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Rutherford County Historical Society 

Publication No. 7 


Summer 1976 

MurFreesborO/ Tennessee 37130 



The Cover 
Hcpewell Church near Milton, Tennessee, about 1925. 

Hopewell Church was established in 1816 about one mile north 
of Milton. In 1840, four acres of ground were purchased on a hill 
at the eastern edge of Milton on the road to Porterfield and a 
church was built. In 1900, a new church building was constructed 
on this lot and is shown on the cover as it appeared about 1925. 
This building was demolished in 1938, and the present brick building 
was erected in Milton on the site of a Cuntaerland Presbyterian Church 
v^ch had burned in 1917. The sketch of Hcpewell Church is from a 
postcard owned by Mr. Clyde Brantley of Milton, Tennessee. The 
sketch was done by Mr. Jim Matheny of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Mr. 
Mather^ is owner and operator of an artist-sign firm on South Church 
Street in Murfreesboro. He is a mer±>er of the Society and a brother 
of Dot Mather^/ 'th® Society's efficient secretary- treasurer. 

Thanks to Rutherford County Jixige Ben Hall McFarlin and Mrs. 
Susan R. Jones for their work in the publishing of this book. 

Marf reesboro , Tennessee 

MIDDLE ^f^^^^f ^ /'tsSEt 37130 



Published by the 


President Mrs . Sue Ragland 

Vice-President Dr. Robert B. Jones III 

Recording Secretary Miss Louise Cawthon 

Corresponding Secretary and Treasuier. . .Mrs. Dorothy Matheny 
Publication Secretary Mr. Walter K. Hoover 

Directors Mr. Ernest K. Johns 

Dr. Fred Brip;ance 
Miss Mai-y Hall 

PUBLICATION NO. 7 (Limited Edition-350 copies) is distributed to members 
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Additional copies of PUBLICATION NO. 7 may be obtained at $3-00 per copy. 

All correspondence concerning additional copies, contributions to 
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Rutherford County Historical Society 

Box 906 

Murfreesboro, Tenn. 37130 


The Rutherford County Historical Society was organized with 
the idea of writing a new general county history. Someday this 
project may be accomplished, but at the present time the Society 
does not plan to even begin working on a general history. The 
Publications issued twice each year contain about 100 pages each 
of material on various phases of our past. The Historical Society 
is well pleased with the way our history is being published in 
this manner. A general history of the county could not have many 
of the small everyday, humorous, and local facts that make inter- 
esting reading. Eight or ten years from now a general county 
history could be written using some of the material from each of 
our past publications. 

The Publications are furnished to each Society member (those 
who have paid their dues), and the remainder are sold. At the 
present time Publications No. 1, No. 2, and No. 4 are sold out. 
Plans are being made to publish a 2nd edition of No. 1. We have 
about 4o copies of Publications No. 3 and No. 5 left, and these 
will be gone by the end of this year. The Historical Society 
published 350 copies of No. 6, and they are going rapidly. 

These Publications have not appeared in any old book or 
antique markets and apparently are being kept by their owners. 
They are not published by the Rutherford County Historical Society 
as a profit making or collectors item. The Society wants these 
booklets to be low in cost and easily accessible to people inter- 


ested in history. Copies of the Riblications are furnished to 
Highland Rim^ Linebaugh, Smyrna, Middle Tennessee State Univer- 
sity, and Eagleville Library as a public service. 

The Rutherford County Historical Society is an incorporated 
non profit group. The Society tries to present articles in each 
publication that are accurate and of interest to all residents 
of our county. It is realized that some facts of history cannot 
be proven, but the authors of articles in the publication are 
asked to use footnotes or give their sources for their material 
if possible. The Society has also tried to cover the entire 
geographical area of Rutherford County and not just Murfreesboro 
(which so far has had little coveage) or a few prominent early 
families. The Publication is not a genealogical magazine either, 
although every article published does contain much genealogical 
material. The Rutherford County Historical Society is quite 
proud of its Fublications and plans to continue publishing them 
in place of writing a general history. 

The Board of Direct' rs 

Fred Brigance 
Mary Hall 
Ernest Johns 


of the 

The publication of the records of the Hopewell Presbyterian 
Church of Rutherford County, Tennessee is the major bicentennial 
project for I976 of the Colonel Hardy Murfree Chapter, Daughters 
of the American Revolution. The records of this historic church, 
established in l8l2, were discovered quite by accident by Laura 
Lou White Coffey of Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. It is apparent to 
the reader that this church record and others of a similar nature 
are invaluable to the genealogist and historian. We of Rutherford 
County are indeed fortunate that Mrs. Coffey realized the relevance 
of this material to our local research and we are deeply indebted 
to her for her contribution to our heritage. 

Mrs. Coffey is a Cumberland Presbyterian, an active member of 
the Buffalo River Chapter, DAR, and of the Lawrence County Chapter, 
United Daughters of the Confederacy. Largely due to her efforts 
genealogical materials declared useless by Court authorities in 
Lawrence County were saved from the dump and these have subsequently 
been published in her column "From the Old Courthouse Attic" in the 
Democratic Union, Lawrenceburg Newspaper. Other materials copied 
by Mrs. Coffey include records of the Mt. Moriah Cumberland 
Presbyterian Church and Sharon Cumberland Presbyterian Church, 
both in Giles County, Tennessee. 

The Colonel Hardy Murfree Chapter expresses gratitude to the 
Rutherford County Historical Society for their cooperation in the 
publication of the record. 


Articles on the following subjects : 

Index of Publications 1-5 of Rutherford County Historical Society 

History of the Square In Murfreesboro 

Nice's Mill or Ward Mill 

Wright Mill (recently burned) 

The Hoover family of Hoover's Gap. 

The Slkes Family and their old home 

Material on the southern part of Rutherford County - Rockvale, 
Christiana, Eaglevllle and other communities 

Civil War letters and diaries from Rutherford County people 
also Mexican War 

Church histories (these do not have to be pre civil war or very 
early as Hopewell Presbyterian 

Mllltla documents - letters, orders, rosters 

Copies of old pictures If they can be Identified 

Old hotels and taverns of Murfreesboro 

Ijlst of Civil War soldiers from Rutherford County. 

Anyone having material can contact Mr. Gene H. Sloan, 728 
Greenland Drive, Murfreesboro, Telephone: 893-5'^27. If material 
or pictures are submitted the Society will have a copy made 
for the publication and the original will be promptly returned 
to the owner. 


The Anniversary of Two Churches 

by Moses Cranor, I916 1 

Minutes of Hopewell Church, 1816-I82I I8 

Records of Hopewell Church 1832-I833 

by Laura Lou White Coffey 22 

History of Stones River Presbyterian Church 

by Esther Couch 72 

History of Cripple Creek Presbyterian Church 

by Miss Pearl Youree jh 

Militia Order from Library of Congress 

furnished by Fred Brigance 85 

Petition of Cornelius Sanders for Revolutionary War Pension 

furnished by Christine Farrar 87 

Index 92 

(stone's River and Hopewell) 


Moses Cianor. 19 l6 

As we gather today to celebrate the Anniversary of Hopewell and Stone's 
River Presbyterian Churches, it is iny purpose to malce it a histoiy of Faith 
and facts for the churches at these places. 

Faith is a reliance on testimony that which is real truth, a desii-e for 
something good, with the evidence of trust that will be a proof of out- beliel 
The Characters to be represented will furnish an adequate conception of the 
Divinely vital and exuberant doctrine of Presbyterianism. Oui- creed is a 
Christian faith briefly summed up in the two Catechisms and the Confession 
of Faith, not three but one, with the word of God as fjuide. 

V/hat is the chief end of man? It is to Glorify God and enjoy him for- 
ever. The historic faith of the Pi-esbyterian Church as a body in latter 
years has been assailed with the most searching criticism by a merciless 
vivid and eloquent abuse, however, she stands today a monument toweling over 
the frailties of man. These fathers and mothers, creators of the modern 
world, born of heroes, saints and martyrs, crown it the greatest Creed of 
Christendom. I will not stop here to defend its origin, history of govern- 
ment. One thing I will say, it has "Tlius saith the Lord" for every word it 
has incorporated therein. 

As the footprints of the red man of the forest were scarcely gone, when 
a steady stream of Scotch and Irish with a mixed blood of thirsty liberty 
loving souls, could be seen wending their way across the mountain plateaus 
of the east, along blood stained beaten trails that the savage 

hiinter trod, as he fled before civilization's massive wheels, which has 
transformed these fertile valleys and her circling hiUsidos, from natures 
garb to ooe of lovely grandure, that seldom fails to attract the passer-t.y, 
and bring fi'om their lips praises of delight. As we muse over the all absorb- 
ing thought of one hundred years ago, and those devout men and women who 
banded themselves together to serve the Lord God of their fathers, in a land 
which has already been won for freedom by bravery, niese men we/e of command- 
ing personality, of strong faith and courage, of intense energy, who exercised 
a wonderful influence upon the moral and spiritual life and ideals, over a 
large portion of the surrounding country. In theli- dwellings nestling along 
the range of hillsides to the East, running North and South; between two noted 
points or peaks that stand as sentinels of trust, they are known as Solomon 
George on the north and Pilate Knob on the South. The Bible was their inhei'- 
itance. Their SEunctuary was around the hearthstone, a place of more vital 
religion in that day than all others combined. A need that has been sorely 
neglected. The two points above mentioned, one north, the other twelv^ miles 
south, in sight of each other, stand as sentinels to the faith and bfotherly 
love that existed between the two ext'^emes. 

Why were these two churches, Hopewell and Stone's River organized on the 
same day, April 1, 1816? At or near the two points designated, by the ilev. 
Jesse Alexander, a licentiate of Shiloh Presbytery. (Their pla.ce of vrorshlp 
in the few years that had past was near the center under no name that either 
of our recor-ds mention, in brotherly love and feeling no doubt the two 
extremes were anxious for a place of worship dividing near the centci-. 

Hopewell, one mile east of north from her present position; two ::iiles 
south of that noted peak, Solomon George, Wiose head was covered with a lu::- 
urient forest looking down upon the rudely constructed log house near the old 
bui-ying ground, where many of theii- members lie beneath the sod awaiting the 

resurrection morn. Two of their niunber, the records tell us, were taken to 
the beyond in the first year of Hopewell's organization, Capt. Thomas Black, 
a soldier of Revolutionary fame, and his wife, Polly (Polk) Black. The 
blood of these two pioneers flows in the veins of over one fourth the member- 
ship of Hopewell today. Out of over two hundred of their descendants we can 
trace fully three fou'ths that were and are members of some branch of the 
Pi-esbyterian church. A history that few of the chuj ches of this Presbytefy 
can parallel. 

Hopewell was organized April 1, 1816 as above stated with members then 
in communion 38^ six of which were elected and installed elders, namely: 
Ezekiel Sharp, William Rea, Zacheus Alexander, Ephram Farr, Joseph Shai-p & 
Abner Alexander, Clerk of Session. Hopewell received as stated supply from 
Rev. Jesse Alexander, Licentiate, from Apr. 1, I816 to Apr. 7, 1817. 
Hopewell's histo;ry I will divide into four periods. 

Period 1, was one of 15 yeai'S with no very active demonstration recorded. 
Each year had one informal record of additions, deaths and disraissaJs, with 
only three session meetings in regular fonn recorded. Members added on cei- 
tificate & examination, 62. Baptized adults, 10, Infants 39^ benevolent 
causes $5^.00. Deaths lU, Dismissed 15. Suspended for heresy, 2. The 
report to Shiloh Pi-esbytery for April I83I was kO members. In concluding 
this the 1st period, three new elders had been elected and installed, William 
McKhight (Dr. Billy) usually called, was a ruling elder fiom Stone River 
Church received into Hopewell in I825. On July 2k, I829, he was chosed Clerk 
of Session. Elders John H. Baxter and David Morrison were elected and instal- 
led July 30^ 1830. Of the old remaining elders, William Rea was born in 
Ireland I^fe.r. 6, 1752. He professed religion at the age of I8 years, remained 
an elder in Hopewell ^ years, died at the age of 104 years. The other, Abner 

Alexander, serving as Clerk of Session 13 years. (oo far unable to find his 

Period 2. In the beginning this Period of 23 years, from the past you 
can plainly see that Hopewell, with all her struggles, barely held her own. 
I hope that no one will feel that it is my purpose to digress in the least 
from the subject, for if their ever was two sister churches organized on the 
same day, by the ssune man, out of a united brotherhood, who had been woi'king 
together in love and unity, it was Hopewell and Stone River. It may be 
safely said that nine tenths of the past one hundred years the same ministers 
have filled the pulpits of both churches. 

A little ways up Stone's River near its banks stands that noted Peak, 
(Pilate Knob) alx'eady mentioned as a Sentinel of peace and unity. Until 50 
years ago her- head was uncovered by the ravages of war by Federal authority. 
Redoubts were built constructed upon her crest and a light towet' on her sum- 
mit that displayed a beacon of calmness and peace, or the red 
flashing signal of the approaching enemy. 

This was a period of great religious activity. It is likely that in 
this decade Hopewell was removed to her present location, though the records 
m£Lke no mention of it anywhere. At this time the congregations felt the need 
of closer relations, and on Sept. 23, I83I, the two congregations met in Camp 
Meeting at the Contor Nursery or McKJnight's Ceimp-ground, near the dividing 
line between the two congregations. The Carap-ground, w?j.e situated on a plat 
of two or more acres, in the center was a large shed 35 or kO by 60 to "0 ft. 
On three sides of this square were rudely constructed tents, some of logs 
others of board and plank. Around this large auditorium were large beech 
trees that furnished ample shade. The seats were the time honoi-ed puncheon 
and a new straw floor for each general occasion. In the rear of the pulpit 
the full width of the structure, was a shed for the colored man and his 

family, the eacort of his master. The entrance was from the east, there was 
a main aicie with two f)f more crocs aides forming sLde entrances. There 
were meetings onco or Lwice a year which were looked rorward to wltli I'allli 
and supplication for the outpouring of the Holy Gpirit, upon them uud t)ioir 
efforts. Hundreds upon hundreds attended these meetings. Order was the pre- 
vailing characteristic. It seemed that the power of God and his presence was 
felt and recognized by all. As many as fifteen visiting Presbyterian ministers 
are recorded as attending during a meeting; two to four and 5 at a time. I 
will najne a few of them-Mui-freesboro's greatly beloved. Dr. Wm. Eagleton, 
Rev. M. Marshall, Amzi Bradshaw, William Porter, E. T. Brantley and Dr. A. H. 
Dashiell, that noted ministorial orator, of persu.aGive language and convinc- 
ing power. It was no wonder that men thronged these meetings, coming two and 
two and others alone, some walking others in deep meditation, wending their 
way to the near by grove, as the sun was inking behind the western hills v/hile 
twilight came, later the woild wrapped in nature's night. The burdened cry 
from many a soul could be audibly heard as it v^as wafted on the stillness of 
the breeze, that some poor perishing souls that night might find Jesus 
precious to their souls. The records mention 10, 25, '?0, and 75 being 
gathered into the garnor of the Lord; and Hopewell, Stone River, Cripple 
Creek and Murfreesboro were edified and built up in the most holy faith. I 
find that in the l8 meetings recorded 535 persons made pro. of religion. 

On Nov. 10, 1832, Elder David Morrison (after serving 2 yrs.) and family 
were dismissed, moving out of Church bounds. May 31^ iQhO., Elder V/llliam 
McKnight departed this life. He served as Clerk of Session 11 years. Apr. 
12, l34l Bro. Williamson Cosby was chosed Clerk of Session. Oct. 25, l3U2 he 
vras dismissed at his own request in good standing, serving 1 year as clerk. 
Oct. 25, 1>342 Bro. David McKnight was elected clerk of Session, serving 8 yrs. 
Apr. 1, 1849, Bros. Dennis Hog\/ood & William R. Alexander were elected and 

ordained elders In Hopewell. Oct. 9th of the same year, lQ^9, Elder William 
R. Alexander departed this life. He was a son of the beloved Pastor., who . 
WJiB near throe score and ten years. Apr. ih, l''>!)0. Elder Dennis Iloi^yood wj^s 
chosen Clerk of Session. 

July 20, l85if, $235-35 was collected from Hopewell and LJtone Rivet- 
Churches to pay for the Presbyterian church at PJashville, Tenn. 

During this period Hopewell had 19O additions, 26 deaths, 95 dismissed, 
1^3 Baptisms. Church expenses $905.00, Benevolent causes $6o4.00, totaling 

April 9, 1859 the report to Sliiloh Presbytery was. Rev. Jesse Alexander 
pastor, John H. Bastor and Dennis Hogwood elders. 111 members. 

Period 3- The period from Apr. 9^ l859 foi' seven years, was one o!" the 
greatest declines in all of Hopewell's history. First, at the beginniiip; she 
was an independent Church, with no ecclesiastical connection anyi-^here. The' 
few years preceding this thei'e \ra,s considerable agitation in the higher 
church courts over two or more much debated questions which I can explain 
more fully by giving a copy of a Church meeting held in Hopewell I'lay '), l"59- 

Congregational meeting 

Hopewell's members were called together by order of Session on the 5th 
day of May l859 for the pui^pose of choosing their ecclesiastical connection. 
The meeting was constituted by calling Rev. Jesse Alexander to the chai-r, and 
L. B. Creson, clerk. Rev. Jesse Alexander opened the meeting with prayei-, he 
also explained the object of the meeting. A committee of three, to wit, John 
H. Baxter, D. Hogwood and George Peoples, was appointed to draft and present 
suitable resolutions which were severally considered and adopted. 

V/hereas the Presbyterian Church of the United States cf America, divided 
in the year I838 on the subject of the Excinding Acts of I837, and fonned two 
Assemblies known by New and Old School, and whereas a number of the 

Px'esbjrterians belonging to the New School Assembly being aggrieved with the 
continued agitation of the subject of slavery in this body, withdrew from 
said assembly in l857 convened at Cleveland, Ohio and formed a Synod at 
Khoxville, Tenn. in IO58, known by the name of the United Synod of the 
Presbyterian Church in the United States of America. 

And whereas Shiloh Pi'esbytery to which we belonged was not one of the 
number that withdrew, but disolved by a vote of her own body on the Oth day 
of April 1859^ ve being thereby destitute of any ecclesiastical connection 
whatever, "Therefore resolved, first that it is expedient that we foi-m a con- 
nection with some ecclesiastical body. " 

"Resolved secondly, that we approve of the I'esolution of the United 
Synod in excluding the agitation of slavery from its Judiciary." 

"Resolved thirdly, that we also approve of its explanation and mode of 
adopting the confession of faith, as embracing the doctrines contained in the 

Resolved fourthly, that we in uniting with said Synod, make no sacrifice 
of principal or doctrine." 

"Resolved fifthly, that we the undersigned members of Hopewell Church, 
unite with said Synod through some one of her Presbyteries as soon as possible." 

Fifty eight of the One hundred and eleven members of last repoi-t signed 
the above preamble and resolutions. To this report two were added and 5 dis- 

Oct. 6, i860, Elder D. Hogwood reported to North Alabama Presbytery, two 
elders and 5> members uniting with said Presbytery. Following all this came 
the War Between the States. 

On the 15th day of June I863, Rev. Jesse Alexander, Hopewell's Pastor, 
departed this life and was laid to rest in the city of the dead among his 
bretheren and friends, awaiting the final summons. His age was 82 years and 

5 raonthe. Two elders, John H. Baxter and Dennis Hogwood were left with the 
buidens of Hopewell Lo bear. God in hie mercy seeing Hopewnll't-, Tew upon 
their- knees sent visiting ministers to their relief. Such men as the Hevs. 
A. Bradshaw, M. Marshall, E. T. Brantley, Henry C. Smith and others; Rev. 
H. C. Smith serving near 2 years. 

Sept. 25, 1865, a call for a congregational meeting, for the purpose of 
electing elders. Oct. J, I865, H. A. Baxter was ordained elder by the Rev. 
Henry C. Smith. 

Wearing the closing scenes of this the third Period, a peace and haimony 
were being promulgated throughout our beloved land. Hopewell looking back 
upon her records find only three reports to Presbytery, with 21 additions, 7 
dismissed, 1 expelled and 15 deaths, with 19 baptisms. For church expenses 
$155 '00^ foi' benevolent causes $7'+.00, with 10 regular sessional meetings 
recorded in the 7 years period. 

