Lord our God 
Above the raging sea. 

4 Thy testimonies, Lord, 
In faithfulness excel, 
And holy must Thy servants be 
Who in Thy temple dwell. 


God the Righteous Judge 

PSALM 94 L. M. 


James Malley 








y- ~g — I 

I O Lord,Thou Judge of all the earth, To Whom all vengeance doth be - long, 

A - rise and show Thy glo - ry . . forth, Re - quite the proud, con-demn the wrong. 





2 How long, O Lord, in boastful pride 
ShaU wicked men triumphant stand? 
How long shall they afflict Thy saints 
And devastate Thy chosen land? 



God the Righteous Judge 

3 The widow and the fatherless 

They slay, and helpless strangers smite; 
The faithful God they do not fear, 
They say the Lord will not requite. 

4 Be wise, ye fools and brutish men; 

Shall not He see Who formed the eye? 
Shall not He hear Who formed the ear, 
And judge, Who reigneth, God Most High? 

5 The Lord will judge in righteousness. 

From Him all truth and knowledge flow; 
The foolish thoughts of wicked men, 
How vain they are the Lord doth know. 

6 That man is blest whom Thou, O Lord, 

With chastening hand dost teach Thy will, 
For in the day when sinners fall 
That man in peace abideth still. 

7 The Lord will not cast off His own, 

Nor His inheritance forsake; 
Just judgment shall at length prevail. 
And upright hearts- shall courage take. 

8 Who will arise for my defense 

Against the wicked in the land? 
Against iniquity and wrong 
What man for me will valiant stand? 

9 Unless the Lord had been my help. 

My life had quickly passed away; 

But when my foot had almost slipped, 

O Lord, Thy mercy was my stay. 

10 Amid the doubts that fill my mind 

Thy comforts, Lord, bring joy to me; 

Can wickedness, though throned in might, 

Have fellowship, O Lord, with Thee? 

11 The wicked, in their might arrayed. 

Against the righteous join their power, 
But to the Lord I flee for help. 
He is my refuge and my tower. 

12 Our God, the refuge of His saints. 

Will fight against iniquity; 
Avenger of the innocent 
The Lord omnipotent will be. 


254 An Invitation to Worship 

PSALM 95 L. M. Salome WUliam B. Bradbuzy 

I O come be-fore the Lord,our King, 

# r^-# 

And in His'presence let us sing ; 

Let us in glad and joy - ful lays The Rock of our sal - va - tion praise ; 

%i M r f 


U— U 


1/ 1^ 






- fore . . . 


come . 

< 3 I 



with thank 

tm^ — r 


^^^ ff ff g ' g ^ ^ 




In joy > ful psalms 

; ; J^ ^J 

MJU il ^ 





praise pro - long. 




2 Almighty power the Lord maintains, 
Exalted over all He reigns; 

He holds the valleys in His hand, 
He makes the mighty mountains 

To Him belong both land and sea, 
Creator of the world is He. 

3 O come and let us worship now, 
Before our Maker let us bow; 

We are His sheep and He our God, 
He feeds our souls in pastures broad; 
He safely leads us in the way; 
O come and heed His voice to-day. 

4 Take heed and harden not your heart 
As did your fathers, nor depart 
From God to follow in their ways; 
For with complaints instead of praise, 
With doubt instead of faith confessed, 
They put His mercy to the test. 

5 Take heed that ye provoke Him not 
As did your fathers, who forgot, 
With erring heart, God's holy ways 
And grieved Him all their sinful days; 
To whom in wrath Jehovah sware. 
My promised rest they shall not share. 


255 Adoration and Submission 

PSALM 95 88 and 78 Love Divine John Zundel 

j/ U j J jlJ (I j ^ 

nn \ i 

1 Now with joy - ful ex - ul 

ta - tion 



\> ! I 

< I I 

To the Rock of 




sal - va - tion 


F » » 

Thank-fui trib - ute glad - ly bring - ing, 

->v' jfff i FrH 

And, with psalms His prais-es sing - ing, 

'^'»" F f F f i | 





Let us sing Je - ho - vah^s praise, 



Loud ho - san - nas let us raise ; 

' ' 1 t C i =^ 



us come be - fore Him now, 




44-U J I j J J j i 

Joy - ful in His pres - ence bow. 




2 For, how great a God, and glorious, 

Is Jehovah Whom we sing; 
Over idol-gods victorious, 

Great is He, our God and King. 
In His hand are earth's deep places. 

His the strength of all the hills. 
His the sea whose bounds He traces. 

His the land His bounty fills. 

3 To the Lord, such might revealing. 

Let us come with reverence meet. 
And, before our Maker kneeling, 
Let us worship at His feet. 

He is our own God and leads us, 
We the people of His care; 

With a shepherd's hand He feeds us 
As His flock in pastures fair. 

While He proffers peace and pardon 

Let us hear His voice to-day. 
Lest, if we our hearts should harden. 

We should perish in the way; 
Lest to us, so unbelieving, 

He in judgment shall declare: 
Ye, so long My Spirit grieving. 

Never in My rest can share. 


256 Worship and Its Motives 

PSALM 95 C. M. Chopin Isaac B. Woodbury 

m^i i \ ,\ :i n \ ^i \ \i]r'^^^ 

I O come and to Je - ho-vahsing, To Him our voic - es raise; 

. I r r t \ ^m ^ 

IV J J i 








Let us 

in our most joy - ful songs Tlie Lord our 







?L-it t T 







Sav - iour praise, The Lord 

our Sav 

lOur praise. 


t t J 








2 Before His presence let us come 

With praise and thankful voice; 
Let us sing psahns to Him with grace, 
With grateful hearts rejoice. 

3 Jehovah is a mighty King, 

Above all gods His throne; 
The depths of earth are in His hand, 
The mountains are His own. 

[ Selected Stanxaa] 

4 To Him the spacious sea belongs, 

He made its waves and tides; 
And by His hand the rising land 
Was formed, and still abides. 

5 O come, and bowing down to Him 

Our worship let us bring; 
Yea, let us kneel before the Lord, 
Our Maker and our King. 


The Evangel of the Kingdom 

PSALM 96 C. M. 

St. Leonard 

Henry Hiles 



, Sing all the earth to 

I O sing a new song to the Lord 




earth to God ; 

a^a -f-rf f f *f ff ^^ 




The Evangel of the Kingdom 

rf N i J J ] J i J: n m 

In dai - ly prais - es bless His Name 



t f r t i f 



'liriftrrir i 




i J l j. Ji^ ^ l i- 


j j j I j ^ 

And tell His grace a- broad. 

f ' 4- * — *- 

A - mong the na - tions far and wide 


His glo - ry eel • e-brate; 

N^l^ \ \ F i F4-J 

' i fi^ P 

g f ,^ J J 


i rf,* jin f» j i tU-J 


J* f^ -^ 



To all the peo-ples of the earth 


k|j [ f f f 


won-drous works re - late. 

'\hn f f 



2 The Lord is great above all gods, 

Let glad hosannas rise; 
The heathen gods are idols vain; 

Jehovah made the skies. 
Great honor is before His face, 

And majesty divine; 
Within His holy dwelling-place 

Both strength and beauty shine. 

3 Let all the peoples of the earth 

Give glory to the Lord, 
Give Him the glory due His Name 

And strength to Him accord; 
With offerings come ye to His courts, 

Li holy beauty bow. 
Let all the earth with reverence come 

And serve Jehovah now. 

4 To all the nations of the earth 

The blessed tidings bring; 
Tell all the world Jehovah reigns. 

The universal Kmg. 
The world shall therefore stand un- 

Established by His might; 
And just is He to judge the wrong 

And vindicate the nght. 

5 Let heaven and earth and sounding sea 

To Him glad tribute bring; 
Let field and wood and all therein 

Before Jehovah sing; 
For, lo. He comes to judge the earth, 

And all the world ^11 see 
His everlasting faithfulness. 

His truth and equity. 



The Message of Redemption 

PSALM 96 L. M. 


Charles H. Gabriel 


I O sing a new song to the Lord|Sing all the earth and bless His Name ; 



i pf i pfff i ri; ! ^ ^ 

i^J i i^' J i j j N 

From day to day His praise re-cord. The 



^ i i iJ^^J^ i ^ 

s re-deem-ing grace pro-claim. 

Copyilght, 191a, bf United Precbyterlan Board of Publicatloa 

2 Tell all the world His wondrous ways, 

Tell heathen nations far and near; 
Great b the Lord, and great His praise, 
And Him alone let nations fear. 

3 The heathen gods are idols vain; 

The shining heavens the Lord supports; 
Both light and honor lead His train, 
While strength and beauty fill His courts. 

4 Let every tongue and every tribe 

Give to the Lord due praise and sing; 
All glory unto Him ascribe, 
Come, throng His courts, and offerings bring. 

5 O fear and bow, adorned with grace. 

And tell each land that God is King; 
The earth He founded in its place. 
And justice to the world wJl bring. 

6 Let heaven be glad, let earth rejoice, 

The teeming sea resound with praise; 
Let waving fields lift high their voice. 
And all the trees their anthem raise. 

7 So let them shout before our God, 

For, lo. He comes. He comes with might. 
To wield the sceptre and the rod, 
To judge the world with truth and right. 


259 The Universal King 

PSALM 96 lis, I o, 9 Wesley 

Lowell Mason 


j J' J' 1 ^ j l\i J Hi j * i J ^ 

I Sing to the Lord, sing His praise, all ye peo - pies, New be your 

Mf llW I Fi^ 

ff-'A-j j i 





song as new hon - ors ye 






— 2?" 




of His maj - es - ty, 




gH^JlJ j. i :] f^fl-^j^ 

bless Him for - ev - er. Show His sal - va - tion from day 

to day 


2 Tell of His wondrous works, tell of His glory, 

Till through the nations His Name is revered; 
Praise and exalt Him, for He is almighty, 
God over all let the Lord be feared. 

3 Vain are the heathen gods, idols and helpless; 

God made the heavens, and His glory they tell; 
Honor and majesty shine out before Him, 
Beauty and strength in His temple dwell. 

4 Give unto God Most High glory and honor, 

Come with your offerings and humbly draw near; 
In holy beauty now worship Jehovah, 
Tremble before Him with godly fear. 

5 Make all the nations know God reigns forever; 

Earth is established as He did decree; 
Righteous and just is the King of the nations. 
Judging the people with equity. 

6 Let heaven and earth be glad; waves of the ocean. 

Forest and field, exultation express; 
For God is coming, the Judge of the nations, 
Coming to judge in His righteousness. 



PSALM 97 L. M. 

i^'ii i i 

Divine Sovereignty 

NOCTURN Frederick H. BuiBtall 

I Je -ho- vah reigns; let earth be glad And all the isles their 

With clouds and dark-ness He is clad, On truth and jus - tice rests His throne. 

E I r iM r i p r IF=fl 

2 Consuming fire destroys His foes, 

Around the world His lightnings 

The trembling earth His presence 

The mountains melt before His gaze. 

3 The heavens His righteousness pro- 

Through earth His glory shines 
From idol-worship turn with shame 
And bow before the living God. 

Thy Church rejoices to behold [Lord; 

Thy judgments in the earth, O 
Thy glory to the world unfold. 

Supreme o'er all be Thou adored. 

All ye that truly love the Lord, 
Hate sin, for He is just and pure; 

To saints His help He will accord 
And keep them in His love secure. 

For good men light and joy are sown 
To bless them in the harvest-time; 

Ye saints,your joy in God make known 
And ever praise His Name sublime. 



Thomas Turton 

I Je - ho - vah reigns; let earth be glad And all the isles their joy make known ; 

J . ^ . .J- /■> 

»%ftr r i uf 

With clouds and dark-ness He is clad, On truth and jus - tice rests His throne. 


k/ ji[ -rmfU 


261 The Victories of Jesus Christ 

PSALM 98 8t and jt Austrian Hymn Josef Haydn 


* .' i jipi i i J n i j /j'J I 

I Sing a new song to Je - ho - vah For the won-ders He hath wrought; 

k^f Fffif f f M^rrf i ff r 

in-A^ jijinj i J j ^ Jij /jJ I 

His right hand and arm most ho - ly Tri-umphto His cause have brought. 
^. f-; e E F r« F 1 r4 =1^ 

'gf f i f f f f I 


fii^W ^n^^a*' ^'"^-^ 

In His love and ten - der mer - cy He hath made sal - va - tion known, 

tf^H^ I' l f i,^, i ij f^^p i i/J ,iii 

In the sight of ev - ery na - tion He His right-eous-ness hath shown. 



rf T i f 

2 Truth and mercy toward His people 

He hath ever kept in mind. 
And His full and free salvation 

He hath shown to all mankind. 
Sing, O earth, sing to Jehovah, 

Praises to Jehovah sing; 
With the swelling notes of music 

Shout before the Lord, the ELing. 

3 Seas with all your fulness thunder. 

All earth's peoples now rejoice; 
Floods and hills in praise uniting 

To the Lord lift up your voice. 
For, behold, Jehovah cometh, 

Robed in justice and in might; 
He alone will judge the nations. 

And His judgment shall be right. 



A Salvation for the World 

PSALM 98 6s and 58 






I Un - to God our Sav - iour 

^^^ j j j j 


Sing a 




joy - ful song; 











Won - drous are His do 


For His arm is 

















He has wrought sal - va 




He has made it known. 















And be - fore the na - tions 

Is His jus - tice shown. 









f f f 



2 Joyful, all ye people, 

Sing before the Lord; 
Shout and sing His praises 

Now in glad accord; 
With the harp and trumpet 

Joyful praises bring; 
Come, rejoice before Him, 

Gody the Lord, your King. 

3 Waves of mighty ocean. 

Earth with fulness stored, 
Floods and fields and mountains, 

Sing before the Lord; 
For He comes with justice, 

Evil to redress. 
And to judge the nations 

In His righteousness. 




6s and 5s 

. The Glad Tidings 

St. Mary Magdalene 

John B. Dykes 






i f 7 




I Un - to God our Sav • iour 


joy • ful song; 

'/b<*> f f 





Wi ^ f 

L ; i ;' , J IJ J ^ 

Won - drous are His 




For His arm 









He has brought sal 



tion, He 

has made it known, 













f I- f^ 


And be - fore the 




Is His jus - tice shown. 


2 He remembers mercy, 

Faithful to His own, 
And our God's salvation 

All the earth has known. 
Joyful, all ye people. 

Sing before the Lord; 
Shout and sing His praises 

Now in glad accord. 




[ Selected SUnzas] 

3 Waves of mighty ocean. 

Earth with fulness stored, 
Floods and fields and mountains, 

Sing before the Lord; 
For He comes with justice, 

Evil to redress. 
And to judge the nations 

In His righteousness. 



Missionary Triumphs 

PSALM 98 L. M. 


Arranged from Mehul 

I Come, let us sing be -fore the Lord New songs of praise with sweet ac -cord, 


For won-ders great by Him are done, His might -y arm has vic-tory won. 



u:\f n\H^ 




2 The great salvation of our God 

Is seen through all the earth abroad; 
Before the nations' wondering sight 
He has revealed His truth and right. 

3 He caUed to mind the truth and grace 

Bestowed upon His chosen race, 
And unto eardi's remotest bound 
Glad tidings of salvation sound. 

4 All lands, to God lift up your voice, 

Sing praise to Him, with shouts rejoice; 
With voice of joy and loud acclaim 
Let all imite and praise His Name. 

5 Praise ye the Lord with harp and song. 

With voice of psalms His praise prolong; 
Li swelling chorus gladly sing 
And shout before the Lord the King. 

6 Let earth be glad, let ocean roar, 

And praises sound from shore to shore; 
Let flooids and hills with glad accord 
Show forth their joy before the Lord. 

7 For, lo, He comes; at His command 

Ail nations shall in judgment stand; 
In justice robed, and throned in light. 
The Lord shall judge, dispensing right. 


265 The Majesty and Holiness of God 

PSALM 99 C. M. Ellacohbk Gennan Melody 

\y iiii'^',i 'i^yi 

I Je - ho - vah reigns in maj • es - ty ; Let all the na-tions quake. 

k'^i^ i9fi f i r f-MtiF ; p f 



a • 



J J u. I 


He dwells be - tween the cher - u - bim ; Let earth's f oun - da - tions shake. 

%^h( n^ [\f f f\\\M 


I f jl i l i' I iNr^^iji i -l ^ ^ J 



Su-preme in Zi - on is the Lord, Ex - alt • ed glo - rious - ly ; 

v ^ 1 ^ ^ ^ p I f ^ M ^ 1^ ^ ^ f I r I 




ni J J 



Ye na - 





^I b J I 



tions,praise His name with awe, The 

Ho - ly One is He. 


nnp r ffirii 


3 When priests and prophets called on 

He their petitions heard; [God, 

His cloudy pillar led them on, 

And they obeyed His word. 
Though sending judgments for their 

He pardoned graciously; [sins. 

Exalt the Lord and worship Him, 

The Holy One is He. 

2 The mighty King loves justice well, 

And equity ordains; 
He rules His people righteously 

And faithfulness mamtains. 
O magnify the Lord our God, 

Let Him exalted be; 
In worship at His footstool bow. 

The Holy One is He. 



The Holiness of God 

PSALM 99 128, 13, 10 


John B. Dykes 

I God is King for - ev - er : let the na-tions trem - ble ; Throned a-bove the 

^^^ ^ 



Ui J ^K. 



cher - u - bim» by all the earth a - dored ; He is great in Zi • on, 

high a - bove all peo - pies ; Praise Him with fear, for ho - ly is the Lord. 

^^ m 

j^j |. \^ 


rr r \Y\ \ 



2 Merciful as mighty. He delights in justice, 

For He reigns in righteousness and rules in equity; 
Worship and exalt Him, bowing down before Him, 
Perfect in power and holiness is He. 

3 Holy men of old in Him alone confided; 

He forgave their sins, although they felt His chastening rod; 
In His holy temple worship and adore Him, 
Faithful and holy is the Lord our God. 


God the Righteous King 

PSALM 99 S. M. 

St. Thomas 

Aaron Williams 

- rt'.r 

I Je - ho - vah reigns su 





preme : Let na - tions trem - ble now ; 




God the Righteous King 









'^ r T — T 

He dwells be-tween the ch^r - u-bim: Let earth 


fore Him bow. 

2 The Lord in Zion reigns 

O'er all the earth abroad; 
Ye nations, praise His glorious Name, 
For holy is our God. 

3 The King Almighty lives 

Just judgment to maintain; 

[Selected Staniaa] 

He rules His people righteously 
And makes His justice plain. 

4 Exalt ye now the Lord, 
Our God in praises laud, 
And at His footstool worship Him, 
For holy is our God. 


PSALM 100 L. M. 

Thanksgiving and Praise 

Old Hundredth 

Genevan Psalter 

I All peo - pie that on earth do dwell, Sing to 

the Lord with cheer 

ful voice; 

2 Know that the Lord is God indeed; 

Without our aid He did us make; 
We are His flock, He doth us feed, 
And for His sheep He doth us take. 

3 O enter then His gates with joy, 

Within His courts His praise proclaim; 
Let thankful songs your tongues employ, 
bless and magnify His Name. 

4 Because the Lord our God is good, 

His mercy is forever sure; 
His truth at all times firmly stood, 
And shall from age to age endure. 



PSALM 100 88 

Universal Praise 

Ben Avon 

George C. Stebbliis 

iWi \ ^U \ Ui \ m 

I AU peo- pie that dwell on the earth, Your songs to Je - ho- vah now raise ; 

Come^serve Him with gladness and joy, Approach Him with anthems of praise. 

Copyrlgrht, 19x9, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Know ye that Jehovah is God, 
Our Sovereign and Maker is He; 
His people, forever His own, 
The ^eep of His pasture are we. 

3 With thankfulness edter His gates, 
His praise in His temple proclaim; 
Your voices in thanksgiving raise, 
And bless ye His glorious Name. 

4 For gracious and good is the Lord, 
His mercy to us never ends; 
His faithfulness, true to His word. 
Through ages unending extends. 

270 Gladness in Worship 

PSALM 100 C. M. ASPURG Johann G. Freeh 

fi J li n J 1 ,^- / i U 1 ^ /?] j, i j. I 


I O make a joy - ful noise, ye lands, And serve the Lord with fear; 

^% fi f f f .^N [ fi^ 




Ij i i ' jT^ I^ 



i 1 .1: II 

With glad - ness wait His high com-mands, And with a song draw near. 

Kh^ ''n f If f f i L' i ^ f^^ f 




Gladness in Worship 

2 Enow that the Lord is God alone; 
He made us and will keep. 
For His we are, and not our own, 
His people and His sheep. 

3 With glad thanksgiving throng His 
His goodness to proclaim; [gates, 
Within His courts, where mercy waits, 
Give thanks and bless His Name. 

4 For He is good, and time shall prove 
His merdes ever sure, 
And while the ages onward move 
His truth shall still endure. 


Godly Resolves 

PSALM 101 7tuid6t 


R. DeWitt Mallaiy 


f mer-cy and of jus - tice My thankful song shall be; O Lord, in joy-ful 

i^ iU ^ ifiUi 

prais - es My song shall rise to Thee. With - in my house I pur - pose To 

■ i hf f f f 

jy ^ I j l ^ m; ^ 

walk in wis-dom's way ; O Lord, I need Thy pres - encc ; How long wilt Thou de-lay ? 

2 On what is base and evil 
I will not set my heart; 
Transgressors' ways abhorring, 

With them I take no part. 
No froward man or evil 

Shall my companion be; 
I will not suffer slander 
Or pride or treachery. 

3 The faithful and the upright 

Shall minister to me; 
The lying and deceitful 

My 'favor shall not see. 
I will in daily judgment 

All wickedness reward, 
And cleanse from evildoers 

The dty of the Lord. 


272 Affliction and Appeal 

PSALM 102 L. M. Oriel William B. Bradbuiy 

I Lordfhear my prayer,and let my cry Have read -y ac-cess un - to Thee; 

'Wij J J I :J: J J J l f'' l l','f l ff ^ ^ 

When in dis- tress to Thee I fly, O hide not Thou Thy face from me. 



2 Attend, O Lord, to my desire, 3 My heart is withered like the grass, 

O haste to answer when I pray. And I forget my daily bread; 

For grief consumes my strength like Li lonely grief my days I pass 

fire. And sad my thoughts upon my 

My days as smoke pass swift away. bed. 

4 My foes reproach me all the day, 

My drink is tears, my bread is grief. 
For in Thy wrath I pine away, 
My days are like a fading leaf. 


The Deliverance of Zion 

PSALM 102 L. M. 


Isaac B. Woodbuiy 

I Thou,0 Je - ho- vah,shalten-durc, Thy throne for -ev - er is the same; 

And to all gen - er - a-tionssure Shall be Thy great me -mo 

sU— J m gi g' 


2 The time for Zion's help is near, 
The time appointed in Thy love; 
O let Thy gracious aid appear, 
Look Thou in mercy from above. 


3 O Lord, regard the prayer of those 
Who love the walls of Zion well, 
Whose hearts are heavy for her woes. 
Who sad amid her ruins dwell. 


The Deliverance of Zion 

4 Thy power and gloiy shall appear, 

And Zion's walls shall be restored; 
Then all the kings of earth shall fear 
And heathen nations serve the Lord. 

5 The Lord has heard and answered prayer 

And saved His people in dbtress; 
This to the coming age declare, 
That they His holy Name may bless. 

6 The Lord, exalted on His throne. 

Looked down from heaven with pitying eye 
To still the lowly captive's moan 
And save His people doomed to die. 

7 All men in Zion shall declare 

His gracious Name with one accord, 
When kings and nations gather there 
To serve and worship God the Lord. 


Mortality and Immortality 

PSALM 102 L. M. 


ViigU C. Taylor 

I Be - fore my jour - ney is com-plete My vig - or fails, my years de-cline ; 

l <f,>i>i i |-jj i ,j jii-jj i ^rt^^ 





My God, O spare me, I en - treat ; The days of life are whol- ly Thine. 



r i \ f> f 

OT i rf i FMf ii 

2 O cut not short my life's brief day, 

O Thou Whose years eternal run, 
Thou Who didst earth's foundations lay, 
Creator of the stars and sun. 

3 The earth and heavens shall pass away. 

Like vesture worn and laid aside, 
But changeless Thou shalt live for aye, 
Thy years forever shall abide. 

4 Thy servants' children shall remain 

For evermore before Thy face; - 
Enduring honor they shall gain, 
Established ever in Thy grace. 


[Stanzas la-is] 

275 The Covenant God and His Church 

PSALM 102 78 


Arranged from Blumenthal 

4>i j j j J I j j J I J ^ J j I J ^^ 

I Thou, O Lord, art God a - lone ; £v - er - last - ing is Thy throne ; 


■I irrirVi 

tf,> J j J j I j j ^^ 

Through the a - ges men shall sing Praise to heaven's e - ter- nal King. 

kf T f t i f f Fif p f f If:? ^ 


f j N j ju pj r^ ^ 

Thou, en -throned a - bove the skies, Wilt for Zi - on*s help a - rise; 

Kfff f i f f Firrn ^-u \ 

| {f,>j MJiJ J ^jui J ^i ij .^,) ii 

Let Thy grace to her ap - pear, For the prom-ised time is near. 




> f I f: f n i 

2 If with love compassionate 
We, Thy servants, mourn her state, 
Wilt not Thou, O gracious Lord, 
Help in Zion's need afford? 
Lord, Thy glory shall appear, 
Kings and nations then shall fear; 
And Thy Name shall be adored 
When Thy Zion is restored. 

[Selected Stanas] 

3 This all ages shall record 
For the glory of the Lord; 
Thou dost hear the humble prayer, 
For the helpless Thou dost care. 
Thou eternal art, and great, 
Heaven and earth Thou dickt create » 
Heaven and earth shall pass away, 
Changeless Thou shalt hve for aye. 


The Covenant God and His Church 

4 As one lays a gannent by, 
Thou wilt change the starry sky 
Like a vesture worn and old, 
But Thy years shall ne'er be told. 
Thou wilt make Thy servants' race 
Ever live before Thy face, 
And forever at Thy side 
Children's children shall abide. 


The Church and Her Head 

PSALM 102 78 


Arranged from Gottschalk 

I Thou, O Lord, art God a -lone; £v - er - last- ing is Thy throne; 







f^ i Ji i -^Jj i flJ i j j i^ 

Through the a - ges men shall sing Praise to heaven's e - ter - nal King. 

i_u-j 1 - ^ ^ TZ -^ 

[Selected Stanzas] 

2 Thou, enthroned above the skies, 
Wilt for Zion's help arise; 

Let Thy grace to her appear. 
For the promised time is near. 

3 If with love compassionate 

We, Thy servants, mourn her state. 
Wilt not Thou, O gracious Lord, 
Help in Zion's need afiFord? 

4 Lord, Thy glory shall appear. 
Kings and nations then shall fear; 
And Thy Name shall be adored 
When Thy Zion is restored. 


277 Thankful Joy and Praise 

PSALM 103 C. M. Howard Elizabeth H. Cuthbert 

^J-^ ^ ^ 


I O praise and bless the Lord, my soul, His won-drous love pro-d; 


N ^ ^w% ^#Hf' [ f If I 




Join heart and voice and all my powers To bless His ho 

>i ^ ^ ♦ J. 

2 O praise and bless the Lord, my soul, 

And ever thankful be; 
Forget not all the benefits 
He has bestowed on thee. 

3 He freely pardons all thy sins, 

And He is strong to save; 
He heals thy sickness, soothes thy pain, 
And ransoms from the grave. 

5 The Lord will judge in righteousness 

For all that are oppressed; 
To all His saints His gradous acts 
And ways are manifest. 

6 The Lord is ever merdful, 

And unto anger slow; 
His loving-kinchiess and His grace 
In rich abimdance flow. 

4 He crowns thee with His grace and 7 He will not chide for evermore, 

And,with His strength endued,[love. He turns His wrath away; 

Thou mountest up with eagle's wings. He has not strictly marked our sins. 

Thy joyous youth renewed. Our evil to repay. 

8 As heaven is high above the earth. 
So great His mercy proves; 
As far from us as east from west 
He all our sin removes. 


The Fatherly Love of God 

PSALM 103 C. M. 


Charles H. Gabriel 

m^i.i n-uvmrrU^ 

I The ten - der love a fa-ther has For all his chil-dren dear, 


mur- n^. l' [ \ n n [: [ [ [ I 4m 

Copyright, 190X, by United Prtabyteriu Board of Publlcadon 


The Fatherly Love of God 

MU: ^dhi-^^^mnuiViJ 

Such love the Lord be- stows on them Who wor • ship Him in fear. 

2 The Lord remembers we are dust, 

And all our frailty knows; 
Man's days are like the tender grass. 
And as the flower he grows. 

3 The flower is withered by the wind 

That smites with blighting breath; 
So man is quickly swept away 
Before the blast of death. 

[SUiuM 9-13 ] 

4 Unchanging is the love of God, 

From age to age the same, 
Displayed to all who do His will 
And reverence His Name. 

5 Those who His gracious covenant keep 

The Lord will ever bless; 
Their children's children shall rejoice 
To see His righteousness. 


The Universal Debt of Praise 

PSALM 103 C. M. 


Joseph P. Holbrook 


mill J jj i j j jii i j J^'j i Q i 

I £s - tab-lished in the high - est heavens The Lord has set His throne, 


^;u t > bO r I r 








»"^ ^s- 


J. I 3 » =; 

And b - ver all His king-dom rules, For He is God a - lone. 




f f f i pip f f #^ 

[Stanzas 14-17} 

2 Ye angels that excel in strength. 
Bless ye the Lord, your God; 
Ordained to hear and do His will, 
Proclaim His praise abroad. 

3 Bless ye the Lord, all ye His hosts 
That serve the Lord, your King, 
And wait His pleasure to perform; 
To Him your praises bring. 

4 Bless ye the Lord, all ye His works 
In His dominion broad. 
And, never ceasing, O my soul. 
Bless thou the Lord, thy God. 


280 The Tender Mercies of God 

PSALM 103 8s and 7« Autumn Louis von Esch 

m^. J i J: j i j'lj j ^^ 

I O my soul, bless thou Je-ho - vah, All with -in me bless His Name ; 


W/i lJ t iv l\ [ i \[ - f. 


f i:i l ^: J^-J' l j 


I j: f l ^^ i J : J 

Bless Je-ho - vah and for -get not All His mer - cies to pro<:laim. 

hv[:[\[: f nii^ f I ff I f u.-^. 


m i f IF' f g' Jif j i 

He for-gives all thy transgressions, Heab thy sick - ness - es and pains ; 

J- ; f f- ,-^J 

Pn.i \ i: n\i% 

^■' i i: JH II 



He re-deems thee from de-struc - tion, And His love thy life sus-tains. 


j i r f i r f r ^x j i 

2 He with tender mercies crowns thee, 

Satisfies thy full request, 
So that like the tireless eagle 

Thou with youth renewed art blessed. 
Righteous is Uie Lord in judgment 

Unto all that are oppr^sed; 
To His people He has ever 

Made His goodness manifest. 


The Tender Mercies of God 

3 Yea, the Lord is full of mercy 

And compassion for distress, 
Slow to anger and abundant 

In His grace and tenderness. 
He will not be angry alway, 

Nor will He forever chide; 
Though we oft have sinned against Him, 

Still His love and grace abide. 

4 As the heavens are high above us, 

Great His love to us has proved; 
Far as east from west is distant, 

He has all our sins removed. 
As a father loves his children. 

Feeling pity for their woes. 
So the Lord to those who fear Him 

Mercy and compassion shows. 


PSALM 103 88 and jt 

A Mindful God 


Isaac 6. Woodbuiy 



\-z — g 


I Mind-ful of our hu-manfrail - ty Is the God in Whom we trust; 

d — . ^ — ^2 — ■ \ I . I a I p 

He Whose years are 






er - last - ing, He re - members we 
42 ff. 


are dust. 



2 Man is like the tender flower, 

And his days are like the grass, 
Withered where it lately flourished 
By the blighting winds that pass. 

3 Changeless is Jehovah's mercy 

Unto those who fear His Name, 
From eternity abiding 
To eternity the same. 

4 All the faithful to His covenant 

Shall behold His righteousness; 
He will be their strength and refuge. 
And their children's children bless. 

[ Stanzas 9-ia ] 



The Blessed and Only Potentate 

PSALM 103 88 and ;& 


Ithamar Conkey 

^-^-4^^==M ^UA d j lj JU jl^j it ^-l^ 


I In the heavens the Lord Al-ndght - y Fixed His ev - er - last - ing throne ; 


r F ' FM i ' NHflf i 

^) ^1 j l J J l i-^<J I 'j jli j l j j U ;U. I I 


O - ver all is His do - min - ion, He is God, and He a - lone. 





2 Bless the Lord, ye mighty angels, 
Ye that hearken to His voice, 
All His gracious word fulfilling; 
Ever bless Him and rejoice. 


^ ^ i (^ j lij' II 

[Stanzas 13-16] 

3 Bless the Lord, all ye His servants. 
Ministers of God Most High; 
Ye His hosts, that do His pleasure, 
God your Maker glorify. 


4 Bless the Lord, all things created; 
Be His holy Name adored 
All throughout His wide dominion; 
O my soul, bless thou the Lord. 

Motives to Gratitude 

PSALM 103 1 18 and los 


James Walch 

I O come, my soul, bless thou the Lord thy Mak-er, And all with • in me 


g-4r- y 





r^ ^^ 

bless His ho - ly Name; Bless thou the Lord, for - get not all His mer - cies, 


Motives to Gratitude 




ij j i n j. ^^ 




bS i 



His par-doning grace and sav - iog love proclaim. Bless Him, ye an • gels, 




LJ J J lf^^J jl j J 

won-drous in might, Bless Him, His serv > ants that in His will de- light. 








[Selected Stanzas] 

2 Good is the Lord and full of kind compassion, 

Most slow to anger, plenteous in love; 
Rich is His grace to all that humbly seek Him, 
Boundless and endless as the heavens above. 

3 His love is like a father's to his children, 

Tender and kind to all who fear His Name, 
For well He knows our weakness and our frailty, 
He knows that we are dust. He knows our frame. 

4 We fade and die like flowers that grow in beauty, 

Like tender grass that soon will disappear; 
But evermore the love of God is changeless, 
Still shown to those who look to Him in fear. 

5 High in the heavens His throne is fixed forever, 

His kingdom rules o'er all from pole to pole; 

Bless ye the Lord through all His wide dominion, 

Bless His most holy Name, O thou my soul. 


284 The Wonders of Divine Grace 

PSALM 103 I IS and I OS Piusrims Heniy Smart 



■ J i j j j '1^ jH J j i 'j; j i 

I O come, my soul, bless thou the Lord thy Mak • er, And all with -in me 

bless His ho - ly Name ; Bless thou the Lord, for - get not all His mer - cies, 

"^ , g ? rCa ^ — f" , ^ — J- 

min\\: i r [p 


His pardoning grace and sav-ing love pro - claim. Bless Him, ye an - gels, 

won - drous in might, Bless Him,His serv- ants that in His will de - light 

N i '. ^'^\ \ ^> fff7 




[ Selected Staniat ] 

2 Good is the Lord and full of kind compassion, 

Most slow to anger, plenteous in love; 
Rich is His grace to all that humbly seek Him, 
Boundless and endless as the heavens above. 

3 His love is like a father's to his children, 

Tender and kind to all who fear His Name, 
For well He knows our weakness and our frailty, 
He knows that we are dust, He knows our frame. 


The Wonders of Divine Grace 

4 We fade and die like flowers that grow in beauty, 

Like tender grass that soon will disappear; 
But evermore die love of God is changeless, 
Still shown to those who look to Him in fear. 

5 High in the heavens His throne is fixed forever, 

His kingdom rules o'er all from pole to pole; 

Bless ye the Lord through all His wide dominion. 

Bless His most holy Name, O thou my soul. 

285 The Greatness of God in Nature 

PSALM 104 lot and lis Lyons Arranged from Michael Haydn 

I Mysoul,bless the Lord 1 the Lord is most great; Withglo-ry ar- rayed, ma- 

■19 P I • i fJ I ^ 1 \—A # m I <g 

jes - tic His state ; The light is His gar- ment, the skies are His shade, 

2 He rides on the clouds, the wings of the storm, 
The lightning and wind His mission perfonn; 
The earth He has founded her station to keep, 
And wrapped as a vesture about her the deep. 

3 O'er moimtain and plain the dark waters raged; 
His voice they obeyed, the floods were assuaged; 
Uplifting the mountains He ordered a bound. 
Forbidding the waters to cover the ground. 

4 He causes the springs of water to flow 

In streams 'mid the hills and valleys below; 
Beside them with singing the birds greet the day. 
And there the beasts gather their thirst to allay. 


286 A Faithful Creator 

PSALM 104 lot and 118 Stanley 

John Stanley 

i J Ji^^jij. 

And plen - ti - ful 




I He wa - ters the hills with rain from the skies, And plen - ti 

\ mn4-i 

ffif f'HMfif f P 




I ill J J I 

grass and herbs He sup - plies, Sup - ply - ing the cat - tie, and 

^»j j j i fjij i : 


j ^ i j j j i j j J p 

bless- ing man^s toil With bread in a - bun-dance,with wine and with oil. 

J. .. f f . r . . . > . n 

Hf f f 

2 The trees which the Lord has planted are fed, 
And over the earth their branches are spread; 
They keep in their shelter the birds of the air, 
The life of each creature the Lord makes His care. 

3 The seasons are fixed by wisdom divine, 

The slow changing moon shows forth God's design; 

The sun in his circuit his Maker obeys, 

And running his journey hastes not nor dela}rs. 

4 The Lord makes the night, when, leaving their lair. 
The lions creep forth, God's boimty to share; 

The Lord makes the morning, when beasts steal away 
And men are beginning the work of the day. 

5 How many and wise Thy works are, O Lord! 
The earth with the wealth of wisdom is stored; 
The sea bears in safety the ships to and fro. 
And creatures unnumbered it shelters below. 

6 Thy creatures all look to Thee for their food; 
Thy hand opens wide, they gather the good; 
Thy face Thou concealest, in anguish they yearn; 
Their breath Thou withholdest, to dust they rettun. 


(Staiuu S-io] 


A Meditation on Providence 

PSALM 104 losand lit 


Charles' II. Gabriel 







I Thy Spir - it, O Lord, makes life to a - bound ; The earth is re - 

Nfif f fiF h^ ^ ^ \ t I 

i I i I i 

1 ,1 1 1 I I i.l I J I 

I ' ^'^rn i fif i i 



newed, and fruit -ful the ground; To God as-cribe glo - ry and 


Jjju j J i i ■' J i J-;^ 



wis-dom and might, Let God in His crea-tures for - ev - er de - light 

y.r}) \ f\ 


CopsTrlght. t9iB, by United PrasbytrrUn Board of Publication 


[Stanxas 11-13] 

2 Before the Lord's might earth trembles and quakes, 
The moim tains are rent, and smoke from them breaks; 
The Lord I will worship through all of my days. 

Yea, while I have being my God I will praise. 

3 Rejoicing in God, my thought shall be sweet, 
WhDe sinners dq>art in ruin complete; 

My soul, bless Jehovah, His Name be adored. 
Come, praise Him, ye people, and worship the Lord. 



The Creator Glorified 

PSALM 104 c. M. 


Wmiam J. Kirkpatrick 


I O Lord, how man - i - fold the works In wis -dom wrought by Thee; 

fwif i p i \ ^ Ji p i f i /- f i lU^ 





The wealth of Thy ere - a - tion fills The earth and might - y sea. 


Copyright. X901, by Wm. J. Kirkpatrick. Used by per. 

2 Let God rejoice in all His works, 

And let His works proclaim 
For evermore their Maker's praise 
And glorify His Name. 

3 While life shall last, my thankful lips 

A song to God will raise, 





[ Selected Stamas] 

And while my being I possess, 
My Maker I will praise. 

4 My heart shall think upon His grace 
In meditation sweet; 
My soul, rejoicing in the Lord, 
His praises shall repeat. 

289 The Unfailing Faithfulness of God 

PSALM 105 C. M. BOARDMAN Arranged from L. Devereux 



I O praise the Lord, His deeds make known, And call up - on His Name; 

2 Let hearts rejoice that seek the Lord, 4 The Lord our God is God alone. 

His holy Name adore; 
Seek ye Jehovah and His strength, 
Seek Him for evermore. 

3 Ye children of God's covenant. 
Who of His grace have heard. 
Forget not all His wondrous deeds 
And judgments of His word. 

All lands His judgments know; 
His promise He remembers still, 
While generations go. 

S While yet our fathers were but few, 
Sojourners in the land. 
He sware that Canaan shouldbetheirs. 
And made His covenant stand. 


The Unfailing Faithfulness of God 

6 He suffered none to do them wrong 

In all their pilgrim way; [proved 
Yea, for their sake were kings re- 
And covered with dismay. 

7 His stem command restrained their 

And filled them with alarm: 
Touch not My own anointed ones, 
Nor do My prophets harm. 

8 He wholly broke the staff of bread 

And called for famine sore, 
And He prepared His people^s way 
By sending one before. 

9 Then Joseph, sold to slavery, 

With cruel chains was bound; 
Till his prediction came to pass, 
Distress and grief he foimd. 

10 The king released him from his bonds 

And made him rule the land. 
Subjecting chiefs and senators 
To his controlling hand. 

11 To Egypt Israel followed then. 

And there grew great and strong. 
Until their friends became their foes 
And did them grievous wrong. 

12 God sent His servant Moses then. 

And Aaron, whom He chose; 
Great signs and wonders they dis- 
To terrify their foes. 

13 In darkness they were taught to fear 

God's great and holy Name; 
On man and beast, on vine and field. 
His awful judgment came. 

14 He smote the first-bom in the land. 

The chief of all their strength. 
Enriched His people with the spoil 
And brought them forth at length. 

15 He led them forth in health and 

None weak in all their band, 
And Egypt, filled with fear, rejoiced 
To see them leave the land. 

16 He spread a cloud to cover them, 

Most glorious and bright, 
And made a fiery pillar shine 
To give them light by night. 

17 At their request He sent them quails, 

And bread of heaven bestowed; 
And from the rock, to quench their 
The living waters flowed. 

18 His sacred word to Abraham 

He kept, though waiting long, 
And brought His chosen people forth 
With joy and thankful song. 

19 The lands and toil of wicked men 

He gave them to possess, 
That Uiey might keep His holy laws; 
Jehovah praise and bless. 



Deodatiis Dutton, Jr. 




I O praise the Lord, His deeds make known, And call up - on 

i j i j ir^;-'i-N i 




18 J- it' 



is Name ; 

^ i » l«: ( ■ 



Sing ye to Him, His prais - es sing, His won - drous works pro - claim. 









290 Praise and Confession 

PSALM 106 C. M. Barrk Edwaid Clark 

tfij i , J J Ui n \i\t N i,j 



I Praise ye the Lord, for He is good ; Give thanks and bless His Name; 



^ I f^f l f f flf4f|-f-H 



^ I J ^ JIJN Ji ^ 



^ gn i fff i fif ^ 

His lov - ing - kind - ness chang-es not, From age to age the same. 



2 What tongue can tell His mighty deeds, 

His wondrous works and ways? 
O who can show His glory forth, 
Or utter all His praise? 

3 The Lord will bless and prosper those. 

Yea, blest indeed are they, 
Whose ways are just, who constantly 
His righteous law obey. 

4 O Lord, remember me in grace. 
Let me salvation see; 
The grace Thou showest to Thy saints, 
That grace reveal to me. 

5 Let me behold Thy people's good 

And in their joy rejoice; 
With Thy triumphant heritage 
Let me lift up my voice. 

6 In evil we have gone astray, 

And sinful is our race; 
Rebelliously our fathers walked. 
Forgetful of Thy grace. 

7 Though they rebelled, yet for their 

In saving strength He came 
To make His power almighty known 
And glorify His Name. 

8 He brought them safely through the 

And overwhelmed their foes; [time 
Their faith was stirred, and for the 
Their songs of praise arose. 

9 Forgetful soon, they tempted God, 

Nor for His counsel cared; 
He sent them leanness in their souls, 
Whilst they earth's bounties shared. 

ID With envy they regarded those 
Whom God to them had sent; 
The opening earth, the kindling 
Brought awful punishment. 

II A golden image they adored, 
And worshiped at its shrine; 
Thus they despised the living God 
And scorned His love divine. 


291 Sin and Divine Patience 

PSALM 106 C. M. Nottingham Jeremiah Claric 


W^^ I i J i^ ^ 

I J Ji.' i J, 

j it g 



I Their God and Sav - iour they for - got, Their help - er and their stay, 


knf f f MF f s 

" ^ f MF' I 

k^NN J nij J jL^^ 

r* r f t 




But Mo - ses plead the prom- ised grace And turned God^s wrath a - way. 

\ ^ [Iff f'fif ^ m 


2 Yea, they despised the pleasant land, 

The promised land of God, 
And tempted Him to make them fall 
And scatter them abroad. 

3 They sacrificed to heathen gods, 

And God their sin repaid; 
Then holy wrath avenged the wrong, 
And so the plague was stayed. 

4 The Lord approved the righteous act 

Of him who sin abhorred. 
And honored him for evermore 
With just and great reward. 

5 By wicked strife they angered God, 

His wrath they did provoke; 
And, stirred by their rebellious cries, 
Their leader rashly spoke. 

6 Ensnared, they served the heathen 

And by them were beguiled; 
The blood of children sacrificed 
The very land defiled. 

[Stanzaa ia-23] 

7 Against His own inheritance 

Jehovah's wrath arose, 
His chosen people He condemned 
To serve their heathen foes. 

8 Though from their harsh oppressors' 

Of ttimes He set them free, [low 
Rebellious still, they were brought 
In their iniquity. 

9 When unto God they cried. He heard 

And turned again His face. 

In boundless love remembering 

The covenant of His grace. 

ID He even touched their captors' hearts. 
And made their very foes 
Compassionate and pitiful 
To feel His people's woes. 

II Save us, Lord, our gracious God, 
From alien lands reclaim, 
That we may triumph in Thy praise 
And bless Thy holy Name. 

12 Blessed be the Lord our covenant God, 
All pi^ise to Him accord; 
Let all the people say. Amen. 
Praise ye, praise ye the Lord. 


292 Redeeming Love 

PSALM 107 7$ Halle Arranged from Haydn 

^i^ J J JN.IJJ:I<I JJJflf^-^Jii- l 


I Praise the Lord, for He is good, For His mer-cies ev - er sure 








jijjj jjj n-jf i ,^^ 


From e - ter - ni - ty have stood, To e - ter - ni - ty en- dure; 


} r\f f f f i f f F " ' 

Let His ran- somed peo - pie raise Songs to their Re - deem-€r's praise. 

2 From captivity released, 

From the south and from the north, 
From the west and from the east, 

In His love He brought them forth, 
Ransomed out of every land 
From the adversary's hand. 

3 Wandering in the wilderness, 

Far they roamed the desert way, 
Found no settled dwelling-place 

Where in peace secure to stay, 
Till with thirst and hunger pressed 
Courage sank within their breast. 

4 To Jehovah then they cried 

In their trouble, and He saved; 
He Himself became their guide. 

Led them to the rest they craved 
By a pathway straight and sure. 
To a city strong, secure. 

5 Sons of men, awake to praise 

God the Lord Who reigns above, 
Gracious in His works and ways, 

Wondrous in redeeming love; 
Longing souls He satisfies. 
Hungry hearts with good supplies. 


293 Emancipation from Spiritual Slavery 

PSALM 107 7t DiX Ananged from Coniad Kocher 

'ij JJJ j l i J 

I Reb - els, who had dared to show Proud con-tempt of God Most High, 

nhr tif r\f f i^if ^-h-tm 



fi in ^ i J j -J i j J j jU ^ 

Bound in i - ron and in woe, Shades of death and dark-ness nigh, 


Qij^if il_l^ 

f/ iji l .V' l UH ^^ 

Hum- bled low with toil and pain, Fell, and looked for help in vain. 

I $ \f § 




[Stenias 6-8 

2 To Jehovah then they cried 

In their trouble, and He saved, 
Threw the prison open wide 

Where they lay to death enslaved. 
Bade the gloomy shadows flee, 
Broke their bonds and set them free. 

3 Sons of men, awake to praise 

God the Lord Who reigns above, 
Gracious in His works and ways, 

Wondrous in redeeming love; 
Iron bars He breaks like clay, 
And the biazen gates give way. 



Praise for Gracious Deliverances 

PSALM 107 78 

Sacred Morn 

William H. Squires 


j i j i ji: j i Hi J j I 

I Men who walk in fol - ly*s way, And to e • vil turn a - side, 


^*H j j i j J J i i J J J ij'j J I 

Find that sor - row will re - pay Those who wis - dom^s laws de - fied ; 

k,' , ' f M^ f rif F f Nf 1 n 


4i /-^d i j ^ ji ^g 


Down to death's dark por - tals led, They ab - hor their dai - ly bread. 

mf } H i f f ^ 


J-P f 3 /^ I f [ f i 

Copyright, 1895, by Trgitees of Presbyterian Bd. of Pub. and S. S. Work 

2 To Jehovah then they cry 

In their trouble, and He saves, 
Sends compassionate reply, 

Gives the health their spirit craves, 
Rescues them with gracious aid 
From the snares their folly laid. 

3 Sons of men, awake to praise 

God the Lord Who reigns above, 
Gracious in His works and ways, 

Wondrous in redeeming love; 
Let them all thank-offerings bring, 
Celebrate His deeds, and sing. 


[Stanaa8 9-ii] 

295 The Sovereign of the Sea 

PSALM 107 78 ROSEFIELD ^ H. A. C^sar Malan 

J I J m ^. j^f^ 

I They that traf - fie on the sea, While iin - ceas - ing watch they keep, 

iu jiJ Jij r^i;iu n i l Jiij j 




See Je - ho - vah's maj - es • ty And His won - ders in the deep ; 



' i FFif LfMF f n 


i''i i ' ^i i'j jjJ'ili i I J JllJ J I J I 

For He bids the storm - wind fly, Lift - ing o - cean^s waves on high. 

'X^F PiP f 


I f f f l f f I . 

[Stenzaa 13-15] 

2 By the billows heavenward tossed, 

Down to dreadful depths again, 
Troubled much, their courage lost, 

Reeling, they like drunken men 
Find their skill and power overthrown; 
None can save but God alone. 

3 To Jehovah then they cry 

In their trouble, and He saves, 
. Drives the darkness from the sky, 

Calms the storm and stills the waves, 
Makes their sad forebodings cease, 
To their haven guides in peace. 

4 Sons of men, awake to praise 

God the Lord Who reigns above, 
Gradous in His works and ways, 

Wondrous in redeeming love; 
Praise Him where the people meet. 
Praise Him in the elders' seat. 


296 Providential Visitations 

PSALM 107 78 Greatorex Chester G. Allen 




• lp i \ 'k \ 


I Springs and streams no Ion - ger bless All the dry and thirst - y land ; 

f«\^f l J ;J:,^ M l r^ Jl J :J : Jl j1j . 

Fer - tile fields in ver - dant dress God con-verts to des - ert sand ; 

tfi^''jJjli:J^P; l ,i. i ;]>MJJ, n jij .i i 

For that they who dwell there - in Turn to wick - ed - ness and sin. 

2 Once again the waters well, 

All the desert blossoms fair; 
There He makes the hungry dwell, 

There a city they prepare, 
Plant their vines and sow their fields, 
And the earth her increase 3delds. 

3 Now He blesses them indeed, 

They are greatly multiplied; 
On the hills their cattle feed, 

Fast increasing, spreading wide; 
Then again they are brought low 
Through oppression, grief, and woe. 

[Stanat i6-aol 

4 His contempt the princes taste; 

Driven out they helpless fly. 
Wandering in the trackless waste; 

But He lifts the needy high. 
Where no evil shall annoy. 
And with children gives hhn joy. 

5 When His righteous judgments come, 

Strong to bless and to destroy. 
All iniquity is dumb, 

All the righteous sing for joy; 
Who Jehovah wisely heed, 
In His works His mercy read. 


297 The Praise of the Redeemed 

PSALM 107 C. M. OSTBND LoweU Mason 

jMinn JH J jii i jj'j J 


I O praise the Lord, for He is good. His mer - cies still en - dure ; 


^ mrtrf Mr ^ uU}^}-^ 


t-N-j+j j j i j i ^ ^^ j j 



Thus let His ran-somed tes - ti - fy, From all their foes se - cure. 

^ ^ 


H.f MP f M ^ 

m^ i i \ \\ .i*\i \ in Ji gj-i 

He has redeemed His cap - tive saints From ad - ver • sa - ries' hands, 

r ''fr I I I bi ll -' ^ ' 1-^ I ' ^ 


i^ Mtfj J i i jn i ^ ii ;^ i 


Has gath- ered them and brought them back In peace from hos - tile lands. 


$i $ § 

I b I I 

'- ^ ^ .^ ,r- f i 





2 They wandered in the wOdemess, 

By want and hunger pressed; 
In trouble then they cried to God, 

He saved their souls distressed. 
He made the way before them plain, 

Himself became their guide; 
He brought them to a city strong 

Wherein they might abide. 

[Selected Stanzas] 

O praise the Lord, ye sons of men, 

For all His goodness shown; 
O praise Him for the wondrous works 

To you He has made known. 
The longing soul that turns to Him 

He fuUy satisfies; 
He fills with good each himgering one 

That for IDs mercy cries. 


298 Gratitude and Confidence 

PSALM 108 68 and 4« Cutting William F. Sherwin 

i jlj: i JhJ ^^ 




I My stead-fast heart, O God, Will sound Thy praise a - broad 

e I | «: g =^ 



f If [ f 


Hhr l :J J J ^ 











tune - ful string ; The dawn shall hear my song, Thy praise I 






fi: ^^'f' f M^' J'li l 'J i ^1^ 


will pro- long, And where Thy peo - pie throng Thanks-giv - ing bring. 



t M p f f 



2 Thy truth and tender love 
Are high as heaven above; 

Thy help we crave. 
Be Thou exalted high 
Above the lofty sky; 
Lest Thy beloved die, 

O hear and save. 

3 God's word shall surely stand; 
His Name through every land 

Shall be adored; 
Lord, who shall lead our host? 
Thy aid we covet most, 
In Thee is all our boast, 

Strong in the Lord. 


299 Exultant Confidence 

PSALM 108 S. M. Ferguson George Kingsley 






I My heart is fixed, O God, 






A grate - f ul song I raise ; 





A - wake, O harp, in joy - ful strains, A - wake, my soul, to praise. 


2 Among the nations, Lord, 

To Thee my song shall rise; 
Thy truth is great above the heavens, 
Thy mercies reach the skies. 

3 Above the heavens, O God, 

And over all the earth, 
Let men exalt Thy glorious Name 
And tell Thy matchless worth. 

4 Stretch forth Thy mighty hand 

In answer to our prayer, 
And let Thy own beloved ones 
Thy great salvation share. 

5 The holy God hath said, 

All lands shall own My sway; 
My people shall My glory share, 
The heathen shall obey. 

6 O who will lead our hosts 

To triumph o'er the foe. 
If Thou shalt cast us oflF, O God, 
Nor with our armies go? 

7 The help of man is vain. 

Be Thou our helper. Lord; 
Through Thee we shall do valiantly 
If Thou Thy aid afford. 





Divine Retribution for Evil 

PSALM 109 L. M. 


WiUiam a Bradbuiy 









I O God, Whom I de - light to praise, To Thee my cry 

for help I raise; 


FFi r irfif^C i " ! 

Be Thou my friend and ad - vo - cate When foes as -sail with 







2 Against me slanderous words are flung 
From many a false and lying tongue; 
Without a cause men hurl at me 

The shafts of deadly enmity. 

3 My good with evil they repay, 
My love turns not their hate away; 
The part of vengeance, Lord, is Thine, 
To pray, and only pray, is mine. 

4 Since love appeals to him in vain, 
The slave of sin let him remain; 
Against him let his foe be turned. 

His sin be judged, his prayer be spumed. 

5 Let sudden death upon him break. 
His office let another take. 

His children and his widowed wife 
Pursue the homeless beggar's life. 

6 Let creditors consume his toil 

And strangers make his wealth their spoil; 
Let none in pity heed his claim. 
Cut off his race, blot out his name. 

7 His parents' sins be not forgot 

Till Thou from earth his memory blot, 
Since he remembered not to show 
Compassion to the sons of woe. 

8 He cursing loved and blessing loathed; 
Unblest, with cursing he is clothed; 
For thus the justice of the Lord 

My adversaries will reward. 

9 O God, the Lord, for Thy Name's sake 
Let me of Thy good grace partake; 
My need is great, and great Thou art 
To heal my wounded, stricken heart. 


Divine Retribution for Evil 

10 With failing strength I fast and pine. 
Like shadows swift my days decline, 
And when my foes my weakness see 
They shake the head in scorn at me. 

11 O Lord my God, Thy help I crave, 
In Thy great loving-kindness save; 
Before my foes Thy merqr show; 

That Thou dost help me make them know. 

12 What though they curse, if Thou wilt bless? 
Then joy shall banish my distress. 

And shame shall overwhelm the foes 
Who would Thy servant's way oppose. 

13 Thanksgiving to the Lord I raise, 
The multitude shall hear my praise, 
For by the needy God will stand 

To save them from oppression's hand. 


Supplication and Trust 

PSALM 109 c. M. 


James S. Anderaon 




i ,JU;i ' J ' ^ 





I O Lord, my God, for Thy Name's sake In 

K uFif f [ fif ^rt 

mer- cy deal with me; 

r r t t i ! i g ± 


fr^li J ^ ^I^J ^NlJji; 



Be - cause Thy kind - ness is so great, From trou - ble set me free. 


k h}) !-hf-f-fi^ 





2 O Thou Who art my Lord and God, 

Thy gracious help extend, 
And for Thy loving-kindness' sake 
O save me and defend. 

3 My voice shall greatly bless the Lord 

And sing His worthy praise. 
And I amid the multitude 
My thankful song will raise. 

4 The Lord be praised, for ever near 

The helpless poor He stands, 
Protecting them with wondrous power 
From their oppressors' hands. 


[Selected Stantms] 

302 Our Lord Jesus 

PSALM 110 88 and 7s Birdstown 

Charles H. Gabriel 

f'lj i H j nJ j jij i j: n j I 

I The Lord un - to His Christ hath said, In glo - ry I en 

\ mUl Jf f ! '^-h-HT i f f F f 



J jlj I 



throne Thee Till all Thy foes, in tri - umph led, Their 

19 • •-• 1 — «^ » » • 1 — ^ * ^ 



/)>'!'^ J : J H 

sov - ereign King shall own Thee ; From Zi - on shall Je - ho - vah send Thy 

seep - ter, till be - fore Thee bend The knees of proud re - 

Copyright, 1919, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Thy people will be gladly Thine 

When Thou shalt come victorious, 
In holy beauty Thou shalt shine, 

Like morning fair and glorious; 
The word of God shall not depart: 
The King of Righteousness Thou art, 

A Royal Priest forever. 

3 The Lord at Thy right hand shall smite 

Earth's kings in indignation, 
And He shall judge wiUi sovereign right 

Throughout His wide creation; 
While living streams His strength sustain, 
The Christ the victory shall gain, 

Head over all exalted. 


303 Christ Our Priest-King 

PSALM 110 C. M. All Saints New Henty S. Cutler 

fu\u^ j44i^jiJ J j Ji;^, i 


I The Lord un - to His Christ hath said, Sit Thou at My right hand . - 


•if- i f f i Ft-F'F i ' ^ ^ 

i: Jji^i.*' /fiiji^^ 


Un - til I make Thy en - e - mies Sub - mit to Thy com - mand. 

