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Full text of "The Divyâvadâna [microform] : a collection of early Buddhist legends, now first edited from the Nepalese Sanskrit mss. in Cambridge and Paris"

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! S)y.i!yg^^yU.jjJj|ww^ i ggV^ ! SiB>j,-jW!),i^|'Sj^ 




ilonDon: C. J. CLAY AND SON, 


Ave Maria Lane. 

ffiambtiftge: DEIGHTON, BELL AND CO. 
I,£fp5tg: F. A. BROCKHAUS. 













K A. NEIL, M.A. 





[All Rights reserved.'] 

/Bo J^ 


dambriUgE : 







The collection of early Buddhist legends, called by Burnouf 
the Divyavadana, was first discovered in Nepal by Mr B. H. 
Hodgson and formed one of the treasures which he brought to 
the knowledge of European Sanskrit scholars. Burnouf made 
great use of it for his 'Introduction a I'histoire du Buddhisme 
Indien', and he translated a large portion of its contents, which 
he incorporated in that work*. He used two MSS. — one given 
by Mr Hodgson to the Asiatic Society of Paris, the other given 
to himself ' 

There is a MS. of this book in the large collection of Sans- 
krit Buddhist MSS. made in Nepal by Dr Daniel Wright, and 
purchased by the University Library at Cambridge. Dr Wright, 
while he was still at the British Residency at Katmandu, kindly 
procured for us two more transcripts of the old MS. which is 
preserved there ; and in consequence we undertook to prepare 
an edition of the text. It has taken us a long time to carry 
our task to its completion; but our excuse must be that we 
have been both much occupied with other work, which left us 
but a narrow margin of leisure for preparing and collating our 

The following MSS. have served for the basis of our text. 
We have consulted ACD throughout and given the variants ; 
B we have more or less neglected after the early stories. 

1 Thus the PArna avad. (ii) is translated pp. 235—275 (1st ed.) ; Mendhaka 
(x) 190— 194 J pratiha,rya-sutra (xii) 162—189; Mdndhatri (xvii) 74—89; Kana- 
kavarna (xx) 90—98; Samgharakshita (xxiii) 313—335; panKjupradAna (xxvi) 
146—148, 358—374; Kunala (xxvii) 374—415; Vita<?oka (xxviii) 415—425; 
A(?oka (xxix) 426—432. 



A. Add. 865 in the Univ. Library; 258 leaves, 14 — 15 lines, 
dated 1873. Fairly written in the ordinary Nepalese character, 
but not very correct. , 

B. Our own MS., 283 leaves, 12 — 13 lines; very incorrect. 

C. Our own MS., 274 leaves, 14 — 15 lines; correct. 

D. The MS. given in 1837 by Mr Hodgson to the Asiatic 
Society at Paris ; 337 leaves, 9 lines. This is a very correct 
copy; and having been made for Mr Hodgson more than 50 
years ago, it in some places preserves the old text which has 
since become illegible in the original\ Unlike the others, it is 
written in the ordinary Nagari character, and is often of great 
use in discriminating such letters as p, y; t, bh; kshy,jy, hy; &c. 
which are liable to be confused in the common Nepalese cha- 
racter^; sometimes however the copyist of D has himself confused 
these letters. 

Besides these, the authorities of the Imperial Library at St 
Petersburg kindly lent us for a short time their MS. (P. — 272 
leaves), which is a similar copy to ABC and contains the same 
omissions in the 34th avadana. We were also similarly favoured - 
with the loan from the Bibliotheque Nation ale of Burnouf's own 
MS. (E); but as this is only like our other MSS. we made no use 
of it beyond collating it for the first few pages. In Appendix C 
we have given some account of another MS. (F) in the same 
Library, which was also kindly lent to us for a time. 

All these MSS., except F, are thus only modern copies, made 
with more or less care from one original, which is now in the posses- 
sion of Pandit Indranand of Patau, Nepal, the son of Gunanand, 
the old Pandit attached to the residency. Mr Bendall has 
written for us the following account of it. 

"Pandit Indranand lent me the MS. when I was in Nepal, 

^ See especially the passage p. 481, at the beginning of the 34th avadana. 

2 The MSS. are very careless as to the sibilants and frequently interchange 
them at random ; they also often write n for n, and where they are uniform in 
this latter point we have followed their spelling, as it is also found ta Pah. 

Anusvara is often written for a final n ; and the word vidmsa is always written 
mdnsa. We regret now that we did not keep this last peculiarity, as we have 
generally kept the constant spelling niriimdra for rf^«- (cf. Hindust. siismdr, siis), 
and pushkirint for pushkarint. 





and I photographed two leaves of it [containing the passage in 
the printed text from p. 195, 1. 18, dha to p. 198, 1. 11, niveganam, 
with the titles of two tales included]. The material is paper^ 
and the writing is of the fine and small kind described at 
p. xxxii of my ' Catalogue of Buddhist Sanskrit MSS.', and thus 
I assio-n the MS. to the xviith century, A.D. The MS. measures 
13 in. X 3, and has 265 leaves with 9 or 10 lines on each page. 

The name Divyavadana does not occur with either of the 
titles of the tales ending on the leaves photographed : and I am 
nearly sure (though unfortunately I took no note on the subject) 
that it did not occur at the end of the MS., which terminates 


abruptly without particulars as to the scribe, or place of writing 
usually given very fully in Nepalese MSS." 

Our MS. authorities therefore go back immediately to only 
one source, and our various readings are simply the result of 
the greater or less care of the respective transcribers; we can only 
at best reproduce the inaccessible Nepalese original ; and where 
that is imperfect or corrupt, our MSS. give us no further help. 

This original is no doubt unusually correct for a Nepalese 
MS. ; but it is corrupt in many places ; and if we may judge by 
the passage in p. 21 which we have endeavoured to explain 
by the corresponding passage in the Pali Mahavagga, some 
of the corruptions are very deep-seated and hopelessly beyond 
any mere verbal emendation. The old fragments of Nepalese 
MSS. which we have collated for App. B. shew that many 
of the errors in our present text are of very long standing. — 
We have tried to give an intelligible text as far as it was 
possible; but where our original was hopeless, 'et rebus nox 
abstulit atra colorem', we have not attempted to force a meaning 
but have left it in its obscurity. 

The Divyavadana, unlike the Mahavastu, is generally 
written in fairly correct Sanskrit'; some parts of it indeed 
might almost be taken as a model of an unaffected prose style ; 

^ The stories evidently belong to various authors. Two at least (xxii. and 
xxxvui.) are written in a very flowery style which is very different from that of the 
rest; and some have more grammatical mistakes than the others. For the 
thirty-third avaddna cf. our remarks at the end of Appendix A. 




simple as it is, it has a force of its own from its artless pathos 
and directness. There are sometimes gross grammatical faults, 
but these are more generally found in the speeches; where they 
occur in the narrative they may occasionally be the fault of the 
transcribers. We have sometimes corrected them in our printed 
text, especially where the correct form usually occurs elsewhere ; 
but we have often left them unchanged, to remind our readers 
that they are reading Buddhist, not Brahmanical, Sanskrit. 
These inaccuracies, like those which occur in the Mahabharata, 
may be interesting for the history of the language. 

We have kept the title Divyavadana, as Burnouf always 
used this name ; but we are not sure that this is the true 
title of the collection. The recent MSS. ABC simply end 
with the words Maitrakanyakdvaddnam samdptam,, and in the 
subscriptions to the several legends they never add any general 
title ; but the two older transcripts DE always prefix iti 
cridivydvaddne to each subscription as well as to the final one\ 
This title also occurs in the Paris MS. F, see Appendix C. ; and 
there is a MS. in the University Library (Add. 1538) of the 
Viraku^avadana which has as its colophon iti gridivydva- 
ddnoddhrita ashta'mivrata'mdhdtmya-Kugdvaddnam samdptam. 
Although this particular story is not found in our copies, the 
reference shews that the name was current in Nepal. 

Many of our legends belong to the Vinaya pitaka, as they 
continually bring in some reference to a point of discipline; but 
they do not seem to be translated from any Pali original ; we 
would rather regard them, like the others which relate to 
A9oka's history, as coming down from an independent source. 
They have all suffered from the careless ignorance which 
characterises Northern as opposed to Southern Buddhism; they 
are the isolated fragments which alone survive from what was 
once a large literature. We may notice here, as throwing some 

1 Mr Bendall's account shews that the title does not occur in the colophons 
at the end of the different stories in the original MS., and it is doubtful whether 
it occurs at the end of the MS. None of the fragments of older MSS., mentioned 
in Append. B., happen to include any title or colophon. P gives Divyavadana in 
the final colophon only. 





lio-ht on their age and relations to the schools of Buddhism that 
there is no mention of Avalokite9vara, Manju9ri, or the om mani 
padme h4m, except perhaps in Avad. xxxiii. p. 613, 1. 26. 

The Sanskrit in which these stories are written has several 
points of interest. Our Index of Words will shew that many of 
those Sanskrit words which are found in the Amarakosha and in 
Hemacandra but have not yet been traced in Sanskrit literature, 
and similarly many of the unknown meanings which they give 
to common words, occur in the Divyavadana. This fact is at 
once explaiued by the well-known connection between both 
these old lexicons and Buddhism. We need here mention only 
such words as adhishthdna ' a court or town', adhishthdyaka ' a 
governor', dpatti 'a sin', dvdri 'a, shop', itvara 'poor', uddhava 
'cheerfulness', kausidya 'sloth', kola 'a raft', gulma 'a custom- 
house', tarapanya 'a ferry-fare', middha 'sleep', ydcanaka 'a 
beggar', manah-giika 'sorrow' (but neuter), hadi 'a gag', &c. 

In the Index of Words nothing has been included that does 
not add somethincr to the St Petersburg Lexicon. The words 
given without meanings generally occur in the St Petersburg 
Lexicon, but with reference to the native Dictionaries only : 
thorough search might no doubt have made the list of such 
words somewhat larger. All other words in our Index are 
either new words (often compound verbs), or new meanings of 
words already known. Here we have been very greatly helped 
by Pali ; we have also found some aid from Hindi and Bengali ; 
but many words still remain uncertain. 

We have to thank the authorities of the Bibliotheque 
Nationale at Paris, and the Imperial Library at St Petersburg, 
for the loan of the MSS. in their possession; and .we would 
especially thank the Society Asiatique for allowing their MS. D 
to remain in our hands all the time during which we have been 
engaged in our edition ; our warm thanks are also due to M. E. 
Senart, through whose kindness the loan was obtained. M. Leon 
Peer has greatly assisted us in some diflScult places by sending 
us translations of the corresponding passages in the Tibetan 
versions. His help has convinced us that, although these 


versions are often faulty and corrupt, yet without continual 
reference to them it would be impossible to give a satisfactory 
English translation of the Divyavadana. 

We cannot conclude without expressing our deep obligation 
to the Syndics of the University Press, whose generous liberality 
has made the present publication possible. 

R. A. NEIL. 

Cambridge, Jaji. 23, 188G. 





I. Kotikarna 1 

II. Puma ' ' ^t 

m. Maitreya • • " ' ' ^^ 

IV. Brfi,limanad&rika • • • ^'^ 

V. Stutibrahmana • .72 

VI. Indra-brahmana • • .74 

Vn. Nagaravalambika ^^ 

VIII. Supriya . 91 

IX. Mendhaka (1) • • ^^S 

X. Mendhaka (2) • • .131 

XI. AQokavarna ^^^ 

XII. Pratiharyasutra ^^^ 

XIII. Svagata , . 167 

XIV. Sukarika ' • ^^^ 

XV. Anyatamabhikshu . . • . 196 

XVI. gukapotakau . 198 

XVn. Mandhata • • ^00 

XVm. Dbarmaruci ■ . 228 

XIX. Jyotishka 262 

XX. Kanakavarna • • • 290 

XXI. Sahasodgata ....;••• . • • 298 

XXII. Candraprabha . ...'.... . . 314 

XXni. Samgbarakshita 329 

XXIV. Nagakumara 344 

XXV. (No name) • .346 

XXVI. P4m(?upradana . . . 348 

XXVII. Kunala . .382 

XXVni. Vita^oka ■ '.. • 419 

XXIX. A(?oka ... 429 

XXX. Sudhanakumara (1) 435 

XXXI. Sudbanakumara (2) " . . 461 

XXXII. KApavati 469 

XXXIV. Danadhikiramahayanasutra 481 

XXXV. Cudapaksha 483 

XXXVI. Makandika 515 

XXXVn. Eudrayana 544 

XXXVin. Maitrakanyaka 586 

Appendix A (XXXHI) gardulakarna 611 

Appendix B 660 

Appendix C (MS. F) 663 

Index of Words 671 

Index of Names (596 

Notes and Corrections 703 




27. 12 
29. 9 
43. 3 
46. 23 
54. 15 
57. 22 
60. 15 

69. 23 

70. 6 
72. 9 

111. 24 
122. 11 
126. 21 
126. 25 








Sarayamani cak- 





-kogavidyavijuah, cf. 180. 




kim idam | avalokita ga- 
mishyamah | kasyarthaya | 
126. 27 bhavishyati | 










184. 10-11 tushni- 
210. 4 nirupadanena 


















130. 4 
130. 12 
134. 20 
136. 20 

140. 11 

141. 16 
154. 25 
165. 6 
169. 14 
177. 24 

220. 24 
220. 30 
222. 8 
225. 14 
225. 18 
227. 1 
227. 30 

229. 18 

230. 8 

231. 8 
233. 12 
233. 28 
236. 2 
239. 3 

239. 20 

240. 15 
240. 29 

P. 241. 20 Dharmarucir 

243. 21 9reshthi 

249. 10 sampraptah 

255. 15 & 29 9obh-* 

256. 12 parikshi- 

256. 26 pattikam 

257. 12 taya- 

260. 5 triny 

261. 5 vihare 
261. 22 -labhethah 
264. 4 arab- 
268. 1 kshobhi- 
268. 25 ca 

272. 21 maharddhiko 

286. 13 -baddha 

305. 19 -abhiprasannah 

306. 30 108 

307. 23 kimcid 
307. 30 kuiupako 
310. 26 prakritim 
312. 17 vihara pind- 
324. 25 drashtum 

332. 23 -pariputrena- 

333. 13 -riipam 

334. 15 hastinagac? 

335. 17 viharah 

336. 21 gra- 

337. 4 -dbadeyam 
337. 16 -darpi 
339. 26 careta 

348. 11 -<?athya- 

349. 11 bhratarau 
349. 15 Anando 
349. 27 -vi9ati 
353. 1 cocyate 
382. 24 grihnatiti 
430. 19 -bhojane 
453. 21 rini 

494. 9 viiiethitah 

500. 1 vardhaniyam 
514. 4 (bis) bibheti 

519. 18 yat tarn 

542. 21 kshina- 

616. 21 -yati sma | 

577. 1 savagesha- 

673, col. 2. 42 alpabadhata 

674, col. 2. 8 fast 

676, col. 1. 6 Mahavagga 





[A, 1. b] Om namah Crisarvabuddhabodhisattvebliyah | Buddho 
bhagavan Chravastyam viharati sma Jetavane 'n^thapindadasyirSme 
'smat par^ntake' YS,savagrSine Balaseno nSma grihapatih prativasaty 
lidhyo mahadhano mahabhogo vistirnavigalaparigralio Vaigravana- 
dhanapratispardhi | tena sadri94t kuMt kalatram S,nitam | sa tay& 
sardham kridati ramate paricarayati^ | so 'putrah putrabhinandi 
Qivavarunakuvera^akrabrahmadin SyScate | arS,madevat^ vana- 
devat^m grmgatakadevatS-m. balipratigr^hikam devatS,iii sahajSin 
sahadharmik^m iiityS,nubaddh&m api devatS,m kykcsite | asti caisha 
lokapravado yad S,yacaiialietoh. putrS, jS,yante duhitarag cefci | tac ca 
naivam | yady evam abhavishyad ekaikasya putrasahasram abhavi- 
shyat tadyathS, rajna§ cakravartinah. | api tu trayS.riS,iii sthininS,m 
sammukhibliavat putra jayante duMtarag ca | katamesham tra- 
jknkm I matapitarau raktau bhavatah sainnipatitau, mktk kalyS, 
bhavati ritumati gandharvapratyupastbita^ bhavaty, eshdm trayS-nam 
sthanS,nam sammukhtbhav^t putri jiyante duhitarag ca ( sa caivam 
ay^canaparas tishthati | anyatamag ca sattvag caramabhavikag ca 
hitaishi griMtamoksliainargaiitonmuklio* na nirvane bahirmukhah 

^ ABCD 'pasmarfintake ; Paris MS. 98 asyaparSntake. See Notes. 
^ The MSS. sometimes read this word parivSrayati, cf. P^ parivfireti (?). 

^ -sthito ABCD. 

* -margdnte sukho A; -margSnte mukho D. 








sams&rad anarthikah sarvabhavagativynpapattiparanmuklio 'ntima- 
dehadhiri^ anyatamasmat sattvanik^^c cyutvS, tasyS:^ prajipatySJh. 
kukshim avakrantah | pancavenikS, dharma ekatye panditajatiye 
matrigrame | katame panca | raktam purusham jan&ti, viraktaip. 
jaii§,ti I kalam janati, ritum janati | garbham avakrantam janS,ti ] yasya 
sakaQad garbham avakramati tarn j4ii4ti | darakam janati d4rikS,ni 
janati saced darako bhavati dakshiaam kukshim nigritya tishthati 
saced dtrikA bhavati vamam kukshim ni9ritya tishthati ] sat- 
taman§,ttamanS,h svimina S,rocayati | dishtyaryaputra vardhasvapan- 
nasattv^mi samvritta yatha ca me dakshinam kukshiin nigritya tish- 
thati niyataip darako bhavishyati [ so 'py attaman§,ttamanS, udS,nam 
udS,nayati | apy evS,hain cirakalabhilashitam putramukham pagyeyam 
JEito me syan navajatah j kntyani me kurvita bhritah pratibibhriyM 
d4yS,dyam^ pratipadyeta kulavamgo me cirasthitiko bhavishyati | 
asm^kam catyatitakS,lagat4nam alpam vS, prabhutam xk danS,ni 
dattvEi punyani kritva dakshinam adegayishyati | idam tayor yatra 
yatropapannayor gacchator anugacchatv iti | S,pannasattvam ca t^m 
viditva upariprasadatalagatam ayantrit^m dharayati gite gitopakara- 
nair ushna ushnopakaranair^ vaidyaprajnaptair aharair natitiktair 
natyamlair natilavanair n&timadhurair natikatukair nS,tikashS,yais 
tiktamlalavanamadhurakatukash&yavivarjitair Sliarair hS,r§.rdhah4ra- 
vibhushitagitrim Apsarasam iva Nandanavanavicarinim mancan 
mancam pithat pitham avatarantim uparimS-m bhumim | na cksjk 
amanojnagabdagravanam yavad eva garbhasya paripikiya | s§,shtanS,m 
v^ navanam vk m&sinam atyayat prasut4 [A. 2. a] darako j&tah | 
abhirupo darganiyah prS.sadiko gaurah kanakavarnag chatrakaragirS,!!. 
pralambab&hur visttrnavigalalalatah samgatabhrur uttungan4s4 rat- 
napratyupdkaya karnikaya imuktayalamkritah | Balasenena grihapa- 

^ -vyupapatte 'ntimadehe A; -vyupapattye 'ntimadeliadli^ D. 

2 bhutah pratibibhriyadyam A ; bhritah bibhritadayadyam C ; bhritah 
prabibhriyad dfiyadyam BD; bhutah pratibibhriyadayadyam E. 

3 A om. ushna ushnopakaranaih ; bot cf , A. fol. 34 a. 




tin4 ratnaparikshak^ SJiuyoktah | bhavanto ratnanam miilyam kuruta 
iti I na 9akyate ratn^^ mulyam kartum iti J dharmatS, yasya na 
cakyate mulyam kartum tasya kotimulyam kriyate | te kathayanti | 
gi-ihapate asya ratnasya kotir mulyam iti | tasya jfi4tayali samgamya 
sam&gamya trini saptakany ekavimgatidivasani vistarena jitasya jdti- 
maham kritvS, namadheyam vyavasthS,payanti kim bhavatu ddrakasya 
nameti | ayam dS,rakah kotimulyayS, ratnapratyuptikayS, 4muktay4 
jatah. gravaneshu ca nakshatreshu [ bhavatu d&rakasya ^ronah 
Kotikarna iti nima | yasminn eva divase Cronah Kotikamo j^tah 
tasmimi eva divase Balasenasya grihapater dvau presbyad^rakau 
jatau I tenaikasya D&saka iti namadheyam vyavasthipitam aparasya 
Palaka iti | Cronah Kotikarno 'shtibhyo dhS,tribhyo 'nupradatto 
dvabhySm am9adhatribhyS,m dvS,bhy§,m kridanikabhySm dvibhySm 
maladh&tribhyam dvibhyS,m. kshiradhS,tribhyim | so 'shtSbhir dh4- 
tribhir unniyate vardhyate^ kshirena dadhnS, navanitena sarpishS. 
^sarpimanden&nyaig cottaptottaptair upakaranavigeshair kqn vardhyate 
hradastham iva pankajam | sa yadS, mahan samvrittas tadi HpySm 
upanyastah samkhyiyam gananayam mudr^yam uddhS,re ny§,se 
nikshepe vastuparikshayaip. ratnaparikshS,y^ so 'shtS,su pariksh&sud- 
ghatako^ vacakah panditah patupracfirah sainvrittah | tasya pitr& 
trini vasagrihani mipitani haimantikam graishmikain vS,rshikam I 
triny udyanani mapitani haimantikam graishmikain. vS,rshikam I 
triny antahpurani pratyupasthapitini jyeshthakam madhyamam 
kanyasam [ sa upariprasadatalagato nishparushena* turyena kridati 
ramate paricarayati | Balaseno grihapatir nityam eva krishikarmante 
udyuktah ] sa Kotikarnas tarn pitaram pagyati nityam krishikar- 
mante udyuktam | sa kathayati ] tata kasyarthe tvain nityam eva 
krishikarmante udyuktah ] sa kathayati | putra yathd tvam upariprd- 

^ Vardhayate ABCD, but in A 168 a vardhyate. 

2 SicMSS. 

3 ABCD here udghatavacakah, bat elsewhere as in text. 
* nishpurushena BD. 

■^ .J. .-UJ,Jtt^JIWU.i.Wyi|IH 



sadatalagato nishparushena ' tilryena kridasi ramasi paricS,rayasi yady 
aham apy evam eva krideyam rameyam paricarayeyam na cir^d 
evS,smS,kam bhogas tanutvam parikshayam paryidanam gaccheyuh. | 
sa samlakshayati | mamaivartham codana kriyate | sa kathayati ] tata 
yady evain gacchami mahasamudraia avatarami | pita kathayati | 
putra tdvantam me^ ratnajitam asti yadi tvam tilatandulakola- 
kulatthanyiyena ratnani paribhoksliyase tathapi me ratnS,nS,in 
parikshayo na syat | sa kathayati | tatanuj&nihi mam panyam 
MS,ya mahasamudram avataramiti | Balasenena tasyavagyam nir- 
bandham jnS,tvS,nujnatah | Balasenena grihapatina [A. 2. b] "VS,sa- 
vagramake ghantavaghoshanam kritam yo yushmakam utsahate 
^ronena Kotikarnena sarthavahena sardham agulkenatarapanyena 
mahasamudram avatartum sa mahisamudragamaniyam panyam sa- 
mudSnayatu | pancabhir banikgatair mahasamudragamantyam panyam 
samudanitam | Balaseno n^ma grihapatih samlakshayati | kidrigena 
yanena Cronah Kotikamo yisyati | sa samlakshayati | saced dhasti- 
bhir hastinah sukumarS, durbhardg ca, a§va api sukumarS, durbharS^ 
ca, gardabhah smritimantah sukum^rSg ca, gardabhayanena gacchatv 
iti I sa pitrahuyoktah | putra na tvayd sarthasya purast^d gantavyam 
napi prishthatah, yadi balavamg cauro bhavati sirthasya purastS.n 
nipatati, durbalo bhavati prishthato nipatati, tvaya sarthasya madhye 
gantavyam na ca te s§,rthavSlie^ hatah sS,rtho vaktavyah | DasakapS,- 
lakav apy uktau | putrau* yuvabhyam na kenacit prakarena Qronah 
Kotikarno moktavya iti | athiparena samayena ^ronah Kotikarnah 
kritakautukamangalasvastyayano m^tuh sakS,9am upasamkramya 
padayor nipatya kathayati | amba gacchami avalokitS, bhava mahasa- 
mudram avatar§,mi | sk ruditum arabdh^ | sa kathayati | amba kasm§,d 
rodasi | m/ita sagrudurdinavadanS, kathayati [ putra kadacid aham 
putrakam punar api jivantam drakshyamiti | sa samlakshayati | aham 

^ nishpurushena BD. 
3 Sic MSS. 

2 B om. me. 

* putrai AB, putraih C. 




mangalaih samprasthitah | iyam idii§am amangalam abhidhatte | sa 
rushitah kathayati | amba aham kritakautuhalamangalasvastyayano 
mahasamudrain samprasthitah | tvam cedrigSiiy amangalani karoshi | 
apayan^ kim na pagyasiti | sa kathayati | putra kharam te vS,kkarma 
nicc^ritam atyayam atyayato degaya | apy evaitat karma tanutvam 
parikshayam pary&danam. gaccheta | sa tenatyayam atyayato ksha- 
m&pita* I Atha Qronah Kotikarnah kritakautuhalamangalasvastyaya- 
nah gakatair bharair motaih pitakair ushtrair gobhir gardabhaih 
prabhutam samudragamaniyam panyam S,ropya mah§,samudram sam- 
prasthitah I so 'nupurvena gr&managaranigamapallipattaneshu can- 
curyamanah mahasamudratatam anupraptah | nipunatah sam"udram 
yanapatram pratipadya mahasamudram avatirno dhanaharakah | so 
'nugunena viyunS, Ratnadvipam anupri,ptah | tena tatropaparikshyo- 
paparikshya ratnS,ndm tad vahanam puritam tadyathS, tilatandula- 
kolakulatthanam | so 'nugunena vayunS, samsiddhaySnap&tro Jam- 
budvipam anuprS,ptah | sa sS.rthas tasminn eva samudratire avS,sitah | 
asau Cronah Kotikarno 'pi sarthavaho Dasakapalakav ^d§,ya skr- 
thamadhyM ekS,nte 'pakramya ^S,yam vyayam ca tulayitum S,rab- 
dhah I pagcat tenasau Dasako 'bhihitah | Dasaka pagya sarthah kim 
karotiti | sa gatah | yS,vat pagyati s&rtham suptara so 'pi tatraiva 
suptah j Dasakag cir^yatiti kritva Palako 'bhihitah J Pilaka pagya 
s§,rthah kim karotiti | sa gatah | ylivat pagyati sthordm lardayantara 
sartham so 'pi sthorim lardayitum ^rabdhah | Ddsakah samlakshayati 
Palakah sarthavaham gabdapayishyati | Pdlako 'pi samlakshayati 
Dasakah sarthavaham gabdapayishyatiti | sa sarthah saratrim eva 
sthoram lardayitvji samprasthitah | so 'pi gadhanidravashtabdhah 
gayitah | sa sarthas tivad gato yavat prabhatam | te kathayanti 
bhavantah kva sarthavahah [ purastad gacchati | purastad gatv& 
piicchanti kva sarthavahah | prishthata ligacchati \ prishthato gatva 

^ apsiyatA. 

' So MSS., atyayato being proverbial with de^aya. 
3 ayavyayam ca ABCD. 




pricchanti kva sS,rthavahah | madhye gacchati | madhye [A. 3. a] 
gatva pricchanti | jkvat tatrapi nasti | Dasakah. katliayati mama 
buddbir utpanna Palakah sarthavaham gabdapayishyati | PSlako 'pi 
kathayati mama buddhir utpanna DS,sakah. sarthavaham gabdlipa- 
yishyatiti | bhavanto na gobhanam kritam yad asmS,bhih sartha- 
vahah choritah | dgacchata nivartS,mah | te kathayanti | bhavanto 
yadi vayam nivartishyamah sarva evanayena vyasanam apatsyS,mah [ 
agacchata kriyakiram tivat kurmah | tavan na kenacic Chronasya 
Kotikarnasya m§,tS,pitribhyam ^rocayitavyam y^vad bhSjidam pra- 
tigamitam^ bhavatiti ] te kriyakaram kritva gatah | Cronasya Koti- 
karnasya matapitribhyam grutain. Cronah Kotikarno 'bhyagata iti | 
tau pratyudgatau kva sarthavahah | madhye agacchati | madhye 
gatva pricchatah kva sarthavaha iti | te kathayanti prishthata &gac- 
chati I prishthato gatva pricchatah kva sarthavahah | purastad gac- 
chatiti I tais tavad S,kulikritau yavad bhandam pratigamitam^ | 
■p&qckt te kathayanti amba vismrito 'smabhih sarthavaha iti | 
tabhyam eka agatya kathayati ayam Qronah Kotikarno 'bhyS.gata 
iti I tasya tav abhisiratn dattvS, pratyudgatau na pagyatah | apara 
agatya kathayati amba dishtya vardhasvayam ^ronah Kotikarno 
'bhyagata iti ] tasya tav abhisaram dattva pratyudgatau na pagyatah | 
tau na kasyacit punar api graddadhatum S,rabdhau | tabhy§,m 
udyaneshu svakasabhMevakuleshu chatrani vyajanani kala9§,ny 
upanahani caksharany^ abhilikhitani dattani sthS,pitani yadi tavac 
Chronah Kotikarno jivati laghv agamanaya kshipram §-gamanaya, 
atha cyutah kalagatah tasyaiva gatyupapattisthanat sthanantaravig- 
eshatayai | tau gokena rudantav andhibhutau | Qronah Kotikarnah 
sarthav^ho 'pi suryamgubhih sprishta atapitah prativibuddho yavat 
sartham na pagyati nanyatra gardabhayanam eva | sa tarn garda- 
bhayinam abhiruhya samprasthitah | ratrau ca vatena pravayata. 

^ prati^ramitam ABCD. 

- ABC here caksharany, but the n given rightly infra, fol. 5 b. 


valukaya margo vyapodhah pithitah' | te ca gardabhSi smritimanto 
gandham aghrayaghr^ya ganair mandamandam samprasthit^i | 
sarthavaliah saialakshayati | kasmad ete ganair mandamandam 
gacchantiti kritva pratodayashtyS, taditSJhi | te sarabhrantSi ( Skuli- 
bhutah smiitibhrashta unm^rgena samprasthita y&vad anyatamS,9§,- 
tavi pravishta* | te trish4rt4 vihvalavadana jihvSiii nimS,mayya 
gacchanti | tan drishtvi tasya kS,runyam utpannam | sa samlaksha- 
yati I yady etan notsrakshyami anayena vyasanam S,patsye | ko 'sau 
nirghrinaliridayas tyaktaparaloka9 ca ya eshlim pratodayashtim kiye 
nipatayishyati | tena ta utsrishtah | adyagrena acchinnigrini trinHni 
bhakshayata anavamarditani, paniyani pivata anavil^ni, caturdigara 
ca 9ital4 vayavo vantv iti sa tfin utsrijya padbhyam saraprasthitah | 
yavat pagyati S,yasam nagaram uccam ca pragriliitam^ ca | tatra dvire 
purushas tishthati kilo raudrag cando lohitaksha udviddhapindo 
lohalagudavyagrahastah [ sa tasya sakigam upasamkrSntah | upasam- 
kramya tarn purusham pricchati | asty atra bhob purusba pS,niyam 
iti I sa tushni vyavasthitah. | bhuyas tena prishto 'sty atra nagare 
paniyam iti | bhuyo 'pi sa tiishni vyavasthitab* | tena sirthavSliena 
tatra pravigya paniyam paniyam iti gabdo nigctritah | yS,vat paiica- 
m&traih pretasahasrair dagdhasthunS-sadrigair asthiyantravad ucchri- 
taih. svakegaromapraticchannaib parvatodarasamnibliaih. sucichidro- 
pamamukbair [A. 3. b] anuparivS,ritab Qronab Kotikarnah | te 
kathayanti | sarthavSba k^runikas tvam asmlkam trishart4n&ni plni- 
yam anuprayaccha | sa kathayati | bhavanto 'ham api piniyam eva 
mrigayami kuto 'ham yushmakam piniyam anuprayacchimiti | te 
kathayanti | sarthav^ha pretanagaram idam kuto 'tra pSniyam | 
adyismabhir dvMaQabhir varshaih tvatsakag^t paniyam paniyam iti 
gabdah grutah \ sa kathayati | ke yuyam bhavantah kena vS, karmana 
ihopapannah | grona dushkuhaka Jambudvipaka manushya nabhi- 

^SoABCD. Query pihitah? 2 pravishtSh ABCD. » uccapragrihitam ABCD. 
* MSS. here tftshnim avasthitah, but elsewhere generaUy tushni vyavasthitah. 




Qraddadhasyasi | aham bhavantah pratyakshadarQi kasinS,n nftbhi- 
9raddadhasye | te gath§,in. bhashante | 

S,kr09ak& roshakS, vayam matsarinah kutukuncaka vayam | 
ddnam ca na dattam anv api' yena* vayam pitrilokam agatah || 
^rona gaccha punyamahe^akhyas tvam | asti kagcit tvayS, 
drishtah. pretanagaram pravishtah svastikshem&bhyain nirgacchan | 
sa samprasthitah yavat tenasau purusho drishtah | tenoktab | 
bhadramukha ' ahovata tvaya mamarocitam* syad yathedam 
pretanagaram iti naham atra pravishtah sykxa | sa tenoktah. | 
Qrona gaccha punyamaheQcikliyas tvam yena tvam pretanagaram 
pravigya svastiksbemabhyam nirgatah | sa samprasthitab yavad apa- 
ram pagyaty ayasam nagaram uccam ca pragrihitam ca | tatripi 
dvare purusbas tisbthati kalag cando lobitiksba udviddhapindo 
lobalagudavyagrabastab | sa tasya sakS,9ani upasamkrantab | npasam- 
kramyaivam dba | bbob purusba asty atra nagare p&niyam | sa 
tusbnt vyavastbitab | bbuyas tena prishto bbob purusba asty atra 
nagare piniyam | sa tusbni vyavastbitab | tena tatra pravigya pS,nl- 
yam pSniyam iti Qabdab kritab | anekaib pretasabasrair dagdba- 
stbun^kritibbir astbiyantravad uccbritaib svakegaromapraticcbannaib 
parvatodarasamnibbaib sucicbidropamamukbair anuparivaritab j Qro- 
na* kaninikas tvam asmakam trisbartanS,m pS,niyam anuprayaccba | 
sa kathayati | abam api bbavantab piniyam eva mrigayS,mi kuto 'ham 
yushmikam paniyam dadamiti | te kathayanti [ Qrona pretanagaram 
idam kuto 'tra paniyam | adyasmabhir dvadagabhir varshais tvatsa- 
kagat paniyam paniyam iti gabdab grutab | sa caha | ke yuyam 
bbavantab kena va karmanS, ihopapannab | ta ucuh | (^rona dusbku- 
baka Jambudvipaka manusbya^ nabbigraddadbasyasi | sa cfiba abam 

1 ABCD anv api ; but anv api in next page. 

2 A yena ca vayam ; but right in next page. 

3 ABCD here bhadramudra, but elsewhere as in text. 

4 mama rocitam ABCD. 6 Cronah ABCD. 
" manushya ABCD. 





bhavantah pratyakshadargi kasman nabhigraddadhasye | te gatham 

bhashante | 

arogyamadena mattaka ye dhanabhogamadena mattakaii | 
danam ca na dattam anv api yena vayam pitnlokam Sgatai 1 1 
grona gaccha punyakarma tvam, asti kagcit tvaya drishtah grutah 
sa pretanagai-aiu praviQya svastikshemabliyam jivan nirgacchan | sa 
samprasthitah yavat tenasau purusho drishtah ] sa tenoktah ( bha- 
dramukha ahovata yadi tvaya mamarocitam syad yathedam^ preta- 
nagaram iti naivaham atra pravishtah syam [ sa kathayati ] ^rona 
gaccha punyamahegakhyas tvam, asti kagcit tvaya drishtah qmito 
va pretanagaram pravi9ya svastikshemabhyam jivan nirgacchan ] sa 
samprasthitah yavat pa^yati suryasyastagamanakaie vimanam catasro 
'psarasah abhirupah prasadika darQaniyah | ekah purusho 'bhirupo 
dar9aniyah prasadikah angadakundalavicitramaiyabharananulepanas 
tabhih sardham kridati ramate paricarayati | sa tair durata eva 
drishtah | te tarn pratyavabhashitum arabdhah | svagatam Qrona 
masi* trishito bubhukshito va | sa samlakshayati | nunana devo 'y^m / 
va nago va yaksho va bhavishyati | aha ca | arya trishito 'smi bubhuk- 
shito 'smi I sa taih snapito bhojitah | sa tasmin vimane tavat sthito yavat 
suryasyabhyudgamanakaiasamayah | sa tenoktah | Crona avatarasva 
adinavo 'tra bhavishyati | so 'vatirya ekante vyavasthitah | tatah 
pagcat suryasyabhyudgamanakaiasamaye tad vimanam antarhitam 
ta [A. 4, a] apy Apsaraso 'ntarhitag catvarah ^yamagabaiah^ kur- 
kurah pradurbhutah | tais tam purusham avamurdhakam patayitva 
tavat prishthavamgan utpatyotpatya bhakshito yavat suryasyastaga- ' 
manakaiasamayas, tatah pagcat punar api tad vimananx pradur- 
bhutam ta Apsarasah pradurbhutah | sa ca purushas tabhih sardham 
kridati ramate paricarayati j sa tesham sakagam upasamkramya 
kathayati | ke yuyam kena ca karmana ihopapannah | te procuh | 
Qrona dushkuhaka Jambudvipaka manushya nabhigraddadhasyasi | 
^ yathaivam MSS. . 2 magato. 'si D. s <?yamasavaiah MSS. 

c. „:;.;.,_ '2 




sa caha j ahain pratyakshadargi katham nS,bhi9raddadhasye | Crona 
aham YdsavagrS,make aurabhrika asit | urabhran praghatya praghatya 
mamsam vikriya jivikS,m kalpayS,ini | S,rya9 ca Mahakaty^yano ma- 
manukampaya ^gatya kathayati, bhadramuklia anishto 'sya karmanah 
pLalavipakah ] virama tvam asmat papakad asaddharmat | nahain tasya 
vacanena viram^mi | bhuyo bhuyah. sa mS.Tri viccbandayati bhadra- 
mukhanishto 'sya karmano phalavipakah. | virama tvam asmS,t pa- 
pakad asaddharmat | tathapy ahain na prativiram§,mi | sa main pric- 
chati bbadramukha^ kira tvam etan urabhrSn divS, praghatayasy 
ahosvid ratrau | mayoktah irya diva praghatayamiti | sa kathayati 
bhadramukha ratrau 9ilasamadS,nam kim na grihnasi | mayS, tasydn- 
tikM r&trau gilasamadanam grihitam | yat tad ratrau gilasamManam 
grihitam tasya karmano vipakena ratrav evamvidham divyam sukham 
pratyanubhavami yan maya diva urabhrah praghatitah tasya kar- 
mano vipakena divk evamvidham duhkham pratyanubhavUmi | 
gathS,m ca bhashate [ 

divasam paraprS,napidako ratrau gilagunaih samanvitah | 
tasyaitat karmanah phalam hy anubhavami kalyanapapakam j | 
Qrona gamishyasi tvam VasavagrS,makam | gamishyami [ tatra 
mama putrah prativasati | sa urabhran praghS,tya praghdtya jivi- 
Isikm. kalpayati | sa tvaya vaktavyah, drishtas te maya pita kathayati 
anishto 'sya karmanah phalavipako viramdsmat papakad asaddhar- 
mat I bhoh purusha tvam evam kathayasi dushkuhaka Jambudvipak^ 
manushya iti nabMgraddadhasyati | Crona yadi na graddadhisyati 
vaktavyas tava pita kathayati asisunadhastat suvarnasya kalaQah 
purayitv^ sthipitah | tarn uddhrityatmanam samyaksukhena prinaya 
&ryam ca Mahakatyayanam kalena kMam pindakena pratipaday^s- 
makam ca namna dakshinam adegaya | apy evaitat karma tanutvam 
parikshayam paryadanam gacchet [ sa samprasthitah yavat suryasyS,- 
bhyudgamanakalasamaye pagyaty aparam vimanam | tatra ekk ApsarS, 

* bhadramudra ABC. • 


-ri^:„. ,. 





abhirupa darganiyS, pras^dika ekag ca purusha' abhirupo darQaniyah 
prasadikah angadakundalavicitramMy^bharananulepaiias tay^ s&r- 
dham kridati ramate paricS,rayati | sa tarn durata eva drisbtvA 
pratyavabhishitum' firabdhah | sv&gataip. Crona m^ trishito 'si 
mS. bubhukshito 'si vi | sa samlakshayati | niinain ayam devo v4 
nS.go vS, [A. 4. b] yaksho vk bhavisbyati | sa kathayati | trishito 'smi 
bubhukshitag ca | sa tena snS,pito bhojitab | sa tasmin viinS,ne t^vat 
sthitah y4vat suryasyastamgamanakalasamayah. | sa tenoktah | ava- 
tarasvadinavo 'tra bhavisbyati | sa drishtMinavo Vatirya ek&nte 
Vasthitah [ tatab pagc&t suryasyS.stagamanakaiasainaye tad vim&nam. 
antarhitam sS,py ApsarS, aiitarhit4 | mahati gatapadi prMurbhutS, | 
tayS, tasya purushasya kS,yena kiyam saptakritvo veshtayitvS, t&vad 
uparimastikam bhakshayanti sthitS, ydvat sa eva suryasyibhyudgama- 
nakalasamayah | tatab. pagc&t punar api tad vimS,nam pradurbhutain 
sapy Apsarab pradurbhuta sa ca purusk© 'bhirupo darganiyah prdsS,- 
dikas taya sardham kridati ramate paricS,rayati | sa tarn upasam- 
kramya pricchati ko bhavan. kena kannana ihopapaimab | sa evam 
aha I Qrona dushkuhak^ Jambudyipaka manushyS, nibhigraddadha- 
syasi | sa kathayati | aham pratyakshadargl kasman nibhigraddadha- 
sye I sa kathayati j yady evam aham Vasavagramake brahmana ^sit 
paradarikah | dryag ca Mahakatyayano mamanukampayagatya ka- 
thayati bhadramukhanishto 'sya karmanah phalavipako virama tvam 
asmat papakad asaddharmat [ tasya vacanad aham na pmtiviramami | 
bhAyo bhilyah sa mam vicchandayati | tathaivaham tasmat papakad 
asaddharman na prativiramami | sa mam pricchati bhadramukha 
paradaran kirn tvam diva gacchasy ahosvid ratrau | sa mayabhihitah 
arya ratrau | sa kathayati bhadramukha diva kirn na gUasamadanam 
grihnasi I maya tasyantike diva gilasamadanam gidhttam | yat tan 
mayaryasya Katyayanasyantikad diva gilasamadanam grihitam tasy 
karmano vipakena diva evamvidham divyasukham pratyanubhavami, 
' Sic ABC, purusho abhi- D. 2 pratyabhfishitum ABCD. 





yat tad r^trau parad4rS.bliigainanam kritam tasya karmano vipS,kena 
ratrav evamvidham duhkham pratyanubhav&mi | gathS,m ca bh&shate | 
rS,trau paradaramurchito divasam gilagunaih samanvitah. | 
tasyaitat karmanah phalam hy anubhavami kalyanapapakam ] | 
Crona gamishyasi tvam 'VS.savagramakain, tatra mama putro brSlima- 
nah pS,radarikab, sa vaktavyah, drishtas te mayS, pita, sa kathayaty 
anisbto 'sya karmanah phalavipS.ko viramS,smat papakS.d asad- 
dharmat | bhoh. purusha tvam evam kathayasi dushkuhakS, Jambud- 
vipakli, manushyji iti | etan me kah graddadhasyati ' | Crona yan na 
9raddadhS,syati vaktavyah | tava pitri* 'gnishtomasy^dhastat suvar- 
rLakala9ah purayitvS, sth^pitah tam uddhrityatm^nam samyaksukhena 
prinaya ^ryam ca Mahakdty^yanam kalena kMam pindakena prati- 
pMayasmakam ca n^mnS, dakshinam S,de9ayS,py evaitat karma tanu- 
tvam parikshayam paryadanam gacchet | sa samprasthitah | y&vat 
pagyati vimtnam tatraikS, stri abhirupS, darganiyS, prS,sS,dikS, anga- 
dakundalavicitramalyS,bharaninulepanS, tasyag caturshu paryankapS,- 
dakeshu catv^rah preta baddhas tishthanti | [A. 5. a] s4 tam durata 
eva drishtva pratyavabh§,shitum ^rabdhS, | (^rona svS,gatam mS, 
trishito 'si ma bubhukshito 'si va | sa samlakshayati | nunam devtyam 
vk nagi vk yakshi vi bhavishyati | sa kathayati | arye trishito 'smi 
bubhukshito 'smi | tayS,s§,v udvartitah sn^pita khkro dattah [ uktam 
ca ^rona yady ete kimcin mrigayanti mS, d&syasity uktva teshS,m 
sattvanam karmasvakat§,m pratyakshikartuk§,ma vimSnam pravig- 
yavasthita [ te mrigayitum arabdhah | Qrona klirunikas tvam bubhu- 
kshito vayam asmOkam anuprayaccha | tenaikasya kshiptam busa- 
plS,vi prMurbhutS, | aparasya kshiptam ayogudain.^ bhakshayitum. 
Arabdhah | aparasya kshiptam svamamsam* bhakshayitum arabdhah | 
aparasya kshiptam puya^onitam pradurbhutam ] sa visragandhena 
nirgatO | Qrona nivaritas tvam mayS, kasmat tvayaisham dattam j kim 

1 <?raddadhasyasi ABCD. 2 pit^ ABCD. 3 -gudam MSS. 

* 9vamansam BCD, but cf. infra ; all the MSS. read mansam. 




mama karunikaya tvam eva karunikatarah | sa kathayati | bhagini 
tavaite ke bhavanti | si kathayati | ayam me sv^mi ayam me putra 
iyam me snusha iyam me dist | sa aha | ke yilyam kena va karmana 
ihopapannah | tayoktam ] Crona dushkuhaka jambudvipaka manushya 
itinabhi9raddadhasyasi' | aham pratyakshadargi kasman nabhigradda- 
dhasye | sa kathayati | aham Yasavagramake brahmany asit | maya 
nakshatraratryam pratyupasthitayam pranitam aharam sajjikritam | 
aryamahakatyayano mamanukampaya Yasavagramake pindaya pra- 
vikshat | sa maya drishtah kayaprasadikag cittaprasadikag cittam 
abhiprasamiam drishtva, sa maya prasadajataya pindakena prati- 
paditah | tasya mama buddhir utpaima svaminam anumodayami 
pramodyam utpadayishyatiti | sa snatva agato mayoktam | arya- 
putranumodasva mayaryo Mahakatyayanah pindakena pratipaditah | 
sa rushito yavad brahmananani na diyate jfiatinam va jfiatipuja^ na 
kriyate tavat tvaya tasmai mundakaya §ramanakayagrapindakam 
dattam | so 'marshajatah kathayati kasmat sa mundakah gramanako 
busaplavim na bhakshayatiti | tasya karmano vipakenayam busapia- 
vim bhakshayati | mama buddhir utpanna putram apy anumodayami 
pramodyam utpadayishyatiti | so 'pi mayoktah putranumodasva 
mayaryo Mahakatyayanah pindakena pratipaditah | so 'pi rushito 
yavad brahmananam na diyate jfiatinam va jfiatipuja na kriyate 
tavat tvaya tasmai mundakaya gramanakayagrapindam dattam | so 
'py amarshajatah kathayati kasmat sa mundakah gramanako 'yo- 
gudam na bhakshayatiti | tasya karmano vipakenayam ayogudam 
bhakshayati | nakshatraratryam pratyupasthitayam mama jfiatayah 
prahenakani preshayanti tany ahara snushayah samarpayami sa 
pranitani prahenakani bhakshayitva mama luhany upanamayati | 
aham teshaip jnatlnam samdigami | kim nu yuyam durbhikshe yatha 
luhani prahenakani preshayata | te mama [A. 5. b] samdiganti na 

^ nfiblucjraddadhasyati ABCD. 

2 jfiatinam sajufitipiija ABCD here, but cf. infra. 






vayam luhani preshay^mah, api tu pranit^ny eva prahenakani 
preshaylimah | mayi snushabhihit^ vadhuke mk tvam pranitSui 
prahenakani bhakshayitvasmakam luhany upanSmayasi | sa katha- 
yati I kim svamamsam na bhakshayati ya tvadiyani prahenakani 
bhakshayatiti | iyain tasya karmano vipS,kena svamdins&ni bhaksha- 
yati I nakshatraratryam pratyupasthitiyam pranitani prahenakSni 
dattva preshayami | sa darika tani pranitS,ni prahenakani 
m&rge 'ntah bhakshayitvd tesham luhany upanamayati | te mama 
samdiganti kim nu tvam durbhikshe yathS, luhany asmakatp. prahena- 
kani preshayasi | aham tesham saindigami naham luhani preshay&mi 
api tu pranitSny evaham preshayamiti | maya darikabhihita darike 
ma tvam pranitani prahenakani bhakshayitva tesham luhany upa- 
namayasi j sa kathayati kim nu puya^onitam na bhakshayati ya tva- 
diy&ni prahenakani bhakshayatiti | tasya karmano vipakeneyam 
puyaconitam bhakshayati | mama buddhir utpannS, tatra pratisam- 
dhiTTi grihniyam yatraitan sarvan svakam svakam karmaphalam pari- 
bhunjanan pacyeyam iti | yaya mayaryamahakatyayanam pindakena 
pratipadya pranite trayastrimce devanikaye^ upapattavyam sSham 
mithyapranidhanavacat pretamahardhika samviitta | Crona gamish- 
yasi tvam Yasavagramakam tatra mama dixhita vegyam vahayati | 
sa tvaya vaktavya drishtas te maya pita m^ta bhrat^ bhratur jaya 
dasi I te kathayanti anishto 'sya karmanah phalavipako viramasmad 
asaddharmat | bhagini^ tvam eva kathayasi* dushkuhaka Jambu- 
dvipaka manushya nabhigraddadhasyanti | Crona yadi na* gradda- 
dhS,syati vaktavya tava paurane paitrike vasagrihe catvaro lohasam- 
ghatah suvarnasya purnas tishthanti madhye ca sauvarnadandaka- 
mandaluh | te kathayanti tam uddhrityatmanam samyaksukhena 
prinaya aryam ca. Mahakatyayanam kalena kalam pindakena prati- 
padaya asmakam ca namna dakshinam Megaya | apy evaitat karma 

1 trayastrimQe ddeva" BC ; query trayastrimpaddevanikaye ? 

3 kathayati ABCD. ■» yadi na ABCD. 

2 bhagini ABC 





tanutvam parikshayam paryad^am gacchet | tena tasy^h pratijna- 
tam I evam tasya paribhramato dv&daga varshatikrSntah* | tayoktah 
Crona gamishyasi tvam Yisavagramakam | bhagini gamishy^mi j 
sa tasminn eva vim^ne ushitah. | tay^ tesham eva pretS,nain Sjnlfc 
datta bbavanto gacchata Qronam Kotikarnam suptam eva YS,sava- 
gramake paitrike udyane stliS,payitvS, igacchata | sa tair "V^sava- 
gr&make paitrike udyane sthapitah. | sa prativibuddho y&vat pagyati 
ghantachattrani vyajanS,n.y^ aksharani likhitani | yadi tavac Chronah 
Kotikamo jivati laghv S,gamanS,ya kshipram S-gamanaya, cyutah 
kalagato gatyupapattisth&nat sthandntaravigeshatayai^ | sa samlak- 
shayati | yady aham matS,pitribhy^ip. mrita eva grihitah kasni^d bhuyo 
■'ham griham pravigami gacchamy AryamabakatyayanasySiitikit pra- 
vrajS,miti | atEa Qronah Kotikarno yenS,yxisliinan Mahakatyayanas 
tenopasamkrantah | adrakshid ^yushman Mahakatyjiyanah Cronam 
Kotikamam durad eva drishtva ca punah Cronam Kotikarnam idam 
avocat I ehi Qrona svagatam te drishtas te Crona [A. 6. a] ayam 
lokah. paraQ ca lokah. | sa kathayati ] drishto bhadanta Mahik^tya- 
yana labheyaham bhadanta Mahak^tyayana svS,khydte dharmavinaye 
pravrajyam upasampadam bhikshubh&vam careyam aham bhavato 
'ntijse brahmacaryam | sa dryenoktab [ Qrona tim tS,vat purvikS,in 
pratijnam paripuraya yathagrihitan saiiide9S,n samarpayeti | sa 
tasyaurabhrikasya sakagam upasamkrantab | bbadramukba drishtas 
te pita mayS, | ^ kathayati anishto 'sya karmanah phalavipako vi- 
ramasmad asaddharmat | bhoh purusha adya mama pitnr dvadaga 
varshani kalagatasya, asti kagcid drishtah paralokat punar ^gacchan | 
bhadramukha esho 'ham ^gatah | n^sau graddadh^ti | bhadramukha 
yadi na Qraddadhisi sa tava pitS, kathayati, asisunadhastit suvarnasya 
kalaQah purnas tishthati | tarn uddhrityatmanam samyaksukhena 
prinaya aryam ca Mahakatyayanam kalena kaiam pindakena prati- 

^ dvada9a varsh^i krantih AC. 2 vyanjanany ABD, but cf. p. 6. 

2 ABCD sthanavi^eshatayai, but cf. supra. 




pS.dayasmakam da nainn^ dakshin^m S,de9ayapy evaitat karma tanu- 
tvam parikshayam paryadanaip. gacchet | sa samlakshayati | na ka- 
dacid evam may^ grutapurvam, pagyami saced bhutam bhavishyati 
sarvam etat satyam | tena gatva khanitam yS.Tat tat sarvam tat 
tathaiva tenabhigraddadhatam | tatah pagcat sa paradarikasya sakd- 
9am upasamkrantah | upasamkramya kathayati | bhadramukha drishtas 
te mayS, pita | sa kathayati, anishto 'sya karmanah. phalavipako vira- 
masmat papakad asaddharm&t | sa kathayati | bhoh purusha adya 
mama pitur dvadaga varshani kalain gatasya, asti kagcit tvayS, 
drishtab paralokam gatva punar agacchan | bhadramukha esho 'ham 
dgatah I nasau graddadhati | sa caha | bhadramukha sacen n^bhi- 
graddadhasi tava pitr^gnishtomasyadhastat suvarnasya kalagah pura- 
yitva sthapitah | sa kathayati, tarn uddhrityatmanam samyaksukhena 
prinayaryam ca Mahakityayanam kalena kalam pindakena pratip^- 
dayasmakaip. ca namna dakshinam adegayapy evaitat karma tanu- 
tvam parikshayam paryadS,nam gacchet | sa samlakshayati | na ka- 
dacid etan mayji grutapurvain, pagyami saced bhutam bhavishyati 
sarvam etat satyam | tena gatvS, khanitarp. y§,vat tat sarvam tat 
tathaiva tenS-bhigraddadhatam* | sa tasya vegyayah* sakagam upasam- 
kranta upasamkramya kathayati | bhagini drishtas te mayi mata pita 
bhratS. bhratur jaya dasi [ te kathayanti anishto 'sya karmanah phalar 
vipako viramasmat papakad asaddharmat | sa kathayati | bhoh pu- 
rusha mama matapitror dv^daga varshani k&Iagatayoh, asti kagcit 
tvayi drishtah paralokam gatvS, punar S,gacchan [ sa kathayati | esho 
'ham ^gatah | sa na graddadhati j sa kathayati | bhagini sacen na- 
bhigraddadhasi tava. paurane paitrike v^sagrihe catasrah lohisam- 
ghkbkh suvarnapurn&s tishthanti madhye ca sauvarnadandakaman- 
daluh [ te kathayanti, tam uddhrityatmanam samyaksukhena pri- 
nayaryam ca Mahakatyayanam kalena kalam pindakena pratipadaya 
[A. 6. b] asmakam ca namna dakshinam Megayapy evaitat karma 

1 tenabhi^raddhanam ABCD. 2 vai^yayah ABCD. 




tanutvara parikshayam paryManam gacchet | sS, samlakshayati na 
kadacin mayi grutapurvam, pagyl-mi saced bhutam bhavishyati sar- 
vam etat satyam | tayS, gatvS, khanitam y&vat tat sarvam tat tathaiva 
tayabhigraddadhitam* | Cronah Kotikarnah samlakshayati | sarvo 
'yam lokah suvarnasya graddadh&ti na tu kagcin mama 9raddhayS, 
gacchatiti | tena vaipushpitarp. | 9i9utve suvarnena daganS, baddhih | 
tayasau pratyabhijnatah | sy§,d S,ryah ^ronah Kotikarna eva, te 
bhaginijanah. samjanate^ | tayS, gatvS, tasya mS,tS,pitribhyS,m. S,ro- 
citam I amba t^ta Kotikarno 'bliyS,gata iti [ anekais tesham &ro- 
citam I te na kasyacit graddhayS, gacchanti | te kathayanti putri 
tvam apy asmS,kam utprS,sayasi^ | yS,vad asau svayam eva gatah [ 
tena dvSrakoshthake sthitvotk^ganagabdab'' kritah | hiranyasvaro 'sau 
mahatma, tasya gabdena sarvam griham S,puritam* | sa taih svarena 
pratyabhijnS.tah | te kanthe parish vajya ruditum drabdhau® | teshim 
vS,shpena patalini sphutitSui', drashtum ^rabdhau | sa kathayati 
amba t&tanujanidhvam pravrajishyami samyag eva graddhayS, agar§,d 
anagarikam j tau kathayatah | putrdvam tvadiyena gokena rudantav 
andhibhutau, id^nim tvam evagamya cakshuh pratilabdhain* ( 
yavad ^vam jivdmas tS,van na pravrajitavyam® | yadS, kilam kari- 
shytmas tad^ pravrajishyasi | tenS,yushmato Mahakaty&yanasydnti- 
kad dharmam grutv^ grotipattiphalam sakshatkritam matApitarau 
ca garanagamanagikshapadeshu pratishth^pitau | 4gamacatushtayam 
adhitam sakridaglimiphalam sakshatkritam, mat^pitarau satyeshu 
pratishthipitau | aparena samayena tasya mat^pitarau k&lagatau J 
sa tam dhanajatam dinandthakripanebhyo dattva daridrin adaridr^n 
kritva yenfiyushman Mahakatyayanas tenopasamkrantah, upasam- 

Sie ABCD. 

Kotikarnah sa janah samjanate. 
utpranayasi A; utpra^rayasi C. 
ABCD. 6 Sic ABCD. 

MSS. *» -tavyah MSS. 

C. "' 

' Cronah— samjtoate ; sic BD. AC have Cronah 

* Ex conj. utprfiijayasi BD; 
* utkasanapabdah ? s ^.pfiritah 

' sphutik&ni MSS. « .bdhah 





kramyayushmato MahS,k^ty^yanasya padau girasft vanditvS,. ek§,nte 
'sthad ekSnte sthitah Qronah. Kotikarna ayushmantain Mahakatya- 
yanam idam avocat [ labheyaham S,ryamaliakatyayana svakhyite 
dharmavinaye pravrajySm* yavac careyaham bhagavato 'ntike brah- 
macaryam | sa S,yuslmiatS, Mahakatyayanena pravrajitas | tena pra- 
vrajya matrikadhitS,, anS,gimiplialain sakshatkritain | asmS,t par&nta- 
keshu* janapadeshv alpabhikshukam, kricchrena dagavargo ganah 
paripuryate | sa traimasim gramanero dharitah | dharmatS, khalu 
yatha buddhSnim bhagavat&in grivakanam dvau samnipatau bha- 
vatah I yag cash§,dhyS,iii varshopanayikayam* yag ca k&rttiky&m 
purnamS,syS,in | tatra ye ^shadhyam varshopaiiS,yikS,yS,m samnipatanti 
te tains tan uddegayoganianasikar&n udgrihya* paryavapya tasu 
tasu grjimanagaranigamar^shtrarajadh^nishu varsh§,m upagacchanti | 
ye karttiky&m paurnamasyam samnipatanti te yathadhigatam S,roca- 
yanti, uttare ca paripricchanti sutrasya vinayasya mS.trikayah | evam 
eva mahS,9rS,vakanS,m api | atha ye ayusbmato Mahakityayanasya 
sardhamviharyantevasikS, bhikshavas tarns tS,n uddegayogamanasi- 
k§,ravi9eshan gribya paryavapya tasu tS,su gramanagaranigamarS,- 
shtrar&jadhanishu varshim upagatS,s te trayanam varshikanam mS.s4- 
nam atyayat *kiitacivara nishthitacivarah samadaya patracivaram 
yenayushman MahakMyS,yanas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramy^- 
yushmato Mahakatyayanasya padau girasa vanditvaikante nishann^ 
ekante nishadya yathadhigatam S,rocayanti uttare ca paripricchanti | 
dagavargo ganah paripurnah | sa tenopasampaditas*, tena tritiyapi- 
takam adhitam, sarvaklegaprahanHd arhattvam [A. 7. a] sakshatkri- 
tain, arhan samvrittas traidhatukavitarago yavad abhivadyag ca 
sanivrittah.^ | athayushmato Mahakatyayanasya s&rdhamviharyante- 

1 Ex conject. ABCD pravrajya. ^ Exconj.; asyfi,parS,ntakeshu MSS. 

3 -nayaMyam A. * grihya C; A om. ^ kritactvardni 

shthitacivarah A. ^ So D. BC have sa te katyayanena nopasampaditas ; 

A sa tenopasampaditas, with te katyayanena written in the margin after sa, — 
this katyayanena is an error. ' See infra A. 62. a.. 





vasikS, ayushmantam Mahakatyayanaip y^vat tavat parytipS,sya- 
yushmantam Mahakatyayanam idam avocan | drishto 'smabhir upa- 
dhyayah paryupasitag ca gacchamo vayam bhagavanfcam paryupasi- 
shyamahe | sa caha | vatsa evam kurudhvam drashtavya eva pary- 
upasitavya eva hi tathagati arhantah samyaksambuddhah | tena khalu 
punah samayena Qronah Kotikarnas tasyam eva parshadi samnishanno 
'bhut samnipatitah | athayushinan Chronali Kotikarna utthayasanad 
ekamgam uttarasangam kritva daksbinam jS,numaridalam pritbivyS,ni 
pratishthapya yenayushman Mahakatyayanas tenanjalim kritva pra- 
namyayushmantam Mahakatyayanam idam avocat [ drishto mayopa- 
dhyayanubhavena sa bhagav^n dharmakayena no tu rupakayena, 
gacchamy iipadhyaya rupakayenapi tam bhagavantam drakshyami | 
sa aha | evain. vatsa kurushva durlabhadarganS. hi vatsa tathagata 
arhantah samyaksambuddhah tadyathS. audumbarapushpam [ asma- 
kam ca vacanena bhagavatah padau girasa vandasvalpabadhatam ca 
yavat sukhaspargavihiratam ca panca pragnamg ca priccha | 'asmat 
parantakeshu bhadanta janapadeshu alpabhikshukam kricchrena 
dagavargaganah paripuryate | tatrasmabhih kathani pratipattavyam | 
khara b'humi gokantaka dhanah* [ asmakam aparantakeshu janapa- 
deshu idam evamrupam astaranam pratyastaranain tadyatha avicar- 
ma gocarma mrigacarma cchagacarma | tadanyeshu janapadeshu idam 
evamrupam astaranam pratyastaranam tadyathS, erako -merako jan- 
durako mandurakah^ | evam * evasmat parantakeshu janapadeshv idam 
evamrupam astaranam pratyastaranam tadyatha avicarma purvavat | 
udakastabdhika manushyah snatopavicarah | bhikshur bhikshog civa- 
rakani preshayati, itagcyutEini tatrasampraptdni kasyaitsini naih- 
sargikani' | adhivasayaty ^yushman Chronah Kotikarna ayushmato 

1 asmaparantakeshu AB ; asyap- CD. 2 dhana MSS. s madurakah C. 
■* evasmaparanteshu ABCD. s The MSS. read here naisargik&ni. 

These five questions do not wholly agree with the sequel, — the text seems corrupt 
and imperfect ; compare Notes. 

I 1: 




Maliakatyayanasya tushnibhavena ] athaytishm^ii Chronah Kotikar- 
nah tasya eva ratrer atyayat purvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya 
Vasavagramakam pindaya pravikshat | yavad anupurvena Qravasfcim 
anupraptah | athayiisliman Chronali Kotikarnah patracivaram pi-ati- 
samayya padau prakshalya yena bkagavams tenopasamkranta upa- 


samkramyaikante nishannah | tatra bhagavan ayushmantam Anan- 
dam 4mantrayate sma | gacchananda tathagatasya Cronasya ca 
Kotikarnasyaikavihare 'manca^ii prajnapaya | evam bliadantety 
ayushman Anandas tathagatasya Cronasya ca Kotikarnasya yavat 
prajnapya yena bhagavams tenopasamkranta upasaipkramya bhaga- 
vantaiu idam avocat | prajiiapto bhadanta tathagatasya Cronasya 
ca Kotikarnasyaikavihare ^maiico yasyedaniia bhagavan kalara 
manyate | atha bhagavan yena (^ronasya Kotikarnasya, viharas 
tenopasamkranto yavad viharam pravigya nishannah | [A. 7. b.] 
yavat pagyati smritim pratimukham upasthapya | athaynshman api 
Cronah Kotikarao vahir viharasya padau prakshalya viharam pra- 
vicya nishannah paryaiikam &bhujya yavat pratimukham smritim 
upasthapya [ tarn khalu ratrim bhagavan ayushmarag ca Cronah Koti- 
karna aryena tushnibhavenadhivasitavan | atha bhagavan ratryah pra- 
tyushasamaye ayushmantam CFonam Kotikarnam amantrayate sma | 
pratibhatu te Crona dharmo^ yo maya svayam abhijiiayabhisambu- 
dhyakhyatah | athayushman Chrono bhagavata kritavakagah ■*asmat 
parantikaya guptikaya udanat parayanat satyadrishtah ^§ailagatha 
munigatha arthavargiyaiii^ ca sutrani vistarena svarena svadhyayam 
karoti | atha bhagavaii Chronasya Kotikarnasya kathaparyavasanam 
viditva ayushmantain Qronam Kotikaniam idam avocat [ sadhu 
sadhu Crona madhuras te dharmo bhashitah pranitag ca yo maya 
svayam abhijnayabhisambudhyakhyatah | athayushmatah Cronasya 
Kotikarnasyaitad abhavat [ ayam me kalo bhagavata upadhyayasya 


^ manca ABC. 
* Sic MSS. 

^ EC maiica 

5 -thiimMSS. 

s dharme ABCD. 
" arthavadgiyani MSS. 

iPPPPPPPfflSPJl!^^ Wit»-pii!S»!i-tW*M 



vacasarocayitum iti viditvotthayasanad yavad bhagavantam pranam- 
yedam avocat | 'asmaf parantakeshu janapadeshu Vasavagramake 
bhadanta Mahakatyayanah prativasati yo me upMhyayah | sa bhaga- 
vatah padau girasa vandate alpabadhatam ca pricchati yavat *spai'§a- 
viharatam ca panca ca pragnan pricchati vistarenoccarayitavyani | 
atha bhagavan Chronam Kotikarnam idam avocat I akalam te 
Crona pragnavyakaranaya | samgliamelakali tatra kalo bhavishyati 
pragnasya vyakaranaya | atba bhagavan kalyam evotthaya purastad 
bhikshusaipghasya prajnapta evasane nisbannah [ atbayushmaii Cbro- 
nah Kotikarno yena bhagav&nis tenopasamkramya bhagavatah 
padaii girasa vanditvaikante 'sthad ekantasthito bhagavantam idam 
avocat I asmat parantakeshu janapadeshu Vasavagramake bhadanta 
Mahakatyayanah prativasati yo me upadhyayah [ sa bhagavatah 
padau girasa vandate alpabadhatam ca pricchati yavat spargaviharatam 
ca paiica ca pragnani vistarenoccarayitavyani yatha purvam uktani 
yavat kasya naihsargikani | bhagavan kha, \ tasmad anujanami | 
pratyantimeshu janapadeshu ^vinayadharapaiicamenopasampadS,, sa- 
dasnatah, ^ekapalagike upanahe dharayitavye na dviput^m na 
triputam, sa cet kshayadharmaiii'* bhavati tain tyaktv4 punar nava 
grahitavya® | bhikshur bhikshbg civarakani preshayati ita9cyutS,ni 
tatrasampraptani na kasyacin naihsargikani | ayushm§,n Upali Bud- 
dham bhagavantam pricchati | yad uktam bhadanta bhagavata 
pratyantimeshu janapadeshu ^vinayadharapancamenopasampadam, 
tatra katamo 'ntah katamah pratyantah | purvenopali ^ Pundavar- 
dhanam nama nagaram tasya pur vena Pundakaksho nama parvatah, 
tatah parena pratyantah | dakshinena Saravati ^ nama nagari tasyah 
parena Saravati nama nadi so 'ntah, tatah parena pratyantah | pag- 

^ Sic MSS. - sutliasparQa-? Cf. supra, p. 19. ' vinayadharah- BC. — 
Cf. notes. •* From Mahavagga v. i. 30 : ekap41fi,bhike ABD, ekapalabh. C. 

5 -dharmini B. « grabitavyah CD, gribatavyam A, grihivyam B. 

'' vinayadbaram- MSS. ^ sarvavati A, savaravati B. 



cimena SthAnopasthunakau brahmanagramakau so 'ntah, tatah parena 
pratyantah | uttarena TJsiragirih so 'ntah, tatah pai^ena pratyantah | 
kim bhadanta ayushmata Cronena Kotikarnena karma kyitam iti 
vistarah | bhagavan aha | bhutapurvam yavat Ka9yapo nama tatha- 
gato 'rhan [A. 8. a] samyaksambuddho bhagavan chastS,^ loka ut- 
pannah | tena khalu samayena Yaranasyam dvau jayapatikau | ta- 
bhyim Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasyantike ^aranagamanagiksha- 
padany udgrihitani yada Kagyapah samyaksambuddhah sakalam 
buddhakaryam kritva nirupadhigeshe nirvanadhatau parinirvritah | 
tasya rajfia Krikina* caturatnamayam caityaip. karitam samantad 
yojanam uccatvena [ tena tatra khandasphutapratisamskaranaya ye 
purvanagaradvare karapratyaya uttishthante te tasmin stupe 'nupra- 
dattah | yada Kriki raja kalagatah tasya putrah Sujato namna sa 
rajye pratishthapitah | tasyamatyaih stokali^ karapratyaya upana- 
mitah [ so 'matyan amantrayate, kimkaranam asmakam bhavadbhih 
stokakarapratyaya upanamitah*, kim asmakam vijite karapratyaya 
nottishthante | te kathayanti, deva kutah karapratyaya uttishthante, 
ye deva pui*vadvare karapratyayas te vriddharajiia stupe khandasphu- 
tapratisaniskarakaranaya prajiiaptah | yadi devo 'nnjaniyit te vayam 
tan karapratyayan samucchindamah | sa kathayati, bhavanto yan 
mama pitra kritam devakritam na tu brahmakritam tat | te satnlak- 
shayanti, yadi devo 'nujanite vayam tatha karishyamo yath4 s vayam 
eva te karapratyaya notthasyanti | taih sa dvaro baddhva sthapitah | 
na bbuyah karapratyaya uttishthante | tasnmi stupe catitakani pra- 
durbhutani | tau jayapati vriddhibhutau tatraiva stupe parikarma 
kurvanau tishthatah | uttarapathat sarthavahah panyam adaya 
Varanasim anupraptah | tenasau drishtah stupah | catitasphutitakah 
pradurbhutah | sa drishtva pricchati amba tata kasyaisha stupa iti | 
tau kathayatah Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya | kena karitah | 

^ bhagavanam chdsti ABCD. 

' MSS. here read stoka and upanamita. 

« Sic MSS. ; Krikina? 
^ -taABCD. 




KrikinS, rajn§, | na tena r§jnasmin stupe khandasphutapratisainskS,ra- 
karan&ya kincit prajnaptam | tau kathayatahi | prajnaptain. ye pur- 
vanagaradvare karapraty4y&s te 'smin stupe khandasphutapratisams- 
karan^ya niryMitSli | Kriki rk]k kilagatah | tasya putrah. Suj§,to 
nkma, sa r^jye pratishthitah | tena te karapratyS,ySi samucchinn&h | 
tenasmin stupe catitaspliutitakS,ni pr&durbhutSui j tasya ratnakarmkS, 
kame dmuktik^ | tena sa ratnakarnikS,vatdrya tayor dattd, amba 
tatanayS, karnikayismin stupe khandaspliutapratisainsk&ram kuru- 
tam iti yavad ahaipi panyam visarjayitvagaccli§,nii [ tatah. pagcad 
bhuyo 'pi disyami | tais tain vikriya tasmin stupe khandasphu- 
titapratisamskarah kritah | aparam utsarpitam^ | athliparena sama- 
yena sarthavahab panyam visarjayitvS-gatab. | tena sa drishtah 
stupo 'secanakadarganab [ drisbtva ca bbuyasyS, matrayabbipra- 
sannab [ sa prasS,dajS,tab priccbati | amba tata yusbmS,bhib kiSicid 
uddbarikritam | tau katbayatab putra nasmabbUi kincid uddbari- 
kritam kimtv aparam utsarpitam tisbtbati | tena prasadajatena 
yat tatr&vagisbtam aparam ca dattva mabatim puj&m kritvS, prani- 
db&nam ca kritam | anenabam kugalamulenadbye mabadbane mabS,- 
bboge kule jayeyam evamvidb^n§,m ca dbarmSja§,m labbi syS,m 
evamvidbam eva g&staram §,rS,gayeyam m§, viragayeyam iti | kim 
manyadbve bbiksbavab | yo 'sau sartbavaba esba [A. 8. b] evasau 
Qronah Kotikarnab | yad anena Kagyapasya samyaksambuddbasya 
stupe karS,in kritvS, pranidbanam kritam tsisya karmano "vdpakenS,dbye 
mabS,dbane mababboge kide j4tab | mama 9S,sane pravrajya sarvakle- 
gaprabanad arbattvam saksbatkritam | aham anena Kigyapena sam- 
yaksambuddbena sdrdbam samajavab samabalab samadburab sama- 
s4m&nyapraptab gastS, aragito na viragita iti bhikshava ekantakrish- 
nSnam ekSntakrishno vip^kah, ekSntaQukianam dbarmanSm ekanta- 
guklo vipakabj vyatimigran&m vyatimiQrab | tasm^t tarbi bbiksbava 
ekantakrisbnSui karmS,ny apasya vyatimigrani caikantaguklesbv eva 

1 -tah ABCD. 



" f 



karmasv abhogah karaniyah | ity evaip vo bhikshavah gikshitavyam | 
bhikshava ucuh | kim bhadantajushmata (^ronena Kotikarnena 
karma kritam yasya karmano vipakena drishta eva dharma ap&yS, 
drishtah | bhagavan aha | yad anena matur antike kharavakkarma 
nigcaritam tasya karmano vipakena drishta eva dharma apaya drishtS, 
iti I idam avocad bhagavan attamanasas te bhikshavo bhagavato 
bhashitam abhyanandan | j 

Iti cridivyS,vadane^ KotikarnS,vadanam prathamam' | | 


Bhagavan Chravastyam viharati sma Jetavane 'nathapindadasyi- 
r&me | tena khalu samayena 'Surparake nagare Bhavo nama gnha- 
patih prativasaty adhyo mahadhano mahabhogo vistirnavigMapari- 
graho Vaigravanadhanasamudito Yai^ravanadhanapratispardhi | tena 
sadrigat kulat kalatram anitam | sa taya sS,rdham kridati ramate 
paricarayati | tasya kridato ramamanasya paricarayatah kS,lantarena 
patni ipannasattva samvritta | sashtanam navan4m yk m§,sS,n§,m 
atyayat prasuta darako jatah | tasya trini saptakany ekavim^ati 
divasani vistarena jatasya jS,tamaham kritvS, na,madheyam vyavasthS- 
pyate, kim bhavatu darakasya n^meti | jnitaya ucur ayain dS,rako 
Bhavasya grihapateh putrah tasmS-d bhavatu Bhavila iti namadheyam 
vyavasthapitam | bhuyo 'py asya kridato ramamanasya paricarayatah 
putro jatah | tasya Bhavatrata iti namadheyam vyavasthapitam I 
punar apy asya putro jatah | tasya Bhavananditi namadheyam 

1 The words Iti 9ridivyavadane are always omitted in ABC. We give them 
from DE. 2 prathamah MSS. 

3 The MSS. vacillate between SfirpSraka and ^firpfiraka. In the earlier 
pages of this story they read the former. 





vyavasth&pitam [ yS,vad apai:ena samayena Bhavo grihapatih gl&nah 
samvrittah | so 'tyartham parushavacanasamudacSri yatah patnyA 
putraig c§,py upekshitah | tasya preshyad&rikd \ sk samlakshayati | 
mama sv^minS, anekair upS,ya9atair bhogah samud&nit&h, sa idanim 
gl&nah samvrittah sa esha patnyS. putrai9 cipy upekshito na 
mama pratirupam syM yad aham svliminam adhyupeksheyam ' 
iti I sS, vaidyasakigam gatvS, kathayati [ krj& jAnislie tvam Bhavam 
grihapatim | j&ne ■ kira tasya | tasyaivamvidham glinyam samupa- 
jatam | sa patnyst putrai9 capy upekshitah, tasya bhaishajyam 
vyapadi9eti | sa kathayati | dirike tvam eva kathayasi sa patny& 
putraig cipy upekshita iti | atha kas tasyopasthS.nam karoti | s& 
kathayati | aham asyopasthinara karouai, kimtv* alpamuly&ni* 
bhaishajyini vyapadigeti | tena vyapadishtam idam tasya bhaisha- 
jyam iti I tatas tayS, kimcit svabhaktat* tasmSd eva grihSxi apa,- 
hrityopasth^nam kritam | sa svasthibhutah samlakshayati | aham 
patny4 putrai9 ctdhyupekshito yad aham jivitas tad asyd d&rikiy4h 
prabhS,v4t, tad asy&h pratyupak&rah kartavya iti | sS, [A. 9. a] 
tenoktS, | d&rike 'ham patny4 putrai9 cSdhyupekshito, yat kimcid 
aham jivitas sarvam tava prabhivit | aham te varam anuprayacchS,- 
miti I sS, kathayati | svS,min yadi me paritushto 'si bhavatu me tvayft 
sS,rdham samigama iti | sa kathayati | kim te mayS, sardham samS,- 
gamena panca k4rsh4pana9atSiiy anuprayacchS,mi, ad4simcotsrijS,miti | 
sS, kathayati | S,ryaputra duram api param api* gatvS, d^y ev3;hain 
yadi tv 4ryaputrena sS,rdham saTnAgamo bhavaty evam adSsi bhav&- 
miti I tenS,va9yam nirbaudham jnSivS,bhihit4 | yadi samvritti ritu- 
mati tadi mamirocayishyasiti | sk 'parena samayena. kalyS. sam- 
vrittS, ritumati tayS, tasyirocitam | tato Bhavena grihapatinS, taya 
sirdham paric&ritam | sipannasattvi samvntti | yam eva divasam 
§.pannasattvS, samvritti tam eva divasam up&d&ya Bhavasya grihapateh 

1 Sic MSS., cf. fol. 64 a. 2 ^jy^t tv AB. ^ Ex conj.; aeya mdlyftni 

ABCD. Cf. Bumoaf, Introd. p. 236. * om. ABC. ^ g omits pairam api. 

e. .. ■ .-\4: 






sarv&rthih sarvakarmS.ntS,9 ca paripumih | sk tv as}itS,n4m vS, navd,n3,m 
njS-san&m atyayS,t prasuti, | dS,rako jato 'bhirupo darganiyah prSs&- 
diko gaurah. kanakavamag chattr&kS,ra9irshah. pralambabShur vistir- 
nalalitah samgatabhrus tunganS.sah [ yaBininn eva divase dirako 
jatas tasminn eva divase Bhavasya grihapater bhuyasyS, mitrayA 
sarvlrthlh sarvakarmintih paripurnah | tasya jnttayah samgamya 
sam&gamya trim saptakany ekavimgatidivasani vistarena jatasya j4ta- 
mabam kritvi purvavat y^vat Purna iti namadheyam vyavasth&pi- 
tam I Purno darako 'shtdbhyo dhatribhyo datto dvibhyS,in amsadhatri- 
bhy&m datto vistarena' yavad kqu vardhate hradastham iva panka- 
jam I yada mah&n samvrittas tad4 lipyim upanyastab samkbyS.y4m 
garLan4yS,m inudrS,ylb]a uddbAre nyS,se nikshepe ^vastuparikshSyim 
ratnapariksh^y&m hastipariksh4yS,in agvaparikshayS,!!! kumS,raparik- 
sb&yS,m kumSrikApariksb&yam 'asbtSsu pariksbS,sudghatako vicakab 
panditab patupracarab samvrittab | tato Bhavena gribapatin^ 
Bhaviladinam putrlnSm yatbanupurvyi nive§Sb kritab | te patni- 
bbib sardbam ativasararaktS, nivrittS, mandanaparamS, vyavastbitSb | 
tato Bbavo gribapatib kare kapolam dattv^ cint^paro vyavastbitab | 
sa putrair drisbtab prisbtag ca | tSta kasmS,t tvam kare kapolam 
dattvSi cint&paro vyavasthita iti | sa kathayati | putrak^ na tavan 
may4 nivegab krito y&vat suvarnalaksbab samudanita iti | te yuyam 
nirastavy4pS,r4b patnisbv atyartbam samraktd mandanaparamS, vyava- 
stbitab I mam^tyayad gribam gocaniyam bbavisbyati | katbam na 
cintaparo bbavisbyS,initi | Bbavilena ratnakarnikS, pinaddbS, | sa t&m 
avatS,rya d4rukarnikS,m pinabya pratijnSm ^rudbab | na t^vad ratna- 
karnikim pinabyimi y&vat [A. 9. b] suvarnalaksbab samupSrjita 
iti I aparena stavakarnikS, | aparena '•trapukarniki | tesb&m jka tSb 
samjiia, Bbavilo BbavatrAto Bbavananditi tS, antarbitSb | Ddrukarnt 
Stavakarni Trapukarniti samjnS.h prS.durbbutS,b | te panyam MSiya 

1 Cf. A fol. 2 a, 34 a. » vastra- ? » Two are omitted, cf. fol. 34 a. 

* The MSB. have trapuh here, but afterwards trapukarniti. 




mahasamudram samprasthitah | Pdrnah kathayati | tS,tdliam api ma- 
hasamudram gacch4niiti | sa kathayati | putra bSlas tvam atraiva 
tishthavaryHni vyapSram kuru | sa tatraivavasthitah | te 'pi sam- 
siddhayanapatra dgatah [ margaQramam prativinodya kathayanti | 
tata kalyatam asmadiyam panyam iti | teaa kalitam*, ekaikasya 
suvamalakshSrh. samvrittah | PurnenS,pi tatraiva dharmena nyS,yena 
vyavaharita s^tirekd suvarnalakshfi. samudanitS, | Purno 'pi pitiilL 
pMayor nipatya kathayati j tata mamSpi kalyat§,m S,virisamutthitaip 
dravyam iti | sa kathayati | putra tvam atraiv^vasthitah kim tava 
kalyate | sa kathayati | tS,ta kalyatam | tath&pi jnS,tam. bhavishya- 
titi I kalitam* y&van nyayoparjitasya suvarnasya mulyam varjayitv4 
sS,tirikt4 lakshi samvrltta^ | Bhavo grihapatih pritisaumanasyajatah 
samlakshayati [ punyamahe9S,khyo 'yam sattvo yenehaiva sthiteneyat 
suvarnam samuptrjitam iti | yS,vad aparena samayena Bhavo griha- 
patir glanah samvrittah ( sa samlakshayati | mamS,tyayS,d ete bhedam 
gamishyanti j up4yasamvidhanam kartavyam iti | tena te 'bhihit^h | 
putrakah kSshthUni samudanayateti | taih kSshthSui samudjinit^ni j 
sa kathayati | agnim prajvalayateti | tair agnih prajv41itah* | Bhavo 
grihapatih kathayati | ekaikam al&tam apanayateti | tair apanitam ( 
so 'gnir nirvanah | sa kathayati | putrak4 drishto vah | t&ta drishtah | 
sa gStham bhashate | 

jvalanti sahitangarS,^ bhritarah sahitds tathS, | 
pravibhakta iU9amyaiiti yathang^ras tathS, narlii | j 
putraka na yushmabhir mam4tyayat strinam §rotavyam | kutumbam 
bhidyate stribhir vagbhir bhidyanti katar^h | dumyasto bhidyate 
mantrah pritir bhidyati lobhata iti | | te nishkrantah | Bhavilas 
tatraivavasthitah | sa tenokts^ | putra na kadacit tvaya Purno 
moktavyah | punyamahe^akhyo 'yam sattva ity uktva 

sarve kshayanta nicayah patanantah samucchrayah | 
samyoga viprayoganta maranantam ca jtvitam iti | | 
^ kalpitam ABCD here. » kalpitam D. 3 -ttfih MSS. * prajvaHtah ABCD. 







kftladharmena samyuktah' | tair nilapitalohitavadatair vastraih 9ivi- 
kSm alamkritya mahatS. saiuskS,rena 9ma9Siiani nitv4 dhmapitab. j 
tatas te 9okavinodanam kritv4 kathayanti | yadasmakam pit^ jivati 
tads, tadadhinah prSxiah | yad idanim nirastaA^aparas tishthamo 
griham avas&dam gamishyati | na 9obhanam bhavishyati | yannu 
vayam panyam kdkja, de9antaram gacchama iti | Purnah kathayati | 
yady evam aham api gacchamiti | te kathayanti | tvam atraivavS,r- 
y&m vyaparam kuni vayam eva gacchama iti | te panyam S,dS,ya 
de9antaram gatah | Purno * nyastasarvak§,ryas tatraiv&vasthitah | 
dharmatS, khalu i9varagriheshti divasaparivyayo diyate | tS,s teshim 
patnyo dSxikih parivyayanimittam preshayanti [ Purno 'pi dhanibhih 
9reshthibhih sarthavSliair anyai9 cAjivibhih parivrito 'vatishthate | 
t&s tv [A. 10. a] avakd9am na labhante j yad4 te upasthiya pra- 
krS,nti bhavanti tada tasim divasaparivyayam dadati | tS. dS.rik^ 
ciracirad Sgacchantity upalabhyante j ta evam artham vistaren&ro- 
cayanti | tih kathayanty evam hi tesham bhavati yeshSm dS.siputrlh 
kuleshv ai9varyam va9e vartayantiti | Bhavilapatnyi darik&bhi- 
bita I tvaya kalam jn4tv4 gantavyam iti | sk kUlam jnatv4 gacchati, 
9ighram labhate | kanyS,9 cirayanti | t4bhih. sa prishtS, [ tayS, sam4- 
khyS.tam | tk api tayS. sS,rdhain gantum §,rabdh^, tii, api 9ighram 
pratilabhante | tab. svaminibhir uktSJb, [ kirn atra karanam idanim 
9ighram S,gacchatheti | tah kathayanti | S,rogyam jyeshthabhavikS,ya' 
bhavatu yada tasyS, dirika gat4 bhavati tadS, labhyate vayam tay4 
sS,rdham gaechSma iti | tah samjS,tS,marshah kathayanti | evam hi 
tesham bhavati yesham dasiputrih kuleshv ai9varyam va9e vartayan- 
titi I yavad aparena samayena Bhavilo Bhavatrito Bhavanandi ca 
sahit&h samagrSb sammodam^ni mahisamudrat samsiddhay^napMrS. 
agatih 1 Bhavilena patni prishtS, | bhadre 9obhanaTn Purnena pra- 

1 asamyuktah MSS. ^ nyastah- ABCD. ' jyeshthaparicarydyS 

A, jjeshthabharikS7& D, }yeshthaparicary&bbarik&y& C ; paricaryS seems a gloss, 
of. infr. p. 30, 1. 11. 





tipSlita tvam iti | s^ kathayati | yatha blirlitra putrena veti [ te anye 
api svamibhyam prishte kathayatah | evam hi teshiin bhavati yeshS,m 
disiputrah kuleshv aigvaryam va9e vartayantiti ] tau sainlakshayatah | 
suhridbhedakah striyo bhavantiti | yS-vad aparena samayena kigi- 
kavastravari udghatitS, | tatsamanantaram Bhavilasya putro gatah | 
' sa Purnena kagikavastrayugenacchaditah | anyHbhyani drishtv& ' 
svaputrah preshitd ySvat kagikavastravari 'ghattita ^phuttakavastri- 
vari udghatita, te ca daivayog^t sampraptis te Purnena *phuttakair 
vastrair aechaditah | te drishtvS, svaminob kathayatah | drishtaip 
yuvabhyim apareshjiin kagikavastrani diyante 'pareshS.m *phutta- 
kaniti I tabhyam anusamjnaptir datta | kim etad eva bhavishyati | 
nunam kagikavastravari ghattita^ phuttakavastravari' udghatita** iti | 
yavad aparena samayena garkaravari ^udghatita Bhavilasya ca putro 
gatah I tena garkarakhodako labdhah | tarn drishtvanyabhyam sva- 
putrah preshitah | te daivayogad gudavaryam udghatitayam^ gatah ( 
tair gudo labdhah | tabhis tarn drishtva svaminau tatha tatha 
bhagnau yatha grihavibhagam kartum arabdhau | tau parasparam 
samjalpam kurutah sarvatha vinashta vayam griham bhajayama iti | 
ekah kathayati | jyeshthataram gabdayamah | ekah kathayati | 
vicarayamas tavat katham bhajayama iti [ tau svabuddhya vicara- 
yatah | ekasya grihagatam kshetragatam ca, ekasyavarigatam degan- 
taragatam ca, ekasya Purnakah | yadi jyeshthataro grihagataip. kshe- 
tragatam ca grahtshyati gaknumo vayam avarigatena degantaragatena 
catmanam samdharayituin | athavarigatam degantaragatara ca grahi- 
shyati tathapi vayam gaknumo grihagatena kshetragatena catmanam 
samdharayitum Purnakasya ca maryadabandham kartum iti | tav evam 
samjalpam kritva Bhavilasya sakagam gatau bhratar vinashta vayam 
bhajayamo griham iti | sa kathayati | suparikshitam kartavyam 

^ A sampurnaka^ika-. ' drishto sva- ABCD. 

* Sic MSS. 6 phattaka- BCD, phuttaka- A. 

^ ndghattitayfim A, udghatitayfim D. 

» Sic MSS. 
• ndghattita MSS. 



t i 





[A, 10. b] grihabhedikah striyo bhavanttti | tau kathayatah | pra- 
tyakshikritam asmabhir bhSjayama iti | sa kathayati | yady evam- 
ahuyantam kulSniti | tau kathayatab j purvain evasmabhir bhSji- 
tam' I ekasya grihagatam ksbetragatam caikasy^varigatam de9iii- 
taragatain caikasya Purnakab | sa kathayati | Purnasya pratyam9ain. 
ninuprayacchatha | tau katbayatah | dasiputrab sab, kas tasya pra- 
tyain.9am dadyad api tu sa evasmabbir bh&jito, yadi tavabhipretaip 
tain eva gribaneti | sa sanilaksbayati | abam pitrabbibitab sarvasvam 
api te parityajya Purno gribitavya iti grOmami Purnam iti viditv4 
katbayati, evam bbavatu, mama Purnaka iti | yasya gribagatam 
ksbetragatam ca sa tvaramano gribam gatvS, katbayati | jyesbtba- 
bbavike* nirgaccha | s& nirgatS, | mS, bbuyab praveksbyasi^ | kasySx- 
tbS,ya I asinabbir bbajitam gribam | yasyavarigatam deQ&ntaragatairi 
ca so 'pi tvaramina avarim gatva katbayati | Purnaka avatareti | so 
'vatirnab | mi bbuyo 'bbiroksbyasi | kim karanam j asm&bbir bbaji- 
tam I yavad Bbavilapatni Purnakena sSxdbam jnatigribam sampra- 
stbita ( daraka bubbuksbita roditum arabdbab | sa katbayati | Purna 
darakanam purvabbaksbikam anuprayaccbeti | sa katbayati | kar- 
sbapanam prayaccba | sa katbayati | tvay a iyatibbih suvarnalaksba- 
bbir vyavabiitam darakinim purvabbaksbikipi nasti | Purnab katba- 
yati I kim abam jane yusbmakam gribe idriciyam avastbS, bbavisbya- 
titi I yadi mayi jnatam abbavisbyat mayinekih suvarnalaksbab sam- 
barita abbavisbyan* | dbarmataisba 'striyarakutakS,rsbapanan va- 
strante badbnanti | tayarakutamasbako dattah | purvabbaksbikam 
anayeti | sa tam adaya vitbtm samprastbitah | anyatamag ca puru- 
sbah samudravelapreritanam kasbtbanain bbaram Maya gitena- 
bbidruto vepamana agaccbati ] sa tena drisbtah prisbtag ca bboh 
purusba kasmad evam vepase | sa katbayati | abam api na jane | 
maya cayam bbaraka utksbipto bbavati mama cedngi samavastba | 

1 bhajitam MSS. here. ^ jyeshthabbarike CD. ^ pravisbyasi 

MSS. * abbavisbyat MSS. ^ Sic for striya Srakiita- 1 








sa darupariksh^yam krit^vi, sa tat k^shthain nirikshitum arabdhah | 
pagyati tatra gogirshacandanam | sa ten^bhihitah | bhoh purusha ki- 
yata mulyena diyate | pancabhih karshapana§ataih | tena tam kashtha- 
bh^ram grihitvd tad gogirshacandanam apaniya vithim gatva karapa- 
trikaya catasrah. khandikah kritih | tac curnakasyartham karshapa- 
nasahasrena 'vikrltam vartate | tatas tasya purushasya paiica karsha- 
panagatani dattany uktaip ca | enam kashthabhdrakam amushmin giihe 
Bhavilapatni tishthati tatra naya, vakfavya Piimena preshita iti | 
tenasau nito yathavrittam carocitam | sa urasi praMram dattv4 katha- 
yati I yady asiv arthat paribhrashtah. kim prajnayapi paribhrashtah | 
pakvam dnayeti p^canam preshitam, tad eva ndsti yat paktavyam' 
iti I Purnena geshakatipayakarsh^panair dasadasigomahishivastrini 
jtvitopakaranani [A. 11. a] pakvam adayagatya dampatyor upana- 
mitavan | tena kutumbham samtoshitam | atrantare Saurparakiyo 
raja dahajvarena viklavibhutah | tasya vaidyair gogirshacandanam 
upadishitam | tato 'maty a gogirshacatidanam samanveshayitum arab- 
dhah. I tair vithydm paramparyena ^rutam | te Purnasya sakagam 
gatva kathayanti | tavasti gogirshacandanam | sa ^isti | te ucub | 
kiyata mulyena diyate | sa aha | karshapanasahasrena | taib karshd- 
panasahasrena grihitva rajnah pralepo dattah svasthibhutab | raj4 
samlakshayati | kidri9o 'sau raja yasya gnbe gogirshacandanam 
nasti j raja pricchati, kuta etat | deva Purn4t | ahuyatam Purna- 
kah I sa dutena gatva uktah | Purna devas tvdm gabdapayatiti | sa 
vicarayitum arabdhah | kimartham inara rSja gabdapayati | sa sam- 
lakshayati I gogirshacandanen^sau rkjk svasthibhutah, tadartham 
m§,m gabdayati, sarvathd gogirshacandanam kdkja. gantavyam | sa 
gOQirshacandanasya tisro gandika vastrena pidhdya ekam^ panind 
grihitva rajnah sakagam gatah | r^jna prishtah | Purna asti kimcid 
gogirshacandanam | sa kathayati | deva idam asti J kim asya mul- 

^ avikrltum ABC, avikriditam D. 

3 ekamMSS. 

' yad vaktavyam MSS. 

-iL-*'iftAt?fYiri .1- - ~ 






\ : 

yam | deva suvarnalaksha | aparam asti | devasti | tena tas tisro 
gandika dargitdh | rajfiSmatyanam 4jna datt4, Purnasya catasrah 
suvamalakshah prayacchateti | Purnah kathayati | deva tisro diyan- 
tam ekagandika devasya pr§,bhritain iti | tatas tasya tisro dattSi. | 
rSja kathayati | Purna paritushto 'ham vada kini te varam anupra- 
yacchimiti | Purnah kathayati | yadi me devah paritushto devasya 
vijite 'paribhuto Vaseyam iti | rajnamatyanam ajna datta bhavanto 
'dyagrena kumaranS,m k]nS. deya na tv evam Purnasyeti | yivan 
mahasamudrat pancamS,trani banikchatSui samsiddhayanapatrani Sur- 
parakam nagaram anupraptani | ^baniggramena kriyakirah kritah, 
na kenacid asmakam samastanS-m nirgatyaikakina banijim sakagam 
upasamkramitavyam | gana eva sambhuya bhllndam grahlshyatiti | 
apare kathayanti | Purnam api gabd&paySjnah | anye kathayanti | 
kim tasya kripanasyasti yah gabdyata iti | tena khalu samayena 
Purno vahir nirgatah | tena grutam mahS,samudr4t pancha banikcha- 
tani samsiddhayanapatrani Surparakam nagaram anupraptaniti | so 
'pravigyaiva nagaram tesham sakagam upasamkrantah | pricchati | 
bhavantah kim idam dravyam iti | te kathayanti | idam cedarn ceti | 
kim mulyam | te kathayanti | sarthavaha duram api param api gatvft 
tvam eva prashtavyah | yady apy evam tath&py ucyat^m mulyam | 
tair ashtMaca suvarnalakshS, mulyam upadishtam | sa kathayati | 
bhavantas tisro laksha 'avadrangam grihnita mamaitat panyam 
avagishtam dasyami | tatha bhavatu* | tena tisro [A, 11. b] laksha 
anayya dattah | svamudralakshitam ca kritva prakrantah [ tato 
baniggramenavacarakah purushah preshitah | pagyata kim dravyam 
iti I tair gatva prishtah | kim dravyam | idam cedam ca | asm&kam 
api purnani koshakoshthagarani tishthanti | purnani va bhavantu ma 
vapi vikritam | kasyantike [ Purnasya | prabhutam asadayishyatha 

^ va^eyam MSS. ' The MSS. more frequently write 

3 SicD: samskaramfilyam AB ; samsMramfilyam drangam C. 
* bhavantu MSS. 







Purnasyantikad vikriya [ te kathayanti [ yat tenavadrange dattam 
tad yuyam mulye 'pi na dasyatha j kim tenavadrange dattam | 
tisrah suvamalakshah. I sumushitas tena bhratarah kritah i tair 

• ■ ■ I • • • I ■ 

4gatya baniggramasyarocitam ] tat panyam vikritam | kasyantike | 
Purnasya | prabhutam asadayishyanti Purnasyantike vikriya | yat 
tenavadrange dattam tad yuyam mulye 'pi na dasyatha j kim tenava- 
drange dattam | tisrah suvarnalakshah | sumushitas tena te bhratarah 
kritah | sa tair ahuyoktah | Purna baniggramena kriyakarah kritah, 
na kenacid ekakina grahitavyam^ baniggrama eva grahishyatity eva 
kasmat te grihitam | sa kathayati | bhavanto yada yushmabhih kri- 
yakarah kritas tada kim aham na gabdito mama bhrata va | yush- 
mabhir eva kriyakarah krito yuyam eva palayata | tato baniggra- 
mena samjatamarshena shashteh karshapananam arthayatape dhari- 
tah I rajnah paurusheyair drishtas tai rajne arocitam | raja katha- 
yati I bhavantah gabdayataitan | taih gabditah | kathayati raja j 
bhavantah kasyarthe yushmabhih Purna atape vidharitah j te ka- 
thayanti | deva baniggramena kriyakarah krito na kenacid ekakina 
panyam grahitavyam iti, tad anenaikakina grihitam* | Purnah 
kathayati | deva samanuyujyantam yadaibhih kriyakarah kritas tada 
kim aham ebhih Qabdito mama bhr^ti va | te kathayanti [ deva 
neti j raja kathayati j bhavantah gobhanam Purnah kathayati | sa 
tair vriditair muktah | yavad aparena samayena rajfias tena dra- 
vyena prayojanam utpannam | tena baniggrama dhuyoktah | bha- 
vanto mamamukena dravyena prayojanam anuprayacchateti | te 
kathayanti j deva Purnasyasti | raja kathayati | bhavanto naham 
tasyajnam dadami [ yuyam eva tasyantikat kritvanuprayacchata J 
taih Purnasya dutah preshitah | baniggramah 9abdayatlti ] sa katha- 
yati j naham agacchami | te baniggramah sarva eva sambhuya tasya 
nivcQanam gatva dvari sthitva tair Mutah preshitah j Purna nirgaccha 


^ grahitavyo MSS- 

2 grihitah MSS. 

» dlito 'preshitah MSS. 






baniggramo dvari tishthatiti | sa sahamkarah 'kamakaram adattva 
nirgatah | baniggramah kathayati | sarthavaha yathakritakam pan- 
yam anuprayaccha | sa kathayati | atib^ijako 'ham yadi yathS.- 
kritam panyam anuprayacchamiti | te kathayanti | sarthavaha dvi- 
gunamulyenanuprayaccha, baniggramah pujito [A. 12, a] bhavatiti | 
sa samlakshayati | pujaniyo baniggramo dadamiti ] tena dviguna- 
mulyena dattam | pancadaga lakshani tesham banijam dattam ava- 
gishtam svagriham pravegitam | sa samlakshayati | kim Qakyam 
avagyayavinduna kumbham purayitum | mahasamudram avataramiti j 
tena Surparake nagare ghantavaghoshanam karitam, grinvantu bha- 
vantah Saurparakiy^ banijah Purnah sarthavaho mahasamudram 
avatarati, yo yushmS,kam utsahate Purnena sarthavahena sardham 
agulkenagulmenatarapanyena® mahasamudram avatartum sa maha- 
samudragamaniyam panyam samudanayatv iti | pancamS,trair banik- 
§atair mahdsamudragamaniyam panyam samudanitam | tatah Purnah 
sarthavahah kritakutuhalamangalasvastyayanah pancabanikgatapari- 
varo mahasamudram avatirnah | sa samsiddhayanapatrag ca praty- 
^gatah ] evam y^vat shatkritvah j sS,mantakena gabdo visritah j 
Purnah shatkritvo mahasamudram avatirnah samsiddhayanapatrac 
ca pratyagata iti | Qravasteya banijah panyam 4daya Surp^rakam 
nagaram gatah | te margagramam prativinodya yena Purnah sartha- 
vahas tenopasamkrantah j upasamkramya kathayanti | sarthavaha 
mahasamudram avatarama iti | sa kathayati | bhavanto 'sti kagcid 
yushmabhir drishtah gruto va shatkritvo mahasamudrat samsiddha- 
yanapatra agatah saptamam varam avataran | te kathayanti | Purna 
vayam tvam uddigya durad agatah | yadi navatarasi tvam eva pra- 
manam iti | sa sainlakshayati j kimcapy aham dhanenanarthi tathdpy 
esham arthayavataramiti | sa taih sardham mahasamudram sampra- 
sthitah I te ratryah pratyushasamaye udanat parayanat ^satyadrigah 

1 Sic MSS, ; or kamakfiramadatvan? ^ agulmena e conject. ABCD read 
gulmena. ^ satyasadrishtah A, 

II r I 

V ^— - 








sthaviragath^ ^ailagatha miuiigatha 'arthavargiyani ca sutrani 
vistarena svarena svadhyayam kurvanti | tena te ^rutah | sa katha- 
yati I bhavantah. gobhanani gitani gayatha | te kathayanti | sartha- 
vaha naitani gitani kimtu khalv etad Buddha vacanam | sa Buddha ity 
aQrutapurvam 9abdain. grutva sarvaromakupany ahrishtani | sa ada- 
rajatah pricchati | bhavantah ko ^Y&va. Buddhanameti J te kathayan- 
ti I asti gramano Gautamah Cakyaputrah Cakyakulat kegagmagruny^ 
avatarya kashayani vastrany acchadya samyag eva graddhaya agarad 
anagarikam pravrajitah so 'nuttaram samyaksambodhim abhisambud- 
dhah, sa esha sarthavaha Buddho nama | kutra bhavantah sa 
Bhagavan etarhi viharati [ sarthavaha ^ravastyam Jetavane 'natha- 
pindadasyarame ] sa tain hridi kritva taih sardham. mahasamudram 
avatirnah samsiddhayanapatrag ca pratyagatah | bhratasya Bhavilah 
samlakshayati | parikhinno 'yam maha^mudragamanena nivego 'sya 
kartavya iti | sa tenoktah | bhratah kathaya katarasya dhaninah s^- 
thavahasya va tavarthaya duhitaram prarthayamiti [ sa kathayati | 
naham kamair arthi yady anujanasi pravrajamiti | sa kathayati | 
[A. 12. b] yadasmakam grihe vartta nasti tada na pravrajita idanim 
kimartham pravrajasi [ Purnah kathayati | bhratah tadanim na gobhate 
idanim tu yuktam | sa tenivagyam nirbandham* jnatvanujnatah | sa 
kathayati | bhratah mahasamudro bahvadinavo 'lpS.svadah j bahavo 
'vataranty alpa vyuttishthanti [ sarvatha na tvayli, mahasamudram 
avatartavyam j nyayoparjitam te prabhutam dhanam asti esham. tu 
tava bhratrinam anyayoparjitam | yady ete kathayanty ekadhye va- 
sama iti na vasta>yam | ity uktvopasth^yakam adaya (^ravastim sam- 
prasthitah | anupurvena Cravastim anupraptah | Qravastyam udyane 
sthitenS,nathapiadadasya grihapater duto 'nupreshitah | tena gatvana- 
thapindadasya grihapater arocitam | grihapate Purnah sarthavaha 
udyane tishthati grihapatim drashtukama iti | Anathapindadah griha- 

1 arthavadgtyani MSS, cf. p. 20. 
ke9a9ina9rfi ny- D; cf. infra, p. 37, 1. 11. 

kepa^macfru nyavatarya ABC» 
^ nibandham MSS. 





patih samlakshayati | nunam jalayanena khinna idanim sthalayanena- 
gatah I tatah pricchati | bhoh purusha kiyatprabhutam panyam ani- 
tam I sa kathayati | kuto 'sya panyam, upasthayakadvitiyah sa caham 
ca I Anathapindadah samlakshayati | na mama pratirupam yad aham 
pradhanapurusham asatkarena prave9ayeyaiii iti ] sa tena mahata 
satkarena prave9ita udvartitah snapito bhojitah | svairalapenava- 
stMtayor Anathapindadah pricchati | sarthavaha kim agamanaprayc- 
janam | apurvena grihapate icchami svakhyate dharmavinaye pra- 
vrajyam* upasampadain bhikshubhavam iti | tato 'nathapindado gri- 
hapatih purvam kayam atyunnamayya dakshinam bahum prasaryoda- 
nam udanayati [ aho Buddhah aho dharmah aho samghasya svakhya- 
tata yatredanim idriQah pradhanapurusha vistirnasvajanabandhuvar- 
gam apahaya sphitani ca koshakoshthagarany akankshanti svakhyate 
dharmavinaye pravrajyam' upasampadain bhikshubhavam iti | tato 
'nathapindado grihapatih Purnam sarthavaham adaya yena Bha- 
gavams tenopasamkrantah | tena khalu samayena Bhagavan aneka- 
9ataya bhikshuparishadah purastan nishanno dharmam de9ayati | 
adrakshtd Bhagavan Anathapindadam gi'ihapatim. saprabhritam agac- 
chantam | drishtva ca punar bhikshun amantrayate sma | esha bhik- 
shavo 'nathapindado grihapatih saprabhrita agacchati | nasti tathaga- 
tasyaivamvidhih prabhrito yatha vaineyaprabhrita iti | tato 'natha- 
pindado grihapatir Bhagavatah padabhivandanam kiitva Purnena 
sarthavahena sardham ekante nishannah | ekantanishanno 'natha- 
pindado grihapatir Bhagavantam idam avocat | ayam bhadanta 
Purnah sarthavaha akankshati svakhyate dharmavinaye pravrajyam 
upasampadain bhikshubhavam | tarn Bhagavan pravrajayatupasam- 
padayed^ anukampam upadayeti | adhivasayati Bhagavan Anathapin- 
dadasya grihapates tushnibhavena | tato Bhagav§,n Purnam sarthava- 
ham amantrayate | ehi bhiksho cara [A. 13. a] brahmacaryam iti | sa 


^ pravrajyam MSS. 

2 Ex conject. — upasampaded MSS. 


1WPI|^4#!.- l,«>J^TVA-,-Mi*ry ■'Jsl'!'l*t*^tlfc?^ 




Bhagavato vacavasane mundah samvrittah samghS-tipravritah 'patra- 
karakavyagraliastah. saptahavaropitake5a9ma9rur varshaQatopasam- 
pannasya bhikshor iryapathenavastliitah | ehiti coktah sa tathagatena 
mundag ca samghatiparitadehah^ sadyah pragantendriya eva tasthau, 
naiva sthito Buddhamanorathena | athaparena samayenayushman 
Purno yena Bhagavams tenopasamkranta upasamkrauxya Bhagavatah 
padau girasS, vanditvaikante 'sthat | ekante sthita liyusliman Purno 
Bhagavantam idam avocat | sadhu me Bhagavams tatha samkship- 
tena dharmam degayatu yathaham Bhagavato 'ntik^t samkshiptena 
dharmam grutvaiko vyapakrishto 'pramatta atapt prahitatma vihare- 
yam | yadartham kulaputrah keQagmagruny avatarya kashayani va- 
strany acchadya samyag eva graddhaya 'garad anagarikam pravrajanti 
tad anuttaram. brahmacaryaparyavasanam drishtadharme svayam 
abhijnaya sikshatkritvopasampadya ^pravrajayeyam | kshina me jatir 
ushitam brahmacaryam kritam karaniyam naparam asmad bhavam 
prajanamiti | evam ukte Bhagavan ayushmantam Purnam idam 
avocat I sadhu Puma sadhu khalu tvam Puma yas tvam evam 
vadasi | sadhu me Bhagavams tatha samkshiptena dharmam degayatu 
purvavad yavan naparam asmad bhavam prajanamiti j tena hi Purna 
grinu sadhu ca sushthu ca manasi kuru bhashishye | santi Purna cak- 
shurvijiieyani rupanishtakani kantani priyani manaapani kamopasam- 
hitani i-anjaniyani | tani ced bhikshur drishtvabhinandaty abhivadaty 
adhyavasyaty adhyavasaya tishthati, tany abhinandato 'bhivadato 
'dhyavasyato 'dhyavasaya tishthata anandi bhavati | anandya nandi- 
saumanasyam bhavati | *nandisaumanasye sati sarago bhavati | nandi- 
sarage sati nandisaragasarayojanam bhavati | nandisaragasamyojana- 
samyuktah Purna bhikshur aran nirvanasyocyate | santi Purna 
grotravijrieyah gabdah ghranavijiieya gandha jihvavijneya rasah 
kayavijneyani sprashtavy^ni manovijneya dharm^ ishtah k^ntah. 

' 11 

^ patrakataka in Bohtl. and Both. 
' pravradayeyam ABC, pravrajadayeyam D. 

^ A samghata-, BCD samghata-. 
4 Sic MSS. 








priyS mana§,pS,h kS,mopasamluta ranjaniyah [ tamg ca bhikshur dri- 
shtva purvavad yavad krkii nirvanasyety ucyate | santi tu Purna 
cakshurvijneydni rupani ishtani kS,ntaiu priyini manaipani purvavad 
yavat guklapakshenantike nirvS,nasyety ucyate | anena tvaip. Puma 
mayi samkshiptenavavadena coditah | kutrecchasi vastum kutrec- 
chasi vasaip. kalpayitura [ anenaham bhadanta Bhagavat^ samk- 
shiptenavavadena codita icchami Cronaparantakeshu janapadeshu 
vastum CronS-parantakesIiu janapadeshu vasam kalpayitum | candab 
Purna ^ronaparantaka manushya rabhasab karkagS, S,kro9ak4 rosha- 
kah paribbasbakab sacet [A. 13. b] tvam Purna CroniparantakS, 
manusbya sammukham papikaya 'satyay^ parusbaya vaca akrok- 
sbyanti rosbayishyanti paribbasbisbyante tasya te katbani bbavi- 
sbyati | sacen mam bbadanta Qron§,paraiitaka manusbyah sammu- 
kbam papikaya 'satyaya parusbaya vaca akroksbyanti rosbayisbyanti 
paribbasbisbyante tasya mamaivam bbavisbyati j bbadraka vata Qro- 
naparantaka manusbyab snigdbaka vata Qroniparantaka manusbya 
ye mam sammukbam papikaya 'satyayei parusbaya vaci ^kro9anti 
rosbayanti paribbasbante no tu panina va losbtena va prabarantiti [ 
candab Purna CronaparS,ntakS, manushyib purvavad y^vat pari- 
bbasbakab, sacet tvam Purna CronaparantakS, manusbyab pt,nin§, va 
losbtena vS. prabarisbyanti tasya te katbam bbavisbyati [ sacen m^m 
bbadanta Qronaparantaka manusbyab panin^ va losbtena vS, prabari- 
sbyanti tasya mamaivam bbavisbyati | bbadraka vata ^ronaparantaka 
manusbyah snehaka vata Cronaparantaka manushya ye mdm paninji 
va losbtena va praharanti no tu dandena va gastrena va prabarantiti I 
candab Purna ^ronaparantak^ manusbyab purvavad yavat paribba- 
sbakab, sacet tvam Purna QronaparantakS, manushyS, dandena v§, 
Qastrena va prabarisbyanti tasya te katbam bbavisbyati | sacen' mam 
bbadanta Qronaparantaka manushya dandena va gastrena va prabari- 
sbyanti tasya mamaivam bbavisbyati | bbadraka vata CroniparSntaka 
manusbyah snebaka vata (^ronaparantaka manushya ye mam dandena 






vi 5astrena vS. 'praharanti no tu sarvena sarvam jivitS,d vyaparopa- 
yanti j candah Purna QronS,parantakS. manushya yivat paribhashakah, 
sacet tvam Puma Cronaparintaka manushySii sarvena sarvam jivitM 
vyaparopayishyanti tasya te katham bhavishyati | sacen mS,in bha- 
danta (^ronaparintakS, manushyah. sarvena sarvam jivitdd vyaparo- 
payishyanti tasya ma evam bhavishyati | santi Bhagavatah gravaki 
ye 'nena putikayenardiyamana jehriyante *vijugupsamanah gastram 
apy adharayanti visham api bhakshayanti rajjvi baddhS, api mriyante 
prapHtad api prapatanty api | bhadraka vata QronaparantakS, manu- 
shyakah snehaka vata (Jronaparantaka manushyS, ye m4m asmat 
putikadevar^d alpakricchrena parimocayantiti | sS-dhu sS,dhu Purna 
9akyas tvam PurnSnena kshantisaurabhyena samanv^gatah ^ronS,- 
parantakeshu janapadeshu vastum Qron^parantakeshu visam kalpa- 
yitum I gaccha tvam Purna mukto mocaya tirnas tS.raya Agvasta 
agvasaya parinirvritah parinirvapayeti | 

athayushmS,n Purno Bhagavato bhashitam abhinandyS,numodya 
Bhagavatah padau girasS, vanditvS, Bhagavato 'ntikS,t prakrintah | 
athayushmtn Purnas tasyS, eva ratrer atyay^t ^purvSJine mvS,sya 
patracivaram adaya Qravastim pindaya pravikshat | (^ravastim piudS,- 
ya caritvS, kritabhaktakrityah pa9cad bhaktapindapitrah'* pratikran- 
tah I yathaparibhuktagayanSsanam pratisamayya samM^ya patraci- 
varam yena Qroniparintaka janapadfts tena 9§,riklim caran Crona- 
parSntakjin janapadin anupr^ptah j athayushmin Purnah ^purv^hne 
nivS,sya [A. 14. a] patracivaram Mkja. Cronapar&ntakam pindaya 
pravikshat | anyatamag ca lubdhako dhanushpanir ^mrigayam nir- 
gacchati | tena drishtah | sa samlakshayati j amangalo 'yam mundakah 
gramanako mayS, drishta iti viditv^karnM dhanuh purayitvS, yenS.- 
yushman Purnas tena pradh^vitah | sa iyushmatS. Purnena drishto, 
drishtvli, cottarS.sangam vivartya kathayati | bhadramukh^sya 

^ om. MSS. 
* -pfitra- MSS. 

2 Ex. conject. vijupsamanah MSS. 
* E conject. mrigayfi MSS. 

3 Sic MSS. 




duslipurasyS,rthe pravi9S,my atra prahareti ] gS,thS,ra ca bhashate | 
yasyarthe gahane caranti vihaga gacchanti 'baddham mrigah 
samgrame 9ara9aktitoniaradhara nagyanty ajasram narali | 
dina durdinacarinag ca kripana matsyS, grasanty ayasam 
asyarthe udarasya papakalile durad ihabhyagata iti | | 
sa samlakshayati | ayam pravrajita idrigena kshantisaurabliyena sa- 
manvagatah. kim asya praharamiti ] matvabhiprasaimab | tato 'sya- 
yushmata Purnena dharmo degitah. ^aranagamanaQikshapadeshu ca 
pratishthapitah. [ anyani ca pancopasakagatani kritani pancopasi- 
kagatani pancaviharagatani karitany anekani ca mancaptthavri- 
sbikoccakaviinbopadliaiiacaturasrakagatani^ anupradapitSui^ | tasyaiva 
ca trimasasyatyayS,t tisro vidyah. kayena sak&hatkritah arhan sam- 
vrittas traidhatukavitaragah, yavat* sendropendr^nam dev^n§,m pujyo 
manyo 'bhivadyag ca samvrittah | yavad *aparena samayena Daru- 
kamibhratror bhogas tanutvam parikshayam paryadanam gatah | 
tau kathayatab | gato 'sav asmakam grihat Kalakarniprakhya aga- 
cchaikadhye prativasamah | sa katbayati | kataro 'sau Kalakarnipra- 
kbyah | tau katbayatab | Purnakah j grih sa mama gribS,n, iiishkraiit4 
nasau Kalakarniprakbyah | tau katbayatab | grir va bbavatu Kala- 
karni vagaccbaikadbye prativasamab | sa katbayati ( yuvayor anyayo- 
parjitam dbanam mama nyayoparjitam naham yuvabhyam sardham 
ekadbye vasam kalpayamiti | tau katbayatab | tena dasiputrena maba- 
samudram avatiryavatirya bbogah samudanita yena tvam bbunjano 
vikattbase | kutas tava samartbyam mabasamudram avatartum iti I 
sa tabby am manam grabitah | sa samlaksbayati j abam api mabS,sa- 
mudram avatar^mi | purvavad yavan mabasamudram avatirnah | yavat 
tad vahanam vayuna gogirshacandanavanam anupreritam | kama- 
dbS-rab katbayati | bbavanto yat tac chruyate goQirsbacandanavanam 

1 bandham? ^ -vrisMkocava- MSS. cf. fol. 237, a. ^ k. anupradatdni? 
D amipradatani ; BC anupradamitani (G jpr. m. anupradattani). ^ Cf. foL 62 a. 
^ yavat parena ABD. 


^^BgiPlfPJiiil'PUWI ijllitil liiipF»"4W>g','»^i''"^!"-^W-."-''^'««^?w'!'g! 




iti I idam tad grihnantv atra yat sA,ram iti ] tena khalu samayena 
gogirshacandanavanam Mahegvarasya yakshasya parigraho 'bhut | sa 
ca yakshanara yakshasamitim' gatah | tato gogirshacandanavane 
pancamatrani kutharagataui vodlium arabdhani | adrakshid Apri- 
yakhyo yo yaksho gogirshacandanavane paficamatrani kutharagatani 
vabato drislitv4 ca yena Mahegvaro yakshas tenopasamkrantah | 
upasamkramya Mahegvaram yaksham idam avocat | yat khalu gra- 
manir janiya gogirshacandanavane paficamatrani [A. 14. b] kuthara- 
gatani vabanti, yat te krityam va karaniyam va tat kurusliveti | 
atba MaheQvarp yaksbo yaksbanam samitim asamitiin kritva samji- 
tamarsbo mahantam kalikavatabhayam samjanya yena gogirshacan- " 
danavanam tena sainprasthitab ] karnadharenarocitam | grinvantu 
bhavanto Jambudvipaka banijo yat tac chruyate mahlikalikavata- 
bhayam iti [ idam tat kiip. ^manyadhvam iti | tatas te banijo bhitas 
trastah samvigna S,hrislitaromakupa devatayacanam kartum arab- 
dhab I QivavarunakuveragakrabrahmadyasuramanujoragayakshadS,- 
navendrah vyasanam atibhayam vayam prapannah | vigatabliaya hi 
bhavaritu no 'dya nathah | 

kecin namasyanti QIacipatim narah Brahmanam anye Harigam- 
karav api | 

bhumyagritan vrikshavanagritamg ca tranarthino vatapigaeada- 
shtahll . 
Darukarni alpotsukas tishthati j banijah kathayanti | sarthavaha 
vayam kricchrasamkatasambadhapraptah kiraartham alpotsukas 
tishthasiti | sa kathayati | bhavanto 'ham bhratrabhihito maha- 
samudro 'Ipasvado bahvadinavas trishnandha bahavo 'vataranti 
svalpS, vyutpatsyanti na tvaya kenacit prak^rena mahasamudram 
avatartavyam iti | so 'ham tasya vacanam avacanam kritva maha- 
samudram avatirnah I kim idauim karomi | kas tava bhrata 1. 

^ samitir MSS. 

2 Sic MSS.; -dhva? 






Purnah | banijah katliayanti | bhavantah sa evaryapurnah punya- 
malie^akliyas tain eva garanam pi-apadyama iti [ tair ekasvarena 
sarvair evam nado muktah [ nanias tasmay aryaya Purnaya namo 
namas tasmay aryaya Purnayeti [ atba ya devata ayushmati Purne 
'bhipi'asannS, sa yenayushman Purnas tenopasamkranta ] upasarn- 
kramyayuslimantam Pumam idam avocat [ arya bhrata te kricchra- 
sarukatasambadhapraptah, samanvahareti I tenasamauvahritam | tata 
ayubhrnan Purnas tadrupam samadhim samapanno yatlia samaliite 
citte Cronaparantake 'ntarhito mahasamiidre Wahanasimayam par- 
yankam baddlivavasthitah | tato 'sau kalikavatali Sumerupratyahata 
iva pratinivrittah [ atha Mabegvaro yakshah samlakshayati | purvam 
yat kimcid vahanam kalikavatena sprigyate tat tulapicuvat kshipyate 
viciryate ca | idanirn ko yogo yena kalikavatah. Sumerupratyahata 
iva pratinivrittah | sa itag camutag ca pratyavekshitum arabdho 
yavat pacyaty S,yushmantam Purnam ' vahanasimayain paryaiikain 
baddhvavasthitam | drishtva ca punah kathayati | arya Purna kiin 
vihethayasiti | ayushman Purnah kathayati | jaradharmaham ^kini 
mam evaip vihethayasi, [A. 15, a] yadi mayedriga gunagana nadhi- 
gatah syur bhrata me tvaya namavaceshah kritah syat | Mahegvaro 
yakshah kathayati | aryedam gogirshacandanavanam rajiiag cakra- 
vartino 'rthaya dharyate | kim ^manyase gramanih kim varam raja 
cakravarty iita tathagato 'rlian samyaksambuddhah | kim arya 
■*Bhagavarn loka utpannah [ utpannah | yady evam yad aparipurnam 
tat paripuryatam | tatas te banijo gatapratyagataprana ayushmati 
Purne cittam abhiprasadya tad vahanam gogirshacandanasya pura- 
yitva samprasthitah | anupurvena Surparakain nagaram anupra[)tah | 
tata ayushman Purno bhratuh kathayati | yasya namna vahanam 
sanisiddhayanapatram agacchati tat tasya ganiyam bhavati | tvam 
esham banijam ratnasanivibhagam kuru [ aham anena gogirshacan- 

^ vahanaQimayam ABC. ^ maivam vihethajami vaya antaram B. 

3 manyasa AB. ^ Sic MSS. 

'I I 





danena Bhagavato 'rth^ya candanamalam prasS,dam karaySmiti | 
tena tesham banijam ratnaih samvibhagah kntah [ tata S,yuslimS,n 
Pumo gogirsliacandanena prisMam mapayitum S,rabdliah. [ tena 
gilpan ahuyoktib [ bhavantab kim divase divase panca karshS,pana- 
gatani gribnidhvam ^hosvid gogirsbacandanacurnasya vid&lapadam | 
te kathayanti | S,rya gogirsbacandanacurnasya vidilapadam | yivad 
alpiyasS. k^lena candanamalab pr^sMab kritab | rijH katbayati | 
bbavantab Qobbanam prasadam | sarvajatakritanisbtbitab samvri- 
ttab I yat tatra samkalikS, curnaip. cS,va§isbtam tat pisbtvS. tatraiva 
pralepo dattah | te ca bbratarab parasparam sarve ksbamitS, uktag 
ca I Buddbapramukbam bbiksbusamgbam upanimantrya bbojayata | 
irya kutra BhagavS,n | Qr^vastyam | kiyadduram itab Cravasti | 
satirekam yojanagatam | rajanam t&vad avalokay&mab | evam 
kuruta | te rSjnab sakagam upasamkrant^b | upasamkramya 9irasa 
pran§,mam kritvS, katbayanti | deva icch&mo vayam Buddbapramu- 
kbam bbikabusamgbam upanimantrya bbojayitum devo 'sm&kam 
sSbiyyam ^kalpayatu | r&ja katbayati | tatab 9obbanam tatbi bba- 
vatu kalpayimi | tata ayusbman Purnab garanaprisbtbam abbirubya 
Jetavanabbimukbam stbitva ubbe janumandale pritbivyam prati- 
sbtbapya pusbpani ksbiptva dbupam carya aramikena ca sauvama- 
bbringaram grabayitvar^dbitum pravrittab I 

viguddbaQila suviguddbabuddbe bbaktabbisare' satatartbadar9in^ | 
anatbabbutan prasamlksbya sadbo kritvS, kiipam %amanain 
kurusbveti 1 1 
tatas tani pusbpani buddhanam buddbS,nubbavena devatanim ca 
devatanubbdvenoparipusbpamandapam kritvi Jetavane gatvd vri- 
ddbante stbitani dbupo 'bbrakutavad * udakam vaidurya9alakavat [ 
ayusbmSn Anando nimittaku9alab sakritakaraputo Bbagavantam 

papraccba | kuto 


nimantranam a°;atam 


1 kalpayitu MSS. 
frequently bhaktfibhisare. 

2 bhaktfitis£re MSS., but elsewhere more 
' sadgata- CD. « 'tra Mtavad ABC. 





Ananda nagarat | kiyaddure bhadanta Surparakam nagaram | sati- 
rekam Ananda yqjanagatam | gacchamah | Ananda bhikshun aro- 
caya, yo yushmakam utsahate qvaii Surparakam nagaram gatva 
bhoktum sa galakam grihnatv iti | evarp. bhadantety [A. 15. b] 
ayushman Anando Bhagavatah pratigrutya galakam grihitva Bha- 
gavatah purastat sthitah [ Bhagavata 9alaka gribita^ stbavirastha- 
viraig ca bhiksbubbib. | 

tena khalu samayenayushman Purnab kundopadbaniyakab stba- 
virab prajnavimuktas tasyam eva parisbadi samnisbanno 'bbut | 
samnipatitab so 'pi galakam gribitum^ arabdbab | tam ayushman 


Anando gatbaya pratyabbasbata | 

naitad bboktavyam ayusbman Kogaladbipater gribe [ 
agare va Sujatasya Miigarabbavane 'tbava | | 
sadbikani yojanaQatam Surparakam itab puram | 
riddbibbir yatra gantavyain tusbni tvam bbava Purnaketi | | 
sa prajnavimuktah, tena ^liddbir notpadita | tasyaitad abbavat j yena 
maya sakalam kle^aganam vantam cbarditaip tyaktam pratinibsiisb- 
tam so 'ham tirtbikasadbaranayam riddby&m vishannab | tena vir- 
yam astbaya riddbim utpadya yavad ayushman Anandas tritiya- 
stbavirasya galakam na dadati tavat tena gajabbujasadrigam babum 
abbiprasarya galaka grihita | tato gatbam bbasbate | 

na vapusbmattaya grutena va na balatkaragunaig ca Gautama | 
prabalair api vanmanorathaih sbadabhijnatvam ibadbigamyate 1 1 
^9amacilavipa9yanabalair -vividbair dbyanabalaib parikshitah* | 
jaraya hi nipiditayauvanah shadabbijiia hi bhavanti madvidlia 
iti I I 
tatra Bhagavan bhikshun amantrayate sma | *esbo 'gro me bhikshavo 
bhiksbunara mama gravakanam caitya galakagrabane tatprathamatab 

1 Qalakfim grihitvd ABCD, 

* parikshatah MSS. 

2 Sic MSS. 3 te sama- MSS. 

' esho grame MSS. 





§alakain giihnat§,iii yaduta' Purnah kundopadhaniyakah sthavirah | 
tatra Bhagavan S,yusliinantam Anandam amantrayate [ gacchananda 
bhikshunam arocaya kim capy uktam maya praticchannakalyinair vo 
bliikshavo vihartavyaru vikritapapair iti, api tu tirthikavastabdham 
tan nagaram, yo vo yasya riddher labhi tena taya tatra Surparakam 
nagaram gatva bhoktavyam iti | evarp. bhadantety S,yushin&n Anando 
Bhagavatah pratigrutya bhikshunam arocayati | ayushmanto Bhaga- 
van evam aha, kiin capy uktam maya praticchannakalyfinair vo 
bhikshavo vihartavyam iti purvavad yavad gatva bhoktavyam iti | 
tatah Surparakarajua Surparakanagaram apagatapSrshanagarkaraka- 
thalam vyavasthapitam candanavariparishiktam nanavidhasurabhi- 
dhupaghatikasamalamkritam amuktapattadamakalapain nanapushpa- 
bhikirnam ramaniyam | Surparakasya nagarasyashtadaga dvarani 
tasyapi rajnah saptadaQa putrah | pratyekam ekaikasmin dvare para- 
maya vibhutya rajaputra vyavasthitah | muladvare ca mahata rajS,- 
nubhavena Surparakadhipatiraja ayushman Purno Darukarni Stava- 
karni Trapukarni ca vyavasthitah | ylivat ^patracarika riddhya ^hari- 
tacarika ^bhajanacarikag cagatah | tan drishtvci, raja kathayati | 
bhadanta Purna kim Bhagavan agatah | ayushman Purnah katha- 
yati I maharaja ^patracarika ^haritacariki ^bhajanacarikag caite na 
tavad Bhagavan | yavat sthavirasthavira bhikshavo 'nekavidhabhir 
dhyanasamapattibhih sampraptah [ punar api pricchati [A. 16. a] | 
bhadanta Purna kim Bhagavan agatah | ayushman Purnah katha- 
yati I maharaja na Bhagavan api tu khalu sthavirasthavira eva te 
bhikshava iti | athanyatama upasakas tasyam velayam gatham 
bhashate | 

sinihavyaghragajagvanagaviishabhan agritya kecic chubhan 
kecit ratnavimanaparvatatarumg citran ratham9 cojjvalan | 
anye toyadhara ivambaratale vidyullatalamkrita 
riddhya devapurim iva pramudita gantum samabhyudyatah || 

' grihnatam yadutah MSS. 

-vfiriksl MSS. Bometimes. 




: I 

gS,m bhittva hy utpatanty eke patanty anye nabhastalat ( 
asane mrmita§ caike pa9ya riddhimatam balam iti [ | 
tato Bhagavan vahir vibarasya padau prakshalya viharam pravig- 
ya rijum kayam pranidhaya pratimukham smritim upasthapya praj- 
napta evasane nishannah [ yavad Bhagavata gandhakutyam sabhi- 
saipskaram pado nyastah, shadvikarah prithivikampo jatah | iyam 
mahaprithivi calati samcalati sampracalati vyadhati pravyadhati 
sampravyadhati | purvadigbhS,ga unnamati pagcimo 'vanamati | pag- 
cima urmainati purvo Vanamati [ dakshina uimamaty uttaro 'vana- 
mati I uttara unnamati dakshino 'vanamati | anta unnamati madhyo 
'vanamati | madhya unnamaty anto 'vanamati | 'rajayushmantam 
Purnam pricchati | arya Purna kim etat | sa kathayati | maharaja 
Bhagavata gandhakutyam sabhisamskarah pado nyastas tena shad- 
vikarah prithivikampo jatah | tato Bhagavata kanakamaricivarna- 
prabha ^utsrishta yaya Jambudvipo vilinakanakavabhasah samvrittah | 
punar api raja vismayotphullalocanah pricchati | arya Purnedam 
kim I sa kathayati j maharaja Bhagavatah kanakamaricivarnaprabha 
utsrishteti | 

tato Bhagavan danto dantaparivarah gantah gantaparivarah 
pancabhir arhacchataih sardham Surparakabhimukhah sampra- 
sthitah I atha ya Jetavananivasini devata si vakulagakham grihi- 
tva Bhagavatah chayam kurvanti prishthatah samprasthita j tasya 
Bhagavatagayanugayam dhatum prakritim ca jnatva tadrigi caturar- 
yasatyasamprativedhaki dharmadegana krita yam grutva taya deva- 
taya vimgatigikharasamudgatam satkayadrishtigailam jnanavajrena 
bhittva grotaapattiphalam sakshatkritam | yavad anyatamasmin pra- 
dege pancamatrani 'gharinigatani prativasanti | adrakshus ta Bud- 
dhaip. Bhagavantara dvatrimgata mahapurushalakshanaih samalam- 
kritam agityanuvyaiijanair virajitagatram vyaraaprabhalamkritam 

1 rajdyushmam MSS. ^ votsrishM MSS. here. 

3 gharani A here, but afterwards gharint. 







suryasahasratirekaprabhatp jangainam iva ratnaparvatam samantato 
bhadrakam ] sahadarganac ca tasara. Bhagavati mahaprasada iitpan- 
nah I dharmataisha | na tatha dvada9avarshabhyastah ^gamathag 
cittasya kalyatam janayaty aputrasya ca putralabho daridrasya ya 
nidhidarganam rSjyabhinandino va rajyabhisheko yatbopacitakugala- 
mulahetukasya^ sattvasya tatprathamato BuddhadarQanam | tato 
Bhagavams tasam vinayakalam [A. 16, b] avekshya purastad bhik- 
sbusaingbasya prajnapta evasane nishannah | ta api Bhagavatah 
padau girasa vanditvaikante nishannah | tato Bhagavata tasam aga- 
yaiiugayam dhatum prakritim ca jtiatva yavat Qrotaapattiphalam 
saksLatkritam j ta drishtasatyas trir udanara udanayanti [ idam 
asmakam bhadanta na matra kritam na pitra kritam na rajiia 
neshtasvajanabandhuvargena na devatabhir na purvapretair na 
gramanabrdhmanair yad Bhagavatasmakam tat kritam | ucchoshita 
rudhiragi-usamudra langhita asthiparvatah pihitany apayadvarani 
pratishthapita vayam^ devamanushyeshv atikrantatikrantah* ] eta 
vayam Bhagavantam garanam gacchamo dharmara ca bhikshusam- 
gham copasikag casman Bhagavaa dhaiayatu | tata utthayasanad 
yena Bhagavams tenaujalim pranamya Bhagavantam idam avocan | 
ahovata Bhagavan asmakam kimcid atra prayacched yatra vayam 
karamkarishyamah | tato Bhagavata riddhy a keganakham utsrishtam | 
tabhir Bhagavatah keganakhastupah pratishthapitah | tatas taya Jeta- 
vananivasinya devataya tasmin stupe yashtyam sa vakulagakharopi- 
ta Bhagavamg coktah | Bhagavann aham asmin stupe karam kurvanti 
tishthamiti | sa tatraivasthita | tatra kecid' Gharinistupa iti sam- 
janate kecid' Yakulamedhiti yam adyapi caityavandaka bhikshavo 
vandante | tato Bhagavan samprasthitah | yavad anyasminn agrama- 
pade paiica rishigatani prativasanti | tat tesham agramapadam pushpa- 
phalasalilasaippannam | te tena madena matta na kimcin naanyante | 

^ Qamathacittasya MSS., but compare tale 31 init. A. 162. 6. ^ -kasya, MSS. 
' asman CD. ^ atikrantdbhikrantali MSS. = kenacid MSS. 






tato Bhagavams tesliam vinayakalam avekshya tad agramapaclam 
iipasamkrantali | upasamkramya tasmad agramapadat pushpaphalam 
riddhya gamitam' salilam gosliitam haritagadvalam krishnam sthan- 
dilani pjititani | tatas te rishayah kare kapolara dattva cintapari 
vyavasthitah | tato Bhagavatabhihitali | maharshayah kimartham 
cintaparas'tishthatheti | te kathayanti | Bhagavams tvam dvipadakam 
puiiyakshetram iha pravislito 'smakain cedrigi samavastha | Bhagavan 
alia kim | te kathayanti ] Bhagavan piaslipaphalasalilasampannam 
agramapadam vinashtani yathapauranam bhavatu [ ^bhavatu ity aha 
Bhagavams tato Bhagavata riddhih prasrahdha yathapauranam sani- 
vrittam | tatas te param vismayamupagatah [ Bhagavati cittam ablii- 
prasadayamasuh | tato Bhagavata tesham agayanugayam dhatum pra- 
kritira ca jfiatva tadrici caturaryasatyasamprativedhaki dharmadegana 
krita yain grutva taih pancabhir rishigatau' anagamiphalaip sakshatkri- 
tam riddhig cabhiniihrita | tato yena Bhagavams tenafijalim pranam- 
ya Bhagavantam idam avocan [ labhema vayara bhadanta svakhyate 
dharmavinaye pravrajyam upasampadam bhikshubhavain carema 
vayaip. Bhagavato 'ntike brahmacaryam j tatas te Bhagavata ehibhik- 
shukaya abhashitah [A. 17. a] ] eta bhikshavag carata brahmacaryam 
iti I Bhagavato vacavasane mundah samvrittah samghati[)raviitah 
patrakaravyagrahastah saptahavaropitakegagmagravo vafshagatopa- 
sampannasya bhikshor iryapathenavasthitah | ehiti cokta hi TathS.- 
gatena mundag ca ^samghatiparitadehah sadyah pragantendriya eva 
tasthur naiva sthita Buddhamanorathena | tair yujyamanair ghata- 
manair vyayacchamanair idam eva paficagandakam purvavad *yavad 
abhivadyag ca samvrittah | yas tesham rishir avavadakah sa katha- 
yati I Bhagavan mayanena veshena mahajanakayo vipralabdhas 
tarn yavad abhiprasMayami pagcat pravrajishyamiti [ tato Bhagavan 
paiicabhir rishigataih purvakaic ca pancabhir bhikshngatair ardha- 


1 samitam MSS. 
* Cf. A. 62. a. 

2 bhavatu Bhagavams MSS. 

' samghata- MSS. 





candrakaropagudhas tata eva riddhy^ upari vihiyasa prakranto 
'nupurvena Musalakaip. parvatam anupraptah | tena khalu samayena 
Musalake parvate Yakkali nama rishih prativasati | adrakshit sa 
rishir Bhagavantam durad eva dvatrim9ata mahSpurushalakshanaih 
samalamkritam purvavad yavat samantato bhadrakam | sahadar9anac 
canena Bhagavato 'ntike cittam abhiprasaditam | sa prasadajatag 
cintayati | yan nv ahain parvatad avatirya Bhagavantam darqanayo- 
pasamkramishyami | Bhagavan ' vaineyapekshayatikramishyati | yaii 
nv aham atmS,nain parvatan muiiceyam iti | tena parvatad ktmk 
muktah | asammoshadharmano BuddhS, Bhagavantah | Bhagavata 
riddhya pratishtah | tato 'sya Bhagavata aqayanugayam dhaturn pra- 
kritim ca jfiatvS, tadrigi dharmadegana krita jkm 9rutv§, Vakkalina 
'nagamiphalam sakshatkritam riddhi9 cabhinirhrita | tato Bhagavan- 
tam idam avocat | labheyahani bhadanta svakhyate dharmavinaye 
pravrajyS,m upasampadam bhikshubhavain purvavad yavad Bhaga- 
vata ehibhikshukaya pravrajito yavan naiva sthito Buddhamanora- 
thena | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun imantrayate sma | esho 'gro me' 
bhikshavo bhikshunam mama 9raddhadhimuktanam yaduta Yakkali 
bhikshur iti | tato Bhagavan bhikshusahasraparivrito vicitrini prati- 
haryani kurvan Surparakam nagaram anupraptah [ BhagavS,n sam- 
lakshayati | yady ekena dvarena pravi9S,my aparesham bhavishyaty 
anyatha.tvam | yan nv aham riddhyaiva pravi9eyam iti | tata rid- 
dhya upari vihayasa madhye Surpirakasya nagarasy^vatlrnah | tatah 
SurpS,rakadhipati raj 3, ayushman Purno Darukarni Stavakarni Tra- 
pukarni te ca saptada9a putrah svakasvakena parivarena yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkranta anekani ca prS,ni9atasahasrani | tato 
Bhagavan anekaih pranigatasahasrair anugamyamSno yena candana- 
malah prasadas tenopasainkrS,ntah | upasamkramyapurastad [A. 17.b] 
bhikshusamghasya prajnapta evasane nishannah | sa janakayo Bhaga- 

^ The MSS. often read vainaya, but the more usual reading vaineya is proved 
correct by the line vaineyavatsan bhavadurganashtfin. ^ esho grame AJBC. 

c. ■ 7 





vantam apa9yan candanamalam prasadam bhettum S,rabdhah. | Bha- 
gavSn samlakshayati | yadi candanamalah prasado bhetsyate datrinS,in 
punyintariyo bhavishyati | yan nv aham enam sphatikamayam nir- 
minuy§,ni iti ] sa Bhagavata sphatikamayo nirmitah | tato BhagavatS, 
tasy§,h parishada &9aySiiu9ayain dhatum prakritim ca jiiatva tadrigi 
dbarmadegana kriti yam grutvanekaih prani9atasahasrair mahan 
vi9esho 'dhigatah | kai9ciii inokshabli§,giyani ku9alamulany utpaditani 
kai9cin nirvedhabhS.giyani kai9cic chrotaapattiphalam sakshatkritam 
kai9cit sakrid&gamiphalara kai9cid aii§,gamiphalam kai9cit sarvakle9a- 
prah.anS.d arhattvaip. sakshS,tkritani kai9cic chravakabodhau cittany 
utp§,ditaiii kai9cit pratyekabodhau kai9cid anuttarayS,ni samyaksam- 
bodhau cittany utpaditani | yad bhuyasa sa parshad BuddhanimnS, 
dharmapravanS, samghaprigbhara vyavasthapitS | 

atha Darukarni Stavakarni Trapukarni ca pranitam khadaniyam 
bhojaniyam samudaniyasanani prajnapya Bhagavato dutena kalam 
arocayanti | samayo bhadanta sajjam bhaktam yasyedanim Bhagav&n 
kS^lam manyata iti | tena khalu samayena Krishnagautamakau naga- 
rajau mahasamudre prativasatah | tau samlakshayatah. | Bhagavan 
SurpS,rake nagare dharmam de9ayati gacchavo dharmam 9roshyava 
iti I tatas tau pancanaga9ataparivarau paricanadi9atam samjanya 
Surparakam nagaram samprasthitau | asammoshadharmano Buddha 
Bhagavantah | Bhagavan samlakshayati | imau Krishnagautamau 
nagarajau yadi Surparakam nagaram agamishyato 'gocarikarishyatah | 
tatra Bhagavin ayushmantam Mahamaudgalyayanam amantrayate | 
pratigi-ihana Mahamaudgalyayana tathagatasyatyayikapindapatam I 
tat kasya hetoh | panca me Maudgalyayanatyayikapindapatah | ka- 
tame panca | agantukasya gamikasya glanasya glanopasthayakasyo- 
padhivarikasya ^ ca | asmin tv arthe Bhagavan upadhau vartate | atha 
Bhagavan Maudgalyayanasahayo yena Krishnagautamakau nagarajau 


1 nparivarikasya A ; uyiv^rikasya B ; upadhivarikasya C ; upayicarikasya D ; 
upaviharikasya conj. Bohtlingk and Both. (For upadhivara cf. p. 54.) 





tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya kathayati | samanviharata nk- 
gendrau Surparakam nagaram ma 'gocaribhavishyati | tau katha- 
yatali [ tadrigena bhadanta prasadena vayam agata yan na gakyam 
asmabhih. kuntapipilikasyapi prininah pidam utpadayitum prag eva 
Surparakanagaranivasino janakayasyeti | tato Bhagavata Krishna- 
gautamakayor [A. 18. a] nagarajayos tadrigo dharmo degito yam 
grutva Buddham garanam gatau dharmam samgham ca garanam 
gatau gikshapadini ca grihitani | Bhagavan bhaktakrityam kartum 
arabdhah j ekaiko nagah samlakshayati [ ahovata Bhagavan mama 
paniyam ^pivatv iti | Bhagavan samlakshayati | *yady ekasyaiva pani- 
yam pasyamy eshim bhavishyaty anyathitvam upayasamvidhanam 
kartavyam iti | tatra Bhagavan S,yushmantam Mahamaudgalyayanam 
imantrayate ] gaccha MaudgalyS,yana yatra paiicanam nadigatanam 
sambhedas tasmad udakasya patrapuram anaya | evam bhadantety 
4yushman Mahimaudgalyayano Bhagavatah pratigrutya yatra pangi- 
nam nadigatanam sambhedas tatrodakasya patrapuram adaya yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavata udakasya 
patrapuram upanamayati | Bhagavata^ grihitva paribhuktam | ayush- 
man Mahamaudgalyayanah samlakshayati | purvam iiktam Bhaga- 
vata dushkarakarakau hi bhikshavah putrasya m^tdpitarav apy&- 
yakau poshakau samvardhakau stanyasya datirau citrasya Jambu- 
dvipasya dargayitarau | ekenamgena putro mataram dvitiyena pitaram 
purnavarshagatam parikared yad va 'syam mahaprithivyam manayo 
mukta vaiduryagankhagilapravadam rajatam jatarupam agmagarbho 
*musaragalvo lohitika dakshinavarta ity *evamrupe va vividhaigvar- 
yadhipatye pratishthapayen neyata putrena matapitroh kritam va syad 
upakritam va^ | yas tv asav agraddham m§,tapitaram graddhasampadi 
samadipayati vinayati nivegayati pratishthapayati duhQilam gilasam- 

^ pivetv ABC. ^ jj^ eonject.; yady eva bhagavtotyam A; yady eta 

bhagavanlyam C; yad de<?ayeyam pSnlyam D; B corrupt. ^ BhagavS.n MSS. 
* susara- BCD. ^ evarfipe MSS. ^ va om. MSS. here. 






ii - L 

f « 

I i 

padi matsarmaip tyagasampadi dushprajnam prajnasainpadi samada- 
payati vinayati nivegayati pratishthapayati iyata putrena matapitroh 
kritam va syM upakritaip. veti | may^ ca matur na kagcid upakarah. 
krito, yad aham samanvahareyam kutra me mata upapanneti samaa- 
vahartum samvrittahi pagyati Maricike lokadhatav upapanna | sa 
samlakshayati | kasya vineya [ pagyati Bhagavatali | tasyaitad abha- 
vat I duram vayam ihigatah, yan nv aham etam artham Bhagavato 
nivedayeyam iti | Bhagavantam idam avocat | uktam bhadanta 
BhagavatS. purvam, dushkarakarakau hi bhikshavah putrasya mata- 
pitarav iti | tan mama mata Maricike lokadhatav upapannS, sa ca 
Bhagavato vineya tad arhati Bhagavams tarn vinetum anukampam 
upadayeti | Bhagavan kathayati | Maudgalyayana kasya riddhy^ 
gacchamah | Bhagavan madiyaya | tato Bhagavan ayushmamg ca 
Mahamaudgalyayanah Sumerumurdhni padan sthapayantau sam- 
prasthitau | saptame divase Maricikam lokadhatum anupraptah | 
adrakshit sa Bhadrakanya ayushmantam Mahamaudgalyayanam 
durad eva drishtva ca punah sasambhramat tatsakagam npasam- 
kramya kathayati | ciradgataputrakam pacyimiti | tato janakayah 
kathayati \ bhadanto 'yam pravrajito vriddha iyam ca kanya katham 
asya mata bhavatiti [ ayushman Maudgalyayanah kathayati | bha- 
vanto mameme skandha anaya samvriddhas tena mameyam mateti | 
tato Bhagavata tasya Bhadrakanyaya acayanuqayam dhatum pra- 
kiitim ca jiiatva tadrigi [A. 18. b] caturaryasatyasaipprativedhaki 
dharmadecana krita yam grutva taya Bhadrakanyaya vimgatiQikhara- 
samudgataip. satkayadnshtigailani jfianavajrena bhittva grotaapatti- 
phalain sakshatkritam [ sa drishtasatya trir udanam udanayati 
piirvavad yavat pratishthapita devamanushyeshv, ^ha ca | 

tavanubhavat pihitah sughoro hy apayamargo bahudoshadushtah | 
apavrita svargagatih supunya nirvanamargam ca mayopalabdham 1 1 
tvadagrayac captam apetadosha mamadya cuddham suviguddhacak- 
shuh I 





praptam ca kantam padam aryakantam tirna ca duhkharnavaparam 


jagati daityanaramarapujita vigatajanmajaramaranamaya | 
bhavasahasrasudurlabhadargana saphalam adya mune tava dar9a- 
nam || 
atikrantaham bhadantatikranta esh&ham Bhagavantam garanam 
gacchami dharmam ca bhikshusamgham ca, upasikam ca mam dha- 
rayadyagrena yavajjivaip. pranopetam garanam gatam abhiprasan- 
nam | adhivasayatu me Bhagavan adya pindapatena sardham Arya- 
mabamaudgalyayaneneti ] adhivasayati Bhagavams tasyi Bhadra- 
kanyS,yab tusbnibhavena | atba sa Bhadrakanya Bbagavantam. 
S,yushmantani ca Mahamaudgalyayanain sukhopanishannam viditvS, 
gucina pranitena kbadaniyena bbojaniyena svahastaip. samtarpya 
sampravarya Bhagavantam bhuktavantam viditva dhautabastam 
apanitapatram' nicataram isanam gribitva Bbagavatah purastan 
nisbanna dharmagravanaya | Bhagavata tasya dharmo degitali | 
ayushman Mahamaudgalyayano Bbagavatah patragrahakah 'patram 
nirmadayati [ Bhagavatabhihitah | Maudgalyayana gacchamah | ga- 
cchamo Bhagavan | kasya riddhya | tathagatasya Bbagavatah | yady 
evaip. samanvahara Jetavanam | agatah smo Bhagavan | agatS,b | 
Maudgalyayanas tato vismayavarjitamatih kathayati | kim nameyam 
Bhagavann riddhih | manojava Maudgalyayana | na maya bhadanta 
vijiiatam evam gambhiram eva gambhira buddhadharma iti | yadi 
vijaatam abhavishyat tilago 'pi me samcurnitagarirenanuttarayah 
samyaksambodbeg cittaip. vyavartitam abhavishyat, idanim kim 
karomi dagdhendhana iti | 

tato bhikshavah samgayajatah sarvasairigayacchett&ram Buddham 
Bhagavantam papracchuh | kim bhadantayushmatS- Purnena karma 
kritam yenS,dhye mahadhane mahabhoge kule jatah, kim karma 
kritam yena dasyah kukshav upapannah pravrajya ca sarvaklega- 



apaniya patram MSS. 

patra MSS. for patram. 






prahanad arhattvam saksh&tkritam | Bhagav&n aha | Purnena bhi- 
kshavo bhikshuna karmani kritiny upacitani labdhasambliarini pari- 
natapratyayany oghavat pratyupasthitany avagyabhavini | Purnena 
karmani kritany upacitani ko 'nyah pratyanubhavishyati [ na bhi- 
kshavah karmani kritany upacitani vahye prithividbatau vipacyante 
nabdhatau na tejodhatau na vayudhatav api Hupatteshv eva skan- 
dhadhatvayatanesbu karmani kritany upacitani vipacyante 9ubhany 
a9ubhani ca J 

na pranagyanti karmani api kalpaQatair api | 

samagrim prapya kalam ca [A. 19. a] phalanti khalu dehinam] | 
bbutapurvam bhikshavo 'sminn eva bhadrakalpe vimgativarshasaha- 
srayushi prajayam Kagyapo nama samyaksambuddho loka udapadi 
vidyacaranasampannab sugato lokavid anuttarah purusbadamyasara- 
thih 9asta devanana manusbyanam ca Buddho Bhagavan ] Varanasim 
nagarim upanigritya vibarati | tasyayam gasane pravrajitas tripita- 
kasamghasya ca dharmavaiyavrityam karoti | yavad anyatamasy§-r- 
hata upadbivarah praptab | sa vibaram sammarsbtum ^rabdbab | 
vayuneta9 camutag ca samkaro niyate | sa samlakshayati j tisbtbatu 
tavad yavad vayur upagamam gacchatiti | vaiyavrityakaren§,sainmri- 
sbto viharo drishtab | tena tivrena paryavasthanena kbaravakkarma 
niQcaritam kasya dasiputrasyopadbivara iti | tenarbata grutam | sa 
saralaksbayati | paryavastbito 'yam tisbtbatu tavat pagcat samjna- 
payishyamiti | yadasya paryavasthanam vigatam tada tasya sakagam 
upasamkramya katbayati | janisbe tvam ko 'bam iti [ sa katbayati | 
jane tvam Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya gasane pravrajito 'ham 
apiti I sa katbayati | yady apy evam tathapi tu yan may^ pravrajya ' 
caraniyam tat kritam aham sakalabandhanabaddhah^ kharam te vak- 

1 Ex conj. The MSS. read here and elsewhere bhfipanteshv eva or perhaps 
bhiiyanteshv eva ; Bumouf (Introd. p. 273) conjectures bhiitanteshv eva. (My 
conj. is based on the fact that tu and tt are sometunes written in the MSS. 
Hke hhu and nt.) The passage occurs also in 45 h, 48 6, 66 a, 221 a. 

2 pravrajya MSS. ^ sakalabandhanabaddhah MSS. 



I J*, »">J M 




karma nigcaritam, atyayam atyayato degayapy evaitat karma tanu- 
tvam parikshayam paryadanam gacched iti | tenatyayam atyayato 
de9itam | yat tena naraka' upapadya dasiputrena bhavitavyam tan 
narake nopapannah panca tu janmaQatani dasyah kuksh§,v upapan- 
nah I yavad etarhy api carame bhave dasya eva kukshav upapannah. | 
yat samghasyopasth&nain. kritam tenadhye mahadhane mahabboge 
kule jatab | yat tatra pathitaip svadhyiyitain. skandbakaugalam ca 
kritam tena mama Q^ane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanid arhattvam 
s&ksh&tkritam iti hi bbiksbava ekantakrisknantm karmanS,m ekS,nta- 
krishno vipaka ekanta9ukl§,nam karmanam ekantaguklo vip&ko vyati- 
migranS,]!! vyatimigrah | tasmit tarhi bbikshava ekantakrishn§,ni kar- 
m&ny apasya vyatimigrani ca ekantagukleshv eva karmasv abhogah 
karaniyah. | ity evam vo bhikshavah. gikshitavyam ] idam avocad 
Bhagavin, §,ttamanasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato bh&shitam abhya- 
nandann iti | , 

Iti 9ridivyavadS,ne* Purnavadanara dvitiyam 1 1 


Yad4 rajna Magadhenaj^tagatrunS, Yaidehiputrena naukramo 
matapitror mapitas tada Vaigalakair^ Licchavibhir Bhagavato 'rthe 
naukramo m&pitah | nag^h samlakshayanti | vayam vinipatitagarir^ 
yan nu vayain phanasamkramena Bhagavantam nadigangam. uttara- 
yemeti | taih phanasamkramo mapitah | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun 
amantrayate sma | Rajagrihac ChrAvastim gantum yo yushm&kam 
bhikshava utsahate rajno M^gadhasyajdtagatror Yaidehiputrasya 
nausamkramena nadigangam uttartum sa tena taratu, yo v^ 

^ narakam ABD, narakem C. 

