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'K -^ ■■■■■'^^•■.■-■vt^iJiiii': 




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UNIV. OF wen. 

APB 26 1904 

1903— No, 8. 








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1903.— No. 8. 

1) E P A li T M 1^] N T OF T H E I N T K 1 i I ( ) 11 . 







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Departjviknt ok the Interior, 
Bureau of (government Laboratortes, 
Office of the Superintendent of Laboratories, 

Mamla, P. /., September 22, J 903. 
Sir: T have the honor to siihniit lierewitli maivuscript of a 
paper entitled '^A dictionary of the plant naini^s of the Phi]ippin(^ 
[glands, " hy Elmer D. Merrill, Botanist. 
I am, very respectfully. 

Paul C. Freer, 
Super intetulen t of (i over time at Ldhorotories. 

Hon. James F. Smith, 

Acting Secretary of the Interior^ Manila^ P. I. 

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By Elm KR I). Mehuh^l, I^ofaiiist. 


The preparation of the ])resent Avork was undertaken at the request 
of Capt. G. P. Aliern, Chief of tlie Forestry Bureau, the ohjc^'t 
being to facilitate the work of the various employees of tliat 
Bureau in identifying the tree species of economic im|)ortanee 
found in the Archipelago. 

For the interests of the Forestry Bureau the names of the vn- 
rious tree species only are of importance, })utin com])iling this Hst 
all plant names available have been included in order to make tlie 
present work more generally useful to those Americans resident in 
the Archipelago Avho are interested in the vc^getation al)out them. 

In the preparation of this paper tlie double arrangement alpha- 
l)etically, both under the native and scientific names, has l)een 
deemed essential, the latter arrangement especially, b(!caus(^ it is 
often very important to have all the synonyms of th(- native^ names 
together in one place, and, moreover, the notes regarding the 
species are best given under the scientific name in order to j)rev(nit 
repetition of the same information under each of the native names 
given for the same species. The family of each genus and short 
notes regarding species of economic importance^ have been given 
in order to aid in the identification of the species. 

The native names used to designate species of economic impor- 
tance, those which produce edil)le fruits, medicinal plants, trees 
valuable for tind:>er, etc., are almost invariably applicMJ to the same 
species, although in critical genera, some variation and confusion 
of names are found, which is to be expected. The names applied 
to plants of little or no economic importance are frequently very 
unreliable, and accordingly, in using this dictionary, whr 


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])()syibl(3 the plant should be eonipared with at l(\ast the generic 
description before accepting the scientific name to which the 
natives name refers. 

jMost of the names in tlie prc^sent work not comjiiled from data 
on the specinK^ns now in the herl[)ariinn liave been taken from the 
following works: Blanco, ''Flora de Fili])inas," first (^lition, 1837, 
and second edition, 1845; Fernandez-ViUar and Naves, ''Novis- 
sinia Appendix ad Floram Philippinarum,^' 1880-1888; Vigil, 
'd)iccionario de los nond)res Yulgares (|ue se dan im iilijnnas a mu- 
chas plantas usuales y nota])les," 1879; Vidal, S., 'SSinopsis de 
fainilias y generos de plantas lefiosas de lllipinas," 1883; ''Resefia 
d(^ ]a ilora, dc^l archipiidago fili|)ino," 1883; ''llevision de |)lantas 
vasculares de lilipinas," 188(>; Ceron, ''Catalogo de las plantas del 
herbario," 1892; PTngdnlles, "Apuntes para (d mejor conocinrien- 
to, clasificacion, y valuacion d(^ las principales especiales arl)ore()- 
forestales de filipinas, " 1895; Tavera, ''Plantas medicinales de fili- 
phias," 1892; Espejo, "Cartilla de agricultura filipina," 1892; 
"Catalogo de la exposicion general de las islas iilipinas," IMadrid, 
1887; "Guia oficial de las i^las filipinas," 1898. 

In many instances much difficulty was experienced in properly 
referring many of the native names recorded in some of these 
works to the accepted scientific names of to-day, (hie to the 2)resent 
chaotic state of Philip|)ine ])otany. Thc^. greatest difficulty ^vas met 
with in attempting to properly rcd'er the numy iiames given by 
Blanco, for, in spite of alJ the w^ork done on the l*hiJi})})ine Ilora, 
since tlie publication of Blanco's "Flora de Filipinas," liis species 
are to-day very imperfectly known. In most cases in referring 
the native naiues given by IManco to their scientific names I have; 
follow^ed F.-VilJar in his generic identifications, as given in the 
Novissima A|)j)endix, but, except in the case of widely distributed 
and weU-known species, his specific identifications liave been 
discarded. In identifying Blaru^o's species F. -ViUar made few^ 
errors in his generic identifications, but his specific identifications 
of a large jier cent of the species can not be acce])ted. 

The |)resent pa])er enum craters al)Out 5,000 |)lant names used by 
natives of the Phili])pines, and has been com])iled chielly from tlie 
publications of the various Spanisli botanists who have worked on 
the Ilora of the Arclnpelago. So far as possible these names have 
l)een compared with the names on specimens in the herbarium of 
this Ikireau for verification. It seems that in the past there was 

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nover any serious atteinj)t made to can^fully compile tlic various 
native plant names, and there fotx^ tlu^ prest^nt list, though drawn 
from many sources, is conrparatively incomplete. l\y far th(^ 
greater numl)er of names in th(^ present enumeration are those of 
the Tagalog language, while of many of the diahn'ts s})oken in 
the Archipelago not a. single plant nauje has v\ov heen recorded. 

It is pr()l)ahle that the people of th(^ movmtain trihes, tlu^ Ne- 
gritos, tlie Tgorrotes, the IMangyanes, etc., em])loy even a greater 
variety of names in specifying tlie various sjx'cies of plants than do 
the more civilized trihes of tin; lands at lower elevations, hut little 
or no attention has ever l)een given to tlu^ munes us(m1 by these 
peoples. The limitations of the present enumeralion can h(\st l)e 
I'calized from the fact that most of tlie nanu^s here recorded are 
from perhaps 12 or 15 of the 70 or 80 dialects s|)oken by tlu^ various 
peoples of tlie Archipelago. M^'ith the great A^ariation of the names 
in the same dialect, and the gn^it number of dialcH'ts spokcni in tli(3 
Archipelago, the task of compiling a comj)lete or nearly com])Iete 
dictionary of the native plant names of tlu^ Archi])c4ago is an 
unending one, and one that could l)e com])letcMl only with great 
difficTdty even if the su})ject were of suflicient iin])ortance to war- 
rant it. 

Previously but two attempts have been made to comjvile any 
extensive lists of the plant names used l)y tlie natives of tlu^ Archi- 
pelago. The first was Vigil's "Diccionario," a pamphlet of 50 
pages ])ublished in the ycax 1(S79, whicli enumerah^s about 2,400 
names, the identilications being largely bas(Ml on IHanco's ''Flora, 
de Filipinas." The second list is that givini by Vidal in Appen- 
dix II to his ''Sinopsis," where he enunie]':ii(\'^ ahout l,S()Onam(^s 
of tree species, giving tne generic id(^ntilicniions only. r>lanco, 
in his index to the native names given in his 'd^'lora," gives but a 
small per cent of the tohd numlier enumerated in his tvxt, whik 
F.-Villar gives no index to the native names in his '^Novissima 
Appendix. ' ' 

The words ''puti" or ''maimti" (white) and ^'pula'' or ''ma- 
pula" (red; are frequently used in combination with other Avordfi 
to designate certain si)ecies, as are also the words "lalacjui" (man), 
^'babaye" (woman), ^^dagat" (ocean), ^'itim''^ (, '^usiV 
(deer), "aso" (dog), ''bundoc" or '-gubat" (forest), and other 
words. The prefix "mala" is used in the sensc^ that we use the 
word ''false"— ''malaacle" is ''false acle," "malabanal)a" is "hdse 

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banaba," etc. Frequently coiiil)inations of native and Spanish 
words are used to designate certain species, such as ''matang dia- 
})lo" (^Ero(lia)^ "the devil's eye" ; '^niahicafe" (/r/or///r//o^?, Randia), 
"false coffee." Sonietiines some of the words introduced by the 
Spaniards have persisted without change^, suc^h as tabaco, niaiz, ca- 
cao, pina, and otliers, while on the other hand some have become 
greatly corrupted — for example, see the word ^^camanchiles^^ un- 
der niliccolohivm dulce (p. 176), or ^^achiiete/' under Bixa orellana 
(p. 129). 

SouK^ of the introduced species are known only ]>y their Spanish 
nanu\^, wliile for other species native names have b(H3n adapted. 
Of the names of Spanish origin we iind two clas.^es — those of piu'e 
Spanish origin and those of American origin adopted ])y tiie Span-- 
iards and transmitted by them with the plants to tlu^ Philij)- 
f)ines. Of tlu^ former we have such names as coronitas (Jjantmia 
ramara)] manzanitas (ZizypJuis jiijuba)', madre cacao {Gllrlc'ului 
niaciddUt )] dama de noche (CeMruni no<'turiium)] lioya cruz(Crc.s'- 
ccniia ahUa)] cal)allero, or rosas de caballero (^(heHalpinia ])i(lcher- 
rima). Of the second class we have such names as chicos {Achras 
sapota); mamey or chico mamey (^Lucuma vKiviiiwsa) ; tabaco 
(Ni(X)tianatabaco); acheuio (Bixa orellana); maiz (Zexi mayn)] ca- 
cuate {Arachis hypogaea ) ] maguey (Agave americana)] casuy (Ana- 
cardiuni oceidentale) ; guayabas {Psidiiiin guay<d)a). Among tlu^ 
species that have been introduced into the Arclupelago since the 
S];)anisli occupation and to which tlie natives hav(^ adapted names 
may be mentioned durang parang (Dalea nigra)] macahiya, or 
damohia, literally, "ashamed," suggested no doul)t by tlie sensi- 
tive leaves of the ])lant (Mhnom pudiea); diluario (Argeniane 
inexicana)^ etc. 

Mail}' of the native plant names are also tlu3 names of towns 
su(*h,as Iba (Phyllanthus distichus)^ (liimiK) (Pi dla stratiotes)^ Paco 
(A^j)lenium eseulentnni) ^ Sampaloc or Salomague (Tamarindus ht- 
dlea)^ Calumpit (Term i'n alia eduU><)^ Iloilo (Aglaia argentea), and 

During the past two lum(h-ed years there has been considerable 
change in many of tlie native plant names, as is proved by an 
examination of the earlier ])ublications on Philipjnne l)otany, 
sucli as the works of Camel 1, Mercado, an<l Delgado. In all th(>se 
works, but especially in the first, are foinid a very large number of 
names which are unknown to us to-day, and many of tlie ones of 

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wcll-knowu s])(xru's arc spolliMl (juilcMliil^^rontly iVoiu ilu-ir ;u:ei^{)to(l 
form to-day. One example from Cameirs work, ])ii])lislied in tlie 
year 1704, is sufTieient to illustrate tliis y^oiiit : Cnmeirs ''Conyza 
Helenitis odoris salviae" is undonbteilly tlie plant known to-day 
as Bluwea J)almmifera DC, and Camell li'ives tlu^ following native 
names for his speeies, whieh should be eonijiai-ed with those ixivcai 
undc^r Bhirnea halsaniifcTa on page 129: 8amJ)on, Lararhulan, 
LagdanJyidan^ AiKicadhidaii, OJacdfuibnim) , (hdfiixjr/Kifdt) , (raht/rn , 
Lcdacdan^ Ayolan, AHhon^ HanfiJibn}). 

None of the names of these earlier authors, not found in latn- 
j )ublications, are included in the present ])ul)lieati()n, for the reason 
that we can not accurately identify many of tlu^ s])ecies. 

So far as thc^ (Ualects of the various nanu^s were deti^rminahlc 
they have been specihed hy the following abbreviations : ]>., lUcol ; 
Gag., Cagayan; Ig. , Igorrote; II., Ilocano; Mang. , Mangvane; 
Pamp. , Pam])angaii; I\ , I^angasinan; Sp. , S])anish; 8]). -Fib. 
Spanish-Filipino; T. , Tagalog; Y., Visayan ; Z., Zand)ales. Fre- 
(piently, where tlie dialect of the name is not specified, the nann^ of 
the island or province wdierc the name is used has been given in 
parentheses. It has been impossible to identify the dialects of a 
large number of tlu^ names for the reason that many of th(^ S])anish 
investigators did not consider such data, of suilicient valuer to w^arraiit 
recording the same. With the excepticm of the data (M>mpil(Ml from 
the lierbarium of this Bureau, the autliority for th{^ dialects of the 
various names is that of tlie several Sjianish investigators, and vvv- 
tain allowance must be made for errors. 

Most of the Spanish authors gave little or no att(nition to accen- 
tuation, and fre(]U(nitiy where accent marks w(^re given they were 
erroneously placed. In the present paper an att<^m])t has l)een made 
to ])roperly axM^^nt the various ^vords, and with this (aid in vie\v all 
the names have been carefully checked ovc^r with various native 
(employees of the oflice familiar wnth many of tli(^ dialects. 

As the names have been compiled from dif!erent works of Spanish 
authors, it is to be presumed that the latter recorded tlie native 
names by the phonetic system of spelling, giving the different letters 
the same values as in the Spanish language. A cursory examination 
of tlie following work will show at once that there is a great varia- 
tion in the spelling of the same word, e and % o and a, and fre- 
qiu^ntly i and y have the same values and are interchangeable. With 
tlu^ (Exception of ng, which is pronounced like 7ig in sing, bring, 

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etc.^ the letters in the various words have the same values as in the 
Spanish language. 

The only Philippine author who has used any other method of 
spelling the native names is Tavera in his "Plantas Medicinales/^ 
In this work the consonants are pronounced as follows: g always 
as in get ; h a gutturalized aspirate ; h as in English ; w always as the 
initial w in English^ as win^ won ; g as ng in sing^ hung^ etc. While 
this method of spelling the native names has much to commend 
it;, it has not been adopted in the present work, for the reason that 
no attempt has been made by the Americans so far to change the 
spelling of the words of the native dialects, and accordingly it was 
deemed advisable to retain the plant names under the spelling 

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1>^11T I. 


Aagao, T. Preiiina vestita Scluuicr. 

Abaca, T., V. Musa textilis Nee. 

Ap.along, V. Colocasia anti(iuoruiii Scliotl. 

Ap>ang-Ai5ANG, T., V. Oroxyhnii iiidiciun L. 

Ai5ang-Abang, T. Leea rubra lUunie. 

Abak, T. Santiria?. 

Ahegaste, V. Moiinda bracteata Roxb. 

Abiab, V. Cyelea peltata H. f. & Th. 

Abian, Pang. Liviiistonia rotundifolia JVlart. 

Abilao, T. Garuga floribunda Dec'U(\ 

AbIlo, T. Garuga (loribiiuda Deeno. 

Abibung, B, Artocarpus. 

Abobo, 13. Planchouia. 

Abod, V. Eurycdes amboiueusis lleid). 

Abong-Abong, V. Oroxyluin iudicmii L. 

Ai'.sic, T. Eleocbaris. 

Abud, V. Eurycles auiboiiionsis Herb. 

Aiuiii, V. Eurycles sylvestris Salisb. 

Abutab. Lophopetaluui toxieuin lx)lier. 

Abutba, S[).-Fil. Anauiirta coeculus \V. & A. 

AcANA. Sideroxyloti. 

AcapiTlco, Sp.-Fil. Cassia aUila L. 

AcDAN, T. Cryptocaiya densilloia HI nine. 

AciiloTE, Sp.-Fil. ]Uxa orellaiia Liiiu. 

AcnuETE, Sp.-F^il. J)ixa orellaiia L. 

AciiUTE, Sp.-Fil. Pixa orellaiia L. 

AcLK, T. Pitliecolobiuni acle Vidal. 

AcLENG-PARANG, Pamp. Albizzia. 

AcTOLiGAN. Clerodendron niacroslegium Sehauer. 

Adaan, T., II. Albizzia procera Benth. 

AdadInco (Beuguet). Sageretia. 

Adambaguen, Jl. Adenantbcra. 

Adgao, V. Preuiua vestita Scliauer. 

Adiavan, T. Cocos uucifera L. 

AdIo (Tayabas). Premna. 

Adlay, V. Coix lacbryuia-jobi Liiin. 

Adx'-as, T. Canariinn. 


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Adyangao, T. Albizzia procera Benth. 

Aetan, T. Aristoloehia tagala Cliaiii. 

Afapuyan (Cagayan). Musa paradisiaca L. 

Afuyan (Cagayan). Musa para disiaca L. 

Aga (N. Ecija). Ficus. 

xVgac-ac, V. Arnoora rohituka W. et A. 

Agalanga, V. Chisocheton sp. 

Agana. Pterocarpus indicus Willd, 

Agao. Jponioea (piaiiioelit L. 

Agapanga, II. Aglaia? sp. 

AgaPvO, Z. Lageistioeiuia sptH'iosa l\'rs. 

Agas-AvS. Seolopia roxburgliii Clos. 

Agay, 'I\ Pliyllanthus. 

Agay-on (Cebii). Abriis precatorius L. 

Agbo, Cag. Saccharum officinariiiri L. 

AgholIgan, 11. Clerodendron niacrostegium Schaiier. 

Agboy, V. Miissaenda grandiflora Kolfe. 

Agda, Tg. Coix lachryma-jobi Linn. 

Agdao, T. Prernna. 

Agin, T. Dysoxyhmi blaneoi Vidal. 

Agiio, V. Leiicaena glauca Benth. 

AgiyangyiAng, V, Abriis precatoriiis L. 

AgnAya, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

AgnAya. Polypodium. 

AgniyAnTi-yiAng, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

AgnocAsto, Sp.-Fil. Vitex negundo L. — Vitex obovata Tlninb. 

Ag6go, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

Agoho, T., v., Pamp, Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

AgoiiOj T., V. Ipomoea quanioclit L. 

Agoioi. llomonoia riparia Lour. 

Agonoy, V. Spilanthes acjnoUa L. 

Ag6o^ T., 11. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

AgOpAnga (Marinduque) . (Jhisocbeton. 

Agor, T. Fimbristylis miliacea Vahl. 

Ag6so, T. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Agosoc, T. Ficus hispida Blanco. 

Agos-os, T. Ficus hispida Blanco, 

Agotai, V. Ileliconia. 

Ag6y-oy, T. Homonoia riparia Loui'. 

Agpoy, Pamp. Bauhinea. 

AcjuAsoN, V. Strychnos ignatii Herg. 

AgubAiian, V. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

AgubArao, V. Vitex obovata Tliunb. 

Aguclic, T. llomonoia riparia Lour. 

x\Gtjno, T. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

A(JtJiio, V. Oldenlandia diffusa Boxb. 

AguibAgan (Cagayan). Hypoestes. 

AGiiiNCiAi, T. Pennisetiim nigricans Miq. 

Hosted by 



A(u lo, T. Dysoxylum blaiicoi Vidal. 

AGi ir, Panip. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Agius, V. Eugenia. 

Agupancja (Mindoro). Chisocheton. 

Agupit. Ficus quercifolia Roxb. 

Aciusip, V. Melastonia inibiioaiuiu Wall. 

Aguso, Z. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Agus-I'S (Tayabas). Dysoxyluni. 

AcMJTAi, V. Ileliconia. 

Agtjtay, V. Musa. 

Agljt-ut, V. (Jordia subcordata l.aui. 

Aguyangyan, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

AiniiiKO, V. Bauhinea tomentosa L. 

Aiiling, T. Mallotus uioluccanus Muell. Arg. 

ALaiit, V. Ficus glonierata Roxb. 

AJOS-AJOS NGA MAPOTf, V, Ilymenocallis. 

Ajos-ajos NGA MAPOTf, V. PanceratuiTi zeylanicum Linn. 

Ajos-ajos NGA MAPOTf, V. Plabranthus. 

Alacaac, T. Palaquiuui latifoliuui lilanco. 

Alacao, Panip. Palaquiuui latifoliuui Blanco. 

Alacap, T. Palaquiuui latifoliuui Blanco. P. olcifeia JUauco. 

A LAG A, T. Pienina. 

ALAG-ALAG SONSON, 'J\ Artabotiys odoratissiuuis P. Br. 

Alagao, T. Preuina vcstita Schaucr. 

Alagao dagat, T. Prenina. 

/\lagas, V. Seniccaipus perrotettii March. 

Alagatli, T. Canariuni cuniingii Eng. 

Alogp.agunit, T. Prcuiua. 

Alangasi, V. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Alagung-I'NG, V. Capparis niicrantlia DC. 

Alaitan, T. Diospyros sp. 

Alal, Ig. Pinus insularis Endl. 

ALALANCiAT. Adeuautbera pavonina Linn? 

Alam, '1\ Dactylocteniuin aogyptiuni Pers. 

Alam (Mindoro). Toona. 

Alamag. Parinariuin. 

Alamag, T. Aporosa. 

Alamang. Villebrunnca frutescens Blunie. 

ALAMP.fiioii, V. Bauliiuia tomentosa L. 

Alangasi, V. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

ALANGPifuAN it ijanlg, V. Cantbiuui mite Bartl. 

ALANG-fLANG, T. Canauga odorata Hook. f. et Th. 

ALANG-fLANG s6n80N, L. Artabotiys odoratissimus R. Br. 

ALANofNGi, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

Alangisi, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Alangitngit, T., V. Ebretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Alang-langal. Adenantbera. 

AlAnguit. Ebretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Hosted by 



AlanIgni (Zamboanga), Myristica. 

Alan6ti. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

AlAntag, T. Diospyros. 

AlAro, V. Maranta arundinacea L. 

Ai^vsASj Pamp. Ficiis aspera Blanco. 

Ai^SAS, T. Freycinetia. 

Alasas, T. Pandanus exaltatus Blanco. 

Ai^vsis. Streblus asper Lour. 

Alatanay (Cagayan). Musa. 

Ala 1 1, T. Vernonia. 

AlalIiiao. Diacontomelon ciimingianum Baill. 

AiAyan, T. Quercus Uanosii A. DC. 

Alayan (Angat). Unona odorata ? DC. 

Alijahaca. Ocimum sanctum Linn. 

Albaiiaca morado, T. Coleus acuminatus Benth. 

7\Li3i7rRA, Sp.-Fil. Ananiirta cocculus W. and A. 

Alcanfor, Sp.-Fil. Cinnamonum campboratum Blunie. 

Alem, 11. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Algoa^ T. Premna vestita Scbauer. 

Ali, Ig. Excocearia agallocba Linn. 

AijAma. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

AlibActa, B. Clerodendron. 

AlibAnban, p., T. Bauhinia blancoi Baker. 

AlibAnban, T. Bauhinia purpurea L. 

AlibAnban, T., v., Pamp. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

ALiBfiiiL. Bauhinia binnata Blanco. 

AlibAngbang, T., v., Pamp. Bauhinia raalabarica Roxb., and other species. 

ALiBA]Ntii)AN, Ig. Alsophila glauca Blume. 

AlIbiion, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

AuBiiTiL, V. Bauhinia tomentosa L. 

ALiBtJBiT, V. Tabernaemontana pandacaqui Poir. 

Alibun, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

AlicbAncjon, T. Commelina benghalensis L. 

x\licbAngon, T. Cyanotis cristata R. and S. 

ALiirfzo. Bauhinia binnata Blanco. 

Alim, T, Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

ALiM, T. Mallotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

ALiMfQUEN, 11. Musa paradisiaca L. 

AlInao, II.? Calamus rhomboideus Blume. 

AiJNAO, T. Callicarpa. 

Alinao, B. Columbia serratifolia DC. 

Aling, B. Mallotus moluccanus Muell. Arg. 

AlIngad, Pang. Shorea. 

Alingaro, T. Elaeagnus latifolia L. 

Aling iiotXingas. Callicarpa. 

AlintAtao, T. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

ALiNTUTtJNAS. Astrouia rolfei Vidal. 

AlipAchao, II. Garcinia. 

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ALfpAi, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

A LI PA I, T. Ncplioliinii iriabnim Noronl). 

Ataparo, T. Sunibavia rottleroides Baill. 

AiJPAsiAo, B. Villebniiioa. 

AijPATA, V. Exeoecaria agalloclia L. 

ArjPATA, T. Dodonaea viscosa Linn. 

Alipayo, V. Homalomena. 

AiiPAY. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

ALiPAYONt}, V. Homalomena. 

Alipoong, V. Pavetta angustifolia R. and S. 

Alip6on(J, V. Ixora lanceolaiia Coleb. 

ALfpuNG, T. Gmelina. 

AT.ITAPTAP, B. Planchonia. 

Ai.mendro, Sp.-Fil. Terminalia eatappa L. 

AtvMez. Celtis pliilippinensis Blanco. 

Alobaiiai, T. Pithecolobium lobatum Tientli. 

Alocan, 11. Allaeanthus luzonicus Benth et Hook. 

Alocasoc, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

Aeodig, ]1., T. Streblus asper Lour. 

Ar.6pAG. Euphorbia litchi DC. 

Alpay, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

Alpos6tes, Sp.-Fil. Chenopodium ambrosioides L. 

AEUBfiiOD, V. Spondias mangifera Wall. 

Alubihon, T. Spondius mangifera Willd. 

Alugbatt, V. Baselhi rubra L. 

AnjLUAN, Cag. Pistia stratiotes Linn. 

AiAJM, V. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Aeung-cagay, V. Decaspermum paniculatum Kurz. 

Aeung-cIgay, V. Nelitris. 

Alupag, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

Alupag, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

Aetjpai, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

Aeupidan, V. Vitis lanceolaria Roxb. 

Alupiiian, T. MuehUmbeckia. 

Ali3sang, T. Cyperus. 

AlusImang, V. Trianthema. 

Alyopyop, V. Erianthemum bicolor Schrank. 

Amakt, V. Xylosma cumingii Clos. 

Amaga. Diospyros bhincoi DC. 

Amaga, v., 'J\ Diospyros pilosantliera Blanco. 

Amaga, V., T. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

Amamale, V. Leea sambucina Willd. 

Amamangpang (Albay). Gironniera celtidifolia Gaud. 

Amarg6so, Sp.-Fil. Momordica balsamina L. 

Amargoro babi, Pamp. Mollugo. 

AmbAix)d, T., V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

Ambabalud, V. Nauclea obtusa Blume. 

Ambogiies. Koordersiodendron pinnatum Merrill. 

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Amjjolong, v. Metioxylon. 

Amieay, T. Boebineria nivea H. and A. 

Amison. Ficus glomerata Roxb. 

Amlang, T. Sterculia. 

AmlIs, T. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

Amoguis, T. Koordersiodendroii pinnatum Merrill. 

Am6ix)NG, 11. Epiprenmum medium Engl. 

Amokes secos, Sp.-Fil. Chrysopogon aciculatus Trin. 

Ampal, V. Musa sapientum L. 

Ampalea, T. Momordica balsamina L. 

Am PA LA YA, T. Momordica balsamina L. 

AMPAS, Pamp. Streblus asper Lour. 

Amphpuyot, V. Ilomalium panayamum F. Vill. 

Amuai AX. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

:\Mui5Lrr, V. Macaranga bicolor Muell. Arg. 

A MUG AN, T. Pygeum. 

Ami'GANAN. Vitex littoralis Deene. 

AmugiM, V. Artocarpus. 

AMTGifs, T., V. Koordersiodendrori pinnatum Merrill, 

Amulung, Cag. Rhaphidopliora. 

Amukaong, B. Vitex. 

Amuyaon. Vitex littoralis Deene. 

Amuyon, ]>. Xylopia deliiseens Merrill. 

Amtjyon. Melodorum fulgens Hook. f. and Th. 

Amuyon, T. Xylopia. 

Amuyon (Tayabas). Unona. 

Amuyong, Pamp. Melodorum fulgens Hook, and Th. 

Anaao, 11. Livistonia rotimdifolia Mart. 

AnabIon, V. Trema asper a Blume. 

Anaea, T. Abroma alata Blanco. 

Anabo, V. Malachia bracteata C'av. 

Anaoo. Abroma angusta L. 

Anab6. Abroma fastuosa R. Br. 

Anabong, V. Abroma alata Blanco. 

Anacu, T. Cupania. 

Anagab. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

Anagap, T. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

Anagap, T. Pithecolobium montanum Benth. 

Anagas. Semecarpus anacardium L. f. 

Anagas. Semecarpus microcarpa Wall. 

Anagas, babae, T. Semecarpus. 

Anagasi, B. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Anagat. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

AnagatlI, T. Canarium cumingii Engl. 

AnaguIiip. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

Anaiiao, T., V. Licuala spectabilis Miq. 

Anaiiao, T. Licula elegans Mart. 

Anaiiao, T. Livistonia rotundifolia Mart. 

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Anaiiao, T. Coryplia. 

Anaiiao, T. Rliapis flabelliformis Ait. 

Anaiiao, T., Y. Livistonia. 

Anaiianon, B. Steiculia. 

ANAM, V. Biichanania llorida Scliauer. 

an-an, Mang. Biichanania tlorida Scliauer. 

Ananagtag, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Ananangtang, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Ananapla. Albizzia proceia Benth. 

Ananaplas, T. Albizzia proceia Benth. 

Anang, T. Diospyros. 

Anangi, T. Canariuni, 

Anao, Panip. Livistonia papuana Becc. 

Anarep, II. Pithecolobiuni lobatum Bentli. 

Anas, Painp. Bambusa. 

An AT AN, T. Memecylon. 

Anatao, T. Linociera coriaeea Vidal. 

Anan, Cag. Livistonia rotundifolia Mart. 

AnavInga. Casearia cinerea Turcz. 

Anate. Bixa orellana L. 

Anciief.iian, T. Cassia listula L. 

Andarayan (Cagayan). Alstonia scholaiis R. Br. 

Angai, Painp. Curcuma longa L. 

Angange, Ig. Elattosteina. 

Angiiet, T. Premna. 

Angilang (Jolo). Cananga odorata IT. f. et Tli. 

Anglai, V. Aegiceras florida R. and S. 

Angud, Pamp. Achyrantlies aspera L. 

Anias, T. Andropogon. 

Aniatan, T. Brackenridgea fascicuhuis P. Vill. 

Aniijiong. Abroma alata Blanco. 

ANfEOG, T. Abroma angusta L. 

Anibong, T. Abroma alata Blanco. 

AnIbong, T. Abroma angusta L. 

Anibong, V.^ T. Areca nibung Mart. 

Anibong, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

Anibong, Pamp. Talauma angalcnsis Blanco. 

Anibung, v., T. Areca nibung Mart. 

Anibung, Pang. Arenga saccharifera Labi 11. 

Anii, T. Erythrina ovalifolia Roxb. 

Anilao, T. Columbia serratifolia DC. 

Anilao-uan, T. Columbia. 

Aninapla, T. Albizzia lebbek P>enth. 

AnL^jO, V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Anis, Sp.-Fil. Foeniculum vulgare Gaertn. 

AnIs caiioi, T. Myristica philippinensis Lam. 

Anis moscada, '\\ Myrictica philippinensis Lam. 

8956 2 

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Anjtag, T. Stepliegyne. 

Anitap, Paiiip. Albizzia proeeia Bciith. 

Anjtap, Ig. Maearanga. 

Anitap, ]g. Albizzia procera Bentli. 

Anoaang. Fremna. 

Anobing, T. Artocarpus cumingiaiia Tree. CAGUiosixNG, T. Artoeaipiis nitida Tree. 

Anobion, Panip. Artocarpus euniiiigiana Tree. 

Anooong, 'J\ Talauma villariana Rolfe. 

Anohling, T. Talauma angatensis F. Vill. 

Anobling, V. Artoearpus eumingiana Tree. 

Anobijng, T. Artoearpus nitida Tree. 

ANOBONG-CAQuiESiNG. Artoearpus lauiellosa Blaneo. 

Anobran, 11. Prenma vestita Schauer. 

Anolang, T. Polyalthia laneeolata Vid. 

Anonag, T. Litsea. 

Anonag, B. Cordia blancoi Vidal. 

Anong, T. Cordia blaneoi Vidal. 

A NONAS, Sp.-Fil. Anona reticulata L. 

Anonoo. Musa sapientum L. 

Anopol (Albay). Couoeeplialus aeuuiiuatus Turez. 

Anos. Bambusa. 

Anosep, T. Palaquium cuneatum Vid. 

Anotong (Zaud)ales). Wrigbtia ovata DC. 

Ansoiian, V. Stereospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

Antagan. Pteroearpus indicus L. 

Antkn, 11. Canariuui luzonieuui Miq. 

Anten, 11. Canariuui cuuiiugii Engl. 

Antipolo, T., v., Pauip. Artoearpus ineisa L. 

Anto, V. Auiorpbopbalus eauipanulatus Blunie. 

Antobanag, T. Glocliidion. 

Antolang, T. Craptophyllum hortense Nees. 

ANTOLANTiAN, 'J\, \. llibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Antong (Nueva Eeija). Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Antong (Abra). Canarium. 

Antong, T. Dipterocarpus. 

Anuanc!. Musa sapientum L. 

Anuang, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Anuang, T. Kyllingia monoeephala Ilottb. 

Anubing, T. Artoearpus odoratissima Blaneo. 

Anubinc^., T. Eugenia. 

Anubing. Artoearpus eumingiana Tree. 

Aniujing na cAGiaosix, T. Artoearpus nitida Tree. 

Anubion, T. Artoearpus. 

Anubiong (Tayabas). Talauma. 

Anublin, T. Artoearpus. 

Ani)bling, V. Talauma angatensis F. Vill. 

7\nuping (Zamboanga). Myristica simiarum A. DC. 

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Anusep, T. Palaquium. 

Anil, Sp.-Fil. Jndigofera tinctoiia Linn. 

Ai'ALAYA, T. Monioidioa balsaniina L. 

Apalia, Pani]). Moniordiea balsaniina L. 

Apalit, Panip. rterocarpns blaneoi Morrill. 

Apalong. Osnioxylon pulcberrininm Vidal. 

Apana, T. Eupatoriuni ayapana Vent. 

ApaPvJagua, T., V. Laportea gnadiebaudiana Wedd. 

Apasotis, T. Cbonopodiuni anibiosioides L. 

APatong, T. Nepludiiun. 

Ai»AT()T, 11. Morinda braetoata Roxb. 

ApATi T, '1\ Morinda braetoata Roxb. 

A PI APT, T. Avicinnia odicinalis L. 

Apjit, Ig. A'ibui'nuni odoratiHsiumni Kcr. 

Apipi, v. Colocasia antiqnornm 8cliott. 

Apis, T. Potbos. 

Apjs (Zainbales). Calamus. 

ApiTOX, T. Diptcrocarpus grandillorns l^binco. 

Apjtong, T. Di])toro('arpns giandillorus J^laneo. 

Apnit, T. Anona. 

APXIT, P. Dipiorocarpus. 

ApoiAPOYAN, p. (JynandroiKsis ix'ntapylla J)('. 

APON, T. Aniorpballus canipannlatns ]?hinie. 

Apoo. J^obenieria nivea IT. and A. 

Apopuyot (Cagayan), Diospyros pilosantbcra Blanco. 

AposoTis, T., v., Panip. Cbenopodiuin ambrosioides L. 

Apoy-apoyan, p. C>leoi]ie viscosa 1^. 

Ai'OY-APOY^AN, 'l\ Anunania. 

Apoy-apoyan, 1\ Cloomo viscosa Linn. 

Ai>i?AN (Cagayan). Alangifeia altissiina P>liinie. 

AruPONG, V. Osnioxylon pnlcberriimun Vidal, 

Apijyo (Paragua). Callicarpa. 

Api'yx)T, Z. ATallotns ])bili])i)in('nsis Miudl. Arg. 

A RAG AG, V. Prenina. 

AiiA(i()iROY, V. Opilia javanica Miq. 

Araiiax (Albay). Lilsca albayana Vidal. 

Araiian, B. Diospyros. 

Arana, B. Litsea. 

Aran-calao, V. Nepentbes. 

APvAxdon, 11. ^Vikstrocnlia ovata Mcy. 

AranTja, T. IToinalinin Inzonionso F. Vill. 

Arancja BLANCO, T. Engciiia. 

Arangan, T. Eugenia. 

