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3 1833 00731 1084 

LISTS 0. S . 







NEWBERRNCl \^ ' y 

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Lack: Canden Society, Old series 

Lists of foreign £rote_stants and 
gligris resident in Eng]a n'd ,1618-1688; 
edited hy V/m.Durrant Cooper. "1362 


r.U-\- MS, -.■ /'" -^' '■'■"'■ 



[no. i.xxxi 


FOR Tili- YKAR lSC.-2-r,;!. 


I'.EIUAII liOTFJELl), i;SQ. M.V. F.R.S. F.S.A. 
JOHN BRUCE, ES(i. J\S,A. Direct,,,-. 

e\-i:lyn riuLiR shirley, esq. m.r. .m.a. f.s.a. 





The Council of tlio Camden Society dusirc it to be ui: 
tooil tliiit tlioy ftre not answerable for any opinions or obsi 
.ions tli.1t mny appear in tlio Society's publications; tlie Eil 
.1' tlie s^•ver.'!l ^Vork^ being alone responsible for tlic same. 


TuE folliiwinp pages contain lists, liivt, of tlio names of tin.' I'rciidi 
and otlicr rotiiiiccs wlio, in 11122, wero resilient in St. Atartiii's- 
l.-Onaul in J.on.lon, or were engaged in the trad-? of entlers (ibr 
wliieli tliev niadr- tlic metropolis famous, as it still remains), joiners, 
ecelers,'' earvcrs, and tallu'.v-eluindlcrs; and also of the foreigner,-- 
■\vho were then resident in tlic principal places of refuge in England, 
viz. Canterbury, Maidstone, the Cinque Ports, Norwich, and Col- 
chester; and, set'oi:dIy, of tlinse refugees who came into this country 
hctween the years 1G78 and 1GS8, during the trouhles precedlirj; 
and Immediately following the revocation of the Edict of Xanles. 
and to whom free letters of denization were granted hy Charles 11. 
and James IT. 

It is a matter for regret that we liavc not in Engla.nd any work 
giving the perso.i.d history and particular^ (d' the rellige-es, similar 
to the work published, betwe.m the years i:s2-17t)y. in reference to who fettled in l^'rnssia.^' 2\[any circumstances have combiueii 
to cause the number in England to be le.-'s than in Holland and 
in Prussia; but there are sullleient in numbers and in importance 
to render such a volume veiy interesting. Indeed, as the pro[ior- 
tion of the nobles, gentr)', and other commoners, who can bo.i^t 
ofai'oyal descent IVoni our Edwards is very large, so also is the 

» Deuoratoi.-;. Wainscoting is t■all^■a ceiling in Cnivrn. 

" ML..SWS. J. V. Knn.m .i)ul l;eolani. Mcniuiiv.s [,„u.- svrvir i> I'llisioiie ties Itnfnpipi 
Fran.;uis ,Uins Ic Klats .la R..i. IVilin. vol.«. Svn. 


proi.ortiou of the eon)ni<jiiei-s iti tlie nii.Mk- and working classes in 
wliosc veins Jlows tlie blood of the rel'ugccs. Mil. J. S. L!l-un has 
noticcil a few in his History of tlie rrotestant Kefugees settled in 
England, with particulars of the places in wliidi tliey sctth'd; and 
the contributors to the Ulster Jounud of Arclur-ology have f .llowed 
lip the subject, so far as relates to the setthanents in Ireland; 
but the settlers in Ireland eau^e principally after tli- Krv^dution ..I' 
IGSS, and the cliie!' portion arrived from Holland, whilst the lists 
which 1 now print are of those who remained alter the deatli of 
Eh/.abeth, or lied to this country prior to the reign of William 
and i\I;,ry. It will be seen that several fanill-s still ol' note here 
'ivere founded by tliese immigrants. 

The circumstances under which llic first portion of these lists was 
returned were these. After the accession of James I. the prose- 
cution of tlic Protestants abroad bad very much abated, and those 
who bad found an asjdum in this country had extended tlieir means 
of livelihood from the manudictories they bad superintended to 
many retail trades. In London alone in 1G21 there were stated 
to be 10,000 strangers," and they had been carrying on 121 dif- 
ferent trade.-.'' Several, in spite of the statutes of 1st llich. 111. ajul 
M and 15 Hen. A'l II. against receiving apprentices and servants, 
employed more tliau two journeymen or four servants who were 
not the King's subjects; submitted to no regulations as to tlie 
nundjer of their apprentices; and frequented fairs and ma.ikets, 
paying less dues than the frcemwi. 

The complaints made against the industry of llv aliens and their 

use of I 


INlliOUl'CTIOX. ^ V 

" Tlnjire cliiel'jst cause of L-nt'Ttaiiiinunt hen! of lute >vas in cliaiity t(i 
sliroud tliom from persecution fur religion; and, beinge liere, tliciro ne- 
cessity became tlie mother of tlieire ingenuitie in deviseiug nianye trades 
before to us uuknowne. 

The State, noteing their diligence, and yet preventinge the future 
inconvenience, enacted two speciall lawes: — 

Tliat they should eutcrteine Englishe apprentices and servants to leaiiie 
these trades, the neglect whereof giveth them advantage to keepe theire 
misteries to themselves, whiclu. liath made them Lould of late to devise 
engines for workinge of tape, lace, ribbin, and such, wherein one man 
doth inoie anionge tliein then 7 l-nglishe men can doe; soc as theire eheM[ie 
sale of those comoditics beggereth all our Eiigbslie artificers of that tiaile 
and enricheth them. 

Since the ninkeing of the last statute they are thought to be increased 
ten for one, so as no tenement is left to an Englislie artificer to iidial'ite 
in divers parts of tlie cylio and suburbs, but they take them over their 
heads at a greate rate. 

Soo their numbers causeth the enliaunciug of the prises of vittells and 
liousercnts, and mucli furtheretli the late disorderly now buildings, which 
is soe burdonous to the subject that his iNIaJestie hath not any \s'orke to 
performe for the good of his comous (especially in citties and townes) 
then by the taking of the benefitt of the law upon tbem, a thing wdiich is 
don against his owne subjects be comon infjrmers. But their daylie 
fiocking hither without such remedio is like to grow scarce tollorable." 

It woukl seem liowever tliat the comiilaints wore not very ve'l! 
founded; fur, tliouyli the trades were mimerous, tlie \veavcrs, uier- 
chants, tailurs, slcavc-iuakcrs, yhocmakers, dyers, brewers, dianu'iid 
cutters, jewellers, and goldsmiths funned the niajorlty. 

Apothecaries G lirokers for nier- r.lacksmitlics 

Arras workers 2 chants 8 Bakers f. 

Aukersmiths 1 Brewers 37 Brayesyers 2 

Button-makers 7 Boxcnudcers 2 Braslockmakers 1 











Gunstock maker 











































Silke throwsters 












Sleave makers 








Carvers - 
















Sugar bakers 











• ] 



DyainoiiJ cutters 










Soueemaii '' 


















"^ Sivumakers 






















Ordinary keeper; 

i 14 



















'J'wisters of worst 

ed 3 








■robackoeselliT 1 Wat>-lniiak.-rs 2 Seller of lyniiun 1 

ThreJiiuikcrs 11 Weavers 31fi Workman ia gold 1 

ThreJtwisters ',) Wiii.lster 1 Jilaryuers •> 

Trusmaker 1 l-'il^suiitli 1 :\Iu.sicoiis :i 

Tyermakers 2 Notary piiMiq 2 

Violiiallers -1 'I'eiinis court keepers Trades _ l-_'l 

Wyerdrawer I and rackett luak- Of the several 

Woolcomkiers 2 ers 3 trades 13 1:; 

AVliitsters " 2 

The coiiiplaiiils had coiniiiencod early in tlie Kiuij's reign. On 
22nd July. IGdJ, it was alleged that tlic English merehaiits were 
injured because llircigners were allowed to export baize auel other 
goods without paving doul>le custom,'' and the Lord Treasurer 
(Dorset) tlioiight tlie granting of denization to sti-angers so pre- 
jtidlcial to the crown that he declined making out thirty deniza- 
tions till he had eonsidtcd with the Council.'' Sir George ^Valde- 
grave suggested to Salisbury'' various restrictions to l)o laid on 
aliens and recusants, In_A]iril, IGOG, a bill was jirejjared tocjinpel 
merehaut strangers who were naturalized to employ all the money 
received in imports on good? Cor exportation ;|-' a.nd in the next yeMr 
a dotdde duty was imposed upon baize as upon eledh '' exported. 

At the same time encouragement was given to the extension ol 
manufactures here. The " >^ew Drapery " was set u[i at Hatfield. 
Herts; the planting of mull:>erry trees for the sake of the growth ol' 
silk was especially litvouredS; wdiilst, on 27lh Nov. IGIO, a licence 
was granted to the East India Company '' to admit merchant strangers 

■> Washers cr bleadicra of liiifn; "C.Mjy it among Uk' „h!l:.t.-,-s in l.iak-iK't n.cad." 

into their pociety to trail-' and have the same privileL!:cs as nativ- 
of England. 

Yet the citizens of London were strong in their representations 
of tlic grievances of tlie freemen by reasLUi of tlie artlzans and 
tradesmen wlio engrossed the Duteli and French tra.le." A com- 
mittee was appointed in Jidy 1G15 to lonsidcr tli^- grievances 
caused l>y aliens; and the ^^'eav(■rs' Comjianv of Londnn '-' certilied 
that the strangers employed mon> workmen than \vere allowed Ly 
statute, and then concealed them when search was made; that 
they lived more cheaply, and therefore soLl ni-ire cheaply, than the 
English ; that they imported silk lace contrary to law, and en- 
grossed the custom to foreigners; and the Company suggested ihai, 
the wars and persecutions which drove them to England luangover, 
they should be compelled to return ;'' whilst others (as \vr have si'i-n) 
complained tliat they multiplied so fast as to enhance tin' price of 
provisions, lodging, &c., ami, by their ingenious inarbincry, 
usurped the trade from the English.'' 

To enable the founeil to judge of these complaints an Order in 
Council was passed i.n Gtli Sept. 1G18, recpairing a return of thc- 
strangers d^\•elling in London and its liberties, with the places of 
their birth and umler what sovereignty they depended; and we 
have returns made b}' the City, and by the constables of Sr, Saviiiur's, 
St. Olave, St. George, the Cliidc. and St. Mary Magdalen Her- 

'^ lb. TGll, vul. Ixv. .No. .'10. b [b. l.jlf,, N„. r,ij. 

■: The hostility woit so far, tliat, in lOlG ([b. Nu. 7t), the oouiu-il nfus,..| to allow 
Paiill Zimmerni.w, a ilunizcn, to oruct a liousu within thu city for rcfiniiij,' .-nunr, although 
there were few En^li-ihliien in thi> trade, ami his appliealioii was »ui. ported by IheOroeers' 
Company, the .-Vttnniey-tbi'neral bavin,- .leei.Ie.l Uiat the eveetion of sugar houses by 
aliens would prejudiee the r.liners of lb., i-ilv. (lb. vol. l.<x.\\ili. N'o. !«.) 

■i lb. N<j. 112. 


niomlsey, as well as of Xcwington nnd Lambeth." These returns 
resulted in no good to the eonijihiiuants, v;]\o renewed in 1G21 
their statement of tlie inconveiiienee arising from the great inllu.x 
of strangers, and proposals were made for a yearly registry, for 
exacting quarterage according to their station, i'or forbidding the 
use of retail trades, I'or the regulation of the number of apprentices, 
and lor restrictiug their use oC fairs and markets;'' and, on oOth 
Julv, IG21, a commission was issued to the newly appointed Lord 
Keeper (John Williams), the Lord High Treasurer (Lioucl Lord 
Cranfield), the Attorney-General (Sir Thomas Coventry), Solicitor- 
General (Sir Fiohcrt Lletitli), and others, to consider of tlic statutes 
concerning aliens, and either to induce them to conform with the 
laws already in force, especially regarding not selling by retail and 
the use of handicraft trades, or to modify the knvs for the bettor 
convenience of strangers and good of the suliject, under such direc- 
tions as his ihijesty should from time to time prescribe. And l>u 
the same day directions were given liy the King to tlie Commis- 
siouers to take a yearly account of all aliens resident iu England, 
to permit all wholesale merchants to continue their trade, hut to 
restrain all retailers, unless thoy would submit to restrictions as to 
servants and apprentices, and pay rpiarterage as the Lnglish in 
their several companies did. None who were servants to the 
English were to be taxed, except for registration, but all were to 
give bond to keep these orders, or else depart the realm; and all 
refractory persons were to be dealt with according to law. In 
January, 1G22,'' the Goldsmiths' Company complained of 183 alien 
Goldsmiths for making counterfeit jewels and engrossing trade, 

» lb. vol. xcix. Nos. -22-4, 42-7, and vol. cxviii. Tho names in tlio London r( turns 
in lOlS arc ],rintod i)i the Appendix (post, p. GO), to uuike tlie lists more eoniplete. 

so tlKit tlie'lpinitlis were impoverislicil, nnd meaner trades liaJ 
crept into GoMsmitlis' I'low in Clieap?lJe and Lombard Street. 
Tlie Coopers' Conipany ci^implaincd of tlic nuinber of aliens em- 
ployed as coopers by loreign brewers. The Cluekmak(;i-3 pressed 
upon tlie Council tlie number and deceitful tricks of finviL'ners 
practising tlicir trade, and prayed tliat tliey might not be allowed 
to work except fur b^nglisli masters, and that no fureign clocks 
might be imported; and the'SM'rs repre^rntrd the 
injury to their busine-s liy the Dutch, wdio empl.ived their rounirv- 
mcn to work as journeymen without serving an a]ip'-riiticehhip. 
The Brokers and Warehousemen were als.i siuLiled out l'<i- atta(;k, 
and were directed to attend the Cummissiijnors. On lltli March 
the Cutlers wen^ summoned: and the Clotlnvorkers and Dyers 
asserted that they were likewise injured. On 7tli Se[)teinber the Com- 
missioners ordered that, as the retailing of English goods liy stran- 
gers was hurtful to home trade, all strangers selling to siiaiiL'ers 
English goods should pay half tlie duty on such comiiiodities as 
woidd lie paid lor custom on export; and that all strangeis sellinr.- 
English goods to any person should pay lialf the customs th'^reon; 
but little further took place. Any restrictions upon the reliigees 
were unpopular with the mass ol' the people, however desiraljle 
they might appear to the chartered companies. 

One of the consequences of the appointment of tlie Commission 
was the returns made in March, 1021-2, and April and dune, 1G2-2, 
which wc now print, and which were made in obedience to the 
orders of the Attorney and Solicitor-General. 

The ports and towns in which Cecil had directed an examination 
of strangers in Oct. 1.371 were London, in which there were 40.'!1 
strangers, Colchester, Harwich, Ipswich, Yarmouth, ,\orv,'i.-h, the 


Clnr|uc Ports, incliKling Rye, in wliloh tliere were 641 person?," 
Soutliani[iton, and Boston. Canterliury and i\Iaidstone were not 
mentioned in Cecil's order, but tliey were offsets from Sandwich 
or Winclielsea— the bay and say trade remaining at Sandwleli, 
wliilst the silk went to Canterbnry abont l'>G\, and the threa.l to 
JIaidstone soon after.'' In the return? now printed llarwieh, 1])S- 
wicli,'^ Boston,'' Yarmouth, ani] Southampton do not appear. Possi- 
bly no permanent settlements had been then made in the three lirsl- 
named towns, as they are not mentioned by Jlr. Burn, and that the 
residents in Yarmouth and Southampton were in 1()22 very few. 
ilr. Burn has given fully tlu- account of the settlement in the 
other towns which made returns. 

It is not very easy to trace the descendants of the bulk of these 
settlers, who had come in the days of Elizabeth and her predecessors; 
but, by the kindness of T. W. King, Es.p P.S.A. York Herald. 1 
am able to give a list of all such fanulles as had their pedigrees or 
arms recorded in the A'isitaiiijus of LoiiiJon. 

In the Visitation of London, 1G34 (.MS. Coll. Arms, 0. 24), 
we lind the following person-^: — 

>;n:iioi..\.s AiiKin.s oi' I...i„loii; merchant, grandson of >;icliolas 
A. of Rousclaer in Flanders, farrier to the Emperor of (iernniny. 
Ped. and arms (p. 221). 

PlIILU' B-VItLAM-VCLIE of London; son of Michael B., aiul 
grandson of Eranciseo B. Peil. and arms (p. 41). 

rids list, Nsitholli.,1- u 

r the rcriigeea in 

Sl'.ssc.v, lias hcen 

:\ Arch. Coll. vol. Niii. p. ISU. i 

See .ilso llollow.-iv 

•s Hist, of Kve. 

Burn, pp. 33, i;ii2. 

^ For the .^ettlemf 

lit in Ipswich, see 

.\o notice is male of Walloons or 

Frcnoh settlers i 

n Boston by Mr. 


AxTiiONV Bassanooi" London, (rent.; gramlson of Antliony B. 
a Venetian. Pcil. and arms (p. 15'2). 

AsPLAiJAir 1j1;e of London, mercdiant; son of Garlali T>. of Aueon 
in Gcrmanv. Pod. and arms (p. 28). 

Jacob Blome of London ; ^-mml-on ol' Xicliolas B. of Anistevdam. 
Fed. and arms (p 241). 

iL\ncus BitAXiir of London, nicrcliant; son of IlLiuiel B. of 
LLimln-oiigli in Germany. Ped. and arms (p. 27li 1)). 

Peter ]!ulteel of London, mcvcliant; son of dames B. of 
Tourney In Ilcnalt. Pod. and arm.« (p. 300). 

Peter CiiAMnErj.Ai.vE of London, doetor in phy.=iek: elde.^t 
son of Puter C. of London, practitioner in pliysick, son of AVilliani 
C. of P;iris in France, who iled into England at tlic massacre; a 
younger son of .... C. of Tankervile in Xornrancly, wlio liad 
twenty-two sons and one daugliter. Ped. and arms (p. 5.18). The 
pedigree is continued in the next Visitation of London, Kio-k See 
also :\Iunk's Poll of tlie Koyal College of Pliysicions, I. 458. 

^VTr.LiAJt CoxuADU.S of London, vintcner; grandson of Fre- 
derick C. of Lubeek, a Hans town in Germany. Pod. and arms 

(p. ;54<;.) 

' Siu TriOMAS CoTEEL of London, Knt. ; grandson of Anthony 
C. of Antwerp, niercliant, who-'^e evidences were burnt at tlie 
sacking thereof, about a° 15G7. Ped. aird arms (p. 25S)). 

TT.Mf.vniY Cnusn (see post, p. 20) of London, merchant, son of 
John C. of Xorwich, and grandson of Henry G. of Hownescoat in 
Fhindcrs.- Ped. an.l arms (p. 427). He marric! the daughter of 
John Pyrot; liy wdiom he had a son, John (/ruso (.if Xorwicli, Vidio 
married Jane daughtci- of Grilcs A'erlincke; and by her he liad issue 
J(.)hn his eldest son; 'J'imotby Cruso ol' London, merchant, 2nd son, 


who was living in 1634, nnd who married Katherine daughter ol' 
Charles Planter in Flanders; 3, Aquila; 4, Antliony; and Troseilla. 
Timothy had issue, Tinrothy his eldest son, John, Petronella. 
Ecbecca, and Sarah. In Jones's Brecknockshire, vol. ii. p. 74(i, a 
John Cruso, LL.D-, is mentioned as Chancellor of St. David's in 
16G5, and was a native of Yarmouth. He died in ir>81, leaving a 
widow and several children, lli-^ will was proved at L'rec.JU. ( Kx 
inf. T. ^y. King, York Herald.) 

J.VQUES DE Lest of London, merchant; son of Jaques de B. of 
Bruges in Flanders. Bed. and arms (p. 333). 

JoilX DE LA B.\RR of London, merchant; grandson of Loys de 
la B. of Mon7. in Ilena'lt in Flanders. Bed. and arms (p. (] !,). 

Jajies Desm.VISTIUS of London; son of John 1). of Ilollaml. 
Bed. and arms (p. 2L'5). 

William J)k A^isiieu of London, merchant; grandson of Wil- 
liam Do V. of Flanders. Arms and jied. (p. 27 h). 

Beteu DU Boys of Londum, merchant; grandson of GuyllJam de 
Boys, neere Lido hi Flanders (p. 371). 

Samei-.t. Foetekie of London, merchant; grandson of John F. 
of Flannders. Bed. and arms (p. 222). 

Ani:AilA:M Fortry of London, merchant; grandson of Nicholas 
de la Fortryc of Little Flandia's. Arms and pcd. (p. 1.34 b). 

John IIelut of London, nicrch.ant; son of Ilenneng IL of Diet- 
marsch in Ilolsten, and of llambrough. Bed. and arms (p. 270). 

AnRYAN IIenrix of London, merchant; grandson of Henry JL 
of Antwerp in Brabant. Arnrs and ped. (p. 121). 

BiiiLiP Jacoi!.son of St. jMai-garet's parish in Billingsgate Ward 
in Lond., one of the King's Jewellers; son of Jacob J. of Antwcrpe. 
Bed. and arms (p. 77 b). 


AXGKLL Keeumer (if London, stranger; son of AnL'ell K. of 
Itouremont in Giklorlaud. PcJ. and arms (p. 507). 

John Kirr o[ London, mercliant; son of Peter K. of CuUud in 
Germuny (p. 121). 

Joiix Lamott of London, mercliant; prnndson of Biv.vdwiu L. 
of Ipre in Flanders. Ted. and arms (p. lilS). 

Tiio^tAS Lx To^iBE, Lome in Xorwiche a" l.')7.'), livii'u; in Lon- 
don 1G3-1; son of Thomas la 'r..mLe <>i' '['nn-nigne, wh.. eame into 
England abont lo5S, at sueli tinv as the Dldce d'Alva afllietcd 
those parts; and lived and died in Xorwieh. His father, Thomas la 
T. -svas of Tnrcoigncnigh Tourney in of the 7 proviuees 


Peter Lemakts of London, lirewcr; gr;indson of Leonard L. 
of the dukedome of Gudiek in the Netherlands (p. 370). 

John LE Tiiieullier of London, merchant; grandson of John 
le T. of A'allanclnc in Ilenolt. Arms and ped. (p. 2.1fi). A pedi- 
gree also entered at the A'isitation of London in 1G.S7 Ijv Sir John 
LethieuUier, Knt. (p. 222). 

Ji'iAcnnr ^Matthews; son of a hurgomnster (^\^ the to^^■n of 
Helneu in ye dnehie of Brabant Arms and ped. (p. 4^18). 

PiCHARD Mico of London; descended from Gilbert ]\I. a second 
son of Jlieo, als I\Lcault: originally of the eonntye caded LiTe^de 
France; came into Lng. in the tynic of IL 7. Arms and ped. ([). 
GO.S b). 

Jaques Oi'LES of London, merchant; son of John 0. of IJrussils 
in Brabant. Arms and pciL (p. 128). 

^V]ELIA^^ PahgenA of London, brewer; grandson of AVilliam 
Paggiu of . . . n(;ere Guliek in the Low Countries (p. 278). 

Mathew (>Ut:sTElt of London, esquire extraordinaiy Ibr tb.c 


hody of Kit\^' Cliarlos, aged 74, lG3o; grandson of IMathcw Q. of 
Brudgcs in Flanders. Arms :ind ]ied. (p. IGS h). 

Pkteu ElCIIAUT of l.oinl.ii, niLavluiiit ; grandson of Pcjlcr R. of 
Erahand. Arms and ped. (IDS b). 

Giles A'aXDKUI'UTT of L'lndon, mercliant; son ^f Henry V. of 
Antwcrpe. Arms and ped. (j.. 291 h). redigree continued in next 
Visitation of London. Sir Peter was sherilf of Loudon in I (IS-l. 

AitxoLi> Van AVucici'.ui'Loot of Louvlon; son of .Taeob A'au 
W. of f'treeht. Arms and ped. (p. 2(i4). 

Sa:\iui:l VasSALL of Lemdnn, merchant; grandson of Jolui Y. 
wlio was sent into ICugiand by bis father, a Frcncbiman oi' Pinart 
by Cane in Xoraiandy, by reason of th(> troubles then there (['. 

SlU CoitXKLlUS A^Ei;^riTYDi:.\ of ilatfield, eo. York, and of 
Lnndon, KnI.; son oi: Idles V. of Seint Martinsdike " in ZelainL 
Anns and pod. (p. 4:5). d'he celebrated engineer. See lluiiler's 
South Yorkshire, vol. i. i)p. IGO and 4'J(), and Smiles' History of 

Thomas A'yolet of London, goLlsmith; grandson ofPafell \'.. 
borne in Antwei-p. Arms a.nd ped. (ji. .'5,S2 b). 

TlI(>.-\iAS "Wa'J'KHS of Lonilon, gentleman; grandson of John De 
Water of Antwerp in Crabant. Arms and ped. (p. 20(1 b). 

Li the Visitation of London, 16G4 (]\IS. Coll. of Arms, D. ID), 
there are these additional pedigrees, but without arms: — 

Nicolas Coucellis of London, merchant; son of Zcagar C. of 
Pusclier in Flanders (p. 38). James C. was ILD. Lcnvl. 1GG4. 

Daniel Dutiiais; son of Daniel D. of St. :ALirtin's in the Isle of 
Pee, Gent. (p. 134 b). 

« In the Isle of Tliolun, near llie iiioutli uf tlic ScliiMt. 


Abraham. PIovKNKi: of London, mei-cliLint; flesccmled iVom tlie 
Low Countries (p. 59 1)). 

Jean de (sco post, p. K) of London, nicrdiant; son of 
Je:in de L. of Cantc-rbuiy (p. 7). 

Jacob Lucie of London, niurcliant; son of John L. of London, 
mcrcliant, and of Antwerp (p. 23). 

IL Tlic first tliree pages (27, 28, 2D) of the seeond class of lists 
refer to tliose travellers of the Koman Catholic faith who made 
returns of their residences to the Secretary of State ])ursu:iiit to the 
following amended Order in Council, made on lUth Novend)cr, 
1G78, in consecjv.ence of the former proclamation ol' 30th October 
having been thought to deprive mei'chant strangers carrying on 
trade in London and Westminster of the privileges they had n]i 
to that time enjoyed. For copies ol' this minute, and of the 
minute of 28th July, IGSl, I am ind(d>ted t.. the kindnc-s of 
Eobei-t Lemon, jun., I'^sq. 

At the Coeax at W]1Iti;uau,, Tuesday, tl,c lOiI, of Nuvembcr, lt:7y. 
Present, the King's Most Excellent .Ma'>- in Gunnel!!. 
Whereas His Ma'>\ by Ids late lloyM Proclamation, bearing datp tli.. 
30"' day of October last, did strictly charge .and coniniaud .ill poisons 
being Popish Recusants, or ,so rcputcul, to depart and rclin' tbcinsidvcs 
and their families ou or before the 7"' day of this iiist.ant Novenilier from 
His Rfa'." Reyall Palaces of Whitcliall, Somerset House, fit. .bani^-s's, tl„, 
Citys of London and AVestin^ and from all other places within 'I'lai mil.-s 
distance of the same, His Ma'^, upon funhei' oonsideracfm, \vas '^ra- 
cionsly pleased to declare in Couiicill, That the said Proclamation was 
not meant to extend to any Merchants Strangers of tlie JJonii.^li Ilcligion 
residing in or near this city upon account of Trade, wdio in all times past, 
have had y'' freedome of rcmayning here, so as tliey give in tlnir names 
and places of habitation respectively to the Lord Mayor of the Cily of 
London ^vithin six dayes after notice uf this order-' neither to stran<'ers 
" Apprnvea in Ciunnll tl,.- 20tl,. .an,l onl.-ivO to l,p ,,ri„l,.,l .-nul n„l,ii.l„.,l 


(otlicr tlien Popisli Priests and Jcsiiit.s), wlio out of ciivlosily coiiu- into 
tliis Kingdoms as Tnivellers, so as they give in their names, together 
witli the Places where tliey lodge, within six dayes after the date of these 
presents, after their arrival here, to one of His .Ma"^ Priiudpall Secretaries 
of State. Put thai sneh Merchants Strangers and Forraiiiers as al'.jre- 
said have the same Liherty of residing at, or coining to the Ph;ees ahove 
mentioned, as if the albresaid lY.claniation liad ne\ er been issued. And 
of this His Ma'" pleasure as well the Lord -Alayor of the City of London 
for y" time being as His Ma'" Princlpall Sec'-" of State are to lake 
notice, and to enter y"^ names of such Mereh''^ Strangers and I'orrain" 
accordingl_y, in a P)Ooke to be kept for tlnil purpose. 

The remainder of the lists rcCers to the Protestants win- lied from 
France during the years ICiSl-lCSS, in conseqtieneo of the troubles 

Ill the Correspondence of lIl'.MtV .SAVii.l'. (published by our 
Society in ISJS) many references are made t<.> the renewed per- 
secutions of the I'rotestants in h'ranee. Un otli June, 1(170. he 
told his brother. Viscount Halifax, that the Fixmcli Protestants 
trembled for fear of some viob.'nt persecution, and were ready to "o 
to Ihipland in sucli vast numbers as woidd be of great advantage to 
the nation, if, by ready naturalization, it could be made ea.-^y to 
them; the crowd iind the nundier talking of nothing but the 
necessity of the King declaring himself Protector of the whole 
Protestant religion, and living in hopes of seeing that glorious day. 
On :22nd July, 1081, he pressed the matter yet more strongly on 
Secretary Sir Leoline Jenkins, and declared that, with the hopes of 
naturalization, a considcraljlc number of wealthy pcojile, ready 
with great sums, would come over,_ and he had prepared a body ol' 
men that would have brought the manufacture of Knll-rloili, so 
much wanted in England. The Ministers warmly supported these 

CAMD. SOC. (/ 


proposals; a subscription, under I'oyul letters, \v:is ope 
after the report of a Coinniittce to the King in Coinieil 
July, IGSl, the I'oUowing order for granting free letter 
zation was aiirced to by tlie Coiuieil: 

At tlia Covut at IlAMnoN' CiU-i:t, this 28th day of July, 1081, 
Trusent, tli<' King's Most Kxcellent ^Majesty in Council. 

His TilaO-, by His Or<K in Couucill of y= 2P' of July instant, having 
been graciously pleased lo referrc a Jileniorial p'sented to His IMa'>' in 
behalf of y"^ distressed Protestants abroad, to y'' consideracon of y'- h' 
Hon'''' y" L'>^ Com"'" of this Board for trade and plantacons, av"' direccous 
to report their opinion tliereupon; and their Lo''* having this day made 
their report to His Ma'-^ in Councill, His !Ma"'', upon duo consideracon 
thereof had,.was plensed to declare, that he holdes hiniselfe obliged in honour 
and conscience to comfort and sujiport all such alllicted Protestants, -who, 
by reason of y'^' rigours and severitys which are vs'' towards tliem upmi y" 
account of tlieir religion, shall be forced to quitt their native coiuitry, and 
shall desire to shelter themselves under His JNIa'^'^ lujyall protection An- 
y' prcservacOn and free exercise of their religion. And iu order henauito 
His ]Ma"° was pleased further to declare, that lie will grant unto every 
such distressed Protestant wdio shall come hither for rcl'uge, and resitle 
Iiere, His Letters of Denization under the Greate Scale without any 
charge wdiatsuever, and likewise such further privlledges and iuunutys, 
as are consistent with the Laws, for the liberty and free exercise of 
their trades and handicrafis, and that His Ma"° will like\vise recomend 
it to His Parliam' at their next meeting to passe an Act for y<-' Genei'all 
Naturalization of all such Protestants as shall come over as albres'' ; and 
for y"^ further enlarging their Libertys and Franchises granted to them 
by His ]\hi''" as reasonaljly may be necessary for them; and for their 
encouragement His M-J"- is likewise pleased to grant unto them that 
they shall pay no greater dutyes in any case then His Ma''™ naturall 
borne subjects, and that they sh'all liave all the privlledges and iniunilyes 
that generally His Ma''"" native sulijeets have, for the introduction of 
their children into sehooles and colled-es. 


And llis ?il:i"'- -was likewise pleased to order, and it is hereby ordered 
accordingly, That all His IMa''^ officers, both Civil! and Military, doe 
give a kind reception to all such Protestants as shall arrive within any 
of His Ma"'" Ports in this Kingdomo, and to furnish them -with free 
Passe Ports, and give them all assistance and furtherance in their journeys 
to the places to w''' they shall desire to goe. And the Pught Hon'''-' the 
Lords Comm''» of His J.ta'>'= Treasury are to' give orders to the Comm" 
of His Mu"''' Ciistomes to snfler the said Protestants to passo free with 
their goods and household stuife, -whether of a greater or a smaller 
value, together with their toolcs and instruments belonging to their 
crafts or trades, and generally all what belongs to thcni that may 
be imported according to the Lawes now in force, without exacting any 
thing from tlieni. 

And for the further relief and encouragem' of y'' s'' necessitous Pro- 
testants, His Jla"'-' hath been pleased to give order for a Genorall brief 
through His Kingdome of England, Dominion of Wales, ami Towne of 
Berwicke, for collecting ye eliarity of all well-disposed persons for the 
reliefu of the said Protestants who may stand in need thereof. And, to the 
end that when any such come over, being strangers, they may know where 
to addrcsse themselves to fitting persons to lay their requests and com- 
plaints before His Ma"", His j\[at'° was graciously pleased to appoint the 
ilost Peverend Father in God His Grace the Lord Arcli-liishop of 
Canterbury, and the P' Peverend Father in Cnd the Lord Bishop of 
London, or ritli.'r of them, t<i receive all ihe .-aid re.pie.-ts .-nul pclilions, 
and to presi'ut the same to His Ma''", to the ei;d juch order may liecgivi u 
therein as shall be necessary. 

After the ov.lcr had been made li. Savlle, on 21.=t Xov. IGSI, 
introiKieed to Sir L. Jenkins a Proteftant Ilncndra[ier wlio wuuld 
bo able to give him some liglits into the method of briug'ing the 
manufactuve o\^ .■^utl-cloth into l-^ngland — " the project," he adds, " I 
have always ;ippcared so fond olV' Tlie lincndrapcr was no doubt 
!N[. Bonliomme, and under liini the manufacture was most prosper- 
ously established. ])i this same year tlie Company of Klders and 


Deacons of TluTivlnoodlc Street, in l.oiuli.n, " ?ii]iplicil tlio funds for 
the erection of a linen manufactory at Jpswieii, wliere a great of Frcncli Protestants lia>l colonised ; a Ilngnenot of Paris, 
naniL.l P.unhonune. tan-lit them to make sail-elod. ; and in 1GS.5 
till,- iiianufLictiirc was in lull operation in that ihiaving town, from 
wlu-ncc it spread so vapidly Imh in England and Irtdand, that, 
according to iMacjdicison, the importations from France of this 
article were redticed i'rom the year 1G83 to 173:5 by the enormous 
iimount of 50(),0li[i/.";'' and England was relieved from her depend- 
ence on I'.rittany and Normandy for tliis important maritime article. 

A f'W years later the mamtliicture of l,il,:<t r'lmj was also intro- 
duced into Jpswich. On Xovendjer '2Slh, IC'j:;, it was agreed that 
fifty families of "French Protestants that maiuifacture lutestring 
shall be admitted iidiabitants in this town; and they shall have 'Kh. 
each fanuly; and the charges of coming to tlie town shall be ibiind 
by the town; and they shall have a church minded lor th.aii, and 
an allowance fjr their ndnistm' of 20/. a year for two years; and 
that ihey shall not be rated or put inl..> any odiee for seven yeai's; 
and that iMr. Snelling sludl go to London to treat with the Fi-encb- 
men about this Ini-duess." '' 

At length, in Uctober IGSo, the proclamation known ns the Picvo- 
cation of the Edict of Xantcs was issued : and the Visitation r,f 
London in 1687 (.AIS. Coll. of Arms, K. 9), which has some later 
entries, contains particulars <if the f)llowing ailditional families, 
who, as in the proceeding visitations, being respectively settU:d and 
established in this country, were summoned before the LLjralds, and 
had their pciligrees, and,^ln some cases, their anus recorded or dis- 
allowed, as the case might be:— 

^ tMster Jouriol of Aivl,. \.,. 7. '■ C'tuke's tlist. ut li.swifli, IHSa. p. US. 


^ViUiAtlAM Beake, citizen nnd inevcluint of London; grandson 
of Francis Bcuke, who was l.iorn in Norwicli, -whose ancestors canio 
out of Fhindeis. Arms '^ and ped. (p. 196). 

Jonx Cauikin-ei., late one of the secretaries to Louis XIA"., 
KingofFr;me-; and 

William Cauboxel, of London, mercliaut ; grandsons ol' 
Nicholas Carbonel, of the parish of ilarigni, Viscontc de Constantin, 
O'cnt. Their fither was named 'Thonras, and was a merchant at 
Caen in Xormandy. Arms and ped. (p. 232). 

Sii: Joux CiiAMPAXTE, of Dublin, knt., and of St. Andrew's, 
Holborn, CO. [Middlesex, in 1(;<12. He was Deputy Vice Treasurer, 
Treasurer at AVar, :ind Kcceiver-Oeneral for tlio Kingdom of Lelaud, 
1G71 to 1G85. lie was grcat-great-gran.Lon of Oregoiy Ciampanii, 
wdiose son Peter was of London. Arms and peil. (p. -H)!]). 

SiK i:i)WAi;n Des BorvEKiE, (p 88) of St. Dunstan's-in-thc- 
East, Loudon, Knt., son of Edward jies Bouveric, who was born 
at Canterbury, and grandson ol' Laurence Des Bouveric, of Lisle 
in Flanders. At Sandwich, in LIOS, Laurence Des Bouveryes paid 
'20.". to till- poor for selling Bayes.'' Arras and ped. (p. 219) (from 
wl\om the K:\y\ of Piadnor descends). The name appears as LJes- 
l)ouu)-ies in the Canterbury lietnrn (post, p. 8). 

Jame.^ LojtniOLL of Loudon, merchant; grandson of John L., 
who came o^'er I'rom Flanders upon the persecution in tlic tnne of 
the Duke d'Alva, and seated in England. Arms allowed upon a 
ccrtillcate of Brabant King of Arms, and ped. (p. 2). 

Su; I'eteu 1'ai:uavicix, Knt., jMderman of London; son of 

« ITe vouched for .irms from an iscoclieon used :it the funeral of his I 
Beake, of London, meiehant, but it does not ai.j.ear that they were allowe 


Peter P., who was l>nm in the A'altolin nrar Milan in Italy, and 
came and settled in Lundon.and died about tlic year 1(^7."). Aims" 
and pcd. (p. 207). Peter tlie father married liaeliel Albertini, an 
Italian, by whom he had two sons; James the eldest died about 
1622 unmarried; Peter the second married Pebecea, daughter ol' 
Peter Fountain of London, merchant. She died 1GC9. They hail 
three daughters, Pebecea unmarried IGST, Hester died an infini, 
and Jhiry. Sir Peter died 29th January, IGDG, xt. o'J, and was 
liuricd at St. Dunstan's-in-thc-East, as was also his daughter Mary, 
who died 3rd May, 1727, a;t. 56 years." 

Francis Tyssen of London, merehant; s..>n ol' I'raufis T. of 
Gant in Flanders, afterwards of Ulysslng in Zealand. Arms and 
ped. (p. 16). Apollonia the wife of Daniel, and mother of th.; 
first Francis T., was a great-niece of Bislmp Pidley. The lamily 
is represented by Win. George Tyssen Amhurst of Foulden, eo. 
Xorfolk, lord of the manor of Ihickney.'' 

Sir Edward AYaldo, second sou of Danirl W., eiii/m and 
clothworker, who fined for Alderman and Sh. Till; and died IGGl. 
(Ped. p. 330.) Sir Edward lia.l six brothers, of whom .Fn^cph was 
a silkman in Loiuh'ii. 

When these Lists were proposed to the Gounell of the Camdem 
Society to be printed, my late friend Peter Levesquc, Esq. F.S.A., 

" lIc! allegeJ tliat his father was an Italian lately com« into England. The arris, .i:,:,r, 
a siraii uri/ent, were from .i vellum cscoeheon, painted in London, and taken fioni a sral, 
the colours heing the painter's fancy ; Sir Peter did not know what colours Ijclonged 
to his coat ; and the arms do not appear to have hecn allowed. In Hurl. i\lS. 5ii)1, 
Le Neve's " Knights' Pedigrees," it is stated that Sir Peti-r was knighted at Windsor 
Castle, IPth Juno, 1087, and that ho was a poor lad from Italy, and had been bntlcr to 
Charles Torriano. See also Notes and Queries, 3rd series, vol. i. pp. 110, 17'.», 234. 

^ Murray's Account of St. Dun'stan in the East, p. 56. 

' Burke's l-andod Gentry. 


find a ]\[embcr of the Council of oiu- Society, was kiiul cnougli \.o 
take cliargo of tlicm witli tlio view of giving from liis own peculiar 
sources of inlbrniation a soniewliat extoncled notice of such oi' 
the families as are still living in this country. Ills illness pre- 
vented him from carrying L'Ut his purpose, and on his death the ■ 
papers were found without any MS. notes. Other cireunistar.ces 
have since arisen which render the inquiries and search moi-e 
diflicixlt than they would have been, and 1 must eonlent myself 
with some very short particulars which, with the aid of Sir Charles 
George Young, Garter, and of Lancaster and York Heralds, I have 
been able to bring together with lacility. 

AuBEiiTix, ]^Iary and Mai;y Anne (p. 48). Francis A. of the 
city of ]Metz in Lorraine, merchant ; married Edune Coustuiiei-, and 
had a son, Paid A. of :\Ietz, who was born 27th July 1012, which 
Paul married Judith Pierson, by whom he liad two, Juhn, who 
was dead in 1718, and Paul A. of T^Ietz, bom 7th Xov. 1(3.10. lie 
married Judith Flguier, wlu.i was living a widow in 1718. The 
first-mentioned Paul had also two daughters, whose names arc nut 
mentioned in the pedigree Tie was grandfather of Peter A., ^\ho 
was born at Neufchatcl; he was for many years a merchant in tlie 
city of London," and retiring to Banstead, Surrey, " to spend the 
evening of his days," died there 12th June, 1808, in the 8ord year 
of his age, leaving Ann his widow, who also died there 31st July, 
1825, in her OOtli year. 1^1. I. Banstead.) Their son, the Lev. 
Peter A., vicar of Chipstead, died 9th Xov. I8G1, at the age of 81, 
leaving a numerous family. 

Auiiioi., John (p. .39), and Lsaac (p. 57). This family came 
from Lyons, and is still Ibund in hhigland. Henrietta, daughter 

» MSS. C'nII. Anns, Anindfl ir. n. i:,. 


and lieire?? of Peter A., of Celcniaii Stvcet, I-ondoii, mevfliant, niar- 
ricil iJlst Jan. 17-l.S. tlie lion. llAu:vt llay, successively iilAujp of ^t. and ArcM.i.-linp ,d' Yovk; xvl... succeeded as 'Jtli I'.ar! of Kln- 
TiouU." The llev. Edward A. is rector oi' St. Dunstan's lu-ilM'-A\'rsi. 
BOSANQUET, David (p. 4!)), was son of Pierre P.. Jle eame 
from Luuel in Languedoc, and was anceslor ol' all tlie numerous 
branches of tlio family in Enghmd, of whom Sir Juhn Bernard 

B. was one of IL IM. jud-vs. John, the hrotlior of David, was 
naturalised by Act o[ ]\uilament in ITO.']. A Cathulic branch, 
which remained in France, became extinct about 20 years since. 
{Kx inf S. R. Bosanquet, Esq.)"' 

Cni-VALiEi!, John (p. 45) ; Daniel (p. 49 and ,^7). Samuel l.e 

C. was minister of the French Cluireh in Loud^m in 151)1, and in 
Canterbury in 1595. A pedi.^ree of a family of this name is in the 
Add. MS. Brit. Mus. l'J,12;5, fol. 51. Another family lias bren b.,,^ 
settled at Ipswich, from whom in the female line the prcseu! IMeni- 
ber d. ChecoU.r Cobbold, .AI.P. is .Icscended. The name is well 
known in a-ricullure I's that of the introducer uf the (7/cre//,r barlry. 

CoLTi:, i\lAxnilLIAN and John (p. 80). I'he l)irths oj' these 
.sculptors at Arras are not mentioned by Walpole. 

D'Ar.AK, JaCOI! (p. 30) ; TlIEODORR (p. 'M). This family has 
givcai the name to Agar Town in St. Pancrns, :\Iiddlese.\. 

Dansays, FllANriS (p. [,-)). The family were residents at liyc. 
William D., a jurat of that town, died in 1787 (i\b P), and the 
family arc now represented Ijy tlie SloiiJunns." 

liiMPEKOR, WiELiA.M (p. 18). In 1GG4 John E. of Great Yar- 
mouth issued a Ti'adesnian's token.'' 

' Dougl;.s, vol. ii. p. .51. •■ Sol- .-ilso BurUe's Landed Gentry. 

" .Suss. Arch. Coll. xiii. p. -Jn". '' .Muiisliii.'s V:inii,.ulli, ed. Palm, r, li. i.. llMl. 

INIltdDUCrio.N. xxv 

Gai;];f.t, Makk (p. 7!»). wa^^ l.,jru iu ]',G\, And Alrd ](',:',-,. IT,- 
\v;is paintci- to ()iircn ElizaliL'tli and Aniv; of Denmark/' 

ClJKIMX, FkaNCIS ana Xl(IU>LAS (p. 51). Til,' HiniiW long 
continui'd at Ilyo, ami aru m.w ivpivscntcd in Sussex l.v tlic Ci'ofh}' 

11m\-i;.\A(;le, Klka/.AI: and dolix f pp. Ifi, 1 7). Tlds landly 
I'.ad M'tllcd In Sandwieli Icni].. I'li/.al.ctli. In loCS Mahiru II. 
was one •,[ tlio "dlacivs" lor nia kin- collections N.r the reilei' ol' 
tlie pMor, and lie contributed to tli.dr rellel' in 1571. 

IlL-(;n!;s.-.r,x, J.v.mes (p. 12), a native of Dunkirk, settled at 
Dover. He die.l at LIn = fd, in Kent, at tlie lK.n~e „r Ids son 
James IT., and was buried in Lin-led elnirch, 24i1l .Maveli, 1C.;17, 
a^La'd eiglily. Their pedigivc and mans were entered at tlie A'isila- 
tion of Kent anno Kid:; ; and tlie pedigree furtlier continued 
in Coll. Ai-ni. 8 D. 14. I.'m. ddie family is now represented liy 
Ivlward Knatchbull-///',/,-....,'., .M.T. 

Jaxsskx, TiiEODom; (p. .•Jd) ; A.vdkkw (p. 51). This landly 
is -till lleairi.diing in and elsewliere. 

\.x Si:i:]:i:, JonN Tetku (p. 52). .lohn La Serre, :\I.I)., lied 
r.-oni I'raiie,' on the licvoeation of the Kdiet of Xantes. and settled 
in the island of Guevns.'y. Horn at ViUe Magne, in Languedoc, 
in 1082; died 10th January, 1774; and was buried at St. 1','ter's 
Tort, < iuernsey. He married Esther, daughter of Peter AVhitehead. 
of Guernsey, ancestor of the family now resident in Guernse}'. 

» lie i^ aljo t-idloil Garnu-a. Cu-raHs. Gn-anl, Giierards, Garrats. a.i.l GiTanlus.. In 
Walliolc's Ancclutcs of I'aintcr.s ihcrc is a c.f liiiii, a..,l it is .statc.l tlial " the 
Sidney Tapc-rs at Tenshuret was a Irtter IVom Sir Kol.ort Sidney to hi; lady, ahout ir.'.l", 
dcsiriii- her to go to iMr, GnrrnCx, and pay liini for tlie picture of licr ami llie el.ildren, 
so long done and unpaid.-' In tlic Ia^t edition of liryan's Dictionary of Painters and 
Mngravcra (1S19), there is eonsiderahlo .h.uht e.ipressed as to the acoiiraey of these dates, 
hnt the wiiter was evidently not aware that there was anotlicr ^^(ld■ Gn-n'nl, the fatlier 
of the one now in question, who was also an artist, and witli whom lie has confounded 

( A.MI1. ^(K'. (' 

Le Ciievenix. PniLir (p. 34). The llunily went over to 
Ireland, and were at rort;u-lhin;ton. On lotli Jiuuiarv. 1745-0, 
liichard Clicncvix, Bishop of Killaloc, was translated to Waterford 
and Lismorc." 

Le Fevre or Lf, Fei!Vi;e, Joshua (p. H2); Dakii.i. (p. .'»!); 
Leavis and Samckl (p. 55). Tlic name was originally spelt Le 
Febvrc. The family have been of long standing as medical men. 
On 15th, IGGO, Xicasius Le Febvre was appointed chemist 
to Charles IL with a lee of 150/. a year. Li I)ecember of the same 
year, the name was changed to Nicholas Le Fevre, and he was 
granted the ollices of Chemist and Apothecary hi C'rdinary to 
the r.oyal Family, with a like fee.'' Sebastian Lc F. ALL. ol' Anjoii 
was admitted a Licentiate of the College of I'hysieians, London, 
22nd December, 1084.° From the French family of this name, long 
settled in Spitalficlds, where they had a vaidt. Lord Lversley is 
maternallv descended. His mother, TIelena, the only daughter of 
John Le !•. of Old Ford (who ob. 1800), mari-ied Chailes Shaw of 
Lincoln's Lm, who tonk the name and arms of Le F. in July, 1780. 

Louz.vDA, J. C (p. 52). Jacob Baruh Lousada, of the city of 
London, son of Ihnanucl Baruh Lousada, of the island of Jamaica, 
died in October, 1753, and was buried at :\Lle-Fnd. lie married 

" Scu Ulster Journal of Avch.xology, vol. iii. p. 223, and iv. p. 21;'.. 

>• On lOth Oct. 1061, tlicrc arrivcfl for Nicliolas Le F. 36 i«u-ks of instruments, drii^-s, 
anil diemicil matcri.ils, which were to be discharged at .St. .Tames, free from f 'iistoins. I To 
did not, however, oljtain his fees, and when he claimed them the Board of Green Clolh 
reported that there \v;vs hut ono apothecary allowed for the household, and the place was 
settled on John Jones. In March IG65 he obtained an order for a fee of iVl. a year, and 
in April UOi a year for board wages, 12/. a year for lovrhc of Court, and -U. 19s. ed. a 
month for fuel for laboratory; yet the salary was paid only to the preceding December, and 
on the settlement of the Household, only one apotliccary being again allowed, no pro- 
vision was made for Lo Fevre. Again his arrears were paid, and in Feb. 1604 he was 
properly added to the Houseliold.— Mrs. Green's Cal. Dom. S. 1'. 0. Charles 1!. 

" Muni;, Roll of the College of Phvsicians, vol. i. p. 4(i5. 

Aljii_'ail, daiigliter of Is:mc Lamego, of Jamaica, by whom lie luiJ 
a fimily, some of wliosc descendants are living." 

3IAUTINEAU, Gaston (p. 5G). In the French cluirch at Xur- 
wich is a talilet in memory of " Gaston il. of Dieppe, surgeon, who 
lelt France on the Fiovoeation of the Edict of Xantes in 1G85, and 
setded at Norwich in 1(195; and of David UAih son, lilccwise a 
skilful surgeon. He married Elizabeth Finch, by whom he left one 
son and two daughters, and died 29th :\Iuy, 1729, aged thirty-two. 
And also of Ids son David }>I. born in 1720, and who died 19th 
X'ovcmbcr, 17()8, aged forty-two, also a surgeon. He married Sarah 
Meadows, who died in 1800." They were all buried in that church. 
The last-mentioned David II. hud five sons, Philip .Aleadows 
(a surgeon), David, Peter Finch, John, and Thomas; and from 
these .Miss Harriet M and all llie present liimily of I^Iartlneau have 
descended. (E.x inf. J. Fred. .Martineau, Es,p) 

jMkxdez, pEituiNANDO (p. 52), was phy::ician in ordinary to 
Catherine the Queen Dowager of Charles IL He was created a 
fellow of the College of Physicians in London by the charter of 
James II., and was admitted 12th April, 1087.^ 

.Mi;tivii:i;, John (p. -Hi). A lamily of this name is of note in 
Guerusey, and one mendjcr is connected by marriage with the very 
ancient lamily of Piil.vuLX there. 

" Grants Coll. of Arms, vol. xiii. ful. 2jj. 

I' Jlunk, vol. i. p. 431. I''roin tl.e louiuL-ition of tho College of Phjsichins in Luii.lun, 
ni;iny furoi-iiers wore aamitteil, .iiiJ in udiUlion lo tliu names given Dr. MuiiU 
HKiitions the following among tlic admissions between lUSl and lUS'J :— 

John Dui-r.vt, Jl.U. of Jtontpellier; Lie. 1 Oet. liiSS. 

Joii,v tiuuENVELT, .M.l). of Oavcnter in Ilollan.I, Lie. "2 April, lGb3. 

l'iiu.u- GuniK, M.D. of Jlontpellier, Lie. Uie same day. 

JusiiLM Le [''LEUiti:, created a fellow by cdiarler of James IL. admitted 12 April, I'isT. 

Lkwis Le VAsr-ui:, a Pari.^ian ; Lie. 2 Oet. 1CS3. 

.lojiani Macclei:!:, M.I), of .MontpelUer; Lie. S .lune, lu-S'J. 

1'en'hv .MuliltlXLI, an ; Lie. 25 .hine, lOSl. 

Joii.N Peachi of Caen; Lie. 2d .July, Li.'-G. 

MiXET, Ajiiskosk and Isaac (p. oH). Aml-nw 'M. was lu.m 
about IGO.J at Corinon Of its vleiuhy In I'icanly. II.- ^va- a Ih'vuum 
aii.l iiilial.ltant of Calais, aiul dicJ tliere i]i 1(17.3. II,' inaiTir.l 
Susan llallronguf, by whom he had a niinicrous laniilv, who wciv 
dispersed in eonsequenee of the Revocation of the Kdiet of Nanti's. 
IJis widow, and sons Thomas and Isaac, landeil at Driver in KiSd. 
Thomas settled at (,'anterbury ; and Ixiae, who was l)orn at Calais 
In IGGO, settled in London with his bn.tbcr Andjfoi--. The 
pedigree and arms of thh^ family were reconled iu Coll. Arm. In 
tlie latter part of the last century/' 

iMoiiiLLox, Jacou and Amuu: fp. 8); loniKitr (p. IJ ); doiix 
(p. 10). The family have continued in Kent to th,- presou(' time. 

