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Gc m 







3 1833 00729 7515 


Sussey IRecoib Society, 







%c\vee : 

Farncombe & Co., Limited, Printers. 







?i|0ix. S>ecr£taro : 

PERCY S. GODMAN, Muntham, Horsham. 

^Treasurer : 

MAJOR H. P. MOLINEUX, F.G.S., Old Bank, Lewes. 

Eiterarg ©irectors : 

REV. W. HUDSON, F.S.A., 65, Ashley Gardens, Westminster, S.W. 
L. F. SALZMANN, Woodlands, Hope Park, Bromley. 

^lecteti iHembcrs of Council: 

REV. CANON J. H. COOPER (Chairman). 


E. H. W. DUNKIN, F.S.A. 






Clerk anti Collector: 

MR. W. W. DAVEY, The Lirrary, Lewes Castle, 

Who is authorised to receive Subscriptions and to whom all Commtmications 
respecting Suhscriptions and the delivery of Volumes sJiould be addressed. 


1901. AUfrey, Miss K. E., Friston, Wray Commou Eoad, Eeigate. 
1901. Attree, Col. F. W. T., f.s.a., 32, Park Mansions, Prince of Wales 
Koad, London, S.W. 

1901. Banuerman, W. Bruce, Esq., f.s.a.. The Lindens, Sydenham Eoad, 


1901. Barham, Sir C, Danehm-st, Hampstead, N.W. 

1901. Bax, A. Eidley, Esq., f.s.a.. Ivy Bank, Hampstead, N.W. 

1901. Bevan, E. A., Esq., Horsgate, Cuckfield. 

1901. Boger, J. I. C, Esq., m.a., 77, Marine Parade, Brighton. 

1901. BorradaUe, C, Esq., 3, Norfolk Terrace, Brighton. 

1901. Bowden, Eev. J., Aixlingly, Susses. 

1901. Boyson, A. P., Esq., f.z.s.. Grove Lodge, Tring. 

1901. Breach, W. Povrell, Esq., Newham House, Steyning. 

1901. Brighton Town Council, care of Hugo Talbot, Esq., Town Clerk. 

1901. Brown, J. EUnian, Esq., Buckingham Lodge, Shoreham. 

1906. Brown, Eev. J. Cavis, Selsey Eectory, Sussex. 

1901. Burdon, Eev. Prebendary E. J., St. Peter's Vicarage, Chichester. 

1901. Chichester, The Eight Eev. the Lord Bishop of. The Palace, Chichester. 

1901. Clarke, C. B. 0., Esq., Brook House, Hayward's Heath. 

1901. CLarke, E. S., Esq., f.r.g.s., Hookland, Eedford, Midhurst. 

1905. Clarke, Lieut.-Col. E. Stephenson, Borde Hill, Cuckfield. 

1901. Clarke, Somers, Esq., f.s.a., 15, Dean's Yard, Westminster, S.W. 

1901. Codringtou, Eev. Prebendary E.H., d.d., 54, South Street, Chichester. 

1901. Comber, J., Esq., High Steep, Jarvis Brook. 

1901. Cooper, Eev. Canon J. H., Cuckfield, Sussex. 

1901. Cooper, Eev. T. S., f.s.a., Chiddingfold, Godalming. 

1901. Cotchiug, J. F. A., Esq., AVest Lodge, Horsham. 

1906. Curtis, James, f.s.a., 179, Marylebone Eoad, London, N.W. 

1901. Davey, Eev. Chancellor H. M., m.a., f.s.a., Cawley Priory, Chichester. 

1901. Deedes, Eev. Prebendary C, 32, Little Loudon, Chichester. 

1901. Devonshii-e, His Grace the Duke of, Devonshire House, London, W. 

1901. Dunkin, E. H. W., Esq., f.s.a., Eosewyn, 70, Heme Hill, London, S.E. 

1908. Eastbourne Central Library, care of Accountant, Town Hall, East- 
1901. Eden, Eev. A., Vicarage, Ticehurst, Hawkhurst. 


1901. Farnconibe, J., Esq., Saltwood, Spencer Road, Eastboiu'ue. 

1901. Fletcher, W. H. B., Esq., Aldwick Manor, Bognor. 

1901. Freeland, W. B. B., Esq., Chichester. 

1901. FuUer, Rev. A., m.a., The Lodge, 7, Sydenham HiU, S.E. 

1901. Godman, C. B., Esq., Woklrhigfold, Horsham. 

1901. Godman, F. du Cane, Esq., f.k.s., f.s.a.. South Lodge, Cowfold, 


1901. Godman, P. S., Esq., Mnntham, Horsham. 

1901. Greenwood, J. Anderton, Esq., Fuutmgton House, Chichester. 

1901. Gregory, H. E., Esq., Quintain House, Offham, Kent. 

1901. Gwynne, J. E. A., Esq., f.s.a., FoMngton Manor, Polegate. 

1901. Haines, C. R., Esq., Pulborough. 

1901. Hall, W. Hamilton, Esq., f.s.a., f.r. hist, s., Fordcombe, Tunbridge 


1901. Harben, Sir H., Warnham Lodge, Horsham. 

1901. Harben, H. A., Esq., f.s.a., 107, Westbourne Terrace, London, W. 

1901. Harley, J., Esq., Beedings, Pulborough. 

1901. Henty, E., Esq., f.s.a., Ferring, near Wortliing. 

1901. Henwood, R., Esq., Carfax, Horsham. 

1901. Holmes, G. P., Esq., Arundel. 

1901. Hove Public Library, care of J. W. Lister, Esq. 

1902. Hovenden, R., Esq., Heathcote, Park Hill Road, Croydon. 
1901. Hudson, Rev. W., f.s.a., 65, Ashley Gardens, Westminster, S.W. 
1901. Huth, E., Esq., Wykehurst Park, Bolney. 

1901. James, W., Esq., West Dean Park, Chichester. 

1901. Johnston, P. M., Esq., 21, De Crespigny Park, Denmark Hill, S.E. 

1901. Kempe, C. E., Esq., Old Place, Lindfield. 

1901. Levy, L., Esq., Borden Hall, by Sittingbourne. 

1901. Lewes Public Library, care of M. S. Blaker, Esq., Town Clerk. 

1902. Lincoln's Inn Library, London, per A. F. Etheridge, Esq. 
1901. Liverpool, The Earl of, f.s.a., Kirkham Abbey, Yorks. 
1901. Lucas, C. J., Esq., Warnham Court, Horsham. 

1901. Maberly, Major T. A., Mytten, Cuckfield. 

1902. Markwick, Colonel E. C, c.k., f.r.a.s., Innisfallen, Cami^bell Road, 


1902. Marshall, Dr. G. W., f.s.a.. Heralds College, London. 

1901. Martin, C, Esq., The Watch Oak, Battle. 

1901. McAndrew, J., Esq., Holly Hill, Coleman's Hatch, Tunbridge WeUs. 

1901. Molineux, Major H. P., f.g.s., Morningtou, Buxton Road, Eastbourne. 


1901. Newiugton, Sire. C, Oakover, Ticehurst. 

1901. Xorfolk, His Grace the Diike of, k.g., e.m., Arundel Castle, Aruudel. 

1902. OKrer, E., Esq., New Place, Liiigficld, Siu-rey. 

1901. Pamiett, A. E., Esq., 16, Boltro Road, Hayward's Heath. 

1901. Pearson, Sir W. D., 10, Victoria Street, Westminster, S.W. 

1901. Raper, W. A., Esq., Battle. 

1901. Eenshaw, W. C, Esq., k.c, Sandrocks, Hayward's Heath. 

1901. Rice, R. Garraway, Esq., f.s.a., CariJenter's Hill, Pulborough. 

1901. Salzmann, L. F., Esq., Woodlands, Hope Park, Bromley, Kent. 

1901. Snewin, H. E., Esq., Park Road, Worthing. 

1906. Society of Antiquaries, London, W. 

1901. Stenning, J. C, Esq., Steel Cross House, Tunbridge Wells. 

1901. Streatfeild, R. J., Esq., The Rocks, Uckfield. 

1901. Sussex Archaeological Society, The Castle, Lewes. 

1901. Sutton, Veu. Archdeacon R., The Vicarage, Perensey. 

1901. Thomas-Stanford, C, Esq., Preston Manor, near Brighton. 

1906. Thomson, J. Maitland, d.l., ll.d., 3, Grosvenor Gardens, Edinburgh. 

1901. Trist, G. A., Esq., Prestwood, liield, near Crawley. 

1901. Tubbs, Mrs. L. C, Caple-ne-Ferne, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

1901. Vernon, M. H. H., Esq., North Street, Horsham. 

1901. Wagner, H., Esq., f.s.a., 7, Belvedere Terrace, Brighton. 

1901. Wedgwood, R. H., Esq., Slindon, near Arundel. 

1905. Woollam, J. H., Esq., 19, Deerbrook Road, Tulse Hill, S.E. 

1901. Wyatt, H. R. Penfold, Esq., Cissbury, Worthing. 


1901. Hope, William Henry St. John, Esq., Burlington House, Piccadilly, W 
1901. Roimd, J. Horace, Esq., 31, Alfred Place West, S.W. 


1. The Society sliall be called "The Sussex Eecord Society," 
and its object shall be to trauscribe and publish documents relating 
to the County. 

2. The affairs of the Society shall be managed by a Council, 
which shall consist of a President, Vice-President, the Secretary, 
the Literary Director, the Treasurer and Twelve Members, all of 
whom shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting. Three 
Members of the Council shall form a cjuorum. 

3. Every Candidate for Membership on being nominated by a 
Member, to wliom he is personally known, shall be admitted by the 
Secretary on payment of his subscription. 

4. The Council shall have power to elect as an Honorary 
Member outside the County any person likely to promote the 
interests of the Society. 

5. The Annual Subscription shall be One Guinea, payable on 
election, and afterwards on the 1st of January in each year, entitling 
to all publications issued during the year, but no Volumes will be 
sent to Members whose Subscription is in arrear. Any Member 
intending to withdraw his name from the Society shall give notice 
in writing to the Secretary on or before the 1st of January in any 
year of his intention to do so, otherwise he shall be liable for the 
current year's subscription. The Council shall have power at its 
discretion to remove the name of any Member who is more than 
one year in arrear of his subscription. 

6. The Annual General Meeting of the Members shall be held 
at Lewes in February of every year. 


7. A Special General Meeting shall be summoned by the 
Secretary on the requisition in writing of Five Members or of the 
President or Two Vice-Presidents, specifying the subject to be 
brought forward for consideration at such Meeting, and that 
subject only shall be then considered. 

8. No alteration shaU be made in the Eules except at the 
Annual Greneral Meeting, and notice in writing of the proposed 
alteration shall be given to the Secretary in January. 

9. The Accounts of the Society shall be submitted annually 
to the examination of Two Auditors, who shall be elected at the 
Annual Meeting from the general body of the Members of the 


Presented at the Annual Meeting, 21st March, 1906. 

The 4tli Volume of the KSociety's publications has been issued 
to the members and contains Miscellaneous Documents of much 
interest and usefulness. In particular, voluminous Extracts from 
three parts of the Eegister of Bishop Praty (1438-1445) have been 
compiled by Prebendary Deedes. The compilation has been made 
with great skill and very considerable labour, and the best thanks 
of the members are due to the compiler. 

Volume v., containing the Protestation Returns for West Sussex 
in 1642, prepared by Mr. E. Garraway Eige, F.S.A., is being 
printed. This is the Volume for 1905 ; that for 1906, Volume VI., 
which will be commenced as soon as Volume V. is finished, will 
contain a continuation of the Marriage Licenses, contributed to the 
Society in Volume I. by Mr. E. H. W. Dunkin, F.S.A. To follow 
these, the Council have in contemplation for 1907 The Poll Tax for 
the Eape of Chichester, in course of preparation by Mr. Percy S. 
GoDMAN, and also beyond 1907 further Extracts from the Episcopal 
Registers, by Prebendary Deedes. 

The Council have again to acknowledge a further most generous 
gift of £30 (in addition to his former donation of £20 last year), 
from Mr. Henry Wagner, P.S.A. The Council desire to express 
their grateful sense of such invaluable assistance towards the 
development of the Society. 

The Council would once more urge upon all its members the 
importance of obtaining a larger number of subscribers, to enable 
the Society to enlarge its publications. 

The Officers of the Society o&ev themselves for re-election. 










o o 

yj CO 






Of the Middle Temple, BARRiSTER-Ax-LA'n', 

Issued to Subscribers of the Sussex Record Society for 
THE Year 1905. 




Introduction i to xvi 

Corrigenda xvii 

The Protestation (p. 2), with the Order and Eesolu- 

TioNS OF the House of Commons Thereon ...... I to 4 

Sussex Petition (Petition of the High Sheriff, 
Knights, Esquires, etc., that the Protestation 
MAY BE Generally Taken, etc., of the County 
of Sussex) 4 to 5 

The Protestations — 

The Returns (Note upon) 6 

Miscellaneous Papers 6 

Justices of the Peace (Letter of the Justices 
OF THE Peace to the Knights and Burgesses 
OF THE County, Respecting their Taking the 
Protestation, 1641-2, Feb. 28) 7 

Sir John Leedes (Certificates of the Justices of 
THE Taking of the Protestation by Sir John 
Leedes) 7 

The Names of the Ministers, Constables, Church- 
wardens AND Overseers, in the Eape of 
Chichester, who Took the Protestation (Cer- 
tificates OF Justices of the Peace) 8 to 16 

The Protestation Returns, under Parishes, arranged 

lexicographically 1 7 to 202 

Index of Surnames and Places 205 to 246 


rjlHE PEOTESTATION EETUENS were the outcome of a Resolu- 
tion of the House of Commons made on the 30th of July, 
1641, declaring inter alia " That what person soever shall not take 
the Protestation is unfit to heare Office in the Church or Common- 
wealth" (p. 3). The Protestation (p. 2) with the Order, Preamble, 
and Resolutions of the House of Commons thereon are given in the 
opening pages of this work (pp. 1 to 3), and by reference thereto the 
scope of the movement, which was both religious and political, can 
be easily gathered. These documents are given verbatim et literatim 
from an official printed copy sent down to Tangmere (p. 174), upon 
the dorse of which the Rector of that Parish made his Beturn. It is 
interesting to note that the printer of this official document apparently 
ran out of capital P's and had to use some of a different fount. Another 
copy, but not printed from the same type, was used in a like manner 
in making the Beturn for the Cathedral Close of Chichester (p. 45), a 
duplicate of which is also attached to the Beturns for the parishes in 
that City (p. 44). The Protestations have been dealt with by the 
Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts.^ The Protestation is 
printed in extenso in the Report,^ where the annexed account of the 
movement is given : — 

"This protestation was reported and agreed to in the Commons, 
and ordered to be made by every member of that House on the 3rd of 
May, 1641. It was agreed to by the Lords, and ordered to be made 
by every member of their House on the following day. On the 5th 
of May the Commons ordered the protestation and preamble to be 
printed, the copies to be attested by the Clerk, and then sent b}' the 
members of their several counties and boroughs, with an intimation 
' with what willingness the members of this House made this protesta- 
' tion, and as they justify their taking of it in themselves, so they 
' cannot but approve it in them that shall likewise take it.' Subse- 
quently it was resolved that the protestation is fit to be made by 

^ Fifth Report of the Royal Commissiou on Historical Manuscripts, Part I. 
Report and Appendix, 1876 [C. 1432]. 
- Ibid., p. 3. 


everyone, and that what person soever shall not make the protestation 
is unfit to bear office in the church or common-wealth, and that it is a 
' Shibboleth to discover a true Israelite.' " 

"In January 1641-2, the Speaker recommended by letter the 
making of the protestation to the sheriffs, mayors, and others in 
general. The returns of the names of those who had made the pro- 
testation appear to have come in rapidly after this, for on the 8th of 
March they are referred to a committee instructed to receive them, and 
to consider what is fit to be done with those that refuse the protesta- 
tion. The returns are for the most part dated February or March 
1641-2, and contain in almost all cases the names of those persons 
who have subscribed the protestation, and sometimes also the names 
of any who have refused. In a few cases the minister of the parish 
certifies that all have subscribed without giving the names." ^ 

The Protestation Bcturns are preserved at the House of Lords (p. 6). 

Amongst many other points of interest, the West Sussex Protesta- 
tion Returns cannot fail to be of service to inquirers who are studying 
the distribution of the population of the County in the 17th century ; 
further, as indicating the names of those persons professing the Uoman 
Catholic Religion, they are perhaps unrivalled, while to the genealogist 
the parochial lists of names are invaluable, for by their aid the 
whereabouts of off-shoots from families can be ascertained, and thus 
much haphazard searching of parish registers avoided. 

These Beturns, containing, as they do, lists of the names of all 
males aged eighteen years and upwards, whether householders or not, 
and in which lists absentees, etc., are carefully accounted for, form 
almost a complete Directory of the period for the Western half of the 
County, showing a total of about twelve thousand eight hundred and 
nineteen persons, omitting duplicate names. This number is inclusive 
of those names partly gone, which occur in the few damaged Returns, 
and also of the parish officers, who are not always mentioned by 
name in the Returns, in consequence of having previously taken 
the Protestation before the Justices. To these may be added the 
estimated number of six hundred, for those i^ersons whose names 
were entered in the five missing Returns (p. 6), based upon the 
l^opulation of those parishes in 1801, which gives in 1641-2, for the 

^ Amongst the Sussex Returns there are not any of this description. 


three Western Bapes, a male population, aged eighteen years and 
upwards, of abont thirteen thousand four hundred and nineteen. 

r\ A petition to the House of Lords is extant (p. 4), dated the 17th of 
February, 1641-2, of the High Sheriff, Knights, Esquires, Gentlemen, 
Ministers, Freeholders and inhabitants of the County of Sussex, asking 
iyiter alia " That yo' hon" would be pleased to joyne w"' y^ house of 
Commons for y* generall takinge of y® Protestacion, many reporting 
it as a thinge discountenanced by some of yo"^ hon"." 

The Beturns for the parishes in the Western half of Sussex (which 
are alone extant, those for the three Eastern Eapes having been lost) 
have been sorted by the Commission, and these are now arranged 
under the three Western Rapes respectively, the Beturns for the 
parishes in each Hundred being put up in separate wrappers. A 
topographical list made according to this arrangement is given in the 
Report.^ For the purpose of this work and in order to facilitate 
ready reference. I have placed the parishes in strict lexicographical 
order, and at the commencement of each Beturn have given both the 
Rape and Hundred, and also the official number, etc., with which the 
document is indorsed, so that if occasion should arise, reference to the 
original can easily be made. 

The Protestation was administered by the Justices of the Peace to 
the respective Ministers, Curates, Constables, Churchwardens and 
Overseers, who subsequently gave it to the male inhabitants of their 
parishes who were aged eighteen years and upwards. The only 
exception in the Sussex Beturns is that the Minister and Church- 
wardens, etc., of Billingshurst made the Protestation before " Giles 
Garton, sheriffe of the said County " (pp. 7 and 29). The Beturn 
for Chichester Bape containing the names of such officials is 
fortunately preserved (pp. 8 to 16). Amongst these is the name 
of "John Woodman, Curat of Yapton " (p. 14), to which is added 
" Arrondel Rape, but in respect of his being at Chichester, tooke it at 
Chichester before me Ed : Higgons." Reference to this list will be 
found amongst the notes given in brackets at the head of the Beturn 
for each parish mentioned in it. A similar Beturn for the parishes in 
Chichester is amongst the Beturns for that City (pp. 44 and 45). 

^ p. 132 et seq. 


Three Justices of the Peace in each Eape appear to have received 
directions from the Speaker of the House of Commons to take the Pro- 
testation themselves, and afterwards to administer it to the respective 
Ministers, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, etc. The Justices 
so appointed for Arundel Eape, as appears from their letter dated the 
28th February, 1641-2 (p. 7), were Sir William Goring, Baronet, who 
was of Burton, and Sir John Leedes, Knight, who was of Wapping- 
thorne in Steyning ; the Protestation was administered to the latter 
by his two colleagues at Petworth, on the 12th February, 1641-2, " who 
by reason of the indisposition of his health was disabled to travaile 
into Lewes there to take the Protestacion, as by Summons from the 
High Sheriffe hee was required" (p. 7) ; the third Justice was John 
Apsley, Esq., who was of Pulborough. The names of the three 
Justices acting for Bramber Eape can be gathered from the Beturns, 
viz., Henry Groringe, Esq., who was of Highden in Washington, to 
"the Minister, and Churchwai'dens, and Overseers of the Poor," of 
which parish he administered the Protestation on the 23rd February, 
1641-2 (p. 189), and he himself received it from the same Minister on 
27th February, as appears from the following note in the Beturii, '• M'', 
the day abovesayed, the sayed Henry Groringe, beeiuge of the Parishe 
of Washington, did take the Protestation aforesayed, beefore mee, Nic. 
Garbrand, Parson of Washington" (p. 189) ; the two other Justices were 
Ealfe Cowper, Esq., who was of Stroode in Slinfold, and Thomas 
Middleton, Esq., who was of Hills Place in Horsham. Two of the 
Justices who acted for Chichester Eape were, as appears from their 
Return of the names of the Ministers, etc., in that Eape who took the 
Protestation (p. 8), Edward Higgons, Esq., who was of Bnrj, and Sir 
William Forde, Knight, who was of South Harting; his name, as 
" Edw : Forde, Justice of the Peace," occurs amongst those of the 
parish ofHcers of Harting, in above Beturn, who took the Protestation 
at Chichester before him and the said Edward Higgons, Esq., on the 
l7th February, 1641-2 (p. 10). The name of the third Justice who served 
for Chichester Eape does not appear. For the City of Chichester, the 
Mayor and four other Justices acted, as appears from their Beturn 
(p. 44). The Mayor in that year [1641-2], according to both Hay's 
"History of Chichester" and the list painted up in the Council 
Chamber there, was one Eobert Exton, but in the Beturn (p. 44) his 
christian name appears, from his signature, to be " Elix " [PChr'', 
certainly not Eobert, or any abbreviation of that name. 


The procedure followed upon the arrival, in the respective parishes, 
of the Protestation from London, so far as can be gleaned from the 
Sussex Returns, would seem to have been this : — Warning was first 
given to the parishioners to attend at the church and take the Pro- 
testation there ; those persons who were unable to do so could receive 
it from the Incumbent or parish officers subsequently, and finally such 
persons as did not present themselves were called upon by the respec- 
tive Incumbents, Churchwardens and Overseers. In proof of these 
deductions some extracts are appended. 

The receipt of the printed Protestation from London appears to be 
recorded in the Return for Appledram (p. 22), for besides stating that 
the Protestation was taken "this 13"^ of February," 17th of Charles, 
1641-2, a note at the foot runs thus, " Eeceaved at the Swane on 
Saturday the twelfe of February 1641." The Minister, Church- 
wardens and Overseers of the Poor of Nuthurst (p. 130), after record-, 
ing having taken the Protestation themselves, state that they " Have, 
accordinge to the Direccions of the Howse of Commons, called the rest 
of the Parishoners together ^^ the 13th of February, 17th Charles 
[1641-2], "and tendercl unto them the same Protestacion, and have 
hereunder written the names of those Persons w"*^ have taken the 
same ; And further wee answere that there are none of our Parishoners 
w'='' refuse the same." At the end of the Return for St. Peter the 
Great, Chichester (p. 56), is a list containing twelve names, under the 
heading, " The names of the Inhabitants w'inthe Cloase of Chichester 
^^ch refused to take the Protestacion according to the Order." These 
persons, with fourteen others, as appears from the Return for the 
Cathedral Close (p. 45), all being " y*' inhabitants of y^ Claus of y* 
Cathedrall Church of Chichester, did upon y® eleventh dale of Febr : 
1641, w'^ all willingness, take y^ Protestation loHn y^ Quire of 'if same 
Cliurch, before Joseph Henshawe Do"^ of Divinitie, who had formerly 
himself taken it before the Justices of y^ Peace, according to y^ 
directions of this Ho'''^ House." From the annexed note from the 
Return for Lancing (p. 112), it is also clear that the Protestation was 
administered at the church, and subsequently by the Vicar to such 
parishioners as came to him, for he records that " Onely one, Thomas 
Swifte, the brother of John Swifte, the Coppieholder, a poore Fellow, 
haveing laivfull tuarning came not unto the Church or tmto me, to take 
the Protestacion," The Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of 


the Poor of Tillington (p. 181), in making their Return, give the names 
of three inhabitants " whiche have not made Protestacion," adding 
"the Minister and officers of the Parishe havinge bin at their Jtouses 
and cannot sj)eake with them." In the Beturn for Singleton (p. 157), 
in addition to the list of protesters, is a supplementary one of sixteen 
names, to which the following note, by the Rector, is appended : 
"Some of these have taken the above Protestation, and I doubt not 
but they all will, as soon as I can get to them, take the said Pro- 
testacion." It appears, from what is evidently a postscript, that three 
of the persons whose names are in the supplementary list, did not take 
"the said Protestacion;" it may be assumed, therefore, that as the 
result of the visits from the Rector, the rest did. Again, it appears 
from the Beturn for Westbourne (p. 192), that two parishioners "were 
warned . . . but did not come accordingly." 

The Sussex Returns are for the most part on paper, but some are 
on parchment. Taken as a whole, they are in an excellent state of 
preservation, although a few are slightly damaged at the edges, 
causing the loss of a small number of surnames ; attention is called 
to this where it occurs. In some of the Beturns the Protestation is 
recited, whilst in others it is not. Occasionally the Beturns contain 
the actual signatures and marks of those parishioners who took the 
Protestation. These names are frequently difficult to decipher, and in 
some few instances little more than a guess can be made. The marks 
have been reproduced as far as type would permit, crosses and 
nondesci'ipt marks being rendered by a cross thus X. The greater 
number of the Sussex Beturns are carefully written lists of names, 
generally certified by the Incumbents or Curates, Churchwardens and 
Overseers, etc. In these written lists the spelling is to a great extent 
phonetic, and at the caprice of the respective scribes, but they contain 
many items of interest not to be found in the first-mentioned lists. 
For example, the social position of the more important protesters is 
sometimes indicated either by the prefix " M''," or by the addition of 
"Esq.," "Gent.," "Alderman," "Phisitian," "Clark," etc. Trades 
are, however, rarely mentioned, but Thomas Cannon, of Henfield (p. 95), 
is described as "tanner," and Thomas Simmons, of Boxgrove (p. 36), 
as "shouelm" (?shovelman), besides which two or three trades are given 
in the Beturn for West Dean (p. 69), hereinafter mentioned. One 
John Swifte, of Lancing (p. 112), is called "the Coppieholder." 


Yeomen and farmers are described occasionally, as of their respective 
farms, e.g., "John Mich ell de Oox, sen"^," and "John Michell de 
Maies," both in Warnham (p. 187). Senior and junior are used to 
distinguish persons of the same name, and in the Bekirn for Petworth 
(pp. 136 to 1 39), where there are five persons named John Philpe, one is 
described as " midle " (p. 1 39). In the South Harting Return (pp. 92 to 
94) there are three persons named John Pitt, one of whom is described as 
"of Uppton," and another as "the heire ; " again in the Beturn for 
Barlavington (p. 25) there is a like number of protesters, each named 
Edward Q-arrett, one being described as "Leiutenant at Portsmouth." 
Servants are occasionally described as such, e.g., in the Northchapel 
Return (p. 130) two protesters are severally described as " M'' Paylers 
man." In two or three of the Returns the inhabitants are grouped 
under hamlets within the respective parishes, thus in Lyminster (p. 
1 20 and 121) they ajjpear in three lists, headed Lyminster, Tottington 
and Weeke respectively, and in the Return for West Dean (pp. 69 and 
70) the protesters are severally gi'ouped under "West Deane and 
Chilgrove " and " Chilegrove and Stapleash." The Return for West 
Dean is of special interest, for it is the only Sussex one where, it 
would seem, the protesters, including servants, are arranged under 
households. In this Return, as also in that for Westbourne, when 
both fathers and sons protested, the latter are described as such. The 
names of "Robert Brooker" and "Thomas Brooker " are bracketted 
together in the Pagham Return (p. 134), and the word "frater" is 
written after the same. 

The material upon which each Return is made, and also whether 
the Return contains signatures and marks, or is merely a written list 
of names, is stated in the head note to each ; in the one case this may 
suggest a possible source, if the facsimile of an autograph is required, 
and in the other may prevent a useless journey. 

Two of the Sussex Returns are described in the Reporf^ as "of 
places not named ; " these I have identified as for Bosham (p. 34) and 
Chidham (p. 57) respectively. Another Return, from which a small 
piece that contained the name of the parish is torn, is indorsed in 
pencil "Place Unnamed, perhaps Linch." This I have likewise 
identified as really the Beturn for South Harting (p. 92), while 

5 Fifth Report [see ante, p. i, note 1), p. 133. 


another which, is indorsed, upon the authority of intx-insic evidence, as 
"West Preston," seems clearly to be the Beturn for Eustington (p. 148), 
in which parish the Manor and Hamlet of West Preston are situated, 
the place last named not being a parish. Again one sheet of a Beturn 
is indorsed in pencil " AVashington " etc. (p. 39), and consequently it 
is now placed with the Beturn for that parish, but it forms really part 
of the Beturn for Broadwater (pp. 37 to 39). The evidence by which 
the respective identifications have been effected is set out at the 
commencement of each of the above-mentioned Beturns. With the 
exception of five parishes," the Beturns for the three Western Eapes 
are complete. It is probable that the Beturn for Arundel, which is 
one of the missing ones, if sent in at all, went up at a later date, for 
in the letter of the Justices of the Peace (p. 7), dated 28th February 
1641-2, it is stated "And for the Burro we of Arrundell wee have 
receaved noe Accompt from them," etc. 

The care which was taken in order that none should pass unrecorded 
who refused to take the Protestation, or were absent, or suffering 
from sickness, etc., when it was tendered, may be gathered from the 
number of non-protesting Roman Catholics reported, with which I 
have dealt fully later, and from the following references relating 
to absentees : — 

Boxgrovo (p. 37); " There be non as have not taken this Protesta- 
cion, but only Thomas Browne, William Hartley, & Thomas Simmons 
who is very sieke." 

Chichester Cathedral Close (p. 46); "William Aldrige & Durant 
Hunt, two of y^ inhabitants of y® said Claus, did not take y^ Protesta- 
tion here, because (as they said) they had formerly taken it before y* 
Justices of y* Cittie in their severall Parishes." They were the 
Rectors of St. Olave and St. Andrew respectively and their names 
occur in "The retourne of the Mair & Justices of y^ Citty " (p. 44). 

Chichester, All Saints (p. 47) ; " Walter Symes, gent., is to take it, 
as he sayth, at his Parish in the Contery ; Richard Kybe, gent., John 
Githens & Zacheus Gardiner ar out of warninge." 

Chichester, St. Olave (p. 50); Four persons returned as "out of 

^ Aruudel, South Bersted, Bramber, Linch aud New Shoreham ; Sec also p. 6, 


Chichester, St. Pancras, within the City (p. 51); Three persons 
returned as "out of warning," two "being at London" and one 
" being in Cornwall." 

Chichester, St. Pancras, ivithout the City (p. 52) ; " Robert Duke 
out of warning." 

Chichester, St. Peter the Great (p. 55) ; A list of nine names headed 
" These whose names are here under writen being at London and out 
of warning." Amongst the number is that of " Edward Aylwin, 
yeoman, both ould & feeble & not able to come forth." 

Chichester, St. Peter the Less (p. 57) ; Five persons returned as 
" out of warning." 

CUmping (p. 62) ; All " have taken the Protestation Except John 
Bowker who hath been at London this fortnight." 

Dean, West (p. 70) ; All " have taken y^ oth of allegiance, some few 
only excepted, vf"^ wer absent, but not refusing to take y^ sayd Pro- 
testation speedily and willingly." 

Ferriiig and Kingston (p. 82); "One of our Church Wardens is 
Lame and not fit to travell, and the other is latelie removed from us to 
another Parish." 

Iping (p. 105) ; Three persons mentioned " whoe are from home." 

Linchmere (p. 115) ; "The names of such ar absent & from hoame, 
whereby they did not subscribe to this Protestacion." Four names 

Lyminster (p. 121); All have taken the Protestation "except 
Thomas Turner of Weeke, seaman, who went to sea about three 
weekes since & is not returned." 

Parham (p. 135); "The names of such as have not Protested; S'' 
Edw : Bishoppe, Knight & Baronett, Willm. Lydgater, his servant, 
who were both at London when the Day of Protestation was, & so 
are yet." 

Pulborough (p. 143) ; " Some have bin absent in the time appointed 
for the receiving of it [the Protestation], as M*^ Downes, who sitts in 
the Hon''^° Howse of Commons, a Burgesse for Aroudell in Sussex, and 


M' Watker attends the Terme upon his occasions, as also M"^ Isaac 
Bungar, and [blank^ Stradocke, M' Downes his man, who sayes hee will 
take it att Billinghurst Parish."^ 

Sidlesham (p. 156); All have taken the Protestation "except some 
3 or 4 of our neighbours that are seaforeing men, who have bene 
gone to sea this fortnight." 

SUnfold (p. 160); " Eeginald Mohune, Esquier, and John Nye, 
gent., were gone to London a weeke before notice was given for 
taking y^ Protestation, & are not yet returned." 

Stoughton (p. 172) ; A list, containing five names headed "Absent." 

Thakeham (p. 178); "The names of such as have not received the 
Protestation ; Richard Jordane in a journey, but one when hee is at 
home, that is a constant frequenter of gods house ; " three names 
bracketted together "Sick, but all good Protestants;" also four others 
" all from home, but no Papists." 

Trotton (p. 184) ; Two persons stated to be "from home." 

Warnliam (p. 188) ; Under the general heading " The names of those 
w"^'' have not taken the Protestation," are five bracketted together, 
"These are men employed about iron workes, & worke in other Parishes, 
but are not suspected of Popery ; " two others are described as "Abroad 
in a journey, not suspected of Popery," and "Eichard Braye, sicke, 
not suspected of Popery." 

Wcsthamynett (p. 193) ; "All these Persons above written have taken 
the saied Protestation, and there are none other men within the saied 
Parish w'^'^ have not taken the same, but only Pichard Floate, servaunt 
to John Lilliatt aforesaied, w''^ is now att AUingborne, where (as his 

'' John Dowiies, one of the signatories of the Death Warrant of Charles I. He 
could not have been M.P. for Arundel for more than a few weeks at the time of 
the taking of the Protestation, for it is said that he was elected in 1641-2, vice 
Henry Garton deceased. The baptisms of four of his children are recorded in 
the parish register of BUlingshurst thus : — 

1640, Oct. 3, " Richard Downes the sonne of John Downes, Esq'', and 

1642, July 12, " Elizabeth Downes the daughter of John Downes, 


1647, Oct. 29, " Rebecca the daughter of John Downes, esq'." 

1649, Aug. 15, "Johanna DoAvnes the daughter of John Downes, 


Master affirmetli) he hath taken this Protestation." The name of 
"Eichard Flott " occurs in the Return for Aldingbourne (p. 19). 

As another instance of the careful way in which the Returns appear to 
have been made, the annexed memorandum written by the Minister of 
Donnington at the foot of his Return (p. 71) maybe cited, "These 
are to certifie, That I my selfe tooke the Protestation before Edward 
Higgins, Esq', Justice of the Peace, viz. Febru : H''' ; And upon Joh : 
Brags Informacion [he was one of the churchwardens] I doe boleeve 
that the Partyes herein named have also taken the Protestation (though 
I my self were not personally present), in regard of my present 

That the principal object of the Protestation was not only to support 
the Protestant Religion, but also to discover Roman Catholics cannot 
be doubted, and this view seems to have been grasped by several of the 
Sussex Clergy, as may be gathered from statements made in some of the 
Returns. Thus in the Return for Binderton (p. 32), "There is noe 
Recusant Papist, or any other in this Parish, that refused to make this 
Protestation." The Vicar of West Dean (p. 70) reported, "We have 
no recusant Papist in our Parrish," etc., and in the Return for Iping 
(p. 105) it is recorded, "There is noe Popish Recusant Inhabitinge 
within this Parrish," etc., while the Rector of Parham (p. 135), 
after giving the names of absentees, mentions, "We have no Papists 
nor other sectaries in our Parish." Again the Rector of Treyford ctim 
Didling (p. 182) adds, "And as concerninge Popish & Romish 
recusants, we have none dwelling or abiding with us," and in the Return 
for Wiggonholt cum Qreatham (p. 194), following more the wording 
of the Protestation, it is recorded, "And there is not any in this 
Parish who are Popishly addicted, or any way disaffected to the 
reformed Protestant Religion, expressed in the doctrine of the Church 
of England, against all Popery and Popish Innovations." 

For those persons who professed the Roman Catholic Religion, the 
position must have been a trying one. Some appear to have accepted 
what seemed to be the inevitable and taken the Protestation, and it is 
probable that the lists of protesters contain names of many Roman 
Catholics who adopted this course. Others at first refused, but relenting 
took it, possibly considering discretion to be the better part of valour. 
Again others were ready to take it, omitting only that part relating to 


religion, while some appear to have hit upon the expedient of not 
being at home. In illustration of the above, the following extracts 
may be cited : — 

Angmering (p. 21); "All taken y^ Protestation . . . except 
William Bui-gess, a Popish Eecusant who refused to take it." 

Chichester, St. Pancras, without the City (p. 52); "James Druett, 
Alehouse keeper, a Popish Recusant, hath Refused to take this Pro- 

Chichester; St. Peter- the Great (p. 56) ; " The Persons refusing, 
George Lewknor, George Mathees, junior, John Winter, Recusants." 

Clapham (p. 61); " Som of Michelgrove Howse take itt not of us, 
wee not findinge y"" att home ; " this must have referred to the Shell eys, 
who were Roman Catholics. 

Cocking (p. 63); "The names of such Persons as have not taken 
this Protestation, Francis Complin, Recusant, George Miclienor, his 

Easehourne (pp. 75 and 76) ; Following the list of those persons who 
had taken the Protestation are five names under this heading, " The 
names of Recusantes subscribing to this Protestation and taking it 
wholy," while under "Recusantes absent" are four names. The 
rest of the Beturn, which is crossed out, is headed " The names of 
Recusantes refusing to take the whole Protestation according to the 
Prescript forme ; " fourteen names are given and the following note : 
"The Recusantes abovewritten doe refuse to subscribe to this clause 
of the Protestation, viz., ' The true Protestant Religion expressed in the 
doctrine of the church of England against all Popery w*in this Realme 
contrary to the same doctrine.' All the other part of the Protestation 
thejf have already taken & have subscribd unto it." The large 
number of Roman Catholics, whose names aj)pear in the Returns for 
Easebourne and Midhurst, was doubtless owing to the Browne -family 
of Cowdray being of that Faith. 

Ileyshot (p. 97); " Andrico Hammon, Papist," did not protest. 

Horsham (p. 102); "These whose names are under written have 
refused to take the Protestacion, viz', John Wakeman, William Nash, 
Thomas Edden, Popish Recusants." 


Ifield (p. 104) ; " None refuseing but James Hircombe." 

Linclwiere (p. 115); At the foot of the Return is this note, " Thomas 
Ailing, a Popish recusant, absent & hath not soe [?] taken this Pro- 
testacion, being an Inhabitant of Lynchmere aforesaid etc." This is 
crossed out, and as the name of "Thomas Ayling" occurs last in the 
list of protesters, he probably changed his mind and his name was 
added to the Bet urn. 

Midhurst (pp. 127 and 128); Following the list " of such as have 
taken the Protestation," is another headed " The names of such 
Eecusant Papists as refuse to take y^ Protestation in Midhurst." This 
list, which as well as the heading, is crossed out, contains fifty- 
four names. It appears from an indorsement that the Protestation 
was taken "y*^ 18 of February." On another sheet are two lists; the 
first, which contains thirty-five names, is headed "The names of such 
Pajiists as have taken this Protestation February 20"" 1641, in Mid- 
hurst." The second, which contains nineteen names, is headed " The 
names of such Recusant Papists as have refused to take this Protesta- 
tion February 20"' 1641, in Midhurst." It is interesting to note that 
the deleted list contains the same number of names as is to be found 
in the two substituted ones when added together, and further that the 
names are those of the same persons. This shows that a majority 
of the non-protesting Roman Catholics of Midhurst of the 18th of 
February took the Protestation two days after. 

Racton (p. 143) ; The names of two Popish Recusants occur in the 
Return iox this parish; one is given as "Mar. Mathewes, recusant, 
absent," but it would seem from an altered paragraph that both he 
and " Eichard Baker, a Popish recusant, who is [_altered to ' are '] 
willing to Protest this present Protestacion, only leaving out as farr as 
yt concerneth his Religion." 

Rogatc (p. 145); " AVilliam Eldridge, a Poore Popish recusant, 
refuseth onely to take that Part of the Protestation touchiuge Religion." 

Shipley (p. 153); The last name on the list is that of "Thomas 
Banfild," which is preceded by the word " Negate 

Slindon (p. 158); "Their are none other within the said Parish as 
have not taken the said Protestacion, but only Sir Garrett Kempe, Knit., 


M"" Thomas Kempe & his son, & Anthony Whittington his servant, w"** 
are from home." The Kempes were a Eoman Catholic family. 

Stedham (p. 163) ; The first name in the Return for this parish is 
that of " M"^ William Coldham, se.," while at the foot is this 
memorandum, " For the three elder sonnes of M"" William Coldham, 
M"^ William, M'^ Richard, M"" Anthony, Popish Recusantes, there were 
none of them at home at the same time." 

Warnham (p. 187); Under the general heading, "The names of 
those w""^ have not taken the Protestation," are the following Roman 
Catholics: "John Kempe, gentl. ; Henry, AVilliam, two servants; an 
olde man, whose name is not knowne, reported to be M™ Kemps unkle. 
These are recusants, who were warned to appeare, but came not." 

Wisborough Green (p. 196) ; " M"^ Thomas Smith, and John Smith, 
his Sonne" were entered on the 15th of February as refusing, but 
from a note it appears that they took "the Protestation" on the 19th. 

Woolavington (p. 200) ; " David White, a Popish recusant, hath 
refused to take this Protestacion, & William Dobbing, another Popish 
recusant, would not be fownd." 

Amongst the protesters having unusual christian names may be men- 
tioned "Quintilian Summers," of Bar nham (p. 26); "Granado Chester," 
rector oiBroachvater, and " Granado Chester, parvo " (pp. 38 and 39) ; 
" Aquila Cruso " and " Fregift Culins," both of St. Peter the Great, 
Chichester {-p-p. 53 and 55); " Stanislaus Browne, gent." and "Claudius 
Malbranke," both of Easehournc (p. 75); "Prosper Raynsford," of 
Henfield (p. 95); " Andrico Hammon," of Heyshot (p. 97); " Euticus 
Delton," of Horsham {p. 98); " Dominacle Fames," of Loxioood {p. 
118) ; " Onesiphorus Guy " and " Aminadab Stent," both of Midhurst 
(p. 126); "Balchister Pulinn," of Northchapel (p. 130); "Batty 
Pollington," of Nuthurst (p. 131); " Urbanus Pierus Birnfeld," 
curate, of Pagham (pp. 133 and 134) ; " Gershame Butcher, sen.," and 
" Gersham Butcher, jun.," both of Petworth (pp. 137 aJid 138) ; 
" Shrimtin Aburra " and " Eusebius Hayes," both of Sidleshavi (j)p. 
155 and 156); " Herda Davie," of Slindon (p. 158); " Spinola 
Dumpa," of West Thorney {-p. 179); "January Collins," of Trotton 
(p. 183); "Nando Somersall," of Wishorongh Green (p. 195); and 
"Eusebius Hale," of East Wittering (p. 198). 


By way of illustration of the Steyning ProtestatioJi Return (pp. 164 
and 165), dated the 25th of February, 1641-2, 1 have copied the names 
of all those inhabitants of the parish who subscribed to the Solemn 
League and Covenant (pp. 166 and 167) on the 24th of May, 1643. 
The list is taken from a volume preserved in the church, containing 
Churchwardens' Accounts, Vestry Minutes, etc. (p. 166). 

The value of the Beturns as giving a clue to the population of the 
various parishes has been already alluded to.® It is interesting to 
note that the Beturn containing the largest number of names is the 
one for Horsham (pp. 97 to 102), with a total of yii'e Immdred and 
nine ; of these names one hundred and sixty-nine appear to be of 
persons within the Borough, while the rest are those of parishioners 
only. The eleven other largest parochial Returns are Petworth, 419; 
St. Peter the Great, Chichester, 316, being exclusive of four inhabi- 
tants of the Cathedral Close, who are entered in the St. Peter's Beturn, 
and also twenty -six other inhabitants of the Close, who took the 
Protestation in the choir of the Cathedral ; Kirdford, 309 ; Midhurst, 
271 ; Westbourne, 236 ; Billingshurst, 225 ; Pulborough, 220 ; 
Steyning, 204; South Harting, 199; Wisborough Green, 181, and 
West Grinstead, 179, The aggregate of the Chichester parishes is 
about 772. The Beturn for North Marden (p. 123) has the smallest 
number of names, seven in all ; it is unique amongst the Sussex ones, 
for the Rector not only gives the names of his parishioners who took 
the Protestation, but also a list of the " Names of the men Inhabitants 
of the Parish of North Marden." This contains ten names only 
(exclusive of the Rector's) ; seven of these are the same names as in 
the list of protesters, to which number may be added: " Tho : 
Trunlett [or Trimlet] Churchwarden," and " Fran : James," the 
worthy Rector, who both had previously taken the Protestation at 
Chichester before the Justices. The two non -protesters were " William 
Jenman " who " is under eighteen yeers old," and " Timothy Arnold " 
who "is dumb & speechless." 

The index of Surnames and Places, in which all the more important 
variations in the spelling of the former are given, will facilitate 
reference to the work for genealogical purposes. In consequence of 
indexing only the Surnames of persons, the bulk of the index, which 

8 Ante, p. ii. 


is still considerable, has been reduced, yet it is hoped without 
materially detracting from its usefulness. It seems not unreasonable 
to suppose that the genealogical inquirer would but seldom want to 
look for a particular individual, the contrary of which is often the case 
when searching a parish register, while, as has been already pointed 
out, the location of the off -shoots of a family must save many useless 
searches ; this can be readily ascertained from the index of Surnames. 
Such corrections as it has been necessary to make in the lists of names, 
since they were printed, are given in the Corrigenda (p. xvii) and 
attention is also called in the index to all of these. 

In conclusion I would suggest that the respective Beturns might 
well find a place in the Histories of AVest Sussex Parishes yet to be 
written, while the names of Incumbents, Curates and Parochial 
Officers, etc., mentioned therein, will help to complete local lists which 
are necessarily often imperfect. Finally, my thanks are specially due 
to H. P. St. John, Esq., of the House of Lords Journal Office, for 
the facilities afforded me when copying the Beturns, also to W. Powell 
Breach, Esq., J. P., of Steyniug, for making arrangements for me to 
transcribe the list of the inhabitants of that town, who in 1643 took 
the "Solemn League and Covenant," and to W. Paley Baildon, 
Esq., F.S.A., for many valuable suggestions and for kindly assisting 
me whilst passing the work through the press. 



October 12th, 1906. 



Corrections to Navies in the Returns are noted in the Index. 

Foot-note. For Preface read Introduction. 

Bepton, 24th line, Peeter not Peter, 

Boxgrove Parish, Zas^ Zine &w^o?tc, "Sa: Hull7tof "God: Hill." 

Oving, 21st line, Boldwynn not Goldwynn. 

Boxgrove, 1st column, 7th name, Hammon not Hamm, dele 

Burpham, 3rd line. Eeference H. Q. 2 not H. 0. 2. 
Felpham, 3rd column, 11th name, Watersfeild not "NVatesfeild. 
Fittleworth, 3rd column, 7th name, Essex not Essen. 
Grinstead, West, 20th line, Wolldreg not Walldreg. 
Heyshot, 2nd line, Easebourne not Easebourn. 
Houghton, 2nd column, 4th name. Downer not Eowner. 
Littlehanij)ton, 2nd column, 8th name, Tankarell not Taukarell. 
Midhurst, 2nd line, Easebourne not Easebourn. 
Northchapel, 27th and 28th lines, dele "perhaps" and 

" Hottene." 
Petworth, 1st column, 3rd name, Machin not Machein. 
Tarring, West, 1st column, 21st name, "Jon Seslester [?]," 

perhaps " JouSeflester," i.e. Jousef Lester; and 2nd 

column, 19th line, " Inesley [? Juesley]," not Tuesley. 
Treyford, 6th line, Treyford not Trayford. 
Warnham, 1st column, 1st name, Minstrell alias Hersie, yiot 

alias Horsie. 

p. 206. Aldridge, etc., 44 not 43. 
p. 206. Dele "Awden, see Ouden." 
p. 241. Tremlet, etc., insert "(see also Trunlett) " hetioeen Trimlet 

and 10. 
p. 242. Trunlett, insert " {see also Tremlet) " between Trunlett 

and 123. 






































ir,4i - 2. 



The Return for the parish of Tangmere, Sussex [I.F. 4], is written 
on the back of the original printed sheet of paper containing the 
Protestation, with the Resolutions, etc., sent down from the House of 
Commons. The sheet measures 14} inches in length by Hi in width. 
The following is a verbatim et literatim copy of the printed matter.* 

Die Mercurii 5 Maii 1641, 

IT is this day Ordered by the House of Commons now assembled in 
Parliament, That the Preamble, together with the Pro | testation, 
which the Members of this House made the third of May, shall 
be forthwith Printed, and the Copies Printed | brought to the Clark 
of the said House, to attest under his hand, to the end that the 
Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses may send | them down to the Sheriffs 
and Justices of Peace of the severall Shires, and to the Citizens and 
Burgesses of the severall Cities, | Boroughs, and CinCj[ue Ports, 
respectively. And the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, are to 
intimate unto the Shires, Cities, Bo | roughs, and Cinque Ports, with 
what willingnesse all the Members of this House made this Protesta- 
tion : And further to signi | fie, that as they justifie the taking of it in 
themselves, so they cannot but approve it in all such as shall take it. 

WE the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses of the Commons house in 
Parliament, finding, to the great grief of our hearts, | that the 
designes of the Priests and Jesuites, and other Adherents to 
the See of Home, have of late been more boldly and | frequently put 
in practice then formerly, to the undermining and danger of the ruiue 
of the true reformed Protestant | Religion in His Majesties Dominions 
established : And finding also that there have been, and having just 
cause to suspect that | there still are, even during this sitting in 
Parliament, indeavours to subvert the fundamentall Laws of England 

* See p. 3, and also under Chichester, City of, and Chichester Cathedi-al-Close, 


[The Photestatiox.] 

and Ireland, and 1 to introduce tlie exercise of an Arbitrary and 
Tyrannicall Government, by most pernicious and wicked Councels, 
Practises, | Plots, and Conspiracies : And that the long intermission, 
and unhappy breach of Parliaments, hath occasioned man}' illegall 
Tax I atious, whereupon the Subject hath been prosecuted and grieved: 
And that divers Innovations and Superstitions have been ( brought 
into the Church; multitudes driven out of His Majesties Dominions; 
Jealousies raised and fomented betwixt the King | and His People ; a 
Popish Army leavied in Ireland, and two Armies brought into the 
bowels of this Kingdome, to the hazard of | His Majesties Eoyall 
Person, the consumption of the Revenues of the Crown, and Treasure 
of this Kingdome : And lastly, find | iug great cause of Jealousie, 
that indeavours have been, and are used to bring the English Army 
into a misunderstanding of this | Parliament, thereby to incline the 
Army, with force to bring to passe those wicked Councels, Have 
therefore thought good to | joyn our selves in a Declaration of our 
united Affections and Eesolutions, and to make this ensuing Protesta- 

IA.B. do in the presence of Almighty God, Promise, Vow and 
Protest, to maintain and defend, as far as lawfully I | may, 
with my life, power, and estate, the true Reformed Protestant 
Religion, expressed in the Doctrine of the Church | of England 
against all Popery and Popish Innovations within this Realm, 
contrary to the same Doctrine, and accor | ding to the duty of my 
Allegiance, His Majesties Royall Person, Honour, and Estate ; 
As also the Power and Priviledges | of Parliament ; The lawful 
Rights and Liberties of the Subject, and everj^ person that 
maketli this Protestation, in what | soever he shall do in the 
lawful pursuance of the same. And to my power, and as far as 
lawfully I may, I will oppose, | and by all good wayes and means 
endeavour to bring to condigne punishment, all such as shall 
either by Force, Practise, | Councels, Plots, Conspiracies or other- 
wise, do any thing to the contrary of any thing in this present 
Protestation contai | ned. And further, that I shall in all just 
and Honourable wayes indeavour to preserve the Vnion and Peace 
between | the three Kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland ; 
And neither for hope, fear, nor other respect, shall relinquish 
this I Promise, Vow, and Protestation. 

WHereas some doubts have been raised by several persons out 
of this House, concerning the meaning of these words | con- 
tained in the Protestation lately made by the Members of this 
House, {viz.) The true reformed Protestant Eeligion ex \ jJt'essed in 
the Doctrine of the Church of England against all Popery and Popish 
Innovations %oithin this Beahn, contrary to the same \ doctrine ; This 
House doth declare. That by those words, was and is meant, only 


[The Protestation.] 

the publike Doctrine professed in the said Church, | so farre as it is 
opposite to Popery and Popish Innovations ; And that the said words 
are not to be extended to the maintaining of | any form of Worship, 
Discipline, or Government, nor of any Kites or Ceremonies of the said 
Church of England. 

Die Veneris 30 : Julii 1641. 
Resolved upon the Question. 

THat this House doth conceiA^e that the Protestation made by 
them, is fit to be taken by every person that is well affected ] in 
Religion, and to the good of the Common-wealth ; And therefore 
doth declare, That what person soever shall not | take the Protestation, 
is unfit to beare Office in the Church or Common-wealth. 

Resolved upon the Question. 

THat the Knights, Citizens, and Burgesses, and Barons of the 
Cinque-Ports respectivel}', shall forthwith send down to the 
seve I rail places for which they serve, Copies of this Vote of 
the House, concerning the Protestation. 

Resolved upon the Question. 
That these Totes shall be Printed and Attested under the Clerks 

Die Sabbati 8. Januarii, 1641. 
At the Committee of the House of Commons appointed to sit in 
London to consider of the safety of the Kingdome, and of | the 
City of Loudon, and of vindicating the Priviledges of Parliament. 

Resolved upon the Question. 

THat the actions of the Citizens of London, or of any other 
person whatsoever, for the defence of the Parliament, | or the 
Priviledges theieof, or the preservation of the Members thereof, 
are according to their duty, and to their late | Protestation, and the 
Lawes of this Kingdome. " And if any person shall arrest or trouble 
any of them, for so | doing, he is declared to be a publike enemy of 
the Common- wealth. | 

Resolved upon the Question. 
That this Vote shall be made known to the Common Councell of the 
City of London. 
John Wilde Sergeant at Law sitting in the Chaire of that Committee. 

! The Return for the Cathedral Close of Chichester, " I.H. 4 " (see 

post), is also made on the back of the printed sheet sent down from 
the House of Commons. This printed copy of the Protestation and 

B 2 


[The Protestation.] 

"Resolutions differs from that upon whicTi the Eeturn for Tangmere is 
indorsed, in that it consists of the first four paragraphs only. It is 
headed with the Eoyal Arms, and it commences "Die Mercurii : 
5° Maii. 1641." The first paragraph is in Eoman letters, the second in 
black letter, the third, i.e., the Protestation, in Eoman letters, and the 
fourth, and last paragraph, commencing "Whereas some doubts," 
etc., and terminating " Eites and Cei-emonies of the said Church of 
England," is in black letter. The sheet measures 16 inches in length 
by 12 in width, and under the fourth paragraph is this statement 
"^ Imprinted at London by Eobert Barker, Printer to the Kings | most 
Excellent Majestie: And by the Assignes of John Bill. 1641." 
Another copy, identical with this one, is attached to the Eeturns for 
the City of Chichester (see j^ost). 


In the "Fifth Eeport of the Eoyal Commission on Historical 
Manuscripts, Part I., Eeport and Appendix. 1876 [c— 1432]," under 
" House of Lords. Calendar 1641-2," jjat/e 8, is this memorandum: — 

1641-2, "Feb. 17. Petition of the High Sheriff, Knights, 
Esquires, gentlemen, ministers, freeholders, and inhabitants of the 
county of Sussex : that the protestation may be generally taken, the 
Kingdom may be put into a posture of defence, &c., L.J., IV. 1591. 
1)1 extenso.'''' 

[The Petition']. 

The original document, which is of paper, is indorsed in pencil 
" 1641-2. Feb. 17." 

In the margin are the words "17 Feb. 1641. Sussex Peticon," 
which, when the document is folded, form practically an indorsement. 

[Copy, verbatim et literatim.'] 

To the right honble the Lords assembled in Parliam'. The humble 
peticon of the High Sheriffe, Kn'^", Esq''''^ Grent^ Ministers, 
Freeholders and Inhabitantes of y" County of Siissex. 


That our cominge is humbly and thankfully to acknowledge youre 
Lopps late happy union with y'^ honble house of Coinons whereby 
(through his Ma"^* especiall favour) the Bill for takinge away Bpps 
votes in Parliam' and other good bills have past : our former 
grievances thereby redrest : Our freedome in Soules bodies, and 
libT;ies is ptly restored. Our feares and Jealousies somewhat removed. 
For w'^'^ wee render all condigne thankes, to his sacred Ma'''', yo'' 
Lopps, and the house of Comons : as the only meanes (next under 
God) of this our joye and comfort. What wee now desire pceeds from 
our wantes not doubtinge of jo" noble readines ; That y^ word of 


[Sussex Petition.] 

God his truth and Lawes may bee maintayned ag' all corrupcbns in 
Doctrine & Discipline. That the lawes of y'' land may governe ; That 
yo'' hon'' would be pleased to joyne w"^ y'^ house of Coitions for y® 
geftall takinge of y'' Protestacion, many reporting it as a thinge 
discountenanced by some of yo"^ hon'^^ That our County lyinge 70 : 
miles to y^ Sea, It, and y'^ whole kingdom may bee put in to a posture 
of defence. That all refusinge the oathes of Supremacie & alleagiance 
beinge excluded y*^ house of Comons, yo"^ Lopps for y" peace and safety 
of this kingdome would alsoe exclude the Popish Lordes so refusinge 
from yo'\ And y' none Popishly affected may have any place or trust 
in the kingdome. That Delinc^uent Bpps may not bee admitted to 
bee bayld. That Ireland may bee further releeved. Souldiers & 
Mariners incouraged and fishinge defended : That y*^ glory of God 
may bee advanced, the hon'' and safetie of his Ma'''= and his Kingdomes 
maintaj^ned, the happie union of both houses continued. 

And we shall pray, &c. 
["lea: 17 feb. 1641," in tJic same hand as the indorsement. '\ 




The Protestation Returns are preserved at the House of Lords, and 
application to see these documents has to be made at the "House of 
Lords Journal Office." The reference to the West Sussex Protesta- 
tion Returns (none are now extant for the three Eastern Rapes), is 
"Fifth Report, Bundle xliv., 1641-2, March, Protestations (23), 
Sussex." The Returns for the following parishes are missing, viz., 
Arundel, South Bersted, BramLer, Linch and New Shoreham.* 


The annexed memorandum, is on a sheet of paper which has formed 
apparent^ the sealed wrapper, in which some of the Returns for the 
Rape of Bramber, were sent up to the House of Commons. This 
sheet is now placed with the Return for Washington [LA. 4.]. 

Sussex, Bramber Rape. 

The retorne of Henry Goringe of the Parishe of Wasshington, on 
of his Ma''^^ Justices of the Peace for the Countye of Sussex of all 
the Parishes within the Rape of Bramber for the Downish Division 
(whoe have all taken the Protestation none refusinge), unto the 
Honorable House of Parliament, this seaventh day of March 1(54L 

Hen : Goringe. 

Three sheets of paper are now placed with the returns for Avisford 
Hundred, Arundel Rape. The first has been used apparently as a 
wrapi^er ; it is sealed with two seals, on one a lion rampant, and under 
it is this signature "Will: Goring;" on the other is a fleur de lis, 
and under it is this signature "John Apsle3^" 

The second sheet is blank, except for this indorsement, "For M'^' 
Miles Corbett from M'' Alford." 

The third sheet is blank except for this indorsement, "The Certifi- 

* Further particulars respecting the Returns will be found in the Preface. 




[Indorsed in pencil '^'R.O. 1." Paper. This document is placed loith 
the returns for Avisford Hundred, Arundel Bape.'] 

To the Knightes & Burgisses uow servinge in the hono'''® house of 
Comons for the County of Sussex. 

In obedience to the direecions received from the Speaker of the 
Hono''''^ house of Comons, "Wee the Justices of the Peace whose names 
are hereunto subscribed Inhabitinge w*^in tlie Rape of Arundell, Doe 
Certifie that every one of us have taken the Protestacion as by the 
said Letter wee were directed ; And after that did Call before us 
the Ministers Churchwardens & Overseeres of the Poore of every 
Parish w"'in that Division who hath every one taken the said 
Protestacion before us, Exceptinge the Parish of Billingshurst whose 
Minister Churchwardens & Overseers did take the same before the 
High Sheriffe of this County, as by his Certificate annexed unto the 
Certificate for the said Parish doth apeare. And for the Burrowe of 
Arrundell wee have receaved noe Accompt from them, though wee 
have directed two severall warrantes for their appearance before us. 
Signed under our handes this Eight & Twentieth of February 1641. 

Will : Goring. John Leedes. John Apsley. 


[lyidorsed in pencil "H.N. 2." Paper. Tliis document is placed 
^vith the returns for Avisford Hundred, Arundel Bape.'] 

AVee the Justices of the Peace of the County of Sussex whose 
names are hereunder subscribed, Doe Certifie that S'' John Leedes one 
of the Justices of peace for the said County, who by reason of the 
indisposition of his health was disabled to travaile unto Lewes there 
to take the Protestacion, as by Summons from the High Sheriffe hee 
was required, but now hath taken the said Protestacion before us att 
Petworth this p'sent Daye, the Country being then & there assembled 
for that purpose. Dated att Petworth this 12"^ Daye of February 

Will : Goring. John Apsley. 

"I S"^ John Leedes Doe in the p'^sence of Almightie God promise " 
etc., here follows the Protestation in full, terminating with "vow and 
protestacion," and signed "John Leedes." 



\_The Names of the Ministers, Constables, Churchwardens and Overseers, 
in the Hape of Chichester, who took the Protestation. Signatures 
and written nantes on six sheets of paper, stitched together to form 
two lea res ; the latter are now pinned together and indorsed in 
pencil, " Sussex Protestations I.E. 1." This return is placed in 
the cover with those for Aldwick IIu\idred, Chichester Ila2)e.'] 

Sussex : Memorandum that all the Ministers, Counstables, Church- 
wardens & Overseers of Poore heare under written have taken this 
ensuing Protestation before Sir AVilliam Porde, Knight & Edward 
Higgons, Esq., two of his Mat' Justices of the Peace of the said County, 
the 17"^ day of this instant february Anno Dm. 1641. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," ctc.^ and 
tcrniinating " Vowe <& Protestacion "J 

Thomas Oliver jo ^ i tpj i -cr- 

Eichard Sherier \ ^^^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^^'^^^ Higgons. 


The Burowe Towne of Midhurst. 

WiU : Fetherston, Curate. 

Walter Marshall | nu i a Henry Stokes / ^ 

-r 1 oi i-i Churchwardens. -^ -, -^ , Overseers. 

John Shotter ) Edward Warren j 

Nicholas Sucket, Con., Anthony Colbrook, John Tate, Constables. 

Henr : Riggs, Rect. Nicholas Crimborne ) p. 

Peter Crimborn, Churchwarden. Richard Woodman j ^^'©^'^eers. 

Edward Hill, curate ibm. William Hollwis, Overseer. 

Walter Boswell. 

Jo : Napper, Vicar. Alexander Lewyn ) r^\ ^ ^ 

Eichard Ford, Overseer. Clement Tupper S Cliurchwardens. 

Edward Rigges, Churchwarden. Anthony Ayling [? Overseer']. 

Thomas Grigle, Churchwarden. Eichard Ayling, Overseer. 


Oliu. Penicode, Eector ibid. 

John Martin ) ni i i John AVisdome ) ^ 

T) T)i -1 Churchwardens. -n v i. -t- i Overseers. 

Roger Philpe ) Eobert \ aughan ) 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 

Treford cum Didling. 

John Hayes, Rector. Henry Evres ) churchwardens. 

John Newman, Overseer. Jeremiah i'lote ) 


John Knight, Rector. 

Richard Ayres ) nu i i Richard Randall, se. ) ^ 

T 1 o, ,,- [ Churchwardens, -p,- i, i -d in- Overseers. 

John otott ) Richard Randall, j u. ) 

Edmund Ayling, Churchwarden. Richard Hether, Overseer. 

Robert Tomlinson, Rector. John Flote ^ Ch 1 de 

Thomas Hartley, Overseer. Edward Gregory > 

Richard Hallowe, Churchwarden. William Traggs, Overseer. 


Thomas Litleton, Vic. 

William Steere ) nu,„.,.i,,„„,.,ip„„ Richard Blackman ) o,„_„pp-.^ 
Thomas Cobb j ^^^ichwaiclens. Edmund Steevens ) ^'®'^^''•''"• 

Henry Shotter, Churchwarden & Overseer. 

[_Abovc on first sheet; the following^ apparently Tericick, on second 

Counstables, Benjamin Andrewe, William Marner, Henry Shotter, 
John Jure. 

Nicholas Love, Rect : de Turwick. 

\^Seco)id sJieet.] 

Math: Maior, Vcar. de Stoughton. Robert Farre ) Overseers of 

Edmund Fairmaner ) n, ■, j John Boyes ) the Poore. 

Richard Linter ( Churchwardens. ^^^^,^.^ jj^isler 

[Mar DEN, East.] 

Willm. Chambers, Yicar of East Marden. 

Peter Randall ) rn i. i William Jenman ) Overseers of 

Giles Westbrook j Churchwardens. ^i^iam Page j the Poore. 

* The chapehy of Tuxlithc, or Milland, in Trottou. 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 


Edw : Forde, Justice of the Peace. Daniell Pritchard, Curat de 

Hartinge. Nicholas Hibberden, Constable. 

William Barton ) m i i John Broman i ^ 

T 1 A/r Tv-i Churchwardens. -ri ■ oi, n ^^ [ Overseers. 

John Meredith ) Francis ShalJott ) 


Edm : Gray, Eector, & of Ipinge followinge. 

John Smyther, Overseer. 

Thomas Caplin, Thomas Bridger of Ipinge, Churchwardens. 

William Marner ) .^ Edm : Gi*ay, Rector ibidem. 

Nicholas Hopldn \ ^^^^^rseers. 

\_Thc follo2ving reference to Iping is on sheet No. 1.] 


Ric : Garrett 

[^Second sheet continued.^ 

Edward Legat, Overseer of y* Poore of Buddington. 

Thomas Bedle, Curat eccl : Heyshot. 
Nicollas Collj^er i Churchwardens Will: Napper ) . . ., . , 

Hugh Penfold ) ibid. Dan : Austin j ^^^rseers ilud. 

[Marden, North.] 
Fran : James, Eector de North M'den. 
Tho : Trimlett, Churchwarden ibid. 


Geo : Sidgwicke, Vicar. George Hewett '^ 

Roger Silverclok, Constabell. John Farr f Overseers of 

John Haile I ni. i i Thomas Farr ( the Poor. 

c,- r\ ■ \ Churchwardens, mu \ i i 

Simon Campion \ i homas Andrewe / 

[CoMi'TON cum Upmarden.] 
Ant : Gray, Vic"^ of Compton cum Upmarden. 
Richard Bonde, Constable. Richard Lodger \ 

Alexander Higgins j John Valler / Overseers of 

Roger Yeadon | Churchwardens. Joseph Crooke I the Poore, 

Anthony Smyth ) Joseph Soane j 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 


John Allenson, Vicar. 

William West ) r^-, -, i Ealph Gosden ) Collectors for 

Sd Combes jCh"'-'l'"---''«"''- JohoUttie ! the Poo.e. 


jll ISuwell I Ch>uckwardens. William Bette.worth j "j.'fCi-e.'' 


John Pelhani, Curat. 

"Rnhert Hevward ) ^^ i n Eobert Luffe ) Overseers of 

?ohnSkidr>e fCl™-l--de-- John Caver I the Poore. 


Edward Clavell, Clerk. 
John Collin ) ^i , i Tho : Fanchen i Overseers of the 

Thomas Fallen \ Churchwardens. j,^^.^^.^ ^^^^ | p^^^e. 

William Dawtry, Churchwarden. 


John West, Overseer of the Poore. 

[Third Sheet.] 


Eichard Halsey, Eectour ibidem. 

Thomas Croucher, ^ 

GeoSrey Fearle 


Churchwardens, rm' .__ n \.^.. . Overseers 

WiUiam Clothold ] ^^^rcnvamen.. .^^^^^^^ Croucher, 

junior / 


Niccolas Ide, Counstable of Westbourne. 

Eichard Habene, Churchwarden. 


-r 1 ^T T ro T.T-1 ) ^L 1, 1 Peter Michell, Overseer. 

John Nawhan [?N] j Churchwarden. g^eephen Corps, Overseer. 


James Sicklemore, Eector ibid. 
gSfufcot? I Chu.-ch.a..dens. SrC:fn"r^ i «— ^ 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 


Richa : Callaway, Minister. 
Henry Edwardes ) p,, , , Nicolas Yunsre, Overseere. 

Phillipp Walter ) Churchwardens. ^ 


William Jones, Minister ibid. 

Niccolas Parry, Overseer. Thomas Mathewe, Churchwarden. 

In witness that all tlieise above named took the Protestation the 
day & yeare above written, we have sett to our handes. 
Willni. Forde. Edward Higgons. 

'^Fourth Sheet.'] 

Sussex : Memorandum that all the Parties subscribed have taken 
this Protestacion the 10"^ day of this instant February Anno Eegni 
Regis Caroli nunc Anglie &" decimo septimo Annoque dni. 1641, before 
Edward Higgons, Esq. one of his Mat'' Justices of the Peace of this 

\_Hcro folloiDS the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating " Yowe & Protestacion"] 


The Parish of Saint Bartholl. 

William Forde. William Chandler, Curate of S'. Bartholmewes. 

John Harrysone ) /^, i j n-ii, atj n- f Overseer of the 

f^ Qi n 1 Church wardens. Gilbart Hollis -,, 

George Stowell ) ( Poore. 

Jos : Heushawe, S : Th : Pro : Francis Stockton William Durant 
Henry Peckham Thomas Leaj)er Thomas Sandham 

John Leech Simon Undershell Nicholas Trevett 

The Parish of Earnley. 
Edmund Rishtou, Minister of the sayd Parish. 
Richard R Tyll, Overseer. John Brow^ne / ni, i i 

Niccolas Mansbridge ) Churchwardens. 

Apledram Parish. 

Tho : Young, Curat of Ajiledram. 

William Fevins ) n\ \ -i 
T . o \ Cliurcnwardens. 

Jolin Summer ) 

Boxgrove Parish. 
Sa : Hill, Minister of y* Parish of Boxgrave. 
God : Hill, Churchwarden. Tho : Stampe, Overseer. 

John Stampe, Churchwarden. 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 

BiRDHAM Parish. 
William Sergeant, Eector ibid. 

John Harding \ churchwardens. Thomas Coulden 
Alen beaman ) Henry Grray 

Edward Ireland, Counstable. 


William Cox, Minister of the said Parish. 

Eobert Lutman ) ni, -u i v r\ 
Thomas Streat i Churchwardens & Overseers 

[Fifth Sheet] 

West Wittering. 
Edrus. Zeale, Curat ibm. 
John Elmer ) .-<i, i, i Thomas Poord ) ^ 

Eichard Homes 1 ^l^^rchwardens. rj^i,^,^ Lee {Overseers. 

East Wittering. 

Walter Jonnes [?] 

William Burris, Churchwarden. 


Eichard Awde j churchwardens. ^"^^'^ ^^^^'1^^'' Ovevseev. 

Edward oewers ) 

Samuel Dries, Vicar. 


Jo : Harrison, Curate. 
Edward Scardevile ) ^, , ■, Tho : Bridsrer ) ^ 

Bartholomew Till i Churchwardens. ^^^ , ^^^^^^ j Overseers. 


J. Lister, Vicar. 

William Sowton ) nu \, i William Lightfoote ) ^ 

William Wilson J Churchwardens, ^j^^^^^^^ g^«^^^^ j Overseers. 

Eichard Hawarde, Sideraan. 


John Callowe, Vicar. 
John Woodes ) ^, , , George Stowell ) ^ 

John Starle \ Churchwardens. John Liddeck J C^^^seers. 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 


Anthonie Perot, Vicar. 

John Peachey ) /^, , ^ John Peaehey, sen. ) ^ 

Dennis Tapper j Church^yardens. .^^^^^^ Hammond J Overseers. 

Phillip Ceopley. 

John Greene Edward Ireland William Pierre [?] 

John Lurry John Gunwyn 

John Harry Edward Bennett 


Edmund Martin, Churchwarden. 
George Oglander James Pilbeani 

Nicholas Lucas Will : Slade 


Jaspar Nieren, Minister there. 

William Hammon ) riu i ^ 

c- T (Jhurehwardens. 

cmion Joyner ) 

Thomas Carr, Minister ibid. 
Richard Goldwynn ) ^, , ■, Edward Peachey ) ^ 

Will: Decon | Churchwardens. Edward Peeters j O^'^^^^^^'^- 


John Woodman, Curat of Yapton. 

Arrondel Rape, but in respect of his being at Chichester, tooke it at 

Chichester before me Ed : Higgons. 

West Thornye. 

John Cooke, Rect. 

Thomas Pitt ) ni i i John Lange ) ^ 

m TT 1 [ Churchwardens. rri. -n Overseers. 

Thomas Hargood ) Thomas Roman ) 

[Sixth SJieet.^ 


Urbanus Pierus Birnfeld, Minister ibid. 

Christopher Trevet ) ^it i, i Thomas Morley. 

Tliomas Rolfe \ Churchwardens. ■> 

Allixgborne Parish. 

Daniel Thompson, Yiear. 

Henry Hull ) n\ i i John Trott ) ^ 

John'Truslow ! Churchwardens. ^.^^^^,^ ^^^^^.^ ^ j Overseers. 


[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 

Slindox Parish. 

Thomas Gary 11, Rector de Slindon. 

John Nowell ) p, ■, , Richard Chase ) Overseers of 

Richard Francis j ^^^^rcnwaraens. ^yiniam Francis j the Poore. 


John Knight, Rector. 

Edwai-d Cleverley | churchwardens. 
Robert Owens ) 


Francis Heath, Rector ejusdem. 

Robert Chase ) ni i i Richard Bennett ) ^ 

-r,- 1 1 c, ! Churchwardens. rn o ^.a i I Overseers. 

Richard bquer ) ihoiuas hanttord ) 


Joh : Crofte, Lecturer of Funtingion. 
Thomas Peckham. 

Edward Northe, Constabel of the Libertye of Headaker.*' 

East Lavant. 
James Eburne, Curat. 
Edward Stevens, Churchwarden. Thomas Turney ) ^ 

Thomas Petoe ) 


John Butt, Vicar. 

Thomas Allridge, Nicholas Tyll, Churchwardens. 

Weeke alias Rumbolbsweeke. 

Robert Randall, Rec : ibid. 

John Suckott ) p,, i , Richard Fivins ) ^ 

T T j.1. } Lliurcn wardens, -r,. , i -r. i / Overseers. 

Jeremy Leggott ) Richard Bayly 

John Shuiter 
Thomas Scarvill 

West Stoke. 
Thomas Tangley, Curat. 
Churchwardens. ^'"^'^''^ Chalcroft, Overseer. 

West Hampnett. 
Morgan Owin, Vicar. 

Ralph Moorie ni i i Thomas ^ aughan ) ^ 

Tr.T.t, -R • J. Churchwardens, tic ^ 

John Bnaut \ John Spooner ) 

* Sic, i.e., Haluaker, in the parish of Boxgrove. 



[Names of the Ministers, etc.] 


Samuell Tangley j churohwardens ^^^"^ Hedger j Overseers 
Henery Grigge j ^^^llcll^^arclens. j^mes Withell j '^^^rseers. 


Geo : Edgley, Minister there. 

John Bragg ) rhnr.^hwarflpns ^^'^^ '' ^^^o^^*?' «e. ) Qverseers 
John Cumber ) ^-^^i^^^waidens. will: Padocke, ju. 1 ^''®'^®®'^- 
Robert Burrell. 

John Ide, Churchwarden. 

In witness that all these above named tooke the Protestation before 
me the day and yeare above written I have sett to my hand. 

Edward Higgons. 

[Sec also binder, Chichester, City of, j^ost.'] 

* Sic, i.e., Donnington. The names of the churchwardens and overseers in 
the Return for the parish, do not quite coincide with these. 




[Bramber Bape, Tipxoak Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed as beloic, and in i^encil " Alhourn & Woodmancote, Bramber, 
Tipuoak. I.C. 1." Signatures, marks, and written names on 

[The Indorsement.] 
The Protestation for Woodmancote and Alborne. 

IThe Bet urn.] 

Sussex, Typnoak Hun : Woodmancote and iVlborne Parishes. 
February the xxv'^ 1641 

M'' that the day and yeare abovesaj-ed the Ministers and Church- 
wardens and Overseers of the Poore of the sayed Parishes, whose 
names are heereunder subscribed did take the Protestation, Commanded 
to be taken by the Commons House of Parliament, beefore mee Henry 
Grorlnge, one of his Ma"^' Justices of the Peace of that County. 

Eic : Holney, Rector, Woodmancote. Hen : Goringe. 

John Hill ) Churchwardens John Bennet I f W <1 

John O Beard i of Woodmancote. Edward X Houlder °^ ^^"^^ ' 

; mancote. 

Ed : Negus Rector de Alborne. 

Tho : S Neve his ^ 

Thomas Bearde \ Churchwardens marke f Overseers 

Edward Kemp ) of Alborne. Hen : H S3'mons I for Alborne. 

his marke ] 


Willm. Myclielborne Willm. X Burtenshawe Rich : Tomkines 

Philip P Middle Tho : X Furlonger Thomas X Ansty [?] 

John O Dine [Ephenes?] X Willioms John X Cobby 



[Albourne and Woodjiancote.] 

Ed : O Palmer 
Eichard X Pollard 
Henery O Shoulder 
Jonas X Owden 
Eichard Willet 
John Neacie [?] 
John WiUat 

John Pickham 
John Burtenshar 
Thomas Marchant 
George Burtensha 
William Cobby 
Eobert Ouden 
Thomas Slauter 

Eich : X Meeten 
William Gratwick 
John Eayley 
John Foulle 
Nicholas Butcher [?] 

There is none in our Parish of Alborne that doe refuse to take the 


John X Wolg-er 
Thom : T Ashfold 
James T Towner 
Ed : X Wynne 
John X Lodger 
Tho : T Parson 
Eich : R Wood 
Tho : X Cooke 
John X Wolger 
Thomas Innat 
Eich : X Bridger 
Ed : O AVolger 
Hen : O Joupe 
Jo : X Dunton 
James X Eapley 
Eich : O Stafford 
Eich : O Lodger 

Josias I Lepee 
John I H Humfrey 
John O Griffith 
Willni : W Audrewes 
Georg X Eeed 
John Dennet 
John Hill 
John Chatfield 
Daniell Floud 
Thomas Fowle 
Lawrence X Elliot 
John I Boniface 
Eich : O Elliot 
Jo : X Stafford 
Edward Beard 
William Pockney 
John Dennet 

John J Hill 
Edward Hill 
Hen : O Boniface 
John Beard 
Eichard Holdne 
Will : O Pockney 
Eich : O Beard 
John O Elliot 
Eich : O Cooke 
Eich : R AVisdome 
Eoger R Langford 
Eich : R Martin 
Tho : T Humfrey 
Tho : O Boniface 
John J M Michenor 

There are not in Woodmancote [f/o;ie, hut prohahly any that doe 
refuse] to make this Protestation. 


[Chichester Rape, Box and Stookisridge Hundrcd.'\ 

\_Indorsed in j^encil "Alinbourne ['? Aldingbourne], Chichester Eape, 
Box & Stockridge Hund. I.H. 1." Written navies on paper. 
See also ante, ]'>• 14.] 

Alinbourne : Memorandum the inhabitants of the Parish of Alin- 
bourne from the age of 18 yeares & upp wards, whose names are heare 
under written have subscribed unto this Protestation the IS"* day of 




this instant February in the presence of Daniell Tompson, Curat* of 
the said Parish & in the presence of the Churchwardens & Overseers 
of the Poore of the said parish. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating " Vowe & Protestaeion."] 

William Peckham 
William Honey 
Thomas Alyn 
Edmund Whittington 
Richard Trunnell 
William Austin 
Henry Bennett 
John Austin 
Joseph Hartley 
Martiall Smith 
Thomas Millard 
John Westbrooke 
John Smith 
George Farr 
James Watts 
Hugh Gophe 
Henry Charman 
John Pannett 
Richard Trott 
John Westbrooke 
Alin Watts 
Thomas Biggs 
Henry Biggs 
Niccolas Savage 
John Finch 
James Bishopp 
Anthony Trott 
George Webb 
Henry AVhittington 
John Freeland 
John Lilliett 
Thomas Morley 
Edward Austin 
John Webl) 
John Elston 

William Lilliett, se. 
AVilliam Lilliett, ju. 
Raulfe Martin 
William Streete 
John Richby 
Thomas Boyar 
Robt. Cardwell 
John Surgent 
AVilliam Farley 
Thomas Hoscra 
Richard Watts 
John Gray 
Barnard Yeoman 
Thomas Gray 
Richard Biggs 
William Gray 
Jeffrey Gard 
William Simmons 
William Monery 
Steven Cappin 
Edward Limbres 
John Strong 
Richard Flottf 
Roger Gray 
Thomas Edgelong 
Henry Trott 
Thomas Trott 
Thomas Hartley 
John Richby 
Richard Cordeue 
Samuel Sti-ubnele 
Simon Strubnele 
Thomas Savidge 
Richard Pearley 
George Briant 

Edmund Mann 
George Gane 
Thomas Blann 
George Gophe 
Thomas Watts 
AVilliam Scarvill 
Robert Gray 
Thomas Edwardes 
Edward Biggs 
AVilliam Grunnell 
John Jennins 
Laurence Austin 
John Blunkett 
John Smith 
AVilliam Oliver 
Edward Oliver 
Richard Abury 
Simon Strubnele 
George Hucker 
John Hebberden 
Henr}^ Finch 
Thomas Quinell 
John Uppfould 
Thomas Austin 
John Finch 
Richard Shepard 
Edward Uppfould 
William Finch 
Anthony Stone 
Francis Whiting 
Richard Osbourne 
Richard Binstye 
Henry AVhittingon 
Richard Roulphe 

Daniell Tompson, Curat ibm. 

* Called "Vicar" in the list of the Ministers, etc., ante, p. 14. 
Heuuessy's Chichester Diocese Clergy Lists, ''Daniel Tomson" 
A^icar, in 1634. 

t Sec a note at the end of the Retmni for Westhampnett, 2'>ost. 

Accordmg to 
was instituted 

C 2 





Bape, West Eas'^'ritr Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed m pencil "Amberley, West Easwrith. H.S. 1." 
Written names on paper. ~] 

Amberley, Fehniaiy 14"' Ann" 1641. 
Accordinge to order from y** Hon''"'^ y" House of Commons. 