Arana (Manila), (iynandropsis s])e('iosa DC. 

Arat, T. Scleria. 

A RATA, V). Eugenia. 

Arayan, T. Flagelhiiia indiea Linn. 

Arbol 1)E fukgo, Sp.-Fil. Poineiana regia Bojer. 

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ARiJON (Paragua). Cerbera odollam Gaertii. 

Ardatag, V. Elepliantopiis spicatus Jiiss. 

Argao, V. Premna vestita Schauer. 

Aricundal, V. Musa paradisiaca L. 

ArIlao. Columbia serratifolia DC. 

Arimai, 11. Boehmeria nivea Hook, et Arii. 

Aringit, V. Marsdenia tinctoria K. Br. 

Aritongtong, 11. Terminalia. 

Aro, 11. Casuarina equisetifolia Foist. 

Ar6e-mamay, B. Maoutia. 

Arodayday, T., B. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Aroganan, T., Panip., V. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Aroma, T. Piosopis juliflora DC. 

Aroma, T. Acasia farnesiana Willd. 

Ar6ro, v., T. Maranta ariindinacea L. 

Ar6sep, 11. Antidesma gbaesembilla Gaertn. 

Aroyangyang, V. Abius precatorius L. 

AkquIg?, Cag. Pandanus fascicularis Lam. 

Arrayan. Psidium gxiayava L. 

Arroo. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Arrou-rou, T., V. Maranta arundinacea L. 

Arum. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

ArXjru. Maranta arundinacea L. 

AsAC-TALONG. Phyllauthus ?. 

AsANA, T. Pterocarpus indicus Willd., 'I\ vidalianus Kolfe. 

As -AS, T. Ixora strict a Roxb. 

AsiAsfMANAN, T. Dcrris sinuata Bentb. 

AsiMAo, T. Harrisonia bennetii B. and H. 

As-is, T. Ficus heteropbylla L. 

As-is, T., v., Pamp. Ficus hispida L. ? 

Aslsio, V. Pliysalis angulata L. 

AsNANTiAi, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

Ataiatai, T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

ATALApiLPK', Z. Sapindus. 

Atarolan, 'i\ ^\rdisia. 

Atay-atay, V. Eranthemum bicolor Schrank. 

Atcljy, Pamp. Bauhinia. 

Aton. Canarium ovatum Engl. 

Ates, T. Anona squamosa L. 

Atibajngdan. Alsophila glauca Blume. 

Atiluag (Abra). Breynia acuminata Muell. Arg. 

AtImon, V. Cucumis melo L. 

At6la. Bixa orellana L. 

Atoatong, Ig. Selaginella caulescens Spring. 

Atsuiti, T. Bixa orellana L. 

Augod, Pamp. Achyranthes obtusifolia Lam. 

Aua, 11. Musa. 

AiTsiMAN, B. Portulaea oleracea L. 

Hosted by 



AviLO, 'l\ Ganiga lloiibuiida Doene. 

AYAM, V. Triantlieiua monogyna L. 

Ayanciao, T. Albi/zia procera Bentli. 

Ayantoto, Pai7ip. Airiaranthiis spiiiosus L. 

Ayapana, Sp. Fil. Eupatoriuni ayapana Vent. 

Aymit. Ficus gloiiierata Roxb. 

AYMiT, 'l\ Ficvis minnaliassae Miq. 

AYO, V. Casuariiia equisetifolia Foist. 

AYO, Paiiip. Oxalis acetosolla L. 

Ayo, T. Vitis capriolata Don. 

Ayo-ayo. Mieroniehmi. 

Ayoijan, V. Bliiiiiea balsamifora Di). 

AYU-AYu. Micronieliiiji. 

AYU, Pamp. Vitis carnosa L. 

Ay LIMIT, T. Ficus ininnahassae Miq. 

Ayupag, T. Nephelium. 

AzucENA. Polyanthes tiibcrosa L. 

I^Ap>AGioN. Mcniecylon lloribunda Bluiiie. 
Hapagion, V. Ardisia humilis Vabl. 
Habaisacan, T. Quereus. 
I^»AP.ALOD, T., V. Nauclea obtusa Blunie. 
1UJ5AN (Zainboanga). Donax arimdastrum Loin-. 
IUbanat (Nueva Viscaya). Dceringia indica Zoll. 
Babebabe, Pamp. Quisqualis indica L. 
Babo-bago (Bobol). Garcinia veniilosa Choisy. 
1>AP>()J-GIJBAT, T. Tlicspesia populnea Corr., T. Tlicspesia populnea Corr. 
Ba(^aboc. Scaevola koenigii Vabl. 
J^AGA-BAcAiiAN, T. Cy peril R. 
Ba(;alao, Pang. Ncplielium. 
BAcAN, T. Litsea. 
Bacan, T. Sterculia. 

BAOAN (Tinago). Briiguicra gynmorrliiza Lain. 
BacAnis (Zamboanga) . Eugenia lineata DC. 
BacAis UN, T. ]^ruguiera gynmorrbiza Lam. 
BacAo, T. Ceriops candolleana Arn. 
P)AgA(), L., X. Ubizopbora mucronata Lam. 
BacAo, T. Bruguiera gynmorrbiza Lam. 
P>agApie, V. Calamus albus Pers. 
BacAuan, T. Ceriops candolleana Arn. 
l>AcAuAN, T. Bruguiera caryopbylloides Blume. 
BaoAuan, T. Kbizopbora mucronata Lam. 
J3acAuan guba, Pang. Carallia integerrima DC. 
BacAuan lalAqut, T. Rbizopbora conjugata Lam. 
BacAyan, V. Canarium cumingii Engl. 
3^>acAyao, Pang. llli])e betis Merrill. 

Hosted by 



Baccalao. Neplielium glabrum Noronli. 

Baccung. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

Bacong, T. Crinum asiaticum L. 

Bacong, T. Hipppeastrum. 

Bacong-bacong, V. Crinum amoenum Roxb. 

Bacong nga dulao, V. Crinum pratense Herb. 

BacoisG sa Persia. Pancratum zeylanicum Linn. 

Bacong sa solog, V. Crinum pratense Herb. 

Bacugan, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Bacuit, Pang. Harrisonia bennetii Hook. 

Bacuit, Pang. Alstonia. 

Bacung, V. Crinum asiaticum Linn. 

Bacuoc, Pang. Vatica. 

Badiang, T., V. Alocasia indica Schott. 

]3adiang. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

Badiaka, T., V.^ Pamp. Coleus atropurpureus Benth. 

Badlan, V. Sterospernmm quadripinatum F. Vill. 

Badoc, 11. Gnaphalium indicum L. 

1>AGA0. Eliretia. 

Baga-baboi, T., V. Gmelina asiatica L. 

Baga-baboi, V. Gmelina villosa Koxb. 

Bagacan, T. Bambusa. 

Bagacay, V. Dendrocalamus membranacens Munro. 

Bagacbac, Pamp. Eugenia. 

]5agalaiVG1T, T. Palaquium lanceolata Blanco. 

13agalanTjit, T. Palaquiinn luzonensis VidaL 

]3AGALiGUAN, B. Astrouia. 

Bagalirat. Nauclea ghibra DC. 

Bagaloan, T. Marlea begoniaefolia Koxb. 

Bagaluga, V. Melia dul>ia Cav. 

Baganac. Clerodendron macrostegium Scliauer. 

Bagang, Cag. Amorphopballus campanulatus Blume. 

Bagang aso, B. Anaxagorea luzonensis A. Gray. 

Bagang-bagang, B. Glocbidion. 

Baganito (Morong). Diospyros. 

Bagaolan, T. ^larlea begoniaefolia Roxb. 

Bagaolan, T. Guettarda speciosa L. 

Bagar, H. Anisoptera. 

Bagarilao, T. Anthocepbalus cadamba Miq. 

BagarIlao na itim, T. Nauclea. 

BagarIlat, T. Anthocepbalus cadamba Miq. 

Bagasoa, T., V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Baga-tambal, V. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC. 

BAga-tubang (Samar). Cratoxylon blancoi Blume. 

Bagauac, T. Clerodendron. 

Bagauac na morado, T. Clerodendron blancoanuram F. Vill. 

Bagaybay, T. Derris. 

Bagbag, H. Erythrina indica L. 

Hosted by 


Baggab. Clerodejidroii. 

Bagman, T. Quercus. 

Bagna, T. Clochidioii. 

BagnIt, T. Trislcllateia aiistraliisica A. Kicli. 

Bago. Ooinmersonia platypliyJla Aiidr. 

Bago, V. Gnetiim giiciiion L. 

Bago. Gariiga lloribuiida J)eciie. 

Bagoaron, V. Vitex lieteiopliylla Boxb. 

i^AGO-BAGO (Bobol). aarciiiia cambooia Desroiiss. 

Bago-bago. Ixora maciopli^lla Baitl. 

Bago-bago, V. Garciiiia. 

Bagomboix, Bainp., V. Alpiiiia <^i<j;ant('a Iv. 

Bagong (Jolo). AiriorpbopbalJiis canipaiiidatus Bliuiie. 

P>AGONG, V. Tacca runipliii Scbaiici-. 

Bagong-bagong, V. Taeca, runipliii Scliauri-. 

Bagongbong, V, Alpinia brevilabris Bros]. 

Ba(jo]nito, B. Cupania, 

Bago OEN, 11. Parkia l•oxbu^|^dui, (;. Don. 

Bago-sIli. Gnetiini gnemon Linn. 

Bagsang, V. Garyota niinpbiana Mart. 

Bagud, T. Pterospermuni diversifoliuiii l)lnine. 

Baguen, 11. Parkia roxburgliii G. Bon. 

Bagui-lomboy. Eugenia. 

Bagui-lumban, T. Alcuritcs trispornia l>laneo. 

Bacujing, T. Cicncrally ai)pli(Hl to woody vines. 

Baguin-castIla, T. Argyreia. 

Baguin-castila, T. l[)onioca. 

Baguinitixbang NA PULA ( Nogros ) . (Jarcinia. 

Baguik, 11. Ixora. 

Baguikoeo, V. Viburnum luzonicum Kolfe. 

Baguikoro, V. Adenanthera pavonina L. 

Baguit, B. Tristillatia australasiea A. Ricb. 

Baguitakim, T. Ilopea pbilippinensis Byer. 

BAGUiiBAS (Mindoro). Bucbanania florida Scliauer. 

Bagulibas, T. Garuga. 

Bagumaoniao, B. Maesa laxa IVIez. 

Bahay, V. Pueraria pbaseoloides Bcntb. 

Baiiay, T. Orniosia calavcnsis Blanco. 

Bahay, T., V. Lepidopetaluni perrottetii Blume. 

Bahay, T., V. Adcnantbera pavonina Linn. 

Bahay, T., V. Pygeuni. 

Bahay namoc, B. Ardisia. 

Baht, V. Arenga saccbarifera Labill. 

Bahi, V. Calyptrocalyx spicatus Blume. 

Bahi, V. Livistona rotundifolia Alart. 

Baho-baho, V. Cassia tora Linn. 

Baiao, T. Fagraea morindaefolia Blume. 

Baiao, V. Brugiiiera eriopetala W. and x\. 

Hosted by 



Bailayan (Mincloro). Dipterocarpus. 

BaIno, T. Noliiinbiuiii speciosum Willd. 

BaIo. Bruguiera eriopetala W. and A. 

BaIt. Canariuni?. 

BaIt, '\\, Pamp. Euphorbia noriifolia L. 

BaIto, T. Banibiisa. 

Baiyauasin, T. (lassia alata h. 

Balabago, V. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

Balabalanoyan, T. Clconio viseosa ]j. 

Balabalanoyan, T. Gyiiaiidropsis poiitapliylla DC. 

Balabalantian. Gleoiiie viseosa L. 

Balabalatungain^, B. Indigofera teysmaiinii Miq. 

Balabalay^an, T., V. Gnielina asiatica L. 

Balabaisg QUiLiNG, A'. CoiiTiaiopsis philippiea F. Vill. 

Balabo, T. Grewia. 

Bat. ABONOT. 8terciil ia . 

Balacanog, T. Eugenia. 

Balacat, T. Zizypluis trinervis Poir. 

Balacbac, T.? Jussiaea siifTruticosa Linn. 

Balacbac, T. Eugenia janibos 1^. 

Balacbalac, T. ]\lal lotus ricinoides INIuell. Arg. 

BalacbalAc, V. Touinefortia argentea E. f. 

BalaganTjo, T. Melia candollei Juss. 

Balagay, V. Psophocarpus palustris Desv. 

BaIvAG-balanggotan, T. Eleocliaris. 

Balagnan. Calophylluni vidalii F. Vill, 

Balagnan, V. Calophylluni euneaiuni Vidal. 

Balai-lamoc, 11. Mussaenda grand i flora Rolfe. 

Balai-lamoc, 11. Crataeva religiosa Eorst. 

Balai-tocac, 11. Ixora. 

Balangiias. Sterculia balanghas Blanco. 

BALAiNTiiGAN, V. Guettarda speciosa TJiui. 

Balance] QUIN, Gag. Streblus asper Lour. 

Balancjot, T. Typlia angustifolia L. 

Balangotan, T. Cyperus. 

BalanTjud, T. Seirpus niucronaia L. 

BALAivTiUN, V. Musa sapientuni L. 

Balanoi, T. Ocinunu sanctum L. 

Balantana, V. (■lerodeiidron interniediuni Cham. 

Bai.anti, T. Ilomoiioia riparia Lour. 

Balanti. Croton uuiricatum DC. 

BalantI, T. Alchoruea mollis Muell. Arg. 

ILvLANTf, T. Homalanthus fastuosus F. Vill. 

Balao, T. l^ipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

BalasAbis. Cupania regularis Blume. 

BalAsbas, v., T. Graptophyllum hortense Nees. 

BalAsbas-mal6may\ L. Gra})loi)hyllum hortense Nees. 

BalAstn, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

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Balatbat (Faragua). Liciiala. 

Balatinao. Diospyros pilosaiithera I^laiieo. 

Balatong, V^ Vigiia catjaiig- Kiidl. 

Balatong, 1\ Pliasoolus iimiigo L. 

l^ALATONG-ASO, T. Cassia tora L. 

Balatong-aso, T. Cassia ocoidontalis \j. 

Balauen, Pang. Vitex. 

P>ALAY, V. Cassia fistula L. 

Balayang, 11. Miisa sapientuin L. 

Balay^-bayan, Z. Pterosperiiuiiii (livcisifoliiun lUiiine. 

BALAY-NAMtJC, il. Ciataeva religiosa Porsi. 

Balay-oac, 11. Parkia roxburgbii G. Don. 

Balayoiiot, T. Buchanania floiida Schauer. 

Bala YON, T., V. Afzelia ihoniboidea Vidal. 

Balayon, V. (Jassia fistxila Linn. 

Balayong, T. Afzelia rlioniboidca Vidal. 

Balebo, Ig. Pinns insularis Endl. 

BAEENCiASOY, T. ]^>ucbanania florida Sebauer. 

Balenguay. Flagellaria indica L. 

P»ALETE, T. Picus clusioidcs Miq. [ind otboT species. 

Balete-gapang (JNlarinduque) . Picns radicans Pvoxb. 

]>ALAicAG, V. Dioscorea sativa L. 

]5aeij?agan, V. Dalbergia spinosa Roxb. 

Balibagan, V. Guettavda speciosa L. 

Baljbago, p. Grewia. 

Balibago, p., Panip. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

BalIbai, Pamp. Synij^borenia luzonicum P. Vill. 

BALf-BALf, V. ('outbovia celebica Koorders. 

]3x\LiBANBAN, V. Baubiuia tonientosa L. 

P>AEiBAY. Litsea luzonica l^hmco. 

ITALIC?, V. AUopbylus cobbe Blume. 

B Alio AG, V. Scbizostacliyum. 

]^>ALiCASAN, T., V. Talaumia angaiensis P. Vill. 

P>AEj(>BALfc, Pamp. Ainoniuni ciliatuni Blume. 

BalIc-balic, p. Iloya. diversifolia l^hmie. 

P>ALk^-BALic, T. Ponganiia glabra Vent. 

BalIctan?. Cryptocarya villarii Vidal. 

P>ATJCTAKiN, T. ('lerodendron blancoanum P. Vill. 

Balicupcup, V. Epipremnuni medium Engl. 

BaliganTmn, J5. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

Baijgan-nin-gaiscjan, B. Eugenia. 

P)ALfGXON, V. Melocbia arborea Blanco. 

Baligojiot, B. Bucbanania florida Sebauer. 

l^AiJiiUD, T. Bucbanania florida Sebauer. 

BAiiLANG OAC, T. Oroxylum indicum L. 

Balilang OAC, T. Claoxylon wallicbianum Willd. 

Balili, Pamp. Imperata arundinacea Cyr. 

BALiTsrBiN, T. Averrhoa carambola L. 

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Balimuincj, T. Averrlioa carambola L. 

Balinanay, T. Calamus. 

J^alina6-na(3 (liiiisan). Jxora. 

BzVLiNAo-NAo, T. Otophoia blaiicoi Blmiic. 

Balijnuacta, II. Diospyios pilosantlieia Blanco. 

1Ulincja(}TA-colokai)o (Abra). Diospyios. 

BaliinTsaiiooi), T. Bucbanania florida Scliaucr. 

BalinTjasay. Bucbanania florida Scbauer. 

Balingay. Flagellaria indica Bbmco. 

Balingayo, T. lilryibropalum. 

Baijngbing, V. Aveirboa carambola Linn. 

Baling cahoy, V. Glocbidion. 

Balingiiasay, T. Bucbanania llorida Scbauer. 

Balin(!nay, 'J\ Flagellaria indica L. 

J^ALiNGUA, V. Evodia tripbylla DC 

BalInguay, T. Flagelbiria indica Linn. 

Balinjiasa, T. Bucbanania florida Scbauer. 

]'>ALiNiiASAY (Morong). Bucbanania florida Scbauer. 

JUliniiasay (Abra). Semecarpus perrottetii Marcb. 

Balinsiagao. Aporosa. 

Balintua (Zand)oanga) . Myristica pbilippinensis Lam. 

B A LIN u AY, T. Dracaena. 

Balio, V. Band anus dubius Spreng. 

liALiSGur (Zanfl)oanga) . Eugenia. 

Ballseng, V. Clerodendron inernie R. Br. 

Balitadiiam, V. (^uisqualis indica L, 

Balitbitan, T?. Cynomelra laniiflora L. 

BALrrnjTAN, T. Sideroxylon balitbitan Blanco. 

1>ALJTI, T., Pamj). Ficus indica L. and otber species. 

Baliting I'AYAPA, 'l\ Ficus. 

15AIJTI n LA, T. Ficus clusioides Miq. 

P>AL1TN0N, V. Melocbia aiborea B)lanco. 

Balitoson. Terjninalia. 

Baliut, Bang. Jlopea. 

BalIyoco, B. Andropogon scboenjintlius L. 

Balam-ualam. Leea ?. 

Ballang, Cag. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 

Baloijar, Pamp. ]<]ugeiiia jambos L. 

J^aloho, T. Diplodiscus paniculatus Turcz. 

Balo(\ Sapindus?. 

Baloganag, T. ('liisocbeton paniculatus Iliern. 

P>at.ogana!), 'I\ Ab'urites moluceana Blume. 

Balog balog, T. J\)ngamia glabra Vent. 

Balog-halog, T. (Uiricidia maculata IT. B. K. 

JiALOG r.ALOG, F. Linocicra. 

]^al6c-I5Al6(^, T. Scaevola koenigii Vabl. 

l>Ai/)i). F., V. Nanclea obtusa Blume. 

!^\log6, 'I\, v.. l*anip. Fntada scandens Bentb. 

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Baloi, v. Miisa paradisiaca L. 

Balong-cadyos, V. Alleantlius luzoiiicuH l^ontli and Hook. 

Balonocauit, B. Cedrela taiaiara ])lanc»o. 

]5alo]N(J1TA. Diospyros pilosantlu'va lilanco. 

Balon(M.uyon, Panip. Coryplia uinbraculifcia L. 

]3al6nos, V. Entada scandens lieiitli. 

Balotanc-aso, T. Cassia occidoiitalis L. 

]3al6t-bal6t (Tayabas). Poiigaiiua ^^iabia V(Mit. 

J?ALOY, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

1^)Al6yon(j, V. Cassia fistula L. 

ILxLTj'c (Paragua). Agatliis loraiitliifolia Salisl). 

J U LU A N . Ma c a r a nga ? . 

]>aluijad, T. Anacardiuni oceidentalc 1^., Pang. Eugenia. 

r>AiAnio, T. Diplodiscus ])anieulatus 'I'urcz. 

Bali CANAD, T. Dysoxyluni. 

Balucanai), T. Aleuiites nioluceana ])luni{\ 

Balucanag, II. Aleuiites nioluceana Blunie. 

I^ALiciMJC, T. Clausena?. 

Balucao, 1\ Cliisoelieton. 

l>ALUCLJTi! (Alorong). Unearia liookeii Vid. 

Balucot. Gareinia. 

P>aludgai\()An, T. Digitaiia. 

P>ALUGAi. Denis. 

I^ALrivTiCANAYAN, V. Pi ttospoi'uiii lloiibnnduin W. and A. 

Balujnggay, V. Moiinga ok^ifera Lam. 

Bali NSAYiNG, V. Canna iiidica L. 

l^ALUNLT, B. Mangifera caesia Jack. 

I)AMBAG. Plumbago viseosa L. 

BA.AinAivr, 1\ Maranta diebotoma Lour. 

Bamoan. Amaiantbus s])inosus L. 

Bami'.kng, L. Banbinia. 

Bamtolico, Z. Diospyros. 

P>ANAAsr, Jb Murraya exotica L. 

J)ANAnA, 'I\, v., Mang. Lagerstroemia speeiosa Pers. 

l^ANAT.ANALO, T. Atyristica. 

1>anag, Jl. Allium sativum Linn. 

Banag, v., T. Smilax cbina L. and otber species. 

BANA(iAx, V. Smilax indiea Vitni. and otber species. 

P)ANA(iA-prLA, T. Tbespesia maeropbylla Blume. 

l)ANNAGO, T., V. Tbespesia maeropbylla Blume. 

Banago, T. Gareinia. 

P)ANAGO, T.? Diplodiscus?. 

Banai, V. Hedycbium. 

P>ANAi-nANAr, T. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

Banaluanat, T. Sterospermum pinnatum Rolfe and otber species 

P)ANAi-BANAT, JL, T. Naravalia laurifolia Wall. 

Banai-hanayan, V. Sterospermum quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

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P>ANALO, 'l\ Thesposia populnea Corr. 

Banalo, T. Cordia subcordata Lam. 

]?ANAOA(;. V. Ilcdychiimi hasseltii Bluiiie. 

Banaot, Z. Murraya exotica L. 

]l\NAi{0. T. (j! net tarda speciosa L. 

Banaro, Pan«^. Tlie.sposia inacroplndla P)hiiiic. 

Banasi^ Pang. Murraya exotica L. 

Banati, v.. Pamp. Murraya exotica L. 

1^>ANAT(), T. Mallotus pliili])piiiensi.s Miiell. Arg. 

Banal AC, P., V. Uvaria purpurea Bluuie. 

Banay, V. Hedycliiuni coronarium Koenig. 

l^ANAY, Pamp. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

Banay. Sterospermum (piadripinatum F. Vill. 

Banayan, V. Dioscorea eburnea Lour. 

Banay-]5anay. Evodia. 

Banayan. 8terospermuin quadripinnatuui F. Vill. 

Banban, p. Maranta dicbotoma Wall. 

P>ani;an(! (Morong). Clinogyne grandis B. and H. 

Banbayan, U. Shorea. 

Banh6m, T. Maranta dicbotoma Lour. 

Baxcal, p. tSarcocepbahis cordatus Miq. 

Bancai:, p. Nauclea. 

13ancalagiian. Perminalia calamansanay Rolfe., p. Calopbyllum inopbyllum L. 

Bancalanan (Zamboanga). Nauclea. 

BANCALAUACi, V. Perminalia calamansanay Kolfe. 

Banc^alauan, p. Jiucbanania florida Scbauer. 

Bancalauan, p. Perminalia calamansanay Kolfe. 

Banoal-cabog. Sarcocepbalus cordatus Mi(]. 

T^ANCOAN. Cyperus difformis L. 

Bancoilan, p. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Bancoro, p. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

BancOdo, p., V. Morinda citrifolia L. 

BanTja. V. Calyptrocalyx spicatus Blume. 

13a mi A ( Ca i n a r i nes ) . A reca ca tecb u L. 

I^ancja. Oorypba umbraculifera L. 

Bangal, p. Gnetum gnemon L. 

Bang A I., P. Nauclea. 

Bancialad, V. GrcAvia paniculata Koxb. 

BanTjar, 11. Sterculia foetida L. 

BanTjati, p., V. Abrus precatorius L. 

Bangbang, II. Plumbago zeylanica Jj. 

Haxg( AL. Nauclea glaberrima Blanco. 

P>angcat., P\ Sarcocepbalus cordatus Miq. 

Bancjcoang-bondoc, p. Pandanus dubius Spreng. 

BANciCOLON, P. Cardiospermum balicacabum L. 

BanTjcudo, V. Morinda citrifolia L. 

P>ANC)CUDO, V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Hosted by 



Bang-hay, V. llydnopliytiiin. 

]3an(Jc6ro, T., V. iMorinda bracteata Hoxb. 

Bang XL, T., V. Sophora toinoiitosa L. 

BanTujay, v., T. Zingiber. 

Bangles, Jl. Hopea. 

Bang6n, B. Caesa]pinia. 

Bang6t, T. Pteroeyinbiimi javanicimi II. Br. 

B>ANGQU1LING, V., T. Pliyllaiitluis distichus Muel]. Arg. 

Bangray, V. Zingiber. 

Banig (Morong). Xanthopbylliim. 

JjAnilac, V. 'I'enninalia catappa L. 

Banilad, v., T. Sterculia urens Roxb. 

BaninOyo, T. Antidesma ghaesenibilla Gaertn. 

Ban IT an, Pamp. Cryptocarya sp. 

Banitan. Xylopia dehiscens Merrill. 

Baniti, T. Garcinia. 

Baniti, B. Illipe betis Merrill. 

Banitlon. Melochia arborea Blanco. 

Banitlong (Zamboanga). Pierardia?. 

I^ANLATINAO, Pang. Diospyros. 

Ban-naasi (Jl.). Murraya exotica L. 

Ban6t, T. Bauhinia cumingiana Bentb. 

Banquilin, T. Pbyllantbus disticluis Miiell. Arg. 

Bansalagin, T. Mimusops elengi L. 

Bansalagon, T., V. Mimusops elengi L. 

Bansalague, T., V. Mimusops elengi L. 

Bansalaguin, T. Eugenia. 

Bansilai, T. Gomphia. 

I^ANSiLAY, V. Ochna squarrosa Linn. 

B an TANA . Ixora . 

Bantana, V. Clerodendron intermedinm Cbam. 

Bantigui, V. Pemphis aeidula Forst. 

Bantolinao, v., T. Diospyros pilosanibera Blanco. 

Bantolinon, T. Diospyros. 

Banuang, T. Octomelis sumatrana Miq. 

Banuay, Ig. Vaccinium indutum V^idal. 

Banutan (Nueva Viscaya). Ilopea palagata Vid. 

JUnuyo, T. Dipterocarpus. 

BANtJYO, T. Albizzia. 

Baoang, V. Allium sativum Linn. 

Baoang-uaoang, V. Pancratium zeylanicum Linn. 

]^>AONG, V. Dioscorea sativa Ti. 

l^AQUi-BAQUi, V. Cyperus dilTormis Linn. 

Baqui-baqui, V. Spinifex squarrosus L. 

ILvQUiN-BAQUiT, 11. lIcHcteres spicata Colinb. 

I^AQUISQUISAN. Elcusiue indica (Jaertn. 

I^AKABAG. Eugenia jambos L. 

15a RAG, T. Curcurma zerumbet Iloxb. and otber species. 

Hosted by 



Barachac, II. Eugenia janibos L. 

Barag, Pamp. 8iinlax china L. 

Barangoi (Biilacan). Orania regal is Zipp. 

Baraniianyo, V. Engenia. 

Baransiago, T. Aporosa. 

Baraumaran, T,, V. Sopliora tonientosa L. 

Barayuay, T. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

Barayon, V. Afzelia rhomboidea Vidal. 

Barro, B. Celtis?. 

Barbon. Andropogon, 

Barcolon. Cardiospermum lialicacabum L. 

I>AREN, V. Pandanus diibius Spreng. 

Bariat. Pinus insubiris Endl. 

Barincucurong, 11. Ilopca. 

Bari6-an, Pang. Columbia. 

I^ARIT, V. Metrosideros vera Bumpli. 

Barit, 11. Calamus haenkaemus Mart. 

Barit, T. Homalocenchus hexandrus O. Ktze. 

Bariuan, 11. Pterospermum. 

Barlts. Diospyros pilosantliera Blanco. 

Baroro, V. Diplodiscus paniculatus Tiirez. 

Barong? (Cagayan). Eugenia operculata Koxb. 

I^AROQUEBOC, T. Scleria. 

Baroy. Pterospermum diversifolium Blume. 

Barsic, T. Mimusops elengi L. 

Baru. Arenga saccharifera Labill. 

Barubatones, V. Kyllinga monocepbala Rottb. 

J^ASAR-BASAR, II. Lorautlius. 

BAsENCi-BASENG, V. 8ida rliondnfolia Linn. 

Baseng, 11. Zingiber olTieinale Linn, 

Bastac, T. Canariinn. 

ILvsi A I) ( Tayabas ) . Canar i um . 

Basilay. Ocbna squarrosa Linn. 

I^ASILOAG, 11. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Bata. Pinus insularis Endl. 

P>atab1a m;A poti, V. Musa. 

ILvTAi), V. Sorghum vulgare. 

P>ATANG (Bontoc). Pinus insularis l^ndl. 

Batang-batang (Cebu). Cissampelos pareira L. 

Batao, T., V. l^oloclios lal)lab L. 

15 ATA VI A. Musa sapientum L. 

Batbatidor, Ig. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

Batete. Wrightia?. 

BatIcan. Dracontomelon cumingianum Baill. 

BATiciJiiN, T. Litsea perrottetii F. Vill. 

Baticuling, T. Ijitsea perrottetii F. Vill. 

BatictlLv, T. Sterospernunu quadripinnatum F. Vi 

Batid6r, II. Nepenthes alata Blanco, 

Hosted by 



BatInan-amo, T. Calophyllum wallicliiammi Planch and l^iiana 

Bating, T. Litsea. 

Bating, T. Alstonia niaeiopliylla Wall. 

Batiti, V. Cynonietra inaequalifolia A. Gray. 

Batitinan, T. Lagerstioeniia batitinan Vidal. 

Batitinan, T. Shorea. 

Batlan. Sterospermiiin quadripinnatum F. Vill. 

Batg (Balabac). Justicia. 

Batgan, V. Draeontomeluni man:^iferuni Blunie. 

Batgbatg, T.J V. Litsea. 

Batghatg, T. Lepistemon rcniformis Hassk. 

IUtobatgnis, T. Eupliorbia pilulifera L. 

Batglinag (Cagayan). Diospyros pilosantlioia Blanco. 

Batuan, V. Garcinia. 

Batul, T. Stryclinos multiflora Bentli. 

Bauang, V. Allium sativum Linn. 

Bauang pgtI (Jolo). Allium sativum Linn. 

Baxji, T. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

Bausg (central Luzon). Olea. 

Bawang, T. Allium sativum L. 

Bayabar-asg, Pamp. Randia. 

Bayabas, T. Psidium guayava L. 

P>aya-bayabasan, T. Gardenia obscura Vidal. 

Bayactg, B. Traclielospermum. 

Bayag-cabayg, T. Barringtonia. 

Bayag-cambIng, T. Orchipeda foetida IMume. 

Bayag CAMBiNG, T. Caesalpena bonducella Fleming. 

IUyag USA. Mussaenda. 

Bayag usa, T. Orchipeda foetida Blume. 

Bayag usa, T. Tabernaemontana globosa Blanco. 

Bayamban. Maranta diehtoma Wall. 

Bayangbayang, V. Amaranthus s])inosus L. 

Bayanti, T. Aglaia. 

Bayaquiboc, T. Vernonia chinensis Less. 

Bayasbas, V. Gynotroches axillaris P>lume. 

Bay ATI, T., V., Pamp. Anamirta cocculns W. and A. 

BAYAfAN, T. Quercus. 

Bayno, T. Nelumbium speciosum Willd. 

Baynui). Columbia serratifolia A. D(^. 

Bayoc, T. Ptcrospermum blumeanum Kth. 

]3ay6c, 'J\ Ptcrospermum acerifolium Willd. 

Bayoc, T. Pterospernuim diversifolium Blume. 

1^ay6(;-bay6c, T. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

l^AYOG, T. Ptcrospermum blumeanum Kth. 

Bayog. Callicarpa bicolor Juss. 

Bayog bayog, Pamp. Pterospeimum. 

Bayogo, V. Chionanthcs ramiflora F. Muell. 

Bayogg, T., v., Pamp. Entada scandens Benth. 

Hosted by 



l*>AYl';CAN, T. QlieiCUS. 

J^>AYi;cAN, '[\ HesuviuiH iiKlicuin L. 

Bayu( AN, T. Dipterocarpr.s. 

J?ayCco, V. Artoearpiis iiitida Trecul. 

Bayuco, V. Ditielasnia rarak Beiitli. 

Bayuco nga biuio.n, V. Artocarpus nitida Tree. 

Bayuco NCiA CACAL'ON, V. Ai tocaipus cumingiana Trecul. 

Bayuco nga t^angcaox, V. Artoearpus eimiingiana Trecul. 

IUyuco NCiA LANHAxX, V. Artocarpiis lanceolata Trecul. 

Bayuc, V. Pterosperniuiu. 

Bayugtin, T. Pterospermum blunieanuni Korlli. 

Bayuno, V. Mangifera caesia Jack. 

Bere. Pinus insularis Endl. 

B:6benc!. Pinus insularis Endl. 

Beiien. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

BEJuco-sfPAY", T. Calamus. 

Belis, T. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

Belunga, T. Maearanga. 

Benoang, T. Commersonia platypliylla Andr. 

Benticohol, T. Mush sapientum L. 

Beobayano, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

Bessin, T. Bruguiera gymnorrhiza Lam. 

Betis, T., Pamp. llJipe betis Merrill. 

BhiTis EALAQUE, T. IlHpe bctis Merrill. 

Bias, T. Gnetum scandens L. 

Bias-bias, Pamp. Commelina benglialensis L. 

Bias-bias, T.. V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BiAS-i'OGO, T. Amman i;i baccifera L. 

BiBiLi, V. Cordia blancoi Yid. 

BiBlT, T. Lngelhardtia?. 

BiBiT-PAKANG. Sterospermum. 

lUcA, T.. V. Vitis latifolia Roxb. 

BiCACAo, Jl. Setaria italica Beauv. 

BiCAE, Jl. Khanuius. 

l^fcAL-BABiY, T. Bambusa. 

BiDAY', 11. Ocimum sanctum L. 

I > i(i A , T . H on 1 a 1 om en a . 

IviGA, V. Colocasia indica Schott. 

Big A A, V^ Ficus. 

Bi(iAA, T. Zi/vphus triiiervis Poir. 

i?iGAS, T. Oryza saliva L. 

BiGXAi, T. Antidesma l)unius Spreng. 

BiGNAi-cALAi'.AO, T. Anlldesma. 

BiGNAi-MAYA, T. Autldesma. 

BiGNAi-POGO, T. Antidesnux gbaesembilla (xaertn. 

BiGNAY. Pamp. Antidesnni bunius S])reng. 

BiGNAY'-POGO. Pbaentlius cumingii Miq 

BiGNON, 11. Kleinliovia liospita L. 

Hosted by 



BiLiMUiN, T. Avoiiiioa caranibola L. 

BiLAN, Paiiip. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

BfLANG-BiLANG ?, V. Cyaiiotis axillaris Koeiii. and Scbiilt. 