Ouvitl, Ja.MI>, (p. 39), also used as a Chvi-lian name by th.' 
Kensseau fimily (p. ry.i), became settled in Spitalfields, and were 
owners of Ireeholds thcie in the early part of the last century. 
IT-ederie Ouvry, b:s.p, now Treasurer of the Suei.-ty tif Antiquaries, 
traces his desca,! fi'om John Ouvry, b. 1707 and ub. 177-1, who 
marri.'d ?ilary h.eauvoir, and had two daughters, one of whoiu, 
3Iagdalen, died unmarried in \7r,5, and the other, ^lary. married 
I'etcr Saubcrgue; an.l one son, Peter, who married Franei.<ea, eldest 
daughter ol' Aime (.iarnault, of Coleman Street, and Tull's Cros.--, 
Enlield, a proprietor of iu Beds,'' and granddaughter of Ayme 
C, a liimily of note in I'icardy, hut now extinct, in the male line in 
England. The father of Sir Samuel Eoudlly -^ married Margaret, 
only d. of vVyme G., sen., and aunt of Francisca O. The eldest son 

■■' .MS. C.n. Ann.s, Xoilnlk, ii. ,,. 12. 

Ingnun. MS. Coil. Arms, q. 1, ful. 107. 

c I'otCM- Uoniiily, tlie liitli.T, was born in lGS-1 at IMonlrc-llicr in France, and canu, to 
England from Geneva, wliicli he visiter! in 1701. (Jlemoirs of Sir, .SamuH Koinilly, i. 
1)|,. 2-4.) Tlie Master of tlie Rolls is not therefore a dcscentUnit of oir. of il,e refiiKi ..s 
driven out of Kran.'e on tl,e leiocation of llie Edict of Nantes. 


of I'cter uud Fiancisca 0. \v:is I'ctrr Aiiue 0., who UKUTk'il Surah 
Amelia DcLinain, and lull six children: the I'lev. IVtcr ()., miirrii-il, 
and has issue; Lieat.-Col. Henry AiniJ 0., 0.15., married; l-rederie 
0., Trcas.S. A., married; llcv. Juhn North OiivryXorth; Franelsea 
Ingram 0.; and Sarah :\Iary U., married Francis Sibson, :\I.D.,F.U.S. 
The name still continues in tlie neighbourhood of I'ie[)pe. 

Paget, C.'ESak (p. 47). A French family of this name, still 
flourishing in Leicestershire, was settled there in the time of Fli/.a- 
beth by A'alerian P. lie liad a son Leonard, whose descendant, 
Tlromas P. of Ilunibcrstone, is the present head of the family, and 
Charles P., one of the younger branch, is now ]\L P. lor Xotting- 
liam. This Ca:sar was Irowever of a dillerent lannly. 

Pallavicini, J, G. (p. 28j. A portion of this limiily was .settled 
in London as early as L581, wlien Horatio P., who was an Italian 
of tlic state of Genoa, was returned as one of the strangers who did 
not go to cliureh,^ind in 1.3HS he subscribed .3U0/. towards tlie 
to the queen,'' Nicholas de (^oz7.\ Ijeing the oidy other stranger who 
subscribed so large an amount. Horatio P., who was of Pabraham, 
CO. Gamb. was knighted, and was of considerable Impurtance in the 
reign of h^li/.alietli. .Many particidars of him are given in i\Ial- 
eolm's Londiuium I'Lcdivivum, vol. i. pp. 0-14-.3, and in Hawkins's 
edition of Ignoramus, p. x." His I'uneral achievements are displayeil 
in the MSS. of the College of Arms, I. 16, and there is an elalio- 
rate pedigree of the family in Litta's Celebrated Italian Fanulics, 
vol. iii. James Grosljy, l^sij., F'.S.A., has kindly sent me the liil- 
lowin;:- extracts from the parish registers of London : — 

es. On Jtury's dcatli lie bfc';in\c a I'lotustimt, jirocuruil 
pocketed Uie money he Ii;ul rccelveil for tlie Pope. Tlii 
I way of aeeountiiig for tlio iiccuiiiary trouliles of liis ilcsoc 


St. BoTOLi-ii, nisiiopSGATF.. Biiptisiiis : IGOO, April 25, Ifenry tlic soime 
of Sir Iloiiitio raulavicino, kn', baptized. Y*^ C'nuiites.s ol' SIii-osbiirlL', 
the yconjrc, dcputif lor y° Quceues Jlujc'Stio, buliig goJniotln.'!-; tlie Lord 
TrL';isurer and y" Earlc of Shrosburic godfathers. 

St, Giles, Ckii'I'leg.vte. Baptisms: 1G12-3, Jan. 12, Kathoriiio, 
daughter of Edward Paukivizcne, gent. 

Sfveral members of this flunily married into that of Cromwell. 

I'apillox, D.vvid (p 88). The family were till lately of Aerisc 
Plaee, Kent, and are now of Crowhiirst, Sussex; having intermarried 
v.dtli an heiress of the Pelhams. David was imprisoned three years 
at Avranches on account of his religion. Thomas 1'. sat for Dover 
temp. Charles II., and for Loudon 10th Wm. III. Philip 0. P. is 
now JI.P. Ibr Colchester. Sec also P.urke's Landed Gentry, p. 'JVC 

PiGOU, John (p. 35) ; STKrnEX (p. 40); Jami:s (p. 4 1). The 
fitniily have continued in Sussex and Kent, and still carry on tlie 
manufacture of gunpowder. 

EiCKEWAUD, Jacol; (pp. 15 and 16). The name has been 
slightly corrupted, but tlie family remain in Sussex. 

PoussEL, PowAi.N (p. 30); Jacoi! (p. 53); Isaac ( p. 72). 
Through the favour of Joseph Gwllt, fiscp, F.S.A., T can give the 
following particidars of this family. Laurens K. was born at <.^uille- 
Lu:uf, 3rd Oct. 159D. Ills direct descendant, Isaac P., disenibarked 
in London in 1699, from whom descended a P. who married Sir 
Griffith Jleredlth, a daughter of whom, Jlary Ca-iHitli, born June 
15th, 174L, married Jan. 16th, 1768, Peter Peuzevillu,of Spltaifields. 
They had two daughters, — Susanna; and Bridget P. born 21st Oct. 
1770, who married, 1795, John Curtis Byles, born 1777 : she died 
17ili :\rareh, 1829, and he in 1833. Their second son, John Beuze- 
viUe Pyles, born 1801, married in 1827 JIartha Soundy, and is still 
living at Ilenley-on-Thames, where, as at Peading, Pangbouriie, and 
other jdaces on the banks ol' the Thames, silk-mills formerly existed. 


ToRiN, Daniel (j>. ?,a); At.kaiiam (p.. "-7); F-LiZAr.r.Tn (p. .'J7): 
Samuel (p. 5'J). Tlic dcsccnaaiUs are yet living. 

TuKQUAND, Peter (p. 48). The family were of Cluitel-liciaiilt, 
in the department of Viennr', near Poitiers, and arc ttill in London. 

Varennes, John de (p. .JO). The family ulll remains in 
Enrrland. The Rev. G. V., D.D., rector of AVertley-Waterlcs?, cm. 
Cand.ridge, left an only danghter, the wife of the Pev. .Jos. Gill, 
rector of StapleluirPt, Kent, who took the name of "\'arcnne, hv 
licence, 25i]i April, 1816. Ezcklcl G. Y. is now a snrgcon in F.sscx. 

In the days when these returns were made, the sillc manidacture 
in England existed only in London and Canterbury.^ The free- 
men of the city o[' London carrying on the trade of Silk-throwers 
were erected into a fellowsliip Ijy an order of the Court of Alder- 
men in the reign of James I.; but, finding themselves too weak to 
rectify abuses and establish ordinances for the true working oi' that 
trade, by which 6,000 or 7,000 poor people were rclh'ved or sus- 
tained, they petitioned Charles 1. for a charter of incm'poration, 
whicli was granted 23rd jVjn-il 1G"29. The or-linances were allowed 
on the 20th July, 1G2'J. After the Pcstoration the charter was 
enlarged by Act of Parliament in 1GG2 (1-1 Car. 11. c. 15), by 
which it was enacted that no person in England should use the 
trade except after a seven years' apprenticeship, under a penalty of 
forty shillings a month: and all masters then using the trade, and 
all who had been apprentices for seven years, and were within Lon- 
don or Westminster, or within twenty ndles, were before the 25th 
December, 1G62, to be admitted into the Company. At this time 
the preamble states that above forty thousand persons were em- 
ployed by the company in and about London. They have never 
enforced their compulsory powers against persons carrying on trade 

" At Norwich, S.intl-.vicli, ami ColLlicstur, stufla, Ijaizes, and sayos were maimfacturutl. 


filwvc twenty miles fruin London. Tlie sUttute pixiliilnts lliciu fi'om 
fixing tni.le prices J' 

'['lie Silkmou of London also once ranked as a City Company. 
They were incorporated by letters patent, ."Otli .May, li'.:'.!, and 
on the llitli ^larch following a proclamation was issued IVoni Ni'w- 
niarkct for the well onlerlng of the silk trade tliroughont Lngland," 
but nothing is now known concerning the Coin])aiiy.° 

The Silk-weavers of Canterbury obtained thc!li- charter in KuO. 

It was not until 1719 that Mr (afterwards Sir ThonKl^ W.ombe 
and his brother erected at Derby the famous silk-mill bu- throwing 
silk, from models which he had clandostinelv obtained li-(jm Ital}'. 
From that time the manuflrcture spread itself widely; and 1 cannot 
conclude this Litroductlon better than by stating that in a list, 
prepared by Josiab liolnnson, l-'sq., of the places in bhigland in 
which the tbrov.dng is now carried on, thcj-e are enumerated sixty- 
two towns or places, of which the principal arc; I'ruton, Sumeiset; 
Cogglc-hall; Conglelon; Coventry; Derby; Devizes; I'^veshain; 
Fronre; Gloucester; Iluddersfiehl ; Leek; iMaeclesfield ; .Manchester; 
Xewcastle-nnder-Lyne; Norwich; Nottingham; St. Alban's; Sand- 
bacb, Cheshire; Stroud, Gh.ucester; Sudbury; Taunton; Tewkes- 
bury; Tiverton; Tring, Herts; and Watford. 

■' lU-iu.rtol Municipa! Corponaion Cummissiuners, ISJi, ].. 2;'l. 

» Linico's Cal. S. P. 0. Doni. vol. oc.xiv. In the next tho silk dyers ■>( \.nn.U,u 
conipljiincd tli:it an Act iireinirecl in llic invcBilinir year lor iireventinL' abnses in sill, ilve- 


Among the State Papers (Domestic) arc the I'oUowimi- 
returns of the Eeign of James I. : 

[Domestic James I. vol. 131' art. 104.] 


The howsehoMcrs being strangers wltliin the libcrtie of Sf. Martin's h 
Granil, London. 

Martin Dructt. 

Garret A'anbedber. 

Wyddowc Mynues. 

Alexander Wlllson. 

Gyllam Pullin. 

Eogcr Swarston. 

Jacob Poyster. 

Anthony Delysscley. 

Alexander Murrye. 

Jeames ]Mytchell. 

Nyeholas Comersye. 

Nyeholas Deport. 

John Brando. 

Bonaventure Lylle. 

Gyles Seres. 

Antliony Meryck. 

Alexander AVilliamson. 

Jeames Smythe. 

Lodwyek Tusc. 

Harmon De Weman. 

Cornelis Cloiepis. 

Xycholas Blorae. 

Jessper Frcdryck. 

William Peterson. 

John Coultryse. 

iVndryan Dcblangyc. 

Elizabeth Wyatt. 

Elyatt Vanderheade. 

Jolin Descharfe. 

Wynkin Poyster. 

Matthias Gylbi;rt. 

John Seelye 

Piobert Younge. 

Andryan Vandermcr. 

Garret Vandcrbg. 

Gyllam Tyon. 

.John Pookes. 

Gregory Princell. 

Gabriel Ilarrye. 

Henry Tyon. 

Peter Frlckall. 

Arnold Murrye. 

Jeames Detiic. 

Hanssc Cornetis. 

Wyddowc Rosinck. 

Fraunccs Deryckson. 

Conrat Rainoldes. 

Wydowe Xpian. ^ 

Andryan Princell. 

John Jeames. 

Gyles Vangalin. 

{In dorsv.) S' Martin's Ice graund, London. 

» There remain unly portions of the returns from London 

made to the commissioners ap- 

pointed in 1S21, and I have tV 

icrcforc printed the returns of 1 CIS in the Appendi.-i (j.ost, p. CO). 

1. Qucrc Christian ? 

r.v:\iD. .soc. 

B * 


[Uon.L'Stic, J^ic. I. vol. r2<, art. 4G.] 

A note of all sucli Allien straunger<, Frenehe mv\ Duteli, wliicli v/orcke 

and use the Cutler's trade in and al'out Lomloit, Wt'stmlntitiir, 

Strond, SoiithwarcL-e, and East Siiu/fJifelUk. 

Peter Brockc, denisen, a ni>- of Daltusar Pheiglar, )iu denizeine, a 

longc tyme. ^cr vaunt. 

Peter Balse, no denisen, a tervaunt- Angle Bret Euans, no deni7,eine, 

Oudenall Cratcli, ilenizen, a ser- a servauut. 

vaunt. Jonas ;\lelshar, denizeine, a ser- 

Gregory Eves, no denizeine, yet vaunt. 

worckcth as a JP a longe tynie, Adam Faslovcn, no denizeine, a 

beinge olde and poore. servaunl. 

George Sca^e, a denizeine, and Peter Spetzey, denizeine, a ^P of 

u Sp. late tyme. 

John Prcstwood, no denizein, a Peter Garret, denizeine, a M'' of 

servaunt. longe tyme. 

Lambert Peterson, no denizeine, Ilaunce Spright, (lenlzeinc, a "Si"' 

a servaunt. longe tyme. 

Widowe Lambert, a deiuzelne a Joliii West, no denizeine, a jJ' of 

longe tyme. late tyme. 

William Beillse, no denizeine, a Clem[eut] Semp[er], no denizeine. 

servaunt. a servaunt. 

]NLathew ALirgren, a Frencheman, John Johnson, no dimizeine, a 

no denizein, a -\P'. servaunt. 

John PawU, a frenchman, a deni- Jacob Sliephard, no deniz.:-ine, a 

z/iiic, a JP. servaunt. 

Anthoney Bone, alias Gilberdson, Andrew Frystell, no denizeine, a 

no denizeine, a servaunt. iP. 
.lohu llannce, a denizeine, a I\P of Henry Lyskens, denizeine ; havinge 
longe tyme. sword blades sent him by mar- 
George Chcrretrce, no denizeine, ehauntcs from beyondo the seas, 
a ]\P of lunge tyme. to sell by grosse as all other mer- 



cliaunts ilo or, lie pclktli 
them by dozcinc and half do7.einc, 
and in smaller nombor by rctayle, 
to the great hurtc and damage of 
the company hi gencrall, and 
some other particular persons 

(//( A note of alliens straungcrs using and cxcrcisinge the art 
of Cutluric in London, AYcstminster, Strond, Sowthwarcke, and East 
Smythfeild, tlii.-* xj'" of I\hirchc, 1621. 

who htiy of the saidc swordcs 
blades of others, and beinge free- 
men do retayle the same, who, 
by his retaylinge in that manner, 
ar much hyndered. 

[Dom. Jiic. I. ' 

The names of the 
Ccnwilnc. Peter Spit<j'n-, 

Gcrinaine. Clement Slampcare, 
James Lanfiin, 
John Dawson, 
Jacob Shophousey, 

('t'eniu'iiic. Jonas Melcher, 

AMUiam Vananwirk, 
Andrew Fastihj, 
Teter Garrett, 

John Leonard, 


Leonard Vandenboan, 
Gcrmainc. Gyles Eudd, 
John Smith, 

Peter Brock, 

. 128, art. 47.] 

rangers Cutleks. 

.S' Andrewes in Holbornc, 

S' Andrewes in Ilolborne. 
Allhallowes Berking. 
Alhallowcs great, in Thames 
Butt[olph's] without Algat( 
S' Brides. 
S' Brides. 
S' Brides. 
S' Brides. 
S' Brides. 
S' Giles in the Feilds. 
S' Giles in the Feilds. 
S' George Southwark. 
S' Georue Southwark. 



Peter Bai?d, S' George Soutliwrirk. 

Ga-)ivinii. George Clieritree, .Alargarctts, AVestiuiuster. 

John West, Ohivcs, Southwark. 

Antlionic Gilderton, Tlionias Apostle, Southwark. 

Richard Loan, Stepney, in KatclliVe ILnnWett. 

OuJeuall Cratch. 

Gregory Evcrs, in Est Smythi'eild, very pore. 

George Scatc. 

John Prestwood, in S' Olaves, by the Church. 

Widow Lambert, by S' Kathrens Dock. 

EitijU.^h-hurn. Lambert Peterson, att il"- Jenkcs, upon Tower dock. 

AVilliam Balse, is with Lambert, att il' Jenkes. 

I\Lithew :\IargTcn, in Bhickfryers, the King's servant, 
[Useth not tlio trade, but is the King's servaunt or uicsscngcr.] 

John PawlL 

John Haunse. 

Baltazcr Pheiglcr. 

Angle Brett Euans. 

Oldam Faslovcn. 

Haunse Sprigh't, by ileet Lane. 

John Johnson, ncre the pumpe in Est sinythiciltl. 

Henry Ll^kens. 

. These to come at ton of the Clock on Monday morning next. 

[19 ,^Llv. 1G21-2. 19 Jao. L Ibid. :u-t. GO, On i.] 

A rcporte made by the JIaistor and Wardens of the Compiiny of 
,L)VNEi;s, Ceeleks, and Caiiveus w"'in the City oC Loiii/"n, of 
all the strangers borne, iuhabitinge and dwoUingc w'""in the 
city of London and liberties thereof, and w"'in the Borougho_of 
Snut/„r,u-Lv (so nooro as they can be collected), which .lue use the 


arte or mistcry of joyniiige, ccelinge, and carvingc, as well the 
iinii.^ters as the servants, by -whoine the euU Corporaclon doe 
receive grcate detriment and losse by meaucs of theire private and 
seacrett -woorkingc. 

Tm: M^vsTEks. Tin; Seiivams. 

Ilannan Jaspers. Lucas Scidke. 

Wilbert Spere. John Ilenrlckson. 1792540 

r.arne Wildrick. 

Charles . 

Anthony ilyros. 
Nicholas L)r_'rrani. 
John Ctruell. 
Bartell ToLde. 
John Lovingsbone. 
John AA'dand. 

The Dukes Place. 
retcT Garlyson. Mathyas Jlurys. 

Joyce Oger. Ilaunce KuUcr. 

Nicholas Welters. 
Derrick llcbdcn. Ilance Langraan. 

Erasmus Ilenrvekson. 

Francis Vanaburse with John 
Simon Derrcall. John JJarnes. 

John Buck. 
Thomas Longc. 
John Glorio.'' 

Ilaunce llcrick. 

Francis ilyros with -James Sim 
Is Araller, of the puri.he .,f S'. Androwes in Iluljjoi 


Diitcliman, Ly prolesslon an instrument niaker, and noc denizen 

iselti.' rcportetli). 

:pet]i a lujiise and servantt 
William Goslon, 'Mix 
Richard Bowtoun, 

(Indorsed.) To tlie rig! 

Erasnnis Ilcndrlck, 
Jocc Vtgar, 
Symon de Eyall, 
Newii'oton Green. Samuel 
Salomon de themps. 

Derrick Holding, 
Ilauuce Langman, 
Harmon Ilendrick, 
Danicll Gallcre, 
John Glorye, 
Harm an Jasper, 
William Xiningliurst 
John Greenwell, 
John Lovingston, 
• -Vdani Bold ton, 
John AVilland, 
Bartholomew Powell, 
Wilbcrt Speece, 

John Hcndrick, 
Thomas de Longs, 
Peter Gowatso. 

[Indorsed.) Joyncrs. 

^ War 
lIor.ERTE Linton, i 

t worshipful Sir Rob' Heathe, Knight 


Dukes plaee. 
the same. 
Kath. Creechurch. 
A'anhan, Kath. Creechurch, a silver 
Kath. Creechurch, noc trai 

Kath. Creechurch. 
Kath. Creechurch. 
Kath. Creechurch. 
Leonards, ShoreJitch. 
Olaves, Hart Street. 
The same. 
The same. 
The same. 
The same. 

The same, poor and left tl 
The same. 
The same. 
The same, workes n'' my I. 

The same. 
Trinity, Mynories. 


^o. of 

^funday in ye afternoon 
Charles y" man a Baker in Southwark. 


[Dom. Jac. L vol. 139, art. 5?.] 
Endorsed upon ;m undated petition of Zucliarias Paiyting, Candle-maker 
of London, " borne in tliis kingdom altlio' of Duteh parents, and 
married unto a frecmans widow witli many small cliildren." 

Tallow Chandlers. ' . 

liobcrt Wilson. 

CoIqi^. not bound. 

Petes Beard. 
Abral'.am Mr 
Jacob I'arkit., 
J'aseall King. 
Susann King. 
ISartliolomew Yancrunbur 
Zacliary Writing. 

Daniel 1 Robertes. 

Samuell Clerk, of a Duteli funil 

born in England, not b'jinid. 
Leon'^ Vunderlind. 
John van Pean. 
Daniel CIcmcnty, in S'. George 

lane, neere Puddinn-e lane. 

The Catalogue of tl 
English, borne 

Jean du Beuf. 
Philippe deNeu lev 
Philiin>e de Xeu 1 

[Don.. James I. vol. 131, art. 100] 

le Names of the Artisans, Strangers, Denison? 
of the 'Wallon congregation of Cantcrbcri/. 


Gilles Mottc. 
Oste Messcman. 
Vincent Fcrrot. 
Anthoine do Paehe, 
Anthoine Pron. 
Anthoine Mellon. 
Jean Oudart. 
Esaje de Lobeau I'ais 
Esaie LoilVov 


Florcn So 
Ja.jues IP 
Andre Pron. 
Pierre du Bos. 
Jaqus Bultel. 
Jarpies JMeuneche. 
Jean Maton. 
ilartin Fran9ois. 
Jacob du Bois. 
Roger do Salome. 
Francois SI.x. 
:ne. Jean do Beuer. 
Noe Thierv. 

Jai"[ncs du Pi en. 
Jean Desmari'tz. 
Estienne Daguc. 
Nicholas Houque. 
Tilichiel Lo Clercq. 
Jean Ilouze. 
Corneille Sede. 
Jaques Cardon. 
Jean Ic *_'lcrcq. 
Tonssain Acart. 
Pierre Mercher. 
Charles Ou.lel. 
Anthoine LaL;-aco. 


Jcnn I.ousart. 
Pran^ois Lcsngo. 
Jaqucs Desbonuries. 
Pierre jMarqurint. 
Dimiol Lc Yc^uQ. 
Alu'aliam Masquiliere. 
Jaques ChastL'au. 
Jean lc Elan. 
Simon Bade. 
Jaqiics le Clcrcq. 
Daniel Fer. 
Tiniotliee Basure. 
Nicolas Casset. 
Pierre du I'oi.-. 
Enoc de la Jlarliere. 
Pierre de Lcspcnne. 
Joan de Vogliel. 
Jean Le Poultrc. 
Antlioinc Muliieu. 
Jean Doizo. 
Pierre Pourtraiet. 
Simon do Linmcaux. 
Jean Bnieart. 
Loiijs Le Clercq. 
Isaac du Buisson. 
Anthoinc Jacquemont. 
FraiK^ois Jacquemont. 
Charles IMotti. 
Jean Petit. 
Lauren Beth. 
Louis de Piov. 
Jean Cacli.'ui-. 
Jean de Lillers I'aisne. 

Arnold de Lillcrs. 
Anthoine Gurauelie. 
Jean Cornette. 
Andre de Aloury. 
Pierre Laurens. 
Auiand Wijbaut. 
Pierre Plorv. 
GiUes Guenin. 
Jean Messenian. 
Jaques Pinehoii. 
Jaques de la Marlierc. 
Jaques Provost I'aisne. 
Aiiiaud Tauornier. 
(Pdle du \:d. 
Pierre du Hem. 
Pierre Bogart, 
Pierre Lausollo. 
Joan Le Plan. 
Pi.ljort Le Peburo. 
Xirolas de Parnacqucs. 
.Viitlioine Canez. 
l'"ran(,'oi3 Puton 
Priie du l\Iiuy. 
Nicolas Ca])pon. 
Jaques du Bos. 
Jaques de Lcspaul. 
Paul de Farnaequcs. 
Bouilacc Lc Fay. 
Joan do le Bccque. 
Jean IHi Bos. 
Giiillame Belengion. 
Philippe Bcrtho. 
Nicolas Francois. 
Phdippe llennain. 

, IN KN(il.ANi). 

(tuontin Gallemar. 
Anthoine Ilorhaut. 
Claude iMcignot. 
Joan ]\hirtin. 
Daniel Corauelle. 
Oste DolYermout. 
Simon Pcfa. 
Jacob i\Iorlllon. 
Jean Barquols. 
Iluben Duuchemon 
Ba.tleu Cand.ieu. 
Valentin ;\laearel. 
Philippe iVeart. 
Chrestophel Ferrot. 
Andre Cappon. 
Jesse du P.nt. 
Pierre Cornart. 
Elie Bonlengor. 
Nicolas de Santlnu-i 
Andre du Pion. 

Jean i\Ieurissc. 
Anthoinc Laoutro. 
Jean Roiisollo. 
Nicolas Ferrot. 
George Balaine. 
Jaques Cornart. 
Jaques Jlotte. 
Andre iMorilh.n. 
Joan Piorriuin. 



Pierre Cottin. 

AlullMiiio ]\vh<r 


Gui'^bin Gnllcmar. 

Francois Dlondean. 

Fery Lovedain. 

Sanuiel dv le iluillcrc 

. Pierre Perrot. 

Miehic Ilenneton. 

Robert Morilloii. 

Alard Daral. 

l-i-mj.-j du iilen. 

Jean Donnaing. 

Jo;.-:e Grimanport. 

Qucntin Wijbaiif. 

Isaac de Wee. 

-Jean de ^'isme. 

Cliarles Maue. 

Jean Prime. 

Ostc le .Mart. 

Jean .AL.nnoke. 

Jean Martin. 

I'asquier Poste. 

.Alichie Lo Puv. • 

Jean do Ic Porte I'aisnc 

; Denis Wijbaut. 

.lean de Xcu. 

Jean dele Porte lojeune 

! Jean Courteau. 

Jean Snellaeri I'ais)! 

Israel Caron. 

Loujs Ic doux. 

-Miehie de le Becqnc 

jVntlioine Six. 

Pierre le Lieure. 

l-'rancois de Kiequ' 

Jean AVanncscrt 

Thomas Six. 


Lauren de rEspiuuc 

Jean grcnier. 

Jaques de Rieqlie- 

Josse le Lon^. 

Da)iiL-l Sottcau. 


Loujs .lu Mmiehoaii. 

Samael Dellirnacque.-. 

, Pierre 'de Picque- 

Jean AVibort. 

Jaques Lasutre. 


Adam P.ous.'Ilo. 

Adam Patte. 

.Micliierde Goudery, 

Jaques Ilarduc. 

Francois GodeiVoy. 


Anthoinc Blondcau. 

Abraham Tiery. " 
English bormc. 

Anthoinc Cocquean. 

Paul Picart. 

Daniel Vcron. 

Abraham Mnuni.T. 

.lames le Noble. 

John Le Ciere.p 

I'.lie iJeseanqi^. 

.lolni le K'eux. 

James Prevost tlie 

Peter Gastel. 

Salomon d,. rKspaul. 


John Gucsquicre. 

i:iia-^ Cartel. 

Abraliam Lovidant. 

\\'illiam Graue. 

jMiebael Piecjuart. 

Peter Pegnard. 

I'etcr le Noble. 

James Barel. 

Daniel Fcrrot. 

Samuel Du Bois. 

Pbilipe Clarlsse. 

.James P)0ullcn. 

Henry Pareit. 

Abel Tiery. 

Isaac le Poultre. 

],)avid I'areit. 

Esaje de Loboau tlio 

Samuel Dcscamps. 

Samuel le Poulti-c. 


:\IIehael Pollet. 


Peter du I'ois the de Lespaul. 

John L.'.vidani. 


Jnhn Gambien. 

IVter Ponsellr. 

(■AMD. SOC. 



Phillpo Ilaiguercllc. Jolm It- Mor. -luinrs du Bols. 

John Baudry. I'llrazer de Jonguc. Luc Bcluc. 

Andrew Dcspaigm:'. SiunuL'l du I'dls. Peter rrcminciii 

Samuel Scdt. .1;iuies ^lonnier. John Luignieh 

John Snellaerd tlic do Moucheau. IMardoccu llegii: 

yongcr. Xne dc iloucheau. Isaac IIerh;iini.'. 

William i\Iessoman the John ]\Ionnier. John Freuleu. 

yongcr. Jolm le Lou. Jaeol) de Pin. 

Daniel llcnncton. Peter Tiery. John le Sage. 

James le Kcux. Samuel Chastcau. Abraham Jouel 

John ilorillon. Snnuiel de Ncu. John I\Iei^seman 

James Guenin. Ahraham Snellaert. Isaac Sedt. 

Elie Lesee. John du Bois. Isaac Poutre. 

Abraham Cavcttc. Edwart le Kicux. John Despnignc 

Daniel TVancourt. Peter Ic Kieux. Peter_du Hot. 

Samuel Pinchon. Joel d\i Pirc. John le Ileeguc 

John du ]\Iouclicau. Isaac dc la Aler. Israel de Pin. 

James Eousellc. Jacob de la Mer. ,John de I'I^simh 

Jacob Ponltrc. Pieter le Sage. John Blniidean. 

]\Iovse I'llondeau. Jolm Bccuc. Jonas Fossier. 

Adrian van Usse. James de Xeu. 

'hese arc y"^ names ol'y>-' Masters and Journeymen of the silk weavt 
silkc rashc and stuff weavers, woollcomors, spinners, (pnll make 
and of the Daycrs, Taylors, Ihdccrs, Loonie and Wheelemal^r 
ibr the congregation. 

[//; Jor.n.] Cauntcrbnry 



[Uoni. .lue. I. vol. 129, nrt. 45.] 

.Maidstone, 1 9" Aprilis, 1G22.— The names ol' such stian-ci-s bdiiie and 
tlicu'c children as use handycrofts within this Towne. 

1. John Collaut, trading in making of thrcade. Abraham, his sonne, 
using the same, borne in this towne, a Irccman. 

2. Gyles Gierke, using that trade and gardnyug. Juhn L'lerkc, liis 
sonne, borne in this Towne, and liis wife, an Engllshe wuman, u^e no 
Trade but luisbondry. Abraliam, another Sonne oi' the said Giles, un- 
married, and is under Ins lather. 

3. Naehin Hills, widowe, using Gardnyng only. Abraham Hills, 
her Sonne, using Gardnyng, and sometymc making threcd; both hee 
and his wife Englishc borne. 

4. AVilliam Gierke, sive maker, and sometymc making tlireed. 
Daniel, his sonne, English, as is also his wife, threedmakcr. 

0. Aryna Heard, a poore woman using Threedmaking. Fvaiieis 
Beard, her sonne, and his wilt', Englishe borne. 
l-liujlUi born. 

(i. Abraham Goerley. Borne here, and a freeman of the towne, as 
also his wife, \ising also threed making, but the sonne oi' a stranger. 

7. Danlell Beeekman. B-ornc in this towne and his wile also, 
Englishe: ■I'hreedmaker, his lather a straungcr, and a Irecman of the 

8. James Danens, Threedmakcr. 

9. Mary Yanda, widowe, Threcdraaker. 

10. William Vandale, Thrcedmaker. 

11. Joanc Goerly, widowe, Threedmakcr. 

The better sorte of these wee take to liee but of meane ability, and the 
most of them poore, but by their trade the poore both of the 
Towne and Gountry adjoiiiing are ymployed to spynyng. 

Joiix C!:".Mi'K, Mayor. 

W-*^' GmUUn Beeorderand T..wn Glcrk. 


(/„ <lurs,K) 'Hic 'riu-cdmakci-s' trade much dficayod by the iui] 
'thrcd IVuiu l-'lauuilcrs, as tlio strauu'nn-j of ^lavl.-rtouc allinii 


'I'hL' names of the Iiihabitantes of the Towne and port of /,',„•,.,■. as well 

beyiigu straunguis bonie as denizens, and the names of sueh that 

were borne in Enghuid, havuigo a filthcr stranger, and what trade 

and profession they use in the saidc townc and port. 

James Ilughcssen, theldcr, merchant; borne at Dankirke; having 

dwelled in the said towne by the space of 2-t yeeres at the least is a free 


James llughe?sen theyonger, Peter Ilughesson, Abraham llughessen. 
Sonnes oi' tiie said James" llughessen thelder, who were borne in 
England, and use trade or merchandize. 

Xlchoks S]. ringer, Sonne of Peter Sjiringer, alien; winch said Xi- 
ehohis was buriie hi this towne, and ])V his pn.fes^iou a w,.ll cnnd.rr. 

Henry 1 .and.erd, cowp.a-; l,.,rne n.'are Rynebarg.', and hath bene a 
denizen by the space of 40 yeeres or therabout. 

Lewis C.-nley, I'.a-kett maker; borne in Artois; who4iath dwelled in 
the said tnwne'of Dov.n- about 35 yeeres. 

Bartholomcwe Planck, cowper;" borne in J-launders; having hore 
iuhabyted about 3 yeeres. 

Cornelius Lopper, and Joseph Lopper his s.Mine, marryners, who 
have bene inhabytantes here 1)y the space of diverse yeres pa^t. 

Cornelius llughessen, merchant; a sojornor witli the said James 

Peter Adrianson, marryner; borne in Uollaud, and here hath dwelled 
by the space of diverse yeres past. 

Piogor White, Taylor, sonne of John A\'hlte. Taylor, borne in 
Maunders, as his said soime hath heard; the said Roger was borne- al 
Kind-wold iu this couuiv of Kent. 


The names of tlicni wl 

:-li ol'liite CLimc out of France by reason of 
trollies, yet contiucwinir. 


M' ]\Ioyscs Cartaiiet, Minister and 

preacher of Goclcs word, 
JNI^ Aaron Blondoll, jMinister and 

preacher of the word of God. 
M'' Stephen Chaven. 
David Berville, merchant and 

M'' Phillip Tiembronne, phisician 

and apothccavie. 
M'- Michell :\Iel, advocate in the 

court of Nonnaiidie. 
Gabriell de Bi 
Charles dc Bures, ) 
Piobert dc Ballerc, grocer and 

James Danell, merchant chandler. 
Aaron Davall, merchant draper. 
Charles Chappe, brewer. 
Jeremy Ncpvcn, suiyeou. 
James le Petit, ( Ir.icer and mercer. 
John La Tellier, Brasyer. 
John de la I'lane, Lvniieu \veavcr. 
David ihirsier, marry ner, theldor. 
David ilarsier, the yoaUL^-er, mar- 
ry ner. 
James La Cock, niarryner. 
Nicholas Dovaj-, Lynnen weaver, 
John La Kou.x, marryner. 
John Journcux, marryner. 
Jane la Itowse, Jane La T 

i\Liry By vault, Jane Cai'tt 

LoiJii de la Bemcry, Mary Gcrj. 

John Brome, marryner. 
Francis Bowland, scolcmaister 
M" James de Francs, Advocat, 
Nicholas EousignoU, Scolemai: 
Ydevcrt Provost, wolcomlicr 


Peter Savage, John de Va 

Peter le Ccrf, Isaack le Llai 

James Billyard, wolcombers 

weavers sett to \vork by 

aforenamed M' David Bervi 

Isaack 1 lamed, Butcher. 

Nicholas La Francios, Bu 

Jolni Pisotell, marryner. 
Georg Andrew, marryner. 
John Carraux, marryner. 
William de Burgncy, I'aylor. 
Peter le Pivoys, marryner. 
Salomon de Briton, mercer. 
James Licton, marryner. 
David Menard, joyner. 
James JLincshall, shipp carpe 
Andrew Arnanes, shomaker. 
Vincent Prymont, surgeon. 
Peter Ferrett, marryner. 
David Brlebant, draper. 
John de Yonce, draper. 
John Volett, gardener. '-^' 
L'llier, Avoy Fierett, 

we, Piretta Uoulaud. 

elt, .(akaiueu Pakett, 






Susan Jo Parrice, Katlierinc Scoynctt, Jlary Ilayc, 

Susau le Clarlc, Margarctt Carpenter, Elizabeth IIoopcU, 

Mary Uber, Blanch Musell, ,Mary ilellinc, 

Susan La Pastola, Jane Ovrys, Lawrcncia Bynctt, 

Jane Dukett, ]\Iartlia dc Grcsse, INIary de la Mdins, 

Elizabeth Pojiar, — Widowes, being makers of bone lace and spinster; 
Judith Ic Fever, wile of John La ]\Icrsier, Slieppard. 
iLiry Tarrycr, !Margarett le Moyne, ]\[aydens, and makers of l.ione lii 
and spinsters. 

(In dorsu.) DoN-cr.— Strangers. 


[Dom. Jut. L vol. 1-J;', art. G6.] 

[List of all the Strangers inhabiting Ihthe, eomnnniicatod in a Letter 
from the Mayor and Jurates of the Towno t'.> thi' Lieutenant of 
Dover Castle] 

John Jacobb afs Van dc Stat, whoe professeth pracktize in Phisick, 
plantinge and gardening; also he occupieth some ]\Lushland in Itonmey 
Marsh, and mauureth the same with sheepe, and some otlier land hee 
soweth with llax; hee had a stranger fluher, and (as he saitli) was borne 
in Elaunders. 

Phillip Van de Wallc, whoe is by trade a Wolcomer. and professeth 
the same; hee sum tymes deales in merchandize and keepcs a shop of 
smale wares hcerc; he was borne of strangers parents at Sandwich. 

And these two have inhabited heere by the space of seaven yeares 
together last past. 

Peter ^lorter, whoe is by trade a cooper, and (as he saitli) was borne 
in Flaunders, and aboute nyne yeares of his age came over into Ihig- 
land, and he hath dwelt heere aboute twentie-two yeares together hist 



[n..m. .T^if. I. vol. liO, .irt. f-'i 

■andwicli S.<. Apr. 2;)" 1622. Tlie naiiK'S of 
liulders, aswcll borne in the Towne nnd 
County of Kent, as clscwlicre out of tlic 
Ijitelno- in the said Towiie of Sandwich 

Aliens uornk. 

Nicholris do Cousser. John Ganne. 

Joes \'erboucke. John Lecmaii. 

Peter ]\Iartine. Jacob Eickeward. 

Peter Smith. Henry dc Backo. 

Israel Vaiider Slaert. Oliver Moonc. 

Daniel Wcghe. Gilles Outremann. 

Xieliolas Bruneol. Peter "\''an Acker. 

Samuel Vanden Cdaze. John Laigneel. 

WillianiVanden (^'daze. George Boccacrt. 

^Villiau^ Claesson. 
(iilles Aunecp. 
George Ren.lacrt. 
Lewes Fleming. 
Peter Ambroos. 
John Kickasios. 
(_'ornelis Hewn. 
Peter Paigneel. 
Peter Blankaert sen^ 
Peter Blankaert jun'', 
Gilles de Toor. 
John Verhure. 
Nicholas de Kinver. 
Michael Witts. 
Lodowick Posset. 

Daniel Vander Speijc 
Jacob dc Bever. 
Joos Bossard. 
Paul Scherrier. 
Lawrence A'crbure. 
John Venneeris. 
Joos Vlnckord. 
Gelande ^Mankie. 
David Pyrrot. 
Peter de^Turek. 
Peter Caillet. 
Ilubiight de Cater. 
Lamlxrt He^sell. 
John de Kunte. 
^Malbavd Spilliaert. 

all the strangers, house- 
port oi' Sit/iihrir/t in the 
Kingcs dominions, iidia- 
as followetli, viz. 

^hdicw Yermeulen. 
John Beliagle. 
Cornells Lrmis. 
Ghelein dc Ilaue. 
Malliaert Hobble. 
John A^tinge. 
Peter de Toor. 
Carell Rickasles. 
Gilles Dijan. 
Engle Annezon. 
]\Iartine Bart. 
Gillis Vanden AVelde. 
Peter J-Jeminge seii"". 
Charles dc Radde. 
Francis Florczonne. 
John Vanden Einde. 
I'eter ATorardc. 
Franci.s (jucecko. 
Oliver dc i\Iaster. 
Francis Smith. 
Francis de Quceer. 
John Olivier. 


Lambert VamlcnGlaze. 
Xiitlianicl du Poudc. 
Jeremy dc Clapper. 
Peter Wollcicay. 
Joos Lovoet. 
Daniel Bnmcel. 
John Boeravc. 
John Aecart. 
John Bcnns. 
John dc Doornc. 
Elcazar Piickasie?. 
John Houckc. 
John Pincklcr. 
Symon Mcsdaoh. 
Samuel Godsehalk. 
Charles Yanden Cvo 

Peter de Jlonier. 
Jacob Valmaer. 
Jacob Spilliaert. 
Abraham Vandcr Esj)!. 
John Kricket. 
Jacob Kickcward. 
John dc A'incke. 
Samuel Beerten. 
Jacob de Beer. 
Gcrsum pLickasics. 
Auchell Casicr. 
John IlMcvenairlc. 
JMarke de Meester. 
John Basset. 
Benjamin Bocheljohn. 
John Vandon Iii-nucke. 

John de Backc. 
Peter dc Kacdt. 
Peter Cricket. 
Jonas Fcys. 
Jacob Stampe. 
Jacob dc Ivauer. 
John de ITaue. 
Jai'ob dc IMcj'cr. 
Peter ]\hirthie. 
Abraham do ^'vllck 

Abiraham dc Yinck 

Aust'nc Boccaort. 
Peter llessell. 
Isaac A'andcn Glaze. 
i\Ioscs Bochcljoen. 
Elias Johnson, 
-lacob Smekacrt. 
Jacob Wicke. 
John Bruncel. 
Jacob de Clarke. 
John Annezonu. 
Daniel Brooders. 
Samuel Walls. 
]\Iars Clarebout. 
David Bubba. 
John Jooris. 
vVbraham Van Dale. 
Jacob Buntc. 
Daniel de Toor. 
Jolm Letten. 
Abraham de Pact. 

Peter Joorl.^. 
Jlathcw Clarebout. 
Peter van Boxcll. 
John PanwcUe. 
Peter Clacszoon. 
Peter Spilliaert. 
Carell dc Yynck, 
jMathew ]5ecrten. 
Peter de Pact. 
Isaac Piickasles. 
Tobias Dammacrt. 
I'Tcazar Hovenaglc 
John Loovoet. 
John Jacob sen''. 
John Jacob jun''. 
Jacob IIcssclI. 
Peter "de Clopper. 
Jaqucs dc Bever. 
Daniel de Dome. 
Phillip van dalle. 
John Stampe. 
Peter Kickasies. 
Carell Kricket. 
Abraham Cambier. 
Peter Burgrave. 
Peter Fleming. 
Lawrence de Yos. 
John Claes. 
Jacob de Meester. 
Jacob dc Clopper. 
.losliua du Pondt. 
John IIcssclI. 
Francis de Pact iui 


John ITovenaglo. Jolin Calfc. Jeremy A'an.len Ycl. 

Peter Soodts. John Oliver jun^ Jacob de Serf. 

John de Bus. John Bcuzze sen"". AnthonyA'andeA'yar 

Salomon de blaster. John Bcuze jun''. Laao Brill. 

The trades and professions that they use here, arc making of Bayi 
Sayes, and Lynsio woolsics, Gardiners, Taylors, Basketmake 
and Whitesmiths. 


[S. p. O. Dom. Jm. I. Vol. 101, nrt. I'li. Soc also Sussex Aroli. Cll 

Jennc le Prctix, sa nicpce, et deux cnHms. 

Jcnnc Ic Bcrqucr, vuefuc dc Pierres le guagncur, ct ei 

Jacques Wiflaut, sa feme, et six cnlims. 

IMarlc Bisson, et ung enfant. 

Silvcstre dc la. Koquc, sa fenie, et unc fille. 

Madaleinc , vuefuc de Jacques boquin, ct ung 

Kicollas Chapellc, et sa iiiepcc. 

Jean Yassaquc, sa feme, sa socur, ct quatre enfans. 

]\Iichcl Laudmiyn, sa feme, ct deux enfans. 

Pa fciTie dWln-aham Creation, ct deux enfans. 

I\larie Giicrart, et trois enlans. 

jSIaric ilu Ventre, vuefuc, ct une lllle. 

Eachel Xcs, ct trois enfans. 

Marguerite Prcvost, vucfue de pierres Guespin, ct ung 

Jcime Guespin, et ung enfant. 

Marie A^lnccnt. 

(In -A.rv'o.j— Pyc. Stranger.s. 


[S. P. 0. Dum. Jac. I. vol. 131, an. 103.] 

A certificate of the names and professions of all strangers borne, and 
of all such as are borne of parents strangers, inhabitingc in the 

county of the cit}' o[ Xorwicli, made the day of June 1G22, 

accordinge to letters of the fourth of June received from the right 
\vori=hipfull S"' Thomas Coventry, Knyght, his ^lajcsties Attorney 
general!, and S'' liubcrt Ilcatli, Knight, his .Ma''" solicitor generall. 

Borne of p.\rents strangers. Borne i:eyond the seas. 

yor/h Com'.sfonl ]VarJ. 
Tobias Barton, gardyncr. Bowyn Porter, gardyner. 

Daniel Depute, weaver. Jacob Tevell, Aqua-vitc stiller. 

"William Emperor, Gorier, borne Giles Depute, -^veaver. 
of an Englishwoman, his father Tobias Bagrnnt, weaver. 
being a stranger. 

JJerstreie and Currowe. 

Roger Symouds, turner. 
William Leborne, weaver. 
Mallyard "Wydoot, husbondnian 
and gardyner. 

St. S/rplu;,',. 
Gedion Izebrand, labourer. "William Rottengoose, gardyncr. 

Francis ]\Ialbranke, weaver. 
Solomon Rottye, weaver. 
Cornelius ^^'yborne, cutler. 

St. J'ctrr's of Mancroft. 

Abraham A^ervinke, ho.=yer. Jaqucs Vanbarton, Claspomakcr. 

Francis Dackett, niercliunt. Toby Plasabert, jornyman weaver. 


]\-c,t in, 

Elizeus Dcsbonnctt, woiivcr. 
Nathan Desbonnctt, Aveavcr. 
Natlianlell Dcput'.', weaver. 
David Fcevc, jornymau weaver. 
Tobias Peskesoii, jorny man v.-eaver. 
John de lynne, twistcrer. 
I'etcr Cobnan, weaver. 
SolomonDanell, jornymau weaver. 
Daniell Dewytte, twisterer. 
Solomon Vervijike, jornvman 

Abraham Dewhytt, jorniiuen 

Moyses Whltebrcad, Baker. 
Solomon Waggener, Baker. 
Jeremy Lawes, twisterer. 
Abraham Lawes, chayre maker. 
James Cove, twisterer. 
Adrian Petryns, weaver. 
Al.raliani Derriek, husyer. 
John Demay, jorninian weaver. 
David Dam, gardyner. 
Jacob Tolleve, jorniman weaver. 
Josias Brabant, laborer. 
John Head, jornymau weaver. 
John Anton, grocer. 
Gedion Demay, weaver. 
Francis Vcgeslcr, twisterer. 
Jacob Levogge, twisterer. 
Abraham Balder, jorniman v/eaver. 
Isaak Kecke, woolcomcr. 

7HT Wan/. 

Peter Rottingoose, gardyner. he h 

a hosyer likwise. 
ilathew Bock, twisterer. 
Nicholas Face, weaver. 
Fcrdinando Dchone, liosc stamper. 
Wedow BooJry, maker of Sayis. 
Wedow Clarke, hosyer. 
George Fox, liosyer. 
.John Yanixon, sen^ hosyer. 
Paule Deman, jorniman weaver. 
AbrahamDaniell, jorniman weaver. 
Andrew Allard, weaver, he is a 

hosyer likwise. 
IMiehaell Darner, jorniman we;iver. 
John Hagucr, jorniman weaver. 
Jasper Bowdree, weaver. 
Francis Bonner, weaver. 
Charles Vandoylye, usurer, 
George Deboyse, hosyer. 
John Lctton, hosyer. 
Giles Sandeville, hosj'er. 
Jacob Doyeve, weaver. 
David Brooke, twisterer. 
John Benno, twisterer. 
Nicholas Doyfer, tailor. 
Joise Hecker, jorniman weaver. 

foim;ign rnoTEST.\Nrs, and aliens 

Abraham Appcrt, dyer. 

GabraeU Buske, liosyer. 

John Yanixon jun''. hosyer. 

Isaack Clarke, hosyer. 

John jMyhell, grocer, he is a hosyer. 

Samuell Decoer, jorniman weaver. 

Mordochc Fromettell, chayrc 

Abraham Brooke, iornirnan 

Borne beyund the se.i 

John Cropp, chirurgian. 

Jolm Cruso, marchant ami hosyer. 

Philip Andrewes, marchant and 

Jacob Depute, hosyer. 
Tobias Dehem, marchant. 
David Culibrooke, broker. 
Jacob Culibrooke, jorniman 

Peter Debonc, twisterer. 
Andrew Pryme, hosyer and draper. 
Samuel Crekell, sojorner. 
Jacob Odcnt, potseller. 
Danicll Vanbarton, jorniman dyer. 
Marcus Balden, tailor and broker. 
John Cunibrooke, weaver. 
Jolm Albus, hosyer. 
Benjamin Lcttow, jorniman 

AbrahamDamar, jorniman weaver. 
Isaack StockinLre, turn'jr. 

I ijmer. 

Jaipies Dehem, marehant. 
Andrew Pryme, hosyer. 
Aliraham Cunibrooke, weaver. 
^Nlathew de Boyce, n)arcliant and 

John Van Ilowte, shonudier. 
Jliehael CoUe, Bay and Say 

George Fox, weaver. 
John Lecclusc, dyer. 
^N'lcholas Clarke, Baker. 
A\'ldow Coclear, weaver. 
Andrew Wideben, weaver. 
Michaell Beme, jorniman aho- 

Bowdwyn Burgar, weaver. 
John Johnson, Pynner. 
^Malliard Goose, Comer. 
Oliver dc Kooe, weaver. 
Francis de Katoire, weaver. 
Jolm Milshier, brasier. 
Antonv Ilauke, tailor. 



Borne of i 



Daniell Bunnell, marchant. 
Jocll Desurmeaux, marchant. 
Jolm Rocklnglium, marchant. 
Peter liiborne, Barber surgeon. 
Joyse Ilouy, twisterer. 
^Mordocheus Mlelow, grocer. 
I'etcr LevJ^l, hosycr. 
Peter DecluFC, dyer. 
James AVinard, weaver. 
Solomon CamLv, weaver. 

Borne iiryond the seas. 

Oliver Duckctt, hosycr. 
Ann Cobleyow, wedow, twister 
Lewis Campion,brokerand weav 
Joyse Weston, twisterer. 
Francis Levyn, tailor. 
Lawrence Syc, weaver. 
Erasmus Freeman, weaver. 
Audry Powell, wedow, hosycr. 

Ccslau,'!/ Ward. 

Fseias Letteyne, twisterer. 
David Sanniweil, hosycr. 
Daniell Lcttyno, hosycr. 
Jolm j\Ioncns, factor for mar- 

chantes aliens. 
Elezeus Lnnglett, weaver. 
Effra ]\Iackrill, weaver. 
IVter Buskyn, weaver. 
Daniell Dover, tailor. 
Zacbary Lyon, tailor. 
Peter Boldin, twisterer. 
A\'^e(.low AVollowyn, hosier. 
Daniell AVollowyn, grocer. 
Ferdinandus Stone, heartel maker. 
Peter Decort, weaver. 
Abraham Hacker, phisician. 
Bowdwin Dewill, weaver. 
Jonas De wlndlc, twisterer. 
Jacob Boy, gardyucr. 

Peter Ilosbert, Aqua-vite stiller. 
Peter A'auhova, hosycr. 
liichard Holfoote, weaver. 
Andrew Alyard, hosycr. 
William Tcryns, baker. 
George Hollowick, hosycr. 
Nicholas Blor, weaver. 
Powill Dewyndell, twisterer. 
Nicholas Furmase, weaver. 
Llartha Tayse, weaver. 
John Uncline, twisterer. 
Joan Dorpin, wedow, aijua-vite 

Martiu Moonens, hosycr. 
Peter Becke, marchant and hosycr. 
Peter Wallowyn, hosycr. 
Francis Boy, scholemaster. 
Francis Callman, weaver. 
John Dc more, weaver. 


John Harma, Saywoavcr. 
John Burgoio, weaver. 
Joseph Cock, •weaver, 
James Porter, weaver. 
Noc Headly, weaver. 
John Deremow, twistevcr. 

Borne bevonh thf. seas. 

Peter Leskeny, weaver. 
James Do Wattine, weave! 
Antony Fene, twisterer. 
Arou LamLerd, tumor. 
Piichard Vancurm, hosyer. 
Eoger Vcrpostc, weaver. 
John Curbcse, weaver. 
Peter Dcmee, baker. 
James Sticklyn, weaver. 
Xoe Leskaney, weaver. 
James Gryme, weaver. 
Lewis De haire, weaver. 

Colnaic Ward. 

John Denewe, woolcomcr. 
Elizeus Kowse, tailor. 
Noc de Lowlor, weaver, jorniman. 
Peter Lanow, comer, jorniman. 
Isaack Ilavery, jorniman comer. 
John Le vine, juu'', j'iruiman 

Ueiijamin Deprec, jorniman comer. 
John Lewis, jorniman comer. 
Isaack Mounte, jorniman weaver. 
James Clarke, jorniman weaver. 
John Angell, jorniman comer. 
Esay Hop^ilow, jorniman comer. 
licctor de Kerry, jorniman comer. 
Daniell Motten, Combe maker. 
James De Pree, jorniman comer. 
Samuell De Eoe, jorniman comer. 
Daniell De Koe, jorniman comer. 