2 So DE ; ABC om. 

3 Sic MSS. 




[A. 19. b] bhikshavo Vai^alakanam Licchavinam nausamkramena 
so 'pi tenottaratu | aham apy ayushmatanandena bhikshuna sardham 
naganam phanasamkramena nadigangam uttarishyami | tatra kecid 
rajiio Magadhasyajatagatror Vaidehiputrasya nausamkramenottirnah 
kecid Yai9alikanain Licchavinam nausainkramena | Bhagavan apy 
ayushmatanandena sardham naginam phanasaiukramenottlrnah | 
athanyatamopasakas ^ tasyam velayam gatham bhashate | 

ye taranty arnavam sarah seturn kritvi visrijya palal&ni* | 
kolam hi jaiiS,h prabandhita uttirna medhavino janah 1 1 
uttirno Bhagavan Buddho brahmanas tishthati sthale | 
bhikshavo 'tra parisnanti kolam badhnanti gravakah || 
kim kuryad udapanena apag cet sarvato yadi | 
chittveha mulam trishnayah kasya paryeshanam cared iti || 
adrakshid Bhagavan anyatamasmin bhubhage 'unnatonnatam prithi- 
vipradeQam drishtva ca punar ayushmantam amantrayate [ icchasi 
tvam Ananda yo 'sau yupa* urdhvam * vyamasahasram tiryaksho- 
dagapravedho* nanaratnavicitro divyah sarvasauvarno rajna Maha- 
pranadena danani dattva punyani kritva nadyam Gangayam apla- 
vitah taiti drashtum | etasya Bhagavan kala etasya sugata® samayo 
yo 'yam Bhagavan yupam ucchrapayet, bhikshavah pagyeyuh | tato 
Bhagavata cakrasvastikanandyavartena^ jalavanaddhenamekapunya- 
gatanirjatena bhitanam agvasanakarena prithivi paramrishta | nagS.h 
samlakshayanti | kimarthain Bhagavata prithivi parimrishteti | 
yavat pagyanti yupam drashtukamah | tatas tair ucchrapitah j bhi- 
kshavo yupam drashtum arabdhah | ayushman api Bhaddali alpotsu- 
kah pamsukulam sivyati | tatra BhagavS-n bhikshun amantrayate 

1 SicMSS. 
* yupam MSS. 

2 palvalani MSS. ' E conject. ; uttatormatam MSS. 

^ So B; sahasratiryakvyamaveshtanena A; sahasram 

tiryak vyamaveshtanena D ; C has vydmasaha,STa.m tiryak shoda^a vyamaveshta- 
riena pravedho, but the italicised words are dotted as if superfluous (but cf. fol. 
20 h). ^ sugatasya ABC. ^ -avartana D. 





sma I arohaparinihatn ' nimittam bhikshavo yupasya giihnita antar- 
dhasyatiti | antarhitali | bhikshavo Buddham Bhagavantam papra- 
cchuh I pa9ya bhadanta bhikshavo yupam pa§yanti | iyushman api 
Bhaddaii alpotsukah pamsukulam sivyati | kim tavad vitar^gatvad 
ahosvit paryupasitapurvatvat, tad yadi tavad vitaragatvat santy anye 
'pi vitaragS, atha paryupasitapurvatvat kutra kena paryup&sitam iti | 
Bhagavan kha, \ api bhikshavo vitaragatvad api paryupasitapurva- 
tvat I kutranena paryupasitam j 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo rajabhut Pranado nama Cakrasya deven- 
drasya vayasyakah | so 'putrah putrabhinandi | kare kapolam dattva 
ciataparo vyavasthitah | anekadhanasamudito 'ham aputrag ca | 
mamatyayad rajavamqasamucchedo bhavishyatiti | tatah Qakrena 
drishtah prishta9 ca | marsha kasmat tvam kare kapolam dattva cin- 
taparas tishthasiti j sa kathayati | [A. 20. a] kaugik&iiekadhaiiasamu- 
dito 'ham aputratj ca mamatyayad rajavaragasyocchedo bhavishyati | 
Qakrah kathayati | marsha ma tvam cintaparas tishtha | yadi kag- 
cic cyavanadharm& devaputro bhavishyati tat te putratve samadi- 
payishyamiti | dharmatS, khalu cyavanadharmano devaputrasya pan- 
ca purvanimittani pradurbhutani | aklishtani visimsi samkligyanti 
amltn4ni milyini mlayante daurgandham mukhS,n nigcarati ubha- 
bhyam kakshabhyam svedah pragharati sve ^casane dhritim ^na 
labhate | y§,vad anyatamasya devaputrasya panca purvanimittani pra- 
durbhutS,ni | sa Qakrena devendrenoktah | marsha PranMasya rajno 
'gramahishyah kukshau pratisamdhim grihaneti | sa kathayati | pra- 
m&dasth&nam Kaugika, bahukilvishakarino hi Kaugika mi 
'dharmena rajyam kritv4 narakapariyano bhavishyS,miti | Cakrah 
kathayati | m&rsha ahain te smS,rayishy§,mi | pramattSh Kaugika 
devS, ratibahulah [ evam etat mirsha tathSpi tv aham bhavantam 
smS,rayS,mi | tena PranS,dasya rajno 'gramahishyah kukshau pratisam- 
dhir grihitS, | yasminn eva divase pratisaipdhir grihita tasmin divase 

^ om. AB. 

2 vasane MSS. 

3 ca AC, va B. 





mahajanakdyena pran^do muktah | sashtanam va navanam va masa- 
nam atyayat prasutd | darako jato 'bliirupo darganiyah prasadiko 
gaurah kanakavarnag chattrakaragirah praJambabahur vistirnalalatah 
samgatabhrus tunganasah | tasya jiiatayah sanigamya samagamya 
namadheyam vyavastMpayanti | kim bhavatu ^darakasya nameti | 
jnataya uculi [ yasminn eva divase 'yani darako matuh kukshim 
avakrantas tasminn eva divase mahajanakayena nado muktah 1 
yasminn eva divase jatas tasminn eva divase mahajanakayena 
nado muktah | tasmad bhavatu darakasya Mahapranada iti nS,ma | 
tasya Mahapranada iti namadheyam vyavasthapitam | Mahapranado 
darako 'shtabhyo dhatribhyo 'nupradatto dvabhyam ^amsadhatri- 
bhyain. dvabhyam maladhatribhyam dvabhyam kshiradhatribhyS,m 
dvabhyam kridanikabhyam | so 'shtabhir dhatribhir uimiyate var- 
dhate kshirena dadhna navanitena sarpishi sarpimandenanyaig* 
cottaptottaptair upakaranavigeshair agu vardhyate hradastham iva 
pankajam | yada mahan samvrittas tadS, lipyam upanyastah sam- 
khyjiyam gananayam mudrayam uddhare nyase nikshepe ^vastu- 
parikshS,yam daruparikshiyS.m ratnaparikshayam hastiparikshay§,ni 
agvaparikshayS,!!! kumaraparikshayam kumariparikshS,y&m so 'shtasu 
parikshasudghattako* vacakah* patupracarah panditah sainvrittah [ 
sa yani tani rajnam kshatriyanam murdhnabhishiktanam jana- 
padaicvaryasthamaviryam anupraptanam mahantam prithiviman- 
dalam abhinirjityadhyasatim prithagbhavanti gilpasthanakarmasthS,- 
n&ni, tad yatha hastigikshayam agvaprishthe rathe [A. 20. b] ^are 
dhanushi prayane niryane 'nkugagrahe pagagrahe tomaragrahe 
yashtibandhe mushtibandhe padabandhe gikhabandhe duravedhe 
marmavedhe 'kshunnavedhe^ dridhapraharitayam paiicasu sthaneshu 
kritavi samvrittah | dharmatS, khalu na tavat putrasya nama prajna- 

^ darasya MSS. ^ AB have here atsadhatrlbhyam, CD atma-; elsewhere 

it is written anka- or ansa-, cf. p. 3. ^ vastra- D. * Sic MSS. 

5 vSdakshah AD, vachakshah BC. « 'kshuna- MSS. 







yate 'yavat tato jivati | aparena samayena Pran&do rSja kSlagatah | rSjye pratislithitah | sa yavat tavad dharmena rajyam 
karayitva 'dharmena rSjyam kirayituia. pravrittah | tatah Qakrena 
devendrenoktah | marsha maya tvaip. Pranadasya rajnah putratve 
samadapito ma 'dharmena rajyam karaya ma narakaparayano bhavi- 
shyasiti | sa yavat tavad dharmena rajyam karayitva punar apy 
adharmena rajyam karayitum pravrittah | dvir api Cakrenoktah | 
marsha maya tvam Pranadasya rajnah putratve samadapito mS, 'dhar- 
mena rajyam karaya ma narakaparayano bhavishyasiti | sa katha- 
yati I Kaugika vayam rajanah pramatta iti ratibahulah kshanad 
vismaramah I kimcit tvam asmakam cihnam sthapaya yam' drishtva 
danani dasyamah punyani karayishyama iti na ca Qakyate vina ni- 
mittena punyam kartum | tatah Cakrena devendrena Yigvakarmano 
devaputrasyajiia datta | gaccha tvam Vigvakarman^ rajno Mahaprana- 
dasya nivegane divyam mandalavatam nirminu yupam ^cocchrapayor- 
dhvam vyamasahasram tiryakshodagapravedham nanaratnavicitram 
sarvasauvarnam iti | tato YigvakarmanS, devaputrena Mahaprana- 
dasya rajno nivegane divyo mandalavato nirmito yupag cocchrita 
urdhvam vyamasahasram nanaratnavicitro divyah sarvasauvarnah I 
tato Mahapranadena rajiia danagala mipita | tasya matulo 'goko 
nama yupasya paricarako vyavasthitah | tato yupadarganodyuktah 
sarva eva Jambudvipanivasi janakaya agatya bhuktvS, yupam pagyati 
svakarmanushthanam na karoti | tatah krishikarmantah samucchinna 
rajnah karapratyaya nottishthante | amatyaih stokah karapraty&ya 
upanitah | Mahapranado raji pricchati | bhavantah kasmat stokah 
karapratyaya upanitah | deva Jambudvipanivasi janakaya S,gatya 
bhuktva yupam pagyati svakarmanushthanam na karoti krishikar- 
mantah samucchinna rajnah karapratyaya nottishthanta iti | raja 
kathayati j samucchidyatam danagaleti | taib samucchinna® | tato 'py 

^ yavatajtvati MSS. 
cocchrayordhvam MSS. 

Sic MSS. 3 -karma MSS. ■• Ex conject. 

^ samucchinnas MSS. 







asau janakayah svapathy adanam adaya bhuktva yupara ' nirikshya- 
manas tishthati svakarmanushthanam na karoti krishikarmantah 
samucchiimas tathapi karapratyaya nottishthante [ raja pricchati | 
bhavanto danagalah samucchinna idanim karapratyaya nottishthanta 
iti I amatyah kathayanti | deva janakayah svapathy adanam adaya 
bhuktva yupam * nirikshyamanas tishthati svakarmanushthanam na 
karoti kiishikarmantah samucchinna yatah karapratyaya nottish- 
thante I tato rajiia Mahapranadena danani dattvS, punyani kritvi sa 
yupo nadyain Gangayam aplavitah | kim manyadhve [A. 21. a] 
bhikshavo yo 'sau rajiio Mahapranadasya9oko nama matula esha 
evasau Bhaddali bhikshuh | tatranena paryupasitapurvah | 

kutra bhadantasau yupo vilayam gamishyati | bhavishyanti bhi- 
kshavo 'nagate 'dhvany a^itivarshasahasrayusho manushy^h | agiti- 
varshasahasrayusham manushyanam Cankho nama raja bhavishyati 
'Samyamanicakravarti caturantavijeta dharmiko dharmaraja sapta- 
ratnasamanvagatah^ | tasyemany evamrupani sapta ratnani bhavish- 
yanti tad yatha cakraratnam hastiratnam ac^vafatnam maniratnam 
striratnam grihapatiratnam parinayakaratnam evani saptamam, 
purnam c^sya bhavishyati sahasram putranam guranarn. viranam 
varangarupinam parasainyapramardakanam ] sa imam eva samudra- 
paryantam prithivim akhilam akantakam anutpidam adandena9a- 
strena dharmena samayenabhinirjityadhyavasishyati | Qankhasya 
raj no Brahmayur nama brahmanah purohito bhavishyati | tasya 
* Brahma vati nama patni bhavishyati | sa ^maitreyamgena sphuritva 
putram janayishyati Maitreyam nama | Brahmayur manavo 'giti- 
manavakagatani brahmanakan mantran vacayishyati | sa tan mana- 
vakan Maitreyayanupradasyati ] Maitreyo manavo 'gitimanavaka- 

1 Sic MSS. ^ So B, Samayamani- A, Sayamani- C, Sayamanina- D. 

3 -tarn MSS. * Brahmavati MSS. ^ Ex conject.; the MSS. read 

maitreuamgena, cf. A. 23. a. They read Maitreyamcjena infra, p. 61. 






sahasrani brahmanakan mantran vdcayishyati | atha catvaro mah&- 
rajag caturmahanidliistliah | 

Pingala9 ca Kalingeshu Mithilayam ca Pandukah [ 
' Elapatrag ca Gandhare Caiikho Varanasipure 1 1 
enam ca yupam adaya Cankhasya rajiia upanamayishyanti | Cankho 
'pi raja Brahmayushe brahmanayanupradasyati | Brahmayur api 
brahmano Maitreyaya manavayanupradasyati | Maitreyo 'pi manavas 
teshaip. manavakanam anupradasyati | tatas te manavakas tarn yu- 
pam khandam khandam chittva bhijayisbyanti | tato Maitreyo ma- 
navakas tasya yupasyanityatam drisbtva tenaiva samvegena vanam 
samgrayishyati | yasminn eva divase vanam samgrayishyati tasmjnn 
eva divase Maitreyam9eiia sphuritva'nuttaram jnanam. adhigamishyati [ 
tasya Maitreyah samyaksambuddha iti samjiia ^bhavishyati | yasminn 
eva divase Maitreyah samyaksambuddho 'nuttarajiianam adhigami- 
shyati tasminn eva divase Cankhasya rajnah sapta ratniny antardha- 
syante | Cankho 'pi raj4 'gitikottarSjasahasraparivaro^ Maitreyam 
samyaksambuddham pravrajitam anupravrajishyati | yad apy asya 
striratnam Vigakha nama sapy agitistrisahasraparivara Maitreyam 
samyaksambuddham pravrajitam anupravrajishyati | tato Maitreyo 
samyaksambuddho '9itibhikshukotivS,ro yena Gurupadakah parvatas 
tenopasamkramishyati yatra KS,9yapasya bhikshor asthisamghato 
'vikopitas tishthati | Gurupadakaparvato Maitrey§,ya samyaksam- 
buddhaya vivaram anupradasyati | yato Maitreyah samyaksam- 
buddhah Kagyapasya bhikshor avikopitam asthisamghatam dakshi- 
nena panina grihitva [A. 21. b] vame panau pratishthapyaivam 
Qravakanam dharmam degayishyati | yo 'sau bhikshavo varshagata- 
yushi prajayam Qakyamunir nama 9asta loka utpannas tasyayain. 
9rS,vakah Ka9yapo namnS, 'Ipecchanam samtushtanam dhutagunav^- 
din§,m agro nirdishtah | ^akyamuneh parinirvritasyanena 9asana- 
samgitih kriteti | te drishtva samvegam ipatsyante | katham idantm 

^ Elapatra? MSS. 

2 bhavishyato MSS. 

5 -rfijA- MSS. 




idriQenitmabhavenedrigS, gunagana adhigata iti | te tenaiva sam- 
vegenarhattvam sakshatkarishyanti | shaiinavatikotyo 'rhatam bha- 
vishyanti dhutagunasakshatkrita yam' ca samvegain apatsyante tatra- 
sau yupo vilayam garuishyati | ko bhadanta hetuh kah. pratyayo 
dvayo ratnayor yugapal loke pradurbhavaya | Bhagavan aha | pra- 
nidhanavagat | kutra Bhagavan pranidhanam kritam | 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani Madhyadege Yasavo nania 
raja rajyam karayati riddham ca sphitam ca kshemam ca subhiksham 
cakirnabahujanamanushyam ca | tasya sada pushpaphala viikshah | 
devah kalena kalam samyagvaridharam anuprayacchati | ativagasya- 
sampattir bhavati | uttarapathe Dhanasammato naiaa raja rajyam 
karayati riddham ca sphitam ca kshemam ca subhiksham cakirna- 
bahujanamanushyam ca I tasyapi sada pushpaphala vrikshah j devah 
kalena kalam samyagvaridharam anuprayacchatity ativa9asyasam- 
pattir bhavati [ yavad aparena samayena Vasavasya rajiiah putro 
jato ratnapratyuptaya gikhaya | tasya vistarena jatimaham kritva 
Ratnagikhiti namadheyam vyavasthapitam | so 'parena samayena 
jirnaturamritasamdarganad udvigno vanam samgritah | yasminn eva 
divase vanasamgritas tasminn eva divase 'nuttaram jnanam adhi- 
gatam | tasya Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddha iti samjiiodapadi | atha- 
parena samayena Dhanasammato raja upariprasadatalagato 'matyaga- 
naparivritas tishthati | so 'matyan amantrayate | bhavantah kasyacid 
anyasyapi rajSiO^ rajyam evam riddham^ ca sphitam^ ca kshemam^ ca 
subhiksham.^ cakirnabahujanamanushyam* ca sada pushpaphala vri- 
kshah, devah kalena kalam samyagvaridharam anuprayacchatity ati- 
vagasyasampattir bhavati yathasmakam iti | Madhyadegad banijah 
panyam adayottarapatham gatah | te kathayanti | asti deva Madhya- 
dege Vasavo nama rajeti | sahagravanad eva Dhanasamma tasya rajiio 
'marsha utpannah [ sa samjatamarsho 'matyan amantrayate | samnaha- 

yam MSS. 

rajna MSS., omitting rajyam. 
* -manushyic; ca MSS. 

3 -anca MSS. 

lip;^R^i|.M4:iiui'.<' i^u«.Jipi<wpw!i 




yantu bhavantag caturangam balakayam rishtripamardanam asya 
karishyama iti | tato Dhanasammato raja caturangam balakayam 
samiialiya hastikayam agvakayam rathakayam pattikayam Madhya- 
degam S,gatya Gangaya dakshine kule 'vasthitah. | agraushid V4savo 
raja Dhanasainmato raja caturangam balakayam samn&hya hastiki- 
yam agvakayam [A. 22. a] rathakiyam pattikayam Madhyadegam aga- 
tya Gaiigkjk dakshine kule 'vastbita iti grutv^ ca punah so 'pi catur- 
angam balakayam samnahya hastikayam aQvakayam ratbakayain pa- 
ttikayam Gangaya uttare kule 'vasthitah | atha Ratnagikhi samyak- 
sambuddhas tayor vinayakalam jnS,tv§, nadyi Gangayas tire rS,trim 
vasam upagatah | tato Ratnagikhina samyaksambuddhena laukikaip. 
cittam utpMitam | dharmata khalu yad4 Buddha Bhagavanto laukikam 
cittam utpadayanti tasmin samaye Qakrabrahmadayo deva Bhagavatag 
cetasa cittam ajananti | atha QakrabrahmS,dayo dev§, yena Ratnagikhi 
samyaksambuddhas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Ratnagikhi- 
nah samyaksambuddhasya padau girasa vanditvaikS,nte nishannS,h | 

teshara. vamanubhavena mahan udaravabhasah sam.vrittah I Dhana^- 
. . - ... 1 

sammatena rajna drishto drishtva ca punar am^tyan pricchati ] kim 
ayam bhavanto Yasavasya rajno vijite mahS,n udaravabhS,sah | te 
kathayanti | deva Vasavasya rajiio vijite Ratnagikhi nama samyak- 
sambuddha utpannah | tasya CakrabrahmS,dayo dev§, dargan&yopa- 
samkramanti | tenaivod3,ravabh^sah samvrittah, maharddhiko 'sau 
mahanubhavah, tasyayam anubhava iti | Dhanasanimato raja ka- 
thayati | bhavanto yasya vijite idrigam dvipadakam punyakshetram 
utpannam yam Cakrabrahmadayo 'pi deva darganayopasamkrimanti 
tasyaham kidrigam anartham karishyami | tena tasya duto 'nupreshi- 
tah I vayasyagaccha na te 'ham kimcit karishyamiti [ punyamahegS,- 
khyas tvam yasya vijite dvipadakam punyakshetram Ratnacikhi 
samyaksambuddho yam (^akrabrahmadayo devS, darganayopasamkra- 
manti | kimtu kanthiglesham te dattva gamishyS,mi | evam &vayoh 
parasparam cittasaumanasyam bhavatiti | Yasavo rajS, vigvasam na 

^ I 




gacchati | sa yena Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddhas tenopasamkran- 
tah I upasamkramya Ratnagikhinah samyaksambuddhasya padau 
9irasa vanditvaikante nishannah | ekantanishanno Yasavo raja Rat- 
nagikhinam samyaksambuddham idam avocat ] mama bhadanta 
Dhanasammatena rajiia samdishtam priyavayasyagaccha na te 'ham 
kimcit karishyami kanthe glesham dattva gamishyami, evam avayoh 
parasparam cittasaumanasyam bhavatiti | tatra maya katham prati- 
pattavyam | Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddhah kathayati | gaccha ma- 
haraja gobhanam bhavishyati | Bhagavan kim may4 tasya padayor 
nipatitavyam | maharaja 'balagreshtho hi raja no nipatitavyam | atha 
"Vasavo raja Ratnagikhinah samyaksambuddhasya padau giras^ 
vanditvotthayasanat prakranto yena Dhanasammato r§J£i tenopasam- 
kr§,ntah | upasamkramya Dhanasammatasya rajiiali p§,dayor nipa- 
titah I tato Dhanasammatena rajna kanthe glesham dattva vigvS-sam 
utpadya preshitah ] 

atha Yasavo raja yena Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddhas tenopa- 
samkrantah | upasamkramya Ratnagikhinah samyaksambuddhasya 
padau girasa vanditvai [A. 22. b] kante nishannah | ekantanishanno 
Yasavo raja Ratnagikhinam samyaksambuddham idam avocat | kasya 
bhadanta sarve rajanah padayor nipatanti | rajiio maharaja cakra- 
vartinah | atha Yasavo raja utthayasanad ekamgam uttarasaiigam 
kiitva yena Ratnagikhi tathagatah samyaksainbuddhas tenaiijalim 
pranamya Ratnagikhinam samyaksambuddham idam avocat [ adhi- 
vasayatu me Bhagavaii gvo 'ntargrihe bhaktena sardham bhikshu- 
samghena | atha Yasavo raja tam eva ratrini guci^ pranitam khadani- 
yam bhojanlyam samudaniya kalyam evotthayasanani prajiiapyoda- 
kamanin pratishthapya Ratnagikhinah samyaksambuddhasya dute- 
na kalam arocayati | samayo bhadanta sajjam bhaktam yasyedanim 
Bhagavan kalam manyate' iti | atha Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddhah 

1 bala9reshtha hi rajano AB. (No is interrogative in the text.) 
MSS. here. ^ manyase MSS. (cf. A. 63 a). 






piirvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya bhikshtisamghaparivrito bhi- 
kshusamghapuraskrito yena raj no Vasavasya bhaktabhis^ras tenopa- 
samkrantah [ upasamkramya purastad bhikshusainghasya prajfiapta 
evasane mshannah | atha raj 4 Yasavo Ratnagikhinain samyaksam- 
buddham sukhopanishannam viditva gucina pranitena khadaniyena 
bhojaniyena svahastam samtarpayati sainpravarayaty' anekaparya- 
yena gucina pranitena khadaniyena bhojaniyena svahastam samtarpya 
sainpravS,rya Bhagavantam Ratnagikhinam samyaksambuddham bhu- 
ktavantam viditvS, dhautahastam apanitapatram padayor nipatya 
pranidhanam kartum arabdhah | anenaham bhadanta kugalamulena 
rajs, syam cakravartiti | tatsamanantaram ca 9ankha ipuritah | tato 
Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddho V&savam rajanam idam avocat | bha- 
vishyasi mahS,raja9itivarshasahasrayushi prajayam Qankho naraa raja 
cakravartiti | tata uccaQabdo niahS,5abdo jatah | Dhanasaimnato rSja 
kolahalaQabdam grutvS, 'matyan pricchati j kim esha bhavanto Vasa- 
vasya rSjno vijite kolahalagabdah gruyate iti | tair %ainya nive- 
ditam | deva RatnagikhinS, samyaksambuddhena "Vasavo r4ja cakra- 
vartirajye vyaknta iti, janakayo hrishtatushtapramuditas tena kola- 
halagabdo j^ta iti | atha Dhanasammato rSja yena Ratnagikhi sam- 
yaksambuddhas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Katnagikhinah 
samyaksambuddhasya padau girasS, vanditvaikslnte nishannah | ek^n- 
tanishanno Dhanasammato raj 4 Ratnagikhinam samyaksambuddham 
idam avocat | kasya bhadanta sarve cakravartinah padayor nipa- 
tanti I tath&gatasya maharajarhatah samyaksambuddhasya | atha 
Dhanasammato raj^ utthayasanad ekimgam uttarasangam kritva yena 
Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddhas tenS,injalim pranamya Ratnagikhinam 
samyaksambuddham idam avocat | adhivasayatu me Bhagavan gvo 
[A. 23. a] 'ntargrihe bhaktena sardham bhikshusamghena | adhivi- 
sayati Ratnagikhi samyaksambuddho Dhanasammatasya rajiio 'pi 
tushnibhavena | atha Dhanasammato raji Ratnagikhinah samyak- 

^ sampracfirayati AC. 
c. 9 






' r i 




I r 

sambuddhasya tushnibh§,venadhivasanain' viditva Ratnagikhinah sam- 
yaksambuddhasya padau girasS, vanditva Ratnagikhinah. samyaksam- 
buddhasyantikat prakrantah. | atha Dbanasammato rajS, tain eva, 
ratrim guci pranitam khadaniyam bhojaniyam samudaniya kalyam 
evotthayasancim prajnapyodakamanm pratishtbapya Ratnagikhinah. 
samyaksambuddhasya dutena kalam arocayati | samayo bhadanta 
sajjam bhaktam yasyedanim Bhagavan kalam manyate^ iti | atha 
Eatna,gikhi samyaksanibuddhah purvahne nivasya patracivaram ada- 
ya bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshusamghapuraskiito yena Dhanasain- 
matasya rSjiio bhakt&bhisaras tenopasamkrantah. ] upasamkramya 
purastad bhiksbusamghasya prajiiapta ev&sane nishannah | atha 
Dhanasammato raja sukhopanishannam Ratnagikhinam samyaksani- 
buddham tatpramukham^ bhikshusamgham viditva gucina pranitena 
khadaniyena bhojaniyena svahastena samtarpayati sampravarayaty 
anekaparyayena gucina pranttena khadaniyena bhojaniyena svaha- 
stena samtarpya sampravarya Ratnagikhinam samyaksambuddhani 
bhuktavantam viditva dhautahastam apanitapatram padayor nipatya 
sarvam imam lokam maitrenamgena sphuritva pranidhanam kartum 
arabdhah j anenaham kugalamulena gasta loke bhaveyam tathagato 
'rhan samyaksambuddha iti ] Ratnagikhi samyaksanibuddhah. katha- 
yati I bhavishyasi tvam maharajagitivarshasahasrayushi prajay4m 
Maitreyo nama tathagato 'rhan samyaksambuddha iti | tatpranidh^- 
navagad dvayo ratnayor loke pradurbhS,vo bhavishyati | idam avocad 
Bhagavan attamanasas* te bhikshavo Bhagavato bhashitam abhya- 
nandan | 

Iti gridivyavadane* MaitreyS,vadanam tritiyam® 1| 

1 -nSm MSS, ^ manyase MSS. 
* attamanas MSS. ^ ABC om. 

'9loka athahri.' (125?) 

3 samyaksambuddliapramukham MSS. 
6 MSS. tritiyah. ABC add after it 





Bhagavan Nyagrodhikam anuprS,ptali | atha Bhagavan piirvahne 
nivasya patracivaram adaya Nyagrodhikam pind^ya pr^vikshat j 
Kapilavastuno brahmanasya darika NyagrodMkayS,m nivisht^' j 
adrakshit s4 brahmanadarika BLagavantam dvatriiagata mahapuru- 
shalakshanaih samalamkritam agityanuvyaSjanair virajitagS,tram vy^ 
maprabhalamkiitain suryasahasratirekaprabhain jamgamam iva ratna- 
parvatam samantato bhadrakam, sahadarganad asyi, etad abhavat | 
ayam sa Bhagavan Cakyakulanandanag cakravartikulad r^jyam apa- 
haya sphitam antabpuram sphitani ca koshakoshthagarani pravra- 
jita idanim bbiksham atate | yadi mamantikac ^chaktukabhiksbdm 
pratigribiiiyad abam asmai dadyam iti | tato BhagavatS, tasyag 
cetasS, cittam ajnaya patram upanamitam | yadi te bbagini pa- 
rityaktam akiryatam asmin patra iti | tato ^bhuyasya mS,traya tasyih. 
prasada utpannab [ janati me Bhagav&mg cetasa cittam iti viditv^ 
tivrena prasadena Bhagavate gaktubhiksbam dattavati | tato 
BhagavatS, smitam upadargitam | dharmat^ khalu yasmia [A. 23. b] 
samaye buddhS, bhagavantah smitam pravishkurvanti *tasmin samaye 
nilapitalohitavadatab pushparagapadmaragavajravaiduryasusaragal- 
varkalobitakadakshinavartagankhagilapravlidaj ataruparajatavarnS, ar- 
cisho ^mukban iii9cS,rya kagcid adbastad gacchanti kigcid tipari- 
shtad gacchanti | ya adhastS,d gacchanti tab samjivak§,lasutrasam.- 
ghatarauravam maharauravam tapanapratapanam avicim arbudam 
nirarbudam atatam hahavahuhuvam utpalam padmam mahipadmam | 

^ Ex conject. ; nivislitam MSS. ^ A here has saktu-, but it generally 

like BCD has Qaktu-. 3 bhfiyasfi MSS. * Cf. A. 47 b, 129 a. 

® mutvfinni9carya MSS. 






aviciparyantan narakan gatv& ya ushiianarakS,s teshu gitibhutv^ 
nipatanti ye gitanarakas teshushnibhutva nipatanti | ten^nugatas 
tesham sattvinam tasmin kshane kiranavigeshah, te pratiprasra- 
bhyante | tesham evain bhavati | kim nu vayam bhavanta itag cyut^ 
ahosvid anyatropapanna iti | tesham prasadasamjananartham bha- 
gavdn nirmitam darganam visarjayati | tesham mrmitam drishtvaivam 
bhavati | na hy eva vayam bhavanta itag cyuta napy anyatropapannS. 
ity api tv ayam apurvadarganah sattvo 'syanubhavenasmakam k^- 
ranavigeshah pratiprasrabdha iti | te nirmite cittam abhiprasS,dya tan 
narakavedaniyam karma kshapayitva' devamanushyeshu prati- 
samdhim grihnanti yatra satyanam bhajanabhuta bhavanti | y^ 
uparishtad gacchanti tag caturmaharajikan devan gatvS, traya- 
strimgan yamams tushitan nirmanaratin paranirmitavagavartino devan 
brahmakayikan brahmapurohitanmahabrahmanah ^parittabhan apra- 
manabhan abhasvaran ^parittagubhan apramanagubhan* gubhakrit- 
snan anabhrakan punyaprasavan brihatphalan abrihan atapan su- 
drigan sudargan akanishthaparyantan devan gatvanityam duhkham, 
gunyam anatmety udghoshayanti [ gathadvayam ca bhashante | 
arabhadhvam mshkramata yujyadhvain Buddhagasane | 
dhunita mrityunah sainyam nadagaram iva kunjarah [ | 
yo hy asmin dharmavinaye apramattag carishyati | 
prahaya jatisainsaram* duhkhasyantam karishyati 1| 
atha ta arcishas trisahasramahasahasram lokadhatum anvahindya 
Bhagavantam. eva prishthatah prishthatah samanubaddha gacchanti | 
tad yadi Bhagavan atitam vyakartukamo bhavati prishthato 'ntardhi- 
yante | anagatam vyakartukamo bhavati purastad antardhiyante | nara- 
kopapattim vyakartukamo bhavati pddatale 'ntardhiyante | tiryagupa- 
pattim vyakartukamo bhavati parshnyam antardhiyante | pretopa- 
pattim vyakartukamo bhavati padangushthe 'ntardhiyante | manu- 

1 kshepayitvd AB. » Ex conj. pailtabhfin MSS. 

9ublian ABC. * Ex conject. MSS. read apiamandbhfin. 

' parlta- 
« -rfim ABC. 





shyopapattim vyakartukamo bhavati j4nuno* 'ntardhiyante | balaca- 
kravartirajyam vyakartukamo bhavati vdme karatale 'ntardhiyante | 
cakravartirajyam vyakartukamo bhavati dakshine karatale 'ntardhi- 
yante I gravakabodhim vyakartukamo bhavaty S,sye 'ntardhiyante | 
[A. 24. a] pratyekabodhim vyakartukamo bhavaty urnayam antar- 
dhiyante j yady anuttaram samyaksainbodhim vyakartukamo bha- 
vaty ushnishe 'ntardhiyante I 

atha fca arcisho Bhagavantam trih pradakshinikrityornayam antar- 
hitah I athayushman Anandah kritakaraputo Bhagavantam papraccha | 
nanividho raiigasahasracitro vaktrantaran nishkramitah kalapah J 
avabhasita yena digah samantad divakarenodayata yathaiva || 
gathadvayam ca bhashate [ 
^vigatoddhava dainyamadaprahina buddhi jagaty uttamahetubhA- 

tah I - ..^^: .-:;■.._ ■ 

nakaranara ^ankhamrinalagauram smitam upadar9ayanti jina jita- 

rayah || v '- ■ 

tatkalam svayara adhigamya dhirabuddhya ^rotrinam 9ramanajine- 

ndi'a kahkshitanam | 
dhirabhir munivi'isha vagbhir uttamabhir utpannam yyapanaya 

samgayam gubhabhih 1 1 
nakasmal lavanajaladrirajadhairyah sambuddhah smitam upadar^a- 

yanti nathah | 
yasyarthe smitam upadargayanti dhirSs tarn groturn samabhila- 
shanti te janaugha iti 1 1 
Bhagavan aha | evam etad Anandaivam etat [ n4hetupratyayam 
Ananda tathagata arhantah samyaksanibuddhah smitam privishkur- 
vanti I drishta tavaisha sananda brl,hmanadarika yaya prasadajataya 
mahyam gaktubhikshanupradatta | drishta bhadanta | asav Ananda 
brahmanadarika anena kugalamulena trayodagakalpan vinipatam na 

1 So too fol. id a, 129 a. 

vigatodvava MSS, 





gamishyati ( kimtarhi devamg ca manushyamg ca samvS<;ya 'sam- 
sritya pagcime bhave pagcime nikete pagcime samucchraye pagcima 
atmabhavapratilambhe Supranihito nama pratyekabuddho bhavi- 
shyati | samantakena gabdo visritah | amukaya brabmanadarikaya 
* prasadajataya Bhagavate gaktubhiksha pratipadita, sa Bhagavat3, 
pratyekayam bodhau vyakriteti | tasyac ca svami pusbpasamidham^ 
arthayaranyam gatah | tena grutam mama patnya gramanaya Gauta- 
maya gaktubhiksha pratipadita sa ca gramanena Gautamena pratye- 
kayam bodhau vyakriteti | grutva punab samjatamarsho yena Bbaga- 
vams tenopasamkrantah | Bbagavata sardham sammukham sammo- 
danira samraiiianim vividbam katbam vyatisarya Bbagavantam 
idam avocat | agamad bbavan Gautamo 'smakam niveganam | ^aga- 
mam brabmana satyam | bhavate taya mama patnya gaktubbikshS, 
pratipadita sS, ca tvaya pratyekayam bodbau vyakriteti | satyam 
brabmana | tvam Gautama cakravartirajyam apabaya pravrajitah, 
katbam nama tvam etarbi gaktubbikshabetob samprajanan mrisha- 
vadam sambbashase, kas te graddbasyati, iyatpramanasya vijasyeyat 
phalam iti | tena bi brabmana tvam eva praksbyami yatba te ksba- 
mate tathainam® vyakuru | kim manyase brabmana | asti kagcit tva- 
yagcaryadbbuto [A. 24. b] dbarmo drisbtah | tisbthantu tavad bbo 
Gautamanye agcaryadbbuta dbarmah, yo mayasyam eva Nyagrodbi- 
kayam agcaryadbhuto dbarmo drisbtab sa tavae cbruyatam | a- 
syam bbo Gautama Nyagrodbikayam purvena nyagrodbo vriksho 
yasya namneyam Nyagrodbika, tasyadbastat panca gakatagatany 
asamsaktani tisbtbanty anyonyasambadbamanani | kiyatpramanara 
tasya nyagrodbasya phalam, kiyat tavati kedaramatram [ ko bho 
Gautama | ^kilimjamatram | tailikacakramatram | gakatacakramd- 
tram | gopitakamatram | vilvamatram | kapittbamatram | ko bho 

1 MSS. samvritya, but cf. following tale, f. 25 a. 
prasadasadajataya MSS. ^ -samidhanam MSS. 

* tatbaivam AB. ^ kilimjomatram MSS. 

2 Ex conjeet. 
■^ agaman MSS. 

! ■.;. 

, i|lWW|iPWW8*SP*'-d-!^*-'l*i'^^ ■■ ■■ 




Gautama sarshapacatushtayabhagamatram | kas te graddhasyati, 
iyatpramanasya vijasyS,yaTn. mahavriksho nirvritta iti | graddadhatu 
me bhavan Gautamo m4 va, naitat pratyaksham kshetram tavad bho 
Gautama nirupahatam snigdhamadhuramrittikapi'adegatn.*, vijam ca 
navas§,ram ^sukharopitam kalena ca kalam devo vrishyate, tena- 
yam mahS,nyagrodlxavriksho 'bhimrvrittah^ | atha Bhagavan asmiiin* 
utpanne g§,thain bhashate | 

yatha kshetre ca vijena * pratyakshas tvam iha dvija ) 

evam karma vipakeshu pratyaksha hi tathagatah 1 1 

yatha tvaya brahmana drishtam etad alpam ca vijam sumahamg 

ca vrikshah | 
evam maya brSJimana drishtam etad alpam ca vijam mahati ca 
sampad iti 1 1 
tato Bhagavata mukhaj jihvS,m nirnamayya sarvam mukhamandalam 
acchaditam yavat kegaparyantam upadaya sa ca brihmano 'bhihitah | 
kim manyase brahmana yasya mukhaj jihvam nigcarya sarvam mukha- 
mandalam §,cchadayaty api tv asau cakravartirSjyagatasahasrahetor 
api samprajanan mrishavadam bhasheta® | no bho Gautama [ tato 
'nv eva gatham bhashate | 

apy eva hi syad anritabhidhayini mameha jihvarjavasatyavadita | 
'tad evam etan na yathS, hi brahmana tathagato 'smity avagantum 
arhasi 1 1 
atha sa brahmano 'bhiprasamiah | tato 'sya Bhagavata igayanugayam 
dhatum prakritim ca jnatva tadrigi caturaryasatyasamprativedhaki 
dharmadegana krita yam grutvS, brahmanena viugatigikharasamudga- 
tam satk^yadrishtigailam jnanavajrena bhittva grotaapattiphalam 
sakshatkritam I atikranto 'ham bhadantatikranta® esho 'ham Bha- 

^ -pradeQah MSS. ' Ex conj. snkhanapitam MSS. 

vritahABD. « asyam MSS. "vijeca? 

^ Ex conject.; evam etad ya'thfi. ABD, evam eva tad yathfi C. 
kranta ABC. 

' abhinir- 

« bhfishet MSS. 

* abhi- 

, ! 





gavantam garanam gacchami dharmam ca bhikshusamghain. copasa- 
kam ca mam dharayadyagrena yS,vajjivam pranopetam garanam 
gatam abhiprasannam | atha sa brahmano Bhagavato bhashitam 
abhinandyanumodya Bhagavatah padau QirasS, vanditvotth.ayasanS,t 
prakranta idam avocat^ | 

Iti cridi'syavadane^ Brahmanadarikavadanam caturtham^ 1 1 



Atha BhagavSn Hastinapuram anupr^ptah [ anyatamo brahmano 
Bhagavantam durad eva* dvatrimgatS, mahapurushalakshanaih sama- 
lamkritam. agityanuvyajanair [A. 25. a] virajitagatram vyamaprabha- 
lamkritam suryasahasratirekaprabhaip. jamgamam iva parvatam sa- 
mantato bhadrakam drishtva ca punar Bhagavantam abhigamya 
gathabhih stotum arabdhah | 

suvarnavarno nayanabhiramah prityakarah sarvagimair upetah | 
devatidevo naradamyasarathih tirno 'si param bhavasagarasyeti 1 1 
tato Bhagavata smitam upadargitam | dharmata khalu yasmin samaye 
Buddha bhagavantah smitam pravishkurvanti purvavad yavad* Bha- 
gavata urnS,yam antarhitah [ athayushman Anandah kritakaraputo 
Bhagavantam papraccha | 

nanavidho rangasahasracitro vaktrantaran nishkramitah kalapah | 
avabhasita yena digah samantad divakarenodayatS,® yathaiva 1 1 
gatham ca bhashate | 

vigatoddhava dainyamadaprahinS, buddh§, jagaty uttamahetubhu- 
tah I 


1 So MSS. 2 ABC om. 

* The MSS. seem to have omitted adrdkshid here. 
^ divakarenoyata MSS. 

3 caturthah MSS. 
« Cf. A. 23 6. 






nakaranam gankhamrinalagauram smitam upadar§ayanti jink 

jitarayah || 
tatkalam svayam adhigamya dhirabuddhya grotrinam gramana- 

jinendra kankshitanam | 
dhirabhir munivi'isha vagbhir uttamabhir utpannaiii vyapanaya 

samgayam gubhabMh 1 1 
nakasmal lavanajaladrirajadhairyah sambiiddhah smitam upadarga- 

yanti nathah. | 
yasyarthe smitam upadargayanti dhiras tarn grotum samabbila- 
shanti te janaugha iti 1 1 
BhagavS,n aha | evam etad Anandaivam etat | nahetupratyayam 
Ananda tathagata arhantah samyaksambuddhah smitam pravishkur- 
vanti I drishtas te Ananda brahmano yena tathagato gathayabhi- 
shtutah I drishto bhadanta | asav anena kugalamulena vimgatikalpani 
vinipatam na gamishyati kimtu devamg ca manushyimg ca gatvS, 
'samsritya pagcime nikete pageime samuechraye pagcima afcmabh^va- 
pratilambhe Stavarho nS,ma pratyekabuddho bhavishyati j bhikshavah 
samgayajatah sarvasamgayacchettaram Buddham Bhagavautam pri- 
cchanti | pagya bhadantanena brahmanena Bhagavan ekaya gathayS, 
stuto Bhagavat^ ca pratyekayam bodhau vyakrita iti | Bhagavan 
S.ha I na bhikshava etarhi yathatite 'dhvany anenaham ekayS, gathaya 
stuto maya ca pancasu gramavareshu pratishthapitah [ tac chrinu 
sadhu ca sushthu ca manasi kuru bhashishye | 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani Varanasyam nagaryam 
Brahmadatto nama raja rajyam karayati riddham ca sphitam ca 
subhiksham cakirnabahujanamanushyam ca | sa cativakavipriyah | 
ViranasyS,m anyatamo brahmanah kavih ] sa brahmanyoeyate | brah- 
mana gitakalo vartate, gaochasya rajiiah kagcid anukulam bhdshitam 
kritvS, kadacit kimcic chitatranam sampadyata iti | sa samprasthito 

^ gatva vyasamsritya MSS-, query samvacya samsritya, as in preceding tale, 
p. 70. 

c. 10 



yavad rajS. hastiskandharudho nirgacchati | sa brahmanah samlaksha- 
yati I kim tavad rajanam stunomy ahosvid dhastinagam iti | ta- 
syaitad abhavat | [A. 25. b] ayam hastinagah sarvalokasya priyo 
manapag ca, tishthatu tavad raja, hastinagam tavad abliishtaumiti | 
gatham ca bhashate | 

Airavanasyakrititulyadeho rupopapanno varalakshanaig ca | 
lakshe 'pra9asto 'si mahagajendra varnapramanena suruparupa* iti 1| 
tato rajabhiprasanno gatham bhasbate | 

yo me gajendro dayito manapah pritiprado drishtiharo naranam | 
tvam bhashase varnapadani tasya dadami te grimavarSni panceti || 
kim manyadhve bhikshavo yo 'bau hastinago 'ham eva tena kalena 
tena samayena tadapy aham anenaikaya gathayS, stuto may a cay am 
pancagramavareshu pratishthapitah | etarhy anenaikagathaya stuto 
mayapi cayam pratyekabodhau vyakrita iti | idam avocad Bhagavan 
attamanasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato bh^shitam abhyanandan | 
Iti gridivyavad&ne^ Stutibrahmanatvadanam paiicamam^ || 




Bhagavaii CrughnS,m anupraptah ] Crughnayam Indro nama 
brahmanah prativasati | sa ca rupayaiivana9rutam anuprapto na 
mamasti kagcit tulya ity ativa ®vikatthate | Bhagavamc canyata- 
masmin pradege purastad bhikshusamghasya prajnapta evasane 
nishanno dharmam de^ayati | acraushid Indro nama brahmanah, 
9ramano Gautamah Crughnam anuprapta iti | tasyaitad abhavat, 
gramano Gautamah cruyate 'bhirupo darganiyah prasadika iti ga- 

^ prasasto 'bhi MSS. 
^ pancamah MSS. 

2 -riipam MSS. 
= vikathyate MSS. 

» om. ABC. 





cchami pagyatni kim mamS,ntikad abhirupatara ahosvin neti | sa 
nirgato yavat pacyati Bhagavantam dvatrimgata mahapurushala- 
kshanaili samalamkritam agitya canuvyanjanair virajitagatram vya- 
maprabhalamkritam suryasahasratirekaprabham jangamam iva rat- 
naparvatam saraantato bhadrakara drislitva ca punar asyaitad abha- 
vat I kimcapi 9ramano Gautamo mamantikad abbirupataro nocca- 
tara iti | sa Bhagavato murdhanam avalokayitum arabdho yavan na 
pagyati | sa urdhvatarani pradecam arudhah | tatra Bhagavan Indrani 
brabmanam amantrayate | alam brahmana khedara apatsyase yadi 
Sumerumurdhanam apy abhiruhya tatbagatasya murdhanam avaloka- 
yasi tatba sutaram kbedam apatsyase na ca drakshyasi, api tu na 
tvaya grutam sasurasurajagadanavalokitamurdhano Buddha Bhaga- 
vanta iti | api tu yadipsasi tatbagatasya garirapramanam drashtuin 
tava grihe 'gnihotrakundam tasyadhastad g09irshacandanamayi ya- 
shtir upatishthate | tarn ^uddhritya mapaya, tat tatbagatamatapaitri- 
kasyagrayasya pramanam iti | Indro brahmanah samlakshayati, etad 
asy^Qcaryam na kadacin may a grutam gacchami paQyamiti | tvarita- 
tvaritagato 'gnihotrakundakasyadhastat khanitum arabdhah | sarvam 
tathaiva | so 'bhiprasannah ] sa samlakshayati | nunam gramano 
Gautamah sarvajiio, gacchami paryupasitum iti | sa prasadajato yena 
[A. 26. a] Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavata 
sardham sammukhain sammodanim samranjanim vividham kathaip 
vyatisaryaikante nishannah | tato Bhagavata agayanugayain dhatum 
prakritim ca jiiatva tadrigi caturaryasatyasamprativedhaki dharma- 
degana krita yathendrena brahmanena vimgatigikharasamudgatam 
satkayadrishtigaUain jnanavajrena bhittva ^grotaapattiphalam sakshat- 
kritam | sa drishtasatyah kathayati | ^atikranto 'ham bhadantati^- 
kranta esho 'ham Bhagavantam garanam gacchami dharmam ca bhi- 
kshusamgham copasakam ca mam dharaya adyagrena yavajjivam 

^ uddhritye AB. 

2 (jrotapatti- MSS. 

3 abhi- MSS. 




;!l t 


pranopetam garanam gatam | abhiprasanno 'theiidro brahmana uttba- 
yasanad ekamsam uttarasangam kritva yena Bhagavams tenanjalim 
pranamya Bhagavantam idam avocat | yadi Bbagavan anujaniyad 
aham g09irshacandanainayy:a yasbtya maham prajnapayeyam iti 
Bbagavan aba | gaccba brabmananujnatain prajnapayasi | tatas tena 
viviktavakage mahata satkarenasau yasbtir ' ucchrapita mahag ca pra- 
jnapitab | anyair api brabraanagribapatibbih kuc^'alam adbisbtbanaya 
bbavatv iti viditva kula baddba^ | Indrena brabmanena yasbtya 
mabah prajfiapita iti, Indramaba ludramaba iti samjiia samvritta | 


tatra Bbagavan ayusbmantam Anandam amantrayate | agamaya- 
nanda yena Toyika | evam bbadantety ayusbman Anando Bbagavatah 
pratyagrausbit | atba Bbagavaips Toyikam anupraptab | tasmimg ca 
pradege brabmaiio langalam vabayati | atbasau dadarga Buddbain 
Bbagavantam dvatriipgata mabapurusbalaksbanaih samalamkritam 
agitya canuvyanjanair virajitagatram vyamaprabbalamkritam surya- 
sabasratirekaprabbam jangamam iva ratnaparvatam samantato bba- 
drakam | drisbtva samlaksbayati | yadi Bbagavantam Gautamam 
upetyabbivadayisbyami karmaparibanir me bbavisbyatiti, atba nope- 
tyabbivadayisbyami punyaparibanir bbavisbyati, tat ko 'sav upayab 
syad yena me karmaparibanir na syan napi punyaparibanir iti | tasya 
buddbir utpanna | atrastba evabbivadanain karomy evam na kai-ma- 
paribanir na punyaparibanir iti | tena yatbaginbitayaiva pratoda- 
yasbtya tatrastbenaivabbivadanam kritam, abbivadaye Buddbam 
Bbagavantam iti | tatra Bbagavan ayusbmantam Anandam aman- 
trayate I ^bbavaksbayakarah ksbana esba brabmanab saced asyaivam 
samyakpratyayajnanadarganam pravartate, etasmin pradege Kagya- 
pasya samyaksambuddbasyavikopito 'stbisamgbatas tishtbatity aham 
anenopakramena vandito bbaveyam, evam anena dvabbyam samyak- 

1 ucchrayita MSS. ^ Sic MSS. (nom. n. pi.? cf. gatha infra.) 

^ So A: kshubhavakshayakarah na esha B; bhavakshayakarakshana esha C; 
kshtoa esha D. 







sambuddhabhyam vandana krita bhavet | tat kasya hetoh j asminn 
Ananda pradege Ka9yapasya samyaksambuddhasyavikopito 'sthi- 
sanighitas tishthati | atbayushman Anando laghu laghv eva catur- 
gunam uttarasangam prajflapya Bhagavantam idam avocat | nishi- 
datu Bhagavan prajnapta [A. 26. b] evasane, evam ay am prithivi- 
pradego dvabhyam samyaksambuddhabhyam paribhukto bhavishyati 
yac ca Kagyapena samyaksambuddbena yac caitarhi Bhagavateti | 
nishanno Bhagavan prajnapta evasane | nishadya bhikshun amantra- 
yate sma | icchatha yuyam bhikshavah Kagyapasya samyaksam- 
buddhasya garirasamghatam avikopitam draslitum | etasya Bhagavan 
kala* etasya sugata samayo yam Bhagavan bhikshunam Ka9yapasya 
samyaksambuddhasyavikopitam ^arirasamghatam upadargayed dri- 
shtva bhikshavag cittam abhiprasadayishyanti | tato Bhagavata 
laukikam cittam utpaditam | dharmata khalu yasmin samaye Buddha 
Bhagavanto laukikam cittam utpadayanti tasmin samaye kuntapipi- 
lika api pranino Bhagavatag cetasa cittam ajananti | nagih samlak- 
shayanti | kimkaranam Bhagavata laukikacittam utpaditam iti | 
pa9yanti Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya garirasamghataln aviko- 
pitam drashtukama iti | tatas taih Ka9yapasya samyaksambuddha- 
syavikopita9arirasamghata'' ucchrapitah' | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun 
araantrayate sma [ udgrihnita bhikshavo nimittam antardhasyati | 
antarhitah | 

rajna Prasenajita 9rutam Bhagavata 9ravakanam dar9anay aviko- 
pitam Ka9yapasya samyaksambuddhasya 9arirasamghatam samucchri- 
tam iti 9rutva ca punah kutuhalajatah sahantahpurena kumarair 
amatyair bhatabalagrair naigamajanapadai9 ca drashtum samprasthi- 
tah I evam Yirudhako 'nathapindado grihapatirishidattapuranah* 
sthapatir Vi9akha* Mrigaramata anekani ca prani9atasahasrani kutu- 
halajatani drashtum samprasthitani purvakai9 ca ku9alamulaih sam- 

1 kalam MSS. ^ .gamghatam MSS. = ucchrayitah MSS. * Sic MSS, 
grihapatir Bishidattah puranah? ^ sthapativi^akha MSS. (cf. fol. 164 b.). 





codyamanani yavad asav antarhitah | taih grutam antarhito 'sau 
bhagavatah KaQyapasya samyaksambuddhasya garirasainghatadlia- 
tur* avikopita iti, 9rutva ca punas tesham duhkhadaurrQanasyam 
utpannam | vrithasmakam agamanam jatam iti | athanyatamena co- 
pasakena sa pradegah pradakshinikritah | evam ca cetasa cittam abhi- 
samskritam asman me ^padavibarat kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti | 
atha Bhagavams tasya mahajanakayasyavipratisarasamjananarthain 
tasya copasakasya cetasa cittam ajiiaya gatham bhashate | 

^atam sahasrani suvarnanishka jambunada nasya sama bhavanti | 
yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacittah padaviharam prakaroti vidvan [j 

aiiyatamenopasakena tasmin pradeQe mrittikapindo dattah | evam ca 
cittam abbisamskritam padaviharasya tavad iyat punyam akhyataip. 
Bhagavatanyatra mrittikapindasya kiyat punyam bhavisbyatiti | atba 
Bbagavams tasyapi cetasa cittam ajiiaya gatbam bbashate | 

Qatam sahasrani suvarnanishka jambunada nasya sama bhavanti [ 
yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitta aropayen mrittikapindam ekam || 

tatah grutvanekaih pranicatasahasrair mrittikapindasamaropanam 
kritam | aparais tatra muktapushpany ^avakshiptany evam ca cit- 
tam abhisamskritam padaviharasya mrittikapindasya ceyat punyam 
uktam Bhagavata, asmakam [A. 27. a] tu muktapushpanam kiyat 
punyam bhavishyatiti | atha Bhagavams tesham api cetasa cittam 
ajiiaya gatham bhashate | 

gatam sahasrani suvarnanishka jambunada nasya sama bhavanti | 
yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitta aropayen muktasupushparacim || 

aparais tatra malavihai-ah kritag cittam cabhisamskritam mukta- 
pushpanam Bhagavateyat punyam uktam* asmakam malaviharasya 
kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti | atha Bhagavams tesham api cetasa 
cittam ajnaya gatham bhashate | 

1 -samghataravik- ACD ; -samdhaturavik- B and C sec. m. ^ Sic MSS. 

' Ex conject.; eva ca kshiptany evam cittam MSS. •* MSS. om. uktam. 









gatam sahasrani suvarnavahS, jambunada iiS,sya sama bhavanti | 
yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitto mMaviharam prakaroti vidvan || 
aparais tatra pradipamala datta cittain. cS,bliisainskritam niaiaviliS,ra- 
sya Bhagayateyat punyam uktain asmakam pradipadanasya kiyat 
punyam bhavishyatiti | atba Bhagavams tesham api cetasi cittam 
Sjiiaya gatMm bbashate | 

9atam sahasrani suvarnakotyo* jambunada nasya sama bhavanti | 
yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacittah pradipadanam prakaroti vid- 
van II ':■ ■ ' ;' ' . ■ . ': 
aparais tatra gandhabhisheko datta evam cetasa cittam abhisam- 
skritam pradipasya Bhagavateyat punyam. uktam asmakam gandha- 
bhishekasya kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti | atha Bhagavams tesham 
api cetasa cittam djiiaya gatham bhashate [ 

gatam sahasrani suvarnaragayo jambunada nS,sya sama bhavanti [ 
yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitto gandhabhishekam prakaroti 
vidvan || 
aparais tatra echattradhvajapatakaropanam kritam evam ca cetasa 
cittam ajMya gatham bhashate | 

tishthantam pujayed yag ca yag capi parinirviitam | 
samam cittam prasadyeha nasti punyavigeshati II 
evam hy acintiya Buddh^ Buddhadharma 'py acintiya | 
'acintiye prasannS,n^m vip§,ko 'pi acintiyah* || 
tesham *acintiyanam apratihatadharmacakravartinam | 
samyaksambuddh4nS,m nalam gunaparam adhigantum || iti 
tato Bhagavata tasya mahajanakayasya tathS,vidh^ dharmadegan^ 
kriti yam grutvanekaih pranigatasahasrair mahan vigesho 'dhigatah 
kaigcic chravakabodhau cittany utpaditani kaigcit pratyekabodhau 
kaigcid anuttarayim samyaksambodhau kaigcin ^murdhagatani kaig- 

^ kotya MSS. ^ A reads acintaya all through for acintiya, and all 

read buddJiadharmo ; the lines are partly Pali (cf. Childers, Diet. p. 9) and are 
found again in A, 165 6. ^ mdrdhnagatani AC. 





cin 'murdhanah kaigcid ushnagatany asaditani kaigcit satyanulomah 
kshantajali kaigcic ^chrotaapattiphalam sakshatkritain kaigcit sakri- 
dagamiphalam kaigcit sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam sakshatkritam, 
yad bhuyasa Buddhanimna diiarmapravanaii sainghapragbhara vya- 
vasthapitah | 

athaiiathapindado grihapatir Bhagavantam idam avocat | yadi 
Bhagavan anujaniyad atra [A. 27. b] maham prajnapayeyam | anuja- 
nami giihapate prajiiapayitavyam [ tato 'nathapindadena grihapatina 
mahah prajiiapitah Toyikamaha iti samjna samvritta | 

^Iti gridivyavadane ^Indranamabrahmanavadanain ^shashtham || 


Atha Bhagavan Kaugaleshu janapadeshu carikam caran Qra- 
vastim anupraptah | ^ra vasty am viharati Jetavane 'nathapindada- 
syarame | agraushid Anathapindado giihapatir Bhagavan Kaugaleshu 
janapadeshu carikam caran Cravastim anupraptah Cravastyaip. vi- 
harati Jetavane 'nathapindadasyarama iti grutva ca punar yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah [ upasainkramya Bhagavatah padau 
girasa vanditvaikante nishannah | ekantanishannam Anathapindadam 
grihapatim Bhagavan dharmyaya kathaya samdargayati samadapayati 
samuttejayati sampraharshayati | anekapary ay ena dharmyaya kathaya 
samdargya samadapya samuttejya sampraharshya tushnim | Anatha- 
pindado grihapatir utthayasanad ekamsam uttarasangam kritv^ yena 
Bhagavams tenanjalim pranamya Bhagavantam idam avocat | adhi- 

1 miirdhnanah MSS. (cf. VassiUef, p. 140). « chrotapatti- MSS. 

» ABC om. * Indro nama MSS. * shashthah MSS. AB add <?lo 9. 






vasayatu me Bhagavan 9V0 'ntargi-ihe bhaktena sardham bhikshu- 
samgheneti | adhivasayati Bhagavan Anathapindadasya grihapates 
tushnibhavena I Anathapindado grihapatir Bhagavatas tushnibha- 
venadhivasanam viditva Bhagavato bhashitam abhinandyanumodya 
Bbagavatah. padau 9iras4 vanditva Bbagavato 'ntikat prakranto yena 
svaiiive9anaip. tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya dauvarikam pu- 
rusham amantrayate | na tavad bhoh purusha tirthyaiiS,m pravego 
datavyo yavad Buddhapramukhena bhikshusamghena bbuktam bha- 
vati tatah pagcad aham tirthydnim dasyamiti | evam krjeti dauvi- 
rikah purusho 'nathapindadasya grihapateb pratya^raushit | Anatha- 
pindado grihapatis tarn eva ratrim guci pranitam khadaniyabhoja- 
niyatn. samudaniya kalyam evotthS,y§,sanani prajnapyodakamanin 
pratishthapya Bhagavato dutena kalam arocayati | samayo bhadanta 
sajjam bhaktain yasyedaniixi Bhagavan kMam ^manyata iti [ atha 
Bhagavin purvahne nivasya patracivaram S,daya bhikshuganaparivrito 
bhikshusaraghapuraskrito yenanathapindadasya grihapater bhakt4- 
bhisaras tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya purastad bhikshusam- 
ghasya prajnapta evasane nishannah | athanathapindado grihapatih 
sukhopanishannam Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham [A. 28. a] 
viditva gucina pranitena khadaniyabhojaniyena svahastam samtarpa- 
yati sampravarayati | anekaparyayena gucina pranitena khadaniya- 
bhojaniyena svahastam samtarpya sampravS,rya Bhagavantam bhnkta- 
vantam viditva dhautahastam apanitapatram nicataram asanam gri- 
hityeL Bhagavatah purastan nishanno dharmagravanS/ya | 

athayushmS,n Mahakigyapo 'nyatamasmad S,ranyakS,c chayanS,- 
sanad dirghakegagmagrur luhacivaro Jetavanain gatah | sa pagyati 
Jetavanam gunyam | *tenopadhivarikah prishtah ] kutra Buddha- 
pramukho bhikshusamgha iti | tena sam^khyatam | A nathapindadena 
grihapatinopanimantrita iti [ sa samlakshayati | gacchSmi tatraiva 

2 tenopadbipfixikahBCD; A omits 

^ Ex eonject., pa9yata MSS 
the passage. 







pindapatam paribhokshySmi Buddhapramukham ca bhikshusamgham 
parynpSsishyamiti | so 'nathapindadasya grihapater niveganam gatah ] 
^to dauvarikenoktah | arya tishtha ma pravekshyasi | kasyartli&ya ] 
Anathapindadena grihapatinajiia dattS, ma tavat tirthyanam prave- 
9am disyasi yavad BuddhapramiLkhena bhiksLxlsamgliena bhuktam 
tatah pacgat- tirthyanam dasyamiti | atMyushm^n Mahakagyapah 
samlakshayati [ tasya me labhah sulabdha yan mam graddha brah- 
-managriliapatayah gramanagakyaputriya iti na janante gacchami 
-kripanajanasyanugraham karomiti vidxtvodyanam gatah j sa sam- 
lakshayati I adya maya kasyanugrahab kartavya iti | yavad anya- 
i&ink nagaravalambika kusbthabhidruta sarujartta pakvagatra bhi- 
ksham atati | sa tasyab sakagam upasamkrSiitaii ] tasyag ca bhiksha- 
yam 'ayasab sampannab | tayayasbman Mahakagyapo diisbtab kaya- 
prasadikag cittapr&sadikab ganteneryapatbena | sa samlaksbayati | 
nikiam mayaivamvidbe daksbiniye kara na krita yena me iyam 
-evamrupa fiamavastba, yady aryo Mabakagyapo mamantikad annkam- 
pam upad^acamam pratigribniyad abam asmai dadyam iti | tata 
Synsbmata Ma;bak:a5ya.peBa tasyag cetasa cittam ajnaya patram upa- 
inamitam j] yadi te febagini parityaktam diyatam asmia patra iti j 
4iatas taya cittam abbiprasadya tasmin patre dattam maksbikS, ca 
-patita :| sa tarn apanetum arabdba | tasyas tsismiim acame 'ngulib 
patita I samlaksbayati | kim capy aryena mama cittanuraksbaya na . 
-Ccborito 'pi tu na paribboksbyatiti | atbayusbmata Mabaka§yapena 
tasyag cetasa cittam ajnaya tasya eva pratyaksbam anyatamam 
kudyamulam nigritya paribbuktam | sa samlaksbayati | kim capy 
aryena mama cittanuraksbaya paribbuktam nanenabarenabarakri- 
tyam karisbyatiti | atbayusbman Mabakagyapas tasyag cittam ajnaya 
t4m nagaravalambikam idam avocat | bbagini pramodyam utpada- 
jasi abam tvadiyenabarena ratrimdivasam [A. 28. b] atinamayi- 
sbyamiti | tasya ativaudbilyam utpannam mamaryena Mabakagya- 

^ §.ydma sampannab B, avama sampannah C, bbiksbdy&vam&ma sam- D. 







pena pindapatah pratigrihita iti | tata ayushmati Mahakdgyape cittam 
abhiprasadya k^lam. gata Tushite devaiiikS,ye tipapanna | si Qakrena 
Devendrena drisht^ ^cimam pratipMayanti cittam abhipras^dayanti 
kalam ca kurvana no tu drishta kutropapanneti [ sa narakSn vya- 
valokayitum &rabdho na pa§yati tiryak ca^ pretam ca 'manusliyS,m5 
citurmaMrajikan. devams trayastrimgin yavan na pagyati | tathi by 
adhastad devanam jfianadarganam pravartate 'no tuparisbtb&t | atha 
^akro devan&m Indro yena Bhagavama tenopasamkr^ntah. | upasam- 
kramya g&tbabbigitena pragnam papraccha I 

caratab pindapStam bi Ka9yapasya mahatmanab | 
kutr^sau modate nart KS,9yap4eS,madayika IJ , 

Bbagavan aha | 

Tushita nS,ma te devab sarvakamasamriddbayab [ 
yatrasau modate nS,ri Kagyapacamadayika I| iti 
atba Cakrasya devanam Indrasyaitad abbavat [ ime ca tavad manu- 
sbyab punyapunyanam apratyakshadar^ino danani dadati punyS,ni 
kurvanti, abam pratyaksbadarganena punyanam svapunyapbale vya- 
vastbitab kasmad danani na dadami punyani va na karomi, ayam dryo 
Mabakagyapo dinanatbakripanavaniyakanukampi yan nv abam* enam 
pindakena pratipadayeyam iti viditvS, kripanavitbyam gribam nirmi- 
tavan ^avaciravicirakam kakabbilinakam ^natiparamarupam kuvin- 
dam catmanam abbinirmayodudbagiraskab' 'sanagatikanivisitab spha- 
titapanipado vastram vayitum® arabdbab | ^aey api devakanya kuvin- 
danary^ vegadb^rini tasarikam kartum arabdba pargve casya divya 
sudbS, sajjikrita tisbtbati | atbayusbman Mabakagyapab kripan^- 
natbavaniyakajananukampako 'nupurvena tad gribam anupraptab ( 

^ tiryaSca MSS. ^ manushydS catur- ABC, manushyam- D. ' nS 

hMparisbtb^t ABC, na tu- D. * -kampiyabam ABO, -kampiyatvaham D. 

' avaclraclrakam B, avacirakam D. ^ rati- MSS. ' -yoddhiidlia- AC, 

-yodvfidha- B, yoddbata- D. ^ gjQ mSS (but .vivisitah A) ; Qu. eana- = old 

or (jana-. » Ex conject.; vasitum MSS. 





duhkhitako 'y^™ ^^^ kritva dvare sthitena patram prasaritam | 
Cakrena devaiiS,m Indrena divyaya sudhaya puritam | athayushmato 
Mahakigyapasyaitad abhavat | 

divyam casya sudhabhaktam ay am ca grihavistarah. | 
suviruddham iti kritva jato me hridi 'samgayab || iti | 
dharmata hy esha | asamanvahrityarhatam jnanadarganarp. na pra- 
vartate | sa samanvabartum pravrittah | yavat pagyati Qakram Deven- 
dram [ sa kathayati | Kaugika kim dubkhitajanasyantarayam karoshi 
yasya te Bhagavata dirgharatranugato vicikitsakathamkatbagalyah 
samiila arudho yatbapi tat Tatbagatenarhata samyaksambuddbena | 
arya Mabakagyapa kini diibkbitajanasyantarayam kar6mi | ime tavan 
manusbyab [A. 29. a] punyanam apratyaksbadargino danani dadati 
punyani kurvanti abam pratyakshadargy eva punyanam katbam 
danani na dadami | nanu coktam Bbagavata | 

karaniyani punyani duhkba by akritapunyatab | 
kiitapunyani modante asmin loke paratra ca || 
tatab prabbrity ayusbman Mabakagyapab samanvabritya kulani 
pindapatam pravesbtum arabdbab | atba Qakro Devendra akagastbag 
cayusbmato Mabakagyapasya pindapatam carato divyaya sudbayS, 
pitram purayati j ayusbman api Mabakagyapah patram adbomukbam 
karoti annapanam cboryate | etat prakaranam bbiksbavo Bbagavata 
arocayanti | Bbagavan aba | tasmad anujanami pindopadbanam dba- 
rayitavyam iti | 

samantakena gabdo visritab | amukaya nagaravalambikaya hrjo 
Mabakagyapa acamena pratipaditah sa ca Tusbite devanikaye upa- 
panneti [ rajnS, Prasenajita Kaugalena^ grutam amukaya nagara- 
valambikaya aryo Mabakigyapa acamena pratipaditah st Tusbite 
deve upapanneti grutva ca punar yena Bbagavams tenopasam- 
krantab | upasamkramya Bbagavatab padau girasa vanditvaikante 
ijisbannab | ekantanisbannam rajanam Prasenajitam Kaugalam 

sam^ayam MS3. 

2 Kau^alyena MSS. here. 





BhagavS.n dharmyayji kathayll samdar9ayati sam&d^payati samutte- 
jayati sampraharshayati anekaparyayena dharmyaya kathay& 
satiidargya samS,dS,pya samuttejya sampraharshya tushnim j atlia 
raji Prasenajit Kaugala utthayasanad ekamsam' uttarasangam kritva 
yena Bhagav&ms tenanjaliin pranamya Bhagavantam idam avocat | 
adhiv§,sayatu me Bhagavan Aryamahaka9yapam, uddi9ya bhaktam 
saptaheneti | adMvasayati Bhagavan rajnah Prasenajitah Kaugalasya 
tushnibliavena | atha raj 4 Prasenajit Kaugalo Bhagavatas tushni- 
bhaven^dhivasanim viditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah j atba 
raja Prasenajit Kaugalas tarn eva ratrim quci pranitaip. khadaniyam 
bhojaniyam *samudaniya kalyam evotthayS-sanani prajnapyodaka- 
manin pratishthapya Bhagavato dutena kalam §,rocayati j samayo 
bhadanta sajjam bhaktam yasyedanim Bhagavan kalam manyata 
iti I atha Bhagavan purvahne nivasya patracivaram Maya bhikshu- 
ganaparivrito bhikshusamghapuraskrito yena rajnah Prasenajitah 
Kau9alasya bhaktabhisaras tenopasainkr^ntah | upasamkramya pu- 
rastad bhikshusamghasya prajnapta evasane nishannah | atha raja 
Prasenajit Kaugalah sukhopanishannam Buddhapramukham bhi- 
kshusamgham viditva gucina pranitena khadaniyabhojaniyena sva- 
hastam samtarpayati sampravirayati | anyatamag ca krodamallako 
vriddhante cittam abhiprasadayams tishthati | ayam raja pratyaksha- 
darcy eva punyS,nain sve punyaphale pratishthapito 'tripta eva 
punyair danani dadati punyani karoti | atha rdja Prasenajit Kaugalo 
'nekapary^yena Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham gucinS. prani- 
tena khManiyena bhojaniyena svahastam samtarpya sampravarya 
Bhagavantam bhuktavantam viditvS, dhautahastam apanitapatram 
nicataram ^sanam grihitva Bhagavatah purastan nishanno dharma- 
gravanaya | tato Bhagavatabhihitah | maharaja kasya namna dakshi- 
nam adigami kim tavahosvid yena tavantikat prabhutataram punyaip 
prasutam iti | rajS, sainlakshayati | mama Bhagavan pindapatam 

1 ekfii;[i9am MSS. » Om. MSS. 







' paribhunkte ko 'nyo mamantikat prabhutataram ptmyam prasavi- 
shyatiti viditva kathayati [A. 29. b] Bhagavan yena mamantikat pra- 
bhutataram punyam piusutam tasya Bhagavan namnA dakshinijn S,di- 
9atv iti [ tata BhagavatS. krodamallakasya namna dakshina adishta | 
evam yavat shad divasan | tato 'nyadivase raj& kare kapolam dattva 
cintaparo Tyavasthitah [ mama Bhagavan pindapatam 'paribhunkte 
krodamallakasya namna dakshinam adi9atiti | so 'mMyair drishtah [ 
te kathayanti | kimartham kare kapolam dattva cintaparo vyava- 
sthita iti [ raja kathayati | bhavantah katham na cintiparas tishthami 
yatredanim sa Bhagavan mama pindapatam 'paribhunkte krodamalla- 
kasya namna dakshinam ^di9atiti [ tatraiko vriddho 'matyah katha- 
yati 1 alpotsuko bhavatu vayam tatha karishyamo yatha gvo Bhagavan. 
devasyaiva nS;mna dakshinam adigatiti [ taih paurusheyan§,m S,jn& dattS. 
yatah qvo* bhavadbhih pranita aharah sajjikartavyah prabhutag caiva 
samudanayitavyo yathopardham bhikshunam patre pataty upardham 
bhumav iti [ amatyair ^aparasmin divase prabhuta aharah sajjikri- 
tah pranitag ca [ tatah sukhopanishannam Buddhapramukham bhi- 
kshusamghain parivegitiim* arabdhah | upardham bhikshunam patre 
pataty upardham bhumau [ tatah krodamallakah pradhavita bhumau 
nipatitam grihnima iti | te parivegakair* nivaritah | tatah kroda- 
mallakah kathayati [ yady asya rajnah prabhutam antag capaneyam® 
asti santy anye 'py asmadvidha duhkhitaka akankshante kimartham 
na diyate' kim anenaparibhogam choriteneti [ tasya krodamallakasya 
cittavikshepo jato na gakyam tena tatha cittam prasadayitum yatha 
purvam ] tato raja Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham bhojayitva 
na mama namna dakshinam adigatiti viditva dakshinam agrutvaiva 
pravishtah | tato Bhagavata rajnah Prasenajitah Kaugalasya namna 
dakshinS. S,dishta, hastyagvarathapattiyayino bhunjanasya ^puram 

1 paribhukte MSS. 
* Sic MSS; pariveshitum ? 
' (liyante MSS. 

2 yato (?vo MSS. 
" pariveshakair ? 
^ putram C. 

3 aparamasmin MSS. 
« capateyam MSS. 




'ganairgamam pagyasi balam hi ^rukshikayS, alavamkHyah kulmasha- 
pindakS,yali i| 

athayuslimS-n Anando Bhagavantam idam avocat | hahnqo bahtigo 
bhadanta BhagavatS, rSjiiah. Prasenajitah Kaugalasya iiive9arLe btu- 
ktvS, namnS, dakshinS,m adishto' iiS,biiijan§,im kadacid evamrupam 
dakshinam S,dislitapurvain | Bhagavan aha | icchasi tvam Ananda 
r&jftah Prasenajitah Kaugalasyalavanikam kulmasbapindak-am ara- 
bhya *karmaplotim grotum | etasya 'Bhagavan kala etasya Sugata 
samayo yam® Bhagavan r§,jnah Prasenajitah Kaugalasyalavanikain 
kulmashapindakam arabhya karmaplotim varnayet, Bhagavatah 
grutvS, bhikshavo dharayishyantiti | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun aman- 
trayate sma [ 

Jbhutapurvam bhikshavo 'nyatamasmin karpatake grihapatih pra- 
tivasati 'I tena sadrigat kulat kalatram Snitam | sa taya s§,rdham 
kridati ramate paricarayati | tasya kridato ramamanasya paricaraya- 
tah putro jatah | sa unnito vardhitah patuh samvrittah^ | yavad asau 
giihapatih patnim imantrayate | bhadre jato 'sm^kam rinaharako 
dhanaharakag ca gacchami panyam adaya de9S,ntarani iti | sa katha- 
yati I aryaputra etat kurushveti [ sa panyam adaya degantaram gatah | 
tatraivanayena [A. 30. a] vyasanam apannah [ alpaparicehedo 'sau 
grihapatih '| tasya grihapater dhanajS,tairi paiikshinam | so 'sya putro 
duhkhito jatah | tasya grihapater vayasyakah [ tena tasya darakasya 
matabhihitS, | ayatn tava putrah kshetram rakshatu aham asya 
sukham^ bhaktena yogodvahanam karishyami | evam bhavatu | sa 
tasya kshetram rakshitum irabdhah [ sa tasya ^sukham bhaktakena 
yogodvahanam kartum arabdhah | yavad aparena samayena parvani 
pratyupasthita j tasya dS,rakasya mata samlakshayati | adya griha- 

^ Exconj.; Banaii^amam MSS. ' rflshikaySh MSS,, bat cf. p. 89 infra. 

'Sic. -Query dakshina fidishta? * karmaprotim D. ** Ex conj.; 

Bhagavat kfilancetasya MSS. ^ Sic MSS* The MSS. often read yam for yat. 
^ patusamvrrttah MSS. ^ mukham AB. 






patipatni suhritsambandliibandhavaiii saha 9ramanabrahmarLabhoja- 
nena vyagra bhavishyati gacchami sanukalam tasya darakasya bha- 
ktam nayS,initi | sa sanukalam gatva grihapatipatnya etam artham 
nivedayati | si rushita kathayati | na tavac cbramanabrahmanebhyo 
dadami jnatinaip. va tavat preshyamanushyaya dadami | adya tavat 
tishthatu qvo dvigunam dasyamiti | tatas tasya darakasya mata sam- 
lakshayati | ma m.e putro bubhukshitakali sthasyatiti | tayatmano 
'rtbe 'lavanika kulmashapindika sampadita | sa tam adaya gata | tena 
darakena durata eva drishta [ sa kathayati | ambasti kiracin mrishtam 
mrishtam | sa kathayati | putra yad eva pratidaivasikam tad apy 
adya nasti mayatm§,no 'rthe 'lavanika kulmashapindika sadhita tam 
aham grihitvagata etam * paribhunkshveti | sa kathayati | sthapayitva 
gacchasveti | sa sthapayitva prakranta | asati Buddhanam utpade 
Pratyekabuddha loka utpadyante hinadinanukampakah prantagaya- 
nasanabhakta ekadakshiniya lokasya | yavad anyatamah Pratyeka- 
buddhah tatpradegam anupraptah | sa tena drishtah kiyaprasadikag 
cittaprasadikag ca ganteryapathavarti | sa samlakshayati | nunam 
mayaivamvidhe sadbhute dakshiniye kara na krita yena me idrigi 
samavastha yady ayam mamantikad alavanikam kulmashapindikam 
pratigrihniyad aham asmai dadyam iti | tato 'sau Pratyekabuddhas 
tasya daridrapurushasya cetasa cittam ajnaya patram prasaritav&n | 
bhadramukha sacet te parityaktam diyatam asmin patra iti | tatas 
tena tivrena prasadena sa 'lavanika kulmashapindika tasmai Pratye- 
kabuddhaya pratipadita | 

kim manyadhve bhikshavo yo 'sau daridrapurusha esha ev&sau 
raja Prasenajit Kaugalas tena kalena tena samayena | yad anena 
Pratyekabuddhayalavanika kulmashapindika pratipadita tena kar- 
mana shatkritvo deveshu Trayastrimgeshu rajyaigvaryadhipatyam 
karitavan shatkritvo 'syam eva Cravastyam raja kshatriyo murdhnS,- 
bhishiktas^ tenaiva ca karman^vageshenaitarhi raja kshatriyo mur- 



paribhuksh- MSS. 

2 Sic MSS. 




dhn§,bhishiktah samvrittah | so 'sya pindako vipakvah | tarn aham 
samdhaya kathaydmi hastyagvarathayayino bhunjanasya puram 9a- 
nairgamam^ pagyasi balaip. hi rukshikaya alavanikaya kulmasha- 
pindikay^ iti | samantakena gabdo visrito Bhagavata raj nab Prasena- 
jito 'lavanikam kubnashapindikam drabhya [A. 30. b] karmaplotir 
vyakriteti | rajnapi Prasenajita grutam | sa yena Bhagavams tenopa- 
samkrantah. | upasamkramya Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditvai- 
kinte nishannah. | ekS-ntanishannam rajanam Prasenajitam Kaugalam 
BhagavS,n dhannyayS, kathaya samdargayati samad^payati samutteja- 
yati sampraharshayaty anekaparyayena dbarmyaya kathaya samdar- 
9ya samadapya samuttejya sampraharshya tushnim ] atha raji Pra- 
senajit Kaugala utthayasanad ekamsam uttarasangam kritva Bhaga- 
vantam idam avocat | adhivasayatu me Bhagavan traimasim civara- 
pindapatagayanasanaglanapratyayabhaishajyaparishkaraih ' sardham 
samgheneti | adhivasayati Bhagavan rajiiah Prasenajitah Kaugalasya 
tushnibhavena | tato rajna Prasenajita Kaugalena^ Buddhapramu- 
khaya bhikshusamghaya traimS,syain gatarasain. bhojanam dattam 
ekaikag ca bhikshuh gatasahasrena yastrenacchaditah, tailasya ca 
kumbhakotim samudiniya (^jJamala abhyudyato* datum | tatra bhakte 
pujayam ca mahan kolahalo jatah [ yavad anyatamS, nagaravalambi- 
kativaduhkhita | taya krodamallakena bhiksham atantya uccagabdah 
grutah grutv^ ca punah pricchati | bhavantah kim esha uccagabdo 
mahagabda iti | aparaih samakhyatam | rajna Prasenajita, Kaugalena 
Buddhapramukho bhikshusamghas traimasyam bhojita ekaikag ca 
bhikshuh gatasahasrena vastrenacchaditas tailasya kumbhakotim ca 
samudaniya dipamala abhyudyato^ datum iti | tatas tasy4 nagarava- 
lambikaya etad abhavat | ayam tavad raja Prasenajit Kaugalah 
punyair atripto 'dyapi danani dadati punyani karoti, yannv aham 

^ Sic D : sanairgamam ABC. ^ -pS,tra- MSS. : -paristhfinaih A, 

-parisamskaraih C. ^ Kau9alyena MSS. * dipamala- 

bhyudyato ABC, -hyudyato D first time, -tyudyato second time. 

c. 12 


J! I: I 

i I 




api kutagcit samudaniya Bhagavatah pradipara dadyam iti | taya 
khandamallake tailasya stokam yacayitvi pradipam prajvalya Bha- 
gavatag cankrame dattah' | padayor nipatya pranidhanam kritam | 
anenaham kugalamulena yathayam Bhagavaii Qakyamunir varsha- 
9atayushi prajayam Cakyamunir natna gasta loka utpanna evam ahani 
api varshagatayushi prajayam Cakyamunir eva gasta bhaveyam yatli^ 
casya Qariputramaudgalyayanagrayugam bhadrayugam Anando bhi- 
kshur Tipasthayakah. Cuddhodhanah pitS, mMa Mahamaya Rahula- 
bhadrah kuniS,rab putro, yathayam BliagavS,ii dbatuvibhagam kritvS, 
parinirvasyaty evam aham api dhatuvibhagam kritvS, parinirvapaye- 
yam iti | yavat sarve te dipa nairvanah | sa taya prajvalitah pradipah. 
prajvalaty eva | dharmata khalu Buddhanam Bhagavatam na tavad 
upasthayakah pratisamliyante na yavad BuddhS, Bhagavantab. *prati- 
samlina iti [ athayushman Anandah samlakshayati | astbanam ana- 
vakago yad Buddha Bhagavanta aloke gayyam kalpayanti, yannv 
aham dipam nirvapayeyam iti | sa hastena nirvapayitum irabdho na 
9aknoti | tatag civarakarnikena tato vyajanena tathapi na gaknoti 
nirvapayitum | tatra Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam §,mantra- 
yate | [A. 31. a] kim etad Anandeti ] sa kathayati | Bhagavan mama 
buddhir utpanna astbanam anavakago yad Buddha Bhagavanta aloke 
9ayyani kalpayanti yannv aham dipam ^ nirvapayeyam iti, so 'ham 
hastena nirvapayitum S,rabdho na gaknomi tatag civarakarnikena tato 
vyajanena tathapi na gaknomiti | Bhagavan §,ha | khedam Ananda 
apatsyase, yadi Yairambhaka api vS,yavo vayeyus te 'pi na gaknuyur 
nirvapayitum prag eva hastagatag civarakarniko vyajanam v^ | tatha 
hy ayam pradipas taya darikaya mahata cittabhisamskarena prajva- 
lito 'pi tv Ananda bhavishyaty asau darika varshagatayushi prajayam 
(^akyamunir nama tathagato 'rhan samyaksambuddhah Cariputra- 
maudgalyayanau tasyagrayugam bhadrayugam Anando bhikshur 
upasakah* Quddhodanah pita Mahamaya mata Kapilavastu nagaram 

1 ca krame AC. 

2 CD insert na. 

» dipam MSS. 







B-SJiulabliadrali kumarah putrah sapi dhatuvibhagam kritva parinir- 
vasyatiti | idam avocad Bhagavan ittamanasas te ca bhikshavo Bha- 
gavato bhashitam abhyanandan I 

iti gridivyavadane' NagaravalambikS.vad4nam ^saptamam |I 


^Buddho BhagavS,!! Qra vasty am viharati Jetavane 'n^thapindada- 
sykrkTae satkrito gurukrito mS, pujito rajabhi rSjam^trair dhani- 
bbih. paurair br&hmaiiair grih.apatibh.ih greshthibhih. sarthavahair de- 
vair n^gair yakshair asurair garudaih kinnarair mahoragair iti deva- 
nagayakshasuragarudakinnarainahoragabhyarcito Buddho Bhagavin 
labht civarapindapata9ayanS,sanaglanapratyayabhaishajyaparishkarS,- 
n§,m sagravakasamghah. | tatra khalu varshavasam Bhagavan upagato 
Jetavane 'nathapindadasy&rame | atha tadaiva pravS,ranS,yain* pra- 
tyupasthitayam sambahulab Qravastinivisino banijo yena Bhagavdms 
tenopasamkrantah. | upasainkramya Bhagavatah. pi,dau girasa vandit- 
vaikante nishannah. i ekantanishann§,n sambahulan Cravastinivasino 
banijo Bhagavan dharmyayi kathaya samdargayati samadapayati sam- 
uttejayati sampraharshayati anekaparyiyena dharmyayi kathayd 
samdargya samSdapya samuttejya sampraharshya tushnim | atha sam- 
bahulih. CrS,vastinivasino banijo Bhagavato bhashitam abhinandyauu- 
modya Bhagavatah pMau girasi vanditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakr^ntS, 
yenayushman Anandas tenopasaipkrantahL j upasamkramydyuslimata 

1 ABC om. = saptamah MSS. B adds gloka 4. s The 

MSS. read supriya before Buddho, but it seems only the title of the legend. 
* pr^va- MSS. 

i :; 




1 I 

Anandasya padau 9irasa vanditvaikS,nte nishannah | saipbahulan 


Qravastinivasino banija ayushm§,n Anando dharmyaya kathayS, sam- 
dargayati samadapayati samuttejayati sampraharshayati | [A. 31. b] 
anekapary^yena dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samadapya samuttej- 
ya sampraharshya tushnim | atha te banija utthayasanebhya ekam- 
sam ' uttarasangam kritva yenayushman Anandas tenanjalim pranam- 
yayushmantam Anandam idam ^avocan | kimcit te S,ryS.nanda 
grutam varshoshito Bhagavan katameshu janapadeshu carikam 
carishyatiti yad vayam tadyatrikam bhandain samudanimahe | 
dharmatS, caisha, shanmahanagaranivasino banijo yasyam di9i 
Buddha Bhagavanto gantukama bhavanti tadyatrikam bhandam 
samudanayanti | sa kathayati, Buddham Bhagavantam kim na 
pricchatha | durasada hi Buddha Bhagavanto dushprasaha na 9ak- 
numo vayam Bhagavantam prashtum [ mamapi bhavanto durasada 
hi Buddha Bhagavanto dushprasahah, aham api na gaknomi Bha- 
gavantam prashtum | yadi bhadantanandasyapi durasada Buddha 
Bhagavanto dushprasahah katham bhadantanando^ janite 'mukam 
digaiu Bhagavan gamishyatiti | nimittena va bhavantah parikathayi 
Ta I katham nimittena | yam dicam Bhagavan gantukamas tato 
'bhimukho nishidati, evam nimittena | katham parikathaya | tesham 
janapadanam varnam bhashate, evam parikathaya | kutomukho 
bhadantananda Bhagavan nishidati katamesham ca janapadanam 
varnam bhashate | Magadhabhimukho bhavanto Bhagavan nishidati 
Magadhakanam janapadanam varnam bhashate | api tu bhavanto 
'shtadaganusamg^ Buddhacarikayam | katame 'shtadaga | nignibha- 
yam nodakabhayam na siinhabhayam na vyaghrabhayam na dvipi- 
tarakshuparacakrabhayam na caurabhayam na gulmatarapanyS,tiya- 
trabhayam na manushyamanushyabhayam kalena ca kalam divyani 
rupani drigyante divyah gabdah gruyante udarag cavabhashah prajna- 


Vi ; 

\ i 

! ' ! 

-9am MSS. 

' avocat MSS. as often elsewhere. 

' -nanda MSS. 






yante itmavyakaranani ca gruyante dharmasambhoga amishasam- 
bhogo 'Ipabadha * ca BuddhacarikS, | 

atha sambahulah Cravastinivasino banija ^yushmata Anandasya 
bhashitam abhinandyanumodyayushmata Anandasya padau girasa 
vanditvotthayasanat prakrantah | dharmata khalu Buddha Bhaga- 
vanto jivanto dbriyanto yapayanto mahakarunaya samcodyamanah 
paranugrahapravrittah. kalena kalam aranyacarikam caranti nadi- 
carikam parvatac^rikaip. ^ma^anacarikam janapadacarikam caranti | 
^asmims tv arthe Buddho Bhagavan Magadheshu janapadacirikS,iii 
cartukamas tadeva pravaranam pravarayitva ayushmantam Anandam 
S,mantrayate sma | gacchananda bbikshunam arocaya | itah saptame 
divase Tathagato Magadheshu janapadeshu carikaip, carishyati, yo 
yushmakam [A. 32. a] utsahate Tathagatena sardham janapadacS,ri- 
kam cartum. sa civarakarma karotu | evam bhadantety ^yushman 
Anando Bhagavatah pratigrutya bhikshunam arocayati | Bhagavan 
ayushmanta itah saptame divase Magadheshu janapadeshu carikaip. 
carishyati, yo yushmakam utsahate Bhagavata sardham Magadheshu 
janapadeshu carikam cartum sa civarakarma karotu | 

atha Bhagavan bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshusamghapuraskritah. 
sambabulaig ca (^ravastinivasibhir banigbrahmanagrihapatibhih sar- 
dham Magadheshu janapadeshu carikam prakrS,ntah | atha sam- 
bahulag ca Qravastinivasino banijo yena Bhagav^ms tenopasamkran- 
tS,h I upasamkramya Bhagavatah padau 9irasa vanditva Bhagavantam 
idam avocan | adhivasayatv asmakam Bhagavan yavac ca Qravasti 
y^vac ca Rajagriham atrantarac civarapindap^tagayanasanagldna- 
pratyayabhaishajyaparishkaraih s§.rdham bhikshusamghena I adhiv4- 
sayati Bhagavan sambahulanam Cravastinivasinaip. banijam tushni- 
bhavena j atha sambahulah Cravastinivasino banijo Bhagavatas 
tushnibhaven^dhivasanam viditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah 1 

^ Ex conject.; dharmasambhogana amishasambhoga alpabadhfi AD; dhanna- 
Bambhoga alpdbadhfi BC. - asmim tv MSS. 






atha samprasthite Buddhe Bhagavaty antar^ ca QrS,vastiin antarS. ca 
Rajagriham atrantaran ' inahatavyam. caurasahasram prativasati | 
adrakshit tac caurasahasram. Bhagavantam sarthaparivritam bhi- 
kshusamghapuraskritam drishtv^ ca pimah. parasparam kathayanti, 
gacchatu Bhagavan sagravakasainghah 9esham sartham musldsliyama 
ity anuvicintya sarve javena prasrita yena sarthah | *BhagaTat4 
'bhihitSli 1 kim etad bhavantah samarabdham [ caurah kathayauti, 
vayam. smo bhadanta caura atavicara nasmakam krishir na banijya 
na gaurakshyam, anenopakramena jivikam kalpayamab, gacchatu 
Bhagav4n sagravakasamghah gesham s§,rthaip. mushishyamah | Bha- 
gavS,ii aha, mamaisha sarthah samnigrito 'pi tu sakalasya s3.rthasya 
pariganayya suvarnam grihnidhvam | tatha bhavatv iti caurasahasrena 
pratijnatam [ asmin sarthe ye upasaka banijas taih kritsnasya s&r- 
thasya mulyam ganayya cauranam niveditam, iyanti gatani sahasrani 
ceti I tatas tesham cauranam ^sarthanishkrayarthara Bhagavata ni- 
dhanam dargitam | tatas tena caurasahasrena sarthamuiyapramanara 
suvarnam grihitam, avagishtaip. tatraivS-ntarhitam [ evaip. Bhagavata 
sarthag caurasahasrat pratimokshitah | anupurvena Bhagavan Baja- 
griham antiprS.ptah | punar api Bhagavan sarthaparivrito bhikshu- 
saipghapuraskrito Rajagrihac Chravastim sainprasthitah [ tathaiva 
caurasahasrasakagat sartho nishkritah ] evam dvitricatushpancashad- 
vS,ramg caurasahasrasakagad agamanagamanena sarthah paritrato 
mulyam canupradattam | ^saptamara tu varam Bhagavan sartharahito 
bhikshusamghapuraskritah (^ravastya E/ajagriham samprasthitah j 
adrakshic caurasahasram Buddham Bhagavantam sarthavirahitaip. 
bhikshusamghaparivritam drishtva ca punah parasparam [A. 32. b] 
samlapanti | Bhagavan gacchatu bhikshusamgham mushishyamah, 
tat kasya hetor esho hi Bhagavan suvarnaprada ityuktva sarvaja- 
vena pradhavita bhikshun *mushitum arabdhah | Bhagavata cabhi- 



1 mahatyatavyam MSS. ^ Bhagavato MSS. 3 MSS. here 

-niskriyfirtham, but elsewhere as in text. * saptamas tu MSS. ' mfi- D. 






hitah, vatsi mamaite qrivakkh. | caurali kathayanti | janasy eva 
Bhagavan vayam cauri atavicara nasmakaip. krishir na banijya na 
gaurakshyam anena vayam jtvikaiii kalpayamah | tato BhagavatS^ 
cauranam mahanidhanam dar9itani evam coktah, vatsa yavadaptam 
dhanam grihnitheti | tatas tena caurasahasrena tasman mahanidhS,- 
nad yavadaptam suvarnam S,dattam, avaQishtam tatraivantarhitam | 
atha BJiagavams tac caurasahasram yavadaptam dhanena saratarpa- 
yitva tato 'nupurvena Rajagriham anupraptah | tatas tesliS,in caura- 
nim buddhir utpanna ] ya kacid asmakam 9risaubhagyasainpat 
sarvasau Buddham Bhagavantam agamya, yannu vayam Bha- 
gavantam sagravakasamgham asmin. pradege bhojayemeti | atran- 
tare n£isti kimcid Buddhanam Bhagavatim mabakarunikanam 
'ekaraksbanam ekavir^nam advayavadinam gamathavipagyanavib&ri- 
nam trividhadamatbavastukugalanam caturriddhipadacaranatalasu- 
pratishtbitanam caturogbottirnanam catursbu samgrabavastusbu dir- 
gbaratrakritaparicayan^m dagabalabaliiiaip. caturvai9aradyavi9S,rada- 
nd,m udararsbabbasamyaksimbanadanadinam pancarLgaviprabinanS,m 
pancaskandbavimocakanani pancagatisamatikrantanam sbadayatana- 
bbedakanam ^samgbatavibarinam sbatparamitaparipurnayagasim sa- 
ptabodbyangakusumadbyanam saptasamadbiparisbkaradayakS,n§,m ^ 
iryasbtangamargadegikanam aryamS,rgapudgalaiiS,yakanS.m navanu- 
purvasamipattikugalanam navasamyojanavisamyojanak§,nS,m daga- 
dikparipurnayagasam da9a§atava9avartiprativi9isbtS,nam | *tri ratres 
trir divasasya sbatkritvo * ratrimdivasena Buddbacaksbusba lokam 
vyavalokayanti | kasyanavaropitini ku9alamulany avaropayimi ka- 
sy^varopitini vivardbay^mi kab kriccbrapraptab kab samkatapraptab 
kah sambadbapraptab kab kriccbrasamkatasambadhapraptab kam 
kriccbrasamkatasambadbat parimocayami ko 'pS,yanimiiab ko 'piya- 
pravanab ko 'payapragbbirah kam aham apayad vyuttbapya svar- 

^ With this passage cf. fol. 43 a, 93 6. 
-dayakayakanam AB. * tri ABC, trih D. 

2 sic MSS. ; asamhata- f. 93 b. 
8 Batkritvfi MSS. 





( t 

ge mokshaphale ca pratishthapayami kasya kamapaiikanimagnasya 
hastoddharam anuprayacchami kasya Buddhotpadavibhushitam lokam 
saphalikaromi kam aryadhanavirakitam aryadhanaigvaryadhipatye 
pratishthapayeyam ko hiyate ko vardhate | 

apy evatikramed velam sagaro makaralayah | 

na tu vaineyavatsanam Buddho velam atikramet || 

yatha hi mata priyam ekaputrakam hy avekshate rakshati cisya 

jivitam | 
tathaiva vaineyajanam Tathagato hy avekshate rakshati cSsya 

samtatim || 
sarvajiiasantananivasiiii hi karunyadhenur mrigayaty akhinn^ | 
[A, 33. a] vaineyavatsan bhavaduhkhanashtan vatsan prana- 
shtan iva vatsala gauh || 
tato Bhagavams tesham cauranain vaineyakalam apekshya Raja- 
grihad anupurvena bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshuganapuraskrito 
danto dantaparivarah gantah 9antaparivS,ra9 candanag candanapari- 
viro mukto muktaparivara agvasta agvastaparivarah ^purvavad yavan 
mahakarunaya samanvagatas tarn galatavim anupraptah | adrakshit 
tac caurasahasram Buddharp Bhagavantam sagravakasamgham durad 
eva gacchantani drishtva ca punag cittany abhiprasadya yena Bhaga- 
vams tenopasarakrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah padayor nipatya 
Bhagavantam idam avocan | adhivasayatv asmakain Bhagavan qvo 
'ntargrihe bhaktena sardham bhikshusamghena | adhivasayati Bha- 
gavims tasya caurasahasrasya tushnibhavena | atha caurasahasram 
Bhagavatas tushnibhavenadhivasanatn viditva Bhagavato 'ntikat 
prakrantam" | atha tac caurasahasrarp. tam eva ratrim guci pranitam 
khadaniyabhojantyam samudaniya kalyam evotthayasanani ^prajiia- 
pyodakamanin pratishthapya Bhagavato dutena kalam arocayati | 
samayo Bhadanta sajjam bhaktam yasyedanira Bhagavan kalam 

1 Cf. fol. 43 b; fol. 51 a; fol. 94 6. 
ptodaka- MSS. 

2 -tab MSS. 


; r 






manyase | atha Bhagavan pur valine nivasya patracivaram adaya 
bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshusaraghapuraskrito yena tasya caura- 
sahasrasya bhaktabhisaras tenopasamkrantah | atha tac caurasaha- 
sram Buddhapramukbasya bhikshusaipghasya candanodakena padau 
prakshalayamasa | atha Bhagavan prakshalitaptnipadah purastad 
bhikshusamghasya prajuapta evisane 'nishannah | nishannam Bud- 
dhapramukham bhikshusanigham viditva 9ucina pranitena khadani- 
yabhojaniyena svahastam saratarpya sampravarya Bhagavantam 
bhuktavantam viditva dhautahastam apanitapatram nicatarany asa- 
n§,ni grihitvji, Bhagavatah purastan nishanna dharmagravanaya | 
atha Bhagavata tesham agayanuQayam viditva dhituni prakritim ca 
jfiatva tadrigi dharmadegana krita yam grutva tena caurasahasrena ta- 
sminn evasane nishannena viipgatigikharasamudgatam satkayadrishti- 
gailam jn&navajrena bhittva grotapattiphalam sakshatkritam diishta- 
saty&Q ca kathayanti [ idam asmakam bhadanta na matr^ kritaip. na 
pitra kritam na rajna na devatabhir na piirvapretair na gramana- 
brahmanair neshtair na svajanabandhuvargena yad asmabhir Bhaga- 
vantam kalyanamitram agamya | uddhrito narakatiryakpretebhyah 
padah pratishth&pito devamanushyeshu ^ paryantikritah sarnsara 
[A. 33. b] ucchoshitS, rudhiragrusamudra uttirnigrusagar^^ langhitS,- 
sthiparvata^ *labhema vayaip. bhadanta svS,khyate dharmavinaye 
pravrajyam upasampadam bhikshubhavam carema* vayam Bhagava- 
to 'ntike brahmacaryam | tato Bhagavata brahmasvarenabhihitah | 
eta vatsah earata brahmacaryam | vacS,vasane Bhagavato mundah 
samvrittS,s traidhatukavitaragih samaloshtakancana akagapinitala- 
samacitta vasicandanakalpa vidyavidiritandakogavidya vijnlih pra- 
tisamvitprapti bhavalabhalobhasatkS,raparanmukhS,h sendropendri- 
nam dev&nam pujyli, minya abhivMyag ca samvi-ittah | 

bhikshavah samgayajatah sarvasamgayacchettS-ram Buddham Bha- 

1 Om. MSS. 
* labhemo ABC, labhama D. 

2 -bhyah MSS. 

5 caremo MSS. 

3 Sic MSS. 


■ .■i.--y^'„vj:j,'ri kkel;;. 


-HSIJ." •« l.WU!^J|tS.WflP!«»,y!W?!l^jg||| 





gavantam papracchuh | pagya bhadanta Bhagavatedam caurasahasram 
saptavaram dhanena samtarpayitvatyantanishthe 'nuttare yogaksheme 
nirvane pratishith&pitam | Bhagavan aha | na bhikshava etarhi ya- 
thatite 'py adhvani mayasyaiva caurasahasrasya sakagad anekabhan- 
dasahasrah sartho nishkritah, *na ca gakit&h samtarpayitum | tato 
mayanekair dushkaragatasahasrair devamanushyadushprapyam Ca- 
krabrahmadyair api duradhigamam BadaradvipayatrS,in varshagatena 
sadhayitvaitad eva caurasahasram ^rabhya kritsno Jambudvipah 
suvarnarajatavaiduryasphatikadyai ratnavigeshair manorathepsitaig 
copakaranavigeshaih saintarpayitva da9abhih kugalaih karmapathaih 
pratishthapitah ] tac chrinuta j 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani asminn eva Jambudvipe 
V&r&nasyam nagary&m Brahmadatto nS,ina raja rajyam karayati 
sma riddham ca kshemam ca subhiksham cakirnabahujanamanu- 
shyara ca pragantakali kalahadimbadamarataskaradurbhiksharog^- 
pagatam priyam ivaikaputrakam iva rajyam karayati | tena khalu 
samayena Yaranasyam Priyaseno nama sarthavahah prativasaty 
adhyo mahadhano mahabhogo Yaigravanadhanapratispardhi | tena 
sadrigat kul^t kalatram anitam | sa taya sardham kridate ramate 
paricarayati [ athanyatama udarapunyamahegakhyah sattvo 'nyata- 
masmat pranitad devanikayac cyutva tasyah prajapatyah kukshim 
avakrantah | ^paiicaveniya dharma ihaikatye panditajatiye matri- 
grame | katame panca | raktam purusham janati^, kalam janati ritum 
jiniti, garbham avakrantam janati, yasyah sakagad garbho 'vakramati 
tarn janati, darakam janati darikam janati saced darako bhavati da- 
kshinam kukshim nigritya tishthati saced darika bhavati vamam 
kukshim nigritya tishthati | sattamana attamanah sv^mine arocayati I 

^ Ex conject. na va pakita samtarpayitum MSS. 2 gjg mSS. ; 

-pancavenika? Cf. supra, p. 2. ^ j^ Sudhanatumdra (fol. 154 a) 

and also m Kotikarna (p. 2) viraktam purusham janfiti is added to the first 




dishty&ryaputra vardliasvS,pannasattvasmi sarnvritt^ yath& ca me 
dakshinam kukshini ni^ritya tishthati niyatam dirako bhavishyati | 
so 'py S,ttamana S,ttainanS, udS,nain ud^nayati | apy evSliam cirakS14- 
bhilashitam putramukham paqyeyam, jato me syan n§,vaj&tah, kri- 
tydni me kuryad bhritah pratibhared dayadyam ^pratipadyeta kula- 
vamgo me cirasthitikah. syad, asmakam catyatitam kalagatanS,m 
uddi§ya dinS-ni dattva [A. 34. a] punyani kritva namna dakshinam 
adiged idam tayor yatra tatropapannayor gacchator anugacchatv iti ] 
apannasattv&m cainam viditva upariprasadatalagatam ayantritam 
dharayati | ushna ushnopakaranaib 9ite 9itopakaranair vaidyapra- 
jnaptair iharair n&tigitair natyushnair nS,titiktair natyamlair n&tila- 
vanair natimadhurair natikatukair natikashayais tiktamlalavanama- 
dhurakatukakashayavivarjitair aharair harS,rdhahS.ravibhusMtagS,trim 
apsarasam iva nandanavanacS,riiiim mancan mancam pithit pitham 
avatarantim ^adharimam bhumim [ na ^cS,syah. kincid amanojnaga- 
bdagravanaip. yavad eva garbhasya paripS,kiya | sashtanam vji navi- 
nam vi masanam atyayat prasuta [ darako jato 'bhirupo darganlyah 
pr&sadiko gaurab kanakavarnag chattrakaragirah. pralambhab&hur 
vistirnalalatah. samgatabhrus tungandso dridhakathinagariro mahan 
agrabalah. | tasya jn&tayah. samgamya samagamya trini saptakany 
ekaviipgati rl,triindivasaiii tasya jatasya jatamabam kritva namadbe- 
yam vyavastbapayanti, kirn bhavatu dS,rakasya nama, ayam d^rakab 
Priyasenasya sarthavabasya putras tad bhavatu darakasya nama 
Supriya iti | Supriyo darako 'shtS,bhyo dhatribhya upanyasto dva- 
bhyam kshtradhatribhyam dvabhyim *airisadhatribhyiin dvabhydm 
maladhatribhy&m dvabhyS,m kridanikS,bhyam dhatribhyS.m | so 'shtS,- 
bhir dhS,tribhir unniyate vardhate kshirena dadhna navanitena sar- 
pishS. sarpimanden§,nyai9 cottaptottaptair upakaranavigeshair kqu 
vardhate hradastham iva pankajam | yada mahan samvrittas tadi 

^ pratipadyet BCD. 
MSS. (cf. p. 2). 

3 Sic MSS. (cf. p. 2). 
4 atsa- MSS. (cf. pp. 3, 26, 5S). 

3 casm&t 






lipyam upanyastah samkhyayam gananayam mudrayam uddhSre 
nyase nikshepe hastiparikshayam a§vaparikshayam ratnaparikshayam 
daruparikshayam ' vastraparikshayam purushaparikshayam stripari- 
kshayam nanapanyaparikshasu paryavadatah sarvagastrajfiah sarva- 
kalabhijnah sarvagilpajnah sarvabhutarutajnah ^sarvagatigatijiia ud- 
ghattako vacakah panditali patupracarah paramatikshnanigitabuddliih 
samvritto 'gnikalpa^ iva jnanena | sa yS,ni tani rSjnam kshatriy&nam 
murdhnabhishiktanam janapadaigvaryasthamaviryam anupraptanam 
mahantara prithivimandalam abhinirjityadhyavasatam prithagbha- 
vanti gilpasthanakanaastlianani fcadyatha hastigrivayam agvaprishthe 
rathe tsarudhanubshupayane niryane 'nkugagrahe tomaragrahe ched- 
ye bhedye mushtibandhe padabandbe duravedhe gabdavedbe *'kshun- 
navedhe marina vedhe dridhapraharitayam pancasu sthaneshu kritavi 
samvrittah | dharmata caisha | na tavat putrasya nama nirgaccliati 
yavat pita dhriyate | athaparena samayena Priyasenah sarthavaho 
glanibhutah | sa mulagandapattraptishpaphalabhaisliajyair upasthi- 
yamano ^hiyata eva | 

sarve kshayanta nicayah patanantas samucchrayah | 
samyoga viprayoganta maranantani ca jivitam iti || 
sa kaladhaYmena samyuktah [ kalagate Priyasene sarthavahe Brah- 
madattena Kagirajna Supriyo [A. 34. b] mahasarthavahatve 'bhi- 
shiktah | tena sarthavahabhuteneyam evamrupa mahapratijna kritS,, 
sarvasattva maya dhanena samtarpayitavyah | alpam ca deyam baha- 
va.q ca yacakas tato 'Ipair ahobhis tad dhanam parikshayam parya- 
danam gatam | atha Supriyo mabasarthavahab samlaksbayati, alpam 
ca deyam bahavag ca yacakas tato 'Ipair ahobhis tad dhanam pari- 
kshayam paryadanam gatam, yannv aham samudram yanapatraxp 
samudaniya mahasamudram avatareyam dhanaharikah | tatah Supri- 

1 vastu- D, cf. pp. 3, 26, 58. * sarvagatingitajSah ? 

^ agnikalpam MSS. * Ex conject. (cf. Maitreyavad. p. 58); akshuna- 

AC, -kshfina- D, B is corrupt. ^ Ltiyeta MSS. 





yo inahS.s§,rthavahah sS,inudrayji,napatrara samudS,niya pancamatrair 
banikchataih sardham inahS,samudram avatirnah | tato 'nupurvena 
ratnadvipam gatva ratnasamgraham kritva svastikshemabhyam 
mahasamudrM uttirya sthalajair vahitrair bhandam aropya VS,rana- 
syabhimukhah ' samprasthitah | atavikant&rainadhyagata9 caurasaha- 
srenasaditah | tatas te caura mushitukamah sarvajavena prasritah 
Supriyena ca sarthavahenavalokyabhihitah [ kim etad bhavantah 
samarabdham | caurah kathayanti | sarthavaha tvam ekah svasti- 
kshemS,bhyam gacchavagishtam s§,rthani mushishyamab | sartha- 
vahah kathayati | niamaisha bhavantah sarthah samnigrito nS,rhanti 
bhavanto mushitum | evam uktag caurah kathayanti | vayam *smah 
sarthavaha caura atavicara nasm^kam krishir na banijya na gaura- 
kshyam anena vayam jivikam kalpayamah | teshim Supriyah sirtha- 
vihah kathayati | sarthasya mulyam bhavanto ganyatam aham esham 
arthe mulyam dasyamiti | tatas te banijah parasparam mulyatn 
ganayitva caur^nam nivedayanti | iyanti gatani sahasrani ceti | tatah 
Supriyena sS,rthavSliena bhandanishkrayarthe svam dravyam anupra- 
dattam | caurasakagat sarthah paritratah | evam dvis trig catuh panca 
shad varan ^ tasyaiva caurasahasrasya sakagat Supriyena sarthavahena 
sarthah paritrato mulyam canupradattam yavat saptamam tu *varam 
Supriyah s§.rthavaho mahasamudram avatirnah | tatah samsiddha- 
yinapatro 'bhy&gato 'tavikantaramadhyagatah, tenaiva caurasaha- 
srenasaditah | tatas te caura mushitukamah sarvajavena prasritSit 
Supriyena ca sarthavahenavalokyabhihitSli, Supriyo 'ham bhavantah 
sarthav^hah ] caurah kathayanti | janasy eva mahasarthavaha vayam 
caura atavicara nasmakam krishir na banijyam na gaurakshyam 
anena vayam jivikam kalpayamah | tatah Supriyena sS,rthavShena 
purvikdm pratijiiam anusmritya dridhapratijnena tasya caurasaha- 
srasya bhandam anupradattam | Supriyo mahasarthavahah samla- 

1 SicMSS. 
* varam MSS. 

sma A, sya B, sma C, om. D. 

3 Sic MSS. 




kshayati | ime caura labdham labdham arthajatasamnicayam kur- 
vanti, maya ca mahati pratijna kritS. sarvasattva dhanena maya 
samtarpayitavya iti, so 'ham imam caurasahasram na gaknomi dha- 
nena samtarpayitum katham punah sarvasattvS,n' dhanena samtar- 
payishyamiti cintaparo middham avakrantah [ 

atha tasya mahatmana udarapunyamahegakhyasyodaracetasot- 
pannasya sarvasattvamanorathaparipurakasya lokahitartham ^abhy- 
udgatasyanyatara mahecakhya devata upasamkramya sama^vasayati | 
ma tvam sarthavaha khedam apadyasva 'riddhishyati te pranidhir 
iti I asti khalu mahasarthavahasminn eva Jambudvipe [A. 35. a] 
Badaradvipo nama mahapattano 'manushyavacarito mahegakhya- 
manushyadhishthitah | santi tasmin Badaradvipe pradhanani ratna- 
ni sarvasattvavicitramanorathaparipurakani | yadi mahasarthavaho 
Badaradvipayatram sadhayed evam imam mahatim pratijnam prati- 
nistareta | iyam hi mahapratijna Qakrabrahmadinam api dustara 
prag eva manushyabhutasya | ity uktva sa devata tatraivantarhita, 
na ca gakita Supriyena mahasarthavahena sa devata prashtum ka- 
tarasyam digi Badaradvipah katham va tatra gamyata iti | atha 
Supriyasya sarthavahasya suptapratibuddhasyaitad abhavat | aho- 
vata me sa devata punar api dargayed digam copayam ca vyapadiged 
Badaradvipamahapattanasya gamanayeti cintaparo middham avakran- 
tah I atha sa devata tasya mahatmana udarapunyamahegakhyasya 
dridhodarapratijnasyodaraviryaparakramatam anikshiptotsahatam vi- 
ditva upasamkramya evam aha | ma tvam sarthavaha khedam ipadya- 
sva I asti khalu mahasarthavaha pagcime digbhage pancantaradvipa- 
Qatani samatikramya sapta mahaparvata uccag ca pragrihitag ca sapta 
ca mahanadyah | tan viryabalena lahghayitva antaroddanam* Anulo- 
mapratilomadvayam Avartah Cankhanabhah Qankhanibhi ca Nilodas 
Tarakakshag ca parvaoau Nilagriva eva ca *Vairambha Tamratavi 

1 -sattvaMSS. 
* antarojnanam B. 

2 aty- ABC. 
^ Vairambhas? 

' riddh- ABC. 







Venugulmah' sapta parvatah sakantakah Kshiranadi Trigankur Aya- 
skilam^ Ashtadagavakro nadi ^lakshna eva ca Dhumanetram udakam^ 
Saptagtvishaparvata nadi bhavati pagcima | Anulomapratilomo nS,ma 
mahasamudro 'nulomapratilome* mahasamudre manushyanavacarite 
anulomapratiloma vayavo vanti | tatra yo 'sau purusho bhavati 
mahegakhyo' mahegakhyadevataparigrihitah sa mahata punyabalena 
viryabalena cittabalena mahintam plavam astha,ya Anulomapratiloma- 
mah&samudram avatarati | sa yan inS,sena gacchati tad ekena divase- 
na praty&hriyate | evam dvis trir hriyamanag ca pratyaliriyamS,na9 ca 
yadi madhyamam udakadharam pratipadyata evam asau maitribala- 
parigrihito lokahitartham 'abhyudgamyottarati nistarati abhinishkra- 
mati, Anulomapratilomam mahasamudram samatikramyanulomapra- 
tilomo nama parvatah [ Anulomapratilome mahaparvate 'manushya- 
vacarite ' 'nulomapratiloma nama vayavo vanti, yaih purushas timiri- 
kritanetro nashtasaminas samtishthate I sa virYabalenS,tmanam sam- 
dharya tasmS,d eva mahiparvatad amogham nS,maushadhim saman- 
vishya gribitvS, netre 'njayitva^ Qirasi baddhva samalabhySnuloma- 
pratilomam nama mah&parvatam abhinishkramitavyam [ saced etS,m 
vidhim anutishthate nasya sammoho bhavati ^svastikshemenatikra- 
maty Anulomapratilomam mahiparvatam | saced [A. 35. b] evam 
vidhim vS, n&nutishthaty aushadhim va na labhate labdhS,m va na 
grihn^ti^ sa shanmisan muhyaty unmS,dam api prapnoty ucchritya' 
vji kSilam karoti | Anulomapratilomam mahaparvatam samatikramya- 
varto nama mahS,samudras | tatra "VairambhakS, vayavo vanti yais 
tad udakam bhramyate | tatra yo 'sau purusho bhavaty udarapunya- 
vipikamahegakhyo devataparigrihitah sa mahatS, punyabalena virya- 
balena cittabalena kayabalena mahantam plavam asthayivartam 

^ -gulma MSS. ^ Ex conject. see infra; Tripankupeyaiam MSS. 

' udaka MSS. * Exconj.; anulomapratilomau n^ma mahfisamudrau 

anulomapratilome MSS. ^ mahegakhya AB. ^ ^ty- D. 

^ 'manushyavarite ABC, 'manushy^vacite D. « gjc MSS. 

3 ucchitva MSS. 





mahasamudram. avatarati | sa ekasmiim avarte saptakritvo lohrk- 
mayitya nirudhjate | yojanain gatva dvitiye avarte unmajjate | sa 
tasminn apy avarte saptakritvo bhramayitva nirudhyate | evam dvi- 
tiye tritiye caturthe pancame shashthe ivarte^ saptakritvo bhrama- 
yitva nirudhyate yojanam gatva uumajjate | evam asau maitribala- 
parigrihito lokahitartham ^abhyudgatah, uttarati nistaraty abhird- 
shkramati | Avartam mahasamudram abhinishkramyavarto nama 
parvato 'manushyavacaritah^ | tatra ^Qankho nama rakshasah pra- 
tivasati raudrah parapranaharo mahabalo mahakayah | tasyoparishtid 
yojanamatre Caiikhanabhi n§,maushadhi diva dhumayate ratrau pra- 
jvalati 1 sa nagaparigrihita tishthati j sa khalu nago divS, svapiti 
ratrau carati | tatra tena purushena div^ sukhasuptasya nagasyatma- 
nam samanurakshata naga^ariram avihethayata aushadhibalena man- 
trabalena punyabalena Caiikhanabhi aushadhi grahitavya | gi'ihitva 
netre 'fijayitva girasi baddhva samalabhyavartah parvato 'dhirodha- 
vyah I saced etam* vidhim anutishthati svastikshemenatikramaty 
Avartam parvatam avihethitah Qankhanabhena rakshasena [ saced 
et^m* vidhim nS.nutishthaty aushadhim va na labhate labdham va 
na grihnaty' tam enam CankhanS,bho rakshasah pancatvam ipada- 
yati I Avartam parvatam atikramya ^Nilodo nama mahasamudrah | 
gambhiro 'y^m gambhiravabhasah | ^Nilode mahasamudre ^Taraksho 
nama rakshasah prativasati raktanetrah pradiptagiroruho vikrita- 
caranadagananayanah parvatayatakukshih | sacet svapiti vivritany 
asya netrani bhavanti tadyathacirodito bhaskara 'audarikag casya9- 
vasapragvasa gurugurukah pravartante yatha meghasya garjato 'gan- 
yam ca sphurjatyam gabdah | yada jagarti nimilitiny asya bhavanti 
netrani | tatra tena purushena tasmad eva samudrakulan mahama- 

1 Exconject.; avartate MSS. ^ aty- MSS. ^ 'manu- 

shyScaritah AB, -^vacitah CD, but infra as in tezt. * Qu. Cankha- 

nabho as infra. ^ gjc MSS. « NUado MSS. here. ? Eaktako AC, 

Baktaksho BD here; but Taraksho infra. ^ audarikacasya- AD, 

audarikavfisy- EC. 

EL t 





karinamaushadhim samanvisliya grihya netre 'iijayitva girasi bad- 
dhva samalabhya mahantain plavam ^stliaya suptam Tarakshain 
dakarakshasam viditva [A. 36. a] purvabuddliabliasMtam Erandain 
nama mahavidyam uccarayati mantrapadam dakarakshasasamipena 
gantavyam | saced etam vidhim nanutishthaty aushadhim va na 
labhate labdham va na gribnati tarn enam Tardksho dakaraksbasa 
ojain va ghattayati cittam va ksbipati sarvena v^ sarvam jivitad vya- 
paropayati | Nilodam mahasamudram samatikramya Nilodo nama 
mahaparvatah | tatra Nilagrivo nama raksbasab prativasati panca- 
gataparivara ugratejoraudrab parapranabarab ] Nilodo mabaparvata 
ekanilo 'khando 'ccbidro ^'susbirah samvrita ekagbanab | apidanim 
animisbam pagyato netrani vyabadbayate murcbam ca samjanayati | 
tasyoparisbtad yojanaraatre 'mogba namausbadbi vicitrarupa | sa 
nagaparigribita tisbtbati | sa kbalu nago drisbtivisbo 'pi gvasavisbo 
'pi spar9avisbo 'pi damsbtravisbo 'pi | yada svapiti tad4 dbumayate | 
yah kbalu tena dbumena mrigo va paksbi va sprigyate sa pancatvam 
apadyate | tatra tena purusbena girabsnatenoposbitena maitrayatS. 
karun&yata 'vyapannena cittenatmanam samanuraksbatS, nagagariram 
avibetbayatansbadbi grabitavya | gribitvS, netre 'Sjayitvi girasi bad- 
dbv^ samalabbyanena vidbina janatanusbtbitena Nilodab parvato 
'bbirodbavyab, timiram na bbavisbyati murcbS, ca na bhavisbyati 
na casya gubyakS,b ^arire prabarisbyanti [ saced etam vidbim n^u- 
tisbtbaty ausbadhim vS, na labhate labdbim vi na gribnati tarn enam 
Kilagrivo raksbasab pancatvam ap^dayisbyati | Nilodam parvatam 
samatikramya "Vairambbo nama mabasamudrab | Vairambbe mabS,- 
samudre Vairambba nama vayavo vanti yais tad udakam ksbo- 
bbyate, yatragatir makarakaccbapavallaka^igumaradinam* pretapi94- 
cakumbbandakataputanadinim^ kab punar vado manusbyanam | tam 
utsrijyottarena Yairambhasya mabasamudrasya mahati TamrS,tavi 
anekayojanayamavistara* | tasyas Tamritavya madhye mabat sala- 

^ asu(?irali MSS. ' -Qucjum- MSS. ' -putanadlnam ABC. * -vistAraa MSS. 
C. 14 





I : 

I -^ 

■ i 

vanam mahac codapanam | tatra Tamraksho namajagarah prativasati 
raudrah parapranaharah paramadurgandhah pancayojanayamah | sa 
shanm^san svapiti yada svapiti tadasya yojanam samantakena lalasya 
spharitv^ tishthati yada jagarty alpasya lalk bhiavati | tasyopari- 
shtan mahan ' venugulmah | tasmin venugulme mahaty a9ma9ila | tarn 
viryabalenotpatya guha ] tasyam guhayam sammohani namaushadhi | 
[36. b] sa ratriipdivasam prajvalati | tain grihitva netre 'njayitva 
9irasi baddhva samalabhya suptam Tamraksham ajagaram viditvau- 
shadhibalena mantrabalena va 'jagarabhavanasamipena gantavyam | 
saced etain vidhim anutishthati svastikshemabhyam atikramyavihe- 
thitas Tamrakshenajagarena, tatah paccan mulaphalani bhakshayata 
gantavyam | mahatim Tamratavim atikramya sapta parvatab kanta- 
kavenupraticchannah | tatra tena purushena tamrapattaih. padau bad- 
dhva tan parvatan viryabalena langhayitva sapta Ksharanadyah | 
tasam tire mabacalmalivanam | tatab galmaliphalakaih plavam bad- 
dhvabhiruhyatikramitavya aspri9ata paniyam | sacet spri9et tad angam 
9iryate | sapta Ksharanadib samatikramya Tri9ankur nama parvatab | 
Tricankau parvate Tricankavo nama kantakas tikshnah sutikshnab | 
tatas tena purushena tamrapattair vetrapa9aih padau baddhvatikrami- 
tavyam, Tricankuparvatam atikramya Tri9ankur nama nadi | Tri9an- 
kavo nama kantakas tikshna ashtada9ang\ila udake 'ntargatas tish- 
thanti | tatra tena purushena calmaliphalakaih plavam baddhvatikra- 
mitaAyam aspricata paniyam | sacet patati tatraivanayena vyasanam 
apadyate | yatha Tri9ankuh parvata evam Tri9ankuka nama nadi, 
evam Ayaskilah parvato 'y^^kila nama nadi | Ayaskilanadim ati- 
kramyashtada9avakro nama parvata ucchrita9 ca sarvatah samvrito 
'dvaraka9 casya na kimcin nistaranam anyatra vrikshagrad vi-iksham 
adhiruhya ganta\yam | Ashtada9avakram parvatam atikramyashta- 
da9avakrika nama nadi grahamakarakula samvritta ca | tatra vetra- 
pa9ara baddhvatikramitavyam | sacet pataty anayena vyasanam apa- 

1 venugulina MSS. 








dyate | Ashtada9avakrikam nadim atikramya Qlakshno nama parva- 
tah I Clakshnah parvato mridur ucchrito 'dvarakag ca na casya kim- 
cin nistaranam | tatrayaskilanam kotyatikramitavyam | Clakshnam 
parvatam atikramya Clakshna nama nadi grahamakarakula samvrittS. 
ca sa nadi | tatra vetrapagan baddhvatikramitavyam | sacet pataty an- 
ayena vyasanam ipadyate | Qlakshnam nadim atikramya Dhumanetro 
nama parvato dhumayate samdhumayate | yena khalu tena dhumena 
miiga va pakshino va sprigyante pancatvam apadyante ] Dhumane- 
trah parvata ucchrito mahaprapato 'dvarakag ca | tatra tena puru- 
shena guhk paryeshitavya | guham samanvishya ten^tra guhadvaram 
aushadhibalena mantrabalena ca moktavyam | sa ca khalu guhagi- 
vishaparipurna tishthati | te khalv agivisha drishtivishS, api sparga- 
visha api | Dhumanetrasya parvatasyoparishtan mahad ^udakapalva- 
1am I tasmiim udakapalvale mahaty agmagila | tarn viryabalenotpitya 
guha I tasyam guhayam samjivani namaushadhi jyotirasag^ ca manir 
dipaprabhasah | tarn aushadhim grihitva sagirshapadam samalabhya 
tarn caushadhim grihitva guha praveshtavyS, aushadhibalena mantra- 
balena aushadhiprabhavatvac cagivishS-h kaye na kramishyanti [ evaip 
hi tasm^t parvatan [A. 37. a] nistaranam bhavishyati | Dhumanetra- 
parvatam atikramya Saptagivishaparvatah | aushadhibalena mantra- 
balena ca SaptagivishaparvatS, atikramitavyah | SaptagivishaparvatS-n 
atikramya Saptagivishanadyas tikshnagandhS, nima tatragivishah | 
tatra tena purushena mamsapegy anveshitavya | tasam Agivishanadi- 
nam tire galmalivanam | tatah galmaliphalakaih plavam baddhva 
mamsapegyatmanam aechadyadhirodhavyam | tatas ta agivisha mim- 
sagandhenaparat param gamishyanti | Saptagivisham atikramya ma- 
han Sudhavadatah parvata uccag ca pragidhitag ca, so 'dhirodhavyah | 
tatra drakshyasi mahantam sauvarnabhumim prithivipradegam push- 
paphalacchayavrikshopagobhitam, Rohitakan janapadan riddhamg ca 
kshemamg ca subhikshaing cakirnabahujanamanushyamg ca, ^Eohita- 

^ udakam palvalam MSS. ^ jyotir- MSS. ^ Eohitakantham MSS. 




I 11 

kam ca mahanagaram dvadagayojanayamam saptayojanavistritam 
saptaprakaraparikshiptam dvashashtidvaropagobhitam bhavanagatasa- 
hasravirajitam ^ suviviktarathyavithicatvaragringantakantarapanam.' 
vinavaUikiraahatisughoshakaih grotrabhiramaig ca gitadhvanibhir anu- 
parataprayogam nanapanyasamriddham nityapramuditajanaughasam- 
kulam trida9endropendrasadrigodyanasabliapushkarin.isainpaniiaiii ka- 
dambahamsakarandavacakravakopagobliitatadagain' Kohitakam ma- 
harajadhyushitam mahapurushabanignisevitam yatra Maghah* sartha- 
vahah prativasaty abhirupo darganiyah prasadikah. pandito vyakto 
medhavy adhyo mabadhano mahabbogo vistirnavigalaparigraho 
Yaigravanadbanasamudito Yaigravanadhanapratispardhi dvipantara- 
dvipagamanavidhijno mahasamtidrayanapatrayayi ] sa te Badaradvi- 
pamahapattanasya pravrittim akhyasyati nimittani ca dargayishyati | 
yathoktam ca vidhim anusbthasyasi* na ca khedam apatsyase | evam 
mabasirthavaha paramadushkarakaraka, imam Sumerumalayaman- 
darasadrigim diidbam pratijnam nistarisbyasi | iyam ca mabapratijna 
Cakrabrabmadinam api dusbkara prageva manusbyabbutanam | 

ity uktva sa devata tatraivantarbitd | atba Supriyab sarthavabah 
suptapratibuddbo devatavacanam grutva paramavismayam apannag 
cintayati | nunam anaya devatayanekair evamvidbaib paramadu- 
sbkaragatasabasrair Badaradvipayatra sadbitapurvi bbavisbyati | 
yadi tavat sadbita dusbkarakarika iyam devata | atba sadbyamanS, 
drisbtah^ paramadusbkarakarakas te manusbya yair anekair dusbka- 
ragatasabasrair Badaradvipayatra sadbita, atidusbkaram caitad asma- 
bbib karaniyam | atbava yadyapy abam lokabitartbe pratipadyeyam 
sapbalo me pratigramah syad yatbanekair dusbkaragatasabasrair 
Badaradvipamabapattanayatram sadbayisbyami param lokauugrabam 

^ Qu. -^ringataka- as infra, fol. 40 h. * -^pana in MSS. with no 

break in the compound- ^ Ex conject.; -Qobhitam tatrSgam MSS. 

4 Magho MSS. 
6 drishta MSS. 

Ex conject. ; anushthasyati MSS. 




karishyami [ te 'pi manushya yair anekair dushkaragatasahasrair 
Badaradvipayatra sidhitapurva, aham api manushyah | taih sadhitS, 
kasmad aham na sadhayishyamity [A. 37. b] anuvicintya Supriyo 
mahasarthavaho diidhapratijno dridhaviryaparakramo 'nikshiptotsaha 
udarapunyavipakamahegakhyo lokahitartham 'abhyudgato yathopa- 
dishtoddeQasmritiparigrihito dridhapratijnam samanusmiitya mahata 
viryabalenaikaki advitiyavyavasayo yathopadishtani pancantaradvi- 
pa9ataiii samatikr&mati ] sapta mahaparvatan sapta inahS.nadyo vista- 
rena sarvani saipkatini yatlioktena vidhina mulakandaphalaharo 
gunavati phalake baddhvS, paripurnair dvadagabhir varshai Rohi- 
takam mahanagaram. anuprS,ptali | udy§,ne sthitvanyatamam puru- 
sham amantrayate | kagcid bhoh purusha asmin B/ohitake maliana- 
gare Magho nama sarthav§,h.aL. prativasati ] sa evam SJia | asti bhoh. 
purusha kimtarhi niahavyS,dhina grastah sthanam etad vidyate yat 
tenaivabadhena kalam karishyatiti ] atha Supriyasya mahasartha- 
vahasyaitad abhavat ] ma haiva Magho mahasarthavaho 'drishta eva 
kalam kuryat ko me vyapadegam karishyati tasya BadaradvipamahS,- 
pattanasya gamanayeti viditvS, tvaritatvaritam yena Maghasya sar- 
thavahasya niveganam tenopasamkrantah | sa dvS,re nivaryate na 
labhate pravegam mahasarthavahadarganaya | dharmata khalu kugala 
Bodhisattvas^ teshu teshu gilpasthanakarmasthaneshu | tato vaidya- 
samjfiam ghoshayitvd pravishtah | adrakshit Supriyo mahasarthavaho 
'rishtadhyayeshu viditavrittanto Maghah s^rthavahah shadbhir ma- 
saih kalam karishyatiti viditva Supriyo mahasarthavaho 'dhitya 
vaidyamatani svayam eva mulagandapattrapushpaphalabhaishajyS,ny 
S.nulomikam vyapadigati sma^ vyadhivyupa9amS,rtham param cainam 
toshayati citraksharavyanjanapadabhidhanaih 5§,strabaddhabhih ka- 
thabhir nan&grutimanorathakhyayikabhih* samranjayati 'dakshyada- 
kshinyacaturyamadhuryopetam upasthanakarmani satputra iva pita- 

1 aty- ABC. 2 -tva MSS. 

* -adhyfiyikabhiliAD; -dpyayiMbhih B. 

3 sa MSS. 








r '- 

ram bhaktya gauravena gugrushate | tato Maghasya sarthavahasya 
kshemaniyataram^ cabhud yapaniyataram ca, saiujnanena pratilabdha | 
atha Maghah. mahasarthavahah pratilabdhasamjiiah Supriyam maha- 
sarthavaham idam avocat j kuto bhavan jiianavijnanasampanno 'bhi- 
rupo darcaniyah prasadikab pandito vyakto medhavi patupracarah sar- 
vagastrajiiah sarvagastravigaradah sarvakalabhijnah sarvabhutarutajna 
ingitajnab kim jatya* bhavan kimgotrah kena va karanena vamanu- 
shyavacaritam degam abbyagatah | evam iiktah Supriyab sarthavahah. 
kathayati | sadhu sadhu mahasartbavaha kale ^'smi mahasartbavabe- 
na jatikulagotragamanaprayojanam prishtab j atha Supriyo maha- 
sarthavabo Magbaya sartbavahaya jatikulagotragamanaprayojanain 
vistarenarocayati sma param cainam vijnapayati [ ^sartbavahanu- 
bhavad abam Badaradvipamahapattanam pagyeyam evam aham *syat 
paripumamanoratho [A. 38. a] vistirnadridbapratijnab sarvasattva- 
manoratbaparipurakah | atha Magho mahasarthavahah Supriyasya 
raabasartbavabasyagrutapurvam® parabitartbam abbyudyatam dridba- 
pratijnam grutva paramavismayajato 'mmishadrishtib suciram niri- 
kshya Supriyam mabasarthavaham idam avocat ] tarunag ca bhavan 
dharmakamag cagcaryam amanushaparakramam te pagyami yo nama 
bhavan Jambudvipad amanushyavacaritam parvatasamudranadyotta- 
ranam kritvehagato yatramanushyah pralayam gaccbanti prag eva 
manusbyab | devam tad bhavantam pagyami devanyatamam va 
manusbyavecadharinam j na te kimcid dustaram asadbyam va | api 
tv aham mahavyadhina grasto mumurshur bhavamg cayato 'pi tu ko 
bhavato 'rthe parahitarthe 'bbyudyatasyatmaparityagam api na kur- 
yat ] tena hi vatsa kshipram mangalapotam samudaniaya '^samvaram 
caropaya yad avayor yatrayanam bhavisbyatity | evam sartbavaheti 
Supriyo mahasarthavaho Magbaya mahasarthavahaya pratigrutya 

t i" 

S ; 

^ kshemaQiyataram CD. 
* sS,rthavS,ho 'nubhav^t AB. 
'' ^ambalam? 

2 Sic MSS. 
6 Sic MSS. 

3 'smin MSS. 
8 -apurvam MSS. 




mangalapotam samudaniya samvaram caropya yena Magho maha- 
sarthavahas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Magham sartha- 
vaham idam avocat | deva samudanito mangalapotah samvaram ca- 
ropitam yasyedanim mahasarthavahah kalam manyate | atha Magho 
mahasarthavaho Badaradvipamahapattanagamanakritabuddhih sva- 
janabandhuvargaputradaramitramatyajiiatisalohitaih^ sabhrityavar- 
gena ca Rohitakarajiia ca nivaryamano ' 'pi ^gunavati phalake bad- 
dhvagu Supriyasarthavahasaliayo mangalapotam abhirubya maha- 
samudram avatirnab | atba Magho mahasarthavahah Supriyasya 
mahasarthavahasya kathayati | aham vadhaglano na gakyami sthito 
gantum tad arbasi 9ayyain. kalpayitum yatraham apagrito gamishyi- 
miti, api tv asmin m.ahasamudre yavad, evamvidhani nimittani bha- 
vanty udakasya varnasamsthanani ca mama nivedayitavyani | yatha- 
nekani yojanagatani gatva adrakshit Supriyo mahasarthavaha ekapan- 
darain paniyam drishtva punar Maghaya sarthavS,hayarocayati, yat 
khalu mahasarthavaha janiya ekapandaram paniyam pa9yami [ evam 
ukte Maghali sarthavahah kathayati | naitan mahasarthavaha eka- 
pandaram paniyam api tu pa9yasi tvam daksbinakena mahat sudha- 
parvatam yad idam tasyaitad anubhavena paniyam ranjitam yatrai- 
kavini9atidhatugotrani yam paktva suvarnarupyavaiduryany abhini- 
vartante, yad eke Jambudvipaka manushya ratnany adaya pratini- 
vartante ] idam Badaradvipamahapattanasya prathamanimittam | 
punar api [A. 38. b] gacchan pa9yati Supriyo mahasarthavahah 
9astravarnam paniyam drishtvfi, ca punar Maghaya sarthavahayaro- 
cayati, yat khalu mahasarthavaha janiyah 9astravarnaTn paniyam 
dri9yate | Maghah sarthavahah kathayati | naitac chastravarnam pa- 
niyam pa9yasi ^tvam daksbinakena mahac chastraparvatam | tasyai- 
tad anubhavena paniyam raiijitam | atrapy anekani dhatugotrani 
yam paktva suvarnarupyavaiduryasphatikany abhinivartante, yad 

-: :-t. 

1 Sic MSS. 2 gunavati phale MSS. 

3 tam MSS. here, but infra they have tvam. 

■--■^■3' ^i-Ji|^*«R.i. 






eke Jambudvipaka manushya ratnany adaya pratinivartante | idam 
Badaradvipamahapattanasya dvitiyam nimittam | evam lohaparvatas 
tamraparvata rupyaparvatah suvarnaparvatah sphatikaparvata vai- 
duryaparvatah* | adrakshit Supriyo mahasarthavaho nilapitalohitava- 
datam paniyam antarjale ca diparcishah pagyati dipyamana drishtva 
ca punar Maghaya sarthavahayarocayati, yat khalu mahasarthavaha 
janlya nilapitalohitavadataip. paniyam drigyate 'ntarjale ca diparcisho 
dipyamanah | evam ukte Magho mahasarthavaliah kathayati | naitaii 
mahasartliavaha nilapitalohitavadatam paniyam napy ete dipa iva 
dipyante [ pa^yasi tvam daksiiinakena caturatnamayam parvatam 
tasyaitad anubhavena paniyam raiijitam, ye 'py ete dipa iva dipyanta 
ete 'ntargata aushadayo dipyante | atrapy anekani dhatugotrani yain. 
paktva suvarnarupyavaiduryaspbatikany abbinivartante, yatraike 
Jambudvipaka manushya ratnany adaya pratinivartante | idam 
Badaradvipamahapattanasya dacamam nimittam | api tu, mabasar- 
tbavaba, iyatany^ evabam Badaradvipamahapattanasya daga nimit- 
tani jane gamanam prati, atab parena na jane j evam ukte Supriyo 
mabasartbavabah kathayati | kada Badaradvipamahapattanasya ga- 
manayanto bhavisbyati j evam ukte Magbab sartbavahah kathayati | 
mayapi Supriya Badaradvipamahapattanani kartsnena na drishtam, 
api tu maya grutam paurananam mahasarthavahanam antikaj jirna- 
nam vriddhanam maballakanam, ito jalam apabaya pagcimam digain. 
stbalena gamyate | tena caivam abhihitam maranantikag casya veda- 
nah pradurbbutah J tatah Supriyaya mabasarthavahaya kathayati | 
maranantika me vedanab pradurbhutS,h, etat tvam mangalapotam 
tiram ^upaniya vetrapagam baddhva maccharire garirapujam kuru- 
shva I tatah Supriyo mahasarthavabas tarn mangalapotam tiram upa- 
niya vetrapagam badbnati [ atrantare Magho mabasartbavabah kala- 
gatab I atha Supriyo mabasarthavaho Magbam sarthavabam [39. a] 
kalagatam viditva stbale utthapya gar ire garirapujam kritva cinta- 

1 The MSS. vary between d and d. 

2 Sic MSS. 

3 upaniya tu MSS. 

ii I 




yati, mangalapotam ^ruhya yasyamiti j sa ca poto vayiin4 vetra- 
pagaTii cliittvS,pahritah | tatah Supriyo mahasartliavahag caturatna- 
mayasya parvatasya dakshinena pargvenatavyam sthalena sampra- 
sthito mulaphalani bhakshayamanah | anekani yojanani gatvadr^- 
kshic chlakshnam parvatam anupurvapravanam anupurvaprigbharam | 
na gakyate 'bhirodhum | tatah Supriyo mahasarthavaho madhuna pa- 
dau pralipyabhirudha^ cavatirnag canekani yojanani gatva mulaphaia- 
haro' gatah | sa tatra pagyati mahantain parvatam uccam ca pragri- 
hitain. ca | nibsaranain paryeshamano na labhate, na casya kagcin 
nihsaranavyapadeshta [ tatag cintaparah gayitah [ tatra ca parvate 
Nilado nama yakshah prativasati [ sa samlakshayati ] ayam Bodhi- 
sattvo lokahitartham udyatah. parikligyate, yannv aham asya sahay- 
yam kalpayeyam | idam anucintya Supriyam mahasarthavaham idam 
avocat I ito mahasarthavaha purvena yojanam gatva trini parvata- 
gringany anupurvanimnany anupurvapravanany anupurvapragbharani [ 
tatra tvaya vetragitam baddhva 'tikramitavyam | atha Supriyo maha- 
sarthavahab suptaprabuddbo vetragitam baddhva tani parvatagrin- 
gany atikrantah | bhuyah samprasthito 'drakshit Supriyo maha- 
sarthavaha^ ^sphatikaparvatam glakshnam niraiambam agamyam 
manushyamatrasya na casyopayam pagyati tarn, parvatam abhiroha- 
nayeti viditva cintaparo 'horatram avasthitah | tasmimg ca parvate 
Candraprabho nama yakshah prativasati | sa cintaparam sartha- 
vaham viditva lokahitartham abhyudyatam mahayanasamprasthitam 
prasannacittam copetyagvasayati, na khalu mahasarthavahena visha- 
dah karaniya iti | purvena ^krogamatram gatva mahac candanavanam 
tasmimg candanavane mahaty agmagiia, tarn viryabalenotpatya guham 
drakshyasi | tasyam guhayam Prabhasvara* namaushadhi panca- 
gunopeta I taya grihitaya nasya kaye gastram kramishyaty amanu- 
shyag cavataram na lapsyante balam ca viryam ca samjanayaty 

^ -ahardgatah ABC. 
3 konamatram A. 


2 sphatikam parvatam MSS. here. 
* -svaro MSS. here. 









alokam ca karoti | tenalokena drakshyasi caturatnamayam sopanam | 
tena sop&nena sphatikaparvatam atikramitavyam | sphatikaparvatam 
atikrantasya te Prabhasvara aushadhy antardhasyati | tatra te na 90- 
citavyam na kranditavyam na paridevitavyam | atha Candraprabho 
yakshah. Supriyam mahasarthavaham samanugasya tatraivantarhi- 
tah I atha Supriyo mahS,sartliavaha9 Candraprabhena mahayakshena 
samagvasyadeQitamargo yathoktena vidhina sphatikaparvatam 'ati- 
krantah | atikrantasya casya Prabhasvara aushadhy [A. 39. b] an- 
tarhita | bhuyah samprasthito 'drakshit Supriyo mahasarthavahah 
sauvarnam mahanagaram aramasampannam ^pushkarinisampannam | 
tatah Supriyo mahasarthavaho nagaradvaram gatah | yavad ^baddham 
nagaram pagyati drishtva ca punar udyanam gatva cintayati | yady 
apy aham nagaram adraksham tad api gunyam, kada Badaradvipasya 
mahapattanasyagamanayadhva* bhavishyatiti viditva gayitah | atha 
sa purvadevata Supriyam mahasarthavaham durmanasam viditva 
ratryah pratyushasamaya upasamkramya samagvasyotkarshayati | 
sadhu sadhu mahasarthavaha nistirnani te mahasamudraparvatanadi- 
kantS,r4m manushyamanushyagamyani samprapto 'si Badaradvipa- 
mahapattanam manushyamanushyanavacaritam^ mahegakhyapurusha- 
dhyushitam | kimtarhi na sampratam aprasadah karaniyah | indriyani 
ca gopayitavyS,ni cakshuradini kayagatS, smritir bhavayitavy^ qvo- 
bhute nagaradvaram trikotayitavyam | tatag catasrah KinnarakanyS, 
nirgamishyanty abhirupa darganiyah prasadikag caturyamadhurya- 
sampannah sarvangapratyangopetah paramarupabhijatah sarvalamka- 
ravibhushita hasitaramitaparicaritanrittagltavaditrakalasv abhijiiah. | 
tas tvam atyartham upaladayanti evam ca vakshyanti | etu mah^ar- 
thavahah svagatam mahasarthavah4sm§,kam asvamininam svami bha- 
va apatikanam patir alayananam layano 'dvipanam dvipo 'trananam 
trano 'garananam garanam aparayananam parayana imani ca te 'nna- 

1 Om. MSS. 2 pushkirinl- MSS. 

4 Sic Apr. m.; but BCD agamanajartho. 

3 bandham MSS. 
® -manushyacaritam MSS. 





grihani panagribani vastragrihani gayanagrihany aramaramaniyani pra- 
bhutani ca^ Jambudvipakani ratnani tadyatha manayo mukta vaidur- 
yaQankhagilapravadarajatajatarupam agmagarbhamusaragalvo lohitika 
dakshinavarta etani ca te ratnani tvam casmabhih sardham kridasva 
ramasva paricarayasva | tatra te tasu matrisamjfia upasthapayitavya 
^bhaginisamjiia duhitrisamjfia upasthapayitavya dagakugalah karma- 
patha vigarhayitavya daga kugalah karmapathab samvarnayitavyah 
subahv api te pralobhyamanena ragasamjna notpadayitavya | saced 
utpadayishyasi tatraivanayena vyasanam apatsyase | supasthita- 
smrites tava saphalah [A. 40. a] gramo bbavishyati | yadyapi te 
subhashitasyarghamaniin prayaccheyus tatas tvaya nipunam prash- 
tavyah | asya ratnasya bhaginyali ko 'nubhava iti | evaip. dvitiyain. 
Kinnaranagaram anupraptasyashtau Kinnarakanya nirgamishyanti 
tasam piirvikanam antikad abhirupatarag ca darganiyatarag ca hasita- 
ramitaparicaritanrittagitavaditrakalasv abhijnataraQ ca | ta apy evam 
vakshyanti | ebi purvavat | tatrapi te eshaivanupurvi karaniya | 
tritiyam Kinnaranagaram anupraptasya te shodaga Kinnarakanya 
nirgamishyanti tasam purvikanam antikad abhirupatarag ca | tatrapi 
te eshanupurvi karaniya ] yavac caturthakinnaranagarapraptasya te 
dvatrimgat Kinnarakanya nirgamishyanti tasam purvikanam antikad 
abhirupatarag ca darganiyatarag ca prasadikatarag capsarasah prati- 
spardhinyah gatasahasragobhita bhavishyanti | tatrapi te eshaivanu- 
purvi karaniya [ 

ity viktva sa devata tatraivantarhita | atha Supriyo mahasartha- 
vahah pramuditamanah sukhapratibuddhah kalyam evotthaya sau- 
varnam Kinnaranagaram anupraptah | dvaramulam upasamkramya 
trikotayati^ | tatah Supriyena mahasarthavahena trikotite^ dvare ca- 
tasrah Kinnarakanya nirgata abhirupa darganiyah prasadikag catur- 
yamadhuryasampannah sarvangapratyangopetah paramarupabhijata 

1 Jambu- MSS, 

2 bhagini- MSS. 

3 Sic MSS.; trirfikot-? 





hasitaramitaparicaritanrittagitavMitrakalasv abhijnah | ta evam 
^huh I etu maliasarthavahaii svagatam maliasarthavS,hasinakam asva- 
mininain svami bhavapatinam patir alayananam layano 'dvipanam 
dvipo 'Qarananain. garano 'trananam trano 'parayanS.nam parayana 
imani ca te 'nnagrihani panagriliani vastragrihani ^ayanagrihany 
S-ramaramaniyani vanaramaniyani pushkariniramaniyani* ca Jambu- 
dvipakani ratnani tadyathS, manayo mukta vaiduryagankhagilapra- 
vadarajatajatarupam agmagarbho musaragalvo lobitika daksbinavartS, 
etani ca, tvam casmabhih sardham kridasva ramasva paricarayasva | 
atha Supriyam mahasarthavahain, supastbitasmritim tab Eannaraka- 
nyab sarvangair anuparigribya sauvarnam Kannaranagaram pravegya 
prasadam abbiropya prajnapta evasane nisbadayanti | nisbannab 
Supriyo mabasartbavabo da^akucalan kannapatban vigarbati daqa. 
kugalan kannapatban samTarnayati subabv api pralobbyamano na 
9akyate skbalayitum tusbtac ca tab Kinnarakanyah katbayanti | 
agcaryam yatredanim daharag ca bbavan dbarmakamag ca na ca ka- 
mesbu sajjase ^vk badbyase va | prabbutaig ca ratnai9 ca pravarayanti 
dbannadegan^varjitag caikam saubbasinikam ratnam anuprayaccbanti | 
tatah Supriyo mabasarthavabas tasya ratnasya prabbavanvesbi ka- 
tbayati, asya ratnasya bbaginyah ko 'nubbava iti | tab katbayanti | 
yat kbalu sartbavaba janiyas tad eva posbadbe pancadagyam ^irab- 
snata uposbadbosbita idam maniratnam dbvajagre S,ropya yojana- 
sabasram samantakena yo yenartbi bbavati biranyena v§, suvarnena 
vannena va vastrena vk panena valamkaravigesbena \k dvipadena v§, 
catushpadena va yanena vk vabanena vS, dhanena va dbanyena va sa 
cittam utpadayatu vacam ca niccarayatu sabacittotpadad v3,gni9cara- 
nena [A. 40. b] yathepsitag copakaranavigesha akagad avatarishyanti | 
ayam asya ratnasyanubbavah [ atba Supriyo mabasirtbavabas tab 
Kinnarakanya^ dharmyaya kathaya samdarcya samadapya samuttejya. 

^ The MSS. here (as often elsewhere) have pushkirinl. ^ vyahadhyase 

va MSS., but cf. p. 118. ^ tdrti Kinnarakanydm B. 





sampraharsliya matribhaginiduliitrivat* pratisammodya sanvarnat 
Kinnaranagarit pratinishkrantah | adrakshit Supriyo mahasartha- 
vaho rupyamayam Kinnaranagaram aramasampannam vanasampaa- 
nam pushkarinisampannam | tatrapi Supriyena sarthavahena trikotite 
dvare 'shtau Kiimarakanya nirgatah | ta apy evam ahuh | etu maha- 
sarthavahah svagatam mahasarthavahayasmakam asvamikanam svami 
bhava purvavad yavat tabhir api dharmadeganavarjitabhis tadvigi- 
shtataram dvisahasrayojanavarshakam maniratnam anupradattam | 
tatrapi Supriyo mahasarthavabah tab Kinnarakanya dbarmyaya 
kathaya saipdargya samadapya samuttejya samprabarsbya matribba- 
ginidubitrivat ^ pratisammodya rupyamayat Kinnaranagarat pratini- 
sbkranto yavat tritiyam vaiduryamayam Kinnaranagaram amipra- 
ptab I tatrapi Supriyena sartbavabena trikotite dvare sbodagakinna- 
rakanya nirgatas tasam purvikanam antikad abbirupatarag ca prasl- 
dikatarag ca | ta api dbarmadeganavarjitas ta eva vigishtataram saubba- 
sinikam trisabasrayojanikam ratnam anuprayaccbanti [ tatah Supriyo 
mabasartbavabas tasya ratnasya prabbavanvesbi katbayati | asya 
ratnasya bbaginyab ko 'nubbava iti | Kinnarakanyab katbayanti 
purvavat | Supriyo mabasartbavabas tab Kinnarakanya dbarmyaya 
katbaya samdargya samadapya samuttejya samprabarsbya matribba- 
ginidiibitrivat' pratisammodya tritiyat Kinnaranagarat pratinisbkran- 
tah I adraksbit Supriyo mabasarthavahag caturtbam caturatnamayam 
Kinnaranagaram aramodyanaprasadadevakulapusbkarinitadagasuvi- 
karatoran6pa9obbitam | dvaram^ trir akotayati | tatah Supriyena 
sartbavabena trir akotite dvare dvatrimgat Kinnarakanya nirgatas 
tasam purvikanam^ antikad abhirupatarag ca darganiyatarag ci- 
psarasab pratispardbinyab gatasabasragobbitah | ta apy evam abub | 

-bhagini- MSS. 

2 -upaijobliitadvaram MSS. 

' Sic MSS. 




etu mahasarthavihah svagatam mahasarthavahiyasmakam aavimi- 
kan§,m svami bhavapatinam patir alayananam layano 'dvipan&m 
dvipo 'garanS^nam Qarano 'trananS^m trano 'parayananam par&yana 
imani [A. 41. a] ca te 'nnagrihani panagrihani vastragrihani gayana- 
grihany dramaramaniyS,iii vanaramaniy§,ni ' pushkaraniramaniyani 
prabhut§,ni ca JambudvipakS,iii ratnani tadyatha manayo mukta vai- 
durya9ankha9ilapravad.arajatam jatarupam a^magarbho musaragalvo 
lohitika dakshinavarta* etani ca te vayam ca | asmabhih. sardham 
kridasva ramasva paricS,rayasva | tatrapi Supriyo mahasarthavihah. 
supasthitasmritis tab Kinnarakanya vividhair dharmapadavyanjanaih 
paritosbayamasa tushtag ca tab Kiiinarakanyab. Supriyam mahasartha- 
vahaip. sarvangair anuparigribya caturatnamayam Kinnaranagaram 
anupravegya prasadam abbiropya prajnapta evasane nisbddayanti | 
nishannah Supriyo inab§,sartbavaho dagakugalan karmapatban vigar- 
hati daga kugalan karmapatban samvarnayati subabv api pralobbya- 
mino na Qakyate skbalayitum tusbtS.5 ca tab Kinnarakanyah katba- 
yanti | ^gcaryam yatredanim daharsig ca bbavan dbarmakamag ca na 
ca kamesbu sajjase va badbyase va | prabhutaig ca ratnaih pravara- 
yanti | ta api dhannadeganavarjitab saubbasinikam Jambudvipa- 
pradbanam anargbeyamulyam anantagunaprabhavam Badaradvipa- 
mabapattane sarvasvabbutam ratnam anuprayaccbanty evam ca ka- 
tbayanti [ idam asmakam mabasartbavaba maniratnam Badarena 
bbratra Kinnararajnanupradattam asmin Badaradvipamabapattane 
cibnabbutam alaksbyabbutam mandanabbutam ca [ tatab Supriyo 
mabasartbavabab katbayati, asya ratnasya ko 'nubbava iti | tab 
katbayanti | yat khalu mabasartbavaba janiya idain. maniratnam tad 
eva posbadbosbito dbvajagre baddbviropya kritsne ^Jambudvipe 
ghantavagosbanam karaniyam | grinvantu bhavanto Jambudvipani- 
vasinab strimanusbya yusbmakam yo yenartby upakaranavigesbena 

pushkirini- MSS. 