BfLANG-BiLAKG, V. SesiiviuiR poitulacastruni L. 

Bilangt6n, B. Calopbyllinii, 

BiLAUN. Macaranga niappa Mnell. Arg?. 

BiLiD-BfLiD (Zamboanga) . Claoxylon. 

BiLlMiifN, T. Averrhoa eaianibola L. 

BiLiMofNES. Averrhoa carambola L. 

liiLis (Zamboanga). Trewia. 

BiJLOGO, T. Celastrus panienlata ^Vilkl. 

BiLOLO, T. Eugenia sp. 

Bilua, Pamp. Macaranga. 

BiLUA, 1\ Octomeles suniatrana Miq. 

BiLUAN, T. Octomeles snmatrana Miq. 

BiLUAN-LALAQUE, T. Macaranga. 

BiLUCAO, T. Garcinia cambogia Desrouss. 

BiLUNG, T. Macaranga. 

BiLUNGA, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell, Arg. 

BiLXjNG-DALAGA, T?. Temiinalia. 

BiNAGTJAN, V. Dipterocarpus aflinis Brandis. 

BiNAHiAN, T. Sauropus androgynus Merrill. 

BiNALATON, V. Musa paradisiaca L. 

BiNALiUAN, T. Sborea. 

BiNAMBANG, T. Oryza sativa L. 

BiNATO, V. Musa sapientum L. 

BiNAYOCO, T. Antidesma ghaesenibilla (laertn. 

BiNBiNGUAY, Jl. Lorantlius pauciflorus lilanco. 

BiinTjabing. Macaranga moluccana DC. 

BiNGABiNG, T. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg. 

BIxnTjlIn, T., V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BiNGLiu, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

BiNiGUASAN, T. lleterostemma cuspidatum Decne. 

Bi]nTjticoii6l, T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

BiNOLO, T. Temiinalia. 

BiNOLO, B. Eugenia. 

BiNONANG, T. Octomeles suniatrana Miq. 

BiNONCiA, T., v., i^unp. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

Binoy6c-boy6c, T. Modecca palmata L. 

BintIng-dalaga, T. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth. 

BintIng-dalaga (Tayabas). Mieromelum teplirocarpum Turcz. 

BiNTOCO. Casearia moluccana Bhune. 

BiNTOCO, B. Evodia latifolia DC. 

BiNUAN, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

BiNtJANG. Octomeles snmatrana Miq. 

BiNUANG. T. Macaranga mappa Muell. Arg. 

BiNUCAO, T. Garcinia cambogia Desrouss. 

8956 P> 

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BiNULO, T. Terminalia. 

BiNUNCJA, T. Clerodendroii inacrostigium Scliauer. 

F)riVUN()A, V. Macaranga tanai-iiis Miicll. Arg. 

BiNtJNGA, H. MeJochia arborea Blanco, 

BiNUSiST, T. Tristellateia aiistralaisica Rich. 

Bio, If. Garuga iloribiinda Dccne. 

BiRT. Ficus hirta Vabl. 

BiKi, T. Caitliamus tinctoriiis L. 

BiRiwcji, T. Pbaseolus vulgaris L. 

BiRLAG, T. Elaeocarpus. 

BiROG. Calopbyllum inopbyllum L. 

Btsaclat, T. Panicum. 

JliSACo, V. EpiprcnniuTii medium Engl. 

Bisco, 'J\ Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

BiSLJS Crayabsis). Ixora. 

BiSLOT, T. Eugenia. 

BiTA, V. Alstonia scbolaiis R. Br. 

IUtai nALANG, Pang. Parinariimi. 

BiTANG. Kleinbovia bospita Linn. 

BiTANiioL, T. Calo])bylluni inopb^dlnm L. 

BiTANTioL, T. Scolopia eienata Clos. 

BiTANiioL, T. Flacourtia eatapbracta Poxb. 

BnANiTOL-NA-HAP.AK, B. Myiistica. 

JViTAOG, v., 11., Panip. Calopbyllum inopbyllum L. 

IlrrvVOi, Z. Calopbyllum ino])byllum T^. 

BiTP.ii). B. Eugenia. 

BiTCAC, T. Ternstioemia. 

BiTic^ T. Sborea. 

BiTis, T. Jllipe bet is Meirill. 

P>rrLAG, T. Cbailletia gelonioides H. f. 

BiTNOG, 11. Kleinbovia bospita L. 

JViTNON. Kleinbovia bospita L. 

BiTNONG, II. Kleinbovia bospita L. 

\Ut6c. Calopbyllum inopbyllum L. 

BrrocoLfNG, T, l^alaquium luzoniense Vidal. 

BiTocOLiNG, T. Litsea. 

BiToo, 11. Calopbyllum inopbyllum L. 

IUtogo, T. Cycas ciicinalis L. 

Bit6nT^ol, T. Flacourtia sepiaria Roxb. 

BiTOON, V. B irringtonia speeiosa Forst. 

BiTi'G. l^arringtonia speeiosa Forst. 

BiTiJNG, V. Barringtonia speeiosa Forst. 

BitunTjol, T. Seolopia erenata Clos. 

BfuAs, T. Bruguiera caryopbylloidcs Blume. 

BfuAS, T. Ceriops. 

BiUAS, T. Rbizopbora. 

Bledo. Amarantbus spinosus L. 

Boa, II. Areca eateebu Linn. 

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BOAC, Ig. Albizzia procera Beiitli. 

Bo AD A, Ig. Mel a stoma ob vol u turn Jack. 

•VyonoA, V. Nophelium glabruni Noronh. 

BoBOA, V. Laiisiiim doinesticiim Ilunipb. 

BoBOG, V. Sterculia foetida L. 

BoBOi, B., T. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

BoBoi-GTJBAT, T. Tbespcsia populnca Corr. 

lioBONOYANG, V. Aiiaxagorca hizoiHmsis A. (h'ay. 

B6BOY, T. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

BoBiJY-GUiJAT, T. Bonibax nialabaricnm DC. 

BocABoc, T., V. Seaevola koenigii Vabl. 

BoCAUAY, T. Scbizostacliyuni aentinonini Munro. 

BocAUi, T. Bambiisa diffusa Bbvneo. 

BocAui, T. Beesba rboodii Kuntli. 

BooAUj, 1\ B)Uiubusa. 

Bocnoc, T. Streblus asper Lour. 

B>()I)b6d, T. Baubinia. 

T^ODOT, V. J3ioscorea. 

BoGAUAC, T. Clerodendron. 

1?6gna, V. Eurya japouica Tbuub. 

1>6go. Garuga. 

B6go-b6go. Brucea sumatrana Roxb. 

BoGOLOYAC, B. Cbisocbaeton tetra])elahis Turez. 

B6g()8, V. Acalypba stipulacea Klotzscb. 

1>6gto-tae, V. Streblus asper Lour. 

]>0irAvE, V. Dysoxyluni blancoi Vi(bil. 

7>oiiAYAN, V. Dioscorca. 

Bono, T. ]*>anibusa. 

]56iio, T. Dendroenlanus ilagellifcM- Munro. 

156iro-p.6iio, V. Lantana caniaia L. 

T>oii6l. (hnelina villosa Boxb. 

1>0LAGTAB, V. Solanuni nigrum L. 

BoLAiiAN. Oryza sativa L. 

BoLALA, B. Aglaia?. 

B>6lao, Panip. Santiria. 

BoLATONG. Phaseolus niungo L. 

B>ol-l6, Tg. Acalypba grandis P>cnib. 

J^OLLOGO, 11. Anacardiuni occidcntalc L. 

B>olobot6nes, Lamp. 1^/upborbia pilnlifera L. 

BoLOBOTONES, V. Kyllinga nionocejdiala Bottb. 

BoLoiiAN, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

J^>or.6N, T. Curcurnia xantboirliiza Ivoxb. 

Bolonga1<:ta, T. Diospyi-os pilosantbera. ]>lanco. 

BoLONG-CAiJiT. datropba curcas L. 

BoLONGufTA, T. Dios])yros pilosantbera Blanco. 

Bol6ng LtJYONG, Panip. Livistonia ])a])uana Bece. 

BoLONG TAMBAL, V. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Boe6ng-taIvIBAL. Clerodendron intermedium Cbani. 

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BoLOJXGUiTA. JJiospyros pilosantliera J^lanco. 

BoLOT, V. Dioscorea fasciciilata Roxb. 

BoNAC, V. Ocimum basilicum L. 

Banato, T. Mallotus philippinensis IMiiell. Arg. 

BoNETES. Barringtonia speciosa Peis. 

Bonca, T., V. Areca catechu L. 

Ijoivga (Batangas). Bauhinia variegata L. 

BoNC^ABOJVG, V. Macaranga inappa Muell. Aig. 

BoJNGABONGA, T. Alternaiithcra denticulata R. Br. 

J50NCJAL0N. Bauhinia grandiflora Blanco. 

BoNCANG-MATtJiis, T. Areca catechu Linn. 

BoNGANG-PATO, T. Areca. 

BoNGA-PALO. Areca catecliu L. 

BoNGA-SANTOL. Areca catechu L. 

BoNGAN LABNi, Pamp. Calanius albus Pers. 

BoNGLAS, V. Zizyphus. 

BoNGLiu, v., T. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

l^ONGOT-BOiNtJOT, V. Cypcrus. 

BoNLAi, B. Lunasia aniara Bhxnco. 

BoniJn, T. Polysciiis nodosus Seem. 

BoNOG (Paragua). Garcinia. 

BoAOTAN, V. Cocos uucifcra Linn. 

Bontot-IjSa, v., T. Ilelicteres spicata Colinb. 

B06-B06, Ig. Pinus insularis Endl. 

BoocAN, V. Jjansium domesticum Rumph. 

BoiiNAY GUBAT, V. Antidesma. 

Borobot(3nes, V, Kyllinga monocepliala Rottb. 

I^OKONA, Pamp. Setaria italica Beauv. 

Boron A. Zea mays L. 

BoKOT, V. Dioscorea fascicuhxta Roxb. 

BoSBORON, 1\, V. Scaevohi koenigii Vahl. 

BosiCAi), V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

BoSLOG-AMO, T. Melastonia. 

BoTA, h^. Mussaenda. 

BoTA-BOTA, T. Excocaria agalloclia L. 

BoTA-BOTA, 11. Melastoma obvolutum Jack. 

J56TANG-GUBAT, T. Ilomalanthus fastuosus F. Vill. 

BoTAT. Barringtonia racemosa DC. 

]56to, T., V. Seaevola koenigii Vahl. 

BoTOAN, T. Musa sapientum L. 

BoTOBOTONES, B. Cyperus rotundus L. 

BoTOBOTONES. Eupliorbia pilulifera L. 

I^OTOIIAN^ T. Musa paradisiaca L. 

BotOlan, 1\ Fluggea obovata Wall. 

BOton-vu.o, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

BoTONCiLLO, T. Gomplirena globosa L. 

BoTONG, T., V. Barringtonia speciosa Forst. 

BoTONG, V. Cocos nucifeia Linn. 

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BoTOXCi, V. Millctia sericea W. and A. 

BoTONC-BOTOivT;, T. Barringtonia speeiosa Foist. 

]5ot6ng-mAin6(', T. Storosperinum qiiaclripinnatum F, Vill. 

l*6vi, V. Euphorbia })iliiUfora L. 

JV)Y(')C-boy6c, 'I\ Moinordica eocliiiichinciisis Spvoiig, 

BiTA, Cag. ArcM'a catechu Linn. 

BuAS, 11. IMalotus philippinoiisis Miicll. Aig. 

P)UiM?U(iNAY. Aiitidcsma bunius Sprong. 

Bi iK>Y-(u'iJAT, T. ]>oinbax iiiabibaricmu ])(^ 

I^riJi o. Erythrina indica Lam. 

BuHiR?. Diacontoinoliim luangifera J*>liiiiie. 

BinvY, T. Ceiba })entandra Gacitn. 

P>unuY-CiUBAT, T. Tlicspesia ])opTilnea C\)ir. 

l>r(^\CAO, II. Setaria italica l^cauv. 

Buc-Boc, Paiiip. 8tre])liis. 

1>LCT0X (Masbate). Cahiiinis. 

BuENA VTSTA, S]).-Fil. Codiaoiiui vaiicgatum Muell. Arg. 

BiENG, Pani]). Acorns calainiis Linn. 

Bi GA.HN^ V. Strychnos celebica Koordors. 

lUoAYON, II. Abrns procatorins L. 

BuGNA, V. Clochidion. 

Bi'GNPki, V. Antidesnia bunins S])reng., and other species. 

BuGi\AO. Semecarpus pcrrottetii Marcli, 

P)1'go, v., T. Garuga fioribnnda Decne. 

BiKJOS, T., V. Acaly])ha grandis Benth., and otlu^r species. 

lU'GTOivrG, V. Caesalpinia bondnc Box!). 

Br(!UAROi\. Lagerstroeniia batitinan Vid. 

BuGUiniJC, 1\ Eragrostis tenelbi R. and S. 

B>i'iLio, Y. Dendrocalanms flagellifer AInnro. 

BuiCAN, T. Slu:)iea. 

lU TQUIQUIT, L. IMucnna nu)nos])ernia DC. 

lU .1 \:C\^ ( Albay ) . Fagraea. 

IU'LA(\ L. Gossy])inni lierbacenni L. 

Bri>A(\ W Ceiba pentandia Gaertn. 

IUlacan, V. Thes])esia popiilnea Corr. 

l>i LACAN, V. T]iesp(\sia niacrophyBa BInnie. 

lU'TvACAN, T. I])onioea peltaia Clioisy, and otlier species. 

I>rLA(^\.o (lloilo). Argyreia. 

Btlac lu T.ACAN. Ipoinoca peliata Clioisy. 

lU'LAC-nrLAOAN, T. Ascb'pias cnrassavica ]j. 

\>\\.\v-CAUOY, T. Gossypiuni perenne L. 

I>f LA( -GASTiLA, Panij). Cciba ])entandra Gaertn. 

Bi'lacscastila, Panip. Gossypiuni lier])acenm L. 

P)rLAG-(^\STiLA, 1\ Asclepias cnrassavica Linn. 

BriAG-DAMO, T. Asclepias eurassavica L. 

lU'iLAc-DOxnoL (Cebu). Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

l^rLAC-MANUC, L., Panij). Adenostemnia viscosum Forst. 

l>rLA(-NA-]sioNTJ, 1\ Gossvpiuni perenne L. 

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IU'lac-na-bundoc, T. Gossypiuni arboreum L. 

liOi.Ac -NA-TOTOO, T. GossypiiiiTi pereniie L. 

IU'lac-na-totoo, T. Gossypiuni arboreum L. 

lUjLAC-mjA-BiyAYAj V. Gossypiuin arboreum L. 

Bulaclac-^ang-dalaga. Mussaenda frondosa L. 

JU1LAE8INO, T. C'eiba pentandra Gaertn. 

JjULAG, T. Gossypiuni herbaceum L, 

Bi LAGAc, B. Uvaria ovalifolia Blume. 

JUjLAUAN, V. Lansiuni douiesticum Ilumpli. 

JU'iLAi (Bataugas). Dolichos lablab L. 

JU'iLAi-LAVA, T. Crotabiria verrucosa L. 

I5LLALA, 11. Sarcoceplialus eordatus Miq. 

Bi LALACAO, V. Argyreia nitida Choisy. 

J3ULALANG, B. Pittosporum. 

BOlan-bulan, V. Laportea gaudiehaudiami Wedd. 

J^ULAO, 1\ Canarium. 

B11LA6, T. Santiria. 

J5ijla6-ui LAO, V. l^arameria pbilippim^nsis Radlk. 

BuLAON, T., Pamp. Vitox littoralis Decne. 

BuLANAN, V. Gom})hia. 

BuLAulSAN, II. Vitex. 

lU'jLAY (Batangas). Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

BiLi, T. Corypha und)raculifera L. 

BuLi-Bruf. Corypha umbraculifera L. 

BiJi.i-CAiioy. Yitex philippinensis Morrill. 

BuJX), V. Bambusa longinodis Miq. 

IUjlocanan, V. Gonipiiia angustifolia Vabl. 

BuloivTji iTAN, T. Diospyros. 

BuNAYON. Sonneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

J5uNGA (Cagayan). l)i[)tciocarpus. 

Bui^GA, Cag. Pterospeiniuni diversifolium Blume. 

B>unTja, T. Areca cateclui L. 

BuiVGALON, V. JTomalocencluis liexandrus O. Ktze. 

Bui\GALoiNr, T., V. Avicennia oiTicinalis L. 

BuNCJALU, T. Avicennia ollicinalis L. 

BuiNCJALUN, V. Sonneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

BujNTiANON (Tinago). llypnrosa. 

BiJNGiAs. Zizyphus?. 

BunglIn, T. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BuNGiJo, V. Amoora. 

Bung-l6y, V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

BunT;6n, 11. Allaeantbus luzonicus J>entli. and Hook. 

BiJNGtJLAN, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

Bunlao, V. Justicia gendarussa, L. 

Bunnk(% II. Musa sai)ientum L. var. 

BuquIngan. Gnaphalium. 

BuQUiTQufT. Asclepias curassavica L. 

BiJNTOT-PtJSA, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

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]3XJNT0T-riisA, T. Setaiia glauea Beauv. 

BuNTi T-i'SA, T. Tlelietcris spicata Colinb. 

BuNUAY (Boiiioc). Vacoiiiiuiii iodfituiri Vidal. 

BuNUGAN?, Cag. Calamus rlioiiiboidinis IMuine. 

Bi QuiNGAN, T. Gomphrena globosa B. 

BiJid, 'l\ Coiypha uiiibraeulifera L. 

BusAiN, 1\ Jhuguiera caryopliylloidcs Bhmie. 

BlJSAiN (Beyte). Bterocyinbiuiu javanicuiii B. Br. 

BusAiN, y. Sterculia. 

Busf?, ('ag. Calamus rboiuboidcus J^himo. 

BusiLAC, T. Amoora. 

BusiLAC, T. Alcbornea bhimeana Muell. Arg. 

BusiLAo, T. Aglaia minutifloia Bedd. 

BlsfLi, Pang. Diospyros. 

BiJSiM. Bruguiera. 

BuslIg, 11. Eleocharis. 

BuTA, 1\ lllxcoecaria agalloclia L. 

BuTABUTA, T., Pamp. Excoecaria agallocha L. 

BUTANG-GTJBAT, T. Ilomalantbus. 

BuTAo, B. Ardisia humilis Vabl. 

BuTiNG. Phaseolus vulgaris L. 

BuTiNCJA, T. Phaseolus vulgaris L. 

BiJTiNGUi. Vigna. 

BiJT.NEG, 11. Musa sapieutum L. var. 

BuTiNENG, II. Musa sapientum L. vai". 

BtJTO-BUTo, V. Cerbera odollani Gaertn. 

BtJTO-BUTONis, V. PbyBanthus. 

BuTO-iu TOi\iSAN, T. Euphorbia atoto Forst. 

BuTONG, V. Dendroealamus. 

BuTONG, V. Pongamia glabra Vent. 

BuTOiNG, V. Derris sinuata Benth. 

BuTONG, V. Milletia pulchra Benth. 

BuTONG-MANOC, V. Cyclostemou. 

Bi TUAN, T. Musa sapientum L. 

BiTULAN (Tayabas). Fluggea obovata Wall. 

BuTUNCi-MANOc, B. llyduocarpus hetero})hylbi IMume. 

BtJY, 11. Musa. 

Bt5yag, T. Citrus medica L. 

BiJYAYAVA, V. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

BuYEN (Balabac). Mussaenda grandiflora Rolfe. 

P>UYO, v., T. Piper betlc^ L. 

BuYO-BUYO, B. Astronia maerophylhi lilume. 

BuYO-BtJYO (Albay). Piper caninum A. Dietr. 

BxjYO-BUYO. Trichosanthes amara I^. 

P>uy6c-buy6c, n. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

BuYOC-BUYOC, T. Momordiea cochinehinensis Spreng. 

BuYO IT AMD, V. Piper caninum A. Deitr. 

BuYO IT AYAM, V. Piper caninum A. Dietr. 

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Bi YO IT LIN 11, \\ rijHT caiiiiuiin A. Dietr. 

BuYON, V. Mussciendji MiiisopliyBa VidMl. 

BuYONG, V. Melastoiiia. 

BtJYOR, V. Mussaenda. 

BuYliN ( Zaiuboaii<^a ) . Lopliojx'talinn. 


Cail\g. Sarcocepbalus cordatiis Miq. 

Cabagiiambabalos, \'. Sareocejdialn.s coidatus Miq. 

Cabahoy. Eugenia . 

Cabaicabai, T., V. S()])]ioia toineiitosa L. 

Caba.juy. Eugenia, 

('ABAL, 'I\ Fagraea niorindaefolia J^>lunie. 

Cabai.lkro^ Sp. Fil. Caenalpinia pulclierrinia Swaitz. 

CyABALONCJAN, T., Pamp. Sti yclmos ignatii l)erg. 

Cabalte, V. r]laeocarj)US oblongu.s Gaerln. 

Cabao-y, V. b^ugenia. 

Cabaliti, T., V. Colubrina asiatica J>rongn. 

(/ABATiTi, T. Rhamnus wiglitii W. and A. 

(JABCAB, V. Polypodiuin qucrcifolivmi 1^. 

('abcaban, V. Poiypodiuni quercifoliuin L. 

(Ubcvakon, 11. ]^]lej)liant()})us spicatus Juss. 

Cafm'lao, V. Conimelina bengbab'nsis L. 

Cabilte, V. Elaeocarpurt oblongus Gaertn. 

Gabiqui, T., V. Mimusops elengi Jjinn. 

(IvBiT-CABAG, T. ]\Iezonouiuin glabruni Desf. 

CAiiiT-CABAG, T. (laesal])ina miga Ait. 

OABrroNG, T., Pang. Eugenia. 

GablIn, 1\, Pain]). Pogosteinoii beyneunus P.^ntb., and otlier species. 

Cai50G, T. Unf)na. 

Caikk!. (-itrus bysirix DC. 

Cabogbog, T. Aniidesina gbaesend)i]la Gaertn. 

Cabo-nkgro. Oaiyota urens L. 

Caboy. Unona. 

(/ABRAB, Ji., T., V. bhytbi'ina indiei J.. 

Cabua-cabha, V. lleli()tr<)i)iuni indicMun, Linn. 

Cabijcabulai^an, B. Stvycbnos. 

(/ABUGAO, V. Citrus decuinana Eiiin. 

('ABUii. Cucnmis saiivus l^inn. 

Cabiilao (Tiagan). Cilrus auraniinni E. 

Cabuti, T. Bob4us?. 

Cabuti, T. Polyporus. 

('ABrYAo, Pan]]). Cilrus bystiix DC. 

Caca, T. Nepentbes. 

CacIdle, T. Streblus asper Lour. 

('acaiu ATE, Paul]). Glirieidia maeubita LL ]L K. 

Cacaiiuete. Aracbis liy])ogaea L. 

Cacana, T. Quereus soleriana Vi(Lil, nnd otber s])ecies. 

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Cacao, 8p. Thcobioina cacao L. 

Cac'AO-cacao (Ticao). Agrostistacliys iiiaesoaiia Vidal. 

C !a(JxU)-cacaoan. Talauma ^ 

('ACA0-CACAI7AN, T. Luiiasia. 

Oacao-c acauan ( Tayabas ) . Aj^la ia . 

Cacao iTA (Balabac). Fagraea crassipcs BeiiUi. 

Cacafate. Gliricidia niaculata IT. K. V>. 

C'ACxVUATE, T. Aracbis bypogaoa Ij. 

Caciia. ]\lo]iiccyb)n cdulc Roxb. 

Caciiumha^ Jl. Aigenione inexicana \j. 

('Ac;nuMi5A, Pamp. (Jartbairuis tinctorius L. 

(Iacikntasan, T. Carina indica L. 

Cadap.a. Gossypiiiiii bcrbacciiin Linn. 

Cadapdap, B. Diospyios. 

Cadayohan, T. Cclosia argcntea L. 

Cadco, \g. Polypodiuni dipteris Blunio. 

(*Ai)i)iL, B. Dnabanga molnccana Blnnie. 

Caddol. Ponganiia glabra Vent. 

Cadiu. I)ual)anga moluccana Blunie. 

Cadjvin, V. Pogostcnion cablin Bentb. 

('adlom. V. Pogostcrnon cablin J^cntb., and oilier s])ecies 

CadTnc;, Ig. Nepentbes alata Blanco. 

Cad-yos, V. Cajanus indiciis L. 

(■AFi:, 8p. C^ofTea arabica L. 

CacatcnTian, 'I\ Pygt^i^iii- 

Ca(;aya.\, 11. P)oebnieria ni\ea Hook, and Ani. 

Ca(;i';l, 8j).-Fil. Citrns anrantiuni Linn. 

CA(;rf.Ni)j. Pbylbintbns acidus Mnell. Arg. 

('v(iciNi)i, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

Ca(;n6is, L. Cajanus indica \j. 

Caoyos. C-ajanus indica J^. 

Caiiana (Jolo). ColTea arabica Linn. 

Caiiel. '1\, V. Citrus anrantiuni Ti. 

Caiioy-dalaga, T. Morinda bracteaia Boxb. 

Caiioy-dalaga. Micronieluni. 

Caiioy-dalaga. J^avetta. 

Caiioy-dalaga, T. Lvodia. 

Caiioy-dalaga, '\\ Mnssaenda grandifloia Ixolfe. 

Caiioy-dalaga, T. Mollotus inohiccauus Muell. Arg. 

Caiioy dalaga. Lristira triptera Badlk. 

C'aicai. 1\ Adiantuni lunnlatnni Burni. 

(Lmrocax, T. Beilsclnniedia cairocan Vidal. 

Caironi, T. Dioscorea. 

C A.I EL, 11. (Utrus anrantiuni L. 

Calaad. (^issani})elos paieira L. 

Calahang, V. Daeinonorops draco Mart. 

Calahaxtos, V. Mucnna nivea DC. 

(^alaijao. T. IVTonocboria vaginalis I^ic^sl. 

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Oalabao, T. Ottelia alisnioides Pers. 

Calabasang-bilog. Oucvivbita maxima Diich. 

Calabaza. Ciiciirbita ])e})() I^iiin., and other siu'cics. 

Cat.abazaing biloGj T. (Juciirbita maxima Diicliesiio. 

Calabazang ri la, 'I\ Cueuibita maxima Duchesne. 

Calaboa, Pamp. Bleehnum brownei Juss. 

C'alaboa. Monochoria vaginalis Presl. 

(Lm^bot. Citrus toroso J^hinco. 

(Jalabuyo, T. Saceopetahim. 

Calaoalamayan (J3atangas). Cissampelos pareiia L. 

Calacamote, V. Jpomoea bona-nox Linn. 

(Jalacaiayan, V. Arundinelbi nervosa Nees. 

CALAciiuciii, T. Plumiera acutifolia Poir. 

Calagung-iig, V. Tourncfortia sarmentosa Lam. 

Calalios, V. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

(Jalai, T. Monocarpia bbmcoi F. Vill. 

(/ALAi, T. Xylopia dehiscens Merrill, and other species. 

Calaicai (Leyte). Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

Calai-calai, T. Various species of Anonaceae. 

Calaitic, Mang. Litsea. 

Calalal AN, T. Asclepias curassavica L. 

Gala MAN SABA N, T. Stephegyne. 

Calamansalat, T. Stepliegyne. 

Calam ANSA NAT, L. Terminalia calamansanai Rolfe. 

Calamansanai, T. Stephegyne. 

(lALAiNiANSANAi, T. Diospyros. 

Calamansanai, T. Jkirsera?. 

Calamanse, T. Citrus aurantium L. 

(LvLAMANTAO, T. Autidesma ghaesend)illa Gaertn. 

Calamayo, T. Erioglossum. 

Calamayon, T. Terminal ia. 

Calam!?ae, V. Litsea. 

Calambiti. Caesalpiriia bonducella Flem. 

(yALAMBrr.iT, T. Caesal})ina bonducella Flem. 

Calambo-calamboan, T. Cyperus. 

(jALAiviiAS, T. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

Calamismls. Psophocarpus tetrogonolobus DC. 

CalamismIs, T. I*sophocarpus tetragonolobus DC. 

CalamondLn, T. Citrus medica Ijinn. var. 

Calanag, B. Ailanthus moluccana DC. 

('alangcang, V. Ueptapleurum subulatum Seem. 

('ALANiGT, V. Gardenia. 

C alamittIt. Terminalia . 

Calantas, T., Pamp. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

('alantIpay, T. Scirpus. 

Calan-um-oijao, V. Trichosanthes globosa Blume. 

Calaoag, V. Curcuma virdiflora Poxb. 

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(JALAPi, v., B. Calamus albiis Pers. 

Oalapia (Mindanao). Falaciuium. 

CALAPiNAr, 1\ Dodonaea viseosa L. 

(Jalapinj, T. Aviccnnia ollicinalis \j. 

(Jalasusi, T. Phiniieia acutifolia Poir. 

C/ALxVTjjNCAN, T. Pteiospermum. 

Calatondon, T. Cyatliea Integra J. Sni. 

Calatsutsi, T. Plumoria acutifolia Poir. 

Calatuciie, V. Plunieria acutifolia Poir. 

Calatumbaga. Crudia blancoi Rolfo. 

Calauag, V. Curcuma longa L. 

(!AL-AuiTiT, 11. Terminalia. 

Cai.avaga, V. Curcuma longa L. 

Calavaga, V. Cucumis sativa L. 

Calayacay, V. Desmodium pulchcllum J>cnih. 

Calayate, V. Tectona grandis L. 

Caldang, T. Bambusa. 

Caltacay, V. Desmodium pulchellum P>entli. 

Calian, T. Glochidion. 

Caliantang, T. Leea rubra J)lume. 

Caliancjtang. Leea sambucina Willd. 

Calibayoan. J5ruguiera eriopetala W. and A. 

Calaica. (Jlerodendron intermedium Cham. 

Callcot (Tayabas). Maesa indica A. DC. 

Calimantao (Unisan). Evodia. 

Calimantao, T. Diospyros. 

Calimantao. Vitex. 

Calimbaiiin, T. Micromelum te{)hrocarj)um 'rnrcz. 

CalinbagIn, T. l^sidium guayava L. 

CaliinTia, V. Cinnanu)nuim paucKlorum Nees. 

Calincjad, Pamp. Cinnamomum ])auciflorum Nees. 

Calingad, '[\, V. Cinnamomum paucillorum Nees. 

CAiiNGAG, T., V. Cinnamomum mercadoi Vidal, and other specie.^ 

CalIngan, V. Melocliia corchorifolia L. 

(yALiN-AiyVNOG. Cautliiuui mite P)artl. 

Calios, [[\ Str(d)lns jisper Lour. 

Caliot, Pang., \\. Ilopea plagata Vid. 

Calipayang, V. Codiaeum variegatum Muell. Arg. 

Caliraorao, T. J^]ragrostis plumosa Link. 

Calisai, Pamp. Terminalia catappa L. 

Calit-calit, T. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

Caijtes, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

Calo. Artocarpus incisa L. 

CAL0iic<3B, T. Eugenia jand)0s L. 

Caj.ocago, B. Eugenia. 

Calocatingan, T. Pterospermnm obliciuum Blanco. 

CalocantIng, T. Clitoria ternatea L. 

Caloc-catmo. Kayea. 

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Calohadia. Diospyros pilosanthera Blanco. 

Caloiiadtang, Paiii]). Diospyros. 

(Jalois. Stre^blus aspei- Lour. 

(Jalomai.a, T. Elaeocarpiis laiiceaefolius Roxb. 

('alomansola, T. Syuiplocos. 

(.ALO^srATA, T. Clausena excavata Biirni. 

(•ALO^rpAN, T. 8te)cu]ia foetida L. 

Calompit, 'I\ Terniinalia ediilis Blanco. 

Caloxdacni. Bridelia stipularis Bhime. 

Caloo, V. Abriis prccatorius L. 

Calooy, V. Ociiiiiim basilicuni Ij. 

Calot, Pang. Dioscorea. 

Calotang-imlog. Trunifctia seniitriloba Ij. 

(Jaloyaxang. l)ios})yros ])ilosantliora l^lanco. 

C AT a' a ( i , ' r . ( J a s ca r i a . 

('Ai.i'r.vW, V. Lagcnaria Aailgaris Scringe. 

(-ALI ucrn. 1\ Eugenia. 

(Jalugay, T. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

CMAdCOV,, T. Eugenia. 

Caluis, T. Streblus as])er Lour. 

Oalumacan, V. Elaeocarpus. 

( 'ALUmAjNAy, T. Rapaiiea philippinensis Mez. 

Cali^^manog, V. Koordersiodendron pinnatum Merrill. 

(yAHiMAiNO(;, V. Lerniinalia edulis Blanco. 

Cali MEAN, T. Aleurites moluccana Blume. 

()alum1x(!A, [g. (laultheria. 

(;Ar-rMPAN(!, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

(Jalumpag-ha-lati, L. Xylocarpus granatuni Kocnig. 

Calumpag, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

(•ATAJMPAGiN. T. Marlca begoniaefolia Roxb. 

Calijmpan, Panij). Sterculia foetida L, 

('ALtarpANG, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

('ALUMPAiVJTHN, "r. Guettarda speciosa L. 

(IalitmpainT-a-sa-latt. [\\ Xylocar])us obovatum Juss. 

(Jaiatmpit, T. Terniinalia edulis Blanco. 

('alunacan, V. Elaeocar])us obovatus Am. 

(■ALUiNTiAi, T., v., Panip. IVloringa oleifera Lain. 

(Jalungpang, T. Sterculia foetida L. 

(■ALUNTfN()AN, V. Aiitlioceplialus candamba Miq. 

C'Ai.uNTfxTiAN-.'NTiA-iTiM. V. Nauclca purpurea Roxb. 

(^\LUNTLxTjAN-NTiA-]\iULATO, V'^. Nauclca purpurea Roxb. 

('ALri»AT), V. Clematis gouriana Roxb. 

('AiJipcfp, T. Eugenia. 

CaijjpLnes, Z. Avicennia oflicinalis L. 

C'alutpamo. Phyllantlius acidus Muell. Arg. 

('alut, Pamp. Dioscorea birsuta Blume. 

(■aimacamatIsan, T. Solanum nigrum L. 

(^amacitIlts, T. Pitbecolol)ium dulce Bentli. 

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(Jamagahal (JMoroiig). I)iosp\ios. 

Camagon, T. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

(Jamagsa, T. Rourea inulliilora Plaiicli. 

('amagsa, T. Smilax iiKli(3a Vitm. 

Oamagsa-taguilis, T. Kourea lieteropljylhi l?]ancli. 

Camagsa-taguIlis, T. Coiinanis. 

(Jamaguan. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

Camaisa, T. Croton tigliimi L. 

CJamaisa, T. Macaranga iDappa MuvU. Arg. 

Camaisa -s AG UBAT, T. Cleidion. 

(yAMAL. AUaeantlius luzoniciis, Bcnth. and Hook. 

Camalagui, V. Tainarindus indica T.. 

(yAMALON, T. Evodia. 

('amaloncay, T., V. Moriiiga oleifeia Lam. 

CamalXjngue, Pamp. Moringa oleifeia Lam. 

CamalXjson, V. Psophocarpus tetragoiiolobiis DC. 

CA^rANCiiiLE, 1\ J?ithecolobiiim dulce Beiith. 

(/AMA?NCiliLES. Pithecolobium diilce Beiitli. 

Camandag, V. Croton tiglium L. 

Camanga, T. Croton. 

Camange, V. Ocimum sanctum \j. 

CamanTji, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

CamatsTu, T. Gynura sarmentosa DC. 

Camangst, T., V. Artocarpus caniansi Blanco. 

Camanguianis, T. Clausena excavata ]3urm. 

Camanoc, V. Crypteronia. 

CamansIle, T. Pithecolobium dulce Benth. 

Camantayo, V. Cratoxyion formosum Benth. and Hook. f. 

Camantigui, T., Pamp. Impatiens balsamina L. 

Camantikis, 11. Pithecolobium dulce ]>enth. 

Camaog, V. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

C'A-MAiUA, T. Artemisia vulgaris L. 