The Protestacion was taken by all y" Inhabitantes of tlie said 
Parishe of Amberley y" day & yeere above written, in y^ Rape of 
Arundell. None refusinge to whome it was, or oug-lit to have bein 

AVillm. Rose 

Tho : Browne 

Geo« White 

Hen : Hopkin 

Jo : Browne 

Jam : Spencer 

Joh : Holland 

Willm. Francis 

AVillm. Batmanson 

John Greene 

Willm. Andrewe 

Ed : Trevatt 

Tho : Batcome 

Geo : Leonard 

Geo : Longe 

Tho : Hopkin 

Willm. Batmanson 

Rich : AA^hite 

Alyn : Downar 

Tho : Shatter 

AVillm. Brookman 

Willm. Short 

Willm. Andrew 

Geo : Greene 

Willm. Rose 

Rog"' Standford 

Jo : Cuttridge 

Hen : Batchelor 

Jo : Miles 

Antho : Greene 

Arnol : Batminson 

Sam : Hosier 

Robt. Burden 

Willm. Robinson 

Jo : Braby 

AVillm. Burden 

Robt. Carter 

Jo : Robinson 

Tho : Harris 

Rich : Francis 

Rich : Smithe 

Tho : Barrowe 

Tho : Greene 

Nicho: Deeringe 

Fray Leucknor 

Hen: Spencer 

Jo : Andrew 

Hen : Beeke 

Tho : Longe 

Tho : Cogger 

AVillm. Francis 

Tho : AVoods 

Geo'' Yardis 

Jam : Smith 

Willm. Tailor 

Ed : Ley 

Jo : Sutton 

Willm. Parker 

Ed : Holtine 

Ralfe Browne 

Ra : Bever 

Jo : Tailor 

Jo : Bennett 

Step : Rose 

Robt. Jurdine 

Clem' Oliver 

Ed : Rose 

Jo : Holtine 

Jo : Parker 

Willm. Geringe 

Rich : Leucknor 

Tho : Richardson 

James Bunn 

Willm. Key 

Jo : Mabancke 

John Andrewe 

Ed : AVoods 

Jo : Lewes 

Thesse are all w"' in our Parishe above y^ age of 1 8^ yeer( 
Henry Mannors, vie ; de ibid. AVilhn. Strudwicke. 




[Arundel Bape, Polixg Hundred. '\ 

\_Indorscd in pencil " Angmering', Poling. 
Written navies on pxtperJ] 

H.Q. L 

These are to Certifye that the names underwritten are all the Male 
Inhabitants of the Parish of Angmeringe in Sussex, above 18 years 
old, & they have all taken y*^ Protestation commended unto them by 
the House of Commons, except William Burges, a Popish Eecusant, 
who refused to take it. 

Hugh Penfold, Sen. 
Hugh Penfold, Jun. 
William Withier 
M"^ William Symondes 
Eich : Adams, Sen. 
Rich : Adams, Jun. 
George Ede 
John Bunne, Jun. 
William Bunne, Jun. 
John Ingram 
Eich : Bacon 
William Hulin 
W'" Bunne, Sen. 
John Stronge 
John Trunnell, Sen. 
John Trunnell, Jun. 
Oliver Parker 
Alexander Vousden 
Edward Adams, Sen. 
Edward Adams, Jun. 
Edward Pledge 
W'" Stamforde 
Thomas Foster 
George Taylor 
John Eigar 
James Bunne 
John Bayly 
John Manninge 
W"> Penfold 
Henry Pannett, Jun. 
John Strether 
Lawrence Pledge 
John Younge, Sen, 
John Payne 
John Sturt 
Edward Eainsford 

John Gerart 
Edmond Strether 
John Eoberts 
John Bishop 
Eoger Homewood 
Edward Constable 
Nicholas Pannett 
John Standeii 
Philip Mathew 
John Sturt, Jun. 
James Beach 
Eich: Cany [FCavy] 
Tho : Manninge, Sen. 
Tho : Parsons 
John Younge, Jun. 
John Bacon 
Tho: Kent 
Eich : Moore 
Eich : Eogers 
Eich: Sturt 
Tho : Stronge 
W" Holden 
Tho : Andrew 
Hugh Fostor 
Eich: Swift 
Tho: Constable 
W"> Clarke 
John Gibs 
Hugh Peter 
Tho : Clarke 
Eobert Grevett 
Robert Haler 
Tho: Woodes 
Nicholas Y^ounge 
Edward Pench 
John Piper 

Eich: Smith 
John Killicke 
John Swayne 
George Wilkius 
Eich : Grey 
Eich: Worsfeild 
Hen : Manninge 
W" Ewens 
John Snellinge 
Tho : Manninge, Jun. 
John Wesson 
W™ Martin 
Hen : Foster 
Eich : Freeman 
AV" Eussell 
Eich : Pope 
Stephen Prowting 
Michael Bunne 
W" Andrew 
Eich: Michell 
John Goble 
Robert Parsons 
John Metell 
John Blaber 
Edw: Cubberdly 
John Bunne, Sen. 
George White 
Robert Davy [? Dany] 
John Davy [? Dany] 
Robert Pannett 
Tho: Pannett 
Robert Lidford 
Edw : Ludgater 
Tho : Adams, Sen. 
Tho : Adams, Jun. 
Nathaniell Ludgater 




Rich : Persone 
Abraham Stapler 
John Withier 
John Hey ward 
Henry Bunne 
John Gi'iffin 
Philip Woodes 
Rich : Younge 
John Ludgater 
John Sowton 

W" Packe 
John Johnson 
James Prate 
Edw : Snellinge 
W" Oliver 
Tho : Catrick 
Adam Brimsbery 
John Cleyton 
Edw : Gates 
W"' Edwardes 

Robert Manninge 
John Clarke 
Tho : Symson 
John Stone 
W"" Manninge 
W" Pope 
Solomon Griffin 
Tho: Peter 
Edw : Braby 

W" Burges, a Popish Recusant, who onely refused to take the 

Edward Blaxton, Vicar of Angmeringe. 

William Older ) , ,, , , Edmond E Ciemsall ) ri n i. 

TT^^,.,. V -p. + Lhurchwardeus. rn n j. -i Collector 

Henry X Pannet ) Thomas Gratwike ) 


[Chchester Ilajjc, Box and Stockbbidge Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Appledram, Chichester Rape. Box & S., I.H. 2." 
Signatures and marks on -paper. See also ante, p. 12.] 

Apledram : Memoran : that all the Parties subscribed, have taken 
this Protestation, this 13"' of February, Anno Regni Domi nostri 
Carolii Regis Anglie etc. desimo septimo 1641. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. do," etc. 
terminating "Yowe and Protestation."] 


Thomas Lovelaud 
Richard Clark 
Danell Loveland 
The marke of /\ John Lee 
The marke of f\ George Gittens 
The marke of h Robert Binsted 
The marke of X Thomas Aylwin 
The marke of f Richard White 
The marke of X Edward Pryor 
Henry Hamman 

All these whose names ar here above subsci'ibed have tooke this 
Protestation, Receaved at the Swane on Saturday the twelfe of 
February, 1641. 

Tho : Young, Curat. 

The marke of O John Hanneton 
The marke of X William Rishman 
The marke of /\ William Kemp 
The marke of H Thomas Summers 
Richard Lee 

The marke of R Richard Mackrill 
The marke of X James Wesbrooke 
The marke of X William Kemp 
Richard Zouch 




[Arundel Bape, Avisford Hiuidred.~\ 
\_BctiLr}i missiny. See ante, p. 7.] 


[Bramber Bape, West Grinstead Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Ashington, Bramber, W. Grinstead Hund. 
H.X. 1." Signatures and marks on paper. ~\ 

Sussex: Bramber Rape; Ashiugton cum Bunctou, Febr : y° 2o"' 1641. 

Mem''""" the day and 3'eare above written the Minister Churcliwardens 
and Overseers for the Poore, whose names are heereunto subscribed, 
did take the Protestation Commanded them by the Commons House 
of Parliament, Before me Henry Goringe one of His Ma'^'*'' Justices 
of the Peace for the saj-d County. 

Hen : Goringe. 
John StouR-hton, Minister. 

John Bishopp ^ ^,, ■, , 

John Caplin j ^-^^^^^'^■^^^■^^^^^^- 

Thomas X Caplin Overseer. 

Memorand. the 27"' day of February 1641. The Parishioners of 
Ashington cum Buneton abovesaid, whose names are hereunto sub- 
scribed, did take the Protestacion commanded them by the Commons 
House of Pai-liament, Before me John Stoughton, Minister of 
Ashington & the Churchwardens ; And none have refused to take the 

Jo : Stoughton, Minister ibid. 

John I B Bishopp 
John /\ Pollard 
John I Ludby 
Thomas T Lee 
Richard B3'shopp 
James O Browne 
John V Appleford 
Thomas O Lee 
AVilliam W Aldertou 
John M Mate 
Thomas X Packer 

Richard X Older 
Stephen T Packer 
Richard Bennett 
John Better 
Tliomas Strudwick 
William Feuens 
John Marten 
Nicholas N Humfrey 
Henry H Joyce 
Nicholas N Parker 
James T Grover 

Henry y\ Hedger 
Nicholas T Weekes 
Thomas Marten 
Steaphen /\ Hooker 
John P Parker 
Richard G Godnian 
Richard 1 1 1 Cooper 
Henry W Slater 
John X Goffe 
Fardinando X Parker 
William X Horsley 




[Bramber Rape, West Grixsteau Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in pencil " Ashurst, Brainber, AV. Grinstead h. H.X. 2." 
Signatures and marks on paper.'] 

Sussex, Bramber Eape, Ashurst Parishe, Februarie the xxv"' 1641. 

M'' the day and j-eare abovesayed the Minister and Churchwardens 
of the Parishe of Ashurst & the Overseere of the Poore, whose names 
are hereunder subscribed, did take the Protestation Commanded by 
the Commons House of Parliament before mee Henry Goringe one of 
his Ma^* Justices of the Peace for the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 
John Braine, Minister. 

Michaell Godsmarke 
Eichard Godsmarke 


Thomas Barnard, Overseer, 

Feb: 27, 1641. The Parishioners of Ashehurst whose names are 
subscribed, did take their Protestation according to the forme pre- 
scribed, before me John Braine, Minister. 

Hen : Bridger 

Thomas Petlye 

Richard Bridger 

Richard Hilles 

John Byne 

William Beard 

William Whitebread 

Raphe X Beach his marke 

Richard Jupp O his marke 

Tho: Horlie 

John Langford 

Joseph Costedell 

Richard Puttock X his marke 

John Juppe junior O his marke 

George X Davey his marke 

John Osborne 

Thomas Hussband T his mark 

Thomas Beach B his marke 

Edward Brookes his /\ marke 

John Lee X his marke 

John Beard 

John Cheyney C his marke 

Thomas T Cliilds his marke 

Thomas Whitbred 

Edward Bocher O his marke 

Thomas Titchenor T his marke 
Nicoles Heller 
James X Horlie his marke 
Richeard Lorte ['? Horle] 
Richard Carter his X marke 
Henry Tyd}' his R marke 
John I Jupp y'' elder his marke 
John X Jupp, jun. his marke 
Richard O Gillume, jun. his marke 
John X Haller his marke 
Thomas Potter T his marke 
Sinuou [s7C, ? Simon] Streate O his 

John Haler, sen /\ his marke 
Simon X Barrowe his marke 
Thomas X Cooper his marke 
Henry Blackman H his marke 
Edward X Johnson his marke 
Richard Sturte X his marke 
Benjamin Longley X liis marke 
Rich : Packer [or Parker] X his 

John Sturt 

William W Godsmarke his marke 
Nickles Cupper 



Thomas 4 Cooper liis marke 
Thorn : T Benge his marke 
John X Davy his marke 
Thomas T Hamtou [or Hounton] 
his marke 

Thomas Juppe 

Thomas Beard 

Richard Wotton X his marke 

Edward O Soale his marke 

Wee have not any of our Parishe of Ashehurst that denyed to take 
the Protestation commanded. 

Wittues, John Braine, Minister. 


[Ahuxdel Bape, Rotherbridge Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed as below, and in pencil " Barlavington, Rothb. H.R. I." 
Written names o)i iKipcr.~] 

[TJie Indorsement.'] 

[The Eetiirn.'] 

A true and Perfect note of all the men from y'= age of eighteene 
yeares and vipward, which have taken the Protestation, inhabiting 
within the Parish of Barelavington. 

Edward Garrett 

Edward Garrett, 
Leiutenant at Ports- 

Edward Garret 

John Goring 

William Garret 

Robert Blundell 
Thomas Bowker 
Thomas Skeete 
Thomas Blundell 
John Greene 
Robert Osborne 
James Shepherd 

John Hey ward 
Thomas Browning 
Robert Purdy 
Abraham Hentj- 
Nicholas Saclier. 

Not any man hath refused in o"^ Parish. 
John Ivay, Curat. 


/ John Greene 
1 his fi marke 
i John Willard 
( his V marke 




[Indorsed in pencil " Barnham 
WrittcJi lu'Diies on jja^jcr.] 

[Arundel Bcqje, Aa'isford Hundred.'] 
Avisfurd. H.O. 1." 

The Parisli of Baruliam, Sussex. 

Henry Stoue, Se : 
John Newman 
Henry Peakes 
Bartholomew Lunn 
Nicholas Chart 
John Peakes 
Samuell Barry 
Eobert Tilly 
AVilliam Hollis 
Eichard Holder 
William Grarratt 
William Burrv 

Richard Sayers 
John White Ju. 
John Bozard 
William Pannell 
Amnion Blayse 
William Sanford 
John Eusbridger 
Henry Stone Ju. 
Nicolas Pinke 
William Ludgater 
John Michell 
Nicolas Eandall 

Quintilian Summers 
William Hanaker 
Eichard Slater 
William Fist 
Nicolas Carpenter 
Thomas Ludgater 
John Tilly Ju. 
Thomas Stone 
Henry Ludgater 
Francis Stradling 
Antony Hanaker 

All o"^ Parishioners of eighteen yeeres & upwards, here above 
named, have taken y^ Protestation. 

In y" presence of us, 

Ealfe Calvert, Minister. 

John Tilly | ^a i i 

Thomas Wyatt ) ^^li^i-^'^-wardt 

John White y^ Collector. 


[Bramber Iia2)e, Burbeach Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed' i)i pencil "Seal [Sele] in Upper Beeding, vide CI. List. 
Bramber, Burbeach. H.U. 3." Signatures and marks on paper.] 

Sussex, Bramber Eape, Seal Parish. February the xxv'^ 1641. 

M'^ yt ye (jj^y ^ yeare above written y*" Minister & Churchwarden of 
the sayd Parish & Constable of the sayd Hundred, whoes names are 
under written, did take y^ Protestation Commanded by y* Commons 



[Beeding alias Sele.] 

House of Parliament, before me Henry Goringe one of liis Ma"" 
Justices of y^ Peace for y® sayd County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Job : Turner, minist. 

Henry H Farnecomb, Constable & Churcbwarden. 

John Gates, Overseer. Allict Sander, Hoverseer. 

Memorandum y' 69 persons whoes names are subscribed, of y? Parish 
of Seal, did take the Protestation Commanded by y^ Commons House 
of Parliament upon y^ 27 & 28 of Feb : anno 1641, in y^ presence of 

Joh : Turner ibid : minist : 

Edward Manninge 
John Backshell 
Daniell Poeock 
John Merchant 
Eichard R Snelling 
Eobert Mower 
Daniell Rogers 
John O Osborne 
Sephen lsic~\ /\ Howell 
Joh : B Batchelour 
Luke H Hoggsflesh 
Eich : /\ Cooke 
John P Pendris 
Joh : W Whigghram 
Eich : O Miles 
Tho : O Clemens 
Timothy Picklys 
Thom : T Bourne 
Eich : Q Vincent 
Abraham Pryer 
Georg. /\ Nitingall 
Stephen Woolger 
Thom : C Clemens 

John Finche 
Joh : H Hilles 
AVillm. W Lucas 
Gererd H Greenyar 
John Gratwick 
Eob: O WiUkins 
Eich : 8 Sedwell 
Mich : X Pannet 
Christo : Z Willett 
Joh : V Nitingall 
Eobert R Tillie 
Edward Eogers 
Eich : R Morrice 
Willm. X Combs 
Eich: XBudde 
Thom : O Carter 
Thom : X Snelling 
Eich : I— Bourne 
John R Jollife 
John Orgle 
Joh : W Whiting 
Willm. X Horliug 
Ed. V Welch 

Willm. O Beecher 
Eich : O Stanley 
Joh : O Holney 
Eich : 2 Edwardes 
Thom : Woollger 
Hen : X Andrew 
Joh : X Tillie 
Joh : O Palmer 
Tho : R Eice 
Mors [.s/c, ■? Moris] 

Tho: X Eice 
Willm. T Parham 
Edw : Eogers 
Joh : X Palmer 
Tho: I Holden 
W Wyatt 
< Slinery 
[? Slivery] 
John X Shelley 
Eich : C Carpenter 
Thom : T Cooke 
Isaack Parker 

Just : 
Tho : 


[Chiciiestee, Bajie, Easebourne Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Bepton, Chich., Easeb. I.J. 1." Written names 
on paper. See also ante, pp. 8, 11.] 

Bepton, 1641 : Memorandum that the Inhabitants of the Parish of 
Bepton, have taken this ensuing Protestation the 20"^ day of this 
instant Februa:, in the Presence of the Minister, Churchwardens, & 
Overseers of the Poor of the said Parish. 




Here foUoivs the Protestation commencing 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

Bartholomew Hitch- 
John Andrew 
John Napper 
William Woods 
Eobert Clare 
Giles Durman 
William Andrew 
Edward Packer 
John Purslow 
John Slade 
John EufF 

William Euff 
Henry Smith 
Ealfe Moody e 
Phillip Townesend 
AVilliam Martin 
Richard Pack 
Poger Hopkins 
John Burby 
Simon Durman 
George Tomson 
Richard Loick 

Henric : Riggs, Eect 

I A.B. doe," etc., and 

Robert Pote 
John Clifford, sen. 
Thomas Pore 
Richard Thomas 
John Clifford, jun. 
Richard White 
Robert Dennier 
John Lewcknour 
Bartholomew Crim- 

Richard Pannell 


[Chichester Bupe, Aldwick Hundred.'] 
\_Bcturn miasing, hut sec ante, p. 14.] 


[Akundel Bajje, Bury Hundred.] 

[^Indorsed in pencil " Bignor c;6;/j Buddingtou, Bury. H.P. 1." 

^Yl•ittc)l names on paper.'] 

Sussex : Bignor cum Buddington. 

The returne, of the names, of all the men of the Parish of Bignor, 
in the Countie of Sussex, of the age of eighteene yeares and upwards : 
who are to make the Protestation iujoyned by an Order (at Petworth, 
the 12^'' of February Ano. Domi. 1641), from S' William Goring, 
Baronet, S'' John Leeds, Knight, & John Apsley, Esquire, Justices of 
the Peace in the Countie aforesayd. 

Daniel Coote 
John Coote 
Richard West 
Thomas Cooper 
Henery Stone 

John Roade 
John Gunter 
Anthony Morey 
Richard Coote 
James Milles 

William Gittens 
William Grantham 
Thomas Gosden 
John Miles 
Robert Wilson 



Eichard Roade William Dore James Legat 

George Marshall Richard Hale John French 

John Potter Edward 8tone William Coote 

John Heberden Thomas Gawne James Bassucke 

Nicolas Gawne Henery Keene Richard Maunt 

John Morey Thomas Wilson William Combs 
Thomas Grosier 

Wee, whose names are subscribed (the Minister, Churchwarden and 
Overseer, of the Parish aforesayd), doe certefie : that these men of 
Bignor aforesayd, whose names are above written, have made the 
Protestation aforesayd : Witnesse o'' hands : And none refused. 

Febr: the 17th, Ano. Domi. 1641. 

Edward Hastier, Minister. 

Joseph Sefton, Churchwai-den. John X Perley, Overseer. 


[Aruxdel Bape, West Easwrith Hundred.'] 

[The Beturn is on six sheets of paper ; the first slieet is indorsed in 
pencil " Billinghurst, West Easwrith." H.S. 2 (1)," Of the 
seven names on this sheet, six are apparentlij signatures.] 

Friday the 11'" day of February 1641. 

Memorandum. That this day the Minister of the Parish of 
Billingshurst in y^ County of Sussex w'" the Churchwardens & Over- 
seers of the Poor for the said Parish, all whose names are underwritten, 
have made the Protestaciou according to the order & direction of the 
Ho*'''^ House of Commons, in the presence of mee Giles Garton, sheriife 
of the said County.* 

Nath : Hilton Edward Haller Samuell Grinfeild 

Benj amine Streter Thomas Cooper Richard Nye 

Thomas T Philips marke 

[The second sheet is indorsed in pencil " H.S. 2 (2)." 
Signatures and marks.] 

Billing.shurst, February 13'" 1641. 

Memorandum, that the day and yeare above written, Wee the 
Parishioners of Billingshurst, in the County of Sussex, whose names 

* Sec ante. p. 7. 




are heere under written, beeinge then mett together, accordinge to the 
direction of the Hono'''^ House of Commons, made knowne unto us by 
the High Sheriff of the said Countj^, did att the same tyme and place 
make the Protestacion ordered to bee taken, and have also theereunto 
subscribed our haudes as followeth. In the presence of the Minister, 
Churchwardens, and Overseeres for the Poore of the sayd Parrish. 

John Naldrett 
Edward Tredcroft 
John X Gaies ['? Sares] 
Henry Searle 
Thomas Pilfold 
Thomas Butterex 
Thomas Hill 
Jasper Zoaues mark 
Edward Saris 
Richard Vaux 
Nathaniel Hilton, jun. 
John Grrenfeild 
Henry H Holloway, 

sen. mark 
Edward Grantam 
Thomas V Blachees 

Samuell Turner 
Joh : Davis 
John Pilfold 
Rich : Cowpers mark 

Richard Greenfeild 
W"> B Bakers marke 
Edward Pinfold 
W'" /\ Strudweek 
Henry H Holloway, 

Thomas O Juppes 

Isaac H Hammon 
Thomas O Alcock 
John O Milles mark 
Edward X Piggotes 

James O Roberts 
John X Bennetes mark 
Robert Wormam 
John Davis, juu. 
Richard R Withers [?] 
Same well Draper 
Richerd Haler 

[? Hinter] 

James Deanes 
Will. /\ Forlonger 
Robrt. Aldriton [?] 
Edwod X Mills 
Jonathan Haller 

[? Halles] 
Edward Wallar 

[? Waltar] 
Anthony T T Woodes 

Thomas H Haylers 

Will'" W Dukes marke 
John /\/\ Werrell 
Rich : X White, jun. 
George Booker 
Henry Penfouldes 

James Lees marke 

\_The third sheet is indorsed in pencil " H.S. 2 (3)." 
Signatures and marks.'] 

Billingshurst February the 13"^ 1641. 

[Here follotos the same heading as on the second sheet.] 

The marke X of John Nye 

Richard Hamon 

John Cristin [?] 

William I Grenfeild his marke 

Richard Felde 1 1 his marke 

Richard Haller T his marke 

William Grenfield 

John p Brabie 

William Dofell 

Ghresam M Coupper [? Thresam] 

William Grenfeild 

Robart Penfolde I his marke 

Joseph Grenfeeld 

Richard Towes R 

The mark X of Henrye Piper 

William Tillat T his marke 

Steven Rider Z his marke 

Edward Doling Z his marke 

Richard Antele [?] X his marke 

Michell Hallar CO his marke 

John Richason R his marke 

John Mulford 

John Knight O his marke 

John Greinfieild his marke 

Richard Grenfeeld 

Thomas Burchfolcl D his marke 

PhiUipe Penfolde 

Benjamen Grenfeld 

Jerymyer Grinfield X his marke 

Morrice O Penfold 




[The fourth sheet is indorsed in j^encil "H.S. 2 (4).' 
Signatures and marks.'] 

Billingshurst February the 1 
[Here follows the same licadincj as on 

William W Eobertes 

William Sebbedg-e 
Thomas Floote [?] 
John Barber 
Benjamin Hailler 
Thomas X Rowland 

Richard X Penfold 
Robrt. D Monk mark 
John S Sendol 
Moris X Lee 
John Smith 

3"^ 1641. 

the second sheet.'] 

John Clowser 
William Penfold 
William Turner 
Robert Wakeham 
Richard /\ Coojier his 

Mourreis Grinfeild 
WiUiam X Wodes 

Richerd C Woollger 
Henry H Bucher 

WiUiam P Penfold his 


[The fifth sheet is indorsed in pencil " H.S. 2 (o)." 
7narks, and apparently some written names.] 

Billingshurst February the 13'i> 1641. 

Richard 3 Munke his 

John Sturte 
Wilam W Gattes 
Thomas T Gattes 
Thomas T Monk his 

John Hill 
John P Penfould his 

Morries Greniefild 
Petter S Rechsonn his 


Signatures and 

[Here folloivs the same heading as on the second sheet.] 

William Lee 
Will. Grenfeld 
Edward Barber 
Richard Hill H 
Thomas Grinfeld 
Edward Grigory G 
Roberd Thayr t 
Nicholas Hoskin 3 
John Backshell 
William Frauncis 
John Mugerreg I 
Edward Shant[? Short] 
Antony Sebbog 
Roger Stergis I- 
Richard Penfold O) 
William Mayn ['? n] 
John Heath 

Henry Baker X 
John Penfold 
W"' W Bakers marke 
Thomas X Buckman, 

John Cooper 
Robert Grenfeld 
Frances Bowten 
Nathanill Grinfeild 
John Charlewood 
Thomas Hailler 
AVilliam Sendall 
Thomas Mattock e 
John Gates 
Edward Guinder 
John Munke 
Daniell Greenfeild 

Richard Nye, sen. 
Nicholas Smith 
John Luce 
Frances Cauen 

[? Canen] 
John Sendall 
Jolin Sendall 
Tlio : Johson 
Morice Grenfelde 
Tho : Buckmett 
Henry Cox 
Thomas Greimfeild 
Heury Penfold 
John I Greenfeilds 

Henry — Fullers 


[The sixth sheet is indorsed in pencil '• Billinghurst, W. Easwrith h. 
H.S. 2 (6)." Signatures and marks.] 

Billingshurst February tlie 13'" 1641. 

[Here follows the same heading as on the second sheet.] 




John Albery 
John 'Nye 
Isack Grreufeld 
Mihil O Lundy [?] 
John O Halloway 
Tho : O Nye 
Heneri Butcher 
Ei. X Fist 
Will : W Claiton 
Will : W Barnes 
William Grreenefild 
Tho : X Weeden 
John X Deen [?] 
Daniell Grenfeild 
Eobt. O Tribe 
Hen : Z Cuniper 
Anthony O Johnson 
Henr}'^ H Remnants 

Thomas X Nye his 


John X Tobett 
Richard /\ Norris 
Nicholas M Moorer 
WilliamO Grumbridge 
William X Penfold 
Mathew m Greinfeild 
Jonathan Haller 
John ^ Cranly 
William Z Short 
Thomas co Burchfold 
William O Finch 
Richard W Greinfeild 
Henv}' O Woodes 
John I D Dennis 
John X Nye 
AVilliam W Duke 
Richard X Thorne 
Thomas T White 
Morrice X Penfold 
Thomas O Lee 
Richard I Yunt 

Thomas D Puttocke 
William S Buckman 
John I Jnpp 
Thomas Holloway 
John X Towse 
James I Holloway 
Nicholas I Addames 
Ruben O Baker 
John Markwick 
Francis O East 
Richard Z White 
Andrew Grey 
Henry X Older 
Oliver — Holland 
Robert - Etherton 
John - Hill 
John — Greinfeild 
Richard R Knight 
William — Hedyer 
Will: Levett 
William W Shawe 


[Chichester Ba2)c, Westbourne and Singletox Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in -pencil " Binderton ; Chich. ; Westb. & Singleton. 
I.L. 1." Written names on i)aper ; the first name is perhaps a 
signature. See also ante, p. 11. j 

Memorandum, That the Inhabitants of the Parish of Binderton, 
from the age of 18 yeares and upwards, have taken this Protestation 
here under written, before the Minister, Churchwarden and Overseere 
of the Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folio IV s the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe, 
and terminating " Vow and Protestation."] 


Thomas Baker 
Arthur Fleete 
Nicholas Reeking 
Steven Laurance 
John Yurlongar 
Daniell Coles 

William Lawrance 
Adam Coles 
William Baker 
Thomas Arthur 
John Gosden 

William Boocker 
Thomas Crouchar 
Tho: Collis 
William Witman 
John West 
William Randoll 

There is noe Recusant Papist, 
refused to make this Protestation. 

James Eburne, Cleric. 
Richard Habin, Churchwarden. Nicholas Ide, Collector. 

any other in this Parish, that 




[Aruxdel Bapc, Avisford Hundred. '\ 

\_Indorsed in pencil " Binsted, Avisford. 
Written, navies on 2)ai)er.'] 

H.O. 2. 

Binsted. Not any of the Parish have Refused it. 

Eobt. Johnson, Minister of God's word. 

Robert Chitty 
William Brooman 


Richard Nash \ 
John Salter j 


Richard Grantham 
Allen Grantham, sen. 
Allen Grantham, jun. 
John Paige 
Henry Paige 
Henry Ledgater 
William S within 
Thomas Yalden 
William Roberts 
William Turkey 
Mathew Bryant 
Christopher Horsley 

Thomas Osman 
Richard Dibden 
George Dibden 
Edward West 
George Sergeant 
John AVherrell 
John Horsley 
Nicholas Beard 
Edward Cobby 
John Yalden 
Robert Ayline 
Giles Browninge 

John Gittens 
Robert Horskin 
Richard Goffe 
Thomas Seaford 
Richard Bonny 
Isaake Batman 
Peter Ledger 
Thomas Ledger 
Henry Pannell 
Richard Pattell 
Edward Johnson 


[Chichester Baj^e, Manhood Hundred.] 

[^Indorsed in pencil " Birdham ; Chich. R. ; Manhood H. I.K. L" 

Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 13.] 

Birdham Febr: 13", 1641°. The persons under-written have taken 
this present Protestacion. 

\_He,re follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
teryninating "Vow & Protestacion."] 

Rich : Pad wick e 
John Padwicke 
Joseph Penne 
William Bennet 
Walter Fisher 
Stephen Hobson 

Michael Weston 
William Weston 
Tho : Averie 
Leonard Adams 
Tho: AUen 
John Hoskins 

Tho: Turket 
John Harding 
Fran : Clayton 
Geo : Osborne 
John Osborne 
Rich : Osborne 




Tho : Broonian 
Joliu May 
Rob : Palmer 
Tho: Bett 
Rich : Newington 
Jam : Parker 
Clem: Taylor 
WiUiam Taylor 

John Hewes. 

John Stoner 
William Colclen 
Geo : Gray 
William Bonnie 
John Hanson 
William Cohbie, sen. 
William Gobble, jun. 
Tho : Dennis 
Laurence Kilsey 

John Gray 
Henry Gray 
John Eagleley 
Daniel Lossome 
George Cliffon 
Edward Weston 
John Start 
Eich : Edgworth 
John Summer 

Ei : Gouuter. 

In y^ presence of mee Willia. Sergeant, Rector of Birdham. 


[CiiiciiESTEK liape, BosiiAM Hundred.'] 

[This Beturn. is 
I.L. 12 (2).' 

indorsed in 2:)encil "Parish not named. ? Sussex. 

It consists of written names on a sheet of thick paper, measuring 
22^ inches by 17^, and it is one of two Returns for Sussex, of " Places 
not Named ; " both are on a like make of thick paper and they are 
written bj^the same hand. Each bears the signature of " John Butt," 
and in neither is there any reference to the parish for which the Return 
was made. One "John Butt" was instituted Yicar of Bosham, 
according to Hennessy's Chichester Diocese Clergy Lists, in 1637, and 
it appears from Add. MS. Brit. Mus. 5699, that he was married there 
on the 14th Dec. in that year, as "John Butt, Vicar of Bosham," to 
" Susan Pullens." In 1639 "John Butt, B.A.," was instituted Vicar 
of Chidham. The Returns for both of these parishes are missing from 
the series, unless, as seems clear, the two Returns not named, 
are for Bosham and Chidham respectively. The first name in the 
Bosham Retui'n is that of " Christopher Pescodd ; " it is recorded in 
the Add. MS., above quoted, that "Mr. Christopher Pescod " was 
married at Bosham, on 29th Sept., 1639, and it would seem again on 
24th of May, 1641, as "Christopher Pescod." The second name in 
the Return is that of "Henry Grigge, ju.," and amongst the burial 
entries from Bosham parish registers for the year 1652, given in the 
same MS., is that of "Henry Grigg, Senior." The will of " Henry 
Grigg, Sen.," of Bosham, co. Sussex, yeoman, dated 7th of May, 1652, 
was proved in P.C.C, on 28th of June in the same year [Bowyer, fa. 
132), by Thomas Grigg, the son and executor, and the will of Henry 
Grigg, of Bossame, co. Sussex, gentleman, dated 12th of Nov., 1654, 
was proved in P.C.C. 1st of July, 1658 {Berkley, fo. 255), by Catharine 
Grigg, the relict and sole executrix. See also ante, p. 16.] 




[Tlie Beturn is headed with the Protestation commencing "I A.B. Doe 
in the presentese of Almightie God," etc., and terminating loith 
"Vow and Protestation."] 
Christopher Pescodd Hughe Webb 

Richard Chambers 

John Feilder 

Edward Harbor 

John Longhurst, sen. 

William Bawcombe 

John Peun 

Henry Bran 

William Jelly 

Thomas Croucher 

William Tremblet 

Thomas Pannell 

John Gawden 

William Arnold 

Barnard Cowdry 

John Millington 

Robert Leaper 

William Fry 

Thomas Cheyney 

Nicholas Hore 

William Wakeford 

John Goldocke 

William Over 

Roger Goldocke 

William Spencer 

Henry Grigge, ju. 
John Colpes, senior 
John Tremblet 
William Kymber 
Edward Tremblet 
William Michelborne 
John Milles 
Thomas Grigge 
Thomas Peers 
Robert Grigge 
Thomas Lane 
William Grigge 
Robert Tremblet 
Richard Foster 
William Redwell 
William B utterly 
William Harding 
Thomas Millington 
John Jelly 
John Sebedge 
Michael Durrante 
Robert Sturkey 
John Colpis 
Thomas Hammon 

Thomas Pyper, junior John Foste 
Henry Longhurst Robert Arnolde 

William Jennison 
William Dudman 
Thomas Frogbrooke 
Edward Harvest 

Richard Foster, sen. 
Thomas Venitroe 
Robert Hore 
Edward Millington 
Thomas Heathfeild 
Richard Bayley 
Thomas Goldocke, sen. 
William Bryante 
Edward Lepey 
Thomas Hore 
Barnard Cowdry, 

AVilliam Briant, junior 
Edward Starkey 

William Longhurst 
Edmund Mose 
William Abram 
William Wepham 
Roger Binsted 
Edward Mills 
Robert Harte 
Robert Channell 

John Dashe , , xiiiam ^nttut, j uuiui M s^r^.^,^ M ^ 

Robert Harverte Edward Starkey jLJcobyiG 

Memorandum, that those who have subscribed to this vowe and 
Protestation for \_sic~] the age of 18 yeares and upwardes, have taken 
their Protestation before the Minister and Churchwardenes and Over- 
seeres of the Parish abovesaide. 

Steaven Lely 
Markes Pitt 
John Michell 
Samuell White 
Henry Austin 
Thomas Cox 
Ralphe Price 
Thomas Channell 
Edward Bowen 
John Mellese 
William Cockwell 
George Venitrowe 
Jonas Foster 
John Longhurst, ju. 
John Randoll 
William Woodes 
John Cockwell 
John Edwardes 
AVilliam Hames 
Robert Tremblet, ju. 
Nicholas Courtnell 
Richard Chamberlin 
Henry Silverlock 
Steaven Sone 
Richard Edwards 
Richard Hedger 
John Dashe 
Nicholas Downinge 
John Witheall 
Thomas Habin 
Richard Goldocke 
William JeUy 
Freman Price 
Edward Millington 
Richard Tremlet 
Thomas (>olpis 
Thomas Piper, sen. 
William Michell 
Henry Gilforde 

John Butt. 

D 2 




[Chichestek liape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in p&ncil "Boxgrove, Chichester R., Box & S.H. 
Written names on ixiper. See also ante, i). 12.] 

I.H. 3. 

Boxgrove : Memorand., y* the inhabitants of the said Parish from 
the age of 18 yeares & upwards have subscribed unto this ensuing 
Protestacion the 1 3'*^ day of this instant February in the presence of 
Samuell Hill, Vicar of the said Parish, & in the presence of the 
Churchwardens «fe Overseers of the Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folloius the Protestation commencing 
terminating " Yow & Protestation."] 

Thomas Forbench 
Grodfrey Ailmor 
William Midleton 
Edward Frost 
John Grrigg, ju. 
Thomas Stone, ju. 
John Dee 
William Dearling 
Midleton Bigges 
Thomas Ailmor 
Ealphe Grrigg 
Felix Grigg 
Thomas Goble 
William Compton 
Thomas Brewer 
William Reader, sen. 
Andrew Gardner 
Simon Newman 
Ellis Newman 
Richard Aps 
Owen Aps 
Thomas Reinold, ju. 
William Reinold 
Henry Nunnington 
Richard Lankeford 
Thomas Hartly 
William Outen 
Philip Hordly 
William Godfrey 
John Meadman 
Niccolas Slater 

William Claiton, ju. 
Richard Blunden 
Joseph Baldwin 
Richard Duke 
Ralphe Hammon 
James Martin 
John Hobson 
Richard Hartly 
Henry Shottor 
John Sherrier 
Henry Hastead 
Thomas Aps 
William Parker 
Thomas Hale 
Ralphe West 
William Smith 
Thomas Stone, sen. 
Timothie Hale 
Nicholas Bi'idger 
Thomas Hastead 
John Lording 
Thomas Newman 
Thomas Trusler 
James Hale 
Richard Ailmor 
William Hastead 
John Downer 
Edward Newington 
Ralphe Trusler, se. 
Matthew Claiton 
Richard Wren 

I A.B. do," etc., and 

John Grigg, se. 
John Pinke 
Thomas Hammon, se. 
John Milles 
Roger Bi'ookfield 
Thomas Rishman 
Thomas White 
Thomas Moory, se. 
William Haynes 
James Brooking 
John Hastead 
George Nichols, ju. 
Thomas Gibbins 
Timothie Greenwood 
Robert Farrer 
John Neave 
Thomas Simmons, 

Thomas Hopkins 
William Nichols 
Thomas Euens 
Edward Gibbins 
John Tuppar 
John Taylor 
John Wiat 
George Nichols, se. 
Thomas Moory, ju. 
Thomas Stone, ju. 
Thomas Standidge 
Thomas Reinold, se. 
William Sexten 

Sic. Probably shovelman. 




William Witcher 
Richard Cooke 
Thomas Taylor 
Francis Tunnell 
Henry Bristow 
Edward Gardner 
William Hamm.* j 
William West 
John Fielder 
AVilliam Hammon, 
John Pitt 

Thomas Hammon, ju. 
John Gibbens 
Matthew Trusler 
William Claiton, se. 
Richard Martin 
William Trusler 
John Hartley 
Richard Grigg 
Owen Lording 
Edward Faulkner 
Richard Soane 

William Digisou 
Ralphe Pennicod 
Richard Digison 
Robert Summers 
Edward Briant 
Ralphe Trusler, ju. 
William Reader, ju. 
John Lion 
William Burcher 
Richard Taylor 

There be non as have not taken this Protestacion, but only Thomas 
Browne, William Hartley, & Thomas Simmons who is very sicke. 

Sa : Hill, Vic : ibm. 


[Bramber Bapc, Steynixg Hundred.'] 
[_Betuni vcissiiKj.] 


[Bramber licqye, Brightford Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in- pencil "Broadwater, Bramber, Brightford. H.T. 1." 

Signatures and marks on three sheets of paper.] 

Sussex, Bramber Rape, Broadwater Parish. Febr : 2.5"', 164L 

Mem : the day and yeare above written y^ Minister and Church 
Wardens of the sayd Parish and Overseers of the Poore for the same, 
whose names are heereunto subscribed, did take the Protestation 
commanded by the Commons House of Parliament, before me Henry 
Goringe, one of his Ma'^ Justices of the Peace for that County. 

Hen : Goringe. 
Christoph : Tuckey, Cleric. 

Richard Shieter / ^q , , 

T r Tvr 1 1 • 1 1 Churchwardens. 

John Monk /\ his mark ) 

John Singer X his mark ) ^ j « -n 

n i- %- liT ^ \ Overseers oi y^ Poore. 

Curteyse T Monk ) ^ 

* Sic. but prubably iutt'udcd lor llammou. 



February 27°. 
Granado Chester, parvo. 
Tho: Baclbye 
Edward Scott 
Will : Fox X his mark 
Steaphen Holte 
Edward Manfilld 
Will : Turnagen, sen. X 
Henry Gilbert X 

John Sole 
Thomas Parratt X 

[? Parrash] 
Thomas Fist 
Tho:- Cook I 
John Haslupp X 
Jsaac Steer < 
John Kent O 
Edward Gates /\ 
Th^ Shoulder W 
Will : Whitgrome X 
John Robinson X 
Th« Bayley - 
John Bennett C 
Eobert Easton f»j 
John Knovell X 
Andrew Duke X 
Peeter Price X his mark 
John Vokes X his mark 
Overington Wood 




eir marKs 

Tho : Labram, junior, his mark 
James Tourle his X mark 
John Carling X his mark 
Thomas Cooper T his mark 
John Walder O his mark 
Edward Page X his mark 
John Newman I his mark 
Christopher Tuckey, junior 
John Grindall CO his mark 
John Hall U his mark 
Anthony Burleigh < his mark 
Eiehard Moore 
Walter Weston 
John Beach 

Eobert Smith X his mark 
John Hartley X his mark 
John Budde U his mark 
Hugh Crannell 
William Honour W his mark 
Thomas Watersfield X his mark 
Thomas Duke I— his mark 
James Honour Z his mark 
John Duke X his mark 
Thomas Westone 
Thomas Benet X his mark 
Thomas Labram, senior, T his 

Francis Baldry O his mark 
Henry Gander his mark 

[Second Sheet.] 
Sussex: Bramber Rape, Broadwater Parish. February 27, 1641. 

Memorandiim the day and yeare above written the Parishioners and 
Inhabitantes of je sayd Parish whose names are subscribed did take 
the Protestation Commanded by the Commons House of Parliament 
before [_sic]. 

Robert Crabb 

Samuel Snow his S marke 

Richard Hersie 

Nicholas Roch his N R mark 

AVilliam Martin X his marke 

Richard Shoulder X his marke 

Thomas Martin, senior, X his marke 

Henary Moonke 

John Stammer 

John Joup ['?] 

Thomas Tuckey 

David X Howbeame his marke 

Edward Hide 

Thomas Fox 

Robert Payne 

Robert Fivens 

Thomas Monke his X marke 

William Monke his X marke 

John Easton his X marke 

Robert Stammer his X marke 



Eoger Gratwike his R marke 
Thomas Fry his O marke 
John Hei'sey his H marke 
Thomas Grevat T his marke 
John S^elden his X marke 
John Woodes his U marke 
John Page his X mai-ke 
Nicholas Page his O marke 
John Woodes, senior, X his mai'ke 
William Harwood C his marke 
Thomas Martin, junior, X his 

Lazarus Whitgroome X his marke 
Eichard Mose his X mark 
John Eoach his — marke 
John Wright his O marke 
Eichard Bridham O his marke 
Thomas Campion 
William Eastone 
Thomas Singer 
John X Morter [? Monter] his 

John Beach, O senior, his marke 
William Parke /\ his marke 
John Beacher his B marke 
John Barker X his marke 

Thomas T Campion, senior, his 

Eichard Hardham /\ his marke 
John Stoneham X his marke 
William Cheeseman X his marke 
John Hamond W his marke 
W'" Turneagain W his marke 
John Swifte X his marke 
William W Stoneham his marke 
Eichard Slaughter RS his marke 
James Whitgroom X his marke 
Edward Humphry |sj his marke 
Eichard Goddard RG his marke 
AVilliam Jones yy\ his marke 
George Stubbington X his marke 
Thomas Harwood his X marke 
George Browne X his marke 
Thomas Turnagaine 
William |sj Brooker his marke 
John Gold his X marke 
John Barber N his marke 
Eichard Braine — his marke 
Thomas Hornar 
Francis O Edwardes his marke 
AVilliam H Gates his marke 

IThird Sheet.'] 

[_A sheet indorsed in pencil " AVashington, Sussex, Bramber Eape, 
Protestation LA. 4." Signatures and marks on paper. This sheet is 
now placed with, and made to form part of, the Eeturn for that paj-ish, 
which is clearly an error, for the A'^icar of AVashington in 1641-2 was 
Nicholas Garbrand, S.T.B., and he signed that Eeturn [as Eector]. 
According to Hennessy's Chichester Diocese Clergy Lists, he was 
instituted Vicar of Washington in 1638. The Eector of Broadwater in 
1641-2 was Granado Chester, who was instituted in 1624-5, and as 
this sheet is signed by him, it is evidently the concluding one of the 
licturn for Broadwater, which would be otherwise incomplete.] 

William Eawson 
Eichard Bell R his marke 

William Perier 

John Allen X his marke 

March 3"° I know of none in this Parish that hath refused the 

Gran : Chester, rector. 




[Arundel Bape, Polixg Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed as below, and in pencil " Burpham, Poling. H.O. 2." 
Written names on pajjer.'] 

[The Indorsement.'] 
Polinge Hundred. 

[The licturn.'] 

These are to Certifie that the Names under -svritten, are the Names of 
All the Inhabitants of Burgham als. Burpham in Sussex, above the 
yeares of eighteene ; And allso that ever}- man of them hath taken 
the Protestacion Commended to them by the House of Commons, viz. 

William Palmer, gent. 
John Hoord, gent. 
Richard Woolvin 
Robert Oliver 
Henry Hoore, Sen. 
Henry Hoore, Jun. 
Anthony Over 
Edward Lucas 
William Upperton, 

William Upperton, 

Thomas Mitchelborne 
Thomas Coomes 
Edward May 
Edward Bellchamber 

John Coomes, Sen. 
John Coomes, Jun. 
William Bellchamber 
William Thorne 
William Tompkine 
John Tompkine 
Greenfeild Fisher 
.Thomas Brumby 
Laurence Croutcher 
Leonard Fricker 
Richard Knowles 
John AVithall 
Thomas Upperton 
George Lj'dsey 
Roger Washer 
William Tickner 

William Knowles 
John Upperton 
Richard Bellchamber 
Henry Pollington 
John Waterman 
Edward Stoner 
Andrew Short 
Richard Penfold 
William Milles 
John Cornefoi'd 
Thomas Tickner 
Edward Fabine 
William Capone 
Edward Kneller 
John Etherton 

In Testimony whereof the Minister, Churchwardens, & Overseers for 
the poore (whoe have taken the Protestacion before the Justices), have 
subscrib'd our Names, or Markes. 

Paul Lawrence, Vic : 

The marke of Anthony A Dammer, Churchwarden. 

John Knowlles, Churchwarden. 

The marke of John |— Bellchamber ) ,-^ £ ^-i 

rp, 1 f \\-^^v VAT Overseers for the poore. 

The marke of \\ lUiam X Aylinge ) ■■• 




[Arundel Bape, Burtox in Rotherbridge Hundred, 
CoATEs in Bury Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Burton cum Coates, Bury. H.P. 2." 
Written names on paper.'] 

Burton cum Coates, February 10 & 11, 1641. 

Accordiuge to the order from the honourable house of Commons. 

The Protestation was taken by those of the parish of Burton cum 
Coates whose names are here under written. 


Henry Goringe, Esq"^ 
Francis Goringe, gent, 
John Wallwin, gent. 
John Jeames 
Thomas Hunt 
Henry Gittins 
John Mallingham 
George Bodicote 
John Browne 
Edward Jordan 
John Wood 

John Forward e 
Hugh Wallwin 
John Goodyeare 
Edward Monke 
Henry Gittins 
William Napper 
Thomas Avery 
Richard Cooke 
Owen May 
Richard Dawes 

Richard Lee, sen. 
Richard Lee, jun. 
Edward Essex 
John Essex 
John AVest 
Anthony West 
Francis May 
Arthur Sanders 
Timothy Piper, 
Churchwarden & 


No person hath refused to make this Protestation, to whome the same 
was or ought to have bene tendred. 

Ita tester Chr : Eldersfielde, Minister. 


[Arundel Bape, Bury Hundred.] 

[Indorsed as heloiu, and in pencil "Bury. H.P. 3.' 
Written names on paper.] 

[The Indorsement.] 
Bury Hundred. 




[The Bcturn.'] 

Bmy 1641. The names of the Male Inhabitants of Buvy in the 
County of Sussex, above the age of 18 yeares, who all have taken the 
Protestation, according to the Order. 

William Pellet, Gent. 
John Cooke, Gent. 
Nicholas Cooke, Gent. 
Edward Barber 
Thomas Kent 
John Ailemore 
Nathaniel Brookefield 
John Blundell, Sen. 
John Beale 
John Blundell, Jun. 
Ninion Kent 
"William Bowbrooke, 

Thomas North 
William Stempe 
John Spicer 
William Luttar, Sen. 
Eichard Cole 
John Tupper 
John Hoare 
William Hoare 
Philijip Lee 
John Duke 
John Elliott, Sen. 
John Elliott, Jun. 
Robert Smith 
William Freeharry 
Thomas Woodyer 
Henry Woodyer 
Henry Smith 
Eichard Smith 
Edward E ay son 
John Keene, Sen. 
Henry Holt 
John Oakeshot 
Gabriell Chisman 

Thomas Jennins 
Christopher Elliott 
Thomas Elliott 
Eichard Busbee 
John Adsedd 
Owen Elson 
William Mose 
John Hole 
William Eawson 
John Wilson 
John Bartlemew 
John Coote 
John Eice 
Morris Mersh 
William Eoper 
Eobert Piner 
Thomas Short 
Rober \_sic'] Taylor 
Paul Bridger 
Thomas Eawson 
John Keene 
Eichard Wheatley 
Thomas Stone 
John Barber 
James Andrew 
Nicholas Adsed [or 

Henry Scutt 
William Woolridge 
John Keene, Jun. 
John Mosse 
John MiUs 
Eobert Smith 
Nicholas Penn^'ale 
Eobert Ford 
John Tupper 

Thomas Hawkins 
Thomas Tupper 
Thomas Grantou. Sen. 
Eichard Granton 
Edward Granton 
John Eawson, Sen. 
Thomas Smart 
Eichard Tearle 
John Tearle 
William Tearle 
James Holding 
Eichard Miles 
Edward Eawson 
Eichard Putney 
Thomas Woolphall 
Edward TupjDer 
John Elliott 
Christopher Elliott 
William Woodyer 
Eichard Tupper 
Edward Henly 
John Burnard 
Christopher Pannell 
John Eawson, Jun. 
Thomas Henly 
Henry Browne 
John Ball 
Thomas Woodyer 
William Bowbrooke 
Eichard Betser 
John Browne 
Edmond Harrod 
Henry Piper, Sen. 
Henry Piper, Jun. 
Eichard Parham 

All Those whose names are above written, have taken the Vow and 

Protestation before Us (who have also taken it). 

John Upperton ) ^^ , ■, 

AT7-1T T i^ \ Churchwardens. 
\\ illiam Luttar ) 

Clement Tupper 
Eichard Perley 

John Ford, ^'^icar. 

Overseers of 
the Poore. 

* Sic. but probably intended to bo Grantou. 



(or B0T0LPH8). 

[Bramber Baj^e, Steyning Hundred.'] 

[_Indorscd in pencil " Buttolphs, Bramber, Steyning. I. A. 1." 
Signatures and marks on paper.'] 

Sussex, Bramber Eajje, Buttolfes Parislie, Februarie tlie xxv"' 1641. 

M'' the day and yeare abovesayed the ]\Iinister and Churchwarden 
and Overseer of the Poore of the sayed Parishe of Buttolfes, whose 
names are hereunder subscribed, did take the Protestation Commanded 
by the Commons House of Parliament to bee taken, beefore mee Henry 
Goringe one of his Ma"*"' Justices of the Peace for the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 
Lawr : Davenport, Vicar. John Daniell. 

They whose names are here subscribed, did take y'^ sayed Protestation 
y'^ sixt day of March. 

John Hosmer Nicholas R Eich his mark 

John Wheeler Eichard X Adams liis mark 

Mathew Brigges William X Waiman his marke 

Thomas Herryote Eichard R Bode his marke 

William W Gratwick his marke William X Tilly his mark 

William B Blackman his mark Edward X Washer his mark 
Eobert X Washer his mai-k 

These all w''' ai-e y^ whole number of y'' Parishioners above eighteen 
yeares of age did take y" Protestation before us. 

Lawrence Davenport. 
John Daniell. 


[Chichester Bape, Box and Stockdridge Hundred.] 

[A large skin of parchment indorsed as heloiv, and /» pencil 
"Chichester City and Parishes, Sussex, 1641-2, Feb. 14. I.H. 

Within the skin of parchment, and attached to it by a parchment 
thong, are seven Eeturns on as many sheets of paper, for that number 


[Chichester, City of.] 
of parishes in the City of Chichester, and also a printed copy of the 
Protestation, etc. (the same as that upon the back of which the Return 
for the Cathedral Close is made, see post, p. 45). These Eeturns are in 
this order, " That parte of the Parish of S' Pancrase which is w"'in the 
Libertie of the Cittie of Chichester;" St. Andrew; All Saints; St. 
Martin ; St. Olave ; St. Peter the Less ; and St. Peter the Great. On 
the inner side of this skin of parchment (which forms a wrapper for 
the seven paper schedules, etc.) the annexed Eeturn is made. 
ISignatures and marks — (I.H. 14) — .] 

[The Indorsement.'] 

The retourne of the Mair & Justices of y* Citty of Chichester con- 
cerning y^ Protestacion, according to y^ letter to them directed from y* 
High Court of Parliament ; Deliver this w'*^ y^ letter to Mr. Cawley. 

[The Beturn.'] 


Die lunpe septimo Februarii Anno Dni. 1641. 

The names of such Persons as have taken the Protestacion, where- 
unto theis pesents are annexed. 

Elix. [?] Exton, Maior. 

Tho : Farrington \ 

Henr : Chittey f Justiciar, ad Pacem infra 
John Greinfild i eandem Civitatem. 
George Greene ] 

Guilielmus Payne, Subdecauus. 

Joshua Peito, Rector Omnium Sanctorum in Pallantia. 

William Speede, Rector S'^' Pancrasii. 

William Alridge, Rector of S" Olavi. 

Durant Hunt, Red. S" Andr. 

Francis Gardener, Rector Saint Martins. 

I, John Guy, Rector Ecclesia S' Petri juxta Guildhall. 

Richard Comber ) Churchwardens Richard Heather I |T^^^p ^^. 
James Robson ) of Subdeanry. John Robson | f S "h l 

AVilliam A Ansted 
John Buttcher, yonger 

AV"^ X Stade j Churchwardens of ^ g ^^^^^^^^^^ ( ^l^'^Ze of 

[blank-] \ S' Martyns ■> j g, ^l^riyns. 

John I Locke, a Pettie Constable w"'in the Parish of S' Martyns. 

* Sic. 


[Chichester, City of.] 
Will : Sanford ) Cliurchwardens Greorge W Johnson a^i/q ^\^ 
W- W Warner 1 of All Saints ^,„,^ ^ g^^,^^. CoLttwe ' 

Daniell Martin ^ Churchwardens George Phillips ( . v^ p f 

Thomas T Huggins ) of S' Andrews. AV" X Smyth ^t a T'^ 

"R • E ■ rlfiH ( Church- Eichard Grenfeld j Overseers of 

■p K f Tr' 1 I wardens of John Allen > the Poore of 

Kobert l^nowier ^ g^_ p^^^^.^^ Thomas X Eichardson ) S' Peeters. 

Nicholas Lucas / ^i , ^ i? ct -d 

T 1, -D -4. [ Churchwardens of o' Pancras. 

John Bannisters ) 

Marke Miller ] Church- -r,. , i ^ o-oi-ir ( Overseers 

Eichard R P Plnllippes ) n 

Thomas Whichoyr } wardens fofl -r , ^ n 
[ ? Whichoyor] ) S' Olaves.^ '^'^^^ Callaway | g, q^^^^^_ 

Marke Sijiller [ ? S] ) Constabular. capital, infram \_sic~\ Civitatem 
William Collins ) predict. 

Eobert Barns W" X Browne The marke X of John 

John Barnard Eichard Mearth Taylor 


[Chichester Rape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed iyi pencil "Chichester (Cathl. Close), Box and Stock. I.H. 4." 
Signatures and marks on paper.] 

This Eeturn is made upon the back of the original printed Protesta- 
tion, etc., sent down from the House of Commons.'''' This document is not 
printed from the same type as that upon which the Eeturn for Tangmere 
is written, and it also differs from the latter in terminating at the end 
of the fourth paragraph, but it is identical with a copy attached to the 
Eeturns for the City of Chichester. f 

Memorandum, y' all these whose names are underwritten, y^ inhabi- 
tants of y^ Claus of y® Cathedrall Church of Chichester, did upon y^ 
eleventh dale of Febr : 1641, w"' all willingness, take y*^ Protestation 
w^'in y^ Quire of y^ same Church, before Joseph Henshawe Do' of 

* See ante, p. .3. t Ibid., p. 44. 


[Chichester, Cathedral Close.] 

Divinitie, who had formerly himself taken it before the Justices of 
y" Peace, according to y" directions of this Ho''^^ House. "^^ 

Jo : Morley, kn' John Amyas 

Steph : Goffe, Sacr. Theol. Profess. Thomas Young 

Greor : Elgar Thomas Lewis 

Tho : Cradocke Isaack Morton 

Edw : Osborne John Heabin 

AViU : Eose Ealphe Ipely 

Tho : Young Walter Holmes 

Tho : Bettesworth Eichard Greene X his marke 

William Cox Thomas Young 

William Chandler Eichard Aylynge R his marke 

Eobert Eandall Eichard Hoskyns S his marke 

Eic : Stanley Ambrose Piuck O his marke 

John Fidge John Truslow 

William Aldrige & Durant Hunt, two of y^ inhabitants of y^ said 
Claus, did not take y^ Protestation here, because (as they said) they 
had formerly taken it before y* Justices of y*^ Cittie in their severall 

Jos : Henshawe. 


[Chichester Rape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.^ 

[^Marked in blue pencil " I.H. 9." Written names on 2Mper. 
See also ante, pp. 44 and 45.] 


\_Hcre follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Vow & Protestation."] 

Febr: 10, 164L 

The names of all the Inhabytantes in the Parish of Alsayntes, w*Mn 
the Cittie of Chichester, w"'' have Protested to this above present 
Protestation, before the Parson, Churchwardens, Overseers for the 
Poor, and Pety Constable of the said Parish. 

* See also the latter ixirt of the Return for St. Peter the Great, post, pp. 55 and 56. 



[Chichester, All S 
John Pannett, Alder. 
Edward Osborne, gent 
John Swayne, gent. 
John Aylwine 
Thomas Harold 
Thomas Chatfeild 
WiUm. Pannett 
Thomas Diggons 
John Hugges 
Richard Woodes 
Willm. Dickenson 
George Adamson, 

Willm. Winston 
Thomas Warner 
John Standish 
Randolph Tittie 


Lambert Barnard 
Nicholas Briedes 
Daniell Goble 
John Wade 
John Eoyse 
Edward Ireland 
Robt. Avery 
Nicholas Belehamber 
W"^ Scudmer 
John Turkett 
Thomas Smith 
George Foster 
Edmond Field 
Willm. Hiat 
George Addamson, 

Fraunces Strudwicke 
Richard Winston 
Willm. Costelow 
Willm. Springe 
John Willsou 
AVillm. Zone 
Henry Hugges 
Henry AVillson 
Thomas En gram 
Nicholas Addamson 
John Shewbridge 
Thomas Norris 
John Greene 
Richard Rose 
John Hames 
John Denton 

Walter Symes, gent, is to take it, as he sayth, at his Parish in the 
Contery ; Richard Kybe gent., John Githens & Zacheus Gardiner ar 
out of warnins^e. 

Per me Joshua Peito 
supradicta) Rectorem Parochipe 

Will : Sandford ) ^i i i 

-tA^m \A/ WT Churchwardens. 

W ™ W Warner 

Daniell Goble ) Overseers for Adam A Sanders, Petie Constable. 

George T Johnson f the Poore. 


[Chichestek Bapc, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.^ 

[Marked ill blue pencil " I.H. 8." Written navies on paper. 
See also ante, pp. 44 and 45.] 

St. Andrewes in Chichester, the 8 off Febuar. 1641. 

William Henshawe 
Frances Longe 
William Barber 
Leonard Magwick 
John Hooker 
John Warde 
Robert Jenman 

Thomas Tupper 
William Libbard 
AVilliam Parker 
John Coaley 
James Mears 
William Manser 
Frances Gearey 

Daniell Barber 
Thomas Richardson 
William Ubaheg [?] 
John Cocke 
Richard Kercher 
Thomas Miliington 
Henry Hardam 



[Chichester, St. 
John Bredliam 
William Wallder, 

Thomas Plant 
Eichard B utterly 
William Eoysse 
John Dun stall 
Edward Manning 
John Bostwicke 


Jeremy Wallder 
George Harrisse 
Sampson Barter 
John Chandler 
Thomas Essman 
John Massone 
John Wrighte 
William Euste 
Eichard Barnes, senior 

Eobert Cannan 
Eichard Barnes, junior 
Simon Hamman 
Nicolas Eeade 
William Masters 
Eobert Armestronge 
Edward Cassmore 

All thes did take the Protestation befFore us, 

Durant Hunt, Eect. 

Daniell Martyn 
Thomas Huggins 


George Phillips ) CoHectors 
William Smith ^^^^e^tors. 


[Chichester Ba2)e, Box axd Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in pencil "Chichester, St. Barth., Box and Stock. I.H. 5." 
Signatures, marks, and apixirently some written names, on paper. 
See also ante, p. 12.] 

Memoran. that the Parties subscribed have taken this Protestation 
this 13"' of February, Anno Eegni Dom. nostri. Caroli. Eegis Anglie 
etc. decimo septimo 1641. 

\_Hcre follows the Protestation commencing " I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating " Vowe & Protestacion."] 

Thomas Knowler & the rest of the names following of the Parish 
of S' Bartholomews w%ut the Westgate of the Citie of Chichester. 

Eichard Eablie 
Eichard Page 
William Kewell 
Thomas Stoner 
William Butler 
John Searle 
William Eiehenson 

Thomas Arnol 
Eobert Lux 
Jacob Eeede 
John Durant 
Peter Eansom 
Miles Topet 
Giles O Trip 

William Plidger 
John Humfrey 
Eichard Banister 
Henry Stridwicke 
George Cox 
William Stoner 
Anthony Chilse 


[Chichester, St. Bartholomew.] 


Eobert Booker 
Ealfe Catton 
Thomas Hardom 
John X Pearle 
Richard Lawrence 

Eobert Cranborne 
Michaell Eansom 
George Turner 
James Turner 

John Brommon 
John Corps 
William Beckham 
Eichard R Trivet 

Testis Gulielmus Chandler, Curat ibide. 

\_See the names of some other inhabitants of the parish of St. 
Bartholomew, ivho took the Protestation the 10th February, 1641-2, 

ante, p. 12.] 


[Chichester Bape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

\_Marked in blue pencil "I.H. 10." Written names on p)aper. 
See also ante, p. 44.] 

Chichester, St. Martins, Februarie the 8'" 1641, 

A Coppie of the names of the Parishoners of the Parish of Saynt 
Martins, within the Cittie of Chichester, that have Protested, taken in 
the Presence of Francis Gardener, Eector, Edward Hardham and 
William Stead, Churchwardens, Henr}^ BuUick, Overseer, and John 
Lock, Petticunstable. 

Eichard Greinfeild 
Michaell Braman, 

Eeoman King 
Henry Boyer 
Edward Hardham 
Euzebius Grevet 
Henry Fleshmunger, 

John Beddicke 
Eichard Grevet 

William Browne 
John Arnall 
William Knott 
William Attwood 
William Braman 
John Hitchcock 
Eobert Stert 
Eichard Giblie 
John Usher 
Peeter Foord 
Eichard Deere 

Eobert Mills 
George Bennitt 
Michaell Braman, 

Andrew Knott 
Thomas Chandler 
Eobert Ingram 
Henry Fleshmunger, 

Jefferie White 
Henry Straten 




[Chichester Bape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[Marked in hhie pencil "I.H. 11." 
See also ante, pp. 44 and 45.] 

Signatures and marks on paper. 

\_Hcre is the Protestation commencing "I A.B doe," etc., and 
terminating "vowe and Protestacion."] 

S' Olaves Chichester. 

This presonte Protestacion was taken by the Parties whose names 
are under written, Inhabitantes of the Parishe of S' Olaves in Chichester, 
In the presence of M' W"' Aldrige, Mynister, Marke Miller, one of the 
Churchwardens, and Eichard Phillipps, one of the Overseers of the 
Poore there. 9 Februarii 1641. 

Francis Shallet 
Will: Sandham 
Eobert Colpes 
Tho : Collins 
Eichard Bragge 
Joseph Taylor 
John Shaliett 
William Coperthwaite 
John Ansell 
Henry Eoades, the 

Thomas Vauasseur 
John Bucher 

John Stapler 
William W Bel- 
Anthonie Gardner 
Anthony Coombs 
Samuell Hentie 
Eichard R Mihill 
Christopher O Arnoll 
Henry H Eoades, 

j unior 
William Pryuor 
William W Bevestock 

Edward Mastars 
Anthony Tomliuson 
George Cooke 
Jerremy Eedding 
John Gobell 
John Mose 
Thomas O Brodfeild 
William X Leper 
Ephraim X Borey 
Eobbert Chaber 
Eichard T Hoskins 
John X Foord 

All these above named hath taken y^ Protestacion according to y' 
Order in y^ presence of us, 

Will: Alridge, Minister. Marke Miller, Churchwarden. 
Eich : R Phillippes, Overseer. 

The names of those which are out of warning. 

Mr. Eobert Anderson, Esq. 
Mr. Thomas Chase, gent. 

James Pettifer. 
Thomas Smyth 




{Within the Liberty of the City.) 
[Chichester Ba2)e, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.^ 
Written names on paper. See 

[3Iarked in bine pencil "I.H 
also ante, pp. 44 and 45.] 


Sussex : The 14"' day of February Auno Dom. 1641, the Inhabitants 
of that parte of the Parish of S' Pancrase which is w^'iu the Libertie 
of the Cittie of Chichester, that are above the age of 18 yeares, 
Except those who were at that tyme out of warning, whose names are 
herein specifyed, have taken this Protestacion heare under written 
according as is Required. In the presents of the Minnester, Church- 
wardens, and Overseers of the same Parish. 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," c 
terminating " Vowe and Protestacion."] 

tc, and 

William Margerom 
James Ferndell 
Anthony Wackefild 
William Whitt 
Thomas Bonney, sen 
Thomas Bonney, ju. 
Francis Frend 
Henrie Swaine 
Nathanell Allin 
Humfree Collins 
Eichard Collins, sen. 
Eichard Collins, ju. 
Eichard Paj' 
Eichard Selhurst 
James Pilbem 
John Tester 

John Dancy 
Edward Laclot 
Henri Tredcioft 
Francis Grostoey 
Eobert Weston 
John Hitchcocke 
Nicholas Wackefild 
Edward Allin 
Thomas Grantham 
Simon Prowting 
William Browne 
Joseph Young 
John Woods 
Thomas Diggons 
Henrie Nicolson 
Edward Butterly, sen. 

Edward Butterly, ju. 
John Foster 
Sacfild Tourner 
Thomas Lamport 
Eichard Floude 
Gabrill Gudge 
William Gravett 
Elise Collins 
Eichard Owers 
William Young out of 

warning, being at 

Abrham Hayes out of 

warning, being in 


John Bannester 
Nicholas Lucas 


Francis Hooke, Overseer of the 
Poore, out of Warning, being 
at London. 

The day and yeare above written, these whose names are above 
written. Inhabitants of that parte of the Parish above saide, except 
these above Specifyed, did make there Severall Protestacions according 
as is Eequired, before the Minnester, Churchwardens, and Overseers 
afore saide. In witnese whereof I have here unto sett my hand. 

Will: Speede 

S' Pancrase within the Liberty of the Cittie of Chichester. 




{Without the Liberty of the City.) 

[Chichester Rape, Box & Stockbridge Hundred.^ 

^Indorsed m pencil "Chichester (St. Pacras) Chieh. Rape, Box 8c 
Stockbridge H. ; I.H. 6." Written names on paper .'] 

Sussex : The 14"^ day of February Anno Dom. 1641, the Inhabitants 
of that parte of the Parish of S' Pancrase w'^*' is w'^'out the Libertie of 
the Cittie of Chichester, that are above the age of 18 yeares, excepte 
some whose names are herein Specifyed, have taken this Protestacion 
here under written, according as is required. In the presents of the 
Minister, Churchwardens, and Overseers of the same parish. 

[Here folloios the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe,' 
terminating "Vow and Protestacion."] 

etc., and 

Eichard Bland 
John Ewins 
Robert Peachey 
Richard Locke 
Henri Furlunger 
Gruy Murrell 
Thomas Jenman 
Joseph Joy 
Joell Hebberden 
Richard Lynfild 
Richard Babey 
Richard Michell 
Robert Whitt 
James Coorts 
Richard Mills, sen. 
Richard Steevens 
John Hedger 
William Catt 
Bartholmewe Locke 
Thomas Parsons 
Edward North, ju. 
John Hurste 

William Slade 
Thomas Smith 
Robert Reed 
Robert Rylle 
Roger Marvill 
Andrwe Leach 
Thomas Cocking 
Edward AVhittington 
Richard Mills, ju. 
John Paggetter 
Richard Steevens 
John Gubbett 
John Smith 
Thomas Okeshutt 
Joseph Bryday, se. 
Thomas Bryant 
Richard Tracie 
John Frye 
Thomas Woods 
William Warland 
Robert Blackeman 
Ralph Lynfild 

Joseph Bryday, ju. 

Richard Coopper 

George Migheall 

Henrie Jonson 

Lanslate Williames 

Peter Daysie 

John Tracie 

John Steevens 

Richard Tupper 

Peter Tichen 

Nicholas Battersbee 

Henrie Manning 

Robert Duke, out of 

Richard Hill 

James Druett, Ale- 
house keeper, a 
Popish Recusant, 
hath Refused to take 
this Protestacion 

John Bannester 
Nicholas Lucas 


George Oglander, Overseer of the Poore. 
Edward North, Cunstable. 

The day and yeare above written, these whose names are above 
written, Inhabitants of that parte of the Parish abovesaid, except 
these above Specifyed, did make there severall Protestacions according 
as is Required, before the Minnester, Churchwardens, and Overseers 
aforesaide. In witnese whereof I have unto sett my hand. 

WiU: Speede. 

S' Pancrase w'^'out the Liberty of the Cittie of Chichester. 




{otlierwise SUBDEANERY). 

[Chichester Bape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed ill blue pencil "I.H. 12." Written names on paper. 
See also ante, p. 44.] 

Wee the Minester and Cliurchwardens & Overseers of the Parish of 
Great S' Peters, alias Subdeanery, of the Citty of Chichester, doe certifie 
that all thes Persons whos names ar under wrighten have, acordinge 
to the order by the House of Comons, taken the Protestation. Feb : 
14, 1641. 

Guilielmus Payne, Sub-Decan : 

Eichard Comber ) ni i i John Eobson ) r* -,■, , ^ 

James Eobson J Cliurchwardens. j^^^^ ^^^^^^^^, j Collecktors. 

Joseph Henshaw, Doctor of Divinity, Eesidentiary of the Cathedrall 
Church of Chichester. 

Aquila Cruso 
Daniell Seymor 
Nicholas Dalender 
Eichard Fisher 
Christto : Birde 
N: Wolfe 
John Farington 
Georgh [s/c] Taylor 
John Bartholomew 
Lanslot Harv}^ 
Eoger Ealings 
John King 
W-" Taylor 
Tho : Young 
Eichard Bowin 
Edmond Southcot 
Eichard Warder 
George Boys 
John Delarosior 
Isaar [sic] Freese 
Eichard Parker 
Eoger Puckuell 

John Floid 
John Bucher 
Tho: Teling 
Edmund Lane 
William Guytens 
Jo : Starman 
Anthony Plasont [or 

John Smith 
Tho : Stonner 
William Hutchinson 
John Corps 
Paull Knell 
Tho: Ball 
John Clifford 
John Greene 
Thomas Pay 
W"^ Stamp 
Eichard Michall 
Eichard Maning 
Henry Bellingham, 


Nathaniell Warner 
Francis Hobsou 
Henry Pearce 
John Cresweller 
Nicholas Wattis 
Eobert Dalton 
Thomas Abram 
William Pryor 
Henry Jennance 
Peter Jackman 
William Langrish 
Edmond Sargent 
Eichard Gillard 
Eichard Whithorn 
AVilliam Conines [sic, 

? Coumes] 
Georg Sherlock 
William Deane 
Thomas Witcher 
John Turner 
Tho : Ackers 
Ealph FulflFord 



[CniciiESTER, St. Peter the Great.] 

Thomas Gadford 
Robert Scarle 
Eobert Sargent 
Humffry Goffe 
James Wiles 
John Segar 
Humflfry Bartlett 
William Starman 
John Cobden 
Benjamin Yeoman 
Daniell Abram 
Richard Abram 
Phillipp Butcher 
Thomas Booker 
John Bent 
Tho: Pannett 
Richard Wales 
Henr}' Sanders 
AVilham Sackett 
Anthony Williams 
John Copper 
Henry Masters 
Symon Grover 
AVilliam Smith 
Richard Simons 
William Home 
John Little 
John Bartholomew 
John Coles 
Vincent Godden 
Bartholomew Snuden 
Tho: Sherlocke 
Georgh Gofe 
Thomas Lewis 
Will: Snellen 
Edward Kewell 
Nicho : Booker 
John Burnett 
Tho: CoUins 
Tho: Waker 
James Penton 
Thomas Holand 
James Spinkernell 
Richard White 
Henery Stoten 
John Stapler 
Richard Arnoll 
Tho: Marshall 
Richard Pannet 

Thomas Wallar 
AValter Firminer 
Timothy Dormer 
Eobert Scarle, junior 
Edward Floud 
W'" Greene 
Thomas Bud 
Edward Hobson 
Thomas Wood 
Gyles Sheirier 
Barnard Harmhood 
Robert Dash 
Anthony Smith 
AV™ Hendle 
W™ Carter 
Oliever Jennence 
Stephen Stamp [_sic, 

V Stamper] 
Joseph Clousier 
Benjamin Okshott 
Tho : Thorncomb 
Richard Coles 
Henry Blashford, gent. 
Martin Woodnett 
Thomas Duffilde 
Ellis Gardner 
Thomas Selden 
John Newman 
Thomas CrofEeild 

[ ? Crosfeild] 
Thomas Clarke 
Ralph Lewes 
AVilliam Floyde 
John Incent [o7' Jucent] 
John Collins 
John Smith 
William Paye 
James Kent 
Miheell Tompson 
Barnabe Cooke 
John Barnes 
John Tape 
Robert Reede 
John Woode 
John Warder 
John Barber 
Michaell Austen 
Georg Hush 
Thomas Richardson 

John Barnard 
Georg Butler 
William Sandham, 

John Crossingham 
Thomas Wickman 
Thomas Gost 
Henry Pinck 
Thomas Bennett 
William Rose 
John Avery 
William Aunett 

[? Aurnett] 
Georg Aroundell 
Gilbert Clemont 
John Cliandler 
Georg Jener 
Tho : Jennance 
William Powell 
Phillipp Barnard 
Robert Scardifeild 
Phillipp Wolven 
John Wiatt 
John Turner 
William Hull 
William Nunington 
James Allen 
Anthony Wheare 
W™ Walder 
Henery Arnoll 
Christo: Harmewood 
Edward Leclott 
Thomas Broker 
Henery Pratt 
Robert Richerdson 
Robert Bauham [or 

Robert Baxter 
W™ Bracie 
W'" Gennance 
W" Stacy 
Gerymie Barnard 
Edward Brute 
W"' Gaune 
W™ Taylor 
John Foster 
Mihell Henning 
Tho: Gillett 
Henery Morris 



[Chichester, St. 
Tho : Bracie 
Anthony Browne 
John Lane 
John Smith 
John Bucher 
Desir Smith 
Tho: Pollai-d 
Frances Warner 
Richard Good 
John Man 
W"" Kempe 
Tho: Wheeler 
Hen: Lilliat 
Tho: Billett 
Richard Billett 
Georgh Jenance 
Thomas Hush 
Georgh Euews 
John Linter 
Ralfe Hedgmau 
James Robinson 
Thomas Baker 
Henery Bensted 
Tho : Lepord 
Francis Brooks 
Edward Lawrence 
Lucke Kendly 
W" Drare 
Henery Sanders 
Robert Apse 
W™ Ide 
Fetter Treslor 

Peter the Great.] 

John Hide 
John Frankline 
John Grover 
Isacke Moston 
Richard Brooker 
Fregift Culins 
Fetter Taylor 
Francis Carlile 
Henery Elmes 
James Coverly \^or 

John Whiting 
Henery Betworth 
Robert Jouning 
Edward Bilston 
Roger Masters 
Tho: Wintersole 
Richard May 
W"" Jenance 
Richard May 
Richard Alline 
Daniell Barker 
James Wiles 
Tho : Woodison 
Henery Courte 
Philip Mory 
Humphry Lee 
John Pach 
AV"> Hocraft 
Tho : Adison 
Edward Piper 
W- Gould 

Richard Litte 
Henery Perin 
Tho: Barber 
Edward Taner 
John Stilwell 
Tho: Gilburt 
Richard Pulpet 
Richard Adison 
Robert Segar 
Edward Pilchard 
Edward Alcoke 
John Everdine 
Mathew Littell 
John Dash 
W" Writt 
Robert Browne 
John Whicher 
Robert Stand en 
John Adderson* 
Richard Addeson* 
Tho : Barber 
W™ Austine 
Tho: Bartlett 
Edward Wolgar 
Daniell Jenman 
Robert Hobson 
Edward Hull 
Robert Browman 
John Comes 
William Roj'se 

These whose names are here under writen being at London and out 
of warning. 

William Drewry, Escp 
Richard Williams, 

Richard Smyth, gent. 
William Fovell, gent. 

Roger Mitchell, gent. 
William Mitchell 
Martin Williams 
Edward Bellingham, 

Edward Aylwin, 

both ould & feeble & 

not able to come 


The Inhabitans of the Close within the Citty of Chichester I did not 
take the Protestation in the Parish of the Subdeanry before the 
Minester, Churchwardens & Overseers of the same Parish, except these 
whose names are under- written. 

Thomas Lewes Thomas Young Richard Aylwin Isaac Morton. 


t It is not clear whether this refers to the last two names, or to Edward 
Ajlwiu only. j See also ante, pp, 4-5 and 46. 



[Chichester, St. Peter the Great.] 

The names of the Inhabitants w'^in the Cloase of Chichester, vf" 
refused to take the Protestacion according to the Order. 

S'' John Morley, knight William Cox, clerke Thomas Young, jun. 

Stephen Goffe, doctor William Rose John Amyes 

Edward Osborne Thomas Craddock Ralph Ipsly 

Thomas Bettesworth Richard Stanley John Habyn 

The Persons refusing : 

Gregory Lewknor ] 

George Mathees, junior 
John Winter 




[Chichester Bajjc, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

\_Marked in blue pencil " I.H. 13." Written, names on paper. See 
also ante, pp. 44 and 45. It loould seem that the incumbent 
describes himself {ante, p. 44) as "Rector Ecclesia S' Petri juxta 
Guildhall," which church is note non-existent.'] 

Civitas Cicestr. 

The Parish of S' Peters the Lesse in the Cittie of Chichester. 

The Protestacion taken by the Pai-ties hereunder named, 8 February 

Edward Bocker, se° 
John Wattes 
Tho : Broman 
Rich : Moes 
John Leafe 
John Lutman 
Roberte Lutman 
William Turner 
Roger Brodfeild, se 
Rich : Parker 
Seth Stiant 
John Hobson 
Gorge Fleete 
Tho : Eleete 

Will : Cox 
James Weston 
Robert Weston 
Tho : Jinman 
Ben : Bennit 
Rob : Hall 
John Undrell 
Hen : Hersie 
Rich : Norris 
Antho : Howse 
John Brodfeild 
James Barker 
Francis Browne 
John Roque 

John Bra}' 
Tho : Callawaj', se° 
James Gardener 
Symon Wilkins 
Rich : Tanner 
John Gore 
John Warde 
Robert Allam 
George Grevet 
John Holbroke 
George Butterley 
Symon Butterley 
Patrick Blakleigh 
Nicho : Collins 


[Chichestek, St. Peter the Less.] 

Edward Boocker Eich : Laning Bart : Pstan \_apimr- 

James Eastsone John Dyer ently so ; it appears 

Rich : Godman, se°'' Antho : White to be a signature, 

John Godman John Bayle}' ? Prestan] 

Eich: Godman, ]\i^° Nicho : Pleger Tho : Bay ley 

Jhon May Tho : Milliugton 

Those whose names here under written are out of warning. 

John Palmer, Alld. Thomas Callaway, junior 

Henry Barlow Thomas Woodier 

W^illiam Bauldwing 

John Guie, Clericus. 

Eobert Knowler ) p,, -, , Eiehard Greenfeld ) r\ 

Eoger Bradflld j Cliuvchwardens. j„^„ ^llen j Overseers. 


[Chichester Bape, Bosham Hundred.'] 

[This Bcturn is indorsed in pencil "I.L. 12 (1)." It consists of 
written names on a sheet of thick paper, measuring 22\ inches by llh, 
which is about half filled only. This is one of two Eeturns for Sussex, 
of "Places not Named," but which are evidently those for Bosham 
and Chidham respectiveh'. John Butt, who signs the Eeturn, was 
Yicar of both Bosham and Chidham. — See a note under Bosham, 
ante, 2). 34. — The first name in this Eeturn, is that of " Bruin Bickly." 
The Bickley family was of Chidham, and it appears from Add. 3IS. 
Brit. Mus., 5699, that " Brune Bickly, Esquire," was buried there, 
on 9th of October 1671. The will of " Bruue Bickley of the parish 
of Chidham in the County of Sussex, Esq'," dated 1st of Oct. 1671, 
signed "Br. Bickley," was j^roved in the Consistory Court of Chichester 
on 21st of the same month (Vol. XXV., fo. 31). Amongst the names 
in the Eeturn, are those of Eiehard Hall and William AVheler ; the 
will of Eiehard Hall of Chidham co. Sussex, miller, dated 27th of 
Dec. 1654, was ijroved in P.C.C, on 8th of May 1657 {Buthen, fo. 188), 
by Eiehard Hall the son and executor, and the will of Alice Wheeler 
of Chidham co. Sussex, widdowe, dated 27th of March 1659, was proved 
in P.C.C, 27th of May in the same year {Pell, fo. 285), by W^illiam 
Wheeler, son and executor. See also ante, p. 15. J 




IThe Ecturii is headed ivith the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe 
in the presence of Almighty God," etc., and terminating loith 
"Vow and Protestation."] 

Bruin Bickly 
Francis Palmes 
Robert Ameares 
John Jelly 
Josephe Lueke 
Edward Tococke 
William Kennett 
William Jelly 
John Morey 
Henry Fenn 
Thomas Morey 
Richard Hall 
John Hobson 
Richard Piatt 
John Spatiatt 
Richard Jelly 

William Locke 
Richard Hartly 
William Hammon 
William Wheler 
Peter Betsor 
Isaeke Gramblin 
John Stiirte 
John Suter 
Richard Bennett 
Thomas White 
Richard Sturt 
Francis Cobby 
Thomas Inckhorne 
Richard Bassett 
Edward White 
John Fleete 

Thomas Beeble 
John Wheler 
Henry Nicholson 
Phillipp Standen 
John Nicholson 
Henry Kennett 
John Grauntlet 
Henr}' AVakeforde, se. 
John Turnouer 
Thomas RofFe 
Henry Wakeforde, ju. 
Robert Stoneham 
Richard Kennett 
William Munnington 
Thomas Stoneham 
Richard Fisher 

Memorandum, that those whoe have subscribed to this vow and 
Protestation for [_sic'] the age of 18 yeares and upwardes, have taken 
their Protestation before the Minister and Churchwardens [and] Over- 
seers of the Parish abovesaide. 

John Butt. 


[Aruxdel liape, West Easwrith Hundred.'] 

\_Indorscd in pencil " Chiltington, West Easwrith. 
Written navies on ixiper.'] 

H.S. 3. 

These are to certifie y Wor'''*^' that all these the Inhabitantes of this 
o"^ Parish of Chiltington in Sussex, whose names are hereunder written, 
have taken the Protestation according to the Directions given unto us, 
and that noe man Inhabiteiug & resideing w^'in o'' sayd Parish hath 
made refusall of it. In witnes whereof wee the Minister, Church 
Wardens, & Overseers of the sayd Parish, have hereunto (under all) 
sette o' handes. Dated Febr : 14, 1641. 

Ambrose Shelley, gent. Henry Oulder John Turner, jun. 