* dakshinavarta AB. 

3 jambudvipe MSS. 




hiranyena vd suvamena vt ratnena vannena va panena vi vastrena vS, 
bhojanena valamkaravigeshena va dvipadena v§, catushpadena yk vaha- 
nena va yanena va dhanena vS. dhanyena va sa cittam utpa;dayatu va- 
canam ca ni9carayatu sahacittotpadad vagnigcaranena ca yathepsitS-g 
copakaranavigesha asya ratnasyanubhavlid akkqkd avatarishyanti | 
ayam tu prativigesho y^ni casya lokasya bhavanti mahabliayS,ni tad- 
yatha rSjato va caurato vagnito vodakato va manushyato va 'manu- 
shyato vd sirahato vS, vyaghrato va dvipitarakshuto vk yaksharak- 
shasapretapigacakumbhandaputanakataputanato va itayopadravo^ vo- 
pasargo vanavrishtir va durbhiksliab]iayS,ni va asminn ucchrite ratna- 
vigeshe ima itayopadrava* na bhavishyantity uktva tab Kinnarakan- 
yah Supriyam mabasarthavahani samradhayamasuh. | sidhu sadhu 
mahasarthavaha nistirnaiii mabasamudraparvatanadikantarani pu- 
rita te dridbasupratijna saphalikrita te graddba te gopitanindriyS,ni 
sadbita Badaradvipamahapattanayatra adbigatam te sarvajanamano- 
ratbasampadakam Jambudvipapradbanam ratnavigesbam | api tu yena 
tvam pathenagato 'manusbyas^ tavat pralayam gaccheyub prag eva 
[A. 41. b] manusbyab [ anyad eva vayam sanmargam vyapadeksbya- 
mab ksbipram Yaranasigamanaya | tac cbrinu manasi kuru bbasbi- 
sbyamab | itab pagcime digbbage sapta parvat&n atikramya maba- 
parvata uccah | tasmin parvate Lobitaksbo nama raksbasab prati- 
vasati raudrab parapranabarab | sa ca parvato 'manusbyavacaritah 
krisbnam andbakaram savispbulirigain. vayum moksbyati | tatra te 
etad eva ratnaiu dbvajagre 'varopayitva gantavyam ratnaprabbavac 
ca te itayo vilayam gamisbyanti | mabaparvatam atikramyapara- 
parvatah | tasmin parvate 'gnimukbo nagab prativasati | sa tava 
gandbam aghraya sapta ratrimdivasany aganim patayisbyati | tatra 
ratnagubam samanvisbya pravesbtavyam saptaratrasya catyayad 
dusbtanagab svapisbyati | gayite dusbtanige parvatam adbirodba- 



1 Sic ABD, itayo upadravo C. 
amanushyfis MSS. 

2 -dravo MSS. 





vyam | tatra drakshyasi samam bhumiprade^am akrishtoptam ca 
tandulaphalagalim akanakam atushara gucim aishputigandhikain 
caturangulaparyavanaddham | yas tarn ashtamyam paficadagyam vfi, 
Balah.0 'Qvarajah paribhujya sukhy arogo balavan prinitendriyah p<ir- 
vakayam atyunnamayyodanam udanayati, kah paragami kah paragami 
kam param nayami svastikshemabkyaiu Jambudvipam anuprapayami, 
sa tvayopasamkramya idam syad vacaniyam, aham paragami mam 
param naya mam svastikshemabhyam Varanasim anuprapaya | atha 
sa Supriyo mahasarthavahas tah Kimiarakanya dharmyaya kathayS, 
samdargya samadapya samuttejya sampraharshya matriduhitrivat pra- 
tisainmodya yatboddisbtena margena yatboktena vidbinanupurvena 
tarn bbumiprade^am anupraptali | sa ca Balabo 'gvarajag carann 
evam aba, kab paragami kah paragami kam param nayami svasti- 
ksbemabbyam Jambudvipam anuprapayamiti | tatah Supriyo maba- 
sartbavabo yena Balabo 'gvarajas tenopasamkrantab | upasarpkram- 
yaikainsam^ uttarasangam kritva daksbinam janumandalam pritbi- 
vyam pratisbtbapya yena Balabo 'gvarajas tenaiijalim pranamya 
Balabam agvarajam. idam avocat, abam paragami abam paragami 
naya mam svastiksbemabbyam Yaranasim anuprapaya | evam ukte 
Balabo 'gvarajah Supriyam mabasartbavaham idam avocat | na to 
mabasartbavaba mama prisbthadbirudbena digo n^valokayitavyS, 
nimilitaksbena te stheyam ity uktva Balabo 'Qvarajab pyisbtbam 
upanamayati [ atba Supriyo mabasartbavabo Balabasyagvarajasya 
prisbtbam adbiruhya yatbanugisbto 'Ipaig ca ksbanalavamuburtair 
Varanasim anupraptab | sva udyane 'vataritab | avatirya Supriyo 
mabasartbavabo Balabagvarajaprisbtbad Balabagvarajam triprada- 
ksbinikritya padabbivandanam karoti | tato Balabo 'gvarajab Su- 
priyam mabasartbavaham samradbayamasa | sadhu sadbu mabasS,r- 
thavaba nistirnani ce mahasamudraparvatanadikantarani puritd te 

-ekam9am MSS. 




dridhapratijnS, saphalikritas te 'dhvS, gopitantndriyani sadhiti te 
BadaradvipamahS,pattanayS,tri 'dhigatas te sarvajanamanorathasam- 
padako Jambudvipasya pradhano ratnavigeshah, [A. 42. a] evam hi 
parahitartham abhyudyatSli kurvanti sattvavigesha ity uktva 'Bilaho 
'9var&jah. prakrantah | athaciraprakrante Balahe 'gvar&jani Supriyo 
mah&s^rthavahah. svagriham pravishtah | agraushur Yar^nasinivasi- 
nah. paurS, Brahmadattag ca Ka^irajah Supriyo mahasarthavSliah. 
purnena varshagatena samsiddliay&trah. pumamanorathah svagriham 
anuprapta iti grutva ca punar Brahmadattah K&girdja S,nanditah | 
pauravargah Supriyam sarthavaham samradhayamasa | agraushit tat 
purvakara caurasahasram anyag ca jano dhanarthi Supriyo mahS,- 
s§,rthavSliah samsiddhayatrah paripurnamanoratha agata iti grutva 
ca punar upasamkramya Supriyam naah§s§.rthavS,ham idam avocat, 
parikshiQadhanS,h sma iti | evam ukte mah&sarthavahas tan sarvan 
maitrena cakshusha vyavalokya vijnapayati | gacchantu bhavantah 
svakasvakeshu vijiteshu yo yenarthy upakaranavigeshena bhavati sa 
tasy&rthe cittam utpadayatu vS,eain ca nigeHrayatu | gnitva ca punah 
prakrantah | atha Supriyo mahasarthavahas tad eva poshadhe panca- 
dagy&in. girahsnata uposhadhoshito yat tat prathamalabdham mani- 
ratnam dhvajigre iropya vacam ca ni9cl,rayati yojanasahasras§,man- 
takena yathepsitani sattvanam upakaranany utpadyante sahS,bhi- 
dhanac ea yo yenarthi tasya tadvarsham bhavati | tatah paripurna- 
manorathas te sattvah | tac caurasahasram Supriyena mahasartha- 
vlihena dagasu kugaleshu karmapatheshu pratishthapitah^ | atran- 
tarat kalagate Brahmadatte Kagirajani pauramatyaih Supriyo mahi- 
sftrthavaho r&jabhishekenS,bhishiktah. j sahabhishiktena Supriyena 
maharajna dvitiyam maniratnam dhvajagre S,ropya purvavidhina 
dviyojanasahasrasamantakena yathepsitani sattvanam upakaranany 
utpadyantSra iti, sahabhidhanac ca yo yenarthi tasya tad varshati | 

Query -shthapitam? 








tritiyena maniratnena yathoktena vidhina dhvajagrocchritena' ya- 
thepsitopakaranavigeshavarshanani^ saippannany evam triyojana- 
sahasrasamantakenopakaranaLh strimanushyah. samtarpitah | tato 
'nupurvena Jainbudvipai9varyabhu.tena Supriyena maharajiia tad eva 
poshadlie pancadagyam Qirahsnatenoposhadhoshitena kritsne Jambu- 
dvipe ghantavaghoshanam kritvS, upakaranotpannabhilashinam stri- 
manushyanam Jambudvipanivisinain yan maniratnam Badaradvipa- 
mahapattanasarvasvabhutam yathepsitam sarvopakaranavarsbinaip. 
dbvajagre aropayamasa^ | ^samanantaram dhvajagravaropite tasmin 
Jambudvipapradhanamaniratne kritsno Jambudvipanivasi mahajana- 
kayo yathepsitair upakaranavigeshaih sanitarpita upakaranasamtarpi- 
tag ca Jambudvipanivasi janakayah Supriyena rajna dacasu kugaleshu 
karmapatbeshu pratishthapitab | tato jyeshtham kumarain rajyaigvar- 
yadbipatye pratishthapya rajarshibrahmacaryam caritva caturo brah- 
man viharan bbavayitva kameshu kamacchandam prahaya tadbahula- 
vihari brahmalokasabhagatayam copapanno mababrahma samvrittab I 
Bhagavan aha j kim manyadbve bhikshavah | yo 'sau Supriyo 
nama mahasartbavaho 'ham eva tena kalena tena samayena Bodhi- 
sattvacaryayam vartitavan | yat tac caurasahasram etad eva bhikshu- 
sahasram | ya sa purvadevata Kacyapah samyaksambuddho Bodhi- 
sattvabhutah sa tena kalena tena samayena | yag casau Magho maha- 
sarthavaha esha eva Cariputro bhikshuh sa tena kalena tena sama- 
yena I yag casau Nil ado nama mahayaksha esha evanando bhikshus 
tena kalena tena samayena | yac casau Candraprabho yaksha esha 
evS,niruddho bhikshuh sa tena kalena tena samayena [ yag casau 
Lohitaksho n§,ma mahayakshah sa esha eva Devadattas tena kalena 
tena samayena | yag casav Agnimukho nama naga esha eva MS,rah 
papiy&n sa tena kalena tena samayena | yag casau Balaho 'gvarSjo 
Maitreyo Bodhisattvas tena kalena tena samayena | tada tavan mayi 

1 ucchrite MSS. 
* samanantara- MSS. 

2 -varshina MSS. 

3 Sic MSS. 




bhikshavo dridhapratijiiena [A. 42. b] pratijnS,purariS,rtHam sapta- 
varamg caurasahasrat sarthaH paritrato 'paritushtS,m9 ca caurin vidi- 
tvk dridhapratijn^ krita, kritva cinekair dushkara9atasahasrair 
Badaradvipamahapattanasya yatrani sadhayitv^ caurasabasrapramu- 
kham kritsnam Jambudvipam dhanena samtarpayitva daqasu ku9a- 
leshu karmapatheshu pratisbthapitah | idanim api mayanekair dusb- 
karagatasabasrair anuttaram jnanam adbigamya maitrayatS, karunayS, 
saptakritvag caurasahasrasakagat sartbah paritrato 'paritusbtam ca 
caurasabasram viditva yavadaptam dhanena saintarpayitv§,tyanta- 
nisbtbe 'nuttare yogaksbeme nirvane pratisbtbapitS, anekani ca deva- 
manusbyagatasabasrani yaksbaraksbasapretapi9acakumbb§,ndaputana- 
kataputanakotigatasabasrani garanagamanagiksbapadesbu pratishth^- 
pitani | idam avocad Bbagavan attamanasas te bbiksbavo Bbagavato 
bbasbitam abhyanandan [ 

iti gridivyavadane' Supriyavadanam ashtamam* II 


, CravastyS,iri rtidjinam [ tena kbalu samayena Bhadramkare na- 
gare sbad jan4 mab&punyab prativasanti, ^Mendbako gribapatir 
Mendbakapatni Mendbakaputro Mendbakasnusba Mendbakad^so 
Mendbakadasi [ katbain Mendbako gribapatir jnato mab&punyah I 
sa yadi riktakani kosbakosbtbagarani pagyati sabadarganid eva pur- 
yante | evam Mendbako gribapatir jnMo mabapunyah katbam 
Mendbakapatni | sa ekasyartbiya stbalikam sadbayati gatani saba- 

^ om. ABC. - ABC add Qlo atra pauca. 

times read Mindliaka, especially towards the end of the tale. 

3 MSS. several 




srini ca bhunjate j evam Mendhakapatni katham Mendhakaputrah | 
tasya panca9atiko nakulako katyam baddhas tishthati | sa yadi 
qatam' sahasram va parityajati tadi purna eva tishthati na pari- 
kshiyate j evain Mendhakaputrah katham Mendhakasnusha | sa 
ekasyarthaya gandhara saippadayati gatasahasrasya paryaptir bha- 
vati I evam Mendhakasnusha katham Mendhakadasah | sa yad- 
aikam halasiram ki-ishati tada sapta sirah krishta bhavanti ] evam 
Mendhakadasah katham Mendhakadasi mahapunya | sa yadaikam 
vastu rakshati tat saptagunarn syat, yada ekamatram'' prati- 
j&garti tada sapta matrah sampadyante ] evam Mendhakadasi ma- 
hapunyS, | dharmata khalu Buddhanam bhagavatam mahakaruni- 
kanam lokanugrahapravi'ittanam ekarakshanam '9amathavipa9yan§.- 
viharinam tridamathavastukugalanam caturoghottirnanam [A. 43. a] 
caturriddhipadacaranatalasupratishthitinam caturshu samgrahava- 
stushu dirgharatrakritaparicayanam paficangavipratihinanam pan- 
cagatisamatikrantanam shadangasamanvagatanam shatparamitapari- 
purnanam saptabodhyangakusumadhyanam ashtangam4rgade9ikanam 
■'navanupurvasamapattikugalanara dagabalabalinain dagadiksam^pur- 
nayagasam daga^atavaQavartiprativigishtanam tri* ratres trir* divasa- 
sya shatkritvo^ ratrinidivasasya buddhacakshusha lokam vyavalokya 
jnanadarganam pravartate ] ko hiyate ko vardhate kah kricchra- 
praptah kah samkatapraptah kah sambadhapr&ptah kah kricchra- 
sarakatasambadhapr§,ptah. ko 'payanimnah ko 'payapravanah ko 
'payapragbharah kam aham apayamargad vyutthapya^ svargaphale 
mokshe ca pratishthapayeyam kasya kamapankanimagnasya hasto- 
ddharam anupradadyam | kam aryadhanavirahitam aryadhanaigvar- 
yadhipatye pratishthapayami | kasyanavaropitani kugalamulany ava- 

* (jata MSS. ^ AC read sa yadd eka yadaikam vastu — sySt mdtram, 

B omits yadaikam — syat. ^ samatha- MSS. (cf. fol. 32 b). * Ex 

eonject. (cf. fol. 32 b). MSS. read navangapiirva-. ^ tri MSS. 

« shatkritvA MSS. ' mdrga vyutthfiya MSS. 




ropayeyam | kasyivaropitani paripacayeyam | kasya pakvSiii vimo- 
cayeyam | kasyajnanatimirapatalaparyavanaddhanetrasya jnS,nSfija- 
nagalakaya cakshur vigodhayeyam | 

apy evatikramed velam sagaro makarSlayah. | 
na tu vameyavatsS,nS,m Buddho velam atikramet || 
sarvajnasantananivasini hi karunyadhenur mrigayaty akhinn^ | 
vaineyavatsdn bhavadurganashtan vatsS.ii pranashtau iva vatsala 
gauh|| • 

Bhagavan sainlaksliayati | ayam Mendhako gtihapatih. saparivS,ro 
Bliadramkare nagare prativasati, tasya vaineyakilam pakvam iva 
gandam gastr&bhinipatam avekshate ' | yan nv aham Bhadramka- 
reshu janapadeshu carikam careyam | tatra BhagavS,n S,yuslimantam 

A A 

Anandam S,mantrayate | gaccha tvam Ananda bhikshunam aro- 
caya | Tatli^gato bhikshavo Bhadramkareshu* janapadeshu c§,ri- 
kam carishyati | yo yushin§,kain utsahate Tathagatena sS,rdham. 
Bhadramkareshti janapadeshu cS,rikini cartum' sa civarakani prati- 
grihn&tv iti | evam bhadantety ayushmin Anando Bhagavatah pra- 
tigrutya bhikshunam arocayati | TathSgata ^yushmanto Bhadram- 
kareshu janapadeshu carikam carishyati yo yushrndkam utsahate 
Tathagatena sardham Bhadramkareshu janapadeshu cirikS,in caritunx 
civarakdni pratigrihnatv iti [ evam ayushmann iti | te bhikshava 
^yushmata Anandasya prati9rutya prishthatah prishthatah samanu- 
baddh^ gacchanti | 

atha Bhagavin danto dantaparivSrah * qkntah gSntaparivaro 
mukto muktaparivara agvasta S-gvastaparivaro vinito vinitaparivaro 
[A. 43. b] 'rhann ^arhatparivaro vitarigo vitar^gapariv^rah prasS,- 
dikah prasadikaparivaro vrishabha iva goganapariviitah simha iva 
"damshtriganaparivaro hamsaraja iva hamsaganaparivritah Suparna 

1 avekshyate MSS, ^ Bliadramkare nagareshu MSS. ' Sic MSS- 

♦ Cf. 51 a; 62 6; 94 6. ^ arhaparivfiro AB. « drashtrigana- A, 

drastigana- B, drashti- C, ushtri- D. 









fi If 

I i 

iva pakshiganapariviito vipra iva ^ishyaganapariviitah suvaidya 
ivaturaganaparivritah gura iva yodhaganaparivrito degika^ ^ivUdhva- 
ganaparivritah sarthavaha iva banigganaparivritah greshthiva paura- 
janaparivritah kottaraja iva mantriganaparivi-itag cakravartiva pu- 
trasahasrapariviitag candra iva nakshatraganaparivritah surya iva 
ragmisahasraparivrito Dhritarashtra iva gandharvaganaparivrito 
Virudhaka iva kumbhandaganaparivrito Yiriipakslia iva nagagana- 
pariviito Dhanada iva yakshaganapariviito Vemacitrir ivasuragana- 
parivritah Cakra iva tridagaganaparivrito Brahmeva brahmakayika'- 
parivritas timita iva jalanidbih sajala iva jalanidhir vimada iva gaja- 
patih sudantair indriyair asamkshobhiteryapathapracaro dvS,trimgat§, 
mahapurushalakshaiiair agityanuvyanjanair virajitagatro dagabhir ba- 
laig caturbliir vaigaradyais tribhih smrityupastlianair mahakarunaya 
caivam anekagunaganasamanvagato Buddho bhagavan janapadacari- 
kaya Bhadramkaram nagaraip. samprasthitah | yada Bhagavata 
Cravastyam mahapratiharyam vidargitam nirbhartsita^ §,nandit^ 
devamanushyas toshitani sajjanahridayani | tada bhagnaprabhS,- 
vas tirthyah pratyantan samgritah | tatah. kecid Bhadramkaram 
nagaram gatvavasthitab | taih grutam Cramanagautama agaccha- 
titi I grutva ca punar vyatbitas te parasparam kathayanti | pur- 
vam tavad vayaip. gramanena Gautameiia madhyadecan nirvasi- 
tah, sa yadibagamishyati niyatam ito 'pi nirvasayishyati, tadu- 
payasamvidbanam kartavyam iti | te kulopakaranagalS, upasam- 
kramya kathayanti dharmalabho dharmalabhah | te kathayanti 
kim idam avalokita gamishy§,mah, kasyarthaya, drishtasmabhir 
yushmakam sainpattir yavad Adpattim na pagyamah [ aryakS. 
asmakam vipattir bhavishyati, bhavantah gramanah Gautamah 
kshuraganim patayann aneka aputrika * apatikag ca kurvann 
agacchati | arya yady evain yasminn eva kale sthatavyam tasminn 

1 dai<?ika CD. 
* nirbhatsita MSS. 

2 Sic MSS. 

* apatikam^ ca MSS. 

3 -kayika- MSS. 







eva kale 'smakam paritySgah kriyate, tishthata na gantavyam | te 
kathayanti [ kim vayam na tishthamah, na yuyam asmtkam qro- 
shyatha .| aryah kathayata Qroshyamah | te kathayanti [ Bhadram- 
karasamantakena sarvajanakayam udvasya Bhadramkaram nagaram 
pravasayata 9advalani^ krishata sthandilani pS,tayata pushpaphala- 
vriksham chedayata paniyani vishena dushayata | te kathayanti | 
aryas tishthata sarvam anutishthama iti | te [A. 44. a] 'vasthitah I 
tatas tair Bhadramkaranagarasamantakena sarvo janakaya udvasya 
Bhadramkaram nagaram pravasitah gadvalani^ krishtani sthandilani 
patitani ^pushpaphalavrikshag chinnas paniyani vishadushitani | tatah 
Cakro devendrah samlakshayati [ na mama pratirupam yad ahaip. 
Bhagavato 'satkaram adhyupeksheyaip yena nama BhagavatS, tribhih 
kalpasamkhyeyair anekair dushkaracatasahasraih shat paramitah pari- 
puryanuttarajiianam adhigatam | sa nama Bhagavan sarvalokaprati- 
vigishtah sarvavadavijayi gunye janapade carikam carishyati | yan nv 
aham Bhagavatah. sacravakasamghasya sukhaspargarthiyautsukyam 
S,padyeyam iti | tena vatavalahakanam devaputranim Sjna datta | 
gacchata Bhadramkaranagarasamantakena vishapaniyini ^oshayateti I 
varshavalihakanam devaputranam Sjna datti | ashtangopetasya pini- 
yasyapuryateti j caturmaharajikS, deva uktah | yuyam Bhadramkara- 
n^m janapadana,m^ vasayateti | tato vatavalahakair devaputrair vi- 
shadushitani paniyani goshitani | varshavalahakais tany eva kupo- 
dapanavS-pisarastadagany ashtangopetasya paniyasya puritani | catur- 
mahS,rajikair devair Bhadramkaranagarasamantakam sarvam §,vasi- 
tam j janapade riddhah sphitth samvrittah ] tirthyair nagarajana- 
kS,yasametair avacarakah preshitah | gatva pacyata* kidrigS, janapada 
iti I te gatah pa^yanty ati§ayena janapadan* riddhin sphitan | tata 
^gatya kathayanti | bhavanto na kadaeid asmabhir evamrupa jana- 
pada riddhah sphita drishtapurvi iti | tirthyah kathayanti [ bha- 


1 (jaclvalani ABC. 
karaii janapadan fivds-? 

' pushpaphala \Tiksha9 MSS. ' Bhadram- 

•• pacjate ABD. ^ janapada MSS. 





{ •-. f 




vanto vo yas tavad acetanan bh&van anvavartayati sa yushtnS,n 
iiS,nvivartayishyatiti | kuta etat | sarvatharalokita bha vanto ^ 'pa^ci- 
mam vo darganam iti | te kathayanti [ aryas tishthata kira 
yushmakam gramano Gautamah karoti, so 'pi pravrajito yuyam api 
pravrajita bhiksh&carah kim asau yushmikain bhiksham carishya- 
titi I tirthyah kathayanti | samayena tishth^mo yadi yuyam kriya- 
karam kuruta na kenacic chramanam Gautamam darcanS,yopasam- 
kramitavyam, ya upasamkramati sa shashtikarshapano dandya iti ( 
taih pratijiiatam kriyakarag ca kritah | 

tato janapadacarikam caran Bhadramkarain nagaram anupriptah | 
Bhadramkare nagare viharati dakshinayatane | tena khalu samayena 
Kapilavastuno brahmanadarika Bhadramkare nagare parinit^ | tay& 
prakarasthaya Bhagavan andhakare drishtah | s& sainlakshayati | 
ayam Bhagavan Cakyakulanandanah CS,kyakulad rajyam apahaya 
pravrajitah sa idinim andhakare tishthati yady atra sopanam syad 
aham [A. 44. b] pradipam aday&vatareyam iti [ tato Bhagavatd 
tasyS,9 cetasa cittam ajnaya sopanam nirmitam | tato hrishtatushta- 
pramudita pradipam adaya sopanenavatirya yena Bhagav&ms teno- 
pasamkranta | upasamkramya Bhagavatah purastat pradipam sthi- 
payitvi padau girasa vanditva nishanna dharmagravan&ya | tato 
Bhagavata tasya igayanugayam dhatum prakritim ca jiiatvS, tadrigi 
caturaryasatyasamprativedhiki^ purvavad yavac' charanagatam abhi- 
prasannam iti | atha Bhagavams tam darikam idam avocat | ehi 
tvam darike yena Mendhako grihapatis tenopasamkrama, upasam- 
kramyaivam madvacanad &rogyapaya | evam ca vada, grihapate tvi,m 
uddigyaham ihigatas tvam ca dviram baddhvi sthitah [ yuktam 
etad evam atitheh pratipattum yathS, tvam pratipanna iti [ yadi 
kathayati ganena kriyikarah krita iti, vaktavyah, tava putrasya 
panca9atiko nakulakah katyS,m baddhas tishthati, sa yadi gatam 

bhavato MSS. 

-prativedhakt A. 

» Cf. p. 71. 





vS, sahasram va vyayikaroti puryata eva na parikshiyate ; | na 
gaknosi' shashtik^rshapanam dattvagantum iti j evam bhadanteti 
sS, darika Bhagavatah pratiQrutya samprasthita | yath§, 'parijnataiva 
kenacid eva Mendhakasya grihapateh sakagam gata, gatvS, ca katha- 
yati I grihapate Bhagavams ta fixogyayati | sa kathayati, vande 
Buddham Bhagavantam | grihapate Bhagavan evam aha, tvS,m evS,- 
ham uddigyigatas tvam ca dvdram baddhvS,vasthitah, yuktam etad 
evam atitheh pratipattum yatha tvam pratipajma iti | sa kathayati j 
darike* ganena kriyakS,rah krito na kenacic chramanam Gautamam 
dar§anS.yopasainkramitavyam ya upasamkrimati sa ganena shashti- 
kdrshipano dandya iti | grihapate Bhagav§,n kathayati, tava putra- 
sya pancagatiko nakulakah katyam baddhas tishthati, sa yadi gatam 
va sahasram va vyayikaroti puryata eva na parikshiyate, na gaknosi* 
tvam shashtik^rshapanam dattvagantum iti j sa samlakshayati | na 
kagcid etaj janite, nunam sarvajnah sa BhagavSn, gacchamiti | sa 
shashtikS.rshapanan dv^re sthapayitva brdhmanadirikopadishtena so- 
panenavatirya yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrS,ntah | upasamkramya 
Bhagavatah padau girasi vanditva Bhagavatah purastan nishanno 
dharmagravaniya | tato BhagavSn Mendhakasya grihapater Spgayanu- 
gayani dhS,tum prakritim ca jnS,tv4 tMrigi catiiraryasatyasampra- 
tivedhiki dharmadeganS. kritS, ySm grutva Mendhakena grihapatinS 
yavac chrotapattiphalam sakshatkritam | sa drishtasatyah kathayati | 
Bhagavan [A. 45. a] kim esho 'pi Bhadramkaranagaranivasi jana.' 
kdya evamvidhan^m dharm4nS,m libhiti^ | BhagavSn Aha ] grihapate 
tvam dgamya bhuyasS, sarva eva janakayo lS,bhiti | tato Mendhako 
grihapatir Bhagavatah pMau girasS, vanditv4 Bhagavato 'ntik&t pra: 
kr&ntah | svagriham gatvS, nagaramadhye karshipananim r4girp, vya- 
vasthapya gathS,m bhashate I 

yo drashtum icchati jinam jitaragadosham nirbandham aprati- 
samam karunivadatam I 

1 Sic MSS. 

2 ddrake CD. 

3 labht neti C. 





V' t^ 




SO 'nigcarena hridayena sunigcitena kshipram prayatu dhanam 

asya mayS, pradeyam |1 iti | 
janakayah. kathayati | grihapate greyah Qramanasya Gautamasya 
darganam | sa kathayati | creyah | te kathayanti | yady evam gane- 
naivam kriyakdrah. krito gana evodghatayatu, ko 'tra virodhah. | te 
kriyS,karam udgh&tya nirgantum arabdhah | tatah parasparam sam- 
ghattanena na gaknuvanti nirgantum iti Vajrapanina yakshena vine- 
yajanSnukampayS, vajrah. ksMptah. prikarasya khandah. patitah. j 
anekani priniQatasahasrani nirgat§.ni kjinicit kutuhalajat^ni kanicit 
purvakaik kugalamulaih. samcodyamanani | te gatva Bhagavatah. 
padSibhivandanam kritva purato nishann^h. | y§,vad Bhagavatah 
samajitakena parshat samnipatita j atha Bhagavams tarn parshadam 
abhyavagahya purastad bhikshusamghasya prajnapta evasane nisha- 
dyanekasattvasantanakugalamulasaxnaropikam^ dharmadeganam kri- 
tavan yam grutva kaigcic chrotapattiphalam sS,kshatkritam kaigcic 
charanagamanagikshapadani grihitani | Bhagavato 'ciram dharmam 
degayato bhojanakalo 'tikrantah | Mendhako grihapatih kathayati J 
Bhagavan bhaktakrityam kriyatS,m iti | Bhagavan Slia | grihapate 
bhojanak&lo 'tikranta iti | sa kathayati ] Bhagavan kim akSle kal- 
pate J Bhagavin aha [ ghritagudagarkarapanakani ceti | tato Men- 
dhakena grihapatina gilpina* ahuyoktah | bhavanto 'kalakhadya- 
kani gighram sajjikuruteti | tair akalak§,ni sajjikritani | tato Men- 
dhakena grihapatina Buddhapramukho bhikshusamgho 'kSlakhadya- 
kair akalapanakaig ca samtarpitah | tato Bhagavan Mendhakam gri- 
hapatim saparivaram satyeshu pratishthapitam karvatanivasinam 
janakayam yathabhavyataya viniya prakrantah | 

^ iti 5ridivy§,vadane * Mendhakagrihapativibhutiparicchedo * 

navamah® ! 

^ -pitam D, 
* Mindhaka MSS. 
^loka atha dra (B has dva) ; 9I0 atha a CD. 

2 cilpinam MSS. 
" -paricchedanavamah MSS. 

8 ABC omit. 
6 ABadd 




Bhikshavah samQayajatjih sarvasamgayaccliettarain Buddharp. Bha- 
gavantam papracchah | kim bhadanta Mendhakena Mendhakapatnya 
Mendhakaputrena Mendhakasnushaya Mendhakadasena Mendhaka- 
dS^ya karma kritam yena shad ab]iiinS,tJi mahapunyali samvritta 
Bhagavato 'ntike satyani drishtani Bhagavamg caibhir aragito na 
virigita iti | Bhagavan dba | ebhir eva bhikshavah karmani kritS,ny 
upacitlim labdhasaipbharani [A, 45. b] parinatapratyayliiiy oghavat 
pratyupasthit&ny ava9yabhS,vini' ebhih karmani kritany upacitini 
ko 'nyah pratyanubhavishyati | na bhikshavah karmdni kritS,ny 
upacitani vahye prithividh^tau vipacyante nabdhatau na. tejodhatau 
na vayudhatS.v api ^tupS,tteshv eva skandhadhatvayataneshu karmani 
kritani vipacyante gubhany agubhani ca | 

na pranagyanti karmani kalpakotigatair api I 
sS,magrim prapya kalam ca phalanti khalu dehinS.m |[ 
bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani Varanasyam nagaryS,m. Brah- 
madatto nS,ma raja rajyam karayati riddham ca sphitam ca kshemam 
ca subhiksham cakirnabahujanamanushyam ca pragantakali kalaha- 
dimbadamarataskararogapagatam galikshugomahishisampannam akhi- 
1am akantakam ekaputrakam iva rSjyam palayati ] tena khalu sama- 
yena Yaranasyam ^naimittikair dvada9avarshikanS.vrishtir vyakritd | 
^trividham durbhiksham bhavishyati cancu gvetasthi galakavritti * 
ca I tatra cancu® ucyate samudgake, tasmin manushy^ vijSui prakshi- 
pyanagate sattvapekshaya sthapayanti mrit^am, anena te vijakayam 
karishyantiti | idam samudgakain. baddhva cancu ucyate | gvetjisthi 



I MSS. ava(?yabh4gim, but cf. p. 54. ^ bhiipant- MSS. Of. supra p. 54. 
3nimitt-MSS. Mrividham ABC. » -vrittim MSS. 




I If 


nama durbhiksham ' tasmin k§,le manushyS, asthiny upasaiphritya 
tavat kvathayanti yavat tany asthini Qvetani samvrittaniti tatas 
tat kvatham pivanti | idam gvetasthi durbhiksham ity ucyate | qalt- 
kavrittir nama tasmin kale mannshyah khalu vilebhyo dhanyaguda- 
kani galakayakrishya bahudakasthalyam kvathayitva pivanti | iyaip. 
Qalakasambaddhatvac chalakavrittir ity ucyate | tato rajnS, Brahma- 
dattena Vir^nasyam ghantavaghoshanam karitam | Qiinvantu bha- 
vanto YaranasinivS,sinali paurah | naimittikair dvadagavarshikina- 
viishtir vyakrita 9alakS,vrittidurbhikshani cancu gvetasthi ca [ yeshS,m 
vo dvadagavarshikam bhaktam asti taih sth^tavyam [ yesham nS,sti 
te yatheshtam gacchantu vigatadurbhikshabhayah subhikshe punar 
apy upS,gamishyanti | tasmimg ca samaye Varanasyam anyatamo gri- 
hapatir adhyo mahadhano mahabhogo vistirnaparivarah | tena ko- 
shthagarika ahuyoktah | bhoh. purusha bhavishyati me ^sapariv^rjinam 
dvadaga varshani bhaktam iti | sa kathayati | arya bhavishyatiti | 
sa tatraivavasthitah | samanantaranubaddhaip. caitad durbhiksham | 
tasya koshakoshthig^r^h parikshinah sarvag ca parijanah kS,lagata 
atmana shashtho vyavasthitah | tatas tena grihapatina koshakoshtha- 
garani godhayitva dhanyaprastha upasamhritah | so 'sya patnya stha- 
lyam prakshipya sadhitah | asati Buddhandm utpMe Pratyeka- 
buddha loka utpadyante ^hinadinanukampakah prantagayanabhakta 
ekadakshiaiya lokasya | yavad anyatamah Pratyekabuddho janapa- 
dacarikam caran Varaiiasim anupraptah | [A. 46. a] sa purvahne* 
nivasya patracivaram adaya Varanastip. pindaya pravishtah | sa ca 
giihapatir atmana shashtho 'vasthito bhoktum | sa ca Pratyekabuddho 
'nupurvena pindapatam atan* tasya grihapater niveganam anupraptah | 
sa tena grihapatina drishtag cittaprasadikah kayaprasadikag ca dri- 
shtva ca punah samlakshayati | etad apy ahain parityajya niyatam 
pranair viyokshye yannv aham svapratyamgam asraai pravrajitaya 

2 Sic MSS. 3 hinadinanuk- MSS. 

1 -kshas MSS 

* Sic MSS.- 






dadydm iti j tena bharyabhihit^ | bhadre yo mama pratyaingas tam 
aham asmai pravrajitayanuprayaccliamiti | s^ samlakshayati | mama 
svami na paribhunkte katham aham paribhokshya iti | sa kathayati | 
aryaputraham api pratyam9am asmai prayacchami | evarp. putrena 
snushayS, d&sena dasyS, ca vic&rya svasvapratyamgah parityaktih. | ta- 
tas taib sarvaih. sambhuya Pratyekabuddhah pindakena pratijjiditab | " 
kayiki tesham mahitman&m dharmadeQanS, na vdciki | sa vitatapa- 
ksba iva hamsarSja iipari vihayasam. udgamya jvalanatapanavarshana- 
vidyotanapratiL.aryS,ni kartum arabdhah | agu prithagjanavarjana- 
kari riddhib^ | te mulanikritta* iva drumah pidayor nipatya prani- 
dhinam kartxim Arabdhah | giibapatih. pranidhanam kartum dra- 
bdhab [ yan mayaivamvidhe sadbhutadakshiniye kS,rah krito' 'nenS,- 
ham kugalamulena yadi riktakani koshakoshth^&rani sahadargandu 
m.e purnSni* syur evamvidbjinain ca dharman&m syam prati- 
viQishtataram catah 9astaram arfigayeyam ma virS,gayeyam iti | patni 
pranidhanam kartum arabdh^ | yan mayaivamvidhe sadbhutadakshi- 
niye karah krito* 'nen&ham kugalamulena yady ekasyarth^ya sthalim 
paceyam sS, 9atenapi paribhujyeta sahasrenapi na parikshayara ga- 
cched y&van may 4 prayoga* apratipragrabdha ity evamvidhanam ca 
dharmanam labhini syam prativigishtataram catah gSiStdram araga- 
yeyam mS, viragayeyam iti | putrah pranidhanam kartum Arabdhah | 
yan mayaivamvidhe sadbhutadakshiniye karah krito® 'nenaham kuga- 
lamulena pancagatiko nakulakah katyim uparibaddhas tishthed yadi 
ca gatam va sahasram vk tato vyayam kuryat purna eva tishthen ma 
parikshayam gacched evamvidhanam ca dharmanam libhi syam pra- 
tivigishtataram catah gS-staram S,rS,gayeyam ink viragayeyam iti ( 
snusha pranidhanam kartum arabdha | yan mayaivamvidhe sadbhu- 

1 SicB: riddhiteACD; butcf. 66 6. 2 .trinta CD, 

3 Ex conj.; kdrah krita ABC here, with a not unparalleled sandhi; kritanena- D ; 
but the sequel seems to justify karah krito. * varnani BD. * Sic MSS. 

6 k4rah krita MSS. 

' >{ 


I I 

W i 




tadakshiniye karah krito' 'nenaham ku^alamulena yady ekasya gan- 
dham yojayeyam* gatam va sahasram vS, gandham^ ghrasyati tarn na 
ca parikshayam gaccheyur yS,van mayS, 'pratipragrabdham* evamvidha- 
nara [A. 46. b] dharmanam labhini syam prativi^ishtataram catah 
gastaram aragayeyam ma viragayeyam iti | dasab pranidhS,nam kar- 
tum arabdhah I van mayaivainvidhe sadbhutadaksbiniye karab krito' 
'nenaham kugalamulena yady ekabalasiram* krisheyam sapta sirab 
krisbtab syur evamvidbanam dbarmanS,in ca labbi syam prativi- 
gisbtataram catab gastaram aragayeyam ma viragayeyam iti | dasi 
pranidbanam kartum arabdba j evamvidbe sadbbutadakshiniye karab 
krito^ 'nenabam kugalamulena yady ekam matram arabbeyam sapta 
matrab sampadyeran evamvidbanam dharmanam ca labhini syam 
prativigisbtataram catab gastaram aragayeyam ma viragayeyam iti | 
taiq caivam pranidbanam kritam | sa ca mahatma Pratyekabuddbas 
tesbam anukampaya ^riddbya upari vibayasa rajakulasyoparishtat 
samprastbitab | tena khalu samayena raja Brabmadatta upariprasS,- 
datalagatas tishtbati | tasya ^riddbya gaccbato raj no Brabmadatta- 
syopari ccbaya nipatita | sa urdhvamukho nirikshitum S,rabdhah, 
pagyati tarn Pratyekabuddham | tasyaitad abhavat [ kasyapy anena 
mahatmana ^riddbimabalangalair daridramulany utpatitani | '^bala- 
bali aga [ tato 'sau gribapatih kosbakosbthagarani pratyaveksbitum 
arabdho yavat purnani pagyati ] sa patnim amantrayate ] mama tavat 
pranidbanam purnam yusbmakam apid&nim pagyama iti | tato dasya 
dbanyanam ekS,m matram" arabdhva parikarmayitum saptam^trah 
sampannah | patnya ekasyarthaya sthali sadbita, sarvais taib pari- 
bbuktam tatbaivavasthita, prativegyair anekaig ca pranigatasahasraib 
paribbuktam tatbaivavasthita | tathaiva putrasya snushaya dasasya 
pranidbih siddha [ tato gribapatina gbantavagboshanam® karitam 

1 karah krito MSS. 
* 'pratiprasrabdhi MSS. 
7 Sic BC : bale ball AD. 

2 yukteyam AB and C pr. m. 
5 phalasilam CD. 
8 ekamatram MSS. 

3 MSS. gandhan. 
6 Sic MSS. 
9 -nam MSS. 






Varinasyam | yo bhavanto 'nnenarthi sa figacchatv iti | VS.r§,nasyam 
uccagabdo mahdgabdo j4tah | rajna grutam, kathayati | kim esha 
bhavanta uccagabdo inahS,9abda iti | amatyaib samS-khyitam | deva- 
mukena grihapatina koshakosbthagarany udghatitaniti | raja tarn 
S,huya kathayati | yada sarva eva lokab kalagatas tad^ tvaya 
koshakoshthagdrany udghatitaniti | deva kasya koshakoshthagarSiiy 
udghatitany apitv adyaiva me vijam uptam adyaiva phaladayakam 
iti I rSjS, pricchati | yatha katham | sa etat prakaranam vistarenaro- 
cayati | rajS, kathayati | giihapate tvayasau mahatma pindakena pra- 
tipaditah | deva mayaiva pratipaditah [A. 47. a] | 'so 'bhiprasanno 
gatham bhashate ] 

aho gunamayam kshetram sarvadoshavivarjitam J 
yatroptam vijam adyaiva adyaiva phaladayakam || iti 
kim manyadhve bhikshavah | yo 'sau grihapatir grihapatipatni gri- 
hapatiputro gnhapatisnushS, grihapatidaso grihapatidasy evam eva 
Mendhako grihapatir Mendhakapatni Mendhakaputro Mendhaka- 
snusha Mendhakadaso Mendhakadasi ca [ yad ebhih Pratyekabuddhe 
karan* kritva pranidhanam kritam tasya karmano vipakena shad 
mahS,punya jata mam§,iitike drishtasatyani | aham caibhih Pratyeka- 
buddhakotigatasahasrebhyah prativigishtah Qastaragito na viragita 
iti hi bhikshava ekantakrishn^nim karmanam ekantakrishno vipaka 
ekanta^uklanam karmanam ekantaguklo vyatimigranam vyatimigrah | 
tasmat tarhy evam gikshitavyam | yady ekantakrishnani karmany 
apasya vyatimigrani caikantagukleshv eva karmasv dbhogah kara- 
niya ity evam vo bhikshavah gikshitavyam | idam avocad Bhagavan 
attamanasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato bhashitam abhyanandan I 
^iti cridivyavadane *Mendhakavadanam dagamam* I 

! I 

1 sfi MSS. 
3 ABC omit, 
of the tale. 
C (;lo am 2. 

2 karam MSS., which may stand for kardn or kardm. 

* Except here, MSS. have Mindhaka throughout this part 

^ dasamah MSS.; A adds <flo ndah, B adds only ^lokah. 





ffr i 

Evam may a grutam | ekasmin samaye Bhagavan satkrito guru- 
krito manitah. pujito rajabhi rajamatrair dhanibhih. pauraih greshthi- 
bhiii sarthavahair devair nagair asurair yakshair ganidaih kinnarair 
mahoragair iti devaiiagayakshasuragarudakiniiaramalioragS,bhyarcito 
Buddho Bhagavan jnato mahapunyo labhi civarapindapatagayana- 
sanaglanapratyayabhaishajyaparislikSiranain. sagravakasamgho Vaigli.^ 
lyam viharati sma Markatahradatire KutS-garagalayam | tena khalu 
samayena VaiQalika Licchavaya idam evamrupam kriyakaram akar- 
shuh I pancadagyam bhavantah pakshasyashtamyam caturda^yam ca 
pranino hantayyS, yatkS,ranam eyur^ manushyS, mS,msaiii' anveshanta 
iti I tena khalu samayenanyatamo goghatako mahantam vrishabham 
^d^ya nagaran nishkramati praghatayitum | tarn enam mahajana- 
kayah. prishthatah prishthatah. samanubaddho mimsarthi kathayati 
Qighram enam vrisham ghataya vayam mamsendrthina iti | sa katha- 
yaty evam karishyami kimtu muhurtam udikshadhvam iti | tato 
vrisha idricam anaryam vaco duruktam grutva bhitatrastah sam- 
vigna ahrishtaromakupa itag camutag ca sambhranto nirikshate cin^ 
tayati ca ko ma' kricchrasamkatasambadhaprS,ptam atranam aga- 
ranam ishtena jivitenachadayed iti | sa caivam vihvalavadanas trS,- 
nanveshi tishthati | Bhagavamg ca purvahne nivasya patracivaram 
adaya bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshusamghapuraskrito Yaigalim pin- 
daya pravi9at | athasau dadar9a Buddham Bhagavantam dvatrim- 
gata mahSpurushalakshanaih samalamkritam agityanuvyanjanair 
virajitagatram vyamaprabhalamkritam suryasahasrS,tirekaprabham 
jangamam iva ratnaparvatam samantato bhadrakam, [A. 47. b] 

E conject,; eshu MSS. 

2 mfinsam MSS. always. 

3 E conject.; k&me MSS. 




sahadar9anac casya Bhagavato 'ntike cittam abhiprasannam | pra- 
sannacittag ca saralakshayati | prasadiko 'yam sattvavigeshah ga- 
kshyaty' esho mama pranam paritranam kartum | yan nv aham 
enam upasamkrameyam iti | atha sa vrisho Bhagavaty avekshavan* 
pratibaddhacitta esho me garanam iti sahasaiva tani dridhani vara- 
trakani bandhanani chittva pradhavan yena Bhagavams tenopasam- 
krantah, upasamkramyobhabhyam janubhyam Bhagavatah padayor 
nipatya padau jihvaya niledhum arabdhah | sa easya raudrakarma 
goghatakah pi-ishthatah. prishthatali samanubaddha eva gastravyagra- 
hastab | tato Bhagavams tarn raudrakarmanain goghatakam idam 
avocat I kurushva tvam bhoh purush§,nena govrishabhena sardham 
satmyam^ jivitenachadayeti | sa kathayati | nahain. bhadanta pra- 
bhavamy enam jivitenachadayitum | tat kasya hetoh | may a esha 
bahiina mulyena kritah putradaram ca me bahu poshitavyam iti | 
Bhagavan aha | yadi mulyam diyate pratimuiicasiti | sa kathayati | 
pratimokshyami Bhagavann iti | atha Bhagavani laukikacittam ut- 
padayati ahovata Qakro devendras trini karshapanasahasrany adaya- 
gacched iti | sahacittotpadad Bhagavatah ^akro devendrah karsha- 
panasahasratrayam adaya Bhagavatah purastad asthat | atha Bhaga- 
van Chakram devendram idam avocat j anuprayaccha Kaugikasya 
goghatakasya trigunam mulyam | adac Chakro devendras tasya go- 
ghatakasya kS.rshapanatrayasahasram vrishamulyam | atha goghata- 
kah karshapanasahasratrayaip. vrishamulyam grihitva hrishtas tu- 
shtah pramudito Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditva tarn govrisham 
bandhan^n muktva prakrantah | Cakro devendro Bhagavatah padau 
girasa vanditva tatraivantarhitah | atha govrisho gatapratyagataprano 
bhuyasya matraya Bhagavaty abhiprasanno Bhagavantam trih pra- 
dakshinikritya prishthatah prishthatah samanubaddho Bhagavato 
mukham vyavalokayamano 'sthat | atha Bhagavan smitam akarshit [ 

^ AB perhaps (?akyati, (jakraty C, 9a — ty D. 

aveksham van C, avekshyavan D. 

samyam D. 

- avekshavan AB, 





dharmata khalu yasmin samaye Buddha Bhagavantah smitam pra- 
vishkurvanti^ tasmin samaye nilapitalohitavadatah^ pushparagapad- 
maraga vaj ra vaiduryamusaragalvarkalohitakadaksliinavartagarik lia 9 i - 
lapravadajatarufarajatavarna arcisho mukhan nigcarya ka9cid adha- 
stad gacchanti kagcid uparishtad gacchanti | ya adhastad gacchanti 
tah samjivam kalasutram^ rauravam maharauravain tapanam prata- 
panam avicira arbudain nirarbudam atatam hahavam hubuvam ut- 
palam padmaip ruahapadmaparyantan narakan gatva ye ushnanara- 
kas teshu* gitibhutva nipatanti, ye gitanarakas teshuslmibhutva 
nipatanti | tena tesham sattvanain karanavigeshah pratiprasrabhy- 
ante | tesham evam bhavati kim nu vayam bhavanta itag cyuta 
ahosvid anyatropapannS, iti | tesham prasadasamjananartham Bhaga- 
van nirmitam visarjayati | tesham nirmitam drishtvaivam bhavati na 
hy eva vayam bhavanta itag cyuta napy anyatropapaima iti, api tv 
ayam apurvadarganah sattvo 'syanubhavenasmakam karanavigeshah 
pratiprasrabdha iti | te nirmite cittam abhiprasadya [A. 48. a] tan 
narakavedaniyain karma kshepayitva devamanushyeshu pratisam- 
dhim grihnantii yatra satyanam bhajanabhuta bhavanti | ya upari- 
shtad gacchanti tag caturmaharajakayikan devams trayastrimgan 
ySmams tushitan nirmanaratin paranirmitavacavartino brahmakayi- 
kan brahmapurohitan mahabrahmanah^ parittabhan® apramanabhan 
abhasvaran parittagubhan apramanagubhan gubhakritsnan anabhra- 
kan punyaprasavan brihatphalan abi-ihan atapan sudrigan sudarganan 
akanishthaparyantan devan gatva 'nityam duhkham gunyam anat- 
mety udghoshayanti [ gathadvayam bhashante | 

arabhadhvam nishkramata yujyadhvam Buddhagasane j 
dhunita mrityunah sainyani nadagaram iva kuiijarah || 

1 Cf. A. 23 b. 2 MSS, om. visarga. ^ ^he previous 

passage (sup. 23 b) adds here sainghata. * Ex conj.; te MSS. 

^ mahabrahmanah A, mahabrahmanah B, mahabrahmanah CD. 
« paritabhan MSS. 



yo hy asmin dharmavinaye apramattag carishyati | 
praMya jatisamsaram duKkhasyantam karishyati II iti 

atha ta arcishas trisahasramahasahasram lokadhS.tum anvMiindya 
Bhagavantam eva prislitliatah prishthatah. samanugacchanti | tad 
yadi Bhagavan atitam karma vyakartukamo bhavati Bhagavatah 
prishthato 'ntardhiyante | anagatam vyakartukamo bhavati purastS.d 
antardhiyante | narakopapattim vyakartukamo bhavati padatale 
'ntardhiyante [ tiryagupapattim vyS,kartukamo bhavati parshnyam 
antardhiyante | pretopapattim vyakartukamo bhavati padangushthe 
'ntardhiyante | manushyopapattim vyakartukamo bhavati januno 
'ntardhiyante | balacakravartirajyam vyakartukamo bhavati vime 
karatale 'ntardhiyante | cakravartirajyam vyakartukamo bhavati 
dakshine karatale 'ntardhiyante | devopapattim vyakartukamo 
bhavati nabhyam antardhiyante | qravakabodhim vyakartukamo 
bhavati asye 'ntardhiyante [ pratyekam bodhiin vyakartukamo bha- 
vati urnayam antardhiyante j anuttaram samyaksambodhira vyS,kar- 
tukS,mo bhavati ushnishe 'ntardhiyante | atha ta arcisho Bhagavan- 
tam trih pradakshinikiitya Bhagavata urnayam antarhitah | 

athayushman Anandah kritakaraputo Bhagavantam papraccha | 

nanavidho raiigasahasracitro vaktrantaran nishkasitah kalapah | 
avabhasita yena di9ah samantad divakarenodayata yathaiva || 

gatham ca bhashate | 

vigatoddhava dainyamadaprahina buddha jagaty uttaraahetu- jt 

bhutah I 
nakaranam gankhamrinalagauram smitam upadargayanti jitia 

jitarayah || 
tat kalam svayam adhigamya dhirabuddhya grotrinam gramana- 

jinendra kankshitanam | 
dhirabhir munivrisha vagbhir uttamabhir utpannam vyapanaya 

sam9ayam gubhabhih II 








nakasmal lavanajaladrirajadhairyah sambuddhah smitam upa- 
dargayanti nathah. | 

yasyarthe smitam upadar9ayanti dhiras tarn 9rotum samabhila- 
shanti te janaughah || iti 
Bhagavan aha | evam etad Ananda evam etat | [A. 48. b] nahetv 
apratyayam Ananda tathagata arhantah samyaksambuddhah smitam 
pravishkurvanti | drishtas te Anandayam goviishah | drishto bha- 
danta | esha Ananda govrisbas tathagatasyantike pi-asannacittah 
saptame divase kalam kritva caturmaharajikeshu deveshupapatsyate 
Vaigravanasya maharijasya patro bbavishyati | tatag cyutva traya- 
stnmgeshu deveshupapatsyate Qakrasya devendrasya putro bbavi- 
shyati I tatag cyutva yameshu deveshupapatsyate Yamasya devasya 
putro bbavishyati | tatag cyutva tushiteshu deveshupapatsyate sa 
Ti^shitasya devasya putro bbavishyati | tatag cyutva nirmanaratishu 
deveshupapatsyate Sunirmitasya devaputrasya putro bbavishyati | 
tatag cyutva parinirmitavagavartishu deveshupapatsyate "Vagavartino 
devaputrasya putro bbavishyati | tad anaya samtatya navanavati- 
kalpasahasrani vinipatam na gamishyati | tatah kamavacareshu de- 
veshu divyam sukham anubhuya pagcime bhave pagcime nikete 
samucchraye pagcime atmabhavapratilambhe manushyatvam prati- 
labhya raja bbavishyati Agokavarno nama cakravarti caturarna- 
vantavijeta dharmiko dharmarajah saptaratnasamanvagatah | tasye- 
many evamrupani saptaratnani bhavishyanti tadyathS, cakraratnam 
hastiratnam agvaratnam maniratnam striratnam grihapatiratnam 
parinayakaratnam evam saptamam, purnam casya bbavishyati saha- 
sram putranam guranam viranam varangarupinam parasainyapramar- 
dakanam | sa imam eva samudraparyantam mahaprithivim akhilam 
akantakam anutpidam adandenagastrena dharmena samayenabhinir- 
jityadhyavatsyati | so 'parena samayena danani dattvS, cakravarti- 
rajyam apahaya kegagmagruny ' avatarya kashayani vastrani samyag 

1 MSS. as p. 35. note 2; cf. p. 37. 11. 





eva 9raddhaya 'gar^d anagarikam pravrajya pratyekam bodhim 
s&kshatkarishyaty A9okavarno nS,ina pratyekabuddho bhavishyati | 
athayushinS.n Anandah kritakaraputo Bhagavantam papraccha | kim 
bhadantanena govrisbena karma kritaip yena tiryagyonav upapannah 
kim karma kritam yena divyain manusbam sukham anubhuya pra- 
tyekam bodhim adhigamisbyati | Bhagavan aba | anenaivananda go- 
vrishena karmani kritiny upacitani labdhasambbarini ' parinata- 
pratyayany ogbavat pratyupastbitany ava9yabbavini | govrisbena 
karmdni kritany upacitini ko 'nyab pratyanubbavisbyati | na by 


Ananda karmani kritany upacitani vabye pritbividbatau vipacyante 
nabdb&tau na tejodbatau na vayudbatau | api 'tupatteshv eva 
skandbadbatvayatanesbu karmani [A. 49. a] kiitani vipacyante qn- 
bbagubbani ca | 

na prana9yanti karmani api kalpagatair api | 
samagrim prapya kalam ca pbalanti khalu debinam || 
bbutapurvam Anandatite 'dbvani ekanavate kalpe Yipagci nama 
samyaksambuddbo loka udapadi vidyacaranasampannah sugato loka- 
vid anuttarab purusbadamyasaratbih 9asta devamanusbyanam Buddho 
Bbagavan | sa Bandbumatim rajadbanim upani9ritya vibaraty anya- 
tamasmin vanashande | tasya natidure sbasbtibbiksbavab prativa- 
santy aranyakab pindapatikah sarve ca vitaraga vigatadvesb^ viga- 
tamoha yavat pancamatrani dburtaka9atam tena tenabindyamanani 
tarn prade9am anupraptani | tesbam etad abba vat | ete bi pravrajita 
mabatmanab idri9esbu stbanesbv abbiramante | yady esbam jivito- 
paccbedam na karishyamo na bbuya etasmin prade9e svastbair vibar- 
tavyam bbavisbyati | yady apy ete mabatmanab sarvasattvabitodaya- 
pravritta na paresham arocayisbyanti tatbapy esbam pradbanapu- 
rusba upasamkramisbyanti te 'smakam rajnab samarpayisbyanti 
tatrasmabbig carakavaruddbair martavyam bbavishyati | katbam 
atra pratipattavyam iti | ekas tatraiva nirgbrinabridayas tyakta- 

1 labdhasarnhfirdni A. ' Cf. foL 18 6 : bhfipantesbu MSS. 

■■'I5"' .. 



! ; 1 ' 





paralokah, sa kathayati | aghatayitvS, etan kutah kshema iti | tais te 
jivitad vyaparopitas te caitat karma kritva papakam aku9alam' 
ekanavatikalpaii apayeshupapannah | yad bhuyasa tu narakeshu 
tiryagyonav upapannag ca santo nityam Qastrena pragh&titah. | tatra 
yo 'sau cauras tesham ^samadapakah sa evayam govrishas tasya 
karmano vipakena iyantam kalam na kadacit sugatav upapamiah | 
yat punar idanim mamantike cittam prasaditam tasya karmano 
vipakena divyam manusham sukham anubhuya pratyekam bodhim 
adhigamishyati | evam hy Ananda tathagatanam cittaprasado, 'py 
acintavipakah kim punah pranidhanam | tasmat tarhy Ananda evaiii 
9iksliitavyain^yat stokastokain muhurtamuhurtam antato* 'cchata- 
samghatamatram api tatliagatam akaratah samanusmarishy amity 
evani te Ananda gikshitavyam | athayushman Anando Bhagavato 
bhashitam abhyanandyanumodya bhikshunam purastad gatha bha- 
shate I 

alio nathasya karunyam sarvajiiasya hitaishinah | 
sukritenaiva vatsalyam yasyedrigamahadbhutam || 
-_^^ apaiino hi param kricchram govrisho yena mocitah | 

vyaKritag ca bhave divye pratyekag ca jino hy asau || iti 

idam [A. 49. b] avocad Bhagavan ittamanasas te bhikshavo 

bhashitam abhyanandan || 
iti gridivyavadane* 'gokavarnavadanam ekada9amam® || 

^ papakarma ku9alam AC, ^ samadayakah MSS. ' ya ABC, 

yah D. * antato 'cchatasamghSta- A, antato 'cchatasamghata- CD. 

5 om. MSS. 
C 9loka adat, D 9loka atrot. 

6 ekada9amah MSS. AB add 9loka ado (10?), 

'!,;...■' »>.!,U«li"».i»PWJ, 


A A 



XI I. 

Sa Bhagavan Rajagrihe viharati Yenuvane ' Karandakaniyi,pe 
satkrito gurukrito manitah pujito rajabhi rajamatrair dhanibhili 
pauraih greshthibhih sarthavahair devair nagair yakshair asurair 
garudaih kinnarair mahoragair iti^ devanagayakshasuragarudakiima- 
ramalioragabhyarcito Buddbo Bhagavan jnato mahapunyo labhi ci- 
varapindapatagayanasanaglanapratyayabhaishajyaparishkaranam sa- 
Qravakasamgho divyanam manushyanam ca Bhagavan anupalipto 
viharati padmapatram ivambhasa | 

tena khalu samayena Eajagiihe nagare shat PuranS,dyS,h gastiro 
'sarvajnS,h sarvajiiamaninah prativasanti sma tadyath^ Puranah 
Kagyapo Maskari Gog&liputrah Samjayi Vairattiputro 'jitah Ke9a- 
kambalah Kakudah Katyayano ^Nirgrantho Jnatiputrah | atha 
shannani Puranadinam tirthyanam kutuhalagalayam saninishamianS,m 
samnipatitinam ayam evararupo 'bhud antara kathasamudaharah I 
yat khalu bhavanto janiran yada gramano Gautamo loke 'nutpannas 
tadi, vayam satkrita^ cabhuvan gurukritag ca manitag ca pujitag ca 
raj nam rajamatranS.m brahmananam grihapatinam naigam§,nS,m jana- 
padanam greshthinam* sarthavahanam labhinag cabhuvamg ctvara- 
pindapS,ta9ayanasanagla.napratyayabhaishajyaparishkaranam i yada 
tu 9ramano Gautamo loke utpannas tada gramano Gautamah sat- 
krito gurukyito manitah pujito rajnam rajamatranam brahmant- 
n§.m grihapatinain janapa.danam dhaninam greshthinam* sarthavaha- 
nam labhi ca gramano Gautamah sagravakasainghag civarapinda- 
patagayanasanaglanapratyayabhaishajyaparishkaranam j asmakam ca 

^ Kalandaka- BCD, ^ mahoragairiri MSS. ' nigrantho 

MSS. (but in fol. 53 6 B reads nirgrantho). * Sic MSS. 







labhasatkarah sarvena sarvam samucchinnah | vayam sma 'riddhi- 
manto jnanavadinah | gramano 'pi Gautamo 'riddhiman jnanavi- 
dity atmanam pratijanite | arhati jilanavadi jnanavadina sardham 
uttare^ manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidarQayitum | yady 
ekam gramano Gautamo 'nuttare manushyadharme ' riddhiprati- 
haryam vidargayishyati vayaip. dve | dve 9ramano Gautamo vayam 
catvari | catvari Qramano Gautamo vayam ashtau | ashtau gramano 
Gautamo vayam shodaga ] shoda9a gramano Gautamo vayam dva- 
trimgad iti yavac chramano Gautama uttare manushyadharme ^rid- 
dhipratiharyam vidar9ayishyati vayam taddvigunam tattrigunam vi- 
dar9ayishyama upardham margam 9ramano Gautama agacchatu vayam 
apy upardham margam gamishyamah | tatrasmakarn. bhavatu 9rama- 
nena Gautamena sardham uttare manushyadharme ^riddhipratihar- 
yam | atha Marasya [A. 50, a] papiyasa etad abhavat | asakrid 
asakrin maya 9ramanasya Gautamasya parakrantam na ca kadacid 
avataro labdhah | yan nv aham tirthyan§,m prahareyam iti viditva 
Puranavad atmanam abhinirmaya uparivihayasam *abhyudgamya jva- 
lanatapanavarshanavidyotanapratiharyani kritva Maskarinam Go9ali- 
putram amantrayate | yat khalu Maskarin janiya aham riddhiman 
jnanavadi 9ramaiio Gautamo ^riddhiman jnanavadity dtmanam pari- 
janite | arhati jnanavadi jnanavadina sardham uttare manushya- 
dharme ^ riddhipratiharyam vidar9ayitum | yady ekam 9ramano 
Gautama uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidar9ayish- 
yaty aham dve | dve 9ramano Gautamo 'ham catvari | catvari 
Qramano Gautamo 'ham ashtau | ashtau 9ramano Gautamo 'ham 
shoda9a | shoda9a 9ramano Gautamo 'ham dvatrim9ad iti yavac 
chramano Gautama uttare manushyadharme * riddhipratiharyam 
vidar9ayishyati vayam taddvigunam uttaram manushyadharmam 

^ Sic MSS. ^ uttaram manushyadharmariddhipratiharyam MSS. 

here, but see infra, and cf. Burnouf, Introd. p. 164 n. (p. 146. ed. 2). ^ Sic 

MSS. * atjTid- C. 5 Sic aCD.; B om. 





' riddhipratiharyaiu vidargayishyama upardham inargam gramano Gau- 
tama agacchatv aham apy upardhamargam gamishyS-mi tatrasmakani 
bhavatu gramanena Gautamena sardham uttare manushyadharme 
riddhipratiharyam | atha Marasya papiyasa etad abhavat | asakrid 
asakrin maya gramanasya Gautamasya parakrAntam na ca kadacid 
avataro labdhah | yan nv aham tirthyanam prahareyam iti viditvS, 
Maskarivad atmanam abhinirmaya uparivihayasam abhyudgamya jva- 
lanatapanavidyotanavarshanapratiharyani kiitva Samjayinam Yairat- 
tiputram amantrayate | yat khalu Samjayin janiya aham riddhimS,n 
jfianavadi gramano Gautamo ^riddhiman jiianavadity atmanam pra- 
tijanite | arhati jfianavadi jnanavadina sardham uttare manushya- 
dharme riddhipratihiryam vidargayitum | yady ekain gramano Gau- 
tama uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyaty 
aham dve | dve gramano Gautamo 'ham catvari | catvari gramano 
Gautamo 'ham ashtau | ashtau gramano Gautamo 'ham shodaga | 
shodaca gramano Gautamo 'ham dvatrimgad iti yavac chramano 
Gautama uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyaty 
ahain taddvigunam uttaram manushyadharmapratiharyam vidargayi- 
shyami, upardhamargam gramano Gautama igaechatv aham apy 
upardhamargam" gamishyami | tatra me bhavatu gramanena Gauta- 
mena sardham uttare^ manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam [ evam 
anyonyam sarve ^vihethitah | ekaika evam aha riddher labhi naham 
iti Puranadyah shat gfistarah sarvajnajnanino yena raja Magadhah 
Crenyo Bimbisaras* tenopasamkraman | upasamkramya rajanam 
Magadham Qrenyam Bimbisaram* idam ^avocan | [A. 50. b] yat khalu 
deva janiya vayam riddhimanto jnanavadinah gramano 'pi Gautamo 
'riddhiman jnanavadity atmanam pratijanite | arhati jfianavadi jfiana- 
vadina sardham uttare^ manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidar- 
gayitum | yady ekam gramano Gautama uttare manushyadharme 

1 Sic MSS. 2 uttari MSS. 

MSS. (cf. Burnouf, Introcl. p. 145). 

^ Cf. aa.(T67](Tav. * Bimbasaras 

° avoeat AB as often elsewhere. 







riddhipratiharyara vidargayishyati vayaip dve | dve gramano Gau- 
tamo vayain catv§,ri [ catvari Qramano Gautamo vayam ashtau | 
ashtau gramano Gautamo vayam shodaga | shodaga cramano Gautamo 
vayam dvatrimgad iti yavac chramano Gautama uttare manushya- 
dharme riddhipratih§,ryam vidargayishyati vayam taddvigunani 
tattrigunam riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyama up§,rdham m&rgam 
Qramano Gautama dgacchatu vayam apy upardhamargam gamishya- 
mah I tatrasmakam bhavatu graraanena Gautamena sardham uttare 
manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidargayitum [ evam ukte raja 
Migadhah Crenyo Bimbisaras' tirthyan idam avocat | yuyam api 
gavS, bhutva Bhagavata sardham riddhim prardhadhve [ atha Pura- 
nadyah shat gastaro 'sarvajnih sarvajnajiianino 'rdhamarge rajanam 
Magadham Qrenyam Bimbisaram vijiiapayanti ] vayam smo deva 
riddhimanto jiianavadinah gramano 'pi Gautamo riddhiman jiiana- 
vadity atmS-nam pratijanite | arhati jnanavadt jnanavadina sardham 
* uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharyara vidargayitum | yavat 
tatrasmS,kam bhavatu gramanena Gautamena sardham uttare manu- 
shyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidargayitum | evam ukte raja Maga- 
dhah Crenyo Bimbisaras tams^ tirthikaparivrajakan idam avocat | 
yady evam trir apy etam artham vijnapayishyatha nirvishayan vah 
karishyami | atha tirthyan§,m etad abhavat ] ay am raja Magadhah 
Qrenyo *Bimbisarah gramanasya Gautamasya gravako * Bimbisaras 
tishthatu | rSja Prasenajit 'Kaugalo madhyasthah [ yada gramano 
Gautamah (^ravastim gamishyati tatra vayam gatva gramanam 
Gautamam uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharye S,hvayishyama 
ity uktva prakrantah | atha raja Magadhah Qrenyo ''Bimbisaro 
'nyatamam purusham amantrayate | gaccha tvam bhoh purusha 
kshipram bhadrara yanam yojaya yatraham adhiruhya Bhagavantam 

^ Bimbasaras MSS; they oscillate between this form and Bimbisara after- 
wards. 2 uttari MSS. ^ t^Q ^^^0. « So MSS. 
5 Kausalyo MSS. 






darQanayopasamkramishyami paryupasanayai ' | evani deveti sa pu- 
rusho rajfio Magadhasya Qrenyasya Bimbisarasya pratigrutya kshi- 
pram bhadram yanam yojayitva yena raja Magadhah Crenyo 
Bimbisaras tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya rajanam Magadham 
Crenyam Bimbisaram idam avocat | yuktam devasya bhadram 
yanam yasyedantm ^devah kalam manyata iti | atha raj4 Migadhah 
Crenyo Bimbisaro bhadram y^nam abhiruhya Rajagrihan nirydti 
Bhagavato [A. 51. a] 'ntikam Bhagavantam dar9anayopasainkra- 
mitum paryup^sanaya | tasya yavatl yanasya bhumis tavad yinena 
gatvS, y^nad avatirya padbhy^m evaramam prS,vikshad antar^ rajH 
Magadhah Crenyo Bimbisaro Bhagavantam adr^kshit | tadantarS, 
pancakakudany apaniya tad yatha ushnisham chattram khadgamanim 
balavyanjanam citre copanahau sa pancakakudany apaniya yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah pMau 
Qirasa vanditvaikante nishannah | ekantanishannam viditvd rSjanam 
Magadham ^renyam Bimbisaram Bhagavan dharmyaya kathay^ 
samdargayati samadS,payati samuttejayati sampraharshayati | aneka- 
paryayena ^dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samMapya samuttejya 
sampraharshya tushnim | atha raj^ Magadhah Crenyo Bimbisaro 
Bhagavantam abhyanandyanumodya Bhagavatah padau girasa van- 
ditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah [ 

atha Bhagavata etad abhavat | kutra purvakaih samyaksam- 
buddhair mahapratiharyam vidargitam hitS,ya prininam | devata 
Bhagavata arocayanti | Qrutapurvam bhadanta purvakaih samyak- 
sambuddhair mahapratiharyam vidargitam hit§,ya praninam iti | 
Bhagavato jiianadarganam pravartate | Qravastyam purvakaih sam- 
yaksambuddhair mahapratiharyam vidargitam hit^ya praninam iti | 
tatra Bhagavan dyushmantam Anandam amantrayate | gaccha tvam 
Ananda bhikshunam arocaya Tathagatah Kau9aleshu janapadeshu 
carikam carishyati yo yushmakam utsahate Tathagatena sardham 

' So too p. U9. 2 deva MSS. 3 dharmyaya AB. 

' J jw, . UW<!?,,pi!liii lJ|||Jli||p|P||J|J». . 




I i 

Kaugaleshu janapadeshu carikam carttiin* sa civarakani dhavatu 
sivyatu ranjajatu [ evam bhadantetj ayushman Anando Bhagavatah 
pratigrutya bhikshunam arocayati | Bhagavan S,juslimantah. Kau- 
galeshu janapadeshu carikam carishyati yo yushmakam utsahate 
Tathagatena sardham Kaugaleshu janapadeshu carikam caritum sa 
civarani dhavatu sivyatu ranjayatv iti | te bhikshava ^yushmata 
Anandasya pratyagraushuh | atha Bhagavan danto dantaparivarah 
Qantah gantaparivaro mukto muktaparivara %vasta agvastaparivaro 
vinito vinitaparivaro 'rhann ^arhatparivaro vitarago vitaragapari- 
v4rah prasadikah prasadikaparivaro vrishabha iva goganaparivrito 
gaja iva kalabhaganaparivritah siniha iva ^damshtriganaparivrito 
rajahamsa iva hamsaganaparivritah Suparniva pakshiganapariviito 
vipra iva gishyaganaparivritah suvaidya iv^turaganaparivritah gura 
iva yodhaganaparivi'ito degika ivadhvaganaparivritah sarthavaha iva 
banigganaparivritah greshthiva pauraganaparivritah [A. 51, b] kotta- 
raja iva mantriganaparivritag cakravartiva putrasahasraparivritag 
candra iva nakshatraganaparivritah surya iva ragmisahasraparivrito 
Virudhaka iva kumbhandaganaparivrito Virupaksha iva nagagana- 
parivrito Dhanada iva yakshaganaparivrito Dhritarashtra iva gan- 
dharvaganaparivrito Yemacitra ivasuraganapari^T-itah Cakra iva tri- 
dagaganaparivrito Brahmeva brahmakayikaganaparivi-itah stimita iva 
jalanidhih sajala iva jaladharo vimada iva gajapatih sudantair indri- 
yair asamkshobhiteryapathapracaro 'nekair avenikair buddhadhar- 
mair mahata bhikshusamghena ca puraskrito yena Cravasti tena 
carikam prakranto 'nekaig ca devatagatasahasrair anugamyamano 
'nuptirvena carikam caraii Chravastim anupraptah | ^ra vasty am 
viharati Jetavane 'nathapindadasyarame | 

agraushus tirthyah gramano Gautamali Qravastim gata iti grutva 
ca punah Cravastim saraprasthitah [ te Qravastim gatva rajanam 

V Sic MSS. " E conject. ; but cf. fol. 43 6; arhaparivaro MSS. 

3 dramshtii- AC; om. B (cf. fol. 43 b). 




Prasenajitkaugalam idam avocan* | yat khalu deva janitha vayam' 
riddhimanto jnanavadinSJi gramano Gautamo ^riddhiman jnanavadity 
atmanam pratijanite | arhati jnanavadi jnanavadina sardham uttare 
manushyadharme ^ riddhipratiharyam vidargayitum | yady ekam* 
gramano Gautama uttare manushyadharme ^riddhipratihdryam vi- 
dar§ayishyati vayam dve | dve gramano Gautamo vayaip. catv&ri | 
catvari gramano Gautamo vayam ashtau | ashtau gramano Gautamo 
vayam shodaga | shodaga 9ram.ano Gautamio vayam dvatrimgad iti 
yavac chramano Gautama uttare manushyadharme ^riddhiprati- 
haryain. vidargayishyati vayam taddvigunam tattrigunam uttare 
manushyadharme ^riddhipratiharyam vidargayishySima, upardhamar- 
gam gramano Gautama agacchatu vayam apy 'upardhamargam gami- 
shyamah | tatrasmakam bhavatu gramanena Gautamena sirdham 
uttare manushyadharme ^riddhipratiharyam | evam ukte raja Pra- 
senajit Kaugalas tirthyan idam avocat | agamayantu tavad bhavanto 
yavad aham Bhagavantam avalokayami | atha raja Prasenajit Kau- 
galo 'nyatamam purusham §,mantrayate | gaccha tvam bhoh purusha 
kshipram bhadram y§,nairi yojaya | aham abhiruhyadyaiva Bhagavan- 
tam darganayopasamkramishyami paryupasanayai j evam deveti sa pu- 
rusho rajnah Prasenajitah Kaugalasya pratigrutya kshipram bhadram 
yanam yojayitvli- yena raja Prasenajit Kaugalas tenopasamkr^tah | 
upasainkramya rajinam Prasenajitam Kaugalam idam avocat | yuk- 
tam devasya bhadram [A, 52. a] yanam yasyedanim devah® kalam 
manyate | atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalo bhadram yanam abhiruhya 
Cravastya nirydti Bhagavato 'ntikam Bhagavantam darganayopa- 
samkramitum paryupasanaya | tasya y^vati ySnasya bhumis tavad 
yanena gatva yanad avatirya padabhyam evaramam pravigya yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah padau 


1 avocat MSS. 2 vayam MSS. 3 Sic MSS. * ekah MSS. 

5 Supplied ex conj. upamishyama AB; upagamishyamah C ; upagamishyami D. 
" deva MSS. 












girasa vanditvaikante nishannah | 'ekante nishanno raja Prasenajit 
Kaugalo Bhagavantam idam avocat | ime bhadanta tirthya Bhaga- 
vantam uttare manushyadharme ' riddhipratiharyenaliv§,yante vidar- 
9ayatu Bhagavan uttare manushyadharme ^riddhiprS,tiharyani hitS,ya 
pranin^m ^nirbhartsayatu Bhagavams tirthyan nandayatu devamanu- 
shyams toshayatu sajjanahridayamanamsi | evam ukte Bhagavdn raja- 
nam Prasenajitam Kaugalam idam avocat | nahara maharSjaivam 9ri- 
vakanam dharmarn degayamy evam yuyam bhikshava agatS,gataiiarri 
brahmanagrihapatinam uttare manushyadharme ^riddhipratiharyam 
vidargayateti | api tv aham evam gravakanSiiu dharmam degayami 
praticchannakalyanS, bhikshavo viharata vivritapipa iti | dvir api 
trir api raj§, Prasenajit Kaugalo Bhagavantam idam avocat | vidar- 
^ayatu Bhagavan uttare manushyadharme ^riddhipratiharyam hitaya 
praninam ^nirbhartsayatu tirthyan nandayatu Bhagavan deva- 
manushyams toshayatu sajjanahridayamanamsi | dharmata khalu 
BuddhanS.m Bhagavatam jivatam tishthatam Mhriyamananam yapa- 
yatam yaduta dagavagyakaraniyani bhavanti | na tavad Buddha 
Bhagavantah parinirvanti yavan na Buddho Buddham vyakaroti, 
yavan na dvitiyena sattvenaparivartyam anuttarayam samyaksam- 
bodhau cittam utpaditam bhavati, sarvabuddhavaineya vinita bha- 
vanti, tribhaga ayusha utsrishto bhavati, simabandhah krito bhavati, 
Qravakayugam agratayam nirdishtam bhavati, Samkagye nagare 
devatavataranam vidargitam bhavati, Anavatapte mahasarasi gra- 
vakaih sardham purvika karmaplotir vyakrita bhavati, matapitarau 
satyeshu pratishthapitau bhavatah, (Jravastyam mahapratiharyam 
vidargitam bhavati | atha Bhagavata etad abhavat, avagyakaraniyam 
etat Tathagateneti viditva rajanara Prasenajitam Kaugalam amantra- 
yate | gaccha tvam maharaja itah saptame divase Tathagato mahajana- 
pratyaksham uttare manushyadharme ' riddhipratiharyam vidargayi- 
shyati hitaya pranin&m | atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalo Bhagavantam 

1 SicMSS. 

riddhi- D. 

^ nirbhatsayatu MSS. 





idam avocat | yadi 'Bhagavan anujaniyad aham Bhagavatah prati- 
haryamandapam karayeyam [ atha Bhagavata etad abhavat | ka- 
tarasmin pradege purvakaih samyaksambuddhair mahapratiharyam 
vidargitam hitaya praninam iti | devata Bhagavata arocayanti | 
antara bhadanta (^ravastim antara ca Jetavanam atrantarat pur- 
vakaih samyaksambuddhair mahapratiharyam vidargitam hitaya 
praninam ] Bhagavato 'pi jrianadarganam pravartate, antar^ ca 
Qravastim antara ca Jetavanam [A. 52. b] atrantarat purvakaih 
samyaksambuddhair mahapratiharyam vidargitam hitaya praninam | 
adhivasayati Bhagavan rajiiah Prasenajitah Kaugalasya ®tushni- 
bhavena | atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalo Bhagavatas ^tushnibhavena- 
dhivasanam viditva Bhagavantam idam avocat | katamasmin bha- 
danta pradege pratiharyamandapam karayami | antara ca maharaja 
Qravastim antara ca Jetavanam | atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalo 
Bhagavato bhashitam abhinandyanumodya Bhagavatah padau girasa 
vanditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah | 

atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalas tirthyan idam avocat ] yat khalu 
bhavanto janirann itah saptame divase Bhagavan uttare manushya- 
dharme ^riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyati | atha tirthyanam etad 
abhavat | kim punah gramano Gautamah saptabhir divasair anadhi- 
gatam adhigamishyati, atha va nishpalayishyati, atha va paksha- 
paryeshanam kartukamah | tesham etad abhavat | na hy eva gramano 
Gautamo nishpalayishyati napy anadhigatam adhigamishyati nunam 
gramano Gautamah pakshaparyeshanam kartukamo vayam api tavat 
pakshaparyeshanam* karishyama iti viditva Raktaksho nama pari- 
vrajaka indrajalabhijiiah sa ahutah | Raktakshasya parivrajakasyaitat 
prakaranam vistarenarocayanty evam cahuh | yat khalu Paktaksha 
janiyah gramano Gautamo "smabhiriddhya ahutah | sa kathayati J 

^ Bhagavannanujaniyad MSS. = tfishnJmbhavena ABD. 

^ Sic MSS. 4 pakshaparyeshanam MSS. » Sic MSS. : 

but -ddhya 'hutah AC. 








I ; 

itah saptame divasa uttare manushyadhanne ' riddhipratiharyaia 
vidargayishyamiti | nunam gramano Gautamah pakshaparyeshanam 
kartukamas tvam api tavat sabrahmacarinam pakshaparyeshanam* 
kurushva | tena tatheti pratijnatam j atha Eaktakshah. parivrajako 
yena nanatirthikagramanabrahmanacarakaparivrajakas tenopasam- 
krantah | upasamkramya nanatirthikagramanabrahmanacarakapari- 
vrajakanam etat prakaranam vistarenarocayaty evam caha | yat 
khalu bhavanto janiran gramano Gautamo ^'smabhiriddhya ahutah | 
sa kathayati | itah saptame divasa uttare manushyadhanne ' riddhi- 
pratiharyam vidargayishyamiti | nunam gramano Gautamah paksha- 
paryeshanam kartukamo bhavadbhir api brahmacarinam sahiyyam 
karaniyam saptame divase yushmabhir vahih Cravastya nirganta- 
vyam | tais tatheti pratijnatam | athanyatamasmin parvate paiicama- 
trani ' rishigatani prativasanti | atha Kaktakshah parivrajako yena 
ta rishayas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya tesham etat praka- 
ranam vistarenarocayaty evam caha | yat khalu bhavanto janiran 
gramano Gautama riddhy^ ahutah^ | sa kathayati | itah saptame 
divase uttare manushyadharme ' riddhipratiharyam [A. 53. a] vidarga- 
yishyamiti | nunam gramano Gautamah pakshaparyeshanam kartu- 
kamo bhavadbhir api sabrahmacarinS,m sahayyam karaniyam saptame 
divase yushmabhih Qravastim* agantavyam | tais tatheti pratijiia- 
tam I tena khahi samayena Subhadro nama parivrajakah paiica- 
bhijiiah | tasya Kuginagaryam avasatho 'navatapte mahasarasi diva 
vih&rah | atha Raktakshah parivrajako yena Subhadrah parivrajakas 
tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramyaitat prakaranam vistarenarocayaty 
evam caha | yat khalu Subhadra janiyah gramano Gautamo 'smabhih' 
riddhy^ ahutah | sa kathayati | itah saptame divase uttare manu- 
shyadharme ^riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyamiti | nunam gramano 
Gautamah pakshaparyeshanam^ kartukamah tvaya sabrahmacarinam 


1 Sic MSS. 
^ ^r^vastyam A here. 

-paryeshanam AB, 

3 Sic MSS. 





sahayyam karaniyam saptame divase tvaya Cravastim agantavyam | 
Subhadrenabhihitani | na Qobhanam bhavadbhih kritam yad yushma* 
bhih gramano Gautamo' riddhya ahutah | tat kasya hetob | mama 
tavat Kuginagaryam avaso 'navatapte mahtsarasi diva viharah | 
gramanasya Gautamasya Cariputro nama gishyas tasya Cundo nama 
§ramanerakas tasyapi tatraivanavatapte mahasarasi diva viharah | 
na tathanavataptakayika devata api karan kartavyan' manyante 
yatha tasya | eko 'yam samaya ihaham Kugiaagarim pindaya caritva 
pindapatam adayanavataptam mahasarasam^ gacchami | tasya mama- 
navataptakayika devata 'navataptan mahasarasah paniyam uddhri- 
tyaikante na prayacchati | Cundah ^ramanoddegah pamgukuiany 
adayanavataptani mahasaro gacchati | tasyanavataptakayika devata 
pamgukuiani^ dhavayitva tena paniyenatmanam sincati [ yasya tavad 
vayam Qishyapratigishyakayapi na tulyah sa yushmabliir uttare 
manushyadharme ' riddhipratiharyenahutab | na gobhanam bhavad- 
bhih kritam yac chramano Gautamo ^riddhipratiharyenahutah | evam 
aham jane yatha maharddhikah gramano Gautamo mahanubhava iti | 
Raktakshenabhihitam | tvam tavac chramanasya Gautamasya pa- 
ksham vadasi tvaya tavan na gantavyam | Subhadrenabhihitam | 
naiva gamishyamiti | 

atha rajnah Prasenajitah Kau9alasya Kalo namna bhrata abhirupo 
darganiya prasadikah graddho bhadrah kalyanagayah | sa rajiiah 
Prasenajitah Kau^alasya niveqanadvarenabhinishkramati | anyata- 
maya cavaruddhikaya prasadatalagataya rajakumaram drishtva 
sragdamam kshiptam | tat tasyopari nipatitam | mitrarimadhyamo 
lokah I tai rajne niveditam | yat khalu deva janithah Kalena deva- 
syantahpuram prarthitam | raja Prasenajit KauQalag cando rabhasah 
karkagah | tenaparikshya paurusheyanam ajiia datta | gacchantu 
bhavantah Qighram Kaiasya hastapadaii chindantu | evam deveti 
paurusheyai rajnah Prasenajitah [A. 53. b] Kaugalasya pratigrutya 

^ Sic MSS. 2 karam kartavyanmanyante MSS. ^ .ttnan MSS. 

c- .. 20 




Kalasya vithimadhye hastap^dah' chinnah | sa arttasvaram krandate 
duhkham tivram kharS,iii katukam amanapam vedanim vedayate I 
Kalam rajakumaram drishitvS, mahajanakayo vikroshtum arabdhah j 
Puraiiadaya9 ca nirgranthas* tam pradegam anuprS,ptah | Kalasya 
jnatibhir abhiMtam | etam §,ryah.^ Kalam rajakumaram satyabhiya- 
canaya yathapauranaip kurudhvam iti | Puranenabhihitam | eshah* 
Qramanasya Gautamasya gravakah gramanadharmena Gautam^o yatha- 
pauranam karishyati | atha Kalasya rajakumarasyaitad abhavat | 
kncchrasarnkatasambadhaprS,ptam mam Bhagavan na samanvahara- 
titi viditva gatham bhashate | 

imim avastham mama Lokanatho na vetti sambadhagatasya 
kasmat | 

namo 'stu tasmai vigatajvaraya sarveshu bhuteshv anukampa- 
kaya || 
■asammoshadharmano Buddha Bhagavantah j tatra Bhagavan 
ayushmantam Anandam amantrayate sma | gaccha tvam Ananda 
samghatim ' adayanyatamena bhikshuna pagcacchramanena yena Kalo 
*rijabhrS,ta tenopasamkrama | upasamkramya KMasya rajakumarasya 
hastapadan yathasthane sthapayitva evam vada | ye kecit sattva apada 
vS, dvipada va bahupad^ vS, arupino v^ rupino va samjnino v4 asam- 
jnino va naiva samjnino v& ^nasamjninas Tath§,gato 'rhan samyak- 
sambuddhah tesham sattvan^m agra akhyayate | ye kecid dharm^ 
asamskrita va samskrita va virago dharmas tesham agra akhyatah | 
ye kecit sarngha va gana va yuga va parshado va TathagatagrSiVaka- 
samghas tesham agra akhyatah | anena satyena satyavikyena tava 
gariram yathapauranam syat | evam bhadantety ayushman Anando 
Bhagavatah pratigrutya samghatim adayanyatamena bhikshuna 
pagcacchramanena yena rajabhrata Kalas tenopasamkrantah | upa- 
samkramya KalgiSya rajakumarasya hastapadan yathasthane sthapa- 

1 SicMSS. 
* rajabhatra ABD. 

2 A has nigranthas as in fol. 49 6. 
^ samjninas D. 

3 A 

aryfi, MSS. 




yitvaivam aha | ye kecit sattv^ apada va dvipada va catushpada va 
bahupadli va yavan naiva saipjiiiiio nasamjfdnas Tathagato 'rhan 
samyaksambuddhas teshain sattvanam agra ikhyatah | ye kecid 
dharmah samskrita v^ 'samskrita va virago dharmas tesham agra 
akhyatah | ye kecit samgha va gana va yuga va parshado va Tatha- 
gatagravakasamghas tesham agra akhyatah | anena satyena satya- 
vakyena tava 9ariram yathapauranam bhavatu | sahabhidhanat 
Kalasya rajakumarasya gariram yathapauranam samvrittam | ya- 
thapi tatra Buddhasya Buddhanubhavena devatanam ca devatanu- 
bhavena Kalena kumarena [A. 54. a] tenaiva samvegenanagami- 
phalam sakshatkritam riddhig capi nirhrita | tena Bhagavata aramo 
niryatitah | sa Bhagavata upasthanam kartum arabdhah | yatrasya 
gariram gandagandam kritam tasya Gandaka aramika iti samjna 
samvritta | atha rajfia Prasenajita Kau9alena sarvopakaranaih ^sa 
pravaritah | Kaienabhihitam | na mama tvaya prayojanam Bhaga- 
vata evopasthanam karishyamiti | 

rajfia Prasenajita KauQalenantara ca Cravastim antara ca Jeta- 
vanam atrantarad Bhagavata^ pratiharyamandapah karitah Qata- 
sahasrahastacatumam * mandapo vitato Bhagavatah simhasanam 
prajnaptam [ anyatirthikagravakair api Puranadinam ^nirgrantha- 
nam pratyekapratyekamandapah karitah | rajfia Prasenajita Kau- 
galena saptame divase yavaj Jetavanam yavac ca Bhagavatah prati- 
haryamandapo 'ntarat sarvo 'sau pradego 'pagatapashanagarkara- 
kathalyo vyavasthito dhupag curnandhakarah kritah, chattradhvaja- 
patakagandhodakaparishikto nanapushpabhikirno ramaniyo 'ntar- 
antarac ca pushpamandapah sajjikritah | 

atha Bhagavan saptame divase piirvahne nivasya pitracivaram 
adaya Cravastim pindaya pravikshat | Qravastim pindaya caritva 
kritabhaktakrityah pagcad bhaktapiadapatapratikrantah * patraci- 

^ sampraearitah C. 
^ nigranth- AC. 

- Sic C : -hasta? caturndm ABD. 

Sic MSS. 






varam pratigramya vahir viharasya padau prakshalya viharam pra- 
vishtah pratisamlayanaya | atha raja Prasenajit Kau9alo 'neka9ata- 
parivaro 'nekasahasraparivaro 'nekagatasahasraparivaro yena Bhaga- 
vatah pratiharyamandapas tenopasamkrantali | upasamkramya pra- 
jnapta evasane nishamiah | tirthya api mahajanakayaparivrita yena 
mandapas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya pratyekapratyekasmiim 
asane nishannah | nishadya rajanam Prasenajitam Kaugalam idam 
'avocan | yat khalu deva jS,niya ete vayam agatah kutraitarhi 9ra- 
mano Gautamah | tena bhavanto muhurtam agamayata esha idanim 
Bhagavan adhigamishyati | atha raja Prasenajit Kaugala Uttaram 
manavam amantrayate | ehi tvam Uttara yena Bhagavims tenopa- 
samkrama | upasamkramyasmakam vacanena Bhagavatah. padau 9!- 
rasa vanditvalpabadhatam ca pricchalpatankatatp. ca laghutthanatam 
ca yatram ca [A. 54. b] balam ca sukham canavadyatam ca spar9a- 
vLbaratam ca evam ca vada | raja bhadanta Prasenajit Kau9ala evam 
aha I ime bhadanta tirthya agatS, yasyedanim kalam manyate [ evam 
devety Uttaro manavo rajfiah Prasenajitah Kau9alasya prati9rutya 
yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavata sar- 
dham saipmukham sammodanim samranjanim vividham katham 
vyatisaryaikante nishannah J ekantanishanna Uttaro manavo Bha- 
gavantam idam avocat | raj& bhadanta Prasenajit Kau9alo Bhaga- 
vatah padau 9irasa vandate 'Ipabadhatam ca pricchaty alpatankatam 
ca laghutthanatam ca yatram ca balam ca sukham canavadyatam ca 
spar9aviharatam ca j sukhi bhavatu manava raja Prasenajit Kau9alas 
tvam ca | raja bhadanta Prasenajit Kau9ala evam aha, ime bhadanta 
tirthya agata yasyedanim Bhagavan kSlam manyate | evam ukte 
Bhagavan Uttaram manavam idam avocat | manava esho 'ham adya- 
gacchami | Bhagavata tathadhishthito yathottaro manavas tata evo- 
pari vihayasa prakrantah | yena raja Prasenajit Kau9alas tenopasaiu- 
krantah | adrakshid raja Prasenajit Kau9ala Uttaram manavakam 

1 avocat MSS. as often elsewhere. 




upari vihayasagacchantam drishtv4 ca punas tirthyan idam avocat | 
vidargitam Bhagavatottare manushyadharme 'riddhipratiharyam yu- 
yam api vidar9ayata | tirthyah kathayanti | mahajanakayo 'tra ma- 
haraja samnipatitah kim tvam jnasyasi kenaitad vidargitam asmabhir 
v4 gramanena Gautamena | atha Bhagavams tadrupam samadhim 
samapanno yathS, samahite citte 'rgadacchidreriarcisho nirgatya Bha- 
gavatah pratiharyamaudape nipatitah.* sarvag ca prdtiharyamandapah 
prajvalitah | adr^kshus tirthya Bhagavatah pratiharyamandapam 
prajvalitam drishtva ca punah. Prasenajitam Kaugalam idam avocan' | 
esha idanim maharSja gramanasya Gautamasya prdtiharyamandapah 
prajvalitah, | gacchedanim nirvapaya | atha so 'gnir asprishta eva 
varini sarvaprS,tiharyainandapam adagdhva svayam eva nirvrito 
yathapi tad Buddhasya Buddhanubhavena devatin^ ca devatanu- 
bhavena | atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalaa tirthySn idam avocat | 
vidargitara Bhagavatottare manushyadharme ^riddhipratihS,yam yu- 
yam api vidargayatha* j tirthyah kathayanti j mahajanakayo 'tra ma- 
haraja samnipatitah kim tvam jnisyasi kenaitad vidargitam asmabhir 
va gramanena Gautamena | BhagavatS, kanakamaricikavabhasS, ut- 
srishta yena sarvaloka udarenavabhasena [A. 55. a] sphuto 'bhut | 
adr^shid raja Prasenajit Kaugalah sarvalokam udS,renavabhasena 
sphutam drishtva ca pimas tirthyan amantrayate [ vidargitam Bha- 
gavatottare manushyadharme 'riddhipratiharyam yuyam api nidar- 
gayata* | tirthyah kathayanti | mahajanakayo 'tra maharaja samni- 
patitah kim tvam jnasyasi kenaitad vidargitam asmabhir vS. grama- 
nena va Gautamena | GandakenaramikenottarakauravM ^ dvipat 
karnikaravriksham adaya 'Bhagavatah pratiharyamandapasyagratah 
sthapitah I Ratnaken^py aramikena Gandhamadanad agokavriksham 
aniya Bhagavatah pratiharyamandapasya prishthatah sthapitah | 

1 SicMSS. 
* -yate MSS. 
yamandapasya B. 

2 nipatitah MSS. ^ avocat MSS. 

^ Bhagavata uttare manushyadharme riddhipratihar- 





■) t- 




atha raja Prasenajit KauQalas tirthyan idam avocat | vidar9itam 
Bhagavatottare manushyadharme * riddhipratihdryam yuyam api 
^nidargayata j tirthyah kathayanti | mahajanakayo 'tra samnipatitah 
kiin tvam jnasyasi kenaitad vidargitam asmabldr va gramanena va 
Gautamena | BhagavatS, sabhisamskarena prithivyam padau nyastau | 
mahaprithivicalah samvrittah | ayani trisahasramahasahasro lokadhS,- 
tur iyam mahaprithivi shadvikaram kampati prakampati sampra- 
kampati calati samcalati sampracalati vyathati samvyathati sam- 
pravyathati | purvavanamati pagcimonnamati | [purvonnamati pag- 
cimavanamati | Y dakshinonnamati uttarS,vanainati | uttaronnamati 
dakshinavanamati | roadhye unnamati ante 'vanamati | madhye 'va- 
namati ante unnamati | imau suryacandramasau bhasatas tapato 
virocatah | vicitrani cagcaryadbhutani pradurbhutani [ gaganatalastha 
devatS, Bhagavata uparishtad divyany utpalani kshipanti padmani 
kumudani pundarikany agarucurnani candanacurnini tagaracurnini 
tamalapattrani divyani mandarakini pushpani kshipanti divyani ca 
vaditrani sampravadayanti cailavikshepam* cak3,rshuh. [ 

atha tesham rishinam etad abhavat | kimartham mahaprithivi- 
calah samvritta iti I tesham etad abhavat, nunam asmakam sabrahma- 

• • • I 7 > 

caribhih gramano Gautamo ^ riddhya ahuto bhavishyatiti viditva panca 
'rishigatani Cravastim samprasthitani | tesham ^gacchatam Bhaga- 
vata ekayano margo 'dhishthitah | adrakshus te rishayo Bhagavantam 
durad eva dvatrimgata mahapurushalakshanaih samalamkritam murti- 
mantam iva dharmain. havyavasiktam iva hutavaham kaucanabha- 
janastham iva pradipam jangamam iva suvarnaparvatara nanaratna- 
vicitram iva suvarnayupam sphutapatumahavimalaviguddhabuddhim 
Buddham Bhagavantam drishtva ca punar na tathS, dvadagavarshe 
'bhyastagamatho* yogacarasya cittasya kalyatam janayaty aputrasya 
va [A. 65. b] putrapratilambho "daridrasya va nidhidarganam rajya- 

1 Sic MSS. 
* -vikshepam MSS. 

- -yate MSS. ' Added from conject. (cf. A. 88 a, b). 

5 Ex conject. ; ^amatha- MSS. ^ da- MSS. 





bhinandino vi rajyabliisheko yatha tatprathamatah purvabuddharo- 
pitaku9alamulanamtatprathamato Buddbadarganam | atha te 'rishayo 
yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | npasamiramya Bhagavatab 
padau girasa vanditva ekante sthitah | ekantasthitas te 'rishayo Bha- 
gavantam idam "avocan | labhemahi vayam bhadanta svakhyate 
dharmavinaye pravrajyam upasarapadam bbiksbubbavam carema 
vayam Bhagavato 'ntike pravrajya brahmacaryam | te BhagavatS. 
brahmena svarenabuta eta bhikshava9 carata brahmacaryam | saha- 
bhidhanan mundah sainvrittah samghatipravritah. patrakaravyagra- 
hastab saptahavaropitakegaQmagravo varshaQatopasampannasya bM- 
kshor iryapatbenavasthitab | ebiti coktag ca Tathagatena mundag ca 
samghatiparitadehah® satyapragantendriya eva tasthur naiva sthita 
Buddhamanorathena | 

atha Bhagavan divyamanushyena pujasatkarena satkrito guru- 
krito manitah. pujito 'rhann ^arhaparivaro saptabhig ca nikayaih 
sampuraskrito mahata ca janaughena yena pratiharyamandapas 
tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya purastad bhikshusamghasya pra- 
jnapta evasane nishannah | Bhagavatab kayad ragmayo nirgatya 
sarvam pratiharyamandapam suvamavamavabhasam kritavatyah I 
*atha Luhasudatto grihapatir utthayasanad ekamsam uttarasangam 
kritva dakshinam janumandalam prithivyam pratishthapya yena 
Bhagavams tenanjalim pranamya Bhagavantam idam avocat | alpo- 
tsuko Bhagavan bhavatv aham tirthyaih sardham uttare manushya- 
dharme riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyami ° nirbhartsayishyamiti 
tirthyan sahadharmena nandayishyami devamanushyams toshayi- 
shyami sajjanahridayamanamsi | na tvam grihapate ebhir riddhya 
ahuto 'pi tv aham ^tirthyair riddhya ahutah | aham uttare manu- 
shyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidargayishyami | sthanam etad vi- 


1 Sic MSS. 2 avocat MSS. 

MSS., but cf. p. 48. 23. * atha khalu Sudatto AD. 

bhatsayishyamiti BCD. (A om.) « tirthyena riddhyS MSS. 



^' v t^i ia w ^- 





; I 

dyate yat tirthya evam vadeyuh | nasti 9ramanasya Gautamasyottare 
manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam 9ravakasyaishS, grihino 'vadata- 
vasanasya riddhir iti | nishida tvam grihapate yathasvake asane | 
nishanno Luhasudatto 'gnhapatir yathasvake asane | yathS, Luha- 
sudatto grihapatir evam Kalo rajabhrata Rambhaka iramikah 
'Kiddhilamata upS,sika 9ramanodde9ika Cundah 9rainanodde9a Ut- 
palavarnS, bhikshuni | athayushman Mahamaudgalyayana utthayS,- 
sanad ekamsam uttarasangam kritva yena Bhagavams tenaiijalim 
pranamya Bhagavaatam idam avocat | alpotsuko Bhagavan bhavatv 
aham tirthyaih sardiiam uttare manushyadharme riddhipratihS,ryam 
vidar9ayishyami tirthyan nigrihnishyami sahadharmena nandayi- 
shyami devamanushyams toshayishyami sajjanahridayamanamsi ( 
pratibalas tvam Maudgalyayana tirthyan sahadharmena nigrihitum 
api tu na tvam tirthyai riddhya ahuto 'ham esham uttare manushya- 
dharme riddhipratiharyam vidar9ayishyami hitaya prS,ninS,ip. nirbhar- 
tsayishyami^ tirthyan nandayishyami devamanushyams toshayishyS.mi 
sajjanahridayamanamsi, nishida tvam Maudgaly&yana yath§,svake 
asane | nishanna ayushman MahamaudgalyS,yano yathasvake asane | 
tatra Bhagavan raj3,nam Prasenajitam Kau9alam amantrayate | ko 
maharaja Tathagatam adhyeshate uttare manushyadharme riddhi- 
pratiharyam hitaya praninam | atha rcijS, Prasenajit Kau9ala utthS,- 
yasanad ekamsam uttarasangam kritv^ dakshinam ianumandalam 
prithivyam pratishthapya yena Bhagavams tenanjalitii pranamya 
Bhagavantam etad avocat | aham bhadanta Bhagavantam adhyeshe 
uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam vidar9ayitum, Bhagavan 
* uttare manushyadharme riddhipratiharyam [vidar9ayatu] hitaya pra- 
ninam *nirbhartsayatu tirthyan nandayatu devamanushyams tosha- 

^ A here, in the middle of fol. 55 b, seems to omit a leaf of its original. 
2 Eiddh- BC. ' nirbhatsa- BCD; A om. ■* uttaram manu- 

shyadharmam riddhi- BCD (cf. supra, fol. 49 6) ; A om. ^ nirbhatsa- 






yatu sajjanahridayamanamsi j atha Bhagavama tadrupam samadhim 
samapanno yatha samahite citte svasminn asane 'ntarhitah purvasyam 
digy uparivihayasam abhyudgamya caturvidham iryapatham kalpayati 
tadyatha cankramyate tishthati nishidati gayyam kalpayati | tejo- 
dhatum api sampadyate | tejodhatusamapannasya Buddhasya Bha- 
gavato vividhany arcimshi' kayan nigcaranti tadyatha ixilapitani 
lohitany avadatani manjishthani sphatikavarnani | anekaixy api prS,- 
tiharyani nidargayati ] adhah kayam prajvalayaty uparimat kayac 
chitala varidharah^ sy andante | yatha purvasyam digy evam dakshina- 
sy&m diciti caturdigam caturvidham riddhipratih§.ryain vidargya tan 
riddhyabhisamskaran pratiprasrabhya prajnapta evasane nishannah | 
nishadya Bhagavan rajanam Prasenajitam Kaugalam. idam avocat | 
iyam maharaja Tathagatasya sarvagravakasadharana riddhih | tatra 
Bhagavan dvir api rajanam Prasenajitam Kaugalam amantrayate | 
ko maharaja Tathagatam adhyeshate 'sadharanS,yam nddhyam uttare 
manushyadharme riddhipratiharye hitaya praninam | atha raja Pra- 
senajit Kaugala utthayasanad ekamsam uttarasangam kritva dakshi- 
nam janumandalam prithivyam pratishthapya yena Bhagavams 
tendnjalim pranamya Bhagavantam idam avocat | aham bhadanta 
Bhagavantam adhyeshe 'sadharanayam riddhydm uttare manushya- 
dharme ^riddhipratiharyam hitiya praninam *nirbhartsayatu tirthy^ 
nandayatu devamanushySms toshayatu sajjanahridayamanamsi | 

BhagavatS, laukikam cittam utpaditam | dharmata khalu Buddha- 
nam Bhagavatain yadi laukikam cittam utp4dayanty antagah kun- 
tapipiliko 'pi prani Bhagavatah^ cetasa cittam ajdnanti^ | athq, lokotta- 
racittam utpadayanti tatragatir bhavati pratyekabuddhanam api kah 
punar vadah gravakanam | atha Cakrabrahmadinam devanam etad 
abhavat | kimartham Bhagavata laukikam cittam utpaditam | tesham 
etad abhavat | (^ravastyam mahapratiharyam nidargayitukamo hitaya 

^ arcishi MSS. 
"* nirbhatsayatu MSS, 

-dhSra MSS. syandate D. 

3 Sic MSS, 

- 21 


.' f 








praninam | atha Qakrabrahmadayo deva anekani ca devatagatasa- 
hasrani Bhagavatag cetasa cittam ajnaya tadyatha balavan purushah 
samkuucitam va bahum prasirayet prasaritam va samkuncayed evam 
eva Cakrabrahmadayo deva auekani ca devatagatasahasrani ca deva- 
loke 'ntarhitani Bhagavatah puratab pratasthuh | atha Brahmadayo 
deva Bhagavantam trih pradakshinikritya Bhagavatah padau girasa 
vanditva dakshinam pargvam nigritya' nishannali | Cakradayo dev& 
Bhagavantam trih pradakshinikritya Bhagavatah padau girasa vandi- 
tva vamam pargvam nisritya' nishannah | Nandopanandabhyain na- 
garajabhyani Bhagavata upanamitam nirmitam sahasrapattram gaka- 
tacakramatram sarvasauvarnam ratnadandam padmam | Bhagavimg 
ca padmakarnikayam nishannah paryankam abhujya rijum kayain 
pranidhaya pratimukham smritim upasthapya padmasyopari padmam 
nirmitam | tatrapi Bhagavan paryankanishannah | evam agratah 
prishthatah pargvatah | evam Bhagavata Buddhapindi nirmita ya- 
vad Akanishthabhavanam upadaya Buddha Bhagavanto ^parshannir- 
matam | kecid Buddhanirmanag caiikramyante kecit tishthanti kecin 
nishidanti kecic chayyam kalpayanti tejodhatum^ api samapadyante 
jvalanatapanavarshanavidyotanapratiharyani kurvanti | anye pragnan 
pricchanty anye visarjayanti gathadvayam bhashate* | 

arabhadhvam nishkramata yujyadhvam Buddhagasane | 
dhunita mrityunah sainyam *nadagaram iva kuiijarah || 
yo hy asmin dharmavinaye apramattag carishyati | 
pi'ahaya jatisamsaram duhkhasyantam karishyati || 
Bhagavata tathadhishthitam yatha sarvaloko 'navritam adrakshid 
Buddhavatamsakam yavad Akamshthabhavanam upadaya antato 
baladaraka api yathapi tad Buddhasya Buddhanubhavena devatanam 
ea devatanubhavena | 

tatra Bhagavan bhikshun amantrayate sma | tavat pratigrihnita 

1 Sic MSS. 
3 dhatur MSS. 

2 Sic CD : paryan- B. Qu. 'paryantam nirmitam? 
* So MSS. ; qu. bhashante? "^ natragaram ABD. 

i- 1- 




bhikshavo 'nupurve sthitaya Buddhapindya nimittam, ekapade 'ntar- 
dhasyanti [ yavad ekapade 'ntarhita | atha Bhagavaras tarn ^riddhya- 
bhisamskaraiu pratiprasrabhya prajnapta evasane nishannah | nishadya 
Bhagavams tasyam velayaip. gatbam bhasbate | 

tavad avabhasate krimir yavan nodayate divakarah | 
virocana udgate tu ^vairavyslrtto bhavati na cavabhasate || 
tavad avabhashitam asa tarkikair yavan nodiiavams Tathagatah | 
sambuddhavabhashite tu loke na tarkiko bhashate na casya 
gravakah || 
atha raja Prasenajit Kaugalas [A. 56. a] tirthyan idam avocat | 
vidargitam BhagavatS, uttare manushyadharme ' riddhipratiharyam 
yuyam api vidargayadhvam | evam ukte tirthyas tushnim bhuta 
yavat ^prayanaparamah sthitah | dvir api raja Prasenajit Kaugalas 
tirthyan idam avocat | vidar9itani Bhagavata uttare manushya- 
dharme ' riddhipratiharyam yuyam api vidargayadhvam | evam ukte 
tirthya anyonyam vighattayanta evahuh | tvam uttishtha tvam 
uttishtheti [ na kagcid apy uttishthati | 

tena khalu punah samayena Paficiko mahasenapatis tasyam eva 
parshadi samnipatito 'bhut | ^samnipatito 'tha Paficikasya yakshase- 
napater etad abhavat | ciram api te ime mohapurush4 Bhagavantam 
vihethayishyanti bhikshusaingham ceti viditva tumulam vatavarsham 
samjanya mahantam utsrishtavan j tumulena vatavarshena tirthya- 
nam mandapa 'darganapathe kshiptah | tirthya hy aganivarshena 
badhyamana diqo digbhyo vicalanti | anekani pranigatasahasrany 
ativarshena badhyamanani yena Bhagavams tenopasanikrantah ] upa- 
samkramya Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditva ekante nishannani | 
Bhagavata tathadhishthitam yatha tasyam parshady ekavarivindur 
na patitah | ekantanishannany anekani pranigatasahasrany udanam 
udanayanti | aho Buddhah aho dharmah aho samghah aho dharma- 

1 Sic MSS. 
^ prayanaparamarthasthitah B. 

2 Sic AC: railavyarttoB; vailaravyfirtto D. 
* Sic MSS. : query sanmipatato. 





sya svakhyatata | Pancikena yakshasenapatinS, tirthyabhihitah ^ | ete 
yuyam mohapurushS, Bhagavantam garanam gacchadhvam dharmaip 
ca bhikshusamgham ca | te iiishpalayaman§,h kathayanti | ete vayara 
parvatam caranam gacchamo vrikshan&m kudyanam iramanam ca 
9arariLam gacchamah | 

atha Bhagavams tasyam vel&yam gatham bhashate | 

bahavah garanara yanti parvatamg ca vanani ca | 

^aramamg caityavrikshamg ca manushya bhayavarjitah. || 

na hy etac charanain 9reshtliam naitac charanam uttamam | 

naitac charanam agamya§,t pramucyate |1 

yas tu Buddham ca dharmam ca samghatp. ca garanam gatah | 

aryasatyani catvari pacyati prajiiaya yada || 

dubkham dubkhasamutpaimam nirodbarp samatikramam ] 

aryam cashtaiigikam margam ksbemam nirvanagaminam^ || 

etac charanain greshtham etac charanam uttamam | 

etac charanam agamya sarvaduhkhat pramucyate || 

atha Puranasyaitad abhavat, gramano Gautamo madiyaii chra 
vakan anvavartayishyatiti viditva nishpalayan kathayati | aham 
yushmakam ^asanasarvasvam kathayishyami | yavad drishtigatan gra- 
hayitum ai*abdhah | yadutantavaml lokah* anantah antavamg cananta- 
vamg ca naivantavan nanantavan, sa jivah tac chariram, anyo jivo 
'nyac chariram iti | evam vistarena drishtigatan grahayitum ara- 
bdhah | tatraikah kathayati j antavaml lokah | dvitiyah kathayati | 
anantah | antavarag ca sa jivas tac chariram anyo jivo 'nyac chari 
ram* iti | te kalahajata viharanti ^bhandanajati vigiihita vivadam 
apannah | Purano 'pi bhito nishpalayitum arabdhah | sa nishpalayan 
pandakena pratimarge drishtah | pandako drishtva [A. 56. b] gatham 
bhashate I 

1 Sic MSS. 
^ -vaUoko MSS. 

- aramamQ MSS.; aramamQ caiva A. ^ .gaminam MSS. 

^ anyaQariram MSS. ^ bhandabhandanajata A. 




kutas tvam agacchasi muktapani rathakaramesha iva nikritta- 

gringah ] 
dharmam hy abhijiiaya jinapragastam dhindase' kolikagardabho 
- yatha || ' 

Puranah praha | gamanaya me samayah pratyupasthitah kayasya 
me balaviryam^ kimcit sprishthag ca bhavab sukhadubkhate me | 
^anavritam jnanam iharhatam durapagato 'smi | ^paratimirapanudag 
ca trisham patati | acaksbva me dushika etam artham gitodaka kutra 
sa pushkirini * | napumsakah.® praha | eshS, khalu gita *pushkirini 
nalini ca virSjati toyadhara'' gramanadhama | hinasatpurusha tvam 
imam nanu pagyasi pushkarinim | Puranah praha | na tvam naro 
napi ca narika tvam gmagrurd ca te nasti na ca stanau tava bhinna- 
svaro 'si na ca cakravakah | evam bhavdn vS,tahato nirucyate | 

atha Purano nirgrantho "balukaghatam kanthe baddhva gitik^yam 
pushkirinyam patitah | sa tatraiva kalagatah | atha te nirgranthah 
Puranarn. mrigayamanah pratimarge ganikam drishtva pricchanti | 
bhadre kamcit tvam adrakshir gacchantam iha Puranain dharmagata- 
praticchannam katacchavratabhojanam | ganika praha | 
ipayiko nairayiko muktahastavacarakah | 
svetabhyam panipad^bhyam esha dhvamsati Puranah || 
bhadre maivain vocas tvam naitat tava subhashitam |. 
dharmagatapraticchanno dharmam samcarate munih || 
ganika praha | 

katham sa buddhiman bhavati purusho vyanjananvitah I 
lokasya pagyato yo 'yam grame carati nagnakah || 
yasyayam Idrigo dharmah purastal lambate daga | 
tasya vai gravanau^ raja kshurapren4vakrintatii || 
atha te nirgrantha yena gitika pushkirini tenopasamkrantih j 
adrakshus te nirgranthah Piiranam Kagyapam pushkirinyam mritam 

1 Exconj.; mahindase MSS. ^ jjajavlrya CD, 3 anavritam CD. 

* para- CD. s Sic MSS. as usual. ^ ^ap- pandakah C, pandakah B. 

9 Vai9ravano MSS. 

^ toyadhavara C, toyavara D. 

8 balika- MSS. 







:i i 

kalagatam drishtva ca punah pushkirinya uddhrityaikante chorayitv^ 
prakrantah | 

Bhagavata Buddhanirmano nirmito dvatrimgata mahapurushala- 
kshanaih samanvagato mundah samghatipravritah | dharmata khalu 
Buddha Bhagavanto nirmitena sardham nigcayam kurvanti^ | yam 
khalu gravako nirmitam abhinirmimite yadi gravako bhashate nir- 
mito 'pi bhashate gravake tushnibhute nirmito 'pi tushnibhavati | 
ekasya bhashyamanasya sarve bhashanti nirmitah | 
ekasya tushnibhutasya sarve tushntbhavanti te* || 
Bhagavan ninnitam pragnam piicchati Bhagavan vyakaroti | esha hi 
dharmata Tathagatanam arhatam samyaksambuddhanam j 

Bhagavata tasya mahajanakayasya tathabhiprasannasyagayam 
canugayam ca dhatum prakritiin ca jnatva tadrigi caturaryasatya- 
samprativedhaki dharmadeqana krita yathanekaih prani9atasahasraih 
garanagamanaQikshapadani kai9cid ^ushmagatany adhigatani murdhS,- 
nah kshantayo laukika agradharmah kaiccic chrotapattiphalam s§^ 
kshatkritam sakridagamiphalam anagamiphalam kaigcit pravrajya 
sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam sakshatkritam kaigcic ehravakamaha- 
bodhau vijany avaropitani kaigcit pratyekayam bodhau vijany ava- 
ropitani | yad bhuyasa sa parshad Buddhanimna [A. 57. a] dharma- 
pravana sarnghapragbhara vyavasthita | atha Bhagavam* tatn parsha- 
dam Buddhanimnam dharmapravananri samghapragbharam vyava- 
sthapyotthayasanat prakrantah | 

dhanyas te purusha loke ye Buddham garanam gatah | 
nirvritiin te gamishyanti Buddhakarakritau janah |1 
ye 'Ipan api jine karan karishyanti vinayake j 
vicitram svargam ^gamya te lapsyante 'mritam padam || 
iti gridivyavadane* pratiharyasutram dvadagam® I 

^ kurvantu AB : CD repeat the sentence with kurvantu the second time. 
^ B adds Bhagavan bhupanirmite tam Bhagavan. 3 gfc MSS. (ushnag- 

fol. 27 a). 4 Sic MSS. ^ 0^, j^q^ e dvada<?ah MSS. 

A adds (jloka shka ? 1, BC 9I0 d shka ? 1. 





Buddho Bhagavaii Qravastyam viharati sma Jetavane 'natha- 
pindadasyarame | tena khalu punah samayena ' giQumiragirau Bodho 
nama grihapatih prativasaty adhyo mahadhano mahabhogo vistir- 
navigalaparigraho Vai9ravanadhanasaniudito Vaigravanadhanaprati- 
spardhi ] tena sadricat kulat kalatram anitam | sa taya sardham 
kridati ramate paricarayati | tasya kridato ramamanasya paricaraya- 
tah kalantarena patni apannasattva samvritta | sa upariprasadatala- 
gata ayantritopacara dharyate kalartukaig copakaranair anuvidhiyate 
vaidyaprajnaptaig ciharair natitiktair^ natyamlair natilavanair nati- 
madhurair natikatukair natikashayais tiktamlalavanamadhurakatu- 
kakashayavivarjitair aharair harardhaharabhushitagatra apsara iva 
nandanavanacarini mancan maiicam^ pithat pitham avataranti* adha- 
rimam bLumim na easy ah kimcid amanojnaQabdaQravanain yavad eva 
garbhasya paripakaya saslitanaip va navanam va masanam atyayat 
prasuta I darika jata abhirupa dar9aniya prasadika sarvangapratyango- 
peta I tasyas trini saptakany ekavim9atidivasan vistarena jatimaliam 
kritva varnasamsthanavigeslianurupam* namadheyam vyapasthapi- 
tam I sa dhatryankagata unniyate vardhyate kshirena dadhna navani- 
tena sarpisha sarpimandenanyaig cottaptottaptair upakaranavi^eshair 
kqu vardhyate hradastham iva pankajam | yada mahati samvritta 
tada rupini yauvananurupayacaraviharaceshtaya devakanyeva tad- 
griham avabhasamana suhritsambandhibandhavanam antarjanasya ca 
pritim utpadayati | tasyas tadrigim vibhutim grutva nanadeQanivasi- 
rajaputra® amatyaputra grihapatiputra dhaninah greshthiputrah sar- 

^ MSS. ^-1191- : but afterwards ^JQ^i-- 
3 mancamancam ABD. •* anavatarantl BC. 

^ -putramatya- MSS. 

2 natiriktair MSS. 
« -rupam MSS. 






thavahaputrag ca bharyarthara yacanakan preshayanti | yatha yatha 
casau prarthyate tatha tatha Bodho grihapatili sutaram pritim utpa- 
dayati samlakshayati | mayaisha na kasyacid rupena deya 'na gilpena 
napy adhipatyena kinitu yo mama kugalena va dhanena va sadriQO 
bhavati tasya maya datavyeti | sa caivam cintayati | Anathapindadena 
giihapatiiia 9rutam yatha ^ Cigumaragirau Bodho grihapatis tasya 
duhita evaiurupayauvanasamudita sa nanade9aiiivasinam rajamatya- 
grihapatidhaninam greshthisarthavahaputranam arthaya prS,rthyata 
iti 9rutvi ca punar asyaitad abhavat | aham api tavat taip.^ putra- 
sy arthaya prarthayam.! kadacid Bodho grihapatir dadyad [A. 57. b] 
iti viditva tasya yacanakah preshitah | Bodhena giihapatina Anatha- 
pindadasya grihapateh * samudacaradhanasampadam ca vicarya datta | 
Anathapindadena giihapatina mahata 9risamudayena putrasya pari- 
nita I yavat punar api Bodhasya gi'ihapateh patnya sardham kridato 
ramamanasya paricarayatah patnl apannasattva samvritta | yam 
eva divasam apannasattva samvi-itta tarn eva divasam Bodhasya 
giihapater anekany anarthacatani pradurbhutani | tena naimittika 
ahuya prishtah [ bhavantah pa9yata kasya prabhavan mamanartha- 
catani pradurbhutani | naimittaka vicaryaikamatenahuh | grihapate 
ya esha sattvas tava patnyah kukshim avakranto 'syaisha prabhavas 
tad asya parityagah kriyatam iti 9rutva Bodho grihapatih param 
vishadam §.pannah kathayati | bhavantah svagatam na parityakshya- 
miti I naimittah svastity uktva prakrantah [ atha Bodho grihapatir 
viyogasainjanitadaurmanasyo^ 'pi lokapavadabhayad abhyupekshyS,- 
vasthitah | yatha yathasau garbho vriddhim gacchati tatha tatha 
Bodhasya grihapater uttarottarati9ayenanartha9atany utpadyante | 
sa samlakshayati, ka etani 9rinoty udyanam gatva tishthamiti viditva 
tena paurusheya uktah | yadi me ka9cin mah§,n anartha utpadyate sa 
9ravayitaA^o nanya ity uktva udyanam gatvavasthito yavad asyasau 

1 Om. MSS. 
■* samudayacara-? 

2 MSS. 9^90- : but afterwards ^i^u-. ^ tavantam MSS. 

5 viyogasarpjanitadaurmaiiasydpi MSS. 

- < T"-?K^^**^^'5-^*'^3^c**''- 




patni prasuta ] darako jatah ] anyatamah punishas tvaritam tvaritam 
Bodhasya grihapateh sakagam gatah | tenasau durata eva drishtah | 
sa samlakshayati | yathayam tvaritatvaritam ^gacchati nunam mahan 
anarthah pradurbMta iti viditva sasambhramah pricchati [ bhoh 
purusha k^jp tvaritatvaritam agacchasiti | sa kathayati | grihapate 
dishtya vardhase putras te jata iti | sa kathayati | bhoh purusha 
yady api me putro 'nartha^atany utpMya jatas tathapi svagatam 
asyeti I tadanantaram eva dvitiyapurushas tathaiva tvaritatvaritam 
agruparyakulekshano Bodhasya grihapateh sakagam gatah | so 'pi 
tenanarthataya sasambhramena prishtah ] bhoh purusha kirn tvari- 
tatvaritam agacchasiti | sa vashpoparudhyamanagadgadakanthah ka- 
runadinavilambitaksharam kathayati | grihapate grihe 'gnir utthitah 
sarvain svapateyam dagdham iti | sa muhur muhur anarthagravana- 
dridhikritacittasamtatih kathayati | bhoh purusha praptavyam etad 
alam vishadena tushntm tishtheti | atha tasya jiiatayo lokadharminu- 
vrityavajnapurvakena namadheyam vyavasthapayitum arabdhah | 
kim bhavatu darakasya nameti | tatraike kathayanti [A. 58. a] | 
yat kulasadrigam tat kriyatam iti | apare kathayanti { yena Bodhasya 
grihapateh kukshigatenaivanekadhanasamuditam griham nidhanam 
upanitam tasya kidriQam kulasadiigam nama vyavasthapyate, api tv 
ayam pitra jatamatrah Svagatavadena samudacaritas ^ tasm§,d asya 
Svagata iti bhavatv iti tasya Svagata iti namadheyam vya- 
vasthS,pitam, | yathli, yatha Svagato vriddhim upayati tathS, tatha 
Bodhasya giihapater dhanadhanyahiranyasuvarnadasidS,sakarmakara- 
paurusheyas tanutvam parikshayam paryadanam gacchanti yS,vad 
aparena samayena Bodho grihapatih kalagatah sapy asya patni 
kalagata | tad griham pratisamskritam punar agnina dagdham yad 
apy dvarigatam kshetragatam ca Qasyadidhanajatam tad apy agnina 
dagdham ye 'py asya paurusheySh panyam S.daya degantaragata 
mahasamudratn yavat tirnah | tatah keshamcid yanapatram vipannam 

^ samud&cari C. 







i 1 

keshaincit panyam apanyijatam kecit tatraivanayena vyasanam apan- 
nah keshamcit k§,ntarainadhyagatanam caurair dravyam apahritam 
keshamcin nagarasamipam anupraptanam ' gaulkika^aulkikair dra- 
vyam vicarayadbhih. saro grihitah keshamcit pattanam anuprapta- 
nam rajua ^viniyuktair dosham utpadya sarvasvam apal^tam kecid 
Bodhasya grihapateh pranaviyogam grutva tatraivavasthitah.^ | jfiati- 
nam api kecit kalagatah kecin nishpalayitah kecit tatraivavasthitah* 
Svagatasya vacam api na prayacchanti [ dasidasakarmakarapauru- 
sheya api kecit kalagatah kecin nishpalayitah kecid anya9rayena 
tatraivavasthitah santah Svagatasya namapi na grihnanti | kimtu 
Bodhasyaika puranavriddha dasi kritajnataya Svagatasyopasthanam 
kurvanti tishthati | taya sa lipyaksharacaryasyaksharard gikshayitum 
upanyastah | sa samlakshayati | Bodhasya giihapater griham aneka- 
dhanasamuditam vistirnasvajanabandhuvargam prabhutadasidasa- 
karmakarapaurusheyam parikshayam paryadanam gatam | Sva- 
gato 'ham cavasthitah | taj jijiiasayami tavat kasyapunyenayam 
upaplavah kim Svagatasyahosvin mameti | taya Svagatasya namn^ 
sthSlyam tandulan prakshipya bhaktartham yojita vinashtah | tata 
atmano nimna tathaiva yojitah gobhanain bhaktam sampannam | sa 
samlakshayati | asau mandabhagya etam agamya Bodhasya griha- 
pater griham anekadhanasamuditam vistirnasvajanabandhuvargam 
prabhutadasidasakarmakarapaurusheyam parikshayam paryadanam 
gatam aham punar na yasyamiti kutah sthasyamity atra praptakalam 
sarvatha yavat pranaviyogo na bhavati tavan nishpalayeyam iti 
viditva yat tatra kincit [A. 58, b] saram asti tarn adaya nishpala- 
yita I tasmin ^unye grihe cvanah pravigya kalahara kartum ^rabdhah | 
yavad anyatamo dhurtapurushas tena pradegenatikramati | sa 9vS,na- 
kalaham grutva samlakshayati | Bodhasya grihapater grihe gvanah 
kalim kurvanti kim tad anyam bhaveta pacyimi tavad iti j sa tatra 

^ sautkika<?aulmikair AB, (jaulkikaQaulmikair CD [here, but right afterwards], 
2 vininnuktair A, ^ tatraivasthitah C. * tatraivasthitSh MSS. 




pravishto yavat pagyati gunyam [ so 'pi tasmad yat kincic chesha- 
vagesham asti tarn adaya prakrantah [ tatah Svagato bhojanavelam 
jnatva lekhagalayah svagriham &gato bhoktum iti y&vat pagyati 
gunyam | sa bhoktukamavarjitasamtatih kshudhasamjanitadaurma- 
nasyah gabdapayitum arabdhab, amba ambeti | na kagcid vacanaip 
dadati | sa tad griham itag camutag ca vyavalokya nairagyam apanno 
nishkrantab | tasya grihasya natidure 'nyagriham | tasmin Sviga- 
tasya jnatayas tisbthanti | sa tesham sakagam gato yavat tatra kalih 
pradurbbuta' | te kalaham kritva vyupagantab parasparam katha- 
yanti | bbavantah purvam asmakam anyonyain drishtva sneho bba- 
vati idanim tu dvesbah pagyadhvam kagcid anya^ agatah syad iti ] te 
samanvesbitum arabdba yavat pagyanti Svagatam | tatraike katha- 
yanti | bbavantab Svagatah pravisbta iti | apare kathayanti | nayain. 
Svagatah kimtu Duragato yam agamyasmakam kalih. pr^durbhuta 
iti I sa tair grivayain. grihitva nisbkasito 'nyatra gatas tasmad api 
nisbkasito yavat krodamallanam madhye pravisbtah | te yatra yatra 
bbaiksbartbikab prativiganti ^ tatra nirbhartsyante* nishkasyante 
ca I te nairagyam apanna riktabastaka riktamallakah gunyadeva- 
kulamandapavriksbamulany agatab j te 'nyonyam priccbanti [ bha- 
vanto vayam purve yatra yatra gaccbamas tatah purnabastah purna- 
mallaka agaccbima idanim ko yogo yena vayam riktabastaka rikta- 
mallaka nairagyam apanna ibagata iti | tatraike katbayanti ] nunam 
ko 'pi mandabbagyo 'smakam madbye pravishto yena vayarp. rikta- 
hasta riktamallaka ibagata iti I apare katbayanti I gatam etad dvidba 
bhutva pravigama iti [ te parasmin divase dvidba bhutva pravisbtah | 
tatra yeshaip madbye Svagatas te tathaiva nirbhartsita* nisbkasitag ca 
nairagyam apanna riktahasta riktamallag ca yathanilayam agatas te 
tv anye purnahastah purnamallaka agatah | ye te riktabastaka rikta- 
patra agatas te bhuyo dvidba bhutva pravisbtah | tatra tesham api 

^ Sic MSS., but afterwards masc. 2 anyad MSS. 

vasantiAC. < nirbhats- MSS. 








y ' I, 

yeshani madhye SvS,gatas te tathaiva riktahastS, riktamallakS,9 c§,ga- 
t&h I te bhuyo dvidha bhut§. evam yavat Svagatakrodamallakau pra- 
vislitau riktahastau [59. a] riktamallakav agatau te tv anye purna- 
hastah purnamallaka agatah | tatas te krodamallakah sarve sambhuya 
samkalpam kartum arabdhah | bhavanto 'y^^^ mandabbagyo 'smakam 
madbye pravishto yena vayam riktahasta riktamallakag cagata nishka- 
say ama ' enam iti | sa taih prabhutan praharan dattva girasi ca malla- 
kam bhaktam nishkasitab | atrantare yavac Chr^vasteyo banijo^ Bodha- 
sya grihapater vayasyab panyam adaya ^Cigumaragirim aniipraptab j 
tena Svagato mallakena hastagatena pithim* gato mukhavimbakena 
pratyabhijfiata uktag ca | putra tvam Bodhagrihapateb putra iti | sa 
kathayati | tata abam tasya putro Duragata iti | sa muburtam tushnim 
sthitvacruparyakulekshanah kathayati | putra tau tava matapitarau 
kalagatau, te jnatayab | sa aha | tesham api kecit kalagatah kecid 
ihaiva tishthanto vacam api na prayacchanti | te dasidasakannakara- 
paurusheyah | tesham api kecit kalagatah kecin nishpalayitah kecid 
ihaivanyan agrityavasthita vacam api na prayacchanti yad avagishtam 
dhanam tad api kincid agnina dagdham, ye banikpaurusheya grihitv^ 
dhanarthino degantaram mahasamudram cavatirnas tatrapi keshatncit 
panyam apanyibhutam kecit tatraivanayena vyasanam apann§,h ke- 
shamcit kantaramadhyagatanam taskarair dravyam apahritam ke- 
shaipcin nagarasamipam anupraptanam * gaulkikagaulkikair dravyam 
vicarayadbhih saro grihitah keshamcit pattanam anupraptanam rajna 
viniyuktair dosham utpadya sarvasvam. apahritam kecit tasya prana- 
viyogam grutva tatraivavasthitah* | sa dirgham ushnam ca nigvasya 
kathayati | putra Cravastim kim na gacchasi | tata kim tatragatasya 
bhavishyati | putra tatranathapindado grihapatis tasya putrena tava 
bhagini parinita sa ta"va yogodvahanam karishyatiti | sa kathayati j 
tata yadyevam gacchamiti | tena tasya dvau karshapanau dattav 

1 nishkaQayama MSS. 2 banija MSS. 3 Sic MSS. ^ gig mSS.; vithun? 
' saulldka9aulmi]£air ABC, ^aulkikaQaulmikair D. ^ tatraivasthitah MSS. 




uktag ca | putrabhyS,m tavad ^.tmanam samdharaya yavad aham 
panyam visarjayami maya s§,rdham gamishyasi | tena tau kirsliS,- 
panau kltustavastrSnte baddhva sthapitau karma vipdkena vismritau | 
tathaiv4sau kutagcit kimcid aragayati kimcin naragayati kshudhaya 
pidyamano 'vastMto yavad asau banik panyam visarjayitva prati- 
panyam adaya Svagatam^ vismritya samprasthitah. | Svagato 'pi tena 
sardham samprasthitah | ydvat te sarthakah^ kaliin kartum drabdha 
balivardha yoddhum arabdhah | s§,rthikah* kathayanti | bhavantah 
pratyavekshata s§,rtham. masau Duragato 'tragatah [A. 59. b] syM 
iti I taih pratyavekshamanair asau drishtah | te tarn khatucapetidi- 
bhis tadayitva ardhacandrakarena griva.yam grihitva nishkasitum 
'arabdhah | sa nishkasito nishkramyamS,no vikroshtum arabdhah | 
sarthavahas tain kolahalagabdam grutva nirikshitum arabdhah yS,vat 
pagyati tarn, nishkasyamanam | sa kathayati | bhavanto mainam 
nishkasayata mamaisha vayasyaputro bhavatiti j te kathayanti | 
sarthavaha yam agamya Bodhasya grihapater anekadhanasamuditam 
sasuhritsambandhibandhavam griham vinashtam katham tena sar- 
dham gacchamah, sarvatha tvam sarthasya svami yady esha gacchati 
vayam na gacchama iti | sarthavahas tarn kathayati | putra maha- 
janavirodho 'tra bhavati sarthakah kshubhitas tvam pagcad vasodghS,- 
tikayS,* gaccha aham tavarthe aharam sthS,paydmiti j sa matapitrivi- 
yogapratispardhina purvakarmaparadhaprabhavena duhkhadaurma- 
nasyena samtapitamanah sasravakanthas tushnim avasthitah | sar- 
thah samprasthitah so 'pi vasodghatikaya ^ gantum Arabdhah | sa 
sarthavahas tasyaharam pattraputake baddhva kimcid bhumau 
pamguna praticchadya sthapayati kimcid vrikshagakhapattrair ava- 
cchadya | tatra yam bhumau sthapayati sa grigalair anyaig ca- 
tushpadair bhakshyate yam vrikshagakh^su sa pakshibhih gakha- 
mrigaig ca bhakshyate | tatah kimcid aragayati kimcin naragayati | 

^ C inserts sarthau grihya. ^ Sic MSS. 

* -dghatikaya CD. « -dghatikay4 D. 

3 axabdhah MSS. 






n 'i 

asthanam anavakago yac caramabhavikah sattvo 'samprapte vigeshS,- 
dhigame so 'ntara kalam kuryat | sa kricchrena ^ravastim anu- 
praptah, | vahih (JJravastyam udapanopakanthake vigrantah | y&vat 
tasya bhaginyah santika preshyadarika udakarthini kumbham adaya 
gata j sa taya mukhavimbakena pratyabhijnatah | sa ciram nirikshya 
hinadinavadana kathayati | daraka tvam Bodhasya grihapateh. ^ Cugu- 
maragiriyakasya putra iti [ sa kathayati | evam ma bhaginijana 
samjanita iti | saQruparyakulekshana vashpoparudhyamanakantha 
urasi praharam dattva karunadinavilambitaksharam prashtum ara- 
bdha j tau tava m^tapitarau kalagatau | kalagatau [ te jnatayah | 
sa kathayati | tesham api kecit kalagatah kecin nishpalayitah. kecit 
tatraiva tishtlianto vacam api na prayacchanti | te dasidasakarma- 
karapaurusheyah | tesbam api kecit kalagatah kecin nishpalayitah 
kecit tatraivanyan aQrityavasthita vacam api na prayacchanti, yad 
api dhanajatam tad api kimcid agnina dagdhaip. kimcid anyapauru- 
sheya grihitva dhanarthino degantaram mahasamudram cavatirnas 
tatrapi keshamcid yanapatram vipannam keshamcit panyam apanyi- 
bhutara kecit tatraivanayena vyasanam apannah keshamcit kantara- 
madhyagatanam taskarair dravyam apahritam keshamcin nagara- 
samipam anupraptanam 9aulkika9aulkikair dravyam vicarayadbhih 
saro grihitah keshamcit pattanam anupraptanam rajaniyuktair 
dosham utpadya sarvasvam apahritam kecit tasya pranaviyogam gru- 
tva tatraivavasthitah ^ | sa dirgham ushnam ca nigvasya kathayati I 
ihaiva tishtha yavat te bhaginyah kathayamiti | taya gatva tasyah 
pracchannam [A. 60. a] kathitam | kidrigena panyeneti | sa katha- 
yati I kuto 'sya panyam dandam asya haste mallakag ceti | taya 
tasyartham maharhani vastrani dattani karshapanaing ca dattva ukta 
ca I sa vaktavyo yadi te bhagineyo va bhagineyika va upasamkramati 
tasyaiva karshapanS,n dadya ma jiiatinam pratarkyo bhavishyatiti j 
sa vastrany adaya kS-rshapanaipg ca tasya sakagam gata kathayati | 
^ Sic MSS. " tatraivdsthitah MSS. 




imani te vastrani karsliapaii§,mc ca bhaginya preshitani kathayati ca 
yadi te bliS,gineyo vS, bhagineyika va upasamkramati tasyaitatkar- 
shapanan dadya ma juatinara pratarkyo bhavishyati ] sa kathayati | 
Qobhanam eva ^bhavatity uktva tushnim avasthitah | darika pra- 
kranta | sa samlakshayati | Anathapindado grihapatir vistirnasva- 
janaparivaro 'smS,kam api pita vistirnaparivarah | tesham* ekaikago 
vartam pratyavekshate^ | bhaginya ciram alapo bhavishyati sa ca 
margaparigramakhinnena kshudharttena na gakyate kartum puro- 
bhakshikam tavat karomi triptah sukhalapam karishyimiti | sa pana- 
garain gatah | tena tatra pravriddhavegapadasanijanakam madyam 
pitam I sa matta udyanam gatva ^ayitah | acaritaip. Qravastyam 
udyanamoshakah purushSli pratidinam anvahindyante | te yadi 
suptaip purusham pagyanti padena ghattayanti sa yadi prativibu- 
dhyate tana evain vadanti | bhoh purusha na tvaya 9rutain. yatha 
Cravastyam udyanamoshakah purushah pratidinam anvahindyante | 
te yadi suptam purusham pagyanti vadanti, uttishtha gaccheti [ yadi 
na prativibudhyate mushitva gacchanti | taih padena ghattito na 
prativibudhyate mushitva prakrantah j sa vigatamadyamadah prati- 
buddho yavat pagyati tany ev§,nantakani* pravrityS,vasthitah | tato 
'sya bhagini samlakshayati | aticirayaty asau nunam atra karanena 
bhavitavyam iti | tayasau dirika punah preshita | darike gaccha 
cirayaty asau pagya kimartham nagacchatiti | sa gata yavat pa9yati 
mushitakam tenaiva veshenavasthitam [ sa tvaritatvaritam gata ta- 
syah kathayati | &rye mushitas tenaiva veshena tishthatiti | sa sam- 
lakshayati I yami agamya Bodhasya grihapater anekadhanasamuditatn 
sasuhritsambandhibandhavam griham vinashtam yadi tam iha prave- 
gayami sthanam etad vidyate yan mayapi *9va9uragriham anayena 
vyasanam apatsyate nasav iha prave9ayitavya iti viditvi tay^py 
upekshitah j tasyapi purvakarmaparadhad vismritam | sa krodamalla- 

■j' ]■' 

^ bhavatyuktva MSS. 
* Sic MSS. Qu. eva vastrakdni. 

2 tenam CD. ^ pratyavekshyate D.. 

^ Qvasura MSS. 




kS.nam madhye pravishtaL. | te yatra yatra bhaiksharthinaH praviganti 
tatra tatra nirbhartsyante ' ca* te nishkasyante naira9yain^ SpannS. 
riktahasta riktamallakah gunyadevakulamandapavrikshamulany aga- 
tah. I te 'nyonyain [A. 60. b] pricchanti | bhavanto vayam purvam 
yatra yatra gacchamas tatah purnahastah purnamallakS, gaccbama 
idanim ko yogo yena vayam riktahastS, riktamallaka nairagyam 
apannS, ihagata iti j tatraike kathayanti | nunam ko 'pi mandabhagyo 
'smakam madhye pravishto yena vayam riktahasta riktamallaka iha- 
gata iti I apare kathayanti ca | dvidhS, bhutva pravigama iti | te 
'parasmin divase dvidhS, bhutva pravishtah [ tatra yesham madhye 
Svagatas te tathaiva nirbhartsita ^ nishkasita9ca naira9yam apanna 
riktahasta riktamallakag cagatas te tv anye purnahastah purnamallaka 
S.gata [ ye riktahasta riktamallaka agatS,s te bhuyo dvidha bhutva 
pravishtah | tesham api yesham madhye Svagatas te tathaiva rikta- 
hasta riktamallakac cagatah | te bhuyo dvidha bhuta evam yavat 
Svagato 'nyac ca krodamallakah pravishtah | tau riktahastau rikta- 
mallakav agatau te tv 'nye purnahastah purnamallaka agata | te kro- 
damallakah sarve sambhuya samjalpam kartum arabdhah | bhavanto 
'yam mandabhS,gyasattvo 'smakam madhye pravishto yena vayam 
riktahasta riktamallakag cagatS, nishk§,sayama enam iti j sa taih pra- 
bhutan praharan dattvi girasi ca mallakam bhaktam nishkasitah | 
atrantare 'nathapindadena grihapatina Buddhapramukho bhikshu- 
samgho 'ntargrihe bhaktenopanimantritah | tena dauvarik^nam ajiiS, 
datta I na tavat kasyacit krodamallakasya pravego datavyo yavad 
Buddhapramukhena bhikshusamghena bhuktam pagcat tan bhoja- 
yishyamiti | krodamallaka ye tasya griham pratigaranabhutas* te 
sarve samnipatitah praveshtum arabdhah [ dauvirikena virodhitah 
kathayanti | bhoh purushasmakam eva namnayam grihapatih pra- 
jiiayate 'nithapindado grihapatir iti tat kim idam iti kritva 'sm^n 

1 nirbhats- MSS. 
* -bhiata MSS. 

2 Sic MSS. : nishkasyante ca | te. ^ nira^jam MSS. 




' vidharayasiti | sa kathayati | grihapatinajfia datt^ na tavat kasyacit 
krodamallakasya pravego dS,tavyo yavad Buddhapramukhena bhi- 
kshusamghena bhuktam pagcat tan bhqjayishyamiti | te kathayanti | 
bhavanto na kadacid vayam vidharyamanas ' tam pagyata matrarya 
Duragata agato bbaved iti [ te samanveshitum arabdha yivat pagyanty 
ekasmin pradege niliyavasthitam | tatas taih. kolahalagabdali kritah | 
ayam bhavantah sa Duragato nilinas tishthatiti | sa taih prabhut§,n 
praharan dattva nishkasitas tivrena ca paryavasthanena girasi malla- 
kena prabaro dattah | tasya §iro bhagnam | sa nivartya [A. 61. a] 
vipralapitum arabdhab | tatas tair hastapadeshu gribitva samkarakute 
kshipto Duragatatra tishtheti | sa rudhirena pragharata tasmin sam- 
karakute 'vasthito yavad Bhagavan purvahne nivasya patracivaram 
adaya bhiksbuganapariviito bhikshusamghapuraskrito yenanatha- 
pindadasya grihapater niveganam tenopasamkrantah | adrakshid 
Bhagavan Svagatam ^parusharukshangulidirghakegam rajasavacurni- 
tagatram krigam alpasthamam ' malinajirnavasonivasitam girasa 
bhagnena rudhirena pragharatanyaig ca vranaig cakirnair makshika- 
bhir upadrutaih samkarakute nipatitam diishtva ca punar bhikshun 
amantrayate sma | tripyata bhikshavah sarvabhavopapattibhyas 
tripyata sarvabhavopapattyupakaranebhyo yatra nama caramabhavi- 
kasya sattvasyeyam avastha | tatra Bhagavan* tam Svagatam aman- 
trayate I S,kankshase vatsa patragesham | ^kankshami Bhagavan ( 
tatra Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam Amantrayate | Svagatasya 


te Ananda patraceshah sthapayitavyam* iti | evain bhadantety 
ayushman Anando Bhagavatah pratyagraushit |- 

atha Bhagavan yenanathapindadasya grihapater bhaktabhisaras* 
tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya purastad bhikshusamghasya pra- 
jnapta evasane nishannah | Anathapindado grihapatih sukhopani- 
shannam Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham viditva gucinS, prani- 

1 Sic MSS. 2 purusha- BCD. 

^ bhaktatisaras MSS. 

3 -sthanam D. 

Sic MSS. 


- f 

V ; 




tena khadaniyabhojaniyeua svahastam samtarpayati sampravarayati ' | 
anekaparyayena jgucina pranitena khadaniyabhojaniyena svahastena 
samtarpya sampravarya Bhagavantam bhuktavantam viditva dhauta- 
hastam apanitapatram nicataram asanara grihitva Bhagavatali pura- 


Stan nishanuo dliarmacravanaya | ayushmata Anandasya tat patra- 
geshain Svagataya vismritam j asammoshadharmano Buddlia Bhaga- 
vantah | Bhagavata utthapitam | ayushman Anando Bhagavatah pa- 
tram grihitum arabdho yavat pa9yati tatra patragesham na^ sainstha- 
pitam di-ishtva ca smritir utpanna | ^sa dharmatattvo vacasatharodi- 
tum arabdhah [ Bhagavan aha | kasmat tvam Ananda rodishiti | sa 
kathayati [ na maya bhadanta Bhagavatah kadacid ajiia pratyudha- 
purreti | kiin. kritam | Svagatasya patragesham na sthapitam iti | 
Bhagavan aha | na tvayananda mamajnapratismrita api tu Svaga- 
tasyaiva tani karmani labdhasambharani parinatapratyayany oghavat 
pratyupasthitany avacyabhavini yena tava vismritam, alam vishadena 
gaccha tarn cabdapayeti | sa gatva gabdapayitum arabdhah j anekaih 
prativacanam dattam* | Svagatasya tad api vismritam yad Bhagavata 
pratijnatam, tava patragesham sthapayishyamiti | sa samlakshayati | 
ko 'py ayain punyakarma Bhagavata trailokyaguruna samanvahiitah 
[A. 61, b] cabdata iti | ayushmatanandena gatva Bhagavata aro- 
citam I Bhagavan Svagata ityuktvanekaih prativacanam dattam na 
jane kain gabdapayamiti ] Bhagavan aha | gacchananda gatva kathaya 
yo Bodhasya grihapateh ^Cugumaragiriyasya putrah Svagatai sa 
agaechatv iti | ayushmatanandena gatvoccaih gabdair uktah® | yo 
Bodhasya grihapateh Cucumaragiriyakasya putrah Svagatah sa aga- 
echatv iti I tena pitur namacravanad atmano nama smrita,ni | sa ganair 
dandavishtambhanayogad utthaya gatham bhashate | 

bhrashtah Svagatagabdo 'jB.m'' kutah punar ihagatah | 

f I 

^ sampracarayati A. . - Exconject.; ca MSS. ^ saddharma- C. 

* Om. MSS. 5 Sic MSS. as infra. « Sic MSS. ; uktam ? 

7 -Qabclayam MSS. 




nunam a^reyaso iia9ah. qrejasaq ca samudbhavah [[ 
tesham sarvajiia natho 'si ye lii tvain garanam gatah. [ 
tesham svagatam aryanam ye ca te 9asane ratali [| 
aham tu bhagyarahitah sarvabandhuvivarjitah | 
gocyali kashtam dacam praptah goka^alyasamarpitali H iti 


athayushman Anandas tarn adaya yena Bhagavams tenopasam- 
krantah | upasamkramya Bbagavantam idam avocat | ayam bha- 
danta 'Svagata iti | sa Bhagavata kshudhasamjanitadaurmanasyah 
samagvasita uktag ca | putremam^ patragesham paribhuiikshveti | sa 
tarn, drishtva samlaksliayati | yady apy aham Bhagavata trailokya- 
guruna daivat samanvahiitas tad api stokah patrageshah sthapitah 
kim atra bhokshya iti | Bhagavains tasya cetasa cittam ajnaya katha- 
yati I vatsa yadi tvam Sumerumatraih pindaih samudrasadii^ena 
kukshina paribhokshyase tathapy avyayam tan na parikshayam 
gamishyati yavat triptah paribhunkshva yathasukham iti | tena 
tavat bhuktam yavat tripta iti tatsanitarpitendriyo Bhagavato mu- 
kham vyavolakayatum^ arabdhah | BhagavSn S,ba [ vatsa Svagata 
tripto 'si I tripto 'smi Bhagavan | vatsa yady evam apagcimain ka- 
valam giihanantardhasyaty esha patra iti | tenapagcimakavado' gri- 
hitah so 'ntarhitah [ Bhagavan dakshinadeganS,!!! ki'itva prakrantah | 
caramabhavikah sa sattvo Bhagavantam prishthatah prishthatah 
samanubaddho yivad Bhagavan viharam gatvS, purastad bhikshu- 
samghasya prajnapta evasane nishannah | so 'pi Bhagavatah padau 
girasa vanditva ekante nishannah | Bhagavan samlakshayati, pushpa- 
nam enam preshayami karmapanayo 'sya kartavya iti viditva Sva- 
gatam amantrayate | vatsa Svagata santi te karshapanah | na santi 
Bhagavan | vatsa Svagata vastrantam nirikshasva | vastrS.ntam niri- 
kshitum arabdho yS,vat pacyati dvau karshapanau | sa kathayati | 
Bhagavan dvau karshapanau | [A. 62. a] vatsa gaccha Gandaka- 
syaramikasya sakagan nilotpalani gi"ihitva agaccheti | Sv^gatas tasya 

1 ^vasvagata MSS. ^ putroyam MSS. ^ gic mSS. 





i } 






saka.9am gatah | sa tam durad eva drishtva paryavasthitah. | sa sam- 
lakshayati, agato 'yam Duragato niyatam mamanartho bhavatiti 
viditva saparusham kathayati | Duragata kimartham tvam iha- 
gacchasiti | sa gatham bhashate | 

nilotpalair asti karyaip. me tatlianyair napi paiikajaih | 
naunindrasya tu duto 'bam sarvajiiasya yagasvinah || 
ity uktva pratinivartitum arabdhali | so 'pi gatham bhashate j 
ehy ehi yadi duto 'si tasya gantatmano muneh | 
pujyah se' naradevanam pujyah pujyatamair api || 
ity uktva sa kathayati [ Buddhadutas tvam | Buddhadutah | ki- 
martham agatah | pushpartham | yadi Buddhadutas tvam grihana 
yathepsitam | nilotpalanam bharam adaya Bhagavatsakacam agatah | 
Bhagavan aha | vatsa bhikshunam caraya [ sa bhikshunam caratum^ 
arabdhah | bhikshavo na pratigrihnanti | Bhagavan aha | grihni- 
dhvam bhikshavah sarvasugandham cakshushyam karmapanayo 'sya 
kartavya iti | bhikshubhir grihitani | giihitva pushpitani | ^tenapur- 
vam nilakritsnam utpaditam purvam j sa vriddhante sthitva tani 
pushpani diishtvS, sutaram nirikshitum arabdhah | tasya tan nila- 
kritsnam* amukhibhutam | tatas tam Bhagavan aha | vatsa kim na 
pravrajasiti | sa kathayati | pravrajamiti Bhagavann iti ] Bhagavata 
pravrajita upasampadito manasikarag ca dattah | tena yujyamanena 
ghatamanena vyayacchamanenedam eva pancagandakam samsara- 
cakrani calacalam viditva sarvasamskaragatth ^gatanapatanavikirana- 
vidhvamsanadharmataya parahatya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam 
sakshatkritam arhan samvrittah | traidhatukavitaragah saraaloshta- 
kaiicana akacapanitalasamacitto ^vagicandanakalpo vidyavidaritanda- 
kogo vidyabhijnah pratisamvitprapto bhavalabhalobhasatkaraparah- 
mukhah sendropendranam pujyo manyo 'bhivadyag ca samvrittah | 

1 saD. 
tena purvam MSS. 
yatana- MSS. 

2 Sic MSS. 
* -kritsnasamukhi A. 
« vasi- BD, vali- AC. 

3 Ex conject. ; 
^ satana- 




SO 'rhattvam prapto vimuktipritisukhapratisamvedi tasyam velayam 
gatham bMshate | 

upayapigair virena baddhvS, 'ham tattvadar9iiia | 
karunyad uddhrito duhkhaj jirnah pankad iva dvipah || 
Svagato 'ham abhuvam prak tatah [A. 62. b] pa9cad Duragatah | 
agato 'srai pur a natha Qrutva vakyam tavottam.ain || 
sampratara Svagato vyaktam ' [samvritto na Duragatah] | 
sampratam kaiicanam deham dharayami niragravam II 
ratnani pratilebhe hi svargamoksham ca kankshatam* j 
greshtha kalyanamitranam sada seva hitaishinam || iti j 
yadayushman Svagatah svakhyate dharmavinaye pravrajitas tada 
samantakena gabdo visritah | gramanena Gautamenasau Duragatah 
krodamallakah pravrajitah | tirthyaih grutam [ te 'vadhyayanti kshi- 
panti vivadayanti | ^9ramano bhavanto Gautama evam aha samanta- 
prasadikam me gasanam ity atra kim samantaprasadikam ity asya 
yatredanim Duragataprabhritayo 'pi krodamallakah pravrajantiti | 
atrantare nasti kimcid Buddhanam Bhagavatam ajiiatam adrishtam 
aviditam avijiiatam | Bhagavan samlakshayati | Sumeruprakhye m.a- 
hagravake mahajanakayah prasadam* pravedayate tadgunodbhavanam 
asya kartavyam, kutra kartavyam, yatraiva patita iti jnatvanandam 
amantrayate sma | gacchananda bhikshunam arocaya | Tathagato bhi- 
kshavo Bhargeshu janapadeshu carikam carishyati yo yushmakam ut- 
sahate Tathagatena sardham Bhargeshu carikam ^cartum civarakani 


grihnatv iti | evam bhadantety ayushman Anando Bhagavatah prati- 
grutya bhikshunam arocayati | Bhagavan ayushmanto Bhargeshu jana- 
padeshu carikam carishyati yo yushmakam utsahate Bhagavata sar- 
dham Bhargeshu janapadeshu carikam ^caritum sa civarakani grihnatv 

■^ For these two lines the MSS. read only sampratam Svagato vyaktam dha- 
rayami niragravam : but B adds after vyaktam and C in the margin kaiicanam 
deham va patha. We conjecture a lost half line. ' kankshayam D. 