A report to Noi-th Alabama Presbytery, April 9, I867, with 3 elders, 5'l- 
members, closed the first 50 years of Hopewell's organization. 

Period h. In the beginning this the 4th or last period including a space 
of fifty years of Hopewell's history, it is my purpose to deal with facts and 
figures concerning the active forces of this organization, concluding with a 
brief summary of the two Churches, with a few sketches from life. 

Sept. 16, 1867, Rev. M. A. McFeaters was called as stated supply for 
Hopewell and Stone River. For over three years he served these people. He 
was a man of deep consecration and earnest piety, decisive in his denunci:.i- 
tion of evil and wrong doing. It was on Oct. h, 1867 that he with Rev. W. L. 
Rosser began a seven days meeting in Hopewell, which resulted in ik profes- 
sions, and the church members greatly refreshed. Mar. J, I871, Rev, Robert 
Caldwell was chosed as supply. He was a man of strong character, showing 
distinctive qualities and traits for good. Apr. 22, 1872 the records state 

that Xanthius A. Baxter was chosed delegate to Nsishvllle Presbytery, the 
first date of said Presbytery mentioned in our record. The Rev. Robert 
Caldwell being called elsewhere, served Hopewell only one yeai'. 

May 18, I872, Rev. W. L. Rosser was called to this field as supply. He 
was one who in other days had stood upon the tented field pouring forth words 
of comfort and consolation with warning against sin, and a judgement to come, 
to his comrades in arms. For nine years he held the banner of Prince 
Emmanuel aloft in Hopewell's rank. In this decade her prosperity was above 
normal. Nov. 5^ 18^7 three elders were elected. Bros. J. C. Herndon, H. G. ' 
Johns and Jas. M. Weatherly were ordained and three Deacons, the first that 
Hopewell ever recorded. Bros. Robert F. Baxter, Jas. N. McKhight and Wm. B. 
White were duly elected and installed Deacons. 

Apr. 1, 1875^ the first Elders and Decons' meeting was organized in 
Hopewell. Dec. 19, l875^ elder Jas. M. Weatherly was relieved from the 
active duties of the eldership. Aug. 21, I876, Ruling Elder X. A. Baxter, 
departed this life after serving 11 years, calmly trusting in Jesus, with 
suitable resolutions recorded in Book 3) page 139* ^t. 25, I880, ruling 
elder John H. Baxter, a Father in Israel for more than 57 years, departed 
this life. On May 28th, I881 Bro. G. W. Lorance was duly elected and ordained 
a ruling elder in Hopewell, which was a period of religious activity both in 
numbers and in the spirit of giving, exceeding a3J. past records. Rev. W. L. 
Rosser was called to another field of labor. 

Dec. 31, 1881, the Rev. Geo. E. Thompson a young man fresh from the 
S.W.P. University and Union Theological Seminary, Hampton Sidney, Va., was 
called as supply. But the minutes of Sept. 2, 1882 recorded that Hopewell 
call the Rev. G. E. Thompson to become her pastor, to serve this church one 
ha2i" his time, at a salary of $225.00 per year. On Sept. li^-, l882, Nashville 
Presbytery, convened in Hopewell, a meeting long to be remembered by loany. 


for Rev. G. E. Thompson was ordained pastor of Hopewell. And on the 15th one 
of the flowers of Hopewell's young manhood was received under the care of 
Presbytery as a candidate for the Gospel ministry. Rev. John R. Herndon, a 
man who has proven himself worthy the calling accepted. 

June 3, 1883, Elder Dennis Hogwood resigned as Clerk of Session, serving 
33 years. Elder H. G. Johns was chosen as Clerk of Session July 5, I885. 
Bros. H. B. Hogwood and S. P. Brantley were elected elders and Wm. Hoopei\, 
as deacon, being installed by Rev. G. E. Thompson to their several officers. 
Aiig. 6, 1885, Deacon Robt. F. Baxter departed this life, serving over ten 
years . 

On May 16, I886, Bros. W. W. Rion and W. H. Herndon, were elected and 
installed as Deacons. Mar. 3^^. I888 the two above Deacons named tendered 
their resignation leaving temporarily the bounds of this church. May h, 1889 
the Rev. G. E. Thompson resigned as Pastor of Hopefwell seiving 7^ yr. Sev- 
eral months passed before another Pastor was secured. This was a Season of 
\inpleasajitne6S for it is with deep regret, and a feeling of reverance to 
record the first and only Stigma that rests upon Hopewells fair name, by 
referring you to the records of July 7th I889, for in this meeting the Elder- 
ship divided upon the question at issue. And in the controversy later on, 
one member of the session was called before a commission to answer charges, 
who was Exhonerated by them, and two others Apr. 5, 189O 2-esigned from the 
active duties of the Eldership. I will only refer you to the record Book No. 
k P^ge 121 8C Oct. 6, 1889 Rev. J. W. Mosely, was called as stated supply. 
Serving near two year then He was called to another field of labor Apr. h, 
1891 — Hopewell remained without a leader and preaching foi- one year, for it 
was on Apr. 3, I892 that the Rev. A. J. Crane a Licentiate of Knoxville 
Presbytery canvassed the field and on Apr. 10, I892 He Rev. A. J. Crane was 
by a Congrational meeting unanimously called Pastor of Hopewell. On Feb. 15, 


l893 Deacon Vftn B. White departed this life. Serving Nineteen years, March 2h , 
1893. Elder H. G. Johns resigned as clerk of Session, having sei-ved ton yearE. 
Elder J. C. Herndon was Elected in his Stead Aug. 31st., 1893 Elder 11. G. 
Johns. At his own request was dismissed to unite with the Edgefield 
Presbyterian Church Nashville, Tenn., Serving Hopewell Nineteen yrs. Apr. Sth, 
1896 Bros. Andrew McKhight and Jesse Alexander were duly Elected and Installed 
Deacons Dec. 3rd, I899 Bros. Win. D. Black and Andrew McKnight previously 
Elected were Installed and Ordained with S. P. Brantley, who was reinstalled 
and Ordained as ruling Elders, in Hopewell. It was on Feb. k, 190O Bros. 
Wilson Dement and Wm. D. Brantley were duly Elected and installed as Deacons. 
Feb. 10, 1902 Deacon Wm. Hooper was dismissed at his own request to the first 
Presbyterian church Murfreesboro, Tenn. Serving Sixteen yrs. 

By an order of Session a congregational meeting for July 6, 1902 was 
called to accept the resignation of Rev. A.J. Crane one who had served 
Hopewell for ten years was accepted with Suitable resolution recorded in Book 
k Page 178 July 11th, 1902 Elder S. P. Brantley departed this life. Serving as 
Elder Seventeen years. It was on April 6th, I903 Rev. T. A. Patton was called 
as stated supply serving Hopewell in that capacity for five yrs. Aug. 30, 1903 
Elder J. C. Herndon resigned as clerk of Session, having served ten yr. Moses 
Cranor was chosen Clerk of session on the above date-Oct. 5^ 1903 Deacon 
Jesse Alexander was dismissed by a letter at his own request, having served 
seven years No. 1st, I9O3 Elder J. C. Herndon at his own request was granted 
a letter to unite with the 1st Presbyterian church of Murfreesboro, Tenn. hav- 
ing sein^ed as Elder twenty nine years On July k-, 1904, Elder Geo. W. Lorance 
departed this life serving Hopewell twenty three years. It was on Aug. 3} 
1905 that Elder Dennis Hogwood a father of Israel in Hopewell ranks departed 
to the beyond in the triumph of Faith having served Hopewell as Elder over . 
fifty six years. On May 2nd, 1907 Deacon Jas. N. McKnight departed this life 


Serving Hopewell as Deacon thirty three years Pi-esbyterlan church Sei-vinp; 
Hopewell 8 yr. Nov. I907 Elder A. M. McKnight united with Wartace Dec, 29, 
1907 Bros. Wm. D. Brantley and Wilson Dement were ElecLed and ordained. l!;idei-3 
and Elden Young was elected and installed Deacon by Kov. T. A. lYitton who 
before closing the Service called for a dissolution of his labors with this 
church to answer a call to the Monroe Harding Orphanage which was unanimously 
granted with reluctance. It was during the latermlssion between Rev. T. A. 
Pattons two Services that Bro. A. A. DuBois a Baptist Minister, who had united 
with the first Presbyteriaji church Nashville, Tenn. was sent to this field with 
the recommendation of his Pastor Dr. Wra. Anderson who acted as supply until 
Sept. 1908 when He Entered the S.W.P. University under the care of Nashville 
Presbytery as a candidate for the Gospel Ministry Nov. 1st 1908 The Second Call 
for the Rev. T. A. Patton was made for him as Pastor-Feb. 7, 1909 Bros. Neil 
White and Chrle. E. Furgason were duly Elected and installed as Deacons by the 
Rev. T. A. Patton Dec. 26, 1909 Rev. T. A. Patton having Served Hopewell one 
year as Pastor called a congregational Meeting for the purpose of dissolving 
the Pastoral relation between himself, and Hopewell, asking Nashville 
Presbytery to grant the request which was done. 

The year I9IO was one that ought to be long remembered by Hopewell mem- 
bers, from the fact of having no direct service, only through the Kindness of 
the Rev. L. A. Street, Pastor of the U.S.A. Chvirch while Serving his own 
people in Hopewell, which had been tendered them to use although the officers 
of Hopewell had five Sessional meetings, and all reports made to Presbytery 
the delegates failed to attend Said Presbytery that met at Clarksville, Tenn. 
Apr. 26, 1911. The above report included kO members in Hopewell. 

This was the condition found Existing Mar. 5^ 1911 when a congregational 
meeting was called for the purpose of calling the Rev. R. Q. Riley as Pastor, 
of Hopewell who accepted the ca3J.. 


It was Oct. 15, 1812 that the two congregations U. S. and the U.S.A. 
were united by the action of both their Presbyteries, and confinned by Dr. 
W. L. Caldwell chairman of the Home Mission committee of the Nashville 
Presbytery Twenty members were added to Hopewell's list Bmb racing three 
Elders, Go W. Oakley, R. H. Suramar, and Wm A. Baxter together with two 
Deacons, Jas. A. Baxter & Hop Smith Increasing Hopewell official forces to six 
Elder, and five deacons On Mar. 2nd 1913 Deacon Neil White at his own request 
was granted a letter to unite with the 1st. Presbyterian church Murfreesboro, 
Tenn. Serving k yrs. It was on Oct. 3rd, 1915 our dear Bro. Elder 0. W. 
Oakley departed this life From 1816 to 1916 5 meetings of Presbytery were held 
at Hopewell. Presbytery of Shiloh met April 30, iBSO - April 10, 1858 
Nashville Presbytery met Sept. k, 1873, Sept. ik, 1882, Sept. 12, I899. 

During these 100 years the Ch. has had a total of 529 members, hei- pre- 
sent membership is- . Her contributions to Benevolent causes have been 

generous. There have been 3 church buildings. 

Brief Summary of the past one hundred years work of the two churches, 

Hopewel± and Stone River five meetings of Presbytery have convened in HopewelJ , 

Shiloh on Apr. 13, IO5O Apr. 10, IO58 Nashville Presbyteiy Sept. k, vyj3 Sept. 

14, 1882, Sept. 2, 1899, Total 529 Mem. 393 ad. one Ex. 98 ad on Cirt. 1'36 

Dissm. 9 Expelled 17O Deaths 350 Baptised. 

Financial Report 

for church work and maintaining the Gospel at Home in Hopewell $r^',552 
to benevolent causes 3,8l6 

beside three chiirch Houses and one Manse it being Bui-ned 22,368 
the other now Standing was the combined efforts of Hopewell Stone River Crip- 
ple Creek and the community at large. 

Stones River Church 

Organized Apr. 1, I816 as above Stated with 30 members in Communion five 

were chosen Elders David Andrews, Jas. Bowl John Henderson, John Dickson, and 

Charles Ready Clk. of session Their records were Kept similar to those of 


Hopewell. It is through the Kindness of her clerk that I make the following 

statement Total membership 509 members ad on Ed. 429 Ad. on Cirt 50 Dismissed 

170 Deaths 93 Here is a lesson for us in the two congregations there are over 

hOO unaccounted for it is Just as Jesus Said to the one Leper- "Were there not 

ten cleansed. Where are the nine" Jno. 17-12. Five Pastors sex-ved Hopewell 

85 Stones R. about Seventy years ten others as supply thirty year^ with twenty 

five Elders and Eight clerks of Session, three of them chosed from the laity. 

The 15 Deacons have served forty two years. In this computation, I have been 

as brief as I possibly could. 

In Conclusion 

I wish to give you a short Sketch of four of Hopewells most Self Sacrificing 

ones. 1st. Rev. Jesse Alexander, Pastor k'J yrs. through all his ministerial 

labors upon Earth. 

2nd. Elder J. H. Beixter for 50 years 

3rd. " Dennis Hogwood, Clk of session for thirty three years. 

4th. " Geo. Peoples a consistent member ^7 yrs. 

A Sketch from life 

Rev. Jesse Alexander Born Jan. 15, 17^1 moved to Tennessee Oct. l''^02 

Entered the Grammar School May 1st, l3o6 was Licensed to Preach the Gospel 

Sept. 2nd, l3l4 was Ordained Pastor of the churches of Stone River ami 

Hopewell Apr. 7th I817 •',ra.s married to Eliza Rea, Aug. 3, l320. To this union 

ten children were born. Seven of whom lived to maturity two are living, one a 

member of Hopewell, the other of Spring Creek Presbyterian church. Tiie 

object of this Sketch was rather tall but slender and Straight as an ar.-ow. 

His countenance was solid, genial, and gentle. His bearing was dignified 

with a tendency to ir_fluence others for good. Living as he did on the borders 

of three counties. He was BxtenDively Known as he went from place to place, 

bearing the messages of love and peace. In all his relations with the woild, 

he was the accomplished gentlemar. in his pej-sonal life he was above all things; 

the hiomble and devoted christian in Home af fail's, he was a man of Energy and 


foi'ce, as he went from his Study to the farm and his work Shop that furnished 
him ample support with a bearing of dignity yet genial with affectionate feel- 
ing the very Soul of Hospitality. A home of relief, for the friend the weuiy, 
and the desolate. In his Pkstorate, he was lovingly tender and graeiou:;, Foj- 
forty seven yrs. he went in and out before this people winning theii- love;, and 
commanding their respect yea a veneration, of all classes in the community 
from the highest to the humblest, in his latter years when he became totally 
blind, it did not detain him, from duty to his appointments, or prevent him 
from Service to his Lord and blaster, at time without an escort relying upon 
Faith in God, and confidence he had in the animal he always rode to carry him 
to his appointments in safety. 

An Elder in Hopewell foi' 50 years 
In this Narative or Sketch of Elder John H. Baxter Boi-n in North Caj'olina 
l804 One whose Portrait with others, Should adorn these Sacred walls with a 
delimation of their lives, as Memorials to Hopewell, He left the parental 
roof a beardless boy coming with friends to Tennessee, about the year l3l5 
preceeding his parents. Some months David and Sarah Baxter with one Sister 
who were in the original organization permit me Say this Sister Rebecca Baxter 
was a consistent Christian member in Hopewell for Seventy one years. In lo23 
John H, Baxter united with Hopewell. In I826 he married Betsy Black, to this 
union Seven children were Born, that lived to Maturity two of these were 
office bearers in Hopewell, as already mentioned. He, like most boys of his 
day, received a very limited Education but when he came to manhood, he v/as a 
man of almost unlimited powers of ability, an Earnest student of his Bible, 
the greatest text book that ever lay upon any ones desk quick Energetic, and 
witty Ever ready with an answer upon his tongue an amateur of Music who could 
sing like the nightingale, with a voice tuned to mellodious praise both sweet 
and Heavenly. Ever a pet of the children in their childish games, always one 


with We boys and girls taking part in Especially blind mans bliiff we listen- 
ing to his i-etorts winning our confidence. Many were the times when the 
Minister had made every appeal at his command with no move or Even a tear. 
When John H. Baxter arose from his Seat clearing his throat, with a quivering 
voice repeating Some verse or Something that had been said, when it seemed that 
the vei-y Sound of his voice appealed to every one in his pj-esence with Sorrow- 
ing hearts, and weeping Elyes such was the chai-acter of the man that his words 
were received as coming from the heart to reach the heart. 
A Clerk of Session 33 years 
In these written Statements of facts addressed to Hopewell, may they 
ever stand as momentoes to the unfaltering love, and devotion, that Elder D. 
Hogwood Ever Exhibited in fulfilling two offices of trust to God and his 
church. He was born Oct. 19th, l8l3; Departing this life Aug. 3rd, 1905 . He 
was a man of heavy frame rather Shoi-t of Stature, his hair and complexion wei-e 
dark, a Tanner by trade yet farming was a chief occupation, and a well o.-dered 
home was his delight. The stranger was welcomed at his door , if they showed 
manhood just the same as a friend the destitute forsaken and homeless, veve 
treated treated with respect, and seldom, if ever, left without a rememberance 
regardless of color. If you were met by him upon the highway, it i^as with an 
open greeting and the same in parting. In his official church relations he 
was tender, brotherly, and dignified, both conscientious and courteous, a 
favorite with the young people. But his appeal to the wayward and eiring in 
the ranks were dreaded and feared, though reveranced. He made his mistakes as 
all do, but in the wind up was proven of the head and not of the heart. One 
of his marked characteristics was the reconciliation of parties at vaiiance 
anywhere and under all circumstances. Elder D. Hogwood served Hopewell longer- 
than any of his predecessors, an Elder over fifty six years and clerk of the 
Session thirty three years faithfully Earnestly and devotedly and at his death 


leaving a legacy, if it is judlciovisly handled with a memorial to his name a,s 
it goes on down through time, while nothing but the interest can be used and 
that for a Pastor's Salary. 

One of Hopewells laity 47 years 
Concluding with a Short Sketch of one of Hopewells members Bro. Geo. 
Peoples. He served as a soldier under Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans 
against the British in l8l2. He was a man of brawny make. Strong and robust 
in his younger days, and was noted as a brawler of a refractory disposition. 
But when he wought mercy & pardon at the foot of the cross there was a changed 
man, as his afterlife has proven, uniting witn Hopewell Aug. 14, 1(332 and 
Departing this life Apr. 21st., I879. To show more fully the character of the 
man, he at one time called upon the wi-iter to grant him a favor which was 
accepted on the spur of the moment. But in a second said to him don't 
do it, it may bring ruin upon you and our friends. His head dropped upon his 
breast with downcast eyes, every muscle being Ebctended was I'elaxed in a minute 
he raised his head with a brighter countenance and a Smile upon his lips said 
if you say, I won't. He was always a liberal giver for church purposes. The 
recoi'ds show that he gave at one time fifty dollars for benevolent causes. 
He was often called on for consultation and committee work, ever Eager and 
willing to help in any work or cause to advance the church in his blessed 
Mission. In his latter days he made a gift to Hopewell of several hundred 
dollars worth of property put in the hands of a board of Trustees. Elected 
by the church the proceeds of which ten dollars go to a Pastor's Salary, the 
remainder to benevolent causes and church Expenses. There could be much more 
said of each one of these characters, but feel that this is ample as we cele- 
brate this day with appropriate ceremonies may we call to remembrance these 
lives with solemnity as we dedicate this memorial of written facts addressed 
to Hopewell. 

Hopewell Church, 
M-ilt.nn. Tenn- 


Minutes of Church Session of Hopewell 
(April 1, 1816 - Sept. 25, 1821) 

The congregation of Hopewell was organized April 1, I816. 
Members in full communion at that time 45 and received stated 
supplies from Jesse Alexander Licentate until April 1, 1817. 
During which time there was added by examination 4, by certifi- 
cate 6, Baptized adults 2, Infants "J » Deaths 3. 

April 7, 1817 J. Alexander was ordained pastor of this 
congregation Baptized the following infants Alans Trigg , John 
Peterson, David Morison , William Bogle , Zachius Alexander . 

August 11, 1817 The Church session of Hopewell met agree- 
able to appointment. Members present Ezekial Sharp, Zachius 
Alexander and William Rea. 