Thomas Wilson John Juppe, jun. John Tiiley 

John Juppe, sen. Edward Juppe Elias Symmons 

William Sayers John Sayers Mathew Studman 



[CniLTixGTOx, West 
Eoger Sayers 
Eichard Cleere 
Eichard Turner 
Thomas Walder 
Henry Wolveridge 
John Wooddes 
Thomas Denne 
Henry Fursebye 
Henry Skinner 
Nicholas Waters 
John Eeynoldes 
John Harwood, jun. 
John Fyste 
Henry Furlonger 
William Eobinson 
Isaack Grreinfeild 
Hugh Skinner 
Hugh Fuller 
John Skinner 
William Wright 
John Scrase 
John Greene 
Eichard Edsoll 
John Beach 
Nicholas Skinner 
William Brooker 
William Skinner 
Henry James 
George Mate 
John Fuller 
Hugh Potter 
John Denne 
John Barnard 
John Sayers 
Eoger Frankline 



John Floate 
Thomas Willet 
Henry Finch 
George Pawmer 
Henry Mersher 
Thomas Wolveridge 
Eichard Humphrie 
John Westridge 
John Pawmer 
Samuell Norman 
Thomas Louer 
William Porter 
James Eice 
James Spencer 
Thomas Eice 
Nathaneell Blundell 
Henry Loicke 
Eichard Finch, sen. 
Eobert Finch, sen. 
Thomas Clarke 
John Harwood, sen. 
John Turner, sen. 
William Fuller 
John AVright 
Henr}^ Ayleing 
Eobert Edmondes 
Henry Skinner 
Godfraye Godman 
Eichard Searle 
John Lambert 
Nicholas Lordine 
John Barnard, jun. 
Thomas Norman 
Eichard Fuller 
John Forman 

Alan Carr, Eector. 
John Scutt 
R Eeanold Denne 

William Skinner, jun. 
John Grover 
Eobert Finch, jun. 
William Tompson 
John Brooker 
William Walter 
William Oulder 
Eichard Finch, jun. 
John Boade 
Walter Songurst 
John Humphrey 
Eichard Smith 
William Skinner 
Edward Greinfeild 
Peter Oulder 
Eobert Barnard 
Eeanold Denne 
Thomas Dennesen 
Eichard Doale 
John Hampsen 
John Fuller 
John Clemmont 
James Dummer 
Thomas Finch 
Henry Grevet 
John French 
Eichard Skinner 
Antonie Fuller 
Eichard Wolfe 
Nicholas Porter 
James Netlie 
Thomas Humphry 
Alexander Snasher 
Nicholas Saxbie 
Silvester Mersher 


Edward Turner 
Thomas T Smith 


[Chichestek Ecqje, Dumpfoed Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in pencil " Chithurst ; Chich. ; Dumpford ; I.I. 1." 

Written names on pa2)cr. See also ante., p. 9.] 

Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the Parrish of Chithurst have 
taken this insueinge Protestation the 20'** Day of February, in the 




presence of the Minister, Churchwardens, and Overseers of the Poore 
of the said Parrish. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc.^ and 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

Eichard Baskervile, 

Edmond Hooke, gen. 
John Betesworth 
John Collens 
John Tukelecke 
Christofer Eofe 
William Eofe 
William Chalcrofte 

Eichard Aselett 
Thomas Caplin 
Joseph Farnden 
Authonie Trig-gs 
William Steere 
Edward Mills 
John Hammon 
William Stevens 

Eic : Garret, Curate ibm. 

Henry Collens 
Eoger Aylinge 
John Chalcrofte 
John Triggs 
Thomas Heath 
William Bridger 
Nicholas Pead 
Eoger Hall 

Edmund xlylinge, Churchwarden. Eichard Heather, Overseer of the 


[Bramber Bape^ Brigiitford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Clapham, Bi-amber, Brightford. H.T. 2. 

Signatures and marks on paper.'] 

Sussex, Bramber Eape, Clapham Parish, Februarye the xxv"' 1641. 

M'', the day and yeare above sayd the Minister and Churchwardens 
and Overseers of the poore of the Parish of Clapham, whose names 
are hereunder subscribed, did take the Protestation Commaunded by 
the Commons House of Parliament, before mee Henry Goringe one of 
his Ma'^ Justices of the Peace for that Countye. 

Hen : Goringe. 

He : Nye, Eecf of Clapham. 

T W 


Thomas T Bruusbury his mark \ 

Thomas OUiver, Overseer of y^ Poore. 

John Nye 
Thomas Eeeves 
Henry Stone 
John Stone 

Edward Sowtten 
The marke of X John Whogrim 
The marke of Eichard Mills 
The marke of T William Eeed 



The marke of E Edward Lucas 
The marke of Z William Tovvser 
The marke of Robert Slauter 
John Yeoman 
William Peachey 
The marke of X Richard Baker 
James Trunke 
The marke of X Thomas Bishoppe 

(X Thomas White- 
The marks of -^j bread, jun. 

Nicholas Stone 

( A Edward Bennet 
The marks of-, S John Warue 

iV William Tickner 
X The marke of John Younbe [?] 
W The marke of Edward White- 

ffelde ['?] 
Q The marke of Richard Horr 

j H Edward Hoare 
The ' P Thomas Granger 
marks of " X William Fauckner 
(/\Roberd Mountague 
The marke of A John Coper 
X Henry Busie 

The marke of P Edward Pannett 
X John Hollingame 
T Thomas Chapline 
T The marke of Thomas 


The j 3 Thomas Merther 
marks of ( 3 Thomas Nowell 

The \ O James Hamper 
marks of ( I Edward Howre 

The ( Z Edward Drewat 
marks of ( O John Eager 

The I E Thomas Mathue 
marks of ( S Richard Gates 
Z Daniel Benton 
The marke of D Richard Drewette 

This Protestation was not refused by any in our Parish of Clapham 
toe whome it was offered, som of Michelgrove Howse take itt not of 
us, wee not findinge y"* att home. 

He : Nye. 


[Arundel Bajye, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in pencil " Climping, Avisford. 
Written names on jMJier.] 

H.O. 3.' 

Parish of Clymping 1641 

William Gawen 
John Gawen 
William Pescod 
John Mearsh 
Richard Dammer 
Thomas Skearle 
William Harding 
Robert Monke 
Edmond Abram 

AVilliam BoUes 
Thomas Cumper 
William Scott 
Robert Styant 
William Bedwell 
John Knight 
William Pearkes 
Barneby Poore 
George Pechey 

Richard Harding 
Robert Frankling 
Daniel Beatman 
John Bridger 
William Iddes 
Peter Ides 
Richard Pescod 
William Perley 
Rich. Beman, seno. 




Edward Randall 
William Searle 
William Heberden 
Antlio : Matliook 
Tho : Searle 
Edward Abram 
John Ides, senoris 
John Ides, juno. 
Edward Mathew 
Mich : Harris 
Edward Gvles 

William Elson 
Thomas Penfould 
Anthony Ides 
William Cockell 
Richard Corden 
Thomas Corden 
John Corden 
John Pellett 
William HiUes 
Thomas Bennett 
John Cosmond 

Richard Cockell 
John Waggen 
John Beman 
John Morgan 
Griffen Dayes 
Edward Munday 
Robert Ludgater, seno. 
Robert Ludgater, juno. 
John Withear 
William Willshar 

Wee whose names are hearunto subscribed, doe Certiiie that all the 
male inhabitants within the parish of Clympinge, above the age of 
Eighteen, have taken the Protestation, Excpt John Bowker who hath 
been at London this fortnight. 

Churchwardens . 
Ri : Gawen 
William X Pay 
his mai-ke. 

John White, Tie. ibid. 
John Blackman, CoUectter. 


[Arundel Bapc, Buey Hundred.^ 
[See under Burton, ante, 2). 41.] 


[Chichester Bape, Easebourne Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Cocking ; Chich.; Easeb. I.J. 2." Written 
names on paper. The upper part on the sinister side of this 
Beturn is decayed, and in part gone, hut the list of names is 
perfect. See also ante, pp. 8 and 11.] 

Memorandum, that the inhabitantes of the Parish of Cocking, have 
taken this ensue \_gone, ing Protestacion] the twentith day of this instant 
February, in the presence of the Minister [gone, ? Churchwardens] & 
Overseers of the Poore of the said Parish, 1641. 




[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe, 
mid terminating " vowe and Protestacion." 


Richard Hamon, sen : 
Henry Bacon, sen : 
John Goody er 
George Parker 
William Challen 
Eichard Challen 
William Tupper 
Edward Hartly 
Eichard Hammon, j un : 
Eichard Ay ling, jun: 
Thomas Goodyer 
Jeffery Bettsworth 
Eichard Tapper 
Eobert Tupper 
Clement Tupper, jun. 
John Knight 
John Bettsworth 
William West 
Steeven Challen 
William Hardam 
Samuell West 
John Hardam 
Eichard Hammon 
John Coles 
John Taylor 

Henry Cobby 
William Andrewe, j un. 
AVilliam Olave 
Henry AVabberton, ju. 
Peter Michell 
John Andrewe 
Henry Bacon, ju. 
Daniell Hartl}' 
John Smart 
John Magick 
Eichard Coles 
Francis Hackett 
Thomas Coles 
Eichard Elconi 
William Andrew, sen : 
Thomas Wady 
William Kempe 
Ealph Woods 
John Goldock 
Eichard Cooke 
Eichard Ayleing, sen : 
John Andrew, jun : 
William Huitt, jun. 
Eobert Sandam 
AVilliam Mackrell 

Henry Wabberton, 

sen : 
Eichard Swayne 
Eobert Eiehards 
Laurence Jackson 
Eichard Dudman 
William Huitt, sen : 
Thomas Swayne 
Thomas Hobbs 
Eichard Dawes 
Thomas Fullick 
William Maunt 
Thomas Croucher 
Thomas May 
William Parker 
Thomas Eiehards 
Daniell Eiehards 
John Seaman 
Edward Tupper, sen 
John Bett 

Edward Tupper, jun. 
Eichard Tupper 
Eichard Foke 
Edward Stone 
William Stone 

The names of such Persons as have not taken this Protestation. 

Francis Complin, Eecusant, George Michenor his servant. 

Jo : Napper, Yicar. 


[Arundel Bape, Bury Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil, " Coldwaltham, Bury. H.P. 4." 
Written names on paper.~] 

Coldwaltham in y^ County of Sussex & Eape of Arundell. 

Accordinge to Order from y^ Hon'''*' House of Commons. 

The Protestacion was taken by all y^ Inhabitantes of the said 
Parish y« 14"^ of Feb-^^' Anno. 1641, None refusinge it to whome it 




was or ought to be tendred, beinge of y^ age of 18^ yeeres & upwards, j 
whose names here followe. I 

Jo : Wallwyn 
Hen : Hale 

Will-" Brookes 
Eich: Milles 
Ed: Fry 
W" Browne 
Hen : Milles 
Tho : Hutchin 
Sim : Fiske 
Jo : Purser 
Jo : Chantry 
Tho : Martine 
Rich : Downer, sen. 
Eich : Downer, ju. 
Eog'"' Brookefeild 
Eich : Eager, sen. 
Eich : Eager, ju. 
Jo : Miles 
Tho : Grantham 
Will"^ Tribe 

Eog'' Downer 
AViU™ Brookefeild 
Eich : Brookefeild 
Eich : Oulder, sen. 
Will: Oulder 
Eich: Oulder 
Eobt : Adshed 
060*= Maskoll 
Jo : Coles 
Jo : Essex 
Tho : Ooble 
Henry Ireland 
Jo : Kennet 
Eob' Fry 
Jo: Fry 
Ed: Cuttridge 
Ed : Hammon 
Jo : Wolveridge 
Jo : Milles 
Will- Smith 

Will"' Galpine 
Jo : Sargent, sen. 
Jo : Sargent, ju. 
Hen : Bosserd 
Geo : Hob John 
Tho: Barber 
Hen : Goffe 
Jo : Sherrior 
Geo : Brookfeild 
Tho: Piper 
Geo : Wackforde 
Hen : Eussell 
Geo : Tailor, sen. 
Geo : Tailor, ju. 
Jo : Greeufeild 
Hen : Tailor, sen. 
Hen : Tailor, ju. 
Eich: White 
Rob' Dudman 

Thesse are all y^ inhabitantes w^'in our Parishe who ought to take 
y^ said Protestacion. 


Eiche'^ Knowles ) 
Eich : Hobjohn ( 

Will : Arledge, minist : 

Will-" Batchelor 
Eich : Gocher 




[Chioiiesteh Rape, Westbourne and Singleton Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in pencil " Compton cum Upmarden ; Chich.; Westb. & 
Singleton. I.L. 2." Written names on paper. This Return is 
on two sheets stitched together to form one ; the sinister edge is 
much decayed, especially at the lotver part, where tiventy-one of 
the surnames are wanting. See also ante, p. 10.] 

Sussex : Memorand. that the Inhabitantes of the Parishe of 
Com \j)one, pton] cum Upmardon, whose names are here under written 


[CoMPTON cum Upmarden.] 

h [gone, ave] taken this ensuing Protestacion in the pi-esence of the 
Minis [gone, ter], Churchwardens, and Overseers of the poore, of y^ s,^ 

[Here folloics the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc. 
and terminating "vow & Protestacion."] 

Francis Drewry, escj^"^ 
John Millett, gent. 
Eichard Peckham, 

Curtis Barwick, gent. 
Thomas Gfreene, gent. 
Thomas Millett, gent. 
Eichard Barwicke, 

Wllm. Eeade, dark 
Eichard Reade 
Willm. Eandoll 
Willim. Fairemanner 
John Marner 
"Willm. Marner 
John Waller, jun. 
Henry Mathew 
Henry Sutton 
Thomas Smyth, sen. 
John Turner 
Eichard Sudgwicke 
Thomas Silvester, 

Thomas Silvester, jun. 
Arthur Lodger 
Gregorye Sherier 
Thomas Watts 
John Yeadon 
John Madgwicke 
Willm. Todd 
Eichard Roddoway 
Thomas Lodger 
Thomas Audley 

[? Andley] 
Thomas Abbonett 

John Crockford 
Eichard Holloway 
John Holloway 
Eichard Slowe 
Edmund Pay 
Eoger Smarte 
Henry Wattes, junior 
Willm. Streepe 
John Watts, junior 
Eichard Benfeild 
Thomas Truddell 
Willm. Jenman 
Walter Fisher 
Thomas Grinner 
John Wateridge 
Willm. Wattes 
John Sylvester 
Steven Pitt 
Eoger Yeaden, senior 
James Challen 
Eobert Sharpe 
Eichard Trevett, senior 
Eichard Trevett, j unior 
Eobert Trevett, senior 
Eobert Trevett, junior 
Greorg. Trevett 
Eichard Bettesworth 
John Miles 

Willm. Eandoll, junior 
Willm. Tompson 
Henry Austen 
Ealphe Caporne 
Clement Padducke, 

Nicholas Padduck, 

Anthony Clement 
Edward Voke 
Willm. Pay 
Nicholas Pay 
Griles Freeborue 
Henry Williams 
John Smythe 
Anthony Eandoll 
Willm. Burde 
John Sherier [?] 
Jerem [cjone'\ 
Nichol \_gone\ 
Thomas \gone'\ 
Edward igone] 
Nicholas igone^ 
Clement [gone] 
Eoger E [? E, gone'] 
John B [gone] 
Anthony [gone] 
John [gone" 
Henr T</o;ie" 
John [gone'^_ 
Henry [gone] 
Nicho [^gonc] 
Hugh [gone] 
Eoge [gone] 
Hen [gone] 
Jo [gone] 
Jo [gone] 
Ed [gone] 
J [gone] 

Ant : Gray, 


Cumpton cum Upmar [gone]. 



[Eramber Bapc, Steyning Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in jyencil " Coones [Coombs^ Bramber, Steyning. I.A. 2." 

Signatures and marks on jxiper.'] 

Sussex, Bramber Eape, Coones Parish. 

M"*, the day and yeare abovesayed the Minister of tlie sayed Parishe 
of Coomes, whose name is heereunder subscribed, did take the Protesta- 
tion Commanded by the Commons House of Parliament to be taken, 
beefore mee, Henry Goringe, one of his Ma''^' Justices of the Peace for 
the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Eobert D'Oiley, Eector de Coombes. 

George Inskipe, Churcliwardon X John Owden 

his marke William Butcher 

Thomas Nowington James Brooker X 

Nicholas Simons X his marke Edward Perly X 

John Bishop I his marke Thomas Pepper X Tlieire markes 

Thomas Whitgrove T his marke Humfry Seward X 

Robert Piony /\ his marke Thomas Andrew X 
Eichard Goddart — his marke 

These men whose names are above written (who are all in our Parish 
of Coombes above the age of 18 yeares).have taken the Protestation 
enjoyned by the House of Commons, before luee, 

Eobert D'Oiley. 


[Bramber Bapc, Windham and Ewhurst Hundred.] ' 

[Indorsed in pencil "Cowfold, Bramber, Windham & Ewhurst. I.D. 1." 
Written names on jparchment.] 

Sussex. The Parish of Cowfold. 

Thomas Hudson, Minister of Cowfold, and William Freeman, one of 
the Churchwardens of the said Parish, and Edward Ellis, Constable of 
the halfe hundred of Windham, and Ralph Vincent and Thomas 
Browning, Overseers of the poore there, did take the Protestation 
dated Die Mercurii .5th Maii, 1G41, and sent downe to them from the 
Parliament, the l?'"" day of February in the yeare aforesaid, in the j 
j)resence of Ralph Cowper, Esquire, and Thomas Middleton, Esquir 




two of his Majestyes Justices of the Peace for the Count}' aforesaid; 
And the same Protestation was afterward tendered by the Minister, 
Churchwarden, Constable and Overseers aforesaid, to the rest of the 
inhabitants of the said Parish that were above the age of eighteene 
yeares, and taken by them all whose names are under written, February 
23, 1641. 

Tho : Hudson, Vicar. 
William Freeman, Churchwarden. Edward X Ellis, Constable. 

Ealph Vincent, Thomas Browning, 
Tho : Easton, th'other Robert Wheeler, sen. 

Churchwarden Thomas Strudwicke 

John Roberts, sen. Bernard Burtenshaw 

Thomas Parson, sen., of Thomas Clerke 

John Gratwicke of 

Henry Lintot 
Thomas Dunstall 
Ealph Agate 
Thomas Groffe 
Thomas Parson, juu., 

of Okenden 
Abraham Cowper 
Nathaniel Avery 
William Michell 
Richard Fairehall, sen. 
Nicholas Mills 
Thomas Bartlet 
William Grarton 
John Saunders, sen. 
John Bull 
Henry Stanford 
Emmery Fowler 
John Saunders, jun. 
Richard Shepheard 
William Morley 
Roger Hollys 
Henry Turner 
Walter Illman 
Robert Bennet 
Francis Nye 
Robert Wheeler, jun. 
Gabriel Foster, jun. 
John Midhurst 
John Cheesiiian 
Thomas Stedman 
Thomas Bull, sen., 

headborough of 


William Parson 
Richard Goble 
James Luxford 
Richard Brooker 
John Lorret 
Humfrey Linfeild 
Thomas Bull, jun. 
Francis Grander 
Edward Lotter 
Andrew Wright 
William Easton 
John Shave, jun. 
Richard Bennet 
John Ford, jun. 
Thomas Washer 
Thomas Ellis 
Richard Gratwicke, 

William Willet 
Stephen Mote 
John Shave, sen. 
Robert Thornden 
Thomas Fairehall 
Richard Fairehall, jun. 
Thomas Whiting 
Thomas Moore, jun. 
Thomas Parson, jun., 

of Capons 
John Bates 
Thomas Gratwicke of 

Richard Gratwicke of 

John Gratwicke of 

John Dunstall 


Thomas Martin 
John London 
Richard Crips, sen. 
Thomas Crips 
Thomas Parson of 

Capons, sen. 
Richard Patching 
Richard Dav^'e 
Richard Weller 
Thomas Gratwicke of 

Edward West 
Gabriel Foster 
Edmond Gander 
John Ford, sen. 
Thomas Shave 
John Michell 
John Parson 
John Chatfeild 
John Crips 
Nicholas Withers 
William Crips 
Richard Crips 
Josejih Crips 
Charles Mutton 
AVilliam Brookes 
Thomas Hudson 
Thomas Goble 
Nicholas Morrell 
George Agate 
John Haler 
Spatchherst Agata 
Thomas Gravely 
James Crips 
Francis Underhill 
Thomas Parson of 

John Wood 
William Wood 
John Tichenor 




John Fayres 
Thomas Moore 
Stephen Sumner 
John Shave 
Henry Michenor 

Thomas Frances 
Thomas Fayres 
John Bristow 
Henry Baker 
AVilliam Gratwicke 

James Harding 
Vincent Pilcher 
Thomas Poole 


[CiiicnESTER Bape, Westbourne and Singleton Hundrccir^ 

Indorsedin pencil "Dean, East; Westb. & Singleton H. I.L. 3." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 11.] 

East Dene : Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the Parish of 
East Dene, from the age of 18 yeares & upwards, have taken this 
ensuing Protestacion the 12"' day of this instant February, in the 
presence of the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of 
the said Parish, Anno Dni. 1641. 

[Here folloios the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating "vowe & Protestacion."] 

Thomas Harridon 
John Greenefield 
Danel Ide 
John Croucher, sen. 
"William Haustead 
Francis Bruster 
Eichard Keyes 
James Farr 
Edmond Wilshire 
Thomas Coort, se. 
John Hasted 
John Hale 
James "Wilkinson 
Richard Burrell 
AViUiam Netter 
John Sherington 
William Ewyn 
Thomas Short 
Thomas Court, ju. 
William Croucher 
AVilliam Clothwele 
Phillipp Shoulthoer 


William Keyes 
Thomas Daunce 
Andrewe Moland 
John Puttock 
Eichard Arrundell 
Edward Grlover 
AVilliam Scarvill 
John Clothwell 
John Saudham 
Eichard Mathewes 
John Croucher, ju. 
Daniel Burcher 
Thomas Pearle 
AVilliam Smith 
George Richards 
George Clothwell 
Henry W^akeford 
John Yonge 
John Lee 

John Sherington, j. 
AVilliam Crauley 
John Glover 

Henry Hale 

Thomas Smith 
Robert Haystead 
AVilliam Barrowe 
Thomas Hale 
John Charlett 
Richard Dodd 
AVilliam Fleete 
John Rogers 
William Haward 
Thomas Ismunger 
Anthony AVickman 
John Mollan 
Richard West 
Richard AA^akeford 
Simon Goodin 
James Crowcher 
Henry Dance 
Richard Toppner 
[ ? Tappver] 

There be non within the said parish as have refused to take the 
protestacion above written. 

Eichard Halsey, Rector ibm. 



[CiiicHESTEii Bape, Wkstboukne and Singleton Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Dean West and Cliilgrove ; Chich.; Westb. & 
Single.; I.L. 4." Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 11.] 

West Deane & Cliilgrove. 

The names of all the Inhabitants of West Deane, both HousholJors 
& others, being eighteene years of age and uj)wards. 

William Biddulph, Vicar of West Deane. 

William Cobden & his servants John Numan & Steeven Eazoll 

John Cobden, the sonne of the said William Cobden, & his servant 

Eoberd Ward 
Thomas Cobden, the sonne of William Cobden, & his servant Denis 

Edward Cobden, y^^ sonne of William Cobden, and his servant 

William Johnson 
William Haseler & his sones William & John Haseler, & his servants 

John Parker & John Egg 
William Hale & his sonns Peeter, William, & Eichard Hale, & his 

servant William Sharpe 
Henrie Feilder 

Andrew Parker & his sonne William Parker 

Thomas Hoskins, and William Maunt and Eichard Maunt his brother 
John Prat 
Edward Pote 

Clement Love and his sonnes John &: AVilliam Love 
John Cobden, the taylor, & his sonne AVilliam Cobden, & his servant 

William Page 
Henry Baylie 
Thomas Mulfard 
John Woods, senior, husbandman, & his sonne John AVoods, & his 

servant Sampson Morris 
John AVods, junior, the smith 
John AVatermau 
AVilliam Poore 
Peter Michell 
George Hart 
John Till 

AVilliam Moorey, & his sonne John Mooroy 
Lyn Linnard 

John Eazoll, & William Eazoll his brother 
George Laurence 
Philip AVilson, & Peter Dennis his brother, & his servant Thomas 



[Dean, West, and Chilgrove.] 

Thomas West 

Thomas Paine 

Martyn Michell 

AVilliam Johnson 

Frances Austin 

Steeven Corps 

Eobert Nugent 

Eichard Till and his servant William Nuton 

James Coote 

William Farthing 

Eichard Ayling & his servant Eichard Netter 

John Cobden, Husbandman, & Eogher Cobden his brother 

Eobert Barrow 

Chilegrove & Stapleash. 

The names of the inhabitants of Chilgrove and Stapleash in the 
Parish of West Deane, being eighteene years of age & upwards. 

William Fermener, y*^ elder, & his sonne William Fermener, the 

younger, and his servants Henry Kemp & Eobert Hibberden 
William Traygoose & his sonns John & William [William deleted^ 

Traigoose ; & Eichard Traigoose the elder & Eichard Traigoose 

the younger 
Joshua Smith & John Till 

Sampson Parker & his sonns Eoger & Eichard Parker 
Eichard Eazoll &' Henrj^ Eazoll 
Eoger Hammau, the elder, & his sonne Eoger Hamman, the younger, 

& William Hammau 
John Vahan & John Tregoos & John Eabison 
William Nuton & his sonns Thomas and Nicolas Nuton 
Nicolas Streeten and his servant John Pay 
Thomas Upton, & his sonne Henry Upton, and his servant William 

Master Ellis Smith & his servant Eichard Streeten 
M'' Eichard Smith and his servant John Comes 
Christopher Eumbrigher & Ellis Yoke 

Md., that all the Men inhabitantes of West Deane, of 18 years & 
upwardes, whose names are written one y'^ other page, have taken y^ 
oth of allegiance, some few only excepted, w'''^ wer absent, but not 
refusing to take y^ sayd Protestation speedily and willingly. 

We have noe recusant Papist in our Parrish ; But all very willing 
to take this Protestation and to performe all thinges therin conteyned 
to the uttermost of the \_sic, ? their] power. 

Teste me Guilielmo Biddulph, Yicario de West Deane. 




[CniciiESTER Puipe, Dumpford Hundred.'] 
\_Sco under Treyford, post.'] 


[Chichester Bapc, Box axd Stockbridge Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil 
names on paper. 

' Donnington, Box & S. 

See also ante, p. 16.] 

I.H. 15. 


Com : Sussex. Donnington Parish. 

Wee, the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parish of Donnington, 
have ministred the Protestation to the rest of the Parishioners whose 
names are heereunder written, the xv"^ day of February 1641. 

\_Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

Richard Atherine 
John Harris 
Nicholas Somers 
John Paddicke 
John Randoll 
Anthonie Warde 
John Corps, senior 
William Scarle 

William Bugish 
John Bugish 
Thomas Franckliue 
Nicholas Nose 
Thomas Harris 
John AVine 
Robert Warner 
John Smith 
John Gouldicke 

Richard Smith 
Richard Burr ell 
John Corps, junior 
AVilliam Diggons 
Thomas Paddicke 
Thomas Mills 
John Veers 
John Ingram 
Richard White 

John Bragge 
The marke W of 


John Haris 
AVilliam Paddike, 


These are to certifie. That I my selfe tooke the Protestation before 
Edward Higgins, Esc^:, Justice of the Peace, viz. Febru : 14'^; And 
upon Joh : Brags Informacion, I doe boleeve that the Partyes herein 
named have also taken the Protestation (though I my selfe were not 
personally present), in regard of my present infirmity. 

In witnesse wheroof I sett my hand Febr : 16"' 1641. 

Geo : Edgley, Cleric : 




[Arundel Bajye, EoxnERBRiDGE Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Downcton, Eotlib. H.E. 2." Written names 
on paper.'] 

Downcton, Januarii 14" 1641. 

According to order from the Ho^'^*" the Howse of Commons. 

The Protestacion was taken by all the Inhabitants of the village of 
Downcton in the Parish of Petworth & rape of Arundell (none 
refusing to whome it was or ought to have bene tendred). 

John Milles 
Leonard Benson 
William Pleger 
William Bridger 
John Shorter 
Ralph Swan 
Thomas Slarkes 
Henry Boorne 
John Sowter 
William Sebbidge 
Richard Church 
Lambert Peachy 

Their names are these 

Peter Eansted 
John Gunter 
Eichard Phelpe 
Eichard Smyth 
AVilliam Chraper 
William Barton 
Eoger Enknap 
Eichard Filpe 
John Ailwin 
Thomas Forward 
John Hackman 
William Eich 

Eobert Pannell 
AViUiam BlundiU 
Thomas Allin 
John Yong 
Thomas Sandham 
John Grigge 
John Loufe 
William Fleet 
William Filpe 
John Carpenter 
John Gotyer 

W-+ 1 1 * William Stringer ) rn i j 

itnessed by ^ ^^^^ -^^^^^ « j Churchwarden, 

Henry Farneden, overseer of the poor. 


[CiiicnESTER Bape, Manhood Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in p)cncil "Earnley, Manhood. I.K. 2." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 12.] 

Sussex : Memorand., That the Persons subscribed, being the 
Inhabitants of the Parish of Ernley, made this Protestation the 
xiij"' day of February Anno regni Caroli regis 17°, Anno dni. 1641. 



\_Herc folloios the Protestation commencing "I A.B. do,' 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

etc., and 

Will. Eishton 
Richard Eisliton 
John Willston 
Robert Brookman 
John Knight 
William Bett 
AVilliam AVarner 

John Frye 
John Squ3're 
John Ernes 
Thomas Mose 
John Warner 
John Browne, j 
Richard Smyth 

Richard Taylor 
William Rumbridger 
Richard Rumbridger 
Edward Cowlebrooke 
John Holden 
William Cooke 
John Manser 

The marke of Simon S I Ingeram. 


[CHicnESTER Bape^ Box and Stockbkidge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in j^encil "Eartham, Box & S. I.H. 16." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 14.] 

Eartham : Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the said Parish 
have taken this ensuing Protestacion the IS'** day of this instant 
February, in the jn-esence of Jasper Nering \_sic'], Curatt of the said 
Parish, & in the presence of the Churchwardens & Overseers of the 
Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folloics the Protestation commencing " I A.B. doe, 
terminating " Vowe & Protestacion."] 

etc., and 

James Si^artiall 
Joseph Heartley 
Thomas Booker 
William Mann 
William Rivetts 
Richard Peachey 
John Martin 
Thomas Purdu 
John Bruning 
Thomas Peachey 
Rooke Nowell 
Thomas Hartley 
Edward Peachey 

Richard Hamman 
Robert Purdue 
William Acocke 
John Peachey 
Thomas Martin 
Thomas Stonard 
William Peachey 
Richard Hartley 
Robert Irish 
Richard Spartiall 
John Quinill 
AVilliam Gardner 
Henry Simmons 

Richard Peachey 
Raulfe Grivett 
William Oakeley 
Owen AA^akeford 
Thomas Hamman 
Richard Booker 
AA'^illiam Rogers 
Richard Alen 
Henry Harridon, se. 
John Hammon, ju. 
AA^illiam Hammon, ju. 
Henry Harriden, ju. 

All the inhabitants of the said Parish have taken this Protestacion 
above written, the day & yeare afPorsaid, in the presence of Jasper 
Nering, Curat of the Parish afforsaid, & in the presence of the 
Churchwardens «& Overseers of the Poore of the said Parish, & there 
are noe inhabitants within the said Parish of the age afiorsaid as 
have refused to take the said Protestacion. 

Jaspar Nieren, Curat of the said Parish. 




[Chichester Puipe, Easebourne Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Easebourn — See J. of P. Certif. — Chichester; 
Easebourn H.; I.J. 3." Written names on paper. This return 
is in two sheets stuck together, forming one large sheet. See also 
ante, p. 11.] 

Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the Parish of Eastbourne 
[sic], whose names are heare under written, have taken this ensuing 
Protestacion the xxij"' day of this instant February, Anno Dn. 1641, 
in the presence of the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of the 
Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating "Vowe & Protestacion."] 

Henry Poore 
Richard Taberne 
John Suckerman 
Henry Capron 
John Pitt 
Henry Lnffe 
Walter Slade 
William Tribe 
Dennis Wilson 
Thomas Capron 
William Wickman 
Richard Keempe 
William Booker 
Nicolas Keempe 
John Challen 
John Collbrooke 
Richard Clare 
William Luffe 
^Villiam Shepherde 
Thomas Locke 
John Capron 
AVilliam Shotter 
Ralph Luffe 
John Downer 
John Keempe 
Edward Hopkin 
Ralph Keempe 
Robert Michell 
Anthony Grevate 
William Sadler 

Nicolas Young 
John Carter, sen. 
John Cai'ter, ju. 
William Ayling 
Thomas Keempe 
Christopher Sowter 
John Budd 
Richard Smith 
John Pratt 
Richard Aylmore 
Edmund Pannell 
John Hewe 
Nicolas Keempe, sen. 
Nicolas Keempe, ju. 
Walter Dedmau 
John Summers 
Thomas Richardson 
Nicolas Hersey 
John Blackman 
William Sowter 
John Sowter 
William Samsome 
Nicolas Gosden 
Robert Hewarde 
William Numan 
John Knight 
Peter Bowndy 
John Russell, sen. 
John Russell, ju, 
John Ede 

Henry Wallys 
Richard Hersey 
Jeames Scate 
John Caplin 
Robert German 
John Sowter 
Thomas Taberne 
William Stapler 
Ralph Chandlor 
Francis Carter 
Thomas Gregge 
AVilliam Redman 
Walter Dedman 
Francis Gates 
Stephen Mountfeilde 
John Sherlock e 
Edward King 
Thomas Ayling 
Henry AVallys 
Richard Cowles 
Anthony Wakeforde 
Thomas Blackman 
William Treslowe 
Roger Cooke 
Thomas Keempe 
William Foster 
John Dyer 
John Ayling 
Henry Cockrell 
Bartholomew Write 



Nicolas Bignoll 
John Grray, sen. 
John Locke 
Thomas Locke 
WilHam Grrevat 
William Hamper 

[Second Sheet.'] 
John Graj', jii. 
Richard Locke 
William Grrevat, ju. 
William Ayling 
AVilliam Coates 
Francis Markes 
Edmund Bassett 
William Chandlor 
Thomas Keempe 
Thomas Longe 
Thomas Ayling 
WiUiam Young, sen. 


William Hollast 
Thomas Baker 
John Mante 
John Hollast 
Ruben Bennit 
Richard Locke, 
John Hollast 
John Grevat 
John Blundell 
Edward Gates 
Daniell Augustin 
Marke Grevatt 
William Bridger 
Thomas Dedman 
AVilliam Treslowe 
William Samsome 
William Stapler 
Richard Hewe 
John Hart [? Hart, 

Ralph Carter 
John Hopkin 
Hery Yalden 
John Young 
William Young, jun. 
William (barter, sen. 
William Baker 
William Challen 
Robert Stapler 
Thomas Treslowe 
William Browne 
Robert Andrewe 
Thomas Wase 
Richard Coldham 
Richarde Goble 
John AUet 
William Ederinton 
John Hewe 

All the above written have taken the Protestation, 

The names of Recusantes subscribing to this Protestation and 
taking it wholy. 

Richard Fulgeam 
Oswald Bane 

Recusantes absent. 

Stanislaus Browne, gent. 
Edward Turner 

Claudius Malbranke, 

Phillip Richardson 
Henry Otty 

Anthony Malbranke 
Claudius Malbranke 

[From here, and down to the icords " subscribd unto it," is crossed out.] 

The names of Recusantes refusing to take the whole Protestation 
according to the Prescript forme. 

Edwarde Lukenor 
John Walton 
Richard Shelley 
William Lucas 
John Bennit 

Augustine Bennit 
Francis Malbranke 
Henry Crowcher 
Henry Smith 
Robert May 

John Powell 
Richard Peckover 
John Bettes 
Robert Carter 

The Recusantes abovewritten doe refuse to subscribe to this clause 
of the Protestation, viz. : 

The true Protestant Religion expressed in the doctrine of the 
church of England against all Popery w"'in this Rcalme contrary 
to the same doctrine. 




All the other part of the Protestatiou they have already taken & 
have subscribd unto it. 

Subscribed under our handes this xxij"' of February 1641. 

John Allenson, Gierke. 

Richard X Comes 

his marke 
William W West 

his marke 

Eallphe Grosden ) ^ n j. 
y J '- Q, , Collectors 

Churchwardens. ^ ' 


[Arundel Ba2)e, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in 2)encil " Eastergate 
Written names on paper. ~] 

Avisford. H.O. 4. 

The inhabitants of Eastergate. 

William West, senior 
William Shambler 
Anthony Stronge 
John Wollven, sen. 
Thomas Quinell 
John Scarle 
John Hopkins 
Robert Saxbee 
AVilliam Marsliall 
Thomas Caplin, sen. 
John Gad 
John Clarke 

Peter Martin, sen. 
Richard Elmes 
William Goble 
Peter Filder 
Ellis Symonds 
Richard Long 
Thomas Gubbat 
Thomas Okely 
AVilliam Farr 
Edward Thorne 
Robert DofCeild 
John Abraham 

John Wollven, junior 
William West, jun. 
Thomas Caplin, jun. 
John Halle 
William Booker 
John Levatt 
Thomas Bartholemew 
AVilliam Sanford 
Peter Martin, ju. 
John Stanford 

These men above named took the Protestation according to order 
(none refusing), the 13th day of February Ano. Domi. 1641, in the 
presence of : — 

Thomas T Austin \ ^„ 
Thomas May ) ^ 


Augustine Payne, 
Rector of Eastergate. 




[Bramber Bxipe, Burbeacii Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Auburton [Edburton ?] Bramber Eape, Burbeach 
himd. H.U. 1." Signatures and written names on i)ai)er.~\ 

Sussex. Biu-beach Hundred, Auburton Parish, Feb. 25"' 1641. 

Memorandum, the day and yeere above written the Minister and 
Churchwardens of the said Parish and Overseers of the Poore for the 
same, whose names are hereunto subscribed, did take the Protestation 
commanded by the Commons House of Parliament, before me, Henry 
Goring-e, one of his Ma'*^^ Justices of the Peace for the seyd County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Samuell Englis, Minister, 

Thomas Inskip N 

Walter Covert ,^ 

T 1 -tr 1 • 1 Overseers. 

J ohn 1 oung /\ his marke 

X his mark Church- 

Thomas Packer i wardens, 

T his mark ) 

Feb. 27, 1641. We, the Parishioners of Abiirton, have subscribed 
and consented to this Present Protestation. In the Presence of me, 
Samuell English, Minister. 

Walter Covert 

John f\ Younge his marke 


Thomas X Inskip \ 

his marke f Churc 

his marke 

Hen. Monk 
John Cheale 
William Marchant 
William Heaver 
John Chalener 
John Heaver 
Thomas Iloulden 
John Marchant 
Thomas Virgo 
Georg. Collier 
Eobert Bennet 
Richard Enskip 
Thomas Wren 
Williame Caffin 
Henry Willett 
Thomas Lodger 

Thomas Ansty 
John Yong 
John Osborne 
Richard Taverner 
Richard Philps 
Williame Lipscombe 
Gerard Morice 
John Morice 
Richard Dowst 
Michaell Eloees 
Richard Hyder 
Henry Boniface, senior 
Henry Boniface, junior 
Edward Pokney 
David Cardey 
Richard Johnson 

Henry Ascole 
John Wolgar 
Thumas Steddall 
Edward Robee 
John Enskip 
Richard Maurice 
John Wolgar 
Thomas Maurice 
Williame Yong 
Thomas Denman 
Edward Wigram 
Henry Cumber 
Richard West 
John Palmer 
Williame Richison 
Williame Yong 

None refuseth. Samuell Englis, Minister, Witnese. 



[Akundel Bape, Eotherbiudge Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in i^encil " Egdean, Arundel, Eotherbridge. H.R. 3." 

Signatures and ivritten names, etc., on imper.] 

Sussex, Egden, February the 25"^ 1641.*' 

This Protestation was given b}^ mee, John Smyth, Rector of Egden 
in Sussex, to my parishioners Febx'uary 25"' ['? 20] 1641 ; And I, Henry 
Goringe, one of his Ma'^ Justices of the Pease for the County, did tender 
the Protestation commended to be taken by the Commons House of 
Parliament, unto the sayd John Smith whoe tooke the said Protestation. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Si. [■? Si] Garton Watear Markes, John Erye 

John Smyth Churchwarden John Morley 

John Kent John Eade Robert Ball 

Robeard X Scut DanniU Filpe 

William Heath, Thomas More 

None refused this Protestation. 

Ita testor John Smyth, Rector ibid : 


[Chichester Rape, Dumpford Hundred. 1 

[Indorsed in jjencil " Elstead, Chich.; Dumpford ; LI. 2." Written 
names on paper. This Return is damaged, and part of the sinister 
side of the sheet is gone, but the list of navies is perfect. See also 
ante, p. 9.] 

Elsted : Memdrand., that this ensuing Protestation was taken before 
the M[iuister], Churchwardens and Overseers, this present twentith 
day of Feb[ruary] Ano. Dni. 1641, by those whose names are here- 
under written. 

* This date is in the same handwriting as the statement added by Henry 




[H'erc folloics the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe,' 
cmd terminating "vow and Protestation."] 


Edward Drew 
John Westbrooke 
Eicliard Poate 
John Scott, junior 
John Jenman, juni. 
John Bartlet 
John Jenman, seni. 
James Smith 
John Cooper 
John Pay 
William Ayling 
John Taylor 

John Bartlet 
William Purvill 
Rogger Bridger 
Jacob Purvill 
William Taylor 
William Knight 
Richard Fabean 
Richard Streton 
Richard Smith 
Richard Stilwell 
Nicholas Ayling 
William Ayling 

These are all the inhabitants of 

Peeter Bridger 
Richard White 
Edmund Allen 
William Hitchcocke 
William Ayling 
William Scott 
Thomas Jonning 
Thomas Maylerd 
John Colpes 
Richard Avery 


Ita est Johes. Knight, Rector ibid. 


[Arundel liajie, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Felpham, 
Written names on paper.'] 

Avisford. H.O. 5. 

We, the Minister, Churchwai'dens and Overseer of the parish of 
Felpham, do testif}^ that all the Males of 18 yeares age and upwardes 
have made the Protestation in forme, none refusing. Feb: 13, 1641. 

Thomas Franclin 
John Gunshott 
Richard Grilbankes 
Robert West 
John Meton 
Edward Gage 
Richard Randall 
Edward Farley, jun. 
John Downar 
John Harding 
Andrew Jupe, sen. 
Roger Greene 
Thomas Goble 

John Chltty 
Philip Standen 
William Penfold 
William Browning 
Robert Smith 
Arthur Butler 
John Pay 
John Dyer 
John Silverthorne 
Daniel Gittens, sen. 
Thomas Grey 
John Bish 
John Walter 

Henry Dorsett 
Richard Huntingford 
Thomas Briggs 
Robert Wolfe 
Jabes Buckall 
Richard Trice 
John Fletcher 
John Biggs 
John Richards 
Andrew Jupe, jun. 
John AValls 
Roger Gale 
Richard Taylor 




Jolm Smith 
Robert Dallgrose 
William Willsure, sen. 
Robert Greevat 
John Hasted 
John Cole 
Humjihry Kirke 
William Peeter 
Christopher Bone 
John Eiles 
William Wallter 
Richard Gray 
Thomas Courtney 
John Mittell 
John Burrey 
Robert Duffell 

Robert Baker 
William Willsure, jun. 
Robert Eiles 
Thomas Stert 
John Randall 
William Betsworth 
Daniel Gittens, jun. 
Richard Gibbs 
Richard Wise 
Edward Farley, sen. 
William Duffill 
William AValls 
William Boniface 
John Lilliott 
Thomas Tilley 
John Goble [?] 

Samuel Watersfeild 
Henry Farewell 
William Stert 
Robert Watersfeild 
John Homan 
Henry Gander 
Ralph Walls 
Edward Richards 
Thomas Lilliott 
John Greevat 
John Watesfeild 
Thomas Cooper 
John Rickman 
William Meeres 

In witnes whereof we have subscribed o"^ hands the 16"^ day of 
Feb. 1641. 

William Hill, Vicari 

William Cutfold ) 
■'^- AVilliam Folkes ) 

Henry Eiles, Overseer. 



[Chichestek Rape, Easebourn Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Farnhurst ; Chichester Rape ; Easebourn Hund. ; 
I.J. 4." Written names on paper. This return, which is much 
faded, damaged, and decayed, is on tivo sheets. Some of the names 
on the sinister side of the first sheet are now incomplete, and others 
entirely gone. See also ante, p. 11.] 

Memorand:, that the Inhabitantes of Farnhurst, whoso names are 
here under written, have taken this ensuinge Protestacion before the 
Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Farnhurst. 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

John Pelham, Roger Howicke Robert West 

Curat ibid. Thomas Collier Caleb Jones 

JohnShover[?Shotter] John West George Grevett 




.... Luff [?] 
Richard .... 
Richard Dudman 
John Dudman 
James Sausom 
John Luff 
John Luif 
Thomas Hudson 
William Hammond 
Henry Steede 
Steven Dallirose 
Nicholas Pinion 
John Smith [? ] 
William Knight 
Jeffery Goodier 
William West [? ] 
Richard Smith 
William Loton 
Robert Luffe 
Peter Luff 
William Howard 
Thomas Marshall 
William Howard 
Henry Paker 
John Luff 
John Wakeford 
Thomas Blackwell 
Willm. Howicke 
John Beuneatt 
Michaell Luff 
Robert Dudman 
John Simmons 
Michaell Comber 
Thomas Hersey 
Richard Howicke 
William Euans 
John May 
John Osborne 
Steven Segrove 
Peter Horsf [(/o»c] 
William Stedman 
Anthony Wood 
John Lambert 
Peter Bowman [? ] 
Robert Michener 
William Osborne 
William Luffe 

John Luffe 
Thomas West 
Owen Good 
Roger SI [go)ie'] 
John M [goiie^ 
John L [gone'] 
Rob [go)ie] 
Rich [gone] 
John [gone] 
Richard [gone] 
William [gone] 
William [gone] 
Robert [go)ie] 
El [? EL, gone] 



Peter [gone] 
Richard L [gone] 
Richard Osb [gone] 
Era [gom^ 
Wa [gone 

R [gone] 
Ge [go)ie] 

[Second Sheet.] 
Steven Dallirose 
James Willard 
Edward Wickenden 
John Tollie ['? TiUie] 
Roger Shotter 
Thomas Collyer 
John Tribe 
William Tither 
Water Slade 
Steven AVillard 
Richard Collin 
Thomas Dell 
William Steere 
Thomas Ball 
John Knigett 
John Reade 
Richard Ede 
Thomas Slade 
William Wakford 
WiUiam Tribe 

John Hersey 
Richard Cooper 
Nicholas Hill [? ] 
George Berendell 

[? B or D] 
John Tayler 
Thomas Skidmore 

[faded aioay] 

[faded aivay] 
John [faded] ruall 
Andrew Clarke 
Thomas Baker [? ] 
John Ellis [? ] 
John Tayler 
George [faded] 
John Okhurst 
William Shotter 
Richard Luff 
William Osbourne 
Richard Luffe 
Thomas Bolden [or 

Holden, blotted] 
Thomas Preston 
Peter Tribe 
Richard Cooke 
William Valentine 
George Striten 
Richard Dodnell 
Thomas Glasier 
Henry Saier 
John West 
Edmond Bridger 
William Cooper 
Randoll Simmons 
Thomas Older 
Edmond Deane 
JohnE [faded] 
AVilliam Luff 
Thomas Le [faded] 
William Fincli [? ] 
Hereate [? ] Kniget[?] 
John Jewre 
William AViUard 
Peter Luff 
Robert Bradfold 
Henry Tayler 




[Arundel i?ajjc, Poling Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in i^encil "Ferring & Kingston, Poling. 
Written names on imper.'] 

H.Q. 3. 

All the Parishioners of Forring and Kingston, whose names are 
under written, have averred the Protestation set forth by the Parla- 
ment, uppon the twentieth Day of Februarie, Ano. Dni. 1641 : and 
none refused to take it «&:c. 

William Watersfield 
Eichard Seawell 
Thomas Holden 
Josias Peachie 
William Cooke 
Eichard Bennett 
Peter Gittins 
John AVright 
Eobert Laeiter 
John Snelling, jun : 
Daniel Humffrey 
Samuell Wadie 
John Franklin 
Lambert Apps 
John Newman 
George Franklin 
John Higgins, jun. 
Thomas Singer 
Eichard Boodle 
Stafford Manning 
John Bennett, sen. 
John Bernard 
Thomas Peter 

Nicholas Chaulke 
Thomas Franklin 
Jeffrey Willet 
James Higgins 
William Snelling 
Eichard Streate 
Thomas Andrew, sen. 
Eichard Wise 
Eichard Taylour 
John Moore 
Abraham Prior 
Thomas Eagate 
Jonas Higgins 
George Stevens 
Thomas Andrew, jun. 
Benjamin Baker 
Thomas Start [? Sturt] 
John Chaulke 
Thomas Harrood 
John Higgins, sen. 
William Upperton 
Eichard Locke 
Samuell Goffo 

Edward Druett 
Edward Spring 
Thomas Brabie 
Thomas Simmes 
William Spring 
Thomas Baker 
Edward Gaphen 
William Kempe 
John Maidner 
Thomas Norman 
John Pannett, sen. 
William Wright 
William Short 
Thomas Gray 
Thomas Kerle 
John Stemp 
John Bennett, jun. 
William Druett 
John Panuet, jun. 
John Staker 
James Short 
Joh. Philipps 

All these whose names are here written have most willingly accepted 
of the Protestation in the Presence of us, according to the Directions 
given, &c : 

Owen Arthur, vicar. John Snellinge 
George Newman 

Collectors of the Poore. 

One of our Church Wardens is Lame and not fit to travell, and the 
other is latelie removed from us to another Parish. 




[Bramber Eapc, Brightford Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Findon, Bramber, Brightford. 
Signatures and marks on paper. ~] 


Sussex, Bramber Rape, Fyndon Parish, February the 26"' 1641. 

M**, the day and yeare abovesayed the Minister and Churchwardens 
and Overseers of the Poore of the sayed Parish of Fyndon did take 
the Protestation Commaunded to bee taken by the Commons Howse 
of Parliament, before mee Henry Goringe, one of his ma''^^ Justices of 
the Peace for the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Willi : Francklyne, 
Rector of Findon 
John Dollegge . 


Barnabe Barnard 
Thomas Byshop ) 
Thomas T L Lassiter his mark | Over- 
John D Horner his mark i seers. 

John Grover O 
John Peter E 
William Older O 
John Elmes I E 
George Streater G 
Thomas Elmes X 
Edward Hollingham E 
John Hayne 
William Lassetar 
Richard Belchamber O 
Edward Hasel grove O 
Richard Elmes O 
John French F 
Owen Andrew O 
Roger Pannat N 
William Bennet O 
John French -| 
William Tye O 
Richard Baylv R 
Phillip French U 
Edward Smith O 
Walter Geale 
Richard Grover 

All in the Parish of Findon have taken this Protestation, and none 

Willi : Francklyne, Rector. 

Barnabe Barnard ) rii i i Thomas T L Lasseter ) Over- 

Thomas B Bishop i Churchwardens. ^^^^ ^ ^^^^^^ j ^^^^.^^ 

G 2 

Henry Peter H 
Henry French U 
John French I 
Thoms. Panet 
Roger White r 
John Grevet O 
Edward Bennet I— 
Richard Older X 
Richard Holmewood oo 
Robert Filder I 
William Washer I 
Thomas Wassher 
Phillipp Liddiard 
Richard Lesater 
John Colman I 
John Haler h 
Laurence White W 
John White f| 
John Purges 
Mathew Lasseter M 
John Peter I 
William Pannat c/D 
John Older X 

Francis Stone X 
Robt. Lester 
Robert Breaden f| 
Thomas Harman T 
John Cole 
Thomas Grevet I 
John Parham O 
Andrew Downer X 
Richard Grover X 
Thomas Porter O 
John Bennett O 
Robert Smith O 
William French X 
John Marner 
Peter Grave t O 
Richard Bellchamber, 

sen. X 
Thomas Bedell O 
Henerie Gassone H 
John Lasseter 
Edwarde OurHe O 
Richard AVassher X 




[Chichester Bape, Box axd Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in pencil "New Fislibourne, Box & S. ; I.H. 17." 
Written names on i:)aper. See also ante, p. 14.] 

Susses : Memorandum, that y^ inliabitantes of the Parish of New- 
fishborne, from y*^ age of eighteen e & up ward es have taken this Pro- 
testacion hereunder written, before Will : Alridge, Clarke, & before y^ 
Churchwardens & Overseers of y'' Poor of y^ sayd Parish. 

[^Hcre folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
tcrminatinrj "Vow »& Protestaciou."] 

William Croswell 

Richard Bowle}^ 

John Yallor 

Edmund Martin 

Will : Woods 

George Hersie 

John Carpenter 

Tho : Wady 

Rich : Hall 

Tho : Cole 

Rich : West 

Tho : Smith 

Rob : Strugneile 

Tho : Cooper 

Will : Helior 

Nathaniell Burnam 

Rich : Strugneill 

Rich : Greene 

Eobert Holbrooke 

John Aylwin 

John Mills 

John Huse 

Tho : Aylwin 

Rich : Wady 

Robert Fisher 

Nicolas Aylwin 

Will : Alrido:o, Curat ibidem. 


[Arundel Bape, Bury Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Fittleworth, Bury. H.P. 5." 
Written navies on paper.'] 

Fitleworth : The names of those that have taken the Protestation. 

M"^ John Stanley, M"^ John Kinge, John Fowler 

senior, gentlm. gentlman James Hart 

M"^ John Stanley, jun., Thomas Langley John Edsawe, jun. 

gentlm. Edward Fogdenn James Fowler 




John Kempe, jiiu. 
Allen Trott 
Thomas Nashe 
Eoger Woodes 
Thomas AVelles 
John Hamman 
William Fogdenn 
Robert Boorer 
Richard Browne 
William Tanner 
Richard Piper 
Thomas Puttocke 
John Tribe 
John Seman, jun. 
Thomas Croocher 
John Seman, senior 
Richard Talmy 
Henry Knight 
Robert Leer 
William Croocher 
John Sergent, jun. 
William Adshed, jun. 
Edward Weeckes 
Richard Perley 
James Coote 
Richard Frith, senior 
Henry Hill 
John Coote 
William Adshed, 

George Hood 
George Grevett 
Robert Heath 
Richard Landerd 
Robert Upfould, senior 
Thomas Sheapard, 

Thomas Roocke 

A¥illiam Francklen 
Richard Sheapard 
Robert Upfould, jun. 
Jaspar Ducke 
John Neale 
John Kempe, senior 
Jonathan Linfield 
John Talmy 
Joseph Grinyer 
Thomas Madgicke 
Thomas Hilles 
Thomas Wonet 
James Seman, senior 
Arthur Morley 
Richard Sturt 
John Edsawe, senior 
Robert Fogdenu 
Richard Wellar 
Richard AUward 
William Furlonger 
John Furlonger 
John Elliott, senior 
Thomas Edsawe 
John Nashe 
Isacke Selsbe 
Christopher Elsonn 
Amboros Hood, senior 
Amboros Hood, jun. 
Jespar Hammon 
John Alderton 
Henry Segrove, senior 
Robert Gibsonn 
William Dannell 
John Leer 
William Lee 
Henry Segrove, jun. 
John Soale 
John Elliott, jun. 

William Hammon 
George Humfrey 
Nicholas Dannell, 

Richard Tellett 
Thomas Humfrey 
William Essen 
John Denn 
Robert Wood 
Thomas Larrance 
John Humfrey 
Thomas Leer 
Robert Edsawe 
Robert Madgicke 
John Naldrett 
John Polinge 
John Lewer 
Robert Tanner 
Nicholas Dannell, jun. 
William Polinge 
Richard Fritli, jun. 
John Gibsonn 
George Goble 
Richard Juppe 
Owen Horley 
Henry Naddrett 
John Shergent, senior 
John Bartlot 
Henry Knigtli, jun. 
Roger Cearllell 

[ ? Cewllell] 
Thomas Sheapard, jun. 
Robert Jowninge 
Robert Edsawe, jun. 
William Segrove 
James Seman, jun. 

In y® presence of Guilielm : Hinde. 

Mathew Kinge ] AVilliam Hawthorn \ 

William Marches | Churchwardens. William Redall | Overseers, 
his W marcke his X markes ) 

All have taken the Protestation, and none have Refused. 



[Arundel Bapa, Avisford Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in pencil "Ford, Avisford. H.O. 6." 

Written names onimpcr.~] 

Forde : The names of all the male inlialjitants in our Parish w''^ 
have taken the Protestation according as was enjoyned. 

John Page William Horsecroft Eichard Chipper 

John Martin Henry Dammar Thomas Grist 

Thomas Dammar Nicholas Goble John Nash 

Peter Martin George Hale John Douner 

Peter Juppe William Knapcroft 

Thomas Swaine Christofer Chaoler 

There are none that have refused this Protestation. We testifye 
the trueth heirof under our handes. 

John Marshall, clearke. 

John Blaise, churchwarden. 

John Bowbrock, overseer of the poore. 


[Chichester Bape, BosnA:M Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Puntington, Bosham H. ; I.G. 1." 

Written names on paper. See also ante, p)p. 13 and 15.] 

The 13"^ day of February Anno Dni. 1641, All the Inhabitants of 
the Parish of Fontiugton that are above the age of 18 yeares have 
taken this Protestacion lieere under written, according as it is recjuired ; 
In the presence of the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the 
same Parish of Fontington. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "1 A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Yow and Protestation."] 

William Cooper Ealph Bridger Thomas Bridger, jun. 

John Cooper Michael Jelly James Worthiugton 

John Greene William Noake, juu. William Wilkins 

Eichard Perse Thomas Wingham Michael Gray, jun. 




John Page 
Thomas Cooper 
William Leale 
William Constable 
Eobert Strugnell 
Roger Eales 
John Marsh 
John Hickman 
Nicolas Pinke 
Thomas Woodes 
David Mooreman 
Henry Smyth 
Eobert Grange 
Nicholas Mersherr 
Richard Mansbridge 
Richard Grates 
William Till 
Aron Gosden 
Richard Farnefold 
John Barrow 
Edmund Combes 
Thomas Clements 
Michael Gray, sen. 
Richard Bonny 
John Constable 
Richard Gubbett 
James Fowler 
Christofer Worth- 

Richard Ailewin 
PhiUip Lock 
Thomas Bonny 
Robert Chaper 
William Swaiue 
John Carpenter 
John Long 
Edmund Combes 
Richard Till 
John Coules 
Thomas Suter 
John Godfrey 
Humfry Grange 
Nicolas Nash 
Edward Ball 
John Taylor 
William Colden 
Thomas Mathew 
Christofer Scardevile 
Thomas Burnham 
Ralph Collins 
Edward Page 
Henry Sexton 
William Compton 
Henry Smyth 
Nicolas Nash 
Thomas Bone 
William Noake, sen. 
Richard Michell 

Henry Colden 
William Pococke 
Thomas Mathey 
Bartholomew Baily 
AVilliam Wilkeson 
John Wassell 
Richard Fi gg 
Humfry Cooper 
John Long, sen. 
Thomas Farthing 
William Mersher, sen 
John Michell 
Thomas Joupe 
Rich : Lathy 
Robert Lathy 
Thomas Rob bins 
WilHam Hale 
Nicolas Dudman 
Richard Skayne 
AVilliam Wedgewood 
John Bateman 
Nicolas Mersher 
John Ballard 
Adam Dallington 
Nicolas Harrison 
William Suter 

The day and yeare above written, these whose names are above 
written, Inhabitants of the Parish abovesaid, did make theire severall 
Protestacions according as is required, before the Curate, Churchwardens 
and Overseers aforesayd. In witnes wherof I have hereunto sett my 


Jo : Harrison, Curate. 


[Arundel Bapc, Poling Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Goring, Poling H., H.Q. 4." Written names on 
paper. ^ 

Sussex: Februarie the Twentieth Anno 1641. 

A certificatt of those in the Parishe of Goringe that have taken the 
Protestacion, and none in the same Parishe to whome it was tendred 
have refused the same. 




George Cooke 
John Barnard 
Edward Barnard 
Robert Duglest 
Dainell Gettence 
William Barnard 
John Coke 

Thomas Wheatingtune 
Edward Barnard 
Thomas Scohford 
George Barnard 
Eobert Curtis 
Thomas Cooke 
Eobert Roberdes 
Benjamin Barnard 
Thomas Gettence 
George Barnard 
John Wheateiugtune 
Thomas Wheateing- 

William Stronge 
Eobert Joye 
John AVheateingtune 
Willieam Wheateing- 

Willieam Hogree 

John Graves 
Thomas Grinder 
Thomas Chamberes 
Eichard Wheateing- 

John Wieate 
Samuell Washer 
John Sewell 
Eobert Cartes 
Eobert Tillye 
John Muschen 
John Wheateingtune 
Thomas Tillgate 
AVilliam Gunne 
Peter Nores 
Edward Younge 
Thomas Pannete 
William Dimucke 
John Sewell 
John Kneller 
Thomas Curtes 
Edward Mayne 
Eichard Stronge 
John Hob John 
Thomas Halle 
John Greenefield 

William Davie 
John Constante 
John Warde 
John Curtes 
Clymence Oliver 
Thomas Looke 
James Gellate 
William Easten 
Thomas Lover 
AVilliam Jupe 
John Wallder 
John Lee 
Thomas Chiseman 
John Gettence 
William Franklen 
Eichard Cumper 
George Frye 
Weckfolas Coliens 
AVilliam Kente 
Thomas Holingame 
John Wheateingtune 
John Eesher 
Thomas Gurre 
Thomas AVheatly 
Willieam Horsecrate 
Edward Parker 

John Wattes, Cur. ibid. 

John Barnard 
Thomas AValder 

Church Wardens. 

John Campian j Collacketors. 
Eobart Laster 


[CiiicnESTER Bapc, Easebourne Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in i^cncll " Graffham ; Chich. ; Easebourn. 
Written names on 'i)ai)er. See also ante., p. 8.] 

LJ. 5. 

Graffham in Sussex : Memorandum, y' y® Inhabitantes of y^ Parish 
of Graifham have put ther handes to this ensueing Protestation the 
20"^ day of February Anno Doi. 1641, before the Minister, Church- 
wardens & Overseers of the same Parish. 




[iJcrg follows the Protestation commencing " I A.B. doe," etc. 
and terminating "Vow & Protestation."] 

Eobert Clare 
Greorge Hills 
Richard Wakeford 
Thomas Wisedome 
Nicolas Williams 
Eichard AVisedome 
John Ewen 
John Todman 
Thomas Allen 
Thomas Boane 
William Todman 
John Norris 
John Leere 
Eichard Wisedome 
Emry Aylen 
Eobert Valour 
John Bicknoll 
Thomas Fry 
William Ewen 

John Earr 
Eobert Heberden 
Thomas Bouisome 
Thomas Summers 
John Burchar 
Thomas Munfeild 
Thomas Burchar 
Nicolas Valour 
Samuel Longley 
Eogg-er Summers, y'^ 

Eogger Summers, y*^ 

George Leere 
William Pliilp 
Eobert Booker 
Thomas Ewen 
Isaac Dubing 
Thomas Ewen 

William Marner 
William Davy 
Eichard Philp 
Edward Ward 
Henry Ewen 
Nicolas Ide 
Nicolas Fry 
Eichard Shipton 
Ealph Norrell 
Edwarde Squire 
Hugh Blickfeild 
Thomas Ewen 
Nicolas Philp 
Eaynold Burchar 
William Baker 
Eichai'd Heberden 
Nicolas Ide 
John Fames 
John Heberden 

Oliu'' Penicorde, Eector ibidm. 

John Martyn ) m i i John Wisedome ) ^ 

-n -ni -1 I Churchwardens, -o \ t- ^t i Overseers 

Eogger Philp Eobert Vaughan ) 


[Arukdel Piape, West Easwrith Hundred.'] 
[Sec under Wiggonholt, post.] 


[Bramber Bape, West Grixstead Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in i^encil " West Grinstead, Bramber Eape, W^.G. hundred. 
H.W. 3." Written names on parchment.] 

Sussex : AVestgrinsted : The Minister, the Churchwardens and the 
Overseers of the Parish of AA^'cstgrinsted, and the names of other 



[Grinstead, West.] 
inhabitauts of the sayd Parish from the age of 18 yeares and upward, 
which have taken the Protestation the 20'^ da}' of this instant moneth 
of February in the yeere of o'' lord 1641, according to an order from 
the Honourable House of Parliament directed to the High Shrief and 
Justices of the Peace of this County. 
M'' Francis Redwood, Thomas Bathelor,* ju. 

Nicholas Godsmarke 
Thomas Bacon 
Robert French 
John Woollvin 
James Soper 
James Geeringe 
Edward Michell 
John Hasly, ju. 
Thomas Parson 
John Studman 
John Soper 
Richard Lancaster 
Richard Stephens 
John Gratwicke, ju. 
Edward Field alias 

Richard Wood, ju. 
John Sharwood 
William Scrag 
John Linfield 
John Grant 
Thomas Terle 
William Pratt 
William Martin 
William Hill 
Edward Winn 
William Gravet 
William Thorpe 
Thomas Soper 
William Pratt, ju. 
William Shoulder 
William Newnam 
Henry Stradwick 
William Frie 
Stephen Lything 
John Gratwicke, sen. 
Richard Lynfield 
Thomas Langford 
John Cooper 
William Poell 
Henry Shae 

Richard Sendoll 
Thomas Ginner 
John Tottie 
Richard White 
Richard Randill 
Richard Streater 
Nickolas Upton 
Thomas Ellvie 
Peter Guerche, 

William Parson 
James Isgate 
John Ward, sen. 
Henry Clarke 
William Marlin 
Thomas Smith 
Richard Stapler 
John Hayler, sen. 
Richard Ailinge 
John Mab 
John Scarfe 
William Renold, 
Richard Chiles 
Richard Wood, sen. 
Richard Dunse 
Henry Bacon 
Christopher Pollard 
Francis Norris 
William Grin field 
Thomas Loyter 
Thomas Saunders 
Edward Dowse 
Richard Smith 
James Soper 
Jacket Lee 
Edward Warner 
John Houlden 
John Batchelor 
Richard Michell 
Thomas Vagar 
George Arnold 
Richard Callingham 

* Sic. 


John Lancaster 
Edward Stor 
James Bolting 
John Carter 
Thomas Haslegrove 
Richard Lancaster, 

James Parson 
John LTpton 
Thomas Arnold 
Thomas Stone 
Edward Parson 
James Jupp 
John Greene 
James Hayler 
John White 
John Triggs 
Richard Arnold, sen. 
Richard Fowler 
John Ellvy 
James Jupp 
John Hasly, sen. 
Thomas Batchelor, sen. 
Thomas Hasly 
Richard Ellvy 
George Dawes 
Richard Knowles 
George Braby 
William Renold, sen. 
Richard Gravet 
John Mose 
Phillip Butcher 
John Haller 
Thomas Grant 
AVilliam Woolldridge 
Ralph Woollvin 
Thomas Gates 
William Hasly 
Richard Harraden 
George Ward 
Nickolas Becket 
John Ward, ju. 
John Shae 



[GRI^"STEAD, West.] 
John Woollviu 
John Field 
Robert Harris 
William Henn 
John Eston 
Francis Tichiner 
Richard Hasledcn 
Henry Stoe 
Dru Penfold 
William Naldret 
Richard More 
Jacob Welles 
Thomas Blaker 
Richard Arnold 
Thomas Whittington 
Michaell Slater 
Richard Parson 

Owen Botting 
John Bartlee 
Jonathan Soper 
John Boniface 
Thomas Chambers 
John Lything- 
William Smith 
Thomas Lancaster 
Jerard Wood 
Mathu Pollard 
Richard Blaker 
James Duffell 
Richard Longley 
James Arnold 
Richard Stone 
WiUiam Usher 
John Tichiner 

John Wisky 
Richard Pierce 
Thomas Renvill 
Robert Mathu 
John Waterman 
Edward Penfold 
John TuUy 
John Hewell 
Thomas Pick 
John Woollvin 
Owen Poell 
Thomas Fowle 
James Crowdlesome 
John Holden 
AVilliam Holden 

Samuel Pomphret, Curat of Westgrinsted. 
Henry Michell ) 

Ralfe Harriden ) ^, -, -, 
-r 1 Qi , Churchwardens. 

John Slater 

Henry AValldreg ) 



[Arundel BaiJe, Bury Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in j^encil " Hardham, Bury. H.P. 6." 

Written names onixtper.~] 

Hardham als. Heringam in 7*= County of Sussex & Rape of Arundell. 

Accordinge to order from y^ Hono''^'^ y*^ House of Commons. 

The Protestacion was taken y'^ 13"' Day of Feb'-^', Anno 1041, none 
w"'in our Parishe refusinge it, to whome the same was or ought by y^ 
said order to be tendered to them ; Whose names heere followe. 

AVill"' AVhite 
Jo : Knowles 
Hen : White 
Ed: Purser 
Jo : Edwards 
Tho : Quennell 

Rich : Clarke 
Rich: Smith 
Hen : Kennett 
Will"' Booker 
Jo : Kennett 
Ed : Humfry 

RoV Woods 
Jo : Harwood 
Jo : Bridger 
Rich : AVaters 
Tho : Tailor 

Thesse are all y"" luhabitantes in our Parishe, of 18'= yeeres of age 
& upwards. 


Rich : Smart 
John Tailor 

AVill : Arledge, Minist. 
Church wardens. 

AVill-" Milles, Collector, 



[CiiicnESTEK Bape, Dumpford Hundred.'] 

[TJiis Ficturn is indorsed in pencil ''Place Unnamed, perhaps 
Linch, Chich. ; Easb. ; I.J. 14." The suggestion is clearly an error, 
for the list of names is much too long a one for a small parish such 
as Linch. This Return is doubtless for the extensive and important 
parish of South Harting, which otherwise is missing from the series ; 
it consists of written names on two sheets of paper pinned together, 
so as to form one sheet. A small piece of the upper sinister corner of 
the first sheet is torn off, which contained, inter alia, the name of the 
parish, and the edges on the sinister side of both sheets are much 
decayed. The first sheet has five columns of names, the surnames in 
the last column of which are imperfect. The evidence proving this 
Return (which does not bear any Minister's signature) to be that for 
South Harting is as follows : Amongst the entries from South Harting 
parish registers noted by Sir William Burrell, in what is now xidd. 
MS. Brit. Mils. 5699, are several of the Cliffe family; "William 
Clyffe" was buried 11th of Feb., 1655, and the name of "William 
Cliffe" occurs in the Return, as also that of "John Cliffe," One 
"John Apytt," was buried 5th of April, 1569, and on the 2nd of 
June, 1664, " Judith Ijewkenor," which surnames also occur in the list. 
The will of "John AVilde of Eastharting in the County of Sussex, 
yeoman," dated 26th of March, 16 Chas., 1640, in which he mentions 
" My daughter Mary Frj- " and " John Fry my godsone," was proved 
in the Consistory Court of Chichester on 7th April, 1646 [Vol. xxi., fo. 
78h). Thomas Fowler, of the parish of Harting in Sussex, the elder, 
Innholder, in his will dated 20tli of November, 1649, also mentions his 
godson, Richard Fry ; this will was proved in the same Court on the 
5th of Feb., 1649-50 ( Vol. xxi., fo. 330b). The names of John Wilde, 
both senior and junior, and others of the name appear in the Return, 
as also Thomas Fowler, senior and junior, and one Clement Frye.'^' 
The will of " Elenor Heather of South Hartinge in the County of 
Sussex, widdowe," dated 15th of Sept., 1653, was proved in the P.C.C. 
on the 2nd of Feb., 1653-4 {Alchin, fo. 371), by George and Elenor, 
the son and daughter, executors, whilst the names of George and 
Thomas Heather are in list of protesters. Finally amongst the 
several occurrencies, in the Return of the name of Pitt, one John 
Pitt is described as "of Uppton," which place is probably identical 
with " Upperton Farm," marked in the one inch scale Ordnance Map, 
as at West Harting, a hamlet in South Harting. See also ante, p. 10.] 

* The following note in further ideiitificatiou of this Return, is kindly contri- 
buted by Jlr. Geo. S. Fry. It appears from Chancery Proceedings, Bills and 
Answers, Chas. I., No. 50-140, in Fry v. Fry, that the will of Clement Fry of 
Harting, yeoman, was dated 2Sth of March, 16.59, and that he was jnst dead at 
the passing of the Bill, viz., 1661. The will does not ajipear to be in P.C.C, or 
in the Consistory Coui't of Chichester, so probably it was not proved. 



[Harting, South.] 

Memorand., that the Inhabitantes of the Parishe .... \^go7ie'] 
, . . . whose names are here under -written, have taken .... 
'go)ie^ .... ensuinge Protestacion in the presence of the Minister, 
Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poore of the same Parishe. 

\_Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. Doe, 
and terminating " vow and Protestation."] 


Henry Crockeford 
John Jenman, sen. 
John Jenman, jun. 
Richard Hunt 
Robert Wilde 
William Russell 
John Russell 
Robert Russell 
James Russell 
Robert Jenman 
Richard Daughtry 
Nicholas Earle 
Richard Russell 
William Coudree 
John Irishe 
John Plenty 
Arthur Randle 
William Bridger 
Richard Atwood 
Henry Hargrave 
Robert Quemell 
Anthony Colpos 
Anthony Alword 
John Hargrove, sen. 
John Hargrove, jun. 
Peter Aylinge 
John Page 
John Penne 
John Wilde, ju. 
John Cliffe 
John Wyett 
John Colpish 
Henry Irish 
Henry Voake 
John Wilde, sen. 
William Voake 
William Randle 
John Broman 
Roger Moore 
Henry Penne 

Thomas Penne 
William Barton 
John Russell 
Thomas Earle 
William Pay 
John Sowter 
William Kensall 
Anthony Randle 
AVilliam Rennall 
Edward Outen 
John Aylinge 
Thomas Palmer 
Thomas Leuknor 
John Godwin 
Samuell AVyett 
Richard Smith 
Edward Home 
John Weikes 
Christopher Longe 
William Cliffe 
Thomas Cooper 
Richard Pescod 
William Roffe 
James Pitt 
John Pitt of Uppton 
Clement Frye 
Gyles Bui-ch 
William Simmons 
William Crosier 
John Pitt, the heire 
John Wilde 
John Williams 
Robert Lockier 
John Brushunt 
Roger Whatley 
John Cowper 
Peter Weare 
John Weare 
Nicholas AVoodes 
Thomas Pitt 

Tliomas Petter 
Chiddiocke Hillier 
Davy Reaves 
Nicholas Rogers 
Oliver Wolderidge 
Henry Mersher 
Anthony Carpenter 
Anthony Pitt 
Henry Pitt 
Thomas Todman 
Edmund Irishe 
Arthur Mills 
Anthony Tod, sen. 
Anthony Tod, jun. 
John Rogers 
John Woldridge als. 

Richard Woldridge 

als. Weaver 
Gyles Milles 
Edward Voake 
William Weare 
George Vahan 
Lewes Aylinge 
Henry Mersh 
Richard Silver, sen. 
John Silver 
Richard Silver 
Edward Humphry 
John Ameeres 
Richard Woldridge 
John Pratt 
John Woldridge als. 

Robert Sherrier 
William Peye 
John Paye 
Anthony Farley 
John Were 
Edward Page 



[Hahtixg, South.] 

Thomas Eussell 
John Pescod 
John Hersie 
Henry Woldridge 

alias Weaver 
John Spars [gone'] 
Frances Gilber [gone] 
John J [gone'] 
John N i_go}ie] 

Thomas [gone'] 
John C [gone'] 
William [gone] 
Eobert [gone] 
Anthony [gone] 
Gregory [gone'] 
Eobert [gone] 
Frances [gone] 
Edward Bl [gone'] 

Walter F [gone'] 
Walter [gone] 
Luke [gone] 
Thomas [gone] 
John [gone] 
Edward [gone] 
John E [gojie] 

[Second Sheet.] 

Eobert Fouler 
Frances Harris 
John Pitt 
Thomas Heather 
George Charlett 
Thomas Heath, sen. 
Thomas Heath, jun. 
Christopher Pollard 
Steaven Alcocke 
Thomas Collins 
William Babs 
George Hether 
Eichard Watson 
William Browne 
Eichard Wilson 
Gregory AVilson 
Thomas Fowler, sen. 


Anthony Barton 
Thomas Fowler, 
Markes Fowler 
John Kent 
Samuell Bluett 
John Addams 
Thomas Binstead 
Eobert Fitter 
Edward Wilde 
John Edwardes 
Eichard Crofter 
John Aylinge 
Eobert Copish 
John Smith 
Ealph Crockford 
Thomas Stanniford 
John Dare 

Ambrose Stanniford 
Humphrey Todman 
AVilliam Greentree 
Nicholas Home 
John Linter 
Ealph Home 
John Wild 
Eobert Stanniford 
William Wild 
Steaven Haben 
Eichard Edwardes 
Henry Cooper 
Eichard Cooper 
William Bannister 
Eobert Herrison 
Markes Pitt 
Gyles Aylinge 

[Not attested by the Minister and ChurcJiwardens, etc., hut a piece 
at the bottom of tlie second sheet may have been torn off.] 


[BuAMBER Rape, Tipxoak Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Henfield, Bramber, Tipnoak. I.C. 2." Signatures 
and marks on paper.] 

Sussex: Bramber Eape, Henfeeld Parishe, Februarye the xxv* 1641. 

M'', the day and yeare abovesayed y^ Cunstable of the sayed 
Hundred, the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poore of the 
Parishe of Henfeeld aforesayed, did take the Protestation Commanded 




by the Commons House of Parliament, beefore mee, Henry Goringe, 
one of his Ma"*^^ Justices of the Peace for the sayed County, whoe 
informe [_sic^ that M"^ John Gouldsmith, Minister of that Parishe, is 
sicke and not able to travill, and that they shall receave his Protestation 
and retorne it w"' the others of that Parishe. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Henry Bishopp, Necolas Gallope ) ^- Churchwardens & 
William Wolger, Tho : X Living-e ) Overseers of the Poore. 

Jolm Goldsmith, vie. Hendfield. Edw. X Boniface, Cunstable. 

Prosper Ea^-nsford 
Georg Raynsford 
Thomas May 
Henry Prichard 
Eichard Toope 
Jo : Gratwicke 
Eichard Holney 
Willm. Holney 
Thomas Holden 
Eichard Hayne 
WiUm. X Baker 
John T Norman 
Eich : R Bull 
Edward Goffe 
Edward White 
Ewa : E Eenn [sic, 

? Edwa.] 
John I Barrow^ 
John O Bridger 
Willyame Bexshall 
Nicholas Wood 
Ew : I Horsley 
Eich : X Scutt 
James T Champion 
Tho : R Tilley 
Tho : X AVhite 
George Haslen 
John O Duke 
Will: Xlfeild 
Will : X Geates 
Barth : O Tilley 
John X Goffe 
John X Goble 
Jolm O Grevit 
Eob : A Holden 
Will : S Stokes 

Eich : I Living 
Eich : O Sparkes 
Will : X Parson 
Eichard X Morley 
John O Penfeild 
Tho : X Caman " 
John X Coomes 
William Wakhani 
Edw : O Steere 
William O Caman 
Eob : Prichard 
Eichard Barber R B 
Thomas Cannon, 

Nicolas X Batcombe 
Thomas X Geering 
Will : D Davy 
John O Parson 
Eichard R Backshall 
Mich : O Baker 
Westho [•?_] Pollerd 
Thomas Bird 
Tho : B Boniface 
Edm: H Gibs [? Dibs] 
Tho : T Wolger 
John X Lasiter 
Eoberte Holden 
Tho: TNye 
Phil : P Beach 
Ben : X Ginner 
Eich : X Holden 
John X Wemarke 
John Vinall 
Tho : T Page, j unior 
John D Wolvin 
John O Larkins 

Edm : O Backshall 
John X Wood 
John X Smede 
John Ingrame 
Tho : T Coales 
Will : X Cester 
Patlierck [_sic'] Hackett 
Henry Yokes 
John Chandler 
John Sayres 
John Michell 
John Mercer 
Joseph X Laugford 
Thomas T Grevit 
Willyam Holden 
John Lancaster 
John X BackshaU 
Eich : X Davis 
James X Arnoll 
Garret Bager 
Thomas X Sewer 
Tho : X Wever 
Eich : O Burrell 
James X Soale 
Eichard Parson 
Will: WGose[?Gofe] 
Anthony Morris 
John Sneling 
Eich : R Pellett 
Eich : H Turle 
Eichard Goste 
Michell Greenefeild 
John Cheal [? Cheate] 
Thomas Minnshall 
George Cepter 
[? Dexter] 

* It is not quite clear that these are the names intended to be bracketed together. 




John Hayne 
Tho : O Holden 
Francis Woolgtir [?] 
Thomas T Treppe 
Fran : X Cheseman 
Eich : R Walter 
Henry H Sayers 
Will : O Blunden 
Peter Goffe 
Thomas Gates 
Eich : X Brooker 
Ed : E Burthome 
Tho : B Bridger 
Will : X Cannan, sen"" 
John O Cannan 
John X Henn 
Edw : O Eenalds 
Tho : X Page 
Tho : X Gower 

Tho : X Mower 
Edw : X White 
Edw : O Bud 
Fran : T Bradford 
John O Mathew 
Thom : X Longe 
Tho : O Eash 
Will : O Woodden 
Tho : X Shelley 
X Eawley 
O Peter 
X Hatcher 
X Gentt 
X Hills 
X Eapley 
O Holden 
X Killicke 

Will : 
Edw : 
AVill : 
Will : 
Will ; 

Eob : X Jupe 

Thom: OLanyg[?],ju. 
Eich : O [gone] 
Tho : T [gone'] 
Edward Holden 
Thomas Saris 
Nicholas Baxshell 
Walt : W Gates 
Tho : Prichard 
Edmund E O Ocford 
John Hillman 
John X Eoberds 
Eo : Peyto 
Thomas Norman 

his X mark 
Edward Cheal 
Edward Picknell 
John Bucher 

John X Budd 


[Chichester i?ajjc, Easebourn Hundred.] 

[Ijidorsed in jJencil '^'H.eysh.ot, Sussex; Easebourn; I.J. 6." Written 
names on paper. The sinister edge of this Betiirn is decayed and 
in part gone, tvhich renders the list of non-protesters imperfect. | 
See also ante, p. 10.] 

Heyshott : Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the Parish of 
Heyshot have taken this ensuing Protestacion the 20"^ day of this 
instant february, in the presence of the Minister, Churchwardens & 
Overseers of Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folloios the Protestation commencing " I A.B. doe," etc., I 

and terminating " Vowe & Protestacion."] 

The names of such as have protested. 

George Goodman 
John Younge 
Eich : Coldham 
John Haines, sen. 
Will : Todman 
John Gosden 

Will : Clare 
Eich : Austin, sen : 
Nicholas Austin 
Steven Graff am 
Will : Eoger 
Eob : Cranley 

Will : Morley 
John Challen 
Eich : Eudman, sen. 
Will : Tilly 
Thom : Wakford, y« 




Thomas Wakford, sen. 

Thomas Wakford, jun. 

Eich : Elmes 

Rich : Tompson 

John Woods 

Rich : Mills 

Rob : Averies 

John Smith, sen. 

Dan : Austin, sen. 

Thom : Alwyne 

Will : Alwyn 

John Lee 

Rich : Gosden 

Rich : Rudman, jnn. 

Nicho : Combes 
John Walker 
Roger Walker 
John Cranley 
Thomas Neale 
Peter Neale 
John Briger 
Thom : Tigge 
Hugh Dyer 
Rich : Bridger 
John Tomson 
George Todman 
Nicli : Blackman 
John Smith, jun. 

John Bacon 
John Rudman 
Thom : Dyer 
Will : Shirlocke 
Rich : Smith 
David Wakeford 
Dan : Goldecke 
Rob : Collier 
Tobias Smith 
John Jay 
Rich : Souter 
John Austin 
Thom : Tribe 

That these have protested. 

Testor ego Thom : Bedel, Ecclesiao Curator. 

Nicollas Collyer ) ^, ■, ■, 

TT 1 T> J! 1 1 Churchwarde 
Huffh Peniolde 

William Napper 
Dan : Austin, jun. 

The names of such as [gone, ? have not] Protested. 

Andrico Hammon, Pap [gone, ? Papist]. 

Quod ego test [gouel. 
Thom: Bedle, Ec [gone']. 