^ ^ravano AB. ^ -kayaprasadam BD, -kayaprasadam- A, -kaya 'pra- 

sadam C. » Sic MSS. 







iti I atha Bhagavan danto dantaparivarali c^antah gantaparivaro mukto 
muktaparivara agvasta aQvastaparivaro vinito vinitaparivaro 'rhann 
arhatparivaro ' vitarago vitaragaparivarah prasadikali prasadikapari- 
varo vrishabha iva goganaparivrito gaja iva kalabhaparivritah simlia 
iva ^damshtriganapariviito hamsaraja iva hamsaganaparivritah Su- 
parniva pakshiganaparivrito vipra iva gishyaganaparivritah suvaidya 
ivaturaganaparivi-itali gura iva yodhaganaparivrito decika ivadhva- 
ganaparivritali sarthavaha iva banigganaparivritah greshthiva paura- 
ganaparivritah kottaraja iva mantriganapariviitag cakravartiva pu- 
trasahasrapariviitac candra iva nakshatraganaparivritali surya iva 
^racmisahasraparivrito [A. 63. a] Dhritarashtra iva gandharvagana- 
parivrito Yirudbaka iva kumbhaiidaganaparivrito Yirupaksha iva 
nagaganaparivrito Dhanada iva yakshaganaparivrito Vemacitriva- 
suraganaparivritah Cakra iva tridagaganaparivrito Brahma iva Brah- 
makayikaganaparivi-itali stimita iva jalanidhih sajala iva jaladharo 
vimada iva gajapatili sudantendriyair asarakshobhiteryapathapracaro 
dvatrimcata mahapurushalakshanaih samalamkrito 'gityanuvyaujanair 
virajitagatro vyamaprabhalamkntamurtih. suryasahasratirekaprabho 
jangama iva ratnaparvatah samantato bhadrako dagabhir balaig catur- 
bliir vaicaradyais tribhir avenikaili smritynpasthanair mahakarunaya 
ca samanvagata Ajfiatakaundinyavashpamahanamaniruddhagaripu- 
tramaudgalyayanakacyapanandaraivataprabhritibhir mahaQravakaih 
pariviito 'nyena ca mahata bhikshusamghena yena ^ Cugumalagiris 
tenopasamkrantah | anupurvena carikam caran Cugumaragirim anu- 
praptah | Qugumaragirau viharati Bhishanikavane mrigadave [ agrau- 
shuh Cugumaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapatayo Bhagavan Bhargeshu 
janapadeshu carikam caraii Cugumaragirim anupraptah Qugumara- 
girau viharati Bhishanikavane mrigadava iti grutva ca punah sam- 
ghat samghaip pugat pugam samgamya samagamya Cugumaragirer 


^ arhaparivaro AB. 
51 a). ^ rasmi- AB. 

^ Sic D : dramshtri- AB, drashti- C (cf. A. 43 b, 
* Sic MSS. 






nishkramya yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya 
Bhagavatah padau 9irasa vaiiditvaikante nishannah | (^ugumaragiri- 
yakan brahmanagrihapatin dharmyaya kathaya samdarcayati sama- 
dapayati saniuttejayati sampraharshayati | anekaparyayena dhar- 
myaya kathaya saradar^ya samadapya sanmttejya sampraharshya 
tushuim I atha Cucumaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapataya utthayasanad 
ekaipsam uttarasaiigam kritva yena Bhagavams tenanjalim pra- 
namya Bhagavantam idam 'avocan | adhivasayatv asmakam Bhaga- 
van 9V0 'ntargrihe bhaktena sardham bhikshusamghena | adhivS,- 
sayati Bhagavaii Cucumaragiriyakanam* brahmanagrihapatinam tu- 
shnibhavena | atha Cuqumaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapatayo Bhaga^ 
vatas tushnibhavenadhivasanam viditva Bhagavato bhashitam abhi- 
nandyanumodya Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditva Bhagavato 
'ntikat prakrantah | atha Qucumaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapatayas 
tam eva ratriip. guci pranitam khadaniyabhojaniyam samudaniya 
kalyam evotthayasanakani prajnapyodakamanin pratishthapya Bha- 
gavato dutena kalam arocayanti [ samayo bhadanta sajjam bhaktain 
yasyedanim Bhagavan kalam manyata iti | atha Bhagavan purvahne 
nivasya patracivaram adaya bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshusamgha- 
puraskrito yena Cucumaragiriyakanam [A. 63. b] brahmanagriha- 
patinam bhaktabhisaras tenopasamkrantah ] upasamkramya prajnapta 
evasane nishannah j Qugumaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapatayah sukho- 
panishannam Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham viditva gucina 
pranitena khadaniyabhojaniyena svahastena samtarpayanti sampra- 
varayanti | anekaparyayena gucina pranitena khidaniyena bhojani- 
yena svahastam samtarpya sampravarya Bhagavantam bhuktavantam 
viditvt dhautahastam apanitapatram nicataram asanam grihitva 
Bhagavatah purastan nishanna dharmagravanaya | atha Bhagavan 
Qugumaragiriyakan^ brahmanagrihapatin dharmyaya kathayS, sam- 
darqayati samadapayati samuttejayati sampraharshayati j aneka- 

^ avocat MSS. ^ .kanam -patth^m MSS. 









paryayena dharmyaya kathaya saindargya samadapya samuttejya 
sarnpraharshya tushnim | atha Cugumaragiriyaka brahmanagioha- 
patayo Bhagavantam idam 'avocan | Bhagavata bhadanta nana- 
de^eshu nanadhishthaneshu te te dushtanaga dushtayakshag ca vini- 
tah I ayam bhadantagvatirthiko ^ nago 'smakam avairanam vairi 
asapatnanaip. sapatno^ 'drugdlianam drugdho nityam asmakam jatani 
jatani gasyani vinagayati stripurushadarakadarikagomahishyan ajai- 
dakamg ca, ahovata Bhagavams tarn vinayed anukampam upadayeti | 
adhivasayati Bhagavan Cugumaragiriyakanam brahmanagrihapati- 
nam tushnibhavenadhivasayati | atha Bhagavaii Cucumaragiriyaka- 
nam brahmanagribapatinam tushnibhavenadhivasyotthayasanat pra- 
krantah. | atba Bhagavan viharam gatva purastad bhikshusamghasya 
prajuapta evasane nishannab | nishadya Bhagavan ayushmantam 


''Anandam amantrayate | gacchinanda bhikshunam evam arocaya 
calakani caraya yo yushm^kam utsahate Agvatirthikam nagam 
vinetuin sa galakam grihnatv iti | evam bhadantety ayushman 
Anando Bhagavatah pratigrutya bhikshusamghasyarocayitva Buddha- 
pramukhe bhikshusamghe galakam carayitum arabdhah | Bhagavati, 
galaka na grihita | sthavira bhikshavah samanvahartum samvrittah, 
kimartham Bhagavata galaka na grihita iti | pagyanty ayushmatah 
Svagatasya gunodbhavanam kartukamah | tair api na grihita | 
ayushman Svagatah samanvahartum pravrittah [ kim karanam 
Bhagavata galaka na gi'ihita sthavirasthaviraig ca bhikshubhir iti | 
pagyati mama gunodbhavanam kartukamas tac chastur manoratham 
purayami grihnami galakam iti | tenardhasanam muktva gajabhuja- 
sadrigain bahura abhiprasarya galaka grihita | *janakah pricchaka 
Buddha Bhagavantah | pricchati Buddho Bhagavan ayushmantam 



1 avocat MSS. ^ The MSS. vary between Asvatirthaka and Asva- 

tirthika, Asvatirthaka and A^vatirthika. ^ asampannanam sampanno 

MSS. ^ Om. MSS. * janakapricchakfi ABC, janakah D, 

cf. p. 105 a. 




Anandam | katarenananda bhikshunS, galaka gi-ihiteti | sa kathayati ( 
Svagatena bhadanteti [ Bhagavan iha [ gaccbananda Svagatam bhi- 
kshum evam vada dushtanigo 'sau kayendriyam te rakshitavyam 
iti I evam bhadantety ^yushman Anando Bhagavatab pratigrutya 
yenS-yushman Svagatas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramyayushman- 
tam Svagatam idam avocat | 'ayushman Svagata Bhagavan evam 
aha, dushtanago 'sau kayendriyam te [64. a] rakshitavyam iti | sa 
kathayati | ayushmann Ananda akopya gastur ajna api tu yadrigo 'gva- 
tirthiko naga idriganaiii naganam ikshuvenunadavad yadi purno Jam- 
budvipah syat tathapi me te romapi nefijayitum samarthah syuh prag 
evSigvatirthiko nagah kayendriyasyoparodham karishyatiti | §,yushman 
Ananda arogyam ity uktva prakrantah | athayushmS,n Svagatas tasya 
eva ratrer atyayat purvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya C]i9umara- 
girira* pindaya pravikshat | Cugumaragirini pindaya caritva yenagva- 
tirthikasya neigasya bhavanam tenopasamkrantah | adrakshid Agva- 
tirthiko naga ayushmantam Svagatam durad eva drishtva ca punah 
samlakshayati | kim anena gramanakena mama mritipravrittih grata 
yena me bhavanam igacchatiti | punah samlakshayati | agantur 
ayam agacchatu tavad iti | ath§,yushman Svagatas tasya hradam 
gatva patracivaram ekantam upanikshipya padau prakshalya hastau 
nirmadya^ paniyam parisrivya* girnaparnakani samudaniya nishadya 
bhaktakrityam kartum arabdhah | Agvatirthikena nagenasav atithir 
iti kritva 'dhyupekshitah | ayushman Svagatah samlakshayati | na- 
samkshobhita dushtanaga damatham agacchanti samkshobhayamy 
enam iti | tena patram prakshMya tat patrodakam tasmin hrade pra- 
kshiptam | sa samkshubdhah | sa samlakshayati, ayam maya gramana 
^gacchann adhyupekshito bhurLJ^no 'py adhyupekshito 'nena mama 
bhavane ucchishtodakam choritam namavagesham enam karomiti 
tivrena paryavasthanena paryavasthitah | uparivihayasam 'abhyud- 

^ Jiyushman AB. 
cf. p. 53. 18. 


« -girl AD, -giri BC. 
pari9ravya MSS. 

3 ninnapya MSS. 
5 -atyud- ABC. 








gamyaynslimatah Svagatasyopari cakrakanapapara9ubliindipS,ladim 
praharanani ksheptum arabdhah | ayusliman Svagato maitrisama- 
pannah | tany asya divyany utpalapadmakumudapundarikamandara- 
kani pushpani bhutva kaye nipatanti | Agvatirthiko nago 'ngara- 
varsham ' uceheshtum arabdhah | tad api divyani pushpani mandara- 
kani bhutva kaye nipatitum arabdham | Agvatirthiko nagah pamsu 
varshitum arabdhah | tad api divyany agurucurnani candanacurnani 
tamalapattracurnani bhutva nipatitum arabdham | Agvatirthiko nagah 
krodhaparyavasthananubhavad dhumayitum arabdhah | S,yushman 
api Svagata riddhyanubhavad dhumayitum arabdhah | Agvatirthiko 
nagah krodhaparyavasthananubhav§,t prajvalitah | ayushman api 
Svagatas tejodhatum samapanna iti tatra9vatirthikasya nagasya kro- 
dhasyanubhavenayushmatah Sv^gatasya liddhyanubhavena mahan 
avabhasah pradurbhuto yam drishtva CugumaragiriyakS, brahmana- 
grihapatayah sambhranta itag camutag ca nirikshitum arabdhah ka- 
thayanti | esha bhavanto* Bhagavan Agvatirthikam nagam vinayaty 
agacchata pagyama iti ] anekani pranagatasahasrani nirgatani bhi- 
kshavo 'pi tarn udaravabhasam tatrastha [A. 64. b] eva nirikshitum 
arabdhah | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun dmantrayate sma | esho 'gro 
me bhikshavo bhikshunam mama gravakanam ^abhikshnam tejo- 
dhatum samS,padyamanan§.m yaduta Svagato bhikshur iti | yad^gva*- 
tirthiko nago vigatamadadarpah kshinapraharanac ca samvrittas tada 
nishpalayitum arabdhah | ayushmata Svagatena samantato 'gnir 
nirmitah | Agvatirthako nago yam yam digam gacchati tarn tarn 
digam adiptam pradiptam samprajvalitam ekajvalibhutam pagyati | 
sa itag camutag ca ^nairmanikenagnina paryakulikrito 'tranah sarvam 
agantam pagyati nanyatrayushmata eva Svagatasya samipam gantam 
gitibhutam | sa yenayushman Svagatas tenopasamkrantah | upasam- 

1 ucchreslitum BC. 
abhikshnam C. 
nairmanirgikena BC. 

2 bhadanto MSS. 
4 MSS. often Asva-. 

^ abhijnam A, 
" nairmargikena A, 




kramya S,yushmantam Svagatam idam avocat | alam bhadanta SvS,gata 
kim mam vihethayasiti | sa kathayati | jaradharma n^ham tvam 
vihethayami, api tu tvam eva vihethayasi, yadi maya evamvidhSr 
gunagana nadhigatS, abhavishyann adyaham tvay^ nS,ma,va9eshah 
krito 'bhavishyam iti [ sa kathayati | bhadanta Svagata Sjnapayatu 
kim maya karaniyam | bhadramukha Bhagavato 'ntikam gatva 9ara- 
nagamaiia9ikshapadam grihaneti | sa kathayati | bhadanta Svjigata 
9obhanam evain karomlti | athayushman Svagato '9YatirthanS,gam 
4d^ya yena Bhagavams tenopasamkr^ntah | upasamkramya Bhaga- 
vatah padau 9irasS, vanditva ekante nishannah | ek&ntanishanna ayu- 
shmSn Svagato Bhagavantam idam avocat | ayain so ^9vatirthiko 
naga iti | tatra Bhagavan A9vatirthikam nagam S,mantrayate | 
tvam tavad bhadramukha purvakena du9cariterka pratyavarayam 
tiryagyonav upapannah sa tvam etarhi hataprahatanivishtah parapra- 
naharah parapranoparodhena jivikam kalpayasi, ita9 cyutasya te kS, 
gatir bhavishyati ka upapattih ko 'bhisampajraya iti [ sa kathayati | 
Bhagavann ajnapaya kim mayji karaniyam iti | BhagavS,n &ha | 
mamantikac charana9ikshapadani grihana Q\i9umi-ragiriyakanam.^ ca 
brahmanagrihapatinam abhayam anuprayaccheti | sa kathayati | 
esho 'ham Bhagavantam 9aranam gacchami 9ikshS,padani ca grihn&my 
adyagrena ca, Cu9umaragiriyakanam^ ca brahmanagrihapatinS,m abha- 
yam anuprayacchamiti [ atha Cu9umaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapa- 
tayah prabhutam abhisaram grihitva yena Bhagavams tenopasam- 
krantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah pS,dau 9iras^ vanditvaikante 
nishannah | ekantanishannah (^U9umaragiriyaka brahmanagrihapatayo 
Bhagavantam idam ^avocan | [A. 65. a] Bhagavata bhadanta9vatir- 
thiko^ nS-go vinitah | Bhagavan ^ha | na maya brahmanagiihapatayo 
'9vatirthako^ nago vinito 'pi tu Svagatena bhikshuna | katamena 
bhadanta | iha nivasina eva Bodhasya grihapateh putrena | sampatti- 
kamo loko vipattipratikulah | tatraike kathayanti | asmakam asau 

Sic MSS. 

2 avocat MSS. 

3 MSS. often Asva- 











bhratuh putro bhavati | apare kathayanti | asmakam bhaglneya iti | 
apare kathayanti [ asmakam vayasyaputra iti | atha (^ugumaragi- 
riyaka brahmanagrihapataya utthayasanad ekamsam uttarasan- 
gam kritva yena Bhagavims tenanjalim pranamya Bhagavantam 
idam avocan ^ | adhivasayatv asmakam Bhagav^n bhadantasvagatam 
agamya bhaktam saptahena sardham bhikshusamglieneti | adhivS,- 
sayati Bhagavan (Jugumaragiriyakanam brahmanagrihapatinam tu- 
shnibhavena | atha Cugumaragiriyaka brahmanagi'ihapatayo Bhaga- 
vatas tushnibhavenadhivasanam viditva Bhagavatah padau 9irasS, 
vanditv^ Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah | Qugumaragirau^ anyatamo 
brahmana ^Ahitundiko Bodhasya grihapater vayasyah | so 'gvatirthi- 
kasya nagasya bhayan nishpalayya (Jravastim gatah [ sa rajna Pra- 
senajita Kaucalena ^hastimadhyasyopari ^vigvasikah sthipitah | sa 
kenacid eva karaniyena Cu9umaragirim anupraptah | tena grutam 
yatha Svagatena bhikshuna Bodhasya grihapateh putrenagvatirthiko 
nago vinita iti grutva ca punar yenayushman Svigatas tenopasam- 
krantah | upasainkramyayushmatah Svagatasya padau girasa vandi- 
tvaikante nishannah | sa brahmana ayushmantam Svagatam idam 
avocat I adhivasayatu me aryasvagatah ^qvo 'ntargrihe bhakteneti j 
ayushman Svagatah kathayati | brahmana mam agamya Cugumara- 
giriyakair brahmanagrihapatibhir Buddhapramukho bhikshusamgho 
bhaktena saptahenopanimantrito naham adhivasayami | brahmanah 
kathayati | arya yadi sampratam nadhivasayasi yadS, Cravastigato 
bhavasi tada mama grihe tatprathamatah pindapatah paribhoktavya 
iti I kathayati, evam astv iti | brahmanah padabhivandanam kritva 
prakrantah | atha Bhagavan yathabhiramyam Cugumaragirau vi- 
hritya yena Cravasti tena carikam prakranto 'nupurvena carikam 
caran ^ravastim anupraptah | Cravastyam viharati Jetavane 'natha- 
pindadasyarame | agraushid Anathapindado grihapatir Bhagavan 

1 avocat MSS. " Sic MSS. 

* svantargrihe ABC, Qvant- D. 

3 visvasikah ACD, visvaQikah B. 




Bhargeshu janapadac^rikS,m caraii Qravastim anuprapta iliaiva viha- 
raty asm§,kam evarama iti grutva ca punah. ^ravastya nishkramya 
yena Bhagavdms tenopasainkrantah | [A. 65. b] upasamkramya 
Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditva ekante nishannah | ekantanishan- 
nam Anathapindadam grihapatiin Bhagavan dharmyayS, kathayi 
samdar^ayati samMapayati samuttejayati saippraharshayati [ aneka- 
paryayena dharmyayi kathayS, samdargya samadapya samuttejya 
sampraharshya tushnim | Anathapindado grihapatir utthayasandd 
ekamsam uttarasarigain kritvd yena Bhagavams tenanjaliin pra- 
namya Bhagavantam idam avocat | adhivasayatu me Bhagavan 9V0 
'ntargrilie bhaktena sardhatn bhikshusamgheneti | adhivasayati Bha- 
gavan Anathapindadasya grihapates tushnibhdvena | athSnathapin- 
dado grihapatir Bhagavatas tushnlbhavenadhivasanam viditva Bha- 
gavato bhashitam abhinandyanumodya Bhagavatah padau girasS, 
vanditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah | agraushit sa brahmano 
Bhagavan Bhargeshu janapadacarikam carann ihanuprapta ihaiva 
viharati Jetavane 'nathapindadasyarama iti grutvS, ca punar yenS,- 
yushman Svagatas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramyayushmantam 
Svagatam idam avocat | adhivasayatu me aryah 9V0 'ntargrihe 
bhakteneti | adhivasayaty ayushman Svagatas tasya brahmanasya 
tushnibhavena ] atha sa brahmana ^yushmatah Svagatasya tushnl- 
bhavenadhivasanam. viditva utthayasanat prakrantah | athanathapin- 
dado grihapatis tam eva ratrim quci pranitam khadaniyabhojaniyam 
samudaniya kalyam evotthayasanani prajnapyodakamanin prati- 
shthapya Bhagavato dutena kalam arocayati, samayo bhadanta 
sajjam bhaktam yasyedanim Bhagavan kalam manyata iti ] atha 
BhagavS,n purvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya bhikshuganapari- 
vrito bhikshusamghapuraskrito yenanS,thapin.dadasya niveganam 
tenopasamkrantah | tenapi brahmanenayushmatah Svagatasya pra- 
nita aharah sajjikritah | ayushman api Svagatah purvahne nivasya 
patracivaram adaya yena tasya brahmanasya niveganam tenopasam- 








■ ii 

krantah [ upasamkramya prajnapta evasane uishannah | ekSntani- 
shanna ayushman Svagatas tena brahmanena pranitenah^rena samtar- 
pitah I sa brahmanah samlakshayati, aiyena Svagatena pranita ahirah. 
paribhukto no jarayishyati panakam asmai prayacchamiti viditvayash- 
mantam Svagatam idam avocat | arya pranitas te aharah paribhuktah 
panakam piva panam jarayishyatiti | sa katliayati | gobhanam evam 
karomiti j tena panakam sajjikritya hastimadad angulih. prakshipta | 
asamanvahrityarbatam jnanadarganam na pravartate | ayusbmatS, 
Svagatena tat panakam pitam | tato daksbinadeganam kritvll pra- 
krantah Qravastivitbim kilinjaccbannam J sa tarn atikranta §,tapena 
prisbtbo^ madyaksbiptab pritbivyam nipatitah | asammosbadbarmano 
[A. 66. a] Buddba Bbagavanto [ Bbagavata suparnika kutir^ nirmita 
maitam kagcid drisbtvi gasane 'prasadam pravedayisbyatiti [ Anatba- 
pindadab sukbopanisbamiain Buddbapramukbam bbiksbusamgbam 
viditva gucinS, pranitena kbadaniyabbojaniyena svabastena samtar- 
payati sampravarayati | anekaparyayena svabastam samtarpya sam- 
pravarya Bbagavantaiu bbuktavantam viditva dbautabastam apanita- 
patram nicataram asanam grihitva ^Bhagavatab purastan nisbanno 
dbarmaQravanaya ] atba Bbagavan Anatbapindadam gribapatim 
dbarmyaya katbaya samdargya samadapya samuttejya samprabar- 
sbyottbayasanat prakranto 'nupurvena tatpradegam anupraptab | 
atba Bbagavams tan riddbyabbisamskaran pratiprasrabhya bbiksbun 
amantrayate sma | ayam sa bbiksbavah Svagato bbiksbur yenagva- 
tirtbiko nagas tavac cando vinitah kim idanim esba gakto dur- 
bbuktasyapi visham apanetum | no bbadanta iti | bbikshava ime 
canye cadinavS, madyapane tasman na bbiksbuna madyam patavyara 
datavyam va | atba Bbagavan ayusbmantam Svagatam madyavagat 
suptam uttbapyedam avocat | Svagata kim idam | asamanvaba,ro 
Bhagavann asamanvabarah *Sugata | tato Bbagavan ayusbmantam 

^ Sic MSS. : qu. prishthe sprishto. 
MSS. •* Sugatah AB, Sugatas D. 

2 kuti MSS. 

3 Bbagavato 




Svagatam Maya viharam gatva purastad bhikshusamghasya prajiiapta 
evasane nishannah | nishadya bhiksKun amantrayate sma | lakm bho 
bhikshavah gastaram uddigyadbliir madyam apeyam adeyam antatah. 
kugagrenapi ] • : 

bhikshavah samgayajat^h sarvasamgayacchettaram Buddham 
Bhagavantam papracchuh | kim bhadantayushmata Svagatena karma 
kritam yenS,dhye kule mahidhane mahabhoge jatah kim karma 
kritam yena krodamallako jato Duragata iti ca sainjna samvritta 
kim karma kritam yena Bhagavatah gasane pravrajya sarvaklega- 
prahanad arhattvam sakshatkritam tejodhatum' samapadyamananam 
cagratayam nirdishtah | Bhagavan aha | Svjigatenaiva bhikshavo 
bhikshunli karmani kritftny upacitani labdhasambhS,rS,ni parinata- 
pratyayany oghavat pratyupasthitany ava5yabhS,viiii | Svagatena kar- 
mani kritany upacitani ko 'nyah pratyanubhavishyati | na bhikshavah 
karmani kritany upacitani vahye prithividh^tau vipacyante nabdha- 
tau na tejodhatau na vayudhatav api ^tupatteshv eva skandhadhatvS,- 
yataneshu karmani kritany upacitani vipacyante gubhany agubhani 
ca I , ^ 

na pranagyanti karmani kalpakotigatair api | 
simagrim prapya kalam ca phalanti khalu dehinam II 

bhAtapurvam bhikshavo 'nyatamasmin karvatake® grihapatih prati- 
vasaty adhyo mahadhano mahabhogo vistirnavigalaparigraho Vaigrava- 
nadhanaspardhi I so 'parena samayena suhritsanibandhibS,ndhavapari- 
vrito 'ntarjanaparivritag codyS,nabhumim nirgatah I asati Buddha- 
nam utpade Pratyekabuddha loka utpadyante hinadinanukampakah 
prantagayanasanabhakta ekadakshiniya lokasya I yavad anyatamah 
Pratyekabuddho janapadac&rikam carans tarn karpatakam' anuprap- 
tah I so 'dhvaparigramad dhatuvaishamyac ca glanah pindarthi tad 
udyanam pravishtah I sa grihapatis tarn drishtva paryavasthitah | tena 

^ tejodhatu MSS. 

bhfiy^nteshv eva MSS. cf. supra p. 54. ^ Sic MSS. 








paurusheyanam ajna datta, bhavanto nishkasayatainam pravrajitam 
iti I teshdm na kagcid [A. 66. b] utsahate nishkasayitum | tena gri- 
hapatina bhuyasa paryavastbitena sa mahatma svayam eva grtvayara 
glib it va nisbkasita uktag ca, krodamallakan^m madbye prativaseti | 
sa durbalaprano bbumau nipatitab j sa samlakshayati, bato 'yam 
tapasvi gribapatir upabatag cabbyuddbaro 'sya kartavya iti viditvo- 
parivibayasam abbyudgamya jvalanatapanavarsbanavidyotanaprati- 
haryani kartum arabdbab | aqu pritbagjanasya ^riddbir avarjanakari | 
sa mulanikritta* iva drumab padayor nipatya katbayati [ avatara- 
vatara mabadaksbiniya mama dugcaritapankanimagnasya hastoddba- 
ram anuprayaccbeti [ sa tasyanugrabartbam avatirnab [ tena tasya 
pujasatkaram kritva pranidbanam kritam | yan may a evamvidbe 
sadbbutadaksbiniye 'pakarab krito masya karmano bbagi syam yat 
tupakarah krito 'nenabam kugalamulenadbye^ mabadbane mabS,bhoge 
kule jayeyam evamvidbinam ca dbarmanam labbi syam prativigish- 
tataram catah gastaram. aragayeyam ma viragayeyam iti | 

Bbagavan aba | kim manyadbve bbiksbavo yo 'sau gribapatir eva- 
sau Svagato bbiksbus tena kalena tena samayena | yad anena Pratye- 
kabuddbe karah kritas tenadhye mabadhane mahabhoge kule jatab | 
yad apakS,rah kritas tena pancajanmagatani krodamallako jato yavad 
etarby api caramabbaviko 'pi tatkrodamallaka eva jatab | yat pra- 
nidbanam kritam tena mama gasane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad 
arbattvam sakshatkritam [ aham anena Pratyekabuddbakotigatasa- 
hasrebbyab prativigisbtatarah gasta trkgito na viragitab | bbuyo 'pi 
Kagyape Bbagavati samyaksambuddbe pravrajito babbuva | yasya 
bbiksbor antike pravrajitab sa BbagavatS, Kagyapena samyaksambud- 
dbenibbiksbnam* tejodbatum samapadyamanan^m agro nirdisbtab | 
tatranena yavadayur brabmacaryam caritam na ca kagcid gunagano 
'dhigatah [ sa maranasamaye pranidbanam kartum arabdbab | yan 

1 Sic MSS. ' -nikrinta MSS. ^ ku^alamulena n^dhye BC, 

-muleva nadhye D. * See supra, p. 186. 




mayS. Bhagavati Kagyape samyaksambuddhe 'nuttare dakshiniye ya- 
vadayur brahmacaryam caritam na ca kagcid gunagano 'dhigato 'nena- 
ham kugalamulena yo 'sau Bhagavata Ka9yapena samyaksambuddhe- 
nottaro manavo vyakrito bhavishyasi tvara manava varshai^tayushi 
prajayaiu Cakyamunir nama Tathagato 'rhan samyaksambuddha iti 
tasyahain 9S,sane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam saksh^t- 
kuryaip, yatha ma upadhyayo Bhagavata Kagyapena samyaksam- 
buddhenabhikshnam tejodhatum samapadyamanaiiain agro nirdishta 
evani mam api^ sa Bhagavan Chakyamunih Cakyadhirajo 'bhikshriain. 
tejodhatum samapadyamananam agram ' nirdiged iti ) tatpranidhana- 
vagad etarlii Tathagatenabhikshnam tejodhatum samapadyamS,iianam 
asTo nirdishta iti hi bhikshava ekantakrishnanam karmanam ek&nta- 
krishno vipaka ekantaguklanam ekantaguklo vyatimigrinim vyati- 
migrah | tasmat tarhi bhikshava ekantakrishnani karmany apasya 
vyatimigrani caikantagukleshv eva karmasv abhogah karaniya ity 
evam bho bhikshavah gikshitavyam ity avocad Bhagavan | attama- 
nasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato bhashitam abhyanandan | 

iti Qridivyavadane^ SvagatavadS-nam nama trayodaqamam^ | 


■ XIV. 

[A. 67. a] Dharmata khalu cyavanadharmino devaputrasya pau- 
ca purvanimittani pradurbhavanti [ " aklishtani vasanisi ^ kligyanti 
amlanani malyani mlayanti daurgandham kayena nishkramati "^ 
ubabhyam kakshabhyam svedah pradurbhavati cyavanadharma 
devaputrah sva asane dhritim na labhate | athanyatamag cyavana- 

1 Ex. conj.: mamapi and agro MSS. ^ Qm. ABC. 3 -mah MSS.: 

ABC add 9I0 Qata 731. ■* akrishnamsi ABC, akriumamsi D. ^ klishyanti 
MSS. 6 nishkramanti MSS. 

c. ■ : 25 ■'-' 







! J 

dharma devaputrah prithivyam avartate sairiparivartyaivain caha | 
hS, Mandakini ha pushkirini ' ha vapi ha Caitraratha ha Parushyaka 
ha Nandanavana ha Micrakavana ha Pariyatraka ha Pandukambala- 
gila ha dcvasabha ha Sudar9ana iti karunakarunam paridevate sma [ 
adrakshic Chakro devanam Indras tarn devaputram atyarthaip. prithi- 
vyam avartanam^ parivartantam | drishtva punar yena sa devaputras 
tenopasamkrantah [ upasamkramya tarn, devaputram idam avocat | 
kasmat tvam marshatyartham prithivyam avartase samparivartase 
karunakarunaip. paridevase ha Mandakini ha pushkirini * ha vapi ha 
Caitraratha ha Parushyaka ha Nandanavana ha Mi9rakavana ha 
Pariyatraka ha Pandukambalagila ha devasabha ha Sudar9ana iti 
karunakarunam paridevase | evam ukte devaputrah Cakram devanam 
Indram idam avocat ] esho 'ham Kaucika divyam sukham anubhu- 
y^ itali saptame divase Rajagrihe nagare sukaryah kukshav upa- 
patsyami tatra may a bahuni varshany uccaraprasravah paribhoktavya 
iti I atha Cakro devanam Indrah karunyataya tarn devaputram idam 
avocat I ehi tvam marsha Buddham caranain gaccha dvipadanam 
agryam dharmara Qaranam gaccha viraganam agryam samgham 
caranam gaccha gananam agryam iti | atha sa devaputras tiryag- 
yonyupapattibhayabhito maranabhayabhitag ca Cakram devanam 
Indram idam avocat | esho 'ham Kaucika Buddham garanam 
gacchami dvipadanam ajgryam dharmam garanam gacchami vira- 
ganam agryam samgham ^aranam gacchami gananam agryam | atha 
sa devaputras tricaranaparigrihito bhutva cyutah kalagatas Tushite 
devanikaye upapannah | 

dharmata khalv adhastad devanam jnanadarganam pravartate 
nordhvam [ atha Cakro devanam Indras tarn devaputram avaloka- 
yati I kim asau devaputrah sukarikayah kukshav upapanno na veti ] 
yavat pacyati | nopapannah [A. G7. b] tiryakpreteshu | narakeshu- 
papanna iti pacyati | nopapannah | manushyanam sabhagatayam 

1 Sic MSS. - avartanam MSS. here. 




upapanna iti pagyati | iiopapannali | caturmaharajakS,yikS,n devS,rns 
trayastrimgamg cavalokayitum S,rabdhah | tatrapi nadrakshit j atha 
(^akro devanam Indrah kutuhalajato yena Bhagavams tenopasam- 
krantah | upasamkramya Bhagayatah padau girasa vanditvaikante 
nishannali I ekantanishannah Cakro devanam Indro Bhagavantam 
idam avocat | ihahain bhadantadraksham anyatamam devaputram 
cyavanadharmanam prithivyam. avartamanarn. karunakarunam ca 
paridevamanam | ha Mandakini ha pushkiriui* ha vapi ha Caitra- 
ratha ha Parushyaka ha Nandanavana ha Mi9rakavaiia ha Pari- 
yatraka ha Pandukambalagila ha devasabha ha Sudargana iti | tarn 
enam evain vadami | kasmat tvam marshatyartham gocasi paridevase 
krandasy urasi tadayasi sammoham apadyasa iti | sa evam aha | 
esho 'ham Kaugika divyam sukham. apahaya itah saptame divase 
llajagrilie nagare sukarikayah kukshav upapatsyami tatra maya 
bahuni varshaiiy uccaraprasravali paribhoktavyam ' bhavishyati | 
tarn enam evam vadami | ehi tvam marsha Buddham garanaip gaccha 
dvipadanam agryain dharmam garanam gaccha viraganam agryarp. 
samgham garanani gaccha gananam agryam iti | sa evam aha [ esho 
'ham Kaugika Buddhain garanani gacchami dvipadanam agryam 
dharmam garanam gacchami viraganam agryam samgham garanam 
gacchami gananam agryam | ity uktva sa devaputrah kalagatah | 
kutrasau bhadanta devaputra upapaiuiah | Bhagavan aha | Tushita 
nama Kaugika devah sarvakamasamriddhayah j tatrasau modate 
devo gatveha garanatrayam | atha Cakro devanam Indra 'attamana 
tasyam velayam imam gatham bhashate j 

ye Buddham garanam yanti na te gacchanti durgatim [ 
prahaya manushan kayan divyan kayan upasate 1| 
ye dharmam garaiiaip. yanti na te gacchanti durgatim [ 
prahaya manushan kayan divyan kayan upasate II 

1 SicMSS. 







; ; 


ye samgham garanam yanti na te gacchanti durgatim | 
prahaya manushan kayan divyan kayan upasate || 
atha Bhagavamg Chakrasya devanam Indrasya bhashitam anusam- 
varnayann evam aha | evam etat KauQikaivam etat | 

ye Buddham garanam yanti na te gacchanti durgatim | 
prah&ya manushan kayan divyan kayan upasate || 
ye dharmam garanam yanti na te gacchanti durgatim | 
prahaya manushan kayan divyan kayan upasate || 
ye samgham Qaranam yanti na te gacchanti durgatim | 
prahaya manushan kayan divyan kS,yan upasate || 
atha Cakro devanam Indro Bhagavato bhashitam abhinandyanu- 
modya [A. 68, a] Bhagavatah padau 9irasa vanditva Bhagavantam 
trih pradakshinikritya prMjalikritasamputo Bhagavantam namasya- 
manas tatraivantarhitah | 

iti Qridivyavadane ' Sukarikavadanara caturdagamam^ | 



Buddho Bhagavaii ChrS,vastyain. viharati Jetavane 'nathapinda- 
dasyarame [ dharmata khalu Buddhanam Bhagavatam ^jivatam dhri- 
yamananam yapayatam keganakhastupa bhavanti | yada Buddha 
Bhagavantah pratisamlina bhavanti tada bhikshavah keganakhastupe 
pujam kritva kecit pindaya pravigyanti kecid dhyanavimokshasama- 
dhisamapattisukhany anubhavanti | tena khalu samayena Buddho 
Bhagavan pratisamlino 'bhut | athanyatamo* bhikshuh sayahnasa- 
maye keganakhastupe ^sarvangaih pranipatya Tathagatam akaratah 
samanusmaramg cittam abhiprasadayati, ity api sa Bhagavams Tatha- 
gato 'rhan samyaksambuddho vidyacaranasampannah sugato lokavid 
anuttarah purushadamyasarathih gasta devamanushyanam Buddho 

1 om. ABC. - -mah MSS. : ABC add <;'loka 3. ^ jivit^m MSS. 

^ athanyamo MSS. ^ savangaih ABC. savangaih D. 




Bhagavan iti { atha Bhagavan sayahne pratisamlayanad vyutthS,ya 
purastad bhikshusamghasya prajiiapta evasane nishannah | adrakshid 
Bhagavams tarn bhikshum keganakhastupe sarvagarirena pranipatya 
cittam abhiprasadayantam drishtva ca punar bhikshun amantrayate 
sma I pagyata yuyam bkikshava etaip. bhikshum keganakhastupe 
sarvagarirena pranipatya cittam abhiprasadayantam | evam bhadanta | 
anena bhikshuna yavati bhumir S,kranta adho 'gitiyojanasahasrani 
yavat kancanacakram ity atrantara yavantyo valuklis t§,vanty anena 
bhikshuna cakravartirajyasahasrani paribhoktavyani | atha tesh§,m 
bhikshunim etad abhavat J purushamatrayam yavad gartayam na 
gakyate valuka ganayitum kutah punar agitiyqjanasahasrani yavat 
kancanacakram iti kah gakyate iyatkalam sains&re samsaritum iti | 
atha te bhikshavo na bhuyah keganakhastupe karam kartum ara- 
bdhah [ atha Bhagavams tesham bhikshunam cetasa cittam ajnaya 
bhikshun amantrayate sma [ anavaragro bhikshavah samsaro 'vidya- 
nivarananara sattvanam trishnasamyojananam trishnargalabaddhS.- 
nam dirgham adhvanam samdhavatam samsarat^m purva kotir na 
prajnayate duhkhasya | ayushmS,n UpS,li Buddham Bhagavantam 
papraccha | yad uktam Bhagavata asya bhikshor iyatpunyaskandha iti 
kutra bhadanteyatpunyaskandhas tanutvam parikshayam paryadanam 
[A. 68. b] gamishyati | naham Upalinn ito vahih samanupagyamy 
eva kshatim copahatim ca yatha sabrahmacari sabrahmacarino 'ntike I 
tatropalinn imani mahanti kugalamulS,ni tanutvam parikshayam par- 
yadanam gacchanti ^ [ tasmat tarhi te Upalinn eva gikshitavyam, yad 
dagdhasthuniya api cittam na pradushayishyamah prag eva savijna- 
nake kaye | idam avocad Bhagavan attamanasas te bhikshavo 'bhya- 
nandan | 

iti Qridivyavadane^ ^anyatamabhikshug cakravartivyakritah pan- 
cadagamam* [ 

, I 


^ paryayanam gacchati MSS. * om. ABC. ^ -bhikshuncakravartivya- 

kritam MSS. ^ -9amah D : pancada9ah ABC : ABC add 9I0 troha. 

• I 








! \ 



Cravastyam nidanain | tena klialu samayenanithapindadena gri- 
liapatina dvau gukagavakau pratilabdbau | tena niveganam nitvala- 
pitau posliitau samvardhitau manushalapam ca gikshapitau tayog ca- 
yusliman Anando 'bhikshnam agatya caturaryasatyasamprativedhi- 
kim dharmadeganara karoti yadutedam duhkham ayaip. duLkhasamu- 
dayo 'y^^.^ duliklianirodha iyam dulikhanirodhagamini pratipad iti | 
sthavirasthavira api bhikshavo 'natliapindadasya grihapater nivega- 
nam upasamkramanti Cariputramaudgalyayanakagyapanandaraivata- 
prabliritayali | tesliani kalanukalam upasamkramatam tabhyam guka- 
cavakabbyam namani parijnatani | yavad aparena samayenayushmafi 
* CLariputro 'nathapindadasya grihapater nivecanam anupraptah | 
adrashtara tau cukagavakav ayusbmantam Cariputram [ drishtva- 
ntarjanam amantrayatah, eslia bhadantali^ sthavirah Cariputra 
agacchaty asanam asya prajnapayateti | evam ayushmantain. Maha- 
maudgalyayanam Kagyapam Raivatam ayushmautam Anandam 


drishtva kathayatah | esho 'smakam acarya Ananda agacchaty asa- 
nam asya prajnapayateti^ | yavad aparena samayena Bhagavan 
Anathapindadasya grihapater niveganam anupraptah | adrashtam 
tau gukagavakau Bhagavantam durad evagacchantam prasadikarp. 
prasadaniyam gantendriyam gantamanasam *paramena cittamatyupa- 
camena samanvagatam suvarnayupam iva griya jvalantam drishtva 
ca punas tvaritatvaritam antarjanam amantrayatah | esha bhadanto^ 
Bhagavan agacchaty asanam asya prajnapayateti^ hrishtamadhurasva- 
reiia nikujatah* | atha B'aagavams tayor anugrahartham pravigya pra- 

1 ChaUputro MSS. = Sic MSS. 

MSS. ' nikujitah MSS. 

3 -theti MSS. 

•* paramena 




jfiapta evasane nishannah j nishaclya Bhagavata gukaQavakau catnr- 
aryasatyasaraprativedhikaya dharmadeganaya 9aranagamana9iksha- 
padeshu pratishtliapitau [ atha Bhagavaii chukagavakav antarjanam 
ca dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samadapya samuttejya samprahar- 
shyotthayasanat prakrantah | tau cantarjanasya viharatah pramada- 
viharinau [A. 69. a] vidalena pranina grihitau | vihvalavadanau 
chidyamaneshu marmasu mucyamaneshu savndhishu namo Buddhaya 
namo dharmaya namali saraghayety uktva kalagatau, Caturmaharaja- 
kayikeshu deveshupapannau | 

atha Bhagavaii anyatamasmin pradege smitam akarshid | adrakshid 
ayushman Anando Bhagavantam smitam pravishkurvantam drishtva 
ca punar Bhagavantam idam avocat } nahetupratyayam^ bhadanta 
Tathagata arhantah samyaksambuddhah smitam pravishkurvanti, ko 
bhadanta hetuh kah^ pratyayah smitasya pravishkarane | evam etad 
Anandaivam etad, nahetupratyayain Tathagata arhantah samyak- 
sambuddhah smitam pravishkurvanti } drishtau tvayS,nanda tau 
9ukacavakau | drishtau bhadanta | tav Ananda gukagavakau mama 
^samanantaraprakrantasya vidalena praiiina jivitad vyaparopitau | 
tau Buddhadharmasamghavalambanaya smritya kalagatau catur- 
maharajakayikeshu deveshupapannau [ atha sambahula bhiksha- 
vah purvahne nivasya patracivaram ddaya Cravastim pindaya 
pravikshan | acraushuh sambahula bhikshavah Cravastim pindaya 
pracaranto 'nathapindadasya grihapater nivecane gukacavakau na- 
mo Buddhaya namo dharmaya namali samghayeti kurvanau vidS,- 
lena praiiina jivitad vyaparopitav iti grutva ca punah Cravastim 
pindaya caritva kritabhaktakiityah pagcad *bhaktapindapataprati- 
krantah patracivaram pratisamayya padau prakshalya yena Bhaga- 
vams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah padau girasa 
vanditvaikante nishannah | ekaiitanishamiah sambahula bhikshavo 

^ nahetupratyayam MSS. * kah ex coiij. om. MSS. ^ samananta- A, 
samanta- B, samanaute CD. ■* bhaktapindapatra MSS, but -pata in p. 201. 

I { 





Bhagavantam idam 'avocan [ iha vayam Ijhadanta sambahula bhi- 
kshavah. purvavad yavad Anathapindadasya gi'ihapater nive^ane 
dvau ^ukagavakau namo Buddhaya namo dharmaya namah sam- 
ghayeti kurvanau vidalena praiiina jivitad vyaparopitav iti | tayor 
bhadanta ka gatih kopapattih ko 'bhisaraparayah | Bhagavan aha | 
tau bhikshavah gukagavakau tasya ^aranagamanasya vipakena 
shattrimgatkritvag Caturmaharajakayikeshu deveshupapatsyete shat- 
triniQatkritvas Trayastrimgeshu Yameshu Tushiteshu Nirmanaratishu 
Paranirmitava§avartishu deveshupapatsyete, tatas tavat shatsu Kama- 
vacareshu deveshu sattva^ vyapasamsritya pagcime bhave pagcime 
nikete pagcima atmabhavapratilambhe manushyapratilabham labdhva 
pratyekain. bodhim abhisambhotsyete Dharmag ca Sudharmag ca Pra- 
tyekabuddhau bhavishyatah | evain hi bhikshavo mahaphalam dhar- 
magravanam [A. 69. b] ^mahanucamsakara kah punar vado dharma- 
degana dharmabhisamayo va | tasmat tarhi bhikshava evam gikshi- 
tavyam, yan *no dharmacravanabhirata bhavishyama ity evam vo 
bhikshavah gikshitavyam | idam avocad Bhagavan attamanasas te 
bhikshavo Bhagavato bhashitam abhyanandan '^ j 

iti Cridivyavadane' Qukapotakavadanam shodagam'] 


Evam may a grutam | ekasmin samaye Bhagavan Vaigalyam 
viharati Markatahradatire Kutagaragalayam ] atha Bhagavan pur- 
vahne nivasya patracivaram adaya Yaigalim pindaya pravikshat | 
Vaigalim pindaya caritva kritabhaktakrityah pagcad bhaktapinda- 


1 avocat MSS. 
nusamQakam MSS. 
dan AB. 

2 Sic MSS. Query sattvad? ^ maha- 

* Sic MSS.: Query nom.? of. Pali. / atj'anan- 

6 om. ABC. 7 .dagah MSS.: ABC add 9I0 pta (?). 




patapratikrantah | patracivaram pratisamayya yena Capalacaityam 
tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramyanyatamam vrikshamulam nigritya 
nishanno divaviharaya | tatra Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam 
amantrayate [ ramaniyananda Vaigali YrijibhumiQ Capalacaityam 
Saptamrakain [bahupattrakam'] Gautamanyagrodhah galavanaip dhu- 
ranikshepanam Mallanam Makutabandhanam caityam | citro Jambu- 
dvipo madhuram jivitain manushyanam | yasya kasyacid Ananda 
catvara riddhipada asevita bhavita bahulikrita akankshan sa kalpam 
va tishthet kalpavagesham vS, | Tathagatasy ananda catvara^ riddlii- 
pada asevita bhavita bahulikritali | akankshamanas Tathagatah kal- 
pam va tishthet kalpavagesham va | evam ukte iyushman Anandas 


tushnim ] dvir api trir api Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam aman- 
trayate ] ramaniyananda Vaigali Vrijibhumig Capalaip caityam Sap- 
tamrakam bahupattrakam Gautamanyagrodhah galavanam dhurani- 
kshepanam Mallanam Makutabandhanam caityam j citro Jambudvipo 


madhuram jivitam manushyanam [ yasya kasyacid Ananda catvSra 
riddhipada asevita bhavita bahulikrita akankshan sa kalparn v4 
tishthet kalpavagesham va | Tathagatasyananda catvara riddhipadS, 
asevita bhavita bahulikritah | akankshamanas Tathagatah kalpam 
va tishthet kalpavagesham va | dvir api trir apy ayushman Anandas 
tushnim | atha Bhagavata etad abhavat | sphuto 'bhavad Anando 
bhikshur Marena papiyasa yatredanim yavat trir apy audarike avabha- 
sanimitte pravishkriyamane na gaknoti tan nimittam ajnatuin yathapi 
tatah^ sphuto Marena papiyasa | tatra Bhagavan ayushmantam [A. 70. 

A A 

a] Anandam S.mantrayate | gaccha tvam Anandanyataraviikshamulam 
nigritya vihara -mi ubhav apy akirnaviharinau bhavishyavah | evam 

^ om. MSS., supplied from infra. ^ Here BD insert in text, C in 

margin: chandasamadhiprahanaya saraskarasarnskdrasamaropanatS, riddhipadah 
cittarddhipado \'iryarddhipado mimamsasamadhiprahanasaniskarasamanvagata 
riddhipadah: probably a gloss: given with some differences in Burnouf, Introd. 
Additions, p. 625. Cf. CMders Pali Diet. s.v. Iddhipado. ^ tat MSS. here. 




bhadantety iyushman Anando Bliagavatah pratigrutyanyatamavri- 
kshamulam ni^ritya nishaBno divaviharaya | sa Marali papiyan yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasamkraniya Bhagavantam idam 
avocat I parinirvatu Bhagavan parinirvanakalasamayah. Sugatasya | 
kasmat tvam ^papiyasa evam vadasi parinirvatu Bhagavan parinir- 
vanakalasamayah Sugatasya | eko 'yam bhadanta samayah | Bhagavan 
Uruvilvayam viharati nadya^ Nairaiijanayas tire bodhimule 'cira- 
bhisambuddhah | so 'ham yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | 
upasamkramya Bhagavantam evam vadami | parinirvatu Bhagavan 
parinirvanakalasamayah Sugatasya | Bhagavan evam aha | na tavat 
papiyan parinirvasyami yavan na me ^ravakah pandita bhavishyanti 
vyakta vinita vigaradah, alam utpannotpannauam parapravadinam 
saha dharmena nigrahitarah, alani svasya vadasya paryavadapayi- 
taro bhikshavo bhikshunya upasaka upasika vaistarikarp ca me brah- 
macaryam carishyanti ^bahujanyam prithubhutam yavad devamanu- 
shyebhyah samyaksarnprakacitam [ etarhi bhadanta Bhagavatah gra- 
vakah pandita vyakta vinita vigarada alam utpannotpannanam para- 
pravadinam saha dharmena nigrahitarah svasya vadasya paryavadS,- 
payitaro bhikshavo bhikshunya upasaka upasika vaistarikam ca te 
brahmacaryam bahujanyam prithubhutam yavad devamanushyebhyah 
samyaksarnprakacitam | tasmad aham evam vadami parinirvatu 
Bhagavan parinirvanakalasamayah Sugatasya | alpotsukas tvam pa- 
piyan bhava na cirasyedanim Tathagatasya trayanam varshikanftm 
masanam atyayan nirupadhigeshe nirvanadh&tau parinirvanam 
bhavishyati | atha Marasya papiyasa etad abhavat, parinirvasyate 
vata gramano Gautama iti viditva hrishtah tuslitah pramudita 
[A. 70. b] udagrah pritisaumanasyajatah tatraivantarhitah | 

atha Bhagavata etad abhavat [ kas Tathagatasya sammukham 
vaineyah | Supriyo Gandharvaraja Subhadrag ca parivrajakah | tayos 

^ SicMSS; query papijann? 

3 In p. 207 the MSS. have bahujanyam. 

* Ex conject.; nadyftm MSS. 




trayanam vai-shikanam masanam atyayad indriyaparipako bhavi- 
shyati ' sukhadhishthanam va | gakyam 9ravakavaineyas Tathagatena 
vinayituin na tu Tathagatavaineyah gravakena I 

atha Bhagavata etad abhavat | yaanv aham tadrupam samadhim 
samapadyeyam yatha samahite citte j ivitasamskaran adhisbthaya 
ayubsamskaran utsrijyeyam | atha Bhagavams tadrupam samadbim 
samapanno yatba samabite citte j ivitasamskaran adhisbtbaya Hyub- 
samskaran utsrasbtum^ arabdbab | samanantaradbisbtbitesbu jivita- 
samskaresbu mabapritbivicalo 'bbud ulkapata di9odaba antariksbe' 
devaduiidubbayo 'bhinandanti* \ samanantarotsrisbtesbv dyubsamskS,- 
resbu kamavacaresbu devesbu sban nimittani pradurbhiitani push- 
pavrikshah girnS, ratnavriksbab girna abbaranayriksbab cirnS, bba- 
vanasabasrani prakampitani Sumeru9ringani vigirnani daivatani 
vaditrabbandani parabatani [ atba Bbagavams tasmat samadber 
vyuttbaya tasyam velayam gatbam bbasbate | 

tulyam atulyam ca sambbavam bbavasamskaram apotsrijan 
munih | 

adbyatmaratah samahito by abbinat kogam' ivandasainbhavah || 
samanantarotsrisbtesbv ayubsamskaresbu sbat kamavacara devah 
kriyakaram kritva Bbagavato 'ntikam prakranta darganaya van- 
danaya | Bhagavata tadrici dbarmadegana krita yad anekair devata- 
9atasabasraib satyani drisbtani ] drisbtasatyab svabbavanam anu- 
praptab | samanantarotsrisbtesbv ayuhsaraskaresbv anekani par- 
vatakandaragirigubabbyo 'nekani risbi9atasabasrany agatani [ te 
BbagavatS, eta bhikshava9 carata brabtnacaryain pravrajitah | tair 
yojyadbbir gbatadbbib sarvakle9aprabanad arbattvara sS,ksbatkritam | 
samanantarotsrisbtesbv ayubsamskaresbv aneka nagayakshagandhar- 
vakinnaramaboraga Bbagavatah saka9am upasamkranta Bbagavato 

* sukhabhishtfinSm A, suQanishthanam B, sukhena nibliislitlian^m C. 
" ntprashtum MSS. 3 dahantarikshe MSS., but the correct reading is 

* abhinadanti? ' kau9am MSS. 

given infra, p. 206. 





. .1 

; i 
I I 

i I 


dargan&ya | Bhagavata tesham evanividha dharmadeQana krita yad 
anekair nagayakshagandliarvakinnarair mahoragaih garanagamana- 
gikshapadani grihitani yavat svabhavanam anupraptali | 

athayushman Anandah sayahne 'tisamlayanad vyutthaya yena 
Bhagavaras [A. 71. a] tenopasamkrantali | upasamkramya Bhagavatah 
padau cirasa vaiiditvaikante 'sthad | ekantasthita ayushman Anando 
Bhagavantam idam avocat | ko bhadanta hetuh kali pratyayo 
mahatah prithivicalasya ] ashtav ime Anandashtau pratyaya mahatah. 
prithivicalasya | katame 'shtau | iyam Ananda mahaprithivy apsu 
pratishthita apo vayau pratishthita \'^yur akace pratishthita ' | bhavaty 


Ananda samayo yam akace visliama^ vayavo vanti, apah. kshobha- 
yanty apah. kshubdhah pritliivim calayanti | ayam Ananda prathamo 
hetuh. prathamah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya [ punar aparam 
Ananda | bhikshur maharddhiko bhavati mahanubhavah sa parittam^ 
prithivisaipjiiam adhitishthaty apramanam capsaipjnain sa akanksha- 
manah prithivim calayati | devata maharddhika bhavati mahanu- 
bhava sapi parittam* prithivisaipjiiam adhitishthaty apramanam cap- 
samjiiam sapy akaiikshamana prithivim calayati | ayam dvitiyo hetur 
dvitiyali pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya [ punar aparam Ananda | 
yasmin samaye Bodhisattvas Tusliitad devanikayac cyutva matuh 
kukshim avakramaty atha tasmin samaye mahaprithivicalo bhavati 
sarvag cayam loka udarenavabhasena sphuto bhavati | ya lokasya 
lokantarika andhas tamaso 'ndhakaratamisra yatramu suryacandra- 
masav evammaharddhikav evammahanubhavav abhayabham * na 
pratyanubhavatas ta api tasmin samaye udarenavabhasena sphuta 
bhavanti | tatra ye sattva upapannas te taya anyonyam sattvam 
drishtva samjanante 'nye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna anye 
'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna iti J ayam Ananda tritiyo hetus 

1 Sic MSS. Query pratishthitah? 2 yisama MSS. 

paritam A, paritam BCD. * paritam ABC, parit^m D. 

'bham MSS. here, but see infra. (Cf. Burnouf, Lotus, App. xvi.) 

3 Ex conject. 
^ abhaya 




tritiyah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya | punar aparam Ananda j 
yasmin samaye Bodhisattvo matuh kuksher nishkr&maty atha tasmin 
samaye mahapritliivicalo bhavati sarvag cayain loka udarenavabha- 
sena sphuto bhavati | ya api* t4 lokasya lokantarika andhas tamaso 
'ndbakaratamisra yatremau suryacandramasau evatn mahanubhavau 
^bhayabhasam na pratyanubhavatas ta api tasmin samaya udarena- 
vabhasena sphuta bhavanti | tatra ye sattva upapannas te taya 
S,bhayanyonyam sattvam drishtvH samjananty anye 'piha bhavantah 
sattvS, upapanna anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna iti | ayam 
Ananda caturtbo hetu9 caturthah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya | 


punar aparam Ananda | yasmin samaye [A. 71. b] Bodhisattvo 
'nuttaram jnanam adhigacchati atha tasmin samaye mahaprithivicalo 
bhavati sarvag cayam loka udarenavabhasena sphuto bhavati | ya' 
api ta lokasya lokantarika andhas tamaso 'ndhakaratamisr^ yatremau 
suryacandramasav evammaharddhikav evammahanubh&vav abhaya- 
bhasam na pratyanubhavatas ta api tasmin samaye udarenivabhasena 
sphuta bhavanti [ tatra ye sattva upapannas te tayabhayanyonyam sat- 
tvam drishtva samjananty anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna anye 
'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna iti | ayam Ananda paucamo hetuh 
paiicamah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya | punar aparam Ananda | 
yasmin samaye Tathagatas triparivartadvadagakarara dharmacakram 
parivartayaty ^atyartham tasmin samaye mahaprithivicalo bhavati 
sarvag cS,yam loka udarenavabhasena sphuto bhavati | ya api^ ta 
lokasya lokantarika andhas tamaso 'ndhakaratamisra yatremau sur- 
yacandramasav evammaharddhikav evammahanubhavav abhaya- 
bham^ na pratyanubhavatas ta api tasmin samaya udarenavabhasena 
sphuta bhavanti | tatra ye sattva upapannas te tayabhayanyonyam 
sattvam drishtva samjananty anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapann4 
anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapannS, iti | ayam Ananda shashtho 



^ yapi MSS., but all have ya api afterwards. 
3 So MSS. here. 

2 -tyatham MSS. here. 

T I " 




hetuh shashthah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya | punar aparam 
Ananda j yasmin samaye Tathagato jivitasamskaran adhishthayayuh.- 
samskaran utsrijyaty atyartham tasmin samaye mahaprithivicalo 
bhavati, ulkapata digodaha antarikshe devadundubhayo 'bhinandanti 
sarvag cay am loka udarenavabhasena sphuto bbavati | y& api tS, 
lokasya lokantarika andhas tamaso 'ndhakaratamisra yatremau 
suryacandramasav evam maharddhikav evam mahanubhavav abhaya- 
bham na pratyanubhavatas ta api tasmin samaye udarenavabhasena 
sphuta bhavanti | tatra ye sattva upapannas te tayabhayanyonyam 
sattvam drishtva samjananty anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna 
anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna iti ] ayam Ananda saptamo 
hetuh saptamah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya | punar aparam 
Ananda | na cirasyedanim Tathagatasya nirupadhigeshe nirvanadha- 
tau parinirvanam bhavishyati | atha tasmin samaye mahaprithivicalo 
bhavati, ulkapata digodaha antarikshe devadundubhayo [A. 72. a] 
'bhinadanti * sarvag cayam loka udarenavabhasena sphuto bhavati | ya 
api ta lokasya lokantarika andhas tamaso 'ndhakaratamisra yatremau 
suryacandramasau evam maharddhikav evam mahanubhS,vav abhayS, 
abham na pratyanubhavatas ta api tasmin samaye udarenavabhasena 
sphuta bhavanti | tatra ye sattva upapannas te taya abhayanyonyam 
sattvam drishtva samjananty anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna 


anye 'piha bhavantah sattva upapanna iti | ayam Anandashtamo 
hetur ashtamah pratyayo mahatah prithivicalasya | athayushman 
Anando Bhagavantam idam avocat | yatha khalv ahatp. bhadanta 
Bhagavata bhashitasyartham ajanami ihaiva Bhagavata jivitasamskS,- 
ran adhishthayayuhsamskara utsrishta bhavishyanti | Bhagavan &ha [ 

A _ A 

evam etad Anandaivam etat | etarhy Ananda Tathagatena jivita- 
samskaran adhishthayayuhsamskara utsrishtah | sammukham me 
bhadanta Bhagavato 'ntikac chrutam sammukham udgrihitam^ | yasya 
kasyacic catvara riddhipada asevita bhavita bahulikrita akankshami- 

1 Sic MSS. here. ^ udgrahitam MSS. 




nas Tathagatali kalpam va tishthet kalpavagesham va | Bhagavato 
bhadanta cat vara riddhipada asevita bhavita bahulikritS- dkanksha- 
manas Tathagatah kalpam va tishthet kalpava9eshaTri va | tishthatu 
Bhagavan kalpam tishthatu Sugatah kalpavagesham va j tavaiva- 
nandaparadhas ' tavaiva dushkritam yas tvam Tathagatasya yavat 
trir apy audare avabhasanimitte pravishkrite na gaknoshi^ tan 
nimittam pratigravayitum api tatah sphuto Marena papiyasa | kim 
manyasa Ananda bhasheta Tath§,gatas tarn vacani ya syad dvidha| 
no bhadanta | sadhu sadhv Ananda | asthanam etad Anandanavakac^o 
yat Tathagatas tarn vacani bhasheta ya syad dvidha^ | gaccha tvam 
Ananda yavanto bhikshavag Capalam caityam upanigritya viharanti 
tan sarvan upasthanagalayam satpnipataya | evam bhadanta | *ayiish- 
man Anando Bhagavatah prati9rutya yavanto bhikshavag Capalam 
caityam upaniijritya viharanti tan sarvan upasthanacalayam samnipa- 
tya yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | upasaipkramya Bhagavatah 
padau qirasa vanditva ekante 'sthad | ekantasthita ayushman Anando 
Bhagavantam idam avocat | yavanto bhadanta bhikshavag CapMam 
caityam upanigritya viharanti sarve te upasthana9alayaTp. [A. 72. b] 
nishannah samnipatitah, yasyedinim Bhagavan kalam manyate | 
atha Bhagavan yenopasthana9ala tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya 
purastad bhikshusamghasya prajnapta evasane nyashidat | nishadya 
Bhagavan bhikshun amantrayate sma | anitya bhikshavah sarva- 
samskara adhruva ana9vasika viparinamadharmano yavad alam eva 
bhikshavah sarvasamskaran samskaritixm alam viramantu* tasmS,t 
tarhi bhikshavah | etarhi ®vS, me 'tyayad ye te dharma drishtadharma- 
hitaya samvartante^ drishtadharmasukhaya samparayahitaya sampa- 
rayasukh§,ya te bhikshubhir udgrihya paryavapya tatha tatha dhara- 
yitavya vacayitavyji grahayitavya yathaiva tatra brahmacaryam cira- 

^ Exconject.; aparS.rthas ABC, aparaddhas D. " ' 9aknosi MSS. 

* dvedha MSS. * Qu. bhadantety dy-. » Ex conj.; virantu MSS. 

' vfi ma atyayad MSS. ' gamvartate MSS. 







sthitikam syad bahujanyam prithubhutam yavad devamanushyebhyali 
samyaksamprakacitam | etarhi bhikshavo dharmi drishtadharmaM- 
taya samvartante ^ dnshtadharmasukhaya samparayahitaya sampara- 
yasukhaya ye bhikshubhir udgrihya paryavapya tatha tatha dhara- 
yitavya grahayitavya vacayitavya yathaitad brahmacaryain cirasth- 
itikam syad bahujanyam. prithubhutam yavad devamanushyebhyah. 
samyaksamprakagitara | yaduta catvari smrityupasthanani catvari 
samyakprahanani catvara riddhipadah paficendriyani paiica balani 
sapta ^bodhyangany aryashtango margah | ime te bhikshavo dharma 
drishtadharraahitaya samvartante ' drishtadharmasukhaya sampara- 
yahitaya samparayasukhaya bhikshubhir udgrihya paryavapya tatha 
tatha dharayitavya grahayitavya vacayitavya yathaitad brahma- 
caryam cirasthitikam syad bahujanyain prithubhutam yavad deva- 
manushyebhyah samyakprakagitam | agamayananda yena ^Kucigra- 
makam | evam bhadantety ayushman Anando Bhagavatah pratya- 
graushit | Bhagavan Yaicalivanam abhisaran dakshinena sarvakayena 


nagavalokitena vyavalokayati | athayushman Anando Bhagavantam 
idam avocat | nahetv apratyayam bhadanta Tathagata arhantah 
samyaksambuddha dakshinena nagavalokitam avalokayanti | ko 
bhadanta hetuh kah pratyayo nagavalokitasya | evam etad Anan- 
daivam etat | nahetv apratyayam Tathagata arhantah samyaksam- 
buddha dakshinena sarvakayena nagavalokitena vyavalokayanti | 
idam Ananda Tathagatasyapagcimam "Vaicalidarcanam. na bhuya 
Ananda Tathagato Vaigalim agamishyati | parinirvanaya gamishyati 
Mallanam upavartanam Yamakacalavanam | athanyataro bhikshus 
tasyam velayam gathaip bhashate | 

^ -tate MSS. ' Between bodhyangd- and the following -nya B inserts 

the gloss — kaye kayanupa^ci smrityupasthanam vedanacittadharma || utpanna- 
ka<?alanam samrakshanam | anutpannanam Eamutpadah | utpannanam aku- 
<?aldnam prahanam anutpannanam papanim prala [pralayah?] anutpadah || 
prahanam |1 (Sic). ' So D : KuQilagrSmakam B, Ku9alagramakam AC. 

s»;.i^*et"/1*S"^="i:' '> 




idam apa§cimakain nS,tha Yaigalyas tava darganam | 
na bhuyah ' Sugato Buddho Vaigalim agamishyati || 
nirvanaya gamishyati [A. 73. a] Mallanam upavartanam YamakagS,- 
lavanam | yada ha Bhagavata vag bhashita idam apagcimakam 
Vaigalyi darganam tada anekabhir Vaigalivananivasinibhir devatair^ 
agrupatab kritah | sthaviranandab kathayati | na Bhagavann ameghe- 
naiva varshisu pravrishtab' | Bbagavan. aha | Vaigilivananivasini- 
bhir devatair^ mama viyogid agrupitah kritah | ta api devata* YaigA,- 
lyam gabdo nigcaritah | Bbagavan parinirvanaya gacchati na bhuyo 
Bbagavan Yaigalim agamisbyati | devatanam gabdam grutvanekani 
Yaigalikani pranigatasabasrani Bbagavatsakagara upasamkrantani [ 
Bhagavata tesb^m agayanugayadhatuprakritim ca jiiatva evamvidha 
dharmadegana krita yathanekaih pranigatasabasraih garanagamanagi- 
ksbdpadani grihitani | kaigcic ^cbrotapattipbalain kaigcit sakridagami- 
pbalam kaigcid anagamiphalam praptam kaigcit *pravrajitvarhattvam 
praptam kaigcic chravakabodhau cittam utpaditam kaigcit pratyeka- 
y^rn bodbau cittam utpaditam kaigcid anuttarayam samyaksam- 
bodhau cittam utpaditam kaigcic charanagamanagikshapadani grihi- 
tani yad bbuyasa sa parsbad Buddbanimna dharmapravana^ sam- 
gbapragbhara vyavasthita | sthaviranandab kritaiijaliputo Bhagavan- 
tam idam avocat | pagya bhadanta yavat tvam | Bhagavata parinir- 
vanaya prasthitenanekani devatagatasabasrani satyeshu pratisbtha- 
pitani | anekabhyab® parvatakandaragiriguhabhyo 'nekani rishigata- 
sahasrany agatani, Bhagavataite bbiksbavah pravrajitah | tair yujyad- 
bhir ghatadbhir vyayacchamanaib sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam 
sakshatkritam | anekair devanagayaksbagandharvakinnaramabora- 
gaih garanagamanacikshapadani grihitani | anek^ni Yaig^lakini 
pranigatasabasrani grotaapattiphale pratishthapitani kecit sakrida- 

1 Tathagato BC. ^ gj^ mSS. ^ pravishtah A, Query pravrishtam ? 

* Here CD insert pravrajitah. ^ dharmapravana MSS. * anekebhyah 









gamiphale kecid anagamiphale kecit pravrajitali pravrajitvarhattvam 
pr^ptaip. kecic charanagamana9ikshS.padeshu pratishthapitah | 

atrananda kim agcaryam maya etarhi sarvajiiena sarvakarajnena- 
nuttarajnanajiieyavagipraptena nistrislinena ' nirupadanena sarva- 
hamkaramamakarasmimanabliiniveganugayaprahtnena evamvidham 
vaineyakaryain kritam | yan mayatite 'py adhvani saragena sadve- 
shena samohenaparimuktena [A. 73. b] jatijaravyadhimaranacoka- 
paridevaduhkhadaurmanasyopayasadharmena yan maya maranantik- 
aya vedanaya sprishtena evamAddha parikarmakatha krita yad anekani 
pranigatasahasrani grihacramam apahaya rishayah pravrajitva catvaro 
hrahmaviharan bhavayitva kalpavrindaip prahaya tadbahulaviharino 
bralimalokasabhagatayam upapannab. | tac chriiiu | 

bhutapurvam Anandoposhadho nama raja babhuva | Uposhad- 
asya rajiio murdhni pittako jato mriduh sumridus tadyatlia tulapicur 
va karpasapicur va na kamcid^ abadham janayati | pakvali sphutitah | 
kumiro jato 'bhirupo darcaniyah prasadiko dvatrimganmaliapuruslia- 
lakshanaih samaiivagatah | Uposliadhasya rajiiali shashtistrisahas- 
rani j sarvasam stanah prasrutali | ekaika katliayanti mam dhaya 
mam dliaya [ murdhato jato Murdhata iti sainjiia samvritta | mam 
dhaya mam dhaya Mandhata iti samjiia samvritta | anye kathayanti 
kecin^ Madhata iti ''saipjanite [ Mandhatasya kumarasya kuma- 
rakridayam kridatah sKat chakrac cyutah | yauvarajye pratishthi- 
tasya shat chakrag cyutah | Mandhata^ janapadan'' gatah | janapadan'' 
gatasya pita glanibhutali | sa mulapattragandapushpabhaishajyair 
upasthiyamano hiyata eva | tatas tair amatyaih samdego visarjitah [ 
pita te glanibhuta agaccha tu deva rajyam praticcha | tasya na- 
gacchatah pita kalagatali | tair amatyaih punah samdego visarjitah | 
pita te kaladharmana^ samyukta agaccha deva rajyam praticchasva" | 

1 nisht- ABC. - kacjcid A, B om. ^ karin A, kevin Mandhata D. 

4 Qii. samjanate. » ^ic MSS. « MSR. -padan or -padad. ^ gjc ^gg^ 

Query kaladharmeiia? ^ praticcha | sa MSS. 




tato 'sau samlakshayati | yadi mama pita kalagatah kim bhuyo 'ham 
gacchamiti | tato bhuyah samdego 'bhyagatah | agaccha deva rajyam 
praticcha | sa kathayati [ yadi mama dharmena rajyam prapsyate 
ihaiva rajyabhisheka agacchatu | tatas te amatyah kathayanti | rat- 
nagilaya deva prayojanam bhavati | tasya ca Divaukaso nama yak- 
shab purojavah' | tena ratnagila S,nita | yada ratnagila anita tatas te 
amatya bhuyah kathayanti | deva griparyankenatra prayojanam 
bhavati | tatas tenaiva Divaukasena griparyanka anitah | tatas te ama- 
tya bhuyah kathayanti | devadhishthanamadhye 'bhishekah kriyate ] 
sa kathayati | yadi mama dharmena rajyam prapsyate ihaivadhishtha- 
nam agacchatu j tato 'dhishthanam svayam eva tatpradecam gatam | 
svayam agatam svayam agatam Saketasaketam iti samjna samvritta ] 
pagcat te [A. 74. a] 'matya bhatabalagranaigamajanapadag cabhishekam 
grihitvagatah | te kathayanti | abhishekam deva praticchasva | sa 
kathayati | mama manushyah pattam bandhishyanti | yadi dharmena 
rajyam prapsyate amanushyah pattam bandhantu [ tato 'manushyaih 
patto ^baddhah | tasya sapta ratnani pradurbhutani tadyatha cakra- 
ratnam hastiratnam agvaratnara maniratnam parinayakaratnam stri- 
ratnam grihapatiratnam evam saptamam | purnam casya sahasram 
putranam guranam viranaqi varangarupinam parasainyapramardaka- 
nam | Yaigalisamantakena ramaniyam vanakhandam | tatra panca 
rishigatani pancabhijiiani dhyayanti | tatra vanakhande prabhutah 
pakshino mrigac ca prativasanti | gabdakantakani ca dhyan^ni te ca 
pakshino 'vatiryamana avatiryamanah gabdam kurvanti | Durmukho 
nama rishih | sa kupitah | tenoktam | vakanam ^pakshani giryantam | 
yada tesham rishikopena pakshani girnani tatas te padoddharakena 
prasthitah | sa ca raja *janapadan anusamsarya pacyati padoddhara- 
kena gacchatah | yatas te 'matyah prishtah | kasmat padoddharakena 
gacchanti | pagcat te 'matyah kathayanti | deva gabdakantak^ni 

1 purojanah MSS, corrected from fol. 75, a. ^ bandhah MSS. ^ pakshan 
vi(;iryantam MSS. •* janapadanasamsayan AB, janapadanusamsayat CD. 







dhyananiti | etesh^m rishikopena pakshS,ni girnani | tato rajnabhi- 
hitam | evamvidha api rishayo bhavanti yesham sattvan§,m antike 
nasty anukampa | tato rajiia amatyah saipdishtah | gacchantu bha- 
vanta rishinam evam vadantu tatra gacchata yatraham na vasayamiti | 
yatas tair amS,tyair rishayo 'bhihitah ] raja samadigati na mama 
rajye vastavyam gacchantu bhavanto yatraham na vasayamiti | tatas 
te samlakshayanti | esho 'y^m caturdvipegvaro gacchamo vayam 
Sumeruparikhandam | te tatra gatvavasthitah | 

rajiio Murdhatasyamatyag cintakas tulaka upaparikshakag, cinta- 
yitva tulayitvopaparikshya prithak prithag uktah gilpasthanakarma- 
sth3,nani mapayitum cintaka ime tulaka upaparikshaki iti mantraja' 
mantraja iti samjiia | tair arabdhani karshanakarmani kartum | 
yatah sa raja pagyati janapadan anusamsaryakrishyan karmantan 
kurvatah | yato rajnabhihitam | kim ete manushyah kurvanti | tatas 
[A, 74. b] tair amatyai rajabhihitah" | ete deva manushyah sasyadini 
krishanti, tata oshadhayo bhavishyanti | yatag ca sa rSja kathayati | 
mama rajye manushyah krishishyanti^ j tatas tenoktam ] ^saptavim- 
cativijajatinam devo varshatu | sahacittotpadad eva rajiio ^Murdha- 
tasya saptavimgativijajatir* devo vrishtah j rajiia Murdhatena janapa- 
dah prishtah | kasyaitani punyani | tair abhihitam | devasya casma- 
kam ca j yatas te manushyah karpasavatan® arabdha mapayitum bhu- 
yo 'pi ca rajiia Murdhatena janapadan anusamsarya^ tena prishtah | 
tato rajnabhihitam | kim ete manushyah kurvanti | tair amatyair 
abhihitam | deva manushyah karpasavatan mapayanti | pagcad rajiia- 
bhihitam | kasyarthe | tair amatyair abhihitam | deva vastrftnam 
arthe | tato rajiia tenoktam | mama rajye manushyah karpasavatan 
mapayishyantiti karpasam eva devo varshatu | sahacittotpadad eva 
rajiio Murdhatasya karpasan eva devo vrishtah sa ca raja janapadin 

1 Sic all MSS. -ja : Qu. -jSa? 2 abhihitam MSS. 3 Sic MSS. 

* This occasional change of name is found in all MSS. ' -jatam MSS. 

" -vdtam MSS. here. ^ janapadanusamsaya MSS. 




pricchati 1 kasyaitani punyani I te kathayanti \ devasya casmakam ca ] 
pagcat tena janena tat karpasam kartitum arabdham | sa raja katha- 
yati I kirn ete manushyah kurvanti | tair amatyair abhihitam | deva 
sutrena prayojanam | tato rajnabhihitam | mama rajye manushyah 
kartishyanti sutram eva devo varshatu | sahacittotpadad eva rajno 
Mandhatasya sutram eva devo vrishtah [ sa ca raja kathayati | ka- 
syaitSni punyani | yatas te kathayanti | devasya casmakam ca | yatas 
tair anupurvena vastrany arabdhani vapayitum | sa raja kathayati | 
Trim ete manushyah. kurvanti | tair amatyair abhihitam | deva va- 
strani vapayanti, vastraih prayojanam | yato raja samlakshayati | 
mama rajye manushya vastrani vapayishyante vastrany eva devo 
varshatu | sahacittotpadad eva rajiio Mandhatasya vastrany eva devo 
viishtah | sa raja kathayati | kasyaitani punyani ] te kathayanti | 
devasya casmakam. ca | yatah sa raja samlakshayati | manushyS, 
mama punyanam prabhavam na jananti | atha rajiio Mandhata- 
syaitad abhavat | asti me * Jambudvipa riddhag ca sphitag ca kshemag 
ca ^subhikshag cakirnabahujanamanushyag ca | santi me sapta ratnani 
tad yatha cakraratnam hastiratnam agvaratnaip. maniratnam griha- 
patiratnam striratnam pariniyakaratnam evam saptamam | purnam 
ca me sahasram putranam guranam viranam varangarupinam para- 
sainyapramardakanam [ ahovata me 'ntahpure saptaham hiranyam 
varsham pated ekakarshapano 'pi vahir na nipatet [ sahacittotpa- 
dad eva rajiio Mandhatasyantahpure saptahain hiranyam varsham 
vrishtam ekakarshapano 'pi vahir na nipatito yathapi tanmaharddhi- 
kasya sattvasya mahanubheivasya kritapunyasya kritakugalasya sva- 
kam punyaphalam [A. 75. a] pratyanubhavatah | yatah sa rSja 
kathayati [ kasyaitani punyani | te kathayanti | devasya casmakam 
ca I yato raja Murdhatah kathayati | ^kshunnS, bhavanto, yadi yuah- 

'fi- I 

1 jambudvipa riddham ca sphitam ca kshemam ca MSS,, but of. fol. 75 a. 
The nepalese nc and fc are very mucli alike. - subhiksba*? ca AB (of. foL 75 a). 
^ kshuna MSS. 





mabhih purvam evabhihitam abhavishyad devasya punyaniti may^ 
sakalam Jambudvipam ratnair abhiwishtam abhavishyad, api tu 
yo yushmakam ratnair arthi sa yavadipsitani ratnani grihnatu | 

tasya tatra Murdhatasya rajno maharSjyam karayatuh shat chakrag 
cyutah | rajno Murdhatasya Divaukaso yakshah purojavah | sa rajna 
Murdhatenoktah | asti kiiucid anyadvipo najiiapitam' yad vayam ajna- 
payeraa | yatah pagcad Divaukasenabhihitah j asti deva Purvavideho 
nama dvipa riddhac ca sphitag ca kshemag ca ^subhikshag cakirna- 
bahujanamanushyah svayaip nu devo gatva tarn apy ajiiapayet [ atha 
rajiio Murdhatasya tad abhavat [ asti me Jambudvipa riddhag ca 
sphitag ca kshemag ca subhikshagj cakirnabahujanamanushyag ca [ 
asti me sapta ratnani tad yatha cakraratnam hastiratnam agvaratnain 
maniratnam striratnam gi-ihapatiratnam parinayakaratnam evam 
saptamam | purnam ca me sahasram putranam curanam viranam 
varangarupinam parasainyapramardakanam | vrishtam me saptaham 
antahpure hiranyavarsham [ cruyate atha khalu Purvavideho nama 
dvipo yan nv aham tarn api gatva samanucaseyam | sahacittotpadad 
eva raja Mandhata uparivihayasam abhyudgatah sardham ashtadaga- 
bhir bhatabalagrakotibhih putrasahasrapariviitah saptaratnapuroja- 
vah I agamad raja Mandhatah Purvavidehadvipam ''pratyashthad raja 
Mandhata* Purvavidehadvipe samanuvishtav^n raj 4 Murdhatah Pur- 
vavideham dvipam | tasya tatra samanugasatah shat chakrag cyutah 1 
bhuyah sa raja Divaukasam yaksham amantrayati | asti Divaukasa 
kimcid anyadvipo najiiapitam* | Divaukasa aha | asti devaparagoda- 
niyam nama dvipam riddham ca sphitam ca kshemam ca subhiksham 
cakirnabahujanamanushyam ca | yan nu devas tam api gatva sama- 
nugaset | atha rajiio Murdhatasyaitad abhavat | asti me Jambudvipa 
riddhag ca sphitag ca kshemag ca subhikshag cakirnabahujanamanu- 
shyag ca santi ca me sapta ratnani purnam ca me sahasram putra- 

1 Sic MSS. 2 subhiksM(? ca MSS. 
pratyashthat in fol. 75. b, and 76 a (often). 

^ pratyanushthat MSS. here, but 
^ Sic MSS. 





9uranam viranam varaiigarupinam parasainyapramardakanam ] 
vrishtam me saptaham antahpure hiranyavarsham yathapi tanmahard- 
dhikasya sattvasya mahanubhavasya kritakugalasya svapunyaphalam 
pratyanubhavatah | 9ruyate Aparagodaniyam nama dvipam riddham 
ca sphitain ca ksliemam ca subhikskam cakirnabahujanamanusliyam 
ca I yan nv aham tam api gatva samanugaseyam [ sahacittotpadad 
eva raja Mandhata uparivihayasam abhyudgatah sardham ashtada- 
9abhir bhatabalagrakotibhih putrasaliasraparivritah saptaratnapuro- 
javah I agamad raja Mandhataparagodaniyaiii dvipam ] anu9asti 
raja Mandhataparagodaniyam | tasya samanucasatah skat chakrag 
cyutah | yatah sa raja Mandhata Divaukasam yaksham pricchati | 
[A. 75. bj asti ka9cid anyadvipo Divaukasanajiiapita agato 'smi 
purvan' | asti devottarakurur nama dvipak | kimcapi te manushya 
amama aparigrahali | yan nu devo gatva svakam bhatabalagram 
samanu9aset | atha rajiio Mandhatasyaitad abhavat [ asti me Jami- 
budvipam riddliain ca spliitam ca ksliemam ca subhikshara cakirna- 
bahujanamanushyam ca ] santi me saptaratnani purnaip ca me sa- 
hasrara putranam 9u.ranam viranam varangarupinam parasainyapra- 
mardakanam I vrishtam eva saptaham antahpure hiranyavarsham | 
9ruyate Uttarakurur nama dvipah kiincapi te manushyS, amama 
aparigraha yan nv aham tatrapi gatva svam bhatabalagram sama- 
nu9aseyam | sahacittotpadad eva raja Mandhata sardham ashta- 
da9abhir bhatabalagrakotibhih putrasahasrapariviitah saptaratna- 
purojava uparivihayasenabhyudgatah | adrakshid raja Mandhatah 
Sumerupargvenanuyayan citropacitran vrikshan apidakajatandrishtva 
ca punar Divaukasam yaksham amantrayate sma | kim etad Divaukasa 
citropacitran vrikshan apidakajatan^ | ete devottarakauravanam manu- 
shyanam kalpadushyavrikshah, yata Uttarakaurava manushyah kalpa- 
dushyani pravrinvanti*, devo 'py atraiva gatva kalpadushyani pra- 
varitu" ] grutva ca puna raja Mandhata amatyan amantrayate | pa- 

1 Ex conject. ; purva AB. ^ gjc njgg^ 







§yatha yuyam gramanyag citropacitran vrikshan apidakajatan | evam 
deva I ete gramanya Uttarakauravanam manushyan&m ' kalpadu- 
shyavriksha yata Uttarakaurava manushyah kalpadushyani pra- 
Aaranti, yuyam apy atra gatva kalpadushyayugani pravaradhvam | 
adrSrkshid raja Mandhata Sumeriipargvenanuyayan ^vetagvetam 
prithivipradegam drishtva ca punar Divaukasam yaksham amantra- 
yate | kim etad Divaukasa gvetacvetam prithivipradegam | etad 
deva Uttarakauravakanarn manushyanam akrishtoptam tandulaphala- 
galim' yata XJttarakauravaka manusliya akrishtoptam tandulaphala- 
Qalim paribhunjanti, devo 'py atra gatva 'krishtoptam tandulaphalaga- 
lim paribhunjatu | agamad raja Mandhata Uttarakurudvipam | pra- 
tyashthad raja Mandhata Uttarakurau dvipe | samanugasti raja 
Mandhata Uttarakurau dvipe svakara bhatabalagram | tasya tatra 
svakam bhatabalagram samanugasatali shat chakrag cyutah | atha 
raja Mandhata Divaukasam yaksham amantrayate | asti kimcid' 
anyadvipam anajnapitam iti | nasti deva [ gruyante devas trayastriin- 
9a dirghayusho varnavantah sukhabahula ucceshu vimaneshu cira- 
sthitikah | yan nu devo devams trayastrimgan darganayopasamkramet | 
atha rajiio Murdhatasyaitad abhavat | asti me Jambudvipam riddham 
ca sphitam [A. 76. a] ca kshemam ca subhiksham cakirnabahujana- 
manushyam ca | asti me saptaratnani purnam ca me sahasram 
putranam guranam viranam varaiigarupinam parasainyapramardaka- 
nam vrishtara^ me saptaham antahpure hiranyavarsham samanugishto 
me Purvavideho dvipah samanugishto me Aparagodaniyo dvipah 
samanugishtam* ma Uttarakurudvipe svakam bhatabalagram | gru- 
yante devas trayastrimga dirghayusho varnavantah sukhabahula 
ucceshu vimaneshu cirasthitikah | yan nv aham devams trayastrim- 
^n darganayopasamkrameyam [ sahacittotpadad eva raja Mandhata 
uparivihayasam abhyudgatah sardham ashtadagabhir bhatabalagra- 
kotibhih saptaratnapurojavah putrasahasraparivritah | Sumeruh par- 

1 Sic MSS. - ka<;cid MSS. 3 diishtam MSS. ■» -visto MSS. 




vataraja saptakaficanaparvataparivritab | atha raja Nimindhare par- 
vate pratyashthat kancanamaye | tasya tatra svakam bhatabalagram 
samanugisatah shat chakrkq cyutah | Nimindharat parvatad Vina- 
take parvate pratyashthat kincanamaye | tasya tatra svakam bhata- 
balagram samanugisatah shat chakrag cyutah | Vinatakat parvatad 
Agvakarnagirau parvate pratyashth§,t kancanamaye | tasya tatra 
svakam bhatabalagram samanu9§,satah shat chakrag cyutah [ Agva- 
karnagirer api parvatat Sudargane parvate pratyashthS,t kancana- 
maye j tasya tatra svakam bhatabalagram samanu9asatah shat cha- 
krkq cyutih [ Sudar9anS,t parvatat Khadirake parvate pratyashthS-t 
kS,ncanamaye | tasya tatra svakam bhatabalagram samanugasatah shat 
chakrag cyutah | Khadirakat parvatad IshS,dhare parvate pratyashthS.t 
kancanamaye | tasya tatra svakam bhatabaligram samanu9S,satah shat 


chakra9 cyutah | Ishadharat parvatad Yugandhare parvate pratyash- 
that kancanamaye ] tasya tatra svakam bhatabalagram samanu9S,satah 
shat chakra9 cyutah | Yugandharat parvatad uparivihS.yasam abhyud- 
gatah I tatra Sumeruparishandayam panca hishi9atS,ni dhyapayanti] 
taih sa raja drishta %acchan | te kathayanti | ay am asau bhavantah 
kaliraja agacchati | tatra Durmukho nama ' rishih | tena grihyodakasyan- 
jalih ^kshiptah | vishkambhitam bhatabalagram | tasya cagratah pa- 
rinayakaratnam anuy^ti | tena 4ishayo 'bhihit^h | yacchatha^ br4h- 
manyako 'yam naitat sarvatra sidhyati | MurdhatS. nripatir hy esho 
naite Yai9alika vakah | atha raja tasmim *9asane 'bhyagatah katha- 
yati I kenaitad vishkambhitam bhatabalagram | tenoktam | rishibhir 
deva tam bhatabalagram [A. 76. b] vishkambhitam | pa9cad rajfiS,- 
bhihitam | kim esham rishinam sarvam priyam' iti | parinayakarat- 
nenoktam | jata ^rishinam sarveshtah' | tato rSjnabhihitam | ^rishi- 
nam jatah 9iryantam mama ca bhatabalagram vihayasa gacchatu | 
tesham "rishinam jatah 9irna rajna9 ca Murdhatasya bhatabalagram 

1 ri- ABC. 2 kshiptam MSS. » Sic MSS. * sUsane MSS. 

^ sarvapriyam? « ri- MSS. ? sarve 'stdh A, sarve 'shtah BC. 

c- ■ " ' 28 









vih^yasena prasthitam | Sumeruh parvatar&ja aQitiyojanasahasrSiiy 
adhastat kS,rLcanamayyim bhumau pratishthito 'gitiyojanasahasrany 
udakad abhyudgata urdhvam adhag ca shashtiyojanagatasahasram par- 
gvampargvam agitiyojanasahasraiii tad bhavati samantapariksliepena 
vimQatyadhikani trini yojanagatasahasrani | abhirupo darganiyah 
prasadikag caturatnamayaii ] tasya murdhni devanam trayastrimg^- 
nam Sudarganam nama nagaram | devanam trayastrimganam panca- 
rakshah sthapitah | udakanigrita nagah karotapanayo devS, mal^- 
dhara devah. sadamattS, devag catvarag ca mahSjrajanah | tasya rajno 
Murdhatasyodakanigritair nagair balakayo vishkambMtah | raj^ ca 
Murdhatas tat sthanam agatah j tenoktam | kenaitad bbatabalagram 
vishkambhitam | te kathayanti ] deva udakanigritair n&gaib ] raja 
kathayati j tiryanco mama yudhyanti | tena hy udakanigrita eva me 
nagah purojava bhavantu | tatas te naga r4jno Murdbata&yagrato 
'nuyayino jatah [ tesham naganam anusamyayatain karotapanayo 
devab samprapt^i j yato nagais taih. karotapanibhir devaih sSxdham 
migribhavam gatva punas tad balagram stambbitam ] rajna Murdha- 
tenoktam | kenaitad bhatabalS,gram stambhitam | te kathayanti ] de- 
va ete karotapanayo devfi, etair bhatabalagram. stambhitam | raja 
Murdhatah kathayati | ete 'py eva me karotapanayo devah purojava 
bhavantu ] yatas te 'gratah pradhavitah | pagcat teshim nSgaih 
sardham dhavatam maladharS, devah sampraptah | ' maladharair devais 
te prishtah | kim bhavanto *dhavatah | te kathayanti | esha manu- 
shyaraja. agacchati | yatas taih sambhuya nS,gair devaig ca punas tad 
balagram stambhitam | raja ca Mandhatas tat sthanam anuprS,ptah | 
tenoktam | kim etad bhavantah | te kathayanti | deva maladharair 
devaih | raja kathayati | maladhara devah purojava me bhavantu | 
yato maladhara devas tair nagair devaig ca sardham Murdhatasya- 
gratah pradhavitah | tesh&m dhavatam sadamattaka devah sam- 
praptah I [A. 77. a] sadamattair devaih prishtah | kim bhavanto 

1 maladharaievais MSS. * Sic MSS. 




dhavatah* | tair nagaih karotapan,yadibhi§ ca devair abhihitah | esha 
manushyaraja agacchati [ yato bhuyah sadamattair devaih karota- 
panyjidibhig ca: devair nagaih sardham mi9ribhavaia kritva bhataba- 
lagram vishkambliitain [ raja ca Murdhatas tat sthanam aimpraptah| 
teiLoktam. | Vim etad bhatabalagram vishkambhitam | te kathayanti | 
ete deva sadamatta devah | rajnabhihitam | sadamatta eva me 
devah. purojava bhavantu | yatah sadamatta devts taih. sardham 
devair nagaig cagratah pradhavitab | tesham dhavatam. caturmaha- 
rajika- devah sampraptah | tair uktam ] kim etad bhavanto dhi- 
vatah' I yato nagadibhir devair agrato 'nuyayibhir abhihitah [ esha 
manushyaraja agacchati | catvaro maharajanah samlakshayanti | pun- 
yamahegakhyo 'yam sattvo nasya gakyam viroddhum iti [ tatas taig 
caturbhir maharajais trayastriinganam arocitam | esha bhavanto 
manushyaraja Murdhata agacchati | trayastrimga devih samlaksha- 
yanti I punyavipakamahegakhyo 'yam sattvo nasya viroddhavyam | 
arghenasya pratyudgacchamah | tatas te trayastrimga deva arghena 
pratyudgatah [ adrakshid raja Murdhatah Sumerumurdhany abhi- 
ruhan nilanilam vanarajiip.^ megharajim ivonnatam drishtva ca punar 
Divaukasam yaksham amantrayate | kim etad Divaukasa nilaniia 
vanarajir megharajir^ ivonnata | esha deva devanam Parijatako* 
nama kovidaro yatra devas trayastrimgag caturo varshikan masan 
divyaih pancabhih kamagunaih samarpitah samanvangibhutah kri- 
danti raraante paricarayanti | devo 'py atra gatva divyaih panca- 
bhih kamagunaih samarpitah samanvangibhutah kridatu ramatain. 
paricarayatu | grutva ca puna raja Murdhato 'maty an amantrayate] 
pagyatha yuyam gramanyo nilanilam vanarajim megharajim. ivonna- 
tam 1 evam deva [ esha devanam trayastritnganam Parijatakah kovi- 
daro yatra devas trayastrimgag caturo varshikan masan divyaih 
paiicabhih kamagunaih samarpitah samanvangibhutah kridanti ra- 

1 Sic MSS. 
trako MSS here. 

8 nilaniia vanarajir MSS. 

3 .; 

rajun MSS. 

* Pariya^ 




H . 

mante paricS,rayanti | yuyam api gramanyo 'tra gatva divyaih. 
pancabhih kamagunaih. samarpit§,h samanvangibhutS-h. kridata ra- 
mata paricarayata | adrakshid r§,ja Murdhatah Sumerumurdhany 
abhiruhan QvetaQvetam abhrakutam ivonnatam drishtva ca punar 
Divaukasam yaksham amantrayate | kim etad Divaukasa 9veta9ve- 
tam abhrakutam ivonnatam | esha deva devSnam trayastrim9anS,m 
SudharmS, nama devasabha yatra devas trayastrim9a9 catvara9 ca 
mahdrajanah sanmishanna samnipatita [A. 77. b] devanam manu- 
shyanS,m cartham ca dharmam ca cintayanti tulayanty upapart- 
kshyanti^ | devo 'py atra gamishyatu' | 9rutv& ca punar amatyan 
amantrayate [ pa9yatha yuyam gramanyah. 9veta9vetam abhrakutam 
ivonnatam j evam deva | esha trayastrim9anam Sudharma nama 
devasabha yatra devas trayastrim9a9 catvara9 ca maharajanah samni- 
shannah samnipatita devanam manushyanam cartham ca dharmam 

• •••X • Va« > ■ 

ca cintayanti tulayanty upaparikshyanti ' | yuyam api gramanyo 'tra 
gamishyatha | devanam trayastrim9S,nam Sudar9anam. nama naga- 
ram ardhatritiyani yojanasahasrany ayamenardhatritiyani yojana- 
sahasrani vistarena samantatah parikshepena da9ayqianasahasrS,ni 
saptabhih kancanamayaih prakaraih parikshiptam | te pr^kara 
ardhatritiyani yojanSay ucchrayena | teshu prakareshu caturvidhah 
*shodak4 mapitah suvarnamaya rupyamay^ vaiduryamayah sphati- 
kamayah | 'urdhvi eka nibaddha samkramanaka* | Sudar9ananagare 
'bhyantare bhumibhago 'bhirupo dar9aniyah prasadika9 citrah sucitra 
*ekaikacitradhatu9atena vicitro mriduh sumriduh, tadyathi tula- 
picur va karpasapicur va prakshipte pade avanamaty utkshipte pade 
unnamati, divyair mandaravaih pushpair jinumatrena oghena sam- 
stirno vayusamyogic ca pauranany avakiryante navani pushpani 

samakiryante | Sudar9ane nagare ekonadvS,rasahasram dvare dvare 
^ Sic MSS. ^ Sic C with kraina9irshani in margin : AD read kramaQir- 

shanipitfi, B pranirshanipitah : kramaQirshani is probably for kraya^irshani, 
which may be a gloss on shodakah. ^ urdhvi MSS. ^ -manakdh MSS. 

* Sic D : ekaiva dhdtu- A, ekaivadhdtu- BC. 




panca9atam nilavdsasam yakshanam sthapitani samnaddhani santi 
'cittakalapani yavad eva devanaiu trayastrimganam arakshanartham 
atyartham gobhanartham | Sudarganasya nagarasya vithyah* ardhatriti- 
jkui yojanasahasrany ayamena vistarena dvadaQa yojanany abhirupi 
darganiyah prasadikah kanakabalukastirnag^ candanavariparishikta 
hemajalavanaddhali | sainantakena vividhah pushkirinyo mapitah | tdh 
pushkirinya9 caturvidhair ishtakaig citah suvarnamayai rupyamayaih 
sphatikamayair vaiduryamayaih | vedikayah sphatikamay^ suci 
alambanam adhishthanam | sphatikamayyS,* vaiduryamayi suci dlam- 
banam adhishthanam | tab pushkirinyah purnah ^italena vS,rm4 
kshaudrakalpenambuna utpalapadmakumudapundarikasamchanna vi- 
vidhaih jalajaib® gakunakair valgusvarair manojnasvaraib kamaru- 
pibhir nikujitab | samantake vividhah. pushpaviikshah phalavrikshah. 
sujatah susamsthita ^apinakajatah | tadyatha dakshena maiak^rena 
va malakarantevasinS, yk mMa va agrasthitavatansakaru. vS, suracitani | 
vividhaih sthalajaih gakunakair valgusvarair manojnasvaraih kamaru- 
pibhir abhinikujitah | Sudargane nagare caturvidhah kalpadush- 
yavriksha nilah pita lohita avadatah | kalpadushyavrikshaig caturvi- 
dhani tundicelani', tais tundicelaig caturvidhani kalpadushyani nilani 
pitani lohitany avadatani | yadrigam akankshati devo vH devakanyS, vS, 
[A. 78. a] sahacittotpadad dhaste pradurbhavanti | caturvidhS, abharana- 
vriksha hastopag^h padopagah guhyah prakagitah | yidii^am ikank- 
shati devo vk devakanyi va sahacittotpadad dhaste pradurbhavanti | 
caturvidha vadyabhandavrikshS, venuvallarisughoshakS, | y&drigam 
akankshati devo vk devakany^ v^ sahacittotpadad dhaste pradurbha- 
vanti I caturvidha api ca sudha nila pita lohita avadata J yadrigam 
akankshati devo v^ devakanyi va sahacittotpadad dhaste pradur- 
bhavanti I madhumadhavah kadambari paripanam | ^giihah kutaga- 
rS, harmyah prasadi svasanaka® avalokanakS, samkramanaka nftrigana- 

1 Qu. citra-. 2 e conj. : pitht MSS. 3 -stirnS MSS. * -maya MSS. 
■* kulakshaih AB, kMajalaih D. « apidaka-? ^ om. MSS. » grihS,- MSS. 
^ prasadambasanaka MSS. 




virajitam 'apsarasahsamghanishevitam turyandnS,bhin4ditain upetam 
annapanam yatra trayastrimgah kridanti ramante paricarayanti 
svakam punyaphalam pratyanubhavanti | devanam trayastrimganam 
Sudharma devasabha trini yojanagatany ayamena trini yojayanaga- 
tani vistarena samantaparikshepena navayojanagatani*, abhirup4 
darganiya prasadika sphatikamayi ardhapancamani yojanani tasman 
nagarito ^'bhyudgata | tatra devanam trayastrimganam fisanani 
prajnaptani yatra prithag dvatrimgatinam upendranam asanani tra- 
yastrimgatimam Cakrasya devanam Indrasya | tesham eva devanam 
sarv^nte Murdhatasya rajiia asanani prajnaptam | pagcad devas tra- 
yastrimca Murdhatasya rajno 'rghain* grihya pratyudgatah [ tatra ye 
punyamahegakhyah sattva anupurvena pravishtah | avagishta vahih 
sthitah. I yatah. sa raja Mtirdhatah samlakshayati | yany etany asa- 
nani prajnaptakany etebhyo yad antimam S,sanam etam mama 
bhavishyati | atha rajno Murdhatasyaitad abhavat | ahovata me 
Cakro devanam Indro 'rdhasanenopanimantrayet | sahacittotpadad 
eva Cakro devanam Indro rajno Mandhatur ardhasanam adat | pra- 
vishto raja Murdhatah. Cakrasya devanam Indrasyardhasane | na 
khalu rajno Murdhatasya ^akrasya devanUm Indrasyaikasane ni- 
shannayoh kagcid vigesho va 'bhiprayo vS, nanakaranam va yadutS,- 
rohaparinahau' varnapushkalatji svaraguptyS, svaragupter nanyatra 
Cakrasya devanam Indrasyanimishatena' |r4jfio Murdhatasya deveshu 
trayastrimgeshu tishthatah shattrimgac chakrag cyutah | tatra ca 
tesham devanam devasurasamgramam bhavati | tatra yady Asurah 
parajayante pagcad Asurapuryim dvarani badhnanti | devanam api 
panca® rakshah parajayante te 'pi devapuryam dvarani badhnanti | 
tesham evam devasurSxiam parasparatah sambhrama utpannah [ yato 
rajfia Murdhatena trayastrungS,nam uktam | kim etad bhavanto 'ti- 
vasambhramajatah | devais trayastrimgair uktam | etair Asurair 

1 Sic MSS. 2 .^atd MSS. 

» -ho MSS. « paSca MSS. 

3 'bhyudgatah MSS. 

* artham ABC. 




asmakam panca rakshS, bhagna yato 'smabliir dvarani baddhSni | yato 
Murdhatena rajnoktam | atmapurush^ anayantu bhavanto dhanub j 
yatas tasya dhanur %itam [ tena pa9cad dhanur gribya gunagabdah 
kritab j tasya ca dbanusho gunagabdah krita' Asuraih grutab | tam 
grutv^ 'sura katbayanti | [A. 78. b] kasyaisba gunagabdab | taih 
grutam rajno Murdbatasyaisba gunagabdab | te tam gabdam grutva 
vismayam ^pannSh | pagcad raja Murdbato nirgatab tasmad deva- 
nagaryatas* tesham devanam Asurair bbagnakanam svam ca kayam 
samnabya* | dharmatS. ca punar esbam devasuranam yudhyatam ratha 
vaihayasena tishtbanti, tesbam. anyonyam na ^kasyacid adbiko va 
bino \k, rajno Murdbatasya * sarvesbam apy Asuran§,m vaibayasam 
abhyudgamyoparistbitah | pagcat te 'surab katbayanti | ka esbo 'sm§,- 
kam uparivi bayasam abbyudgatab | yatas taib grutam | manusbyaraja 
esba Murdbato nama | pagcat te samlaksbayanti | punyaviplikama- 
begakhyo 'yam sattvo yasy asmakam upari vaibayasam ratho gacchati | 
jita bbagnab parijitah parApiisbthikrita asuripuripravishtab* | pagcS,d 
raja Murdhatab katbayati | kasya jayah | yato 'maty ah katbayanti | 
devasya jayab | sa r^jS, samlaksbayati [ abam eva devanam traya- 
strimgS,nam sakagad abbyadhikah | tasya rSjno MurdhS.tasyaitad abba- 
vat I etad asti me Jambudvipa^, asti me saptaratnani asti me sa- 
hasram putranam vrisbtam me 'ntahpure saptaham hiranyavarsbam 
samanugishtam me Purvavideham samanugishtam me 'paragodaniyam 
dvipam samanugishtam me Uttarakurushu svakam bhatabal&gram 
adhishthitam me 'sti devan trayastrimgin pravishto 'smi SudharmS,m. 
devasabham dattam me Qakrena devendrenardh§,sanam | ahovat&ham 
Qakram devanam Indram asmS,t sthanac cyavayitva svayam eva 
devanam ca inanushyan§,in ca rSjyaigvaryadbipatyam karayeyam I sa- 
hacittotpS,dad raja Murdhatas tasmad riddbitah paribhrashto Jam- 
budvipeshu pratyashthat | kharam 4badham sprishtavan pragS,dhS,m 

^ Sic MS S. 2 sannehya ABC. ^ sc. ratho; ka^casyacid A, ka^cisya 

cidBC. * sc. rathah. ^ .pari- AB, -part- D. 





■ i 

vedanam maranantikim | atha raj no Murdhatasyamatyaganamalia- 
matya rajyakart^ro mantrasahajivino yena rija Murdhatas tenopa- 
samkrantah | upasamkramya rajanaip Murdhatam idam avocan' | bha- 
vishyanti khalu devasyatyayat pa9ciina janapadah pariprishtavanto 
rajna Murdhatena maranasamaye kim vyakritam | saced vo gra- 
manyo mamatyayat kagcid upasamkramyaivam pricchet kim bhavanto 
rajna Murdhatena maranasamaye vyakritam tesham idam syid 
vacaniyam | raja bhavanto Murdhatah saptabhi ratnaih samanvagato 
'bhut I catasribhig ca ^manushikabhir riddhibhig caturshu dvipeshu 
rajyaigvaryadhipatyain karayitva devains trayastrimgan adhirudhah [ 
atripta eva paiicanani kamagunanam kalagatah | 

na karshapanavarshena triptih kameshu vidyate | 

alpasvadan bahuduhkhan kaman vijnaya panditah || 

api divyeshu kameshu ratim naivadhigacchati | 

trishnakshaye rato bhavati samyaksambuddhagravakah || 

[A. 79. a] parvato 'pi suvarnasya samo himavata' bhavet | 

nalam ekasya tad vittam iti vidvan samacaret |1 

yah prekshati duhkham ito nidanam kameshu jatu sa katham 

rameta | 
loke hi galyam upadhim viditva tasyaiva dhiro vinayaya gikshet || 
yada ca punas tena janakayena grutam raji Murdhato *glano 
maranavasthita iti tatas te 'matya janapadag canekani pranigatasa- 
hasrani rijanam Murdhatam upasaipkramya darganaya yatas tena 
rajna tasya janasya tavad evamvidha dharmadegana krita kameshv 
adinavakatha grihagramapadasyadinavo bhashitas tatha kamo jugup- 
sito yathanekS,ni pranigatasahasrani ^rishinam antike^ pravrajya 
grihagramapaddny apahaya vanam samgritah | rishibhih pravrajitva 
catvS,ri brahmaviharan bhavayitva kimeshu kamacchandam prahaya 
tadbahulaviharino brahmalokasabhS,gatayam upapannah | yavac cS,- 

1 avocat MSS. ^ m5.nushikabhiriddhibhiQ BC. ^ liemavata MSS. 

4 (jlavo AB, glavo CD. ^ rishashinam AB. ^ antikeyah AB. 


'- '^i^?'^^-^0-''^^'^^^W^^-'^'^--''^^''^'^^'v^'''^!^^ 





nanda Murdhatah kum^rakridayam kridatavan yavac ca yauva- 
rajyam yavac ca maharajyam yavac ca Jambudvipe yavac ca Purva- 
videhe dvipe yavac caparagodaniye dvipe yavac cottarakurushu yavac 
ca saptasu kancanamayeshu parvateshu yavac ca dev4ii^ Trayastrin- 
gan adhirudho 'tr&ntare caturdagottaram Cakragatam cyutam | ^a- 
krasya bhikshavo devanam Indrasyayushah pramanam, yan manu- 
sbyanaip varsham ekam devanam Trayastrixuganam ekaritrimdiva- 
sam, tena ratrimdivasena trimgadratrakena masena dvada9amS,sena 
samvatsarena^ divyam varshasahasrarp. devanam Trayastrimganam 
Ayushah pramanam, tad bhavati manushikaya gananaya tisro var- 
shalakshah' shashtig ca *varshasahasrani I 

yasminn Ananda samaye raja Murdhato 'devams Trayastrim§S,n 
adhirudha evamvidham cittam utpMitam, ahovata me Qakro deva- 
nam Indro 'rdhasanenopanimantrayeta, Kagyapo bhikshus tena k4- 
lena tena samayena Qakro devanim indro babhuva [ yasmin khalv 
Ananda samaye rajuo Murdhatasyaivamvidham cittam utpannam, 
yannv aham ^akram devanam indram asmat sthS,na9 cyS,vayitva 
svayam eva devanam ca manushyanam ca rajyaigvaryadhipatyam ka- 
rayeyam, Kagyapah. samyaksambuddhas tena kalena tena samayena 
Cakro devan&m Indro babhuva | mahegakhye sattve cittam pradu- 
shitam, tasmad riddheh paribhrashtab [ Jambudvipe pratyashthat 
kharam abadham sprishtavan prag&dhaip vedanam maranantikim | yo 
'sau raja Murdhato 'ham evananda tena kalena tena samayena [ tatra 
tavan may ananda saragena sadveshena samohenaparimuktena jatijard- 
vyadhimaranagokaparidevaduhkhadaurmanasyopayasadharmena " ma- 
ranakalasamaye tavad evamvidha parikatha krita yad anekani pra- 
nigatasahasrini grihagramam [A, 79. b] apahaya lishibhyah pravra- 
jitva kameshu kamacchandam vyapahaya tadbahulavihS.rino brahma- 
lokam' upapMitah ] idanira sarvajnenanuttarajninajneyavagipraptena 


1 Sic MSS. 
tasahasr3,ni B. 

' samvarena ABD. ^ varshakatmajah D. * varshapa- 
* devam MSS. ^ -apayasadharmena A. ' -loka ? 


- J^- 1"!*^'- .'i^^vmsm^^fmfmmf^^mm 





nirvanaya sainprasthitena tSvad evamvidha dharmadegana krita yad 
anekani devatagatasahasrani satyeshu pratishthapitani | anekani 
risliigatasahasrani eta bhikshava iti pravrajitani | tair yujyadbhir 
ghatadbhir vyayacchadbhih sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam praptam | 
anekadevanagayakshagandliarvasuragarudakinnaramahoragali gara- 
nagamanagikshapadesbu vyavasthapitah | anekani Vaigalikani pra- 
ni9atasaliasrS,ni yesham kecic chrotapattiphale vyavasthapitah kecit 
sakridS,gamiphale kecid anagamiphale kaigcit pravrajitva 'rhattvam 
praptam kaigcic chravakabodhau kaigcit pratyekabodhau kaigcid 
anuttaraySiin. samyaksambodhau cittam utpaditani' kaigcic charana- 
gamanagikshapadani grihitani [ 

bhikshavah saingayajatah sarvasamgayacchettarara Buddham Bha- 
gavantam pricchanti j kani bhadanta karmani kritani rajna Murdha- 
tena yesham karman§,ni vipakena sahacittotpadad eva saptaham 
antahpure hiranyavarsham vrishtam [ Bhagavan aha | 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani Sarvabhibhiir nama Tatha- 
gato 'rhan loke utpanno vidyS,caranasampannah sugato lokavid anut- 
tarah purushadamyasarathih gasta devamanushyanam Buddho Bha- 
gavan I tena khalu samayenanyatarah greshthidarako 'cirapratishthi- 
tah I tatra vishaye dharmata ya acirodha darika bhartari ^prava- 
hanakena ^pratipradiyate sa caturatnamayaih pushpair avakirya* 
baddhaka svamine pradiyate | sa ca bhartaram* adaya svagriham 
gacchati | sa ca greshthidarakag caturatnamayani pushpani prati- 
grihya yanam adhiruhya ^gvaguragriham anuprasthitah | tasya gac- 
chato 'bhimukham Sarvabhibhuh samyaksambuddho janapadeshu 
caryain. caraiin anupurvenabhyagatah | tain, drishtva dvatrimgallak- 
shanalamkntam asecanakadarganam ativa prasada utpannah | yato 
'sau prasadikritaceta janad avatirya tam Bhagavantam taiq caturat- 
namayaih pushpair avakirati | tani Sarvabhibhuvi samyaksam- 

* Sic MSS.; query utpaditam? ^ vahanakena AB. ^ pratipadiyati MSS. 
* avakshtrya A. ^ bhartam ABC. ^ svasura- MSS. 




buddhenadhislithitani tatha ja,tM sakatacakramatrany abhinivrittani | 

tani vitanam baddhva gacchato 'nugacchanti tishtbatas tishthanti | sa 

prasadajato gatham bhashate | 

anena danena mabadgatena Buddbo bbaveyam sugatab sva- 

yambhuh [ 

tirnag ca tarayeyain mabajanaugban at^rita, ye purvakair 

jinendraib || 

Sarvabhibbur me Bbagavan mabarsbir avakirnab. pusbpaib, 

sumanoramaig ca | 

pranidbi9 ca me tatra kritS, udara akanksbat^ vi* idam agra- 

bodhim || 

tasyaiva karmano vipakato me praptS, bi me [A. 80. a] bodbib* giva 

anuttara | vrisbtam. ca sapt&babiranyavarsbam. Murdbatasya rajno 

mahabalasya | tasyaiva karmano vipakato me nagaram api sauvarna- 

kancanam babbuva Mabasudarganasya ramaniya Kugavati nama purt 

babbuva | 

bbiksbavab samgayajatah sarvasamgayacchettaram Buddbam Bha- 

gavantam priccbanti | kidrigam bbadanta rajnS, Murdb&tena karm.a 

kritam yasya karmano vipakena catursbu dvipeshu rajyaigvaryadbi- 

patyam karitaiii devams Trayastrimgan adbirudbah [ Bbagavan aba | 

bhutapurvam bbiksbavo 'tite 'dbvani Yipagyi nama Tatb&gato 
'rban samyaksambuddbab loka utpannab | atba sa Vipagyi samyak- 

sambuddho janapadesbu cary^m caramano 'nupurvena Bandbumatini 
rajadbanim anupriptab | atba Yipagyi samyaksambuddbab purvS,bne 
nivasya patracivaram adaya Bandbumatim pindaya pravigat | ta- 
tranyatarag cotkariko nama banig Bhagavantam Vipagyinam. asecana- 
kadarganarupam drisbtvUdhikab prasada utpannab [ pras&dajatena 
tasya mudganam musbtim gribitva patre praksbiptab | tato mudgag 
catvarab patre patitS, ekab kantakam abatya bbumau patitah | avagish- 
tam naiva ^sampraptam patram asamprapt^ eva bbumau patitS.h | 
tato banik prasadajatah pranidbim karoti ] 

1 vai MSS. 2 boahi MSS. » sampraptah MSS. 





anena danena mahadgatena Buddho bhaveyam sugatah svayam- 
bhiih I 

tirna9 ca tSrayeyain mahajanaughan na tarita ye purvakair 
jinendraih j| 
Bhagavan aha j yo 'sav ^Otkariko banig aham eva tena kalena 
tena samayena | yan maya YipagyiBah samyaksambuddhasya prasa- 
dajatena inudganS,m mushtih patre prakshipta tasmac catvaro 
mudgah patre patita avagishta bbumau patitah, tasya karmano 
vipakena caturshu dvipeshu rajyaigvaryadhipatyam karitain | yag 
casau mudgah patrakantakam ahatya bhumau patitas tasya karmano 
vipakena Trayastrim9an devan adhirudhah | saced bhikshavah sa 
mudgah patre patito 'bhavishyan na bhumau sthanam etad vidyate 
yad deveshu ca manushyeshu ca rajyai9Yaryadhipatyam. karitam abha- 
vishyat | yo 'sav Otkariko banik tena kalena tena samayena sa esha 
raja Murdhatah [ yo Murdhato raj aham eva sa tena kalena tena sama- 
yena I ^yasmad evam Buddhe Bhagavati Mahakarunike karah krita 
atyartham mahaphala bhavanti mahanugamsa mahadyutayo maha- 
vaistarika iti tasmad bhavadbhih kim karaniyam Buddhe dharmo 
samghe karah karaniyah samyakpranidhanani ca karaniyaniti || 

iti gridjvyavadane' Mandhatavadanam saptadagamam*. 


Evam maya grutam | ekasmin samaye Bhagavan Chravastyam 
viharati sma Jetavane 'nathapindadasyarame | tena khalu samayena 
pancamS,trani banikchatani bhandain samudaniyanupurvena gra- 
manigamapalHpattanarajadhanishu cancuryamanani mahasamudra- 
tatam anupraptani | tair nipunatah samudram yanapatram pratipS,- 

^ Sic MSS. 2 A. has: pancamS-trani bamli<;atani bdndham | sam Mdndha- 
t5,vadanam, &c. ^ om. ABC, * -mah MSS. ; 9I0 491 added in AC. 

- i 




ditam | yato banijas tarn mahasamudram drishtva [A. 80. b] sam- 
bhinnamanaeo na prasahante ' samavataritum j pagcat tair banigbhih 
karnadhara uktah | ^udghoshaya nab purusha mahasamudrasya bhu- 
tam varnam|yatah karnadhara udghoshayitum pravrittah | grinvantu 
bhavanto Jambudvipaka manushyah santy asmin mahasamudre evam- 
vidhani ratnani tadyathS, manayo mukta vaiduryagankhagilS, pra- 
bado rajatam jatarupam ^agmagarbho musaragalvo lohitika daksbinS,- 
vartah [ ya icchaty evamrupai ratnair ^.tmanam samyaksukhena 
prinayitum m&tapitarau putradaram dasidasakarmakarapaurusheyam 
mitramatyajiiatisalohitam kalena ca kalam dakshiniyebhyab gra- 
nianabrahmanebhyo dakshinam pratishthapayitum urdhvagaminiip. 
saubhagyakarim sukhavipakam ayatyam svargasamvartaniin, so 'Bmin. 
mahasamudre avataratu dhanahetor | evam ukte ca punah sarva eva 
sattvah sampattikama vipattipratikulas tarn grutva tasmin maha- 
samudre vyavasitah samavataritum -| yatas tad vahanam atiprabhu- 
tair manushyair atibharena cakrS,ntatvat tatraivavasidati | tatah 
karnadharenoktam | asahyam vahanam | yato banijah kathayanti | 
kasyedanim vakshyamah, vahanat pratyavatarasveti | tair banigbhih 
karnadharasyoktam ] mahasamudrasya bhutarp. varnam udghoshayata | 
tatah sa udghoshayitum pravrittah | grinvantu bhavanto Jambudvi- 
paka manushyah santy asmin mahasamudre im^ny evamrupani 
mahanti mahabhayani tadyatha timibhayam *timingUabhayam urmi- 
bhayam kurmabhayam sthala utsidanabhayam jale samsidanabhayam. 
antarjalagatan^m parvatanS,m Aghattanabhayam k^kavatabhayam 
caura apy agacchanti nilavasaso dhanaharinah | yena c&tmano jivita- 
parityago vyavasthito matapitarau putradaram dasidasakarmakara- 
paurusheyam mitramatyajnatisalohitam citram ca Jambudvipam 
parityaktum sa mahasamudram avataratu | alpah gura bahavah 

^ Ex conj.: prahasante MSS. ^ Ex conject.; udghoshayatah purushah 

AD, udghoshayata puruh B, udghoshayatah purushdh C. 8 asmagarbho 

MSS. * timingala- MSS, here. 





i I 

katarah. | tarn grutva tathodghushya tathodghushya tu ' tasmad yana- 
patrad avatirna bahavala kecid avagishtah | tatas tair banigbhir 
yahanasyaikam vetrani chinnam | pa9cad dvau trayo yavad anupur- 
vena sarve varatraQ chinnah | tasu cchinnasu tad vahanam maha- 
karnadharasampreritam gagane mahavatasamprerito megha iva ba- 
lavadvayusampreritam kshipram eva samprasthitam yavad Rat- 
nadvipam anupraptah. | sa tarn pradegam anupraptanam karnadharah 
kathayati | santy asmin llatnadvipe kacamanayo ratnasadricas te 
bhavadbhir upaparikshyam upapariksbya grihitavya^ ma vah pacgaj 
Jambudvipagatanam tapyam bhavisbyati | tatraiva ca ^ Kroiicakuma- 
rika nama striyo bbavanti | tab. purushani labdbva tathopalan* [A. 
81. a] tadayanti yatbatraivanayena vyasanam dpadyante | atraiva 
ca ^madaniyani phalani bbavanti j tani yo bbaksbayati sa saptara- 
trimdivasan suptas tisbtbati | asminn eva ca Ratnadvipe saptabat 
parenamanushya na sahante, tavadvidhan viparitan vayun utpada- 
yanti yair vahanam apabriyate yatbapi tad akritakaryanam | tani 
bhavadbbir labdhani na bhakshayitavyani | tac cbrutva banijo 'vahita- 
manaso 'pramadenavastbitab prapya ca tarn Ratnadvipam prayatnam 
astbaya ratnanvesbanam kritvanupurvenopaparikshya ratnanam tad 
vahanam puritam tadyathS, yavanam va ^yavasasyanam va mudga- 
nam va mashanam va | vahanam purayitva te 'nukulam Jambu- 
dvipabbimukhena vayuna samprastbitah | mahasamudre ca tribhih 
skandhaib praninab samnigritah ] pratbame yojanagatika atmabhava 
dvistriyojanagatika atmabbavah, dvitiye skandhe 'sbtayojanagatika 
Atmabhava navadagayavaccaturdagayojanagatika atmabbavah, tritiye 
skandhe pancadagayojanacatika atmabbavah shodagiyojanagatika ya- 
vad ekavimgatika atmabbavah | tatra ca mahasamudre ta matsyaja- 
tayab parasparanyonyabhaksbanapara ye prathamayam bhumav 
avasthitas te dvitiyabbumisthair bhakshyante, ye dvitiyabhumisthas 
tritiyabhumistbair bhakshyante ( tatra timingilo nama matsyas tri- 
1 tuh MSS. =" Sic MSS. ^ damanfyani D. * yavasa^y- MSS. 




tiyM udakaskandhad abhyudgamyoparimandakaskandham S,daya 
carati | sa yasyam velayam mukham S-vrinoti tasyam velayam 
mahasamudrat paniyam mahata vegenakshiptam mukhad varam ' 
yato dhavati | tenaivodakaskandhenakshipta matsyakacchapavalla- 
bhakacugumaramakaradya matsyajatayo mukhadvarenodare patanti [ 
tasyaivaip. carata itmabhavac chira evam lakshyate durata eva 
tadyatha parvato nabh.ahpram§,no 'kshini casya durata eva samlak- 
shyete^ nabhasivMityau | yatas ^tair banigbhir durata ^evopadhari- 
tam I tan maharnavarupam 'upadharya cintayitum pravrittS,h | kim 
etad bhavanta adityadvayasyodayanam | test am evam cintayatam tad 
vahanain tasya mukhadvarain yato vegenopahartum arabdbam ] te 
vahanam vegenapahriyamanam drishtva ddityadvayotpadanam ca 
samlakshya samvega utpamiah | kim bhavanto yat tac chruyate sapta- 
dityah kalpasamvartanyam samudagamishyantiti tad evedanira pro- 
ditah syuh | yatah karnadharena tesham ^vimargajatanam uktamj 
yat tad bhavantah gruyate timitimingila iti timitimingilabhayam 
idam, tat pagyantu bhavantah paniyad abhyudgataparvatavad alok- 
yate, etat tasya girah pagyatha ^caishapara lohitikd rajir yad etau 
tasyoshthau, pagyathaitam* apara avadata mala caisha tasya dantamala 
[A. 81. b] I pagyathaitau durata eva suryavad avalokyete^, etav 
akshitarakau | punar asau kaniadharo banijam kathayati | grinvantu 
bhavanto nasmakam idanim jivitopayah kagcid yena vayam asmad 
bhaydn mucyemah' sarvesham evasm4kam maranam pratyupasthi- 
tam I tad idanim bhavadbbih kim karaniyam | yasya vo yasmin deve 
bhaktih sa tarn ayacatu yadi tenapi tavad ay^canena k^cid devatas- 
makam asman mahabhayad vimokshanam kurydt [ na canyo 'sti 
kagcid upayo jivitasya | yatas tair banigbhir maranabhayabhitaih 

- 1 

1 Sic D. mukham dvaram AB, mukhadvaram C. = -yate MSS. 

3 te MSS. * evapadharitam AB. « apadhSrya C. udhaiya AB. 

^ vimarsha MSS. ^ caishampara MSS. « Ex conj. : pa(?yautam MSS. 

9 Sic MSS. 




i i . 

I ' 


(JJivavarunakuveramahendropendradayo deva j ivitaparitranartham 
S.yacitum arabdhah. j naiva ca tesham ayacatam tasman maranabha- 
yaj jivitaparitranavigeshah kagcit | tathaiva tad vahanam salilavegat 
kshiptam timingilamukhadvaram yato 'pahriyate | tatra copasako 
'bhirudhah | tenoktam [ bhavanto nasmakam asraan maranabhayan 
mokshah kaQcit sarvair evasmabhir martavyam kiiptu sarva evaika- 
ravena namo Buddhayeti vadamah | sati marane Buddhavalambanaya 
smrityi kalam karishyamah sugatigamanam bhavishyati | yatas tair 
banigbhir ekaravena namo Buddhayeti pranamah kritah sarvair eva | 
Bhagavata ca Jetavanasthena sa vadah gruto divyena grotrena vi9ud- 
dhenatikrantamanusliena grutva ca punar Bhagavata sa nadas tathd- 
dhishthito yatha tena timiogilena 9rutam | tasya tarn namo Buddha- 
yeti ravam 9rutva manaso marsha utpanno viklavibhuta^ ca Buddho 
vata loka utpanno na mama pratirupam syad yad aham Buddhasya 
Bhagavato ^ namodghosham grutva aharam S,hareyam | sa cintayitum 
praviittah [ yady aham idanim sahasaiva mukhadvaram pidhasyami 
salilavegapratyahatasya vahanasya vinago bhavishyaty ctesham ca- 
nekanam jivitavina9ah | yannv aham mridunopakramena svairam 
svairam mukhadvaram sampidadhyam | tatas tena timidgilenatmiyam 
mukhadvaram mridunopakramena svairam svairam ^pihitam | pa9cat 
tad vahanam tasman mahagrahamukhad vinirmuktam anugunara 
vayum asadya tiram anupraptam [ 'atha te banijas tiram Ssadya 
tad bhandam 9akatoshtragogardabhadibhih purayitvanupurvena gra- 
manigamapallipattanadishu cancuryamanah Qravastim anupraptah | te 
tatra gatva samlakshayanti j dharmataisha yasya namna vahanam 
sarpsiddhayanapatram agacchati tasyaiva tani ratnani gamyani bha- 
vanti I yannu vayam etani ratnani Buddhasya Bhagavato dadyamah | 
te tani ratnani samgrihya Bhagavatah saka9am upagata anupurvena 
Bhagavatah padau 9irasa vanditva Bhagavatah kathayanti | Bhaga- 
vann asmakam samudre yanapatrenavatirndnam timingilagrahena 
1 Sic MSS. 2 pithitam MSS. » athas MSS. 





tasmin y^napatre [A. 82. a] 'pahriyamane jivitaviuace pratyupasthite 
Bhacavatah smaranaparayananam namagrahanam tasman mahagra- 
hamukhad vinirmuktam, tato vayam Bhagavan samsiddliayanapatrlih 
kshemasvastina ihagatah | dharmata caisha yasya namnS, vahanam' 
samsiddhayanapatra agacchanti tasya tad gam yam bhavati tad 
vayam Bhagavato namagrahanena maranabhayad uttirn§,s tad asmS,- 
kam etani ratnani Bhagavan grihiiatu* | Bhagavan aha [ yena ma- 
yendriyabalabodhyangaratnany adhigatani kim Tathagatasya bhuyah 
prakritaratnaih karaniyam, yadi ^cecchatasmacchasane vatsah pravra- 
jitum Sgacchatha | yatas te samlakshayanti | banijo yad asmakam 
kiacij jivitam tat sarvam Buddhasya Bhagavatas tejasa yad vayam 
etani ratnani tyaktva Bhagavato 'ntike pravrajema iti 1 pagcat te 
tani ratnani mS.tapitiibhyah putradaradasidasakarmakaramitramS,- 
tyajnatisalohitebhyo yathanyayatah samvibhajya pravrajitah | pra- 
vrajya tair yujyadbhjr ghatadbhir vyayacchadbhir yavad arhattvaip. 
sakshS,tkritara | 

yato bhikshavah samgayajatah sarvasamgayacchettaram Buddham 
Bhagavantain pricchanti [ kidrigani karmani Bhagavann ebhir bani- 
gbhih krjtany upacitani yesham karmanam vipakena Bhagavan. 
aragito na viragitah | Bhagavan aha | 

bhutapurvam bhikshavah Kagyapah samyaksambuddho loka ut- 
panno 'bhut | tasya ca 9asane eta eva ea pravrajitS, abhuvan | tatra 
pravrajya ca na kagcit tadrupo gunagano 'dhigato n§,nyatra sabrah- 
macarinam uddishtam adhitam svadhyayitain ca | maranak^lasamaye 
^pranidhanam kritavanto yad asmabhih Kagyapam samyaksambud- 
dham asadyoddishtam adhitam svS,dhyliyitam ca na ka^cid gunagano 
""dhigato 'sti, asya karmano vipakena vayam yo 'sav an&gate 'dhvani 
Kagyapena samyaksambuddhena (j)akyamunir nS,ma samyaksambud- 
dho vyakritas tarn vayam aragayemo na viragayemah* | 

^ SicMSS.: qu. vahane. * Sic MSS. ■* pranidhanam C, praticllia- 

nam ABD. ^ * 'dhigatah astyasya MSS. 

c. 50 

• B\ 





, ' 

Bhagavan kha. | kim manyadhve bhikshavo yani tani pancabhik- 
shu9atany atite 'dhvany asan KSrgyapasya samyaksambuddhasya 
9asane pravrajitani, etavanty etani pancabhiksbugatani tada caisbam 
indriyani paripacitani, etarhy arhattvani sakshatkritam | ya9 cisau 
mahasamudre timis timingilo nama matsyo Buddbagabdam ^rutva- 
nabaratayam vyavasthitab sa svabbavenaiva tiksbnagnitaya ksbud- 
dubkhasyasahatvac cyutab kalagatab | tena Cravasty3,m sbatkarma- 
nirate brabmanakule pratisamdbir gi-ibitab [ tasya taccbarire kade- 
varain mabasamudre utplutam nagaig ca tasya svabbavanasamipasth- 
asya gandbam asabadbbir anyato viksbiptam, yatra ca viksbiptain 
tatripi samipe nagasyaiva bbavanam, tenapi gandbam asabatanyatab 
ksbiptam ] evam ksbiptena piramparyena tat kadevalain mabasamu- 
dratataip. samudanitam yato 'nantaram ^ samudravelayotsirya stbale 
praksbiptam | tac canekaih kakagridbragvagrigalagvapadadyaib paksbi- 
bbis tatsamuccbritaig ca krimibbir bbaksbyamanam astbikaranka- 
jirnam^msam [A. 82. b] gvetam 9vetam vyavastbitam | asyara ca 
CravastyS,rn ca tasya brabmanasya yada patni antarvartini sainvrittS, 
tadeva tasyS, garbbotpaddd ativa kshuddubkhenaptdyamanayS. gri- 
hasvamy abbihitab | aryaputra ksbuddubkbenafciva badbye | tasya 
evam vadantya grihasv&minoktam | bbadre yad ^asmadgribe 'nna- 
panam tat sarvam abhyavabarasva | tayabbyavabartum arabdbam | 
sa ca tad aimapanam sarvam abhyavabritya naiva triptim upaySti | 
punar api gribasvaminam vijnapayati | aryaputra naiva triptim 
upagacchami j yatas tena tirabprative9yasubritsvajanadibhyo 'ntikad 
annapanam anvisbya tasya anupradattam | sa tam apy avabritya 
naiva triptim gaccbati [ bbuyo gribasvaminah katbayati | Sryaputra 
naiva triptim upagaccbami [ yato 'sau brabmanab samvignamanab 
kbedam apannah j kim etad bbavantab syad asyah sattvam udare 
utpannam yasyotpadan naiva triptim upayati | yatah sa brihmano 
naimittakanani dar9ayitva sam9ayanirnayanartbam vaidyadin bbuta- 
1 Ex conject., samudravelayotsarya MSS. * asmdt- MSS. 




tantravidag ca | pagyantu bhavanta iyam brahmani kim mahat4 
* rowenabhibhutd syad atha bhdtagrahavishti syad anyad vS, syad 
rupani maranalingam anenopakramena pratyupasthita syS,t ] taih 
crutva tathS,vidha upakramah kritah [ tasya bralunanya nendriyanam 
anyathatvam upalakshayanti | yadasya indriyanam anyath&tvam 
nopalakshayanti tada tair vaidyanaimittakabhutatantravidbhiQ cikit- 
sakaih sa brahmani paryanuyukta ] kasmat kalad arabhya tavaivam- 
vidha diptagnita samutpaiina | tayabhihitam | garbhalambhasama- 
k&lam eva sa evamvidha^ upakramah kritah^ j yato *naimittakavaid- 
yacikitsakair abhihitam | nasyah kagcid anyas tadrupo rogo' napi 
bhutagrahavego badhakara utpannah, asyaivaisha garbhasyanubha- 
venaivamvidhS, diptagnita | yato 'sau brahmana upalabdhavrittantah 
svasthibhutah sapi brahmani naiva kadacid annapanasya tripta | 
anupurvena samakalam eva putro jatah, tasya darakasya jatama- 
trasya sa brahmani vinitakshudduhkha samvritta | sa eva darako 
jatamatra evatyartham bubhukshayopapidyate tasya bubhukshaya 
pidyam&nasya mat4 stanani datum pravritta [ sa ca darakah stanam 
pitvapi sarvam naiva triptim upay^ti | pagcat tena brahmanena 
tayi ca* brahmanyS, tiraskritaprativegyasajanayuvatyag cabhyarthya 
stanam tasya darakasya dapayitum pravrittah'' | sa ca darakah sar- 
vasam api stanam pitva naivara triptira abhyudgacchate | pagcat 
tena brahmanena tasyarthe chagalika "krita | sa darakas tasya api 
cchagalikayah kshiram pitva janikayag ca stanam naiva tripyate | 
tatra grihe kalena kalain bhikshavo bhikshunyag ca [A. 83. a] 
pindapatam pravigya parikatham kurvanti | sa darakas tarn pari- 
katham grutva tasyam velayam na rodity avahitagrotras tushni- 
bhutva tain dharmagravanakathara grinoti | pratyavasriteshu bhik- 
shubhikshunishu ca punah pipasaduhkham pratisaiuvedayamano 

^ ragena A, yogena D. ^ gvam evamvidha ABD; eva sevamvidha C. 

'* jatah CD (C sec. m.). * naimittika- MSS. <> rago MSS. <> Ex conject., 
tayA tam MSS. ^ pravritta MSS. » i^rida A, krida B'C. 





roditum pravrittah ] taih samlakshitam | dharme vatasya rucir' iti 
tasya Dharmaruciti nama pratishthapitara | sa ca darako 'nupurvena 
masardhamasadinam atyayad bhunjano naiva kadacid annapanasya 
tripyati yada ca vigishte vayasi stiiitas tad4 tasya matapit:ibhyam 
bhaikshabhajanam dattam | gaccha vatsedam te bhaikshabhajanam 
griliitva Cravastyain bhikshara paryatitvaharam krityam kuru | yatah 
sa darako bhaikshabhajanam gi-ihitva Cravastyain bhaiksham paryatati^ 
paryatann eva ca bhuktva" bhuktvavitripyamana eva griham agac- 
chati j yato 'sau sainlakshayati | kirn maya karma kritain yasya kar- 
maao vipakena na kadacid ^ vitripyamana aharam aragayami [ sa *vish- 
aniiaceta^ cintayitum pravrittah] kim tavad agnipravegam karomy uta 
jalapraveeam atha tataprapatam karomi [ sa evain cintaya sthita 
upasakenopalakshitah j tasya tenoktam ] kim cintapara evam tish- 
thasi gaccha tvam niahantam Buddhagasanaru maharddhikam maha- 
nubhavam tatra pravraja tatra ca tvam pravrajitah ku9alanam dhar- 
manain saincayam karishyasy akugalag ca te dharma ye 'sminn api 
janmani saipcita bhavishyanti te tanvibhavishyanti yadi tavad guna- 
gaiian adhigamishyasi paryantikritas te samsaro bhavishyati [ atha 

sa maliatma upasakena codito Jetavanam gatah | Jetavanam gatva 
tatra bhikshun pathasvadhyayamanasikarodyxiktan drishtvativapra- 
sadajatah [ bhikshum upasamkramyaivam vadati | arya pravrajitum 
icchami | yato bhikshubhir uktah | matapitribhyam anujnato 'si | sa 
kathayati | nahain matapitribhyam anujaatah | tair uktah [ gaccha 
vatsa mat&pitribhyam anujiiam margasva | yatah sa matapitribhyam 
sakagad anujnam margitum pravrittah j sa .matapitribhyam abhilii- 
tah I gaccha vatsa yathabhipretain kuru,[ sa labdhanujno bhikshu- 
sakagam gatah pagcad bhikshuna pravrijitah [ tatra ca bhikshunam 
kadacit pindapato bhavati kadacin nimantranam bhavati | sa ca 
yasmin divase pindapato bhavati tatropMhyayenocyate | vatsa kirp 
tripto 'sy uta na [ sa upadhyayasya kathayati | nS,sti triptih | yata 

^ ruci iti MSS. - bhutva MSS. ^ vitrishya- MSS. * vishannaceta ACD, -ceto B. 




upadhySyenasya sarnlaksliitah* | tarunavayasa pravrajito diptagni- 
taya na triptim upayati | sa atmiyad api pindapatat tasya samvibha- 
gam prarabdhah kartum punag ca pricchati ] vatsa kim idaniin tripto 
'si I atha sa tam upadhyayam vadati | na tripto 'smi | yata upadhya- 
yas tain QrutvS, sapreman bhikshun anyamg ca sardliavihaririah 
prarabdho vaktum | yatah samanopadhyayaih samanacaryair anyai9 ca 
sapremakair bhikshubhir upasamhara arabdhah kartum | tesham 
antikal labhamano naiva triptim upayati | yada ca nimantranani 
bhavati tadapi te tathaiva tasyopasamharam kurvanti | danapatir api 
viditva yad yad adliikam tat tad asmai dattvagacchati | atha panakain 
bhavati tad api tathaiva yad adhikain bhavati tat tasyanupradiyate j 
tasya ca yatah pravrajitasya na kadacid annapanena kukshih purnah | 
tena khalu samayenanyatamena grihapatina Buddhapramukho bhik- 
shusamgha upanimantritah | Bhagavan bhikshusamghena sardham 
antargriham pravishtah purvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya j Dhar- 
marucir vihare upadhivariko vyavasthapitah [A. 83. b] | tatra ca 
Cravastyam anyatamo grihapatih prativasati | tena caivam upalab- 
dham yo 'samviditam eva Buddhapramtikhain bhikshusamgham bhoja- 
yati sa sahasaiva bhogair abhyudgacchati | yatas tena paiicamatra- 
naqi bhikshugatanam aharah samudanitah | s^ tasyaharasya gakatam 
purayitva pranitapranitasya 9ucinah sardham sarvarupair mitrasva- 
janasahayo Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgharn bhojayishyamiti 
viharaip. nirgatah | sa pa9yati tasmin Jetavane bhikshava eva na 
santi I tena tatranvahindatopadhivariko Dharmarucir drishtah ] tasya 
tena grihapatinoktam | arya kva gata bhikshavah | sa kathayati | 
antargrihe upanimantritah pravishtah | sa grihapatis tac chrutva 
durmana vyavasthitah | kashtam evam asmakam viphalah pari9ramo 
jatah I samcintya ca tasya Dharmaruceh kathayati | arya bhaksha 
tvam api tavat | sa kathayati ] yadi te mahatman parityaktarp bha- 
vati I tatas tena gi'ihapatina samlakshayitv& yenSharenaikasya bhik- 

^ saralaksliitam ? 






: ! 

sholi paryaptani bhavati tavad annapanani gakatam gi'ihitva tarn Dhar- 
raarucim parivesliayitum pravrittali | tena Dharmarucina bhoktum 
arabdham tan ' niravaQishtam | naiva triptah | grihapatih saiplaksha- 
yati I nayaip. triptah | tenocyate | arya punar bhokshyase | sa kath- 
ayati | mahatman yadi te parityaktam | tatas tena gi-ihapatina bhuyas 
tasmac chakatad yena bhikshudvayasyaharena paryaptani syat tavad 
annapanam gakatam grihitva bhojayitum pravi-ittah | yato Dharma- 
rucis tad api bhuktva naiva triptab | grihapatina bhuyah samlakshi- 
tam I nayam triptah | tenoktam | arya punar bhokshyase | sa katha- 
yati I mahatman yadi te parityaktam | yatas tasmac chakatad anna- 
panam gdhitva trayanam bhikshunam paryaptam syad iti punar 
bhojayitum pravrittah | sa Dharmarucis tad api bhuktvS, naiva 
triptah | prishtah ] arya punar bhokshyase | sa kathayati | yadi te 
parityaktam | yatah sa grihapatis tasiuad annapanam grihitva yena 
caturnam bhikshunam paryaptarp. syad iti punar bhojayitum pra- 
vrittah I sa Dharmarucis tad api bhuktva naiva triptah prishtah] 
arya punar bhokshyase | bhuyah sa kathayati [ yadi te parityaktam | 
yatah punas tasmag chakatad yena paiicabhikshunam annapanais 
triptih syat tavad grihitva punar bhojayitum pravrittah | tad api 
cabhyavahritam | naiva triptah | vistarena yavad daganam bhik- 
shunam annapanena paryaptarn syat tavad bhuktva naiva tiipyate | 
yatas tena samlakshitam, nayam manushyo manushyavikaro yatah 
9ruyate paficabhir ^Nilavasaso yakshagatair Jetavanam agunyam iti 
tesharp bhavishyaty evanyatama^ iti samcintya garbharupani grihe 
'nupravegayitum pravrittah | *gacchatha yuyam gighram griham eva- 
ham evaiko yadi jivami mriye *veti | sa grihajanam [A. 84. a] visarjya 
maranabhayabhitas tasmac chatakad annapanam grihitva parive- 
shayitum arabdhah [ sa ca svairam bhuiijati | gi-ihapatinoktam | arya 
tvaritatvaritani praticchasva | yatas tena Dharmarucina kshipram 

^ Exconj.: nivi<?ishtam AD, ni<;ishtam BC. 
The other MSS. omit eva. •» Sic MSS. 

nilavasasa D. 






prati grihitvi bhoktum arabdham | sa giihapatis tvaritatvaritam pari- 
veshayitvS, niravageshatas tad annapanam 9akatam dattva dakshin4- 
decanam api bhayagrihtto 'grutva tvaritatvaritam vandaniy S,ryeti 
prishtham anavalokayamano nagaram prasthitah | tasman nagarat 
pindapatanirharako bhikshuh [ tasyaivam pindapatam grihitva gatah | 
tena tad api bhuktam | tasya Dharmarucer na kadacid yato j&tasya 
kukshib purnab | taddivasam casya tenabarena tnptir jata | tasya 
ca gribapater nagaram pravigato 'bbimukbam Bbagavan bhiksbusam- 
ghaparivritah sampraptab | sa gribapatir Bbagavatab katbayati | 
Bbagavaim abam Buddbapramukbam bbiksbusamgbam uddi9ya pan- 
cinam bbiksbugatanam triptitah 9akatam annapanasya purayitva 
Jetavanam gato Buddbapramukbam bbiksbusamgbam bbojayisbya- 
miti na ca me tatra bbiksbavo labdba eko me bbikshur drisbtas tena 
samakbyatam Buddbapramukbam bbiksbusamgbam antargribam upa- 
nimantranam ^pravisbtam, tasya mamaivam cittam utpannam esbo 
'pi tavad eko ^bbunktam iti, yatas tasya mamS,nupurvena sarvain 
tadannapanam 9akatam dattam tena sarvam nipunato 'bbyavahritam, 
kim Bbagavan manusbyo 'tba vamanusbyab | Bhagavatabbibitam | 
gribapate bbiksbub sa Dharmarucir namna pramodyam utpadayadya 
sa tvadiyenannapanena tripto 'rbattvam saksbatkarisbyati | atba 
Bbagavan Jetavanam abbyagatah j Bbagavan samlakshayati | ko 'sau 
danapatir bbavisbyati yo 'sya Dbarmarucer etdvataharena pratidi- 
vasam yogodvabanam karisbyati | yato 'sya Bbagavatabbibitam | drish- 
tastvaya ^Dbarmaruce mabasamudrah | sa katbayati | no Bbagavan | 
yato Bbagavan aba | gribana madiyam civarakarnikam pa9cat te 
'bam mahasamudram dar9ayS,mi | yato Dbarmarucina Bhagavata9 
civarakarniko 'valambitab | pa9c^d Bbagavan vitatapaksba iva ham^ 
sardjab sabacittodpadad riddbyS, Dbarmarucim gribitva samudratatam 
anupraptab [ yasmimg c^sya sthdne *timitimingilabbutasyS,sthi9akalS, 


^ pravisbtas ABCD. 
* timingilabhutasya A. 

2 bhuktam MSS. 

' Dbarmarucer MSS. 








i h 

tishthati tatra nitva sthapita uktam c&sya | gaccha vatsa manasika- 
ram cintaya | yato 'sau Dharmarucis tarn samikshitum i,rabdhah | 
kim etat kashtham syad athasthi^akalatha phalakini ' syat j sa tasraad 
vyaktim alabhamanah paryantam anveshitum pravrittah | vyaktim 
*copalabdham | sa itag camutag ca tasya anupargvena tarn paryesha- 
manah graniam upagato na easy a paryantam isadayati | tasyaitad 
abhavat [ naham asya vyaktim jiiasyami kim etad iti na ca par- 
yantam asadayishye gacchamy asminn arthe Bhagavantam [A. 84. b] 
eva pricchami [ yato 'sau Bhagavato 'ntikam gatva Bhagavantam 
priccbati ] kim tad Bhagavan nabam tasya vyaktim upalabbami | 
yato 'sya Bhagavan aha | vatsasthigakalaisha | sa kathayati | Bha- 
gavann evanividho 'sau sattvo yasyedrigi asthigakala | Bhagavatoktam [ 
tripyasva ^Dharmaruce bhavebhyas tripyasva bhavopakaranebhyah, 
tavaishasthigakala | Dharmarucis tarn grutva Bhagavadvaco vyakuli- 
tacetah kathayati | mamaishedricy asthigakala | tasyoktam [ esh^ 
Dharmaruce tavasthigakala | tathavidham upagrutyativasamvignah [ 
yato 'sya Bhagavatavavado dattah ] Dharmaruce idam cedam manasi- 
kuru ity uktva Bhagavan vitatapaksha iva rajahamsa riddhya Jeta- 
vanam anupraptah | atha Dharmarucini ciixtayata manasikaram 
anutishthata ushmagatany utpaditani murdhanah kshantayo laukika 
agradharma darganamargo Ihavanamargah grotaapattiphalam pra- 
ptam sakridagamiphalam anagamiphalam arhattvam praptam arhan 
*saravrittas traidhatukavitaragah samaloshtakaiicana S,kagapanitala- 
samacitto 'nunayapratighaprahino 'vidyavidaritandakogo vidyabhijfi^- 
pratisamvitprapto bhavalabhalobhasatkaraparanmukho vasicaudana- 
kalpah sendropendranam devanam pujyo manyo 'bhivadyag ca sam- 
vrittah samanvahartum atmanah purvajatih pravrittah [ kuto hy 
ahain cyutah kutropapanna iti | yatah pagyaty anekani jatigatani 
narakatiryakpretacyutag copannag ca | tasyaitad abhavat | yad aham 

1 phalakiri CD, 

2 Sic MSS, 

' Dharmarncer MSS. 





Bhagavata na samanvahrito 'bhavishyam anagatasv api jatishv 
upasrito 'bhavishyam | yatah samlakshayaty anagatS- apy dtmano 
jatisamtatir' nirantaram anuparataprabandhena narakapretopapattih | 
sa evam saiulakshya dushkarakarako vata me Bhagavan yadi ca 
Bhagavata mamaivaikasyarthe 'nuttara samyaksambodhir adhigata 
sjkt tan ^mahad dhy iipakritain. syat prag evanekesham sattvasahasra- 
nam apayagatigamanam apanayati | tato 'sau 'Dharmarucir riddhya 
Jetavanam anuprapto Bhagavantain darganaya | tena khalu sama- 
yena Bhagavan anekagataya bhikshuparshadah purastan nishanno 
'bhut dharmam degayati | athasau Dharmarucir yena Bhagavams 
tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatali padau 9irasa van- 
ditvaikante nyashidat | ekantanishanno Bhagavatabhihitah [ cirasya 
Dharmaruce* | Dharmarucir aha | cirasya Bhagavan | Bhagavan aha | 
sucirasya Dharmaruce* | Dharmarucir aha | sucirasya Bhagavan | 
Bhagavan aha | suciracirasya Dharmaruce* ] Dharmarucir aha | suci- 
racirasy a Bhagavan I • 

yato bhikshavah saipgayajatah sarvasamgayacchettaraiii Buddha.n 
Bhagavantam pricchanti | Bhagavan Dharmarucir ihaiva Qravastyam 
jato 'sminn eva [A. 85. a] Jetavane pravrajito na kuta^cid agato na 
kutracid gata ihaiva tishthan Bhagavata Dharmarucir evam ucyate 
cirasya Dharmaruce* sucirasya Dharmaruce* suciracirasya Dharma- 
ruce*, kim samdhaya Bhagavan kathayati | evam ukte Bhagavan 
bhikshun tmantrayate sma | na bhikshavah pratyutpannam samdhaya 
kathayamy atitam samdhaya kathayami | atitam samdhaya mamaivam 
uktam j icchatha' bhikshavo 'sya Dharmaruceh purvik&m® karma- 
plotim arabhya ^dharmikathS,m grotum [ etasya Bhagavan kala etasya 
sugata samayo yad Bhagavan Dharmarucim arabhya bhikshunam 
^dharmikatham kuryat | Bhagavatah 9rutva bhikshavo dharayishy- 
anti I 

^ santatin MSS. ' So CD. mahatyupakritam AB. ^ dharmaruci- 

riddhya MSS. •• -ruceh MSS. ^ icehata MSS. « purvika MSS. 

^ dharmikatham A, dharml- BC, dharmi- D. « So MSS. 

e. 31 





{: \ 

' ii 

-: i] 


bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani prathame 'samkhyeye Kshe- 
mankaro nama Tathagato loka utpanno vidyacaranasampannah su- 
gato lokavid anuttarah purushadamyasarathih 9S,sta devamanushya- 
nam ca Buddho Bhagavan | sa ca Kshemavatim rajadhantm upani- 
gritya viharati | tasyam ca Kshemavatyam Kshemo nama raja rSjyam 
karayati | tasyam ca Kshemavatyam rajadhanyam anyatamo banik- 
9reshthi prativasati | tenasau Kshemankarah. samyaksambuddhah 
shashtim traimasan sardham bhikshusamghena sarvopakaranair 
upasthitah. | yato 'sau 9reshthi saxnlakshayati | gacchami mahasa- 
mudram bhandam samudaniya tasmac ca ratnany aniya samghe 
paiicavarshikara karishyamiti | evam saracintya bhandam samudaniya 
gramanigamapallipattanarajadhinishv anupurvena cancuryamanah 
samudram anupraptah | ghantavaghoshanam kritva samudrena yana- 
patrena mahasamudram avatirnah ] asya tasmin mahasamudre 'vatir- 
nasya Kshemankarah samyaksambuddhah sakalam buddhakaryam 
kritva ' nirupadhigeshe nirvanadhatau parinirvritah | tasya parinirvri- 
tasya vagino bhikshavah parinirvritah | saptahaparinirvritasya gasa- 
nam antarhitam | sa ca greshthi samsiddhayanapatrena devatS,ma- 
nushyaparigrihitena tasman mahasamudrat tirnah | uttirya ca tarn 
bhandam gakatajr ushtrair gobhir gardabhaig cotkshipyanupurvena 
samprasthitah ] sa ca panthanam gacchan pratipathikan pricchati | 
kim bhavanto janidhvain Kshemavatyam rajadhanyam pravrittih | 
tair uktam | janimah | sa kathayati | asti kaccit^ Kshemavatyam raja- 
dhanyam Kshemankaro nama samyaksaiubuddhah | te kathayanti j 
parinirvritah sa Bhagavan Kshemankarah samyaksambuddhah [ sa 
ca tac chrutva param khedam upagatah sammurchitag ca bhumau 
patitah j tasmac ca jalabhishekena pratyagatapraao jivita utthaya 
bhuyah pricchati | kim bhavanto janidhvam gravakS, api tavat tasya 
Bhagavatas tishthanti | tair uktah | te 'pi vagino bhikshavah pari- 
nirvritah ] saptahaparinirvritasya [A. 85. b] ca Buddhasya Bhaga- 

^ So D ; nirudhigeshe AB, niravadhi- C. ' kagcit D. 




vatah Kshemankarasya tac chS,sanatQ antarhitam, Kshemaiikarasya 
sarayaksambuddhasya K^hemena rajna caityam alpegakhyam prati- 
shthapitam | tena ca gatva greshthina' janapadah prishtah | asti bha- 
vantas tasya Bhagavato Buddhasya kimcit stuparn pratishthapitam | 
tair uktam | asti Kshemena rajnalpegakhyam caityam pratishthapi- 
tam I tasyaitad abhavat | etan maya suvarnam Kshemankaram sam- 
yaksambuddham uddiQyanitam sa ca parinirvrito yannv aham ete- 
naiva suvarnena tasyaiva Buddhasya Bhagavatag caityam mahega- 
khyataram karayeyam | evam vicintya Kshemani rajanam vijnapa- 
yati I maharajedam maya suvarnam Kshemankaram samyaksambud- 
dham uddigyanitam sa ca Bhagavan parinirvrita idS,nim maharaja 
yadi tvam anujaniyad aham etenaiva suvarnenaitat tasya Bhagava- 
tag caityaip. mahegakhyataram karayeyam | sa rajnabhihitah^ [ yatha- 
bhipretam kuru | tato brahmana nagararn prati nivasinah sambhuya 
sarve tasya mahagreshthinah sakagam gatva kathayanti | bho maha- 
greshthin yada Kshemankaro Buddho loke 'nutpanna &sit tada vayam 
lokasya dakshiniya asan yada tutpannas tada ^dakshiniyb jata ida- 
nim tu tasya parinirvritasya vayam eva dakshiniya etat suvarnam 
asmakam gamyam j sa tesham kathayati | naham yushmakam etat 
suvarnam dasyami [ te kathayanti | yady asmakam na dasyasi na 
vayam tava kamakaram dasyamah [ te brahmana bahavah gresthi 
calpaparivarah | tesham tatha vyutpadyatam na lebhe tac caityam 
yathepsitam tena suvarnena karayitum | atha sa greshtht rajfiah 
sakagam gatva kathayati | maharaja tac caityam na labhe brahmana- 
nam sakagad yathabhipretam karayitum | yato 'sya rajna svapuru- 
sho dattah sahasrayodhi | evam ca rajiia svapurusha ^ajiiaptah | yady 
asya mahagreshthinah sfcupam abhisaraskurvatah kagcid apanayam 
karoti sa tvaya mahata dandena gasayitavyah | evain deveti sahasra- 
yodhi purusho rajnah pratigrutya nirgato nirgamya ca tan brahma- 

1 So D; Qreshthino ABC. 
4jfiaptah ABC. 

2-hiteM3S. 3 'dakshiniyo AC. <SoD; 

) f. 







nan evam vadati | ^rinvantu bhavanto 'ham rajiiasya maha^reshthinah 
svapurusho datto yady asya stupam abhisamskurvatah kagcid vigha- 
tain kuryat sa tvaya mahata dandena gasayitavya iti yadi yuyam 
atra kiincid vighnam karishyathaham vo mahata dandenanugasayish- 
yami | te brahmanah. sahasrayodhinah purushasyaivain grutva bhitah | 
yatas tena mahagreshthina samcintya yathaitat suvarnam tatraiva 
garbhasainstham syat tatha kartavyam iti tatas tasya stupasya sar- 
vair eva caturbhih pargvaih pratikanthukaya* catvari sopanany 
arabdhani karayitum | yavad anupurvena prathama medhi tato 'nu- 
purvena dvitiya tatas tritiya medhi yavad anupurvenandam [ tatha- 
vidhara [A. 86. a] ca ^bhupasyandain. kritam yatra ^sa yupayashtir 
"* abhy antare pratipadita | paccat tasyatinavandasyopari harmika kri- 
tanupurvena yashtyaropanam kritam varshasthale mahamaniratnani 
tany aropitani j tatra ca kriyamane sahasrayodhinah purushasyaivam 
utpannam | natra kaccid idanira praharishyati | vigvastamanah kena- 
cit karyeiia janapadeshu gatah | tena ca mahagreshthina tasya stu- 
pasya caturbhih pargvaic catvaro dvarakoshthaka mapitag caturbhih 
pargvaic catvari mahacaityani karitani tadyatha Jatir Abliisam- 
bodhir Dharmacakrapravartanam^ Parinirvanam |tac ca stupangaiiam 
ratnacilabhic citam catvarac copangac^ caturdigamapitah^ pushki- 
rinyac caturdicam anuparcvena mapitah | tatra ca vividhani jalajani 
malyani "ropitani tadyatha utpalam padmain kumudam pundarikam 
saugandhikam mridugandhikara vividhani ca pushkirinitireshu stha- 
lajani malyani ropitani tadyathatimuktakam campakapatalavarshika- 
mallikasumanayuthika-" dhatushkari sarvartukalikah '" pushpaphalah 
stupapujartham sthavaravrittiprajriaptah stupadasadattah " cankha- 
patahavadyani turyani dattani, ye tasmimg caitye gandhair dhupair 


^ pratikanthakaya D. ^ Sic MSS. stupasyandam ? ^ So D ; sayu- 

pashtir AC, sapayashtir B. * abhyantara MSS. ^ -tanah MSS. ^ So D, 
upang^ ABC. '' Sic MSS. » ropita MSS. » So MSS. -dlianuskail? 