Session preceded to make such regulations as would be to the 
spiritual advantage of the congregation. It was the order of 
session that the moderator in order to prepare the congregation 
for examination should deliver a connection sermon imbracing the 
doctrines contained in each chater of our confession of faith. 
And then precede to the examination of ghe congregation on these 

Session adjourned to meet on the last Saturday in November 
next, concluded with prayer. 

August 10 Baptized Abner Alexander. 

Sept. 5 Baptized Samuel Maberry, Joseph Sharp. 

Sept. 7 Admitted to communion by examination M. Thomas, 
Eliza McNight, Ellen Andrews, Rachel McNight. By certificat 
James Kilpatrick. 

Nov. 19 Session of Hopewell met agreeably to adjournment 


members present Ezeklal Sharp, Zachies Alexander, and William 
Rea constituted with prayer. Session attended to the business 
that came before them relative to the spiritual and temporal 
advantage of the congregation. Session adjourned to meet on the 
first Saturday in April 1818, concluded with prayer. 

Nov. 30, Baptized Andrew Morison, Removed from the congre- 
gation Jane F. Peoples in Full communion. 

Feb. 2, 1818 Joseph Sharp, Ephram Farr and Abner Alexander 
were ordained elders in this congregation. 

Session met agreeably to the appointment of the moderator. 
Members present Ezeklal Sharp, William Rea, Zachel Alexander, 
Joseph Sharp and Ephriam Farr. Constituted with prayer. 

Ezeklal Alexander who was suspended from the Church of 
Stones River Falling into the bounds of this congregation made 
application to be restored to the privlliges of the church. The 
session being satisfyed with the acknowledgments and pennence of 
Mr. Alexander restored him to the communion of the church session, 
concluded with prayer. 

April 6, 1818 Members of session met agreeably to the 
appointment and attended to the things that came before them. 
April 7, Baptized Jacob H. Thomas and Ephraim Farr. 

July 1818 Members of Session met agreeably to appoint- 
ment and attended to some of the temporal conserns of the congre- 

Aug. 22 Admitted to communion Polly Farr. 

Sept. 13, Baptized Thomas Leach, Ezeklal Sharp. 

Died on the 1 day of November Alexander Witherspoon a member 
of this congregation. 


Nov. 27 - Baptized Alanson Trigg, John Boid. 

Feb. 1, 1819 Session met agreeably to appointment consti- 
tuted with prayer. Inquiry was made whether there was anything 
to be laid before the session. 

Session was informed that said that ( ) 

had been guilty of unchristen conduct. Ephram Farr and William 

Rea were appointed by session to converse with Mr. ( ) on 

the subject. 

Session adjourned to meet on Saturday the 13th. 

Session met agreeably to adjournment constituted with prayer. 
William Wilson applied for church priviliges . Con- 
cluded with prayer. 

April 5, 1819 - Oswin Alexander and his wife Ann were 
received into full communion by certificate. Samuel Mitchell 
and his wife Mary were also received by certificate. 

June 16 Baptized (Thado Rose?) 

Aug. 5 Baptized Alexander Witherspoon 

Admitted to communion James (Mclannel?) Ezekiel Alexander. 

Jan. 9, 1819 Baptized Oswin Alexander 

Feb. 13,1820 Baptized Jospeh Sharp, Horatio, G. Alexander, 
Reported to Presbytry. 

For this time member in communion 66 

June 4 Baptized John Boid 

June 18 Bapt. James Mcnen (crossed out) 

Sept. 1, 1820 The Sacrement of the Lord supper was adminis- 
tered. There were added by certificate James S. Witherspoon. By 
examination James Wilson, Ezekiel Sharp, Zachius McCorkal, 
Armelia McCorkal, William Garmanay and Eliza Alexander. 


Oct. 22 Baptized Zachus Alexander, Ezeklal Sharp. 

March l821 Baprlzed David Morlson, Baptized Ephramln Farr. 

April 21 Baptized Abner Alexander 

Admitted to communion Neon Dorn on the 2 of May l821 
departed this life Mrs. Catherine Sharp . 

June 25 Baptized Jacob H. Thomas 

July 24, 1821 Admitted to communion Ellen Wilson, (Lues?) 
F. Wilson, McKnlght Alexander, John and Polly Rains, Baptized 
(Rev?) Jessee Alexander. 

August 13,1821 Baptized Thomas, Powel 

Sept. 25, 1821 At this time a report was made, members In 
communion 81. 



Visiting a dear friend one cold winter day was a most fortu- 
nate occasion. Although very ill, my friend was cognizant of my 
interest in history, reading my column in the Democrat-Union each 
week called "From the Old Courthouse Attic" which contained all 
the accumulation of ancient papers since the old courthouse was 

This unnamed friend asked if I would like to see some old 
church books that had been handed down in his family for several 
generations. Of course I was interested, and upon examination I 
found what you are about to read. Taking the books home, I became 
more and more excited and I Just had to get the information down 
on paper somehow. Asking permission in the name of the National 
Society Daughters of the American Revolution to copy the book 
for the Genealogical Research Department of the National Library, 
I was granted permission if I promised to not divulge the source 
of my findings, to both protect the family and to keep them from 
being constantly bothered with inquiries, not because of dis- 
interest, but because of his illness. I agreed, I started copy- 
ing, and within a month he was dead. The family wanted me to 
complete the work I started and I did, still keeping my promise. 
The material was sent into Washington and credit was given Buffalo 
River Chapter DAR for the year 1975-1976 as un-published material. 

I thank God for letting me be at the right place at the right 
time so that these beautiful records were made available to all 
who are interested. It is my desire that you the reader receive 
the same blessing from reading these pages that I have received in 


"There are at this time 45 members In communion of the Church. 
July 7th, 1832 Session met at the request of the Moderator. Mem- 
bers present: Rev. Jessee Alexander, Abner Alexander, William W. 
Knight, and John Baxter constituted with prayer." 

"The Moderator laid before session a letter which he had 

received from Joseph Sharp, a member of Session, in which he 

stated his determination to withdraw from the Church and to have 

his name erased from our list. --On motion, resolved that in as 

much as J. Sharp's character has been attainted, by publick 

though no legal pie has been brought against him, and as the 

session has evidence that/would not attend to any citation--and 

as in their judgement the interest of the Church would be as well 
supported in his withdrawal, as in his suspension, Therefore 
resolved that his name be stricken from our list and he be no 
longer considered a member of the Presbyterian Church--Session 
adjourned with prayer. --August 9, l832:- A campmeeting was held 
at Center Campground within the boundries of this Church--Com- 
menced on the 9th of August I832. The whole process of the meet- 
ing was marked for good order and attention. Deep solemnity 
marked the face of the assembly, while attending in the ministra- 
tion of the Word the order of public worship were generaly spent, 
by the profession in prayer for their anxious friends in the 
groves. About 25 made profession of religion at the meeting." 


Milton, Tenn. Rutherford County 

"August l4th Baptized William ¥. Knight (This may be McKnlght 
as writing Is not plain, but I have reason to believe it is 
McKnlght) daughter, Sarah E. Born July l6th, 1832." 

"August 24th 1832. Admitted to communion, r.eorge Peebles 
and Folemna Smith and administered to her the ordinance of 
Baptism. Died on the 21st of August Esther Farr." 

"November 10th: Baptized Jesse Alexander's son George A. 
Born 16th August 1832." 

"November 10th Admitted to communion Jane Knox, and adminis- 
tered to her the Ordinance of Baptism — Nov. 10th, Dismissed 
David Morlson, a member of Session with his wife Thezla and their 
two daughters Caroline and Ann. Reported to Presbytery 1st April 


(Note. All the minutes of these two books will be printed ver- 

batum, so quotation marks will from this point on be omitted) 

A Campmeeting was held at the Centre Campground commencing 
26th September I833. To this meeting, the Church had been look- 
ing forward with prayerful anxiety, and God appeared to be 
gracious by entreated for this meeting exceeded all previous 
meetings at this place; in the display of Almighty power in the 
conviction and converstlon of sinners. About 50 made profession 
of religion. 

2nd October I832 Session received into Church membership on 
examination Ambrose Runnels with his wife Mary. Both received 
the ordination of Baptism. Also received Rebecaka M. Alexander, 
Martha C. Peebles, Mary A. Alexander, Robert T. Barton, James S. 


Alexander and Polly Black, This last received the ordinance of 
I '.apt ism. 

0th October. Session received into iTK^mberslilp on exaniJ.nal- Ion : 
Anon Armstrong, Samuel B, Harwell, Williamson Castrey, James 
Pinketon, Mary Dills. These all received the ordinance of Baptism. 
Received also the following who had been Baptized in infancy. 
Mary Thomas and Joseph A. Knox. 

9th November I833. Session received into Membership on 
examination, Parthenia Donoho, Benjamin Norgan and Rachel Morgan, 
the two latter received the ordinance of Baptism. Also (Caroline, 
a black person who received baptism. 2nd March l834. Session 
met for the purpose of choosing a delegate to Presbytery. Members 
Present: Rev. Jesse Alexander, William McKnight and John Baxter. 
A. Alexander received the appointment. Wm. McKnight C. S. 
Report: Total in communion 43. Members added 20. Members 
examined and approved except in the case of Mr. Sharp, Signed 
George Newton Moderator of Shiloh Presby_ 

3rd April l834. Baptized four children of Ambrose and Mary 

Reynolds, ages and names as follows. John A. Born 7th October l829 

Hannah M. " 7th February I831 
William R. " 9th October I832 
Mary Jane " 2nd January 183^ 

At Centre Camp collected for missionary purposes $5.56-^ 
and put the same into the hand of Lorenze D. Butts, Agent for the 
Western Forreign Missionary Society. 

At Hopewell Meeting house 15th July contributed to missions 
through Rev. A. Morison $3.50, Collected for the Presbytery's 
Missionary Society $7.75. November Dismissed Robert Morison and 
his wife Edith. 


11th Sept. 1834 Camp meeting met at Centre Camp and con- 
tinued several days. We think, it may be truly said that this 
was an interesting meeting--the preachers were zealous, diligent 
and persevering in their labors of love. Professions were indus- 
trious in their appropriate duties and appeared to be much 
received--Sinners were cut to the heart and made to inquire in 
good earnest. "Men and Brethern, what shall we do?:i"--The two 
last days of the meeting did appear to be blessed with the felt 
presence of the Good Spirit--To God's Name Give the Gloryl More 
than fifty persons professed to have found peace in believing. 
During the meeting the following persons were received into the 
church by examination. - 

David M. McKnight, Wilson Alexander, James McKnight, Enos 
McKnight, Moses W. McKnight, Jonathan McNeman. The following 
were received by examination and received Baptism* 
Alenis A. Black, Hannah Reynolds, Nancy B. Reynolds, Alexander 
Doran, Ann Powell, 

18th Sept. Baptized Orvel Alexander's son Jesse Eagleton, Born 
24th July 1834. 

Session met and appointed John Baxter delegate to Presbytery. 

March I835 Dismissed Alexander Doran and his wife Nancy. 

July 30th, 1835: Died: Miss P.plemna Smith (Polemna) 

Sept. 10, 1835: Met in Campmeeting at Centre Campground-- 
The meeting continued until l6th September.- This was a time of 
sickness and of some perplexities in the neighborhood, yet the 
meeting was tolerably attended. We had solemn, searching preach- 
ing and pungent exhortations. Many prayers were offered for the 


influence of the Holy Spirit to bear home the word to the hearts 
of the hearers. God was gracious I — His Spirit was poured outl-- 
Many were convicted--And as many as 30 were hopefully converted. 
l6th Sep. 1835. Session met, constituted with prayer--The 
following members were received on examination. Elam McKnight, 
Theresa McKnight, Mary and Marinda Cook — the three females just 
named were given the ordinance of Baptism. Note: Other meetings 

of session and other to the church during Campmeeting are 

recorded in the session book of Stones River Church. 
16th Sep. Honourable dismissed Cynthia Thomas. 
1st Nov. 1835- Session met at Hopewell, constituted by 
prayer, and received by examination Ann Morgan and Rachel, a 
black woman--These both received the ordinance of Baptism--Said 
Rachel's infant Tilpa received baptism the same day. (Report at 
end of year April I836 shows total now in Communion 78 and Wm. 
McKnight was C. S.) (Examined and approved by Amezi Bradshaw 
Moderator of Presbytery.) 

29th May 1836:- Hopewell Session met, constituted with prayer, 
and received into church membership by certificate from the 
regular Baptist Church Nancy Hooper. Concluded with prayer. 

May 30th. A collection of $12.43 and 3A^ was taken up for 
the Bible Society and put in the hands of Wm. McKnight until 
called for by the present society. Baptised Gideon B. Alexander, 
son of Jesse and Eliza Alexander, Born 28th April I836. 

1st Sept. 1836 Campmeeting commenced at Centre Campground 
and continued until the 7th. Preachers in attendance were: Rev. 
J. Alexander, Wm. Eagleton, B. Pryland, J, Allison, D. D. Thorn 
and J. Porter. The preachers were industrious. Their heads and 


hearts appeared to be faithfully engaged in their several labors. 
Professors in general appeared solemn and prayerful and "kindly 
affectionate one towards another in brotherly love." Non pro- 
fessors were in a good degree sober and attentive. -The spirit 
of prayer and supplication was given to the church; and in 
answer to many prayers the same spirit of the Lord did work 
mightily amongst those, who had been careless and secure. -Many 
were convinced of their sin and were constrained to cry mightily 
for mercy. As many as 30 professed conversion to God. 

3rd Sept. Session met, constituted with prayer. Edward S. 
Weatherford was received into church membership on a certificate 
from the regular Baptist Church. Also Elisha Saunders was 
received on certificate. Also Nancy Thays and Porthenia Donoho 
were received on examination. The last of these received baptism. 
Concluded with prayer. 

5th Sept. Session met, constituted with prayer and the fol- 
lowing members were received on examination. Andrew Barkley, 
Eleanor J. McDaniel, Jane R. Barkley, Precilla W. Barkley, George 
Cook. The three last received the ordinance of baptism. Concluded 
with prayer. 

Collected for the Missionary Society of Shilo. $6.00, for 
the Commissioners fund $9.00. 

Sept. 11, Session met, constituted with prayer. Martha F. 

McWhirter was received to membership on examination. Concluded 

with prayer. 

15th Nov. 1836. Baptised Alexander D. McKnight, born 30th 

Sept. 1830. 
Eagleton A. McKnight, born 28th 
Feb. 1832 


Mary E. McKnight, born 17th 
July 1836. 

these being the children of James and Nancy McKnight. 

1st Jan. 1837. Collected at Hopewell for F. Missions. $13.00. 
Signed ¥m. McKnight, C. S. 

(Report shows increase of 10 since last report, membership 
88. Also total of $12.43 and Z/H in Bible Society fund.) 
(April 7th, I837) (Examined and approved report thus far, signed 
John Allison, Moderator of Presbytery. 

28th April, 1837. Put into the hand of Rev. Anozi Bradshaw, 
Agent for B. C. 

30th April 1837. Baptized Mary Palemna, daughter of John 
and Elizabeth Baxter born 26th of November 1836. 

3 July. Baptized Alezira Angeline, daughter of Oswin and 
Ann Alexander, born l8th of May l837. 

2nd August, Rev. A. Bradshaw, Agent of the Bible Society 
preached at Centre Camp and a collection taken up and handed to 
him $5.84. 

A protracted meeting commenced on the 1st and closed on the 
5th Sept. at Centre Camp Ground. At this meeting the friends of 
the Redeemer met with some trials and difficulties which were 
calculated to try their faith and increase their humility. Yet 
the Lord (in great mercy) did give us a refreshing season, did 
make some of the stout hearted to bow and cry for mercy and did 
bind up the broken in heart. Several persons -'ere enabled to 
rejoice in the hope of pardoned sin and peace with God. Through 
the Redeemer, the number of hopeful converts at this meeting is 
not exactly known, but it is believed to be about twenty. 


2nd Sept. Revd. Thomas Hall preached at Centre Campground 
in behalf of the exucation Society and took a collection of 

3rd Sept. Baptized James Grier, son of Robert and Isabella 
Cummins, born October l837. 

4th Sept. Session met, was opened by Prayer and the follow- 
ing persons were received into the church on examination: Elvizy 
Sarah Moore, Hannah Barkley, Ann Eliza Berkley and Sarah Roberts, 
the last two were baptized. 

6th Sept. John H. Baxter duly appointed as delegate to 
Senate (Synod), 

10th Sept. Dismissed Robert and Isabella Cummins. 

27th Oct. Session constituted by prayer and received an 
examination: Alexander Morrison and G. Morrison. 

11th Feb. Rev. J. Alexander preached at Centre Campground 
in behalf of Foreign missions took a collection for F. M. $7.62^. 

11th Feb. Dismissed Thomas and Isabella and Sarah Powel. 

22nd Feb. Collected for the Bible Society $6.25. 

31st March. Wm. McKnight appointed delegate to Presbytery. 
(Report of the Church of Hopewell from the April l837 to March 
1838 shows total membership at 89.) (Received and approved by M. 
Marshall, Moderator) 

8th of April 1838. Session met constituted with prayer, and 
received the following members on certificate. Wm. White, Sarah 
White, Jane White Malinda White. 

Met at Centre Campground, 30th August and continued in camp- 
meeting until 5th Sept. This meeting was, in its general features 


similar to other campmeetings which have been held at this place, 
which are recorded in this book.- The work of life was exhibited 
frequently and plainly and was listened to by a large concourse 
of people. Many prayers were presented to God that he would 
bless the ministration of his word, and the ordinances of his 
house to the salvation of souls; and the Lord of Saboath left 
not himself with witnesses. Many Christians were fed and 
refreshed; -Many of those who had been hitherto impenitent were 
made to inquire what they should do to be saved. -As many as six- 
teen were enabled (in the judgement of charity) to give up their 
hearts to the Lord, and to rejoice in the hope of peace and 
pardon, through the blood of the Lord. 

2nd Sept. received into the Church on examination, Mary 

9th Sept. Abner Alexander was appointed Delegate to Presby- 
tery. Wm. Mcknight Delegate to Synot.- 

l8th November, Rev. Mr. Jones, Agent for the American Board 
for Foreign Missions preached at Centre Nursery and took up a 
collection of $19.55 for the A. B. F. M. 

20th Dec. Dismissed Jane White and Malinda White. 

5th January 1839. Dismissed James Pinchkson. 

4th Feb. 1839. Died. Mrs. Mary Doran. 

1st March, Dismissed Rebecca L. Doran. • ■ ■ 

1st March, Dismissed Raine, woman of colour. 

31st March, Baptized Martha Ann, daughter of Jesse and Eliza 
Alexander born 17th August 1838. 

9th April. Died. Mary Cosbey, (formerly Mary Cook) 

15th Received by Certificate. Mrs. Mary R. Alexander. 


Baptized Samuel Ed^iar, son of James and Nancy McKnight. 
Born 21st June I83B. 

Baptized William B. Son of John and Mary Alexander, horn 
7 Nov. 1838. Signed. Wm. McKnight. C. S. (Report shows 89 mem- 
bers April 1838-39.) (Examined and approved thus far at 
Fayetteville, April I9, l839j and signed by G. Newton, Moderator 
of Shiloh Presbytery) 

May 1st, l840. Sacramental meeting commenced at Hopewell 
Church. Ministers present. Msgs. Alexander, Eagleton and Potter, 
a Missionary Agent, all of which preached the word of Life faith- 
fully. A collection was taken up on Sabboth to defray the 
expenses of the occasion and if any over to be paid to Mr. Potter. 

Monday 4th May l84o. Paid to the Rev. Mr. Potter $11.25. 
To the Rev, Mr. Eagleton $4.00 for Pastoral letter. 

May 13, l84o. Died. Mr. William McKnight, ruling Elder of 
Hopewell Church and also Clerk of Session. 

Monday l4th day of Sept. l84o. died. Mrs. Eliza Knox, 
(formerly Eliza D. Dill). 

Thursday 17th Sept. Met in Campmeeting at Centre Campground 
and continued unti] the following Wednesday.- Our Pastr)r's 
assistants were Mssrs. Eagleton and Bradshaw. --Although a time 
of serious and general sickness, the meeting was well attended-- 
The preaching was solemn and pointed. Prayers were frequent and 
very earnestly offered for the descent of the Holy Spirit. God 
graciously heard, the earnest supplication of his people and many 
were brought to inquire after salvation and in the judgement of 
Charity we trust somewhere over thirty hopefully converted to God. 