Camartang-songsong, T. Leonurus sibiricus L. 

Camas (Zamboanga). Myristica gutteriifolia A. DC. 

Camasteles. Pithecolobium dulce J^enth. 

Camatis, T., H. Lycopersicum escidentum Mill. 

Camatis. Physalis anguhita L. 

Camayuan, T. (lynmosporia. 

CAMAYtJAN, T. Diospyros. 

Cambal. Pygeum latifolium Miq. 

CAMmiA-CAMBRA, V. lleliotropium indicum L. 

Camtas, T. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

Canigang, T., V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Both. 

CamIgay, 11. Cryptocarya ilocana Vidal. 

CAMfiN, Z. Henslowia. 

CamilIng (central Luzon). Diphnliscus paniculatus Tuicz. 

Camiring, 11. Hemecarpus. 

CAMfT-CABAG, T. Caesalpina nuga Ait. 

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Cam-maleg (Abva). Fieus. 

Camcxjaimotiiian, T., V. Ipomoea bona-iiox L. 

Ca^iocihi.e. Pithecolobiuni diilce ]>onth. 

CamoctiIlks, T. riiliecolobiuni dulce Benth. 

CAMoa, 11. Cletlira canescens Keinw. 

Caaionay, T. J)io8pyros. 

CAAfOACj-c'AiMONC.. Capparis aiirantioides Piesl. 

CAMONTisi, T., V. Artocar])iLs camansi Blanco. 

(■AMONSiLES, T. Pithccolobium duleo Benth. 

Camotin, T. Strychnos ])olatornni L. f. 

Camot-cAi^ag, T. Caesalpinia bondiic Roxb. 

C'AJNioTE, Sp.-Fil. ipomoea batatas L. 

Oam6ting-caiioy, T., V. Manihot ntilissima Pohl. 

Camot-pusa, T. Mozononrnni. 

Camot-pusa, T. Harrisonia bennctii Benth. and Hook. f. 

(■AArr(3poT, T. Tabernaeniontana })aTidaeaqni Poir. 

Oampopot, Panip. Jasminun sanibae Ait. 

CAMfiLAO, ll. Citrus hystrix DC. 

CAMt'ij^TTjui ( Zamboanga ) . Ilaviisonia Ix^nnetii Benth. and Hook. f. 

Camuning, T. Atalantia. 

Camuning, T. Miirraya exotica L. 

CamtTimin, T. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

Cam UN IN, v.. Pamp. Murraya exotica L. 

Camuntay, V. Ciirns hystrix BC. 

Cami't-caijag, T. Dalbergia ferrngiiiea Roxb. 

CAMUT-crABAG, T. Azinia nova T^lanco. 

Camuyo, T. Citrns Jiystrix ])C. 

CAna, V. ( ■ardiospernnim halicacabuni L. 

('anaasAga, Pamp. A))rus precatorins T^., V. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. 

Can A LA, V. Mnsa. 

r;ANAE()N(;, V. Tacca rnniphii Schanev. 

CanAha, v., T. Mnsa. 

('anAi:em. Bischofia javanica Bhmie. 

(■anAuay, T. Ihicaria. 

CandAba, V. Ciossypium herbacenni L. 

Candakoma, II. Cimiamonium panciflornni Nees. 

C'andol, V. Benincasa cerifera 8avi. 

('andon, 11. Memecylon ednle Roxl). 

Cankla, V. Ocimmn basilicuni L. 

Canela. Cinnaniomnm pauciflornm Nees. 

Canela-de-monte. Cinnamonnim. 

Canet, T. Artocarpus. 

CanT)Ay, Pamp. Zanthoxylnm a\'icennae DC. 

CANTiON-cANTiON, T. Ilygrophila salicifolia Nees. 

("angcong, T., Pamp. Ipomoea reptans Poir. 

Cangcoag-dApo, T. Jussiaea repens L. 

CanIncag, T., V. Cinnaniomnm mercadoi Vidal. 

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Canjsi. v. l^ijx'i- Ix'tlt' 1.. 

Canlaha, V. Sliycliiio.s i.i»nntii lier^. 

CanInoag, T. Xyl()])i:i. 

('VNOMAY, T., V. I)i()s])\ ros nniltinoi-a ]>laiico, and other spcH'ic; 

Can6nay, 'V. Orotoii. 

CansasaCtA. Pamp. Abriis prccatoriiis T^. 

Cansilan, V. Craloxylon blaiicoi Vidal. 

Canlisay, y. Cratoxylon. 

Cansuyot. Aporosa. 

Cantjncian (Mang). Ptorosporiiiiiiii. 

CantinTjen, ]1. Codrcia tooiia Koxb. 

Canto-canto, T. Exacinn tolragonum Roxh. 

Canton. Gossypium barbadeiise L. 

Canton. Boebineria nivoa, IT. and A. 

Cantotai, T., Paiii]). Paederia footida 1.. 

Cantotan. Paederia foetida L. 

Cantotan, T. Vinca rosea L. 

Cantotay, T. Paederia foetida 1j. 

C'ANTUTAC, T. Paederia foetida L. 

Cantutan. 1\ J^iederia foetida 1^. 

CANUiistjiJAN. T. Scirpiis., T. Paiiicirm. 

(*aniii]Rup,aj\, Pain]). Polygonum barbatuni L. 

(LvNis-CABAG, T. Mezoncuruni. 

C'ana, 8]>. Band>usa. 

('ana-dOlce, 8p. Saeebaruni ollieinarnni L. 

Cana-espina, Sp. P)anibnsa. 

Cana-pistoea, T. Cassia fistula i^. 

Cana-fjsteea, Sp. Cassia listnla L. 

Canon, II. Liliuni pbilippinense Bake]'. 

Capal, T. Uoya nuiltitlora Blinne. 

Capaeauan, V. TTomaloniena miqiieliana, Sebotl. 

(Japoe-cai'Oe, T. Asclcpias curassaviea L. 

Capoe-capoe, T. Calotropis gigantea M. Br. 

CAPANiTfJEOT, T. Jristicia gendarussa L. 

Capas, 11. Ceiba ])entandra Gaertn. 

CArAS-SANTiLAY^, 11. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

Capayas, T., V. Cariea papaya L. 

Capcapa, 11. Polypodiuni quercifoliuni Fj. 

Capiei, T. Aleurites niohiceana Willd. 

Capoc (eJolo). Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

Capon, T. Areea alba Runipb. 

Cap6pat-vikaya, V. Jasniinum sambac Ait. 

Capueao, v., T. Cynomorium pbilippinense Blaneo. 

CAPtJET. Physalis peruviana L. 

CapiOtoe, V. Oryza minuta Presl. 

Cauabavi, 11. Bridelia sti})ularis Blinne. 

Caradap. B. Scbeiebera. 

Hosted by 



Cakaoalla. Pliaiseolus caracalla Blanco. 

Caracaton, V. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

CAiiAciiLCiiA, T. Pkimiera acutifolia Poir. 

CARACOB-BUTiGuf, V. Eugenia. 

Caradat, V. Leea javanica Blume. 

Caragda. Tiichosantbes amaia L. 

CaragiJ, T. Gardenia obscuia Vidal. 

CaraiiXjmai, T. Pandanus. 

Caramay. Phyllantlnis. 

CARAMBrAYA^ II. Eupboibia neriifolia L. 

Caramfalit, Pamp. Sesuvium portulacastrnni L. 

Carancan, v., B. ITeptapleuriuni. 

Oaranyan, V. Gonipbia angustifolia Vabl. 

Caranccany, V. IfeptaplenruHi venulosum Seem. 

Caraol, Z. Acacia, 

Carapdap, T. Erytbrina indica L. 

(^ARAUAN, B. Duabanga nioluccana Blunie. 

CarIquis, 11. Albizzia julibiissin Durazz. 

Carisqi'IS, T., II. Albizzia julibrissin Durazz. 

(Jaritana, V. Bryopbylluni calycinum Salisb. 

Caritana, V. Kalancboe spathulata DC. 

Carlin, T. Pogostenion cablin Bentb. 

Carmai, T. Glocliidion. 

Caknate, V. Musa sapientum L. var. 

Caro, 11. Gasuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Cakobcob, B. Eugenia. 

Carobcob-butiqui (Camarines) . Eugenia. 

(/AROCSAN, T. Linociera. 

Garopi, V. Anionuun ciliatum IMunie. 

Caropsan. Linociera luzonica F. Vill. 

Cakot, II. Aniorpbapballus canipanulatus Blunie. 

Garot, 11. Dioscorea tripbylla L. 

Garucansolt, T. Leucas aspera Spreng. 

Garugu, T., V. Myristica. 

Gasabano, 11. Zantboxylum oxypbylluni Edgw. 

Casabiia, V. Gartbaumus tinctorius L. 

Gasai, T. lMtbecok)biuni montanuni Bentb. 

Gasa-saga. Abrus precatorius L. 

Gas AY, B. x\lbizzia littoralis, Teysm and Benn. 

Gas ay, T. Aglaia. 

Gas AY, V. Pitbecolobiuni montanuni Bentb. 

Casay, V. Adenantliera pavonina L. 

Gasibainlang (Paragua). Iguanura. 

GasIben, II. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

GasindIc, T. Erytbrina indica L. 

Gasirag, Z. Dodonaea viscosa L. 

CasItas, V. Gassia a lata L. 

Gasla, V. Jatropba curcas L. 

Hosted by 



Casnut-cabag, T. Azinia nova Blanco. 

Casopanguil, T. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

CASOPANGfL-SA-GUBAT, T. Clerodendion. 

CASOPANGulL-NA-PUTf, T. Clerodendion. 

Casoj, T., V. Anacardium occidentale Linn. 

Castio-casti6gan, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

CASTfoGAN, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

CASTO-CASTOLfAN, Pamp. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

Castoli, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

Castult, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

Castumba, Pamp., T. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

Casubang-aso. Argemone mexicana L. 

CasXjbba, Carthamus tinctorius L. 

Casubha, T., Pamp. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

Casubhang-aso, II. Argemone mexicana L. 

CAStJi-CAsfJiAN, T. Dehaasia. 

CasuIt, Pamp. Capparis. 

Casupangil-gubat, T. Clerodendron blancoi Naves. 

Casupangil-gXjbat, T. Clerodendron infortunatum L. 

Castio, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

Casuy, T. Anacardium occidentale L. 

Cataca-taca, T. Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. 

Cataca-taca, T. Kalanchoe laciniata DC. 

Catalonga, V. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

Catamantas. Antidesma cumingii DC. 

Catanda, T. Cassia alata L. 

Catanda, T. Cassia tora L. 

Catanda, T. Crotalaria. 

Catandang-Aso, T. Cassia tora L. 

Catangal, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

Catang-catang, T., B. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Catang-catang. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

Catang-catang, T. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Catap (Zamboanga). Croton leiophyllus Muell. A'g. 

Catapang. Sliorea guiso Blume. 

Cataray (Balabac). Blumea chinensis DC. 

Cataypa (Dinagat). Ardisia perrottetiana A. DC. 

Catbal6nga. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

Catcatan, Pamp., V. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

Catcatan, V. Hedychium coronarium Koenig. 

CatchIbong, V. Datura alba Nees. 

Catchubung, V. Datura alba Nees. 

CatchXjbung, V. Datura metel L. 

Catelana, T. ? Diospyros. 

CATfcoT, T. Maesa indica A. DC. 

CatIguis, T. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

Catil, Ig. Eriosema chinense Vog. 

8956 4 

Hosted by 



Cattmon, v. Cucumis iiiolo L. and oilier species. 

Catmon, T.. V. Dillenia philippinensis Rolfe. 

Catliikn, V. Pogosteiiion cablin Benth. 

Cm 6 N ( Al bay ) . Ficus. 

CATONCiAL, T. Pancratium zeylanicuni L. 

CATON-isrACiifNG (Zaiiiboanga), Canariiim. 

Catolan, V. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

Catotang, V. Hedycliium coronariiiin Koenig. 

Catotanc, v., Panip. Alpinia gigantea L. 

Catotang, V., Panip. Alpinia brevilabris Presl. 

Catoy (Albay). Conocepliahis. 

Catoy ( Albay ) . A rtocarpus. 

Catsumi'.a, T. Cartbamiis tinctorius L. 

Cati baculan, T. Dysoxylum. 

CATufT, T. Euphorbia tirucalli L. 

Catungal, T. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

Catungao, Ig. Loranthus -spicifer F. Vill. 

C'aturai, T. Sesbania grandi flora Benth. 

Cauad-cauaran, T. Panicuni. 

Cauad-cauasan, T. Naravalia. 

Cauai, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

Cauat-cauaran, T. Cynodon dactylon L. 

Cauayan-anos?. Bambusa longinodis Miq. 

CAUAYAN-BALicAO, T. Bambusa luzonica Munro. 

Cauayan-bocaui. Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 

Cauayan-btjiio. Dendrocalamiis. 

CAUAYAN-cirfNA?. Scliizostacliyum blumei Nees. 

Cai ayang-b6o, T. Bandnisa laevis Blanco. 

CAuAYAN-GufD, V. Bambusa blumeana Roem. and Schult. 

Cauayang-totoo, T. Bambusa arundinacea Retz. 

Cauayang QUiLfNG, T. Bambusa monogyna Blanco. 

Cauayan-lumanpao ?. Dendrocalamus. 

CAUAYAN-NGA-iTtJM, V. Phyllostacliys bambusoides Sieb. and Zuec. 

Cauayan-osui. Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 

Cauayan-pana. Bambusa. 

Cauayan-tayo-uanac (Tayabas). Schizostachyum acutiflorum Munro. 

Cauayan-tainanac. Dendrocalamus. 

CAUAYAN-TiNic. Bambusa blumeana R. and S. 

Caiiayan-t6bo. Bambusa blumeana Roem. 

Cauayang tot6o, T. Bambusa arundinacea Retz. 

CaiimpAng (Jolo). Sterculia foetida L. 

Cauon, T. Arenga sacchifera Lab. 

(/AVAL, 1\ Cfarcinia. 

(;AVIlAn, T. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

CayAga. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

CayAncja, T., v., Pamp., II. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Cayanga-rosa, II. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

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Cayangcan, v. Ileptapleuruni veniilosum Seem. 

BayangcAn. Dioscoiea pcntapliylla Pers. 

Cayantol, Z. Linociera?. 

Cayanton, Z. Ficus. 

Cayaoyao, T. ALstoiiia spoctabilis ]l. Br. 

('AYAro, V. Pistia stratiolcs Linn. 

Cayo, B. Ceiba pentandra Gacitn. 

Cayoij-cob (Cebu). Ophiorrliiza. 

Cayomanis, V. Cocos nucifera L. 

Cayong, V. Glochidion littorale JJlinne. 

Cayos, V. Dioscorea hirsuta ]^)luine. 

Cayi'MANIS, T. Clausena pentapbylla DC. 

Cayltana, Pamp. Zantlioxyluin avieennae DC. 

Cayutana, T. Zanthoxylum oxypliyllnni Edg. 

CEBOLLi-CEBOLLfsAN, T. Iponioea. 

Ceiikzas, Sp.-Fil. Mimtingia calabnra L. 

CiiA, T. Aphananthe. 

CiiACiiA-ciiACTiAiiAN, T. Scopaiia diileis L. 

CiiACJiA-cilACUAliAN, T. Lippia nodiflora Rich. 

CnA-ciMARR6N. Ehretia. 

CjiAM-BtJNDOC, T. Ehretia buxifolia lloxb. 

Cji.vmpaca, Sp.-Eil. Michelia chanipaca Linn. 

CiiAMPAGA, T. Miclielia champaca Linn. 

CiiANCiTAE. Cissarnpelos pareira L. 

Ciiang-pArang (Angat). Osbeckia diinensis L. 

CiiECiiE (Nueva Vizcaya) . Stephegyne. 

Ciiical6te. Argemone mexicana L. 

Ciiico, Sp.-Fil. Achras sapota L. 

Ciiico-MAMf]Y. Lucuma mammosa Gaertn. 

Chile, Sp.-Fil. Capsicum minimum Koxb. 

CHir,ENG-BUND6c, T. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

CjriLENG-BUNDOC, T. Piper. 

Ciiili-picAnte, Sp.-Fil. Capsicum mininmm Roxb. 

CiirNCiiAO-CHiNCiTAUAN, T. Cissampclos pareira Linn. 

Ctanbog-tugba. Ternstroemia toquian F. Vill. 

CiDRA. Citrus medica L. 

Cfi)RA-CAY6TE. Cucumis citrullus Sir. 

CiLiNGfwA, V. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

Cinam6mo, Sp.-Fil. Lawsonia alba Lam. 

CiNAM6M0-DE-CHfNA, Sp.-Fil. Aglaia odorata Lour. 

CrNCHAO-ciNCHAUAN, T. Cissampelos pareira L. 

CiNCO-ciNCO. Gynandropsis pentaphylla DC. 

CiNCO-LLAGAS (Manila). Erianthemum bicolor Sch. 

CiNTAS-ciNTASAN, T. Vallisneria spiralis L. 

CiRtJLLAS. Spondias purpurea L. 

CiscA. Imperata arundinacea Cyrill. 

Clsip, ]g. Loranthus. 

C6bag, T. Dioscorea sativa L. 

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CoBAG-NA-QuiROi, T. Dioscoiea. 

CoBAMBA, T. Causcora diffusa 11. Br. 

CoBE. Dittelasiua rarak Benth. 

CouONG-coBONG, V. Cypeiiis elatus Linn. 

CocATMON, V. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

Coco, Sp.-Fil. Cocos nucifera L. 

C6cong-man6c, T. Barleria piionitis L. 

C6gon, T., v., B. Imperata arundinacea Cjrill. 

Cogon-cogon, T. Hypoxis franquevillei Miq. 

CoHOMBRO. Cucumis sativa L. 

Cola, T. Geodorum seniicristatum Lindl. 

CoLABATiAN, T. Cyperus. 

C6lang-bund6c, T. Geodorum seniicristatum Lindl. 

Colas, T. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

CoLAsfMAN, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

Colatc6lat. Agaricus. 

CoLATAY, T. Cynodon dactylon Pers. 

CoLi^NGAY, T. Astronia. 

Coles, T. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

C6LES, T. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

CoLES-MALUEO, T. l^isonia inermis Forst. 

CoLiAT, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

CoLiNTASAN, V. Canna indica L. 

Colo, V. Artocarpus incisa L. f. 

Colob6t, T., V. Citrus hystrix DC. 

ColocantiinT^. Clitoria ternatea Linn. 

("OLOCOGO, V. Ocimum sanctum L. 

CoLOCOLOG, V. Clerodendron intermedium Cham. 

Colohadia, Famp. Diospyros. 

CoLONAiJAS, T. Averrhoa bilimbi L. 

(y'OLONCOGON, B. Ilernandia peltata Meissn. 

CoLONCOGON, V. Ocimum gratissimum L. 

Colopc6p, T. Eugenia. 

C/OLOT, V. Dioscorea liirsuta Blume. 

Col6tan, T. Triumfetta semitriloba L. 

(/OLOTAN, T., v., Famp. Urena sinuata L. 

Colot-colotan, T. Chrysopogon aciculatua Trin. 

('olot-colotan, T., v., Famp. Urena sinuata L. 

CoLOYANANG, Famp. Diospyros. 

CoLUNG-coLUNG, V. Crotolaria. 

CoMBAii-coMBAKAN, T. Hyptis brevipes Foir., H. capitata Jacq. 

Comimp6l, V. Ilyptage madablota Gaertn. 

CommonsIl, V. Fithecolobium dulce Benth. 

CoNACON. KJaeocarpus floribundus Blume. 

Cond6l, T. Benincasa cerifera Savi. 

CoNOf, Famp. Oxalis corniculata L. 

CoNTfNG-coTlNOiAN, T. Heliotropiuui indieum L. 

C6nty, T. Solanum migrum L. 

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CoPANG, T., 11. Parkia roxbiirgliii G. Don. 

Copcop, T. Eugenia montana Blanco. 

CopralIn, T. Ichnocarpus frntescens R. Br. 

CoROBCon, B. Eugenia. 

CoROCARCUDAN, V. Lippia nodiflora Rich. 

CoRONG, T. Chailletia. 

CoRONG-coRONG, V. Evytliiina ovalifolia Roxh. 

CoRONiTAS, 8p.-Fil. Lantana camara L. 

Cor6s-cor6san, T. Chloris barbata Svv. 

CoROT, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

Corot, II. Amorpliophallus campanulaius Hlunie. 

CosTB^N, 11. Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

CosiNDJC. Erytlirina indica L. 

CosoL, V. Euiycles amboinensis Herb. 

('osOL, V. Kaenipheria galanga L. 

CosoL-cosoL, V. Monoehoria liastaefolia Presl. 

Coting-cotinTjan. Heliotropium indicum L. 

('(HMoc, 1>. Terminalia edulis Blanco. 

CyOTOLAN. Urena multilida L. 

Crocalasay. Selaginella. 

('UACUACoiiAN, T. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

Gi ANTON, II. Aniarantlius spinosus L. 

GuBAo. Dictyoneura. 

('ubatIli, T. Aglaia grandis Miq. 

GuBj, V. Artocarpus cumingiana Tree. 

GiJBi. Dittelasnia rarak Benth. 

(Htbili (Bulacan). Cubilia rumphii Blume. 

Gi iGiiAi, T. Allium uliginosum Don., A. tricoccum L. 

GuGUBfTAN, T., v., Pamp. Trichosantlies anguina L. 

CrcfN-BANUC (Masbate). Hymenodictyon excelsum Wall. 

GiiDiAPA, V. Gelosia argentea Linn. 

GuDiAPA, V. Amaranthus paniculatus L. 

GrKi.A. Ilomalium villarianum Vidal. 

(U'i':i,ANG (Benguet). Cratoxylon floribundum F. Vill. 

GrixTAS-criNTASAN, T. Canna indica Linn. 

GrisoL, V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

(U'LAD, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

GrLALAo. Pamp. (hircuma louga Linn. 

GuLAMBfsAN, B. Garcinia. 

Ci LANTA, '\\ Barleria prionitis Linn. 

CrLANTRfLLO, Pamp. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

GiM.ANTRO (Manila). Coriandrum sativum L. 

(U lApo, T. Boletus. 

Gtlasi, B. Decaspermum paniculatum Turcz. 

GuLASi, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

GuLATAi, Pamp. Jasminum sambac Ait. 

Gules, T. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

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GuLlfiTES, V. Amaranthus spinosus L. 

CuLiAO, 11. Curcuma longa Linn. 

CuLiAPA (Iloilo). Amaranthus mangostanus L. 

CuliAt, v., T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

CuLfcuL, V. Pithecolobium lobatum Benth, 

CuLiLfi. Commersonia platypliylla Andr. 

CuLiLis, T. Isolepis barbata K. Br. 

Cui.fiJS, T. Amaranthus viridis L. 

CuLiLisiAO (Tayabas). Linociera cumingiana Vidal, Elaeocarpus. 

CuLiNG-BABUY, T. Chisochetou. 

CuLfNG-MANOC, V. Canthium. 

CtJLiOT, Pang. Hopea. 

CtJLis, T. Memecylon edule Roxb. 

CuLis-NA-PULA, V. Aporosa microcalyx Hassk. 

CtJLiT, T., V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

CuLOC-ctJLOC, V. Eugenia. 

CuLUBUNG, Pamp. Musa. 

CtJLU-cuLiJ, B. Calophyllum. 

CuLtJTx\.N. Urena sinuata L. 

Culu-culutAn, T. Urena sinuata Linn. 

CuLUT-PAMO, Pamp. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

CuMDAR, Pamp. Hypoestes laxiflora Nees. 

(JuNAG, T. Calamus. 

CuNALON, V. Diospyros cunalon A. DC. 

CiJNJG, II, Curcuma longa Linn. 

CuNTT, T. 8olanum nigrum L. 

CuPANG, T., 11. Parkia roxburghii G. Don. 

CuPANG-BUNDOC, B. Glcditschia maculata H. B. K. 

Cupcfip, Pamp. Eugenia. 

CtJPiT-ctJPiT, II. Lepistemon reniformis Hassk. 

CtJRAG. Calamus. 

CuRAGDA, v., Pamp. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

Curcan1<:la (Albay). Rauwolfia. 

CuRRiBUETBU^T, II. Tabemaemontana pandacaqui Poir. 

CuRUCAT (Nueva Viscaya). Sliorea guiso Blume. 

CuRYAO (Nueva Viscaya). 8horea guiso Blume. 

CuscusiPA, II. Cissampelos pareira L. 

CusiBEN, II?. Cupania. 

CusNAO, II. Curcuma longa Linn. 

CtJSOL, Pamp., V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

CtJSUNG, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

CuTCURAN, T. Plectranthus. 

CfjTi, B. Solanum nigrum L. 

CutIl, Ig. Eriosema chinense Vog. 

CtJTO-ctJTO, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

CuYAO-YAO (Masbate). Alstonia. 

CuYA-QufA, Z. Pometia. 

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■ 55 

CuYANYAN, B. Alstonia. 

CuYON-ctJYON, V. Lepiniopsis tornatensis Valeioii. 
CtJYOS-ctJYOS, V. Taxotrophis ilicifolia Vidal. 
CuYOS-cuYOS, T. Cupania. 


Daat, T. Xerotes longifolia R. Br. 

Daat, T. Scleria. 

Dacandang, V. Tephrosia. 

Dacijtung (Jolo). Clerodendron cumingianiim Schauer. 

Dagabas, T., V. Pteris opaca J. 8m. 

Dagaliguan, V. Astronia. 

Dagamit, V. Rubus glomeratu.s Bluiiie and otlier species. 

Dagangdang, V. Tephrosia luzonensis Vogel. 

Dagangdang (Jolo). Maesa. 

Dagmay'. Colocasia antiquoruiii 8chott. 

Dagmay-]nTja-ai>ipi, V. Colocasia anticpioriini 8chott. 

Dagmay-nga-bolilao, V. Colocasia antiquoniin 8cliott. 

Dagmay-ncja-initlog, V. Colocasia antiqiiorinn Scliott. 

Dagmay-nga-quinsol, V. Colocasia aiiti(|iionini Schott. 

])agmay-nga-tai'6l, V. Colocasia anti(pionini Schott. 

Dag uf NOT, V. Rubus parviflorus L. 

DaguInot, V. Fragaria indica Andr. 

Daha. Mallotus. 

J)AuiLr, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

DaIla, V. Epipjenmum medium Engl. 

Daitanag, Pamp. Pterocarpus indicus VVilld. 

Dalacan, 11. Palaquim oleifcrum Blanco. 

Dalaganum, V. Uvaria dulcis Dunal. 

Dalagao, V. Uvaria dulcis J)unal. 

Dalaguit, V. Ficus indica L. 

D alamo, V. Flcurya inter rupta Gaud. 

Dalanan, V. Tectona grandis Linn. f. 

Dalandan, T. Citrus aurantium Linn. 

Dalandon, V. Tecton\^ grandis Linn. f. 

DalangLvn, v., T. ■x\rtocar[)ns cimansi J51anco. 

DalainTjuil. Ficus indica L. 

Dalanta, V. Zizyphus dalanta Blanco. 

Dalaora, V. Justicia dichotoma Blume. 

Dalaquit, V. Ficus. 

J) ALAR A. Terminal ia catappa L. 

Dalayap, V. Citrus medica Linn. 

Dalayat, Z. Linociera. 

Dali^nse, T. Terminalia. 

Dalensin, T. Terminalia. 

DalIma (Jolo). Punica granatum Linn. 

DALiN[)fNGAN, T. Shorca. 

DalInTja, V. Dioscorea fasciculata Roxb. 

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DALfNciACi, V. Dioscoiea fasciculata Roxb. 

Daliniias, T. Polyaltliia. 

Dalinsi, B. Terminalia catappa Linn. 

Dalipaco, II. Adiantum lunulatum Burin. 

Dalipaoen, 11. Alstonia scliolaris R. Br. 

DaiJsay (Mindanao). Terminalia catappa L. 

DALfvi-DALAGA. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Dal-lopayen, II. Alstonia scliolaris R. Br. 

Dalocnasan, B. Eugenia. 

Dalondoiv, V. Tectona grandis L. f. 

Dalondong, V. Diospyros pilosantbera Blanco. 

Daix)n6ban. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Dal6not, T., Pamp. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Dalon6tan, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Dalugdug, V. Caesalpinia bonducella Fleming. 

Daluguian. Artocarpus eamansi Blanco. 

Daltjnot, T. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

Dalupan, T., v., Pamp. Urena sinuata L. 

DalXjpan, T. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

Dalupang, V. Urena sinuata Linn. 

Dalijray. Aglaia argentea Blume. 

DAT.tJiiTJ-nAP.AE, B. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

Dalijru-lalaque, B. Sonneratia pagatpat Blanco. 

DALtJRiY, Pamp. Aglaia. 

Dama de n6che, 8p. Oestrum nocturnum L. 

DamAr (Camarines). Agatbis lorantbifolia Salisb. 

Dambuiiala, T. Diospyros. 

Dam6-hia, T. Mimosa pudica L. 

Dam6ng-dagat, T. tSpinifex squarrosus L. 

DAMONG-iriYA, T. Biopbytum sensitivum DC. 

Damoro, T., Pamp. Carum coptieum Bentb. 

I)am6ro, V. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

Dam6ro, T., V. Carum coptieum Bentb. 

DamortIs, 11. Pitbecolobium dulce Bentb. 

Dampaiat, T., v., Pamp. 8esuvium portulacastrum L. 

Dampol, T. Glocbidion. 

Damp6l, T. Terminalia. 

Dampol, T. Biscbofia javanica Blume. 

Damu-maria. Artemesia grata Wall. 

DamunTj-giibat, T. Pogonatberum crinitum Prin. 

DAMUNTi-PASiG, T. Panicum. 

DAMUS-Apf,*T. Panicum. 

Dan AG, T. Capparis. 

DanapRxV, Pterocarpus. 

Dancagt, V. Strycbnos ignatii Berg. 

Dancalan, T., v., B. Calopbyllum inopbyllum L. 

Danoli, 11. Vitex trifolia L. f. 

DANTui (Tayabas). Or eAvi a laevigata Vahl. 

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DanglIn, 11. Giewia laevigata Valil. 

DANGLfN, Jl. Dipterocarpus. 

DANGLfNGAN, T. Callicarpa. 

Dangling-Aso, v., T. Helicteres spicata Colinb. 

Dangltng-aso, T., V. Grewia multiflora Juss. 

Dangluc, T. Saccopetaliim longipes Vidal. 

Dangoy, T. Grewia. 

DANfGGA (Cagayan). Codiella toona Koxb. 

Daniri, V. Oldenlandia diffusa Roxb. 

DANLfG, T. Shorea. 

T)anl6y. Grewia umbellata Roxb. 

Danso, T. Selaginella. 

Danupra (Cagayan). Cedrella toona Koxb. 

])ANYLIN, T. Grewia laevigata Valil. 

Dao, T,, V. Dracontomelum mangifera l^hiine. 

Dao, V. Zingiber zerunibet Rose. 

Daoa, V. Setaria italica Beauv. 

Dao-daua, V. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

Dapal, V. Opuntia cochinillifera Mill. 

Dapdap, T., v., Pamp. Erythrina indiea Lam., and other species. 

Dapedape. Erythrina indiea Lam. 

])APNfT, Pamp. Schleichera. 

Dapo, T. Universally applied to epiphytic orchids, ferns, lycopodiums, etc. 

Dapo-marip6sa. Phalaenopsis amabalis Illume. 

DaponAya, V. Coleus aeuminatus. 

Dap6-sa-cahuy. Loranthus philippinensis Blanco. 

Dap6ng-baba, T. Iloya multiflora Blume. 

Dap6ng-tibatib, T. Rhaphidophora montana Schott. 

Dapo-sa-cauayan, T. Cleisistoma amabale T. and B. 

Dapo-SA-pAjo, T. Loranthus ampullaceus L. 

Daracan, II. Palaquium oleiferum Blanco. 

Darac6t, V. Triumfetta semi triloba L. 

Daraput, V. Samadera indiea Gaertn. 

Darasig, V. Oxalis acetosella L. 

DarAya, T. Cratoxylon polyantlium Korth. 

DariangAo, T. Albizzia procera Benth. 

DarIas, T., V. Pteris opaca J. Sm. 

DARfPAY, T., B., V. Ipomoea pes-caprae Roth. 

Darobcob, T. Eugenia macrocarpa Roxb. 

DAt, V. Scleria. 

DAtiles. Muntingia calabura Linn. 

DAuA, T., V. Setaria italica Beauv. 

DAuA, T. Eugenia tetragona Wight. 

DAua-dAua, T. Panicum crusgalli L. 

DAuag, T. Capparis micrantha DC. 

DAuAG, T. Capparis horrida L. f . 

DAtJSiTM, V. Eurycles amboinensis Herb. 

DAiiT, T. Scleria. 

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Dava, T., V. Setaria italica Beauv. 

Dayaca, T. Wallichia tremula Mart.? 

Dayagsac. Ficus quercifolia Roxb. 

Dayang, T. Blechnum brownei Jiiss. 

Dayang, T. Anisoptera. 

Dayang, T. Cyathula prostrata Blunie. 

Dayap, T. Citrus aeida Roxb. 

Dayap-dayap. Rlectrona horrida H. and T. 

Dayap-dayapat, T. Atalantia. 

Dayap GUBAT, V. Xanthophyllum. 

Dayap-na-monti, T. Atalantia monophylla Corr. 

Dayaqlit. Ficus indica Linn. 

Dayia, V. Rliapbidophora pertusa Scbott. 

Daytanag, Pamp. Pterocarpus. 

Decdec, II. Cbailletia griffitbii Hook. f. 

DiA, Z. Zizypbus. 

DiAC, Pamp. Memeeylon. 

DiiJATiP, V. Epiprenmum medium Engl. 

DiCLAP. Zizypbus trinervis Poir. 

J)icuTA, Pamp. Pacderia footida L. 

DiEGO-DE-NOCiiK. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

Dig LAS, T. Terminalia. 

DiGQufT-DiGQUiT, T. Pisonia aeuleata L. 

DiCiTAN (Tayabas) V. Calamus mollis P)binco. 

Diis, V. Baubinia tomentosa L. 

DiLAAN, V. Buchanania florida Scbauer. 

DiLA-i)ir>A, T. Elepbantopus mollis 11. B. K. 

DiLA-DfLA, Pamp. Lepidopetalum. 

DiLA-DiLA, T. Cynometra inequalifolia A. Gray. 

Djla-dila (Marindiiqiie) . Excoecaria agallocba Linn. 

DfLA-DiLA. Onychium auratum Kaulf. 

DiEAG-PUTiQuf, T. Podocarpus. 

DiLAN-nuTiQif. Dentella repens L. 

DiLANC-ASO, T, llypoestes. 

Djlang-baoa, B. Olea. 

DfLANG-BACA, T. Opuntia cocbinillifera Mill. 

DiLANG-BOAYA, V. AloG barbadensis Mill. 

DiLANG-BUTiQui, T. Tylophora bifida F. Vill. 

DiLAJNG-BUTiQUi, T. Blumoa laciniata DC. 

DiLANG-BUTiQiii, T. Deutella repens Forst. 

DiLANG-iiALO, V. Aloe barbadensis Mill. 

DIlang-usa, T. Elepbantopus spicatus Juss. 

DIlang-usa, T. Carallia integerrima. 

DiLAO, T. Curcuma longa L. 

DiLAO-Purf, T. Curcuma. 

DiLANAN. Citrus hystrix DC. 

DiiJG, II. Canthium confertum Kortb. 

DilimAn ( Manila ) . Polypodium . 

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DiLiVARio, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

DiLUARio, T. Argemone niexicana L. 

DiNCALiN, T. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

DiNGLAS, T. ? Terminalia. 

DiNGLAS. Eugenia. 

DiNGLAS?, 11. Hopea. 

DiNGCALlN. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

DiNLAS, T. Eugenia. 

DiNtJGtJAN, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

DiRAN, 11. Zizyphus. 

DiRiG, II. Otophora blancoi Blume. 

DiRiG, II. Capura. 

DirIta, T. Alstonia. 