" -kalika MSS. i' -dasadatta MSS. 





uialyaig curnaih karara kurvanti, tasraac cadhishthS,nS,d vishayac 
cagamya janapada gandhair malyair dhupaig curiiais tasmim9 caitye 
karam kurvanti | yadi ca dakshino vayur vati dakshinena vayuna 
sarvapushpajatinam gandhena tac caityam auganam cisya sphutam 
bhavaty anubhavitam, evaip. pagcimena vayuna vayatanupurveiiapi 
ca vayuna vayata tac caityaiiganain ca tena vividhena gandhamalyena 
sphulain bhavaty anubhavitaia | tasmiin^ ea stupe sarvajatakrita- 
nishthite sahasrayodhy abhyagatah | sa tarn stupam drishtva sarva- 
jatakiitanishthitain kathayati | asminig caitye karam kritva kim ava- 
pyate | yato 'sau greshthi Buddhodaharanam pravrittah kartum evam 
tribhir asamkhyeyair viryena vyayamatanuttara bodhir avapyate | sa 
tam grutva vishadam apaniio hinotsahataya kathayati j naham §ak- 
shyami anuttaraiii samyaksambodhim samudanayitum | tato 'sau 
9reshthi Pratyekabuddhodaharanam pravrittah kartum, evam sa- 
hasrayodhi tasyapi varnodaharanam grutva vishannacetah kathayati | 
etam apy aham Pratyekabodhim na Qaktah samudanayitum | tatah 
sa mahagreshthi kathayati gravakavarnodaharanam kritvasminn api 
tavat pranidhatsva cittam | yatali sahasrayodhy aha | tvaya punar 
niaha9reshthin katamasyam bodhau pranidhanam kritam j tena ma- 
hagreshthinoktam j anuttarasyam bodhau cittam utpaditam | sahasra- 
yodhy aha I yadi tvayanuttarasyam bodhau cittam utpaditam ahara 
tavaiva gravakah syam tvayaham samanvahartavyah' j yato 'sya 
greshthi aha | bahukilvishakari vata bhavan kiiptu [A. 86. b] loke 
yada tvain Buddhotpadaip. gabdam grutva smritim pratilabhethah | sa 
ca greshthi tam caityam kritva nirikshya padayor nipatya prani- 
dhanam karoti | anena danena mahadgatena Buddho bhaveyam 
sugatah svayainbhuh | tirno 'ham tarayeyani janaughan atarita ye 
paurvakair* Jinendraih | 

Bhagavan aha | yo 'sav atite 'dhvani greshthy abhud aham eva 
sa tasmin samaye Bodhisattvacaryam vartami | yo 'sau sahasrayodhi 

1 Ex conject. -tavyam MSS. - Sic MSS. 




i f< 



esha eva Dharmarucis tena kalena tena samayena | idam mama 
prathame 'samkhyeya etasya Dharmarucer darganam | tat samdhaya 
kathayami cirasya Dharmaruce | yato Dharmarucir aj nay aha cirasya 
Bhagavan | 

dvitiye Dipankara nama samyaksambuddho loka utpanno vidya- 
caranasamyaksambuddliah sugato lokavid anuttarah purushadam- 
yasarathih gasta devanam ca ^manushyanam ca Buddho Bhagavan j 
atha Dipankarah samyaksambuddho janapadeshu carikam caran 
Dipavatim rajadhanim anupraptah | Dipavatyam rajadhanyam Dipo 
nama raja rajyara karayati riddham ca sphitam ca kshemam ca 
subhiksham cakirnabahujanamanushyam ca | tatra Dipena rajna 
Dipankarah. samyaksambuddhah sabhisamskarena nagarapravegeno- 
panimantritah [ tasya ca Dipasya rajno Vasavo nama samantarajo 
'bhut I tena tasya duto 'nupreshitali | agaccheha maya Dipankarah 
samyaksambuddhah sabhisamskarena nagarapravegenopanimantritah | 
tasya pujam karishyama iti | tada ca Yasavena rajiia dvadaca varshani 
yajiiam ishtva yajnavasane rajiia paiica mahapradanani vyavasthapi- 
tani tadyatha sauvarnakam dandakamandalu sauvarna sapatri catu- 
ratnamayi ^gayya panca karshapanagatani kanya ca sarvalamkara- 
vibhushita | tena khalu samayenanyeshu janapadeshu dvau mana- 
vakau ^prativasatah | tabhyam copadhyayasakagad vedadhyayanam 
kritam [ dharmata acaryasyacaryadhanam ^upadhyayasyopMhyaya- 
dhanam pradeyam iti jiiatva cintayatah | tabhyam *ca grutam Yasa- 
vena rajiia paiica mahapradanani yajiiavasane samudanitani yo brah- 
manah svadhyayasampanno bhavishyati sa ^lapsyatiti tayor etad 
abhavat | gacchavas tatra tarn pradanara pratigiihnivah ko 'smakam 
tatra bahugrutatamo va svadhyayatamo bhavishyatiti samcintya 
yena Yasavasya rajiio mahanagaram tena samprasthitau | tasya ca 

1 manushyam ca A, manushyam BC, devamanushyam D. ^ gayya ABC. 
3 prativasatau MSS. * Ex conject. MSS. omit upadhyayasya. ^ y^ ^g^ 

ca CD. « lapsatiti MSS. 




[A. 87. a] rajno devatayarocitam | yav etau dvau manavakav S,gac- 
chatah Sumatig ca Matig canayor dvayoh Sumater etat pradanam 
dada | yad evam maharaja tvaya dvadaga varshani yajna ishta' asinS,t 
punyaphalan mahattamapadasya Sumater manavakasya mahaprada- 
nam dasyasi | sa raja samlakshayati | nunam etau mahatmanau 
yesham arthaya devatS, apy arocayanti | yato 'sau raja pagyati 
manavakau durata evagacchantau prasadik^v abhirupau | tau ca 
gatva tatra yajne brahmanapanktishu prajiiapteshv asaneshv agra- 
sanam abhiruhyavasthitau | yato raja Vasavas tau drisbtvaivara 
cintayati [ yo 'sau Sumatir nama mama devatair drocitah sa esha 
bhavishyati [ sa raja tam agrasanam upagamya Sumatiip manavain 
pricchati [ bbavan Sumatib | tenoktam | abam | yato raja "Vasavab 
Sumatim manavam agrasane bhojayitva tS,iii panca pradanani pra- 
yaccbati | Sumatir manavag catvari mabapradinani gribnati danda- 
kamandaluprabbiitiny ekam kanyapradanam na pratigribnati | sa 
katbayati | abatn brabmacari | yatah sa kanyd Sumatim manavam 
prasadikam abbirupam drisbtva lubdba snebotpanna tam Sumatim 
manavam evam aba J 'pratigribna mam brabmana | sa katbayati I na 
gakyam maya ' pratigribitum | yatab sk kanya rajua pradanabuddbya 
parityakta na punar gribita Sumatinapi manavenapratigribyamana* 
rajiio Dipasya Dip&vatim nagarim gata | sa tatra gatva tad atmiyam 
alamkaram garirad avatarya malakarayS,nuprayacchati | agyalamka- 
rasya mulyam me pratidivasam devasyarthe nilotpalani dadasva | sa 
tenopakramena tad alamkarikam suvarnam dattvai devagugrusbika 
samvntta | sa ca manavakab Sumatis tani catvari mabapradanani 
gribyopadbyayasakagam gatab | gatva copadbyayaya tani catvari 
mabapradanany anuprayaccbati | tebbyag gopadbyayas trini prati- 
gribnati karsbapananam tu panca gatani tasyaiva Sumater dadS,ti | sa 
ca Sumatis tasyS,m eva ratrau daga svapnan adraksbit | mabasamu- 
dram pivami vaibayasena gaccbami imau candrS,dityau evam ma- 

1 SicMSS. 3 apratigrihnamfina MSS, 








harddikav evam mahanubhavau paninS, amarshti parimarshti rajno' 
rathe yojayami rishin ^gvetan hastino ^harnsan simhan mahagailam 
parvatan iti | sa tan drishtva pratibuddhah | pratibuddhasyaitad 
abhavat | ka esham svapnanam mama vyakaranam karishyati | tatra 
paiicabhijua rishir natidure prativasati | atha Sumatir manavah 
samgayanirnayanartham risheh sakagam gatah [A. 87. b] Sumatis 
tasya risheh pratisammodanara kritva svapnan akhyayaha ( kurushva 
me esham svapnanam nirnayam | sa rishir aha | naham esham svapna- 
nam vyakaranam karishyami gaccha Dipavatim rajadhanim tatra Di- 
pena rajna Dipankaro nama samyaksambuddhah sabhisamskarena 
nagarapravegenopanimantritali | sa esham svapnanam vyakaranam 
karishyati ] atha Vasavo raja tasya Dipasya rajnah ^pratigrutyagitya- 
matyasahayaparivrito Dipavatim rajadhanim anupraptah [ tena ca 
Dipena rajiia saptamad divasad Dipaukarasya samyaksambuddhasya 
sabhisamskarena nagarapravegain karishyamiti* sarvavishayadhish- 
thanac ca sarvapushpanam samgraham kartum arabdhah | tatra ca 
yasmin divase rajna Dipena tasya Dipankarasya samyaksambud- 
dhasya sabhisamskarena nagarapravega arabdhah kartum tasminn 
eva divase Sumatir api tatraivagatah | tatra rajfia sarvapushpanam 
samgrahah karitah | sa ca devopasthayika darika malakarasakagam 
gata prayaccha me nilotpalani devarcanam karishyamiti [ malakara 
aha I adya rajiia sarvapushpani grihitani Dipankaranagaraprave- 
gasyarthe | sa kathayati | ^gacchatah | punar api tatra pushkirinyam 
yadi matpunyair nilotpalapadmam anuddhritam asadyeta | tatra 
pushkirinyam Sumateh punyanubhavat sapta nilapadmani pradur- 
bhiltani | yatah sa malakaro gatah | sa tani pacyati drishtva ca 
darikaya malaktrasyoktam ca [ uddharaitani padmani | malakarah 
kathayati | naham uddharishyami rajakulan mamopalambho bhavi- 

1 rajano MSS. ^ gyetan MSS. ^ hamsa sinha MSS. 

matya- MSS. ' uktam seems omitted by the MSS. here. 

Query ' gaccha punar api ' ? 

* -aQitira- 
6 Sic MSS. 





shyati | yatah sa kathayati ] na tvayS, sarvapushpany udflhritya 
rajnah purvam dattany eva | malakara §,ha | dattani | yatali sa darika 
kathayati | madiyaih punyair etani pradurbhutani prayacchoddhri- 
tani mama | malakarah kathayati | katham etani pravegakani bha- 
vishyanty asamviditam rajakulasya | darikaha | uddharatu bhavan 
aham udakakumbhe prakshiptam pravegayishyami ] tena malaka- 
renaivam grutva tasyk darikayas 'tany uddhrityanupradattani | sS, 
tani grihitvodakakumbhe prakshipya tat kumbham udakasya pura- 
yitvadhishthanani gata prasthita | sa ca Sumatis tat sthanam anu- 
sampraptah | tasyaitad abhavat | katham ahatn. Buddhain Bhaga- 
vantam drishtva na pujayami | sa malakaragrihany anvahindati* 
sarvapushpanveshanaparo na ca kimcid ekapushpam isadayati | pa9cad 
vahyenadhishthanan nirgamyaramenaramam pushpa,ni paryeshama- 
nah [A. 88. a] paryatati na caikapushpam asadayati | atha par- 
yatamanas tad udyanam sampraptah | sa ca darika tasmad udyanat 
tasya Sumater manavasyabhimukham igati | yatah punyanubhavena 
tani nilapadmani tasmad udakakumbhad abhyudgatani ] yatas tani 
Sumatir drishtva tasya darikayah kathayati | prayaccha mamaitani 
padmani matsakagad esham nishkrayam paiicak§,rshS,pana9ataTn gri- 
hana [ sa darika tasya Sumateh kathayati | tada necchasi mam 
pratigrihitum idanini ma padmani yacase naham dasyami j evam 
uktva tam Sumatim manavam uvaca | kim ebhih karishyasi | Sumatir 
aha I Buddham Bhagavantam arcayishyami j pagcad darika katha- 
yati j kim mama karshapanaih krityam evam aham Buddhaya dS,sye 
yadi tvam esham padmanam pradanaphalena mamapi^ jatyam jatyani 
patnim icchasy asya danasya pradanakale yady evam pranidhanam 
karoshi jatyam jatyam mama bharya syad iti | Sumatir S,ha | vayam 
danabhiratah svagarbharupaparityagain svamamsaparityigam ca 
kurmah | tatah sa darika Sumateh kathayati | tvam evam pranidha- 
nam kuru pagcad yenabhyarth lyase tasya mam anuprayacchethah | 
^ malakaragrihanvahindati MSS. 

^ tan MSS. 

3 mam api? 









* I 

evam ukte taya darikaya tasya Sumateh paiica padmany anupra- 
dattany atmana dve grihite | gatham ca bhashate | 

pranidhiiii yatra kuryas tvam Buddham asadya nayakam | 
tatra te 'ham bhavet patni nityarn sahadharmacarini || 
tena rajna tatra sarvam apagatapashanagarkarakapalaip karitani 
ucchritadhvajapatakatoranam amuktapattadamaTn gandhodakacurna- 
parishiktarti nagaradvarad arabhya yavacca viharo yavacca nagaram 
etad antaram apagatapashana9arkarakapalam karitam ucchritadhva- 
japatakatoranam amuktapattadama gandhodakacurnaparishiktam | 
sa ca raja 9ata9alakam chattram grihitva Dipankarasya samyaksam- 
buddhasya pratyudgatah | evam evamatya evam eva Yasavo raja- 
matyaih saha pratyudgatah | Dipo raja Bhagavato Buddhasya pa- 
day or nipatya vijnapayati | Bhagavann adhishthanaip. praviga | yatah 
sa Bhagavan bhikshusamghapuraskrito 'dhishthanapravegabhimukhah 
samprasthitah | sa ca raja Dipah gatagalakam chattram Dipankarasya 
samyaksambuddhasya dharayati [ tathaivamatyd Vasavo rajamatya- 
sahS,yah [ Bhagavata riddhya tathadhishthitam yathaikaikah sam- 
lakshayati' | aham Bhagavatag chattram dharayamiti | atha Bhaga- 
vams tathavidhaya gobhaya janamadhyam anupraptah | tatra Bha- 
gavata sabhisamskara Indrakile pado vyavasthapitah | yadaiva Bha- 
gavata Indrakile pado vyavasthapitas tadaiva samanantarakalam pri- 
thivi shadvik^ram prakampita, calita pracalita sampracalita vedhita 
pravedhita sampravedhita | dharmata ca Buddhanam Bhagavatarn 
yad Indrakile sabhisarnskarena padau vyavasthapayanti citrany agcar- 
yany adbhutadharma pradurbhavanti | unmattah svacittam prati- 
labhante 'ndhag cakshumshi [A. 88. b] pratilabhante badhirah 9rota- 
gravanasamarth^ bhavanti mukah pravyaharanasamartha bhavanti 
pangavo gamanasamartha bhavanti mudha garbhininani strinain 
garbha anulomibhavanti hadinigadabaddhanam ca sattvanam ban- 
dhanani 9ithilibhavanti janmajanmavairanubaddhas tadanantaram 

1 samlakshayatah MSS. 





maitracittatain pratilabhante vatsS damani cchittva matribhih sam- 
gacchanti hastinah kroncantj aqvk heshante nshabha garjaati 
gukasarikakokilajivanjivaka madhuram 'nikujanty aneritani vaditra- 
bhandani madhura^abdan nigcarayanti pedakrita alamkara madhura- 
cabdan* nigcarayanty uimatah prithivipradega avanamanty avanatag 
connamanty apagatapash.ana9arkarakapalas tishthanty antarikshad 
devata divyany utpalani kshipanti padmani kumudani pundarikany 
agurucurnani candanacumani tagaracurn.S,ni tamalapattrani divyani 
mandarakani pushpani kshipanti purvo digbhaga unnamati paQcimo 
'vanamati pageima unnamati purvo 'vanamati dakshina unnamaty 
uttaro 'vanamaty uttara unnamati dakshino Vanamati madhya unna- 
maty anto 'vanamaty anta unnamati madhyo Vanamati j tatra ca 
Dipavatyam-'' rajadbanyam anekani prani^atasahasrani pushpair dhu- 
pair gandhaig ca karam kurvanti | te 'pi ca SumatiQ ca darikS, ca yena 
Dipankarah samyaksambuddhas tenanugacchanti padmani gfihya te 
ca tatra mahajanakayena pujartbam samparivritasya Bhagavata 
upaglesham na labhante | Bhagavan saralakshayati | bahutaram 
Sumatir manavo 'sman mahajanakayat punyaprasavTcni karishyatiti 
matva mahatim tumulam vatavrishtim abhinirminoti | yatas tena 
janakayenavakago dattah | labdhavakigag ca Sumatir manavo Bhaga- 
vantam asecanakadar^anam drishtvativaprasadajatah | prasadaj^tena 
ca tani paiica padmani Bhagavatah kshiptani tani ca J Bhagavata 
Dipankarena samyaksambuddhena tathadhishthitani yatha gakati- 
cakramatrani vitanam baddhva vyavasthitani gacchato 'nugacchanti 
tishthato 'nutishthanti [ tatha drishtva taya darikaya prasadaja- 
taya dvau padmau Bhagavatah kshiptau tau capi Bhagavata tatha- 
dhishthitau yatha 9akaticakramatrau karnasamipe vitanam baddhvA 
vyavasthitau | tatra ca pradege tumulena vatavarshena kardamo 
jatah I pagcat Sumatir minavo Buddham Bhagavantam sakardamam 

1 nikiijati MSS. 

■Qabda MSS. 

' DipavatySm MSS. here. 





prithivipradegam upagatah' | tasmin sakardame prithivipradege 
*jatarri samtirya Bhagavatali purato gatham^ bhashate | 
yadi Buddho bhavishyami bodhaya budhabodhana* | 
akramishyasi me padbhyam jatam janmajarantakam || 
tatas tena Dipankarena samyaksambuddhena tasya Sumater mana- 
vasya jatasu padau vyavasthapitau tasya ca Sumateh pnshthato 
'nubaddba eva [A. 89. a] Matir manavas tishthati | tena kupitena- 
bhihitam Bhagavato Dipankarasya [ pagya tavad bho 'nena Dipan- 
karena samyaksambuddhenasya Sumater manavasya tiragcam yatha 
padbhyam *jata avashtabdhiih^ | pagcad Dipankarena samyaksam- 
buddhena Sumatir manavo vyakritah | 

bhavishyasi tvam nribhavad dhi mukto ^mukto vibhur lokahitaya 

gasta | 
Cakyatmajah Cakyamuniti narana trilokasaro jagatali pradipah ]] 
yada ca ^sa Sumatir manavo Dipankarena samyaksambuddhena 
vyakritas tatsamakalam eva vaihayasam saptatalan ^abhyudgatah | 
tag casya jatah girnah anyah. pravicishtatarah jatah pradurbhutah j sa 
vaihayasastho mahati janakayena drishto diishtva ca pranidhanam 
kiitam | yadanenanuttarajiianam adhigatam bhavet tadasya vayam 
gravaka bhavema*" | sapi ca darika pranidhanam karoti | 

pranidhim yatra kuryas tvam Buddham asadya nayakam [ 
tati"a te 'ham bhavet patni nityam sahadharmacarini || 
yada bhavasi sambuddho loke jyeshthavinayakah | 
gravika te bhavishyami tasmin kala upasthite || 
khagastham manavam drishtva sahasrani gatani ca | 
gravakatvam prarthayante sarve tatra hy anagate || 
yada bhavasi sambuddho loke jyeshthavinayakah | 
gravakas te " bhavishyamas tasmin kale hy upasthite || 

^ upagatasya MSS. ^ jata MSS. ^ g^tha MSS. ^ -ane D. ^ jatSsu 
MSS. ^ Sic ABC : avastabdhan D here. ^ This second mukto is inserted ex 
conject, ^sahMSS. " aty- ABC. ^^ bhavemah MSS. " bhavishyama MSS. 




yada ca Sumatir manavo Dipankarena samyaksambuddhena vyakritas 
tadasya Dipena rajiia jata grihitah | Yasavo raja kathayati | mamaitS. 
jata anuprayaccha | tatas tasya Dipena rajnanupradattah | tena 
grihitva ganitah. agitir valasahasrani | tasya rajno 'maty ah katha- 
yanti | devasmakam ekaikara valam anuprayaccha vayam esham 
caityani karishyamah | tena rajiia tesham bhrityanam ekaiko valo 
dattah | tair amatyaih svake vijite gatva caityani pratishthapitani | 
yada Sumatir manavo 'nuttarayam samyaksambodhau vyakritas tada 
Dipena rajna Yasavena ca rajiia tair anekaig ca naigamajanapadaih 
' sarvopakaranaih pravarito 'nagatagunavekshataya | tatah sa Matir^ 
manavo ucyate | aham anuttarasyam samyaksambodhau vyakritas 
tvaya kutra cittam utpaditam [ sa kathayati | kshato 'ham ^Sumate 
manava | sa kathayati | katham kritva kshato 'si ] tatah sa katha- 
yati I yada tava Dipankarena samyaksainbuddhena padbhyam jata 
avashtabdhas* tada maya kupitena vag ni^carita Dipankarena sam- 
yaksambuddhena grotriyasya jatas tiraQcain yatha padbhyam avashtab- 
dhah' I yatas tasya Sumatih kathayati | agacchasva Buddhasya Bha- 
gavato 'ntike pravrajavah | tatas tau Sumatir Matig ca Dipankarasya 
samyaksambuddhasya pravacane pravrajitau | Sumatina ca pravrajya 
trini pitakany adhitani dharmena parshat samgrihita [A. 89. b] [ sa 
ca Sumatir manavag cyutah kalagatas Tushite devanikaye upapan- 
nah I Matir manavag cyutah kalagato narakeshupapannah | 

Bhagavan aha | yo 'sau Yasavo rajabhut tena kalena tena sama- 
yena raja Bimbisarah | yani tany agitir amatyasahasrani tena kalena 
tena samayena tany etarhy agitir devatasahasrani | yo 'sau Dipavati- 
yako janakayah® | yasau darika eshaiva sa Yagodhara | yo 'sau 
Sumatir aham eva tasmin samaye bodhisattvacaryayam vartami | yo 
'sau Matir'' eshaiva sa Dharmarucih | etad dvitiye 'samkheye asya 

^ Sic D, savopa- ABC. ^ Exconject.; Sumatir MS S. ^ Sumater MSS. 
^ Sic MSS. 5 Sic ABC, -stabdha D. e gje mSS : something lost. 

7 MatiMSS. 








ca Dharmarucer mama ca darcanam yad aham samdhaya katha- 
yami, cirasya Dharmaruce' sucirasya Dharmaruce^ | 

tasmad apy arvak tritiye 'samkheye Krakucchando nS,ma sam- 
yaksambuddho loka utpanno vidyacaranasampannah. sugato lokavid 
anuttarah purushadamyasaratliili gasta devamanushyanam Buddho 
Bhagavan | tasyain ca rajadhanyam anyataro mahagreshthi prati- 
vasati [ tena ca sadrigat kulat kalatram initam | sa ca kalatrasahS,- 
yah kridati ramate paricarayati j tasya kridato ramamanasya pari- 
carayatah putro jatah ] sa ca grihapatih graddhas tasya carhan bhik- 
shuh kulavavadako 'sti | sa ca grihapatis tarn patnim evam aha | jato 
'smakam rinadharo dhanaharo gacchamy aham idanim bhadre banig- 
dharmanam degantaram bhaudam &daya | sa ca ^baniglokenavrito 
durataram gato bhandam adaya | yato 'sya na bhuyag ciram apy 
agacchati | sa ca darakah kalantarena mahan sarnvritto 'bhirupo 
darcaniyah prasadikah | tato 'sau mataram pricchati | amba kim 
asmakaip kularthagatam karma | sa kathayati | vatsa pita tava- 
panam ''vahayaiin asit | tatah sa daraka 'apanam arabdho vahayitum | 
sa ca matasya klecair badhyamana cintayitum pravritta | ka upayah 
syad yad aham klegan vinodayeyam na ca me kagcij janiyat | taya 
samcintyaivam adhyavasitam" | evam eva putrah, kamahetos tatha 
paricarami yathanenaiva me sardham rogavinodakam bhavati naiva 
sajanasya ganka bhavishyati [ tatas tay& vriddhayuvati ahuya bho- 
jayitva dvis trih pagcan navena '^patenacchadita | tasyah sk vriddha 
kathayati | kena karyenaiva "^mamanupradanadina [A. 90, a] upa- 
kramenanupravrittim karoshi | sa tasya vriddhaya vigvasta bhu- 
tvaivam aha | amba grinu vijnS,pyam, klegair ativa badhye priyatam 
mamotpadya manushyanveshanani kuru yo 'bhyantara eva sykn na 

1 -ruceh MSS. ^ ^d add suciracirasya Dharmaruce (D reads -ruceh.) 

3 baniglokana-vrito BCD, baniglobhakenavrito A. * vahayan MSS. 

5 apannam MSS. ^ -situm MSS. '' patana- BCD, pateva- A. ^ gf^ 

MSS : query mamanna-? 






ca ^gankaniyo janasya | vriddha kathayati | neha giihe tathavidho 
manushyah. samvidyate n&pi pranayavan ka§cit pravigati yo jana- 
syagankaniyo bhavet katamah sa manushyo bhavishyati yasyaham 
vakshyami | tatah s& banikpatni tasya vriddhayah kathayati | yady 
anyo raanushya evamvidhopakramayukto nasty esha eva me putro 
bhavati naisha lokasya gankaniyo bhavishyati | tasyas tay4 vriddha- 
yabhihitam | kathaip. nu putrena sardham ratikrid&m gamishyasi 
yuktam syad anyena manushyena sardham ratikridam anubhavitum | 
tatah sa banikpatni kathayati | yady anyo 'bhyantaro manushyo na 
samvidyate bhavatv esha eva me putrah | taya viiddhayabhihitam | 
yathepsitam kuru | tatah sa vriddhayuvatt tasya banijah* putrasyai- 
vagamya pricchati | vatsa taruno 'si rupavamij ca kim pratishthito 
'syarthena [ tena tasya abhihitam ] kim etat | tatah sa vriddha 
kathayati | bhavan evam abhirupag ca yuvS, casmin vayasi taruna- 
yuvatyd s§,rdhaiii ^Qobethih kridan raman paricarayan kim eva 
kamabhogaparihinas tishthasi | banigdarakas tarn grutva lajjavya- 
patrapyasamlinacetas^ tasya vriddhayHs tad vacanam nidhivasayati | 
tatah sa vriddhaivam dvir api trir api tasya darakasya kathayati | 
tarunayuvatis tavarthe klegair bMhyate | sa banigdarako dvir api 
trir apy ucyamanas tasya vi-iddhiyah kathayati | amba kim 'tasyas 
tarunayuvatyah ®samnimitte kimcid abhihitam I tatah sS, vriddhS, 
kathayati | uktaip. tasya maya tannimittam taya mama nimitte na 
pratijnatam sa ca darikS, hrivyapatrapyagrihit^ na kimcid vakshyati 
na ca gariram avritatn karishyati na tvaya tasysl vanveshane yatnah 
karaniyah | tatas tena banigdarakena tasy^ vriddhaya abhihitam | 
kutrasmakam samgatam' bhavishyati | tayabhihitam | madiye grihe | 
tenoktam | kutravakage tava griham [ tato 'sya taya vriddhaya 
griham vyapadishtam sa ca vriddha tasya banikpatnyah sakagam 

1 sankantya MSS. ^ banijo MSS. » Qobetha MSS. * Ex conject. 
lajjfivyapatr^pyam sallnacetas MSS. ^ tasya MSS. ^ Sic MSS : Qu. tan- 
nimitte. '^ samgatah MSS. here, but samgatam infra. 






gatva kathayati | icchapitah [A. 90. b] sa vo' 'yam darakah | sS, 
kathayati | kutravakage saragatam bhavishyati | niadiye grihe [ sa ca 
darakah karyani kritva griham gatah [ anupurvena bbuktva tasya 
matuh kathayati | gaccharay aham vayasyagrihe svapsye | tato 'sya 
matrapy anujuatam gaccha | sa darako labdhanujiias tasya vriddhay^ 
griham gatah | tasya darakasya tasmin grihe gatasya ratikridakMam 
agamayamanasya tishthato nigi kalam apratyabhijiiatam | rupe kale 
sa matasya banigdarakasya tasminn eva grihe ratikridam anubhava- 
nartham tatraiva gata gatva ca tasmin grihe vikalam avyaktim 
vibhavyamane rupakritau nirgudhenopacarakramena ratikridam pu- 
trena sardham anubhavitum pravritta papakenasaddharmena, sa ca 
parikshinayam ratrau anubhutaratikrida satamo'ndhakare kalayam 
eva rajanyam avibhavyamanarupakritau svagriham gacchati | sa 
capi banigdarako ratikridam anubhuya prabhatayam rajanyaip. 
bhandavarim gatva kutumbakaryaiii karoti | evam dvir api trir api 
tatra vriddhaya grihe ratikridam anubhavamg cirakalam evam 
^vartamanena ratikridakraraena tasya darakasya sa mata cintayitum 
pravritta | kiyatkalam anyad griham aham evam avibhavyamana- 
rupa ratikridam anubhavishyami | yannv aham asyaitad ratikrida- 
kramam tathavidharp. kramena saravedayeyam yatha ihaiva grihe 
ratikrida bhavema iti saracintya tatraiva vriddhagrihe gatva ratikridaiu 
putrena sardham anubhuya tathaiva rajanyah kshaye satamo'ndha- 
karakale tasya darakasyoparimam pravaranam nivasyatmaniyam ca 
girottarapattikam^ tyaktva svagriharp gata j sa ca darakah prabhata- 
kale tarn pattikam^ girasi man easy avatishthantim sampagyaty atmiyam 
evoparipravaranapotrim* alabhamanas tatraiva tarn patikam^ sam- 
lakshya* tyaktva bhandavarim gatva yugalam anyam praviitya 
svagriham gatas tatra ca gatah sampacyati tam evatmiyam pravara- 

1 Sic D, sarva AB (C om.). ^ vartamane MSS. ^ pitakam or 

pittakam MSS. everywhere. * Ex conject. yantim A, yontim B, yontim CD. 

•* asamlakshya BD. 




nam tasya matuh 9irasi pravritam drishtva ca tam mataram pricchati j 
aniba kuto 'yam tava 9irasi pravarano 'bhyS,gatah | yatas tayibhi- 
hitam | adySpy aham tavamba, evam cirakalam tava maya sirdham 
kaman paribhunjato [A. 91. a] 'dyapy aham tava saivambS, | yatah 
sa banigdarakas tathavidhain matrivaeanam upa9rutya sammudho 
vihvalaceta bhumau nipatitah | tatas taya sa matra ghatajalapari- 
shekenavasiktah ] sa jalaparishekavasikto darakag cirena kalena 
pratyigatapranah | taya matrS, sam&gvasyate [ kim evam khedam 
upagatas tvam asmadiyam vacanam upagrutya dhiramana bhavasva 
na te visbadah karaniyah. | sa darakas tasyah kathayati ] katbam 
ahaip. khedam na smarishyami sammoham va yena maya evamvidham 
papakam karma kritam | tatah sa tayabhihitah | na te manah9ukam 
asminn arthe utpadayitavyam 'panthasamo matrigramo yenaivam hi 
yatha pita gacchati putro 'pi tenaiva gacchati na casau panthi 
putrasyaniigacchato^ doshakarako bhavaty evam eva matrigrdmas, 
tirthasamo 'pi ca matrigramo yatraiva hi tirthe pita snati putro 'pi 
tasmin sniti na ca tirthain putrasya snayato doshakarakam bhavaty 
evam eva matrigramo, 'pi ca pratyanteshu janapadeshu dharmatai- 
vaisha yasyam eva pita ^asaddharmenabhigacchati tam eva putro 'py 
adhigacchati | evam asau banigdarako matra bahuvidhair anunaya- 
vacanair vinita9okas taya *matr& tasmin pS,take 'saddharme punah 
punar ativasarpjataragah pravrittah | tena ca 9reshthin& grihe lekhyo* 
'nupreshitah I bhadre dhirorjitamahotsS.hS, bhavasva aham api lekhanu- 
padam evigamishye [ sa banikpatni tathavidham lekhartham 9rutva 
vaimanasyajata cintayitum pravritta | mahantam kalam mama tas- 
yagamanam udikshamanayas tadS, n&gata idanim mp,yaivamvidheno- 
pakramena putram ca paricaritva sa c§,gamishyati, ka upS,yah syad 
yad aham tam ihasamprfiptam eva jivitad vyaparopayeyam iti 
samcintya tam putram ^huya kathayati | pitrS, te lekhyo 'nupreshita 

* matrayd A, 

1 patthasamo MSS. ^ .a^i MSS 

matramya B, mfitriya C, mdtrajam D, 

3 Sic MSS. 
5 lekhysi MSS. 

.! -: 




■X < 






I 'i 

agamishyatiti janase 'smabhir idanim kim karaniyam iti | gacchasva 
pitaram asampraptam eva ghataya | sa kathayati [ katham aham pita- 
rain ghatayishye | yaclasau na prasaliate pitribadham kartuin tada 
taya matra bhuyo bhuyo 'nuvrittivacaiiair abbihitah [ tasyanuvritti- 
vacanair ucyamanasya kamesbu samraktasyadhyavasayo jatab pitri- 
badham prati | kaman khalu pratisevato na bi kimcit papakain karma 
karaniyam iti vadami | tatas tenoktam | kenopayena gbatayami] 
tayabhibitam | abam evopayam saiTi\T.dbasye ityuktva visbam adaya 
samitayani migrayitva mandilakan' paktvanye 'pi ca nirvisbah 
paktah.^ | yatas tam darakam abuya kathayati | gaccbasva ami savisha 
mandilaka nirvisbag^ ca gribya pitrisakagain gatva ca tasya vigvastas- 
yaikatra bhuiijata etan* savisban mandilakan prayacchasv&tmanS, 
ca nirvisban bbaksbaya | tatab sa darakas tena lekbavabikamanusb- 
yena sardbam tan mandilakan gribya gatah | pitrisakagam agamya 
pitasyativa tain putram drisbtvabbirupaprasadikam [A. 91. b] 
mabegakbyam pramodyain praptah sabyasahyam prisbtva teshaip 
banijam akhyati J ay am bbavanto 'smakarp putrah | yada tena dara- 
kena saiplaksbitam* sarvatrabam anena pitra pratisamvedita iti tatas 
tam pitaram aha | tatambaya mandilakab prabenakam anupreshitam 
tat tata paribbunjatu | pagcat tena pitra sardbam ekapbalayain 
bhunjata tasya pitub savisha mandilaka datt^ atmana nirvisbah 
prabbaksbitab | yato 'sya pita tan savisban mandilakan bbaksba- 
yitva mritab | tasya ca pitub kaladharmana yuktasya ca darako na 
kenacit papakam karma kurvaiio 'bhigankito va pratisamvedito va| 
pagcat tair ishtasnigdhasuhridbhir baiiigbhih gocayitva yat tat tu 
kiipcit tasya banijo bbandam asid dbiranyasuvarnam va tat tasya 
darakasya dattam | sa darakas tam bbandam hiranyasuvarnam paitri- 
kam gribya svagriham anupraptab | tasya ca gatasya svagriham sa 
mata pracchannasaddharmena tam putram paricaramana ratim nadhi- 
gaccbaty anabhiratarupa ca tam putram vadati | kiyatkalam vayam 

1 mandilaka MSS. = paktva MSS. ^ nirvisliac? MSS. ^ esMm D. » -tah MSS. •' 




evam pracchannena kramena ratikridain anubhavishy&mo yannu 
vayam asmad degad anyadecantaram gatva prakagakramena nihganka 
bhutva jayapatiti vikhyatadharmanah sukham ' prativasema | tatas 
fcau griham tyaktva mitrasvajanasambandhivargan apahaya purana- 
dasidasakarmakarams tyaktva yavad arthajatam biranyasuvarnam 
ca grihyanyavisbayantaram gatau | tatra gatvS, janapadesbu vikbya- 
payamanau jayampatikam iti ratikridata anubbavamanau vyavasthi- 
tau I yavad arban bbiksbub kenacit kalantarena janapadacarikam 
caran tam adbisbtbanam anupraptab | tena tatra pindapatam^ anvli- 
bindata vitbyatn nisbadyayam^ banigdbarmana* samvyavabaram&nah 
sa darako drisbto* drisbtva carogyayitva cabbbibbasbyoktab [ mS,tus 
te kugalam | sa ca darakas tam arbantam tatbS,bbivadamS,nam upa- 
grutya sambbinnacetab svena dugcaritena karmana 9ankitaman§,9 
cintayitum pravrittab | sa vicintya matrisakagarn gatva samvedayati | 
yatir abhyagato yo 'sav asmadgribam upasamkramaty esba® sa iba- 
dbisbtbane pratisamvedayisbyati esbasya darakasya mateti vayarp. 
ceba jayarnpatikam iti kbyatau katbam esha gakyaip gbatayitum| 
tatas tayoh satncintya tam griham enam. upanimantrayitva bbufija- 
nam gbatayamab, tatas tayor evam samcintya so 'rban bbiksbur 
antargribam upanimantrayitva bhojayitum arabdbab | sa darako 
gudbagastro bbutvarbantam bhojayitum matra saba nirjanam gribam 
kritva sa carbadbbiksbur [A. 92. a] bhuktva tasmad gribad vigrab- 
dbacarakramena pratinirgatah | tatas tena darakenainam antargri- 
bavigrabdbacarakramam aveksbya nirgaccbantam paraprisbtbibhutva 
garire 'sya gastram nipatya jivitad vyaparopayati | kamac ca lavano- 
dakasadriga yatba yatba sevyanti tatba tatba trishnivriddbim upa- 
yanti | tasya darakasya sa mata tam putram ^asaddbarmenanuvarta- 
mana tasminn evadbisbtbane gresbtbiputrena sardbaip. praccbanna- 

^ prativasemah MSS. ^ -pdtram MSS. ^ nisliadyayam MSS. * banig- 
dhannena? ^ om. MSS. ^ eshan AB, oshan CD. ' -dharmand 

MSS. • ... 






kami asaddharmeshu saktacitta' jata tasya darakasya tathavidha 
upakramah pratisamviditah^ | tatas tena tasya matur uktam [ amba 
nivrittasvedri^ad doshat | sa ca ^tasmin 9reshtliiputre samraktacittS, 
dvir api trir apy ucyamana na nivartate | tatas tena nishkosham 
asim kritva sa mata jivitad vyaparopita j yada tasya triny anantar- 
yani *paripumaiii tada devatabhir janapadeshv arocitam | papa esha 
pitrighatako 'rhadghatako matrighataka9 ca triny anenanantaryani 
narakakarmasamvartaniyani karmani kritany upacitani | tatas tena- 
dhishthanajanena tac chrutva tadadhishthinan nirvasitah | sa yada 
nirvasitas tasmad adhishthanat tada cintayitum pravrittah | asti 
casya Buddhagasane ^kagcid evanunaya evam manasikritam gacchS,- 
midanim pravrajamiti | sa ca viharain gatva bhikshusakagam upa- 
samkramyaivam kathayati ] arya pravrajeyam [ tatas tena bhik- 
sliunoktam | ma tavat pitrighatako 'si | tena bhikshur abhihitah | 
asti maya ghatitah pita | tatah punah prishtah [ ma tavan matrighatako 
'si ] tenoktam | arya ghatita may^ mata | sa bhuyah prishtah | ma 
tavad arhadbadhas te kritah | tatah sa kathayati | arhann api gha- 
titah I tatas tena bhikshunabhihitah | ekaikenaisham karmanam 
acaranan na pravrajyarho bhavasi prageva samastanam gaccha vatsa 
naham pravrajayishye^ | tatah sa purusho 'nyasya bhikshoh sakagam 
upasamkramya kathayati | arya pravrajeyam | tatas tenapi bhik- 
shunanupurvena prishtva pratyakhyatah [ tatah paccad anyasya 
bhikshoh sakacam gatah ] tarn api tathaiva pravrajyam ^ayacate] 
tenapi tathanupurvakramena prishtva pratyakhyatah | sa yad^ dvir 
api trir api pravrajyam ayacamano 'pi bhikshubhir na pravrajitah, 
tadamarshajatah* cintayitum pravrittah | yapi sarvasS,dharana prav- 
rajya tarn aham apy ayacan na labhami | tatas tena tasmin vihare 

^ (jaktacitta ABC. ^ -vidah MSS. ' tasmim (jreshthiputrena MSS. 

* paripfirna MSS. " Ex conject. kapcid evanrmayam evSmnansikritam A; 

B om. ; kaQcid ev&nunayam evljimanasikritam CDE (C reading kaQcid devSniina- 
yam). * pravrSjishye MSS. ^ ayScyate ABC. * -tarn A, -ta D. 




^ayitanam bhikshunaip. agnir dattah | tasmin vihare 'gnim dattva- 
nyatra [A. 92. b] viharam gatah. | tatrapi gatva bhikshunS,m upa- 
sarakramya pravrajyam ' ayacate | tair api tathaivanupurvena prishfcva 
pratyakhyatah | tatrapi tena tathaiva pratihatacetasagnir dattab | 
tatripi vibare bahavo bhikshavab ^gaikshagaikshag ca dagdhab | evam 
tasyanekan viharan dabatah sarvatra gabdo visrita evainvidbag cai- 
vaipvidbag ca papakarmakari purusbo bbikshubhyab pravrajyam 
alabhan vibArin bbiksbumg ca dabatiti [ sa ca purusbo 'nyavihS,rain 
prastbitah | tatra ca vibare Bodbisattvajatiyo bbiksbub prativasati 
tripitab | tena grutam sa evam dusbkarakarmakari purusba ibagac- 
cbatiti I yatah sa bbiksbus tasya purusbasyasampraptasyaiva tasmin 
vibare pratyudgatab | sa tarn purusbara sametya katbayati | bbadra- 
mukba kim etat | yato 'sya purusbenoktam [ arya pravrajyaip na 
labbami [ tatas tena bbiksbunoktam | agaccba vatsaham te pravrS,- 
jayamiti [ pagcat tena bbiksbuna tasya purusbasya giro mundapayitva 
kasbayani vastrani dattani | pagcat sa purusbah katbayati | arya 
giksbapadani me 'nuprayaccba | tatas tena bbiksbunoktab | kim te 
giksbapadaib prayojanam evam sarvakalam vadasva name Bud- 
dbaya name Dbarmaya namah Samgbayeti [ pagcat sa bbiksbus 
tasya purusbasya dbarmadeganam arabdbah kartum | tvam evam- 
vidbag caivamvidbag ca papakarmakari sattvo yadi kadacid Buddba- 
gabdam grinosbi smritam pratilabetbab [ atbasau tripito bbiksbug 
cyutab kalagato devesbupapannah sa capi purusbag cyutab kalagato 
narakesbupapannab | 

yato Bbagavan aba | kim manyadbve bbikshavah | yo 'sav atite 
'dbvani bbiksbus tripita ^asa abam eva sa tena kalena tena sama- 
yena ] yo 'sau papakarmakari sattvo mat&pitrarhadghS.taka esba eva 
Dbarmarucih | idani mama tritiye 'samkbyeye 'sya Dbarmarucer 
darganam | tad a,ha,^L samdbaya kathayami, cirasya Dbarmaruce, 

1 iysicyate ABC. ' (jaikshacjaiksha? ca ABC [cf. Bumouf, Lotus, pp. 

295Bqq;] 3 ^san MSS. " . ' 

! :ii 





sucirasya Dharmaruce, suciracirasya Dharmaruce' | yavacca maya 
bhikshavas tribhir asamkhyeyaih shadbhih. paramitabhir anyaig ca 
dushkaracatasahasrair anuttara samyaksambodbih. samudanita tavad 
anena DharmarucinS, yad bhuyasa narakatiryaksbu kshapitam | idam 
avocad Bhagavan attamanasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato bh&shitam 
abliyanandan | Dharmarucyavadanam aslitada9am^ | 





[A, 93. a] Buddho Bhagavan Hajagrihe viharati Venuvane 
^ Kalandakanivape ] Rajagrihe nagare Subhadro nama grihapatih 
prativasaty adbyo mahadhano mahabhogali ] so 'tyarthain Nir- 
grantheshv abhiprasannah | tena sadrigat kulat kalatram anitam | sa 
taya sardhain kridati ramate paricarayati* | tasya kridato rama- 
manasya paricarayatah kalantarena patni apannasattva sainvritta| 
Bbagavan purvahne iiivasya patracivaram adaya Rajagriham pindaya 
pravikshat | Rajagriham pindaya caran yena Subhadrasya grihapater 
nivecanam tenopasamkrantah | adrakshit Subhadro grihapatir Bha- 
gavantam durad eva dnshtva ca punah patnim adaya yena Bhaga- 
vams tenopasamkrantah [ upasamkramya Bhagavantam idam avocat | 
Bhagavann iyam me patni apannasattva samvritta kiin janayish- 
yatiti | Bhagavan aha | grihapate putrani janayishyati kulam uddyo- 
tayishyati divyamanushiip griyam pratyanubhavishyati mama gasane 
pravrajya sarvaklecaprahanad arhattvam sakshatkarishyati | tena 
Bhagavatah cucinah pranitasya khadaniyabhojaniyasya patrapuro 
dattah j Bhagavan arogya ity uktvS, pindapatam adaya prakrantah | 

^ Ex conject. ; suruciras^a Dharmaruceli sucirasya Dhannaruceh sucirasya 
Bhagavan AB, surucirasya Dh : sucirasya Bh : CD. 2 .(Ja^ah MSS. BC add 

here ^lokacjata 585. om. AD. ^ Sic ABD, Karandaka- C : cf. Sahasod. init. 

and Bohtl. and Both s.v. Karandakanivapa. * om. A,- paricArayate BCD. 




tasya natidure Bhurikas tishthati | sa saiplakshayati ] yad apy asma- 
kara ekain bhaiksliakulain tad api (^ramano Gautamo 'nvavartayati, 
gaccliami pa9yami kim Cramanena Gautamena vyakritam iti | sa 
tatra gatva kathayati | grihapate (^ramano Gautama S,gata isid| 
agatah | kim tena vyakritam ] arya maya tasya patni darcita kim 
janayishyatiti sa kathayati putram janayishyati kulam uddyotayi- 
shyati divyamanushim ^riyam pratyanubhavishyati mama gasane 
pravrajya sarvakle9aprahS,nad arhattvam sakshatkarishyatiti | sa 
Bhuriko ganitre 'kritavi ^gvetavarnam giiliitva ganayitum irabdhah. 
pagyati yathS. Bhagavata vyakritam tat sarvam tathaiva | sa sam- 
lakshayati | yady anusaiuvamayisliyamy ayarn grihapatir bhuyasya 
matraya Cramanasya Gautamasyabhipracamsyati^ tad atra kimcit 
saipvarnayitavyain kimcid vivarnayitavyam iti viditva hastau sam- 
parivartayati mukhain ca vibliandayati | SuLbadro grihapatih katha- 
yati I arya kim hastau samparivartayasi mukham ca vibhandayasiti | 
sa kathayati | grihapate 'tra kimcit satyani kimcin mrisha | arya kim 
satyam kim va mrisha | grihapate yad anenoktam putram janayish- 
yatity idam satyam kathayati kulam uddyotayishyatity idam api 
satyam Agrejyotir iti samjna mandabhagyah sa sattvo jatamatra 
evagnina kulam dhakshyati | yat kathayati divyamanushim griyam 
pratyanubhavishyatity idam mrisha [A. 93. b] grihapate, asti kagcit 
tvaya drishto manushyabhuto divyamanushim Qriyain pratyanu- 
bhavan | yat kathayati mama 9asane pravrajayishyatity idam satyam 
yadasya na bhaktam na vastram tada nigcayena Qramanasya Gau- 
tamasyantike pravrajishyati | sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam sakshat- 
karishyatity idam mrisha Cramanasyaiva tavad Gautamasya sarva- 
klegaprahanad arhattvam nasti prig evasya bhavishyatiti | Subhadro 
vishMam ^pannah kathayati [ S,ryatra mayi katham pratipattavyam 
iti j Bhurikah kathayati | grihapate vayam pravrajitah 9amS,nu9ik- 
shas tvam eva janisha ity uktvd^ prakrS,ntah ] Subhadrah samlaksha- 

i kritvavi A, kridsivi B. ^ sveta- ABC. ^ abhiprasampyati MSS. 





yati I sarvatbS, parityajyo 'sav iti viditva sa bhaishajyam datum 
S.rabdliah | caramabhaviko 'sau sattvas tad asya bhaishajy&rth&ya syad 
iti I sa tasya vamakukshim marditum drabdhah j sa garbho dak- 
shinam kukshiip gatab | Subhadro daksliinakukshim marditum arab- 
dhah I sa vamam kukshim gatah | asthanam etad anavakago yac 
caramabhavikah sattvo 'ntarad ucchidya kalaip. karishyaty aprapte 
acravakshaye | sa grihapatipatni kukshina miidyamanena vikroshtum 
arabdha [ prativegyaih 9rutam | te tvaritatvaritam gatah pricchanti | 
bhavantah kim iyam grihapatipatni virauti | S-ubhadrah kathayati | 
kukshimaty esha nunam asyah prasavakala iti | te prakrantah | Subha- 
drali sanilakshayati | na gakyam asya atropasaiakramam kartum 
aranyam nayamiti [ sa tenaranyaip. nitva tathopakranta yatha kala- 
gata I sa tarn praccbannam griham aniya suhritsambandhibandhavi- 
nam prativegakanam ca kathayati | bhavantah patni me kalaga- 
teti I te vikroshtum arabdhah | sa tair vikrogadbhir nilapitalohitavadd- 
tair vastraih givikam alamkritya Citavanam gmaganam abhinirhrita | 
nirgranthaih grutam | te hrisJitatushtapramuditig echattrapataka 
ucchriyitva' Rajagrihasya nagarasya rathyavithicatvaragiinglitake 
upahindamana arocayanti | grinvantu bhavantah Cramanena Oau- 
tamena Subhadrasya grihapateh patni vyakriti pmtram janayishyati 
kulam uddyotayishyati divyamanushim griyam pratyanubhavishyati 
mama gasane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvaip sakshatka- 
rishyati sa ca kalagata Qitavanagmaganam abhinirhrita yasya tavad 
vrikshamulam eva nasti kutas tasya gakhapattraphalam bhavishyatiti | 
atrantare nasti kimcid Buddhanam Bhagavatam ajiiatam adrigyam 
aviditam ^avijiiatam | dharmata khalu Buddhanam Bhagavatam 
mahakarunikanaTTi lokanugrahapravrittanam ekarakshanam ^gama- 
thavipacyanaviharinam tridamathavastukugalanam caturoghottirna- 
nam riddhipadacaranatalasupratishthitanara caturshu saipgrahavas- 
tushu dirgharatrakritaparicayanam caturvai9aradyavi9§,radanam paii- 

1 SicMSS.; ucchrapayitva? « avajnatam MSS. ^ samatha- MSS. 




cangaviprahinanam pancagatisamatikrantanam shadangasamanvdga- 
tanain sliatpS,ramitaparipurnanam ^asamhatavihS,rinam [A. 94. a] 
saptabodhyangakusumadhyanim ashtangamargadegikanam nav^nu- 
purvaviharasamapattikugalan^m dagabalabalinaip dagadiksamapurna- 
ya5asS,m dagagatavagavartiprativigishtanam tri ritres tri divasasya 
Buddhacakshusha lokam vyavalokya jnanadarganain pravartate, ko 
hiyate ko vardhate kab kricchrapraptah kah sarpkatapraptah kah 
sambadhapraptab^ kah kriccbrasamkatasambadhapraptab ko 'paya- 
nimnab ko 'payapravanah ko 'pS.yaprigbbarab kam abam apayS-d 
uddhritya svarge mokshe ca pratishthapayeyam kasyanavaropitani 
kugalamdlany avaropayeyam kasyavaropitani paripacayeyam kasya 
paripakvini vimocayeyam | aba ca | 

apy evatikramed velam sagaro makaralayah | 
na tu vaineyavatsanam Buddbo velam atikramet || iti | 
atha Bbagavan anyatarasmin pradege smitam akarsbit | dharmata 
khalu yasmin samaye BuddbS, Bbagavantah smitam pravisbkurvanti 
tasmin samaye nilapitalobitavadata arcisbo mukban mqckrya. kagcid 
adbastad gaccbanti kagcid uparisbtad gaccbanti | ya adbastad gac- 
cbanti t§.b Samiivam Kalasutram Sanigbatam Rauravam Mah&raura- 
vam Tapanam Pratapanam Avicim Arbudam Nirarbudam Atatam 
Habavam. Hubuvam Utpalam Padmara Mabapadmam narakam 
gatvi ye usbnanarakas tesbu gitibbuta nipatanti^ | tena tesbam 
sattvanS,m karanavigesbab pratiprasrabdbab ] tesbam evam bbavati j 
kim nu vayani bbavanta itag cyuta abosvid anyatropapanni iti | 
tesbam prasadasamjananartham Bbagavan nirmitam visarjayati | 
tesbam nirmitam drisbtvaivam bbavati I na by eva vayam bbavanta 
itag cyuta napy anyatropapanna api tv ayam apurvadarganah sattvo 
'syanubbavad asmakam karanavigesbab pratiprasrabdbS, iti j te nir- 
mite cittam abhiprasadya tan narakavedaniyam karma ksbapayitva 

^ ye 9itanarakas 

^ asambhavaviharisa B. (cf. p. 95). ^ Qm. MSS 

teshiishriibhutva nipatauti not in MSS. (cf. pp. 68, 138). 






devamanushyeshu pratisamdliini grihnanti yatra satyanS,m bhSjana- 
bhuta bhavanti | ya uparisht^d gacchanti tkq CaturmaharSjakayikan 
devaras Trayastrimgan Yaman Tushitan Nirmanaratin Paranirmita- 
vagavartino Brahmakayikin Brahmapurohitan Mahabrahmanab 
*ParittS,bhan*AprainanabhS,n Abhasvaran Parittagubhan Apramana- 
Qubh&n Qubhakritsnan Anabhrak^n PunyaprasavS.n Vrihatphalan 
'AtapSn SudrigS,!! Sudarganan Akanishthan devan gatvanityam 
duhkham gunyam an4tmety udghoshayanti gathadvayam ca bba- 
shante | 

Srabhadhvam nishkramata yujyadhvam Buddhagasane | 
dhunita mrityunab sainyam nadagaram iva kunjarah || 
yo by asmin dharmavinaye apramattag carisbyati | 
prahaya jatisamsaram dubkhasyantam karishyati || 
atha tk arcishas trisihasramabasahasram lokadbatum anvahindya 
Bhagavantam eva prisbtbatab prisbtbatab samanugaccbanti | Bba- 
gavata 4sye 'ntarbitah [ atbayusbman Anandab kritakaraputo Bba- 
gavantam *papraccba | 

nSnividbo rangasabasracitro vaktrantar&n nisbkasitab kalapah | 
avabbSsita yena digab samant&d divakarenodayata yatbaiva || 

gathag ca bbasbate I 
vigatoddbava dainyamadaprabina Buddbi jagaty uttamabetu- 

bhutab [ 
nakaranam gankbamrinalagauram smitam upadargayanti jina 

jitarayab || 
tat kS,lain svayam adbigamya dhirabuddbyS, 9rotrin§,m §ra- 

manajinendra k§,nksbitS,nam | 
dbirabhir munivrisba [A. 94. b] vagbbir uttamabhir utpannam 
vyapanaya sam^ayam Qubb&bbih || 

1 ParttabhSn AD, Paribhan C, Pavitavabhan B. 
=» No Abrihfin in MSS. * prapaccha ABC. 

Apramfinfin ABC. 




nakasmal lavanajaMdrirajadhairyah sambuddhSh smitam upa- 
dargayanti dhirah | 

yasyarthe smitam upadargayanti n&thSa tarn grotum samabhi- 
lashanti te janaughah II iti I 
Bhagavan aha | evam etad Anandaivam etat | nahetupratyayam 
Ananda Tathagata arhantah samyaksambuddhlh smitam pravish- 
kurvanti | gacchananda bhikshun^m &rocaya TathS,gato* bhikshavah 
9ma9S,nacarikaiii gantukamo yo yushm4kam utsahate TathS,gatena 
sardham gmaginacarikam gantum sa civarak&ni grilm&tu J evam 
bhadantety S,ytishmaii Anando Bhagavatab pratigrutya bliiksh^3,m 
irocayati j Tathagata ^yushmantah gmag^nacarikjlip gantukd,mo yo 
yushmakam utsahate TathSgatena sardham qma^kD&ckinkkm gantum 
sa civarakini grihnatu j evam iyushmanii iti te bhikshavah sarve 
samgrutya Bhagavatsak^gam upagatah | atha Bhagav&n danto dS,nta- 
parivSrah g^ntah g^ntaparivdro mukto muktaparivAra agvasta 
agvastaparivaro vinito vinttaparivaro 'rhann arhatparivS,ro vitar^go 
vitaragaparivarah pr&sS,dikah prasS,dikapariv4ro vrishabha iva go- 
ganaparivrito gajar&ja iva *kalabhaganaparivritah simha iva 'dam- 
shtriganaparivrito hainsaraja iva hamsaganaparivritah Suparniva 
pakshiganaparivrito vipra iva gishyaganaparivritah suvaidya iva- 
turaganaparivritah gura iva yodhaganaparivrito degika *ivadhva- 
ganaparivi'itah sarthavaha iva banigganaparivritah greshthiva paura- 
janaparivritah kottarSja iva mantriganapariviitag cakravartiva pu- 
trasahasraparivritag candra iva nakshatraganaparivritah surya iva 
ragmisahasraparivrito Dhritarashtra iva Grandharvaganaparivrito 
Virudhaka iva Kumbhandaganaparivrito Dhanada iva Yakshaga- 
naparivrito Yemacitrivasuraganaparivritah ^akra iva tridagagana- 
parivrito Brahmeva Brahmakayikaparivritah stimita iva jalanidhih 
sajala iva jaladharo *vimada iva gajapatih sudS,ntair indriyair asam- 

1 yato MSS. 
(cf. p. 125). 

2 kalaha- AB. 
* ivandbagana AB. 

3 Sic D, dramshtri- AB, drashti C. 
' vimarda BCD, and A sec. m. 





kshobiteryapathapracaro dvatrimgat^ maLS,purushalakshanaih sama- 
lamkrito 'qitja. canuvyanjanair virajitagatro vyamaprabhalaipkrita- 
murtihV suryasahasratirekaprabho jangama iva ratnaparvatah saman- 
tato bhadrako dagabhir balaig caturbhir vaigaradyais tribhir aveni- 


kaih smrityupasthanair mahakarunayS, ca samanvagata Ajnatakaun- 
pa-'yagahpurnaprabhritimahagravakaih^ parivrito 'nyena ca mabata 
bhiksbusaingheiianekaig ca pranigatasahasraih Citavanam mah^ma- 
Qanam saraprasthitab | ashtadaganugamsa Buddbacarikayam ity 
anekani devatagatasahasrani Bbagavatab prisbtbatab piisbtbato 
'nubaddb&ni Citavananugunag ca vayavo vayitum ^rabdhab | 

Rajagribad dvau baladS,rakau brabmanadarakab ksbatriyadarakag 
ca vahir nirgatya kridatab | tayob ksbatriyadarako 'vagadhagraddho 
brabmanadarako na tatba j sa brabmanadarakab ksbatriyadarakasya 
kathayati | vayasya Bbagavata Subbadrasya gribapateb patni vyakrita 
putram janayishyati kulam uddyotayisbyati divyamanusbim Qriyam 
pratyanubhavisbyati [A. 95. a] mama gasane pravrajya sarvaklega- 
prabanM arhattvam saksbatkarisbyatiti sa ca miita kalagata Citava- 
nam Qmaganam nirbrita m^ baiva Bbagavata bbisbitam ^vitathaiu 
syad iti ] sa ksbatriyadarako gatbam bbashate | 

sacandrataram prapated ibambaram mabi sagaila savana nabbo 

vrajet [ 
mahodadbinam udakam ksbayam vrajed mabarsbayah syur na 

mrisb&bbidbayinah || iti ] 

sa 9a brabmanadarakab kathayati j vayasya yady evam gacchamab 
Citavanam mabagmaganam pagyamab | vayasya gacchamab | tau 
samprastbitau | Bbagavamg ca Hajagrihan nirgatah | adrakshit sa 
ksbatriyadarako Bhagavantam durad eva drishtva ca punar gatbam 
bbashate I 

1 -mfirti MSS. = yapih ABD, yacja C. ^ Cf. p. 182. * vitartham AB. 




anuddhato vigatakutiihalo munir yathd vrajaty esha janaugha- 
samvritah. I 

nihsamgayam paraganavMimardano nadasyate mrigapatinadam 
uttamam II ' , 

yatha hy ami Qitavanoiimukliotsuk4h pravanti vatS, Mmapanka- 
gitalah j 

prayanti nunam bahavo divaukaso nirikshitum ^akyamuner vi- 
kurvitam || iti j 
rSjnS, Bimbisarena grutam Bhagavata Subhadrasya grihapateh patnl 
vyakritS, putram janayishyati kulam uddyotayishyati divyamlaushim 
griyam pratyanubbavishyati mama gasane pravrajya sarvaklegapra- 
h4nM arhattvam sikshatkarishyati sk ca mrita kalagata Qitavanam 
gmagSnam abhinirhritS, Bhagav^mg ca sa9r§,vakasamgliah Citavanam 
samprastbita iti grutvjl ca punar asyaitad abhavat j na Bhagavan 
nirarthakam Citavanam gaccbati nunam Bhagavan Subhadrasya 
grihapateh patnim agamya mahad vineyakS,ryam kartukamo bhavi- 
shyati pagyamiti | so 'py antahpurakumaramatyapaurajanapadapari- 
vrito R&jagrih&n nirgantum arabdhah, | adrakshit sa kshatriyakumS,- 
rako rajSnam Maigadhagrenyam Bimbisaram durdd eva drishtva ca 
punar gatham bhashate j 

yatha hi Qrenyo Magadhadhipo hy ayam yiniryayau Rajagrihat 
sabandhavah | 

pravartate me hridi nigcitS, matir mahajanasyabhyudayo bhavi- 
shyatiti || 
janakjiyena Bhagavantam drishtva vivaram anupradattam j Bhaga- 
vjin smitonmukho ' mahSjanamadhyarp. pravishtah j Nirgranthi Bha- 
gavantam smitonmukham drishtv^ samlakshayanti j yathd Qramano 
Gautamah smitonmukho mahajanamadhyam pravishto nunam ayam 
Bodhisattvo na kalagatah | taih Subhadro grihapatir uktah ] griha- 
pate nanv ayam sattvo mandabhagyo na kalagata iti | sa kathayati | 

^ CD om. maha- here. 





f I 



I f 

arya yady evam katham atra pratipattavyam iti | te kathayanti | gri- 
hapate vayarp ^Qamattagiksh&s tvam eva jnasyasiti [ sa tain patnim 
citayS,m aropya dhmapayitum arabdhah | tasyah sarvah kdyo dagdhah 
sthapayitva kukshisamantakam tathasau kukshih sphutitah padmara 
pradurbMtam tasya coparipadiaakarnikS,yam kmniro nishanno 'bhi- 
rupo darganiyah. prasadikah. | tarn drishtvanekani prani9ata,sahasr4ni 
param vismayam upagatani | NirgranthS, nipatamadamanS, na ca 
prabbavah samviittab | tatra Bbagavan Subhadram grihapatim 
Amantrayate I grihapate grihana kumaram [ sa Nirgranthanam mukham 
avalokitum S,rabdhah [ te kathayanti | grihapate yadi prajvalitS,m 
etam citam pravekshyasi sarvena sarvam na bhavishyasiti | sa na 
pratigrihnati | tatra Bhagavan Jivakam kumarabhutam amantra- 
yate | grihana Jivaka kumarakam iti | sa samlakshayati | asthanam 
anavakago Bhagavan [A. 95, b] mam asthane niyokshyati grihnamiti | 
tena nirvigankena citatn vigahya grihitah | 

vigahatas tasya Jinajnaya citam pratigrihnatag cagnigatam 
kumarakam | 

Jinaprabhavan mahato hutaganah kshanena jato himapankagi- 
talah II 
tato Jivakam kumarabhutam idam avocat [ Jivaka kshata upa- 
hato veti | sa kathayati | rajakule 'ham bhadanta jato rajakule 
vriddho nabhijanami gOQirshacandanasyapidrigam gaityam yad Bha- 
gavatadhishthitayag citayah | ^ tatra Bhagavan Subhadram grihapatim 
amantrayate | grihanedanim grihapate kumaram iti | sa mithya- 
darganavihatas tathapi na sampratipadyate Nirgranthanam eva 
mukham vyavalokayati | te kathayanti | grihapate 'y^^ sattvo 'tiva- 
mandabhagyo yo hi nama sarvabhakshenapy agnina na dagdhah, 
kim bahuna yady evam griham pravegayasi niyatam te griham 
utsadayan^ bhavishyasi tvain ca pranair viyujyasa iti [ nasty atmasa- 

2 tata ABC. 3 utsa- 

1 samatta- ABD, Qamatta- C (cf. p. 263. 2 inf.). 
dam MSS. 






mam ^premeti | tenasau na pratigrihitah | tatra Bhagavan rajanam 
Bimbisaram imantrayate | grihana maharaja kumaram iti | tena 
sasambhramena hastau pras4rya grihitah | tatah samantato nirikshya 
kathayati | Bhagavan kim bhavatv asya darakasya nS,meti | Bhagavan 
^a I maharaja yasmad ayam dS,rako jyotirmadhyS,! labdhas tasmad 
bhavati d&rakasya Jyotishka iti n§,iDeti | tasya Jyotishka iti nama- 
dheyara vyavasth§,pitam | tato BhagavatS, tasya janakS-yasyagayi- 
nugayam dhS,tuiii prakritini ca jnitva tadrigi dharmadegana krit4 
yam grutva bahubhih sattvagatair mahSn vigesho 'dhigatah kaigcic 
chrotaapattiphalam sakshatkritam kaigcit sakridi,gamiphalam kaigcid 
anagamiphalam kaigcit sarvaklegaprahinM arhattvam sakshatkri- 
tam kaigcid ushmagatani kugalamulany utp§,ditani kaigcid mur- 
dh^ah* kaigcid mridumadhyS,h kshantayah kaigcic chravakabodhau 
'cittany utpaditS,ni kaigcit pratyekabodhau kaigcid anuttar§,yam 
samyaksambodhau kaigcic charanagamanani grihitani kaigcic chikshS,- 
padani yad bhuyasi sa parshad BuddhanimnS, dharmapravanji sam- 
ghapragbhara vyavasthita | Jyotishko darako rdjna BimbisirenashtS,- 
bhyo dhatribhyo 'nupradatto dvabhyam ■'amsadhatribhyam dva- 
bhyam kshiradhitribhyam dvabhyam maladhatribhyam dvS,bhyara 
kridanikabhyaip. dhatribhyam | so 'shtabhir dhitribhir unniyate var- 
dhate* kshirena dadhnS, navanitena sarpishS, sarpimandenltnyaig cot- 
taptottaptair upakaranavigeshair kqu vardhate hradastham iva pan- 
kajam | tasya matulah panyam S,daya degantaram gatah | tena 
grutam yatha mama bhagint sattvavati samvritta s4 Bhagavata 
vyakrita putram janayishyati kulam uddyotayishyati divyam&nushim 
griyam pratyanubhavishyati mama gasane pravrajya sarvaklegapra- 
hanad arhattvam sakshS,tkarishyatiti | sa panyam visaijayitva prati- 
panyam adaya Rajagriham dgatah | tena grutam yatha sasmakam 
bhagini kalagateti grutv^ ca puna^ samlakshayati \ Bhagavatasau 

i 1 


; ■;! 



^ prema iti MSS. * mardhnfitah ABC, m^dhatah D. 

utp&ditani MSS. * atsa- MSS. ' vardhyate? 

' cittam 







vyakrita putrain janayishyati kulam uddyotayishyati divy^ni mS,nu- 
shim Qriyam. pratyanubhavishyati mama gasane pravrajya sarva- 
klegaprahanad arhattvam sakshatkarishyatiti ma haiva tad Bhaga- 
vato bhashitam vitatham syat ] tena tirahprativegyah [A, 96. a] 
prishtah. | grutam mayasmakam bhagini sattvavati samvrittS, sa 
Bhagavata vyakrita putrain. janayishyati kulam uddyotayishyati 
divyamanushim griyam pratyanubhavishyati mama gasane pravrajya 
sarvaklegaprah&nad arhattvam sakshatkarishyatiti grutva vayam 
paritushtah sa ca gruyate miita kalagateti ma haiva Bhagavato bha- 
shitam vitatham syad iti [ te gatham bhashante | 

sacandrataram prapated ihambaram mahi sagaila savanS, nabho 
vrajet ] 

mahodadhinam udakam kshayam vrajet maharshayah syur na 
mrishabhidhayinah {| 
na Bhagavato bhashitam vitatham katham Bhagavat6 bhashitam 
vitatham bhavishyati kimtu tena svaminasau tatha tathapakranta* 
yathS, kalagata sa darako maharddhiko mahanubh§,vo 'gnin&pi na 
dagdho 'dyapi rajakule samvardhata iti [ sa Subhadrasya grihapateh 
sakagam gatva kathayati | na yuktam grihapate tvayd kritam | kim 
kritam | asmakam sattvavati bhagini tvaya Nirgranthavigrahitena 
tatha ^tathapakranta yatha kalagata sa darako maharddiko maha- 
nubhavo 'gninapi na dagdho 'dyapi rijakule samvardhyate | tadgatam 
etad yadi tavat kumS,ram anayasity evam kugalam, no ced vayam 
tvam jnatimadhyad utkshipamah salokanam^ patayamo rathyavithi- 
catvaragringatakeshu cavarnam nigcarayamo 'smakam bhagini Subha- 
drena grihapatina praghatita strighatako 'yam na kenacid abhashi- 
tavyam iti rajakule ca te 'nartham karayama iti | sa grutva vyathito 
yathaisha paribhashate nunam evam karomiti viditva rajnah padayor 
nipatya kathayati | deva mama jnataya evam paribhashante yadi 

^ tatha prakranta A, tatha 'prakranta B, tatha 'prakanta C, tatha prakran- 
tau D. 2 Sic ACD, tathd'prakran t^ B. » Sic MSS. but see infra. 




tavat kumaram anayasity evam kugalara, no ced anayasi vayam tvam 
jiiatimadhyad utkshipamah. samkaram' patayamo rathy§,vithicatvara- 
9ringatakesliu cavarnam nigcarayamo 'smakam bhagini Subhadrena 
grihapatina pragliatita sfcrigbatako 'yam na kenacid abhashitavyam 
iti rajakule ca te 'nartham karayama iti tad arhasi Jyotisbkam 
kumaram datum iti | raja kathayati | grihapate na maya tvatsakagaj 
Jyotishkab. kumaro giihitah. kimtu Bhagavata mama nyasto yadi 
tvam kumarenarthi Bhagavatsakagam gaccheti | sa Bhagavatsakagam 
gatah padayor nipatya kathayati | Bhagavan mama jflataya evam. 
paribhashante, yadi tavat kumaram anayasity evam ku§alam, no ced 
anayasi vayam tvam jfiatimadhyad utksbipamah. samk^ram* patayamo 
rathyavithicatvaragritigatakeshu cavarnam ni^carayamo 'smakam 
bhagini Subhadrena grihapatina praghatita strighatako 'yam na 
kenacid abhashitavya iti rajakule canartham karayama iti tad arhasi 
Jyotishkam kumarain dapayitum iti | Bhagavan saralakshayati | yadi 
Subhadro Jyotishkam kumaram na labhate sthanam etad vidyate 
yad ushnam rudhiram cchardayitva kalam karishyatiti viditv§,yush- 


mantam Anandam. amantrayate | gacchananda rajanam Bimbisaram 
madvacanenarogyaya evam ca vada, anuprayaccha maharaja Subha- 
drasya grihapater Jyotishkam kumarain, yadi Subhadro grihapatir 
Jyotishkam kumaram na labhate sthanam etad vidyate [A. 96. b] 
yad ushnam 9onitam cchardayitva kalam karishyatiti j evam 


bhadantety S,yushman Anando Bhagavatah prati9rutya yena raja 
Bimbisaras tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya rajanam Bimbisaram 
etad avocat | Bhagavams te maharajarogyayati kathayati canu- 
prayaccha mahS,raja Subhadrasya giihapater Jyotishkam kuma- 
ram yadi Subhadro grihapatir Jyotishkam kumaram na labhate 
sthanam etad vidyate yat Subhadro grihapatir ushnam Qonitam 
cchardayitvi kalam karishyati | raja kathayati | vande bhadantS,- 
nanda Buddham Bhagavantam yatha Bhagavan ajiiapayati tatha 

1 (jalakam C, samkayam D. ^ gig ABC, samka9am D. 

c. 35 








karishye | irogyara ity uktvayushman Anandah prakr&ntah | raj^ 
Bimbisarah kathayati | grihapate mayayaui kumarah samvardhi- 
tah priyag ca me manaapa9 ca samayato 'ham muiicami yadi mam 
divase divase trishkalam dai-Qanayopasainkramatiti | sa kathayati | 
devopasamkramishyati ko 'nya upasamkramitavya iti j sa rajna sarva- 
lamkaravibhushitam kritva hastiskandha iropya visarjitah | 

§,caritam etallokasya na tavat putrasya nama prajfiliyate yavat 
pita jivati | yavad aparena samayena Subhadro grihapatih kala- 
gatah I Jyotishkah kumarah svagrihe pratishthitah | sa Buddhe 'bhi- 
prasanno dharme samghe 'bhiprasanno Buddham garanam gato 
dharmam samgham garanam gatah | tena yasmin pradege tena 
Subhadrena patni aghatita tasmin prade9e viharam karayitva sarvo- 
pakaranasampurnaQ caturdi^aryabhikshusamghaya niryatitah | tatha 
sthavirair api sutranta upanirbaddham | Bhagavan Rajagrihe viharati 
Mriditakukshike dava iti | Subhadrasya grihapateh paurusheyS, ye 
panyam adaya degantaram gatas taih grutam Subhadro grihapatih 
kaiagato Jyotishkah kumarah svagrihe pratishthitah sa Buddhe 
'bhiprasanno dharme samghe 'bhiprasanno Buddham garanam gato 
dharmam samgham garanara gata iti | tesham ca gogirshacandanama- 
yam pdtram sampannam | ' tais tad ratnanam purayitva Jyotishkasya 
gi-ihapateh prabhritam anupreshitam | tena tad dirghe stambhe aropya 
sthapitam ghantavaghoshanam karitam | nedam kenacid ^vishthay4 
va gitayS, va karkatakena va grihitavyam ya etac chramano vk brah- 
mano va maharddhiko va mahanubhava riddhyS, grihnati tasyedam 
yathasukham iti [ tirthyah kalyam evotthaya tirthyasparganam 
gacchanti | tais tad drishtam I drishtva ca punar Jyotishkasya griha- 
pateh kathayanti | grihapate kim etad iti | tena tesham vistarena- 
rocitam ] te kathayanti grihapate tvam gramanacakyaputreshv abhi- 
prasannas te evam grahishyantity uktva prakrantah | yavat sthavi- 
rasthavira bhikshavo Rajagiiham pindaya pravishtah [ tair drishtva 

^ gams tad A, testad B, tas dad C, stad D. ^ vi-ya D. 





tair api Jyotishko grihapatih prishtah | kim etad iti | tena tathaiva 
vistarena samakhyatam | te kathayanti | grihapate kim 'patramatrasy- 
arthayatmanain samprakagayamah, uktam Bhagavata pracchaimakal- 
yfinair vo bhikshavo vihartavyaip. dhutapapair [A. 97. a] ity uktva 
prakrantah | yavad ^yushman Da9abalah K^gyapas tarn anupraptah | 
sa pricchati J grihapate kim etad iti | tena yathivrittam *irocitam | 
ayushman Da9abalaka9yapah samlakshayati j yena mayaiiS,dikalo- 
pacitam kle§aganam vantam tyaktam ccharditaip pratinisrishtam 
tarn mam grihapatis Tirtliikasadharanaya riddhyahuyati tad asya 
manoratham purayamiti | tena gajabhujasadrigam bahum abhipra- 
saiya tat patram grihitam | sa tad grihitvS, vihiram gato bhikshu- 
bhir ucyate | sthavira kutas tava gogirshacandanamayam patram 
iti I tena yathavrittam arocitam | bhiksbavah kathayanti | sthavira 
kalpate tava patramatras,yarthaya riddhim vidar9ayitum iti | ^katha- 
yati I ayushmantah kalpatu va ma va kritam idanim kim kriyatam 
iti j etat prakaranam bhikshavo Bhagavata &rocayanti | Bhagavan 
aha I na bhikshuna agarikasya purastad riddhir vidar^ayitavya dar- 
Qayati sitisaro bhavati | api tu catvari patrani suvarnamayam rupya- 
mayam vaiduryamayam sphatikamayam aparany api catvS,ri patrani 
ritimayam tamramayam kamsamayam abhramayam ca tatra y&ni 
purvakani catvari patrany etany anupasthapitani nopasthapayitav- 
yany upasthapitani visarjayitavyani yani pa^cimani catvari patrany 
etany anupasthapitani nopasthapayitavyany upasthapitani tu *bhai- 
shajyagaravaparibhogyena paribhoktavyany api tv ®adhishthS,ni te 
dve patre Syasam mrinmayam | y&vad aparena samayena Jyotish- 
kasya grihapater divyamanushi grih pradurbhuta | antara. ca Raja- 
griham antara ca Campam atrantare gulkagala | tasyam 9ulkacS,- 
likah kalagatah | sa vyadayaksheshupapannah | tena putranam svap- 
nadar9anain dattam | putra yuyam etasmin sthane yakshasthdnam 

1 patrapatrasy- BCD, patrasy- A, but cf, 1. 14. 2 ^caritam MSS. » tatha- 
yanti MSS. * -Qatava- MSS. ^ gig MSS. : Qu. adhishthane (or adhishtfini?). 


, \ 



karayata tatra ca ghantam baddhva lambayata yali ka9cit panyam 
agulkayitva gamishyati sa ghanta tavad viravishyati yivad asau 
nivartya Qulkam dapayitavyam^ iti | tais tarn svapnam sambandM- 
bandhavanam nivedya divasatithimuhurtena tasmin pradeQe yak- 
shasthanam karitam tatra ca gbanta baddhva lambita | Campayam 
anyatarao brabmanah | tena sadri9at kulat kalatram anitam | sa 
brahinani samlakshayati | ayam brahmano yais tair upayair dhano- 
parjanam karoty abam bhakshayami na mama pratirupam yad aham 
akarmika tishtbeyam iti j taya vithim gatva karpasab kritah | tarn 
parikarmayitva glakshnam sutram kartitam ^obhanena kuvindena 
karshapanasahasramulya yamali vayita | taya brabmana uktab | 
brahmana asya yamalyab karshapanasabasramulyain grihitva vithim 
gaccba yadi kaQcid yacati [A. 97. b] karsbapanasahasrena datavya 
no ced apattanam gboshayitva 'nyatra gantavyam iti | sa tarn 
grihitva vithim gatab | na kagcit karsbapanasahasrena gribnati I so 
'pattanam gboshayitva tain yamalim cchattradande prakshipya sar- 
thena sardham Rajagriham samprasthito yavad anupurvena gulka- 
qalam anupraptah j gulkagalikena sarthah gulkitab j sa gulkam 
dattva samprasthitah [ ghanta ratitum arabdha | gaulkikah katha- 
yanti | bbavanto yatbeyam ghanta ranati nunam sartho na nipunam 
gnlkito bhuyah gulkayama iti | tair asau sarthah punab pratinivartya 
gulkitah nasti j kimcid agulkitam | ghanta rataty eva | tair asau. 
sartho bhuyah pratinivartya pratyavekshitah | nasty eva kimcit I 
sarthika avadhyatum arabdhah | kim yuyam asman musbitukama 
yena bhuyo bhuyah pratinivartayadhvam iti | tair asau sartho 
dvidhakritva muktab | yesham madhye sa brahmano nasti te 
'tikranta anyesham gacchatam sa ghanta tathaiva ratitum arabdha I 
tais te punab pratyavekshitah | evam tavad dvidhakritEi yavat sa 
caiko brahmano 'vasthita iti | sa tair grihitah | sa kathayati | praty- 
avekshata yadi mama kimcid astiti | taih sarvatah pratyavekshya 

1 dapitavyam MSS. -tavyah? 





muktah | sa ghanta rataty^ eva | tair asau brahmanah pratinivar- 
tyoktah | blio brahmana kathaya ^naiva gulkara dsipayamah. kiratu 
devasyaiva sarmidhyam jnatain bhavatiti | katbayati [ satyam na 
dapayatha | na dapayamab | tena cchattradandad apaniya sk yamali 
dargita | te param vismayam apaiinS,h | bhavanta idrigam api devasya 
saimidhyam iti | tais tata ekam vastram udghatya devab pravritah j 
brabmanab katbayati | yuyam katbayatba gulkam na dipayama ity 
idanim sarvasvam apaharatba iti | te katbayanti | brabmana nasmS,- 
bbir gribitam api devasyaitat sannidbyam iti kritvasmabbih pravrito 
gribitva gaccbeti | sa tarn punar gribitva punag ccbatran&dikay^ni 
praksbipya prakranto 'nupurvena Rajagribam anupraptah | sa 
vitbyam prasaryavastbitab | tatrapi tarn na kagcit karsbapanasabas- 
rena yacate | sa Rajagribam apy apattanam gbosbayitum arabdbo 
Jyotisbkag ca kumaro rajakulan nisbkramya bastiskandbabbirudbo 
vitbimadbyena svagribam gaccbati | tena grutam [ sa katbayati | 
bhavantab kimartbam brabmano 'pattanain gbosbayati 9abdaya- 
tainam priccbama iti | sa taib gabdito Jyotisbkenoktab | bbo brab- 
mana kimartbam tvam apattanajn gbosbayasi | gribapate 'syS, yamal- 
yab kS,rsbipanasabasramulyain na ca kagoid yacata iti ] sa katbayati | 
anaya pagyamah [ tenopadar§ita | Jyotisbkah katbayati | asty etad 
eva"^ kimtv atraikam [A. 98. a] vastram paribbuktakam ekam apari- 
bbuktakam yad aparibbuktam asya pancakarsbapanagatani mulyain. 
yat tu paribbuktakam asyardbatritiyani | brabmanab katbayati | 
kim etad evain bbavisbyati | Jyotisbkab katbayati | brabmana tava 
pratyaksbikaromi pagyeti | tenasav aparibhukta* uparivibayasa ksbip- 
tah I vitanam kritvavastbitab j paribbuktab ksbiptab ksbiptama- 
traka eva patitab | brabmano drisbtva param vismayam apannab 
katbayati | gribapate mabarddbikas tvam mabanubbava iti | Jyotisb- 
kah katbayati | brabmana punah pagyainam* yo 'sav aparibbuk- 



I • 

^ vataty CD. ^ nevacjulkam ABD, napulkam C. 
* aparibhuktam MSS. ^ pacyatainam MSS. 

' asty eva deva AB.. 








taka iti sa ' kantakavatasyoparishtat kshipto 'sajjamano gatah | so 
'nyah kshiptah kantake lagnah ] sa brahmano bhuyasya matraya- 
bhiprasannah kathayati | grihapate maharddhikas tvam mah^nu- 
bhavo yat tavabhipretam tat prayaccheti | sa kathayati | brahmana- 
tithis tvam tathaiva ptija krita bhavati sahasram eva prayacchamiti | 
tana tasya karshapanasahasrain dattam | Brabmanas tarn adaya 
prakrantah | Jyotishkena tato yah paribhuktakah sa darakaya datto 
'paribhuktakas tu snanagatakah kritah | yavad aparena samayena 
raja Bimbisara upariprasadatalagato 'matyaganaparivi'itas tishthati | 
Jyotishkasya sa snanacataka upari grihasyabhyavakage goshito va- 
yuna hriyamano^ rajiio Bimbisarasyopari patitah [ raja kathayati | 
bhavanto rajarham idam vastram kuta etad iti | te kathayanti | deva 
cruyate rajiio Mandhatuh saptahain hiranyavarsham patitam devas- 
yapi vastravarshah patitum arabdham^ na cirad dhiranyavarshah 
patishyatiti | raja kathayati | bhavanto Jyotishko grihapatir Bha- 
gavata vyakrito divyamanushiin griyam pratyanubhavishyatity idani 
ca divyam vastram akagat patitam sthapayata tasyaivagatasya dasya- 
miti I te caivam alapam kurvanti Jyotishkag cagatah | raja katha- 
yati I kumara tvam Bhagavata vyakrito divyamanushim griyam 
pratyanubhavishyatiti mama cedam divyam vastram akag&t patitam 
grihaneti | tena hastah prasaritah | devanaya pagyamiti | sa nirik- 
shitum arabdho yavat pagyaty atmiyam snanagatakam | sa vismritya 
kathayati | deva madiyo 'y^^ snanagatako vayunopakshipta ihagata 
iti I kumara tava divyamanushyaki grih pradurbhuta | deva pradur- 
bhuta I kumara yady evam kimartham mam na nimantrayasi | deva 
nimantrito bhava j gaccha bhaktam sajjikuru [ deva yasya divyama- 
nushi grih pradurbhuta kim tena sajjikartavyam nanu sajjikritam 
^evam gaccheti | sa Jyotishkasya griharn gatah | raja vahyam pari- 
janam drishtva indriyany utkshipati | deva kimartham indriyany 
utkshipasi | sa kathayati | kumara vadhujano 'yam iti kritva | deva 
1 kantakavdtasthopari- MSS. - Sic MSS. ^ eva gacchati A. 




nayara vadhujano v^hyo 'yam parijanah | sa param vismayam &pan- 
nah punar madhyam janain drishtva indriyS,ny utkshiptum' arabdhah [ 
tathaiva pricchati rajapi tathaiva kathayati ] Jyotishkah kathayati | 
devayam api na vadhujanah kimtu madhyo 'yam janali | sa bhuyasya 
matraya parain vismayam apannah [ tasya madhyamiyam dvaragala- 
yam manibhumir ^uparacita [ tasyam matsya udakapurnayam iva 
yantrayogenoparibhramanto dri9yante | raja praveshtukamo vapiti 
[A. 98, b] kritvopanahau moktum arabdhah [ Jyotishkah kathayati | 
deva kasyarthe upanahS,v apanayasiti | sa kathayati [ kumara pani- 
yam ^uttartavyam iti | Jyotishkah kathayati | deva nedam paniyam 
manibhumir esha | sa kathayati | kumareme matsya uparibhramantah 
pagyanti | deva yantrayogenaite paribhramanti | sa na graddhate | 
tenaiigulimudr^ kshipta | sa ranaranacabdena bhumau patitS, [ tato 
vismayam apannah pravigya simhasane nishannah | vadhujanah 
padabhivandana iipasamkrantah | tasam agrupato jatah | raja katha- 
yati I kixmara kasmad ayam vadhujano roditi | deva nayam roditi 
kimtu devasya kashthadhumena vastrani dhupitani tenas&m agrupato 
jata iti | raja tatra divyamanushya griya upacaryamanah pramatto na 
■* nishkramati ] rajakrityani rajakaraniyani parihatum aiabdhani |ama- 
tyair Ajatagatruh kumaro 'bhihitah ] kumara devo* Jyotishkasya 
griham pravigya pramatto gaccha nivedayeti | tena gatva uktah | deva 
kim atra pravigyavasthito 'matyah kathayanti rajakrityani raja- 
karaniyani parihiyanta iti | sa kathayati | kumara na gaknosi' tvam 
ekam divasarp rajyam karayitum | kim devo janite | mamaiko divasah 
pravishtasya ] adya devasya saptamo divaso vartate | rajS, Jyotish- 
kasya mukham nirikshya kathayati | kumS,ra satyam | deva satyam 
saptama eva divaso vartate | kumara katham r^trir jiiayate divaso 
va I deva pushpanam samkocavikasan maninam jvalanajvalanayogac 
chakuninam ca kujanakujanat | santi tani pushpani y^ni ratrau 

V^ ill 



V-' 3 

1 Sic MSS. 
» deva MSS. 

2 upacita D. * uttarvyam MSS. * nihkramati MSS. 





vikasanti diva mlayanti santi yani diva vikasanti r&trau mlayanti 
santi te manayo ye ratrau jvalanti na diva santi ye diva jvalanti 
na ratrau santi te Qakunayo ye ratrau kujanti na diva santi ye diva 
kujanti na ratrau [ raja vismayam apannah kathayati | kumara avi- 
tathavadi Bhagavan yatlia tvam Bhagavata vyakritas tathaiva nany- 
atliety uktva Jyotislikagrilian nishkrantah [ Ajata^atrukumarena 
Jyotishkasantako manir apahritya darakasya haste dattah | tena 
yata eva grihitas tatraiva gatvavasthitah | Ajatagatruh kathayati | 
darakanaya tain manim pagyamiti | sa mushtim vighatya kathayati | 
kumara na jane kutra gata iti | sa tarn tadayitum arabdhah | Jyotish- 
kah kathayati | kumara kimartham enam tadayasi | grihapate 'ham 
caura esha mahacauro maya tvadiyo manir apahritah so 'py 
' anenapahrita iti | sa kathayati | kumara na tvayapahrito napy 
anenapi tu yata eva tvajk grihitas tatraiva gatvavasthito 'pi tu 
kumara svakam tegriham yavadbhir manibhir anyena va prayojanam 
tavad grihana yathasukham iti | sa pratibhinnakah samlakshayate | 
yada pitur atyayad raja bhavishyami tada grahishyamiti | yadajita- 
gatruna Devadattavigrahitena pita dharmiko dharmarajo jivitad 
vyaparopitah svayam eva ca pattam baddhva rajye pi'atishthitas tada 
tena Jyotishko [A. 99. a] 'bhihitah | grihapate tvam mama bhrata 
bhavasi griharpi bhajayama iti | sa saiulakshayati | yena pita dhar- 
miko dharmarajah praghatitah sa mam marshayatiti kuta eva tan nu- 
nam ayam madgriham agacchatu kamam^ prayacchamiti viditva katha- 
yati i deva vibhaktam eva kim atra vibhaktavyam madiyam griham 
agaccha aham tvadiyam griham agacchamlti | Ajatagatruh kathayati | 
Qobhanam evam kuru | sa tasya griham gatah | Jyotishko 'py Ajata- 
gatror griham gatah | sa qris tasmad grihad antarhiti yatra Jyotish- 
kas tatraiva gata | evam yavat saptavaran antarhita pradurbhuta 
ca I Ajatagatruh samlakshayate | evam api maya na gankitam Jyotish- 
kasya manin apahartum anyad upayain karomi | tena dhurtapu- 

^ -apakrita A. pr. m. B. 

2 k&mah MSS. 




rushSJi prayuktah | gacchata Jyotishkasya grihSn manin apaharateti \ 

te hi gitakarkatakaprayogenabhirpdhum S,rabdhSh. | te 'ntahpuri- 

kaya upariprisadatalagataya drishtah | taya dhurtadhurtaka iti nado 

muktah [ Jyotishkena grutam | tena^ayato vag niQcarita tishthantu 

dhurtaka iti | teshS,ni yo yatrabhirudhah sa tatraiv&sthito yavat 

prabh^t4 rajani samvritta | mahajanakayena drishtaJh. | te katba- 

yanti | bhavanto 'nena kalirajena pita dhS,rmiko dbarmarajo jivitad 

vyaparopita idanim grihany api moshayati tat kim na me mushi- 

shyata iti | puraksbobho jatab | Aj&tagatruna Jyotishkasya duto 

'nupreshito muncata mamayam khalikara iti | Jyotishkenagayato 

vag nigcarita gacchantu dhurtaka iti ] te gat^h | Jyotishkah sam- 

lakshayate | yena nama pitajivit&d vyaparopitah sa mam na praghS,- 

tayishyatiti | kuta etat | sarvathaham Bhagavata vyS.krito mama 

gasane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam s4kshatkarishyatiti 

gacchami pravrajamiti | tena sarvam dhanajatam dinanathakri- 

panebhyo dattam adhanah sadhana vyavasthapitali | atha Jyotishko 

grihapatih suhritsambandhibandhavan avalokya yena Bhagavams 

tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah padau girasS, van- 

ditvaikante nishannah ] ekantanishanno Jyotishko grihapatir Bha- 

gavantam idam avocat | labheyaham bhadanta svakhyate dharma- 

vinaye pravrajyam upasampadam bhikshubhavam careyam aham 

Bhagavato 'ntike brahmacaryam iti | sa Bhagavata ehibhikshukaya 

&bhashitah, ehi bhiksho cara brahmacaryam iti | Bhagavato vaca- 

vasanam eva mundah samvrittah samghatiprS,vritah pitrakaravya- 

grahastah saptdhavaropitakegagmagrur varshagatopasamparmasya 

bhikshor iryipathentvasthitah | ehiti coktah sa TathS,gatena mundag 

ca samghatiparitadehah sadyah pragantendriya eva tasthau nopa- 

sthito Buddhamanorathena | tasya Bhagavatavavado dattah | teno- 

dyacchamSnena vyayacchamanenedam eva paiicagandakam sams&- 

racakram calacalam viditva sarvasamskaragatih gatanapatanaviki- 

ranavidhvarasanadharmataya parahatya sarvaklegaprahanad arhatt- 
C. 36 







vam saksh§,tkritam arhan samvrittah | traidhatukavitarSgah sama- 
loshtakancana akacapanitalasamacitto vasicandanakalpo vidyavida- 
ritandakoco vidyabhijuapratisainvitprapto [A. 99. b] bhavalabhalo- 
bliasatkaraparanmukhah sendropendranam devanam pujyo manyo 
'bhivadyag ca samvrittah | 

bhikshavali sara9ayajatali sarvasaTn9ayacchetta,ram Buddham 
Bhagavantam papracchuli | kim bbadantayushmata Jyotishkena 
karma kritain yena citam. aropito divyamanuslii qrih. pradurbhuta 
Bhagavatah 9asane pravrajya sarvaklecaprahanad arhattvain sak- 
shatkritam iti | Bbagavan aha | Jyotishkenaiva bhikshavah karmani 
kritany upacitani labdhasamharani ' parinatapratyayany oghavat 
pratyupasthitany avacyambhavini^ | Jyotishkena karmani kiitany 
upacitani ko 'nyah pratyanubhavishyati | na bhikshavah karmani 
kritany upacitani vahye prithividhatau vipacyante nabdhatau na 
tejodhatau na vayudhatav api ^tupatteshv eva skandhadhatvayata- 
neshu karmani kritany upacitani vipacyante gubhany acubhani ci | 
na pranacyanti karmani kalpakoticatair api | 
samagriin prapya ^kalam ca phalanti khalu dehinam || 
bhutapurvam bhikshava ekanavatikalpe *Yipa9yi nama 9asta loka 
udapadi Tathagato 'rhan samyaksambuddho vidyacaranasampannah 
sugato lokavid anuttarah purushadamyasarathih 9asta devamanu- 
shyanam Buddho Bhagavan | dvashashtibhikshusahasrapairivaro ja- 
napadacarikam caran Bandhumatim rajadhanim anuprapto Bandhu- 
matyam viharati sma Bandhumatiyake dave | tena khalu samayena 
Bandhumatyam rajadhanyam Bandhuman nama raja rajyam kara- 
yati riddhani ca sphitam ca kshemam ca subhiksham ^cavakirnabahu- 
janamanushyani ca pra9antakali kalahadimbadamarataskararogapa- 
gatam 9alikshugomahishisampannam^ j dharmiko dharmaraja dhar- 

1 Sic MSS.: -sambharani in pp. 51 &c. - -bhavini MSS. : pp. 54 &c. 

3 bhupanteshv- MSS. ■* kala AB. ^ j) generally reads Vipatjci. ^ cakirna- 
elsewhere. '' -sampannali MSS. 

. U 




niena rajyam karayati | tasyanaiigano nSma grihapatir adhyo maha- 
dhano mahabhogo vistinoavigalaparigraho Vaigravanadhanasamudito 
Vaigravanadhanapratispardhi | sa samlakshayate | bahugo may a Yi- 
pagyi samyaksaTpbuddbo 'ntargrihe upanimantrya bhojito na tu 
kadacit traimasim sarvopakaranaih pravarito 'yannv ahain Vipa9- 
yinam. samyaksambuddham traimasim sarvopakaranaih pravaraye- 
yam iti viditva yena Vipagyi samyaksambuddhas tenopasainkrantah | 
upasamkramya Vipagyinali samyaksambuddhasya padau girasa van- 
ditvaikante nishannali [ ekantanisliannam Ananganani grihapatim 
Yipagyi samyaksambuddho dliarmyaya kathaya saradargayati sama- 
dapayati samuttejayati sampraharshayati [ anekaparyayena dhar- 
myaya kathaya samdarcya samadapya samuttejya sampraharshya 
tushnim | athanangano grihapatir utthayasanad ekamsam uttara- 
sangam kritva yena Yipagyi samyaksambuddhas tenanjalim pranam- 
ya Yipa9yinam samyaksambuddham idam avocat | adhivasayatu 
me Bhagavan^ traimasim civarapiiidapatagayanasanaglanapratyaya- 
bhaishajyaparishkaraih sardham bhikshusamgheneti | adhivasayati 
Yipagyi samyaksambuddho 'naiigariasya grihapates tushnimbhavena | 
athanangano grihapatir Bhagavatas tushnibhavenadhivasanam viditva 
Yipa9yinah samyaksambuddhasya padau qirasa vanditvotthayasanat 
prakrantah | acraushid Bandhuman raja Yipagyi samyaksambuddho 
[A. 100. a] dvashashtibhikshusahasraparivaro janapadacarikam caran 
Bandhumatim anuprapto Bandhumatyam viharati Bandhumatiye 
dava iti crutva ca punar asyaitad abhavat | bahugo may a Bhagavan 
antargiihe upanimantrya bhojito na tu kadacit traimasim sarvopa- 
karanaih pravarito^ yannv aham YipaQyinam samyaksambuddham 
sarvopakaranaih pravarayeyam* iti viditva yena Yipagyi samyak- 
sambuddhas tenopasainkrantah | upasamkramya Yipagyinah samyak- 
sainbuddhasya padau girasa vanditva ekante nishannah I ekantani- 

^ yan mama MSS. 
yam MSS. ^ 

- Sic MSS. 

^ pravarito MSS. 







shannam ' Bandhumantain rajanam Bhagavan dharmyaya kathaya 
samdargayati samadapayati samuttejayati sampraharshayati | aneka- 
paryayena dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samS,dapya samuttejya 
sampraharshya tushnim | atha Bandhuman rajotthayasanid ekS,iu- 
sam uttarasangam kritva yena Vipagyi samyaksambuddiias tenanja- 
lim pranamya Vipagyinam samyaksambuddham idam avocat ] adhi- 
vasayatu me Bhagavams traimasim civarapindapatagayanSiSanaglana- 
pratyayabhaishajyaparishkaraih. sardhain bhikshusamghena | upani- 
mantrito 'smi maharaja tvatprathamato^ 'nanganena grihapatina] 
adhivasayatu Bhagavan, aham tatha karishye yathanangano griha- 
patir ajnasyati | sacet te mah&raja Anangano grihapatir anujanita evain. 
te 'ham adhivasayami | atha Bandhuman raja Vipacyinah samyak- 
sanibuddhasya padau giras^ vanditvotthayasanat prakranto yena 
svam^ nivecanam tenopasamkrantah | Bandhuman rajananganam gri- 
hapatim dutena prakrogyedam avocat | yat khalu grihapate janiyad* 
aham tvatprathamato Vipacyinam samyaksambuddham bhqjayami 
tatah pagcat tavapi na dushkaram bhavishyati Vipagyinam samyak- 
sambuddham bhojayitum iti | sa kathayati | deva may a Vipagyi 
samyaksanibuddhas tvatprathamata upanimantrito 'ham eva bhqja- 
yami I raja kathayati | grihapate yadyapy evam tathapi tvam mama 
vishayanivasi narhamy aham tvatprathamato bhojayitum | deva 
yadyapy aham tava vishayanivasi tathapi yena purvanimantritah sa 
eva bhojayati natra devasya nirbandho yuktah | na te grihapate 
kamakaram ^dadamy api tu ®yo bhaktottarikaya jeshyati so 'vacish- 
tam kala'm bhojayishyati | tatha bhavatv ity Anangano grihapatih pra- 
tyacraushit | tathanaiigano grihapatis tarn eva ratrim gucim* pranitam 
khadaniyam bhojaniyam samudaniya kalyam evotthayodakamanin 
pratishthapya Bhagavato dutena kalam arocayati | samayo bhadanta 
sajjam bhaktam yasyedanim Bhagavan kalani manyate | atha Vi- 

^ Bandhumatam MSS. - tatprathamato AB, stat- D. ^ Om. AC, 

sam D. ^ Sic MSS. ^ Ex conject. ; tadapy api MSS. « ya AC; om. BD. 





pagyi samyaksambuddhah purvahne nivasya pStractvaram adaya 
[A. 100. b] bhikshuganaparivrito yenananganasya grihapater bhak- 
tabhisaras tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya purastad bhikshusam- 
ghasya prajnapta evasane nishaimah | athS,nangano grihapatib sukho- 
panisharLriaip. Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham viditva gucina 
'pranitena khadaniyabbojaniyena svahastam samtarpayati sampra- 
varayati | anekaparyayena guciiia pranitena khadaniyabhojaniyena 
svahastam samtarpya sampravarya Bhagavantam bhuktavantam 
viditva dhautabastam ^apantya pS,trani nicataram ^sanam grihitvS, 
Bbagavatah purastan nishanno dharma9ravaniya | atha Vipagyi sam- 
yaksambuddbo 'nanganam grihapatim dharmyaya kathaya samdar- 
(jayati samadapayati samuttejayati sampraharshayati | anekaparya- 
yena dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samadapya samuttejya sampra- 
harshya prakrantah | evam Bandhumata rajna bhojitah | esha eva 
grantho vistarena kartavyah | na kvacid bhaktottarikaya parajayati | 
tato Bandhuman raja kare kapolam dattva cint^paro vyavasthitah | 
amatyah kathayanti j deva kasmat tvam kare kapolam dattva cinta- 
paras tishthasiti | sa kathayati [ bhavantah katham aham na cinta- 
paras tishthami yo 'ham mama vishayanivasinam kutumbinam na 
gaknomi bhaktottarikaya parajayitum | te kathayanti [ devatasya 
grihapateh kashtham nasti ^kishthavikrayo vidharyatam iti | rajna 
ghantavaghoshanam karitam | bhavanto na kenacin madvishayaniva- 
sina kashtham vikretavyam yo vikrinite tena madvishaye na vastav- 
yam iti | Anangano grihapatir gandhakashthair bhaktam sadhayitum 
arabdhah sugandhatailena ca vastrard timayitva khS,dyakany ulla- 
dayitum* | surabhina^ gandhena sarva Bandhumati nagari sphuta 
samvritta | Bandhuman r&ja pricchati [ bhavantah kuta esha mano- 
jnagandha iti | tair vistarena sam^khyatam | sa kathayati | aham 
apy evam karomi kim mama vibhavo nastiti | amatyah kathayanti | 

1 gunitena ABD. 2 gic MSS. ^ kashtham vikrayo MSS. * Sic 

MSS. r[uery uUodayitum? 





deva kasyartLe evam kriyate [ ayaip. giihapatir aputro na cirat 
kalam karishyati devasyaiva sarvam ' santahsvapateyam bhavishyati 
kashthavikrayo 'nujiiasyatam iti | tena kashthavikrayo 'nujnatahj 
Anaiiganena grihapatina ^rutaip rajfia kashthavikrayo 'nujnata iti | 
tena cittain pradushya khara vag niccarita | tavan me bhaktakash- 
tham asti yenaham enam sahamatyam* citam aropya dhmapayamiti | 
raja kare kapolani dattva cintaparo vyavasthitah | amatyah katha- 
yanti | deva kimartham kare kapolani dattva cintaparas tishthasiti [ 
tena vistarena samakhyatam | te kathayanti | devalaip. vishadena 
vayam tatha karishyamo yatha devag cananganam grihapatim para- 
jayatiti | tair aparasmin divase ^Bandhumati rajadhani apagatapa- 
shanagarkarakathalya vyavasthapita candanavariparishikta surabhi- 
dhupaghatikopanibaddhah amuktapattadamakalapa ucchritadhvajapa- 
taka nanapushpavakirna nandanavanodyanasadyica | tatpratispardha- 
^obhavibhushito mandavatali* karitah | tasmin nanaratnavibhushita- 
sanavasana[A. 101. a]sampanna9obhasanaprajiiaptih. karita | mridu- 
* vicadasurabhigandhasampanno vividhabliaktavyaiijanasahito divya - 
sudhamanojiiasamkacas trailokyaguror anurupa ahara upasamanva- 
hritali | tato Bandhumato rajiio niveditam | devedrici nagara9obha 
idricac caharah. pramodyam utpadayeti ] Bandhuman raja drishtva 
parani vismayam apannali j tato vismayavarjitacittasamtatir'' Yipag- 
yinah samyaksambuddhasya dutena kalam arocayati | samayo bha- 
danta sajjain bhaktam yasyedanim Bhagavan kalam manyata iti| 
atha Vipacyi samyaksambuddhali purvahne nivasya patracivaram 
adaya bhikshuganaparivrito bhiksliusainghapuraskrito yena Bandhu- 
mato rajiio bhaktabhisaras tenopasaipkrantah | upasamkramya pura- 
stad bhikshusamghasya prajiiapta evasane nishannali | Bandhumato 
rajiio mangalyabhisheko hastinago Vipacyinah samyaksambuddhasya 
gatacalakam cchattram iipari murdhno dharayaty avagishta hastinaga 

1 Sic MSS.: santah-? " -matyam MSS. ■' -tim rajaclhanim MSS. « Sic 
MSS. query uiamlalavatah, cf. p. 288. 1-3. ■' -visliada- MSS. '' -tati MSS. 




bhikshunam | Bandhumato rajiio 'gramahishi Yipagyinam samyaksam- 
buddham sauvarnena manibalavyajanena vijayaty avagishta antali- 
purikS, avagislitanam bhikshunam | Anaiiganena grihapatina avacara- 
kah purushah preshito gaccha bhoh purusha pagya kidrigenaharena 
Bandhuman raja Buddhapramukham bhikshusaipgham bhojayatiti | 
sa gatas tarn vibhutim dyishtva vismayavarjitamanas ' tatraivava- 
sthitah I evam dvitiyas tritiyah preshitah | so 'pi tatraiva gatva- 
vasthitah | tato 'nangano grihapatih svayam eva gatah | so 'pi tarn 
vibhutirn drishtva param vishadam apannah samlakshayati, cakyam 
anyat sampadayitum kimtu hastinam^ antahpurasya ca kuto mama 
vibhava iti viditva niveganaip. gato dauvarikam purusham amantra- 
yate, bhoh purusha yadi kaccid yacanaka agacchati sa yat prarthayate 
tad datavyaip. no tu praveca ity uktva gokagaram pravicyavasthitah [ 
Cakrasya devendrasyadhastaj jfianadarcanam pravartate | sa samlak- 
shayati, ye kecil loke dakshiniya Yipacyi samyaksambuddhas te- 
sham agro danapatinam apy Anaiigano grihapatih sahayyam asya 
kalpayitavyam iti viditva Kauciko brahmanavegam abhinirmaya 
yenanariganasya grihapater nivecanain tenopasamkrantah | upasam- 
kramya dauvarikam purusham amantrayate | gaccha bhoh purusha- 
nanganasya grihapateh kathaya Kaugikasagotro brahmano dvare 
tishthati bhavantam drashtukama iti | sa kathayati | brahmana 
grihapatinaham sthapito yah kaccid yacanaka agacchati sa yat 
prarthayate tad datavyam na tu pravega iti yena te prayojanam tad 
grihitva gaccha kim te grihapatina drishteneti | sa kathayati | bhoh 
purusha na mama kenacit prayojanam [A. 101, b] aham grihapatim 
eva drashtukamo gaccheti | tenananganasya grihapater gatva nive- 
ditam | arya Kaugikasagotro brahmano dvare tishthaty aryam drash- 
tukama iti I sa kathayati [ gaccha bhoh purusha yena tasya prayo- 
janam tat prayaccha kim tenatra pravishteneti | sa kathayati | arya ukto 
maya evam kathayati naham kimcit prarthay^ray api tu grihapatim 

i-manaMSS. 2 hastinam MSS. 








eva drashtukama iti | sa kathayati ] bhoh purusha yady evara 
pravegaya | sa tena pravegitah | brahmanah kathayati | kasmat tvam 
gnhapate kare kapolam dattva cintaparas tishthasiti ] sa grihapatir 
gatham bhashate | 

na tasya kathayec chokain yah gokan na pramocayet [ 
tasmai tu kathayec chokain yah gokan' sampramocayed || iti | 
^akrah kathayati | grihapate kas tava qokai} kathayahaip. te qokkn 
pramocayamiti | tena vistavena samakhyatam [ atha Cakro devendrah 
Kaugikabrahmanarupam antardhapya svarupena sthitva kathayati, 
grihapate Vigvakarma te devaputrah sihayyam kalpayishyatity 
xiktva prakrantah | atha Cakro devendro devams Trayastrimgan gatva 
Yigvakarmanam devaputram amantrayate [ gaccha Vigvakarmann 
Ananganasya grihapateh &ahS,yyain kalpaya | param bhadram tava 
Kaugiketi Yigvakarmana devaputrena Cakrasya devendrasya prati- 
grutyagatah prativigishtatara nagaragobha nirmita divyo mandala- 
vato divyasanaprajiiaptir divya aharah samanvahritah | Airavano 
nagarajo Yipagyinah samyaksambuddhasya gatagalakam cchatram 
upari murdhno dharayaty avagishta nSgS. avagishtanam bhikshunam 
Caci devakanya Yipagyinam samyaksambuddham sauvarnena mani- 
balavyajanena vijayaty avagishta apsaraso bhikshun | Bandhumata 
rajnavacarakah purushah preshito gaccha bhoh purusha kidrigenaha- 
renanangano grihapatir Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham tarpa- 
yatiti | sa purushas tatra gatas tain vibhutiin drishtva tatraivavas- 
thitah I tenamatyah preshitah | so 'pi tatraivavasthitah | kumarah 
preshitah j so 'pi tatraivavasthitah | tato Bandhuman raja svayam 
eva taddvarain gatvavasthitah | Yipagyi samyaksambuddhah katha- 
yati I grihapate Bandhuman raja drishtasatyas tasyantike tvaya 
kharavakkarma nigcaritam sa eva dvare tishthati gaccha kshamayeti | 
tenasau nirgatya kshamita uktag ca [ maharaja praviga svahastena 
^pariveshanam kuru | sa pravishtah pagyati divyam vibhutim 

1 cokat D. - pariveQanam MSS. 





drishtva ca param vismayam apannah kathayati ] grihapate tvam 
'evaiko 'rhasi dine dine Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham bho- 
jayitum na vayam iti | athanaiigano grihapatir Vipagyinam sam- 
yaksambuddham anaya vibhutya [A. 102. a] traimasyaip pranitena- 
harena samtarpya padayor nipatya pranidhanam kartum ^rabdhah | 
yan maya evamvidhe sadbhutadakshiniye kara krita anenahaip ku9a- 
lamulenadliye mahadhane mahabhoge kule jayeyam divyamanusbim 
griyaip. pratyanubhaveyam evamvidhanam dharmanS.m labhi syam 
evamvidhani eva 9astarara aragayeyam ma viragayeyam iti [ 

kiip. manyadhve bhikshavo | yo 'sav Anangano nama grihapatir 
esha evasau Jyotishkah. kulaputras tena kalena tena samayena | yad 
anena Bandhumato rajiio drishtasatyasyantike khara vag ni9carita 
tasya karmano vipakena paiicagatani samatrika9 citayam aropya 
dhmapito yavad etarhy api citam aropya dhmapitab [ yad VipaQyini 
Tathagate karam kiitva pranidhanam kritara tasya karmano vipa- 
kenadhye mahadhane mahabhoge kule jato divyamanushi grih pra- 
durbhuta mama gasane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam 
sakshatkritam | aham anena Vipagyina samyaksambuddhena sar- 
dham samajavah samabalah samadhurah samasamanyapraptah gasta 
aragito na viragita iti hi bhikshava ekantakrishnanam karma- 
nam ekantakrishno vipaka ekantacuklanam ekantaguklo vyatimi- 
granam vyatimigrah | tasmat tarhi Lhikshava ekantakrishnani kar- 
many apasya vyatimigrani caikantagukleshv eva karmasv ^bhogah 
karaniya ity evam vo bhikshavah 9ikshita\7^am | idam avocad Bhaga- 
van attamanasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato bhashitam abhyanandan| 
iti divyavadane ^Jyotishkavadanam unaviIU5atimam^ 

^ evaikoram hasi AB ; evaiko rarhasi C ; evaiko 'rhasa D. 
3 -(jatimah MSS. ; ABC add 9I0 520. 

2 om. ABC. 








Evam may a grutam | ekasmin samaye Bhagavam Chravastyam 
viharati sma Jetavane 'nathapindaclasyarame mahata Lliikshusam- 
gliona sardham ardhatrayodacabhir bhikshugataih satkrito Bhaga- 
van gurukrito manitah pujito bhikshubhir bliikshnnibhir upasakair 
upasikabhi rajabhi rajamatrair nanatirthikaQramanabrahmanacara- 
kaparivrajakair devair nagair yakshair asurair garudair gandharvaih 
kiiinarair mahoragaili [ labhi Bhagavan prabbutanam pranitanam 
civarapindapata9ayanasanagla,napratyayabhaishajyaparisLkaranarn di- 
vyanam manuslianam ca tai^ ca Bhagavan anupaliptali ' padmam 
iva varina Bhagavatag cayam evamriipo digvidikshudarakalyana- 
kirti^abdagloko 'bhyudgatah [ ity api sa Bhagavams Tathagato 'rhan 
samyaksatpbuddho vidyacaranasampannah sugato lokavid auuttarah 
purushadamyasaratliih gasta devamanusbyanam Buddho Bhagavan 
sa imam sadevakaip lokam samarakam sabrahmakani sa9ramana- 
brahmaniip prajain s;idevamanushiin drishta eva dharme svayam 
abhijiiaya sakshatkritvopasampadya pravedayate | sa dharmam dega- 
yaty adau kalyanam madhye kalyanain paryavasane kalyanam svar- 
tham suvyaiijacam^ kevalarn paripurnam paricuddham paryava- 
datain brahmacaryaip samprakacayati | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun 
amantrayate sma | saced bhikshavah sattva janiyuh danasya phalam 
danasaravibhagasya ca phalavipakam yathaham janami danasya 
phalam danasamvibhagasya ca phalavipakam apidanim yo 'sav apag- 
cimali'' kavada9* caraina alopas tato 'py adattvasamvibhajya na pari- 
bhunjiran sacel labheran dakshiniyam [A. 102. b] pratigrahakam 
na caisham utpannam matsaryam^ cittam paryadaya tishthet [ yas- 
niat tarhi bhikshavah sattva na janante danasya phalam danasamvi- 


^ anuliptam MSS.; but cf. Eupavati, init. fol. 165, b. 
ABC. ^ yo 'sav aj-am paQcimah AB. ■^ karada? MSS. 

MSS. here, but matsaryam infra fol. 104, b. 

° matsarya 




bhagasya ca phalavipakam yathaliain janami danasya phalam dana- 
saTnvibhagasya ca phalavipakain tasmad dhetor adattvasamvibhajya 
paribhujyante agrihitena cetasa utpannam caisham mutsaryam* 
cittain paryadaya tishthati | tat kasya hetoli | V 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvani rajabhut Kanaka varno namd- 
bhirupo darganiyah prasadikah paramaya suvarnapushkalatayasaman- 
vagatah I rajabbikshavaliKanakavarnaadhyomaliadhanomahabhogali. 
prabhuta ^sattvasvapateyali prabhutavittopakaranah prabhutadhana- 
tarupah prabhutahastyagvagav^edakah paripurnakogakoshthagarah | 
rajiiah Kanaka varnasya khalu bhikshavali Kanakavati namarajadh&nt 
babhuva purvena patj^cimena ca dvada9a yojanany S,yamena dakshine- 
nottarena ca sapta yojanani ca vistarena | riddha ca spliita ca ksbema 
ca subhiksha cakirnabahujanamanushya ca ramaniya | rajnab Kana- 
ka vamasyagitir nagarasahasrary abhuvan | asbtadaga kulakoti' 
riddhani sphitani kshemani subhikshany akirnababujanamanushyari 
saptapancagad gramakotya riddbah sphitah kshemah subhiksha rama- 
niya Diahajanakirnamanusbyab. shashtih* karvatasahasrany abhuvan 
riddbani sphitani kshemani subhikshany akirnabahujanamanushyS,ni | 
rajnali Kanakavarnasyashtadacamatyasahasrany abhuvan | vinnjati 
strisahasrany antahpuram abhut | raja bhikshavah Kanakavarno 
dharmiko babhuva dharmena rajyam karayati j athaparena sama- 
yena rajnab Kanakavarnasyaikakino rahogatasya pratisamlinasyai- 
vam cetasi cetahparivitarkam udapadi | yannv aham sarvabanijo 
'9ulkan agulman munceyam sarvajambudvipakan' manushyan akaran 
agulman munceyam iti | atha raja Kanakavarno ganakamahamatra- 
matyadauvarikaparishadyan^ amantrayate | adyagrena vo gramanyah 
sarvabanijo 'culkan agulman muucami sarvajambudvipakan' manu- 

^ matsarya MSS. here, but matsaryam infra fol. 104, b. 2 g^tta- ABC. 

3 kulakotiMSS.; query kulakotisahasrani ? * shashti MSS. " jambudvi- 

pakam, MSS. but jambudv- infra. « -dvauvarika- MSS., but dauvdiika infra. 




shyan akaran agulkaii niiincanii | tasyaiiekopayena baliuiii varsliani 
rajyani karayato 'parena samayena iiakshatraixi visliamibhutam 
dvadaga varshani devo na varshishyati | atha brahmana lakshanajna 
naimittika bhumyantarikshamantrakugala nakshatragukragrahacari- 
teshu tat samlakshayitva yena raja Kanaka varnas tenopasamkrantah | 
upasamkramya rajanam Kanakavarnam idam avocan' | yat khalv 
devo janiyan nakshatraiii vishamibhutam dvadaga varshani devo na 
varshishyati | atha raja Kanaka varna idam evainrupam nirghosham 
grutva '(^runi pravartayati | ahovata nie jambudvipaka manushyji 
ahovata me Jambudvipah riddhah sphitah kshemah subhiksho rama- 
niyo bahujanakirnamanushyo na cirad eva gunyo bhavishyati rahi- 
taraanushyah | atha rajnah Kanakavarnasya muhurtam gocitvaitad 
abhavat | ya ime adhya mahadhana mahabhogas te gakshyanti^ ya- 
payitum ya ime [A. 103. a] daridra alpadhana alpannapanabhogas te 
kathain yapayishyanti | tasyaitad abhavat | yannv aham Jambu- 
dvipad annadyam samhareyaqi sarvajambudvipan sattvan ganayeyam 
atha ganayitva mapayeyam mapayitva sarvagramanagaranigamakar- 
vatarajadhanishv ekam koshthagarani karayeyam ekam koshthagaram 
karayitva sarvajambudvipakanam manushyanam samara bhaktam 
pratyarpayeyam iti | atha Kanakavarno^ raja ganakamahamatrama- 
tyadauvarikaparishadyan amantrayate | gacchata* yuyam gramanyah 
sarvajambudvipad annadyam samhritya ganayata^ ganayitva mapa- 
yata® mapayitva sarvagramanagaranigamakarvatarajadhanishv ekam 
koshthagaram sthapayata | param deveti | ganakamahamatramatya- 
dauvarikaparishadya rajiiah Kanakavarnasya pratigrutya sarvajam- 
budvipad annadyam ganayanti ganayitva mapayanti mapayitva sar- 
vagramanagaranigamakarvatarajadlianishv ekasmin koshthagare stha- 
payanti | ekasmin koshthagare sthapayitva yena raja Kanakavarnas 
tenopasamkrantah | upasavakramya rajanam Kanakavarnam idam 

^ avocat MSS. - 9akyanti D, and so perhaps the other MSS. 

cam MSS. ^ gacchatha MSS. ■' .ganayatha MSS. " Sic MSS. 





avocan' | yat klialu deva janiyah sarvagramanagaranigamakarvata- 
rajadhanishv annadyam samhritaip samhritya gaiiitam ganayitva 
luapitam mapayitva sarvagramanagaranigamarajadhanishv ekasmin 
koshthagare stliapitam yasyedanim devah kalarn many ate | atha raja 
Kanaka varnali ^ samkhyaganakalipikapaurusheyan amantrayitvaitad 
avocat ] gaccliata^ yuyam gramanyah sarvajambudvipakan manu- 
shyan^ ganayata ganayitva gramanyali sarvajambudvipakanam manu- 
shyanam samam bhaktaiu prayacchata | param deveti | samkhya- 
ganakalipikapaurusheya raj nab Kanaka vaniasy a prati9rutya sarva- 
jambudvipakan manushyan ganayanti | samganya rajanam Kana- 
kavarnam adau kritva ^sarvajambudvipakanam manushyanam samam 
bbaktam prajnapayanti [ te yapayanty ekadaga varshaiii dvadaga- 
varshaip ® na yapayanti | nirgato dvada^asya varshasyaiko maso yavad 
bahavah stripurusbadarakadarika jigbatsitah pipasitah kalam kur- 
vanti I tena khalu punah samayena sarvajambudvipad annadyain 
parikshinam anyatra rajnah Kanaka varnasyaika manika bbaktasya- 
vagishtS, | 

tena kbalu samayenanyatamag catvariiTigatkalpasamprasthito 
bodbisattva imam sahalokadhatum anuprapto babhuva | adrakshid 
bodhisattvo 'nyatarasmin vanashande putram matra sardbam vipra- 
tipadyamanam | drishtva ca punar asyaitad abba vat | kligyanti^ 
vateme sattvah " samkligyanti vateme sattva yatra hi nimasyam^ 
eva nava niasan kukshav usbitva asya eva stanau pitva atraiva 
kalam karisbyatity alam me idrigaih sattvair adbarmikair adbarma- 
ragaraktair mitbyadrishtikair visbamalobhabhibbutair amatrijiiair 
agramanyair abrahmanyair akulejyesbtbapacayakaih | ka utsabata 
idriganam sattvanam [A. 103. b] artbaya bodhisattvacaryam caritum | 

^ avocat MSS. 2 msS. here samkhyagana- 3 gacchatlia MSS. 

* Exconject.; sarvajambudvipakanam manushyanam MSS. ^ Sic MSS. 

" -varshan D. 7 klishyanti MSS. » samkli?— sattva om. AB, samklish- 

yantiCD. » Sic MSS. ; query asya ? 







yannv aham svake karye pratipadyeyam | atha bodhisattvo yena- 
nyatarad vrikshamulam ienopasaipkrantah | upasamkramya tasmin 
vrikshamule nishannali | paryaiikam abhujya riju kayam pranidhaya 
pratimukharn smritim upasthapya pancasupadanaskandheshudaya- 
vyayanudargi viharati | yadutedam rupam ayam rupasamudayo 'jsiio. 
rupasyastamgama iyam vedana iyain samjiia ime sainskara idani 
vijiianam ayam vijiianasaniudayo 'y^in vijnanasyastamgama iti sa 
evam pancasupadanaskandliesliudayavyayanudargi viharann acirad 
eva yatkimcit samudayadliarmakam tat sarvam nirodhadharmakana 
iti viditva tatraiva pratyekam bodhira adhigatavan [ atha bhagavan 
pratyekabuddho yathapraptan dharman avalokya tasyain velayam 
gatham bhashate | 

samsevamanasya * bbavanti^ sneliah snehanvayam sambhavatiha 
duhkhara | 

adinavam snehagatam viditva ekac caret khadgavisbanakalpah || 
iti I 
atha tasya bhagavatah pratyekabuddhasyaitad abhavat | bahunain 
me sattvanam arthaya dushkarani cirnani na ca kasyacit sattvasya 
hitaiu kritam j kam adyaham anukampeyam kasyaham^ adya pinda- 
patam ahritya paribhuiij iya [ atha bhagavan pratyekabuddho divyena 
cakshusha vicuddhenatikrantamanushena sarvavantam imam Jambud- 
vipam samantad anuvilokayann adrakshit sa bhagavan pratyeka- 
buddhah sarvajambudvipad annadyam parikshinam anyatra rajnah 
Kanakavarnasyaika manika bhaktasyava^ishta | tasyaitad abhavat | 
yannv aham rajanam Kanaka varnam anukampeyam yannv aham 
rajiiah Kanakavarnasya niveQanat pindapatam apahritya paribhuu- 
jiya I atha bhagavan pratyekabuddhas tata eva riddhya vihayasam 
abhyudgamya dricyata kayena gakunir iva riddhya yena Kanakavati 
rajadhani tenopasamkrantah | tena khalu samayena raja Kanaka- 

1 samvavanasya A, samsevitanasya B. ^ bhavati MSS. ^ kasyalam 





varna upariprasadatalagato 'bhut paficamatrair amatyasahasraili pari- 
vritah | adrakshid anyatamo mahamatras tarn bhagavantain praty- 
ekabuddham durata evagacchantam drishtva ca punar mahamatran 
&mantrayate | pagyata pagyata gramanyah. [ durata eva lohitapakshah 
gakunta iliS,gacchati ] dvitiyo mahamatra evam aha | naisha gra- 
manyo lohitapakshah gakunto rS-kshasa eva ojohS,ra ihagaccliati | esho 
'smakam bhakshayishyati | atha rSja Kanakavarna ubhabhyaip. p§,ni- 
bhyam mukham sainparimirjya mahimatran imantrayate | naisha 
gramanyo lohitapakshah gakunto na ca rakshasa ojoharah | rishir 
esho 'smakam anukampayehagacchati ' | atha sa bhagavan praty- 
ekabuddho rajnah Kanaka varnasya prasade pratyashthat | 

atha raja Kanaka varnas tarn bhagavantain pratyekabuddham 
utthayasanat pratyudgamya padau girasS, vanditva prajfiapta evasane 
nishidayati^ | atha raja Kanakavarnas tarn bhagavantain pratyeka- 
buddham idam avocat | kimartham rishe ihabhyigamanam^ | bho- 
janartham maharaja | evam ukte raja Kanaka varnah prarodid 
aQruni pravartayann evam aha | aho me daridryam aho daridryam 
yatra hi nama Jambudvipaigvaryadhipatyatii karayitva ekasyapi 
risher asamarthah pindapatam pratipadayitum | [A. 104. a] atha ya 
Kanakavatyam rajadhanyam adhyushita devata sa rajnah Kana- 
kavarnasya purastad gatham bhashate [ 

kim duhkham daridryatn kim duhkhataram tad eva daridryam | 

maranasamam daridryam II 
atha raja Kanaka varnah koshthagarikam purusham amantrayatej 
asti bho purusha mama nivegane kimcid bhaktam yad aham asya 
risheh pradasyami | sa evam aha [ yat khalu deva janiyah sarvajam- 
budvipad annadyam parikshinam anyatra devasyaika manikS, bhak- 
tasyavagishta | atha rajfLah Kanakavarnasyaitad abhavat | sacet 
paribhuiije* jivishye, atha na paribhokshye'' marishye j tasyaitad 

^ anukampaj-aihdgacciiati AB. 
•» paribhuuja ABC, paribhunji vishye D. 

^ Sic MSS. 3 abhyagamam MSS. 

" paribhojye MSS. 




lilt i 


•I 1/ 




abhavat | yadi paribhoksliye ' yadi va na paribhoksliye ' 'va9yam maya 
kalah kartavyo 'lam me jivitena | kathaip namehedri9a^ rishih. qila.- 
''van kalyanadharma mama nivegane 'dya yathadhautena patrena 
nirgamishyati | atha raja Kanakavarno ganakamahamatramatyadau- 
varikaparishadyan sainnipatyaivam avocat | anumodata yuyam gra- 
manyo 'jB,ra. rajnah Kanakavarnasyapagcima odanatisargah ] anena 
ku^alamulena ^sarvajambudvipakanaip manushyanam daridryasam- 
ucchedah syat | atha raja Kanaka varnas tasya maharsbes tat patram 
grihitva ekam manikam bhaktasya patre prakshipya ubhabhyam 
panibhyaip patraiii grihitva janubhyam nipatya tasya bhagavatah 
pratyekabuddhasya dakshine panau patram pratishthapayati | dhar- 
mata punar bhagavatam pratyekabuddhanam kayiki dharmadegana 
na vaciki | atha bhagavan pratyekabuddho rajnah Kanakavarnasyan- 
tikat pindapa:ram adaya tata eva riddhya upari vihayasa pra- 
krantah | atha raja Kanaka varnah praiijalir bhutva tavad animi- 
sham prekshamano 'sthad yavac cakshushpathad atikranta iti | atha 
raja Kanakavarno ganakamahamatramatyadauvarikaparishadyan 
imantrayate | gacchata* gramanyah svakasvakani niveganani ma 
ihaiva* prasade jighatsapipasabhyam sarva eva kalam karishyathaj 
ta evam ahuh | yada devasya grisaubhagyasampad asit tada vayam 
devena sardham kridata ramata* katham punar vayam idanim 
devam^ pagcime kale pagcime samaye parityakshyama iti [ atha raja 
Kanakavarnah prarodid acruni pravartayati [ agruni samparimarjya 
ganakamahamatramatyadauvarikaparishadyan idam avocat | gac- 
chata^ graraanyo yathasvakasvakani niveganani ma ihaiva prasade 
jighatsapipasabhyam sarva eva kalam karishyatha | evam ukta 
ganakamahamatramatyadauvarikaparishadyah prarudanto 'gruni pra- 
vartayanto 'gruni samparimarjya yena raja Kanaka varnas tenopa- 

1 paribhojye MSS. - namehedrica, MSS. ^ sarvajambu- MSS. 

•* gacchatha MSS. ° ma haiva MSS. here, but infra ma ihaiva. " Sic 

MSS.; Query kridita ramitah? ^ deva MSS. » gic MSS. 





saiiikrS,ntah | upasamkraniya rajnah Kanaka varnasy a pMau ^irasS. 
vanditva 'njalim kritvi rajnah Kanakavarnasyaitad ucuh | kshan- 
tavyam te yad asmabhih kimcid aparaddham* adyasmakam [A. 104. b] 
devasy&pagcimam darganam | . 

tadyatha tena bhagavati pratyekabuddhena sa pindap&trah pari- 
bhukto 'tha tasminn eva kshane samantic catasrishu dikshu catv^ry 
abhrapatalani vyutthitani gitalag ca v^yavo vatum arabdha ye Jam- 
budvipad agucim vyapanayanti meghag ca pravartayantab® p&mgun 
chamayanti | atha tasminn eva divase dvitiye 'rdhabhige vividhasya 
kh&daniyabhojaniyasya varshani pravarshati | idam evamrupaip bho- 
janam odanagaktavah kulmashamatsyamamsam idam evamrupam 
khadaniyam ^mulakhadaniyam skandhakhidaniyam patrakhadaniyam 
pushpakhadaniyam phalakhadaniyain *tilakhadaniyarn khandagarka- 
ragudakhadaniyam pishtakhadauiyam | atha raja Kanaka varno 
hrishtatushtah. udagra ^ttamanah pramuditah pritisaumanasyajito 
ganakamahamS,tr&matyadauvarikaparshadyan amantrayate | pagyatha 
yuyarp. gramanyo 'dyaiva tasyaikapindapatadanasyankurah. prMur- 
bhutah phalam anyad bhavishyati | 

atha dvitiye divase sapt^hain dhS,nyavarsham pravarshati tad- 
yatha tilatandula mudgam^shi yavS, godhumamasurSli galayah, saptS,- 
ham ^sarpivarshaip pravarshanti, sapt4ham tailavarsham pravar- 
shanti, saptaham karpasavarsham pravarshanti, saptaham nantvidha- 
dushyavarsham pravarshanti, saptihara saptaratnanS,m varsham pra- 
varshanti, suvarnasya rupyasya vaiduryasya sphatikasya lohita- 
mukter agmagarbhasya mus4ragalvasya j sarvam asya r&jnah Kana- 
ka varnasy anubhavena ^Jambudvipakanam manushyan4m daridrya- 
samucchedo babhuva I 

syat khalu bhikshavo yushmakara kanksha vimatir va 'nyah sa 
tena kaJena tena samayena rkjk Kanakavarno babhuva | na khalv 

* apararddham ABC, aparadham D. = Sic MSS.; query pravarshayantah? 
» mfilam- MSS. * tilam- MSS. = Sic MSS. « Jambu- MSS. 

c. 38 

T • 







evam drashtavyam | aham sa tena kalena tena samayena raj 3. Kana- 
kavarno babhuva ] tad anena bhikshavah paryayena veditavyam | 
saced bhiksbavah sattva janiyur danasya phalam danasamvibhagasya 
ca phalavipakam yathabam jane danasya pbalam danasamvibbagasya 
ca phalavipakam apidanim yo 'sav apa^cimakab kavadac carama 
ilopas tato 'py adattva 'samvibhajya na paribbuiijiran sacel labheran 
dakshiniyam pratigrabakam na caisbam utpannani matsaryam cittam 
paryadaya tishthet | yasmat tarhi bbiksbavab sattva na janate 
danasya phalam danasamvibbagasya ca phalavipakam yathabam 
jane danasya phalam danasamvibhagasya ca phalavipakam tasmat 
te 'dattva 'samvibhajya paribhunjate agrihitena cetasa utpannam 
caishani matsaryam cittam paryadaya tishthati | 

na na§yate purvakritam 9ubha9ubham na nagyate sevanara 
panditanam | 

na nagyate aryajaneshu bbashitain kritam kritajneshu na jatu 
nagyati |1 

sukritam gobhanam karma dushkritam vapy agobhanam [ 

asti caitasya' vipako^ avagyam dasyate phalam [| 
idam avocad Bhagavan attamanasas te [A. 105, a] bhikshavo bhik- 
horagadayah sarvavati ca parshad Bhagavato bhashitam abhya- 
nandan [ 

Iti gridivyavadane^ Kanakavarndvadanam vimgatimam* [] 


Buddho Bhagavan Rajagrihe viharati Yenuvane * Kalandakani- 
vape I acaritam ayushmato Mahamaudgalyayanasya kalena kalam na- 
rakac§.rikam caritum tiryakcarikam caritum pretacarikara devacari- 

1 cetasya ABC ; cet tasja D. ^ vipaka D. ' om. ABC. ■* -mah MSS., 
ABC also add 9I0 123. » Kalandanivape ABC. 






kam manushyacarikam caritum | sa yini tani narak&n&m sattvanS,m. 
^utpS,tanupataiiacchedanabhedanadini duhkhani tira9cS,m anyonya- 
bhakshanadini pretan&m kshuttrishMini devS.iiam cyavanapatana- 
vikiranavidhvamsanadini manushyanam paryeshtivyasanadini duh- 
khani tani drishtva Jambudvipam agatya catasrinam parshadam &ro- 
eayati | yasya kasyacit sardhamvihary antevasi vi anabhirato brah- 
macaryam carati sa tain adaya yenayushman Mabimaudgalyliyanas 
tenopasainkramaty* ayushman Mah&maudgalyayana enam samyag ava- 
vadishyaty anugasishyatiti | tam ayushman Mahamaudgalyayanah 
samyag avavadati samyag anu^asti | evam aparam aparam te S,yTisli- 
mata Mahamaudgalyayanena samyag avavaditah' samyag anu^ishta 
abhirata brahmacaryam caranty uttare ca vigesham adhigacchanti | 
tena khalu samayenayushman Mahamaudgalyayanag catasribhih par- 
shadbhir &kirno viharati bhikshubhir bhikshunibhir upS,sakair upasika- 
hhiq ca | janakah pricchaka BuddhS, Bhagavantah ] pricchati Buddho 
Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam | Maudgalyayanag catasribhih pari- 
shadbhir akirno viharati | sa kathayati | acaritain bhadantayushmato 
Mahamaudgalyayanasya kalena kalam narakacarikam cariturn tiryak- 
carikam pretacarikain devacarikam manushyacarikam caritum | sa 
yani tani narakanam sattv§,n4m utpS,tanupatanacchedanabhedanadini 
duhkhani tiryagcim anyonyabhakshanadini pretanam *kshuttrishidini 
devanam cyavanapatanavikiranavidhvamsanadini manushyanam par- 
yeshtivyasanadini duhkhjini tani drishtva Jambudvipam agatyacatasri- 
nam parshadam arocayati | yasya kasyacit sardhamvihS,n antevasi vana- 
bhirato brahmacaryam carati sa tam adaya yenayushman Mahamaud- 
galyayanas tenopasamkramaty dyushmin Mahamaudgalyayana eva 
samyag avavadishyati samyag anugS-sishyati* tam ayushman MahS.- 

^ Sic infra; here corrupt, utpadandayanacchedana- A, utpate 'nutpdtenacch- 
B, utpada 'nupatenacchedana- C, utpadanupadadanacchedana- D. ^ gig 

MSS. query upasamkramatv ? 3 avabodhitah A, om. C, avavoditah D. 

* kshuttarshadlni AB. ^ gjc MSS. Qu. -ishyatiti? 




maudgalyayanah samyag avavadati samyag auugasti | evam apai:am 
aparam te ayushmata Mahamaudgalyayanena samyag avoditah* sam- 
yag anugishta abhirata brahmacaryam caranty uttare ca vigesham 
adhigacchanti [ ayam bhadanta hetur ayam pratyayo yenayushman. 
Mahamaudgalyayanag catasribhih parshadbhir akirno viharati bhik- 
shubhikshunyupasakopasikabhib | na sarvatrananda Maudgalyayano 
bhikshur [A. 105. b] bhavishyati Maudgalyayanasadrigo va tasmad 
dvarakoshthake paficagandakani cakram ^karayitavyam | uktam Bha- 
gavata dvarakoshthake pancagandakam cakram karayitavyam iti 
bhikshavo na janate kidrigam karayitavyam iti | Bhagavan aha | pan- 
cagatayah kartavya narakas^ tiryancah preta deva manushya9 ca | tatra- 
dhastan narakah kartavyas tiryancah pretag coparishtad deva manu- 
shyag ca catvaro dvipah kartavyah Purvavideho 'paragodaniya Utta- 
rakurur Jambadvipac ca | madhye ragadveshamohah kartavya ragah 
para vatak arena dvesho bhujangakarena mohab sukarakarena | bud- 
dhapratima9 caitan nirvanamandalam ^upadargayanti kartavyah | 
aupapadukah sattva ghatiyantraprayogena cyavamana upapadyama- 
na9 ca kartavyah | samantakena dvadacangah pratityasamutpado 'nu- 
lomapratilomah kartavyah | sarvam anityataya grastain kartavyam 
gathadvayam ca lekhayitavyam | 

arabhadhvaip nishkramata yujyadhvam Buddhagasane [ 
dhunita mrityunah sainyam nadagaram iva kunjarah || 
yo hy asmin dharmavinaye apramattag carishyati | 
prahaya jatisamsaram duhkhasyantam karishyati || iti | 
uktain Bhagavata dvarakoshthake pancagandakam cakram karayi- 
tavyam iti bhikshubhih karitam [ brahmanagrihapataya agatya 
pricchanti | arya kim idam likhitam iti [ te kathayanti | bhadra- 
mukha vayam api na janima iti | Bhagavan aha | dvarakoshthake 
bhikshur uddeshtavyo ya agatagatanam brahmanagrihapatinam dar- 

. 1 Sic MSS. 2 karitavyam MSS. here. 
upadar9ayantyah ? 

3 naraka MSS. 

* Sic MSS. 




9ayati | uktaiii Bhagavata bhikshur uddeshtavya iti te avi9eshenod- 
diganti MMn api mudhan apy avyaktan apy akugalan api | te 
atmana na janate kutah punar kgatknim brahmanagrihapatinara 
dargayishyanti | Bhagavan aha [ pratibalo bhikshur uddeshtavya iti | 
Rajagrihe 'nyatamo grihapatih prativasati | tena sadrigat kulat 
kalatram S,nitam | sa taya sardham kridati ramate paricarayati | 
tasya kridato ramamanasya paricarayatah putro jatah | tasya trini 
saptakany ekavimgatidivasan ' vistarena jatasya jatamaham kritvH 
kulasadrigam namadlieyam vyavasthapitam | sa patnim amantrayate | 
bhadre jato 'smakam rinaharo dhanaharas tad gacchami panyam 
adaya mahasamudram avataramiti | sa katbayati | aryaputraivam 
kurushveti | sa suhritsambandhibandhavan amantrayitvantarjanam 
ca samagvasya mahasaTQudragamaniyam panyam kdkja. divasatithi- 
muhurtena mahasamudram avatirnah j tatraiva ca nidhanam upa- 
yitah I tasya patny& sa darako jnatibalena hastabalena palitah. 
poshitah samyardhito lipyam [A. 106. a] upanyasto lipyakshareshu 
ca kritavi samvrittah | sa vayasyakena sirdham Venuvanam gato 
viharam pravishtah pagyati dvarakoshthake pancagandakarn cakram 
abhUikhitam | sa pricchati | arya kim idam abhilikhitam iti | bhik- 
shuh kathayati | bhadramukha etah. pancagatayo narakis tiryancah 
preta deva manushyag ca | krja, kim ebhih karma kritam yenaivam- 
vidhani duhkhani pratyanubhavantiti | sa kathayati | ete prSnati- 
patika adattadayikah k4mamithyacarika mrishavadikah paigunikih 
parushikah sambhinnapraMpika abhidhySlavo vyapannacitta mithyS,- 
drishtikah | tad ebhir ete dagakugaljih karmapathS, atyartham asevit^ 
bhavitS, bahulikrita yenaivamvidhini duhkhany utpatanupataccheda- 
nabhedanadini *pratyanubhavanti | S.rya gatam etad ebhir anyaih 
kim karma kritam yenaivamvidhani duhkhani pratyanubhavanti | 
bhadramukha ebhir api dagakugalah karmapath^ dsevita bhivitS, 
bahulikrita yenaivamvidhani duhkhany anyonyabhakshanadini praty- 
^ -divasad MSS. = -bhavishyanti A. 




anubhavanti [ arya etad api gatam ebhir anyaih kim* karma kritam 
yenaivanividhani dulikhani pratyanubhavanti | bhadramukha ete 'pi 
matsarina asan 'kutkuiicaka agrihitaparisbkaras tat tena matsar- 
yenasevitena bhavitena bahulikritenaivamvidhani duhkhani ^kshut- 
trishadini duhkhani pratyanubhavanti | arya etad api gatam ebhir 
anyaih kim karma kritam yenaivamvidhani sukhani pratyanubha- 
vanti I bhadramukha ete pranatipatat prativirata asann adattadanat 
kamamithyacaran mrishavadat paigunyat parushyat sambhinnapra- 
lapad anabhidhyalavo 'vyapannacittah ^samyagdrishtayah | tad ebhir 
ete daga kugalah karmapatha atyartham asevita bhavita bahulikrita 
yenaivamvidhani divyastrilalitavimanodyanasukhani pratyanubha- 
vanti I arya etad api gatam ebhir anyaih kim karma kritam yenai- 
vamvidhani sukhani pratyanubhavanti | bhadramukha ebhir api 
da^a kugalah karmapathas tanutara mridutarag casevita bhavita bahu- 
likrita yenaivamvidhani hastyagvarathannapanagayanasanastrilalito- 
dyanasukhani pratyanubhavanti | arya asam pancanam gatinam ya 
etas tisro gatayo narakas tiryancah pretac ca etsL mahyara na rocante 
ye tv ete deva manushyag ca ete *rocete | tat katham ete daga kugalah 
karmapathah samadaya vartayitavyah | bhadramukha svakhy&te 
dharmavinaye pravrajya saced drishta eva dharme ajnam aragayish- 
yasy esha eva te 'nto duhkhasyatha savageshasamyojanah kalam 
karishyasi deveshupapatsyase ] uktam hi BhagavatS, pancanugamsan 
samanupagyata panditenalam eva pravrajyadhimuktena bhavitum | 
katamani panca | avenika ime svartha anuprapto^ bhavishyamiti 
sampaQyata panditenalam eva pravrajyadhimuktena bhavitum | 
yesham aham dasah preshyo nirdegyo bhujishyo nayena ^kamanga- 
mas tesham pujyac ca bhavishyami ^pragamsyac ceti sampa9yata 
panditenalam eva pravrajyadhimuktena bhavitum | anuttaram yo- 


' kutkuncaka AB, kutukuScaka CD (cf. Pali kukkuccako?). ^ -tarshadini 
ABC. ^ sampannagdrishtayah A. ^ rocate BCD. ^ svartha 'nuprapto 
ABC, svarthanuprapto D. ^ k,1magamah C. ^ prasarnQyapceti MSS. 





gakshemam nirvanam anuprapsyamiti [A. 106. b] sampa^yata pandi- 
tenalam eva pravrajyadhimuktena bhavitum [ anuttarain vS, yogak- 
shemam nirvanam anuprapnuvato 'napattikasya sato deveshupapattir 
bhavishyatiti sampa9yata panditenalam eva pravrajyadhimuktena 
bhavitum | anekaparyayena pravrajya varnita Buddhaig ca Buddha- 
9ravakai9 ca | S.rya ^obhanam kim tatra pravrajyayam kriyate | 
bhadramukha yavajjivam brahmacaryain. caryate | arya na gakyam 
etad anyo 'sty upayah | bhadramukhasty upasako bhava | krja. kim 
tatra kriyate | bhadramukha yavajjivam pranatipatat prativiratih 
samrakshyd adattadanat kamamithyacarat suramaireyamadyaprami- 
dasthanat prativiratih samrakshya | arya etad api na qakyate * anyam 
upayam kathayeti | bhadramukha Buddhapramukham bhikshusam- 
gham bhojaya | arya kiyadbhih karshapanair Buddhapramukho 
bhikshusaingho bhojyate | bhadramukha paiicabhih karshapanagataih j 
arya gakyam etat | sa tasya padabhivandanam kritva prakranto yena 
svam nive9anam tenopasamkrantah | upasanikramya mataram idam 
avocat I ambadyaham Yenuvanam gatas tatra mayi dvarakoshthake 
pancagandakam cakram abhilikhitam drishtam tatra paiicagatayo 
narakas tiryaiicah preta deva manushya9 ca | tatra naraka utpatanu- 
patanacchedanabhedanadini duhkhani pratyanubhavanti tiryancag 
canyonyabhakshanadini pretah kshuttarshadini'' deva divyastrilali- 
todyanavimanasukhani pratyanubhavanti manushya hastya9vara- 
thannapana9ayanasanastrilaKtodyanini pratyanubhavanti | asam ma- 
ma tisro gatayo nabhipreta dve abhiprete | tat kim icchasi tvain mS.m 
deveshupapadyamanam | putra sarvasattvan icchami deveshupapady- 
amanan prag eva tvam | amba yady evam prayaccha panca karsha- 
pana9atani Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham bhojayami | putra 
may a tvam jnatibalena hastabalena ^capyayitah poshitah samvardhi- 
tali kuto me pancanaiu karshapana9atanS,ra vibhavah | amba yadi 
nasti bhritikaya karma karomi | putra tvam sukumaro na 9akyasi* 

1 anyad ABC, anya D, ^ gig mss. ' cayayitah AC, cayfipitah BD. 





bhritikaya karma kartum | amba gacchami gakshyami | putra yadi 
gakto 'si ' gaccha { sa tayanujnato bhiitakavithim gatvavasthitab | brab- 
managrihapatayo 'ny4n bhritakapurushan grihnanti tain na kagcit 
pricchati | sa tatra divasam atinamya vikale griham gatab | sa 
matrS, prishtali | putra kritam te bhritikayi karma | amba kim 
karomi na mam kagcit pricchati | putra naivamvidha bbritakapu- 
rusba bhavanti, putra sphatitapurusba ruksbakega malinavastrani- 
vasan&b [A. 107. a] yady avagyam tvay^ bhritikaya karma kartav- 
yam idrigam vegam asthaya bhritakavithtm gatv& tishtha | amba 
9obhanam evam karomi | so 'parasmin divase tidrigam ve9am asth&ya 
bhritakavithim gatvavasthitab | yivad anyatarasya grihapater griham 
uttishthate ] sa bhritakanam arthe vithim gatah | tena tarn pratya- 
khyayanye bhritakapurusha grihitah | sa kathayati | gi-ihapate 'ham 
api * bhritikaya karma karomiti j grihapatih kathayati | putra tvam 
sukumaro na gakshyasi bhritikaya karma kartum [ tata kim tvam 
purvam bhritim dadasy ahosvit pagc^t | putra pa^cat | tata adya tavat 
karma karomi yadi toshayishyami dasyasi bhritim iti | sa samlak- 
shayati | gobhanam esha kathayati, adya tavaj jijnasyami^ yadi gak- 
shyasi karma kartum dasyami na gakshyasi na dasyamiti viditvS, 
kathayati | putra agacchigacchama iti | sa tena griham nitah [ te 
'nyabhritakah gathyena karma kurvanti sa tvaritatvaritani karma 
karoti tamg ca bhritakan samanu9§,sti | vayam tavat purvakena duq- 
caritena daridragriheshupapannas tadyadi gathyena karma karish- 
yama itagcyutanam ka gatir bhavishyati | te kathayanti | bhagineya 
tvain navadantah sthanam etad vidyate yad asmakam prishthato 
gamishyasi | dgaccha pacyama | sa lokakhyayikayam kugalah | tena 
teshim tidrigi lokakhyanakatha prastuta yam 9rutva te bhritakapu- 
rusha §i:shiptah [ tasyitisvirena gacchato 'nupadam gacchanti ma 
lokdkhydyikam na 9roshyama iti | tasmin divase tair bhritakapuru- 
shais taddvigunam karma kritam | grihapatih karmS,ntan praty- 

^ <?aktosi ABC, <?aknosi D. 2 bhritakayfi MSS. =* Sic MSS. 





avekshamanas tarn pradecam agato yavad dvigunam karma kritam | so 
'dhishthayakapurushain pricchati | bhoh purusha kim tvayapare 
bhritaka grihitah' ] arya na grihitali | atha kasmad adya dvigunam 
karma kritam j tena yathavrittam^ arocitam [ grutva giihapatis tasya 
darakasya dvdgunam^ bhritim datum arabdhah | sa kathayati | tata 
kim dvidaivasikam bhritim dadasiti [ sa kathayati | putra na dvidai- 
vasikam dadamy api tu prasanno 'ham prasannadhikarain karomiti [ 
sa kathayati | tata yadi tvam mamabhiprasanno yavat tava grihe 
karma kartavyam tavat tavaiva haste tishthatu | putra evam bha- 
vatu I yada tasya grihapates tad griham parisamaptam tadasau 
darako bhritini ganayitum arabdho yavat panca karshapana9atani na 
paripuryante | sa roditum arabdhah | sa grihapatih kathayati | putra 
kim rodishi masi maya kimcid vyamsitah | tata mahatma tvam kim 
mam vyamsayishyasi | api tv aham eva mandabhagyo maya paiica- 
nam karshapana9atanam arthaya bhritikaya karma prarabdhara 
Buddhapramukham bhikshusamgham bhojayishyami tato deveshu- 
papatsyamiti tani na paripurnani punar api mayanyatra bhritikaya 
karma kartavyam [A. 107. b] iti | sa grihapatir bhuyasya matra- 
yatiprasannah [ sa kathayati | putra yady evam aham purayami | tata 
ma deveshupapatsye | putra abhigraddadhasi tvam Bhagavatah | tata 
abhigraddadhe | putra gaccha Bhagavantam priccha j yena Bhaga- 
varns tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya Bhagavatah padau girasa 
vanditvaikante nishannah | sa grihapatiputro Bhagavantam idam 
avocat I Bhagavan maya paiicanam karshapanagatanam arthaya 
Bhagavantam sagravakasainghara bhoj ay ishy amity amukasya griha- 
pater bhiitikaya karma kritam | tani mama na paripurnani sa 
grihapatih paripurayati | Bhagavan kim | aha | vatsa grihana grad- 
dhah sa grihapatih | Bhagavan ma deveshu nopapatsye | vatsa upa- 
patsyase grihana | sa paritushto Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditva 
Bhagavato 'ntikat prakranto yena sa grihapatis tenopasamkrantah i 

^ grihttatha arya MSS. - yathavritam MSS. =^ dvigunam MSS. 

c. 39 




upasamkramya gi'ihapater antikat paiica karshapanagatani gi'ihitva 
matuh sakagam gatali kathayati | amba etani pafica karshapanagatani 
bhaktam sajjikuru Buddhapramukham bhikshusaipgham bhojayi- 
shyamiti | sa kathayati | putra na mama bhandopaskaro na gayana- 
sanam | sa eva grihapatir vistirnabhandopaskarah craddhag ca tarn 
eva gatva prarthaya gaknoty asau sanipadayitum iti | sa tasya saka- 
gam gatab girahpranamam kritva kathayati | tvayaivaitani pauca 
karshapanagatani dattany asmakam grihe na bhandopaskaro napi ga- 
yanasanam' tad arhasi mamanukampaya bhaktam sajjikartum aham 
agatya svahastena Buddhapramukham bhikshusaingham bhojayi- 
shyamiti | gi-ihapatih samlakshayati | mamedam griham acirotthitatn. 
Buddhapramukhena bhikshusamghena paribhuktain bhavishyati pra- 
tijagarmi | iti viditva kathayati ] putra gobhanam sthapayitva kar- 
shapanan gaccha gvo Buddhapramukham bhikshusaingham upani- 
raantrayaham aharain sajjikaromiti [ sa samjatasaumanasyah girah- 
pranamam kritva prakranto yona Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | 
upasamkramya vriddhante sthitva kathayati | so 'ham Buddhapra- 
mukham bhikshusaingham upanimantrayamiti ] adhivasayati Bha- 
gavams tasya grihapatiputrasya tushnibhavena j atha sa grihapati- 
putro Bhagavatas tushnibhavenadhivasanam viditva Bhagavato 'nti- 
kat prakrantah | tenapi grihapatina tarn eva ratrim gucim pranitam 
khadaniyam bhojaniyam samudaniya kalyam evotthaya griham sam- 
marjitam sukumari gomayakarshi datta asanaprajiiaptih karita uda- 
kamanayah pratishthapitah | tenapi grihapatiputrena gatva Bhaga- 
vata arocitam samayo bhadanta sajjani bhaktam yasyedanim ^Bha- 
gavan kalam manyate iti | atha Bhagavan purvahne nivasya patra- 
civaram adaya bhikshuganaparivrito bhikshusamghapuraskrito yena 
tasya grihapater niveganara tenopasamkrantah j shadvargiyah pric- 
chanti | kenayam Buddhapramukho bhikshusamgha upanimantrita 
iti [ [A. 208. a] apare kathayanti | amukena grihapatiputreneti | te 

t \ 

-itsanas MSS. 