Nicollas Collyer 
Hugh Penfolde 

r^i 1 1 T William Napper 
Churchwardens', -p. a i- • 

L Dan : Austin, jun. 




[Bramber Ba2)e, East Eastvrith Hundred.'] 

e Return is on two 2^i(ices of j^ctrcJiment ; tJie first is indorsed in 
pencil "Horsham, Bramber, E. Easwrith. H.V. 1." Written 

Sussex : Horsham Burrough, Henry Waller and Richard Wheatlie, 
gent., BaylifFes of the said Burrough, and Thomas Rowland and 
Richard Luckens Constables there, and William Best, Churchwarden, 
lyvinge in the said Burrough, Haveinge taken the Protestacion them- 
selves before Ralfe Cowper, Esquire, and Thomas Middleton, Esquire, 




twoe Justices of the Peace of the said County, have accordinge to the 
direcions of the Howse of Commons, called the Burgessesse and 
other the inhabitantes of the said Burrough together, the Thirteenth 
day of February, Anno Dni. 1641, and tenderd unto them the same 
Protestacion, and have hereunder written the names of those Persons 
vf'^ have taken the same ; And further doe answere that there are 
none of our Burrough w"'' refuse the same. 

Arthur Woodgate 
Nicholas Sheppard, 

Phillip Jenden 
Nicholas Sturt, sen. 
Eichard Pilfold 
John Pike 
Eichard Deeringe, 

Thomas Carter 
Edward Pilfold 
Eobert Steaninge 
Mihell Woodgate 
James Slater 
Thomas East 
John Tickaridge 
William Giune 
Mathew Jure 
John Powler, jun. 
James Pilfold 
John Kendall 
James Harman 
John Sotcher 
Eichard Gates 
Thomas Webbe, sen. 
Edward Geere 
Eobert Playsted 
Henry Slater 
James Longe 
John Blunden 
John Bristowo 
Allen Shrubbe 
John Sturte 
Eobert Porman 
James Pike 
Eoger Powell 
George Steere 
Eichard Wheatlie 
William Gratwicke 
Euticus Delton 
Paule Hannoll 

Stephen Osmer 
Thomas Porman 
Thomas Gaplen, jun. 
John Queene 
John Ashfold 
Mathew Niblett 
William Saker 
Thomas Laggett 
Eobert Lutman 
Thomas Lambe 
John Whitbread 
Henry Panckhurst 
John Bartholomewe 
John Hobbes 
Edward Parkhurst 
William Whitinge 
Eobert Honywood 
William Coe 
Henry Lyntott 
Prancis Booker 
John Sefton, gent. 
Edward Carter 
William Burridge 
Thomas Peter 
Eobert Peilder 
John Grombridge, 

Thomas Hurst 
John Ginne, sen. 
Thomas Patchinge 
Stephen Parson 
William Waterton, 

AVilliam Illman 
Eobert Gates 
Edward Hobbes 
Thomas Sotcher 
John Aleward 
Thomas Webbe, jun. 
John Adgate 
John Davie 

William Chambers, 

John Jenden 
Eichard Pledge 
John Wolfe 
Henry Salter 
Eobert Best 
John Parson 
George Burstowe 
William Thornden 
Henr}' Ockley 
John Ansell 
Arthure Eowland 
Henry Ellis 
Eobert Ive 
George Hodges 
Eobert Nye 
Eichard Woller 
John Marten 
John Stevens 
James Niblett 
Eichard Gatton 
Thomas Bennett 
Thomas Gaplen, sen. 
John Burstowe 
WilHam Jenoway 
Deeringe Sharpe, gent. 
Johnathon Gratwicke 
James Fiest 
John Hindley, gent. 
Eobert Treadcroft 
Peter Waterton 
AVilliam Browne 
William Best 
Nicholas Barber 
Nicholas Porman, gent. 
John Hunte 
John Carpenter 
Edward Peilder 
William Grombridge 
James Grombridge 




Henry Patchinge 
Jolin Ginne, jun. 
Thomas Cliampion 
Henry Barber 
William AYaterton, 

William Duppa 
Thomas Wood 
Percie Cooke 
John Person 
Thomas Pledge 
John Bennett 
Thomas Michell 
John Chambers 
William Chambers, 

Alexander Inge 

William Mulford 
Thomas Russe 
George Dumsday 
Nicholas Steere 
Eichard Manners 
John Britte 
Daniell Ward 
William Dumsday 
Alexander Luxford 
Mathew Bennett 
Thomas AVheatlie 
John Harper 
John Chapman, sen. 
Thomas Speeller 
Abraham Terre 

Thomas Inge [? Juge] 
William Jeale 
Edward Deane 
Henry Borne 
John Pollard 
Jeremy Alward 
John ]3rucker 
Henry Herriott 
Francis Parson 
Charles Robinson 
George Pledge 
Nicholas Best, gent. 
Mathew Napper 
John Panckhurst 
John Lyntott 
Peter Hollyday 
Burgesses w"'in the 

Burrough aforesaid. 
John Holden 
Thomas Longhurst 
Thomas Manners 
William Feilder 
John Grombridge, sen. 
Richard Grombridge 
Listine Treadcroft 
Richard Ginne 
William Hobjohn 
John Powler, sen. 
William Wady 
Thomas Pike 
Andrew Duke 
Thomas Baker 
Richard Savidge 

Francis Jackson 
Charles Towne 
John Hatton 
Henry Chittie 
John Gaston 
Christofer Beasor 
James Pellatt 
Robert Helcatte 
Edward Juppe 
Br^'an Foyce 
Robert Artridge 
Edward Booker 
John Morecocke 
John Scale 
Ralfe Dunstall 
Benjamin Meekes 
Edward Gray 
Stephen Batner 
John Chapman, jun. 
Henry Underwood 
Daniell Wood 
James Holden 
Robert Brinckwell 
Henry Newnham 
Edward Waller 
Charles Cocke 
James Grombridge 
William Wickham 
Abraham Russell 
John Miller 
Thomas Tanner 

Richard Wheatley 
Henry Waller 


Richard Luckin. 

Willm. Best, Churchwarden. 

[The second piece of ixirchment is indorsed in pencil " Horsham 
H.V. 2." Written names.'] 

Sussex: Horsham Parish 1641. 

John Collins, Yicar of y" said Parish, William Best and John Hurst, 
Churchwardens, and Mathew Lintott, Overseer of y* Poore, haveing 
taken the Protestacion themselves before Thomas Middleton and Ralph 
Cowper, Esq", Justices of the Peace of y^ said County, have according 
to y direccions of y'^ House of Commons, called y^ rest of y^ Parishoners 
together, the Thirteenth day of February 1641, and tendrod unto them 

H 2 



tlie same Protestacion, and have hereunder written the names of those 
persons that have taken y^ same, and the names of those which have 
refused to take it. 

AVilliam EofFey, gent. 
James Gratwicke 
Henry Michell 
Eobert Bassocke 
Thomas Shaw 
John Gratwicke 
Christopher Dearling 
Richard Wright 
John Woodman 
John Eenfield 
Thomas Grumbridge 
William Aldredge 
John Rogers 
Edward Bull 
John Long- 
Thomas Eaton 
Walter Hindly 
Phillip Holland 
William Slater 
Richard Parson 
John Foyce 
William Gaston 
John Thayer 
John CafFyn 
John Grinfield 
Thomas Caifyn 
Thomas Sayers 
Henry Fiest 
Richard Davye 
John Goldsmith 
Thomas Atgate 
James Fiest 
Benjamin Winson 
Richard English 
Robert Parre 
William Borer 
Peter Hopkins 
Ralph Ranards 
Joshua Amyes 
John Saj^ers 
Henry Spencer 
Richard Collins 
Edward Stening 
John Lewar 
John Cowper, sen. 
Thomas Pilford 

John Cowper 
John Spencer 
Robert Budd 
Edward Grumbridge 
Thomas Worsfold, 

Thomas Worsfold, jun. 
William Carter 
James Langford 
Francis Botting 
Richard An stye 
John Sawyer 
Robert Pullen 
Richard Jenner 
John Hopkins 
Richard Wolvin 
Robert Mathew 
John Haynes 
Richard Cragge 
Nicholas Shawe 
John Towse 
Thomas Mathew 
Henry Golman 
Thomas Adgate 
Edward AValler 
Thomas Patching 
John Hill 
Edward Jupp 
John Jupp 
Robert Arnold 
John Booker 
Richard Budd 
Thomas Slater 
Richard Booker 
Edward Burnell 
John Lintott 
James Michell 
Edward Lutman 
Henry Mills 
William Michell 
John Barnes 
Thomas Grinfield 
John Grumbridge 
Edward Buckman 
James Freeman 
Francis Slater 

Thomas Waterman 
John Davye 
James Sawyer, senior 
John Michell 
John Lintott, junior 
Nicholas Alderton 
William Ranard 
Richard Michell 
Richard Pellatt 
William Hewat 
Peter Parson 
John Ludly 
Richard Arnold 
Richard Shawe 
Richard Cowper 
John Lintott 
William Fiest, gent. 
Theobald Shelley 
Edward Dearling 
Samuell Stanford 
Thomas Page, sen. 
Thomas Page 
MathoAV White 
Richard Hunt 
Daniell Greene 
Thomas Harper 
Anthony Sturt 
John Wood 
John Joanes 
John Coote 
Grinsted Willett 
James Shaw 
John Langford 
John Andrewes 
William Woodman 
John Potter 
James Budd 
Thomas Caffyn 
Robert Nightingale 
Thomas Williams 
John Hopkin 
Robert Russell 
John Nash 
Stephen Predham 
Edward Bawcombe 
Alexander Hilis 



Edmund Middleton, 

Eobert Humfry 
John Finch 
Thomas Leggatt 
Henry Lintott 
William Walder 
Edward Cheney 
John Parkhurst 
James Fo3'ce 
William Collins 
Richard Michell 
Thomas Spencer 
William Washer 
Thomas Mathew 
Mathew Grumbridge 
Phillip Edwards 
Greorge Davye 
Henry Nye 
Thomas Markett 
Christopher Swanson 
Richard Worsfold 
Thomas Parson 
Thomas Worsfold 
AVilliam Cragg 
Edward Lutman 
Thomas Worsfold 
Eobert Michell 
Henry Scutt 
John Lutman 
William Gaston 
William Fiest 
Richard Batchelor 
Thomas Comper 
Richard Comber 
William Alward 
John Patcliing, sen. 
John Dearling 
Walsingham Lintott 
John Stedman 
James Stone 
Richard Sawyer 
Mathew Borne 
John Tiler 
Edward Borer 
Henry Borer 
Henry Stephens 
John Martin 
William Booker 
Henry Botting 

Nicholas Spurling 
Richard Spurling 
John Nye 
Richard Borer 
John Lambert 
Joseph Peeter 
John Luckins 
Henry Mepham 
Arthur Woodgate 
John Wright 
Robert Chennell 
William Budd 
James Sawyer, jun. 
Peter Browne 
William Mills 
Thomas Parker 
Henry AVorsfold 
James Spurlonge 
Richard Steere 
James Amye 
John Tolpett 
Thomas Rowland 
William Calfyn 
John Jenner 
AVilliam Borer 
John Burstow 
Thomas Woodman 
Robert Thayer 
James Britt 
Henry Thayer 
George Dearling 
Nicholas Goringe 
Richard Michell 
George Woodman 
Richard Holland 
George Davye 
John Field 
Richard Rapley 
Richard Fuller 
John Sayers 
Edward Lewar 
Richard Taylor 
John Parson 
Robert Tiler 
John Ridley 
John Nye 
Thomas Longford 
James Fiest 
Francis Hesman 
William Nash 

John Gay 
Edward Knight 
John Berricke 
Richard Dearling 
Israeli Hitchurst 
William Patching- 
Richard Slater 
John Stening 
Henry Fuller 
Edward Martin 
Henry Ellis 
Thomas Berricke 
Thomas March 
William Michell 
Bennett Gaston 
Edward Eede 
Thomas Sayers 
Thomas Mills 
Thomas Fuller 
Robert Older 
Henry Tidey 
Reuben Borer 
Nicholas Sturt 
John Branch 
John Terry 
Thomas Joanes 
John Hewes 
Robert Peter 
Robert Mersh 
Francis Nash 
Robert Pullen 
Thomas Mitchell 
Thomas Wells 
Peter Browne 
Richard Lintott 
Abraham Arnold 
Ravenscroft Foyce 
Michaell Potter 
William Harris 
Richard Edsaw 
Richard Shelley 
Walter Towse 
Thomas Streate 
William Ball 
John Manners 
John Stephens 
John Patching, junior 
John Steere 
Richard Davye 




These whose names are under written have refused to take the 
Protestacion, viz'. 

John Wakeman \ 

William Nash > Popish Eecusants. 

Thomas Edden ) 

John Collins, Vicar. 

Willm. Best \ 

John Hurst [ Churchwardens. 

Jeames Britt 

Mathew Lintott \ 

Eobert Cliennell f Overseers of 

The marke of ( the Poore. 

Henry H Grumbridge J 



Bajye, Buhy Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in 2Jencil "Houghton, Bury, H.P. 7." 
Written names on paper.'] 

Houghton 1641 : The names of the male Inhabitans of Houghton 
in the County of Sussex, being of the age of 18 yeares and upwards, 
that have taken The Protestation, etc. 

Y/illiam Michell, gent. 
Tho : Michell, gent. 
Edward Michell, gent. 
Philipp Michell, gent. 
Eichard Hunt, gent. 
William Wisdome 
John Duke 
Eichard Lee 
Eobert Downer 
Eichard Goble 
John Parham 
William Parham 

Henry Parham 
William Thornden 
Eichard Thornden 
John Eowner 
John Lutman 
Henry Bedwell 
John Stempe 
John Bennet, senior 
John Eoper 
John Hobjohn 
John Bedwell 
Thomas Parham 

Thomas French 
George Court 
John Bennet 
John Duke 
John Duke 
Hew Weller 
John Dier 
Eichard Amy 
Josias Backshall 
Edward Duke 
John Evans 
John Turnagamm"^' 

All they whose names are above written have taken the Vow and 
Protestation (according to the Order) before us. 

John Ford, Curate. 

John Downer ) Church- 

Tlie mark O of John Faulkner | wardens. 





[Chichester Bapc, Box and Stockbridge Hundrcd.~\ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Hunston, Box & S.; I.H. 18." Written names 
on paper. See also ante, p. 13.] 

Sussex : Memorandum that y*' inhabitants of y^ Parish of Hunston, 
from the age of 18 yeeres & upwards, have taken this Protestation 
here under written, before Samuel Dries, Vicar of y'' said Parish, & 
before the Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating " vowe & Protestation."] 

Richard Austen 
John Woodyer 
Richard Holuey 
Richard Scott 
Richard Rumbridger 
Robbert Rayes 
Thomas Saunders 
Antonie Sandam 
Henry Tue 
George Farlie 

Thomas Stafford 
William Warner 
Richard Porter 
Robbert Long 
Thomas Ward 
Simon Brooker 
William Cooper 
Edmund Haman 
John Goble 
Richard Scott 

Edward Jennings 
William Browne 
Richard Harpe 
William Souter 
William Bankes 
John Saunders 
Edmund Tucker 
Roger Storie 
Brian Ketcheler 

All these have taken the said Protestation, & there are none other 
within the said Parish as have not taken the said Protestation. 

Samuel Dries, 



[Bramber Bapc, Burbeach Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Ifield, Bramber rape, Burbeach hund. H.U. 2." 
Written names on parchment.'] 

The names of the inhabitans of the Parish of Ifeild in the County 
of Sussex who have taken the Protestation according to the order of 




Parliament, delivered into the hands of the Justices of Peace, Pebru : 25, 
1641, none refuseing but James Hircombe. 

Eobert Goddin 
John Waller 
John Thorpe 
Henry Waller, sen. 
Thomas Patching- 
Steven Cooper, sen. 
Thomas Dandy 
Humphry Waller 
Thomas Waller, sen. 
William Tilt 
Richard Kempsall 
Thomas Tugwell 
Eobert Tiler 
AVilliam Simmonds 
John Gasten 
John Courthupp 
John AVinchester 
William Browne 
Eobert Tilt 
Eichard Bounick 
George Bonnick 
Edward Savedge 
Thomas Heighthorne 
Prancis Chapman 
William Batchelour 
William Lyon 
John Leigh 
John Tapsell 
Henry Leigh 
Peter Hicham 
William Collcott 
Thomas Harding 
Thomas Stevens 
John Hampson 
Eobert Hampson 
Edward Dennis 
John Eastland 
Nicholas Jeale 
Thomas Brookes 

Edward Willson 
Eichard Sayers 
Eichard Swift 
John Fowler 
John Penfold 
William Leigh, sen. 
William Fisher 
Thomas Steere 
Philiph Pardow 
Eobert Bull 
Thomas Smith 
Thomas Best 
Eichard Pickard 
Eichard Jones 
Eichard Burt 
Steven Cooper, ju. 
Henry Harding 
Thomas Courthupp 
John Jupp 
William Dench 
Thomas Deane 
John OriU 
Samuell AVaj'se 
Andrew Walker 
John Crassewell 
John Bull 
Nicholas Black 
William Elve 
Eichard Hart 
Edward Chatfeild 
Thomas Waller, ju. 
Henry Waller, ju. 
James Chapman 
Christopher Tyler 
Thomas Patching, ju. 
William Patching 
Eichard Dandy 
William Smale 
Edward Deane 

Edward Euridge 
Richard Hodge 
William DufEeild 
Hugh Nash, sen. 
Hugh Nash, ju. 
Eichard Harding 
Eichard Leigh 
John Tiddam 
Edward Mitchell 
Eobert Sayers 
Thomas Washford 
William Walker 
John Eichardson 
Edward Heaver 
John Bull, ju. 
John Brookes 
Edward Fowler 
William Smale 
Christopher Mares 
Thomas Delves, sen. 
Thomas Delves, ju. 
Thomas Weeks 
Arthur Stanbridge 
Eobert Osborne 
William Wood 
Leonard Bull 
Nicholas Taylor 
Ealphe Bachelour, sen. 
William Leigh, ju. 
Ealph Batchelour, ju. 
Eichard Linfeild 
Thomas Mercer 
Thomas Charman 
John Homes 
Henry Batchelour 
Thomas Batchelour 
Christopher Hoder 
Eobert Head 
George Belchamber 

Eobertus Goddin, minister, testat. 

Thomas Patching I rit -i i 

n. Tj -1 Churchwardens. 

George Donnicke ) 

Steven Cooper j Overseers. 
Eichard Ivempsall ) 




IChichester Eape, Easebourne Hundred.'} 

\_Indorsed in i)cncil " Iping ; 
Written names on ixtper. 

Chich. ; Easeboiirn 
See ante, p. 10.] 


Memorandum, that the Inhabitants of the Parrish of Ipeinge have 
taken this ensueinge Protestation, the 20''' Day of February, in the 
Presence of the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poore 
of the said Parrish. 

\_Here follotos the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating "vowe and Protestation."] 

Peter Betesworth, gen. 
Eichard Price, cler. 
Peter Bettesworth, jim. 
WilHam Marner 
William Caplin 
Nicholas Betiswoi'th 
Nicholas Betis worth 
Robert Chalcrofte 
Peter Betsworth 
Thomas Collens 
Willm. Hoggesflesh 
Thomas Vallor 
Walter Carpenter 
John Williamson 
Edmund Caj^lin 
Edward Barden 

There is noe Popish Eecusant Inhabitinge within this Parrish, nor 
any that hath refused this Protestation save : — 

John Hopkin 
Henry Steere 

John Swaine 

Edmund Ajdinge 

Thomas Stevens 

John Mosell 

Thomas Heather 

Thomas Hoggesflesh 

John Knight 

Nicholas Hopkins 

John Caplin 

Clement Louder 

Eichard Marner 

Willm. Marshall 

William Marner 

Richard Neale 

Thomas Hodges 

Eichard Lutton 

Nicholas Levett 

Willm. Betesworth 

John Bridger [ ? ger. 

John Heather 

blotted, ?Brid and 

Eoger Heather 

not Bridger] 

John Pelham 

John Hopkins 

Abraham Mills 

John Hopkins 

Eoger AVillard 

John Coquerill 

Willm. Qereunell 

whoe are from home. 


[Chichester Bai)C, Manhood Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Itchenor; Manhood; I.K. .3." Writte7i names 
on paper, tvith the exception, perhaps, of the first and last, which 
are apparently signatures. See also ante, p. 15.] 

Sussex : Ichinor : Memorandum, that these who have subscribed 
have taken this Protestacion. 



[Itciienok, West.] 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc. 
and terminating "vow and Protestacion."] 

Eic : Hale 

William Locke 
John Sanders 
Henry Summers 
Thomas Mose 
Nicholas Mershor 
Edward Leigh 

Thomas Eoper 
Henry Turner 
Richard Steele 
Thomas Barton 
John Summers 
Thomas Carpenter 
Thomas Snuddou 

George Hall 
Richard Coomes 
Thomas Sty ant 
Thomas Snuddon 
Jo : Metten 


all the Parish of Ichenoi 


[BiiAMBER Rape, East Easwrith Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in ijencil " Itchingfield, Bramber rape, East Eastwrith 
hundred. H.V. 3." Written names on j^archnient.'] 

The names of all such as have taken the Protestation in the Parish 
of Hitchingfeild, before the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of 
the Poore. 


John Wheatley, gent. 
Richard Marlott, gent. 
George Dendy 
Thomas Streater, 

Richard Ashwen 
Richard Hill 
George Warren, junior 
AVilliam Francis 
John Glassington, 

John Glassington, 

John Smyth 
Emorj' Juppe 
Richard Thorneden, 

John Francis 
John Henly 

William Lee 
John Chelsham 
John Patching 
Richard Barnes 
Richard Simmons, 

John March 
Thomas GrinfeiM 
John Blacke 
Gilbert Ware 
Thomas Streater, 

Thomas Dendy 
Edward Raynard 
Willm. Baker 
AVillm. Patching 
John Worsfold 
John Ivempsalo 
Stephen Sendoll 

Edward Etheridge 
John Lee 
Richard Lee 
Richard Thorneden, 

AVillm. Streater 
Thomas Fuller 
Henry Jupp 
John Scrag 
Hugh Stedman 
Richard Symmons, 

Richard Chelsham 
Roger AA^hiteington 
Anthony Millam 
Thomas Cooper 
Edward Etheridge, 

George AA'arren, senior 



Eichard Stedman Thomas Arthar Eicharde Dendie 

Eichard Fiste Hugh Deane Thomas Fist 

William Fiste Thomas Woods 

Jhon Loicke Moses Cowper 

The names of such as do refuse. 

Samuel Eburne, Eector of the church of Hichingfeild. 

John Shelley ) Church- Eichard Whetley ) ^, 

- -' I _ _ _ J '. Overseers. 

William Seagrave j wardens. William Morrys ) 


[Arundel Rape, Poling Hundred.^ 
[(Sec under Ferrinfj.'] 


[Bramber Rape, Fishergate Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in p)encil " Kinson Bousye — Kingston by Sea? — Bramber, 
Fishergate Hund. H.W. 1." Signatures and marks on paper.] 

Sussex, Bramber Eape, Kinson Bousye, February the 25"^, 1641. 

M"*, The day and yeare above written the Minister and Church- 
wardens and Overseers of the sayd Parishe, did take the Protestation 
commanded to bee taken by the Commons House of Parliament, 
beefore mee, Henry Groringe, one of his Ma" Justices of the Peace for 
the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Thomas Jefferay, Eect. Samuell Newington, Warden. 

Febr: 27, 1641 : M'', That the day & jeare heere expressed, all 
these whose names are underwritten did take the Protestation 



[Kingston Bowsey.] 
Commanded to bee taken by the Commons house of Parliament, 

before us, 

Thomas Jefferay, Eect. and Samuell Newington. 

Matthew Butler Signu. X Johis. Freeman 

Goddard Newington Signu. X Johis. Herriott 

Samuell Newington Signu. X Thorn : Olive 

Signu. W Thom : Wright Signu. H Eobti. Hollansby 

Signu. /\ David Batchiler Signu. T Thom : Geere 

Signu. P Johis. Patching Signu. H Eichardi Herman 

Signum T Thom : Eedly Signu. O Eichardi JefFery 
Signu. X Edwardi Steere 

All these have taken the Protestation, and wee have none in the 
Parish that did refuse to take it. 


[Arundel Rape^ Eotherbridge Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed "Eotherbridge Hundred," and in pencil 
H.E. 4." Written names on paper.'] 

Kirdford, Eothb. 

A catalogue of the names of those that have taken the Protestation 
in the Parish of Kirdford before us, viz.: — 

William Smallwood, curat, ibide. 

Henry Strudwick ) --„ i ■, 

Eichard Penfold ) Churchwardens. 

John Ta 

Henry Ireland ) 

' Overseers 

William Wesden, gen. 
William Moses, gen. 
Henry Strudwicke 
Henry Strudwicke 
William Alderton 
Nicholas West 
John Chapemen 
William Alderton 
William Coates 
John Capelin 
George Dunce 
Edward Murrell 
Henrie Strudwicke 
Francis Smyth, gen. 

Gregorie Hurst 
John Putticke 
William Illinge 
Mathewe Penycodd 
George Penycodd 
William Cooke 
John Stoner 
Thomas Davyes 
Henrie Strudwicke, 

Thomas Holt 
Henrie Innywood 
John Baker 
Henrie Steere 

Edward Woodes 
Frances Forwood 
Henrie Studman 
Eichard Skynner 
Eichard Eager 
Eichard Perlie 
John Ludgater 
AVilliam Ede 
Thomas Bi-omham 
William Jackman 
Thomas Hilles 
Eichard Steadman 
Isaac Mychell 
Eichard Heather 




William Martin 
Jolm Ireland 
Eichard Morley 
Thomas Batchelor 
Eobt. Eowler 
Jolm Booker 
John Constable 
"William Batchelor 
Eobt. Constable 
William Eeaves 
William Snayle 
Eichard Bristowe 
Eichard Studman 
Nicholas Sendoll 
John Eeade 
Eichard Mose 
John Averie 
Eobt. Strudwicke 
Eichard Newnam 
Henrie Collins 
Eichard Jackson 
Nicholas Perryer 
Eichard Scutt 
Thomas Andrew 
Eobt. Burchett 
Thomas Hamon 
George Petoe 
William Scutt 
William Hamond 
Eichard Penfold 
Thomas Penfold 
William Perlye 
Henrie Strudwicke, 

John Strudwicke 
John Matteris 
John Lewar 
William Holland 
John Marten 
Frances Constable 
John Jackman 
Thomas Overington 
Peter Batcheler 
John Studman 
William Winson 
Hughe Dumige [_sic, 

? Dunnige] 
Beynes [? Crynes] 


Nicholas Scutt 
Thomas Chapman, jun. 
John Hill 
William Streater 
Henrie Mellershe 
Thomas Marten 
Eoger Spurr 
William Ploate 
John Burton [PBulton] 
Eichard Gradd 
John Vennis 
Thomas Loveland 
John Hay lor 
John Austen 
Edward Norton 
Ealphe Newnam 
Nicholas Shereyer 
Henrie Stent 
Henrie Skynner 
Henrie Eogers 

John Strudwicke 
John Moore 
Henrie Martin 
Eichard Overington 
George W^arter 
John Studman 
Thomas Beale 
Edward Myhell 
Eobt. Bennett 
Nicholas Hurst 
Eichard Floate 
John Launder 
Nicholas Warter 
Thomas Floate 
Thomas Chapman, sen. 
Henrie Addis 
John Isemonger 
John Hilles 
Anthonie Penfold 
Thomas Boxall 
John Newman 
John Bromeham 
Eichard Andrewe 
John Hunt 

Thomas Andrew, jun. 
Thomas Scott 
William Mose, jun. 

William Winson 
Thomas Jackman 
Thomas Manfield 
Thomas Bicknoll 
John Caplyn 
Eichard Newman 
John Luffe 
Eichard Browne 
Walter Short 
John Jutton 
John Slaterford 
Eichard Lewar 
Henrie Streater, sen. 
Thomas Chrismas 
John Bachelor 
Eichard Lansonne 
Anthonie Cowper 
Henrie Strudwecke 
Balthozer Baker 
Thomas Scutt 
William Lutman 
William Winson 
Eichard Edwardes 
William Madgewicke 
Eichard Stent 
Henrie Bonnor 
Eobert Noell 
John Keyes 
John Eogers 
William Cavey 
Thomas Osborne 
Gregorie Yonge 
William Burchett 
William Steere 
Mathewe Hurst 
Eichard Manfield 
William Gander 
Nicholas Woodj'er 
Eichard Constable 
Eichard Seagrave 
John Moore 
Eobt. Stanlocke 
Thomas Gumbrell 
William Gumbrell 
William Butfyn 
AVilliam Eogers 
Henrie Greensteed 
AVilliam Chapman 
William Hore 




Richard Heather 

Eobt. Grinsted 
Thomas Dunnige 
Henrie Worneham 
"William Cowper 
Anthonie Taylor 
John Jackman 
Jerub Bode 
Tliomas Putticke 
Thomas Biu'ehett 
Eichard Jackman 
William Hill 
William Collyeere 
Nicholas Strudwicke 
Eichard Overington, 

Thomas Mershe 
John Petoe 
Nicholas Marner 
Eobt. Hunt 
George Osborne 
James Bishoppe 
John Eapley 
John Ha3'ler 
Arthur Ede 
M"^ John Garrett, cler, 
Zacharie Wakefielde 
Edward Mihels 
John Wiuson 
Thomas Tracye 
Eobert Holland 
Henry Morley 
William Eenfield 
John Coates 
Gregory Hurst 
Henrj^ Strudwicke 
Eichard Hurst 
George Scerfeilde 
John Trewer 
Eichard Trewer 
John Andrew 

Thomas Hood, sen. 
Thomas Hood, junior 
Eobert Whiting 
William Winson 
John Cocke 
Thomas Puttocke 
John Puttocke 
AVilliam Belchamber 
Thomas Ponfold 
Eichard Wicken 
John Hoade 
William Puttocke 
William T upper 
Thomas AVoodier 
John Quennell 
John Tyler 
William Moses 
Thomas Edwardes 
John Willerd 
John Eoger 
Thomas Warnet 
John Stacye 
John Bowker 
John Mose 
Eichard Harding- 
Henry Gadde 
George Marner 
Eichard Knight 
John Overington 
Henry Holland 
Thomas Constance 
Symon Launcesam 
James Parrice 
William Page 
James Launcesam 
John Longley 
John Jelly 
Edward Belchamber 
Daniel Tountesse 
Eichard He wis 
Thomas Fulwin 

William Brian 
Thomas Marlin 
George Petoe 
Thomas Bowker 
John Foster 
AVilliam Humphrey 
Thomas Chrismas 
Thomas Tetey 
Edward Darking 
M"^ Francis Bridges 
John Bridges 
William Boxall 
AVilliam AVest 
John Cowper 
John Ailing 
Nicholas Ailing 
Anthony AVottes 
Eobert Bridger 
John Kate 
AVilliam Boade 
Elias Penfold 
Eobert Ede 
Eichard Cowper 
Henry Sumner 
Ealph AVorsell 
Thomas Greenesteede 
Eoger Graticke 
John Hard 
John Constable 
John Streeto 
Thomas Broomoham 
John Ailing 
Eoger Jackman 
John Launcesam 
Jeremiah Collier 
Henry Strudwicke 
Henry Taylor 
Thomas Taylor 
John Taylor 

Not one in our Parish hath refused to take this Protestation. 



[BRAMBEii Bape, Bkightfoed Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in yencil " Launsing [Lancing] Bramber, Brightford h. 
H.T. 4." Sicj)iatures and marks on lyaper.] 

Sussex, Bramber Eape, Launsing Parish, February the 25"' 164L 

Memd., the day & yeere abovewrighten y^ Minister & Church- 
wardens of the sayd Parish, & Overseers of the Poore for the same, 
whose names are hereunto wrighten & subscribed, did take the 
Protestacion commaunded by the Commons House of Parliament, 
before me, Henry Goringe, one of his Ma'^' Justices of the Peace for 
that County. 

Hen : Goringe. 
Thomas Langrishe, Minister. 

Eichard X Freeman \ Robert VVestrig, Collector. 

his marke > Churchwardens. 

Alexander Simmans ) 

Februarii 27"' Hi susceperunt oandem Protestatiouem ante me, 
Thomas Langrish, Vicaria [sic]. 

Barnard Chatfield John Carter his X marke 

William Stempe Henry C/) Eliot his mark 

Edmund Pellatt Thomas Stemp 

John /\ Skinner, jun., his marke Thomas Tully X his mark 

Edward E Jones his mark Willm. Jones his W marke 

John Weeller Thomas Humphery his X marke 

Edward Goble, his E marke Richard Harte his H marke 

Thomas Swift X his marke Thomas Parker his X marke 

John Swift, senior, his X marke John Kempe his O marke 

Henry Stoneham his H marke John Stempe his X marke 

Thomas Harison his L marke John Browne his /\ marke 

Willm. X Gent his marke Arthur Ingram his p marke 

Edward Humphery his /\ marke Willm. Stacy his X marke 

Willm. Swifte his U marke Henry Woulvin his X marke 

Thomas Duke his O marke Frauncis Elvie his X marke 

John Swifte his X marke Richard Robbins his X marke 

John White Willm. Peerse his X marke 

John Buffer B his marke Willm. Gent his I— marke 

Willm. Skinner H his marke John Capon, senior, his X marke 

Thomas Honiman O his marke John Capon 

Andrew Comber his W marke Charles Tankerell his — marke 

Willm. Swift his W marke Thomas Walder his /\ marke 

Richard Norton John Swifte his O marke 




John Gurr his D marke 
Anthony Tanner his X marke 
Walter Gun his /\ marke 
Richard Blackman his X marke 
Richard Ingram his X marke 
Henry Woode his X marke 
John Snelling his W marke 
John Smith his I marke 
John Kente his X marke 
Richard TuUy his X marke 
Richard Scowle ['? Sowle] 

Henry Tully his X marke 
John Skiner, junior 
John Treadcroft his X marke 
Edward Washer his X marke 
Richard Lusher his /\ marke 
John Gente his I marke 
Jasper Washer his /\ marke 
John Swifte, coppiehokler, his X 

Richard May his /\ marke 
Edward Browne his X marke 

There is not any one in our Parish of Launsing above the age of 
18"« yeeres, neither Inhabitant nor Sojorner, but hath taken this 
Protestacion, and very willingly here subscribed his hande or marke. 
Onely one, Thomas Swifte, the brother of John Swifte, the Coppie- 
holder, a poore Fellow, haveing lawfull warning came not unto the 
Church or unto me, to take the Protestacion. 

Sic testor Ego Thomas Langrish, Vicarius Ibidem. 


[CnicHESTER Bafye, Aldwick Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in iJcncil " Lavant, East. Aldwick H.; I.E. 1." 

Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 15.] 

East Lavant : Memorandum, that the Inhabitants of the Parish of 
East Lavant from the age of 1 8 yeares and upwards, have taken this 
Protestation, hereunder written, before James Eburne, Curate of the 
said Parish, and before the Churchwardens and Overseers of the 
Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doo,' 
and terminating "vow and Protestation."] 


Nicholas Westbrooke 
Thomas Nash 
William AVestbrooke 
William Amuer 
Gregorie Compton 
Thomas Hemmington 
Arthur Raglesce 

Richard Lutman 
John Sawyer 
Henrie Euens 
Edward Allen 
Roger Tuffe 
Thomas Isemonger 
Richard Emerie 

John Burr ell 
Richard Shovelar 
John Starre 
John Aps 
Stephen Raglesce 
Lawrence Austen 
Antonie Scarfield 



[Lavant, East.] 

Nicholas Westbrookf 
Adam Standen 
William Crowchar 
John Joy 
John Mackvell 
James Groffe 
John Standen 
Thomas Stevens 
John Vulloeke 
John Trew 
Eichard Averie 

[? AudrieJ 
Eichard Yong 

John South 
Nicholas Penicod 
John Hemmington 
Martyn Hall 
William Ginman 
Edward Isemouger 
John Peirce 
Thomas Penicod 
Eichard Eusbriger 
Christopher Scarfield 
William Penicod 
Eichard Cooper 
Thomas Morgan 

John Isemonger 
Pierce Standen 
Edward Isemonger 
Thomas Eogers 
Eoger Stevens 
Eichard Chamtrell 
John Compton, sen. 
John Compton, jun. 
Christopher Scarfield, 

Thomas Wats 
Thomas Hart 
John Morie 


Chichester Rape, Westbourne and Singleton Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in ijencil "Mid Lavant; Chich. ; Westb. & Singleton; 
I.L. 7." Written names {on paper), with the exception of the 
first two, 2vhich appear to he signatures. See also ante, p. 12.] 

Mid Lavant : This is to testifie wee, whose names are under written, 
being of the Parish of Mid Lavant, have taken the ensueing Protesta- 
tion in the presence of the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of 
the Poor of the said Parish, from the age of eighteen years & 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Vow & Protestation."] 

Thomas Mav, sen. 
Willia : May 
Thomas Yonge, senor 
Eichard Scardevill 
William AVhartton 
John Scardevill 
John Oseborne 
John Ludgatur 
John Coale 

Henry Eaglis 
Henry Good 
Thomas Browning 
George Bowne 
William Graiuge 
Thomas Sumers 
Thomas Matthew 
John Coules 
Thomas Evens 

John Lee 
John Grainge 
Morris Whartton 
Eichard Stronge 
John Carpenter 
Thomas Young 
Eobert Wilson 
Thomas Eumbriger 

Eichard Callaway, Minister ibid. 




[CiiiciiESTEE, Baj^e, Easebourxe Hundred.'] 
[Beturn missing.'] 


[Chichester Ba2)c, Easebourne Hundred.] 

^Indorsed as belozv, and in ^pencil "Linclimere; Chich.; Easebourn; 
I.J. 8." Signatures and marks on paper. See also ante, p. 11.] 

[The Indorsement.] 

The Protestacion of the Inhabitantes of Lynchmore, in Com. 
Sussex, 20 Februarii 1641. 

[The Beturn.] 

Lynchmore in Com. Sussex : M''™, that the Inhabitantes of the 
Parish of Lynchmore, whose names ar herunder writen, have taken 
this ensuing Protestation in the Presence of the Minister, Church- 
wardens and Overseers of the Poore of the same Parisli, the xx"' of 
February 1641, viz. 

[Here folloios the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe, 
termi)iating " Vowe and Protestation."] 

etc., and 

Thomas Q Quinnell 
Thomas C Cover 
John Brydins 
Charls Bryday 
Eobert Shotter 
Eoger Shotter 
Edward Eapley 
Eobt. Woodman 
Richard X Bristow 
Willm. Mose 
Thomas Overington 

Henry X Bacon 
John X Farundon 
Richard Michene 
Henry H Lanaway 
Thomas T Houd 
George X Stemp 
George W Willard 
Eichard X Marchell 
John Shotter 
Watr [?] X Dudman 
John X Chalcroft 

James Wattes X 
Thomas X Luffe 
Peter T Ede 
Thomas X Boll 
Peter X Haytliorne 
Thomas X Badging 
John X Howes 
Nicholas X Sted 
William X Cover 
Eichard X Hogsflesh 
Eichard X Mant 

West Sussex protestation returns. 



William Bredaw 
AVillm. X Hayward 
Thomas Jarlett 
Willm. X Bridge [o?' 

James Quennell 
Roger Seal 
Willm. O Stonham 
Thomas O Beary 
Eichard B Barden 

Roger W White 
David X Strudweek 
Willm. W Shotter 
Charles O Strudwike 
John Quennell 
Henry H Lanaway 
John X Chelsham 
Nicholas Stonham 
William X Deane 
Robert X Elrid^e 

Henry X Pomell 
William W Stockdeane 
Laurence X Betsworth. 
Roger X Qennell 
Thomas X Luffe 
Roger X Cover 
Thomas R Rapley 
Thomas Ayling 

The names of sucli ar absent & from lioame, wherby they did not 
subscribe to this Protestacion : 

Thomas Scale Peter Hogsflesh Jokn Morgan Thomas Stonham 

[The foUoiving is crossed out.'] 

Thomas Ailing, a Popish recusant, absent & hath not soe [?] 
taken this Protestacion, being- an Inhabitant of Lynchmore afore- 
said etc. 


[Arundel BajJe, Polixg Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in i^encil "Little Hampton, Poling. H.Q. 6." 
Written names on paper.] 


20"^ Anno Dm. 164L 

A true Catologue of all the male inhabitance with, in the Parish of 
Litle Hampton, from 18 yeeres and upward, which have taken the 
oath of Protestation sent by the Honorable House of Commons, and 
none have refused. 

John Cager 
John Line 
William Scote 
William Semon 
John Wales 
William Boules 
Thomas Edmunds 
John Knot 
Robert Crossingam 

John Cradle 
John Butcher 
Richard Pescit 
John Curtish 
Robert Haberden 
John Wilier 
Thomas Stempt 
Charles Taukarell 
William Gurr 

Robert Curie 
John Munfield 
John Kewell, senior 
Thomas Lutter 
Richard Parson 
William Piguoll 
Henry Taylor 
Henry Ran doll 
John Knot 

I 2 




Edward Grinfield 

Thomas Oliver 

John Edmunds, senior 

John Edmunds, junior John Kewell, junior 
John Miles Edward Scarvill 

William Andros John Kewell 

We whose names are heere underwritten, doe testifie that none have 
refused this Protestation with in our Parish of Litle Hampton. 

William Morgan, Curat. 


[Chichester Baj^e, Easebourxe Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in ])cncil " Lodsworth ; Easehourn Hund. I.J. 9." 
Signatures and loritten navies on iMper. The sinister edge of 
this Beturn is decayed and in part gone, rendering some of the 
surnames incomplate. See also ante, p. 8.] 

Lodsworth : Memorandum, that the Tnhabitantes of the Parish of 
Lodsworth in the Countye of Sussex, have taken this ensueing 
Protestacion the xx"' day of this instant February in the presence of 
the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseer of the Poore of this 
Protestacion [sic]. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "Wee doe 
and terminating "vow and Protestacion."] 


Samuel Chalcroft 
Tho : Wyuter, senior 
Roger Wynter 
Josepth Farrundell 
Peter Marshall 
Tho : Payne 
Antho : Capron 
Old Jo : Brigges 
Tristram Hewett 
John Good 
Robert Tayler 
John Winter 
Cristefor Gates 
Richard Tervell 
Peter Moris 
Thomas White 
Richard Milles 

Robert Farandell 
Thomas Garner 
John Kent 
Oen Shotter 
John Tribe 
Edward Locket 
Peter Bridger 
Thomas Gosden 
Thomas Chalcraft 
Thomas Payne, juner 
Edward Carter 
Richard An sill 
Tho : Reading 
Ed : Gosden 
Henry Luff 
Wm. Appleton 
Richard Newman 

Henry Feilder, senior 
Henry Feilder, junior 
Symes [ ? Synies] 

Tho: Tydye 
John Leagat 
John Feilder 
Edward West 
Follentyne Bridger 
Robt. Legate 
Willm. Peuicod 
Tho : Leere 
Ed: Wynter 
Edward Legatt 
Tho: West 
Phillip Beard 
Richard Stocden 




Ellice Steere 
Walter Boswell, seuior 
Willm. West 
William Sadler 
Edward Long 
Thomas Milles* 
Nicholas Myles 
Willm. Lockett 
Anthony Hill* 
Edward Payn"^' 
John Bridger his X 

William Yalden 
William Yalden, jun. 
Nicholas Bridger 
Henry Shotter 
William Parker 
William Morris'^' 
John Bridger, junior 
John Feildor, junior 
John Brigges, junior 
Thomas Winter, junior 
Robt. Sommer 
Henry Leere 

John Hollis, senior 
Thomas Wade 
Thomas Marshall 
John Hollis, junior 
Edward Avery 
Edmond Mersh 
Daniell Puttock 
Nicholas Betsworth 
John Betsworth 
Richard Ferratt 
Mathew Steere 
Anthony Myles 
Nicholas Bridger 
Tho: Marshall 
Wm. Payne 
Wm. Bridger 
Thomas White, junior 
John Sherfeild 
John Bridger 
Steven Michell 
Thomas Hellip [? part 

John Lickfold 
Thomas Chalcroft 

Edmond Yalden 
Edmond Prichard 
Henry Older 
Thomas Goodier 
Edword Horst 
Thomas Pag ['? ixtrt 

Tristram Wh [gone'] 
Robert Knigh [? t, 

Willm. Porter 
Richard Go [_gone] 
John Chalcraft 
Willm. Vobly 
John Steere 
Willm. Marshall 
Robert Stickly 
Peter Betsworth 
Thomas Long 
John White 
John Shotter 
John Wilton 
Wm. Ansill 

Teste Ed : Hill, curate. 

Thomas Milles & 
Walter Bosswelle 


John Inserd, Constab. 
William Hollis, Collecttor. 


[Arundel Bape, Bury Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Loxwood ( Wisboro' Green par.), Bury. H.P. 8." 

Written ncuncs on paper.] 

February the 13"' 1641. 

The Names & Sirnames of all the male inhabitantes of the Circit 
& Liberty of Loxwood, in the Parish of Wisborroughgreene in the 
County of Sussex, who have taken the Protestation in the Presence 
of Richard Tanner, Curate, William Buckler, Churchwarden, & Henry 

These are apparently signatures, and perhaps also some of the other names. 





Waycle, Overseer, as it was given unto them by his Ma*'" Justices at 
Petworth, the 12''' of the same instant month, respectively as follow eth. 

William Threele 
John King 
Jo : Laker 
Jo : Ireland, sen. 
Jo : Ireland, jun. 
Jo : Mills 
Rich : Hurst 
William Holyday 
David Sucar 
Rich : Mills 
Ed : Gates 
Jo : Goddard 
Tho : Watleton 
Tho : Mills 
Rich : Cooke 
Tho : Ireland 
Jo : Edwardes als. 

Hen : Hoycke 
Tho : Hoycke 
Jo : Mills 
William Mellersh 
William Goddard 
Jo : Turner 
Ed : Mills 
Lawrance Hoycke 
Jo : Franckling 
Anthonie Widden 
Thomas Woods 
Jo : Stidman, jun. 
Robert Strudweek 
Jo : Stidman 
William Man 
Hen : Furlonger 
Rich : Davis 
Jo : Smith 
Mihil Grenfield 
Tho : Tusely 
Christopher Slaterford 
Tho : Quennell 

Jo : Faurlonger 
Josias Shippheard 
Tho : Segrave 
Ed : Lakar 
Rich : Adsed 
Rich : Edsaw 
Tho : Champion 
Jo : Tindly 
Robt. Greenefield 
Hen : Greenefield 
Rich : Laker 
William Laker 
Ed : Greenefield 
George Nie 
William Waker 
Roger Kaler 
Jo : Burle 
Jo : Jackeman 
Rich : Hoicke 
Jo : Burges 
Tho : Jackeman 
Rich : Stidman 
Jo : Stobbell 
Math : Waker 
Edward Greensted 
Hen : Mose 
Rich : Hurst [?] 
William Knight 
Jerymy Knight 
Rich : Wintersole 
Rich : Huntington 
Jo : Russell 
Anthonie Lucas 
George Leonord 
Rich : Adsed 
Moses Michelborne 
Jo : Duke 
Hen : Fowler 
William Tuseley 
Rich : Jackeman 

Summe is 116. 

William Boj^es 
Robt. Truer 
Hen : Stidman 
Charles Day 
Rich : Truer 
Jo : Butcher 
Hen : Edsaw 
Tho : Puttocke 
Rich : Edwardes als. 

Hen : Tuesly 
Thoni : Rapley 
Hen : Comber 
Peter Segrave 
Ralph Edward 
Abraham Chrisome 
William Pole 
Rich : Otway 
Joseph Furlinger 
Rich : Day 
William Mose 
Jo : March 
Jo : Poutter 
Tho : Harding 
Ed : March 
Ed: Rapley 
Rich : Gillam 
Dominacle Fames 
Jo : Haler 
Jo : Quennell 
Tho : Towne 
Jo : Randfield 
Tho : Ireland 
Jo : Napper 
Joseph Briges 
Pharaoh Briges 
Rich : Lucie 
Tho : Towne 

Given in under o"^ handes the 25 of this instant month of February. 

Per me Ric. Tanner, Signu. 
William T Buckler, Churchwarden. 

Hen. W Wayde, Overseer. 
Jo : O Goddard, Sidman. 




[Arundel Bape, Eotherbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Lurgashall, Eothb. 
Written names on paper.] 

H.E. 5. 

Februarii 13°, 1641. 

Wee, the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Parrisli of 
Lurgashale in the County of Sussex, do hereby testify that accordinge 
to Order from the Honourable House of Commons, all the severall 
Persons hereunder mentioned have taken the Protestation made by 
the foresaid House, and that there is not within our Parrish any that 
hath refused to protest. 

Tho : Lickfold 
John Parnden 
Thomas Albery 
Henry Eede 
William Carter, junior 
Eiehard Cooper 
Nicholas Potter 
Tho : Wakeford 
John Tribe 
William Boxold 
John Halo 
William Harden 
William Eede 
Nicholas Hunt 
Thomas Chrismas 
John Sadler 
John Tribe 
Thomas Lander 
Eiehard Lander 
James Lander 
Anthony Parnden 
Thomas Pennicod 
John Cooper 
Eiehard Wakeford 
Edward Boxold 
Anthony Boxold 
Thomas Bendfold 
Thomas Betsworth 
Peter Collin 
Eiehard Caplin 
Eiehard Albery 
Nicholas Fuller 

Eiehard Cooter 
John Eogers 
Benjamin Tanner 
John Bilson 
Steven Marden 
Edmond Jobson 
Anthony Jobson 
Thomas Dudman 
John Caplin 
John Court 
Nicholas Chrismas 
John Purse 
Edward Tupper 
George Murden 
Eiehard Collin 
Nicholas Boxold 
Thomas Lunne 
John Upfold 
Thomas Parnden 
Gfriffin Hardin ge 
Jo : Boxold 
John Tanner 
William Aylingo 
John Winter, juu. 
John Thomas 
Edward Milles 
William Searle 
Will : Tilcocke 
Edward Jobson 
Eiehard Paine 
William Boxold 
Eiehard Tydie 

John Boxold 
John Burb ridge 
William Taylor 
John Milles 
Edmond Tribe 
Eiehard Tribe 
Anthony Wallis, jun. 
Thomas Searle, jun. 
Eiehard Hase 
Henry Challin, jun. 
Eobert French 
Eiehard Brudfold 
Peter Dawborne 
Tho : Feilder 
Eoger Dawborne 
Eobert Geninges 
Edward Tydie 
Eiehard TuUett 
Edward Boxold 
John Flutter 
Anthony Wallis, sen. 
Henry Langridge 
Eiehard Milles 
John Winter, sen. 
William Sadler 
William Boxold 
John Cooper 
John Aylwiu 
Edward Wakeford 
John Browne 
John Boxold 
John Man, juu. 




George Grillit 
Phillip Shottar 
Eobert AYard 
Jolm Boxold 
John Hogsflesh 
Henry Challin, sen. 
John Hook 
Nathaniell Sprent 
Eaph Carter 
Peter Carter 
Eaph Carter, jun. 
Eobert Caplin 
James Farnden 
Eaph Potter 
Anthony Hase 
William Albery 
John Ward 

Henry B enfold 
William Wakeford 
Thomas Tydie 
Thomas Boarer 
Marke Hunt 
John Jangord [sic~\ 
William Thornecombe 
John Boxold 
Adrian I'ullett 
John Tullett 
Thomas Boxold 
James Varnes 
John Strudwick 
Thomas Capron 
William Goodyn 
Eichard Exold 
John Man, sen. 

Marrian Tullett 
John Tullett 
Eichard Boxold 
John Chrismas 
Eichard Allin 
William Carter, senior 
Joseph Smith 
Thomas Strudwicke 
Edward Lickfold 
Eobert Bayly 
John Hersey 
Thomas Searle, senior 
Eobert Man 
Thomas Farnden 
William Boxold 
Nicholas Jarrett 
Eobert Burle 

In witnes hereof wee, the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers 
aforesaid, have hereunto sett our hands the day and yeere first above- 

Tho : Stafford, Pastor ibid. 

Jeffry I C Collin 
William W Coombes 


Tho : (/) Penicod 
Eichard Sprent 



[Arundel Bape, Polixg Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Limister, Poling. H.Q. 5." Written names on 

Lymister, Feb: 20, Anno Dni. 1641. 

A Catalogue of the names of all male Inhabitants w"'in our Parish 
of Lymister, w'''\ being above the age of eighteene j-eares, have on the 
day & yeare above written, received the Protestacion sent from the 
jj^bie House of Commons. 

John Shellej^, senior William Peococke Eichard Busbie 

William Saunders Eoger Shelley Eichard Hill 

John Shelley, junior Thomas Eichards Thomas Tydie 

Thomas Short John Eowlands Thomas Eason 

John Clarke Thomas Downer Eob : Nichols 

John Strong Eichard Sheaphard Henry Syndall 

John Downer, jun. Eichard Dyer Eobert Strong 

William Oliver, jun. AVilliam Kine 
Walter Pembridge Henry Ido 

West Sussex pkotestation returns. 



Edward Oliver 
William Oliver, se 
Richard Oliver 
Edward Taylor 
William Saxby 
Eobert Ford 
William Hob John 
John Duke 


Thomas Saunders 
Eichard Kent 
Ealph Butterly 
William Cheater 
Eobert Goble 
Eichard Saunders 
Eobert Harwood 
William Chaplin 

Eichard White 
George Peococke 
Thomas Orchard 
William Bushell 
Henry White 
Edward Bridger 
John Gurre 
Thomas Oliver 

Henry Oliver 
Joseph Eichards 
AVilliam Smith 
Benjamin Oliver 
Will: Whittington 
Henry AValls 
Abraham Taylor 
Eichard Alder 
John Downer, sen. 
Christopher Perley 
Will: Berison 
Eichard Holyday 


Thomas Cuckney, s( 
Thomas Potter 
Thomas Holyday 
Edward Holyday 
Tho : Cuckney, jun. 
John Hamper 
Will: Locke 
John Ireland 
Tho : Lenne 
Tho: Edmunds 
Will: Perley, jun. 
Eobert Budde, sen. 

William Stretor 
William Perley, s€ 
John White 
John Eoper 
William Gardiner 
Thomas Locke 
John Stemj^e 
Jeremy Clement 
Stephen Francklin 
Thomas Clement 
Eobert Bud, jun. 
William Short 

We, whose names are here underwritten, do testify that every male 
inhabitant of o"" Parish of Lymister, being of y^ age of eighteene yeares 
& upwardes, have in o' presence received the Protestaeion, except 
Thomas Turner of Weeke, seaman, who went to sea about three weekes 
since & is not returned ; And further we testify that none have refused. 

Maurice Eowlands, Curate of Lymister.*' 

Thomas Kewell K-,, , , The marke of 

T 1 m 1 } Ciiurchwardens. x> • ■ rn a n ^-i 

John Talmey ) Benjamin CO Scarvcll, Overseer, 

[WAENINGCAMP noio in Ly minster, 
order, j^ost.^ 

See ill lexicographical 

See also under Tuliug, iiost. 



[Arundel Bape, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in pencil "Madehurst, Avisford. H.O. 7." 
Written names on paper.'] 

Sussex : Madehurst in the Rape of Arundel in Hundred of Avisford. 

A certificate of all the names of the men of the Parishe of Mad- 
hurst, which are of the age of eighteen yeares and upwards, who have 
taken the Protestation, and none have refused the same in the said 
Parish. Made by Tobias Stiibbor,- minister, Thomas Sowton, John 
Humpliery, Churchwardens, John Williams, John Ludgater, Over- 
seers, one the xvj* of Februarie Anno Domini 1641, 

Thomas Page Thomas Bell William Gosden 

James Groble John Stradlinge John Manninge 

John Page Thomas Legat John West 

William Sliort Adam Penfold Philip Eoper 

William Humpliery Richard Ludgater William Milles 

John Butcher John Legat John Goselmer 

AVilliam White Thomas Gilbert Walter Butcher 

John Rose George Gosden 

Thomas Perley Gabriel Chilman 

Tobias Stubber, vicarius de Madehurst. 

Thomas kSowton ) Church- John Ludgater | Over- 

John [O, ? mark] Homphery ) wardens. John Will'ms ) seers. 


[Chichester Bape, Westeourne and Singleton Iluiidred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Marden, East ; Chich. R. ; Westbourn & 
Singleton H. ; I.L. 5." Written names on paper. See also 
ante, p. 9.] 

Sussex : East Marden : This is to testifie That the Inhabitantes 
w"'in the Parishe of East Marden, whose names are hereunder written, 
have taken the ensueing Protestation in the presence of us, the 
Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of East Marden. 




[Harden, East.] 

\^Here follows the Protestation commencing "I [blan¥\ doe," 
etc., and terminating " Vowe & Protestacion."] 

Eichard Clement 
John Clement 
Anthony Eandall 
John Aylwin 
William Standen 
William Cowper 

Thomas Marner 
Henry Eeade 
John Budde 
John Amie 
Richard Eussell 
Peter Eandall 

William Eudman 
Edmund Eandall 
Christopher Howard 
Lawrence Pummie 
John Hooker 

Willm. Chambers, Vicar of East Marden. 

Giles Westbrooke, Churchwarden. William Jenman 

William Page 



[Chichester Bape, Westbourne and Singleton Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Marden, North; Chich. ; Westb. and Singleton 
H. ; I.L. 6." Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 10.] 

Names of the men Inhabitants of the Parish of North Marden. 


Thomas Pytt, sen. 

Tho : Pytt, jun. 

Anthony Pote 

William Jenman is under eighteen 

yeers old 
Bartholomew Pytt 

Tho : Trunlett, Churchwarden 
Edmund Trunlett 
Edward Oughton 
Jo : Beeston 

Timothy Arnold is dumb «& 

Memorand., That the Inhabitantes of Northmarden, whose names 
are hereunder written, have taken this ensuing Protestacion in the 
presence of the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Pooar 
of Northmarden. 

Tho : Pytt, sen. 
Tho : Pytt, jun. 
Anthony Pote 

Barthol: Pytt 
Edward Oughton 
John Beeston 

Edmund Trunlett 

Teste Fran : James, Eector ibid. 




[Chichester Bape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.^ 

\_Indorscd in pencil " Merstou, Box & S. ; I.H. 19." Written names 
on paper. See also ante, p. 13.] 

Sussex : Marstou : Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the Parish 
of Marston, from the age of 18 yeares & uppwards, have taken this 
Protestacion heare under written, before William Coxe, Parson of the 
said Parish, & before the Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore 
of the said Parish. 

[_Hcre folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc. 
terminating " vowe & Protestacion."] 


Samuell Bred ham 
William Mellis 
William Rishman 
John Joneing 
Jacob Streete 
Thomas Bennett 
William Eough 

Abell Poole 
Nathaniell Carrey 
Humffrey Ward 
John Blace 
Richard Jeffrey 
John Tayler 
John Millard 

Hugh Streyton 
Alen Goble 
Thomas Stiant 
Richard Wattler 
John Goble 
William Coxe 
William Luttman 

All the inhabitants of the said Parish have taken the said Protesta- 
cion, the 13''^ day of this instant February, before the Parson & 
Churchwardens & Overseers above written. 

William Cox. 


[Arundel Bape, Avisford Hundred. '\ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Middleton, iVvisford. H.O. 8." Written names 
in pencil.~\ 

Midleton : A noat of the names of those that have avered the 
Protestaton, w^'in the Parrish aforesaid, and none have refused, vzt. 

Thomas Woodes 
Jeffery Page 
John Turner 
Anthony Pratt 

John Sowton 
Edward Cobbey 
Georg Rickman 
William Dyer 

Henry Cooper 
William Okeley 
William Walter 

Adam Page, rector of Midleton. 

William Lee, Ooverseer. 

John Gratwick, Churchwarden. 




[Chichester Rape, Easebourn Hundred.'] 

[Indorsement in ink, see post, and in 2)encil " Midhurst. I.J. 10." 
Written names on j^aper. This return is on tioo sheets ; the first is 
damaged at the sinister edge, hut the list of names is perfect ; the 
second is much decayed and most of the sinister half is luanting, 
upon lohich xoas the list of "Eecusant Papists" tuho refused to 
take the Protestation. Four of the surnames remain only, but, 
with one exception, all the Christian names can be read. See also 
ante, p. 8.] 

Memorandum, that the inhabitantes of the Parish & Burrow 
Towne of Midh [urst gone~] have taken this ensueing Protestation the 
18"' Day of this Instant February, in the presence of the Minister, 
Churchwardens & Overseers of y** Poore of y^ said Parish & 
Burrow Towne. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing " I A.B. do," etc., 
and terminating "vow & Protestation."] 

The names of such 

as have taken the Protestation in Midhurst. 

John Wooldredge 

John Austen 

Richard Chandler 

William Younge 

Richard Boxall 

Mathew Young 

Eichard Coldham 

John Hall 

Thomas Heelser 

William Stent 

John Dash 

Mathew Taylor 

John Stent 

John Vincent 

Richard Lumley 

Thomas Tydie 

John Rovvell 

John Sumner 

Peter Albery 

Thomas Gates 

John Taylor 

John Olyflfe 

Jonathan Bonacke 

Steven Sumner 

John Stapler 

Edward Vause 

Ralph Chandler 

John Clare 

Clement Moorer 

Thomas Colbrooke 

George Cooper 

Richard Hills 

Edmund Redman 

William Marner 

Thomas Pescod 

John Baxter 

John White 

John Kelsey 

Edward Keeling 

Thomas Ridge 

William Bright 

Edmund Pigge 

Phillip Colliar 

John White, jun. 

John Coldham 

William Diaper 

Thomas Atkinson 

Edward Hannam 

Thomas Diaper 

Francis Kinge 

Robert Feilder 

John Steele 

Thomas Rowell 

Peter Austen 

William Marner, jun. 

Henry Brewar 

Nicholas Sylvester, 

Isaake Diaper 

Joseph Roberts 


[blotted^ Diaper 

William Rassell 

Nicholas Sylvester, 

Eichard Carus 

George Jure 

; un. 

Edmund Upton 

John Chandler 

John Boxall 




Robert Stent 
George Rowe 
John Bridger 
Peter Vincent 
Henry Eobertes 
William Jure 
Thomas Steele 
Thomas Butcher 
Samuell Butcher 
G-eorg Osberd 
Robert Mills 
William Allen, jun. 
Thomas Stretting 
Richard Wright 
Anthon}' Sumner s 
John Maynard 
John Burley 
Thomas Hodges 
Mathew Cooter 
Richard Bartlet 
Richard Wright 
Emey Puttock 
AVilliam White 
William Hills 
John Christmas 
William Trigges 
John Marner 
William Aylinge 
William Aylinge, jun. 
Robert Bartlett 
Robert Panell 
John Marner 
Willm. Tate [?] 
John Holt 
Peter Young 
Henry Guy 
Onesiphorus Guy 
Thomas Wilkenson 
Richard Colbrooke 
William Moorey 
Peter Althredd 
John Younge 
Edward Mastars 
Anthony Gowd 
Thomas Terrell 
John Stent 
Richard Bodnam 
Anthony Markes 

Thomas Horwood 
Jonathan Skales 
Thomas Warren 
Thomas Markes 
Thomas Huit 
John Stent 
Henry Booker 
Peter Furlonger 
Robert Oliffe, sen. 
Robert OliiTe, jun. 
John Norice 
Peter Betsworth 
John Andrew 
Thomas Cooper 
William Wakrill 
Richard Bound 
Richard Wilson 
Thomas Dyrgatt 
Richard Bayley 
Richard Shepheard 
William West 
Joseph Addison 
Thomas Hylcock 
Thomas Wright 
Georg AVright 
John Chandler 
Robert Bridger 
Robert Boxall 
John AVright 
Henry Hatt 
John Pratt 
Christofer Bridger 
Roger Launder 
Richard Cobden 
John Poling 
AVilliam Hunt 
John Blunden 
Henry Hodges 
John Greenfeild 
John Leedes 
John Coates 
James Boulsom 
John Petoe 
Anthony Beare 
Simon Bateman 
John Withers, jun. 
Nicholus A'^ause 
AVilliam Simons 

John Moorer 
John Vincent, sen. 
John Poling, jun. 
Aminadab Stent 
Robert Atkinson 
Christofer Doting 
AVilliam Minter 
Samuell Broman 
John Chui'good 
Nicholas Vause, jun. 
John Steed 
John Rowell 
John Francklin 
Thomas Greenfeild 
Robert Greenfeild 
AA''illiam Poling 
AVilliam Greenfeild 
AVilliam Bishop 
Nathaniell Smith 
Thomas AVithers 
Prauncis Allen 
Henry Pruitt 
Richard Franckwell 
Lawrence AVooldridge 
Henry AVheeler 
Thomas Beale 
Anthony Lun 
William Greenfeild, 

Godfrey Grevatt 
Thomas Cooter 
Walter Stent 
William Berry 
William Atkinson 
Isaack Newland 
John Colbrooke 
AVilliam Allen, seni. 
Peter Gates 
Richard Bright 
Thomas Cooper 
John Smith 
Thomas Cooper, jun. 
Alexander Page 
John Franckwell 
AVilliam Boulsom 
Nicholas AVarner 
Robert Cover 
John Maynard 

[The folloioing list of names is crossed out.'] 




The Names of such Eecusant Papists as refuse to take y^ Protesta- 
tion in Midhurst. 

John Hoard, gent. 
John Hoard, jun. 
Edward Jonson 
John Leggatt 
John Page alias 

Phage, phisitian 
William Smith 
Thomas Gawen, esq"^ 
William Laurence 
William Coxe 
Eobert West 
John Turner, gent. 
John Wakefoord 
John Hills 
Thomas Webb 
Prauncis Hills 
Eichard Hills 
Prauncis Haucks 
Eichard Kelsey 
Thomas Lockier 

William Light 
Eichard Beale 
Georg Jure 
Eobert Caterman 
Thomas Mersh 
John Hills, jun. 
Nicholas Duckett 
AVilliam Tarlton 

alias Manwood 
William Light 
Laurence Patricke 
William Eichardson 
John Lettice 
Thomas Odams 
Luke Shepheard 
John Cowdry 
James, M'' Sumners 

Christofer Crafterd 

Edward Crafterd 
William Crafterd 
Eichard Taylor, gent. 
Mathew Taylor 
Edward Whitehea 

[gone, ?do;-r] alias 

Christofer Gosde 

[gone, ? n] 
Henry Hawcks 
John Odams 
Henry Odams 
M"^ Waters 
Prauncis Cuffaud 
William Eaw 
John Gardiner 
John Mutleberry 
John Steere 
Eaph Crouche 
Eichard Marner 

[Indorsed on this sheet.'] 

Wee certify that thes Protestantes w^'in written have taken y^ 
Protestat [ion gone] y^ 18"^ of Pebruary. 

AVilliam Petherston, curate. 

John Shotter Walter Marshall Henry Stokes Nicholas Suckett 

[Second sheet.] 

The names of such Eecusant Papists as have taken this Protestation 
February 20''' 1641, in Midhurst. 

John Page, phisitian 
John Muttlebery 
Prauncis Cufaude 
William Smith 
Eichard Beale 
John Steer 
Christofer Gosden 
Henry Hauckes 
Eichard Taylor 
John Coudrj' 
Mathew Taylor, jun. 
Henry Odams 

John Odams 
Praucis Hauckes 
William Manwood 
Eobert West 
William Light 
William Eichardson 
.John Gardiner 
Georg Jure 
Wilhn. Eaw 
Thomas Mersh 
John Lettice 
John Wakefoord 

Thomas Odams 
Nicholas Ducket 
John Caterman 
William Light, jun. 
Christofer Crafterd 
Eaph Croucher 
Eichard Marner 
John Hills 
Edward Crafterd 
Francis Hills 
Eichard HiUs 



We, y' have subscribed, certif}' y' thes have taken y'' Protestation. 
Will : Fetherston, curate. 
John Shotter Walter Marshall Henry Stokes Nicholas Suckett 

The Names of such Eecusant Papists as have refused to take this 
Protestation February 20"' 1641, in Midhurst. 

John Hoard, gent. John [gone'] Luke [gone'] 

John Hoard, jun. Thomas [go)ic] James [gone] 

Edward Jonson John [gone] William [gone] 

John Leggatt Thomas [gone] Edward [gone] 

Thomas G[gone] Eichard [gone] M[gone] 

William [gone] M"" Greorg [go)ie] 

William [^o?ie] Laurence [goJie] 

Wee Certify [gone] Protestation 


Will : [gone, ? Fetherston, curate.] 

John Sho [tter go7ie] Walter [Marshall gone] Henry [Stokes goiie] 
Nicho [las Suckett gone.] 


[Chichester Bci2)e, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in j^cncil " Mundham, North; Box & S.; I.H. 20." 

Written names on 'paper. See also ante, p. 13.] 

Sussex : North Mundham : Memorandum, that the Parishioners of 
Northmundham whose names are subscribed, have taken y^ Protesta- 
tion underwritten Febr : decimo quinto anno regui Caroli dei gratia 
Auglife Gralliae Scotite & Hibernioe regis decimo septimo annoque 
domiui millesimo sex centesimo quadragesimo primo. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "vow & Protestation."] 

M-- W" Porter John Smith AV™ Bet 

M"^ Nathan : Yeoman Nathan : Sowton John Jowning, junior 

W™ Sowton, senior John Peirce Thomas Maunser 

John Duncon John Hilles Rich : Kibe 

John Jowning, senior Thomas Phayers Rich : Maunser 



[MuNDHAM, North 
Eicli : Parker 
Thorn : White, senior 
Thorn : Peirce 
Anthony Greoffrey 
Thorn : Eegat 
Thorn : Stoner 
Greorge Phaj^ers 
Derby Leary 
Thorn : Miles 
John Stone 
W"" Maunser 
David Dees 
Alexander Olavel 
Barnabas Stag 
John Bringwell 


Edwarde GrafFefoote 
Christopher Brewer 
Thomas Wats 
Robert Kibe 
Michael Jelly 
Thomas Warne 
Roberto Davis 
Thomas Valliance [or 

Thorn : Tuffe 
William Dubbin 
Rich : Roper 
Abel Arnolde 
Richard Sliave [or 


Thomas Smith 
Davi : Hale 
W"' Osborne 
John Olever 
W™ Kay 
George Norris 
Rich : Lightfoote 
John Caplin 
Thorn: White, jun. 
William Ailwine 
Henry Binskin 
Rich : Vaffin 
Dennis Stowell 
Stephen Arnolde 
M"^ W"' Lawes 

The Protestation above written was taken by y*' Parishioners of 
Northmundam aforesayed, in presence of us, y^ Minister, Church- 
wardens & Ovei'seers of y^ Parish of Northmundham. 

J. Lister, Vicar. 


[Arundel Rape, Rotherbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "North Chapel, Rothb. H.R. 6." 
Written names on paper.] 

Northchappell, Decimo Tercio Die Februarii Anno Dom. 1641. 

John Raplie 
Henry Backer 
John Halloway 
Henry Collinn 
Thomas Ide 
John Belchamber 
Anthonie Suter 
Robert Paine 
Edward Collinn 
Peeter Morris 
Richard Cole 
Robert Belchamber 
John Burle 
Robert Goodsger 
Richard Ide 

Edward Stanlie 
Anthonie Suter 
John Brokest 
John Miles 
John Kempe 
William Miles 
Robert Cole 
Moses West 
John Sowter 
Robert Caplinn 
George Raplie 
John Gambrell 
Richard Harding 
John Hunt 
Thomas Lunn 

Cristover Flower 
AVilliam Mownser, 

alias Gillum 
William Shotter 
Edward Broekhurst 
Richard Terie 
John Paine 
William Vurlonger 
Robert Vurlonger 
William Hayward 
Thomas Upfole 
William Hortenn 
John Caplinn 
Anthonie Sowter 
Robert Boecker 




Thomas Cobdenn 
George Sone 
Edward Cocke 
John Knight 
Thomas Durrant 
Daniell Palmer, M'' 

Paylers man 
Henrie Chrismas 
John Cocke 
Edward Alderton 
Peetter Daberon 
John Gray 
Henrie Alderton 
Thomas Alderton 
Eichard Pulinn 
John UpfoUe 
John Paine 
Eichard Shortter 
John Cortinch 
Henrie Copis 
John Caplinn 
Eobert Graye 
Thomas Daberon 

William Hortten 
Balchister Pulinn 
John Hortten 
Philip Sumer 
John Manvile 
Alexander Bi-adley 
John Smyther 
William Cranke 
John Goodgier 
Bartholomew Booker 
Arthur Shortor 
Eobert Boxall 
Eichard Lambert alias 

Thomas Belchamber 
Edward Pike alias 

Joseph Gumbrill 
Thomas North 
Thomas Lambert alias 

Eobert Winson 
Eichard Willard 

Peter Sanders 
Thomas Hamnion 
William Bolton, M"^ 

Paylers man 
Nycholas Tyller alias 

John North 
Edward Upfold 
Eichard Galor 
John Flower 
James Holloway 
John Ede 
Peter Key 
William Megwicke 
John Megwicke 
John Belchamber 
Water Myles 
Henry West 
Henry Hay ward 
John Goodgier, senior 
AVilliani Dauborne 
John Osborne 
William Pinne 

A just true Note of all in this Parish of Northchappell that hath 
taken this Protestation without any resistance. In witnesse whereof 
we have here unto set our hands. 

Tho. Malor. 
Eobart Wettenc [? Wettenc, perhaps \ 

Hottene] > Churchwardens. 

The marke X of John Mjdes ) 

Eichard Stente 

The mark T of John Mills 


[Bkamber Rape, Singlecross Hundred. '\ 

[Indorsed in pencil "Nuthurst, Bramber Eape, Singlecross Hund. 
I.Z. 1." Written names on i)archmcnt.'\ 

Sussex : Nuthurst Parishe : John Ecve, Minister of the said Parishe, 
Eichard Scale and William Newnham, Churchwardens there, and 
Eichard Bartlett and John Oliver, Overseers of the Poore there, 
Haveinge taken the Protestacion themselves before Ealfe Cowper, 
Esquire, and Thomas Middleton, Esquire, two Justices of the Peace of 




the said County, Have, accordinge to the Direccions of the Howse of 
Commons, called the rest of the Parishoners together the Thirteenth 
day of February in the Seaventeenth yeare of the Raigne of our most 
gratious soveraigne Lord Charles, by the Grrace of Grod Kinge of 
England Scotland France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &", and 
tenderd unto them the same Protestacion, and have hereunder written 
the names of those Persons w''"' have taken the same ; And further wee 
answere that there are none of our Parishoners w<='^ refuse the same. 

John Oliver 
John Dartnall,th e elder 
John Tingler 
Peter Linfeild 
Edward Linfield, the 

Thomas Peter, the 

Thomas Walder 
John Soane 
William Wellfare 
John Walder 
William Patchinge 
John Dauiell 
Ealph Bennett 
John Linfeild 
John Burges, the 

Thomas Bottinge 
John Weller 
John Laker 
Batty Pollington 
John Bartlett 
John Younge 
Henry Ockenden 
Robert Snashall 
Benjamin Wolven 
John Figge 
John Davie, the 

Edward Linfeild, the 

John Wayes 
Henr}^ Wood 
John Parson 
Stephen West 

John Tanner 
James Dyer 
Eobert Harmon 
John Smart 
Thomas Bull 
John Harman 
John Hughes 
John Tingler, the 

Robert Gardiner 
Stephen West 
Thomas Awood 
John Bartlemewe 
William Daniell 
Richard Comfort 
Henry Stone 
John Taylor 
William Bates 
Richard Wood 
William Passell 
Rowland Pollington 
Charles Sharpe 
Henry Linfeild 
Richard Agate 
Roger Ockenden 
Henry Michell 
John Poe, the younger 
John Pierce 
Stephen Harman 
John Manne 
William West 
Richard Chakret 
James Gardiner 
John Awood 
Thomas Patchinge 
Rowland Passell 

John Faires 
AVilliam Bottinge 
John Dartnall, the 

Thomas Peter, the elder 
John Juppe 
Thomas Chaundler 
William Agate 
John Awood 
William Brigges 
William Soane 
Roger G rat wick 
Richard Gander 
John Poe, the elder 
John Burges, the elder 
John Hill 
John Davie 
Henry Blunden 
Robert Berricke 
Edward Hill 
John Passell 
John Bottinge 
Henry Comfort 
John Taylor, the 

Richard Nye 
Richard Borne 
Thomas Gates 
Henry Salter 
John Wood 
Richard Pajme 
John Soane 
Thomas Barrett 
Richard Hardam 
Walter Dannell 

Joh : Reve, Minister of Nuthurst 

Richard Seale 

William Newnham \ Churchwardens 
his /\ marke 

John Oliver 
his O marke 

K 2 




[Chichestek Rape, Box and Stockbridge Hundred J] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Oving; Box & S. ; I.H. 21." Signatures and 
marks on paper. See also ante, p. 14.] 

[The Protestation was probably on another sheet, now uKintincj.'] 

Which Protestation, above written, was made and subscribed by the 
Parishioners of Oving- Febr : xiij"' 1641. 

Henry Eose 
Nicholas Guy 
John Peachey 
Kichard Peachey 
James X Squier 
James Squier 
John Knight 
William Ohatfield 
Richard Jelly 
Will : W Knight 
John Coode 
John Gore 
Henry X Deacon 
Eichard Nash 
William Sanders 
Nicho : X Violet 
Eichard Vilet 
Willi : W Stempe 
John X Kibe 
Heneri Good 
Eoger Tupere 
W" Chatfield 
William X Ward 
John M Macrell 
Peter X Lilliot 
Eogger X Ballard 
John I Lenn 

Eichard X Pammer 
William X Vogden 
Eichard X Macrell 
John X Milles 
William B Bartholo- 
Henry H White 
Bartle X Eares 
Eobert X Chock 
Thomas X Markes 
Edward X Eushman 
Henry H Macrell 
Daneil D Walke 
James X Gay die 
John O Ide 
John O Elmes 
Peter X Lilliat 
Eober : R Furlouger 
Fraunc : X Langridge 
AVilli : X Yalience 
Edw : X Bett 
Willi : X Heggones 
Wil : X Markes 
Tho : X Edwardes 
Eich : X Perring 
Tho : X Browning 
Jo : O Mann 

Eichard X Head 
Jo : X Bartlemew 
John X Hart 
Hen : H Edwardes 
John I W Whitinton 
William Jelley 
Antho : A Duke 
John X Marten 
Willi : X Perring 
Edward E Hartly 
Chris : X Trow 
Tho : X Goble 
John I Deane 
Tho : O Tayler 
Simon O Young 
Owin O AVhite 
William O Arnold 
Thomas Ward 
Eobert H Hartlye 
Henery R Billiugslie 
William X Marten 
Thomas O Hammon 
Eichard O Wicker 
Eichard Gotte [?] 
William W Lampord 
James X Lampord 
Thomas X Michell 

In the presence of 

Tho : Carr, Minister 
AVillmi. Elson 

Eichard B Balden 

William r~ Deacon S 

Churchw : 





[Chichester Putpe, Aldwick Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Pagliam, Aldwick H., I.F. 2." 

Written names on ijaper. See also ante, p. 14] 

February 16 Anno Dmn. 1641 : Memorand., The Inhabitants of 
the Parish of Pagham, from the age of 18 yeares and upwards, 
whose names are hereunder written, have subscribed unto this Pro- 
testation the 16 day of this instant February, in the presence of 
Urbanus Pierius Bernfeld, Curat of the said Parrish, & in the presence 
of the Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of the said Parish. 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. do," etc., and 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

Eobert Eolfe 

William Bridger 

William Bennet 

Henry Hall 

John Meares 

Jephry Downer 

Thomas Downer 

Nicklas Morcock 

John Silvester 

Ealff Finne 

Isac Ingram 

William Eoger 

Joseph Tuffe 

Thomas Misselbrook 

William Gobel 

Clement Tuper 

William White 

Bartholomew White 

Thomas Arnoll 

William Watler 

Alexander Shaue 

Eobert Older 

William Bael [or Baal] 

Abel Ingram 

William Passon 

John Whitington 

William Guilbord, 

Thomas Mory 

Eichard Broman 


William Myles 

James Fortune 

John Burges 

Eichard Bowyer 

John Stocke 

Eichard Higgons 

William Shorte 

William Peachy 

Toby Sanders 

Eobert Nowell 

John Spornell 

John Gobel, senior 

Eichard Smith 

William Somnere 

Henry Sommaner 

Eobert Cooke 

John May 

Thom : Druat 

Thomas Day 

Thomas Clement 

Dennis Kibe 

John Ingram 

Eichard Sidwick 

Thomas Bigner 

Thomas White 

Eichard Hooker 

John Whatly 

John White 

Thomas Grreenleafe 

John Scardevill 

John Silfister 

Henry Payne 

John Legat 

Thomas Morle 

Peter Curtise 

Thomas Noris 

William Banwell 

Thomas Wall 

Henry Smith 

Thomas Bridger 

John Sanders 

AVilliam Chancier 

John Bai-nard 

William Cheapman, 

William Guilbord, 

Hugo Buckuer 



Eobert Gaff 

William Cheapman, 

John Hardweeke 

Thomas Pannet 

j unior 

Benjamin Penne 

John AUwin 

Eichard Wisedome 

Joseph Penne 

Thomas Burry 

Wniiam BanweU 

Solomon Stanford 




Stephen Sanders 

Eobert Greenfeld 

Thomas Noels 

William Hooker, 

Eichard Woodland 

Henry Simmons 


Eichard Harvy 

John Elmes 

Thomas AVatler 

Edward Chase 

Eobert Brooker ] fra- 

William Hooker, 

Bartholomew Brooman 

Tlionias Brooker j ter 


Aaron Batchler 

Thomas Bridger 

Thomas Penne 

Eichard Mory 

Bartholomew White 

Thomas Violet 

John AVatler_ 

Edward Miles 

John Woodland 

John Gobel, junior 

Edmund Meares 

John Chancier 

Samuel Kene 

William Heward 

William Morle 

Matthew White 

John White 

William Broonian 

Thomas Colhcke 

Eichard Meares 

Eobert Arnall 

Edward Saell 

Thomas Bayly 

John Jupe 

John Whitington 

Humphry Bennet 

Walter Godman 

William Long 

Thomas Smith 

Jeremy Hooker 

William Toller 

Jeremy Meares 

Eichard Mills 

William Bedford 

William Shaue 

Thorn : Nightingall 

William Haybittle 

William Gaffe 

Memorandum, that these who have subscribed to this vow & 
Protestation, from the age of 1 8 yeares & upwards, have tooke there 
Protestation before the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of 
the Poore of the above said Parish. 

Urbanus Pierus Birnfeld. 


[Arundel Rape, West Easwiutu Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in j^encil " Parham, Arundel, AVest Eastwrith. H.S. 4." 
Written names on •paper.] 

Parham in Sussex, Feb : 1 4"' 1641. These are to certifie y' those of 
our Parish whose names are subscribed, have in o"^ presence made 
Protestation according to the order prescribed. 

John Hogsflesh 
Eichard Tupper, sen. 
Eichard Older 
John Lawrence 
James Jeniston 
Antony Honour 
Eichard Bernard 
Henrie Lydbetter 
Henrie North 

Eobert AVard 
Eichard Tupper, jun. 
Thomas Burden 
Willm. Thomas 
Peeter AVoode 
Thomas Francis 
Henrie Lewes 
John Chalenor, clerke 
Samuell Lydbetter 

Antony Jeniston 
Eichard Buddie 
John Lockyer 
Thomas Pannett 
John Humfrie 
George Yate 
Thomas Batcocke 
Antonie Bernard 




The names of such as have not Protested. 

S' Edw : Bishoppe, Knight & Baronett. 

Willm. Lydgater, his servant, who were both at London when the 
Day of Protestation was, & so are yet. 

We have no Papists nor other sectaries in our Parish. 
Eich. Lewes, Rector ibid. John Lassather, Churchwarden. 



Bape, Patching Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in pencil " Patching, Bramber, Patching. H.Y. 1." 
Signahires and marks on paper. ~] 

Sussex: Bramber Rape, Patching Parish, Februarii the 25"', 164L 

Mem''""', the day and yeare abovewritten. y^ Minister & Church- 
wardens of y® Parish, & Overseers of the Poor for y^ same, whose 
names are heerunto subscribed, did take y® Protestation commanded 
by y'' Commons House of Parliament before me, Henry Goringe, one 
of his Ma"" Justices of the Peace for the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Walter Whitstones, Rector. 

Richard Grantham ) pv. i ^ George Butterly, Constabell. 

John O Bushop ] ^^iii'Ciiwardens. ^yi^iam Grenyer, Collecter. 