DfTA, v., T. ^ Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

DiTAA. Alstonia scholaris K. Br. 

DiTAAN (Zambales). Calamus haenkeanus Mart. 

DiTA-DiTA (Camarines). Astronia pulchra Vidal. 

DiUALAT-NA-fTEM, T. Dysoxylum. 

DoATLO. Urophyllum glabrum Jack. 

DoBLESA, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

DocAT-DECAT, V. Cyathula, prostrata Blume. 

DocoT-DECOT, T, Achyranthes aspera L. 

DocoT-DOCOT, V. Pupal ia atropurpurea Moq. 

DocoT-DOCOT, Y. Desmodium laxiflorum DC. 

DoGUE. Dioscorea sativa. 

DalhOl, V. Ceiba pentandra Caertn. 

DolItan. Palaquium luzoncnse Vidal. 

DoriTAN-PACATAN, T. Sidcroxylou. 

Dolotan-pula, T. Sideroxylon. 

DoLiTAN-PUTi, T. Garcinia. 

DoLOARiN, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

DoLOCNASAN, B. Eugenia, 

DoLONGfAN, T., V. Artocarpus. 

DoLONGiAN, T., V. Artocarpus caniansi Blanco. 

DOLONTAS, T. Chrysanthemum indicum L. 

DoLOVARio. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

Dond6l, 11. Ceiba pentandra Gaertn. 

DoNGON, T. Heritiera littoral is Dry. 

DoNHAO, T. Astronia. 

DooL, v., Pamp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

DosoL, Z. Kaempheria galanga L. 

Doy6c-doy6c, V. Gynotroches axillaris Blume. 

DuADUARAN, T. Pauicum. 

DiJAT, T., v., Pamp. Eugenia jambolana Lam. 

DtJCA, V. Dittelasma rarak H. f. 

DtJCA, V» Erioglossum edule Blume. 

DucLAP, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

DuclItan, T. Sideroxylon duclitan Blanco. 

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DucTULAN, T. Eugeiiiii. 

DucTtJNG-AiiAS, T. Naravelia laurifolia Wall. 

DucuM^ V. Hibiscus abelmosehiis L. 

DtJEG. Biscbofia javanica Blume. 

DuELfTAN. Sideroxylon cinereiiiii L. 

DtJGAN, T. Eugenia. 

DuGARON, T. Bridelia stipularis Blunve. 

1)ugay6n, V. Decaspermum paniculatuui Tuicz. 

Dug6an. Myristica philippinensis Lam. 

Dug on-late, T. Heritiera littoral is Dry. 

Dugtong-ahas, T. Paranieria philippinensis Radlk. 

DuGTtJNG-AiiAS, T. Streptocaulon baumii Decne. 

DuGDtJNGAiiAS, T. Vitis quadrangularis Wall. 

Dugman, V. Wolffia schleideni Miq. 

DuGOAN, B. Myristica. 

DuGtJAN, T. Myristica cumingii Warl). and other species. 

DuiiA?, V. Pterocymbium javanicuni B. Br. 

DuiiAO (Zamboanga) . Myristica uiiiidanaensis Warb. 

DiJHAT, T., v., Pamp. Eugenia jambolana Lam. 

DuirAT-MAN6c, T. Ixora. 

DuiAN (Jolo). Durio zibethinus Linn. 

DulanArt. Acanthus iliciformis L. 

DtJLAo, V. Curcuma longa L. 

DtJLAo-BABAE, T. Globba strobilifera Zoll. 

Di'LAiJARi, Pamp. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

DuLiAN (Jolo). Durio zibethinus Linn. 

DuiiAN, 11. Dioscorea batatas Decne. 

DuLfTAN-puiJ., T. Palaquium. 

DuLUARio, T. Argemone mexicana \j. 

DuLtJPANG, V. Abutilon indicum (L Don. 

DuMALf, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

DuMANAi, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

DuMAYACA, T. Wallichia tremula Mart. 

DuNGAO, T. Astronia. 

DuNGARUG, V. Ficus cuneata Micp 

Di'iNCJON, T., V^. Heritiera littoral is Dry. 

Dung6n. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

Dung6l. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

Dijng6n-dung6nan, T. Pygeum. 

DuNGON-LATE, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

DuNGT^N, T., V. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

DunTjt^n, V. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

DuNCJURtJNGUT, C. Citrus hystrix DC. 

DfiRA, V. Ruta graveolens L. 

DiTRANG-PARANG, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

DURTAN. Durio zibethinus Linn. 

DuRiTGU, T., V. Myristica. 

Df s. Bauhinia hinnata Blanco. 

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Duso, T. Kaempheria galanga L. 
DtJSUL, T. Kaempheria galanga L. 
DuYONCx, 11. Shorea. 


BBANO. Maba biixi folia Fcis. 
EM-fiM, Ig. Chlorantluis brachystachys Bliime. 
EscoBANG-HABA, T., V., Pamp. Sida rhombifolia L. 
EscoBANG-HABA, T. Sida carpinifolia L. 
RSES-MAYA, T. Ficus. 

Falumorea, T. Calophyllum. 

Fangfangun, Ig. Vernonia. 

FANGfNHAN. Pterocymbium javanicum P. Br. 

Farictan, T. Geodorum semicristatum Liiidl. 

Fes A, T. Canarium. 

Fruta, Sp.-Fil. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 


(Iabi, Cag., T., v., Pamp. Colocasia anti(iuoriini Scliott. 
(iABi-GABi, V. Monoehoria hastaefolia Presl. 
(Jabi-gabi, V. Bootia cordata Wall. 
GABi-GABfiiAN, T. Typlionium divaricatiim Doeiio. 
(xABfiiAN, T. Monoehoria hastaefolia Presl. 
(lAHiLO, T. Garuga. 

(Ubing-morada, V. Colocasia aiitiquoruiii Schott. 
Gabing-onac, T. Alocasia indica Schott. 
GAB1NG-P0I.A, T. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 
Gabing-silangan, T. Colocasia antiqiioruni Schott. 
Gablos, T. Ardisia. 
Gabuen, V. Blumea balsaniifera DC. 
C!aby-nga-guinatos, V. Colocasia antiquorum Scliott. 
(:!aby-na-sib6yas, T. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 
Gaby-na-sinib6yas, T. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 
(LvccA, Tg. Loranthus. 

Ga-ga, T. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 
Gala-gala, T. Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 
Galamai-Amo, T., V. Heptapleuriim venulosum Seem. 
GALAMfNY-AMUc, B. Walsura robusta Roxb. 
Galanga. Maranta arundinacea L. 
Galiang, V. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 
Galonalpas, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 
Gamagamatisan, T. Solanum nigrum L. 
Gamot-sambali, T. Parameria philippinensis Kadlk. 
Ganda, V. Allium sativum L. 

GANDtJS, T., v., Pamp. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 
Gan-gan, V. Flemingia strobilifera P. Br. 

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Gapas, V. Gossypium herbaceum L. 

Gapas-costa. Gossypium herbaceum L. 

Gapas GAPAS, V. Vitex obovata Thunb. 

Garadat, B. Leea javanica Blume. 

Garamansatay^ T. Ternstroemia toquian F. Vill. 

Garangan, V. Averrhoa carambola Linn. 

Garban, V. Epipremnum medium Engl. 

GaronTu')N, Gag. Ilopea. 

Gvs-GAS, V. Khodamnia glabra Vidal. 

GAvSPas-casera, Gossypium herbaceum L. 

Gatas-gatas. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Gatasan, T. Garcinia duodecandra Pierre. 

Gatasan, T. Terminalia. 

Gatasan, V. Fagraea morindaefolia Blume. 

Gatasan, 'I\, V. (raicinia cornea Linn, and other spccicv- 

(Jatasan DILAO (Tayabas). Garcinia. 

GatAsan-pula, T. Garcinia venulosa Choisy. 

Gatas-gatas, T., V. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Gauay-gauay, V. Sesbania gr audi flora Pers. 

Gauay-gauay nga pula, V. Sesbania grandiflora Pers. 

Gau ay-sing -BUAYA, V. Alocasia. 

Gavai-gavai, v., T., Pamp. Nymphaea lotus Linn. 

Gavay, T., v., Pamp. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

GAwAY-GAWAY. Nymphaea lotus L. 

Gay6man-man6c, T. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

Gayos, V. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

Gicos-Gfcos, V. Abrus precatoiius L. 

GiLAiAs, T. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

Giog-gilIgan, T. Abutilon indicnm Don. 

GiMUBAON, V. Vitex. 

Ginabang, T1. Macaranga. 

GiNGliiiJ, T. Holarrhena macrocarpa Hassk. 

GiNLA(^,ASE (Mindoio). ITopea. 

GfNTiN-GfNTiN, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

GoAN-GOAN, V. Aristolochia indica L. 

G6go, T. Entada scandens Benth. 

G6GO-CASAY, T. Pithecolobium. 

GoGON-TOCO. Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

(JoGONG BiSAYA, T. ? Aglaia grandis Miq. 

G6110NG BAG AY, v., Pamp. Entada scandens Benth. 

GoLANDRfNA, Sp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Goi.AsiMAN, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

GoMAMfiA, T., v., Pamp. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

G6na, Pamp. Polypodium quercifolium L. 

GoRGORi:TA, II. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

G6rung-g6rung, V. Crotolaria. 

GoYABANO, Sp.-Fil. Anona muricata L. 

Goy6n-goy6n, T. Cratoxylon. 

Hosted by 



(JioYORAN, '1\ iVl iisa p;iradi.siaca L. var. 

Granada, Sp. Punica granatum L. 

GiiANATES, T. Nelitris. 

Granates. Melastoiiia. 

(iJuANATls, T. MclasioiTia inalal)atiicTiin ]^. 

GiJANABANO, Sp.-Fil. Aiioiia iiiiiricata L. 

GuAYABAS, Sp. Psidiiim guayava L. 

GuBGTJBAo, Ig. Ardisia. 

GuAYABO. Psidiuni guayava L. 

GuENAYANG, T. Eiigcnia. 

Gufcos-Gufcos, T. Connariis. 

Gulcos-GUicos, T. Roiirea heteiophylla Planch. 

Guicos-Gufcos, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

GufD (Tiagan). Citrus hystrix DC. 

GufJO, T. Shorea guiso Blume. 

GuiLALAS, T. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

GuiLAMHON, V. Cyperus difformis Linn. 

GuiLiNG-GUiLfNGAN, T. Abutilou iudicum G. Don. 

GufLiT, T. Pygcum. 

GuiNABANG (Abra). Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

GuinAtos, V. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

Guinbaba6. Allaenthus. 

GufNGUEN, T. Glycosmis pentaphylla Corr. 

GufjNGUiN, T. Holarrliena. 

GuiNTiN-GufNTiN, V. Bluniea balsamifera DC. 

GuiRfc-GUTfN, B. Cupania?. 

GulsAY-cALABAO, T. Cyperus. 

GuiS-GUis, T. Rhodamnia glabra Vidal. 

GuisfAN, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

GuisiAN, T. Ratonia montana B. and H. 

GuisfAN, T. Kayea raceniosa PL and Tr. 

GuisfiiAN, T. Eugenia. 

GuisiiiAN, T. Dittelasnia rarak Hook f. 

GuisliiAN, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

GuisliiANG. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Gufso, T. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Guis6c, T. Shorea guiso Blume. 

Guis6c-GUis6c. Aglaia. 

GufsoL, T. Kaempheria galanga L. 

GufsoN, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

GufsoNG-DiLAO, T. Shorea mangachapuy F. Vill. 

GulsuL, V. Kaempheria galanga L. 

GuiTTN-GurriN. Blumea balsamifera L. 

GuLANGULAMANAN, T. Cissampelos pareira L. 

GuLiLfsiAO (Tayabas). Elaeoearpus. 

GuMAM^^LA. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

GtJME, T. Eriachne. 

GuMfAN, V. Artocarpus blumei Tree. 

Hosted by 



GuMi-GUMi, T. Xyris complanata K. Br. 
GuMi-GtJMi, T. Fimbristylis schoenoides Valil. 
GtJMi-GTJMi, T. Eleocharis pelhicida Presl. 
GtJMi-GiJMi, T. Cyperus. 

GtJMi-GXJMi, T. Eriocaulon sexangulare Linn. 
GuRAYACAN, T. Rourea heterophylla Planch. 
GuRUGUANABAO, V. Linociera luzonica F. Vill. 
GtJRUNG-GtJRUNG, V. Crotalaria linifolia L. f. 
GusuTAN. Elaeocarpus floribundus Blume. 
GuTA-GAMBA. Garcinia venulosa Choisy. 
GuTLf, T., V. Acalypha grandis Bentli. 
GUYABA, Sp. Psidium guayava L. 
GuYx\BAS, Sp. Psidium guayava L. 
Guy6n-guy6n, T. Cratoxvluni blancoi Blume. 

Haba, Sp. Phaseolus lunatus L. 

Kabul, V. Elephantopus spicatus Juss. 

Hagaciiac, T. Dipterocarpus pilosus Poxb. 

Hagadiiad. ])ipterocarpus. 

Hagaiio, V. Eugenia. 

Haganasi (Camarines). Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Hagnaya. Poly podium. 

Hagobaoa, V. Pancratum zeylanicinn L. 

Hagon, B. Memecylon. 

Hagonay, T. Wedelia biflora DC. 

Hagonog. Uncaria. 

1[ag6nog, T. Spilanthes acmella L. 

Hag6noi, T, Spilanthes acmella L. 

IIagonoy-sa-buquii). Sambucus javanica Blume. 

IIagonoy-sa-lasang, V. Elaeocarpus. 

Hagorilis, T. Deeringia celosioides R. Br. 

Hagos6s, T. Eicus. 

llAGNiciifc, V. Phrynium. 

HaguIguit, V. Leptosolena haenkei Presl. 

IIaguInut, V. Ficus. 

Hagupanga, T. Aglaia. 

Hagtjpit, V. Ficus. 

HagusiitJs, B. Canarium. 

Hagusnay, T. Panicum. 

HaguyXjy (Tayabas). Dodonaea viscosa Linn. 

IIala-hala, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

Halamiiam?, V. Daemonorops. 

HALAtJMO, V. Mallotus paniculatus Muell. Arg. 

IlALiBUTBtJT, B. Tabernaemontana cumingiana A. ])C. 

HaligAngo, T. Hymenodictyon. 

Halim6mo, T. Ehretia. 

HalentihInao, V. Astronia cumingiana Vidal. 

Hosted by 



llALor.AGBUG, T. Ipoiiioea. 

Halom, T., V. Ainaianthus viridis L. 

Halon, T. Morinda tinctoria Roxl). 

Halon, T. Amarantluis melaiiclioliews L. 

Halopag-amo (Tayabas). Noplieliuni lit-clii Caiiib. 

Halugabat, T. Capparis micraiitba DC 

Hamamale, V. Leeea sambiicina ^\ ilUl., and otber species. 

Hamrabat, V. Naiiclea. 

Hambabalod, T., V. Nauclea obtiisa JMiinie. 

Hambabalos, T. Sarcocephalus coidatus Miq. 

Hambabayod, V. Nauclea. 

Hambalod, T., V. Nauclea. 

Hamjndan, V. Macarauga bicolor jNluell. Arg. 

Hamindan, B. Cbu'odendron bracbyantbuiu Scbauer. 

HamitanAgo, V. Kleinbovia bospita L. 

Uami.Ibno, V. Bluuiea balsaiiiifei-a DC. 

Hamolauon, V. Vitex. 

HamPxVpare, V. Oissanipelos pareiia Lin]i. 

TIampas-tabalang, T. Smilax. 

Ham pas-tagbalang. Dioscorea. 

Hamtac, V. Vigna catjang Endl. 

Hamulaon, T., P>. Vitex littoralis J)eeiie.. and otber species. 

Hanaoo, B. Albizzia. 

Hanarion, T. Treuia amboiuensis Bluuio. 

Hanarion, T. Sponia. 

Handalamay. Pipturus as per Wedd. 

Handaramat, V. JMpturus asper \\^edd. 

Hanele, T. Ficus. 

Hangaray, T. Brugiiiera ritcbieii Merrill. 

Hangor, T., V. Acbyrautbes aspera L. 

IJangot, T. Acbyrautbes aspera L. 

HanTj u t-na-babae. Lepidagatbis. 

Hanlilimocon, V. Deeriugia celosioides E. Bi-. 

Hanmababao, T., v., Pauip. llourea beteropbylla Plaucb., T., V^, Pauip. Counarus. 

Hanmabalar. Cnestis trifolia Pers. 

Hanopol, T., V. Conocepbalus erectus P>lanco. 

Hantutungao, T. jVlelastoma. 

Hanugdong, T. (^yrocarpus jacquinii Hoxb. 

HAPfTOiX, T., V. Dipterocarpus graudiflorus J^lanco. 

Hara, T. Leea. 

Harancjan, T., V. Centripeda orbicularis Lour. 

Haras, V. Piper corylistacbyou C. DO. 

Haras, V. Scleria. 

Haras, V. (birciuia cowa Roxb. 

Harum, V. Amarautbus spinosus J^. 

Hauilt, T. Ficus. 

8956 5 

Hosted by 



Hauli? (Jolo). Cyanotic axillaris Kocin. and Schult. 

HawIli, T. Ficus. 

Haya-haya, V. Buddloia neemda Hamilt. 

Hayoc (Tayabas). Vitis lanceolaria Roxb. 

Hay6pag, T. QuGrcus llanosii A. DC. 

Hebong, Mang. Aglaia. 

HiBioc, Vis. Arenga saccliarifera Lab. 

Hicamas, T. Pachyrhyzus angulatus Rich. 

IIiDioc, V. Arenga saccliarifera Lab. 

HiEROA DE San PI^dro, Sp. Phyllanthus niruri Muell. Arg. 

HiGANTONG, V. Clerodendron fragrans Vent. 

HiGOTBALATO, T., V., Pamp. Sida earpinifolia L. 

Higijis-man6c?, T. Eclipta alba Hassk. 

HrLALAY-6N. Heliotropium indicum L. 

HfMAG, V. Ipomooa paniculata R. Br. 

HiMAMAO, T. Chisocheton. 

HiMAMAO, T. Dysoxyhim blancoi Vidal. 

HiMBABALOB, T. Nauclca. 

ITiMBABAO, Pamp., V. Excoecaria agallocba L. 

ITiMBABAO, T. Allaeantlius lii/onicus Bentb. and Hook. 

Himpaparay, V. Melocbia indica A. Gray. 

HiMPAPARA, V. Cissanipelos pereira Linn. 

Himpas-lagbAlang. Sniilax divaricata Blanco. 

HiMULAO, V. Clausena willdcnovii W. and A. 

ITiNAGDiJNG, V. Trenia aspera Blume. 

ITimarAmay, V. Pipturus asper Wedd. 

HiNDALAMAi, V. Piptiiriis asper Wedd. 

HiNDURUGU, T., V. Myristica. 

HiNGAsfN, V. Derris uliginosa Bentb. 

Hi NG A SI NAN, V. Derris uliginosa Bentb. 

HiNCiONCOTO, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

HiNG(JE-CALABo, T. Beaumoutia. 

HiNGUEN, T. Malasia tortuosa Blanco. 

HiNGUio, T. Icbnocarpus frutescens R. Br. 

HiNGuioN. Monocboria vaginalis Presl. 

Himealay-6n, T. Heliotropium indicum L. 

HiNTAiX. Terniinalia catappa L. 

HiNTiPALO, T. Drosera indica L. 

HiNTOTOOR, T. Crudia blancoi Rolfe. 

HipgIi, V. Icbnocarpus ovatifolius A. DC. 

HfpoN-HjPON, V. Venionia cbinensis Less. 

HiTAM, V. Terminalia catappa L. 

HoAg, V. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

HoJA ciiuz, Sp. Crescentia alata H. B. K. 

Ho J AS DE BUYO. Piper betle L. 

HaligAnga, T. Hymenodictyon. 

HOLOG, V. Rbapbidopbora. 

Hol6g-nga-isA, V. Potbos cylindricus Presl. 

Hosted by 



HoMAi-noMAi, V. Typha angustifolia Linn. 

H6NG0, T. Elaeocarpus. 

H6pong-ii6pong. Litsea. 

H6rog^ V. Epipremniini niediuni Engl. 

Hoth6t, T. Trichosanthes anguina L. 

HoTOG, V. Khapliidophora. 

HuAC, V. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

ITuALfs, T. Lepidopetalum. 

HuAMpfT, T. ? Clausena wampi Oliv. 

HiJBAR (Balabac). Jasminiini sambac Ait. 

HuLABLtJB, V. Solanum nigrum L. 

ITuLAYA, V. Gynandropsis pentapliylla DC. 

HuLAYA-sANG-AYAM, V. Cleome viscosa Linn. 

HuLiGANGA, T. Hymenodictyon excclsum Wall. 

IIuroNG-iifiPONG, V. Buchanania fiorida Sebauor. 

Husu-HtJSU, B. Eugenia. 

ITuYA-iiuYA, V. Mimosa pudica L. 

HtJYA-iiuYA, V. Biopbytum reinwardtii Wall. 


Tacal, T. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

fBA, T., Pamp. Pbyllantbus disticlius Mucll. Arg. 

iba, V. Averrboa bilimbi Linn. 

Ibaba. Aglaia. 

Ibabao, V. Cassia fistula L. 

liJA-iBAAN, T. Pbyllantbus urinaria L., T. Bourea. 

Ibi6c, V. Arenga saccbarifera Lab. 

fno, V. Cbisocbeton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

iBi:i)-]i]iiD, V. Tristcllateia austialasica A. Bicb. 

iiOG-icoG-SANG-CLTi, V. Heliotropium indieum Linn. 

IdIao. Pterocarpus. 

Idioc, V. Arenga saceliarifera Lai). 

IGANG, T. Vitex aberniana Merrill. 

Igasui), V. Stryebnos ignatii Ik'rg. 

Igasur. Tricbosantbes amara L. 

IgInga, T. Clerodendron intermedium Cbam. 

Tgnama. Dioscorea divaricata Blanco. 

iGufA, Turraea virens L. 

iGufo, Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vid. 

TguInga. Clerodendron intermedium Cbam. 

iGtJT, V. Eugenia. 

fGiw, T. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Ilai-baquir, 11. Basel la rubra L. 

Ilalu-gabat. Capparis. 

iLANG-fLANG, T., V., II. Canauga odorata H. and Th. 

fLANG-fLANG DE ChLna. Artabotrys odorsitissimus R. Br. 

fLTB, Pamp. Jmperata arundinacea Cyr. 

Hosted by 



IiX)fLO, Pamp. Aglala argentea Blume. 

Ilongo, T. Elaeocarpus. 

In ALIA, T. Lemna. 

1nangd6n, T. Callicarpa. 

Inata, T. Liiimophila gratioloides R. Br. 

In ATA (Bulacan). Utricular ia flexuosa Valil. 

Inata, T. Ceratophylliim subinersum Linn. 

Inata, T. Ilydrilla. 

Inauaqui, V. Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

Indang, V. Litsea perrottetii, B. and H. 

Ingas. Semeearpus perrottetii March. 

Iniam, V. Antidesma ghaesembilla Gaertn. 

Jnignin, T. Casearia glomerata Roxb. 

InoyabaxV. Parastemon. 

iNtJMANG-OALO, T. Nepenthes. 

Inyam, V. Antidesma. 

loXs, T. Harpullia blancoi F. Vill. 

IPIL, T., V. Afzelia bijuga A. Gray. 

fpiL, Z. Adenantliera. 

Iking, T. Grewia? 

liiis, Mang. Tabc^rnaemontana. 

Ikoc, T. Arenga saccharifera Lab. 

fsAi, T. Enhalus koenigii Rich. 

Is is, T., v., Pamp. Ficus aspera L?. 

IsToisio, T., v., Pamp. Ficus hispida L?. 

ItIban, T. Parameria philippinensis Radlk. 

Itmo, v., 'I\ Piper betle L. 

JtxMong-dalacja, T. Ehretia blancoi A. DC. 

Itmong-ouao, T. (}netum gnemon L. 


Jamolauon. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

Jandayagcot, V. Tabernaemontana. 

Jaras. Garcinia. 

Jarrito, T. Nepenthes. 

Jarro, 11. Nepenthes alata Blanco. 

Jatsaiiengim, T. Canarium. 

JaijnXqui (Albay). Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

JavIli (Zamboanga). Bridelia. 

Labayo (Tayabas). Commersonia platyphylla Andr. 
Labba-labba, 11. Zizyphus trinervis I^oir. 
Labig, II. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 
LabindanAia, II. Livistona rotundifolia Mart. 
Labn^i, Pang. Calamus albus Pers. 
LabnI-auay-na-malOto, Pamp. Calamus albus Pers. 
Labnib, B. Calamus. 

Hosted by 



JjABNis, 11. Boelnnoria nivea Hook, juid Arn. 

JjABnIt, Jl Calamus albus Pers. 

Labog, V. Hibiscus surattensis Liuu. 

J^AiJOG-LABOG, V. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

J^ABON, V. Abroma alata Blanco. 

Labutjs. Boehnieria uivea H. and A. 

Labsob. Ficus pseudopalma Blanco. 

IjACAB-bulan, V. Blumea balsaniifora HC. 

Lacatan, T. Musa sapientum L. 

Lacbong-lacbong, V. Vernoiiia cliineiisis Loss. 

Lacdan-bijlan, V. Blumea balsamifera DC. 

Lac-ha. Ficus. 

Laclay-guInan, T. Flemingia. 

IjAcrrANG^ T., v., Pamp. Anamiiia coeculus W. and A. 

]jAdc6, Ig. Wendlandia luzoniensis I)C. 

Lag A (Cebu). Abrus i^recatorius L. 

Lagaiu. Phyllanthus. 

JjAGAYRAi, T., B. Iponioea pes-caprae Roth. 

Lagbangan. Guettarda speciosa L. 

Lagi-lagi, V. Eugenia lineata Hutliie. 

IjAgjni, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

Lagiwlagiw, T. Acanthus ilicifolius 1j. 

Lagna, T. Conocephalus suaveolens Blume. 

IjAGNT, Pamp. Calamus. 

Lagini. Cedrela toona Roxb. 

I^AGNIG. Clausena? 

Lagnob. Ficus. 

Lagnub. Ficus. 

Lago, T. Carthamus tinctorius L. 

Lagog (Hoilo). Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

Lagolo, T. Acrostichum aureum L. 

LagOnhon, V. Ardisia serrata Pers. 

Lagpacum, V. Solanum nigrum L. 

Lag-tal, V. Anamiita coeculus W. and A. 

Lagit, T. Olax. 

Laguicdi, Mang. Diospyros. 

LaguIno, V. Capparis horrida Linn. 

Lagitio-laguio, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

Lagitndi, T. Vitex obovata Thunb. 

Lagundi, T. Vitex negundo Linn. 

Lagundi-lati, T. Plucbea indica Less. 

Lagiindi-salasa, V. Buddleia asiatica Lour. 

Lagundin-dagat. Vitex tri folia L. 

LagundIng-gapancj, 1\ Vitex obovata Thunb. 

Laguino, V. Capparis. 

Lagvay, T., v., Pamp. Colocasia antiquorum Schott. 

Laita? (Jolo). Pandanus odoratissimus Linn. f. 

LAiio, V. Mvristica. 

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Lai6c-lai6c, V. Jasminum marianuni DC. 

LaIya. Ilarrisonia bennetii B. and PI. 

Lalacdan, V. Blumea balsaniifera DC. 

Lalasi, Ig. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Lalogo, V. Pandanus sylvestris Humph. 

Lambayong, T., B., 11. Ipomoea pes-caprae Both. 

Lambotan, T. Calamus. 

Lamiiay, V. Corcliorus capsular! s L. 

Lamio, T. Dracoiitomelon mangiferum Blume. 

Lamisi, C. Wriglitia ovata A. DC. 

Lamot-lamotan, T. Adiantum lunulatum Burm. 

Lampacanai, V. Typha aiigustifolia Liim. 

Lamparahan, T. Gnetum gnemon L. 

Lampayong, T., B., V. Jpomoea pes-caprae Both. 

LAMPtJYAN, T. Zingiber. 

Lamptjyang, V. Zingiber zerumbet Bose. 

Lampuyang, T. Curcurma xanthorrhiza Boxb. and other species. 

Lampuyang-dorac, V. Curcuma caesia Boxb. and other species. 


LAMPtJYANG-NGA-GUiNAT6LA. Globba marantina Linn. 

Lampuyang-nga MAPI; la, V. Globba marantina Linn. 

LAMPTjYANG-NTiA-MAPUTi, V. Amomum cardamonium L. 

LampXjYANG-tapol, V. Curcuma caesia Boxb. and other species. 

LamCdio, T., V. Carum copticum Benth. 

LamXjyo, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

Lana. Sesamum indicum L. 

LanAray (Tayabas). Bruguiera parviflora W. and A. 

Lanca, T. Artocarpus integrifolia L. f. 

Lanc6as, Pamp. Alpinia galanga Swartz. 

Lando, T. Bridelia. 

Lanete, V. Picrasma javanica Blume. 

Lanete, T. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

Laivga ( Cag. ) . Sesamum indicum L. 

Langala, V. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

Lancjca, 11. Artocarpus integrifolia L. f. 

Langcauas, V. Alpinia galanga Swartz. 

Langgasi, V. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Langas, V. Semecarpus microcarpa Wall, and other species. 

Langeray, T. Bruguiera ritchieii Merrill. 

Langil. Albizzia saponaria Blume. 

LAngil, T. Albizzia lebbek Benth. 

LAngil, T. Albizzia retusa Benth. 

LaisgIngi, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

LangIs, Pamp. Sesamum indicum L. 

LangngA, T. Sesamum indicum L. 

LangpA. Cedrela toona Boxb. 

Languiqi. Phyllanthus acidus Muell. Arg. 

LANGufL. Albizzia lebbek Benth. 

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Languis. Sesamum indicum L. 

LanIgda, B., V. Ccdrela tooiia Roxb. 

Lanigpa, V. Cedrela tooiia Ivoxb. 

Laninguing, T. Ficiis cumingii ]\1i([. 

LANfPGA, v., B. Cedrela toona Boxb. 

Laniti, T. Wriglitia ovata A. DC. 

Lanogo, V. Panda iiiis sylvestris Biiriipb. 

Lanot, V. Musa textilis Nees. var. 

Lanotan, T. Hibiscus grewiaefoliiis llassk. 

Lan6tan, V. Musa textilis Nees. var. 

Lanotan, T. Coniothalanius, and otliei' arborescent species of Anoiiacc.u'. 

Lanotang-itim, T. Pbaeanthus nutans Hook. f. and Th. 

Lan6tan-it1m. Hibiscus. 

Lanoti, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

LANsfNA, T. Ricinus conununis L. 

Lans6ne, T. Lansium domesticuni Runiph. 

Lansones, T. Lansium domesticuni Jack. 

Lanta, T., v., Pamp. i\namirta cocculus W. and A. 

Lantin, T. Plantago erosa Walk 

Lantundal. Musa paradisiaca L. 

Lanusi, Cag. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LANtJTAN, T. Saccopetalum longipes Vidak and otlier species of Anonoceae. 

Lantjtan, T. Tbespesia campyk)siphon Rolfe. 

Lanijtan, T. Xylopia dehiscens MerriH. 

Lanutan-itim. Pbaeanthus nutans Ik f. and T. 

LANUTAN-PLTk Gouiotbakmuis giganteus J look. f. and Th. 

Lanuti, 11. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

Lanzon. Lansium domesticuni Jack. 

Laocpao, Cag. Vernonia arborea Ham. 

Lapnei, Zamb. Calamus albus Pers. 

LapnIs, C. Boehmeria nivea. H. and A. 

Lapnis. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

LAPNfs na boloiian, T. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

Lapo-lapo, 11. Gyrocarpus jacquini Roxb. 

Laponaya, V. Coleus acurainatus Benth. 

Laqlis-laqi IS. Acanthus ilicifolious L. 

Lara. Capsicum minimum Roxb. 

LAR6AN-ANfT0, T. Clerodeudron intermedium Cham. 

Lasa. Nipa fructicans Wurmb. 

Lasalia. Wendlandia luzonensis DC. 

Lasgas, B. Villaria philipinensis Rolfe. 

LasngAton, T., V. Laportea gaiidichaudiana Wedd. 

La so, V. Allium sativum Linn. 

Lasona, 11. Allium cepa Linn. 

Laston, V. Vigna catjang Endk 

Lasuna, T. Allium cepa L. 

Lauaan, T., V. Anisoptera tluirifera Blume. 

Lauan-na-pulA, T. Vatica. 

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Lauan-maputi, T. Dipterocarpus. 

Lauan sandana. Aiiisoptera thurifeia. Blanco. 

Lai^as, T., Nympliaea stellata Willd. 

Lauas, T. Limnanthemum cristatiim Griseb. 

Lauat, V. Litsea ehinensis Lam., and other species. 

Lavas, T., V., Panij). Nympliaea lotus Linn. 

Laya, 11. Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

Lata, B. Zingiber zerumbet Rose. 

Layal, Z. Zingiber olTicinale Linn. 

LayasIn, T. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

Layo, B. Alyxia odorata Wall. 

Layoiian, V. PJiyllanthus distichus Muell. Arg. 

Leasin, T. Leucosyke capitellata Wedd. 

LechIa. Nephelium litclii Camb. 

LeciiIAvS, T. Nephelium longana Camb. 

Leciiias, T. Nephelium glabrum Noronh. 

Leg AS, T. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

Lengay, T. Melastonia. 

Lengnga, T. Sesamum indicum L. 

Lengua-de-pkiuk), S]). Fil. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 

Leno, T. Psychotria malayana Jack. 

Letekan, T. Gouania. 

Letlet-tubiiy, T. Piper corylistachyum 0. DC. 

LiA, T. Wolffia sclileideni Miq. 

IjTAPA, Z. Terminalia. 

LiHACAN, T. Litsea. 

LiHAi, T. Achryanthes aspera Tj. 

LiBAs. Eugenia. 

LiiJAS. Modecca trilobata Roxb. 

LiBAS-iiiJAS. Symplocos. 

LiBATO, T. Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

IjIBAto, T. P>ase]hi rubra L. 

LrBATo-PiJTi, T. Cumingia philippinensis Vidal. 

LiBATO-NA-pi TJ, T. Neesia altissima Blume. 

LiBATO-PULA (Tayabas). Lumnitzera purpurea Presl. 

LiBATO-Pi:iA, T. Xylocarpus granaium Koenig. 

LiBAY, T. Achyranthes obtusifolia Lam. 

LiBiRAN, T, Scirpus. 

LiBUN, V. Emilia soncbifolia DC. 

LictAng, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

LiGAAS, T. Semecarpus periottetii March. 

LfGAO, T. Zizyphus trinervis Poir. 

LfGAO, T. Zizyphus arborea Merrill. 

LlOAO. Grewia. 

LfGAS, T. Semecarpus perrottetii March. 

LiGASAN, T. Ceriops candolleana Arn. 

LiGUiD-LJGUiD, V. Alpinia. 

LilItan, V. Paederia foetida 1^. 

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Li MA-LI MA, T., V. Dioscorea. 

Ltma-lima, T. v., Pamp. ]Ieptapleiiriuni caudatinii Vidal. 

J.IMA^^(^SUGAT. Erianthemum bicolor Scbrank. 

LiMiJAON, V. Cocos niicifcia Linn. 

LiMOLiMO, T. lleptapleiirimri eaiidatiini Vidal. 

LiMOLiMO. 11. Vitex. 

LiMON, Sp. Fil. Citiiis iiu'diea L. var. 

LiMONATO. Tripliaeea aiirantiola Lour. 

LiMONCiTO, H\). Trij)ha('ia trifoliata DC. 

LiMOKAN. Zalacca ediilis lleinw. 

LiMORAN, T. Calamus. 

LinaiJna-aiian, T. Ziii/iber. 

UxAs, B. Eugenia. 

LiNATOGANAC, V. Sauiadeia indica Caeiin. 

LiNCAMAS, II. Eriosenia cliinense Vog. 

Ling A, T. Sesamuni indicum L. 

LiNCiA-LlNXJAiiAN, T. Hvptis capitata dacq. 