Tuesday 22nd. Session appointed Charles Ready delegate to 
Synod and delegate to Presbytery. 


April IPth l84l. Williamson Cnsbey, chosen Clerk of 
Session in place of Dr. William Mf;Knight deceased. W 1 HI arnsnn 
Cosbey, C. S. (Report to Presbytery shows 90 now in communion 
and report was examined and approved thus far, April 11th, l84l 
by Amzi Bradshaw. Moderator of Presby.) 

June 1, l84l. Commenced a Sacramental meeting at the Centre 
Campground on Sabbath of Said Meeting received into Hopewell 
Church the following members viz: Martha E. Baxter, Catharine 
Stroop, William R. Alexander, Elizabeth A. Morgan, and Henry M. 
Morgan. The last two received the ordinance of baptism. 

June 6th l84l.- Baptized Sarah R. Baxter, born Aug. 15th 
l84o daughter of John N. and E. R. Baxter. 

Sept. 23, l84l. Meet in Campmeeting at Centre Campground 
and continued until Thursday 30th. Our Pastors assistants were 
Messrs. Eagleton, Bradshaw, Ryland and Sloan. The church 
experienced great difficulty, from the inclemency of the weather 
during the forepart of the meeting. But the ministers ceased 
not to warn sinners Solemnly and affectionately. The church 
appeared to be upon her knees. Prayers were frequent and solemn 
and in answer thereto the Spirit of the Lord descended and many 
were made to cry out "Men and Brethern, what shall we do-" They 
were directed to the Lamb of God that taketh away the Sins of 
the world. -and we hope that the number of twenty-five were 
brought sincerely to bow at the feet of Jesus. 

On Saturday 28th. Received into membership of Hopewell 
Church. James S. McKnight, Nancy E. Alexander, Sarah E. McKnight, 

On Sabbath 3rd of Oct. Received Samuel S. Alexander. Samuel 
A. McKnight and Edward Donoho which last named received baptism. 


Feb. 6th l842. Baptized Nancy C. Alexander daughter of 
Jesse and Eliza Alexander, born Sept. 25th l84l. 
Received Sept. 28th William T. McKnight which should have been 
noticed on the foregoing page. 

Oct. l84o. Dismissed Mary A. Alexander, formerly Mary A. 
Black. Signed Williamson Cosbry. C. S. (Report shows total 
membership 101. Examined and approved thus far. Bedford Ryland 
Moderator of Shiloh Presbytery) 

May 25th l842. Departed this life. Jane Knox. 

July 25th. A campmeeting commenced at Centre Campground. 
Attended by the united Churches of Stoneriver, Hopewell and 
Chapplecreek. It continued 7 days and was interesting minister. 
People appeared to partake of the Divine influence about 40 
supposed to have imbraced the Savior. During the meeting 12 
were added to the three churches. The following were received 
into Hopewell Church. Mary Cuningham, Mary S. Saunders, Morton 
Armstrong, and the two last mentioned received the ordinance of 

Another Campmeeting was held at the same place by the same 
churches. Commenced on the 22nd of Sept. which was more inter- 
esting than the former, the presence of the Lord was felt to be 
in the Camp. Christians were reproached, sinners convicted and 
many we hope were converted, 75 professed a hope that they had 
passed from death to life, 32 were added to the three churches. 
The following were received into Hopewell Church. Sarah H. 
Neely, James N. Greer, William Greer, Quincy M. Greer, Sarah M. 
Armstrong, Ambrose McKee, Abner Knox, Eliza A. Jourdan, Mary A. 
Jourdan, Jeremiah P. Jourdon, John F. Morgan, Eliza B. Neely, 


Elener T. Kook, Stephen Kook, David N. Baxter, Nothunial W. Dunnel, 
(this last name is not plain) Samuel P. McKnight, Mary L. Alexander. 
Thomas E. Shune . The fourteen first named on the list recei veii 
the ordinance of baptism. October 25th. Williamson Cosbey was 
dismissed as a member in good standing. David M. McKnight was 
appointed session clerk in his place. 

Eliza McKnight, Nancy S. Spune and John Q. Spune were 
received on certificate Dec. 2nd l842. June Mc Knight died. (I 
do not know if this last item goes with the Dec. 2nd l842 notation 
or not, but I suppose it does. Writing is so poor that it is 
very hard to decipher.) 

December 23. A protracted meeting commenced in Hopewell 
Church and continued four days. The meeting was well attended. 
The people of God appeared to be refreshed and sinners seemed to 
feel the force of Divine Truth. Feb. 29. Ebner McKnight Died. 

(Report shows 125 members, signed David M. McKnight S. C. 
McMinnville May l4th 18^3. Examined and approved thus far, 
William Eagleton, Moderator Shiloh. ) 

May 9th l843. Baptised James P. (or R. ) son of D. M. and 
Eliza A. McKnight. Born Sept. 1st, l842. May 27th paid M. 
Potter agent foren mission $7.25. May 25th Session met. Con- 
stituted with prayer. Mary A. Knox was received to membership. 
Augst. 4th. A. Communion season (Commission session) was held at 
Hopewell which continued for four days. This meeting was well 
attended ministerial aid William Eagleton preaching was feverent 
and edefying. 

A campmeeting was held at McKnight Academy commencing on the 
last day of August ministerial aid was the two Messrs Deshileds 


Will Iain I'laril'-ti:)!! and 1"). T . Hl'ian. Preai.'h In,"; <i(i l.he n.-faslDn war. 
[jlG,ln f)(")bitoil anil cnnv I nc I rw,. r'.Dluinn ahLonLlt^n wat'. ,":lv(;n hy I, Ik; 
lar;j;e assemblyes tViat attended through the whole occasion. Nn\, 
much excitement appeared until Thursday evening about 15 pro- 
fessed anxiety about their souls interest 10 or 12 professed a 
hope in Christ. 

Sept. 4th. Session met, constituted with prayer. Isobella 
C. Donnel was admitted to communion in the Church. 

Sept. 5th. Baptized John H. , Son of John H. and Elizabeth 
Baxter born May l4th l843. 

October 4th. Dismissed by letter N. W. Danil, 1. R. Jerdon, 
Mary A. Jerdon and Eliza A. Jerdon. 

December 23rd. A sacremental meeting commenced at Hopewell 
Church which continued 4 days. This meeting was pretty well 
atended and though our pastor stood solitary and alone, preaching 
was edifying and we have evidence to believe the Lord by his Holy 
Spirit was with us. 

April 1, l844. William McFadden was received to membership 
by letter from Murfreesboro Church. Also his wife Clementine by 
letter from the Methodist Church of Murfreesboro. James McFadden 
was also received by letter from the Presbyterian Church in 
Murfreesboro . 

May 1, 1844. Collected for foreign missions $9.75 cts and 
paid it over to William Potter. 

August 4, 1844. Session met constituted with prayer. John 
P. Greer was received on examination and received the ordance of 

September 12. A campmeeting was held at Centre Camp. The 


meeting continued 5 days. Not as interesting as former meetings 

although we hope g,oo(] was done. '; expressed a hope in the Savior. 

Christians were humbled and felt their dependence on Divine rii-ace. 

September 15. Session met constituted with prayer. Hunthew 

A. Baxter was received on examination. (this could be Mathew but 

(named omitted) 
is plain a H. ) Baptized son of John Q and Sarah 


Sept. l6. William McFadden and his wife Clementine were 
dismissed as members in good standing. 

October 1, l844 . The Church reported to Presbytery from 
Oct. 1, l843 to the present as follows. Members last report 12'3. 
added on examination 2 on certificate 3. dismissed G, suspended 
0. Total now in communion 124, collected for foreign missions 
$4.75. March 27, l845. Rachel, a black person died. 

May 2, l845. Session met constituted with prayer. On 
examination the records of the church it was found that some 
members had removed without applying for certificate, others 
had left and joined another church. It being important that 
the records give a correct history of the church it is hereby on 
motion resolved unanimously that those names be striken from the 
list, which are as follows : --Simon, a black person who died and 
his death was not recorded in the proper place. Left without 
certificate :-McKnlt Alexander, Eliza Farr, John West, Hariet 
McKnight, Robert Barton, Mary Thomas, June Kirkpatrick, Elam 
McKnight, Wilburn Alexander, Junethen McNamer (or Jonethen M. 
Homer,) George Cook, Alexander Morison, James Alexander, Samuel 
B. Merel, Elizer A. Black, Martha McWherter, Sarah Roberts. 
Examined and approved thus far. Stones River Church May 3rd, 
1845. Signed A. H. DaShull, Moderator. 


August 3i 1845. Baptised the children of Morton W. and 

Mary M. Armstrong: William Alonzo Doren, born August 3, l835 

Nancy Prunette, born May 12, l837 
John Baxter, born July 22, I838 
Martha Tennessee, born February 23, l84o 
Martin W., born Dec. I6, l84l 
Mary Minerva Matilda, born May I8, l844 

Also, Mary M. daughter of William B. and T. White and Eliza Jane, 

daughter of Tisse and Eliza Alexander. 

September I5. Session met constituted with prayer. 
Received to membership, John Turk also his wife Muriel Turk on 
examination and Mary Barkley on Certificate. Reported to 
Presbytery from Oct. 1, l&kk to Oct. 1, l845 as follows: Member- 
ship on last report 124. Added on examination 2, on certificate 
1, dismissed I7, died 2, total I08. Collected for home missions, 

April 1, l846. Collected for commissioners fund, $4.00. 

August 4, dismissed Rachel Green, (Greer) also Q. M. Greer 
(Green) Wilburn P. Greer and John Greer. (Writer believes these 
are all Greer's,) 

July 26, l846. Departed this life Sarah Brasher. 

January I5, l847. Dismissed Benjamin Morgan and his wife 
Rachel also of his family, John F., Ann J., Henry V., 'James 
Morgan. Also James McFadden and his wife Elezabeth. January 31, 
departed this life Sarah Trailer, fornerly Nealy. Sarah A. 
White died on the 13th of March 184?. 

Report to Presbytery April 13, 184? membership in communion 
92. H. A. Baxter C. S. 

(Spring Creek Church April I6, l847. Examined and approved thus 
far. Amzi Bradshaw Moderator of Shiloh Presbytery.) 

October 21, l847. Collected for domestic missions $8.00. 


November 12, Baptized Susan E. and Martha R. daughters of 
Stephen and Sarah Cook. Departed this life June the 11, l8^8 
Betsey McKnight. Departed this life July 2, Hannah Thomas. 

September l4, l848. Departed this life Watt (name 

omitted) Sept. 17> collected for foreign missions $12.75. 
Examined and approved thus far Sept. 22, l848 A. H. Dashiell, 

l849. Dismissed Malvina Watson and Ann Witherspoon. April 
1, l849. Donnison Haywood and William R. Alexander were elected 
ordained Elders. 

April 21, l849. Collected for commissioners fund $2.50. 

June 3^ l849. Received by certificate Alesmond B. 
Witherspoon and his wife June from the Church of Cripplecreek. 

August 3. A campmeeting commenced at Centre Campground 
which contimie(i 11 days at which 12 were added, viz: Henry 
Barkley, Mary McKnight, Elizabeth Cook, A. D. Pebbles, R. F. 
Baxter, S. A. Barkley, J. E. R. Alexander, and A. A. Alexander. 
The following received the ordinances of Baptism. John M. Mabry, 
Palemnes M. McKnight, William T. Hooper, and Julia Stroop. 

Dec. 3. Received on examination Nelsom, a bleipK nan belong- 
ing to John S. Woodridge. 

August 25, l849. Dismissed John Q. Spain and Sarah. 

October 9. Departed this life, William R. Alexander, Elder. 

December: Dismissed Dr. M. Armstrong and wife Minerver. 
Children Baptized. D. Haywood and wife P. W., Martha J., Hannah 
R., William R., Henry B., James P., and Ann E. 
Children of J. M. Knox and wife Mary. John H. , Joseph B. and 
James S. 


ChJ.l(lren of John Mabry and Wife Murinda. Mar;';arey E., Mary A., 

Charles C,., and Sarah E, 

Reported to Presbytery April 1, 1850 as follows. Membership 101. 

Examined and approved thus far this date April 13, 185O Dashiell, 


April ik , 1850. Session met at Hopewell Church and appointed 
D. Haywood Session Clerk. A. B. and Jane Witherspoon daughter 
baptised. Mary Margaret 

April l4th, 185O: Session met at Hopewell Church. Consti- 
tuted with prayer and on examination received T.inda, a black woman 
of Rev. J. Alexander. Concluded with prayer. 

May 5th. Session met at Hopewell Church. Constituted with 
prayer and received on examination Lewis B. Creson, concluded with 
prayer. Collected for foreign missions $17.00 also for education 

September 12th, I85O. Campmeeting commenced at Centre Camp- 
ground and continued till the 19th. The meeting was marked for 
good order and attention, deep solemnity marked the face of the 
Assembly while attending on the ministration of the word. There 
were 13 whites and 10 blacks who we hope found the Lord gracious 
to their souls. Ministers in attendance with our pastor were Wm. 
Eagleston. On the l6th of Sept. Hopewell Church taken up a col- 
lection for Home missions and received &7.50. 

Sept. 22, 1850. Session met at Campground and received on 
examination Manny A. Cook and also Martha Jane Hagwood. Concluded 
with prayer. 

Sept. 24, Children baptized of Lewis and Jane Creson to viz: 
Mary Ann, Prissilla Rebecca, Dennison Haywood (this may be Hagwood, 


Viut cannot tell for sure), James Thomas and John P.ell. Concluded 
with prayer. 

Oct. 6, Session met and appointed John 11. I'.axter a (iele)';al,e 
to Synod. I85I, March 10. Tanlssa McKnight departed this life. 
Consort of Elurn McKnight. 

26th Session met at Rev. J. Alexander and appointed D. Hagwood 
a member to Presbytery. 

April 6, Hopewell Church taken up a collection for commis- 
sioner to the General Assembly and received $6.00. Collection for 
tract society $30.00. Total reported membership was IO5. (can- 
not read signature of moderator but looks like M. Marshall.) April 
26, 1851. 

May 27th 1851. Baptized Nancy Neoraia Hannah Cook, Daughter 
Df Stephen and Sarah Cook. Also Sarah Elizabeth Knox, daughter 
of Samuel W. and Mary A. Knox, also Andrew Barklay Creson, son of 
Lewis B. and Jane R. Creson and Dennison Doren Hogwood, son of 
Dennison and Prescilla W. Hogwood. 

July 26th Collected at Hopewell Church for Home Missions 
$18,00 for Education $24.00. 

Aug. 7 Campmeeting commenced at Centre campground: Ministers 
present Rev, E. T. Brantly, Jessee Alexander and Matt Marshall. 
The gospel was preached in demonstration of the Spirit and with 
power r);any viere convinced of sin and forty-two professed faith in 
Jesus Christ and conversion to God. The meeting was kept up with 
preat. interest until the 19th when it was dismissed during the 
ocasin the churches have been greatly blessed and made to sit 
together in heavenly peace in Christ. During the meeting twenty- 
six vjere added to the churches of Cripple Creek, Stone River and 


llnpeweil. The following persons added to Hopewell Church, on t,he 
l8th of August 1851 on examlnation--Robert D. Donoho, John 11. 
White, Armstrong E. McKnight, Sarah R. Baxter, Charlott Cook-- 
Manthue A. Alexander, George A. Alexander, Gideon B. Alexander, 
Hannah K. Hogwood, James F. Black, Sarah McKnight, Mary M. McKnight, 
Mary E. Barkley, Lucy A.F. Black, Nart N. Oebsekk, The last six 
received the ordinance of baptism. . 

Nov. 2, 1851. Baptised Dariah Jane, daughter of William B. 
and M.C. White also Moses Jessee Alexander and Sariah Eliza, 
Rebeck a Elvlna and William Rea Children of Thomas B. and Mary A. 
Cranen.(this surname os not at all clear). Dec. 28th 1851 dis- 
missed J.E.R. Alexander. 

1852 Feb. 2, Collection taken up on Hopewell Church for 
Education. Received $12.25. Feb. 2nd, 1852, dismissed William 
Garmany. April 4th D. Hogwood appointed a delegate to Presbytary. 
Reported II8 communicants. Examined and approved by Eliza 
Alexander, Moderator April 10, 1852. Total collected for year 
for education and missions $54.25. Report examined and approved 
by Jesse Alexander, M.D. 

Jane Barkley, Consort of Henry Barkley departed this life 
September First day I852. 

Sep 23 Campmeeting commenced at Centre Campground minestary 
present E. T. Brantly, Jessee Alexander, William Eagleton and 
A. H. Desheell. The gospel was preached in demonstration of the 
Spirit and with power. Many were convinced of sin and thirty pro'- 
fessed faith in Jesus Christ and conversion to God seven of whom 
were plack. The meeting was kept up with interest until the first 
day of October. It was dismissed during the ocasin. The church 


have been greatly refreshed and made to sit together in Heavenly- 
places in Christ Jesus. During the meeting twelve were added to 
Church of Hopewell, Stone River and Cripple Creek and Murf reesboro. 
The following persons added to Hopewell Church on the 24th and 
29th Sept. on examination. M. E. Mabry, Mary P. Baxter and Wm. 
M. Bradley, M.J.R. Bradley, John T. Barkley the last 2 received 
the ordinance of Baptism and W. Alexander received on certificate. 
Baptised Dennison Hagwood son of William M. Bradley and M.J.R. 
Bradley, also S.A.W. Bradley daughter of W. M. and M.J.R. Bradley. 

Oct. 3 D. Hogwood appointed delegate to Presbytery and also 
to Synod October Session. 

Nov. 15th, 1852 Dismissed Sarah M. McKnight and Mary M. 
McKnight . 

Dec. 4th, 1852 Session met and received on examination 
Thomas C. Barkley also Nancy J. Barkley on certificate. 
Dec. 25, 1852. Session met and received on Certificate L. J. 

Feb. 27th, 1852. Collected for education $11.00. Brother 
J. H. Baxter appointed to be delegate to Presbytary at Shelbyville, 
Total now in Communion 123. Total now in Funds $52.00. Examined 
and Approved. 

1852. July l4th. Collection for Tract Society $30.00 

July 24th Collected for Mission (F) $13.00. A. D. Peoples 
departed this life on the 1st day of Sept. 1853. 

September l4th I853. Dismissed T. C. Barkley and N. J. 
Barkley . ■ ; 


Sept. 22, 1853. Campmeeting commenced at Centre Campground. 
Ministers present, Wm. Eagleton, Jessee Alexander, A. H. Dashiele, 
A. Bradshaw, E. T. Brantley, and J. C. Sloan. The Gospel was 
preached in demonstration of the Spirit and with power many were 
convinced of sin and forty-five professed faith in Jesus Christ 
and conversion to God, nineteen of whome were black persons. The 
meetings were kept up with interest until the 30 day of Sept. It 
was dismissed during the ocasion. The Churches of Hopewell, 
Stoneriver and Cripple Creek have been greatley refreshed and made 
to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. During the 
meeting thirty were added to the churches of Hopewell Stoneriver 
and Cripple Creek and Murf reesboro. The session met, constituted 
with prayer and received on examination in to the Church of 
Hopewell the following persons. David C. Witherspoon, Jacob C. 
Henndon, Mary F. Knox, Elmenah Hoskins, Samuel T. L. Witherspoon, 
Mary S. Hooper, Mary E. Witherspoon, Mary A. Mabry, Virginia Cook, 
John C. Sloan, Hugh L. White, Nancy C. Alexander, Elizabeth White. 
The first seven recorded received the ordinance of Baptism. Also 
received on certificate Virginia Donoho, Matilda Elden, James G, 
Elden and Elizabeth M. Elden (note, these last three are pos- 
sibly Elder). Concluded with prayer. D. Hagwood, S. C. 

Sept. 25th 1853. Baptised Wm. B. Henry, son of L. B. and 
June K. Creson, born 6th of March I853. Also E. M. M. daughter 
of Stephen and S. Cook, born the 4th of Feb. 1853. Ann E. 
daughter of John T. and G. J. Brakley, born 17th of July 1853 and 
Mary J. daughter of D. and P.W. Hogwood. born 12 July 1853. 