N'f i F f f rm^^ 




fn I fiij i fi. jj ^^ 


A seep - ter pros-pered by the Lord Thy might - y 


h." ' i H f f 

— F 

tf/j l ;. jj jlj: niJ l J J J j 



From Zi - on Thou shalt rule the world, And all Thy foes shall yield. 

■ [\ f i FlF i f i f 




2 Thy people will be gladly Thine 

When Thou shalt come in might 
Like dawning day, like hopeful youth, 

With holy beauty bright. 
A priesthood that shall never end 

The Lord hath given Thee; 
This He hath sworn, and evermore 

Fulfilled His word shall be. 

Thou shalt subdue the kings of earth 

With God at Thy right hand; 
The nations Thou shalt rule in might 

And judge in every land, [streams. 
The Christ, refreshed by living 

Shall neither faint nor fall, 
And He shall be the glorious Head, 

Exalted over all. 


304 The Marvelous Works of God 

PSALM 111 L. M. Germany Gardiner^ Sacred Melodies 

iii-jjij:U j j i iJ ^^m 

I O give the Lord whole-heart- ed praise, To Him thanksgiv-ing 

iv-imr I 

will bring ; 

With all His peo - pie I will raise My voice and of His glo - ry sing. 

nnfiff i r FifTit a 

2 Ifis saints delight to search and trace 

His mighty works and wondrous 
Majestic glory, boundless grace, [ways; 
And righteousness His work dis- 

3 The wondrous works that God has 

His people ever keep in mind, [wrought 
His works with grace and mercy 
Revealing that the Lord is kind. 

4 God's promise shall forever stand. 

He cares for those who trust His 
Upon His saints His mighty hand 
The wealth of nations has conferred. 

5 His works are true and just indeed. 

His precepts are forever sure; 
In truth and righteousness decreed 
They shall for evermore endure. 

6 From Him His saints' redemption 

His covenant sure no change can 
Let all revere His holy Name [know; 
Li heaven* above and earth below. 

7 In reverence and in godly fear 

Man finds the gate to wisdom's 

The wise His holy Name revere; 
Through endless ages sound His 



The Blessed Life 

PSALM 112 L. M. 


H. A. C^sar Malan 

d \ rJ rJ \ a I 

I How blest the man who fears the Lord And greatly loves God*s ho - ly will; 

uoQ's no - IV 

^1 pihj 

His chil-dren share his great re - ward, And blessings all their days shall fill. 

The Blessed Life 

2 Abounding wealth shall bless his home. 

His righteousness shall still endure, 
To him shall light arise in gloom, 
For he is merciful and pure. 

3 The man whose hand the weak be- 


In judgment shall his cause main- 
A peace unmoved his life attends, 

And long his memory shall remain. 

4 Of evil tidings not afraid, 

His trust is in the Lord alone; 

His heart is steadfast, undismayed, 
For he shall see his foes overthrown. 

5 With kind remembrance of the poor. 

For their distress his gifts provide; 
His righteousness shall thus endure. 
His name in honor shall abide. 

6 To shame the wicked shall be brought. 

While righteous men shall favor 
Unrighteous hopes shall come to 
Its due reward shall sin obtain. 

306 The Glory and Condescension of God 

PSALM 113 L. M. 





William B. Bradbuiy 

I Praise God, ye serv - ants of the Lord, Praise,praise His Name with 



tf'i i U. i j :' JiJiJ J J, jijj? i i 

this time forth for ev - er - more,From this time forth for ev - cr - more. 


Ut^^irif f I' l r i nrnfffi i 

2 From rising unto setting sun 
Praised be the Lord, the Mighty One; 
He reigns o'er all, supreme in might, 
Above the heavens in glory bright. 

Who condescends to see and know 
The things of heaven and earth below? 

4 He lifts the poor and makes them 
3 On whom but God can we rely, With joy He fills the desolate; 

The Lord our God Who reigns on Praise ye the Lord and bless His Name, 
high, His mercy and His might proclaim. 


307 Bondage and Deliverance 

PSALM 114 L. M. Bloomfield Chant William B. Biadbuiy 

I When Is-raelout of £ - gypt went, From peo- pie of a speech un- known. 

The Lord a-mong His peo • pie dwelt, And there He set His roy - al throne. 

2 The sea beheld and fled away, 

The Jordan's waters backward turned, 
The lofty mountams and the hills 
With trembling awe our God discerned* 

3 What aileth thee, O troubled sea? 

Thou Jordan, why thy riven tide? 
Ye mountains and ye little hills. 
Why thus dismayed on every side? 

4 O tremble, earth, before the Lord, 

In presence of Jehovah fear, 
Beneath Whose touch the flinty rock 
Became a fount of waters clear. 


The Living and True God 

PSALM 115 L. M. 


Gairney Bridge 

Ernest R. Kroeger 

i:\iU \ \ i Nij i 

I Not un - to us, O Lord of heaven, But un • to Thee be glo • ry given ; 

Copyilcht, B90t« by United PrtabyterUa Bowd of PubUattioa 


The Living and True God 

In love and truth Thou dost ful - fil The coun-sels of Thy sov-ereign will; 

Though na-tions fail Thy power to own, Yet Thou dost reign,and Thou a - lone. 

2 The idol gods of heathen lands 
Are but the work of human hands; 
They cannot see, they cannot speak, 
Their ears are deaf, their hands are weak; 

Like them shall be all those who hold 
To gods of silver and of gold. 

3 Let Israel trust in God alone, 

The Lord Whose grace and power are known; 
To Him your full allegiance yield. 
And He will be your help and shield; 
All those who fear Him God will bless, 
His saints have proved His faithfulness. 

4 All ye that fear Him and adore. 

The Lord increase you more and more; 
Both great and small who Him confess. 
You and your children He will bless; 
Yea, blest are ye of Him Who made 
The heavens, and earth's foimdations laid. 

5 The heavens are God's since time began, 
But He hath given the earth to man; 
The dead praise not the living God, 
But we will sound His praise abroad, 

Yea, we will ever bless His Name; 
Praise ye the Lprd, His praise proclaim. 


309 Benediction Upon the God-Fearing 

PSALM 115 C. M. St. Anne WilHam Croft 

tf^ij l jij J l j J JM I J J UW 


I The Lord Who has re - mem-bered us His bless -ing will be - stow 




^11' ''iirii rrn 


tf j i j j J J i i j J-hJN j j J i 'J: ii 


All those who fear His ho - ly Name, His lov - ing care shall know 

'>hi f p i 



[Selected Stanas] 

2 For small and great who fear His 3 The great Creator blesses you 

Name With gifts of bomidless worth; 

The Lord has good in store; The heavens He claims, but gives to 

Ye and your children, blest of God, man 

Shall prosper more and more. Dominion in the earth. 

4 The silent dead praise not the Lord, 
The grave no song can raise; 
But we will bless Him evermore, 
Let all proclaim His praise. 

310 Redemption and Grateful Love 

PSALM 116 L. M. Canonbury Arranged from Schumann 

m J ij j ^ 'I i j pi 17 

I I love the Lord, for my re - quest An 

And hum-ble plea He makes His care; 


Him throiigh life my faith shall rest, For He both heaxB and an-swers prayer. 

ja.. n > . ji 


Redemption and Grateful Love 

2 Brought nigh to death and full of 

The Lord's salvation I besought; 
He heard my cry, He sent relief, 
My soul from depths of woe He 


3 Most kind and righteous is the Lord, 

Our God is merciful indeed, 
Delighting ever to afford 
IBs help to me in time of need. 

4 Return imto thy rest, my soul, 

The Lord has richly dealt with thee, 
Delivered thee from death's control. 
From sin and sorrow set thee free. 

5 Since He has freed my eyes from 
And kept my feet from evil ways. 
Redeemed from life's distressing fears, 
With Him I walk, and Him I praise. 

6 In my affliction and my pain, 

When fears alarmed and hopes deceived, 
I found all human helpers vain, 
But in the Lord my sold believed. 

311 The Living Sacrifice 

PSALM 116 L. M. Wallace Benjamin F. Baker 

I What shall I ren - der to the Lord For all His ben - e - fits to me ? 

■J ^ .^i f) 





How shall my soul by grace re - stored Give wor- thy thanks, O Lord, to Thee? 

2 Salvation's cup of blessing now 

I take, and call upon God's Name; 
Before His saints I pay my vow 
And here my gratitude proclaim. 


4 With thankful heart I offer now 

My gift, and call upon God's Name; 
Before His saints I pay my vow 
And here my gratitude proclaim. 

3 His saints the Lord delights to save, 5 Within His house, the house of prayer, 

Their death is precious in His sight; I dedicate myself to God; 

He has redeemed me from the grave, Let all His saints His grace declare 

And in His service I delight. And join to soimd His praise abroad* 



PSALM 116 C. M. 

Granted Prayers 

AZMON Ananged from Carl G. GUlaer 

fhnni 'l i iJiH i fn JL 



love the Lord Who heard my cry And grant -ed my re - quest; 

y4M j I a r ^^ 

f^Ui JNnl^ J liii J 


In Him Who hears and an-swers prayer My trust through life shall rest. 

^ p |P ? I c 

2 With deadly sorrows compassed 

My heart was full of grief; 
Then to the Lord I made my prayer 
That He woiild send relief. 

3 The Lord is just and mercifiil, 

And gracious to the meek; 
He saved me when I cried to Him, 
Though I was poor and weak. 

4 Return unto thy rest, my soul, 

No longer troubled be; 

The Lord sustains thee, and has dealt 
Most graciously with thee. 

5 Before my Saviour I will live, 

From death He saved my soul, 
My eyes from tears, my feet from 
And He has made me whole. 

6 In my affliction this I found, 

That human help deceived. 
But ever faithful was the Lord 
In Whom my soul believed. 


Consecration and Dedication 

PSALM 116 c. M. 


William Schulthes 

iUii'J J J 


ren - der to the Lord, What shall my of - faring be, 


f i r F ?i[ f ^ I 'l' ^m 





For all the 

gra - cious ben - e 

- fits He has be- stowed on 













[Stanau 7^1] 

Consecration and Dedication 

3 Salvation's cup my soul will take 
While to the Lord I pray, 
And with His people I will meet, 
My thankful vows to pay. 

3 Not lightly does the Lord permit 

His chosen saints to die; 
From death Thou hast delivered me, 
Thy servant. Lord, am I. 

4 The sacrifice of praise I bring 

While to the Lord I pray. 
And with His people I will meet. 
My thankful vows to pay. 

5 Within His house, the house of prayer, 

My soul shall bless the Lord, 
And praises to His holy Name 
Let all His saints accord. 

314 World-Wide Worship 

PSALM 117 L. M. Sabbath Bell John H. Tenney 

m ; j' J ij: U4m 

I With thank-ful voice praise ye the Lord, Je - ho-vah's praise in song re- cord ; 

ml I [ i p f Fn^ 

■ ff f i ^'iiffijJ ^^ 

Yea, all ye peo - pie ev - ery-where, Je - ho-vah's wor-thy praise de - clare. 

I- it ^" ■' ^ 

2 For loving-kindness ever great 
Toward us and all who on Him wait, 
For truth to endless years the same. 
Praise ye Jehovah's holy Name. 


315 The Universal Fellowship of Worship 

PSALM 117 88 and 78 



George C. Stebbins 

I Praiseje-ho-vah, all ye na-tions, All ye peo-ple,praise proclaim; For His grace and 


i tTf 1^ 1 

|l >'HfJ^J IjJj/j l U J l J:^JJ | JJr^J | 

lov-ing-kind-ness O singprais-es to His Name. For the greatness of His mer-cy 

Constant praise to Him accord ; £v-er-more His truth en-dur-eth; Hal- le- lu - jah,praise the Lord. 

Copyright, 1901, by Geo. C. StcbblDS. Used by per. 



The World-Wide Praise of God 

PSALM 117 68 and 48 


Johann G. Braun 

iil,'i ^ '^liiii 

I All men on earth that live,To God all glo -ry g^ve, Praise ye the Lord ; His loving- 

kindness bless, His constant faith - f ul-ness And changeless truth confess; Praise ye the Lord. 

fKfi i 'tf^'JMf 


317 God an All-Sufficient Helper 

PSALM 118 C. M. Heavenly Fold wuiiam F. Sherwin 

I O praise the Lord^or He is good;Let all in heaven a - bove And all His saints on 

'f if f f F i|-j| 

earth proclaim His ev - er-last-ing love. In my dis-tress I called on God; In 

vifrr rriri 

grace He an - swered me, Re-moved my bonds,enlarged my place, From trouble set me 

^- r r T r 


Copyright by Wm. F. Sherwin. Used by per. 

2 The Lord with me, I will not fear 
Though human might oppose; 
The Lord my helper, I shall be 

Triimiphant o'er my foes. 
No trust in men, or kings of men. 

Can confidence afford, 
But they are strong, and sure their 
Whose hope is in the Lord. 

3 Though nations compass me about, 
The swarming hosts of sin. 
Yet in the Name of God the Lord 

I shall the victory win. 
The Lord hath helped and kept me 
When foes were fierce and strong; 
The Lord my Saviour is become. 
He is my strength and song. 

4 Salvation's jo3rful song is heard 

Where'er the righteous dwell; 
For them God's hand is strong to save 

And doeth all things well. 
I shall not die, but live and tell 

The wonders of the Lord; 
He hath not given my soul to death. 

But chastened and restored. 



Thoughts for the Sanctuary 

PSALM 118 C. M. 


Lowell Mason 

i: ii iij; n\i \ i i;; i . 

I The glo -nous gates of right -eous-ness Throw o - pen un - to me, 




\i\ i^i Ji ;. : f J4^j: ;0-| 

And I will en - ter them with praise, O Lord, my God, to Thee, 


^'1^- i I f i r'fe H 




And I will en - ter them with praise, O Lord, my God, to Thee. 

•r.( ^ff | f ^ ^ f. ^^^ 



[Stanzas 9-15] 

2 This is Thy temple-gate, Lord, 

The just shall enter there; 
My Saviour, I will give Thee thanks, 
O Thou that hearest prayer. 

3 The stone rejected and despised 

Is now the comer-stone; 
How wondrous are the ways of God, 
Unfathomed and unknown! 

4 In this the day that Thou hast made 

Triimiphantly we sing; 
Send now prosperity, Lord, 
O Lord, salvation bring. 

5 Hosanna! Ever blest be He 

That Cometh in God's Name, 
The blessing of Jehovah's house 
Upon you we proclaim. 


Thoughts for the Sanctuary 

6 I'he light of joy to shine on us 

The Lord our God hath made; 
Now be the precious sacrifice 
Upon His altar laid. 

7 b Lord, my God, I praise Thy Name, 

AU other names above; 
O give Him thanks, for He is good 
And boundless is His love. 

319 Deliverance and Victory 

PSALM 118 L. M. Stonefield Samuel Stanley 

j i j^^HF'Fi'i^ 


I Give thanks and praise to Crod a-bove, For ev - er-last - ing is His love; 




c f i RF i p i F i r p ^ 

Praise Him, ye saints,your Sav- iour praise, For-ev - er good in all His ways. 

2 Let all His servants tell abroad 
The never-failing grace of God; 
Let all who fear Jehovah's Name 
His everlasting love proclaim. 

3 In bondage of distress and grief 
To God I cried, and sought relief; 
In wondrous love He heard my plea 
And set my soul at liberty. 

4 Though foes assail I will not fear, 
For at my side the Lord is near; 
The Lord my helper, I shall win 
The victory o'er the hosts of sin. 

5 Who put their trust in God Most High 
On everlasting strength rely; 
Their confidence shall pass away 
Who make the arm of flesh their stay. 


320 Thankfulness and Triumphant Joy 

PSALM 118 L. M. Appleton William Boyce 

01 iiJ.JlJ j JI MJ ] JH j^J I 

I Ye gates of peace and joy un - told, Ye gates of right-eous-ness, un - fold, 

That I may en • ter in and raise A song of thank- ful-ness and praise. 

^ J. 

2 Within Thy gates, O God of grace, 
Thy saints shall find a dwelling-place; 
My thanks and praise to Thee I bear. 
My Saviour, Who hast heard my 


3 What wondrous things the Lord hath 

The stone the builders set at naught. 
Established by no human hand. 
The chiefest comer-stone doth stand. 


4 In this the day the Lord hath made 
To Him be joyful honors paid; 

Let us Thy full salvation see, 
Lord, send now prosperity. 

5 Hosanna! Praise to Him proclaim 
Who Cometh in Jehovah's Name; 
May blessing from God's dwelling- 

Descend on us in boimdless grace. 


The Blessedness of Obedience 

PSALM 119 L. M. 


Samuel P. Tuckerman 

P>'.\U Ji^^^J 

■^o 1 



I How blest the per - feet in the way Who from God's law do not de-part, 










Who,hold-ing fast the word of truth, Seek Him with un - di - vid - ed heart 





The Blessedness of Obedience 


2 Yea, they are kept from paths of sin 

Who walk in God's appointed way; 
Thy precepts Thou hast given us 
That we should faithfully obey. 

3 My wavering heart is now resolved 

Thy holy statutes to fulfil; 
No more shall I be brought to shame 
When I regard Thy holy will. 

4 To Thee my praise sincere shall rise 

When I Thy righteous judgments learn; 
Forsake me not, but be my guide, 
And from Thy truth I will not turn. 

Guidance for Youth 

PSALM 119 L. M. 


William H. Doane 


I How shall the young di - rect their way ? What light shall be their per - feet guide ? 





'F f f'F fjif' i 



ij'L^ " 




-f- -«- 




Thyword,0 Lord, will safe-ly lead, If in its wis- dom they con - fide. 



ip p pir Mr r ^m 




By pcnnlnion of W. H. Dowie 

2 Sincerely I have sought Thee, Lord, 

O let me not from Thee depart; 

To know Thy will and keep from sin 

Thy word I cherish in my heart. 

3 O blessed Lord, teach me Thy law, 

Thy righteous judgments I declare; 
Thy testimonies make me glad, 
For they are wealth beyond compare. 

4 Upon Thy precepts and Thy ways 

My heart will meditate with awe; 
Thy word shall be my chief delight, 
And I will not forget Thy law. 


[PArt II] 

323 Our Pilgrimage Guide 

PSALM 119 C. M. St. Martin's wmiam Tans'nr 

| ^ftjl/^Vffl^^V l ^njl;^Jj l jjj l jl 

I Thy serv - ant, blest by Thee, shall live And keep Thy word with awe ; 



Lord, o - pen Thou my eyes to see The won - ders of Thy law. 

1 ^1 n^ '^jA£ 

iF i £,TFfif" 


2 A pilgrim in the earth am I, 3 Thou dost rebuke the proud, O Lord, 

Thy will to me reveal; Who hate Thy holy Name; 

To know Thy truth my spirit yearns, But since I keep Thy righteous law, 

Consumed with ardent zeal. Deliver me from shame. 

4 I on Thy statutes meditate, 
Though evil men deride; 
Thy faithful word is my delight, 
My counselor and guide. 


Our Only Source of Help 

PSALM 119 C. M. 


;o8iah Booth 

f^^i^ ^; hU hhi: u ^ \ m 


I My griev - ing soul re - vive, O Lord, Ac - cord - ing to Thy word ; 


rrvrf i fifi^ 1 ^ 


To Thee my ways I have de - clared. And Thou my pr 

i J- -JU. I I 

Thou my praver hast heard. 





Our Only Source of Help 

2 Teach me to know Thy holy way 

And think upon Thy deeds; 
In grief I ask for promised grace 
According to my needs. 

3 Keep me from fakehood, let Thy law 

With me in grace abide; 
The way of faithfulness I choose, 
Thy precepts are my guide. 

4 I cleave imto Thy truth, Lord; 

From shame deliver me; 
In glad obedience I will live 
Through strength bestowed by Thee. 

325 Instruction in the Divine Law 

PSALM 119 L. M. Bishop Joseph P. Holbrook 


J jgl Ia4j5i-f j I j jj id ^Jjg I 


I Teach me, O Lord, Thy way of truth, And from it I will not de - part ; 

That I may stead-fast - 

bey. Give me an im - der- stand -ing heart. 




2 In Thy commandments make me walk, 

For m Thy law my joy shall be; 

Give me a heart that loves Thy will, 

From discontent and envy free. 

3 Turn Thou my eyes from vanity. 

And cause me in Thy ways to tread; 
O let Thy servant prove Thy word 
And thus to godly fear be led. 

4 Turn Thou away reproach and fear; 

Thy righteous judgments I confess; 
To know Thy precepts I desire, 
Revive me in Thy righteousness. 



Promised Mercies 

PSALM 119 C. M. 


Charles H. Gabriel 

p;;i i J. n.J'iJ.r^TjT 


I Thy prom- ised mer - cies send to me, Thy great sal - va - tion. Lord; 

J J . J. J .. - , > , - - ,j^ 

I I- MMg t \ 



So shall I an - 


ifi'jij i j; /' ; t 



swer those who scoff ; My trust is in Thy word. 

\>^^'i^A^' \ Fgif i|i h F f fif II 

Copyright. 1901, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication [ Part VI] 

2 My hope is in Thy judgment, Lord; 3 And I will walk at liberty 

Take not Thy truth from me, Because Thy truth I seek; 

And in Thy law for evermore Thy truth before the kings of earth 

My daily walk sh^ll be. With boldness I will speak. 

4 The Lord's commands, which I have loved, 
Shall still new joy impart; 
With reverence I mil hear Thy laws 
And keep them in my heart. 

327 Comfort in Affliction 

PSALM 119 88 and 7s Wilmot Arranged from von Weber 

i i/ijrij jijJijjN jjJiJijrn 

1 Lord, Thy word to me re - mem - ber, Thou hast made me hope in Thee ; 

^■>"^f f f [If f f [iP'^fii^ ^ 


k>1 j^JiHrn^j J j iij j j i i 

This my com- fort in af - flic - tion That Thy word hath quick-ened me. 

^ J . r ic > f' f n f 

K'f f f 








Comfort in Affliction 

2 Mocked by those who are unrighteouSi 

Still to Thy commands I cleave; 
Thinkmg on Thy former judgments, 
Help and comfort I receive. 

3 Wicked men Thy law forsaking 

Stirred my indignation strong, 
For in all my pilgrim journey 
Thy conmiandments are my song. 

4 Thou hast been my meditation 

And Thy law hath been my guide; 
I have kept Thy righteous precepts, 
And have foimd them true and tried. 


God the Portion of the Soul 

PSALM 119 S. M. 


Henry Tucker 





I Thou art my por 

3-g « Ip ^ 

tion, Lord; Thy words I 


er heed ; 








With all my heart Thy grace I seek, Thy prom -is - es I plead. 

^ ^ jrg g: 


C I t t 






2 I thought upon my ways, 

Thy testimonies learned; 
With earnest haste, and waiting not, 
To Thy conunands I turned. 

3 While snares beset my path, 

Thy law I keep in view; 
At midnight I will give Thee praise 
For all Thy judgments true. 

4 All those who fear Thy Name 

Shall my companions be; 
Thy mercy fills the earth, O Lord; 
Thy statutes teach Thou me. 


[Part VIII] 

329 The Divine Goodness 

PSALM 119 98 and Ss Nilus Charles H. Gabriel 

I Thou,Lord,hast dealt well with Thy serv-ant, Thy prom-ise is f aith-ful and just ; 

In-struct me in judgment and knowledge, For in Thy commandments I trust. 



Copyright, 191a, bf United Presbyterian Board of Publication 


2 Before my affiction I wandered, 

But now Thy good word I obey; 
O Thou, Who art holy and gracious, 
Now teach me Thy statutes, I pray. 

3 The proud have assailed me with slander; 

Thy precepts shall still be my guide; 
Thy law is my joy and my treasure, 
Though sinners may boast in their pride. 

4 Affliction has been for my profit, 

That I to Thy statutes might hold; 
Thy law to my soul is more precious 
Than thousands of silver and gold. 

330 Illumination and Testimony 

PSALM 119 L. M. Marchfield Edward A. Collier 

I Thou, Who didst make and fash- ion me, O make me wise, Thy law to learn ; 

bml fi f \ [ [ \ i 





Then they that fear Thee shall be glad When they my hope 

^ M I f g F r-^ • I i g ■ P I ^ 

i T 

od dis-cem. 




7 i f jfff^f i n i 


Illumination and Testimony 

2 Thou, Lord, art just in all Thy ways, 

And faithful when Thou chastenest me; 
I pray Thee, let Thy promised grace 
Thy servant's help and comfort be. 

3 Show mercy, Lord, that I may live. 

For in Thy law is all my joy; 
While those who wrong me are rebuked, 
Thy precepts shall my thought employ. 

4 Let those that fear Thee turn to me. 

Thy truth to them will I proclaim; 
Instruct my heart to keep Thy law. 
That I may not be put to shame. 

331 Patient Endurance and Submission 

PSALM 119 CM. ManOAH From Greatorex's Church Music 

— 3-+Z 

jMpH \U J 

j IgJ i j 3 1 ' 

B • I j i 

I My soul for Thy sal - va - tion faints, But still I hope in Thee; 



1 ^ uphill II.J \ ^ 

p/ i 'j j i j ji^^j i ;' 'ijij ^i i ji ju 

I long to see Thy promised help, When Thou shalt com -fort me. 



pf, f i F ^if i F i F ^ 



2 Thy statutes I do not forget, 

Though wasting grief I know; 
Thy servant's days are few, O Lord; 
When wilt Thou judge my foe? 

3 The proud, disdainful of Thy law, 

Entrap me wrongfully; 
O Thou, Whose law is just and true. 
Help and deliver me. 

4 Almost consumed, yet from Thy law 

I have not turned away; 
In loving-kindness give me strength^ 
That I may still obey. 


[Part XI] 


PSALM 119 L. M. 

The Immutable Word 

Rockingham New 

Lowell Mason 


jj Jijiijijij^ 

I For- ev-er set - tied in the heavens,Thy wonl,0 Lord, shall finn-ly stand; 

f8 , p 4 - J , t — ^ 


M n f M 


iu\ihi u^ i m 


Thy f aith- f ul- ness shall nev-er fail; The earth a -bides at Thy com-mand. 


o-.»nf f r nf^ 

rii iiifr II 



2 Thy word and works unmoved remain, 3 I should have perished in my woe 

Thy every purpose to fulfil; Had not I loved Thy law divine; 

All things are Thme and Thee obey, That law I never can forget; 

And sdl as servants wait Thy will. O save me, Lord, for I am Thine. 

4 The wicked would destroy my soul. 
But on Thy truth I muse with awe; 
Imperfect I have found all else. 
But boundless is Thy wondrous law. 


PSALM 119 7« 

The Profit of Bible Study 


William B. Bnuibury 

I How I love Thy law, 



" f i f 

O Lordl Dai - ly joy 





its truths af - ford ; 



|)>ij J l J j i j jl j : ij'.^^li i 

In its con -stant light I 



go, Wise to con - quer ev - ery foe. 


ririii [ 


f f i f' H 


The Profit of Bible Study 

2 Thy commandments in my heart 
Truest wisdom can impart; 

To my eyes Thy precepts show 
Wisdom more than sages know. 

3 While my heart Thy word obeys, 
I am kept from evil ways; 

From Thy law, with Thee to guide, 
I have never turned aside. 

4 Sweeter are Thy words to me 
Than all other good can be; 
Safe I walk, Thy truth my light, 
Hating falsehood, loving right. 

334 The Enlightening Power of the Word 

PSALM 119 L. M. 


Theodore £. Perkins 


P J 1^ 1 


I Thy word sheds light up - on my path ; A shin-ing light, it guides my feet ; 

Thy righteous judgments to ob - serve My sol-emnvow I now re -peat 

2 In my distress I plead with Thee, 

Send help according to Thy word; 
Accept my sacrifice of praise 
And make me know Thy judgments, Lord. 

3 In danger oft and nigh to death, 

Thy law remembered is my aid; 
The wicked seek my overthrow, 

Yet from Thy truth I have not strayed. 

4 Thy precepts are my heritage, 

For daily they my heart rejoice; 
To keep Thy statutes faithfully 
Shall ever be my willing choice. 


[Part XIV] 


Devotion to tfie Divine Law 

PSALM 119 L, M. 


jAU l U'i: Ui''UM \ i'-ii: 

Joseph P. Holbrook 


I De-ceit and false - hood I ab-hor, But love Thy law,Thy truth re-vealed; 

iA i\ U^i i \ i i i i 


My stead-fast hope is in Thy word ; Thou art my ref - uge and my shield ; 

#J i f:i; J' i /iJ'H; i ;ju ;U^N i i 

The paths of sin I have not trod, But kept the pre - cepts of my God. 

w ; 1 ^: I [: [ I F" }: H 

2 According to Thy graxdous word 

Uphold me, Lord, deliver me; 
O do not let me be ashamed 

Of patient hope and trust in Thee; 
O hold Thou me, and I shall stand 
And ever follow Thy command. 

3 The froward Thou hast set at nought 

Who vainly wander from the right; 
The wicked Thou dost count as dross; 

Thy just decrees are my delight; 
For fear of Thee I stand in awe 
And reverence Thy most holy law. 




Watching and Eager Longing 

PSALM 119 88 and 7s 


Thomas Hastings 

I I have fol-lowed truth and jus- tice ; Leave me not in deep dis -tress; 

P'-AHf p 








I J i I j-J J 


Be my help and my pro - tec -tion, Let the proud no more op- press. 

For Thy word and Thy sal - va 

tion, Lord, my eyes with long - ing fail ; 

j'/d jid J 



Teach Thy stat-utes to Thy serv-ant, Let Thy mer - cy now pre - vail. 



[Part XVI] 

2 I am Thine, O give me wisdom, 

Make me know Thy truth, I pray; 
Sinners have despised Thy statutes; 

Now, O Lord, Thy power display. 
Lord, I love Thy good commandments 

And esteem them more than gold; 
All Thy precepts are most righteous; 

Hating sin, to these I hold. 


337 The Wondrous Testimonies of God 

PSALM 119 L. M. Brookfield Thomas B. Southgate 

I Thy won-drous tes • ti - mo- nies,Lord, My soul will keep and great -ly praise; 

Thy word, by faith - f ul lips proclaimed,To sim - plest minds the trim con-veys. 

2 I thirst for Thy commandments, Lord, 

And for Thy mercy press my claim; 
O look on me, and show the grace 
Displayed to all who love Thy Name. 

3 Dh-ect my footsteps in Thy word, 

From sin's dominion save my soul. 
From man's oppression set me free. 
That I may yield to Thy control. 

4 O make Thy face to shine on me, 

And teach me all Thy laws to keep; 
Because Thy statutes are despised, 
With overwhelming grief I weep. 

[Part XVII] 


True Love for the Word 

PSALM 119 C. M. 


Joseph P. Holbrook 

I O Lord,Thy per - feet right-eous-ness Is in Thy judgments shown ; 



In Thy un-chang-ing faith -ful-ness Thy truth Thou hast made known. 


ur r i h I f If Mr r i . ii 

290 [PMtXVIII] 

True Love for the Word 

2 Because Thy foes forget Thy law 

My soul is greatly stirred; 
Thy servant loves the purity 
Of Thy most holy word. 

3 Though I am humble and despised, 

I strive Thy will to do; 
Eternal is Thy righteousness, 
And all Thy law is true. 

4 Delight amid distress and pain 

Do Thy conunandments give; 
Thy word is righteous evermore, 
Teach me that I may live. 

339 Importunate Prayer 

PSALM 119 S. M. Anton Anton Gerebach 

j JI J ^ NN J Hl' ^ 

I O Lord, my ear - nest cry Thy Hsrtening ear has heard ; With Thy sal - va - tion 


I i i J i i I j ) '■'■•' 'I M '| |=^ 

an - swer me, And I will keep Thy word, And I will keep Thy word. 

b-f !f i fif f f f i^ 



2 At early dawn I prayed, 

Thy promises my trust; 
At night I thought upon Thy word, 
Most holy and most just. 

3 O hear me in Thy grace, 

In mercy quicken me; 
The wicked plan to do me harm, 
But they are far from Thee. 

4 Thou, Lord, art near to me, 

And true are Thy commands; 
Of old Thy testimonies show 
Thy truth eternal stands. 


[Part XIX] 

340 Divine Help Invoked 

PSALM 119 L. M. Eucharist Isaac B. Woodbury 

I Regard my grief and res - cue mei For I do not for- get Thy laws; 

As Thou hast promised, save me, Lord ; Re - deem my soul, and plead my cause. 

p^f p 









[Part XX] 

2 Far b salvation from the men 3 I bear the spite of many foes, 

Who do not seek Thy statutes, Lord; Yet from Thy law I do not swerve; 

Great are Thy mercies, quicken me I saw the faithless and was grieved, 

According to Thy holy word. For they Thy word do not observe. 

4 Behold how I Thy precepts love! 

In kindness, Lord, revive Thou me; 
The siun of all Thy word is truth, 
Thy word abides eternally. 


PSALM 119 C. M. 

Praise and Perfect Peace 

St. James 

Raphael Courteville 

pXjW H J i J J JHj^ i J j 



I Though might • y foes as - sail me, Lord, I fear not them, but Thee; 


\ \ iTi^f f f ir ^ 

tf»' nn , 



As bound- less wealth and price - less spoil. Thy word re - joic - es me. 



f Tf i if nij i : 





Praise and Perfect Peace 

2 Deceit and falsehood I abhor, 

But in Thy law delight; 
Throughout the day I praise Thy Name, 
For all Thy ways are right. 

3 Great peace has he who loves Thy law, 

Unmoved, he safely stands; 
For Thy salvation I have hoped 
And followed Thy commands. 

4 Thy testimonies I have kept. 

They are my chief delight; 
Observant of Thy law and truth, 
I walk before Thy sight. 

342 Longing and Confession 

PSALM 119 L. M. Ernan Lowell Mason 

I O let my sup - pli - cat - ing cry By Thec,my gra - cious Lord, be heard ; 





Give wis-dom and de - liv - er me Ac - cord-ing to Thy faith - ful word. 












2 Instructed in Thy holy law, 

To praise Thy word I lift my voice; 
O Lord, be Thou my present help, 

For Thy conmiandments are my choice. 

3 For Thy salvation I have longed, 

And in Thy law is my delight; 
Enrich my soul with life divine, 
And help me by Thy judgments right. 

4 Thy servant like a wandering sheep 

Has lost the path and gone astray; 
Restore my soul and lead me home, 
For Thy commands I would obey. 


[Part XXII] 

343 The False Tongue 

PSALM 120 L. M. Retreat Thomas Hastings 

li'ij ji; im^i mm i uj ii n I 

I I cried to God in my dis-tress, And by the Lord my prayer was heard ; 


' ^ ' i' ff I ' ni m 

O save me, Lord, from ly - ing lips And from the false, de - ceit - ful word. 

f'^Nf [f ro^'F^^ 

2 What woe for falsehood can atone, 

Or punish the deceitful tongue, 
The tongue whose speech consumes like fire, 
Whose words like deadly shafts are flung? 

3 Alas for me, whose lot is cast 

With those who find their joy in strife I 
With those who hate the paths of peace 
I long have dwelt and spent my life. 

4 In thought and act I am for peace. 

Peace I pursue and ever seek; 
But those about me are for strife, 
Though I in love and kindness speak. 


PSALM 121 C. M. 





Quiet Trust 

St. Agnes 

John. B. Dykes 





^ ^ l^ -i— I 

I I to the hills will lift my eyes ; O whence shall come my aid ? 





F^ 1^^ ^rJ 

My help is from the Lord a - lone, Who heaven and earth has made. 

y^ j j ^ 



falf f MF f 



Quiet Trust 

2 He will not let thy foot be moved, 3 Thy faithful keeper is the Lord, 

Thy guardian never sleeps; Thy shelter and thy shade; 

With watchful and unslumbering care ^eath sun or moon, by day or night, 

His own He safely keeps. Thou shalt not be afraid. 

4 From evil He will keep thee safe, 
For thee He will provide; 
Thy going out, thy coming in. 
Forever He will guide. 

345 Our Unsleeping Guardian 

PSALM 121 78 Guide 

Maicus M. Wells 



H'l I 'l. I ^ 






To the hills I lift my eyes ; Whence shall help for me a - rise ? 
From the Lord shall come my aid, Who the heaven and earth has made 




^ . « ». r^ 






He will guide through dan - gers all, Will not suf - f er thee to fall ; 








He Who safe His peo - pie keeps Slum-bers not 








and nev - er sleeps. 


/g g- 



2 Thy protector is the Lord, 
Shade for thee He will aflFord; 
Neither sun nor moon shall smite, 
God shall guard by day and night. 
He wiD ever keep thy soul, 
What would harm He will control; 
In the home and by the way 
He will keep thee day by day. 



346 Unwavering Trust in God 

, PSALM 121 78 Pilot John E. Gould 

tf /il ji j : j.n ii j i H i Hn i : 


I To the hills I lift my eyes; Whence shall help for me a - rise? 



i nip'tn 




¥ i J IJ: j' p-^ 

\ il\V ( i j'l^ 


From the Lord shall come my aid, Who the heaven and earth has made. 

a— # <2- 



TF!T'giF i nirf f FiF I 

iif'nii 1,1 [i^,if. 

He will guide through dangers all^ ;^ . Will not suf - fer thee to fall ; . 



\n\rt 1 1 \ 9^ \ 

V — V 



f H i j: Jp/ I Jl H l Hj J' l j I I 

He Who safe His peo - pie keeps Slum-bers not and nev - er sleeps. 

-(22 _ — m-i ,0 ' ^ T^ T" ■ g? 

>'' [■ \ If- \ 






2 Thy protector is the Lord, 
Shade for thee He will afford; 
Neither sun nor moon shall smite, 
God shall guard by day and night. 
He will ever keep thy soul, 
What would harm He will control; 
In the home and by the way 
He will keep thee day by day. 



The Watchful Care of God 

PSALM 121 I08 and 4s 

Lux Beata 

Albert L. Peace 


ikj j ji« u ^ 

I Un- to the hills 


a- round do 

My longing eyes; O whence for 

me shall my sal - va - tion come, From whence a - rise ? From God the 

Lord doth come my cer-tain aid, From God the Lord Who heaven and earth hath made. 

2 He will not suffer that thy foot be moved, 

Safe shalt thou be; 
No careless slumber shall His eyelids dose 

Who keepeth thee; 
Behold He sleepeth not, He slumbereth ne'er, 
Who keepeth Israel in His holy care. 

3 Jehovah is Himself thy keeper true; 

Thy changeless shade 
Jehovah, evermore on thy right hand, 

Himself hath made; 
And thee no sun by day shall ever smite, 
No moon shall harm thee in the silent night. 

4 From every evil shall He keep thy soul. 

From every sin; 
Jehovah shaU preserve thy going out, 

Thy coming in; 
Above thee watching. He Whom we adore 
Shall keep thee henceforth, yea, for evermore. 



Attachment to the Church 

PSALM 122 C. M. 

Harvey's Chant 

WiUiam B. Bradbufy 

I With joy and glad-ness 


my soul I hear the call to prayer; 


i ^ i i i i 








to God's own house 




^ ^ ^ ^ f f - 








bow be - fore Him 






f.' ' i i 



And bow be - fore Him there. 







2 We stand within thy sacred walls, 

O Zion, blest for aye, 
Wherein the people of the Lord 
United homage pay. 

3 They come to learn Jehovah's will, 

His mighty deeds to own, 
For there is judgment's royal seat, 
Messiah's kingly throne. 

4 O pray that Zion may be blest 

And have abundant peace, 
For all that love thee in their hearts 
Shall prosper and increase. 

5 I pray the Lord that peace may still 

Within thy walls abound. 
And ever in thy palaces 
Prosperity be found. 

6 Yea, for the sake of friends and kin, 

My heart desires thy peace. 
And for the house of God the Lord 
My care shall never cease. 



Love for the Lord's House 

PSALM 122 I08 


Frederick C. Atkinson 





■^ — *--^ 



I My heart was glad to hear the wel-come sound, The call to 

r>ip p pif j 



f f.| l - l , f-f I 





3' ^^ 1 1 





seek Je - ho - vah^s house of prayer ; Our feet are stand 

H f f i ' 1^ M 





%\i \ \v v\\\\\i\\ \ . 



here on ho - ly ground, With - in thy gates, thou cit - y grand and fair. 

,yt -p t I | g I "T^ C f i f f f f i f P "^ 


2 God's people to Jerusalem repair 

To hear His word and worship Him with praise; 
The throne of justice stands eternal there, 
Messiah's throne through endless length of days. 

3 Let earnest prayer be made for Zion's peace; 

Thy sons who hold thee dear shall prosper well; 
May blessing in thy palaces increase 
^d peace within thy walls forever dwell. 

4 For all my brethren and companions' sakes 

My prayer shall be, Let peace in thee abide; 
Since God the Lord in thee His dwelling makes, 
To thee my love shall never be denied. 



Devotion to the Church 

PSALM 122 L. M. 


Lowell Mason 

^ I g 

r r r 

I With joy I heard my friends ex - claim, ComCi let us in God's tem- pie meet ; 







w iii \ i i^t^tm 




r r r 

With -in thy gates, O Zi - on blest, Shall ev-er stand our 

will - ing feet. 

a How beautiful doth Zion stand, 
A dty built compact and fair; 
The people of the Lord unite 
With joy and praise to worship there. 

3 They come to learn the will of God, 
To pay their vows, His grace to own, 
For there is judgment's royal seat, 
Messiah's sure and lasting throne. 

4 For Zion's peace let prayer be made; 

May all that love thee prosper weU; 
Within thy walls let peace abide, 
And gladness with thy children 

5 For sake of friends and kindred dear, 

My heart's desire is Zion's peace, 
And for the house of God, the Lord, 
My loving care shall never cease. 


Attentive Waiting 

PSALM 123 L. M. 


Robert Lowry 

\ U^ j.jj 3 l i^J Ij J,jU-lN^-S 

I To Thee, O Lord, I lift my eyes, O Thou en-throned a - bove the skies ; 

f i J:; j i lJpjiJ ;:J'f f | J»J j l 

As serv-ants watch their mas - ter^s hand, Or maid-ens by their mis^tress stand, 

Copyr^lht, 1903. by Mm/ Rtnyoa Lowry. ReaewBl. Used bjr per. 


Attentive Waiting 

',> J ;n' j Hi j i ui:i^i Hi j m 

So to the Lord our eyes we raise, Un - til His mer - cy He dis- plays. 

I Pi 





To Thee, O Lord, I 

lift my eyes, O Thou enthroned a - bove the skies. 

2 O Lord, our God, Thy mercy show, 
For man's contempt and scorn we know; 
Reproach and shame Thy saints endiure 
From wicked men who dwell secure; 
Man's proud contempt and scorn we know; 
O Lord, our God, Thy mercy show. 


Escape from Enemies 

PSALM 124 C. M. 


H. A. C^sar Malan 





I Had not the Lord been Is - raePs help When an - gry foes as - sailed. 




a> B> 

(g g | g fg 

eip wne 








^ ^ 




j- i j i ^rJ .hj 



Had not the Lord been on our side, Our right - eous cause had failed. 




2 Without His help the waters proud 

Had overwhelmed oiu: soul, [ wrath 
But, praised be God, the waves of 
Are under His control. 

3 We are escaped, as from the snare 

A bird in safety flies; 

The snare is broken and our souls 
In liberty arise. 

4 Our help is in the glorious Name, 
The Name of matchless worth, 
Of Him to Whom all power belongs, 
The Lord of heaven and earth. 



PSALM 124 


Divine Deliverance 

Old 124TH 

Genevan Psalter 


I Now 



ra - el 




















g ^^=g 





that the Lord had 

\>\r f 



not our right main-tained, If 

t t r f i ^ =TJ 


that the 


ir f fi 


j ^ ^ J I il 





Lord had not with us re - mained, When cm - el men a - 

g — g 


gainst us rose to strive, We sure - ly had been swallowed up 


»J f f f li^ I f" 

2 Yea, when their wrath against us fiercely rose, 

The swelling tide had o'er us spread its wave, 
The raging stream had then become our grave, 
The surging flood, in proudly swelling roU, 
Most surely then had overwhelmed our soul. 

3 Blest be the Lord Who made us not their prey; 

As from the snare a bird escapeth free, 

Their net is rent and so escaped are we; 

Our only help is in Jehovah's Name, 

Who made the earth and all the heavenly frame. 


Our Sure Defense 

Bradford Arranged from Handel 

I Like Zi • on's stead- fast mount are they Who in the Lord con - fide ; 




Se - cure, im - mov - a - ble they stand, For-ev 







er to 

a - bide. 



2 As round about Jerusalem 

The mountains give defense, 
Jehovah is His people's guard, 
Their lasting confidence. 

3 No tyrant's scepter o'er the good 

Shall undisturbed abide, 
Lest righteous men, oppressed by 
To evil tiun aside. 

4 O Thou Jehovah, to the good 

Thy goodness now impart. 

Thy loving-kindness show to them 
That upright are in heart. 

5 All those that turn from righteous- 

With wayward, wandering feet. 
With sinners God will lead them forth, 
The sinner's doom to meet. 

6 O Thou Who art Thy people's shield. 

Their helper and their guide. 
Upon them let Thy grace and peace 
For evermore abide. 



Vincent Novello 

^Jij J J j i , 



I Like Zi - on*s stead- fast mount are they Who in the Lord con -fide; 






^ ^ ^Ij i^V'i l j J J i 


Se - cure, im - mov - a - ble they stand, 

For - ev - er to a - bide. 



355 Protecting Grace 

PSALM 125 7t and 6t Miriam Joseph P. Honnook 

i n i \ i 

I All who ¥nth heart con - fid - ing De-peod on God a - lone, 










j l :^: ^ I J 

Like Z\ ' on*s mount a - bid - ing, Shall ne'er be o - ver • thrown. 

: P p P i f^fi^ ^ 




Like Zi - on's cit - y bound - ed By guard • ing moun - tains broad, 

^ -W- ^. -(9- -#- :^ — -^ — I , <g* ^ 










3 J ^. ^ I i 

His peo - pie are sur-round - ed For - ev - er by their God. 

Kri F F 1 ^' M 



s No scepter of oppression 

Shall hold unbroken sway. 
Lest unto base transgression 

The righteous turn away. 
Thy favor be imparted 

To godly men, Lord; 
Bless all that are pure-hearted. 

The good with good reward. 

3 The men who falsehood cherish, 

Forsaking truth and right, 
With wicked men shall peri^, 

God will their sin requite. 
From sin Thy saints ddending. 

Their joy, O Lord, increase 
With mercy never ending 

And everlasting peace. 



The Divine Protection 

PSALM 125 78 and 6s 


Charles H. Gabriel 

'llj l j a iU: i^^ 

I All who with heart con - fid - ing De - pend on God a - lone, 

m\ [\[ [[ [ 


ffA'f i J h J i Jij i J ^ 

Like Zi • on*s mount a - bid - ing, Shall ne'er be o - ver - thrown 


fi' V' i ] ii J'l J: m 

Like Zi - on's cit - y bound - ed By guard - ing moun-tains broad, 



' g I f: P 1 ^ I f }, f^ ^ 

His peo - pie are sur- round - ed For-ev - er by their God. 




^ J / 

I f' F iMf 

Copyright, 1904, bjr United Preabyteriui Board of PablicatioB 

2 No scepter of oppression 

Shall hold iinbroken sway, 
Lest unto base transgression 

The righteous turn away. 
Thy favor be imparted 

To godly men, O Lord; 
Bless all that are pure-hearted. 

The good with good reward. 

3 The men who falsehood cherish, 

Forsaking truth and right, 
. With wicked men shall perish, 

God will their sin requite. 
From sin Thy saints defending, 

Their joy, O Lord, increase 
With mercy never ending 
And everlasting peace. 



Rescue from Spiritual Bondage 

PSALM 126 L. M. 


W. Martin 

I When Zi - on in her low es 

- tate Was brought frombondage by me Lord, 

In ec - sta - sy we sang for joy, By grace and won-drous love re-stored. 

^ )^ y 

2 The Lord in greatly blessing us [plays; As failing streams are made to flow, 

Before the world His power dis- Replenished by abundant showers. 
Yea, great things God has done for us, 

And fiUed our hearts with joy and ^ ^he sower bearing precious seed 

praise. Msy weep as in his toil he grieves, 

3 O Lord, refresh us by Thy grace, But he shall come again with joy 

Revive and quicken all our powers, In harvest time with golden sheaves. 


Deliverance and Restoration 

PSALM 126 H. M. 


Lowell Mason 

fe :j I J: J J - i ^HH , 1 I J J 

J JU ' I 

g i g 

, (When 
' \ And 

in His might the Lord A • 
Zi - on was re -stored From 

rose to set 
her cap - tiv 

•"■'?!'! '■■ 

\>-df i f4 f \\m 


t t t T 





%^ m j I 






transports then of joy and mirth We praised the Lord 

of ail 


the earth 








2 The nations saw with fear 
The might of God displayed. 
When He at last drew near 

To give His people aid; 
Great things for us the Lord has wrought. 
And gladness to our hearts has brought. 



Deliverance and Restoration 

3 Again refresh us, Lord, 

With Thy reviving love, 
And be Thy blessing poured 

In mercy from above; 
By grace revive our hearts again, 
As streams refreshed by copious rain. 

4 Although with bitter tears 

The sower bears his seed, 
When harvest time appears 

He shall be glad indeed; 
For they that in the sowing weep 
Shall yet in joy and gladness reap. 

Conscious Dependence on God 

PSALM 127 L. M. 

Rose Hill 

Joseph E. Sweetser 

tf'-Hjj i r^'J i ,\j 

I Un-less the Lord the house shall build, The wea-ry build-ers toil in vain ; 

y*}^ I ( \ ^' 


4r|jjJ i rP i P p i ^ 

Un- less the Lord the cit - y shield, The guards a use - less watch main-tain. 


2 In vain you rise ere morning-break, 

And late your nightly vi^s keep, 
And of the bread of toU partake; 
God gives to His beloved sleep. 

3 Lo, children are a great reward, 

A gift from God in very truth; 
With arrows is his quiver stored 
Who joys in children of his youth. 

4 And blest the man whose age is cheered 

By stalwart sons and daughters fair; 
No enemies by him are feared, 
No lack of love, no want of care. 


360 Family Happiness 

PSALM 128 88 and 7s Jude 

William H. Jude 

I Blest the man that fears Je - ho • vah, Walk-ing ev - er in His ways; 












n I ^ i^ I j g 







By thy toil thou shalt be pros-pered And be hap - 

2 In thy wife thou shalt have gladness, 

She shall fill thy home with good, 
Happy in her loving service 
And the joys of motherhood. 

3 Joyful children, sons and daughters, 

Shall about thy table meet, 
Olive plants, in strength and beauty, 
Full of hope and promise sweet. 

4 Lo, on him that fears Jehovah 

Shall this blessedness attend, 
For Jehovah out of Zion 
Shall to thee His blessing send. 

5 Thou shalt see God's kingdom prosper 

All thy days, till life shall cease, 
Thou shalt see thy children's children; 
On Thy people, Lord, be peace. 


Conflict and Victory 

PSALM 129 L. M. 


Lowell Mason 




I Through all the years,may Is - rael say, My bit - ter foes have oft as - sailed, 

Have sought my hint in fierce ar 

o - ver me have not pre - vailed. 

■ f f MF 




Conflict and Victory 

2 Though scars of conflict and distress 
Remain to tell of trials past^ 
Jehovah in His righteousness 
Has safely brought us through at 

3 The foes of Zion shall be brought 
To hopeless flight and put to shame; 
Their wicked plans shall come to 
And aU mankind forget their name. 

4 To them no kindly friend shall say, 

God bless you now and speed you weU; 
No grateful heart for them shall pray. 
May God's rich blessing on you dwell. 

362 Redemption and Forgiveness 

PSALM 130 I OS and 4S Sandon Charles H. Puiday 

I From out the depths I cry, O Lord, to Thee ; Lord, hear my call; I love Thee, 

nfUf fiffff i f^'if i f fi' i f ^ 

Lord, for Thou dost heed my plea, For - giv - ing all ; If Thou shouldst mark our 

sins, who then could stand ? But grace and mer - cy dwell at Thy right hand. 

^><i!f f f l f- | f|H 

2 I wait for God, the Lord, and on His word 

My hope relies; 
My soul still waits and looks unto the Lord 

Till light arise; 
I look for Him to drive away my night, 
Yea, more than watchmen look for morning light. 

3 Hope in the Lord, ye waiting saints, and He 

Will well provide, 
For mercy and redemption full and free 

With Him abide; 
From sin and evil, mighty though they seem. 
His arm almighty will His saints redeem. 


363 Waiting Upon God 

PSALM 130 88 and 79 Evening Prayer George C. Stebtnxis 


'u i \ i.i, \ jMum 





I From the depths do I in- voke Thee, Lord, to me in - cline Thy ear ; 

kif [ i fig i Ffiff^f^^ 

i\u^\j^'\\i.iu.i^ \ m 

To my voice be Thou at - ten-tive, And my sup - pli - ca - tionhear. 

Wi fiFf i f [ i ff- i ^^ 




For the Lord my soul is waiting 
More than watchers in the night, 

More than they for morning watching, 
Watching for the morning light. 

Hope in God, ye waiting people; 

Mercies great with Hun abound; 
With the Lord a full redemption 

From the guilt of sin is found. 

Copjxight, 1906, by George C. Stebbins. Renewal. Used by per. 

2 Lord, if Thou shouldst mark trans- 4 

Li Thy presence who shall stand? 
But with Thee there is forgiveness, 
That Thy Name may fear command. 

3 For Jehovah I am waiting, 5 

And my hope is in His word. 
In His word of promise given; 
Yea, my soul waits for the Lord. 


PSALM 130 88 and 4 

Penitence and Hope 


Arthur S. Sullivan 

I From out the depths I cry to Thee ; O let Thy ear at - ten - tivc be, 

Hear Thou my sup - pli - cat - ing 

b4 f 




Have mer - cy, Lord. 






2 If marked by Thee our sin appeared, 3 I wait for Thee, my soul doth wait, 
Who, Lord, could stand in judgment Thy word my hope in every strait; 

cleared? [feared, None watch, O Lord, at morning's 

Forgiveness, that Thou mayst be gate 

There is with Thee. As I for Thee. 



PSALM 130 88, 5, 3 

Penitence and Hope 

4 O Israel, hope thou in the Lord, 
His mercy will thy faith reward^ 
He full redemption will accord 
From all thy sin. 

Pardoning Mercy 



Ethelbert W. Bullinger 






I From the depths my prayer as - cend - eth Un • to God on high ; 

2 None can stand unscathed and blame- 
In Thy judgment just, [less 
But the contrite in Thy mercy 
Hiunbly trust. 

3 Lord, my hope is in Thy promise. 
And I wait for Thee 
More than they who watch for morning, 
Light to see. 

4 With the Lord is tender mercy. 
And redeeming love; 
Israel, look for full salvation 
From above. 


PJ J j j i ^ 



Henry W. Baker 

HU J J j 


I From the depths my prayer as - cend - eth Un - to God 








366 Humility and Meekness 

PSALM 131 S. M. Olmutz Ananged by LoweU HUmou 



Ui \i * - 





I Not haugh-ty 





my heart, Not loft - y is my pride; 














J J j l i^N J j I 


I do not seek 

to know the things God's wis-dom hath 

de - nied. 


PSALM 132 88 and 78 

2 With childlike trust, O Lord, 

In Thee I calmly rest. 
Contented as a little child 
Upon its mother's breast. 

3 Ye people of the Lord, 

In Him alone confide; 
From this time forth and evermore 
His wisdom be your guide. 

God and His Church 


Robert Lowiy 

i i ii i iJ i ^'^ W 


I Gra-cious Lord, re-mem-ber Da • vid, How he made Thy house his care, 

lifjir \ \ \\\ I 

' Mi \ \ J i n i j ijW j'u I 

How he vowed to seek no pleas -ure Till Thy house he should pre -pare. 

Copjri%lMii i^oj* ^ Mwy Ruajrott Lowiy, 

1. Used bj per. 

Grod and His Church 

P^i: Ji/ i j j i j i \ i:iH\r-\ 

Lord, re -mem- ber his de -vo - tion; Rest -less in his courts he trod 

^ M . # • 0-^r0 w-0 ■— r-J-^ J- J- 


if ^ C^IM 

j /H Ui ni i j n i t i jH J 

Till he found a hab - i - ta - tion Fit for Is-raePs might - y God, 


; ; t 



f fif Fif FH P i 


f fA^H i J : ^J J' i J n ;;i jH J 




Till he found a hab - i - ta - tion Fit for Is -raePs might -y God. 

H^^ i \ T fff l f f I f tHf f 


2 Far away God's ark was resting; 

It is with His people now; 
We will go into His temple, 

At His footstool we will bow. 
With the ark Thy might revealing, 

Enter, Lord, into Thy rest; 
Let Thy priests be clothed with 

Let Thy joyful saints be blest. 

3 Let the king behold Thy favor 

For Thy servant David's sake, 
Unto whom a sacred promise, 

Sure and faithful, Thou didst make. 
K his children keep Thy covenant 

And Thy testimony own, 
Then, as Thou, O Lord, hast promised. 

They shall sit upon his throne. 

4 Thou, the Lord, hast chosen Zion, 

Thou hast ever loved her well; 
This My resting-place forever, 

Here, Thou sayst, I choose to dwell. 
Siurely I will bless and help her. 

Feed her poor, her saints make glad. 
And her priests shall stand before Me 

In salvation's garments clad. 

I will cause the might of David 

Ever more and more to grow. 
On the path of My Anointed 

I will make a lamp to glow; 
All His enemies shall perish, 

I will cover them with shame. 
But His crown shall ever flourish. 

Blessed be His holy Name. 



PSALM 132 L. M. 

The House of God 

Federal Street 

Henry K. Oliver 

I A - rise, O Lord, our God, a - rise And en - ter now in - to Thy rest ; 

i''\ J jlJ 







O let this house be Thy a - bode, For - ev- er with Thy pres-cnce blest. 

r-fh I f 



[ Selected Stuuas] 

2 Thy gradous covenant, Lord, fulfil, 4 I will abundantly provide 

Turn not away from us Thy face; For Zion's good, the Lord hath said; 

Establish Thou Messiah's throne I will supply her daily need 

And let Him reign within this place. And satisfy her poor with bread. 

3 Thy Zion Thou hast chosen, Lord, 
And Thou hast said, I love her well, 
This is my constant resting-place. 
And here will I delight to dwell. 

5 Salvation shall adorn her priests, [vine, 
Her saints shall shout with joy di- 
Messiah's power shall be revealed. 
His glory in His Church shall shine. 


Brotherly Love 

PSALM 133 C. M. 


Ananged from Wallace 


I How pleas - ant and how good it 



When breth-ren in the Lord 

ft ffg I 




Vr« 4» 














In one an - oth - er*s joy de - light And dwell in sweet ac - cord. 


Brotherly Love 

2 Such love is like anointing oil 

In consecration poured; 
Such love is like the morning dew. 
With sweet refreshment stored. 

3 To those who dwell in brotherhood 

The Lord His blessing sends. 
He crowns them with the crown of life. 
Of life that never ends. 