LiN(JAsLvA, 1\ Ricinus communis L. 

LiNGAT, T. Begonia rliombicarpa A. DC. 

LlNClATOiX (?). Laportea guadicbaudiaua W'edd. 

LiNCJO. Sesamum indicum L. 

LfNO, Pamp. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

LIno, V. Morinda citrifolia Linn. 

LfNOG, Z. Scaevola koenigii Vahl. 

LiNTANG-AGUiN, T., V., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. & A. 

LiNTON-GAMAi, V. Samadera indica Gaertn. 

Lio-Lio, Ig. Ficus. 

LiosfN (Zambales). Ileritiera littoralis Dry. 

LiPA, T. Laportea gaudicbaudiana Wedd. 

LiPA, T. Fleurya interrupta Gaudicb. 

IjIpai, T. Mucuna monosperma DC. 

LiPAX(}-ASO. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

LiPANG-CASTiLA, T. Fleurya interrupta Gaud. 

Lipang-d6ton, Pamp. Laportea gaudicbaudiana Wedd. 

LiPATA, V. Excoecaria agallocba L. 

Lip ATA, T. Rauwolfia. 

LiPATA (Ticao). Cerbera odollam Gaertn, 

LiPATAT-GUBAT, ]5. Ixora amboinica DC. 

Lip AY, V. Laportea gaudicbaudiana Wedd. 

LfPAY, V. Mucuna pruriens DC. 

LiPOTE, T. Eugenia. 

LiPSiPAN, T. Lepidagatbis luzoniae Nees. 

LfRio, V. Rbaes discolor Hance. 

LIrio, V. Crinum. 

LiRio, T. Habrantbus versicolor Herb. 

Lis AC, T. Nauclea. 

LiSANGAY, Z. Curcuma longa Linn. 

LisoiiAN, V. Musa. 

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LibONG-iNsic, T. Payena. 

Lit A, V. Voacanga. 

LiTBiT, V. Piper coiylistacliyon C. DC. 

LiTjJ, V. Pii)er coiylistacliyon C. DC. 

LitlIt. Piper. 

Unas, V. Bauhiiiia tonientosa L. 

LiviAN. Castaiiopsis philipppinensis Vidal. 

LoJJALOii, T. ]>ri(lelia stii)ularis Blunie. 

L(3bas, l^amp. Vitis geniculata Blunie. 

LoBis, V. Cocos nucifeia Linn. 

LoHi-LOBi, V. Eulophia elongata Blume. 

LoBio, T. Mollugo hirta Thunb. 

LoBi-NCJA-iiiNBAON, V. Cocos nucifcra Linn. 

Lobi-nga pilipog, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

LocAY? T. Limnophyton obtusifolium Miq. 

1a)c6an (Masbate). Calamus. 

L6co-l6co, V. Hyptis suaveolens Poir. 

Loco-loco, T., Pamp. Ocimum sanctum L. 

Loct6n. Tricliocarya. 

LocTON. Duabanga moluccana Bhmie. 

Lod6cong, Pamp. Moschosma polystachyum Benth. 

LoDONO. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

JjOPONG, Ig. Rhododendron verticillatum Vidal. 

]jOg6g, V. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

LoGONiroN (lloilo). Ardisia serrata Pers. 

LoiiOD-LOiiOD, V. Pollia sorzogonensis Endl. 

LoLio, T. Artocarpus odoratissima Blanco. 

Loloan, U. Pistia stratiotes L. 

LoLOQUiSEN, 11. Limnanthemnm cristatum Griseb. 

Lombay6ng, V. Cassia fistula L. 

LoMBOY, T. Eugenia jambolana L. 

LoMOT, T. Potamogaton javanicus Hassk. 

LoMOT-LOMOTAN, T. llydrilla verticillata Casp. 

L6mot-lom6tan, T. Adiantum lunula turn Burm. 

L6noa, V. Sesamum indicum L. 

LoNGAS (Cebu). Semecarpus pubescens Thw. 

LoNGAYAN. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LoNiTi. Wrightia ovata A. DC. 

LoN(3c, V. Ficus. 

L6no-l6no. Payena. 

LoFA, Pamp. Fleurya interru])ta Gaud. 

IjOPO-lopo, V. Allraania nodiflora R. Br. 

L6po-l6po, V. Achyranthes aquatica R. Br. 

LoUAN-LOUAN, V. Pistia stratiotes Linn. 

LovfAN, T. Castanopsis philippinensis Vidal. 

L6y-a, V. Zingiber. 

TjUBacan, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

LuBALUB, T. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

Hosted by 



LubL Cocos niicifera L. 

LuBiGAN, T. Acorus calamus Linn. 

LubI-lubI, V. Geodorum semicristatum Lindl. 

LuBf-LUBf. Osmelia. 

LuBf-LUBi, T., v., B. Solanum nigrum L. 

LtJBiD-LtJBiD, B. Semecarpus. 

LuBi-LUBiLi (Bataan). Cubilia rumphii Blume. 

LuBTOB. Ficus. 

LuBTiJB. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

LucBAN, T. Citrus decumana Linn. 


LuETi (Zamboanga). Ardisia philippinensis DC. 

Lugo, II. Terminalia catappa L. 

LtJGOS (Zamboanga). Areca catecliu Linn. 

LujtJLA. Oxalis acetosella L. 

LuLUPAO, 11. Abutilon indicum Don. 

JjUMAnpao, T. Bambusa lumampao Blanco. 

LuMANAi, T. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

LtJMANG, Cag. Caryota rumphiana Mart. 

LuMANOG, V. Terminalia calaniansanay Bolfe. 

LuMATi. Lagerstroemia batitinan Vid. 

LuMBAN, T. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

LuMBANG, T. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

LuMBiAC (Tayabas). Iguanura. 

LuMBOi, T., Pamp., V., 11. Eugenia jambolana }j. 

Luna. Ficus caulocarpa Miq. 

LuNAS, T. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

LuNAS, T. Gonocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

LuNAS, T. Oleandra neriiformis Cav. 

LuNAS. Pancratium zeylanicum L. 

LuNAS. Nymphaea lotus L. 

Lunas-bund6c, T. Lunasia amara Blanco. 

LuNAS-NA-iTiM- Gouocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

Lunban, T. Aleurites trisperma Blanco. 

L^piD, A. Bauhinia. 

Lupo, V. Vitis carnosa Wall. 

J^iRUT?, Cag. Calamus rhomboideus 151 ume. 

1.US0NG (Lepanto). Vaccinium barandanum Vidal. 

JjUTUNAN ( Zamboanga ) . Eugenia. 

Li^YA, T. Zingiber officinale L. 

LuYA-LtJYA, T. Panicum. 

LuYA-LUYA, V. Cyanotis cristata Hoem. and Scbult. 

LuYA-LtJYA, T. Zingiber. 

JjIjya-luyaiian, T. Panicum repens L. 

LuYA-LtJYA-iT-AYAM (Iloilo). Globba parviflora Presl. 

LtJYAN, T. Diospyros nigra L. 

LuYANG-ASO, T. Zingiber. 

LiTYA-NCiA-iSA, V. Zinmbcr. 

Hosted by 



LrYANuosiu, T. Zingiber. 

LuYOivd. J)ios])yros nigra Retz. 

]jriY()\{;-i4'Y()N(;, V. Ch-atoxylon snniatranunr Blunio. 

LuYOS, Pamp. Areca eateclni L. 

JjUYTJSIN, T. Pygoum. 


MaA81(i^ Panip. Teplirosia liizonensis Vogel. 

Mahai.ot, T. Sarcoeeplialus cordatiis JViiq. 

IVJatjolo, T., V. l)ios])yros discolor Willd. 

Mabulo, T. Tricliodesnia zeylanicnni P. P)r. 

Macaasin, T. Carallia integerrinia DC. 

MA(^AASii\, T. Eugenia lineata J)utliie. 

IMacaasjn, V. Shorea. 

MACAASiK-pnLA, T. Eugenia. 

Macaasin-puj], T. Palaqnium. 

Macabalo, Pang. Lagerstroeniia speeiosa Pers. 

MACABAmiON. Aglaia. 

MacabiisTjao, 'V. Quercus ilanosii A. DC. and other S])ecies. 

Macabuiiat, T. Tinospora erispa Miers. 

j\lACAiUjirAT, T. lAinasia aniara Blanco. 

Macaisa, T. Cleidion javanicuni Blunie. 

Macaisa, B. Ehretia philippinensi.s A. DC. 

Macaisa, T. Ailanthus moluccana ])C. 

iMacaiiIya, T. Mimosa pudica L. 

Macahiya, 'J\ JMopliytum sensitivum DC. 

Macalalanan(;, T. Clerodendron inteiinediuni Cham. 

Macalascalas, J5. Talauma. 

JNIacalbaing, Y. J^endrocalamus membranaceus Munro. 

MacjalinTjag, 'J\ Cinnamonuim pancifloruni Nees. 

JMacambojo (Jloilo). Garcinia venulosa Choisy. 

Macan, V. Panax fruticosum L. 

Macapil, T. Dalbergia lanceohiria ]jinn. 

]\rACASAMPALOC, T. Tamarindus indica L. 

JNIacasilad, T. Corypha. 

MacasIli, V. Dysoxyluni ]>]ancoi Vidal. 

Macasin. Eugenia. 

Macasin-mulato, T. Eugenia. 

Macasla, V. Croton iiglium L. 

Macaturay. Stereospermum.? 

Mactijn. ]\lusa paradisiaca L. var. 

i\lACtiPA, 'J'. l^]ugenia jambos L. 

i\]ACtjPA, T., V. Eugenia malaccensis L. 

iVlADANG, T. [jitsea magnifica B, and TI. 

Mai)oni)6n, T. Vangueria spinosa Roxb. 

Madre-cacao, Sp. Fil. Glircida maculata PI. B. K. 

Magaan, B. Kayea. 

MagabagAba, T. Arytera rufescens Radlk. 

Hosted by 



Magaboyo, v. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

Magai, V. Agave americana Linn. 

Magalat. Harpullia arborea Kadlk. 

Magalay, T. J3nigniera litcliieii Merrill. 

Magalayao, 0. Afzelia rhoinboidea Yidal. 

Magaranbulo (Tayabas). Cyclo.stoiiion. 

Magahapala, T. TeriDinalia. 

Mag ARIL Ao, T. Nauclea. 

Magarilao, T. Terminalia. 

Magaspang, V. Fliiggea obovata Wall. 

Magatadi?, (Jag. Mangilera allissiiiia r)laiK'(). 

Magatas, Pamp. Euphorbia pilulifera L. 

Magcabugao, v. Atalantia uioiiophylla (\)rrea. 

Magcasao, V. Aralia javaniea Miq. 

Maglimocon. Urophylluin glal)ruiii Jack. 

Maglolopoy, Z, Sterculia. 

Magotambis, V. Antidesma. 

Magsaloro, V. Taeca palniata Bliinie. 

Magsal6ro-nga-da( ru, V. Tacca pimiatiiida Forst. 

Magsinaya. Aglaia. 

Magtabig, v., Pamp. Pvoiirea lieterophylla Planeli. 

Magtambocao (Leyte). Canavalia ensiforinis ])C. 

Maguey^ Sp. Fil. Agave anierieana Linn. 

MaguIlic, Z. Lit sea. 

Mag uf Lie, T. Geunsia ciimingiaiia Kolfe. 

Magulioc, T. Buchanania florida Scliaiier. 

Magulive, T. Clii.socliaetoii tetrapetaliis Tiircz. 

MAGtJMU (Albay). Vitex. 

Magusayac, V. Fagraea morindaefolia Bliiine. 

Maguttata, V. Maesa baenkeana Miq. 

MaiiiiiIin, II. Biophytuui sensitiviim DC. 

Maiiotay, V. Mai lotus. 

MaisipaIsi, T. C'lausena excavata Burui. 

Maiz, Sp. Fil. Zea mays L. 

Malaacjiuete, Pauip. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Ar« 

Malaaohuete, 'V. Meloehia arborea Blanco. 

Malaacle (Tayabas). Dracontomelum. 

MALAADtJAs, T. Ailanthus moluceanus DC. 

Malaaduas, T. Dracontomelum cumingianum Baill. 

Malaamuy^on, T. Ormosia calavensis Blanco. 

Malaanis, Pamp. Scoparia dulcis L. 

Malaan6nan, T. Shorea malaanonan l*>lume. 

Malaapi, T. Premna. 

Malaap6lid, Pamp. Kyllinga monocej)liala Rottb. 

Malaapolid, Pamp. Cyperus rotund us L. 

Malaasis, T. Vangueiia spinosa Roxb. 

Malaates, T. Glocbidion. 

-Malabac, V. Atalantia nitida Oliv. 

Hosted by 



Malabacauan, T. Randia. 

MalabXchao (Cebu). Loranthiis blancoanus F. Vill. 

MalabAga, T. Clerodendron. 

Malabagan, Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

Malabagna, T, Croton. 

MalabAgo, V. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

MalabAguio, T. Olax imbricata Roxb. 

Malabaguis, B. Eugenia. 

Malabaiii, B. Eugenia. 

MALABAiifo, B. Memecylon. 

Malabalante, T. Polygonum. 

Malabalatong, Pamp. Flemingia. 

MAT.ABALUBAT?. Somecaipus gigantifolia Vidal. 

MALABALtJGBUG-DAGis, Pamp. Oxalis corniculata L. 

Malabanaba, T. Amoora grandifolia C. DC. 

MalabanabA, T. Duabanga moluccana Blume. 

MalabAngao, Pamp. Dysoxylum blancoi Vidal. 

MalabangquilINj V. Connaropsis pbilippica F. Vill. 

Malabat6an, T. Garcinia ovalifolia Hook. f. 

MalabAya, T. Chisocheton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

MalabayAbas. Dysoxylum. 

MalabayAbas, T. Eugenia. 

MalabayAbas, T. Gardenia obscura Vidal. 

MalabayAbas, T. Gardenia pseudo])sidium Blanco. 

MalabAyo. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

Malabilijcas, T. Litsea. 

Malabocb6c. Ipomoea quamoclit L. 

Malabocboc. Meusa ferrea Linn. 

Malabocb6c, T. Calopbyllum. 

Malaboiioc, T., V. Cassytha filiformis L. 

Malaboii6c, V. Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. 

Malabonga, T. Iteadaplme confusa Blume. 

Malab6nga, T. Macaranga. 

Malab6nga. Beilsclimeidia madang Blume. 

Malabonot. Sterculia stipularis R. Br. 

Malabotones, V. Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. 

MALAiiucBtJC?, T. Meusa ferrea L. 

Ma lab UL AC, T. J^ombax malabaricum DC. 

MalabulAon, Pamp. Sympborema luzoniense Vid. 

i\I ALA B u N Ao, B . Ocli r ocar pus . 

MalabunT^a. Macaranga tanarius Muell. Arg. 

MALABUNliA, B. Pbpebe unibelliflora Blume. 

Malabunot, T. Sterculia. 

Malabutong, T. Olea. 

MalacabIjgao, V. Citrus. 

Malacabuyao, T. Aegle decandra Naves. 

MalacacAo, T. Erioglossum edule Blume. 

MalacaoAo. Lepidopetalum. 

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Malacacao, T. JiUiiasia grandiflora Muell. Arg. 

Malacacao, T. Sterculia. 

Malacadios, B. Dehaasia. 

Malacadtos, T. Plioebo. 

Malacadios. Myristica. 

Malacadpo, T. Mieromelum tephrocarpum Turcz. 

Malacafe, T. Glochidion. 

Malacafe?, V. Mussaenda grandidora (IVleyen) Kolfe. 

Malacafe, T. Randia. 

Malacafe (Paragua). Agrostistacliys maesoana Vidal. 

Malacafe ( Tayabas ) . Webera. 

Malacapi, T. Elaeocarpus, 

MalacaquIos, T. Sesbania aegyptiaca Pers. 

Malacatiuc, T. Rourca miiltiflora Plandi. 

Malacalantas, B. CanariuTTL 

Malacalios. Elaeocarpus inonocera Cav. 

Malacalesquis, T. Adiautum. 

Malacalubcub, T. Litsea. 

Malacalumpit, B. Tenninnlia calaiTiaiisaiiay Rolfe. 

Malacamonsile, T. Pithecolobium iHOiitaninn P)ontb. 

Malacamote, V. Ipomoca bona-nox Lirni. 

Malacamote, T. Beddomea luzonerisis Vidal. 

Malacapai, T. Diospyios malacapai A. DC. 

Malacarios, Z. DesmodiiiTu uinbel latum DC. 

Malaga Ro, V. Desmodimn. 

Malacaropcop (Bataan). Eugenia montaiia Blanco. 

M \ LAC A RP A . Ra ndi a . 

Malacatmon, T. Delinia sarmentosa L. 

Malacatmon, T. Tetracera maciopliylla Wall. 

Malacatmon, T. ])illenia speciosa Oilg. 

Malacaturay, Z. Sterosperniuni. 

Malacatijray, T. Cassia. 

Malacauayan, T. Panicuni. 

Malacauyan, Z. Hemigyiosa. 

Malacban, T. Vatica. 

Malacboc (Morong). Acalyplia tiliaefolia !\hi<dl. Arg. 

Malacdog, 11. Combretum. 

Malaclac. Clethra canescens Reinw. 

MalacmAc, T., Pamp. Pygeum. 

Malacmac, T., Panip. Palaquiuni oleiferuni P>lanco. 

Malaculain-bisan, T. Gynotroches axillaris Blume. 

MALADfAC. Tristira triptera Radlk. 

Maladita, T. Rauwolfia anisoniaefolia A. MC. 

Maladosdos, V. Erianthemuni bicolor Sclirank. 

Maladijilat, B. Eugenia. 

Ma.ladtjncjun, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

Malagahanip, T. Dalbergia. 

Malagaifanip, T. Terniinalia. 

Hosted by 



Malacjaitmon, T. Diospvros. 

Malaganit, T. Albizzia. 

Malagakayat, T. 8tiyclinos. 

Malagakayat, T. Eugenia. 

MalagAkSaiia, B. Pisonia umbellata Seem. 

Malagoso, T. Mollugo stricta L. 

Malagquit, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

Malaguibuyo, V. Oeltis philippinensis Blanco. 

Malaguinisan, V. Kayea philippinensis Planch. 

Malaiba, T. Melia candollei Jiiss. 

Malajba, T. Phyllanthus reticulatus Muell. Arg. 

Malatbouod. Buchanania florida Schauer. 

MalaiCiMO, T, Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

Malaigot B. Ixora. 

JNlALAiiiAO, T. Dracontomelum. 

Malaipijtai, B. Stieblus asper Lour. 

Malaisa, T. Ardisia inaamidalis Pers. 

Malaisis, T. Ficus. 

Malaisis, T. Malaisia tortuosa Blanco. 

MalaItmo, T. Celtis philippinensis Blanco. 

MALAiTiMO, T. Gnetuni gnenion L. 

MalaIyao, T. J)racontonielum mangiferuin Blume. 

MalalIgas-na-babae. Lunasia. 

Malaligas-na-lalaque, T. Buchanania. 

Malalimon. Taxotropliis ilicifolia Vidal. 

Malalucban, T. Champereia griflithii Planch. 

MALALtJPAY, Panip. Micromelum. 

MalaeXjya, T. Globba parviilora Presl. 

Malamanga, Cag. Litsea. 

Malamayana, '1\ Coleus acuminatus Benth. 

Mai.a m bang, 'I\ Ma 1 lotus. 

Malabangcabas (Zand)oanga) . Pittosporuni. 

Malamolauin, T. Evodia. 

iVI ALAMO LAUIN, T. (Ilycosmis. 

Malananca. Ficus luzonensis Merrill. 

Malanuig, C'ag. Caryota runiphiana Mart. 

Malapacfac-balauay, T. Epipremnuin medium Engh 

Malapaco, T. Jussiaea sufTruticosa L. 

Malapaiio, T. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

Malapaiio, T. Mangifera. 

Malapaiio, T. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

AIalapaitpit, Sapindus turczaninowii Vidal. 

Malapajo. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus Blanco. 

MalapalItpit, Pamp. Sapindus turczaninowii Vidal. 

Malapandacaque, B. Gonocaryum. 

Malapangdan, T. Freycinetia insignis Blume. 

Malapao. Dipterocarpus vernicifluus ]*)lanco. 

Malapapaya, T., V. Polyscias nodosa Seem. 

Hosted by 



Malapatcjpat, T. Cantliium eonfertiiin ]s:oith. 

Malapigas, T. Desmodium unibellaium JJC. 

Mala PILAU AY, 13. Canarium. 

Malapoco, T. Jussiaea sull'ruticosa L. 

Malapotocan, T. Clerodendron macrostegiiiin Schauer. 

Malapuad, Pa 111 p. Olea. 

Malapuso, B. Lit sea. 

Malaputad, T. Bariiiigtonia racemosa Bliime. 

Malaputat, T. Cleidion. 

Malaputat, T. Terminalia. 

Malaputat, T. Palaquium. 

Malapututan, T. Palaquiuin. 

Malapijyao, T. Pygcuni. 

Malapuyao, T. Cyiioiiietra. 

Malakayap, T. Gyiimosporia montana Roxb. 

Malarayat, T. Cratoxylon formosuni B. and IJ. 

Malarayat. Atalantia nitida Oliv. 

Malaricon DURON, Pamp. Callicarpa. 

Malar UH AT, T. Eugenia operculata Roxb. 

Malartjhat-na-pula, T. Eugenia cyniosa Lam. 

Malarungon, T. Heritiera littoralis Dry. 

Malasacot, T. Terminalia. 

MalasaOa, T. Ormosia calavensis Blanco. 

Malasaga, T. Derris scandens J5enib. 

Malasaguin. Dysoxylum arborescens Miq. 

Malasaguin?, T. Aglaia palembanica Miq. 

Malasaguin-putI (Tayabas). Erioglossum edule Blume. 

Malasaguin-lalaque. Kayea. 

Malasaguin-pula, T. Anioora. 

Malasaging-pula, T. Alaia. 

M alas AGING -PUTi, T. Eugenia. 

Malasambong, T. Vernonia vidalii Merrill. 

Malasampaga, T. Wikstroemia indica Mey, 

Malasandia, V. Ipomoea pes-tigridis Linn. 

Malasangui. Cinnamomum. ? 

Malasantol, T. Sandoricum. 

Malasantol, T. Thespesia popnlnea Corr. 

Malasapsap, T. Pterocymbiuni javanicuin R, P>r. 

MalasapitI, Pamp. Palaquium. 

Malascog, T. Symphorema luzonensis Vidal. 

Malasiac, B. Ardisia humilis Vahl. 

Malasico, T. Litsea. 

Malasinoro, B. Fagraea. 

Malasituin, Pamp. Gonocaryum tarlacense Vidal. 

Malasoho, B. Diospyros. 

Malaslca, V. Antidesma. 

Malasurut, B. Gucttarda speciosa Linn. 

S95G () 

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Malataha, T. Calli('aij)a. 

Malataco, T. Albi/zia. 

Malatadiang (Morong). Canthiuni arboreum Vidal. 

Malatagun, B. Canariuii]. 

Malatalang, T. Myristica cumingii Warb. 

Malatalang, Paiiip. Diospyros. 

Malatalisay, V. Terniinalia. 

Malatambis. Kibaia ooriacea Perk. 

Malatamoyan, T, Casearia. 

Mai.atampoy, T. Eugenia. 

MalatanTjan-tangan, B. Heinandia peltata Meissn. 

Malatapay, T. Alanguiin oetopetaluni Blanco. 

Malatafay, T. Grewia. 

Malatafay, T. Diospyros discolor Willd. 

Malatayon, Pang. Adenanthera. 

Malatirig, T. Anneslea crassipes Book. 

Malatibi (Morong). Melia. 

Malatigui. Albizzia?. 

Malatinta, T. Phyllantluis reticulatus Muell. Arg. 

Malatocx'), T. Albizzia odoratissinia Bentb. 

Mai.at6ho. Albizzia saponaria Blunie. 

Malatuba, V. Cleidion javanicuni Blume. 

Malattba, B. Croton consanguineum Muell. Arg. 

Malatubig, T. Eugenia. 

Mai^tumbaga, T. Crudia blancoi Rolfe. 

Malatumbaga, T. Combretnni squamosum Poxb. 

Malatumbaga, T. Nelitris. 

Malatungao, Cag. Melastonia. 

Malanban, T. Plancbonia. 

Malaube, T., V. Aristolocbia tagala Cbani. 

MaivVuflt. Eicus anipelas Burm. 

Malaunot, T. Sterculia. 

Mala WIN, T. Vitex negundo P. 

Malayambo, T. Eugenia. 

Malayantoc, T. llolarrena niacrocarpa Hassk. 

Maliana, T., v., Panip. Coleus atropurpureus Bentb. 

Malibago, T. Tbesj)esia populnea C^orr. 

Malibago, T. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

Matjcascasan, V. Talauma angatensis E. Vill. 

MatJcx:), V. Evodia niindanaensis Merrill. 

Mali-malI, T., Pani}). Leea aculeata Blanco. 

MALiNtiA, T. Benincasa eerifera Savi. 

Malinta, T, Pbyllantbus reticulatus Muell, 

Malis, V. Abutilon indicmn G. Don. 

MalIka. Capsicum minimum Poxb. 

Maijsa {(^amarines) . Ananassa sativa Lindl. 

MAiisA, T. Piper nigrum L. 

MalismaiJs, Pamp. Eupborbia pilulifera L. 

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Malit, T. Cynodon dac^tylon Peis. 

Malit-calabao, T. Paniciim. 

Maloncain, T. Meliti candollei Jiiss. 

Malubago, B. Hibiscus tiliaceus L. 

Maluoo, T., V. Diplodiscus paniciilatus Turcz. 

Maiajco, T. Pisonia inermis Forst. 

MaIvUgagnao, V. Vitex. 

Malugit, v., Painp. Moringa oleifera Lam. 

Malugoso, V. MoUiigo pentapliyllum Linn. 

Maluliicban, T. (lliamporeia oTiflitliii Planch. 

MAIATNA.L-rNCJAYAM, T. ]:)alb(Moia. 

Malungay, T., V. Moringa oJoifcra Lam. 

Malunciayen. Melia candolloi Juss. 

MALUNtilT, v., Panip. Moringa olcifcia Lam. 

Malusungay, T. Crudia blancoi Vidal. 

MALtJTAY, T, Erycil)e. 

Malvas, 8p. Abutilon indicum (i. Don. 

Malvas de CastIlla, Sp. Fib Abntilon indicum G. Don. 

MAiAAS-TAGiJALANG, T. J)elima sarmentosa L. 

Mamagukl, T. Harrisonia bcnnetii B. and H. f. 

Mam ALE, V. Leea sambucina Willd. and otlier s])ecies. 

Maaialis, T. Pittosporum fernandczii Vidab 

Mamalis-babae, T. Pittospoinm. 

Mamaned. Columbia longipctiolata Merrill. 

Mamao (Job)). Rbapliidopluna ])crtusa Scbott. 

Maaibob. Stcphegyne diversifolia blook. 

Mam BOG, T. Mitragne. 

Mambog, B. Nauclea blancoi Vidab 

Mambog. Stophygne speciosa Kortli. and other species. 

Mambog, T., V. Morinda bracteata Roxb. 

Mamey, T. Lucuma mammosa (bierin. 

Mamin, B., T. Piper betle L. 

Mamitic, T., V. Ilygrophila salicifolia Nees. and other species. 

Mamolts, T., v., Pamp. Sida frutescens Blanco. 

Mamon, V. Piper betle L. 

Mampalan (Jolo). Mangifera indica Linn. 

Maaipel, V. Uncaria acida Roxb. 

Mamp6l, V. Loranthus pentandi'us L. 

Man. Cinnamomum piuicifloriim Nees. 

Mana, T., 11. Jatropha multifida L. 

Manaba, B. Premna. 

Manabrong, B. Aglaia. 

Manalao, T. Aglaia oligantha C. DC. 

Manalisid, V. Heliconiopsis amboinensis Miq. 

Mananangtang, V. Dysoxyhim ])lancoi Vidal. 

Mananaog, V. iStrychnos ignatii Berg. 

AIanaog, V. Saccolabium. 

Manapo, B. Sindora wallicbii Benth. 

Hosted by 



Manasa, T. Biidclia ovata Muell. Arg. 

Manaul, V. Tournefortia argentea L. f. 

Manayao (Central Luzon). Diplodiscus paniculatus 'rurcz. 

Manban, T. Maranta dichotoma Wall. 

Mancono, V. Xanthostemon verdergonianus Naves. 

Mandalusa (Cebii). Erianthemiim bicolor Schrank. 

Manga, T., V. Mangifcra indica L. 

Manga-anis. Mangifera anisodora Blanco. 

Mangachap6i, T. Vatica mangaehapoi Blanco. 

Manga-d6long, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

Mangagao, V. Hoya multiflora Blinne. 

Mangasinoro, Z. Shorea. 

Mangasin6ro, Z. Albizzia?. 

Mangasin6ro, T. Fagraea volubilis Jack. 

MangasirIqui (Bulacan). Quercus pbilippinensis A. DC. 

Mangat6lay?. Koordersoidendron pinnatum Merrill. 

Mangga, T., V. Mangifera indica L. 

Manggis (JoIo). Garcinia mangostana J^inn. 

ManThia, T. Clerodendron. 

Mangipod, T. Areca catccbu L. 

MangIt. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Manglati. Lagerstroemia batitinan Vidal. 

Mai?glay, Pamp. Zingiber. 

Mangostan, V. Garcinia cornea Linn. 

Mangostana, V. Garcinia ovalifolia H. f. and T. 

Mangquiet, T. Desniodium. 

Manguis (Jolo). Garcinia mangostana Linn. 

ManguIt, T., V. Ebretia buxifolia Roxb. 

Mangupod. Areca catechu L. 

Manguyao, B. Sopliora tomentosa L. 

MANf. Aracbis bypogaea L. 

Manig-manican, T. Cy perns. 

ManIlad, T. Scypbipbora bydropbyllacea Gaertn. 

Mani-manian, T. Desmodiuin. 

Mani-manihan, T. Cassia tora L. 

Man KIT, T. Urena. 

Manloab, T. Quercus. 

Mancjal, T. Saniadera indica Gaeriii. 

ManquIl, T. Eugenia javanica Lam. 

Manquit. Desniodium pulcbellum Bentb. 

Mantala, T., V. Sopbora tomentosa L. 

MANtJL,-V. Jasminum sand)ac Ait. 

Manumbaga (Zamboanga). Myristica simiaruni A. DC. 

Manungal, T., B., v., Pamp. Saniadeia indica Gaertn. 

Manungbaga, V. Hemigyrosa canescens Thw. 

ManzAnas, Sp. Fil. Zizypbus jujuba Linn. 

Manzana-r6sa, Sp. Fil. Eugenia jambos Linn. 

ManzanItas, Sp. Fil. Zizypbus jujuba Linn. 

Hosted by 



Maoko, V. Luinnitzera purpurea Presl. 

Mapola. Hibiscus uuitabilis Linn. 

Maputi, T. Leucas aspera L. 

Maqi ITAHIN (Tiiyabas) . ()ro])]u^a. 

Mar ABIC AT, T. Diospyios. 

Maracijlan, II. Litsoa. 

Maragaiit^lo, T. Sym])locos. 

Maragaoed, II. Cinnamoiuuni. 

MARAiiGAO, V. Caseaiia cincr(>a Turez. 

Marang, T. Litsea. 

Marang, T. Aitocarpus. 

Maranmarang, V. Ficus. 

Marapaco, Jl. Polypodium dipteris JVlaiico. 

Marapoto, V. Hibiscus abolmoschus L. 

MaPvARayat-caiioy, T. Capparis micrantlia DC. 

Mara SAG AT, II. Vitex. 

M.VRAVICAL (Morong). Diospyros. 

Maravillas, Sp. Fil. Mira})ilis jahipa L. 

Marayaisay, T. Cerbera odollam Gacitn. 

Marayapa, T., v., Paniji. Coleus atiopurpureus Bentb. 

Marraar, V. Zanthoxylum avicennae DC, 

Margoso, T. Mouiordica balsaniina L. 

Margoso-damulog, Panip. Molhigo. 

Maricacao, T. Gliricidia nuicubda Jl. B. K. 

Marindato. Cnestis trifolia Pcis. 

MariciTm, V. Hibiscus abelmoscluis L. 

MarIscos, T. Cluysopogon acicubitus Trin. 

Marop6to, V. Hibiscus abelmoscluis L. 

MARUCtJM, V. Hibiscus abeluiosclius L. 

MarulInao, V. Bauliinia tomentosa L, 

Marumancas, T. Sideroxylon. 

Marumancas-na-lalaque, T. Sideroxylon. 

Masamb6ng. Desmodiuni. 

Masipon, Cag. Saurauja. 

Mat ARES, T. Micromeluni. 

MataiUng-dIcut, Painp. Paedeiia foetida Iv. 

Matalapay, B. Syniplocos. 

Matamata, B. Scbleicliera. 

Matang-aran, V. Mussaenda grandiflora Bolfe. 

Matang-arao, T. Melicope ternata Forst. 

Matang-diablo, T. Evodia roxburghiana Bcntb. 

Matang-olang, T. Salacia prinoides DC. 

Matang-olang, V. Phyllantbus reticulatus Mucll. Arg. 

MATANG-PtJNE, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

MATANG-tJElN (Tayabas). Breynia cernua Muell. Arg. 

Matang-vlang (Tayabas). Breynia cernua Muell. Arg. 

Matavia, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

MatinggaIn. Mussaenda frondosa L. 

Hosted by 



MAufNCi-DATO, V. 8amadera indica Gaertn. 

Mauuan, T. Planclionia. 

Mauring, 'J\ Quercus. 

Mavindato, v., Panip. Roiirea heterophylla Planch. 

Ma Y AC Y AT, B. Canarium. 

Mayagarin. Citi'Lis hystrix DC. 

MayagoSj V. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

Mayagos-lalaqui, V. Acalypha. 

Mayamagar, V. Coiniiiersonia platyphylla Andr. 

Mayana, T., v., Pamp. Coleus atropurpiireus Benth. 

Mayano (Paragua). Gardenia. 

Mayapis, T. Dipteroearpus niayapis Blanco. 

Mayoro. Timonius philippinensis Merrill. 

Mayoyos, V. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

Mayumus. Micromeluni tephrocarpum Turcz. 

MAiJtJTBOT, B., V. Eugenia. 

Melbas, T. Abutilon indicuni Don. 

MelIndres (Manila). Lagerstroeniia indica L. 

Melon, 8}). Fil. Cucuini.s nielo Linn. 

Melong-ouac, T. Modecca heterophylla Blume. 

MiAGOS, V. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

MiAGi'S, V. Eugenia. 

MiAPi, T., V. Avicennia officinalis L. 

MiDLLA, Pamp. Lagerstroemia. 

MiQUi, Pamp. Xylocarpus obovatus Juss. 

Mi.JO (Cebu). Setaria italica Beauv. 

MiLi-PiLi, V. Canarium. 

MiLON-DAGA, T. Melothria indica Lour. 

MfMBRE. Homonoia riparia Lour. 

MiMONGA, T. Macaranga tanarius Muell Arg. 

MiSAY-CALABAO, T. Cyperus. 

MiTLA, Pamp. Lager >stroemia speciosa Pers. 

MoBOTi, V. Antidesma. 

Moco (lloilo). Musa sapientum L. var. 

MoGBOC, V. Xanthophyllum. 

Mor^iiiN, T. Vitex littoral is Decne. 

MoLAUiN, T. Murraya exotica L. 

MoiAllN-ASO, L. Promna nauseosa Blanco. 

MoLAVE, T. Vitex littoral is JX'cne. and other species. 

MoLAViN, T. Murraya exotica L. 

MOLAVIN, T. Vitex negundo L. 

MoEAViN, T. V^itex littoialis Decne. 

MoLOPOLO, T., v., Pamp. Urena sinuata L. 

MoLi Goso, T. Mollugo stricta L. 

Mongo-mong6iian, T. Cassia tora L. 

MoNGOS, T. Pluiseolus numgo L. 

Mopio, v. Eriantliemum bicolor Schrank. 