The rest of the inhabitants of Patching tooke the Protestation on 
the 27: of Febr : 1641, as followes, 

John X Selden 
Francis X Hupperton, 

Thomas Sherlock CO , 

Henry Whitstones 
William Comber 
Thomas I Innet 
Richard Roodes 
Henry H Solder 

Richard R Young 
Thomas O Denshe 
John f\ Woodland 
Thomas X Druet 
James Short 
Thomas CO Best 
Robert 1 1 Piper 
John Halinge, senier 
John Halinge, jun"^ 
Edward P Druet 

Abraham A Fremantle 
John Haler 
Edward X Gray 
John X Fullicke 
Daniell D Druet 
Peter P French e 
AValter /\ Palmer of 

Fereter [?] 
William W Litler 
John Druet 



John O Eweuc 
John X Body 
Willyam X Hore 
William Keed 

Thomas T D Drewett, 

Eichard Cheate 
Willyam W Fullicke 

Nychollas B Beache 
Edward E Penfold 
John Woods 

This Protestacion was not Refused by any one of our Parish of 
Patchinge to whome it was offreede, and it was offrede unto all in our 
Parish to our knowlledge. 


[Arundel Rape, Eotiierbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed "Rotherbridg Hundred," a «f/ in pencil " Petworth, 1641-2, 
Feb. 6. H.E. 7." Written names on paper.] 

Petworth : The severall persons whose names hereunder follow, 
beinge all of the Towne & Parish of Petworth & above 18 yeres of 
age, have taken the Protestacion accordinge to the order from the 
Hon''^^ House of Commons, none refusinge. 

M"^ Arthure Levett 
M'' Edward Poeton 
Richard Barnard 
Henry Barnard 
Richard Barratt 
William Dee 
John Quennell 
Henry Goble, juvinis 
John Haslen, jun. 
William Levett 
Robert Hilman 
John Scutt 
Edward Harris 
Henry Coward 
Henry Goble, jun. 
John Barnard 
Thomas Strouge 
Richard Skinner 
John Sares 
James Chapman 
William Wenright 
John Snagge 
George Aylward 
Oliver Penfold 

Nicholas Osborne 
Thomas Osborne 
Benj amine Oliver 
M"^ Francis Ingrome 
Daniell Everedd 
Edward Martin 
Richard Apsley 
John Sadler 
Nicholas Mason 
Edward Perry 
Robert Neale 
Thomas Woodes 
Richard Attaway 
John Ford 
John Poeton 
Robert Holm wood 
Leonard Rooke 
Edward Longe 
James Ford 
Henry Kelly 
Greorge Johnson 
AVilliam Sandame 
Thomas Stradliuge 
Richard Aylwin 

Martin Adames 
William Monke 
Robert Trash 
Thomas Shotcher 
Richard Browninge 
Emery Puttocke 
William Wakeford 
Richard Smartt 
William Smartt 
William Bowyer 
Aaron Smyth 
Henry Mose 
Richard Holmwood 
Nicholas Aldertou 
Robert Trew 
Nicholas Morris 
Thomas Pritcher 
Nicholas Smartt 
John Piper 

Richard Shotcher, jun. 
John Philp, jun. 
Daniell Morris 
Thomas Pellett 
William Dudman 





Richard Cleare 
William Puttocke 
Robert Macliciii 
Richard Cooper 
John Ede 
Edward Sweetinge 
Thomas Burle 
Thomas Frye 
John Shotcher 
John AVells, jun. 
Richard Browne 
Thomas Holden 
Edward Dee 
Robert WiUard 
John Dee 
Edward Cocke 
Henry Sandame 
Samuel West 
Zachery AVheeler 
John Grey 
John Puttocke 
William Morris 
Nicholas Paige 
George Alderton 
Xper. Roberts 
William Boxall 
Francis Blickfeild 
William Blickfeild 
Henry Challenor 
Joseph AVoolfe 
Edward Tupper 
Thomas Shotcher, jun. 
Thomas Barber 
John Shotcher 
William Coxe 
John CoUen 
Richard Payne 
William Cucksey 
Peter Garland 
Richard Wells 
Edward Story 
John Roberts, jun. 
Gersham Butcher, jun. 
William Wolger 
George Goble 
Nicholas Norris 
William Sebbedge 
William Clarke 
Thomas Morris 

Thomas Taylor 
Thomas Boker 
Edward Burchett 
John Philpe, sen. 
AVilliam ]\Iilles 
John Wassliington 
William Hilles 
Henry Luttard 
John Segrow 
Thomas Hilman 
Thomas Edsawe 
James Knowles 
Nicholas Holroyd 
Nicholas Warner 
William Jackson 
Isaack Morris 
Francis Barnard 
Henry Mose, jun. 
John Hewerd 
Henry Acton 
John Philp, jun. 
James Machin, jun. 
AVilliam Rogers 
Nicholas Goodier 
Daniel Rogers 
Thomas Farnden 
John Edsawe 
Richard Faiethfull 
John Rudman 
Thomas Hayler 
Edward Hayler 
AVilliam Clarke 
Robert Holland 
Nathaniell AVhitaker 
Thomas AVilliams 
AVilliam Hampton 
Robert Holland 
AA^illiam Lilley 
Robert Lambert 
Richard Moore 
John Taylor 
Nicholas Puttocke 
Edward Bachelor 
John Lutman 
Henry Hider 
William Coleman 
John Davis 
Thomas Boxall 
Abraham Coles 

Thomas Boyes, jun. 
James Machin, sen. 
John Levett 
Thomas Butcher 
Giles Monger 
Nicholas Lucas 
Robert AValter 
Thomas Hai'ison 
AVilliam Blundle 
Stephen Chace 
John Machin 
John Edsaw, sen. 
John Pucknall 
Thomas Penfold 
Humfrey Wrinboll 
Thomas Trewer 
John Croocher 
Peter Bowyer 
Thomas Duke 
AVilliam Hardame 
Thomas Orrell 
John Parker 
Robert Knotts 
George Lucas 
Henry Pembridge 
Thomas Harris 
William Sandame, sen. 
Edward Goble 
Peter AA''oodes 
Thomas Holland 
John Constable 
John Smither, jun. 
Henry Rogers 
Henry Joye 
Roger Harrison 
Henry Beale 
Henr}' Holland 
Anthony Sebbage 
AA^illiam Geale 
AA^illiam Austen 
Robert Penecod 
Jeffery Dawtrey 
John Cockes 
George Hampton 
Nicholas Brassher 
Richard Jackman 
Henry Blundle 
Richard Shotcher, jun, 
John Furlonger 




Thomas Booker 
Johu Mose 
Silvester Searle 
John Philpe, jun. 
William Tribe 
John Carpenter 
John Alinghame 
Simon Foster 
Thomas Puttocke 
John Crauley 
Eobert Chace 
Gershame Butcher, 

Peter Morris 
Eobert Sadler 
Edward Spriugall 
Thomas Trashe 
Nicholas Duke 
Ealph Bowser 
Henry Machin 
Nicholas Alderton 
Anthony Searle 
Edward Bennett 
John Smyth 
Nicholas James 
Thomas Hobjohn 
Thomas Holland, jun. 
George Chittey 
Eichard Holmwood 
George Elcombe 
William Moodey 
John Stringer 
Eichard Stringer, jun. 
William Ay 1 win 
James Bonner 
Edward Sanders 
Henry Coward 
Edward Francklin 
Henry Ireland 
Thomas Butt 
Peter Quenell 
John Aylwin 
John AVelles, sen. 
Eobert AVarner 
Henry Mose, sen. 
Thomas Sturtt 
James Earley 
M"^ William Mose, sen. 
John Haslen, sen. 

William Foster 
William Sebbedge 
Walter Kinge 
William Napper 
William Phenis 
Eobert Sjiieer 
S'' Henr}^ Dawtrey, K' 
Thomas Bellinghame, 

M'' Francis Whitington 
Edward Lutman 
Henry Eeade 
Nathaniell Finch, gent. 
Eobert Meriwether 
Anthony Ashe 
John Orjiin 
George Blackstone 
William Savage 
James Stoker 
Samuell Foster 
Francis Exton 
Edward Harraden 
Thomas Eobinson, sen. 
John Osborne, sen. 
Thomas Brookes 
John Eoberts, sen. 
John Goble 
Henry Wilsheire 
Nicholas Alderton, sen. 
Edward Naldrett 
Eichard Eoberts 
Nicholas Slierrier 
Henry Pharro 
John Eice 
John Waler 
Thomas Goble, sen. 
Anthony Smyth 
Adame Eeader 
Thomas Legatt 
Eobert Wakeford 
Eichard Paige 
Jolm Harwood 
Eichard Shotcher, sen. 
Eobert Shotcher 
William Stringer 
John Holland 
George Markes 
Edward A\^eekes 
Eobert Coats 

Jesper Peckwell 
James Eogers 
Eobert Willard 
Eobert Stoner 
John Eobison 
William Cocke 
John Neale 
Thomas Beale 
Henry Allen, sen. 
John Ford 
Edward Pratt 
John Underwood 
John Coates 
Eober [sic^ Launder 
Samuell Eobinson 
James Humfrey 
John Holland, jun. 
Thomas Stent 
Jefi'ery Goodier 
William Lucas 
Nicholas Duke, jun. 
James Smartt 
Eichard Markes 
William Clowser 
William Willard 
John Milles 
Eichard Forlonger 
William Booker 
Edward Goringe, gen. 
Eobert Yeldall 
Hugh Dunidge 
Eoger Belchamber 
John Ginn 
Nicholas Hilles 
Eichard Furlonger, 

Thomas Ball 
Nicholas Sebbedge 
Eobert Fisher 
William Ede 
Thomas Eickson 
Henry Jey 
John Mauncer 
John Turner 
Mathew Furlonger 
Henr}' Markes 
John Coggen 
John Libbard 
AVilliam Palmer 



[Pet WORTH.] 

William Gittings 
Thomas Furner 
Edward Stuvtt 
Thomas Hilman 
William Coles 
Bartholomew Coote 
Thomas Staiibridge 
Anthony Cucksey 
William Brinkwell 
Robert Baker 
Edward Kent 
Thomas Sanders 
Thomas Lucas 
Henry Goble, jun. 
John Belchamber 
William Shotcher 
Thomas Holland 
Thomas Shotcher, sen. 

Peter Quenell 
William Hunniman 
John Quaish 
Richard Miles 
Richard Wade 
John Cooper 
John Roberts 
James Mi lies 
John Smyth 
Richard Fillery 
Silvester James 
Edward Peachey 
John Lambe 
Christopher Barwicke 
Thomas Morris 
William Napper, gen. 
John Hall, gent. 
John Rawson 

John Barden 
Richard Barton 
William Maekaridge 
Roger Woodes 
Henry Holland 
John Holland, jun. 
John Philpe, midle. 
Thomas Robinson, jun. 
AVilliam Edwardes 
John Morris, sen. 
John Morris, jun. 
Thomas Boys, sen. 
George Sebbage, sen. 
John Hamlen 
Thomas Payne, gent. 
Zachery Talbott 
Richard Stringer, sen. 

Nath : Lane, Curat ibid. 

Tho : Barnard, Churchwarden. 

Richard Doe, Overseer. 


[Arundel Bape, Poling Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Poling, Same Hund., H.Q. 7." Signatures and 
marks on paper.] 

Poling, Feb : 18 Anno Dm. 1641 : A Catalogue of the names of all 
male Inhabitants w"'in the Parish of Poling, w'^^, being above the age 
of eighteene yeai^es, have on the day and yeare above written, received 
the Protestacion sent from the Ho^'''^ House of Commons. 

Thomas Garden, sen. The marke of John A Gray 

John Willson The marke of John X Hore 

Willyam Roads The marke of John X Peter 

The marke of Thomas T Pennicott The marke of Thomas T Turner 

The marke of William W Beckett The marke of AVilliam /\ Parker 

The marke of Robert -\ Paine The marke of William W Trice 

John Willson The marke of Edward X Humfrey 

The marke of Thomas T Trice John Chaplan 

The marke of John lo Sylvester The marke of Nathan X Sewell 

The marke of Will : X Brookman The marke of John D Cooke 




The marke of Mathew O Trice 
The marke of John O Holden 
John Meade 

Tlie marke of Eichard Q Shotter 
The marke of Edward X Barnard 

The marke of AVill : W Wephai 
The marke of Will : A Cooke 
The marke of Tho : O Garden, 

AVe, whose names are here under written, do testify that every male 
Inhabiting or residing in o'' Parish of Poling, being eighteene yeares 
of age, have in o' presence taken the Protestacion, and that none 

Eichard Carpenter, Vicar of Poling. 

The marke of Thomas T Manning, Churchwarden. 
The marke of John I Philps, Churchwarden. 

Eich : Ewen, Collector. 

I, Maurice Eowlands, Curate of Lymister, licenced by S'' AVilliam 
Goring & S"^ John Leeds, in the supposed absence of M"^ Carpenter, 
to see this Protestacion taken, do witnes the same under my hand. 

Maui-ice Eowlands. 


[Akundel Eape, Polixg Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "East Preston, Poling H., H.Q. 8." Written 
names on 2}aper.~\ 

East Preston : A Catalogue of the names of those who have made 
this Protestation, and none in our Parish have refus'd to take it. 

Thomas Greene 
I'homas Martin 
John Lydford 
Robert Brooke 
John ]\Iaster 
John Heberdin 
Joseph Hancher 
John Badcocke 

Thomas Seldin 
John Brooke 
Simon Smith 
John Eanford 
Eichard Only 
Stafford Wise 
Edward Wise 
Davie Carter 

Thomas Gane, senior 
Thomas Gane, junior 
William Man 
Eichard Parker 
Eobert Baker 
Eichard Bennet 
John Gray 

These are to testifie you that all in our Parish have tooke this Pro- 
testation in the Presence of: — 

Thomas Martin ) 
Stailbrd R Wise j 

Eoger Ashton, Curate. 

Thomas Greene 


Eobert X Baker j 





l^See under Rustington jW5^.] 


[Arundel i?a/jc, West Easwritii Hundred.^ 

\_The Beturn is on two sheets of paper ; the first sheet is indorsed in pencil 
" H.S. 5 (2);" the second sheet, which commences 7cith the name 
of "John Arnape," is indorsed in pencil " PiUborough, West 
Easwrith. H.S. 5 (1)." Written navies.'] 

Pullborowe : A Noat of there Names that hath takene the Protestasion. 

Anthony Apsley 

M' Eandolpli Apsley, 

M-" Edward Onely 
Willm. Gatton 
Willm. Mann 
Richard Stovall 
John Gatton 
Roger Boackham 
John Greenefeild 
Thomas Bishopp 
Arthur Moorer 
Richard Hussey 
Thomas Saires 
Henry Sendall 
Robt. Rise 
Richard Penfeild 
John Manser 
Willm. Andrews 
Willm. Hammond 
Thomas Oldham 
Edmund Finch 
John Hammond 
Thomas Humphre 
Edward Streter 
Edmund Streater 
John Puttock 
John Tilly 
John Peters 
John Greenfeild 

John Curties 
William Maskall 
Thomas Cherryman 
James Mills 
Nicholas Muggerish 
John Andrewes 
Peter Bungar 
Edward Lee 
John Scutt 
John Dunce 
John Springe 
Nicholas Searle 
Edward Streater 
John Streater 
Willm. Greenefeild 
Richard Boade 
Willm. Woolvin 
AVillm. Penfeild 
Thomas Pollard 
James Gardiner 
John Greenefeild 
Richard Willard 
Willm. Hichcock 
Edmund Phivian 
John Chalke 
Thomas Gardiner 
Thomas Dawtry 
Michaell Lury 
Thomas Foster 
John Hall 

Thomas Johnson 
Richard Gipson 
Nicholas Hogsflesh, 

Nicholas Hogsflesh, 

John Feeld 
Thomas Lee 
Richard Knight 
Richard Evans 
Henry Cannon 
Edward Streater 
John Newman 
Thomas Phivian 
Willm. Mante 
Owen Batcheller 
Thomas Searle 
Thomas Aldridg 
Nicholas Lucas 
John Symon 
AVillm." Wady 
John Lee 
Hugh Feild 
Edmund Finch 
Edward Duke 
George Cooke 
John Hoite 
Edward l^owley 
John Wepham 
Richard Bennett 




Edward Pilcher 

Jacob Michell 
Henry Quenell 
M'' William Ouely 
John Andrewes 
Edmund Streater 
Thomas Dawtry 
Martane Mant 
John West 
Phillip Umfery 
Henery Umfery 
Gorge Finch 
John Goalies 
James Amershe 
Mathey Locket 
John Browne 
John Sendall 
Richard Umfrey 
Eobard Charman 
Edmund Bacheller 
William Grinfeld 
Eobard Baclieller 
John Hills 
James Audrowe 
Dannell Serle 
Thomas Panet 
John Taley 
Thomas Lucas 
John Lucas 

[Second sJicet.^ 
John Arnape 
William Hills 
John Bunger 
William Hall 
W" Lard 
Nich : Gardner 
Rich : Hoick 
John Clement 
Rich: Kinnet 
John Lury 
John Wepham 
Eobt. Nutley 
Abraham Comper 

Hemy Bridger 
John Clement 
John Slater 
John Springe 
Richard Booker 
Edmond Harold 
W"" Andrewes 
Thorn : Searle 
W" Dean 
Robt. Woodes 
James Androw 
Thom : Bennet 
John Waze 
Edward Symons 
John Bruckefeild 
Henry Pollard 
Robt. Rize 
Robt. Greeny ar 
John Streeter 
Henry Waze 
Nich : Web 
Philip Daniell 
Thom : Mylles 
John Gr3'niar 
Nath : Heyler 
W'" Chambers 
John Andrew, 

Edw : Lee 
Rich : Puttocke 
Mich : Andrew 
Robt. Andrew 
Steven Essex 
Robt. Hammond 
Robt. Humphrey 
Thomas Lace 
W'" Humphrey 
Edw : Dunce 
John Grinfeild 
Willm. Plusher 
Clement Mershe 
W" Elgate 
Robt. Andrewes 
W- Woodes 

John Fuller 
Rich : Jupe 
George Garter 
Rich : Ward 
John Milles 
W" Skutt 
John Wepham 
Edw : Wepham 
John Skinner 
John Warren 
W'" Hilles 
Rich : Lury 
Edmond Sares 
Robt. Moze 
Rich : Tye 
Godfre}' Graner 
John Bruckfeild 
John Amersh 
John Humphrey 
W™ Hill 
Edmond Tye 
Daniel Searle 
Thom : Fuller 
Nich : Gotcher 
Henry Carver 
John Bennet 
Thomas Willet 
George Ludby 
AVill : Alderton 
Georg : Martin 
Will : Loafe 
John Gade 
Richard Hegcock( 
Thomas Fifene 
Edmund Fifene 
Thomas Hegcocke 
Gorg Bronsen 
Edward Taley 
William Tey 
John Harod 
William Umfery 
Cornellis Umfery 
Edmund Seares 

Wee, the minister and one of the overseers of the poore of the Parish 
of Pulborough, in the Countie of Sussex, and one of the Churchwardens 
of the said Parish, do certifie that all these whose names are afore- 
written have, together with o*^ selves, taken the Protestacion sett forth 




by the Hon'''^ House of Commons : and these are all the Inhabitantes, 
that wee know, above 18 yeares of age in o'' said Parish, and none have 
refused the taking of it. Some have bin absent in the time appointed 
for the receiving of it, as M'' Downes who sitts in the Hon'''*= Howse of 
Commons, a Bui-gesse for Arondell in Sussex, and M'' Watker attends 
the Terme upon his occasions, as also M"" Isaac Bungar, and [blank'] 
Stradocke, M'' Downes his man, who sayes hee will take it att Billing- 
hurst Parish. 

Februarii sv'", 1641. 

Randolph Apsley, Rector ibm. 

John Hill, Collector. Phillip Willsha, Churchwarden. 


[Chichester Bape, Westbourne and Sixgletox Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in ])encil " Eacton ; Chieh. ; Westb. & Sing.; I.L. 8." 

Written names {on -paper) except " Geo. Gunter, Esq'%" ichich is 
a signature. See also ante, p. 12.] 

Radon : Memorandum, that y^ Inhabitants of the Parish of Racton, 
from the age of 18 yeares & upwards, have taken this ensuing 
Protestacion the 20"^ day of this instant February, in the presence of 
the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of the said Parish, Anno 
Dm. 1641. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating " Vowe & Protestacion."] 

Geo. Gunter, Esq''*' Thomas Sone John Fletcher 

John Pay John Burye Steven Stigines 

Hugh ap John Henery Souter James White 

Richard Jenman Thomas Tye Thomas Tremlot 

William Croucher Copies Barwicke William Palmer 

Richard Spitman Edward Palmer Thomas Palmer 

Thomas Bidle Thomas Palmer Bartholomewe Wilde 

There be non within our Parish as refused to take this Protestacion 
but only [" Mar. Mathews & " inserted with a /\, but perhaps intended 
to be deleted'] Richard Baker, a Po2)ish recusant, who is [altered to 
are] willing to Protest [as farr as it concerneth, crossed out] this 
present Protestacion, onl}^ leaving out as farr as yt concerneth his 

Mar. Mathewes, recusant, absent. 

William Jones, Minister ibm. 




[Chichester Bape, Dumpeoed Hnndred.'] 

[Indorsedin 23&ncil ^''Rogate; Chich. ; Dumpford ; I.I. 3." 

Signatures and loritten navies on paper. See also ante, p. 9.] 

Eogate, Sussex: Md., That all the Inhabitants of the Parish of 
Eogate, whose names are here under written, have taken this Present 
Protestation before Thomas Litleton, Vicar of Eogate, William 
Rteere and Thomas Cob, Churchwardens, and Richard Blackeman and 
Edmund Stevens, Overseers of the Poore of the same Parish, the 
xx"' Day of this Present February. 

\_Ilere folloius the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating " Vow and Protestation."] 

Pet : Bettesworth* 
Richard Steere* 
Char : Lutman"^' 
AVilliam Flotle ['? 

John Love* 
William Reeves* 
Richard Williamson* 
John Packe* 
Nicholas Grodwine* 
AVilliam Steere* 
Ellies Hames, junier* 
William Watkins* 
John Grists- 
Anthony Colpis* 
Richard Stente* 
Roger Asslot* 
John Hyde 
John Steere 
Peter Colpesse 
Christopher Wales [or 

Nicholas Voke 
John Steere 
Thomas Pamell 
John Sotton 
Henry Shedgewicke 
William Sparshall 
Nicholas Blackman 

Henry Smyth 
Henry Upfeld 
Ellis Hames 
Richard Watkins 
Richard Wheeler 
Roger Packe 
Francis Roffe 
John Rusbridge 
Christopher Newlane 
John Steere 
Thomas Hersey 
Anthony Bettesworth 
Thomas Hewes 
John Machen 
Ralfe Avery 
Roger Allott 
Richard Pitt 
Richard Perkins 
Henry Cooke 
Richard Goldringe 
Richard Cranborne 
John Heather 
Roger Blackman 
John Clothier 
Nicholas Shedwicke 
Anthony Blackman 
Arthur Smith 
John Geary 
Peter Mason 

Richard March 
Richard Hall 
William Bashar 
Roger Trigges 
John Person 
Nicholas Pirnon [?] 
Richard Greentree 
Richard Signe 
John Dudman 
William Dudman 
Thomas Westbrooke 
Michaell Barefoote 
Steven Ball 
Thomas Downeinge 
John Pagge 
Richard White 
John Chandler 
Richard Smyth 
Edward Hide 
Richard Alderslade 
William Bridger 
Richard Trigges 
John Allen 
John Finden 
Thomas Hudnutt 
Richard Buck 
Tymoth}' Westbrooke 
Arthur Diggions 
William Wickins 

These names appear to be signatures, and perhaps also a few others. 




Richard Diggions 
Arthur March 
Thomas Dudman 
John Ay 1 wine 
Arthur Bray 

Thomas Amy Alexander Eade 

John Dudman John Brookes 

Nicholas Lutman Thomas Westbrooke 

John Stoner Eichard Haben 

Christopher Williamson 

Testor Thomas Litleton, Vic : de Rogate. 

William Eldridge, a Poore Popish recusant, refuseth onely to take 
that Part of the Protestation touchinge Religion. 

Ita testor Thomas Litleton, Vic : de Rogate. 


[Arundel Bape, West Easwritii Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Rudgwick, West Easwrith, H.S. 6." Written 
names on paper. '\ 

Rudgweeke : The names of those who (beinge of 18 yeares of age 
&' upwards) have taken y^ Protestation before y^ Minister, Church- 
wardens & Collectors of y^ Parish of Rudgweeke. 

George Nalldrett 
John Cowper 
Michael Austen 
Henry Thayre 
John Mich ell 
Edward Stringer 
Oliver Studman 
John Knight 
Richard Napper 
George Furlonger 
John Butcher 
John Napper 
Henr}' Puttocke 
Matthew Ireland 
Richard Butcher 
John Stenninge 
Richard Butcher 
William Allen 
William Overington 
William Cowper 

Thomas Michell 
Richard Hode 
John Sayer 
Edward Cowper 
William Tugwell 
Robert Gibbons 
John Studman 
John Man 
Gregory Hode 
Richard Tickner 
Henry Bridger 
Thomas Stenninge 
Randall Scotcher 
William West 
John Mihell 
Anthony Hammon 
John Marden 
Edward West 
William Heywood 
John Heylor 

Gregory Hode 
John Laker 
Anthony Growly 
Matthew Studman 
Peter Harvey 
John Aylin 
Richard Nye 
Edward West 
Thomas Hedger 
Laurence Peter 
William Studman 
Edward Stringer 
Daniel Richardson 
Richard Longe 
John Griffin 
Thomas Cowper 
William Monke 
Richard Butcher 
Thomas Lewer 
John Martin 




Richard Overington 
John Richardson 
John Ticknor 
Edward Michell 
Thomas Stenninge 
Edward Follentine 
Edward Buckler 
Richard Martin 
Thomas Songust 
Henry Pike 
Richard Winson 
Matthew Napper 
Richard Studman 
Thomas Knight 
William Pike 
John Butcher 
William Scutt 
George Worsfold 
Richard Ansted 
Richard Hollyday 
Henry Avenell 
Richard Nalldrett 
John Fuller 
Emry West 
Robert Austin 
Richard West 
Stephen Clowser 

Thomas Worsfold 
Thomas Chenell 
Henry Studman 
Richard Thorneden 
Thomas Lewer 
John Knight 
Richard Martin 
John Studman, y^ elder 
Richard Longe 
John Habinge 
Henry Lucy 
Thomas Studman 
William Studman 
Richard Overington 
John Studman 
John Hill 
William Tod 
John Haynes 
John Hevlor 
William Thayre 
Francis Allen 
John Overington 
William Hedger 
Robert Knight 
William Jordan 
John Pike 
William Jordan 

Richard Pike 

Thomas Towner 
Thomas Tinley 
William Haynes 
Thomas Patchin 
William Tydy 
Richard Hedger 
Edward Knight 
Richard Nalldrett 
James Ticknor 
William Ticknor 
John Michell 
John Blackwell 
Nicholas Nalldrett 
Richard Blake 
John Morgan 
Henry Worsfold 
Humphrey Willett 
John Smart 
John Songust 
Edward Smart 
John Booker 
Richard Knight 
John Knight 
Edward Leere 

Sjdvester Adams, minister of gods word. 

-r T Oi. • ni n i The marke of Henry Jakeman H ) Church- 

John Steninge, Collector. ,^- -i at ^^ a,.-,.^ 

» ' Mathewe Napper ) wardens. 


[Chichester Baj^e, Box and Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Rumbalds AVyke, Box & S. H.; I.H. 22." 

Signatures and marks on paper. See also ante., p. 15.] 

Sussex : The Protestation of y® Parishioners of the Parish of 
Rumbaldsweeke, Feb : 15,1641. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Promise [vow] & Protestation."] 




Richard Cubberley 
Edward Gocay 
Giles X Shane [or 

Richard X Cubberley 

Robert R Browne 
Robert R Browne 
Rieliard Magwicke 
Thomas X Heard 
Thomas X Colpice 

Richard Sucket 
John X Colpice 
John O Cleeve 
William W Collier 

Tlie hands of all the Parishioners of Rumbaldsweeke, that are above 
1 8 yeares old, w''^ have taken the Protestation before named, before the 
Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of the said Parish, the 16 day 
of Februarie last past. 

Ita test : Rob : Randall, Rec : ibid. 


[Bramber, Ba2)c, Singlecross Hundred.'] 

llndorscd in pencil " Rusper, Bramber Rape, Single Cross Hund. 
H.Z. 2." Written names on parchment!] 

Sussex : Rusper : The names of those That have made theire 
Protestacion theire. 

William Browne, gent. 
John Garnar, gent. 
Richard Jupp 
William Win 
Anthony Colecock 
John Batchelor 
Richard Staubridge 
William Weller, sen'' 
Charles Oakes 
Nicholas Blanchard 
William Charlewood 
Edward Jupp 
Charles Napper 
AVilliam Margesson 
Thomas Cowper 
Anthony Sturges 
William Harlinge 
Eobertt Stydman 
Thomas Ede 
John Longhurste, 

John Longhurste 
John Parson 
William Nicholas 
William Ede 
William Steere, senior 
Thomas Greenefeild 
Thomas Naldrett 
John Peter 
Thomas Lane 
Henry Robinson 
Henry Gaiston [? ai] 
Edward Allison 
John Boughton 
John Moorer 
Thomas BaU 
Thomas Holder 
Henry Mayre 
Thomas Wright, sen' 
Thomas Vinall 
William Tydie 
Robertt Ede, senior 

William Steere 
John Jupp 
Richard Ellis 
Thomas Lee 
John Hill 
Thomas Hill 
William Kempsall 
John Kempsall 
Robertt Ede, junior 
William Robinson 
William Ede, junior 
John Sayers 
Allyn Boughton 
John Michell 
John Parson 
Robertt Agates 
John Cheseman 
Thomas Poore 
AVilliam Agates 
John Browne 
Thomas Ede, ju. 
L 2 




John Nicolas 
Richard Norrise 
John Sherlocke 
Francis Bottinge 
John Lane 

John Worsfold 
Thomas Wrighte, 

John Ellis 
Thomas Brett 

John White 
John Dandy 
Willm. Weller, jun"^ 

William Pryaulx, Rector. 
Thomas Tydye, Churchwarden. Richard Rickmau, Overseer. 


[Arundel Bape, Poling Hundred.'} 

[This Return is indorsed in pencil " West Preston, Poling H., 
H.Q. 9." It consists of written names on paper, and although it is 
headed " Preston, West," as heloiv, it would seem that it must be really 
the Return for Rustington, which parish is otherwise missing from the 
series. West Preston is not a parish. Horsfield, in his History of 
Sussex, states under Rustington (Vol. II., p. 135), that "The manor 
and hamlet of West Preston lie at the eastern extremity of this 
parish," and in dealing with the manors in the parish, he calls it " the 
small manor of West Preston." The Return is attested, inter alia, by 
Thomas Upperton, as churchwarden, who is probably identical with 
Thomas Upperton, of Rustington, co. Sussex, yeoman, whose will, dated 
22nd of May 1657, was proved in P.C.C. on 24th of July in the same 
year {Euthen, fo. 278), by Thomas Upperton, one of the executors, 
power reserved to John Kewell, the other executor. One Roger Ashton 
certifies this Return as " Curate," and he also signs the Return for the 
adjoining parish of East Preston, in the same capacity.] 

Preston, West : A Catalogue of theire names who have made this 
Protestation recommended unto them by the honourable house of 
Commons, whose names are here under written. 

John Upperton 
John Sole 
Thomas Mathurst 
William Lewess 
Richard Pescod 
John Benjamin 
Robert Kewell 
William Lucas 
Thomas Foster 
Thomas Bennet 

John Withier 
William Heberdin 
John Prickler 
Richard Locke 
John Mathie 
John Smith 
John Brooke 
Robert Brooke 
John Maine 
Thomas Wilkinson 

Nicolas Abram 
Edward Hatcher 
Thomas Belchimber 
Nicolas Binsted 
Richard Earle 
John Mathurst 
Henery Blaber 
Henery Locke 
Salomon Griffin 
Robert Owton 




Edward Master, senior John Kilsey 

John x^rnall John Benjamin 

John Sowtou John Locke 

Edward Charlet Thomas Sauuder 

John Cooke John Hill 

Thomas Sowton Thomas Barnard 

Thomas Kewell 
John Kewell 
Nicolas Hale 
Nicholas Gurre 
Edward Master, junior 
Thomas Hipwood 

These are to certify you that all the Male Inhabitants in our 
Parish of eighteene yeares and upwards have tooke this Protestation, 
and that none in our Parish have refus'd it : In the Presence of: 

Eoger Ashton, Curate. 

John Baker \ 

Church- The marke of > Overseers, 

wardens. John 0-0 Brooke ) 

The marke of 
Thomas X Upperton 

The marke of 
Thomas X Baker 


[Chichester Bape, Easebourne Hundred. 1 

[Indorsed in jje7jc;7 " Selham ; Chich ; Easeb. ; I.J. 11." 
Signatures and marks on paper. '\ 

Sellam : Memorandum, that the Inhabitantes of the parish of 
Sellam in the County of Sussex, have taken this insueing Protestacion 
the n^-nteenth day of this instant February, in the presence of the 
Minister, Churchwarden and Overseer of the Poore of this 
Protestacion [_sic']. 

l^Here folio IV s the Protestation coniincncing "We doe in the," etc., 
and terminating "vow and Protestacion."] 

Anthony Hallist 

Edward Morris 

Anthony Feilder X his marke 

John X Swayne his marke 

Ealph Knight X his marke 

Anthonv Steuing A his marke 

Eobert Hill 

Eobert Hill, juner 

Wme. X Bound his marke 

Willm. X Feilder his marke 
Michaell X Beede his marke 
Eichard O Hew his marke 
Georg O Marshall his marke 
Thomas X Ayling his marke 
Thomas Poalling 
Ealph O Hersey his marke 
John X Ayling, senioi-, his marl 

Thomas I Polling, Churchwarden, 


Edward Legat, Overseere. 
Edward Hill, curate ibm. 




[Chichester Bape, Manhood Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Selsey ; Manhood H. ; I.K. 4." Written names 
on iKtpcr. See also ante, p. 13.] 

Memorandum, tliat the inhabitants of the Pai'ish of Selsie, from the 
age of 18 yeares & nppwards, whose names are heare under written, 
did freely make this ensuing Protestacion the 13"' day of this instant 
February, in the presence of Henry Kente, Viccar of the said Parish, 
& in the presence of the Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of 
the said Parish. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating " vowe & Protestacion."] 

William Sandham 
Ei chard Forbench 
William Eoiefe [?] 
Henry Smith, se. 
William Latter 
William Walliston 
William Kempe 
Thomas Poe 
Roger Hobbes 
Thomas White 
William Knight 
John Shorte 
Edward Sewer 
John Pearley 
William Gfilbert 
Will: Mann 
Eichard Poe 
Thomas Sheppard 
Eichard Barnes 
Thomas Shill 
Thomas Woodland, 

Thomas Latter, se. 
Eobert Taylor 
John Gnoden 
John Goble 
William Hamman 
Thomas Millard 
John Bucke 
Thomas Greene 

Eobert Pilt [? Pitt] 
Thomas Hobbes 
John Emerey 
Eichard Greines 

[? Greives] 
John Brockhurst 
Niccolas Walter 
Henry Woods 
Thomas Stent 
Eichard Bucke 
John Paulmer 
Falix Walliston 
William Latter, ju. 
Niccolas Stavell 
Eichard Cheapeman 
Edward Mearch 
John AVetterman 
George West 
William Martin 
Eichard Curbie 
Daniell Bounce 
John Wattersfield 
Michael Jelly 
John Etherege 
George Stente 
Henr}' Mose 
William Ayhner 
William Downer 
Eichard Elliott 
Edward Trie 

John Shill 
Eichard Beare 
William Smith 
Eobert Pellett [sic] 
George Woodland 
Edward Love 
John Adams 
Niccolas Ayre 
Eichard Daniell 
Henr}' James 
William Pierce 
Eichard Pierce 
Edward Watterman 
AVilliam Bushopp 
William Warner 
John Cafford 
Eichard Foe 
Thomas Watterman 
Thomas Prockhurst 

Eichard Waike 
Eichard Love 
John Jellett 
John Babes 
Thomas Tyther 
Cheinent [sic, 

? Clement] Cerby 
Thomas Woodland, s- 
Eichard Brayes 
Thomas Hallowev 



Arthur Eandell 
William Eobinson 
Daniell Osbourue 
John B anil ell 
Henry Smith, ju. 
Tho:" Stent, ju. 
John Arnold 
William Colpis 
William Permis 

John Walker 
William AValker 
Eichard Beare 
Henry Fry 
John Latter 
Owen Dowse 
John Brickler 
Thomas Colpis 
Eichard Shill 

Thomas Latter 
Thomas Hollard 
Thomas Knight 
John Dowse 
Sara [_sic'] Latter 
Thomas Waiat 
William Jellett [sic'] 
Thomas Collin 

All the inhabitants (from the age of 18 yeares & uppwards) have 
taken the said Protestacion the day & yeare above said, before me, 
Henry Kent, Viccar, tS: the Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of 
the said Parish. 

Henry Kent. 



Bcq^e, WiNDnA:M axd Ewhukst Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Shermanbury, Bramber, Windham & Ewhurst. 
I.D. 2." Written names on parchment.] 

Shermanbury, Sussex, Anno Domini 1641, February 23. 

AVee, Gregory Eoberdes, Eector of Shermanbury in the Count}^ of 
Sussex, Thomas Michaell and John Jeneson, Churchwardens, John 
Vincent and Isaac Denman, Overseers for the Poore, and Thomas 
Dunstall, Headburrough of the same Parishe, liaveing taken the 
Protestation ourselves before M' Ealphe Cooper and M"^ Thomas 
Midlton, Justices of Peace over the same County, and haveing receavd 
commaund from them to comraende it to every man in the Parisshe 
above the age of eighteene yeares, these are to certifie that wee have 
commended it to every man above y' age, and that they have every 
man taken it w'^'out any exception, and y' ther names are all heer 
imder written. 

Eobcrte Vincente 
Thomas Boneface 
John ]\Iutton 
Edwarde Peter 
Hugo Vincente 
John A'VVoode 
Thomas Farley 
Thomas Bearde 

John G-ratwicke of 

John Juppe 
Thomas Gratwicke 
Edwarde Vincent 
Thomas Denman 
Eicharde Bury 
John Morley 

Will : A'Wood, sen. 
Thomas Parson 
Edward Martine 
Edwarde Boneface 
Thomas Buffet 
John A'Woode, junior 
Jeame Langforde 
Henery Juppe 




John AVillet 
Edward Peter 
Eicliarde Ditclie 
Thomas Johnson 
AVilliani Willet 
Anthony Buffet 
John Juppe, ju. 
William Hillman 

Thomas Michell 
Y'' marke X of John 

Thomas Tilly 
Henery Greene 
John Denman 
William Woode, ju. 
Jeffery Hewet 
Thomas Martin 
Allen Dormer 
Frauncis Streater 

George Kinge 
AVilliam Andrewes 
John Gratwicke 
Okenden Eoberts 
William Thorneden 
John Thorneden 
William A'Wood, ju. 

Gregory Eoberdes, Eector ibid. 


John Vincent. 

Y" marke R of Isaac Denman. 

Thomas Dunstall. 

[The folloiving note lias been interpolated on the iqjper viargui of 
tins Beturn.~] 

The names of the Ministers, Churchwardens, Constables and 
Overseers for the Poore of the severall Parishes within the wildeish 
\_sic'\ part of the Rape of Bramber, together with the names of them 
that have taken, and of those that have refused the Protestation. 

Ealfe Cowper Tho : Middleton. 


[Bramber Bapc, West Grinsteai) Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Shipley, Bramber Eape, West Grinstead Hund. 
H.W. 4." Written navies on parchment.] 

The names of those whoe have taken the protestacion in the Parish 
of Shipley. 

Eob : Swanwic 


Prancis Stringer, ju. ) Church 

John Hollan 

Eiehard Worsfould 
AVillm. Frances 


wardens. Hugh Lassater, Constable. 

M"^ Eiehard Cooke, 

Thomas Gates 
John Cootes 
Thomas Davy 
John Bullaker 
Eicliard Gates 

Emery Eaynard 
John Yaggar 
Leonard Millam, sen. 
Thomas Juppe, sen. 
Thomas Juppe, ju. 
Eiehard Hurst, sen. 
Leonard Millam, ju. 

John Juppe 
John Maskall 
James Oulder 
Eiehard Bale 
Henry Oulder 
Willm. French 
Eiehard French 




John Iblank'] 
Willm. Caine 
John Penfold 
Richard Hurst, ju. 
William Skinner 
Willm. Gillett, ju. 
Samuel Mougridge 
Robert Glassington 
John Page 
John Mich ell 
Charles Pavy, ju. 
John Laky 
John Grratwicke 
Hugh Blincoe 
Henry Streeter 
Richard Daniell 
Thomas Tayler 
John Daniell 
Roger Tayler 
Thomas Skinner 
Richard Kippinge 
Peter Oulder 
Andrew Daniell 
John Hamper 
Willm. Towse 
Robert Miles 
Thomas Parson, sen. 
Edward Pryer 
Henry Hailer 
Willm. Streeter 
Willm. Mansell 
Abraham Pryer 
Willm. Daniell 
Andrew Daniell 
Richard Penfold 
Thomas Parson, ju. 
James Hurst, ju. 
John Baker 
Richard Herriot 
Thomas Potter 
Thomas Ticknar 
Thomas Daniell 
Richard Pickham 
Edward Henley 
Richard Furlonger 
John Woolvin 
Thomas Michell 
Edward Bayley 
John Dummer 

Nicholas Marlott 
Henry Broomham 
Richard Pannett 
Thomas Pryer 
Willm. Streeter 
John Ra3'nard 
Edward Leigh 
John Pryer 
Francis Deane 
Edward Wildfire 
Richard Cappe 
John Bankes 
John Waller 
Willm. Slatterford 
Willm. Shaue 
Alexand : Fist 
John Griufeild 
Willm. Standen 
AVillm. Skinner 
Thomas Hurst 
Richard Deane 
John Weller 
Richard Slatter 
John Bromham 
James Juppe 
Andrew Worley 
John Baile 
John Shaue 
Thomas Michell 
John Smith 
Richard Worsfould 
Richard Pryer 
John Hailer 
Anthony Boadfold 
Willm. Towne 
Thomas Hill 
James Hurst, sen. 
Henry Upton 
John Nye 
Phillip BuUaker 
John Worsfould 
Thomas Edwards 
Robert Algate 
Francis Stringer, sen. 
Henry Gate 
Walter French 
Moyses Brookes 
Willm. Upton 
Hugh Deane 

John Pellinge 
Richard Steere 
Richard Frances 
Willm. Freeman 
Edward Hailer 
Richard Greeufeild 
Henry Juppe 
Richard Dunton 
Henry Weller 
Richard Pavy 
Edward Wood 
Charles Pavy, sen. 
Henry Norris 
John Slatter 
John Ockenden 
Richard Slatter 
Richard Tye 
Nicholas Powell 
Richard Nightingale 
Richard Byshop 
John Towne 
John Hailer 
Ralph Winchester 
John Steart 
Richard Tyler 
John Parson 
Willm. Bacheler 
Willm. Pannett 
John Hill 
John Blake 
Robert Hurst 
Joseph Antrobus 
Nathaniel Jeffery 
AVillm. Gillett 
Edward Hill 
John French 
Richard Ansty 
Thomas Morrell 
Willm. Freeman, ju. 
Edward Triptrey 
Thomas Upton 
Henry Waterman 
Powle Sands 
John Michell 
George Furlonger 

Negat : 
Thomas Banfild 




[Bramber Bapc, Brightford Hundred.'] 
\_Bcturn missiiuj.] 


[Bramber Ba2)e, Fishergate Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in jyencil " Shoreham, Old, Bramber, Fishergate. H. W. 2." 
Signatures and marks on imper.] 

Sussex : Bramber Eape : Ould Shoreham Parisbe, Februarii the 
xxv'S 1641. 

M'', The day and yeare abovesa3^ed, the Minister and Churchwarden 
of the Parishe of Oukl Shoreham aforesayed, whose names are here- 
under subscribed, did take the Protestation Commaunded by the 
Commons House of Parliament, beefore mee, Henry Goringe, one of 
his Ma^'* Justices of the Peace for the County aforesayed, the Church- 
warden beeiug likewise overseere of the Poore, beeinge a \evj smale 

Hen : Gorinsre. 

John Johnson, Rector of Old Shorham. 
Geo : Luxforde, Churchwarden & Overseer. 

The mark of IS Jo : Selden, 

Church Warden 
Michaell Masters, Bayliffe 
The T T mark of Rich : Poole 
AVilK. Roberts 
James Goodyare 
The mark of A Eob : Neale 
The mark of W Will : Watson 
The mark of T Tho : Smith 
The mark of S Jo : Sizumons 
The mark of I James Heaver 
The mark of O Jo : Blackman 
The mark of Z Tho : Godman 
The mark of O Hen : Blaker 

William Fleet 
The mark of T Tho : Rich 
The mark of X Rich : Swift 
The mark of W Wil : Paine 
The mark of D David Seward 
The mark of X Rich : Avery 
The mark of X Jo : Parsons 
The mark of Z Tho : Gubbin 
Tiie mark of T Rich : Towner 
Tlie mark of X Jo : Roberts 
The mark of X Jo : Audrewes 
Thomas Gering 

The mark of — Nicolas Maisters 
The mark of X Tho : Arthur 



[SnoREiiAM, Old.] 

The mark of Rich : Hunn 
The mark of X Roger Cooper 
The mark of X Rich : Simmons 
The mark of X Will : Stiffe 
John Simons 

The mark of S Edw : Streeter 
William Man [? Han] 
The O mark of Tho : Askue 
The mark of X Jo : Lale 
The mark of X Jo : Cooper 

We, whose names are here subscribed, have seene all these Persons 
above writen taken the Protestation most willing-ly, and not any one 
in the Parish hath refused it. 

Jo : Johnson, Rector of Old Shorham. 

Greo : Luxforde, Churchwarden & Overseer. 


[Chichester Piape, Maxhood Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in 2Jencil ^^Sidlesham; Manhood; I.K. 5." Written names 
on paper, hut "Eusebius Hayes" is a signature. See also ante, 
p. 13.] 

Siddlesham in Sussex : M'', That we, the Inhabitants of the Parish 
of Siddlesham, whose names are here under written and on the other 
side of the leafe, did take and make this Protestation in the presenc 
of John Callowe, vicar ibid., on the 13"' and 14"' day of February, 
1641, according to the order set forth by the House of Commons, Anno 
Regni Dmni. nri. Choroli dei gratia Anglie Scotie Francie et Hibornie 
Regis fide defensoris &'', decimo septimo. 

\_Hcre follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc. 
terminating " Yow and Protestation."] 


William Sone 
William Burry 
Samuell Bigges 
Thomas James 
John Rumbriger 
Thomas Downer 
John Perin 
Richard Bridger 
John Page 
Roger Sone 
Shrimtin Aburra 
Thomas Elliot 

Richard Hemsley 
John Grinfield 
Thomas Mihill 
John Private 
Raph Wade 
John AVarner 
Richard Pay 
John Warner 
James Woolgar 
John Weppam 
Thomas Marner 
Edward Cooper 

John Aylmore 
Joseph Miles 
Edward Aburra 
John Bud 
Thomas Stowell 
Bartholomew Cox 
Thomas Sander 
John Bradshawe 
John Woodes 
John Francis 
Thomas Wilson 
Thomas Walter 




Eaph Cox 

William Eumbridger 
Richard Gye 
Thomas Capon 
Edward Billingshurst 
Walter Knight 
William Faith 
Richard Smith 
William Faith, jun. 
John Violate 
Thomas Richards 
Thomas Billingshurst 
Robert Grrigg 
Richard Daniell 
Ellis Woods 
Richard Chapman 
John Wigram 
Thomas Fo^yler 
Eusebius Hayes 
AVilliam Greene 
Henery Powllter 
John Stowell 
Thomas Kichan 
James Gates 
Richard Thursbye 
James Alderslade 

William Vileat 
John Parker 
William Pratt 
William Longe 
Edward Taylor 
Thomas Thursby 
John Dubbin 
Benjamin Dubbin 
Henery Tucker 
John Rodum 
Thomas Sanders 
Francis Bridger 
Edward Golding 
Edward Sander 
John Cooke 
Richard Warde, jun. 
Richard Ward, senior 
Richard Aylmore 
John Hollo way 
Richard Marden 
William Woodland 
Thomas Wolven 
William Cooke 
Thomas Greenwood 
John Scot 
Richard Newland 

Henery Middleton 
Thomas Sanders 
Andrew Chisman 
William Gosby 
John Short 
Thomas James 
Christopher Bonny 
John Capon 
John Mortamer 
Richard Wiate 
William Tucker 
Umphery Billings- 
John Hardinge 
William Parker 
Henery Howe 
John Abrame 
Thomas James 
Thomas Wiate 
John Picoke 
Hener}' Spurnell 
Henery Short 
Steven Scot 
Thomas Gain 
Henry Rusbridge 

We have none in this our Parish of Siddlesham, above the age of 
eighteen years, but have taken the Protestation set forth b}' the order 
of the Honourable Assembly of Parliament, except some 3 or 4 of our 
neighbours that are seaforeing men, who have bene gone to sea this 

John Callowe, Vicarius de Siddlesham. 


[Chichester liapc, Westboukxe and Sixgleton Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Singleton; Chich ; Westb. and Singl. H. ; 
I.L. 9." Written names on paper. The sinister edge of tliis 
Return is decayed and in part gone, but the list of names is 
perfect. See also ante, p. 11.] 

Sussex : Singleton : M., that the men Inhabitantes from eighteen 
of age and upwards . . . [gone, ? of the] . . . Parish of 




Singleton, whose names are hereunder written, did take the . . 
[^gone, ? said] . . . vow and Protestation following. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing " I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

Richard Woods 

John Court 

Henry Burcher, sen. 

John Love 

Robert Burcher, sen. 

Richard Gardenor 

Robert Grodden 

Andrew Godden 

James Eastgate 

John Foord 

Henry Foster 

Henry Burcher, ju. 

Thomas West 

Daniel Weaneham [or 

John Heaton 
Edward Coale 
Nathaniel Court 
Joseph Crane 

William Croucher 
William Dearling 
Robert Dearling 
David Dearling 
John Dearling 
Richard Duden 
John Duden 
Edward Beeding 
John Billings 
William Wilson 
David Wells 
William Heberdine 
Nathaniel Butcher 
Edward Bolsome 
Richard Bolsome 
Richard Beedle 
Abraham Knight 
John Love, sen. 
John Love, ju. 

William Love 
Daniel Love 
Francis Mascall 
Thomas Moody 
Henry Peachey, ju. 
John West 
William Peachey 
John Parkar, sen. 
John Parkar, ju. 
Thomas Pennicks 
Cornelius Smith 
Thomas Stalter 
Daniel Treagoose, sen. 
Daniel Treagoose, ju. 
Gregory Sherryer 
Richard Woods 
Thomas Woods 
Robert Wakeford 
Daniel West 

All these whose names are above written tooke the above written 
Protestation, February the 20"', 1641, quod tester ego. 

Jacobus Sicklemore, Rector de Singleton. 

William Rimes 
William Ailing, sen. 
John Budd, sen. 
John Budd, ju. 
Thomas Budd 
Robert Burcher, ju. 

William Collect 
Thomas Edwards 
John Ede 
William Hebrdine 
Henry Peachey, sen. 
Edward Sparrow 

William Sussex 
John Tecknor 
William Waker 
Tliomas Welles 

Some of these have taken the above Protestation, and I doubt not 
but they all will, as soone as I can get to them, take the said 

J : Sicklemore. 

These have not taken the said Protestacion, viz. : 

William Walker 

William Haberden AVilliam Ayling 




[CniCHESTEii Rape, Aldwick Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Slindon, Aid wick H.; I.F. 3." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 15.] 

Slindon : Memorandum, that the inhabitants of the Parish of Sliudon, 
from the age of 18 yeares & uppwards, have taken this Protestacion 
heare under written, before Thomas Carrell, Rector of the said Parish, 
& before the Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of the said 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doo, 
terminating " vowe & Protestacion."] 

etc., and 

Robt. Carrill 
John Newland 
William Peeter 
William Burnett, ju. 
William Burnett, se. 
Will : Battman 
William Hartley 
Edward Stient 
William Hopkins 
Niccolas Wheeler 
George Court 
John Strong 
Edward Wisse 
John Francis 
Henry Oliver 
Thomas Grevett 
Thomas Miller 
Robert Lud^ater 

William Jupe 
Robert Jupe 
William Streete 
John Burman 
Richard Wade 
John Gray 
Clement Head 
Thomas Abraham 
Richard Smith 
John Cobdene 
Richard Sarle 
Thomas Wise 
Alin Ay cock e 
Adam Newland 
Robert Noles [? Notes] 
Richard Heberden 
Phillipp Coles 
Richard Coles 

Herda Davie 
John Wassell 
John Porse 
John Silver 
Richard Dubbin 
Richard Tary 
Richard Turner 
Roger Fagger 
William May 
John Smith 
John Fard 
Edward Skinner 
Thomas Neppon 
William Foorder 
Edward Hartley 
John Hawthorne 
Josep Cetchlove 

All these Persons have taken the said Protestacion, & their are 
none other within the said Parish as have not taken the said Protesta- 
cion, but only Sir Garrett Kempe, Knit., M"" Thomas Kempe & his son, 
& Anthony W^hittington his servant, w'=*' are from home. 

Thomas Caryll, Rector ibidem. 




[Arundel Bape, West Easwrith Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in j)encil " Slinfold, W, E. H., H.S. 7." Written names 
on 'paper.] 

A Catalogue of the names of the Parishoners of Slynfokl, y' tooke 
the Protestation. 

Mr. Groorge Churchar, 

Mr. Jolm Churchar, 

Gfeorge Milles 
John Milles 
Lawrence Dobbes 
Eichard Davy 
John Grooby 
Greorge Shawe 
Thomas Cooper 
Mr. Thomas Cooper, 

Mr. Edward Cooper, 

Martin Gardiner 
Nicholas Lintet 
Edward Churchman 
Henery Butler 
John Butler 
Robert Beast 
Phillip Cunstable 
Edward Puttocke 
Henery Nightingale 
James Terry 
William Eeve 
Phillip Tinley 
Anthony Greenfield 
John Puttocke 
Roger Stanford 
Thomas Lambert 
John Churcli 
Henery Noldright 
Thomas RafFy 
John Bennet 
Robert Potter 
Thomas Knight 
John Stringer 
James Puttocke 

Henery Cooper 
Richard Sweeting 
Morris Penfold 
Robert Nichols, sen. 
John Lee 
Phillip Clarke 
George Ottwaye 
Richard Barnard 
John Belchamber 
Robert Cooper 
Edward Cooper 
Stephen Humfrey 
William Francis 
Thomas Bristowe 
John Penfold 
William Garton 
Edmund Nightingale 
AVilliam Dartnole 
John Puttocke 
Robert Strudwicke 
Humfrey Blackwell 
Nicholas Cooke 

[? Croke] 
Robert Pray 
Edward Sweeting 
Gilbert Sayer 
Roger Jewet 
Richard Penfold 
Richard Eede 
Richard NichoU 
Richard Noldright 
George Man 
Thomas Holland 
Edward Puttocke 
Richard Puttocke 
Ricliard Heptinstall 
John Slaterfoord 
Edward Snelling 
Phillip Holland, sen. 

Thomas Cheeseman 
Henery Greenfield 
Richard Knight 
John Hackey 
John Sweeting 
Henery Ellis 
W" Slaterford 
William Reeve, sen. 
Phillip Holland, ju. 
Ralphe Noldright 
Robert Dupper 
Edward Potter 
Richard Steere 
Richard Cunstable 
John Short 
Phillip Puttocke 
Richard Michell 
John Ail ward 
Richard Nye 
Edward Thayer 
AV" Morris 
Henry Thayer 
John Hedger 
Henery Skinner 
Francis Short 
Robert Knight 
William Michelnour 
John Chelsum 
William Stanstreet 
Daniel Hailer 
John Naldrett 
Robert Nicoll 
W'" Deereling 
Francis Nye, gent. 
Edward Thayer, son. 
Walter Nicholls 
Thomas Stidman 
Thomas Penfold 



Eeginald Moliune, Esquier, and John Nye, gent., were gone to 
London a weeke before notice was given for taking y^ Protestation, & 
are not yet returned. 

W" Kinge, Curat. Thomas Penfold John Ismonger 

Edward Stanford Eichard Grardiner 

To the Eight Wor" S"' William Groringe, Baronet, S' John Leedes, 
Knight, & John Apseley, Esquire, three of his Ma"''^ Justices of the 
Peace in the Countie of Susses, and y^ division within the Eape of 
Arundell in the said Countie. 

The Certificate of W" Kinge, Clerke, Curat of the Parish church of 
Slynfold in y^ said Countie, Thomas Penfold & Edward Stanford, 
Churchwardens, John Isemonger & Richard Gardiner, Overseers of 
the Poore of the same Parish, of the particular names of all & every 
person and persons within that Parish, from eighteene yeares and 
upwards, who have taken the Protestation (made on the third day 
of May last by the by the [sic'] Members of the House of Commons 
now assembled in Parliament), according to the Letters & Order of the 
same House of Commons directed, published and sent downe in that 
behalfe, and none hath Eefused. In witnesse whereof wee have 
hereunto subscribed o"^ names. 

"William Kinge, Curat. Thomas Penfold John Isemonger 
Edward Stanford Eichard Gardiner 


[Bramber Bajye, Brightford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Sompting, Bramber, Brightford. H.T. 5." 
Written names on 'paper.] 

Sussex: Bramber Eape : Somptinge Parish, Febr : y'' 25"\ 1641. 

Mem''"™, the day and yeare first above written, the Minister, Church- 
Wardens and Overseers for the Poore, whose names are heerunto 
subscribed, did take y^ Protestacion unto them by y" Commons House 
of Parliament commanded, before me, Henry Goringe, one of his 
Ma*'^^ Justices of y^ Peace for y® sayd County. 

Hen : Goringe. 
William Lynette, Minister. 

Jo : Hide, Churchwarden of Sompting. 

Eichard Cheale, Overseer of y^ Poore. 




Memorandum that uppon the 27"' day of February, Ano. Dni. 1641, 
The Inhabitantes of the sayd Parish, whose names are hereunto 
subscribed, did take the Protestation above mentioned. 

Thomas Marten 
Peter Burden 
Philip Cheale 
Thomas Swayne 
James Horly 
John Avery 
Daniell iStammer 
Nicholas Hunter 
Richard Cooke 
John Austin 
Thomas Fletcher 
Symon Masters 
John Emery 
Richard Adames 
John Allington 
Richard Jenner 
Stephen Stammer 
John Milles 
Richard Washer 
Thomas Parker 
George Norton 
Thomas Older 
Thomas Broomefield 
William Winchester 

Edward Washer 
William Virgoe 
Jeffery Rogers 
John Older 
AVilliam Etherton 
Robert Howell 
William Robinson 
William Humfry 
William Walder 
Richard Weekes 
Edward Lee 
Richard Older 
Robert Michell 
John Knight 
Edward Willett 
George Sowton 
John Jenner 
Thomas Stammer 
Henry Harman 
Thomas Washer 
John Blackman 
John Avery, junior 
Edward Whitington 
William Goble 

John Willmotte 
Richard Goble 
Richard Broomefield 
John James 
John Beane 
John Burden 
John Broomfield 
Thomas Avery 
John Kinion 
John Beacher 
Richard Holmes 
Thomas Woods 
Thomas James 
John Walder 
Edward Older 
Edward Rose 
Richard Lidbeter 
Robert Carter 
William Washer 
John Turnagaine 
Richard Stonham 
John Stafford 
John Wayes 
George Mockford 

All the Parishioners of 

the sayde Parish have taken the sayd 

Witnesses hereunto the above-named, 

W™ Lynnette 
Jo : Hide 
Richard Cheale. 


[Bramber Ba2Je, Fishergate Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Southwick, Bramber, Fishergate. H.W. 3." 
Signatures and marks on impcr.'] 

Sussex : Bramber Rape : Southweeke Parishe, Februarii the xxv"^, 

M*", The day and yeare abovesayed, the Minister of the sayed Parish 
and Cunstable of the sayed Hundred, whose names are heereunder 



subscribed, did take the Protestation Commaunded by the Commons 
House of Parliament, beefore mee, Henry Goringe, one of his Ma"' 
Justices of the Peace for the aforesayed County, the Churchwardens 
of that Parishe beinge not well, whose Protestations the Minister and 
Cunstable aforesayed intend to take w"" the rest of that Parishe. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Cornelius Tinley, Eector of Southweeke in Sussex. 

John Hall, Cunstable of the sayd Hundred and Overseer of the Poore 
of the sayd Parish. 

Nicklas Tutt, Churchwardens [_sic^. 

The marke of John Stempe X Churchwarden. 

The marke of John Pollard O Walter Mockford 

Stephen Gouldsmith John Beeding his mark O 

Stedman Breaden Abraham Winn his mark O 

John Newington Henry e Bayley his mark X 
The marke of Thomas Pollard X Stephen Goldsmith, junior, his 
The marke of Thomas Simnons X mark O 

[_sic, ? Simmons] Richard Osburne his mark O 

John Patchings mark X John Pocknel his mark O 

Richard Patchings mark X John Smyth his mark X 

Thomas Streter his mark T John Smythe, y^ yonger, his 
Edward Coorner his mark E mark S 

Thomas Jeffray his mark T William Swift his mark y\ 

Henrye Holland his mark X William West his mark W 

Robert Emerye his mark X John Reford his marke X 

Anthonye Jeffray his mark X John INTascall his marke M 

John Farmer his mark I John Ayers his marke I 

Richard Mockford his mark O John Retford his mark /\ 

Wee, whose names ar heerunder written, have seen all y^ neighbour- 
hood above written to sett to ther handes to y^ Protestation enjoyned, 
willinglye, w'out y^ ref usall of any one particular. 

Cornelius Tinley, Rector ibid. 
John Hall, Constable & Overseer. 




[CnicnESTER BcLi:)c, Easebourne Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Stedliam ; Cliicli.; Easebourn; I.J. 12." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, pp. 8 and 10.] 

Memorandum, that the Inhabitantes of the Parish of Stedham on 
Sunday the 20 day of Februar}', have taken this ensuing Protestation, 
before the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poore. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe, 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

etc., and 

W AVilli 


John Hudson 
Thomas Ayling of 

North end 
Eichard Aylwin 
"William Ayling of 

Daniell Knight 
Robert Fry 
Nicholas Ayling 
Robert Blackman 
Thomas Vollar 
Hewet Hankes 
Nicholas Betteswovth 
Peter Mellersh 
Henry Clare 
William Cover 
William Spurrier, se. 
William Spurrier, ju. 
Peter Bettesworth 
William Shorter 
Henry Binnifold 
Adam Whiteland 
Thomas Heather 
Richard Arnold 

Richai-d Bound 
John Taylour 
Thomas Ayling of Sole 
Richard Cooper 
William Cooper 
John Wilson 
John Barsheere 
Michaell Bolsome 
AVilliam Billet, se. 
Stephen Howard 
John Billet 
John Harwood 
John Averye 
William Ayling 
John Ayling 
William Puttick 
John Howard 
Edward Newton 
William Stephens 
Robert Barsheer 
William Swanne 
Thomas Gryste, ju. 
William Gryste 
William Packer 
Thomas Packer 
Thomas Ayling of Gore 

Richard Blackman 
John Betsor 
John Stoner 
John Netherway 
John Boxold 
Arthur Bowman 
Thomas Ayling, ju. 
Thomas Vollar, ju. 
Richard Voller 
John Poke 
John Stilwell 
William Ayling 
William Glasier 
Richard Smith 
Francis Ayling 
William Billet, ju. 
William Collinges 
Thomas Martin 
AVilliam Slade 
John Wase 
Thomas Stoner 
James Pike 
Richard Rofe [or Rafe] 
John Bone 

Edward Rigges, Minister. 

For the three elder sonnes of M' William Coldham, M"" William, M"^ 
Richard, M^ Anthony, Popish Recusantes, there were none of them at 
home at the same time. 

Edward Rigges, Minister, 

M 2 




[Bramber Bape, Steyning Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in li&ncil " Steyning, Bramber, Steyning. I. A. 3." Signa- 
tures, marks, and ivritten names on three sheets of ixiper stitched 
together to form one sheet. Many of the nanies are difficult to 

Sussex: Bramber Eape : Steineing Parish, Febr : 25"^, 1641. 

Mem''", the day and yeare above written, the Minister, Church- 
wardens and Overseers for the Poore, whose names are heereuuto 
subscribed, did take the Protestation unto them commanded by the 
Commons House of Parliament, Before me, Henry Groringe, one of [his] 
Ma"*^^ Justices of the Peace for the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Leon : Stalman, Clarke. 

Willm. W Cobyes mark | Churcli- Phillip Soall ) Overseers 
Geo : Chapman ) wardens. William Perly j ^ ^ 

Eich : White 
John Peito 
John Hepden 
John Prere 
William Smith 
John Parson 
Henry Stalman 
John Grome 
Samuel Lucke 
James Turner 
Eichard Tayler 
Will : W L Lonmere 

his mark 
Thomas Pellet 
Edmond Bare 
John Gatford 
AV" Smith ju. 
John Dixon 
Thomas Peachy 
Willm. Allkyn 
Humfrey Gooddinge 
Daniel Haynier 
John Colstocke 

Eichard Patching 
William Washer 
James Hanson 
Thomas Hyll 
Thomas Smith 
Mighell Eson 
John Pillan 
John Coulstock 
William Engram 
William Citchenor 
John Beacher 
Ealfe Waies 
Eichard Snelling 
John Lee 
Edward Hues 
Thomas Peerson 
Edward Fussell 
Thomas Eobenes 
William Blonden 
William White 
Francis Tharpe 
John Longemor 
George Newark 

John Chrismas 
Benjamin Newark 
James Tharpe 
John Weller 
John Loatman 
Thomas Pidder 
John King 
Thomas Hammons 
Thomas Bigs 
John Paceet 
Thomas Beding 
Eichard Arrasmith 
John Horly 
Thomas Cala 
William Parker 
Edmun Munfield 
William Lidbiter 
Eichard Nash 
Alexander Lidbiter 
John Michaell 
Henry Snelling 
John Hiles 
William Streater 



John Bennet 
Hennery Burt 
Edward Hauniiiu 
William Elis 
John Packham 
Hennery H. Henson 
Richard Bryant 
Edward Hilles 
Nicholas Gabrell 
John Langford 
John Langford 
Tobj^as Cox 
Richard Whit 
Richard Lee 
William Lidbiter 
Robart Puttocke 
Alexander Kine 
Richard Niblett 
Edward Blacfan 
William X Yager 
Steven Washar 
Richard R T Taylor 

[Second Sheet.'] 
William W Clarkson 
Thomas Plant 
Henry Browne 
John X Paine 
John X Baucome, 

John B Bacome, 

William X Plum 
Edward E Grosmarke 
Henry Hill 
Edward Fuller 
Frances F B Burden 
John Show 
Henry T Blaekfon 
Alexander X Bourne 
Richard X Lonmere 
Petter S Sturges 
Leonr. O Belchamber 
Richard H Hiberden 
Richard X Joie 
William W Tyler 

Henry I Wadde 
John O Parson 
Thomas I Longmer 
Richard T Taylor 
Michaell X Somueres 
Thomas X Linvell 
John X Herfoot 
Will : X Briant 
Will : X Bud 
Will : X Bellchamber 
Will : X Adames 
John X Horley 
Richard Dicxon 
Borned X Tonfroid [?] 
Will : X Michell 
John Foster 
John X Goughe 
Richard O Graye 
Henry I Parker 
James X Owden 
Richard X Parker 
Richard X Clarke 
Leinandr. Newark 
Thomas X Adames 
Richard Woolger 
Robert Bennett 
Will : X Ledloe 
Thomas Bennett 
Frances Kinge 

IThird Sheet.] 
Thomas Cowlstocke 
John Willatt 
Thomas Grome 
John Vincent 
Anthony Thomson 
Larance Clarson 
Edw : Moonke 
Robt. Up Thomas 
W™ Benbucke 
Richard Pellet 
Walter Parson 
Henerey Fleete 
W'» Wood 
Edward Fleete 
John Lidbeter 

William Waggar 
Robert Carter 
John Foster 
AV" Ligeter 
W"^ Farmor 
W™ Graye 
W™ Peak 
Jacob Knoulles 
Mihelle Foster 
John Christofor 
Antoney Hobkines 
W"' Machin 
Thomas Tempel 
Thomas Waren 
Robert Smith 
W™ Bearde 
Gorge Tempell 
Antheney Hobkines, 

y*^ ellder 
Thomas Becher 
John Carter 
Phillipp Bennett 
Jeames Burten 
John Emsted 
John Ward 
John Marnor 
Thomas Wix [?Wie] 
Larence Plant 
Brient Weller 
W" Grinvell 
Edward Couper 
John Siseman 
Zacriah Hunte 
William Pearly 
W" Tumor 
Thomas Wacher 
Jestenean Fra[ncis] 
W'" Stempe 
John Vinson 
Sameull Drap [gone] 
Richerd Wood 
Thomas Robert [gone'] 
Henerey Farfu [gone] 
Richerd Christ [gojie'] 
Thomas Gallin [{/o?ie] 
John Burte 

None hath refused this Protestation. 




[Bj/ way of illustration of the Steyning Protestation Beturn as 
printed above, I have copied the subjoined names of all those inhabi- 
tants of the parish loho subscribed to the " Solemn League and 
Covenant " in the folloioing year. The list is taken from a volume 
preserved in the church, containing Ghurchtvardens^ Accounts, Vestry 
Minutes, etc. The book was rebound in recent years, and was then 
incorrectly lettered on the back "Parish Eegister, S' Andrew's Churcli, 


A Soleni League and Covenant for Reformation & Defence of 
Religion, tlie Honnour & Happines of the King, and the Peace & 
Safety of the three Kingdomes of England, Scotland & L-eland, Takin 
by the Parishoners of the Parish of Steninge whoss Names are under 
ritten, the 24 Maiy, 1643. 

IHere follotvs the " Solemn League and Covenant " entered at length, 
whicli fills two pages of the book {a large folio). It commences "Wee, 
woohs Names are under ritten, by the Providence of god beinge under 
one Kinge and beinge of one Reformed Religione," etc., and terminates 
" To joine for the same and like Association and Covenant, to the glory 
of god, the Inlargment of the Kingdom of Jesuss christ, & the peas 
& Tranquility of Christian Kingdomes & Commonwealths." Imme- 
diately following the above are tlie Nantes of those taking the " Solemn 
League and Covenant," which consist of signatures, marks, and 
apparently some written names ; many of these are difficult to decipher.~\ 

Robert Child 
John Parson 
John Grouie 
Henry Stalmau 
John Dixon 
Thomas Plant 
James Turner 
Thomas Robens 
John Ansted X 
AVilliam Perly 
William Adams X 
Roger Carver 
Henry Browne 
William Ingram 
William M Clai-kson 
Phillip Soall 
John Payne X 
William Benbucke 
James O Ouddeu 
John I Bysliop 
John X Ward 
Ellixader X Kine 

Praunces F Burden 
John I Lee 
Thomas V Washer 
Edward Blacfan 
John Heuchar X 
Edward Basley 
Edward Fussell 
Henry Fleete 
Grislad X Coye 

[? Coxe] 
Brient /\ A\''elear 
William O Blunden 
John Gillam 
William Michel 
Alexander Borne 
James Benet 
William Selden 
Larance Clarson 
William Saker .^ 

Thomas X Pother ['?P] 
William X Blunden 
Richard M Clarke 

Richard Taylor 
John Coulstock 
Thomas X Adames 
Robert R Puttocke 
Thomas X Rye 
Richard Taylor 
James O Tharpe 
WiUiam X Farmer 
WilHam X Bell- 
AVilliam X Blunden 
Richard O Parcker 
Anthony X Iloppkin 
Rich X Lee 
John — Burt 
Richard I Nash 
Samuell Lucke 
Walter Parson 
AVilliam CO Ludgater 
Tliomas Grrome 
John Backshell 

* rcrliap*- intended fur Potter, t Perhaps intended for Chechener, i.r., Kitchener. 



Jerimi Wallder 
Edmund Barr 
Edward X Eobens 
Thomas Bennat 
John — Si soman 
John X Cristoper 
Anthony X Hopekines 
Eobert Bennett 
Jacob Knoles 
John Hepden 
Thomas Longmere his 

I marke 
John Eichason his X 

Edward Fleet his X 

Humfrey Gooddinge 
Phillip Bennett 
Jestinian Benbroock 

his J marke 
James Hanson 
Benjamin Nuiworke 

his B marke 
William Beard 
William Porter 
Prances Tharpe his I 

John Kinge his O 

Thomas West his /\ 

Jestinian Frances his S 


Henery Barnes 
Eichard Dibes his R 

Henry Burt his X 

Jestinian AVoolman 

his X marke 
John Horlye his y\ 

William Ludlowe his 

> marke 
John Watterman his 

X marke 
Edward Young his X 

Eichard White 
Georg Butcher 
A. Mildemay 
Tobyas Cox 
Eichard AVoollger 
Eichard Tayler 
Wiliam W Cobe 
John Humphrie 
John A Parsonn 
John X Foster 
Henery Wood 
William Hearci 
John Foster 
Henrye V Bucher 
John B Bacom 
Eichard X Briante 
Eobert X Carter 
Neuefel Hearsi"'-' 

Eichard O Graye 
George /\ Wolven 
John Washer 
Anthony Thomson 
Jo : Hide 
Ealfe Thuston 
Willm. Allkyn 
John Willatt 
William W Longmore 
Henry Owden 
John Vincent 
Henry Cox 
John X Eenot [?] f 
William M Peche 
William M Tyler 
James I Chile [? Child] 
John Gatford 
Peter O Stu^-ges 
William X Bude 
Thomas X Gofe 
Edward Hilles 
Nichlas N Gabrell 
Henry Bromham 
Thomas Cowlstocko 
George Chapman 
Thomas Hyll 
Benjamen Newark 
Neckles Newark 
Thomas O Plant his 


[Arundel Bapc, Poling Hundred.~] 

[Indorsedin pencil "North Stoke, Poling. H.Q. 10." 
Written names on paper.'] 

A note of all theire names w'='' have taken y*" Protestacion in y^ 
Parish of North Stoke, and none hath Eefuse it. 




Samuell Tupper ) p. 

Tho: Wolvine j Overseers. 

Carew Hill, Curate. 

* Nevell Hearsey was Churchwarden iu 1628. 

t Perhaps iiiteuded for Eeual. 



[Stoke, Nouth.] 

Ealfe Beach 
Richard Harward 
Samuell Searle 
Tho : Lucas 
Ben j amine Stanly 
John Barree 
Henery Harward 

Tho : Searle 
Tho : Longe 
William Panet 
Edward Stocker 
Edward Browne 
Edmund Harward 
Tho : Parson 

John Panet 
Edward Woulvine 
Daniel Sowton 
Edward Harward 
Samuel Downer 
George Meade 


[ApvUxdel Bape, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "South Stoke, Avisford. H.O. 9." 
Written names on iKiper.'] 

South Stoke : In this Parish we have none y' refuse to take the 
Protestation, but all generally have taken it this 13 Daye of February, 
Ano. Dni. 1641 ; their severall names doe here followe in order as they 
toke y^ Protestation. 

Thomas Sowton 
Edward Piper 
Thomas Maye 
Richard Stocke 
Isaake Hosier 
Bichard Palmer 
Edward Collins 
Anthonie Cobbie 
George Eandall 

AVilliam Pecke 
William Squire 
John Cobbie 
Edward Beach 
Thomas Sowton 
Richard Clawes 
William Holland 
Mathew Prince 
Nicholas Parson 

William Nixon 
John Raksall 
John Styant 
Robert Butcher 
Thomas Palmer 
Henry Booker 
Edward Cobbie 

The Protestation was taken y^ daye above written by the abov< 
namd Parishioners of South Stoke, in the presence of us, 

Simon Bankes, minister. 

Edward Piper, Oversier of y'^ poore. 

Simon Souton | Church- 
Robert R Raxall ( wardens. 


[Chichester Bape, Bosham Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in j^encil "West Stoke, Chichester, Bosham. I.G. 2." 
'Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 15.] 

West Stoko in the County of Sussex. 



[Stoke, West.] 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 

The names of those that have taken this Protestation, Febr : 13 day 
Ano. Doni. 1641. 

John Starre George Cawcraft Robert Reynolds 

William Yoke Robert Bradbridge Richard Bonny 

John Yoke John Scarvill Samuell Penne 

John Hubbart William AVebbe 


[Akundel Ba2)e, Rotherbeidge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Stopham, Rothb. H.R. 8." 
Written names on jjaj;c7".] 

Stopham : The names of the persons that took the Protestation. 

Henry Barttelot, gent. 
Jo" Laurence, Rector 
Tho : West | Church- 
Jo" Ireland i wardens. 
Jo" Harwood, overseer 

of y^ poore 
Richard Gardener 
William Barttelot, 

Samuell Harwood 
William Smith 
Bevis Coward 
John Gardener, senior 

William Goddard 
William Stocker 
Jo" Boorer 
Henry Petoe 
Thomas Laurence 
Jo" Lansden 
John Hunter 
John Gilhani 
William Smith, junior 
Jo" Goddard, senior 
Jo" Goddard, junior 
John Sturt 
John Gardener, junior 

Thomas Hopley 
Richard Greene 
]iobert Harwood 
William Berry 
W^illiam Daniell 
Henry Smith 
Edward Curtess 
William Champian 
Jo : Okenden 
Thomas Hunter 
James Mose 
James Houghteu 
Christojiher Cole 

These are all the male Persons above eighteene yeares old, in the 
Parish of Stopham, all which have taken the Protestation, nor was it 
refused by any one. 

Jo : Laurence, Rector Ibid. 

Tho. AVest 

The mark O of Jo : Ireland 

John Harwood, Calletr. of the Por 





[Aruxdel Bape, West Easwuitu Hundred.'] 

\_Indorscd in pencil " iStorriugton, West Easwrith. H.S. 8." 

Written names on ■paper.'] 

Storington : A note of all the names of Parisliiouers that have made 

Humphry Pollard 
Willm. Andrew 
Thomas Capon 
John Belchamber 
Nicholas Wilson 
Thomas AVaze 
Thomas Gardiner 
Thomas Scut 
John Parham 
Charles Outridg 
John Warren 
John Buckman 
John Andrew 
EdAS'ard Outridg 
Robert Hewet 
Henry White 
Richard Turner 
Augustines Milnes 
John Streate 
James Andrew 
Robert Hurt 
Thomas Brooker 
Thomas Denne 
John Standen 
Thomas Giles 
John Bossard 
Thomas Crossingliam, 

James Fletcher 
Willm. Clement 
John Potter 
Rich : Fielder, jun. 1. 
John Bridg'er 

Thomas Grant 
James Greene 
John Lee 
James Pilfold 
Richard Bossard 
John Searle 
Edward Stening 
Henry Brooker 
John Standen 
Willm. Hollis 
John Cole 
Robert Searle 
John Marchant 
Henry Benet 
Richard Kitchener 
James Whittiugton 
Edward Waineright 
Richard Haine 
John Scut 
John Benet 
John Duke 
Richard Youg 
John Grantham 
Anthony Duke 
Richard Duppa 
Willm. Isted 
Richard Pincke 
John Greene 
Leonard A¥ilkin 
Willm. Boniface 
Thomas Duppa 
Nicholas Filder 
Thomas Humphry 

Every Particular Person of o'' Parish, have made Protestation in 
such manner as was appointed, thus witnes, 

Francis Walker, curate. Thomas Slater, churchwarden, his marke /^. 

William Colle f?! ) r^ ^ e -p . 

■x\T■^^ CS1 J. 1 • 1 /^ ^ Overseers lor v*^ Pooro. 

VV illm. Slater, his marke O ) 

Richard Fielder, 

jun. 2. 
Richard Brooker 
John Benet 
Thomas Duke 
Robert Benet 
Thomas Whatling 
James Heath 
Samuel Turner 
Richard Fielder, sen. 
Thomas Fielder 
Steven Austen 
John Ansel 
Thomas Ticknor 
AVillm. Waze 
John Johnson 
Richard AVasher 
John Skinner 
John Charman 
AVillm. Kaine 
AA^illm. Druit 
Robert Crossingham 
John Potter 
Robert Colstocke 
Thomas Crossingham, 

Hugh Todman 
Edward AVheatelay 
Nicholas Moncke, 

Thomas Hamper 




[CiiicnESTER Bape, Westbourxe and Singleton Hundred.'] 

\_Indorscd in pencil " Stoughton ; Chich. E. ; Westb. & Singleton H. 
I.L. 10." Written names on paper. Sec also ante, p. 9.] 

This is to testifie, That the Inhabitantes w'4n the Parishe of 
Stoughton, whose names are hereunder written, have taken the 
ensueing Protestation, in the presence of us, the Minister, Church- 
wardens & Overseers of the Poore of Stoughton. 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating " Vowe and Protestation."] 

Jhon Dignes 
Eoger Stillwell 
Andrew Hicklie 
Richard Fairmaner 
William Eandoll 
Henry Lodger 
Eichard Stone 
Simon Duke 
Edward Catchlove, 

Prances Purges 
John Binsteede 
John Catchlove 
"William Catchlove 
John Purges 
William Withers 
Ealfe Page 
Eobert Pillinger 
Humfrie Selden 
Frances Snowe 
William Hide 
John Wheeler 
William Cotes 
Thomas Allin 
Thomas Outou, senior 
John Elliot 
William Webster 
Thomas Outton, junior 
Eichard Marsh 
Thomas Younge 
Martin Garret 

Thomas Wingham 
George White* 
John Bayly 
W"> Bayly 
Eichard Knowles 
Tho : Bayly 
Stephen Stanesmor, 

Eobert Eusell 
Eichard Halle 
John Barweeke 
Stephen Stanesmor, 

James Crasler 
John Quallet 
William Whitbone 
Vincent Whitbone 
Bartholomew Tregose, 

j unior 
Eobert Whicher 
Thomas Upperton 
Eobert Catchlove 
William Miles 
John Okeshot 
Edmund Catchlove 
Daniell Barrow 
John Browninge 
John Smyth 
John Thorndon 
William White 
John Haseler 

Stephen Sanders 
W™ Voake 
Will : Soane 
Thomas Fishwick 
George Pey 
John Erwaker 
Francis Eandall 
Tho : Eandall 
John Eandall 
Dennis Pitt 
Will : Pitt 
Eichard Boyse 
John Swavne 
W^ill : Bignall 
Thomas Merideth 
Thomas AVhite 
Kichard Durman 
John Notchr 
John Jordan 
Eich : Selden 
Eich : Moory 
Walter Suter 
Henry Duke 
Thomas Boyes 
Arthure Gerret 
William Beane 
Mathew Marner 
William Tayler 
Eichard Sandei's 
John Fairehill 
Mathew Voake 

* Signature. 




"William Goodchilde Williana Compton 
John Tliornden, junior John Benet 
Joseph Randall Lawrance Smyth 

Thomas Hallen Peeter Whatley 

James Mason 
Roller Sone 

M'^ Edward Jene 
John Moore 
Christopher Knight 


John Gange [or 

John Forder 

Math : Maior, Viear de Stoughton. 


[Bramber Ba2)e, East Easwritii Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in 2}cn.cil " Sullington, Bramber, E. Easwrith. II. V. 4." 
Signatures and marks onimper.'] 

Bramber Rape ; Sullington Parish. 

M'', that the 21"' day of Februari 1641, the Minister, and Church- 
wardens and Overseers of the Pore of that Parish, whose names are 
hereunder written, did take the Protestation appoynted by y* 
Commons House of Parliament, before me. Hen. Goringe. 

Will : 

Robert X Cressingam 

his marke 
Richard Greene 

Hen : Goringe. 
Chaundler, Rector de Syllington. 


Henry H Cressinj 
his marke. 

of the 

The rest of this Parish whose names are lieer subscribed, did take 
the Protestatation [sic~\ the 23 Feb. 