370 The Communion of Saints 

PSALM 133 C. P. M. Pressly Charles H. Gabriel 

I h f^ 

U \ :\: \ i \ ii n ^ 



J: I I 


I How good and pleas -ant is the sight When breth-ren make it their de - 



•^Tff fnr i f i rrr ^ 

| . |^J:lJ l J: iU 

i ^N-J'.W i n 



in blest ac - cord ; Such love is like a - noint - ing 

i^l. \ ^\i U 

oil That con - se-crates for ho - ly toil The serv - ants of the Lord. 

K _ _ _ _ .- _ _ _ 

I r i T i rr[rr[ i r i r i [ [i i 


Copyriifht, 1901, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Such love in peace and joy distils, 
As o'er the slopes of Hermon's hiUs 

Refreshing dew descends; 
The Lord commands His blessing there, 
And they that walk in love shall share 
In life that never ends. 



The Unity of Brotherhood 

PSALM 133 8s and 7 s 


Arthur S. Sallivan 




1 Be 


hold, how pleas - ant and how good That we, one Lord con - f ess - ing. 


f f ^'||| tfifiirfii I' 


To -geth -er dwell in broth -er- hood. Our u - ni - 

-geth - 

Whi p f ^ ^r i p ^ 

ty ez - press -ing; 


f^^jliU i \ i i j UU n J J l j ; ! 

Tis like the oil on Aar - on*s head, The seal of or - di - na - tion. 

nhinrtf nf f p ip i p 

l^y i J J J J l j:J^ 

That o'er his robes the sweet-ness shed Of per- feet con • se - era - tion. 

w^ i F f ^ fnnf ^ 

2 Behold, how pleasant and how good 

That we, one Lord confessing, 
Together dwell in brotherhood, 

Our unity expressing; 
Tis like the dew from Hermon fair 

On Zion's hill descending; 
The Lord commands His blessing there 

In life that is unending. 



Doxology and Benediction 

PSALM 134 C. P. M. 


Theodore £. PeHdna 

I Come, all ye servants of the Lord, Lift up your voice with one ac • cord 

Je - ho-vah*s Name to bless ; Ye that are stand-ing night by iiight 

With- in the house of His de- light, His glo-rious Name con- f ess. 


2 Yea, in His place of holiness 
Lift up your hands the Lord to bless; 

And unto you be given 
The joys that Zion doth afford, 
The richest blessing of the Lord 

Who made the earth and heaven. 


373 Incentives to Praise 

PSALM 135 98 and Ss Harvest-tide 

A. Croil Falcontr 

I O praise ye the Name of Je 

^" ' ' * * ^ 

ho - vah, Pro-claim ye His glo - ry a - broad ; 

O praise Him,ye serv-ants ap-point - ed To stand in the house of our 

2 O praise ye the Lord for His goodness; 

Tis pleasant His praises to sing; 
His people. His chosen and predous, 
Your praises with gratitude bring. 

3 I know that the Lord is almighty. 

Supreme in dominion is He, 
Performing His will and good pleasure 
In heaven and in earth and the sea. 

4 His hand guides the douds in their courses, 

The lightning flames forth at His will, 
The wind and the rain He rdeases 
His sovereign designs to fulfil. 

5 To ransom His people from bondage 

Great wonders and signs He displayed; 
He smote all the first-bom of Egypt, 
Till Pharaoh made haste and obeyed. 

6 Great nations and kings that opposed Him 

Were smitten by God's mighty hand; 
Their riches He gave to His people, 
And made them inherit the land. 

7 Thy Name shall abide, O Jehovah, 

Through all generations renowned; 
The Lord is the judge of His people, 
His merdes forever abound. 

8 Men's idols of gold and of silver 

Can speak not, nor hearken, nor see; 
Like th^ shall thdr makers be hdpless, 
Unblest shall their worshipers be. 


Incentives to Praise 

9 Ye people who worship Jehovah, 
His praises with glaxlness proclaim; 
His servants, and aJl ye that fear Him, 
Sing praise to His glorious Name. 

ID O Church of our God, sing His praises, 
For with you and in you He dwells; 
O sing Hallelujahs before Him, 
Whose glory all praises excels. 

374 Adoration of God 

PSALM 135 98 and Ss Janet 

George C. Stebbins 

I O praise ye the Name of Je- ho - vah. Pro -claim ye His glo - ry a -broad; 

I f j i j f Jj J; i 'j ^ 

Hi Nj J] l j: i 

O praise Him, ye serv-ants ap- point - ed To stand in the house of our God. 

J J ; / J 

Copyright, I9ts, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

[ Selected Stanat] 

2 O praise ye the Lord for His goodness; 

'Tis pleasant His praises to sing; 
His p)eople, His chosen and precious. 
Your praises with gratitude bring. 

3 I know that the Lord is almighty, 

Supreme in dominion is He, 
Performing His will and good pleasure 
In heaven and in earth and the sea. 

4 Ye people who worship Jehovah, 

His praises with gladness proclaim; 
His servants, and aJl ye that fear Him, 
Sing praise to His glorious Name. 

5 O Church of our God, sing His praises, 

For with you and in you He dwells; 
O sing Hallelujahs before Him, 
Whose glory all praises excels. 


375 Invitations to Praise 

PSALM 135 L. M. Creation Arranged from Haydn 


^jtl^J l ,^^^:^ l ^iJI;j l /^V^ l ;'v\-^fl l i: l 


I Ex -alt the Lord,His praise pro-claim ; AU ye His servants, praise His Name, 

T4 r 


Who in the Lord's house ev - er stand And hum - bly serve at His com-mand. 





PSALM 136 79 

[ Selected Stanas] 

2 The Lord b good, His praise proclaim; 
Since it is pleasant, praise His Name; 
His p)eople for His own He takes 
And His peculiar treasure makes. 

3 I know the Lord is high in state. 
Above all gods our Lord is great; 
The Lord performs what He decrees, 

In heaven and earth, in depths and seas. 

4 He makes the vapors to ascend 

In clouds from earth's remotest end; 
The lightnings flash at His conmiand. 
He holds the tempest in Hb hand. 

5 Forever praise and bless His Name, 
And in the Church His praise proclaim; 
In Zion is His dwelling-place; 

Praise ye the Lord, show forth His grace. 


Enduring Mercy 

Better Land William F. Sherwin 


I Praise }e - ho - vah for His love, God of gods, en-throned a • bove ; 

^ — 


n PM ^' m 





Enduring Mercy 

'A\f:/ I J: ^'J J'M I J:JMJ ^ j , 

Praise the might -y King of kings, Who a - lone doth won - drous things ; 

inin^FirftiiP i rp^ ^ 

m-U^' i J j' l jlJ'^j'li:i Jf l j ll 

For His mer - cy doth en - dure, Ev - er faith - ful, ev - er sure. 

^'^v^^w [ iivm r n . m u i 

2 God by wisdom framed the skies, 
Made the earth from ocean rise, 
Gave the sim by day for light, 
Moon and stars to rule the night; 

For His mercy doth endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

3 He made Egypt's greatness vain, 
Caiised their first-bom to be slain, 
Brought forth Israel from their land. 
Stretching out His mighty hand; 

For His mercy doth endure, 
Ever faithfid, ever sure. 

4 God the sea asunder dave. 
Brought His people throu^ the wave. 
Drowned their foes beneath the deep. 
Through the desert led His sheep; 

For His mercy doth endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

5 Mighty kings of mighty name 
He destroyed and put to shame. 
Made their land a heritage 

For His saints from age to age; 
For His mercy doth endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 

6 God remembered all our woe. 
Rescued us from every foe. 
Food to all doth He supply, 
Praise the Lord enthroned on high; 

For His mercy doth endure, 
Ever faithful, ever sure. 


PSALM 136 L. M. 

Divine Love 


Carl G. Reissiger 

(|*i;I^ J i l J'J l Ji Jl J 

I O thank the Lord, the Lord of love, 

O thank the God, all gods a - bove ; 

pjjrj J i j i i ni 

§) J \] i t \y/ Jl i\^ 

His ten - der mer - cies ev - er sure 

To all e - ter - ni - ty en - dure. 

[ Selected Stanau] 

2 O thank the mighty King of kings, 
Whose arm has done such wondrous things; 
His tender mercies ever sure 

To all eternity endure. 

3 His wisdom gave the heavens their birth, 
And on the waters spread the earth; 
His tender mercies ever sure 

To all eternity endure. 

4 He taught yon glorious lights their way, 
He made the sim to rule the day; 

His tender mercies ever sure 
To all eternity endure. 

5 He set the moon, with milder light, 
And shining stars to rule the ni^t; 
His tender mercies ever sure 

To all eternity endure. 

6 He thought on us amid our woes. 
And rescued us from all oiu* foes; 
His tender mercies ever sure 

To all eternity endure. 

7 Give thanks to heaven's Almighty King, 
Who daily feeds each living thing; 

His tender mercies ever sure 
To all eternity endure. 



The Unfailing Mercy of God 

PSALM 136 8s and 78 


Arthur S. Sullivan 

Hi i J i \ i:i i-m 



I Give thanks to God, for good is He, 


-i^^fi [iri I 



His grace a - bid - eth ev - er ; 

■^ J i n M h 

Ij l j J ^i 

i : I i 

To Him all praise and glo - ry be. 

His mer - cy fail - eth nev - er. 


toiJ JJJ Mi^ iii 



His won -drous works with praise re - cord, 

His grace a - bid - eth ev - er, 


tfHn' j j:;ij J j; l ;lu ^N?- !! 

The on - ly God, the sov-ereign Lord, Whose mer - cy fail - eth nev-er. 

')''M f vni j ^ 


2 His wisdom made the heavens to be, 
His grace abideth tver; 
He spread the earth above the sea, 

His mercy faileth never. 
Praise Him Whose sun doth bring the 
His grace abideth ever; 
The moon and stars His might display, 
Whose mercy faileth never. 

[ Selected Staniaa] 

He helped us in our deepest woes, 

His grace abideth ever; 
He ransomed us from all our foes, 

His mercy faileth never. 
Each creature's need He doth supply, 

His grace abideth ever; 
Give thanks to God, enthroned on 

Whose mercy faileth never. 



Memories of Zion 

PSALM 137 L. M. 

Olive's Brow 

Wmiam RBnuflmiy 


I By Ba-bel*s streams we sat and wept, For mem-ory still to Zi • on dung ; 



The winds a - lone our harp-strings swept,That on the drooping wil - lows hung. 


2 There our rude captors, flushed with pride, 

A song required tx) mock our wrongs; 
Our spoilers called for mirth, and cried, 
Come, sing us one of Zion's songs. 

3 Not songs but sighs tx) us belong 

When Zion's walls in ruin lie; 
How shall we sing Jehovah's song 
While in an alien land we die? 

4 O Zion fair, God's holy hill, 

Wherein our God delights to dwell. 
Let my right hand forget her skill 
If I forget to love thee well. 

5 If I do not remember thee. 

Then let my tongue from utterance cease, 
If any earthly joy to me 
Be dear as Zion's joy and peace. 

6 Remember, Lord, the dreadful day 

Of Zion's cruel overthrow; 
How happy he who shall repay 
The bitter hatred of her foe. 


380 Remembrance of Church Privileges 

PSALM 137 I OS Benediction Edward J. Hopkins 








I By Ba - bcPs riv - er • side we sat in tears, Re - mem-bering 

h f Mr 


f f l ! l f T • 


4^u ,j ii I j ; ^ 

— «- 







-i i 







Zi - on's pride in for - mer years, While on the weep - ing 


wil- lows there were hung The harps our grief had si- lenced and un- strung. 






[Selected Stanzas] 

2 For they who led us there a captive throng 
Required that we prepare for them a song; 

Yea, there our captors asked for mirth and praise. 
Required a song of Zion's happy days. 

3 how shall we thus sing at their command 
Songs of the Lord, our King, in this strange land? 
O Zion, if I e'er forget thy woe, 

Let my right hand its skill no longer know. 

4 Yea, let my tongue, I pray, all silent be, 
If I do not alway remember thee; 

If I prefer not thee, though in thy grief, 
Above all other joys my very chief. 



PSALM 138 L. M. 

Exultation in God 

The Solid Rock 

William B. Bradboxy 

I With grate-ful heart my thanks I bring, Be - fore the great Thy praise I sing ; 

•g- ,f- f- f- ,-g- , f f f f- 

I wor-ship in Thy holy place And praise Thee for Thy truth and grace;For truth and grace to- 

l l l f f f f l Cf > =E 

K' i rffff i yff i 

i i j ijij"!^ i/j'j J iJ ^^ 

geth-er shine In Thy most ho - ly word di- vine, In Thy most ho - ly word di - vine. 



2 I cried to Thee and Thou didst save, 
Thy word of grace new courage gave; 
The kings of earth shall thank Thee, 

For they have heard Thy wondrous 

But Thou hast mercy for the meek; 
Through trouble though my path- 
way be, 
Thou wilt revive and strengthen me. 

xr^^^xl' , „ .,- . 4 Thou wilt stretch forth Thy mighty 

Yea, they shall come with songs of "^ "^ 

For great and glorious are Thy wa3rs. 

3 Lord, enthroned in glory bright, 
Thou reignest in the heavenly height; 
The proud in vain Thy favor seek, 


To save me when my foes alarm; 
The work Thou hast for me begun 
Shall by Thy grace be fully done; 

Forever mercy dwells with Thee; 

Lord, my Maker, think on me. 


A Vision of God 

PSALM 139 L. M. 


WiUiam B. Bradbury 

d,Thou hast searched me, and dost know Wher-e*er I rest, wher- e'er I go ; 

A Vision of God 



Thou knowest all that I have planned, And all my ways are in Thy hand. 

<? • a 


2 My words from Thee I cannot hide, 4 If I the wings of morning take, 
I feel Thy power on every side; And far away my dwelling make, 

O wondrous knowledge, awful might, The hand that leadeth me is Thine, 
Unfathomed depth,unmeasured height! And my support Thy power divine. 

3 Where can I go apart from Thee, 
Or whither from Thy presence flee ? 
In heaven ? it is Thy dwelling fair; 
In death's abode ? lo, Thou art there. 

S If deepest darkness cover me, 
The darkness hideth not from Thee; 
To Thee both night and day are 

The darkness shineth as the light. 


The Lord Our Maker 

PSALM 139 L. M. 

St. Crispin 

George J. Elvey 


I AU that I 

Thee, Thy wis-dom,Lord,hath fashioned me ; 

ifi-i m — m — #_Jt-aj m — s. 

I give my Mak - er thank-ful praise,Whose wondrous works my soul a -maze. 

[Stanias 6-10] 

2 E'er into being I was brought, 4 The wicked Thou wilt surely slay, 
Thy eye did see, and in Thy thought From me let sinners turn away; 

My life in all its perfect plan They speak against the Name divine, 

Was ordered e'er my days began. I count God's enemies as mine. 

3 Thy thoughts, God, how manifold, 5 Search me, God, my heart discern. 

More precious imto me than gold! 
I muse on their infinity, 
Awaking I am still with Thee. 

Try me, my inmost thought to learn; 
And lead me, if in sin I stray, 
To choose the everlasting way. 


384 The Searcher oi Hearts 

PSALM 139 C. M. Bingham 








JijiJi^yL^ i 

j j M I 

I O Lord, my in - most heart and thought Thy search-ing eye doth see ; 




















Wher-e'er I rest, wher-e'er I 


.^ii:jj i jii 





go, My ways are known to Thee. 


2 Each spoken word, each silent thought, 

Thou, Lord, dost understand; 
Before me and behind art Thou, 
Restraining by Thy hand. 

3 If I the wings of morning take 

To some remotest land, 
Still I shall be upheld by Thee 
And guided by Thy hand. 

[ Selected Stauas] 

4 From Thee, L(5rd, I cannot hide, 

Though darkness cover me; 
The darkness and the light of day 
Are both alike to Thee. 

5 Search me, God, and know my heart. 

Try me, my thoughts to know; 
O lead me, if in sin I stray. 
In paths of life to go. 



WiJliam Horsley 

jMilj j j jlj pjlJN J i im 


Lord, my in - most heart and thought Thy search-ing eye doth see ; 

ktf i f P f F i f f Mf i f F f tip 

Wher-e'er I rei 


4li->JuJlj j i J \) _ II 



rest, wher-e'er I go, My ways are known to Tnee. 








385 Peril and Prayer 

PSALM 140 78 and 6s Petition Arranged from Haydn 


g*. 3 ■]. — 


.'J: J J .'I. 





I De - liv - er me from e - vil, Pre -serve me, Lord, from wrong; 

J. . , p ,j . J . o r.. f -r f- ^rj 




I^NN: J J |ll I 


A - gainst the foes that gath - er Be Thou my help - er strong. 

■^' ^ M. fi £r^^^ 



'^f ' ^fTr i T' 




fi^^N■ J J nr^Jrlhl- \ \^ 



From those who plot to hurt me And spread their treacherous snare 





t J $ 




iiji i H' I 

Pre - serve me. Lord, and keep me Safe - guard - ed in Thy care. 



2 O Lord, I have confessed Thee 

To be my God alone; 
O hear my supplication 

And be Thy mercy shown; 
God the Lord, my Saviour, 

My shield amid the strife, 
Let not the wicked triumph 

Who plot against my life. 

3 Let evil smite the evil 

And cause their overthrow; 
The needy and afflicted 

The Lord will help, I know; 
Thy saints, redeemed from evil. 

Their thanks to Thee shall give; 
The righteous and the upright 

Shall in Thy presence live. 



Prayerful Desire 

PSALM 141 L. M. 


Henry Baker 

jjjt i j j iij i \ <i ^m 

I O Lord,make haste to hear my cry, To Thee I call, on Thee re - ly ; 

a gra-ciousear, And,when I call, in mer - cy hear. 



2 When in the morning unto Thee 

I lift my voice and bring my plea, 
Then let my prayer as incense rise 
To God en^oned above the skies. 

3 When mito Thee I look and pray 
With lifted hands at close of day, 
Then as the evening sacrifice 
Let my request accepted rise. 

5 O righteous God, Thy chastisement. 
Though sent through foes, in love is 

Though grievous, it will profit me, 
A heading ointment it shall be. 

6 While wickedness my foes devise, 

To Thee my constant prayer shall rise; 
When their injustice is overthrown 

My gentleness shall still be shown. 
4 Guard Thou my thoughts, I Thee im- 7 Brought nigh to death and sore dis- 


And of my lips keep Thou the door; 
Nor leave my sinful heart to stray 
Where evil footsteps lead the way. 


O Lord, my God, in Thee I rest; 
Forsake me not, I look to Thee, 
Let me Thy great salvation see. 

8 Themselves entangled in their snare, 
Their own defeat my foes prepare; 
O keep me, Lord, nor let me fall. 
Protect and lead me safe through all. 


Our Only Saviour 

PSALM 142 L. M 


Arranged by Lowell Mason 

I To God my ear - nest voice I raise, To God my voice Im - plor - ing prays ; 



Our Only Saviour 


Be - fore His face my grief I show And tell my trou - ble and my woe. 

2 When gloom and sorrow compass me, 
The path I take is known to Thee, 
And all the toils that foes do lay 

To snare Thy servant in his way. 

3 All improtected, lo, I stand, 

No friendly guardian at my hand, 
No place of flight or refuge near, 
And none to whom my soul is dear. 

4 O Lord, my Saviour, now to Thee, 
Without a hope besides, I flee. 

To Thee, my shelter from the strife. 
My portion in the land of life. 

5 Be Thou my help when troubles 

For I am w:^k and foes are strong; 
My captive soul from prison bring, 
And thankful praises I will sing. 

6 The righteous then shall gather roimd 
To share the blessing I have found. 
Their hearts made glad because they 

How richly God has dealt with me. 


Christ Our Refuge and Portion 

PSALM 142 L. M. 


Timothy R. Matthews 


I To Thee, O Lord 



hum - bly cry, To Thee my sup - pli - ca - tion make, 



\ \ n\\\\\' F i f m 

To Thee I bring my sad com-plaint, To Thee my bit - ter grief I take. 



' \ \ \ \ \'' \ \\\\^ [1^^ 

2 Thou knowest. Lord, my deep dis- 

The lonely path, the hidden snare. 
How refuge faileth, friends forsake, 
And no man for my soul doth care. 

3 My prayer is unto Thee, Lord, 

No refuge but in Thee I know, 
No portion but in Thee I find; 
Lord, in my need Thy mercy show. 

Be Thou my Saviour, my Lord, 
For I am weak and foes are strong; 

My captive soul from prison bring, 
And glad shall be my thankful song. 

Around me shall the righteous throng. 

And crowned with joy Thy saints 

shall be, [Lord 

Their hearts made glad because the 
In richest grace hath dealt with me* 



Contrite Trust 

PSALM 143 68 


Frederick C. Maker 

m i i J I ; : , 

m j J 



I Lord, hear me in dis - tress, 

Re - gard my sup - pliant cry, ' 












\ H IJ: H 


< I i 



in Thy faith - ful - ness 

And right- eous- ness re - ply. 












In judg-ment do not cause 

Thy serv - ant to* be tried; 

Ki r r f I • P i 










Be - fore Thy 

-^ — -i ^ 

ho - ly laws 

No man is jus - ti - fied. 



2 The enemy has sought 

My soul in dust to tread; 
To darkness I am brought, 

Forgotten as the dead. 
My spirit, crushed with grief. 

Is sad and overborne; 
My heart finds no relief, 

But desolate I mourn. 


3 Recalling former days 

And all Thy wondrous deeds. 
The memory of Thy ways 

To hope and comfort leads. 
To Thee I stretch my hands, 

Let me not plead in vain; 
I wait as weary lands 

Wait for refreshing rain* 



Contrite Trust 

4 My failing spirit see, 

O Lord, to me maJce haste; 
Hide not Thy face from me. 

Lest bitter death I taste. 
O let the mom return, 

Let mercy b'ght my day; 
For Thee in faith I yearn, 

guide me in the way. 

5 Lord, save me from my foe, 

To Thee for help I flee; 
Teach me Thy way to know, 

1 have no God but Thee. 
By Thy good Spirit led 

From trouble and distress, 
My erring feet shall tread 
The path of uprightness. 

6 O Lord, for Thy Name's sake 

Revive my fainting heart; 
My soul from trouble take, 

For just and true Thou art 
Remove my enemy, 

My cruel foe reward; 
'In mercy rescue me 

Who am Thy servant. Lord. 


w^nu - 


f i i \ k} \ t 


I Lord, hear me in dis - tress, Re-gard my sup - pliant cry, 


| |/i'JN I i i \ K* \ i \ i i j nu § 

And in Thy faith - ful - ness And right - ecus - ness re - ply. 


390 Earnest Desire and Supplication 

PSALM 143 68 JeweTT Arranged from von Weber 

jM^ j p\ i ;pr ' \ i ^ fi \ ^'- i' ^ 

I Lord, hear me in dis- tress, 


Re - gard my sup - pliant cry, 

>f h if^i^' ni,, M i nj ill \ i\ \ 

And in Thy faith - ful-ness And right-eous - ness re - ply. 


, >3j ' U j J1 | J:>J i > l 



In judg - ment do not cause Thy serv - ant to be tried; 





If r r I f F ^1 

Be - fore Thy ho - ly laws No man is 






fore Thy ho - ly laws No man is jus - ti - fied. 







[Selected Stanasl 

2 To Thee I stretch my hands, 

Let me not plead in vain; 
I wait as weary lands 

Wait for refreshing rain. 
O let the mom return, 

Let mercy light my day; 
For Thee in faith I yearn, 

guide me in the way. 

3 By Thy good Spirit led 

From trouble and distress, 
My erring feet shall tread 

The path of uprightness. 
O Lord, for Thy Name's sake 

Revive my fainting heart; 
My soul from trouble take, 

For just and true Thou art. 



Reliance and Supplication 

PSALM 143 C. M. 


Arthur J. Jamouneaa 

I When mom- log lights the east - em skies, O LordfThymer - cy show; 


On Thee a - lone my hope re - lies, Let me Thy kind • ness know. 



rfrifrrfririfrfi f 



Copyrlgfht, i{04. by the Weileyan Methodist Conference. Used by per. 

[Selected Stanzas] 


2 Teach me the way that I should go; 

I lift my soul to Thee; 
For refuge from my crud foe 
To Thee, O Lord, I flee. 

3 Thou art my God, to Thee I pray, 

Teach me Thy will to heed; 
And in the right and perfect way 
May Thy good Spirit lead. 

4 For Thy Name's sake, O gracious Lord, 

Revive my soul and bless, 
And in Thy faithfulness and love 
Redeem me from distress. 



^,^j i j i n \ - i-ii\i\i i i i^ 


I When mom - ing lights the east - em skies, O Lord, Thy mer - cy show ; 

: 7 t i e r f 1^ 



iff if g' I 

1 r r '1 ^^ 

^j J j i j ij j j ^ 


On Thee a - lone my hope re - lies, Let 

me Thy kind -ness know. 



Trustful Praise and Prayer 

PSALM 144 C. p. M. 


A* Biuwiis 

I BItst be the Lofd,iiiy rock,myiii]gfattMy coo-stant helper in tbe fis^t. 

■'Mf i ff f' l ^^f 

rJu i j; i j.i,. ii j ^ ;.'j i ij i I 

My shidd,my right-eons • ness. My strong hig^ tower,my Sav-ioor trae, 

■ft 1^ ^ W . ^. ,9.0 • V 


f\ \ \ J i i l jj jlJ i j I J J 





Who doth my en - e • mies sub - due. My shel - ter in dis - tress. 

J . . . , . , .. .. f- f 

f F f i f f Mf i f \ m 



2 Lord, what is man, what hath he 

The son of man, that in Thy thou^^t 

To hold him Thou shouldst deign? 
For man is like a breath, a sigh. 
His days on earth as quickly fly 

As shadows o'er the plain. 

3 Lord, bow Thy heavens, in might de- 

Touch Thou the hQls, the mountains 
And they shall smoke and flame; 
As arrows send Thy lightnings out 
To put Thy enemies to rout, 
And fill Thy foes with shame. 

4 Stretch forth Thy hand and rescue me 
From trouble's dark and raging sea, 

And from the alien throng, 
Whose mouth but vanity dodi q)eak, 
Whose hand of strength against the 

Is filled with craft and wrong. 

5 Now will I sing a g^ new song, 
Thy praise, O God, I will prolong. 
For Thou hast heard my prayer; 
Salvation Thou dost give to kings, 
Thy own dost keq>, mth sheltoing 
From hurtful sword and snaie. 

6 O Thou to Whom in trust I flee, 
Stretch forth Thy hand and rescue me 

From all the alien throng, 
Whose mouth but vanity doth speak, 
Whose hand of str^igth against the weak 

Is filled with craft and wrong. 


393 National Prosperity 

PSALM 144 C. P. M. Sbortlx Charles G. Goodiich 

I (J hap - py land, whose sons in youth, In stur - c 

stur - dy strength and 

l^ ' g i ^ f r [iflFi^K f f f I 

• ; i \ ^ \ ^-rfi^\^' \ ij \ ^ i i rii 

no • ble truth, Like plants in vig -or spring ; Whose daugh-ters fair, a 

ng - 

^'f: I Mf If P ^ 


• l i ^ i ^rff i 

If I I i^ii^ 

J I I f M I 

queen - ly race. Are uke the cor - ner - stones that grace 

N V f f i Q i / f f f " 






The pal - ace of a long, The pal - ace of 

In: t 1 1 t T T I g I i g I I ^<^ 



a king. 



Copyifgtat. 1903, hf Smldi and Lamar. Used by per. 



[Stauas 7-9] 

2 happy land, when flock and field 
Their rich, abundant increase yield, 

And blessings multiply; 
When plenty all thy people share, 
And no invading foe is there. 

And no distressful cry. 

3 happy people, favored land, 

To whom the Lord with liberal hand 
Hath thus His goodness shown; 
Yea, surely is that people blest 
By whom Jehovah is confessed 
To be their God alone. 


394 Our Glorious King 

PSALM 145 C. M. Gerard Arranged by Arthur S. Sullivan 

i'i p u i f j;ij H-^ J pi \ 

I I will ex - tol Thee, O my God, And praise Thee, O my King ; 



-ff tf i f f fi^ i r ^ 


l l^p i j j j ^ iJ ^ jApi pi J ji ,j. I 

Yea, ev - ery day and ev - er - more Thy prais - es I will sing. 

Kf ifF.f F i ff fif If ^F f i J: i 


to be praised; 


Great is the Lord, our might 


- y God, And great 

I F' I f it I f M' j 


4^l \ i i ; ;;i^ j \p\rii j j i^ 


His great-ness is un • search -a - ble, A • bove all glo - ry raised. 

N if L;f r 


2 Each generation to the next 

Shall testimony bear, 
And to Thy praise, from age to age, 

Thy wondrous acts declare. 
Upon Thy glorious majesty 

And honor I will dwell, 
And all Thy grand and glorious works 

And all Thy greatness tell. 

Thy mighty acts and terrible 

Shall men with awe confess; 
Of Thy great goodness they shall sing, 

And perfect righteousness. 
Most gracious and compassionate 

Is God Who reigns above; 
His wrath is ever slow to rise, 

Unbounded is His love. 


395 The Kingdom of Grace 

PSALM 145 C. M. Silverton William B. Bradbury 



J l i tJ r' ' r' I J J 




I The Lord, our God, is good to all, From Him all bless - ing flows; 

On all His works His ten - der love And mer - cy 


• stows. 

P^TAf f r r 










2 By all Thy works Thou shalt be praised, 

And by Thy saints be blest; 
Thy glorious kingdom and Thy power 
Shall ever be confessed. 

3 The praises of Thy mighty deeds 

Through all the earth d^l ring, 

[Stanzas 7-10] 

To show the glorious majesty 
Of heaven's eternal King. 

4 Eternal is Thy kingdom. Lord, 
Thy throne shall ever stand; 
All generations to the end 
Shall bow to Thy command. 


The Goodness of God 

PSALM 145 C. M. 


Ernest R. Kroeger 

1 ^1'^ i l i: J i i l i: i^i-' I J ' ii i irs 

I The Lord is strong to help the weak, Up - hold - log those that fall, 

b'df If: f p f i r ^^ 

^H' U^^^^^ 


Re - stor - ing those bowed down with grief, And do - ing good 

to all. 


Tf fiT tf i Nf f^^ 

Copyright, 1901, by United Presbytrrian Board of Publlcatloa 

2 Thy creatures look to Th^e for food. 

From day to day supplied, 
And Thou dost for their sustenance 
With open hand provide. 

3 The Lord is right in all His ways, 

His works His love declare. 
And He is nigh to every one 

That breathes the trustful prayer. 

4 The hope of those that fear His Name 

[Sunxas 11-16] 

Their mighty Saviour He will be 
When unto Him they cry. 

5 All those that set their love on Him 

Shall full salvation know. 
But wicked men and wicked ways 
The Lord will overthrow. 

6 My mouth shall bless the Lord my God 

And all His praise proclaim; 
Let all unite for evermore 

The Lord will satisfy; 

23^ To bless His holy Name. 


The Greatness and Grace of God 

PSALM 145 L. M. 

DuKs Street 

John Hatlioa 

I O Lord,Thouart my God and King, And I wiUev • er bless Thy Name; 

j J l fjji Jla jl- II 

I willex-tol Thee ev - ery day, And ev-er-more Thy praise proclaim. 

2 The Lord is greatly to be praised, 

His greatness is beyond our thought; 
. From age to age the sons of men 

Shall tell the wonders God has wrought. 

3 Upon Thy glorious majesty 

And wondrous works my mind shall dwell; 
Thy deeds shall fill the world with awe, 
And of Thy greatness I will tell. 

4 Thy matchless goodness and Thy grace 

Thy people shall commemorate. 
And all Thy truth and righteousness 
My joyfiil song shall celebrate. 

5 The Lord our God is rich in grace. 

Most tender and compassionate; 
His anger is most slow to rise, 
His lo\dng-kindness is most great. 

6 The Lord is good in all His ways, 

His creatures know His constant care; 
To all His works His love extends, 
All men His tender mercies share. 

7 Thy works shall give Thee thanks, Lord, 

Thy saints Thy mighty acts shall show. 
Till o'er the earth the sons of men 
Thy kingdom, power, and glory know. 

8 Eternal is Thy kingdom, Lord, 

Forever strong and ever sure; 
While generations rise and die 
Shall Thy dominion still endure. 


398 Divine Grace and Compassion 

PSALM 145 L. M. Nazareth Theodore E. Peikins 



■fll r l ^ J J J' l J niflj J 1 

I The Lord up -holds the fal-teringfeet And makes the weak se - cure - ly stand ; 

'MS\f ^' f i f ui?if ttit\\ ^ 

4»^, i ^ n i^i-UdJjl ;njiJ /,a 

The bur-dened ones, bowed down with grief, Are helped by His most gra-cious hand. 

prfif f. f f i rihfir mnf ^ 

fM.i n j' l j i^-4ij i j j j.jj i j ; j^ 

The eyes of all up - on Thee wait ; By Thee their wants are all sup-plied ; 

Thy o - pen hand is boun - ti - ful, And ev • ery soul is sat -is - fied. 



[Stanxaa 9-14 ] 

His great salvation they shall know 

Who love the Lord's most holy 
The wicked He will overthrow [Name; 

And put His enemies to shame. 
My mouth shall speak the glorious 
praise [adore; 

Of Him Whom heaven and earth 
Let all exalt His holy Name 

Forever and for evermore. 

2 The Lord is just in all His ways, 
In all His works the Lord is kind. 
And all that call on Him in truth 

In Him a present helper find. 
He will fulfil the heart's desire 

Of those that fear Him and obey; 
Their cry the Lord will surely hear, 
And He will save them when they 


399 The Excellency of God 

PSALM 145 7, 6s, 8 St. Louis Levis H. Redner 

frJ i J J,4 J Il JjjIJIJ jij ^ 


I My God, I will ex - tol Thee And ev - er bless Thy Name; 


l li'J i J Jf f iH jij i j /^J j 

Each day will I give thanks to Thee And all Thy praise pro - claim. 

'i4 i 1 1 f-p-f 



\in \ i i j i \ 


^ j Li I 



Great is the Lord and might - y, And high - ly to be praised; 

TTfif-f-H^ fir I J ^ ^ f # 



His great-ness is 


un - search - a - ble, A - bove our knowl - edge raised. 



^ f f i f i F I ^ f 



2 To every generation 

Thy glory shall be told, 
Thy honor and Thy majesty 

In memory I will hold; 
Thy mighty power and greatness 

ShaU all mankind confess, 
And tell the story of Thy love, 

And sing Thy righteousness. 

3 The Lord is very gracious 

And most compassionate; 

His anger is most slow to rise, 

His mercy is most great; 

[Selected Stanas] 

On all His helpless creatures 

His tender mercies rest; 
By all His works He shall be praised. 

By all His saints be blest. 

4 The glory of His kingdom 

Proclaimed abroad shall be, 
That all may know His mighty deeds 

And glorious majesty; 
His kingdom is eternal. 

His throne shall stand secure, 
And His dominion without end 

Throu£^ ages shall endure. 



PSALM 146 88 and 79 

Trust and Praise 


Charlotte A. Barnard 

p^ J J ^Niiv l JiJ JlJiJi 

I Hal - le - lu - jah, praise Je - ho - vah, O my soul, Je - ho - vah praise ; 

M\ F f i f f f M^ f f f i p p r I 

r J ^ i J ij i i ; ' i i|i iP l J i 




I will sing the glo - rious prais - es Of my God through all my days. 

Nn F fiF F [ n^ f "f f I f f 


2 Put no confidience in princes, 

Nor for help on man depend; 
He shall die, to dust retiiming, 
And his purposes shall end. 

3 Happy is the man that chooses 

Israel's God to be his aid; 
He is blest whose hope of blessing 
On the Lord his God is stayed 

4 Heaven and earth the Lord created, 

Seas and all that they contain; 
He delivers from oppression, 
Righteoasness He will maintain. 

5 Food He daily gives the hungry. 

Sets the mourning prisoner free. 
Raises those bowed down with anguish, 
Makes the sightless eyes to see. 

6 Well Jehovah loves the righteous. 

And the stranger He befriends. 
Helps the fatherless and widow, 
Judgment on the wicked sends. 

7 Over all God reigns forever, 

Through all ages He is King; 
Unto Him, thy God, O Zion, 
Joyful hallelujahs sing. 


Lowell Bfason 

401 The One True Helper 

PSALM 146 L. M. 

I Praise ye the Lord,His praise pro-claim, And, O my soul,bless thou His Name; 


' i { J I JTJ I j Ife 


Yea, I will sound His praise a-broad And ev - er bless the 

my God. 

'a i fff i rrrrrm i w nrnTw 

2 Trust not in man who soon must die, 
But on the living God rely; 

Most blest the man whose help is He 
That made the heaven and earth and sea. 

3 His truth unchanged shall ever stand, 
He saves from strong oppression's hand. 
In Him the sad a helper find, 

He feeds the poor and heals the blind. 

4 Thy God shall reign for evermore, 
Praise Him, O Zion, and adore; 
The Lord is heaven's eternal King, 
To Him all praise and honor bring. 

402 Reasons for Praise 

PSALM 147 7« and 68 EUrtford 

[ Selected Stuuu] 


i i 3 =t=^ 

John B. Dykes 

i\i \ U ^ 



jahl 'TIS good our Goi^ to praise; 

¥^ j I J j ^ 

Tis pleas- ant and be - com 

J. . . J, 

jMii rj J 


ing To Him our songs to raise; 



Reasons for Praise 

r'^ J I J: n M 

I ^ipiJ: n i \ m 

He builds the walls of Zi - on, He seeks her wan-dering sons. 


rNu J 







He binds their wounds and com- forts The bro • ken -heart - ed 

t i t' "t U T i -.-« — h* ■ • ■ f' — t^ — ^ 





'firi I I II " 

2 The starry hosts He numbers, 

He calls them all by name; 
His greatness and His wisdom 

His wondrous works proclaim; 
The meek He lifts to honor, 

He humbles sinful pride; 
Give thanks to Him and utter 

His praises far and wide. 

3 The heavens with clouds He covers, 

He sends the cheering rain; 
The slopes of all the mountains 

He fills with grass and grain; 
To beast and bird His goodness 

Their daily food supplies; 
He cares for all His creatures, 

Attentive to their cries. 

4 No human power delights Him, 

No earthly pomp or pride; 
He loves the meek who fear Him 

And in His love confide; 
Then praise thy God, O Zion, 

His gracious aid confess; 
He gives thee peace and plenty. 

His gifts thy children bless. 

5 He sends His swift commandment. 

And snow and ice enfold 
The world, and none are able 

To stand before His cold. 
Again He gives commandment; 

The winds of smnmer blow. 
The snow and ice are melted. 

Again the waters flow. 

6 His statutes and His judgments 

He makes His people know; 
To them as to no others 

His grace He loves to show; 
For matchless grace and mercy 

Your grateful praises bring; 
To Him give thanks forever. 

And Hallelujah sing. 



Thankful Commemoration 

PSALM 147 C. M. 


John H. Stockton 


I Praise ye the Lord, for it is good To sing un - to our God ; 'Tis right and pleasant 

tf'Ui l j l ;JJj l J: l J l J.^^J I Ui ' ;] 


for His saints To tell His praise a-broad. The Lord our God builds up His Church,He 

[^»^jJ^ | ,J,|J | i:;te^ 

seeks her wandering sons ; He binds their wounds and gently heals The bro-ken heart-ed ones. 

"■ripir [ir^ f' f 

Copyright by John J. Hood. Used by per. 

[Selected Stanzas] 

2 Our Lord is great, He calls by name 

And counts the stars of night; 
His wisdom is imseardiable, 

And wondrous is His might. 
The Lord upholds the poor and meek, 

He brings the wicked low; 
Sing praise to Him and give Him thanks 

And all His goodness show. 

3 No human might, no earthly pride, 

Delights the Lord above; 
In them that fear Him He delights, 

In them that trust His love. 
O Zion, praise the Lord thy God, 

His wondrous love confess; 
He is thy glory and thy strength, 

He will thy children bless. 



Universal Adoration 

PSALM 148 H. M. 






William B. Bradbmy 



( Praise ye, praise ye the Lord In yon - der heaven - ly height ; ) 
(Ye an - gels, all His hosts, In joy - ful praise u - nite; ) 

Praise Him, ye highest heavens. 
Praise Him, ye clouds that roll, 

Created by His power 
And under His control, 

Ye heavens that stand eternally, 

Established by His firm decree. 

Ye creatures in the sea 

And creatures on the earth. 
Your mighty Maker praise 

And tell His matchless worth; 
Praise Him, ye stormy winds that blow, 
Ye fire and hail, ye rain and snow. 

Ye hills and mountains, praise. 

Each tree and beast and bird; 
Ye kings and realms of earth. 

Now let your praise be heard; 
By high and low, by young and old, 
Be all His praise and glory told. 

By all let God be praised, 

For He alone is great; 
Above the earth and heaven 

He reigns in glorious state; 
Praise HSm, ye saints, who know His grace 
And ever dwell before His face. 



PSALM 148 88 and 7s 

Praise- Voices 


Geoige C. Stebbins 

I Praise the Lord in heaven-ly pla - ces, Ye His nostsand an - eeb bright; 


Sun and moon de - clare His glo - ry, Praise Him, all ye stars of light 





^^ m 

Copyrlifht, 1919, by United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

2 Let the sky and clouds forever 5 ELings and princes, bow before Him, 

Praise His glorious majesty; Earthly judges, give Him praise, 

At His word they were created, All ye people, tell His glory. 

Ordered by His firm decree. Old and young, your voices raise. 

3 In the earth let all things praise Him, 6 Praise His Name with praise xmend- 

Seas and all that they contain, ing. 

Stormy winds that do His pleasure. For His Name alone is great; 

Hail and lightning, snow and rain. Over heaven and earth exalted, 

4 Hillsandmountains,praiseyourMaker, ^^^«^ ^^ ^^^ "^ ^^^y s^^- 

Praise Him, all ye flocks and herds, 7 He has greatly blessed His people, 

Woods and fields and fruitful vine- Therefore, all ye saints, give praise; 

yards, Chosen of the Lord and predous, 

Creeping things and flying birds. Thankfid haUelujahs raise. 

406 Exultant Praise 

PSALM 149 C. M . Christmas Arranged from Handel 

^*m ^ ifi ij ^J^fHi-j^^ 

I Praise ye the Lord a - jnong His saints, New songs of glad-ness sing ; Let 

J. A 

ml/ I f fVftf ^rp i ^ - i f f f f 




Zi-on's children praise and bless Their Maker and their King, Their Mak-er and their King. 

Exultant Praise 

a Yea, let them praise His blessed Name 
With all abounding joy, 
The sounding timbrel and the harp 
In songs of praise employ. 

3 The Lord takes pleasure in His saints, 
He is His people's strength. 
And He will glorify the meek 
With victory at length. 

4 Ye saints, by day and night rejoice, 

Exidt and joyful stand, 
Jehovah's praises in your mouth. 
His sword within your hand. 

5 This is the glorious judgment given: 

His saints shall nile the eardi; 
Then bless the Lord, His glory tell. 
And celebrate His worth. 

407 The Promise of Victory 

PSALM 149 $8 and 6s Houghton Henry J. Gauntlett 

I O praise ye the Lord And sing a new song, A - mid all His saints 


[M ' i nrf^ 




His prais - es 








pro - long; The praise of their Mak 





His pec - pie shall sing, And chil- dren of Zi - on Re- joice in their King. 

Mf i f f f i n 

2 With timbrel and harp 

And joyful acclaim, 
With gladness and mirth, 

Sing praise to His Name; 
For God in His people 

His pleasure doth seek. 
With robes of salvation 

He clotheth the meek. 

3 In glory exult. 

Ye saints of the Lord; 
With songs in the night 
High praises accord; 

Go forth in His service 
And strong in His might 

To conquer all evil 
And stand for the right. 

4 For this is His word: 

His saints shall not fail, 
But over the earth 

Their power shall prevail; 
All kingdoms and nations 

Shall yield to their sway. 
To God give the glory 

And praise Him for aye. 


408 Triumphant Joy in God 

PSALM 149 68 and 48 Italian Hymn FeUce Giardini 






I Ye who His tem - pie throng, Je - ho - vah's praise pro - long, 

I ' I 



New an - thems sing ; Ye saints, with joy de - clare Your Mak - er's 

i J I J ^ f \t: : :\i J J \ j. m 



lov - ing care, And let 




dren there Joy 


in their King. 






[Selected Stanzas] 

3 Ye saints, your joy proclaim 
And glory in the Name 

Of God above; 
And when the daylight dies, 
Ere sleep shaU close your eyes, 
Let praise to God arise 

For all His love. 

2 O let His Name employ 
Your every note of joy. 

His praises speak; 
He looks with loving face 
Upon His chosen race, 
And will with every grace 

Adorn the meek. 


PSALM 150 88 and 78 

A Summons to Praise 


lizzie S. Tourj^ 








f^ f^ 





I Hal-le 

lu - jah ! Hal • le - lu - jah ! Ii^ His tem - pie God be praised ; 

g I 


' T-r ' ^ f ' r 



g g 



g ■ at 








In the high and heaven-ly pla-ces Be the sqund-ii 

0' f f 



an - them raised. 




A Summons to Praise 

2 Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah 

For His mighty acts of fame; 

Excellent His might and greatness; 

Fitting praises then proclaim. 

3 Hallelujah! Praise Jehovah 

With the trumpet's joyful sound; 
Praise with harp and praise with viol. 
Let His glorious praise aboimd. 

4 Hallelujah I Praise Jehovah, 

With the flute H^ praises sing; 
Praise Him with the clanging cymbab, 
Let them with His praises ring. 

5 Hallelujah! Hallelujah! 

All that breathe, Jehovah praise; 
Let the voices God hath given 
Joyful anthems to Him raise. 

410 A Universal Doxology 

PSALM 150 L. M. Soto 


Lowell Mason 

i^i^ \ Hi jl J'ljMj'J i j'j'iiJ i ^ i 

I Praise ye the Lord, ye saints be - low, And in His courts His goodness show ; 


LLQllihnJ i ^ ^ 

[: n i i ^ I f- IM M 

Praise ye the Lord, ye hosts a - bove, 





heaven a 

I ^H' ; i i i nj J f i f J I ji. 


dore His bound-less love, In heaven a • dore His bound - less love. 








2 Praise ye the Lord; all creatures, sing 
The praises of your God and King; 
Let all that breathe, His praise proclaim 
And glorify His holy Name. 


[Selected Sunau] 


The Offering of Praise 

PSALM 150 C. M. 

Sabbath Evening 

Theodore E. Petkins 


I Praise ye the Lord, ye hosts a - bove, In 




9 9- 



yon - der heaven - ly height, 

I tfl ^.^Q uJ — w . ^ 





(j J-i l J I 









And t>less the Lord, ye saints be - low, Who in His praise de- light 











Used by ajrangetnent with Oliver Ditson Co. 

2 By all His creatures let His Name 
Be honored and adored ; 
Let all that breathe, in praise unite 
To glorify the Lord. 

[Selected SUiuu] 

412 The Exaltation of God 

PSALM 150 S. M. Louisville JohnZundel 














I Praise ye 

the Lord, His saints Who throng His courts be - 




r- p f r ' 








IN; J 3 hH 

And ye, His hosts in heaven a - bove. His 





P I r f ] 




The Exaltation of God 

t |^M-^f^^4^-i4-^ 





glo - rious prais - es show, His glo - nous pfais - es show. 







[Selected SUnzas] 

2 Let all His creatures join 
To praise His holy Name; 
Let all that breathe, their Maker bless 
And celebrate His fame. 

413 The Hallelujah Chorus 

PSALM 150 8a and 7s Sicilian Hymn SicUian Melody 


nu\ ^ ^ {i \ \ ^ 


I Hal - le - lu - jah ! Hal - le - lu - jah ! Earth and heaven in sweet ac - cord 

mrfPPif fPhn'[':j \ n^ \ 

i;j;j i if^pprm ^ 

Join to sound Je - ho - vah's prais-es, Tell the glo - ry of the Lord. 


-^ ^ 


■# — ft 

~i F if r r 

^r:^nj. ;: 




[Selected Stanzas] 

2 HaUelujah! Hallelujah! 

Magnify Jehovah's Name; 
Praise the living God, your Maker, 
All that breathe, His praise proclaim. 


Scripture Selections 


Responsive Services 

Compiled and Edited by 

John McNaugher, D.D., LL.D. 

The United Presbyterian Board of Publication 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Cop3rright, 191 3, 
By the United Presbyterian Board of Publication, 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 



♦ •• 

The following selections of Scripture have been arranged to be read 
responsively by the minister and people in the church service. No effort 
has been made to secure progress of thought, this being judged needless and 
undesirable in a devotional exercise. The selections appear in the order in 
which they occur in the Bible, excepting an occasional second Psalm in a 
few numbers and the special selections at the close. It has seemed best, on 
the whole, that these selections should be arranged verse by verse rather 
than by unfamiliar divisions, however better adapted as responses these 
might be. For fixed seasons and appointments nine particular readings 
have been provided, beginning with No. loi, though there are some others 
in the series which may be employed fittingly. The text is that of the 
American Standard Bible, permission for its use having been given by 
Thomas Nelson and Sons, the owners of the copyright. The lines printed 
in Roman letter are to be read by the minister. The lines set inward from 
the margin and printed in black letter are to be read by the congregation. 



The fignres refer to the number of the selections 

Exodus XX 




I a 

n 3 

IV 4 

V 4 

vni 5 

xn 6 

xni 6 

XV a 

XVI 7 


xvni 8 

xrx 9 

XX lo 

XXn xo6 


XXIV 12 

XXV 13 


xxvn IS 


XXX i6 


xxxni i8 



XL ai 

XUI aa 

XUII aa 

XLVI 23 

XLVn a4 

XLVni a4 

U as 

LXI 26 

LXn a6 

LXni a6 

LXV los 

LXVI a7 

LXVn io6 

LXXI a8 

LXXn a9, io6 




xc . . . 

XCI . . . 

xcm . . 
xcv. . . 

XCVI . . 

xcvn . . 
xcvra . 






xcrx 37 

c 40 

en 41 

cm 43 

cvi 43 

CXI 43 

cxvi 44 

CXVin 45 

CXDC 46 



CXXV 47 


CXXX 48 

CXXXIX .... 49 


CXLV so 


CXLVII ... SI. 105 

CXLVin sa 


CL 12 

Pkoverbs I . . . 
II . . 

in . . 

" IV . . 
" VIII . 
" XX 



xn . . . . 

• • • 


" LI 

" LH 

" Lin 

" LV 

" LX 

VI ... . 

vn . . . . 

XXV . . . 

Makk IV 

• • 

• • 

• • 

• • 

Luke H 

" DC 

" XXU 




















John I 67 








in . 

VI . 
X. . 


XV . 
XX . 




Romans V 74 

VI 75 

VIII 76,-77 

xn 78 

xni 79 





First Counthians XIII . 80 

XV 81. 103 

Second Cobinthians IV . 83 

V . 82 

Galatians V 108 

Ephesians 1 83 

II 84 


Philifpians II 85 

ni 86 



First Thbssalonians IV . 88 



V . 88 

Hebrews I 89 

n 89 

XI 90 

xn 91 

James I 9a 

First Peter I 93 

First John I 94 

" n 94. 95 

"in 96 

" "TV .... 97 


Revelation V . . 
XXI . 

« xxn 




Responsive Readings 



Exodus XX 

ND God spake all these words, 

I am Jehovah thy God, Who 
brought tiiee out (rf the land of 
Egypti out of the house of bondage. 

Thou shalt have no other gods before 

Thou shalt not make unto thee a 
graven imagOi nor any likeness of 
any thing that is in heaven above, 
or that is in the earth beneath, or 
that is in the water under the earth : 

Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto 
them, nor serve them; for I Jehovah 
thy God am a jealous God, visiting 
the iniquity of the fathers upon the 
children, upon the third and upon the 
fourth generation of them that hate 

And showing lovingldndness unto 
thousands of them tliat love Me 
and keep My commandments. 

Thou shalt not take the Name of 
Jehovah thy God in-vain; for Jehovah 
will not hold him guiltless that taketh 
His Name in vain. 

Remember the sabbath day, to 
keep it holy. 

Six days shalt thou labor, and do all 
thy work; 

But the seventh day is a sabbath 
unto Jehovah thy God: in it thou 
shalt not do any work, thou, nor 
thy son, nor thy daughter, thy man- 
servant, nor thy maid-servant, nor 
thy cattle, nor thy stranger tliat is 
within thy gates: 

For in six days Jehovah made heaven 
and earth, the sea, and all that in 
them is, and rested the seventh day: 
wherefore Jehovah blessed the sab- 
bath day, and hallowed it. 

Honor thy father and thy mother, 
tliat thy days may be long in the 
land which jfehovaih thy God giveth 

Thou shalt not kill. 

Thou shalt not commit adultery. 

Thou shalt not steal. 

Thou shalt not bear false witness 
against thy neighbor. 

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's 
house, thou shalt not covet thy 
neighbor's wife, nor his man-servant, 
nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor 
his ass, nor anything that is thy 


Psalm II 

Responsive Readings 

S£L£CnON 2 the innocent. He that doeth these 

p»im«i,xv things shall never be moved. 

BLESSED is the man that walk- 

eth not in the counsel of the SELECTION 3 
wicked, nor standeth in the way of 
sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of 

scoffers : AA/^^^ ^^ ^^ nations rage, and the 

» i. 1.2 J i« i.i. • . XI. f M ^^ peoples meditate a vain thing? 

But his delight is m the law of ^ 

Jehovah; and on His law doth he The kings of the earth set them- 

meditate day and night. selvesy and the rulers take counsel 

Aju uiiun ^ I .ju together, against Jehovah, and 

And he shall be like a tree planted by against His anointed, saying, 

the streams of water, that bringeth , , . 

forth its fruit in its season, whose ^\ "^ ^^^^ ^^^'"^ ^^^^ asunder, 

leaf also doth not wither; and what- ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ *^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^"^ "«• 

soever he doeth shall prosper. He that sitteth in the heavens will 

-^ . . . * V * ft. laugh: the Lord will have them in 

The wicked are not so, but are like derision 

the chaff which the wind driveth 

away. Then will He speak unto them in 

Therefore the wicked shall not stand ^}^ ^^^' ^""^ ^^^ ^*^^"^ ''"^ "^^ ^^^ 

in the judgment, nor sinners in the ^^speasure. 

congregation of the righteous. Tet I have set My King upon My 

holy h^ii of Zion. 
For Jehovah knoweth the way of 

the righteous; but the way of the I will tell of the decree: Jehovah said 

wicked shall perish. unto Me, Thou art My Son; this day 

Jehovah, who shall sojourn in Thy have I begotten Thee. 

tabernacle? Who shall dwell in Thy Ask of Me, and I will give Thee 

holy hill? the nations for Thine ii&eritance, 

XT xf- X « XI. . i-xt J a^d the uttermost parts of the 

He that walketh upnghtty, and earth for Thy possession, 
worketh nghteousness, and speak- 

eth truth in his heart; Thou shalt break them with a rod 

He that slandereth not with his <^^ i^^"', '^'^^^ ^^^^ ^^^*^ ^^^"^ ^" 

tongue, nor doeth evil to his friend, Pieces hke a potter s vessel. 

nor taketh up a reproach against Now therefore be wise, O ye 

his neighbor; Irings: be instructed, ye judges of 

the earth. 
In whose eyes a reprobate is de- 
spised, but who honoreth them Serve Jehovah with fear, and rejoice 
that fear Jehovah; he that swear- with trembling. 

eth to his own hurt, and changeth _. , ^ • . ^ . 

HQf. Kiss the Son, lest He be angry, 

' and ye perish in the way, for His 

He that putteth not out his money to wrath will soon be kindled. Blessed 

interest, nor taketh reward against are all they that take refuge in Him. 


Responsive Readings 


Paalmflxv, V 

ANSWER me when I call, O God 
of my righteousness; Thou hast 
set me at large when I was in distress: 
have mercy upon me, and hear my 

O ye sons of men, how long shall 
my glory be turned into dishonor? 
How long will ye love vanity, and 
seek after falsehood? 

But know that Jehovah hath set 
apart for Himself him that is godly: 
Jehovah will hear when I call unto 

Stand in awe, and sin not: com- 
mune with your own heart upon 
your bed, and be still. 

Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, 
and put your trust in Jehovah. 

Many there are that say. Who will 
show us any good? Jehovah, lift 
Thou up the light of Thy counte- 
nance upon us. 

Thou hast put gladness in my heart, 
more than they have when their 
grain and their new wine are in- 

In peace will I both lay me down 
and sleep; for Thou, Jehovah, 
alone makest me dwell in safety. 

Give ear to my words, O Jehovah, 
consider my meditation. 

Hearken unto the voice of my cry, 
my King, and my God; for unto 
Thee do I pray. 

O Jehovah, in the morning shalt 
Thou hear my voice; in the morning 
will I order my prayer unto Thee, 
and will keep watch. 

For Thou art not a God that hath 
pleasure in wickedness: evil shall 
not sojourn with Thee. 

But as for me, in the abundance of 
Thy lovingkindness will I come into 
Thy house: in Thy fear will I wor- 
ship toward Thy holy temple. 

Lead me, O Jehovah, in Thy 
righteousness because of mine 
enemies; make Thy way straight 
before my face. 

Let all those that take refuge in Thee 
rejoice, let them ever shout for joy, 
because Thou defendest them; let 
them also that love Thy Name be 
joyful in thee. 

For Thou wilt bless the righteous ; 
O Jehovah, Thou wilt compass him 
witii favor as with a shield. 


Psalms viit, xaix 

O JEHOVAH, our Lord, how 
excellent is Thy Name in all 
the earth. Who hast set Thy glory 
upon the heavens! 

Out of the mouth of babes and 
sucklings hast Thou established 
strength, because of Thine adver- 
saries, that Thou mightest still the 
enemy and the avenger. 

When I consider Thy heavens, tlfe 
work of Thy fingers, the moon and 
the stars, which Thou hast ordained; 

What is man, that Thou art mind- 
ful of him? And the son of man, 
that Thou visitest him? 

For Thou hast made him but little 
lower than God, and crownest him 
with glory and honor. 


Responsive Readings 

Thou makest him to have dominion Who have saidy With our tongue 

over the works of Thy hands ; Thou will we prevail; our lips are our 

hast put all things under his feet: ^ own: who is lord over us? 

All sheep and oxen, yea, and the Because of the oppression of the poor, 

beasts of the field, because of the sighing of the needy, 

The bhrds of the heavens, and the ^^^ ^" ^ ^"^^' ^^^^ Jehovah; I 

fish of the sea, whatsoever passeth will set him in the safety he panteth 

through the paths of the seas. for. 

O Jehovah, our Lord, how excellent is The words of Jehoval^ are pure 

Thy Name in all the earth! words; as sUver tried hi a furnace 

' on the earthy purified seven times. 

Jehovah reigneth; He is clothed ^, .. : . n i u u 

with majesty; Jehovah is clothed Thou wilt keep them, O Jehovah, 

with strengfli; He hath girded Him- Thou wilt preserve them from this 

self therewith : the world also is generation for ever. 

established, that it cannot be _,. • i ^ n -^ 

moved ^^® wicked walk on every side, 

when idleness is exalted among 

Thy throne is established of old: tfie sons of men. 

Thou art from everlasting. ^^^ long, O Jehovah? Wilt Thou 

The floods have lifted up, O Je- forget me for ever? How long wilt 

hovah, the floods have lifted up Thou hide Thy face from me? 

their voice ; the floods lift up their 

^aves. How long shall I take counsel in 

my soul, having sorrow in my heart 

Above ttie voices of many waters, the all the day? How long shall mine 

mighty breakers of the sea, Jehovah enemy be exalted over me? 

on high is mighty. Consider and answer me, O Jehovah 

Thy testimonies are very sure: my God: lighten mine eyes, lest I 

hoUness becometh Thy house, O sleep the sleep of death ; 
Jehovah, for evermore. 