" Bhagavan MSS. 




parasparam samjalpam kurvanti Nandopananda bhritakapurushah sa 
kim asau dasyati gacchama kulopakagriheshu^ gatva purobhaktakam 
kurma iti te ^kulopakagrihany upasamkrantah | tair uktah | ^arya 
purobhaktakani kuruteti | te kathayanti | evam kurma iti | taih 
^purobhaktaka krita | Bhagavams tasya grihapater nivegane purastad 
bliikshusamghasya prajnapta evasane nishannah | shadvargiya api 
purobbaktakam kritva samghamadhye nishannah | atha sa griha- 
patiputrah sukhopanishannam Buddhapramukham bhikshusamghain 
viditva gticina pranitena khadaniyabhojaniyena svahastani samtar- 
payati satnpravarayati | satatapariveshanam* kurvanah pacyati shad- 
vargiyan na satkritya pai'ibhuiijanan drishtva ca punar Bhagavantam 
viditva dhautahastam apanitapatram Bhagavatah purastat sthitva 
kathayati | Bhagavan kaigcid atraryakair na satkritya paribhuktam 
aharam deveshu nopapatsye iti | Bhagavan aha | vatsa gayana- 
sanaparibhogena tavat tvam deveshupapadyethah prag ev&nna- 
panaparibhogeneti | atha Bhagavams tarn grihapatiputrain ca dhar- 
myaya kathaya samdargya samadapya samuttejya sampraharshyottha- 
yasanat prakrantah | atrantare paficamatrani banikgatani mahasa- 
mudrat samsiddhayanapatrani Rajagriham anupraptani ] Eajagrihe 
ca parva* pratyupasthitam iti na kimcit krayenapi labhyate | tatraiko 
banig bhikshugocarikah | sa kathayati | bhavanta agamayata kas- 
yadya grihe Buddhapramukhena bhikshusamghena bhaktam tatra- 
vagyara kimcid utsadanadharmakam bhavatiti | te gravanaparam- 
paraya canveshamanas tasya grihapateh sakagam upasamkrantah 
kathayanti [ grihapate tavadya Buddhapramukhena bhikshusam- 
ghena bhukta iha parva* pratyupasthitam iti na kimcit krayenapi 
labhyate yadi kimcid utsadanadharmakam asti mulyena diyatam iti | 
na mamaitad bhaktam api tu tasyaitad grihapatiputrasya bhaktam 
enam yacadhvam iti | te tasya sakagam upasamkramya kathayanti | 

1 kulopagriheshu MSS, but cf. infra and Pali kulapako. . ^ gjc ]\jss. 

3 purobhaktika kritah MSS. * parive9anam MSS. ^ parvah MSS. 




gi'ihapatiputra diyatam asmakam bhuktagesham yad asti mulyam 
prayaccliama iti | sa kathayati | naharn mulyenanuprayaccharny apitv 
evam eva prayacchaniiti j te tenannapanena samtarpita grihapater 
gatva kathayanti | tasya te grihapate labhah sulabdha yasya te 
nivegane Buddhapramukho bhikshusamgho 'nnapanena samtarpita 
imani ca paiica banikgataniti [ sa kathayati | anena grihapatiputrena 
labhali sulabdha anena Buddhapramukho bhikshusamgho 'nnapanena 
saintarpito na mayeti | te pricchanti | katarasyayam grihapateh 
putrah I amukasya sarthavahasya | sarthavahah kathayati j bhavanto 
mamaisha vayasyaputro bhavati tasya pita mah&samudram avatirno 
'nayena vyasanam apannah | cakyam bahubhir ekah samuddhartum 
na tv evaikena bahavas tad ayam patakah prajiiapto yena vo yat 
parityaktam so 'smin patake 'nuprayacchatv iti j te purvam [A. 108. b] 
evabhiprasannah sarthavahena ca protsahita iti tair^ yathasambhav- 
yena manimuktadini ratnani dattani mahan ragih sampannah | sar- 
thavahah kathayati | putra grihaneti | sa kathayati | tata na maya 
mulyena dattam iti j sarthavahah kathayati | putra na vayam tava 
mulyam prayacchamo yadi ca mulyam ganyate ekena ratnenedrica- 
nam bhaktanam anekani catani samvidyante kimtu vayam tavabhi- 
prasannah prasannadhikaram kurmo grihaneti | sa kathayati | tata 
maya Buddhapramukho bhikshusamgho bhojito deveshupapatsye iti 
tasmad avacishtam yushmabhyain dattam yadi grahishyami stha- 
nam etad vidyate yad deveshu nopapatsye | sarthavahah kathayati | 
putrabhicraddadhiisi tvain Bhagavatah | tatabhicraddadhe | gaccha 
Bhagavantam priccha | sa yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah [ upa- 
sainkramya Bhagavatah padau cirasa vanditvaikante nishannah | sa 
grihapatiputro Bhagavantam idam avocat | Bhagavan maya Buddha- 
pramukham bhikshusamghara bhojayitva yad annapanam avacishtam 
tad banijam dattam te mama prasannah prasannadhikaram kurvanti 
kim kalpate tan mama grahitum ahosvin na kalpata iti [ Bhagavan 

1 yair MSS. 



aha I yadi prasannah prasannadhikaram kurvanti grihana ] Bhagavan 
ma deveshu nopapatsye | Bhagavan aha ] vatsa pushpam etat phalam 
anyad bhavishyati [ tena Bhagavadvacanabhisampratyayat paritush- 
tena gatva tani ratnani grihitani | 

atrantare E-ajagrihe 'putrah greshthi kalagatah | tato Rajagriha- 
nivasinah paurah samnipatya samjalpam. kurvanti | bhavantah greshtht 
kalagatah kam greshthinam abhishiiicama iti | tatraike kathayanti | 
yah punyamahegakhya iti | apare kathayanti | katham asmabhir 
jnatavyam iti | te kathayanti | nanavarnani vijani pakvakumbhe 
prakshipamo ya ekavarnany uddharishyati tain ^reshthinam abhi- 
shificama iti | tair nanavarnani vijani pakvakumbhe prakshiptani | 
arocitam ca | bhavanto ya ekavarnani vijany etasmat kumbhad 
uddharati sa 9reshthy abhishicyate yasya vah qreshthitvam abhipre- 
tam sa uddharatv iti | ta' uddhartum arabdhah [ sarvair nanavar- 
nany uddhritani tena tu grihapatiputrenaikavarnany uddhritani | pau- 
rajanapadah kathayanti | bhavanto 'yam punyamahegakhyah sarva 
enam greshthinam abhishificamah | tatraike kathayanti [ bhavanto 
'yam bhritakapurushah katham enain greshthinam abhishiiicama iti | 
apare kathayanti [ punar api tavaj jijfiasamah | tena yavat trir apy 
ekavarnany uddhritani | te kathayanti | bhavanto manushyaka apy 
asya sakshepam^ anuprayacchanty agacchatainam evabhishiiicama iti | 
sa taih creshthi abhishiktah | sa grihapatih samlakshayati | yad 
apy anena mama bhritikaya karma kritam tathapy ayam punyamahe- 
gakhyah sattvah saingraho 'sya kartavya iti | tena tasya sarvalamka- 
ravibhushita duhita bharyartham datta tac ca griham prabhutam sva- 
pateyam | sahasaivam bhogair [A. 109. a] abhyudgata iti tasya 
Sahasodgato grihapatih Sahasodgato grihapatir iti saipjfia saravritta | 
sa samlakshayati | ya kacid asmakain grisaubhagyasaippat sarvasau 
Buddhani Bhagavantam agamya yannv aham punar api Buddlia- 
pramukham bhikshusaingham antargi-ihe upanimantrya bhojayeyam 
^ tair MSS. sakshayam C, saksliemam D. 




iti viditva yena Bhagavams tenopasanikrantali | upasamkramya Bha- 
gavatah paclau girasa vanditvaikante nishannah | ekantanishaniiain 
Sahasodgatam grihapatim Bliagavan dharmyaya kathaya samdargayati 
samadapayati samuttejayati sarapraliarshayati | anekaparyayena dhar- 
myaya kathaya sanidar9ya samadapya samuttejya sainpraharshya 
tushnim [ atha Sahasodgato grihapatir utthayasanad ekamsam utta- 
rasaiigani kritva yena Bhagavams tenafijalim pranamya Bhagavantam 
idam avocat | adhivasayatu Bhagavan qvo 'ntargrihe bhaktena sar- 
dham bhikshusaipgheneti | adhivasayati Bhagavan Sahasodgatasya 
gi'ihapates tushnibhavena | atha Sahasodgato grihapatir Bhagavatas 
tushnibhavenadhivasanam viditva Bhagavatah padau ^irasa vanditva 
Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrantah | atha Sahasodgato grihapatis tarn 
eva ratrim gucim pranitam khadaniyam bhojaniyain samudaniya 
kalyam evotthayasanani prajiiapyodakanianin pratishthapya Bhaga- 
vato dutena kalam arocayati | samayo bhadanta sajjam bhaktam 
yasyedanim Bhagavan kalam manyata iti [ atha Bhagavan purvahne 
nivasya patracivaram adaya bhikshuganaparivrito yena Sahasodga- 
tasya grihapater nivecanam tenopasanikrantah | upasamkramya pur- 
astad bhikshusamghasya prajiiapta evasane nishannah | atha Saha- 
sodgato giihapatih sukhopanishannam Buddhapramukham bhik- 
shusamgham viditva ^ucina pranitena khadaniyena bhojaniyena 
svahastam samtarpayati sampravarayati | anekaparyayena 9ucina 
pranitena khadaniyena bhojaniyena svahastam samtarpya saippra- 
varya Bhagavantam bhuktavantain viditva dhautahastam apanita- 
patram nicataram asanam gyihitva Bhagavatah purastan nishanno 
dharmagravanaya | tasya Bliagavatagayanucayam dhatum ' prakritim 
ca jiiatva tadrici caturaryasatyasamprativedhaki dharmadecana krita 
yam crutva Sahasodgatena grihapatina vimcatigikharasamudgatain 
satkayadris]iti(^ailam jiianavajrena bhittva <^rotaapattiphaIam sak- 
shatkritam | sa drishtasatyas trir udanam udanayati | idam asmakam 

1 a(jayanu9ayadhatuni AB. 


bhadanta na matra kritani na pitra neshtena na svajanabandhuvar- 
gena na rajna na devatabhir na purvapretair na gramanabrahmanair 
yad Bhagavatasmakam kritam | ucchoshita rudhira9rusamudra laii.- 
ghita asthiparvatah pihitany apayadvarani viviitani svargamoksha- 
dvarani [A. 109. b] pratishthapitah smo devamanushyeshv 'abhikranto 
'ham bhadantabhikranta esho 'ham Buddham Bhagavantam garanatn. 
gacchami dharmain ca bhikshusaipghamcopas akam ca mam dharaya- 
dyagrena yavajjivain pranopetam abhiprasannam iti | atha Bhagavan 
Sahasodgatam grihapatim dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samadapya 
samuttejya sampraharshyotthayasanat prakrantah [ 

bhikshavah saingayajatah sarvasam9ayacchettaram Buddhani 
Bhagavantam papracchuh | kim bhadanta Sahasodgatena grihapatina 
karma kritam yena bhritikaya karma kritam yena sahasa bhogair 
abhivriddhah satyadar9anam ca kritam iti | Bhagavan aha | Saha- 
sodgatenaiva bhikshavo grihapatina karmani kritany upacitani lab- 
dhasarnbharani parinatapratyayany oghavat pratyupasthitany ava- 
9yabhavini ] Sahasodgatena grihapatina karmani kritany upacitani 
ko 'nyah pratyanubhavishyati | na bhikshavah karmani kritany 
upacitani vahye prithividhatau vipacyante nabdhatau na tejodhatau 
na vayudhatav api 'tupatteshv eva skandhadhatvayataneshu kar- 
mani kritany upacitani vipacyante Qubhany agubhani ca | 
na pranagyanti karmani kalpakoti^atair api | 
samagrim prapya kalam ca phalanti khalu dehinS-m || 
bhutapurvain bhikshavo 'nyatarasmin karvatake giihapatih prati- 
vasaty adhyo mahadhano mahabhogo vistirnavigalaparigraho Vaigra- 
vanadhanasamudito Yaigravanadhanapratispardhi | tena sadrigat ku- 
lat kalatram anitam | sa taya sardham kridati ramate paricarayati \ 
tasya kridato ramam^asya paricarayatah patni apannasattva sam- 
vritta [ sashtanara va navanam va masanam atyayat prasuta | darakO' 
jatah I tasya trini saptakany ekavimgatidivasani vistarena jatasya. 

^ abhikanto AB. - bhupanteshv MSS. cf. supra p. 54. 







jatimaham kritva kulasadrii^am namadheyam vyavasthapitam | 'son- 
nito vardhito mahan sainvrittah | yavad aparena samayena sa griha- 
patih samprapte vasantakalasamaye sampuslipiteshu padapeshu ham- 
sakrauucamay ura9uka9arikakokilaj i vafij ivakonnaditam vanakhandam 
antarjanasahiya udyanabhumini nirgatali | asati Buddhanam utpade 
pratyekabuddlia loka utpadyante hinadinanukainpakali prantagaya- 
nasanabhakta ekadakshiniya lokasya j yavad anyatamah pratyeka- 
buddo janapadacarikam carams tara karvatakam anupraptali pranta- 
cayanasanasevinas te na | so 'pravicyaiva karvatakaiu yena tad 
udyanam tenopasamkrantah | adrakshit sa griliapatis taiix pratyeka- 
buddliam kayaprasadikam' ca canteneryapathenodyanam pravic^antam 
drishtva ca punali pritipramodyajatas tvaritatvaritam pratyudgatali | 
pratyekabuddhali samlakshayati, akirnara idam udyanam anyatra 
gacclie iti viditva pratinivartitum arabdhah | sa grihapatih padayor 
nipatya kathayati ] arya kim. nivartayase tvam pindakenarthi aham 
api punyenasminn evodyane viharapindakenavighatam karomiti | 
paranugrahapravrittas te mahatmanah j sa tasyanukampacittam upa- 
sthapya tasminn evodyane vihartum arabdliah | so 'pi [A. 110. a] 
tasya pindakena yogodvalianam kartum pravyitto yavad aparena 
samayena tasya grihapater anyatarakarvatake kimcit karaniyam 
utpannam | sa patnim amantrayate | bhadre mamamushmin kar- 
vatake kimcit karaniyam utpannam tatrabam gacchami tvaya tasya 
mahatmanah pravrajitasyannapanenavighatah kartavya ity uktva 
prakrantah | aparasmin divase sa grihapatnt kalyam evotthaya tad- 
artham annapanam sadhayitum arabdha | sa putrenocyate | amba 
kasyarthe 'nnapanam sadhyata iti | sa kathayati | putra yo 'sav 
udyane gantatma pravrajitas tishthati tasyarthe sadhyata iti | sa 
rushitah kathayati | amba kimartham bhritikaya karma kritva na 
bhunkta^ iti | sa kathayati | piitra maivam vocah | anishto 'sya kar- 
mano vipaka iti | sa nivaryamano 'pi navatishthate | yavad asau 

1 Sic MSS. - -prasadira9antena AB. » bhukta MSS. 





grihapatir agatali patnim amantrayate | bhadre ki-itas ' te tasya piutla- 
kenavighatah. | arjaputra kritali kiiptv aneiia darakena tasyantike 
khara vag nigcarita | sa kathayati | bhadre kim kathayati | taya 
vistarena samakhyatam | sa samlakshayati | kshato 'y^m tapasvi 
gacchami tam maliatinanam kshamapayami matyantam eva kshato 
bhavishyatiti viditvS, tam darakam adaya yena Pratyekabuddhas 
tenopasamkrantah | adrakshit sa Pratyekabuddhas tam grihapatim 
atmana dvitiyam agacchantam | sa saiplakshayati | na kadacid ayara 
grihapatir atmana dvitiyam. ftgacchati tat kim atra karanam iti | 
asamanvahritya gravakapratyekabuddhanam jiianadarganam na pra- 
vartate | sa samanvahartum pravrittah | tena samanvahritya^ vijfia- 
tam I kayiki tesham mahatmanam dharmadeganS, na vaciki | sa 
tasyanukampartham vitatapaksha iva hamsaraja uparivihayasam 
abhy udgamya ^ j valanatapanavarshanavidy otanapratiharyani kartum 
cirabdhah | agu prithagjanasya riddhir avarjanakari | samulanikritta* 
iva drumah sa putrah padayor nipatitah | tatah sa daraka ahrishta- 
romakupah kathayati | avatar a vatara sadbhutadakshiniya mama 
kamapankanimagnasya hastoddharam anuprayaccheti | sa tasyanu- 
kampartham avatirnah ] sa grihapatiputras tivrenagayena padayor 
nipatya pranidhanam kartum arabdhah | yan maya evamvidhe sad- 
bhutadakshiniye khara vag nigcarita mi tasya karmano bhagi syani 
^yat tv idanim cittam abhiprasaditam anenaham kugalamulenadhye 
mahadhane mahabhoge kule jayeyam evamvidhanam ca dharmanam 
labhi syam prativigishtataram catah gastaram aragayeyam ma vira- 
gayeyamiti | 

kim manyadhve bhikshavah { yo 'sau grihapatiputra esha evasau 
Sahasodgato grihapatih | yad anena Pratyekabuddhasyantike khari 
vig nigcariti tena paiica janmagatani bhritakapurusho jato yivad 
etarhy api bhritikaya karma kritam | yat punas tasyaivantike cittam 

1 katas A, kutas CD. ^ om. A, samanvahata B, samanvahrita CD. 

•* atyudgamya AB. * -niki-inta MSS. ^ yanv MSS. 

C. 40 


■,■> , ■r'iw'i'f^m^^m^ffmiimmmmimtmmm 




abhiprasadya pranidhanam kritam tena sahasaiva bhogair abhi- 
vriddho mamantike satyadarganam kritam aharn canena Pratyeka- 
buddha[A. 110, bjkotigatasahasrebhyah prativicishtatarah 9asta ara- 
gito na viragita iti hi bhikshava ekaatakrishnanam karmanam ekan- 
takrishno vipaka ekantaguklanam ekanta^uklo vyatimiQranam vyati- 
migrah [ tasmat tarhi bhikshava ekantakrishnani karmany apasya 
vyatimigrani caikantagukleshv eva karmasv abhogah karaniya ity 
evam vo bhikshavah gikshitavyam | iyam tavad utpattir na tavad 
Buddho Bhagavaii gravakanam vinaye gikshapadam | 

* Sahasodgatasya prakaranavadanam ekaviiiigatimam^ 1 



Evatp maya grutam | ekasmin samaye Bhagavan Bajagrihe 
viharati sma Gridhrakute parvate mahata bhikshusamghena sardham 
ardhatrayodagabhir bhikshucataih | tatra bhikshavah saipgayajatah 
sarvasamgayacchettaram Buddhaip Bhagavantam papracchuh | pagya 
bhadanta yavad ayushmantau Cariputramaudgalyayanau tatpratha- 
mataram nirupadhiceshe nirvanadhatau parinirvritau na tv eva 
pitrimaiunam agamitavantau^ | atredanini bhikshavah kim agcaryam 
yad etarhi Cariputramaudgalyayanau bhikshu vigataragau vigata- 
dveshau vigatamohau parimuktau jatijaravyadhimaranagokaparideva- 
duhkhadaurmanasyopayasair nistrishnau nirupadanau prahinasarva,'- 
hamkaramamakarasmimanabhiniveganugayau tishthati Buddhapra- 
mukhe bhikshusamghe tatprathamataram* nirupadhigeshe nirvana- 
dhatau parinirvritau na tv eva pitrimaranam agamitavantau | ®yat 
tvatite 'dhvani Cariputramaudgalyayanau saragau sadveshau samohav 

^ D reads the epigraph iti gridivyavadane Sahasodgatasya divyavadane eka- 
vim(;atimah. ^ ABC add 9I0 263. ^ Ex conject., aragitavantau MSS. 

here, but cf. infra. * tatprathamatam ABC. ^ yasva ABC, yasy D. 





aparimuktau j atij ara vy adhimaranagokaparide vaduhkhadaurmanasy o- 
payasair mamantike cittam abhiprasadya kalam kritv4 kamadhatum 
atikraniya brahmaloka upapannau na tv eva pitrimaranam S,gamita- 
vantau tac chruyatam | 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvany Uttarapathe Bhadra§ila 
nama nagari rajadhany abhuvan' riddhi ca sphita ca kshemS, ca 
subhiksha cakirnabahujanamanushy^ ca dvadaga yojanany S.yamena 
dvadaga yojanani vistarena caturasrS, caturdvarS, savibhakta uccaisto- 
ranagavakshavatayanavedikapratimandita* nanaratnasampurna sa- 
susamriddhasarvadravyabanigjananiketi parthivamatyagr]'hapati9re- 
shthirashtrikanitimaulidharanam fivaso vinavenupanavasughoshaka- 
vallarimridangabheripataliaganklianirnadita | tasyani ca rajadhanyam 
agarugandhag candanagandhag curnagandhah. sarvakMikag ca kusuma- 
gandha nanavatasamirita atiramaniya vithicatvaragringatakeshu 
vayavo vayanti sma | hastyagvarathapattibalak^yasampanna yugya- 
japataka toranagavakshardhacandravanaddha amaralaya iva gobhate | 
utpalapadmakumudapundarikani surabhijalajakusumaparimariditani^ 
[A. 111. a] svadusvacchagitalajalaparipurnapushkirini^tadagodapana- 
prasravanopagobhita galatala-^tamMasutrakarnikaragokatilakapum - 
a viiikagukagarikakokilavarhiganaj i vamjivakonnaditavanasbandody 4 - 
naparimandita | Bhadragilayam ca rajadhanyam anyataram^ Manigar- 
bham nama rajodyanam n&nS-pushpaphalavrikshavitapopagobhitam 
sodapanam hamsakrauncamayuragukagarikakokilaj ivamj ivak^gakuni- 
manojnaravanimaditam atiramaniyam eva | suramaniya Bhadragili, 
rajadhani babhuva | Bhadragilayam rajadhanyam rajabhuc Candra- 
prabho namabhirupo darganiyah prasadiko divyacakshug caturbh4- 

^ Sic MSS. ^ -mandikS, MSS. ^ Query should we read utpalapad- 

makumudapundarikatisurabhi...parimandita 'tisvadu-? ■* -tatraga- MSS. 

® -tamara- ABC. ^ anyatara MSS.' 




gacakravarti dharmiko dharmaraja JaniLudvipe rajyaicvaryadhipat- 
yani karitavau svayamprabliuli | na khalu rajfiaQ Candraprabhasya 
gacchato 'ndhakaram bhavati na ca maiiir va pradipo va ulka va 
purastan niyate api tu svakat kayad raj nag Candraprabhasya prabha 
nigcaranti tad yatha candramandalad ragmayah | anena karanena 
rajnag Candraprabhasya Candraprabha iti saipjiia babhuva | tena 
khalu samayenasmin Jambudvipe 'shtashashtinagarasahasrani babhu- 
vur Bhadragilarajadhanipramukhani riddhani sphitani kshemani 
subhikshany akirnabahujanauianushyani | apidanim Janibudvipaka 
'akara abhuvann aculka atarapanyah krishisampannah saumya jana- 
pada ^babhuvush kukutasampatamatrag ca gramanigamarashtraraja- 
dhanyo babhuvuh [ tena khalu samayena ca catugcatvarimcad var- 
shasahasrani Jambudvipe manushyanaiu ayushah pramanam abhut | 
raja Candraprabho bodhisattvo 'bhut sarvamdadah sarvaparityagi 
nihsaiigaparityagi ca mahati tyage vartate | tena Bhadragilayam 
rajadhanyam nirgatya vahirdha nagarasya caturshu nagaradvareshu 
catvaro mahayajiiavata mapitag chattradhvajayupapatakatyucchritah® | 
tatah suvarnabhery* asamtadya danani diyante punyani kriyante 
tadyathannam annarthibhyah panam panarthibhyah khadyabhojya- 
malyavilepanavastragayanasanam apagraya avasapradipacchatraiii 
ratha abharanany alamkarah suvarnapatryah rupyacurnaparipurna 
riipyapatryah suvarnaparipurnah suvarnagringag ca gavah kamado- 
hinyah kumarah kumarikag ca sarvalamkaravibhushitah | kritva 
pradanani diyante vastrani nanarangani nanadegasamucchritani na- 
navicitrani tadyatha pattamgukacinakaugeyadhautapattavastrany ® 
urnadukulamayagobhanavastrany ^ aparantakaphalakaharyanikamba- 
laratnasuvarnapravarakakagikamgukshomakadyah | rajna Candrapra- 

1 akarabhuvan- ABC. - Sic MSS. ^ -patakunyucchritah MSS. 

* Sic MSS. ; query bherih samtadya. ^ Ex conj., Tastratturna- ABC, vastra- 

cobhanasturna- D. ^ Ex conj. , dukulasmya^obhanavastrangaparantaka A, 

dukulasmyangaparantaka- BD, dukula^obhanavastrasmyangaparantaka- C. 


bliena tavantam' danam anudattain yena garve Jambudvipaka 
manushya adhya raahadhana mahabhogah samvrittah | rajiiS, Can- 
draprabliena [A. 111. b] tavanti hastyagvarathacchattrani pradanarri 
auupradattani yathasmin Jambudvipe ekamanushyo 'pi padbhyam 
na gacchati sarve Jambudvipaka manushya hastiprishthai^ catur- 
a9vayuktai9 ca rathair uparisuvarnamayai rupyamayaiQ ^catapatrair 
udyanenodyanain gramena gramam anuvic&ranti sma | tato rajiiag 
Candraprabliasyaitad abhavat | kim punar me itvarena danena pra- 
dattena, yannv ahain yadri^any eva mama vastralamkarany abhara- 
iiaui tadyigany eva danam anuprayaccheyam yat sarve Jambudvipaka 
manushya rajakridaya krideyuh | atha raja Candraprabho Jambud- 
vipakebhyo manushyebhyo maulih pattavastralamkarabharanany 
anuprayacchati tadyatha harshakatakeyuraharardhaharadin prada- 
nam anuprayacchati sma | rajiia Candraprabhena tavanti rajarhani 
vastrany alamkarani maulayah pattag canupradatta yena sarve Jam- 
budvipaka manushya maulidharah pattadharag ca samvrittah I ya raj- 
nag Candraprabhasyakritis tadriga eva sarve Jambudvipaka manu- 
shyah samvrittah | tato rajiia Candraprabhenashtashashtishu nagara- 
sahasreshu ghantavaghoshanam karitam | sarve bhavanto Jambudvipa- 
ka manushya rajakridaya kridantu yavad aham jivamiti | atha Jam- 
budvipaka manushya raj nag Candraprabhasya ghantavaghoshanam * 
grutva sarva eva rajakridaya kriditum arabdhah | vinavenupanavasu- 
ghoshakavallaribheripatahamridaiigatalagankhasahasrais turyagabda- 
gataig ca vadyamanaih keyuraharamanimuktabharanakundaladharah 
sarvalamkaravibhushitapramadaganaparivrita^ rajagriyam anubha- 
vanti sma | tena khalu samayena Jambudvipakan&m manushyanam 
rajalilaya kridataiii yag ca vinavenupanavasughoshakavallaribherimri- 
dangapatahagabdo yag cashtashashtishu nagarasahasreshu talavamga- 
nirghosho yag Candraprabhasya caturshu mahayajiiavatishu suvarna- 
bherinani tadyamananam* varnamanojiiagabdo* nigcarati tena sarvo 

1 SicMSS. - catrapatrair MSS. » .vritta MSS. ^ .i^iigrita- 

dyamananam MSS. ■°' Sic MSS.; query valgur manojiia-, cf. infra. 





f ; 

Jambudvipo manojna9abctanadito 'bhut tadyatha devanam Traya- 
strimganam abhyantaram devapuraiu nyittagitavaditagabdena nirnS,- 
ditam | evam eva tasmin kale tasmin samaye sarvo Jambudvipava- 
sinam janakayas tena gitavaditagabdena ekantasukhasamarpito 'ty- 
artham ramate | tena khalu samayena Bhadragilayam rajadhanyam 
dvasaptatir ayutakoticatani manushyanam prativasauti sma | teshaiu 
raja Candraprabha ishto babhuva priyo manaapag capldaniin varna- 
kiitilingasthairyam asya nirikshyamana na triptim upayanti sma | 
yasmimg ca s<imaye raja Candraprabho mahayajnavatam gaechati 
tasmin samaye ^pranikotiniyutagatasahasrany avalokayanty^ evam 
cahuh I devagarbho vatayam raja Candraprabha iha Jambudvipe 
rajyam karayati na khalu manushya idrigvarnasamsthana yMriga 
devasya Candraprabhasyeti | raja Candraprabho yena yenavaloka- 
yati tena tena strisahasrany avalokayanti | dhanyas tah striyo 
[A. 112. a] yasam esha bharteti | tac ca guddhair manobhir nany- 
athabhavat ] evam darganiyo raja Candraprabho babhuva | Candra- 
prabhasya rajiio 'rdhatrayodagamatyasahasrani [ tesham dvav agra- 
matyau Mahacandro Mahidharag ca vyaktau panditau medhavinau 
gunaig ca sarvamatyamandalaprativigishtau^ sarvadhikritau rajapari- 
karshakau rajaparipalakau j *alpotsuko raja sarvakarmanteshu Maha- 
candrag cagramatyo 'bhikshnam Jambudvipakan manushyan dagasu 
kugaleshu karmapatheshu niyojayati | iman bhavanto Jambudvipaka 
manushya da^a kucalan karmapathan samadaya vartateti | yadrigi 
ca rajnag cakravartino 'vavadanugasani tadrigi Mahacandrasyamaty- 
asyavavadanugasani babhuva | Mahacandrasyagramatyasya raja Can- 
draprabha ishtac cabhut priyagca manaapagcapidanim varnakritilinga- 
samsthanam asya nirikshamano na tiiptim upayati J yavad aparena 
samayena Mahacandrenagramatyena svapno drishtah [ rajnag Candra- 
prabhasya dhumavarnaih pigacair maulir* apanitah | prativibud- 

1 pranikotin ayuta- ABC. ^ avalokayaty MSS. ' -prativishtau MSS. 

•* malpotsuko MSS. ^ malir MSS. 



dhasya cabhud bhayatn abhuc chankitat vani * abhud romaharsho m^ 
haiva devasya Candraprabhasya 9iroyacanaka agacched devag ca sar- 
vamdadah sarvaparity^ge nasty asya kimcid aparityaktam dmanatha- 
kripanavanipakayacanakebhya iti | tasya buddhir utpanna | na maya 
rajiiaQ Candraprabhasya svapno nivedayitavyo 'pi tu ratnamayani 
9iramsi karayitva koshakoshthagaraip. prave9ya sthapayitavyani yadi 
nama kagcid devasya giroyacanaka dgacchet tam enam ebhi ratna- 
mayaih girobhib pralobhayishyamiti viditvS, ratnamayani giramsi 
karayitvd koshakoshthS,gareshu praksbipya sthapitavS,n | aparena 
samayena Mahidharenagramatyena svapno drishtah | sarvaratnama- 
yah potag Candraprabhasya kulasthah qatago vigirnah [ drishtvH ca 
punar bhitas trastah samvigno ma haiva rajna9 Candraprabhasya 
rajyacyutir bhavishyati jivitasya cantaraya iti | tena brahmana ye 
naimittika *vipa9cika9 cahuyoktah | bhavanto mayedri9ah. svapno 
diishto 'nirdosham kuruteti I tatas tair brahmanair naimittikair 

• - • I • 

^vipa9cikai9 ca samakhyatam yadri9o 'yarn, tvaya svapno drishto na 
cirad eva rajna9 Candraprabhasya 9iroyacanaka S,gamishyati sa 
casyam eva Bhadra9ilayain rajadhanyam avatarishyatiti | tato Mahi- 
dharo 'grlim§,tyah svapnanirde9ain. 9rutva kare kapolam dattva 
cint&paro vyavasthitah | atikshiprain rajna9 Candraprabhasya maitrat- 
makasya k^runikasya sattvavatsalasyinityatibalam. *pratyupasthi- 
tam iti | athaparena samayenardhatrayoda9abhir amatyasahasraih 
svapno drishtah | rajna9 Candraprabhasya caturshu yajnavateshu 
karotapanibhir yakshai9 ca chattradhvajapatakah patitah suvarna- 
bherya9 ca* bhinnah | drishtva ca punar bhitas trastah samvigna 
m^ haiva rajna9 Candraprabhasya mahS-prithivipalasya maitratraa- 
kasya karunikasya [A. 112. b] sattvavatsalasyanityatabalam &gac- 
cheta mS, haivasmakam devena sardham ninabhavo bhavishyati vina- 
bhavo viprayogo ma haivatrano 'paritrano Jambudvipo bhavishyatiti | 

^ -cchambhitatvam MSS. 2 vipanci- MSS. ^ Qu. nirdegam? 

* pratyupasthita iti MSS. « Ex conj. suvarnavaidfirj-a? ca MSS. 







1 1 

rrijfia Candraprabhena 9rutain | tena grutvushtashashtinagarasahas- 
reshu gliantavaghoslianam karitam | rajalilaya bhavantali sarve Jam- . 
budvipaka manushyali kridantu yavad aham jivami kim yuslimakam 
mayopamaih svapnomapaig cintitaili [ rajiia9 Candraprabhasya ghanta- 
vaghoshanam 9rutva sarva eva Jambudvipaka manushya rajalilaya 
kriditum arabdha vinavenupanavasughoshakavallaribherimridanga- 
talagaiikhasahasrais' turyacabdacataic ca vadyamanaih keyuraliara- 
manimuktabharanakundaladharah sarvalamkaravibhusliitapramada- 
ganaparivrita^ rajagriyam anubhavanti sma | tena khalu samayena 
Jambudvipakanam manushyanam rajakrtdaya kridatam yaQ ca vina- 
venupanavasughoshakavallaribherimridangapatahacabdo yac cashta- 
shashtinagarasahasreshu tasam eva gabdanirghoslio yac ca rajiiac 
Candraprabhasya catursliu mahayajnavatesliu suvarnabherinam tad- 
yamananam valgur manajnah gabdo ni^carati tena sarvo Jambudvipo 
manojnacabdanirnadito 'bhut tadyatha devanam Trayastrimcanam 
anyataram devapurara nrittagitava,ditam evam eva tasmin kale 
tasmin samaye sarvo Jambudvipanivasi janakayas tena gitagabdenai- 
kantasukhasamarpito 'tyartham ramate | 

tena khalu samayena Gandhamadane parvate Raudraksho nama 
brahmanah prativasati sma indrajalavidhijfiah | agraushid^ Raudrak- 
sho brahmano Bhadragilayam rajadhanyam Candraprabho nfima 
raja sarvamdado 'smity atmanam pratijanite | yannv aham gatva giro 
yaceyam iti | tasyaitad abhavat | yadi tavat sarvamdado bhavishyati 
mama giro dasyaty apitu dushkaram etad asthanam anavakaco yad 
evam ishtain. kantam priyam manapam^ uttamaiigam parityakshyati 
yaduta cirsham nedam sthanam vidyata iti viditva Gandhamadanat 
parvatad avatirnah | atha Gandhamadananivasini devata vikroshtum 
arabdha | ha kashtam raj nag Candraprabhasya maitratmakasya 
mahcikarunikasya sattvavatsalasyanityatabalam pratyupasthitam iti | 

^ -sattvasahasrais AB, -gatasahasrais C. 
f,'ro.shit CD. •■* Sic MSS. 

- om. A, liam^roshit B, 





tena khalu samayena sarvajambudvipa ^kuMkulo' dhumS,ndhakara 
ulkapata digodaho 'ntarikshe devadundubhayo 'bhinadanti j Bhadra- 
^ilayam ca rajadhanyam natidure paficabhijiio rishih^ prativasati 
Yi^vamitro namna pancagataparivaro maitratmakah karunikah satt- 
vavatsalah | atba sa rishih^ sarvajambudvipam akulam drishtva 
manavakan amantrayate | yatkhalu manavaka janita [A. 113, a] 
sarvajambudvipa etarhy akulakulo dhumandhakarah. suryacandrama- 
sav eva mahanubhavau na bhasato na tapato na virocato nilnain. 
kasyacin mahapurushasya virodh'o bhavishyati | tatha hi rodanti 
Kinnaragana vanadevatac ca dhikkaram utsrijanti devagana api 
tasthuh I candro na bhati na vibhati sahasraracmir naiva vadyava- 
ditaravo 'pi nigamyate 'tra | ete hi padapaganah phalapushpauaddha 
bhumau patanti pavanair api calitani || samgruyate dhvanir ayaip ca 
yathatibhimo vyakto bhavishyati pure vyasanani mahantam'' 1] ete 
Bhadragilanivasaniratah sarve saduhkha jana atyantapratigokagal- 
yavihatah praspandakanthanana etao candranibhdnana yuvatayo 
rodanti vegmottame sarve ca prarudanti . tivrakarun&s *santah 
gmagane yatha | 

kirn, karanam puranivasijanah samagrah sampinditam manasi 
duhkham idam vadanti | 

utkrogatam anigam^ ardhakyitagrahastair aicvaryam apratisamam 
nirunaddhi vacam II 

ete payod§, vinadanty atoya jalagrayah *gokam ami vrajanti | 

bhuvor ivambhasi ^ca valasamiranasta vatah pravanti ca khara 
rajasa vimigrah || 

aciv&ni nimittani pravarani hi sS.mpratam kshemam dicam ato 
'smakam ito gantum kshemo bhavet | 

api tu khalu manavaka rajnag Candraprabhasya caturshu maha- 
yajiiavateshu suvarnabherinam t&dyamS,nanam na bhuyo manojnah 

1 akulakulA ABD here. ^ gi^ j^^c, -jSo rishih D. s gjc ^gg, 
tac ABC, santac D, chmagane all. ' ani^adharmakrit- D. 

* tan 

90 sham? 

^ vavdlahaml- D. 





f "i 

svaro nigcarati nunam vata Bhadragilayam mahin upadravo bha- 
vishyatiti ] atha Raudraksho brahmano BhadracilayS,rn rajadhanyam 
anupraptali | tato nagaranivasini devata Raudraksham brahmanam 
durad eva drishtva yena raja Candraprabhas tenopasamkranta | 
upasamkramya rajanain Candraprabham idaxQ avocat | yatkhalu 
deva janiya adya devasya yacanaka agamishyati himsako vibethako 
'vataraprekshi avataragaveshi sa devasya giro ydcishyatiti | tad 
devena sattvanam arthayatmanam paripMayitavyam iti | atha rajS, 
Candraprabhah giroyacanakam ' upagrutya pramuditamana visma- 
yotphuUadrishtir devatam uvaca | gaccha devate yady agamishyaty 
aham asya dirghakalabhilashitarp manoratham paripurayishyamiti | 
atha sa devata raj nag Candraprabhasyaidam evamrupam vyavasayam 
viditva duhkhini durmanaska vipratisarini [A. 113. b] tatraivantar- 
hita j atha raj nag Candraprabhasyaitad abhavat | kim atragcaryam 
yad aham annam annarthibhyo 'nuprayacchami panam panarthi- 
bhyo vastrahiranyasuvarnamanimuktadin tadarthibhyo yannv aham 
'yacanakebhyah svagariram api parityajeyam iti | tato Raudraksho 
brahmano dakshinena nagaradvarena pravigan devataya nivarito 
gaccha papabrahmana ma praviga katham idanim tvam mohapurusha 
raj nag Candraprabhasya maitratmakasya karunikasya sattvavatsa- 
lasyanekagunasampannasya Jambudvipaparipalakasyadushino 'napa- 
karinah girac chetsyati^ raudracitta papabrahmana ma pravigeti | 
yavad etat prakaranam rajna Candraprabhena grutam yacanako me 
nagaradvare devataya vidharyate iti grutva ca panar Mahacandram 
agramatyam amantrayate | yatkhalu Mahacandi'a janiya yacanako 
me nagaradvari devataya vidharyate gaccha gighram *matsakagam 
anayeti | evam deveti Mahacandro 'gradiatyo rajnag Candraprabhasya 
pratigrutya nagaradvaram gatva tim devatam uvaca | yatkhalu 
devate janiyah pravigatv esha brahmano raja Candraprabha enam 

^ yanakam A, 9iroyanakam BD, 9iroyacakain C. * yanakebhyah ABD, 

yficakelihyah C. ^ Sic MSS. * macchakdcam ABD, gaccha ka5am C. 


Ahvapiayata iti | tato nagaranivasini devatS, MahScandram agramat- 
yam idarn avocat | yatkhalu MahAcandra janiya esha brahinano 
raudracitto nishkaruniko rajiiag Candraprabhasya vina9artham Bha- 
dragilam anupraptah kim anena duratmana prave^itena | esha raja- 
nam upasamkramya giro yacishyatiti \ atha Mahacandro 'grkmktjo 
devatam aha | asti maya devate upiyag cintito yenayam brahinano 
na prabhavishyati devasya giro grahitum iti | atha Mahacandro 
'gramatyo Raudraksham brahmanam adaya nagararn pravigya ratna- 
dharan ajnapayati | aniyantara. bhavanto ratnamayani girainsy asmai 
brahmanaya dasyamiti | bhandagarikai ratnamayanam girshanam 
rajadvare ragih kritah | Mahacandrenagramatyena Eaudrakshasya 
ratnamayani girshany upadargitani pratigrihna tvam mahabrahmana 
prabhutani ratnamayani girshani yavadaptam ca te hiranyasuvarnam 
anuprayacchami yena te putrapautranani jivika bhavishyati kim te 
devasya girshena majjaginghanakavasaparipurneneti j evam ukte 
RaudraksJio brahmano Mahacandram agramatyam idam avocat | na 
ratnamayair me girobhih prayojanam napi hiranyasuvarnenHpi tv 
aham asya mahaprithivipalasya sarvamdadasya sakagam agatah giraso 
'rthaya | evam ukte Mahacandramahidharav agramatyau kare kapo- 
1am. dattva cintaparau vyavasthitau kim idanim praptakalam iti | 
athaitad vrittantam upagrutya raja Candraprabho Mahacandramahi- 
dharav agramatyau durena prakrogyaitad avocat | aniyat^m esha 
matsamipam aham a,syaivam manoratham purayishyamiti | evam 
ukte Mahacandramahidharav agramatyau sagrudurdinavadanau ka- 
runakarunam paridevamanav abhirudya devasya maitratmakasya 
karunikasya sattvavatsalasyanekagunasamuditasya jninakugalasya 
divyacakshusho 'nityatabalam [A. 114. a] pratyupasthitam ady^sma- 
kam devena sardham nanabhavo bhavishyati vin^bhavo viprayogo 
visamyoga iti viditva rajiiah padayor nipatyaikante nishannau | atha 
raja Candraprabhah paramatyagaprativigishtam tyagam parity aktu- 
kamo durata eva tain brahmanam S,mantrayate } ehi tvam brahmana 






'yacchatamyatprarthayase tadgrihaneti | athaRaudrakshobrahmano 
yena raja Candraprabhas tenopasamkrantah | upasamkramya rajanam 
Candraprabham jayenayusha ca vardhayitva rajanam Candraprabham 
idam avocat | dharme stbito 'si vimale 9ubliabuddhisattvasarvajfia- 
tam abhilasban hridayena sadho [ niahyam girah srija mahakaruna- 
graceta mabyain dadasva mama toshakaro bhavadyah. || atha raja 
Candraprabho brahmanasyantikad idam evaiprupam vakpravyaharam 
grutva pramuditamanah pritivispharitaksbo Raudraksham brahma- 
nam uvaca | hantedam brahmana giro 'vighnatali sadhu pragrihya- 
tam uttamangam ity aha ca | priyo yatha yady api caikaputrakas 
tathapi me ^kharpam idam grihana j tvaccintitanain pbalam astu 
gighram cirahpradanad dhi labheya bodhim || ity uktva svayam eva 
svagiraso maulim apanitavan | yada ca rajiia Candraprabhena giraso 
maulir apanitas tatsamanantaram eva sarvesham Jambudvipakanam 
manushyanam maulaya iti girasah patitah | Bhadragilayam ca raja- 
dhanyam caturdigam ulkapata digodahag ca pradurbhuta nagaradevata- 
bhig ca gabdo nigcarito 'sya rajnag Candraprabhasya papabrahmano 
girag chetsyatiti | tac chrutva Mahacandramahidharav agramatyau 
rajnag Candraprabhasyedam evamrupam gariraparityagam viditvS, 
sagrudurdinavadanaii rajnag Candraprabhasya padau parishvajyah- 
afcuh I dhanyas te purusha deva ya evam atyadbhutarupadarganam 
va drakshyantiti tav abhitnukham^ udvikshyamanau rajani Candra- 
prabhe cittam abhiprasadya Raudrakshe ca brahmane maitryacittam 
utpadya navam cakshyamo nirupamagunadharasya devasyanityatam 
drashtum iti tasminn eva muhurte kalagatau kamadhatum atikramya 
brahmalokam upapannau | rajnag Candraprabhasyedam evamrupam 
vyavasayam buddhva tam ca nagaranivasininam devatanam artta- 
dhvanim upagrutya bhauma yaksha antarikshacarag ca yakshah kran- 
ditum arabdha ha kashtam idanira rajiiag Candraprabhasya garira- 
nikshepo bhavishyatiti | atrantare ca rajakuladvare 'nekani praniga* 
^ Sic MSS. ; query ucyatam ? 2 kharparam D. * abhipramukham A. 

11 1 


tasahasrani sarnnipatitany abhuvan | tato Raiidr^ksho brS,hmanas 
tain inahajanakS,yam avekshya Candraprabham rajanam uvaca | yat- 
khalu deva janiya nahani gakslivami mahajanakayasya purastad 
devasya giro grahitum yadi ca te girah parityaktam ekantam gac- 
chava iti | evam ukte raja Candraprabho Raudrak&ham brahmanam 
avocat I evam mahabrahmana kriyatam ridhyaiitam tava sainkalpS.h 
paripuryantam manoratha iti | atha raja Candraprabho rajasanad 
utthaya tiksknam asim S,daya yena maniratnagarbham udyanam. 
tenopasamkrantah ] atka raj nag Candraprabhasyaidam evamrupam 
vyavas^yam drishtva [A. 114. b] Bhadragilayam rajadhanyam ane- 
kani pranigatasahasrani vikrogamanani prishthatah prishtliatali sama- 
nubaddhS,ni [ so 'drakshid raja Candraprabho mahajanasamnipatam 
vikrogantam drishtva ca punali samagvasayann aha | apramadah 
karaniyah kugaleshu dharmeshv iti | samkshepena dharmadeganam 
kritvS, Raudraksham brahmanam adaya Maniratnagarbham ndyanam 
pravishtah [ samanantarapravishtasya rajfiaq Candraprabhasya Mani- 
ratnagarbha udyane Bhadragilayam rajadhanyam chattrani dhvaja- 
patakag ca yena Maniratnagarbham udyanam tenavanamitah | tato 
raja Candraprabho Maniratnagarbhasyodyanasya dvarain pidhaya 
tam Raudraksham brahmanam amantrayate | pratigrihyatam brah- 
mana mamottamangam iti | evam ukte Raudraksho brahmano 
rajanam Candraprabham uvaca | naham gakshyami devasya girag 
chettum iti ] Maniratnagarbhasya codyanasya * madhye kuravakah ] 
tatra sarvakalikag campakavriksho jatah | tato raja Candraprabhas 
tikshnam asim grihitva yena sarvakalikag campakavrikshas tenopa- 
samkrantah I atha ya devatas tasminn udyane 'dhyavasitas ta raj nag 
Candraprabhasyedam evamrupam svagariraparityagain viditva vi- 
kroshtum arabdha evam cahuh | katham idanim tvam papabrahmana 
rajnag Candraprabhasyadushino 'napakarino mahajanavatsalasyane- 
kagunasampannasya girag chetsyasiti | tato raja Candraprabha ud- 
yanadevata nivarayati j ma devata mama giroyacakasyantarayam 

1 codyanamadbye MSS. 





kunita I tat kasya hetoh j bhutapurvam devata mamottamangaTn 

yacanakasya devatayantarayah kritas tay^ devataya bahv apunyam 

prasutam | tat kasya hetoh | yadi taya devatayantarayo na krito 

'bhavishyan maya laghu laghv evanuttarajnanam adhigatam abha- 

"vishyad atac ca tvam aham evarn. bravimi ma me tvam uttamangaya- 

canakasyantarayam kurushveti | asminn eva te Maniratnagarbba 

udyane maya sahasragah girahparityagah krito na ca me kenaeid 

antarayah kritas tasmat tvarn. devate mamottamangayacaiiakasyanta- 

rayam ma kufu | esha eva derate ' saprishthibhuto ^maitriyo yo 

vyaghrya atmanam parityajya catvarinicatkalpasamprastbito Maitreyo 

bodhisattva ekena ^giraliparityagenavaprishthikritab [ atha sa devata 

rajnag Gandraprabliasya maharddhitam avetya tasmin rajani param 

prasadam pravedayanti tushnim avasthita | atha raja Candrapra- 

bhah samyakpranidhanam kartum arabdhah [ grinvantu bhavanto 

ye dacadikshu sthita devatasuragarudagandharvakinnara adhyushita* 

ihaham udyane tyagam karishyamy asmin tyagam* svacirahpari - 

tyagam yena caham satyena svagirah parityajami na [A. 115. a] 

rajyarthaya na svargarthaya na bhogartbaya na gakratvaya na 

brahmatvaya na cakravartivijayaya nanyatra katham aham anut- 

tararn samyaksambodhim abhisambuddhyadantan sattvan damaye- 

yam acantan chamayeyam atirnan tarayeyam amuktan mocayeyam 

anacvastan agv^sayeyam aparinirvritan parinirvapayeyam anena 

satyena satyavacanena saphalah parigramah syat parinirvritasya ca 

sarshapaphalapramanadhatavo bhaveyur asya ca Maniratnagarbhas- 

yodyanasya madhye mahan stupah syat sarvastupaprativigishtah | ye 

ca sattvah cantakayS, mahacaityain vanditukama gaccheyus te tain 

sarvastupaprativigishtain dhatuparain drishtva vigranta bhaveyuh 

parinirvi-itasyapi mama caityeshu janakaya agatya kS,ram kritvS, 

svargamokshaparayanS, bhaveyur iti | evam samyakpranidhanam 

kritva tasmimg campakavrikshe gikham baddhva Kaudrakshara 

. ^ Sic MSS. 2 maitriyah yah ABC, maitriyah syad D. ^ (,'irahparitySgena 
vaprishthikritah D. * -kinnara 'dhyushitah MSS. ^ tyagc? 

XXII. divyavadAna. 327 

br^hmanam uvaca | agaccha mahabrahmana pratigrihyatim^ md 
me vighnam kurushveti | tato raja Candraprabha itmanah kayasya 
sthama ca balam ca samjanya tasmimg ca brahmane karunasahagatam 
maitracittam utpadya girag cbittva Raudraksbaya brahmanaya nir- 
yatitavan kalain ca kritvatikramya brahmalokam pranitatvac cbu- 
bhakritsne devanikaye upapannab ] samanantaram parityakte rajua 
Candraprabhena girasy ayam trisabasramabasahasro lokadbatus 
trishkampitah samkampitah samprakampitag calitah samcalitali sain- 
pracalito vyadhitah pravyadhitab sampravyadhito gaganatalasthag ca 
devata divyany utpalani kshiptum arabdhab padmani kumudani 
pundarikany agarucurnani tagaracurnani candanacurnani tam&la- 
pattrani divyani mandarakani pushpani divyani ca vadyani prava- 
dayitum arabdhag cailaviksbepamg cakarsbuh | tatoRaudrakshobrah- 
iiianab girograbayodyanan nirgatali 1 atbasminn antare 'nekaih 
pranigatasabasrair nado mukto ha kasbtam pragbatito devah sarva- 
janamanorathaparipuraka iti | tata ^ekatyab pritbivyam avartante 
parivartanta eke babubbih prakroganti kagcit prakirnakegyo^ rud- 
anty anekani ca pranigatasabasrani samnipatitani | tata eketyas 
tasminn eva pradege stbitva dhyanS.ny utpadya* tatraiva kalam 
kritva gubhakritsne devanikaye upapanna rajnag Candraprabbasya 
sabbagatayam apare dhyanany utpadya* tatraiva kalam kritvabbS,- 
svare devanikaye upapanna apare prathamadhyanam utpadya kalam 
kritva brabmalokasabbagatayam upapanna aparaib samnipatya raj Sag 
Candraprabbasya gariram sarvagandhakasbtbaig citam citv4 dbma- 
pitani* castbini sauvarnakumbhe praksbipya caturmabapathe garira- 
stupah pratishthapitag [A. 115. b] cbattradhvajapatakag caropita 
gandbair malyair dbupair dipaih pushpaib pujam kritva Candra- 
prabbe rajani svacittam abbiprasfi,dya kdlagatcib shatsu devanikayeshu 
Kamavacaresbu devesb upapannab | yaig ca tatra kar&b kritab sarve 
te svargamokshaparayanah samvrilta iti | syat khalu yushmakam 

^ -gribnatam MSS. ^ ekatya MSS. » prak!rriako9ya ABD, * utpadya 
MSS. 5 dhmapitatani C, -tAni tani D. 






bhikshavah kanksha vd vimatir va auya sk tena kalena tena sama- 
yenottarapathe Bhadragila nama rajadhany abhud iti na klialv evam 
drashtavyam | tat kasya hetoh | eshaiva sa Takshagila tena k&lena 
tena samayena Bhadragila nama rajadhani babhuva | syat kbalu 
yushmakam bhikshavah kanksha va vimatir vanyah sa tena kalena 
tena samayena Candraprabho nama rajabhud iti | na khalv evam 
drashtavyam | tat kasya hetoh j aham eva tena kalena tena sama- 
yena raja Candraprabho babhuva | syat khalu yushmakam bhik- 
shavah kanksha va vimatir vanyah sa tena kalena tena samayena 
Haudraksho nama brahmano 'bhud iti ] na khalv evam drashtavyam | 
tat kasya hetoh j esha eva sa tena kalena tena samayena Devadatto 
babhuva | syat khalu yushmakam bhikshavah kanksha va vimatir 
vanyau tau tena kalena tena samayena Mahacandramahidharav agra- 
matyau babhuvatur iti | na khalv evam drashtavyam | tat kasya 
hetoh I etav eva tau Mahacandramahidharav agramatyau Cariputtra- 
maudgalyayanau babhuvatuh | tadapy etau tatprathamatah kalagatau 
na tv eva pitrimaranam ' aragitavantav iti | idam avocad Bhagavan 
attamanasas te bhikshavo 'nye ca devanagayakshagandharvasura- 
garudakinnaramahoragadayo Bhagavato bhashitam abhyanandan | 
^Candraprabhabodhisattvacaryavadanam nama dvavimgatimam^ | 

1 Query agamitavantau ? see p. 314. ^ j) prefixes iti ^ridivyavadane. 

3 -mah MSS. AB add 9I0 avuha, C 9I0 acuhri? 

Here the MSS give the following fragment. 
Tatha ca Candraprabhabhupatir bhute manikanakarajatavaiduryendrani- 
ladidravinavasanayanabhojanalamkaragramanagaranigamavishayarajyadayo ra- 
viyogaditaraduhkliopanipatablaayabhiliata-^janaparitranakaranasamartha saka- 
labhuvanadhipatyabhishekamaliati gathadhuni ganasamriddMr na 9akyate 'dhi- 
gantum iti karunyad a9eshajagadduhkliopa9amakritani5caya]i pranatasakalasS,- 
mantacudamanimayukhavicchuritapadapttliah | turagagaj arathavastralamkdrd- 
diparity agena paripfiritanirava9esliaj S,mbudvipakaj anamanorathah sakalaj auama- 
nonayanahSri 9irab parityaktavin katbam ity evam anu9rliyate iti |1 

1 -adhihate MSS. 





kim' mahallenadhigatam [ ekottariki | ^ayam tS,vat khustikaya 
ekottarikay^ dharmain degayati, ami bhikshavah tripita dharma- 
kathika^ ynktamuktapratibhanah, kasman naitS,n adhyeshayasi* | 
[A. 116, a] sa tair abliihitah | mahalla kim tvay adhigatam | 
sa kathayati | ekottarika ] te kathayanti | tvam tavan mahalla 
khustikaya ekottarikayS, dharmaip. degayasi, ami bhikshavas tripiti 
dharmakathika' yuktamuktapratibhanah, kasman nait&ii adhyesha- 
yasi I sa kathayati | arya® yuyam kasyarthe na degayata ^ kim ahaip. 
nivarayamiti | te kathayanti | Nandopananda® prativadaty^ esho 
'smikam mahallah kurutasyotkshepaniyain. karma [ sa samlakshayati | 
yadi me utkshepaniyam karma'" karishyanti nagabhavane 'py aham 
avakagam na lapsye | satesham gayitakanam tarn viharam" antarha- 
payitva mahasamudraip. pravishtah | te'* valukS,sthale gayitakas 
tishthanti J Nandopananda uttishtha simhasanam prajnapaya dhar- 
mam degayamah | te kathayanti | ko 'py asau devo va nago v4 
yaksho va Bhagavaty abhiprasannah Buddhe dharme saipghe karan 
kurvan so 'smabhir vihethitah [ etat prakaranam bhikshavo Bha- 
gavata arocayanti | Bhagavan aha | yo 'sau bhikshavo nirmito yadi 
shadvargikair bhikshubhir na vihethito '^'bhavishyad yavac chasana- 
kotim udghatako Buddhe dharme samghe karan akarishyat | Bhagavan 
samlakshayati | yah kagcid adinavo bhikshavah, anadhishto dharmam 
degayati | tasman na bhikshuna 'nadhishtena dharmo degayitavyah | 

1 om. MSS. (For this hard passage see notes.) ^ e^. conject. ; ayantS 

astikayS, MSS. here, but cf. infra. ^ Ex, conject. ; MSS. vam^ikarthika, of. 

infra. ■* Query -ti? MSS. here repeat from 1. 8, kathayati | Srya — nivarayamiti. 
* Ex conj., dhdrmikathita MSS. ^ arya MSS. '' de9yata MSS., but degayata 
in repet. in n. 4. 8 go E, Nandopanandah ABCD. ^ prativahati MSS. 

" dharma MSS. " Ex conject., vicaram MSS. ^^ tena C. " bhavishya MSS. 

c. 42 





I I 

1-. ^ 

bhikshur anadhishto dharmam degayati satisaro bhavati | anapatta- 
yas' tanmukhikaya ixirgata bhavanti | 

Cravastyam Buddharakshito nama grihapatih prativasaty adhyo 
mahadhano mahabhogah j tena sadrigat kulat kalatram anitam | sa 
taya sardham kridate ramate paricarayati [ tasya kridato ramatah 
paricarayatah. patni ipannasattva samvi'itta | ayusbmafi. Chariputro 
vaineyapekshaya tat kulam upasamkr^ntab ] tena sa gribapatih 
sapatnikah caranagamanagikshapadeshu pratishtbapitah | aparena 
samayena sa tasya patny ^pannasattva samvritta ] ayusbman Cbari- 
putras tasya ca vaineyakalam jn^tva ekaky eva tat kulam xipasam- 
krantah | sa gribapatib katbayati | n^sty aryagariputrasya kagcit 
pagcacchramanah [ sa katbayati ] gribapate kim asmakara kagadba- 
nad va kugadbanM^ va pagcaccbramana bbavanti | api tu ye bbavad- 
vidbanam sak^gal labbyante 'smakam pagcaccbramana bbavanti | 
Buddbaraksbito gribapatib | arya mama patni dpannasattva sam- 
vritta yadi putram janayisbyati tam abam aryasya pagcaccbramanam 
dasyami | sa katbayati | gribapate aupayikam | 

sa 'sbtanam va navanain va masanam prasuta darako jato 
'bbirupo darganiyab prasadiko gaurah kanakavarnag cbattrakara- 
cirah^ pralambababur vistirnalalalab [A. 116. b] satngatabbrus 
tunganasab | tasya jnatayah samgamya sam^gamya trini saptakany 
ekavimgatidivasani vistarena jatasya jatimabam kritva namadbeyaip. 
vyavastbapayanti | kiin bbavatu darakasya nama ] ayam darako 
Buddbaraksbitasya gribapateh putro bbavatu darakasya Samgbarak- 
sbito nama | yasminn eva divase Sarngbaraksbito jatas tasminn eva 
divase paiicanam banikcbatanam panca putragatani jatani | tesham 
api kulasadrigani namadbeyani vyavastbapitani | Sarngbaraksbito 
daraka unniyate vardbyate ksbirena dadbna navanitena sarpishS* 
sarpimandenanyaig cottaptottaptair upakaranavigesbair agu var- 

1 anapattis MSS. ^ kugathanad MSS. here; I read ku^adhanad, but proba- 
bly the word is really the Pali thana in both places, ^ chattrakara^irah MSS. 




dhyate hradastham iva pankajam | yada maliS,n saipvrittas tadaynsh- 
TnS,n Chariputras tasya vaineyakalam jnatvaikaky eva tat kulam 
upasarnkramya nimittam upadar9ayituin S,rabdhah | Buddharakshi- 
tena grihapatina Samgharaksliito 'bhihitah [ putr&j&ta eva tvam 
mayaryaq&riputrasya pa§caccliramaiio datta iti | caramabhavikah sa 
sattva ayushmantam Cariputram prislithatali samanubaddhah [ sa 
S,yushinata Q&riputrena pravrajita upasampadita agamacatushtayain 
ca grkidtah. | athaparena samayena tani panca banikchat&ni mahisa- 
mudragamaniyam panyam samudS.niya maliasamudram avatartukS,- 
mani kathayanti | kirpcid vayain bhavanta S,ryakam avatarayaiuta yo 
'smakam mahS,samudramadliyagatanam dharmam de9ayisliyati ] te 
kathayanti | bhavanto 'yam asmakam S-ryasamgharakshito vayasya- 
kab sahajanmikab' sahapamgukridanaka^ etam evavatarayamah | 
te tasya sakagam upasamkrantah. | aryasaragharakshita tvam asmS,- 
kam vayasyakali sahajanmikab sahapaipQukridanako vayara ca mahS,- 
samudram samprasthitas tvam apy asmibhih sirdham avatara samnt- 
dramadhyagatS,nam dharmam degayishyasi | sa kathayati ] naham 
svadhina upadhyayam avalokayata | te yeniyushmM Chiriputras 
tenopasamkrantah | upasarnkramya kathayanti [ ^.Tyagariputrayam 
asmikam dryasamgharakshito vayasyakah sahajanmikah sahapS-mgir- 
krtdanako vayam mahasamxidram samprasthiti esho 'py asmabMh 
sardham avataratv asmakam mahasamudramadhyagat^n&m dharmaip 
degayishyati | sa kathayati | Bhagavantam avalokayata ] te Bhaga- 
vatah sakagam upasamkrantah | Bhagavan vayam mahS,samudram 
samprasthita ayam asmakam aryasamgharakshito vayasyakah. saha- 
janmikah sahapamgukridanaka esho 'py asmibhih sirdham mahS,- 
samudram avataratv asmakam mahasamudramadhyagatanam dhar- 
mam degayishyati ] Bhagavan samlakshayati ] asty eshS.m k&nicit 
kugalamulani | asti kasyS,ntike pratibaddhini | Samgharakshitasya 

^ sahajanmakah MSS. here, but afterwards sahajanmikah. ^ All the 

MSS. oftenread -sahapram9ukr}danakah. 





bhikshoh. | tatra Bhagavan Samgharakshitam amantrayate | gaccha 
Samgharakshita bhayabhairavasaliishnuna bhavitavyam | [A. 117. a] 
adliivasayaty ayushman Samgharakshito Bhagavatas tushnibhavena | 
atha tani panca banikchatani kritakautukamarigalasvastyayaiiani 
Qakatair bharair rnudhaih' pitakair usbtrair gobhir gardabbaib pra- 
bhutam panyam aropya mahasamudram samprasthitani | anupurvena 
gramanagaranigainapallipattaneshu cancuryamanini^ samudratatam 
anupraptani [ te nipunatah ^samudrayanapatram pratipadya maha- 
samudram avatirna dhanaharakab | tesham mahasamudramadhya- 
gatanam nS,gair vahanam vidhiritam | te devat&yicanam kartum* 
arabdhab | yo 'smin mahasamudre devo va nago v4 yaksho v4 
prativasati sa acakshatu kLn mrigayatiti [ mahasamudrac chabdo 
ni^carati | aryasamgharakshitam asmakam anuprayacchatheti | te 
kathayanti | aryasamgbarakshito 'smakam vayasyakab sahajanmikah 
saliapam9ukridanako bhadantagariputrenanupradattako Bhagavata 
'nuparitakah | greyo 'smakam anenaiva sardham kalakriya na tv eva 
vayam Samgharakshitam parityakshyamah | te mantrayanta ayush- 
mataSamgharakshitena grutah* | sa kathayati | bhavantah kim kath- 
ayante | kathayanti | aryasarpgharakshita mahasamudrac chabdo 
niccarita aryasamgharakshitam asmakam anuprayacchatheti | sa 
kathayati | kasman nanuprayacchadhvam | te kathayanti | arya tvam 
asmakam vayasyakab sahajanmikah sahapam9ukridanako bhadanta- 
gariputrenanupradattako Bhagavata 'nupradattakah, 9reyo 'smakam 
tvayaiva sardham kalakriya na tv eva vayam aryasarpgharakshita 
tvam parityakshyamah | ayushman Samgharakshitah samlakshayati | 
yad uktam Bhagavata bhayabhairavasahishnuna te bhavitavyam 
itidam tat | sa patracivarain grihitva atmanam mahasamudre prak- 
sheptum arabdhah | sa tair drishtah | te kathayanti | ^ryasamgharak- 

^ Sic MSS. ; query connected with Hindustani moth ' a package ' ? ^ gjg 

MSS. ' samudram MSS. * yacanakartum MSS. ^ Ex conject. ; 

^rutva MSS. 


XXIII. divyIvadana. 333 

shita kim karoshi, aryasamgharakshita kim karoshiti | sa tesham 
vikrogatam mahasamudre prapatitah | muktani tad vahanam [ sa 
nagair grihitva nagabhavanam pravegitah I 

aryasamgharakshita iyaip. Vipagyinah samyaksambuddhasya gan- 
dhakuti^ | iyam Qikhino Yigvabhuvah Krakucchandasya Kanaka- 
muneh Kagyapasyeyaip Bbagavato gandbakutt | aryasamgharakshita 
Bhagavatah sutram matrika ca devamanushyeshu pratishthitam va- 
yarn naga vinipatitagarirah | ahovataryasamgharakshita ih&py agama- 
catushtayam pratishthapayet | sa kathayati ] evam bhavatu | tena 
trayo nagakumara utsSbitah | eko 'bhihitah [ tvara tS,vat samyukta- 
kam adhishva [ dvitiyo 'bhihitah | tvam api madhyamam | tritiyo 
'bhihitah | tvam api dirghagamam adhishva | sa kathayati j aham 
api tam evaikottarikam vimrishtarupam prajvMayami | [A. 117. b] 
te 'dhyetum. arabdhah | tatraikag cakshusht nimilayitvodde9am grih- 
nati dvitiyah prishthatomukha uddegam grihnS,ti tritiyo duratah 
sthitvodde9am grihnati | sa eva tesh&m ekah sagauravah saprati9a 
itikarariiyai9 ca sarvatra purvamgamah | arya uttishtha dantakS,sh- 
tharn visarjaya Bhagavato mandalakam amirjaya caityabhivandanam 
kuru bhunkshva 9ayyam kalpayeti | sarvais tair agam^y adhit^ | 
sa kathayati | arya adhitany ebhir 4gamani kim dharayishyanti 
^ahosvin na dharayishyanti | sa kathayati [ smritimattaka hy ete 
dharayishyanty api tu dosho 'sty esham | sa kathayati | arya ko 
doshah ] sarve hy ete 'gaurava aprati9a ekas tavac cakshushi nimi- 
layitvodde9am grihnS,ti dvitiyah prishthatomukha udde9am grihnati 
tritiyo duratah sthitvodde9ani grihn&ti | tvam evaikah sagauravah 
saprati9a itikaraniyai9 ca sarvatra purvamgamah | sa kathayati ] 
arya na hy ete 'gaurava aprati9ah | yas tavad ayam cakshushi nimi- 
layitvodde9ain grihnaty ayain drishtivishah ^ | yo 'py ayam prishtha- 
tomukha uddegam grihn§,ty esho 'pi 9vasavishah | yo 'py esha dura- 
tah sthitvodde9am grihnaty esho pi spar9avishah | aham eko dam- 

1 -kfiti D here. * ahosvin MSS. ^ drishti- MSS. 








shtravishah | sa bhita utpandutpandukali kri^aluko' durbalako mla- 
nako 'praptakayah samvrittali | sa kathayati | aiya kasmat tvam 
utpandutpandukab kri^aluko* durbalako mlanako 'priptakayab sam- . 
vrittah | sa kathayati [ bhadramukhamitramadhye 'ham vS.sam 
kalpayami | saced yushmakam anyatamo 'nyatamam^ prakupyeta 
inS,m namavagesham kuryat | sa kathayati | aryasya vayam na 
praharamah | api tv icchasi tvarp Jambudvipam* gantum | bhadra- 
mukha icchami [ tac ca vahanam agatam | sa tair utkshiptah | 

bardgbhir drishtah J te kathayanti | svagatam aryasamgharak- 
shitS,ya | sa kathayati | anumodantam bhavanto maya nigeshv 
agamacatushtayam pratishthapitam | te kathayanti | aryasainghara- 
kshitanumodayamah | te tarn vahanam prakshipya samprasthitah | 
te 'nupurvena samudratiram gatva sarve te banijah ^ayitah | ayushman 
Samgharakshito mahasamudram drashtum arabdhah [ uktam Bhaga- 
vata pancasecanaka darganena hasti* nagag ca rajS, ca sagarag ca 
giloccayo 'secanaka darganena Buddhag ca bhagavatam vara iti | ciram 
mahasamudram pagyan jagaritah | so 'pagcime yame gadhanidr&va- 
shtabdhah gayitah | te 'pi banijah saratram evotthaya sthoram- 
Uardayitva samprasthitah | te kathayanti prabhatayam rajanyS,m | 
kutrayam Samgharakshitah | tatraika evam ahuh | purastad gacchati | 
apara evam ahuh | pnshthata agacchati | apara evam ahuh | madhye 
gacchatiti | te kathayanti | aryasamgharakshito 'smS,bhig chorito na 
gobhanam asmabhih kritam pratinivartayamah | iryasamgharakshito 
bhavanto maharddhiko mahanubhavo yah samudramadhye na kala- 
gatah sa idanim kalam karishyati | sthanam etad vidyate ^yad asav 
[A. 118. a] agrata eva yasyaty agacchata gamishyamah | te satnpra- 
sthitah I 

ayushman api Samgharakshitah suryasyabhyudgamanasamaye 
suryamgubhis taditah pratibuddho yavan na kimcit pagyati [ pra- 

1 kricjalako MSS. ^ krishaluko MSS. ^ anyatamanyatamam MSS. 

* Jambudvipam MSS. » hasti MSS. " yadasav MSS. 




krtnt^ banijah | so 'pi panthalikam grihitvS, samprasthitah | ySvad 
anyatamasy&m salatavyam viharam pagyaty ^udgatam mancapithave- 
dikajalavatiyanagavakshapariraanditaip bhikshumg ca samprS,vritS,n* 
sampracchannan chanteneryapathenavasthitan | sa tesham sakigam 
upasainkrantah | sa tair uktah | svagatam bhadantasaipgliarakshi- 
taya | sa tair vigramitah | vigramayitva viharam pravegito yivat 
pagyati gobhanam gayanasanaprajnaptiin kritam pranitam cahiram 
upahritatn | sa tair uktah | bhadanta Samgharakshita ma trishito 'si 
m.k bubhukshito 'si | kathayati | ary§,h^ trishito 'smi bubhukshito 
'smi I bhadanta Samgharakshita bhunkshva | sa kathayati | saipgha- 
madhye bhokshyami | te kathayanti | bhadanta Samgharakshita 
bhunkshvadinavo 'tra bhavishyati | tena bhuktam | sa bhuktvai- 
kante *'pakramyS,vasthitah | yavat tesham gandir akotitS, [ te svaka- 
svakani patrany ^daya yathagatya nishann§.h | sa ca tesham vihS,ro 
'ntarhitah | ayomudgarah* pradurbhutah ] tais tavad ayomudgaraih 
parasparam arttasvaram krandadbhih® giramsi bhagnani yS,vat kS,14d 
akalibhutam' ] tatah pagcat punar api tesham viharah pradurbhutas 
te ca bhikshavah gS,nteneryapathenS,vasthitah | ayushmS,n Samghara- 
kshitas teshani sakigam upasamkrantah | ke yuyam ayushmantah kena 
va karmanS, ihopapannah | bhadanta Samgharakshita dushkuhakS, 
JambudvipakS,^ manushya nabhigraddadhasyasi | sa kathayati | aham 
pratyakshadargi kasman n§,bhigraddadhasye | te kathayanti | bha- 
danta Samgharakshita vayam Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya qrk- 
vaka asan j tair asmakarn bhaktagre ranam utpaditam | te vayam 
bhaktagre ranam utpadayitva iha pratyekanarakeshupapannah | 
sthanam etad vidyate yad asmabhir itagcyutair narakeshupapattavyam 
bhavishyati | sadhu Samgharakshita Jambudvipam gatva sabrahma- 
c4rin&m arocaya mayushmantah samghamadhye ranam utpadayishya- 

^ udgata MSS. ^ sapravritan MSS. ; query supravrMn ? see infra. ' arya 
MSS. * ca kramydvasthitah MSS., but corrected from the repetition infra. 

'* ayomudgalah MSS. here. 6 tradabhih ABC. ? Sic MSS. 

liA^-^-^^tAi - 






tha ma 'syaivamrupasya ' dulikhadaurmanasyasya^ bhagino bhavish- 
yanti tadyatha gramanah Kagyapiyab | 

sa samprasthitah | yavat pacyati dvitiyam viharam udgatam 
mancapithavedikSj ala vatay anaparikshiptam gavakshaparimanditam 
bhikshumg ca supravritan supraticchann&n 9an.tan ^anteryapathe 
vyavasthitan | tesham upasanikrantah | sa tair uktah | svagatam 
bhadantasamgharakshitaya | sa tair vigramitah | vi^ramayitva viha- 
rain prave9ito yavat pagyati gobhanain gayanasanaprajnaptim kritva' 
pranitam caharam samanvahritya sa tair uktah | bhadanta Samgha- 
rakshita bhunkshva | tena *drishtadinavena bbuktam | bhuktv^ 
ekante 'pakramyasthitah | tesham gandy akotita [ te svakasvakani 
[A. 118. b] patrany adaya yathagatya^ nishannah | sa ca viharo 
'ntarhitas tad aimapanam. ayorasam pradurbhutam. | tair arttasvaram 
krandadbbis® tavad ayorasena parasparam atma sikto yavad akalat 
kalibbutam | tatah paccat punar api sa tesbam viharab pradurbhu- 
tas te ca bhikshavah punar api gantah cautery apatbenavasthitah j sa 
teshfi,m sakagam upasamkrantah | ke yuyam ayusbmantah kena va 
karmana ihopapannah | dusbkuhaka bhadanta Samgharakshita '^ Jam- 
budvipaka manushya nabhigraddadhasyanti | sa kathayati | aham 
pratyakshadargi kasman nabhigraddadhasye | te kathayanti [ bha- 
danta Saingharakshita vayani Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya qra- 
vaka asan | samghasya ca snehalabhe^ sampanna agantuka bhikshava 
agatah | tair asmabhir anaryaparigrihitair evam cittam utpaditam | 
na tavad bhojayishyamo® yavad ete agantuka bhikshavo na pra- 
kranta bhavishyantiti | tair asmabhis tat tathaiva kritam | saptS,- 
hikam cakaladurdinam pradurbhutam tena tad annapanam kledain 
gatam | vayam '"graddhadeyam vinipatayitvS, iha pratyekanarakeshu- 

1 evarupasya MSS. ^ -daurmanasyasya MSS. 

supra. ^ drishtvadinavena MSS. ^ yathagatya MSS. 

' Sic MSS. 

8 snehalabha MSS. » -yama MSS. 

3 Sic MSS. but of. 

6 kradadbhis ABC. 

^^ 9raddhadeyam 




papannSh [ sthanam etad vidjate yad asmabhir iha cyutair nam- 
keshupapattavyam bhavishyati | sadhu bhadanta Samgharakshita 
Jambudvipain gatva sabrahraacarinam arocaya mayushmantah. Qrad- 
dadeyani' vinip^tayishyatha^ masyaivaiprupasya duhkhadaunnana- 
syasya^ bbagino bhavishyatha^ tadyatba brabmanah. Kagyapiyab | 

sa samprasthito yavat pagyati tritiyam viharam udgatam mafi.- 
capitbavedikajalavatayanagav^ksbaparimanditam purvavad yavad 
^yushman SamgharaksMto bbuktva ekante *'pakramyavastbitah j 
gandy 4kotita | sa tena vihara &diptab pradiptab samprajvalita 
ekajvaiibhuto dbmayitum drabdbah | te 'pi tasminn ^rttasvararn 
krandantas tavad dagdha yarat kalad akalibhutam | tatah pa^cat 
punar api teshani vibarab pradurbhutas te ca bbiksbavab gSntaQan- 
teneryapathenavastbitah | sa tesbam sak&9am «pasamkrS,ntah | ke 
yuyam ayushmantab kena va karmana ibopapannab | dusbkubak4 
bbadanta Samgbaraksbita *Jambudvipaka manushya nabhi9radda- 
dbftsyasi | sa kathayati | aham pratyaksbadargi kasman nabhi9radda- 
dbasye | te katbayanti | bbadanta Samgbaraksbita vayam Kagyapasya 
samyaksambuddbasya gravaka asan | duh9ilas te vayam gilavadbbir 
bbiksbubbir nisbkigit&b® tair asmS,bbir ekah Qunyavibara av&sitab | 
yavat tatraikab gllav&ii bbiksbur agatab | asmS,kam buddbir utpanna 
tisbtbatv ayam bbiksbur ayam apy eko 'smakam daksbin&m^ godba- 
yishyati | sa tatraiva sthito yavat tasyanisangena® punar api bahavah 
9ilavanto bbiksbava S,gatab | te vayam tatrapi nirvasitah j tair 
asmS,bhir amarsbajataih 9usbkani kSshthani 9ushkani trinani 9usbk4ni 
gomayani upasambritya tasmin vibare 'gnir dagdbab® | tatra prabbu- 
tab 9aiksba9aikshah pudgala dagdbah | te vayam 9aiksba9aiksban'* 
pudgalan dagdbv^ iha pratyekanarakesbupapannah J sthanam etad 

1 graddadheyam MSS. ^ ^a MSS. ^ -daurmanasyasya MSS. ■* Ex 
conject. (cf. supra) ; MSS. camkramya. ^ jambu- MSS. ^ nishkasitah D, 
' dakshinam MSS. * Sic MSS. ; query anishangena ? * dagdham MSS. 

^0 <?aiksha<jaiksM MSS. 

c. 43 






vidyate yad asm^bhir iha cyutair narakeshupapattavyam bhavishyati [ 
sadhu bhadanta Samgharakshita [A. 119. a] Jambudvipam gatva 
sabrahmacarinam arocaya mayushmantab sabrabmacarinain antike 
pradushtacittam utpadayishyatha ' masyaivamrupasya duhkhadaur- 
manasyasya^ bhagino bhavishyatha' tadyatba gramanah Kagyapiyah | 

ayushman Samgharaksbitah samprastbito yavat sattvan adrakshit 
stambhakaran kudyakaran vrikshakaran patrakaran pushpakaran 
phalakaran rajjvakaran sammarjanyakaran udukhalakaran khatvaka- 
rin sthalikakaran | 

ayushman Samgharakshito janapadan gatah | anyatamasminn 
Sgramapade pancamatrani ^rishigatani prativasanti | tair ^yiashman 
Saingharakshito durata eva drishtah | te katbayanti | bhavantah 
kriyakaram tavat kurmo bahuboUakah gramanab Cakyaputriyd 
bhavanti, nasya kenacid vacanam datavyam | te kriyakaram kritva- 
vasthitah | ayusbmiamg ca Samgharakshitas tesbain sakagam upasam- 
krantab | upasamkramya pratigrayarn yacitum arabdhah | na ka9cid 
vacam anuprayacchati | tatraika rishih* sa9ukladbarmah. katbayati | 
kim yusbmakaip pratigrayara na diyate | api tu yusbmS,kani dosho 
'sti bahubollaka yuyam [ samayenaham bbavatah pratigrayaip dasye 
sacet kimcin na mantrayasi | ayushman Samgharakshitah katbayati | 
rishe evam bhavatu | tatraika rishir^ janapadacarikam gatah | tasya 
kutih gunyavatishthati | sa katbayati | asyam kutikayam gayyam 
kalpaya | ayushmata Samgharakshitena sa kutika sikta sammrishti 
sammarjita sukumari gomayakasincanupradatta* | tair drishtah | te 
katbayanti | bhadanta gucy api marjanfcy ete^ gramanah Qakyaputri- 
yah I ayushman Samgharakshito vahih kutikayah padau prakshalya 
kutikam pravigya nishannah paryankam abhujya riju kayarp prani- 

^ -ta MSS. ^ -daurmana'iyasya MSS. * Sic MSS. ■* tatraiko rishih 
ABC, tatraiko rishih D, but cf. infra. ^ -silica- MSS. ^ Ex conject. The 

MSS. are all corrupt; 9ucyam api varapyete A, pucyani api carapyate B, 9ucyam 
api carapyete C, Qunyam api carapyete D. 





dhaya pratimukham smritim upasthapya | ya tasminn Agramapade 
devata prativasati sa ratryah prathame yame yenayushman Samgha- 
rakshitas tenopasairikranta | upasamkramya kathayati | arya Sam- 
gharakshita dharmani de9aya | iyushman Samgharakshitah katha- 
yati I sukhita tvam na pagyasi mayi kriyakarena pratigrayam 
labdhatn kim nishkasapayitum icchasi | sa samlakshayati | grantakayo 
'yam svapitu madhyame yame upasaipkramishyami | sa madhyame 
yama upasamkranta | upasamkramya kathayati | S,rya Samgharak- 
shita dharmam degaya | ayushman Samgharakshitah kathayati | 
sukhita tvam na pagyasi maya kriyakarena pratigrayain labdham 
kim nishkasapayitum icchasi | sa samlakshayati | qrkntaikkjo 'ysun 
svapitu pagcime yame upasamkramishy§,mi | sa pagcime yame 
upasamkranta | upasamkramya kathayati | S.rya Samgharakshita 
dharmam degaya | Ayushman Saingharakshitah kathayati [ sukhita 
tvam na pagyasi may4 kriyakS,rena pratigrayam labdham kim nish- 
kasapayitum icchasi | sa kathayati | arya Samgharakshita prabha- 
tam idanim sacen nishkasayishyanti gamishyasi, api tu nanuktam 
[A. 119. b] Bhagavata bhayabhairavasahishnund te bhavitavyam iti | 
Ayushman Samgharakshitah samlakshayati | gobhanam kathayati | 
sacet sa nishkasayishyati gamishyami | sa samlakshayati, brShman^ 
hy ete brahmanapratisamyuktam' bhasayHmity ayushm§,n Samgha- 
rakshito brahmanavargam svadhyayitum arabdhah | 

na nagnacaryS, na jata na panko nanaganam^ sthandilagayikS, va | 

na rajomalam notkutukaprahanam vigodhayen moham avigirna- 
kanksham II 

alamkritag capi careta dharmam dantendriyah gantah samyato 

sarveshu bhuteshu nidhaya dandam sa brahmanah sa cramanah 

sa bhikshuh || 

taih grutam | te saiulakshayanti brahmanapratisamyuktam^ ata ity* 

1 pratisamyuktsl MSS. ^ nandsanam MSS. * brdhmanam pratisam- 

yuktam MSS. * Qu. ity ata? 






eka upasamkrSnto dvitiyas tritiyo yavat sarve upasainkrantah | tathS, 
taya devatayMhishthitain yatha parasparam na pagyanti | tatah 
pagcad ayushmata Saipgharakshitena nagaropamam sutram upani- 
kshiptam gatham ca bhashate J 

yaniha biiutini samagatani sthitani bhumyam athavantarikslie | 
kurvantu maitrim satatain prajasu diva ca ratrau ca carantu 
dharmam |1 iti j 
asmin khalu dharmaparyaye bbasbyamane sarvais tais sahasatyabhi- 
samayad anagamiphalam anupraptam riddhig capi nirhiita* sarvais 
taib subhashitam bhadantasamgharakshitayety ekanado muktab | 
tayi devatayS, riddbyabhisamskarah pratiprasrabdhah* parasparam 
drashtum arabdhah | te 'nyonyam kathayanti | tvam apy agatah | 
agato 'ham j ^obbanam | te diishtasatyah kathayanti j labhemo^ 
vayain bhadanta Samgharakshita svakhyate dharmavinaye pravrajyam 
upasampadam bhikshubhavam caremo vayam Bhagavato 'ntike 
brahmacaryam | ayushm&n Samgharakshitab kathayati | kim matsa- 
kage pravrajatha abosvid* Bhagavatah | te kathayanti j Bhagavatah | 
Ayushman Saipgbaraksbitab kathayati J yady evam agacchatha 
Bhagavatah saka9am gacchamah ] te kathayanti j bhadanta Samgha- 
rakshita kim asmadiyayS, liddhyS, gacchamah §,hosvit tvadiyaya | 
4yushman Samgharakshitab samlakshayati | ebhir madiyenavavade- 
naivamvidha gunaganadhigata^ aham langhanakopamah samviittah* | 
sa kathayati | tishthantu tavad bhavanto mnhurtam j ayushman 
Samgharakshito 'nyatamam vrikshamulam nigritya nisharmab J par- 
yankam abbujya riju kayam pranidhaya pratimukham smritim 
upasthapya | uktam Bhagavata | pancanu9arasa bahugrutye j dha- 
tukugalo bhavati pratitj'^asamutpadakugalo bhavati sthanasthana- 
ku9alo bhavati aparapratibaddhS, casya bhavati avavadanu9asaniti I 
tenodyacchata ghatata vyayacchatS, sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam 

1 nirhritah MSS. 2 pratipraprabdhah ABC. » Sic MSS. * ahosvid 
MSS. here. ' Ex conject. ; lakshatako mama samvrittah MSS. (A laksha- 

yatako-, B lankhatako?) 




sakshatkritam arhan samvrittas traidliS,tukavitaraga pArvavad' yavan 
manyah pujyag cabhivadyag ca satnvrittah | ta ayushmata Samghara- 
ksMtenabhihitah | bhavanto grihnidhvam madiyam civarakarnikam 
yasyamali | ayushmatah Samgharakshitasya civarakarnike lagnah | 
athayushman Samgharakshito vitatapaksba iva [A. 120. a] liamsara- 
jas tata eva riddhya uparivihayasS, prakr&ntali [ 

yavat tani panca banikchatani bh^ndam prati9amayanti [ tesham 
upari cchaya nipatita | sa tair diishtah | te kathayanti | arya Samgha- 
rakshita Ogatas tvam | agato 'ham | kutra gacchasi | sa kathayati | 
imani panca kulaputragatany ikankshanti svakhyate dharmavinaye 
pravrajyam upasampadam bhikshubhavam | te kathayanti | krja, 
Samgharakshita vayam api pravrajishy&mah | avatarasva yavad 
bhandam prati9amayama iti | ayushmin Samgharakshito 'vatirnah | 
tair bhandam pratigS-mitam | athayushm^n Samgharakshitas tat 
kulaputrasahasram adaya yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | 

tena khalu samayena Bhagavan aneka9atS.ya bhikshuparshadah. 
purastan nishanno dharmam degayati | adrakshid Bhagavan iyush- 
mantam Samgharakshitam durad eva drishtv^ ca punar bhikshun 
S,mantrayate sma | esha bhikshavah Samgharakshito bhikshuh sapra- 
bhrita S,gacch.ati | nasti Tathagatasyaivamvidham prS,bhritam yatha 
vaineyaprabhritam | dyushman Samgharakshito yena Bhagavams 
tenopasamkrantah | upasainkramya Bhagavatah pddau girasa vandit- 
vaikante nishannah | ekantanishannah S,yushman Samgharakshito 
Bhagavantam idam avocat | idam bhadanta* kulaputrasahasram 
akankshati svakhyate dharmavinaye pravrajyam upasampadam bhik- 
shubhavam I tarn Bhagavin pravrajayatupasampadayatv anukampam 
upadaya | te Bhagavata ehibhikshukay^ ibhashita^ eta bhikshava^ 
carata brahmacaryam Bhagavato vacavasane mundah samvrittalji 
samghS.tipravritah saptah^varopitakegagmagravah patrakarakavyagra- 
hasta varshaQatopasampannasya bhikshor iryapathenivasthitih [ 

1 See A. 62. a. '■' bhagavantam BC. ^ Ex. conject. (cf. fol. 17 a) ;abh4shya MSS. 

^'ZiiOa.M'^ »^i!Xrlm^• ^■... I 







ehiti cokta hi Tathagatena mundag ca samghatiparitadehah | 

sadyah pragantendriya eva tasthur nopasthita Buddhamanora- 

thena || 

Bhagavata tesham avavado dattah | tair udyacchamanair ghatama- 

nair vyayacchadbhih sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam sakshatkritam | 

arhantah samyaksamvrittas traidhatukavitarS,gah purvavad yavan 

manyag ca pujyag cabhivadyag ca samvrittah | 

ayushman Sanigharakshito Buddham Bhagavantain pricchati | 

ihaham bhadanta sattvan adraksham kudyakaran stambhakaran vrik- 

shakarSn patrakaran* pushpakaran phalakaran rajjvakaran sam- 

mS,rjany§,karS,n khatvakaran" udukhalakarfin sthalikakaran madhye 

'vacchiimam tantuna dharyamanain gacchati | kasya karmano vipa- 

kena [ Bhagavan aha | yS,nis^ tvam Samgharakshita sattvan adrak- 

shih kudyakarains te Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya gravaka asan | 

taih samghikam kudyam gleshmana siiphanakena vinagitam* | te 

tasya karmano vipakena kudyakarah* samvrittS,h | yatha kudyak&ra 

evam stambh^karah sattvah | yan Samgharakshita sattvan adrakshir 

vrikshakarams^ [A. 120. b] te Kigyapasya samyaksambuddhasya 

gravaka asan | taih samghikah pushpavrikshah phalavrikshah paud- 

galikaparibhogena bhuktah | te tasya karmano vipakena vriksha- 

kar&h samvrittah | yatha vrikshakara evam patrakarah phalakarah 

pushpakarah | yam tvam Samgharakshita sattvam adrakshi rajjva- 

karam sa Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya gravaka asit ] tena sam- 

ghika rajjuh ^paudgalikaparibhogena paribhukta | sa tasya karmano 

vipS,kena rajjvakarah sainvrittah | yatha rajjvakara evam sammarjan- 

yakarah j yam tvam Samgharakshita sattvam ^adrakshis ^tapvak^- 

ram Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya gravaka asic chramanerakah | 

1 MSS. om. patrakaran. 2 gig msS. cf. p. 338 ; but cf. infra, tapvakaran ? 
3 yantvam MSS. ■* vinasitam MSS. ^ .^^ra MSS. « vrikshakaran MSS. 
' paudgalikaya paribhogena MSS. ^ adrakshlt MSS. ® ex conject. (cf, 

infra) ; tab i| karam AB, tatbakaram CD. Can tapu mean * a caldron '? Bumouf 




so 'parena samayena p&nakavaram uddishtas *tad varakam iiinnS.da- 
yati I S,gantuka9 ca bhikshava agatah [ sa taih prishtah | gramaneraka 
kim samghasya panakatn bhavishyati | sa kathayati nastiti | te nira- 
gibhutah prakrantah [ samghasya ca panakam sampannam | sa tasya 
karmaiio vipakena tapvakarah.^ samvrittah | yam tvam Samgharak- 
shita sattvam adrakshir udukhalakaram sa Kagyapasya samyaksam- 
buddhasya gravaka asit | tasya patrakarma pratyupasthitam | tatrai- 
kah gramanerako 'rhan sa tenoktah | gramaneraka ^dadasva m.e 
■*khalastokam kuttayitva | sa kathayati | sthavira tishtha tavan 
muhurtaip. vyagro 'ham pagc^d dasyamiti | so 'marshajatah katha- 
yati I 9rS,maneraka yadi rocate tvam evaham asminn udukhale prak- 
shipya kuttaye prag eva *khalastokam | yat tad arhato 'ntike kharara 
vakkarma nigcaritam sa tasya karmano vipakena udukhalakS,rah. 
samvrittah | yams® tvam Samgharakshita sattvan^ adrakshis stha- 
lyakarams^ te Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya kalpikaraka asan | 
te bhikshunam bhaishajyani kvathayamS.nah sthilikam bhanjate® | 
tesham bhikshunam vighato bhavati [ te tasya karmano vipjikena 
sthalyakarah samvrittah | yam tvam Samgharakshita sattvam adrak- 
shir madhye chinnas tantuna dharyamano gacchati sa Kagyapasya 
samyaksambuddhasya pravacane pravrajita asil labhagrahikah j tena 
yad varshikam labham tad dhaimantikam '"parinamitam yad dhai- 
mantikatn tad varshikam ] tasya karmano vipakena madhye "chinnas 
tantun^ dharyamano gacchati II 

'^ Samgharakshita vadanam nama trayovimgatimam ^^ j 

^ tat panakam BC. ^ gig ^jgc ; taddhakdrah D. '^ deva dasva B, vade 
dasva A, (dadasva occurs in Mahabh.). ^ khale stokam BC, khalu stokam B. 
5 khale stokam MSS. ^ yam MSS. "' sattvam MSS. ^ sthfilyakfiras 

MSS, 9 bhafijante MSS. i" parinamite MSS. " chinna- MSS. 

12 D prefixes iti gridivyavadane. ^^ Ex conject. ; dvdvim(;atimat MSS. ABO 
also add after it 9I0 29. 






bhikshavah samQayajatah sarvasamgayacchetaram Buddham Bha- 
gavantam pricchanti | kuto bhadanta tena nagakum arena tatpratha- 
matah graddha pratilabdha [ Bhagavan aha | bhutapurvam bhikshavo 
'sminn eva bhadrakalpe^ vimgativarshasahasrayushi prajayam Kag- 
yapo nima gasta loka utpannas tathagato 'rhan samyaksambuddho 
vidyacaranasampannah sugato lokavid anuttai-ah purushadamyasa- 
rathih gasta [A. 121. a] devamanushy&nim Buddho Bhagavan | sa 
evam gravak&nam dharmam degayati | etani bhikshavo 'rany^ni 
gunyagarani parvatakandaragiriguhapalalapuiijabhyavakagagmagana- 
vanaprasthani prantani gayanasanani dhyS,yata bhikshavo ma prama- 
data ma pagcadvipratisarino ^bhutedam asmakam anugasanam | tatra 
kecid bhikshavah Sumeruparishandayam gatva dhyayanti kecin 
Mandakinyah ^pushkarinyas tire kecid Anavatapte mahasarasi kecit 
saptasu kaficanamayeshu parvateshu kecit tasu tasu gramanigamara- 
jarashtradhanishu gatva dhyayanti | 

anyatamag ca cirajatako nagakumarah Suparnina pakshirajena 
Sumeruparishandayam uparishtid apahriyate | yavat tena bhikshavo 
dhyanadhyayanayogamanasikarayukta viharanto drisht^ drishtvS, 
casya cittam abhiprasannam* | prasadajatah saiplakshayati | mukta 
hy ete aryaka evainvidhad duhkhat | cyutah kalagato Varanasyam 
shatkarmanirate brahmanakule jata unnito vardhito mahan sam- 
vrittah | so 'parena samayena Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya 
gasane pravrajitah | tenodyata ghatata vyayacchata sarvaklegapraha- 
nad arhattvam sakshatkritam | arhan samvrittah [ purvavad yavan 
manyag ca pujyag cabhivandyag ca samviittah [ sa samlakshayati | 
kuto 'ham cyutah | tiryakshu | kutropapannah | manushyeshu | kutra 
mama matapitarau | yavat pagyati nagabhavane rudantau tishtha- 

1 bhadrake kalpe BD, bhadrakakalpe A. ^ bhudidam MSS. ^ pushkir- 
ABC, * abhiprasannah MSS. 




tab I sa tatra gatah | gatva pricchitum S,rabdhah | amba' tita ka- 
syS,rthe ruditah | tau kathayatah | drya sucirajatako 'smakam na,' 
gakumarab Suparnina pakshir4jenapahritah | sa kathayati | aham 
evS,sau I S,rya ^tadrigab sudushtanigo yad vayam sugatigamanam api 
na sambh^vayamab prag evedriganS,!!! dharmanam labhi bhavishyati j 
tena tau smaritau | padayor nipatya kathayatab | Hrya evamvidb§,3 
tvayS, gunagana adhigatS,h | arya tvam pindakenartbi vayam punyenar- 
thikab | ibaiva tvam agamya divase divase bbaktakrityam kritvS, 
gaccba [ saiiS,gabbavane divyamsudhamparibbuktvagaccbati^ | tasya 
gramanerakah sardbamvibari | sa bbiksbubbir uktah | grimaneraka 
ayam te up&dbyayah kutra bbuktva bbuktva agaccbati [ sa katbayati [ 
nabam jane | te katbayanti [ nagabbavane divyam sudbam pari- 
bbujya paribbujyagaccbati | tvam kasyartbe na gaccbasi | sa katha- 
yati I ayam mabardbiko mabftnubbivo yena gaccbati katbam abam 
gaccbami | te katbayanti | yadayam riddhya gaccbati tada tvam asya 
civarakarnikam grib§,na ] sa katbayati m§, pateyam | [A. 121. b] te 
katbayanti | bbadramukba yadi Sumerub parvataraja civarakarnikam 
avalambyate^ nasau patet pr&g eva tvam patisbyasiti | yo* yasmin 
sthane 'ntardbS,syati tena tatra nimittam udgrLbitam* | sa tatpra- 
degam purvam eva gatv^ 'vastbitab | sa cantardbS,syatiti tena civara- 
karnikam gribitam | tav upari vibayasa prakrantau yavat tau nagair 
drisbtau | tayor dve te asanaprajnapti kritau dvaU mandalakav 
amarjitau | sa samlaksbayati | kasyartbe 'yam apara asanah prajnap- 
tab I sa pratinivartya pagyati yavac grtmanerakam | sa katbayati | 
bbadramukba tvam apy agatah | upadhyayagato 'bam | gobbanam | 
nS,gab samlaksbayanti | ayam 4ryo mabardbiko mabanubbavah 
gakyate divy&m sudbam karayitum | ayam anyo na gakyate | tais 
tasya divya sudbS, datta tasyapi prakrita ibarah | sa tasya pitragra- 

^ ambe C. 2 tadripasudushtanigo AB, tfi,dri<?ah sudushtanfigo C, tadri^a- 
sudushta nago D. 3 Sic MSS. ■* Sic MSS.: Qu. sa? = udgrahlta ABC, 
udgrahitam D. 

c. 44 








hakah | tena tasya p§,tram grihitam yavat tatraika odanamijy' 
avatishthate | sa tenasye^ praksMpta yavad divyam asvadanam^ | sa 
samlakshayati | idri9S, api matsarino nagah | ekadhye nishannayor 
asya divyi sudha datta mamapi prSkrita aharah | sa pranidhanam 
kartum arabdhah | yan maya bhagavati Kacyape samyaksambuddhe 
'nuttare mahadakshiniye brahmacaryam cirnam anenaham kugalamu- 
lenaitam nagam asmad bhavanac cyavayitva 'traivopapadyeyam iti | 
tasya drishta eva dharme ubhabhyam panibhyam jalam syanditum 
arabdham | nagasyapi ^girorttir badhitum arabdha | sa kathayati | 
aryanena 'cramanerakenagoblianacittain utpaditam | pratinivart^- 
payitv enam | sa kathayati | bhadramukbapaya® hy ete nivartaya 
cittam I sa gathS,m bhashate | 

pravanibhutam idam cittam na Qaknomi nivarayitum | 
ihasthasyaiva me bbadanta panibhyam syandate jalam |j 
sa tarn nagam tasmad bhavanac cyavayitva tatraivopapannab | tatra 
bhikshavas tena nagakumarena tatprathamatah 9raddha pratilabdha || 
iti gridivyavadane^ nagakumaravadanam^H 




bhikshavah samgayajatah sarvasamgayacchettaram Buddham 
bhagavantam pricchanti j kim bhadantayushmata Samgharakshitena 
karma kritaip yasya karmano vipakenadhye mahadhane mahabhoge 
kule jato Bhagavato 'ntike pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvain 
sakshatkritam evam tarn ca vaineyakaryam® kritam | Bhagavan aha | 
Samgharakshitenaiva bhikshavah karmani kritany upacitani purva- 
vat I bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'sminn eva bhadrake kalpe vimgativar- 

1 Sic MSS.; query odanamihy (mihi from mih) or -mikshy? ^ tenasya 

MSS. 3 asvadam MSS. * Sic MSS. ^ Ex conject. Qramanerake 

saQobhanacittam AB, — samQobhana- D, -sagobhana- C. ^ bhadramukho 

'paya CD. ' cm. ABC. s All the MSS. add here 23 (for 24?), and ABC 

add further 5I0 48. " vaiaeyakfirya MSS. 




shasahasrayushi prajS,yarn Kagyapo nama gista p&rvavat [ tasyayam 
gasane pravrajita §,sid vaiyavrityakarah | asya tatra panca sardham- 
vihS,ri9atam yadbhuyasa ekak:arvatanivS,si janakayo 'syaiv^bhipra- 
sannah | anena tatra ylivadayuhparyaiitain brahmacaryam cimam na 
kagcid gunagano 'dhigatah j aparena samayena glanibhutah. ] mula- 
gandapatrapushpaphalabhaishajyair upasthiyamano* hiyata eva | 
maranasamaye pranidhanam kartum arabdhah | [A. 122. a] yan 
mayS, K&gyape bhagavati samyaksambuddhe 'nuttare mahadakshiniye 
yivadiyur brahmacaryam cirnam na ^kagcid gunagano 'dhigato 
'nen^ham kugalamulena yo 'sau bbagavata Kagyapena samyaksam- 
buddbenottaro n§,ma manavo varsbagatayusbi praj&yam avagyabhji- 
giyakasya bbavyatayam Buddho vyakritas tasya g^sane pravrajya 
sarvaklegaprabanad arbattvam sakshatkuryam^ | tatah. pagcit sS-r- 
dbamvihS,rina upasamkr2,ntah | te kathayanti | upS,dhyayasti kimcit 
tvaya gunaganam adbigatam j sa kathayati | nasti | kim pranidhanam 
kritam | idam cedam ca [ te kathayanti | vayam apy upadhyiyam 
eva kalydnamitram agamya tasyaiva Bhagavato 'ntike sarvaklegapra- 
hanM arhattvam s^kshitkuryuh | karvatanivasinS. janakayena grutam 
gl&na* aryaka iti | te 'py upasarakrintS.h | asti kimcid aryena guna- 
ganam adhigatam | nasti | kim pranidhanam kritam | idam cedam 
ca I te kathayanti | vayam apy aryam eva kaly^amitram S,gamya 
tsyaiva Bhagavato 'ntike sarvakle9aprahS,n^d arhattvam sakshat- 
kuryuh | 

kim manyadhve bhikshavah ] yo 'sau vaiyavrityakara esha evasau 
Samgharakshito bhikshuh | yani tani panca sS,rdhamvihS,ri9atany 
etany eva tani pancabhikshugatani | yo 'sau karvatanivS,si janakaya 
etiny eva tani panca banikchatani | yad anena tatra dharmavaiya- 
vrityam kritam tasya karmano vipakenadhye mah&dhane mahabhoge 
kule upapannah | yat tanmaranasamaye pr^idhinam kritam tasya 

^ upasthiyamano MSS. ^ kasyacid MSS. ^ sakshatkurySt D. 

■* glanam MSS. 








karmano vipakena mamantike pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhatt- 
vaip sakshatkritam evam ca vaineyakaryam kritam | iti hi bhikshava 
ekSntakrishntnam kannanam ekantakrishno vipakali pur va vat' || 


yo 'sau svam§,msatanubhir yajanani kritva tavacciram karunaya 
jagato hitaya | 

tasya gramasya saphallkaranaya santah sammS,rjitam grinuta 
s§,inpratabliashyamanam 1| 
evam maya grutam ekasmin samaye Bhagavaii Chravasty^m 
viharatiti sutram vakfcavyam | atra tavad ^Bhagavattathagatavada- 
ragadveshainoliamadainanam§,y^sathyapankapataMnS,m gabdanyayS, - 
9anandliakaran§,m samsaratrishnachedipravarasaddliarmapayahpS,n - 
agaundanam gurunam samnidhau sarvavavadakam^ greshtham Qak- 
rabrahmeganayamavarunakuveravasavasomadityadibhir apy aprati- 
hatagasanam KandarpadarpS-pamardanaguram mahatmanam atima- 
hardhikam sthaviropaguptam arabhya kancid eva vibuddhajanama- 
nahprasadakarim dharmyam kathain samanusmarishyamah | tatra 
tavad gurubhir avahitagrotrair bhavitavyam | evam anugruyate | yada 
Bhagavaii parinirvanakalasamaye 'palalanagam viniya Kumbhakarim* 
candalim gopalim ca tesham Mathurim anupraptah | tatra Bhagavan 
S,yushmantam Anandam ^mantrayate [A. 122, b] sma | asyS,m Ananda 
*Mathurayam mama varshagataparinirvritasya Gupto nama gan- 
dhiko* bhavishyati | tasya putro bhavishyaty Upagupto namalak- 

1 No MS. gives any epigraph to this avadana ; but ABC number it as 24 (it 
should be 25), and add ^loka 28. * bhavantatha- CD. ^ -kah ^reshthah MSS. 
* AB Kumbhakarim. » Madhu- MSS. here. « The MSS. oscillate between 
gandhiko and gandhiko. 

7 P 




shanako buddho yo mama varsha^ataparinirvi-itasya tuddham kdr- 
yam ^ bhavishyati | tasy&vavadena bahavo bhikshavah sarvaklega- 
prah^ndd arhattvam sS.kshatkarishyanti | te 'shtadagahastam S,ya- 
mena dvadagahastam vistarena caturangulamitrabhib ganakabhih 
pujayishyanti^ | esho ^'gro me Ananda Qravakanam bhavishyaty 
avavadakanam yadutopagupto bhikshuli | pagyasi tvam Ananda 
durata eva nilaniMmbarar&jim | evam bhadanta | e^ha Ananda 
Rurumundo nama parvatah j atra varshagataparinirvritasya Tatha- 
gatasya Canakavasi* nima bhikshur bhavishyati | so 'tra Kurumun- 
daparvate viharam pratishthapayishyati Upaguptam ca pravraja- 
yishyati | Mathurayam Ananda Nato Bliatag ca dvau bhratarau 
greshthinau bhavishyatab | tau Rurumundaparvate viharam pratish- 
thS,payisliyatah. | tasya Natabhatiketi samjnS, bhavishyati j etad 
agram me Ananda bhavishyati gamathanukulanam gayyisanS-nam 
yad idam Natabhatikaranyayatanam | athiyushman Anando Bha- 
gavantam idam avocat | agcaryam bhadanta yad idngam ayushm§,n 
Upagupto bahujanahitam karishyati | BhagavS,n aha | n^nanda 
etarhi yath^tite 'py adhvani tena vinipatitagarirenapy atraiva j 
"Unimundaparvate trayah pargvah ] ekatra pradege paiica prat- 
yekabuddhagatani prativasanti | dvitiye ^pancarishigatani | tritiye 
pancamarkatagatani | tatra yo 'sau pancanam markatagatanam yuth- 
apatih sa tam yutham apahaya yatra p^rgve panca pratyekabuddha- prativasanti tatra gatah | tasya tka pratyekabuddhan drishtva 
prasado jatah | sa teshS,m pratyekabuddhan§,ni girnaparnani mula- 
phalani copanamayati yadS. ca te paryankenopavishta bhavanti sa 
viiddhante pranamam kritvS. yavannavantam gatva paryankeno- 
pavigati yavat te pratyekabuddhah parinirvritah | sa tesham girna- 

1 Sic MSS. : Qu. buddhaMryam karishyati. ^ Cf . Burnouf, Introd. p. 378, 
quotes this passage and would read ^alakabhih guharu pfirayishyanti. ^ gi&me 
MSS. * AB oscillate between ^anaka- and ^anaka- ^ For the two spellings 
Urumunda and Rurumunda see Burnouf, Introd. p. 378. ' Sic MSS. 





parnani mulaphalani copan&mayati te na pratigrihnanti | sa teshdm 
civarakarnikany akarshayati padau grihnS,ti yavat sa markatas cin- 
tayati niyatam ete kalagata bhavishyanti | tatah sa markatah 
gocitva paridevitva ca dvitiyam pargvam gato yatra panca ^rishi- 
gatani prativasanti | te ca rishayah kecit kanthakapagrayah kecid 
bhasmapagray^h. kecid urdhvahastab kecit paiicatapavastbit§,b | sa 
teshain tesham iryapathS,n vikopayitum arabdhab | ye kanthakS,- 
pagrayas tesham kantbakan uddharati | bbasmapagrayanim bbasma 
vidhunoti | urdbvabastanam adbo bastam patayati | paficatapavastbi- 
tanam agnim avakirati | yada ca tair iryapatbo vikopito [A. 123. a] 
bbavati tad a sa tesbam agratab paryankam badbnati | yavat Hair- 
isbibbir acaryaya niveditam tenapi coktam | paryankena tavan 
nisbidatba yavat tani panca risbigatani paryankenopavisbtani | te 
'nacaryaka anupadegakab saptatrimgad bodhipaksban dbarman amu- 
kbikritya pratyekam bodbim saksbatkritavantab | atba tesbim 
pratyekabuddb&nam etad abbavad yat kimcid asmabbib greyo 
'vaptam tat sarvam imam markatam agamy at ^ | tair yavat sa 
markatah pbalamulaih paripalitab kalagatasya ca tac cbariram gan- 
dbakasbtbair dbmapitam^ | 

tat kim manyasa Ananda [ yo 'sau pancanam markatagatanam 
yutbapatib sa esba Upaguptah | tadapi tena vinipatitagarirenapy 
atraivorumunde parvate babujanabitam kritam | anagate 'py adhvani 
varshagataparimrvritasya mamatraivorumunde parvate babujanabi- 
tam karisbyati | tac ca yatbaivam tatbopadarQayisbyamab | yad§, 
stbavirena C^nakavasina Urumunde parvate vibarah pratisbtba- 
pitab samanvabarati | kim asau gandbika utpannab | athadyapi not- 
padyata iti pagyaty utpannam | sa yavat samanvabarati yo 'sau tasya 
putra Upagupto namnalaksbanako buddbo nirdishto yo mama var- 
sbagataparinirvritasya buddbakaryam karishyatiti, kim asS,v utpanno 

1 Sic MSS. 2 Ex conject. MSS. markatam agamya tair yavat. ^ dhy- 
apitah MSS. 





'dyapi notpadyate | pa9yaty adySpi notpadyate | tena yavad upayena 
Gupto gandhiko bhagavacchasane 'bhiprasaditah | sa yadabhiprasan- 
nas tada sthavirab sambahulair bhikshubhih sardham ekadivasam 
tasya griham pravishtah j aparasminn ahany S,tmadvitiyah [ ^anyas- 
minn ahany ekaki | yavad Gupto ^gandliikah sthaviram Qanakavasi- 
nam ekakinam drislitva kathayati [ na khalv aryasya kagcit pa^cacch- 
ramanah. ] sthavira uvaca | jaradharmanam kuto 'smakam pa9cacch- 
ramano bhavati, yadi kecic chraddhapurogena pravrajanti te 'smakam 
pagcacchramana bhavanti | Gupto gandhika uvaca | S,ryaham tavad 
grihavase parigriddho vishay^bhiratag ca na may^ 9akyam pravra- 
jitum api tu yo 'smakam putro bhavati tam vayam aryasya pa5cS.cch- 
ramanam dasyS,mah [ sthavira uvS,ca | vatsa evam astv api tu dridha- 
pratijnam smarethis tvam iti | yavad Guptasya gandhikasya putro 
jS,tah tasydgvagupta iti namadheyam kritam | sa yada mahan sam- 
vrittas tada sthavira9S,nakavS,si Guptam g§,ndhikam adhigamyovaca | 
vatsa tvaya pratijnatam yo 'smakam putro bhavishyati tam vayam 
aryasya pa9cacchramanara dS,syamah ] anujanihi pravrajishy^mtti | 
gandhika uvaca [ aryayam asmakam ekaputro marshayanyo yo 
'smakam dvitiyah putro bhavishyati tam vayam dryasya pa9caceh- 
ramanam dasyamah | yavat sthavira9anakavS,si samanvaharati [A. 
123. b] kim ayam sa Upaguptah | pa9yati neti | tena sthavirenabhi- 
hita evam astv iti [ tasya yivad dvitiyah putro j&tah | tasya Dhana- 
gupta iti nama kritam | so 'pi yadi mahan samvrittah tada sthavira- 
canakavasi Guptam gS,ndhikam uv§,ca, vatsa tvayS, pratijnatam yo 
'sm§,kam putro bhavishyati tam vayam aryasya pa9cacchramanam 
dasyamah | ayam ca te putro jatah j anujanihi pravrajayishyamiti | 
gandhika uvica, 4rya marshaya eko 'smakam bahirdha dravyara 
sam9ayishyati* dvitiyo 'ntargrihe paripalanam karishyatiti | api tu 
yo 'smakam tritiyah putro bhavishyati sa dryasya dattah | yavat 
sthavira9anakavasi samanvaharati, kim ayam sa Upaguptah ] pa9yati 

^ A asmiu. ^ Sic MSS. ^ Sic MSS. Query samcayisbyati ? 







neti I tatah sthavira uvaca, evam astv iti | yavad Guptasya gandhi- 
kasja tritiyah putro jato 'bhirupo darganiyah prasadiko 'tikr§,nto 
manushavarnam asaiiipriptag ca divyavarnam | tasya vistarena j&tau 
jatimaham kritva Upagupta iti nama kritam [ so 'pi yada mahin 
samvrittah yavat sthaviraginakavasi Guptaip gandhikam abhigamyo- 
vaca I vatsa tvaya pratijnatam yo 'smakam tritiyah putro bhavishyati 
tarn vayam aryasya dasyamab pagcacchramanartlie | ayam te tritiyah 
putra utpannah [ anujanihi pravrajayishyamiti | Gupto g&ndiiika 
uv4ca I arya samayatah yadalabho 'nucchedo bhavishyatiti tadSi^ 
anujnasyami [ yada tena samayab kritah tadS, Marena sarvavati 
Mathura gandhavishti te^ sarve Upaguptasakagad gandhan. krinanti 
sa prabhutani dasyati | yavat sthaviraganakavasi Upaguptasak&gam 
gatah. I Upaguptag ca gandhapane sthitah. | sa dbarmena vyavaha- 
ram karoti gandhan vikrinite | sa sthavirena Canakavasinabhihitah | 
vatsa kidrigas te cittacetasikah pravartante klishta vaklishta veti | 
Upagupta uvaca | arya naiva janami kidrigah klishtS.9 cittacetasikah 
kidriga aklishta iti | sthaviraganakavasy uvaca | vatsa yadi kevalain. 
cittam parijnatuip na gakyasi pratipakshani mocayitum | tena tasya ^ 
krishnikapattika datta pandurika ca | yadi klishtam cittam utpadyate 
krishnikam pattikam sthapaya | athaklishtam cittam utpadyate p&n- 
duram pattikS,m sthapaya | gubham manasi kuru buddhanusmritim 
ca bhavayasveti tenasya vyapadishtam | tasya yavad arabdhi aklishtag 
cittacetasikah^ pravartitum sa dvau bhagau krishnikanam sthapayati 
ekam ^ pandurikanam® | yavad ardham krishnikanam sthapayati ardh- 
am pandurikanam | yavad dvau bhagau pandurikanam sthapayati 
ekain krishnikanam | [A. 124, a] yavad anupurve sarvany eva quk- 
lani cittany utpadyante sa pandurikanam eva pattikam sthapayati | 
dharmena vyavahdrain karoti | Mathurayam Yasavadatta nama 
ganika | tasya dasi UpaguptasakS-gam gatva gandhan krinati | so 

1 A tatha. 2 gandhavishtaste MSS. ^ tasya MSS. * -ka MSS. 

5 MSS ekam. ^ MSS. pandurikanam here and sometimes afterwards. 



XX VL divyavadAna. 353 

Vasavadattaya cocyate j clarike mushyate sa g^ndhikas tvaya bahun 
gandhan anayasiti | darikovaca | aryaduhite Upagupto gandhikada- 
rako rupasampannag caturyamadhuryasampannag ca dharmena vya- 
vaharain karoti | grutva ca Vasavadattaya Upaguptasakage sanura- 
gam cittam utpannam [ taya yavad dasi Upaguptasakagain preshita, 
tvatsakagam agamishyamiccliami tvaya sardham ratim anubhavitum | 
yavad dasya Upaguptasya niveditam [ Upagupta uvaca, akalas te 
bhagini rtiaddarganayeti | Vasavadatta pancabhih puranagataih pari- 
carayate | tasya buddhir utpanna, niyatam pancapuranagataiii notsa- 
hate datum | taya yavad dasi UpaguptasakaQam presliita, na mama- 
lyaputrasakagat karshapanenapi prayojanam kevalam aryaputrena 
saha ratim anubhaveyam | dasya tatha niveditam [ Upagupta uvaca, 
akalas te bhagini maddarganayeti [ yavad anyatarah greshthiputro 
Vasavadattayah sakagam pravishtah | anyatarag ca sarthavaha Utta- 
rapathat paficagatam agvapanyam grihitva Mathuram anupraptab| 
tenabhihitam, katara vegya sarvapradhana | tena grutain, Vasava- 
datteti I sa paiicapuranacatani grihitva bahuii ca prabhritan Vasa- 
vadattayah sakagam abhigatah j tato Vasavadattaya lobhakrishtena 
tam greshthiputram praghatayitva' 'vaskare prakshipya sarthavahena 
saha ratim anubhuta \ yavat sa greshthiputro bandhubhir avaskarad 
uddhritya rajno niveditam | tato rajfiabhihitam | gacchantu bha- 
vanto Vasavadattam^ hastapadau^ karnanasam ca chittva gmagane 
chorayantu | yavat tair Vasavadatta^ hastapadau^ karnanasam* ca 
chittva gmagane chorita | yavad Upaguptena grutain Vasavadatta 
hastapadau^ karnanasam* ca chittva gmagane chorita | tasya buddhir 
utpanna, purvam taya mama vishayanimittam darganam akankshi- 
tam, idanim tu tasya hastapadau karnanast, ^ ® ca vikartitau idanim 
tu tasyS, darganakala iti | aha ca | yada pragastambarasamvritangi 
abhud vicitrabharanair vibhushita [ moksharthinam janmaparanmu- 

1 papathayitva (sic) A. ' Vasavadatta A. 3 hastapada MSS. * -datyam 
MSS. 5 karnanasau ca MSS. * hastapadakarnanasan ca MSS. 

c. 45 





i I 



w ■ 

khanam [A. 124, b] greyas tadasyas tu na dar9anam syat || idanim 
tu, [e-]tasyah kalo 'yam drashtum gatamanaragaharshayah | nigitasi- 
vikshatayah svabhavaniyatasya rupasya || 

yavad ekena darakenopasthayakena chatram adaya pragantener- 
yapathena ^maganam anupraptali, tasyac ca presliika purvagunanura- 
gat samipe 'vasthita kakadin nivarayati | taya ca Vasavadattaya nive- 
ditam, aryaduhitar yasya tvayahani sakaqam punah punar anupresh- 
ita ayam sa Upagupto 'bhyagatah, niyatam esha kamaragartta agato 
bhavishyati | grutva ca Yasavadatt^ kathayati | pranashtagobham 
duhkharttain bhumau rudhirapinjaram j mavn drishtva katham etasya 
kamarago bhavishyati || tatah preshikam uvaca | yau hastapadau 
karnanasam' ca maccharirad vikartitau tau gleshayeti | taya yavac 
chleshayitva pattakena prachadita | Upagiiptag cagatya Vasavadat- 
taya agratah sthitali | tato Vasavadatta Upaguptam agratah sthitam 
drishtva kathayati | aryaputra yada maccharirain svasthabhutam 
vishayaratyanukulani tada maya aryaputrasya punah punar diiti 
visarjita, aryaputrenabhihitam^ akalas te bhagini mama darganayeti, 
idanim mama hastapadau karnanasau^ ca vikartitau svarudhirakar- 
dama evavasthita, idanim kim agato 'si | aha ca | idam yada pankaja- 
garbhakomalam maharhavastrabharanair vibhtishitam | babhuva ga- 
tram mama darganakshamam tada na drishto 'si mayalpabhagyaya || 
etarhi kim drashtum ihdgato 'si yada gariram mama darganaksha- 
mam | nivrittalilaratiharshavismayam bhayavaham gonitapankale - 
panam || Upagupta uvaca | nahain bhagini kamarttah samnidhav aga- 
tas tava j kamanam agubhanam tu svabhavam drashtum agatah || prac- 
chadita vastravibhushanadyair vahyair vicitrair madananukulaih | 
nirikshyamanapi* hi yatnavadbhir napy atra drishtasi bhaved yatha 
ca II idam tu rupam tava drigyam etat sthitam svabhave racanad 
viyuktam | te 'panditas^ te ca vigarhaniya ye prakrite 'smin kunape 

1 -nasan MSS. - -abhihitah MSS. 3 sic MSS. * nirikshamanapi 

MSS. » -ta MSS. 





ramante |I tvacavanaddhe rudhiravasakte' carmS,vrite maipsaglianS,- 
valipte I girasahasraig ca vrite samantat ko nama rajyeta kutah 
(jarire || api ca bhagini | vahirbhadrani rupani diishtva balo 'bhiraj- 
yate | abhyantaraviduslitani jQatva dhiro virajyate || avakrishtava- 
krishtasyakunapasyahy amedliyata j medhyab* kamopasamharah kami- 
nali Qubhasarpjninah || iha hi | daurgandhyam prativaryate bahuvid- 
hair [A. 125. a] gandhair amedhyakaraih. | vaikrityaip vahir adhri- 
yeta vividhair vastradibhir bhusbanaih |1 svedakledamaladayo 'py 
agucayas tan nirharaty ambhasa | yenamedhyakarankam etad agubham 
kam&tmabliih sevyate 1| sambuddhasya tu ye vacah suvacasah. 91111 vanti 
kurvanty api | te kamaii^ gramagokaduhkhajananan sadbhih sad^ 
garhitan* || tyaktva kamanimittamuktamanasah gante vane nirgatah | 
param yanti bhavarnavasya mahatah samqritya margaplavam || qrutva 
Yasavadatta samsarad udvigna Buddbagunanusmaranac cavarjita- 
hridayovaca | evam etat tatha sarvam yatha vadasi panditah. | me 
tvani sadhum. samasadya Buddhasya vacanaip. grutam || 

yavad Upaguptena Yasavadattaya anupurvikam katham kritva 
satyani samprakagitani | XJpaguptag ca Yasavadattaya carirasvabha- 
vam avagamya kamadhatuvairagyam gatah | tenatmiyaya dharma- 
deganaya sahasatyabbisamayad anagamiphalam. Yasavadattaya ca 
grotapattiphalam. praptam tato Yasavadatta drishtasatya TJpaguptam 
samragayanty uvaca | tavanubbavat pihitah sughoro by apayamargo 
bahudosbayuktah | apavrita svargagatib svapunya nirvanamargag 
ca mayopalabdhah || api ca, eshabaiii tara bhagavantain. Tathagatam 
arhantam samyaksainbuddham caranam gacchami dharniain ca bhik- 
shusamgham cety aba | esha vrajami garanam vibuddhanavakamala- 
vimaladhavalanetram | tam amarabudhajanasahitam jinam viragam 
ca samgham ceti || 

yavad TJpagupto Yasavadattam dharmyaya kathaya saindargya 

1 MSS, -avapakte. 2 medhya MSS. 
tam AB, garhitam CD. 

3 kamat graya- MSS. 








prakranto 'ciraprakrante copagupte Vasavadatta kalagatS, deveshupa- 
panna | devataic^ ca Mathurayam arocitam | Vasavadattaya Upagupta- 
saka^ad dharmadecanani grutva aryasatyani drishtani deveshupa- 
panneti | Qrutva ca Mathuravastavyena janakayena Vasavadattayali 
car ire puja krita | 

yavat sthaviraganakavasi' Guptain. gandhikam abhigamyovaca | 
anujanihi Upaguptam pravrajayishyamiti [ Gupto gandhika uvaca | 
arya esha samayah, yada na labho na chedo bhavishyati tadanujiia- 
syamiti [ yavat sthaviraQanakavasina riddhya tathadhishthitani 
yatha na labho na chedah | tato Gupto gandhiko ganayati tulayati 
mapayati pa9yati na labho na chedah | tatah sthavirah Canakavasi ^ 
Guptam gandhikam uvaca | ayani hi bhagavata Buddhena nirdishtah, 
mama varshagataparinirvritasya buddhakaryamkarishyatiti, anujanihi 
pravrajayishyamiti | yavad Guptena gandhikenabhyanujiiatah j tatah 
sthavirena Canakavasina Upagupto Natabhatikaranyayatanam nitah, 
upasampaditaQ ca jnapticaturtham ca karma vyavasitam Upaguptena 
ca sarvakle9aprahanad arhattvam sakshatkritam | tatah sthavirena 
Canakavasinabhihitam | vatsopagupta tvam Bhagavata nirdishto, 
varshagataparinirvritasya mamopagupto nama bhikshur bhavishyaty 
[A. 125. b] alakshanako buddhah, yo mama varsha9ataparinirvritasya 
buddhakaryam karisliyatiti, esho 'gro me Ananda gravakanam avava- 
dakanam yadutopagupto bhikshur, idanim vatsa gasanahitam kurush- 
veti I Upagupta uvaca, evam astv iti | tatah sa dharmagravane 'dhishta 
Mathurayani ca gabdo visyitah, Upagupto namalakshanako buddho 
'dya dharmaiu decayishyatiti | grutva canekani pranigatasahasrani 
nirgatani | yavat sthaviropaguptas samapadyavalokayati, kathain 
Tathagatasya parishan nishanna^ | pacyati cardhacandrakarena par- 
shad avasthita | yavad avalokayati katham Tathagatena dharma- 
degana krita j pacyati, purvakalakaraniyam katham kritva satyasam- 
prakagana krita | so 'pi purvakalakaraniyani katham kritva satya- 

^ MSS. henceforth have ganakavasi. - -nah MSS. 


sairiprakaganam kartum arabdhah | Marena ca tasy&m parshadi 
muktaharavarsham utsrishtam vaineyanam manamsi vyakulikritani', 
ekenapi satyadarganam na kiitam | yavat sthaviropagupto vyavalo- 
kayati, kenayam vyakshepah. kritah. | pagyati Marena | yavad 
dvitiye divase bahutarako janakayo nirgatah | Upagupto dharmam 
degayati, muktaharam ca varshopavarshitam iti | yavad dvitiye 'pi 
divase sthaviropaguptena purvakalakaraniyam katham kiitva satya- 
saipprakaganayam arabdliayam Marena casyam parshadi suvarnavar- 
sham utsrishtam vaineyanam manamsi samkshobhitani ekenapi satya- 
darganam na kritam | yavat sthaviropagupto vyavalokayati, kenayain 
vyakshepah kritah | pagyati, Marena papiyaseti | yavat tritiye divase 
bahutarako janakayo nirgatah | Upagupto dharmam de9ayati, mukta- 
varshain suvarnavarsharp ca patatiti | yavat tritiye 'pi divase sthaviro- 
paguptah purvakalakaraniyam kathaip kritva satyany arabdhah sam- 
praka^ayitum Marena ca natidure natakam arabdham^ divyani ca va- 
dyani sampravaditani, divyag capsaraso natayitum pravrittah | yavad 
vitarago janakayo divyani rupaiii drishtva divyamg ca gabdan 9rutva 
Marenakrishtah | ato Marenopaguptasya parshad akrishta pritimanasa 
Marena sthaviropaguptasya 9irasi mala baddha | yavat sthaviropa- 
guptah samanvaharitum arabdah, ko 'yam [ pa9yati Marah | tasya 
buddhir utpanna | ayam Maro bhagavacchasane mahantam vya- 
ksliepam karoti kimartham ayam Bhagavata na vinitah | pa9yati 
mamayam vineyah tasya ca vinayat sattvanugrahad aham Bhagavata 
'lakshanako buddho nirdishtah | yavat sthaviropaguptah samanva- 
harati, kim asya vinayakala upasthita ahosvin neti | pa9yati vinaya- 
kala upasthitah | tatah sthaviropaguptena trayali kunapa giihitah, 
ahikunapam kurkurakunapam manushyakunapaip ca, riddhya ca 
pushpamalam abhinirmaya Marasaka9am abhigatah | drishtva ca 
Marasya pritir utpanna Upagupto 'pi mayS, akrishta iti [A. 126. a] | 
tato Marena sva9ariram upanamitam | sthaviropaguptah svayam eva 
1 vyakulikrita MSS. = arabdho MSS. ■■ 







badhnati | tatah sthaviropaguptenahikunapam Marasya girasi baddhani 
kurkurakunapam grivayam karnavasaktam manushyakunapam ca | 
tatah samalabhyovaca | bhikshujanapratikula mMa baddha yatbaiva 
me bhavata | kamijanapratikulam tava kunapam idain maya baddham || 
yat te balam bhavati tat pratidargayasva, Buddbatmajena hi sahadya 
samagato 'si | udvrittam apy anilabhinnatarangavaktram vyavartate 
Malayakukshishu sagarambhah || atha Maras tarn kunapam apanetum 
arabdhah | param api ca svayam anupravigya pipilika ivadrirajam 
apanayitum na gagaka, asamartho vaihayasam utpadyovaca | yadi 
nioktuin na ^akyami kanthat gvakunapam svayam | anye deva api 
mokshyante matto 'bhyadhikatejasah || 

sthavira uvaca [ Brahmanam caranam gatakratuin va diptam va 
praviga hutacam arnavam va' | na kledara na ca parigoshanam na 
bhedam kanthasthain kunapam idam tu yasyatiha || 

samahendrarudropendradravinegvarayamavarunakuveravasavadi - 
nam devanam abhigamyakritartha eva Brahmanam abhigatah | 

tena cokto | marshaya ^vatsa, gishyena dagabalasya svayam ridd- 
hy a kritantamaryada^ | kas tarn bhettum gakto velam varunalayasyeva || 

api padmanalasutrair baddhva himavantam uddharet kagcit | na 
tu tava kanthasaktain cvakunapam idam uddhareyam aham || 

kamam mamapi mahad asti balam tathapi naham Tathagatasutasya 
balena tulyah | tejasvinam na khalu na jvalane 'sti kimtu nasau 
dyutir hutavahe ravimandale ya || 

Maro 'bravit | kim idanim ajnapayasi kam garanam vrajamiti | 
Brahma 'bravit [ gighram tam eva garanain vraja yam sametya 
bhrashtas tvam riddhivibhavad yagasah sukhac ca | bhrashto hi yah 
kshititale bhavatiha jantur uttishthati kshitim asav avalambya 
bhuyah || 

atha Maras Tathagatacishyasamarthyam upalabhya cintayamasa | 

1 Two short syllables seem to be wanting in this first line ; could vraja be 
omitted heiore garanam ? ^ yatsayishyena MSS. ^ ^ntar? 



Brahmana pujyate yasya gishyanam api Qasanam | tasya Buddhasya 
samarthyam pramatum ko nu gaknuyat || kartukamo 'bhavishyat kani 
gishtim \sa mama suvratali | yam ^nakarishyat kshantya tu tenaham 
anurakshitah II 

kim bahuna | adyavaimi muner mahakarunatam tasyatimaitryat- 
manah j sarvopadravavipramuktamanasag camikaradridyuteh |1 mo- 
handhena hi tatra tatra sa mayS, tais tair nayaih kheditah | tenaham 
ca tathapi nama balina naivipriyam gravitah || 

atha kamadhatvadhipatir Maro nasty anya gatir anyatropaguptakad 

eveti jfiatva sarvam utsrijya sthaviropaguptasamipam upetya padayor 

nipatyovaca | bhadanta kim aviditam etad bhadantasya yatha bodhi- 

mulam upadaya maya Bhagavato vipriya^atani kritani, kutah, galayam 

brahmanagrame mam asadya sa Gautamo j bhaktacchedam api prapya 

nakarshin mama viprayam || gaur bhutva sarpavat sthitva kritva 

gakatikakritim | sa mayayasito natho na caham tena himsitah || tvaya 

punar aham vira tyaktva sahajam [A. 126. b] dayam | sadevasura- 

madhyeshu lokeshv adyavidambitali|| sthaviro 'bravit | pS,piyan katham 

aparikshyaiva Tathagatamahatmyeshu gravakam upasamharasi, kim 

sarshapena samatam nayasiha Merum khadyotakena ravim mandalina 

samudram | anya hi sk dagabalasya kripa prajasu na gravakasya 

hi mahakarunasti saumya || api ca, yadarthena^ Bhagavata saparadho 

'pi marshitah | idam tat karanam sakshad asmabhir upalakshitam || 

Mara uvaca [ bruhi bruhi grimatas tasya bhavam saingam. chettum 

kshantiguptavratasya | yo 'sau mohan nityam ayasito me tenaham ca 

prekshito maitryenaiva* || sthavira uvaca* | 9rinu saumya, tvam hi 

Bhagavaty asakrid asakrid avaskhalito na ca buddhav aropitanam" 

akugalanam dharmanam anyat prakshalanam anyatra Tathagata- 

prasadad eva, tad etat karanam tena pagyatS. dirghadarginS, | tvam 

napriyam iha proktah priyany eva tu lambhitah || nyayenanena 

1 samanumasuvratalL A, samam anusuvratah D. * Ex conj.; yannakar- 

shyankshantyanu MSS. (-karshyat C, -tu D). ' yadartham MSS. * mai- 
treyena MSS. = MSS omit uvfica. ^ buddhavaropitanam MSS. 






bhaktis tava hridi janita, tenrigramatina, svalpapi hy atra bhaktir 
bhavati matimatam nirvanaphalada | samkshepad yat kritam te 
vrijinam' iha muner mohandhamanasa sarvain prakshalitam tat tava 
hridaye gataih ^raddhambuvisaraih j] 

atha Marah kadarabapushpavad abrishtaromakupah sarvangena 
pranipatyovaca | sthane may a bahuvidham parikhedito 'sau prak 
siddhitag ca bhuvi siddhimanoratbena | sarvam ca marshitam rishipra- 
varena tena putraparadha iva sanunayena pitra || 

sa buddhaprasadapyayitamanab suciram buddhagurian anusmritya 
sthavirasya padayor nipatyovaca | anugraho me 'dya parah kritas 
tvaya nivegitaip. yan mayi buddhagauravam | idam tu kantbavyava- 
lambi maitry^ mabarshikopabbaranam visarjaya ]] stbavira uvaca | 
samayato vimoksbyamiti | Mara uvaca | kah samaya iti | stbavira 
uvaca I adyaprabbriti bbiksbavo na vihetbayitavya iti | Maro 'bravit [ 
na vibetbayisbye kam aparam ajiiapayasiti [ stbavira uvaca | evam 
tavac cbasanakaryam prati mamajna, svakaryam prati vijnapayisby ami 
bbavantam j tato Marah sasambbrama uvaca j prasida stbavira, kim 
ajiiapayasiti | stbaviro 'bravit | svayam ^avagacchasi yad abain 
varsbagataparinirvrite Bbagavati pravrajitas taddbarmakayo maya 
tasya drisbtab trailokyanathasya kaiicanadrinibhas tasya na drisbto 
rupakayo me | tad anudyam. anugrabara apratimam^ iba vidargaya 
buddbavigrabam | priyam adbikam ato bi nasti me dagabalarupa- 
kutuhalo by abam || 

Mara uvaca | tena hi mamapi samayab gruyatam [ sabasa tam 
ibodviksbya [A. 127. a] buddhanepathyadbarinam | na pranamas tvaya 
karyah sarvajiiagunagauravat ||buddbanusmritipegalena manasa pujam 
yadi tvam mayi svalpam apy upadargayisbyasi vibho dagdbo bhavisb- 
yamy abam | ka gaktir mama vitaragavibitam sodhuin pranamakri- 
yam hastanyasam ivodvabanti na gajasyairandavrikshankurah |I 

stbaviro 'py aba | evam astu na bbavantam pranamisbyamiti | 

^ vrijimam AD, B vrijamam. - eva MSS. ^ Ex conj. ; tad anadyam 

anugraham prati tvam MSS. 

' f I 




Maro 'bravit, tena hi muhurtam agamasva yavad aham vanagahanam 
anupravigya [ 

9uraip. vancayitum pura vyavasitenottaptahemaprabliain baud- 
dham rupam acintyabuddhavibhavad ' asin maya yat kritam | kritva 
rupam aham tad eva nayanaprahladikam dehinam *esho 'py arka- 
mayukhajalam amalarp. bhamandalenakshipan II 

atha sthavirah, evam astv ity uktva tarn kunapam apaniya tatha-^ 
gatarupadar^anotsuko 'vasthitah j Marag ca vanagahanam anupravigya 
Buddharupam kritva nata iva saruciranepathyas tasmad vanagahanad 
arabdho nishkramitum | vakshyate hi | 

Tathagatam vapur athotfcamalakshanadhyam adargayan nayana- 

9antikaram naranam j 
pratyagrarangam iva citrapatam maharham udghatayan vanam 
asau tad alamcakara II 

atha vyamaprabhamandalamanditam asecanakadar§anam Bhaga- 
vato rupam abhinirmaya dakshine par^ve sthavira9aradvatiputram 
vamapargve sthaviramahamaudgalyayanam prishthatag cayushman- 
tam Anandam Buddhapatravyagrahastam sthaviramahakagyapS-nirud- 
dhasubhutiprabhritinani ca mahagravakanam rupany abhinirmayar- 
dhatrayodagabhir bhikshugatair ardhacandrenanuparivritain Buddha- 
vegam adargayitva Marah sthaviropaguptasyantikam ajagama | stha- 
viropaguptasya ca Bhagavato rupam idam idrigam iti pramodyam 
utpannam | sa pramuditamanas tvaritam asanad utthaya niriksha- 
mana uvaca | dhig astu tam nishkarunam anityatam, bhinatti rupani 
yad idrigany api | gariram idrik kila tanmahamuner anityatam 
prapya vinagam agatam II 

sa Buddhavalambanataya smritya tathapy asaktamanah samvritto 
yatha Buddham bhagavantam aham pagyamiti vyaktam upagatah | 
sa padmamukulapratimam aiijalim kritvovaca | aho rupagobha Bha- 
gavatah | kirn bahuna | 

lasiMSS. 2 ^^ eshapy, CD esMm apy. 

c 46 







' vaktrenSbhilDhavaty ayam hi kamalara nilotpalam cakshusha 
kantyd pushpavanam ghanaiii priyatay^ candram samapta- 

dyutim | 
gambhiryena mahodadhim sthirataya Merum ravim tejasa 
gatya simham avekshitena vrishabham varnena camikaram || 
sa bhuyasyS, mS,traya harshenapuryamS-nahridayo^ vyapina sva- | 

aho bhavavi9uddhS,nam karmano madhuram pbalam | 
karmanedam kritam rupam naigvaryena yadricchaya || 
yat tat kalpasahasrakotiniyutair vakkayacittodbhavam 
danakshantisamadhibuddhiniyamais tenarhatS, godhitam^ | 
tenedam jananetrakantam [A. 127. b] amalam rupam samutthli- 

yaixi drishtva ripur apy abhipramuditah syat kim punar mad- 

vidhah || 

sambuddhalambanaih samjiiam vismritya buddhasamjnam adh- 
ishthaya mulanikritta^ iva drumah sarvagarirena Marasya padayor 
nipatitah | atha Marah sasainbhramo 'bravit | evam tain bhadanta 
narhasi samayam vyatikramitum [ stbavira uvaca | kah samaya iti | 
Mara uvaca | nanu pratijnatam bhadantena naham bhavantam 
pranainishyS,miti | tatah sthaviropaguptah piithivitalad utthaya 
sagadgadakantho 'bravit | papiyan 

na khalu na viditam me yasya vddipradhano 

jalavihata ivagnir nirvritim samprayatah | 

api tu nayanakantim akritim tasya drishtv^ 

tam rishim abhinato 'ham tvam tu nabhyarcayami || 
Mara uvS,ca, katham ihaham narcito bhavami yad evam ma 
pranamasiti | sthaviro 'bravit | gruyatam yatha tvam naiva maya- 
bhyarcito bhavasi na ca maya samayatikramah krita iti j 

1 Sic MSS. 2 A.BD -hridaya. » B ^oshitam. * nikrinta MSS. 





mi-inmayishu pratikritishv ainar^am yatha janah | 
mntsamjnam anMritya namaty amarasamjnaya || 
tathaham tvam ihodvikshya lokan3,thavapurdharam | 
Marasamjnam anadritya natah ^ sugatasamjnayS, 1) 
atha Maro Buddliave9am antardhapayitvS, sthaviropaguptam 
abhyarcya prakrantah | yavac catiirthe divase Mirah svayam eva 
Mathurayam ghantavaghoshitum arabdhah, yo yushm&kani svarga- 
pavargasukham prarthayate sa sthaviropaguptasakagad dhannam 
grinotu yaig ca yushinS,bhis Tathagato na drishtas te sthaviropaguptam 
pagyantv iti | ^ha ca | 

utsrijya daridryam anarthamulam yah sphita^bhS-m griyam 

icchatiha j ' 

svargapavargaya ca yasya vancha sa graddhaya dhannam atah 

grinotu II 
drishto na yair vS, dvipadapradhanah q^tk mahak^runikah 

svayambhuli [ 
te Qastrikalpam sthaviropaguptam pagyantu bhS,svattribhavapra- 
dipam || 
yavan Mathurayam gabdo visritah sthaviropaguptena Maro 
vinita iti grutva ca yadbhuyasa Mathuravistavyo janakayah stha- 
viropaguptasakagam nirgatah | tatah sthaviropagupto 'nekeshu brih- 
managatasahasreshu samnipatiteshu simha iva nirbht* simhasanam 
abhirudho vakshyati ca | mS,m prati na te gakyam simhasanam 
avidusha samabhirodhuin j yah simhasanastho mriga iva sa hi yati 
samkocam^ || simha iva yas tu nirbhi* ninadati paravadidarpana93,r- 
tham I simhS,sanam abhirodhum sa kathikasimho bhavati yogyah || 

yavat sthaviropaguptena purvakalakaraniyam kathSip kritva 
satyani samprakagitani grutva canekaih pranigatasahasrair moksha- 
bhagiyani kugalamulany akshiptani j kaigcid anagamiphalam praptam 

ABD ratah. 

2 nirbhih? 

3 samkovam MSS. 

•* niibhir? 








■ ^ 


kaiQcit sakridag&miphalam kaigcic ' chrotaapattiphalam yavad [A. 
128. a] ashtada9a sahasrani pravrajitani sarvaig ca yujyamanair 
yavad arhattvam praptam | 

tatra corumundaparvate guhashtadagahasta dirghena dvada^a- 
hasta vistarena yada te kritakaraniyfi,h samvrittas tada sthaviropa- 
guptenabhihitam [ yo madiyenivavadena sarvaklegaprahan^d arhat- 
tvam sakshatkarishyati tena caturangulamatra galak^ guhayaip 
praksheptavya [ yavad ekasmin divase dagabliir arhatsahasraih gala- 
kah prakshiptali | tasya yavad asamudrayam gabdo visritah | Mathu- 
rayam Upaguptanama avavadakanam agro nirdiahto Bhagavata" 
tadyatha hi vinitakHmadhatvigvare dvitiyagastrikalpe niahatmani 
sthaviropagupte suramanujamahoragasuragarudayakshagandharva- 
vidyadhararcitapadayugme purvabuddhakshetravaropitaku^alavija- 
samtatinam^ anekesham sattvagatasahasranam saddharmasalilavar- 
shadhara nipatena mokshankuran abhivardhayann* Urumunde gaile | 

karyanurodhat ' pranatasakalasamantacudamanimayukhodbhasita- 
padapithasyagokasya rajnah purvam pamgupradanam samanusmarish- 
yama ity evam anugruyate | 

Bhagavan Rajagiihe viharati "Venuvane Kalindakanivape [ atha 
Bhagavan. purvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya bhikshuganapa- 
rivrito bhikshusaipghapuraskrito Rajagrihani pindaya pravikshat | 
vakshyati ca | 

kanakacalasamnibhagradeho dviradendrapratimah salilagami | 
paripurnagagankasaumyavaktro Bhagavan bhikshuganair vrito 
■jagama || 

yavad Bhagavata sabhisamskaram nagaradvare padam pratishtha- 
pitam I dharmata khalu yasmin samaye Buddha bhagavantah 

•i ■. 

1 chrotapattiphalam MSS. ^ Bhagavatos MSS. ^ Ex conject. ; sam- 

mitanam A, samtinam B, samgitanam C, samtanam D, samtitanam E. 
* abhyavardhayann ? ^ The MSS. put |1 after karyanurodhat and connect it 
•with the preceding sentence. 





sabhisamskaram nagaradvaram indrakile padau vyavasthapayanti 

tada citriny adbhutani prMurbhavanti | andha^ cakshumshi ' pratila- 

bhante badhirah grotragrahanasamarthji bhavanti pangavo gamanasa- 

martha bhavanti ^badiiiigadacarak^vabaddh^iiain sattvanam bandha- 

iiani githilibhavanti j janmajanmavairanubaddhah sattvas tadananta- 

ram maitracitratam labhante | vatsa damani chittva matribhis sardham 

samagacchanti | hastinah kroganti a§va heshante rishabha garjanti 

cukag^rikakokilajivajivakavarhino madhuran nikujanti | pedagata 

alamkara madhuragabdam nigcarayanti aparSJbatani ca v^ditrabhanda- 

ni madhuram gabdam [A. 128. b] nigcirayanti | unnatonnatS. prithi- 

vipradega^ avanamanty ■'avanatag connamanty apagatapS,sliana5ar- 

karakapalag cavatishthante ] iyam ca tasmin samaye prithivi shadvi- 
k&ram prakampyate j tadyatha purvo digbhiga unnamati pagcimo 

'vanamati anto 'vanamati madbya unnamati calitah pracalito vedhitah 
pravedhita itime canye cadbbutadharmah pradurbhavanti | Bhagavato 
nagarapravege vakshyati I 

lavanajalanivasini tato vji nagaranigamamandita sagaila | 
municarananipidita ca bhumi pavanabalabMhate\a yanapatram || 
atha Buddhapravegakalaniyataib pratiharyair dvarjitah strima- 
nushyas tan nagaram anilabalacalitabhinnavicitarangakshubhitam 
iva mahasamudram vimuktoccanadam babhuva | na hi Buddhapra- 
vegatulyam nama jagaty adbhutam upalabhyate | purapravegasamaye 
hi Bhagavatag citrany adbhutani drigyante | vakshyati ca | 
nimna connamate nat^vanamate Buddhanubhavan mahi 
sthanuh^ garkarakantakavyapagata nirdoshatam yati ca | 
andha mukajadendriyag ca purusha vyaktendriyas tat kshanam 
samvadyanty anighattitag ca nagare nandanti turyasvanah || 
sarvam ca tan nagaram suryasahasratirekaya k'anakamaricivarnaya 
Buddhaprabhaya sphutam babhuva I aha ca I 

1 cakshfimsM MSS. = hadi DE hattri ABC ; nigata ABODE. 
ABC. ■» avanamata9 MSS. » gti^^n^h MSS. 









suryaprabliam a\'abhartsya hi tasya bhabhir 

vyaptam jagat sakalam eva sakananastham | 

samprapya ca pravaradharmakathabliiramo 

lokam surasuranaram hi samuktabhS.vam || 
yavad Bhagavan rajamargain pratipannah [ tatra dvau balada- 
rakau | eko 'grakulikaputro dvitiyah kulikaputrag ca pamgvagaraih 
kridatah | ekasya Jayo nama dvitiyasya Vijayah | tabhyam Bhagavan 
drishtah dvatrim^anmahapurushalakshanalamkritagarirali asecanaka- 
dargana^ ca | yavaj Jayena darakena gaktum dasyamiti pamgvanjalir 
Bhagavatah patre prakshiptah Vijayena ca kritanjalinabhyanumodi- 
tam I vakshyati ca | 

drishtva mahakarunikam svayambhuvam vyamaprabhoddyotita- 
sarvag^tram ,\ 

dhirena vaktrena kritaprasadah pamgum dadau jatijaranta- 
kaya || 
sa Bhagavate pratipadayitva pranidhanam kartum arabdhah | 
anenaham kucalamulena ekacchatrayam prithivyam raja syarn atraiva 
ca Buddhe bhagavati karam kuryam iti | 

tato munis tasya nigamya bhavam balasya samyakpranidhim ca 
buddhva | 

ishtam phalam ^ kshetravagena drishtva jagraha pamgum kanina- 
yamanah^ || 
tena yavad rajyavaipakyam kucalam akshiptam | tato Bhagavata 
smitam vidarcitam [A. 129. a] | dharmata khalu yasmin samaye 
Buddha bhagavantah smitata vidargayanti tasmin samaye nilapita- 
lohitavadatamanjishthasphatikarajatavarna arcisho mukhan nicca- 
ranti | kecid urdhato gacchanti kecid adhastad gacchanti | ye 'dho 
gacchanti te samjivam kalasutram samghatam rauravam maharaura- 
vam tapanam pratapanam aviciparyanteshu gatva ye gitanarakas ^tesh- 
ushnibhutva nipatanti, ye ushnanarakas teshu gitibhutva nipatanti | 

^ kshatra- C. - karunayamanah MSS. ^ te ushni- MSS. 



tenatesliamsattvinam 'karanavigeshah^pratiprsisrabhyaiite | tesham 
evam bhavati | kim nu bhavanto vayam itag cyutS, ahosvid anyatropa- 
panni iti yenS,smakam ' karanavigeshah ^pratiprasrabdhah | teshS,in 
Bhagavan prasS,dasamjananartham nirmitam visarjayati | tesham 
evam bhavati | na vayam cyut& napy anyatropapanna api tv ayam 
apurvadargano 'syanubhavenasmakam karaiiS,vi9eshah ^pratiprasrab- 
dha iti | te nirmite cittani prasadayitva narakavedaniyani karipS,ni 
kshepayitvS,* devamanushyeshu pratisamdhim grihnanti yatra satya- 
nS,m bhajanabhuta bhavanti | ye urdhato gacchanti te ctturmaharS,- 
jikan devS,Tns trayastrim9S,n yamS,ms tushitan nirmSiiaratayah para- 
nirmitavagavartinah brahmakayikan brahmapurohitan mahabrahman 
'parittabhan apramanabhdn ^abhasvarin parittagubhSii apramana- 
gubhan gubhakritsndn anabhrakan punyaprasavan brihatphalan 
abrihan atapan sudrigSn sudarganan akanishthaprayanteshu deveshu 
gatv& anityaip duhkham gunyam anatmety udghoshayanti | gathi- 
dvayam ca bhashante^ I 

arabhadhvam nishkr&mata yujyadhvam buddhagisane | 
dhunita mrityunah sainyam nadagaram iva kufijarah || 
yo hy asmin dharmavinaye apramattag carishyati | 
prabaya jatisamsaram duhkhasyantam karishyati || 
atha ta arcishas trisahasramahS,sahasram lokadhatum anvahindya 
Bhagavantam evanugacchanti | yadi Bhagavan atitam karma vyakar- 
tukamo bhavati prishthato 'ntardhiyante aiiS,gatam vyakartukamo 
bhavati purato 'ntardhiyante | narakopapattim vyakartuk^mo bha- 
vati padatale 'ntardhiyante | tiryagupapattim vyS,kartukamo bhavati 
parshny^m antardhiyante | pretopapattim vyakartukS,mo bhavati 
padangushthe 'ntardhiyante | manushyopapattim vyakartukamo 
bhavati januno 'ntardhiyante j balacakravartirajyam vyakartukamo 

1 karanav- MSS. 2 pratipra^rabhyante MSS. ^ pratipraQrabdhah MSS. 
4 kshapayitva? s paritabhan MSS. « apramanabhasvarAn MSS. 

' bhashateMSS. 





» -7 

1 f 


bhavati vame karatale 'ntardhiyante ( cakravartirajyam vyakartukamo 
bhavati dakshine karatale 'ntardhiyante [ devopapattiin vyakartukamo 
bhavati nabhyam antardhiyante | 9rS,vakabodhim vyakartukamo 
bhavati asye 'ntardhiyante | pratyekam bodhim vyakartukamo 
bhavati urnayam antardhiyante | anuttaram samyaksainbodhim 
vyakartukamo bhavati ushnishe 'ntardhiyante | atha ta arcisho 
Bhagavantam trih pradakshinikritya Bhagavato vame karatale 
'ntarhitah | [A. 129. b] athayushman Anandah kritanjaliputo gMham 
bhashate | nahetvapratyayah | 

vigatoddhavS, dainyamadaprahina Buddha jagaduttamahetu- 

bhutah I 
nakaranam 9ankhamrinalagauram smitam vidargayanti jina 

jitarayah || 
tatkalam svayam adhigamya virabuddhya grotrin^m gramana- 

jinendra kaiikshitan^m | 
dhirabhir munivrisha vagbhir uttamabhir utpannam vyapanaya 

saipQayam cubhabhih || 
meghastanitanirghosha govrishendranibhekshana ' | 
phalam pamgupradanasya vyakurushva narottama* || 
Bhagavan aha | etad Anandaivam etad Ananda nahetvapratyayam ' 
tathagata arhantah samyaksambuddhah smitam upadargayanti | api 
tu sahetu sapratyayam tathagata arhantah samyaksambuddhah 


smitam upadargayanti | pagyasi tvam Ananda darakain yena tatha- 
gatasya patre pamgvaiijalih prakshiptah j evam bhavanto* 'yam 
Ananda darako 'nena kucalamulena varshacataparinirvi-itasya tatha- 
gatasya Pataliputre nagare Agoko namna raja bhavishyati caturbha- 
gacakravarti dharmiko dharmaraj^ yo me gariradhatun vaistarikan 
karishyati caturagitim^ dharmarajikasahasram pratishthapayishyati | 
bahujanahitaya pratipatsyata ity aha ca | astam gate mayi bhavishyati 

1 -ekshanah MSS. ^ -ottamah MSS. ^ nahetur apratyaj^am MSS. 