Moro, Sp. Fil, x\ndro})ogon nuiricatus Ketz. 

Hosted by 



MoiiADO, S}). Fil. (Tra])t()])lvylluiii hoileiiso Noes. 

MouADONG. Justieia. 

MoRADONG-MAPLTi, T. Jiisticia gendanissa L. 

MoRADONG-MAPiJTi, T. Graptophylluin liortense Nees. 

Moral. Moms alba Linn. 

MoRANDONG-MAPUTi. Giaptopliylluni liortense Nees. 

Moras. Moms alba L. 

MosBORON, T., V. Scaevola koenioii Valil. 

MoTA, Panip. Cypems rotundus L. 

MosTAZA, Sp. Brassica juncea IT. f. and Th. 

MuGUEY, Sp. Fil. Agave anieiieana Linn. 

MiGuis. Koordersoidendron pinnatuni Merrill. 

MiiLAON (lloilo). Vitex littoralis Decno. 

Mui^To, T. Vitex. 

Ml LAIJEN-I?A]5AE. ViteX. 

MiLAiiN, T. Vitex littoralis Deene. 

MuLAUiN-ASO, T. Prenina vestita Schauei-. 

MuLiNG-MiiLfNG, T. Diplodiscus paniculatus Tniez. 

MuNGO, V. Phaseolus niiingo L. 

MuNTAUi, V. Harrisonia bennetii B. and li. f. 

Ml RAON-BALONCiON (lloilo). Jasniinuni. 

MuRtJGNA, V. Phyllanthus. 

MuTiiA, V. Kyllinga nionoeepliala Hollb. 

MuTHA, T. Cypems rotundus L. 

MiNTANi, V. Harrisonia bennetii P. and H. f. 

Nabo, B. Gnetum gnemon L. 
Nabo, V. Abroma alata Blaneo. 
Nabo, V. Ficus. 

Nacboligan, 11. Glerodendron niaeroslegiuni Seliauer. 
Naga, V. Pterocarpus indicus Willd. and otlier species 
NagbolIgan, II. Clerodendron maerosteginni Sclianer. 
Nala, Z. Afzelia bijuga A. Gray. 
Nalis. Pierasnia javaniea l^hnne. 
Namaued, T. Columbia. 
Nambajjatx)S. Sarcocepbalus cordatus Mi(|. 
Namacpacan, 11.? Ocliroearpus penta])etalus Blaneo. 
Name. Dioseorea sativa L. and other speeies, 
Nanca, T. Artocarpus integri folia L. f. 
NAmiA, V. Plectoeoinia elongata Mart, and Blume. 
Nangca, T. Artocarpus integrifolia Linn. f. 
NanT;os, V. Eugenia. 
Napan, B. Piper eorylistaeliyon C. DC. 
Napnap, V. Cephalostachyum capitatuni Munro. 
Narangitas, T., V. Citrus aurantiuni Hook. f. 
Naranja, T. Citrus decuniana L. 
Naran.jItAvS, T. Citrus aurantinni L. var. 

Hosted by 



Nardo (Cebu). Polyanthes til berosa Linn. 

NarRxV, T., V. Pterocarpus indicus Willd. and other species. 

Narra-pula (Unisan). Pterocarpus vidalianus Rolfe. 

Nato, V. Palaquium barnesii Merrill, n. sp. 

Nato, T. Sterculia rubiginosa Vent, 

Nato, V. Terminalia catappa L. 

Natob, T. Terminalia. 

NENf:NU, Cag. Anisoptera tluirifera F. Vill. 

NO ALU Y, Ig. Boehmeria weddeliana Vidal. 

NGANCiAfTA, T. Ehretia onava A. DC. 

NCiisiNCjfsi, T. Lepidopetalum. 

NGONCOT, Pamp. Cocos nucifera L. 

NiGUi, T. Xylocarpus obovatus Juss. 

NiLAO, T. Scyphipliora liydropliyllacea Gaertn. 

NiLAR, T. Scyphipliora hydrophyllacea Oaertn. 

NiLOMOT ( Tayabas ) . Oryza sa tiva L. 

NfNO, T., V. Morinda citrifolia Linn. 

Nino, T., V. Morinda bracteata Koxb. 

Nfo(j, T., C, 11., P>., V. Cocos nncifera L. 

NiOG-NCiA-POTi, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

NiOG-NJOG, T. Ceodoruni semicristatum Lindl. 

NiOG-NJOG, T. Osmoxylon, 

NiOG-NlOGAN, T. Qiiisqiialis indica L. 

NioG-NiOGAN, T. Ficus pseiidopalma Blanco. 

^fPA, T. Nipa fructicans L. 

NiPAT, V. Mucnnia atropurpnrea J)C. 

NfPAY, T. Mucuna pruriens DC. and otlier species. 

NfpiN (Zamboanga). Pliyllanthes reticulatiis Poir. 

Nfpis. Agave americana L. 

NiTO, T., V. Lygodiuni dichotonium Sw. and other species. 

NiTONG-PUTi, T. Lygodiuni scandens Sw. 

Noc-Noc, V. Ficus. 

NoLALAQUi, T. Litsea. 

NoNOC, V. Ficus indica L. and other species. 

NooG n6og (Cebu) . Solanuni verbascifoliuni L. 


Oay, 11. Calamus pisicarpus Blunie. 

6b AT, T. Smilax. 

ObIen, II. Artocarpus. 

6bud-6bud, V. Cyperus. 

Oi)a6deg, Ig. Bercheniia philippinensis Vidal. 

6dling, V. Cynometra ramiflora Tjinn. 

01^:y, Pang. Calamus buroensis Mart. 

Ogao, B. Diospyros. 

6gob, B. ? Artocarpus incisa Jj. i. 

OiSAC, T. Nauclea. 

Olang, T. Smilax indica L. 

Hosted by 



Olango, V. Pandanus radicans Blanco. 

Olaomag, T., V. Sopliora tonientosa L. 

Olasiman, T. Portulaca oleracea L. 

Olayan. QuerciiK soleviaiia Vidal. 

Olet, Ig. Helicia cuiiiiiigiana Presl. 

Olingon, V. Cratoxylon celebicuin Plume. 

OlIvas, Sp.-Pil. Eusideroxylon. 

6lob. Artocarpus rinia Blanco. 

OLOi), Paniji. Cynonietra inaeqiiifolia A. Gray. 

Of.ongain. Trichodesnia zeylaniciim P. lh\ 

6loy, T. Artocarpus. 

Omading, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

OjNfADiUNG, Panip. Cyperus rotundus Ij. 

Onanat, ]g. Gnaphaliuin luteo-albuni L. 

Onaoa, T. Capura. 

Onava, T. Ell ret ia acuminata K. ]5r. 

6ngot, Z. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

6ngsay (Manila). Coriandrum sativum Pinn. 

Onoran, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus Jv. 

6nti, T. Solanuni nigrum L. 

OoNGON, II. Bruguiera gynuiorrbiza Tiam. 

OoNGON, 11. Rhizophora niucronata Lam. 

OoNOG, Jl. Albizzia julibrissen Duraz. 

Opi.ay. Alstonia scbolaris R. ]^r. 

Oi'iJ, T. Ficus. 

Opling-maya (Tayabas). Ficus. 

6ro, T. Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe. 

6pong-6pong, B, Litsea. 

Oracion, Sp. Fil. Mirabilis jala])a T>. 

Oratan, 71. Aglaia. 

Orayi, T.^ V. Amaranth us spinosus L. 

OufiiGANO, Sp. Fil. Limnopbila repens Benth. 

Oregano, Sp. Fil. Coleus aromaticus Benth. 

Oregano-lalaqui, T. Coldenia procumbens L. 

Grot, V. Dioscorea hirsuta Blume. 

OROY, V. Amorphophallus cjimpanubitus Blume. 

6siu, T. Bambusa diffusa Blanco. 

6te-6te. Pittosporum. 

OuAy, II. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

6vai-na-panglao, II. Naravelia. 

Gyancjia, V. Abrus precatorius L. 

OyIsan, T. Myfistica. 

Gy6c, Tg. Myristica. 


PaanbalivIs, T.? Boerhaavia repens Ti. 

Pabto, T. Acalypha. 

Pac. Artocarpus camansi Blanco. 

Hosted by 



ACAC, II. Artocaipus camansi Blanco. 

ACACAL. Mallotiis ricinoides Muell. Ar<i-. 

ACAGONCON-CASTiLA. Cassia alata L. 
*ACALOAL, Pamp. Mallotiis liciuoides Muell. Aro. 

ACANCAL, Paiiip. Palacpiiiiin latifoliinn Phiiico. 
?ACAPis, V. Clerodendion interniediiiui (Jliaiii. 

ACAT-AKO, T. Pisonia aculeata DC. 
*acay6mc()m-castIla, Pamp. Cassia alata L. 
*acay6mcon. Lycopodimii. 
*AciiAiNT;AN, T. Canarium. 
*aco. Aspleniuiii esculentiiiri Pipsl. 
*ACOL, V. Musa. 

*ACONG-AN(jANG. Onycliiiim auratiiin Kaiilf. 
*ao6poi), 1\ Vitis caniosa Wall. 
*ACM'AC iiALANO, T. Beiiya. 

*ACPAO-LAKTiAO, T. ])esinodiiini triiloriiiii DC. 
'acpao-laujn, 'V. Iviiapiiidoplioia [)oitiisa Scliotl. 
^ACPAC-LAUiN, 'W Poly])odiuin qiieicifoliiiiii L. 
*acnan, T. Quercus. 
*ACiTPis, T. Tricliosanthes anguina L. 
^ADDAN, dig. Pandaiius odoratissimiis Liiiii. f. 
Vdong-padonTjIAN, V. Celosia cristata Miq. 
*AKTAN, V. Liinasia aniara Blanco and othci" species. 
*A(}alo. Acrostichuni. 

^AGAPLACIM, 11. FicilS. 

^A(!AT, Ig. Cniciis vvallichii DC. 

*AGAr-PAGAT (Lagiuia). Diospyros. 

^AGATPAT, T., v., J). Sonneratia pagat])at lUanco. 

^AGATPAT, T. Diospyros. 

*A(Hu';T, Pamp. (laidenia obscura V'idal. 

*A(JLA, 15. ()!arci'ni;i. 

'A(JLUi\iiirYEN. Kiigenia. 

^AGPAGAN, C ig. lllipe betis Merrill. 

*A(iSAiN(iAiN, T. Canarium lu/onicnm Mi(]. 

^AGl'A, v. Miisi (extilis Nees. var. 

*AGuiLiNG, T. Ficus. 

*AGURiNGON, B. Ciatoxyliim floribundiim F. Vill. 

?AHAMPAC, Pamp. (^oiiania. 

^Ario, 1\, V. Mangifera longipes Grifl'. 

^ATloiroTAX, v.. T. iMangifera odorata (Jritf. 

*An()-si^:Co (Cebu). Mangifera longipes (JrilT. 

^Aiit'JTAN, T. Semecarpiis. 

\\i]l()i), V. Albizzia ])rocera F)enth. 

^AliiOT. Albizzia pi'ocera Bentli. 

*A[LAN. lllipe betis Merrill. 

*aima1bai, T. Litsea. 

^AJMO. Sindora wallicbii, l^enth. 

^AiNA, T. Hoj)ea jdagata V^idal. 

Hosted by 



PAiPAi-AiMO, T. Po]y})odiiii)i (lueicifoliuni L. 

PaipaIsj, V. Leiicas aspera Spieng. 

PaIt. Micromelum. 

1*A1T, T. Limasia aiiiara Hlaiico. 

Pait-pait (Zamboanga). Lunasia amara Hlanc'o. 

l*AiT-PAiT. Mieroineliim tepbiocaipuin Tuyca. 

Paitan, 1\ (xarcinia. 

Paitan, T. Lunasia aniara J^lanco. 

Paitan, T. Teiiiiinalia. 

Paja-de-mkca, S]). Fil. Andiopogon scboenaiitlius L. 

Pajo, T. Mangifcia longipes ilvHY., r. Palaqiiium hitifoliuiii P>bin(-(). 

Palad-palad, V^ Hoinigiapliirt repoiis l>huK'<). 

Palaoarium. V. Halnadera iiidica Gaeitii. 

l^ALA(JiUi\r, V. Sainadora indica (Jaortii. 

l?ALA(iuc()N, V. Criimiii asiaticiiiii Liini. 

Palali, B. Dilleiiia spc^ciosa (Jilg. 

Palancj. Aealy])ba. 

PALANG-PALAN(i, V. Caiuivalia obiusifolia D(\ 

l*ALAO-AN, V. liomaloinona inicpieliaTia Seliott. 

l^VLAPAi), 'W SoiiiK'iatia pagat])at IMaiico. 

Palapar, V. Alpinia brevihibiis Prosl. 

Palapasaguj, V, Hyptis eapitata Jac(]. 

Palapi l. Fbicoiirtea. 

Palasan, Z. Cabiiiiiis albiis Pcrs. 

l^ALATi. Dilk^iiia speeiosa ({ilg. 

Palatpat, T. Sonneratia pagat])at P)buico. 

Palauan, V. DaoTii()iioT()])s, 

Palay, '\\ Ovyza sativa L. 

Palayex, Ig. (.^uorciis joicbuiac Lag. 

Pali, V, Maiigifera odorata (J rill'. 

1*AL[A, V. Moniordica balsaiiiina Jj. 

l^AUAVAN, V. Liii()S])()ra crispa INlicrs. 

Paijc Pic-PITO, Pamj). Sa])indus tiirczaiiiiiowii X'idal. 

Palindan, T. Oiaiiia icgalis Zi})]). 

Paling iiuai, B. Walsina robiista lloxb. 

Palinlin, L. Bucliaiuuiia. 

I'ALiPAL, T. Maesa. 

Palis, T. Callicaipa bicolor duss. 

l*ALiTic. Pieus aiiK'plas J^urin. 

Palla, T. Momordiea balsaiiiina L. 

1*AL-LAM, 11. Psopli()('ar])Us tetragoiiolobns DC. 

l^AiAfA-nRAVA. Livinstonia rotimdifolia Mart. 

1?AL(), L. Xylopia sp. 

Paloaiian. Otopbora s])ectabilis Bhiiiie. 

Paloaiian, V. Capiira. 

Paloai, ]^. Litsoa. 

Palochina. V. (hissia alaia I. inn. 

Hosted by 


Palo-de-hierro, v. Xantliostemon verdugonianiis Naves. 

rALO-DURO ( Zamboanga ) . Eugenia. 

Palo-marIa, T., Pamp. Calophylhmi inopliylluiii L. 

Palo-maria, T. Vidalia lepidota F. Vill". 

Palo-maria j)e MONTE. Calopliyllum wallichianum Planch and Triana. 

J*alo-]marIa de playa. Calophyllum inopliyllum L. 

PAEO-MARiANG-Gur.AT, T. Vidalia navesii F. Vill. 

Palonapin, Jairietia sylvatica Merrill. 

Palonapoy, Z. lleritiera littoralis Dry. 

Palonapoy, Z. Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. 

Pa j X) i\ K G no . Ley) i d o ]> c t a 1 u n i . 

]*alonpal6ngan. Celosia cristata Moq. 

1*AL()-PAE(), B. Randia cuniingiana Vidal. 

Palopino. Pinus insularis F.ndl. 

Paeosanto, T. Ixourea lieieropliylla Planch. 

Palosanto, T. Oropliea. 

Palosanto, T. Koordersiodendron pinnatnni Merrill. 

Palosapis. 8horea. 

Palosaims, T. Pinus merciisii Jungh. and de Vriese. 

PALSAiiiNiiiN, T. Canariuni cumingii Engl. 


Paltug-paltucan, Pamp. Cardios])erininn halicacabum L. 

Pa.lniiambobocag, V. Dysoxyluni blancoi Vidal. 

Palt3nag. 8pilanthes acniella L. 

Palumbuyen, Pang. Eugenia. 

PALtJNAi, Pamp. Spilanthes acmella L. 

PalunTjapoy, 11. lleritiera littoralis Dry. 

PAMALALfAN, ('ag. 8indora wallichii Benth. 

Pamalatancjuen, ]1. Canthium mite Bartl. 

Pamalataguen, 11. Anioora. 

Pamalis, T., v., Pamp. Sida carpinifolia L. 

Pama,\Tjpangon, V. Boelimeria nivea H. and A. 

PamangquIlon, V. Amorphophallus campanulatus Blume. 

PamangquIlon, V. Leea aculeata Blanco. 

Pamayugsucon. Ixora. 

Pamita6guen, 11. Calophyllum inopliyllum L. 

PAMiTLArN, 11. Ochrocarpus ])entapetalus Blanco. 

PaaitteaIn, 11. Calophyllum inophyllum L. 

PamitlatI<:n, 11. Calophyllum inopliyllum L. 

Pamitlatin, 11. Ochrocarpus pentapetakis Blanco. 

Pameomboyen, 11. Eugenia. 

Pamocol, T. Cocos nucifera L. 

Pampang, V. Musa sapientum L. var. 

Pampar. Kleinhovia hospita L. 

Pamtjcug, V. Pollia. 

Pamuhat, V. Premua vestita Schauer. 

Pamulaclaquin, T. Gonocaryum tarlacensc Vidal. 

Pamulaclaquin, T. Sym])horema luzonensis Vidal. 

Hosted by 


Pamui.aci.aqujn, T. Couibretuni ovalifoliuiu Koxb. 

pAMihNOAN, V. Fcionia elcpliantopus Corr. 

Panabang. Aglaia. 

Panabolong. Scaevola koenigii Valil. 

Panabon, T. Ardisia. 

Panabok, V. Eurycles aiiiboineiisis IJorb. 

Panabolong, T., V. Scaevola koenigii Valil. 

Panacla (Biilacan). Pisonia aciileata L. 

Panaguitmon, B. Diospyios. 

Panalayapin, T., 11. Champeieia grillitbii Planch. 

Panalingaen. Pterosperniuni oblicuum Bhnne. 

Panampat, Panip. Kleinhovia bospita L. 

Pananculanan, B. Vitex. 

PanangquIlon, V. Leea aculeata Blanco. 

Panao, T. Diptcrocaipus vernicifluus Blanco. 

Panaon, V. Elettaria. 

Panaptum, V^. Erianthcmum bicolor Scbrank. 

PANAQUITIN, T. tSterculia. 

Panakien, 11. Tacca pinnatifida Foist. 

Panavan, V. Tinospora ciispa IVlicrs. 

PanayanT;tag6n, V. Leea javanica Blumc. 

Pan ay pay. Memocy Ion . 

Pancalian, Cag. Sindora wallicbii Bcnth. 

Pancudo, T., V. Monndji biacleata Pvoxb. 

PandaCxVGUC, T. Tabernacmontana pandacaque Poir. 

Pandac AQUE-LALAQUE, '\\ RuiiwoUia amsoniaefol la A. DC. 

Pandacaqi 1, T., v., Painp. 'rabernaenionlana i).ni:laca(pii Poi-. ;'!il dl 

Pandan, T., V. I^nidanus odoratissinuis Linn. f. and ollici sjjciiis. 
Pandan, J]. Tciniinalia catappa L. 
l^ANDAN-SABOTAN, T. Pandaniis. 
Pandapanda, T. Ganopliyllum falcatnni Blnni(>. 
Pandapanda, T. Dysoxyhini. 

Pandaya, V. Tabernaeniontana ])andaca([iii Poir. 
Paivgaguason, V. Strycbnos ignatii Jk^i'g. 
PANCiAEANGAN, V., V. Soplioia toincntosa L. 
PanT;anan. Qiuicus. 

PanT^anaua, (yag. Oropbea enterocaipoidea Vidal. 
PANTiANTjTOEONG, T., V. Scacvola koenigii Vabl. 
Pangas, Pamp. Tournefortia. 
Pangas, Z. Zingiber officinale Linn. 
Pangas, Panip. Cuicunia longa Linn, 
PangosIn. Cocos nucifera L. 
Pangdan, V. Pandanus odoratissirnus Linn. f. 
J*anT;i)an, T. Lreycinetia luzonensis Presl. 
PANTiiiAS (Dinagiit). Ardisia luiniilis Vabl. 
PANcaiiNG-BUYEN (Abra). J^]ugenia. 
PanTjE 1\ Panginni ednle Reinw. 

Hosted by 



PanTiiavan, v. Tinospora crispa Meirs. 

PANTiiLiNON, Z. Wonnia. 

Panglanca1^:n, Jl. Gelonium glomerulatuin Hassk. 

pANCJLOMnoYAN, 11. Eugenia. 

Pancjlonboyen, Ig. Loranthiis. 

PanTimavan. Anainirta cocculus W. and A. 

Pangosin, V. Cocos niicifera L. 

PanTuji, V. Pangium edule Reinw. 

l^AiVCJURix\CJU, V. Cratoxylon blancoi Bliime. 

Paniiacad, V. Pandanus odoratissinuis Linn. f. 

PanilonTia-baca. Memecylon. 

PANLAMBtJYEN, II. Eiigenia. 

PANrNT}UTN6N, Z. Worniia luzonensis Vidal. 

Panitan, (llobba niarantina Linn. 

pAiViTLAiN. Ochrocarpns pentapetalus Blanco. 

PANNILTASQIIN, II. C'a lophyllum. 

Pannirten, II. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. 

Pan NO. Dipterocarpns A^erniciihius Blanco. 

I^anodIas, V. Sauranja. 

Panosiben (Tiagan). Sapindus turczaninowii Vid. 

Pansipansi, T,, V^ Lciicas aspera Spreng. 

PANSiPANSf, T. Hypoestcs laxiflora Nees. 

PanstpansIan, T. llyptis s\iaveolens Poir. 

Pantigui, V. Pemphis acidula Forst. 

Pantog-sancmjsa, V. Orchipeda foctida Bhnne. 

Pani o, r. Dipteiocarpus vernicifluiis Blanco. 

Pao, il. Mangifeia longipes Griff. 

Paopanan. TMangifera longipes Griff. 

Paopauan, T. Mangifera foetida Lour. 

Papaca, Z. Cratoxylon. 

pAPALsis, T. C'allicarpa bicolor Juss. 

Papas. Solanuni tuberosum L. 

Papaya, Sp. Fil. Garica ])apaya L. 

Papoiiotan. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

Papon YA. Mangifera longipes Griff. 

PaponTsa, Z. Eugenia. 

Pappagay, Gag. lllipe l)eti8 Merrill. 

l\vQiTiT. Dioscorea. 

Papi'a, T., v., Paiu]). Panax fruticosuni L. 

Paquiling, l^anip. Ficus. 

J^AQUiT, T. Dioscorea. 

PARACAN, 11. Rliizophora nuicronata Lam. 

Pahagis, T. Paspalum. 

ParaIso, v., T. Melia azedarach L. 

Paran(J (Paranaque). Alysicarpus tetragonolobus Edgw. 

ParanTjtsat-it-manatai), V. Tacea. 

Parapad, Ig. Alpinia. 

Paraparanaiian, T. Desmodium. 

Hosted by 



PARAPiT-iiANCiiN, T. Naiavelia. 

Parasan, V. Calamus albiis Pers. 

Part, V. Cissaip.polos pareira Linn. 

Paria, 11. Moniordica balsaniina Jj. 

Paritulot, T. Justicia gendarussa L. 

Parnipansi. Leiicas linifolia Spreng. 

Paronapin, II. Helicteres. 

Paronapin, ]1. Heritieia littoralis Dry. 

Paronapin, 11. Tarrietia sylvaiica Merrill. 

PARONGTONG-AirAS, T. Streptocaulon bauniii Decne. 

Pars6tis, T. Chenopodiuni anibrosioidos L. 

Parua, 11. Pimis innularis Endl. 

Pasac. Paranariuni pliilipponsis Radlk. 

Pasac, T., Z. Mimnsops elengi L. 

Pasac, T. Pygeum arboreuni Endl. 

Pas ACL A, U. Ficus. 

Pasaingin, T. Canariuni. 

Pasao. Corchorus eapsiilaris L. and other species. 

Pasao, V. Graptophylhim liortense Nees. 

Pasao-na-bil6g, T. Corchorus capsularis L. 

Pasao-na-itaha, 1". ('orchorus acntangnlus Lam. 

Pasapla, 11. Ficns. 

Pasasablijt, 11. Litsea. 

Pascuas. Euphorbia pulcherrima W'illd. 

Past, B. Cinnamomum. 

Pasig, V. Buchanania lucida Blume. 

Pasitts, T. Capsicum mininuim Roxb. 

Pasotis, T. Chenopodiuni ambrosioides L. 

Pasnit (Tiagan). Alstonia scholaris R. Br. 

Pasquit, T. Memecylon panicnlatuni Jack. 

Pasuriao, V. Dendrobium lunatum Lindl. 

Pata, Ig. Cinnamonuim pauciflorum Nees. 

Patauuguin (Paragua). V^ernonia arborea Ham. 

Patactol, Pamp. Ardisia. 

Patai-6od, V. Toiirnefortia sarmentosa L. 

1*ATAL0, 'W (^ommersonia ])latyphylla Andr. 

Patani, V. Phaseolus lunaius Linn. 

Pataning-dagat, T. Canavalia ensiformis DC. 

Patapto. Ardisia. 

Patatas, Sp. Fil. Solanum tul)erosinn Linn. 

Pateput, T. Maesa. 

Patican, V. (kryota rumphiana Mart. 

PATfNi (Mindoro). Phaseolus tunkinensis Lour. 

Patipol (Morong). Maesa. 

PoTOLA, T., V. Luti'a aegy})tiaca Mill, and other sjjecie 

Pot6lo, T. Commersonia platy})hylla Andr. 

PATtJBO, T. Cycas circinalis L. 

PAriiAN (Mindoro). Litsea. 

Hosted by 


Pa u II API, T. Sliorea. 

Paunngagan, T. Castanopsis philippinensis Vidal. 

Pautan, T. Santiria. 

Paupautan, T. Mangifera. 

Pa YALE. Timonius philippinensis Merrill. 

I'AYANCiCA (Bulacan). PLemingia. 

Payangpayang, T. Desmodium pulchellum Benth. 

PayanguIt, V. Marsdenia tinctoria R. Br. 

Payao-payao, V. Monochoria' hastaefolia Presl. 

Payapa, T. Ficus payapa Blanco. 

Payhod. Albizzia procera Benth. 

Payna, T. Scolopia. 

Payo.^g-payong, V. Cyperus. 

Payong-pay6ngan, T. Boletus. 

Paypaysi, V. Leucas aspera Spreng. 

Pedp^d, 11. Casearia. 

Pelotan. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

PepIno, Sp. Cucumis sativus L. 

PepIta, T. Strychnos ignatii Berg. 

Pepita-de-San Ignacio, Sp. Fil. Strychnos ignatii Beig. 

Pepita-sa-catbalongan, v., T., B., Pamp. Strychnos ignatii i] 

Pernambuco, Sp. Fil. Gossypiuni barbadense L. 

Petutan, T. Bruguiera gynniorrhiza liam. 

PiAGAO, T. Xylocarpus obovatus Juss. 

l^iAio, V. Agathis loranthifolia Salisb. 

PiAPi, T., V. Avicennia oOicinalis Ij. 

PiAS, 11. Averrhoa bilinibi L. 

PiAYO, V. Agatliis loranthifolia Salisb. 

PiciiEL, T. Nepenthes. 

PidpId, Jl. Casearia. 

PfLA. Codiaeum variegatum Bhnne. 

PiLANi, T. Canarinm luzonicum Miq. 

PiLAPiL, T. ? Scolopia. 

PiLAUi, T. Canarium ovatum Engl. 

PiLDis, Pamp. Garcinia. 

PiLl<;u, V. Ficus. 

PIlt, 'I\ Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

PIli, v., T. Canarium ovatum Engl. 

PiLi (Zamboanga). Gelonium. 

PiLic (Cebu). Ficus. 

PiLT-piLAUAY, T. Canarium commime L. 

PilIpog, V. Cocos nucifera Ijinn. 

PiLfpuD, V. Mallotus ricinioides Muell. Arg. 

PIlis, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

PiLiT, B. Pemphis acidula Forst. 

PimiI^:nta, Sp. Piper nigrum L. 

Pimientang-bund6c, T. Piper philippinum Miq. 

PiNALi. Canarium luzonicum Miq. 

Hosted by 



PiNANG, V. Arcca alba ivuinpli. 

I'lNCABANM), 1\ l>uxiis rolfci Vidal. 

PiNCAPiNCA, T. Ovoxylimi iiulicuni I^. 

PlNCAPiNCAHAN, 1\ Oioxyhnii iiuliiMnn I.. 

Ping6l, T. Eiigelhardtia. 

FiNGOL-BATO, T. Begoiiia rhoinbicarpa A. DC. 

PiNUAN, \g. Maoutia platysiignia Wcdd. 

PiNA, S]). Fil. Anaiiassa saliva liiiun. 

PiNONKH, V. Q)uisqualis indica Linn. 

Pin, V. Litsea garcijic Vidal. 

Plri, V. Albizzia letvisa Bcnth. 

PiPi, V. Seniecarpiis uiaerophylla, Men ill. 

Pipisic, T. Aegiceras corniculatinn Blanco. 

Pipisic, T. Aegiceras floridum R. and S. 

Pipisic, T. Avicennia officinalis L. 

Pipisic, T. Scypliiphora hydrophyllacea Gaeitn. 

PiRAPiT-ANXiiN, Pamp. Vitis repens W. and A. 

PiuAS, 1\ Evodia loxhiivgliiana Bcnth. 

PjKLS, T. Clausena. 

PfRls, T. CJarcinia. 

Pisa, T. Canarinni lu/onicniu i\Ii(i. 

PiSANG-DAYA, T. Minuisops. 

Pisio. Aegiceras coi-nicnlata Blanco. 

1*is6n(!, T. Citrus anrantiuni Linn. var. 

l*LSSlc, V. (Jentiipeda orbicularis Loni'. 

1*Ita, 11. Ananassa saliva Ijindl. 

PIta (Cehu). Agave aniericaria I.. 

l*iT6(iO, 'i\ Cycas ciiciiialis Linn. 

Platano, Sp. Musa sa])ientTun \j. vai'. 

PoA.s, T. Harpullia hiancoi P. Vill. 

P()('()ii'6coT, v., l^anip. 'rricliosanllies aiigiiina L. 

PoLANG-POLANG (lloilo). Ipomoea pes-caprae Forst. 

l?OLAVAGAN, T. Burscra javanica l>aill. 

PoLEO. Verbena bonariensis L. 

PoLOGAN, V. Dioscorea. 

1\)L()N1A, T. Alpinia cernua Roxb. 

l*ONTiAPON, T. Aniorpliophallus ])aTiiculalus Bluni(\ 

PoNtiLO-POivIiLOAN. Corcliorus capsularis L. 

P6NtiO. Dipterocarpus vernicilluus Blanco. 

l\).\OAN, V. Peronia elephantnni Correa. 

PoNOAN, V. Samadera indica Caerin. 

PouAC, 11. Toona ciliata Royle. 

INniAS, V. Phyllanthus disticlins Miu'll. Arg. 

PoEO. Piper belle L. 

PosTALAGON. Compbia angnstifolia Valil. 

1V)STALAG0N, Z. Miniusops. 

PoTAT, T. Barringlonia raceniosa P>linne. 

S95() 7 

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PoTAT, T. Aralia javanica Miq. 

PoTiAN, T. Eugenia. 

PoTOC. Cyperus. 

PoTocAN, T. Physalis peruviana L. 

Pot6c-potocan, T. Physalis peruviana L. 

Pot6t, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

PoTOTAN, T. Bruguiera ritchieii Merrill. 

PoTOTAN, V. Ceriops candolleana Arn, 

PoTOTAN. Rhizophora mucronata Lam. 

PoiJGSO, Panip. Jasriiinuni sambac Ait. 

PtJAS. Harpullia blancoi Vidal. 

PdcOPUCOT, v., Panip. Tricliosanthes anguina L. 

PuGAHAN, T. Caryota cuniingii Mart. 

PuuAilAN, T. Arenga saccliarifera Lab. 

Pug All AN, T. Caryota urens Iv. 

PuGANG, V. Dioscorea. 

PuGAUY. Decaspermuin ?. 

PuiGAPUiGAiiAN, T. Artlirophylluni. 


PuLAT, T. Linociera eoriacea Vid.? 

PuLAT. Barringtonia racemosa Blunie. 

PuLAYAGAN. Burscra javanica Baill. 

1*ULUG (Zamboanga) . l^ibara coriacoa J^erk. 

PuNGAPUNG, v., T. Arnorpliopliallus eanipaniilatus Blunie. 

PuNTAS-PUNTAS, T. Iponioea panieulata R. Br. 

PuQuimiANG, T. Cliitoiia ternatea Tj. 

PuRA, B. Saurauja. 

PuHiQUP]T, II. Pisonia aculeata 1j. 

Puso-PtJSO, T. Litsea eliinensis Lain. 

Puso-Puso (Mindoro). Buchanania florida Schauer. 

Puso-puso, T. Eugenia. 

Puso-Pi^JSO (Tayabas). Agrotistacliys niaesoana Vidal. 

Puso-PT^so (Marinduque) . Quercus eastellaranauiana Vidal. 

PuTAi), T. Barringtonia raeeniosa Blunie. 

PuTAT, T. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

PuTKNG, T. Linociera. 

PutLvn, T. Eugenia. 

PuTPUTAY, B. Ehretia buxifolia Roxb. 

PuTUCAN, T. Hibiscus abelmosclius L. 

PUTUi) (Nueva-Viscaya) . Viburnum luzonicum Rolfe. 


QupyiQUET, ]g. Deutzia pulchra Vidal. 
QuiAPO, T. Pistia strati otes L. 
QuiAQuiA, Z. Pometia. 
QuiBAL, T. Vigna catjang Endl. 
QuTiJAL, T. Doliclios. 
QuiLAA, V. Cordyline. 

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(^uiLAJ.A, V. Sacch<arum olliciiiarinn L. 

Ql'iLALA, V. Miisa. 

(^uiL7\MO, T. Ciypteroiiia paniciilata l)Iuiiie. 

(^1 I LAP, T. Uncaria, 

QuiLiNG, '1\ Bambusa. 

(^)uiLiNGfvA, V. Aveirboa bilimbi Jj. 

QuilIte. Amarantlius spinosus L. 

(^)ui LITIS, T. Amarantlius spinosus li. 

(^uinamb6y, V. Curcuma longa 1^ 

(^11 N A M PAi ( Cebu ) . Dioscoi-ea . 

(^riNA-PKSTLLA, T. Cassia listubi L. 

QuiMPOY, V. Colocasia, antiquoruuj Scliott. 

QuJNANDA, T. Oryza sativa ]j. var. 

(^)u]NANAYAN, 'F. Musa ])ara(lisiaea L. vai'. 

(^UJNASATCASAi, T. Adcnautbeia ]iavonina ].. 

<^i ixAY-QUiNAY, T. Pteiospeinuun . 

(^IMLNDAYOTIAN, T. Cob)sia argeutca L. 

(Quintan A, T. Mclia candolloi Juss. 

QiiiNTASiN, r>. IxoT-a. 

Quio, T. Ardisia. 

(^uiUAP, T. Sumbavia rottleroides l>aill. 

QuiROi, T. Dioscorea sativa L. 

(^iJj'sor., V. Ka('m])]ioria gabmga L. 

QufTA-QufTA, 11. Xylia. 

QulTA-QLiiTA, 11. Albi/zia. 

QufTA-QiJiTA, ]1. Bisdiofia javaniea ]^>lunie. 

(^)uri[C()T, V. Capsicum mininuun Ivoxb. 

QniiiATULUAN, T. ]^]riantbennim bicolor Scbrank. 

Q u KN ALUS(u'i A, T. II oya. 

(^1i;lPv6e, v. l^ioscorca. 

QuESERO. l>ombax malabaricum L. 


Rvc^uiNDi, Tami). Hibiscus tiliaccus L. 
]vAiz-i)e-m6kas, Sj). Fil. Andi-opogon sclKXMiaui bus L. 
llAiMf, Sp. Bobemcria nivca ]|. and A. 
Katipan, II. Arcni^a saccbarif(>ra Lab. 
Bay-yaPvAy-ya, II. Ficus. 
BiMA, 'r., V. Ailocav])us incisa L. 
BiMO, 'W Artocaipus incisa L. f. 
Bjrao, I?. Babupnum. 