Edward Goring 

Thos : T Andrew his marke 

Isacke X Knight his marke 

Will : X Bj^shopp his marke 

Francis X French his marke 

Will : X Skinner his marke 

Giles Joanes 

Tho : D Hamper his marke 

John X Ellfiek his marke 

Mathewe Kinge 
John /\ Cressingam his marke 
Jeofer}' (f) Bennete his marke 
AVill : X Pollard his marke 
John X Ethridge his marke 
Richard X Macy his marke 
Will : O Burnell his marke 
Will : X Hitcham his marke 
Tho : T Henshaw his marke 




John I Ellficke his marke 

John Bishoppe 

Jonas X Tomson his marke 

Will : W Sewer his marke 

Eichard Langford 

Thomas Seman 

John Greene 

Georg Cook 

Robert X Patching his marke 

John D Langford his marke 

Tho : X Umphry his marke 
Anthony O Merrill his marke 
John N Parker his marke 
George O Ide his marke 
Richard X Boniface his marke 
John I Soan his marke 
John O Hogsflesh his marke 
Robert R F Frost his marke 
Tho : X Baker his marke 

All these have taken the Protestation, and not one of this Parish of 
Syllington have refused. 


[Arundel Bape, Rotiierbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed "Sutton," and in pencil "Sutton, Rothb. H.R. 9." 
Written names on paper.'] 

A true and perfect note of the names of all those from xviij yeares 
of age & upward, w'^'^ have taken the late Protestation, sent downe 
from y*^ Hon''''''^ House of Parliament this p'sent yeare of o"^ Lord 
1641, by the inhabitants of Sutton; scene don by y^ Minister &, 
Churchwardens of y^ saide Sutton, according to the appoyntment of 
his Majesties Justices of Peace at y^ Towne of Petworth on y* xij''' 
day of February Anno supra scripto. 

John Leggat 
Thomas Standen 
Adam Bennet 
John Holden 
Robert Miles 
Robert Bennet 
Thomas Briant 
Francis Skinner 
Thomas Watts 
Stephen Leggat 
Robert Leggat 
John Beale 
John Carver 
William Twine 
Thomas Locket 
George Lebourne 

John Forde 
William Turner 
Nicolas Willard 
Robert Forde 
William Forde 
James Forde 
Robert Forde 
Giles Betser 
James Booker 
George Woodes 
Grigor}^ Ilamblden 
M'' Richard Baker 
William Shepherd 
Richard Denham 
•John Purdie 
John Willard 

William Smith 
Richard Carver 
John Coote 
John Aylmer 
William Hutchin 
Edward Tanner 
James Booker 
Nathaniel Johnson 
John Leggat 
Sammuel Harwood 
Robert Wheeler 
William Farr 
George Wattes 
John Kennet 
Samuel Bennet 
William Fist 




Greorge Higgins 
John Hall 
John Elcombe 

Raphe Faulkner 
Thomas Lane 
Anthony Smith 

William Fist 
William Furlonger 
John Luttman 


hath refused to take this Protestation in o"^ Parish. 

John Kay, Minister. 

John Ford \ 

liis X marke ( 

John Carver 
his /\ marke 


William Langley N 
his X marke / 

Thomas Standen 
his T marke 



[CnicnESTER Ba2)e, Aldwick Hundred.'] 

^Indorsed in iJencil " Tangmere, Aldwick H. I.F. 4." Written 
names on pai)er. This return is writte)i on the back of the original 
printed sheet containing the Protestation ivith the Resolutions, etc., 
sent doion from tlie House of Commons, which is printed in extenso, 
ante pp. 1 to 3. See also ante, -pp- 15 and 45.] 

These are to certifie, that all the Inhabitants in the Parish of 
Tangmere in Sussex ; And all others from the age of eighteene and 
upwards, have all of them (except the Church Wardens and others, 
who subscribed before the Justices of Peace on Saturday last), have 
taken this Protestation, and theire names returned here under written. 

William Searle 
Thomas Scarvile 
William Shorter 
Robert Blackman 
John Youuge 
Thomas Squire 
John Upfold 
Gerge Hoskins 
John Stapler 

Richard Grooddy 
Thomas Gage 
Francis Stent 
John Fogden 
George Denny 
William Barrow 
John Bennett 
Thomas Pratt 
Nicholas Taylor 

Henr}'^ Hoare 
William Squire 
Thomas Floate 
Barnabas Duffeild 
Richard Barker 
Thomas Maye 
John Rigate 

By mee, Fi 

Heath, Rector of the said Parish. 




[Bbamber Bajye, Tarring Hundred.^ 

[Indorsed in pencil " Tarring, Braniber E., Tax-ring Hund. 
Signatures and inarks on paper.'] 

LB. 1, 

Sussex: Braniber Rape; Tarringe Parish, Febr : 25"' 1641. 

Mem''", the day and yeare above written, y^ Minister, Church- 
wardens and Overseers for y^ Poore of the Parish of Tarring, whose 
names are hereunto subscribed, did take the Protestation unto them 
Commanded by the Commons House of Parliament, before me, Henery 
Goring, one of his Ma''" Justices of y^ Peace for y^ County aforesayd. 

Hen : Goringe. 

W" Stanley, Minister 
Thomas South 
Willi: Fletcher 
W- X Warrell 
Robert /\ Porehester 
Thomas X Warrell 
George Goringe 
Willi: Hide 
Edward Cooke 
John X Tayler 
John X Cristopher 
Robert R Holnye 
Richard Grinfeld 
John X Frances 
John Hornbe 
Rich : R Dudman 
Richard O Nashe 
Thomas O Nashe 
WiUiam Nash 
James Sumner 
Jon Seslester ['?] 
John O Blake 
Thomas O Marks 
John X Cooper 
Benjamin Smith 
William S Seeman 
James South 
Moyses X Cristopher 
Richerd O Wease 
Bartholme O Modey 
Richerd X Wease 

John Bash 

Thomas Faromcome 
Thomas X Beard 
Moyses X Dudman 
Charles Johnson 
Thomas Botting 
Thomas T Bellchambei 
John Harwood 
Peeter Chiper 
Thomas X Paysie 
William AVheatley 
Picherd O Stumer 
Antonie O Walter 
John White 
John X Ampellford 
Nicho : X Garden 
Thomas X Barnard 
Allen X Lark in 
John X Tuesley 

[? Juesley] 
Thomas Olliver 
John Peter 
Thomas Tailor 
John Taylor 
Thomas T Sherlock 
John S Faulkner 
John O Heathe 
Richerd X Cearden 
Clement X Quinbey 
John X Stapler 
John Hamper 

Antonie /\ Voakes 
Thomas X Voakes 
Robert X Emerey 
Eafe X Tilley 
Richerd X Emerey 
William X Hamper 
Richard Weeston 
Thomas X Stone 
William X Fivenes, 

William Fivens, ju"^ 
John O Hoseyer 
Edward T Terell 
George X Chiper 
John X Ouden 
Richerd X Farlye 
John L Oulsonn 
Humphree S Selden 
John O Duey 
John O Dudman 
John X Stapler 
Edward E Graves 
James Graves 
Richerd X Preste 
Roger O Hodges 
John O Houlden 
Richerd X Warell 
Michael Wheatley 
Thomas O Blackman 
Richerd X Horowde 
William X Avere 



[Tarring, West.] 
John O Harman 
Willia: Cooke 
Eichard Knight 
Richerd H Harowde 
Willi : X Durante 
Edward Cooke 
Thomas Cooke 
John X Tufe 
Eicherd R Fisher 
Eicherd X Slater 
John X Swifte 
John X Longemor 
Eohert X Manerey 
Thomas X Spring, sen. 
Nicho : X Grodward 
Nicho : T Trate 
Eicherd /\ Cooke 
Jjement Hilan 
Eobert R Frenche 
William O Tillsey 
Phillip X Stumer 
Edward X Swifte 

Thomas X Swifte 
Thomas X Legett, sen. 
Thomas X Legett, ju"^ 
John X Stoneham 
Thomas T Easton 
John X Stapler 
Eicherd O Carver 
Eobert Weston 
John Pollard 
John 3 Edwardes 
Edman E Edwardes 
Nicholas 5 Farlj^e 
John X Manser 
Edward Munnare 
Thomas O Capelin 
Mathew M Peeter 
Eicherd O Hilles 
Thomas X Ayleward 
Edward X Democke 
Henerey H Hobejohn 
William B Bacon 
John O Hilles 

Samuell E Wodger 
Thomas O Jones 
Thomas T Groulde 
James O Burden 
John X Souten 
Eicherd R Ayleing 
Siperen X Tearle 
Philipp X Capon 
Benj amine Eliott 
Eichard Knighte, sen. 
Eichard Hamper 
Eichard R P Paine 
John X Pollard 
William X Morman 
William X Eigate 
Eobert X Joanes 
Edward X Dimmucke 
Eeynold O Warrell 
Thomas T Eliott 
Thomas Warrell 
Thomas X Poter 

Wee, the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers for the Poore of 
the Parish of Tarringe, doe testify that the within mentioned Pro- 
testation, which wee ourselves tooke Feb : 25''', was by us tendred 
unto and taken of every Person within our sayd Parish, capable to 
receive the same, and testified by the subscribing of his owne hand or 
marke, according to y'' order of y" House of Parliament. In Wittnesse 
whereof to this present role wee have endorsed our handes. 

W"' Stanley, Minister 
Willi: Cooke 
Thomas South 
Willi: Fletcher 

William X Warrell 
by his marke 

Eobert Weston 

John X Edwardes 
by his marke 

Thomas T Aylard 
by his marke 

John Pollard 


[Chichester Rape, Dumpfobd Hundred.'] 

\_Indorsed in pencil " Turwick ; Chich.; Dumpford ; I.I. 6," 

Written names on piaper. See also ante, p. 9.] 

Turwick, Febru : the 20"^ 1641 : Memorandum, that the inhabitants 
of the aforesaid Parish have taken this insuing Protestation, in the 




presence of the Minister, Churchwardens & Overseers of the Poore of 
the said Parish. 

\_H ere folio IV s the Protestation commencing "I A.B., doe," etc., 
and terminating "vow & Protestation."] 

John Collins 
John Colpis 
John Hammon 

Henry Smith 
Thomas Reade 
Thomas Luffe 

Richard Roake 
John Rassell 

Testi : Nich : Love, Recto : ibi. 
Henry Shotter, Churchwarden. 


[Bramber Rape, East Easwrith Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Thakeham, Bramber 
Writteyi navies on parchment.'] 

East Easwrith. H.V. 5." 

Peb : 27, 1641 : The Names of all such as have taken the Protesta- 
tion, set foorth by the House of Commons, in the Parish of Thakham 
in the County of Sussex. 

Nicholas Everden 
Henry Stone 
John Bennet 
James Tilly 
Michael Tilly 
Edward Godsmarke 
Thomas Sayers 
William Hopney 
Thomas Streeter 
Thomas Doane 
John Lee 
William Lee 
Richard Kember 
Nicholas French 
Richard Streeter 
John Harraden 
John Parsons 
John Adams 
John Stophell 
George Clarkson 
Thomas Hoare 

Edward Parsons 
Simon Brooker 
Hugh Tilly 
John Norman 
Thomas Brabey 
Robert Deane 
Richard Wood, jun. 
Daniell Wase 
James Louer 
Daniell Soale 
Frances Parker 
George Downes 
John AVerter 
Nicholas Trull 
Hugh Tilly, jun. 
Thomas Barnes 
Michael Renveild 
Richard Baker 
Thomas Fawkner 
William Welch 
Thomas Haywood 

Richard Winson 
William Tilly 
Thomas Mansill 
John Pennell 
Henry Snaile 
William Seale 
Thomas Quinby 
John Skinner 
John Cradle 
William Wady 
William Sliortridge 
Samuel Louer 
Thomas Parsons 
Thomas Mersh 
John Merlin 
Clement Browne 
William Pamer 
Nicholas Everden 
Anthony Soale 
William Slater 
Thomas Brooker 





Henr}^ Barnet 
John Bennet, ju. 
John Soale 
Henry Geale 
Ambrose Soale 
William Tilly, jun. 
James Smith 

Eichard Higgings 
Thomas Langfoord 
Eichard Wood 
Hugh Weller, ju. 
Edward Duke 
Thomas Bennet 
John Handcock 

Thomas Eandall 
Eichard Gardiner 
John Jinkins 
Eobert Wells 
Eichard Hills 

The names of the officers that first received, and afterwards gave 
this Protestation to the rest. 

Henry Banckys, Eector. 

William Bennet ) Church- 
Thomas Finch ) wardens. 

George AVollason ) Collectors for 
John Longley ) the poore. 

Christopher Eueings, Sidesman. 
The names of such as have not received the Protestation. 

Eichard Jordane 

in a journey, but one whenhee is at home, that is 
a constant frequenter of gods house. 

Hugh Weller 
Ambrose Brooker 
George Eueings 

Sick, but all good Protestants. 

Thomas Penfold 
John Bowel 
Henry Bowel 
William Louer 

all from home, but no Papists. 


[CHicnESTER Rape^ Bosham Hunilrcd.'\ 

[Indorsed in 'pencil " West Thorney, Sussex; Bosham; I.G. 3." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 14.] 

Memorand., y' on the sixtenth day of February 1641, all the 
inhabitants of y^ Parish of West Thorny e in Sussex, did jountly and 
with willingness take the Protestation before John Cooke, Eector of 
y^ same Parishe, and the Churchwardens and Overseers, who had 



[Thorney, West.] 

taken y" same before Mr. Justice Higgons, on y^ 14'*^ day of Febr : 
Ano. predict. In witnes wherof their names are subscribed, according 
to the directions of y'^ Parliament. 

[T/te Protestation commenciiuj "lA.B. doe," etc., and terminating 
"Vow & Protestacion," is on a separate sJieet of paper ; the two 
are noiv pinned together. '\ 

Clement Till, sen. 
James Lange 
John Hargood 
Tliomas Higgins 
Thomas Trott 
John Stiler 
Richard Bonj^e 
Clement Stiler 
John Smith 
John Lange 
Clement Till, jun. 

Spinola Dunij)a 
Matthew Miles 
Antony Hartley 
John Lange, jun. 
Thomas Faucknour 
John Apselej^ 
Richard Menley 
Hen : Bigs 
Thomas Trott 
Simon Ebernall 
John Stiler, jun. 

Nicolas Mils 
Thomas Stiles [^sic] 
Richard Stringer 
John Bilinge 
John Rye 
Henry Rye 
John Poster 
Richard Matthew 
Clement Matthew 


Johannes Cooke, Rect. 

Tliomas Pitt 
Thomas Harffood 


John Lange 
Thomas Roman 



[Aruxdel Rape, Rotherbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Tillington, 
Written names on paper.~\ 

Rothb. H.R. 10. 

Tillington Parishe, Sussex : The names of those Inhabitants of the 
Parishe of Tillington whiche have made Protestacion, accordinge to 
the order of the Highe Courte of Parliament. 

Henrye Alderton 
Richarde Ale wine, 
Robert Bowos 
John Randall 
Thomas Hawkins 
John Sadler 

Nicholas Warner 
William Marbine 
John Markes 
Simon Bartleye 
Anthonie Lickefolde 
Laurence Alcocke 

George Cocquerell 
John Homelj'e 
John Alewine 
Edmunde Kinge 
William Knetbye 
John Pratt 




William Bridger 
Jolin Sturte 
William Hardehame 
Tobias Purser 
Antlionie Caplaine 
John Alewine 
John Pratt 
John Kinge 
Edwarde Sturte 
Edwarde Fiveashe 
Nicholas Hues 
Eicharde Foorde 
Robert Farnedeane 
John Simons 
John Peeter 
William Bellchamber 
Robert Alewine 
Henry Hilles 
Nicholas West 
John Hawkins 
Christopher Perlej-e 
John Edsoll, ju. 
Mathewe Hawkins 
Steeven Alewine 
Henrie Caplaine 
John Uppfolde 
Robert Cooper 
Thomas Crawler 
James Alewine 
Henrie Sadler 
Laurence Hammon 
William Tydie 
William James 
William Hammon 
John Knight 
John Bettsor 
William Rapleye 
William James 
Edmuude West 
Thomas Puttocke 
John Sturte 
William Hollow aye 
Robert Farnedeane 
Anthonie Bridger 
Henrie Goodieere 

Thomas Dent 
Henrie Hambleden 
Thomas West 
Edwarde Poore 
John Cooter 
William Jackeson 
Anthonie Caplaine, ju. 
Robert Knight 
Thomas Curteise 
Rioharde Walentine 
Thomas Smithe 
John Eames 
John Heywarde 
Thomas Sturte, se. 
Thomas Hilles 
James Alewine 
AVilliam Grevett 
Nicholas Alderton 
Richarde Alewine 
John Edsoll, se. 
Thomas Miltinne 
John Kinge 
John Bennett 
John Rogers 
Robert Poore 
John Stone 
Christopher Sturte 
John Mershe 
John Paine 
William Sturte 
Richard Ireland 
Henry e Burchier 
AVilliam Jackeson 
James Riche 
John Sturte 
AVilliam Hammon, se. 
Laurence Sturte 
Nicholas Hilles 
William Sparkes 
Richarde Bettswoorthe 
Laurence Hamlen 
George Dudman 
Thomas Sturte 
John Alewine, ju. 
AVilliam Hilles 

Robert Smith 
Thomas Trigge 
Thomas Jaye 
AVilliam Miles 
Henrie Ludgater 
Thomas Frost 
Thomas Hues 
Edwarde Hammon 
John Alcocke 
Henrie Puttocke 
Robert Stapler 
Robert Coker 
Anthonie Sheerelocke 
James Alewine 
John Kinge 
John Chapman 
Edwarde Hease 
AVilliam Mershe 
James Hardehame 
John Haggard e 
Edward Dawtreye 
John Alewine 
Nicholas Bridger 
Thomas Sturte 
Nicholas Dudman 
William AVinter 
Roger AVest 
Simon Coker 
William Hamlen 
Anthonie Kinge 
Thomas Alberrie 
Henrie Burrowe 
George Mershe 
Reuben Knitcher 
Thomas Boxeall 
Daniell Hamlen 
Steeven Hamlen 
John Alewine, ju. 
AA^illiame Humphreye 
John Phillpe 
Roberte Hease 
Laurence Hamlen, ju. 
Edwarde Richebell 
AVilliam Keyse 

All the Persons 
made Protestaciou, 

whose names are formerlye above written have 
accordinge to the order of the Highe Courte of 




Tillington Parishe, Sussex : The names of Those Inhabitants in 
the Parishe of Tillington whiche have not made Protestacion 
accordinge to the order of the Highe Courte of Parliament : the 
Minister and officers of the Parishe havinge bin at their houses and 
cannot speake with them. 

Nicholas Eiggebye Anthonie Eiggebye Nicholas Sturte 

Thomas Alcocke, Minister. 

The marke /\ of 
Thomas Humphroye 
William Ayling 


John Hardham \ Overseers of 
The marke III of > the Poore of 
Laurence Edsoll ) Tillington. 


[Arundel Ecq)e, Avisfokd Hundred.^ 

\_Indorsed in jjencil " Tortington, Avisford. H.O. 10." 
Signatures a?id 7narks on _2JajJcr.] 

Sussex: Feb. the 16"' Ao. Dni. 1 thous"'' 6 hund""^' 40'^ and one. 

The severall names of all the male inhabitantes of Torton, of the 
age of 18" yeares, all w''' have Protested accordinge to the order sent 
forth by the House of Commons, & directed to us by his M''*^' Justices 
of the Peace for this Parte of the County, for Performeance of the 
sayd Protestation & Vow to maintyn the Protestant religion and diverse 
more Particulars therein moreover conteyned, whose handes are by 
themselves subscribed the day and yeare first above writen. 

Will: Gratwyk 

James f) Gilbert, warden 

Alexand' en Farr, overseer 

Hen : X Coles, sideman 

John O Hobbin 

Hen : X Gough 

John Horscroft 

Eandal K Kinge, the younger 

Eobt. R Gibbins, y'' younger 

Willm. X Bennet 
Eichard Willsony 
Eobt. X Gibbins thelder 
William Norman 
George G Batchiler 
Thomas R Eichardes 
Eandal X Kinge, warden 
John I Weeden 
John P AVillet his marke 

None of the Parish of Torton have refused to take the Protestacion 

By me, Adam Page, Vicar of Torton. 



[Chiciiesteii Ba2)e, Dumpford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed as belo20, and in pencil " Trayford cum Didling ; Chicli. ; 
Dumpford ; I.I. 4." Written names on paper. The sinister edge 
of this Beturii is much decayed, and in part gone, rendering 
several of the names in the List for Trayford imperfect. See also 
ante, p. 9.] 

\_The Indorsement.'] 

Treford cum Didlinge. 

[The Beturn.] 

Trefford cum Didlinge : Memorandum, that the men whos names 
are heare under writne have taken this insuinge Protes [gone] before 
John Hayes, Rector, & before Henry Even [gone] & Jeremiah Floate, 
Churchwardens, & before John Newman, Overseer, the 20"' Day of 
this instant moneth ofl: February, Ano. Domii. 1647. 

[Here follows tlie Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Vow and Protestation."] 


Eichard "Write William Jenkines John Write 

Robert Durman William Osborne William Spencer 

Robert Durman Robert Aylinge Richard Cooper 

Robert Durman AVilliam Durman Richard Newman 

John Durman Richard Durman 

William Russell Thomas Durman 

All the men in the Parish above sayd, above the age off eighteene 
yeares, have taken the oathe off Protestation the day & yeare above 
"writne ; And as concerninge Popish & Romish recusants, we have none 
dwelling or abiding with us. 

John Hayes, Rector. 


William Allwin ] 

Robert Allwin > Ge [gone, ? Gentlemen] 

Peter Allwdn ) 



[Treyford cum Didling.] 

Eichcard Aylwin 
William AV Ujone] 
Nicliolas Greene 
Charoll \_sic] Aylinge 
John Vine 
Henry \_gone] 
William T [<jone] 
William Smith 
Robert Tomson 

Roger Pack 
Peeter Ayling 
Thomas Hamman 
John Beedl \_(joue, 

? Beedle] 
Benjamin B \_(jone] 
Richard El [_gonc] 
Nicholas Pren \_fjoni 

•? French] 

Richard Sh \_cjone] 
John Sh [gone'] 
John Ben [_gonc, ? Bev] 
William W [gone] 
Richard Gr [gone] 
Robert Russ [gone] 
Thomas Os [gone] 
William S [gone] 
Lanclet M [gone] 


[CnicnESTER Bape, Dumpford Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in i)encil " Trotton ; Chic. 
Signatures and marks on paper. 

Dumpford; LI. 5." 

See also ante, p. 9.] 

M"*, that all the inhabitantes of the Parish of Trotton heere under 
Avritten, have taken this present Protestatione [go)ie, ? before] the 
Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poore, this 20"' of this 
instant Februarie IG [gone, 41]. 

The Protestatione. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing " I A.B. doe, 
and terminating " Vowe and Protestatione."] 


Anthony Forster 
Henerie Watkinson 
Water Tomlinson 
"Wm Br am an 
Anthony Whit 
Richard Bridger 
Richard Braman 
Thomas X Hartley 
Rich : R Hartley 
John Netter 
Hen: H Uduman ['? 
Geo : X Qunnell [sic 
John X White 
Willm. X Smith 
Willm. W Drewe 
Thomas X White 
January [szc] X Collins 


Thomas X AUinge 
John X Page 
Thomas X Newton 
Edward E Hughes 
John X Andre we 
Henery Ayling 
gone] X Westbrooke 
gone] X Pengem 
'gone] X Floode 
Rodney Buckland 
Humfrey Padwicke 
John Hughes 
Robert X Alinge 
Richard X Bettosworth 
Anthony X Allinge 
Rich : X Andrewe 
John Tolpctt 

Willm. X Crispine 
Richard Baker 
Jessey X Alinge 
Antho : X Gates 
Leoniard X Austins 
Willm. X Benister 
Willm. X Broadfeld 
AVillm. W Shorter 
Tho : X Pannell 
John X Street 
Geo : X Collins 
Rich : R Bridger 
John Fullek 
Willm. X Quinnell 

Rich : O Humphry 
Rich : X SteUweU 




John X Triggs 
Hen : X Adams 
JRicli : R Gregory 
Willm. W Betteswortli 
Richard X Lanoway 
Abra : X Fochell 

[? Sochell] 
Willm. Gregory 
[R]ich : [sic^ R White 
Eobert X White 
Humph : Steward 
Benjamin Bettesworth 
Eobt. Hardy 

Jo : Gregory 
John Yallop 
Nicholas Eede 
Simon X Hardinge 
John X Bartley 
Rob. R Stivens 
I Colpes 
X Lutman 
X Chacrofte 
X Grover 
X Garden 
X Pannell 
X Deller 


John X Stivens 
Nicholas Hoggesflesh 
Guido X Turner 
Walter X Greenfeld 
Roger X Paine 
Rich : X Holloway 
Rich : X Lunne 
John X Crafte 
Willm. X Lunne 
Jo : X Carter 
Willm. X Heath 
John X Anslet [_ot- 

Richard Goldringe and Anthony Outtr[blotted'] from home. 


[Chichester Ba2)e, Westbourne and Si>'gleton Hundred. 1 
[Sec under Compton, ante, p. 64.] 


[CnicnESTEii Bape, Box and Stockbuidoe Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Upwaltham ; Chich. Rape ; Box & Stockb. ; I.H. 
23." Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 16.] 

I, Daniell German, Parson of Upwalthame, and I, John Ide, Church- 
warden of the same, Doe Certifie unto your Worshippes, that theise 
whose names are here underwritten, have taken the Protestacion the 
15'^ of February anno dni. 1641. 

John Ide, Churchwarden. 

John Ide 
Anth : Todman 
Benjamin Trigge 
John Trigge 

Richard Simones 
Willi: Burcher 
John Roake 
Richard Poarde 

John Burcher 
Thomas Lippy 
WiUi: Giddens 




[Arundel Bape, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed as beloiv, and in pencil " Walberton, Avisford. H.O. 11." 
Written names on paper.'] 

[_T]ie Indorsement.] 
Avisford Hundred. 

[The Beturn.] 

Eicliard Lewkenor 
Adam Racton 
Edward Staker 
John Buckner 
John Styant, senior 
John Styant, junior 
Adam Bridham 
John Micklam 
Edmund Bridham 
Edward Bridham 
Thomas Fowler 
James Greenfield 
Wallgrove Perley 
Thomas Boniface 
Robert Buttler 
William Dammer, 

Clement Luttard 
Walter Woods 
Eichard Gander 

John Todgoose 
John Pricksmale 
Thomas Osborne 
William Page 
John Markes 
Thomas Short 
William Ruell 
William Michell 
John Osborne 
John Newman 
John Page 
William Chaine 
Eichard Page 
Albaine Goble 
Edmund Butterwicke 
Ealfe Smale 
Henry Short 
Thomas Stocke 
Henry Peakes 
Thomas Mutton 

Eobert Smyth 
Eichard Heberden 
Eichard Shelley 
Henry Harmon 
Edward Boniface 
George Warner 
George Evance 
John Flowre 
Thomas Gibbrish 
Eichard Stronge 
Eichard Chaine 
John Stone 
William Cocking 
Henry Davies 
John Scarle 
Philip Aulestich 
Eichard Druett 
Francis Edmunds 

All these have taken the Protestation, in the presence of ; 

William Darner ) 

Tho : James, minister. 
Henry Kenet, churchward 

Henry Warner 




[Bkamber Bape, East Easwrith Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in i^cncil 
hund. H.V. 6. 

Warminghurst, Bramber rape, East Easwrith 
Written names on parchment.'] 

Sussex : Worminghurst : Robert Leeves, the Minister, Eichard 
Lance, Headborrough and one of the Overseers of the Poore, John 
Bernard, Churchwarden, and James Austin an Overseer of the Poore 
of Worminghurst aforesayd, make this returne and certefy that 
according to the order the Protestation hath been tendered, that it 
hath not been refused by any, and that all whose names ar under 
written have taken the same. 

Edward Apsley, Esq' 
Henry Shelley, Esq"^ 
Thomas Shelley, gent. 
Charles Shelley, gent. 
Edward Knolles, gent. 
Nathan Layton 
John Hedger, Church- 
John Smith 
Alexander Bennet 
Thomas Shelley 
Moses Fryer 
Lawrence Swift 
John Cooper 
Thomas Lance 

William Eynch 
Edward Willet 
Richard Streter, sen. 
Richard Streter, jun. 
Christopher Sole 
Richard Tie 
Benjamin Belchamber 
Georg Slater 
Robert Smith 
John Collyn 
John Mayer 
Edward Andrew 
John Wildish 
John Belchamber 
John Grreenfeild 

James Etheridge 
William Chandler 
Georg Streater 
William Hedgher 
John Lewis 
Edmund Drewett 
Anthony Treadcraft 
John Tie 
Thomas Tie 
John Winsonne 
Henry Alexander 
AVilliam Michelborne 
Richard Charlett 


[Bramber Bape, Singlecross Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Warnham, Bramber Rape, Single Cross Hund. 
H.Z. 3." Written names on parchment.] 

The names of such of the Parishioners of Warnham, in the County 
of Sussex, as have received the Protestation, according to the last 
order of the Hou"'''*^ House of Commons. 




William Wheeler, sen"^ 
Thomas Raplie 
Thomas Charman 
James Mulforde 
Phillip Michel] 
Phillip Nightingale 
George Sharpe 
Eichard Yates, gentl. 
John Weston, gentl. 
Richard Morrice, gentl. 
Roger Harrison 
Thomas Lucas, jiin'^ 
Henry Clowsar 
Henry Barnard 
Richard Brett 
William Peerce 
John Scutt 
William Mose 
Richard Charman 
Thomas Lucas, sen"^ 
Thomas Boorer, sen"^ 
Ambrose Jupp 
Robert Lucas 
William Wheeler, sen'' 
Henry Nie 
John Booker 
John Willett 
Robert Harding 
John Pabian 
Thomas Parson 
AVilliam Pullin 
John Michell de Cox, 

John Michell de Cox, 

Richard Wheeler 
Richard Costidell 
Robert Knight 
Robert Mulford 
Richard Wolgar 

Henry Barton 
Thomas Pullin 
John Worsfould, jun"^ 
John Sherwin 
Henry Knight 
Edward Willett 
Robert Steere 
William Lewer 
William Wales 
Edward Saiers 
John Naldrett 
William Worsfould, 

John May 
Thomas Worsfould 
John Michell de Males 
John Clowsar 
Henry Boorer 
Thomas Boorer, jun' 
Ralph Dale 
Edward Stedman 
Richard Boorne 
Henry Holloway 
Edward Gunter 
Henry Stoane 
Robert Clowsar 
John Michell de Feilde 

Place, gent. 
John Charman 
Francis Pilfoulde 
Robert Charman 
Roger Gunter 
Thomas Milles 
Giles Nightingale 
Edward Miles 
John Pilfould, jun' 
John Brabie 
Allen Heighbittle 
William Write, sen' 
Henry Sherlocke 

Thomas Maideman 
John Butler 
Laurence Parkman 
Edward Alard 
Thomas Edwards 
John Boorer 
George Worsfould 
John Worsfould, sen' 
Thomas Clarke 
William Write, jun' 
Henry Harding- 
John Harding, jun' 
Jeremy Alarde 
Andre we Whittington 
Henry Sommershall 
Thomas Clowsar 
Henry Michell, sen' 
Edwarde Bankes 
John Towner 
WiUiam Rofhe 
Jeremy Turnice 
Richard Clowsar 
John Raplie 
Antony Briggs 
Richard Michell 
Samuell Parson 
Peter Holloway 
Henry Michell de 

James Cooper 
John Deane 
John Pilfould, sen' 
Thomas Briggs 
William Marchell 
Henry Whittell 
Robert Collins 
Henry Braby 
Richard Longe 

The names of those w'^'' have not taken the Protestation. 

John Kempe, gentl. 

William ) *^^^ servants I Tj^ege ^re recusants, who were warned 
An olde man, whose name is ( to appeare, but came not. 

not knowne, reported to be 

M'''' Kemps unkle 




Stephen Minstrell, sen"" alias Horsie\ m, i j i, i. 

T 1 Q. • These are men employed about 

John btasie . , p ^ i • .1 

Q, 1 TT • • r iron workes, & worke an other 

btephen Hersie, lun"^ r t^ • i -l. \ j. j. j 

^ -^ TT ■ Parishes, but are not suspected 

George Hersie f P ■ - 

Francis Hersie j 13- 

Richard Pilfould ) a r i • • , - j i? -n 

Nichohas Bickner J ^^^'^^^ ^^ ^ journey ; not suspected of Popery. 

Richard Braye ; sicke ; not suspected of Popery. 
Thomas Holland, Vicar. 

Roger Hill 

Collectors for the 

George Mower j ic w 1 s. j^j^^ Eversed j Poore. 


INoio part of LYMINSTER, which sec, ante, p. 120.] 

[Arundel Bape, Poling Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Warning Camp, Poling. H.Q. 11." 
Written names on paper r\ 

February 20"', Anno Dm. 1641 : A true Catalogue of all the male 
Inhabitance with in the Parish of Warninge Campe, from 1 8 yeeres 
and upword, which have taken the oath of Protestation, sent by the 
Honorable House of Commons, and none have refused. 

George Edmonds 
Thomas Taylor 
John Downer 
Thomas Carter 
Denis Harwood 
Cristopher Beefe 
Robert Venis 
Thomas Ellis 
Richard Washer 
John Lilliat 

Robert Nuland 
John Shotter 
Thomas Heward 
John Heward 
Robert Parker 
Thomas White 
Thomas Heward 
George Westbrooko 
Clement Keene 
Richard Heward 

William Clarington 
George Illiat 
John Trull, senior 
John Trull, junior 
William Piner 
George Duke 
John Duke 
Thomas Bolson 

We whose names are heere underwritten, doe testifie that none 
have refused this Protestation with in our Parish of Warninge Campe. 

William Morgan, Curat. 

The marke T of Thomas Duke, Churchwarden. 

The marke T of Thomas Booker, Overseer. 




[Brambeb, Rape, Steynixg Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pe7icil "Washington, Bramber, Steyning ; (I.A. 4)." 
Signatures and written names on paper. Another sheet is noio 
placed loith, and made to form part of this Return ; it is indorsed 
in pencil " Washington, Sussex, Bramber Rape. Protestations 
I.A. 4," but it is clearly part of the Return for Broadioater. See 
ante, p. 39.] 

Sussex : Bramber Rape ; Washington Parish : M'^, the Minister, and 
Churchwardens, and Overseers of the Poore, of the sayed Parishe of 
Washington, whose names are heereunder subscribed, did take the 
Protestation (appoynted by the Commons House of ParHament to bee 
taken), the 23"^ day of Februarye 1641, before me, Henry Goringe, one 
of his Ma"*^' Justices of the Peace for the sayd County, whoe did tender 
unto them the sayed Protestation. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Nic. Garbrand, Rector ecclesie de Washington. 

Robert Parkhurst | q , . 
John Mansell S 

Georg. Butcher | Church- 

Frauncys P Norman ) wardens. 

Feb. 27. 

M"^, the day abovesaj-ed, the saj^ed Henry Goringe, beeinge of the 
Parishe of Washington, did take the Protestation aforesayed, beefore 
mee, Nic. Garbrand, Parson of Washington. 

Februarie 27"', all the Parishioners, whose names are here subscribed, 
did take the Protestation, not any refusinge. 

Nic. Garbrand. 

Edmund Byne 
Hen : Shelley 
Henry Goring 
Antonie Eversfeild 
Edmund Muschamp 
Robert Edsawe, senior 
Rob : Edsawe 
Thomas Edsawe 
George Shelley 
Thomas Chapman 
[Above are signatures'] 
John Tavener 

John Peeter 
John Henty 
John Stone 
Willm : Bishop 
James Arnold 
Willm. Capelin 
John Ponett 
Nic. Greenvill 
John Whitehead 
Thomas Bennett 
Thomas Ware 
John Hamper 

Walter Henty 
John Hamper 
Edward Weston 
Willm. Bud [? Bird] 
Thomas Smith 
Thomas Barnard 
Edward Hamden 
Walter Wacum 
John Gofe 
Willm. Ledbetter 
John Capir 
Richard Payne 




Henry Capelin 
John Parsons 
Walter Judin 
Philip Tavener 
Alexander Eoch 
Eobert Tulley 
Allen Parkhurst 
Thomas Parkhurst 
Henry Parkhurst 
John Dunstal 
Francis Cornewel 
John Grover 
Phil. Tavener 
Thomas Judith 
Edward Brayne 
Thomas Emery 
John Bourcher 
Eichard Lee 
Thomas Joane 
Thomas Bristots [?] 
Eichard Paine 
Mich : Tullye 
John Hen ell 
[? HerseU] 
William Scutt 

John Harborough 
John Tavener 
Thomas Mercer 
William Noel 
Ealph Wase 
John Wase 
Thomas Streeter 
Thomas Jent 
William Benett 
Thomas Ledbetter 
Eobt. Judin 
Steven Henty 
John Henty 
Eobt. Judin 
Edward Chipper 
Thomas Langford 
John Patchin 
Thomas Fuller 
John Thomson 
Anthony Phodg 
John Quinnell 
William Smith 
John Mansell 
Nic. Chusman 
Walter Henty 

William Belchamber 
Eichard Bottin 
Thomas Lee 
Ealph Tullye 
Thomas Edwards 
John Stone 
Thomas Emry 
Eobt. Emry 
William Pen 
Eobt. Bridger 
Willm. Hains 
John Munen ['?] 
Thomas Eoch 
William Ive 
John Judin 
Eichard Judin 
William Soan 
Edward Clement 
John Taylor 
John Whitehead 
John Hane 
Willm. Mercer 
Jonas Tomson 


[CiiicnESTER Bcqje, Westbourne and Singleton Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil '"Westbourn; Chich. ; Westb. & Singleton. 
I.L. 1 1." Written names. This Beturn is on tivo sheets of j^aper 
stitched together to form one ; the sinister edge is decayed and in 
part gone, but the list of names is j^crfect. See also ante, p. 10.] 

Memorand., that the Inhabitants of the Towne and Parrishe of 
Westborne, whose names are hereunder written, have taken this 
ensuinge Protestacion, in the presence of the Minister, Church- 
wardens & Overseers of the Poore of Westborne. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc. 
terminating "vowe and Protestaticion."] 





The names of the Howseholders, and other the Inhabitantes, within 
the Towne and Parrishe of Westborne, in this Countie of Sussex : 
taken the sixteenth Day of Februarye Ano Dom. 1641. 

William Jones, senior 
John Jones his sonne 
AVillm. Jones his sonne 
William Harrisonne 
John Paynter 
Thomas Weekes 
John Shepparde 
Nicholas Foster 
John Woodes 
Anthony Stevens 
John Barrett 
Nicholas Colpis 
Anthony Forde 
William Golde 
John Stente 
Eobert Wicher 
John Hale, junior 
Thomas Bucknell, 

Chidwicke Bucknell 

his sonne 
Thomas Carpenter 
Stephen Cai-penter 
Thomas Paye 
John Trevett 
Thomas Perrine 
Zacharie Perrine his 

Valentine Hai"dinge 
John Dudmau 
Thomas Moore 
Thomas Stente 
Thomas Palmer 
Thomas Cowarde 
Richard Ringe 
Arthur Bownser 
John Hollovvwaye 
Johnn Silverloke 
William Bayly 
Thomas Bucknell, 

Thomas Pitt 
Greorg. Hale 
John Godfrey' 
Richard Stone 

Richard Gilbarte 
John Leere 
George Swter [sic^ 
Nicholas Goode 
Henry Piatt 
William Pote 
John Goodene 
Barnaby Smyther 
Edmunde Grove 
Richard Stent 
Richard Coles 
Richard Piuke 
Richard Smj'th 
Henry Greene 
Edward Droutt 
Richard Godfrey 
Richard Stevens 
Thomas Courte 
Richard Stent 
John Feilde 
John Godwine 
Walter Milles 
Robert Milles 
Henry Richardes 
John Rogers 
Thomas Blyth 
Samuell Hebb 
Roger Silverloke, 

Nicholas Exton, gent. 
Francis Drurye, gent. 
Willm. Silverloke 
Richard Silverloke 
Nicholas West, gent. 
John Mill 
Richard Mill and 
Thomas Mill his sonnes 
Rober \^sic^ Peri-ine 
Richard his sonne 
William Goodchilde 
Robert Fi gge 
Miehaell Slider 
Thomas Clutterwine 
Thomas Prior 
Richard Prior 

Richard Salter 
Jeremy Leggatt 
Ralfe Reddinge 
James Tomlenson 
John Ebbernoll 
Miehaell BaUe 
John Salter 
Edwarde Salter 
Richard Trevett 
William Pratt 
Roger Palmer 
AVilliam Stente 
Henry Marten 
Nicholas Stevens 
Simon Crasweller 
Willm. Droutt 
John Pay 
Roger his sonne 
John Sussex 
Morris Ringe 
John Passenger, j unior 
John Till 
James Barrowe 
Edward Spencer 
Nicholas Spaciott 
John Freelande 
John Freelande his 

Richard Sturte 
William Latter 
Peter Horley 
William Dore 
Richard JolbflFe 
William Scarle 
John Godfrey 
Roger Kinge 
John Mathew 
Thomas Cleverly 
Daniell Godfrey 
Joseph Godfrey 
Richard Wedgwood 
John Passenger, senior 
Robert Baker 
Thomas Baker his 




Henry Lambe 
Henry Wedgwood 
John Sm^'th 
John Smyth his sonne 
Joseph Freelande 
John Leggatt 
Thomas Wyatt 
John Charles 
John Collens 
George Smyth 
Thomas Michell 
Henry Stevens 
Rieharde Hurste 
Thomas Mattocke 
Henry Lypscombe 
Robert Munday 
John Argent 
Nicholas Woolfe 
John Lange 
John his sonne 
James Ansteede 
Henry Stevens 
Abraham Person 
John Twesdaye 
Edward Sone 
John Inggells [o?* 

Peter Wayte 
"Walter Hiptine 
Anthony Hollowway 
Thomas Bignoll 
William Machen 
Thomas Machen 
John Cooke 

Richard Turnor 
Francis Andrew 
Francis his son 
William Palmer 
Willm. Heyshott 
Peter Heyshott 
Nicholas Heyshott 
Thomas Selden 
John Counter 
Thomas Standen 
Richard Godfry 
Richard his sonne 
Thomas Aldridge 
Richard his sonne 
John Pinne 
Nicholas Herringe 
John Woodes 
Phillipp Pawfoote 
John Bacheler 
Ben j amine Hollo w- 

John Roman 
John his sonne 
AVilliam Hartley 
Thomas Beech 
Christopher Talbutt 
Thomas Perrine 
Richard Baker 
John Crockforde 
George Ansteede 
Rieharde Coles 
John Duke 
Walter Wyatt 
Richard Person 

John Skayne 
Ralfe Payne 
Thomas Oakeshott 
George Sone 
Robert Sone 
John Merriott 
John Walliston 
AVilliam Moore 
Thomas Palmer 
Nicholas Suter 
Roger Machen 
William Shepparde 
Edwarde Tocoke 
James Suter 
Robert Watterman 
John Pledger 
Robert Cooper 
William Machen 
George Bickly 
John Hartly 
John Leggatt 
Robert Gardner 
Nicholas Hurlocke 
Thomas Salsburie 
Edward Manser 
John Asten 
John Heather 
Nicholas Louelise 
Richard Cleverly 
James Barrett 
Thomas Sone 
Thomas Allen 

William Pay & Thomas Weston, both of the parish [goiie, ? of] 
Westbourne, in the County [gone, ? of] Sussex, were warned [gone, 
? to] have taken the said [gone, ? Protestacion] but did not come 
[ ? gone^ accordingly. 

The above written Protestacion, 
was administrod to these 
severall Partyes herein men- 
tioned, by me 

George Sidgwicke, Vicare. i 

In the presence of Simon Campion "i 
and John Hale, Churchwardens, | 
George Hewett, John Farr, 
Thomas Farr and Thomas j 
Andrew, Overseers of the PooreJ 




[Chichester Bape, Box ^vnd Stockbridge Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Westhampnett ; Box & S. I.H. 24." Written 
names on paper. See also ante, p. 15.] 

West Hampuett : Memorand :, that the Inhabitauntes of West 
Hampnett, from the age of 18 j'eeres and upwardes, have taken this 
Protestation heere under written, before Morgan Owin, Vicar of the 
saied Parish, & before the Churchwardens «& Overseers of the Poore 
of the saied Parish. 

\_Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., 
and terminating "Vow Promise and Protestacion." 

S'' John Chapman, K' 
John Chapman, jun. 
George Rose 
William Ailemer 
Henr}' Bookam 
John Stoner 
Richard Horsly 
AVilliam Pote 
Richard Huntingford 
John Wattes 
Robert Willard 
John Scott 
Robert Randole 
Edward Mascoll 
John Grinsteede 
John Ventam 
John Lilliatt, sen. 

Arthur Stanford 
James Flote 
Thomas Court 
William Barbar 
John Smith 
Raphe Midleton 
Thomas Martin 
Richard Deane 
Davie Bleeke 
Jeromie Spooner 
John Goble 
Arthur Price 
Thomas Scarvill 
Richard Wilson 
Daniell Mascoll 
William Lacie 
Anthony Mansbridge 

John Lilliatt, jun. 
Jeromie Standish 
John Long 
Timothy Johnson 
Clement Barbar 
Praie Lewkner 
William Brasier- 
Edward Whitehead 
Thomas Bailie 
John Habin 
Richard Hamon 
William Spurnell 
Richard Liggatt 
Robert Serjaunt 
John Standish 
William Woodes 

All these Persons above written have taken the saied Protestation, 
and there are none other men within the saied Parish v;"'^ have not 
taken the same, but only Richard Floate, servaunt to John Lilliatt 
aforesaied, w'='' is now att Allingborne, where (as his Master affirmeth), 
he hath taken this Protestation.-'' 

Morgan Owen, ibid : Vicar. 

* See under Aldmgbom-ue, ante, -p. 19. 




[Arundel Ecq^e, West Easwkith Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in ]3encil " Wiggenholt with Greatham, West Easwrith. 
H.S. 9." Signatures and marks on paper. ~] 

Wigginholt cum Greatham : These are to certify that all and singular 
(whom it concerneth) w^'in the Parish of Wigginholt cum Greatham 
have freel}^ and fully taken and made their Protestation, commaunded 
by the High Court of Parliament ; And there is not any in this Parish 
who are Popishly addicted, or any way disaffected to the reformed 
Protestant Eeligion, expressed in the doctrine of the Church of England, 
against all Popery and Popish Innovations. 

Wigginholt, February 13, 1641. 

Joh : Chaloner, Eector de Wiggin- 
holt cum Greatham 
James Chaloner 
John Bransden, senior 
John Bransden, junior R 
Georg Clement 

Thomas /\ Chambers his marke 
James X Slaughter his marke 
Edward Chambers 
William X Slaughter his marke 
Richard X Dench his marke 
The marke co of Thomas Clement 
The marke H of Henery 

Thomas Hayn 

The marke X of James Slaughter 
Thomas X Adset his marke 
Thomas Clement T his marke 

Thomas Bridger X his marke 
John Melish — his marke 
The marke of Q Philip Dench 
The marke /\ of Henery Haynes 
The marke < of Edward 

William Slaughter X his marke 
The marke of W Walsingham 

John Slaughter /\ his marke 
Robert Clement T his marke 
Thomas Barnard T his marke 
Thomas Greenfield O his marke 
William Ha^mes i\ his marke 
Thomas Slaughter V his marke 
The marke X of Robert Brooker 
Nicholas CO Slaughter his marke 

Greatham, February 14, 1641. 

Tho : Mille 

Richard Mille 

Jo : Mille 

Francis Mille 

Robert Tilley 

Robert Streate 

William Prat X his marke 

The marke /\ of George Humphrey 

John W Prat his marke 

The marke X of Nicholas Cooper 

William Stone W his marke 

Thomas X Prat his marke 

John Bossard 

Thomas Rose X his marke 

Tlie marke X of John Peter 

The marke X of Richard Elcomb 

Joh. Ireland X his marke 

Richard Ward 

Thomas Willsha 

Abraham Birdfeild X his marke 

John Addams 

John Martin X his marke 

Willfurd Hyegate 




[Aeundel Puii^e, Bury Hundred.'] 

[^Indorsed in pencil '• Wisborougli Green, Bury. H.P, 9." Written 
names on paper.] 

Anno Dommino 1641 : Wisborough Greene, February the thirteenth, 
A Certificate of all above the age of eighteene yeares, of the male 
kind, that have taken the Protestation. 

Francis Chompion 
William Wolvin 
John King 
George Chompion 
John Penfold 
Nicolas Upchureh 
William Ireland 
Gorge Badger 
William Strudwicke 
Richord Fowler 
William Streater 
Antony Daulton 
Christopher Tribe 
William Duke 
John Briant 
Arnoll Overington 
Henry Stemp 
William Smart 
Thomas Tribe 
James Somersall 
Henry More 
Gorge Acocke 
Henry Knos 
Jeffery Chesman 
Thomos Tewly 
William Boxell 
Eichord Coopper 
John Nightingall 
Eobert Banister 
Christopher Larby 
Eoger Whitington 
William Leanord 
John Wade 
Richord Venis 
Owen Humphery 

William West 

John Harris 

Christopher Boman 

William Strudwicke 

John Stone 

Joseph Furlonger 

John Humphery 

John Hollis 

John Coats 

John Perior 

Antony Weden 

Richard Towne 

John Smort 

Richord Overington 

John Smort 

Henry Perior 

Ambrose Humphery 

William Chesman 

John Buckell 

Thomos Joanes 
John EUing 
Rinoll Sheopeord 
Nando Somersall 
Rinoll Sheopeord 
John Nightingall 
John Fist 
John Irelond 
Henry Leanord 
Thomos Predam 
AVilliam Somersall 
Richord Grinsteed 
Richord Adsteed 
James Gunter 
Michaell Fowler 
Thomos Stedmon 

William Hurst 
Francis James 
Thomas Willett 
Antony Dauton 
Thomos Collen 
Edword Hailer 
John Weden 
Thomas Wilson 
John AVhite 
William Studmon 
Henry Floate 
William Benet 
Henry Hud 
William Clements 
Thomos Soule 
Thomos Lorby 
Richord Coats 
Richord Boade 
William Stenning 
Thomos Chomj)ion 
John Hailer 
Jomes Johnson 
Walter Chompion 
Thomos Luse 
William Arter 
John Fist 
Robert Weden 
John Wen 
Gorge Weller 
Henry Smort 
John Humphery 
Gorge Dauton 
John Chesmore 
Thomos Firlonger 
Richord Benett 



[WisBOROUGH Green.] 

William Peto 
William Michill 
Tliomos Alclien 
John Knite 
Eichord Leauord 
Eichord Stedman 
Thomos Nightingall 
John Larby 
Thomos Predam 
Gorge Osborne 
Jonos Leany 
Eichard Humphery 
William James 
Thomos Float 
Thomos Nuly 
Tliomos Udnet 
Eichord Grinfeild 
Mathew Furlonger 
William Grinyard 
Mathew Ireland 
John Napper 
William More 
John Champion 

John Osborne 
Christopher Butler 
Henry Lewer 
William Duke 
Thomos Lutman 
John Woods 
John Denis 
Christopher Foster 
William Burchat 
Thomos Hunt 
Eobert Searle 
Henry Napper 
John Mor}' 
John Moore 
Joh. Deering 
John Osborne 
Eichord Lutman 
John Hull 
Larrance Tillet 
Larrance Hailer 
Henry Coward 
William Wilson 
James Cobb 

Thomos Scutt 
William Studman 
Henry Venner 
John Francis 
Thomos Hoad 
William Willet 
Mathew^ Eandoll 
Eichord Eager 
Gorge Strudwicke 
John Willet 
Eichord Strudwicke 
Water Plowman 
Eichord Swan 
John Burdett 
William Streater 
Eichord Euke 
Thomos Predam 
Eoger Whitington 
Eichord Browning 
Fardinando Grantham 
John Harrison 
Eichord Freake 
Edward Lutman 

Thes have wee, as neere as possible we can, given the names and 
sir names of all those in our Parish that should have taken the Pro- 
testation : Except two who refuse it, whose names are these : 

M' Thomos Smith, and John Smith, his Sonne. 
Given under our hands the fifteenth day of February. 

Per me Thomos Meade, Curat. Henry Carpenter, Overseer for 

Henry Parkhurst, Churchwarden. the Poore. 

The persons above specified, M'' Thomos Smith and his Sonne John, 
have taken the Protestation the ninteenth day of February, Ano. 
Domin. 1641. 

In the presence of us : 
Thamas Meade, Curate. Henry Carpenter, Overseer for the Poore. 




[Bramber Eape, Steyning Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Wiston, Bramber, Steyning. I. A. 5." 
Signatures and marks on j;a2;cr.] 

Sussex: Bramber Eajie : Wiston Parish : Febr : 25"^ 1641. 

Mem"^"™, the day and yeare above written, the Minister, Church- 
wardens and Overseers for y*" Poore of the Parish aforesayd, whose 
names are heereunto subscribed, did take the Protestation, unto them 
commanded by the Commons House of Parliament, Before me, Henry 
Goringe, one of his Ma''^^ Justices of the Peace for the sayed County. 

Hen : Goringe. 

Dau : Duncumb, M'' of Wiston. 

Thorn. Badmering j ^ -, 


Eobert Smyth 

the Poore. 

JohnBenetai ^^''''^^''^' 

Tho : Willett 
John Leceyter 
John Greenfeild 
George Braycce 

[? Brayne] 
Michaell X Parson 
William W Marner 
Eichard R Smyth 
Eichard Pratt 
Henry Heth 
John'X Allen 
John X Eoch 
John T Bushup 
Thomas Pratt 
Benj. X Souch 
Eichard R B Basett 
Eich. X Sharp 
Thomas Saxpe 
Walleter X Vocoons 
Thom. X Feist 
Thomas Gunn 
John I Avery 
Frances Noble 
Josepe /\ Nie 

AVill : A Hanper 
Thomas B Baylly 
William X Wase 
Eodger f\ Smyth 
Edward Thomas 
Henary X Mearsh 
Eodger X Streter 
Edward X Pechie 
Joseph Thomas 
James X Stele 
Eobert Bennett 
John Boade 
John Bennett 
Hewe O Tilly 
Eich'' X Davy 
Eobert X Tavener 
Edward O Davy 
Henry X Fuller 
Thomas Bolde 
John Pollard [?] 
Thom. X Wacklin 
Eobert X Smith 
Hen. Fuller 
Philli : X Bennett 

WiUiam Penfold 
John X Carter 
Thom : X Sponer 
Will : X Dunstall 
Thomas Tomson 
Thomas X Gooffe 
Eichard X Fist 
Willi : A Willott 
Eichard X Avery 
Francis X Hamton 
Stevin X Judon 
John V I Coulstocke 
John I Lee 
James A Dendy 
WiUiam X Davy 
James X Dendy, jun. 
Necoli. X Parcker 
Thomas X Page 
Thomas T Thornes 
Thomas X Bennet 
Steven S Standon 
John I Start 
George Linvill 




[Chichester Bapc, Ma^s^hood Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil, " Wittering, East ; Manhood ; I.K. 6." Mostly 
written names ; tioo marks ; " Eoger Hale " and the tioo succeeding 
names are apparently signatures ; the Beturn is on paper. See 
also ante, p. 13.] 

Sussex : Memorand, that the Partyes here under written, being the 
Parishioners of Eastwittering, did make this Protestation the 13 day 
of Februarye, Anno Caroli regis 17" Anno Domini 1641. 

[Here follows the Protestation commencing "I A.B. do," etc., and 
terminating " Yowe and Protestation."] 

Geo : Harding, Curat ibid. 

William Taylour 
Eobert Weston 
John Susson 
John Egly 
The X mark of Peter 

Gorge Blanch 
The O marke of John 

Edward Harding 
Nicholas Pitt 

John Dunnford 
John Taylor 
William Bilson 
Peter Poore 
Roger Hale 
Eusebius Hale 
John Sandares 
Christofer Taylor 
John Shorter 
Thomas Ashbye 
William West 

Henry Mansbridge 
John Arnold 
John Bilson 
Henry Salter 
John West 
William Baker 
John Colebrooke 
Richard Eagly 
Richard Eagly, se. 
John Erench 
William Taylor 


[Chichester Bape, Manhood Hiindred.'] 

[Indorsed in p)encil '' Wittering, West; Manhood; I.K. 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 13.] 

West Witteringe : Memorand., the Inhabitantes of the said Parish 
of West Witteringe, of the age of 18 yeares & uppwards, whose 
names are subscribed, did freely make this ensueinge Protestacion, 


[Wittering, AVest.] 

the thirteenth day of February, 1641, before Edward Zeale, Curat 
there, John Aylmer & Eichard Holmes, Churchwardens, as followeth, 

[Here folloivs the Protestation commencing "I A.B. doe," etc., and 
terminating "Vow and Protestacion."] 

William Osborne 
Edward Pilbeanie 
John Burrish 
Thomas Styant, gen. 
Gabriel Osborne 
Eichard Ferrenden 
Henry Venner 
Eichard Vaughan 
Thomas Sneller 
Prior Vaughan 
John Cureton 
John Vennetree 
William Scoteher 
John Greygoose 
George Eeed 
George Lee 
Thomas Hoskyn, jun. 
Francis Stanbrooke 
Anthony Bent 
John Vennetree 
Joseph Lee 
James Hyll 
Eobert Colpys 
Thomas Veares 
George Vennetree 
John Stevens 
William Smyth 

Eichard Cadman 
John Owens 
John Ilsley 
John Chapman 
Henry White 
Thomas Voke 
John Hutberd 
Eichard Maunser 
Willm. Challinge 
John Watersfield 
Eichard Watersfield 
John Easshall 
John Gold 
Alex. Leggatt 
Willm. James 
Steven Bonney 
John Hart 
Thomas Hoskyn, sen, 
Jeremy Eomyn 
Henry Man 
John Curtys 
John Foster 
Willm. Fry 
Eichard Eomyn 
Nathaniel Eomyn 
Eichard Mold 
William Collyns 

Eobert Nunnington 
William Leeke 
John Femes 
Eichard Eemes 
Thomas Lockyer 
John Saunders 
John Allen 
John Bushbee 
Thomas Budd 
John Michell 
Henry Jelley 
Anthony Hoskyn 
Francis Parsons 
Steven Eogers 
Eichard Chase 
Thomas Owen 
Eichard Burrish 
Eoger Higgins 
Thomas Eomyn 
Eichard Densley 
Eichard Turner 
John Gouldeinge 
John Maunser 
John Zeale 
WiUiam Gouldeinge 

Teste Edro : Zeale, Curate de West Wittering. 


[Bramber Rape, Tipnoak Hundred.'] 
[See under A]houvno, ante, p. 17.] 




[Arundel Baj^e, Eotherbridge Hundred.] 

[Indorsed in pencil " Woolavington, Rothb. li., H.E. 11." 
Written names on ixiper.] 

Wolavington : The return of those of the Parish of Wolavington, in 
the Hund : of Eotherbridge and Eape of Arundell, who have eyther 
taken, or refused to take the Protestacion, tendred to them by order 
from the Ho^'^^ House of Commons. 

Made by the Minister, Churchwardens and Overseers of the same 
Parish Feb : 16, 1641, And attested under their hands. 

These have taken the Protestacion. 

Thomas Ferret 
Nicholas Browning 
Eobert Carver 
Francis Sandham 
Nicholas Carpenter 
John Sprinkes, sen. 
Thomas Burchall 
John Joy [? Jay] 
John Hooke 
William Sandham 
William Brookes 
Edward Kester 
William Skeete 
William Seldin 
William Addison 
Francis Page 
Peter Allen 

John Sprinkes, jun. 
Tho : German 
Thomas Mills 
Thomas Webb 
Eichard Clare 
Thomas Wellsted 
William Coales 
Eobert Carver 
Jinkin Watkins 
William Goble 
Henry West 
Thomas Carver 
Henry Carver 
Thomas Sandham 
John Eodes 
Nicholas Browning 
John Flote 

Eobert Joy 
William Elmes 
Anthony Nightingale 
Thomas Knight 
Eobert Sprinkes 
John Upton 
Gilbert Hammon 
John Webbe 
George Eldridge 
William Taylor 
John Fry 
John Ockly 
Henry Clare 
William Clare 
James Hill 

David White, a Popish recusant, hath refused to take this Protesta- 
cion, & William Dobbing, another Popish recusant, would not be 

Daniel German, 

AVilliam Sandliam 
William Humphrey 
Thomas Webbe 
Thomas Ferrett 






[Chichester Bape, Easebourne Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in iJcncil " Woolbeding ; Chich. ; Easebourn ; I.J. 13." 

Written names on ixiper. See also ante, p. 11.] 

Memorandum, that the Inhabitants of the Parish of Wolbedinge 
have taken this insueinge Protestation, the 20'^ day of February, in the 
presence of the Minister, the Churchwardens and Overseers of the 
poore of the said Parrish. 

Edm : Grrey, rector ibide. 
John Smith, Churchwarden & Overseer. John Stillwell, Churchwarden. 

\_Here folloius the Protestation, commencing "I A.B. doe, 
terminating " vowe and Protestation."] 

etc., and 

Thomas Cray, escf ^ 
William Gray, esq''' 
Nicholas Ayling 
Thomas Aylinge 
William Aylinge 
John Eead 
William Bridger 
Thomas Bridger 
James Phillipes 
Eichard AVooldridge 
John Phillipes 
William Sherfold 
Jesper Heather 
AVilliam Lock 

Henry Stevens 
Robert Chaulcroft 
Willm. Bridger 
John West 
William Newland 
Nicholas leede 
Richard Coopper 
Thomas Locke 
John Grlasier 
Larrance Pumell [or 

Anthony leede 
Henery Courtneys 
John Grlasier 

John Stoneham 
John Clasier 
Tho : Bilbooe [or 

John Phillips 
Tho : Mason 
Antho : Wakeford 
Tho : Phillips 
John Pollard 
John Aylinge 
Richard Newton 
Willm. Smith 


[Aruxdel Bape, Avisford Hundred.'] 

[Indorsed in pencil "Yapton, Avisford. H.O. 12." 
Written names on paper. See also ante, p. 14,] 

William Edmondes, 

William Madgwick 

Henry Chrismas Anthony Fowler 

Thomas Etherton, sen. John Dymmock 
Ceorg Anderson Henry Etherton 




Henry Chrysmas, jun. 
Thomas Averell 
Thomas Paine 
Henry Cobbey 
Nicholas Joanes 
Anthony Dyer 
Ambrous Winston 
Daniell Winston 
William Stedman 
Thomas Addams 
John Short 
Thomas Cobbev 
John White 
Henry Parham 
Richard Averell 
Henry Staker 
Danyell Lee 
John Hebberden 
John Sturt 
Phillip Lagget 
Ambrous Lagget 
Thomas Drwet 
William Goold 
George Taylor 

John Marner 
John Hartly 
Richard Grygg 
Henry Standen 
Steeven Grygg 
Edward Austin 
Robert Napcroft 
David Richison 
Phillipp Richison 
John Warwick 
William Geale 
Richard Hebberden 
Thomas Marsh 
John Bedwell 
William Drwet 
John Whit 
Joseph Herryet 
Richard Pleet 
Richard Moory 
Richard Sturt 
Henry Maye 
Thomas Wheeler 
Robert Pack 
John Fraunces 

John Cobbey 
William Sturte 
Thomas Buck 
John Maye 
Simond Deale 
Nowell Browne 
Thomas Shepard 
Richard Payne 
Richard Peist 
James Stent 
Robert Groggin 
John Dyer 
Thomas Knight 
John Short 
Simond Stj-ant 
Addam Harwood 
Edward Dorcking 
Edward Naldre 
William Stedman 
William Hunt 
Thomas Arnold 
Thomas Turgis 
John Blandover 

The names of those that have taken the Protestacion w*^in the 
Parrish of Yapton, by the minister, Churchwardens & overseers, of 
the Parrish aforesaid, 

John Woodman, ibidem minister. 


Thomas Bi-idger j Overseers. 

Ambros Druce 

And that none w'^'in the said Parrish have refused. 

John Woodman, ibidem minister. 

LlLTNashe^ Churchwardens. 

Thomas Bridger ) overseers. 
Ambros Druce 



The Names of Places are printed in Italics. 

The Surnames of Persons are indexed as far as possible under the 
best form of spelling occurring ; to these the more important variations 
are annexed, ■which are also inserted in the index with cross references. 
The Names in the Betitrns being for the most part written words, and 
not signatures, the spelling is to a great extent phonetic, and at the 
caprice of the respective writers. This renders it impossible to 
differentiate between such names as Ailewin, Ailing, Allwin, Ayline, 
etc., Gittens, Gittence, Githens, Guytens, etc., and also such names 
as are sometimes spelt with a final s, such as Hill, Hyll, Hiles, Hilles, 
Hillis, and Parson, Parsons, etc. 

The figures in brackets indicate the number of times a name occurs 
on a page, but in referring to the page or pages, where the Returns 
for the respective parishes are given, the name of each parish is 
indexed once only. 

The corrections given under Corrigenda {see ante) are noted in the 



Abraham, Abram, Abrame, 35, 53, 

54 [2], 61, 62, 76, 148, 156, 158 
Aburra, 155 [2] 

Abury, 19 

Ackers, 53 

Acocke, 73, 195 

Actou, 137 

Adams, Adames, Addames, Addams 
{see also Odams), 21 [6], 32, 33, 43, 
94, 136, 146, 150, 161, 165 [2], 166 [2], 
177, 184, 194, 202 

Adamson, 47 [3] 

Addis, 109 

Addison, Adderson, Addeson, Adison, 

55 [4], 126, 200 

Adgate {see also Agate, Atgate, Gate), 

98, 100 
Adsedd, Adsed, Adshed, 42 [2], 64, 

85 [2], 118 [2] 
Adseet. Adset, 42, 194 
Adsteed, 195 
Agate, Agates {see also Adgate, Atgate, 

Gate), 67 [.3], 131 [2], 147 [2], 188 

Ailemer, Ailemore, Ailmor, see Aylmore 

Ailewin, Ailing, Ail-nan, Ailwine, 
Alewine, Aliuge, Allinge, Allwin, 
Ayleing, Aylen, Ayline, Ayling, 
Aylwin, Aylwyne, Aylynge, 8 [2], 9, 
22, 33, 40,"'46, 47, ,55 [3], 59, 60 [2], 
63 [2], 70, 72, 74 [3], 75 [2], 79 [4], 
84 [3], 87, 89, 90, 93 [3], 94 [2], 97 [2], 
105, 110 [3], 115 [2], 119 [2], 123, 
126 [2], 129, 1.33, 136, 1-38 [2], 145 [2], 
149 [2], 157 [2], 163 [11], 176, 179 [2], 
180 [10], 181, 182 [4], 183 [8], 201 [4] 

Ail ward, see Aleward 

Alard, 187 [2] 

Albery, Alberrie, 32, 119 [2], 120, 125, 

Albourne, 17 to 18 

Alchen, 196 

Alcock, Alcoke, 30, 55, 94, 179, 180, 181 

Alder, 121 

Alderslade, 144, 156 

Alderton, 23, 85, 100, 108 [2], 130 [3], 
136, 137, 138 [2], 142, 179, 180 

Aldinghoiirne, 14, 18 to 19 



Aldridge, Aldredge, Allridge, Ali-idge, 
15, 43, 46, 50 [2], 84 [2], 100, 141, 
192 [2] 

Aldritou, 30 

Aleii, see Allen 

Aleward, Ailward, AUward, Alward, 
Alword, Ayleward, Aylward, 85, 93, 
98, 99, 101, 136, 159, 176 

Alewiiie, see Ailewiii 

Alexander, 186 

Alford, 6 

Algate, 153 

Alinge, see Ailewin 

Alinghame, 138 

Allam, 56 

Allen, Alen, AUiu, Alyn {see also 
Hallen), 19, 33, 39, 45, 51 [2], 54, 55, 
57, 72, 73, 79, 89, 112, 120, 126 [3], 
138, 144, 145, 146, 171, 192, 197, 199, 

Alleuson, 11, 76 

AUet, Allott, 75, 144 

AUin, see Allen 

AUinge, see Ailewin 

Allington, 161 

Allison, 147 

AUkyn, 164, 167 

Allott, see AUet 

Allridge, see Aldridge 

Ailward, see Aleward 

All win, see Ailewin 

Alridge, see Aldridge 

Althredd, 126. 

Alward, Alword, see Aleward 

Alyn, see Allen 

Ambcrley, 20 

Ameares, Ameeres, 58, 93 

Amersh, 142 [2] 

Amie, see Amye 

Ampellford, 175 

Amuer, 112 

Amyas, Amyes, 46, 56, 100 

Amye, Amie, Amy, 101, 102, 123, 145 

Anderson, 50, 201 

Andley, 65 

Andrew, Andrewes, Audrow, 9, 10, 18, 
20 [4], 21 [2], 27, 28 [2], 42, 63 [4], 
75, 82 [2], 83, 100, 109 [3], 110, 126, 
141 [2], 142 [8], 152, 154, 170 [3], 
172, 183 [2], 186, 192 [3] 

Andros, 116 

Angmering, 21 to 22 

Ansell, Ansel, Ansill, 50, 98, 116, 117, 

Anslet, 184 

Ansted, Ansteede, 44, 146, 166, 192 [2] 

Ansted alias Field, 90 

Ansty, 17, 77, 100, 153 

Antele, 30 

Antrobus, 153 

Ap John, 143 

Appledram, 12 [2], 22 

I Appleford, 23 
Appleton, 116 

Apps, Aps, Apse, 36 [3], 55, 82, 112 
Apsley, Apseley, 6, 7 [2], 28, 136, 141 

[2], 143, 160, 179, 186 
Ap Thomas, see Up Thomas 
A'Pytt {see also Pitt), 92 
Argent, 192 
Arledge, 64, 91 
Armstrong, 48 
Arnape, 141, 142 
Ai-nold, Arnall. ArnoU, 35 [2], 48, 49, 

50, 54 [2], 90 [3], 91 [2], 95, 100 [2], 

101, 123, 129 [2], 132, 133, 134, 149, 

151, 163, 189, 198, 202 
Amye, 198 
Arrasmith, 164 
Arrundell, Aroundell, 54, 68 

Arthiu', Arthar, 32, 82, 107, 154 

Artridge, 99 

Anmdel, 6, 7, 23 

Ascole, 77 

Aselett, see Asslot 

Ashbye, 198 

Ashe, 138 

Ashe, in Stedham, 163 

Ashfold, 18, 98 

Asiiington, 23 

Ashton, 140, 148, 149 

Ashurst, 24 to 25 

Ashwen, 106 

Askue, 155 

Asslot, Aselett, Auslet, 60, 144, 184 

Asten {see also Austen), 192 

Atgate {see also Adgate, Agate, Gate), 

Atherine, 71 

Atkinson, 125, 126 [2] 

Attaway {see also Otway), 136 

Attwood, Atwood, 49, 93 

Auburton, see Edhurton 

Audley, 65 

Audrie, 113 

Augustin, 75 

Aulestich, 185 

Aunett, 54 

Avirnett, 54 

Auslet, see Asslot 

Austen, Austin, Austins {see also Asten), 
10, 19 [5], 35, 54, 55, 65, 70, 76, 96 
[2], 97 [4], 103, 109, 112, 125 [2], 
137, 145, 146, 161, 170, 183, 186, 202 

Avenell, 146 

Averell, 202 [2] 

Avery, Avere, Averie, Averies, 33, 41, 
47, 54, 67, 79, 97, 109, 113, 117, 144, 
154, 161 [3], 163, 175, 197 [2] 

Awde, 13 

Awden, see Ouden 

A' Wood {see also Wood), 131 [3], 151 
[3], 152 



Aycocke, 158 

Aylard, 176 

Ajleiug, Aylen, Ayliiie, Ayling, see 

Ayleward, see Aleward 

Aylmore, Ailemer, Ailemore, Ailmor, 
Aylmer, 36 [3], 42, 74, 150, 155, 156, 
173, 193, 199 

Aylward, see Aleward 

Aylwin, Aylwyne, Aylyiige, see 

Ayre, Ayres, Ayers, 9, 150, 162 


BAAL, see Bale 

Babey, 52 

Babs, Babes, 94, 150 

Bacheler, Bacheller, Bachelor, Bache- 

lour, see Batchelor 
Backer, see Baker 

Backshell, Backshall, Baxshell, Bex- 
shall, 27, 31, 95 [4], 96, 102, 166 
Bacom, Bacome, see Bawconibe 
Bacon, 21 [2], 63 [2], 90 [2], 97, 114, 

Badbye, 38 
Badcocke, 140 
Badger, Bager, 95, 195, 196 
Badging, 114 
Badmeriug, 197 
Bager, see Badger 
Bailie, Baily, see Bayley 
Baker, Backer, 30, 31 [2], 32 [3], 55, 

61, 68, 75 [2], 80, 81, 82 [2], 89, 95 

[2], 99, 106, 108, 109, 129, 139, 140 

[2], 143, 149 [2], 153, 173 [2], 177, 

183, 191 [2], 192, 198 
Balden {i.e. Boldwynn), see Baldwin 
Baldry, 38 
Baldwin, Balden [132], Bauldwing, 

Boldwynn [14, misprinted as Gold- 

wyuu ; see Corrigendal, 14, 36, 57, 

Bale, Baal, Bael (see also Bayley), 

133 [2], 152 
BaU, Balle, 42, 53, 78, 81, 87, 101, 138, 

144, 147, 191 
Ballard, 87, 132 
Bane, 75 
Banflld, 153 
Banham, 54 
Banister, Bannister, Bannisters, 

Benister, 45, 48, 51, 52, 94, 183, 

Bankes, 103, 153, 168, 187 
Bannell, 151 

Bannister, Bannisters, see Banister 
Banwell, 133 [2] 
Barber, Barbar, 31 [2], 39, 42 [2], 47 

[2], 54, 55 [2], 64, 95, 98, 99, 137, 

193 [2] 
Barden, 105, 115, 139 
Bare, 164 
Barefoote, 144 

Barker, 4, 39, 55, 56, 174 

Barlavingtoyi, 25 

Barlow, 57 

Barnard (see also Bernard), 24, 45, 47, 

54 [3],' 59 [3], 83 [2], 88 [8], 133, 

136 [3], 137, 139, 140, 149, 159, 175, 

187, 189, 194 
Barnes, 32, 45, 48 [2], 54, 100, 106, 150, 

167, 177 
Barnet, 178 
Barnham, iQ 
Barr, 167 
Barree, 168 

Barrett, Barratt, 131, 136, 191, 192 
Barrow, 20, 24, 68, 70, 87, 95, 171, 174, 

Barry, 26 
Barsheere, 163 [2] 
Barter, 48 
Bartholomew, Bartlemew, 42, 53, 54, 

76, 98, 131, 132 [2] 
Bartlee, 91 

Bartlemew, see Bartholomew 
Bartlet, Bartlett, Bartlot, see Barttelot 
Bartley, 179, 184 

Barton, 10, 72, 93, 94, 106, 139, 187 
Barttelot, Bartlet, Bartlett, Bartlot, 

54, 55, 67, 79 [2], 85, 126 [2], 130, 

131, 169 L J, , 

Barwicke, Barweeke, 65 [2], 139, 143, 

Bash, 175 

Bashar, 144 

Baskerx-ile, 60 

Basley, 166 

Bassett, Basett, 58, 75, 197 

Bassucke, Bassocke, 29, 100 

Batchelor, Bacheler, Bacheller, Bache- 
lor, Bachelour, Batcheller, Batche- 
lour, Batchiler, Batchler, Bathelor, 
20, 27, 64, 90 [3], 101, 104 [51, 108, 
109 [4J, 134, 137, 141, 142, 147, 153, 
181, 192 

Batcocke, 134 

Batcombe, Batcome, 20, 95 

Bateman, Beatman {see also Battman), 
61, 87, 126 

Bates, 67, 131 

Batman, see Battman 

Batminson, 20 [3] 



Batner, 99 

Batter sbee, 52 

Battman, Batman {see also Batemau), 

33, 158 
Baucome, see Bawcombe 
Bauham, 54 

Bauldwing, see Baldwin 
Bawcombe, Bacom, Bacome, Baucome, 

35, 100, 165 [2], 167 
Baxshell, see Backshell 
Baxter, 54, 125 
Baylej, Baile, Bailie, Baily, Baylie, 

Baylly, Bayly {see also Bale), 15, 21, 

35, 38, 57 [2], 69, 83, 87, 120, 126, 

134, 153 [2], 162, 171 [3], 191, 193, 

Beach, Beech, 21, 24 [2], 38, 39, 59, 95, 

136, 168 [2], 192 
Beacher, Beclier, Beecher, 27, 39, 161, 

164, 165 
Beale, 42, 109, 126, 127 [2], 137, 138, 

Beane, 161, 171 
Bearde, Beard, 17 [2], 18 [3], 24 [2], 25, 

33, 116, 151, 165, 167, 175 
Beare, 126, 150, 151 
Beary, 115 
Beasor, 90 
Beast, 159 

Beatman, see Bateman 
Becher, see Beacher 
Beckett, Becket, 90, 139 
Beckham, 49 
Beddicke, 49 
Bedford, 134 
Beding, see Beediug 
Bedle, Bedel, Bedell, Beedle, 10, 83, 

97 [2], 157, 183 
Bedwell, 61, 102 [2], 202 
Beeble, 58 

Beecher, see Beacher 
Beede, 149 

Beading, Beding, 157, 161, 164 
Beeding alias Sele, 26 to 27 
Beedl[^onc], 183 
Beefe, 188 
Beeke, 20 
Beeston, 123 [2] 
Bell, 39, 122 
Bellchamber, Belchamber, Belchimber, 

40 [4], 47, 50, 83 [2], 104, 110 [2], 

129 [2], 130 [2], 138, 139, 148, 159, 

165 [2], 166, 170, 175, 180, 186 [2], 

Bellingham, 53, 55, 138 
Beniun, 61, 62 

Beubucke, Benbroock, 165, 166, 167 
Bendfold, Benfold, 119, 120 
Benet, see Bennett 
Benfeild, 65 
Benge, 25 
Benigrove, in Pulhorough, 142 

Benister, sec Banister 

Benjamin, 148, 149 

Bennett, Benet, Bennat, Benneatt, 
Bennet, Bennitt, 14, 15, 17, 19, 20, 23, 
30, 33, 38 [2], 49, 54, 56, 58, 61, 62, 
67 [2], 75 [3], 77, 81, 82 [3], 83 [3], 
98, 99 [2], 102 [2], 109, 124, 131, 133, 
134, 138, 140, 141, 142 [2], 148, 159, 
165 [4], 166, 167 [3], 170 [4], 172 [2], 
173 [3], 174, 177, 178 [3], 180, 181, 
186, 189, 190, 195 [2], 197 [5] 

Benson, 72 

Bensted, 55 

Bent, 54, 199 

Benton, 61 

Ben[gfone], 183 

Bepton, 8, 11, 27 to 28 

Berendell, 81 

Berison, 121 

Bernard {see also Barnard), 82, 134 [2], 

Bernfeld, see Birnfeld 

Berricke, 101 [2], 131 

Berry, 126, 169 

Bersted, South, 6, 14, 28 

Best, 97, 98 [2], 99 [3], 102, 104, 135 

Betser, Betsor, Bettsor, 42, 58, 163, 173, 

Bett, Bet, 34, 63, 73, 128, 132 

Bettes, 75 

Bettesworth, Betesworth, Betisworth, 
Betsworth, Bettswoorthe, Bettsworth, 
11, 46, 56, 60, 63 [2], 65, 80, 105 [6], 
115, 117 [3], 119, 126, 144 [2], 163 [2], 
180, 183, 184 [2] 

Bettsor, see Betser 

Betworth, 55 

Bever, 20 

Bevestock, 50 

Bevlgoyie], 183 

Bexshall, see Backshell 

Bickley, Bickly, 57 [5], 58, 192 

Bickner, 188 

Bicknoll, 89, 109 

Biddulph, 69, 70 

Bidle, 143 

Biggs, Bigges, Bigs, 19 [4], 36, 79, 155, 
164, 179 

Bignall, Bignoll, 75, 171, 192 

Bigner, 133 

Bignor, 28 to 29 

Bilbooe, 201 

Billboor, 201 

Bill, 4 

Billett, 55 [2], 163 [3] 

Billings, Biliugs. 157, 179 

Billingshurst, 156 [3] 

BillingsJmrst, 7, 29 to 32, 143 

Billingslie, 132 

Bilson, 119, 198 [2] 

Bilston, 55 

Bifiderton, 11, 32 



Binifold, 163 
Binskiu, 129 

Binsted, Binstead, Binsteede, 22, 35 
91, 148, 171 ' ' . 