Lest mine enemy say, I have pre- 
vailed against him; lest mine ad- 

SELECTION 6 yersaries rejoice when I am moved. 

Ptaims XII. XIII But I have trusted in Thy loving- 

HELP, Jehovah; for the godly man kindness; my heart shall rejoice in 

ceaseth; for the faithful fail Thy salvation. 

from among the children of men. I will sing unto Jehovah, because 

-^ 1 ^ 1 t J He hath dealt bountifully with me. 

They speak falsehood every one '^ 

with his neighbor: with flattering 

Up, and with a double heart, do cTTTTrrTinw 7 

they speak. SELECTIOW 7 

Jehovah will cut off all flattering lips, ^*^^' "^'^ "^^ 

the tongue that speaketh great T)RESERVE me, O God; for in 

things ; A Thee do I take refuge. 


Responsive Readings 

O my souli fhou hast said unto 
Jehovah, Thou art my Lord: I 
have no good beyond Thee. 

hast tried me, and findest nothing; 
I am purposed that my mouth shfdl 
not transgress. 

As for the saints that are in the earth, I have called upon Thee, for Thou 
they are the excellent in whom is all wilt answer me, O God : incline Thine 
my delight. ear unto me, and hear my speech. 

Their sorrows shall be multiplied 
that give gifts for another god: 
their drink-offerings of blood will 
I not offer, nor tidse their names 
upon my lips. 

Jehovah is the portion of mine in- 
heritance and of my cup: Thou main- 
tainest my lot. 

The lines are fallen unto me in 
pleasant places; yea, I have a 
goodly heritage. 

I will bless Jehovah, Who hath given 
me counsel ; yea, my heart instructeth 
me in the night seasons. 

I have set Jehovah always before 
me: because He is at my right 
hand, I shall not be moved. 

Therefore my heart is glad, and my 
glory rejoiceth: my flesh also shall 
dwell in safety. 

For Thou wilt not leave my soul to 
Sheol; neither wilt Thou suffer 
Thy holy one to see corruption. 

Show Thy marvelous lovingldnd- 
ness, O Thou that savest fe^ Thy 
right hand them that take refuge 
in Thee from those that rise up 
against them. 

Keep me as the apple of the eye; hide 
me under the shadow of Thy wings. 

As for me, I shall behold Thy face 
in righteousness; I shall be satis- 
fied, when I awake, with behold- 
ing Thy form. 



Paalm XVIII 

LOVE Thee, O Jehovah, my 

Jehovah is my rock, and my for- 
tress, and my deliverer ; my God, 
my rock, in Whom I will take ref- 
uge; my shield, and the horn of 
my salvation, my high tower. 

I will call upon Jehovah, Who is 
Thou wilt show me the path of life: worthy to be praised: so shall I be 
in Thy presence is fulness of joy; saved from mine enemies, 
in Thy right hand there are pleasures 
for evermore. 

The cords of death compassed me, 
and ttie floods of ungodliness made 
me afraid. 

Hear the right, O Jehovah, attend 

unto my cry; give ear unto my j^g ^^^^^ ^f shg^i ^^^e round about 

prayer, that goeth not out of feigned 


Let my sentence come forth from Thy 
presence; let Thine eyes look upon 

Thou hast proved my heart; Thou 
hast visited me in the night; Thou 

me; the snares of death came upon 


In my distress I called upon Jeho- 
vah, and cried unto my God: He 
heard my voice out of His temple, 
and my cry before Him came into 
His ears. 


Responsive Readings 

He delivered me from my strong There is no speech nor language; 

enemy, and from them that hated their voice is not heard. 

me; for they were too mighty for me. xheir line is gone out through all 

Jehovah hath rewarded me accord- **^« ^^j> ^* their words to the 

ing to my righteousness; according S?* ®^ the world. In tiiem hath 

tothe cleanness of my hands haS He set a tabernacle for the sun, 

He recompensed me. Which is as a bridegroom coming out 

For I have kept the ways of Jehovah, ^^ his chamber, and rejoiceth as a 

and have not wickedly departed from strong man to run his course. 

my God. His going forth is from the end of 

V i« **. .. _ u £ ^ the heavens, and his circuit unto 

For aU His ordinances were before ^ ^^^^ „f i| ^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^^^ 

me, and I put not away His statutes hid from the heat thereof . 
irom me. 

- , ^ . , TT. J T The law of Jehovah is perfect, re- 
I was also perfect with Him, and I ^ . ^u i ^u ^ ^- r 

- .f, .... stonng the soul: the testimony of 

kept myself from mine iniquity. t i. i. • i • • ^i. 

*^ "^ ^ -^ Jehovah is sure, making wise the 

Therefore hath Jehovah recom- simple. 

pensed me according to my right- «- ^ r t *. i. • i.^ 

Musness, according to the clelm- The precepts of Jehovah are right, 

ness of my hands hi His eyesight. rejoicu^r the heart: the command- 

'' ^ ment of Jehovah is pure, enlighten- 

With the merciful Thou wilt show ing the eyes. 

Thyself merciful; with the perfect The fear of Jehovah is clean, endur- 

man Thou wilt show Thyself perfect ; ing forever : the ordinances of Jehovah 

With the pure Thou wilt show Thy- are true and righteous altogether. 

self pure; and with the perverse ^^^^ to be desked arc they than 

Thou wilt show Thyself froward. g^^^^ y^^^ th^ n^^ch fine gold; 

For Thou wilt save the afflicted sweeter also than honey and the 

people; but the haughty eyes Thou d^opprngs of the honeycomb. 

wilt bring down. Moreover by them is Thy servant 

For Thou wilt light my kmp: ^^""^^ in keeping them there is 

Jehovah my God will Ughten my ^^^^ reward. 

darkness. ^gyh© can discern his errors? Clear 

thou me from hidden faults. 

SELECTION 9 Keep back Thy servant also from pre- 
sumptuous sins; let them not have 
dominion over me: then shall I be 

npHE heavens declare the glory upright, and I shall be clear from 

X of God; and the firmament great transgression. 

showeth His handiwork. • ^ ^. . * .. ... 

Let the words of my mouth and the 

Day unto day uttereth speech, and meditation of my heart be accept- 

nifi^t unto night showeth knowl- able in Thy sight, O Jehovah, my 

edge. rock, and my redeemer. 


Responsive Readings 

SELECTION 10 and I am helped : therefore my heart 

Paima XX, xxviii greatly rejoiceth; and with my song 

JT^TT^^TATT ' 1. • ^u J will I praise Him. 

EHOVAH answer thee m the day 
of trouble; the Name of the God Jehovah is their strength, and He 

t T«^^u ^^4- 4-u^ „^ ^r. u;«Vi. is a stronghold of salvation to His 

of Jacob set thee up on high ; anouited 

SS'.r^Tit.'^S: save ThypeopU and b.«s Thine 

inheritance: be their shepherd also. 
Remember all thy offerings, and ^j ^^^ them up for ever, 
accept thy burnt-sacrifice; 

Grant thee thy heart's desire, and SELECTION 11 

fulfil all thy counsel. i> i 

^^ ^ Psalms xxii I, cxxi 

We will triumph in thy salvation, JEHOVAH is my shepherd ; I shall 

and in the Name of our God we will J not want. 

set up our banners: Jehovah fulfil all -- - ^- ^ t. j 

^ -' He maketh me to he down m green 

thy petitions. pastures; He leadeth me beside 

Now know I that Jehovah saveth still waters. 

His anointed; He will answer him ^^ ^estoreth my soul: He guideth me 

from His holy heaven with the . , .i. r . i_ r tt- 

saving strength of His right hand. ^" ^^^ ^^^^^ °^ righteousness for His 

Name's sake. 
Some trust in chariots, and some in 

horses; but we will make mention of ^ea, thou^ I walk through the 

I- XT rTt- 1- i-j valley of the shadow of death, I 

the Name of Jehovah our God. ,^^ f^^ n^ ^^.^ for jho^ ^t 

They are bowed down and fallen; ^tii me; Thy rod and Thy staff, 
but we are risen, and stand up- they comfort me. 

'^t- Thou preparest a table before me in 

Save, Jehovah: let the King answer the presence of mine enemies: Thou 
us when we call. hast anointed my head with oil; my 

Unto Thee, O Jehovah, will I caU: ^"P runneth over. 

my rock, be not Thou deaf unto me ; Surely goodness and lovingkind- 

lest, if Thou be silent unto me, I ness shall follow me all the days 

become like them that go down into of my life ; and I shall dwell in the 

the pit. house of Jehovah for ever. 

Hear the voice of my supplications, I will lift up mine eyes unto the 
when I cry unto Thee, when I lift mountains: from whence shall- my 
up my hands toward Thy holy oracle, help come? 

Blessed be Jehovah, because He My help cometh from Jehovah, 
hath heard the voice of my suppli- "^o made heaven and earth. 

He will not suffer thy foot to be 
Jehovah is my strength and my moved : He that keepeth thee will not 
shield; my heart hath trusted in Him, slumber. 


Responsive Readings 

Behold, He that keepeth Israel Praise ye Jehovah. Praise God in 
will neither slumbernor deep. His sanctuary: praise Him in the 

Jehovah is thy keeper : Jehovah is thy firmament of His power. 

shade upon thy right hand. 

The sun shall not smite thee by 
day, nor the moon by night 

Jehovah will keep thee from all evil; 
He will keep thy soul. 

Jehovah will keep thy going out 
and thy coming in from this time 
forth and for evermore. 


Psalms XXIV, cxux, ci, 

LIFT up your heads, O ye gates; 
and be ye lifted up, ye everlast- 
ing doors: and the King of glory will 
come in. 

Who is the King of glory? Jehovah 
strong and mic^ty, Jehovah mighty 
in battle. 

Lift up your heads, O ye gates; yea, 
lift them up, ye everlasting doors: 
and the King of glory will come in. 

Who is this King of glory? Jehovah 
of hosts, He is &e King of glory. 

Praise ye Jehovah. Sing unto Jeho- 
vah a new song, and His praise in the 
assembly of the saints. 

Praise Him for His mighty acts: 
praise Him according to His ex- 
cellent greatness. 

Praise Him with trumpet sound: 
praise Him with psaltery and harp. 

Praise Him with timbrel and dance : 
praise Him with stringed instru- 
ments and iftpe. 

Praise Him with loud cymbals: praise 
Him with high sounding cymbals. 

Let everjrthing that hath breath 
praise Jehovah. Praise ye Jeho- 


Psalm XXV 

UNTO Thee, O Jehovah, do I lift 
up my soul. 

O my God, in Thee have I trusted, 
let me not be put to shame ; let not 
mine enemies triumph over me. 

Yea, none that wait for Thee shall 
be put to shame: they shall be put to 
shame that deal treacherously with- 
out cause. 

Show me Thy ways, O Jehovah; 
teach me Thy paths. 

Guide me in Thy truth, and teach 
Let Israel rejoice hi Him that made nie; for Thou art the God of my 

him: let the children of Zion be 
joyful in their King. 

Let them praise His Name in the 
dance: let them sing praises unto Him 
with timbrel and harp. 

salvation; for Thee do I wait all the 

Remember, O Jehovah, Thy tender 
mercies and Thy lovingkindnesses : 
for they have been ever of old. 

For Jehovah taketh pleasure m His Remember not the sins of my youth, 
P???^®L??,^ beautify the meek nor my transgressions: according to 

Thy lovingkindness remember Thou 


with salvation. 

Responsive Readings 

me, for Thy goodness' sake, O Je- That I may make the voice of thanks- 


Good and upright is Jehovah: 
therefore will He instruct sinners 
in the way. 

giving to be heard, and tell of all Thy 
wondrous works. 

Jehovahy I love the habitation of 
Thy house, and the place where 
Thy glory dwelleth. 

The meek will He guide in justice; 

and the meek will He teach His way. Gather not my soul with sinners, nor 

All the paths of Jehovah are loving- ^y '^^^ "^'^^ ^^^ ^^ ^lood ; 

In whose hands is wickedness, and 
their right hand is full of bribes. 

kindness and truth unto such as 
keep His covenant and His testi- 

For Thy Name's sake, O Jehovah, 
pardon mine iniquity, for it is great. 

What man is he that feareth Je- 
hovah? Him shall He instruct in 
the way that he shall choose. 

His soul shall dwell at ease; and his 
seed shall inherit the land. 

The friendship of Jehovah is with 
them that fear Him; and He will 
show them His covenant. 


Psalm XXVI 

JUDGE me, O Jehovah, for I 
have walked in mine integrity: 
I have trusted also in Jehovah with- 
out wavering. 

But as for me, I will walk in mine 
integrity : redeem me, and be merciful 
unto me. 

My foot standeth in an even place : 
in the congregations will I bless 


Psalm XXVII 

JEHOVAH is my light and my sal- 
vation; whom shall I fear? Jeho- 
vah is the strength of my life; of 
whom shall I be afraid? 

When evil-doers came upon me to 
eat up my fleshi even mine adver- 
saries and my foes, they stumbled 
and fell. 

Though a host should encamp against 

Examine me, O Jehovah, and prove "^^^ "^^ ^^^ shall not fear: though 
me ; try my heart and my mind. war should nse against me, even then 

T- T-L 1 • 1 • J • 1- r • will I be confident. 

For Thy lovingkindness is before mine 

eyes; and I have walked in Thy truth. 

I have not sat with men of false- 
hood ; neither will I go in with dis- 

One thing have I asked of Jehovah, 
that will I seek after: that I may 
dwell in the house of Jehovah aU 
the days of my life, to behold the 
beauty of Jehovah, and to inquire 
in His temple. 

I hate the assembly of evil-doers, and 

will not sit with the wicked. For in the day of trouble He will keep 

I will wash my hands uimnocency: ^^ secretly in His pavilion: in the 
so will I compass Thine altar, O covert of His tabernacle will He hide 
Jehovah; me; He will lift me up upon a rock. 


Responsive Readings 

And now shall my head be lifted 
up above mine enemies round 
about me; and I will offer in His 
tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will 
sing, yea, I will sing praises unto 

Hear, O Jehovah, when I cry with 
my voice: have mercy also upon me, 
and answer me. 

When Thou saidst, Seek ye My 
face; my heart said unto Thee, Thy 
face, Jehovah, will I seek. 

Hide not Thy face from me; put not 
Thy servant away in anger: Thou 
hast been my help; cast me not off, 
neither forsake me, O God of my 

When my father and my mother 
forsake me, then Jehovah will take 
me up. 

Teach me Thy way, O Jehovah; and 
lead me in a plain path, because of 
mine enemies. 

Deliver me not over unto the will 
of mine adversaries: for false wit- 
nesses are risen up against me, 
and such as breathe out cruelty. 

I had fainted, unless I had believed 
to see the goodness of Jehovah in the 
land of the living. 

Wait for Jehovah: be strong, and 
let thy heart take courage; yea, 
wait thou for Jehovah. 


Paalm xxx 

I WILL extol Thee, O Jehovah; for 
Thou hast raised me up, and hast 
not made my foes to rejoice over me. 

O Jehovah my God, I cried unto 
Thee, and Thou hast healed me. 

O Jehovah, Thou hast brought up 
my soul from Sheol; Thou hast kept 
me alive, that I should not go down 
to the pit. 

* Sing praise unto Jehovah, O ye 
saints of His, and give thanks to His 
holy memorial Name. 

For His anger is but for a moment; 
His favor is for a life-time: weeping 
may tarry for the night, but joy 
cometh in the morning. 

As for me, I said in my prosperity, 
I shall never be moved. 

Thou, Jehovah, of Thy favor hadst 
made my mountain to stand strong: 
Thou didst hide Thy face; I was 

I cried to Thee, O Jehovah; and 
unto Jehovah I made supplication: 

What profit is there in my blood, 
when I go down to the pit? Shall 
the dust praise Thee? Shall it de- 
clare Thy truth? 

Hear, O Jehovah, and have mercy 
upon me: Jehovah, be Thou my 

Thou hast turned for me my mourn- 
ing into dancing; Thou hast loosed 
my sackcloth, and girded me with 

To the end that my glory may sing 
praise to Thee, and not be silent. 
O Jehovah my God, I will give 
thanks unto Thee for ever. 


Psalm XXXII 

BLESSED is he whose transgres- 
sion is forgiven, whose sin is 



Responsive Readings 

Blessed is the man unto whom SELECTION 18 

Jehovah imputeth not iniquity, and 

in whose spirit there is no guile. 
„^ , , ., , ^ P EJOICE in Jehovah, O ye right- 
When I kept silence, my bones wasted iV eous: praise is comely for the 
away through my groaning all the upright. 

day long. 

Give thanks unto Jehovah with the 

For day and night Thy hand was harp: sing praises unto Him with 

heavy upon me: my moisture was the psaltery of ten strings. 

changed as with the drought of e* . u* i 

a tinim pr Smg unto Him a new song; play 

skilfully with a loud noise. 

I acknowledged my sin unto Thee, ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^^ .^ 

and mine iniquity did I not hide: ^nd all ffis work is done in faith- 

I said, I will confess my transgres- fulness. 

sions unto Jehovah; and Thou for- „ , ^1.1^ j • ^« 

^, . . .^ ^ . He loveth righteousness and justice: 

gavest the iniquity of my sm. . ^1. • r n r ^i_ 1 • 1 • 1 

*• -1 y ^ ^j^g earth is full of the lovingkmdness 

For this let every one that is godly of Jehovah. 

pray unto Thee in a time when « ^i. j x t *. *. xt. 

Thou mayest be found: surely By the word of Jehovah were the 

when the great waters overflow {jf ^^^ "f *t' "iJ ^ S^ ^^^\Z^ 

they shall not reach unto him. ^^"^ ^^ ^^ *>^®^^ ^' ^« °^^^*- 

^, , . ,. , ^, ., He gathereth the waters of the sea 

Thou art my hiding-place; Thou wilt ^ ^u u u 1 ^u xu 

r , t rr.t .. together as a heap: He layeth up the 

preserve me from trouble; Thou wilt t • ^ u 

^ 1 . , r deeps in storehouses, 
compass me about with songs of 

deliverance. ^^ ^ ^® earth fear Jehovah: let 

all the inhabitants of the world 

I will instruct thee and teach thee stand in awe of Him. 

in the way which thou shalt go: p^- xTg ^^^u^ ^^j :^ -^_ j^ne- He 

I will counsel thee with Mine eye ^"""^ "^ fT T- "^^^ 

upon thee. commanded, and it stood fast. 

n « i_ 11 Jehovah bringeth the counsel of 

Be ye not as the horse, or as the mule, ^^e nations to nought; He maketh 

which have no understanding; whose the thou^ts of the peoples to be 

trappings must be bit and bridle to of no effect. 

hold them in. else they will not come ^he counsel of Jehovah standeth fast 

near unto thee. ^^ ^^^^ ^j^^ thoughts of His heart to 

Many sorrows shall be to the all generations. 

Swii i«2„l£n£fi«*^!.«*^„ ^ Blessed is the nation whose God 

I«rT.% ^fZ^f°°'*°*'* ^*^ **"" is Jehovah, the people whom He 

pass nun aooiit. j^^^^ chosen for ffis own inherit- 

Be glad in Jehovah, and rejoice, ye **ce. 

righteous; and shout for joy, all ye Our soul hath waited for Jehovah: 

that are upright in heart. He is our help and our shield. 


Responsive Readings 

For our heart shall rejoice in Him, i will teach you the fear of Jehovah, 
because we have trusted in His ^^ .••..... 

holy Name. What man is he that desureth life, 

and loveth many days, that he may 
Let Thy lovingkindness, O Jehovah, gee good? 

*^ lips from speaking guile. 

Depart from evil, and do good; 
SELECTION 19 seek peace, and pursue it 

Paaim XXXIV The eyes of Jehovah are toward the 

I WILL bless Jehovah at all times: righteous, and His ears are open unto 
His praise shall continually be in "^^^^ ^'^• 

my mouth. The face of Jehovah is against 

^. 1 t. 11 1 «. u i. • them that do evil, to cut off the 

My sou^ 8h«U make her boast in ,eiiiembrance of them from the 

Jehovah: the meek shall hear earth 
tiiereof , and be glad. 

Oh magnify Jehovah with me, and QWTWPTTnw on 

let us exalt His Name together, 6)lll.JtC110J!l ZO 

Psalm xxxvTi 

I sought Jehovah, and He answered 

me, and delivered me from all my 'pRET not thyself because of evil- 

^®^8. 1? doers, neither be thou envious 
They looked unto Him, and were against them that work unrighteous- 
radiant; and their faces shall never ness. 
be confounded. Por they shall soon be cut down 

This poor man cried, and Jehovah ^« ^^ ^^^s, and wither as the 

heard hun, and saved him out of 8^®®^ ^®'^- 

aU his troubles. Trust in Jehovah, and do good ; 

The angel of Jehovah encampeth dwell in the land, and feed on His 

round about them that fear Him, and faithfulness, 

delivereth them. Delight thyself also in Jehovah; 

Oh taste and see that Jehovah is ^1^^ ^ ^^^ ^®® ^^ *®^®« 

good: blessed is the man that of thy heart. 

taketh refuge in Him. Commit thy way unto Jehovah ; 

Oh fear Jehovah, ye His saints; for trust also in Him, and He will bring 

there is no want to them that fear ^t to pass. 

Him. And He will make thy righteous- 

The young Uons do kck, and suffer Sf^^ *?.80 foiiai as the light, and 

hunger ibut they that seek Je- ^y J^^**^^ ^^ ^^ noonday, 

hovah shall not want any good Rest in Jehovah, and wait patiently 

*'^^* for Him: fret not thyself because of 

Come, ye children, hearken unto me: him who prospereth in his way, be- 


Responsive Readings 

cause of the man who bringeth wicked 
devices to pass. 

Cease from angery and forsake 
wrath: fret not thyself , it tendeth 
only to evil-doing. 

For evil-doers shall be cut off; but 
those that wait for Jehovah, they 
shall inherit the land. 

A man's goings are established of 
Jehovah: and He delighteth in his 

Though he fall, he shall not be utterly 
cast down; for Jehovah upholdeth 
him with His hand. 

I have been young, and now am 
old ; yet have I not seen the ri^t- 
eous forsaken, nor his seed begging 

All the day long he dealeth graciously, 
and lendeth; and his seed is blessed. 

Depart from evil, and do good; 
and dwell for evermore. 


Psalm XL 

1 WAITED patiently for Jehovah; 
and He inclined unto me, and 
heard my cry. 

He brought me up also out of a 
horrible pit, out of the miry clay; 
and He set my feet upon a rock, 
and established my goings. 

And He hath put a new song in my 
mouth, even praise unto our God: 
many shall see it, and fear, and shall 
trust in Jehovah. 

Blessed is the man that maketh 
Jehovah his trust, and respecteth 
not the proud, nor such as turn 
aside to Ues. 

Many, O Jehovah my God, are the 
wonderful works which Thou hast 
done, and Thy thoughts which are 
to us- ward: 

They cannot be set in order unto 
Thee ; if I would declare and speak 
of them, they are more than can 
be numbered. 

Sacrifice and offering Thou hast no 
delight in; mine ears hast Thou 
opened: burnt-offering and sin-offer- 
ing hast Thou not required. 

Then said I, Lo, I am come; in the 
roll of the book it is written of me : 

I delight to do Thy will, O my God; 
yea, Thy law is within my heart. 

I have proclaimed glad tidings of 
ri^teousness in the great assem- 
bly ; lo, I will not refrain my lips, 
O Jehovah, Thou knowest 

I have not hid Thy righteousness 
within my heart; I have declared 
Thy faithfulness and Thy salvation; 
I have not concealed Thy loving- 
Idndness and Thy truth from the 
great assembly. 

Withhold not Thou Thy tender 
mercies from me, O Jehovah; let 
Thy lovingkindness and Thy truth 
continually preserve me. 

For innumerable evils have com- 
passed me about; mine iniquities 
have overtaken me, so that I am 
not able to look up; they are more 
than the hairs of my head; and my 
heart hath failed me. 

Be pleased, O Jehovah, to deliver 
me: make haste to help me, O 


Responsive Readings 


Psalms xui, xliii 

AS the hart panteth after the 
water brooks, so panteth my 
soul after Thee, O God. 

My soul thirsteth for God, for the 
living God : when shall I come and 
appear before God? 

My tears have been my food day 
and night, while they continually say 
unto me. Where is thy God? 

These things I remember, and 
pour out my soul within me, how 
I went with the throng, and led 
them to the house of God, with the 
voice of joy and praise, a multitude 
keeping holyday. 

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? 
And why art thou disquieted within 
me? Hope thou in God; for I shall 
yet praise Him for the help of His 

O my God, my soul is cast down 
withm me: all Thy waves and Thy 
billows are gone over me. 

Yet Jehovah will command His lov- 
ingkindness in the day-time; and in 
the night His song shall be with me, 
even a prayer unto the God of my 

Why art thou cast down, O my 
soul? And why art thou dis- 
quieted within me? Hope thou in 
God; for I shall yet praise Him, 
Who is the help of my countenance, 
and my God. 

Judge me, O God, and plead my cause 
against an ungodly nation: oh de- 
liver me from the deceitful and un- 
just man. 

For Thou art the God of 

strength; why hast Thou cast me 
o£f? Why go I mourning because 
of the oppression of the enemy? 

Oh send out Thy light and Thy 
truth; let them lead me: let them 
bring me unto Thy holy hill, and to 
Thy tabernacles. 

Then will I go unto the altar of 
God, unto God my exceeding joy; 
and upon the harp will I praise 
Thee, O God, my God. 

Why art thou cast down, O my soul? 
And why art thou disquieted within 
me? Hope thou in God; for I shall 
yet praise Him, Who is the help of 
my countenance, and my God. 





OD is our refuge and strength, 
a very present help in trouble. 

Therefore will we not fear, though 
the earth do change, and though 
the mountains be shaken into the 
heart of the seas ; 

Though the waters thereof roar and 
be troubled, though the mountains 
tremble with the swelling thereof. 

There is a river, the streams where- 
of make glad the city of God, the 
holy place of the tabernacles of the 
Most High. 

God is in the midst of her; she shall 
not be moved : God will help her, and 
that right early. 

The nations raged, the kingdoms 
were moved: He uttered His 
voice, the earth melted. 

Jehovah of hosts is with us; the God 
of Jacob is our refuge. 


Responsive Readings 

Come, behold the works of Jehovah, Great is Jehovah, and greatly to be 

what desolatioiis He hath made in praised, in the city of our God, in 

the earth. His holy mountain. 

He maketh wars to cease unto the Beautiful in elevation, the joy of the 

end of the earth; He breaketh the whole earth, is mount Zion, on the 

bow, and cutteth the spear in sunder; sides of the north, the city of the 

He burneth the chariots in the fire. great King. 

Be still, and know that I am God : God hath made Himself known in 

I will be exalted among the nations, her palaces for a refuge. 

Iwill be exalted in the earth. . ^ 

As IS Thy Name, O God, so is Thy 

Jehovah of hosts IS with us; the God praise unto the ends of the earth: 

of Jacob is our refuge. Thy right hand is full of righteous- 

SELECTION 24 Let mount Zion be glad, let the 

daughters of Judah rejoice, because 

Psalm. xLvii, xLviii ^f ipj^y judgments. 

OH clap your hands, all ye peoples; ^^,j^ ^^^^^ ^ion, and go round about 

shout unto God with the voice , u ^i. ^ ^l r 

^ . , her; number the towers thereof; 
of tnumph. 

Mark ye well her bulwarks; con- 

For Jehovah Most High is terrible ; gider her pahices : that ye may tell 

He IS a great Kmg over aU the it to the generation following, 

__ - , , , , , For this God is our God for ever and 

He subdueth peoples under us, and tt •n i. -j 

»^i* t^ p u vA^x uo, a,iiu ^^gj.. ji^ ^jj YyQ Q^. guide even unto 

nations under our feet. 

He chooseth our inheritance for us, 
the glory of Jacob whom He loved. 

God is gone up with a shout, Jehovah 
with the sound of a trumpet. 



Psalm LI 

Sing praises to God, smg praises: fT^^^ T''^ "^^^ T' -^ ,^^' 

smg praises unto our King, sing ^ according to Thy lovmgkmd- 

praises. ness: according to the multitude of 

For God is the King of all the earth : ^^^ ^^^^^' '^^^'''^ ^'^^ ^"^ "^^ ^^'^'- 

. - J ^ J. gressions. 
sing ye praises with understanding. 

^ , . . , ^. ^ Wash me thoroughly from mine 

God reigneth over the nations: iniquity, and cleanse me from my 

God sitteth upon His holy throne. ^i^^^ ^ 

The princes of the peoples are gath- por I know my transgressions; and 

ered together to be the people of the ^^y sin is ever before me. 
God of Abraham; for the shields of 

the earth belong unto God: He is A^*^* '^^^ "^t* **"!?' k^*""* •? 

., 1^ J sinned, and done that which is eTil 

e^^^y exalted^ i^ Thy sight; that Thou mayest be 


Responsive Readings 

justified when Thou speakest, and From the end of the earth will I 

be clear when Thou judgest call unto Thee, when my heart is 

Behold, Thou desirest truth in the ?J®:7^^^^^;i~^°'^ ^ ^^ ^^^ 

-J -* J • ..u u'AA -4. that is higher than I. 
inward parts; and in the hidden part 

Thou wilt make me to know wisdom. For Thou hast been a refuge for me, 

Purify me with hyssop, and I shaU ^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ enemy, 

be clean : wash me, and I shall be i will dwell in Thy tabernacle for 

whiter than snow. ever : I will take refuge in the covert 

Make me to hear joy and gladness, ^' '^7 wings. 

that the bones which Thou hast For Thou, O God, hast heard my 

broken may rejoice. vows: Thou hast given me the hen- 
Hide Thy face from my sins, and tage of those that fear Thy Name. 
Wot out aU mine iniquities. ^^ soul, wait thou in sUence for 

Create in me a clean heart, O God; God only; for my expectation is 

and renew a right spirit within me. from Him. 

Cast me not away from Thy pres- He only is my rock and my salvation: 

ence; and take not Thy Holy Spirit He is my high tower; I shall not be 

irom me. , 


Restore unto me the joy of Thy sal- ^ ^ ^ 

vation; and uphold me with a willing ^ith Gjwl is my salvation and my 

. . ^ ^ glory: the rock of my strength, and 

spirit. my refuge, is in God. 

Then will I teach transgressors Thy ^^ ^ • tt- ^ n ^- « 

waysi and smners shaU be con- ^^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^" ^*"^^' ^^ people; 

verted unto Thee. P^ur out your heart before Him : 

Deliver me from bloodguiltiness. Q ^^ ^^ ^ r efuge for us. 

God; Thou God of my salvation; and O God, Thou art my God; ear- 

my tongue shall sing aloud of Thy «l«stiy will I seek Thee: my soul 

righteousness thirsteth for Thee, my flesh longeth 

righteousness. j^^ ^j^^^^ in a dry and weary land, 

O Lord, open Thou my lips; and where no water is. 

my mouth shall show forth Thy ^ , t • , , r,,, . • 

praise. ^ have I looked upon Thee in the 

For Thou delightest not in sacrifice; ^^"^"a'7' *« ^ee Thy power and Thy 

else would I give it: Thou hast no ^^^^' 

pleasure in burnt-offering. Because Thy lovingkindness is bet- 

The sacrifices of God are a broken *^^?" "*^' "^^ ^P« ^^ ^^^ 

spirit: a broken and a contrite ^"®®' 

heart, O God, Thou wilt not despise. So will I bless Thee while I live: 

I will lift up my hands in Thy Name. 

SELECTION 26 My soul shaU be satisfied as with 

PMiimt Lxi, Lxii, Lxiii marrow and fatness ; and my mouth 

EAR my cry. O God; attend «**" VtBise Thee with joyful Ups; 

unto my prayer. When I remember Thee upon my 



Responsive Readings 

bed, and meditate on Thee in the God, and I will declare what He 
night-watches. J"^th done for my soul. 

For Thou hast been my help, and I cried unto Him with my mouth, and 
in the shadow of Thy wings will I He was extolled with my tongue. 

If I regard iniquity in my heart, 
the Lord will not hear : 



Psalm ucvx 


AKE a joyful noise unto God, 
all the earth: 

Sing forth the glory of His Name: 
make His praise glorious. 

Say unto God, How terrible are Thy 
works! Through the greatness of 
Thy power shall Thine enemies sub- 
mit themselves unto Thee. 

But verily God hath heard ; He hath 
attended to the voice of my prayer. 

Blessed be God, Who hath not 
turned away my prayer, nor His 
lovingkindness from me. 


Paalm ucxi 


N Thee, O Jehovah, do I take 
refuge: let me never be put to 
All the earth shall worship Thee, shame. 

and shall sing unto Thee; they ^ ^. 

~ Deuver me m Thy righteousness, 

and rescue me: bow down Thine 

ear unto me, and save me. 

shall sing to Thy Name. 

Come, and see the works of God; 
He is terrible in His doing toward the 
children of men. 

Be Thou to me a rock of habitation, 
whereunto I may continually resort: 

He turned the sea into dry land; Thou hast given commandment to 

they went trough the river on ^^ve me; for Thou art my rock and 

foot: there did we rejoice m Him. c ^^^ 

* my fortress. 

He nileth by His might for ever; ^ ^ /^ j ^ ^ a«_ 

„. 1. .1. . 1 . Rescue me, O my God, out of the 

His eyes observe the nations: let not hand of the wicked, out of the hand 

the rebellious exalt themselves. of the unrighteous and cruel man. 

Oh bless our God, ye peoples, and For Thou art my hope, O Lord 

make the voice of His praise to be jehovah : Thou art my trust from my 

^®"^' youth. 
Who holdeth our soul in life, and 

suflFereth not our feet to be moved. 

I will come into Thy house with 
burnt-offerings; I will pay Thee 
my vows. 

My mouth shall be filled with Thy 
praise, and with Thy honor all the 

Cast me not off in the time of old age; 

forsake me not when my strength 
Which my lips uttered, and my mouth faileth. 
spake, when I was in distress. 

Come, and hear, all ye that fear 


My mouth shall tell of Thy right- 
eousness, and of Thy salvation all 

Responsive Readings 

the day ; for I know not the num- needy, and will break in pieces the 
bers thereof. oppressor. 

I will come with the mighty acts of They shall fear Thee while the sun 

the Lord Jehovah: I will make men- endureth, and so long as the moon, 

tion of Thy righteousness, even of throughout all generations. 

Thine only. He will come down like rain upon 

O God, Thou hast taught me from ^« ^^:^ «^ss, as showers that 

my youth; and hitherto have I ^**®' ^« ®*™- 

declared Thy wondrous works. in His days shall the righteous 

Yea, even when I am old and gray- flourish, and abundance of peace, 
headed, O God, forsake me not, until till the moon be no more. 

I have declared Thy strength unto He shall have dominion also from 
the next generation. Thy might to sea to sea, and from the River unto 
every one that is to come. ^e ©^ds of the earth. 

Thy righteousness also, O God, They that dwell in the wilderness 

is very high; Thou Who hast done shall bow before Him; and His ene- 

great things, O God, who is like mies shall lick the dust. 
unto Thee? 

The kings of Tarshish and of the 

My lips shall shout for joy when I isles shall render tribute: the 

sing praises unto Thee; and my soul, kings of Sheba and Seba shall ofifer 

which Thou hast redeemed. gifts. 

My tongue also shall talk of Thy Yea, all kings shall fall down before 
righteousness all the day long; Him; all nations shall serve Him. 
for they are put to shame, for they 19 tt •» ^ i* xt. ^ t. 
are coirfounded, that seek my hurt. J^' ^e will dehver the needy when 

' ^ he cneth, and the poor, that hath 

no helper. 

He will have pity on the poor and 
SELECTIOIT 29 needy, and the souls of the needy He 

will save. 

Psalm Lxxxi 


IVE the king Thy judgments, O ^« '^. redeem their soul from 
/-J J TL • L^ oppression and violence ; and pre- 

God, and Thy nghteousness ^^^ ,^ ^y, blood be in His 

unto the king s Son. sight: 

He wiU judge Thy people with And they shall live; and to Him shall 

jffie""""*""' ^ ^'^' begivenofthegoldof Sheba:andmen 

shall pray for Him continually; they 
The mountains shall bring peace to shall bless Him all the day long, 
the people, and the hills, in right- 
eousness. There shall be abundance of grain 

in the earth upon the top of the 
He will judge the poor of the people, mountains ; the fruit thereof shall 
He will save the children of the shake like Lebanon: and they of 


Responsive Readings 

the dty shall flourish like grass of 
the earth. 

His Name shall endure for ever; His 
Name shall be continued as long as 
the sun : and men shall be blessed in 
Him; all nations shall call Him 

Blessed be Jehovah God, the God 
of Israel, Who only doeth wondrous 

And blessed be His glorious Name for 
ever; and let the whole earth be filled 
with His glory. Amen, and Amen. 

O Jehovah God of hosts, hear my 
prayer; give ear, O God of Jacob. 

Behold, O God our shield, and look 
upon the face of Thine anointed. 

For a day in Thy courts is better 
than a thousand. I had rather be 
a doorkeeper in the house of my 
God, than to dwell in the tents of 

For Jehovah God is a sun and a shield : 
Jehovah will give grace and glory; 
no good thing will He withhold from 
them that walk uprightly. 

O Jehovah of hosts, blessed is the 
man that trusteth in Thee. 


Psalm ucxxiv 


OW amiable are Thy tabernacles, 
O Jehovah of hosts! 


Pnlm LxxxT 

My soul longeth, yea, even fainteth TEHOVAH, Thou hast been favor- 
for the courts of Jehovah; my J able unto Thy land; Thou hast 
heart and my flesh cry out unto the brought back the captivity of Jacob! 
living \joa. 

Thou hast forgiven the iniquity of 
Thy people ; Thou hast covered all 
their sin. 

Yea, the sparrow hath found her a 
house, and the swallow a nest for 
herself, where she may lay her young, 
even Thine altars, O Jehovah of 
hosts, my King, and my God. 

Blessed are they that dwell in Thy 
house: they will be still praising 

Blessed is the man whose strength is 
in Thee; in whose heart are the high- 
ways to Zion. 

Passing through the valley of 
Weeping they make it a place of 
springs; yea, the early rain cover- 
eth it with blessings. 

Thou hast taken away all Thy wrath ; 
Thou hast turned Thyself from the 
fierceness of Thine anger. 

Turn us, O God of our salvation, 
and cause Thine indignation toward 
us to cease. 

Wilt Thou be angry with us for ever? 
Wilt Thou draw out Thine anger to 
all generations? 

WUt Thou not quicken us again, 
tiiat Thy people may rejoice in 

They go from strength to strength; Show us Thy lovingkindness, O 
every one of them appeareth before i^^^ovah. and grant us Thy salvation. 
God in Zion. I will hear what God Jehovah will 


Responsive Readings 

speak; for He will speak peace In the day of my trouble I will call 

unto His people, and to His saints: upon Thee; for Thou wilt answer me. 
but let them not turn again to folly. 

c 1 Tj. 1 ^. . . u ^L xu -. There is none like unto Thee 
Surely His salvation is nigh them that ^^^ ^^ ^^^3^ O Lord; neither 

fear Him, that glory may dwell in our are there any works like unto Thy 
land. works. 

Mercy and truth are met togetiier; All nations whom Thou hast made 
righteousness and peace have « n ^ u- u r i^i. 

Idssed each other. ^^^" ^^^^ ^"^ worship before Thee, 

O Lord; and they shall glorify Thy 
Truth springeth out of the earth; and Name. 

righteousness hath looked down from 

heaven. For Thou art great, and doest 

„ ^ , wondrous things : Thou art God 

Yea, Jehovah will give that which alone. 

is good; and our land shall yield 

its mcrease. Teach me Thy way, O Jehovah; I 

Righteousness shall go before Him, will walk in Thy truth: unite my 

and shall make His footsteps a way ^^^^t to fear Thy Name, 

to walk in. j ^j ^^^^ ^^^^ q Lo^^ ^^ O^^ 

with my whole heart; and I will 
glorify Thy Name for evermore. 


my soul from the lowest Sheol. 

SELECTION 32 For great is Thy lovingkindness 

Pgjjj^ jjjjjj^ toward me; and Thou hast delivered 

OW down Thine ear, O Jehovah, 

and answer me; for I am poor O God, the proud are risen up 

and needy. against me, and a company of 

violent men have sought after my 

Preserve my soul; for I am godly: goul, and have not set Thee before 

O Thou my God, save Thy servant them, 
that trusteth in Thee. 

Be merciful unto me, O Lord; for ^"^ '^^^"' ^ ^^* art a God merci- 

unto Thee do I cry all the day long. ^^^ ^^^ gracious, slow to anger, and 

abundant in lovingkindness and 

Rejoice the soul of Thy servant; ^.^i, 

for unto Thee, O Lord, do I lift up 

my souL qj^ ^^y^ ^j^^ j^^^ and have mercy 

For Thou, Lord, art good, and ready HP^» ^^i »^« T^y strength unto 

. r • J 1. J ^ • 1 • Thy servant, and save the son of 

to forgive, and abundant m loving- ^ handmaid. 

kindness unto all them that call upon 

Thee. Show me a token for good, that they 

Give ear, O Jehovah, unto my ^^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^y ^ ^^' ^^^ ^ P"^ 

prayer; and hearken unto the to shame, because Thou, Jehovah, 

voice of my supplications. hast helped me, and comforted me. 


Responsive Readings 



Psalms xjcxxvii, cxxii 

IS foundation is in the holy 

Jehovah loveth the gates of Zion 
more than all the dwellings of 

Glorious things are spoken of thee, 
O city of God. 

I will make mention of Rahab and 
Babylon as among them &at know 
Me: behold, Ph&istia, and Tyrey 
with Ethiopia: this one was bom 

Yea, of Zion it shall be said, This 
one and that one was born in her; 
and the Most High Himself will es- 
tablish her. 

Jehovah will count, when He 
writeth up the peoples, this one 
was bom there. 

They that sing as well as they that 
dance shall say, All my fountains are 
in thee. 

Peace be within thy walls, and 
prosperity within thy palaces. 

For my brethren and companions* 
sakes, I will now say, Peace be within 

For the sake of the house of Jeho- 
vah our God I will seek thy good. 


Psalm Lxxxix 

I was glad when they said unto me, 
Let us go unto the house of Jehovah. 

Our feet are standing within thy 
gates, O Jerusalem, 

Jerasalem, that art builded as a 
city that is compact together; 

Whither the tribes go up, even the 
tribes of Jehovah, for an ordinance 
for Israel, to give thanks unto the 
Name of Jehovah. 

For there are set thrones for judg- 
ment, the thrones of the house of 

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: 
they shall prosper that love thee. 

1WILL sing of the lovingkindness 
of Jehovah for ever: with my 
mouth wiir I make known Thy faith- 
fulness to all generations. 

For I have said, Mercy shall be 
built up for ever; Thy faithfulness 
wilt Tliou establish in the very 

I have made a covenant with My 
chosen, I have sworn unto David My 

Thy seed will I establish for ever, 
and build up thy throne to all 

And the heavens shall praise Thy 
wonders, O Jehovah; Thy faithful- 
ness also in the assembly of the holy 

For who in the skies can be com- 
pared unto Jehovah? Who among 
the sons of the mighty is like unto 

A God very terrible in the council of 
the holy ones, and to be feared above 
all them that are round about Him? 

O Jehovah God of hosts, who is a 
mighty one, like unto Thee, O 
Jehovah? And Thy faithfulness 
is round about Thee. 

The heavens are Thine, the earth 


Responsive Readings 

also is Thine: the world and the ful- Thou carriest them away as with a 

ness thereof, Thou hast founded flood; they are as a sleep: in the 

them. morning they are like grass which 

The north and the south, Thou g^^oweth up. 

hast created them: Tabor and Her- in the mommg it flourisheth, and 

mon rejoice in Thy Name. groweth up; in the evening it is 

Thou hast a mighty arm; strong is ^"* *^^» ^^ withereth- 

Thy hand, and high is Thy right For we are consumed in Thine anger, 

hand. and in Thy wrath are we troubled. 

RighteouGmess and justice are the Thou hast set our iniquities before 

foundation of Thy throne: loving- Thee, our secret sins in the light 

kindness and truth go before Thy of Thy countenance. 


For all our days are passed away in 

Blessed is the people that, know the Thy wrath: we bring our years to an 

joyful sound: they walk, O Jehovah, end as a sigh. 

in the light of Thy countenance. qi.^ -i— « ^t ^ ^ 4.u 

^ -^ The days of our years are three- 

In Thy Name do they rejoice all score years and ten, or even by 

the day; and in Thy righteousness reason of strength fourscore years; 

are they exalted. yet is their pride but labor and 

T? T-u -* .u I r i_ . sorrow; for it is soon gone, and 

For Thou art the glory of their ^e fly away. 

strength; and in Thy favor our horn „„ , , , , ^, . 

shall be exalted. ^^^ knoweth the power of Thme 

anger, and Thy wrath according to 

For our shield belonged unto the fear that is due unto Thee? 
Jehovah; and our king to the Holy 

One of Israel. So teach us to number our days, 

that we may get us a heart of wis- 

Return, O Jehovah; how long? and 

""''^ let it repent Thee concerning Thy 

LORD, Thou hast been our dwell- servants, 

ing-place in all generations. ^, 

_ - ^ Oh satisfy us m the morning with 

Before the mountams were brought Thy lovingkindness, that we may 

forth, or ever Thou hadst formed rejoice and be glad all our days, 
the earth and the world, even from 

everlasting to everlasting. Thou Make us glad according to the days 

*rt God. wherein Thou hast afflicted us, and 

Thou turnest man to destruction, *® y^^^^ wherein we have seen evil. 

and sayest. Return, ye children of Let Thy work appear unto Thy 

men. servants, and Thy glory upon their 

_ - children. 
For a thousand years in Thy sight 

are but as yesterday when it is And let the favor of the Lord our 

past, and as a watch in the night. God be upon us; and establish Thou 


Responsive Readings 

the work of our hands upon us; yea, 
the work of our hands establish Thou 


Psalm xa 

HE that dwelleth in the secret 
place of the Most High shall 
abide under the shadow of the Al- 

They shall bear thee up in their 
hands, lest thou dash thy foot 
against a stone. 

Thou shalt tread upon the lion and 
adder: the young lion and the ser- 
pent shalt thou trample under foot. 

Because he hath set his love upon 
Me, therefore will I deliver him: 
I will set him on high, because he 
hath known My Name. 

He shall call upon Me, and I will 
I wiU say of Jehovah, He is my answer him; I will be with him in 
refuge and my fortress; my God, trouble: I will deliver him, and honor 


TTith long life will I satisfy him, 
and show him My salvation. 


Paalms xcv, xax 

|H come, let us sing unto Jehovah ; 
let us make a joyful noise to the 
rock of our salvation. 


Let us come before His presence 
with thanksgiving; let us make a 
joyful noise unto Him with psalms. 

For Jehovah is a great God, and a 

in Whom I trust. 

For He will deliver thee from the 
snare of the fowler, and from the 
deadly pestilence. 

He will cover thee with His pinions, 
and under His wings shalt thou 
take refuge: His truth is a shield 
and a buckler. 

Thou shalt not be afraid for the 
terror by night, nor for the arrow 
that flieth by day; 

For the pestilence that walketh in 
darkness, nor for the destruction 
that wasteth at noonday. 

A thousand shall fall at thy side, and g^at King above all gods. 

ten thousand at thy right hand ; but In His hand are the deep places^f 

it shall not come nigh thee. the earth; the heights of the 

r\ t -At. ^L. 1- tj. ^1- mountains are His also. 

Only with thme eyes shalt thou 

. behold, and see the reward of the The sea is His, and He made it ; and 
wicked. His hands formed the dry land. 

For Thou, O Jehovah, art my refuge. Oh come, let us worship and bow 
Thou hast made the Most High thy down ; let us Imeel before Jehovah 
habitation ; our Maker^ 

There shall no evil befall thee, Jehovah reigneth; let the peoples 
neither shall any plague come nigh tremble : He sitteth above the cheru- 
thy tent. bim; let the earth be moved. 

For He will give His angels charge Jehovah is great in Zion; and He 
over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. is high above a^ the peoples. 


Responsive Readings 

Let them praise Thy great and terrible strength and beauty are in Wb 
Name: holy is He. sanctuary. 

The king's strength also loveth Ascribe unto Jehovah, ye kindreds 
justice ; Thou dost establish equity ; of the peoples, ascribe unto Jehovah 
Thou executest justice and right- glory and strength. 
eousness in Jacob. 

Ascribe unto Jehovah the glory due 
Exalt ye Jehovah our God, and wor- unto His Name : bring an offering, 

ship at His footstool : holy is He. and come into His courts. 

Moses and Aaron among His Oh worship Jehovah in holy array: 

priests, and Samuel among them tremble before Him, all the earth, 
that call upon His Name; they 

called upon Jehovahi and He Say among the nationsi Jehovah 
answered them. reigneth: the world also is estab- 

lished that it cannot be moved: 
He spake unto them in the pillar of He will judge the peoples with 

cloud : they kept His testimonies, and equity. 

the statute that He gave them. Let the heavens be glad, and let the 

Thou answeredst them, O Jehovah earth rejoice; let the sea roar, and 
our God: Thou wast a God that the fulness thereof ; 
forgavest them, though Thou took- 

est Vengeance of their doings. ^^ ^® ^^^^ exult, and all that is 

therein; then shall all the trees 
Exalt ye Jehovah our God, and of the wood sing for joy before Je- 
worship at His holy hill ; for Jehovah hovah; 

our God is holy. p^r jje cometh, for He cometh to 

judge the earth: He will judge the 
SELECTION 38 world with righteousness, and the 

peoples with His truth. 

Psalm xcvi 

OH sing unto Jehovah a new song: SELECTZOIT 39 

sing unto Jehovah, all the earth. p^„ atcv,, 

Sing unto Jehovah, bless His TEHOVAH reigneth; let the earth 
2?^®l^^i^!r-.f^^ ^® salvation J rejoice; let the multitude of isles 

be glad. 

from day to day. 

Declare His glory among the nations, ^^^^^^ ^^ darkness are round 
His marvelous works among all the ^bout Him: righteousness and jus- 
peoples, tice are the foundation of His 
For great is Jehovah, and greatly t^^^^^e. 

to be praised : He is to be feared A fire goeth before Him, and burneth 

above aU gods. ^p jjjg adversaries round about. 

For all the gods of the peoples are His lightnmgs lightened the world: 

idols; but Jehovah made the heavens. the earth saw, and trembled. 

Honor and majesty are before Him : The mountains melted like wax at 


Responsive Readings 

the presence of Jehovah, at the pres- Make a joyful noise unto Jehovah, 

ence of the Lord of the whole earth. jU the earth: break forth and sing 

for joy, yea, sing praises. 
The heavens declare His right- t t. i_ . ^ 

eousness, and all the peoples have Sing praises unto Jehovah with the 
seen His g^ory. harp; with the harp and the voice of 

Let all them be put to shame that "^^l^dy. 

serve graven images, that boast them- With trumpets and sound of comet 

selves of idols: worship Him, all ye JJ^ke a joyful noise before the 

gods. ^^» Jehovah. 

Zion heard and was glad, and the ^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^' ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^^ 
daughters of Judah rejoiced, be- thereof; the world, and they that 

cause of Thy judgments, O Jehovah, dwell therein ; 

For Thou, Jehovah, art most high Let the floods clap their hands; 
above all the earth: Thou art exalted let the hiUs sing for joy together 
far above all gods. ^^*^^^ J^^<>^ 5 

O ye that love Jehovah, hate evfl: ^^^ "^ cometh to judge the earth: 
He preserveth the souls of His ^^ will judge the world with right- 
saints; He deUvereth them out of eousness, and the peoples with equity. 

the hand of tiie wicked. *- - . . . — : 7" - - . 

Make a joyful noise unto Jehovah, 

Light is sown for the righteous, and all ye lands. 

gladness for the upright in heart. Serve Jehovah with gladness: come 

Be glad in Jehovah, ye righteous; before His presence with singing. 

momoSfN^' ^ ^ ^""^^ Know ye that Jehovah, He is God: 
memorud Name. .^ j^ ^J ^^^ j^^ ^^; ^^^ ^^ ^^ 

are His; we are His people, and 

the sheep of His pasture. 

SELECTION 40 ^ . „. .. . , 

Enter into His gates with thanks- 

Psaims xcviii, c giving, and into His courts with 

OH sing unto Jehovah a new song; praise: give thanks unto Him, and 
for He hath done marvelous bless His Name, 
things: His right hand, and His holy p^^ j^^ovah is good; His loving- 
arm, hath wrought salvation for Him. kindness endureth for ever, and 
Jehovah hath made known His ?^ faithfuhiess unto all genera- 
salvation: His righteousness hath tions. 


He openly showed in the sight of 
the nations. 

He hath remembered His loving- 
kindness and His faithfulness toward ****^ °* 
the house of Israel : all the ends of 'T^HOU, O Jehovah, wilt abide for 
the earth have seen the salvation of •* ever; and Thy memorial Name 
our God. unto all generations. 



Psalm ail 

Responsive Readings 

Thou wilt arise, and have mercy like a garment; as a vesture shalt 

upon Zion; for it is time to have Thou change them, and they shall be 

pity upon her, yea, the set time is changed: 


But Thou art the same, and Thy 

For Thy servants take pleasure m y^^g gj^jQi ^a^^ ^^ ^^^^ 

her stones, and have pity upon her ^ t. „ 

. ^ The children of Thy servants shall 

continue, and their seed shall be 

So tiie nations shaU /ear the Name established before Thee, 
of Jehovah, and all the kmgs of 
the earth Thy glory. 

For Jehovah hath built up Zion; 

He hath appeared in His glory; 

BLESS Jehovah, O my soul; and 

A ^^. H », .„ * H • H all that is within me, bless His 

destitute, and hath not despised , , xr 

tiieir prayer. holy Name. 

This shall be written for the genera- P^^^s Jehovah, O my soul, and 

, 1 u- I. forget not all His benefits: 

tion to come; and a people which ** 

shall be created shall praise Jehovah. Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; 

19 TT u At. 1 1 J J x- XI- Who healeth all thy diseases; 

For He hath looked down from the ^ 

height of His sanctuary; from Who redeemeth thy life from de- 
heaven did Jehovah behold the struction ; Who crowneth thee witii 
earth ; lovingkindness and tender mercies ; 

To hear the sighing of the prisoner; Who satisfieth thy desire with good 

to loose those that are appointed to things, so that thy youth is renewed 

death; like the eagle. 

That men may declare the Name Jehovah executeth righteous acts, 

of Jehovah in Zion, and His praise and judgments for all that are 

in Jerusalem; oppressed. 

When the peoples are gathered to- He made known His ways unto Moses, 

gether, and the kingdoms, to serve His doings unto the children of Israel. 

Jehovah. Jehovah is merciful and gracious, 

He weakened my strength in the slow to anger, and abundant in 

way; He shortened my days. lovingkindness. 

I said, O my God, take me not away He will not always chide; neither will 

in the midst of my days : Thy years He keep His anger for ever. 

are throughout all generations. He hath not dealt with us after our 

Of old didst Thou lay the founda- ?^s, nor rewarded us after our 

tion of the earth; and the heavens iniquities. 

are tiie work of Thy hands. por as the heavens are high above 

They shall perish, but Thou shalt the earth, so great is His loving- 

endure ; yea, all of them shall wax old kindness toward them that fear Him. 


Responsive Readings 

As far as the east is from the west, Jehovah, or show forth all His 

so far hath He removed our trans- praise? 

^ * Blessed are they that keep justice 

Like as a father pitieth his children, and he that doeth righteousness at all 

so Jehovah pitieth them that fear times. 

Remember me, O Jehovah, with 

For He knoweth our frame; He the favor that Thou bearest unto 

remembereth that we are dust. Thy people ; Oh visit me with Thy 

A r 1.- J salvation. 
As for man, his days are as grass; as 

a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. That I may see the prosperity of Thy 

- ^- . J ^, .X J chosen, that I may rejoice in the 

For the wmd passeth over it, and , , ^ ^, . \. ^ r 

it is gone; and the pUce thereof gladness of Thy nation, that I may 

shall know it no more. glory with Thine inheritance. 

But the lovingkindness of Jehovah Praise ye Jehovah. I will give 

is from everiasting to everlasting upon tbinks unto Jehovah with my 

*u^ 4-u 4- f u- J u' -1.-.. whole heart, in the council of the 

them that fear Him, and His right- „n^^h^ «„h 5« A« rA«irroi,«««« 

eousness unto children's children; 

upright, and in the congregation. 
The works of Jehovah are great, 

To such as keep His covenant, and , ^ ^ - ,, ^, .i. ^ t. 

to those that remember His pre- ^"^^ht out of all them that have 

cepts to do them. pleasure therein. 

Jehovah hath established His throne His work is honor and majesty; 

in the heavens; and His kingdom ?^* ^^ righteousness endureth 

1 *u 11 for ever, 
ruleth over all. 

Pless Jehovah, ye His angels, that "^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ wonderful works 

are mighty in strength, that fulfil to be remembered : Jehovah is gracious 

His word, hearkening unto the and merciful. 

voice of His word. 

He hath given food unto them that 

Bless Jehovah, all ye His hosts, ye fear Him; He will ever be mindful 

ministers of His, that do His pleasure. of His covenant. 

Bless Jehovah, all ye His works, He hath showed His people the power 

m all places of His dominion: of His works, in giving them the 

bless Jehovah, O my soul. heritage of the nations. 

SELECTION Aji ^^^ works of His hands are truth 

ojiiris.^iiu« 4j ^^^ justice; all His precepts are 

Psalms cvi, cxi SUrC. 

PRAISE ye Jehovah. Oh give They are established for ever and 

thanks unto Jehovah; for He ever; they are done in truth and up- 

is good; for His lovingkindness en- rightness. 

dureth for ever. ^ i. ^u ^ j ^ j. 

He hath sent redemption unto 

Who can utter the mighty acts of people; He hath commanded 


Responsive Readings 

covenant for ever: holy and rever- I will take the cup of salvation, and 
end is His Name. call upon the Name of Jehovah. 

The fear of Jehovah is the beginning i will pay my vows unto Jehovah, 
of wisdom ; a good understanding have yea, in the presence of all His 
all they that do His commandments: . people. 

His praise endureth for ever. Precious in the sight of Jehovah is the 

death of His saints. 

O Jehovah, truly I am Thy servant : 

SELECTION 44 ^ •^ '^^y servant, the son of Thy 

handmaid; Thou hast loosed my 

* Paalm cxvx bOUdS. 

1L0VE Jehovah, because He hear- i ^iU offer to Thee the sacrifice of 
eth my voice, and my suppUca- thanksgiving, and will call upon the 
tions. Name of Jehovah. 

Because He hath inclined His ear j ^^ pay my vows unto Jehovah, 
unto me, therefore will I call upon yea, in the presence of all His 
Hun as long as I Uve. people, 

The cords of death compassed me, in the courts of Jehovah's house, in 
and the pains of Sheol gat hold upon the midst of thee, O Jerusalem, 
me: I found trouble and sorrow. Praise ye Jehovah. 