Jeremy Kyngc, woolcomcr. 

John Delatate, Comer. 

John Alarlere, comer. 

John Mllles, comer. 

Peter De vine, comer. 

Jolm Le vine, ten'', comer. 

John Lamiow, comer. 

YespLieian Lamiow, comer. 

]Michaell Curple, comer. 

Peter Bucklowe, comeinaker. 

Piowland Deland, tomemaker. 

John Laquose, twisterer. 

Jolm Firmitine, baker. 

Martin Larow, jorniman weaver. 

Cornelius de Lowter, jorniman 

Solomon Lamperc, jorniman comer. 
Stephen Javery, jorniman comer. 



Cliai'lcs Plovy, jorniman weaver. 
Isuack Budiy, jorniman comer. 
Danicll Sheny, jorniman ■weaver. 
Peter Fermitine, baker. 
Noy Yolue, weaver. 
Peter Coekc, weaver. 
James Lo Fcaver, weaver. 
Roger Gug'lcr, weaver. 
Abraham Tayse, slaymaker. 
Zaclicry Dcbiiyse, seller of small 

Simeon Vanbonek, cordyner. 
David llonck, seller of small wares. 
Abraham Fearkyn, weaver. 
John Flocke, jorniman comer. 
Peter Frauncoye, jorniman comer. 
Abraham PIector,jorniman comer. 
Isaack Dishlay, jorniman comer. 
Abraham Dishlay, jorniman comer. 
Peter Lano, jorniman weaver. 
Jacob Post, jorniman weaver. 
Peter Counselor, jorniman weaver. 
Peter Varderc, jorniman weaver. 
James Vardere, jorniman weaver. 
Abraham Castele, jorniman comer. 
John Castcll, comer. 
Jacob Dole, hose skourer. 
John Dishe, turner. 
'\^ Elie Flepoc, Baker. 

Zachary ilayhcw, comer. 

John Dcpree, comer. 

John Baync, jorniman comer. 

Borne beyond the seas. 

Abraham Deborshowe, jorniman 

Peter Pettite, jorniman comer. 
Martin Loem, jorniman comer. 
John Genile, jorniman comer. 
Griles Carsay, jorniman comer. 
Jenkin Lamion, jorniman conier. 
Robert Lamion, jorniman comer. 
Jasper Lamion, jorniman comer. 
Peter Do Rue, jorniman comer. 
Nicholas Nathj', jorniman comer. 
Peter Wyburne, jorniman weaver. 
Antony Curpcll, jorniman comer. 
John De Cluse, jorniman comer. 
John Lavcre, jorniman comer. 
Ayme Cokclc, jorniman comer. 
Andrew Frauncis, jorniman comer. 
James Drue, jorniman comer. 
Francis Soresay, jorniman comer. 
Lowe Sharfc, jorniman comer. 
Nicholas Dishlay, comer. 
Philip Formoy, -weaver. 
Peter Yardere, sen"', weaver. 
John Cokele, scholemaster. 
Robert Dole, jorniman comer. 
James Feaver, jorniman comer. 
Adrce Lettere, jorniman comer. 



Job JLiyhcw, jorniman comer. 
Peter Depree, joniiinan, comer. 
Peter C;i.stcll, jorniman comer. 
John Dislilav, iorninian comer. 

Flhrifje Ward. 

James Verraoy, weaver. 
Samuell Debone, 'weaver, 
John Depree, comer. 
Adam Vancoy, comer. 
Peter Dehare, comer. 
James Grenc, weaver. 
Benjamin Whitcbread, baker. 
Peter Harshew, dver. 
Solomon Curtis, fuller. 
Andrew Francis, comer. 
John Derec, comer. 
Isaack Reck, comer. 
James Vcrvack, comer. 
Peter Becne, weaver. 
Peter Tloto, weaver. 
Elias Depree, weaver, 
ilathew Trcwon, weaver. 
David Deport, twisterer. 
Lodowick Latho, weaver. 
Henry Garrard, d3-er. 

Xames in all— 291. 

(In dorso.) XorwicJi.- — Strann^c 

Siprian Larnay, weaver. 
William Debone, weaver. 
Mersio Thomas, comer. 
John Doe, weaver. 
James Vcrvack, comer. 
John Lc poultcr, comer. 
Dennys Idcrmit, comer. 
Xoe Cockcdo, comer. 
David Dcwalne, gardyner. 
Antony Clarke, comer. 
Francis De JIary, weaver. 
William Clarke, dyer. 
John Curat, fuller. 
Peter Peno, weaver. 
Peter Wood, comer. 
Arnold Sticklyn, weaver. 
Nicholas Mackcrcll, comer. 
Christian Vervinke, gardyne: 
Micliacll Blacktcr, weaver. 
Charles Parrishon, comer. 
Peter White, weaver. 

FiiANCiS Sjialpece, IMai 


[Dom Ja.-. I. vul. 12y, art. 70, III.] 

Dutch alien tailors within the liberty of CoMn/.-ln: 
AVilliam Tliegrunc. Frances Yu'^vv. ^Vbraluuii J'"anuen. 

Daniel Estbeand. Barnard Hies. Dnellener CuUeawe 

Sebaseliic I'illoe. Samuel Farmen. &c. l^c. 

[Dom. Jac. I. vol. 120, art. 70, II.] 

CoLCilESTF.i;. — Complaints of the Inglish against the Dutch strangers. 

ilichacll Cock, Allen borne, bay and saymaker; buyeth and selleth 
saycs to fbrryncrs besides those that lie makes. 

Frances Toispill, Alien; doth the like. 

Isaackc Size, borne here of Dutch parentes; apprentice to a cardc 
maker, and doth use the same trade, and sellethe Aliens' goodcs brought 
from beyoiidc the seas as a factor for them. 

Samuell de Ileame, borne here of Dutch paroites; by i)rol'ession and 
trade a come maker, who, upon his promise to deale ^Yith nothinge but 
that which conccrnes his trade, because he liadbccnc troubled by in- 
formers, obteyned to be a free man of this townc, yet he now keepeth 
a comon shopp in his house, and selleth all manner of lyniien cloatli 
and haberdashers' wares by rotayle. 

Thomas Benne, borne liere o( Dutch ])arentes; his trade a liay and 
saymaker and weaver, he is now a beerebruer, a mahter, a farmer, a 
maker of Bay cheanes and seiides them [to] Samlw"'', and iiirmctli 
landes about 100" per ann. 

Jasper Vanhulst, an Alien borne; a sayuiakcr, ami is a marchant 
and I'actor for strangers. 

CA.-\iu. soc. !•: 


Jolin Vak'ndov, bunio liciv of Diitcli parent. 's; a Daymakcr by liis 
pl■|)ll■^^l-ioll, and is a lactoi- I'or strangers. 

Ilugli de Lobcll, an alien l-ornc;' A sayinakor; lie is a mareliant and 
factor for strangers. 

Samuell de Gavake, liurne lierc of Dutcli purentcs; lie liurn erected 
and sett upp a new Bnnvliuuse ; he niaketli vinegar and aiiuevila ; lie is a 
dier, a marchant, and factor for strangers. 

Jolin Miller; he is by pjrofcssion a sclioler, brought upp in the uni- 
versitic, and is now a marchant and factor I'or strangers. 

Josias Snace, a I'ay and Say niakrr; his wife >ellrth blacke. broune, 
and white threadd, all sortcs of bone lace, v;dure gardes, and other 
comodities which they receive out of Holland. 

Isaackc Bowman, an xVlyen l)ornc; by his profession a cbirurgeon, 
and useth the same; lie is a marchant and factor for strangers, selleth 
in his house all maner of Lynnen cloth, stulfes, bone laces, and such 
like, oyles, hoppes, antl other comodities, to the great grccvance and 
hiudcrance of the frec-btirgisscs. 

Charles Toisj)ill, an alyen borne, and a single man aboute the age of 
x.xij yeares; he is a mai'cliant and (actor lor strangers. 

.Miehaell dc Groate, an Alien borne; useingc the 'J'rade of a fringe- 
maker l)y the space ol'i.J yeres, and befjre that a Jlayeinaker, and now 
a r>eerebrewer, a mabter, an<l a firmer. 

The Knglishe tailors within this Corporacion, bcinge about f iwrescore, 
complaiue that divers strangers borne doc much hinder them in 
useing the trade within this towne, contrarie to lawc, and doe 
ilesire reibrnuiciou by suppressing of them. 

William Mott, 1 , . . , 
Thomas Thui;.ston, J ^'^' ' ""■ 

The I'nglish Wycrdrawers complalno that they are much himlred in 
tJiere trade, and cannott sett themselves on worcke to mainctaine 
themselves and fimelio by rcasone the strangers doc send for such 

liinnitelies of wvef reiidii' wi-min-lil (>,iiii lu^N'ondr' lie' -i"!.'^', and 


tloc woi-ekc some of yt into Cardes, iiuil a grcate parte tliey sell to 
others; wlicreol'tliey doe luiinblle desire rel'ormaciou, and that the 
strangei's may be restrayued. 

\\'n,I.IAM MoTT, } ., ..... 

, J >ailills. 
1 im.MAs iiiru.siD.v, ) 

Dtirlii^- the Ecign oi' Cii.vules II. avo have the foll-.nviiii;' 
retui-ns ol' Poreiyncrs in England, })iii'Siuint to the 
Ordev in Covtneil, dated 19lh Xovenilier, KITS. 

[St.ite Paper Office, Domestic, Various, No, IJ94.] 

La 22 XvvcmLr, 1678. Jlr. Francois Collet venu exprez de Paris 
a Londres depnis dix joiir.s, y avant cste appelle pour guarir iin JKin- 
ncste homme Anglols nialadc do la pierre. Marie ]\Iorcau sa feiMino, 
Mary Anne Collot sa fille, Dominique hurct son parent, Noel de la 
JIara, Chatirine le Nice, .... Des jardins, .... Tieart, ses servi. 
tctirs. II doit retourner a Paris, avec tout son monde, sitost qu'll aura 
aeheve pa cure. Loge in Ban street, ehcz 'Mr. de la Piuh:-. 

jYor'. 25, 167.S. ilargueritc Baron, als' EUys, being here up,.n a 
journey, lodges at one Mr. George Wildmore, an Oyl-man in St. 
Jameses Jlarket, y'= next dore to Germaine's Alley, laxaight in liy the 
gentlewoman and her said Landlord, Xov'. 2.3, IGTS. 

lYov'. 25, 1G78. In all humble obedience to his JIa"" late declara- 
tion, I, Ka^ihaell Tarbareau, Esq., born at Brce, in the kingdonie of 
France, of the lloman Catholique Religion, doc certily whom it may 
concerne, that in respect of my long infirmity, and a suite depending 
m tlie high court of Chancery, I have been resident in the house of the 
widdow Bradford, in Ilamden Yard, in Kings Street, Westminster, 
with two French Servants of the Poman (/atholiqiie Peligion, (viz^) 


jSlcliolns Lainlicrt and I'cnis IV'autcnips, in wliieli liousc I luiml)ly bey 
the llivour of the Kings most ivxccllcut ]\Iu'-" th;it i may conruiuo willi 
my siiid Servants, untill I shall recover my health, and tlie said suite in 
Chancery shall bo determined. 

Tahbeueau de Ville ]'>i;i:>sse. 

JVov. 23, 1G78. S'. Evremond, cliasse de France il y a long temps, 
est venu d'abord en Angleterrc, de la 11 est alle en Flundrc, dc Flandro 
en Allemagne, d'Allemagne en Flollande, de Ilollande il est reveuu en 
vVngleterre, on il est presentement, no pouvant retoui'ner en son pais; il 
n'a (pi'un valet noinmc Gaspnrd Girrard, llamand de nation. Je siiis 
logo dans St. iVlbans Street au coin. 


jVoc. 2-1, 1G78. Simon de Villebresme, Escuyer, Siour (]r. rF]>ilnn- 
dioro, Gendarme de la Garde du Hoy dc Franco, est arrive icy an 
comencement du mnisdc Novemb. 1678, ct denieuro chcz Jullen I'Her- 
mineur, qui tlent une auberge pour les Estrangers depuis 10 ou 12 ans 
en Castel Street derriorc Leicester fields. Donne lo 2-1 AWembro 1G78. 

De A'n.].E]iUEs.^iE. 

Xov. 24, 1078. Francois de !Montmignon de Calais, est icy depnis 
drux mois et demy, pour apprendrc la langue, et loge cliez le dit I'llcr- 
mineur. Donne l"e 24^ XoV. 1G78. 

Die Mon:\iignon. 

Km: 24, 1(378. Jean Charles Pallavicini, Gentilliommc Milanois, 
est en Angleterrc depuis dix ou douze mois, et logc chcz le dit Sieur 
rilermineur. T)e Pallavicini. 

Ccrlifieatc for ifr. r«lhiv{c'u,i These are to certify all whom it may 
conccrne, that Jean Charles dc Pallavicini, a gentleman of j\Iilan, did 
on the 24tli of November last past (according to the Order of Councill 
ol the_19th of the same moneth) give in his name to me with the ])lace 
of his lodging, which is at the hduse of Julien I'llcrrnineur, who keeps 


an ordinary lor Tiraincrs in C'astel Street behiml Leicester Fielib. 
Gevon at Wliiteliall, the Otli .lay of December, 1G78. 


Xov. 27, 1G78. I, AYilliani Gentllls, als' Guerrin, a lodger ac Mr. 
Tliomas Francklings house in little Kussell Stn_et, next the sigac of the 
three Horse shoes, being and (sic) Allien Traveller, of the Uonian 
Catholiquc Keligion, doe humbly crave the benefit of his ila'"^'-^ late 
declaration made on the behalf of foreigners of that religion. 

L. Gextii.z 

Decani. Zrd. 1C78. James Courcy, Gent., a stranger and traveller 
who is going into France in three weeks or a moneth. lie lodges at 
the Earle of Peterborowcs house, at the Horse ferry in Westminster. 


Antonio Sarclu de Firenze, arrivato in Londra la sera de quattro dc 
fdjbraro 1679, et dimora in Diuk-street by Lincolnes Inne fields, at the 
AVhite Perruke, nel allogiamento di Fran'^ Terriesi, Agente del Gran 
Duca de Toscana. 

■ Questo de 6 di fibbraio. 1G7'J. 

AxToxio Sakciii. 

■\Ionsr. I'erriesi came along with this gentleman. 

[S. P 0. noinestio. Various, Xo. 604.] 

French refugees during; the reign of CuATtLES IT. made 
free denizens, pursuant to the Oi'der in Council, dtited 
28th July, IGSl. 

Peter de Laim^, Esq. Denizen. In pursuance of our Order of Couii- 
cill, made the 28th day of July last past, in favour and for the relief 
and support of poorc distressed protestants, who by the reason of the 
rigours and severities which arc used towards them upon the account of 
their Picligion, shall be forced to quitt their native country, and sliall 

M) FoiiF.iox pi;i»Ti:>TAN'rs, and A1.1KN<, TN KNGLAN'D. 

desire to plicltor tlicmsclvep uinlcr our Ivoyull protoctiou fur tlie prrscr- 
vatlon and IVec exercise of tlielr religion, of wliom I'eter de Laine, ]lsi|- 
French Tutor to our dearest brother James Duke of York his childi'cn, 
is one, as appears hy sufficient Certificate produced to one of our priu- 
cipall Secrctarys of State, and that he hath rcceiced the Jfoli/ CoDiinn- 
■nion. Our will and pleasure is, that you prepare a Bill for our royall 
signature, to passe our Create Scale, containing our grant for the 
making of him the sayd Peter de Laine, being an Alien borne, a free 
denizen of this oure kingdomc of Ihigland, and that he have and oni(jy 
all rights, priviledgcs, and immunities, as ntlier free DeniziMis do. 
Provided he, the said Peter de Laine, live and continue with his 
hnnily in this our kingdomc of England, or elsewhere within our Do- 
minions; the said denization to be forthwith past under our great Scale, 
wdthout any fees or other charges whatsoever to be paid by him. Lor 
wdiich this'shall be your warri'nt. Dated at Wliitehall, the 14tli day 
of October, 1G8L Pv his i\[a''" Command. 

L. Jr.XKiNS. 
To our Attorney or Sollieitor Gencrall. 

The like warrant for Denization for Jacob D'Agar, witli ;\biL:derme 
le Jcune his wife, his ehildi'en, John Pxirtheline Charles l/Agar, 
Gabriel d'Agar, and Su-anne D'Agar, being aliens borne. Dated tlie 
1-1 th of October, IGSl. 

Thclilce for Abraliam D'Agar, Esq. and Aln'aham D'Agar his .-^on, 
dated nt snpra. 

The like f:)r Isacq D'Agar, Esq. an alien borne, dateMJ <:t ,„j,r„. 

The like for Theodore D'Agar, Es.p an alien b.n-ne, -laled nl .■:„/,>■„. 

The like warrant of Denization fji- Steplien Peuehet, Jndilh his 
wife, Catharine, iMary, Elizabeth, James, Stephen, Petei-, Francis, and 
Isabella Bouchct his children. 

Daniel Garni. nauld, his cliildren, Anuidi 

Ilonore Pelcrin. P-uiehet his neiee, Philip Pe- 

James Penanld, Annali his wife, nandeau and Judith I'iat his 

James, Ilonore, and .ludith Pe- -.'rvants. 

;i(:;n iMtOTicsrAXTs, 

haac LUoivlet. 

ALuy thowilb of Jolni:\[aithi. 

Catlierine da Pus, the wife of 

Francis du I'us, 
.Tolm Baudiy, Joannuli liIs ^vife, 

Joannah and Frunucs liis 

James Tjoucliet. 
Juliannali Bouclict. 

and Janc'un.l .Matl.uriii their 

Anth-c Cliaperon. 
Fct-r Boiron. 
John ]'ioncquet, ?»[ary liis wife, 

and John Boucquet their son. 
John Esteve. 
Joan Coudainc, Lcwlza Ids Avlle, 

Ehzabeth and Henrietta Cou- 

daln their daughters. 
Francis Gautie, Joanna liis wile, 

Isahehi, doanna, and Francis 

Gautie tlielr eldldren, and 

Joanna llLiutie their nrci-i'. 
Jolm Boucliet, and Elizabeth Ills 

John Pelllsonneau, Annah his 

wife, Lewis and ]\L'irgaret Fel- 

llssoneau their children. 
John Vegnault, Elizabetli his wife, Mathelln Alart 

Annah an-l Ellzal.eth Vi-nault being all aliens 

Peter Tlllon, Anna his wife, Su- 

zanna, Francis, and JohnTillon 

their children, and .Magdalen 

Bouquet their kinswoman. 
Stephen Luzlinan.and Martha bis 

Francis Bridon junior, Sir/.anna 

his wife, Francis Biddon liis son, 

and Ellas Yallet his servant. 
Ellas, du Pus, ilary his wife, lilias, 

John, ilary, ami Suzanna du 

Pus their children. 
Anthony Le Roy, l-:iizaljeth his 

wife, and John du Pas his 

John Pioudin, and Ester bis wile. 
Jacob Angelier, Joanna his wile, 

and Anne Bourru 
Ellas llauz6, I'llzabetb his wife, 

Tihn-garet and J-ilias Mauze their 

Peter A'lddau. 
Francis \'inecnt, Anna bis wde, 

Anna and Francis A'lncent 

their children. 
John Hain. 
James Target. 
Peter JMorcier. 
John Gerbler, and 

Dated the 14th of October, IGyl. 


The Certificate of all these sevcrall ]iersons afore namcil, and enti-od 
in tills Boke, were given to ^Ir. Cooke.* 

Denhatlon h< Peter fnUisscau, cvr.— Iii pursuance of our Onl.-r in 
Councill, made the 28"' day of July last past, Xc, :is in thj.-e on 
the other side. Of "wImiq 

Peter Falasseau, (jcnt., Isaae Adde du Petit Val, 

John dc Gusehon, Gent., IVter du Gua and Miiry his wife, 

Josua le Fevrc, apothecary, and Urania de r(-)nne, Gentlewoman, 

Henrietta his wife, and Susannah and Ivathorin 

John ]\Iaximilian de I'Angle, mi- Danckrell, Sisters, and Sonne, 

nister, and Goronefa his wife. 

as appeares by suindent certificate produced to one of our prlneipall 
Secretarycs of State, and that they have receaved the Holy Communion. 
Our will and pleasure is that you prepare a Bill for our lioyal Signa- 
ture, containing our grant for the making of them the sayd I'eter 
Falaissean, etc., being aliens borne, free denizens of this our kingdome 
of England; and that they and every of them have and enjoy all 
rights, priviledges, and iminunityes, as other free Denizens do, pro- 
vided tliey live and continue with their fainilyes (such as have any) in 
this our kingdome of fhigland, or elsewhere within our dominions: 
the sayd Denization to be I'orthwith past our Great Scale without any 
Fees or other cliarges whatsoever to be payd by the sayd persons in the 
pasing thereof. Dated at Whitehall the 19 of October, 1G81. 
To our Attorney or Sollicitor General!. 

6 Denizations in the forme cntrcd at large on tlie other sidi.t for tliese 
severall persons following : 

Jane Berny, and Frances, jMagdaline, Susuuiia, 

Samuel Tiersen, Jueller. and Mary Charas their children. 

IMoses Charas, ^lagdcline his wife, Peter Jla.ndon, Taylor liy trade, 

Frederick, Charles, Sam-on, and ihiry his wllb. 


Peter Villavs, a Ttiylor In- tra.le. Anm^ wife, Fr.nvAs Sole- 

Chai-lcs Godfrey, a PeriKiue maker, man, Daiii.'l Jainrs,and Stephen 

and Jlary Lis wife. • John, their clii'.dien. 
Francis I'Egare, a Jew'-ller, and 

All dat.Ml the KV" Xovcnib. IGSl. 

Denization in iisuall lorine before cntred at large, for 
Peter Sibron, master of a sliiii; Daniel Regnier, Saylemalccr; 

Ellas Xandin, ]\Lister of a shij) ; John lilsquier. Master of a shl|> ; an^.l 

James Bandit, keeper of a ship; Maiy Blaekall, spinster; 

Joshua Urigncau, ship carpenter; 
being aliens borne. Dated at Wliltehall', the 17"' of Xoveiid-S insi. 

A warrant of Denization according to the forme eiitri'd in lhi_' llrst 
page of this booke, for 

John Martin, Andrew Lortie, and Daniel I'-ernard. 

Dated the 4'" ,pf Deccmb'-, 1G81. 

The like for Francis Amonet and Jane Cromiuellu Ids wife, witli 
Francis Adrian, Susan Jane, and Marth. Amonet, Ids chihlren; Matliew 
Ainonnet; John Boiichet ; Eeter le Clercq, Jane Kleanore do Chcrville, 
:Mary Knddlin, and Katherine Mallierb, his servants. Dated >,f supra. 

The like for Jolm Girard and Judith his wilL'. Dated the ;5'>' of 
Decemb^ 1G81. 

The like fbr Symon Grimault and Jlary his dangliter, with Samuel 
Joly. Dated the 4'" December, 1681. 

The like for John Baptistc and Peter Eosemond. Dated the 4"' 
Decend/, 1G81. 

The like for Peter Cluuiret. Dated 4'" Dccemb^ 1G81. 

The like for Charles Angibant and Jlary his wife, j\Iary Jane his 
daughter, and Charles 7\.ngibant Ids son. Dated the .'5'"' Decemb"', IGSl. 

('AMD. S0(\ 1.- 


T.ikc Denization for Lewis Escart, ^Mcrcliuut. Dated tlie 2'"' March, 

Like lor Isaac Clainle, ^Minister, and James Cliavet. Dated at 
Windsor, the 12'" June, 1(582. 

Like for Xathaniell Chauret, 

Peter Flournoys, Paul ]\Iinrielle, 

Daniel Lcspiniore, Xieliolas Grigi-on, Merchant, 

Luke do Beaulicu, I\Iarge* Petitot liis ^vife, and 

Henry Risley and Paul Risley his Margaret, Mary, and Magdalen 

son, Grigron his children. 
Spiritto Piuhatti, 

Dated at Windsor, 12'" June, 1G82. 

Like for Peter Harache, 

Daniell Bernard, Anna the wife of Peter Harache. 
Alexander Damascene, and 

Dated at Whitehall, the 2G'" June, 1G82. 

Like for Lewis Gcrwalse, Jacqueline his wife. Isaac and Lewis 
Gcrwaisc his sons, and Mary Marguarittc his daughter. 

Also John Fallifer, Paul Fallill'r his son, and Mary Anna his daughter. 
Date.l at Whitehall, the 20'" June, 1G82. 

Like for Daniell Gruber, Susanna his wif% Francis, John, Henry, 
and Nicholas Gruber his sons, Susaniui, MarLMritta, and Fraiices 
Gruber their daughters. 

Philip le Chevenix and JIagdaalcna Chevcnix. 
Dated at Windsor, the 9'" August, 1C82. 

Like for Lewis Batchclier, Anna Augusta his wife, 
Anna Batchclier, Daniel Pieniensseaux, ]\rary his 

Charlotte Eosignell, wife, 

:\Iary de Champs, Peter Lcnoult, 


Daniel do Pulvcvct, John Oliver, 

tfamcs A'enars Gervays, Peter Oliver, ami 

James A'alre, riayniond Gacliec. 
Dated the 29''' August, 1G82. 

Like lor Andrew Lortie, a Minister, Mary his wife, Amh'ew L 
his son, .Mary iClizabeth and .Mary Anna Lortie his daughters. 1 
at Whitehall the 28"^ of SeptenJ/, 16S2. 

Like Denization for Lewis do Masseur, Anna Ills wife. James 
Lewis A'aseur his sons, and Anna Elizabeth and }iLiry A'asscur 
Susanna le Xoble, widow, John, Coelur de Beaulieu, a niinisti- 

Peter, Henry, and James Xoble Stephen la Coste. 

her sons, and Mary, Susanna, Peter Delinas. 

]\Iagdalena, Charlotte, and Anna 

Xoble her daughters. 
Ale.xamler A'icvar and Islavy his 

Florence Lamero. 
'Thomas le Ferrc. 

Dated tlie 1.3»< Dccemb', 1G82. 

John Thurct, 
Isaac Thuret. 
Paul Sange and Antli(.>niette 

wili:', and 
Peter Lule. 

de Carron, Suzanna his wi 
d Charulotte, his dauglite 
John Lehut. 

Like I'enization for Balthazar de Carron, Suzanna his wife, Constn 
Suzanna, Mary Antionnett 
Peter Bernard. 
Peter de la Coel^, and 

Dated the 15'" of Decern]/, ir,82. 

Like Denization for Samuel do Paz, 
John Pigou, ]\Iary his wife, John, Rachel Francois. 

Adrian, and j\Iarc Antony, their Peter TuUer, Judith his wile, J>.il 

sons, Suzanna, Catherina, and Baptist, and Peter Paul th 

]\Iaria, their daughters. sons. 

Benjainin Grcnot. Alexander Sasscrye, Alary his wi 

F 2 


VC th 

George Guill, Suzaniia liis 
Jolm tlieir son, Jane, Suz; 
find IMaitlia, tlieir dauglUei 

Anna Lcstuigeon. 

Mary Viel. 

Stephen Soulart and Marv Ills 

Anuiult Pro^^■. 

I'aul Mainvlellc Lacoze. 

John iHi MaL-tre. 

Peter Du Four. 

James lo Sernirler. 

Peter le Serrurier. 

Paul Chaille'. 

John Durand. 

his sons. 

John Cavalier. 

James Hardy, 

Jonas Congnard. 

Cornelius Denis. 

Theodore Jan-scn. 

I'eter Pieher. 

John Plumicr. 

Peter Pelerin. 

Isaac Jamart. 

Jacob Plison. 

Oliver Tribert. 

Peter Brison, Cathcrina his w 

Peter Tousseaunie, Catherin:: 
wife, Abraham their son, 
zanna, Alary Catheriiia, anc 
zanna, Cathcrina their dauah 


Gabriel Pappe. 

Eliaz .Moze, Elizabeth his ^^•ife, 


I'diaz their son, and l\Iarguarlta 


their daughter. 


Daniel Toiln. 

I'eter Terre. 

Lewis Paijsant. 


Paul du Pin and Charl-tte his wil'e. 

Praneis Fullin. 

Powuin Kout;el. 

Thomas Croehen 

l'(.'ter le Piort and Alagilalena his 


Francis Boureau, Anna his wife. 

Anna and ]\lary Anna their 

daughters, Philip and Francis 


their sons. 

Francis Carbat. 

John de la Salle. 

Dame du Cloux. 

Isaac ilessien and Anna his wll'o. 

Paul Dhei-by. 

Peter .Sauze". 

Sarah iloreau. 

John Rennys wife. 

James Gaudincau. 

James Malivoire, Suzanna his wiCe, 

and Jacrpieline Suzanna their 



Magdalena Boussi. 

a his 

Peter Keverdy and Pjenoni his son. 

, Su- 

.John Tetonand iMary his daughter. 

d Su- 

Mary Acque. 


-bjhn lie liraves wife. 


being Alliens borne. Duted nt Hampton Court, the IG"' duy ol' 
]\Liy, 1GS3. 

To tlio Attorney or Sollicitor Gcncrall. 

Orders similar at tlic eommcnccment for 

Jonas Durand. Isaac Gamier, John, Jonas, Daniel, 

James Paisaut. and Paul, liis sons, and ^lary 

Abraham Tesserati. his daughter. 

John Key. Abraham Torin. 

Charles Colinet. Isaac la Koche, Anna his wife, 

James Sartres, Clerk. Isaac, Daniel, Ciprian, Judith, 

Daniel Pnirbaud, Anne his wife, and Katherinc, their children. 

nnd ilary their daughter. Isaac du Bois, Marguaritahis wifci 

Peter Aumosnier. Jonas, John, and Alexander, 

Isaac du Bourdeau. _ their sons. 

John du Bourdeau, IMai-garitta Joint Henry ]\Iarion. 

his wife. Elizabeth .Seigler and Francis 

Peter Isaac Piomand. Seigler. 

Gabriel John Armand. Lewis de la Faye, jNIary his wile, 

John Lewis and James his son, and Harry their son. 

and Margareta his daughter. Theodore Dagar and Mary Dagar 

Claudius Kondeau, Anna his wife, his wife. 

and I\Iary Ann their daughter. Francis Lumcau du Pont, Clerk. 

John PLondeau, Anna his wife, l\Iichael David and Marguarita 

and Henry liis son. Daviil. 

Peter Forccville and 'Mary his John I'Archevesque. 

wife. Nicliolas ilassey and Suzanna his 

John Jlobileau. wilb, Abraham, Henry, Nlcho- 

Isaac dcs Champs. las, and Jacob, their sons, 

Samuel Carnc-N, Martha his wife. Peter Lambert. 

Paul Vaillance and Mary }>Iagda- Joakim Falek. 

lena his wile. Henry Iletz, and 

Jeremiath Majoii, Clerk. Joshua ]\Ieochin de la ilour, 
being all Aliens borne, free Denizons of this our Klngdonic of England, 


and that they Ikivc and enjoy all riglits, piivlledges and imunityes as 
other free denizens do. Provided they and every oi' them do live and 
continue with their flimilyes in this oure realnic of England, or else- 
where within our Dominions. And you are to i/iscrtui the saiil Bill a 
cl'insc, iJiot oil those of the jicrsons above noinnl irho orr of the ai/c of 
16 i/cinrs aii'l ujiwards Jo take (he oaths of Jllr,ii,,:i,r onJ Snjo-cnari/, 
at some Qitarter Sessions, vithin one yeare after iheilote here,f, and that 
those of the sayd persons vho arc rntder the aije of \G yeares, do t<d:c tlie 
sayd oaths icitliin one yeare after they shall attaine the sayd aye, j\n,l 
that Certificates tliereof he fled in the I'etty Ikujy ofiee, ieithi)i o nioneths 
after the takiny the sayd oathe. The sayd Denization to he Ibrthwlth 
passed under our great sealc, without any fees or other charges what- 
soever to bo payd by the sayd persons in the passing thereof. For 
which this shall be your warrant. Given at our Court at Windsor, the 
2-lth day of August, IGS-i. 

By his I^la'" Command, 

S. GoDOLrniN. 
To our Attorney or Sollicitor Gcnerall. 

Denization in the iorm before going, for Alexander Dalgrcsse, a 
French persecuted ]\linistcr, only the Clause about taking the Oath 
ommitted. Dated the 3 1 ft day of October, 1G84. 

l>y his Ma"-' Command. 




rrcncli Refugees made 

A Warrant according to the 
making free denizens. SoIomk 
Henry and Peter their sons. 
I'eter Lorrain. 
Judith Fouljert, wile of Xiclic 

Everct Joliret. 
John Henry Lusan. 
Peter Azire, Susanna his w: 

Lewis, Gaston, Peter and J' 

nequv, their sons, and Sai 

their daughter. 
Richard Ic Bass. 
Nicholas Guerni. 
Robert Guerni. 
-Jonas le Fort. 
Phillip Collen. 
John Pluet. 
Jlichael Cadet. 
John Caslaing. 
Daniel Ic Fort. 
Stephen Mayer Rose. 
Ruben le IMirdc. 
Peter Martin. 
Isaac le Fort. 
Peter Davall. 
Peter Caveiron. 
Charles Poizet. 
James Gardien. 
Isaac Gomar, Clerk. 
Abraham Faulton, Clerk. 

free denizens nnder Ja:mes II. 

I'ormc entreJ in the foregoing Pago, to 
111 Foubert and Mugdalena his wile 

James du Fan. 

Thomas (jueuault. 

John Auriol. 

John Chotard. 

Isaac Gaillabocnt. 

Xoo Royer. 

Isaac Bertram. 

David Raymendeu. 

Symon TestefoUo, Elizabeth his 

■wife, and Mary their daughter, 

Claudius and Symon their sons. 
James Saugcon. 
Denis Ifotot, Olimpe his wile, 

Francis and John their sons. 
Samuel Jlasse, and Samuel hi; 

John Cailone. 
Danel Yon. 
Daniel Guy. 
Gabriel Guy. 
Symon Rolain. 
Thomas Quarance. 
John de la Fuye. 
Suzanna de la Fuye. 
Jonas Barill. 
James Guvri. 
Abel Raveau. 
Gideon Mobileau. 


John Gucyle. Jolui du CIiav..l, clerk, tni-I Jane 

Julin Baptist Estival. liis wife. 

John do Caux. Mielinel Mel■e!er,^rargavct hiswife, 

Elias Bovin. find Daniell their son. 

Philip Guillandean. Peter Fauconier and ]\higdalena 

Paul Bougrioux. his wife, Lewis, Peter, and Isaac, 

Francis Sartoris. their sons. 

John BiUovart. William Charpenclle, Suzanna his 

John la Vic. wife, Ecne their son, ilnrgaret, 

Anthony Chauvln. Helena. ;ind Jane, their <liugh- 

James Pcveeh, Isal-ella his wife, ters. 

David their son, Antoinette, Sanmel Piavenel. 

Cathcrina, IMargaret, ^Vnna, and Anna Joiry. 

Isabella, their danghters. Lewis dc Cha-e and :\rary liis wife. 

With the Clauses for taking the Oaths as in the foregoing wai-riuit. 
Dated thc24"'of^Iarch, IGSa. 

To the Attorney or SoUicitor Generall. 

In pursuance of an order made by our late dearc Brother King 
Charles of blessed memory, in Councell, the 28'" day of July, 1G81, in 
favour and for the relief and sujiport of poore distressed Protestimts, 
who, by reason of the rigours and severities which arc used towards 
them upon account of their Religion, shall bo forced to quit their native 
country, and shall desire to shelter themselves under our Royall Pro- 
tection for the preservation and free exercise of their Religion, of which 
nujnbcr arc the persons hereafter named, as appears by sufficient certi- 
ficate produced to one of our principall secretarys of State, arid that 
they have received the Sacrantcnt of the Lord's Supper according to 
the uscage of the Church of I^ngland, our will and pleasure is that you 
prepare a Bill, &c. containing our Grant for the making of 
Stephen Pigou, Alexander Thcrec Castagnier, 

Antony Ilolzafell, JMary his wife, Abraham Cardes, 

and Antony their son, Bartholomew Pelissary, 

Antony Sal.atics, Charles Ilayrault, Suzaniia his 


John Lambert, 

Ccpluis Tutct, !Mavgaritta liis wife, 

John Saiivago, 

]\Iark Ccplias tlirir son. 

John Pancicr, Elizabeth liis wilb, 

John licdoutet, 

John Bourgcs, 

David I'^vrc, 

John Girardot, 

David Jlinrcl, 

John Barbot, 

David Garric, 

John Plastrier, 

Daniel Pillort, 

John Gcndron, 

Daniol Avcline, 

John llanet, 

Daniel JVrdrcau, 

Isaac Courallct, 

Daniel Lalite, 

James Gcndrault, 

Daniel Eol'e, 

James Licvrard, Martha his wife, 

Stephen Scigneurct, lilizabcth his 

Suzanna and Mary their daugh- 



Steplien Da l''on, 

Julia Pelissary, 

Stephen .Tourneau, 

Josias IMervillcau, 

Stephen Briyault, Jane his wife, 

John Xoguier, 

and Stephen their son, 

Josua Noguier, 

Stcplien Ayrault a;td Mary his 

Jane Le Boux, 

■ wife, 

James Scheult, 

Stephen Delancey, 

-Tohn Sarazin, 

Klias Cionrbiel, 

John Ilerve, Anna bis wile. Jolin 

Angelica Bibara, 

and Sarah their chil.b-en, 

Ester Dumoidin, 

John Gallan, jMary his wife, John, 

Elias Nczcrcau, 

I'aul, Sansom, Francis, j\lary- 

Elias Boudinot, Peter, Elias, John, 

Anna,and Judith their children, 

and Mary, his children, 

Ecwis Soullard, 

Francis Mariettc, Elizabeth his 

Lewis Boucher, 

wife, Francis, James, Claudius, 

Lewis Bebecourt, Anna his wiCc, 

Elizabet, and Lcwisa, their 

and Suzanna their daugliter. 


i\Ioscs Lamouche, Ester his wife, 

Girardot Diiperon, 

i\L:iscs, Paul, Lewis, Suzanmi, 

Henry Bruneau, 

and Anna, their childi-en. 

CAMP. soc. 




MathQw 1- avro, Peter Avnaul.l, :\Iai-v his wife, riwl 

]\Io_ysc Aviceau, Maw, Kli/.ahetli, Saimirl tli-^'ir r^on," 

Callievina, and "Mavtlia, Lis Pct-r Paoqucirau, 

dauglUors, Paul Jinincai:. 

Niclioks PilLivt, Pliilli].s PJ.llrv, 

Peter do Birexin, :\Iag.lal.'na his .lohn I'-araihcan, 

wile, Peter, :\[ary, ami Magda- Pctrr Durand, Cliarlrs his s.jn, 

Icna, their children, '" P.ibcrt P.a.lcnhop. " 

John Pimquand, Simon Piq'Mit, Slincn and Su- 

Peter Lanze, Dorothea his wife, zanna his rhildren, 

Claudius, James, Peter. Su/.anna, Simon T.ehlans, 

and Dorothea, their ehildren, Simon Tristan, 

Peter All)ert, Suzanna lierchere, 

Peter Le :\1 .teux, Salomon I'.ailly. 

Pe'ter Ja.mi.'t, M-irv his wife. I'etcr, Thomas Satur.' Jane his wil'e. Isaac, 

:\L,ry, and Suzanna, tlieir cliil- Jonathan, Thomas, and Ja.M.h, 

dreu, Jane Sarah, and Jane.Mary their 

Peter Longuevill, ehildren, 

being Alliens borne, free Denizens of this our kingdom ol' England, 
find that they have and enjoy all rights, priviledgcs, and immunityes 
as other li-eo denizens do, provided they and every ol' them do live 

wliere within our Ddiidnions. And you are to insei'L in tlie sayil Pill 
a clause that all those ol' flic sayd Persons above named who are of the 
age of IG yeares and upwards do take the oaths of Allegiance and 
supremacy at some quarter Sessions within one yeare after the date 
hereof. And that those of the sayd persons who arc under the age of 
IG yeares do take the sayd oaths within one yeare after they shall 
attaine the sayd Age, and that Certificates thereof be fyled in the petty 
bag office within 3 moueths after the taking of the sayd Oaths. And 
tliis sayd Denization to lie forthwith passed under our Create Scale, 
without any fees or other charges wdiatsocver to be payd by the sayd 
persons in the passing thereof. For which this shall be your warrant. 
Dated at AVhdtehall, \lie .V" day of :March, IGS^ 
To our Attorney or SoJHcitor Generall. 


binii'iar wnvmnt in invoui- ot 

1 Daniel Albert. 

Francis A.>elln. 

(iabriell Aii-i.r. 

Jacob Ausoll. 

Jamos Arnaiulin. 

Francis Andrea. 

Al-irt F..41in. 

Anthony JJoureau. 

Adam Busquaiu. 

] >anicl Bordcric. 

Peter Bellui Bourryaii. 

Jaul Busserau. 

Oliver Besslj. 

I 'ctcr Boisseaiix. 

• lolm Baudouin. 

Isaac Buor, Ayniec Ins wife, 

Francis their son 
Oabriell lUior. .Alargaret his wife, 

Gabriella and Tsraelita their 

Julias Bunherean, Margaret his 

wile, lilias, Bilchard, Aniator, 

John, Margaret, Blandine, and 

Magdalen, their children. 
Lewis Brouart, Aymeo his wife, 

and Aymee their danghter. 
Samuel Bourdet. 
Anthony Barron. 
Isaac Brian, Clerk. 
llcni Borthau, Clerk, Martha his 

wife, Charles and .Martha their 


James de Brissae, Clerk, Rachel 
his wife. 

Gabriel Bernoii. 

]\'ter Burtel. 

John Boussac. 

David Butel. 

Peter Brateller. 

Isaac Boufort, Ann his wife. 

Jane Bernard. 

John Barbier and j\Iary his wife, 
James, Theodore, Oliver, and 
Richard, their children. 

James Bcnoist. 

■James Badifle des Romanes, Per- 
side his wife, James, Picne, I'c- 
nina, Isal^ella, :\rai-y, and Ca- 
hrlelle, their cliildren, 

Daniel Brlanceau and Elizalieth 
his will-. 

Jacob Coutris. 

Peter Chastelier, Mary Sii-anua his 

Abraham Cossard. 

Peter Caillard. 

Ilcnry Coderk. 

Henry Augustus Chast;ugncr de 

Abraham Courson. 

Sampson Chasses. 

James Chivot, Anna his wife, 
James and Susanna tlieir chil- 


)i!EiGN ri;oTi:sT.v; 


John Charles. 

Moses Charles. 

Paul Couraud. 

John Chaigncau, Marv his wile, 
Peter and Esther th^-ir eliildrcu. 

Elias Cothonneou. 

Abraham Carru. 

Daniel Cliardin. 

Miehael Chalopin. 

William Cromelin. 

Mathi-is Chaigneau, :\Iarv his wife, 
.Alathias, Peter, a'..d ' Suf;(ni,u, 
their ehildren. 

Peter Chardua. 

Peter Corrcges. 

Abraham Clary. 

Abraham Costat. 

John Constantin and Elizabeth liis 

John Chevalier, Jane his wife, 
Jolin, Daniel, Pet.a', ICIixabeth, 
and Judith, their children. 

Eliiiz Depuv, Elizabeth his wile, 
illchael, ".Mary, Daniel, Eliza- 
beth, Eliaz, Erancis, and Joseph, 
tlieir children. 

John James David. 

Joseplr Ducasse, Ann Duvall, 
Maij, JLagdalen, diaries and 
John, their children. 

Michael dc Caux, Esther his wife, 
and Judith their danghter. 

Peter du llamel. 

Steplien Dueloss. 

EewisDe A'eiU. 

James De Caux, Elizabeth Ids 
wife, James, Elizabeth, and 
ihirv, their children. l)e Srne and John his son. 

Peter de Yaxix. 

James L)'All(/magno Demay, Be- 
nin,; his wife, Eewis, Jacob, 
and Jane, their children. 

Paul Douzain, Esther his wile, 
.Alary their danghter. 

Samuel du P.ourdieu. 

Peter de la Alarre. 

Abraham Desessaras. 

James De Bourdeaux, i\Iagdalen 
his wilb, Margaret, Magdalen, 
Judith, Janes, and .Judith, tbeir 

Jacob de llanc. 

Jacob dc Millon. 

Lewis de Lansao. 

James de la Barre. 

George Lewis Donnt. 

Jolm Defray, Catlierina his will., their sou. 

Paul, Carolina, and .Alary Du Pin. 

Charles D'llerljy. 

Philip Du Pont, Clerk. 

Jlargaret de Louvain. 

David, Francis, and Peter de la 

Lewis Emery. 

Paul Emery. 

Lewis iLseolIier. 


Peter TIcnrum. 

Stephen Guitan. 

AiiJixnv Foucaut. 

Nicohis Gaudies. 

Tctcr r Innislal. 

Stephen Galeherre, Stephen. Da- 

Benjamin Fanoril. 

vid, and Lewis, his children. 

Anthony Favrc. 

Samuel Ginguier. 

Lewis Henry, Clerk, E-tlier 

Peter Gloria. 

wife, Philip, Anuiury, I'sthcr, 

Judith Gascherie, J(ihn and Ste- 

and Hilary, tlicir ehildren. 

phen her childivu. 

James Fruschart, Catlierina his 

Peter Guepin, Paehel his wilb, 

wife, James and Philip their 

David, Peter, John, and Abra- 


liLim, their ehildren. 

Philip F'erinent. 

Rene. Guibert, Clerk. 

Stephen Foiiacc, Clerk. 

John Gerny and Ann his wife. 

Charles Foliace. 

John Gaudet, Jaquette his wife, 

Stephen Paget. 

Charles and John their cldldren. 

Caquas Fresucau. 

Charles Gauehe. 

Anna Andrew, 

John Gomar, L'lcrk. 

I'^lizaheth and Gabrielle Ferre. 

Jolni Gayot and Jane his wife. 

William Fret. 

JIoscs Guillot. 

James Fouquercl, Martlia Fane- 

Philip, Peter, and Jane Guesnard. 

shaw, John, Peter, .Ah,o-,[alen, 

David Guepin. 

and Judith, their ehihhvn. 

John Guepin. 

David Godin, Francis his wife. 

James Goubert. 

David, Benjamin, -Maiy, and 

Peter Gourdin and Mary his wife. 

i\Lirtha, their ehildren. 

John ILittanvillc. 

Ezekicl Graszellier. 

James Flebert. 

Laurence Goldig. 

John Ilervieu. 

Henry Gardics. 

Arn-iand llurdy. 

Peter Gallet. 

Henry Justcl." 

ilichacl Garnicr, JIary his wife. 

Daniel Jamiaeau. 

James, Daniel, and Samuel, liis 

Claudius Jamineau. 


Abraham Jamain. 

Peter Garnier. 

Lewis dourdain. 

Philips Guaoain. 

Fleurance -loyau. 



Peter Julieu do S' Julien, Jano 

his will-, Peter, Lewis, Paul, 

Aymec, Carolina, MarLraret, ami 

Emilia, their chiklrcn. 
David Lauroide. 
Denis Lamhert. 
Jacob le Febvre. 
Daniel Lc Febvre. 
John lc Cordier. 
Oliver Longuet. 
Peter Laisise, Ann his wife, and 

Ann and Jane their da lighters. 
Moses la Croix. 
James Liege, JLary his wile. 
John Loqnin. 
Stephen Lufoes. 
Jlathew Lafittc. 
James and ]\[ary Laml.iert. 
Rachel le Plastrler, Cath<-rlna and 

Anna her children. 
Charles le Cene, Clerk. 
Peter le Blond. 
Andrew and Francis Laiivau. 
John Liovis. 
Vigor Le Cenc. 
Ililair Lascur. 
Jacob Lcquay. 
Peter Laloiiele. 
Stephen Le Jloyne, 

wife, and Esther his 
Mathew Le Cerf. 
Cffisar lAL.zo. 
Peter i\IoiJsnier. 
Stephen IMazicq, Sarah his 

and Stephen their so:i. 

Esther his 



Gabriel Marl 

and Esther 
Abraham ^\ 

wile, Alir; 

Daniel their children. 
Peter Micliou, Catherine 
John Metivier. 
Stephen Ihuvt an.l Ann 
John James Martin. 
Francis ^lacaire. 
James .Alell. 

David and Samuel .Alotte 
Claudius r^Iazieres. 
Adam Maintru. 
John ]\Ienanteau, John 

Jonas, Peter, Moses, 

and Mt,ry, his children 
Peter IMalcarto. 
Abraliam .Martin. 
Guy Mesniin, Ann-Mary 

and Guy tlicir son. 
Isatic Maricq. 
Thomas Michel. 
James ]\Ioreau. 
Abel l\Ielier. 
Francis ilarchant. 
James Martcl, 
James ilisson, Clerk, Ju'J 

wife, Maximilien, James I 

Henry Peter, and Ann j\L 

tlioir chiMrcn. 
Martha :\linuel and Dav 

Eliza Xisbet. 
Claudius Xobilleau. Mar-a 


Ids wilb 



wife. Diiniel, Ilenrv, Klizaljctli, C'Ksar regorier, Marv his wile. 

aiiJ JuJith, their Jhikheii. Peter Perdrlaux, EHzaLethhis wile, 

Ellas-Xezereau, ihipthileii his wife, Peter ami John tlieir childreu. 

Elias an,] Jane tlielr chll.lreu. Stephen and Ozee Perdrlaux. 

James Xcel. Clement Palllet, JIary his wife, 

Nieholas Xeel, Hilary his wife, and Daniel his s.ui. 

JIary their daughter. Charles Picaut. 

Xiehohis Oursel. Paul Paillct, Anna his wife, and 

Bai-tholomew Ogelby. IMary their daughter. 

Daniel Perreau. Jacob Quesmes. 

John Pare, l\-ter, John, Mary, and Stephen Eohlneau, Judltli liis 

Susanna his ehildren. wile, and Mary their (hinghter. 

Peter Pascal and Hilary his wifj. Francis Robaln,IIcniietta his wife, 

James Pellier. and Hester their daugliter. 

Elias Prloleau, Clerk, Jane his wife, John Penaudot, Cleik," .Magdalen 

Klias and Jane their children. his wile, Joint, 1 )aniei, 'julia, 

David Pringel and Isvaellte, their eldldivn. 

^^111iam Pierre, AVilliam, Da.vid, John Piboteau, ilag.lalen Ids wife, 

Gabriel, :\Iary, Rachel, and .Ann, Henry, Magdalen, and Mary, 

his children. their children. 

Elizabeth Play. Isaac Pamband. 

Saniurl Parinlh.m. . Peter Ploulet. 

.Samuel Pa.|uet snd Ann his wife. Daniel Puel. 

Joseph Paulct. Philip Pousseau. 

ilartha Pean, Martha, Elizabeth, William Poche. 

INIary, and Pene, her children. Peter Rondelet and Joseph his son. 

Alexander Pepin, IMagdalen his Lawrence Sauvage. 

wH'e, Paul, and Magdalen tlieir John Sabaties. 

children. '^ John Severin. 

Susanna Pcrdiiaux, Elias, Eliza- I'eter Samson and Mary his wife. 

beth, Esther, llachel, and Hilary l\Iary Sterrell. 

Anna, her children. ilatliew Schut. 

Ca;sar Paget. Gabriel Tahourdiu. 

Gabriel Pepin. Xicolas Tourton. 


Benjamin Tonrtelot. John A^Tger ami Gabrk^llc liis 

Peter Trinquan.l. wile. 

Daniel Thouvois an.] Paul his son. Francis Vaillaut, Ja<niclln.- liis 

James Trittan and -lane Ills wife. -ivife, Paul, Praneis, J-aae, Sii- 

Antony Vandcrhuht. sanna, and Mary, tlu'ir eliiliU-en. 

Isaac A^autliie. Afagdalcn A^mei-iuet. 

Peter Videau, Jane ami Elizabeth Henry VarelUc. 

his daughters. Abraham Le Conte. 

Without the elaiise rei|uiriiig oaths of allcgianee. Dated Wliltehall, 
the 9''' of Aprlll, 1GS7. in the .T'' yeare of our reigne. 

By his Ma'- eonimand, 


To our jVttorney or Sollicltor Generall. 

Denization to sevcrall persons.* Our will and pleasure is that you 
prepare a Bill for our Poyall Signature to our Great Seale for the 
makingc the persons hereafter named, being Aliens borne, iVec Deni- 
zens of this our kingdome, viz'. : — 

Peter Allix, Clerk, and ^Margaret Cliarles Ardesoif, Jane liis wili', 

hiswife, John, Peter, and James, Peter, John, and Jane, his 

their children. children. 

Philip Avbunot. John Barberie, Peter and John 

John Arlandy. his children, 

.lames Asselin, Clerk. ' Jamas Baillcrgeau, 

John Aniaud, Suzanna liis wife, Paul Boye. 

Ellaz, Abraham, John, and Ozee Belin, Ozce his son. 

Jane, their children James Breon, Ann IKireau, Eliza- 
James Aure. betli, and Alary jVnn his chil- 
Lewes .iVUaize. drcn. 

Alary Aubertin. Thomas Bureau, Ann his wife. 

Alary Ann .Anbertin. Gabriel and Peter Boulanger. 

Isaac Abraham. George Boyd. 

Peter Assailly. 7\.man Bounin. 


Peter Eillon. Al.mliam Einet, A[;igdalen hi: 
Nlc:olus r.oequct. \v\lh, and Juditli their daughter 
James Auguste Blondcll. John Peter, b.-.y. 
Mary Bibid. ,),,hn I'.ou.leselieM.c. 
Samuel l)Ou.=ae. Abraham Chrisiien. .Mary liis wife, 
Francis Bimiuemand Martha and Magdalen tlieii 
Jolm Bornartl. eliildrcn. 
Peter Bernardeau. Peter Christien. 
John Bruqiiier. B.'ruard Coudert. Bernard, Ben- 
James Bruqnier. jamin, and James, his ehildivn. 
Isaac Buuniot, Daniel, Jame.s and David Chasles. 

Bcnigno, his ehildreu. Isaac Couvers, Ann his wile. 

Frederick Blancait. Jolm Colum, Ann his wife, An- 

Heiiry Bustin. tony, John, Martlia, and ilaiy, 

Mathcw Bustin. their children. 

Joseph Bailhou. James CoUivceux, .Tanc Ids wile. 