Binsted, 33 
Binstye, 19 

Bird, Burde, 53, 65, 95, 189 
Birdfield, 194 
Birdham, 13, 33 to 34 
Birufeld, Benifeld, 14, 133, 134 
Bish, 79 

Bishop, Bishopp, Biishop, Bushopp, 
Bushiip, Bysliop, Byshopp, 19, 21, 
23 [3], 61, 66, 83 [2], 95, 110, 126, 
135 [2], 141, 150, 153, 166, 172, 173 
Blaber, 21, 148 
Blace, Blache, 30, 124 
Black, 104, 106 

Blackfau, Blackfou, 165 [2], 166 
Blackmail, Blackemau, 9. 24 43 5-> 
62 74 [2], 97, 112, 144 [4], 154,'l6i; 
163 [2], 174, 175 
Blackstoue, 138 
Blackwell, 81, 146, 159 
Blaise, 86 

Blake, 146, 153, 175 
Blaker, 91 [2], 154 
Blakleigh, 56 
Blauch, 198 
Blanchard, 147 
Bland, 52 
Blandover, 202 
Blann, 19 
Blashford, 54 
Blaxtoii, 22 
Blayse, 26 
Bleeke, 193 
Blickfeild, 89, 137 [2] 
Blincoe, 153 
Bloiiden, 164 
Bluett, 94 
Blundell, Blundill, Bluiidle, 25 [■2^ 42 

[2], 59, 72, 75, 137 [2] 
Bluuden, 36, 96, 98, 126, 131, 166 [31 
Blunkett, 19 
Blyth, 191 
Bl[(7owc], 94 
Boackham, 141 
Boade, see Bode 
Boadlold, 153 
Boaiie, see Boiie 
Bearer, see Boorer 
Bocher, see Butcher 
Bocker, see Booker 
Bode, Boade, 43, 59, 110 [2], 141, 195, 

Bodicote, 41 
B.jduam, 126 
Body, 136 

Boecker, see Booker 
Boker, see Booker 

Bolde, 197 

Boldeu, 81 

Boldwyim [misjjrinted Goldwvnn, see 
Corrigenda], sec Baldwin 

Boll, 114 

Bolles, see Boules 

Bolsome, 157 [2], 163 

Bolson, 188 

Bolton, 130 

Boman, see Bowman 

Bonacke, see Bomiick 

Bonde, 10 

Bone, Boane, 80, 87, 89, 163 

Boniface, Boneface, 18 [31 77 [21 80 
91, 95 [2], 151 [2], 170, 173, l^tl] 

Bonner, Bonnor, 109, 138 

Bonnick, Bonacke, 104 [3], 125 

Bonny, Bonney, Bonnie, Bouye 33 
34, 51 [2], 87 [2], 156, 169, 179. 'l99' 

Boodle, 82 

Bookam, 193 

Booker, Bocker, Boecker, Boker, 
Boocker (see also Bowker), 30, 32 49 
54 [2], 56, 57, 73 [2], 74, 76, 89,' 91^ 
98, 99, 100 [2], 101, 109, 126 129 
130, 137, 138 [2], 142,146, 168,173 
[2], 187, 188 

Boorer, Borer, Boarer, 85, 100. 101 [51 
120, 169, 187 [4] ^^' 

Boorue, Borne, see Bourne 

Borey, 50 

Bosham, 16, 34 to 35, 57 [3] 

Bossard, Bosserd, Bozard, 26, 64, 170 

Bostwicke, 48 

Boswell, Bosswelle, 8, 117 [2] 

Botolphs, see Buttolplis 

Bottiug, Bottin, 90, 91, 100, 101 131 

[3], 148, 175, 190 
Boughton, 147 [2] 
Boules, Bolles, 61, 115 
Boidsome, 89, 126 [2] 
Bound, 126, 149, 163 
Bourcher, 190 
Bourne, Boorne, Borne, 27 [21 72 99 

101, 131, 165, 166, 187 " ' 

Bowbrooke, Bowbrock, 42 [21, 86 
Bowel, 178 [2] 
Bowen, Bowin, 35, 53 
Bowes, 179 

Bowker [see also Booker), 25, 62 110 PI 
Bowley, 84, 141 ' ' l j 

Bowman, Boman, 81, 163, 195 
BoTsiidy, 74 
Bownser, 191 
Bowteu, 31 
Bowyer, Boyar, Boyer, 19, 49, 133 136 

137, 138 ' ' ' 

Boxall, Boxeall, Boxell, 109, UO 125 

[2], 126, 130, 137 [2], 180,195 ' 
Boxgrovc, 12 [2], 15, 36 to 37 
Boxold, 119 [10], 120 [5], 163 



Boyar, Boyer, see Bowyer 

Boyes, Boys, Boyse, 9, 53, 118, 137, 

139, 171 [2] 
Bozard, see Bossard 
Braby, Brabey, Brabie, 20, 22, 30, 82, 

90; 177, 187 [2] 
Bracie, Braycce, 54, 55, 197 
Bradbridge, 169 
Bradfield, 45, 57 
Bradfold, 81 
Bradford, 96 
Bradley, 130^^ 
Bradshaw, 155 
Bragg, Brag, 16, 50, 71 [2] 
Braiiie, 24 [2], 25, 39 
Braman, 49 [3_], 183 [2] 
Bramber, 6, 37 
Bran, 35 
Branch, 101 
Bransden, 194 
Brasier, Brassher, 137, 193 
Bray, Braye, Brayes, 56, 145, 150, 188 
Braycce, see Bracie 
Brayne, 190, 197 
Breaden, 83, 162 
Bredaw, 115 
Bredham, see Bridham 
Brett, 148, 187 
Brewer, Brewar, 36, 125, 129 
Brian, 110 
Briaut, see Bryant 
Brickler, 151 
Brid, 105 
Bridge, 115 

Bridger, Briger, 10, 13, 18, 24 [2], 3b, 
42, 60, 61, 72, 75, 79 [2], 81, 86 [2], 
91, 93, 95, 96, 97 [2], 105, 110, 115, 
116[21, 117[6], 121,126[3],133[2], 
134 142, 144, 145, 155, 156, 170, 180 
[3],' 183 [2], 190, 194, 201 [3], 202 [2] 

Bridges {see also Briggs), 110 [2] 

Bridliam, Bredliam, 39, 48, 124, 185 [3] 

Briedes, 47 

Briger, see Bridger 

Briggs, Briges, Brigges {see also 
Bridges), 43, 79, 116, 117, 118 [2], 
131, 187 [2] 

Bright, 125, 126 

Brimsbery, 22 

Bring-well, 129 

Brinkwell, Brinckwell, 99, 139 

Bristots, 190 

Bristow, Bristowe, 37, 68, 98, 109, 114, 

Britt, 99, 101, 102 

Broadfeld, Brodfeild, 50, 56 [2], 183 

Broaclioater, 37 to 39, 189 

Brockhurst, Brokest, 129 [2], 150 

Broker, 54 

Brokest, sec Brockhurst 

Broman, Brooman, Browman, 10, 33, 
34, 55, 56, 93, 126, 133, 134 [2] 

Bromham, Bromeham, Broomham, 108, 

109, 110, 153 [2], 167 
Brommon, 49 
Bronsen, 142 

Brooker, Brucker, 39, 55, 59 [2], 66, 67, 
96, 99, 103, 134 [2], 170 [3], 177 [2], 
178, 194 
Brooke, Brookes, Brooks, 24, 55, 64, 67, 
104 [2], 138, 140 [2], 145, 148 [2], 149, 
153, 200 
Brookfield, Brookefeild, Bruckefeild, 

Bnickfeild, 36, 42, 64 [4], 142 [2] 
Brooking, 36 
Brookman, 20, 73, 139 
Brooman, see Broman 
Broomefield, 161 [3] 
Broomham, see Bromham 
Browman, see Broman 
Brown, Browne, 12, 20 [3], 23, 37, 39, 
41, 42 [2], 45, 49, 51, 55 [2], 56, 64, 
73, 75 [21, 85, 94, 98, 101 [2], 103, 104, 
109, 111, 112, 113, 119, 127, 137, 142, 
147 [4], 165, 166, 168, 177, 202 
Browning, 25, 33, 66, 67, 79, 113, 132, 

136, 171, 196, 200 [2] 
Bruckefeild, Bruckfeild, see Brookfield 
Brucker, see Brooker 
Brudfold, 119 
Brumby, 40 
Bruniug, 73 
Brunsbury, 60 
Brushunt, 93 
Bruster, 68 
Brute, 54 
Bryant, Briant, 15, 19, 33, 35 [2], 37, 

52, 165 [2], 167, 173, 195 
Bryday, 52 [2], 114 
Brydius, 114 
Bucher, see Butcher 
Buck, Bucke, 144, 150 [2], 202 
Buckall, Buckell, 79, 195 
Bucklaud, 183 
Buckler, 117, 118, 146 
Buckman [see also Buckmett), 31, 32, 

100, 170 
Buckmett {see also Buckman), 31 
Bucknell, 191 [3] 
Buckner, 133, 185 

Budd, Bud, 27, 38, 54, 74, 96 [2], 100 
[3], 101, 121 [2], 123, 155, 157 [3], 
165, 167, 189, 199 
Buddington, 10, 28 
Buddie, 134 
Bufeer, 111 
Buffet, 151, 152 
Buffyn, 109 
Bugish, 71 [2] 

Bull, 67 [3], 95, 100, 104 [4], 131 
BuUaker, 152, 153 
BuUocke, BuUick, 44, 49 
Bulton, 109 
Buncton, 23 



Bungar, Bmiger, 141, U2, 143 

Buniie, 20, 21 [6], 22 

Burbridge, 119 

Burby, 28 

Burcii, 93 

Burchell, 200 

Burcher, Burchar, Burchier, 37, 68, 89 

[3], 157 [4], 180, 184 [2] 
Burchett, Burcliat, 109 [21, 110, 137 

196 "- -' 

Burchfolcl, 30, 32 
Burde, see Bird 
Burden, 20 [2], 134, 161 [2], 165, 166, 

Biu-dett, 196 
Bui^ges, 21, 22, 83, 118, 131 [2], 133, 

Bnrghain, see Burpham 
Burle, 118, 120, 129, 137 
Burleigh, Burley, 38, 126 
Burmun, 158 
Buruam, see Burnham 
Burnard, 42 
Burnell, 100, 172 
Burnett, 54, 158 [2] 
Burnham, Burnani, 84, 87 
Burpliam, 40 

Burrell, 16, 68, 71, 92, 95, 112 
Bui-ridge, 98 
Burrish, Burris, 13, 199 
Burrowe, 180 

Burry, Burrey, Bury, Burye, 26, 80, 
133, 143, 151, 155 ^ ' ' ' 

Bui'stow, 98 [2], 101 

Burt, 104, 165 [2], 166, 167 

Burtenshawe, 17, 18 [21, 67 

Burthome, 96 

Burton, Burten, 109, 165 

Burto7i, 41 

Bury, Burye, see Burry 

Bury, 41 to 42 

Busbee, Busbie, 42, 120 

Bushbee, 199 

Bushell, 121 

Bushop, Bushoi^p, Bushup, see Bishop 

Busie, 61 

Butcher, Bocher, Bucher, Buttcher, 18 

24, 31, 32, 44, 50, 53 '["-2], 54,"55,' &&, 
115, 118, 122 [2], 126 [2], 137 

90, 96, _,„, ._, ^„„ _, ^^„ , , , ^„ 
[2], 138, 145 [4], 146, i57, 167 [21 
168, 189 ^ ' ' L J 

Butcher, alias Edwardes, 118 [2] 

Butler, Buttler, 48, 54, 79, 108 159 [21 
185, 187, 196 

Butt, 15, 34 [4], 35, 57, 58, 138 

Buttcher, sec Butcher 

Butterex, 30 

Butterley, Butterlv, 35, 48, 51 [21 56 
[2], 121, 135 ' 

Butterwicke, 185 

Buttolphs, or Botolphs, 43 

Byne, 24, 189 

Byshop, Byshopp, see Bishop 

B[<7one], 65, 183. 


CADMAX, 199. 

Caffin, Caffyn, 77, 100 [3], 101 

Cafford, 150 

Cager, 115 

Caiue, 153 

Gala, 164 • 

Callaway, 12, 45, 56, 57, 113 

Callingham, 90 

Callowe, 13, 155, 156 

Calvert, 26 

Caman, 95 [2] 

Campion, Campiau, 10, 39 [2], 88, 192 

Cannon, Canen, Cannan, 31, 48, 95 96 
[2], 141 

Cany, 21 

Capir, 189 

Caplin, Capelin, Caplaine, Caplinn, 
Caplyn, 10, 23 [2], 60, 74, 76 [21 
105 [3], 108, 109, 119 [21, 120 129 
[3], 130, 176, 180 [3], 189, 190 

Capon, Caporne [see also Capron), 40 
65, 111, 156 [2], 170, 176. 

Capons, in Cowfold, 67 [2] 
Cappe, 153 

Cappin, 19 

Cajiron {see also Capon), 74 [3J, 116, 120 

Carden, Cearden, 139, 140, 175 [21, 184 

Cardey, 77 

Card well, 19 

Carlile, 55 

Carling, 38 

Carpenter, 26, 27, 72, 84, 87, 93, 98 

105, 106, 113, 138, 140 [2], 191 [21. 

196 [2], 200 
Carr, 14, 59, 132 
Carrell, Carrill, sec Gary 11 
Carrey, 124 
Carter, 20, 24, 27, 54, 74 [3], 75 [31, 90, 

98 [2], 100, 111, 116, 119, 120 [41 

140, 161, 165 [2], 167, 184, 188, 197 
Caru.s, 125 
Carver, 142, 166, 173 [2], 174, 176, 200 

Caryll, Carrell, Carrill, 15, 158 [3] 

Cassmore, 48 

Catchlove, Cetchlove, 158, 171 

Caterman, 127 [2] 

Catrick, 22 



Catt, 52 

Cattou, 49 

Cauen, 31 

Caver, 11 

Cavy, Cavey, 21, 109 

Cawcraft, 169 

Cawley, 44 

Cearden, see Garden 

Cearllell ?, 85 

Ceopley, 14 

Cepter, 95 

Cerby, see Curbie 

Cester, 95 

Cetchlove, see Catchlove 

Cewllell-' {see also Kewell), 85 

Chaber, 50 

Chace, see Chase 

Chacrofte {see also Chalcroft), 184 

Chaiue, 185 [2] 

Chakret, 131 

Chalcroft, Chalcraft, Chaulcroft {see 

also Chacrofte), 15, 60 [2], 105, 114, 

116 [2], 117 [2], 201 
Chalke, Chaulke, 82 [2], 141 
Challeu, Challin, 63 [3], 65, 74, 75, 96, 

119, 120 
ChaUinge, 199 

77, 134, 137, 194 [2] 
Chamberlm, 35 
Chambers, 9, 35, 88, 91, 98, 99 [2], 123, 

142, 194 [2] 
Champion, Champian, Chompion, 95, 

99, 118, 169, 195, 196 
Chamtrell, 113 
Chancier, 133, 134 

Chandler, Chandlor, Channdler, 12, 46, 
48, 49 [2], 54, 74, 75, 95, 125 [3], 126, 
131, 144, 186 
Channell, 35 [2] 
Chantry, 64 
Chaoler, 86 
Chaper, 87 
Chapline, Chaplm, Chaplan, 61, 121, 

Chapman, Chapeman, Cheapeman, 
Cheapman, 99 [2], 104 [2], 108, 109 
[31, 133 [21, 136, 150, 156, 164, 167, 
180, 189, 193 [2], 199 
Charles, 192 

Charlett, Charlet, 68, 94, 149, 186 
Charlewood, 31, 147 
Charman, 19, 104, 142, 170, 187 [4] 
Chart, 26 
Chase, Chace, 15 [2], 50, 134, 137, 138, 

Chatfield, Chatfeild, 18, 47, 67, 104, 

111, 132 [2] 
Chaulcroft, see Chalcroft 
Chaulke, sec Chalke 
Chaundler, see Chandler 
Cheale, 77, 95, 96, 160, 161 [2] 

Cheapeman, Cheapman, see Chapman 
Cheate, 95, 136 
Cheater, 121 

Chechener, see Kitchener 
Cheesman, Cheeseman, Cheseman, 
Chesman, Chiseman, Chisman, 
Chusman, 39, 42, 67, 88, 96, 147, 
156, 159, 190, 195 [2] 
Chelsham, Chelsum, 106 [2], 115, 159 
Cheney, see Cheyney 
Chennell, Chenell, 101, 102, 146 
Cherryman, 141 

Cheseman, Chesman, see Cheesman 
Chesmore, 195 
Chester, 38, 39 [2] 
Cheyney, Cheney, 24, 35, 101 
Chichester, 4, 12, 14 [2], 16, 43 to 5( 
Chichester : — 
All Saints, 44, 45 [2], 46 to 47 
St. Andrew, 44, 45 [2], 47 to 48 
St. Bartholomeiv, 12 [2], 48 to 49 
Cathedral Close, 3, 44, 45 to 46, 56 
St. MaWm, 44 [4], 49 
St. Olave, 44, 45 [2], 50 
St. Pancras, tvithin the Liberty of 

the City, 44, 45, 51 
St. Pancras, witlwut the Liberty of 

the City, 45, 52 
St. Peter the Great, or Subdcanery, 

44 [2], 53 to 56 
St. Peter next the Guildhall, 44, 46, 57 
St. Peter the Less, 45 [2], 56 to 57 
Suhdeanery, see St. Peter the Great 
Chidham, 15, 34 [2], 57 to 58 
ChUd, Childs, Chile, Chiles, Chilsc, 24, 

48, 90, 166, 167 [2] 
Chilgrove, in West Dean, 69 to 70 
Chilman, 122 

Chiltington, West, 58 to 59 
Chipper, Chiper, 86, 175 [2], 190 
Chiseman, Chisman, see Cheesman 
Chithurst, 9, 59 to 60 
Chitty, Chittey, Chittie, 33, 44, 79, 99, 

Chocherer, see Kitchener 
Chock, 132 

Chompion, see Champion 
Chraper, 72 

Chrismas, Christmas, Chrysmas, 109, 
110, 119 [2], 120, 126, 130, 164, 201, 
Chrisome, 118 
Christopher, Christofor, Cristoper, 16o, 

167, 175 [2] 
Christ[g'one], 165 
Church, 72, 159 
Churchar, 159 [2] 
Churchman, 159 
Churgood, 126 
Chusman, see Cheesman 
Citchenor, see Kitchener 
Claiton, see Clayton 



Clapham, 60 to 61 

Clare, 28, 74, 89, 96, 125, 163, 200 [3] 

Clarington, 188 

Clark, Clarke, Gierke, 21 [2], 22 [2], 

51, 59, 67, 76, 81, 90, 91, 120, 137 

[2], 159, 165, 166, 187 
Clarksou, 165, 166, 177 
Clarson, 165, 166 
Clavell, Clavel, 11, 129 
Clawes, 168 
Clayton, Claiton, Cleytou, 22, 32, 33, 

36 [2], 37 
Cleare, Cleere, 59, 137 
Cleeve, 147 
Clemens, 27 [2] 
Clement, Clements, Clemmont, 

Clemout, 54, 59, 65, 87, 121 [2], 123 

[2], 133, 142 [2], 170, 190, 194 [4], 

Clemsall, 22 
Clerke, see Clark 
Cleverley, Cleverly, 15, 191, 192 
Cleyton, see Clayton 
Clilfe, Clyffe, 92 [4], 93 [2] 
CUft'on, 34 
Clifford, 28 [2], 53 
Clirnping, 61 to 62 
Clothier, 144 
Clothold, 11 

Cloth well, Clothwele, 68 [3] 
Clowser, Clousier, 31, 54, 138, 146, 187 

Clutter wine, 191 
Clytfe, see Clift'e 
Coale, Coales, see Cole 
Coaley, 47 
Coalles, see Cole 
Coates, Coats, Cotes (see also Coote), 75, 

108, 110, 126, 138 [2], 171, 195 [2] 
Coates, 41, 62 

Cobb, Cob, Cobe, 9, 144, 167, 196 
Cobby, Cobbey, Cobbie, Cobye, 17, 18, 

33, 34 [2], 58, 63, 124, 164, 168 [3], 

202 [3] 
Cobden, Cobdene, Cobdenn, 54, 69 [9], 

70 [2], 126, 130, 158 
Cocke, Cockes, 47, 99, 110, 130 [2], 

137 [2], 138 
Cockell, 62 [2] 
Coker, 180 [2] 
Cocking, 52, 185 
Cocking, 8, 11, 62 to 63 
CockreU (see also Cocquerell), 74 
Cockwell, 35 [2] 
Cocquerell, Coquerill {sec also Cockrell), 

105, 179 
Coe, 98 
Coggen, 138 
Cogger, 20 

Coke (see also Cook), 71, 88 
Colden, 34, 87 [2] 
Coldham, 75, 96, 125 [2], 163 [5] 

Coldivaltham, 63 to 64 
Cole, Coles, Coale, Coales, Coalles, Colle, 
Coules, Cowles, 32 [2], 42, 54 [2], 
63 [3], 64, 74, 80, 83, 84, 87, 95, 
113 [2], 129 [2], 137, 139, 142, 157, 
158 [2], 169, 170 [2], 181, 191, 192, 200 
Colebrooke, Colbrook, Collbrooke, 
Cowlebrooke, 8, 73, 74, 125, 126 [2], 
Colecock, 147 

Coleman (see also Colman), 137 
Coliens, see Collin 
Collas, 27 

Collbrooke, see Colebrooke 
I Collcott, 104 
[ Colle, see Cole 
I Collect, 157 

Colliar, Collier, see CoUyer 
I CoUicke, 134 

i Collin, Collins, Coliens, CoUen, CoUeus, 
Collings, Colliun, Collyn, Collyns, 

II, 45, 50, 51 [4], 54 [2], 56, 60 [2], 
81, 87, 88, 94, 99, 100, 101, 102, 105, 
109, 119 [2], 120, 129 [2], 137, 151, 
163, 168, 177, 183 [2], 186, 187, 192, 
195, 199 

CoUis, 32 

Collyer, Colliar, Collier, Collyeere, 10, 
77, 80, 81, 97 [2], 110 [2], 125, 147 

Collyn, Collyns, see Collin 

Colman (see also Coleman), 83, 100 

Colpes, ColiDesse, Colpice, Colpis, 
Colpish, Colpos, Colpys {see also 
Copis), 35 [3], 50, 79, 93 [2], 144 [2], 
147 [2], 151 [2], 177, 184, 191, 199 

Colstocke, Coulstock, Cowlstocke, 164 
[2], 165, 166, 167, 170, 197 

Comber, Cumber, 16, 44, 53, 77, 81, 101, 

III, 118, 135 
Combes, see Coombes 
Comfort, 131 [2] 

Comnes (see also Coombes), 53. 
Comper, Cumper, 32, 61, 88, 101, 142 
Complin, 63 

Compton, 36, 87, 112, 113 [2], 172 
Compton, 10 [2], 64 to 65 
j Conerly, 55 

' Constable, Cunstable, 21 [2], 87 [2], 
109 [4], 110, 137, 159 [2] 
Constance, 110 
Constante, 88 
Cood, Coode, 132 [2] 
Cook, Cooke (see also Coke), 14, 18 [2], 
27 [2], 37, 38, 41, 42 [2], 50, 54, 63, 
73, 74, 81, 82, 88 [2], 99, 108, 118, 133, 
139, 140, 141, 144, 149, 152, 156 [2], 
159, 161, 173, 175, 176 [5], 178, 179, 
I 192 

Coombes, Combes, Comes, Coomes, 
' Coumes (see also Comnes). 11, 13, 27, 
I 29, 40 [3], 50, 53, 55, 70, 76, 87 [2], 
' 95, 97, 106, 120 



Coonibes, 66 

Cooper, Cowper, Coopper, Coper, 
Coj)per, Couper, Coupper, Cupper, 
23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30 [2], 31 [2], 38, 
52, 54, 61, 66, 67, 79, 80, 81 [2], 84, 
86 [2], 87 [2], 90, 93 [2], 94 [2], 97 
99, 100 [3], 103, 104 [3], 106, 107, 
109, 110 [3], 113, 119 [3], 123, 124, 
125, 126 [3], 130, 137, 139, 145 [4], 
147, 151, 152, 155 [3], 159 [6], 163 
[2], 165, 175, 180, 182, 186, 187, 192, 
194, 195, 201 

Coorner, 162 

Coort, Coorts, see Court 

Coote, Cootes [see also Coates), 28 [3], 
29, 42, 70, 85 [2], 100, 139, 152, 173 

Cooter, 119, 126 [2], 180 

Coper, see Cooper 

Coperthwaite, 50 

Copis, Copish (see also Colpes), 94, 

Copper, see Cooper 

Coquerill, see Cocquerell 

Corbett, 6 

Corden, 62 [3] 

Cordeue, 19 

Corneford, 40 

Cornewel, 190 

Cormuall, 51 

Corps, 11, 49, 53, 70, 71 [2] 

Cortinch, 130 

Cosmond, 62 

Costedell, Costidell, 24, 187 

Costelow, 47 

Cotes, see Coates 

Coudree, Coudiy, see Cowdry 

Coulden, 13 

Coules, see Cole 

Coulstock, see Colstocke 

Couper, Coupper, see Cooper 

Court, Coort, Coorts, 11, 52, 55, 68 [2], 
102, 119, 157 [2], 158, 191, 193 

Com-thupp, 104 [2] 

Coiirtnell, 35 

Courtney, Courtney s, 80, 201 

Cover, 114 [2], 115, 126, 163 

Coverly, 55 

Covert, 77 [2] 

Coward, 136, 138, 169, 191, 196 

Cowdry, Coudi-ee, Coudry, 35 [2], 93, 
127 [2] 

Cowfold, 66 to 68 

Cowlebrooke, see Colebrooke 

Cowles, see Cole 

Cowlstocke, see Colstocke 

Cowper, see Cooper 

Cox, 13, 31, 35, 46, 48, 56 [2], 124 [3], 
127, 137, 155, 156, 165, 166, 167 [2] 

Cox, in War7iham, 187 [2] 

Coye, 166 

Crabb, 38 

Cradle, 115, 177 

Cradocke, Craddock, 46, 56 

Crafte, 184 

Crafterd, 127 [5] 

Cragg, Cragge, 100, 101 

Cranborne, 49, 1-41 

Cranby, 32 

Crane, 157 

Crauke, 130 

Crannell, 38 

Crasler, 171 

Crauley, 68, 96, 97, 138 

Cressewell, 104 

Cressinghaui, Cressingam, 172 [3] 

Cresweller, Crasweller, 53, 191 

Crimborn, Crlniborne, Crimburne, 8 

[2], 28 
Crips, 67 [7] 
Crispin, 183 
Cristin, 30 
Crockford, Crockeford, 65, 93, 94, 

Croffeild, 54 
Crofte, 15 
Crofter, 94 
Croke, 71, 159 
Croocher, see Croucher 
Crooke, 10 
Crosfeild, 54 
Crosier, 93 
Crossingham, Crossingam, 54, 115, 170 

Croswell, 84 

Crouch (sic, ? Crouclier), 127 

Croucher, Croocher, Croutcher, 

Crowchar, Crowcher, 11 [2], 32, 35, 
40, 63, 68 [4], 75, 85 [2], 113, 127 
[2], 137, 143, 157 

Crowdlesome, 91 

Cruso, 53 

Cubberley, Cubberdly, 21, 147 [2] 

Cuckney, 121 [2] 

Cucksey, 137, 139 

Cuffaude, Cufaude, 127 [2] 

Culius, 55 

Cumber, see Comber 

Cumper, see Comper 

Cunstable, see Constable 

Cupper, see Cooper 

Curbie, Cerby, 150 [2] 

Cureton, 199 

Ciu'le {see also Kerle), 115 

Curtis, Cui'tes, Cuxteise, Cm-tess, 
Curties, Curtise, Curtish, Curtys, 88 
[4], 115, 133, 141, 169, 180, 199 

Cutfold, 80 

Cuttridge, 20, 64 

Q,\_gonc'], 94 




DABERON, 130 [2] 

Dale, 187 

Dalender, 53 

Dallgrose, 80 

Dalliugton, 87 

Dallirose, 81 [2] 

Dalton, Daultou, Dauton, 53, 195 [3] 

Dammer, Darner, Dammar, 40, 61, 86 

[2], 185 [2] 
Dance, see Dauuce 
Daucy, 51 

Dandy {see also Dendy), 104 [2], 148 
Daniell, Dannell, 43 [2], 85 [3], 131 [3], 

142, 150, 153 [6], 156 
Dany, 22 [2] 
Dare, 94 
Darking, 110 

DartnaU, Dartnole, 131 [2], 159 
Dashe, Dash, 35 [2], 54, 55, 125 
Dauborne, 130 
Daughtry, see Dawtry 
Daulton, Dauton, see Dalton 
Daunce, Dance, 68 [2] 
Davenport, 43 [2] 
Davey, Davie, Davy, Davye, 22 [2], 

24, 25, 67, 88, 89, 95, 98, 100 [2], 101 

[3], 131 [2], 152, 158, 159, 197 [3] 
Davis, Davies, Davyes, 30 [2], 95, 108, 

118, 129, 137, 185 
Dawborne, 119 [2] 
Dawes, 41, 63, 90 
Dawtry, Daughtry, Dawtrey, 11, 93, 

137, 138, 141, 142, 180 
Day, 118 [2], 133 
Dayes, 62 
Daysie, 52 

Deacon, Decon, 14, 132 [2] 
Deale, 202 

Dean, East {near Chichester), 11, 68 
Dean, West {near Chichester), 11, 69 

Deane, Dean, Deen, 30, 32, 53, 81, 99, 

104 [2], 107, 115, 132, 142, 153 [3], 

177 [2], 187, 193 
Dearbug, Deereling, 36, 100 [2], 101 [3], 

157 [4], 159 
Decon, see Deacon 
Dedman, 74 [2], 75 
Dee, 36, 136, 137 [2] 
Deen, see Deane 
Deere, 49 

Deereling, see Dearling 
Deering, Deereing, 11, 20, 98, 196 
Dees, 129 
Delarosior, 53 
Dell, 81 
Deller, 184 
Deltou, 98 
Delves, 104 [2] 

Democke, see Dymmock 

Dench, Denshe, 104, 135, 194 [2] 

Dendy, Deudie {see also Dandy), 106 [21, 
107, 197 [2] 

Denham, 173 

Denis, see Dennis 

Denman, 77, 151 [2], 152 [2] 

Denne, Deun, 59 [4], 85, 170 

Dennesen, 59 

Dennet, 18 [2] 

Dennier, 28 

Dennis, Denis, 32, 34, 69, 104, 196 

Denny, 174 

Denshe, see Dench 

Densley, 199 

Dent, 180 

Denton, 47 

Derendell, 81 

Dexter, 95 

Diaper, 125 [4] 

Dibden, 33 [2] 

Dibs, Dibes, 95, 167 

Dickenson {see also Digison), 47 

Dicxon, see Dixon 

Didling, 9, 71, 182 

Dier, see Dyer 

Diggons, Diggions, 47, 51, 71, 144, 145 

Digison {see also Dickenson), 37 [2] 

Dignes, 171 

Dimmucke. Dimucke, see Dymmock 

Dine, 17 

Ditche, 152 

Dixon, Dicxon, 164, 165, 166 

Doale, 59 

Dobbes, 159 

Dobbing {see also Dubiug), 200 

Dodd, 68 

Dodnell, 81 

Doe, 139 

Dofell, 30 

Doffeild, 76 

D'Oiley, 66 [2] 

DoUegge, 83 

Dolliiig, 30 

Doiminrjton, 16 [2], 71 

Dorcking, 202 

Dore, 29, 191 

Dormer, 54, 152 

Dorsett, 79 

Doting, 126 

Downer, Douuer, Downar, 20, 36, 64 
[3], 74, 79, S3, 86, 102 [3, one occur- 
rence misprinted Rowner, see Corri- 
genda^, 120 [2], 121, 133 [2], 150, 155, 
168, 188 

Downes, 143 [2], 177 

Downiuge, Downeinge, 35, 144 

Doionish Division, 6 

Dowse, 90, 151 [2] 



Dowst, 77 

Draper, 30 

Dva-plgonc], 165 

Drare, 55 

Drew, Drewe, 79, 183 

Drewett, Drewat, Druat. Druet, Druett, 

Druit, Drwet, 52. 61 [2], 82 [2], 133, 

135 [4], 136, 170,' 185, 186, 2U2 [2] 
Drewry, 55, 65 
Dries, 13, 103 [2] 
Droutt, 191 [2] 
Druce, 202 
Drurye, 191 
Drwet, see Drewett 
Dubing, Dubbin {see also Dobbing), 89, 

129, 156 [2], 158 
Diicke, see Duke 
Duckett, Ducket, 127 [2] 
Duden, 157 [2] 
Dudman, 35, 63, 61, 81 [3], 87, 114, 

119, 136, 144 [2], 145 [2], 175 [3], 

180 [2], 191 
Duey, 175 
Dufeeild, Duffell, Duffilde, DuffiU, 54, 

80 [2], 91, 104, 174 
Duglest, 88 

Duke, Ducke, 30, 32, 36, 38 [3], 42, 52, 
85, 95, 99, 102 [4], 111, 118, 121, 
132, 137, 138 [2], 141, 170 [3], 171 [2], 
178, 188 [3], 192, 195, 196 

Dumige, 109 

Dunmier, 59, 153 

Duiupa, 179 

Dumsday, 99 [2] 

Dunce, see Dunse 

Duncon, 128 

Duncton, 72 

Duncumb, 197 

Dunnford, 198 

Dunnige, Dunidge, 109, 110, 138 

Dunse, Dunce, 90, 108, 141, 142 

Dunstall, Dunstal, 48, 67 [2], 99, 151, 
152, 190, 197 

Dunton, 18, 153 

Duppa, Dupper, 99, 159, 170 [2] 

Durman, 28 [2], 171, 182 [7] 

Dm-rant, Durant, 12, 35, 48, 130, 176 

Dyer, Dier, 57, 74, 79, 97 [2], 102, 120, 
124, 131, 202 [2] 

Dymmock, Democke, Dimmucke, 
Dimucke, 88, 176 [2], 201 

Dyrgatt, 126 


BADE, sec Ede 

Eager, 61, 64 [2], 108 

Eagleley, Eagly, sea Edgley 

Eales, Eiles, 80 [3], 87 

Eanies, Eemes, Ernes, 73, 89, 180, 

199 [2] 
Eares, 132 

Earley, Earle, 93 [2], 138, 148 
Earnley, 12, 72 to 73 
Eartham, 14, 73 
Easebourne, 11, 74 to 76 
Eason, 120 
East, 32, 98 
Easten, sec Easton 
Eastergate, 76 
Eastgate, 157 
Eastland, 104 

Eastland, in Cowfold, 67 [3] 
Easton, Easten, Eston, 38 [2], 39, 67 [2], 

88, 91, 176 
Eastsone, 57 
Eaton, 100 

Ebernall, EbbernoU, 179, 191 
Eburne, 15, 32, 107, 112 
Edbiirton, 77 
Edden, 102 
Ede, Eade, Eede [sec also Ide), 21, 74, 

78, 81, 101, 108, 110 [2], 114, 119 [2], 

130, 137, 138, 145, 147 [6], 157, 159, 


Ederinton, 75 
Edgelong, 19 
Edgley, Eagleley, Eagly, Egly, 16, 34, 

71, 198 [3j 
Edgworth, 34 
Edmonds, Edmondes, Edmunds, 59, 

115, 116 [2], 121, 185, 188, 201 
Edsawe, Edsaw, 84, 85 [4], 101, 118 [2], 

137 [3], 189 [3] 
EdsoU, 59, 180 [2], 181 
Edwardes, alias Butcher, 118 [2] 
Edwards, Edward, Edwardes, 12, 19, 

22, 27, 35 [2], 39, 91, 94 [2], 101, 109, 

110, 118, 132 [2], 139, 153, 157, 176 

[3], 187, 190 
Eede, see Ede 
Eemes, see Eames 
Egdean, 78 
Egg, 69 
Egle, 13 

Egly, see Edgley 
Eiles, see Eales 

Elcomb, Elcom, 63, 138, 174, 194 
Eldersfielde, 41 

Eldridge, Elridge, 115, 145, 200 
Elgar, 46 
Elgate, 142 

Eliot, Eliott, sec Elliott 
Elis, see EUis 
Ellfick, EUficke, 172, 173 



Elliug, Ulmge, 108, 195 

Elliott, Eliot, Eliott, Elliot, (see also 
Illiat), 18 [3], 42 [6], 85 [2], 111, 150, 
155, 171, 17(5 [2] 

EUis, Elis, 66, 67 [2], 81, 98, 101, 147, 
148, 159, 165, 188 

EUvy, Ellvie, Elve, Elvie, 90 [3], 104, 

Elmer, 13 

Elmes, 55, 76, 83 [3], 97, 132, 134, 200 

Eloees, 77 

EMclge, see Eldi'idge 

Elson, Elsonn, 42, 62, 85, 132 

Elsted, 9, 78 to 79 

Elstou, 19 

Elve, Elvie, see Ellvy 

El[gone'], 183 

Emery, Emerej, Emerie, Emry, 112, 
150, 161, 162, 175 [2], 190 [3] 

Ernes, see Eames 

Emsted, 165 

England, 2 

English, Englis, 77 [3], 100 

Eugram, see Ingram 

Enknap, 72 

Enskip, see Inskif) 

Eson, 164 

Essen, 85. Correctly Essex ; see Corri- 

Essex, 41 [2], 64, 85 (see Essen), 142 

Essman, 48 

Eston, see Easton 

Etheridge, Etherege, Ethridge, 106 [2], 

150, 172, 186 
Etherton, 32, 40, 161, 201 [2] 
Euaus (see also Eueings, Evans and 

Ewens), 36, 81 
Eueings [see also Evans, Euans and 

Ewens), 178 [2] 
Euews, see Hughes 
Euridge, 104 
Euste, 48 
Evans, Evance, Evens [see also Euans, 

Eueings and Ewens), 102, 112, 113, 

141, 185 
Even[g'o?ie], 182 
Everdine, Everdeu, 55, 177 [2] 
Everedd, 136 
Eversed, 188 
Eversfeild, 189 
Evres, 9 
Ewens, Ewen, Ewenc, Ewins, Ewjn 

[see also Evans, Euans atul Eueings), 

21, 52, 68, 89 [6], 136, 140 
Ewews, see Hughes 
Exold, 120 
Exton, 44, 138, 191 
Elfaded'], 65, Elgone], 81 

FABIAX, Fabeau, Fabine, 40, 79, 187 

Fage, alias Phage, 127 [2] 

Fagger, see "S'aggar 

Faggetter, 52 

FaiethfuU, 137 

Faii-ehall, 67 [3] 

Fairehill, 171 

Faires, see Fayres 

Fairmaner, Fairemauner, Fermener, 

Firminer, 9, 54, 65, 70 [2], 171 
Faith, 156 [2] 
Faucheu, 11 
Fard, 158 
Farewell, 80 
Farnfu[<70?ie], 165 
Farley, Farlie, Farlye, 19, 79, 80, 93, 

103, 151, 175, 176 
Farmer, Farmor, 162, 165, 166 
Farndeu, Farneden, Faruedeaue, 60, 

72, 119 [3], 120 [2], 137, 180 [2] 
Farnecomb {see also Faromcome), 27 
Farnefold, 87 
Fames, Varnes, 118, 120 
Faromcome [see also Farnecomb), 175 
Farr, Farre, 9, 10 [2], 19, 68, 76, 89, 

173, 181, 192 [2] 
Farrer, 36 
Farringtou, 44, 53 

Farrundell, Farundell, 116 [2] 

Farthing, 70, 87 

Farundon, 114 

Faulkner, Fauckner, Faucknour, 

Fawkner, 37, 61, 102, 174, 175, 177, 

Faurlonger, see Fiu'longer 
Fayres, Faii-es, Phayers, 68 [2], 128, 

129, 131 
Feast, Feist, Fiest, Fist, Fiste, Fyste, 

26, 32, 38, 59, 98, 100 [3], 101 [2], 

107 [3], 153, 173, 174, 195 [2], 197 

[2], 202 
Feeld, Feild, see Field 
Feilde Place, in Warnham, 187 
Feilder, see Fielder 
Felde, see Field 
Fel]}liam, 79 to 80 
Fenn, 58 

Fereter [r], in Patching, 135 
Fermener, see Fairmaner 
Ferndell, 51 
Fcrnlmrst, 11, 80 to 81 
Ferratt, Ferret, Ferrett, 117, 200 [2] 
Ferrendeu, 199 
Ferring, 82, 107 
Fesher, see Fisher 
Fetherston, 8, 127, 128 [2] 



Feueiis, Fevins, see Fiviiis 

Fidge, 46 

Field, Feeld, Feild, Felde, 30, 47, 91, 

101, 141 [2], 191 
Field alias Austed, 90 
Fielder, FeUder, Filder, 35, 36, 37, 69, 

76, 83, 98 [2], 99, 116 [3], 117, 119, 

125, 149 [2], 170 [5] 
Fiest, sec Feast 
Fifene, see Fivins 
Figg, Figge, 87, 131, 191 
Filder, see Fielder 
Fillan, 164 
Fillery, 139 
Filpe, see Phelpe 
Fiuch, Fyuch, 19 [4], 27, 32, 59 [6], 81, 

101, 138, 141 [2], 142, 178, 186 
Finden, 144 
Findon, 83 
Finne, 133 

Firminer, see Ftiirmaiier 
FisJibourne, New, 14, 84 
Fisher, Fesher, 33, 40, 53, 58, 65, 84, 

88, 104, 138, 176 
Fishwick, 171 
Fiske, 64 

Fist, Fiste, see Feast 
Fittleivorth, 84 to 85 
Fiveashe, 180 
Fivins, Feueus, Fevins, Fifene, Fivenes, 

Fiveus {see also Phivian), 12, 15, 23, 

38, 142 [2], 175 [2] 
Fleet, Fleete, 32, 56 [2], 58, 68, 72, 154, 

165 [2], 166, 167, 202 
Fleshmuuger, 49 [2] 
Fletcher, 79, 143, 161, 170, 175, 176 
Float, Floate, Floote, Flote, Flott, 

Flotte, 9 [2], 19, 31. 59, 109 [3], 144, 

174, 182, 193 [2], 195, 196, 200 
Floid, Floyde, 53, 54 
Flood, Fldude, 18, 51, 54, 183 
Floote, Flote, see Float 
Flotle, 144 

Flott, Flotte, see Float 
Floude, see Flood 
Flower, Flowre, 129, 130, 185 
Flusher, 142 
Flutter, 119 
Foarde, see Ford 
Fochell, 184 
Fogden, Fogdenu, Yogdenn, 84, 85 [2], 

132, 174 
Foke {see also Folkes and Yoke), 63, 163 
Folkes {see also Foke and Yoke), 80 
FoUentine, see Yalentine 
Foord, see Ford 
Foorder, see Forder 
Forbench, 36, 150 
Ford, Forde, Foarde, Foord, 8 [2], 10, 

12 [2], 13, 42, 49, 50, 67 [2], 102, 121, 

136 [2], 138, 157, 173 [5], 174, 180, 

184, 191 

Ford, 86 

Forder, Foorder, 158, 172 

Forlonger, see Furlonger 

Forman, 59, 98 [3] 

Fox'ster, see Foster 

Fortune, 133 

Forward, 41, 72 

Forwood, 108 

Foster, Forster, Fostor, 21 [3], 35 [4], 

47, 51, 54, 67 [2], 74, 110, 138 [3], 

141, 148, 157, 165 [3], 167 [2], 179, 

183, 191, 196, 199 
Fovell, 55 

Fowle, FouUe, 18 [2]. 91 
Fowler, Fouler, 67, 69, 84 [2], 87, 90, 

92 [2], 94 [4], 98, 99, 104 [2], 109, 

118, 153, 185, 195 [2], 201 
Fox, 38 [2] 

Foyce, 99, 100, 101 [2] 
Francis, Frances, Fraunces, 15 [2], 20 

[3], 31, 68, 106 [2J, 134, 152, 153, 155, 

158, 159, 165, 167, 175, 196, 202 
Franckwell, 126 [2] 
Frankline, Francklin, Frnnckline, 

Franclin, Frauklen, Frankling, 55, 

59, 61, 71, 79, 82 [3], 83 [2], 85, 88, 

118, 121, 126, 138 
Fraunces, see Francis 
Freake, 196 
Freeborne, 65 
Freeharry, 42 
Freeland, 19, 191 [2], 192 
Freeman, 21, 66, 67, 100, 108, 111, 153 [2] 
Freese, 53 
Fremantle, 135 
French, 29, 59, 83 [6], 90, 102, 119, 135, 

152 [2], 153 [2], 172, 176, 177, 183, 

Frend, 51 
Fren[(70Mc], 183 
Frere, 164 
Fricker, 40 
Frie, see Fry 
Frith, 85 [2] 
Frogbrooke, 35 
Frost, 36, 173, 180 
Fry, Frie, Frye, 35, 39, 52, 64 [3], 73, 

78, 88, 89 [2], 90, 92 [8], 93, 137, 150, 

151, 163, 199, 200 
Fryer, 186 
Fulfford, 53 
Fiilgeam, 75 
Fuller, 31, 59 [6], 101 [3], 106, 119, 142 

[2], 146, 165, 190, 197 [2] 
Fullick, FuUek, 63, 135, 136, 183 
Fulwin, 110 

Funtington, 13, 15 [2], 86 to 87 
Furlonger, Faurlonger, Forlonger, 

Furlinger, Yurlonger, 17, 30, 32, 52, 

59, 85 [2], 118 [3], 126, 129 [2], 132, 

137, 138 [3], 145, 153 [2], 174, 195 [2], 




Funier, 139 
Fiirsebye, 59 
FusseU, 164, 166 

Fyiich, see Fiiich 
Fyste, see Fiste 
F[(7one], 94 


GABRELL, 165, 167 

Gadd, Gad, Gadde, Gade, 76, 109, 110, 

Gadford {see also Gatford), 54 
Gafe, Gaffe, 133, 134 
Gage, 79, 174 
Gaies, 30 
Gain, see Gane 
Gaiston, 147 
Gale, 79 

Galliia[g'o?u'], 165 
GaUope, 95 
Galor, 130 
Galpine, 64 
Gambliu, 58 
Gander [sic, ? Gauder], 38, 67 [2], 109, 

131, 185 
Gane, Gain, 19, 140 [2], 156 
Gange, 172 
Gaphen, 82 
Gaplen, 98 [2] 
Garbrand, 39, 189 [3] 
Gard, 19 
Gardiner. Gardener. Gardenor. Gardner, 

36, 37, 44, 47, 49, 50, 54, 56, 73, 

121, 127 [2], 131 [2], 141 [2], 142, 

157, 159, 160 [3], 169 [3], 170, 178, 

Gardiner alias Lambert, see Lambert 

alias Gardiner 
Garland, 137 
Garner, Garuar, 116, 147 
Garrett, Garratt, Garret, Gerret, 10, 

25 [4], 26, 60, 110, 171 [2] 
Garter, 142 

Gartou, 29, 67, 78, 159 
Gassone, 83 

Gaston, Gasten, 99, 100, 101 [2], 104 
Gate, Gates, Gattes, Geates [see also 

Adgate, Agate, Atgate), 22, 27, 31 [3' 

38, 39, 61, 74, 75, 87, 90, 95, 96 [2° 

98 [2], 116, 118, 125, 126, 131, 152 [2° 

153, 156, 183 
Gatford {see also Gadford), 164, 167 
Gatton, 98, 141 [2] 
Gauder [? Gauder, ■which see], 80 
Gaune, see Gawen 
Gauntlet, 58 
Gawden, 35 
Gawen, Gaune, Gawne, 29 [2], 54, 

61 [2], 62, 127 
Gawlcr, 180 

Gay, 101 
I Gaydie, 132 

I Geale, Jeale, 83, 99, 104, 137, 178, 

Geary, Gearey, 47, 144 

Geates, see Gate 

Geere, 98, 108 

Geeringe, Gering, 20, 90, 95, 154 

Gellate {see also Gillett), 88 

Geninges, sec Jennings 

Gennance, sec Jennance 

Gent, Gente, Gentt, Jent, 96, 111 [21, 
112, 190 

Geoffi-ey, see Jeffery 
! Gerart, 21 
- Gering, see Gerringe 

German, 74, 184, 2'00 [2] 

Gerret, see Garrett 
I Gettence, see Gittens 
I Gibbons, Gibbius, 36 [21, 37, 145, 181 

' Gibbrish, 185 
I Gibbs, Gibs, 21, 80, 95 
i Giblie, 49 
} Gibsonn, 85 [2] 
i Giddens {see also Gittens), 184 
! Gilbankes, 79 

j Gilbert, Gilbarte, Gilburt, 38, 55, 122, 
I 150, 181, 191 
Gilber[^one], 94 
Giles, Gyles, 62, 170 
Gilforde, 35 
Gilham, Gillam, GUlume, 24, 118, 166, 

Gillard, 53 
Gillett, Gillit {see also Gellate), 54, 120, 

153 [2J 
Gillum alias Mownser, see Mownser 

alias GUlum 
Gillume, see Gilham 
Ginman, see Jenman 
Ginn, Ginne, 98 [2], 99 [2J, 138 
Ginner {see also Jenner), 65, 90, 95 
Gipson, 141 

Gittens, Gettence, Githens, Gittings, 
Gittins, Guytens {see also Giddens), 
22, 28, 33, 41, 47, 53, 79, 80, 82, 88 
[3], 139 
Glasier, 81, 163, 201 [3] 
Glassington, 106 [2], 153 
Glover, 68 [2] 
Guoden, 150 



Goble, Oobel, Gobell, 21, 36, 47 [2], 
50, 64, 67 [2], 75, 76, 79, 80, 85, 86, 
95, 102, 103, 111, 121, 122, 124 [2], 
132, 133 [2], 134, 136 [2J, 137 [2], 
138 [2], 139, 150, 161 [2], 185, 193, 

Gocay, 147 

Gocher, Gotcher [see also Gotyer), 64, 

Goddard, 39, 118 [3], 169 [3] 

Goddart, 66 

Godden, Goddin, 54, 104 [2], 157 [2] 

Godfrey, Godfry, 36, 87, 191 [5], 192 

Godmaii, 23, 57 [3], 59, 96, 134, 154 

Oodshill, in Cowfold, 67 

Godsmark, Gosmarke, 24 [3], 90, 165, 

Godward, 176 

Godwin, Godwine, 93, 191 

Goff, Gofe, Goffe, GoofCe, Gophe, 19 
[2], 23, 33, 46, 54 [2], 56, 64, 67, 82, 
95 [3], 96, 113, 167, 189, 197 

Gold, Golde (see also Gould), 39, 191, 

Golding, Gouldeinge, 156, 199 [2] 

Goldocke, Goldecke, Gouldicke, 35 [4], 
63, 71, 97 

Goldriuge, 144, 184 

Goldsmith, Gouldsniith, 95 [2], 100, 
162 [2] 

Goldwynn [misprint for Boldwynn , sec 
Corrigenda'], 14 

Gomge, 172 

Good, Goode, 55, 81, 113, 116, 191 

GoodchUde, 172, 191 

Gooddy, 174 

Goodene, see Goodiuge 

Goodier, Goodgier, Goodieere, 
Goodyare, Goodyeare, Goodyer, 41, 
63 [2], 81, 117, 130 [2], 137, 138, 
154, 180 

Goodinge, Goodene, Goodin, Goodyn, 
loS, 120, 164, 167, 191 

Goodman, 96 

Goodsger, 129 

Goodyare, Goodyeare, Goodj-cr, sec 

Gooff e, see Goff 

Goold, see Gould 

Gophe, see Goff 

Gore, 56, 132 

Gore, in Stcdliam, 163 

Goring, 87 to 88 

Goringe, Goring, 6 [3], 7 [2], 17 [2], 
23 [2], 24 [2], 25, 27 [2], 28, 37 [2], 
41 [2], 43 [2], 60 [2], 66 [2], 77 [2J, 
78 [3], 83 [2J, 95 [2J, 101, 107 [2], 
111 [2], 135 [2], 138, 140, 154 [2], 
160 [3], 162 [2], 164 [2 , 172 [3], 
175 [3], 189 [4], 197 [2]. 

Gosby, 156 

Gosden, 11, 28, 32, 74, 76, 87, 96, 97, 
116 [2], 122 [2], 127 [2] 

Gose, 95 

Goselmer, 122 

Gosmarke, see Godsmark 

Gost, 54, 95 

Gostoey, 51 

Gotcher, see Gocher 

Gotte, 132 

Gotyer (see also Gocher), 72 

Gough, 165, 181 

Gould, Goulde, Goold (see also Gold), 
55, 176, 202 

Gouldeing, see Golding 

Gouldicke, see Goldocke 

Gouldsniith, see Goldsmith 

Gounter, see Gunter 

Gowd, 126 

Gower, 96 

Golgone'], 117 

Graffam, 96 

Graff efoote, 129 

Graffham, 8, 88 to 89 

Graner, 142 

Grange, Graingc, 87 [2], 113 [2] 

Granger, 61 

Grant, 90 [2], 170 

Gi-antham, Grantam, Grantom, 28, 30, 
33 [3], 42, 51, 64, 135, 170, 196 

Granton, 42 [4] 

Gratwick, Graticke, Gratwike, Gratwyk, 
18, 22, 27, 39, 43, 67 [6], 68, 90 [2], 
95, 98 [2], 100 [2], 110, 124, 131, 151 
[2], 152, 153, 181 

Gravely, 67 

Graves, 88, 175 [2] 

Gravet, Gravett, see Grevett 

Gray, Grey, Graye, 10 [3], 13, 19 [5], 
21, 32, 34 [3], 65, 75 [2], 79, 80, 82, 
86, 87, 99, 130 [2], 135, 137, 139, 140, 
158, 165 [2], 167, 201 [3] 

Grcatham, 89, 194 

Green, Greene, 14, 20 [4], 25 [2], 44, 
46, 47, 53, 54, 59, 65, 79, 84, 86, 90, 
100, 142 [2], 150, 152, 156, 169, 170 
[2], 172, 173, 183, 191 

Greenfield, Greenefeild, Greenefield, 
Greeufeld, Greenvill, Greinfild, Gren- 
feild, GrinfeUd, Grinfeld, Grinfield, 
Grinvell, 29, 30 [10], 31 [10], 32 [6], 
44, 45, 49, 57, 59 [2], 64, 68, 88, 90, 
95, 100 [2], 106, 116, 118 [4], 126 [5], 
134, 141 [4], 142 [2], 147, 153 [2], 155, 
159 [2], 165, 175, 184, 185, 186, 189, 
194, 196, 197 

Greenleafe, 133 

Greenstead, Greensted, see Griusted 

Greentree, 94, 144 

Greenwood, 36, 156 

Greenyar, Grenyer, Grinyer, Gryniar, 
27, 85, 135, 142 [2] 

Gregge, 74 



Gregory, Grigory, 9, 31, 181 [3] 

Greines, 150 

Greiiiiild, see Greenfield 

Greives, 150 

Grenfeild, see Greenfield 

Grenjer, see Greenyar 

Grevett, Gravet, Gravett, Greevat, 

Grevat, Grevatt, Grevit. Grivett, 21, 

39, 49 [2], 51, 56, 59, 73, 74, 75 [4], 80 

[3], 83 [3]. 85, 90 [2], 95 [2], 126, 158, 

Grey, see Gray 
Greygoose, 199 
Griffin, 22 [2], 145, 148 
Griffith, 18 
Grigg, Grigge, Grygg, 16, 34 [6], 35 

[4], 36 [4], 37, 72, 156, 202 [2] 
Grigle, 8 

Grigory, see Gregory 
Griudall, 38 
Gruifeild, Grinfeld, Grinfield, see 

Grinstead, West, 89 to 91 
Grinsted, Greenstead, Greensted, 

Grinsteed, 109, 110 [2], 118, 193, 195 
Grinvell, see Greenfield 
Grinyard, 196 
Grinyer, see Greenyar 
Grist, Gryste, 86, 144, 163 [2J 
Grivett, see Grevett 
Groggin, 202 
Grombridge, Grumbridge, 32, 98 [3], 

99 [3], 100 [3], 101, 102 

Grome, 164, 165, 166 

Grooby, 159 

Grosier, 29 

Grove, 191 

Grover, 23, 54, 55, 59, 83 [3], 184, 190 

Growly, 145 

Grumbridge, see Grombridge 

Grunnell, 19 

Grygg, see Grigg 

Grpiiar, see Greenyar 

Gryste, see Grist 

Gr[5ro«e], 183 

Gubbatt, Gnbbett, 52, 76, 87 

Gubbin, 154 

Gudge, 51 

Guerche, 90 

Guie, see Guy 

Guilbord, 133 [2] 

Guinder, 31 

Gumbrell, Gumbrill, 109 [2], 129, 130 

Gunn, Gun, 88, 112, 197 

Gunshott, 79 

Gunter, Gouuter, 28, 34, 72, 143 [2], 

187, 192, 195 
Gunwyn, 14 

Gurr, 88, 112, 115, 121. 149 
Guy, Guie, Gye, 44, 57, 126 [2], 132, 

Guytens, see Gittens 
Gye, see Guy 
Gyles, see Giles 
Glgone'], 128 


HABERDEN, sec Hebberden 

Habin, Haben, Habene, Habinge, 

Habyn, Heabin {see also Hobbin), 11, 

32, 35, 46, 56, 94, 145, 146, 193 
Hackett, 63, 95 
Hackman, 72 
Hackney, 159 
Haggarde, 180 
Haile, Hale, 10, 29, 36 [3], 64, 68 [3], 

69 [4], 86, 87, 106, 119, 129, 149, 191 

[2J, 192, 198 [3] 
Hailer, Hailler, see Hayler 
Haine, Haines, Hains, see Hayues 
Hale, see Haile 
Haler, see Havler 
Halinge, 135 [2] 
Hall, HaUe, 38, 56, 57 [3], 58, 60, 76, 

84, 88, 106, 113, 125, 133, 139, 141, 

142, 144, 162 [2], 171. 174 
Hallen {see also Allen), 172 
Hailer, sec Havler 
Halles, 30 
Hallist, 149 
Halloway, see HoUoway 

Hallowe, 9 

Halnakcr, 15 [2] 

Halsey, 11, 68 

Hambleden, Hamblden. 173, 180 

Hamden, 189 

Hames, 35, 47, 144 [2] 

Hamlen. 139, 180 [5j 

Hamm [misprint for Hammon, see 
Hammond], 37 

Hammond, 4Ianimau, Hammon. 
Hammons. Hamon. Hamond. 14 [2], 
22. 30 [2], 35. 36 [2]. 37 [4, see 
Corrigenda]. 39, 48, 58, 60, 63 [3]. 64, 
70 [3], 73 [4], 81, 85 [3], 97, 103, 109 
[2J, 130, 132, 141 [2]. 142, 145. 150, 
164. 177, 180 [4]. 183, 193. 200 

Hamper. 61. 75. 121. 153. 170, 172, 175 
[2], 176, 189 [2] 

Hamjison. Hampsen, 59, 104 [2] 

Hampton, Hamton, 25, 137 [2], 197 

Han. 155 

Hanaker, 26 [2] 

Handier, 140 

Handcock, 178 



Haue, sec Haynes 

Hankes, 163 

Hanuam, Hanimm, 125, 165 

Hannell, 98 

Haimeton, 22 

Hanper, 197 

Hanson, U, lU, 167 

Harbor, 35 

Harborough, 190 

Hard, 110 

Hardham, Hardam, Hardehame, 

Hardoiu, 39, 47, 49 [3], 63 [2], 131, 

137, 180 [2], 181 
Hardham, 91 
Harding, 13, 83, 35, 61 [2], 68, 79, 104 

[3], 110, 118, 119, 129, 156, 184, 187 

[3J, 191, 198 [2] 
Hardweke, 133 
Hardy, 184 
Hargbod. 14, 179 [2] 
Hargrave, Hargrove, 93 [3] 
Haris, see Harris 
Harison, see Harrison 
Harlinge, 147 
Harman, Harmon, 83, 98, 131 [3], 161, 

176, 185 
Harmewood, 54, 167 
Harmhood, 54 
Harod, see Harrod 
Harold, 47, 142 
Harowde, sec Harrod 
Harpe, 103 
Harper, 99, 100 
Harridon, Harraden, Harriden, 68 [2], 

90, 91, 138, 177 
Harris, Haris, 20, 48, 62, 71 [3], 91, 94, 

101, 136, 137, 195 
Harrison, Harison, Harrisonne, Harry- 

sone, Herrison, 12, 13, 87 [2], 91, 111, 

137 [2], 187, 191, 196 
Harrod, Harod, Harowde, Harrood, 42, 

82, 142, 176 
Harry, 14 

Harrysone, see Harrison 
Hart, 104, 113, 199 
Hart, Harte, 35, 69, 75, 84, 111, 132 
Harting, East, 92 
Harting, South, 10 [2J, 92 to 94 
Harting, West, 92 
Hartley, Hartlv, 9, 19 [2]. 36 [2]. 37 [2], 

38, 58, 63 [2], 73 [3], 132 [2], 158 [21, 

179, 183 [2J, 192 [2], 202 
Harvert, 35 
Harvest, 35 

Harvey, Harvy, 53, 134, 135 
Harward, 168 
Harwood {see also Horwood), 39 [2], 59 

[2], 91, 121, 138, 163, 169 [4], 173, 

175, 188, 202 
Hase, 119, 120 
Haseler, Hasler {see also Hastier), 9, 

69 [3], 171 

Haselgrove, Haslegrove, 83, 90 

Hasleden, 91 

Haslen, 95, 136, 138 

Hasler, see Haseler 

Haslup, 38 

Hasly, 90 [4] 

Hasted, Hastead, Haustead, Haystead, 

36 [4], 68 [3], 80 
Hastier {see also Haseler), 29 
Hatcher, 96, 148 
Hatt, 126 
Hatton, 99 

Hauckes, Haucks, see Haweks 
Haustead, see Hasted 
Hawarde, 13, 68 

Haweks, Hauckes, Haucks, 127 [4] 
Hawkins, 42, 179, 180 [2] 
Hawthorn, Hawthorne, 85, 158 
Haybittle, Heighbittle, 134, 187 
Hayes, 9, 51, 156, 182 [2] 
Hayler, Hailer. Hailler, Haler, Haller, 

Haylor, Heyler. Heylor, 21, 24 [2], 29, 

30 [5], 31 [2], 32, 67, 83, 90 [3], 109, 

110, 118 [2], 135, 137 [2], 142, 145. 146, 

153 [4], 159, 195 [2], 196 
Haynes, Haine, Haines, Hains, Hane, 

Hayii, Hayne, 36, 83, 95, 96 [2], 100, 

146 [2], 170, 190 [2], 194 [3] 
Hayuier, 164 
Haystead, see Hasted 
Haythorne, 114 
Hayward, see Heyward 
Haywood, see Heywood 
Heabin, see Habin 
Head, 104, 132, 158 
Heard, see Hersie 
Heard, 147 

Hearsey, Hearsi, see Hersie 
Hease, 180 [2] 
Heath, Heth. 31, 60, 78, 85, 94 [2], 167, 

170, 174, 175, 184, 197 
Heather, Hether, 9, 44, 60, 92 [2], 

94 [2], 105 [3], 108, 110, 144, 163, 

192, 201 
Hea,hfeild, 35 
Heaton, 157 

Heaver, 77 [2-], 104, 154 
Hebb, 191 
Hebberden, Haberden, Heberden, 

Heberdin, Heberdiue, Hebrdine, 

Hibberden, Hiberden, 10, 19, 29, 52, 

62. 70, 89 [3], 115, 140, 148, 157 [3], 

158, 165, 185, 202 [2] 
Hedger, Hedgher, 16, 23, 35, 52, 145, 

146 [2], 159, 186 [2] 
Hedgnian. 55 
Hedyer, 32 
Heelser, 125 
Hegcocke, 142 [2] 
Heggones, see Higgons 
Heighbittle, see Haybittle 
Heighthorne, 104 



Helcatte, 99 

Helior, Heller, see Hillier 

Hellip[(/oiie]. 117 

Hemmiugtou, 112, 113 

Hemsley, 153 

Henchar, 166 

Hendle. 54 

Heuell, 190 

Henfield, M to 96 

Heuley, Henly, 42 [2], 106, 153 

Henn, 91, 96 

Hemiessy, 39 

Henning. 54 

Heushawe, Henshaw, 12, 45, 46, 47, 53, 

Heiisou, 165 

Henty, 25, 50, 189 [2]. 190 [3] 
Hepcleu, 164, 167 
Heptinstall, 159 
Herfoot. 165 

Heringham alias Hardhain, 91 
Herman, 108 
Herringe, 192 
Herriott, Herriot, Herryet, Herryote, 

43, 99, 108, 153, 202 
Herrison, see Harrison 
Hersell, 190 
Hersie, Heard, Hearsey, Hearsi, Hersey, ! 

38. 39, 56, 74 [2], 81 [2], 84, 94, 120, 

144, 149, 167, 188 [4] 
Hersie [misprinted Horsie ; see Corri- 
genda] alias MinstreU ; see MinstreU 

alias Hersie 
Hesman, 101 
Heth, see Heath 
Hetlier, see Heather 
Heward, Hewarde {see also Heyward), 

74, 81 [2], 134, 188 [4] 
Hewe, Hew {see also Hughes), 74, 75 

[2]. 149 
Hewel, 91 
Hewerd. 137 

Hewes, Hewis, see Hughes 
Hewett, Hewat, Hewet, Huitt. 10, 

63 [2], 100, 116. 126, 152, 170, 

Heyler. Heylor. see Hayler 
HeysJiot. 10 [2]. 96 to 97 
Heyshott, 192 [3] 
Heyward, Hay ward {see also Heward). 

11, 22, 25, 115, 129, 130, 180 
Heywood, Haywood, 145. 177 
Hiat. 47 

Hibberden. Hiberden, see Hebberden 
Hicham, 104 
Hichcock, see Hitchcock 
Hicklie. 171 
Hickman. 87 
Hide. Hyde. 38, 55, 1 44 [2]. 160, 161, 167, 

171. 175 
Higgins, Higgings, 10, 71, 82 [4], 174, 

178, 179, 199 

Higgons, Heggoues, 8 [2], 12 [2]. 14, 16, 
132, 133, 179 

Hilan, 176 

Hill, Hyll, Hiles, Hilles, HHlis, 8, 12 
[2, second occurrence, correctly '• Sa : 
Hull;" see Corrigenda']. 17. 18 [3], 
24, 27. 30, 31 [2], 32. .36, 37, 52, 62, 80, 
81, 85 [2]. 89, 90. 96. 100 [2], 106. 108, 
109 [2]. 110, 117 [2J. 120, 125, 126, 127 
[7], 128, 131 [2]. 137, 138, 142 [4], 143, 
146, 147, 149 [4], 153 [3], 164 [2]. 165 
[2 J. 167 [.3], 176 [2], 178, 180 [4], 188, 
199, 200 

Hillier, Helior, Heller, 24, 84, 93 

Hillman, Hilman {sec also Hlman), 96, 
136, 137, 139, 152 

Hilton, 29. 30 

Hinde, 85 

Hindley, Hindly, 98, 100 

Hinter, 30 

Hipkine, 192 

Hipwood, 149 

Hitcham, 172 

Hitchcock, Hichcock, 28, 49. 51, 79, 141 

Hitchingfeild. see Itchiyigficld 

Hitchurst, 101 

Hoad, Hoade, Hode, Houd, 110, 114, 
145 [3]. 196 

Hoard, Hoord, 40. 127 [2], 128 [2] 

Hoare, Hoore, Hore. 35 [3]. 40 [21. 42 
[2], 61, 109, 136, 1.39, 174, 177 

Hobbin {see also Habin), 181 

Hobbs, Hobbes, 63, 98 [2]. 150 [2] 

Hobjohn, 64 [2], 88, 99, 102, 121, 138, 176 

Hobkins, see Hopkin 

Hobsou, 33, 36, 53, 54, 55, 56, 58 

Hocraft, 55 

Hode, see Hoad 

Hoder, 104 

Hodge, 104 

Hodges, 98. 105, 126 [2]. 175 

Hogsflesh, Hoggesflesh, Hogsflesh, 27, 
105 [2], 114. 115, 120, 134, 141 [2], 
173, 184, 194 [2] 

Hogree, 88 

Hoick, see Howicke 

Hoite, 141 

Holaud. see Holland 

Holbroke, Holbrooke, 56, 84 

Holden. Houlden. 21. 27, 73. 77. 81. 82, 
90. 91 [2]. 95 [4], 96 [3], 99 [21. 137, 
139. 173, 175 

Holder, Houlder, 17, 26. 117 

Holding. 42 

Holdne. 18 

Hole. 42 

Holingame, see Hollingham 

Hollaii. 152 

Holland. Holand. 20, 32. 54. 100, 101, 
109. 110 [2]. 137 [4], 138 [3], 139 [3], 
159 [3J, 162, 168, 188 

HoUansby, 108 



HoUard, 151 

HoUingiiam, Holingame, HoUiiigame, 

61 [2J, 83, 88 
HoUis, Hollast, HoUwis, HoUys, 8, 12, 

26, 67, 75 [3J, 117 [3], 170. 195 
HoUoway, Halloway, HoUowaye, 

Hollowwaye, 30 [2], 32 [3 J, 65 [2], 

129, 130, 150, 156, 180, 184, 187 [2], 

191, 192 [2] 
Hollyday, Holyday, 99, 118, 121 [3], 146 
Holmes, Homes, 13, 46, 104, 161, 199 
Holmwood, Holmewood, Homewood, 

21, 83, 136 [2], 138 
Holney, Holnye, 17. 27, 95 [2], 103, 175 
Holroyd, 137 

Holt, Holte. 38, 42, 108, 126 
Holtine, 20 [2] 
Holyday, see Hollyday 
Homaii, 80 
Homeley, 179 
Homes, see Holmes 
Homewood. see Holmwood 
Homphery, see Humphrey 
Honey, 19 

Honiman, Hunniman, 111, 139 
Honour, 38 [2], 134 
Houywood, 98 
Hood. 85 [3], 110 [2] 
Hook, Hooke, 51. 60, 120, 200 
Hooker, 23, 47, 123, 133, 134 [.3] 
Hoord, see Hoard 
Hoore, see Hoare 
Hopkin, Hopkins, Hobkins, Hopekiues, 

Hopijkin, 10, 20 [2], 28, 36, 74, 75, 76, 

100 [3], 105 [4], 158, 165 [2], 166, 167 
Hopley, 169 
Hopney, 177 
Hoppkin, see Hopkin 
Hordly, 36 
Hore, see Hoare 
Horley, Horlie, Horly, Horlye, 24 [3J, 

85, 161, 161, 165, 167, 191 
Horling, 27 
Horube, 175 
Home, 54, 93, 94 [2] 
Horner, Hornar, 39, 83 [2] 
Horowde, 175 
Horr, 61 
Horsecrate, 88 
Horsecroft, 86, 181 
Horsham, 97 to 102 
Horsie [viisjn-int fa?- Hersie] alias 

Minstrell, see Corrigenda 
Horskin, 33 

Horsley, Horslv, 23, 33 [2], 95, 193 
Horst, 117 
B-Ovalgone], 81 
Hortenn, Hortten, Hottene, 129, 130 

[3, dele " i^rJiaps Hottene," sec 

Horwood (sec also Harwood), 126 
Hoscra, 19 

Hosier. Hoseyer, 20, 168, 175 

Hoskin, Hoskins, Hoskyn, 31. 33, 46, 50, 

69, 174, 199 [3] 
Hosmer, see Osmer 
Hottene, see Hortenn 
Houd, see Hoad 
Houghten, 169 
Houghton, 102 
Houlden, see Holden 
Houlder, see Holder 
Hounton, 25 
Howard, 123, 163 [2] 
Howbeame, 38 
Howe. 156 
Howell, 27, 161 
Howicke, Hoick, Hoycke, 80, 81 [2]. 118 

[4], 142 
Howre, 61 

Howse, Howes, 56, 114 
Hoycke, see Howicke 
Hubbart, 169 
Hucker, 19 
Hud, 195 
Hudnutt, 144 
Hudson, 66, 67 [2], 81, 163 
Huggius, 45, 47 
Hughes, Euews, Ewews, Hewes, Hewis, 

Hues, Hugges. Huse {see also Hewe), 

34,47 [2], 55,' 84, 101, 110, 131, 144, 

164, 180 [2], 183 [2] 
Huitt, see Hewett 
Hulin, 21 

Hull, 12 [^misprinted God : Hill, cor- 
rectly Sa : Hull ; see Corrigenda], 14, 
54, 55, 196 

Humphrey, Homphery, Hiunffi-ey, 
Humfrey, Humfrie, Humfi-y, Hum- 
phery, Humphre, Humphreye, Hum- 
phrie, Humphry, Unifery, Umfrey, 
Umfrie, 14, 18 [2]. 23, 39, 48, 59 [3], 
82, 85 [3]. 91, 93, 101, 110, 111 [2], 122 
[2], 134, 138, 139, 141, 142 [8]. 159, 161, 
167, 170, 173, 180, 181, 183, 194, 195 
[4], 196, 200 

Hunn, 154 

Hunniman, see Honiman 

Hunston, 13, 103 

Hunt, Hunte, 41, 44, 46, 48, 93, 98, 100, 
102, 109 [2], 110, 119, 120, 126, 129, 

165, 196, 202 
Hunter, 161, 169 [2] 
Huntingford, 79, 193 
Huntington, 118 
Hupi^erton, see Upperton 
Hurlocke, 192 

Hurst, Hurste, 52, 98, 99, 102, 108, 109 
[2], 110 [2], 118 [2], 152, 153 [5], 192, 

Hurt, 170 

Huse, see Hughes 

Hush, 54, 55 

Hussband, 24 



Hussej, 141 
Hutberd, 199 
Hutchin, 64, 173 
Hutchinson, 53 
Hyde, see Hide 

Hyder, Hider, 77, 137 
Hyegate, 194 
Hylcock, 126 
Hyll, see Hill 

IDE, leede, Ides, Iddes {see also Ede), 
11, 16, 32, 55, 61 [2], 62 [3J, 68, 89 [2], 
120, 129 [2], 132, 173, 184 [3J, 201 

Ifeild, 95 

Ifield, 103 to 104 

IlUat {see also Elliott), 188 

Illiuge, see EUing 

lUman {see also Hillman), 67, 98 

Ilsey, 199 

lucent [? Juceut], 54 

Inckhorne, 58 

Iiies\ej[mis2)rintedTneslej; see Corri- 
genda], 175 

Inge[?Juge], 99 [2] 

Inggells, 192 

Ingram, Ingeram, Ingrom, Engram, 
21, 47, 49, 71, 73, 95, 111, 112, 133 
[3J, 136, 164, 166 

Innat, luuet, 18, 135 

Innywood, 108 

luserd, 117 

Inskip, Enekip, 66, 77 [4] 

Ipely [sic, see also Ipsly], 46 

Ijnng, 10 [6], 105 

Ipsly [sic, see also Ipely], 56 

Ireland, 13, 14, 47, 64, 108, 109, 118 [4], 

121, 138, 145, 169 [2], 180, 194, 195 [2], 

Ireland, 2, 5 
Irish, 73, 93 [3] 
legate, 90 
Ismunger, Isemonger, 68, 109, 112, 113 

[3], 160 [3] 
Isted, 170 

Itchenor, West, 15, 105 to 106 
Itchingfield, 106 to 107 
Ive, 98, 190 

JACKMAN, Jackeman, Jakeman, 53, 
108, 109 [2], 110 [3], 118 [3], 137, 146 
Jackson. Jakesou, 63, 99, 109, 137, 180 
James. Jeames, 10, 41. 59, 123. 138, 139, 

150, 155, 156 [2], 161 [2], 180 [2], 185, 
195, 196. 199 

Jaugord, 120 

Jarlett, 115 

Jarrett, 120 

Jay, Jey, 97, 138, 180, 200 

Jeale, see Geale 

Jeames, see James 

Jeffery. Jefferay. Jeffi-ay, Jeffrey, 

Geoffrey, 107, 108 [2], 124, 129, 162 [3] 
Jellett, 1.50, 151 
Jelly, Jelley, 35 [3], 58 [3], 86, 110, 129, 

132 [2], 150, 199 
Jenauce, see Jennauce 
Jenden, 98 [2] 
Jene, 172 
Jener, see Jenner 
Jeuesou, Jeniston. Jenuison, 35, 134 [2], 

151, 152 

Jenkiues, Jinkins, 178, 182 

Jenman, Ginman, Jinman, 9, 47, 52, 55, 

56, 65, 79 [2], 93 [3], 113, 123 [2], 143 
Jeuuance, Gennance, Jenauce, Jennence, 

53, 54 [3], 55 [2] 

Jenner, Jener {see also Ginner), 54, 100, 

101, 161 [2] 
Jennings, Geninges, Jenuins, 19, 42, 103, 

Jenuison, see Jeneson 
Jeuoway, 98 
Jent, see Gent 
Jewet, 159 

Jewre {see also Jure), 81 
Jey, see Jay 
Jinkins, see Jenkiues 
Jinman, see Jenman 
Joaue, 190 
Joaues, see Jones 
Jobson, 119 [3] 
Johnson, Jonsou, 22, 24, 32, 33 [2], 45, 

47, 52, 69, 70, 77, 127, 128, 136, 

141, 152, 1.54, 155, 170, 173, 175, 193, 

Johson, 31 
Joie, see Joy 
Jolliffe, JoUife, 27, 191 
Joneing, see Jouning 
Jones, Joanes, Jonues, 12, 13, 39, 80, 

100, 101, 104, 111 [2], 143, 172, 176 

[2J, 191 [.3], 195, 202 
Jonsou, see Johnson 
Jordan, 41, 146 [2j, 171, 178 



Jouning, Joneiug, Jowuing, 55, 79, 85, 

124, 128 [2] 
Joupe, see Jupp 

Joy, Joie, 52, 88, 113, 137, 165, 200 [2] 
Joyce, 23 
Joyuer, 14 
Jucent (PInceut), 54 
Judin, Judou {see also Jurdine), 190 

[5], 197 
Judith, 190 
Jueeley, 175 
Juge[?Inge], 99 [2] 

Juggells, 192 

Jupp, Joupe, Jupe, Juppe, 18, 24 [4], 
25, 30, 32, 38, 58 [3J, 79 [2], 85, 86, 
87, 88, 90 [2J, 96, 99, 100 [2], 104, 
106 [2], 131, 134, 142, 147 [3j, 151 
[2], 152 [4], 153 [2], 158 [2], 187 

Jurdine [see also Judin), 20 

Jure {see also Jewre), 9, 98, 125, 126, 
127 [2] 

Jutton, 109 

J[go7ic], 94 


KAINE, 170 

Kate, 110 

Kay, 25, 129, 174 

Keeling, 125 

Keeue, Kene, 29, 42 [3], 134, 188 

Kelly, 136 

Kelsey, Kilsey, 34, 125, 127, 149 

Kember, Kymber, 35, 177 

Kemp, 17, 22 [2], 55, 63, 70, 74 [8], 75, 

82, 85 [2], 111, 129, 150, 158 [2], 187 [2] 
Kempsall, Kempsale, 104 [2], 106, 147 

Kendall, 98 
Kendly, 55 
Kene, see Keene 
Kennett, Kenet, Kinnet, 58 [3], 04, 91 

[2], 142, 173, 185 
Kensall, 93 
Kent, 21, 38, 42 [2], 54, 78, 88, 94, 112, 

116, 121, 139, 150, 151 [2] 
Kercher, 47 

Kerle {see also Curie), 82 
Kester, 200 
Ketcheler, 103 
Kewell {see also CewlleU ?), 48, 54, 115, 

116 [2], 121, 148 [2], 149 [2] 
Key, 20, 130 

Keyes, Keyse, 08 [2], 109, 180 
Kibe, see Kybe 
Kichan, 156 
Killick, 21, 96 
Kilsey, see Kelsey 
Kine, 120, 165, 166 
King, 49, 53, 74, 84, 85, 118, 125, 138, 

152, 160 [3], 164, 165, 167, 172, 179, 

180 [4], 181 [2], 191, 195 

Kingston, 82, 107 

Kingston Bowscy, 107 to 108 

Kinion, 161 

Kinnet, see Kennett 

Kippinge, 153 

Kirdford, 108 to 110 

Kirke, 80 

Kitchener, Chechener, Chocherer, 
Citchenor, 164, 166 [3], 170 

Knapcroft, 86 

Knell, 53 

Kneller, 40, 88 

Knetbye, 179 

Knight, Kuigett, Knigth, Knite, 15, 
30, 32, 61, 63, 73, 74, 79 [2], 81 [3], 
85 [2], 101, 105, 110, 118, 130, 132 
[2], 141, 145, 146 [6], 149, 150, 151, 
156, 157, 159 [31, 161, 163, 172 [2], 
176 [2J, 180 [2], 187 [21, 196, 198, 
200, 202 [3] 

Knigh[(/on<'], 117 [2] 

Knitcher, 180 

Knos, 195 

Knott, Knot, Knotts, 49 [2], 115 [21, 

Knorell, 38 

Knowler, 45, 48, 57 

Knowles, Knoles, Knolles, Knoulles, 
Noels, Noles {see also Noel), 40 [3], 
64, 90, 91, 134, 137, 158, 165, 167, 
171, 186 

Kybe, Kibe, 47, 128, 129, 132, 133 

Kymber, see Kember 

LABRAM, 38 [2] 
Lace, Lacie, 142, 193 
Laciter, sec Lasseter 
Laclot, 51 

Laggett, Lagget, 9S, 202 
Laker, Lakar, 118 [4], 131, 145 
Laky, 153 
Lale, 155 



Lambe, 98, 139, 192 

Lambert, 59, 81, 101, 137, 159 

Lambert, alias Gardiner, 130 [2] 

Lamport, Lampord, 51, 132 [2] 

Laiiaway, Lanoway, 114, 115, 18-i 

Lancaster, 90 [3], 91, 95 

Lance, 186 [2] 

Lancing, 111 to 112 

Lander, see Launder 

Landerd, 85 

Lane, 35, 53, 55, 139, 147, 148, 174 

Lauge, 14, 179 [4], 192 [2] 

Langford, Langfoord, 18, 24, 90, 95, 

100 [2], 151, 1G5 [2], 173 [2], 178, 190 
Langley, 84, 174 
Langridge, 119, 132 
Langi-ish, 53, 111 [2], 112 
Laning, 57 
Lankeford, 36 
Lanoway, see Lanaway 
Lausden, 169 
Lansonne, 109 
Lanyg, 96 

Larby, Lorby, 195 [2], 196 
Lard, 142 

Larkiu, Larkins, 95, 175 
Larrance, see Laurance 
Lasseter, Laciter, Lasiter, Lassater, 

Lassather, Lassetar, Lassiter, Lecey- 

ter, Lesater, 82, 83 [6], 95, 135, 152, 

Laster, 88 
Lathy, 87 [2] 

Latter, 150 [3], 151 [3], 191 
Lamicesam, 110 [3] 

Launder, Lauder, 109, 119 [3], 126, 138 
Laurance, Larrance, Laurence, Law- 

rance, 32 [2], 40, 49, 55, 69, 85, 127, 

134, 169 [3] 
Lavant, East, 15, 112 to 113 
Lavant, Mid, 12, 113 
Lavington, East, see Woolavington 
Lawes, 129 

Lawrence, see Laurance 
Layton, 186 
Leach, see Leech 
Leafe, 56 

Leagat, see Leggatt 
Leale, 87 

Leanord, see Leonard 
Leauy, 196 

Leaper {see also Lejier), 12, 35 
Leary, 129 
LeboiuTie, 173 
Leceyter, see Lasseter 
Leclot, 54 
Ledbetter, Lidbeter, Lidbiter, 

Lydbetter, 134 [2], 161, 164 [2], 165 [2], 

189, 190 
Ledgater, see Ludgater 
Ledger, 33 [2] 
Ledloe, 165 

Lee (see also Leigh and Ley), 13, 22 [2], 
23 [21, 24. 30, 31 [2], 32, 41 [2], 42, 55, 
68, 8'o, 88, 90, 97, 102, 106 [3]. 113, 124, 
141 [3], 142, 147, 159, 161, 164, 165, 
166 [2], 170, 177 [2], 190 [2J. 197, 
199 [2], 202 

Leech, Leach, 12, 52 

Leedes, Leeds, 7 [5], 28, 126, 140, 160 

Leeke 199 

Leer, Leere. 85 [3], 89 [2], 116, 117, 146, 

Leeves, 186 

Leggatt, Leagat, Legat, Legate, 
Legatt, Legett, Leggat, Leggott, 
Liggatt, 10, 15, 29, 101, 116 [3J, 122 
[2], 127, 128, 133, 138, 149, 173 
[4], 176 [2], 191, 192 [2], 193, 

Leiarh {see also Lee), 104 [5], 106, 

Lely, 35 

Lenn, Lenne, 121, 132 

Leonard, Leanord, Leonord, Linnard, 
20, 69, 118, 195 [2], 196 

Lepee, Lepey, 18, 35 

Leper {see also Leaper), 50 

Lej)ord, 55 

Lesater, see Lasseter 

Lester, 83 [? 175 ; see Seslester and 

Lettice, 127 [2] 

Leucknor, Leuknor, see Lewknor 

Levett, Levatt, 32, 76, 105, 136 [2], 137 

Lewer, Lewar, 85, 100, 101, 109 [2], 145, 
146, 187, 196 

Lewes, Lewess, Lewis, 20, 46, 54 [2], 
55, 134, 135, 148, 186 

Leives, 7 

Lewin, 8 

Lewknor, Leucknor, Leuknor, 
Lewkenor, Lewkuer, Lukenor, 20 [2], 
28, 56, 75, 92, 93, 185, 193 

Ley {see also Lee), 20 

-Lelfadcd], 81 

Libbard, 47, 138 

Lickfold, 117, 119, 120, 179 

Lidbeter, Lidbiter, see Ledbetter 

Liddeck, 13 

Liddiard, 83 

Lidford, Lydford, 21, 140 

Ligeter, see Ludgater 

Liggatt, see Leggatt 

Light {see also Litte), 127 [4] 

Lightfoote, 13, 129 

LiUey, 137 

LiUiott, Lilliat, Lilliatt, Lilliett, 
Lilliot, 19 [3], 55, 80 [2], 132 [2], 188, 
193 [3] 

Limbres, 19 

Litich, 6, 92 [2J, 114 

LincJimere, 11, 114 to 115 

Line, 115 

Q 2 



Linfielcl, Linfeild, Linvell, Linvill, 
Lynfield, Lyiifild, 52 [2], 67, 85, 90 [2], 
104, 131 [5], 165, 197 

Liunard, sec Leonard 

Linter, 9, 55, 94 

Lintott, Lintet, Liiitot, Lyntott, 67, 
98, 99 [2], 100 [3], 101 [3], 102, 159 

Linvell, liinvill, see Linfield 

Lion, Lyon, 37, 104 

Lippy, 184 

Liijscombe, Lypscombe, 77, 192 

Lister, 13, 129 

Litler, 135 

Litleton, 9, 144, 145 [2] 

Litte {see also Light), 55 

Littell, Little, 54, 55 

Littlehamptoyi, 115 to 116 

Livinge, 94, 95 

Loafe, 142 

Loatman, 164 

Lock, Locke, 44, 49, 52 [2], 58, 74, 75 
[4], 82, 87, 106, 121 [2], 148 [2], 149, 
201 [2] 

Locket, Lockett, 116, 117, 142, 173 

LocMer, Lockyer, 93, 127, 134, 199 

Lodger, 10, 18 [2], 65 [2], 77, 171 

Lodsworth, 8, 116 to 117 

Loicke, 28, 59, 107 

London, 67 

London, 3, 51 [2], 135 

Long, 20 [2], 47, 75, 76, 87 [2], 93, 96, 
98, 100, 103, 117 [2], 134, 136, 145, 
146, 156, 168, 187, 193 

Longemor, see Longmore 

Longford, 101 

Longhurst, 35 [4], 99, 147 [2] 

Longley, 24, 89, 91, 110, 178 

Longmore, Longemor, Longmer, Long- 
mere [see also Lonmere), 164, 165, 
167 [2], 176 