Then called I upon the Name of 
Jehovah: O Jehovah, I beseech 
Thee, deliver my soul. SELECTION 45 

Gracious is Jehovah, and righteous; paaimcxviii 

yea, our God is merciful. ^T-rrrwrATT • ^- ^u j 

"^ TEHOVAH IS my strength and 

Jehovah preserveth the simple: I J song; and He is become my 

was brou^t low, and He saved me. salvation. 

Return unto thy rest, O my soul; for ^he voice of rejoicfaig and salvation 

Jehovah hath dealt bountifully with is in the tents of the righteous: 

thee. the right hkad of Jehovah doeth 

For Thou hast delivered my soul ^' 

from death, mine eyes from tears. The right hand of Jehovah is exalted : 
and my feet from falling. the right hand of Jehovah doeth 

I will walk before Jehovah in the land valiantly. 

of the living. I shall not die, but live, and declare 

I beUeve, for I will speak: I was ^® ^^^^^ ^' Jehovah. 

greatly aflUcted : Jehovah hath chastened me sore ; 

I said in my haste, All men are liars, but He hath not given me over unto 

What shall I render unto Jehovah 

for all His benefits toward me? Open to me the gates of righteons* 


Responsive Readings 

11688 : I will enter into them, I will Yea, they do no unrighteousness; 
give thanks unto Jehovah. they walk in His ways. 

This is the gate of Jehovah; the Thou hast commanded us Thy 
righteous shall enter into it. precepts, that we should observe 

^ them dilisentlv. 

I will give thanks unto Thee; for ^ ^ 

Thou hast answered me, and art Oh that my ways were established 
become my salvation. to observe Thy statutes! 

The stone which the builders rejected Then shall I not be put to shame, 
is become the head of the comer. when I have respect unto all Thy 

, . commandments. 

This is Jehovah's doing ; it is mar- 
velous in our eyes. I will give thanks unto Thee with 

This is the day which Jehovah hath uprightness of heart, when I learn 

made; we will rejoice and be glad ^^^ nghteous judgments. 

in it. I will observe Thy statutes : Oh 

« «. «- ^m. r% forsake me not utterly. 

Save now, we beseech Thee, O 

Jehovah: O Jehovah, we beseech Wherewith shall a young man cleanse 
Thee, send now prosperity. his way? By taking heed thereto 

Blessed be he that cometh in the according to Thy word. 

Name of Jehovah : we have blessed With my whole heart have I sought 
you out of the house of Jehovah. Thee : Oh let me not wander from 

» - . • ^ . Thy commandments. 

Jehovah is God, and He hath given 

us light: bind the sacrifice with Thy word have I laid up in my heart, 

cords, even unto the horns of the that I might not sin against Thee, 

Blessed art Thou, O Jehovah: 
Thou art my God, and I will give teach me Thy statutes. 

thanks unto Thee: Thou art my God, nr.^. |. t. t j i j n ^i_ 

T -11 1^ *T-t- With my lips have I declared all the 

I will exalt Thee, ,. r r^.. ^, 

ordinances of Thy mouth. 

Oh give thanks unto Jehovah; for ^ . • • j • xt. ^ n^ 

He is good; for His lo^dngkindiiess J ^7^ ^?J^*^^* "^ "^t ^*y of Thy 
endureth for ever. testunomes, as much as m all 


I will meditate on Thy precepts, and 

^^^ ^^^,__ ^ have respectninto Thy ways. 

SELECTION 46 t^ j j 

I will delight myself in Thy statutes : 

PMim cxix I will not forget Thy word. 

BLESSED are they that are per- 
fect in the way, who walk in the SELECTION 47 

law of Jehovah. Paalms cxxv, cxxvi 

Blessed are they that keep His T^HEY that trust in Jehovah are 
testimonies, that seek TTiwi with ^ as mount Zion, which cannot 
the whole heart. be moved, but abideth for ever. 


Responsive Readings 

As the motinfains are rotind about 
Jerusalem, so Jehovah is round 
about His people from this time 
forth and for evermore. 

For the sceptre of wickedness shall 
not rest upon the lot of the righteous; 
that the righteous put not forth their 
hands unto iniquity. 

Do good, O Jehovah, tmto those 
that are good, and to ttiem that are 
upright in their hearts. 

be attentive to the voice of my sup- 

If Thou, Jehovah, shouldest mark 
iniquities, O Lord, who could stand? 

But there is forgiveness with Thee, 
that Thou mayest be feared. 

I wait for Jehovah, my soul doth wait, 
and in His word do I hope. 

My soul waiteth for the Lord more 
than watchmen wait for the morn- 
ing; yea, more than watchmen for 
the morning. 

But as for such as turn aside unto 
their crooked ways, Jehovah will lead 
them forth with the workers of ^ ^s^^^*' ^^P^ '^^ Jehovah; for with 

iniquity. Peace be upon Israel. 

When Jehovah brought back those 
that returned to Zion, we were like 
unto them that dream. 

Jehovah there is lovingkindness, and 
with Him is plenteous redemption. 

And He will redeem Israel from all 
his iniquities. 

Then was our mouth filled with I cry with my voice unto Jehovah; 
laughter, and our tongue with sing- with my voice unto Jehovah do I 
ing : then said they among the nations, make supplication. 
Jehovah hath done great things for 

Jehovah hath done great things for 
us, whereof we are glad. 

Turn again our captivity, O Jehovah, 
as the streams in the South. 

They that sow in tears shall reap 
in joy. 

He that goeth forth and weepeth, 
bearing seed for sowing, shall doubt- 
less come again with joy, bringing 
his sheaves with him. 



Paalma cxxx, cxlii 

UT of the depths have I cried 
unto Thee, O Jehovah. 

I pour out my complaint before 
Him; I show before Him my 

When my spirit^ was overwhelmed 
within me. Thou knewest my path. 
In the way wherein I walk have they 
hidden a snare for me. 

Look on my right hand, and see; 
for there is no man that knowetti 
me: refuge hath failed me ; no man 
careth for my soul. 

I cried unto Thee, O Jehovah; I said. 
Thou art my refuge, my portion in 
the land of the living. 

Attend tmto my cry; for I am 

brought very low : deliver me from 

my persecutors; for they are 
stronger than I. 

Bring my soul out of prison, that I 
Lord, hear my voice : let Thine ears may give thanks unto Thy Name: 


Responsive Readings 

the righteous shall compass me about ; How precious also are Thy thoughts 

unto me, O God! How great is the 
sum of them! 

for Thou wilt deal bountifully with 


Psalm cxxxix 


me, and known me. 

If I should count them, they are 
more in number than the sand: 
when I awake, I am still with Thee. 

JEHOVAH, Thou hast searched ?^^^^^ "'^^ ^ ^^» ^'^^ ^"^^ "^y 

heart: try me, and know my thoughts; 

And see if there be any wicked way 
in me, and lead me in the way 


Psalm cxLV 

I WILL extol Thee, my God, O 
King; and I will bless Thy 
Name for ever and ever. 

Thou knowest my downsitting and 
mine uprising; Thou understandest 
my thought aifar off. 

Thou searchest out my path and my 
lying down, and art acquainted with 
all my ways. 

For there is not a word in my 
tongue, but, lo, O Jehovah, Thou 
knowest it altogether. 

Thou hast beset me behind and before, 
and laid Thy hand upon me. 

Every day will I bless Thee; and 
I will praise Thy Name for ever and 

Such knowledge is too wonderful _ . t . . 

for me; it is Wgh, I cannot attain Great is Jehovah, and greatly to be 

tmto it. 

Whither shall I go from Thy Spirit? 
or whither shall I flee from Thy pres- 

praised; and His greatness is un- 

One generation shall laud Thy 

works to another, and shall declare 

Thy mighty acts. 
If I ascend up into heaven, Thou 
art there: if I make my bed in Of ^he glorious majesty of Thine 

honor, and of Thy wondrous works, 

will I meditate. 

Sheol, behold, Thou art there. 

If I take the wings of the morning, 
and dwell in the uttermost parts of 
the sea; 

And men shall speak of the might 
of Thy terrible acts ; and I will de- 
clare Thy greatness. 
Even there shall Thy hand lead me, 

and Thy right hand shall hold me. They shall utter the memory of Thy 

great goodness, and shall sing of Thy 

If I say, Surely the darkness shall 
overwhelm me, and the light about 
me shall be night; 

Even the darkness hideth not from 
Thee, but the night shineth as the 
day : the darkness and the light are Jehovah is good to all ; and His tender 

both alike to Thee* mercies are over all His works. 


Jehovah is gracious, and merciful; 
slow to anger, and of great loving- 

Responsive Readings 

All Thy works shall give thanks 
unto Thee, O Jehovah; and Thy 
saints shall bless Thee. 

While I live will I praise Jehovah : 
I will sing praises unto my God 
while I have any being. 

Put not your trust in princes, nor in 
the son of man, in whom there is no 

They shall speak of the glory of Thy 
kingdom, and talk of Thy power; 

To make known to the sons of men '^^^P* 

His mighty acts, and the glory of His breath goeth forth, he 

the majesty of His kingdom. tumeth to his earth; in that very 

Thy kingdom is an everlasting king- ^^ ^^ thoughts perish, 

dom, and Thy dominion endureth Happy is he that hath the God of 

throughout all generations. Jacob for his help, whose hope is in 

Jehovah upholdeth all that fall, Jehovah his God : 

and raiseth up all those that are Who made heaven and earth, the 

bowed down. sea, and all that in them is; Who 
The eyes of all wait for Thee; and keepeth tnxth for ever; 
Thou givest them their food in due Who executeth justice for the op- 
season, pressed ; Who giveth food to the hun- 

Thou openest Thy hand, and satis- ^^' Jehovah looseth the prisoners; 

fiest the desire of every living 

Jehovah is righteous in all His ways, 
and gracious in all His works. 

Jehovah openeth the eyes of the 
blind; Jehovah raisetti up them 
that are bowed down; Jehovah 
loveth the righteous ; 

Jehovah preserveth the sojourners; 
He upholdeth the fatherless and 
widow; but the way of the wicked 
He tumeth upside down. 

Jehovah will reign for ever. Thy 
God, O Zion, unto all generations. 
Praise ye Jehovah. 

Jehovah preserveth all them that n . TT 7~r •-. • j 

lov<i Himf htit pll thA nHrir^H ^u Praise ye Jehovah; for it is good to 

Jehovah is nigh unto all them that 
call upon Him, to all that call upon 
Him in truth. 

He will fulfil the desire of them that 
fear Him; He also will hear their cry, 
and will save them. 

love Him; but all the wicked will 
He destroy. 

My mouth shall speak the praise of 
Jehovah; and let all flesh bless His 
holy Name for ever and ever. 



Pialma cxlvi, cxlvii 

RAISE ye Jehovah. Praise Je- 
hovah, O my soul. 

sing praises unto our God; for it is 
pleasant, and praise is comely. 

Jehovah doth build up Jerusalem; 
He gathereth together the outcasts 
of Israel. 

He healeth the broken in heart, and 
bindeth up their wounds. 

He counteth the number of the 
stars ; He calleth them all by their 

Great is our Lord, and mighty in 


Responsive Readings 

power; His understanding is infinite. 

Jehovah upholdeth the meek: He 
bringeth the wicked down to the 

Sing unto Jehovah with thanksgiving; 
sing praises upon the harp unto our 


Psalm cxLViii 

for His Name alone is exalted; His 
glory is above the earth and the 

And He hath lifted up the horn of 
His people, the praise of all His 
saints; even of the children of 
Israel, a people near unto Him. 
Ftaise ye Jehovah. 



Proverbs i 

ISDOM crieth aloud in the 

PRAISE ye Jehovah. Praise ye 
Jehovah from the heavens: praise 

Him in the heights. V V street ; she uttereth her voice 

Praise ye Him, all His angels: in the broad places; 

praise ye Him, aU His hosts. ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^i^, pl^^^ ^f ^^^^ 

Praise ye Him, sun and moon: praise course; at the entrance of the 

Him, all ye stars of light. ^^^s, in the city, she uttereth her 

■^ ^ * words: 

Praise Him, ye heavens of heavens. How long, ye simple ones, will ye 

hSJvens^**^^* ^^ ^"^ ^^^"^ *^ '''''^ simplicity? And scoffers delight 

them in scoffing, and fools hate 

Let them praise the Name of Jehovah ; knowledge? 
for He commanded, and they were 

He hath also established them for 
ever and ever: He hath made a 
decree which shall not pass away. 

Turn you at my reproof: beholdi 
I will pour out my spirit upon you ; 
I will make known my words unto 

Because I have called, and ye have 
Praise Jehovah from the earth, ye refused; I have stretched out my 

sea-monsters, and all deeps; 

Fire and hail, snow and vapor; 
stormy wind, fulfilling His word; 

Mountains and all hills; fruitful trees 
and all cedars; 

Beasts and all cattle; creeping 
things and flying birds ; 

Kings of the earth and all peoples; 
princes and all judges of the earth; 

Both young men and virgins; old 
men and children: 

hand, and no man hath regarded; 

But ye have set at nought all my 
counsel, and would none of my 
reproof : 

I also will laugh in the day of your 
calamity; I will mock when your fear 
Cometh ; 

When your fear cometh as a storm, 
and your calamity cometh on as a 
whirlwind; when distress and 
anguish come upon you. 

Then will they call upon me, but I 
Let them praise the Name of Jehovah ; will not answer; they will seek me 


Responsive Readings 

diligently, but they shall not find me. When thou goest, thy steps shall 

_ ^t. X ^. 1. X J t 1 J ^ot be straitened; and if thou 

For tiiat they hated knowledge, ninnest, thou shalt not stumble, 
and did not choose the fear of 

Jehovah, Take fast hold of instruction; let 

They would none of my counsel, they her not go: keep her; for she is thy 

despised all my reproof; '"^* 

Therefore shall they eat of the Enter not into the path of the 

fruit of their own way, and be filled wicked, and walk not in the way of 

with their own devices. ®^ men. 

For the backsliding of the simple shall Avoid it, pass not by it; turn from it, 

slay them, and the careless ease of ^"" P^^ ^"• 

fools shall destroy them. For they sleep not, except they do 

But whoso hearkeneth unto me evU; and their sleep is taken away, 

shall dwell securely, and shaU be ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^ *^ ^^• 

quiet without fear of evil. For they eat the bread of wickedness, 

and drink the wine of violence. 

QT^TTTPTTHw t^A But the path of the rightoous is as 

SELECTION 54 the dawning Ught, that shmeth 

Proverb. IV moro aud more unto the perfect 


GET wisdom, get understanding; 

forget not, neither decline from ^he way of the wicked is as darkness: 

the words of my mouth ; ^^^y ^^^ ^^^ ^^ "^^^^ ^^^y stumble. 

Forsake her not, and she will pre- 
serve thee; love her, and she will SELECTION '{'i 
keep thee. 

Proverbs vzii 

Wisdom is the principal thing; there- _^ ^^^tt . i « « 
r ^ • J vu II ^L |\OTH not wisdom cry, and under- 
fore get wisdom; yea, with all thy i M ,. i. , ; . ^ 

^^. • ^ J 4. J' -■-^ standing put forth her voice? 

getting get understanding. * ^ 

V i. . A u *u A On the top of high places by the 

Exalt her, and she will pwmote ^h^,^^ the paths meet, she 

thee ; she will brmg thee to honor, standeth • 

when thou dost embrace her. ' 

cu -11 • * ^u u J u I ^ r Beside the gates, at the entry of the 

She will give to thy head a chaplet of . , . . , , 

f , ^ Ml t. city, at the coming in at the doors, 

grace; a crown of beauty will she , . , , , 

J ,. ^ o-L she cneth aloud : 
deliver to thee. 

TT r\ A Ui^to you, O men, I call; and my 

Hear, O my son, and receive my „^i^^ f« x ' ^i,^ «^„!, ^4 ^JL ^ 

_ . ' ^. J xi- £ At^ f£ voice is to tne sons 01 men. 
saymgs; and the years of thy life 

shall be many. Hear, for I will speak excellent things; 

I have taught thee in the way of ^"^ ^^^ opening of my lips shall be 

wisdom; I have led thee in paths of ^ght things. 

uprightness. For my mouth shall utter truth; 


Responsive Readings 

and wickedness is an abomination walk in the ways of thy heart, and in 

to my lips. the sight of thine eyes ; but know 

All the words of my mouth are thou, that for all these things God 

in righteousness; there is nothing will bring thee into judgment. 

crooked or perverse in them. Therefore remove sorrow from thy 

They are all plain to him that under- ^^t ^d ^^^Jt^^L^^ ^^°^ ^l 
standeth, a£d right to them that Afsh; for youth and the dawn of 

find knowledge. ^^^ ^® ^""^• 

Receive my instruction, and not Remember also thy Creator in the 

silver; and knowledge rather than days of thy youth, before the evil 

choice gold. ^^V^ come, and the years draw nigh, 

^ . ^ . t_ x^ ^1. t.- when thou shalt say, I have no pleas- 

For wisdom is better than rubies; . . 

and all the things that may be de- ^^^ ^^ ^^^'^ 

sired are not to be compared unto Before the sun, and the light, and 

it. the moon, and the stars, are dark- 

I wisdom have made prudence my ^ed, and the clouds return after 

dwelling, and find out knowledge and ^^^» 

discretion. In the day when the keepers of the 
The fear of Jehovah is to hate evil: ^^use shall tremble, and the strong 
pride, and arrogancy, and the evil men shall bow themselves, and the 
way, and the perverse mouth, do grinders cease because they are few, 
I hate. and those that look out of the win- 
Counsel is mine, and sound know- dows shall be darkened, 
ledge: I am understanding; I have ^^ ^^ ^^^^.g g^all be shut hi the 
might. street; when the sotmd of the 
By me kings reign, and princes grinding is low, and one shall rise 
?i™ itififIrA up at the voice of a burd, and all the 
decree justice. daughters of music shaU be brought 

By me princes rule, and nobles, even low; 

all the judges of the earth. ^ea, they shall be afraid of that which 

I love them that love me ; and those jg ^jgh , and terrors shall be in the way ; 

thatseekmedUigentlyshallfindme. ^^^ ^j^^ almond-tree shall blossom, 

Riches and honor are with me; yea, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, 
durable wealth and righteousness. and desire shall fail; because man 

goeth to his everlasting home, and 
the mourners go about the streets: 

SELECTION 56 Before the silver cord is loosed, or 

Ecdeaiastes xi, xii the goldou bowl is brokcu, or the 

T^rrxT^T- r^ • *u, pitcher is broken at the fountam, 

EJOICE, O young man, m thy ^^ ^^ ^j^^^j broken at the cistern, 

^ youth, and let thy heart cheer 

thee in the days of thy youth, and And the dust retumeth to the earth 



Responsive Readings 

as it was, and the spirit returneth 
unto God Who gave it. 

Vanity of vanities, saith the 
Preacher; all is vanity. 

This is the end of the matter; all hath 
been heard : Fear God, and keep His 
commandments; for this is the whole 
duty of man. 

For God will bring every work into 
judgment, with every hidden thing, 
whether it be good, or whether it he 


Isaiah xl 

OTHOU that tellest good tidings 
to Zion, get thee up on a high 
mountain; O thou that tellest good 
tidings to Jerusalem, lift up thy 
voice with strength ; lift it up, be not 
afraid; say unto the cities of Judah, 
Behold, your God! 

Behold, the Lord Jehovah will 
come as a mighty one, and His arm 
will rule for Him: behold, His re- 
ward is with Him, and His recom- 
pense before Him. 

He will feed His flock like a shepherd, 
He will gather the lambs in His arm, 
and carry them in His bosom, and 
will gently lead those that have their 

Who hath measured the waters in 
the hollow of his hand, and meted 
out heaven with the span, and com- 
prehended the dust of the earth in 
a measure, and weighed the moun- 
tains in scales, and the hills in a 

Who hath directed the Spirit of Je- 
hovah, or being His counsellor hath 
taught Him? 

With whom took He counsel, and 
who instructed Him, and taught 
Him in the path of justice, and 
taught Him knowledge, and diowed 
to Him the way of understanding? 

Behold, the nations are as a drop of 
a bucket, and are accounted as the 
small dust of the balance: behold, 
He taketh up the isles as a very little 

And Lebanon is not sufficient to 
bum, nor the beasts thereof suffix 
cient for a burnt-offering. 

All the nations are as nothing before 
Him; they are accounted by Him 
as less than nothing, and vanity. 

Why sayest thou, O Jacob, and 
speakest, O Israel, My way is hid 
from Jehovah, and the justice due 
to me is passed away from my God? 

Hast thou not known ? Hast thou not 
heard? The everlasting God, Jeho- 
vah, the Creator of the ends of the 
earth, fainteth not, neither is weary; 
there is no searching of His under- 

He giveth power to the faint; and 
to him that hath no might He in- 
creasetfa strength. 

Even the youths shall faint and be 
weary, and the young men shall 
utterly fall: 

But they that wait for Jehovah shall 
renew their strength; they shall 
mount up with wings as eagles; 
they shall run, and not be weary; 
they shall walk, and not faint. 


Iiaiah uii 

WHO hath believed our message, 
and to whom hath the arm of 
Jehovah been revealed? 


Responsive Readings 

For He grew up before Him as a when Thou shalt make His soul 
tender plant, and as a root out of an offering for sin, He shall see 

a dry ground: He hath no form nor His seed, He shall prolong 
comel^ess ; and when we see Him, days, and the pleasure of Jehovah 
tiiere is no beauty that we should shall prosperHn His hand. 

He shall see of the travail of His soul, 
He was despised, and rejected of men; and shall be satisfied : by the knowl- 
a man of sorrows, and acquainted^ edge of Himself shall My righteous 
with grief: and as one from whom men Servant justify many; and He shall 
hide their face He was despised ; and bear their iniquities. 

we esteemed Him not. _-_ - Mt r j- -^ ▼▼! 

Therefore will I divide Him a por- 

Surely He hath borne our griefs, tion with the great, and He shall 

and carried our sorrows; yet we divide the spoil with the strong; 

did esteem Him stricken, smitten because He poured out His soul 

of God, and afllicted. unto death, and was numbered 

r» ^ TT J ji r with the transgressors: yet He 

But He was wounded for our trans- ^^^ ^^ gj^ of many, and made 

gressions, He was bruised for our intercession for the transgressors. 

iniquities; the chastisement of our 

peace was upon Him; and with His 

stripes we are healed. SELECTION 59 

All we like sheep have gone astray; i^i^h lv 

we have turned every one to his , , . 

own way; and Jehovah hath laid TLJO, every one that thirsteth, come 

on Him the iniquity of us alL ^-^ ye to the waters, and he that 

He was oppressed, yet when He was ^^^^ ^° "^^"^^ ' ^"""^^ Y^^ ^"^^ ^!|f 

afflicted He opened not His mouth; ^^[ ^^^ ^^"^^' ^"^ ^/^^ ^"^. ™^^ 

as a lamb that is led to the slaughter, ^*^^^ "^^^^^ ^^ ^^^'^^"^ P"^' 

and as a sheep that before its shearers Wherefore do ye spend money for 

is dumb, so He opened not His mouth. *^t ^^^^. ^^ ^^\ bread? and your 

labor for that which satisneth not? 

By oppression and judgment He hearken diligently tmto Me, and 

was taken away; and as for His eat ye that which is good, and let 

generation, who among them con- your soul delight itself in fatness, 

sidered that He was cut off out of , „ , 

the land of the living for the trans- Incline your ear, and come unto Me; 

gression of my people to whom the hear, and your soul shall live: and I 

stroke was due? will make an everlasting covenant 

And they made His grave with the with you, even the sure mercies of 

wicked, and with a rich man in His David. 

death; although He had done no Behold, I have given Him for a wit- 
violence, neither was any deceit in ness to the peoples, a leader and 
His mouth. commander to the peoples. 

Yet it pleased Jehovah to bruise Behold, thou shalt call a nation- that 
IQm; He hath put Wlm to grief: thou knowest not; and a nation that 


Responsive Readings 

knew not thee shall run unto thee, SELECTIOIf 60 

because of Jehovah thy God, and for 

the Holy One of Israel; for He hath 

glorified thee. A RISE, shine; for thy light is 

•^^ come, and the glory of Jehovah 

Seek ye Jehovah while He may be jg ^sen upon thee. 

found; call ye upon Him while He 

is near: For, behold, darkness shall cover 

, ^ ^, . t J r 11. J * the earth, and gross darkness the 

Let the wicked forsake his way, and peoples; but Jehovah will arise 

the unrighteous man his thoughts ; and upon thee, and His glory shall be 

let him return unto Jehovah, and He seen upon thee. 

will have mercy upon him; and to our ^nd nations shall come to thy light, 

God, for He will abundantly pardon. ^^^ y^g^ ^^ ^^ brightness of thy 

For My thoughts are not your rising. 

thoughts, neither are your ways t-^ ^i.. ^ i. ^ ^ 

My ways, saith Jehovah. ^^ "P ^^^ ?y®s round about, and 

-^ "^ ' -^ see: they all gather themselves 

For as the heavens are higher than together, they come to thee; thy 

the earth, so are My ways higher than sons shall come from far, and thy 

your ways, and My thoughts than daughters shaU be carried in the 

, 1 arms, 
your thoughts. 

•D^- -« *u-. -^•-. ^^^ At J J Then thou shalt see and be radiant, 

For as the ram cometh down and j . , __ t. „ . .,, , , 

the snow from heaven, and return- ^"^ ^^y "^^^ *^" ^^"" ^^^ ^ ^^- 

eth not thither, but watereth the larged ; because the abundance of the 

earth, and maketh it bring forth sea shall be turned unto thee, the 

and bud, and giveth seed to the wealth of the nations shall come unto 

sower and bread to the eater; ^^ 

So shall My word be that goeth forth ,j^^, ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ Ay ^g ^ ^^^^^ 

out of My mouth : it shall not return and as the doves to their windows? 

unto Me void, but it shall accom- ^ , , . , , „ . r ** 

plish that which I please, and it shall Su^^lv the isl^ shall wait for Me, and 

prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. ^^ ^^'^ f Tarshish first, to bring 

thy sons from far, their silver and 

For ye shall go out with joy, and their gold with them, for the Name 

be led forth with peace : the motm- rxu u*u/-j jr *uui 

tains and the hills shaU break forth ^^ Jehovah thy God, and for the Holy 

before you into singing; and all the ^^^ of Israel, because He hath glon- 

trees of the field shall clap their fied thee. 


And foreigners shall build up thy 

Instead of the thorn shall come up walls, and their kings shall minister 

the fir-tree; and instead of the brier unto thee : for in My wrath I smote 

shall come up the myrtle-tree: and ^®®» ^"* ^ ^^ '*^^^ *^^* ^ ^^ 

it shall be to Jehovah for a name, for ^ 

an everlasting sign that shall not be Thy gates also shall be open con- 
cut off. tinually; they shall not be shut day 


Responsive Readings 

nor night; that men may bring unto when He had sat down, His disciples 

thee the wealth of the nations, and came unto Him: 

their kings led captive. ^^ H^ opened His mouth and 

For that nation and kingdom that taught them, saying, 

will not serve thee shaU perish; 3,^53^ ^^^ ^^^ j^ j^j^. f 

yea, those nations shall be utterly . . . ^, , . T . . 

wasted. theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 

The glory of Lebanon shall come unto SJ^^se^ ,f^ they that mourn: for 

^, \t ^ ^ ^t J ^i_ they shall be comforted. 
thee, the fir-tree, the pine, and the 

box-tree together, to beautify the Blessed are the meek: for they shall 

place of My sanctuary; and I will inherit the earth. 

make the place of My feet glorious. Blessed are they that hunger and 

And the sons of them that afflicted *^f/^^*|f, i^teousness: for they 

thee shall come bending unto thee ; "^^ ^® °^®^- 

and all they that despised thee Blessed are the merciful: for they 

shaU bow themselves down at the ^^j ^^tain mercy. 

soles of thy feet; and they shall ^ 

call thee The city of Jehovadi, The Blessed are the pure in heart : for 

Zion of the Holy One of Israel. they shall see God. 

The sun shall be no more thy light by Blessed are the peacemakers: for they 

day; neither for brightness shall the shall be called sons of God. 

moon give light unto thee: but Jeho- _.- - xi_ xt_ ^ «_ «_ 

L Ml u ^ ^L I ^- Blessed are they that have been 

vah will be unto thee an everlasting persecuted for righteousness' sake: 

light, and thy God thy glory. for theirs is the Idngdom of heaven. 

Thy sun shall no more go down. Blessed are ye when men shall re- 

neither shaU thy moon withdraw u ^ ^ a 

itself; for Jehovah win be thine P^^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ persecute you, and 

everlastmg light, and the days of say all manner of evil against you 

thy mourning shall be ended. falsely, for My sake. 

Thy people also shall be all righteous; Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: 

they shall inherit the land for ever, for great is your reward in heaven: 

the branch of My planting, the work ^2^ fo persecuted they the prophets 

r Ti/r 1. J -uu \. T u 1 -c J that were before you. 
of My hands, that I may be glorified. 

The Uttle one shaU become a thou- ^^ '"? ^^ f ^' °f ^^ ^^^^ ' ^."^ '^ ^^f 

sand, and the smaU one a strong ^'* ^^^ '°^* ''^ ^^°''' 'therewith 

nation: I, Jehovah, wm hasten it in «h^" j' ^ salted? it is tiienceforth 

its time good for nothing, but to be cast out 

and trodden under foot of men. 

SELECTION 61 y^ ^^ the Ught of the world. A 

Matthew V oity Set ou a hiU cannot be hid. 

ND seeing the multitudes, Jesus Neither do men light a lamp, and 

went up into the mountain : and put it urfder the bushel, but on the 



Responsive Readings 

stand; and it shineth unto all that 
are in the house. 

reapi nor gather into barns; and 
your heavenly Father f eedeth them. 
Are not ye of much more value 
than they? 

Even so let your light shine before 
men; that they may see your good 
works, and glorify your Father Who And which of you by being anxious 
is in heaven. can add one cubit imto the measure 

of his life? 


Matthew vi 

LAY not up for yourselves treas- 
ures upon the earth, where moth 
and rust consume, and where thieves 
break through and steal: 

But lay up for yourselves treasures 
in heaven, where neither moth nor 
rust dofli consume, and where 
thieves do not break through nor 

For where thy treasure is, there will 
thy heart be also. 

iThe lamp of the body is the eye: 
if therefore thine eye be single, 
thy whole body shall be full of 

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole 
body shall be full of darkness. If 
therefore the light that is in thee be 
darkness, how great is the darkness! 

No man can serve two masters: 
for either he will hate the one, and 
love the other ; or else he will hold 
to one, and despise the other. Ye 
cannot serve God and mammon. 

Therefore I say unto you. Be not anx- 
ious for your life, what ye shall eat, 
or what ye shall drink; nor yet for 
your body, what ye shall put on. 
Is not the life more than the food, 
and the body than the raiment? 

Behold the birds of the heaven, 
that they sow not, neitiiei: do they 

And why are ye anxious concerning 
raiment? Consider the lilies of 
the field, how they grow ; they toil 
not, neither do they spin : 

Yet I say unto you, that even Solomon 
in all his glory was not arrayed like 
one of these. 

But if God doth so clothe the grass 
of the field, which to-day is, and 
to-morrow is cast into ttie oven, 
shall He not much more clothe you, 
O ye of little faith? 

Be not therefore anxious, saying. 
What shall we eat? or, What shall we 
drink? or. Wherewithal shall we be 

For after all these things do the 
Gentiles seek; for your heavenly 
Father knowefli that ye have need 
of all these things. 

But seek ye first His kingdom, and 
His righteousness; and all these 
things shall be added unto you. 

Be not therefore anxious for the 
morrow: for the morrow will be 
anxious for itself. Sufficient unto 
the day is the evil thereof. 


Matthew vii 

JUDGE not, that ye be not judged. 

For with what judgment ye judge, 
ye shall be judged : and with what 
measure ye mete, it shall be 
measured unto you. 



Responsive Readings 

And why beholdest thou the mote many are they that enter in thereby, 

that is in thy brother's eye. but p^, narrow is the gate, and strait- 

considerest not the beam that is in ened the way, that leadeth unto 

thine own eye? life, and few are they that find it 

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, 

Let me cast out the mote out of SELECTION 64 

thine eye; and lo, the beam is in 

thine own eye? Matthew xxv 

Thou hypocrite, cast out first the '1I7HEN the Son of man shall come 

beam out of thine own eye; and then ^^ '^^ His glory, and all the angels 

shalt thou see clearly to cast out the with Him, then shall He sit on the 

mote out of thy brother's eye. throne of His glory: 

Give not that which is holy tmto ^^ before Him shall be gathered 

the dogs, neither cast your pearls ^ ^^ nations: and He shall sepa- 

before the swine, lest haply they ^^^^ them one from another, as the 

trample them under their feet, and shepherd separateth the sheep from 

turn and rend you. the goats ; 

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek. And He shall set the sheep on His 

and ye shall find; knock, and it shall "g^t hand, but the goats on the left. 

be opened unto you : Then shall the Kmg say unto them 

For every one that asketh receiv- ^?Sf 5^!l**^*i^Tf*!^l?*®^^®* 

eth; and he that seeketh findeth; ^^ ^^ ^*^®'' "^^^ ^^ fangdom 

and to him that knocketh it shali g^^P^^l'^^ ^^J ^"""^ ^"^ '^**^*^- 

be opened. tion of the world : 

Or what man is there of you, who, ^^^ ' ^^ ^"^^^^ ^"^ ^^ ^^""^ Me to 

if his son shall ask him for a loaf, will ^^' ^ ^^ thirety, and ye gave Me 

give him a stone; drink; I was a stranger, and ye took 

Me in; 
Or if he shall ask for a fish, will 

give him a serpent? Naked, and ye clothed Me ; I was 

sick, and ye visited Me; I was in 

If ye then, being evil, know how to prison, and ye came unto Me. 

Then shall the righteous answer Him, 

give good gifts unto your children, 

how much more shall your Father . t j v ^i . 

,,„.., . 1 ^t_. saying, Lord, when saw we Thee hun- 

Who is m heaven give good things to j r j t-u :> -.l- ^ j 

^L ..L ^ 1 XT- :j gry. and fed Thee? or athirst, and 

them that ask Him? ^i. j • i -» 

gave Thee dnnkr 

All things therefore whatsoever ye . . . a«. ._ 

would that men should do unto And when mw we Thee a stranger, 

you, even so do ye ateo unto them: '^V!?\J^%^ ""' '''" "^"^^ "* 

for this is the law and the prophets. c^^^ed Thee? 

Enter ye in by the narrow gate: for ^nd when saw we Thee sick, or in 

wide is the gate, and broad is the P"^"' ^^^ ^^^ "''^^ ^^^^ 

way, that leadeth to destruction, and And the King shall answer and say 


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unto them, Verily I say unto you, straightway it sprang up, because 

Inasmuch as ye did it unto one of it had no deepness of earth: 

these My brethren, even these * j , ^u • '^ 

least, ye did it unto Me. And when the sun was nsen, it was 

scorched ; and because it had no root, 

Then shall He say also unto them on j^ withered away, 

the left hand, Depart from Me, ye . ^ ., ^ „ , . 

cur^d u,.o ^ et«^ fir. which Is ^rSTgrS-^dSlS 

prepared for the devil and his angels: j^^ ^^ j^ yielded no fruit. 

For I was hungry, and ye did not ^nd others fell into the good ground, 

give Me to eat; I was thirsty, and j • u j r -^ . j 

ye gave Me no drink; f"^ y\^*^^ '^"^^' growing up and 

increasing; and brought forth, thirty- 

I was a stranger, and ye took Me fold, and sbctyfold, and a hundredfold, 

not in; naked, and ye clothed Me , ^ ^ .^ «^ • • 

«^4.. o*t^ ;« r^^;o^« o«^ ^r^ Aud Ho said. Who hath ears to 

not; sick, and m prison, and ye hear, let him hear. 

visited Me not. 

«*«- t- « xt_ 1 And when He was alone, they that 

Then shall they also answer, say- u * u- -^.l -.u 1 i 

ing. Lord, when saw we Thee hui- ^^^^ ^^ou^ "^"^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^^ 

gry, or athirst, or a stranger, or asked of Him the parables. 

naked, or sick, or in prison, and ^^ ^^ said unto them, Unto you 

did not mmister unto Thee? jg g^^^^ ^he mystery of the kingdom 

Then shall He answer them, saying, <>'. <^<1- b^* ^^o them that are 

Verily I say unto you. Inasmuch as ^^'^Jj'^.^ ^^^^^^ "® ^^"® ^ 

ye did it not unto one of these least, ye 

did it not unto Me. That seeing they may see, and not 

4 J xt- t. « .XX perceive; and hearing they may hear, 

And these shall go away into eter- ^ . ^ , ^ j i /i_ / ^i. 

nal punishment: but the righteous ^"^ ^^^ understand; lest haply they 

into eternal life. should turn again, and it should be 

forgiven them. 

And He saith tmto them. Know ye 

SELECTION 65 not this parable? and how shall ye 

Marie. know all the parables? 

ND Jesus taught them many The sower soweth the word. 

things in parables, and said unto And these are they by the way- 

them in His teaching, side, where the word is sown; and 

TT 1 n 1. 1^ XI. X when they have heard, straightway 

Hearken: Behold, the sower went cometh Satan, and taketh away 

forth to sow: the word which hath been sown in 

And it came to pass, as he sowed, them. 

some seed fell by the wayside, and And these in like manner are they 

the birds came and devoured it. that are sown upon the rocky places, 

And other fell on the rocky ground, who, when they have heard the word, 

where it had not much earth; and straightway receive it with joy; 



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And they have no root in them- 
selves, but endure for a while ; then, 
when tribulation or persecution 
ariseth because of the word, 
straightway they stumble. 

And others are they that are sown 
among the thorns; these are they 
that have heard the word, 

And the cares of the world, and the 
deceitfulness of riches, and the 
lusts of other things entering in, 
choke the word, and it becometh 

And those are they that were sown 
upon the good ground; such as hear 
the word, and accept it, and bear 
fruit, thirtyfold, and sixtyfold, and a 


Luke XX 

AND it came to pass, as Jesus was 
praying apart, the disciples were 
with Him : and He asked them, say- 
ing. Who do the multitudes say that 
I am? 

And they answering said, John the 
Baptist ; but others say, Elijah ; and 
others, that one of the old prophets 
is risen again. 

And He said unto them. But who say 
ye that I am? And Peter answering 
said. The Christ of God. 

But He charged them, and com- 
manded them to tell this to no man ; 

Saying, The Son of man must suffer 
many things, and be rejected of the 
elders and chief priests and scribes, 
and be killed, and the third day be 
raised up. 

And He said unto all, If any man 
would come after Me, let him deny 
himself, and take up his cross 
daily, and follow Me. 

For whosoever would save his life 
shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose 
his life for My sake, the same shall 
save it. 

For what is a man profited, if he 
gain the whole world, and lose or 
forfeit his own self? 

For whosoever shall be ashamed of 
Me and of My words, of him shall the 
Son of man be ashamed, when He 
cometh in His own glory, and the 
glory of the Father, and of the holy 

But I tell you of a truth. There are 
some of them that stand here, who 
shall in no wise taste of death, till 
they see the kingdom of God. 

And it came to pass about eight days 
after these sayings, that He took with 
Him Peter and John and James, and 
went up into the mountain to pray. 

And as He was praying, the fashion 
of His countenance was altered, 
and His raiment became white and 

And behold, there talked with Him 
two men, who were Moses and Elijah; 

Who appeared in glory, and spake 
of His decease which He was 
about to accomplish at Jerusalem. 

Now Peter and they that were with 
him were heavy with sleep : but when 
they were fully awake, they saw His 
glory, and the two men that stood 
with Him. 

And it came to pass, as they were 
parting from Him, Peter said unto 


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Jesus, Master, it is good for us to light which lighteth every man, oom- 

be here: and let us make three ing into the world. 

tabernacles; one for Thee, and one , ,. . .. 

for Moses, and one for Elijah: not He was m the world, and the world 

knowing what he said. ^«is °^de through Him, and the 

world knew Him not 
And while he said these things, there 

came a cloud, and overshadowed "^ <^"^« "?^^ "^« ^7^' ^^ they 

that were His own received Him not. 

them: and they feared as they en- 
tered into the cloud. 

And a voice came out of the cloud, 
saying, This is My Son, My chosen : 
hear ye Him. 

And when the voice came, Jesus was 
found alone. And they held their 
peace, and told no man in those days 
any of the things which they had seen. 

But as many as received Him, to 
them gave He the right to become 
children of God, even to them that 
believe on His Name : 

Who were bom, not of blood, nor of 
the will of the flesh, nor of the will of 
man, but of God. 

And the Word became flesh, and 
dwelt among us (and we beheld 
His glory, glory as of the Only Be- 
gotten from the Father), full of 
grace and truth. 


John beareth witness of Him, and 

TN the beginning was the Word, and crieth, saying. This was He of Whom 

A the Word was with God, and the i said. He that cometh after me is be- 

Word was God. come before me: for He was before 

The same was in the beginning me. 

^* ^®^' For of His fuhiess we all received, 

All things were made through Him ; and grace for grace. 

and without Him was not anything For the law was given through Moses; 

made that hath been made. g^ace and truth came through Jesus 

In Him was life; and the life was Christ. 
ihe light of men. 

And the light shineth in the darkness; 
and the darkness apprehended it not. 

There came a man, sent from God, 
whose name was John. 

The same came for witness, that he 
might bear witness of the light, that 
all might believe through him. 

No man hath seen God at any time; 
the only begotten Son, Who is in 
the bosom of the Father, He hath 
declared Him. 



John III 

there was 

man of the 

OW tftere was a 
Pharisees, named Nicodemus, a 

He was not the light, but came that ruler of the Jews : 

he might bear witness of the light. _^ a. r v 

— © -6 ijUj^g same came unto Jesus by 

There was the true light, even the night, and said to Him, Rabbi, we 


Responsive Readings 

know that Thou art a teacher come 
from God; for no one can do these 
signs that Thou doest, except God 
be with him. 

Jesus answered and said unto him, 
Verily, verily, I say unto thee. Ex- 
cept one be bom anew, he cannot see 
the kingdom of God. 

Nicodemus saith mito Him, How 
can a man be bom when he is old? 
can he enter a second time into his 
mother's womb, and be bom? 

Jesus answered, Verily, verily, I say 
unto thee, Except one be bom of 
water and the Spirit, he cannot enter 
into the kingdom of God. 

That which is bom of the flesh is 
flesh; and that which is bom of 
the Spirit is spirit. 

Marvel not that I said unto thee. Ye 
must be bom anew. 

The wind bloweth where it will, 
and thou hearest the voice thereof, 
but hnowest not whence it cometh, 
and whither it goeth: so is every 
one that is bom of the Spirit. 

Nicodemus answered and said unto 
Him, How can these things be? 

Jesus answered and said unto him. 
Art thou the teacher of Israel, and 
understandest not these things? 

Verily, verily, I say unto thee. We 
speak that which we know, and bear 
witness of that which we have seen; 
and ye receive not our witness. 

If I told you earthly things and ye 
believe not, how shall ye believe 
if I tell you heavenly thhigs? 

And no one hath ascended into heaven 
but He that descended out of heaven, 
even the Son of man, Who is in heaven. 

And as Moses lifted up the serpent 
in the wilderness, even so must 
the Son of man be lifted up ; 

That whosoever believeth may in 
Him have eternal life. 

For God so loved the world, that 
He gave His only begotten Son, 
that whosoever believeth on Him 
should not perish, but have eternal 



VERILY, verily, I say unto you, 
He that entereth not by the 
door into the fold of the sheep, but 
climbeth up some other way, the 
same is a thief and a robber. 

But he that entereth in by the door 
is the shepherd of the sheep. 

To him the porter openeth; and the 
sheep hear his voice: and he calleth 
his own sheep by name, and leadeth 
them out. 

When he hath put forth all his own, 
he goetii before them, and the 
sheep follow him: for they know 
his voice. 

And a stranger will they not follow, 
but will flee from him: for they know 
not the voice of strangers. 

This parable spake Jesus unto 
them: but they understood not 
what things they were which He 
spake unto them. 

Jesus therefore said unto them again, 
Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am 
the door of the sheep. 

All that came before Me are thieves 
and robbers: but the sheep did 
not hear them. 


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I am the door; by Me if any man enter 
in, he shall be saved, and shall go in 
and go out, and shall find pasture. 


The thief cometh not, but that he 
may steal, and kill, and destroy: 
I came that they may have life, 
and may have it abundantly. 

I am the good shepherd: the good 
shepherd layeth down his life for the 

He that is a hireling, and not a 
shepherd, whose own the sheep 
are not, beholdeth the wolf coming, 
and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth, 
and the wolf snatcheth them, and 
scattereth them: 

He fleeth because he is a hireling, and 
careth not for the sheep. 

I am the good shepherd; and I 
know Mine own, and Mine own 
know Me, 

Even as the Father knoweth Me, and 
I know the Father; and I lay down 
My life for the sheep. 

And other sheep I have, which are 
not of this fold: them also I must 
bring, and they shall hear My 
voice; and they shall become one 
flock, one shepherd. 


John XIII 

NOW before the feast of the pass- 
over, Jesus knowing that His 
hour was come that He should depart 
out of this world unto the Father, 
having loved His own that were in 
the world, He loved them unto the 

And during supper, the devil having 
already put into the heart of Judas 

Iscariot, Simon's son, to betray 

Jesus, knowing that the Father had 
given all things into His hands, and 
that He came forth from God, and 
goeth unto God, 

Riseth from supper, and layeth 
aside EUs garments; and He took 
a towel, and girded Himself. 

Then He poureth water into the 
bason, and began to wash the dis- 
ciples' feet, and to wipe them with 
the towel wherewith He was girded. 

So He cometh to Simon Peter. 
He saith unto Him, Lord, dost Thou 
wash my feet? 

Jesus answered and said unto him. 
What I do thou knowest not now; 
but thou shalt understand hereafter. 

Peter saith unto Him, Thou shalt 
never wash my feet. Jesus an- 
swered him. If I wash thee not, 
thou hast no part with Me. 

Simon Peter saith unto Him, Lord, 
not my feet only, but also my hands 
and my head. 

Jesus saith to him, He that is 
bathed needeth not save to wash 
his feet, but is clean every whit: 
and ye are clean, but not all. 

For He knew him that should betray 
Him; therefore said He, Ye are not all 

So when He had washed their feet, 
and taken His garments, and sat 
down again. He said unto them, 
Ejiow ye what I have done to you? 

Ye call Me, Teacher, and. Lord: and 
ye say well ; for so I am. 

If I then, the Lord and the Teacher, 


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have washed your feet, ye also 
ought to wash one another's feet. 

For I have given you an example, 
that ye also should do as I have done 
to you. 

Verily, verily, I say unto you, A 
servant is not greater than his 
lord; neither one that is sent 
greater than he that sent him. 

If ye know these things, blessed are 
ye if ye do them. 


John XIV 

LET not your heart be troubled: 
believe in God, believe also in 

In My Father's house are many 
mansions; if it were not so, I 
would have told you; for I go to 
prepare a place for you. 

And if I go and prepare a place for 
you, I come again, and will receive 
you unto Myself; that where I am, 
there ye may be also. 

And whither I go, ye know the way. 

Thomas saith unto Him, Lord, we 
know not whither Thou goest; how 
know we the way? 

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, 
and the truth, and the life: no one 
cometh unto the Fatiber, but by Me. 

If ye had known Me, ye would have 
known My Father also: from hence- 
forth ye know Him, and have seen 

Philip saith unto Him, Lord, show 
us the Father, and it sufficeth us. 

Jesus saith unto him, Have I been 
so long time with you, and dost thou 

not know Me, Philip? he that hath 
seen Me hath seen the Father; how 
sayest thou. Show us the Father? 

Believest thou not that I am in the 
Father, and the Father in Me? the 
words that I say unto you I speak 
not from Myself: but the Father 
abiding in Me doeth His works. 

Believe Me that I am in the Father, 
and the Father in Me: or else believe 
Me for the very works' sake. 

Verily, verily, I say unto you. He 
that believeth on Me, the works 
that I do shall he do also; and 
greater works than these shall he 
do; because I go unto the Father. 

And whatsoever ye shall ask in My 
Name, that will I do, that the Father 
may be glorified in the Son. 

If ye shall ask an; 
Name, that will I do. 

in My 

If ye love Me, ye will keep My com- 

And I will pray the Father, and 
He shall give you another Com- 
forter, that He may be with you 
for ever. 

Even the Spirit of truth: Whom the 
world cannot receive; for itbeholdeth 
Him not, neither knoweth Him: ye 
know Him; for He abideth with you, 
and shall be in you. 



John XV 

AM the true vine, and My Father 
is the husbandman. 

Every branch in Me that beareth 
not fruit. He taketh it away: and 
every branch that beareth fruit, 


Responsive Readings 

He cleanseth it, that it may bear Te are My friends, if ye do the 
more fruit. things which I conmiand you. 

Already ye are clean because of the No longer do I call you servants; for 
word which I have spoken unto you. the servant knoweth not what his 

.^,^ . ^* ^^. . x^ lord doeth: but I have called you 

Abide m Me, and I m you. As the r. ^.^. r ^ ^n +u:««o +Uo* t u^^^ 

branch cannot bear f^it of itself, J"^'^^,^; ^^f f ^'^^ ^^\ \^^^ 

except it abide in the vine; so from My Father I have made known 

neither can ye, except ye abide in unto you. 

Te did not choose Me, but I chose 

I am the vine, ye are the branches: you, and appomted you, that ye 

He that abideth in Me, and I in him, should go and bear fruit, and tiiat 

, , 1. i_ r • r your fruit should abide : that what- 

the same beareth much fruit: for soever ye shall ask of the Father in 

apart from Me ye can do nothing. My Name, He may give it you. 

If a man abide not in Me, he is 

cast forth as a branch, and is SELECTION 73 

withered; and they gather them, 

and cast them into Sie fire, and johnxx 

they are burned. WfOW on the first day of the week 

If ye abide in Me, and My words -^^ cometh Mary Magdalene early, 

abide in you, ask whatsoever ye will, while it was yet dark, unto the tomb, 

and it shall be done unto you. and seeth the stone taken away from 

Herein is My Father glorified, that 

ye bear much fruit; and so shall She runneth therefore, and cometh 

ye be My disciples. to Simon Peter, and to the other 

_ , ^ , , , , , ,, disciple whom Jesus loved, and 

Even as the Father hath loved Me, gaifh unto them. They have taken 

I also have loved you : abide ye in away the Lord out of tiie tomb, and 

Mv love. we know not where they have laid 


If ye keep My commandments, ye _^ , , , , 

shall abide m My love; even as I ^^^^^ therefore went forth, and the 

' have kept My Father's command- other disciple, and they went toward 

ments, and abide in His love. the tomb. 

These things have I spoken unto you. And they ran both together: and 
that My joy may be in you, and that ^^ ^*o^ disciple outran Peter, and 
your joy may be made full. *^^® ^* *^ ^"^ *^™^ 5 

-- . . . - - X x*. ^ And stooping and looking in, he seeth 

This IS My commandment, that ye ^u r i tu i • \ \ j u 

love one another, even a^ I have ^^^ l*'^^^ ^'^^*^" *y*"«' ^^^ ^""^^'^ ^^ 

loved you. ^^^ *^' 

ri-o-n^^. l/^,ro u^^u «^ «,o« ^u»^ ♦u: Sunon Peter therefore also cometh, 
Greater love hath no man than this, foUowing him, and entered mto the 

that a man lay down his life for his tomb; and he beholdeth the linen 

friends. cloths 


Responsive Readings 

And the napkin, that was upon His and say to them, I ascend unto My 
head, not lying with the linen cloths, Father and your Father, and My God 
but rolled up in a place by itself. and your God. 

Then entered in therefore the other 
disciple also, who came first to the 
tomb, and he saw, and believed. 

For as yet they knew not the scrip- 
ture, that He must rise again from 
the dead. 

So the disciples went away again 
unto their own home. 

But Mary was standing without at 
the tomb weeping: so, as she wept, 
she stooped and looked into the tomb; 

And she beholdeth two angels in 
white sitting, one at the head, and 
one at the feet, where the body of 
Jesus had lain. 

And they say unto her. Woman, why 
weepest thou? She saith unto them. 
Because they have taken away my 
Lord, and I know not where they 
have laid Him. 

When she had thus said, she turned 
herself back, and beholdeth Jesus 
standing, and knew not that it was 

Jesus saith unto her, Woman, why 
weepest thou? whom seekest thou? 
She,supposing Him to be the gardener, 
saith unto Him, Sir, if thou hast 
borne Him hence, tell mewhere thou 
hast laid Him, and I will take Him 

Jesus saith unto her, Mary. She 
tumeth herself, and saitii unto 
Him in Hebrew, Rabboni; which is 
to say. Teacher. 

Jesus saith to her. Touch Me not; 
for I am not yet ascended unto the 
Father: but go unto My brethren 

Mary Magdalene cometh and tell- 
eth the disciples, I have seen the 
Lord; and that He had said these 
things unto her. 


Romans v 

BEING therefore justified by faith, 
we have peace with God through 
our Lord Jesus Christ; 

Through Whom also we have had 
our access by faith into this grace 
wherein we stand; and we rejoice 
in hope of the glory of God. 

And not only so, but we also rejoice 
in our tribulations: knowing that 
tribulation worketh stedfastness; 

And stedfastness, approvedness ; 
and approvedness, hope : 

And hope putteth not to shame; be- 
cause the love of God hath been shed 
abroad in our hearts through the Holy 
Spirit Which was given unto us. 

For while we were yet weak, in due 
season Christ died for the ungodly. 

For scarcely for a righteous man will 
one die: for peradventure for the good 
man some one would even dare to die. 

But God cpnunendeth His own 
love toward us, in that, while we 
were yet sinners, Christ died for us. 

Much more then, being now justified 
by His blood, shall we be saved from 
the wrath of God through Him. 

For if, while we were enemies, we 
were reconciled to God through the 
death of His Son, much more, being 

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Knowing this, that our old man was 
crucified witli Him, that the body 
of sin might be done away, that so 
we should no longer be in bondage 
to sin; 

For he that hath died is justified from 

But if we died with Christ, we be- 
lieve that we shall also live with 

Knowing that Christ being raised 
And the law came in besides, that the ^^om the dead dieth no more ; death 
trespass might abound ; but where ^^ ^^^^ ^ath dominion over Him. 
sin abounded, grace did abound more For the death that He died. He 
exceedingly : died unto sin once : but the life that 

^ ^ . . ^ . ^ .^ He Uveth, He liveth unto God. 

That, as sm reigned m death, even 

so might grace reign through right- Even so reckon ye also yourselves to 
eousness unto eternal life through be dead unto sin, but alive unto God 

reconciled, shall we be saved by 
His life; 

And not only so, but we also rejoice 
in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 
through Whom we have now received 
the reconciliation. 

For as through the one man's dis- 
obedience the many were made 
sinners, even so through the obedi- 
ence of the One shall the many be 
made righteous. 

Jesus Christ our Lord. 


Romans vi 

WHAT shall we say then? Shall 
we continue in sin, that grace 
may abound? 

God forbid. We who died to sin, 
how shall we any longer live 

Or are ye ignorant that all we who 
were baptized into Christ Jesus were 
baptized into His death? 

We were buried therefore with 
Him through baptism into death: 
that like as Christ was raised from 
the dead through the glory of tiie 
Father, so we also might walk in 
newness of life. 

in Christ Jesus. 

Let not sin therefore reign in your 
mortal body, that ye should obey 
the lusts thereof: 

Neither present your members unto 
sin as instruments of unrighteous- 
ness; but present yourselves unto 
God, as alive from the dead, and 
your members as instruments of 
righteousness unto God. 

For sin shall not have dominion 
over you : for ye are not under law, 
but under grace. 


Romans viti 


HERE is therefore now no con- 
demnation to them that are in 

For if we have become united with Christ Jesus. 

Him in the likeness of His death, we ^^^ ^^ j^^ ^f ^^ gpjri^ ^f ^^ i^^ 
shall be also in the likeness of His Christ Jesus made me free from 
resurrection ; the law of sin and of death. 


Responsive Readings 

For what the law could not do, in death the deeds of the body, ye shall 

that it was weak through the flesh, live. 

God, sending His own Son in the p^^ ^g j^^y ^^ ^^ j^^ |,y ^^ 

likeness of sinful flesh and for sin, Spirit of God, these are sons of 

condemned sin in the flesh: God; 

That the ordinance of the law might For ye received not the spirit of bond- 
be fulfilled in us, who walk not after age again unto fear ; but ye received 
the flesh, but after the Spirit. ^^ gpj^;^ ^f adoption, whereby we 

For they that are after the flesh mind cry, Abba, Father, 

the things of the flesh; but they The Spuit Himself beareth witness 

that are after the Spirit the things with our spirit, that we are chUdren 

of the Spirit. ^f q^^. 

For the mind of the flesh is death; And if children, then heirs; heirs of 
but the mind of the Spirit is life God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if 
and peace: ^ ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^ff^^ ^j^h Hj,^^ ^^^^^ 

Because the mind of the flesh is en- we may be also glorified with Him. 
mity against God; for it is not sub- 
ject to the law of God, neither indeed 

can it be: __ 

And they that are in the flesh can- 
not please God. R°»»»» ^" 

But ye are not in the flesh but in the W^J'^'^'^.^u' '"^ *^T '*'^' ^T^ 

Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God /^ ?^ ^" ^^'^^^ 7^*^ ^^^^ether 

dwelleth in you. But if any man ^^^ ^^' ^^^^^° ^^^"^ ^^^"^ ^'^ ^^"^ 

hath not the Spirit of Christ, he is ^ccordmg to His purpose. 

none of His. For whom He foreknew. He also 

foreordained to be conformed to 
And if Christ is in you, the body is the image of His Son, that He 
dead because of sin; but the spirit might be the first-bom among many 
is life because of righteousness. brethren: 

But if the Spirit of Him that raised And whom He foreordained, them 

up Jesus from the dead dwelleth in He also called: and whom He called, 

you. He that raised up Christ Jesus them He also justified: and whom He 

from the dead shall give life also to justified, them He also glorified, 

your mortal bodies through His Spirit ^^^ ^^^ ^j^ ^^ 3^y ^^ ^^^^ 

that dwelleth m you. things? H God is for us, who is 

So then, brethren, we are debtors, against us? 

not to the flesh, to live after the He that spared not His own Son, but 

^^^^' delivered Him up for us all, how shall 

For if ye live after the flesh, ye must He not also with Him freely give us 

die; but if by the Spirit ye put to all things? 


Responsive Readings 

Who shall lay anything to the hor that which is evil ; cleave to that 
charge of God's elect? It is God which is good, 
that justifieth; 

wTu • u 4.U 4. J ^u-i ij. ' T^ lov® of ^^ brethren be tenderly 
Who IS he that condemneth? It is affectioned one to another; ii 

Chnst Jesus that died, yea rather, honor preferring one another; 
that was raised from the dead, Who 

is at the right hand of God, Who also ^^ diligence not slothful; fervent in 

maketh intercession for us. ^P^^^' serving the Lord; 

Who shall separate us from the love Rejoicing in hope ; patient in tribu- 

of Christ? shall tribulation, or lation; continuing stedfastly in 

anguish, or persecution, or famine, prayer; 

or nakedness, or peril, or sword? ^ , . . <. 

Communicating to the necessities of 

Even as it is written. For Thy sake the saints; given to hospitality. 

we are killed all the day long; we were 

accounted as sheep for the slaughter. J^^^s them that persecute you; 

bless, and curse not. 
Nay, in all these things we are more 

than conquerors through Him that Rejoice with them that rejoice; weep 

loved us. with them that weep. 