Sept. ?8, 1853. Collected for home missionary and rual, $6.^0. 
l;rot}ior .TimIim II. I'laxter appointed dele/'-,ate to Syriot at I.ewi sliuT-;'-,e. 
D . llofWOod , 

Oct. 2nd 1853. Session met at the Campp.round i-onsti tu teci • 
with prayer and received on certificate Jermima H. McLin also 
John D. McLin. On Examination who received the ordinance of 
baptism. Concluded with prayer. 

Jan. 29th 1854. Collected for education $10.00. 

March 25th I854. Mary A. Knox, consort of Samuel W. Knox 
departed this life on the above date (Mar. 25th l8'34) 
Brother J. H. Baxter appointed delef^ate to Presbytary at heth 
Salem Church April 1854. Total Communicants 135. Total in ]''unds 

Examined and approved Bethsalem Church April 8th 1854. William 
Eagleton Mod. 

March 26th 1854. Collected for Church Erection $7.00. 

April 23 1854. Collected for Commissioner Fund $10.00. 

July 20th, 1854. Collected of Hopewell and Stoneriver 
Churches two hundred and thirty five dollars and 35 cts to pay 
for the Presbyterian Church at Nashville. 

Sept. 2, 1854. Dismissed by letters: A.B. Witherspoon, 
Jane Witherspoon, D. C. Witherspoon, G. T. Witherspoon and M. E. 

D. Hagwood appointed to Presbytery at Cripple Creek, Sept. 
2, 1854. 

Sept. 21 Campmeeting commenced at Centre Campground and 
ministers present. William Eagleton, A. H. Dashiele, Jesse 
Alexander, E. T. Brantley, J. C. Sloan, The gospel was preached 


in dernonstrati on of the Spirjt. atui with power. Many were i-on- 
vln''fMl 111' r.ln -iml nlnol,eon pr> > rr;.-,:-;(Mi I'ai tti in .h>.';iic ('hr-i;-,! nn.l 
conversion to dul. Mi/'-jil; oj' wlioine were b]ai'k pc r;;. mis . 'I'lx^ tuool- 
Inc.s were kept up with interest \mtii the :^Hth day of Sept, 1 i. 
was dismissed durin;,'; the occasion. The churches of Flopewell, 
Stoneriver and Cripple Creek churches added nine during the meeting. 

Sept. 25. Session met constituted with prayer and on exam- 
ination received James H. Watt and Sanaah E. Watt. Concluded witli 

Sept. 26. Session met, constituted with prayer and on exam- 
ination received Mary Jane Knox and Sllvy Knox. They received 
ordinance of baptism. Sllvy Knox was consort of B. F. Knox. 
Concluded with prayer. 

Baptised John D. Spain and Samuel E. Spain sons of John Q. 
Spain and S. M. Spain. Baptised Mary Jane Bradley, daughter of 
Wm. M. Bradley and Ana J. R. Bradley, also James All'ert l^^axter, 
son of H. A. and E. A. Baxter. 
Collected for Home missions $9.60. 

Paid Brother Jessee Alexander twenty dollars for his services. 
Dec. 22, 185^. Dismissed by letter Caroline a free person. 

April '5, 1855. Brother J. H. Baxter appointed delegate to 
Presbytery at Murfreesboro. Total communicants 13^. Total in 
funds $281.95. 
Examined and approved A. H. Dashiell, Mod. 

June 5th 1855- Collected commissioners fund, $4.00. Sister 
Savaah E. Watt, consort of Brother Jas. H. Watt departed this 


Brother L. E. McKnight departed this life June 6th 1855. 

Sister Eliza McKnight, consort of Brother D. M. McKnight 
departed this life on If^tii of Juno iH'V). 

Sept. 20, 1855. Camprneeting coniTiienced at Centre Clanipgri'und. 
Ministers present. Brother Jessee Alexander, Wm. Eagleton, A. 11. 
Dashielal and E. T. Brantley, Meeting lasted until 27th day of 
Sept. Twenty-five professed faith in Jesus Christ and Conversion 
to God. Nine of whom were black persons. Sixteen were added to 
churches of Hopewell, Stoneriver Cripple Creek and Murf reesboro. 

Sept. 26th Session met constituted with prayer and on exam- 
ination received the following persons in the Church of Hopewell 
to wit: Priscella R. Crenson or Creson, Jolm li. Baxter Jr. 
Dennison H, Creson, William R. Hog.wood, lleniy I'.. Hog.wood, and 
B. I''. Witherspoon by letter. Baptised John D. loggers, son of 
Mary E. and R. H. Boggens or Boggers. 

Sept. 30, 1855 Baptised Samuel Brantley son of E. T. and 
M. E. Brantley. Session met constituted with prayer and on exam- 
ination received James E. McLin and administered the ordinance of 
baptism. Concluded with prayer. 

Oct. 4 Baptised Jas. L. Creson son of L. B. and Jane K. 
Creson. Brother J. H. Baxter appointed delegate to Presbytary. 
Appointed D. Hogwood delegate to Synod at Shelbyville. 

Oct. 30 dismissed A. M. and Mary Reynolds by letters. 

Nov. 22, 1855 dismissed July A. Stroops by letter, also Sa. 
Catharine Ramsey. 

Departed this life on the 20th of Nov. l8^3 Sister Mary E. 
Rogers Consort of Brother R. H. Rogers. 

1855, Dec. 21 Baptised Albert D. P. Craner, son of Thos. 


B. and Mary A. Craner. 

1856. Bef. 24 Collected for church erection and handed the 
same to Rev. Wm. Ea^.leton $8.00. 

(next entry seems out of place because of date but is copied as 

Dec. 24, 1856 Collected for the American Tract Society 
and handed to Brother Wells, $30.00, 

Payed out for stoves, $35.00. 

Payed to Rec. Jessee Alexander, $45.00. 

March 5th. Dismissed by letter. Sister Neomia S. McKnight 
and Sister Martha P. Ranken formerly M. B. McKnight. 
D. Hogwood appointed a delegate to Presbytery at Shelbyville. 

March 29th 1856. Sission of Hopewell met at the call of the 
Moderator, constituted with prayer and examininr, the reL-onis oi' 
Hopewell church it was ascertained they were incorrect in the 
reported membership. Thereupon D. Hogwood and J. H. Baxter were 
appointed a committee to take up the records and examine them and 
see where they were incorrect. The committee find them incorrect 
in the following particulars. They find that the deaths of Nancy 
Hooper, E. S. Weatherford, E. Saunders, M. R. Alexander, S. E. 
Mc Knight and Reachel McKnight a woman of color were not recorded 
as they should have been. They also find on our records the nanies 
of J. A. Knox, Enas McKnight, Wm. C. Morison, Sam A. McKni^'-ht, 
Mary Cunningham, Mary S. Saunders, Mary Morison, Thoas E. Spain 
and Mrs. Spain, J. B. Lusk and Mrs. Lusk, Mary M. Percell, Robert 
Donoho, all of which have removed beyond our bounds and some 
parts to us unknown without calling for a letter or being dis- 
missed so far as the records show. Session therefore in review- 


inp the case thoup;h aware of it not strictly acordln,'^ to our l)ook 
believed the best way can do in the premises is to continue the 
names of those members no longer in our reports by order of ses- 
sion. Concluded with prayer. 

Paid Brother E. T. Brantley fifty dollars for part of his 
services for 1855. Membership now stands at 112 and total in 
collection of funds $172.00 Examined and approved April 12, 1856. 
Amzi Bradshaw Moderator of Pres))ytery. 

April 17th 1856. Dismissed by letter Brother J. n. r.loa'i. 
Brother William Rhea departed this life the 27th day of May 
1836. He was one hundred and four years three months of at';e. 
He professed faith in Jesus Christ at the age of eighteen he was 
a devoted brother to the cause of Christ. 

1856. June 1 Baptised Stephen Alexa, son of Stephen and 
Sarah Cook. 

Aug. 24, Baptised George Albert, a son of Wm. B. and Martha 
G. White, also a daughter named Martha Frances. 

Sept. 24th l8s6. Campmeeting commenced at Centre r'ampground. 
Ministers present Brothers: Jesse Alexander, Wm. Eagleton, A. 
Bradshaw, A. H. Dashield, Woodbury and E. T. Brantley who was 
sick Three sermons preached every day. Nine persons enquir- 
ing the way; of salvation six of whom pr^jfessed faith in Jesus. 
Christ and five attached themselves to the church. Meeting 
closed Oct. 2. Home missions collections $3.75. Ministering 
bretheren were paid $60.00. 

Sept. 30, 1856. Session met, constituted with prayer and 
received upon examination John T. Herington who received ordinance 
of baptism. 


Oct. 1, 1856. Session met, and received N. K. Knox for 
Baptism. Report to Presbytery shows 112 on roll. Total in 
Funds $138.75. Approved April I856. 

Brother Jacob H. Thomas departed this life the l6th day of 
July 1857. August 1. Dismissed by letter Sister Ann Powell 
wife of Allen Powell. 

1857 Sept. 2'lth. Campmeetlng begun. Ministers present 
Brothers: Woodbury, Eagleton, Bradshaw, Monery and Hantpence. 
The total collected for the American Tract Society 1857 was 
$40.00 and paid to Wells. Thirteen professed fauth in Christ 
Jeses and conversion to God. Also seven black persons professed 
faith in Jeses Christ. The meeting closed the 30th of Sept. 
During the meeting one was added to Stoneriver Church and the 
Sabbath following three were added to the Murfreesboro Church 
also Children of the following bretheren were baptised: S. W. 
and N. E. Knox son Wm. E. and daughter Mary E. Knox. 
Wm. M. and M. J. Bradley his son John Baxter. 
L.B. and J. R. Creson, son Robert F. 
W. W. and M. P. McKnight son Edwin A. 

Nov. l4th 1857. Session received on examination Robert 
McGill, free man of color, also Peter, a colored man belonging 
to B. Knox. Dismissed Sister Virginia Donoho by letter March 29, 
1857. D. Hogwood appointed delegate to presbytary at Hopewell. 
Report shows 111 communicants and $45.00 in funds. Approved. 
A. H. Hartpense, 1858. Collected for A. Missions $5.00. 

April 10, Session on examination received Jan Orr. 

April 12, 1858, Dismissed Sister Jan Orr by Letter. 

April 25, Paid to brother A. Bradshaw for his services. 



Jan. 5, 1859, Paid A. Bradshaw for his services for 1858, 
$135.00. Brother B. F. Witherspoon dismissed by letter Nov. 
20, 1858. 

Sister Sarah Ray departed this life on the 22nd day of 
November I858. D. and P. W. Hogwood daughter Priscella Rebecca 
and Son John Thomas was baptised on the 28th day of November 
1858. Session met and on examination received Wm. R. Hogwood 
and; he received the ordinance of Baptism. 

Sister Partheny Price dismissed by letter March 11, I859. 

Collected for Tract Society $1.00. 

Dismissed by letter. Sister Harritt McLin, March 21, l859. 

Dismissed by letter Brother James McLin, March 21, I859. 
Reported to Presbytery 10? communicants and $155-05 in Funds. 
Examined and approved by F. A. Thompson Moderator at Shelbyville 
April 9, 1859. 

Dismissed by letter Elizabeth English, May 6, 1859. 


"The Records of Hopewell Church Vol. 3 Commencing the 5th day, 
May, 1859" 

Hopewell Church was called together by the order of SessJon 
on the 5th day of May l859, for the purpose of choosing their 
Ecclesiastical connection, constituted by calling Rev. J. 
Alexander, the object of the meeting was explained by the 
Moderator, and a committee of three, to wit, J. H. Baxter, D. 
Hogwood, and Geo. Peoples was appointed to draft and present 
resolutions. Said committee presented the following preamble 
and resolutions, which were severally considered and adopted. 

"Whereas the Presbyterian of Church of the United States of 
America divided in the year 1838 on the subject of the excinding 
acts of 1837, and formed two assemblies known by new and old 
school, and whereas a number of the Presbyteries belonging to 
the new school Assembly, being aggrieved with the continued 
agitation of the subject of Slavery, in their body, withdrew 
from said assembly in I857 convened at Cleveland, Ohio, and 
formed a Synot at Knoxville, Tennessee in 1858, known by the 
name of The United Synod of the Presbyterian Church in the 
United States of America. 

And Whereas, Shiloh Presbytery to which we belonged was not 
one of the number that withdrew, but dissolved by a vote of her 
own body on the 9th day of April 1859. We being thereby desti- 
tute of any ecclesiastical connection whatever. Therefore 
Resolved, First, That it is expedient that we form a connection 
with some ecclesiastical body. 

Resolved That we approve of the resolution of the 

United Synod in excluding the agitation of Slavery from its 


Resolved Thirdly, That we also approve of its explanation, 
and mode of adopting the confession of faith as embracing the 
doctrines contained in the Bible. 

Resolved Fourthly, That we in uniting with said Synot make 
no sacrifice of principle or doctrine. 

Resolved Fifthly, That we the undersigned members of 
Hopewell Church unite with said Synot through some one of its 
Presbyteries as soon as practicable. Rev. Jessee Alexander, 
J. H. Baxter, D. Hogwood, George Peoples, Jane F. Peoples, 
J. W. Mabry, M. B. Mabry, M. E. Mabry, M. Mabry, W. B. White, 
M. C. White, E. A. White, W. M. Johns, Jane Johns, S. S. . 
Alexander, G. B. Alexander, G. A. Alexander, J. F. Black, 
N. C. Black, T. B. Craner, M. A. Craner, R. D. Black, E. A. 
Black, Rebecca Black, Eliza Alexander, Margaret Knox, Mary F. 
Knox, D. N. Baxter, Robert Baxter, E. R. Baxter, S. R. Baxter, 
J. H. Baxter Jr., H. A. Baxter, A. E. McKnight, Amanda E. 
McKnight, J. T. Bark]ey, E. J. Barkley, Hannah Barkley, M. K. 
Barkley, H. K. McKnight, P. W. Hogwood, M. J. Hogwood, W. R. 
Hogwood Jr., H. B. Hogwood, W. R. Hogwood Sr., L. B. Creson, 
J. K. Creson, P. R. Creson, D. H. Creson, Lucinda R. Martin, 
R. J. E. McKnight, L. A. F. McKnight, J. N. McKnight, Martha A. 
McKnight, Pernilla McKnight, Margaret Alexander, J. C. Herndon 
and Martha E. Herndon. Total 58. l859, Nov. 16 Dismissed by 
letter R. J. McKnight and his wife Ann F. McKnight also James F. 
Black and wife Nancy C. Black. Signed D. Hogwood, S.C. 1859 
Nov. 19 Session met constituted with prayer and on examination 
received Sarah E. Craner in communion in Hopewell Church. Closed 
with prayer. D. Hogwood, Session Clerk. Cash paid for visiting 


Brothers for Preaching in the year 1859 $106.7':). D. Ilogwood, 


Aug. 29, i860 Session met constituted with prayer and on exam- 
ination received brother Slman Craddock in communion of Hopewell 
Church. D. Hogwood S.C. 

Aug. 29 i860 Baptised William H. son of J. L. and Martha E. 
Herndon also William Thomas son of Wm. P. and C. P. White. D. 
Hogwood S.C. 

Aug. 30th i860 Paid Brother Marshel $l6.50 for his services. 
D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Aug. 31st i860 Dismissed by request William M. Bradley from the 
Presbyterian Church at Hopewell, D. Hogwood, S. C. 

Session met, constituted with prayer and appointed D. Hogwood 
delegate to the next meeting of Presbytery to be held at Pulaski, 
Giles Co. on the 5th of Oct. i860. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Clerk of Session of Hopewell Church makes the following 
report to North Alabama Presbytery to wit: Members now in -om- 
munion 55, added since last report 2, dismissed h, haptJsmsno 
adults 2 infants. Collections. Commissioners fund contingent 


Examined and approved thus far by Presbytery of North 

Alabama, Pulaski Oct. 6, 1860 Robart Hardin, Moderator. 
Dec. 24th i860 Cast paid to Brother G. Eagleton $10. 60, D. 
Hogwood S.C. 1861. 

Jan. 15. Collected for repairs $2.30, paid out to T. B. 
Craner $2.13, D. Hogwood. 

April 29. Cash paid to Bro. Shields commissioners Fund 


Cash paid Clerk of Presbytery $.75 D. Hogwood S.C. 

August 8th. Baptised Samuel [Uack, son of Thomas B. and 
Mary Crane r, D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Aug. 15. Cash paid to Bi'o. Styles $15.^0. Cash for other 
. $4.50 D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Oct. 2nd Collected for Home Missions and paid over to Bro. 
Eagleton $l4.25, D. Hogwood, S.C. 

The Session Clerk report to North Alabama Presbytery the Statis- 
tics for the year l86l viz: Whole number 55 infants 1 Congrega- 
tional collections $33.10. Domestic collections $l4.25. Miscel- 
laneous $9.70, Total $57.05. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Examined and approved thus far, Petersburg Oct. 4th l86l 
W.E. Caldwell, Moderator 
Son W. B. Hogwood departed this life Dec. 12th, l86l, D. Hogwood 

Brother Hugh L. White departed this life on the 3rd day of April 

1862, D. Hogwood. 

Brother L. B. Creson departed this life on the 23rd day of March 

1863, D. Hogwood. 

Rev. Jess e e Alexander departed this life on the 15th day of June 

1863, D. Hogwood. 

Brother A. Barkley departed this life on the 26th day of Juno I863, 

D . Hogwood . 
Sister Jane F. Peebles departed this life on the 4th day of May 

1864, D. Hogwood. 

Sister M. E. Dill departed this life on the 7th of Aug., l864 
D. Hogwood. 


Sister Nancy McKnight departed this life on the 25th May l8b'i 

D. Hogwood. 
John R. and Sally A . son and daughter of Protlier J. C. and Sister 

M. E, Herndon was baptised on the ?lst May 1865. D. Hogwood 

S.C. Brother Wm. M. Johns departed 26 Aug. 1865. 
Sept. 13th 1865 Session met constituted with prayer on examination 

received Brother Wm. R. McDougal in communion Hopewell Church, 

D. Hogwood. Also Sister Sarah J. White . 
Also Brother D. D. Hogwo od. 
Also Sister Sarah A. Bradley . 
Also Sister Ann E. H o gwood . 
Also Brother David E. McKnight ., the last received baptism, 

n. Hogwood, S.C. 
Sept. l4th l864. Session met, constituted with prayer. On exam- 
ination rece'iveiJ Brother A ndre w P.. Ore son and B ennisun H. M.radLey 
in communion Hopewe].]. Church. 

Sept. 24th 1865, Session met, constituted with prayer. On exam- 
ination received the following persons in Communion, Hopewell 
Sisters L ochia W. Weatherly - Baptised. 

Ann C. Weatherly , Elvira R. Craner and Brother Larkin L . 
Hopewell Congregation was called to meet on the 23rd of September 
1865 by Rev. Henn C. Smith for the purpose of electing two Elders 
which resulted in the election of Brother H. A. I'axte r and Thomas 
B. Craner . D. Hogwood C.S. 

Oct. 7th 1865. After sermon. Brother H. A. Baxter was ordained 
Elder of Hopewell Church Congregation by Rev. H. C. Smith, 


D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Oct. 7th 1865. Session met and exa.Tiined and received Brother J. II. 

White in Communion of Hopewell Church. D. no^Twood, S.C. 

Oct. 10th 1865. After sermon the session met on examination 

received the following persons to wit: 

Sister Mary E. Black - Baptised 

William A. Black - Baptised 

John B. Creson , Mary M. White . Closed with prayer. D. Hogwood, 


Oct. 18th 1865. Brother John H. Baxter, Jr . departed this life in 
the triumph of faith in Jesus. D. Hogwood, S. C. 

Nov. 20th 1865. Session met constituted with prayer and on exam- 
ination wit: Sister J. Hogwood . She gave satisfaction to the 
session that she had obtained forgiveness for her transgression 
and she was reinstated. Closed by prayers. D. Hogwood, C.S. 
Lucy F. Mc Knight departed this life Dec. 11, 1862, D. Hogwood, 
Rebecca Black departed this life Sept. 26th 1862, D. Hogwood, 


Isbellar Huddleston departed this life Jan. 7, l864, D. Hogwood, 


Nov. 27th 1865. Sister Mary Anderson dismissed by letter of her 

request, D. Hogwood, S.C^ 

Collections taken up at Hopewell Church for the sustentation fund 

received $26. 4o March 25th 1866 and handed to Rev. H. C. Smith , 

D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Sister N. H. Knox departed this life. She died in the Triumph of 

Faith in Jesus April 24th 1866. D. Hogwood, S.C. 