Ester Bernou, Gabriel!, :\Iary, and Cliarlotte his daughter. 

Ester, and James, lier children. Arnaud Cazaubietli, Jane his wife. 

James Barbot. Daniel <Jhevalier, Suzanmi Ins wile, 

Peter Bourdct. Daniel and James their children, 

John Bourdet. Jolm B.aptist Clionard. 

Stejihen Bavathin. Peter Chasqueau. 

Lewis Barathin. Samuel Cooke. 

Isaac Beaidion. Thomas Chauvin, Charloite his 

Samuell Brusseau. wife, Thomas, Frrenis, and Ca- 

Jolin Bcauiills. therine, their children. 

David Bosanquet. John Coiirtris. 

Theophilus Bclkmgei'. James Crochon. 

luizcc Badrei. Peter, Sare, and Ester Chefdhatel. 
<ieorgc Basmenil. Clerk, Mary his Peter Caron. 

wife. Peter Chaseloup. 
Peter Boytoult, Cailierinc his wife. Paid Cliarron, Ann liis wife. 

Catherine, and ]\Iagualen Ins Marquis Calmels. 

children. George Chabot. 


Paul dij lirifac. Jaeoli Gedcoii do Sic(|iirvillr, 

Samuel do la Couklre. IMavy his Clerk. 

wilb, Judith and ilai-arct their Ilcury Ic Gay de r,us>y. 

children. Philips <lc la Loo, Clerk. 

.Tone de Varcnncs, Peter and Jane Alualuun Pueno Henri([ues. 

hid children. Al.raham Duple.K, Suzanna his 

Daniel du Coudray, :\Ia-dalen his wilb, James, (iadron, Goorg.-, 

■wife, Daniel his son. and Suzanna, his ehildren. 

Paul do pont. Peter Grerc. 

Gabriel de punt. Francisco Francia. 

James iJiore. JIary dc la Fuye, Catherin, 1-^liza- 

Abraham and Daniel do ^loavro. both, Magdalen, .Mary, Marga- 

Isaac de Hogltcl, Raehcll his wife. ret, and Ann, his children. 

Charles am] Isaac his children. Moses de Ponnnarc, Magdalen his 

Josise Duvall. wife, JIoscs and Suzanna hi.s 

Peter Dufliu. children. 

Francis Dcse, iMary his wile, John Droilhet. 

Paymund and Peter their chil- John do Cazalis. 

drcn. Peter Dtinias. 

John Jlcndez da Costa. Abraham Diigr.rd and I.Iizabeth 

John Do la Have, John. Thomas, his wife. 

Charley :^I.".-es, Adrian, and Girard do AVyrk. 

Peter, his chihlron. Daniel del Maitre. 

James Doublet, i\Iartha his wi!b, Solomas Eynic. 

David, James, and I\hiry, their Dionisius Follcs. 

children. John Fennvill. 

Peter Doudc. Andro'W Fanonio. 

Isaac Delamcr. Ariiau'l Francis, Ann Ins wife, and 

John Deconinq, Catherin and Arnand his son. 

Martha his children. Rene Floury. 

Isaac and Mary do iloiintniayour. Peter Fountaine, Clerk, Suzaima 

John dc la Place, Lewise his wile. his wife. 

John de Peaulicu. James Lewis Jjcnigno, Ann, Su- 

Jamcs de Bors and j\Iary his wife. zanna, and lister, his ehildren. 


[N E> 


Jolm Fari^cou. 

Isaac Farscy. 

Peter Fleuriion 

Jolni Fallot. 

Andrew ami Jc 

Daniel Fleuriaii. 

Francis Gueriii, Magdalen 
Francis and Ann his el 

Xicliolas Guerin. 

Lewis Galdy. 

Paul Graviset, Clerk. 

Samuel Georges. 

Eliaz Griniard. 

Flenry Gulclienet. 

Lewis Galland, Pachell h 

Joseph Guicherst. 

Claud Grotiste, Clerk. 

James Garon. 

Isaac Gamier. 

William Guiltan. 

Daniel Goi.sior. 

John Gurzelier. 

Andrew Gurzelier. 

Petro Goilard. 

James ilartell Goulard. 

William Gouy. 

John Gravetot, ('atlicrln 

Mathew Gclien. 

Isaac Haniond. 

John Ilarache. 

John Ilclien, l':iizal,cth 
John, Samuel, I'dizab 
Mary, his chil.lren. 

Moses Ilcrvieu, Vm 
John and .Martha 1 

Antony Hulin. 

Antony Jnlien, Jan 
Ann, Suziinna. Mar 
their children. 

Henry Jourdln. 

Lewis Igon, Ester hi: 
aud Mary his child 

Charlott Justell. 

Andrew Jansen. • 

Antony Juliot, Anto; 
ham his children. 

Jacob Jouset. 

Mary Jolly. 

John Lavie. 


yin-v L 




Antony L'lieureu 

Simon, Peter, aud 

James do Blond. 

James Lewis, -Vh' 

Fsay Ic Bourgei^iis 

Henry Le Conte. 

John and lloLert 

Ilelcne le Frank do .Maziero. 

John Lombard, Clerk, Fi'an. 

wife, DanicU and Phillip 

Daniel tic Febvrc. 
Adricn Lernoult. 
Peter le Bas. 
John Le Plastrier, ChaiF".; 

wife, Abraham and d.ui 

Francis Latam, Clerk. 

IS Ins 

52 i-iu;f,ign pi'.c i'i:stants, and ai.if.m--, in i'-xoland. 

Gnbrirl lo P.ovtoux-. Peter :\rontelz. 

Benjamin lo ilommolieu. Midiucl ^lan/y, Micliml, ,Iolin. 

Samuel le 'Jondu, Ana li is wife, Peter, liml liubella, lii^ rliiMi-cu. 

and :\Iagdaleu his daugliter. Stephen I\rignau. 

Franeis do Sombre. Isaae ilurlin. 

Mieliaell le Tondu, Ann his wifr, Peter and [Mary .Almcau. 

Tliomas, .Alathe^-, a.Rl John, Francis Maymah 

their children. Paniol Jlui-sard. 

James Baruch Louzada. Peter .Moidiallicr de la Salle. 

John Lcnglacdie, :\larv his wile, Daiiiel M.-iii, Margaret Ids ^^■\\\■. 

^hiry and JIartlia thJir ehildren. Pohea-t Mire 

John Peter la Serre. James .Mani.etit, Suzanna Lis wife. 

Ferdinaiido Mcndcz. ^lary Miniies. 

Samuel Jletaycr, Clerk, Suzanna I'ete'r ^lereier, Siizmina his wile, 

.Aletayer, Samuel, Lewis, Mary IVter, James, Suzanna, and 

Ann,"amll!ache!l, their ehildren. Ann, their eliddivn. 

Phili]>p .Marlines. Lcwise iMareh and Jolm his son. 

Jolm :\larin, .Clerk, Elizabeth his Abraliam P.arueh Iba./ujue^. 

wife, Martha and Suzanna their John Noleau. 

children. I'dias Mezereau, Judith Ids Nvilb. 
Peter :Morean, Frances his wll'e, ll-ter, Judith, and Helen, tb.dr 

Daniel, hdizabeth, IMary-Ann, children. 

and .Mary, their ehildren". John Oriot. 

Charles ^Moreau, Mary ^\nn his Solomon Pages, Clerk. 

wife, Daniel ajid Henrietta their Daniel Poyeaii. 

children. I'cter Phllipeau. 

Jonc INlathias, Judith his wdfe, John Papin. 

and Isaac their son. Franeis I'apin. 

Amln'osc and Isaac iMinct. Aron Pcreira. 

Nicolas Montclz, Magdalen his Peter Pain, JIargaret his wife. 

wife. David Papin, Aim his wife', 1 )avld 
Peter Marion. and Suzanna their ehildren. 

Solomon M(jnnereau. James Pellisun. 

Judith and J-rances ]\Ieres. Adriano Pereau. 


Samuel Sa-poi-tas. 

IVlcr Sauseau. 

IVt.a- Sro-uin, IVfr Lis son. 

diaries Srufgat. 

Stcphm Sel.rin. Simnn, IJachrll his \vi 

Malhow his son. 
Ah'xand.M- Seiglcr. 
I'ranris Sanseau, Frances his \vi 
Ahrahani, Daniel, I'eter, a 
,lareb, liis chil.hen. 
,!ehn Sanlnicr. 
Ahilla'W Savarv. 
Stephen Savary, Luce an.nialh 

his chlhU-en" 
Joshua Soijart, Elizabeth his w 
Paul Scncot. 
]\[ary Touschard. 
iJau'lol Thibauld. 
MargaivtTernar, Frances an.lA 

her eiiil.lren. 
John Thierv. 
Peter 'I'hauret. 

Abraham Tourtelot, James, 
Thomas, Jacoli, Moses, an, 
John, their children. 
John Thomas. 
Aron Testas, Clerk. 
.Peter Toussaint. 
Peter Vatable. 

Francis Urigneau and. lane his w 
.Mark Vernons, Clerk. 
11. Antony Yarcillcs. 

is Puhert. .lohn Van Feusteran. 

Simon V 
■Jnhn Pr 



i'eler ]')■ 




and C 

11 Page. 

ini, Francis, Pk" 

abrielh their cl 


S \', 


Jan,es P 


.himes I- 
Moyse 1 

'allot, :\[artha 1 



.IdIiII 1 ■ 

^o P.Hlriguez. 
1 lu'che.' 

.b.lm an 
,l:,eoh l; 
I'rler r. 

<1 Peter Pienle. 
sprit luidisson. 




->)', Suzannahis 
,' Daniel, ane 

I Si 


I'aul Ih 


i;oini>ie, vVnm 
n, James, and 

. hi 



Few is J 


Peymond Picy. 
Paul Key. 
Abraham Kcmand. 

Antony Peusseau, 1 
Frances, and Ouvi 


■ay h 



Uiibriel Vwigny. Jumos Jlongin. A^ui?i-aud. 

Davia Willmmin,.'. Francis .Ic lleaulien, Su/.anna ck- 

Marv Yvoimrt. Jol.n, Samson, r.eaur..:u, llrm'v aud 1 [enri.Hta 

and .Mary, his cliildivn. liis clilMren. 

j\[aiy Lirpiiiicrc. 

And that they have and enjoy all privilcd<,'i;'3 and ininuinitvcs as other 
free Denizens" do, provided' they and 'every ol' thein do live and .•uu- 
tinnc witli their laniilyes in this our Kingdonie of England, or else- 
where within cure dominions, and this sayd JJenization to he I'ortlnvith 
passed under our threat seale, without any Fees or other eharycs what- 
soever to l.>e p;iyd by the sayd persons in the passing thereof. And for 
so doing this shall be your warrant. (liven at our Court at W'lutehall, 
the 16 of December, 1G87. 
To our Attorney or SoUleitor General!. 

Denization to sevei'all French rroiestaids. Our will and pleasure is 
that you prepare a Bill for our Royall signature, to passe our great 
Seale, for the making of the persons hereafter named, lieing Aliens 
borne, free denizens of this our Kingdome, viz. : 
Paul Colimcz, Clerk. 
James Amail and ^lary his wi 
IVler Amelot. 
.Magdalen AUote. 
Peter Asselin. • 
Lewis Benet, Martha his wife. 

Catlierina their daughter. daughters. 

David Boulanger. jNIark Barbat, Clerk. 

James Bcric Samuel Barbat, Clerk. 

Ellaz Brevet, Clerk. ' Catherine Barbat. 

Isaac Bonneval. Ann Bourdon. 

James Brunei. Elizabeth Baraeliin, Peter, Daniel, 

Denis Barqucnon. and John, his children. 

Clement Boetrin. John Bailie. 

Cideon Benoi 


Samuel llinq 


Daniel Bellet 

Andrew Ben 


Michael liru 



lAIarv and 




F,cwls Carre, Proganse lii 
I\Iary and Jane tlieir elii 

James Clement, Mary li 
Peter and John their ch 

James Chabossan. 

iloses Cartier. 

David Coupe. 

jMark-Henry, Sanuiell, and 

John Chaboissan, Cathai 
wife, Julin, Peter, I^ai 
Jane, and Lcwisa, tlieir 

Gaily de (iaujac, Clerk. 

Bernard Duvignau, 

John de Penna. 

Barnabe Delabat. 

Alary and Suzanna Durii. 

Henry Duclos. 

John de la Ileuse. 

JIagdalen Dumas. 

Paul Diifour, ^Magdalen : 

AhuT Derby. 

dames Dufay, Suzanna li 

Francis I'ansays. 

John Espinassc. 

John Fauquier. 

Francis Fauquier. 

Peter Fasure. 

Eene Fleurisson. 

]\Iathew Forit. 

Solomon Fauleon. 

David Fauleon. 

Anthony Guigcr. 

,Tobn Gaultier. 


Ilonorat Gervais, Clerk. 

Gabriel Guichard. 

Thomas Gautier. 

John Galinoau. 

Mary and Margaret Ilolzafell. 

Abraham Ilallee, ilagdalen 

wife, and .fames their son. 
Thcophilus Jarlan, Paulina 

wife, -Mark and :\Iagdalen t 

:\ragdalen Laurel 

i\Iichael Le Gros. 
Adrian Lernoult. 
James Lenart. 
Charles le .Seig: 



Andrew Loilaud. 

John Landcs. 

Lewis Le Felivre, Ester his 

Jacob, Suzanna, Alary, 

Ann, their children. 
Samuel Le Febvre. 
John Lorniier, Alagdalen his 

John, Mary, and Jlagdalci 

Guy le Bon de Bonncval. 
Jacob Lope, ALiry his wile. 
Kicholas Lunel, Alary his 

Nicholas and Benjamin 

Jane Alontelz, .Margaret 1 

Fortin Mavno. 

ot) For.KiGX ri;oi r.sTANTS, and ai.ikxs, in kngland. 

Peter Movcau, Francis and I'etcr Francis Paulnicr. 

Ills cliildrcn. Mcliulas Quc.ucl. 

Paul ]\Iaricq. Peter Poguc. 

Daniel I\Iotct, Lewi-a his wife, Daniel Pebache. 

Jlartha, Lewisa, Jane, Dina, Peter lailliat. 

Frances, Daniel and Gabriel, Matliew Pcnaiidin, Charlotte his 

their children. wile, Charlotte, :\lLitliew, und 

Dorothee iMotet. Esaj-e, their childr(Mi. 

Isaac JMonnct. Lewis Pevnand, Ann Ins wiCe, 

Gaston ^hirlineau. Lewis and .'^arah tlieir children. 

Benjamin .Mallliquevrat. Benjamin Pegiiaud, jAIary his 

Phillips Margas. " . wil'e. 

James ilonhoevil, Suzanna his Peter Kigaud, Lewi^a his wife, 

wile, James, Jolm, :\Iary, and Pacliell an.l Snzainia their 

Jane, their children. daughters. 

Peter .Manvillain. Daniel Poussol. 

Peter .Monnet, Catharina Ins wifci John Pisteau, Magdalen his wife, 

Peter their son. Mary, John, Isaac, Eliaz, Su- 

James Mcnil, IMary his wile, zannc, and Margaret, their ehil- 

Thomas, James, Vincent, ilary, dren. 

and I^lizaheth, their cliihhvn. P.ei'nard Smitli. 

Peter :Moulong, Elizabeth his wif., Daniel Streing. Charlotte his wife, 

Andrew, Elizabeth, and Paul, Peter, .Mathew, Mary, and ' 

his children. ' Ann, then- cliildrcn. 

Peter Novel. Peter St. Pu. 

Peter Patot. Stephen Sarazin. 

James Page, Ann his wife, Jane John Peter Saint Faret. 

their daughter. Peter Sehriebcr. 

Samuel Peres. John or James Theroude. 

Mark Paillet. I'et.'r Tcstas, Mary his ^\•if ■, Peter, 

John Prerereau, :\Iary his wife, IMatliew, Mary, and Jane, their 

John, Suzanna, :Mozes, Mary, cliildrcn. 

Gaspart, and Sarah, their ehil- Daniel Taudin. 

dren. Eliaz Tessiei-. 


Eliaz Traversiev, Peter, Jacob, an<l Daniel Vautier, ^far-aret l,is wile, 

John, his cluUixn. ' Raehcl their daughter. 

Elizabeth Torin. John Vcrpcr. 

TlMjmas Alroot, Joseph Wildigos. 

And that tliev and cvcrv of them have and enjoy all riohts, privi- 
ledges and ininmnityes, as uth.-r free Denizens do. ^ Provided tliey live 
and continue wiili their iiimi'yep in this our kingdomc of England, or 
elsewhere Avithin our dominions. ^Vnd the sayd Denization to be Ibrth- 
with pas.=:ed under our great scale, without any fees or other charges 
whatsoever to be pavil by the sayd persons in the passing thereof. And 
for so doing this shall be your warrant. Given, etc. at Whitehall, the 
2,5th day Jf.AIarch, 1G8S. 

By his Ma'i« comond. 


To our Att...rney or SoUicitor Cienerall. 

]Jenization to severall pei'S'.ms. Our will and pleasure is, that v<"(u 

prepare a Bill ibr our Itoyall ."Signature, to passe our (jreate Scale, for 

the making of 

Daniel Armand, Clerk. Abraham Pound, ^lary his y.K.; 

Jolni and William Armand. Samuel, Abraham, Peter, j'aul, 

Isaac Armand, and Henry their children. 

Daniel Allotte. Danel Prion. 

[)aniel xVudart. Lewis Bongrand. 

J^.lm Ayland. Lambert Bosch. 

L^aae Auriol. Lewis Brevet. 

John Audebert, Magdalen his Elizabeth Chevalier. 

wife, John, Philipps, and Moses Daniel Chevalier, Suzanna his 

their children. wife, James and Daniel their 

Paul Bussiere. children. 

John Bctrand. John Cazals. 

John Bouteiller. Janres Coupe. 




John Castaing. 

Peter Cabilel. 

Isciiath Couturier, Jacob and Da- 
niel liis children. 

Kic.olas Cliencu. 

Mathew Collincau. 

Valentine Cruger. 

Abraham Cohen. 

David Cashan. 

Stephen Cadroy. 

Jacob and Andrew D.mgiraid. 

Nicolas du ^Mouchcl. 

Nicolas de la Gurene. 

Peter de Lanquetait, Cathcriiia 
his wife, an'I Catheriiia their 

Paul Durand. 

Benjamin de Jovx, Clerk, Mag- 
dalen Ids wile, Oliver and .Mary 
their children. 

John Darligues. 

Peler Tranche. 

Peter Duron. 

Peter de Piideau. 

Peter Dapuy. 

Peter de Yivario. 

Isaiath de A\'alpergen. 

Christian Breda. 

Margaret Dumas. 

Francis Estienne, Jane his ■wife, 
and Francis their son. 

Daniel Estienne, Catherina his 
wife, Daniel and Ger:on their 

John Farsey, Frances his wife, 

and James their son. 
James and Daniel F'resnut. 
Ann Faget, and Stephen lier son. 
DanelL 'Pleurlsson and Jane his 

Jane (Jarie, Peter her soi;. 
Peter Ganltier. 
Francis Gabct. 
John Peter < iairaud. 
John James Gaelics, Clerk. 
Slarv Groteste. 
Henry Caches, Clerk. 
liowland, Abraham, and Samson 

Lewis Jamia. 
Le^Yis Igou, Peter, Jolin, Isaac, 

Solomon, and Judith liis e'dl- 
- dren. 
Cornelius Johnson, 
ilai-y Philips luigelman. 
John King. 
Elizabeth le M.dcux, Judith and 

Catherine lier daughters. 
Aron le Fourgeon, Ann his wife, 

Ann Frances, Ann-:\Iary, :\Iar- 

tha, Magdalen, and Suzanna 

their children. 
Jolm Lofl'tiiig. 
Daniel Lntra. 
Anthony Laurent. 
James Le Blond. 
John I\Iallcn-oc de la Menaidiere. 
Gabriel Minvieille. 


Peter :\Iorui, ]•' ranees Ills wife. Peter PLeynaud, Sarah Ills wife, 
I'aiil [Merlin. Peter, Lewis, EstVier, and 

James ]*[atliia?. IMarque-Franccs tlieir eliildreii. 

Paul .Mousnier, Paul and James John Kohert. 

his ehildi-en. James llolas and John his son. 

Peter Mi.s-oiieau, John, Lev.dsa, I'liaz Savoret. 

Ann, .Marv, Mar-arel, and Su- Andrew Stokey. 

■/anna Ids (■lilldren. 

Jolni Stahelml. 

Pnrtlielmv :\lidv. 

^[ary Trstas. 

Lewi<a ^lajou, John, 

Ozee, Fran- 

flames 'Jdiomas. 

eis, ]\hui;:aret, and 

Judith his 

John Tlran. 


Peter Tardy, ^lary his wife, Peter. 

Danel Peiugault. 

Esther, and ilary tlielr ehildre)i. 

Isaac Puitiers. 

Ann Van Hattcn. 

Andrew Perturspu. 

John Van ILitten. 

John Pastre. 

John dc Cleve and Nlehele his 

Jolin Pelser. 

wife, John, Au.-tin, .Vdrian, and 

John Poltals. 

Catluirina their ehlhheu. 

James Kousscau. 

Gerard X'nnderne'len, Clerk. 

Leonard Paehard. 

Andrew Eoy, ami 

David Rowland. 

Samuel Torhi. 

Brin- all Aliens 1: 

lorne, Cree Dei 

nl/ens of this our klnp;domc of Lng- 

laml. And ihat th. 

jy and every 

of them have and enjoy all rights 

]ulvlledges and linmunltyes, as other Freneh, made free Denizens, do 
ni^w enjoy. Provided they live and continue with their Fanulys 
within our klngdomc, or elsewhere within our Domivdons. And the 
sayd Denization to be forthwith passed under the Great Scale, without 
any lees or other charges wduitsocvcr to be payd by the sayd persons 
In the passing thereof. Ami for so doing, &c. Dated at Windsor the 
19th day of August, 1G88. 

To our Attorney or Sollicltor (Jenerall. 


A TP.ui: cf.i:tificat of tliu names of the strnungers residing and dwellinge 
■witliin the city of Loudon and the lilierties thereof, together Avith the 
phice of their birtlie, and under tlie soveraignety of what prince they 
depende; according to a view taken in the time of the inaiorahy of the 
riglit honorable Sir George Bolles, Icnight, Lord JNIaior of the city of 
London, liy the direccons of the right lionorable tlie Loides and others 
of liis Malesties most honorable privye councell, signified liy their honor- 
able letters bearing date the vj"' of Seiitendjer, 1 G18. Li which certificate 
neither the borough of Southwark nor the adiaccnt partes of the city out 
of the liberties thereof are conteiued, in both ■\vhieli many strangers are 
resident and dwelling, of wliosc names we cannot make any ecililicate." 

[Abbreviations: f. J. free denizen; K. S. Kini;'s soveriiigntv; K. K. Iviii;,- of ICn-Iim.l 
K. F. Km- of Krance; F. K. Freiidi Kin;;; K. Sp. King of S[,:,iti ; A. Arci.duKo; f;. ]■ niperor 
S. Slates; W'ch. Dutch cliureli.] 


Stcplicn Sampson, iiij/i/sui/M; borne in Jlorles Cliristi>fer Duoksingcr; 1>. in Germany (lorlgo 

in Brittanic; free denizen, dependeing ingin widow lvaymonde'tiiiouse};ycA^i//ti\/t 

on the King's Soveraignety. K. S. 

raule Vanharbor; b. in Midltborough in Henry Scussetres; b, in Antw.rpr, under tli 

Zclande; a jeweller; f. d. K. S. Arclulul^e; » ll.n :hn,'l. r; f. d. K. S. 

David Pcehere, iHi^j-of/itrtr; b. in Antwcrpe; Jacob Jolinson; b. at Antwcrpc; liux,,'udtr 

K. S. 
John Ricolt,</o/i^s«ii'(/<; b. in Antwcrpe; K. S. 
Charles Destinny (jorncyman with John 

Kicliolde); b. in Erussclles; K. S. • 
Nicolas PeUere;b. in Strasbrooko in Jermanv, 

uj:wdl,r; f. d. K. S. 

Charles Meadow, ^/c^i'smiV/, ; b. in Gaunte, 
under tlic ArcliduKe; K. S. 

" S. P. 0. Dom. 

Iv. S. 
James Droot, f. d.; « i.mrhaMt; b. in Roan 

under the K. of h'raunce, and liath for li 

soveraine tlio K. of Englande. 
James Flower, a wllJiitu; f. d.; b.'in Roan 

under X. F., and hath, etc. K. E. 
Peter Clarice; b. in Gencvy; f. d.; v JufdU 

K. E. 

Al'l'ENmX. (il 

lialtliasai- dc Moncamo; h. ■inik-r the st:,tc of (jLTiiiany, f. d., un.Ir-r tlie »i^l.upp iI.ltc; 

Midluburowe; <i« /m?^,..r/„ „ ,■; K. E.; .ind K. E. 

liotli at tho Iiouso of Kcginuld yr.'i;ur.Y, ;i Cnderadiis Decroctes; I., in Nurcunparis, 

tailor. uiulur tl.'.- iloininion i.f tliu I'riiiLu I'tiuls- 

Nicolas Wier; b. under the Duke of Sox.Mi, grave; K. E. 

in theTowne of Cohrook; ■!« ;,„i..-o,/,a r; John .Topcrto; L. at jrainei-.v in Imtuu,co, 

K. E.; and lietli at thu house aforesaid. under K. F. 

John Vandormore;« Uiilo,; f. d.i h. in Biv.ddo, Isaaok Lare, Ercnclmian; b. in I'awe, under 

under the state of IToUande; K. K. K. F.; K. E. 

Oodfi-ey Arnolde; b. in Franekford in Jer- Wiehaell Ili-osant; b. at Bros.sell in lliabant, 

many :»>,«■/.,■; ICE. under the .\reh.Iuke; K. E. 

I'.t.r Ue:u-d: b. in Ilaw.4.rooke,f. d., under Jacob Corneliua; b. in Delfe, under the 

ihe dominion of the .\rchduUe; (r cL„,:nd- Slates; K. E. 

/. ,■; K. E. William Aiiten; b. in Mant, under the K. F.: 

Fi-auncis ]:)errickos; b. at Antwerpe, under « yubhrnllk. 

tlie Arehduke; f. d. K. V.. Godfrey Ranaircs; at .Muirmshani, in Geldcr- 

Eylliard Vander Ileydon; b. at liiayman iu lande, under the .Slates; K. E. 


Lewis Jackson, a Portingall ; b. in the islande Daiiiell Mercer, the Sonne of a siraunger; b. 

of .Madina, under tho donunion of the at London ;« ^M^' K.J. 

King of Spainc; his soveraigne the King Gillain Winnis; b. in Flaunders, under the 

of Spaine. A.; K.J. 

I'eter Arrious; b. in Anwerpo, in the Arch- Suzan Leniott; b. at Sandwieh; the dau'r of 

duke's dominions; bis soveraigne King a straunger; K.J. 

James. Amiu-ose Kegomarters; b. in Weselles, under 

Tiinrnia Uatlerina; b. in Uurgony, nmler the the 1). of Cleves; K. J. 

Ar,-hdnke; her sovcraignu the Ar.'h.luke. Abraham Villarde, tho sonnj of a slrang.T; 

William Grove; b. in Antwe)-pe, under the b. in Sandwieh; K. J.; hce hath ludgeing 

Archduke's dominion ; K. J. in his house, 

dairies Yanstable; b. in Flaunders, under John Castello; b. in Xorwieh, the sonne of a 

the A.; K.J. straunger; K. J. 

Anthony do Coster; b. in Lisborne in the Lewes Capell; b. in Flaunders, under the 

kingdom of I'ortugall, in the dominion of A.; K. J. 

K. Sp.; K. J. Katherino Dewane; b. at Brisselles in I3ra- 

Cornelms Garat; b. in Utrieke, under the bant, under the A.; K.J. 

duniinions of the prince Orymes. Dcbora Tomer; b. at Ariuarpe, \inder the 

M'-Lemot li.ath M" Thunbing lodgcing in A.; K.J. 

her house; b. at Antwerpe; K. J. John Deway, the sonne of a stranger; b. iu 

Ja-perTion; b. in London; tho sonn of a London; IC. J. 

f. d.; K. J. Jo], Brewer; b. in Brigges in Flaunders, 

James^Llsse; Anwerpe,undertlieA.;K.J. under the K. S.; K. J. 


Tuscan Laucnt; b. in Fraunco, i.n.I,[- K. F.; in Ikuk-; !,. in, under tlie 

K. J. S.; K. J. 

Elias CuTnoTt. tlie Sonne of a straungev; b. Jolin DL-raucj; b. i)i Franco il,c V. K.; 

in K.nt; K.J. K.J. 

PctLT Yandall, tlie Sonne of a f. d.; b. in Lazai-e Ducbine; b. in liui-os in Ibe city of 

London; K. J. Ko,„e; p. K. 

JIary Dcpiill, tbe dau'r of a stranger; b. in Gideon Anglais; b. in liurges in tlie city of 

London ; K. J. Koane- V. Iv 

Jaincs Goodcall, f. d.; 1). in Fl.iunders in -L,n- Hcbois; b. in I'raiince, undrr I'. K.- 

Mesen, unilertlie A.; K.J. K. k", 

Uanicdl; b. in Kent, m tbe IVrt of (IdUit ; borne in tbe citv of Parri.' 

Sanduieb, eiti.enand,^,/,„„,/,,„f Lon- in France; F. K. 

''""• Robert de la Darr; b, in Ibe cilv of :\Ions, in 


d. K. J. 

tbe county of 1 

I'oinlo, I'orli.i-all; b. in I', Tbreebinder; b. at Kynebaek at under K. S.; K. 

Colliue, under K. Sp.; K.J. Robert Howell, f. d.; b. in St, IVlers in 

Nicolas Vacoiidary ; b. in Fr.inucc, under Fiaunee, under 1''. K.; F. K. 

i<- '■'•; K. J. Martin Drusliylde; b. in'urabant, in a towne 

Niebohus Miehell; b. at Bridge.^ under K. Sp.; called Jlris-elles, under A.; K.'j. 

i<- J- F.^cue Deuey; b. in Frauuee,'in Ro; ne, under 

Leonard Costerman ; b. in Antwerpe, under F. K.; K. J. 

tl'^' A.; K. J. Peter Lii-sell; b. in Fraunee, in Lions, under 

Jobn Jolinson, f. d.; b. in Antuerpe, under F. K ; K. J. 

ti'e A.; K. J. Jobn Uonsey, in Flaiinders. f. d., 

Jobn Loduiek; b. in Antwerpe, under tbe under A.; A. 

A.; K. J. Pouell Deeooke; b. in Flauiiders, in Bridges, 

Abicoeke l.erby batb Niebolas More lodgcing vinder K. Sp.; K. S. 

in bi.s bouse; b. at Franekforde in Jar- ILircnan Coller; b. in lligb Dutch laude, 

many, under the Emperour; K. J. under S. 

Cornelius CTarrett; b. in Utriek, under the IL-irnian Sioj-per; b. in Cleauelan.le, in a 

dominion of tbe prince of Ormes; K. J. tou ne called Calliear ; K. J. 

Anthony Trian, f. d,; b. in l-lauuders, under Katberine Gest; b. in Antweipe, uu.ler A.; 

the States; K. J. K. J. 

Abraham Desart ; b. in Flawuders, under John Vanlowe; b. in, in Rostiek, 

the S.; K. J. under the IC; K. J. 

Jobni-doore; b. at Fraunekford, under the Nicholas Erbin ; b. in I'rauuee, in Kuan, 

E., in Germany; K. J. ' under F. K.; K. J. 

Arnold Cappell; b. in London, the sonne of Wary Jouelm ; b. in Frauuee, in a towne 

af. d.; K.J. called Barren ty ; K.J. 

Jacob Dein-ce; b. in Jlidleborough, under Henry Wetberall, binglisbuian ; his «ifo b. 



Dolloina, :in Ittaliau ; I), in a tuw.K- callc.l Flq.oue Komcil..; h. in Saint Osay, in Franf..; 

Sichell; K. S.: liis wife ami two rliil.livn : F. K. 

and also LoJowick Mo.lcnan ; 1.. in a lowno John Arc-li ; borne in Fraunce, in Dcale; F. K. 

called Jlillani; K. S. tlloue Le :^Iaier; b. in Bcauson, in Iligbbur- 

WilUam JIoio liatb Andriso Lin-, a !odg,,r; guny, under the E.; IC. J. 

b. in Denniarlce; K. J. Peler Marineer, a Frenchman and f. d., a-cd 

Paul- Marco; b. in Italy, in the of SOyecrs.ind ui)wardcs,airKleing in Kn-land 

Lnca; K. .1 . about 30 yecrs; b. at Orleans, un<ler IC. F., 

Thomas Goucrs bath Cniiyers, a lodger; b. riulds,.,ill,; liavcing a wife and 

in Fraunce, in Vily; K. J. and a maid servant, and Knglisli borne. 

M''* Fisher bath Wancot, a lodger; Ilanns Tan Basile, a Dutchman, aged 20 

b. in Antweri>e, under A,; K. J. veers and upwardes, about half a jeer in 

Jacob de He.'; b. in Ipers, in Flanndurs, Knglan.l; 1). at Antwerpe, in Flaunders, 

under Iv. Sp.; K.J. under the A.,; lodgcing in the 

Peter Mun; b. in Fraunce, in Dr.Je ; V. K. house of Chri=!opber Hunt, iMhwIhc.;,: 
Gdiam Durt; b. i)i Fraunce, in I'ont; F. K. 


Christian Van G'.adbeid.e, «o ,r/„,/-„f ,■ b. in William Bayarde, ,w<v./u.»«?." and f. d.; b. 

the towne of (iladliecke, iu the dnkedonie at Eiper in Flanders; K. J.; of the IJ''' 

ofJulycorlande;K.J.;oftbeDuclicl.ureli; eh.; dweller heer ai yeers. 

and dweller beer 13 yeers. Samuell Derisher, .u,,rlM„le and d. ; b. at 

Seager Corcellis, -.Hcnh.und and denizen; b. Enulcn in Fast l''reezland; K. J.; of Ibe 

ill Rouscaer, in the dukcdome of Cleuc in U'" eh.; dweller heer 13 yeers. 

Flaunders; K. J.; of tlio D^l' ch.; dueller Arnold LuUer, uu,;h,n,i; b. at Antwerpe; is 

beer 42 yeers. ""»■ »'" "'' tbiscity, wherby we cannot have 

John Luiles, iv.-ha,.l and deni.-on; b. at his aunswer; of t'ho U'i> ch. ;. dweller heer 

Anluerpe, in the nukedome of Uiabnnt; 36 

K. J.; of ilie U'i'ch.j dweller beer 2 veers. John .Mountscy; b. beyonde the seas; natoral- 

William Dem.-ber, of London, v„,,hl. and ized by Act of Parliam', and now owt of 

.1.; b. at Emden, in East Freezlande; towne. 

K. J.; of the D^i' ch.; dweller beer 13 John Clant, ■(HUv/inrt,,;, straunger and f. d.; 

_^co,s. b. at Enskeden, in the province of Twenty, 

Le'wmd Agar, (/,,v,/,/,'rr;b. in Gaunt, under under the A.; K. J.; of the D'l' eh.; 

A.; K. J.; of the D*ch.; dweller beer dweller heer 37 yeers. 

•jl yeers. Jlichaell Vaudcpitt,/«i(,»)t c/iVr; b. at Bridges 

Jlathias Ilendrick, U'llur; b. at nnrbeek, in in Flaunders, under the A.j K. J.; belongs 

the dukedom of CTeuen; K. J.; of the to the English church; dweller heer 21 

D^i' ch.; dweller heer 21 yeers. veers. 

Cornelius Mandarnecke, iro/I-ir; b. in Dort, Petu- Van Peno, /«'/o,v; b. in Bridges in 

in the goverment of the Grane Morris; Flaunders; K. J.; of the Engli>h congre- 

K. J. ; of the D'l' ch.; dweller beer 13 yeers. gaeon ; dweller heer 13 yeeres. 

G4 Ai'i'J-.xiux. 

J.ilinVamucnnn/U.teh,A»/!-,;l..iiiVlauii.lrr,s I., in FI.uiii.Ic.n; K. J. ; l.tlong-^ to tin.. D"' 

K. .1.; of th." D'-i' conyiri;.; .Iwc-Uor ln;er oil.; .hveli.M- lioio 41 jwrs. 

•2u j-oercs. dilei lU' liiiu, ,ni,\f,.nu.t,' ;nul f. .1., rcfu^nl. 

riiillipp Jlc-iileman, ./<7./.,-; I., in Ural.uiit; tusul.sfril.cwilh U3, in iTt-anl asliccsaith 

K. J.; of the U'l' ell.; <lwulli.r lacr SI 1il-o hath siii.sciiijcd at IlncliiKV liic 

yeere. 'hviiii-th; Iil-u liatli suI'Scriiicd uii'Ii-rncatli. 

Pctor Bull, merd'uniU; stnuigcr ami f. d.; b, !>' nis .MuslicU, lUamon.k callu-; li. at 

at Collin in Germany, the K.; IC.J.; in the duhwlonic of GulioU; K..I.: heluiij;-. 

belonga to the W^' ch.; dweller heere liJ to the I)''' eh.; duellei- heer 15 yrei-s. 

yeercs. Giles lie I'ntt, i.n rthm,,,! and t'. d.; h. in 

A lod-er of .M' Bull, his name Lodwielie Usteend in I 'launders; K. .1.; durlh.rheer 

Ilarple, ./,«(.,■ !.. in SonieKele, under the il yeei-s. 

Duke of llulsten, :ind upon the \Villi:iin Turter, of Duteh parent.-; h. in the 

same U. parishe of Si Mary Atiiill. in tlie ward of 

John Deualfe, /■•■(or, straun-er; I), in Klann- Uillinsgate, and is out of to«ne. 

der.s, under th.^ A.; K.J.; of the IJnteh iMathew dc (iucster; h. at Antwe.p; naluial- 

English eh.; dweller 11 veers. i/ed by Ael of I'arliam' in tj, Lli/.-delli's 

FrauncLs Penelewc, }n,;h„„i, straun.^cr; h. tini.'. 

in ITolstCad; K..T.; of the U'l' eh.; dweller Daniell Vanbas,.„elt, >,it, ,/,.,,.«/ and d.; 1.. at 

heere 2iJ ycors. Uomesy in I'daniulers; K. J.; belongs tu 

Elizabeth Vanstenu, iivW.),-; b. in Br.aborno; the 1)''' eli.; dweller heer S,". yeer>. 

K. J.; of the Kng. ch.; dweller beer 3u Abraham Beelc. ,!n:,vli,nn,t. , ('. d. ; 1.. at 

yecrs. .Stobbe, and ueei- the city ..f Al n in (ier- 

.Sinion Johnson, a h.diier at the aforesaid nuuiy; K. J.; .d' the J)"' congr.g.; dweller 

M"» Vanstene'a; b. in Dorle in IloUaml, heer IV yeer:;. 

and doth now depende uppot. the same Jaques -le AValle, sojourner with .M" Beeke; 

state of llollande. 1,. ^t Melgiluan in Flaunders; K. J. 

Mathias Areler, tnih.,-, b. in Gorgam in Baldwin Malhewe, „. i.7,. ,»„.'. and f. d.;b. 

llollande; K.J.; of tllel>" eh.; dweller at Gaunt in Flaunders; K. J.; of the 

heer U ycers. D.i. congreg. ; dweller heer VI ye.'res. 

Joes Cupenbcry, vienhauid, stranger; b. in Lewis Van IIobrool:e, n,: ,rl,iiiu,l- ; sojourner 

the didtedome of Gulicko; K. J.; belongs with the s' Baldwin JIathewe; b. at Gaunt 

to the Eng. eh.; dweller heer 40 yecrs. in Flaunders; K. J. 

Jacob Dolle, i.a'n-l,a«i,t,'; b. at NewbirUe in Garret Van IIobroohe,(/,,v(Z ,/;/,, ; b. at Gaunt 

Flaunders; K. J.; belongs to the D'^'' eh.; i„ Flaunders; K. J.; <d' the U' i' eh.; 

in London for 4.'i yecrs. dweller heere 14 ycers. 

Peter Hearnc, iiHnhim.le, born a denizen; John Dorper, f, d.; 'b. at Theilt in Flaun.Iers; 

b. in Romson in Flaunders; K. J.; of the K. J.; of the 1)"' eh.; dweller heer 4(i 

D'i'ch.; dweller heer. yeers. 

Miehaell Ilurtcr, maxlMunte and f. d.; b. in llaune Hareauco, vitn-lutual, stranger; b. at 

Flaunders; K. J.; belongs to the D''' ch.; Antwerpe in Braborne; K. J.; of the 1)''' 

dweller heer 37 ycers. eh.; dweller heer 9 yeers. 

John Bloomer, Jre/.-(,-/cr;.,.i //.,<, and f. d.; Giles Lyons, thm' </,/i>-; b. in Bii-selles in 

Ai>iM;Nnix. f>o 

Bralnint; K..I.; of tho I>'i' cli.; .Iu.-II.t Jncol. T.iiras, wlio is out of Tnwn tlio 

lieer 33 jecis. s-as; l,i. %vif,.. vailh tli:.t li<' is a f. >!.; 1. .a 

William Crosse, of Dutch p.irriits ; I., at A.i,>t.M-amn ; iluellor lieer 2" yoiTs. 

Croiilon, i.. tl.e CO. of Surrey. I',i.-k Vandc/.ant : h. in .Xruolian. in 

John Stepbon.s, of Dutfli parents; Ij. in the Cielderlau.!. umler the dominion of Oiaiins 

CO. of Kent. Morris, Prince of Orange, and hath two 

John Clements, of Dutch i-arcnts; h, in tlio children; heer theis :3ii ycers. 

parishe of S' George in Lon.lon. Haunce llomarde; h. in Corlricke in Flaun.l- 

Peter Jacohson, i«civ/,«««(r and f. d.; h. at r-rs, under, tlio Arclnluke Albcrttis ; a 

Antwerpe, in tho Dnijcdomc of Bralmnt;; and hccr this .vxix. veers. 'I'liis 

K. J.; of the D'i<ch.; dweller lo.-orir. veers. Ilaune Iloinard h.iili two lodgers, whn^c 

Lov.cs Vandam, v„ rr!,v,':.l, ; h. at CartrieK names are Michell Maerns and Uieh .rd 

in Flaundcrs : K. J. ; of tho !>'' .■!,.; Koserus. 

dweller heer It veers. 


A\'illiam VanDam;b.inGauntin Flaunders, an Englishman, and free of the city ;I 

nmler the A.; f. d„ and hath t.dou his I.omlon. 

oath to the King's ."Majesty of lingland; <■ Mary Uussell, waloic ; h. in Antwerpi! in 

ll,n,l,/;,,: Flaun.lers, under the A.; her hnsLaiol 

Christofer Loues; h. in Uoarcman in Gel.ler- Simon Russell, deceased, was a f d. 

lande, under the A.; f. U. K. K. ; .•.>-/;,; Peter Van vice; h. in Mi.llelioroughe in 

'lirostcr. Zolan.le, under tho dominion of the ."ilate 

John hones, hrother of tho s' Chris;olVr; in- in the lowe countryes, to whomo hee is 

mate in tlie s'' house; h. in Korenian elorc- sulijeeto; and is a w,',rhrn,le. 

s.ii.l, and is under the ^.iVel■aigloty and Pliiliip RurhTOaehi; h. in Sedon in France; 

■ K"<er,ornluf lie- Arehdul.e; .«.<,/.;//.,■,..(-, ■. naturalized l,y the King's Maj.sti.-'s 

Sara Dneaine, ,r„'wr ; b. in Antuerpe in graunte. and dependeingo onely of bis 

Flaundcrs. under the A. her soveraigne; .Majestie's favour. 

her husbande John Dneaine, deceased, was 


John Fohrc, Frenchman; b. in the precinct upon noe other state but of the King's 

of Guyand, a towne of Turnon; who hath m.ajcsty of G' Britaino. 

lived in this city of London thcis five years Nicholas Crowem; h. in Lile in F'laundcrs; 

past, pmpssMij the U<irluiiij of the FreiLck dwelt in London theis ]S yner.s; who useth 

loniiae, with M' Peter Arundell, professor Merrhaddheinj; K. E. 

in the aforesaid tongue. Jano Dccroo, i/;Woi» of Michaell do Crewe, 

John Hartau; b. in Lille in Flaundcrs; dwelt deceitsed ; h. at Antwerpe; hath dwelt 

in England theis 30 years, and dotli d-pend heer in England 15 yceres. 



Gillian LefToory, inWo)f of Ltircory, 'loowiscd; Anthony Jacolis, 
h. in Flainnlcra. ALraliani l.efcory, lier irutoif; b. in F 

IlISllorSCATi!: W'AItDE. 

Paulo Pattow, ncfd/cmoh ,;■ h. in FlauinlrT^ James Dolce, s;«,r,,av,-; I., in S' Kallic .■in^-'s 

in Arlois; an.l Annis my wilV, I., in Tni n,-y nec-r LonJun ; K. J. 

in Flaunders; K. J. Clurles Malladry,s,V/,,n',iy,r; b. in Flaun.lor-i: 

Anthony Ri-llmy, .<,7/.c'™.cv 1.. in Turncy in an.l Jane his «ifo, of Flaundors als„; 

FlaUM.lors; K. J. K. J. 

Coni(jliu3\Villian,si'K«wiiri;b.inFlannaors; Daniell Vui-non, i,7i,r.«iw; b. in; 

and Judith hiswife.thercborncalso; K. J. and Jaquos Uausuro and his wifo, b. in 

Johai;nosBuwdry,«7/«TOi'.r;b,inFlaundcr5; England (Ja.iucs Basuro an innmtr); ■>!' 

and Elizabeth his wife, b. in Lorulun ; K.J. 

K- J- Peter Prince, ««-,.r.i vci- of T.nh l.,[h (../.-■; b. in 

Plullip Dauffiuy; b. in Flannders; and Sara Antwerpe; and Hester his wife, of Anwarpo 

hiswife,b.inFranehfordinJermany;K.J.; botli; K.J. 

inmates with the aforesaid Cornelius Wil- John Beaton, coKSolaler to th,. s:< k of ilie 

lian. Fr.'neh congreg.; b. in Niuui.may; .-unl 

Peir Petit, siUimiver; h. in Flaunders; and Jane his wife tl.ear; K. J. 

Jane his wife, also b. in Flaundors; K.J. James Sellinger, 5iK«e««)v b. in London; 

D.avid Jouelin, .ulLweuvcr; h. in England; K.J. 

and Pcron his wife, b. in Flaun.ler.s; K. J. Franeis Laneett, sithivanr; b. in Flaun.h rs; 

Guilliam Fovtersso,5i7/!vcf.i.-. -•; b. in Flaund- and Mary bis wife, b. in iXorwich ; 

cr.-.; K.J. K.J. 

John Du.s.-arr, s«-i..<.'r,'i-; b. in Fhuinders; Thonuas Radulphus, f/Kic.-n,-, and inniale b. 

K. J. one Edward Dorington; b. in the Low 

Ely Maurin,s/H«,„,u-; b. in Fl.innders; and Countries, under the S.; K. J. 

Jane bis wife, also thear b.; K.J. jUc.-;andcr ].'aith, a slann-d tu llie Venice 

ScveraigneLeCrcw,ii7/,««!v,; b. ioFlaund- Ambassadour ; b. in the of 

ers; K.J. Florence; K.J. 

Henry de Page, sUtuvimr; h. in Flaundors; Franeis Cordoner, .s/H(n„,Y;-; b. in Gernnmy; 

and Marey his wife, b. in Cantcrbuiy; K.J. 

!•;■ J. Joseph Pettcs, utdlcuiakcr; b. in Ciernjany; 

PauleDuraell,.?<7/!mr, Leig, [under] K.J. 

the Archbishopp of Cullame; and Sara his Adrian Sock, sUtinaver; b. in I'laundirs; 

wife, b. in llidleborouglie; K.J. and Mary his wife, of Leige; K. J. 

John Saulcr and Peter Sauler, .«i7X iwnc. js; Abetl Mountaine, s/« («((/■«■,■ b. in Norwich; 

both lodgers with Paulo dc Ruclle, and K. J. 

b. in Flaunders; K.J. John Dcwarehin, senior, .•:/«./,„,■.,■,• b. in 

Jehan Dclbonc, si7/.»f«c,r; b. in Maunders; Flaunders; and Ueiinis his wile, b. at 

.and Julct bis wife, b. in Lcigc; K. J. Anwarpc; K. J. 

Al'I'ICN'liIX. hi 

Jntm Deuai-L'liiii, junior, iUhn.irrr: h. i., ami Amu; his wifu, 1,. ii> Mamnlci-s ; 

I.'jn.lun; K. J. K.,r. 

Ali.alKuii ClKiuilron; b. in London; siV/.-- Jolin Garret, sUknvn-r ; h. in tlio Low 

!'i-cr„',,7 K. J. Countriea, under tl.e S.; K. ,1. 

Jnlin Fawconer, s;«TOr«)7 1.. in Klaunders; Nicliolaa Peacock, .v,7/- ,!..,,, ,; h. in Flauu- 

K. .T. dm ; and Francos liis nmIV, tUero I..; 

I>a,N- Louclifoanc, .-i'/sn-avu-; h. in Fnoiand; K. J. 

K.J. Oliver Ginlet, /,-rt<»<.i »,.I^:..• b. in llritlan, 

John Dcvillcrs, sll/.evan-er; h. in FlaumUrs; nndcr tl.e K. F.; K. J. 

and Margaret bis wife, ol' Flaunder^; John Alman, i/K.'W ..,-,■ b in rai.UTbr.i> ; 

K. J. a lod-er with one Tl.,.n,..» K, lll'ill; K. ,1. 

K'.bc-rt Bumery, siltinavtr; b. in Flanndors; Jehan I.Hiiireall, slik.ruuu-: b. in l^'laundu-- 

K.J. K.J. 

Nicholas Kcignart, si7/!-»v«TCr; Flanders; Adrian Sounle, sill , run: r: b. in Flaundu--; 

and IKUen Ids wile, borcn in Flanndci^; and Mary bis wife ; K.J. 

K. J. Jaiines do Uoudry, sUktrut.u-; b. in Zelande; 

Fnrning G.lrret, siM«-m,,,-; b. in Amiens; K.J. 

and Mary his wife, in Cantorbnry; K. J. Peter Fromeau, sUhmn",-; b. in Flaun.lcrs ; 

John Del Chambrc, .n7/aw<,vjv b. in Flann- and Jlarey his wile, b. in Klaunder-; 

dors; and Judith his wife, of Antuerpe; K. J. 

K.J. TlKMn.a.s Hayes, siV/.m.ii'.,; b. in l.'l.iunders; 

Elny Towroy, s!lhtv„icr; h. in b'launders; and Ann ray wife, b. there; i:. J. 

and Mary his wife, of Flanndei-s; K.J. Jclian Duboo, S(7/;,'.. ..-,,; b. in Flaunders ; 

And)ro3c Turret, .y,inskr of silea- l,',ro!; h. an.l Sion his wife, buriie there; K. J. 

in Millain; and Jane his wife, of Vlushe- Miehaell Allmoinl, s,7/ .(v.-a,,- b. in Canter- 

inye. bury; K. J. 

AnI.artnonvers, .v7;„-i.„ivr.- b. in Flaundei's; Malliew Ilosemear, tiiUor; b. in AlUnaney ; 

..nd .-^..ra l,i> wile; K. J. K.J. 

Jane Man.b, „ /.,/ ,; 1,. in I'laun.lers; hatli Abr.diani Dartlcny, s,7/:„r„,'f,'; b. in .\bl/ 

b.nne dwelt in Knyland ; K. J. in Lorraine ; K. J. 

(iilesChandierlein, .■./«,-■..,,•,,■; b. in I'lann- Ue.ijatnin de la Knelle, .s.7/«- »r.,,- b. w 

ders; and Margret his wife, thear b.; Pieardye in Fraunee; and Kalherine bis 

K. J. wife, b. in Flanndcrs; K. J. 

Julian de Ru.sier, s/ttiMrnrr; b. inLomlun; Peter Lejiper, «7/',!Y,a', -■; b. in GnlieU ni 

K. J. Cleveland; K.J. 

Isaek Rassell, hroah'r; li. in Fraun.' ; K. J. Abraham Senion; b. in London; K. J. 

J.-o|nes Guyann, 5i7iiTO(mr; b. in I'huinders; Aur.dy U:n-ty, purscmuirr ; b. in Italy, in 

K.J. , Ln.'a; K.J. 

Albert Castle, sJkmoci,-; Flaund.^rs ; Jelian Chamlicrlein, .«i«-"v„,> / ; li. in I'ian- 

K. J. ders; and K.athcrine bis wife, tliear b.; 

Charles Lemot,s7/.im.-rt,-; Flaundersj K.J. 

K.J. Gland Dufoure, sUIana,',,-; b. in Klan.bis; 

John Setall. sillm.u-u- . b. in Canleiburv; and Kalherine his wife, there 1.,; K.J. 


Abraham Van.l./nd Burse, s:il.-nu.r; b. i„ 

Christofer Darsncyo, b. in C4ermaney; sll':- 

M.-.i.lstnno ill Kent; K. .1. 

ic.vni-; lodger in the hou^e of Henry 

Daltluizur do Riiko, ,111.:. ,'..,-,-. ;•,• b. in Fbum- 

Harvey in Ualle Moone Allry ; K.J. 

clers; IC. J. 

I.uKe lleminay, b. in .\„t»vn. ; K. .1. 

Jolin Dai.iell, talhw-clmv,..ll. r; h. in Flaun- 

Fraunei-. Trouly, ,.;//. u;r; b. iii Fl.iun.lrrs; 

ders : and Ilellen lu, '.vilo, Ihnh i„ ; 

K". J. 

K. .r. 

.M.ixainiliun Lambert, sJ/.,aea,-; b. in Flauu- 

ders; K. J. 
Antliony l''cilde, s/Hvir,iti>, r; i.. in Lisle in 

Jehan Ballien, b. in Antwerp ; 

and .Mary his wife; K. ,1. 
Nicodame Ur<.i;.-ir, s,7/. ./w„ u-; b. in Flaiin- 

ders; K. J.; and Fii/.abeth bis wife. 

l^'launder-t ; K. J. 
Jaqnes Russie, silhiKai\r; b. in Valentino; 

riiillip Le I'a^e, s,7/,, ...,,-, ,■; b. in Flaunders; 


Lojs (le Creator, si7/.-./'i.-.ri'..-; li. in I'lann- 
iters; and Elizabeth lii> uife; K. J. 