For I am persuaded, that neither g^ ^j ^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ 

death, nor life, nor angels, nor pnnci- another. Set not your mind on 

palities, nor things present, nor things high things, but condescend to 

to come, nor powers, things that are lowly. Be not wise 

^^ . , . , , in your own conceits. 

Nor height, nor depth, nor any 

other creature, shall be able to Render to no man evil for evil. Take 

separate us from the love of God, thought for things honorable in the 
which is m Chnst Jesus our Lord. . , /" . „ '^ 

sight of all men. 

If it be possible, as much as in you 
SELECTION 78 ^ ' ^^ ^^ peace with all men. 

Avenge not yourselves, beloved, but 

Ronuins XI i 

1-,^^^^^,, , . , , give place unto the wrath of God: 

BESEECH you therefore, breth- ^^^ j^ j^ ^^^^„^ Vengeance belongeth 

ren, by the mercies of God to ^^^^ j^^. j ^u recompense, saith 

present your bodies a living sacrifice, , j^^.^ 
holy, acceptable to God, which is 

your spiritual service. But if thine enemy himger, feed 

Ajt. A^i-. J j-x him; if he thirst, give him to drink: 

And be not fashioned according to j ^^ j^ ^^ ^^^ ^^^ shalt heap coals 

ttus world : but be ye transformed ^j ^^ upon Ms head, 
by the renewing of your mmd, that '^ 

ye may prove what is the good and g^ not overcome of evil, but over- 
acceptable and perfect will of God. ^^^ ^^j ^j^ ^^ 

Let love be without hypocrisy. Ab- 


Responsive Readings 


Romans xtii 

LET every soul be in subjection 
to the higher powers: for there 
is no power but of God; and the 
powers that be are ordained of God. 

Therefore he- that resisteth the 
poweri withstandeth the ordinance 
of God: and they that withstand 
shall receive to tiiemselves judg- 

For rulers are not a terror to the good 
work, but to the evil. And wouldest 
thou have no fear of the power? do 
that which is good, and thou shalt 
have praise from the same: 

For he is a minister of God to thee 
for good. But if thou do that 
which is evil, be afraid; for he 
beareth not the sword in vain: for 
he is a minister of God, an avenger 
for wrath to him that doeth evil. 

Wherefore ye must needs be in sub- 
jection, not only because of the wrath, 
but also for conscience' sake. 

For for this cause ye pay tribute 
also; for they are ministers of 
God's service, attending continually 
upon this very thing. 

Render to all their dues: tribute to 
whom tribute is due; custom to whom 
custom; fear to whom fear; honor to 
whom honor. 

Owe no man anything, save to love 
one another : for he that loveth his 
neighbor hath fulfilled the law. 

For this, Thou shalt not commit 
adultery. Thou shalt not kill, Thou 
shalt not steal. Thou shalt not covet, 
and if there be any other command- 
ment, it is sunmied up in this word, 

namely, Thou shalt love thy neighbor 
as thyself. 

Love worketh no ill to his neighbor : 
love tiierefore is the fulfilment of 
the law. 

And this, knowing the season, that 
already it is time for you to awake 
out of sleep: for now is salvation 
nearer to us than when we first be- 

The night is far spent, and the day 
is at hand : let us therefore cast off 
the works of darkness, and let us 
put on the armor of light 

Let us walk becomingly, as in the day ; 
not in revelling and drunkenness, not 
in chambering and wantonness, not 
in strife and jealousy. 

But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and make not provision for the 
flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof. 


First Corinthians xiii 

IF I speak with the tongues of men 
and of angels, but have not love, 
I am become sounding brass, or a 
clanging cymbal. 

And if I have the gift of prophecy, 
and know all m3^teries and all 
knowledge ; and if I have all faith, 
so as to remove mountains, but 
have not love, I am nothing. 

And if I bestow all my goods to feed 
the poor, and if I give my body to 
be burned, but have not love, it 
profiteth me nothing. 

Love suffereth long, and is kind; 
love envieth not ; love vatmteth not 
itself, is not puffed up, 


Responsive Readings 

Doth not behave itself unseemly, 
seeketh not its own, is not provoked, 
taketh not account of evil ; 

Rejoicetfa not in unrighteousnessi 
but rejoiceth with the truth ; 

Beareth all things, believeth all 
things, hopeth all things, endureth 
all things. 

Love never faileth: but whether 
there be prophecieSi they shall be 
done away; whether there be 
tongues, they shall cease ; whether 
there be knowledge, it shall be 
done away. 

For we know in part, and we prophesy 
in part; 

But when that which is perfect is 
come, that which is in part shall 
be done away. 

When I was a child, I spake as a child, 
I felt as a child, I thought as a child : 
now that I am become a man, I have 
put away childish things. 

For now we see in a mirror, darkly; 
but then face to face : now I know 
in part ; but then shall I know fully 
even as also I was fully known. 

But now abideth faith, hope, love, 
these three; and the greatest of these 
is love. 


First CorinthUns xv 

NOW I make known unto you, 
brethren, the gospel which I 
preached unto you, which also ye 
received, wherein also ye stand. 

By which also ye are saved, if ye 
hold fast the word which I preached 
unto you, except ye believed in 

For I delivered unto you first of all 
that which also I received : that Christ 
died for our sins according to the 
scriptures ; 

And that He was buried; and that 
He hath been raised on the third 
day according to the scriptures ; 

And that He appeared to Cephas; 
then to the twelve; 

Then He appeared to above five 
hundred brethren at once, of whom 
the greater part remain until now, 
but some are fallen asleep ; 

Then He appeared to James; then to 
all the apostles; 

And last of all, as to the child 
untimely bom, He appeared to me 

For I am the least of the apostles, 
that am not meet to be called an 
apostle, because I persecuted the 
church of God. 

But by the grace of God I am what 
I am: and His grace which was 
bestowed upon me was not found 
vain; but I labored more abund- 
antly than they all: yet not I, but 
the grace of God which was with 

Whether then it be I or they, so we 
preach, and so ye believed. 

Now if Christ is preached that He 
hath been raised from the dead, 
how say some among you that there 
is no resurrection of tiie dead? 

But if there is no resurrection of the 
dead, neither hath Christ been raised: 

And if Christ hath not been raised, 
then is our preaching vain, your 
faith also is vain. 

Yea, and we are found false witnesses 


Responsive Readings 

of God ; because we witnessed of God 
that He raised up Christ: Whom He 
raised not up, if so be that the dead 
are not raised. 

For if the dead are not raised, 
neither hath Christ been raised: 

And if Christ hath not been raised, 
your faith is vain; ye are yet in your 

Then they also that are fallen asleep 
in Christ have perished. 

If we have only hoped in Christ in 
this life, we are of all men most 


Second Corinthians iv, v 

OUR light affliction, which is for 
the moment, worketh for us 
more and more exceedingly an eter- 
nal weight of glory; 

While we look not at the things 
which are seen, but at the things 
which are not seen: for the things 
which are seen are temporal; but 
the things which are not seen are 

For we know that if the earthly house 
of our tabernacle be dissolved, we 
have a building from God, a house 
not made with hands, eternal in the 

For verily in this we groan, longing 
to be clothed upon with our habita- 
tion which is from heaven : 

If so be that being clothed we shall 
not be found naked. 

For indeed we that are in this 
tabernacle do groan, being bur- 
dened; not for that we would be 
unclothed, but that we would be 

clothed upon, that what is mortal 
may be swallowed up of life. 

Now He that wrought us for this 
very thing is God, Who gave unto 
us the earnest of the Spirit. 

therefore always of good 
courage, and knowing that, whilst 
we are at home in the body, we are 
absent from the Lord 

(For we walk by faith, not by Vght) ; 

We are of good courage, I say, and 
are willing rather to be absent 
from the body, and to be at home 
with the Lord. 

Wherefore also we make it our aim, 
whether at home or absent, to be 
well-pleasing unto Him. 

For we must all be made manifest 
before the judgment-seat of Christ ; 
that each one may receive the 
things done in the body, according 
to what he hath done, whether it 
be good or bad. 


Ephesians x 

BLESSED be the God and Father 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, Who 
hath blessed us with every spiritual 
blessing in the heavenly places in 

Even as He chose us in Him before 
the foundation of the world, that 
we should be holy and without 
blemish before Him in love : 

Having foreordained us unto adop- 
tion as sons through Jesus Christ 
unto Himself, according to the good 
pleasure of His will. 

To the praise of the glory of His 


Responsive Readings 

gracei which He freely bestowed 
on us in the Beloved: 

our trespasses, made us alive to- 
gether with Christ (by grace have 
ye been saved). 

In Whom we have our redemption 

through His blood, the forgiveness And raised us up with Him, and made 

of our trespasses, according to the us to sit with Him in the heavenly 

riches of His grace, places, in Christ Jesus: 

Which He made to abound toward 
us in all wisdom and prudencei 

Making known unto us the mystery 
of His will, according to His good 
pleasure which He purposed in Him 

Unto a dispensation of the fulness 
of the times, to sum up all things in 
Christ, the things in the heavens, 
and the things upon the earth; in 
Him, I say, 

In Whom also we were made a herit- 
age, having been foreordained accord- 
ing to the purpose of Him Who 
worketh all things after the counsel 
of His will ; 

To the end that we should be unto 
the praise of His glory, we who 
had before hoped in Christ: 

In Whom ye also, having heard the 
word of the truth, the gospel of your 
salvation, — in Whom, having also 
believed, ye were sealed with the 
Holy Spirit of promise. 

Which is an earnest of our inheri- 
tance, unto the redemption of God's 
own possession, unto the praise of 
His glory. 


Epheaians ii 

GOD, being rich in mercy, for His 
great love wherewith He loved 


Even when we were dead through 

That in the ages to come He might 
show the exceeding riches of His 
grace in Undness toward us in 
Christ Jesus: 

For by grace have ye been saved 
through faith; and that not of your- 
selves, it is the gift of God ; 

Not of works, that no man should 

For we are His workmanship, created 
in Christ Jesus for good works, which 
God afore prepared that we should 
walk in them. 

Wherefore remember, that once 
ye, the Gentiles in the flesh, who 
are called ITncircumcision by that 
which is called Circumcision, in the 
flesh, made by hands ; 

That ye were at that time separate 
from Christ, alienated from the com- 
monwealth of Israel, and strangers 
from the covenants of the promise, 
having no hope and without God in 
the world. 

But now in Christ Jesus ye that 
once were far off are made nigh in 
tiie blood of Christ. 

For He is our peace. Who made both 
one, and brake down the middle wall 
of partition. 

Having abolished in His flesh the 
enmity, even the law of command- 
ments contained in ordinaiices; 
that He might create in Himself 
of the two one hew ntian, so m^^^ng 
peace ; 


Responsive Readings 

And might reconcile them both in 
one body unto God through the cross, 
having slain the enmity thereby. 

So then ye are no more strangers 
and sojourners, but ye are fellow- 
citizens with the saints, and of the 
household of God, 

Being built upon the foundation of 
the apostles and prophets, Christ 
Jesus Himself being the chief comer 

In Whom each several building, 
fitly framed together, groweth into 
a holy temple in the Lord ; 

In Whom ye also are builded together 
for a habitation of God in the Spirit. 


Philippiana ii 

IF there is therefore any exhortation 
in Christ, if any consolation of. 
love, if any fellowship of the Spirit, if 
any tender mercies and compassions, 

Make full my joy, that ye be of the 
same mind, having the same love, 
being of one accord, of one mind; 

Doing nothing through faction or 
through vainglory, but in lowliness 
of mind each counting other better 
than himself; 

Not looking each of you to his own 
things, but each of you also to the 
things of others. 

Have this mind in you, which was 
also in Christ Jesus: 

Who, existing in the form of God, 
counted not the being on an equality 
with God a thing to be grasped. 

of a servant, being made in the like- 
ness of men ; 

And being found in fashion as a 
man. He humbled Himself, be- 
coming obedient even unto death, 
yea, the death of the cross. 

Wherefore also God highly exalted 
Him, and gave unto Him the Name 
which is above every name ; 

That in the Name of Jesus every 
knee should bow, of things in 
heaven and things on earth and 
things under the earth. 

And that every tongue should con- 
fess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the 
glory of God the Father. 

So then, my beloved, even as ye 
have always obeyed, not as in my 
presence only, but now much more 
in my absence, work out your own 
salvation with fear and trembling; 

For it is God Who worketh in you 
both to will and to work, for His good 


Philippians iii 

FINALLY, my brethren, rejoice in 
the Lord. To write the same 
things to you, to me indeed is not 
irksome, but for you it is safe. 

Beware of the dogs, beware of the 
evil workers, beware of the con- 

For we are the circumcision, who 
worship by the Spirit of God, and 
glory in Christ Jesus, and have no 
confidence in the flesh: 

But emptied Himself, taking the form Though I myself might have con- 


ColoBsians iii 

Responsive Readings 

fidence even in the flesh : if any I press on toward the goal unto the 

other man thinketii to have con- prize of the high calling of God in 

fidence in the flesh, I yet more : Christ Jesus. 

Circumcised the eighth day, of the Let us therefore, as many as are 

stock of Israel, of the tribe of Ben- perfect, be thus minded: and if in 

jamin, a Hebrew of Hebrews; as anything ye are otherwise minded, 

touching the law, a Pharisee; this also shall God reveal unto you: 

As touching zeal, persecuting the ' Only, whereunto we have attained, 

church; as touching the righteous- by that same rule let us walk, 
ness which is in the law, found 

blameless. SELECTION 87 

Howbeit what things were gain to me, 

these have I counted loss for Christ. — .t^ , . j ^ i 

TF then ye were raised together 

Yea verily, and I count all things J^ with Christ, seek the things that 

to be loss for the excellency of the are above, where Christ is, seated 

loss of all things, and do count Set your mind on the things that 

them but refuse, that I may gain are above, not on the things &at are 

Christ, upon the earth. 

And be found in Him, not having a For ye died, and your life is hid with 

righteousness of mine own, even that^ Christ in God. 

which is of the law, but that which is When Christ, Who is our life, shall 

through faith in Christ, the righteous- be manifested, then shall ye also 

ness which is from God by faith: with Him be manifested in glory. 

That I may know Him, and the P"^ ^^ ^^^^ therefore your members 

power of His resurrection, and the which are upon the earth: fornication, 

fellowship of EUs sufferings, be- uncleanness, passion, evil desire, and 

commg conformed unto His death; covetousness, which is idolatry; 

If by any means I may attain unto For which things' sake cometh the 

the resurrection from the dead. wrath of God upon the sons of 

disobedience : 

Not that I have already obtained, „„ . , n j l 

or am already made perfect: but I Wherein ye also once walked, when 

press on, if so be that I may lay ye lived in these things; 

t^H^nM^U'^rh^^^^^^ ^ """ But now do ye also put them aU 

hud hold on by Chnst Jesus. ^^^^ . ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^^a,^^ 

Brethren, I count not myself yet to ^J^!"^ speaking out of your 
have laid hold: but one thing I do, 

forgetting the things which are be- Lienot one to another; seeing that ye 

hind, and stretching forward to the have put off the old man with his 

things which are before, doings, 


Responsive Readings 

And have put on the new man, that 
is being renewed unto knowledge 
after the image of Him that created 

For if we believe that Jesus died 
and rose again, even so them also 
that are faUen asleep in Jesus will 
God bring with 

Where there cannot be Greek and 
Jew, circumcision and uncircumcision, 
barbarian, Scythian, bondman, free- 
man; but Christ is all, and in all. 

Put on therefore, as God's elect, 
holy and beloved, a heart of com- 
passion, kindness, lowliness, meek- 
ness, longsuffering ; 

Forbearing one another, and forgiving 
each other, if any man have a com- 
plaint against any; even as the Lord 
forgave you, so also do ye: 

And above all these things put on 
love, which is the bond of peifect- 

And let the peace of Christ rule in 
your hearts, to the which also ye were 
called in one body; and be ye thank- 

Let the word of Christ dwell in you 
richly; in all wisdom teaching and 
admonishing one another with 
psalms and hjrmns and spiritual 
songs, singing with grace in your 
hearts unto God. 

And whatsoever ye do, in word or in 
deed, do all in the Name of the Lord 
Jesus, giving thanks to God the 
Father through Him. 


First Thessalonians iv, v 

WE would not have you ignorant, 
brethren, concerning them that 
fall asleep; that ye sorrow not, even 
as the rest, who have no hope. 

For this we say unto you by the word 
of the Lord, that we that are alive, 
that are left unto the coming of the 
Lord, shall in no wise precede them 
that are fallen asleep. 

For the Lord Himself shall descend 
from heaven, with a shout, with 
the voice of the archangel, and 
with the trump of God: and the 
dead in Christ shall rise first; 

Then we that are alive, that are left, 
shall together with them be caught 
up in the clouds, to meet the Lord 
in the air: and so shall we ever be 
with the Lord. 

Wherefore comfort one another 
with these words. 

But concerning the times and the 
seasons, brethren, ye have no need 
that aught be written unto you. 

For yourselves know perfectly that 
the day of the Lord so cometh as 
a thief in the night. 

When they are saying. Peace and 
safety, then sudden destruction com- 
eth upon them, as travail upon a 
woman with child; and they shall 
in no wise escape. 

But ye, brethren, are not in dark- 
ness, that that day should overtake 
you as a thief: 

For ye are all sons of light, and sons 
of the day: we are not of the night, 
nor of darkness; 

So then let us not sleep, as do the 
rest, but let us watch and be sober. 


Responsive Readings 

For they that sleep sleep in the night; 
and they that are drunken are drunken 
in the night. 

But let uSy since we are of the day, 
be sober, putting on the breastplate 
of faith and love ; and for a helmet, 
the hope of salvation. 

day have I begotten Thee? and again, 
I will be to Him a Father, and He 
shall be to Me a Son? 

And when He again bringeth in 
the Firstborn into the world He 
saith. And let all tibie angels of God 
worship Him. 

For God appointed us not unto wrath, And of the angels He saith, Who 

but unto the obtaining of salvation maketh His angels winds, and His 

ministers a flame of fire: 

through our Lord Jesus Christ, 

Who died for us, that, whether we 
wake or sleep, we should five to- 
gether with 

Wherefore exhort one another, and 
build each other up, even as also ye do. 


But of the Son He saith. Thy throne, 
O God, is for ever and ever; and 
tiie sceptre of uprightness is the 
sceptre of Thy kingdom. 

Thou hast loved righteousness, and 
hated iniquity; therefore God, Thy 
God, hath anointed Thee with the 
oil of gladness above Thy fellows. 

And, Thou, Lord, in the beginning 
didst lay the foundation of the 
earth, and the heavens are the 
works of Thy hands : 


Hebrews i, ii 

GOD, having of old time spoken 
unto the fathers in the prophets 
by divers portions and in divers man- They shall perish ; but Thou con- 

tinuest: and they all shall wax old as 
doth a garment; 

And as a mantle shalt Thou roll 
them up, as a garment, and they 
shall be changed : but Thou art the 
same, and Thy years shall not fail. 

Who being the effulgence of His But of which of the angels hath He 

glory, and the very image of His sub- said at any time. Sit Thou on My 

stance, and upholding all things by right hand, till I make Thine enemies 

the word of His power, when He had the footstool of Thy feet? 

Hath at the end of these days 
spoken unto us in His Son, Whom 
He appointed heir of all things, 
through Whom also He made ttie 
worlds ; 

Are they not all ministering spirits, 
sent forth to do service for the sake 
of them that shall inherit salvation? 

made purification of sins, sat down 
on the right hand of the Majesty on 

Having become by so much better Therefore we ought to give the more 

than the angels, as He hath m- ^ u j 4. Zu^ ^ui^rr^ ♦Ka*- iir*.r*» 

u^^^^A -^^-J ^^-,^n-.«* «-•«-. earnest heed to the things that were 

heard, lest haply we drift away from 

For unto which of the angels said He 

at any time, Thou art My Son, This For if the word spoken through 


herited a more 
than they. 

excellent name 

Responsive Readings 

angels proved stedfast, and every moved with godly fear, prepared an 

transgression and disobedience re- ark to the saving of his house ; through 

ceived a just recompense of reward; ^^ich he condemned the world, and 

How shall we escape, if we neglect so became heir of the righteousness 

great a salvation? which having at which is according to faith, 

the first been spoken through the gy ^^^ Abraham, when he was 

Lord, was confirmed unto us by them called, obeyed to go out unto a 

that heard. place which he was to receive for 

an inheritance; and he went out, 
not knowing whither he went. 

SELECTION 90 gy faith he became a sojourner in the 

Hebrews xi land of promisc, as in a land not his 

NOW faith is assurance of things own, dwelling in tents, with Isaac 

hoped for, a conviction of things and Jacob, the heirs with him of the 

not seen. same promise: 

For therein the elders had witness For he looked for the city which 

borne to them. hath the foundations, whose builder 

„ - . , , , , , and maker is God. 
By faith we understand that the 

worlds have been framed by the word ^V f^^^^ ^ven Sarah herself received 

of God, so that what is seen hath not power to conceive seed when she was 

been made out of things which P^st age, since she counted Him 

appear. faithful Who had promised: 

By faith Abel offered unto God a Wherefore also there sprang of 

more excellent sacrifice than Cain, o^^> <^^ ^^^ ^s good as dead, so 

through which he had witness borne xnany as the stars of heaven in mul- 

to him that he was righteous, God titude, and as the sand, which is 

bearing witness in respect of his ^7 ^^ sea-shore, innumerable. 

*?fs SSe^**"*^ " ^* ''*^ ****** '^^ *" '^'^ '" ^^'^^' "°* ^^^'"S 

received the promises, but having 

By faith Enoch was translated that seen them and greeted them from 

he should not see death; and he was afar, and having confessed that they 

not found, because God translated ^ere strangers and pilgrims on the 

him: for he hath had witness borne earth. 

to him that before his translation he « ^. .. x . .* . 

u A u 11 f • ^ r- A 'or they that say such things make 

had been well-pleasmg unto God: j^ manifest that they luTseeking 

And without faith it is impossible after a country of their own. 

that He is, and that He is a re- «' *at country from which they 
warder of them that seek after Him. went out, they would have had oppor- 

By faith Noah, being warned of God 

concerning things not seen as yet, But now they desire a better 


Responsive Readings 

country^ that is, a heavenly: where- Furthermore, we had the fathers of 
fore God is not ashamed of them, our flesh to chasten us, and we gave 

t^JLrStr^u^^''^\i'''^^^^ them reverence: shall we not much 
prepared for them a City. .u t . , . ^. ^ *u 

rather be in subjection unto the 

Father of spirits, and live? 

SELECTION 91 For they indeed for a few days 

Hebrews xii chastonod us as seemed good to 

* ^^ ^" them; but He for our profit, that 

HEREFORE let us also, seeing we may be partakers of His holi- 


we are compassed about with ness. 

so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside All chastening seemeth for the present 

every weight,' and the sin which doth to be not joyous but grievous; yet 

so easily beset us, and let us run with afterward it yieldeth peaceable fruit 

patience the race that is set before us, unto them that have been exercised 

Lookmg unto Jesus the author and thereby, even the fruit of righteous- 

perfecter of our faith. Who for the ness. 

ftfrifir-L!!' H^?„?5™" Wh«efore IBt up tli. hands that 

hand of the throne of God. And make straight paths for your 

For consider Him that hath endured ^^^^' ^^^^ ^** ^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ ^°t 

such gainsaying of sinners against turned out of the way. but rather be 

Himself, that ye wax not weary, "^^^^^• 

fainting in your souls. Follow after peace with all men, 

v^. . . . . J X 1.1 J and the sanctification without 

Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, ^^^1, no man shaU see the Lord, 
stnvmg agamst sm : 

And ye have forgotten the exhortation 

which reasoneth with you as with • SELECTION 92 

sons. My son, regard not lightly the 

chastening of the Lord, nor faint when 

thou art reproved of Him; /^OUNT it all joy, my brethren. 

y> - XI. T J « ^t_ «. ^^ when ye fall into manifold temp- 

For whom the Lord loveth He . . ^ 

chasteneth, and scourgeth every tations; 

son whom He receiveth. Knowing that the proving of your 

It is for chastening that ye endure; '^* worketh patience. 

God dealeth with you as with sons; And let patience have its perfect 

for what son is there whom his father work, that ye may be perfect and 

chasteneth not? entire, lacking in nothing. 

But if ye are without chastening. But if any of you lacketh wisdom, 

whereof all have been made par- let him ask of God, Who giveth to 

takers, then are ye bastards, and all liberally and upbraideth not; 

not sons. and it shall be given him. 


James i 

Responsive Readings 

But let him ask in faith, nothing Of His own will He brought us forth 

doubting: for he that doubteth is like by the word of truth, that we should 

the surge of the sea driven by the be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures, 
wind and tossed. 

For let not that man think that he •onfrr w 

shall receive anything of the Lord; SELECTION 93 

A double-minded man, unstable in First Peter i 

all his ways. TJ LESSED be the God and Father 

But let the brother of low degree ^ ^^ ^"^ ^ord Jesus Christ, Who 
glory in his tiigh estate : accordmg to His great mercy begat us 

A«^ ^u^ «vi, ;« +v,a^ u^ ;« «,o.4o i«^. ^^^ain unto a living hope by the resur- 
Ana the ncn, m that ne is made low: ^. e j ^, . ^ ^ ^i. j j 

. a - , , rection of Jesus Chnst from the dead, 

because as the flower of the grass he 

shall pass away. ^^^^ ^^ inheritance incorruptibley 

and undefiledi and that fadeth not 
For the sun ariseth with the scorch- awayi reserved in heaven for youy 
ing wind, and withereth the grass; 
and the flower thereof falleth, and Who by the power of God are guarded 

the grace of the fashion of it per- through faith unto a salvation ready 

isheth : so also shall the rich man to be revealed in the last time. 

fade away in his goings. 

wherem ye greatly rejoice, though 

Blessed is the man that endureth now for a little while, if need be, 

temptation ; for when he hath been ye have been put to grief in mani- 

approved, he shall receive the crown ™^ trials, 

of life, which the Lord promised to That the proof of your faith, being 

them that love Him. more precious than gold that per- 

Let no man say when he is tempted, isheth though it is proved by fire, may 

I am tempted of God; for God be found unto praise and glory and 

cannot be tempted with evil, and honor at the revelation of Jesus 

He Himself tempteth no man: Christ: 

But each man is tempted, when he Whom not having seen ye love ; on 

is drawn away by his own lust, and Whom, lliough now ye see Him 

enticed. not, yet believing, ye rejoice greatly 

with joy unspeakable and full of 

Then the lust, when it hath con- glory: 

ceived, beareth sin: and the sin, , . . ... 

when it is fuUgrown, bringeth forth Receivmg the end of your faith, even 

death. the salvation of your souls. 

Be not deceived, my beloved brethren. Concerning which salvation the 

prophets sought and searched dili- 
Eyeiy good gift and every perfect gently, who prophesied of the 
gift is from above, coming down grace that should come unto you: 
from the Father of lights, with 

Whom can be no variation, neither Searching what time or what manner 
shadow that is cast by turning. of time the Spirit of Christ which was 


Responsive Readings 

in them did point unto, when it That which we have seen and heard 

testified beforehand the sufferings of declare we unto you also, that ye 

Christ, and the glories that should also may have fellowship with us: 

follow them. yea, and our fellowship is with the 

To whom it was revealed, that not ^^^^^'^ ^^^ "^'^^ ^'^ ^^ J^"^ 
unto themselves, but unto you, did Christ : 

they minister these things, which a«^ ♦i,^«^ ^k:.*^^ «,^ ™4*-. *u^4> 
now have been announced unto ^^.^^tfL^LrfniT^^^^ 
you through them that preached ^^ ^^^ "^^ ^^ °^^^ '^• 
the gospel unto you by the Holy And this is the message which we have 
Spirit sent forth from heaven; j^eard from Him and announce unto 
which things angels desure to look . ^ .-,.,. ,^ j • u- • 

into. y^^' ^^^^ ^^ ^^ hght, and m Him is 

no darkness at all. 
Wherefore girding up the loins of 

your mind, be sober and set your ^ ^^ say that we have fellowship 

hone nerfectlv on the ^rare that U with Him and Walk in the darkness, 
hope perfectly on the grace that is ^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^. 

to be brought unto you at the revela- 
tion of Jesus Christ ; But if we walk in the light, as He is 

As chUdren of obedience, not ^^, ?^ "^J^' ^^ !^T S"T^'^t ''''^ 
fashioning yourselves accordmg to ^ith another, and the blood of Jesus 

your former lusts in the time of His Son cleanseth us from all sin. 

your ignorance : t^ xi. x i. • 

^ ^ If we say that we have no sm, we 

But like as He Who called you is deceive ourselves, and the truth 

holy, be ye yourselves also holy in all i® ^^^ ^ ^^* 

manner of living; jf ^^ confess our sins, He is faithful 

Because it is written, Te shall be and righteous to forgive us our sins, 
holy ; for I am holy. and to cleanse us from all unrighteous- 


SELECTION 94 if we say that we have not sinned, 

we make Him a liar, and His word 

First John i, ii • a • 

is not m us. 

THAT which was from the be- 
ginning, that which we have My little children, these things write 
heard, that which we have seen with ' ^^to you that ye may not sin. And 
our eyes, that which we beheld, and ^^ ^ny man sin, we have an Advocate 
our hands handled, concerning the with the Father, Jesus Christ the 
Word of life righteous: 

(And the life was manifested, and And He is the propitiation for our 

we have seen, and bear witness, sins; and not for ours only, but 

and declare unto you the life, the also for the whole world, 

eternal life, which was with the . , , , - . ^ , 

Father, and was manifested unto And hereby we know that we know 

us) ; Him, if we keep His commandments. 



Responsive Readings 

SELECTION 95 lov^the world, the love of the Father 

„. , ^ is not in him. 

First John ii 

ELOVED, no new commandment ^?l^J^^^ ^^ *f ?^^^54» ?^ ^^^ 

.^ w ^ .4. 1^ of the flesh and the lust of the eyes 

write I unto you. but an old ^^ ^^ vainglory of life, is not of 

commandment which ye had from the ^^ Father, but is of the world. 

beginning: the old commandment is . , ^, ,, . , - 

- , , . , , , And the world passeth away, and the 

lust thereof: but he that doeth the 

Again, a new commandment write will of God abideth for ever. 

I unto you, which thing is true in 

Hun and in you; because the dark- As for you, let that abide in you 

ness is passing away, and the true ^jhich ye heard from the beguming. 

light already shineth. ^ t*^* ^^^^ 7^ ^^^^ '^^"^ *® 

beguming abide in you, ye also shall 

He that saith he is in the light and abide in the Son, and in the Father, 

hateth his brother, is in the darkness ^nd this is the promise which He 

even until now. promised us, even the life eternal. 

He that loveth his brother abideth And now, my little children, abide 

in the light, and fliere is no occasion i^ Him ; that, if He shall be mani- 

of stumbling m hun. fested, we may have boldness, and 

But he that hateth his brother is in JJ* *»« ashamed before Him at His 

the darkness, and walketh in the 

darkness, and knoweth not whither If ye know that He is righteous, ye 

he goeth, because the darkness hath know that every one also that doeth 

blinded his eyes. righteousness is begotten of Him. 

I write unto you, my little children, SELECTIOH" 96 

because your sins are forgiven you 

for His Name's sake. Fint joim m 

I write unto you, fathers, because ye Tl EHOLD what manner of love the 

know Him Who is from the beginning. ^ Father hath bestowed upon us, 

I write unto you, young men, because that we should be called children of 

ye have overcome the evil one. I God ; and such we are. For this cause 

have written unto you, little children, the world knoweth us not, because 

because ye know the Father. it knew Him not. 

I have written unto you, fathers, Beloved, now are we children of 

because ye know TTim Who is from God, and it is not yet made mani- 

the beginning. I have written unto * ®st what we shall be. We know 

you, young men, because ye are that, if He shall be manifested, we 

strong, and the word of God abideth ^^ ^^ ^^ Him; for we shall see 
in you, and ye have overcome the Him even as He is. 

evil one. ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^j^^^ j^^^^j^ ^jg j^^p^ 

Love not the world, neither the things set on Him purifieth himself, even as 
that are in the world. If any man He is pure. 


Responsive Readings 

Marvel not, brethren, if the world And hereby we know that He abideth 

hateth you. in us, by the Spirit Which He gave us. 

We know that we have passed out of 
death into life, because we love the 

brethren. He |hat ioveth not abideth SELECTION 97 
in death. 

Whosoever hateth his brother is a 

murderer: and ye know that no 13 ELOVED, let us love one another: 

murderer hath eternal life abiding -*-^ for love is of God ; and every one 

ill him. that Ioveth is begotten of God, and 

Hereby know we love, because He knoweth God. 

laid down His life for us: and we He that Ioveth not knoweth not 

ought to lay down our lives for the God; for God is love. 

brethren. H^^^jj^ ^^ ^^ 1^^^^ ^j q^ ^^^^^ 

But whoso hath the world's goods, fested in us, that God hath sent His 

and beholdeth his brother in need, only begotten Son into the world that 

and shutte^ up his compassion ^^ might live through Him. 

from him, how doth the love of 

God abide in him? Herein is love, not that we loved 

mr r-u^i U-1J I .. ^1 God, but that He loved us, and 

My httle children, let us not love m g^Qt ggs Son to be the propitiation 

word, neither with the tongue; but in for our sins. 

deed and truth. t^ i . -r i- j i j i 

Beloved, if God so loved us, we also 

Hereby shall we know that we are ought to love one another. 
of the truth, and shall assure our 

heart before Him : ^^ °i<^ h&^ beheld God at any 

time: if we love one another, God 

Because if our heart condemn us, abideth in us, and His love is 

God is greater than our heart, and perfected in us: 

knoweth all things. pj^^^^y we know that we abide in 

Beloved, if our heart condemn us Him and He in us, because He hath 

not, we have boldness toward God ; given us of His Spirit. 

And whatsoever we ask we receive And we have beheld and bear wit- 

of Him, because we keep His com- ness that the Father hath sent the 

mandments and do the things that are Son to be the Saviour of the world. 

pleasing in His sight. Whosoever shall confess that Jesus is 

And this is His commandment, the Son of God, God abideth in him, 

that we should believe in ihe Name and he in God. 
of His Son Jesus Christ, and love 

one another, even as He gave us And we know and have believed 

commandment. the love which God hath m us. 

God is love; and he that abideth 

And he that keepeth His command- in love abideth in God| and God 

ments abideth in Him, and He in him. abideth in him« 


Responsive Readings 

Herein is love made perfect with us, 
that we may have boldness in the 
day of judgment; because as He is, 
even so are we in this world. 

There is no fear in love : but perfect 
love casteth out fear, because fear 
hath punishment; and he that 
f eareth is not made perfect in love. 

We love, because He first loved us. 

If a man say, I love God, and hateth 
his brother, he is a liar : for he that 
loveth not his brother whom he 
hath seen, cannot love God Whom 
he hath not seen. 

And this commandment have we 
from Him, that he who loveth God 
love his brother also. 

and of the four living creatureSf 
and in the midst of the elders, a 
Lamb standing, as though it had 
been slain, having seven homSi 
and seven eyes, which are the 
seven Spirits of God, sent forth 
into all the earth. 

And He came, and He taketh it out 
of the right hand of Him that sat on 
the throne. 

And when He had taken the book, 
the four living creatures and tiie 
four and twenty elders fell down 
before the Lamb, having each one 
a harp, and golden bowls full of 
incense, which are the prayers of 
the saints. 


Revelation v 

And they sing a new song, saying, 
Worthy art Thou to take the book, 
and to open the seals thereof: for 
Thou wast slain, and didst purchase 
unto God with Thy blood men of 

AND I saw in the right hand of ^^^ ^^' ^^^^ ^^^^^' ^^ people. 
Him that sat on the throne a ^^^ ^^^'^"' 

And madest them to be unto our 
God a kingdom and priests; and 
they reign upon the earth. 

And I saw, and I heard a voice of 
worthy to open the book, and to many angels round about the throne 
loose the seals thereof? and the living creatures and the 

And no one in the heaven , or on the elders ; and the number of them was 
earth, or under the earth, was able to ^^^ thousand times ten thousand, and 
open the book, or to look thereon. thousands of thousands; 

Saying with a great voice. Worthy 
is the Lamb that hath been slain to 
receive the power, and riches, and 

book written within and on the back, 
close sealed with seven seals. 

And I saw a strong angel proclaim- 
ing with a great voice. Who is 

And I wept much, because no one 
was found worthy to open the book, 
or to look thereon : 

And one of the elders saith unto me. 

wisdom, and might, and honor, and 
glory, and blessing. 

Weep not; behold, the Lion that is of ^^j ^^^^ ^^^ed thing which is in 

the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, ^he heaven, and on the earth, and 

hath overcome to open the book and ^^^ ^^ ^^h, and on the sea, and 

the seven seals thereof. ^h ^j^^^ ^^^ ^^^ j^ ^hem, heard I 

And I saw in the midst of the throne saying, Unto Him that sitteth on the 


Responsive Readings 

throne, and unto the Lamb, be the things; and I will be his God, and he 

blessing, and the honor, and the shall be My son. 

glory, and the dominion, for ever and ^j ^here came one of the seven 

6ver. angels who had the seven bowls. 

And the four Uving creatures said, f^f ,^^'® laden with the seven 

Amen. And the elders fell down last pkgues ; and he spake with m^^ 

and worshiped. ^^^J^ Come hither, I wiU show 

'^ thee the bnde, the wife of the 


SELECTION 99 And he carried me away in the Spirit 

to a mountain great and high, and 

Revelation xxi , • .1 i i •^ r 1 

showed me the holy city Jerusalem, 

AND I saw a new heaven and a coming down out of heaven from God, 
new earth: for the first heaven tj • fu f r/wi 1% r k* 

and the first earth are passed away; walSfeu^toartonemosiprecK, 
and the sea is no more. as it were a jailer stone, clear as 

And I saw the holy city, new crystal: 

Jerusalem, coming down out of Having a wall great and high ; having 
heaven from God, made ready as , , , , 

a bride adorned for her husband. ^^*y^ ^^^J* ^^ ^^ ^^f gates twelve 

angels; and names written thereon, 

And I heard a great voice out of the ^j^j^ ^^^ ^^^ ^ames of the twelve 

throne saying. Behold, the taber- tribes of the children of Israel: 
nacle of God is with men, and He 

shall dwell with them, and they shall 0» *« east were three gates; and 

« TT. , J r^ ^ Tj' \c on the north three gates; and on 

be His peoples, and God Himself ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^%. ^^ ^^ ^^ 

shall be with them, and be their God : west three gates. 

And He shaU wipe away every tear ^^ ^^ ^^y ^j ^^ city had twelve 

from their eyes: and death shall , , . , \ . 

be no more; neither shaU there be foundations, and on them twelve 

mourning, nor crjring, nor pain, names of the twelve apostles of the 

any more: the first things are Lamb. 

passed away. 

And I saw no temple therein: for 

And He that sitteth on the throne the Lord God the Almighty, and 

said, Behold, I make all things new. the Lamb, are the temple thereof. 

And He saith. Write: for these words ^j the city hath no need of the sun, 

are faithful and true. neither of the moon, to shine upon 

And He said unto me. They are it; for the glory of God did lighten it. 

come to pass. I am the Alpha and and the lamp thereof is the Lamb, 
the Omega, the beginning and the 

end. I will give unto him that is And the nations shall walk amidst 

athirst of the fountain of the water the light thereof: and the kings of 

of life freely. the earth bring then: gloiy into it 

He that overcometh shall inherit these And the gates thereof shall in no wise 



Responsive Readings 

be shut by day (for there shall be no And behold, I come quickly. Blessed 

night there) : is he that keepeth the words of the 

And they shall bring the glory and prophecy of this book. 

the honor of the nations into it: ^nd I John am he that heard and 

And there shall in no wise enter into saw these thmgs. And when I 

- . , u 4.u«4. heard and saw, I fell down to wor- 

it anything unclean, or he that ^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^ j^^^ ^j ^^ ^^j 

maketh an abonunation and a he : ^^t showed me these things. 

but only they that are written in the 

Lamb's book of life. And he saith unto me. See thou do it 

not: I am a fellow-servant with thee 
and with thy brethren the prophets, 

SELECTION 100 ^^^ ^^^ them that keep the words 

of this book: worship* God. 

Revelation xxii 

xrn u^ cUr^T^r^A rrya, o ^vof r^f And fac salth unto me, Seal not up 
ND he showed me a nver of ^^ ^^^^^ ^j ^^^^ prophecy of this 

water of life, bright as crystal, y^^^^. f^^ ^^e time is at hand. 

proceeding out of the throne of God 

and of the Lamb, in the midst of the He that is unrighteous, let him do 

street thereof. unrighteousness still : and he that -is 

. ^ , . . ^ , , . ^ filthy, let him be made filthy still : 

And on this side of the nver and j u *u 4. • • u^. i * u*^ ^ 

on that was the tree of life, bearing ^.^^ ^^ ^^^^ '^ righteous, let him do 

twelve manner of fruits, yielding righteousness still: and he that is 

its fruit every month: and the holy, let him be made holy still. 

leaves of the tree were for the « t. i^ t ^ • 1 1 ^ w 

healing of the nations. ^^^^^IJ' } ^^IJJf ^"^^^'^ ^^ ^/ 

^^ reward is with Me, to render to 

And there shall be no curse any more: each man according as his work 

and the throne of God and of the **• 

Lamb shall be therein: and His serv- j ^m the Alpha and the Omega, the 

ants shall serve Him; gj^^ and the last, the beginning and 

And they shall see His face; and the end. 

His Name shall be on their fore- ^, , ^t. xt- ^ t. ^i. . 

j^Qi^^s^ Blessed are they that wash their 

robes, that they may have the right 
And there shall be night no more; to come to the tree of life, and may 
and they need no light of lamp, enter in by the gates into the city. 

neither light of sun; for the Lord God without are the dogs, and the sor- 
shall give them light: and they shall ^^^^g^ ^^d the fornicators, and the 
reign for ever and ever. murderers, and the idolaters, and 

And he said unto me. These words every one that loveth and maketh a 

are faithful and true : and the Lord, ^e. 

the God of the spirits of the 

prophets, sent His angel to show I Jesus have sent Mine angel to 

unto His servants the things which testify unto you these things for 

must shortly come to pass. the churches. I am the root and 


Responsive Readings 

the offspring of Davidi the bright, and keeping watch by night over 

the morning star. their flock. 

And the Spirit and the bride say, And an angel of the Lord stood by 

Come. And he that heareth, let him them, and the glory of the Lord shone 

say. Come. And he that is athirst, round about them: and they were 

let him come: he that will, let him sore afraid. 

take the water of life freely. And the angel said unto them, Be 

not afraid ; for behold, I bring you 
good tidings of great joy which 

SELECTION 101 shall be to all the people : 

The Birth of Christ ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^™ ^^ ^^^ ^^ day in 

the city of David a Saviour, Who is 

Christ the Lord. 

NOW it came to pass in those days, 

there went out a decree from ^\^\ "^^l ^^ unto you: Ye 

^ . ^ ^L ^ 11 ^L 1 J shall find a babe wrapped m swad- 

Caesar Augustus, that all the world dUng clothes, and lyingin a manger. 
should be enrolled. 

And suddenly there was with the 

-This was the first enrohnent made j ^ multitude of the heavenly 

when Qmnmus was governor of , '^^ . . i- j j 

^vria praismg God, and saying. 

And all went to enrol themselves. SS tS"«'*.mSit^«?A"Sh«™ 

, . . eartn peace among men m wnom 

every one to his own aty. g^ is ^^U phased. 

And Joseph also went up from ^j -^ ^^^ ^^ ^^en the angels 

Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, ^ c ^^ • -. l 

mto Judiea, to the city of David, ^^'^^ ^^^^ ^^^"^ ^^^^ ^"^^^ heaven, 

which is called Bethlehem, because the shepherds said one to another, 

he was of tibie house and family of Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, 

David; and see this thing that is come to 

To enrol himself with Mary, who was P^ss, which the Lord hath made 

betrothed to him, being great with ^^^wn unto us. 

child. And they came with haste, and 

A.d 1. «u« «, p.». wM. tte, Sftab:'?,^ S? £S^: "^ 

were there, the days were fulfilled "^ ^^^ *»*«t*6«*- 

that she should be delivered. And when they saw it, they made 

And she brought forth her firstborn l«»own concerning the saying which 

son; and she wrapped him in swad- was spoken to them about this child. 

dling clothes, and laid him in a man- And aU that heard it wondered at 

ger, because there was no room for the things which were spoken unto 

them in the inn. them by the shepherds. 

And there were shepherds m the But Mary kept all these sayings, 

same country abiding in the field, pondering them in her heart. 


Responsive Readings 

And the shepherds returned, glori- hold of His feet, and worshipped Him. 
fying and praising God for all the 

things that they had heard and Th«^ ^^ Jesus unto them, Fear 
seen, even as it was spoken unto ?<>*• go tell My brethren that they 
Uiem, depart mto Galilee, and there shall 

they see Me. 

Now while they were going, behold, 
SELECTION 102 some of the guard came into the city, 

and told unto the chief priests all the 
TAe Resurrection of Christ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^^ ^^ p^ 

Blatthew xxviii 


^,,, 1 ^ ^L Li. ^L J And when they were assembled 

OW late on the sabbath day, as ^^h the elders, and had taken 

it began to dawn toward the counsel, they gave much money 

first day of the week, came Mary unto the soldiers, 

Magdalene and the other Mary to ^ . ^ tt. j. • i 

°, , , Saying, Say ye. His disciples came 

see the sepulchre. by night, and stole Him away while 

And behold, there was a great we slept. 

earthauake; for an aneel of the .«.««• « 

Lord descended from heaven, and And if this come to the governor's 

came and rolled away the stone, ^^ ^\ ^ persuade him, and 

and sat upon it. nd you of care. 

His appearance was as lightning, and So they took the money, and did as 

his raiment white as snow: they were taught: and this saying 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^. ^^ ^ ^ was spread abroad among the Jews, 

And for fear of him the watchers , \,*-^„«+u „„4.:i ♦u: ^«„ 

did quake, and became as dead ^""^ conUnueth until this day. 

^®^* But the eleven disciples went into 

And the angel answered and said Galilee, unto the meuntain where 

unto the women, Fear not ye; for I J^«^^ ^^ appomted them, 

know that ye seek Jesus, Who hath And when they saw Him, they wor- 

been crucified. shipped Him; but some doubted. 

He is not here; for He is risen, And Jesus came to them and spake 

even as He said. Come, see the ^nto them, saying. All authority 

place where the Lord lay. jj^^ been given unto Me in heaven 

And go quickly, and tell His disciples, ^^ ^^ «arth. 

He is risen from the dead ; and lo. He q^ y^ therefore, and make disciples 

goeth before you into Galilee; there ^j ^11 the nations, baptizing them into 

shall ye see Him: lo, I have told you. ^^ ^^^^ of the Father and of the 

And they departed quickly from Son and of the Holy Spirit : 

the tomb with fear and great joy, , . ^ ^ - „ ^- . 

and ran to bring His disciples word. Teachmg them to observe aU things 

whatsoever I commanded you : and 

And behold, Jesus met them, saying, lo, I am with you always, even unto 

All hail. And they came and took the end of the world. 


Responsive Readings 

SELECTION 103 of God; neither doth corruption in- 

« „, ^ herit incorruption. 
Tn^ ResurrecUon 

First Corinthians xv Behold, I toU you a mysteiy: We 

S^,^^ ,,, „ .all shall not sleep, but we shall all 

OM£ one will say, How are the \^^ changed 

dead raised? and with what man- . . , . , ,. ^ 

f u J J xu -i In a moment, m the twinklmc: of an 

ner of body do they come? , ' ^ s vn cu* 

eye, at the last trump : for the trum- 

Thou fooUsh one, that which thou pet shall sound, and the dead shall 

St itXr '" ''''* q^ckened ^e raised incorruptible, and we shall 

be changed. 

And that which thou sowest, thou _ 

sowest not the body that shall be, F^*^ this corruptible must put on 

oMwi^ou HV.I. cue xi^y nau oxxoai i^, mcorruption, and this mortal must 

but a bare grain, it may chance of p^t on immortality. 

Wheat, or of some other kind; « . u .i.- ^-i^i i_ ,, t. 

But when this corruptible shall have 

But God g^eth it a body even as put on incorruption, and this mortal 

it pleased Him, and to each seed a u «ii u« ^ * -^ r-u ^i. 

body of its owil. ^^^" ^^^^ P"^ ^" immortality, then 

shall come to pass the saying that 

All flesh is not the same flesh: but £§ written. Death is swallowed up in 

there is one flesh of men, and another victory. 

flesh of beasts, and another flesh of ^ . , , • . . 

bi*. and anther of «c. Lt wi^ JfjX'T* ^ 

There are also celestial bodies, and ^^u 4.* r ^ ^u • - ^ ^1. 

bodies terrestrial: but the glory of ^^ ^^'""^ ^f ^f ^ '^ ^^"' ^'^^ ^^^ 

the celestial is one, and tiie glory power of sin is the law : 

of ttie terrestrial is anotiier. But thanks be to God, Who giveth 

There is one glory of the sun. and ^ ^V£f*f^ through our Lord 

another glory of the moon, and an- J^^us s . 

other glory of the stars; for one star Wherefore, my beloved brethren, be 

differeth from another star in glory, ye stedfast, unmovable, always 

So also is tiie resurrection of tiie ^b^^^^^ing in the work of the Lord, 

dead. It is sown in corruption; forasmuch as ye know that your labor 

it is raised in incorruption : is not vain in the Lord. ^ 

It is sown in dishonor; it is raised in 

glory: it is sown in weakness; it is SELECTION 104 

raised in power: 

It is sown a natural body; it is 

raised a spiritual body. If there 

is a natural body, there is also a A ND Jesus sent Peter and John, 

spiritual body. JTx. saying, Go and make ready for 

Now this I say, brethren, that flesh ^« ^^^ passover, that we may eat. 

and blood cannot inherit the kingdom And they said unto Him, Where 


The Lard's Supper 

lAike XXII, John vi 

Responsive Readings 

wilt Thott that we make ready? 

And He said unto them, Behold, when 
ye are entered into the city, there 
shall meet you a man bearing a 
pitcher of water; follow him into the 
house whereinto he goeth. 

And ye shall say unto the master of 
the house, The Teacher saith unto 
thee, Where is the guest-chamber, 
where I shall eat the passover with 
My disciples? 

And he will show you a large upper 
room furnished: there make ready. 

And they went, and found as He 
had said unto them: and they 
made ready the passover. 

And when the hour was come, He 
sat down, and the apostles with Him. 

And He said unto them, With de- 
sire I have desired to eat this pass- 
over witibi you before I suffer: 

For I say unto you, I shall not eat it, 
until it be fulfilled in the kingdom of 

And He received a cup, and when 
He had given tlianks. He said. 
Take this, and divide it among 

For I say unto you, I shall not drink 
from henceforth of the fruit of the 
vine, until the kingdom of God shall 

And He took bread, and when He 
had given thanks. He brake it, and 
gave to them, saying, This is My 
body which is given for you : this do 
in remembrance of Me. 

And the cup in like manner after 
supper, saying, This cup is the new 
covenant in My blood, even that 
whi£h is poured out for you. 

Jesus said unto them, I am the 
bread of life : he that cometh to Me 
shall not hunger, and he that be- 
lieveth on Me shall never thirst 

This is the bread which cometh down 
out of heaven, that a man may eat 
thereof, and not die. 

I am the living bread which came 
down out of heaven: if any man 
eat of this bread, he shall live for 
ever: yea and the bread which I 
will give is My flesh, for the life 
of the world. 

Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ejccept 
ye eat the flesh of the Son of man 
and drink His blood, ye have not life 
in yourselves. 

He that eateth My flesh and 
drinketh My blood hath eternal 
life; and I will raise him up at the 
last day. 

For My flesh is meat indeed, and My 
blood is drink indeed. 

He that eateth My flesh and 

eth My blood abideth in Me, and 

I in him. 

As the living Father sent Me, and I 
live because of the Father; so he 
that eateth Me, he also shall live 
because of Me. 

This is the bread which came down 
out of heaven: not as the fathers 
ate, and died; he that eateth this 
bread shall live for ever. 


Pulms ucy, cxlvii 

PRAISE waiteth for Thee, O God, 
in Zion; and unto Thee shall the 
vow be performed. 


Responsive Readings 

O Thou that hearest prayer, unto The pastures are clothed with flocks; 

Thee shall all flesh come. the valleys also are covered over 

Iniquities prevail against me: as for ^* P^^^' ^^^ ^^^^^ f°^ i^^' ^^^ 

our transgressions, Thou wilt forgive ^^^^' 

them. Praise Jehovah, O Jerusalem; 

Blessed is the man whom Thou ^^^^ ^^ ^^' ° ^*^^ 

choosest, and causest to approach For He hath strengthened the bars 

unto Thee, that he may dweU in ^j ^ ^es; He hath blessed thy 

Thy courts: we shall be satisfied . .,, .^, . ^, 

with the goodness of Thy house, c*^*Wren withm thee. 

Thy holy temple. He maketh peace in thy borders; 

By terrible things Thou wilt answer ^^^"^^ ^^'^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^* ^"^ 

us in righteousness, O God of our 

salvation, Thou that art the confi- He sendeth out His commandment 

dence of all the ends of the earth, upon earth; His word runneth very 

and of them that are afar off upon swiftly. 

the sea: He giveth snow like wool; He 

Who by. ffis strength setteth fast s^attereth the hoar-frost like ashes, 

the mountains, being girded about He casteth forth His ice like morsels: 

with might; ^^^ ^^ g^^j ^f^^^ His cold? 

Who stilleth the roaring of the seas, „ j *u * tt-^ —^.^ -«-i 

. r ^t_ . J * He sendeth out Bus word, and 

the roaring of their waves, and the melteth them: He causeth His 

tumult of the peoples. wind to blow, and the waters flow. 

They also that dweU m the utter- He showeth His word unto Jacob, 

most parts are afraid at Thy tokens jjis statutes and His ordinances unto 

Thou makest the outgomgs of the ^ . 

morning and evening to rejoice. Israel. 

Thou visitest the earth, and waterest ^e hath not dealt so with any 

.. rru ^1 • u ^ -x xu nation; and as for His ordinances, 

it. Thou greatly ennchest it; the they hive not known them. Praise 

river of God is full of water: Thou ye Jehovah, 
providest them grain, when Thou 
hast so prepared the earth. 

Thou waterest its furrows abun- 
dantly; Thou settlest the ridges Missions 
thereof: Thou makest it soft with 

showers ; Thou blessest the spring- ^""^ ™'' "^'' "™ 

ing thereof. A LL the ends of the earth shall 

Thou crownest the year with Thy -^ remember and turn unto Je- 

goodness; and Thy paths drop fatness, ^ovah; and all the kindreds of the 

«,. - ^- ^ ^ ^- nations shall worship before Thee. 
They drop upon the pastures of the 

wilderness ; and the hills are girded For the kingdom is Jehovah's; and 

with joy. He is the ruler over the nations. 



Responsive Readings 

A seed shall serve Him; it shall be Yea, all kings shall fall down before 

told of the Lord unto the next genera- Him ; all nations shall serve Him. 

They shall come and Shan declare SELECTION 107 

His righteousness unto a people Missions 

that shall be borui that He hath 

done it. '"^^^ *"'• "' "' 

—r-\ ^^, TJEHOLD, My Servant, Whom I 

God be meraful unto us, and bless us, Jt> uphold; My Chosen, in Whom 

and cause His face to shme upon us; ^^ ^^^ delighteth: I have put My 

That Thy way may be known upon Spirit upon Him ; He will bring forth 

earth, Thy salvation among all justice to the Gentiles. 


r^t r^ r^ A ^® ^'^ ^^* ^^» ^^^ "" ^P °^^ 

Let the peoples praise Thee, O God ; voice, nor cause it to be heard in 

let all the peoples praise Thee. the street. 

Oh let the nations be glad and A bruised reed will He not break, 

sing for joy; for Thou wilt judge and a dimly burning wick will He 

^e peoples with equity, and govern ^^^ ^^^^. ^e will brmg forth jus- 

the nations upon earth. . . ^ .t_ 

tice m truth. 

Let the peoples praise Thee, O God; ▼▼ •« x^ •« «. j- j 

^ ^ u ^xS ^ • T-u He will not fail nor be discouraged, 

let all the peoples praise Thee. ^ ^^ ^iB^re set justice in the earth; 

The earth hath yielded its increase : ^^ the isles shall wait for His law. 

Gk>d, even our own God, will bless ^hus saith God Jehovah, He that 

created the heavens, and stretched 

God will bless us; and all the ends of them forth; He that spread abroad 

the earth shall fear Him. the earth and that which cometh out 

He will come down like rain upon ^^ *^5 He that giveth breath unto the 

the mown grass, as showers that people upon it, and spirit to them 

water the earth. that walk therein : 

In His days shall the righteous Ii Jehovah, have caMed Thee in 

flourish, and abundance of peace, till righteousness, and ^ hold Thy 

. , t- > hand, and will keep Thee, and give 

the moon be no more. ^^^ j^^ ^ covenant of the people, 

He shall have dominion also from for a light of the Gentiles; 

So tt.'SrfttXr "*" To open 4. blind ^ » bring ou. 

the prisoners from the dungeon, and 

They that dwell in the wilderness them that sit in darkness out of the 

shall bow before Him; and His ene- prison-house. 

mies shall lick the dust. - -. i^xi^xim^w — 

I am Jehovah, that is My Name; 

The kings of Tarshish and of the and My glory will I not give to 

isles shidl render tribute : the kings another, neither My praise unto 

of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. graven images. 


Responsive Readings 

Behold, the former things are come complaining? who liath wounds 
to pass, and new things do I declare; without cause? who liath redness 
before they spring forth I tell you of ^* ©yesr 

them. They that tarry long at the wine ; they 

Attend unto Me, O My people; that go to seek out mixed wine, 
and give ear unto Me, O My nation : ^o^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^le wine when 

for a law shall go forth from Me, j^ jg ^^^ ^^en it sparUeth in the 
riit^th'p^^^^ cup, when it goethTown smoothly: 

My righteousness is near, My salva- At the last it biteth like a serpent, and 

tion is gone forth, and Mine arms ^^^^^^^ ^'^^ ^"^ ^^d^^' 
shall judge the peoples; the isles shall Thine eyes shall behold strange 
wait for Me, and on Mine arm shall things, and thy heart shall utter 

they trusty perverse things. 

How beautiful upon the moun- Yea, thou shalt be as he that lieth 

tains are the feet of him that bring- down in the midst of the sea, or as he 

eth good tidings, that publisheth that lieth upon the top of a mast. 
peace, that bringeth good tidings 

of good, that publisheth salvation. They have stricken me, shalt thou 

that saith unto Zion, Thy God say, and I was not hurt; they have 

reignethi beaten me, and I felt it not: when 

The voice of thy watchmen! they shall I awake? I will seek it yet 

lift up the voice, together do they agam. 

sing; for they shall see eye to eye. But I say. Walk by the Spirit, and ye 

when Jehovah returneth to Zion. sh^U not fulfil the lust of the flesh. 
Break forth into joy, sing together, p^^ ^^ ^^^ j^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ 
ye waste places of Jerusidem; for gpirit, and the Spirit aiainst the 

Die nf hJi rede^^^^ ^^*5 *^^ ^^^^ are contri^ the one 

pie. He hath redeemed Jerusalem. ^ ^^ ^^^^. ^j^^ y^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ 

Jehovah hath made bare His holy the things that ye would. 

arm in the eyes of all the nations; and t> ^e i j i_ ^i. c • -^ 

all the ends of the earth have seen ^ut if ye are led by the Spirit, ye are 

the salvation of our God. not under the law. 