Sister Sarah M. McKnlght consort of Joseph D, McKnight departed 
this life the 21st day of May I866 in Triumph of Faith in Christ. 

D. Hogwood, S.C. 

A Sacramental meeting commenced at Hopewell Church Friday night 
the 25th of May I866. Ministers present Brothers: Smith and 

E. T. Brant ly . Session met at the house of Benjamin Knox on 
Saturday constituted with prayer and on examination Brother 
Benjamin Knox in Communion Hopewell Church. On Sabbath a col- 
lection was taken up to defray the expenses of the meeting and 
received eleven dollars and forty-five cents which was paid out 
to Bro. E. T. Brantley five dollars and $5.00 for wine. This 
27th day of May 1866. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Hopewell Church August 25th I866 at the request of Rev. H. C . 
Smith , session met constituted with prayer. Present: Rev. H. C . 
Smith, Brother J. H. Baxter , H. A. Baxter , D. Hogwood , Rev. H. C. 
Smith, Moderator. Brother J. H. Baxter was appointed a delegate 
to Presbytery and D. Hogwood his alternate to attend Presbytery 
at Louisburg which will meet Friday at 11 o"clock A.M. before the 
Second Sunday of Sept. On motion of D. Hogwood the case of Col. 

2_ came up for discussion and consideration and 

whereas said during a revival last summer made pro-- 

fession of religion and sought connection with this church and 
was admitted to membership but soon after was guilty of drunkenness 
and swindling and other crimes and has left for parts unknown so 
that process cannot be had in his case resolved therefore he be 
expelled which was adopted. D. Hogwood, S. C. 

The session clerk report to North Alabama Presbytery the Statis- 
tics for the year ending Oct. 1 I86I to Sept. 1 1866. Last report 


members 55j added on examination 15, adults baptised 4, infants 

baptised 2, deaths 15> expelled 1, total in communion 5^. Total 

in funds $11. 4o, D. Hogwood, S.C. 

The Committee appointed to examine the session records of Hopewell 

Church would state that in their opinion nothing should be 

recorded but the acts of the session. These records contain 

statistical reports-accounts of baptisms and deaths- which ought 

not to be in the book. They also notice that in the minutes of 

sessional meeting no names are mentioned of Elders present-- 

and most of the meetings seem to have been held without being 

constituted with prayer. The book should also be paged with the 

criticisms which your Com. think just. We recommend the approval 

of the record to this date. 

Sept. 8th l866. Examined and approved with the above exception. 

Lewisburg, Tenn, Sept. 8, 1869. J. Simpson Frierson . Mod. Per. 

North Alabama. 

Sept. 23, 1866 paid for wine $2.50 J. Hogwood S.C. 

Sister E. R. Baxter consort of J. H. Baxter departed this life on 

the 17th day of November I866. 

Jan. 10, 1867. Paid to Brother J. N. Caldwell for visit to 

Hopewell Church Five dollars. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Feb. 21st 1867. Dismissed by letter Brother John Herndon by his 

request by order of Session. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

March 4th, I867. Dismissed by letter Brother D. H. Creson by his 

request and by order of Session. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

March 10, I867. Dismissed by letter Brother Thos C. Barkley and 

Sister N. J. Barkley by their request and by order of Session. 

D. Hogwood, S.C. 


April 8th 1867. Brother J. H. Baxter was appointed a dele- 
gate to Presbytery at Murfreesboro which meets the 9th of April. 
D. Hogwood, S.C. 

The Committee to whom was referred the Records of Hopewell 
Church report-Approved as far as written with the following 
exceptions. That there is no mention made of the sessions being 
opened and closed with prayer. 

2. That extraneous matters are recorded in the minutes with 
deaths statistical and personal matters. These matters ought to 
be kept apart. 

3. Members are dismissed without record being made where they 
are dismissed to. 

4. There is no mention made of the Elders being present at 
the meetings of the session. The names of Moderator and Elders 
ought to be recorded as present at each meeting. Adopted by 
Presbytery at Murfreesboro, Tenn, April 10, I967. 

Robert R. Moore, Moderator. 

Sept. 16th 1867. Session met Brothers present: Rev . McFeaters , 
Elders J. H. Baxter , H. A. Baxter and D. Hogwood . Rev. McFeaters 
Moderator opened with prayer on motion D. Hogwood was appointed a 
delegate to Presbytery to meet at the Hermitage Church Sept. 20th, 
at 11 o'clock A.M. Closed with prayer, D. Hogwood. 

Sept. 23rd 1867. Tax paid to Brother Bunten (Burten) for 
Synod Presbytery tax, $1.00, Commission fund total $4.50. D. 
Hogwood , S.C. 

Dismissed following members by letter: Sister Jane R. Creson , 
Priscella R. Patton and Brothers John B. Creson , Andrew B. Creson , 
by order of Session Sept. 31, 1867. Collected for foreign missions 


paid to Bunten $1.00, D. Hogwood. 

Oct. 4th, 1867. Sacramental meeting commenced at Hopewell 
Church the 4th of Oct. 1867. Brothers present Rev. McFeater and 
W. L. Rossen . The gospel was preached in demonstration of the 
spirit and with power many were convinced of sin and fourteen 
professed faith in Jesus Christ and conversion to God. The meet- 
ings were kept up with interest until the 11th during the ocasion 
the Church of Hopewell were greatly refreshed. Session met con- 
stituted with prayer and on examination received into membership 
in the Hopewell Church Ella I. Weatherly and Martha A. Whit lock . 
Closed with prayer. D. Hogwood, S.C. Last report members 5^, 
dismissed 4, members at present 50. 

April 24th 1868, D. Hogwood, C.S. Total amount payed out by 
church from Sept. l6th to April 1868 $223.95. 

Sacramental meeting commenced at Hopewell Church May 2nd 
1868. Ministers present Rev. E. T. Brantley , Rev. McFeaters . The 
weather inclement the meeting close Sabbath evening. Collection 
taken up to defray expenses of Commissioners fund and Presbyteral 
Tad whih wre $13.15. Rec. by colection $12.15 Wine cost paid by 
D. Hogwood $15.00. Total $26. 80. D. Hogwood S.C. 

Sept. 16th 1868. Collected for Presbyterial Mission paid over 
to Presbytery $3.75. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Jan. 3rd 1869. Collected for Sustination $12.00 Handed to 
Rec. McFeaters D. Hogwood. S.C. 

April 4th I869. Collected for Commissioners Fund $3.00. 

April 15th 1869. Per last report to Presbytery total number 
60, dismissed 2 total number in communion 58. Total amount pay out 
by church paid Bro. McFeaters $ll6.20 (This is very dim and hard 


to read, may be $l6.20). 

May 24th I869 Departed this life S. E. Cranor . D. Hogwood 

Sacremental meeting at Hopewell Church Wine cost $2.00 paid 
by D. Hogwood May 24th I869. D. Hogwood S.C. 

August 7th 1869. Collected for Presbyterial Missions in D. 
Hogwood hands $9.15, paid over to Presbytery at Murf reesboro, 
D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Sept. 5th 1869. Sacremantal meeting at Hopewell Church. 
Ministers present Rev. McFeaters , Rev. N. L. Rossen and Rev. E. T. 
Brantley Continued seven days in which time we trust that ten or 
eleven was hopefully converted. Collection for expences for the 

$10.10. Paid out for wine Spring and Fall $3.50. For chares 

$2.00, for candle holders $1.25. For tax to Synot $5.00. Paid 

to Bro. W. L. Rosson for services $l6.00 paid for candle $2.00. D. 

Hogwood S.C. 

January 7th 187O Departed this life S. R. Baxter. She died 
in the Triumph of Faith in Christ. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Feb. 6th 1870 Collected for Sustentation $9.00 sent to Bro. 
H. B. Boude , D. Hogwood S.C. 

Departed this life Feb. 26th I87O S. J. Martin formerly S. J. 
White . D. Hogwood, S.Cc 

Departed this life Elizabeth A. Black the 26th day March I87O 
consort of R. D. Black . D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Per last report to Presbytery at Shelbyville April 4th 187O 
64. Added in examination 2 added on certificate 8 Baptisms 
adults 2. Money contritacted $255.00. D. Hogwood. 

June 26th 1870 Mary T. Vaught departed this life, consort of 


Thomas Vaught . 

July 9th 1870 Jane Johns departed this life the above date. Widow 

of Wm. Johns. 

Departed this life Mrs. Wm. McKnight the 17th day of August 
1870. (This may be Mr. it is only a M. and a line with a dot over 

Collected for hym books for Hopewell Church $9.20. Paid for 
question books $9.00 paid for church expences $12.00. D. Hogwood. 

Collected for Education Sept. 6th I87O sent to Presbytery 
$21.00 by E. A. Baxter. 

John H. White departed this life Oct. 5th 1870. 

Jan. 1st 1871. Paid Rev. M. Featers $225.00. Paid Rev. R. 
Caldwell traveling expences $12.35. 

Per last report to Presbytary at McMinnville April 1, 187O 
to April 1, 1871 Members in communion 62 added on examination 1 
on certificate 1. Money contributed $288.65. D. Hogwood S.C. 

Collected for Presbyteral tax and commissioners fund $9.15 
April 16th 1871. 

Baptism of Rev. E. T. Brantley , Mrs. M. E. Brantley and 
children W illiam Edwin and Ally Brantley May 2y, 187I. 

Collected for Presbyterial Mission June 4th 187I $6.00 
handed to Rev. R. Caldwell . Six dollars for Rev. J. H. McNealy , 
Nashville. D. Hogwood. S.C. 

Cost of wine $1.4o paid by D. Hogwood. 

Collected Home Missions seven dollars handed to J. H. Baxter 
Sept. 2nd 187I. D. Hogwood. S.C. 

Sept. 20th 1871. The fall protracted meeting was held in 
Hopewell Church. The opening sermon was preached by Rev. R. 


Caldwell from Romans 10-1. Good Congregation. At night services 
were conducted by Rev. Mr. McFeaters. On Sabboth a very large 
congregation. Sermon by Rev. M. McFeaters. The communion largely 
partaken of and a most pleasant and solemn season was realized. 
Meetings were held from day to day until Friday night. The clos- 
ing service was one of uncommon solemnity. The people of God 
were all tenderness and love and the congregation overwhelmed at 
the scene. During the occasion inquiring and prayer meetings were 
held and every morning for the benefit of sinnors and inquiring 
sinnors. These meetings were full on interest. Souls were con- 
verted and Christian hearts were filled with joy. The result of 
the meeting was as follows . Fourteen professions all uniting with 
the church. It should not be omitted that Bro. Branley gave his 
valuable assistance during this occasion. Collected to pay 
expences $8.45. Paid out for plank, $5.50. Paid J. H. Baxter 
$2.70, paid for wine $1.25. paid for candles $1.00 paid Rev. 
M. McFeaters $13.65. Paid for books for Sunday School $7.20. 
this Oct. 17th, 1871. $39.75. Collected for education $7.00 Nov. 
5th 1871. 

At a church meeting heald 5th Nov. 187I S. S. Alexander 
was elected Ruling Elder and H. B. Hogwood and Wm. A. Black was 
elected Deacons. Collected for Sustentation Jan. 24 1872 paid 
Bro. J. W. Neel fourteen dollars. 

Hopewell Congregation collected for Publication March 3rd 
1872 $6.00 Sent to J. W. Niel. D. Hogwood C.S. Murfreesboro. 

Per last report to Nashville Presbytery at Gallatin April 1 
1871 to April 1, 1872. number of communicants 75. reed on exam- 
ination l4. on certificate 1 dismissed 1. Baptisms adults 3 


Infiant 2. Monday collected $395.00. 

Publication $6.00. Sustentation $l4.00. Education $7.00. 
Home Missions $7.00. Presbyterry tax $15.00, Congregation $39.00. 
Preachers sallary $307.00. D. Hogwood S.C. 

Collected for Presbyterial Tax handed to H. A. Baxter $6.90 
also for Brother Dr. R. H. Chapman handed to Rev. Chapman $8.00. 
D. Hogwood, C.S. 

Milton May 19^ 1872. Collected for Forren Mission at our 
Cacnemenltal meetning handed t o W. L. Rossen $8.00. also paid 
for wine $1.25 (spelling of above is exact copy of minute book). 
Paid by Sunday School book $3.60. Paid catechism 30 vol, $,60. 
D. Hogwood S.C, 

Benjamin Knox departed this life the 2nd day of June 1872. 
D. Hogwood S.C. 

J. W. McKnight departed this life the 17th 1872 of June. 
D. Hogwood S.C. 

Collected for disable ministers Aug. 4th 1872 handed to 
W. L. Rossen $7.00. 

Paid for Sunday School books in Aug. 4th I872 $7.00. D. 
Hogwood S.C. 

Amanda E. McKnight Children Baptised the 4th July I872 the 
names as follows. Flora E. , Ida M . , Wm ^ M . , Wesley A, , Quinta E . , 
Sexta By Rev. W. L. Rossen . 

Departed this life Margret Knox on the 21 1872 (no month 
given but is between entry of July 4 '1872 and Aug. 25, I872). 


Paid for Sunday School books August 25th I872 $7.00. D. Hogwood 

Delia Weatherly departed this life the l8th of Oct. 187?. 
Collected for Presbyterlal mission Oct. 20th I872 handed to 
Rev. W. L. Rosson $6.00. Collected for Education March l6th I873 
$10.00 handed to W. L. Rosson . 

Departed this life Mary J. Baxter consort of R. H. Baxter the 
25th of January 1873. 

Report to Presbytery l873: 
Members in communion 63 
Rec. on examination 3 
Rec. on certificat 1 
Dismissed 1 

Baptised infants 6 
Money for all funds $330.45. 
Approved by order of Presby Alex Cowan Moderator 

May 18th 1873 Collected for foreign mission handed to W. L. 
Rosson $11.00. Collected for disabled ministers Aug. 17th 1873 
handed to Rev. W. L. Rosson $12.00. Collected for Home Missions 
Sept. 7th 1873 handed to W. L. Rossen $29.00. 

Milton Oct. 2nd 1873 T. B. Craner departed this life on the 
above date. 

Nov. 16th 1873 Collected for education handed to W. L. Rossen 

S. A. Craner departed this life Nov. l8th I873. 
Collected for Sustentian Feb. 15th 1874 handed to Rev. W. L. 
Rossen $12.50. Collected for publication April l8th 1874 handed 
to Rev. W. L. Rossen $7.50. 


Per last report to Presbytery from April l873 to April iHyil . 

Members 60 

added on examination 12 

on certificate 1 

deaths 2 

total 73 

deaths 2 

dismissed 8 

total in communion 63 

collected for foreign' mission $11.00 

disabled ministers 12.00 

Home mission 29-00 

Education 11.45 

Sustentation 12.50 

Publication 7.00 

for Rev. W. L. Rossen 200.00 

for Congregational 50.00 

Total collected to April I8 332.95 Paid over. D. 
Hogwood, S.C. 

June 7th l874 Collected for foreign mission handed to Rev. 
W. L. Rosson $l6.00. 

Aug. 2nd 1874 Collected for disabled ministers handed to 
Rev. W. L. Rossen $10.00. 

October 4th l874 Collected for Presbyterial missions $17.00. 

Oct. 9th 1874 Collected for Rev. J. W . H oyte $10.00. 

J. W. Mabry departed this life Nov. 30, l874. 

Collected Congregational $2.85. 

Nov. 1st 1874. Congregation met and elected the following 
Brothers as Elders. Was elected J. C. Herndon , S. N. Weatherly , 
and H. G. Johnes . Also elected Deacons R. F. Baxter and Jas. N. 
McKnight. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

Dec. 6th 1874 Being the regular day of meeting at Hopewell 
Church, H. G. Johns and J. C. Herndon were ordained and installed 
and J. M. Wetherly previous elected and ordained Elder of Stone 
River Congregation was installed Ruling Elders of the above named 
Church also J. N. McKnight, R. F. Baxter were ordained and W. D. 


White elected and ordained deacons In the above church. 

Collected for education $l4.00 

Per last report 63 
Examined 10 

Death 1 

Dismissed 3 

Excommunicated 1 
Total Communicants 68 

Baptised 4 adults. Collected $302.00 (all funds.) 

June 10th l875 Ann E. Craner formally Ann E. Wetherly 

departed this life on this date. 

July 2nd l875 Margaret Alexander departed this life on the 

above date. 

Hopewell Church Milton Tennessee April 30, 1875. Elders 

and Deacons met and on motion Bro. D. Hogwood chosen chairman and 

Bro. H . G. Johns Secretary. After prayer by the Chairman the 

Chairman explained the object of the meeting to be to lay off the 

work of the Deacons and Elders. Ordered by the meeting that the 

Chair appoint a Committee of Three to lay off the work of the 

Elders and Deacons. The Chair appointed as the Committees Bros. 

White, Weatherly and H. A. Baxter the Committee. The Committee 

reported as follows: The North Division begimiing at Margaret 

Alexander' s on the Turnpike, thence with S. I. Road to the school 

house near Milton, thence went including Mrs. Elrod and John 

Dillon and all north. Middle Division: Beginning o n John W. 

Spain thence being west so as to include Dillard McKnight . In 

the Middle Division thence West to the Creek at T. B. Vaughts 

gate, thence west with S. N. Creek all South of S. N. line to the 

Stones River Church line is included in the 3rd Division. The 1st 

Division is assigned to Bro. R. F.Baxter the 2nd Division to Bro. 

W. B. White and the 3rd Division to Bro. Jas . N. McKnight. 


James N. McKnlght was Elected Secretary of the Board of Deacons 
and W. B. White Treasurer. Minutes were read and approved the 
meeting adjourned, H. L. Johns, Sec. 

Collections taken up in the Hopewell Church for Congrega- 
tional and other. 

Per last report members 83 (note: this does not talley with 

report as given on preceeding report, but I copied it as given). 

deaths 3 

dismissed 1 

excommunicated 1 
baptised 1 

total in communion 78 

David N. Baxter departed this life July 26th 1876. H. G. Johns , 

S.C. Protem. 

N. A. Baxter departe-d this life August 21st I876 calmly 
trusting in Christ (this may be H. A. Baxter, it is a strange 
character, hard to read). 

Session and Deacons meeting at Church March l8th 1877. 

Present Rev. W. L. Rossen Moderator, Elders present J. H. Baxter , 

J. C. Herndon , H. G. Johns and D. Hogwood . Deacons present: 

Jas. W. McKnight , VJ. B. White and R. F. Baxter . Constituted with 

prayer report of Deacons is as follows: 

Sustentation $20.00 
Evangelistic 15.00 
Invalid 10.35 

Foreign mission 25.00 
Publication 11.00 
Education I8.7O 

Presbyterial I8.5O 
Pastors Salary pd.200.00 

Congregational 23. '^5 Total $3^1.85 
Fifty dollars of the amount was given George Peables of 
Hopewell, D. Hogwood 

Report last to Presbytery at Shiloh April 1st 1877. 


Total in Communion from last report (S3 

added on examination 11 

Baptism Adults 8 

deaths 2 

Total 92 

Collected in l877 April 1st and payed $332.85 
Children in Sabbath School 38. 
Elders 4, Deacons 3. D. Hogwood, S.C. 

April 7th I878 per last report to Presbytery total in communion 92 

added upon examination 3 

added on certificate 2 

adult baptisms 3 

infants 1 

No. of baptisms non communicants 13 

Excommunicated 6 

Total in Communion 91 

Collected since last report $363.00. Pastors salary paid $200.00. 
No. of Elders 4, No. of Deacons 3. Children in S. S. 60. 

H. G. Johns. S. C. Protem. 

Sept. 5th 1878. Baptised Edgar Brantle y son of S. P . and 

Mary J. Brantley . 

Brother George Peebles departed this life the 21st April I879. 

Sister Lucinda R. Martin departed this life 19th June 1879. 

Sister Ella J. Wetherly departed this life the l6th of May 1880. 

Brother J. H. Baxter departed this life the 25th of Oct. 1880. 

D. Hogwood S.C. 

Saturday May 28th I881. The Congregation met at the Church 
and according to previous appointments went into the Election of 
Two Ruling Elders for this Church. Elders J. C. Herndon and H. G. 
Johns were appointed tellers of said Election which resulted in 
the election of George Lorances and Robert Baxter as Ruling 
Elders. H. G. Johns C. of S. Protem. 