* bhadanto D, qii. bhadanta ayam. ^ caturacjltih BC, -tir AD. 




ekaraja yo 'sau hy Agdka iti nS,ma vigSlakirtih | maddhitugarbliapari- 
manditajambukhandam ' etat karishyati narS,marapujit3,nam || ayam 
asya deyadharmo yat tathagatasya pamgvaiijalih pS,tre prakshiptah | 


yavad Bhagavata tesham sarva ayushmate Anandaya dattah [ goma- 
yena miQrayitva yatra cankrame tathagatah cankramyate tatra goma- 
yakarshim prayacchati [ yavad ayushmatSnandena tesham sagomayena 
migrayitva yatra cankramati BhagavS,n tatra gomayakarshi datta | 

tena khalu punas samayena Rajagrihe nagare Bimbis^ro raja 
rajyam karayati | rajno BiinbisS,rasya Ajatagatruli putrah ] Ajata- 
^atror Udayi^ | Udayibhadrasya Mundah | Mundasya Kakavarni | 
Kakavarninab SahalP | Sahalinah Tulakuci ] Tulakuceh* Maha- 
mandalab | Mahamandalasya Prasenajit | Prasenajito Nandali [ Nanda- 
sya Yindusarah | Pataliputre nagare Vindusaro nama raja rajyam 
karayati | Vindusarasya rajiiab putro jatali 1 tasya Susima iti 
namadheyam kritam | tena ca v samayena Campayam nagaryani 
anyatamo brabmanah tasya duhita jata abbirupa darganiya prasa- 
dika janapadakalyani | sa naimittikair vyakrita | asya darikaya rSja 
bhartS, bhavishyati dve putraratne janayisbyati | ekag caturbbaga- 
cakravarti bhavishyati | dvitiyah pravrajitva siddhavrato bhavish- 
yati I grutva ca brahmanasya romaharsho jatah | sampattikamo 
lokah I sa tarn duhitaram grahaya^ [A. 130. a] Pataliputram gatah | 
tena sa sarvalamkarair vibhushayitva rajno Vindusarasya bharyartham 
anupradatta iyam hi devakanya dhanya pragasta ceti | yavad rSjSa 
Vindusirenantahpuram pravegita | antahpu;rikanatn ' buddhir utpan- 
na iyam abhirupa prasadika janapadakalyani yadi rajanaya sardham 
paricarayishyaty asmakam bhuyah cakshuhsampreshanam api na 
karishyati | tabhis sa napitakarma gikshapita | sa rajriah ke9a9ma- 
9ruin prasadhayati yavat su^ikshita samvritta | yada arabhate rajiiah 
ke^aQmacrum prasMhayitum tada raja qete \ yavad rajna pritena 
varena pravarita | kiin tvam varam icchasiti | tayabhihitam [ devena 

1 -shandam MSS. = ujayi D. 3 gahall D. < Bhulekuci I Bhulekuceh C. 

« Sic MSS. 








ft f 



me saha samS.gamali syat | rajaha | tvam napini aham rajS kshatriyo 
murdhabhishiktah kathara maya sardham sainagamo bhavishyati ] sa 
kathayati | deva naham napini api brahmanasyaham dubita tena 
devasya patnyartbam datta [ raja kathayati | kena tvam napitakarma 
gikshapita | sa katbayati ] antabpurikabbib | rajaha | na bhuyas tvaya 
napitakarma kartavyam | yavad rajagramabishi sthapita | taya 
sardham kridati ramate paricarayati sS, apannasattva samvritta | 
yavad ashtAnam navanam masanam atyayat prasuta | tasyah putro 
jatah I tasya vistarena jatimabain kritvS, kim kumarasya bhavatu 
nama | sa kathayati | asya darakasya jatasyagokasmi samvritta 
tasyagoka iti nama kritam [ yavad dvitiyah putro jatah | vigate qoke 
jatas tasya Yigatagoka iti nama kritam | Agoko duhspargagatrah | 
rajiio Vindusarasyanabhipretah [ atba raja Yindusarab kumaram 
parikshitukamah Pingalavatsajivam parivrajakam amantrayate [, 
upadhyaya kumarams tavat pariksbamah kab gakyate mamatyay^d 
rajyam karayitum | Pingalavatsajivah parivrajakah kathayati | tena 
hi deva kumaran adaya suvarnamandapam udyanam nirgaccha parik- 
sbamah I yavad raja kumaran adaya suvarnamandapam udyanam 
nirgatah | yavad Agokah kumaro matra cocyate | vatsa raja kumaran 
parikshitukamah suvarnamandapam udyanam gatah tvam api tatra 
gaccheti | Agokah kathayati | rajiio 'ham anabhipreto darganen^pi 
kim aham tatra gamishyami | sa kathayati tathapi gaccheti | Agoka 
uvaca I aharam preshaya | yavad Agokah Pitaliputran nirgacehati 
Radbaguptena cagramatyaputrenoktah | Agoka kva [A. 130. b] 
gamisbyasiti | Agokah kathayati | rajadya suvarnamandape udyane 
kumaran parikshayati [ tatra rajiio mahallako hastinagas tishthati | 
yavad Agokas tasmin mahallake 'bhiruhya suvarnamandapam udya- 
nam gatva kumaranS,m madhye 'tra pritbivyam prastirya nishasada | 
yavat kumaranam ahara^ upanamitah | Agokasyapi matra galyodanam 
dadhisamigram mridbhajane preshitam | tato rajfia Vindusarena 

1 aharam MSS. 





Pingalavatsajivah parivrajako 'bhihitah | upSdhyaya pariksha kum&- 
ran kah Qakyate mamatyayad rajyam kartum iti | pagyati Pingala- 
vatsajivah parivrajakah. cintayati ca | Agoko r&ja bhavishyati ayam 
ca rajno nabhipreto yadi kathayishyami Agoko raja bhavishyatiti 
nasti me jivitam | sa kathayati ] devabhedena vyakarishyami j 
rajaha | abhedena vyakurushva | aha | yasya yanam gobhanam sa 
raja bhavishyati | tesh&m ekaikasya buddhir utpannS. | mama yanam 
gobhanam aharn raja bhavishyami | Agokag cintayati aham hasti- 
skandhenagatah mama yanam gobhanam aham raja bhavishyamiti | 
rajaha | bhuyas tavad up^dhyaya parikshasva | Pingalavatsajivah 
parivrajakah kathayati | deva yasyasanam agram sa raja bhavishyati | 
tesham ekaikasya buddhir utpanna mam§,sanam agram | Agokag 
cintayati | mama prithivi asanam aham rija bhavishyami | evam 
bhajanam bhojanam p§,nam vistarena kumar&n parikshya pravishtah | 
yavad Agoko mS,trocyate j ko vy^krito rSja bhavishyatiti | Agokah 
kathayati | abhedena vyakritam yasya yftnam agram asanam* panani 
bhajanam bhojanain ceti sa raja bhavishyatiti, yathS, pagydmy 
aham raja bhavishyami, mama hastiskandham yanam prithivi isanani 
mrinmayatp. bhSjanam galyodanaip. dadhivyanjanam pS,nlyam pS,nam 
iti I 

tatah Pingalavatsajivah parivrajakah Agoko raja bhavishyatiti 
tasya mMaram S,rabdhah sevitum | yS,vat tayocyate | upMhyiya 
katarah kumaro r^jno VindnsarasyatyayS,d rajS. bhavishyatiti [ aha | 
Agokah | tayocyate [ kadacit tvS,m r^jS. nirbandhena priccheta gaccha 
tvam pratyantam aamagraya, yad4 grinoshi Agoko raja samvrittah 
tada 4gantavyam | yavat sa pratyanteshu janapadeshu samgritah | 

atha r^jno Vindusarasya Takshagila n§,ma nagaram viruddham | 
tatra rSjna Vindus5,renagoko visarjitah | gaccha kumara TakshEigH^- 
nagaram samnahaya | caturangam balakayam dattam yinam prahara- 
nam ca pratishiddham | yavad Agokah kumarah Pataliputran nir- 

^ Ex conject. ; agrfisanam MSS. 








I ■ 



gacchan bhrityair vijnaptah | kumara naivS,smakam sainyaprahara- 
nam kena vayam kam 'yodhyS,mah ] tatah Agokenabhihitam [ yadi 
mama rajyavaipakyam kugalam asti sainyam [A. 131. a] praharanam 
ca pr&durbhavatu [ evam ukte kumarena prithivyam avakago datto 
devatabhih sainyapraharanani copanitani [ ydvat kumarag caturan- 
gena balak&yena Takshagilarn gatah | grutva Takshagilanivasinah 
paurab | ardbatritiyani yojanani mS,rge gobham kritva purnaghatam 
adaya pratyudgatah pratyudgamya ca kathayanti | na vayam kuma- 
rasya viruddbah napi rajiio Vindusarasya api tu dusbtamatya asma- 
kam paribbavam kurvanti [ mabata ca satkarena Taksbagilam prave- 
gita evam vistarenagokah ^svagarajyam pravegitah 1 tasya dvau 
mabanagnau samgritau | tena tau viittya samvibbaktau tasyagratah 
parvatan samcbindantau samprastbitau | devatabbig coktam | Agokag^ 
caturbbagacakravarti bhavishyati na kenacid virodhitavyam iti | 
vistarena yavad asamudra pritbivi ajnapita | 

yavat Susimab kumara udyanat Pataliputram pravigati [ rSjiio 
Vindiisarasyagramatyah Kballatakab Pataliputran nirgaccbati j tasya 
Susimena kumarena kridabbiprayataya kbataka murdhni patita j 
yS.vad amatyag cintayati | idanim kbatakam nipatayati yada raja 
bbavishyati tada gastram patayishyati, tatha karisbyami yatba 
rajaiva na bbavisbyati ] tena pancamatyagatani bbinnani | Agokag 
caturbbagacakravarti nirdishtab | evam rajye pratishtbapayisbya- 
mah I Taksbagilag ca virodbitah | yavad rajna Susimab kumarah 
Taksbagilam anupresbitab j na ca gakyate samnS,mayitum | Vindusa- 
rag ca rajaglanibbutab | tenabbibitam | Susimam kumaram anayatba 
rajye pratisbtbapayisbyamiti [ Agokam Taksbagilam pravegayatha | 
yavad amatyair Agokah kumaro haridraya pralipto laksbam ca 
lohapatre kvathayitva kvatbitena rasena lobapdtrani mraksbayitva* 
cborayanti Agokah kumaro glanibbuta iti | yada Vindusarah svalpa- 

^ yoddhyamah MSS. 
p. 362). 3 A9okam MSS. 

= Sic MSS. Burnouf conjectures Kha^a- {Introd. 
* makshayitvi AC. 





va9eshapranah samvrittah taclamatyair A^okah kumarah sarvMam- 
karair bhushayitva rajiio Yindusarasyopanitah | imam tavad rajye 
pratishthapaya, yada Susima agato bhavishyati tada tarn rajye 
pratishthapayishyamah | tato raja rushitah A9okena cabhihitam 
yadi mama dharmena raj yam bhavati devatS, mama pattam ban- 
dhantu | yavad devatabhih patto baddhah | tam drishtva Vindusa- 
rasya rajiia ushnam 9on.itarn. mukhad agatam yavat kalagatah [ yada- 
9oko rajye pratiskthitali tasyordhvain yojanam yakshah 9rinvanti 
adho yojanam nagah | tena Radhagupto [A. 131. b] 'gramatyali 
sthapitah | Susimenapi 9rutam Vindusaro raja kalagatah Agoko 
rajye pratishthita iti grutva ca rusbito 'bhyagatah tvaritam ca tasmad 
degad dgatali | Agokenapi Pataliputre nagare ekasmin dvare eko 
nagnah stbapitah dvitiye dvitiyah tritiye Radhaguptab purvadvare 
svayam eva raj&goko 'vasthitah | Radhaguptena ca purvasmin dvare 
yantramayo hasti sthapitah | Agokasya ca pratimam parikhatn 
khanayitva khadirangaraig ca purayitva trinenacchadya pS,m9unakir- 
nah I Susimag cabhihito yadi gakyase 'gokam ghatayitum rajeti | sa 
yavad purvadvaram gatah Agokena saha yotsyamiti | angarapurna- 
yam parikhayam patitah | tatraiva canayena vyasanam apannah | yada 
ca Susimahpraghatitah tasyapi mahanagno Bhadr&yudho namnS, 'neka- 
sahasraparivarah | sa Bhagavacchasane pravrajito 'rhan samvrittah ( 
yad§,9oko rajye pratishthitah sa tair amatyair avajnadrigyate | 
tenamatyanam abhihitam ] bhavantah pushpavriksh&n phalavri- 
kshamg ca chittva kantakavrikshan paripalayatha ] amS,tya ahuh | 
devena kutra drishtam api tu kantakavrikshan chittva push- 
pa vrikshan phalavrikshaing ca paripalayitavyam ^ | tair yavat trir 
api rajna ajna pratikulita | tato rSjna rushitenasiip nishkogam 
kritva pancanam amatyagatanam giramsi chinn&ni | yavad rijagoko 
'parena samayenS,ntahpuraparivrito vasantakale samaye pushpitapha- 
liteshu padapeshu p<irvanagarasyodyanam gatah | tatra ca paribhra- 

paripalayitavyd MSS. 






matagokavriksliah ' supushpito drishtah | tato rajiio mamayara saha- 
nama ity anunayo jatah. | sa ca rajagoko duhspargagatrah ] ta yuva- 
tayas tarn necchanti sprashtum [ yavad raja gayitah tasyantahpurena 
roshena tasmad agokavrikshat pushpani gakliag ca chinnah | yavad 
rijiia pratibuddhena so 'gokavriksho drishtah prishtag ca kena tac 
chinnam | te kathayanti | devantahpurikabhir iti | grutva ca rajiia- 
marshajatena pancastrigatani kitikaih^ samveshtya dagdhani | tasye- 
many^ agubhani alokya cando raja candagoka iti vyavasthapitah | 
yavad Radhaguptenagramatyenabhihitah [ deva na sadrigam svayaia 
evedrigam akaryam kartum api tu derasya badhyaghatakah purushah 
sthS,payitavya ye devasya badhyakaraniyam* godhayishyanti* | yavad 
rajiia rajapurushah prayukta badhyaghatain me margadhveti | 

yavat tatra natidure parvatapadamule karvatakam ] tatra tantra- 
vayah prativasati | tasya putro jatah | [A. 132, a] Girika iti nama- 
dheyam kritam | cando dushtS,tmS inMaram pitaram ca paribhashate 
darakadarikag® ca tadayati ( pipilikan makshikan mushikan matsyamg 
ca jalena vadigena praghatayati | cando darakas tasya Candagirika 
iti nS,madheyani kritam | yavad rajapurudiair drishtah pape karmard 
pravrittah sa tair abhihitah | gakyase rajno 'cokasya badhyakaraniyam 
kartum | sa aha | kritsnasya Jambudvipasya badhyakaraniyain 
sadhayishyamiti^ j yS,vad rajiio niveditam | rajnabhihitam dniyatam 
iti 1 sa ca rajapurushair abhihitah | agaccha raja tvam ^huyatiti | 
tenabhihitam | agamayata yavad aham matapitarav avalokayamiti | 
yavan matapitarav uvaca | amba tatanujanidhvam yasyamy aham 
rajno 'gokasya badhyakaraniyam^ sadhayitum | tabhyam ca sa 
nivaritah | tena tau jivitad vyaparopitau | evam yavad rajapurushair 
abhihitah | kimartham cirenabhyagato 'si | tena caitat prakaranara 

1 -vriksha MSS. ^ So MSS. cf. Bumonf, Introd. p. 365 {kashtlmkaih ?). 

3 tasyamany or taspamany MSS. ■* -iaraniyamt MSS. here, but afterwards 

-karaniyam. ^ So MSS. but infra sadhayishyami. ^ -darikam^ ca MSS. 

7 sodhayishydmiti (sic) G. ^ -karaniyam MSS. 




vistarendrocitam | sa tair yavad raj no '9okasyopanS,mitah | tena 

rajno 'bhihifcam* | mamarthaya griham karayasveti j yavad rajiia 

griham karapitain. paramaQobhanam dvaramatraramaniyam ] tasya 

ramaniyakani bandhanam iti samjua vyavasthapiti ] sa aha | deva 

varam me prayaccha yas tatra praviget tasya na bhuyo nirgama iti | 

yavad rajnabliihitain j evam astv iti J 

tatah sa Candagirikah Kurkutaramam gatah j bhikshug ca Bala- 

panditah. sutram pathati | ^sattva narakeshupapannah | yavan* 

narakapSla grihitva 'yomayyam bhumav adiptayam samprajvalitayam 

ekajvalibbutayam uttanakan pratishthapyayomayena vishkambhanena 

mukhad varam. ^ vishkambhyayogudan adiptan pradiptau samprajva- 

litan ekajvalibhutau S,sye prakshipanti, ye tesharn. sattvanam 

oshthav api dahanti jihvam api kantham api kanthanadam api 

hridayam api hridayasamantam apy antrany antragunan api dagdhva- 

dhah pragharantiyamdahkha'* hi bhikshavo narakah [ sattva nara- 

keshupannah [ yavan narakapala grihitva 'yomayyam bhumav adiptS,- 

yam pradiptayam samprajvalitayam ekajvalibhut&yam uttanakan 

pratishthapyayomayena vishkambhanena mukhadvaram vishkambhya 

kvathitam tamram asye prakshipanti yat tesham sattvanam oshthav 

api dahanti jihvam api talv api kantham api kanthanadam api antrany 

antragunan api dagdhvadhah pragharantiyamduhkha hi bhikshavo 

narakah | santi sattva narakeshupapanna* yan narakapala grihitva 

'yomayyain bhumav adiptayam samprajvalitayam ekajvalibhutS,yam 

[A. 132. b] avanmukhan pratishthapyayomayena sutrenadiptena ®sam- 

prajvalitenaikajvallbhutenasphatyayomayena kutharenadiptena sam- 

pradiptena samprajvalitenaikajvilibhutena takshnuvanti samtakshnu- 

vanti sampratakshnuvanti ashtam9am api shadamgam api caturasram 

api vrittam api mandalam api unnatam api avanatam api gantam api 

^ abhihito BCDE, abhihita A. ' We should probably read "santi sattva 

-ysin " as infra. ^ mukhadvaram BCDE here. * We should probably read 
everywhere iyadduhkh^. ^ -nnam MSS. ^ samprajvalitena naikajv&libhQ- 
tena- MSS here. 





i I 

• I 



vigantam api takshnuvanti, iyamduhkha hi bhikshavo narakah | santi 
sattva narakeshupapanna yan narakapala grihitva 'yomayyam bhuniav 
Miptayam pradiptayam samprajvalitayam ekajvalibhutayam avaii- 
mukhan pratishthapyayomayena sutrenadiptena pradiptena sampraj- 
valitenaikajvalibhutenasphatyayomayyam bbumyam adiptayam pra- 
diptayam samprajvalitayain naikajvalibhutayam takshnuvanti sam- 
takshnuvanti samparitakshnuvanti ashtanigam, api shadamgam api 
caturasram api mandalam apy unhatam apy avanatam api 9Siitam 
api vigantam api takshnuvanti, iyamduhkha hi bhikshavo narakah | 
santi sattva narakeshupapanna yan narakapala grihitva 'yomayyam 
bhumav adiptayam pradiptayam samprajvalitayam ekajvalibhutayam 
uttanakan pratishthapya ' pancavishatabandhanam karanam kara- 
yanty, ubhayor hastayor ayasau kilau kramanty ubhayoh pMayor 
ayase kile kramanti madhye hridayasyayasam kilam kramanti, 
suduhkha hi bhikshavo narakah | evam paiica vedana iti^ kurute 
sadrigag ca karana^ sattvanam arabdhah kS,rayitum [ 

yavac Chravastyam anyatamah sarthavahah patnya saha mahasa- 
mudram avatirnah, tasya sa patni mahasamudre prasuta, darako jatas, 
tasya Samudra iti namadheyam kritam | yavad vistarena dvada^abhir 
varshair mahasamudrad uttirnah | sa ca sarthavahah paiieabhir dhurta- 
gatair mushitah [ sarthavahah sa praghatitah | sa ca Samudrah sartha- 
vahaputro bhagavacchasane pravrajitah | sa janapadacarikam caran 
Pataliputram anupraptah | sa purvahne nivasya patracivaram adiya 
Pataliputram pindaya pravishtah | so 'nabhijnaya ca ramaniyakam 
bhavanam pravishtah tac ca dvaramatraramaniyam abhyantarain 
narakabhavanasadrigam pratibhayam drishtva ca punar nirgantuka- 
ma9 Candagirikenavalokito grihitva coktah | iha te nidhanam upa- 

^ So MSS. (A paucavishata-) ; pauca\ ishaya- ? ^ Ex conject. ; paSca 

deva iti, MSS. ^ Ex. conj. ; iti kurutetsadri9a9 cakaranah A ; iti kurute 

sadri(;a9 cakaranah C ; iti kuru tatsadrigag cakaranah D ; itJkara tatsadriijag 
cakfiranah E (but corrected to itikatarat) ; iti katarat sadri<;a(jcakaranah B. 




samgantavyam iti [ vistarena karyam { tato bMkshuh gokartto 
vashpakanthasamvrittas tenocyate [ kim idam bS,ladaraka iva ruda- 
siti I sa bhikshuh praha | 

na gariravina^ain hi 90cS.mi sarvagah* | ' 

mokshadharmantar&yam tu Qocami bhri9ain 4tmanah || 
durlabham pr&pya mS,nushyam pravrajyS,m ca sukhodayam [ 
Cikyasimham ca Q&staraip. punas [A. 133. a] tyakshyami 
durmatih || 
tenocyate ] dattavaro 'ham nripatina dhiro bhava nasti te moksha 
iti I tatah sakarunair vacanais tarn bhikshuh kramam yicati sma 
masam yivat saptaratram anujn^tah | sa khalu maranabhayodvigna- 
hridayah saptaratrena me na bhavitavyam iti vyayatamatih** sam- 
vrittah | 

atha saptame divase '9okasya rajno 'ntahpurikam' kumjirena saha 
samraktS,m * nirikshaminam samlapantim ca drishtv^ sahadarcanM 
eva rushitena r&jna tau dvS,v api tarn carakam anupreshitau |. 
tatra mugalair ayodronySm asthyavageshau kritau | tato bhikshus 
tau drishtva sainvignah praha | 

aho karunikah gast^ samyag Sha mahamunih | 
phenapindopamam rupam asaram anavasthitam || 
kva tad vadanak^ntitvam g^tragobhS, kva sa gati | 
dhig astu ayam' sa,msaro* ramante yatra b^li^ah || 
idam alambanam praptain. carake vasata maya | 
yam ^ritya tarishyami param adya bhavodadheh || • 
tena tam rajanim kritsnam^ yujyata buddha9asane | 
sarvasamyojanam chittva praptam arhattvam uttamaim [| 
tatas tasmin rajanikshaye sa bhikshug Candagirikenocyate | bhiksho 
nirgata ratrir udita adityah karanakalas taveti | tato bhikshur S,ha | 
dirghayur mam^pi nirgata ratrir udita adityah- paranugrahakaia iti 

^ Two syllables are lost in this verse. 2 vyayatamati MSS. ^ -purika MSS. 
* nirlkshyamanam D. « astvanSyam BCDE. s samsare E. 



' kritsna 







yatheshtam vartatam iti | Candagirikah praha | navagacchami 
vistiryatS,in vacanam etad iti | tato bhikshur aha | 
mamapi hridaytd ghora nirgata mohagarvari | 
pancavaranasaTnchannS. klegataskarasevita || 
udito jn^nasuryag ca manonabhasi me gubhah | 
prabhayaL yasya pagyami traOokyam iha^ tattvatah || 
paranugrahakalo me gastur viittdnuvartinah | 
idam gariradirghayur yatheshtam kriyatS,m iti || 
tatas tena nirghnnena darunahridayena paralokamrapekshanarosh^" 
vishtena bahudakaydm sthaly^m nararudhiravas§,mutrapurishasani^ 
kulayam mahalohyam prakshiptah | prabhutendhanaig cagnih prajv^ 
litah j sa ca bahuiiS,pindhanakshayena* na samtapyate | tatah prajva- 
layitum, yada tasy^pi na prajvalati^ tato vicarya tarn lohim pagyati 
tarn bhikshum padmasyopari paryankenopavishtam | drishtv^ ca 
tato rajiie nivedayainasa | atha rajani sam^gate prSxdsahasreshu 
samnipatiteshu sa bhikshur vaineyakalam avekshamano 

*riddhim samutpadya sa tan muhurtam lohyantarasthah salilS.r- 

dragatrah | 
nirikshamanasya janasya madhye nabhastalam hamsa ivotpa- 
pita II 
vicitrani ca *prS,tiharyS,ni dargayitum S,rabdhah | vakshyati hi | 
[A. 133. b] 

ardhena gatrena vavarsha toyam ardhena jajvala hutSganag ca | 
varshan jvalamg caiva raraja yah khe diptaushadhiprasrava^eva* 

gailah || 
tarn udgatam vyomni ni9S,mya rSjS, kritSfijalir vismayaphullavak- 

trah ( 
udviksham&nas tam uvaca dhiram kautuhalat kimcid aham 
vivakshuh 11 

1 visttryatam vaha C. ^ gig j^gg. 3 prajvalita CD. ♦ pranihfiryfini 




manushyatulyam tava saumya rupam riddhiprabhS,vas tu nar&n 

atltya | 
na nigcayam tena vibho vraj^mi ko nama bhavas tava Qtiddhac 

tat sampratam bruhi mamedam artham yath4 prajanami tava 

prabh^vam ) 
jnatva ca to dhannagunaprabhS,van yathabalam §ishyavad 

S,careina || 
tato bhikshuh pravacanaparigraliako 'yam bhavishyati Bhagavad- 
dh&tum ca vistarim karishyati mahajanahitartliain ca pratipatsyata- 
iti matva svagunam udbhSvayains tam^ uvaca j 

aham mahak&runikasya rajan prahinasarv^ravabandhanasya | 
Buddhasya putro vadatim varasya dharmanvayah sarvabhavesbv 

asaktah 1| . 
dantena dantah purusharshabhena gantim gatenapi Qamam 

pranitah [ 
muktena samsS,ramahabhayebhyo nirmokshito 'ham bhavaban- 
dhanebhyah || 
api ca mahS,rija tvam Bhagavata vy^kritah | varsbagataparinir- 
vritasya® mama Pataliputre nagare 'goko nama rija bhavishyati 
caturbhagacakravarti dharmarajo yo me gariradhatun vaistarikan* 
karishyati, caturagitim *dharmarajikasahasram pratishthapayishyati j 
idam ca devena narakasadrigam sthanam eva sthapitam yatra prani- 
sahasr^ni nipatyante tad arhasi deva sarvasattvebhyo 'bhayapradanam, 
datum Bhagavatag ca manoratham paripurayitum | §ha ca | 

tasman narendra abhayam prayaccha sattveshu kamnyapuroja- 
veshu I 

nathasya sarapurya manoratham ca vaistarikSn® dharmadharan 
kurushva || 

^ 9uddhabhavah MSS. 2 udbhavayantam MSS. 3 .parinirvrittasya MSS. 
^ ?arlradhatuin vaistarikS,m MSS. * dharmarSjikam sahasram MSS. * -kSm 
dharmadharam MSS. 









atha sa rlja Buddhe samupajatapras&dah kritakarasamptitas tain 
bhikshum kshamayann uvaca | dagabalasuta kshantum arhasimam 
kukritam idaiu ca tavadya decayami | garanam rishim upaimi tam. ca 
Buddham ganavaram Sryaniveditain ca dharmam || api ca | 

karonii caisha vyavasayam adya 'tani tadgauravat tatpravana- 
prasadat | 

gSm mandayishyami jinendracaityair hamsaipQaQankhenduvala- 
kakalpaih || 
yavat sa bMkshus tadeva riddhya prakrantah | atha raja arabdho 
nishkramitum | tata^ Candagirikah kntafijalir uvaca | deva labdha- 
varo 'ham naikasya vinirgama iti | raj aha | ma tavan *mamapicchasi 
ghatayitum | sa uvaca | evam eva | raj aha | ko 'smS,kam prathama- 
taram pravishtah | [A. 134. a] Candagirika uvaca | aham [ tato 
rajnabhihitam | ko 'treti | yavad badhyaghatair grihitah | grihitv4 
ca yantragriham prave^itah pravegayitva dagdhah | tac ca ramaniya- 
kam bandhanam apanitaip. sarvasattvebhag cabhayapradanam anu- 
pradattam | tato raja Bhagavacchariradhatum vistarishydmiti catur- 
angena balakayena gatvi 'jatagatrupratishthapitam dronastupam 
utpatya^ gariradhatum grihitavan | yatroddhiranam ca vistarena 
kritva dhatupratyamgam dattva stupam pratishthapya evam dviti- 
yam stupam vistarena bhaktimato yS,vat saptadronad grahaya stupamg 
ca pratishthapya Bamagramam gatah | tato raja nagair nagabhavanam 
avataritah vijiiaptag^ ca | vayam asyatraiva pujam karishyama iti | 
yavad rajiiabhyanujnatam | tato nagairaja punar api nagabhavanad 
uttarito, vakshyati hi | 

Ramagrime tv ashtamam stupam adya, nagas tatkalam bhakti- 
manto rarakshuh | 

dhatuny etasman nopalebhe sa raja *9raddhabhu raja cintayati 
^yas tv atatkritva jagama^ | 

1 tam tamgauravat MSS. ^ utpatyfi, MSS. ^ vijSapti? AC. ■* Sic MSS. 
* yastvam tatkritvd ABDj yastvatatkritva C. * This quotation seems corrupt. 





yavad raja catura9itikarandasahasrain kS,rayitva sauvarnarupya- 
sphatikavaiduryamay&nam, teshu dhatavah. prakshiptah | evam 
vistarena catufacitikumbhasahasram pattasahasram ca 
haste dattva visarjitam asamudrayam prithivyim hinotkiishtamadh- 
yameshu nagareshu, yatra kotih paripuryate tatra dharmarajikam 
pratishthapayitavyam | 

tasmin samaye Takshagilayam shattrimgatkotyah, tair abhihitam | 
shattrini9atkarandak&n anuprayaccheti | raja cintayati | na yadi 
vaistarika dhS,tavo bhavishyanti | upayajno raja | tenabhihitam | 
pancatrim9atkotyah Qodhayitavyah | vistarena yavad 'rajnabhihitam | 
yatrMhikatara bhavanti yatra ca ^nyunatarS. tatra na datavyam | 

yS,vad rajS, Kurkutaramam gatva sthavirayagasam abhigamyova- 
ca I ayam me manorathah | ekasmia divase ekasmin muhurte catura- 
^itidharmarajik^sahasram pratishthapayeyam iti | sthavirenabhihi- 
tam I evam. astu | aham tasmin samaye pS,nin§, suryamandalam 
pratichadayishySmiti | ydvat tasmin divase sthavirayagasS, pS,nin& 
suryamandalam pratichMitam ekasmin divase ekamiihurte caturagiti 
dharmarajikSiSahasram [A. 134. b] pratishthapitam | vakshyati ca | 

tabhyas saptabhyas purvikabhyah kritibhyo dhatum tasya risheh 

sa hy upadaya ^Mauryah I 
cakre stupanam ^garadabhraprabhanam loke sag iti '5S,sad ahna 

sahasram || 

yavac ca rajna 'gokena ^caturagitidharmarajikasahasram pratish- 
thapitam dharmiko dharmaraja samvrittah j tasya Dharmagoka iti 
samjiia jata | vakshyati ca | 

aryamauryagrih sa prajanam hitartham kritsnam stupan karayS,- 
masa lokam'^ I 

^ rajd- MSS. » e^ conject. ; bhunatara MSS. " go d . Mauryam 

ABC. 4 ^aradabhra- MSS. ^ g^gad MSS. « catura<?iti MSS. ? loka? 
MSS. . : 







Candagokatvam prapya purvaip prithivyain Dharmagokatvam 
karmana tena lebhe || 

' P^mgupradanavadanam shadvimgatimam* || 





sa idanim acirajataprasado Buddhagasane yatra CS,kyaputriyS,ii 
dadargakirne rahasi va tatra gira-sa padayor nipatya vandate sma | 
tasya ca Yago^ namamatyah. paramagraddho Bhagavati | sa tain 
rajanam uvaca | deva nirhasi sarvavarnapravrajitanam pranipS.tam 
karfcum santi hi Qakyagramanerakag caturbhyo varnebhyali pravrajitS. 
iti I tasya rSja na kimcid avocat [ atha sa raja kenacit kalantarena 
sarvasacivan uvaca | vividhanam prardnam girobhih karyam tat 
tvam amukasya pr^ninab girsham anaya tvam amukasyeti | Yagamat- 
yah punar ajnaptas tvam manusham girsbam anayeti ] samaniteshu 
ca girahsv abhihitah | gaccbatemani giramsi mulyena vikrinidhvam 
iti I atba sarvagiramsi vikritani tad eva manusham giro na kagcij 
jagraha | tato rajnabhihitah | vinapi mulyena kasmaicid etac chiro 
dehiti [ na casya kagcit pratigrahako babhuva | tato Yagamatyas tasya 
girasah pratigr^hakam anasadya savrido rajanam upetyedam artham 
uvaca I 

gogardabhorabhramrigadvijanam mulyair grihitani giramsi 

pumbhih | 
giras tv idam mS,nusham apragastam na grihyate mulyam rite 'pi 

rajan || 
atha sa raja tarn amatyam uvaca [ kim idam ity idam manushagiro 
na kagcid grihnatiti [ amatya uvaca | jugupsitatvad iti [ rajabravit | 
kim etad eva giro jugupsitam ahosvit sarvamanushagiramsiti | amatya 
uvaca I sarvamanushagiramsiti | rajabravit | kim idam madiyam api 

1 D (not E) prefixes iti (jridivyavadane. ^ om. D : -timah AB, shattrim^a- 
timah C. s Ya9a CD 

! ->. 





giro jugupsitam iti | sa ca bhayan necchati tasm&d bMtartham 
abhidhatum | sa rajnabhihitab' | amatya satyam ucyatam iti | sa 
uvacaivam iti | tatab sa raja tarn am&tyam pratijnay§,m pratishthapya 
pratyadigann imam artham uvaca | ham bho rupaigvaryajanitamada- 
vismita yuktam idam bhavatah | yasmat tvam* bhiksbucaranaprana- 
mam mam viccbandayitum icchasi II 

vinapi mulyair vijugupsitatvat pratigrabita bbuvi yasya nisti | 
giras tad ^sadya mameba punyam yady arjitam kim viparitam 

atra 1| 
jatim bhavan pagyati Qakyabbiksbusbv antargatams fcesbu gunin 

na *ceti | 
ato bhavan jUtimadavalepad S,tmanam anyamg ca [A. 135. a] 

binasti m.obat II 
avahakale 'tha vivabakile jateb pariksba na tu dbarmakale ] 
dbarmakriyaya hi guna nimitta gunag ca jatim na vicarayanti || 
yady uccakulinagata doshS, garham pray^ti loke 'smiq. I 
katham iva nicajanagat^ guna na satkaram arhanti [| 
cittavagena hi pumsam kadevaram nindyate 'tha satkriyate | 
^akyagramanamanS-msi ca guddhany arcydny atab Qaky^h* || 
yadi gunaparivarjito dvijatih patita iti prathito 'pi yaty ava- 

jnam j 
na tu nidhanaknlodgato 'pi jantub gubhagunayukta iti pra- 
namyapujyab || 
api ca J 

kim te kSrunikasya Qakyavrishabhasyaitad vaco na grutam | 
prajnaih s4ram asarakebhya iha yantribhyo® grahitum kshajnam|| 
tasyananyathavSidino yadi ca tam SjnS.m cikirshdmy^ aham | 
vyMiantum ca bhavan yadi prayatate naitat suhrillakshanam [| 
ikshukshodavad ujjhito bhuvi yada kayo mama svapsyati j 

1 -tam MSS. = qq, qj^ ? 
bhrityo D. « ciklrshyamy MSS. 

3 veti MSS. * gfikyfin MSS. « yan 

-1/ 1 






■ V 

II i 


I ' 





pratyutthananamaskritanjaliputaklegakriyasv akshamah || 
kayenaham anena kimtu kugalam gakshyami kartuiu tada [ 
tasman naryam atah. 9raa9ananidhanS,t saram grahitum maya || 
bhavanad iva pradiptan nimajjamanad ivapsu ratnanidheh | 
kS,yad vidhananidhanad ye saram nadhigacchanti || 
te saram apagyantah s§,rasareshv akovidaprajnah^ j 
te* maranamakaravadanapravegasamaye vishidanti || 
dadhighritanavanitakshiratakropayogad varam apahritasaro 

mandakumbho 'vabhagnah | 
na bhavati babugocyam yadvad evam 9arire^ sucaritaJirita- 

sare naiti Qoko 'ntakale |j 
sucaritavimukhanarp. garvitanam yadS, tu prasabham iha hi 

mrityuli kayakumbham bhinatti | 
dabati bridayam esham gokavahnis tadanim dadbighata iva 

bbagne sarvago 'praptasare H 
kartum vighnam ato na me 'rbati bhavSn kayapranamam prati ] 
gresbtho 'smity apariksbako hi ganayan mohandhakaravritab || 
k&yaip yas tu pariksbate dagabalavyabaradipair budhab | 
uasau partbivabhrityayor visamat&m kayasya sampagyati || 
tvagmamsasthigirdyakritprabbritayo bbava bi tulya iirinS,m | 
■*abaryais tu vibhusbanair adbikata kayasya ^nisbpidyate || 
etat saram ibesbyate tu yad imam nigritya kayMhamam | 
pratyuttbananam^askritadikugalam prajnaib samuttbapyate || 
ity atbagoko raja ^'birodakasikatapindair andakasbthebbyo 'pi asa- 
rataratvam k^yasyavetya pranamadibhyab samuttbasya pbalasya 
babukalpagah sthapayitva Sumeruvan mabaprithivibbyab sS,rataratS,m 
aveksbya Bbagavatab stupavandanayam atmanam alamkartukimo 
'm§,tyaganaparivritah [A. 135. b] Kurkutaramain gatvS, tatra vrid- 
dhante sthitva kritanjalir uvaca [ asti kagcid anyo 'pi nirdishto 

^ akovidah prajnah MSS« ^ te ex conject. 
ABC. 5 nipldyate ABC. « hirod- MSS. 

3 9ariram MSS. * ahdryais 






dvitiyah sarvadarQina ' | yathaham tena nirdishtah p^mgudanena 
dhimata || tatra Yago namna samghasthavira uvaca | asti maharaja 
yada Bhagavatah. parinirvanakalasamaye tadapalalam nagam dama- 
yitva kumbhakalam ^ candaligopalim ca nagam ca Mathur§,m anu- 


praptas tatra Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam ^mantrayate | asyS,in 
Ananda Mathurayam varshagataparinirvritasya Tathagatasya Gupto 
namna gandhiko bhavishyati, tasya putro bhavishyaty Upagupto nam- 
navavadakanam agro 'lakshanako Buddho yo mama varshagatapari- 
nirvritasya Buddhakaryam karishyati [ pagyasi tvam Ananda durata 
eva nilanilambararajim \ evam bhadanta | esha Ananda Urumundo 
nama parvato 'tra varshagataparinirvritasya Tath&gatasya Natabha- 
tika namaranyayatanara bhavishyati | etad agrani me Ananda 
bhavishyati gamathanukulanam gayyasananam yaduta NatabhatikS, 
namaranyayatanam | aha ca | 

avavadakanam pravara Upagupto mahayagah I 

vyakrito lokanathena Buddhakaryam karishyati || 
rajaha | kim punah sa guddhasattva utpanno 'thadyipi notpadyata 
iti I sthavira uvaca | utpannah sa mahatma Urumunde parvate jitaklego 
'rhadganaih'* parivritas tishthati lokanukampartham ] api ca deva | 

sarvajnalilo hi sa guddhasattvo dharmam pranitam vadate 
ganagre | 

devasurendroragamanushaipg ca sahasrago mokshapuram pra- 
neta || 

tena khalu samayenayushman Upagupto 'shtadagabhir arhatsa- 
hasraih parivrito Natabhatikaranyayatane prativasati | grutva ca 
rajamatyaganan ahuya kathayati | samnahyatam hastirathagvakayah 
gighraip prayasyamy Urumundagailam | drakshyami sarvS,gravavipra- 
muktam sakshad arhantam hy Upaguptam nama || tato 'matyair abhi- 
hitah I deva dutah preshayitavyo 'vishayanivasi sa devasya svayam 

^ -ino CD. 2 gic ]y£gg_ . Qu_ kumbhakSrim ? ' ayushmam AB, ayush- 
man C, ayushmS,n D. ■* -varnaih A. ° vishaprativasl A. 

c. 49 









evagamishyati ] rajaha | nasav asmakam arhaty abhigantum kimtu 
vayam evarhamas tasyabhigantum | api ca | 

manye vajramayam tasya deham gailopamadliikam | 

gastritulyopaguptasya yo hy ajiiam akshipen nai^ali || 
yavad rajna sthaviropaguptasya sakagam duto na preshitah 
stbaviradar^anayagamishyamiti | sthaviropaguptac cintayati | yadi ra- 
jagamishyati mahajanakayasya pida bhavishyati gocarasya ca | tatah 
sthavirenabhihitam | svayam evabhigamisbyamiti | tato rajna [A. 
136 a] sthaviropaguptasyarthe nauyanenaganiishyatiti yavac ca Mathu- 
ram yavac ca Pataliputram antaran nausamkramo 'vasthapitah | atha 
sthaviropagupto rajfio 'Qokasyanugrahartham ashtada9abbir arhatsa- 
hasraih pariviito navam abhiruhya Pataliputram anupraptab j tato 
rajapurushairajno 'gokasya niveditam deva 'disbtya vardhasva | anu- 
grahartbam tava sopaguptag cittegvarah gasanakarnadbfirab | 
puraskritas tirnabbavaugbaparaib sardham ^samabhyagata esba 
padbbyam || grutva ca rajna pritamanasa gatasabasramulyo mukta- 
harab svagarirad avaniya priyakbyayino dattab | gbantikam cabuya 
katbayati | gbusbyantam Patabputre gbantab^ stbaviropaguptasyaga- 
manam nivedyatam vaktavyam | 

utsnjya daridram anartbamulam yah spbitagobbatn griyani 
iccbatiha | 

svargapavargaya ca hetubhutam sa pagyatam karunikopagup- 
tam II 

yebbir na drishto dvipadapradhanah gasta mabakarunikah sva- 
yambhuh | 

te gastiikalpam stbaviropaguptam pagyantv* udaram tribbava- 

pradipara || 

yavad rajna Pataliputj-e ghantain ghosbayitva nagaragobham ca 

karayitvardhatritiyani yqjanani gatva sarvavadyena sarvapushpa- 

gandbamalyena sarvapauraih sarvamatyaih saba stbaviropaguptani 

1 drishtya MSS. * samabhyagata MSS. » ghSntam MSS. * -nty MSS. 




pratyudgatah | dadarga raja sthaviropaguptam durata evashtadagabhir 
arhatsahasrair ardhacandrenopaguptam yadantaram ca rajS, sthaviro- 
paguptam adrakshit tadantaram hastiskandhad avatirya padbhydm 
naditiram abhigamyaikam padam naditire sthipya dvitiyam naupha- 
lake sthaviropaguptam sarvangenanuparigrihya nava uttaritavS,n | 
uttarya ca mulanikritta^ iva drumah sarvagarirenopaguptasya padayor 
nipatito mukhatundakena ca padav anuparimarjyotthdya* dvau 
janumandalau prithivitale nikshipya kritanjalih sthaviropaguptam 
nirikshamana uvaca [ 

yada maya gatruganan, nihatya prapta samudrabharanS, sagaila | 
ekatapatrS, prithivi tada me pritir na s4 ya sthaviram rdrikshya || 
tvaddarganan me dvigunaprasadah samj§,yate 'smin varagasa- 

nagre | 
tvaddarganac caiva pare 'pi guddhya drishto mayMyapratimah 
svayambhuh II 
api ca I 

gantini gate karunike jinendre tvam Buddhak§,ryam kurushe 

triloke | 
nashte^ jaganmohanimilitakshe tvam arkavajjnanavabhasakarta || 
tvam 9S,strikalpo jagadekacakshur *avavadakanam pravarah 

garanyam | 
vibho mamajnain vada gighram adya kartdsmi vakyam tava 
guddhasattva ][ 
atha sthaviropagupto dakshinena panina rajanam girasi [A. 136. b] 
parimS,rjayaim uvS,ca I 

apramadena sampMya rajyaigvaryaiu ^pravartatam | 
durlabham trini ratnani nityam pujaya parthiva || 
api ca maharaja® tena Bhagavata Tathagatenarhat§, samyaksaip- 
buddhena tava ca mama gasanam upanyastam sattvasarathivarena 

1 -krinta MSS. ^ .majy- MSS. ^ ^aste C. 
gr. ? 5 -titam MSS. ' -raja MSS. 

* Sic MSS : ovada- metri 





if ' 


ganamadhye parittam paripalyam yatnato 'smabhih | rSjaha | sthavira 
yatiialiam nirdishto Bhagavata tad evanushthiyate kutah | stupair 
vicitrair giri9rmgakalpai9 chattradhvajaig cocchritaratnacitraih | sam- 
Qobhita me prithivi samantad vaistarika dhatudharah kritag ca 1| 
api ca I 

itmaputram griham daran prithivikogam eva ca | 
na kiincid aparityaktam dharmarajasya gasane || 
sthaviropagupta aha | sadhu sadhu maharaja etad evanushtheyain 
kutah [ 

ye saram upajivanti kayid bhogaig ca jivikam' | 
gate kale na ^ocanti ishtaLu yanti suralayam || 
y&vad raj^ mahatS, grisamudayena sthaviropaguptam rajakule pra- 
vegayitva sarvangenanuparigrihya prajnapta evasane nishadayamasa | 
sthaviropaguptasya gariraip. mriduh^ sumridus tadyatha tulapicur 
va karpasapicur va | atha raja sthaviropaguptasya garirasamspargam 
avagamya kritanjalir uvaca | 

mriduni te 'ngani udarasattva ^tulopamah ^kagisamopamag ca | 
aham tv adhanyah kharakarkagaiigo nihspargagatrah parusha- 
grayag ca || 
sthavira uvaca | 

danam manapam sugubham pranitam dattam maya hy aprati- 

pudgalasya | 
na paipgudanam hi may& pradattam yatha tvayadS,yi TathS-ga- 
tasya || 
raj aha | sthavira 

balabhavad aham purvam kshetraip* prapya hy anuttaram [ 
pamgun ropitavams tatra phalam yasyedrigam mama || 
atha sthaviro rajanam samharshayann uvaca | maharaja 

pagya kshetrasya mahatmyam. pamgur yatra viruhyate | 
rajagrir yena te prapta adhipatyani anuttaram |) 


i I 


jivitam BCD. 

Sic MSS. 

3 kulo- MSS. 

4 kshatram AC. 

' .^ ^l■ j-L H-i a w 






grutva ca rSjS. vismayotphullanetro 'maty an khtijoykca. \ 

balacakravartirajyam praptam me pamgudanamatrena | 
kena Bhagavaa bhavanto narcayitavyah prayatnena || 
atha raja sthaviropaguptasya padayor nipatyovaca | sthavirayam 
me manoratho ye Bhagavata Buddhena pradeca adhyushitas tan 
arceyam cihnani ca kuryam pa^cimasyam janatay§,m anugrahartham ( 
dha ca I ye Buddhena Bhagavata pradega adhyushitas tan arcayann 
aham gatvS, cihnani caiva kurydm pagcimam janatam anukampartham | 
sthavira uvaca | 

sadhu sadhu [A. 137. a] maharaja gobhanas te cittotpadah j aham 
pradargayishyamy adhunS, I 

' ye Henadhyushita degas tan namasye kritaiijalih ] 
gatva cihnani teshv eva karishyS,mi na samgayah || 
atha raja caturaiigabalakayam saninahya gandhamalyapushpam adaya 
sthaviropaguptasahayah^ samprasthitah] atha sthaviropagupto rajanam 
Agokam sarvaprathamena Lumbinivanam pravegayitvS, dakshinam 
hastam abhiprasaryovaca ] asmin maharaja pradege Bhagavan jatah | 
aha ca I 

idani hi prathamam caityam Buddhasyottamacakshushah j 
jatamitreha sa mnnih prakrantah saptapadam bhuvi || 
caturdigam avalokya vacam bhashitavan pura | 
iyam me pagcimS, jatir garbhavasag ca pagcimah || 
atha raja sarvagarirena tatra padayor nipatyotthaya kritanjalih 
prarudann uvaca I 

dhanyas te kritapunyag ca yair drishtah sa mahamunih | 
prajatah samgruta yaig ca v^cas tasya manoramah^ || 
atha sthaviro rajnah prasadavriddhyartham uvaca [ maharaja kiin 
drakshyasi tarn devataip 

yaya drishtah prajayan sa vane 'smin vadatam varah | 
kramamanah padan sapta gruta vaco yaya muneh || 

1 Buddhena Bhagavatadhyushita MSS. * -sahiyah MSS. ^ .rama MSS. 

'1 1 




i 1 

I i 


f • 

raj aha | param sthavira drakshyami | atha sthaviropagupto yasya 
vrikshasya gakhara avalambya devi Mahamaya prasuta tena dakshi^a- 
hastam abhiprasaryovaca | 

naivasika ya ihagokavrikshe sambuddhadar9ini yS,' devakanya | 

sakshad asau dargayatu svadeham raj no hy Agokasya *manah 
prasadavriddhyai || 
yavat sa devata svarupena sthaviropaguptasamipe sthifcva kritanjalir 
uvaca I sthavira kim. ijnapayasi | atha sthaviro rajanam A9okam 
uvaca I mah§,rajeyain sk devatS, yaya drishto Bhagavan jayamanah [ 
atha raj4 kritanjalis tarn devatam uvaca | 

drishtas tvaya lakshanabhushitangah prajayamanah kamalaya- 
takshah | 

grutas tvaya tasya nararshabhasya vaco manojnah prathama 
vane 'smin || 
devata praha | 

maya hi drishtah kanakavadatah prajayamano dvipadapra- 
dhanah | 

padani sapta kramamana eva grata ca vacam^ api tasya gastuh || 
rajS,ha [ kathaya devate kidrigi Bhagavato jayam§,nasya grir babhu- 
veti I devata praha | na gakyam maya vagbhih samprakagayitum api 
tu samkshepatah grinu | 

vinirmitabha kanakavadata saindre* triloke nayanabhirama | 

sasagarinta ca mahi sagailS, maharnavastha iva ^nau cacala || 
yavad rajna jatyam gatasahasram dattam | caityam ca pratishthapya 
raja prakrantah | 

atha sthaviropagupto rajanam Kapilavastu [A. 137. b] nivegayitva 
dakshinahastam abhiprasaryovaca [ asmin pradege maharaja Bodhi- 
sattvo rajfiah (^uddhodanasyopanamitah | taip ^dvatrimgata maha- 
purushalakshanalamkiitagariram asecanakadarganara ca drishtvS, raja 
sarvacarirena Bodhisattvasya padayor nipatitah | idam maharaja 

1 yfi na MSS. ^ Qu. ; om, ? ^ gic mSS. * sendre D. 

^, ^^-— — - 

lj. pB H» l l'' " *t ' a^JtJ g HWI!— n 




Cakyavardham nama devakulam atra Bodhisattvo jatamatra upanito 
devam arcayishyatiti | sarvadevata ca Bodhisattvasya padayor nipati- 
ta I tato rajna ^uddhodanena Bodhisattvo devatanam apy ayam deva 
iti tena Bodhisattvasya devatideva iti namadlieyam kritam | asmin 
pradege maharaja Bodhisattvo brahmananam naimittikanam 'vipag- 
cikanam ^upadargitah | asmin pradege 'sitena rishina nirdishto Buddho 
loke bhavishyatiti | asmin pradege maharaja MahS,prajapatya, samvar- 
dhito 'smin pradege lipijiianam gikshapito 'smin prade9e hastigrivayam 
aQvaprishthe rathe ^9aradhanurgrahe tomaragrahe 'nkugagrahe kula- 
nurupasu vidyasu paragah samvrittah | iyam Bodhisattvasya vyayS,- 
ma^ala babhuva | asmin pradege maharaja Bodhisattvo devatagata- 
sahasraih parivritah shashtibhih strisahasraih sardham ratim anubhu- 
tavan [ asmin pradege Bodhisattvo jirnaturamritasamdarganodvigno 
*vanam samgritah [ asmin pradege jambucchayjim nishadya viviktam 
papakair akugalair dharmaih savitarkam savicaram vivekajam priti- 
sukham anagravasadrigam prathamadhyanam samapannah | atha 
parinate* madhyahne 'tikrante bhaktakalasamaye 'nyesham vriksha- 
narn. chaya pracinanimna pracinapravana prS,cinapragbhara jambuc- 
chaya® Bodhisattvasya kayam na jahati | drishtva ca punar^ raja Cud- 
dhodanah sarvagarirena Bodhisattvasya padayor nipatitah | anena 
dvarena Bodhisattvo devatagatasahasraih parivrito 'rdharatreh Kapila- 
vastuno nirgatah | asmin pradege Bodhisattvena Chandakasyagvam 
abharanini ca dattva pratinivartitah | aha ca | 

^ Chandabharanany agvam^ ca asmin pratinivartitah | 
nirupasthayako virah pravishtaikas tapovanam || 
asmin pradege Bodhisattvo lubdhakasakag^t kagikair vastraih kasha- 
yani vastr^ni grahaya pravrajitah | asmin pradege Bhargavenagra- 
menopanimantritah [A. 138. a] | asmin pradege Bodhisattvo rajnS, 

1 vipancikanam MSS. ^ .jtam MSS. ^ garo- MSS. 

samcjritaiL MSS. ^ -natair CD. ^ .chay^yfi CD. ? Sic MSS. 


* vana- 
8 aQvarpg 



7 t 


s \ 




BiinbisS,renS,rdharajyeiiopanimantritah | asmin pradege ' Aradodrakam 

abhigatah | aha ca | 

Udrakaradaka nama rishayo 'smin tapovane | 
adhigatacarjasattvena purushendrena tapita || 

asmin pradege Bodhisattvena shad varshani dushkaram cirnam'' j aha 

ca I 

shad varshani ^hi katukam tapas taptva mahamnnih | 
nayam margo hy abhijiiaya iti jfiatva samutsrijet || 

asmin pradege Bodhisattvena Nandaya Nandabalayag ca gramika- 

duhitryoh* sakagat shodagagunitam "madhupayasam paribhuktam ] aha 

ca I 

asmin pradege Nandaya bhuktva ca madhupiyasam | 
bodhimulam mahaviro jagama vadatim varah || 

asmin pradege Bodhisattvah Kalikena nagarajena bodhimulam abhi- 

gacchan samstutah | aha ca [ 

^Kalikabhujagendrena samstuto vadatam varah | 
prayato 'nena margena bodhimande 'mritarthinah || 

atha raja sthavirasya padayor nipatya kritanjalir uvaca | 
api pagyema nagendrain yena drishtas Tathagatah [ 
vrajano 'nena margena mattanagendravikramah || 

atha Kaliko nagarajah sthavirasamipe sthitva kritanjalir uvaca | 

sthavira kim ajiiapayasiti | atha sthaviro rajanam uvaca | ayam sa 

maharaja Kaliko nagaraja yena Bhagavan anena margena bodhimulam 

nirgacchan samstutah [ atha raja kritanjalih Kalikam nagarajam 

uvaca I 

drishtas tvaya jvalitakaiicanatulyavarnah gasta mamapratisamah 

garadenduvaktrah | 
akhyahi me dagabalasya gunaikadegam tat kidrigi vada bhavan 

sugate tadanim 

1 Aratro- MSS. 
^ -prayasam ABC. 

2 cirnah MSS. 3 om. MSS. 
« Kalikena MSS. 

4 Sic AC : -try ah D. 








Kalika uvaca | na gakyaip vagbhih samprakaQayitum api tu saipkshe- 
pam Qrinu j 

caranatalaparahata sagaila avanis * tada pracac&la shadvikaram j 
ravikiranaprabhMhika nriloke sugatagagidyutisamnibh^ ma- 
nqjiia || 
yavad raja caityani pratishthapya prakrantah | atha sthaviropagupto 
rajanam bodhimulam upanamayitva dakshinam karam abhiprasaryo- 
vaca I asmin pradege maharaja Bodhisattvena mahamaitrisahayena 
sakalam Marabalam jitvanuttara samyaksanibodhir abhisambuddha | 
aha ca I 

ilia munivrishabhena' bodhimule NamucibalamAdkritam nirastam 

agu I 
idam amritam udaram agryabodhim ' hy adhigatam apratipudga- 
lena tena j 
yavad rajiia bodhau (jatasahasram dattam [ caityatn ca pratishthapya 
raja prakr&ntah [ atha sthaviropagupto rajanam Agokam uvaca | 
asmin pradege Bhagavan caturnani maharajanS,m sakag&c catvari gaila- 
mayani patrani grahayaikam patram "adhimuktam | asmin pradege 
Trapushabhallikayor banijor api pinda,p4trah pratigrihitah [ asmin 
pradege Bhagavan Varanasim abhigacchann ^Upaganenajivikena [A. 
138. b] samstutah | yavat sthaviro rajanam *E,ishivadanam upaniya 
dakshinam hastam abhiprasaryovaca | asmin prade^e maharaja Bha- 
gavata triparivartain dvadagakaram dharmyam dharmacakram pra- 
vartitam | aha ca j 

gubham dharmamayara cakram samsaravinivartaye | 
asmin pradege nathena pravartitam annttaram || 
asmin pradege jatilasahasram pravrajitam | asmin pradege rajiio 
Bimbisarasya dharmam de§itain rajiia ca Bimbisarena satyani drish- 
tany agitibhig ca devatasahasrair anekaig ca Magadhakair brahmana- 

1 SicMSS. 

- Sic MSS. 

3 upagena- MSS. 

■* Sic MSS : Eishipatanam 



I t 










I '( 

grihapatisahasraih | asmin prade9e Bhagavata Cakrasya devendrasya 
dharmo degitah Cakrena ca satyani drishtany agitibhig ca devatasahas-, 
raih | asmin pradege mahapratiharyam vidargitam J asmin pradege 
Bhagavan deveshu trayastriin9eshu varsha ushitva matur janayitrya 
dharmarn degayitv^ devaganaparivrito 'vatimah | vistarena yavat 
sthaviro rajanam A9okam Kuginagarim upanamayitva dakshinara 
karatalam abhiprasaryovaca | asmin pradege maharaja Bhagavan ' 
sakalam Buddhakaryam kritva nirupadhigeslie nirvanadhatau pari- 
nirvritah | aha ca | 

lokam sadevamanujasurayakshanfi,gam akshayyadharmavinaye 

matiman viniya | 
^vaineyasattvavirahanupagantabuddhih gantim gatah parama- 
karuniko maharshih || 
9rutva ca raja murchitah patitah | yavaj jalaparishekam kritvotthapi- 
tah I atha raja kathamcit samjiiam upalabhya parinirvane gatasahas- 
ram dattva caityam pratishthapya padayor nipatyovaca | ^stha\T.rayam 
me manoratho ye ca Bhagavata gravaka agratayam nirdishtas teshaip. 
9arirapuj&in karishyamiti | sthavira uvaca ] sadhu sadhu maharaja 
gobhanas te cittotpidah ( sthaviro rajanam Agokam Jetavanam 
pravegayitva dakshinam karam abhiprasiryovaea | ayam maharaja 
sthaviracariputrasya stupah kriyatam asyarcanam iti j raj aha | ke 
tasya guna babhuvuh | sthavira uvica | sa hi dvitiyagasta dharma- 
senadhipatir dharmacakrapravartanah prajnivatam agro* nirdishto 
Bhagavata | 

sarvalokasya ya prajiia sthapayitva Tathsigatam | 
Cariputrasya prajiiaya kalam narhati shodagim || 
aha ca | 

saddharmacakram atulam yaj jinena pravartitam | 
anuvrittam hi tat* tena Cariputrena dhimata || 

1- } ! 


1 Bhagavam MSS. ^ gjc MSS. : Qu. -virahad upa- as Burnouf ? ^ sthaviro 
'yam MSS. * agryo A. ^ tam MSS. 






kas tasya sadhu Buddhanyah purushah Qaradvatasyeha | , 
jnatva gunagananidhim vaktum ^aknoti niravagesliat || 
tato raja pritamanah sthavira9aradvatiputrastupe gatasahasrain 
dattva kritanjalir uvaca | Caradvatiputram aham bhaktya vande 
[a. 139. a] vimuktabhavasangam | lokapraka9akirtim jnanavatam 
uttamain. viram || yavat sthaviropaguptah sthaviraniahamaudgalya- 
yanasya stupam upadar9ayann uvaca | idam maharaja sthaviramalia- 
maudgalyayanasya stupam kriyatam asyarcanam iti | raj aha | ke 
tasya guna babhuvur iti | stbavira uvaca | sa hi riddhimatam agro 
nirdishto Bhagavata yena dakshinena padangushthena Qakrasya 
devendrasya Vaijayantah prasadah prakampito Nandopanandau 
nagarajanau vinitau | iha ca | 

Qakrasya yena bhavanam padangushthena kampitam ] 
pujaniyah prayatnena Kolitah sa dvijottamah |j 
bhujagegvarau pratibhayau dantau tau yenatidurdamau | 
loke kah tasya guddhabuddheh param gacched gunarnavasya |1 
yavad raja Mahamaudgalyayanasya stupe gatasahasram dattv^ kri- 
tanjalir uvaca I 

riddhimatam agro yo janmajaragokaduhkhanirmuktah | 
Maudgalyayanam aham vande murdhna pranipatya vikhyS,tam || 
yavat sthaviropaguptah sthaviramahakS,9yapasya* stupain kriyatam 
asyarcanam iti | raj aha | ke tasya guna babhuvuh | sthavira uvaca | 
sa hi mahatma alpecchanain samtushtanam dhutagunavadinam agro 
nirdishto BhagavatS,rdhasanenopanimantritah gvetacivarenacchadito 
dinaturagrahakah gasanasamdharakag ceti [ aha ca | punyakshetram 
udarara dinaturagrahako nirayasah | sarvajnacivaradharah gasana- 
samdharako matiman || kas tasya guror manujo vaktum gakto gunan 
niravageshan | asanavarasya sumatir yasya jino dattavan ardham || 
tato rajagokah sthaviramahakagyapasya stupe gatasahasram dattva 
kritanjalir uvaca [ parvataguhanilayam araiiam vairaparanmukham 

1 Sic MSS. 








i 1 '■ 



I ! : 



' ' 1 

/ i 






pra9amayuktarQ | ' sanitoshagunavivriddham vande khalu Ka9yapam 
sthaviram || yavat sthaviropaguptah sthaviravatkulasya stupani dar- 
(^ayann uvaca | idam maharaja sthaviravatkulasya stupani kriyatam 
arcanam iti | raj aha | ke tasya guna babhuvur iti | sthavira uv^ca | 
sa mahatma alpabadhanam agro nirdishto Bhagavata | api ca na tena 
kasyacid dvipadika gatha gravita | rajaha | diyatam atra kakanih | 
y§,vad amatyair abhihitah | deva kimartham tulyeshv avasthiteshv atra 
kakani diyata iti | rajaha | gruyatam atrabhiprayo mama | 

ajnapradipena manogrihastham hataia tamo yadyapi tena 

kritsnam | 
*alpecchabhavan na kritam. hi tena yatha kritain sattvahitam 

tad anyaih || 

sa pratyahata tasyaiva rajnah padamule nipatita^ | yavad amatya 
vismita ucuh | aho tasya mahatmano 'Ipecchata [A. 139. bj babhuva- 
nayapy anarthi | yavat sthaviropaguptah sthaviranandasya stupam 
upadarcayann uvaca | imam sthaviranandasya stupam kriyatam asyar- 
canam iti | rajaha | ke tasya guna babhuvur iti [ sthavira uvaca | sa 
hi Bhagavata upasthayako. babhuva bahugrutanam agryah pravacana- 
grahakag ceti | aha ca | 

munipatrarakshanapatuh smritidhritimatiniccitah grutasamu- 

drah | 
vispashtamadhuravacanah suranaramahitah sadanandah || 
sambuddhacittaku^alali sarvatra vicakshano gunakarandah [ 
jinasamstuto jitaranah suranaramahitah sadanandah || 

yavad rajiia tasya stupe kotir datta | yavad amatyair abhihitah | kim- 
artham ayam deva sarvesham sakagad adhikataram pujyate | rajaha | 
oruyatam abhiprayah | 

yat tac chariram vadatam varasya dharmatmano dharmamayam 
viguddham | 

samtosham MSS. 

ahanyebhavan A. •'' -titah CD. 





tad 'dharitam tena vigokanamnS, tasmad vigeshena sa pfljani- 

dharmapradipo jvalati prajasu kleg^ndhakSrantakaro yad adya | 
tat tat prabhavat sugatendrasunos tasmad vigeshena sa pujani- 

yah II 
yada samudrain salilam samudre kurvita kagcin na hi goshpa- 

dena | 
ntthena taddharmam avekshya bhavam sutrantako 'yam stha- 
viro 'bhishiktah || 
atha raja sthaviranam stuparcanam kritva sthaviropaguptasya 
padayor nipatya pritimana uvaca | 

manushyam saphalikritam kratugatair ishtena samprapyate ( 
rajyaigvaryagunaig calaig ca vibhavaih sarain grihitam param || 
lokain caityagatair alamkiitam idam gvetabhrakutaprabhaih | 
asyadyapratimasya gasanam idam kim nah kiitain. dushkaram || 

iti ^.--.-^ -.- -■ 

yavad raja sthaviropaguptasya pranamam kritva prakrantah [ yavad 
rajnagokena jatau bodhau dharmacakre parinirv^ne ekaikagatasahas- 
ram dattam tasya bodhau vigeshatah prasadajata iha BhagavatS,- 
nuttar^ samyaksambodhir abhisambuddheti j sa yS,iii vigeshayuktani 
ratnani tani bodhiiTi preshayati | atha rajiio 'gokasya Tishyarakshita 
namagramahishi | tasy^ buddhir utpanna j ayam raja. mayS, sardham 
ratim anubhavati ^vigeshayuktamg ca ratnani bodhau preshayati | 
taya Matangi vyaharita ^gakyasi tvam bodhim mama sapatnim 
praghatitum* | tayabhihitam | gakshyami kimtu karshapan§,n dehiti [ 
ydvan Matangya bodhivriksho mantraih parijaptah sutrarp. ca bad- 
dham | yavad bodhivrikshah ^gushkitum arabdhah j tato rajapu- 
rushairajne niveditam | deva bodhivrikshah gushyata^iti | aha ca | 
yatropavishtena Tathagatena kritsnam jagad buddham idam 

yathavad | 

1 dharitas MSS. ^ gic mSS. ^ Qekyasi AB. * 9ushita A. 

-.^. t 





■ \ 



■ "i i 

) } 




sarvajiiata cadhigata narendra bodhidrumo 'sau nidhanam 
prayati || 

grutva ca raja murchito bhumau patitab [ yavaj jalashekam 
dattvotthapitah | atha raja [A. 140. a] kathamcit sainjnam 
upalabhya prarudann uvaca [ 

dnshtvanvaham tarn drumarajamulani janami drishto 'dya mayS, 

svayambbub | 
nathadrume caiva gate pranagam pranah prayasyanti mamapi 

nagam || 

atba Tishyarakshita rajanam gokarttam avekshyovaca [ deva yadi 
bodbir na bbavishyaty aham devasya ratim utpadayishyami | rajaha | 
na sa stri api tu bodhivriksbah sa tatra Bhagavatamxttara samyak- 
sambodbir adbigata | Tisbyaraksbita Matangim uvaca | gakyasi tvain 
bodbivriksbain yatbapauranam avastbapitum | Matangi aba | yadi 
tavat pran^ntika 'vagishta bbavisbyati yatbapaurinam avastbapayish- 
yamiti | vistarena yavat tay^ sutram muktva vriksbasamantena kba- 
nitva divase ksbirakumbbasabasrena 'papayati | yavad alpair abobbir 
yatbapauranah samvrittah | tato rajapurusbairajne niveditam | deva 
^disbtya vardbasva yatbapauranah samvrittah | grutva ca pritimana 
bodbivi-iksbam niriksbamana uvaca | 

Bimbisaraprabbritibbih partbivendrair dyutiradharair | 
na kritaiu tat karishyami satkaradvayam uttamam || 
bodbim ca snapayisbyami kumbbair gandbodakakulaib j 
^aryasamgbasya ca karishyami satkaram pancavarsbikam || 

atba raja sauvarnarupyavaiduryaspbatikamayanam kumbbanam sa- 
basram gandhodakena purayitva prabbutam cannapanam samudaniya 
gandbamalyapushpasamcayam kritva snatvahatani vasamsi navani 
dirgbadagadi pravrityasbtarigasamanvagatam upavasam uposhya dbu- 
pakatacchukam adaya garanatalam abbirubya caturdigam ayacitum 

1 Sic MSS. 2 drishtva MSS. =* Sic MSS : Qu. samghasya. 





S,rabdhah | ye Bhagavato Buddhasya 9rS,vakas te mamaniigrahayS,- 
gacchaiitu | api ca | 

samyaggatS, ye Sugatasya gishyah Qintendriya nirjitakaina- 

doshah | 
sammananarha naradevapujitS, S.yS,ntu te 'sminn anukampayd 

mama || 
pragamadamarata vimuktasangat pravarasutah Sugatasya dhar- 

marajah | 
* asurasuranararcitaryavrittas tv iha madanugraliarLat "samabhy- 

upaintu || 
vasanti Kagmirapure suramye ye capi dhiras Tamasavane 'smin | 
Mahavane Revatake raye ^'ryS, anugrahartham mama te 'bhy- 

upeyuh II 
Anavataptahrade nivasanti ye girinadishu saparvatakanda- 

reshu | . 
jinasutS,h khalu dhyanaratah sada samudayantv iha te 'dya 

kripabalah 1| 
■"Cairishake ye pravare vasanti putra vadat§,m varasya | 
anugrahartham mama te vigoka hy dyantu karunyanivishta- 

Gandhamadanagaile ca ye vasanti mahaujasah | 
ihayantu^ karunyam utpadyopanimantritah || 
evam ukte ca rajni trini 9atasahasrani bhikshun§,in samnipatitani | 
tatraikam 9atasahasrS,nam arhatain 9aikshS,nS,m prithagjanakalyS,- 
nakS,nS,m ca na ka^cid vriddhasanam [A, 140. b] S,kramyate sma | 
raj aha | kimartham vriddhS,sanam tan nS,kramyate | tatra Yago 
namna vriddhah shadabhijnah | sa uvaca [ mah^raja vriddhasya tad 
asanam iti | rSjaha | asti sthavira tvatsakag&d anyo viiddhatara iti | 
sthavira uvaca | asti maharija j vadatam varena va9ina nirdishtah 
simhanadinam agryah j Pindolabharadvajasyaitad agrasanam nripate || 

^ -acitarya- ACD, -aritdrya- B. - -entu B, -antu C. » Sic MSS. 

^ q&ri- T>. 









atha rkj^L kadambapushpavad ahrishtaromakupah kathayati | asti 
kagcid Buddhadargi bhikshur dhriyata iti | sthavira uvS,ca | asti 
mahdraja Pindolabharadvajo namna Buddhadargi tishthata iti | r§ja 
kathayati | sthavira gakyah so 'smabhir drashtum iti | sthavira uvaca | 
maharaja idanim drakshyasi | ayam tasyagamanakala iti | atha raja 
pritiinana uvaca | 

labhah parah syad atulo 'mameha ^mahasukhaq cayam anuttamag 
ca I 

pa9yamy aham yat tarn udarasattvam sakshad BharadvSjasago- 
tranama | 
tato raja kritakaraputo gaganatalavasaktadrishtir avasthitah | atha 
sthavirapindolabharadvajo 'nekair arhatsahasrair ardhacandrakareno- 
pagudho rajaharnsa iva gaganatalad avatirya vriddhante nishasada | 
sthavirapindolabharadvSjam drishtva tany anekani bhikshu9atasa- 
hasrani pratyupasthitani | adrakshid raja Pindolabharadvajam ^veta- 
^palitaqirasam pralambabhrulalatam nigudhakshitarakam Pratyeka- 
buddha^rayam drishtva ca raja mulanikritta* iva drumah sarvagari- 
rena sthavirapindolabharadvajasya padayoh patito mukhatundakena 
ca padav anuparimarjyotthaya tau janumandalau prithivitale pratish- 
thipya kritaiijalih sthavirapindolabharadvajam nirikshamanah pra- 
rudann uvaca | 

yada maya gatruganan nihatya pr&pta samudrabharanS, sagaila J 

ekatapatra prithivi tadS, me pritir na sa me sthaviram nir- 
ikshya || 
tvaddarganad bhavati drishto 'dya Tathagatah karunaMbhat tvad- 
darganac ca dvigunaprasado mamotpannah | api ca sthavira drishtas 
te Trailokyanatho gurur me BhagavS,ii Buddha iti | tatah sthavira- 
pindolabharadvaja ubhabhyam panibhyam *bhruvam unnamya rSja- 
nam Agokam nirikshamana uvaca | 

^ mameha C. ^ Ex conj., a word lost ; gyayam A, ayo yam B, gcayam CD. 
mahasukhac; cayam ? ' -parita- AB. * -nikrinta MSS. ^ bhuvam 








drishto maya hy asakrid apratimo maharshih samtaptakancana- 

samopamatulyatejah | 
' dvatriipgallakshanadharah caradinduvaktro brikmasvaradhika- 

rano ' hy aranavihart II 
raj alia | sthavira kutra te BliagavS.n drishtah katham ceti | sthavira 
uvaca I yada maharaja Bhagav^n vijitamaraparivirah pancabhir 
arhaccbataih sardham prathamato Rajagrihe varsham upagato 'ham 
tatkalam tatraivasan ' maya sa dakshiniyab samyagdrishta iti | aha ca \ 
vitaragaih parivrito vitarago mahamunih j 
yada [A. 141. a] R&jagrihe varsha ushitah sa Tathagatah || 
tatkalam asam* tatraham sambuddhasya tadantike | 
yatha pa9yasi mam sakshad evam drishto maya m^nnih |1 
yad&pi maharaja Bhagavata Cravastyani tirthyan vijayartham maha- 
pratiharyani kritam Buddhavataipsakam yavad Akanishthabhavanain ^ 
nirmitam mahat tatkalam tatraivaham A,san ' maya tad Buddhavikri- 
ditara drishtam iti | aha ca | ' ' 

tirthya yada Bhagavata kupathaprayata '*riddhiprabhavavidhina 

khalu nirgrihitah | 
vikriditam dagabalasya tada hy Tadaram drishtain maya tu nripa- 
harshakarain prajanam II . 

yadSpi maharSja Bhagavata deveshu trayastrirageshu varshi ushitva 
mS,tur janayitrya dharmam degayitva devaganaparivritah Simkagye'* 
nagare 'vatirno 'ham tatkalam tatraivasan' maya sa devamanushya- 
sampada drishta Utpalavarnaya ca nirmita cakravartisaiupadS, iti | 
aha ca I 

yadavatirno vadat&m varishtho varsham ushitva khalu deva- 

loke I 
tatrapy aham samnihito babhuva drishto mayasau munir agra- 
sattvah 11 

1 Sic MSS. 
« Sanka9ye MSS. 

^ asan AC. 

3 -bhagavanam ABC. 

* riddh- ABC. 










yada maharaja Samagadhayanathapindadaduhitrya upanimantritah 
pancabhir arhacchataih sardham riddhya Pundavardhanam gatas 
tadaham riddhya parvata9ailam grahaya gaganatalam akramya 
Pundavardhanam gatali | tannimittam ca me' Bhagavatajiia kshipta 
na tavat te parinirvatavyam yavad dharmo nantarhita iti j aha ca | 
yada jagamarddhibalena nayakah Sumaghadhayopanimantritah 
guruh I 

tada grihitvarddhibalena ^ailam jagama turnam khalu Punda- 
vardhanam II 
ajiia tada Cakyakuloditena datta ca me karunikena^ tena j 
tavan na te ^nirvritir *abhyupeya antarhito yavad ayam na 
dharmali || 
yadapi maharaja tvaya purvam balabhavad Bliagavato Rajagriham 
pindaya pravishtasya caktum dasyamiti pamgvafijalir Bhagavatah 
patre prakshipto Padhaguptena canumoditam tvain ca Bhagavata 
nirdishto 'yam darako varshagataparinirvritasya mama Pataliputre 
nagare 'coko nama raja bhavishyati caturbhagacakravarti dharmiko 
dharmaraja yo me ^gariradhatukam vaistarikam karishyati caturagiti- 
dharmarajikisahasram pratishthapayishyaty aham tatkalara ^tatraiva- 
sit I aha ca | 

yada pam9vanjalir dattas tvaya Buddhasya bhajane | 
balabhavat prasaditva tatraivaham tadabhavam' || 
rajiha | sthavira kutredanim ushyata iti | sthavira uvaca ] 
uttare sararajasya parvate Gandhamadane | 
vasami nripate tatra sardham sabrahmacaribhih || 
raj aha [ kiyantah sthavirasya parivarah | sthavira uvaca [ 
shashty arhantah sahasrani parivaro nrinam vara | 
vasami yair aham sardham nisprihair jitakahnashaih || 
api ca [A. 141. b] maharaja kim anena samdehena kritena parivish- 

1 ye MSS. 2 kaxunikara MSS. ^ nirmttir ABC. ^ abhy- MSS. 

5 SicMSS. : Qu. -kan...kan? « Sic MSS. ^ -bhuvan MSS. 







yatam bhikshusaiiighah | bhuktavato bhikshusainghasya pratisain- 
modanain karishyami | rajaha | evam astu yatha sthavira ajnapa- 
yati I kimtu Buddhasmritipratibodhito 'ham bodhisnapanam tavat 
karishyami samanantarain ca manapena caharena bhikshusamgham 
upasthasyamiti | atha raja Sarvamitram udghoshakam amantrayati | 
aham aryasamghasya gatasahasram dasyami kumbhasahasrena ca 
bodhim snapayishyami mama namna ghushyatam pancavarshikam 
iti I tatkalam ca Kunalasya nayanadvayam avipaimam asit | sa rajiio 
dakshine parQve stbitah [ tenaiigulidvayam utkshiptam na tu vag 
bhashitS, | dvigunaiii tv aham pradasyamity akarayati | panin4 vardhi- 
tamatre ca Kunalena sarvajanakayena hasyam muktam | tato rajS, 
hasyam muktva kathayati | aho Radhagupta kenaitad vardhitam iti | 
E-adhaguptah kathayati | deva bahavah punyarthinah pr^nino yah 
punyarthi tena vardhitam iti | rfijaha | ^atasahasratrayam dasya- 
mity aryasamghe kumbhasahasrena ca bodhim snapayishyami mama 
namna ghushyatam pancavarshikam' iti j yavat Kunalena catasro 
'ligulya utkshiptah | tato raja rushitah Kadhaguptam uvaca j aho 
Radhagupta ko 'jsiin asmabhih sardham pratidvandvayaty alokajnah | 
rushitam ca rajanam avekshya Radhagupto rajfiah padayor nipatyo- 
vaca I deva kasya gaktir narendrena sardham vispardhitum bhavet | 
Kunalo gunavan pitra sardham vikurvate' ] atha raja dakshinena 
parivritya Kunalam avalokyovica | ^sthaviro 'ham kogam sthapayitvS, 
rajyam antahpuram amatyaganam itmanam ca Kun41am suvarna- 
rupyasphatikavaiduryamayanam pancakumbhasahasrani nS.nagaB.dha- 
purnani kshiracandanakunkumakarpuravasitair mahabodhim snapa- 
yishyami pushpagatasahasrani ca bodhipramukhe caryasainghe dadami 
mama namna ghushyatam pancavarshikam iti | aha ca | 

' rajyam samriddham samsthapya kocam antalipurani ca amatya- 

ganam ca sarvam 

dadami samghe gunapatrabhute atmakunalam ca gunopapan- 

SicMSS. 2 Sic MSS. ; Qu. sthaviraham ? 










tato raja Pindolabharadvajapramukhe bhikshusaipghe niryatayitva 
bodhivrikshasya ca caturdicam varam baddhva svayam eva ca varam 
abhiruhya caturbhih kumbhasahasrair bodhisnapanain kritavan 
kritamatre ca bodhisnapane bodhivriksho yathapauranah sanivrittah ] 
' vakshyati hi | 

kritamitre ni-ipatina bodhisnapanam uttamam | 
bodhivrikshas tada jato haritpallavakomalab || 
drishtva ^haritapattradhyam pallavankurakomalam | 
raja harshaparain jagama ^samatyagananaigamah || 
atha raja [A. 142. a] bodhisnapanam kritva ^bhikshusaingham 'pari- 
^■eshtum arabdhah | tatra Yaco namna sthavirah [ tenabhihitam | 
maharaja mahan ayaip paramadakshiniya aryasamghah samnipatitas 
tatha te pariveshtavyam yatha tena ^kshatir na syad iti | tato rajS, 
svahastena pariveshanatn yavan navakantam gatah [ tatra dvau cra- 
manerau samranjaniyam dharmam saraadaya vartatah | ekenapi 
saktavo datta dvitiyenapi saktava ekena khadyaka dvitiyenapi 
khadyaka eva ekena modaka dvitiyenapi modaka | tau drishtva raja 
hasitah | imau cramanerau balakridaya ^kriditah | yavad rajna 
bhikshusainghara pariveshya vriddhantam arudhah | sthavirena 
canuyuktah [ ma devena kutracid aprasadam utpadita'^ iti | rajaha | 
nety api tv asti dvau gramanerau balakridaya 'kridito yatha balada- 
rakah pamgvagaraih kridanty evaui tau cramanerau saktukridaya 
'kriditah khadyakridaya 'kriditah ] sthavira uvaca j alara maharaja 
ubhau hitau ubhayato bhagavimuktau arhantau | ^rutva ca rajnah 
pritimanaso buddhir utpanna | tau 9rS,manerav agamya bhikshusam- 
gham patenacchadayishyami | tatas tau gramanerau rajiio 'bhipriyam 
"avagamya bhuyo 'nye 'smabhih svaguni udbhavayitavya iti | tayor 
ekena katahaka upasthapita dvitiyena rangah samudanitah | rajna 

^ cakshyati A, vakshj'eti B. - haritayatadyam A, haritayatadhyam B. 

^ -nairgamah BD. * -samgha MSB. ^ -veshtam A, veshtram B. ^ kshati 
MSS. ' Sic MSS. >> abhigamya C. 







drishtau 9ramanerakau kim idam arabdham | tayor abhihitam j devo 
'smakam avagamya bhikshusaiiigham patenacchadayitukamas tan 
patan ranjayisliyamah | Qrutva ca raj no buddbir utpanna | may a 
kevalain 'cintitam na tu vag ni^carita paracittavidav etau mahatma- 
nau I tatah sarvagarirena padayor nipatya kritanjalir uvaca | 

Mauryah sabbrityah sajanah sapaurab sulabdhalabbartbasuya- 

shtayajiiab. | 
yasyedrigab sadhujaue prasadab kale tathotsahi kritain *ca 

danam || 
yavad rajnabbibitam ] yusbmakam agamya ^tricivarena bhikshu- 
samgbam iccbadayisbyamiti | tato rajagokab pancavarsbike paryava- 
site sarvabbiksbun ^tricivarenacchadya catvari gatasabasrani sam- 
gbasyaccbadanaip dattva pritbivim antahpuram amUtyaganam atma^ 
nam ca Kunalam ca nisbkritavan | bhuyasa Bbagavaccbasane graddba 
pratilabdba catura9itidbarmarajikasabasrani pratisbtbapitam iti | 
yasminneva divase rajnaqokena catura9itidbarniarajikasabasram* pra- 
tisbtbapitam [A. 142. b] tasminn eva divase rajiio 'gokasya PadmS,vati 
namna devi prasuta | putro jato 'bbirupo darganiyab prasadiko 
nayanani casya paragobbanani | yavad rajno 'gokasya niveditam 
deva ^dishtya vriddbi devasya putro jatab | grutva raja ^attaman^b 
katbayati | 

pritib para me vipula by avapta ^Mauryasya vamgasya para 

vibhutih I 
dbarmena rajyam mama kurvato hi jatab suto Dharmavivar- 

dbano 'stu [| 
tasya Dbarmavivardbana iti nama kritam | yavad kumaro rajno 
'gokasyopanamitab [ atha raja kumaratn niriksbya pritamanah katba- 
yati 1 

-■}■ 1 




;i"^ I 


■:i ■-) 

- 1. -■■■ 

^ ciScitam A, citam B. ^ gi^ q^ a sec. m. : om. ABD. 3 tri- MSS. 

* -sr&m MSS. » drishtva MSS. ^ attamana ACD, ^tmana B. ^ Saur- 
yasya MSS. . 



J :l 











sutasya me netravara supunya sujatantlotpalasamnikaija [ 
alamkritam Qobhati yasya vaktram sampurnacandrapratimam 
vibhati || 
y§,vad raja amatyan uvaca [ drishtani bhavadbhili kasyedricani 
nayanani | amatya uculi ] deva manushyabhutasya na drishtany api 
tu deva asti Himavati parvataraje Kiinalo nama pakshi prativasati 
tasya sadrigani nayanani | aha ca | 

Himendraraje girigailagringe ' prabalapushpaprasave jaladhye | 
Kunalanamneti nivasapakshi netrani tenasya samany amiini || 
tato rajnabhihitam | Kunalah pakslii aniyatam iti [ tasyordhvato 
yojanam yakshah crinvanty adho yojanam nagah | tato yakshaih 
tatkshanena Kunalah pakshi anitah [ atha rajna Kunalasya netrani 
suciram nirikshya na kimcid vigesham pagyati | tato rajnabhihitam | 
kumarasya Kunalasadricani nayanani bhavatu kumarasya Kunala iti 
nama j vakshyati hi | 

netranuragena sa parthivendrah sutah* Kunaleti tada babhashe | 
tato 'sya nama prathitam prithivyam tasyaryasattvasya nripat- 
majasya || 
vistarena yavat kumaro mahan samvrittah | tasya Kaiicanamala. nama 
darika patnyarthe anita | yavad rajagokah Kunalena saha Kurkutara- 
mam gatah | tatra Yaco namna samghasthaviro 'rhan shadabhijiiah | 
sa pagyati Kunalasya na ciran nayanavinago bhavishyati | tena rajS,- 
bhihitah [ kimartham Kunalah svakarmani na niyujyate | tato 
rajnabhihitah | Kunala samghasthaviro yad ajnapayati tat paripa- 
layitavyam | tatah Kunalah sthavirasya padayor nipatya kathayati j 
sthavira kim ajnapayasi | sthavira uvaca | cakshuh Kunala anityam iti 
kuru I [A. 143. a] aha | 

cakshuh ^kumara satatam parikshyam calatmakam duhkhasa- 
hasrayuktam | 

sringe MSS. 

Sic MSS. Qu. sutam? ^ Sic MSS. 








yatranurakta bahavah prithagjanah ^ kurvanti karmany ahita- 
vahani || 

sa ca tathabhyasara karoti manasikaraprayuktah | ekibhiramah 
pragainaramaQ ca samvrittah | sa rajakule vivikte sthane 'vasthitag 
cakshuradiny ayatanany anityadibhir akaraih parikshyate ^ | Tishya- 
rakshita ca namnagokasyagramahishi tain pradegam abhigata | sa tarn 
Kunalam ekakinam drishtva nayananui-agena gatreshu parishvajya 
kathayati | 

drishtva tavedam nayanabliiramarn grlmad vapur netrayugani 

ca kantam | 
danidahyate irie hiidayam samantad davagnina prajvalate va' 

kaksham || 

grutva Kunala ubhabliyam panibhyam karnau pidhaya kathayati | 
vakyam na yuktam tava vaktuin etat sunoh purastaj janaiii 
mamasi | 

adharraaragam parivarjayasva apayamargasya hi esha hetuli i| 
tatas Tishyarakshita tatkalam alabhamana kruddha kathayati [ 

abhikamam abhigatam yat tvam necchasi mam iha | 
na cirad eva durbuddha sarvatha na bhavishyasi || 

Kunala uvaca | mama bhavatu maranam ^matu sthitasya dharme 
viguddhabhavasya | na tu jivitena karyam sajjanajanadhikkritena 
mama || ^svargasya dharmalopo yato bhavati jivitena kim tena | 
mama maranahetuna vai budhaparibhutena dhikkritena || yS,vat Tish- 
yarakshita KunMasya cchidranveshint avasthita | rSjiio 'gokasyottara- 
pathe Takshagila nagaram viruddham | grutva ca raj 4 svayam eva- 
bhiprasthitah | tato 'maty air abhihitah | deva kumarah preshyatam 
sa samnamayishyati ] atha raja Kunalam ihuya kathayati | vatsa 
Kunala gamishyasi Takshagilanagaram samnamayitum [ Kunala 
uvaca I parain deva gamishyami [ 

^ prithagjana? ca MSS. - Sic MSS. ' ABD insert a secbn:! mama. 


■iarr 'n'-" - 

1^ tf'i 



Mi ' 


' ■ 




!" M 




tato nripas tasya nigamya bhavain putrabhidhanasya manora- 
thasya | 

snehac ca yogyani manasa ca buddhva ajnapayamasa vihaya 
yatram || 
atha rajacoko nagaragobhaip. margagobhain ca kritva jirnS,turakripa- 
naip9 ca margad apaniya ekarathe 'bhiruhya kumarena saha Patali- 
putran nirgatah | anuvrajitva nivartamanah Kunalakanthe parish vajya 
nayanain nirikshyamanah' prarudann uvaca | 

dhanyani tasya caksbumshi cakshushmantaQ ca te janah | 

satatam ye kumarasya drakshyanti mukhapankajam || 
yavan naimittiko brahmanah^ kumS,rasya na ciran nayanavinago 
bhavishyati | sa ca rajagokas tasya nayaneshv atyartham ^anushakto 
drishtva ca kathayati | 

nripatmakasya^ nayane vicuddhe mahipatig capy anuraktam' 
asya | 

griya vivriddhe hi sukhanukule pagyami netre 'dya vinacya- 
mane |[ 

idam puram [A. 143. b] svargam iva prahrishtam kurnSra- 
sarndarganajataharsham | 

puram vipanne nayane tu tasya bhavishyati gokaparitacetah ' || 
anupurvena Takshagilam anupraptah^ | grutva ca Takshagilapaura 
ardhatrikani ' yojanani margagobhS,!!! nagaragobham ca kritva purna- 
kumbhaih pratyudgatah | vakshyati ca | 

grutv^ Takshagilapaura ratnapurnaghatMikan* | 

grihya pratyujjagamagu' bahuminyS, nripatmajam || 
pratyudgamya kritanjalir uvaca | na vayain kumarasya viruddha na 
rajno 'gokasyapi tu dusht^tmano 'mitya &gatyasmakam apam§,nain 
kurvanti. | yavat Kunilo mahata sanmanena Takshagilim pravegitah | 
rajriag casokasya mahan vyadhir utpannah | tasya mukhad *uccaro 

1 Sic MSS. 2 anugakto MSS. ^ .pr^pte MSS. 
• uccaram ABC, uccdra D. 

-ghatodikam MSS. 







nirgantum arabdhah sarvaromakupebhyag caguci pragharati na ca 
9akyate cikitsitum | tato rajnabhihitam | Kunalam anayata rajye 
pratishthapayishyamiti | kim mamedrigena jivitena prayojanam | 
9rutva ca Tishyarakshita cintayati | yadi Kuiiilam rajye 'pratish- 
thasyati iiasti mama jivitam | tayabhihitam [ aham te svastham 
karishyami kimtu vaidyanam pravegali pratishidhyatam | yS,vad 
rajna vaidyanam prave9ah pratishiddhah [ tatas Tishyarakshitaya 
vaidyanam abhihitam | yadi kagcid idrigena vyadhina sprishtah stri 
va purusho va agacchati mama dargayitavyah | anyatamac cabhiras 
tadrigenaiva vyadhina sprishtah | tasya patnya vaidyaya vyadhir 
niveditah | vaidyenabhihitam^ | sa evagacchatv aturo vyadhim drishtva 
bhaishajyam upadekshyami | yavad Abhiro vaidyasakagam abhigatah ( 
vaidyena ca Tishyarakshitayah samipam upanitah | tatas Tishyarak- 
shitaya pratigupte pradege jivitad vyaparopitah [ ji\'itad vyaparopya 
kukshim patayitva pagyati ca tasya pakvagayasthane | antrayam 
krimir mahan pradurbhutah | sa yady urdhvam gacchati tenagucim' 
pragharaty athadho gacchaty adhah pragharati ] yavat tatra marican ' 
pishayitva dattam na ca 'mriyate | evam pippali gringaveram ca [ 
vistarena yavat palandur^ dattah ' sprishtag ca mrita uccaramargena 
nirgatah | etac ca prakaranam taya rajne niveditam deva palandum 
paribhmikshva svasthyam bhavishyati | raj aha | '^devi aham kshatriyah 
katham palandum paribhakshayami | devy uvaca | deva paribhoktav- 
yaip. jivitasyarthe bhaishajyam etat j rajiia paribhuktam sa ca krimir 
mrita uccaramargena nirgatah svasthibhutag ca raja | tena paritush- 
tena Tishyarakshita varena pravarita kim te varam prayacchami | 
tayabhihitam | saptaham mama devo rajyam prayacchatu | raj aha | 
aham ko bhavishyami | devy uvaca | saptahasyatyayad deva eva 
[A. 144. a] raja bhavishyati | yavad rajiia Tishyarakshitayah sapta- 
ham rajyam dattam | tasyi buddhir utpanna | idanim maydsya Kuna- 
lasya vairam ' niryatitavyam | taya kapatalekho likhitas Taksha- 
^ Sic MSS. 2 .iiitah MSS. 3 palandum MSS. ^ devim aham AB. 

c. 52 



I ! 







9ilakanam paur&n§,m Kunalasya nayanarn vinagayitavyam iti | 
aha ca | 

raja hy A9oko balavin pracanda ajiiipayat Takshagilajanam hi | 
uddharyatam locanam asya gatror Mauryasya vauigasya kalanka 
eshah || 
rajiio ""gokasya yatra karyam agu pariprapyam bhavati Mantamudraya 
mudrayati | yavat Tishyarakshita gayitasya rajiias tarn lekham 
dantamudraya inudrayishyamiti rajiiah sakagam abhigata | raja ca 
bhitah pratibuddhah | devi kathayati | kim idam iti | raja katha- 
yati [ devi svapnarp. me 'gobhanam diishtam pagyami dvau gridhrau 
Kunalasya nayanam utpatayitum icchatah | devi kathayati | svastham^ 
kumarasyeti | evam dvir api raja bhitah pratibuddhah kathayati | 
devi svapno me na gobhano drishta iti | Tishyarakshita kathayati | 
kidrigah svapna iti | raj aha | pacyami Kunalam dirghakeganakhagma- 
gruh^ pauram pravishtah | devy aha [ svastham kumarasyeti | yavat 
Tishyarakshitaya rajiiah gayitasya sa lekho dantamudraya mudrayitva 
Takshagilam preshitah | yavad rajiia gayitena svapne drishtam danta 
vistirnah | tato raja tasya eva ratrer atyaye naimittikan ahuya 
kathayati | kidriga esham svapnanam vipaka iti | naimittikah katha- 
yanti | deva ya idrigasvapnani pagyati j aha ca | 

danta yasya vigiryante svapnante prapatanti ca | 
cakshurbhedam ca putrasya putranagam sa pacyati || 
grutva ca rajacokas tvaritam utthayasanat kritaiijalig caturdigam 
devatam yacayitum arabdhah | 

aha ca [ ■ 

ya devata gastur abhiprasanna dharme ca samghe ca ganapra- 

dhane | 
ye capi loke rishayo varishtha rakshantu te 'smattanayam Kuna- 
lam II 
sa ca lekho 'nupurvena Takshagilam upanitah j atha Takshagilah 

1 bhadramudraya D. ^ gi^ ^gg 3 (jmapru MSS. 





paiirajanapada lekhadar^anat Kunalasya gunavistaratushta notsahante 
tad apriyam niveditum | ciram vicarayitvS, cando raja dushtagilah 
svaputrasya na marshayati prag evasmakam marshayati j aha ca | 
munivrittasya gantasya sarvabhutahitaishinah | 
yasya dveshah kumarasya kasyanyasya bhavishyati || 
tair yavat Kunalasya niveditam lekhag copanitah I tatah Kundlo [A. 
144. b] vacayitva kathayati | vigrabdham yathatmaprayojanani kri- 
yatam iti | yavac candala upanitah. Kunalasya nayanam titpata- 
yatketi' | te ca kritanjaliputa ucuh | notsahayamah^ | kutah | 
yo hi candramasah kantim moliad abhyuddharen narah | 
sa candrasadrigad vaktrat tava netre samuddharet |1 
tatah kumarena makutain dattam anaya dakshinayotpatayatheti' | 
tasya tu karmano 'vagyam vipattavyam | purusho hi vikritarupo 
'shtadacabhir 'daurvarnikais samanvagato 'bhyagatah | sa kathayati | 
aham utpatayishyS,miti | yavat Kunalasya samipam nitah | tasmimg ca 
samaye Kunalasya stha\dranam vacanam amukhibhutam [ sa tarn 
vacanam anusmrityovaca I 

imam vipattim vijnaya tair uktam tattvavadibhih | 
pacyanityam idam sarvain nasti kagcid dhruve sthitah |j 
kalyanamitras te mahyam sukhakama hitaishinah | 
yair ayam degito dharmo vitaklegair mahatmabhih || 
■^anityatam samparipagyato me gurupadegan manasi prakur- 

vatah I . 

utpatane "'ham na bibhemi saumya netradvayasyasthiratam hi 

. pagyell 

*utpate va na va netre yatha va manyate nripah | 

grihitasS,ram cakshur me hy anityadibhir agrayaih || " 

tatah Kunalas tarn purusham uvaca [ tena hi bhoh purusha ekam 
tavan nayanam utpS,tya mama haste 'nuprayaccha | yavat sa purushah 

^ Sic MSS. 2 notsahayamah AD. ^ daurvanikais BCD, daurvini- 

kais A. 4 anityatab MSS. " Sic MSS. : Qu. utpatye ? 








Kunalasya nayanam utpatayitum praviittah j tato 'nekani prani^ata- 
sahasrani vikroshtum arabdhani I kashtam bholi I 
esha hi nirmala jyotsna gaganat patate qaqi | 
pundarikavanac capi grimann utpatyate 'mbujain || 
teshu pranigatasahasreshu rudatsu Kunalasyaiva nayanam utpatya 
haste dattam | tatali Kunalas tan nayanam grihyovaca [ 

rupani kasman na nirikshase tvam yatha pura prakrita mamsa- 

pinda | 
te vaiicitas te ca vigarhaniya atmeti ye tvam' abudhah gra- 

yante || 
samagrajam ^budbudasamnikacaiii sudurlabham nirvisham asva- 

tantram | 
evam ^pravikshanti sadapramatta ye tvani na te duhkham 
anuprayanti |1 
evam, anuvicintayata tena sarvabhaveshv anityatam | ^grotapattipha- 
1am praptam janakayasya pagyatah || tatah Kunalo drishtasatyas 
tarn purusham uvaca | [A. 145. a] idanim dvitiyam vigrabdham 
nayanam utpatyatam | yavat tena purushena Kunalasya dvitiyam 
nayanam utpatya haste dattam | atha Kunalo mamsacakshushy ud- 
dhrite prajiiacakshushi ca viguddhe kathayati ( 

uddhritam mamsacakshur me yady apy etat sudurlabham | 
prajnacakshur viguddham me pratilabdham aninditam || 
parityakto *'ham nripatina yady aham putrasamjnaya | 
dharmarajasya putratvam upeto 'smi mahatmanah || 
aicvaryad yady aham bhrashtah gokaduhkhanibandhanat | 
dharmaigvaryam avaptam me duhkhacokavinaganam || 
yavat Kunalena grutam nayam tatasyagokasya ^ karma api tu Tishya- 
rakshitaya ayam prayoga iti grutva ca Kunalah kathayati [ 

ciram sukham caiva sa Tishyanamni ayur balatn palayate ca devi j 

1 tarn MSS. " burbuda- MSS. ^ piavisbyanti MSS. ^ grotaphalam 
MSS. 5 Sic MSS.: om.? ^ Sic MSS. 





sampreshito 'y^^ ^^ yayS. prayogo yasy&nubhavena kritah 
svakarthah || 
tatah Kancanamalaya grutam. Kunalasya nayanany utpatitaniti grutva 
ca bliartritaya Kunalasamipam upasamkrainya parshadam avagahya 
Kunalam uddhritanayanam rudhiravasiktagatram drishtva murchita 
bhumau patita | yavaj jalasekam kntvotthapita [ tatah kathamcit 
samjnam upalabhya sasvaram prarudanty uvaca | 

netrani kantani manoharani ye mam niriksham janayanti 
tushtim 1 

te 'me vipanna hy anirikshaniyas^ tyajanti me pranasamah^ 
gariram [] 
tatah Kunalo bharyam anunayami uvaca | alam ruditena narhasi gokam 
agrayitum | svayamkritanam iha karmanam phalam upasthitam | aha 
ca I - 

karmatmakam lokam idam viditva duhkhatmakam capi janam 
hi matva ] 

matva ca lokam priyaviprayogam kartum priye narhasi vishpa- 
moksham || 
tatah Kunalo bharyaya saha Takshagilaya nishkasitah | sa garbhada- 
nam upadaya paramasukumaragarirah | na kimcit utsahate karma 
kartum kevalam vinam vadayati gayati ca | tato ^bhaikshyam labhate 
Kunalah patnya saha bhunkte | tatah Kaiicanamala yena margena 
PataKputrad anita tam eva margam anusaranti bhartridvitiya Patali- 
putram gata | yavad Agokasya griham arabdha praveshtum [ dvara- 
palena ca nivaritau | yavad rajno 'gokasya ^yanagalayam avasthitau | 
tatah Kunalo ratryah pratyushasamaye vinani vadayitum arabdho 
yatha nayan&ny utpatitani satyadarganam ca kritam [ tadanurupam 
hitam ca gitam prarabdham | aha ca | 

cakshuradini yah prajiiah pagyaty ayatanani ca | 

- -niyah and -sama MSS. ^ bhaishajyam D. 



,1 11 

^ tam me ABD, ta me C 
* yayana- MSS. here. 





[I- [ 





jfianadipena Quddhena sa samsarad vimucyate || 
yadi tava bhavaduhkhapidita [A. 145. b] bhavati dosha vinigcita 
matihi | • . 

sukham iha ca yadicchasi dhruvam tvaritam ihayatanani sam- 
tyajasva || 
tasya gitagabdo rSjiiagokena grutali ] grutva ca raja pritamana uvaca | 
gitam Kunalena mayi prasaktam vinasvaram caiva grutig cirena j 
abhyagato' 'pihagriham ^nu kamcin na cecchati drashtum ayam 
kumarab | 
atha rajagoko 'nyatamapurusham ahuyovaca [ purusha lakshyate | 
na khalv esha kira gitasya Kunalasadrigo dhvanib | 
karmany adhairyatam caiva sucayann iva laksbyate || 
tad anenasmi gabdena dhairyad S,kampito bhrigam I 
kalabhasyeva nashtasya pranasbtakalabbab kari || 
gaccha Kunalam anayasveti [ yavat purusbo yanagalam gatah pagyati 
Kunalam uddhritanayanavatatapaparidagdhagatram apratyabhijnaya 
ca rajanam Agokam abhigamyovaca | deva na by esha Kunalo ^'ndha- 
ka esha vanipakah* patnya saha devasya yanagalayam avasthitah | 
grutva ca raja sainvignag cintayamasa | yatha may a svapnany agobha- 
nani drishtva niyatam Kunalasya nayanani vinashtani bhavishyanti'* | 
aha ca j 

svapnantare nimittani yatha drishtani me pura | 
nihsamgayam Kunalasya netre vai nidhanam gate || 
tato raja prarudann uvaca | 

cighram aniyatam esha matsamipam vanipakah | 
na hi me ^gamyate cetah sutavyasanacintaya || 
yavat purusho yanagalam gatva Kunalam uvaca | kasya tvam putrah 
kim ca nama \ Kunalah praha | Agoko nama rajasau Maury anam 
kulavardhanah | 

1 -ta9 ceha ABC. - na AC. -^ andhala A, andhalaka BC. ^ -gah ABC. 
^ -yati AB. '^ ^asyate D. 




kritsneyarn prithivi yasya vage vartati kimkara [| 
tasya rajnas tv aham putrah Kunala iti vigrutah | 
dharmikasya tu putro 'ham Buddhasyadityabandhavah || 
tatah Kun&lah patnya saha rSjno 'gokasya samipam anitah [ atha 
rajagokah KunMam uddhritanayanani vS,tatapaparidagdhagatram 
'rathyacodakasamghatapratyavarena vasasa lakshyalakshyapracchS,- 
ditakaupinam* sa tarn apratyabhijnayakritimatrakani^ drishtva raja 
kathayati | tvam Kunala iti [ Kunalah praha | evam deva Kunalo 
'smiti grutva murchitah bhumau patitah [ vakshyati hi [ 

tatah Kunalasya mukham nirikshya netroddhritam* ^okaparita- 

cetah I 
raji hy A^okah patito dharanydm ha putra gokena hi dahyama- 

nah II 

yavaj jalaparishekaip. kritva rajanam utthapayitvasane nishaditah | 
atha raja kathamcit samjiiam upalabhya Kunalam utsange sthapaya- 
masa | vakshyati hi j 

tato muhurtam nripa agvasitva kanthe parishvajya rasS,5ru- 

kanthah | 
muhuh Kunalasya mukham pramrijya bahuni raja vilalipa 

tatra || 
netre Kunalapratime vilokya sutam Kunaleti pura babhashe j 
tad asya netre nidhanatn gate te putram* Kunaleti katham ca 

[A. 146. a] vakshye || 
aha ca | 

kathaya kathaya sadhuputra tavad vadanam idam tava caru- 

netram^ | 
gaganam iva vipannacandrataravyapagatagobham anikshakam 

kritam te | 

^ rathyS,m and samhata MSS. codaka D. ^ -kaupinah ACD, -kapinah B. 
' -matramkam ABD, -gfitrakam C. * -te MSS. ^ p^tra MSS. ^ gjc MSS, 

•- 1 


■J i 









akarunahridayena tena tata munisadri9asya "na sadhu sadhu- 

buddheh' I 
naravaranayaneshv avairavairam prakritam idam mama bhuri- 

Qokamulam | 
vada suvadana kshipram etad artham ^vrajati gariram idam 

pura vina9am | 
tava nayanavinacagokadagdham vanam iva nagavimuktava- 
jradagdham | 
tatah Kuiialah. pitaram pranipatyovaca [ 

rajann atitam khalu naiva gocyam kim na grutam te muni- 

vakyam etat | 
yat karmabhis te 'pi Jina na muktah Pratyekabuddliah sudridhais 

tathaiva || 
labdhaphalasthac ca prithagjanag ca kritani karmany agubhani 

dehinam | 
svayamkritanam iha karmanam phalam katham tu vakshyami 
parair idam kritam || 
aham eva maharaja kritaparadhag ca saparadhag ca | vinivartayami yo 
'ham vinayami vipattijaiianani || 

na castravajragnivishani pannagah kurvanti pidam nabhaso 

'vikarinah | 
gariralakshyena. dhritena partkiva patanti dulikhany agivani 
dehinam || 
atha raja gokagnina sairita;pitahridaya uvaca | 
kenoddhritani nayanani sutasya mahyam 
ko jivitam sumadhurara tyajitum vyavastah | 
Qokanalo^ nipatito hridaye pracandah 
acakshva putra laghu kasya harS,mi dandam || 
yavad rajnagokena crutam Tishyarakshitaya ayam prayoga iti grutva 
raja Tishyarakshitam ahuyovaca | 

1 -buddhe MSS. ^ prajati AB. » -nale MSS. 






katharn hi dhanye na nimajjase kshitau 'chinnS,mi ^irsham 

paragupraharaih. | 
tyaj§,my aham tv^m atipapakarinim adharmayuktara Qriyam 

atmavan iva || 

tato raja krodhagnina prajvalitas Tishyarakshitam nirikshyovaca | 

utpatya netre paripatayami gatraip kira asya nakliaraih sutiksli- 

naih | , 
'jivanti9ulam atha karayami 'chinnami nasam ^krakacena 

vasyah || 
ksharena jihvam atha kartayami vishena ^purnam atha ghata- 

yishye | 
•sa 'ityevamadivadhaprayogam bahuprakaram hy avadan naren- 

drah || 
(jrmtva Kunalah *karunatmakas tu vijiiapayamasa gurum nia- 

hatmt I 
anaryakarma yadi Tishyarakshita tvam aryakarma bhava ma 

vadha striyam || 
phalaip hi niaitrya sadri9ara na vidyate prabhos titiksha Sugatena 

varnita | 
punah *pranamya pitaram kumarah kritanjalih sunritavag 

jagada || 
rajan na me ^duhkhamalo 'sti kagcit tivrapakare 'pi na manyuta- 

pah I 
manah prasannam yadi me janany^m yenoddhrite me nayane 

svayain hi || 
tat . tena satyena mamastu tavan netradvayain praktanam eva 

sadyah | 

ityuktamatre purvadhikapraQobhite netrayugme pradurbabhuvatuh | 

1 Sic MSS. 2 atikacena ABC, aticena D. 
runa- MSS. ^ pranagyS AB, pranamyfi D. 

v&sti B, duhkhanosti C, duhkha — vosti D. 

3 pfirnamy MSS. * saka- 
^ duhkhalosti A, duhkham- 








!) li 

yavad rSjiiagokena Tishyarakshita amarshitena ' jantugrihain pravega- 
yitva dagdha Taksha^ilaQ ca [A. 146. h] paurali praghatitali | 

bhiksliavah sarngayajatah. sarvasamgayacchettaram ayushmantam 
sthaviropaguptam pricclianti | kim Kunalena karma kritain yasya 
karmano vipakena nayanany utpatitani | sthavira uvaca | tena hy 
ayushmantah criiyataTn | 

bhiitapurvam atite 'dhvani Varanasyam aiiyatamo lubdhakah | sa 
Himavantani gatva miigan praghatayati | so 'parena samayena 
Himavantani gatali | tatra caganipatitani" ekasyam guhayam pra- 
vishtany asaditaiii | tena vaguraya sarve grikitah | tasya buddhir 
utpanna | yadi pragliatayishyanii niamsah kledam upayasyati ] tena 
paiicanam nirigacatanam akshiny utpatitani [ te uddhritanayana na 
kvacit palayanti | evaiii bahunam miigagatanam nayanany utpati- 
tani j 

kim manyadhvam S,yushmantah | yo 'sau lubdhakah sa esha Kuna- 
lah |.yat tatranena bahunam mrigai^atanam nayanany utpatitani tasya 
karmano vipakena bahuni varshagatasahasrani narakeshu dulikham 
anubhuya tatah karmavaceshena paucajanmagatani tasya nayanany 
utpatitani | 

kim karma kritani yasya karmano vipakenocce kule upapajinah 
prasadikag ca samvrittah satyadarcanain ca kritam | 

tena hy ayushmantah gruyatam | bhutapurvara atite 'dhvani catva- 
rinicadvarshasahasrayushi prajayam Krakucchando nama samyaksarn- 
buddho loka udapadi | yada Krakucchmdah samyaksaiubuddhah 
sakalam buddhakaryam kritva nirupadhigeshe nirvanadhatau parinir- 
\Titah I tasyacokena rajiia caturatnamayam stupam karitam | yada 
rajacokah kalagato 'graddho raja rajyam pratishthitah j tani ratnany 
adattadayikair hritani pamcukashtham cavagishtam ^catra janakayo 
gatva vicirnam drishtva cocitum arabdhah | tasmimg ca samaye 'nyata- 
mac ca creshthiputrah | tenoktah | kimarthaip. rudyata iti | tair 

' Sic MSS. : qu. jatu- ? ^ Sic ABD : ca (jeni C : some words seem lost. 
3 Sic MSS. 




abhihitam | Krakucchandasya samyaksambuddhasya stupam caturat- 
nainayam asit sa idaniip vigirna iti | tatas tena ca tatra Krakucchan- 
dasya samyaksambuddhasya kayapramanika pratima babhuva vigirna 
sabhisamskrita samyakpranidhanaip. ca kritam | yadrigah Krakuc- 
chandah gastedrigam eva gastaram aragayeyam mk viragayeyam iti | 
kim manyadhvam ayushmantah [ yo 'sau greshthiputrah sa esha 
Kunalah | yatranena Krakucchandasya stupam abhisamskritam tasya 
karmano vipakenoccakule upapannah | yat pratimabhisamskrita 
tena karmano vipakena Kunalah' prasadikah samvrittah [ yat pra- 
rddhanara kritam tasya karmano vipakena Kunalena Cakyamuni- 
samyaksambuddhas tadriga eva gasta [A. 147. a] samaragito na vira- 
gitah satyadarganam ca kritam | 
iti gridivyavadane^ Kunalavadaiiam saptavimQatimam^ samaptam | 


yada rajiiacokena Bhagavacchasane graddha pratilabdha tena 
caturagitidharmarajikasahasram pratishthapitam paiicavarshikam ca 
kritam | trini gatasahasrani bhikshunam 'bhojitani yatraiko* 'rhatam 
dvau Qaikshanam prithagjanakalyanakanim ca j samudrayS,m'' pri- 
thivyam janakaya yadbhuyasa Bhagavacchasane 'bhiprasann&h | tasya 
bhrata Vitagoko nama® Tirthyabhiprasannah | sa Tirthyair vigra- 
hitah, nasti Cramanagakyaputriyanain moksha iti, ete hi sukha- 
bhiratah parikhedabhiravag ceti | yavad rajnagokenocyate | Vitagoka 
ma tvam anayatane prasadam utpadaya api tu Buddhadharmasamghe 
prasadam utpadaya esha S.yatanagatah prasada iti ] atha rajagoko 
'parena samayena mrigabadhaya nirgatah | tatra VitagokenS-ranye 
rishir drishtah paficitapenavasthitah. sa ca kashtatapahsarasamjni | 
tenabhigamya padabhivandanam kritva sa rishih prishtah j bhagavan 

1 Kunale MSS. 2 om. ABC. » gic ABC : om. D. * Sic MSS. 

' Qu. asamudrayam ? " nama MSS. '■ 







¥■ i 




kiyacciram te iharanye prativasatah | sa uvaca | dvadagavarshaniti | 
Vitagokah kathayati | kas tavaharah | sa rishir uvaca j phalaraulani | 
kim pravaranam | darbhacivarani | ka 9ayya | trinasamstaram | Yita- 
9oka uvaca | bhagavan kim duhkham badhate j rishir uvaca | ime 
mriga ritukale saravasanti, yada mriganam samvaso drishto bhavati 
tasmin samaye ragena paridahyami | Vita9oka uvaca | asya kashtena 
tapasa rago 'dyapi na^ badhyate prageva gramanah Cakyaputriyah 
svastirnasanagayanopasevinah | kuta esham ragaprahanarn bhavish- 
yati I aha ca | 

kashte 'smin vijane vane nivasatam^ vayvambumulaginam* j 
rago naiva jito yadiha rishina kalaprakarshena hi || 
bhuktvannam saghritam prabhutapi^itam dadhyuttamalamkyi- 

tam j 
^akyeshv indriyanigraho yadi bhaved Vindhyah plavet sagare !| 
sarvatha vancito rajaQoko yac chramaneshu Cakyaputriyeshu 
karam. karoti | etac ca vacanani ^rutva raja upayajuo 'maty an 
uvaca I ayam Vitagokas Tirthyabhiprasanna upayena Bhagavaccha- 
sane 'bhiprasadayitavyah | amatya ahuh | deva kim ajnapayasi | ra- 
jaha I yathaham rajalamkaram maulim pattam capanayitva ^snana^a- 
lara pravishto bhavami tada yuyam [A. 147. b] Vita9okasyopayena 
maulim pattam ca baddhva simhasane nishadayishyatha | evam 
astv iti I yavad raja rajalamkarain maulim pattam capanayitva snana- 
calayairi pravishtas tato 'matyair Vitacoka ucyate | rajno 'qokasyatya- 
yat tvam raja bhavishyasi | imarp tavad rajalaipkarani pravaramaulim 
pattam ca baddhva simhasane nishidayishyamah kim Qobhase na 
veti I tais tadabharanamaulim pattam ca baddhva simhasane nisha- 
dito raj nag ca niveditam | tato rajagoko Yitagokam ''rajalamkaram 
maulipattabaddhain ca sijnhasanopavishtaip drishtva kathayati | 
adyapy ahani jivami tvam raja samvrittah | tato rajnabhihitam | ko 

1 om. MSS. : Ladbate A. 
^ Sic MSS. 

- Qu. nivasata -gina? •* snanaoana9alam AB. 









'tra I tato yavad badhyaghatakS, nilambaravasanSli pralambake^a 
ghanta^abdapanayo rajnah padayor nipatyocuh | deva kim ajiiapa- 
yasi I raj aha | Vitagoko may a parityakta iti | yavad Yita9oka ucyate | 
sagastrair badhyaghatair ' asmabhih parivrito 'siti | tato 'matyS, rajnah 
padayor nipatyocuh | deva marshaya Yitagokam devasyaisha bhrata | 
tato rajiiabhihitam | saptaham asya marshayami bhrata caisha mama 
bhratuh snehad asya saptaham rajyam prayacchaini | yavat turya- 
9atani sampravS.ditani* jayaQabdaig cananditam. prinigatasahasraig 
canjalih kritah strigataig ca parivritah | badhyaghataka§ ca dvari 
tishthanti | divase gate Y ita9okasyagratah sthitva arocayanti | nirgatam 
YitaQoka ekam divasam shad ahany ava9ishtani | ^evam dvitiye divase | 
vistarena yavat ' saptahadivase Yita9oko rajalamkaravibhushito rajno 
'9okasyo samipam upanitah | tato rajna9okenabhihitam | Yita9oka 
kaccit sugitam sunrityam suvaditam iti | Yita9oka uvaca | na me* 
drishtaip. va syac chrutain veti | aha ca | 

yena 9rutam bhaved gitam nrityam capi nirikshitam | 
rasa9 casvadita yena sa bruyat tava nirnayam || 
raj aha | Yita9oka idam may a rajyam saptaham tava dattam turya9a- 
tani sanipravaditani^ jaya9abdai9 cananditam anjali9ataiii pragrihi- 
tani stricatai9 ca paricirnah katham tvam kathayasi naiva me drish- 
tam na 9rutam iti | Yita9oka uvaca | 

na me drishtam niityam na ca nripa gruto gitanin§,dah* | 

na me gandha ghrata na® khalu rasS, me 'dya viditah || 

na me sprishtah spar9ab kanakamaniharangajanitah [A. 148. a] | 

samuho narinam maranaparibaddhena manasa II 

striyo nrittam gitam bhavana9ayanany asanavidhih j 

vayo rupam lakshmir bahuvividharatna ca vasudhi || 

nirananda cunya mama nripa vara9ayya gatasukha j 

stbitan drishtva dvare badhakapurushan nilavasanan || 

^ Sic MSS. - sampracoditani C. 3 gke MSS. ■* yena AC, me na BD. 
•'' Qu. ninaclah for metre. * a short syllable wanting : Qu. ca? 

■i - 




; i 

grutva ghantaravam ghoram nilambaradharasya hi [ 
bhayam me maranaj jatam parthivendra sudarunam || 
mrityugalyaparito 'ham na9raushid' gitam uttamam | 
nadraksham nripate nrittam na ca bhoktum manahsprihS |j 
mrityujvaragrihitasya na me svapno 'pi vidyate | 
kritsna me rajani yata^ mrityum evanucintayan || 
raj aha | Vita^oka ma tavat tavaikajanmikasya maranabhayat tava 
rajagriyam prapya harsho notpannah kim punar bhikshavo janma- 
^atamaranabhayabhitah sarvany upapattyayatanani duhkhS,ny anus- 
ritani pa9yanti | narake tavac charirasarptapakritam agnidahaduhkhain 
ca tiryakshv anyonyabhakshanaparitrasaduhkhaip pretashu kshuttar- 
shaduhkham paryeshtisamudacaradulikharn manushyeshu cyavana- 
patanabhramsaduhkhaip deveshu | ebhih paiicabhir duhkhais trailok- 
yam anushaktam^ | gariramanasair duhkhair utpidita badhakabhutan 
skandhan pa9yanti 9unyagramabhutany ayatanani caurabhutani visha- 
yani kritsnain ca traidhatukam anityatagnina pradiptam pagyanti | 
tesham ragah katham utpadyate | aha ca | 

* mk tavad ekajanmikasya maranabhayat tava na jayate harshah | 
manasi vishayair manojnaih satatam khalu pacyamanasya* || 
kim punar janmagatanani maranabhayam anagatam vicintayatam | 
manasi bhavishyati harsho bhikshunam bhojanadyeshu || 

tesham tu vastragayanasanabhojanadi ' mokshe 'bhiyuktamana- 

sam janayeta*' sangam | 
pacyanti ye badhakacatrunibham 9ariram adiptavegmasadricamg 

ca bhavan anityan || 
katham ca tesham na bhaved vimoksho moksharthinam janma- 

paranmiiklianam | 
yesham manah sarvasukhacrayeshu vyavartate padmadalad 
ivambhah 11 

h ^4* 


^ « 


' SicMSS. 
" -nadya AC. 

- jata MSS. ^ anu(;aktam MSS. * pacayamanasya MSS. 
' janayeva AB, janaye ca C, janaye D. 





yada Vitagoko rajiiagokenopayena Bhagavacchasane 'bhiprasaditah 
sa kritakaraputa uvaca | deva esho 'ham tarn Bhagavantam Tatha- 
gatam arhantaip samyaksainbuddham Qaranaip gacchami dharmam 
ca bhikshusamgham ceti | aha ca | 

esha vrajami garanaip vibuddhanavakamalavimalanibhanetram | 
budhavibudhanianujamahitam Jinam* viragam ca samgham ceti || 
atha rajagoko Vitacokam kanthe parish vajyovica | na tvam may a 
parityakto 'pi tu ^Buddhagasanabhiprasadartham tava may a esha 
upiyah pradargitah [ tato Vitagoko gandhapushpamalyadivaditra- 
samudayena Bhagavatag caityan ^arcayati | saddharmam ca grinoti 
samghe ca karain kurute | sa Kurkutaramam gatah | tatra Yago nama 
sthaviro 'rhan shadabhijiiah | sa [A. 148. b] tasya purato nishanno 
dharmagravanaya | sthavirag ca tarn avalokayitum S,rabdhah | sa 
pagyati Vitagokam upacitahetukaru caramabhavikam *tenaivagrayeiia- 
rhattvam pr^ptavyam | tena tasya pravrajyaya varno bhashitah | 
tasya grutva spiiha jata | pravrajeyam BhagavacchS,sane | tata uttha- 
ya kritaiijalih sthaviram uvaca | labheyS-ham svS,khyate dharma- 
vinaye pravrajyam upasampadani bhikshubhavaip. careyam aham 
bhavato 'ntike brahmacaryam | sthavira uvaca | vatsa rijanam 
Agokam anujnapayasveti | tato Vitagoko yena rajagokas tenopasam- 
kramya kritanjalir uvaca | devanujS,mhi mam pravrajishyami 
svakhyate dharmavinaye samyag eva graddhaya agirM anagarikam | 
aha ca I 

udbhranto 'smi nirankugo gaja iva, vyavartito vibhramat j 
tvadbuddhiprabhavankugena vidhivad Buddhopadegair aham || 
*ekam tvam arhasi me varam pradargitum tvam parthivanS,m 

pate I 
lokalokavarasya gasanavare lingam gubham dharayet* || 
grutva ca raja sagrukantho Vitagokam kanthe parish vajyovaca | 

^ Jina MSS. ^ Buddlia<;asanad abhiprasadartham ABC. 

* Sic MSS. 5 evam D : Qu. ekam tv arhasi ? 

a arc- MSS. 








Vitagokalam anena vyavasayena, pravrajya khalu vaivarnikabhyupa- 
gata vasah pamgukulaip. pravaraiiam parijanojjhitam aharo bhaiksh- 
yani parakule ' cayanasanam vrikshamule trinasamstarali parnasam- 
staro ^vyavadhe khalv api bliaishajyain asulabbam ^ putimuktam ca 
bhojanam tvam ca sukumarah gitoshnakshutpipasanam duhkhanS,in 
asahishnuh prasida nivartaya inanasam | Vitagoka uvaca | deva 
*iiaiva hi jane tam nunaip^ vishayatrishito 'nayasavibatah | pravraj- 
yam praptukamo na ripuhritabalo^ naivarthakripanab || duhkharttam 
mrityuneshtam vyasanaparigatam diishtva jagad idam | panthanam 
janmabbiruh givam abhayam aham gantum vyavasitah || grutva ca 
rajagokab satvaram praruditum arabdhah | atha Yitagoko rajanam 
anunayann uvica | deva 

samsaradolam abbiruhya lolam yada nipato niyatah praj&nam | 
kimartham figacchati vikriya te sarvena sarvasya yadS, viyo- 

gall il • 

rajaha | Vitagoka bbaiksbe tavad abhyasah kriyatam | rajakule 

vrikshavatikayam tasya trinasamstarah samstrito bbojanam casya 

dattam | so 'ntahpuram paryatati maharhain caharara na labhate | 

tato rajiiantabpurikabhihita | pravrajitasarupyam asyaharam anu- 

prayacchateti | tena yavad abbidushita putikulmasha^ labdha tam ca 

paribhoktum arabdbah ] drisbtva rajfiacokena nivaritah | anujnatag 

ca pravraja kimtu pravrajitva upadargayisbyasi | sa yavat KurkutarS,- 

mam gatab | tasya buddbir utpanna yadiha pravrajishyamy akirno 

bhavishyami | tato Videbeshu janapadesbu gatva pravrajitab | tatas 

tena yujyata [A. 149. a] yavad arhattvam praptam | atbayushmato 

Yitagokasyarhattvam praptasya vimuktipritisukbasamvedina etad 

abhavad | asti khalu me | piirvam rajfio 'gokasya grihadvaram anu- 

praptah | tato dauvarikam uvaca | gaccha rajfio 'gokasya nivedaya 

1 cchanasanam MSS. '■" Sic MSS. : Qu. vyadhibadhe ? ^ ShMi- MSS. 

but cf. infra. ^ Sic D, but the first words are corrupt ; naiva hi jane tam 

anunam A, naivaha janeta manunam B, C omits naiva. ^ tam nunam C, tam 
anunam D. ^ hatabalo AB. ^ Sic BC ; vuti- A, dhuti- D. 




Vitagoko dvari tishthati devam* drashtukama iti | tato dauvariko 
rajanam Agokam abbigamyovaca | deva 'dishtya widdhi VitaQoko 
'bhyagato dvari tishthati devam drashtukamah j tato rajnabhihitam ( 
gaccha gighrara pravegayeti | yavad Vita9oko rajakulam pravishtah | 
drishtva ca rajagokah simhasanad utthaya mulanikritta^ iva drumali 
sarva9arirenS,yushmantain. Vitagokam nirikshyamanah^ prarudann 
uvaca I 

bhuteshu samsargagateshu nityam drishtvapi main naiti yatha 

vik§,ram | 
vivekavegadhigatasya ganke prajfiarasasyatirasasya triptQ,h 1| 
atha rSjno '9okasya RMhagupto namagramatyah | sa pa9yaty ayush- 
mato Vitagokasya paiu9ukulain ca civaram mrinmayam patraip yavad 
annabhaikshyam luhapranitam drishtva ca rajnah padayor nipatya 
kritanjalir uvaca | deva yathayam alpecchah samtushta9 ca niyatani 
ayam kritakaraniyo bhavishyati, pritir *utpadyeta, kutah. | . 
bhaikshannabhojanara yasya pam9ukulam ca civaram ] 
nivaso vrikshamulam ca tasyaniyatam katham || 
mra9ravam yasya mano vi9alam niramayam copacitaqi 9ari- 

ram | 
svacchandato jivitasadhanaini ca nityotsavam tasya manushya- 
9rutva tato rSja pritamana uvaca I 

apah&ya Mauryavam9am Magadhapuram sarvaratnanicayam ca | 
drishtvS, vam9anivaham^ prahinamadamanamohasarambham;'' || 
atyuddhritam iva many e ya9asa putam puram iva ^maham ca | 
pratipadyatam tvaya da9abaladhara9asanam '^udarena || 
atha raja9okah sarvangena parigi-ihya prajiiapta evasane nishadaya- pranitena caharena svahastam samtarpayati | bhuktavantani 
viditva dhautahastam ^apanitapatram ayushmato Vita9okasya purato 

1 drishtvfi MSS. 
■* -mohamsa- MSS. 
« apaniya- MSS. 

2 -nikrinta MSS. » Sic MSS. * utpadayata MSS. 
^ meham A, Qu. : medhyam? ^ ud^j-e MSS. 


; ..' 

if" ' 




nishanno dharinagravanaya | athayusHman Vitagoko rajanam A9okam 
dharmyaya kathaya samdargayann uvaca ] 

' apramadyena sampadya rajyaigvaryam pravartatam | 
durlabha trini ratnani nityam pujaya p^rthiva || 

sa yavad dharmyaya kathaya samharshayitva saipprasthitah | 
atha raja9okah kritakaraputah paiicabhir ainatya9ataih parivi-ito 
'nekaig ca paurajanapadasahasraih parivritah puraskrita ayushman- 
tam Vitagokam anuvrajitijm arabdhah | vakshyati hi | 
bhrata jyeshthena rSjiia tu gauravenanugamyate | 
pravrajyay^h khalu glaghyasarndrishtikam ^ idam phalam || 
tata ayushman Vitagokah svagunan udbhavayan pagyatah sarvaja- 
nakayasya riddhya vaihayasam utpatya prakrantah | atha rSjagokah 
[A. 149. b] kritakaraputah pranigatasahasraih parivritah puraskrito 
gaganatalavasaktadrishtir Ayushmantam Vitagokam ^nirikshyamana 


svajanasnehanihsango vihamga iva gacchasi | 
griraganigadair baddhan asman pratyadigann iva [| 
atmayatfasya gantasya manahsaipketacarinah | 
dhyanasya phalam etac ca ragandhair yan na dricyate [| 
api ca I 

riddhya khalv ^avabhartsitah paramaya grigarvitas te vayam 
buddhya khalv api namitah *cirasitah prajiiabhimS,nodayam j 
praptarthena phalandhabuddhimanasah samvejitas te vayam 
sainkshepena savashpadurdinamukhah sthane 'vimukta vayam || 
tatrayushman Vitagokah pratyantimeshu janapadeshu 'gayyasanaya 
nirgatah | tasya ca mahan vyadhir utpamiah | grutvS, ca rajnagokena 
bhaishajyam upasthayikag^ ca visarjitah | tasya tena vyadhina sprish- 
tasya girah "khustam abaavat [ yada ca vyadhir vigatas tasya 
virudhani girasi romani^ | tena vaidyopasthayakag" ca visarjitah | tasya 

1 apramodyena A. ^ gjc MSS. " -bhatsitah MSS. 

5 Ex. conj. ; Qayjasana AB, qayyasana CD. * khastam A. 

9irasita MSS. 

) :: 







ca 'gorasah praya &haro 'nusevyate | sa ghosham gatva bhaikshyain 
paryatati | tasmimg ca samaye .Pundavardhananagare nirgranthopa- 
sakena Buddliapratima nirgranthasya padayor nipatita citrarpita* | 
upasakenagokasya rajiio niveditam | grutva ca rajiiabhihitam cighram 
aiiiyatam | tasyordhvam yojanam Yakshah Qrinvanti adho yojanam 
Naga yavat tam tatkshanena Yakshair upanitam | drishtva ca rajna- 
rushitenabhihitam | Pundavardhane sarve aj ivikah praghatayitavyah. | 
yavad ekadivase 'shtadagasahasrany ajivikanam praghatitani | tatah 
Pataliputre TDliuyo 'uyena nirgrantbopasakena Buddhapratima nir- 
granthasya padayor nipatita ^citrarpita | qrutva ca rajfia 'marshitena 
sa nirgranthopasakab sabandbuvargo griham prave9ayitvagiiin& 
dagdhah | ^ajnaptain ca yo me nirgranthasya giro dasyati tasya 
duiaram dasyamiti | ghoshitam | sa cayushman Vitagoka ibhirasya 
gi-ihe ratrim vasam upagatah | tasya ca vyadhinci klishtasya lubani 
civarani dirghakeganakhagmagruh | abhirya l)uddhir utpanna | nir- 
grantho 'yam asmakam giihe ratrim vasam upagatah | svaminam 
uvaca I aryaputra sampanno 'yam asmakam dinara imam nirgrantham 
praghatayitva giro rajno 'gokasyopanamayeyam iti [ tatah sa abhiro 
'siin nishkosham kritva [A. 150. a] ayushmantam Vitagokam 
abhigatah | ayushmata ca Vitagokena purvante jninam kshiptam | 
pagyati svayamkritanam karmanam phalarn idam upasthitam | tatah 
karmapratigarano bhutvavasthitah | tena tathasyabhirena girag chin- 
nam | rajno 'gokasyopanitam dinaram prayaccheti ( drishtvS, ca 
rajiiagokena parijnatam viralani casya girasi romani* na vyaktim 
upagacchanti | tato vaidya upasthayaka^ anitah | tair drishtvabhi- 
hitam I deva Vitagokasyaitac chirah | grutva raja murchito bhumau 
patitah | yavaj jalasekam dattva sthapitah | amatyaig cabhihitam 
deva vitaragandra apy atra pida jata diyatam saryasattveshv abhaya- 

^ gorasah praya aharanusevate MSS. 
ABC. 4 romani D. » -yika B. 

- citrapita ABC. 

3 A 


t T 




pradanam | yavad rajnS,bhayapradS.nam dattam na bhuyah kaQcit 
praghatayitavyah | 

tato bhikshavah saipgayajatah sarvasam9ayacchettaram Syush- 
mantam Upaguptam pricchanti | kim karma kritam ayushmata 
VitaQokena yasya karmano vipakena gastrena praghatitah | sthavira 
iivaca 1 tena hy ayushmantah karmani kritani purvam anyasu 
jatishu I cruyatam | 

bhutapurvani bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvany anyatamo lubdho iniigan 
praghatayitva jivikam kalpayati | atavyam udapanam | sa tatra 
lubdho gatva pS,9an yantramg ca sthapayitva mrigan praghatayati | 
asati Buddhanam utpade pratyekabuddha loke utpadyante | vis 
tarah . | anyatarah pratyekabuddhas tasminn udapane aharakrityam 
kritvodapanad uttirya vriksharaule paryankena nishannah | tasya 
gandhena miigas tasminn udapane nabhyagatah | sa lubdha agatya 
pa9yati naiva mriga udapanam abhy^gatah padanusarena ca tarn prat- 
yekabuddliam abhigatah | drishtvd casya buddhir.utpanna | anenaisha 
adinava utpaditah | tenasim nishkoshara kritva sa pratyekabuddhah 
praghatitah | 

kim manyadhve ayushmantah | yo 'sau lubdhah sa esha Vita^- 
(5'okah [ yatranena mrigah praghatitas tasya karmano vipakena- 
mahan vyadhir utpannah | yat pratyekabuddhah ^astrena praghatitas 
tasya karmano vipakena bahuni varshasahasrani narakeshu duhkham 
anubhuya pancajanmacatani manushyeshupapannah ^astrena pragha^ 
titah I tatkarmavageshenaitarhy 'arhatprapto 'pi gastrena praghS^ 
titah I 

kim karma kritam yenoccakule upapanno 'rhattvam ca praptam ( 
sthavira uvaca | Kagyape samyaksambuddhe pravrajito 'bhut Prada- 
narucih j tena dayakadanapatayah samghabhaktam * karapitas tarpa- 
nruii yavagupanani '^mantranakani stiipeshu ca ''chattrany avaropitani 

1 Sic MSS. - bhaktam MS^-. •'' nimantra^ ? ■* chattravaropitani MSS. 





dhvajah pataka [A. 150 b] gandhatnalyapushpavMitrasamudayena 
pujah kritah | tasya karmano vipakenoccakule upapannah | yavad 
da^avarshasahasrani brahmacaryam caritva samyakpranidhanam kri- 
tam tasya karmano vipakenarhattvam praptam iti | 

iti cridivyavadane ' Vitacokavadanam ashtavimgatimam^ || 


^yada rajnaQokenardhamalakadanena Bhagavacchasane 9raddha 
pratilabdha sa bhikshun uvaca | kena Bhagavacchasane prabhutam 
danam dattara | bhikshava uculi | Anathapindadena grihapatina | 
raj aha | kiyat tena Bhagavacchasane danam dattam | bhikshava ucuh [ 
kotigatam tena Bhagavacchasane danam dattam | grutva ca rajacokag 
cintayati | tena grihapatina bhutva ^kotigatatn BhagavacchS,sane danam 
dattam ( tenabhihitam | aham api * kotigatam Bhagavacchasane danam 
dasyami j tena yavac caturagitidharmarajikasahasram pratishthapitam 
sarvatra ca (jatasahasrani dattani jatau bodhau dharmacakre parinir- 
vane ca sarvatra gatasahasram dattam paiicavarshikam kntam j tatra 
ca catvari gatasahasrani dattani trini gatasahasrani bhikshunim 
bhojitani yatraikam arhatam dvau 9aikshanS,m^ prithagjanakalyanaka- 
nam ca | koshara sthapayitva mahaprithivim antabpuramatyaganam 
atmanam Kunalaia caryasamghe niryS,tayitva catvari gatasahasrani 
dattva nishkritavan j shannavatikotyo Bhagavacchasane danam 
dattam | sa yavad glanibhutah [ atha raja idanim na bhavishyamiti 
viklavibhutah | tasya Radhagupto namamatyo yena saha paiaguda- 
nairi dattam | tada sa rajanam Agokam viklavibhutam avekshya 
padayor nipatya kritaiijalir uvaca I 

' om. ABC. ••' -mah I). •* This avadana is omitted in C, wliicb after 

the .Vita5okavad. begins namah punar api maharaja yan maya &c. in the 
yudhanakumaravadana. * Sic ABC. ^ (;ikshanam MSS. 




yac chatrusamghaih prabalaih sametya nodviksMtam candadiva- 

karabham | 
padmaaaiia9ri9atasamprapitam* kasmat savashpam tava deva 

vaktram || 
raj aha | Radhagupta naham dravyavina9ain na rajyanaQanam na 
ca^rayaviyogam gocami kimtu gocamy aryair yad viprayukshyami | 
naham punah sarvagunopapannam samgham samaksham nara- 

devapujitam | 
sampujayishyami varannapanair etam* vicintyagruvimokshanam 

me II 
api ca Radhagupta ayam me manoratho babhuva ^koti^atam Bhaga- 
vacchasane danam dasyamiti sa ca me 'bhiprayo [A. 151. a] na pari- 
purnah | tato rajna9okena catvarah kotyah paripurayishyamiti 
hiranyasuvarnam ^Kurkutaramam preshayitum arabdhah | 

tasmim9 ca samaye Kunalasya -Sampadi* nama putro yuvarajye 
pravartate | tasyamatyair abhihitam | kumara A9oko raja svalpakS,- 
lavasthayi idam ca dravyam ^Kurkutaramam preshyate ko9abalina9 ca 
rajano, nivarayitavyah | yavat kumarena bhandagarikah pratishid- 
dhah I yada rajiio '9okasyapratishiddha* tasya suvarnabhojane aha- 
ram upanamyate | bhuktva tani suvarnabhajanani ^Kurkutaramam 
preshayati | tasya suvarnabhajanam pratishiddham | rupyabhajane 
aharam upanamyate tany api Kurkutaramarp preshayati | tato rupya- 
bhajanam api pratishiddham yaval lohabhajana aharam upanamyate j 
tany api raja9okah Kurkutaramam preshayati | tasya yavan mrid- 
bhajana aharam upanamyate | tasmim9 ca samaye rajfio ^'9okasyar- 
dhamalakam ^karantaragatam | atha raja9okah samvigno 'matyan 
pauram9 ca samnipatya kathayati | kah sampratam prithivyam 
i9varah | tato 'matya utthayasanad yena raja9okas tenanjaliin pra- 


1 -prayogam A. ^ gjc ABD. ^ kukkut- D. * sampadi A. 

■'' -siddha ABD : Qu. -shiddham? ^ D. om. ardha-. '' Ex. conj. ; kalatara- 
gatam A, kalabhagatam BD. 






namyovaca | devah prithivyam igvarah | atha raja9okah sS,9rudur- 
dinanayanavadano 'matyan uvaca | 

daksMnyad anritam hi kim kathayatha bhrashtidhirajya vayam 
Qesham tv^ amalakardham 4ty avasitam yatra prabhutvam mama | 
aigvaryam dhig anaryam uddhatanaditoyapravegopamam 
martyendrasya mamapi yat pratibhayam daridryam abhya- 
gatam || . 

athava ko Bhagavato vakyam anyatha karishyati | sampattayo hi 
sarva vipattinidhana iti pratijiiatam | yad avitathavadina Gautamena 
na hi tad visamvadati \\ ^pratigishyate 'sman nacirajiia mama 
yavati yatha manasa sa dyai mahadiigilatalayihitavan nadipratiiiir- 
vi'itta I 

Sjnapya ^vyavadhutadimbadamaram ekatapatram mahim 
utpatya pratigarvitan ariganan dgvasya dinaturan | 
bhrashtasthayatano* na bhati kripanah sampraty Agoko nripali 
chinnaml§.navi9irnapattrakusumah gushyaty Agoko yatha || 

tato rajagokah samipara gatam purusham ahuyovS,ca | bhadramukha 
purvagunanuragad bhrashtaigvaryasyS,pi mama imam tavad apagci- 
mam vyaparam kuru j idain mamardhamalakam grahaya *Kurkutara- 
mam gatva samghe niryatayamadvacanic ca samghasya padabhivan- 
danam kritva vaktavyam Jambudvipaigvaryasya rajiia esha saippra- 
taiu vibhava iti idam tavad apagcimam danam tatha paribhoktavyam 
yatha me samghagata dakshina vistima syad iti | aha ca | 

idam pradanam caramam maraadya rajyam ca tarn® caiva gataii^ 

svabhavam | 
arogyavaidyoshadhivarjitasya trata na me 'sty ^ryaganad vahir- 


^ Sic BD, om, A. ^ Unintelligible, see Burnouf Intr.^ p. 428 : manasa 

dyai and -9ilatale A. ' vyavadhrita AB. ^ bhrashtachayatano ABD. 

* kukkut- D. 6 Sic ABD. 







tat tatha bhujyatain yena pradanam mama pa^cimam | 
yatha samghagata me 'dya vistirna dakshina bhavet || 

evaip deveti sa purusho raj no '§okasya pratigrutya tad ardhama- 
lakam grihya ^ Kurkutaramam gatva vriddhante sthitva kritaiijalis 
tad ardhamalakam samghe niryatayann uvaca j 

ekacchattrasamucchrayam vasumatim [A. 151. b] ijnapayan 

yah pura 
lokaip tapayati sma madhyadivasaprapto diva bhaskarah | 
bhagyacchidram avekshya so 'dya nripatih svaih karmabhir 

samprapte divasakshaye ravir iva bhrashtaprabh&vah sthitah || 

bhaktyavanatena girasa pranamya satnghaya tena khalu dattam idam 
S,malakasyardham 'lakshmicapalyacihnitam | tatah saipghasthaviro 
bhikshun uvaca | bhadanta bhavantah qakyam idanim samvegam 
utp&dayitum [ kutah | evain hy uktam Bhagavata paravipattih 
samvejaniyam. sthanam iti | kasyedanim sahridayasya samvego not- 
padyate | kutali | 

tyagaguro narendro 'sau Agoko Mauryakunjarah [ 
Jambudvipegvaro bhutva jato 'rdhamalakegvarah || 
bhrityaih sa bhumipatir adya hritadhikaro danam prayacchati 

kiMmalakardham etat | 
gribhogavistaramadair atigarvitanam pratyadigann iva manS,insi 

prithagjananam || 

yavat tad ardhamalakam curnayitva ^yushe prakshipya* samghe 
caritam | tato rajagoko Radhaguptam uvaca | kathaya Radhagupta 
kah sampratam prithivyam Igvarah | atha Radhagupto 'cokasya 
padayor nipatya kritanjalir uvaca | devah prithivyam igvarah | atha 
rajagokah kathamcid utthaya caturdigam avalokya^ sanghayanjalini 


1 kukkut- D. 2 lakshmyacapalya- BD, lakshyandpfilya- A. .^yutheABD. 
* prakshipta A. ' avasakya AB. 





kritvovaca | esha idanira mahat kogaiTi sthapayitva imam samudra- 

paryantam mahaprithivim Bhagavacchravakasamghe niryatayami | 

aha ca I 

imam samudrottamanilakancukam anekaratnakarabhushitana- 

nam | 

dadamy aham 'bhutadharam samandaram samghaya tasminn 

upabhujyate phalam jl 

api ca I 

danenaham anena nendrabhavanam na Brahmaloke plialam 

kankshami drutavarivegacapalani prageva rajagriyam | 

danasyasya phalam tu bhaktimahato yan me 'sti tenapnuyam 

cittaigvaryam aharyam aryamahitam nay&ti yad vikriyam || 

yavat patrabhilikhitam kritva dattara mudraya mudritara | tato raja 

mahaprithivim samghe dattva kalagatah | yavad amatyair nilapita- 

bhih civikabhir nirharitva^ garirapujam kritva rajanam pratishtha- 

payishyama iti | yavad* Radhaguptenabhihitam | rajiia^okena maha- 

prithivi samghe niryatita iti | tato 'matyair abhihitam kimartham 

iti { E-adhagupta uvaca | esha raj no 'gokasya manoratho babhuva 

kotigatam Bhagavacchasane danam d^syamiti tena ^shannavatikotyo 

datta yS,vad rajna pratishiddha* | tadabhiprayena rajna mahapiithivi 

samghe datta | yavad amatyaig catasrah kotyo Bhagavacchasane dattva 

prithivim nishkriya Sampadi rajye pratishthapitah [ Sampader 

Vrihaspatih putro Vrihaspater Yrishaseno Yrishasenasya Pushya- 

dharma Pushyadharmanah Pushyamitrah [ so 'matyan amanti'ayate |. 

ka upayah syad yad asmakani nama ciram tishthet | tair abhihitam | 

devasya ca vamgad Agoko namna raja [A. 152. a] babhuveti tena 

caturagitidharmarajikasahasram pratishthapitam yavad Bhagavac- 

chasanam prapyate tavat tasya yagah sthasyati | devo 'pi ^caturagiti- 

^ satadhardm A, sudharam D. ^ AB only ratva. "** tavadadhumrastenabhi- 

A., • nabhi- B. * shannavat A, shannuvyanta B. ' Sic ABD. ^ Here AB 

break off, B makes a lacuna, A has no break but runs on devo 'pi maharaja yan 
in XXX., D alone has what follows. 

C. • . , DO 







dharmarajikasahasram pratishthapayatu | rajaha | mahegakhyo raja- 
9oko babhuva | anyah kagcid upaya iti | tasya brahmanapurohitah. 
prithagjano 'graddhah | tenabhibitam j deva dvabbyam karanabhyam 
nama ciram stbasyati | yavad raja Pusbyamitrag ' eaturangabalakayam 
saranahayitva Bbagavaccbasanam vinagayishyamiti ^Kukkutaramam 
nirgatah | dvare ca simhanado muktah | yavat sa raja bbitah Patali- 
putram pravishtali | evam dvir api trdr api yavad bbikshumg ca 
samgham abuya kathayati | Bbagavaccbasanam nagayisbyamiti kim 
iccbatba stupam samgbaraman va | bbiksbubbih parigribitab^ | yavat 
Pusbyamitro yavat saingbaramani ^bbiksbumg ca pragbatayan prastbi- 
tah I sa yavaccbakalam anupraptah [ tenabbibitam | yo me grama- 
nagiro dasyati tasyabam dinai'agatam dasyami | 'dbarmarajikavarbad- 
viiddbya giro datum arabdbam'^ | grutva ca rajarbatpragbatayitum^ 
arabdbab | sa ca nirodbam sa.mapannah | tasya paropakramo na 
kramate | sa yatnam "utsrijya yavat Kosbthakam gatah [ DamsbtrS- 
nivasi yaksbag cintayati | idam Bbagavaccbasanam vinagyati abaip. 
ca giksbam dharayami na maya gakyam kasyacid apriyam kartum | 
tasya dubita Krimigena yaksbena yacyate na canuprayaccbati tvam 
papakarmakariti | yavat sa dubita tena Kiimigasya'^ datta Bbagavac- 
cbasanaparitranartbam parigrahaparipalanartbain ca | Pusbyami- 
trasya rajiiah prisbtbatab yaksbo maban pramane ^yuyam [ tasya- 
nubbavat sa raja na pratibanyate | yavad Damsbtranivasi yaksbas 
tam Pusbyamitranubandbayaksbam grabaya® parvatacarye 'carat | 
yavad daksbina mahasamudram gatab j Krimigena'" ca yaksbena 
mabantam parvatam anayitva Pusbyamitro raja sabalavahaiio 
^'vasbtabdbab | tasya Munibata iti samjna ^'vyavastbapit^ | yada 
Pusbyamitro raja pragbatitas tada Mauryavanigas samuccbinnah | 
'"iti gridivyavadane Agokavadanam samaptam'^ | 
1 -mitra D. ^ yjc j). 3 gic D : Qu. samgharama bhikshubhih p- ? 

* bMkshuQca D. ^ -bdhah D. ^ sa tanmutsrijya D. '^ Krimisbasya D. 
8 Qu. prayane yuktah ? ^ grahaye D. ^^ Krimisbena D. ^^ -tab D. ^^ gjg 
D. -^' D, -which omits Sudhanakumaravadana, has trim^atitamah samaptah. 




- " XXX. 

'namah punar api maharaja yan ^mayanuttarasamyaksambodhi- 
praptaye daiiS,ni dattani punyani kritani viryaparamita ca paripurita 
anuttara samyaksambodhir naradhita tac chruyatam | . 

bhutapurvam maharaja Paficalavishaye rajanau babhuvatu TJttara- 

paiicalo Dakshinapancalag ca | tatrottarapaiicalo Mahadhano iiamii4 

Hastinapure rajyain karayati riddliam ca sphitam ca kshemam -ca 

subhiksham cakirnabahujanamanushyam ca gantakali kalahadimbada- 

marataskara^-durbhiksharogapagatam galikshugomahishisaippannam | 

dharmiko dharmarajo dharmena rajyam karayati | tasmimg ca nagare 

raaliahrada utpalakumudapundarikasaippanno hamsakarandavaca- 

kravakopacobhito* ramaniyab | tatra ca hrade Janmacitrako nama 

nagapotah. prativasati j sa kalena kalaip samyagvaridbaram anupra- 

yacchati | ativagasyasampattir bhavati gasyavati vasuinati subhikshan- 

napano dego danamanasatkaravamc ca lokah gramanabrahmanakri- 

panavanipakopabhojyah | Dakshinapancalas tu rajadharmabliuyish- 

thag cando rabhasah karkago 'dharmena rSjyam karayati nityam 

dandena ghatanadharanabandhanahadinigadoparodhe rashtranivasi- 

nam trasayati [ adharmabhuyishthataya casya devo na kalena kalam 

samyagvaridharam utsrijati | tato 'sau mahajanakayah samtrastah 

svajivitapekshaya rashtraparityagam kritvottarapancalasyaiva rajno 

vishayam gatva prativasati | yavad aparena samayena Dakshinapan- 

calo raja mrigayavyapadegena janapadan vyavalokanaya nirgatah | 

yavat pagyati gramanagarS,ni gunyany udyanadevakulani bhinnapra- 

bhagnS,ni | sa janakayah kva gata iti kathayati | amatyah kathayanti | 

devottarapaiicalasya rajno vishayam gatah [ kimartham | deva- 

bhayaip prayaccha kathayamah | dattam bhavatu | tatas te katha- 

^ Begins thus in BC : A omits namah and writes devo 'pi (a page from end 
of xxix.) punar api continuously. D omits the whole tale. Beginning lost? 
" mayanuttaram- MSS. ^ rushka A, dushkara BC, ^ -opapaQobhito MSS. 







. . I 




- 1 

yanti | devottarapaucalo raia dharmena rajyam karayati tasya jana- 
pada riddhag ca sphitag ca kshemag ca subhikshag cakirnabaliujanama- 
nushyag ca pragantakalikalahadimbadamarataskaradurbhiksharogapa- 
gatah galikshugomahisliisainpanna danamanasatkaravamg ca lokah 
gramanabralimanavanipakopabhojyah | devas tu cando rabhasah 
karkago nityam tadanaghatanadharanabandhananigadoparodhe rash- 
iram trasayati | yato 'sau janakayah sanitrastali saipvegana apanna 
Uttarapaiicalasya rajuo vishayam gatali | Dakshinapaiicalo raja 
kathayati ] bhavantali ko 'sav upayah syad yenasau janakayah 
punar agatyaishu gramanagareshu prativaset j amatya ahuh | yadi 
deva Uttarapaiicalavad dharmena rajyam karayasi maitracitto 'nukam- 
pacittag ca rashtram palayasi na cirad asau janakayah punar agatyaishu 
gramanagareshu prativaset | Dakshinapancalo raja kathayati | bha- 
vanto yady evam aham apy Uttarapaiiealavad [A. 152. b] dharmena 
rajyam karayami maitracitto hitacitto 'nukampacittag ca rashtram 
palayami ytiyam tatha kuruta yathasau janakayah punar agatyaishu 
gramanagareshu prativasatiti | amatya ahuh | devaparo 'pi tatranu- 
gamso 'sti tasmin nagare mahahrada utpalakumudapundarikasam- 
channo hamsakarandavacakravakopagobhitas tatra Janmacitrako 
nama nagapotakah prativasati | sa kalena kalam samyagvaridharam 
anuprayacchaty ativacasyasampattir bhavati | tena tasya gasyavati 
vasumati subhikshannapanac ca degah | rajaha | ko 'sav upayah syad 
yenasau nagapota ihaniyeta' | amatya- ahuh | deva vidyamantra- 
dharinas tan ^anayeti ] te samanvishyantam | tato rajna suvarna- 
pitakam dhvajagre baddhva svavijite ghantavaghoshanam karitam | ya 
Uttarapaiicalarajavishayaj Janmacitrakam nama nagapotakam anayati 
tasyemarn suvarnapitakam dasyami mahata ca satkarena satkarishya- 
miti I yavad anyatamo 'hitundiko 'matyanam sakacain gatva katha- 
yati I mamedain suvarnapitakam anupi-ayacchataham Janmacitram 
na,ma nagapotakam apahrityanayamiti j amatyah kathayanti | esha 

1 -uiyet MSS. ^ anayati A. 