Now the works of the flesh are 

QTTTTrrTTnw ma manifest, which are these : fomica- 

dJSLrJSUiiuii luo ^Q^^ uncleanness, lasciviousness, 

Temperance Idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, 

Proverbs xx. xxin, Gaiatian. v jealousies, wraths, factious, divisions, 

WINE is a mocker, strong drink parties, 
a brawler; and whosoever err- ,, . • , 

_^, ^, u • 4. • ^ Envymgs, drunkenness, revellings, 

eth thereby is not wise. and sudi like ; of which I forew^ 

Who hath woe? who hath sorrow? you, even as I did forewarn you, 
who hath contentions? who hath that they who practise such things 


Responsive Readings 

shall not inherit the kingdom of upright; He is a shield to them that 

God. walk in integrity; 

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, That He may guard the paths of 

peace, longsuffering, kindness, good- justice, and preserve the way of His 

ness, faithfulness, saints. 

Meekness, self-control; against Then shalt thou understand right- 
such there is no law. eousness and justice, and equity, yea, 

And they that are of Christ Jesus have ^^^^^ ^jood path, 

crucified the flesh with the passions For wisdom shall enter into thy 

and the lusts thereof. heart, and knowledge shall be 

pleasant unto thy soul; 

CTTT TrrTTnio" inQ Discretion shall watch over thee; 

SELECTION 109 understanding shall keep thee: 

Education ^^ ^^j.^^^ ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ 

Proverb, ii, in ^ gyjl^ ixoxTL the mou that speak per- 

Y son, if thou wilt receive my verse things. 


words, and lay up my com- Happy is the man that findeth wis- 

mandments with thee ; dom, and the man that getteth under- 

So as to incline thine ear unto standing. 

S^eSmdW.''^^^^ ^^ ^""^ ^ F^^ ^^ 8^^*^8 ^^ " is better than 

unaersianomg , ^^ gaining of silver, and the profit 

Yea, if thou cry after discernment, thereof than fine gold, 

and lift up thy voice for under- She is more precious than rubies: and 

standing; none of the things thou canst desire 

If thou seek her as silver, and are to be compared unto her. 

search for her as for hid treasures : - .• *j • i i. • uxi. j 

Length of days is in her right hand; 

Then shalt thou understand the fear in her left hand are riches and 

of Jehovah, and find the knowledge honor. 

of God. j^gj. ways are ways of pleasantness, 

For Jehovah giveth wisdom; out of and all her paths are peace. 

His mouth cometh knowle^e and oi. • x. * f^ x xu xi. x 

understanding: ^^^^^.^ ^^^ ^' ^^ to them that 

*^ lay hold upon her: and happy is 

He layeth up sound wisdom for the every one tiiat retaineth her. 


The First Doxology 

Now unto Him that is able to guard you from stumbling, and to set 
you before the presence of His glory without blemish in exceeding joy, to 
the only God our Savioiu:, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, 
dominion, and power, before all time, and now, and for evermore. Amen. 

The Second Doxology 

Unto Him that loveth us, and loosed us from oui sins by His blood; 
and He made us to be a kingdom, to be {Priests imto His God and Father; 
to Him be the glory and the dominion for ever and ever. Amen. 

The Apostles' Creed 

I BELIEVE in God the Father Almighty, Maker of heaven and earth: 
And in Jesus Christ His only Son our Lord; Who was conceived by 
the Holy Ghost; bom of the Virgin Mary; suffered imder Pontius Pilate; 
was crucified, dead, and buried; the third day He rose from the dead; He 
ascended into heaven; and sitteth at the right hand of God the Father Al- 
mighty; from thence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead. 

I believe in the Holy Ghost; the holy catholic Church; the Com- 
munion of saints; the Forgiveness of sins; the Resurrection of the body; 
and the Life everlasting. Amen. 


Index of First and Special Lines 

IThe figures refer to the number of the sections 

A glorious banner Thou hast given . . . 158 

A utile that the righteous hold 97 

A pilgrim in the earth am I 323 

A river flows whose living streams ... 227 

A river flows whose streams make glad 126 

A single day within Thy courts 226 

A sun and shield forever 228 

Abotmding wealth shall bless his home . . 305 

About Mount Zdon «o 133 

Abundant fields for harvest white .... 199 

Abundant fields of grain shall wave . . . 195 

Again refresh us, Lord 358 

All earth to Him her homage brings ... 49 

All kindreds of the nations 50 

All lands, to God in joyful sounds .... 173 

All men on earth that live 316 

All nations, dap your hands 230 

All people that dwell on the earth .... 269 

All people that on earth do dwell .... 268 

All that I am I owe to Thee 383 

All the blessings of goodness Thou freely 

didst give 45 

All unprotected, lo, I stand 387 

All who with heart confiding 355^356 

All ye that fear Jehovah's Name .... 48 

Alnughty God, Thy lofty throne .... 242 

Although with bitter tears 358 

Amid the thronging worshipers 51 

Among His people God is known .... 208 

And blessed be His glorious Name ... 199 

Angelic guards at His commands .... 249 

Arise, O Lord, lift up Thy hand 18 

Arise, O Lord, our God, arise 368 

As pants the hart for cooling streams . . 116 
As pants the hart for streams of living 

water 115, 117 

As round about Jerusalem 354 

As the heavens are high above us ... . 280 

As thirsts the hart for cooling flood . . . 118 

As thirsts the hart for water brooks ... 114 

As Thou, .0 Lord, hast made me strong . 36 

At eariy dawn I prayed 339 

Be Thou my helper in the strife . . . 
Be Thou my judge, O righteous Lord 
Be Thou my rock, my dwelling>place 
Be Thou my Saviour, O my Lonl . . 
Be Thou, O God, exalted high . . . 
Because thy trust is God alone . . . 
Before His presence let us come . . . 
Before my journey is complete . . . 
Before Thee, Lord, a people waits . . 
Before Thy people I confess . . . . 





Behold, how pleasant and how sood . 
Beneath Thy care the ^)arrow finds . 
Bless Him, ye angels, wondrous in mi^t 
Blest be the Loral for us He cares 
Blest be the Lord, my rock, my might 
Blest be the Lord, our fathers' God . 
Blest is he who loves God's precepts . 
Blest the man that fears Jehovah . . 
Blest they who dwell in Zion .... 
Both rich and poor, both bond and free 
Bow down Thy ear, O Lord, and hear 

But I with expectation 

By all His creatures let His Name . 
By all whom Thou hast made . . 
By Babel's riverside we sat in tears 
By Babel's streams we sat and wq>t 
By Thy good Spirit led 

Changeless is Jehovah's mercy . . 
Christ shall have dominion .... 
Come, ail ye people, bless our God 
Come, all ye servants of the Lord . 
Come, hear, all ye that fear the Lord 
Come, let us sing before the Lord . 
Come, ye that fear Jehovah . . . 
Come, ye that fear the Lord, and hear 

Deceit and falsehood I abhor . . . 
Defend me, Lord, from shame . . 
Delight thee in the Lord, and He . 

Deliver me from evil 

Do Thou, O Lord, arise 

Do ye, O men, speak righteousness 
Dust to dust, the mortal dies . . . 

Each generation to the next . . . 
Encompass Zion, count her towers 
Established in the highest heavens 
Eternal is Thv kingdom, Lord . . 
Ever are my longing eyes .... 

Ever, O Lord, with Thee 

Exalt the Lord, His praise proclaim 

Fear not, though succor be delayed 
Fools in their hearts have said . . 
For good men light and joy are sown 
For sake of friends and kindred dear 
For the Lord my soul is waiting . . 
For Thy Name's sake, O gradous Lord 
Forever praise and bless His Name . 
Forever settled in the heavens . . . 
Forever trusting in the Lord .... 
Fret not thyself, nor envious be . . . 



283; 284 

. 48 

















395, 397 











Index of First and Special Lines 

From heaven the Lord with searching eye 23 

From lips of children Thou, O Lord ... 14 
From out the depths I cry, O Lord, to 

Thee 362 

From out the depths I cry to Thee . . . 364 

From rising unto setting sun 306 

From the depths do I invoke Thee . . . 363 

From the depths my prayer ascendeth . . 365 

Give thanks and praise to God above . . 319 

Give thanks to God, for good is He . . . 378 

Give unto God Most High glory and honor 259 

God be merciful to me 140, 142 

God guards the good with watchful eye . 91 

God hath ascended with a shout .... 129 
God is King forever: let the nations 

tremble 266 

God is known among His people .... 207 

God is our refuge and our strength . 126, 128 

God loveth the righteous 201 

God saved His people from distress ... 180 

God will our strength and refuge prove 127 
Grace and truth shall mark the way . . 65, 68 
Gracious God, my heart renew . . . 141, 142 

Gracious Lord, remember David .... 367 

Great peace has he who loves Thy law . . 341 
Great Shepherd Who leadest Thy people 

in love 220, 221 

Guard Thou my thoughts, I Thee implore 386 

Had not the Lord been Israel's help ... 352 

Hallelujah! Hallelujah 409, 413 

Hallelujah, praise Jehovah 400, 409 

Happy is the man that chooses 400 

Has God forgotten to be kind 209 

He is like a tree well planted 2 

He took me from destruction's pit . . . . 108 
He waters the hills with rain from the 

skies 286 

Hear, Lord, the voice of my complaint . . 165 

Hear this, all ye people, hear 135 

Heathen lands and hostile peoples . . 237, 238 

Hills and mountains, praise your Maker . 405 

His Name, enduring hke the sun .... 195 

His saints shall live, and to the King . . 199 

His saving help is surely near 232 

His tender mercies ever sure 377 

His wide dominion shall extend 194 

Hope in God, ye waiting people 363 

Hope in the Lord, ye waiting saints, and 

He 362 

Hosanna! Ever blest be He 318 

Hosannal Praise to Him proclaim . . . 320 

How blest is he whose trespass 83 

How blest the man who fears the Lord . 305 

How blest the man who thoughtfully . . 113 

How blest the perfect in the way .... 321 

How dear to me, O Lord of Hosts .... 225 

How good and pleasant is the sight . . . 370 

How good it is to thank the Lox3 .... 250 

How great the goodness kept in store . . 81 

How I love Thy law, O Lord 333 

How long wilt Thou forget me 22 

How lovely, Lord of Hosts, to me . . 
How pleasant and how good it is . . 
How shall the young direct their way 



I am a stranger here 106, 107 

I am evil, bom in sin 140, 142 

I constant care will take 105 

I cried to God in my distress 343 

I graciously will teach thee 84 

I have followed truth and justice .... 336 

I know that the Lord is almighty . . 373, 374 

I long as in the times of old 164 

I love the Lord, for my request 310 

I love the Lord, His stroigth is mine . . 34 

I love the Lord Who heard my cry . . . 312 

I sing of mercies that endure 241 

I thought upon my ways 328 

I thought upon the days of old 212 

I to the hills will lift my eyes 344 

I wait for God, the Lord, and on His 

word 362 

I waited for the Lord Most High .... in 

I waited for the Lord my God 108 

I will extol Thee, O my God 394 

If I the wings of morning take . . . 382, 384 

If we have forgotten the Name of our God 123 
In doubt and temptation I rest, Lord, in 

Thee 202 

In full assurance of Thy grace 185 

In glorv Thou only my portion shalt be . 202 
In God will I trust, though my counselors 

say 20 

In sweet communion. Lord, with Thee . . 203 

In the fullness of Thy grace 10 

In the heavens the Lord Almighty . . . 282 

In Thee my soul hath shelter found . . . 159 
In Thee, O Lord, I put my trust ... 80, 190 

In this the day that Thou hast made . . 318 

In this the day the Lord hath made . . . 320 

In Thy heritage the heathen 216 

In Thy salvation we rejoice 43 

In Th^ wrath and hot dis{5leasure .... 102 

In vision to His saints God spake .... 243 

It is good to sing Thy praises 251 

Jehovah from His throne on high .... 87 

{ehovah hear thee in the day 44 

ehovah hear thee in thy grief 43 

{ehovah is my light 71 

ehovah, my God, on Thy help I depend . 13 

Jehovah reigns in majesty 265 

Jehovah reigns; let earth be glad .... 260 

Jehovah reigns supreme 267 

Jehovah sits enthroned 252 

Jehovah, to my prayer give ear 148 

Jehovah will a refuge prove 17 

Jehovah's perfect law 38 

Joyful children, sons and daughters . . . 360 

Judge me, God of my salvation 120 

udge me, O God, and plead my cause . . 119 

Judge my integrity 70 

Know that the Lord is God alone .... 270 


Index of First and Special Lines 

Know that the Lord is God indeed . . . 268 

Know ye that Jehovah is God 269 

Lay upon God's altar 7 

Lead me in Thy righteousness 9, 10 

Let all His creatures join 412 

Let all His servants tell abroad 319 

Let all the earth Jehovah fear 86 

Let God arise, and by His might .... 179 

Let the sky and douds forever 405 

Let Zion now rejoice 134 

Light and truth, my way attending ... 120 

Like rain upon the new-mown grass . . . 193 

Like Zion's steadfast mount are they . . 354 

Lo, children are a great reward 359 

Lord, bless and pity us 178 

Lord God of Hosts, in mercy 228 

Lord, hear me in distress 389, 390 

Lord, hear me when I pray 72 

Lord, hear my prayer, and let my cry . . 272 

Lord, hear the right, attend my cry ... 33 
Lord, hear the right, regard my cry . . 31, 32 

Lord, I lift my soul to Thee 64 

Lord, I wiU praise Thy Name 78 

Lord, in Thee am I confiding 103 

Lord, my God, do not forsake me ... . 103 

Lord, my petition heed 235 

Lord, our Lord, Thy glorious Name ... 15 

Lord, rebuke me not in anger 12 

Lord, the God of my salvation 240 

Lord, Thou hast been our dwelling-place . 245 

Lord, Thou hast favor shown Thy land 231 

Lord, Thou hast greatly blessed our land . 230 
Lord, Thou hast searched me, and dost 

know 382 

Lord, Thou preservcst man and beast . . 94 

Lord, through all the generations .... 244 

Lord, Thy glory shall appear 276 

Lord, Thy word to me remember .... 327 

Lord, to me Thy ways make known ... 67 

Lord, who shall come to Thee 25 

Make haste, O God, to save 189 

Make haste, O my God, to deliver, I pray 188 

Make me, O Lord, to know my end . . . 104 

Men who walk in folly's way 294 

Merciful as mighty, He delights in justice 266 

Mindful of our human fraility 281 

Moon and stars in shining height .... 15 
Most perfect is the law of God .... 41, 42 
My end. Lord, make me know . . . 105, 107 

My faithful Shepherd is the Lord .... 54 

My God, I will extol Thee 202, 399 

My God, it was Thy grace 79 

My God, my God, I cry to Thee .... 47 

My griefs of heart abound 63 

My grieving soul revive, O Lord .... 324 

My hands I wash in innocence 69 

My heart doth overflow 124 

My heart is fixed, O God 299 

My heart was glad to hear the welcome 

sound 349 

My people, give ear, attend to my word 213, 214 

My righteous God, Who oft of old . . . 6 

My Saviour, 'neath Thy sheltering wings . 163 
My Shepherd is the Lord Who knows my 

needs 56 

My sins and faults of youth 61 

My song forever shall record 241 

My soul, bless the Lord! the Lord is most 

great 285 

My soul for Thy salvation faints .... 331 

My soul in death's dark pit 29 

My soul in silence waits for God 161, 162 

My soul is grieved because my foes ... 155 

My steadfast heart, O God 298 

No human power delights Him 402 

No scepter of oppression 355, 356 

Not haughty is my heart 366 

Not the formal sacrifice 141 

Not unto us, O Lord of heaven 308 

Now blessed be Jehovah, God 197 

Now blessed be the Mighty One .... 199 

Now Israel may say, and that in truth . . 353 
Now the King iii Thy strength shall be 

joyful, O Lord 45 

Now to God, our Strength and Saviour 222 

Now imto Jehovah, ye sons of the mighty 76 

Now with joyful exultation 255 

O all ye peoples, bless our God 174 

O Church of our God, sing His praises 373, 374 

O come and let us worship now 254 

O come and to Jehovah sing 256 

O come before the Lord, our King .... 254 

O come, my people, to my law 215 

O come, my soul, bless thou the Lord thy 

Maker 283, 284 

O fear and bow, adorned with grace . . . 258 

O give the Lord whole-hearted praise . . 304 

O God, according to Thy grace 143 

O God, be merciful 151 

O God, be merciful and ^ess 177 

O God, be merciful to me 153, 154 

O God, be Thy Anointed Son 198 

O God, give ear unto my cry 160 

O God, give Thou ear to my plea .... 150 

O God, how good Thou art 204 

O God, let all men praise Thee 176 

O God, most holy are Thy ways .... 211 

O God, no longer hold Thy peace .... 224 

O God, our help in ages past 247 

O God, preserve me, for m Thee .... 27 

O God, regard my humble plea 159 

O God, the God that savetn me 144. 

O God, Thou hast rejected us 158 

O God, to Thy Anointed King 193 

O God, to us show mercy 176 

O God, we have heard and our fathers have 

told 121 

O Godj Whom I delight to praise .... 300 

O graaous God, forsake me not 192 

O had I wings, I sigh and say 248 


Index of First and Special Lines 

O happy land, when flock and field . . . 393 

O happy land, whose sons in youth . . . 393 

O how love I Thy law 42 

O Jehovah, hear my words 9, 11 

O let all that trust Thy care 10,11 

O let Him send His help to thee .... 44 

O let my supplicating cry 342 

O Lord, be Thou my helper true .... 21 

O Lord, by Thee delivered 77 

O Lord, give ear when with my voice . . 74 

O Lord, how are my foes increased ... 5 

O Lord, how manifold the works .... 288 

O Lord, make haste to hear my cry . . . 386 

O Lord Most High, with all my heart . . 17 

O Lord, my earnest cry 339 

O Lord, my God, for Thy Name's sake . 301 

O Lord, my God, most earnestly .... 163 

O Lord, my God, my joyful heart . . . 234 

O Lord, my inmost heart and thought . . 384 

O Lord, my Saviour, now to TTiee .... 387 

O Lord, now open Thou my lips .... 144 

O Lord of Hosts, how lovely 227 

O Lord of Hosts, to Thee I cry 226 

O Lord, our Lord, in all the earth .... 14 

O Lord, Thou art my God and King . . 397 

O Lord, Thou hast ascended 183 

O Lord, Thou Judge of all the earth ... 253 

O Lord, Thy perfect righteousness . . . 338 

O Lord, to Thee I cry 75 

O Lord, to us Thy mercy show 232 

O magnify the Lord with me 90 

O make a jo3rful noise, ve lands 270 

O mighty man, why wilt thou boast . . . 145 

O my soul, bless thou Jehovah 280 

O praise and bless the Lord, my soul . . 277 
O praise the Lord, for He is good . . 297, 317 

O praise the Lord, His deeds make known 289 

O praise ye the Lord 407 

O praise ye the Name of Jehovah . . 373, 374 

O Royal Bride, give heed 125 

O save me by Thy Name 147 

O send Thou forth Thy light and truth . 119 
O sing a new song to the Lord . . . 257, 258 

O sing ye Hallelujah 402 

O taste and see that God is good .... ^ 

O teach Thou us to coimt our days . . . 246 

O thank the Lord, the Lord of love . . . 377 

O that I had wings like a dove 150 

O Thou great Snqpherd of Thy chosen 

race 218, 219 

O truly is the nation blest 86 

O wherefore do the nations rage .... 4 

O wherefore hast Thou ca^ us off . . . . 205 

O who will lead our hosts 299 

O who will show us any good 6 

O why art thou cast down, my soul ... 114 

O Zion, praise the Lord thy God .... 403 

O Zion, tis thy God's command .... 182 

Of mercy and of justice 271 

On God alone my soul relies 149 

On Him, ye people, evermore 161 

On the good and faithful 7, 8 

Our God shall siuely come .... 
Our help is in the glorious Name . 
Our Lord is great. He calls by name 

Praise God, ye servants of the Lord 
Praise Him, ye highest heavens . . 
Praise Jeho^^, all ye nations . . 
Praise Jehovah for His love . . . 
Praise the Lord, for He is good . . 
Praise the Lord in heavenly places 
Praise waits for Thee in Zion . . . 
Praise waits in Zion, Lord, for Thee 
Praise ye, praise ye the Lord . . . 
Praise ye the Lonl, among ICs saints 
Praise ye the Lord, for He is good . 
Praise ye the Lord, for it is good . 
Praise ye the Lord, His praise prodai 
Praise ye the Lord, His saints . . 
Praise ye the Lord, ye hosts above 
Praise ye the Lord, ye saints below 
Protect and save me, O my God 
Put no confidence in princes . . . 


Rebels, who had dared to show . 
Redeeming love and grace . . . 
Regard my grief and rescue me . 
Rejoice, ye people, homage give . 

Remember not, O God 

Rest in the Lord and be thou still 
Return unto thy rest, my soul 
Rise, help, and redeem us. Thy 



Salvation shall adorn her priests 
Salvation's cup my soul mil take 
Salvation's cup of blessing now . 
Salvation's joyful song is heard . 
Save me, O God, because the floods 
Search me, O God, and know my 
Search me, O God, my heart discern 
Show me Thy paths, O Lord . . . 
Since with my God with perfect heart 
Sing a new song to Jehovah . . 
Sing to the Lord, sing His praise, 


Sins of youth remember not . . 
Sons of men, awake to praise 292, 
Soon I in glorious righteousness . . 
Springs and streams no longer bless 
Sweeter are Thy words to me . . . 






166, 172 










310, 312 

. . 123 

all ye 


Teach me, O Lord, Thy way of truth 
Tell all the world His wondrous ways 
That man is blest who, fearing God . 
The angel of the Lord encamps . . . 
The desert lands to Him shall bow . 
The earth and the fulness with which 


The earth, with all that dweU therein 
The ends of all the earth shall hear . 
The fear of the Lord is most clean 

The fountain of eternal life 

The friendship of the Lord 

It IS 





















Index of First and Special Lines 

Hie furrows, sown with living grain . 
The glorious gates of righteousness . 

The glory of His kingdom 

The God Who sits enthroned on high 
The good man's steps are led aright . 
The goodness of Thy house, O Lord . 
The great salvation of our God . . . 
The heavens in their splendor dedare 
The idol gods of heathen lands . . . 
The King of all glory high honors await 
The King rejoiceth in Thy strength . 
The law that the Lord has ordained 
The Lord Almighty is my light . . . 
The Lord I wUl at all times bless . . 
The Lord is good, His praise proclaim 
The Lord is great; with worthy praise 
The Lord is just in all His ways . . 
The Lord is my inheritance .... 
The Lord's my Shepherd, I'll not want 
The Lord is right in all His ways . . 
The Lord is strong to help the weak . 
The Lord my Shepherd holds me . . 
The Lord, our God, is good to all . . 
The Lord takes pleasure in His saints 
The Lord unto His Christ hath said . 
The Lord upholds the faltering feet . 
The Lord Who has remembered us . 

The lot to me that fell 

The bving-kindness of my God . . . 
The man that fears the Lord .... 
The man who once has found abode . 
The merciful shall know Hiy grace . 
The mighty God, Jehovah, speaks . . 
The mighty God, the Lord ..... 
The offering on the altar burned 
The path of life Thou showest me . . 
The precepts of the Lord are right 
The sower bearing precious seed . . 
The spacious heavens declare .... 
The starry hosts He numbers .... 
The steps of those whom He approves 
The stone rejected and despised . . . 
The tender love a father has .... 
The time for Zion's hdp is near . . . 
The trespass of the wicked man . . . 
The wicked, watching for their prey . 
The wrath of man shidl praise tne Lord 
The year with good Thou oownest 
The year with goodness Thou dost crown 

Thee for my rock I take 

Their God and Saviour they forgot 
Then safe within Thy fold .... 
Therefore, kings, be wise, give ear . 
They that traffic on the sea ... 
They that trust in treasured gold . 
Thou art my God^ O God of grace 
Thou art my portion, Lord ..... 
Thou art my shidd and glory, Lord 
Thou hast ascended up on high . . . 
Thou hast filled my heart with gladness 

Thou, Jehovah, art a God 

Thou, Jehovah, art my Shepherd . . 













































Thou, Lord, art a refuge for all the ap- 
prised 16 

Thou, Lord, hast dealt weU with Thy 

servant 329 

Thou, Lord, hast forsaken, to shame 

brought our boasts 122 

Thou, O Jehovah, shalt endure 273 

Thou, O Lord, art God alone .... 275, 276 

Thou, the Lord, hast chosen Zion .... 367 

Thou visitest the earth in love 169 

Thou visitest the earth with showers . . r67 

Thou, Who didst make and fashion me 330 
Though flesh and heart should faint and 

fail 203 

Though I am old who young have been . 98 

Though I am poor and sorrowful .... 186 

Though mighty foes assail me, Lord ... 34 r 

Though troubles great o'ershadow me . . 191 

Through all the years, may Israel say . . 361 

Thus speaks the Lord to wicked men . . 138 

Thy burden now cast on the Lord . . . I 150 
Thy loving-kindness, Lord, is good and 

free 187 

Thy matchless goodness and Thy grace . 397 

Thy inercy and Thy truth, O Lord ... 94 

Thy might sets fast the mountains ... 171 

Thy promi^ merdes send to me . . . . 326 

Thy servant, blest by Thee, shall live . . 323 

Thy servant like a wandering sheep ... 342 

Thy Spirit, O Lord, makes life to abound 287 

Thy tender merdes, O my Lord no 

Thy wondrous testimonies. Lord .... 337 

Thy word sheds light upon my path . . . 334 

To God for hdp will I repair 209 

To God my earnest voice I raise .... 387 

To God will I direct my prayer 210 

To the hills I lift my eyes 345, 346 

To Thee I lift my soul 60 

To Thee I stretdi my hands 390 

To Thee, O'God, we render thanks . . . 206 

To Thee, O Lord, I fly 29, 30 

To Thee, O Lord, I humbly cry 388 

To Thee, O Lord, I lift my eyes .... 351 

To those who dwell in brotherhood . . . 369 

Trust not in man who soon must die . . 401 

Turn Thou my eyes from vanity .... 325 

Unchanging is the love of God 278 

Under the shadow of Thy throne .... 247 

Unless the Lord the house shall build . . 359 

Unto God our Saviour 262, 263 

Unto the hills aroimd do I lift up . . . . 347 

Upon me are Thy vows 151,152 

Wait on the Lord and keep His way . . 99, loi 

We surdy shall be satisfied 172 

What shall I render to the Lord . . 311,313 

What time I am afraid 151, 152 

What tongue can tdl His mighty deeds . 290 

What wait I for but Thee 106 

When I in righteousness at last .... 31,32 

When in His might the Lord 358 

When in the morning unto Thee .... 386 


Index of First and Special Lines 

When in the night I meditate 

When Israel out of Egypt went .... 
When morning lights the eastern skies . 
When the Lord the names shall write . 
When Thou didst say, Seek ye My face 
When Thou shalt revive us Thy Name we 

will praise 

When troubles overwhelm my heart . 
When Zion in her low estate .... 
Wherefore do the nations rage . . . 
Where'er His creatures gather . . . 
While life shall last, my thankful lips 
Who, O Lord, shall dwell with Thee . 
Who, O Lord, with Thee abiding . . 
Who put their trust in God Most High 
Whole-hearted thanksgiving td Thee will 

I bring 

Whom have I, Lord, in heaven but Thee 

Why dost Thou stand afar 

Why restless, why cast down, my soul 
Why standcst Thou afar, O Lord . . 
With blessing is the nation crowned . 
With childlike trust, O Lord .... 
With firm resolve I held my peace 
With fateful heart my thanks I bring 
With joy and gladness in my soul . . 












With joy I heard my friends exclaim . . 350 

With shouts ascends our King 130 

With thankful voice praise ye the Lord . 314 

With the Lord is tender mercy . ^ . . , 365 

With timbrel and harp 407 

Within Thy gates, O God of grace . . . 320 

Within Thy temple. Lord 133, 134 

Within Thy temple's sacred courts ... 132 

Ye angels that excel in strength 279 

Ye children, come and hear my voice . . 90 

Ye children, come, give ear to me ... . 89 

Ye children of God's covenant 289 

Ye creatures in the sea 404 

Ye everlasting doors, give way 59 

Ye gates, lift your heads, the glad summons 

obey 58 

Ye gates of peace and joy untold .... 320 

Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice .... 85 

Ye saints, your joy proclaim 408 

Ye who His temple throng 40S 

Yea, blest is he who makes God's law . . i 

Yea, in His place of holiness 372 

Zion, founded on the mountains . . 237, 238 

Zion, on the holy hills 239 


Alphabetical Index of Tunes 

The figures refer to the number of the sections 

Abends 91 

Adeste Fideles . . 57 

Adowa 175 

Agawam .... 33 

Ajalon 140 

Albano 354 

Aletta 333 

Alexandria ... 89 

Algiers 223 

All Saints New . . 303 

Alstone 179 

Amara .'.... 120 

Amelia 404 

Americus .... 164 

Ames 90 

Ancyra 174 

Andre 306 

Angelus 234 

Annetta 85 

Anton 339 

Anvem 17 

Appleton .... 320 

Ariel 81 

Aries 76 

Armstrong . . . 244 

Arthur's Seat . . 37 

Ascription .... 149 

Ashwell 361 

Aspinwall .... 287 

A^urg 270 

Assiut 150 

Audite Audientes 

Me 226 

Auld Lang Syne . 212 

Awelia 176 

Austrian Hymn . 261 

Autumn 280 

Avalon 78 

Avon 192 

Avondale .... 278 

Aylesbury .... 105 

Azmon 312 

Baca 114 

Badea 146 

Balerma .... 186 

Barre 290 

Beatitudo .... 195 

Belief 69 

Belmont 109 

Bdoit 377 

Ben Avon .... 269 

Benediction . . . 380 

Bera 104 

Better Land . . . 376 

Bingham .... 384 

Birdstown .... 302 

Bishop 325 

Blackburn . . . 
Bloomfield Chant 
Boardman . 
Bone Pastor 
Boston . . 
Bovina . . 
Boylston . 
Bradbury . 
Bradford . 
Braun . . 
Brecon . . 
Bremen . . 
Briggs . . 
Brookfield . 
Bullinger . 

Caddo . . . 

Cahn (Dykes) 
Calm (Hastings) 
C^ana . . . 
Capello . . 
Caritas . . 
Carter . . 
Catherine . 
Cherith . . 
Chimes . . 
Chios . . . 
Christine . 
Christmas . 
Chopin . . 
Church . . 
Church Trium- 
phant . . 
Clifton . . 
Clinton . . 
Clolata . . 
Comfort . . 
Constance . 
Cooling . . 
CoronjB . . 
Cowper . . 
Crudfiz . . 
Crux Christi 
Cutting . . 

Dallas . . 
Delphine . 
Dennis . . 











































Donora . . . 
Downs . . . 
Duke Street . 
Dulce Domum 
Dundee . . . 
Dunstan . . 

£agi£Y . . . 
Easton . . . 
Edmeston . . 
Bin' Feste Buig 
Elizabeth . . 
EUa .... 
Ellacombe . . 
Ely. . 
Eskridge . 
Eucharist . 
Euphemia . 
Evan . . . 
Evening Prayer 

Evening Prayer 

Eventide . 
Ewing . . 
Exmouth . 

Falconer . 
Farrant . . 
Federal Street 
Ferguson . 
Ferrier . . 
Fillmore . . 
Fingal . . 
Fisk ... 
Flemming . 
Fountain . 
Frances . . 
Frederick . 
Fulton . . 

Gairney Bridge 
Ganges . . . 
Gerar .... 
Gerard . . . 
Germany . . 
Gethsemane . 
Gilead . . . 
(Hve .... 
Good Shepherd 
Gorton . . . 
Gieatorez . . 



























Green Hill. . . 
Green HiU, The 
Guernsey . 
Guide . . . 

HaUe . . . 
Hamburg . 
Handy . . 
Hartford . 
Harvey's Chant 
Haven . . 
Heavenly Fold 
Heber . . 
Hebron . . 
Helen . . . 
Henry . . 
Herald Angels 
Hermon . . 
Hesperus . 
Hobart . . 
Holbom HiU 
HoUey . . 
Holy Cross 
Holy Guide 
Horsley . . 
Houghton . 
Howard . . 
Humility . 
Hurslor . . 
Hymn . . 





















Illa 350 

Ixmocents .... 26 
Invitation (Maker) 389 
Invitation (Wal- 
lace) 369 

Irving 240 

Italian Hynm . . 408 

Janet 374 

Jazer 59 

Jewett 390 

Josephine .... 95 

Jubilee 371 

Jude 360 

Juniata 180 

Kathrine . 
Kingston . 
Kinross . . 





Alphabetical Index of Tunes 

Laban . . 
Lafayette . 
Lambeth . 
Tjinsing . . 
Ijtakia . . 
Lauds . . 
Leaf . . . 
Lisbon . . 
Lonsdale . 
Louisville . 
Louvan . . 
Love Divine 
Ludle . . 
Luton . . 
Lux Beata . 
Lux Benigna 
Lux Ccelestis 
Lydia . . . 
Lynton . . 
Lyons . . 
Lyte . . . 
Lytham . . 

Magnus .... 123 

Maitland .... 28 

Malone z68 

Manoah 331 

Marcfafield . . . 330 

Marthina .... 249 

Martyn 10 

Mary 30 

Maxyton .... 241 

Mason 235 

Mason's Chant . X53 

Matema .... 126 

Mear 391 

Meditation ... z 

Melita 232 

Melmore .... 357 

Mendebraa ... 170 

Mendon 34 

Mercy 276 

Meribah .... 159 

Meroe 300 

Merrial 8 

Migdol 401 

Millennium ... 71 

Minerva .... 403 

Miriam 355 

Missionary Chant 199 

Missionary Hymn 183 

Mobile 201 

Modena 84 

Moline 288 

Monora 165 

Morecambe . . . 349 













Morning ^ymn 
Momington . 
Morris Chant 
Mount Auburn 
Mount Vernon 
Mozart . . . 

Naomi . 



NUus . . 




Old HuNDKZiyiH 
Old X24th . 
Olena . . . 
Oliva . . . 
Olive's Brow 
OUvet . . 
Olmutz . . 
Oriel . . . 
Ostend . . 

Palmer . . 
Park Street 
Paulina . . 
Paxtang. . 
Penitence . 
Pentecost . 
Petition . . 
Pilgrims . . 
Pitet . . . 
Prayer . 
Pressly . 
Preston . 


Rakem . . 
Ramoth . . 
Rapture . . 
Rathbun . 
Raynolds . 
Redal. . . 
Redeemer . 
Redhead . 
Refuge . . 
Regent Square 
Remsen . . 
Repose . . 
Rest . . . 
Retreat . . 
Rialto . . 
Rivaulx . . 
Robinson . 











































Rockingham New 
Rockin^iam Old . 
Rolland . 
Ruth . . 

Sabbath Evenino 
Sabbath Bell 
Sacred Mom 
Saint Agnes 
Saint Anne 
Saint Catherine 
Saint Crispin 
Saint Denio . 
Saint Drostane 
Saint Edith . 
Saint Flavian 
Saint Gertrude 
Saint James . 
Saint John's High- 
lands . . . 
Saint Leonard 
Saint Louis . 
Saint Margaret 
Saint Martin's 
Saint Mary Mag- 
dalene . . 
Saint Michael 
Saint Peter . 
Saint Petersburg 
Saint Stephen 
Saint Sylvester 
Saint Tliomas 
Salome . . 
Salonica . . 
Samuel . . 
Sandon . . 
Sands . . . 
Sankey . . 
Sarah . . . 
Sardis . . 

Sawley . . 
Saxby . . 
Saxony . . 
Selena . . 
Sdwyn . . 
Sessions . . 
Sheltering Wing 
Shortle . . 
Sialkot . . 
Sicilian Hymn 
Siloam . . 
Silver Street 
Silverton . 
Snowden . 




















Sojomner . 
Soto . . . 
Southport . 
Spanish Hymn 
Spohr. . . 
Stanley . . 
Stella . . . 
Stephanos . 
Stiastny . . 
Stockwell . 
St<mefield . 
Sundown . 
Swanwick . 

Tableb . . . 
Tahnar . . 
Temple Boro 
Thatdier . . 
The Green HiU 
The Solid Rock 
Toplady . . 
Touzs. . . . 
Truro. . . . 
Txmbridge . . 

Ulstse . 

Vision . . 

Wallacb . 
Waltham . 
Ward . . . 
Ware . . . 
Webb. . . 
Wellesley . 
Wdton . . 
Wesley . . 
lege . . 
Wilmot . . 
Wirth. . . 
Wood. . . 
Wood worth 
Wyoming . 


Zeno . . 
21ephyr . 
Zerah . . 
ZioQ . . 


































Metrical Index of Tunes 

The figures refer to the number of the sections 

S. M« 

Anton . . 
Aylesbuiy . 
Badea . . 
Capello . . 
CUfton . . 
Dennis . . 
Dulce Domum 
Elizabeth . 
Feiguaon . 
Gerar . . . 
Gorton . . 
Hobart . . 
Laban . . 
Lisbon . . 
Louisville . 
Ohnutz . . 
Palmer . . 
Rialto . . 
Saint Michael 
Saint Thomas 
Silver Street . 
Thatcher . . 
Wood. . . . 















S. M. D. 

Diademata . . . 134 

Lebanon .... 82 

Leominster ... 29 

Mary 30 

La M« 

Abends 91 

Alstone 179 

Ames , 90 

Andre 306 

Angelus 234 

Anvem 17 

Appleton .... 320 

Ashwdl 361 

Baca 1Z4 

Beloit 377 

Bera 104 

Bishop 325 

Blackburn .... 23 

Bloomfield Chant . 307 

Briggs 18 

Brookfield .... 337 

Calm 234 

Canonbuiy . . . 310 

Catherine .... 92 

Church Trium- 
phant. . 
Clolata . . 
Creation . 
Duke Street 
Easton . . 
Ely. . . . 
Eman . . 
Eucharist . 
Federal Street 
Germany . 
Gilead . . 
Hamburg . 
Hebron . . 
Hesperus . 
Holbom HiU 
Humility . 
Ilia. . 


Lux Ccelestis 
Lytham . . 
Marthina . 
Maryton . 
Melmore . 
Mendon . . 
Meroe . . 
Migdol . . 
Missionary Chant 
Morning Hymn 
Mozart . . . 
Noctum . . 
Old Hundredth 
Olive's Brow . 
Oriel .... 
Otterboume . 
Park Street . 
Pentecost . . 
Preston . . . 
Repentance . 
Rest .... 
Retreat . . . 
Rivaulz . . . 
Rockingham New 
Rockingham Old 
RoUand . . . 
Rose HiU . . 
Rothwell . . 
Sabbath BeU. 
Saint Crispin 
Saint Drostane 




















Saint John's High- 
lands 132 

Saxby 388 

Selena 273 

Sdwyn 154 

Sessions 209 

Sheltering Wing . 182 

Soto 410 

Stiastny 167 

Stonefield .... 319 

Truro 129 

Uxbridge .... 4 

Vision 49 

Wallace 3x1 

Waltham .... 127 

Ward 43 

Ware i8x 

Welton 305 

Woodworth ... 382 

Zephyr 248 

L. M. 6 lines 

Christine .... 250 

Ellerton 229 

Fillmore .... 2x0 

Gaimey Bridge . . 308 

Handy 335 

Paxtang 351 

Rakem 138 

Saint Catherine . 245 

Saint Petersburg . 137 

Salome 254 

Sands 246 

Sialkot 177 

The Solid Rock . 381 

Yoakley 211 

L. M. D. 

Nazareth .... 398 


Agawam .... 33 

Albano 354 

Alexandria ... 89 

Ascription .... 149 

Aspurg 270 

Auld Lang Syne . 2x2 

Avon 192 

Avondale .... 278 

Azmon 3x2 

Barre . . 
Belief. . 





Boardman . 
Bone Pastor 
Boston . . 
Bradford . 
Brecon . . 
Caddo . . 
Cherith . . 
Chimes . . 
Chopin . . 
Christmas . 
Church . . 
Clinton . . 
Cooling . . 
Cowper . . 
Dalehurst . 
Downs . . 
Dundee . . 
Eagley . . 
Edmeston . 
Ella . . . 
Evan . . . 
Farrant . . 
Fingal . . 
Fulton . . 
Give . . . 
Green HiU. 
Harvey's Chant 
Haven . . 
Heber . . 
Henry . . 
Hermon . . 
Holy Cross 
Horsley . . 
Howard . . 
Hjmui . . 
Invitation . 
Jazer . . . 
Kathrine . 
Kinsman . 
Lafayette . 
Lambeth . 
Leaf . . . 
Lynton . . 
Maitland . 
Manoah . . 
Mason's Chant 
Mear . . . 
Moline . . 
Morris Chant 
Mount Aubom 
Naomi . . . 


































Metrical Index of Tunes 

Prayer . . 
Remsen . . 
Sabbath Evening 
Saint Agnes . 
Saint Anne . 
Saint Flavian 
Saint James . 
Saint Martin's 
Saint Peter . 
Saint Stephen 
Sarah . . 
Sawley . 
Saxony . 
Siioam . 
Spohr . . 
Tabler . 
Wirth. . 
Zerah . . 

C. M. D. 

All Saints New . 
Ancyra .... 
Audite Audientes 

Me . 

Green Hill. The 
Heavenly Fold . 
Ruth . 

Saint Leonard . 
The Green Hill . 
VoxDUecti . . 

C« P. M. 

Adowa . 
Annetta . 
Ariel . . 
Bremen . 
Frances . 
Ganges . 
Malone . 





















Meribah .... 159 

Pressly 370 

Ramoth 169 

Rapture 99 

Shortle 393 

Westminster Col- 
lege 87 

Wyoming .... 372 

C. H« M, 

Cahn . . . 

L, H« M* 

Flemming . 



L. P» M« 

Melita 232 

Redal 231 

H, M. 

Amelia . . 
Arthur's Seat 
Avalon . . 
Samuel . . 
Zebulon . . 


58 and 68 Double 

Houghton .... 407 

6. 5. 6. 5. 


8 Double 

Penitence .... 7 

Repose ..... 262 

Saint Gertrude 

(with chorus) 200 

Saint Maiy Mag- 
dalene .... 263 

6. 6. 4. 6. 6. 6. 4. 

Braun 3x6 

Cutting 298 

Donora 236 

Italian Hynm . . 408 

Lyte 204 

Mason 235 

Olivet 204 

6. 6. 6. 6. 

Holy Guide ... 152 Double 

Bradbury .... 389 

Cana 151 

Invitation .... 389 

Jewett 390 Double 

Algiers 223 

Aurelia 176 

Crudfiz 77 

Cruz Christi . . . 228 

Ewing 55 

Hartford .... 402 

Knowhead . . . 356 

Mendebras ... 170 

Miriam 355 

Missionary Hynm 183 

Modena 84 

Oliva 22 

Petition 385 

Rutherford ... 83 

Saint Edith . . . 227 

Sojourner .... 271 

Tours so 

Webb 171 Double 

Saint Louis . . . 399 

7. 7. 7. 7. 

Aletta 333 

Dallas 68 

Evening Prayer . 65 

Ferrier 135 

Fisk 135 

HoUey 66 

Innocents .... 26 

Mercy 276 

Redhead .... ix 

Seymour .... 67 

7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 7. 

Ajalon . . 
Better Land 
Dix. . . . 
Greatorex . 
HaUe . . . 
Refuge . . 
Sacred Mom 


140 Double 

Blumenthal . . . 275 
Comfort .... 9 
Guernsey .... 239 

Guide .... 
Herald Angels 
Martyn . . . 
Pik)t .... 

Spanish Hynm 



8. 5. 8. 3. 






BuUinger .... 365 

Stephanos .... 365 

8. 7. 8. 7. 

Amara . . (with 

chorus) .... X20 

Broddesbury . . 400 

Evening Prayer . 363 

Jude 360 

Lydia 405 

Mount Vernon . . X03 

Rathbun .... 282 

Redeemer .... 2 

Saint Sylvester . . X02 

Saidis 2 

Sicilian Hymn . . 4x3 

Stockwell .... 222 

Tahnar 28X 

Wellesley .... 409 

Wilmot 327 

Zeno 12 

8. 7. 8. 7. Double 

Armstrong . . . 244 

Austrian H3rmn . 26X 

Autumn ..... 280 

Constance .... 378 

EUesdie 251 

Helen 24 

Irving 240 

Jubilee 371 

Kinross 3x5 

Love Divine . . . 255 

Robinson .... 336 

Salonica 216 

Ulster 367 

8. 7. 8. 7. 4. 7. 

Corons 52 

Regent Square . . 238 

Zion 237 

8. 7. 8. 7. 6. 6. 6. 6. 7. 

Em'FesteBurg . X28 

8. 7. 8. 7. 8. 7. 

Temple Boro . . 207 

8. 7. 8. 7. 8. 8. 7. 

Birdstown .... 303 


Metrical Index of Tunes 

o. o» i^ o» o« 4« 

Snowden .... xx8 

8. 8. 8. 4. 

Hanford .... 364 

8. 8. 8. 8» 

Assiut 150 

Ben Avon .... 269 

Eskridge .... 40 

Olena 39 

8. 8. 8. 8, 6. 

Saint Margaret . . 73 

9« 8. 9. 8. 

Harvest-tide ... 373 

Janet 374 

Nilus 329 

zo. 4. 10. 4. zo. zo. 

Lux Beata .... 347 
Lux Benigna ... 56 
Sandon 362 

zo. zo. zo. zo. 

Benediction . . . 380 
Eventide .... 187 
Morecambe . . . 349 

10. 10. zo. zo. zo. 

Old 124th . . 

• * 


zo. zo. zo. zo. 



Langran . . 
Sundown . . 

• • 

• • 



zo. zz. zo. 


Aspinwall .... 287 

Chios 213 

Lyons 285 

Stanley 286 

Stella 214 

zz. 8. ZZ.8. 
Delphine .... x88 

zz. zo. ZZ.9. 
Wesley 259 

zz. zo. zz. zo. 

Pilgrims . (with 

chorus) .... 284 

Ra3niolds .... 117 

Sandringham . . 1x5 

Tunbridge (with. 

chorus) .... 283 

zz. zz. zz. zz. 

Adeste Fideles . . 57 

Caritas 221 

Carter . . (with 

chorus) .... 202 

Frederick .... 16 

Good Shepherd 122 

Lansing 58 

Magnus . . (with 

chorus) .... X23 

Mobile 20z 

Paulina 13 

Portugese Hymn . 57 

Protection .... 20 

Resignation ... X2x 

Saint Denio . . . 201 

Sankey 220 

za. 9. za. 9. 

TAtakia 45 

za. zz. za. zz. 

Aries 76 

za. Z3. za. zo. 

Nicaea 266 


Index of Composers and Sources 

The figures refer to the number of the sections 

Abbey, Alonzo J., 144 

Aitken, William M. H., 23 

Allen, Chester G., 296 

Allen, Geoige N., 38 

Ambrose, Robert S., 106 

Anderson, James S., 301 

Anonymous, 20, 57, 71, 121, 132, 151, 190, 262, 384* 

389. 391 
Arnold, William, 89 
Atkinson, Frederick C, 349 

Baker, Benjamin F., 311 

Baker, Henry, 386 

Baker, Henry W., 365 

Barnard, Charlotte A., 400 

Bamby, Joseph, 8, ixx, 115, 122, 182, 229 

Basford, Henry, 242 

Beethoven, L. van, 2, 217 

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Boyd, William, 91 

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"4, ^S$, 16s, 231, 233, 248, 254, 272, 300, 306, 
307, 333, 348, 379, 381, 382, 395, 404 

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Campbell, John P., 201 
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Clark, E. M., 92 
Clark, Jeremiah, 291 
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Crown of Jesus Music, 214 
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Cutler, Henry S., 303 

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156, I9S, 232» 234, 263, 266, 344. 402 

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English Melody, 9, 69, 169 
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225, 258, 278, 287, 302, 326, 329, 3s6, 370 
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Genevan Psalter, 189, 268, 353 
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Gower, John H., i, 219 
Greatorex's Church Music, 331 
Greek Melody, 77 
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Haydn, Michael, 285 

Hayes, William, 96 

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Hermann, Nicholas, 33 

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338, 355 
Holden, Oliver, X97 
Hopkins, Edward J., 380 
Horsley, William, 384 
Husband, Edward, 227 


Index of Composers and Sources 

Ingalls, Jeremiah, 2x0 

Jamoneau, Arthur J., 391 
Jones, Darius £., 75, 222 
Jordan, C. Warwiclc, ig 
Joseph, Georg, 234 
Judc, William H., 360 

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Lucas, James, 156 
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Marks, J. Christopher, 249 

Marsh, Simeon B., 10 

Martin, George William, 29 

Martin, W., 357 

Mason, Lowell, 4, 17, 38, 43, 47» 54. 93» loi, 103, 
X25, 136, 139. 147. ISO. 162, 178, 183, 204, 20s, 
259. 297, 318. 332. 342, 3SO» 358. 361, 366, 387, 
401, 410 

Matthews, Timothy R., 388 

McGranahan, James, 42, 86 

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Mendelssohn, Felix, 3, xx7, 154 

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Neukomm, Sigismund, 90 
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363. 374. 40s 
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Sullivan, Arthur S., 72, 200. 226, 364, 371, 378, 


Tans*ur, William, 243, 323 
Tarbutton, William A., 18 
Tate, Laura A., 51 
Taylor, E. G., 45 
Taylor, Virgil C., 274 
Tenney, John H., 314 
Tourj^e, Lizzie S., 409 
Tours, Bcrthold, 50 
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Tucker, Henry, 328 
Tuckerman, Samuel P., 321 
Turton, Thomas, 260 

Unseld, Benjamin C, 88, 174 
Updegraff, E. Grace, 20a 
Urban, Chretien, 83 

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273. 281, 340 
Yoakley, William, 2x1 

Zeuner, Heinrich C, 199 
Zundel, John, 82V 255, 413 


Index of Subjects 

The figures refer to the number of the sections 

Access to God. . . g-ii, 24-26, 57, 59, 71-74, "Qi 120, 
141, IS9, 160, 166, 168, 170, 172, 174, 17s, 202- 
204, 225-229, 230-232, 268-270, 367, 368, 396, 
398. See also Prayer. 

Activity, Christian. . .36, 90, 109, 112, xai, 142, 144, 
244, 246, 325, 328, 335, 338. See also Missions 
and Zeal. 

Adoption. ..89, 94» "Si 237-239i a43» 278, 280, 283, 
284, 367 

Adoration. . . 14, 15, 34, 76, 81, 94, 154, 155, 182, 183, 
211, 225-229, 233, 241, 242, 247, 250-252, 254- 
270, 277-288, 292-299, 304, 372-378, 381, 382, 


Advent of Christ, Second. . .See Christ, Second Com- 
ing of. 

Adversaries See Enemies. 

Adversity See Afflictions. 


Benefit of. . .77-79, I74, 175, 253, 294, 297, 329, 

Comfort under. ..52-56, 80, 106, 149, 150, 230, 

231, 248, 249, 253, 317. 319, 324, 327, 329, 334, 

345-347, 385, 386, 389, 390, 400, 403 
Complaint of. . .12, 47, 80, 102, xxo, 122, 151, 

154, 184, 185, 216, 217, 224, 240, 272, 300, 331, 

343, 379. 380 
Deliverance from. . .5, i6, 18, 19, 34, 77-79, 88- 

91, 96, 99, 161, 174, I7S, 224, 290-295, 310, 

312, 361, 376-378, 400 
For Sin. . .20, 75, 80, 83, 96, 102-104, 106, 113, 

138, 145, 206, 213, 214, 244, 24s, 253, 272, 290, 

291, 293, 294, 296 
From God. . . 12, 20, 104, 106, 174, 2x3, 214, 2x8, 

220, 240, 244, 245, 290, 291, 294 
From the Wicked. . . 18, 3x, 80-82, 96, X84, 185, 

272, 327, 329, 331, 334, 34c, 343, 392 
Many and Severe. . .12, no, X14, 115, X17, 184, 
185, 191, 192, 209, 210, 240, 293, 300, 310, 312, 

331. 334, 340, 343, 352, 353, 361, 389, 39© 
Prayer in. .. 12, 60, 63, 66, 80, 82, 119, 120, 123, 
148, X50, 157, 184-X92, 205, 209, 2XO, 2x6, 217, 
233-236, 240, 244, 246, 272, 292-294, 324, 330, 

^ 334, 335. 340, 343, 351, 385-390 

Promises for. .. X 6, 17, 35, 84, 88-^1, 96-iox, 

113, 137, 149, 150, 243. 248, 249. 344-347, 354- 
356, 38 X, 385. See also Trust in God. 
Purpose of... X04, X07, 151, X52, X74, 175, 190- 
192, 20X, 203, 204, 243, 253, 291-294, 3x9, 329 
Refuge in. ..12, 80-84, 1x4-118, X26-X28, 149- 
154, 159-162, X90-X92, 343-347, 351-356, 387- 
390, 400, 40X 
Submission under. ..77, 79, X02-104, 201, 202, 

204, 253, 327, 340. See also Resignation. 
Watchfulness in. . . 13, 35, 60-68, 77-79. 389, 39o 

Aged See O^ Age. 

Almsgiving ix3» 305 

Angels. ..34, 76, 88, 90, 92, 249, 279, 282-284, 404, 

Anger of God: 

Deprecated. . . 12, 72, 74, 102, 158, 205, 2x8, 220, 

230, 231, 243-246 
Fearful. ..45, X38, 205-207 216. 240, 244, 245, 
260, 272, 302 

Invoked 13. 151, 185. 2x6, 224 

Restrained. . . 77, 78, 230-232, 234, 236, 277, 280, 

283, 284, 394, 397, 399 
Righteous. . .45, 156, 213, 214, 244, 245, 253-255, 

290, 29 X 

Anointed See Christ. 

Anxiety See Cares. 

Ascension See Christ, Ascension of. 

Aspirations See also Prayer. 

For Christ. . .6-xx, 22, 52-56, 60, 64, 66, 67, 7x- 

74, 80, 82, X03, IX4-XX8, 16X-X64, 176-178, 

225-229, 233-236, 362-365, 387-391 
For Church Privileges. . .9, xo, 24-26, 69-71, 94, 

IX4-X20, X26-I28* J3X-X34, X59, 160, 163, 164, 

166, x68, 170, X72, X74, 222, 225-229, 237-239, 

250, 251, 311, 313, 3x8, 320, 348-350. 367, 379. 

For Grace. ..70, 119, 120, 140-144, 225-236, 

323-330, 336, 337, 339, 340, 342, 351. 362-365, 

For Heaven. . . 24-26, 28-33, S2-57, 59. 94, iS9. 

x6o, X64, 168, X70, 202-204, 225, 227-229 
For Holiness. . . 9-11, 3i-33, 35, 38, 40-42, 60-62, 

64-70, XX9, X20, 140-X44, 230-232, 27X, 321- 

326, 328, 330, 335-337, 339, 362-365, 386, 389- 

For the Holy Spirit ... 38, 40, 41, 60, X19, lao^ 

140-144, 389, 390 
For Peace and Rest. . . 5-8, 16, 17, 22, 31-33, 60, 

63, 65, 66, 68, 71, 73, 80-82. 92, 102, 103, i48r- 

150, 165, 188, 189, 240, 343, 38s 

Declared. ..X, 2, 6-8, xo, ix, 13, 16, 27-30, 52- 

56, 60, 62, 65, 67, 68, 87-91, 95, xoo, loi, 1x4- 

1x8, 121, X26-X28, X49-IS3, x6i, x62, 202, 203, 

230-232, 242, 248, 249, 354-356, 395-399 
Desired ... x6, 22, 71-73, 90, 94, 140-144, 166, 

168, 170, 172, 225-229, 326, 332, 362-365,400 
Enjoyed... 2 7-30, 52-56, 71-75, 126-128, 202, 

203, 248, 249, 268r-27o, 3x7, 319, 38X, 394-399 
Atonement See Christ, Atonement of. 

Backsliding. ..2 X, 98, 123, X38, 213, 2x4, 222, 230* 

232, 243. 254, 255, 290, 29X, 293, 294. 354- 


Baptism 14, 15. 140, 142. 143 

Believers See Christians. 

Benediction 44, 372. See also Blessedness. 

Benevolence 24, 98, 305, 369 

Bereavement 72, 136, 240, 244, 245. See also 

Christians, Death of; and Death, 

A Guide... 38, 40-42, 321, 322, 333, 334, 337, 

Inspired... 38, 40-42, 180, 322, 325, 333, 337. 

Instrument of Salvation. ..33, 38, 40-42, 324, 

325. 328, 333, 334, 337, 342, 381 
Perfect and Pure. . . 21, 38, 40-42, 332, 333, 338 
Precious... 38, 40-42, 322, 327, 329, 332-334t 

336,341,357,383 , 
Spirit's Aid in Stu(& of . . . 35> 60^ 64, 67> 7^ 3^ 



Index of Subjects 

Blessedness: See also Righteous, Blessedness of. 

Of Those Abiding in God's House. ..71, 325-229, 

Of Those Chosen of God. . .5, 83, 86, 1x3, 166, 

i68. 170, 172, 242, 253 
Of Those Fearing God. . .62, 65, 68, 87-91, 305, 

308, 309, 360 
Of Those Obeying Christ. . .1, 2, 250, 251, 290 
Of Those Trusting Christ... 3, 4, 81, 108, iii, 

112, 3Q3, 400 

Blindness See Spiritual Darkness. 

Blood of Christ. . . See Christ, Atonement of; and 

Christ, Crucifixion of. 
Brevity of Life. . . See Life, Brevity and Uncertainty of. 

Bride, The Church the 124, 125 

Bridegroom, Christ the 124, 125 

Brotherly Love 51, 348-350, 369-371 

Burdens 102, 149, 150. See also Affiictions. 

Cares. . .71, 73, 80, 88r-9i, 95, 96, 99-101, 149, 150, 

201, 248, 249, 331 

Depraved from Birth 140, 142, 143, 156 

Good and Bad Contrasted. . . i, 2, 31, 69, 89, 91, 

92, 95-97, 99, 14s, 16s, 201, 305, 323, 327, 335 
New Birth Essential to Good ... 23, 38, 40-42, 

140-143, 146 

Tests of 24-26, 57, 59 

Value of Good. . . 1, 2, 35, 98, 260, 305, 317, 319, 

354-356, 360, 396, 398 
Vicious. ..18, 21, 23, 31, 93, 145, 146, 148, 149, 

156, 157, 165, 300 

Charity, Christian 13, 92, 98, 113, 300, 305 

Chastisements See Afflictions. 