Sabbath Morning May 29th I881. Congregation met for public 
worship and for celebration of the Sacrament of the Lords Supper, 
when before the morning sermon George Lorances was ordained a 
Ruling Elder for Hopewell Church by prayer and the laying on of 
the Hands of the Session. H. G. Johns, C. of S. Protem. 


Approved by Presbytery of Nashville as far as written at Waverly 
Church April 1st l882. 

May 6 1883. Bessie F. Thompson , Infant daughter of Rev. C . E. 
and Cora G. Thompson was baptised by Rev. J. S. Arbuthnot , D.D. 
H. G. Johns, S.C. Protem. 

The regular Spring Sacramental meeting was held on Sabbath 
May 7 and on Sat. preceeding. Rev. J. S. Arbuthnot D.D. of 
Murfreesboro Church preached both days and the people of God 
were much edified and strengthened and enjoyed a happy session 
of Grace. H. G. Johns. S.C. Protem. 

The regular fall meeting of the Presbytery of Nashville 
having met with Hopewell Church on Friday before the Third Sabbath 
in September l4th, 1882. The meetings were continued after the 
adjournment of Presbytery. Rev. G. A. Russell of Franklin 
Tennessee had intended to remain and preach for us but was pre- 
vented by sickness. Rev. E. Brantley Jr . remained and preached 
with much earnestness and power. The Church was much edified and 
strengthened and we hope an abundant harvest may follow the 
Sowing of so much good seed. H. G. Johns, S.C. Protem. 
At his meeting of Presbytery on Saturday 15th, John R. Herndon 
a member of the church was taken under the care of the Presbytery 
as a candidate for Gospel Ministry. 

Brother R. D. Black who had been a member of Hopewell Church 
since the year I83O a quiet unassiiming Christian living in peace 
with all men and full of the Faith of the Gospel was gathered as 
a ripe sheaf into the garner of the "Master" on the 26th of Jan. 
1883. H. G. Johns S.C. protem. 



by Ester Couch 

The Stones River Presbyterian Church, U.S., located In 
the 17th District, Rutherford County, Tennessee, near the east 
branch of Stones River, was organized April 1, I816, by the 
Rev. Jesse Eagleston Alexander. It was the out-growth of a 
camp meeting previously held about three miles from the present 
church on the road to Milton. After meeting for some years 
in a small log building on the opposite side of the road from 
the present church, Jacob Wright, whose wife, Becky, was a 
member of the Stones River Church, gave the land on which Stones 
River and Antioch Churches are built; Antioch is a Church of 
Christ, of which Mr. Wright was a member. The deed was recorded 
in 1848. 

A big log building with twelve corners was built just east 
of the present church. This building was replaced by a frame 
building on the same ground in I878, and the log building was 
torn away. An addition of Sunday School rooms was added about 
1954 or 1955. 

This building is in good state of repair. Worship ser- 
vices are held each Sunday, and other activities, as the program 
of the church directs. 

The following were charter members of the church: 

James, Eleanor, William and Isabell McKnight 

Joseph and Jane Knox 

Charles and Polly Ready 

Joseph and Jane Weatherspoon 

Charles and Jane Porterfield 

Polly Weatherspoon 

Peggy, David and Polly Andrews 

John and Sarah Henderson 

John, Peggy, Moses, and Rixney McKnight 

John M., Peggy, and Abigal McKnight 


Some of the ministers who have served as pastors: 

Rev. Jesse Eagleton Alexander, E. T. Brantley and 

his son, Erskine 

Rev. Thompson 

Rev. Mosley 

Rev. A. J. Crane, I9OI-I902 

Rev. T. A. Patton, I903-I907 

Rev. T. R. Riley 

Rev. W. W. Patton 

Rev. Mr. Johnson 

Rev. W. H. Matherson 

Rev. William Janes 

Rev. Wythe M. Peyton, Jr., (present pastor) 

Four men from this church were ordained ministers: 
Erskine Brantley, Walter Creson, Charlie Ralston, and Henry 
Sneed. They helped to carry the Work of God to other parts 
of Tennessee and to other states. 

It might be interesting to note that Frank and Silva 
Brantley, descendants of Brantley slaves, attended preaching 
services regularly until their deaths in early 1900's. 

by Esther Couch 


by Miss Pearl Youree 

The records of the Cripple Creek Presbyterian Church were 
destroyed by fire in the year 1927j a regrettable and irrepa- 
rable losSj but from deeds and records of our sister churches. 
Stones River and Hopewell, we have secured a partial outline 
of the history of our beloved church. 

The Church was organized either in l820 or l821 with the 

following charter members who were dismissed from the Stone 

River Church: 

James Bowie Thomas Berry 
Margaret Bowie Sarah Berry 
Mary Bowie Francis Youree 
Nancy Bowie Elizabeth Youree 
Nancy Neely 

Of these James Bowie and Thomas Berry were ruling elders. 

It is not known positively where these first worshipped, 
but it is known that a site of worship, very probably a log 
school house, about one-half mile from the present building, was 
used very soon after organization. 

A church building was erected some time before 1830 a few 
hundred yards across the creek from and directly in front of 
the present building. The land upon which this first building 
had already been erected was given by Richard Standridge, the 
deed being written September l4, 183O, but not recorded until 
1839. The elders who received the deed were Francis Youree 
and John Neely. 

The name of the church changed about this time to 


Standrldge Church (generally mispronounced as Standard's) 
whether from gradual usage of the donor's name or from deliberate 
choice is not known, but supposedly the former. The name was 
changed back to Cripple Creek about the first of this century 
during the pastorate of the Rev. T. A. Patton. 

We have no record of the disposition of either building 
or land, but we do have in our possession a deed for two and 
one-half acres, dated Feb. 24, I869, granted by William Patrick, 
Benjamin Becton and wife, and Mary Becton to the elders of the 
Cripple Creek Presbyterian Church, on the west bank of Cripple 
Creek for the consideration of fifteen dollars ($15.00). In 
that year, 1869, or very soon after, the present structure, a 
one room wooden building 60 feet long, 4o feet wide, and 25 
feet high was erected. Several improvements including a belfry, 
pews, concrete steps, and other small items have been added 
from time to time. 

This church having branched from the Stones River Church 
I it has kept rather closely associated with this church through- 
out the years. We find various accoiints of some famous camp 
meetings being held on McKnights Camp Ground, a plot of two or 
more acres, well shaded with hugh beech trees. There these 
meetings were held once or twice a year with a record of 535 
conversions in I8 meetings, these uniting with the Hopewell, 
Stones River, and Cripple Creek Churches, thus greatly strength- 
ening these churches in numbers and faith. That was a time of 
much manifest interest, sometimes as many as fifteen visiting 
ministers attending during one meeting. 

I The first pastor of our church was Jesse Alexander, who 
served the Murfreesboro Church; "Mr. Alexander was born January 


15, 1781, in North Carolina, immigrating to Tennessee in October, 
1802 and settling near Milton, in Rutherford County. He was 
licensed to preach September 2, l8l4 by Shiloh Presbytery and 
was ordained pastor of Stones River and Hopewell Churches April 
7, 1817. He also served the Cripple Creek Church. Mr. 
Alexander's labors continued over a period of the churches men- 
tioned. He lost his eyesight and for many years the blind 
preacher was a familiar sight with his saddle-bags and Bible 
as he rode on Sundays to fill his appointments, and his faith- 
ful horse v/as his only guide. The horse knew where to carry 
his master and never failed to keep the right appointment. He 
also know where the most cordial welcome awaited them and would 
draw up and stop at the gates of the members who loved to 
entertain the preacher." 

In the unpublished record of the Hopewell Church we find 
that this godly man departed this life June 15, I863 still in 
the service of these Churches. 

We also find from the above mentioned records that four 
years prior to Mr. Alexander's death the Stones River and Hope- 
well Churches had belonged to Shiloh Presbytery which did not 
withdraw from the General Assembly of the United States of 
America in common with most other Southern Presbyteries, but 
dissolved by a vote of its own body in April, I859. These 
churches then attached themselves to North Alabama Presbytery 
sometime before I872, that being the first date this presbytery 
is mentioned in the record. 

When our church was left without a pastor because of Mr. 
Alexander's death, several visiting ministers came to her 
felief over a period of four years, one of which, the Rev. 


H. C. Smith served almost two years. The others mentioned at 
this time were the Reverends Matt Marshall, A. Hradshaw, and 
E. T. Brantley. We were unable to secure any date on the lives 
of these men. 

In the fall of 1867 the Rev. M. A. McFeaters, a man of 
consecration and piety and very quick in his denunciation of 
any evil, was called as stated supply, serving more than three 
years . 

The Rev. Robert Caldwell, a man of mighty qualities for good, 
was chosed as the next shepherd of this small flock. However, 
duties called him elsewhere and he remained with our church 
but one year, beginning March ^ , I87I. 

Rev. ¥. L. Rosser, whose worth was already known and 
attested by results in previous series of meetings on the camp 
ground and in the church group, began a nine year ministry in 
this group in May, I872. This period was characterized by much 
religious activity and in an increase in the prosperity of the 

He was the father of Miss Ray Rosser who for several years 
has been the beloved teacher of Bible at Monroe Harding Home. 

In December, 1881 Rev. George E. Thompson was called as 
stated supply but was ordained in September, 1882. This young 
man came to us shortly after graduation from Southwestern 
Presbyterian University at Clarksville and Union Theological 
Seminary at Hampden-Sidney, Virginia. 

The records of Hopewell state that this young man was 
employed to give that church one-half his time at a salary of 
$225. We suppose that he divided the other half between Cripple 
Creek and Stones River. He labored in this field for a period 


of seven and one-half years. 

After being without a pastor from May, I889 until October, 
1889, the Rev. J. W. Mosely served almost two years as stated 

The group was then without a pastor for almost a year. 
In April, I892 Rev. A. J. Crane, a licenciate of Knoxville 
Presbytery canvassed the field and was called for a pastorate 
of ten years. 

The Rev. T. A. Patton came to this field as stated supply, 
remaining five years. The following is taken from an obituary 
published in the Christian Observer and written by Rev. A. S. 
Allen: "Rev. T. A. Patton was born September, 23, I867, and 
died September 10, 1924. At the age of sixteen he joined the 
Mt. Vernon Presbyterian Church in Wilson County, Tennessee. 
Here he grew to young manhood, and at the age of twenty- six 
married Miss Sallie Louisa Turney. To this union were born 
twelve children, ten sons and two daughters. One of the girls 
died in infancy. 

After he was married and several children had come into 
the family he felt a strong call from God to preach the gospel 
of Christ. And at a great sacrifice and inconvenience to 
himself and family, he with his family moved to Clarksville, 
Tennessee, to prepare for his life work. Here he took both 
literary and theological courses in Southwestern Presbyterian 

He began his ministry in Asheville Presbytery, N.C, In 
Sept. of 1901. His field of labor was Bryson City and Dillsboro, 
In March, 1903j he was called to the Milton group in the Presby- 
tery of Nashville. This group was composed of Milton, Stones 


River, and Cripple Creek. He served the Milton group until I908; 
when he was called to take charge of the Monroe Harding Chil- 
dren's Home, Nashville, Tenn. After one year's service at this 
institution he was called back to the Milton group 

In October, 1923, he was called to take charge of the 
Watertown group of churches in the Presbytery of Nashville. 
This group is composed of Buffalo Valley, Mt. Olivet, Mt. 
Vernon, and Spring Creek. He was now back in the field of his 
childhood and a young manhood, a happy man. His health soon 
gave way to a ravaging disease and he rapidly declined to the 
day of his death, September 10, 1924." 

It was during his pastorate that our belfry was built and 
the bell for the belfry was bought and installed. The money 
for these improvements was secured through the efforts of Mr. 
Patton who bought pigs and gave them out to the boys and girls 
of the church who fed and sold them and gave the proceeds to 
the church. 

There has never been a more highly esteemed or better 
beloved pastor on this field than this Godly man. 

During the year of Mr. Patton' s service at Monroe Harding 
Home, our group was served a few months by Rev, A. A. Dubois, 
a Baptist minister, who had united with the First Presbyterian 
Church of Nashville, and came to this field on the recommenda- 
tion of his pastor. Dr. William Anderson. In September, I908, 
he left us to enter Southwestern University under the care of 
Presbytery as a candidate for the ministry. 

The Rev. R. Q. Riley became our pastor in March, 1911? 
remaining until I919. This good man was very faithful in carry- 
ing out his pastoral duties. His old horse, John, and the buggy 


with the back curtain rolled up in summer, or with a storm apron 
tightly fastened on in winter, became a familiar and beloved 
sight moving about the countryside. He was the power behind 
the throne when our pews were remodeled, a carpet bought, and 
the church painted on the outside. 

Mr. Riley was born January 24, I865 in Kosciusko, 
Mississippi. He received his education in French Camp Academy 
and Southwestern, graduating from the latter in June, l894, 
leaving there to begin his first pastorate the first Sunday in 
July. He served his church in five states over a period of 
forty- five years. He is now retired and living in Memphis. 

In 1920 Rev. J. G. Johnson began an eighteen month pastor- 
ate of this group, which now included Woodbury. He made his 
home there as all the succeeding pastors have done. Mr. Johnson, 
the eldest of seven children, was born in Choctaw County, 
Alabama, September 8, 1868, but moved with his parents in infancy 
to West Station, Mississippi, where he spent his early years 
attending the free schools and helping with the expenses of the 
large family. At the age of twenty-six he left home to begin 
three years preparatory work in French Camp, Mississippi. He 
was then in Southwestern four years. He has been preaching 
since I902 when he began his work in Dickson ans Waverly. He 
is now pastor of the Madison Church. On December 20, 1905 he 
married Miss Isabelle Hopkins Boyd of Covington. To this union 
two sons were born. 

We were without a pastor for some months after Mr. Johnson 
left. He was succeeded by the Rev. W. W. Patton who was here 
four years 1923-1927. As have been so many of our pastors, he 
was a graduate of Southwestern, It was during his ministry 


that concrete steps were erected at the front entrance. Mr. 
Fattens wife was Miss Laura Neil, who with thi-ee cliildren survive 
him, sinc^e his death in 1936 at Watertown, his ;:hildhood home. 

After Mr. Patton left us to go to Alabana, he was followed 
by Claude C. Williams, a young man who had come into the U.S. 
L Church, from the U.S.A. Church. He served as stated supply 

for some months during I928-I929, never being received into the 
Nashville Presbytery. 

Our present pastor, the Rev. W. H. Matheson began his work 
in our midst in October of I929. He is a man of integrity, 
very kind and gentle. In his sermons he presents God's word 
in its truth and simplicity. He is held in the highest esteem 
I by every denomination. 

Mr. Matheson is a native of North Carolina. His education 
I was received at Davidson College and at Union Theological Semi- 
nary in Richmond, Virginia. 

He was licensed to preach May 20, 1927 by Concord Presby- 
tery and ordained June 19, 1927 in Mecklenburg Presbytery. His 
first pastorate of two years was Thomasboro, North Carolina. 

In 1927 he was married to Miss Laura Barclay, the daughter 
of a Presbyterian minister. Mrs. Matheson has been very active 
in church work, being Presbyterial Secretary of Young Peoples 
Work in I928 in Mecklenburg Presbytery. She taught vacation 
church schools in the synod for two years after moving here. 

Mr. and Mrs. Matheson have one child, Alice Barclay, born 
in November, 1937. 

Our grouping has been changed this year, 1939? because of 
distances. Our group now consists of Stones River, Cripple 
Creek, Woodbury, Rock Island, and a new church. Amity, which 


was organized through the efforts of Mr. Matheson and Mrs. M. B. 
McCrary, a member of the Woodbury Church. 

The Departments of Our Church 
The Sunday School 

The Church School should ever be a very Important depart- 
ment of any church and has been so in our church. Cripple 
Creek has always supported an evergreen Sunday School even 
though its membership has ranged from twenty-five to now more 
than sixty. J. D. Youree served as superintendent for many 
years. How well I remember, although a small child, his oft 
repeated prayer, "Hasten the time when the knowledge of the 
Lord shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." 

The Godly man was succeeded by W. M. Vaught a Baptist 
in our midst who was kind enough to help out when leadership 
was needed and none seemed to be forthcoming from the Presby- 
terians . 

J. L. Burks, Bryan Lyon, a young man who died in service, 
Searcy Coffy, Tennyson Youree, and Craig Youree have served 
as superintendents during the years since 1920. 

The Auxiliary 

The women organized some time before 1912 as the Ladies' 
Aid. Miss Pearl Youree was president when the name Ladies' 
Aid was changed to the Auxiliary. They later disbanded but 
have been reorganized twice since, the last time in 1936. 

The officers at this time were: President, Mrs. W. H. 
Matheson; Secretary, Miss Mae Caffy; and Treasurer, Mrs. Tom 
B. Youree. 

The present executive board consists of the following: 
President, Miss Pearl Youree; Vice-president, Miss Mae Caffy; 


Secretary, Miss Maggie Sue Youree; Treasurer, Miss Maggie Sue 
Youree; Circle Chairman, Mrs. Tom B. Youree; Secretaries of 
Causes are; Spiritual Life, Miss Mae Caffy; Foreign Missions, 
Miss Kate Walkup; Assembly's Home Missions, Mrs. F. C. Youree; 
S. and P. Home Missions, Mrs. Tom B. Youree; Religious Educa- 
tion, Miss Pearl Youree; Christian Education and Ministerial 
Relief, Miss Mae Caffy; Pastor's Aid, Mrs. Ray Walkup; Christian 
Social Service, Mrs. Tom. B. Youree; Historian, Mrs. Tom B. 

There being fourteen places to fill and only eight active 
members, there had to be some doubling and tripling in order 
to carry out the work of the auxiliary. 

¥e meet twice a month, the first Thursday in the month 
as a circle and the third Thursday as an auxiliary. Though 
few in number we try to witness for Christ remembering that 
he said, "It is not by might nor by power, but by my spirit 
saith the Lord." 

The Young People 

There once was a Christian Endeavor in the Church. We 
don't have any records to show the years. 

There being so few juniors and young people and more inter- 
mediates we grouped them into one organization in April 1939, 
using the pioneer literature with the following officers: 
President, Virginia Trott; Vice-president, Dorothy Fox; Secre- 
tary and Treasurer, Edna Falkner; Adult Advisor, Miss Pearl 

The present officers are: President, Edna Falkner; Vice- 
president, Irene Smith; Secretary-Treasurer, Fred Walkup; 
Adult Advisor, Miss Pearl Youree. 


Daughters of the Church who have married Ministers 

Miss Sue Belle Youree, the daughter of William Hall and 
Jimmie llerrick Youree, was married to Rev. E. C. Brainard. 

At that time Mr. Brainard was pastor of the Watertown 
group of churches remaining there two years. They then moved 
to Norwood, Louisiana and from there to Humbolt, Tennessee 
where Mrs. Brainard died following an operation in I919. 

After three years he was married to Miss Maud C. Youree, a 
half sister of the first Mrs. Brainard. They are now serving 
the church of Welsh, Louisiana. They have one daughter, Sara 

In July, 1910, Miss Lizzie Youree, daur.hter- of James I'^rancis 
and Sallie Nelson Youree was married to the Rev. C. N. Ralston. 
He was engaged in Sunday School work in Columbia Presbytery 
at the time. He was superintendent of Purdy Missions School 
in Memphis Presbytery for several years, moving from there to 
Ripley, Miss, where he and Mrs. Ralston are ministering to five 
mission churches. 

Miss Annie Youree, daughter of William Hall and Sallie 
Craig Youree married Rev. J. B. Butler in 1916. He was pastor 
of Bethel Springs group of churches in McNairy County. They 
later moved to Fausdale, Alabama, and are now living at Hobbs 
Island, Alabama. Mr. Butler has recently resigned because of 
loss of health. 

Miss Pearl Youree 


By Mrs. J.O.J. 


Militia Orders from Library of Congress 
Furnished by Fred Brlgance 

Major General Andrew Jackson 

Sir seeing your Division orders from the of 

Dec? 1811, I have requested the officers under my command to 
call their companies together (agreeably to the requisitions of 
your said orders) and know thereby what number of volunteers 
could be raised In my Regiment. 