- .immimmwW!VjiKiWfimi^!!(i^^ 




gi-ihana | sa kathayati | yo yuslimakam graddhayitah pratyayitag ca 
tasya haste tishthatu | anite Janmacitre nagapotake graliishyS,miti j 
evam kurushveti | tato 'sav aliitundikali pratyayitasya punishasya 
haste suvarnapitakam sthapayitva Hastinapuram gatah | tenasau 
hradah samantato vyavalokito nimittikritah | asau Janmacitro 
nagapotaka etasmin pradege tishthatiti tato balyupaharanimittam 
punah pratyagatah | amatyanam kathayati | balyupaharam enam 
prayacchata^ saptame divase tain nagapotakam apahrityanayamiti | 
sa c&hitundikas tena samlakshitah | mamasav apaharanayagatah. 
saptame divase mam apaharishyati matapitriviyogajam me duhkhain. 
bhavishyatiti kirn, karomi kim §aranam prapadyeyam iti | tasya 
hradasya natidure dvau lubdhakau prativasatali Sarako ^Halakah | tau 
hradam asritya' jivikam kalpayatah ] ye sthalagatah pranino mriga- 
*sarabhasukaradayas tarn hradam upasarpanti tan praghatayato ye 
'pi jalagata matsyakacchapamandukadayah ] tatra Sarakah kalagato 
Halako jivati ] Janmacitro nagapotah samlakshayati ko 'nyo 'sti 
mama garanam rite Halakat lubdhakat | tato manushyavegam asthaya • 
Halakasya lubdhakasya sakagam gatah | gatva kathayati [ bhoh pu- 
rusha kim tvaia janishe kasyanubhavad Dhanasya rajfio janapada 
riddhag ca sphitag ca subhikshakirnabahujanamanushyag ca praganta- 
kalikalahadimbadamarataskaradurbhiksharogapagatah qal ikshugo-[A. 
153. a] mahishisainpanni iti | sa kathayati j jane sa raja dharmiko 
dharmena rajyam karayati maitracitto hitacitto 'nukampacittag ca 
rashtram palayatiti | sa kathayati | kim etad evathasty anyad api | 
lubdhakah kathayati | asty anyo 'py anugamsah asmin pradege Janma-« 
citrako nama nagapotakah prativasati sa kalena kalarn samyagvari- 
dharam anuprayacchaty ativagasyasampattir bhavati gasyavati vasu- 
mati subhikshannapanag ca dega iti | Janmacitrah kathayati | tain 
nagapotakam ito vishayad apaharet tasya nagapotakasya kim syat | na 

^ -ate A, -ati B. ^ C generally gives Phalaka. _ ^ agiitya C. * Sic 

MSS. (Pali form and meaning). 




h t^ 

gobhanam syad matapitriviyogajam duhkham syad rajiio rashtrasya 
ca I yo 'paharati tasya kim tvaip. kuryali j sa aha | jivitad vyaparo- 
payeyam ] janishe tvam. kataro 'sau nagapotaka iti | na jane | ahara 
evasau nagah. | Dakshinapancalavaishayikenahitundikenapahritya ni- ■ 
yeta' | sa ^balyupaharavidlianartham gatah saptame divase agami- 
shyati | agatyasya hradasya catasrishu diksliu khadiragalakan. ni- 
khanya nanarangaili sutrair veshtayitva mantran avartayishyati | tatra 
tvaya pracchanne samnikrislite sthatavyain, yada tenayam evamrupali 
prayogah krito bhavati tada hradamadhyat kvathamanam paniyam 
utthasyaty aham cotthasyami | tada tvayasav ahitundikah garena 
marmani tadayitavya agu copasainkramya vaktavyo mantran upa- 
samhara ma te ^utkrittamulam girah kritva pritlaivyam nipatayishya- 
miti I yady asau mantran anupasamliritya pranair viyokshyate mritam 
te 'bam yavajjivam mantrapacabaddhah syam iti [ lubdhakah praha | 
yadi tavaikasyaivam gunah syat tathapy aham evam kuryani prageva 
sarajakasya rashtrasya gacchaham te trateti | tatas tena nagapota- 
kena tasyaikapargve guptasthanam upadargitam [ yavad asau lubdha- 
kah saptame divase pratigupte pradece atmanaiti gopayitvavasthitah | 
sa cahitundika agatya balyupaharam kartum arabdhah | tena catas- 
rishu dikshu catvarah khadirakilaka nikhatah I nanarangaih sutrair 
veshtayitva mantra avartitah [ tatas tasmat *paniyam kvathitum 
Srabdham lubdhakena ca garena marmani taditah | nishkogam casim 
kritvabhihitah | tvam asraadvishayanivasinam nagapotam apaharasi 
ma te ^utkrittamulam girah kritva prithivyam nipatayamiti | tato 
'hitundikena duhkhavedanabhibhutena [A. 153. b] maranabhayabhi- 
tena mantra vy avartitah | tatsamanantaram ca lubdhakena jivitad 
vyavaropitah | tato nago mantrapagavinirmukto hradad abhyud- 
gamya lubdhakam parish vakta van evam caha | tvam me mata tvam 
me pita yan maya tvam agamya matapitriviyogajain duhkham not- 

1 niyate C. = balyop- MSS. 

5 utkiimulam A, utkrityam- BC. 

utkritya- MSS. ^ paniyam MSS. 

' r> 






pannam ^.gaccha bhavanam gacchamah | tenasau bhavanarn nito 
nanavidliena cannapanena samtarpito ratnani copadargitani mata- 
pitrog ca niveditah | amba tata esha me suhric charanaip. bandhavo 
'syanubhavad yushmabhih saha viyogo na jata iti | tabliyam asau 
varena pravarito vividhani ca ratnani dattani | sa Hany adaya tas- 
mad dhradad vyutthitah | tasya ca hradasya natidure pushpapbala- 
salilasampanne nanagakunikujita risher agram agramapadam | tatra 
ca nagapotakena sardham viittakam tat sarvam vistarena sain.§,khya- 
tam I tata rishih kathayati [ kim ratnaili kim va te suvarnena tasya 
bhavane 'mogho nama pacas tishthati tarn yacasva j tato lubdhako 
'moghapage sainjatatrishnah | rishivacanam upagrutya punar api 
nagabhavanam gato yavat pagyati bhavanadvire tain amoghapagam | 
tasyaitad abhavat | esba sa pa§o yo maya prartbaniya iti viditvS, 
nagabhavanam pravisbtah [ tato Janmacitrena nagapotakenanyaig ca 
nagaih sasambbramaih. pratisammodito ratnaig ca pravaritah. | sa 
kathayati | alam mama ratnaih kinitv etam amoghapagam prayaccba- 
theti I sa naga aha | tavanena kiip prayojanam yada ^Garutmatopa- 
drut^ bhavamas tadanenatmanam rakshamah | lubdhaka S,ha | yush- 
makam esha kadacit kar^icid ^Garutmatopadrutanam upayogam 
gacchati mama tv anena satatam eva prayojanam [ yady asti kritam 
upakritam canuprayaccheti | Janmacitrasya nagapotakasyaitad abha- 
vat I mam anena bahupakritam matapitarav avalokya dadamiti | tena 
matS,pitarav avalokya sa pago dattah | tato 'sau lubdhakah prithivi- 
labdhaprakhyena sukhasaumanasyenapyayitamanii ^'moghapagam 
adaya nagabhavanad abhyudgamya svagriham gatah | 

. yavad aparena samayena Dhano raja devya sardham kridati 
ramate paricarayati | tasya kridato ramamanasya paricarayato na 
putro na duhita | sa kare kapolam dattva cintaparo vyavasthitah | 
anekadhanasamuditam me griham na me putro na duhita mama- 
tyayat svakulavaragacchede rashtrapaharah *sarvasantam svapateyam 

tan MSS. 

2 Garunmat- MSS. ' Sic MSS. * sarvasantah MSS. 





^^ ;i 

aputram iti kritvanyarajavidheyo bhavishyatiti [A. 154. a] | sa gra- 
manabrahmanasuhritsambandhibandhavair ucyate | deva kim asi 
cintaparab | sa etat prakaranam vistarenarocayati | te kathayanti | 
devataradhanam kuru putras te bhavishyatiti | so 'putrah putrabhi- 
nandi Civavarunakuveravasavadin anyaing ca devataviqeshan ^.y^cate 
tadyatharamadevata vanadevata catvaradevata gringatakadevata bali- 
pratigrahika sahaja sahadharmika nityanubaddha api devata' ayacate | 
asti caisha loke pravado yad ayacanahetoh putra jayante duhitarag 
ceti I tac ca naivain, yady evara abhavishyad ekaikasya putrasahasram 
abhavishyat tadyatha rajfiag cakrayartinah | api tu trayanam stha- 
nS,nam sammukhibhavat putra jayante duhitarag ca | katameshara 
trayanam j matapitarau raktau bhavatah samnipatitau mata casya 
kalya bhavati ritumati ca ^gandharvapratyupasthita bhavati | esh&m 
trayanam sthananam samnmkhibhavat putra jayante^duhitarag ca | sa 
caivam S.yacanaparas tishthaty anyatamag ca bhadrakalpiko bodhisat- 
tvas tasyagramahishyah kukshim avakrantah | paficaveniya dharma 
ekatye panditajatiye matrigrame | katame .paiica | raktam purusham 
janati viraktam janati kalam janati ritum janati garbham avakran- 
tam janati yasya sakagad garbham avakramati tarn api janati dara- 
kani janati darikam janati | ^saced darako dakshinam kukshim nigritya 
tishthati saced darika bhavati vamam kukshim niQritya tishthati | 
sattamana* svamina arocayati | Mishtya vardhasvaryaputra apanna- 
sattvasmi samvritta yatha ca me dakshinam kukshim nigritya tish- 
thati niyatam darako bhavishyatiti | so 'py attamanattamana* pur- 
vam kayam unnamayya dakshinam bahum abhiprasaryodanam uda- 
nayati | apy evaham cirakalabhilashitaip putramukham pagyeyam jato 
me syan navajatah | krityani me kurvita bhritah pratibhared day ad- 
yam me pratipadyeta kulavam90 me cirasthitikali syad asmakam 
catyatitakalagatanam alpam va prabhutam va danani dattva pun- 
yani kritvasmakam namna dakshinam adekshyati idam tayor yatra- 

1 -tan MSS. = gandharvam C. ^ gaca MSS. ^ Sic MSS. here. 






tatropapannayor gacchator anugacchatv iti | 4pannasattvara vi- 
ditva upariprasadatalagatam ayantrit3,m dharayati tiktamlalavanama- 
dhurakatukashayavivarjitair aharair harardhaharavibhushitagatrim 
apsarasam iva nandanavanaciriniiTi mancan mancam pithat [A. 154. b] 
pitham avatarantim adharimam bhumim na casyah kimcid amanojiia- 
9abda9ravanain yav^ad eva garbliasya paripakaya ( sashtanam va 
navanam va masanam atyayat prasuta | darako jato 'bhirupo dar9a- 
niyah prasadiko gaurali kanakavarna9 chattra,kara9irah pralambaba- 
hur vistirnalalata uccaghoshanah saipgatabhrus tunganasah sarvanga- 
pratyangopetah j tasya jatav anandabheryas^ taditah 1 9rutva raja kath- 
ayati j kim etad iti | antahpurikabhi rajneniveditam' | devadishtya 
vardhasva putras te jata iti j tato rajna tarn sarvam nagaram apagata- 
pashana9arkarakathallam vyavasthitani candanavarisiktam ucchrita- 
dhvajapatakam surabhidhupaghatikopanibaddham nanapushpabhikir- 
naramaniyam ajiia ca datta | 9ramanabrahmanakripanavanipakeV>hyo 
danam prayacchata sarvabandhanamokshani ca kuruteti | tasyaiva 
trini saptakany ekavim9atidivasan vistarena jatakarma karoti | tasya 
jatimaham kiitva namadheyam vyavasthapitum arabdhani kim 
bhavatu darakasya nameti | amatyah kathayanti | ayam darako 
Dhanasya rajiiah putro bhavatu darakasya Sudhano nameti | tasya 
Sudhana iti namadheyam vyavasthapitam | Sudhano darako 'shtabhyo 
dhatribhyo 'nudatto dvabhyam *amsadhatribhyam dvabhyavn kshira- 
dhatribhyana dvabhyam maladhatribhyara dvabhyam kridanika- 
bhyara dhatribhyam | so 'shtabhir dhatribhir uaniyate ^vardhate 
kshirena dadhna navanitena sarpisha sarpimaiidair van} ai9 cottaptot- 
taptair upakaranavi9eshair a9U ^vardhate hradastham iva pahkajam | 
sa yada mahan samvrittas tada lipyam upanyastah samkhyayaiu 
gananayam mudrayam *uddhare nyase nikshepe* vastuparikshayara 
kumaraparikshayS,m kumarikaparikshayam daruparikshayam ratna- 

- atsa- MSS. » Sic MSS. * udvare MSS. 

1 -tab MSS. 
* nikshepa- MSS. 






parikshayam vastraparikshayani | so 'shtasu parikghasu ghatako 
vacakah panditah patupracarah sainvrittah | sa yani tani bhavanti 
rdjujim kshatriyanS,ui murdhnabhishiktanam janapadai9varyam anu- 
praptaiiaui ruahantam piitbivimandalam abhinirjityadhyavasatani 
pyithagbhavanti ^ilpastlianakarmasthanani tadyatha hastigrivayam 
acj'vaprishthe rathe tsarau dhanusliy apayaiie niryane 'iikugagrahe 
pa^agrahe chedye bhedye mushtibandhe (jikhtibandhe padabandhe 
duravedhe' ^abdavedlie* marmavedhe 'kshunnavedhe^ dridhaprahari- 
tayam paiicasthaneshu kyitavi samvrittah | tasya pitra triiiy antah- 
purani vyavasthapitani jyeshtham [A, 155. a] madhyam kaniyasara 
trini vasagi-ihani mapitani haimantikam graishmikam varshikatn 
triny udyanani mapitani haimantikam graishmikam varshikam | tatah 
Sudhanakumara upariprasadatalagato nishparushena turyena kridati 
ramate paricarayati | 

yavad aparena samayena Halako lubdhako mrigayanveshamanas 
tena tenanuvicarann anyatamani parvatam anupraptah | tasya ca par- 
vatasyadhastad risher aQramapadain pacyati pushpaphalasampannam 
njinapakshiganavicaritani maliantara ca hradam utpalakumudapunda- 
rikasaiiichannani hamsakarandavacakravakopai^obhitam | sa tam 
acramapadaip paribhramitum arabdhn yavat tam rishim pa9yati 
dirghakecacmacrunakharomanam * vatatapakarshita9ar iram civara- 
valkaladharinam anyatamavrikshamula9rayatrinakutikakritanilayam 
drishtva ca punah padabhivandanam kritva kritanjaliputah paprac- 
cha* I bhagavan kiyacciram asmin pradece tava prativasatah | 
catvarim9ad varshaiii | asti tvayeyata kalenasmin prade9e ka9cid 
a9caryadbhutadharma drishtah 9ruto va | pra9antatma rishir mandam 
mandam uvaca | bhadramukha drishtas te 'yam hradah | drishto 
bhagavan | esha" Brahmasabha nama pushkirini utpalapadmakumu- 
dapuiidarikasaiiichauna nclnapakshigananishevita ^himarajatatushara- 


1 durabauclhe AB. ^ pabdabandhe B. -^ akshnna- MSS. * cabha- 

tapa- A, rajatapa- B. ^ prayaccha MSS. " esha MSS. ^ himarajatush- AB. 







gaurambusanipurnS, surabhikusumapurnatoya, | asyam pushkirinyS,in 
^ancada9ainyaip Manohara nama Drumasya kinnararajasya duhita 
paiioakinnarigataparivara nanavidhrtsnanodvartanair agatya snati 
suanakale casya madhuragitavaditac^abdena mrigapakshino ^'pahri- 
yante | aham api tani 9abdam 9rutva tnahata pritisaumanasyena 
saptahain atinamayami | etad a9Garyani bhadraniukha maya drishtam 
iti I atha Halakasya lubdhakasyaitad abhavat | 9obhano 'yani maya 
'moghah pago nagal labdho Manohariiyali kinnaryali" kshepsya- 
miti I so 'parena samayena purnapaiicadacyam amogliam pa9am 
adaya hradatirasamipe pushpaphalavdtapagahaiiam asrityavadhana- 
tatparo 'vasthitali | yavaii Manohara kinnari panca9ataparivarita 
tadri9yaiva vibhutya Brahmasabham pushkirinim avatirna snatum |" 
tatsamauantarani ca Halakena lubdhakeuamoghah pa9Th kshipto 
yena Manohara kinnari baddha | tayamoghapa9a9ritaya [A. 155. b] 
hrade ^mahahatamandah kiito bhishana9 ca 9abdo nicciritah | yam 
§rutva pari9ishtah kinnarigana ita9 camuta9 ca saiiibhranto Manoha- 
ram nirikshitum arabdhah | pa9yanti baddhaip diishtva ca punar bhita 
nishpalayitah | adrakshit sa* lubdhakas tarn paramarupadar9aniyam 
drishtva ca punar upaclishto grahishyamiti | saha | ha hatasmi ha 
mandabhagya mamedri9im avastham aptam | 

ma naishis tvam hi ma prakshir naitat tava suceshtitam | 
rajabhogya surupaham na sadhugrahanam taveti || 
lubdhakah praha | yadi tvam na grihnami nishpalSyase | sa katha- 
yati I naham mshpalaye yadi na 9raddadhasi ^imarn cudamanim 
grihanasyanubhavenaham uparivihayasa gacchamiti | lubdhakah 
kathayati | katham jane | taya 9irastha9 cudamanir datta ukta9 ca | 
esha cudamanir yasya haste tasyaham va9a bhavami | tato lubdha- 
kenasau cudamanir grihitah pa9abaddham cainam ^samprasthitah | 
tena khalu samayena Sudhanarajakumaro ^mrigayanirgatah | adra- 

^ Sic MSS. 
■* su MSS. 5 

^ kinnarya prikshep- B. * mahMapamandah MSS. 

ayam AB. •> Qu. grihitva om. ^ Qu. miigayam. 




5 ! 





kshit sa lubdhakah Sudhanam rajakumaram abhirupain dar9aniyam 
prSsadikain drishtva ca punar asyaitad abhavat | ayam ca rajaku- 
niara iyam ca paramadarganiya yady enam drakshyati balad grahi- 
shyati | yannv aham enam prabhritanyayena svayain evopanayeyam | 
tatas tani pagabaddham ^daya yena rajakumaras tenopasaTpkrintah | 
upasamkramya padayor nipatya kathayati | idain mama devasya 
striratnam prabhritam anitam pratigrihyatam iti | adrakshit Sudha- 
nakumaro Manoharain kinnarim abhiriipam dar^aniyam prasadikam 
paramacubhavarnapushkalataya samanvagatam sarvagunasamuditam 
ashtadagabhih strilakshanaih samalanikritam janapadakalyanam kaii- 
stanim abhin ilaraktairi9ukavisritayatana vakamalasadri9anayanam su- 
bhruvam iyatatunganasam vidrumamaniratnavimbaphalasamsthana- 
sadricadharoshthim ^ sadiidhaparipurnagandapargvam atyartharati- 
paripurnavimala^acivapusham pralambabahuiii gambhiratrivalika- 
samnatamadhyam stanabharavanamyamanapurvardham rathanga- 
samsthitasujatajaghanam kadaligarbhasadricakaranupurvavasthita- 
sxijatakarabhorum ^sunigudhasuracitasarvangasundaragiram * sahita- 
manipidasamraktakaratalapraharshanupuravalayam harardhaharanir- 
ghoshavimala-[A. 156. a]-9itagatim ayatanilasukshmake9i]Ti sacivara- 
prabhrashtakancigunam nupuravacchaditapadam kshamodarim tarn 
pratikiriiaharam uttaptajambunadacarupurnam drishtva kumarah 
sahasa papata viddho dridharagaqarena | tatra sa ''ragavarahavadaha- 
napatarigasadri9ena jalacandracaiicalavimalojjvalasvabhavena dur- 
grahyatarena naditarangajhashamakarasurabhigamanena garudapava- 
najavasamagatina tulaparivartanalaghutarena vanaravasthitacapa- 
lodbhrantatarena ^ satatabhy asakle9anishevanaragasukhasvS,dalolena^ 

1 kuQala B, kulacja C. * sadri- MSS. ^ -sucarita- C. 
^ -ahava- ex conj. : MSS. seem to have -ahuuva- or -ajSuva- 
sagata- C. ^ -svaloleiia AB. 

-sarakta- MSS. 
' samata- A 









sarvakleQavishamadurgaprapatanihsangena paramasalilena * cittena 
tadbhutanugataya ajoni^o manaskaradhanurvisritaih samyogabhila- 
shitaparamarahasyagabdena kamagarena hridaye viddhah | aha ca | 

drishtva ca taip Sudhana indusamanavaktram 

pravridghanantaravini9cariteva vidyut | 


sadyas sa cetasi tu ragagarena viddhali || ^ 
sa tarn atimanoharam grihitva Hastiaapuram gatah. | sa ca lubdhah 
paiicagramavarenacchaditah | tatah Sudhano rajakumaro Manoha- 
raya sardham upariprasadatalagatah kridati ramate paricarayati | 
Manoharaya rupayauvanagunena Sudhanah kumaro 'nekaig copacS,ra- 
9atais tathapabrito yatha muhurtam api tarn na jahati | yavad 
aparena samayena Jetavanad dvau brahmanav abhyagatau | tatraiko 
rajanam samgrito dvitiyah Sudhanam kumaram | yo rajanam samgritah 
sa rajua puroMtab sthapito bbogai^ ca samvibhaktab | yas tu Sudha- 
nam kumaram sa bhogamatrena samvibhaktab | sa katbayati | 
kumara yada tvam pitur atyayad rashtre pratisbthasyasi tada me 
kim karishyasiti j Sudhanah katbayati | yatha tava sahayo brabmano 
mama pitra paurohitye 'vasthapita evam aham tvam api paurohitye 
sthapayamiti | esha ca vrittantas tena brahmanena karnaparamparayji 
9rutab | tasyaitad abhavat | aham tatha karishye yatha kumaro 
rajyam eva nasadayishyatj kutas tara purohitam sth^payishyatiti | 
yavad aparena samayena tasya rajno vijite 'nyatamab karvatikah 
prativiruddhab | tasya samucchittaye eko dandah preshitab [ sa hata- 
vihatavidhvastab pratyagatah j evam yavat sapta ye^ dandah preshi- 
tah I te 'pi hatavidhvastah praty§,gatah | amatyai raja vijiiapitah | 
deva kimartham svabalam baryate^ param vardbyate yavan naikah* 
ka9cid devasya vijite 9astrabalopajivi sarvo 'sav ^huyatam iti | brah- 
maiiah [A. 156. b] purobitah samlakshayati | ayam sa kumarasya 
vadbopayakala iti | tena raja vijnaptah | deva naivam asau 9akyah 
1 -salilena MSS. 2 gaptame MSS. =* taryate C. ^ naikam MSS. 

>: ■■ 

i fvf »i i^-, 








saipnamayitum | r&ja kathayati | kim maya svayam gantavyam | 
purohitali kathayati | kimartham devali svayam gacchati, ayam 
Sudhanah kumaro yuva baladarpayuktah, esha dandasahiyah presh- 
yatam iti | raja kathayati | evam astv iti | tato raja kumaram 
4huya kathayati | gaccha kumara dandasahiyah 'karvatikam samna- 
maya | evairi deveti Sudhanah kumaro rajiiah praticrutyantahpuram 
pravishto Manoharadar^anac casya sarvam vismj-itam | punar api 
rajnabhihitah | punar api taddar9anat sarvani vismritam | purohi- 
tena cabhihitah | deva Sudhanah kumaro Manoharayativasakto^ na 
9akyate preshayitum | rajS, kathayati | sadhanam sajjam kriyatam 
nirgatah kumaro 'ntahpurat preshayitavyo yatha Manohar&yah saka- 
9am na prativasatiti | evam deveti | amatyai rajnah prati9rutya 
balaugho hastya9varathapadatisampanno 'nekapraharanopakarana- 
yuktah sajjikritah | tatah kumaro nirgata uktah | gaccha kumara 
sajjo balaugha iti | sa kathayati | deva gamishyami Manoharam 
drishtva | raja kathayati | kumara na drashtavya kalo 'tivartate | sa 
kathayati | tavad yady evain mataram drishtva gacchami [ gaccha 
kumaravalokaya jananim | sa Manoharasantakam cudamanim adaya 
matus saka9am upasamkrantah padayor nipatya kathayati j ambaham 
karvatikam samnamanaya gacchami | 

duhita Cakrakalpasya kinnarendrasya manini | 
paly a ^viraha9okarta madvatsalyadhiya tvaya || 
ayam cudamanis suguptam sthapayitavyo na kadacin Manoharaya 
datavyo 'nyatra pranaviyogad iti | sa evain mataram ''pitaram. 
samdi9yabhivadya ca nanayodhabalaughaturyanirnaditaih sampra- 
sthito 'nupurvena janapadan atikramya tasya karvatikasya natidure 
'nyatamam vrikshamulam nigritya vasam upagatah | tena khalu 
samayena Vaicravano mahai-ajo 'nekayakshaparivaro 'nekayaksha9a- 
tasahasraparivaras tena yakshanam yakshasamitam samprasthitah | 

^ -nam AC, na B, 

(jakto MSS. 3 vira- A, vihara- B, ■* om. A. 






tasya tena 'patha gacchatah khagapathena yanara avasthitam | tas- 
yaitad abhavat | bahu90 'ham anena patha samatikranto na ca me 
kadacid yanam pratihatain ko 'tra hetur yenedanim pratihata iti | 
pagyati Sudhanam kumaram | tasyaitad abhavat | ayam bhadrakal- 
piko bodhisattvah khedam apatsyati yuddhay^bhiprasthitah | sa- 
hayyam asya karaniyam karvatikah samnamayitavyo na ca kasyacit 
praninah pida karaniyeti [A. 157. a] viditv& Paiicikaiu mahS,yaksha- 
senapatim amantrayate | ehi tvam Paiicika Sudhanasya kumarasya 
karvatikam ayuddhena samnamaya na ca te kasyacit praninah pida 
kartavyeti | tatheti Pancikena yakshasenapatina Yai9ravanasya 
maharajasya pratigrutya divyag caturango balakayo nirmitas tilama- 
trapramanah purushah parvatapraminS, hastino hastipramanS, agvah | 
tato nanavidhakhadgamushalatomarapagacakragaraparasvadhadigas- 
travi^eshena nanavaditrasamkshobhena ca mahabhayam upadargayan 
mahata balaughena Paiiciko 'nupraptah | 

hasty agvarathanirghoshan nanavaditranisvarat | 
yakshanam svaprabh§,vac ca prakarah prapapata vai || 
tatas te karvatanivasinas tarn balaugham drishtva tac ca prakarapata- 
nam paraip vishadam apannah papracchuh | kuta esha balaugha 
agacchatiti | te kathayanti | ^9ighram Qighraip dvarani muncata 
esha prishthatah kumara agacchati tasya ca balaugho yadi ciraan 
vidharayishyatha sarvatha na bhavishyatheti | te kathayanti j 
vyutpanna na vayam rajiio na kumarasya dhimatah | 
nripapaurushakebhyo^ sma bhitas samtr§.sam agatah || 
tair dvarani muktani | tata ucchritadhvajapatakipiirnakalaga nanS,- 
vidhaturyanirnaditaih Sudhanam kumaram pratyudgatah | tena ca 
sama^vasitas tadabhiprayag ca rajabhatah sthapito nipakag ca nigri- 
hitah karapratyayag ca nibaddhah | tatas tain karvatakam sphiti- 
kritya Sudhanakumarah pratinivrittah | Dhanena ca rajna tarn eva 
ratrirp svapno drishtah | gridhrenagatya rajiia udaram sphotayitvan- 

1 yatha MSS. 2 ^righram (?righrain AB. » Sic MSS. 

^ «,l».J.'.,".;l!(!l 





trknj akrishya sarvam tan. nagaram antrair veshtitam saptaratnS,ni 
griham pravegyamanani drishtani | tato raja bhitas trastah samvigna 
ahrishtaromakupo ' laghulaghv evotthaya mahagayane nishadya kare 
kapolam dattva cintaparo vyavasthito ma haiva me 'tonid&nam 
rajyac cyutir bhavishyati jivitasya vantaraya iti | sa prabhatayam 
rajanyam svapnam brahmanaya purohitaya nivedayamasa | sa sam- 
lakshayati | yadrigo devena svapno drishto niyatam kumarena karva- 
tako nirjito vitathanirdegah karaniya iti kritva kathayati | deva na 
gobhanah svapno niyatam atonidanam rajyac cyutir bhavishyati 
jivitasyantaraya iti kevalam tv atrasti pratikarah sa ca brahmanaka- 
mantreshu drishtah | ko 'sau pratikarah | deva udyane pushkarini 
purushapramanika [A. 157. b] kartavya tatab sudhaya praleptavyS, 
susammrishtam kritva kshudramriganS,m rudhirena purayitavya tato 
devena snanaprayatnena^ tain pushkarinim ekena sopanenavataritav- 
yam ekenavatirya dvitiyenottaritavyam dvitiyenottirya tritiyeniva- 
taritavyam tritiyenavatirya caturthenavataritavyam ® | tatag caturbhir 
brahmanair vedavedangaparagair devasya padayor jihvaya nirledh- 
avyam* kinnaravasaya ca dhupo deyah [ evam devo vidhutapa- 
pag ciram rajyain palayishyatiti | raja kathayati | sarvam etac chak- 
yain yad idam kinnaramedam ativadurlabham ( purohitah kathayati | 
deva yad eva durlabham tad eva sulabham | raja kathayati | yath§, 
katham | purohitah kathayati | deva nanv iyam Manohara kinnari | 
raja kathayati | purohita ma maivain vada kumarasyatra pran4h 
pratishthitah | sa kathayati | nanu devena grutam 

tyajed ekam kulasyarthe gramasyarthe kulam tyajet | 
gramam janapadasyarthe atmarthe prithivim tyajet || 
^dridhenaddhy atmana rajyam kumarasyasya dhimatab | 
gakyasi hy aparam kartuiu ghatayainam Manoharam !| iti ] 
§,tmabhinandino na kimcin na pratipadyanta iti | tenadhivasitam | 

1 -roga- AB. " Qu. -yatena as infra? ' Sic MSS. * -vyah MSS. 
* addhi imper. e conj. : dridhenahyatm- AC, -nahyahyatm- B. 





tato yathopadishtam purohitena karayitum arabdham | pushkarint 
khata sudhayopaliptS, ' sammrishta kshudramrigarudhiram upS,varta- 
yitum arabdham | sa ca prayogah Sudhanasytotahpurajanenopa- 
labdhah | tah pritimanasas sanivrittab | vayam rupayauvanasam- 
panna idanim asmakam Sudhanah kumarali paricarayishyatiti | tab 
pramudita drishtva Manohara pricchati kim yuyam ativapraharshita 
iva I yavad aparaya sa vrittanto vistarena Manoharaya niveditah ( 
tato Manohara samjataduhkhadaurmanasya yena Sudhanasya kuma- 
rasya janani tenopasamkranta | upasamkramya padayor nipatya 
karunadinavilambitair aksharair etam artham nivedayamasa | sS, 
kathayati | yady evam svagatam idarn. kui*u vicarayishyamiti | Mano- 
haraya ^agamya punar api samakhyatam | tayapi vic&ritam | paQ- 
yati bhutam | tatas tayS, sa cudaraanir vastrani ca Manoharayai 
dattany ukta ca | putrike prapte kale agantavyam evam maniopa- 
lambho na bhavatiti | tato raja yathadishtena kramena snanapra- 
yato rudhirapurnam pushkirinim^ avatiryottirnah | tato 'sya brahma- 
nair jihvayi padau [A. 158. a] ^nilidho 'vasthitah aniyatam kin- 
nariti *ca samadishtam | tatsamanantaram eva Manohara gaganatalam 
utplutya gatham bhashate j 

spargasaragamanain mahyam hasitam ramitaip ca me | 
nagiva bandhanan mukta esha gacchami ^sauipratam || iti 
rajiia drishta vayupathena gacchanti | sa bhitah purohitam amantra- 
yate | yadartham krito yatnab sa na sampanno Manohara kinnari 
nishpalayiteti | purohitah kathayati | deva siddhartho 'pagatapapo 
devah sampratam iti ] tato Manoharayah khagapathena gaechantya 
etad abhavad | yad aham etam avastham prapta tat tasya risher 
vyapadegad yadi tena nakhyatam abhavishyan naham grahanam 
gatabhavishyat^ tena hi yasyami tavad asyaiva risheh sakagam iti | 
sa tasya^ramapadam gata padabhivandanam kritva tarn rishim 

-lika AB, -liptam C. 

" agamayya AB. 
^ -pratim AB. 

3 Sic MSS. 

4 ra AB. 





uvaca I maharshe tava vyapadegad aliani grahanam gata manusli- 
yasya samspargag ca sainprapto jivitaiitarayag caitat samviittas tad 
vijiiapayami | yadi yada kadacit Sudhanah kumara agacchati mam 
samanveshamanas tasyemam angulimudram datum arhasy evain ca 
vaktavyam kumara vishamali panthano durgamah khedam apatsyase 
nivartasveti | yadi nirvaryamano na tishthet tasya margam vyapa- 
desktum arhasi | kumara Manoharaya samakhyatam | uttare digbhage 
trayah kalaparvatas tan atikramyapare trayas tan apy atikramya- 
pare trayas tan atikramya Himavan parvatarajas tasyottarenotkila- 
kaparvatas tata Utkulako* Jalapatha Ekadharako Vajrakali Kama- 
rupi I TJtkilaka Airavato 'dhovanah Pramokshana ete parvatah sama- 
tikramaniyah | tatra Khadirake parvate guha pravega Ekadhirake tu 
kilaka^ Vajrake pakshirajena pravecali | ebliir upayais te parvata 
atikramaniya yantrani ca bLaktavyani, ajavaktramendhakali^ purusho 
rakshasarupi pingalaguhayam lalacrotasa mahan ajagaro vegena pra- 
dhavati | sa te vikramena liantavyah | arantaragatani* nabhim yatra* 
pacyet tatra kitibhakac ca | 

ayara muktena vanena liantavyo mama karanat | 
yatra pacyed dvau meshau samghattantau parasparam | 
tayoh ciingam ekam bhanktva margam pratilapsyase" |] 
ayasau purushau drishtva castrapani mababhayau | 
tayor ekam pidayitva margam pratilapsyate** || 
samkocayantim [A, 158 bj prasarayantim rakshasim'^ ayasam 

mukham [ 
yada pacyet tatra kilakam lalate tasya nikhanayet |j 
gulavartas tada kupo vilanghyas te sliashtihastakab | 
haripiiigalakegaksho daruiio yatra rakshasali || 
karmukam mandalain kritva bantavyag ca durasadali | 
nadyag ca bahavas tarya nakragrahasamakulali || 

M ' 

1 utkilako C. ^ Sic MSS. Qu: Utkilake? 3 .miudh- MSS. < -gata 
nabhi MSS. ^ yamtra A. « Sic MSS. " raksha'si sayasam MSS. 






Raiiga Pataiiga Tapani Citra Rudani Hasani A9ivisha Yetranadt 


Rangayam rakshasikopali Pataugayam amanushyakali | 
'Tapautyam grahabaliulatvam Citrfi,yam kamarupinah || 
'Rudantyam kinnaricetyo 'Hasantyara kinnarasnusha* | 


^Agivishayam nanavidhah^ sarpa Yetranadyam tu galmalih 1| 
Rangayam dhairyakaranaip Patang&yara parakramah | 
^Tapantyain grahamukhabandham Citrayam vividhagitam 1| 
'Rudantyam saumanasye samuttaram ^Hasantyam tushnibhavayogena 


Agivishayain. sarpa vishamantrayogena Yetranadyam tikshnagastra- 
sampatayogena "samuttarah | ^nadih samatikramya paiica yakslia^a- 
tani "gulmakam | tad dhairyam asthaya ^vidravyam [ tato Drumasya 
kinnararajasya bhavanam iti | tato Manohara tam rishim evam 
uktva padabhivandanam kritva prakrantS,'" I 

yavat Sudhanah kumaras tam karvatakam samnamya grihitapra- 
bhrito Hastinapuram anupraptah | Qrutva ca raja param pritim 
npagatah | tatah kumaro marga9ramani prativinodya pituh sakagam 
gatah. I pranamam kritva purastan nishannah. | rajna paramaya 
samtoshanaya sambhashita uktag ca | kumara Qivena tvam agatah [ 
deva tava prasadat karvatakah sarnnamito nipaka grihitag cintakah. 
sthapitali | ime tu karapratyayah panyagarag ca sthapyatam iti | 
raja kathayati | cobhanain. pratigrihitam | tatah pituh pranamam 
kritva samprasthitah | raja kathayati | kumara tishtha prabhritam 
sahita eva bhokshyaraah | deva gacchami ciram drishta me Mano- 
hara I alam kumaradya gamanena tishtha qvo gamishyasiti | so 
'navabudhyamana evam aha | tatadyaiva mayavagyam gantavyam | 
raja tushnim avasthitah | tatah kumarah svagrihani gatah | yavat pag- 

1 Tapantyam...Rudantyam Hasantyam MSS. * Sic MSS. ^ ^4^si- AB : 
so supra Asi- A. * -vidha MSS. ^ Sic MSS ; ut supra. ^ samuttara A, 
-tara B -tare C : qu : samuttaret? 7 nadi MSS. « gulmatam MSS; qu: 

gulmake? '■> vidraryyam AB, vidraj'ya C. i" -tah AB. 





: i 

yati 9riya varjitam ' antahpuradvaram | sa cintaparali pravigya Mano- 
harara na pagyati | itag camutag ca sambhrantah gunyahridayali gabdam 
kartum arabdho Manohare Manohare iti yavad antahpuram samni- 
patitam | [A. 159. a] tab striyah kshepam kartum arabdhah ] viddho 
'sau hi-idayagalyena sutaram prasbtum arabdbah j tabhir yatbabhu- 
tarii samakhyatam | sa gokena samuhyate | tab striyah katha- 
yanti | devasminn antahpure tatpravigisbtatarah striyab santi kim- 
artbam gokah kriyate | sa pitur nairgunyam upagrutya kritagbnatani 
ca matuh sakagam upasamkrantah padayor nipatya katbayati | amba 

Manobaram na pagyami manoratbagunair yiitam | 
sadburupasamayukta kva gata me Manobara || 
manasa sampradhavami mano me sampramubyate | 
hridayam dabyate caiva rabitasya taya bbrigam 1| 
mano 'bbirama ca Manobara ca mano 'nukula ca manoratig ca | 
^saintaptadebo 'smi Manobaram yina kuto mamedain vyasanam 
samagatam || iti 

sa katbayati | putra kriccbrasamkatasambadbaprapta Manobareti 
maya pratimukta j amba yatba katbam ] taya yathavrittam vistarena 
samakbyatam | sa pitur nairgunyam akritajnatam ca jnatva katba- 
yati I kutra gat^ katarena va patheti | sa katbayati | esbo 'sau 
parvatagaila risbisarpgbanisbevitab | usbito Dbarmarajena yatra yata 
Manobara || iti | sa Manobara viyogadubkbarttah kricchram vilalapa 
karunam paridevate j 

Manobaram na pagyami manoratbagunair yutam [ 

sadburupasamayukta kva gata me Manobara || 

manasa sanipradbavami mano me sampramubyate | 

hridayam dabyate caiva rabitasya taya bbrigam || 

mano 'bbirama ca Manobara ca mano 'nukula ca manoratig ca | 

^ Here B omits over two pages, reading antahpuramah khedam fipatsyase 
&c. (p. 455) with no break. - santakadeho MSS. 






' samtaptadeho 'smi Manoharam vina kuto mamedam vyasanaip 
samagatam || 
tato matrabhihitah | putra santy asminn antahpure tadvi9islitatarah 
striyah. kimartham ^okah kriyata iti | kumarah kathayati | kuto me 
ratir ^anuprapyatam iti | sa taya sama§vasyamano 'pi gokasamtapa- 
saiptaptas tasyah pravrittim samanveshamana itag cS-mutag ca pari- 
bliramitura arabdhah | tasya buddhir utpanna yata eva labdhas tarn 
eva tavat pricchami | sa Halakasya sakagam gatab pricchati | Mano- 
bara kutas tvaya labdheti | sa kathayati | amushmin pradege rishib 
prativasati tasyagramapade Brabmasabba nS,ma pusbkirini tasyam 
snatum avatirna risbivyapadegena labdbeti "I sa samlaksbayati j rishir 
idanim abbigantavyas [A. 159. b] tasmat pravrittir bhavishyatiti | 
esha ca vrittanto rajna grutam Manobaraviyogat kumaro 'tivaviklava 
iti I tato rajiiabbibitah. | kum§,ra kim asi viklava idanim tadvigisbta- 
taram antahpuram vyavastbapayisbyamiti [ sa katbayati [ tata na 
gakyam maya tarn aiiS.niya antabpurastbena^ bbavitum | sa rajna 
babv apy ucyamano na nivartate | tato rajna nagaraprakaragrin- 
gesbv araksbakS,b purusbah stbapita yatba kumaro na nisbkS,- 
satiti I kumarah kritsnam ratrira jagartukamah | uktam ca | paiica- 
nie ratryS, alpam svapanti babu jagarti* | katame panca purusbah | 
striyam aveksbyavan pratibaddhacittah stripurusha ®utkroga rini 
caurasenapatir bhikshug calabdhavirya iti | atha kumarasyaitad 
abbavat | yadi dvarena y^syami raja dvarapalakan raksbakamg ca 
dandenotsadayishyati | yannv aham arakshitena patha gaccheyam 
iti I sa ratrya vyuttbaya nilotpalamalabaddhagira yena raksbinah 
purusha na santi tena tarn malam dbvaje baddhvavatirnab | candrag 
coditah | tato 'sau candram avekshya Manobaravirahita evain 
vilalapa | 

bhoh purnacandra rajanikara tararaja 

tvam robin inayanakanta susartbavaha | 

* samtaka- MSS. - aprap- MSS. ^ antabpurasthe A. ^ Sic MSS. » utkona A. 


I : 





S ■ 

kaccit priya mama manoliaranaikadakslia 

ch'ishta tvaya bhuvi Manoharanamadheyeti | 
anubliutapurvaratim anusmaran jagama | dadarqa rarigim tarn 
apy uvaca | 

he tvam kurangi trinavaripalagabhakshe 

svasty astu te cara sukham na mrigarir asmi ] 

dirghekshana mi-igavadhukamaniyarupa 

drishta tvaya mama Manoharanamadheya || 
sa tarn atikramyanyatamani pradegam gato dadarga vanam nana- 
pushpaphalopacobhitara bhramarair upabhujyamanasaram \ tato 
'nyatamam bbramaram tlvaca | 

nilaiijanacalasuvarna madhudvirepba 

vamcantaramburuliamadhyakritadhivasa' | 

varnadhim atrasadriqay atakecahasta 

drishta tvaya mama Manoharanamadheya || 
tasmad api pradegad atikrantah pacyaty acivishain drishtva caha [ 

bhoh krishnasarpa tanupallavalolajihva^ 

vaktrantarotpatitadhumakalapavaktra j 

ragagnina tava samo na vishagnix' ugro 

drishta tvaya mama Manoharanamadheya |I 
tarn api pradegam samatikranto dadarcaparani kokilabliinaditam 
dnshtva ca punas tarn kokilam uvaca | 

bhoh kokilottama vanantaravrikshavasin^ 

narimanohara patatriganasya rajan [ 


drishta tvaya mama Manoharanamadheya || 
tarn api pradegam samatikranto dadargagokavriksham sarvapariphul- 
1am 1 [A. 160. a] 

maiigalyanamantaranamayuktah sarvadrumanam adhirajatulya | 

manoharagoka vimurchitam mam esho 'iijalis te kuru vitagokam || 

^ -vasas MSS. " -jibvd MSS. ^ -vasi C. 


> 't^ 






sa evam viklavo 'nupurvena tasya risher a,9raniapadam anupraptah | 
sa tam rishim savinayam prariipatyovaca | 

cirajinambaradhara kshamaya viijislita 

mulankuramalakavilvakavitthabhakta I 

vande rishe nata9ira vada me laghu tvam 

drishta tvaya mama Manoharanamadheya [j 
tatali sa risliili Sudhanaip kumaram svagatavacanasaiiadanakriyadi- 
purahsarah pratisainmodyovaca I 

drishta sa paripurnacandravadana uilotpalabliasvara 

rupena priyadar9ana suvadana nilailcitabhrulata | 

tvam svastho bhuvi bhujyatam hi vividham' mulaiii phalam ca 
prabho [ 

pa^cat svasti gamishyasiti manasa natrasti me sam9ayah || 

idam hy avocad vacanam ca subhruli kumara trishna tvayi 
badhate me | 

mahac ca dulikham vasatam vaneshu yatam ramam drakshyasi 

ni9cayeneti || 
iyam ca tayaiigulimudrika datta kathayati ca | kumara vishamah 
panthano durgamah khedam apatsyase nivartasveti | yadi ca nivarya- 
mano iia tishthet tasya margam upadeshtum arhasi kumara idam ca 
taya samakhyatam | uttare digbhage trayali kalaparvatas tan atikram- 
yapare trayas tan apy atikramya Himavan parvatarajah | tatpravece- 
na tvaya imani bhaishajyani samudanetavyani tadyatha ^sudaya 
nS.maushadhis taya ghritam paktva patavyam tena ca te na trisha 
na bubhuksha smritibalam ca vardhayati | vanarah samudanetavyo 
mantram ^adhyetavyam sa9araTn dhanur grahitavyam manayo 'vabha- 
satmakah, agado vishaghatako 'yaskilas trayo vhia ca | Himavatali 
parvatarajasyottarenotkilakah parvatah | tatali Kulako Jalapathah 
Khadiraka Ekadharako Yajrakali Kamarupi | Utkilaka Airavatako 
'dhovanah Pramokshaka ete parvatah | sarve te samatikramaniyah | 

1 -dham MSS. "- sudanaya A. » adhyetavyah MSS. 


^Hjf^^j^^?^''''''^ '■^'>^;''*W^!U'J-J^ 

i r 






\ i 




tatra Khadirake parvate guha pravega Ekadharake tu kilaka Vajrake 
pakshirajena pravegah [ ebhir upayais te sarve parvatah sama- 
tikramaniya yantrani ca bhaktavyani [ ajavaktro ' mendhakah 
purusho rakshasirupi piiigalayam guhayam lalagrotasa mahatajagaro 
vegena pradhavati | sa te vikramena hantavyah | arantaragataiii 
nabhim^ ^yatra pagyet tatra kitibhakag ca | 

ayam muktena^ vanena h/intavyo mama karanat | 

yatra pa9yed dvau meshau samghatlantau [A. 160. b] para- 

sparam [ 
tayoh 9rmgam ekam bhanktva margain pratilapsyase II 
ayasau purushau drishtva qastrapani mahabhayau | 

tayor ekarn tadayitva margain pratilapysase || 
samkocayantim prasarayantim rakshasim ayasam mukliam j 
yada pagyet tada kilain lalate tasya nikhanayet || 
gulavartas' tada kupo vilanghyas te shashtihastakali | 
haripiiigalakegaksho daruno yaksharakshasah || 
karmukam mandalam kritva hantavyag ca durasadah | 
nadyag ca bahavas tarya nakragrahasamakulah || 

°Ranga Pataiiga Tapani Citra ^Rudani Hasani Agivisha^ Yetranadi 

ca [ 

^Hangayam rakshasikopah. Pataiigayam amanushah | 
'Tapantyam grahabahutvam Citrayam kamarupinah || 
^Rudantyam kinnaricetyo "Hasantyam kinnarisnusha j 
Agivishayam nanavidhah "sarpa Vetranadyam tu Qalmalih || 
Raiigayam dhairyakaranara Patangayam parakramah | 
^Tapantyam graham ukhabandhag Citrayam vividham gitam || 

^Rudantyam saumanasyena samuttarah | ^Hasantyam tushnibhavena 

Acivishayani sarpavishamantraprayogena samuttaro VetranadyS,ra 

1 mindhakah MSS. ^ nablil MSS. ^ yantra AB, yantram C. ^ uktena 
MSS. 5 ^jiilavarttyas MSS. « Naiiga MSS. ^ Eudakshi MSS. 

8 -visha MSS. " Tapantyam &c. MSS. ut supra. ^'^ sarsha AB. 

. s 





tiksRna^astrasainpatayogena samuttarah | nadim atikramya paiica 
yakshagatani gulmakasthanam | tad dhairyam asthaya 'vidravyam | 
tato Drumasya kinnararajasya bhavanam iti | 

tatah Sudhanah kumaro yathopadishtan aushadhimantragadapra- 
yogan. ^samudaniya tasya risheh padabhivandanam kritvS, prakrantah | 
tatas tena yathopadishtah sarve samudanitah sthapayitva vanaram | 
tatas tS.n. adaya punar api tasya risheh sakagam upasarpkranta 
uktag ca | alam kumara kim anena vyavasayena kim Manoharaya 
tvam ekaki asahayah garirasaipgayam avapsyasiti | kumarah praha | 
maharshe 'vagyam evaham 'prayasyamiti | kutah | 

candrasya khe vicaratah kva sahayabhavah damshtrabalena 
balinag ca mrigadhipasya [ 

agneg ca davadahane kva sahayabhavah asmadvidhasya ca 
sahayabalena kim syat || 

kim bho maharnavajalam na vigahitavyam kim sarpadushta 
iti naiva cikitsaniyah | 

viryam bhajet sumahadurjitasattvadrishtam yatne krite yadi 
na sidhyati ko 'tra -doshah || iti | 
tatah Sudhanah kumaro Manoharopadishtena vidhina samprasthito 
'nupurvena parvatanadiguhaprapatadini bhaishajyamantragadaprayo- 
gena vinirjitya Drumasya kinnararajasya bhavanasamipam gatah | 
kumaro 'pa9yan nagaram aduram grimadudyanopagobhitam nS,na- 
pushpaphalopetam nanavihagasevitam tadagadirghikavapikinnaraih 
[A. 161. a] samupavritam kinnaris tatra capagyat paniyartham 
upagatah i tatas tah Sudhanakumarenabhihitah | kim anena bahun4 
paniyena kriyata iti | tah kathayanti | asti Drumasya kinnararajasya 
duhita Manohara nima | sa mauushyahastagata babhuva | tasyah sa 
manushyagandho nagyati | Sudhanah tumarah pricchati | kim ete 
ghatah samastah sarve tasya upari nipatyante ahosvid anupurveneti | 
tah kathayanti | anupurvyah | sa saralakshayati | gobhano 'yam 

^ vidrayya MSS. ^ samudanaya A, samudanayan^ya BC. 

3 pravAsy- MSS. 







: ^' 


I: i 




. > * 

upaya imS,m angulimudrani ekasmin ghate prakshipamiti | tenaikas- 

yah kinnary4 ^ ghate 'nalakshitam prakshipta s§, ca kinnari abhihita | 

anena tvaya ghatena Manohar^ tatprathamataram snapayitavya j 

sa samlakshayati | nunam atra karyena bhavitavyam | tatas tayasau 

ghatah prathamataram Manoharaya murdhni nipatito yavad anguli- 

mudra utsange nipatita [ sa Manoharaya pratyabhijnata [ tatah 

kiimarim'' pricchati | ma tatra kagcin manushyo 'bhyagatah [ saha | 

abhyS,gatah | gacchainam pracchannam pravegaya | taya pravegitah 

sugupte pradege sthapitah | tato Manohara pituli padayor nipatya 

kathayati | tata yady asau Sudhanah kumara agacched yenahara 

hrit^ tasya tvam kim kuryah | sa kathayati ] tain aham khandagatam 

kritv^ catasrishu dikshu kshipeyain manushyo 'sau kirn, teneti | 

Manohara kathayati | tata manushyabhutasya kuta ihagamanam | 

aham evain bravimiti j tato Drumasya kinnararajasya ^paryavasthino 

vigatah | tato vigataparyavasthanah kathayati | yady asau kumara 

agacchet tasyaham tvam sarvalamkaravibhushitam ■* prabhutacittopa- 

karanaih kinnarisahasraparivritam bharyartham dadyam iti j tato 

Manoharaya hrishtatushtapramuditaya Sudhanah kumaro *divya- 

lamkaravibhushito Drumasya kinnararajasyopadargitah | tato Drumah 

kinnararajah Sudhanam kumaram dadargabhirupam dargantyam 

prdsadikam paramaya gubhavarnapushkalatay^ samanvagatam 

diishtva ca punah param vismayam upagatah [ tatas tasya jijnis&m 

kartukamena sauvarnas stambha ucchritas sapta talah sapta bheryah 

sapta sukarah | aha ca | 

tvaya kantya jitas tavad ete kinnaradarakah [ 

samdargitaprabhavas tu divyasambandham arhasi || 

atyayatam garavanani *kritvoddhritya ^arain kshanat | 

vyuptam anyunam uccitya punar dehi tiladhakam || 

samdargaya dhanurvede dridhalakshadi kaugalam | 

tatah [A. 161. b] kirtipatakeyam tavayatta Manohara || 

I ghaga na- MSS. ^ kinnari MSS. ^ sic MSS. * Qu: -citro-? 

* divydmkara- AB. ' kutod- A. 







Sudhanakumaro Bodhisattvah ku§ala9 ca bhavanti Bodhisattvas 
teshu teshu Qilpasthanakarmasthaneshu devata§ caisham autsukyam 
apatsyante avighnabhavaya | tato Bodhisattvo nritagitavinapanava- 
sughoshakavallarimridangadiiiaiiS,vidhena daivatyopasamhatena' va- 
• ditravigeshena samantad apuryamano 'nekaih kinnarasahasraih pari- 
vritali I 

^Catakratusamadislitair yakshaih sukararupibhiii ] 
utpatite garavane same vyuptam tiladhakam || 
^ekikritam samuccitya Cakrasrishtaih pipilakaih | 
kutnarah kinnarendraya vismitaya nyavedayat |{ 
nilotpaladalabhenasina grihitena* pagyato Drumasya kinnararajasya 
sauvarnastambhasamipam gatvS, tan stambhan kadalicchedena khan- 
dakhandam chettum arabdhah. | tatas tan tilago 'vakirya sapta tSlan 
sapta bherih sapta ca sukaran vanena vidhya Sumeruvad akampyo 
Vastbitah | tato gaganatalasth§,bhir devatabhig ca kinnaragatasahas- 
rair *bahakarakilikilaprakshvedoccairnado mukto yam drishtva ca 
kinnararajah param vismayam upagatab | tatab kinnarisahasrasya 
Manoharasam&narupasya madhye Manobaram stbapayitva Sudhanah 
kumaro 'bhihitah | ehi kumara pratyabbijanS,si Manobaram iti | 
tatab Sudhanah kumaras tam pratyabbijniya gatbabhigitenoktavan j 

yatha Drumasya duhita mameha* tvam Manohar^ [ 
gighram etena satyena padatn vraja Manohare 1| 

tatab sa drutapadam abhikranta | kinnarah kathayanti | devayam 
Sudhanah kumaro balaviryaparakramasamanvito ManoharaySh 
pratirupah kimartham vipralabhya diyatS,m asya Manohareti | tato 
Drumah kinnararajah kinnaraganena samvamitah Sudhanam kinnara- 
bhimatena mahata satkarena puraskritya Manohardm divySlamkara- 
vibhushitam v§,mena paninS, grihitvS, dakshinena sauvarnabhring&ram 

^ Sic AB, -hritena C. 
^ eko- AB, eka- C. 
^ tvam mameha MSS. 

^ (?ava- A, 9eva- BC pr. m., gata- C sec. m. 
* -asigrihltena MSS. ' hdhara-, -nMo MSS 







Sudhanam kumS,ram abhihitah | kumara esha te Manohara kinnari- 
parivrita bharyarthaya datta | aparicita manusha yathainam na 
parityakshasiti | param tateti Sudhanah kumaro Drumasya kinnara- 
rajasya pratigrutya kinnarabhavanastho Manoharaya sardbam nish- 
parushena' turyena kridate ramate paricarayati | so 'parena [A. 
162, a] samayena svadegam anusmritya miitapitriviyogajena 
duhkhenatyahato Manoharaya nivedayati | matapitriviyogajam me 
dubkham badhata^ iti | tato Manobaraya esha vrittanto vistarena 
pitur niveditab | sa kathayati | gaccba kumarena sardbam apakran- 
taya te bhavitavyam vipralambhaka manushyab | tato Drumena 
kinnararajena prabhutam manimuktasuvamadin dattvanupreshitah | 
sa Manobaraya sardbam uparivibayasa kinnarakbagapatbena sara- 
prastbito 'nupurvena Hastinapuranagaram anupraptab | tato Hasti- 
napuram nagaram nanamanobarena surabbina gandbavi^esbena sarvS. 
dig araoditam I grutva. Dbanena rajnanandabberyas' taditah sarvam ca 
tan nagaram apagatapasbanaQarkarakathallam karitam candanava- 
risbiktam* amuktapattadamakalapasamuccbritadhvajapatakam sura- 
bhidbupaghatikopanibaddham nanapusbpavakirnaramaniyam | tatab 
kumaro 'nekanaravarasabasraparivrito Manobaraya sardbam H!asti- 
napuram nagaram pravisbtah | tato margagramam prativinodya. 
vividbani ratnany S.daya. pituh sakagam upasamkrantaJi | pitra 
kanthe parish vaktah pargve rajasane nishannab kinnaranagaragama- 
nagamanam ca vistarena samakbyatam | tato Dbanena rajiiatibala- 
viryaparakrama iti viditva rajyabbisbekenabbisbiktah | Sudbanab 
kumarah saiplaksbayati | yan mama Manoharaya sardbam sama- 
gamah samvritto rajyabhishekag canupraptas tat purvakritabetu- 
vigesbad yannv aham idanim danani dadyam punyani kuryam iti [ 
tena Hastin&pure nagare dvadagavarshani nirargado yajna ishtah [ 

syat kbalu te maharajanyah sa tena kalena tena samayena Sudba- 
nab kumaro veti | na kbalv evam drasbtavyam apr tv aham eva tena. 

Sic MSS. 

badha C. 





kalena tena samayena Bodhisattvacaryayam vartainS.nah Sudhano 
nama raja babhuva | yan may a Manoharanimittam balaviryapara- 
kramo dargito dvadagavarshani nirargado yajna ishto na tena mayS,- 
nuttara samyaksambodhir adhigata kimtii tad danam tac ca viryam 
anuttarayah samyaksambodher hetumatrakam pratyayamatrakaip. 
' sambharamatrakam | 

[A. 162. b] ity avocad Bhagavan ^attamanasas te ca sarve loka 
Bhagavato bbSrshitam abhyanumodan | 

iti SiidlxanakiinLaravadanam saiuaptam | 


tatra Bhagavan ayashmantam^ amantrayate sma | Sgamayananda 
yena Qtavastiti | evain. bbadantety ayusbman Anando Bhagavatah 
pratyagraushit | atha Bhagavan yena Qravasti tena carikam pra- 
kranto yavad anyatamasmin pradege brahmanag chinnabhakto halam 
vabayati | tasyarthaya darika peyam adaya gata | Bhagavamg ca tarn 
pradegam anupraptah. j dadarga sa brabmano Buddham Bhagavantani 
dvatriipgata mahapurushalakshanaih samalainkritam agityinuvyanja- 
nair virajitagatrain vyamaprabhalamkritam suryasaliasratirekapra- 
bham jangamam iva ratnaparvatara samantato bhadrakam sahadar- 
Qanac casya Bhagavati prasada utpannah | na tatha dvadagavarsha- 
bhyastab ^gamathag cittasya kalyatam janayati aputrasya va putra- 
pratilambho ^daridrasya va nidhidarganatn. rajyabhinandino ®va raj- 
yabhisheko yathopacitakugalamulasya sattvasya tatprathamato Bud- 
dhadarcanam | sa tarn peyam adaya laghulagbv eva yena Bhaga- 
vams tenopasainkrantah. j npasamkramya Bhagavantam etad avocat [ 
iyambho Gautama pey a yady asti mamantike 'nukampa pived bhagavan 
Gautamah peyam iti | tato Bhagavata brahmanasya jirnakupo dar- 

1 om. A. 2 .manas MSS. ' Sic MSS. : Anandam ? (This tale is not 

in D.) A sainatha9 MSS. ^ dacitrasya A, darisya B, « om. MSS. 




r i 






^itah I sacet te brahmana parityakta asmin jirnakupe prakshipeti | 
tena tasmin jirnakupe prakshipta ] sa jirnakupo * vipyayamanah 
peyapurnah | yathapi tad Buddhanam Buddhanubkavena devatanim 
ca devatanubhavena | tato Bhagavata sa brahmano 'bhihitak | cS,raya 
mahabrahmana peyam iti | sa carayitum arabdhah | Bhagavata 
tatliadhishthita yatha sarvasamghena pita sa ca jirnakupo 'vishpa- 
yamanas tathaiva peyapurno Vastliitah | tato 'sau brahmano bhu- 
yasya matrayabhiprasanno Bhagavatah padabhivandanam kritva 
purastan nishanno dharmagravanaya | tasya Bhagavatagayanugayain 
dhatum prakritim ca jiiatva tadrigi caturaryasatyasamprativedhiki 
dharmadegana krita purvavad yavad anadikalopacitam satkayadrish- 
ticailam jnanavajrena bhittva grotaapattiphalam saksh§,tkritam | 
atikrinto 'ham bhadantatikranta [A. 163. a] esho 'ham Bhagavantam 
Buddham garanam gacchami dharmam ca bhikshusamgham copa- 
sakam ca mam dharayadyagrena yavajjivam pranopetam garanam 
gatam abhiprasannam | athasau brahmano banig iva labdhalabhah 
gasyasampanna iya krishivalah gura iva vijitasamgramah sarvaroga- 
nirmukta ivaturo Bhagavato bhashitam ^abhyanandyanumodya Bha- 
gavatah padau girasa vanditva Bhagavato 'ntikat prakrS,nto yavat 
kshetram gatah | pagyati tasmin kshetre sauvarnan yavan sampannan 
drishtva ca punar vismayotphullalocano gatham bhashate | 

aho gunamayara kshetram sarvadoshavivarjitam ] 
adyaiva vapitain vijam adyaiva phaladayakam || 

tato 'sau brahmanas tvaritatvaritam rajnah sakagam upasamkran- 
tah I upasamkramya jayenayusha vardhayitva rajS,nam uvaca | deva 
maya yavah prakirnis ^te sauvarnah samvrittas tasyadhishthayakena 
pras^dah kriyatam iti | rajnadhishthayako 'nupreshito brahmanena 
ragikntya bhajitah | rfjabhagah svabhavika yavah samvrittah | 
adhishthayakena raj lie niveditam* | rajiia samadishtam punar bhaja- 

1 Sic MSS. 

- abhyan- MSS. 

5 ta MSS. 

* -tab MSS. 

- --- :s^^'..^^amm 

~f\ i jl"1-"'"*|icl* 'f>'= 






yateti | 'taih punar bhajitam* tathaiva rajabhagali svabhavika yavah 
samvrittah | evam yavat saptakritvo bhajitam tathaiva raja ^kutu- 
halajatah svayaiu eva gatah pagyati | tathaiva tenasau brahmano 
'bhihitah | brahmana tavaitat punyanirjatam alam rajabhagena 
^yathabhipretam tan mamanuprayaccheti | tatas tena brahmanena 
paritushtena yad dattam tat sauvarnah samvrittah* | 

tato BhagavS,n samprasthito yavad anyatamasmin pradege paiica 
kS,rsha9at4ny utpjindutpandukani sphutitapinipadani 9an.a9S,tinivasi- 
tani langalani vS,hayanti | te 'pi balivarda® baddhaih prayoktraih 
pratodayashtibhih ^ kshatavikshatagatra muhurmuhur nigvasanto 
vahanti | dadargus te karshaka Buddham Bhagavantam dvdtrimcatS, 
mah^purushalakshanaih samalamkritam purvavad yavad upacita- 
kugalamulasattvasya tatprathamato Buddhadarganam | tato yena 
Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | adrakshid Bhagavims tan karshakan 
durad eva drishtva ca punar ^ vineyapekshaya margad apakramya 
purastad bhikshusaipghasya prajiiapta evasane nishannah | ete 
karshaka Bhagavatah padau girasa vanditvaikantanishannah | tato 
Bhagavata tesham karshakanam aQayanugayain dhatum [A. 163. b] 
prakritiin ca jnatva t&drigi caturaryasatyasamprativedhiki dharma- 
degana krita purvavad yavad anadikalopacitam satkayadrishtigailam 
jninavajrena bhittva grotaapattiphalain sakshatkritam | te drishta- 
saty§, yena Bhagavams tenopasamkrantah | 'pranamayya Bhagavan- 
tam idam "avocan | degaya bhadanta svakhyato dharmavinaye pra- 
vrajyS,m upasampadam bhikshubhavam carema Bhagavato 'ntike 
brahmacaryam iti | te Bhagavata ehibhikshukaya pravrajit&h purva- 
vad yavat te" panthita Buddhamanorathena | tesham Bhagavatava- 
vMo dattah | tair yujyam§,naih purvavad abhivadyac ca samvrittah | 

1 tab AB. 2 bhajitam MSS. ^ kugriharajatah AB. « yatrobh- MSS. 
Qu. yat te 'bhi-. ^ AB add 1| 7 || here, C gives two double dandas only. 

^ E conj. : balivardavabhaih A, vadavibhaih B, balivardfi,vahaih C ; prayok- 
tanaih MSS. '' kshada- A, kshuta- BC. » vinaya- B. » Sic MSS. 

1" avocat MSS. " Sic MSS. : Qu. te naiva sthita? (cf. sup. p. 48.) 







^H I 

i» i* 




n i 

te 'pi 'balivarda ^yoktrani varatrani ca chittva yena Bhagavams 
tenopasainkrantS,h. ] upasamkramya Bhagavantam samantakenanupa- 
rivaryavasthitali | teshara Bhagavata tribhih padarthair dharmo 
degitah purvavad yavad yatha Gangavatare hamsamatsyakurmanani 
yavad drishtasatyah svarbhavanam gatah [ 

bhikshavali samgayajatah sarvasamgayaccliettarara Buddham Bha- 
gavantam papracchuh ] kirn nu taih. karshakapurvakair bhikshubhih 
karma kritam yena karshakah samvritta Bhagavatag ca gasane 
pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam sakshatkritam | tair bali- 
vardapurvakair devaputraih. kim karma kritam yena ^balivardeshu- 
papannah satyadarganam ca kntam iti | Bhagavan aha | ebhir eva 
bhikshavah karmani kritany upacitani labdhasambharani purvavad 
yavat phalanti khalu dehinam | 

bhutapurvaiii bhikshavo 'sminn *eva bhadrakalpe vimgativarsha- 
sahasrayushi prajayam Kagyapo nama gasta loka udapadi purvavat [ 
sa Varanasinagarim upanigritya viharati Rishivadane Mrigadave | 
tasya gasane etani ^pafica karshakagatani pravrajitany abhuvan | 
tatraibhir na pathitam na svadhyayitain napi manasikaro vahitah 
kimtu graddhadeyam bhuktva bhuktva samganikabhirataih® kau- 
sidyenabhinamitam^ | 

kim manyadhve bhikshavo yani tani panea bhikshugatany etany 
eva tani paiica karshakagatani | yo 'sau viharasvami sa evasaugriha- 
patir yasyete ^karshakah [ yad ebhir VLharasvamisamtakam graddha- 
deyam paribhujya na pathitam na svadhyayitam napi manasikaro va- 
hitah kimtu samganikabhirataih kausidyenabhinamitam^ tena kar- 
mana panca janmagatani tasya viharasvaminah karshakah [A. 164. a] 
samvrittah | yavad etarhy api tasyaiva karshaka jatah | yad ebhih 
Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya gasane pravrajya brahmacaryam 

«: il 

1 balivadva MSS, ^ yoktani A, yokani B. 3 balivardadeve na 

papamiah A, vatnibaddhashupapannah B, balivardadeveshupapannah C. * eka 
MSS. 5 Sic MSS. « -rabhaihMSS. ' Qu : atinamitam ? 

\ ' 






caritam tenaitarhi mama g&sane pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad 
arhattvam sakshatkritam | tena ca balivardapurvino devaputrah 
Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya 9S,sane pravrajitS, dsan tatraibhih 
^ kshudranukshudrani gikshapadani khandit^ni tena karmana bali- 
vardeshupapaimah | yan mamantike cittam abhiprasaditam tena 
deveshupapannab | yat Kagyape samyaksambuddhe brahmacaryam 
vasitam tenedanim devaputrabhutais satyadarganam kritam | iti bhik- 
shava ekantakrishnanam karmanam ekantakrishno vip&kah purvavad 
yavad abhogab. karaniya ity evam vo bhiksbavah giksbitavyam* | 

tatra Bhagavan dyushmantam® amantrayate sma | agamaya- 
nanda yena Toyika | evam bhadantety S,yushman Anando Bhaga- 
vato 'Qraushit | Bbagavams Toyikam anupraptah | ^tasmimg ca pradege 
brahmano langalam vahayati | athasau dadarga Buddhain Bhaga- 
vantam dvatrimc^ata mahapurushalakshanaih samalamkritagatram. 
purvavad yavat samantato bhadrakam | diishtva sanilakshayati | 
yadi Bhagavantam Gautamam upetyabMvadayishyami karmapari- 
binir me bhavishyati atha nopety^bhivadayishyami punyapaiibSmh | 
tat ko 'sav upayah syad yena na me karmaparibanih syan napi punya- 
paribanir iti | tasya buddhir utpanna | atrastha evibhivadanaip. ka- 
romy evam na karmaparibanir bhavati napi punyaparihanir iti | 
tena yathS.grihitayaiva pratodayashtyji tatrasthenabhivManam kritam 
abhivadaye Buddham Bhagavantam | tatra Bhagav^ ayushmantam 
Anandam amantrayate | kshana Ananda esha brabmanab saced 
asyaivam samyak pratyatmajiianadarganam pravartate j etasmin pra- 
dege Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasyavikopito 'sthisamghatas tish- 
thatiti I athanenopasamkramya vandito bhaveyam, evam anena 
dv^bhy^m samyaksambuddhabhyam vandanS, krita bhavet | tat 
kasya hetoh | asminn Ananda pradege Kagyapasya samyaksam- 
buddhasyavikopito 'sthisamghatas tishthatiti j athayushman Anando 
laghulaghv eva caturgunam uttarasangam prajnapya Bhagavantam 

2 Here AB insert || 30 ||. =* Sic MSS. 

^ kshudrani A. 

4 Cf. p. 76. 



i i; 

; 1 

» i 





idam avocat | nishidatu Bhagavan prajiiapta evasane | evam ayam 
prithiviprade90 dvabhyam samyaksambuddliabhyam paribhukto bha- 
vishyati yac ca Kagyapena samyaksambuddhena [A. 164. b] yac 
caitarhi Bhagavateti | nishanno Bhagavan prajuapta ev&sane | ni- 
shadya Bhagavan bhikshun dmantrayate sma | icchatha yuyain bhik- 
shavah Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya ^arirasamghatam avikopi- 
tam drashtum | etasya Bhagavan kala etasya Sugata samayo 'y^^ I 
Bhagavan bhikshunam K§,9yapasya samyaksambuddhasyS,vikopitam 
garirasamghatam upadargayatu drishtvS bhikshavag cittam abhipra- 
sadayishyanti | Bhagavatd laukikam cittam utpaditam | dharmata 
khalu yasmin samaye BuddhS, Bhagavanto laukikam cittam utp§,da- 
yanti tasmin samaye kuntapipilikadayo 'pi pranino Bhagavatag cetasa 
cittam ajananti | nagah samlakshayanti | kim karanam BhagavatS, 
laukikam cittam ^utpaditam | Bhagavan Kagyapasya samyaksam- 
buddhasya garirasamghatam avikopitam drashtukamah [ tatas taih 
Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasyavikopitah garirasaipghSita ucchra- 
yitah ] tatra Bhagavan bhikshun amantrayate sma [ giihnita bhik- 
shavo nimittam antardhasyatiti | antarhitah [ 

rajna Prasenajitd grutam Bhagavata gravakanam darganayavi- 
kopitah Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya garirasamghata ucchra- 
yita iti grutv^ ca punah kutuhalajatah sardham antahpurena ku- 
marair amatyair bhatabalagrair naigamajanapadaig ca drashtum sam- 
prasthitah | evam Yirudhako 'nathapindado grihapatirishidattah^ ^pu- 
ranah sthapatir Vigakha Mrigaramata anekani ca pranigatasahasr&ni 
kutuhalajatani drashtum samprasthitani purvakaig ca kugalamulaih 
samcodyamanani [ yavad asav antarhitah* | taih grutam antarhito 
'sau Bhagavatah Kagyapasya samyaksambuddhasya garirasamghata 
iti grutva ca punas tesham duhkhadaurmanasyam utpannam vritha- 
smakam agamanam* jatam iti | athanyatamena copasakena sa pra- 

1 utpadayanti MSS. ^ gig MSS. ^ Ex conject. (cf. p. 77); Puranostha- 
pati A, Puranosthapatiti BC. * -hita MSS. " -mana MSS. 




degah pradakshintkritah | evam cetasa cittam abhisamskritam asman 
me pada viharat kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti | atha Bhagav^ms tasya 
mah^janakayasyavipratisarasamjanartham tasya copisakasya cetasa 
cittam ajiiaya gatham bhashate | 

gatam sahasr^ni suvarnanishka jS,mbunad§, ndsya samd bhavanti [ 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasarmacittah pad& viharam ^ prakaroti 
vidvan || 
anyatamenS,py up4sakena tasmin pradege mrittikapindo dattah J evam 
cittam abhisamskritam pada viharasya tsivad iyat punyam ikhyS,tam 
Bhagavata [A. 165 a] asya tu mrittikapindasya kiyat punyam 
bhavishyatiti | atha Bhagavin ^tasyapi cetasa cittam Sjnaya gathS.m 
bhashate | 

gatam sahasrS,ni suvarnapindam jambunad^ ndsya sama bha- 
vanti I 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitta ^ropayen mrittikapindam 
ekam || iti | 
tac chrutvanekaih pranigatasahasrair ^mritpindasamaropanam kritam ) 
aparais tatra muktapushpani kshipt§,ny evam cittam abhisamskritam 
pada viharasya mrittikapindasya ceyat punyam uktam Bhagavata 
asmakam tu muktapushpanam kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti | atha 
Bhagavims tesham api cittam ajn^ya gatham bhashate | 

Qatam sahasrani suvarnam udhani jambunadS. nasya samS, bha- 
vanti I 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitta aropayen muktakapushparS,- 
gim II iti I 
aparais tatra malavih^rah kritag cittam cabhisamskritam muktapush- 
panam Bhagavata iyat punyam uktam asmakam mala viharasya kiyat 
punyam bhavishyatiti [ atha Bhagavams tesham api cittam ajnaya 
gatham bhashate | 

gatam sahasrani suvarnavaha jambunada n^sya sama bhavanti 

^ viharam ca prak- MSS. * Sic MSS. * mritap- A,B om. mrit. 




i' i 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitto malaviharam prakaroti vid- 
van 11 iti j 
aparais tatra dipamala datta cittam cabhisamskritam maMviharasya 
Bhagavat^ iyat punyam uktam asmakam pradipadanasya kiyat 
punyam bhavishyatiti ] atba Bhagavan Hesham api cetasa cittam 
ajfiaya gatham bhashate | 

Qatam sahasrani suvarnakotyo jambunada nasya sama bhavantij 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacittah pradipadanam prakaroti 
vidvan H iti j 
aparais tatra gandhabhisheko dattag cittam cabhisamskritam pradipa- 
danasya Bhagavata iyat punyam uktam asmakam gandhabhishekasya 
kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti 1 atha Bhagavams tesham cetasa cittam. 
ajnaya gatham bhashate | 

gatam sahasrani suvarnaragayo jambunada nasya sama bha- 
vanti I 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitto gandhabhishekam prakaroti 
vidvan 1| iti ] 
aparais tatra dhvajapatakaropanam kiitam cittam cabhisamskritam | 
padaviharasya mritpindadanasya muktapushpanam malaviharasya 
pradipadanasya gandhabhishekasya ceyat punyam uktam Bhagavata 
asmakam chattradhvajapatakaropanasya kiyat punyam bhavishyatiti] 
atha Bhagavams teshtm cittam ajiiaya gatham bhashate | 

gatam sahasrani suvarnaparvata Meroh sama nasya sama bha- 
vanti I 

yo Buddhacaityeshu prasannacitta S,ropayec chattradhvajapatS,- 

esham hi dakshina prokta aprameye Tathagate | 

samudrakalpe sambuddhe sarthavahe anuttare || iti | 
tesham etad abhavat 1 parinirvritasya [A, 165 b] tavad Bhagavatah 
pujakaranad iyat punyam uktam Bhagavata tishthatah kiyat punyam 

1 Sic MSS. 

-kam AC, -ka B. 

)j K 






bhavishyatiti [ atha Bhagavams tesham api cetasS, cittam ajnaya 
gatham bhashate | 

tishthantam pujayed yag ca yag capi parinirviitam | 
samarp cittaprasadena nasti punyavigeshata || 
evam hy acintiyS, Buddha Buddhadharmapy acintiya | 
acintiyaih^ prasannanS,iri vipakag acintiyah || 
tesham acintiyanam apratihatadharmacakrapravartinam | 
samyaksambuddhanam nalam gunaparam adhigantum || 
iti I tato Bhagavata tasya mahajanakayasya tathavidha dharmadegana 
krita yam grutva 'nekaih pranigatasahasrair mahan vigesho 'dhigatah | 
kaigcic chravakabodhau cittany utpaditani kaigcit pratyekabodhau 
kaigcid ^ushmagatani pratilabdhS,iii kaigcid murdhanah^ kaigcit 
satyanulomah kshantayah. kaigcic cbrotaapattipbalam sakshatkritam 
kaigcit sakridagimiphalam kaigcid anagamiphalam kaigcit sarvakle- 
gaprahan^d arhattvam sakshatkritam yadbhuyasa* sk parshad Bud- 
dhanimna dharmapravana samghapragbhara vyavasthita ] tatra 
sardham brahmanagrihapatibhis tasmin pradege mahah sthapitas 
Toyikamahas Toyikamaha iti samjiia samvrittS, | Iti Sudhana- 
kumaravadanam 'ekatrimgatamam® I 


evam maya grutam | ekasmin samaye Bhagavan Chravastyara 
viharati sma Jetavane 'nathapindadasyarame mahatS, bhikshusam- 
ghena sardham ardhatrayodagabhir bhikshugataih satkrito Bhagavan 
gurukrito raanitah pujito bhikshubhikshunyupasakopasikai'^ rajn4 
dair nagair yakshair gandharvair asuragarudakinnaramahoragair 

1 -yah C. 2 ushag- A. 3 murdhnanah MSS. * -sjeL MSS. 

^ egr5,trim§astamam A, epatrimcjastamam B, atrim^attamam C, erased. ^ A 

adds 5loka 9atabhravu 1, B adds gatacacu | om. C. '^ Sic MSS. 


B I 




i I 


;■ 1 


labhi ca Bhagavin prabhutanam pran.itS,nam civarapindapatagaya- 
nasanaglanapratyajabhaishajyaparishkS,ranam divyanam ca 'manu- 
shyanam ca taig ca Bhagavan anupaKptah padmam iva varina | tena 
khalu punah samayenayam eva Bhagavato 'nurupa^ udarah. kalyana- 
kirti9abda9loko 'bhyudgata ity api sa Bhagavams Tathagato 'rban 
samyaksambuddho vidyacaranasampannah Sugato lokavid anuttarah 
purushadamyasarathih. gast^ devanani ca manushyanam ca Buddho 
Bhagavan sa imam sadevakam^ samarakam sabrahmakam sagra- 
manabrahmanim prajam sadevamanushim svayam abhijnaya sak- 
shatkritvopasampadya viharati | sa dharmam degayaty ddau kalya- 
nam madhye kalyanara paryavasane kalyanam svartham [A. 166 a] 
suvyanjanam kevalain paripurnam pariguddham paryavadatam brah- 
macaryam samprakagayati sma | tatra Bhagavan bhikshun dmantra^ 
yate sma j evam ca* bhikshavah sattva janiyur danam danaphalam 
danasamvibhagasya ca phalavipakam yathaham jane danasya phalam 
danasamvibhagasya ca vipakam apidanini yo 'sau caramah. *kavalo 
'pagcima alopas tam api nasamvibhajya pareshv. atman^ va pari- 
bhunjiran na cotpannara matsaryacittam paryadaya tishtheyuh j 
yasmat tarhi bhikshavah sattva na jananti danasya phalam dana- 
samvibhagasya ca phalavipakam yathaham jane danasya phalam 
danasamvibhagasya ca phalavipakam tasmat sattva yo 'sau caramah 
'kavadah ^pagcima alopas tam evadattva imam asamvibhajya pare- 
shv fitmana va paribhunjate utpannam® caisham matsaryamalam 
cittam paryadaya tishthati | 

bhikshavah samgayajatah sarvasamgayanam chettaram Buddham 
Bhagavantam apricchan | agcaryam bhadanta yavac ca Bhagavata 
etarhi ^yacakah priyah | na bhikshava etarhi mama yathatite 
'py adhvani yacanakah priyah | tac chruyatam | 

bhutapurvam bhikshavo 'tite 'dhvany TJttarapatheshu janapa- 

1 Sic MSS. ^ rupa MSS. ^ insert lokam from Kanakavarna init. 

4 ced? ® kavalalo AB, and C pr. m. ^ utpanna? MSS. ' ^rdvakdh BCD. 

.1 ; 





deshutpalavati nama nagari rajadh4iii babhuva riddha ca spbiti ca 
kshemS, cakirnabahujanamanushya ca [ ath&parena samayenotpalava- 
tyam nagararajadhanyim durbhiksham 'abMd durjivam durlabba- 
pindam na sukaram* apat^ne^ pragrabane yS,payitum | tena khalu 
samayenotpal&vatyarn. rajadhanyS-m Rupavati nama stri babhuva- 
bhirupa darganiya prasadika gubhavarnapushkalataya samanvagatS, | 
atha Rupavati stri svan niveganan nishkramyotpalavatyam raja- 
dh.anyS,in janghaviharam anukramati | anyatarad apavarakam pr§,- 
vigat I tasmin khalu *samaye tasminn* apavarake stri prasutS, dara- 
kam prajatabhirupam darganiyam prasadikam gubhavarnapushkala- 
tayS, samanvigatam | tarn sS, stri kshutkshamaparitS, raukshacitti 
dS,rakani grihnaty icchati ca svani putramamsani bhaksbayitum | 
tam drishtva Rupavati stri etad avocat | kim idam bbagini kartuka- 
m&si I saha [ jighatsitasmi bbagini iccbami svakani putramainsS,ni 
bhaksbayitttm | Rupavati aha ] tena bbagini nivegane kiincid sana- 
vidyate 'nnam vS, panam va bhojanam va svadaniyaip. yk lehyam 
vl, I durlabhah putragabdo lokasya | na me bbagini kimcit sam- 
vidyate nivegane 'nnam vk panaru va khadyam va bhojanam vS, 
svidaniyam va lehyam va durlabham jivitam lokasya | [A. 166 bj 
^Rupavaty aha | tena hi bbagini mnhurtam agamaya yavad aham 
niveganam gatvS, tav^rthfiya bhojanam anayishyami j saha | yat 
khalu bbagini janiyah kukshir me lupyati prithivi me sphutati 
hridayam me dhumayati digo me na pratibhanti | na t§,vat tvam 
dv^ragalaya nirgat^ bhavishyasi yavan me vayava ^kramishyanti | 
yathS, RupavatyS, etad abhavat [ yadi dS,rakam grihitvS, gamishyami 
esha stri kshutkshamaparita kalain karishyati | atha darakam apa- 
haya ySsySmi niyatam darakam bhakshayishyati | yathi katham 


^ e conj : abh<i bahudurjarvam AD, abhuvat dorjavam B, abMva durjavam C. 
2 sukare MSS. ^ apatanene ySp- A, pragrahine yl,yayituin B, ^ sama- 

yena MSS. ^ tasmin varake A, tasmina navacarake B, tasminn avarake C, 
tasminn avacarake D (cf. p. 479). ^ Eupya- CD ; and so often in the MSS. 





J. , [ 





punar mama kurvantya dvayor jivitalabhah syat | tasya etad abha- 
vat I anaparadhyagayavati^ samsare bahuni duhkhany anubhutany 
asakrin narakeshv asakrit tiryakshv asakiid yamaloke 'sakrid ma- 
nushyalokeshu hastacchedah padacchedah. karnaccheda nasacchedah 
karnanasaccheda angapratyarigacchedas tathanyani vividhani bahuni 
dulikhany anubhutani | ko maya tenartho 'nuprapto yadaham at- 
manah sthamam ca balam ca viryam ca sanijanayitva imam striyam 
svena rudhirena mamsena samtarpya imara darakam parimocayeyam | 
sa Rupavatt pricchati | asti te bhagini nivegane gastram ] sa stri 
aha [ astiti | tena hi yatra bhavati tad upadargaya | sS tarn pfa- 
degam upadargayamasa | tato Rupavatya svayam eva gastram tik- 
shnam ffrihitvS, tau stanau chittva tarn striyam svakeiia mam- 
sarudhirena ^samtarpayati sma | samtarpya ca tarn striyam etad 
avocat I yat khalu bhagini janiya ayaui darako maya svakena mamsa- 
rudhirena kritah sa 'ham tava nikshepam anuprayacchami ma bhuyo 
darakam bhakshayishyasi yavad aham niveganam gatv4 tavarthaya 
bhojanam anayishyami | saha | adya tavan na bhuyah | atha Rupa- 
vati stri rudhirenodgharata pragharata yena svam niveganam tenopa- 
samkranta | adrakshid Kupavatyah striyah svami IlupS,vatitn strim 
rudhirenodgharata pragharata durata evagacchantim drishtva ca puna 
Kupavatim etad avocat | kenedam evaiprupain. Rupavati viprakaram 
kritam | saitam prakritiin vistarenarocayati sma | arocayitvaitad 
avocat I prajnapayaryaputra tasyah striya^ bhaktam j sa S,ha | 
prajnapayaryaduhitas tasya bhaktam api tu satyavacanani tavat 
karishyimi | yenaryaduhitah satyena satyavacanenayam evamrupa* 
agcaryadbhuto dharmo na kadacid drishto va gruto va' tena satyena 
satyavacanena ubhau tava stanau yathapauranau pradurbhavetam | 
sahakritenasminn [A, 167 a.] evamrupe satyavacane tasya asminn eva 
kshane ubhau stanau yathapauranau pradurbhutau | 

1 -a9ayati MSS. 
* -rupam MSS. ^ 

om. MSS. 

santarpati MSS. ^ striyasa AB, slriyaya CD. 

I ) 





atha Cakrasya devanam Indrasyaitad abhavat | atityago' 'titya- 
gagauravataya Rupavatyah striyah kritah. [ m^ haiva sa Rupavati 
stri atah Cakram bhavanac cyavayet ^yannv aham enam mimaipseyam | 
atha Cakro Devendra udarabrahmanarupam atmS,nam abhinirmS-ya 
sauvamadandakamandalum Maya suvamadandena manibalavyania- 
nena vijyamanas tadyath^ balavan purushah samminjitam bahum pra- 
sarayet prasaritam samminjayed evam eva Cakro devanam Indro 
deveshu ^trayastrimgeshv antarbita Utpalavatyam rajadbanyam pra- 
tyastbat | atha Cakro devanam Indra Utpalavatyam rajadbanyam 
^bhaikshyam anvabindan yena Rupavatyah striyi niveganara tenopa- 
samkramya dvari stbitva bbaiksbyain utkrogate | tato Rupavati stri 
^bhaiksbam adaya yena sa brabmanavegadbarah Cakras tenopasam- 
kramya bbaiksham upan&mayate | atha sa Cakro devanam Indro 
RupS,vatim striyam etad avocat | satyam te Rupavati darakasyartha- 
yobhau stanau parityaktau | saha | arya brahmana satyam ] sa tarn 
S,ba I evam te Rupavati ubhau stanau parityajS,miti parityajantyah 
parityajya 'vabhuc cittasya vipratisarab | saha | na me ubhau stanau 
parityajantya abbuc cittasya vipratisarab | Qakra | atra kah 
(jraddhasyati | Rupavaty aha | tena hi brahmana satyavacanain kari- 
shyami | yena satyena ''brahman satyavacanenobhau stanau parity a- 
jyamiti parityajantyah parityajya va nabbuc cittasyanyatbatvam 
n§,bhuc cittasya vipratisaro 'pi ca * brahman yena satyena may a dara- 
kasyarthayobhau stanau parityaktau na r&jyartham na bhogartbam 
na svargartham na (Jakrartham na rajiiam cakravartinam vishayar- 
tham nanyatraham anuttaram samyaksambodhim abhisambudbya- 
dantan damayeyam amuktan- mocayeyam anagvast^n Lgvasayeyam 
aparinirvritan parinirvapayeyam tena satyena satyavacanena mama 
strindriyam ^antardbaya purushendriyam pradurbhavet | tasyas tas- 

^ atityoQatitydga- A, atityag^tityaga- BC, atibliyS§Stibliy§,ga- D, ^ "E conj.: 
MSS. anvaham ena mimamseyam. ^ trdyas- MSS. * Sic MSS. ^ ma- 
MSS. 8 anantar- A. 

c. , ^ ■':'„"■.'• . m .'.; 










minn eva kshane strindriyam antarliitam purushendriyam pradur- 
bhutam | atha [A. 167 b.] khalu Cakro Devendras tushta udagra 
attamanah pramuditah pritisaumanasyajatah | tata eva riddhya 
vaihayasani atyudgamyodanam udanayati Rupavatyah strindriyam 
antarliitam purushendriyam pradurbhutam | Hupavatyah striyah. 
Rupavatali kumara iti saipjfia utpadita' | 

athaparena samayenotpalavatyam rajadhanyam nagaryam raja 
'putrah kalagatah | tatra ^panditajatiyanam mahamatranam etad 
abhut I yannu vayam Utpalavatyam rajadbanyam rajanam stha- 
payema^ | tesham etad abhut | nanyatra ^Rupavatakumarat krita- 
punyat kritakugalat | te Rupavatam kumaram Utpalavatyam raja- 
dhanyam rajanam sthapayanti | atha sa shashtivarshani rajyani 
karayati [ dharmena rajyam karayitva kalam akarshit | kayasya 
bhedat tasyam evotpalavatyam rajadhanyam ''anyatamasya greshthino 
grihapater agramahishyah kukshav upapannah | sa purnanam ^ashta- 
n§,ra va navanam va masanam atyayad darakam janayaty abhirupam 
darganiyam prasadikam cubhavarnapushkalataya samanvagatam | 
tasya jatamatrasya tadrici kayat prabha mukta yaya prabhaya can- 
drasya prabha nishprabhikrita | athanyatara stri yena sa greshthi 
grihapatis tenopasainkranta | upasamkramya greshthinam grihapatim 
etad avocat [ yat khalu grihapate janiyas te darako jato 'bhirupo 
darcaniyah prasadikah cubhaya varnapushkalataya samanvagatas 
tasya jatamatrasya tadrigi kayat prabha pramukta yaya candrasya 
prabha nishprabhikrita | atha sa greshthi grihapatis tushta udagra 
attamanah pritisaumanasyajatah | tasya eva ratrya atyayad ye jauanti 
brahmana lakshanya naimittika ' vaipancika bhumyantariksha- 
mantrakucala nakshatragukragrahacaritajnah sa" tan sarnnipatya 
darakam upadarQayati | yat khalu brahmana janidhvam* ayam agra- 

1 -tab MSS. 2 pandita- AB. » -mah MSS. * rupavatastyat- ABC. 

' anyatasya MSS. ^ om. MSS. ^ Exconj. ; vaiyamcintakaA, vaiyaS- 

cintikaste B, caivacintaka C, -kap caiyamcintaka D. ^ .jng, ga A, -carita sa C, 
-carita du sa D. ^ janlyam A, janl yam C, jani — D. 

i,\ - 1 





mahishya ddrako jato 'bhirupo darQaniyah prfisMikah gubhaya 
varnapushkalataya samanvagata etasya jatam§,trasya tadriQi kayat 
prabha mukta yaya candrasya prabha nishprabhikrita | tad asya 
brahmana darakasya lakslianani prekshya namavasthipayata | tasya 
te brahmana laksliananaimittika vipancika bhumyantarikshyaman- 
traku9ala nakshatra9ukragrahacariteshu ' kovida darakam upagatah | 
te samlakshya vadanti [ ayam te grihapate darako jato 'bhirupo 
darganiyah prasadikah 9ubhaya varnapushkalataya samanvagatah | 
asya jatamatrasya tadrigi kayat prabha mukta yaya candraprabha 
nishprabhikrita | tad bhavatv asya Candraprabha iti n&ma ] atha 
greshthi grihapatis tan brahmanan bhojayitva visarjya Candrapra- 
bhasya darakasya catasro dhatrir anuprayacchati ankadhatri mala- 
dhatri stanadhatri ^kridapanika dhatrth | ankadhatrity ucyate y& 
darakam ankena parikarshayaty [A. 168 a.] angapratyangani ca 
samsthapayati maladhatrity ucyate yi darakam snapayati civara- 
kan malam prapatayati stanyadhatry ucyate ya darakam stanyam 
payayati ^kridapanikS, dhatry ucyate yani tani darakanam daksha- 
kanam^ taninakanS,m ^kridapanikS,ni bhavanti tadyatha akayiki 
sakayika* vitkotika syapetarika agharikS, vam^aghatika saiiidhava- 
nika hastivigrahS, agva^dgraha balivarda\igrahah kathayauti dha- 
nurgrahah ^kandakatacchupurakurcabhaishajyasthavikag ca puratah 
parikrishyante | sa abhig catasribhir dhS,tribhir unniyate vardhyate 
mahata grisauhhagyena | yada Candraprabho darako 'shtavarsho 
jatyah samvrittas tadainam matapitarau susnatam suviliptam sarva- 
lamkaravibhushitam kritva sambahulair darakaih parivritam lipira 
"prapayante [ tena khalu samayena tasyatn. Iipi9alayam paiicama- 
trakadara]j:a9atani lipim 9ikshanti | atha Candraprabho darakas tan 
darakin etad ''^avocat j etad daraka vayam sarve 'nuttaram samyak- 

^ om. ABD. 2 MSS vary between kridap- and kriday- and between -nikd- 
and -nika-. » dahukanam MSS. * samkayika ABD. ^ .]iurca- MSS. 

^ prathayante A, prApyayante B, pr^payete C, prapayanti D. ^ avoca MSS. 





I (■ 

sambodhim abhisambodhau cittam utpadayema' | te ahuh | kim 
Candraprabha bodhisattvena karaniyam [ sa aha | shat paramitah. 
paripurayitavyah | katamah shat [ tadyatha danaparamita 9ilapara- 
mita kshantiparamita viryaparamita dhyanaparamita prajfiapara- 
mita j tad aham danam dadami yannv aham tiryagyonigatebhyo 
'pi danam dadyam [ sa tikshnam gastram adaya madhusarpig ca 
yenanyataram maha9ma9anam tenopasamkrantah [ gastrenatmanah 
kayam kshanitva madhusarpisha mrakshayitva tasmin sa mahagma- 
Qane S,tmanam vadhayotsrijati j tena ca samayena tasmin mahacmagane 
uccamgamah pakshi prativasati | sa Candraprabhasya darakasyange 
sthitva dakshinam nayanam grihitva utpatayati punar muiicati | dvir 
api trir apy uccamgamah prani Candraprabhasya darakasya dakshinam 
nayanam grihitva utpatayitva punar muucati [ atha Candraprabho 
daraka uccaingamam pakshinam idam avocat | kim idam pakshi 
mama nayanam grihitva utpatayitva punah pramuncasi | sa aha | na 
mama Candraprabha kimcid evam ishye^ yatha manushyakshi tarn 
manye Candraprabha varayishyasi [ Candraprabha aha | sacen mama 
pakshi ^sahasrakritvo nayanam grihitva utpatayitu^ punar munca na 
tv evahain varayeyam ity uktva tavantah pakshinah saranipatitah | 
yena Candraprabho nirmamso 'sthigakalikritah | sa kalam akarshit | 

tasyam evotpalavatyam rajadhanyam anyatarasya brahmanamaha- 
galasyagramahishyah kukshav upapannah | sa purnanam navanani 
masanara atyayad darakam janayaty abhirupam darganiyam prasadi- 
kam gubhaya varnapushkalataya samanvagatam | tasya sahajatamS,- 
trasya tadrigi kayat prabha mukta yaya brahmaprabha nishprabhi- 
krita | tasya matapitarau Brahmaprabha iti nama ^sthapitavantau | 
yada Brahmaprabho nama manavako 'shtavarshajatiyah gamvrittas 
tena sarve [A. 168 b.] brahmanaka mantra adhitah | yada Brahma- 
prabho manavako dvadacavarshajatiyah sainvrittas sa ^pancama- 

1 -yesa ABD, -yena C. 2 gig ^gs. 3 sahasram kritvo MSS. ■* stha- 
pitantau MSS. ^ gig q^ pasapauca- ABD. 


-T--i™<r,' l. ". •V m - 

■«»%M!M!*u((«;wt*!i''fW"'ft!M'"»*WJW. *'*'-'^'<' 




trani in§,navakani ' svayam eva mantran vicayati | yadS, Brahma- 
prabho mS,navakah. shodagavarsho jatya* sainvrittas tadainam matS,- 
pitarav ahatuh | Brahmaprabha tav^rthaya niveQanam karishyavah | 
sa S,ha | amba tata na tavan mama niveganena prayojanam | tkv k- 
hatuh I kim punas tvam Brahmaprabha karishyasi | sa aba | icchamy 
aham . sattvanam arthaya tapas taptum dushkaram caritum | tav 
Hhatuh I yasyedanim Brahmaprabha kalam manyase | Brahmapra- 
bhamanavako matapitroh padau girasa vanditva trishkritvab. prada- 
ksbinikritya Utpalavatya rajadhanya nishkramya yenanyatarad vana- 
shandam tenopasamkrantab. | tena kbalu samayena tasmin vana- 
shande dvau brabmanarshi prativasatab | apagyatam tau brahma- 
narsbi Brahmaprabham manavakam durata evagaccbantam drisbtv4 
ca Brabmaprabbam manavakam etad avocat^ | ebi Brabmaprabha 
svagatam ma granto 'si ma klantab | kimartham idam vanashandam 
abbyagatab | sa aha | iccbamy abam sarvasattvanam artbaya tapas 
taptum dushkaram caritum | tav ahatuh | evam astu bhavatu ridhyan- 
tam samkalpab paripuryantam manoratbab | atha Brabmaprabho 
manavako 'nyatarasmin pradege kutim karayitva cankramam pra- 
tishthapya sattvanam arthaya tapas taptavan | athaparena samayena 
Brabmaprabbasya kutya natidure vyagbri gurvini vasam upagatS | 
tam Brabmaprabho manavako 'drakshit | tS,m drishtva ca yena 
punas tau dvau brabmarshi tenopasainkrantah [ upasamkramya tau 
ca brabmarshi etad avocat | yat kbalu rishi j^nitam iha me kutya 
natidure vyighri gurvini vasam upagata | tasyah ka utsahate 
bhaktam datum | tav ahatuh [ avam tasyS, bhaktam^ dasyavah [ atha- 
parena samayena vyagbri prasuta kshutkshamaparita* icchati svakau 
potakau bhakshayitum | ekam potakam grihnati dvitiyam muncati 
na bhakshayati j tam Brabmaprabho manavako 'pagyat ] drishtva 
ca punar yena tau brabmarshi tenopasamkrantab | upasamkramya 
dvau brabmarshi etad avocat ] yat khalu brahmanau janitam sa 

1 Sic MSS : Qu. manavaka(?atani? '^ Sic MSS. 3 bhaktam MSS. * -patita MSS. 





vyaghri prasuta ksliutkshamaparita svakau potakau bhakshayitum 
icchati | ekam potakam grihitva dvitiyam muiicati na bhakshayati | 
tasyah ka utsahate bhaktam datum | tav ihatuh | avam tasya bhafc- 
tam' dasyavah [ atha tau brahmarshi yena sa vyaghri tenopasam- 
krantau [ apa9yafc sa vyagbri brahmarsbi durata evagacchantau 
drisbtva ca kshutkshamaparita abhidravitukama | tayor etad abhut | 
ka utsahate tiryagyonigatasyartliaya jivitam parityaktum iti ] tau 
tata eva riddhya vaihayasam abhinirgatau | Brahmaprabho manavako 
'drakshid drisbtva ca punas tau brahtnarslii etad avocat [ nanu brah- 
manau yuvabhyam etad uktam [A. 169 a.] avam asya bhaktam 
dasyava iti | etat khalu brahmanau yuvayor brahmanajatyoh satyam] 
tav ahatuh j ka utsahate tiryagyonigatasyarthaya jivitain parityaktum | 
Brahmaprabho manavaka aha | aham utsahe tiryagyonigatasyarthaya 
jivitam parityaktum | atha sa Brahmaprabho ^manavako yena sa 
vyaghri tenopasamkrantah | tasya vyaghryah purata atmanam 
avasrijati sma [ Brahmaprabho manavo maitrivihari babhuva | sa 
tain na gaktabhidrotum | atha Brahmaprabhasya manavasyaitad 
abhavat | iyain mama vyaghri savijnanakam kayam na bhakshayati | 
sa itag cetag ca vilokitavan | tatas tikshnain^ ca venupegim tikshnam 
grihitva idam evamrupam satyavacanam akarot | samanvaharantu 
me ye 'smin vanashande 'dhyushiti udara deva naga yaksha asuri 
garudah kinnara mahoragas te 'pi sarve samanvaharantu | ayam 
aham tyagam karishyamy atityagam tyagatityagam svayam galapari- 
tyagam api tu yenaham satyena satyavacanena parityajami na 
rajyartham na bhogartham na gakrartham na rajacakravartivisha- 
yartham anyatra katham aham anuttaram samyaksambodhim abhi- 
saiubudhyadantan damayeyam atirnan tarayeyam amuktan* moca- 
yeyam anagvastan agvasayeyam aparinirvritan parinirvapayeyam tena 
satyena satyavacanena ma me parityigo nishphalo 'bhud iti kritvS, 
svayam eva galam chittva tasya vyaghryah purata upanikshipati | 

1 -tarn MSS. - vanavo A, vo B, vanava D. ^ tikshnam D. * uktSn MSS. 





vyaghrinakh3,valivilasavilupyamaiia vakshabsthali kshanam 

^alakshyata vikshatara | 
romancacarcitatanos tuhinamgugubhrasattva^-prakaQakiranaiiku- 

rapuriteva || 
tasyamislialiarana§onitap^namattdm vy^ghriip saharsham ava- 

lokayatag cakara | 
dirghapravasasamayakulita muhurtam kanthavalambanadhri- 
tim nijajivavrittDi || 
sahaparityakte khalu bhikshavo Brahmaprabhena manavena svake 
gale 'y^^ trisahasramahasahasro^ lokadhatub kampati samkampati 
samprakampati calati samcalati sampracalati vedbati samvedhati 
sampravedhati purva dig unnamati pa9cima avanamati pa9ciina dig 
unnamati purva dig avanamati dakshina dig unnamaty uttara dig 
avanamaty uttara dig unnamati daksbina dig avanamati madbyam* 
unnamaty anto 'vanamaty anta unnamati madhyam avanamati surya- 
candramasau na tapato na bbasato na virajatab j 

syad yusbmakam bhiksbavo 'nya sa tena samayenottarapatheshu' 
janapadesbutpalavati nama nagari rajadbani babbuva | na ^hy evani 
drasbtavyam | Pusbkalavatam tena kalena tena samayenotpalavatam 
[A. 169 b.] nama nagaram rajadbinl babbuva | sydd bbiksbavo 
yusbmakam kanksba vimatir vanyah sa tena kalena tena samayenot- 
palavate nagare rajadhanyam Rupavati stri babbuva | na by evam* 
drasbtavyam | abam sa tena kalena tena samayena Rupavati nS,ma 
stri babbuva | syad bhiksbavo yusbmakam kjinksba va vimatir 
vanya satena kalena tena samayenapavarake'^ stri prasuti | na caivani 
drasbtavyam | Candraprabbamanaviki tena kalena tena samayena- 
pavarake^ strt prasuta | syad yusbmakam bhikshavah kanksba va 
vimatir vS,nyas tena kalena tena samayena ^darako babbuva' | na hy 

1 alakshata MSS. ^ sattvasattva- MSS. ' trisahasro ABD. * madhya 
MSS here. ^ .tj^eva AB. « hyaivam MSS. '^ -avarake MSS. 

^ samaye 'varake AD, samaye ucakake B. " mam darako D. 








\ il 

evam' drashtavyam IRahulah kumarah. sa tena kalena tena samayena 
darako 'bhut | syad yushmakam bhikshavah kankshS. va vimatir 
vanyah sa tena kalena tena samayena Candraprabho nama darako 
babhuva | na hy evam^ drashtavyam | aham eva sa tena kalena tena 
samayena Candraprabho nama darako babhuva | syad yushmakam 
bhikshavah kanksha va vimatir vanyas ^sa tena kalena tena samayena 
paiicamatrani daraka9atany abhuvan [ na hy evani* drashtavyam | imani 
tani paiica etadbhadrikagatani tena kalena tena samayena pancama- 
trani darakagatany abhuvan ] syad yushmakam bhikshavah kanksha 
va vimatir vanyah sa tena kalena tena samayena tasmin mahagma- 
gane uccamgamo nama pakshi babhuva | na hy evam* drashtavyam | 
-Kauiidinyo bhikshus tena kalena tena samayenoccamgamo nama 
pakshi babhuva | syad yushmakam bhikshavah kanksha va vimatir 
vanyah sa tena kalena tena samayena Brahmaprabho nama manavo' 
'bhut ] na haivam drashtavyam | aham eva sa tena kalena tena 
samayena Brahmaprabho nama manavo 'bhut | syad yushmakam 
bhikshavah kanksha va vimatir vanyau tau tena kalena tena sama- 
yena Brahmaprabhasya manavasya matapitarav abhuvatam'* | na 
haivam drashtavyam J raja Cuddhodhano Mayadevi tena kalena tena 
samayena Brahmaprabhasya manavasya matapitarav abhuvatam* | 
syad yushmakam bhikshavah kanksha va vimatir vanyah* sa tena 
kalena tena samayena vanam abhut | syad bhikshavo yushmakam 
kanksha va vimatir vanyau tau tena kalena tena samayena dvau 
brahmarshi abhutam | na haivam drashtavyam | Maitreyo Bodhi- 
sattvah Saprabhag ca Buddhas* tena kalena tena samayena tasmin 
vanashande dvau brahmarshi abhutam | syad yushmakam bhikshavah 
kanksha va vimatir vanyah sa tena kalena tena samayena vyaghri 
babhuva | na haivam drashtavyam | Kaundinyo bhikshuh sa tena 
kalena tena samayena babhuva ] syad yushmakam bhikshavah 

1 hyaivam MSS. ^ i^a, MSS. 3 manavo MSS. 
MSS : qu : Suprabuddha? ca or Suprabhap ca ? 

4 Sic MSS. 


.;JiP#A!P#,y#PI«Wpilil; .. 




kanksha va vimatir vanyau potau tena kalena tena samayena [A. 
170 a.] dvau vyaghrapotau babhuvatuh ] na haivam' drashtavyam | 
Nando bhikshu Rahulag ca tena kalena tena samayena vyaghrapota- 
kav abhutam [ tada me bhikshava9 catvarimcatkalpasaipprasthito 
Maitreyo Bodhisattva ekena galaparityagena pagcanmukhikiitah | tad 
anena bhikshavab paryayena veditavyam | evam sacet^ sarve sattvS, 
janiyur danasya phalam danasainvibhagasya ca vipakam yathahain 
janami danasya phalam danasamvibhagasya ca vipakam yo 'sau 
caramah kavadah pa^cima alopas tarn api ^nadattva nasamvibbajya- 
pareshv atmana nopabhuiij iran napy utpannam matsaryain cittaip. par- 
yadaya tishthet | yasmat tarhi bhikshavab sattva na jananti danasya 
phalam danasamvibhagasya ca vipakam tasmat sattva yo 'sau caramah 
kavadah pagcima alopas tarn apy adattvasatpvibhajyaparesham atma- 
nk paribhunjate utpannag caisham matsaryaraala9 cittam paryadS,ya 
tishthati | 

purakritam na pa9yati* no gubhaQubham na sevitam j 
na pagyati* pandite jane na nacam ety aryagane' || 
gubhagubham kritam kritajiieshu na jatu nagyati | 
sukritam gobhanam karma dushkritam capy agobhanam | 
ubhayasya vipako 'sti hy avagyara dasyate phalam || 
idam avocad Bhagavan S,ttamanaso bhikshavo bhikshunya upa- 
saka upasik^ devanagayakshasuragarudakinnaramahoragah sarva- 
vati ca parishad Bhagavato bhashitam abhyanandan | "Rupavatyava- 
danam dvatrimgattamam | 


namo ratnatrayaya | ^evam may a grutam | ekasmin saraaye 

J hyaivam MSS. 2 gg, te MSS. ^ nama dattva MSS. (cf. p. 290). ^ Sic 
MSS : Qu. na9yati for pa9yati ? ^ ganai MSS. ^ Eupyav- MSS. ' For 
Avadana XXXIII. see the appendix. 8 This page is very fragmentary in ABC, 
but complete in D ; the original has probably been injured by damp or worms 
since Mr Hodgson had the copies made for M. Burnouf and the Societe 

c. 61 





Bhagavaii Chravastyam viharati Jetavane 'nathapindadasyarame 
maliata bhikshusamghena sardham | tatra bhikshun amantrayate 
sma I saptatrimgata bhikshava akaraih pandito danam dadati | kale 
danam dadati | Tathagatanujfiatam ] kalpitara danam dadati' | 
trivastu pariguddham | satkritya danam dadati sarvadosliavi 
kshepavigamartham | svahastena danain dadati asarat kayat sara- 
saingrahartham [ skandliam danam dadati mahatyagabhogavipa- 
kapratilabhasamvartaniyam | varnasampannam danam dadati prasa- 
dikavipakapratisamvartaniyam | gandhasaippannam danam dadati 
gandhavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam ] rasasampannam danam 
dadati rasarasagravyaiijanavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | pra- 
nitam danain dadati pranitabhogavipakapratilabhasaravartaniyam | 
vipulam danam dadati vipulabhogavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam ( 
annadanam dadati [A. 213 b.] ^kshuttarshavicchedavipakapratilabha- 
samvartaniyam | panadanam dadati sarvatra jatishu ''tridviccheda- 
vipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | vastradanain dadati pranitavastra- 
bhogavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyani | pratigrayam danam dadati 
tilabhasamvartaniyam | Qayyadanam dadati uccakulabhogavipaka- 
pratilabhasamvartaniyam | yanam danam dadati riddhipadavipaka- 
pratilabhasamvartaniyam | bhaishajyadanam dadati ajaramaxanavi- 
gokasamklislitanirodha-*nirvanavipakapratila b hasamvartaniyam | 
dharmadanani dadati jatismarapratilabhasamvartaniyam | pushpada- 
nain dadati bodliyangapushpavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | 
malyadanain dadati ragadveshamohaviguddhavipakapratilabhasam- 
vartaniyam | gandhadanam dadati divyagandhasukhopapattivipaka- 
pratilabhasamvartaniyam | dhupadanam dadati samklecadaurgandha- 
prahanavipakapratilabha&amvartaniyam | chattradanam dadati dhar- 
mai§varyadliipatyavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | ghantadanam 
dadati manojfiasvaravipakapratilabliasarpvartaniyam | vadyadanam 

1 D omits kalpitam danam dadati. 
MSS. ■» Sic MSS.; query -anirodha-? 

2 MSS. om. viccheda. 

2 bhrid- 







dadati brahmasvaranirghoshavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | pat- 
tadanam dadati 'devamanushyabhishekapattabandhavipakapratila- 
bhasainvartaniyam | tathagatacaityeshu tathagatavimbeshu ca su- 
gandhodakasnanain danam dadati dvatt-im9anmahapurushalakshana- 
gityanuvyanjanavipakapratilabliasamvartaniyam | sustradanam dadati 
sarvatra jatishutpatsyata grahyakuleshupapadya samantaprasadika- 
vipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | paiieasaradanaip. dadati sarvatra 
jatishu mahabalavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyaia | maitryatmakada- 
nain dadati vyapadaprah^navipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam | ^karuna- 
gritadanaip dadati mahasukhavipakapratilabbasamvartaniyam } ^mu- 
ditagritadanam dadati sarvatha muditanandavipakapratilabhasam- 
vartaniyam | upekslia9ritadanam dadati aratipralianavipakapratila- 
bhasainvartaniyam | vicitropacitram danaip: dadati nanabahuvidha- 
vicitropabhogavipakapratilabhasamvartaniyam [ sarvarthaparityagam 
danam dadati *anuttarasamyaksambodiiivipakapratilabhasamvartani- 
yam | ebhir bhiksharas saptatrimcatprakaraih pandito danam 
dadati | idam avocad Bhagavan attamanasas te bhikshavo Bhagavato 
bhashitam abhyanandan | 

iti gridivyavadane' danadhikaramahayanasutram sam&ptam' J 


[A. 214 a.] Buddho Bhagavaii Chra vasty am viharati sma Jetavane 
'nathapindadasyarame | Cravastyam anyatamo brahmanah prativasati | 
tena sadrigat kulat kalatram anitam | sa taya sardham kridati 
'^ramate paricarayati | tasyapatyam jatain jataip. kalam karoti | atha- 
parena samayena tasya patni apannasattva samvritta | sa kare 
kapolam dattva cintS,paro vyavasthitah [ tasya natidure viiddhayu- 

^ devamanushyo 'bliisheka- MSS. ^ j) omits from here to vicitrop-. 

'^ mudita^ritam MSS. * anuttara- MSS. = cm. ABO. ^ This section 

is not numbered in any MS, ^ ramati MSS. . • 






11 li 

vatih prativasati | taya drishtah. | sa kathayati | kasmat tvam brah- 
mana kare kapolam dattva cintaparo vyavasthitah | sa kathayati | 
mamapatyarn jatam jatam kalam karoti mama cedanim patni apan- 
nasattva samvritta | yad apy anyad apatyam janayishyati tad api 
kalam karishyati | sa kathayati | yada tava patnyah prasavakalah 
syat tada mam gabdapayetha iti | athaparena samayena tasya patnyah 
prasavakalo jatah | tena sa vriddhayuvatih gabdapita | taya sa 
'prasavapita [ putro jatah | taya sa darakah snapayitva guklena 
vastrena veshtayitva navanitenasyam purayitva darikaya haste 'nu- 
dattah^ | sa darika ukta | idam darakam caturmahapathe dharaya I 
yam karacit pa^yasi brahmanam va gramanam va sa vaktavyo 'yani 
darakah padabhivandanam karotiti | astam gate aditye yadi jivati 
giihitvagaccha | atha kalam karoti tatraivaropayitavyah | sa tam 
adaya caturmahapathe gatva sthita | acaritam Tirthyanam kalyam 
evotthaya tirthopasparganaya gacchanti [ sa darikci sagaurava saprati9a^ 
padabhivandanam kritva kathayati | ayam daraka aryanam pada- 
bhivandanam karotiti | te kathayanti | ciram jiva* dirgham ayuh 
palayatu matapitror manoratham purayatu [ sthavirasthavira bhik- 
shavah purvahnakalasamaye nivasya patracivaram adaya Cravastyam 
pindaya pravi9anti [ sa darika sagaurava saprati^a^ padabhivanda- 
nam kritva kathayati [ ayam daraka aryanam padabhivandanam 
karotiti | sthavirah kathayanti | suciram jivatu dirgham ayuh 
palayatu matapitror manoratham purayatu | Bhagavan purvahne 
nivasya patracivaram adaya Cravastim' pindaya pravigati sma | sa 
darika sagaurava ^sapratiga padabhivandanam kritva kathayati | [A. 
214 b.] Bhagavann ayam darako Bhagavatah padabhivandanam karo- 
titi I Bhagavan aha ] ciram jivatu dirgham ayuh palayatu matapitror 
manoratham purayatu | vikalibhute pagyati yavaj jivati | sa tarn 
grihitva griham agata | sa taih pyishta | jivati darakah^ | sa kathayati | 

1 prasavayita MSS. 
^ Sic MSS: qu. jivatu? 

- Ba dattam ABC, nudattam C. 
® -styam B. ** sapratisa B. 

^ sapratisa MSS. 
7 -ke MSS. 






jivati I te kathayanti | kutra dharitah | asmin mahdpathe | te 
kathayanti | kini bhavatu darakasya nama | ayam darako maha- 
pathe dharito bhavatu darakasya Mahapanthaka iti nama | Maha- 
panthako daraka unnito vardhito mahan samvrittab j sayada 'mahan 
samvrittas tada lipyam upanyastah samkhyayam gananayam mudra- 
yam brahmanikayam iryayam caryayam gauce samudacare bhasma- 
grabe autkare ^bhoskare rigvede yajurvede samavede ^'tbarvavede 
yajane yajane 'dhyayane 'dhyapane dane pratigrahe sbatkarmanirato 
brahmanah samvrittah | sa pancacataganam brahmanakarma om va- 
cayitum arabdhah | tasya bhuyah* kridato ramatah 'paricarayatab 
patni apannasattva sarnvritta | tasyah prasavakalo jatah | tena sa 
vriddhayuvatih gabdapita | taya prasavita | tasyah® putro jatah [ taya 
sa darakah snapayitva gviklena vastrena veshtayitva navanitenasyam 
purayitva darikaya haste dattah | sa darika ukta^ | imam tvam dara- 
kam caturmahapathe dharaya yadi kamcit pagyasi ^ramanam brah- 
manam va sa vaktavyo 'yarn, daraka aryasya padabhivandanam. 
kai"otiti I astam gate aditye yadi jivati giihitvagaccha | atha kalam 
karoti tatraivaropayitvagaccha | sa darika alasajatiya tarn darakam 
adaya panthalikayam sthita | acaritam Tirthyanam kalyam evotthaya 
tirthopaspargaka gacchanti | sa darika sagaurava ^sapratiga pada- 
bhivandanam kritva kathayati | arya ayain daraka aryanam pada- 
bhivandanam karotiti ] te kathayanti | eiram jivatu dirgham ayuh 
palayatu matapitror manorathain purayatu | sa tarn vikalibhute 
pa9yati yavaj jivati | sa tarn grihitva griham agata | s4 taih prishta | 
jivati darakah | sa kathayati | jivatiti | te kathayanti | kutra 
tvayaisha dharitah | sa kathayati | amushyam panthalikayam | te 
kathayanti | kim bhavatu darakasya nama | ayam darakah pantha- 
likayain dharito bhavatu darakasya namadheyaiu Panthaka iti [ 

^ MSS om. to tada inclusive, ^ bhotkS- A, bhotkara BCD. '^ athar- 

vede ABD. * bhuyo MSS. ^ parivar- ABC. ^ tasya MSS. ? om. 

MSS. 8 sapratisa AB. 






1 1 
f 1 

1^ ' 



Panthako daraka unnito vardhito mahan samvrittah | sa yada, mahan 
saipvrittas tada lipyam upanyastah | tasya 'sity ukte dham 'iti 
vismarati | atha tasyacaryah kathayati | brahniana maya prabhuta- 
darakah palhayitavyah | na ^akshyamy ahatti Panthakam patliayitum | 
Mahcipanthakasyalpam ucyate prabhutani grihnati asya tu Pantha- 
kasya sityukte dham iti vismarati [A, 215 a.] | brahmaiiali sam- 
lakshayati | ^sarve brahmana lipyaksharakugala bhavanti vedabrah- 
maiia esha bhavishyati | sa tenadhyapakasya vedam pathayitmn 
samarpitah | tasya om ity ukte bhur iti vismarati bhur ity ukte om 
iti vismarati | adhyapakali kathayati | prabhuta manavikah patha- 
yitavya maya na 9akyamy aham Panthakam pathayitum | asya om 
ity ukte bhur iti vismarati bhur ity ukte om iti vismarati | brah- 
manali samlakshayati | na sarve brahmana vedaparaga bhavanti 
jatibrahmana evayam bhavishyatiti | sa yatra kvacin nimantritako 
gacchati tam eva Panthakam adaya gacchati [ atha tena samayena sa 
brahmano glanibkutah ] sa mulagandapattraphalabhaishajyair upas- 
thiyamano hiyata eve [ sa tena Mahapanthaka uktah [ putra tvam 
mamatyayad a90cyo 'sy api tu tvaya Panthakasya yogodvahanam 
kai'tavyam iti | ity uktva | 

sarve kshayanta nicayah patanantah samucchrayali | 
samyoga viprayoganta raaranantam ca jivitam || iti | 

sa kaiadharmena samyuktah [ te tam nilapitalohitavadatair vas- 
traih givikam alamkritya mahata satkarena cmagane dhmapayitva 
gokavinodam kritvavasthitah [ 

ayushmantau *Cariputramaudgaly»yanau paiicagataparivarau Ko- 
^aleshu janapadeshu carikam carantau Cravastim anupraptau | Cra- 
vastyam janakayena grutam ayushmantau Cariputramaudgalyayanau 
paiicagataparivarau Kogaleshu janapadeshu carikam carantau Cra- 
vastim anupraptau crutva ca punah sa janakayo vahir nirgantum 

1 tasya tyukte C. - dham ati A, dhamam iti D. 

na sarve? ■* ^!ali- ABC. 

a Sic MSS : Qu. 


arabdhah | Mahapanthako 'pi vahih Qravastyam anyatamasmin 
vrikshamule paflcamatrani inanavaka9atani brahmanakan mantran 
vacajati | tena sa janakayah Cravastya nirgacclian drisbtah j sa tan 
minavakan pricchati [bhavantab ka esha mahajanakayo nirgacchati | 
te tasya katbayanti | upadhyaya bbadantau Cariputramaudgalyayanau 
paiicaQataparivarau Xogalesbu janapadeshu carikam caritva iha 
Cravastim anupraptau taddarQanayopasaipkrantah | kitn nu tau 
drashtavyau yatredanim tad agram vamain apabaya dvitiyavarnasya 
Qramanasya Gautamasyantike pravrajitau | ekas tatra manavakab 
9raddhah | sa katbayati | upadbyaya maivam vocah | ' mabanubbavau 
tau yady upadbyayas tesbam dharmam 9rinuyat stbanam etad vidyate 
yad upadhyayasyapi ^rocate [ acaritaip tesbam manavakanam yada 
^apatba bbavanti te kadacin nagaravalokanaya gaccbanti kadacit 
tirtbopaspargaka gaccbanti kadacit ^samidb^baraka gaccbanti | apa- 
rena samayena te sarve 'patbah samvrittah | te ^samidbabarakah 
samprastbitab | so 'pi Mabapantbako 'nyatamavriksbamule caA- 
kramya sthitah | tatraikam bbikshum adraksbit | sa tarn upasam- 
kramyaivam aba | blio bbiksbo ucyatam tavat kimcid Buddbava- 
canam | tena tasya dacakugalab karmapatba vistarena samprakagitah | 
so 'bbiprasannah katbayati j bbo bbiksbo punar apy akbyahi vista- 
ram I ity uktva prakrantah | aparena samayena bbijyas te 'patbah 
samvrittab | te *saraidhabarakah samprastbitab | Mabapantbako 'pi 
bbiksbusakacam upasamkrantab | tena tasya dvadagangab [A. 215 b.] 
pratityasamutpado 'nulomapratilomo vistarena prakagitah | so 'bbi- 
prasannah katbayati | bbo bbiksbo labheyaham svakhyate dharma- 
vinaye pravrajyam upasampadaip bhiksbubbavam careyam abam 
9ramanasya Gautamasyantike careyam brabmacaryam | sa bhikshuh 
saiulakshayati | pravrajayami 9asane dhuram unnamayatiti [ sa 
tenoktab ] brahmana evam kurushva | Mabapanthakah katbayati | 
bhiksho vayam prajiiata brahmana na 9aksbyama ibaiva pravrajituiri 

^ mahasta yady AB, and C a pr. m. ^ A inserts ca. ^ agradhavanti 

ABC. « Sic MSS, 

■t i 


^^-^^Ww»^^-..r-, .|i^»-:C^^^r.,.-i^i.X.-^ 








janapadam gatv^ pravrajamali | sa tena janapadaiii nitva pravrajita 
upasampadita uktag ca | dve bhikshukarmani dhyanam adhyayanarn 
ca kira karishyasi | ubhayam karishyami ] tena diva uddigata yoniqo 
bhavayata trini pitakani ratrau cintayata tulayata upapariksliaina- 
nena sarvaklecaprahanad arhattvain sakshatkritam | arlian samvrittas 
traidhatukavitaragah ' samaloshtakaiicana akacapanitalasamacitto 
vasicandanakalpo vidyavidaritandakogo ^ vidyabhijiiapratisamvitprap- 
to bhavalabhalobhasatkaraparanmukhah sendropendranam devanam 
manyah pujyo 'bhivadyag ca satnvi-ittah | 

yada Panthakasya bhogas tanutvam parikshayain paryadanam 
gatah sa kricchrena jivikaip kalpayitum arabdhah | ^atha Pantha- 
kasyaitad abhavat | yat tavan me grutena praptavyam tan maya^ 
yannv aham Cravastim gatva Bhagavantara paryupasyami | athayush- 
man Mahapanthakah paiicacataparivaro yena Cravasti tena carikain 
prakrantah | anupurvena carikam caraii Cravastim anupraptah | 
Cravastyam janakayena crutam aryo Mahapanthakah paiicacatapa- 
rivS.rah Kogaleshu janapadesbu® carikam carafi Cravastim anupraptali 
crutva ca punar nirgantum arabdhah | Panthakena drishtah | sa 
pricchati [ bhavantah kntraisha mahajanakayo gacchati ] te katha- 
yanti | aryo Mahapanthakah paiicagataparivarah Kogaleshu jana- 
padeshu carikam caraii Cravastim anupraptah | tam esha mahajana- 
kayo darganayopasamkramati | Panthakah samlakshyati | esham 
asau na bhrata na jfiatir mamasau bhrata bhavaty aharp kasmat 
tam na darganayopasamkramami | so 'pi taddarganayopasamkrantah | 
sa tena drishtah prishtag ca | Panthaka katham yapayasi | kricchrena 
yapayami | kim na pravrajasi | sa kathayati | ahain cudah parama- 
cudo® dhanvah paramadhanvah ko mam pravrajayishyatiti^ | ayush- 
man Mahapanthakah [A. 216 a.] samlakshayati | santy asya kanicit 
kugalamulani | santi | kenayam na yogyah | agacchahaip tvam pravr&- 

1 -kaiicama ABC. - -ko^e MSS. ^ atha ABC. « Sic MSS : qu. 

praptam? s -pade ABC. « -cudah MSS. ^ -yaslti MSS. 




jayishyami | tena pravrajita upasampaditah | tena tasyoddego dattali | 
papam na kury^n manasa na vaca kayena va kimcana sarva- 

loke I 

riktah kamaih smritiman samprajanan' duhkham na sa vidyad^ 

anarthopasaiphitam || , . 

tasyaisha gatha traimS,syenapi na vritta jata | anyesham gopala- 

kanaiii pacupalakanam grutva pra vritta jata | sagauravali sapratiga 

upasamkramya prashtuin pravrittah | te upasaiaharanti | dharmata 

khalu yatha Buddhanam Bhagavatam dvau gravakanam samnipatau 

bhavataaslia(piyamvarshopanayikayamkarttikapurnam§,syam | evam 

mahagravakanim api tatra ye dshadhivarshopanayikayam upasam- 

kramanti te tdms tan manasikaravigeshan Maya tasu tS-su gramani- 

gamarashtrarajadhanishu varsha upagacchanti | ye karttikyani ca 

purnamasyam upasamkramanti te svadhyayanikam paripricchanikam 

ca yacanti ^yathadhigatam *carocayanti | ayushmato Mahapantha- 

kasya sardhamviharyantevasika bhikshavo janapade varshoshitas 

te 'py eva karttikyS,m paurnamasyam yenayushman Mahapanthakas 

tenopasainkrantfi,h | tatra kecit svadhyayinikam' yacanti kecit pari- 

pricchanti kecid yathadhigatam ^rocayanti | tatra ye cuda bhavanti 

paramacud^ dhanv^h paramadhanvas te shadvargiyan sevante bha- 

jante paryup^sante | ayushraan Panthakah shadvargiyan sevate 

bbajate paryup§,sate | sa shadvargiyair ucyate | ayusbman Panthaka 

tava samanopadhaya upfidhyayasyantikat svadhyayinikam^ pari- 

pricchinikam yacanti [ gaccha tvam api tvadupadhyayasyantikat sva- 

dhayinik^m^ paripriccMnikam yacasva | sa kathayati | may a na 

kimcit pathitam traimasye na tv ek^ gathS, mama viitta jata kim 

aham svadhyayinikain^ yaceyam iti | te kathayanti | nanuktam 

Bhagavata asvadhyayamana matta" iti kim tavasvadhyayamanasya 

^ janam MSS. ^ gj^ j^q (except -enarth- in both), virdy^denarth- 

B, samverdyodenartho- D. ^ ye 'rthadhikatam ABC, -yerthodikatam D. 

■* Om. A. 5 gig MSS. ® asvadhyayamarnamatta A, -manamasta B, 

-mfir^amasta C, -mana matta D. 

c. 62 

S,J . 






i- ! 


. 1 




gMhanupravrittS, bhavishyati | gaccha yacahi | sa gatva kathayati | 
upadhyaya svadhyayinikam tavan me dehi | ayushman Mahapantha- 
kah. samlakshayati | kim asyedam svam pratibhanam ahosvit kenacit 
prayuktah | sa pagyati yavat prayuktah | Ayushman Mahapanthakah 
samlaksbayati j kiiii nv ayam utsahanavineya * ahosvid avasadanavine- 
yab I sa pagyati yavad avasadanavineyah | sa tena grivayam grihitva 
bahir viharasya nishkasitah. | tvam tavac cudah paramacudo dhanvali 
paramadhanvah kim tvam asmiii ccbasane karishyasi | sa roditum 
arabdhab | idauim aham na gribi na pravrajitab | adrakshid Bbaga- 
van ayushmantam Panthakam vabir vibarasya bbavantam drishtva 
ca punar agacchantam idam avocat | kasmat tvam [A. 216 b.] 
Pantbaka vabir vibarasya rodisby agruni vartayasi | abam asmi 
bbadanta upadbyayena nisbkasita idanim abam na gribi na pravra- 
jitab I Bbagavan aba | nedam vatsa maunindram vacanam tavopS,- 
dbyayena tribbih kalpasainkbyeyair anekair dusbkaragatasabasraih 
sbatparamitab^ paripurya samudanitam api tu mayedam maunindram 
pravacanam tribbib kalpasaipkbeyair anekair dusbkaragatasabasraih 
sbatparamitah^ paripurya samudanitam | na gakyasi tvam Tatba- 
gatasyantikat patbitum j abam asmi bbadanta cudah paramacudo 
dbanvah paramadbanvah [ atba Bbagavan asyam utpattau gatbam 
bbasbate j 

yo balo balabbavena panditas tatra tena sab | 
^balah panditamani tu sa vai bala ihocyate || 
astbanam anavakago yad Buddba Bbagavantab padago dbarmani 
vacayisbyanti nedam stbanam vidyate | tatra Bbagavan ayusbman- 

A A 

tam Anandam amantrayate sma | imam patbaya tvam Ananda 
Pantbakam | ayusbman Anandas tam patbayitum arabdbab j sa na 
gaknoti patbayitum | ^ ayusbman Anando Bbagavantam idam avocat | 
maya tavad bbadanta gastur upastbanam'^karaniyain grutam udgribi- 

1 aho- MSS. 
manando ABC. 

2 -mita MSS. 
5 -sthana MSS. 

3 balapand- MSS. 



tavyam gano v^cayitavyah | dgatagatanam brahmanagnhapatinam 
dharmo degayitavyo naham gakshyami Panthakam pS,thayituin | Bha- 
gavata tasya dve pade datte | rajo harami malam haramiti | tasyaitat 
padadvayam na lebhe | Bhagavan samlakshayati | karmapanayo 'sya 
'kartavyam iti | tatra Bhagavan ayushmantam Anandam amantra- 
yate | gakshyasi tvam Panthaka bhikshunam upS,nahan ^mulac ca 
^poncchitum | paraip bhadanta gakshyami | gaccha poncchasva | sa 
bhikshunam upanahan 'mulac ca poucchitum arabdhah | tasya te 
bhikshavo nanuprayacchanti | Bhagavan kha, | anuprayacchata 
karmapanayo 'sya kartavya iti padadvayasya dasye svadhyayanikS,m 
anuprayacchata | sa bhikshunam * upanahan mulam kramatag ca 
^poncchate | tasya te bhikshavah padadvayasya svadhyayanikam^ 
anuprayacchanti | tasyaitat padadvayam svadhyayatah kalantarena 
pravi-ittam jatam | athayushmatah Panthakasya ratryah pratyusha- 
samaye etad abhavat | Bhagavan® evam aha rajo harami malam 
haramiti kim nu Bhagavan ^dhyatmikam rajah samdhayaha ahosvid 
vahyam [ tasyaivam cintayatas tasyam velayam a§rutapurvas tisro 
gatha amukhipravrittS, jatah | 

rajo 'tra rago na hi renur esha rajo ragasyadhivacanam na re- 
noh 1 

etad rajah ^prativinudanti pandita na ye pramattah sugatasya 
9&sane || 

rajo 'tra dvesho na hi renur esha rajo dveshasyadhivacanam 
na [A, 217 a.] renoh ( 

etad rajah prativinudanti pandita na ye pramattah sugatasya 
Qtsane || 

rajo 'tra moho na hi renur esha rajo mohasyadhivacanam na 
renoh | 

1 Sic MSS. 2 mula ca MSS. ^ puncchitum ABD, purnitum C. 

* upanahi C. ^ pocchate CD. « Bhagavananevam ABC. '' -tudanti BC, 
prativipradanti A. 



I -n 





etad rajah prativinudanti pandita na ye pramattah sugatasya 
gasane || 

tenodyacchamanena ghatamanena vyayacchamanena sarvaMega- 
prahanad arliattvam sakshatkritam arhan samvrittah | traidhatuka- 
vitaragah samaloshtakancana akagap&nitalasamacitto vasicaridana- 
kalpo vidyavidaritandakogo vidyabhijnapratisamvitprapto bhavala- 
bhalobliasatkaraparanmukhah sendropendranain devanam manyag ca 
pujyag cabliivadyag ca samvritto dhyane nishanna ayusbmata Maha- 
panthakena drishtah | asamanvahrityarbatarn. jnanadarganam na 
pravartate | sa tena bahau grihitvoktah | agaccba svadbyayinikain 
tavat kuru tatah pagcad dhyayisbyasiti | atbayushmata Panthakena 
sarvaklegaprahanad arhattvam saksbatkritaiii gajabhujasadrigo bahur 
utsrishtab | ayusbmata Mabapanthakena prisbthato 'mukbam vya- 
valokayata drishtab [ sa katbayati j ayusbman Pantbaka evam. te 
tvaya gunagana adbigatab | adbigatah | 

yada ayusbmata Pantbakena sarvaklegaprabanad arbattvam sak- 
shatkritam auyatirtbika avadbyayanti dbriyanti vivacayanti | gra- 
mano Gautama evam aba gambbiro me dbarmo gambhiravabbaso dur- 
drigo duranubodbo 'tarko 'tarkavacaro^ ^'suksbmo *'nipunapanditavi- 
jiiavedaniyah | atredanim kim gambbiro 'sya yasyedanim Pantbaka- 
prabbritayag cudah paramacuda dbanvah paramadbanvah pravrajanti | 
Bbagavan samlaksbayati | Sumeruprakbye mabagravake mabajana- 
kayah ksbantim grihnati | gunodbbavanasya kartavya | tatra Bba- 
gavan ayusbmantam Anandam amantrayate | gacchananda Pantba- 
kasya katbaya bbiksbunyas te ^avavaditavya iti | evam bbadantety 


ayusbman Anando Bbagavatah pratigrutya yenayusbman Pantbakas 
tenopasainkrantah | upasamkramy ayusbmantam Pantbakam idam 
avocat I gasta tvayusbman Pantbaka evam aba bbiksbunyas te 
avavaditavya iti | ayusbman Pantbakah katbayati | kimartbam stha- 

1 mukha MSS. - atarko 'vacaro AB. ^ ^lUshmo MSS. -^ -puna- MSS. 
•''' avavad- MSS. here. 


virasthaviran bhiksliun apahaya main Bhagavan bhikshunyava- 
vadakam Sjnapayati | mamaiva gunodbhavana kartavyeti gastur 
manoratham paripurayishy^miti | bhikshunyah ' cchandahS,iiisah. | 
Jetavanam agatas ta bhikshun pricchanti | Bhagavat§, ko 'smakam 
avavadaka ajfiaptah | te [A. 217 b.] kathayanti | ayushman Pantha- 
kah I tab kathayanti | bhaginyah pagyata katham matrigramah 
paribhuto yena tribhir masair eka gatha pathita sapi na pravritta 
bhikshunyas tripita dharmakathika ^ yuktamuktapratibhanah sa kila | 

bhikshunir avavadishyatiti | tah.^ parbbadam agata bhikshunibhih 
prisbtab | bhaginyah. ko 'smakam avavaditum agamishyati | tah j 

kathayanti | aryapanthakah | kim aryo Mahapanthakah | na hi ayatn j 

sa. tv ^anyag cudapanthakah [ dvadagavargiyabhih qrutam | tavad 
avadhyayanti | bhaginyah pagyata katham matrigramah paribhuto | ', 

yena tribhir masair eka gatha pathita sapi na pravritta* ima bhikshun- 
yas tripita dharmakathika yuktamuktapratibhanah sa kila kim asam • ' 

avavadishyatiti I tab kathayanti I bhaginyah shad janyo dvadagahastir " ' 

kabhir latabhih simhasanam ^prajnapayantu shad janyah Cravastiip. i 

pravigya rathyavithicatvaragringatakeshv arocayantu | so 'smakam 
tadrigo 'vavadaka agamishyati yo 'smakam tanusatyani na drakshyati 
tena samsare ciram vastavyam bhavishyatiti | yena na kagcit putra- 
'motikaputro'lpagrutautsahatebhikshunir "avavadetum [tasam shad- j 

bhir janibhir dvadagahastikabhir latabhih simhasanam prajnaptam | 

^shadbhikshunibhih Qravastim pravigya rathyS,vithicatvaracriQgata- ; 

keshv arocitam | so 'smakam tadrico 'vavadaka agamishyati yo 'smakam 
tanusatyani na drakshyati tena samsare ciram vastavyam bhavishya- 
titi I ayushman Panthakah purvahne nivasya patracivaram adaya 
^ravastim pindaya pravikshat | ^bhaktakrityah pagcad bhaktapinda- : i 

pdtrapratikrantah patracivaram pratisamayya padau prakshalya viha- j 

^ Sic MSS. : A has prob. -liS,r-: Qu. -harinyah? 2 yuktaprati- AC. 

3 ta ABC. 4 anyac MSS. ^ -tah MSS. ^ prajnapantu MSS. ^ sic j 

MSS. except -tiko B. s gic MSS. » Sic BCD, om. A. | 



'i . 




ram pravishtah pratisamlayanaya | athayushman Panthakah sayahne 
pratisamlayanaya vyutthaya 'samghS,tim adayanyatamena bhikshuiia 
pagcacchramanena samprasthitah | anekani pranigatasahasrani kani 
ca kutuhalajataiii kanicit purvakaih ku9alaniulaih samcodyamanani ] 
adrakshit sa parishad ayushmantam Panthakam durad eva drishtva 
ca punahparasparam pncchati | kataro 'tra bhikshunyavavadakah. 
kim punahgramana ahosvit pagcacchramanah | tatraike kathayanti [ 
punahgramana | te 'vadhyayitum arabdhih | pagyata "bhadanta 
samcintya vayam bhikshunibhir vibethitSi | yena tribbir masair eka 
gatha pathita sapi na pravi-itta sa kim bhikshunir avavadishyati dhar- 
mara va vadayishyati | gacchamah | apare kathayanti | [A. 218 a.] 
tishthamo yadi dharmam degayishyati groshyamah | atha na gaccha- 
ma iti sa parshat samavastbita^ | ayushmata Panthakena simhasa- 
nam drishtam prajnaptakam | drishtva samlakshayati | kim tavat 
prasadajatabhili prajnaptam ahosvit vihethanabhiprayabhih | pagyati 
yavad vihethanabhiprayabhih j ayushmata Panthakena gajabhujasa- 
drigam. bahum abhiprasarya *tam sirahasanam yathasthane stha- 
pitam I ayushmS,n Panthakas tatra nishannah | sa nishidan kaigcid 
diishtah kaigcin na drishtah | athatrastha ayushman Panthakas 
tadrupam samadhim samapanno yatha samahite citte sve asane 
'ntarhitah purvasyam digi uparivihayasam abhyudgamya purvavad 
yavad riddhipratiharyani vidargya tan riddhyabhisamskaran pratipra- 
grabhya prajnapta evasane nishannah | nishadyayushman Panthakas 
ta bhikshvinir amantrayate | maya bhaginyas tribhir masair ekSi 
gatha pathita ^utsahetavyani grotum ekagathayah^ saptaratrimdi- 
vasani anyaih padair vyanjanair artham vibhaktum [ 

p4pam na kuryan manasa na vaca kayena va kimcana sarvaloke] 
riktah kamaih smritiman samprajS.nan duhkham na sa vidyad 
anarthopasamhitam iti || 

1 sam- MSS. ^ gig mSS. 

5 Sic ACD, ntsaha- B. s -ya MSS. 

3 -tab MSS. 

tasmin BC. 

;: ■; 


sarvapapasya Bhagavan karanam aha I yavad gatharthasyartham 

adhitarp' yati tavad dvadagabhih pranisahasraih satyani drishtS,ni l 
kai9cic chrotapattiphalam sakshatkritam kaigcit sakridagamiphalam : i 

kaigcid anagamiphalatn kai9cit pravrajya sarvaklegaprahanad arhat- • 

tvaip sakshatkritam kaigcic chravakabodhau cittany utpaditani kaigcit j 
pratyekayam bodhau kaigcid anuttarayam samyaksambodhau cittany 
utpaditini yadbhuyasa sa parishad Buddhanimna dharmapravana 
saipghapragbhara vyavasthita | athayushman Panthakas tarn parisha- 

dam dharmyaya kathaya samdargya samadapya samuttejya sampra- j 

harshyotthayasanat prakrantah | sa bhikshubhir agacchan drishtah | j 

te samlakshayanti I adyayushmata Panthakena mahSjanakayah pra- ] 

sadito bhavishyati I te na gaknuvanty ayushmantam Panthakam sam- j 

mukham apriyam prashtum | taih pagcacchramanah prishtah [ ayush- [ 


mann adyayushmata Panthakena kim mahajanakayo na prasadito I 

va prasaditah | ayushmato na kaccid aprasadito | Bhagavata Varanas- j 

yam Rishivadane Mrigadave triparivartam dvadagakaram dharmyam ; | 

cakram pravartitam tad ady&yushmatS, Panthakenanupravartitam | i 

yavad gathartham na vibhajati tavad dvadagabhih pranisahasraih 
saty&ni drishtani I 

tatra Bhagavan bhikshun amantrayate sma | esho 'gro me bhik- 
shavo bhikshuii^m mama gravakanS,m cetovivartakugalanam yaduta 
Panthako bhikshuh | bhikshavo Buddham Bhagavantam pricchanti | 
pagya bhadanta dvadagavargiyabhir ayushmatah Panthakasyanartham 
karishyama ity artha eva kritah | Bhagavan aha | na bhikshava 
etarhi yathatite 'py adhvany abhir^ anarthain karishyama ity artha 
eva kritah | tac chruyatam | 

bhutapurvam evam bhikshavo 'nyatamasmin karpatake brahma- 
nah prativasati [A. 218 b.] | tena sadrigat kiilat kalatram anitam | 
sa taya sardham kridati ^ramate *paricarayati ] tasya kridato rama- 

1 adhitam AB, madhitam CD. ^ .^^ijiji jnamartham MSS. ^ ramata 

AB, om. C, ramati D. * -var- AC. 






nianasya paricarayato 'bhuyali kridati ramate paricarayati yavad 
dvadaQa putra jatah | tena tesham nivegah kritah | aparena sama- 
yena tasya patni kalagata | so 'pi brahmano vriddhavasthayam 
jatah ^ I andhibhutasya snusha du^carinyah | yada tasam svamino bahir 
nirgata bhavanti tada tab parapurushaih sardham paricarayanti | sa 
brahmanali gabde kritavi | sa janaty ay am laama putrasya gabdo 
'yam parapurushasyeti | sa piirushanain padagabdan grutva tah.^ 
snusha garjayati | tah samlakshayanti [ ayam brahmano 'smakam 
anarthaya pratipannah | tas tasya ^ cakatyodanain. kanjikacchitim 
canuprayacchanti | sa brahmanah putranam kathayati | mamaitah 
snushag^ cakatyodanam kanjikacchitim canuprayacchanti | tais ta 
uktah I kiiukaranam yuyam tatasya cakatyodanam kanjikacchitim" 
canuprayaccatha | tah kathayanti | tasya punyani parikshinany as- 
yarthe '^piparikayam tandulah^ prakshipta bhavanti cakatyodanam 
parivartate dadhi prakshiptam kaiijikam parivartate | te kathayanti | 
kim etad evam bhavishyati | tah kathayanti ] vayam yushmakam 
pratyakshikarishyamah | tah kathayanti | asmabhih pratijiiatam 
idanim nirvodhavyam | tabhih kumbhakara uktah | gakshyasi tvam 
bhadramukha ekamukhike dve sthalyau kartum | sa kathayati | 
gakshyami | tenaikamukhike dve sthalyau krite | tabhir ekasyam 
sthalyam cakatitandulah prakshiptS, dvitiyayam kaiijikam | tabhih 
svaminam purastad ekasyam sthalyam tandulah prakshipta ekasyam 
dadhi tabhih sadhitam | kathayanti | aryaputrasya kim tavat tatas 
tatprathamatah paribhuktam® ahosvid yuyam | te kathayanti | tatas 
tavat paribhuktam" | tabhis tesham purastat tasyaikasyah sthalya 
uddhritya cakatyodanaip. dattara dvitiyayah kaiijikam | tata evam 
tabhis tesham ekasyah sthalya uddhritya galyodanam dattam dviti- 
yaya dadhi uddhritam | te tasya kathayanti | tata tava punyani 

1 Om. B; some words lost in all MSS. ^ jatandhi- CD: Qu. andho jatah? 

3 stah ABC. ^ MSS. give vak- generally, but taccakat- infra ; cf. Hind. 

chikkat. ^ gnusha vak- MSS. « kanjita- MSS. ^ pitharik- ABC. 

« -la MSS. 3 Sic MSS. 




parikshinani yata ekasyam sthalyam Qalitandulah prakshipta dviti- 
yasyllm dadhi tac cakatyodanam ^ kanjikam ca parivrittam | brah- 
manali samlakshayati | mayS, hastocchrayagatair bhogah samudanitah 
kimkS.rarLam mama punyani parikshinani | tena tasS,m apratyaksham 
mahanasam pravigya paryesliaraS,neiia hastasamspargenaikamukhe 
dve stli41yau labdhe | tena gopayite | tena tesham putranam agata- 
nam te pradargite | pagyata mama punyini parikshinani gatva paQ- 
yadhvam asmakain grihe eva, ekamukbi sthali putrak^nyeshu ge- 
heshu na sthalidvayam tv ekamukham asmakam mandabhS,gya- 
nam | taistahpatnyahsutaditakshatah^ [ tab samlakshayanti [ ayam 
brahmano 'smakam anarthS,ya pratipannakah pragbatayama iti | 
tena ca pradegenabitundika dgatah | tab pricchanti | asti sarpa iti j 
sa kathayati | kidrigam sarpam mrigayatba jivantam abosvin mrita- 
kam iti | tab katbayanti | miitakam | sa samlaksbayati | kim eta 
mritakena sarpena karisbyanti | nunam eta etam vriddbain mara- 
yitukama bbavisbyanti | dbarma^ kbalu sarpasya nisbitasya dvayob 
stbanayor visbam samkramati girasi puccbe ca | tena tena rosbitv^ 
9irah puccbam svayam cbitva tasam madbye sarpo dattab [A. 219 a] J 
tabbir *jomani sS,dbayitva sa brabmana uktab | tata bilimam jomam 
pUsyasi | sa brabmanab samlaksbayati | kim etk me bilimam jomam* 
dasyanti | nunam kimcid abbaisbajyatp. dattam bbavisbyati | sa sam- 
laksbayati I pivami ^yatb4 ca tatba ca marami | tabbis tasya bilimd 
jomA, datta | tena pita | tasya vasbpena patale spbutite sa drasbtum 
arabdbab | sa nipaty§,vastbitab katbayati ca | marami maramiti | tab 
katbayanti | gigbram ma patum | tab katbayanti | tata bbuyah 
pasyasi | sa katbayati [ pasyamiti | tabbis tasya bbuyab^ bilimS, 
^jomS, ® datta | tena bbuyab pita | tasya tena vasbpena bbuyasyS. 

1 -odakamMSS.: vaccak-D. 2 gic mSS.: -tab kshatah? sgicMSS.: 
Qu. dharmata? * Ab infra: jyomam MSS. here. ^ yomam D. ^ yatha 
ya tatM cai A, yatha varami B, yathS. ca tatha ck C, yathS, ca tatha ca D. 
7 Sic MSS. 8 hroma BC. » dattas MSS. 

c. 63 





..,< ,-■ 

matraya patale sphutite sa spashtataram drashtum arabdhah | tah' 
purvam yatha tasyandhasya tato vigvasta vihritavantyas tathaiva 
viharatum* arabdhah | sa dandam grihitva utthitah kathayati ca | kim 
yuyam janitha idanim apy aham na pagyami pa9yamy aham idanim 
iti j tah salajja nishpalayitah | 

kim manyadhve bhikshavah | yo 'sau brahmana esha evasau Pan- 
thakas tena k^lena tena samayena I yas tas tasya dvadagasnusha eta 
eva ta dvadagavargiyah | tadapy abhir asyanartham karishyaraa iti 
artha eva krita etarhy apy ibhir asyanartham karishyama ity artha 
eva kritah | 

bhikshavo Buddham Bhagavantam pricchanti [ paQya bhadanta 
Bhagavata ayushman Panthakah parittendvav^dena codya sam- 
sarakantarad uttaryatyantanishthe 'nuttare yogaksheme nirvane 
pratishthapitah | Bhagavan aha ] na bhikshava etarhi yathatite 
'py adhvany esha mayS, paritten§,vavadena codya mahaty aigvaryadhi- 
patye pratishthapitah } tac chruyatam | 

• - ^bhutabhutam bhikshavo 'nyatamasmin karpatake grihapatih 
prativasati adhyo mahadhano mahabhogah | tena sadi"i9at kulat 
kalatram anitam I sa taya sfirdham kridati ramate ^paricarayati | 
tasya putro jatah | sa patnim amantrayate | bhadre jato 'smakam 
rinaharo gacchamy aham panyam adaya mahasamudram avatarami | 
saha I evani kurushva | sa grihapatih samlakshayati | yady aham 
asyai prabhutan karshapanan dasyami parapurushaih sardham 
viharishyati | tena tasyah karshS,pana na dattah | tasmin karpatake 
greshthi prativasati tasya grihapater vayasyah | tasya haste pra- 
bhutah karshapanah sthapita yadi mama patnya bhaktacchadena* 
yogodvahanam * kury ah | sa panyam adaya mahasamudram avatirnah | 
tatraivanayena vyasanam apannah | taya® sa darako jn^tibalena 

1 ta MSS, 2 Sic MSS. ^ parivar- ABC. 4 gig mSS : Qu. prayoja- 

nam omitted? ^ yotodvahanam MSS. ® tesham C, 




svahastabalena vk yapitah palito vardhitah | sa mataram pricchati | 
amba kim asinS,kam pita 'pitamahag ca karma akarshuh. | sa sam- 
lakshayati j yady asya vakshyami mahasamudre potasamvyavaharina 
asann iti sthanam etad vidyate yad esho 'pi mahasamudram ava- 
tarishyatiti tatraivanayena vyasanam ^patsyate | grutam ahitas'' tava 
pita ca pitamahag ca ^ ihaiva banijyam akarshuh | sa kathayati | kar- 
shapanan mamanuprayaccha yair ihaiva banijyam karishyami | mata 
kathayati | kuto mama karshapanas tvam mayS, kathaincit jnS,ti- 
balena svahastabalenS,yapitah poshitah samvardhitah kuto me kar- 
shapananam vibhavah | api tv ayaip. greshthi tava pitrivayasyo bhavaty 
asya sakS,9at karshS,panaii grihitva karma kuru ] sa tasya giihara ga- 
tah I tasyanyatamena purushena yavad dvir api vinSsitah^ [A. 219 b] 
I sa tarn avasadayati | tasya ca grihat preshyadarikayah* samkara- 
talasyopari* mritamushikam drishtva® prayacchati cchorayitum | sa 
greshthi tasya purushasya kathayati | yah purushah sy4t gakyate 
anaya mritamushikaya^ atm^nam uddhartum | tena darakena gru- 
tam I sa samlakshayati | mahatmaisha na gakyam anena yad v§L 
tad va vaktum nunaiu gakyam anaya ^mritamushikayatmanam 
uddhartum | sa ^tasyS, darikayah prishthato nirgatah | tayi darikayS, 
samkare choritah® | sa tarn mritamushikam ^daya vithim"' gatah | 
tatra bS,nijako vidalena kriditva sthitah [ tena tasya vidalasya mrita- 
mushika dargita | sa tarn drishtva utpatitum " arabdhah j tena bS.nija- 
kena daraka ucyate | anuprayacchasya vidalasya mritamushikam I 
sa kathayati | kim ayam kalikaya'^ diyate mulyam anuprayaccha | 
tena tasya '^kalayanUm anjalipuro dattah j sa samlakshayati | yady 
etan bhakshayishyami mulam eva '*bhakshitam bhavishyati | sa tan 

1 Sic MSS. 2 Sic MSS: Qu. asmabhis? 3 Sic MSS: Qu. nishkasitah? 
* -darikS, MSS. ^ -tarasyopari ABC, samkaratasyopapari D. ^ -ka drishta 
MSS. 7 .jj^yfi MSS. 8 tasya MSS. » samk4racchoritah MSS. " vitti 
MSS. 1^ alabdhastena AB, alabdha astena C. ^- kalli- AB, kagi- D. 

" kalavanam MSS. " bhaktitam MSS. 






'Bhrashtre bharjayitvi gitalasya paniyasya 'vardhaniyasya piirnam 

kritva tad grihya tasmat sthanakan nishkramya yasmin prade^e 

kashthahS,raka vigramyanti tasmin pradege gatvavasthitah | kashtha- 

haraka agatas tenoktjih | matula arpayata kaskthabharakam muhur- 

tam vigramyatam | taih. kashthabharah sthapitah | tena tesh^m kala- 

yanam stokam dattam gitalam ca paniyam patam^ | te kathayanti | 

bhagineya kva yasyasi j kashthanam | bhagineya vayam tavat kalyam 

evotthaya gatva idanim ^gacchamas tvam idanim gacchan kiyata aga- 

mishyasi | tais tasyaikaikam kasbtham anupradattam [ tasya kashtha- 

mulika sampanna | sa tam gribitva pratinivrittab | sa tS,iii vikriya 

kalayanam gribitva bbarjayitva udakasya kumbham purayitva tas- 

minn eva pradege gatvavasthitah | te kasbtbaharakas tatbaiva tena 

kalayaih samvibbaktah gitalena paniyena saiptarpitab | te tasya 

katbayanti | bhagineya divase divase tvam *kalayan paniyam ca 

giibitvagamyatraiva tishtba vayam tava upari kasbtbamulikam ^na- 

yisbyamah | sa divase divase tatbaiva kartum arabdbab | sa tesbam 

katbayati | matula mS, yuyani kasbtbabbaran vitbim nayatba mama 

gi-ibe stbapayata yusbmakam evam pinditamulyam dasyami | tais 

tasya gribe kasbthabharakali stbapitah | aparena samayena saptaba- 

vardalika* jatab | tena tani kasbtbabbarakani vikritani | tasya 

prabbuto labbab sampannab | sa samlakshayati | etat pratikrusbta- 

taram banijyanam yaduta kasbtbabanijyam^ | sa samlakshayati | api 

candanakasbtbenakasbtbabanijyam^ eva yannv abam ^ukkarikapanam 

prasarayeyam [ tena ukkarikapanah* prasaritah | sa dharmena vya- 

vabarati ( tasya tatprabbuto labbab sampannab | sa samlakshayati | 

etat pratikrusbtataram banijyanam yaduta ukkarikapano yannv abam 

gandbikapanam prasarayeyam [ tena gandhikapanah prasaritah | 

1 brashte BC, drashte AD. ^ Exconj.; vardhanfyagrihya tasmat sthanakan 
nish- A, vardhaniyapu