Children : 

A blessing 359, 360, 393 

Instruction of 89, 90, 190, 213-215 

Piety in 366, 404-408 

Promises for. ..48, 49, 125, 243, 274, 275, 278, 

281, 308, 309, 359, 367 
Christ: See also Aspirations, Christians, Church, 

Kingdom of Christ, Praise, Prayer, and Royalty 

of Christ. 
Abiding with Believers. . .80-82, 88, 90, 94, 101, 

126-128, 242, 309, 354-356, 396, 398 

Anointed 3, 36, 226-229, 243 

Ascension of .58, 59. 129, 130, 180, 183, 302, 303 
Atonement of. ..47, 109, m, 217, 230-232, 243, 

261-264, 277, 280, 283, 284, 292-294, 396, 398 

Beauty of. 45, 124,394,397,399 

Betrayal of 92, 113, 149, 300 

Birth and Manhood of... 14, 15, 47, 109, xii, 

218, 219, 243 

Burial of 28, 29 

Communion with. . . i, 2, 9, 11, 24-29, 52-57, 59» 

60, 62, 64, 65, 67, 68, 71-74, 124, 161-164, 202- 

204, 225-229, 254-256, 406-408 
Confessing. . . 27-30, 35, 36, 71-74. 77-79, 141- 

144. 326 
Conqueror. . .43, 44, 124, 126-128, 158, 193-200, 

241, 298, 299, 302, 303, 376-378 

Coronation of See Royalty of Christ. 

Crucifixion and Death of. . . 47, 92, 109-112, 272 
Exaltation of. . .3, 4. i4, X5, 45, 46, 58, 59, 129, 

130, 154. ISS. 233, 236, 242, 257-267, 302, 303, 

318, 320, 367, 368, 394, 395, 397, 399 
Glorying m... 77-79, 85-88, 90, 91, 108, iii, 

112, 131-134, 161, 162, 179-183, 186, 187, 192, 

233-236, 241, 242, 254-256, 277-284, 289, 290, 

292-294, 373-375 
Godhood of... 3, 4, 60, 64, 124, 260, 26^270, 

302, 303 

Grace and Love of. . .52-56, 75, 77-79. 87, 88, 

90, 91, 94, 166. 168, 170, 277-284, 310-313, 

376, 378, 394-403 

Judgeship of 137, 139, i93, 261-264 

Kingship of . . . See Kingdom of Christ and Royalty 

of Christ. 
Light and Guide. . .9, 10, 31-33, 35, 60-62, 64- 

68, 71-74, 80-82, 84, 119, 120, 292, 325 

Love to 10, 34, 81, 186, 310, 312 

Ministry of... 48, 51, 109, 111, 112, 222, 230- 

232, 325, 389-391, 394-403 
Only-begotten Son 3, 4 

Power of. . .3, 4, 34, 36, 58, 59, 76, 121, 124, 130, 
179-183, 193-200, 205, 207-209, 211, 241, 252, 
260-264, 290, 317, 319, 320, 394-405 

Predousness of. ..34, 52-56, 60, 61, 64, 66, 67, 
80-82, 94, 163, 164, 202, 203, 225-229, 268- 

270, 310-313, 344-347, 354-356, 394-403 
Present in His Church. . . 126-128, 131-134, 137, 

139, 207, 208, 265-267, 367, 368 

Priesthood of 47, 109, 111, 184, 302, 303 

Prophetic Office of. . .38, 40-42, 51, 60, 64, 67, 

68, 109, 112, 325 
Providences of . . . 5, 29, 34, 35, 52-56, 86, 87, 94, 

98, 151-153, 167, 169, 171, 213-215, 222, 285- 

288, 292-297, 304, 373-378, 382-384, 392-403 

Redeemer See Christ, The Saviour. 

Refuge in See Christ, The Saviour. 

Resurrection of. ..28-30, 58, 59, 129, 130, 180, 

183, 302, 303 
Righteousness of. . .35, 85, '94, 98, 109, 112, 124, 

137, 139. 191, 242, 338, 394, 397-399 

Sacrifice of See Christ, Atonement of. 

Second Coming of 137, 139, 257-259, 261-264 

Son of God See Christ, Only-Begotten Son. 

The Saviour. ..27-29, 77-79, 103, 108, iia-112, 
126-128, 135, 159-162, 166, 168, 170, 191, 192, 
202-204, 233-236, 241, 242, 254-259, 261-264, 
277, 280, 283, 284, 310-313, 317-320, 342, 344- 
347, 387-391, 396. 398, 400, 401 

The Sin-bearer 47, 1 10, 185, 186 

Worshiped. . .3, 4, 48-51, 58-60, 64, 71-74, 77- 
79, 166, 168, 170, 172-175. 179-183, 216, 217, 
233-236, 241, 242, 254-270, 277-288, 304, 373- 

375, 394-413 
Christians: See also Character and Righteous, The. 

Backsliding of See Backsliding. 

Believers. ..27-30, 43, 44, 71-74, 80-84, 87, 88, 
po, 91, 103, 114-120, 145, 190, 310-313, 327, 
328, 332, 335, 340, 354-356, 362-366 

Blessedness of . . . 1, 2, 6-8, 52-56, 77-79, 87, 88, 
90, 96, 98, 100, 101, 145, 202, 203, 225-229, 
242, 260, 321, 323, 329, 367,368, 400. 401,406- 

Christ the Life of. . . 27-30, 50, 51, 71, 72, 77-79, 

89, 90, 94, 114-117, 147, 151-153, 174, 175, 187, 

249, 277, 280, 330, 342 
Conflicts of. ..13, 22, 34, 83, 92, iio^ 113, 151- 

153, 158, 165, 201, 209, 210, 253, 272, 317, 319, 

327, 329, 331, 343. 386 
Conquerors... 35, 36, 43, 44, 7i, 158, 249, 298, 

299, 317, 319, 406, 407 
Conscious of Safety... 5, 13, 20, 27-30, 34-36, 

52-56, 71-74, 87-91, 114-118, 149-155, 161- 

i6a, 248, 305, 309, 335, 381 
Death of . . . 28, 29, 52-56, 87, 132-134, 202, 203, 

311, 313 

Debt of 7, 141, 142, 144, 311, 313 

Discipline of See Afflictions. 

Duties of... 24-26, 38, 40, 41, 89, 90, 132-134, 

140-144, 161, 162, 173-175, 213, 222, 254-267, 



Index of Subjects 

Evangelists. . .48, 51, 89, 90, 124, 132-13S. 141- 
X44, 174, 175, 191. 268r-27o, 289, 314-316, 326, 
342, 394-399 ^ „ . . 

Faith of Sec FaUh, 

Fellowship of. . .24-30, 51, 69, 70, 114-118, 166, 
168, 170, 172, 225-229, 268-270, 328, 348- 

3SO, 367-371 

Graces of...9-xi, 24-26, 35, 57-59, "S, 140- 
I4S. 225-229, 249, 260, 271, 305, 328, 333, 354- 
356, 366, 369-371. 383, 384, 3S6, 402, 403 

Growth of I, 2, 225, 227, 229, 250, 251 

Heirs of Heaven. . .27-30, 31-33, 52-56, 136, 
202-204, 225, 227-229, 292. See also Aspira- 
tions and Heaven. 

Persecuted and Sorrowing. . . 5, 13, z8, 19, 62, 63* 
66, 72, 80, 92, 99, 102, 122, 148, 151-153, 157, 
165, 184, 185, 191, 216, 253, 317, 319, 329, 331 

Pilgrims and Strangers. . . 104, 106, 107, 150-153, 
225, 229, 292, 323 

Resurrection of See Resurrection. 

Saved by Grace. . .6-11, 16, 17, 43, 44, 52-56, 75, 
77-79, 81, 83, 84, 94. 14«>-144, 166, 168, 170, 
172, 174. 175. 277-284, 362-365, 389-391 

Sonship of See Adoption. 


AfOicted. . .23, 122, 123, 158, 205, 216, 218, 220, 
253. 352, 353. 361, 379. 380. Sec aJso Afflic- 

An Abode of God. . . 126-128, 131-134, 182, 207, 
208, 265-267, 367, 368 

Beloved of God. . .125, 180, 182, 186, 207, 208, 
237-239, 307, 367, 368, 402, 403, 406-408 

Beloved of Saints. ..69-71, 132-134, 163, 164, 
205, 225-229, 237-239, 273, 275. 276, 348-350, 

367, 368, 379, 380. See also Aspirations. 
Christ the Head of... 3, 4, 126-128, 131, 137, 

2x8-221, 381 
Covenanted. ..62, 68, 137, 139, 241, 243, 302, 

303, 367, 368. See also Covenant. 
Divinely Furnished. ..1 31-134, 163, 164, i8o- 

183, 186, 187, 222, 230-232, 242, 289, 292, 367, 

368, 402, 403. See also Worship. 

Extent of. . . 125, 129, 130, 194, 198-200, 237-239 

^ Foundation of 237-239 

Glory of. . . 125, 131-134, 180, 218, 220, 237-239, 

257-259, 34S-350, 367, 368 

Revival of See Revival. 

Saved by Grace. ..218-22X, 230-232, 241, 243, 

273, 275. 276, 290-292, 357, 358, 376-378, 402, 

Security of. ..126-128, 131-134, 214, 348-350, 

Triumph of. ..23, 43, 44, 8x, 125-128, 131-134, 

237-239, 273, 275, 276, 307, 348--350, 352, 353. 
367, 368, 406-408 
Unfaithful. ..213, 214, 218, 220, 222, 254, 290, 

Unity of. . . 132-134. «37-239. 273, 275. 34^35©, 

Civil Magistracy. . .3, 4, 45. 46, 4S-50, 124, 193, 194, 
198^200, 223, 271, 302, 303, 367, 402, 406, 407 

Comfort in Trials. . .5, 20, 22, 35, 36, 43, 44, 48, 51, 
52-56, 71-74, 77-82, 114-118, 126-128, 151- 
153. 159, 160, 209, 210, 212, 233-236, 253, 277, 
278, 280, 28x, 283, 284, 323, 324. 327. 329. 336, 
341, 389-391. 396, 398, 400. See also Heaven, 
Hope in God, Peace, and Promises. 

Coming of Christ, Second. . .See Christ, Second Com- 
ing of. 

Communion of Saints. . . See Christians, Fettowship of. 

Communion with God. . . See God, Hearer of Prayer; 
and Prayer, 


Evil. I, 2,69,70,335.383 

Good 27,114.118,328 

Compassion of God See God, Compassum of. 


Of Christ SeeChrist, Confessing. 

Of Faith See Faith, Confession 0/. 

Of Sin See Sin, Confession of. 

Confidence. . . See Assurance, Faith, and Trust in God. 
Consecration and Dedication. . .48, 51, 80, 125, 151- 
153. 174, 175. 207, 208, 311, 313, 317, 319, 322, 
324, 32s, 328, 334, 339, 367, 394. 396-398 

Constancy See Fidelity, 

Contentment. ..6, 7, 52-56, 95-iox, 201-204, 277, 

280, 283, 284, 395-400 
Contributions. . . 125, 175-178, 194, 198, 257-259. 311, 


Contrition See Sin, Confession of. 

Conviction of Sin See Sin, Conviction of. 

Country, Our 393 

Courage, Christian See Fearlessness. 


False to. . .21, 137, 138, 149, 213, 214, 243, 290, 

291, 293 
Keeping. . .6x, 65, 67, 68, 122, 209^210, 212, 241, 
243. 278, 281, 289, 291, 304, 332 

Making 137, 139, 241, 289, 367 

Of God. ..61,65,68, 205, 213, 241, 243, 278, 28x, 

289, 29X, 304, 367 
Promises... 48-5 X, 62, 65, 67, 68, 98, lox, 125, 
186, 187, 241, 243, 248, 249, 273, 275. 277-284, 
289, 344-347, 354-356, 360, 367, 381 . See also 

Covetouaness 18, 145, 161, 201, 325 

Creation See God, Creator, and God, Works of. 

Cross, The See Christ, Crucifixion and Death of. 

Danger of Delay 244, 246, 254, 255 

Day of Judgment See Judgment, Day of. 


At Hand 104-107, 244, 245, 247 

Comfort in 31-33. 52-56, 202-204 

Deprecated. ..12, 22, 34, 77, 79, 136, 240, 243- 
245. 274. 386 

Of Saints 52-56, 99, 101, 132-134, 311, 313 

Of the Wicked 95-97, 99, 136, 149, 201, 


Dedaion. ..9-11, 31, 32, 5x, 90, 109, 241, 298, 299, 

311. 313. 334 

Decrees, Divine. . .3, 4, 241, 302, 303, 335, 404, 405. 

See also God, Sovereignty of. 
Dedication of Church. . . 225-229, 237-239, 348-350, 

367. 368 
Delight in God and His Service. . .See God, Adored 

and Exalted; and God, Loving and Merciful. 

From Death. . . 77, 78, 87, 151-153, 234. 236, 310, 

312, 313 

From Enemies. ..23, 34-36, 92. 121, 147, i57, 

158, 188, 189, 2x6, 2x7 
From Sickness. .77-79, 102, 113, 248, 249, 277, 

280, 293. 294 
From Sin... 61, 64-68, 83, 104, 108, no, in, 

140-144, 166, 168, 170, 172, 277, 280, 283, 284 
From Trouble... 47. 88-91, 158, 222, 310, 312, 

317. 319 

Dependence on God See Faith and Trust in God, 

Depravity SeeCharacter, 

Despondency. ..12, 22, 47, 114-120, 209, 210, 212, 

240, 253, 272, 387, 388 

Devotion See Love, For God, 

Direction, Divine See God, OurGmdt. 


Index of Subjects 

Discontent 95. ^ox, ago 

Disobedience. . . 138, 313, 214. 332, 243, 290, 291, 293, 

Doubt See Disconieni and Unbdief. 

Doxologies...xx3> I95-I97f i99» 29i» 314-316, 318, 

320, 372, 409-413 

Earnestness. . .See Activity, Consecration and Dedica- 
tion, and Zeal, True. 

Effectual Calling 170, 172 

Election, Divine. . .5, 6-8, 86, 166, x68, 170, 172, 241, 
289-291, 304, 308, 367, 368, 373 


Destruction of. . .5, 16, 45, 71, 145, 157, 250, 251, 

305. 367 
Many and Mighty. . .5, 22, 31, 47, 63, 71, 102, 
103, 114, 122, 123, isi, XS7, X84, 185, 216, 317, 

3i9» 389 
Prayer for Salvation from . . . See Deliverance and 

Restrained ... 14, 15, 71, 7a, 113, 121, 151, iS3i 

IS9, 160, 173. 207, 208, 243, 250, 30S 

Envy See Discontent. 

Eternal Life 28r-33, 52-56, 249, 369-371 

Evangelism. ..See Cki4st, Gospel, Grace, and Salvo- 

Evening Psalms. . . 6-8, 14, 15, 248, 250, 251, 286, 372, 

Everlasting Life See Eternal Life. 


Act of . . . s, 22, 28^30, 72, 73, 80-82, 87, 95, 100, 
140, 142, I5I-X53* 161, 162, 183, x8s, 202, 203, 
230, 273i 275. 390, 317, 3i9» 329, 342, 344-347, 
354-356, 362-365, 389-391 

Assurance of See Assurance. 

Blessedness of. ..6-8, 10, 11, 22, 27-30, 43-46, 
8s, 86, 88, 90-92, X08, III, 112, 163, 164, 173- 
175, 180, 183, 191, 192, 242, 260, 290, 292, 309, 
317, 319, 360, 402, 403 

Confession of . . . 6-8, 27, 43, 44, 60, 64, 66, 69, 70, 
98, loi, 126-128, 14s, 166-172, 190-192, 233- 
236, 241, 248, 249, 277-284, 310-313, 326, 329, 

Confidence of. . .5-^ 13, 16, 20, 22, 43, 44, 52- 
56, 60, 62, 66, 69-74, 80-82, 87, 95, 1X2, X14- 
120, 126-128, 145, 149, 150, i6x, 162, X90-X92, 
226, 228, 230, 232, 253, 385. See also Assur- 
ance and Trust in God. 

Walking by — 20, 52-56, 72, 87, 99, 140-144, 
147, 151-155. 163, X64, 217, 226, 228, 233-236, 
3x0-3x3, 317-322, 326, 339-341, 344-347, 381, 
Family, The. . .179. 213, 215, 271, 278, 280, 283, 284, 
317. 359. 360, 393, 404, 405 

Fatherhood of God See God, Fatherhood of. 

Fear, Godly: 

Blessedness of . . . 7, 8, 62, 65, 68, 87, ^, 90, 165, 
230, 232, 278, 280, 28X, 283, 284, 305. 308, 309, 
360, 396, 398, 402, 403 

DesoritxKi. . .3, 4, 9, xo, 38, 40-42, 93, xo8, xxx, 

174, 175. 241, 275. 304, 325. 330 
Exhortation to 3. 4. 6, 51, 86, 88, 90 

Fearlessness. . . 7r-73, 126-X28, 151-153, 305, 3i7, 3i9 
Fellowship, Christian. . . See Christians, Fellowship of. 
Fidelity. . . 24-27, 31-33. 57, 59, 69, 70, 98, loi, 327- 
329, SSS-SS^, 341, 383, 384 

Forgiveness See Pardon. 

Future Glory See Heaven. 

Future Life See Life. 

Glory of God: 

In Church and Heaven ... 58, 59, 103, 164, 202- 


204, 226, 228, 229 
In Creation. . . X4, 15, 37, 39, 76, 154, IS5, 260, 

404, 405 
In Providence. . . x6, X7, 21, 34-36, 45. 52-56, 75, 

77-79, 85-91, 95-101, 166-X75, 213-2x5, 28^ 


Adored and Exalted. . . 14-17, 34-36, 76-79, 85- 

87, 154, 155, 179-183, X90-X92, X95-197, 199, 

200, 206, 209-2x2, 254-270, 277-288, 2918, 299 

308, 309, 373-378, 381. 394-413 

All-seeing See God, Omniscience of. 

Anger of Set Anger of God. 

Attributes of. . .9-11. 35, 60-^8, 158, x6i, x62, 

191, X92, 209, 21X, 2x2, 24X, 242, 244, 245, 

247, 252-256, 274-284, 373-375, 383, 384, 394- 

Compassion of... 2x3, 233-236, 277, 278, 280, 

281, 283, 284, 304, 306, 394-403 

Condescension of 306 

Counsel of See Purposes of God. 

Creator of All ... X4, 15, 37, 39. 57. 59. 85, 86, 233, 

254-259, 268r-27o, 274, 275, 285-288, 330, 332, 

376-378, 383, 400-402, 404, 40s 
Decrees of... See Decrees, Divine; and God, 

Sovereignty of. 

Denial of 18, 23, 146, 201, 224, 291 

Eternity of 244, 245, 247, 252, 273-276 

Faithfulness of . . .24X, 243, 250, 251,' 332, 389, 390 
Fatherhood of... 18, 72-74, 179, 233-236, 243, 

278, 280, 283, 284, 400 

Forb^u'ance of See Anger of God, Restrained. 

Gentleness of 35 

Glorious. ..58, 59, 180-183, 209, 2X1, 233, 235, 

254-270, 285-288, 304, 306, 308, 373-375, 381, 

404-413. See also Glory of God. 
Goodness of . . .81, 85, 94, 166, X68-X72, 201, 26^ 

270, 277, 278, 280, 283, 284, 394-403- See also 

God, Love and Mercy of; Grace; and Mercy of 

Grace of. . .See God, Love and Mercy of; and 

Guardian, Our. . . X7-X9, 31, 34, 52-56, 63, 66, 71, 

73, 80-82, 87-92, X2I, 126-128, 16X-163, 173, 

174, 247-249, 344-347, 351, 354-356, 381, 387, 
388, 400, 40X 

Guide, Our...3x, 52-56, 67, 68, 82, X19, 120, 
X32-X34, 202-204, 214, 2x8-221, 292, 32X, 322 

Hearer of Prayer. . .5-12, 18, X9, 31-34, 43-45, 
75, 83, 88-91, X08-XX2, I48-X54, X63-X66, x68, 
X70, 172, X74, 175. 209, 2XO, 233, 235, 236, 244' 
247, 249, 265, 272-276, 292-295, 297, 310-313, 
317-342, 381, 396, 398 

Holiness of. ..9, 10, 20, 78, 2x1, 2x2, 250, 251, 
260, 265, 266 

Immutability of 86, 244, 245, 247, 274, 275 

Infinity of. . .244, 245, 247, 382, 384. See also 
God, Creator of All. 

Invisibility of 34, 260 

Judge, The. . . 13, 16, 17, 20, 69, 70, 92, 98-100, 
119, 120, 137-139, 156, 176-X78, 193, 194, 198, 
206, 257-260, 265, 266, 400, 40X 

Justice of... 94, 242, 338, 396, 398. See also 
God, Righteousness of. 

Kingly Character of. . .9, ix, 18, 58, 59, 76, 121, 
X29, X30, 173, 176-X83, 205, 207, 208, 224, 241, 
242, 252, 254-267, 279, 282-284, 308, 373-378, 
38X, 394, 395, 397, 399-40X, 404-408, 410 

Love and Mercy of. . .45, 52-56, 60-68, 77-84, 
87-91, 94, 132, 140-144. 157. 163, 164, 166- 
172, 175. 204, 2x3, 230-232, 24X, 242, 248, 249, 
2SX, 26x, 263, 266, 26^270, 273, 275, 277-284, 


Index of Subjects 

289-297. 304, 310-313. 373-378, 394-403- 

See also Mercy oj Gad. 

Majesty of See God, Kingly Characier oJ, 

Chxmipotence of. . .57-59. 76, 130, i6x, 262, 241, 

242, 252, 402, 403. See also God^ Creator of 

Omnipresence of. . . 2S--30, 166, 168, 170, 382, 384 

Omniscience of 69, 70, 87, 123, 253, 382-384 

Patience of See Anger of God, Restrained. 

Pity of See God, Compassion of. 

Providence of See Providence of God. 

Rdfuge, Our... 16-19, 34, 36, 71, 73, 126-128, 

151-154. 159-162, 190-192, 225, 227, 248, 249, 

344-347. 387. 388, 392 
Righteousness of... 20, 31-33, 35. 94. 190-192, 

230, 232, 250, 251, 260-264, 281, 304, 338, 394, 

397, 399, 400 

Searcher of Hearts See God, Omniscience of. 

Source of All Good. . .6-8, 27-30, 45, 71-74. 81, 
85, 88-91, 94, 121, 161, 162, 176-178, 268^270, 
359, 373-378, 394-403- See also Gorf, Good- 
ness of. 

Sovereignty of 3, 4, 126-128, 195, 196, 233, 

236, 241, 242, 254-260, 265-270, 298, 299, 308, 
309, 373-375. 404. 405- See also Decrees, Di- 
vine; and God, Kingjly Character of. 

Teacher, Our. . .60, 61, 64, 67, 72, 84, 233, 236, 

253. 325. 329. 334. 389. 391 

Works of . . . 14, 15, 34, 36, 37, 39. 76, 85. 86, 166- 
175, 206, 209-215, 250, 251, 285-288. 304, 37^ 
378, 402, 403. See also God, Creator of All; 
and Providence of God. 

Wrath of See Anger of God. 

Good Works. . .See Activity, Christian; Consecration 

and Dedication; and Zeal. 
Gospel: See also Christians, Church, Missions, Salva- 
tion, and Worship. 

Acceptance of 72-74. 242, 328, 339 

Freeness of. . .35, 45, 46, 50-56, 60, 62, 65, 67, 
68, 81, 94, 110-112, 135, 137, 140-144, 186, 187, 
261-264, 268-270, 277-284, 376-378. 394"399 

Fulness of. . .37-42, 77-79. 88. 90, 91, 125, 132- 
134, 190-192, 225-232, 241, 277-284, 290-294, 
310-3x3. 317-342, 362-365, 376-378, 381, 394- 

Gracious Fruit of. . .36, 48, 50, 51, 69, 70, 77-79. 
88-90, X09, 111, 112, 151-153. 176-178, 183, 
191, 192, 213, 215, 243, 257-259, 268-270, 394- 


Invitations of . . . 58, 59, 72-74. 76. 81, 83, 95, 125, 
137. 139. 173-175. 213-215. 222, 254-259, 261- 
264, 268-270, 289-297. 306, 314-316, 373-378, 

Preaching of. . .48-51, 69, 70, 89, 90, 108, 109, 
112, 141-144. 174-178, 191, 192 

Prevalence and Power of... 37-42, 49-51, 141- 
144, 193-200, 261-264, 304, 381, 394-399, 402, 

Privileges of. ..38, 40-42, 60-74, 81, 83, 87-91, 
125-128, 145, 159, 160, 163, 164, 166, 168, 170, 
172, 202, 203, 225-229, 237-239, 248, 249, 292, 
310-313, 317-320, 367. 368, 394-403 

Sanctifying and Saving. . .21, 38, 40-42, 60, 61, 
64, 65, 67, 68, 89, 90, 108, III, 112, 119, 120, 
140-144, 203, 225-229, 233-236, 241, 321, 322, 

332, 334, 389-391 

Time of Acceptance of 254, 255 

Grace: See also Aspirations, For Grace. 

Abiding 376-378 

Abounding. . . 10, 65, 132, 140, 170, 172, 179, 191. 

212, 22Q. 234, 251, 277, 280, 292-295. 304. 348, 


Free. . .See Gospd, Freeness of; Gospd, Fulntss 

of; and Salvation, God's Gift. 
Growth in — 38, 40-42, 145, 174, 175, 191, 225, 

227, 229, 232, 234, 236, 241, 244, 246, 250, 251, 

260. 322, 328, 332-334, 337, 341, 389-391 
Justifying. . .70, 88, 140, 142, 168, 172, 175, 212, 

230, 231, 235, 258, 264, 265, 277. 283, 284, 289. 

290, 292-295, 304, 308, 311, 315, 320, 350, 362, 

375. 388, 394. 397. 404 
Quickening. . . 16, 73, 112, 143, 163, 225, 226, 228, 

244, 251, 264, 274, 328, 350. 357, 375, 381, 404 
Redeeming. . . 16, 22, 112, 140, 157, 185. 187, 202, 

205, 213, 230, 231, 23s. 241, 243, 244, 258, 264, 

277. 283, 284, 290, 292-295. 304, 308, 315, 320, 

362, 375. 388, 394. 397. 402, 404 
Restoring. ..52-56, 140-144, 225, 226, 229, 251, 

274, 277, 289,311,330,357 

Reviving See Revival. 

Sanctifying. .See Gospel, Sanctifying and Saving. 

Sinning against 140 

Sovereign. ..14, 51, 132-134, 141-143, 164, 168, 

180, 191, 202, 208, 213, 232, 234, 241, 264, 288, 

289, 292-295, 308, 315, 320, 350, 354, 375, 397, 

402 ^ 

Sustaining. ..21, 44, 48, 05, 67, 68, 77, 79, 106, 

107, 114-118, 121, 159, 174, 225, 226, 228, 234, 

243, 251, 274, 277, 290, 304, 308, 320, 324, 328, 

350, 354i 357, 381, 394. 397. 402, 404 

Gratitude See Thanksgiving. 

Guidance, Divine See God, Our Guide. 


Burden of See Sin, Conviction of. 

Expiated . . . See Christ, Atonement of; and Salva^ 

Pardoned. ..See Pardon; Salvation; and Sin, 

Salvation from. 

Happiness. ..See Blessedness; Joy; and Righteous, 

Blessedness of. 
Harvest Songs. . . 167, 169, 171, 176-178, 286, 393, 402 

Broken and Contrite. ..91, 140, 141, 143, 144, 
402, A03 

Claimed of God... 6, 57, 59, 83, 14&-X44, 174, 

254. 354-356, 383, 384 
Evil, Hard, and Stubborn. . . 21, 23, 93, 156, 165, 

213, 254, 255 
God the Strength of . . . 18, 19, 22, 95, 203, 354- 

356, 389. 390 
Good, Perfect, Pure, and Upright. . .22, 26, 33, 
35, 57, 59, 69, 70, 83, 89, 92, 94, 122, 140-142, 
144, IS5, 201, 204, 215, 225, 227, 229, 253, 271, 
298, 299, 305, 321, 322, 325, 326, 328, 333. 334, 
354-356, 366 
Searching of 31. 32, 69, 70, 383. 384 

Heathen . . . See Missions, Royalty of Christ, and SaU 

Heaven... 28-33, 52-56, 71. 94. 125. i59. 160, 202, 
203, 249. See also Aspirations, For Heaven. 

Hell 16, 20, 136 


Of Christians... 76, 89, 91, 140-144, 252. 260, 
271, 321, 328, 333. 335. 336, 341. See also >!*- 
ptrations. For Holiness; Righteous; and Sal- 
Of God See God, Holiness of. 

Holy Spirit, The... 85, 141-143, 255, 287, 389-391. 
See also Aspirations, Bible, and God. 

Home, Our Eternal 247. See also Heaven. 

Home Life 271, 305, 359, 360 

Hope. . .87, 103, 104, 106, 114-120, 161, 162, 191, 209, 
213, 247, 326, 327. 330, 33if 335. 362-365, 400 


Index of Subjects 

House of God: 

Described 94, 205, 225-229 

Longed for and Loved. . .9, 10, 69-71, 114-120, 
159, 160, 163, 164, 225-229, 348-350, 367, 368. 
379. 380. See also Aspiralions, For Church 
Privileges; Church; Christians^ Fellowship of, 
and Worship. 
Humility. . . 14-16, 19. 60, 104, 105, 107, I4C>-I44. 186, 
338, 351, 366, 381, 402, 403 

Idolatry. ..27, 123, 214, 222, 233, 255, 257-260, 290, 

291, 308, 373 
Ulumination, Spiritual. . . i, 2, 22, 35, 38, 40, 41, 119, 

120, 163, 321, 323, 325, 330, 333, 334, 336, 337- 

See also God, Our Teacher. 
Immortality... 28-30, 48, 50, 52-56, 135, 136, 186, 

187, 202-204 

To God 213, 214, 222, 290, 291 

To Man 92, 102, 300 

Inspiration See Bible, Inspired. 

Installation Psalms. . . 57, 225-229, 348-350, 367, 368. 

See also House qjf God. 
Instruction. . .See lUuminalion, Spiritual; and God, 

Our Teacher. 
Invitation and Divine Pleading. . .3, 4, 72-74, 137, 

139, 222, 254-256 
Invocation See Prayer. 

Jesus Christ Sec Christ. 


Divinely Bestowed. ..6, 7, 28-30, 83, 84, 163, 

164, 241, 242 
Exhortations to... 84, no, 112, 254-256, 262- 
264, 268-270, 406-409 

Prayer for 77, 140-143 

Reasons for... 27-30, 45, 46, 77, 79, 80, 82-84, 
163, 164, 250, 251, 254-256, 259, 262-264, 268- 
Judgment, Day of . . . 1, 2, 4, 13, 16, 17, 20, 137, 139, 


On Nations. . .122, 207, 213, 214, 290, 291, 302, 

303, 407. See also Nations, 
On the Righteous. . .92, 122, 123, 213, 214. See 

also Afflictions. 
On the Wicked... 13, 16, 18^20, 45, 89, 91, 99, 
147, 161, 206, 253, 300. See also Wicked, The. 
Justification. . . See Christians, Saved by Grace; Faith; 
Grace, Justifying; Pardon; Salvation, From 
Sin and Trouhle; and Salvation, God's Gift. 

Kingdom of Christ See Royalty of Christ. 

Knowledge. . .See God, Our Teacher; and lUumina- 
tion, SpiriSual. 

Law of God ... 1, 2, 38, 40-42, 109, 215, 230, 321-342, 

Liberality. ..113, 183, 194, 198, 200, 207, 208, 257- 

259, 30s, 331 

Brevity and Uncertainty of . . . 104-107, 213, 243- 
247, 272, 274, 278, 281, 283, 284, 392, 400, 401 

Sorrowful and Vain 80, 104-106, 244, 245 

Time for Salvation 254, 255 

Longing See Aspirations. 

Lord See Christ, God, and Royalty of Christ. 

Lord's Day See Sabbath. 

Lord's Supper. . .24-26, 47, 52-57, 59, 124, 125, 277- 
284, $io-si3f 348-350, 36^97371 • The HaUel, 
the h3rmn of Jesus at institution of Supper, 3 lo- 


For Brethren 51, 369-371 

For Christ SeeChrist, Loveto. 

Por God. . . 7, 10, II, 34, 71-74, 81, 204, 260, 310- 

313, 337, 396, 398 

For Man 113, 305, 36^371 

For the Church . . See Aspirations, For Church 

Privileges; Church, Beloved of Saints; and 

House of God, Longed for and Loved. 

Of Christ See Christ, Grace and Love of. 

Of God... See God, Love and Mercy of; and 

Mercy of God. 


Dignity of 14. iS, i35 

Mortal and Frail. . . 95, 97, 99, 104-107, 136, 244- 

247, 278, 281, 283, 284, 392 
Sinful and Lost Condition of . . . 23, 140, 142, 143, 
145, 146, 156, 342 
Meditation. . . 1, 2, 163, 164, 209, 212, 287, 288, 322, 

327, 35S, 339, 389 
Meekness. . . 16, 48, 51, 61, 64, 67, 207, 208, 312, 366, 

402, 403, 406-408 
Mercy of God: 

Celebrated. ..94, 108, 111, 112, 155, 157, 161, 

162, 174, 175, 241, 253, 261-264, 271, 308-317, 

319, 394-403, 408 
Everlasting. ..241, 268-270, 290, 292, 317, 319, 

376-378, 381 
Great. . .94, in, 112, 233-236, 277, 278, 280, 281, 

283, 284, 290, 299, 314-316, 328, 340, 394-403 
Prayer for... 60-62, 64-68, 72-74, 87, no, 112, 

113, 140-144, 154, 176-178, 216-221, 230-236, 

244, 246, 290, 326, 330, 336, 337, 339, 340, 351. 

389-391. See also Prayer. 

Messiah, The See Christ, 

Ministers. . . 282, 326, 367, 368, 372. See also Gospel, 

Preaching of; and Missions. 
Miracles. . . 209, 211, 213, 215, 233, 236, 241, 289-291, 


Difficulties of 3, 4, 23, 146, 224 

Encouragements of... 3, 4, 16-18, 36, 124-134, 

182, 183, 233, 254-264, 308, 373-375 
Influence of... 45, 48-51, 85, 86, 166, 168, 170, 

172, 176-178, 180, 182, 183, 230, 232, 292, 302, 

303, 333, 334, 357, 358, 381, 400-403 

Need for 16, 23, 224, 253, 291, 308, 373 

Prayer for. ..;S4, 155, 176-178, 195, 196, 199, 

205, 218-220, 236 
Triumphs of. ..3, 4, 48-51, 124, 125, 129, 130, 

176-178, 180-183, 193-200, 233, 236-239, 252, 

257-264, 268-270, 273, 275, 276, 302, 303, 357, 

358, 381, 394, 395, 397, 399 
Morning Psalms. . . 5, 9, n, 77, 78, 149, 150, I5S, i57, 

250, 251, 286, 298, 386, 389-391 


Conversion of. . .36, 129, 130, 176-178, 182, 237- 

239, 273, 276, 381 
Dependence on God. . . 18, 87, 126-128, 176-178, 

207, 208, 223, 242, 289, 307 
Owe Allegiance to Christ. ..3, 4, 48-51, 76, 86, 

129, 130, 173-178, 182, 183, 193-200, 206, 258- 

266, 302, 303 

Present Attitude of 3, 4, 223, 224, 

Prosperity of. . . 176-178, 193, 194, 198, 200, 242, 

393 , 
Rebuked in Wrath. . . 16, 121, 206-208, 213, 214, 

373, 376 
Ultimate Subjection of . . . 18, 45, 48-51, 180-183, 
193-200, 233, 260, 302, 303 


Index of Subjects 


An Emblem of Grace. . . i» 3, 52-56, 77> 78> 94. 

95, 114-xao, 145, 103. 195. 198, 199. ai8-22i, 

225-229, 250, 251, 302, 303, 354-358. 393 
Revelation of God in. . . 14, 15, 34, 37, 39. 76, 85, 

137. 139. 166-169, 171, 205, 209, 2x1, 213, 285- 

288, 29s, 307, 373-378, 402-405 
Sinners Typified in. . .31, 47, 95, 97, 99, 250, 352, 

353. 385 

New Birth See Regeneration. 

New Year. .. 104-107, 203, 205, 2x2, 244-247, 271, 

274, 277, 280, 281, 283, 284, 286, 311, 313, 323, 
327, 344-347 

Obedience. . . i, 2, 38, 40-42, 109, ixx, 230, 231, 265, 

278, 280, 304, 321-342 

Offerings 141, 144, 180, X83, 257-259, 31 x, 313 

Old Age... 98, 99. loi, X04-107, X92, 244-247, 250, 

251, 404, 405 

Original Sin See Sin^ Original. 

Orphans 14, 15, 18, 19, 72, 74f 223, 253, 300, 400 


Set Forth... 83, 166, x68, 170, 172, 2x3, 230- 
233. 235, 255, 26s, 266, 277. 280, 283, 284,362- 

Sought. . .61, 64-68, 140, 142-144, 2x6, 217, 230, 
231, 233, 362-365 
Parents and Children. . . 72-74, 89, 90, X2i, 125, 132- 
134, 140, X42. 143, 213. 215, 243, 244. 246, 274, 

275. 278, 280, 281, 283, 284, 300, 305, 308, 309, 
359, 360, 366, 367, 393. 400 

Past, The 121, 122, 205, 2x2, 2x3, 215, 389 

Patience. . . X2, x6, 22, 31-33. 60, 64, 95, 96, 100, 104, 

los, 209, 210, 212, 305, 381 
Peace. . .6-8, 76, 99, lox, 126-128, 193, 198, 230-232, 

341, 348-350. See also Aspiraiionst For Peace 

Mid Rest. 
Penitence. ..12, 83, 102, 103, 140-144, 272, 362-365, 

Perseverance. ..31-33, 35. 69, 70, 98, 101, 122, 161, 

162, 191, 218-221, 225, 227, 229, 321, 325, 326, 

334. 335 
Pilgrim Spirit . . . 104, 106, 107, 132-134, 202-204, 225, 

227, 229, 323, 327, 342 

For Others 92, 113, 305 

Of God See God, Compassion of. 

Poor, The: 

Duty Towards 98, 113, 223, 305 

Remembered by God. . . 14, x8, 19, 92, x8o, 186, 
187, 193. 198, 200, 300, 301, 306, 385 

Poverty of Spirit See HumUUy. 


Acceptable 186 

By Angels 76, 279, 282, 404, 405. 410-413 

By Men... 48-51, 129, 130, X76-178, 182, 183, 
233, 236, 257-270, 395-399, 404, 405, 410-413 

By Nations 173, 257-259, 273. 381 

By Saints. ..77, 81, 85, 131-134, 166, x68, 170, 
172-175, 179, 182, 306, 372-375, 395. 397. 404- 
By Universe. ..37, 39, 166-172, 186, 187, 257- 

259, 279, 282-284. 404. 405, 40^413 
Calls to. . .3, 4, 16, 17, 48, 50, 76. 85, 173-175, 

X79. 182, 183, 222, 254-270, 277, 279, 280-285, 

287, 28^297, 306. 314-317.319, 320, 372-378, 

396, 398, 400-413 

Fitness of 85, 186, 250, 25X, 402, 403 

For God's Goodness. . .81, 250, 251, 292-297, 

373-375, 394-403 

For God*s Holiness 77. 78, 260, 265-267 

For God's Justice... 85, 94, 124, 165, X76-X78, 

241, 242, 257-259 
For God's Mercy. . .22, 8x, 85, 88, 90, 163, 164, 

277, 280, 283, 284. 290, 292-297, 317, 319. 381 
For God's Power. ..58, 59, 234, 236, 254-259, 


For God's Righteousness. . . 13, 92, 260, 289, 338 

For Spiritual Blessings. . .6-8, 10, 27-30, 34-36, 
38, 40-42, 45, 61, 64, 68, 71, 73, 75. 88, 90, 131- 
134, 147, 159, 163, 164, 174, 175, 180, 183, 234. 
260-264, 277-284, 308, 317-320, 394-399 

For Temporal Blessings. . . 5, 10, 81, 85, 87, 88, 90, 
91, 147, 166-172, 207-209. 211, 248, 249, 277, 
280, 289, 306, 309, 373-378, 396, 398, 400-403 

For Works of Creation. ..14, 15, 76, 166, 168, 

171, 209, 2X1, 254-256, 285-288, 373-378, 395. 

For Works of Providence. . . x6, 17, 34, 36, 48, 51, 
77, 78, 180, 181, 183, 186, 187. 254-256, 289, 
304. 352, 353, 373-378, 394-408 

For Work of Redemption. . .5, 43, 44, X19, 120, 
141, 142, 144, 166, 168, 170. 172, 209, 2X1, 234, 
236, 261-264, 277, 280, 283, 284, 310-317, 320, 

Part of Public Worship. . .69, 70, 166, 168, 170, 

172, 222, 241, 254-259, 298» 304, 372, 406-410, 

Pleasantness of 373, 402, 403 


Answers to. . .6-8, 34, 45, 75, 77-79, 88-9X; 108, 

110-112, 174, 175, 289, 291-295, 297,310,3x2, 

Complaint in. . . 12, 22, 31, 47, 62, 63, 66, 83, 102- 

106, 122, 123, 165, 205, 216-218, 220, 221, 240, 

243. 253. 272, 274, 300, 36X, 379 
Confession in. . .61, 64, 67, 83, X02, 103, 113, 140- 

144, 166, 168, X70, 17a, 184, 216, 2x7, 290, 329, 

362-365. See also Sin, Confession of. 
Confidence in. . .5-11, 22, 43, 44, 60-68, 71-74, 

80-82. 88-92, 103, X13, 154, 155, 166, 168, 170, 

172, 186-189, 235, 236, 273, 27s, 276, 318, 320, 

396, 398 
For Christ's Sake. . . 52-56, 61, 64, 65, 67, 68, 82, 

123, 147, 205, 216, 2x7, 291, 367, 389-391 
For Deliverance from Death... 12, 22, 77-79* 

240, 243, 274. See also Death and Ddiveramce. 
For Deliverance from Enemies. . .27, 31, 3a, 34, 

47, 69, 70, 119, 120, 123, X47, 157, 165. 20s, 

216, 300, 389-392. See also Deliverance and 

For Deliverance from Trouble. . .6, 34, 43, 44, 

60-68, 72-74, 104. 106, 158, 185-187, 235, 272, 

274. 299, 386-391 
For Divine Favor... 21, 75, 87, no, 112, 351, 

For Grace and Salvation. . .5, 22, 38, 40, 41, 81, 
119, lao, 140-144, 21^221, 226, 227, 229, 325. 

342, 389-391 
For Pardon... 61, 63-68, 83, 110-112, 140-144. 

216, 217, 362-365 

For Rulers 43, 44, 367 

For Spread of Gospel 176-178, 194, I99 

For the Church. . . 23, 75. 141, i44, 158, 166, 168, 

170, 172, 176-178, 205, 216-221, 224, 230-232, 

348-350, 357, 3S8, 367. 368 

God the Hearer of Sec God, Hearer of Prayer. 

Importunity in. . .60. 64, 67, 72, 73. 75. 149. 150, 

154, 161. 249, 321, 335, 351. 362-365, 389. 390 
Imprecations in. ..13, 18, 45, 80, 92, 185, 90s, 

216, 224, 300 


Index of Subjects 

Interoeanon in...43» 44t 94. 121, 123, 141, 144, 

176-178, 20s, 244, 246, 348-350, 354-356, 367 
Pleas in. . .22, 31-33. 72-74. 77-79. 94. 103-107, 

184-187, 190-192, 233-236, 330, 389-391 
Promises to. . .3, 6-8, 21, 31, 32, 88-91, 95, 100, 

137, 149, 150, 222, 249, 344-347. 354-356, 367, 

368, 396, 398 
Sincerity in... 3 1-33, 69, 70, 83, 108, 11 1, 123, 

155, 161, 162, 174, 175. 216, 217, 325, 328, 339, 

Preservation... 27, 31, 32, 34, 52-56, 81, 87-92, 94, 

98, 99, i47f 150. 157, 161. 162, 165, 174, 175, 

181, 188-192, 202-204, 209, 211, 247-249, 301, 

310-313. 317. 319. 344-347, 352-356, 385, 392, 

Pride. . . 18, 19, 80, 81, 104, 136, 201, 206, 323, 331, 
351, 381,402,403 

Procrastination 72-74. 254, 255, 328 

Promises. ..See Affliction^ Promises far; ChUdren, 
Promises /or; Covenant, Promises; Prayer, 
Promises to; and Salvation, Promised. 

Prosperity . . . See Blessedness; and Righteous, Blessed- 
ness of . 
Without God's Blessing. . .31, 77, 95-100, 135, 
136, 201 

Protection: See also Preservation. 

Only from God... 5, 71-74, 80-82, 88-91, 163, 

164, 247-249, 396, 398 
Unceasing 248, 249, 289, 344-347, 354-356 

Providence of God: « 

Over His Creatures. . .94, 253, 285, 288, 292-297, 

373—378, 394—403 
Over Saints. . . 1, 2, 5, 9-11, 27-36, 71-75. 81, 95- 
101, 213, 214, 253, 289, 304, 305, 400, 401 

Purity SeeHoliness. 

Purposes of God. . .86, 243, 289. 308, 373-375, 404, 
405. See also Decrees, Divine; and God, Sov- 
ereignty of. 

Quickening... 230, 327, 339, 340, 337. Sec also 
Grace, Quickening. 

Reaping 357, 358 

Redeemed, The 80, 192, 205, 290, 292, 376-378 

Redemption. . . See Christ, the Saviour; and Salvation. 
Regeneration . . 140-143. See also Grace, Quickening, 
Repentance. . .63, 83, 102, 103, 110, 140-144, 230, 231, 

328, 365. See also Penitence. 
Resignation... 95, 96, 103-107, 201, 202, 362-366. 

See also Afflictions, Submission under. 

Rest See Peace. 

Resurrection 27-33, 52-56, 79, i35 


Belongs to God 18, 19, 34, 216, 253, 265 

Inflicted. . . 5, 16, 94, 207, 208, 213, 214, 224, 254, 

289. 373. 376 
Threatened... 13, 16, 18, 21, 45, 75, 92, 95-99, 

no, 156, 157, 165, 185, 206, 216, 224, 253, 271, 

300, 379, 385, 406 

Reverence See Fear, Godly. 

Revival. ..140-144, 176-178, 218-221, 230, 231, 261- 

264, 268-270, 273, 275, 276, 325, 328, 339, 340, 

342, 357, 358, 381, 389-391, 402, 403 
Rewards, The Christian's...!, 2, 10, 20, 24-33, 8i, 

88-91, 95-101, 113, 161, 162, 230-232, 242, 

250, 251, 260, 305, 354-356, 360 
Riches... 31, 97, 104, 135, 136, 145, 161, 194, 198, 

30s, 322, 329 
Righteous, The: 

Blessedness of . . . i, 2, 5, 108, in, 156, 225-229, 

242, 305, 360, 400, 401 

Character of 24-26, 57, 59, 98, 99, 271, 305 

Contrasted with the Wicked. . . 1, 2, 31, 95-99, 

145, 148, 149, 354-356. See also Character. 
Deliverances of . . . 5, 23, 34, 36. 88-91. See also 


Forsaken by God 18, 22, 121-123, 209, 210 

Hated by the Wicked. . . 80, 96, 99, 184, 185, 272 
Honor and Safety of... 6-11, 20, 24-26, 52-56, 

69, 70, 88-91, 95-101, 247-251, 344-347, 354- 

356, 360 
Joy of .. .6, 7, 10, 11, 85, 87, 179, 348-350. See 

also Christians, Blessedness of. 

Reward of See Reward, The Christianas. 

Security of See Preservation and Protection. 

Troubles of. . .89, 91, 174, 216. See also Afflic- 
Royalty of Christ: 

Bible His Law 243, 381, 402 

Civil Rulers in Relation to. ..3, 4, 36, 45, 129, 

130, 182, 194, 198, 200, 223, 289, 381, 404, 405 
Divinely Conferred. . .3, 4, 36, 45, 124, 243, 302, 

303, 367 
Guarantee of Salvation.. 16-1 8, 21, 76, 87, 99, 

100, 124, 163, 164, 182, 183, 193, 198, 200, 205, 

209, 211, 214, 260-264, 289, 292-297, 302, 303, 

317-320, 344-347 
In His Church. ..131-134, 176-178, 182, 183, 

193-195, 198-200, 207, 208, 213-215, 218-221, 

252, 257-260, 265, 266, 273, 275, 276, 307, 373- 

375, 402, 403 
Judgment the Prerogative of. ..13, 16, 17, 75, 

124-137, 139, 156, 182, 183, 193, 198, 200, 206- 

208, 213, 214, 216, 250, 251, 253, 257-267, 277, 

280, 289, 373 
Mediatorial. ..3, 4, 14, 15, 48-51, 124, 193-200, 

206, 241-243, 302, 303, 318, 320, 400, 401 
Nations Subject to... 3, 4, 48-51, 86, 87, 126- 

130, 193, 194, 198^200, 298, 299, 302, 303, 308, 

373, 381 
Providential. . . 20, 86, 87, 126-128, 151-155, 158, 

173-175, 248, 249, 285-289, 292-297, 304, 359, 

373-378, 394-403 
Reward of His Obedience. . .45, 46, 48-50, 109, 

111, 302, 303 
Ultimate Acknowledgment of. . .48-51, 124, 126- 

130, 193-200, 223, 224, 257-259, 268-270, 274- 

276, 404, 405 
Universal Domain of. . .14, 15, 58, 59, 124, 154, 

155, 173, 176-178, 182, 183, 194, 198, 200, 257- 

264, 268-270, 279, 282-284, 292-297, 307, 373- 

378, 395, 397-405 

Duties of 3, 4, 45, 223, 271, 335, 336 

Wicked 3, 4, 21, 156, 216, 223, 253 

Sabbath, The 318, 320 

Sacrifices, Spiritual. ..141, 144, 147, 175, 186, 257- 

259, 294, 318, 334 

Assured. ..10, 11, 13, 16, 17, 34-36, 43, 44, 7i- 
74, 80-84, 87-91, 95-101, 151-153, 163, 164, 
248, 249, 344-347, 354-356 
Enjoyed. ..5-8, 34, 126-128, 145, 154, 305, 352. 
353, 400, 401 

Saints See Christians and Righteous, The. 


Accepted Time of 72-74, 254, 25s 

From Sin and Trouble. ..60-68, 277, 280, 283, 

284, 290, 291, 362-365 
God's Gift. ..5, 45, 80-84, 87-91, 99, 103, 135. 
161, 162, 176-178, 181-183, 205, 209, 211, 23a- 
232, 304, 340, 342, 362-365, 406-408 


Index of Subjects 

Prayers for... 5, 6&-7S, 92, 184-192, 216-221, 

230-236, 290, 318, 320, 326, 330» 332, 334-337. 

339» 340, 342 

Promised. ..99, lot, 186, 187, 248, 249, 395-399 

Thank^ving for... 81, 82, 92, 190-192, 254- 

264, 292-294, 310-313, 317-320, 394-399 

Sanctification See Holiness, Of Christians. 

Sanctuary, The. . . See Aspirations, For Church Privi- 
leges; Church; and House of God. 

Saviour, The See Christ. 

Scriptures, The See Bible. 

Sea, The. . . 14, 15, 76, 85, 126-128, 166, 168, 170, 17X1 
209, 211, 213, 252, 254-259, 261-264, 285, 286, 
290, 29s, 307, 373-378, 404, 40s 

Seasons, The 167, 169, 171, 205, 286, 402 

Second Coming of Christ. . .See Christ, Second Com- 
ing of. 

Seedtime and Harvest 260, 357, 358 

Seeking God. . .72-74. 88, 90, 163, 164, 187, 289, 321, 

Self-Control 104, 105, 328, 366 

Self-Denial 109, 111, 325* 335 

Sclf-Examination 69, 70, 328, 382-384 

Service. ..See Activity, Christian; Consecration ana 
Dedication; and Zeal. 

Sheep, Wandering 53 

Shortness of Life Sec Life. 

Sickness: . 

From God 83, 104, 106, 240, 244, 245 

Prayers under 102, 104, 106. 1 13, 240 

Recovery from 77-79, 1x3, 277, 280, 294 


Confession of. . .83, 102, 103, 140-144, 166, 168, 
170, 172, 184, 290, 362-365 

Conflict with 166. 170, 172, 387, 388 

Conviction of... 12, 80, 83, 102, 103, 140-144, 

272, 389, 390 
Hatred of. ..9, 20, 140-144, 260, 271, 333, 335, 

336, 341, 3S3 
Hindrance to Communion with God... 6-9, 2* 
24-26, 38, 40-42, 57, 59, 138, 174, 175, 2x3, 
214, 290, 291 

Indwelling .21, 103, 156, 165 

Original 140, 142, 143, 1561290 

Prayer for Deliverance from See Prayer. 

Salvation from. . .9, 10, 22, 31-33, 35. 38, 40, 41, 
60-68, 83, 88-91, 140-144, 151-153, 166, 168, 
170, 172, 185, 187, 217, 292-294, 321, 345-347, 
362-365, 386. Sec also Salvation. 

Washed away 69, 70, 140, 142, 143 

Sincerity. . . 26, 31-33, 35, 57, 59, 69, 70, 82, 321, 324, 
335, 341, 398 

Sonship See Adoption. 

Sorrow See Afflictions. 

Sowing, Spiritual See Seedtime and Harvest. 

Spirit, The Holy See Holy Spirit. 

Spiritual Darkness... 1 2, 22, 47, 80, 102, 184, 185, 

209, 210, 240, 300, 331, 387-390 
Steadfastness... 69, 81, 122, 155, 191, 192, 219-221, 

225, 227, 229, 298, 299, 305, 354-356 
Strength m God. . .71-73, 75, 76, 126-128, 157, 161, 
162, i66, 171, 179, 182, 183, 202, 203, 381, 392 
Submission . . . See Afflictions, Submission under; and 

Sympathy, Christian See Love and Pity. 

Temperance Songs... 18, 19, 57, 59, 146, 156, 158, 
X65, 193, 194, 198, 200, 205, 206, 250, 251, 
253, 257-264, 271, 298, 299, 361, 386, 393, 406, 

Temptation. . .9, 18, 31. 75, 80-82, 92, 151-154. iS7t 
161, 162, 165, 188-192, 202, 271, 294, 317, 319, 

321, 322, 324, 328, 333, 335. 354-356. 385-388 

Declared... 45, 88, 90, 166-175, 179-183, 186, 
187, 250, 251, 277, 280-300, 310-320, 373-378, 

Due to God 77-79, i37, 206, 260, 298, 299 

For God's Merdes. . . 141, 142, 144, 206, 216, 217, 

290-297, 352, 353, 376-378 
In Public Worship. . .48, 51, 69, 70, 92, 109, 112, 
3x1. 315, 318, 320 
Thanksgiving Day... See Country, Our; Harvest 

Songs; and Thanksgiving. 
Time, Flight of . . . Sec Life, Brevity of; and Neuf Year. 

Trials See Afflictions and Comfort in Trials. 

Trust in God See also Assurance and Faith. 

Blessedness of... 10, 31-33, 80-82, 87-91, 108, 
111, 226, 228, 229, 317, 319, 354-356 

Exhortation to 6, 7, 95, 96, 99, 100, 161, 162, 

Expression of... 6-8, 34-36, 60, 63-68, 80-82, 

147, 149-155, 163-166, 170, 190-192, 202, 203, 
247-249, 386 

Truth... 60, 61, 63-68, 94, 140, 142, 143, 154, 155, 
230, 232-234, 236, 241, 242, 261, 264, 268, 270, 
298, 299, 308, 3x4-3x6, 321, 323-326, 330, 332, 
333* 335-34X, 381, 398, 401 

Unbelief 201, 213, 290, 291 


Avoidance of 82, 325 

Of Men and Riches. . .43, 87, 104-106, 121, 136, 
145, 158, 161, 253, 299, 392, 400, 401 

Of Sinners 3, 4, 6, 18, 21, 392 

Vows. . .48, 51, 137, 151-153, X59, 166, 168, 170, 172, 
X74, X75, 208,311,313,367 

Waiting upon God . . .72, 73,96,99-101, 108, 111, 161, 

162, 362-365, 398 
Walking with God — 52-54. 69, 70, 151-X53, 225- 

229, 234, 310, 321, 326, 389-391 

Wandering from God 156, 321, 329, 342 

Warfare, Christian ... 36, 71, 92, 151, 153, 154, 166, 

298, 299, 392 
Warning. . . Sec Anger of God; and Wicked, Warned. 

Watchfulness 362-365 

Water of Life 94, 114-118, 126-128, 237-239 

Wicked, The: 

Character of... 10, 13, 92, 113, 138, 156, 157, 

x6i, 205, 224, 385 
Condemnation of. . . 18, 23, 31, 75, 93, 145, X46, 

148, 149, 165, 201, 253, 300 

Contrasted with Righteous. . .See Character and 

Fate of . . . 1-5, 9, 12, 13, 16, 20, 21, 45, 71. 89, 91. 

94-97, 99, 136, 145, 148, X49, 156, 181, 182, 

aoi, 206, 207, 250, 251, 253, 287, 305 
Persecuting Spirit of . . . 5, 18, 19, 47, 80, 92, 147- 

149, 151, 153, X54, 157, 184, 185, 190, 192, 216, 

Prayers for Punishment of . . . 10, x6, 18, 75, 80, 

92, no, 148, 151, 157, X79, X85, 224, 253, 300, 

379. 385 

Self-Destroyed 13, 16, 92, IS5, X65 

Separation from. ..1, 2, 24-27, 33, 70, 75, 271, 

335. 343, 379, 380, 383, 385. 386 
Warned... 1-4, 9. x6, 17-20, 23, 138, 14S, 181, 

182, 206-208, 253-255 


Index of Subjects 

Widows 179. 2S3. 300, 400 

Witness of Spirit Set Assurance. 

Work... See Activity, Christian; Consecration and 

Dedication; and Zeal, True. 

Worship: See also Aspirations, For Church Privileges. 

Acts of . . .9, 69, 70, 132-1341 141. 144. X47f iSS. 

322, 254-259, 265-270, 287, 288, 298, 299, 381 

Call to. . .85, 86, 137, 139. i73-i7S. 182, 183, 257- 

270, 292-297, 304, 306, 314-320, 372-378, 400- 

Ddightful to Saints. ..71-74, 85, 163, 164, z66, 
168, 170, 172, 180, 182, 183, z86, 187, 225-229, 
237-239. 250, 251, 308, 309, 348-350, 373-375 

Family 250, 251, 317, 360, 367 

Grace Needed for. . .43, 44, 52-56, 69, 70, 124, 

Z74, i75> 372. See also Grace. 
Only as God Appoints. . . 2x3, 222, 254-256, 318, 
320, 367, 373 

Private 6, 163, 164, 328, 339, 408 

Public... 48, 50, 51, 69-71, X14, 118-120, 132- 
134. 225-229, 3". 313, 318, 320, 348^-350 

Sincerity in. ..24-26, 31-33, 35, 57, 59. 69, 70, 
138, Z40-X4A, 265, 366, 366 

Universality 01 See Praise, 

Wrath of God See Anger of God, 

Year, Close of Sec New Year. 

Young Men 214, 322, 404, 405 

Youth See Children, 


False 27, 157, 205, 213, 290,3x7 

True. . . 184, 225-229, 27X, 310-313, 324, 328, 334, 
337, 338, 340, 341 » 389-39 1 . See also A ctivUy, 
Christian; and Consecration and Dedication. 
Zion: See also Church and House of God. 

Glory of . . . 13X-X34, x66, x68, X70, 172, 225-229, 

Kept by God i3i-i34f 141. i44, 348^35© 

Love to See Church, Beloved of Sainl^ 

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