Clement de Fouuluine, j 7.'..., ,.a, ; b. in 
Koanein A'ormnndy; K. .1. 

Jelian Forlorne, silka:Mo n b. in Gaunte in 

Nirhnla.H Bousey, s;ihr,,u:n h. in Ileywanll, 
under the -A.; and .\L,ry his w iiV-; K.J. 

ArtnsTiruine, i,7/.,r.„,.,; b. ii, Flaunders; 
and Anne his wife; both IC. .1. 

Adrian Pliehon, s.V/,-.../, , ; b. in Flauiuh'rs; 
and Sibille his wile; K. J. 

Flannders; K. J. 
John Tisiwane, s,lk,cear,r: b. in Flaundera; 

I'eter Lampo,s/Hv,i»,c,-; b. in Canterbury; 
!C. J. 

and Sara his wife, in Antwerjie; K. J. 
Juhn Sterlinc, si7/.-,(™»7-,- b. in Flaundors; Lc Calliett, ,5,7/.,/-, ,u'.,-; b. in Canter- 
bury ; K.J. 

and Sara his wife, of Antwerpe; K.J. 
Jolm do Cane, silkwain'r; h. in Flaundtrs ; 

Elly Bruinge, SiV/.-wm-cr; Wrasall; and 
Katherinc his wife, h. in h'laiiiidns; K. J. 

Jolm .Marre, sVHt «■..„, vr; b. in Norwieh; a J„l,„ Curnelius, ..;«■,-•.„,■, ,■.• Flaunders; 

lod;.;,.r with Ambrose Jl.dliu-ll; K. J. K. J. lie.uiverty, Feir de l.i Tan, Ja^ues Ja.iucs Caudeler and Peir ^lalliera, silt- 

Libert; all of them b. under tlio A.; nil vcuyers; and lodgers within 'I'liemas Jor- 

!<■. J. den; K. J. 

Peter Terry, s!ll-„ranr; b. in Southwarlc; Anthony de Lo Belle, Jeban Ferry, and 

'■^•J- Is.aacI;, lodgers within the housu of John 

Frauncis PclnLin, b. in Fraunhford; Antony Saunderson ; all K. .1. 

Delaumu .and Isaac Fietoro, both b. under Peter Terry, siltmai-u- ; b. in Flaunders; 

the S. ; all lodgers with Robert Evans; and logeing with one W .Smilh, iu llalfe 

J"'- J- moone Alley; K.J. 

Jonas de la Fountaine,^v. r ; h. in llauncc de ( Iraue, ;.-H;,r, ,r,rr; b.inAnwerp; 

London; and Jane his wife, b. in Nor- lodger will, widuw Hall, in II df .Muone 

nandy; K.J. alley; and one N'ieholas, ,< t. 

iiuell Van Iberge, sMimr.u-; lodger with in parte of Flaunders ; K. J. 

ne Jonas de la Fountaine ; b. in Amster- John Lambeit, ."Htmai-i r; b. i 

am; K. J. Normandy; K. .1. 


Al'l'ENldX. (ill 

Muccrne Curtdow, silk,n,ivcr; h. in I'lmiii- John dr \u\co,slli,fou;r; b. m Caiitorburv; 

(lere; and Katliwinc liis wile; K. J. K. J. 

I'lter Le Cane, silkavtm,-; h. in Caiitn^ury ; Jnliii Lambert, sM.nurcr; h. in FlauiLlLTs ; 

K.J. K.J. 

Andrew Charles, S!7/.i(<rt»)-; b. in I'raun.lers -Ntiell Fanoicr, sMuxa.-u- li. in Flannder.; 

{.<;.■)■ and Katlierine liis wife ; K. J. and Mary bis wife; K. J. 

(iuillam Dedamc, si'Hira'i'.,-; b. in Qninlons Tobv de Suin, sMuwc-a;- b. in Flaunders; 

in Picardye; and JIary liys wile; K.J. K.J. 

I'liillip Le Clarli, s,'//!-,, ,■,.(",,■; b. in I'h.unders; Saniuell Witte-I, sHIhc,,,-.,-; h. in Callis; and 

and Jano liis wile ; inmates ; K. J. Judith liis wife; K. J. 

James Knight, rtiLc/ maiu-; b. in Antwerpo; Garrett Toulton, s.Vfc » uirt/v jornyman and 

K.J. ■ iod-er witlitlie said Wiltes; 1.. in Hull. md; 

Ro.ack Duforey,jW/io-; b. in Flaund. rs; K.J. K. J. . 

Abraham Danger, sil!:>fcac,r; h. in White- Jacob Scribot; b. in Franeldbrd; jnin-«y«,(i« 

cliappcdl ; K. J. with the Siiid Wittcs; K. .1. 

John Le Drysurc, (/iirt/m«fc r; b. in I'lailn- David Billiard, silhiun-.r: b. in Geneva; 

Abraham Danger ; K.J. Wittes;K. J. 

I'aiil I'lidlippe-s, Wrtr7,i,„,V/,; b. in Emden ; Peter b'anponer./io.i^i.'-rM.,-; b. in Flaunders; 

K.J. Iv. .L 

Joas Maco, r.e(!,i,ut.'r ; b. in Gannto i)i Abraham Lcnse, jv'HrTOinr; b. in Valentine 

Flannders; K. J. i" Flaumlera; K. J. 

John Dcbert, luncr; h. in Colchester; and Augustine Leiure, s/H««,!. i',-; b. in Idaun- 

Elizabcth his wife, b. in Iper in l.'lannders; dels; .and Margaret his wife; K. J. 

K.J. Giles William, iiV/aY..,,,; b. in Flannders; 

Toby Henry, l.n-„cr; h. in Fraunckford, and Ann his wife; K.J. 

under the F.; K.J. Frauncis Arisort, silt thrust,, ■; b. in Flaun- 

K-,iyas, .-.-/. -f.'Viv; b. in Antwerpe ; dors; and Charity his wife; K. J. 

K.J. Jero Legram, i;a-,ci(l,,,v b. in I'lannders; 

Ja^iues Le Bek,,-; b. in Vellintun in K. J. 

Flannders; "who lodgetU and wurkethwitli John Gaiicry, j/Kicra-'cr; b. in Flaunder>; 

the .said Lowire ; K. J. K. J. 

John Sugar, siUmaver; h. in Yallentine in Peter Burd, silhraiivr; h. in Southwarii ; 

Flannders ; who lodgetU and worketh with K. J. 

the said Lowire; K. J. Allcxander Le Nor, silhi-uivc)-; h. in Flann. 

Guillam hesstxus, haupihxssa-; b. in Flaun- ders; K.J. 

ders; and Anthoinet his wife, b. in Uol- Jolin Tulley, sia-amrey; h. in Flannders; 

Ionia J K. J. K. J. 

AhraliamdeLoe,st7i-iir,_„,',,vb.inFlaunders; William .Tacobson, t,n;,cr; b. in Embden ; 

ami Anthoinet his wife, b. in Bollunia; K. J. 

K. J. John Teflin; b. in parte of Flannders; K. J. 

John Sincoll, siKcirenro-; b. in Flannders; John Lawncell, t,r,,iir: b. in Canterbury; 

K. J. and Hester bis wile; K. J. 

70 APl'KNDIX. 

Nicliulas Jlicliel.roke; I), in G:.nnt.- in Fhvun- Liikr Crcsin, s/M i 

ders; K.J. cnco; l,..tli 1,. i, 

rilillip Buliglilluir, Si7/:i''t,«', >■; li. in Fl.ani- tliu lions, 

dors; K. J. 
David jMuttoii,5.7/.«v«!-eT; h. in Holland ; an.! 

Jolm Cremou, silf.ncearer; h. in Cleueland; 

and Jacomanio Iiis wifo; K. J. 
D.-ricIi DoniiscU, sM.nrc, and Ilauncc 

Vtrniaunde, also sill<rai< ■ ,-; b. in .\11\ve17.0; 


witli Jolm Tillman, ill three toun alloy; K.J. 
Cliai-lus Le Roy, 5,7/ /'■.,, ,vr; I., in Flaundors; 

K. J. 
Mi.-liaoU de la Marr; h. in Cantoiliury, and 

Kutlioriiio his wifo; K. J. 
Jane Sclirom, teiJow; h. in Flaundci-s; hath 

an inmate one Lyon Cliattanie, silkii-Kuxr; 

b. in Flaundersljoth; K. J. 
George Cawny, sllhran-n-; h. in Turny in 

FlaiuKlers; and Hester his wife; K. J. 
Claud Juliet, lilknare:; h. in Barroys noer 

BaiTunie; and Luey his «ifo, 1.. in Lor- 
raine; K. J. 
Adam Uouer,(,:/M./W« !.■,„,■,,■; b. in Flauii- 

ders; and iilary his xvife; IC. J. 
Jaiiues Los Callil, .«,V/. ■■,,■,-,■ h. in Flaun- 

ders; and JLirgrot hi, wile; IC, J . 
Peter Robinson, silkiramr; I., in Midol- 

boroiigli; K. J. 
Nicholas Corque; b. in Flaundors; and Jane 

his wife; K. J. 
John Le Fence, 5i7/-«v,.r,T; b. in Fiauncc; 

and Anne his wife; K.J. 
Godfiy Van Ilaselle, si7/imiK,v b. in Callice; 

and Elizabeth his wife; K. J. 
Anthony Desallicr, silheeavcr; b. in Flaun- jiartncr, and dwcllinge with the aforesaid 

ders; and Uetermame his wife; K. J. Adam Lawrence. 

Tcter Patteer, silkveavir; b. in Canterbury ; Daniel Van Sheole; b. in Antwerpc; K. E. 

and Mary his wife; K.J. Paulus VandeucUe, ^>(((Vfcr; b. in Ant\ver[ie; 

John Lordoll, sillnxaru; b. in London ; K. J. K. E. 

* lie was minister from liinS to Ilj-Jl. 

K. J. 

Ja<iues do Lol.ell, silhmtvcr; \k in 


in Flaunders; K. J. 

Peir Blanchart, fitlcvw.irr; b. in F 


K. J. 

Jehan .Maunise, .i7/.r<..Ai-; b. in 1' 


K.J.; lodgeth will, him William 


James Corsoii,s/H«uiivr,-b. in Flaun. 


Ja.incs Le Callclt; b. in Norwi.'b; 

K. J. 

John Fortree, «un/a<««(.'; b. in 

Lilly in 

Flaunders; K. J.; hath dwrlt ii: 

, the eily 

of London 50 veers. 

JohnNullcs; b. in London; K.J. 

John Vanderbrugge, ),„r(7..(«/,^; b 

.in .Maid- 

stone in Kente; K. J. 

John de Baker, )Hur/.».(-,(<; b. in 

(-Tenl in 

Flaunders; K. J. 

Leonard .Sweeis, ,n„Tlnn,nl; b. i 

n Mi.lle- 

borough in Zolan.le ; K. J. 

John Minon, ,„.:«■/„,«„(; b. in Flai 

m.lers in 

Newport; f. d.; K. J. 

John LeChereh;!.. in Antwerpe; , 

„, ,■,■/,„„, d 

,i,;,,..jn-: K.J. 

Abraham Anrelius, Mi.iUtcr of the 

Fr. ru„. 

ynii. in Lou.lon; b. in Lon.lon; 

K. J.* 

David Slainere; h. in Collonia Ai 

;ripina; a 

denizen; K. J. - 

James Le Tour; b. in Lond.n,; 


6ln,a„.i.,; whose father a- be 

-aith was 

f. d.; K.J. 


idon; K.J, 

Aln-aham Van Oenlen, marlw inu 

;; b. Ill 

Norwich in the co. of Norfolke. 

Jo.:.3 de Nceue; b. at ; ,., 



Abraham B:.kor, !„ 

■.rrhna-iUj I., in Gciit, 

Liunell ile Renscy, 


; K i 

uu.Kt the- A. A 11k 

■rtuHi K. J. 

werpe; K. J. 



•Shcrard Malline.s, 


b. i 

Cli:irlu3 Lebon, pr. 

.-.■/,.,;* b. inS^ndwicIi; 

Nverpe; K. J. 

K. li. 

Adrian de Bee, a .« 

riulurr; h. 

in An 

Aliigail Lofoes ; b. i 

n Flaunaers; K.J. 

K. E. 

rliai-lc-s Hosier, diict 

■; h. ill Frauiice; K. J. 

Peter .^r:lssian, (/,n 

ihiall.e.-; b. 

. in Se 

Jano Williumsun,",.- 

:d.,H-: h. In .Sandwieh ; 

tlie Duke ol' Bull 


K. J. 

by trade a )u,-,rA.. 

,nd. ; K. J. 


Derieli Hoast, vurdniinl; b. in tlu county . in his liouse; knighted by K. .7. of Eng. 

ofZeland, in the eitie of jMidl.buioushe ; hmd, Ids dependaunt. [See Intvod. xii.] 

made a denizen the 2m day of Ue.ernbor, Henry van Ilouer; b. in Dorte; mc,vI„:u.i,: 

in the ii'' yecre of H. M.'s raigne of Eng- M' John Syoy and his wife, Inmates. M 

hinde; a householder, and has noe iiunates Henry Kee now beyond sea. 

or lodgers. SiUis Tiesse, M£n7in«..A.v b. in the county o 

Jaques Oddes, merchaiint; h. iu the county Zelandc, in the eity Camplier; doi.. : 

of Hollando, in the city of Amsterdam; a householder, and hatli noe inmates, 

den. and householder with his sister and James HobcU; b. in Flaun.lers; a den. 

Joas Calfe, merclMunte : b. iu tlic county of Frauneis Sayon; b. at Bri.lges iu the count; 

Flauiulers, in the city of Caitriel ; a den. of Flaunders; mcrluiHid, and noe den. 

and householder; has noe lodgers. hath lodgeing in his house his luollic 

William Kipp, ■joahhmilh; b. in Utrest ; James Sayon, dUiMoiul cullir; b. iu thi 

dweller heer above 30 yeers, and is no de- same towne or eity. 

uizen; hath lodgeing with him his daughter AUc.'cander Vanende, laerc/iuunle; b. at -Ale 

and her husband, who was b. at .Midle- chely in Brabunt; hath kept himself i. 

b.nougbe; a young man. a w_,rf,,,,„f, ; b. tllis country under his .Majestio's dominioi 

at Uaud.orow. thou 32 yeers, and doth eiuleavonr to en. 

Stephen La Goiighe, wmhaunk ; b. in Ant- the same. 

werpe; no denizen ; hath lodgeing with Peter Wivoe; b. in Pectain in the county o 

him Lawrence Meaoher, vien-hannt: b. in Flaunders; noe den., haveiugo beene lien 

AVessell in Jermany; and Charles Buecdl, 35 ycere; K. J. 

b. in Colley in Jermany; all K. J. Henry Loiskins; b. in the Kingdome of CIcne 

i-Thomas Cootclls, knight and mtrcLuinte: a f. d.; hath dwelt in Loudon this 20 yeeres 


Robert Detram.aged about 72 yeers; b. in the under P. K.; f. d. for theis 40 yeers las 

eity of Roane in Normandy, in Fraunce, past; a /niihi'.ii/ muker; hath a wife an. 

♦ He is not mentiuned in llr. Burn's list of Ministers, 


family, and two sonnesIi^Kli at man's cstato; 

Th.odorus Deodate, a Dorlvr m 

PkisU-lr, b. 

Ij. licerL' in Kn-lanile; K. J. 

in tieneva; hath lived in En,i;l 

and tlieis 20 

Clirislian Jolinsun, aged 31 ycers; b. in the 

yeer.i; hath a wile an En-l 

ish won, an; 

city of Antwerpe, under tlie A. Albcrtuf ; 

K. J.; and dwuHeth in the I 

•arishe of S- 

noef. d. and an ■i,n!,ro..l.n,-; liee bath u 

Mary Jlayilalen within the sai. 

le warde. 

wife, also a Dntchnuin; bee hath been 

in Kn-Iande about 111 veers; K. J. 



Pol'rrt Lfin c tnuncrr- h 'it in 

under the A. of Austria; a 


Can,ber/e>, m the Dubedunie of Cambria, 

K. J., an.ltuhimaehnowledgi 

ing religion. 

underllie A, of Austria; « ,/an7«(/(.v^- f. ,1 ; 

David lioonrll; b. in Norwich, \ 

he son of an 

K. J. 

alien ; K. J.; ,- me>r/iaui,l. 

Anthony Iloulielon; b. at Lille in Flano.brg, 



Adriivn Ilarmansey. v;do,n b. in Turny in 

John FrancK-avill, mnrhnu.t; b 

. in Cambry 

Elaundors, under the A.; K. J. 

in I.'launders, under the A.; K 


John Le Ulon, ti'fflnif,/,/ ,i:,n'i,: h. in Turny, 

Harman .Miehaell, ,..■»,■/ j..„o:,; 

b. in lira- 

under the A., Ac.; K. .1. 

bant, under the A.; K. J. 

Anthony do, Veal, /uit-,',.: ._/; b. in Turnv 

Mary .Mailer, «•;,/„„•,■ a lod-.-r i, 

, the leuw.. 

under the A.; K.J. 

of the s:,id llaruuni Mieliell; 

b. in Ant- 

Miehaell Dcschalt, t„:„„l-wu,(a-, h. in Lile in 

werj) in llrabant, under ihe A. 

; K. J. 

Flaunders, under the lOnnn-ror Charles; 

Mary I{,.n.y, ,r;,J„n;- b. in Mono i 

„ Hannego. 

K. J. 

under the A.; K. J. 

Peter Doby, i,wi's///.-)'-...i- ,■; 1). in Cainbry 

James Frutier, ^».;V,„;; ,„„■,„.■,, • 

; ct u\nr 

in the Lowe Couiitrio-.. iiud.,- the A.; IC. J. 

wuh the iiaid Mary Uemy; b. ir 

. Antwerp,.; 

Jacob Sura, io.r ;/»i/i,; b. in i iixmiaelnoi in 


in Elaunders, underthe A.; K.J. 

]Ja)uell Ileringhooke, weirhai^nl; 

b. in ,Sand- 

Elizabeth lioury, vulv.-; b. in London of 

wich in Kent of straungcrs; K 

. J. 

.straungcrs; K. E. 

Jane Detallier, vhloir; b. in Ca 

nterbury in 

Frauncis Roublin, laffdoff.tij «rar>r; b. in 

England of straungcrs; K. J. 

Turny; K. J. 

David Jlarishall, ;;,(;■(■/«,),„(; b. i 

n London of 

Ja.nea Wood, merchaunt; b. at Lile in Fiann- 

straungcrs; K. J. 

ders, at a jdace called Tarhanie, under the 

Anthony Le Key, JornJjnwn; b. 

in Wallon, 

dominion oftheK. of Si.ain; K.J. 

under the a!; K. J. 

Robert Terry, ti^Jilnfety ii-.m ■ r, citizen of 

Matbew Auill, .,'uf,:,-; b. in 

Sodant in 

London; b. iuTurney; K. J. 

Fraunce; K.J. 

Noo Bartram, tvlJUaffUy n-aurr; b. in Ilan- 

Katherinc Sowth, iralu,,-; b. at > 

.'ewcastle in 

nego near Tuniey, under the A.; K. J. 

Picardy, under K. F.; K. J. 

Isaaek Rowsell, wo,;hui;l: b. in Sandsvieh 

Jane Terry, wUloir; b. at Newca> 

•tie, Turny, 

in Kentofstrannaer.s K.J. 

arores;,i,l; K. J. 

.luhii Do.Niiiii.c, l.ahbifily ,'t".i-/; \<. :it Itai.N , .,i,a n..« aopL-uddh iii.oi, ih.- g.ivi-i'n- 
Uoulrick in KI:uuiJurs; K.J. ini'iit thcrenl'. 

Martin V;in Rose, jo„r„,p,r,„; h. :U Col- Kli/alM.lli .1? lo l.'ount.ainc,; li. in 

clicster in E.ssc.x of sti-aun-ore; K. J. I..iii,l..n lI' sinnn.i^rs; K. ,1. 

AVilliam Ilnorf, me, .■/,«««(; 1'. in l):,nlsicl;, ,\n.livu- M illin.-, <tcr, .„ov/„,«„(; b. in LunJon 

under tlie King of 1Io11;uu1l-; K. .1. ..f .tr.inn-. i-; K. .1. 

Mareaii Bai-ty, uHrchaautc; h. M Luca in Mathcu Bull ; b. in I^unJon byslian-crs; K. .1. 

c'dUDWKvxoit w Ai;i)i;. 

I'etor Bulk-ll; b. in London; a^r ."V \x.'.t.-s; .lolm So,.ud ; b. in Nonv.cli; :i30 o.-^yceis; 

mtn-Ia,n,.t; K. J., liath ncitlici- i.ini^Uo nor Ihr,. I :.:,'.. : K. J. 

servant strant;er. .-Vbrahuni l''ran,bu,clv, (/ ,■. m',„„,,; b. .-.t C;.u.nt, 

■ Pettr Doboi.s; b. in ilic city of f ,;,'-bnry; Mn(b-r ibu A.; a;4" -H y^'t'r^; liulb d-,M-U in 

age 4-2 ycois; iio ,•■;.. i»„/; be-in- llio -^onno Lon.Ion .11 ycfrs; K. .1. 

of Janus I)l> Uois, win, wan ni.. Ir den. in Stqdicn Isbanc; b. at Uou.l-; a frcr citizen; 

tlie 8 yccrc of Q. Eliz.; K. .1., and lias a and Candllo Convunuly, b. at Klorunc-e in 

sen-ant named Jolm Saiensoi., b at (;,"uint, Italy, an.l dcpc-nd, undgr tlio Unko of 

under the A. I'lurcnce. 

(•i)U\i:i;iLI, WARDK. 

Frauncis Vanaker, Merchaiini. ami .Mar> Id.s Paul de 

wife, have ' inhabited the |).:ri<lie of 8' now in 

Mirhacdl Cornehill about 2S y.-rs; b. in In-rlure; in lOngland about l;-J y.-er-s K. K. 

Belle and Lile in Klaunder^: 1M.^^ under John .A.sealler, ago 'il yc.-rs; nowsrr,,,;,/ to 

the Government nf Albei-ture tin A ; and Paul .le Lob-ll; b. in Au,'U>ta in fiern.any, 

Frauneis l.od.Mek bis s.,v,n,r, aUo b. n, under the E. 
Belle; K. K. 


J.nine3 King; a Dutebman's sonne; b. In Lon- .Micbaell Aete, skoe,„ah;: b. in Ilolbud, but 

don; K. E. is now beyond sea; John Xylingall, </o(- 

Ezochicll Snelling, diamond ciaio-; b. in mnad rullcr, b. in :\lidleborou,nbo; I'eler 

Augsbureh in Jcrmany; K. E. Morden, diamond nil/,;-, h. in Aiitweriie; 

Christofer Meisener, dlnnond cutter: Kin all K. E. 

Germany; K. E. Pasker Kinge, ra»(Hti«,(;(vr; b. in Flauderes; 

Jasper Meisener, dwmond cntlfr, b. in Ger- K. E. 

many; John Paulsen, diamond cmur, b. John Lawrenee, diamond cnllvr: b. in En,,;- 

inHanborow; Peter Lacord, b. in |-ranck- lande, but a strannger's sonne, and now 

ford, diamond cutttr; all K. E. beyonde the seat; K. E. 




Clirislian Multon, l,Htlo,MaUr; h. in 

m.indy; K. E. 
Ann llamlelt, a thei/sellcr; b. in Bral 

K. E. 
n.ilJwin Blackeles, diamond cuttfr, 

Harris; James Tillian, dian. cvtler. 

Parris; Roignold de la Marr, diam : cvtter, 

b. in Fraunoe; all K. E. 
ClaudoCorder; b. in Callicc; di>nnond ctU.r; 

K. E, 
Phillip Roger, rtm? dier; a Dutchman's sen ; 



Henry Blanckau, lailur; b. in SutHen in Gi 
derland, under Grane Morrice. 

Michaell Dubunt, hntlon „„ihr; h. in Pumj 
forse in Normandy, under K. F.; and on 
of the elders of the French Church. 

John Baptista Roza, rjoUhin'dh spinner; b. i 
JliUaine etaliane, under K.S. 

Michaell Forhow, spinster ; b. in Sair 
Thoma in Artois, under K. S., and undi 
the French church. 

Askarat Lawrenzo,yi'«f/i'»i(i/. ; Italian, undci 

the Senore of Venice. 
Sacre Fredrick, £;o/(?snu'(A; b. in Stuttene in 

Germany, under the E. 
John VandonBenden,mLr,7,„„W; b. in Bris. 

sels in Brabunt, under the A. 
Frauncis Cornelius, yo!dspi,i,i, r; h. in Jlil- 

laine, under K. N. ; hee is an Italian. 


William Paggen; b. at Ilcnsburge 

land; f. d.; IC. J. ; 
Denis Houerd; b. in Ilenslmrg 

land; noe f. d.j miller; K. J.; 

of John Le Custer; b. at Sit 

noe f. d.; a Uirmman; 

:of Peter Duusell; b. at II, 

land; noe f. d.; K. J. 

K. J. 

Widow Sandborne; b. at Bruges in Flau 

ders, underthe A.;f. d.; K. J. 
Garret Deriek; b. in CuUcn, and no f. . 

K. J. 
Ilarnian Daluin; b. in the Dukedome 

Gulickuland, and nue f. d.; K.J. 
Edward Iloltsweller; b. in the Dukedo 

Gulickelande, and noe f. d.; K. J. 
JohnDauson; b. in CTildorland, and noe f. d.; Peter Camp, fei'Zo-; b. in Gilderlande; n 

K. J.; and hath lodgeing in his howse f. d.; K.J. 

theis two men ne.U followeing : Hubbert Francklin, tln-ed tln-vsUr ; h. 

Adrian Van Ouerwall; b. in Flaunders, and Mostreet in the Bishoprick of Luke; no f. < 

noe f. d.; K. J. and Jerannieha his wife, h. in Flauntle 

Nicolas Acare; b. in Callis, and noe f. d.; in the towne of Gaunte, under tin- .' 

K. J. both K. J. 

Jeremy Williams; b. in Zeland ; f. d.; K.J. Peter Hartnian; b. ^.n Brissell in Bra'iM 
Jacob Witterongle, irCMW; b. in Gaunte in under the A.; noe f. d.; K. ,1.; In-, ia 

Flaunders; f. d. with Ann his wife, b. in thrcd throster. 

Antwerpe in Brabunt; both K. J.; and James Cornet, .«7/t (/w,>..;. ;; I,, at Bridges 
Flaunders, under the A.; hoiitkeeper; n 
f. d.;K. J. 

hath the 
in his ho 


Coijiel' Cornel; b. in Briilgcs in Fl:iunacios; 
nue f. a.; K. J. 

M'iiliin Tlioni:i3 Rockwood one I'nuincis 
Formangpr; b. in Antwerpe; not f. d.\ in 
tlie dominion of King Pliiliip; K. ,1. 

Also witliin Tlioniaa Roeliwood is KaHierin 
Fanewilk; b. in Antwerpe, in the domi- 
nion of K. Pl.ilip; K. J. 

n.mli.s Staniph..u-e, l,„I.-u- and lloiisokeeper ; 
iioe f. d.; «ii!i K.itlierine his wife; Iv. J. 

R.i.^'er Ad.iny; b. in Vnele, under tlie liishop 
of Callinc; nurj,,-,-; servant to M' Ja.|uef ; 
noe f. d.; K. ,T. 

Arnoes de Febrice; b. in Turny, nnd. r the 



with Suzanna A'annher, b. in Embriek in 

Cleuekind; both K.J. 
John WhardendorlTe; b. in the eit.v of Cullen; 

merchoht and housekeeper; free of tlie old 

llaunce; not f. d.; K.J. 
Cunradus van Uercnbat; b. under the E. van 


f. d.; 

I la 

1 ; b. in the city of Ila 

Isaack Askew; b. in Amsterdam ; slH- thnnter 
and hou.sekceper; noe f. d.; K. J. 

John Mettcs; b. in Gulick in the Dukedome 
of Clcueland ; lailcr and housekeeper; 
K. J.; and baih six journymen in his 

Peter Van Cam; b. at Antwerp; noe f. d.; 

Frauncis Rules; b. at IIo.<; noe f. d. ; 

K. J.; 
Mates Ingelberth; b. in Tnrney, under the 

A. of P,r;d)unt; noe f. d.; K. J.; 
Frauncis de Lotcll ; b. in Morgan, under ihe 

A.; noo f. d.; K. J.; 
.Martin Viman; b. in Diseldorpe, under the 

Duke of Clouelan; noe f. d.; K. J.; 
Ilumer "Williams; b. in Barganopson; noe 

f. d.; K. J. 
Roger Stephen.s, /,.rf<.,-; b. under the Duke 

of Cleue; noef. d.; K. J. 
Giles Lampc, llmil dkr\ noe f. d.; b. in 

Fraunce, under the Duke of Guize; K.J. 
John Eli;v3, lochmUh; noo f. d.; b. under 

the Duke of Barne, in Jermany; K. J. 
Ilarrnan Johnson, lorhmllh; noe f. d.; b. 

under the Duke of Barne, in Jermany ; 

K. J. 


K. J.; 

f. d.; 

Juhn Heath; b. in the city of Ilambrow in 

Jermany, and noef. d.; K.J. 
Henry Easick; b. in Ilambrow in Geri-iany; 

nof. d.; K. J.; 
Jasper Monsdan; b. in Cleuel.and; unnhinint 

of the auld Haunc; and noe f. d.; K. J. 
Jasper Hein; b. in the city of Cullinc; im- 

l.roiUrer and liousekceper ; no f. d. ; 

K. J. 
John Ilaiigerman ; b. in Minnister in \Vest- 



Pet..r Van Mace; b. in Gaunt ; an.l Aiiti li 

wde, b. .at Bridges; noef. d.; (n^-f ,(>-..., 

K. J. 
Giles Bruggs, v.nrh.und and f. d.; I,. 

Ilardlem; K. J. 
Jacob Van Bruggos, serm^d: b. at Hardier 

K. J. 
John Lewes, and Elizabeth his wife ; f. .' 

b. in Antwerpe; K. J. 
Peter Oste, lijacn ,erar,r; nue f. d.; b. 

Cortreke, under the A., in Flaunder 

K. J. 

John Pirping., .. 


S:iilUKll Ccioocns, , 
1, j.iftll.r; HOC f. (1.; h. bonmglie; K. J. 

(ianet Dirickson, &;c 
Uti-ick; i.f llie n^i' 

Daiii.l ].r CluiU, \c.; 1... i 
A.; o,- ll,.. !)•'•; 

n tl 

John DoHrKson, &e.; b. i. 
Amlerbmy, uiulcr ll.c E 
l.oi'ouKli.', in Dutd.lan.U 

Uavia Van II 

the connty (if iM-anckclonl 

ihr of 111.' O'l't- 

jnoj, &!•.; b. in CuUcn, undo 
,of Cullcn; of the Untcb cb.; i; 

Antlioui- Van R,..i, &e.; b. in la-.i in LilT- llenrieic Veihuit, &c-, b. in Rtan in the 

lanl, nniler the Kin- of I'.ilana.-; uf the county of Utriek ; of llie D'l' eb.; in Imi;;- 

D'-l' eon-.ry.; in Enylan.l 7 ir.onrlb^^. land 4 mo. 

Dniitk ll-iden, f.c; b.' in ll.-nsb,,n u-lir in Henry MidleJurpc, &c.; b. in Ki-le, under 

Clnlii-ldand, h i- the DnL' of (_; ulu-k ; ..f the Duke of Vandcnborouyb, in Dnteh- 

the li'!' e„n-n.-.; in Kh-land :J.i veers. land; of tlie D'-'' eb.; in England a yeer-i. 

Canel (L.u-, .Ve. 1 b. in the eonnly of Gyles Cosen, &e.; b. in Covtriek in I'lannders, 

ib.lland, under the l')-ince id' Oiinge; a under the A.; of the D^'< eli.; in England 

protectant; and bath been in England 2 .f monelhe.,. 

yoere. Ari\old Artson, &e.; b. at Anwerpe, under 

Krasuius Ilenriek, &e.; b. in the land of the A.; of the D''' eh.; in England 2o 

Ilubt, under the K. of Denniarke; of the yeer.s. 

]|.-iieoni;ivg,; in lingland lU jeers. John de l\mer, &e.; b. in Antwerpe, under 

lJ:nll,.,-ar r.-ne r, &e.; h. in Cnllen, under the A.; of the I i''' eongreg,; in England 

the Bi.cbup of C'ullen; of tho I)"' eb.; in 2 inonelhes. 

England 2 yceres. George Burins, &e.; b. in Antwerp, under 

Albert VtUKin, ito.; b. in the eounty of Bert the A.; of the l^' c'ongreg.; in iMigland 

in Dntehl.Lua; of the D'l' cb.; in England 21 yeers. 

lUyeeres. Jone Vcgar, &c.; b. in Gaunt in Mauiub?r,s 

Samuel Willigamo, &c.; b. in Midleborow in under tlie A.; of the D'l' eungreg.; in 

Zeland; repairelb to Hie D'l' eb.; in Eng- England 43 yceres. 

land 1 \. 2 mo. Westell Johnson, ki:.; h. in Greetbein in 


tl,el)'"L-li.; in Knybiul 2 .veers. 

under ill.' Prince PalLi'lne: of the D'S'h.; 

D:inifll lie Haiinali, S;c.; h. in IConi'Ion in 

in ICnr-lan.l 2 yeerus. 

Holland, un.liT the S. nf Ilollan.!; uf tin' 

ArnoM do Ureiier, is:e. ; h. in Arhlain.Us, in 

D'l'ch.; in Ent'lan.l H «eel(c?. ' 

the Duliedoni of Gelder, under the A.; of 

Jois Mooveman, &.-.; 1.. in L!ri.l-es in I'lann- 

the IV li eh.; in England 28 yecrc-i. 

ders, undei- tln> A.; of tlio U''' eun.^n-i; ; 

IV-tor Uurec, f. d., &c.; b. in Licteron in the 

in Englandc 15 vee.f. 

county of Artwaisc, under tlio A } of llic 

F.lias IIud:.en>:i.i, .•N;e.; b. in t\w eity of Uian- 

Fr. eh.; in Englandc 21 

dU-l.oronylic, liruler llio Dule of Urandcn- 

Janic3 Siicckniier. cScc.; h. in Ow.stenhrig. 

iM.ron-liu; of lli- 1)'" rU. ; in ICn-Iauile 1 

under the E. of Jerniany ; of the D'l' eh,; 

in England li yeers. Sii.i-knKT, !s:n.; Ij. in We^iralling, 

John Cooke. &c.; h. in Antwerpe in Brahen, 

und._i- tl.e Cirane of Teekenl.oronslie; of 

under the A.; of tl.e Er. eh.; in England 

tl.e \y'' cli.; in ICnghind 2 yeeres. 

2 yeeres. 

foD.eliufl .lohnson, &e.; 1.. in Durl in llol- 

John .Milt, &c.; h. in Poliain, under tin; 

IL;nry Wean, t^e.; h at Di-t in lirahnnt, Ahrahan. Van Bcnniek, Slc.; b. in Dansk, 

under the A.; I.arh u.-.l t.. IVe.iuent.- the un.ler K. P.; of the !>.-" .-I,.; in England 

parish ehur.d, of Saint Ore.- ti ue.-k.s. 

churebe; a'. out theis thirty je-r-i in Eng- Charles Iftcnhall, &c.; h. in O wl.lens.^ale, 

Lewis Lorcandus. cVo.; b. in Letliercn in the congreg.; in England 1.5 yccres. 

province of, under the A.; of tlio Peter Lonekpnck, See.; Antwerpe, under 

French cb.; in Englan.l theis25ye,irs. the A.; of the D'^^'' eh.; in England 7 

Lucas de Feau.,ur. \e.; h. in Cha.-i.... in n,onethe-i. 


■ the A.: of th. l-r. eh.; Doniinhk Van Cutwiek, .Ve 

Jeroni de Feauniir, &c.; b. in ISotluvn in in England .30 yeeres. 

Fraunce ; of the Fr. eh.; in Knglan.l ■', nn... .San.uell AUwin. &e.; b. in Antwerp, un.ler 

Herman Ileckera, &e.; b. in Guliek, un.ler the A.; of the !)«'' eongrcg.; in Engla.nlc 

the Duke of Guliek; of the 1)^'' eh.; in IS yoers. 

England 21 yeer«. iMiehaell Borgen, &c.; b. in Vcnionc, un.ler 

John Johnson, &c.; b. in An,Htcrdam. under the A.; of the D'^" congreg.; in Englan.l 

the S.; of the D^l' eh.; S nionetlii's in Eng- S nionethes. 

l^nd. IIt'"i-y Vanbeuenen, &c.; b. in Dunswiek, 

Henry Friee, &c.; b. in Dotswie!;, the under K. P.; of the D'-'' eh.; in Knglan.le 

King of Polande; of the D'l' eh.; in Eng- '.I ni..nethes. 

land 2 yeers. Jobii Vanbeuenen, &e. ; h. in Don.Mviek, 

Edward Johnson, &c.; b. in Burchaughe in under K. P.; of the D'^i' eh.; in Fneliinle 

Gelderlan.le, un.ler the .S. of I l..lh.n.le ; of 'J nionetlies. 

under the S., in Zchinilo; of the Fr. cb.; 
in Englando G monethes. 

John Baptist, &o.-, h. in Antwerp, under the 
A.; of tlie D'l' eli.; in Knghi.ul 25 ywrcs. 

J.'hn Ilornick, &c. ; h. in Kngleliam, under 
tlie I'rinue I'allantine; repaireth to tho 
English and Dutch churclics; in England 
10 jx-eres. 

Frauneis Vanderhrock, &c.; b. at Mecsen, in 
the west parte of Flauiulers, under the A.; 
niula-offU D''tk.; in England 42 yeeres. 

DerieU NYcsells, &c.j b. in Small in Gilder- 
land, under the prince of Oring ; of the 
D'l' congreg.; in ICngland 22 veers. 

Garret Garretson, &c.; b. in the county of 
Utrick, under V. O.; of the U'" congreg. 

Albert Johnson, &c.; b. in the county of 
Utriek, under 1>. O.; of the 1.1"' eh.; in 
England 7 mo. 

John Luca3, Sec; b. in Rodderdam in Hol- 
land, under 1'. O.; of the U'>' eh.; in 
England G mo. 

Peter Garretson, &e.; b. in the city of Utrick, 
under I'.O.; in Englande 15 yeera. 

Christofer Besener, S:c.; b. in Franekeford, 
under the E.; of the Df' eh.; hath been 
in Enelande. 


John Beaushau, Frenchman; b. in I'arris, 
under the sovcraignety of K. J., and is the 
Prince's servant. 

Adrian Ruquine, Frenchman, hatli in his 
house two more; all b. in Normandy, under 
II. M's.soveraignty of England. 

Daniell Fowbart; b. in Bloisin Fraunce; K.J. 

Gcileon de Lawue, Frenchman; ,:p„lhia<rii 
to hisMa'!; K.J. 

Peter Grauier, Frenchman; b. in Roan; K. J. 

Abr.duini Ilarderct hath two Frenchmen in 
liis rentes: Peter Uenoe, b. in XormanJy, 
a Roman catholieque, under K. F.; and 
John Count, of the Fr. cli., and under the 
same Kinge, 

Widow hath in her house five 
Frenchmen: (1.) Robert Dardell, s«r;/.o;<, 
communicate of the Fr. ch.; (2.) Bartho- 
lomew Denow, tniki; a. Roman Catholieq.; 
(3.) Peter Boy, coraunicate of the Fr. ch.; 
(4.) John do Pcssery, tailer, coniunicate of 
the Fr. ch.; (5.) John Auber, taibr, b. in 
Normandy,a Romishe catholieque. Dai-dell, 
Boy, and Pesscry, under K. J.; and Denow 
and Auber under K. V. 

John Umot; b. ,at Roan in .\ormandv; K. J. 

Cornelius Mellin; b. at Dicpe/ni Frai 
under K. E., and is of the Fr. eh. 

Frauneis Bargier, Frenchman; common 
of the Fr. ch. 

Richard Ude hath in his house Thomas 
hit. John Miller, and iMathias Ollnr> 
b. in Cierni.-iuy, and (niVera; of the 1)' 
under K. J.; also Peter Fr.ncb'o, 

Barn.aby Martinot, chd;,uda-; b. in I'a 

Roman Calholicque. 
In Tliomas Price his house two Diiteh 

Thomas A'ennon and IsaackPegle; bi 

the D'l-ch.; K.J. 
Robert Remshe; b. in Carentine, un.U 

Prince of Ostria; of th.> D"' ch.; K. . 
Daniell Forman witliin II' l.ardenois' h 

h. in Fraunce; K. F. 
In Robert Ashwell's house, John Thon 

Frenchman; b. in Paris; K.J. 
In M'- Jacob Hanlretto's house, Danielle 

a Jerman; K.J. 
In M"- Allen's Rentes, John Tlirou 

Frenchman; and in Througar.le's h 


In Cornelius Mcllin'a liouso, IVr. 

Marcus Garret; b. at Bridges in Flaundors, 

roil, Fi-cMiclim:ni; Willium Uol la V. rrltr, 

noe f. A.; pi,-tHrf-d,;iuYr to bis Majesty; 

Frenchman; I'eter Moron, Frenulinian; 

professing the apostolick faith taught and 

John Monsey, William Martinet, Frcncli- 

held by the eh. of England ; K. J. 

man ; all of the Fr. ch. ; K. J. 



John Kemere, Frenchman; :i >;rW,„ „.alcr; 

horse alley, (■"(/,)■; b. in Antwerpe in 

h. in SiJnnn in I'raunee, under the Duke 

Brabant, under the A.; in England al)out 

of Bullvn. 

20 yeeres; K. E. 

John Saluauno^*, a S'-lwller hy profe.^sion ; b. 

Anthony Lomozin, an inmate in the house of 

in Germanic, under the Duke of Maklen- 

one Henshaw, in Hangeing-sword alley; 


b. at Lemozin in Fr.aunce; in England 

Leonard Vanderlen, ci Uiltou- chni,llir; b. at 

.about 16 yeers; marled an Englishwoman; 

Midleborouyhe, underthcA. 


Leonard Vanderlen; a young man, being the 

Joha.i Cosen and Abraham Cozen, brethren. 

aforesaid his iq.^.rcntin : b. at the place 

inmates in the hous of one Hoskius, rloak- 

aforesaid, and under as aforesaid. 

mnlxrs ; b. in Blois in Frannee ; in Eug- 

Apoloma ShoemaUer, widow; a householder; 

land above 26 yeers ; K. E. 

b. in Drabunt, under the S. ; in England 

Tristram Hermite do llistock, j,, ,,/. ,■ a lo.lgcr 

2S yeers; hath ha.l two children b. in the 

in the house of one Thomas Sherwod ; b. 

said parish ; K. E. 

in Antwerp; in England about Hvc yeers; 

John Flessiers, ■bnhyoihra-; a lodger in the 

K. E. 

house of one Thomas Bignell, uppon Lud- 

■W.ih.mi Ilanwick, a householder m .Shoe 

gate Hill ; b. in the Hage in Holland, 

lane, huje mcila-; b. in Brabunt ; in Eng- 

under the S. ; in England 2 yeeres ; K.E. 

land about 40 yeers ; niaried an English- 

Margaret Farcot, vidon- ; an inmate in the 

^voman ; K. E. 

house of Robert Bower, on I.ndgate Hill ; 

Peter Westbury bis sa-r„Hi ■ b. in Selme in 

b'. in Uone in Fraunco; in England about 

Germany, under the Duke of Brando.. ; 

4nyee.-s; K.E. 

in England .about 3 yeers ; K. E. 

Sara Samoel, mdnv, daughter of the said 

Richard Helsham, sa-noU to Richard Anion, 

Margaret; dwelling with ber mother; b 
in Roan aforesaid ; in England about 31 
yeers; K.E. 

Sampson des Granger, a householder; b. ii 
Gobnczey, mcrchani gonUhmith ; in Eng 
land about 39 yeei-a ; K. E. 

Edward Nicholson, a bouseboldcr, Uiitoi- 
i. d.; b. under P. O.; and hi 
wife; b. in Cleucland, under the prin: 
Paulsgrave ; in England about 17 yeers 
K. E. 

Hanee Vandestone, a householder in Black 

shochiidcr, in Shoe lane ; b. at Emerick in 

Cleueland; in England above 10 yeer3;K.E. 
Rowland Ilerme.s, .!o7vi«( to the sai.l Kiehai-d 

Amon ; b. at Overy, under Graue Maurice; 

in England almost one yeer ; K. E. 
Peter .Spetsall, scnn,d to John Bushell, tnife- 

nuihi- in Shoe lane ; b. in Zaiing, un<ler 

the Duke of Brandenbarg; in 3 

yeers; K. E. 
John Gray, sunuil to the said .Mr. Bushell ; 

b. in Arthois, under the A. ; in England 

10 ye 

80 APPK 


Frauiicis Gi-angell, an inmate in tlie liuust uf 

o|- 0-trea; i„ linglan.l about 

1-1 yeer.; 

Nii'liolas Foster in SI. of lane ; h. at Illiii 

K^ I'.. 

in Fn.unce ; in Knglan^l al.out 7 veer.- ; 

I'ctei- Fonnan, one of bis Mat,s 

poites for 

K. 1-. 

Fraunec; b. about I'arns, 1, 

lee beeillg 

Jolni I'aiil, a loilRcr in tliu liuuse uf Jolni 


Ilcpwortli in Slioe lane,c oif-Vf; 1,. at Lions 

Jobn Hill, a Uutehnian ; sl„c,:,„ 

'./.<,;■ h. in 

in I'raunco; in KnglanJ al.out \j jeei-s ; 

Barbara, un.lrr the graue -Maur 


K. E. 

Tliomas JIauler, l,nii,n „a,li<r; ! 

,. in Cu9- 

Jarnas Darumder, a houselioUler, hnlo,- : h. 

brieU in Jernianv, un.Ur (lie F. 

in Aniuwe in Fraunco ; liatli inariL'd an 

Cliristofer Swileber; b. at Swerie 

k in Swit- 

Knylisll woman ; iil Knglaml about 5 j'eera ; 

ebeilanci, un.ler tlie 

; of 

K. F. 

Xieolas Low, a Freneliniaii, .■res... 

'.<ie',„. ,/.,■; 

Lewe^ Knisbt, a U.U.,,-; .Uvcllii.i,- on M' 

b. in Frauiice, nn.U-r tbe Duke 

of J-;tllen- 

IhnnlVies Kent in Slioe lane ; h. in Calliee : 


lialh niaried an English \Noinan; in Fng- Durle 3ruknian, a Diichnian ; s,rm«i unto 

lan.l aliout 12 yeers. K. E. Jolm Keitlo, .,.■'.""'/..■; b. in Uhleiiburck, 

Abraliam Bushell ; b. in the oily of Hotehell the Duke of that phiee. 

in Frauiiee; a liou=cliuhler ; bath Uu../U .Mathias llalsbos, ,i iJuld, j,/,,,:i:.,„ i b. in 

tU J'ru.ih loiujiie ; in London about 22 Souse, a fro eity in aermany ; hath been 

yeers, ami all that time one of the Fr. eb.; 53 ycers in Englaiule. 

K. E. John Colt, „ sn-«j>lv,- (.if.); b. in Arouse in 

Marcus Stone, a hou-ehol.ler, iHt-do-r; h. in Arlois, under the A. 

the city of Crim]), under the King of J)on- i\laxaniilian Colt, of the same [irnfession ; b. 

mark; in iMigland about 7 yeers ; K. E. as before, 

Thcodorns Vanderlaugh, ^t,,/.; a lodger in Peter Dei.iorten, /<»,,/«•„,.■„,„/.,:,■,■ b. at 

the bouse of JP llest ; b. in Fieczland in Xauiites in Uritaiiy in Fr.iuuce, under 

the city of Leowardia, un.ler tbe graue K. F. 

Manriec Ciulielnuis Mavsie ; hallid«rltin fliarh'S Ouler, a /,,.,'„,„ !.r ; b. iii St. Val- 

Engbiiid about some 7 yeeres ; K. F. lery in the eouiity of Pickardy ; K. F. 

Angell Dreiner, a householder, tai/ur; b. at I'-ter Urbin ; b. in Flauii.Jers, under tlio 

Runnount in Gelderlaii.l, under the Duke Piinee of Any. 


Paul Forey; b. in Anwerp in the Arch, Ink Jaquos de Best ; li. at Hriggs in the county 

dominion, ami free of the entereourse, and of Flaunders; a; and subject to 

am the A'i(/;/'s scmuit/ur i„krlai,LL,„j (he the King of «■ Biittaine. 

e,„^asiVo,rivs at the king's charge, and do John Vanhessell ; i.. in London; f. d. ; a 

hould his Ma'y for my soveraigne. ijuvUtsmdh ; K. F. 

Peter Ennis, sonn of a straunger j b. in this Hubert Yanhangen ; li. in Antweipe, under 

parish; a m.rch'iuiit ; K.J. the A. ; a i/ih/tr; do take the Archduke 

Walrand Lodwiek ; b. at Bell in Flaundcrs, for my soieraigne, and do lodg in an Eng- 

under the A. of Austndge; „.t,rha„l! K.E. lish bouse. 


Gilliam Biisli; b. in Domes u.uler tliu A.; .loos Vandciiljusslie, >;,cn/,<,!-„? ; I,, in I 
f.i.'iu,-/^rsl.i,f,..j,rs; ICE. i!,Ts ; in l•:M^I;ula 5(i \r,Ta ; K. K. 

Isaadc Vaniiuen ; I,, in LunaoM ; ruurh-nn.l ; -N'ic-olus Lucatclla; I,, in Ln,„|on; i'. d. 
K.Iv rh.iunt ; K. E. 

J^njurs Kint; li. in Antwcrpf, uiidur llio A.; Jolm Vanfcasule; 1). in Ncwpurt, nnd 
a v,c,xl,„,,nt; K. 1-.. A.; lui^uing in an Kngli,l,uon,an-. 

Philip Scruier; h. in Dunav, un.l.r tl.e A.; snl.irc; to tliL' A. 

Mnxlvmnt; K.K. I'anl Dunn-irius ; b. in London; has 

AVilliani Antbony; I,, in iMiirick, nndrr Iho tlurc all bis lilVtin.c ; >,„,,/,., .o,( ; K 

Uuobic of liranJonbiun^die; u.r.L,.,„l: Dcrick Gcuors ; b. in Jonnanj, nnd, 
K. K. E. of J.; „ uurduniiU; K. K, 

I'.L-trrSand: b. in Flannders, unJc'.-tbo A.; Ilcnrv Sanarlir- b. in Tnwor^ in Vv 

Antbony'lVreiuo; b. in Uonssolaiv in Fl.iun- Joai Godskall ; b. in Flanndcrs nn.Irr tlo- 

dors, undLTthe A.; ,«.,r/-»„„(; ICE. \. ; mcrhnnit ; f. d. ; K, E.; .I«.|ln,^r 

A. ; t.iU.jr ; IC. E. Conudiua Ih-aico; b. undor the S.of Holland; 

Jaquos Dofi-es ; b. in Xorway, under the K. tail',,- ; K. E. 

of Denmark; a i>.,n-lr; f. d.; K. E. Garrett Cosens ; b. in I'launders, tbe 

Lieuen Uandaert ; b. in Gannt in Flannders, A. ; f. d.; taUur; K. K. 

underA.;.t/.«»oii-«.i/vr; K. E. Adrian Ilonrickes ; b. in Antwerpe nnder 

Henry I'owell; b.atDuliceinlbeDnkudomc the A.; , »,■,•<:/»,(/ w ; A. 

ofGnliek in Germany; f. d.; K. G' U. Peter Vaidore ; b. nnder tbe S. of IF.; bnt 

'h.niut ; K. E, J'.'rtin Cornclins ; b. iu lir.ilnuit, under l!o- 

Lueas Coreellis ; b. in London; f. .1. ; ,„n-- A.; mmhuint tailor; I A.; K.'e. 

'/"""■(; K. K. Thomas Stalport; b. at Samlwieh in Kent; 

Janu's do la Key ; b. in London; f. d.; m. ,-. „„,r/,a„„i ; K. E. 

,/,««Wtraden,-a!to..;e!bertoKrannee;l<.E. .Miebaell Leman; b. in l)rus,ell., n.ider tl,e 

Arnobl do Eranekanell; b. in Anwerja., A. ;(„*)■ ; K. E. 

nnder A. ; mnrhavnl, K. E. Ilenrick Saues; b. in Ilarlin; in Fre.lande; 

Cornelius Pctei-s ; b. in Denmark ; sUl--iit'ani-; lodgcing at -^l' Pees ; S. of IL 

K- U. Abraham Vandeldon ; b. in Antuerpe in 

Garbrant Peterson; b. in Amsterdam, under tbe provynce of JSrabant ; beini; of Ibe 

the S.; lodging at iM'^Garrcttes: do acknow- Intorcoursu, having dwelt hoere 5(1 veers ; 

ledge the States of Holland for my s.jve- n mircLaiuil ; K.K. 



Giles Van de Put; a tii'dmiiat ; b. in Elaun- ho hath in bis bouse Nicolas l\Iaeley, a 

ders, in tbe towne of Per, under the Arch- lodger; b. in Antwerp, un.ler tbe same 

duke's province, naturalized, who is now province; K. E. 

bevond .sea, and cannot be .sTM.ken v.^lball; 


Tl.oniM r.iiys in.rc/.tnr.,/; 1.. at ( Invhain in 1\;ICT Ro^lwn^•k, a hrohn- for lnnrl.<nnil.'s: 

Ilollaiidc, umliT tlifS: K. J. • i. at Ig.iiit;Iiaiu in FlamuUi-s, un.l. r tla> 

Aiuli-cas Joln.suu; li. at l>aironi1ie in Gil- A.; K. E. 

dcM-land, undor tin.- gniuc Morii..-c-; tuU.,,-, John Jasjic-r, l.nlor ; b. iu AVclborek, lin.l.T 

f. d. bornu; K. E. Ilic; liisliop ol' .Munsttr ; K. K. 