Lonmere {see also Longmore), 164, 165 

Looke, 88 

Lorby, see Larby 

Lording, Lordine, 36, 37, 59 

Lorret, 67 

Lorte, 24 

Lossome, 34 

Loton, 81 

Lotter, 67 

Louder, 105 

Loner {sec also Lover), 59, 177 [2], 178 
Loufe, 72 

Love, 9, 69 [3], 144, 150[2], 157 [5], 177 

Loveland, 22 [2], 109 

Lovelise, 192 

Lover {see also Loner), 88 

Loxwood, 117 to 118 

Loyter, 90 

Lucas, 14, 27, 40, 45, 51, 52, 61, 75, 118, 

137 [2], 138, 139, 141, 142 [2], 148, 168, 

187 [3] 
Luce, Lucie, see Lucy 
Lucke, 58, 164, 166 
Luckin, Luckens, 97, 99, 101 
Lucy, Luce, Lucie, Luse, 31, 118, 146, 

Ludby, 23, 142 
Ludgater, Ledgater, Ligeter, Ludgatur, 

Lydgater, 21 [2], 22, 26 [3], 33, &2 [2], 

108, 113. 122 [2], 135, 158, 165, 166, 

Ludlowe, 167 
Ludly, 100 
Luff," 11, 74 [3], 81 [13], 109, 114, 115, 

116, 177 
Lnkenor, see Lewknor 
Lumley, 125 
Lundy, 32 
I;unu, Lun, Lunne, 26, 119, 126, 129, 

184 [2] 
Lurgashall, 119 to 120 
Lurry, Lury, 14, 141, 142 [2] 
Lvise, see Lucy 
Lusher, 112 
Lutman, Luttman, 13, 56 [2], 98, 100, 

101 [2], 102, 109, 112, 124, 137, 138, 

144, 145, 174, 184, 196 [3] 
Luttard, 137, 185 
Lutter, Lnttar, 42 [2], 115 
Luttou, 105 
Lux, 48 

Luxford, 67, 99, 154, 155 
Lydbetter, see Ledbetter 
Lydford, see Lidford 
Lydgater, see Ludgater 
Lydsey, 40 

Lyminster, 120 to 121, 140, 188 
Ljmette, Lyiniette, 160, 161 
Lyniield, Lynfild, see Linfield 
Lyntott, see Lintott 
Lyon, see Lion 
Lypscombe, sec Lipscombe 
Lything, 90, 91 
' llgone\ 81 [2] 


MAB, 90 
Mabancke, 20 
Macrell, see MackriU 

Machcn, Machin, Machcin [Maclicin, 
misprint for Machin, see Corrigenda'], 
137 [4], i38, 144, 165, 192 [4] 



Mackaridge, 139 

Mackrm, Mackrell, Macrell, 22, G3, 113, 

132 [3] 
Macy, 172 
Madehurst, 122 
Madgwick, Madgewick, Madgicke, 

Magick, Magwick, Megwicke, 47, 63, 

65, 85, 109, 130 [2], 147, 201 
Maideman, 187 
IMaiduer, 82 

Males, in Warnham, 187 [2] 
Maine, 148 

Maior (see also Mayre), 9, 172 
Maisters, see Master 
Malbraiike, 75 [4] 
Malliugham, 41 
Malor, 130 
Man, Manu, Mauue, 19, 55, 73, 118, 

119, 120 [2], 131, 132, 140, 141, 145, 

150, 155, 159, 199 
Mauerey, see Mimnare 
Manfield, Manfilld, 38, 109 [2] 
Manners, Manners, 20, 99 [2], 101 
Manning, Maniug, 21 [4], 22 [2], 27, 

48, 52, 53, 82, 122, 140 
Mansbridge, 12, 87, 193, 198 
Mausell, Mansill, 153, 177, 189, 190 
Manser, Mauncer, Maunser, 47, 73, 128 

[2], 129, 138, 141, 176, 192, 199 [2] 
Maut, 75, 114, 141, 142 
Manvde, 130 
Manwood alias Tarlton, sec Tarlton 

alias Manwood 
lilarbine, 179 
March, see Marsh 
Marchant, 18, 77 [2], 170 
Marchell, see Marshall 
Marckes, see Marks 
Marden, Miirden, 119 [3], 145, 156 
Harden, East, 9 [2], 122 to 123 
Marden, North, 10 [2], 123 
IMares, 104 
Margerom, 51 
Margesson, 147 
Markett, 101 
Marks, Marckes, Markes, 75, 78, 85, 

126 [2], 132 [2], 138 [3], 175, 179, 185 
Markwick, 32 

Marlin, 90,110 
Marlot, Marlott, 106, 153 
Marner, Marnor, 9, 10, 65 [2], 83, 89, 
105 [3], 110 [2], 123, 125 [2], 126 [2], 

127 [2], 155, 165, 171, 197, 202 
Marsh, March, 87, 101, 106, 118 [2], 

144, 145, 171, 202 

Marshall, Marchell (see aZso Michell) , 8, 
29, 54, 76, 81, 86, 105, 114, 116, 117 
[3], 127, 128 [2], 149 

Marten, Martin, Martyn, 8, 14, 18, 19, 
21, 23 [2], 28, 36, 37, 3S [2], 39, 45, 
48, 64, 67, 73 [2], 76 [2], 84, 86 [2], 
89, SO, 98, 101 [2], 109 [4], 132 [2J, 

136, 140 [2], 142, 145, 146 [2], 150, 

151, 152, 161, 163, 191, 193, 194 
Marvin, 52 
Mascall, MascoU, Maskall, Maskoll, 64, 

141, 152, 157, 162, 193 [2] 
Mason (see also Maesone), 136, 144, 172, 

Massone (see also Mason), 48 
Master, Masters, Maisters, Mastars, 48, 

50, 54, 55, 126, 140, 149 [2], 154 [2], 

Mate, 23, 59 
aiathees, 56 
Mathew, Mathews, Mathewe, Mathewes, 

Mathu, Mathue, Matthew, 12, 21, 61, 

62, 65, 68, 87, 91, 96, 100 [2], 101, 

113, 143 [2], 179 [2], 191 
Mathey, Mathie, 87, 148 
Mathook, 62 
jNIathurst, 148 [2] 
Matteris, 109 
Matthew, see Mathew 
Mattocke, 31, 192 
Mauncer, Maunser, see Mauser 
Maunt, 29, 63, 69 [2] 
Maurice, see Morris 
May, 34, 40, 41 [2], 55 [2], 57, 63, 75, 

76, 81, 95, 112, 113 [2], 133, 158, 168, 

174, 187, 202 
Mayer, 186 
Maylerd, 79 
Maynard, 126 [2] 
Mayne, Mayu, 31, 88 
Mayre (see also Maior), 147 
Meade, ]40, 168, 196 [2] 
Meadman, 36 
Mearch, see Mersh 
Mears, Meares, Meeres, 47, 80, 133, 

134 [2] 
Mearsh, see Mersh 
Mearth, 45 
Meekes, 99 
Meeres, see Mears 
Meeten, 18 

Megwicke, sec Sladgwick 
Mellersh, Melish, 109, 118, 163, 194 
Mellese, MelHs, 35, 124 
Menley, 179 
Mepham, 101 
Mercer, 95, 104, 190 [2] 
Merchant, 27 
MerecUth, 10 
Meriwether, 138 
Merlin, 177 
Merrill, 173 
Merriott, 192 

Mersh, Mearch, Mearsh, 42, 61, 93, 101, 
110, 117, 127 [2], 142, 150, 177, 180 

[3], 197 
Mershau, 34 
Mersher, Mersherr, 59 [2], 87 [3], 93, 




Mcrston, 13, 124 

Merther, 61 

Merton, 79 

Met ell, 21 

Metteii, 106 

Michelborne, Mitchelborne, 

Mychelborne, 17, 35, 40, 118, 186 

Michclgrove House, in Clapham, 61 

Michell, Michaell, Michall, Michill, 
Mitcliell, Mychell {see also Marshall 
and Mihill), 11, 21, 26, 35 [2], 52, 
53, 55 [2], 63, 67 [2], 69, 70, 74, 87 [2], 
90 [2], 91, 95, 99, 100 [5J, 101 [5], 
102 [4], 104, 108, 117, 131, 132, 142, 
145 [2], 146 [2], 147, 151, 152, 153 [4], 
159, 161, 164, 165, 185, 187 [8], 192, 
196, 199 

Michene, 114 

Michener, Michenor, Michelnour, 18, 
63, 68, 81, 159 

Micklaui, 185 

Middle, 17 

Middletou, Midleton, Midlton, 36, 66, 
97, 99, 101, 130, 151, 152, 156, 193 

Middleton, 124 

Midhurst, 67 

Midhurst, 8 [2], 125 to 128 

Migheall, 52 

Miliill, Mihels, Myhell {see also Michell), 
50, 109, 110, 145, 155 

Mildemay, 167 

Mm, Mills, ]Miles, Mille, ISIilles, Millis, 
Myles, Mylles, 20, 27, 28 [2], 30 [2], 
35 [2], 36, 40, 42 [2], 49, 52 [2], 60 
[2], 64 [4], 65, 67, 71, 72, 84, 91, 93 
[2], 97, 100, 101 [2], 105 [2], 116 [2], 
117 [4], 118 [5], 119 [3], 122, 126, 
129 [3], 130 [3J, 132, 133, 134 [2], 
137, 138, 139 [2], 141, 142 [2], 153, 
155, 159 [2], 161, 171, 173, 179 [2], 
180, 187 [2], 191 [5], 194 [4], 200 

Millam, 106, 152 [2] 

Milland, 9 

Millard, 19, 124, 150 

Miller, 45, 50 [2], 99, 158 

aiillett, 65 [2] 

Millingtoii, 35 [4], 47, 57 

Milues, 170 

]\Iiltinne, 180 

Minnshall, 95 

Miustrell, alias Horsie [inisprint for 
Eersie, see Corrigenda'\, 118 

Miuter, 126 

Misselbrook, 133 

Mitchelborne, sec Michelborne 

Mitchell, see MicheU 

INIittell, 80 

IMockford, 161, 162 [2] 

Mockford, in Coivfold, 67 [2] 

Moes {see also Mose), 56 

Mohuue, 160 

Mold, 199 

Mollan, 68 

Monery, 19 

Monger, 137 

Monk, Moncke, Moonke, Munke, 31 [4], 

37 [2], 38 [3], 41, 61, 77, 136, 145, 

165, 170 
Monter, 39 
Moody, Modey, Moodey, 28, 138, 157, 

Moore, More {see also Morey), 21, 38, 

67, 68, 78, 82, 91, 93, 109 [2], 137, 

172, 191, 192, 195, 196 [2] 
Moorecocke, Morcock, 99, 133 
Mooreman, 87 

Moorer, 32, 125, 126, 141, 147 
Moorie, IMoory, see IMorey 
More, see Moore 
Morey, Moorey, Moorie, Moory, Morie, 

Mory {see also Moore), 15, 28, 29, 36 

[2], 55, 58 [2], 69 [2], 113, 126, 133, 

134, 171, 196, 202 
Morgan, 62, 113, 115, 116, 146, 188 
Morice, Moris, see Morris 
iMorlaud, 68 
Morley, Morle. 14, 19, 46, 56, 67, 78, 

85, 95, 96, 109, 110, 133, 134, 151 
Morman, 176 
Morrell, 67, 153 
Morris, Maurice, Morice, Moris, 

Morrice, Morrys, 27, 54, 69, 77 [4], 

95, 107, 116, 117, 129, 136 [2], 137 

[3], 138, 139 [3], 149, 159, 187 
Mortamer, 156 
Morter, 39 
Morton, 46, 55 
Mose, Moze {see also Moes and IMoses), 

35, 39, 42, 50, 73, 90, 106, 109 [2], 

110, 114, 118 [2], 136, 137, 138 [3], 

142, 150, 169, 187 
Mosell, 105 

Moses {see also IMose), 108, 110 
Mosse, 42 
Moston, 55 
Mote, 67 
Mouutague, 61 
Mountfeilde, 74 
Mower, 27, 96, 188 
Mownser alias Gillnm, 129 
Moze, see Mose 

Mugerreg, Mougridge, 31, 153 
Mnggerish, 141 

Mulford, Mulfard, 30, 69, 99, 187 [2] 
Munday, 62, 192 
Miindham, North, 13, 128 to 129 
Munen, 190 

Miinfield, Munfeild, 89, 115, 164 
Munke, see Monk 
Munnare, Manerey, 176 [2] 
Munnington, 58 
Murden, see Marden 
Murrell, 52, 108 
Muschamp, 189 



Muschen, 88 

Muttlebeiy, Mutlebeny, 127 [2] 
Mutton, 67, 151, 185 
Mjchelboriie, see Michelborne 

Mychell, see Michell 
Myhell, see Mihill 
Myles, My lies, see Mill 
M[gone'], 81, 183 


NALDRE, 202 

Naldrett, Naddrett, Nnldret, Nalldrett, 

Noldright, 30, 85 [2], 91, 138, 145, 

146 [3], 147, 159 [4], 187 
Napper, 8, 10, 28, 41, 63, 97 [2], 99, 

118, 138, 139, 145 [2], 146 [2], 147, 

196 [2] 
Nash, 33, 85 [2], 86, 87 [2], 100, 101 [2], 

102, 104 [2], 112, 132, 164, 166, 175 [3], 

202 [2] 
Nawhan, 11 
Neacie, 18 

Neale, 72, 85, 97 [2], 105, 136, 138, 154 
Neave, Neve, 17, 36 
Negus, 17 
Neppon, 158 
Neriug, see Niereu 
Netherway, 163 
Netlie, 59 
Netter, 68, 70, 183 
Neve, see Neave 
Newark, Nuiworke, 164 [2], 165, 167 

Newington, 34, 36, 66, 107, 108 [3], 161 
Newlane, 144 
Newland, Nulaud, 126, 156, 158 [2], 

188, 201 
Newman, Numan, 9, 26, 36 [3], 38, 54, 

69, 74, 82 [2], 109 [2], 116, 141, 182 

[2], 185 
Newuam, Newnham, 90, 99, 109 [2J, 

130, 131 
Newton, Nuton, 70 [4], 163, 183, 201 
Niblett, 98 [2], 165 
Nichol, Nichols, 36 [3], 120, 159 [4] 
Nicholas, Nicolas, 147, 148 
Nicholson, Nicolson, 51, 58 [2] 
Nie, see Nye 
Nieren, Nering, 14, 73 [3] 

Nightingale, Nightingall, Nitingall, 

27 [2], 100, 134, 153, 159 [2], 187 [2], 

195 [2], 196, 200 
Nixon, 168 
Noake, 86, 87 
Noble, 197 
Noel, Noell, Nowell {see also Knowles), 

15, 61, 73, 109, 133, 190 
Noels, Noles, see Knowles 
Noldi-ight, see Naldrett 
Norman, 59 [2], 82, 95, 96, 177, 181, 

Norrell, 89 
Norris, Nores, Norice, Noris, Norrise, 

32, 47, 56, 88, 89, 90, 126, 129, 133, 

137, 148, 153 
North, Northe, 15, 42, 52 [2], 130 [2], 

North End, in Stedham, 163 
Northchapel, 129 to 130 
Norton, 109, 111, 161 
Nose, 71 
Notchr, 171 
Notes, 158 
Nowell, see Noel 
Nugent, 70 
Nuiworke, see Newark 
Nuland, see Newland 
Nuly, 196 

Numan, see Newman 
Nunnington, Nunington, 36, 54, 199 
Nuthurst, 130 to 131 
Nutley, 142 
Nuton, see Newi;on 
Nye, Nie, 29, 30, 31, 32 [4], 60 [2], 61, 

67, 95, 98, 101 [3], 118, 131, 145, 153, 

159 [2], 160, 187, 197 
N[gro7ic], 94 


OAKELEY, Okeley, Okely {see also 

Ockley), 73, 76, 124 
Oakes, 147 

Oakeshot, Oakeshott, 42, 192 
Ucford, 96 

Ockenden, Okendeu, 131 [2], 153, 169 
Ockley, Ockly [see also Oakeley), 98, 


Odams {sec also Adams), 127 [6] 

Oglander, 14, 52 

Okeley, Okely, see Oakeley 

Okenden, see Ockenden 

Okendcn, in Coivfold, 67 [2] 

Okeshott, Okeshutt, Okshott, 52,54, 171 

Okhurst, 81 

Olavc, 63 



Older, Oulder, 22, 23, 32, 58, 59 [2], 64 
[3], 81, 83 [3], 101, 117, 133, 134, 152 
[2], 153, 161 [4] 

Oldham, 141 

Olive, OlifEe, OlyfEe, 108, 125, 126 [2] 

Oliver, Olever, Olliver, 8, 19 [2], 20, 22, 
40, 60, 88. 116, 120, 121 [6J, 129, 130, 
131 [2], 136, 158, 175, 197 

Onely, Only, 140, 141, 142 

Orchard, 121 

Orgle, 27 

Oriiider, 88 

Orpin, 138 

Orrell, Orill, 104, 137 

Osberd, 126 

Osborne, Osbom-ne, Osburne, Oseborne, 
19, 24, 25, 27, 33 [3], 46, 47, 56, 77, 
81 [4?], 104, 109, 110, 113, 129, 130, 
136 [2], 138, 151, 162, 182, 185 [2], 
196 [3], 199 [2] 

Oshlgone, ? Osborne], 81 

Osman, 33 

Osmer, Hosmer, 43, 98 

Os[gone], 183 

Ottie, Otty, 11, 75, 76 

Otway, Ottwaye (see also Attaway), 

118, 159 
Ouden, Oudden, Owden [dele "Awden, 

see Ouden" mider letter A], 18 [2], 

66, 165, 166, 167, 175 
Oughton, Outen, Owton, Owtton, 36, 

93, 123 [2], 148, 171 [2] 
Oulder, see Older 
Oulsonn, 175 
Ourlie, 83 

Outen, see Oughton 
Outridg, 170 
Onttrlblotted], 184 
Over, 35, 40 
Overington, 109 [2], 110 [2], 114, 145, 

146 [3], 195 [2] 
Oving, 14, 132 
Owen, Owens, Owin, 15 [2], 193 [2], 

199 [2] 
Owers, 51 
Owton, Owtton, see Oughton 

PACEET, 164 

Pach, 55 

Pack, Packe, 22, 28, 144 [2], 183, 202 

Packer, Paker {see also Parker), 23 [2], 

24, 28, 77 [2], 81, 163 [2] 
Packham, 165 
Paddicke, Paddike, Padducke, Padocke 

{sec also Padwicke), 16 [2], 65 [2], 

71 [4] 
PadTvicke {see also Paddicke), 33 [2], 

Page, Paige, Pagge, 9, 33 [2], 38, 39 [2], 

48,69,86,87 [2], 93 [2], 95,96,100 [2], 

110, 122 [2], 123, 124 [2], 126, 137, 

138, 143, 153, 155, 171, 181, 183, 

185 [3], 197, 200 
Pagham, 14, 133 to 134 
Viiglgone], 117 
Paine, Payn, Payne, 21, 38, 44, 53, 70, 

76, 116 [2], 117 [2], 119, 129 [2], 130, 
131, 133, 137, 139 [2], 154, 165, 160, 
176, 180, 184, 189, 190, 192, 202 [2] 

Paker, see Packer 

Palmer, Pamer, Pammer, Paulmer {sec 
also Pawmer), 18, 27 [2], 34, 40, 57, 

77, 93, 129, 132, 135, 138, 143 [4], 150, 
168 [2], 177, 191 [2], 192 [2] 

Palmes, 58 
Pamell, 144 

Pamer, Pammer, sec Palmer 
Panckhui'st, 98, 99 

Pannell, Panell, 26, 28, 33, 35, 42, 72, 
74, 126, 183, 184 

Pannett, Panet, Pannat, Pannete, 19, 
21 [4], 22, 27, 47 [2], 54 [2], 01, 82 
[2], 83 [3], 88, 133, 134, 142, 153 [2], 
168 [2] 

Parcker, see Parker 

Pardow, 104 

Parham, 27, 42, 83, 102 [4], 170, 

Parham, 134 and 135 

Parke, 39 

Parker, Parcker, Parkar (see also 
Packer), 20 [2], 21, 23 [3], 24, 27, 34, 
36, 47, 53, 56, 63 [2], 69 [3], 70 [3], 88, 
101, 111, 117, 129, 137, 139, 140, 156 
[2], 157 [2], 161, 164, 165 [2], 166, 
173, 177, 188, 197 

Parkhurst, 98, 101, 189, 190 [3], 196 

Parkman, 187 

Parrash, 38 

Parratt, 38 

Parre, 100 

Parrice, 110 

Parry, 12 

Parson, Parsons, Parsonn, Person {sec 
also Passon), 18, 21 [2], 22, 52, 67 [7], 
90 [4], 91, 95 [3], 98 [2], 99 [2], 100 
[2], 101 [2], 115, 131, 144, 147 [2], 
151, 153 [3], 154, 164, 165 [2], 106 
[2], 167, 168 [2], 177 [3], 187 [2], 
190, 192 [2], 197, 199 

Passell, 131 [3] 

Passenger, 191 [2] 

Passon {sec also Parson), 133 



Patching, Patchin, Patchings, 67, 98, 
99, 100, 101 [2], 104 [4], 106 [2], 108, 
131 [2], 146, 162 [2], 164, 173, 190 
Patching, 135 to 136 
Patricke, 127 
Pattell, 33 
Paulmer, sec Palmer 
Pavy, 153 [3] 
Pawfoot, 192 

Pawmer {sec also Palmer), 59 [2] 
Pay, Paye, Pey, Peye, 51, 53, 54, 62, 
65 [3], 70, 79 [2], 93 [3], 143, 155, 
171, 191 [3], 192 
Payler, 130 [2] 
Payn, Payne, see Paine 
Paynter, 191 
Paysie, 175 

Peachey, Peachie, Peachy, Peche, 
Pechie, 14 [3], 52, 61 [2], 72, 73 [6], 
82, 132 [2J, 133, 139, 157 [3], 164, 
167, 197 
Pead, 60 

Peak, Peakes, 26 [2], 165, 185 
Pearce, 53 
Pearkes, 61 

Pearle, Pearley, Pearly, sec Perley 
Peche, Pechie, see Peachey 
Pecke, 168 

Peckham, 12, 15, 19, 65 
Peckover, 75 
Peckwell, 138 
Peerce, see Pierce 
Peers, 35 

Peerse {see also Perse a7id Pierce), 111 
Peerson, 164 
Peeter, see Peter 
Peirce, see Pierce 
Peito, sec Pey to 
Pelham, 11, *80, 105 
Pellatt, Pellet, Pellett, 42, 62, 95, 99, 

100, 111, 136, 150, 164, 165 
PeUinge, 153 
Pembridge, 120, 137 
Pench, 21 
Pendi-is, 27 

Penecod, see Penicorde 
Penfeild, 95, 141 [2] 

Penfold, Pinfold, 10, 21 [3], 30 [51, I 
31 [7], 32 [2], 40, 62, 79, 91 [2], 97 [2], 
104, 108, 109 [3], 110 [2], 122, 136 [2], 
137, 153 [2], 159 [4], 160 [3], 178, 
195, 197 
Pengem, 183 

Penicorde, Penecod, Penicod, Penicode, 

Pennicod, Pennicott, Penycodd, 8, 

37, 89, 108 [2], 113 [2], 116, 119, 120, 

137, 139 

Penne, Pen, 33, 35, 93 [3], 133 [2], 134, 

169, 190 
Pennell, 177 
Pennicks, 157 
Pennyale, 42 

Penton, 54 

Penycodd, see Penicorde 
Peococke, 120, 121 
Pepper, 66 

Perier, Perior, Perryer, 39, 109, 195 [2] 
Perin, see Perrine 
Perkins, 144 

Perley, Pearle, Pearley, Pearly, 
Perleye, Perlie, Perly. 11, 13, 19, 29, 
42, 49, 61, 66, 68, 85, 108, 109, 121 
[3], 122, 150, 164, 165, 166, 180, 185 
Permis, 151 
Perot, 14 

Perrine, Perin, 55, 155, 191 [4], 192 
Perring, 132 [2] 
Perry, 136 
Perryer, sec Perier 
Perse, Purse {see also Peers, Peerse arid 

Pierce), 86, 119 
Person, see Parson 
Pescit, 115 
Pescod, 34 [3], 35, 61 [2], 93, 94, 125, 

Peter, Peters, Peeter, 14, 21, 22, 80, 82, 
83 [3], 96, 98, 101 [2], 131 [2], 139, 
141, 145, 147, 151, 152, 158, 175, 176, 
180, 189, 194 
Petley, 24 

Peto, Petoe, see Peyto 
Petter {see also Pitter), 23, 93 
Pettifer, 50 
Petworth, 7 [2], 28, 72, 136 to 139, 

Pey, Peye, see Pay 
Peyto, Peito, Peto, Petoe, 15, 44, 47, 

96, 109, 110 [2], 126, 164, 169, 196 
Phage alias Page, see Page alias Phage 
Pharro, 138 
Phayers, see Fayres 

Phelpe, Philps, Phillpe, Philp, Philpe, 
Filpe {see also Phillips), 8, 72 [3], 77, 
78, 89 [4], 136, 137 [2], 138, 139, 140. 
Phenis, 138 

PhUHps, Philipps, Philips, Phillipes, 
Phillipi^es {sec also Phelpe), 29, 45 
[2], 48, 50 [2], 82, 201 [4] 
Philp, Philpe, Philps, see Phelpe 
Phivian {see also Fivins), 141 [2] 
Phodg, 190 
Pick, 90 
Pickard, 104 
Pickham, 18, 153 
Picklys, 27 
Picknell, 96 
Picoke, 156 
Pidder, 164 

Pierce, Peerce, Peirce {sec also Peers, 
Peerse and Perse), 91, 113, 128, 129, 
131, 150 [2], 187 
Pierre, 14 
Pigge, 125 



Piggot, 30 

PignoU, 115 

Pike, 98, 99, 146 [4], 163 

Pike alias Tyller, 130 [2] 

Pilbeam, 14, 51, 199 

Pilchard, 55 

PUcher, 68, 142 

Pilfold, Pilfould, 30 [2], 98 [3], 170, 

187 [3], 188 
Pilford, 100 
Pillinger, 171 
Pilt, 150 
Piner, sec Piuner 
Pinfold, see Penfold 
Pinion, 81 
Pinke, Pinck, 26, 36, 46, 54, 87, 170, 

Piniie, 130, 192 
Pinnell, 201 
Pinner, Piner, 42, 188 
Piony, 66 
Piper, Pyper, 21, 30, 35 [2], 41, 42 [2], 

55, 64, 85, 135, 136, 168 [2] 
Pirnon, 144 
Pitt, Pytt {see also A'Pytt), 14, 35, 37, 

65, 74, 92 [2J, 93 [6], 94 [2], 123 [6], 

144, 150, 171 [2], 179, 191, 198 
Pitter {see also Petter) , 94 
Plafont, 53 

Plant, 48, 165 [2], 166, 167 
Plasont, 53 
Piatt, 58, 191 
Playsted, 98 
Plenty, 93 

Pledge, 21 [2], 98, 99 [2] 
Pledger, Pleger, Plidger, 48, 57, 72, 

Plowman, 196 
Plum, 165 
Poalling, see Poling 
Poate, 79 
Pocknel, 162 

Pockuey, Pokney, 18 [2], 77 
Pocock, 27, 87 
Poe, 131 [2], 150 [3] 
Poell, see Powell 
Poetou, 136 [2] 
Pokney, see Pockuey 
Pole, 118 
Poling, Poalling, Polling, 85 [2], 126 

[3], 149 [21 
Poling, 121, 139 to 140 
PoUard, Pollerd, 18, 23, 55, 90, 91, 94, 

95, 99, 141, 142, 162 [2], 170, 172, 176 

[3], 197, 200 
Polling, see Poling 
PoUiugton, 40, 131 [2] 
Pomell, 114 
Pomphret, 91 
Pouett, 189 

Pookes, in Shcrmanhurij, 151 
Poole, 68, 124, 154 

Poore, Pore, 28, 61, 69, 74, 147, 180 [2], 

Pope, 21, 22 
Porchester, 175 
Pore, see Poore 
Porse, 158 

Porter, 59 [2J, 83, 103, 117, 128, 167 
Portsmouth, 25 
Pote, 28, 69, 123 [2], 191, 193 
Pother, 166 
Potter, Poter, 24, 29, 59, 100, 101, 119, 

120, 121, 153, 159 [2], 166, 170 [2], 

Pounce, 150 
Poutter, 118 

Powell, Poell, 54, 75, 90, 91, 98, 153 
PowUter, 156 
Prate {see alsoVvaii), 22 
Pratt, Prat {see also Prate), 54, 69, 74, 

90 [2], 93, 124, 126, 138, 156, 174, 

179, 180, 191, 194 [3], 197 [2] 
Pray, 159 

Predham, Predam, 100, 195, 196 [2] 
Preste, 175 

Preston, East, 140, 148 
Preston, West, 141, 148 [6] 
Preston, Prestan {see also Pstan), 57, 81 
Price, 35 [2], 38, 105, 193 
Prickler, 148 
Pricksmale, 185 
Prince, 168 
Prior, see Pry or 

Pritchard, Prichard, 10, 95 [2], 96, 117 
Pritcher, 136 
Private, 155 
Prockhurst, 150 
Prowting, 21, 51 
Pruitt, 126 
Pryaulx, 148 
Pryor, Pryer, Prior, 22, 27, 50, 53, 82, 

153 [5], 191 
Pstan {sec also Preston), 57 
Pucknell, Pucknall, 53, 137 
Pulhorough, 141 to 143 
Pullen, PuUens, Pulin, PuUinu, 11, 34, 

100, 101, 130 [2], 187 [2] 
Pulpit, 55 
Pumell, 201 
Pummie, 123 
Purdue, Purdu, 73 [2] 
Piu:dy, Piu'die, 25, 173 
Purse, see Perse 
Piu-ser, 64, 91, 180 
Purslow, 28 
Purvill, 79 [2] 
Putney, 42 

Puttick, Puttock, 24, 32, 68, 85, 108, 
110 [4], 117, 118, 126, 136, 137 [3], 
138, 141, 142, 145, 159 [7], 163, 165, 
166, 180 [2] 
Pyper, see Piper 
Pytt, see Pitt 



Quaish, 139 
Quallet, 171 
Queene, 98 
Quemell, 93 


Quennell, Qenuell, Quencll, Qiiiiiell, 
QuinUl, Quimiell, (Bunnell, 19, 73, 
76, 91, 110, 114, 115 [3], 118 [2], 136, 
138, 139, 142, 183 [2], 190 

Qiiinby, Quiubej, 175, 177 


RABISON {see also Eobiuson), 70 

Rablie, 48 

Eacton, 185 

Racton, 12, 143 

Rafe, 163 

EafEy, 159 

Eagate, 82 

Eaglesce, Eaglis, 112 [2], 113 

Eaiiisford, Eaynsford, 21, 95 [2] 

Eaksall, see Eaxall 

EaKngs, 53 

Eauard, Eanards, 100 [2] 

Eandall, Eandell, Randill, Eandle, 

Eaudoll, 9 [3], 15, 26, 32, 35, 46, 62, 

65 [3], 71, 79, 80, 90, 93 [3], 115, 123 

[3], 147, 151, 168, 171 [4], 172, 178, 

179, 193, 196 
Eandfield, 118 
Raiiford, 140 
EausoDi, 48, 49 
Eansted, 72 
Eapley, Raplie, 18, 96, 101, 110, 114, 115, 

118 [2], 129 [2], 180, 187 [2] 
Eash, 96 
Eassell, Easshall {see also Eazoll), 125, 

177, 199 
Eaw, 127 [2] 

Eawley {sec also Eayley), 96 
Eawsou {s-ee also Eaysoii), 39, 42 [5], 139 
Eaxall, Eaksall, 168 [2] 
Eayes, 103 

Eayley {see also Eawley), 18 
Eayuard, 106, 152, 153 
Eaynsford, see Eamsford 
Eayson {see also Eawsou), 42 
Eazoll {see also Eassell), 69 [3], 70 [2] 
Eead, Eeade, Eeed, Reede, 18, 48 [2], 

52, 54, 60, 65 [2], 81, 109, 123, 136, 

138, 177, 199, 201 
Eeader, 36, 37, 138 
Eeadiug, Redding, Eeddinge, 50, 116, 

Eeaves, see Reeve 
Rechsonn, see Ricliardsou 
Redall, 85 
Redly, 108 
Redman, 74, 125 
Eedwell, 35 

Redwood, 90 

Reed, Reede, see Read 

Reeking, 32 

Reeve, Reeves, Reaves, 60, 93, 109, 144, 

Reford, 162 
Regat, see Rigate 
Reinold, see Rennall 
Remnant, 32 
Renal, see Rennall 
Renalds, see Reynolds 
Renfield, Renveild, Renvill, 91, 100, 

110, 177 
Renn, 95 
Rennall, Reinold, Renal, Eenold {see 

also Reynolds), 36 [3], 90 [2], 93, 167 
Renot, 167 

Renveild, Renvill, see Renfield 
Retford, 162 
Reve, 130, 131 
Reynolds, Renalds, Reyuoldes {see also 

Rennall), 59, 96, 169 
Rice, Rise, Rize, 27 [2], 42, 59 [2], 138, 

141, 142 
Rich, 43, 72, 154, 180 
Richards, Richardes, 63 [3], 68, 79, 80, 

120, 121, 156, 181, 191 
Richardson, Rechsonn, Richasou, 

Richenson, Eicherdson, Eichison, 20, 

30, 31, 45, 47, 48, 54 [2], 74, 75, 77, 

104, 127 [2], 145, 146, 167, 202 [2] 
Eichby, 19 [2] 
Eichebell, 180 
Eickman, 80, 124, 148 
Eickson, 138 
Rider, 30 
Ridge, 125 
RicUey, 101 
Rigar, 21 

Eigate, Kegat, 129, 174, 176 
Riggebye, 181 [2] 
Riggs, Rigges, 8 [2], 28, 163 [2] 
Rimes, 157 
Ringe, 191 [2] 
Rise, see Rice 
Rishman, 22, 36, 124 
Rishton, 12, 73 [2] 
Rivetts, 73 



Rize, see Eice 

Roach, Roch, 38, 39, 190 [2], 197 

Roade, Roades, Roads, Rodes, Roodes, 

28, 29, 50 [2], 135, 139, 200 
Roake, 177, 18-1 
Robee, 77 
Robbins, Robeiies, Robens, 87, 111, 164, 

166, 167 
Roberts, Roberdes, Roberds, Robertes, 

21, 30, 31, 33, 67, 88, 96, 125, 126, 

137 [2], 138 [2], 139, 151, 152 [2J, 

137 [2], 
154 [2] 

Hohevtlgone'], 165 

Robinson, Robison {see also Rabison), 

20 [2], 38, 55, 59, 99, 138 [3], 139, 

147 [2], 151, 161 
Robsou, 44 [2], 53 [2] 
Roch, see Roach 
Roddoway, 65 
Rodes, see Roade 
Rodum, 156 
RofPey, Rofe, Roffe, Roffie, 58, 60 [2], 

93, 100, 144, 163, 187 
Bogate, 9, 144 to 145 
Roger, Rogers, 21, 27 [3], 68, 73, 93 

[2], 96, 100, 109 [3], 110, 113, 119, 

133, 137 [3], 138, 161, 180, 191, 199 
Rolfe, Roief, Roulphe, 14, 19, 133, 150 
Roman, 14, 179, 192 [2] 
Romyn, 199 [4] 
Roodes, see Roades 
Rooke, Roocke, Ruke {see also Roque), 

85, 136, 196 

Roper, 42, 102, 106, 121, 122, 129 

Roc|ue {see also Rooke), 56 

Rose, 20 [4], 46, 47, 56, 122, 132, 161, 

193, 194 
Rough, 124 
Roul]3he, see Rolfe 
Rowe, 126 

Rowell {see also RueU), 125 [2], 126 
Rowland, Rowlands, 31, 97, 98, 101, 

120, 121, 140 [2] 
Rowner, 102 [misprint, for Downer ; 

see Corrigenda] 
Royse, 47, 48, 55 
Rudgwick, 145 to 146 
Rudman, 96, 97 [2], 123, 137 
RueU {see also Rowell) , 185 
Rufe, 28 [2] 
Ruke, see Rooke 
Rumholdswyke, 15, 146 to 147 
Rumbridger, Rumbriger, Rumbrigher, 

70, 73 [2], 103, 113, 153, 156 
Rusbridge, 144, 156 
Rusbridger, Rusbriger, 26, 113 
Rushman, 132 
Busper, 147 to 148 
Russe, 99 
Russell, Rusell, 21, 64, 74 [2], 93 [6], 

94, 99, 100, 118, 123, 171, 182 
Russ[firo?ie], 183 
Bxistington, 141, 148 to 149 
Rye, 166, 179 [2] 
Rylle, 52 
R[5fo?ie], 94 



Sackett, 54 

Sadler, 74, 117, 119 [2], 136, 138, 179, 

Saell, 134 

Saier, Saiers, Saires, see Sayer 

Saker, 98, 166 

Salsburie, 192 

Salter, 33, 98, 131, 191 [3], 198 

Samsone, 74, 75 

Sander, Sanders, Sandares, Saunder, 
Saunders, 11, 27, 41, 45, 47, 54, 55, 
67 [2], 90, 103 [2], 106, 120, 121 [2], 
130, 132, 133 [2J, 134, 138, 139, 149, 
155, 156 [3], 171 [2], 198, 199 

Saudford, Sanford, Santford, 15, 26, 45, 
47, 76 

Sandham, Sandam, Sandame, 12, 50, 
54, 63, 68, 72, 103, 136, 137 [2], 150, 
200 [4] 

Sands, 153 

Sanford, see Sandford 

Sanson, 81 

Santford, sec Sandford 

Sares, see Sayer 

Sargent, Sergeant, Sergent, Serjaunt, 
Shergent, Surgent, 13, 19, 33, 34, 53, 
54, 64 [2], 85 [2], 193 

Saris, see Sayer 

Sarle, 158 

Saimder, Saunders, see Sander 

Savage, Savedge, Savidge, 19 [2], 99, 
104, 138 

Sawyer, 100 [2], 101 [2], 112 

Saxby, Saxbee, Saxbie, 59, 76, 121 

Saxpe, 197 

Sayer, Sayers, Saier, Saiers, Sau'es, 
Sares, Saris, Sayres, Seares, 26, 30 
[2], 58 [2], 59 [2], 81, 95, 96 [2], 100 
[2J, 101 [2], 104 [2], 136, 141, 142 [2], 
145, 147, 159, 177, 187 

Scale, 115 

Scardifeild, Scardevile, Scardevill, 
Scarhcld, Scarvell, Scarvile, Scarvill, 
ScLTfeilde, 13, 15, 19, 54, m, HI, 110, 
112, 113 [4], 116, 121, 133, 169, 174, 

Scarf e, 90 



Scarle, 54 [2], 71, 76, 185, 191 
Scarvell, Scarvile, Scarvill, see 

Scate, 74 

Scerfeilde, see Scarclifeild 
Scohford, 88 

Scotcher [see also Sotcher), 145, 199 
Scotlmid, 2 
Scott, Scot, Scote, 38, 61, 79 [2], 103 

[2], 109, 115, 156 [2]. 193 
Scowle, 112 
Scrag, 90, 106 
Scrase, 59 
Scudmer, 47 
Scutt, Scut, Skutt, 42, 59, 78, 95, 101, 

109 [4], 136, 141, 142, 146, 170 [2], 

187, 190, 196 
Seaford, 33 
Seagrave, Segrove, Segrow, 81, 85 [3], 

107, 109, 118 [2], 137 
Seal, Seale {see also Zeale), 99, 115, 130, 

131, 177 
Seaman, Seeman, Semau, Semon, 13, 

63, 85 [4], 115, 173, 175 
Seares, see Sayer 
Searle, Serle,"30, 48, 59, 62 [2], 119 [2], 

120, 138 [2], 141 [2], 142 [3], 168 [2], 

170 [2], 174, 196 
Seawall {see also Sewell), 81 
Sebbedge, Sebbage, Sebbeg, Sebedge, 

Sebbidge, 31 [2], 35, 72, 137 [2], 

138 [2], 139 
Sedwell, 27 
Seeman, see Seaman 
Sefton, 29, 98 
Segar, 54, 55 

Segrove, Segrow, see Seagrave 
Selden, Seldin, 39, 54, 135, 140, 154, 

166, 171 [2], 175, 192, 200 
Sele alias Beeding, 26 to 27 
Selham, 149 
Selhurst, 51 
Selsbe, 85 

Selsey, 13, 150 to 151 
Seman, Semon, see Seaman 
Sendall, Sendol, Sendoll, Syndall, 31 

[4], 90, 106, 109, 120, 141, 142 
Sergeant, Sergent, Serjaunt, see 

Serle, see Searle 
Seslester [perhaps JouSeflester, i.e., 

Jousef Lester, see Corrigenda], 175 
Seward, 66, 154 

SeweU {see also Seawell), 88 [2], 139 
Sewer, Sewers, 13, 95, 150, 173 
Sexton, Sexten, 36, 87 
Seymor, 53 
Shae, 90 [2] 

Shallott, Shallet, 10, 50 [2] 
Shambler, 76 
Shane, 129, 147 
Shant, 31 

Sharp, Sharpe, 05, 69, 98, 131, 187, 197 

Sharwood, 90 

Shave {see also Shaw), 67 [3], 68, 129, 

133, 134, 147, 153 [2] 
Shaw, Shawe (see also Shave), 32, 100 

[4J, 159 
Sheapard, Sheaphard, see Shepherd 
Shedwicke, Shedgewicke, 144 [2] 
Sheerelocke, see Sherlock 
Shelrier, see Sherrier 
Shelley, 27, 58, 75. 96, 100, 101, 107, 

120 [3], 185, 186 [4], 189 [2] 
Shepherd, Sheapard, Sheaphard, 

Sheopeord, Shepard, Shepheard, 

Sheppard, Shippheard, 19, 25, 67, 74, 

85 [3], 98, 118, 120, 126, 127, 150, 173, 

191, 192, 195 [2], 202 
Sherfeild, 117 
Sherfold, 201 
Shergent, see Sargent 
Sherington, 68 [2] 
Sherlock, Sheerelocke, Shii-lock, 53, 54, 

74, 97, 135, 148, 175, 180, 187 
Shermanbury, 151 to 152 
Sherrier, Sheirier, Shereyer, Sherier, 

Sherrior, Sherryer, 8, 36, 54, 64, 65 

[2], 93, 109, 138, 157 
Sherwin, 187 
Shewbridge, 47 
Shieter, 37 
Shill, 150 [2], 151 
Shipley, 152 to 153 
Shippheard, sec Sliepherd 
Shipton, 89 
Shirlock, see Sherlock 
Shoreham, Nexv, 6, 154 
Shoreham, Old, 154 to 155 
Short, Shorte, 20, 31, 32, 40, 42, 68, 

82 [2], 109, 120, 121, 122, 133, 135, 

150, 156 [2], 159 [2], 185 [2], 202 [2] 
Shorter, Shorter, Shortter, 72, 130 [2], 

163, 174, 183, 198 
Shortridge, 177 
Shotcher, 136 [2], 137 [4], 138 [2], 139 

Shotter, Shottar, Shottor, 8, 9 [2], 36, 
74, 80, 81 [2], 114 [3], 115, 116, 117 [2], 
120, 127, 128 [2], 129, 140, 177, 188 

Shoulder, 18, 38 [2], 90 

Shoulthoers, 68 

Shovelar, 112 

Shover, 80 

Show, 165 

Shrubbe, 98 

Shuiter, 15 

Sh[(?o/ie], 183 [2] 

Sicklemore, 11, 157 [2] 

Sidgwicke, Sudgwicke, 10, 65, 192 

Sidiesham, 13, 155 to 156 

Sidwick, 133 

Signe, 144 

Silfister, see Silvester 



Silver, 93 [3], 158 

Hilveiiock, >Silverclok, Silverloke, 10, 

35, 191 [4] 
Silverthorne, 79 
Silvester, Silfister, Sylvester, 65 [3], 

125 [2], 133 [2], 139 
Simmes (see also Symes), 82 
Simmons, Simmaus, Simmonds, 

Simones, Simons, Symmons, Symon, 

Symonds, Symons, 17, 19, 21, 36, 37, 

54, 58, 66, 73, 76, 81 [2], 93, 104, 106 

[2], 111, 126, 134, 141, 142, 154, 155 

[2], 162, 180, 184 
Simnons, 162 
Singer, 37, 39, 82 
Singleton, 11, 156 to 157 
SipUer, 45 
Siseman, 165, 167 
Skales, 126 
Skayne, 87, 192 
Skearle, 61 

Skeet, Skeete, 25, 200 
Skidmore, 11, 81 
Skinner, Skiner, Skynner, 59 [9], 108, 

109, 111 [2], 112, 136, 142, 153 [3], 

158, 159, 170, 172, 173, 177 
Skutt, see Scutt 

Slade, 14, 28, 52, 74, 81 [2], 163 
Slarkes, 72 
Slater, Slatter, 20, 23, 26, 36, 91 [2], 

98 [2], 100 [3], lUl, 142, 153 [3], 170 

[2], 176, 177, 186 
Slaterford, Slaterfoord, Slatterford, 

109, 118, 153, 159 [2] 
Slatter, see Slater 
Slatterford, see Slaterford 
Slaughter, Slauter, 18, 39, 61, 194 [S] 
Slider, 191 
Slindon, 15 [2], 158 
Slinery, 27 
Slinfold, 159 to 160 
Slivery, 27 
Slowe, 65 
Sl[Qfo?ie], 81 
Smale, 104 [2], 185 
Smallwood, 108 
Smart, Smarte, Smartt, Smort, 42, 63, 

65, 91, 131, 136 [3], 138, 146 [2], 195 


Smede, 95 

Smith, Smithe, Smyth, Smythe, 10, 11, 
19 [3]. 20 [2], 21, 28, 31 '[2], 36, 38, 
42 [4], 45, 47, 48, 50, 52 [2], 53, 54 
[3], 55 [3], 59 [2], 64, 65 [2], 68 [2" 
70 [3], 71 [2], 72, 73, 74, 75, 78 [4° 
79 [3], 80, 81 [2], 83 [2], 84, 87 [2' 
90 [2], 91 [2], 93, 94, 97 [4], 104, 106 
108, 112, 118, 120, 121, 126 [2], 127 
[2], 128, 129, 133 [2], 134, 136, 138 
[2], 139, 140, 144 [3], 148, 150 [2], 
151, 153, 154, 156, 157, 158 [2], 162 
[2], 163, 164 [3], 165, 169 [3], 171, 

172, 173, 174, 175, 177, 178, 179, 180 

[2], 183 [2], 185, 186 [2], 189, 190, 

191, 192 [3], 193, 196 [4], 197 [4], 

199, 201 [2] 
Smither, Smyther, 10, 130, 137, 191 
Smort, sec Smart 
Snagge, 136 
Snaile, see Snayle 
Snasher, 59 

Snatchall, Snashall, 109, 131 
Snayle, Snaile, 109, 177 
Snellen, see Snelling 
SneUer, 199 
Snelling, Snellen, Sneling, 21, 22, 27 

[2], 54, 82 [3], 95, 112, 159, 164 [2] 
Snow, 38, 171 

Snuddon, Snudeu, 106 [2], 54 
Soale, Soall, Sole, Soule, Sowle, 25, 38, 

85, 95, 112, 148, 164, 166, 177 [2], 

178 [2], 186, 195 
Soaue, Soan, Sone, Zoaue, Zone, 10, 30, 

35, 37, 47, 70, 130, 131 [3], 143, 155 

[2], 171, 172, 173, 190, 192 [4] 
Sochell, 184 
Solder, 135 
Sole, see Soale 
Sole, in Stedham, 163 
Somers, see Smnmer 
Sommaner, 133 
Sommer, see Summer 
Sommershall, Somersall, 187, 195 
Somnere, Somneres, see Sumner 
Sonipting, 160 to 161 
Sone, see Soane 

Songhurst, Songust, 59, 146 [2] 
Soper, 90 [4], 91 

Sotcher {see also Scotcher), 98 [2] 
Sotton {see also Sowton and Sutton), 

Souoh {see also Zouch), 197 
Soule, see Soale 
Souten, Souton, see Sowton 
Souter, see Sowter 
South, 113, 175 [2], 176 
Southcot, 53 
Southivick, 161 to 162 
Sowle, see Soale 
Sowter, Souter {see also Suter ajul 

Swter), 72, 74 [4], 93, 97, 103, 104, 

129 [2], 192 [2] 
Sowton, Souten, Souton, Sowtten {see 

also Sotton and Sutton), 13 [2], 22, 

60, 122, 124, 128 [2], 149 [2], 161, 168 

[4], 176 
Spaciott {see also Spatiott), 191 
Sparkes, 95, 180 
Sparrow, 157 
Sparshall, 144 
Spars [<70?ic], 94 
Spartiall, 73 [2] 
Spartiatt {see also Spaciott), 58 
Speede, 44, 51, 52 



Speeler, 99 

Speucer, 20 [2], 35, 59, 100 [2], 101, 

182, 191 
Spicer, 42, 138 
Spinkernell, 54: 
SiJitmau, 143 

Spoouer, Sponer, 15, 193, 197 
Spornell, 133 
Spreut, 120 [2] 

Spring, 47, 82 [2], 141, 142, 176 
Spriugall, 138 
Sprinkes, 200 [3] 
Spui-ling, 101 [2] 
Spiu'loug, 101 
Spuriiell, 156, 193 
Spurr, 109 
Spurrier, 163 [2] 
Squii-e, Squer, Sqiiier, Squyre, 15, 73, 

89, 132 [2], 168, 174 [2] 
Stacy, Stasie, 54, 110, 111, 188 
Stade, 44 

Stafford, 18 [2], 103, 120, 161 
Stag, 129 

Staker, 82, 185, 202 
Stalman, 164 [2], 166 
Stalter, 157 
Stamforde, 21 
Stammer, 38 [2], 161 [3] 
Stampe, 12 [2], 53, 54 
Stamper, 54 

Staubridge, 104, 139, 147 
Staiibrooke, 199 
Standen, Standou, 21, 55, 58, 79, 113 [3], 

123, 153, 170 [2], 173, 174, 192, 197, 

Standford, see Stanford 
Standish, 47, 192 
Standridge, 36 
Stanesmor, 171 [2] 
Stanford, Standford, 20, 67,76, 100, 133, 

159, 160 [3], 193 
Stanley, Stanlie, Stanly, 27, 46, 56, 84 

[2], 129, 168, 175, 176 
Stanlocke, 109 
Stanniford, 94 [3] 
Stanstreet, 159 

Stapleash, in West Dean, 70 [2] 
Stapler, 22, 50, 54, 74, 75 [2], 90, 125, 

174, 175 [2], 176, 180 
Starkey, 35 
Starle, 13 
Starman, 53, 54 
Starre, 112, 169 
Start, 34, 82, 197 
Stasie, see Stacy 
Stavcll [see also Stovall), 150 
Stead, Steed, Sted, 49, 81, 114, 126 
Steadman, see Stedman 
Steaninge, see Stenning 
Sted, see Stead 
Steddall, 77 
Stedham, 8, 10, 163 

Stedman, Steadman, Stedmon, Stidman, 

Studoian, Studmon, Stydman, 58, 67, 

81, 90, 101, lOi;, 107, 108 [2], 109 [3], 

118 [4], 115 [4], 14(; [6], 147, 159, 187, 

195 [2], 196 [2], 202 [2] 
Steed, see Stead 
Steele, Stele, 106, 125, 126, 197 
Steer, Steere, 9, 38, 60, 81, 95, 98, 99, 

101 [2], 104, 105, 108 [2], 109, 117 

[31, 127 [2], 144 [6], 147 [2], 153, 159, 

Steevens, see Stevens 
Stele, see Steele 
SteUwell, see Stillwell 
Stemp, Stempt, 42, 82, 102, 111 [3], 

114, 115, 121, 132, 162, 165, 195 
Stenning, Steaninge, Stening, 98, 100, 

101, 145 [2], 146 [2], 149, 170, 195 
Stent, 109 [2], 125 [2], 126 [5], 130, 

138, 144, 150 [2], 151, 174, 191 [5], 

Stephens, see Stevens 
Stergis, see Sturges 
Stert, see Stm-t 
Stevens, Steevens, Stephens {see also 

Stivens), 9, 15, 52 [3], 60, 82, 90, 98, 

101 [2], 104, 105, 113 [2], 144, 163, 

191 [3], 192 [2], 199, 201 
Steward, 184 
Steyning, 164 to 167 
Stiant, Stient, Styant, 56, 61, 106, 124, 

158, 168, 185 [2], 199, 202 
Stickly, 117 
Stidman, see Stedman 
Stient, see Stiant 
Stiffe, 155 
Stigines, 143 
Stiler, 179 [3] 
Stiles, 179 
Stillwell, SteUwell, Stilwell, 11, 55, 79, 

163, 171, 183, 201 
Stivens [sec also Stevens), 184 [2] 
Stoane, sec Stone 
Stobbell, 118 
Stocden, sec Stockdeane 
Stocke, 133, 168, 185 
Stockdeane, Stocden, 115, 116 
Stocker, see Stoker 
Stockton, 12 
Stoe, 91 

Stoke, North, 167 to 168 
Stoke, South, 168 
Stoke, West, 15, 168 to 169 
Stoker, Stocker, 138, 168, 169 
Stokes, 8, 95, 127, 128 [2] 
Stonard, 73 
Stone, Stoane, 19, 22, 26 [3], 28, 29, 36 

[3], 42, 60 [2], 63 [2], 83, 90, 91, 101, 

129, 131, 171, 175, 177, 180, 185, 187, 

189, 190, 191, 194, 195 
Stoneham, Stonham, 39 [2], 58 [2], 111, 

115 [3], 161, 176, 201 



Stoner, Stonner, 34, 40, 48 [2], 53, 108 

129, 138, 145, 1(53 [2], 193 
Stopham, 169 
Stophell, 177 
Stor, 90 

Stone, Story, 103, 137 
Storrington, 170 
Stoten {see also Stoughton) , 54 
Stott, 9 

Stoughton {see also Stoten), 23 [2] 
Stoughton, 9 [2], 171 to 172 
Stovall {see also Stavell), 141 
Stowell, 12, 13, 129, 155, 15G 
Stradling, Stradlinge, iQ, 122, 136 
Stradocke, 143 
Stradwick, see Strudwicke 
Straten, see Streeten 
Streat, see Street 
Streater, see Streeter 
Streepe, 65 
Street, Streat, 13, 19, 24, 82, 101, 110, 

124, 153, 158, 170, 183, 194 
Streeten, Straten, Streton, Streyton, 

Striten, 49, 70 [2], 79, 81, 124 
Streeter, Streater, Streter, Strether, 

Stretor, 21 [2], 29, 83, 90, 106 [3], 

109 [2], 121, 141 [5], 142 [2], 152, 

153 [3], 155, 162, 164, 177 [2], 186 

[3], 190, 195, 196, 197 
Stretting, 126 
Streyton, see Streeten 
Stridwicke, see Strudwicke 
Stringer, 72, 138 [3], 139, 145 [2], 152, 

153, 159, 179 
Striten {see Streeten) 
Strong, 19, 21 [2], 76, 88 {t'], 113, 120 

[2], 136, 158, 185 
Strubnele, 19 [3] 
Strudwicke, Stradwick, Stridwicke, 

Strudweek, Strudwike, 20, 23, 30, 47, 

48, 67, 90, 108 [5], 109 [5], 110 [3], 

115 [2], 118, 120 [2], 159, 195 [2], 

196 [2] 
Strugneile, Strugnell, 84 [2], 87 
Stubber, 122 
Stubbington, 39 
Studman, Studmon, see Stedman 

Stumer, 175, 176 

Sturges, Stergis, 31, 147, 165, 167 

Sturkey, 35 

Sturt, Stert, Sturtt, 21 [3], 24 [2], 31, 

49, 58 [2], 80 [2], 82, 85, 98 [2], 100, 

101, 138, 139, 169, 180 [10], 181, 191, 

202 [3] 
Styant, see Stiant 
Stydman, sec Stedman 
Sucar, 118 
Suckerman, 74 

Sucket, Suckott, 8, 15, 127, 128 [2], 147 
Sudgwicke, see Sidgwicke 
Sullmgton, 172 to 173 
Summer, Summers, Somers, Sommer, 

Sumer, Sumers {see also Sumner), 12, 

22, 26, 34, 37, 71, 74, 89 [3], 106 [2], 

113, 117, 130 
Sumner, Sumners, Somnere, Somneres 

{see also Summer), 68, 110, 125 [2], 

126, 127, 133, 165, 175 
Surgent, see Sargent 
Sussex, 157, 191 
Susson, 198 
Suter {see also Sowter), 58, 87 [2], 

129 [2], 171 
Sutton {see also Sotton, and Sowton), 

20, 65 
Sutton, 173 to 174 
Swaine, Swayne, 21, 47, 51, 63 [2], 86, 

87, 105, 149, 161, 171 
Swan, Swanne, 72, 163, 196 
Swanson, 101 
Swanwicke, 152 
Swayne, see Swaine 
Sweeting, 137, 159 [3] 
Swift, 21, 39, 104, 111 [6], 112 [3], 154, 

162, 176 [3], 186 
Swithin, 33 

Swter \_sic, ? Sowter, tvhich sec], 191 
Sylvester, see Silvester 
Symes {see also Simmes), 47 
Symmons, Symon, Syniouds, Symons, 

see Simmons 
Symson, 22 
Syndall, see Sendall 
S[^onc], 183 

TABERNE, 74 [2] 
Tailor, see Taylor 
Talbott, Talbutt, 139, 192 
Taley, 142 [2] 
Talmy, Talmey, 85 [2], 121 
Tangley, 15, 16 
Tangmere, 1, 4, 15, 45, 174 
Tankerell, 111 [115 ; misprmted 
Taukarell ; see Corrigenda'] 

Tanner, Taner, Taunner, 55, 56, 85 [2], 
99, 108, 112, 117, 118, 119 [2], 131, 

Tape, 54 

Tappver, 68 

Tapsell, 104 

Tarlton alias Man wood, 127 [2] 

Tarring, West, 175 to 176 

Tary, 158 



Tate, 8, 126 

Taukarell, 115, a misprint for Tankerell, 
see Corrigenda 

Taunner, see Tauner 

Taverner, Tavener, 77, 189, 190 [3], 197 

Taylor, Tailor, Tayler, Tayloui", 20 [2], 
21, 34 [2], 36, 37 [2], 42, 45, 50, 53 
[2], 54, 55, 63, 64 [4], 73, 79 [3], 81 
[3], 82, 87, 91 [2], 101, 104, 110 [4], 
115, 116, 119, 121 [2], 124, 125 [2], 
127 [4], 131 [2], 132, 137 [2], 150, 153 
[2], 156, 163, 164, 165 [2], 166 [2], 167, 
171, 174, 175 [3], 188, 190, 198 [4], 
200, 202 

Tearle, Terle, Toui-le, Turle, 38, 42 [3], 
90, 95, 175 

Teckuor, sec Tickiier 

Teliiig, 53 

Tellett, see Tillet 

Tempel, Tempell, 165 [2] 

Terell, see Terrell 

Terie, see Terry 

Terle, see Tearle 

Terre {see also Terry), 99 

Terrell, Terell, 125, 175 

Terry, Terie {see also Terre), 101, 129, 

Tervell, 116 

Tcrwick, 9 [3], 176 to 177 

Tester, 51 

Tetey, 110 

Tewly, 195 

Tey, see Tye 

Thakeham, 177 to 178 

Tharpe, 164 [2], 166, 167 

Thayer, Thayre, 31, 100, 101 [2], 145, 
146, 159 [3] 

Thomas, 28, 119, 134, 197 [2] 

Thompson. Thomson, Tompsou,Tomson, 
14, 19 [3], 28, 54, 59, 65, 97 [2], 165, 
167, 173, 183, 190 [2], 197 

Thorncomb, sec Thornecombe 

Thornden, see Thorneden 

Thome, Thornes, 32, 40, 76, 197 

Thornecombe, Thorncomb, 54, 120 

Thorneden, Thornden, 67, 98, 102 [21, 
106 [2], 146, 152 [2], 171, 172 

Thorneij, West, 14, 178 to 179 

Thorpe, 90, 104 

Threele, 118 

Thursby, 156 [2] 

Thuston, 167 

Tichen, 52 

Tichenor, Tichiner, see Titchenor 

Tickaridge, 98 

Tickner, Ticknor, Teckuor, 40 [2], 61, 
145, 146 [3], 153, 157, 170 

Tiddam, 104 

Tidey, see Tydy 

Tie, see Tye 

Tigge, 97 

Tilcocke, 119 

Tiler, see Tyler 

Till, 13, 69, 70 [2], 87 [2], 179 [2], 191 

Tillet, Tellett, Tillat, Tnllett, 30, 85, 

119, 120 [4], 196 
Tillgate, 88 
Tillington, 179 to 181 
Tillsey, 176 
Tilly, Tillie, Tilley, THlye, 26 [3], 27 

[2], 43, 58, 80, 81, 88, 95 [2], 96, 141, 

152, 175, 177 [5], 178, 194, 197 
Tilt, 104 [2] 

TmcUy, Tinley, 118, 146, 159, 162 [2] 
Tingler, 131 [2] 
Titchenor, Tichenor, Tichiner, 24, 67, 

91 [2] 
Tither, 81 
Tittie, 47 
Tobett, 32 

Tococke, Tocoke, 58, 192 
Todd, Tod, 65, 93 [2], 146 
Todgoose, 185 
Todman, 89 [2], 93, 94, 96, 97, 170, 

Toller, 134 
ToUie, 81 
Tolpett, 101, 183 
Tomkins, see Tompkine 
Tomlinson, Tomlensou, 9, 50, 183, 191 
Tompkine, Tomkins, 17, 40 [2] 
Tompson, Tonison, see Thompson 
Tonfroid, 165 
Toope, 95 
Topet, 48 
Toppner, 68 
Tortington, 181 
Tottie, 90 

Tottington, in Lijminster, 121 
Tountesse, 110 
Toiu'le, see Tearle 
Toui'ner, see Turner 
Towes, see Towse 
Towne, 99, 118 [2], 153 [2], 195 
Towner {see also Turner), 18, 146, 154, 

Townsend, 28 

Towse, Towes, 30, 32, 100, 101, 153 
Towser, 61 

Tracye, Tracie, 52 [2], 110 
Traggs, 9 
Tragoose, Traygoose, Treagoose, 

Tregoos, Tregose, 11, 70 [6], 157 [2], 

Trash, Trashe, 136, 138 
Trate, 176 

Traygoos, Treagoose, sec Tragoose 
Tredcroft, Treadcroft, Trcadcraft, 30, 

51, 98, 99, 112, 186 
Tregoos, Tregose, see Tragoose 
Tremlet, Tremblet, Tremlot, Trimlet, 

10, 35 [6], 143 
Treppe, see Trip 
Treslowe, 74, 75 [2] 



Trevett, Trevatt, Trivet, 12, 14, 20, 49, 

65 [5], 191 [2] 
Trew (see also Trow), 113, 136 
Trewer, Truer, 110 [2], 118 [2], 137 
Treyford, 9, 71, 182 to 183 
Tribe, 32, 64, 74, 81 [3], 85, 97, 116, 

119 [4], 138, 195 [2] 
Trice, 79, 139 [2], 140 
Trigge, Trigges, Triggs, 60 [2], 90, 126, 

144 [2], 180, 184 [3] 
Trimlet, see Tremlet 
Trip, Treppe, 48, 96 
Triptrey, 153 
Trivet, see Trevett 
Trott, 14, 19 [4], 85, 179 [2] 
Trotton, 9 [2], 183 to 184 
Trow {see also Trew), 132 
Truddell, 65 
Truer, see Trewer 
Trull, 177, 188 [2] 
Truuke, 61 
Trunlett, 123 [3] 
Trumiell, 19, 21 [2] 
Trusler, Truslor, 36 [2], 37 [3], 55 
Truslow, 14, 46 
Tucker, 103, 156 [2] 
Tuckey, 37, 38 [2] 
Tue, 103 
Tuesley \_misp7-int for Inesley, ? Juesley, 

see Corrigenda'], 175 
Tuffe, Tufe, 112, 129, 133, 176 
Tugwell, 104, 145 
Tukelecke, 60 
Tullett, see Tillet 
Tully, Tulley, Tullye, 91, 111, 112 [2], 

190 [3] 

Tumiell, 37 

Tupper, Tuppar, Tuper, Tupere, 8, 14, 

36, 42 [6], 47, 52, 63 [7], 110, 119, 

132, 133, 134 [2j, 137, 167 
Turgis, 202 
Turkett, 33, 47 
Turkey, 33 
Turle, see Tearle 
Turneagain, Turnagame, Turnagamm, 

Turnagen, 38, 39 [2], 102, 161 
Turner, Tomnier, Turuor, Turnouer 

[see also Towner), 27 [2], 30, 31, 

49 [2], 51, 53, 54, 56, 58 [2], 59 [3], 

65, 67, 75, 106, 118, 121, 124, 127, 

138, 139, 158, 164, 165, 166, 170 [2], 

173, 184, 192, 199 
Turney, 15 
Turnice, 187 
Turnouer, see Turner 
Tusely, Tuselev, 118 [3] 
Tutt, 162 
TuxlitJie, 9 
Twesday, 192 
Twine, 173 
Tydy, Tidey, Tydie, Tydye, 24, 101, 

116, 119 [2], 120 [2], 125, 146, 147, 

148, 180 
Tye, Tey, Tie, 83, 142 [3], 143, 153, 

186 [3] 
Tyler, Tiler, 101 [2], 104 [2], 110, 153, 

165, 167 
Tyll, 12, 15 

Tyller alias Pike, see Pike alias Tvller 
Tyther, 150 
Tlf/one], 183 



Udnet, 196 

Uduman, 183 

Umfery, Unifrey, Umfvie, see 

Underbill {see also Undrell), 67 
Undershell, 12 
Underwood, 99, 138 
Undrell {see also Underbill) , 56 
Uobly, sec Yobly 
Upchurch, 195 
Upfeld, 144 

Upfold, Upfole, Upfolle, T'pfould, 
Uppfolde, Uppfould, 19 [2], 85 [2], 
119, 129, 130 [2], 174, 180 

Upmarden, 10 [2], 64 to 65, 184 

Upperton, Hupperton, 40 [4], 42, 82, 
135, 148 [4], 149 

Upperton Farm, in South Harting, 92 

Uppfolde, Uppfould, see Upfold 

Uppton, in South Harting, 92, 93 

Up Thomas, 165 

Upton, 70 [2], 90 [2], 125, 153 [3], 200 

Uptoaltham, 16, 184 

Usher, 49, 91 


VAFFIN, 129 

Vaggar, Fagger, Vagar, Wag 
Waggar, 90, 152, 158, 165 [2] 

Vahan, see Vaughan 
Valentine, Follentine, Walentine, 81, 
146, 180 



Valieiice, see Valliance 

VaUer, VaUor, Valour, 10, 84, 89 [2], 

A'alliame, 129 

Valliance, Valience, 129, 132 
Valour, see Valler 
Vardis, 20 
Variies, see Fames 
Vauasseur, 50 
Vaughan, Vahan, 8, 15, 70, 89, 93, 199 

Vause, 125, 126 [2] 
Vaux, 30 

Veers, Veares, 71, 199 
Veuis, set' Venuis 
Veuitroe, Veuitrowe, 35 [2] 
Veuuer, 196, 199 
A^eunetree, 199 [3] 
A'enuis, Veiiis, 109, 188, 195 
Ventam, 193 
Vileat, Vilet, see Violet 

Vinall, 95, 117 

A^incent, 27, 66, 67, 125, 126 [2], 151 

[4], 152, 165, 167 
A^iue, 183 

Vinson {see also AVinsou), 165 
A^iolet, Vileat, Vilet, Violate, 132 [2], 

131, 156 [2] 
A^irgo, A^irgoe, 77, 161 
A'oake, A'oakes, sec A^oke 
Vobly {sic, i.e. Uobly), 117 
A^ocoons, 197 
Vogdeun, see Fogden 
A^oke, A'okes, Voake, A'oakes {see also 

Foke and Folkes), 38, 65, 70, 93 [3], 

95, 141, 169 [2], 171 [2], 175 [2], 199 
A'ollar, Voller, 163 [3] 
A^ousdeu, 21 
A'uUocke, 113 
Vunt, 32 
A^'urlonger, see Furlonger 



AVacher, sec AVasher 

AVackefild, sec AVakeficlde 

Wackforde, see AVakeford 

AVaeklin, 197 

AVacum, 189 

AVadde {see also AVarde), 105 

Wade, AVayde, 47, 117, 118 [2], 139, 
155, 158, 195 

AVadey, AA'adie, AVady, 63, 82, 84 [2], 
99, 141, 177 

AVager, Waggar, see A^aggar 

AVaggen, 62 

AVaiat, sec Wyatt 

AVaies, see AVase 

AVaike, 150 

AVaiman, 43 

AVaiueright, AVeuright, 136, 170 

AVakefielde, AVacketild, 51 [2], 110 

AVakeford, AVackforde, Wakefoord, 
AVakford, 35, 58 [2], 64, 68 [2], 73, 
74, 81 [2], 89, 96, 97 [3], 116, 119 
[3], 120, 127 [2], 136,138, 157, 201 

AVakeham, AVakham, 31, 95 

AVakeman, 102 

AVaker, 54, 118 [2], 157 

AVakford, see AA'akeford 

AVakham, see AVakeham 

AVakrill, 126 

Walberton, 185 

A\^alder, AValldcr, 38, 48 [2], 59, 88 
[2], 101, 111, 131 [2], 161 [2], 167 

AValentine, see Valentine 

AValer, see AValler 

AValcs, 115, 144 

AVaike, 132 
I AValker, 97 [2], 104 [2], 151 [2], 157, 

AVall, 133 
AVallar, see AValler 
. AVallder, see AValder 
A\''aUdreg [91, misj^rint for AVolldreg, 

see Corrigenda'], see A\^ooldridge 
A\^aller, WaUar, Waler, 30, 54 [2], 65, 

97, 99 [2], 100, 104 [6], 138 
AVallis, AVallys, 74 [2], 119 [2] 
AValliston, 150 [2], 192 
AValls, 79, 80 [2], 121 
AVallwin, AVallwyu, 41 [2], 64 
AVallys, see AVallis 
AValter, AVallter, AValtar, 12, 30, 59, 79, 

80, 96, 124, 137, 150, 155, 175 
AValton, 75 
AVard, Warde {see also Wadde), 47, 56, 

69, 71, 88, 89, 90 [3], 99, 103, 120 

[2], 124, 132 [2], 134, 142, 156 [2], 

165, 166, 194 
AVarder, 53, 54 
AVare, 106, 129, 189 
AVarell, see AVarrell 
AVaren, see AVarren 
AVarland, 52 
Warminglmrst, 186 
A\''arne, 61 
AVarner, 45, 47 [2], 53, 55, 71, 73 [2], 

90, 103, 126, 137, 138, 150, 155 [2], 

179, 185 [2] 
VVamet, AVonet, 85, 110 
Warnham, 186 to 188 
Warningcaiiq), in Ly minster, 121, 188 



Warrell, AVarell, 175 [3], 176 [3] 
Warren, Wareu, 8, 106 [2], 126, 142, 

165, 170 
Warter, 109 [2] 
Warwick, 202 
Wase, Waies, Wayes, Wayse, Waze 

Wease, 54, 75, 104, 131, 142 [2], 161 

163, 164, 170 [2], 175 [2], 177, 187 

190 [2], 197 
Washer, Wacher, Washar, Wassher, 

40, 43 [2], 67, 83 [3], 88, 101, 112 [2], 

161 [4], 164, 165 [2], 166, 167, 170, 

Washford, 104 

Washington, 6 [2], 39 [3], 189 to 190 
Wassell, 87, 158 
Wassher, see Washer 
Wasshiugton, 137 
Wateridge, 65 
Waterman, Watterman, Wetterman, 

40, 69, 91, 100, 150 [3], 153, 167, 192 
Waters, 59, 91, 127 
Watersfield, Wattersfield, 38, 80 [3J, 

82, 199 
Waterton, 98 [2J, 99 
Watesfield, 80, er-ror for Watersfield, 

see Corrigenda 
Watker, 143 
Watkins, 144 [2], 200 
Watkinson, 183 
Watler, see Wattler 
Watleton, 118 
A\^ats, see Watts 
Watson, 94, 154 
Watterman, see Waterman 
Wattersfield, see Watersfield 
Wattis {see also Watts) , 53 
Wattler, Watler, 124, 133, 134 [2] 
AVatts, Wats, Wattes, Wottes (see also 

Wattis), 19 [4], 56, 65 [4], 88, 110, 113, 

114, 129, 173 [2], 193 
Wayde, see Wade 
Wayes, Wayse, see Wase 
Wayte, 192 
Waze, see Wase 
Weamham, 157 
Weaneham, 157 

Weare, Were, Wheare, 54, 93 [4] 
Wease, see Wase 
Weaver alias Woldi'idge, see 

Woldridge alias Weaver 
Webb, Web, Webbe, 19 [2], 35, 98 [2], 

127, 142, 169, 200 [3] 
Webster, 171 

Wedgewood, Wedgwood, 87, 191, 192 
Weeckes, see Weekes 
Weeden, Weden, 32, 181, 195 [3] 
Wceke, in Lyminster, 121 [2] 
Weekes, Weeckes, Weeks, Weikes, 23, 

85, 93, 104, 138, 161, 191 
WeeUer, see Wheeler 
Weeston, see Weston 

Weikes, see Weekes 

Welch, 27, 177 

Welear, see Wheeler 

Weller, Wellar (see also Wheeler), 67, 

85, 98, 102, 131, 147, 148, 153 [3], 164, 

165, 178 [2], 195 
Wellfare, 131 
Wells, Welles, 85, 91, 101, 137 [2]. 138, 

157 [2], 178 
Wellsted, 200 
Wemarke, 95 
Wen, 195 

Wenright, see Waineright 
Wepham, Weppam, 35, 140, 141, 142 

[3], 155 
Were, see Weare 
Werrell, 30 
Werter, 177 

Wesbrooke, see Westbrooke 
Wesden, see Wisdom 
Wesson, 21 
West, 11 [2], 28, 32, 33, 36, 37, 41 [2], 

63 [2], 67, 68, 69, 70, 76 [3], 77, 79, 

80 [2J, 81 [3], 84, 108, 110, 116 [2], 

117, 122, 126, 127 [2], 129, 130, 131 

[3J, 137, 142, 145 [3], 146 [2], 150, 

157 [3], 162, 167, 169 [2], 180 [4J, 

191, 195, 198 [2], 200, 201 
Westboiirne, 10, 190 to 192 
Westbrooke, Wesbrooke, 9, 19 [2], 22, 

79, 112 [2], 113, 123, 144 [2], 145, 

183, 188 
Westhampnett, 15, 19, 193 
Weston, Weeston, 33 [2J, 34, 38 [2], 51, 

56 [2], 175, 176 [2J, 187, 189, 192, 198 
Westridge, Westrig, 59, 111 
Wettenc {dele Hottene, see Corrigenda), 

130 [2] 
Wetterman, see Waterman 
Wever, 95 
Whartton, 113 [2] 
Whatley, Whatly, 93, 133, 172 
Whatling, 170 
Wheare, see Weare 
Wheateingtune, see Whittington 
Wheatley, Wheatelay, Wheatlie, 

Wheatly, Whetley, 42, 88, 97, 98, 99 

[2J, 106, 107, 170, 175 [2J 
Wheeler, WeeUer, Wheler, Welear {see 

also Weller), 43, 55, 57 [3], 58 [2], 67 

[2], 111, 126, 137, 144, 158, 166, 171, 

173, 187 [3j, 202 
Wherrell, 33 
Whetley, see Wheatley 
Whicher, Wicher, Whichoyr, Witcher, 

37, 45, 53, 55, 171, 191 
Wliigghram, see Wigram 
Whit, see White 
Whitaker, 137 
Whitbone, 171 
Whitbrcad, Whitebread, 24, 61 [2], 




White, Whit, ^\Tiitt, 20 [2], 21, 22, 26 
[2], 28, 30, 32 [2], 35, 36, 49, 51, 52, 
54, 57, 58 [2], 62, 64, 71, 79, 83 [3], 
90 [2], 91 [2], 95 [2], 96, 100, 111, 
115, 116, 117 [2], 121 [3], 122, 125 [2], 
126, 129 [2], 132 [2], 133 [4], 134 [3], 
143, 144, 148, 150, 164 [2J, 165, 167, 
170, 171 [3], 175, 183 [3], 184 [2], 
188, 195, 199, 200, 202 [2] 

White alias Whitehead ['r Whitehear] , 
see AMiitehead ['r Whitehear] alias 

Whitebread, see Whitbread 

Wliiteffelde, 61 

Whitehead, 189, 190, 193 

WTiitehead [P Whitehear] alias AVhite, 

Whiteington, see Whittington 

WTiiteland, 163 

A\Tiitgrome, 38, 39 [2] 

Whitgrove, 66 

Whithorn, 53 

Whiting, 19, 27, 55, 67, 98, 110 

Whitington, Whitiuton, see Whitting- 

Whitman, 32 

Whitstones, 135 [2] 

Whitt, see White 

Whittell, 187 

Whittington, Wheateingtune, White- 
ington, Whitington, Whitinton, 19 
[3], 52, 88 [8], 91, 106, 121, 132, 133, 
134, 138, 158, 161, 170, 187, 195, 

WTiogrim, 60 

Wh[£/o?ic], 117 

Wiate, Wiatt, see Wyatt 

Wicher, see WTiicher 

Wicken, 110 

Wickenden, 81 

Wicker, 132 

Wickins, 144 

Wickmau, 54, 68, 74, 99 

Widden, 118 

Wie, 165 

Wieate, see Wyatt 

Wiggonholt, 89, 194 

AVigram, Wliigghram, 27, 77, 156 

WUd, Wilde, 92 [2], 93 [4], 94 [3], 

Wildfli-e, 153 

Wildish, 186 

WHes, 54, 55, 144 

Wilkeuson, Wilkeson, see Wilkinson 

Wilkin, Wnkius, Willkins, 21, 27, 56, 

86, 170 

Wilkinson, Wilkenson, WUkeson, 68, 

87, 126, 148 

Willard, Willerd. 25, 81 [3]. 105. 110, 
114, 130, 137, 138 [2], 141. 17.3, 

Wilier, 115 

Willett, Willat, Willatt, Willet. WiLlott, 

18 [2]. 27, 59, 67, 77, 82. 100, 142, 

146, 152 [2], 161. 165. 167, 181, 186, 

187 [2], 195, 196 [2]. 197 [2] 
Williams, Willioms, 17, 52, 54, 55 [2], 

65, 89, 93, 100, 122, 137 
Williamson, 105, 144, 145 
Willkins, sec Wilkin 
Willmotte, 161 
Willott, see Willett 
Willson, Willsony. see Wilson 
WiUston, 73 
Wilshii-e, Willsha, Willshar, Willsure, 

Wilsheire, 62, 68, 80 [2], 138. 143, 

WHson, Willson, Willsony, 13, 28, 29, 

42, 47 [2], 58, 69, 74, 94 [2], 104, 113, 

126, 139 [2], 155, 157, 163, 170, 181, 

193, 195, 196 
Wilton, 117 
Win, see Wynne 
Winchester, 104, 15.3, 161 
Windham, Half Hundred of, 66, 67 
Wine [see also Wynne), 71 
Wrngham, 86, 171 
Winn, see Wynne 
Winson, AVinsonne {sec also Vinson), 

100, 109 [.3], 110 [2], 130], 146, 177, 

Winston 47 [2], 202 [2] 
Winter, Wynter, 56, 116 [4], 117, 119 

[2], 180 
Wintersole, 55, 118 
Wisborojtgh Green, 117 [2], 195 to 

Wisdom, Wesden, Wisedome, 8, 18, 89 

[4], 102, 108, 133 
Wise, Wisse, 80, 82, 140 [3], 158 [2] 
Wisky, 91 
Wiston, 197 
Witcher, see AVhicher 
WithaU, Witheall, Withell, 16, 35, 40 
Withers, Withear, Withier, 21, 22. 30, 

62, 67, 126 [2], 148, 171 
Wittering, East, 13, 198 
Wittering, West, 13, 198 to 199 
Wtx, 165 

Woddes, see Wood 
; Wodger {see also Woodyer), 176 

Wods, see Wood 
: Wolderidge, Woldridge, see 
i Wooldridge 

I Woldridge alias Weaver, 93 [3], 94 
! Wolfe, Woolfe, 53, 59, 79, 98, 137, 

I Wolgar, Wolger, see Woolger 
Wollason, 178 
Wollven, Wollvin, Wolven, see 

Wolveridge, 59 [2], 64 
Wolvin, WoMiie, see Woolvin 
Wonet, see Waruct 



Wood, Woods, Woddes, Wods, Woode, 
Woodes (see also A' Wood), 11, 13, 18, 
20 [2], 21, 22, 28, 30, 31, 32, 35, 38, 
39 i2J, 41, 47, 51, 52, 54 [2j, 59, 63, 
67 [2], 69 [3], 81, 84, 85 [2], 87, 90 
[2], 91 [2], 93, 95 [2]. 97, 99 [2], 100, 
104, 107, 108, 112, 118, 124. 131 [3], 
134, 136 [2]. 137, 139, 142 [2]. 150, 
152, 153, 155, 156, 157 [3], 161, 165 
[2], 167, 173, 177, 178, 185, 191, 192, 
193. 196 

Woodden, 96 

Woode, Woodes, sec Wood 

Woodgate, 98 [2], 101 

Woodier, see Woodyer 

Woodison, 55 

Woodland, 134 [2], 135, 150 [3], 156 

Woodman, 8, 14, 100 [2], 101 [2], 114, 
202 [2] 

Woodmancote, 17 to 18, 199 

Woodnett, 54 

Woods, see Wood 

Woodyer, Woodier {see also Wodger), 
42 [4], 57, 103, 109, 110 

Woolavington, or East Laviyigton, 200 

Woolbeding, 11, 201 

Wooldridge, Walldreg [misprint for 
Wolldreg; see Corrigenda'], Wolde- 
ridge, Woldridge, Wooldredge, 
Woolldridge, Woolridge, 42, 90, 91, 
93 [2], 125, 126, 201 

Woolfe, see Wolfe 

Woolger, Wolgar, Wolger, Woolgar, 
Woollger, 18 [3], 27 [2], 31,55, 77 [2], 
95 [2], 137, 155, 165, 167, 187 

Woolgtir [:"], 96 

Woolldridge, see Wooldridge 

Woollger, see Woolger 

Woolman, 167 

Woolphall, 42 

Woolridge, see Wooldridge 

Woolvin, Wollven, Wollvin, Wolven, 
Wolvin , Wolvine , Wonlvin , Wonlvine , 
40, 54, 76, 90 [2], 91 [2], 95, 100, 111, 
131, 141, 153, 156, 167 [2], 168. 195 

Worley, 153 

Worman, 30 

Worneham, 110 

Worsen, 110 

Worsfeild, 21 

Worsfold, Worsfould, 100 [2], 101 [4], 
106, 146 [3], 148, 152, 153 [2], 187 [5J 

Worthington, 86, 87 

Wo ties, see Watts 

Wotton, 25 

Wonlvin, Woulvine, see Woolvin 

Wren, 36, 77 

Wright, Write {see also Writt), 39, 48, 
59 [2], 67, 74, 82 [2], 100, 101,-108, 
126 [5], 147, 148, 182 [2], 187 [2] 

WrinboU, 137 

Write, see Wright 

Writt ( see also Wright), 55 

Wyatt, Waiat, Wiate, Wiatt. Wieate, 
Wyett, 26, 27, 36, 54, 88. 93 [2j, 151, 
156 [2], 192 [2] 

Wyke, see Rumboldsioyhe 

Wynne, Win, Winn {sec also Wine), 18, 
90, 147, 162 

Wynter, see Winter 

\\[gonc\ 183 [2] 

W., T. [marlc], 60 

YALDEN, 33 [2], 75, 117 [3] 

Yallop, 184 

Yapton, 14 [2]. 201 to 202 

Yate, 134 

Yates. 187 

Yeadon, 10, 65 [2] 

Yeldall, 138 

Yeoman, 19, 54, 61, 128 

Younbe. 61 

Young, Yong, Yonge, Younge, Yunge, 
12 [2 •, 21 [3]. 22 [2], 46 [3]. 51 [2], 53, 
55. 56, 68, 72, 74, 75 [3]. 77 [5], 88. 96, 
109. 113 [3], 125 [2], 126 [2], 131, 132, 
1.3.5, 167, 170, 171. 174 


ZEALE {see also Seal), 13, 199 [3] 
Zoane, Zone, see Soane 

Zouch {see also Souch), 22 

L I T H O G U A 1' H I C AND G E N K K A L P K I N T E 


,;Z:-x APR. 65