In consequence of which request I have received the following 
returns, three Captains In the First Battalion having made no 
returns they being absent, but I have the fullest confidence that 
I shall receive handsome returns from each of these companies 
immediately on their Capt, return home. 

First Battalion 


Capt. McFerren 


" Gordon 


" Ramsey 


Second Battalion 

Capt. Reynolds 


" Crawford 


" Nash 


" Jetton 


" Hartgrove 


" Kindle 


one light Infantry company Capt. Yardley 46 
one Rifle Company Capt. Brandon 40. 

The above quota of men with myself and the second major 
tender our services through you to the President of the United 
States to be in readiness at any time when called on to serve 
our Country. 

I have not a doubt but the volunteers so named will march 
at any time to any place on the continent in defense of their 


I have established a military school in the bounds of my 
regiment to which all the volunteer officers above have sub- 
scribed and I hope they will improve much thereby as the teacher 
(Mr. Thomas Hubbard) is an old revolutionary character and who 

has the good of his country at heart and whose spirit is 

with flame of seventy six. 

I am Sir with deep regards 


James Henderson Lt. Col. 

Second Regt. Rutherford Co, 


Petition of Cornelius Sanders 
for Revolutionary War Pension 
Furnished by Christine Farrar 

State of Tennessee 

Wilson County Circuit Court October Term 1832 

On this 25th day of October I832 personably appeared In 
open court before the honorable James C. Mltchel Judge of said 
court now sitting Cornelius Sanders, a resident of Rutherford 
County State of Tennessee aged seventy years, who being first 
duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following 
declaration In order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress 
passed June 7th 1832. 

That he entered the service of the United States In January 
or February 178I In a company commanded by Capt. Dred Philips as 
a volunteer for a term of three months. He cannot recollect 
the precise day he volunteered his services, he was attached to 
a Regiment of North Carolina mllltla commanded by Col. Thomas 
Herndon, Ma j . Curlee was their major when he first jolnded the 
army they march from Halifax In North Carolina to Hillsborough 
but before they got to Hillsborough Ma j . Curlee for some cause 
left them and returned home and after that Col. Hunter? returned 
home and after that Col. Hunter? returned home owing to having 
his house burned, and then Capt. Dred Philips was elected Major 
In Curlees place and Axum Philips was elected Captain to Command 
the Company. General Thomas Eaton had the command of Brigade 
or division and marched the whole Force consisting as he thinks 
of about two thousand through Hillsborough and jolnd General 
Green's Army a few miles beyond Hillsborough, after our force 
united with General Greens army. The American Army under the 

command of General Green recoinoltred and persued the British 
Army until the battle at Gilford in March I780, he was in that 
battle and was in sight of Genl. Stephens at the time said Gen- 
eral got his theigh broke and horse killed under him in that 
engagement, said Stephens was a General of the Virginia Militia. 
After the battle at Gilford he march with the American troops 
to Ramseys mills on deep river where he remained stationed with 
a part of the american troops until the experation of his three 
months tour when he was discharged by his Capt. Axum Philips 
which discharge he has lost. 

A few weeks after he returned home there was a call for 
twelve months men his company was divided into classes consist- 
ing of twelve men and each class was to furnish one man to serve 
the twelve months tour. In casting lots in his class it fell 
upon him to serve the twelve months he march under the command 
of MaJ . John Armstrong from Halifax, North Carolina with the other 
troops raised in the Halifax district composed of Edgecome and 
some other counties to the division under Genl. Green within 
four or five miles of Camden. They had not organized any com- 
panies until they joined General Green. The troops which 
marched from Halifax district were divided and alloted to dif- 
ferent companies in Green's army to make them complete, they 
having been reduced by deaths and other causes, he was attached 
to a company commanded by Capt. Joshua Hadlay - Pinch Eaton was 
the Col. who commanded the Redgiment, Hogg, Dickson, Sharp and 
Armstrong commanded as Majors at different periods during the 
twelve months but at what periods they respectfully commanded he 
cannot undertake to speak distinctly at this distant time he 
recollects Ma j . Hogg was most generally with them. After joining 


Greens army we inarched to a little tc^wn called CharloLLo, and 
reconoitered, about Charlotte and Camden sometime, and then 
marched to Ninety six and beseiged the British garrison enfort 
at that place. He recollects the troops were employed in digging 
a trench towards the British fort. It was (rumered) the design 
was to blow up the fort during the seige. Col. Pinck Eaton was 
sent round with a small detachment with fifteen or eighteen men 
to a marsh or swamp near the British Fort to draw the attention 
of the British to that quarter, there were also three men sent to 
set fire to the British redoubts - Col. Pinck Eaton and all his 
men except three got killed in that service, he thinks the three 
men sent to set fire to the redoubt were killed also. After 
remaining at Ninety Six from three to five weeks the British were 
reinforced and General Green retired with the Force under his 
command. We march from point to point watching the motions of 
the enemy until the two armies met at Eutaw Springs where they 
had a severe engagement. This applicant was taken sick and was 
stationed at the house of one Spinks with eight or ten invalids 
in consequence of which he was not in that engagement. He 
remained at this place until his term or service expired and was 
there discharged as he thinks by Captain Joshua Hadley which he 
has lost. When he was discharged he had not recovered his 
health and was scarcely able to walk. 

He was upwards of two hundred miles from home and was a 
month or more after he received his discharge before he arrieves ? 
at home making a period of thirteen months or more he served 
this tour counting the time he left home until he returned which 
added to the former three months making sixteen months he was 


in service of the United States. He cannot recollect the precise 
day he entered the service the last time but thinks it must be 
sometime in May I78I. He was employed as a drummer and was 
sometimes attached to Capt. Joshua Hadley's Company and sometimes 
to Capt. William Lytle's company. 

In addition to the officers he has already named he also 
knew Captain Coleman, Capt. Armstrong, Capt. Hatcher, Col. Mabry, 
Col. Washington and Col. Lee of the light horse. He has seen 
General Marion but never was with him in service, he was also 
acquainted with Genl. Green the commander of the division, he 
cannot state the day he was discharged from either of the terms 
of his service. He further states he was born on the 30th March 
1762 in Edgecome, North Carolina as he has been informed by his 
parents, he has a record of his birth in a book at home which was 
put down as he has always been informed by his Grandfather on 
his mothers side, Cornelius Jordan, a few hours after his birth. 
When he grew up he bought the book in which his birth was recorded 
at the sale of his Grand Father's property after his death and 
owns it yet. He lived in Edgecome County when he entered the 
service, before the close of the war, however, there was a new 
county established called Ash County, it included the place where 
he lived. He resided in said county until the year 1808, as well 
as he now recollects when he removed to Tennessee and settled 
near the line of Rutherford and Wilson counties but rather in 
the Rutherford side where he has remained ever since. He states 
his residence is somewhat nearer Lebanon than Murf reesbourgh and 
the clergyman that is best acquainted with him lived in Wilson 
whose affidavit accompanies this declaration and who could not go 


with him convenietly to Murfreesborough is the reason he applies 
at this court. 

He further states he is known by Rev. Joshua Woolen, Moses 
Woolen, John Curry, Augusta Edwards and Glower W. Banton, Esquire 
and a great many others in his neighborhood. All he believes 
would testify as to his character for veracity and their belief 
of his services as a soldier of the revolution. He further 
states that he has no documentry evidence and he know of no per- 
son living at this time whose testimony he can procure who can 
testify to his service. He hereby relenquished every claim 
whatever to a pension or annenty except the present and declares 
that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any 
state whatever. 

Cornelius X Sanders 

subscribed and sworn this 25th 
day of October 1832 

Wm. Martin clerk of the circuit 
court of Law & Equity for the County 
of Wilson in the eleventh Judicial 

We Joshua Woolen a clergyman residing in the county of Wilson, 

State of Tennessee and Moses Woolen residing in the same county 

and state hereby certify that we are well acquainted with 

Cornelieus Sanders who has subscribed and sworn to the above 

declaration. That we believe him to be 70 years of age. That 

he is respected and believed in the neighborhood where he resides 

to have been a soldier of the revolution and that we concur in 

that opinion . Joshua Woolen 

Moses Woolen 
Subscribed & sworn to the 






















































Brad Shaw 



































Bunt en 







































































































Do ran 
















Dunne 1 

























































































Had lay 















































J curd an 



















































Me Neman 















































































































































Runnels (Reynolds) 24 































































































Yard ley 








































as of June 15, 1976 

Mr. and Mrs. John P, Adams 
Route #4 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Adkerson 
Route 8, Compton Road 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. M. E. Arnold 
Route 2, Box 62-S 
Richmond, TX 77469 

Mr. Donald Ball 
P.O. Box 684 
Knoxvllle, TN 37901 

Mr. Haynes Baltimore 
302 Haynes Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Robert T. Batey 
Route 1, Box 44 
Nolensville, TN 37135 

Mr. Tom Batey 

Box 578 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Walter E. Bostick 

5332 Jackson St. 

North Highlands, CA 95660 

Mr. H. C. Brehm 
5311 Indiana Ave, 
Nashville, TN 37209 

Miss Margaret Brevard 
903 E. Lytle 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. and Mrs. Fred Brigance 
1202 Scottland Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Brookshire 
1815 Hamilton Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Lida N. Brugge 
714 Chickasaw Road 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. J. T, Bumette 
P.O. Box 2 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mrs. Jean Caddel 

Box 654 

Waxahachie, TX 75165 

Mrs. C, Alan Carl 
120 Ensworth 
Nashville, TN 37205 

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RFD #4, Sulphur Springs Rd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Cecil J. Cates 
1103 Rutherford Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Steve Cates 
1417 Poplar Ave. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Colonel Charles R. Cawthon 
1311 Delaware Ave. , SW 
Apt. S-245 
Washington, DC 20024 

Miss Louise Cawthon 

1002 E. Northfield Blvd. E-107 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Almond Chaney 
Sanford Road 
LaVergne, TN 37086 

Mrs. George Chaney 
P.O. Box 114 
LaVergne, TN 37086 

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2728 Sharondale Court 
Nashville, TN 37215 

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525 E. College 
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1206 Belle Meade Blvd. 
Nashville, TN 37205 

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1907 Bartway 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. Robert Corlew 
Manson Pike 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Miss Edith Craddock 
1202 Kirkwood 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. A, W. Cranker 
305 Tyne 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr, Russ Crichton 
Colony House, Apt. G-4 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dallas Public Library 
1954 Commerce St. 
Dallas, TX 75201 

Mrs. Susan G. Daniel 
2103 Foxdale Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Mary Lou Davidson 
210 Kingwood Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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Box 119, Route 5 
Scottsboro, AL 35768 

Mrs. Florence Davis 

Old Nashville Hwy. , Rt, 2 

Smyrna, TN 37167 

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210 Lucky Drive 
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226 Grandview Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. Parker D, Elrod 
110 Swan Street 
Centerville, TN 37033 

Mrs, Moulton Farrar, Jr. 
502 Park Center Drive 
Nashville, TN 37205 

Miss Mildred Felker 

607 E, Pitkin 

Pueblo, Colorado 81004 

Mrs. Robert Fletcher 
14 President Way 
Belleville, XL 62223 

Miss Myrtle Ruth Foutch 
103 G Street, SW 
Washington, DC 20024 

Mr. John H. Fox 
1018 Northfield Blvd 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Edna G. Fry 

Box 470 

Melfa, Virginia 23410 

Mr. Don Gage 
Route #2 
Unionville, TN 37180 

Mrs. Carl E. Goodwin 
Route 8, Sanford Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Robert T. Goodwin 
202 N. Academy St. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. and Mrs. Thos. G. Gordon 

Box 722 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Robin Gould 

2900 Connecticutt Ave. , NW 

Apt. 324 

Washington, DC 20008 

Mrs. Robert Gwynne 
Brittain Hills Farm 
Rock Springs Road 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. Donald L. Hagerman 
807 Sunset Ave 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Miss Mary Hall 
821 E. Burton 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Miss Adelaide Hewgley 
Mrs. Eulalia J. Hewgley 
Route 3 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. B. K. Hibbett, Jr. 
2160 Old Hickory Blvd. 
Nashville, TN 37215 

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513 Landon Drive 
Nashville, TN 37220 

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Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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400 E, College St. 
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101 Division 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoskins 
310 Tyne 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. C. B. Hugglns, Jr. 
915 E. Main St. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. James K. Huhta 
507 East Northfield 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack I. Inman 
5712 Vine Ridge Drive 
Nashville, TN 37205 

Mrs. Dallas Ison 
1019 Houston Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Robert T. Jacobs 
Beech Grove, TN 37018 

Mr. Ernest King Johns 
Box 85, Route 1 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. Thomas N. Johns 
501 Mary Street 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

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Mayfield Drive 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

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615 Webb St. 
LaFayette, LA 70501 

Mr. Homer Jones 
1815 Ragland Avenue 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. Robert B. Jones, III 
819 West Northfield 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. and Mrs. Belt Keathley 
1207 Whitehall Road 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Miss Adeline King 
Cambridge Apts 
1506 18th Ave., South 
Nashville, TN 37212 

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. King 
2107 Greenland Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. George Kinnard 
Windsor Towers, Apt 1110 
4215 Harding Road 
Nashville, TN 37205 

Dr. Howard Kirksey 
1015 East Bell 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Lawrence Kllngaman 
851 NE 128th Street 
North Miami, FL 33161 

Mrs. Louise G. Landy 
1427 South Madison 
San Angelo, TX 76901 

Mr. John B. Lane 
P.O. Box 31 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Dr. Samuel D. Lane 
2310 Hampton Avenue 
Nashville, TN 37215 

Mr. Richard Lawlor, Curator 
History Assoc, of Wilson County 
112 S. Hatton St 
Lebanon, TN 37087 

Mr. Albert D. Lawrence 
225 McNickle Drive 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. Wm. C, Ledbetter, Jr. 
115 N. University 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Lemieux 
410 Kingwood Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Lalia Lester 
1307 Northfield Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. T. Vance Little 
Beech Grove Farm 
Brentwood, TN 37027 

Mrs. Louise G. Lynch 

Route 5 

Franklin, TN 37064 

Mr. Michael J. Martich 

95 Post Avenue 

Battle Creek, MI 49017 

Mr. Robert L. Mason 
Route #1, Hare Lane 
Milton, TN 37118 

Mrs. Dorothy Matheny 
1434 Diana Street 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Ed. Matheny 
102 Park Circle 
Columbia, TN 38401 

Mr, and Mrs, J. C. Matheny 
719 Ewing 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Maury County Library 
211 West 8th Street 
Columbia, TN 38401 

Mr. Floyd Mayfield 
510 Blue Bell 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. James McBroom, Jr. 
Route 2, Box l3l 
Christiana, TN 37037 

Mr. W. C. McCaslin 
Bradyville, TN 37026 

Mrs. Mason McCrary 
209 Kingwood Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hall McFarlin 
Route #2, Manson Pike 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Elise McKnight 
2602 Loyd Street 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Kirby McNabb 

Route 1 

Readyville, TN 37149 

Mrs. Evelyn Merritt 

R.R. #1 

Newman, XL 61942 

Miss Luby H. Miles 
Monroe House, Apt 601 
522 21st St. , NW 
Washington, DC 20006 

Mr. Donald E. Moser 
1618 Riverview Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Eugene R. Mullins 
2400 Sterling Road 
Nashville, TN 37215 

Dr. Matt B. Murfree 
Murfree-Clark Bldg. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Matt B. Murfree, III 
125 N. Maney 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. David Naron 

Rock Springs Rd., Rt. 1 

LaVergne, TN 37086 

Mr. and Mrs. James B. Nelson 
206 E. Clark Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. John Nelson 
Nelson Lane 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Lawson B, Nelson 
13812 Whispering Lake Dr. 
Sun City, Arizona 85351 

The NY Public Library, Div. G 
Grand Central Station 
P.O. Box 2237 
New York, NY 

Dr. Joe Nunley 
305 Second Avenue 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. J. H. Oliver 
The Corners 
Readyville, TN 37149 

Silva Wilson Partridge 
350 Arballo Drive, 5-K 
San Francisco, CA 94132 

Mr. Harry M. Patillo 

Box 1 

Eagleville, TN 37067 

Dr. John A. Patten 
2214 Riley Road 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Charles C. Pearcy 
LaVergne, TN 37086 

Mr. Dean Pearson 
414 Ross Drive 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. R. L. Pinson 
1407 Manson Pike 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. Homer Pittard 
309 Tyne 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. 0. Pointer 

Route 4 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. James T. Pollard 
3401 Leith Avenue 
Fort Worth, TX 76133 

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Old U.S. 41 
LaVergne, TN 37086 

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P.O. Box 544 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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Apt. 33, Executive House 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

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730 East Main 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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Route 3, Lebanon Road 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Billy J. Rogers 
506 Jean Drive, Rt. 2 
LaVergne, TN 37086 

Mrs. Elvis Rushing 
604 N. Spring 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Misses Racheal and 
Sara Lou Sanders 
1311 Greenland Dr., Apt D-1 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Richmond Sanders 
205 Cumberland Circle 
Nashville, TN 37214 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sanders 
P.O. Box 1275 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Evelyn Sanford 

Route 2 

Antioch, TN 37013 

Mr, John F. Scarbrough, Jr. 
701 Fairview 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Dr. R. Neil Schultz 
220 E. College 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. and Mrs. John Shacklett 
307 S. Tennessee Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Charles E. Shelby 
P.O. Box 6734 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Mr. William A. Shull, Jr. 
4211 Ferrara Drive 
Silver Springs, MD 20906 

Mrs. J. A. Sibley, Sr. 
c/o J. Ashley Sibley, Jr, 
P.O. Box 7965 
Shreveport, LA 71107 

Mr. Don Simmons 
Melber, KY 42069 

Mr. Gene Sloan 

728 Greenland Drive 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Miss Becky Smith 
1910 Memorial Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Colonel Sam W. Smith 
318 Tyne 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Miss Dorothy Smotherman 
1220 N. Spring Street 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Nell Smotherman 
207 Kingwood Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Travis Smotherman 
21 Vaughn's Gap Road 
Apt. B-28 
Nashville, TN 37205 

Mr. Jimmy Somerville 
345 Forrest Valley Drive 
Nashville, TN 37209 

Mrs. E. C. Stewart 
127 Inner Circle 
Maxwell AFB, AL 36113 

Mrs. Carl V. Stine 
Route 2, Box 780 
Azle, TX 76020 

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1330 Franklin Road 
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Stones River Chapter DAR 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. Billy Summers 

Route #8, Lascassas Pike 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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815 W. Clark Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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1810 Jones Blvd. 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. C. L. VanNatta 

P.O. Box 2862 

Rocky River, Ohio 44116 

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Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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204 Poplar Street 
Martin, TN 38237 

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5155 Abel Lane 
Jacksonville, FL 32205 

Mrs. Emmett Waldron 

Box 4 

LaVergne, TN 37086 

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202 Ridley Street 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mr. Bill Walkup 
202 Ridley Street 
Smyrna, TN 37167 

Mrs, George F. Watson 
Executive House, B-17 
Franklin, TN 37064 

Mayor and Mrs. W. H. Westbrooks 
306 Tyne 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

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917 Crownhill Drive 
Nashville, TN 37217 

Miss Kate Wharton 
Box 156, Route 2 
Apopka, FL 32703 

Mr. Alfred White 

506 Lillard Road 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Erma R. White 
920 Southerly Road 
Towson, Maryland 21204 

Miss Virginia Wilkinson 
1118 E. Clark 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. Ammon Williams 

Route 2 

Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Virginia Wilson 

507 Winfrey Drive 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Edwin D. Witter, Jr. 
1864 Doris Drive 
Menlo Park, CA 94025 

Mrs. Pauline H. Womack 
307 E. Monroe 
Greenwood, MS 38930 

Mrs. John Woodfin 
1320 Richland Place 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mrs. Jane Snell Woods 
3428 Hampton Avenue 
Nashville, TN 37215 

Mr. Henry G. Wray 
24367 Fir Avenue 
Sunnymead, CA 92388 

Mrs. A. H. Wright, Jr. 
1415 Harding Place 
Nashville, TN 37215 

Mr. Thomas D. Yates 
Rutherford County Health Dept, 
303 N. Church 
Murfreesboro, TN 37130 

Mr. F. Craig Youree 
Route #2 
Readyville, TN 37149 


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Rutherford County Historical 









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