•I'obias Van IVnabcll, Udlor; b. in Uargon .loliu SuscT, « S,.o ,Usk i„UQ;-'t,r; I'a.-U-h 

by Dm, 1. irk, umlcr tUu Aicluluke of pin- b. liut of Dutc-li paronts. 

vince; K. J:. Frauncis Mason, ct schol,Kasl. r; b. in lion, n. 

Thomas Allawnie, hi.lor; h. in Antwerp, nndor the Duke of -NV.nnandy ; K. E. 

under the i>rince of Urabunt; K. E. Aitlu-r.- sl!l-,y,,t,-. r ; a V/alhuvno 

Jeronimo de S.ddo, an Italian ; b. in Ikuiia b. in C'ambrick, under llic A.V,/.- 

in Lumbardia, under the K. of Sp.'s pro- K.J. 

vinec; b,j>,;i^aH nr,li,:a,y , IC. E. Clcorpe Iluekett, « s!!;.-;r,,i,\,-; b. in Ant. 

Jamc-sdo Metiuis, nurd-i uut ; En-lish borne, worpo ; a Wallon, under the A. ; K. E. 

but of Duteli parents out of Towne. James Cazer, n>rt,«t )'■..(.•,)•/ En-lisbo b 

Abraham de Kindren, „urcli,niHt : En.di!:h but of Krcneh parents. 

b., but of Duteh parents; hoc is now be- JTartin Sheraret, b,Uir /,„■ ,nt,,hn; ,J. i b. 

yonde Sea. cxchaiunj; b. in Bridges in Fbuind-rs lu.xv 

Dominick Dowei^, n,crcl,.,«.<l; b. at Ant- under the A.; in England about f.i! yecis 

werp in the provi[iee of Draljunt ; K. E. ; and f. d. IjS yoers an.l upwardes ; K.E. 

hath in his house Jlarlin Dowers, i,:, ,•- LevinusMnnek, y,-,(.; b. at Drabnnt in Maun 

(haunt, a lodger; b. at Antwerp in tbo ders, naturalized by Aet of Pari. prim. 

same iirovincc; K. ]■;. Ue-is Jaeobi; K. E.; hee is d.u-1: ;f I,! 

William Reane, un nj.olhirari, ; b. in Wes- .V ■'>' s!'j..'l. 

sell, in the Dnkedome of Clcues; K, ]•;. blbazer Tout, a sM-il.vosI, r; b. at Unnlcl 

John Merchaunt, sckoti.wlvr (shocrnak... :-); in Flaunders. under tlie A.; K'. J. 

b, nt X.irric', nf Dnteb pan nU. 

Tcler Uamark; b. at Yalenehan ; a W:x\. b. at I.ildo in Ilollande; beer IT yeers; 

lowno; beer 80 veers: and Elizabeth bis • protestautes K. E. 

wife; b. at :\lidloborout;hn in Zeland; Abraham Carion, v:„r,r; b. in B..he,nia in 

dweller beer 40 veers; protestautes; K. E. Picardye; heer 9 yeors ; protestante; K. E. 

Jlary Lomar, u-iiloic; h. at Valenehan afore- Anthony Cowlon, ,!y«iv)-; b. at Landrfssey in 

said; heer :!n yecrs ; dwelletb within Ilainalt; heer 3 yecrs; .«mi/i/ and lodger 

the .said Peter Parniarke; a protestant; .at Carion's; a protestant ; K. E. 

K. E. Ivatlierine Dawson, u-uluw ; b. at Aniions in 

Abiaham Wa'.lrane, v;;j.;:rr; b. in Bas-Ani- Fraunce, neer Parris; heer 40 yeers; a 

sterdam in Jlollande; heer ] 1 yeeis; a iirotcst.ant ; K.E. 

protestant; K. E. K.atherino A'anmetcr, vndoir; h. at Cooselle 

John Deh.ay, wcir. r ; b. at Ilanno, iin.lcr in Flannders j heer 33 yeors; a protestant ; 

the A. ; heer 11 yeers ; and 8uzan bis wife; K. E. 

.r:.c|i.esLeMS,«r;.v-iH»/!uv b.atBri.lgos; l.rri-u UMiino Va;iborn, - or; I., in l),-r.,swioh, 

SviTius; u proteFt:iilt ; K. E. lin.lcr llic U. of ISr.ui.l.Tln'uUMlif; luil);,;!, 

iMargix-t, the wife of Joliri I'rim ; h. :lt Al-n-^s.-i :U Wiiiilivd I'.armisU-r's in ll,,n-ow All. v ; 

in Kl.uuivlm; liccr o7 vt-trs ; a i.i-otp.uint; ii pi-uust-int ; K. E.; of t!ie JJ'i' ch. 

K. E. Jnoul) Vrilloy, sill: Ihn.ilu-; b. at I|,|iui- in 

Allan Thomas, I., ;/,„■; lo.latr at John INirn-'s Klanh>lcrs ; beer »() jucrs ; a ; 

in Ilonns.litcb; b. at Emb.Uni ; licii- a; of the U'^'' eh. 

VL-ai-andabalf; ai.rot:..stant; K. K. ({arret JlagcncT, mnj/,., u.. ; b. at Ca>th. 

I'ctci-Trano, J -"<,;i ,«,//.,■; b. at !JtM-,.iMe Jor.l™ in Ia-hin,l; la-i- 2ii vi-rs; a pio- 

iii'or Paris; htcr 3j veeivs ; a i> ; tenant; K. E. ; of the En-, ch. 

K.K. ' I.V-n.lnekSn.ult, .wV,;- (,.■;,>/, r; b. atS.-an,!,.- 

ila.-lvt Cabbilio, wUUc; b. in Gannt in boinc ncyrllambrmi-li ;hiH-r Vjoli-s; l...l.c> i- 

Klaumlers; and John hcT Sonne, M,v/ witli J.-i.-ob Ucnue; a protc-stant; K. E.; uf 

-,',•.,■; b. at Anister.hun in Holland; .Iwelleis the D'l' ch. 

lieor 15 jeers; protestantcs; K. E. I'eler Lanionie, .<.,!,r7, ,„.il;r; h. at S' D.nis 

Thomas Senicus, (/(.((Z-dnW-r; b. at Ant- Lagard in Norm.andy; IC. E. ; of the Er. eh. 

WBi-pe; heer 35 ycors ; a protestant ; K. E. Valentino 'Willis, ;i:'«i'ir; b. at Val.nrhan 

Henry Edwardcs ; b. at Sutwcen in Ciehier- neer Cambry; and Mandlin Ids \vire, h. at 

land; Iieer lU yeers; a protestant; K. li. Antwei-p, K. E.; of ihe I'r. eli. 

Jane, the wile of James Mahuw, .run:,-; b, Nicholas Walsteer, ,'o,,, ,•; b. at Antwerp; 

p.ote>tan!; l-C. E. " ' ly<' ,■],. ' ' 

Captain DanicllVear; b. at Naples, of John Donncr, ;A(n'm-i-; h. at Monjitillry, in 

English parents ; a protestant ; K. {■]. the yirovinc of l-'raunce; heer — veers; a 

Bartholomew Aher, m«itr; servant at.d lodger at Bartholomew i)anielles, ,i (//./•.,-, 

lodger with Tobias Bolueth, in Harrow in tlic Minors street; ll.t Q.iuncs ■j..,-- 

Lane Ally; b. in Arras in Artois ; a dweller dua.,: 

\.r. > :;. y. r, . a p.ole-ianl ; K. E.; of th,; I'av. e,.n.r; b. at the place afinx-ai I; 

iMViK-hel.uieh. ami lo.b.;er uilh the said D.ndcll. 

.Mary I'eaeoek, ("/.Vi.-; b. at Dnnkard; luer Anne Loridani, ,c/,/e,.>; b. at luunil in Elann- 

3U yeers; aprotestant; K. E., of the {■<: eh. ders; heer 53 yeers; a protestant; K. E. ; 

Philip Vandeplat; b. at Cugan in ibaVmnt; of tlio D>'' ch. 

ami Ann his wife, 1>. at Briissells in lira- John Vanost, n;:nrer ; b. at Cortriek in 

l.nnt; heer 28 yeers; protestantcs; K. E.; Flaundors; hcor 10 yeers; protestant, of 

of the Uci'eh. the U^l'ch.; K. E. 

Uavid Victor, H-«(r(r; lodgcrat the said Van- John Winers, wallon ; b. at Antwerpc in 

derpl.atcs; b. at Utrick ill IloUando ; heerc Bral.unt; heer K yeers; proleslant; K. E.; 

llj yeers; a protestant ; K. E.; of the D'i> of the IJ"' ch. 

ch. Tobias Winers, ircacer; b. at Utrick in II ol. 

I'eter Wodd.aman, ('Yirrt-r; b. at liriilges in land; heer 30 yeers; servant and lod.^^n- 

I'laun.lers ; heer -J,'; yeeies : and Jlary his with John Winers aforesaid; a pi-otestanl ; 

wife; b. at O.ten.l ; heer 2U yeers ; a pro- K. K.; of the D'-l' eh. 

te,u.nt; K. E.; of the U^'' eh. S.imuell Uarwiek, «v .'.y r; b. at Dnran m the 

Ouilikerlaii.i; liucT liah' a vi-rr; sviv^ii't ]:-.rr ]\>,\<cvt. .rnlvie; h. iit Rims in Britain; 

iui.l luAifvT witll tlio sai.l \Vin,,vs; K. I'', ; 27 .\ccl>i; !. pn.tcst.uU ; K. l-',.; c.f tlio 

of tlio DC" ell. I'r. eli. 

Jafob Bi-iicc, siViOnVir; h. nt Laidon in Barllioloniew Fluslioir, « //,„/«,■; 1.. at tlu- 


lyeors; a protr.tant; K. K. lla-^ in irolland; 

Aljialiani Johnson, ,mivc,-; h. at Otriuk in tcstant; K. E.; of tlio ling. cli. 

Itullanil; licor 2 yocrs; sonant an,l Imlgcr William Antlionv, („//<!,■; 1.. at IIuHam in 

witll the said John Winers; a rrotistant; Holland; lieor S v.vis; a prutrstant; K. E.; 

ICE.; ofti.eD'i'ch. oftIiel>"ch. 

Eloanor Soil; 1.. at Amsterdam in Holland ; Peter Casteel, .r..virtr; h.atTnninin in Fiaun- 

n-r,;n,i and lodger with thr said John dors; hcer 40 veois; a pruto-lant; K. K ; 

Winers; luer 12 jeers; protestant; Iv. E. ; ul' of the Vw ch. 

•lie I'''' ch. Jolin Hill, („//,,•; b. at Deucntry in Gnild.r- 

Stephen Dennisheo, s/«' M,-,.?/, ,■; b. at Sausser land ; heor 10 jeers; a protestant ; K. E.; 

in Frannee, noer Lions; heer five veers; of tlie fi''' eh. 

protectant; K. E.; of the Fr. eh. Cornelins Vanweipht, va«i,, ; b. at Daliste 

Alliee Timlierman, sometimes the wife of in Hollande; heer It) _veers; and .Mai ^aret 

llarniau Timberinan; b. at Denoncry be- his wife, b. at Hensbury in tlie Uuih lur- 

twixt Holland and Zeland; heer 2u yecrs; land; heer 7 jeers; protestaiits; K. E.; of 

a prote.stant; K. E.; of the D''' cb. the D'l' ell. 

John Westhonse, citlur; h. at Zeolin noer Frauneis Dcprec, mur.r; b. at in 

unto Coillcn, ill lierri laiides; beer -1 veers; Crniany; here 1 !3 Veors: and I'.dith his 

ajji-otestant; K. E.; oftboD'"eli. wife; b. tbear; heer 7 je'ors ; protestaiits; 

I'eter Daiiiar, .sllh Ucistu-; b. at lirid-es in K. E.; oftlieFr. eh. 

Flaunders; heer 7 jeers; a pruttslant; C!iri,tufer Depester, alias Hates, .-c.. .; b. at 

ICE.; of the U'l-cll. Gaunt in Flaunders; heer 16 jeers: and 

John .Nieholas, /,.<■„„:«,• b, at Asliwlueler in Suzan Ids wife, b. at Bridges in Flaunders; 

(hiillikerland ; liet r HI jeer.,; [.ruleslanl ; beer 35 jeers; prolestai.ts; K. E. 

K. I-:.; of the D'l' eh. John Reignold, i.-ctmr; h. in Garrisie ; heer 

Wellaniinba Vang.ird ; b. at liiussells in 35 jeers; protestant ; K E.; of the lOn-. 


i jeers; pi 

of the D'l' cb. Katheriiie Cronnell, aUhnr of John Cronnell ; 

Euert Euerson, silk twister; lodger at James h. at Bonnell in Guelderland; beer S jeers; 

Couellcs; b. at the Couudcrs, neer to Am. a protestant; K. E,; of the U^i' eh.; heer one ycer; aprotestant; K. E.; Juhn Vanbarr, vn'ra;- h. at Sliattoii Cliain- 

of the D'l' ch. bresej, uppon the borders of Frauuee; heer 

John Iliiule; b. at Monne; awollon; heer 10 jeers; protestant; K. E.; of the Fr. ch. 

4yeers: and Katherinc his wife; b. .at Aie; John Delatt, u-caitr; b. at Valencham; a 

a wallon; heer -J jeers; protestants; K. E.; wallon; heer 18 jeers; protest.ant; K. E.; 

of the Fr. eh, of the Fr. cb. 

Janakiu Neweiibouso, ici,h'w; b at Outer- Mieliaell Canibreen, iic»«? ; b. at Turwino in 

te>; K. E.; oftheD'''eb. K.l;.; of Ih.' Fr. eh. 


M:irtin;i I.allailic, ,c,V.,?iv b. ill ArtoisinUni- John Coney, woror; h. at Pigbmiru in 

bniit; liLLT-lS y.'fis; a pi-otestaiu ; K. E.: Argois; witliin tli.' l^'' cli. guv'; licr 13 

nftlie Kr. cli. yuLTS; a i)roti;stant; K. I'..; of llio I'"r. <.'li. 

Cornelius Van Eaaon.J/ucfcwiV/,; !>. at Ant- Adiian Fawcun, i-L.a. i-; 1). at Aboiiioymos 

werp; licur 11 years; iirotcstant ; K. E., in Artois, under the A.; lieer 11 yeei-s; 

of the »•" eh. protestant; K. K.; of the Fr. eli. 

David (Jailanic, ii;.ir.r; h. in Mai-geis neer John Trewcll, ■inav.r; h. at Caiul.rie, under in |-rauiiee ; beer 24 yeers : and the A.; liecr 10 yeei-s; a protestijut ; K. E.; 

Katherino his wife, h. at Pranehfoit in of the Fr. ch. 

Germany; heer23 ycers ; prolestants ; Martin Trewell, -.■■i«,n-; b. at the said plaee; 

K. !•:.; of the Fr. eh. hcer 3 yeera, with JolmTrewell; prolestant; 

Abraham Garlanie, imtitr; b. theare, and K. K.; of the Fr. eh. 

eanio hither at one instant: and Anne liis Jcram.uie King, ..vVu«'; b. at Ippcr in Flaun- 

wife; b. at Carmowe neer .Mountnell in der.-; beer till yeer.s a iirotestant; K. K.; 

Fi-aunee; beer 25 ycors ; protcslants ; of the D'" eh. 

K. !•:.; of the l-T. eh. Jolin Goddard, e/oc/.-..„»/.< -■; lodgeran.l ,,..,r»«( 

John Uepreell. thr.,/ ,/,,,:,■; h. in Gaunt in with Isaeh .Sunos in Hounsdileb; b. at Talis 

Flaunders: .and Jlargaret bis wile; b. in Frauiiee; beer 3 yeers; a papist; yet bee 

thear; beer 31 veers; protestants; K. J.; bath taken the oath of allegianec In tin; 

of tbeD'l'eb, King's supreniaey, ami d.itb aeUnowb.dg 

John Deboe, ,r.,n'.,-; b. at llarseer in Flaun- the King lor bis soveraigne dureing bis 

ders ; beer 3 years; servant and lodger at abode in England; and is of Ibc Uomisii 

John Coney; a protoslant ; K. E.; of the ebmeb. 

D'l' ch. 

(ji;i'..Ni:n!Tn warde. 

l;,.^n,old llrall, of tbe parish of the Tiinily, wive's name is Mary; b. in England; ami 

in the ward aforesaide; age r,.'-,vreis; b. .it they have thear remained about a year; 

Bridges in Flaunders, and ludb remained trade « ^oA/o-„lV,; K.E. 

in the said parish of tlie Trinity 30 yeers ; Also thear is a single man named Abral.ani 

ai/f-HWsm-V/-; and Suzan bis wife, being Walpery, lodgeing in Wi.lovv Goorde* 

G3 yoers of age and upward.s; have two bouse in Trinity parish afcresai.l; aged 2i> 

children, both b. in the parish aforesaid, yeers; b. at Midleborow ; a silk tl-udo-; 

one named Garret Dr.all, ago 2(i yeers, now K. E. 

atraxnikr beyond tbo seas; the other .a And also there is in the parish of S' Marey 

daughter named Hester, married to one iMagdalcn, in the aforesaid ward, a ulduw 

Savadg, ad'Al.K-orhr; being a freeman of woman named Mary Luton; b. at Bridges 

the eity; K. E. in Flaunders; 67 yeers of age; and bath 

The said Ueignold liatb witb liim one Nieolas thear remained in the aforesaid parish, with 
Jaeob, bis kinsman; 1>. at lSaiganoi>liano her late late husband, 3G yeers or there- 
in Hrabunt; beeiiig 30 yeiTS of age: his aboutes; K. E. 


T0\VI:K WAliDK. 

Diiniel Carproau, ueirfwunt, (. d., hou.c- Tliom.-is Sinioni, «,.,■./,.,«„( .iiHniouseliol.lir. 

I.oWer; agcJ about On ; 1,. ii, Tuuniey in iigeJ about 38 ; b. in KIoioul-c in Italy, 

Turny, of tbo dominion of tlie A.; in Enu;- under thu 1). of Floivnco ; in En-land 

lanJe aliout tlii.'is 3S yoors, and uniav tlie al>uut 15 jeers; K. K. 

sovcraigncty of Kngbmd d"e intondc to live Conicliu3 Cannuior, ,.i. ,-.7„tc,._' >Ov'i/ ;«)■ ; 

and Jependo. aged about 00; b. in Luca, a IVe slate in 

Dei-ioli de Slcwsen, ttilUi; i'. d., liouscliolder; Italy ; in England about 12 Jeers; K. I-;. 

aged about 5(iycers; b.iu Eniricliin Clenc Andieas Uonnu, mtnlMUnt, f. d., an.l buuse- 

land, under tbe D. of Clcue; in England holder; :iged about tO veers ; b. in Cointra 

31 veers; K. K. in Flaundeis, under the A.; in England 

Jaeob Herwin, ,«i,-,7:«c,.t, i. d., householder; about 4-J yeers ; K. ]•;. 

aged about 3-2 yeers;b. at Brenie in Neither Ja.iiies de Rea^ne, -.,.,./,«,-„/, housebold.-r; 

Saxnny, under the E. of .1.; in England aged about On jeers; b. in Uargan horogn 

about M yeers; K. E. in Ilenaut, under tbe A.; in En,-!aed 

EredeiiekShulenbrook,,;i<,v;n.K„(;ageabout about 3u yeers ; K. E. 

ll>; b. at Amsterdam in Holland, under John Loreo, „„n,',»»»l(.^^■<'".vr/, r, f. d., honse- 

the S. of the United Provinecs, where he holder; aged about SO yeers; b. at Digec.n 

inhabites and from whenee he eame to visit in High Burgeon, in' the l.ingdome of 

Ids frindes about tj vveelis lust, and after 2 Frannee ; in EngUmd about 3u veers; 

Jaeob Ilerewin's house ; and dei,endc3 Ja^iues Lenfant, .■,.(/,,-, household, r ; aged 

under the govcrmcut of the said States. about 03 yeers; b. in Audens in I'icardy in 

Paule Ganey, ««■»/,« with Jaeob Ilere« in; the kingdome of Eraunee; in England 

aged about 30 yeers; b. at Lai. leu in IIol- ab.nit 11 yeers; K. E. 

lande, under the S. of the Unite.l Pro- liabhvin Ilameus, ,l,jdor of i.!.i-i,!: ; a.l- 

vinees; heere about 9 veers; int. nds \\ .ibin milled by the eolledg of the Piiisiiians of 

not whether he shall return hither ag..ine; b. at Druges in tbe county of Elauu.lers; 

whilst beer submitts himself to Ihe govern- in England about 20 years; K. E. 

ment of England, when in Holland must Raphiell Eureiti, Mtnhaaid, lodgeing witli 

John Henckin, appmdlce with Jacob Here- b. at Kayoiisa in i:>ahnalia, a free stall; in 

win ; aged about IG yeers ; b. in Brcem m England about 2 yeers; of the calholie.iue 

Neither Saxon, under the E.; in ICngland religion; K. E. while beer, 

about 2 yeers ; IC. E. Clement Le Roy, o.otc, householder ; aged 

Stcphano Grady, merclunuit: aged about 26 ; about 40 yeers; b. at Pois in Xormandy, 

b. at llaygusa in Uolmasio, under the necr Paris, in tbe kingdome of Eraniicc; 

state of the same; in England about 3 beer about 3 monethes; of tbe Catholi.iue 

yeers; a householder; K. E. whilst beer. Roman religion; K. E. 
* Born ir.CS; Lie. Cell. Pbjs., 12 Jan. IdO-",, : ob. 10 Nov. 1(310. See Ur. 

Mnuk-s •• Roll of the Royal College of Phjsieians,- ^ol. i. p. 113. 

Rt^lilicii Keeps, MCir/„'n,^l; servant willi Sir in Kii^laml :ibout 11 yocrs ; of tlie cli. of 

J.ihn Kt-q.c, my IirotlicT; aged al.out 2! ; Hni,'. ; Iv. I-'.. 

I., at Corlen i.i the Rlicii, a free stale ; in Cipriau GaLry, merrj,„unl sln,„„;ia; houst- 

K\i,l:1.muI about G ycciv. ; of tl.e ch. of IJi.,'. holdor; aged about tJl ; b. at Aiitwuip in 

K. E. lirabnnt, under the A.; in i:n;,'land about 

Te^tilics also for Ids brother Sir Jolin Keepe, So yeers ; of the eh. of En-.: K. V.. 

now siek in Bedd, to bee a i,tL,-<ha,i,d : Peter Johnson, niavhanid .«.'..!.!,,_'/./■, liouse. 

aged aljout 37; b. at C'oHen on the Kl.ine, hoKler ; .aged about 52 yocrs ; b. at Corlon 

a free s:ate; in England about IS veers; of in Cleuekind, under the D. of Cleue; in 

the ch. of En-; K. E. England about 2 veer; of the eh. of Eng.; 

Henry I'ilison, s,7i,'-. «,v,-, househohler ; age.l subject to the K. of E. This is liad by tb. 

K. v.; in England about 5 veers ; of the the river to Rheno to buy Renish wine. 

Catholieque Roman religion ; K. E. while .Saniuell Fortry, menhinnt stnw.njcr, lioiise- 

lieer. holder ; aged about Hi ycers; b. in Dene, 

Ja.jues de .■\Iaster, suiiar r.j!«. ,; llou^ehohkr, in the kingdonio of Frannee ; in lingland 

aged about 43; b. at Antwerp in liiabnnt, about li yeers ; of tlic eh. of Eng,; K. E. 

underthe A.;in Engl.andabout ISyeer, ; Charles Simore, n,il„-od,,r,; liouseholder; 

of tiic eh. of Eng.; K. E. aged 43; b. at Brien in Cbanipaine, nmb-r 

Simon I'ult, i„i. yj.rcic- for .wbU „,,„, house- K. F.; in England about 15 yeers ; of the 

holder; aged about 4-: yeers; b. at S' eh. of Eng.; IC. K. 

Peter liruke in Flaunders, under the A. ; 


Jliebaell Feaucr; b. in Hence, w ithin domi- the Earl of Flaunders ; „ lnll,,v-el.,ni„. 

nion of K. Sp. ; o siil:-.a.,c(,: d.l.:,: 

.lobn I..U); b. in Gaunt, undir K. Sp.; „ Peter Duon ; b. of Dutoh parents, in the pa. 

,-W. ,• ,;,■.-(„«. .-■./u,-;, eW/.s. ri>b of L'beeehnreh in London ; u „llc,- ,./ 

Georg King ; b. at Eiklo, uitbin dnminu.n of r',:,!. 


John Paine; in cliroachod friers, London; Peter Ricault, merrhavnt sinunigcr; b. in 

the Sonne of John Paine of Flaunders, Antwerp, under the A. 

under the A.; n lnllo,r-r!„i,nni/: r. John Pollard, nun-Ii,i»;'t ; h. in Colchester 

Thomas llelacombe; b. in Norwich in the in the county of Essex ; sonno of Frauneis 

county of Norfolk; vxan-r; of London; and Pollard, of Flaunders, nuder the A. 

the Sonne of Thomas Delacombo of Flaun- Peter Douau.'c, alkis de Fo.x ; mcivImuiH 

ders, under the A. stnnoiiia-; b. in Flaunders, under tlie 

Peter de Buskar, straunger ; b. in Flaunders, A. 

under the A.; a vicnluuo,: trading be- Cornelius de FoUingworlh, straunger; b. in 

vond seas. Flaunders. n hnlor, under the A. 

John .le Waters, murhaHid s(,;uni,jir; 1,. in IVtf-r Vansonicbeco, menlmvul sinn.iia- : h., uiiJur thu A. in Flaunar,-s, l,„lgotli theiv. 

I'c'tcrSinion; I), in Ulai-lifriLTS. trailfing be- Ksawo de W-.iUvr-i, i.,ca,il tlicrf ; li, in 

.voiul seas; sonnu of Peter .Siiu.n. ; b. ii, Ilollan.!, nna^r tlie S. 

Roan, tina.TF. K. .Marl; CallounL-, » (,;;/; (,,/,(„ w,.',;r; h. in 

Le\ve< BoucT, ),,e;r/,«!i7i( shvi'i.i/.r; h. in Soutlianiptun, of Lewes uf Klan- 

Flaundei-s, under the A. ders, under the A. 


John Do Caine, u.alu',>,,i; h. in Ilencushe SpernicI;, dece.x^ed, „ot,iri/ Z'"^-!'''-'.; Jwell- 

in Ath, under the A.; f. d. ; K. E. i„^, in Londun ; b. in the eiis „r jiri....rlles 

Peter d'Caine, vurrha.,,.,!, sunn of the said ;,, the kinjcdome of Brahunt, und.T Phiilip 

Juh,. .V (Jaine ; b. in London, dwelling in (,,(. 2d , K. E. 

the Iionse with his father; K. E. Carohis S'rnielc [should le SpernieU],«f,/,n-./ 

John Lamotj b. in Colehester ; u^scin^ mer- yul'!,;j„,; the sonne of the said Cornelius 

e!M.,Ji:dn^; free of the comiiany of wea- deeeased, and Katherine ; b. in London ; 

vers in London ; K. E. X. E. 

James Blanck, KOftii-j/ ; b. in London ; K. E. R^ph de la Boc; h. in Midh'I.urf;h in the 

PaulTipottes, i,Mi<jke hu(:i,-ii : b. at Diste ileland; f. d. ; in London 10 veers- 

in Brabunt, and dwelleth in the house with K. E. 

Daniell Le Blanch; K. E. David Papillion ; b. in fl.e city of Parri^ in 

Joaehim JIathew, imWci notary; b. in Bra- France ; f. d. ; in London ;M y.ers* 

doth in Brabant ; K. E. Hapliaell Tlioris, '/o.-(o)- o/'^;;,i'j,V7 ; b. in Bal- 

N'atlianiell Micchcll, (the sonne of a straun- lew in Flaunders ; K. E. 

ger;) b. in Xorwich ; a i.anlauint : and John Emans, ti./^ry^'V,'.'./,,, ; b. at S- Kath- 

lietli in the house of the sahl Joaehim erine-s neer London, the soune of John 

Mathew ; K. E. Emans, b. in Gelder; K. E.; his lather a 

John G.bson, svlkUor vj t'u- la,,< ; the Sonne denizen before he w;ts bonie. 

ofastrnungcr; b. in London; K. E. Mary Worlich, wifeofSimon Worlioh,«y!(/t,-,- 

Charles Demetrius, yiihtiiyi'C „olaiy ; b. in b. at Brada in Brabunt. 

the city of London, whose jarents were ''John Luce, marhuiott stmun-i. r; b. in Ant- 

Xetherlandcrs ; K. E. worp, in the Duhedome of Brabunt; livetli 

Mary Trion, the widoie of Peter Trion, de- in London under K. E. 

ceased ; b. in Sandwich in Kent ; K. E. Victor Chaunterell; b. in the city of Paris in 

S' Samuell Trion, Knight (sonne of the same Fraunco; K. G' B. 

Peter) ; b. in London ; his said father Lewes Le Camlele ; b. at S' Omer, under the 

wash, astraunger; K. E. A.; K. E. 

Peter Le Jlare, «'•/((.,- sonne of David Lo John Van a Bcel, MaxlMnt; b. in \orwieli, 

Mare ; b. in Antwerp ; the said Peter Le but of Dutch parents. 

Mare b. in London. Edward Le Bouuere [Bouverie]; b. in Can- 

Katherine Spernick, f. d., ?ri'c?o.c of Cornelius terbury, his parents straungeref 

* See tntrod.. p. .xxi.x. + /i. n. 


^f;ltllanit■ll llarv,* preader to ih,- F,\ ro»;;n',i. Jolm (Jumiit, !,:f(l„;r. I, 

iu LonJoii; b. in B«uunolit in Leister utuUt tl.u A. 

Towne in Leicester ; K. E. Ilarman Deucluirt, ,/, 

Simeon RliJ-ting ; b. ;it Norwicli (of strangers Antttei'iie at Biabiin 

liis parents) , jin-iu-/ar to the J)"' .■„„,;,■, •/.;t An-elo HareaKiso, <//./.<; 

JiUnKing. puarh.r to t/a: U"' coiuin ./ ; b. (.f Venire, uinbr tlie 

in London of parents strangers. ' ' Anllimiy WaM-l,.,!! , /.,,; 

Cliarles llnj,'ebert, 6. o-t, ,•/«)■ wur.',»„r,.s- b. Kull'e. ne. r llie Itiner 

in Flaunaers in tlie eity of (ianrit. under llio ^tate of tli 

JaeobTraeb, I/.- ,„,.,■; h. inCallen in<!erniany. —Barnanlen, .yA, ni 

Jacob Van Leisncit, /../.■,«;/.;//.-...-■- „„'/.:,■; h. city of Veiiiee, unclel 

in tlie eity uf Antwerp, under the A. Franneis Uosse, i/Iusm; 

Lutbar de Kcwbay, (,;/./»/, (.i m,-., ,•; I,, at undertbeD. 

Turnay, under tlie A. Frauncis Booteso, y/.i 

Nieolus Duslcaine, t.fU.iffda wiv,., ; b. neer ^ame eity ol Ve.iice, 

Lilo, under the A. 

[Duni. Jae. I., vol. O^, art. -22.] 

Sl'ki;:— A vifw of all StninL'er,s as well lio\v.-;clioli.Iri-s as iiiiiiatus ami lotlp-ors, 
u-itliiii tlio Parishc of Xi.wix.rroN and libL-rtics tlienvC.^: 


Catberine Ni-3;b.iatbcfMniryof l.uelJand; uf the I'rineo of OiioKe: lod-c^rs in tlic 

now the wile of Kiebeard Gnbhin.-^, iiowse- boubc,— .Saniuell Thunier and Lenjanune 

bolder {vidualcr). She came an infant int.. '1 l.onier. [Mark of W"' Tompson.] 

England, and knows not under whose [Jac.b Elbers.] 

government she was borne. [K. Nijs.] Sopbere Raymen, iciV(/u!t' uml sin-nnyion; 

\v e„ _ Vi,J ''• '" ""'■'"'•"i"''"^'. ^"'''■'' "i'^' L'"'"' of 

Urabaun;./",/,-/r/</iO«. [Soffijya Rumon.] 
Blaci;51.\n StriiET. 
.I.acob Alburtt and William Tompson; b. in Kent Street. 

the towne of Home, within the soveivignety Klliee Flawsonn ; 1,. at Sronhaven, under the 

* Natluiniel Marie was nunister of the Freneb Church in Lon.lon from 1(101 to liilb-. 
t He is not mentioned in Mr. liurn's list. 

t In the following returns out of the City the parties have signed their names, and iu many 
cases the name has been Anglicised in the retnr.i. 

CAMn. snc. N 





Kinge of n. 


; of [ii.oiv 

■ ■m:\ uu- 

l.ra^an 1 

cuiiJition; .( 

' knire ), 

[Elias 1 




Note of the stnuigcrs dwelling witliin tiic Borough of SouTiiWAinc, taken If,"' 
orSeptenil.ei-, 1(118, ."i'O. 

St. SAVroUU'S in SOiri'II WAKK'IC. 

VAnA; a sniialahr; lialli (Kvi-ll in lioi-s- of liO jt:are' ci.iitiiUKUirL'. I'l trr Cn-r liis 

head all.vD 3 years: and Mario Ida wilV; son-in-la^sc; b. at Lull in I'lanndcra, !rr 

1>. undcrtlie Dultoof Bronswiclio, in Higli tlu; Arclidukc; a ,l,.r;ui 11 \rais' con- 

Gernianye; tliey are poore folks. tinnance. [riuno Chjjl-.] 

[Markof Maric.l Ito^l.ind Vuncku ; I., in,^., l.Mol , 

■\VilIiani Molcinc, aFroncliniaii; li. at iinll.Mi, undor tlir Stat.,-, of i lulland ;»<//./•, pai tn.T 

undri- tl.e Frcncli King; <t d:cr li.v trado; «ill, .M' Til,l,ukin ; ] :i %fars' c-ontinnancL-. 

of [lore o-^tati' ; dwelling in tlte Close, con- Jaeol. nelcno; li. in \\'uzell in Cleudand 

tinuaiice tlierc 21 years: also Maudlin his iiore Holland, iindcr'tlie donuidon of tlw 

wife, a h'reiieliwonian; 1.. at Bullen afore- Dnko of Cleiic; su-ca,..( to SI' 'ni,l,crk,n. 

-■iaid. [JIark of Maudlin.] Nicholas Lowy-; h. at Sljerhucli in Xor- 

Noe llloonie, a ^\■allon; I., at lliden in the mandie, nn,i.-f the French Kii,;,-; sa;-a.l 

l,o« e eonntries; came thence when a child ; also to iM' ■l.bhci Lin. 

u filkaranr of pore estate; dwelling in the [Mark of Lowys.] 

Close, of continuance there ir.yars. Croft Castell idias Cassals; b. at Qnillick, 

[Mark of Bloom.] being a Dukedome ncre Germany; « j/H-- 

Mathcwo Buens; b. in ll:irlaiu in Holland, m'liri:;-; dwelling in Pepper Alley; tlO ycares 

under the States; asilbr,,,-; dwelling in continuance. 

the Close, of M years' continu:ince. John John James and Il.arman James, brothers and 

Crcnhe, his .*.)■,■«),/; h. in Cullen in }ligh twinnes; b. in the Unkedonio aforesaid; 

tternianie. [Mathens linens.] sercauits to the .said Croft Castell. 

[Maili of Creid.e.] [IvrafL Kassels.] 

DaidclTiberkm; b. .at Franeliford in High [Herman Jacobs. Jan Jacobs.] 

[l),m,..I:.o. I.,vol. no, art. 24.] 

A iioleui'allllieSl!:iuiii,aTsas ucH luuiitors as strvaiito?, as :il=o iniiKite? and 
knhvvs wall drvyik-il li.nvsr,, i.i the Pari.sli of S' Tliuiiias in youtliwark, 
ill tlio counlye of Siin-y ; the 17'" of SL-pf, 1018. ■* 

.•<r. TIlll.MAS SOUTinVAUK. 

lie :ii..l Ills XN ilV- 1,. at \V.-!li,uoinn I'lMUTu'C; 

.\l,..rij .le Sn.iil,; b. in A.,w.-„t, ti.uKr il,c ,^^,|, „,■ j,,, ,,,._ ^.,, ^,,„,.,, „,. ,^„,.^,| j 

i-uhvinekcuftl.e K.uf Sii.; .uiu^kr; uf tli,. j„,,„ |),_,wa>.ll, ,-.7, /!,.-. ,tv, mai.ler; Uun- 
"''' ^'u'l.Kroi;. |,i,;^^ i„ l.'|.uinJci.s; of Iho T/" coi.^'ff-. 

r,:.ssill n«K..licttls; b. ill, of the [Mark of Dowddl.J 

l.ulluT's .•oiiCTC-. ; /..ijliftk --fi.-.i-; s. Aiulrbu .McLllor, an.l Klliii Mcdler l.i.s v, ifc 
J'"'"'""-'"- b. at AiigcT in Kl.m.ukT..-, « sIM.-,' ^ .-ir; 

i" •^'■'■'-'-■■■""I ■"< ; ajoriKunaii. bjlli of tlic 1)''' i-h. [Al.irk of .Mfill.'.'. | 

..f S„lun io Jlanlin; „„..«-.,,; a co^^,.ant b. in Spuro in 'tl.u I'aulgra'vcs country ; one' 

'iervaiit. of's cli. [iM.ul; of liusbc] 

An.lrc«s Wa.-bman; b. in llio Jarniin, iurKt Ji,l,„ Fawse, jii7.-/c«v«rc-<-, an.I mai^tor ; b. in 

llio I'rii.™ of Bromcsbi-r; imln.;/,,:,;,-; a .Shema; a ■Wallonn of tlie Kr. congivy. ^ [Marie of KaWM..] 

K. of Sp.; .<,•■; ,.-,,r.c-; a ,■.ai^!..r•, of the „,„i,., i,,^ k, ^f .Si,.; of tlio V'K ch. ,,' 

Alarij ll;.rris, ,;//^ ./s wilV; b. in llio !■ Vanoi^ lu„o a,„l Katbrin L:nt. ; tliois ^'.'-bil- 

.larn.iu; of tbo W" oongrog. ,,ivn b. i„ Walton in Kla..„,ln-.. 

[Ilirmark.] Tirre .lo la 1, .<,'.,:.'. .,.„ anuu-l.-r; b. 

.sonncs of Marij I larris; b. both i„ Ani.tcr- Fr. Congrcy. " "' [.MaiY of .lo'l..' !i. j "" 

Jainos -l„.,o« „ an.l Coilott Sliorou n hi. «if,.; i. Sl^ Ton,;',;,' u.a.-r'lh^'K.'of Sp'; JJlS- 
bo b. at Kv.r i„ l-rain,oa; ,- i .c L..-; „■ ,-, a niai.lor. an,! >,hoo a servant; l.tu 

the K,-. co,:g,vg. „ . _[-''■■"•='■' ^'" '''■^■"■] 

anil a niaistor; both pcntionors t , the b'r. Ann Manto his wife ; b. in Tiinie.v in 

fuiiS"'y- h'lauiulurs under ibc K. of y|..; l,-/i,. n./l.' 




Nicluilns Browne, hijhfile .reaver; h. in 

Turnev ; oi" the Fr. cli. 
St. Toffiii, an.l Xicli. Brown; both scrvaul:^ 

to Hector "Manto ami liis wvfe. 
Gilliam Dnwys, and Barborey his wife; both 

b. in Anwarp; sUciinam; maistcr 

of th« I- r. congres. 
John Dcwyse, yongcr, si'ldrvemw ; 

Anwarpe; of the I"r. congreg. 
John Steuencs; b. in VanljranJanl 

Ratignc; scrvante, anil jonaman to 

UuK\!i<-' iHrlirever; of the Fr. ch. 
William Tii<..n; Amee suort emlcr S'li 

jf ihi 

, cli. 

Jm-ce Lumbartson, y,'W ,-, ,■,,■; b. in Cytriek 
in Animerforth, under tlio ijrane Morris; 
servant and /o.viimiu. to John Dewyse; of 
tlie D'l' congreg. [Jlarlc of Lanibertson.] 

both Gurratt Vangleson; b. in Oillam, being 
Bushopriek under tlie Emperuur ; j'^mc- 

K in u,„n to John Dewyse, s;U-cn\,-a- ; of the 

!)'•'' ch. [.Mark of G. V.] 

dgc, Charles de .Man, and liis wyfo Edic do Man ; 

-Vm. b. at Bressill in Brabant; hee a la,//vi; 

and sliee a !>!' /..//.(■;■,• both of tlio D'l' eh. 

Sti;irigi.Ts rcsick'iit in the Parishe of St. GEni:aE in .Soutii\vai:ke, 1G18 
(IS"' oi'.St'ptuniber.) 

We findu dweliinge in tlie street side.-One Lodging in the same house : James JIasuro 
Anthony Kavell; b. in the city Arros; |,. in Lill, within the kingdon.o of ,Sp. : 

[Jacques Ma^ure.] 

pendcs upon the .■Jovcraigneliu ami king- 
dome of Kngland ; by trade »/..'.. ,,/,r../t,- In Maypolo Alley.--In the house of "\Vi... 
o/s,,.„ll vara, and of^t eonversaeion Glover, one Anthony .N'attoe (workelh with 

"■^ " ■""•' [Anthoine Fauel.] jp Younge), l.c.updrme,- ; h. at iMonscnin- 

liowe within the King.lome of Sip.; K. E. 

i:e.; dwelt with his maister this 11 yeers. 
[Mark of A. .v.] 

In tlie street side.— John Voung 

village called Vcntoe in the eonntrv i 
I.alewe neere Flaunders, within the king 

don.eof.Sp. K.E..\.:.;a/,u..pd,cs,.r. Di;n. In the street sido.-l'eter Brocke, ,, 

[Jan IcJeune.] clla- ; \<. at Berissland in Germany, un- 

I-odgcrs in the said house: John Brewer; der the Duke of Cleve- K. K cS:c • att this 

vorhl/, j...,nn.,o,U; b. in Artwaies, present in Bathe. 

within the kingdom of Sp ; K'. E. &c.; a Lodging in his house.— John Brooke his 

hempdnmr. [Mark of Brewer.s.] kinsman, of th, .sam, trade; b. at the place 

Lodging in the same house: Martyn de aforcsaide; K. E. .S:e.j a jcirnumuc lo hh 

Manne; b. in tlic eittie of Ameore, hi the unckle. [Mark of J. B 1 

kingdom of .Sp.; K. E. &c.; a harpdrasa , Lodgeing in the house of Nieliolas Downe- 

and newc conu.. [Mark of ,!e Manne ] ing, vietualler.-Emanuell Dolvero; b. at 

.U-!M'AM>I\. 93 

Br.isill in America; marrhaunt; K. E. &c.; Titts witliin tlie Diil;eilomo uf Clove; lea- 

hiti. prisuiiLM- ill tlie Kiii.?s BcdoIic. tha- dresser: K. E. &e. 

[llanocl n.ilucM".] [Jaiin Eissunkraott.] 

Di;v. In the Myntc.— Ilance Smitlic, (■"(.'.■)■,• In tlie same strecte.— Abialiarn Van Gild.!- ; 

1.. at Borissland in Germany, under tlie li. at Antwerpc. witliin the province of the 

Dnkc ofCleve ; K. E. &e. A. ol' Brahant; lodgelh in the lioiisr uf 

In the Myntc.— Cornelius Van de lloolle, a Hugh Beeston, victualler; s/H. «,(/ar ; 

.<i'.l:,K.ur£r: K. E. &e. IC. E. &c. [Aahrhani Van (ihele.Iun ri.] 

[Cornclos Van d'hof.] In Longe Lane. — Gillani FawUeneere; b. at 

In the Myntr. — Arnold Mearo ; b. in Colan, Antwcrpe, within thoiirovincu of tlic A. of 

under iU- v.. of Germ.; slllxvavcn IC. K. Brabont; dwelleth there; jiark-ihraul „,,,. 

[JIark of A. M.] Icr; K, E. &o. [His mark.] 

[Doni. Jae. I., vol. 99, fol. 43.] 
]'ari~li ot' St. Oi,.\vl's SouniWAUi;, parscll of thu witrd of Rnu":; without; liUB- 

Skynneisalley.—«ar- John Growell, joiimr: h. in Valkenbonnve, 

vant Kol,'. Lawrence, .,, Uipc wcc.r ; h. in under the A.; in England -10 yeres; free 

Katerdanie; hync here vj yeers; a covenant den. [Jhon Gruwell.J 

servant. [.Mark of li. L.] [In Iho mar-ni In (ih ue all-y.— I lance Lohcngstowe, ./i<y«- 

■• //.' ,sa,i E.i.jlL.uanr i. e. Lawrence.] ". r; h. in Hie Jarinanie; here 11 yeres. 

■riie sin^c! sidc.-Gyllyam Spease,;../,,. r ; b. Wary DeHour, the wyfe of Sainmewcll Tut- 

ni Gnlli.'ke, under the I), of Clea\e: and lanionday, s/u r, «,»!, r; h. in Valleu-en in 

Ja:,n.ieay Vacpcs; h. in; herein Artoys, under the A.; in England 30 yere,-. 

England 1 3 yeers, and lii.s wife 33 yeers; [Mark of M. D.] 

and one strmW.Lewcks Alberts; 1). in over [In margin, "/Ar hnha,.,l. ,s „,, E,„jlhh. 

Rissone in Frcesland; in England 3 yeers ; ;iici//."J 

[Wilbort S],irs. Lucas Albert.] John IJews.sertt, i.Vi.miiViv h. in Tanterbery. 

Church yard alley— John I'almer.y.,,,,. ,■; b. Bcrener Norman, the wyfe of Ezias I'ontey, 

in An«arpc in Brabant; heere .\viij jcres. iillxvercr; b. in S' Jlallcrs, under K. E.; 

[John Palmer.] here 3(3 yeres. [.Mark of B. N.] 

Wahiul tree lane.— Nychols Uorrom, ,;ay/,cr; John Elypoe, siUxiricr; b. in . 

b. ill Sii Vallery, under K. E., in Eng- Arnould Xyohola.s, .<,7/, ./,.,, ,• b. in A-.sey 

land 12 yeres. [NicoUas Doron.] in Jarmaney; in England i yeren : and 

In Smythe's Alley. — Marry Algood, lodging Jayne his wyfe ; b. in Tornney; here 50 

at Henry Allen's, a thri.t man; b. in the yeres. 

Lowe countrys, under the A.; a very old I.vmatt. Jacklen Lenney; b. in Tornney ; here 

woman; b.T.- I -1 yeres. 3U yeres. Aret Colne.s, In-r inniat. 

94 APl'KMMX. 

Anthony' Urssine, bijr.lii v,acir: li. iu Val- (Ivllyuui .Magi'wc, (,;(/Wy ,r, iv, ,• I., in 'I'nniui'v ; 

EiiglriMd. [Atitliomio Arsin.] Abniliam BIoj-lt, tnjcti/verer: h. in Antwarp; 

Allord Linsdl, (afdi/ vcrar; h. in Turiiney liere 311 jeres : ami Ik-stcr lii^ wvIV ; 1.. in 

ill Plandros; and his wyfe; licre 31 ytTOs. Aiitwarp; lu-if 31) yc-res. 

[Alar do Lins.] " [Al.raliani Hluiart. | 

Inmatt. Adrian Ostomo, aill: non-tr; li. in '1 licudtr Bryll; I), in JarnitiKy, uihIlt tin: 

Turnncy; in England 15 yens. ['aN^iave; r/y.r; lu-re 17 ycn-s. 

Gylyam Bush, l,ij\t;r,i-uvcer; 1.. in Unhid;, " [Tliuuilovc l!re\ill. | 

11 bishopricUc nero Ilollaii.l; hcri; :2ilyrrcs, John ^\■altvlK•, i.'f:t;i v.c;,-: h. in T..rnia'y; 

[WiUcm Bosoh.] in Kn-land IS ycrrs. 1', r./n Bn\v,-n his 

John \Vyllana, jui/.in. ,■; h. in Gullick in w^k■ ; U. \n '\\.n,<n-y; lieiv 11 yrus : and 

Khmdurs.undcrtheA.: and Mary liis wyfc ; M.uUynr l,is inmhcr, h. iIilmv a!-,,. 

h. in Klandi^rs; Lore Hi ycrcs. | .Ian dc \Valini.,.| 

[Mark of wilV.] Mary U- mair, /-,.„,/, >/'„/,„;,.v,v ..■; 1,. in 

Petur I'apiKT, l„;„n,„. I.iid:.,-; I,, in TornnMy, Antnarp; l.rro -In yy:-^. 

Margrett his wyfu ; I., in Flauiulors; hi-ic IVtIor CIocUl-; 1j. in Turnn.-y; in lOnRhuid 1 

•lOyca-s. [Mark of r. P.] yores: and his wyh., unlW,, ,: c ,- : 2 

John DL-eostur, tl.rcol IviU.r; b. in (iantt, children bora>. in Tornnoy. 

nil. lor the A.; 33 yercs here. Mary li is [His mark, ] 

wife; b. in BrisMdls in Brabant ; liiur 35 Kalherinc Dedeni, silhio^mh r ; b. in Val- 

yeies. [Jan ile Coster.] leneliia; 30 Veres Iierc. Jayne I'lypoe; b. in 

John Tewbee, iiV/ami', r; b. in Rysell in [''landers; here 30 yercs. Aiv.yon Cocco- 

Flamlers; in Kngland M yrres. ln-1; b. in Tornney; hern S yeres. 

[Jehn Tlenban.] | .Marks of Jane and Arrogr,,,.] 

Danm'U Syx, J.y/, ,„r,;(i,v b. in An«.,r!j ; here Kuiior Dowrey, .vY/.v «■.■«■; b. by Tnrney; 

2- uns. [l),,niel Six.] hire ^\ yer.s : and Bavbrey his ^^^^e, b. in 

Jarmayne Ueiunlh'n, .' ^.r^e^;./ , , ,; / ; b. in Anelt in the Low Countreys; li-re (i ynvs. 

•J-oinmy; in En-land 32 yeres. [lOeerar Dure. | 

[Mark of J. D.] Katberino Lewbriek, .^..V.-d,-; b. in the land 

John Cassliewe, ci hqj\l^' irt,-. / ; b. at Xore- f.uiguliek; 55 veres in liiiylan.l. 

Joyes Vandalc. 5<7/.e »cy/i(A,-; b. in C)»cn Tlle stleel sx d . - - ll i llmlomew Powell, 

(Jrden in Kianders; here 13 ye.irs. j";/'i'i'r; b. in the land l.m <.inlyel>e; beer 

[Mark of J. v.] ■I5yeers; am.l Ellen liis \vyfe ; b. under 

John Boskyne, sllt.nn,-; b. in Gant; here the (juvcrmui of the lande of bieke; beer 

3" yeres. 45 yeers. 

Addoin Bowkonc, Jo^;i>,cr; b. in Clove land [Barthuloniens P,iu«e!l.| 

in Gullick; here 45 yeres: .ind Alargrett (iodfrcc Cloyss, ^o«/ie s,ni/l!,; b. in Swole, 

his \vyfe; h. in Owenncr in l.'landers; here beyeml Amsterdam; here 60 yecrs. 

Issaekc Cm.', by trade a ■ ; b. in ■ In Tenter Alley.-- Amies, l)e-er, ..„l,/v,i~ ; 


1). in Tornncv in Flnmlars ; here Til"! ycrus; J:iniickyno Rutland; b. in Bridge in I'laun- 

aFn,.rh,J:oh„;.<lns. [Ilcr markc. ] dcra ■ l.ecr 3ij jefr.-.. [Their n.ark..] 

BamncTd Jonsone, s/u «■)«((/ 0-; b. in Potter Pcttersonc ; b. in Antwarp; here- '211 

John Golvcr, .ulk c/i/t,- ; b. in Lcnre n, ycrcs, (..//Vf-/ icciwi- ; and JIary lu3 xv.vfe ; 

Artoyse; here xvij. yeres : and Jiary lii, b. in Gullicl;.' ; lic-re 21 yeres. 

wyfe. b. here. [.Jean Galurr.| [Peeter I'eeters.] 

Jolin Gardner, ./<,//"'■■■'•.• '■• i" Nurwiteh; of IKy Dcane, .. i/y.,- ; b. in Hie Jarnianie; 

the !■>. congreg. here 4 yccrs : Wyddylynnay, liis vxylc ; b. 

.Vychols Watline, siUn;.: ,■; b. in Turnney; in i,>„io„ in Gelderland. [His nia"rk.] 

and Judelli liid wyfe ; b. tliere tow; liere Edward Waybornne, (/j,i)- ; b. in Grnning in 

vij. ycrcs; one of tlic chiKlrcn b. there al-^.M'. Frecsland; lioer 15 "yecrs ; and his wyfe ; 

DannellMagewe, (,;;/■„(.,,,.■.,„•£,■; b. in T,„n- b. in Antwearp, nnder Ibe A.; beie 7 

ney; here 9 ycres : and Margrett liis wyfe, yercs. [His niarl^ 1 

b. in Turnney al.,oe. Tliobyas Jonsonu, bis wyfe Jossynkyiie, ././.,■,• 

[Daniel Megien.J b. i„ Uullay, in Flanders; here -10 yeres. 

I'llisbeth Demollcn, wjd.low; sy//«;,;;../, ,■ ; D^-jj, Nyehols Uyoc, a >i/«/H;-, but nowe lie 

the -Ala 

tlle D. ofClefe; heer till yc 

Brabant; in Eii-land 17 yuos. [His marl..] 

[Ilibmarl..] o,,.vj. l'^.^^c, Va-s, /diar dra^i,,-; b. ii 

.Ja.sper Gabery, ;(7/.«w«(/ii'; b. in Turnnty : Segerowe, under the D. of Cleefe ; her 

and Ellen his wyfe; b. in tlie wayte ; two 07 ycei-g [Peter Vaerst 1 

clnldren b. in Holland; in England 4 Jossyas Ost, t.ipe mm- ; b. in Gantt, nnde 

niontbcs. [Gaspar Gabry.] the A. ; Synchae liis wyfe; b. in Harllie\ 

Martyne Pollen, djo- ; b. in a towne ealk-d niider the A.; he.r in EngUuiJ oG yeers. 

the Wayc, nere unto Turnney, under tbe \,l„,. uj.^.^j 

A. [.Martin Poulaii..] Larenee Hendrieke, sMc vo.vr ; b. rn th 

.Inlin Cnnnelt, v:.,.l CO:,..,-; b. in Jb.r.-.t ; land fan gullieke ; in England 20 yere. 

.ind .M.iry his wyfe, I., there to; here :"; and Wni. Sings, a boy ; I., in gullieke 1 

yeres. [His mark.] Hie Uutehland. [Lawrene Ileudriek. ) 

I'etter Dnssant, tjarduu- 1 b. in Ncwcareke James Sparren, sH/.-ir.tcr ; b. in the lam 

in Flandere ; here 3U yeres : and Kathairn [^,„ lewcko; here I'J yeers : and Joan hi 

his wyfe ; b. in Antwarp. [His nuirk.] „.yf,, . ,,_ ,„ Crabantt ; here 42 yeres. 

Danncll V.ampey, si'H«< iy.- ; b. in Antwarp, [Their marks.] 

under the A.; here 30 yeres; and JIary -\Vm. Snelihige, Mary his wyfe; b. in Swan 

his wife, b. in Antwarp. [His mark.] o^cr in Holland ; in England one yen^. 

Stephen Egbirtt, si/k.n nr ; b. in Endidone in Alexsander Clcmment, OM nf the D«l.-/ij>o,'<i 

Jarmanie; beer 15 yeres. [His mark.] ,j. i„ . i,e is nowe in the low 

CornncUis Van Hale, .>/«■ >am- ; b. in Val- eontroy. 

lence ; in England 10 yeers. Petter Van Merc, /.'/'<■ "■' '■• '': ''■ '■> tl'<^ '•'" 

Petter Vannotle, sil/j ,-•.,■«■ ,■ b. in Aeeon in tan gnli(d;e ; in I'.ngland 11 yeres. 

.Tarmanie; beer 11 yeers: and his [His mark.] 

wife; b. in Aidwarp . bi'iv r,3 yercs. John Hoogosa, ;/..//,-, /,..// „„./.,,■,• b. in .Mid 



borowe: here 2 yocrs ; one eliilJ b. Iliere \V:irs(nv Hart', InJUi/ vcver : b. 

to MaJIcyn, wife of th.' s.-ii.J .lulm. in I ■I.uiIith, ;uiJ his ^ill' there 

Nyeliolls Dewtue, silh w, ccr : b. in Parys ; bis u.vfe ; h. in T.nune\ ; here 

heurSycCM. [Ilis murk.] L^hii i> ..llVir 

Chrystyun Lowest; b. in Dellett in Hollan.l 
<j,<llk yon maUr ! 5 weel<s lieere. 

Iley Jonsono ; b. in Delict ; hoor i a yeor. 
[Sta Rd .liviM Jansun.] 

Arnnohl Allers, IMcr dresser ; b. in Ian. 
fan guliek, under the A. of Cleeve; her 
17 yeors ; and Janette Bergen, a klrd sa, 

[Ar' Aulers.] 
Gossone Smyth, a skew viaker, but nowc 
loa-e strini) mvlxr ; li. in Sitliart, unJc 
the D. of Cleeve; in KnglanJ 50 yers. 
[His niark.J 
Jamea Bellon, a d,jiT ; h. in Darnnickh 

^Jullyan Deeane, d.j.r; b in T.irnney i 
lanJei-s ; here i<K\ yen-. 

[Julian ]Jn ,|nesne, | 
Xyches Demollen, »■,■«■ »•,,.,,■; I,, in lun 

lul Julyan fSanyber, bis \\\W ; li.thei 


Samewell Vinscnt, ,/,-/.r; b. in Lun.lun. II 

hath a .servant, James Ueeane, b. in Calh 

in France ; in ICnKlunJ 2 yeres. 

Potter Lepi.eper, dijer ; b. in Aunianters i 
Flaunders, under the goveiunit. of tli 
Cont E.-rmont; in England 15 Veres. 

under the A.; here Id ye 
bis wyfe; b. in Hyo Jar) 
yeers. James Dellahaye, 
Flanders ; here 3 yeres. 





Bollen.] Ilendrioke Ilarttbuian, ,, ,„,;./■".■ b. in 

[Ja.iues Ile.s.] Urunswyeke, in Jarniany ; here S yeres. 

,Tohn Ilarnian, lunmj v. r<.r ; b. in Brill in [Ilenydr. 

Holand; in England Id yeres. Edward Tree, a slunmuh-r ; dell, kepe a 

Jaeob Ilnefnian, silha-cr, r ; b. in Ciehlerluml; victuling house; h.iit Weeke ncro Untriek 

here io yeres. in Holland; in England 3S yeres. 

Watters, wyddow, n driji nurse; b. in [His mark.] 

HoUond; in England 25 years. James Marshall; b. in England; by trade a 

[Her mark.] valL,ecr v.uhr. He bath a servant, his 

Roger Addoney. tirpieretli/slilhr ; b. in the name is Hanc Bolee ; b. in Han.browe, 

land Van gulick ; in England 50 yeres. under the State of the ICing of Ueninarke; 

Anthony Morell ; b. in Bylloy nere Artoyse ; [His mark.] 

heer IJ- yeres; a i:oop;)C)-. [His mark.] Chrystyan Wyhelhamcs, i/iille^/ poll mahr, 

Pctter Pettersone, ares imtver ; b. in Flan- and (iqinvllai/ sli/lcr ; b. in I'allsgraf land: 

ders ; here 30 yeres : and Annes his wyfe ; and bis wyfe, and Mary Miller, bis wyfes 

b. in Brabant in Antwarp. [Her mark.] sister; both b. in Daventery in gelderland; 

i\Iargrett, the wyfe of William Cooke ; sill- the one beer 2G yeers, and her sister 10. 

■wci'cr ; h. in Tornney in Flaunders ; beer [Christian ■Welselm.] 

20yeer3. [llerm.irk] [ Marija Muliner] 


K.iriai.ume of Ilo 


arm:in Jeapen.J ii/aiuT ; lojguil iit I'lioinaa 
Leaaiiis; 1). at \Ve:,t Falau, under tlie 

Cloyddios Sj-monds, sl/l--Ji/€>-; h. in I'arv^ 
in Kraunce; in England 12 veers. 

[Claudius Symona.J 


Tin-; CLIVCK. 

Nicholas Closson, lookiiiff-fflass muLr ; h. 
at Amsterdam, under his Exeleney ; fre- 
quenteth the parish ch. of S' Saviours in 
Southwark, and doth comonly keep -1 ser- 
vants, Englishmen. [His marlcl 

John do frees, tiiffUiffety weaver ; h. in tlio 
citty of Mjhell in Brabant, under Duke 
Albertus; of the D'^" ch.; his dwelling in 
Rochester House, wherof M' Fyneli is 
landlord. [Jan de Vries.] 

Peter Barnar, professor of Phisskk ; dwell- 
ing in Rochester house ; b. in Germany ; 
of the D'^i' ch. 

Peter Fox, basket viakir; b. in Sneak in 
West I''reezland, under Prince Morris; cf 
the D'l' ch.; 50 yeers in England, aH. 78 
yeers. [His mark.] 

Christofer Ilayninges, luikei innh r ; b. at 
Applingdam in Freezland, under Prince 
Jlorris ; of tliu D^^ch.; a-t. i\ ; and worketh 
nero Maide l.ane, under Henry Adrianson 
of Eastcheap in London. [.Mark.] 

Peter Maule, luskel milker; h. at -\rcklus, in 
Gelderland, under Prince Morris ; of the 
D'^li ch. and a;t. 42 ; in England 22 yeres. 
[Peter Mnll.] 

Peter Wamus, htsket maker; h. at Anwarpe, 
under Duke Albertus ; of the D'''' eh. ; 
worketh under Mr. Whcatlcy, dwelling in 
Ea-stcheap. [Pieter Wamuse.] 

Leif Highway, foutomote-; b. neare (i.uint. 

under tlie A.; of 3 years' being in the 
Liberty; of the D'--''ch.; dwellulh in 
Alley, JPEdw.Hatton being his landlord. 
[His mark.] 

Peter Walloone, Ju.-;-d(m<ite- ; a;t. 20; b. in 
Dort in Holland under Prince Morricc; of 
the D'" ch. ; worketh in Jlosses .A.IIey, 
under Mr. Paxslon of Breadstrect in Lon- 
don. [Ills murk.] 

John Frances, ict. 2o ; h. at Harlam in Hol- 
land, under Prince Morris; of the D'l' eh.; 
a ttii>e Ktaiiir; worketh with the widow 
Revell, nere the B.anckside. 

[Jan Fran-es.] 

Peter .Moeup ; h in Ostend in Flaun.lers, 
under Grave Morris; in England about 
XV yen's ; of the D"' ch.; a hrnkl.n/n: 
[His mark.] 

Bartholomew Glasse, .xt. 22 ; b. at in 
Saxony, under the Duke of Saxon ;»;..';.... r; 
of the D'"" ch. ; worketh at Richard Wat- 
ford on the Banckside. [His mark.] 

Nicholas Flowyn, a;t. 26 years ; b. at Aiiwerp; 
marryed to a woman, b. under Duke Al- 

the D':!' cli. and 

worketh at -Mr. Watford. 

[Niklaes Flouwyn.] 
Garatt H.aragoodes, a haskdMnLr ; cimi 
minge from Gisborne, under the K. of Sp, 
of the D'l' eh.; here 7 yeres. 

[Gliecraert Hecrregodes.] 

S P.O Don 

ol. PO, art. 41. 

VinCTiitius S.iijon, blugcnsU Flaiulrix-, nunc i,lute in lilic-rlv of I'ari-li Cuii .Icn, nn J 

teiLpori? sub clominio Archidiisis Au-tricc, tlicr dwelletli, :[n<l we have caiisc-,1 livin to 

ndiriensi adi 

ifje witli his owno liand wbc 

[ipearcth Ik 

Item, tlioie is one Mr. Si-on, a dutclinian, otlier strann'j-er we have nunc inliabil 

tliat bath taken a hoviie and a gar.lene aniunest U3. ° 

Stninj.'cv.s wltiiin tlie Parish of St. Mauu: M.\;ns ix BAioioNnsLr,'' as wul! 

liouSL'lioMci-s as servants, I81I1 S.jpti_-iiiln.-i', ICIS. 

Judilb Itutter, irf*//.ominfr, herservaii'es:— John Maebu; b. in V;drnc;„u u. Ib.rtuis, 
Oohn Ciaebenn, a wallon ; b. in Be.iuov, under the A.; J.cmjn'J.i.-sa: 

under the A.; [His mark.] [Jubn Manko.] 

Lowe Luddow, a wallon; b. under the /jolin Jolinsun ; b. in Claniatlieruiarkc i.i 

.; his cheefe abode in tliecityol' Can- S Cleueland, under tlie D. of C'lecue. 

|\ terbune in Kent ; [Lnuij Ledou.] t ( [Jan.en Vandrusem.] 

clieefe abode in the city of Norwich. '^ li bant, under tlie A. [llis mark.l 

[ [llis mark.] John llardwyn ; b. in in Klanden^ 

Jacob Simimcr3, silhrcaver, bis servants ;— under tlie A. [Jan Ilerdew.ven.] 

Stephen .Smith ) b. in Antweipe, Corneli.s Heard; b. in Ardoy in l-ian.ler.s, 
.MntlKW.Vn.i;b i under the A. under the A. [Cornelia I'.aert.] 

LTb,irn,a,ks.] I'eter Kempn ; b. in Andv.erpe, und.T tl,e 
llovSK,.o,.o,.KS. A.; In„.in;lns..r. [I'eter K, mpe.] 

Antony Ilanser, or Johnson, b. in. Andwerpe, John Iluke; b. at Leyden in Holland, un- 
nnder the A.; u hlachmlth. der (Jraue Maurice; sMukuo: 

["'S^ niark.] [Jaen Ilnueh.] 

Jaqucs de Cro, a wallon ; b. in 'lorney, un- James de (ireate; b. in Colvne under Bi'- 
dei' the A.; a stvft iitvc: shopp of Culyn ; s,y/ «■,;:,,■.,". 

[Ilia mark.] [Jaques le Grand.] 

Phillip I.oton; a wallon, umler the A.; silte- James de Groate, liis scrninis : — 

«■"""■■ [His mark.] Michael Voydters ; b. in Julia or Gulick, 

Cornelia Tice ; b. in Dunhage in Holland, under the Duke of Julia. [His maik.] 

under the Slates; u ta.ihr. Jacob Kittelhuuse ; b. in Julia, or Cluliek, 

[His mark.] nndur the said sovi.-eignty. [His mark.] ' 

■ S.I'.O. Dom. vol. 93, No. J5. i- lb. No. •!«. 


ruix. 99 

n HenJrick; b. in Culvne, under the 

PetfrTrockter; b. in Dcnmarke, under tho 

iishoppofCol.viie, s.-«x"-..«ctr<. 

K. of Denmarke; siUfaunr. 


cont Uarnanl ; b. in Lorraine in F r.-mnoo, 

iM.lci- Uie D. uf Lorr;.it,e; .-,7/, ,.«,■,;.-. 

Cornolis George; b. in Julia or Gulick, 

[Vincant B.rnaraj 

under the D. of J. ; housoholder. 

Us sa-vanls .— 

[Cornolis Jorrs.] 

n>lriL-Ue Slideron ; b. in Julia or Gulick, 

Teeter Rubbius; b. in Holland in llarlaii;.;, 

nuler tbL- D.ul' Julia; s/,V,,avi- -■. 

under the S.; ul!:,a.e,: 


[r.eter Rubbeis.] 



JP llaus Livius, i:i„h„l.Ur; b. at Luarden GarlitVe Livaus, single man; b. in Luardcn, 

in West Fresland, under the S.; nowc ab- in West fresland, under the S. 

sent in the Lowe Countries. [Gerlet Livaus.] 

NicliolasIIendrieke, anian^ednian, sfiv,-n( Garret Van llee, y,rn/< .cr; b. at Gaunt, 

to M' Hans Livius ; b. in Brabant, under under the A.; f. d. 

the A. ; he is now beyond the seas. C'hiade Gillett, glussiiMhr; b. in Ilighu Bur- 

Phillipp Phillippes, a niarryed man, sermiit gondie ; K. F. [His mark.] 

to JP Livius; b. in West Fresland, in the S' Nowcll Caron, Lord aviUissailor for the 

towne of Uarlingan, under the S.; his wile States of the United Provinces, inhabit- 

and ehildren are beyond tlie inge with his familye within this parishe. 

• 3.P.O. Dom. vol. 9y, No. 47. 


Aba^sa S-^ 

A mail, 5-1 

Arch, 03 


Al,ei.|s,' x'i. 

Ambassadors, GO, 99 

Arehdul;o, 00 tt .vq. 

Aunees, 15 

Al.„,p,,vnu.., S5 

Ambroos, 15 

Areher, 04 

Auie, 43 

Abnd.uM,, JS 

AniL-ere, Spain, 92 

ArelJus, 97 

Acarf, 71 

Amelot, 51 

Anlesoif, 4 3 

Auriol, xxi 

Acart, 7, 3 

Amic™, 07, 82, SO 

Arisurt, 09 

Arcart, ll3 

Anihiirst. xxii. 

Arlilandes, 77 

ll Si'il' 

Act.., 73 

Amonct, 33 

Arlaudy, 4 8 

Aveline', 41 

A,l,l,.n.v, &t! 

Amsterdam, xii. 65. et 

Armand, 37, 57 

Avieean, 1: 

A.luny, 7:. 


Arms, Coll. of .M.SS.xi. 


AJriaiisoii, 12, 97 

Aueon, xii. 

el s^q. 

Ayland, 57 

Aclvooalo, 13 

Anderbury, 70 

Arnanea, 13 

Ayrault, 41 

Afiiue, 30 

Andreu, 43 

Arnaud, 48 

A/ire, 39 

Ai,-ar, xxiv. 63 

Andrew, -15 

Arnaudin, 43 

AL,-arT..un, xxiv. 

Andrewes, 20 

Arnauld, 42 

Ai;. r, S3 

Angelier, 31 

Arnehaiii, 05 


Alart, 31 

Angell, 22 

Arnolde, 01 

Baelo, 3 

Alli.'it, i-2, -13 

Anger, 91 

Arras, xxiv, 80, 83 

Baesuro or 

All.CTtilli, X.Mi. 

Angibant, 33 

Arras Workers, v. 83, 

Badiffe des 

All.erts, '.IS 

Anglais, 62 


Allicrtus, AreluUiko, 

Anion. 79 

Arrieus, 61 

(15, 71 

Aniowe, SO 

Arros, Spain, 92 

Badrel, 49 

Allmrtt, SO 

Anjou, xxvi. 

Artliuis, 79 

Ba-rant, 1 

Allius 1:11 

Anl..r.,„iil,s, y. 

Artois, 12, 85 

Ba'ilhou, 49„l,oroui;l., Earl 

Anneznu, 15 

Artois, Prince of, 80 

Uaill^, 54 

i.f, 76 

AnncMiin, 16 

Artson, 76 


AM-atu Ward, (30 

Ansoll, 43 

Arundell, Co 


AKUr,;,-ate Ward, 60 

Anthony, SI, 84 

Ascaller, 73 

Baize,' duty 

Al-oud. 03 

Antiquaries Soc. of, 

Ashwell, 7S 

Bakers, v. 

Allai/.o, -IS 

Treas. xxviii. 

Asliwlieeler, 84 

04, cr sai 

Allar.l, l;i 

Anton, 19 

Askew, 75 

Bahii'ne, 8 

Allawiiic, Si 

Antwerp, xii. xiii. xv. 

Assailly, 4S 

Balden, 20 

AUcrs [AukTs] 00 

xvi. Oil ,•( i. Y- 

Assehn, 43, 43, 64 

Balder, 19 

AUlialloweslkrking, 3 

Apotheearics, v.13,32, 

Assey, 93 

Ballew, 88 

Alhallowea the Great, 

73 e( ,eq. 

Aul,er, 78 

Ballien OS 


Apotlieeary to Ch. 11. 

AubertiM, xxiii. 48 

Balse, 2, 4 

Alliiia.iuv, 07 

Appcn, 20 

Audebe'rt, 57 


Alhnoii.l", 07 

Appl.nsdam, 97 

Augier, 43 


Allole, r.l, 57 

Apprentices, v. ix. 

Au-sbur;,.!,, 73 


AlKviii, 77 


Augusta, 73 

Ban Street 

Alman, G7 

21, 20, 95, 90 

Auill, 72 


Alyanj, 21 

Arbunot, 48 

Aukin, 90 

Baptist, 78 

Uaptisto, 33 

Bay and Save «caver, 

Bernard, 33, 34, 35, 

niomo, xii. 1 

B:.riirllill, :.4 


4 3. 49 

Blundeau, 9, 10 

IJaiaiMtju, 42 

Bay and Save trade, xi. 

Bei-nar.leau, 49 

Ulundell, 13, 49 

li:.r,,l, •.' 

Xxi. XXxi. II.. 

lierne, 2U 

Bloiidet, 31, 49 

Bavarde, 03 

li..n.on, 54 

Uloon.e, 90 

H.irbara, SD 

l!aVne, 23 

Bern-ju, 4 3, 49 

niuomer, 04 

liarbat, 30, 04 

Beako, xxi. 

Bernv, 32 

Blor, 21 

HarlKiud, 37 

Beard, 7, 61 

Bersirete and Car- 

liluver [Bloiartl, 94 

I'.arbcr-SurKOon, 21 

Beard [Baert], 93 

rowe Ward, IS 

Boc'eaert, 15, 10 

I'.arl.eriL-, 4j 

Beaton, 00 

Bert, 70 

Bnelieljoeii, 10 

liarl.ier, 43 

Beauer, 82 

IkitI.e, 3 

Boelieljohn, 16 

Baii.ut, 41, 49 

BeautUls, 49 

Bertiara, 39 

Book, 19 

Itarcaluso. Sy 

Bcaulion, 49 

Ber\ile, 13 

Bocquet, 49 

Bar^., iitj 

neaumont, 89 

Berville, 13 

Boerave, 16 

Har.l, 11 

Beaushau, 73 

Besener, 73 

Boetrin, 54 

Bav-i., horogn, 8l5 

Bcauson, 03 

Bissly, 43 

Bogart, 8 

Bar-anophane, S5 

Bcantumps, 28 

Best, xiii. 80 

Boken.ia, Picardy, 82 

Barganoi>son, 75 

Beauverty, OS 

Beth, 8 

Boiron, 31 

Bar,-.,,, 81 

Beauvor, xxviii. 

Betram, 71 

Boisseaux, 43 

Ba,;;ier, 73 

Beck, 64 

Betrand, 57 

Bolce, 96 

Banll, 39 

Becke, 21 

Bcuzeville, xxx. 

Boldin, 21 

Barlamaihe, xi. 

Becuc, 10 

Beuzze, 17 

Bulle, 64 

Baniar, 97 

Beds, xxviii. 

Bewcliart, 89 

Bollen, 96 

Bai-narJ, ;>9 

Bee, xii. 

Bibal, 49 

BoUos, Sir George. 00 

Ba,„arJon, SP 

Beecknian, 11 

Biluira, 41 

Bolloina, 63 

Barnc-, Duk. of, 75 

Bcene, 24 

Bidlev, 42 

Bolognia, 69 

Ba,,„.,, 5 

Beerten, 10 

Bi-nell, 79 

Bolt, 73 

Ba,x.n, 27 

Bceston, 93 

B.guet, y 

Bomersye, 1 

Barqueiion, 54 

Beliagle, 15 

B.lliard, 09 

Bone, 2 

Baiaiuois, 8 

Beillse, 2 

Billingsgate Ward, 

Bone-laeemakers, 14, 

Ba,,un, 4 3 

Belengien, 8 



Barr.ivs, 70 

Bellanger, 49 

Billon, 49 

BungleHuir, 70 


Belle, SO 

Billovart, 40 

Bongrand, 57 

■ '•■irl'aliv, 07 

Belin, 48 

Bdlyard, 13 


Uellet, 54 

Uinct, 4 9 

Bunhomme, nIx. 

B.rlralH. 72 

Bellin, 43 

B.nqliemai.d, 49 

Bonne, SO 

llartv 1.7 73 

Bellniy, 00 

Bi,slioiis..,'ate Ward, 06 

Bunnell, 72. 84 


Bellow, 91 

B,.,ett, 02 

Bonner, 19, 83 

Ba5:-Aiiistcr(lam, 82 

Beluetl., 83 

Bisson, 17 

Bonneval, 51 

Basket-makers, vi. 

Beuce, 83, 84 

Blaekall, 33 

Bonvenuty, 73 

12—17, 97 

Bendaert, 15 

Blackeles, 74 

Bonvers, 07 

Baamcnil, 49 

Benden, 74 

Blai klriara, 3, 83 

Boodry, 19 

Bassano, xii. 

Benedictus, 91 

BLack-h&rse Alley, 79 

Booteso, 89 

Basset, 16 

Benet, 54 

Blaekman St. 93 

Borderie, 43 

Basure, 8 

Benne, 25 

Blaeksmiths,v. 09, 85, 

Borgon, 77 

Batclielicr, 34 

Benno, 19 


Burse, 03 

Batli, 92 

Benns, 16 

Blackter, 24 

Borikau, 43 

Batland, 95 

Benoist, 4.3, 54 

Blancart, 49 

Bosanquet, xxiv. 49 

Baudit, 33 

Bequoy, 98 

Blanehart, 70 


Baudouin, 43 

Berehere, 42 

Blanck, 88 

Boskyno, 94 

Baudry, 10, 31 

Bergen, 96 

Blanckau, 74 

Busqiiain, 43 

Bay and Saye Mea- 

Berie, 54 

Blankaett, 15 

Bussard, 15 

surer, 20 

Derissland, 92, 93 

Bleaclicrs of Linen, 

Boston, xi. 

Bay and Saye maker, 

Bermondbcv, viii. 

Bothren, 77 



Bloisi 78, 79 

Boucher, 41 




1-, 1 






9 ^^ 




Brass- lock maUera, v. 

Brnsscaii, 49 

Bratelicr, 43 

Brussels, xiv. 

Braymor, Oi 


Bn/, V. 

Bryan's Diet 

Brazil , 112 

Bainters, x 

Brea.l Strret, 97 

Bryll [llrcnil 

Brecon, xiii. 

Bubba, 10 

Breda, 53, 8S 

Buek, 5,75 

Bremc, S(j 

Biielduwc, 32 

Bremen. 01 

Budry, 23 

Brcmias, 3 

Bu.-ns, 90 

Breon, 43 

Bull, 04 

Brevet, 51, 57 

Bull's Cross, 

Brewers, v, x. xiv. 13, 

Bultorl, xii. 

25, 20, til, 74, 02 

Bultei, 7 

Brian, -K 

Bultell, 73 

Brianceau, 43 

Bu.nerv, 07 

BrieKlaver, 97 

Bunnell, 21 

Bri.l-e ^\'ard 

Hunte, 10 


Buur, 43 

Bridun, 31 

BurI.eeli, 03 

Brieliant, 13 

Burehange, 7 

Burd, 09 

Bri-anit, 11 

Bureau, 4S 

BriK.^... s„ 

Burgar, 20 

Brdl, 17 

Burgoie, 22 

Brisseuille, S 

Brittan, 07 
Broad silk-weaver, 
Broad Street AS-ar. 
Broeart, 3 
Brocli, 3 
Broeke, 2, 92 
Breeders, 16 
Broker, 20, 21 
Bioker for Jewels, 


V. X. O:;, iiSfj 
Brome, 13 
Brooke, 19, 30 
Broukeman, 02 
Brouart, 43 
Hro«nc, 92 

Burius, 76 
Burke's Landed G( 
try,xxii. «. xxiv. 


Burlemachi, 65 
Burn, J. S. Hist. 
Brot. Refvigees, 

Burtel, 43 
Busb, 81 
Bush [Bost 

Bvlloy, 90 
Bynett, 14 

Cabbilio, S3 

Cabilel, 53 

Caebcur, S 

Cadet, 39 

CadroY, 58 

Caen.'xxi. xxvii. „ 

Caillaboent, 39 

CaiUard, 43 

CaiUet, 15 

Cailone, 39 

Calais, xx\iii., 2S, 09, 


Calfe, 17, 71 
Callicar, 02 
Calline, Bi-slio].) of, 75 
Callman, 21 
oono, S3 
Calraels, 49 
Canibergcs, 72 
Cambien, 8 
Canibicr, 1 
Cambr.ay, 72, 82, 85 
Cambreen, 84 
Caniby, 21 
Camp, 74 
Campher, 71 
Campion, 21 
Candle-maker, 7, 73 
Candlewick Street 

Ward, 71 
Cancz, 8 


Capell, 01 
Cap,,ell, 02 
Cappon, 3 

Cliabrol, :'■> 
Ch;iillc, M 


C1kii-:is, 3i 
Cliurdiii, li 
Chanlon, U 
Cliarlcs, 41, i 
irlcs I. XV 
Chuilc3 II., 

FieUU, 2y 

ager, xwii, 
Cul.ohc;,. -vM, 
Caudolur, h^ 
Cavaher, Jo 
Caeirun, .U, 'i 
C. eka, ■ 

Chiisik'n. 19 


Churchyard Alley, 



Coleman Street 

Sn'"u"""''.-^ iii. xi. 

Cnl^.Ve \\'.ard. 

C,pr..s weaver, ti'l 

Colla..t, 11 

Claes, IG 

C„!k-, 20 

ClaessoM, 15 

Colleawe, 25 

Claes/oon, IG 

Collen, 30 

Claiilathermarke, OS 

C'jliiiiez, 51 

Clant, ii:i 

Cllinea,., 58 

Clarehout, l(i 

Cuhn.-t. 37, 9 

Coller, 02 

Clarke, 111, 20, 2-2, 21, 

CuUev, 71 


CoUonia Agrip 

mterrll, S8 
rret, 33, 34 

Clink, Liberty of tht 

Cloak' makers, v. j 

7S, 70, 85 

Cloth, Dulv on 
Cloyss [Clos], S 
Coaeh-nian, .S3 

e, 4 

r,x.\iv. 44,45: 

ir barley, x.\iv 

Coney, 85 
Co"k.^lM; 3U 

Cooke, 40 
Cooke, Se. 

Coeke, '^3 


Coekede, 24 


Coelear, 2(i 


Cocquean, 9 


Coddy, 78 


Coderk, 43 

Coege, 90 


Cohen, 58 



Curlon, S7 
Cormon. xxviii. 
Cornart, 8 
Cornelis, 1 
Corn.?liu3, 61, 63, V4, 

Cornel, 74, 75 
Con Ltto 8 
C riih II W u-a, 73 
( urnucllL, b 
C 01 poiation, municipal, 

Coventry, xwii , H 
2 I , Sir T attorney- 
pei oral ix 18 

CranfioM, Lord Iligll 

Treasurer, bt. 
Cratch, 2, i 

Crcsin, 70 
Crcsticn, 17 
Creube, 90 
CrewL.II SfUer, vi. 
Cricket, liJ 
Crimp, l')cnmarl(, 8 
Cripplc-ato W'ithir, 73 
i-orlicn, 3l3 
Crocl.on, 19 
Crofts, XXV. 

incliii, 41 
Cronipc, 11 
Crumwcll, Oliver, 


II, 84 

Crosso, fJ5 
wem, C5 

Crutchcl Fr 


, 83 

Culibrooke, 20 
CuUud, xiv. 
' lil.roulic, 20 
ii-til.crv, 64 
Curat, 24 
Curbosc, 22 
Curpcll, 23 

t.4ow, 69 
Curtis, 24 
Cusbrick, 80 
Cutlers, ill. vi. x. 2, 3, 

18,79, W.«fy. 
Cutter of Stones for 

Dackett, 18 
Da Costa, 50 
Dagar, 37 

D'Agar, xxiv. 30, 37 
D.aguc, 7 
Dalgresse, 38 
D'Alleniagne Demay, 

l>a U 58 
Du Inll 32 
D . 11 H IJ 
Dancns 11 

U al 1 I 

De Bacl c 
Do Bal ci 
Do Ballei 
De Beaul 
50, 54 
De Bee, I 

Do Beer, 1 1 
He Beuer, : 
De Bert, OS 
Do I)<■^t, XI 
De Bever, 
He Bin 

II, -li 

Del)kn.-ve, 1 

De Brisae, 43, 50 

De Briton, 13 

Deboc, 85 

Debois, 02, 73 

Debone, 20, 24 

De Bors 50 

Deborsliowe, 23 

De Uou.lrv, 07 

De Boiinllaux, 44 

De Bovee, 20 

Debujs,., Ill, 23 

De Bures, 13 

De Burgnev, 13 

De Bus; 17 

De Buskar, 87 

De Bussv, 50 

Do Butt", 01 

De Caine, 83 

Decamp,., 73 

De Cane, 08 

Deeane [Duquesne], 

De Carroll, 35 

De Ca. 
De Ca; 

De Cl.( 
De Cla 
De Cln 


Deeort, 21 


Decorators, i 

ite 63 

De C,Mrv, <: 



De Creat.ui, 




De Crew, 65 

u, 34, 35, 

De Cro, 93 

Decroe, 05 

, 71 

De<lame, 69 

ah, sr 

11, bl 

no la Garcic 5S 
l\- la Have, 50 
Ue la Huajo, <J1 
De la lleuse, 55 
)^o Laino, 2'J 
Ue la Loo, 50 
Dclamain, xxi.-c. 
D.. la Mara, -JV 
Do la Mailicrt.-. S 
Dc la Marr, T'l, 7 
Do la Manv, 41 

IJelanoov, -a 
U« I'Angle, 32 
Do Lanquetait, 
Uo Lansac, 44 
Do la I'au, OS 
Do la I'iulo, 27 
Do la I'laoo, 5i) 
l)r la riano, 1:! 
Do U Krn,r,v, : 

UC k 35 
1 111 ,4l,<!7 

I I Cuuldre 50 

III lit, 37 
Utountaine 0=( 73 

. lal mc, ^1 oO 


Do la Ku^iio, 17 
Do la Uuy, SI 
Do la Riiollo, G7 
De la Salle, 36 
Dolatate, 22 
Dolatt, S4 
Dolaunie, 08 
Do Lawiie, 73 
Dolbuno, 06 
Dol Chambro, 67 
Do le Hooiiuo, S, 
Du la JIarlioro, 'J 
Dolono. I'll 
Do LontHMU^, S 
Do lo I'urto, ;i 
Do Lospaul, X, 
Do Losi.onno, S 
De rEspinno, 0, " 
Do Lcsti-illo, 30 
Doir, 01 
Do LiUcrs, 8 
De LiUicra, xvi. 
Dolinas, 35 
Dellahayo [lies]. 
Dol la Veretoi-, 71 
DoUott, OG 
Dol Maitre, 60 
De LoOoau, 7, 9 
De LuhoU, 20, 71 
De Lo liolle, 08 
De Loe, O'.t 

Do Loi,g3, r, 
Do rOrmn, 32 
Ue Lotoll,75 
De Louvain. 44 
Do Louloi-, 22 
Uo Lowtor, 22 

Do I.v'nno, I'.l 

Do .Moii.ui-non, 23 
Do .More, 21 
Doniurtcn, 80 
Ue Mouoheau, 10 
Ue Mountinayuur, ! 
De Moui-v, S 
Doiiisher, 03 
Uonam, S3 
Done, 87 
De Xeeuo, 70 
Do Xou, 7, '.I, 10 

Donnislioe, 84 
Donuo, 78 
Doiio.iorv, 84 

Do I'az, 35 
De Ponna, 55 
Do resscij, 78 
Donostor, 81 

:, 04 


DeQiiooer, 15 
Do (inoster, 04 
De Kaolie, 7 
De RadJe, 15 
Do Racdt, 10 
Do Uaot, 10 
De Rake, 03 
Uorl.v, 55 
Uoveo, 24 
Dereniow, 22 
De Rensey, 71 
De Rowbay, 89 
Derick, 74 
Deiiokson, 07 
Ue Ricqucbourg, 9 
Do Ubloau, 58 

Drn,ho'i-, i;:3 

Ucriiokos, 01 


Uo Rue, 23 

Anno of, 

Ue Rusior, 67 


Ue Ryall, 


Ueryoksoii, 1 

1 Uoso, 50 

De Seno, -M 


Dounciiig, 92 

Do Serf, 17 

I).. W„„Ile, 21 

IMurey [Dure], 9 


Uescssaras, 44 

]l.•■^-^r,lt. 93 

DoNo^e, 19 

Ues Uranger, 79 

1). wtne, ;iO 

DoMer, 19 

De Sic-queville, 50 

D.- WmK, ,-,0 

Dr.'.ke, .'•l 

De3 JurJins, 27 

DlnvmlIcU, 21 

Di.ill, ^5 

Do Slcwsen, Si5 

Desvittr, 19 

Dr.iiier, 13, 20, f( 


Desnnustres, xiii. 

I1ru\^, 92 

Drapery, New, vii. 

Desniaretz, 7 

He Y.aiee, 13 

Do Smitli, 91 

D'lleil.v, 3i;, 44 


Do Soin, 09 

Diamond rutters, vi. 

Drort, OO 

De SoIJo, 82 


Drogeir, 03 

Despaigtio, 10 

Di..i,|.e, xxvii. 73 

Druilliet, 50 

Destiuny, 00 

DiL-eO„, 86 

Drosant, 01 

DosMrnioaux, 21 

n.jan, 15 

Drue, 23 

Detallior, 72 

D.ore, f.U 

Druett, 1 

Do Tliumiis, C 

Di.iclsn,,, 70 

Dru.l.ylde, 02 

DoTuor, 15,16 


Dry nurse, 90 1 

Dishlav, 23, 21 

Du Beuf, 7 

DeTurok, 15 

Dmt, 77 

Dublin, xii. 

DciiahV-, 04 

Disto, S3 

Duboe, 07 

Douawo, 1^7 

Distiller of a<nia vitre, 

Du Bois, 7, 8, 9, 


Doucy, 02 

18, 21, 26, 'jr>, 96 


Douill, 08 

Distilleri, vi. 

Du 1J03, 7, 8 

Dcutel', 77 

Doby, 72 

Du Bourdeau, 37 

De Vandwmer, 76 

Doctors, vi. xxvii. 

Du Bourdieu, 44 

Do Va.c..nC3, xx.Ni.50 

Dotlermont, 8 

Du Buys, xbi. 

De Vaux, 44 

Doi/o, S 

Du Bu.sson, 8 

Do Veal, 72 

Dole, 23 

Dubuiit, 74 


Dolxero, 92 

Dueaiue, 05 

Deventry, 84 

Donnains;, 9 

I)ueas-,e, 41 

Do Villcbresme, 2S 

Du.m.LlI, 70 

Du Cli.ivid, 40 

De ViUe Brosso, 28 

Donswiel;, 77 

Devillers, 07 

DoDllyton, 00 


De V,«.l,er, xiii. 

Doniav, SI 

Ducksiuger, 00 

Do VineUe.lO 

Di.roii, 58 

Dueloi., 55 

Do Vine, 22 

Dorpor, 04 

DueloHs, 14 

Do Visnio, 9 

Durpin, 21 

Du Cloux, SO 

De Vivario, 53 

Durron, [Doron] 93 

Du Coudrav, 50 

Devizes, xNxii. 

Dorset, Lii. Treas. vii. 

Dueii, S7 

De V„gh,.l, 8 

Dort, O:;, el «y. 

Du Fan, i;9 

De Vos, 16 

Dotswiok, VolaiiJ,77 

Dufau, 5" 

De Vcyce, 09 

Douav, SI 

Di.fav, 55 

Do Vyjiek, 16 

Doublet, 50 

lluf.irev, 69 

De Wallo, 04 

Do.ichen.ont, 8 

Dufour, 55 

Do Walpergen, 58 

Doude, 50 

Du I'our, 36 

Dewane, 01'Scottisli Peer. 

Dnfoure, 07 

Dcwarchin, 66, 67 

Dulr;iy, xxvii. n. 

Do AVaters, 88 


Dugord, 50 

Do AVatmes, SS 

Doiisell, 74 

Du(iua, 32 

De Wattine, 22 

Doiizain, 44 

Du Ilaniel, 44 

Deway, 61 

Dovay, 13 

Dn Ilem, 8 

De AVee, 9 

Dover, .XV. XXX. 12, 

Dnbo, CO 

De 'A'cman, 1 

Diilie St. 


Dewliytt, 19 

DouV.cll, 91 

Ion, 29 

Du Mnuelieau, 9, ' 
Du Monebel,58 
Dunbaqe, 98 

>u Pundo, 16 
lu r,.ndt, 10 
)u Pont, 8, 44 

Duraell, 06 
Duraii, 83 
Diirand, 30, 

Duree, 77 
Durell, 39 
Du li.-t, 10 

Du Ventre, 17 
Duvignan, 55 
Dvers, vi. x. 10, '. 

21,24, 71,f(sfj. 

Easick, 75 
Iv.slebeap, 97 
ICast India C'ompal 

vii. 91 
Ea^t ^\'vmer^Vard, 
Kdwardl.n. HI.;. 

n 00 

1 9 6 


kI Dul 


E 1 

Fabre, 65 
Face, 19 

Factors, 21,25, 2G 

■\\ I 8 

r t,do ^\ it 

le e 19 

r II 

1 II s ) 

A y bb 
1 en g e I 
Fett r La 
Foya, 10 
Fiat, 30 

Faith, C(i 

rrs, xi. xiii. 
Gl, t(,«9, 
01. n, S9 ■ 

Lane, 4 
„g, 15, 1.1 


FlMllLl.l'nrt, CG 
Fi-anekli,,, 74 
Franv.i^ 7, 8, 
FraMkiiia::lc, 7 
Kr.ii,l;f"]-I, (il, 
l''r:iiiklin-, 29 

0, 23_ 

I'rearick, 74 

ian', 51 
i.^ni'i, 55, 5S 

F.eJrvck, 1 
Kre.Nnan, 21 
Frcmaux-, 8 

kolom of, C(j 


Fi-enclimau, 7£ 
Frer.cll trade, 
Fresnau, 45 

Klusliin-, G2, G7 
Fl.v,H,e, 93, 94 
FurccvUle, 37 

Forlunic, 63 
Fonnaii, 78, 80 
Forrnanycr, 75 
Fornioy, 23 
Forterie, xiii. 8 
Furtcrsae, GC, 
l''oi-trce, 70 

I'urtrv liii. 

Gabet, 58 

I'ossior, 1(1 

Gabry, 87 

FusI.T, SO 

Gaelics, 53 

Fouace, 4 5, 35 

I'oubert, 39 

Gairaud, 58 

Foucav.t, 45 

r-ialclierrc, 45 

Foi.lden, xx-ii. 

Galdy, 51 

Fountain, xxii. 

Galinean, 55 

Fountaine, 50 

Galla.l, 41 

Fouquorel, 45 

Galland, 51 

Fowbart, 78 

Gallemar, 8, 9 

Fox, 19, 20, 97 

Gallere, G 

Fraignoau, 51 

Gallet, 45 

Framl,oo..k, 73 

Gallon, 78 

France. King of, 


Gally-pot maker, 9 

c( se<i. 


Frances, 97 

Gan.bien, 9 

Francia, 50 

Ganey, 86 


1 n 1 ij, 

[I r,], 97 
cl;c, 91 

Gl .-v, 97 
Gl;izi,r-. vi. 
GlewL. All.'v, 93 
Gloria, 4;-, " 
Glori.i, 5 

GIovtT, 92' 
Gul.nezoy, 79 
GoiUhird, 85 

Godfrev, 33 
Goddij.l.iii, 30 
Godsdiiill;, lU 
Go.l:ik:ili, SI 

GOLM-ICV. 1 1 
(ioil-l> . 1 I 

Gnldhwiters, vi. 
Golddn,>vers, vi. 
Goldi-, -15 

Goldsmith's Conip. i.y 
Goldsmith's Row, x. 
Goldsjiiiniers, vi. 74. 
Goldworlcer, vii. 
Golver [Galucr], 95 
Gomar, 39, 45 
Goodcall, (J2 
Goordn, 85 
Goose, 20 
Gorgam, 04 

Gi-i^re, 50 
Grewcll, 93 

i.-ir.l, 51 
umit, 33 
CTS, 13, 19,21 


Gubbiii3, 89 
Guenault, 39 
Guonin, 8, 10 
Guepin, 45 
Guerart, 17 
Guerin, xxv. 51 


t, 4 5 
Mrt, 51 



9, SI 

ll.ilf.monn ,-VII,. 
II;.!!, 'J.s 
llalli',;., .-,.•; 
Ilallicalr. 93 

llni.huV..",,^,],, X 

llaou'k'n'varJ, ; 
llan,™s, SO 
llamlett, 74 

111, 51 



IleaJ, HI 
lU-iiJly, -22 
Hearne, 6i 
Ileastcl-niaUcr, 21 
Heath, 75 ; Sir R., 

Solicitor-gcuciul, i 

«, 18 
HebJun, 5 
Hobert, 45, 51 
Heckur, 19 
fleckers, 77 
Hector, 23 
1 Heel-maker, SO 
Hcin, 75 
HelJen, 70 
HelJing, 6 
Ileblt, xiii. 

"a Ignoramus, 
oko, Gl 

Ileiirick, 7li 
Hcnrickea, SI 

TV. -15, by 

Henry Vlll., Stat 

Henryckson, 5 
Hensborouah, 76 
Hensburgh, 74 
Henshaw, 711 
Hopworth, 8i] 

Herbaine, 10 " 
Herbaut, 8 
lloringhooke, 72 
Hermes, 7tt 
Hermit, 24 
Hcrvt. 41 

Hill, So, 84 
Hills, 11 
Hinde, 84 

Holfuote, 21 
Holland, refugees 

HoUiwull, G8 
llulloway'3, AV. Rye, 

Holtswcllur, 74 
Uul/atell, 4!i, 55 
HiMuarde, 05 
Honio, 89 
Honck, 23 
Honde, 54 

Hups, 2(1 

Horniek,' 78 
Hobl.crt, 21 
Husbrooke, 75 
Huseniear, 67 
Hosc-souurer, 23 
Husc-stamper, 19 
Hosiers, VI. 19, 22, 
Hoskins, 70 
Hoto, 21 

Hugebert, 89 
Hugliessen, .x.xv. 1 
lUike [llouchj 9i 

Ifetot, 39 ,-. 

Igon, 51- •'-■>" 
Igou, 58 
Igsingham, 82 

Imbroi!lercr9, vi. CO, 

t( scj. 
Ingtlberth, 75 
Ingram, sxviii. «. 

Inidiold'ers, vi. 99 
Instrument-makers, vi 

Isaaek, 7, 68 
Isacrueke, 93 
Isbane, 73 
Izcbrand, 18 

Jaekson, 61 
Jacob, 16,85 
Jacobb, 14 
.lacobs, 66 
Jacobson, 65, 69, 14 
Hayes, 67 


oin, 40 

ul.ra, i I 
oil}, 33,51 

unci's Bncuii'ilure, 

unsonp, Oj, 00, 97 
niris, 16,,, 4 5 


La Cofk, 10 

Jou,nciu'41, 73 

Jciuin, u\ 13 

La 35 

Juuni )n» ti, regula- 

Lacozf, :ji; 

ti n ljr, i\ 

La Croi.x, 4C 

Joj.u 45 

Lananic, S5 

Juljci.rlinilc Duke- 

Lafite, 41 

<lo[iie ct h3 

Latitte, 4(J 

Juhalu.^n, 5S 

La Franeios, 

Julicn. 57 

Lagaco, 7 

Julien do St. Julicn, 

Laignecl, 15 


Laigniel, 10 

Juliet, 70 

Laisise, 4 a 

Juliot, 51 


Kent, visitation of, s 
Kettle, SU 
Killaloo, Uisho]) ( 

King, 7, 53, 73, 

Kin.,'i T. W., Yc 

King Street. Wesl 
miiLster, 27 

King's servant, 4 

Kingc, 73 

Kinnoul, E. of, .\xi 

Kip]., .X 


Lambert, 2, 4, '«, 41, 

413, lis, «;i I 

Lambeth [Lauibehith] 

is. 09 
Lamego, x.\vii. 
Laniero, 35 
Lainion, 23 
Lainiow, 22 
Lamonie, 83 
Lamot, 78, 83 
Laniouehe, 41 
Lam lie, 75 

Lein].o, (18 
Laueeit, 60 
Laiieut, (J2 

Langbourno Ward 
Lan^U-tt, 21 
Lan^, 6, G 
Lano, 23 

La I'a^tula. 14 
L.a,|ur,s,:, 22 

L'Areheve3.iue, 37 

Lare, 01 

Larnay, 24 

La Ruche, 37, 53 

La Kou.x, 13 

Larow, 22 

La Uuuse, 13 

Lauroide, 4f 
Lau.selle, 3 
Lauvan, 40 

Lawes, 1 9 
Lawncell, 69 
Lawrence, 70, 73, 93 





















J a 






Le BrvMllv, (. 
LeCa'illielt, L 
Le Calletl, 71 
Le Candele, 1 
Le Cane, 09 
LeCene, 4 6 
LeCerf, 13, 
Le Chereli. 7 


Le Curdi, 
1..- C'.jstrr 
Le Crew, 

Lf furo, GO 

Lejiper, 07 

Linsell [<Io Lins], 94 

Lortio, 33, 35 

h-K^:nt. 33 

Le I'reux, 17 

Linsey-wool.iev uialier, 

Losset, 15 

Le (iou-ho, 71 



Lcgra.n, r.'.l 

Lerby, 62 

Linbted, XXV. 


Lo (Jraii.l, (18 

Ler.ioult, 51, 55 


Lnueb'feane, 07 

Le U.n-iv, 13 

Le Roux, 41 

Liovi., 40 

Loues, 05 

Lu ilccgue, 10 

LeRuy, 9, 31, 70,80 

Lirpiniere. 54 

Louis XIV. xxi. 

l.e UoiiimclJcu, 52 

Lcsafje 8, 10 

Lisbon, 01 

Lousart, 8 

Le Hut, ;;i 

Les Callit, 70 

Li.kens, 4 

Louzada, xxvi. 5 

I.ek'L.steT SO 

Lcsee, HI 

Li-le, xiv. 05, d 

Luvedain, 9 

I.e Jeune, 02 

Le Sci-neur, 55 


Loveii, :a 

I.f K.-ux, 0, 10 

I.e .Serruri.T, 30 

Lismore, Bishop of, 


1.0 K'lv, 7-J 

I.e^ka.e.y, 22 


Lovinu'.bone, 5 

I.e Ki,ux,10 

Lesl;eiiv, 22 

Litta's Italian Kami- 


I.e I.i.MHV, 

Le Sonihre, 52 

lies, xxix. 

Lovoet, 10 

I.e Leu, 111 

Lespiniore, 34 

Little Flanders, xiii. 

Low, 80 

I.e Maier, 03 

Lessage, 09 

Little Russell St. 29 

Lower, 09 

Le ^L^i^e, 04 

Lcsturgcon, 30 

Liug, 03 

Lowest, 96, SI 

Le Thieullicr, xiv. 

l.owys, 90 

Le Mare, S3 

Le Tmulu, 52 

Livius,'09 \ 
Lobengstowo, 03 \ 

l.uardon, 99 

Le Mart, 

Lo Tour, 70 

Lubeek, xii. 

Le Jhitee.x, 58 

LotLei,, 10, 19 

Lneksuuths, vi. 75 

Luca, 78, SO 

Le .Ma:-,ere3, 51 

Lcttere, 23 

Lodwiek, 02, 73, SO 

Lueas, 05. 78 

LeMinle, 30 

Lettcync, 21 

Loom, 23 

Lncatella, 81 

Lcnioisiii, 70 

Lettiee- maker, 90 

LolVrov, 7 

Luce, 88 

Leiii„n, U. Jr xvi. 

Lottow, 20 

LelVting, 58 

Lueie, xvi. 


Lettyno, 21 

Lolland, 55 

Lueliland, SO 

Lemot, 01, 07 

Leuce, 95 

Loi.kin.s 71 

Luddow XL.lou 

Lemoteux, 42 

Leuse, 09 

Loniar, S2 

Ludgate lliil, 7 

Leiiicitf, 01 

Le Vaseur, xxvii. «. 

Lombard, 51 

Lufoe.s, 40 

Le M,.,vne, 14, 40 

Le Vcfue, 8 

Lwrnbe, Sir T. xxxik 

Luke, bishopric 

Lemu/M,, 70 

Levesque, P. xxiii. 

Lonekpeelc, 77 

Lule, 35 

Le Xeve'a Knights' 

Le Vine, 22 

Luller, 03 

reO. xxii. «. 

Levoggo, 19 

xxxi.'l, tt seq.; bi- 

Lulles, 63 

Lenart, 55 

Lovyn, 21 

shop of, xix.; mayors, 

Lumeau du Pon 

l.eMlailt, SO 

I.cwOrick, 94 

xvii. 00; sherilVsof, 

l.>niel,.xxiv. 55 

Len^'iaelie, 52 

Lc»e_s, 75 

XV. xxii. 

I.visan, 39 

Le, 27 

Lexvis. 22,37,51 

Long Lane. 93 

Lutestring, xx. 

Leiiiiarts, xiv. 

Lev.len, SI, SO 

Longc, 5 

Lutheran cou 

Lenilev, 0:5 

L'ilermineur, 2S 

Longuet, 40 

tion, 01 

Le Noble, 0, 35 

L'lleureux, 51 

Longuevill, 42 

Luton, 85 

Le Nur, 00 

Libert, OS, 71 

Loo, 87 

Lutra, 53 

Lenuult, :J4 

Licteran in Artois, 77 

Looking-glass makers, 

Lu.iman, 31 

Lens, y.i 

I.ietun, 13 


Leonanl, 3 

Liege, 40, GO 

Loome-makcrs, 10 

r.yons," xxiii. C 

Le„«arOia, Friezland, 

LievrarO, 41 

Lope, 55 

SO, 37 

LiUle, 82 

Lopper, 12 

Lyskens, 2 


Lill, Spain, 92 

Lo!,S„„, 40 

L'Kpihnulierc, 28 

Limber, 84 

Loreandus, 77 

Maoaire, 46 

LelVut, 13 

Lineoln-s Inn, xxvi. 

Lordell, xxi. 70 

Jlaearel, 8 

Le Livep, 13 

Linen-draper, xix. 

Lores, SO 

.MaeelesOehl, XX 

Le I'la.-trier, 40, 51 

Linen-seller, vi. 

Loridam, 83 

M.u:e, 00 

Le I'oulter, 24 

Linen, washersof.vii.w 

Lormicr, 55 


Le Puultre, 8, 9 

Linen-weavers, 13, 75, 

Lerrain, 30 

Lerpei.or [Le Pipre], 


Lorraine, 99 

Maekerell, 24 


Hi's YarmoiUli 

.IS 51 
run, ■!, i 


Maricq, 46, 5 G 

Mcclielev, 71 

Marifttc, 41 


Marigni, xxi. 

of, 7D 

Jlarin, 52 

Mecup, 97 

Marineei-, CS 

JI,..lcalfo, (_;2 

Mariners, vii. 12 

, 13 

Mi'.liiia, til 

Marion, 37, 62 

Mcllor, 91 

Marishall, 72 

Mco.'n, 78 

Marl;fts, iv. 

M,--iuu, 95 

Mailero, 22 

Meigi.ot, 3 

Marquant. 8 

M.M.CK.r, 73 

Ma,-rc, GS 

Mel, 13 

Marsliall, 'M 

MolcluT, 3 

JIa,-»ic.r, 13 

Mol.or, 46 

Martinot, 79 
Jlartiiiot, 78 
Mary, 89 
Mason, 82, 91 
Masipiilicre, 8 
Masse, 39, til 
Jhissc-y, 37 


Maslricli, 93 
Masun-, 92 


Matl.ias, 52, 59 
Maton. 7 
Mattlie«3, xiv. 
Maltun, 7lJ 

m, (jlj 

Majliew, 23, 24 
Maynial, 52 
Maync, 55 
Mavpolc Alley, 92 
Mazieii, 46 
Maziercs, 46 
Mea.Iow. GO 
Meadows, xxvii. 
Jlealeman, 64 
Meare, 93 
Meayn, 98 



■z, xx\ 






r, 01 






aiits V 


2.J, 2 

Merveli, 1 
MesJach, 16 
Mesrn, 61 
Mesmin, 46 
Mesisien, 36 
MesseuKin, 7, 8, 10 
Metayer, 52 
Metivier, xxviii. 46 












Mieo, X 




CO, i( 

Mill, lie 

m, h 

, 38, 48, 


Mid. He 


r Ward, 


Midv, 5 




1, 8S 




. 52 

MiUoa, 22 

Milliner, 60 

Mill master. 


Milshier, 2U 

Milt, 77 

.■Minet, xxvii 



Minister c.f 




on, 7 



Mi.son, 46 
Mitel.sniith, 91 
Jlobileau, 37, 39 
Jlodenan, 03 
Mogin, 52 
Moleine, 90 
.Moliner, 96 
Monl.alliurde la Salle, 

Monboevil, 66 

.UouiRTcau, b-J. 

ilu.ister, llish. Ill, 7ti 

of, C 

Owler, SO 

-Muniutr, :>, 10 

in-thc-liast, xxii. .i. 

Norway. 81 

Owstenbrig, 77 

Mums Aiii. (;2 

.Murryc, 1 

Norwich, iii. x. xii. 

Gyles, xiv. 

.Mo„.,Ian. 75 

Mury-s, 5 

xiv. xxi. x.xvii. 

Muiisc-ninhuwc, i'2 

.Musell, 14 

XXxi. ;l. .XX.I.ilS, 


61, 06, c(.w/. 

Mo„t,.U, :-r2, 55 


Notaries public, vii. 8S 


Montprllier. xxvii. „. 

Mu.t.cU, 01 

Notes and (lucries, 

Pacpiereau, 42 

xxi\. ;'. 

.Mvl.oll, '2", 97 

.xxii. n. 

l'adloek-niaker.s, vi. 

MuuuL-, 15 

,Mlnnc«, 1 

Nottingham, x.xxii. 

Page, 53, 50 

Muuucns, 111 

Mvros, 5 

Novel, 50 

Pages, 52 

.MnuruIlKUl, 77 

Mytohfll, 1 

Nulles, 70 

Paget, xxix. 

M.irai.l,-, 15 

Nurcunparis, 01 

Paggcn, 74 

.Moivh.T, 31 

Nurse, drv, 90 

Paggens, xiv. 

MuiV.ou, 73 

Nan.lin, 33 

Nvel.olas, 93 

PaiUet, 47, 53, 00 

More, &>, .33 

.N'antes, Si) 

Nytingall, 73 

Pain, 52 

MorL.aii.oU, -16, 52,50 

Nantes, Edict, Revoca- 

Paine, S7 

Murcll, Ot! 

tion of, iii. XX. 

Painters, xsv. 70, 7 

Mursan, 75 

Naples, S3 

Oddes, 71 

Painter, portrait, sxv 

Morillon, .xxviii. S. i<, 

Na:toe, 92 

Odent, 20 

Paisant, 37 


Naturalization, vii. 

Oselby, 47 

Paisible, 53 

M.)rin, 59 

Oser, 5 

Paissant, 30 

Murlaix, ilO 

Natliy,' 23 

Oils, 20 


.Mon-uUi, xxvii. «, 

NcedleniaUcrs, vi. CC, 

Uldenburh'li, 80 

Pallavicini,.xx;x. 23 

Mort.r, 1 1 

1 1 ser/. 

t)M Ford; xvvi. 

Pallot, 53 

.Mr..-v, llcnno, 01 

Neel, 47 

I dli-rv, 7S 

Palmer, 93 

.Mass's Alley, 'J7 

Nes, 17 

()!iv'r', 15, 17, 35 

Pancier, 41 

M., 59 

.X.pven, 13 

Mostroot, 74 

Neufcliatel, xxiii. 

Un;erwoo'd, SI 


Matot, 5i; 

Newliirke, 01 

Oranjtc I'rineo of, 70, 

Papilhon, 88 

Mutt, ii!, -27 

Ncvvcarcke, 95 

ti S„J. 

Papillon, xx.\. 

Moito. 7, S 


Orders in Council, viii. 

Papin, 52 

Motion, '22 

■ Lyno, xxxii. 

xvi. xviii. 27, 29, 00 

P.apper, 94 

MoiiiMix, 10 

Newcastle, l'ieardv,72 

Ordinary Keepens, vi. 

Paquet, 47 

Moiti, s 

Newcnhouse, S 1 


Pare, 47 

Mon-in, 54 

NewiuKton, ix. S9 

Oriot, 52 

Parcit, 9 

JIoHlonR, 50 

Newin-lon Green, 

Orleans. 03 

Pariolleau, 47 

Mi.untainc 0(5 

Newkirke, 91 

Onnes, Prince of, 62 

Paris, xii. xxvii. u., 2 

Mountc, 22 

Xewmarket, xxxii. 


02. d «.7. 

Monntollry, S3 

Newport, si 

0.,t [lloste], 95 

Parish Garden, 93 

Mountsoy, 03 

Nezereau, 41,47 

Oste, 75 

Parkitc, 7 

Mousnier, 10, 59 

Niclmlas, CS, S4 

Ostend, 04, S3 

Parravicin, xxii. 

-Moutt, 95 

Nicliolson, 79 

Ostonie, 94 

Parrenty. 62 

Moze, 30,46 

Niningliurat, G 

Oudart, 7 

Parrlshon, 24 

Muirnisham, 01 

Nisbet, 46 

Oudel, 7 

Pascal, 47 

M ulliorrv trees planted, 


Oursel, 47 

Pastre, 59 


NobiUeau, 40 

Onsburgh, 72 

Paton, S 

Multon, 74 

Nuguier, 41 

Outreniann, 15 

Patot, 56 

Man, 63 

Noteau, 52 

Ouvri, 39 

Patte, 9 

Munok, S2 

Norman, 93 

Ouvrv, xxviii. 

I'atteer, 70 

MunkV KoU of Coll. 

North, xxix. 

Overv, 79 

Pattow, 60 

of I'hysiciaui., xii. 


Ovrvs, 14 

Pan, 01 

xxvi. xxvii. 


1 Owdenfre, 76 

Paul, SO 



1 itrcc 

no ^ 

itts ^3 
.'ch, -JO 
ri.uighir, 2 
Pliei-kT, 4 
PI,ili',K.„i, 52 

ut, -JT 

Pierre, 17 
Piersoii, xxiii, 
Pigboure, 85 
•igou, XXX. 3, 



Peruquc-makcT, 33 

1, 2. 4, S 

Pinuiumid, 45 

Pinchon, S, 1 

iuu, 53 

Plow, 23 
Pluct, 39 
Plumier, 3 

PoU.-iin, Poland, 77 
Pollard, 87 
Pollc-u [Poulain], 95 
Pol let, y 
Poltais, 59 
Punt, 03, S2 
Pontcy, 93 
Pookcs, 1 
Poiiar, 14 

Porter, 18, 22 


Portsuken ■\VnrJ, S2 


Post, 23 

Qn..,, vi. Sii, 95 


Pot-Eiiakers, vi. 


l'ot3-l|.T, 2U 


Pott. S7 

Qui I 

Puulo, 5 

Poulton, 09 

Puultre, 10 


PoiinraiL-t, S 


Poutre, 10 


Powell, 0,21,81, 94 


Pnm, 83 
Prime, 9 
Prince, OC 
Prince Palatine 

Pdncell, 1 
Pringel, 47 

Pryrnont, 13 
PulTevell, 91 
Pu.Mint; Lane, 7 
Pullin, 1 
Punipforce, 74 
Purse-niakcr, 67 

Quambersey, 77 
Quarance, 39 
Quarterage, ix. 
Queeeke, 15 
Queenlutlio Ward, 85 
Quennt, 89 

Rainoldes, 1 
Uambaud, 47 
Rame, 53 
Raniondon, 53 
Uanaires, ol 
Rai.illan, 53 


, 30 


Raymatt, 99 
Raynien [Rumon], 

Rebache, 5G 
Kebecourt, 41 
Reck, 24 
Redoutet, 41 
Uee, Isle of, xs 

Rc-nie, 53 

Romilly, xxix 

Runnv9, 35 

John, M. 


Reussi.uu. xxviiL C3 

lloin'son, G-i 

Rl-v,-11, V7 

Rondeau, 37 

Ueverc\y, 36 

Rondfllot, 47 


Ronsov, 62 

R.y", 53 

Roososa, 05 

KLVTmud, 59 

Roauino, 73 

Rluucberguc, 12 

Rosbanck, S2 

Ribbon woiKors, v 

Rose, 3U 

Ribott-aii, 4" 

Rose Alley, Si7 

Ribovileau, 53 

Rosemont", 3," 

Ricault, 87 

Roxerus, 65 

Ril-bara, 5J 

RusiLtnell, 34 

Richard III. statute of. 

ItoMnek. 1 


Rosse, ^9 

Riib'aut, XV. 

Rnstic'k, 62 

Richer, 36 

Koterdaiu, !>3 

Richinan, 5 

Uottengoose, 1 

Uicka-ics, 15, IG 

liottingoose, 1 

Riclvrward, 15, 16 


Ri. kman, 75 

Roui.lin, 72 

RiekulJc, 60 

Rouen, 6n, 61. 

Rind-wold, M 
Rines, Brittan 
Riunlet, 47, 3i, 93 
R.sle.n, 5r, 
R^.baiu, 47 
Robert, 53. 5< 

Rousell, 53 
R..useUe, 9, 10 
Rousi-noU, 13 

Rociio, 47 

Roza, 74 

Roehel, SO 

Rubatti, 34 


louse, 97 

Rubhius [ 

Rockingham, 21 




Rudd, 3 



Ruel, 47 

Rofe, 41 

Rulfe, 89 

Roger, 74 

Rulfiat, 56 

Rogue, 56 

RuHay, 95 


Rus.sell, 65 

kol.u,, 59 

Russie, 6S 

Rvsell, 94 
Ry vault, 1£ 

Sabatles, 40, 47 
Sack weaver, 69 
.Saijon [Syo„], 93 
Sail-clotll, .xvii. 
Sail-makers, vi. 33 
St. Albans, xxXii. 
St. Alban's .Street, 28 
.St. Andrew's Ilolborn, 

St. Asai'b, Bishop of, 

St. liotolph Bishops- 

St. (icrgc Lane, Pud. 

dingo Lane, 7 
St. George Soutli- 

wark, 3, 4, 92 
St. (tiIcs Cripidegate 


Fields, 3 
St. James, xvi. xxvl. n. 
St. James's Market, 27 
St. Kath. Crecchurcli, 

6, 77, 87 
St. Kathcrine's, G0,S3 
St. Katharine's Dock, 4 
St. Leonard's Sliore- 

St. Mai'garet's Bil- 

St. .Mary Magdalen, 
Queenhithe, 85 

St. Michael Cornhill, 

St. Olave, viii. 4, 93 

St. Olave's Hart-st. 6 

St. Olave's Soutlnvark, 

St. Omor, S3 

St. Osay, 63 

St. Rancras, Middx. 

St. I'iJ.'oO 

St. Peter's, France, 62 
St. Peter's of Man- 
croft, 10 
St. Saviour's, viii. 90, 

St. Thoma; 

St. Thomas 

St. Toman, 9 
St. Vallerv, 8 
Salenson, 73 



Sand, 81 
Sandbach, xxxi 

S.mdborne, 74 

25, 61,£/,»cy. 
S.angt, 35 
Sanniwell, 21 

Soiiey:it, f.3 
Sunicus, S3 

SL.n.i,T, SI 


;t, S2 
ek, yo 
■n, yi 

vei-s, 10 
, spinster 

.r's Allrv, 'J3 
.•:iiv, 3 
.uukur, 23 
■makers, vi. 

Ship keepur, 33 
Sliipwrih'lits, vi. 
Slioc Lane, 7^ «( jcy. 

hoplniusey, 3 
liotinakers, vi. 93, 
Slirewsljury, E. and 

Count of, .\xx. 
Shulenbrook, SO 

Sibson, xxi.t. 
Sichell, «3 

Sidney Papers, xxv. n. 
Sidney, Sir Itobert, 

Sniitlie, 93 
Smitl.s, 95 
Sniitlilield, Ea 

SoucenuMi, vi. 
SoulHet, 7 
Soulart, 30, 53 
Soullard, 41 
Sourde, 07 
.Souse, SO 

Suutllanipton, xi. ? 
Soutliwavl;, viii. 2, 

5, GO, OS, 90 
Suwth, 72 
Spain, Kin- of, GO 

Speokmicr, 77 
Speece. G 
Spero, 5 
Spcrnielc, S3 
Spiers. 91 
Spetsall, 79 
Spetzcy, 2 
SpiUiaert, 1 .-i. 
Spinners, 10 

Spiteer, 3 
Sprigbt, 2, 4 
Springer, ] 2 
Stahelmi, 59 
Stainere, 70 
Stalport, SI 



Stan.poll, 75 
Stapleliurst, xxxi. 
Stepliens, 05, 75 

Sterlino, OS 
Sterreil, 47 
Steuenes. 92 
.Steward to Venet 
Arnbassa'ior, 00 
Stieklyn, 22, 24 
Stuekiii-,., 20 

Siir-uons, vi. 13, ' 

■n, 20, 78, 89 
Sussox Arch. Coll. 


7, 08, 7'J, 87 
■TankL-rville, Norn 

d.v, xii. 
Tanterbcrv, ll3 
Tape weavcTs, 75, 

ys, y; 

Taray, 59 
Target, 31 

Taudin, 58 
raueriiier, 3 

Tiholes, 95 
Ticc, 9S 

l-aui.ton, xxxii. 
I'ayse, 21, 23 
readier of French 

Langiiage, 05, 8il, 

94, 95 
Teffin, 09 
Tennis court keepers, 

Tierv, 9, 1(1 
Ticr'sen, 32 
Ti.s:ie, 71 
Tillian, 74 
Tillman, 70 
Tillon, 31 

Tenter Alley, 94 
Terence, 81 
Ternar, 53 
Terra, 30 

Tion, 01 
Tipottes, S3 
Tiran, 59 

Tevfll, IS 

Tewbee [Tieubau],74 
Tewkesbury, x.vxii. 
Thauret, 53 

Thefit, 04 
Theroude, 56 
Thibanld, 53 
Thierv, 7, 53 
Tholen, Isle of, xv. 
Thomas, 24, 43, 59, 

Thomer, 89 
Tliompson's (P.) Dos- 


Thouvois, 48 

Thread dyer, 03, <•/ s. 7 

20, 60, 09 
Threadseller, 74, 87 
Thread throwsters, 74 
Thread twisters, vii. 
Thrcadncedle Street 

chnrch in, xx. 
Threebin.ler, 02 
Three Horseshoes, 29 
Three Tun Alley, 7U 
Througarde, 78 
Tlmret, 35 


70 ' ' ' " ' 
Tours, 81 
Tuurtelot, 48, 53 
Tourton, 47 
Tuusehard, 53 
Toussaint, 53 
Tousseau...e. 36 
Tower Duck, 4 
Tower M'ard, 80 
Towrey, 07 
Traeh, 89 
Tradesman's tol 

1, 20, 27 

'J'rewell, S5 
Trewon, 21 
Tribert, 30 
TnuK, XNxii. 
Trinity, Mynories, 
Trinity, parish, 85 
Trion, S3 
Tristan, 42 
Trittan, 43 

Trockter, 99 

ruller, 35 
I'ullry, 09 

U her, 14 

Ulster Jot 

Urbin, SO 
Urignean, 33, 53 



94, 95 
Valenqon, I 

Valeuder, 1 

VJIienhorowo, 03 

Vnndcrbrugge, 7i> 

Van Mere, 95 

Vernons, 53 

Vallft, ai 

Vanderburf, 1 

V„n Meter, 82 

Veron, 9 

Valkwur-m.ik«r, 90 

Vander, 10 

Vannetlc, 95 

Verposte, 22 

Vallry, sa 

Valub-rbradr, 1 

Vannlier, 75 

Vervack, 24 

Valn.acT, 10 

Vandur Il.'vdon, 10 

Van <V-nlen, 70 

Vervinke, 18, 19, 2 

Valuis, 13 

Vanderluils't, 43 

Van OS.-.C, 10 

Victor, 83 

Vaire, 0.-. 

Vandcrlen, 79 

Vann.t, S3 

Victuallers, vii. 89 

Yaltuli.,, .xxii 

Vanderlind, 7 

Van Onerwall, 74 

Viddau, 31 

VanuK-nan, C^l 

Vandernier, 1 

Van I'can, 7 

Videau, 48 

Vam,,t.v. 95 

Vandermere, 61 


Viel, 36 

Van a Ikul, SS 

Vanderncden, 59 

Vievar, 30 

Yanal.urgc, 5 

Vandcrputt, xv. 

Van Rca, 70 

Villarde, 01 

Van Acker, 15 

VanderSlaert, 15 

Van Rose, 73 

Villars, 33 

Vanakur, 73 

Vander Speije, 15 

Vanseruebccc, 83 

Ville Magne, xxv. 

Vanawirk, 3 

Van de Stat, 14 

Van Slicelo, 70 

Vincent,"] 7, 31 

Vanliarr, SI 

Vandestone, 79 

Van^tablc, 01 

Vinekord, 15 

Vanl.artun, IS, 20 

Vandeuolle, 70 

Vanstone, 04 

Vincar inanufactu 

Van UaaiU , C3 

Van de Vvane, 17 

Van Vice, 05 


Vanhf.U.LT, I 

Van du Walle, 14 

Vanweigbl, 34 

Viroot, 67 

Van LSfnnidc, 77 

Vandezant, 05 

Van Wiickcrtloot, xv. 

Vinscnt, 90 

Van Ikrcnhat, 75 

Vandoylve, 19 

Vardere, 23 

Vintrj Ward, 87 

Vanbni-nen, 77 

V.andru3cn, 98 

Vareille, 48 

Vncle, 75 

Vanborn, s3 

Van Eason, 85 

Vareillcs, 53 

Vnger, 25 

Vanbran.Ianbri.l^e, 02 

Vanende, 71 

Varennes, xxxi. 50 

Volelt, IS 

Van liru--c,, 75 

Vangalin, 1 

Vas3 [Vaerst], 95 

Voluc, 23 

Van Cam, 75 

Vangard, 84 

Va..:,ll, XV. 

Vnvdters, 98 

VanekL-, :><) 

Vangasele, 81 

Vays.iiiue, 17 

Vtgar, 6 

Vancov, 2i 

Van Gilder [Van 

Vatalib', 53 

Vtinge, 15 

Vancpiet. 4S 

Gholedoren], 93 

Vaun^-au.l, 54 

Vvolet, XV. 

Var.fTunburK, 7 

Van Gladbeckc, 03 

Vautbic, 4 8 

Vanglcson, 92 

Vautiur, 57 

Waggoner, 19 

V;,n CutJvick, 77 

Van Hale, 95 

Vcar, S3 

Wainscoting, iii. « 

Vanda, 11 


V,-gar. 77 

Walbrook Wanl, S 

Vandalr., ll.Hi, 9i 

Vanliangcn, SO 

Vegcslcr, 19 


Vandall, 62 

Vanliarbur, CO 

Vcgnault, 31 

Wabb., xx:i. 

Van Dalle, 10 

Van lla^cllc, 70 

Venetian An.b. 66 

Walls, 10 

Van Ua.n, 05 

Vanbascuolt, 04 

Venetian United Pro- 

Wallon, 72. 82 

Van do llooire, 93 

Van Ilatt.n, 59 

vinecs, 99 

Walloor,e, 97 

Vanduldun, SI 

Van IIco, 99 

Venice, xii. 89 

Wallo«yn, 21 

Van Denabcdl, 82 

Vanhes.cll, SO 

Venlone, 77 

Wallraiie, S2 

Vandonboan, 3 

Van Hobrooke, 04 

Vcnnc-eris, 15 

Walnut Tree Lano 

Vandenboroupjb, Duke 

Vanhonok, 23 

Vcnnon, 73 

Walpery, 85 

of, 70 

Van Houer, 71 

Ventne, (i2 

Walpulc'a Anecdot 

Vanden Bronckc, 16 

Vanhova, 21 

Verbouclce, 15 

xxiv. XXV. 

Vandenbnssho, 81 

Van Howte, 70 

Verbure, 15 

WalHtcer, S3 

Vanden Crokette, 16 

Vanliulst, 25 

Verger, 43, 57 

Walton, 91 

Vanden Eindo, 15 

Van Husse, 76 

Verliuit, 70 

Wanuis. 97 

Vanden Glaze, 15, 16 

Van Iberge, OS 

Verignv, 54 

Waneot, 93 

Va,.den Vcldi!, 17 

Vanixon, 19, 20 

Verlincke, xii. 

Waneourt, 10 

Vanden Welde, 15 

Van Leisnelt, 89 

Vern.aundc, 70 

Wanncscrt, 9 

Vandepitt, 63 

Van Leustcran, 63 

Vermeulen, 15 

V.'arebousiMnrn, X 

Vandeplat, 83 

Vanlore, 81 

Vermo.v, 24 

Wascboir, 89 

Van de Put, 31 

V,inlowe. 02 

Vernuivden, xv. 

Wasbers of linen. 

Vanderbrock, 7» 

Van Mace, 75 

Vernon, 60 


xxii. 97 

■IS, i,i, :.7 

Wliilsters, vii 

■Wijbaiit, 8, 9 
Wii^ina, 6 
W.IJigos, 57 
Wililmoie, 27 
Wildrick, 5 
Willand, G 
William, 69 
William and M,i 
Williamms, 54 

William^ Ld. Keeper, 

wvi,, il 
fl,"A'. W. 

V2, 13, 14, IP 
95, 98 
jrlicli, 88 

Wyatt, 1 

Yacopes, 93 
Yarmouth, x. 

Vurli, Areh. of, 





ELECTED 3rd MAY, 18G1. 

The Council of the Canuleii Society, elected on tlic 3rd M;iy, ISfU, 
refers witli pleasure to the Report of the Auilitors fur evidence of the sa- 
tisfactory state of the Society's finances, but rei^rets to state that, during 
the past year, tlie numbers of the Society have Ijcen reduced by tlie deaths 
of many most valuable and influential Meml)ers. 

In comnuin \vitli every other Institution in the countrv which lias fur 
its ulijects the encouraL;emeiit of Literature, Science, or Art, the Camden 
Society lias to deplore tlie loss of one Member, distinguished not more by 
exalted position than by extensi\-e acquirements, and by the enlightened 
spirit in which he exercised the intlucnce derived from those circum- 
stances, for the welfare of all classes of the community. The Council 
feels that in thus acknowledging the high merits of the Illustrioi's 
Prince, whose loss has been so deeply and earnestly lamented, and its 
sympathy with Her Majesty under this heavy trial, expression is only 
given to the feelings by which the whole Society is animated. 

The Council has also to regret the death of one of the original founders 
of the Society, Joseph Hunter, Esq., lately a Vice-President of the 
Society of Antiquaries, and one of the Assistant Keepers of the Public 
Records. Mr. Hunter not only gave the Council for many years the ad- 
vantage of his extensive antiquarian learning, but also edited for the 
Society the volume of Ecclesiastical Documenis iniblished in lSo9-40, and 
the Diiinj of T/iouiax Car/iivii/hl, Lord Bishop of Chester, pui:ilislicd in 
18-1 2-3. 

The Council has further to deplore the loss u{ the following Members : — 

His Grace the Duke of Bedford, K.G. 

Thomas Broadwood, Esq. 

The Right Hon. Loud Campbell, Lord Hi^h Chancellor. 

Rev, Edward Cardwkll, D.D. Camden Professor of Historv 
at Oxford. 

Rev. John Cahr, \LA. 


James Dearden, Esq., F.S.A. 
John Goatk Fisiiek, E^fj. 

Sir Isaac Lyon Goldsmid, Bart. F.R.S. F.S.A. 
Rev. Edw. Craven HawtIvEY, U.U. F.S.A. Provost of Eton. 
David Irving, Esq. 
Charles Lever, Esq. 
John Shank More, Esq. 
The Hon. Sir John Patteson, M.A. 
Edward John Rudge, Esq. 
Samuel Leigh Sotiiei!v, Esq. F.S.A. 
Adam Urquiiaut, Esq. 
Alex. Maconochie ^^'ELL^vooD, Esq. 
During the present year tlie following Pulilie.itioiis have been issued to 
the Members : — 

Letters of John Charabcrlaiii, Ksq to Sir Du.llov Cai-lL-tuii. ilnrln- the reign of 
Elizabeth. Edited by Miss Sarah Williams. 

I'l-oceedino-s in the County of Kent in l(;4t) Edited bv tlie Rev La.mbekt B. 
Lakkinc, M.A. 

Parliamentary Debates in IGIO. From the Notes of a Member of the House nf 
Commons. Edited by Samuel Rawson Gahdin'kh, late Student of Christchurch. 
The first is a volume of very amusing character, abounding in gossij) 
and personal allusions; and, from the care with which it is edited, the 
Society will feel the loss wliich liistorical literature has sustained by the 
early death of its accomplished Editor. 

The rroccedhigs in tite Coinitij of Kent contril)ute a vast amount of 
nev.- and valuable information upon a very important period of our history ; 
and the same may well be said of the volume oi the Pai'llamentanj Dcbaits 
in IGIO, ill which is detailed at far greater length than has hitherto been 
recorded the commencement of the great struggle between the Crown and 
the House of Commons. 

The following Articles have been added to the List of Suggested Puldi- 
cations during the past year: — 

A Collection of Letters from Sir Robert Cecil to Sir George Carev;. To be 
edited from the Originals, in the library at Lambeth, bv John ALvclkan, Esq. 

Narrative of tlie Services of 'SI. Dumont Bostaquet in Ireland. To be edited bv 
Rev. Jo;iN Webis, M.A., F.S.A. 

A Collection of Letters of Margaret of Anjou, Bishop Beckington, t^c. From a 
MS. formerly belonging to the Puleston Family. To be edited by Cecil IMonuo, 

The Council has further the pleasure of announcing, that Mr. Way, 
whose labours on the Promptorium were interrupted by his removal iiilo 

REPORT OF THE COl'NCIL,. 1 Sf)2. •'> 

the country, has kindly taken advantage of a temporary visit to London to 
resume his task. Tlie Council trusts tliat, in the course of the jM-csent 
year, tlie Members will receive the conclusion of this important work; 
unquestionul)ly the most valuable contribution to philological knowledge 
which has l)een published for many years. 

The endeavours so frequently made by former Councils to procure in- 
creased facilities for searches for literary purposes among the Uegisters of 
Early Wills in the Prerogative Court are doubtless in the recollection of the 
Members. Those endeavours have not proved in vain. A small room 
for literary inquirers has now been set apart at Doctors' Commons. 
Literary persons are indebted to Sir Cresswell Cresswell, the Judge of 
the Prerogative Court, for this valuable concession, which it may reason- 
ably be hoped will contribute to the greater accuracy of all future genealo- 
gical and historical publications. 

The present Council has shared the anxiety of all former Councils to 
maintain unimpaired the high character of the Society's publications. In 
this. respect the Council deems that all friends of the Society have mueli 
reason to be jiroud. The eighty-one volumes which have now been 
[uiblished by the Society* contain many works of singular and tirst-rate 
historical importance; among them are of course some of mure value and 
some of less, but there are none which can be pronounced to have been 
unworthy of publication. The literary future of tiie Society seems equally 
full t)f hope. Some of the recent volumes are among the most interesting 
and the best edited ; Editors in every way competent [)resent themselves 
whenever needed, whilst the store of unpublished materials applicable to 
the purposes of the Society seems inexhaustible. Under such circum- 
stances all future Councils will, no doubt, feel deeply the responsibility 
which rests upon them, and sedulously endeavour, as the present Council 
has dene, to maintain the high standard of publication which has been 
set before them. 

By order of the Council, 

Joiix Bkuce, Director. 

William J., Secretarv. 
lG^/( April, ISG'2. 

* Elglify vohuuos ave enuun;rat(_Ml in Mr. XieUols's " Descri[itive~C';italoijue of tin: 
"W^orks oC tlie CaiuJeu Society." Tlie v-hiublc work edited by Mr. Gardiiiei- has since 
been i)iibli=licd. 


^VE. tlie Auditors appointed (o audit tlie Accounts of tlic Camden Society, report 
to the yocielv, that the Treasurer has exhibited to us an aecuunt of the Receipts and 
I'^xpenditure from the 1st of April, IRf^l, to the 81st of March, \^Cr2, and that we 
have examined the said accounts, with tlie vouchers relating thereto, and find the same 
to he correct and satisfactor)-. 

And we further report that the following is an xVlistract' of the Receipts and 
Expenditure during the period wc have mentioned. 

RijCEirxs. £. ,v ./. 

By r.,,!ancec>tlcisty,ar'»account.. 71) 1 
Ri-efiveil on account yf .Meniljers 

whose Subscriptions were in ar- 

rear at llielastAu.lit 8-10 


tiw; on lstor.\Tay last (Ir-Gl) .. 308 
TI.L-hkeoii apc-oiint of Subscriptions 

due on 1st of May next IG,divi(len(loni.iUIG3i-.l,/. 

.'1 per Cent. Consols, sfaiulii,^ in 

tbe names of tbe Truslee.s ■ f^lbe 

Sodetv, df.tuct;ni; li.comcTaN.. 2'.) 6 10 
P.y S.,!c'ottl,e I' of past 

v.ur. to ^!..nlb.•r^ of tbe .Sucictv ■Jl 

l^iil for I.I iutiiif;(iOO copies of t 

James VI. anil Sir Koljeit Ce 

Tlie hive of " Cbaniberbi.i's Letters ■' 

I'aicl for printing ami paiu-r of GOO 

Correspondence of 


Gl 9 
14-: IG 



I'.iia for Engravins, ?«•., of I'urtrait of Sir Kdward 

I'aid for Transcripts 

I'aiJ for delivery and transmission ol .500 copies ot 
tlie books al/ove named, with paper for wrappeis, 

Paid lor binding 500 cojiies of " Corresponuencc of 
James VI." and " Cliambeilnin's Letters," and for 
bindin- small numbers of pa^t years' books 

Paid lor Insurance 

Paid for .Advertisements 














And we_. the .Auditors, further state, that the Treasurer has reported to us, that 
over and above the present balance of £'!G Is. 10c/. tlicre are outstanding various sub- 
scriptions of Foreign Members, and of Members resident at a distance from Lundon, 
which the Tre.xsurer sees no reastm to doubt will shortlv be received. 

iVifiiiuu AsniTPEL. 
Henry St(jne Smi'I'i 

1G(;, Apiil, lSu-2 


JUXE 1 , 18C2. 

o.« .Vemheys 
The Mimic 

names (c.) is prefixed han compounded for the!: 
'limes are j^rniled in Small Ca/^Unlsan: o>l thi 

■d Suhscn 
of the y> 


Dr. Echvaril Adamson, Uvc- 

(cK Rev. James Adcock,' M.A. 

William Alciam, Esq. 

Robert Henry Allan, Esq. F.S.A. 

Franklin Allport, Esq. 

Richard Almack, Esq. F.S.A. Lon> 

Melford, SulVulk. Local Sccrctar:/ 
W. S. Appleton, Esq. 
Arthur Ashpitkl, Esq. F.S.A. 
Algernon Svdney AsplanJ, Esq. 
The Riglit Hon. Lord Bagot 
Joseph Chaniberlaine Barker, Esq. 
(c.) George Barlow, Esq. Oldliam 
E. C. Gee Barnard, Esq. 
Keith Barnes, Esq. 
Ven. John Bartholomew, M.A. Areb 

deacon of Barnstaple 
The Most Hon. the Marquess of Ball- 


James Bell, Esq. 

Ri.bcrt Bell, Esq. 

Thomas Bell, Esq. F.R.S. 

Samuel Beltz, Esip 

Rev. Samuel Benson 

Richard Bentley, Esq. 

(c). The Rev. John Eesly, D.C.L. 
Vicar of Benton, Northumberland. 
Local Secretary. 

Richard Bethell, Esq. Rise.near Beverley 

Leonard Shelford Bidwell, Esq. F.S.A. 

(c.) John Billing, Esq. Reading 

Wdliam Bird, Esq. 

fc.) John Birkbeck, Esq. 

fc.) James Bladon, Esq., Pontypool 

W. H. Blaauw, Esq. M.A., 
F.S.A. Treasurer, Becchland, Uck- 

(c.) Rev. Joseph William Blakesley, 
I\LA. Local Secretanj at Ware, Herts. 

Venble. George Bland, M.A., Archdea- 
con of Lindisfarne 

Charles Blandy, Esq, Reading 

(c.) John Jackson Blandy, Esq. Local 

Secretanj at Readhto: 
William r.landy, Esq. Reading 
Robert Willis Blencowe, Esq. M.A. 

The Hooke, near Lewes 
Octavian Blewitt, esq. Secretary of the 

Royal Literary Fund 
Edward Blorc, ICsq. D.C.L., F.S.A. 
Miss Bockett, Southcote Lodge, Berks 
Henry G. Bohn, Esq. 
B. W. Booth, Esq. Manchester 
John Booth, Esrp Barton on IrwcU 
Rev. Joseph Boswerth, LL.D., F.R.S., 

F.S..\. Local Secretanj at Oxford 

and Bnrkinsham. 
(c.) BiiUiAH BOTFIEI.D, Esq. M.P., 

F.R.S., F.S.A. 
Miss Bower, Doncastcr 
Sir George Bowycr, Bart. M. P. D.C.L. 

Robert Greene Bradley, Esq. Bencher 

of Cray's Inn. Local Secretary at 

William .1. rJone Braikenridgc, Esq. 
TliMi ,, 'V r: : n,-(-.n, Esq. M.P. 

Fiancis Clipper lirooke, Esq. Ufford 

Place, Suftblk 
The Right Hon. Lord Brougham and 

Vaux, F.R.S. 
William lb PI' !'■ '■■■■' ■ . ' "|. Chester 
Rt. Hon. s , ■ :, 1, Bruce, 

Vice-Cbr . ', i :' - . r.S.A. 
(c.) Jour: 1; . - , 1 ! ! ^ A. Director 
Rev. Guy Bryan, iSI.A., I'.S.A. Rector 

of Woodham Walter, Essex. Local 

Secretary at Maldon. 
Wm. Gascoigne Earlc Bulwer, Esq. 

Ven. Charles Parr Burnev, D.D,, 
F R.S., F.S.A. Aveiidcacon of Col- 

Henry Burrell, Esq. 

Deeimus Burton, Esq. F.R.S., F.S.A. 

Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Esrp M.P., 
F.R.S., F.S.A. 

Frederick Caldwell, Esq. 

Rev. William M. Campion, M.A. 
Local Secretary at Camhridj^e. 

W. Henry Pole Carew, Esq. Anthony 

(c.) Peter Stallbrd Carey, E«q. M.A. 

George Alfred Carthew, F;sq. East 
Dereham, Norfolk. Local Secretanj. 

(c.) Cornelius Cartwright, Esq. Dudley 

William Chapman, Esq. Richmond 

(c.) William ChappcU, Esq. F.S.A. 

I.adv Cbattcrton 

The Right Hon. Lord Chelmsford 

Kt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Chichester 


Charles Clark, Esq. Middle Temple 

William Clark. M.D. Professor of 
Anatomy, Cambridge 

(c.) Rev. AllVed r.uth r Clough, B.D., 

fc.) Rev. .l-i!,ii (■.. , M.A. Blad- 

lield Hall, li ■ik^ine 
William Henry Cooke, Esq. Barrister 

at.Law, Temi-le 
Charles Henry Cooper, Esq. F.S.A. 

Town Clerk, Cambridge 
Charles Purton Coo|)er, Esq. Q.C. 

D.C.L., F.R.S.,F.S A. 
Rev. James Cooper, M.A. 
Lieut.-Colonel Edw. Henry Cooper, 

Gren. Guards 


George Richard Corner, Esq. F.S.A. 


ic.) Bolton Corney, Esq. M.R.S.L. 
John Ross CouUliart, Esq. F.S..\. Scot. 

Crofl Uousp, .A.slitoii-under-Lyne. 

Local St'crt'titn/. 
Right Hon. tlie Countess Cowpcr 
(c.) James T. Gibson Craig, Esq. 

Tlie Right lion. Lord Cranworth 
James Crauford, Jun. Esq. W.S. Edin- 
Pir x\icher Dc-nman Croft, Bait. 
J.VMES CnosBY, Esq. E.S.A. 
James Crosslcv, Esq. Lucril Serretarij 

at Manchester. 
J. Sidney Crosslcy, Esq. Local Secre- 

lanj at Leicester. 
(c.) George Cubitt, Esq. M.P. The 

Denhies. Surrey 
F.dward Cuhlill'e, Esq. 
Tlie Rev. Henry Curwen, Rector of 

'Clie Hon. Eilward Cecil Cnrzon 
Edward Dalton, Esq. LL.D. F.S.A. 

Dnnliirk House near Nailsworth, 

Local Secretary for Otmicestrrshire. 
Tliomas Dalton, Esq. Cardiff 
I'rancis Roliert Davies, Esq. Dublin 
R.bcrt navies, Esii. F.S.A. York 
Rev. J. Sdvcstcr Uavies, M.A. Wool- 

stoii, Southampton 
Rt. Hon. Earl de tirev and of Ripen 
ri.ilip Chilv.cll De la Garde, Ebq. 
W. V. De la Rue, Escp 
His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, 

K.G., n.c.L. 

Francis Ilciuy Dickinson, Esq. 

Sir C. Wentworth Diike, Bart. 

(c.) George Dodd, Esq. F.S.A. 
Charles Dorricn, Esq. Senuicots, 

((j.) Charles Downes, Esq. 
Sir David Dundas, M.A. 
The Right Hon. Lord Viscount Dun- 

Rev. Jonathan Eastwood, Eckington 
Sir Philip de Mal|)as Cirey Egerton, 

Bart. H. P., F.R.S., V.P.G.S. 
Rev. H. T. Ellacombe, M.A., F.S.A., 

Clyst St. George, Topsham, Local 

Right Hon. the Earl of EUcsmere 
(c.) G. Stevenson Ellis, Esq. 
Joseph Ellis, Esq. Brighton 
The Rt. Hon. Thomas Erskine 
(c.) Rt. Hon. T. II. Solheron Estcourt 
John Evans, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) John Leman Ewen, Esq. Vale- 
wood, Haslcmcre, Sussex 
George Edward Eyre, Esq. 

(c ) Joseph Walter King Eyton, Esq. 

F.S.A. Lond. and Scot. 
The Right Hon. the Lord Viscount. 

The Right Hon. Lord Farnham 
(c.l Sir Walter Farquhar, Durt. 
James William Farrer, Esq. F.S A. 
Tarver R. Fearnside, Esq. 
Paul Hawkins Fisher, Esq. The Castle, 

The Right Hon. Earl FitzWilliam 
(c.) Thomas William Fletcher, Esq. 
JI.A.. F.R.S., F.S.A. Local Hecretanj 
at Slouriruh^c. 
John For.sTF.n, Esq. LL.D. 

Matthew Forster, Esq. Uelsize 

Hon. George M. Fortescue 

Eii'.vard Foss, Esq. F.S.A. 

Clunks B. Fox. Esq. 

Charles Larkin Francis, Esq. 

Thomas Frewen, Esq. 

(c.) John Lewis Ffjtche, Esq. Line. 
Coll. Oxf. Thorii Hall, Louth 

Sir Thomas Rokewodc Gage, Bart. 

Henry II. Gibbs, Esq. 

John Gidley, Esq. E.icter 

.Mrs. Gilbert 

Sir Stephen R. Glynne, Bart. F.S.A. 

lleurv Godwin, Esq. F.S.A. Newbury 

G. J. R. Gordon, F.sq. 

Right Hon. the Earl of Gosford 

James Robert Gowcn, Esq. F.G.S. 

Mr. Lewis Grave 

ISerijamin Wyatt Greenfield, Esq. Baf- 
ri'iter-at-Law, Shirley, Southampton 

Charles Caveiulisli Greville, Esq. 

J. G. Guillaume, Esq. 

Ihuiiel (UiTiiev, E>q. F.S.A. 

;c!.l 1 hulson Gurnev, Esq. F.S.A. F.R.S. 

Russell Gumev, Esq. l)arrister-at-law 

Frederick Gwatkin, Esq. 

.Miss Haekett, Clapton Square 

Edward Hailstone, Esq. F.S.A. Lou 
don and Edinb. Horton Hall. Local 
Secretary at lirad/onl, Yorltshire. 

(c.) Thomas Henry Hall, F.R S. 

(c.) James Orchard Halliwcll, Esq, 
F.R.S. F.S.A. 

W. Douglas Hamilton, Esq. 

John Hampden, Esq. Leamington 

Lady Frances Harcourt 

(c.) J. A. Hardcastle, Esq. Ilatcliair 
House, New Cross 

Rev. William Harness, M.A. 

William Henry Hart, Esq. F.S.A. 

John Ilarward, Es.i. 

Rev. Edward Hawkins, D.D. Provost 
of Oriel College, O.xford 

Edward Hawkins, Esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. 

Sir Joseiili Hawlev, Bart. 

R. W. Heslop, Esq. Local Secretary 

t [Upon. 
Thomas Hewitt, Esq. M..\. Cork 

homas Heywood, Esq. F.S.A. 
Thomas Hevwood, Esq. IManchcster 

rv Hill, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) ilev. Herbert Hill, T.I.A. Local 

Secretary at U'ara-ick. 
Matthew D. Hill, Esq. Q.C. 
John Hodgson Ilinde, Esip 
(c.) Robert Hollond, Esii. .M.A., M.P. 


A. J. Beresford Hope, Esq. M.A., M.P. 

Charles Hopkinson, Esq. M.A. 

Edmund Hopkinson, Esq. Edgewortli 
House, Cirencester 

William Hopkinson, Esq. F.S.A. 
Local Secretary at Stamford. 

Clarence Hopper, F.sq. 

Edward Howes, Esq. M.P. 

John Hunter, Esip jun. W.S. Edinb. 

(c.) Richard llussey, Esq. F.S.A. 

(c.) Rev. Robert llussey. B.D. Stu- 
dent of Christ Church, Oxford 

(c.) Cosmo Innes, Esq. Advocate, 

Edward Inskip, Esq. Bristol 

The Hon. James Ivory, one of the 
Lords of Session in Scotland 

Henry Jackson, Esq. Local Sccrftarq 
at SheJJieUl. 

Rev. William Jacobson, M.A. Vice- 
Principal of Magdalen Hall, O.xford 

(c.) Rev. L. W. JelVrav, Preston 

James Jones, F.s<i. 

(c.) Joseph Jones, jun. Esq. Local 
Secrelanial OHham. 

Hon. Sir Richard T. Kindersley, Vice- 

Thomas William King, E^q. F.S.A. 
York Herald 

The Right Hon. Lord Kingsdown 



David Laing, Esq. F.S.A. L. and Sc. 

Henry Eyres Landor, Esq. 

J. Newton Lane, Esq. King's Bromley 

Manor, Lichfield 
William Lang, Esq. Bristol. 
Right Hon. Lady Laiigdale 
J. B. Laughorne, Esi|. Richmond, 

Yorkshire. Local Secretary. 
(c.) Dr. J. M. Lappeiiberg, For. Menih. 

Soc. Ant. Local Sec. at Hamburgh 
Rev. Lambert B. Larking, M.A. 
Charles Lawson, Jun. Esq. 
Captain Layton, 11. M. 2Jth Rcgt. 
Robert Lcadbitter, Esq. Newcastle 
Thomas Lee, Esq. 
George Cornwall Legli, Esq. M.P. 
Henry Leigh, Esq. Manchester 


Hon. SirG. Cornew 

}s, Dart. 


Rt. Rev. Lovil Bishop oC Liclififld 
IlL-iiry Liddc'll, Esq. liomliav 
Allied Lilliiigston, Esq. Sou'tliwold 
(c.) James Lucas, Esq. Stirling. 
■Ilie Risht Hon. Lord Lvndhurst, 

Jolin David Macbride, Esq. D.C.L. 

Princiial of INIagdalen Hall, Oxf. 


F.S.A., Keiiiier of tlie MSS. in tlie 

I'.ritisli Museum 
Rev. Samuel Rolley Maitland, D.D. 

F.U.S., F.S.A. Gloucester Heywood Markland. Esq. F.R.S. 

F.S.A. Lnvnl Secretar'j iit Buth. 
Rev. B. R. Marsham. D.C.L., Warden 

of Merton College, Q.vford 
Rev. Robert JIauin, M.A. Anstey 

Fustures, near Leicester 
(c.) David Melville, E.sq. B.A. 
(c.) John Miland, Esq. 
(c.) Andrew Miller, Esq. CardiU' 
Very Rev. Henrv Hart Miliiiaii, M..V. 

Dean of St. Fa\d's 
Right Hon. Lord Monson 
Rev. W. Moore, D.D. Spalding 
Rev. James Morton, B.D. Preb. of 

Lincoln. LovalSfcri'lurij ittUulbcach 
Rev, .' ; 1,. M' ■ ; , llalh 
CI.'- ;: I' - ■ .M 1)11 ay, F.sq. F.S.A. 
(r.> ■!..■: ..Chelmsford 

Rlelr,, 1 >:,,,.,,.•, ,-, l-,,q. 

Alexander N\-,liitt, l^sq. Kidbroolc 

(c.) G. \V. Nieholl, Esq. 

Iltyd Nieholl, Esq. Usk 

J. Bowyer Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 

John Gough Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 

Treasurer of the Surtees Society 
Robert Cradock Nichols, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c.) Rev. William L. Nichols, ^LA. 
Hon. Charles Nicholson 
George Ormerod, Esq. D.C.L. F.R.S. 

Rev. Sir Fred. A. Gore Ouscley, Bart. 
Fredeiuc Ouvry, Esq. Treas. S.A. 
Samuel Alexander Pagan, INLD. Edin- 

Rev. Arthur Paget, Cranmore Hall, 

Shepton Mallet 
William Dunkeley Paine, Esq. 
Charles John Pal.ncr, Esq. F.S.A. 

Local Secreianj at Vanunuth. 
Rev. Fielding Palmer, Fclmersham, 


John W. Parker, Esq. West Strand 

Kenvon S. Parker, Esq. 

Joseph ParUes, Esq. 

Anthony Parkjn, h^sq. Cheltenham 

Colonel Charfes Frederick Parkmscn 

Epph-ton Hall, Durham 
Rev. Dr. Parkinson, Ravendale, Great 

John Parsons, Esq. O.xford 
George Peel, Esq. Brooklicld House 

Cheadle, Cheshire 
Colonel The Hon. E G. Douglas Pen 

nant, M.P. 
The Rev. Louis Hayes Petit, F S A 
Lewis Pocock, Esq. F.S.A. 
fc.) John Innes Pocock, Esq 
James Prince Pollard, Esq. 
Rev. William Poole, Henthnd neir 

Ross, Herefordshire 
Robert Porrett, Esq. F.S.A. 
Right Hon. the luirl of Powjs 
Osmond De Bcauvoir Priaul.s, Esq 
^rarlborou?h Pryor, Esq. 
S. E. Bouverie Puscy, Esq Pusey.Btrks 
Han;ilion Pyper, Esq. Advoc itc Llm 

Frederick John Reed, Esq. 
Henrv llcevc, Esq. F.S.A. 
The Hon. S. E. Spring Kice 
(c.) Edward Priest Richards Esq 
(c.) Kal|.h Richardson, 1 sq MD 

Greenfield Hall, Holywell 
Charles Rickards, Esq. 
Samuel Rickards, Esq. 
Edward Widdrington Riddell E'-q 
George Robertson, Esq. Melb urnc 
Henry Robinson, Esq. 
Henrv Crahb Robinson, Esq F S A 
Rev. Daniel Rock, D.D. 
Rt. Hon. Sir John Uomillj, Mastei 

of (he Rolls 
Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of St David's 
The Most Hon. the Marquess ot Sahs 

burv, D.C.L. 
William Salt, Esq. F.S.A. 
Thomas Bush Saunders, Esq M V 
Edward Sehoindd, RLU. D. ncastcr 
The Lady Charlotte E. Sclueiber 
James John Scott, Esq. 
James R. Hope Scott, Esq. 
(C.) Rev. Robert Scott, M A , Fellow 

of Balliol Coll. O.vford 
William Scott, Esq. 
Frederick Sedley, Esq. Malta 
EVEI-YN Pnii.ip SiiiiiLEV, Fsq MA 

Rev. Thomas Short, B.D Fellow oi 

Trinitv Coll. Oxford 
Mr. Skeet 

Sir Robert Smirkc, R 1 , F S A 
Sjdnej Smiike, Esq 1 S \ 


Willnm Sm^thL L q Meth\eu Ci stle, 

Rev \\ Sneyd, M V Christ CI uieh, 

Chalks bpcnce Esq Adm i ilt\ 
\n(licw S) Jtlibw ode J q 
fc) JohnSittti= oode, Lsq of Spot 

Prolcssor Ste 
lUni V Stevens Esq 
(c ) Re\ Charles ' 

D D Diajtot RcetoiJ, stone 
MissM S Stokes 
(c )Rev jLseihSti md M 
Hm Su John sunt, \ C 
Edward Swaine, F q FN S 
Clement Tudw ij S\\ mston E q (i C 

1 S \ 
Join SUvCS r«q M D Doncas el 
lU Ri,lt H n Loi J Taunton 
Llwaid Tiyloi F i CiCoham Pio- 

tessoi ot M isic 




J hn Godliey Iced 

Fsq Bencher of 

G ai s Inn 

Jo cih I laneis Tempest Fsq I SA 

Rev Robt lenj 

I Ibe Liehe, 


R UitThackthwait 


\\UU\M J luo 

IS L q 1 S \ 

C rresponhngMe 

mbu 1 tl s c 

of \nt ef St thn 

1 S,- ;-(; / 

Rev W H Thoni 

u, ^I \ UUow 

of limit) C llc„ 


Mis Ihornlill Kjd 

Isle ol \\ igl t 

Su Robert Huoekmoiton Lart 

Joseph Wm Thrnii 


(C)\A.I.LIA., i,TL 

I q M P IPS 

\ PSA 

ft ) Rev IxmcsHc 

thoinTodd D D 

M R I A Fellow 

of Irinitv Coll 

D bhn Sec lush 

AiUieol So< 

W 111 m lookc Fsq 

1 R & M R S L , 

\ P ot Soc ot \ 

rts, heas ol Roy 

Soc I It and Rov 

al I It Fund 

CbulesTownelt^ Esq FSA 

Sii Charles E Tilvl 

Uan KCB 

Sir Walter Calverlc) Tievelyan, Bait 

1 SA Newe 

Fiancis i irnei Fsq 

Pan stei at law 

Pebert Samuel Til 

cr, F.q 

Samuel T\mns 1 

sq ISA Tocut 

s a ft I J at Bii 

St Finn Is 


(c.) Edward Tyrrell, Esq. City Re- 

mombrancer, Guilcihall 
(c.) J. R. Daniell-Tyssen, Esq. F.S.A. 
George Vacher, Esq. 
A. A. Vaiisittiirt, Esq. Bisham Abbey 
(c.) Sir Harry Verney, Bart. M.P. 

Claydon Mouse, Bucks 
The Right Hon. Lord Vernon 
Gabriel Vrignon, Esq. 
Tliomas Wallbrd, Esq. 
Rev. H. A. Walker 
William Elyard Walmisley, Esq. 
Charles Walton, Esq. 
Reginald Ward, Esq. 
Right Hon. the Earl of Warwick 
John Hoo|ier Watlington, Esq. 
Albert Way, Esq. M.A. F.S.A. 
Rev. Thomas William Wcare, M.A. 
Rev. John Webb, M.A., F.S.A., 

M.R.S.L., Tietire. Herefordshire 
Rev. Montagu Webster, Nethcrseale 
Rev. Arcliibald Weir, Enfield 

John Weld, Esq. 

Rt. Hon. Lord Wensleydale 

(c.) The Most Hon. the Marquess of 

His Excellency M. Van du Weyer, 

Belgian Minister 
John Welchman Whateley, Esq. 
William Whateley, Esq. Q.C. 
James Whatman, Esq. M.A., F.R.S., 

F.S.A., M.P. Vinters, near Maid- 
Rev. William Whewcll, D.D., F.R.S., 

F.S.A., Master of Trinity College, 

Sir James Whitelock 
Alexander Whytock, Esq. 
Right Hon. Sir James Wigram, M.A., 



Bodtarv. Denbigh 
harlcs M. Willich, Esq. 

(c.1 Rev. John Wilson, D.D. Master 

of Trinity College, O.-iford 
Joshua Wilson, Esq. 
(c.) Lea Wilson, Esq. F.S.A. 
(c ) Lestock Peach Wilson, Es(|. 
Benjamin Godfrey Windus, Esi]. 
Charles Winn, Esq. Nostcl Priory 
William Winthrop, Efq. La Valetla, 

Rev. Thomas Woodhouse, Mansel 

Francis Worship, Esq. 
Rev. Thomas Worsley, M.A., Master 

of Downing College, Cambridge 
Rev. John Revnell Wrcford, D.D. 

F.S.A. Locil Siu-reliir:, at Bristol 
Francis John Wright, I'^q. 
Rev- Godfrtv Wright, Billiam House 
Wm. Battle Wrightson, Esq. MP. 
Sir Charles George Young, Garter, 

L I B E A r. I E S. 


American Antiquarian Socictv, Wor- 
cester, Massachusetts 
Athemcum Club 
Australian Public Library 
Bank of England Library 
Berlin Royal Library 
Birmingham Pulihe Library 
Boston Library, U.S. 
Bradford Subscription Library 
Bristol, Bishop's College 
Cambridge, St. John's College 

King's College 
Canterbury, Dean and Chapter Library 
Copenhagen Royal Library 

,, University Library 

Dover Proprietary Library 
Dublin Royal Irish Acaden.y 

Glasgow University 

Gray's Inn, Hon. Society of 

N..W ^oik \stoi Iibrirs 

Harvard University, United States 

AUr ai tile I lb 

House of Commons Library 

FiM del CL CI 

Hull Subscription Library 

NDr\Mch, Dnn nd 1 1 it 

Inner Temple Library 

lit rir\ Ii itut 

Leeds Library 

Oxf idUi 1 1 society 

Leicester Literary and Philosorhir 1 

Oxf r! aid C n brid„c C 


I 111 kl|l a( mmereul 

Lincoln Permanent Library 

1 Urn C! 5 

Lincoln's Inn, Hon. Society of 

R \al Inst tjtion 

London Library, St. James's Square 

s credHaim nic Society 

,, City of, Library, Guildhall 

St Andrew s Ui iversity 

,, Institution 


Malta Garrison Libr; 
Manchester, Chetham Library 

„ Exchange Street Library 

,, Free Library 

Massachusetts Historical Society, Bos 

tun,U. S. 
Munich Royal Library 
Newcastle Literary and Philosoj liiea 

Arcl L 
•a 1 in„