•IvOCNOHAN, 'W, V. Sopbora tonicntosa L. 
BoMA, T., V. Acacia farncsiana V\ illd. 
Romero, Sp. Bosmarinus oflicirialis LiiuL 
Bon AS. Smilax. 

lv6sAS-CAiJALi>ER0, Sp. Fil. Caosal])ina ])ulcbcrriina Sw. 
lloSAS-DE-PKRSiA, Sp. Fil. Banciatum z(\vlanicuni L. 
BoSAS-SA-BAnAY, V. Vinca rosea Linn. 
Blmbanu, V. Aleurites moluccana Willd. 

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Saaa'g-cajjayo, 'l\ Scopaiia dulcis Linn. 

Saha, 'W I\lal lotus. 

Saba, 11. Muru sa])ientum L. var. 

tSAHANd-viSAYA. Miisa paradisiaca L. 

S Alii A, 1\ Piper caninuni ni(^tr. 

Sabila, T. Vanda lissochiloides Lindl. 

Sabila, 'W Aloe baibadensis Mill. 

Sabilao, V. Conimelina bengbalensis L. 

Sabilao, V. Cyanotis axillaris Koeni. and Slmlt. 

S!\bilao-n(;a-laba-an, V. Comnielina bengbalensis L 

Sables. Aspleniuni nidus L. 

Sablu'F, 11. Litsea cbinensis Ijam. 

Sabnk'f, W Rubus, 

SABON(j-SAB65iT)AN, T. Eleusine indica Gaertn. 

Sabono-sabungan, T. Panieuni llaviduni Ket/. 

Sabotan, T. Pandanus sabotan Blanco. 

Sabuno-sabuinT^an, T. Paspaluin. 

Sabay ('I'iagan). Colocasia antiquoruni Sebotl. 

Sacat, T. Terniinalia nitens l^resl. 

Saosac, V. Metroxylon. 

Sacsic, T. Areca, eateehu L. 

Sadao, Ig. Icbnocarpus ovatifolius A. DC. 

SadunTjan, V. Gai'cinia eowa Roxb. 

Saga, Z. Nipa fructicans Wurnib. 

Saga, T. i\])rus precatorius L, 

SvVGAi), 11. Vitex littoral is Deene. 

Sa(;amamix, T. Abrus piccatorius 1j. 

Sa(}apsai\ V. Gliionantlies. 

Sagsa, V. Glocbidion littorale Blume. 

Sa(;asa. Lunmitzeria purpuiea Presl. 

Sagasa, T, Scypliipbora liydropbyllaeea Gaertn. 

Sagasa, T. Osbornia octodonta ¥. Vill. 

SA(iA-SA(;A, T. Abrus ])reeato7-ius L. 

Sagat, 11. Vitex litloralis Deene. 

Sa(;ay', V. Claox3'lon indicuiu ITassk. 

Sa(;ay-ganT;ay. ZaniliopbylluTn oxypliylluni L, 

SAc;ii). V. Paraiueria pbilippineTisis Radlk. 

Sa(;ix, T. Pinns insularis ]^]ndl. 

SA(MX(i, T., V. Mnsji sapientuin L. 

Sagi'F, 1\ Paranieria pbilippinensis Radlk. 

Sagki, T. llliciuin anisatuni L. 

Sagmit, T. Rubus rosaefoliiis Sniitli. 

Sagnif, r. iMezoneurum glabnim Desf. 

Sagomay. I^syclioiria nialayana Jack. 

Sagt. Caryota urcais L. 

SACiUTLALA, T. Corydeliue. 

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S/V(iUiLALA, T. Codiaeiiiu vari(',i»atuin Mucll. Aig. 

Sagitinc;, T. Musa paradisiaca L. var. 

Saguing-nainTj-calao, B. Myiistica. 

SAtUJrNG-SAGurNG, V. Canna indica J.. 

SA(a iN-SAGufNTiAN, T. At'oicoias ('orniculaiuni P)l;iiico. 

Saguin-sagijin-estacas. Aogicoias coi-iiiculntinu ]^>]aneo. 

Sagi'insin, V. MeTViecyloii odulc Pvoxb, 

Sa(!UINS1]\. Agiceras. 

Sagujt. Limasia aiiiaia IMaiieo. 

Sagunyate, V. Toctoiia iivaiidis L. f. 

Sala, T.. V. iMaliotiis ])ln!ip])in('iisi,s Mucll. 

Sala. Mai lot us ricinoidcs i\liioll. Ar;^. 

SaeA]'., 'I\ ('ii])ania rc^ularis JJluiuc. 

Saeaij, T. llcmigyrosa caiiosceiis Tliw. 

Saeaday, V. ErycilK' ])aiii<'ulata Roxb. 

Saeaday. Zantboxyhnii oxyphyllnin Edgew. 

SAEA(i. Ilpiuigyrosa- canescons Tliw. 

Saeago, V. Plialoiia ponottctiana B. and II. 

Sv^kEAGO. 1\, V. Wikstroeinia iiidiei Aley. 

Saeagsaeag, 'I\ 'rrichosantlu's angiiiiia L. 

SAEA(;urN-Pi EA. Aiiioora lohiiuka \\ . and A. 

Saeagueso (Albay). l^ciicosykc^ hisj)idissiiiia Alicp 

Saeai, 1\ Aiidi()j)()goii scliocnaiitbiis L. 

Saeaid. Aiidro])ogoii schooiiaiitbiis L. 


SAEA.NTjcrGiiT. Albizzia lomciitosa, Mi(i. 

(SAEArAo, '1\ Vontilago iiiad(Ma.s])alana (ghtIte 

8AEAro.\G, T. Modecca cai(lio])bylla Maii. 

Saeac^ei. 'W Aiiioora pcrrol t<'tiaiia ( -. I)( '. 

Saeaqej, 'V. ( ■bisoehcloii ('(vraiiiiciis Mu\. 

SAEAQ(;jNG-i»EEA, T. Ainoora, rohiiuka W. and A. 

Saeauadan. P>. I^'jiigonia. 

Saeasan, 1\ (/lypleronia. 

Salasaindia, V. l])()ino('a jK's-ligvidis Linn. 

Saeay. V. Zandioxyluni oxNpliylluni Edgcw . 

Saeay, l?anip. ZaTitboxyliun aviconnac 1)(J. 

SAr.AY, V. Rombax Tiiabibarieiini DC. 

Saea.^'. 'V. Andi'oi)()gon scbocnanlbns L. 

SAEAY-('A.X(iAY, Pam]). Xa nl lioxy I luu aNiccnnac DC. 

Sai.avsay. TcMininalia caiappa. \j. 

Same\(\ l*ainp., \. Alpinia gigaiiica L. 

Saeeng, M. Piniis insularis End]. 

Sai^eoasol. V. Arcea iviandria Pvoxb. 

Saeiieangeang, V. Crinnm asiaiinim Linn. 

Saijgangp.ance V. Baubinia. 

Saeieihan. V. Doeaspcrnnnn panicadalnni 'I'ut'Cz. 

S A El NEAR a, T. Piper. 


AEIMOMO. V. Ca])])aris niieranlba !)(•. 

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Salim(3mo, '1\ Filiictia pliilippiiionsis A. DC. 

Salimpocot, T. 'rrichosanthes aiigiiina L. 

Salincapa. Vitex littoralis Decne. 

Saijng-bobog, v., '[\ Ciataeva religiosa Forst. 

8ALii\(i-oi A(!, V. ('Icnodoiidron iriac^i osiegiiiiii Scliaiier. 

Saltnc-ouac-i^a-maitum, V. Clerodendron blancoaniim F. Vill. 

SALiNU-SAGiJiNci, B. Agiccras coiiiiciilaiiiin Blanco. 

Sai;ii'Afa (Albny). Vitex. 

Salisay. rciniinalia catappa L. 

Sal-i.A(^apo, 11. Tournefortia sariiH^ntosa L. 

Sal-laday. Coiinanis ferrugiiieiiKS Jack. 

Sai.-l()(!apo, II. Tournefortia. 

Saloag, V. rtvcliospernia punicea Mi(p 

S A LOGO, V. Pandaniis. 

Salomacjue, 11. Taniarindus indica L. 

Salonc;, Z. Piniis niercusii J. and de V. 

S A LONG, V". (Janai'iuni nmltipinnatuni Llanos. 

Salovong, T. Corchoriis olitoriiis 1j. 

Salsalida, V. Molhigo pentapliylla Linn. 

Sali DSALtJD. Nepenthes ventricosa ]51anco. 

Salimagui, 11. Taniarindus indica ].. 

Salung (Paragua). (Janiriuni. 

Salui'ISfn (P)()ntoc) . l\)docar})iis. 

Samac, 11. Macaranga tanarius IVluell. Arg. 

Sama(^, Pamp. Alelocliia. 

Samalagi'T, V. Taniarindus indica Linn. 

Sai^iat, Pain p. Piper betle L., p. Taniarindus indica, L. 

Sam AT, Pamp. Pipei- betle h. 

SAMnAGUT, V. Tarnarindus indica Linn. 

SAMBALAufjAN. Koordersoldendron pinnatum Merrill. 

Samhalagui, V. Taniarindus indica Linn. 

Samhale, T. Eleusine indica Gaertn. 

SAMniLAO, V. Conimelina coinrnunis Linn. 

Sambon, T., Pamp. Blumcni balsamifera DC. 

Sambong, T. Bluniea balsamifera DC. 

Sambong gat.a, T. Sphaerantbus indicus L. 

Samioxg gala. r. Flerocaiilon cylindrostachyum Clarke. 

SAArFJUALAU, V. Nepbelium. 

Sambulaguan. Koordersoidendron ])innatura Merrill. 

Sambuluan (Mindoro). Hopea. 

SAMBtJNG, T. Bhiniea balsamifera DC. 

SAMBfjNG-c6LA, T. l^uddlcia asiatica Lour. 

SamIlin, T. Cinnamomum. 

Sampac, T. Miclielia champaca L. 

Sampaca, T. Miclielia champaca L. 

Sampaga, T. Jasminum samba c Ait. 

Sampaga-T)EL-m6nte, T. Cynnra angulosa DO. 

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Sampagang, Paiiip. -lasniinum sainl)ac Ait. 

Sampaguita. .Tasseniinum sanibac Ait. 

Saml'Alagui, B. Taniarindiis indica L. 

Sampalia, V. Momordica balsamina L. 

Sampaloc, T., B., Pamp. Taniarindiis indica L. 

SAMrALOC-SAMPALocAN, T. Dalea nigra Mart, and Gal. 

Sampang, 'I\ Vitis genicnlata Blinne. 

8AMPAPARE, V. Cissampelos pareira Linn. 

San-Antonio. Baubinia tomentosa Linn. 

Sandalaitan, T. vSopbora tomentosa L. 

Sandana, T., V. xVnisoptera tlmrifera Blume. 

Sandana, V. Cedrela taratara, Blnine. 

Sandana. Anisoptera oblonga Dyer. 

Sandana, T., V. Anisoptera tburifera F. VilL 

San-FuancIsco, Sp.-Fil. Codiaenni variegatnm Blunie. 

Sancjay (Zamboanga) . Cabidinin bicolor Vent. 

SanTjcoylang, V. Bridelia stipularis Blume. 

SANtiDiGEQUiT, T. Ptumbago zeybmica L. 

SANoiLO, V. Piper corylistachyon C. ])C. 

SANCiiTAN?. ({eloninm glomeriilatmn Jlassk. 

SanTsumaj, T. Trieboglottis rigida Bin me. 

SANTiUMAiN, T. Dendrobiiim. 

Hanoi; MAY, T. Panicnm indie um L. 

Sanqlte, V. Pterocar])iis blancoi Merrill. 

Sanqui, T. Olausena. 

8aNvSalt, T. Sapindus. 

Sansao. Cissampelos ])areira Linn. 

Sansaosan-sansaosan, T. Cissampelos pareira L. 

Santan, T. Ixora, stricta Roxb. 

Santa Ana. Ixora stricta Roxb. 

Santa Helena. Lencaena glanca Benth. 

Santa Maria. Artemisia vulgaris \j. 

Santan, T. Lxora coccinea L. 

Santiago, V. Acacia farnesiana Willd. 

Santol, T., V. Sandoriciim indiciim L. 

Santor (Zamboanga). Sandoricinii iiidicnm L. 

Saoo, V. Piper corylistachyon C. DC. 

Sapang, T., 11. Caesalpinia sapj)an L. 

Sape:not, T. Hibiscus. 

SapIlco, Ig. Pollia tbyrsiflora Kndl. 

Sapinit, V. Rubus glomeratns Blume. 

Sapinit, T. Schrankia aculeata Willd. 

Sapinit, T. Rubus rosaefolius Smith. 

SapInit, V. Hibiscus abelmoschus L. 

SApfNiT, T., V. Caesalpinia nuga Ait. 

SapinsapIn, T. Peristrophe contorta Blanco. 

SapinsapIn, T. Blechnum brownei Juss. 

SApfT-uSA (Albay). Tabernaemontana. 

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Saplit, B. Albizzia. 

SaplunTj AN -COLORADO. Ghisochaetoii. 

SAPLUivTiAN, T. Uopea plagata Vid. 

Sapnit, 'I\, Painp. Mezoneuriiin glabrmn Desf. 

SapinIt, T. Riibus. 

SapoloixTiIAn, T. liopea ])lagata Vicbil. 

Sapote. Diospyros ebenaster Eetz. 

Sakamo, V. Achyrantbes aspera L. 

SAUANCM'iJTi, V. Eiionyimis. 

Sarasa. T. (ilraj)to])iiylhiin borteiLS(^ Nees. 

Saray, Cag. Shorea guiso J^jIutih'. 

Saripongpong, B. Litsea. 

k5AR()(', Ig. Pogosteiiioii cablin B(Miiii. 

Sarsalida. T. . Molliigo opposiiifolia \j. 

Sasa, T. Nipa fructicans Wurnib. 

Saiing-cagan, B. CratoxyloTi floribinidimi F. Vill. 

SAuA-SAUA. 8(X)lopia dasyjvnlbci-a PxMitli. 

Saua saua. V. Flacoiivtia scpiaiia Boxb. 

Sauce. Salix azaohuia !*>biiico. 

Sai'kip:. Sambuens ja\'a]ii(3a Blume. 

Sausai'jlt. 8a])iiKlus tnrczinanowii Vid. 

Satsaioli, T. ? Oupania. 

Saycua, V^ BiifTa aciiiangida Boxl*. 

Sayjcan, T. lV)ituljica (|iiadrifida L. 

Sayican, 'I\ Kiipliorbia pilulifera J.. 

SayIcan, T. Portiibica okMacea ]j. 

Saykwx, T. Eupbor})ia pihilifova B. 

Sayo, Ig. WoinTiiannia luzonionsis Vidal. 

Seijjang. j^hythriiia indica l^aiii. 

SfAC, V. Excoecaria a gal loch a L. 

SiP.oG, T. Acacia coiiciiiiia DC. 

SiHUCAO, v., T. CJacvsalpinia sa])j);ui B. 

SiHiJYAS, T., Bamp. AlBiini cc])a 1^. 

SiP>6YAS-SA-'rAAE. ABiimi j)()Tvinii Binn. 

Siiu')yas-son(!,s6ng. ABiuni jaquemontii Kunth. 

SicALEG, V. Morinda bractoata Roxb. 

Sicc). V. Acliras sa])ota Binn. 

Sjcay, V. liagoTiaria vulgaris Scringe. 

SiENrpREvlvA, Sp. Fil, Kalanclioc biciniata DC. 

Sr(JAN-DA(iAT, B. (^ordia snbcordaia Bam. 

Sigang-dAgat, B. Elc])baniopns spicatus Juss. 

SiGGAY, 11. liopea plagata Vidal. 

SiiT, V. Mezoncuruni glabruni Dcsf. 

SIeac, 11. Corypha umbra cul if era B. 

SfLAO. Dolicbos scsqnipedalis B. 

SiLASfLA, T. Derris uliginosa Bentli. 

Silhig6n, V. Sida carpinifolia Jj. 

Silt, T. Capsicnni minimnm Boxb. 

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SiLiSiij, T. Jasiuimnii iiiariaiiiiui DC. 

8iLisiLi. riociroua irioluccaiia iMeiiill. 

SjLisii.LUAiN, T. (Jloonie viscosa L. 

SiLij'AO, T. Ventilago maderaspataiia (Jacrtii. 

SiLisLvN, 1\ Cleome viscosa L. 

SiLJSiiiAiV. (^yiiaiKiiopsis pcutaphylla !)(;. 

Sjlisilahan, 'r. CI come viscosa L. 

SiLisiLJiiAN, T. Splieiioclea /(>ylaiiiea \j. 

SriJSiLiiiAN, T. KTiaiiiliciiiuiu bicolor Schraiik. 

SiNALjGAN, 11. Cordia blaiicoi, Vidal. 

SiNAMFAOA, T. Raiidia duinctoniiii L. 

SiNCAMAS. T. Pachyiliyzus aiigulai us Ricli. 

SiNCAMAS-ASO, T. Piicraiia javaTiica J^cntli. 

SiNCOYLANG, V. ]3iidclia stipulaiis ;P)liinic. 

SiNDOC, T. Cinnaiiiouuun. 

SiNtiON, Ig. Veriioiiia. 

SjinTjculcugos, T. Jasiiiiiiuin inariaimm DC. 

SiN(;i;rAx\, Ig. Jasii)iiunn hi/oiiiciisis Vidal. 

Sin IT. Mciuccyloii. 

SiNio.xis. 1\ ('itrus auraniiinii \Ai)\\. 

Sipi T-cArr. \jQQii javaiiica J^liniK^V. 

SiiMT-oLAG Srnilax laiifolia l)lanc(). 

Siuig-iu'yo. V. Lippia iiodifloia l^icli. 

SiRmrcLAS, 'i\ iS])oiidias ])iirpiii'('a L. 

SiKiQi E. Qucrcus vidalii F. Vill. 

SLsio, V. Physalis aiigiilata L. 

Sfsio, V. IMiysalis ])(M-iiviaiia, \j. 

SisioiiAN, Paiiip. I<]upli()ii)ia ])ilulif('ra L. 

SiTAO (Manila). \i<»iia catjaTig- l<]ndJ. 

SoAL, 'P. (lyatliocalyx zoyhniiciis Champ. 

SouosAP.o, T. 'rcrminalia. 

SoBSOB, II. l)himca halsamifcra 1)('. 

S()iis6(iA.\-!?6(;o. ]>. Cicunsia ciimini»iaria Rolfe. 

SoG<)NS(')(;()i\. V. N(^|)ciitlics oi-acilis l\ortli. 

Soi.Asr, T. 0(aininii l)asiliciim L. 

Soi.ASOLAsiAN. T. Pcucis as])ci"a Spvcno^. 

Soi.i'nao, 'i\ i\lacs;i oaudichaudii A. DC". 

S()i/)>r(;A, V. Impniic?is balsamina L. 

S()XTJN<!. 1\ ('assia a lata \j. 

S6()P>-GAP.AY(), v. llyplis smncolcDs Poir. 

SoKOGSoiux;. 'P.. I'amp. l]u])!i()il)ia iicrii folia L. 

SoYosoY, \<r. T^ilivim ]>hilipj)inciisc J^akcr. 

SCa. n. Citrus. 

SiAL. P>iii,auicra. 

SrPIAN DAGA. VIccti'OTiia. ' 

Sui'.sup.AN, T. Polygomim bacbaiiim L. 

Si'cAO, 11. Ncliimbiiim s])(^ciosiim L. 

SiTD-stJD, V. Cyperus. 

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SuD-sui), V. Kyllinga luoiiocepliala Rottb. 


SuGFON-siJCPON, V. Vitis quadrangularis Wall. 

SuGStJGA, Ig. Aralia hypolciica Presl. 

SuiiA (Batangas). Citrus liystrix DC. 

SuLAMiOG, V. Ficus pseudopaliiia Blanco. 

SuLASr, T. Ociiiium basil icum L. 

SuLiJANG, Paiup. Erythriiia iiulica L. 

SuLiAC-DAGA, T. Plectroiiia. 

SuiJi'xi. Gardenia pseudopsidiuni Blanco. 

SuLiAC-DACA. Canthiiim liorridum Blume. 

SuLiAo, V. Dendrobium hmatuni Lindl. 

Si Li dsOlud, V. Nepenthes gracilis Kortb. 

SiMA, W, v., Panip. Ananiirta coccidus W. and A. 

SuMAG, Pamp. Elepliantopiis spicatus Jviss. 

SuMALAGUi, V. Taniarindus indica L. 

8UINGUT-OLANG, V. Breynia cernua Muell. 

StJNCJOT-oi.ANG, V. Phyllantbus reticulatns Muell. 

SuNTJNG, v., T. Cassia a lata L. 

SuPA, T. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

SupjT-cAiG, 1\ Ijeea javanica Blume. 

SuRANCiA, V. Impatiens balsa rnina L. 

SuRANSUKAN. Gordonia luzonica Vidal. 

86rog-s6rog, T., Pamp. Eupliorbia neriifolia L. 

SoRO-soRO, T.. Pamp. Euphorbia neriifolia L. 

SuRSUR, Pamp. Cyperus rotundus L. 

SusoNG-CALABAO, T., V. Uvaria purpurea Blume. 

SuNTEN(i. (Jassia alata L. 


8URAN-SURAN, V. (Jordouia. 

SusocAYoivi, 1\ Oxalis cornicnbita L. 

Susoi, 1\ Crotalaria (piin(piefolia L. 


SU80NG-UAMULAG, Pamp. Uvaria. 
SusorsG-DAMULAG, l^amp. Artabotrys. 

Susosu SOYA INT, T. Crotalaria quinquefolia L. 
SrispiRos, Sp. Mirabilis jalapa L. 

Taal?, V. Cliamaero})s excelsa Linn. 
'I'aal, T. Afzelia bijuga A. Gray., 8p. Fil. Nicotiana tabacum L. 
Tabaco-tabacohan. Holanum verbascifolium L. 
Tabag. ]Iernandia ])eltata Meissn. 
'rAP>A]NXiAN, Cag. Lagcrstroemia speciosa Pers. 
Taba-taba, V. Mussaenda grandi flora Rolfe. 
Tabatabacaiian, T. Elephantopus scaber L. 
Tabayac (lloilo). Piper subpeltatum Willd. 

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Tagatoi, 1\ lllipc. 

'J'ag6(;on, Z. rcrjniiuUia. 

rAooiSMON, 1>. Diospyros. 

1'aopa, C. Pterocarpus. 

Tacipo, T. Ardisia. 

Tagpo, T. lAsyehoiria inalayana Jack. 

'J' a c! p N ( J - p V I.A , ' r . i\ r (I i s i a . 

TA(iU(>TA(JUC, V. Parameria [)luli])piiieTisis Radlk. 

Tagu ILM A. 1 lepta pleuruni. 

Taguiman, V. Ardisia perrottotiana. A. DC. 

Taguifan. Clerodeiidron laiuiginosinii ;P)hiiiie. 

TAGUirAN. Caiyota uieiis L. 

TAGuir-ASiN, T. Mallotus moluccanus Miiell. Arg-. 

TaguIp-soso. ilydrocotyle asiatica L. 

rAGUiSAN-BAYAUAG ( Ullisail ) . FicilS. 

'I'AGuLsr, T. Banibiisa. 

1\vGULAUAY, T., V. Parainoria ])lnli])piiieiLsis Radlk. 

Tagulauay. Fie lis. 

'I'agulinao, T., Pamp. Kiiiilia soiicliifolia !)('. 

rAGiiiP-cuTiOL. Plydrocotyle asiatica L. 

rAcu M, V. Indigofcra tinctoria L. 
TaGxUM, V^ Jndigofera, toysiHaiiiii ls\\(\. 
Tacu M-TAGi'M, V. Teplirosia In/oniciLsis Vogc^l. 
Tagum-taglm, V. Indigofeia tinctoria L. 
1'agung, V. Indigofeia tin(;toria. \j. 
I'agustxjs, V. Scaevola kocnigii V'ald. 
Tagutong, V. kSolanuiii fciox L. 

'rAHAD-LAnuY^o, T. Ciidiaiiia. javancnsis rrcc. and other species. 
TAiiiT-LArJtJYOC, F. Allaenthus. 
I'aiiod-nTia-ilaiias, V. Jxora fidgens Ivoxb. 
Taieti, Ig. Alsopliila glauca Blimie. 
Tainanac. Bainbusa. 
Taincjang-daoa. Oxalis coniiculata L. 
Taiiiis, V. Alpiiiia previlabiis Presl. 
'1'aitai, V. Paederia foetida 1^. 
'I'aiuanac, T. Bambusa bbiiicoi Steiid. 
Tala, T. Limnopliilia roxburgii G. Don. 
Talaoatac, T. Castanopsls philippinensis Vidal. 
Talactac, 11. Capparis horrida L. f. 
Talaiud, T. Antliistiria gigantea Gav. 

rALAiLO, T., v., Panip. Nynipbaea lotus Linn. 
Tat.ampay, '1\ Sobiniim. 

Talaiviponat, T., Pamp. Datura alba Necs. 
TALAMPONAi-NA-iTliNr, T. Datiira fastuosa ]j. 
'Fa I. AN AS, T. Zizypbus. 

Palancao, II. Plumbago zeylanica L. 

I'alang, T., Panip. Diospyros discolor Willd. 
TALANG-BtJLO, T. Solanum sanctum L. 

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ALAN(i-BUNi)6(;, 1\ Myiistica guattoriifolia A. DC". 
ALANGCAW, Jl. P]imi!)ago zeylaiiica 1^. 
ALANc-Cii'M'.AT, T. Diospyi OS embiyopteiis Pevs. 

ALANO-JNDONG, B. StrycllllOS. 

Talang-talan(}, T. INlyristica pliilippinensis Lam. 
ALANisoY, B. 'rabernaoinontana. 
alaonok, V. Eurycles amboiiiensis Herb. 
ALAi.Ai?AC'o, V. Spbacrantlius africani^s L. 
alatala, Pamp. LinirK)j)bibx menthasirum J>('iitb. 
ALA-TAJ.AKUM, T. AiistoJocliia tagala Cluiin. 
ALAUYO, T. Thiiicda gigaiitca L. 
Ai.AYiX). Nympbaoa lotus ]j. 
Ai.iJAC, l^aiiip. Alpinia. 

ALIAN TAN, T. Looa . 

ALiANTAR, Paiiip. Moi'iiida braetoata Hoxb. 

AT in6iU)N(i, V. Ehiotia ])l!ilip])iTiensis A. }W. 

AUG HARAP (Tayabas) . Mussaoiida. 

ALT(V\(')NO, '!\ lUiddbMa. 

ALicH)RAN, '\\ llippcasiniin iniTiiatinii J foil). 

AiJcoT, V. Ficus. 

Ai.lCTAix. 'r.. l*ain]>. l)ysoxyl\iTn blaiiooi Vidal. 

ALICUT. Picuft. 

AT.KJANA, Z. IH,eros])eiTinniK 

ALiMrFU)NG, T. Mitro])lioia rotieiilata H. f. and Tli. 

alimi'rong, Pang. C'yclostonion. 

Ai;iN(niARAP, 'l\ Anisomoli,s ovata 11. P)r. 

ALiNOUNO. l^anip. Capnra. 

ai;ip6p(). V. MiniuRops olengi 1j. 

VIJ8AT, v., v., Panip. 'rprniinalia catappa Jj. 

AT.OCN A ST. Pygenin . 

ALOG'ioN", Z. Compbia angusiifolia Vabl. 

AT.OLA, T. Cabanms bnrocnsis Mart. 

ALOLON ( Marindu(pie) . Qniscpialis indica L. 

ALOi.oiN'G, II. Cudrania javanonsis Tree. 

al6ix)NG, 11. Allaontlnis. 

AT.ONG, 'P., V. Solanmn niolongona i^. 

ALONG-Gf i^AT, 'P. Solannni forox L. 

at.6.xTu)]\, 1\ Solannni, 

Ai.oxprxAv. Datura niotol P. 

Ai.osAN. 'P. TIclictoros spicata Co1b. 

AT.osTos. Pcoa. 

ALoro. 'P. Ptoroeynd)inTn javanieuni P. Br. 

ALOTO-ON (Bongnet). Hex. 

ATrcroG (Nneva Ix'ija). Fieiis. 

Aia'-NGUN, V. Gnielina Adllosa Roxb. 

ALUTo. IHerocynibiTun ja\^anicnni P. Br. 

ati'tt, V. Bombax malabaricnni DC. 

AM AX (AN. Calo])byllnni inopliylhim L. 

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'I'AMAiUMM). Sp. Kil. T; mill Indus iiidica I. inn. 
Tamaujan, T. (Jalophylluin iiiopliylluin L. 
Tamaxjyax. Gyninos])oria ambii^iia \'idal. 
'l\\MAUYA]N-r>i;LA (l^ayabaft). Caulhium. 
Tamauyan-piti, Z. Gymnospoiia. 
Tambal, T. Euryclos ainboineiisis lleih. 
'I'AMiJALABASE. C'aHicaipa eana I.. 
TambalacuLsai, T., V. Sopliora tomentosa L. 
TambalIsa, V. Cassia occidental is Linn. 
Tambalisa, T., V. Soplioi-a tonicntosa 1.. 
Tambao, T. Myristica. 
Tambis. Eugenia. 
Tambit (Dinagat). Eugenia. 
Tambo, T. Phragmites loxburghii Nees. 

TAMiioN-TAMnoN (/layabas). Mallotns ricinoidcs Muell. Ari 
^rAMHOYOG USA. Casaciia nioluccana Bhinie. 
'Tamiu -iiAmn IN, 11. Eugenia. 
Tamis, V. Dioscorea. 
Tam-bs, V. Cocos nucifeia Linn. 
Tam-bsan, V. Cocos nucifeia Linn. 
Tambb;. Aglaia. 

Lamo, T. Zingiber zerunibet Rose. 
Tamo, 'I\. Lamp. Curcuma xantlioiiliiza IJoxb. 
Tamocaun. Costus. 

I'AMOiiiLAN, T. Glol)ba strobilifera Zoll. 
Tampoi, T., V. Eugenia janibos L. 
Lam BUG. T. Eugenia. 
1\\M!UjiiiN(i, 'l\ Musa sapientuni L. 
rAMBUPOT, T. 'rabennaeinontana. 
TAi\-Ac;T., V. Kleinbovia liospita F.. 
Tanacjayay (Dinagat). Bruguieia |)arvifloia \V. and A. 
La n agdon. Pa ra spon ia . 
T '-■ \aua, T. Prenma. 
Tancae^an, B. Ev^odia hitifolia ])('. 
Tan(^6n(;, V. Tponioea leptans Poir. 
Tandadagiy. Ficus. 

TANi)i'(;-TAXi)ri(!A:v. L. A(\giceias coiniculatum Llanco. 
Tancia-b.abak. l^)i"uguiera caiop}iylloi(U!S Bhinie. 
d'ANCiAL, T. Ceriops candoUeana Arn. 
rANTiAL, T. l^i'uguiera gyninorrlii/a Lam. 
TANliAL, T. Rliizopliora mucronata Lam. 
TajnTlvl, B. Terminalia. 

TANCiAL-BALAQij, 'l\ ('Ciiops loxbuigliia ua . 
TanTjalon (Marinduque) . (^)uisf}ualis indica!i. 
TANTiAL-TANGAL, 'W ( '(Miops loxbuigli ia ua Am. 
TanTjan-tangan, T.. 11. Picinus communis L. 
TAxTfAN-TATvTjAN. T. Solauum sanctum I^. 

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'rA]\T;c'()-\(j. V. Ipoiuoea leptjins Poiv. 

Tangi, T. Oryza sativa L. var. 

I'ANTiJTj, T. l)iptejoeajj)ns polyspermus Blanco; 

^rANCiiLi, T. Shorea ?. 

'rANcdLi (TaiJac). Gonoearyuin. 

TancjIsan, T. Fieus. 

rAi\(iisAN, T. reiniinalia. 

Tangisan, T. Uvaria. 

I'AisGiSANG-BAGfo, T. Xylopia dehisceTis Meiril]. 

Tangisang-bayuac, T. Ficus. 

TangIsan-punay, V. Phyllanthus. 

TAivGfTAN, V. Alstonia maeropliylla Wall. 

TANTiLAi), T., V. Andropogon schoenantlius ]j. 

TAiaiLAY-MALOTO, Paiiip. Pienma vestita Scbauer. 

Tancjlon, Pang. Anioora?. 

^Fangolon, T.. V. Quisqualis indica K 

TAiNGO-TAiNGO. Randia. 

TANGrijPO, V. Ixova (occinea L. 

1'ANGufLi. l)ipterocai])us polyspenniis Blanco. 

Tangi ISAN-BAYAliAC, T. Fi(ais cuncata Miq. 

Tancrilay, T. Alpliitonia. 

TangOlon, T. Quisqualis indica L. 

TAxriAS. V. Dolicliandronc spatliacca K. Scli. 

Tanigad (Dinagat). Kapanca philippinensis Mcz. 

Tanitan, V. Alstonia?. 

Tanual, V, Eurycles and)oinensis ITerb. 

TaoiintaoIn, II. Arisiolocliia tagala Cliain. 

Tapa-lao. Zauii). Pinus nuMcusii ,j. and <lc \^ 

Tapat-tapat, T. Casearia. 

TapiasIn, T. C'oldenia })iocuinbcns 1.. 

Tapjasin. C'ocos nucifcra L. 

Tapit, B. Mallotus ricinoides MucU. Avg. 

TapfJ, Z. Albizzia. 

rAPO!,A.>JT;A. 'I\. v., Pamp. Hibiscus rosa-sinciisis L 
Taponaya, V. Colons acnininatus Bentb. 
Tapulaga. Hibiscus rosa-sincnsis L. 
Tapijlao. Pinus morcusii J. and de V. 
Tapi hanTja. V. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 
Tapljiia]nT;!A, V. Caniia indica L. 
Tapuras (Mindanao). Palaquiuni. 
Tapuyay, V. Ganopbylluni falcatnni Blunio. 
Taqhing-haca, II. Sida frutcsccns Blanco. 
TaquInes, V. Ficns. 

Taqi ING-15ACA-PACA, 11. vSida frutescens Blanco. 
Tac^ui. Dioscorea liirsnta Blmne. 
Taql IPAN, T. Caiyota mens L. 
TAQi:fp-AsiN, T. Mallotus ricinoides Mucll. Arg. 

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TAQuip-AsfN, T. Macaranga taiiarius Muell. Arg. 

TAQUiP-AsfN, T. Garuga. 

Taqujp-cohol, T. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 

TAQrip-siiso, T. llydrocolylo asiatica L. 

Tarampolo, T. Solanum ferox L. 

Taramiiampam, T. Limnophila nienthastnini Benth. 

Taran (Zamboanga) . Bridclia ovata Decne. 

Taratac6pes, V. Abutilon indicum G. Don. 

Taratara, T. Cedrela taratara Blanco. 

Taratara, II. Limnophila niontliastriim Benth. 

Ta It. NT ATE, V. Musa sapientnm L. var. 

Tarocanga, T., v., Pamp. Hibiscus rosa-sinensis L. 

Tarrin. Curcuma viridifiora Boxb. 

Tartarao, II. Quisqualis indica L. 

Tarumpalit, T. Sesuvium portulacastium L. 

Tari'Mpunia, T. Datura nietel L. 

Tata, Cag. Nipa fructicans Wurmb. 

TatanIc, T. Psychotria. 

Tatataija, T. Jatropha curcas L. 

Tatciiubong, V. Datura alba Neos. 

Tatlac-anac, T. Garcinia. 

Tatlong-palm), T. Hippocratca o])tusifolia Boxb. 

Tavatava, II. Jatropha curcas li. 

Tavatavangsina, 11. Bicinus communis L. 

Tavava, V. Euphorbia pilulifcra L. 

Tawatawa, II. Jatropha curcas L. 

Tawatawasinc!A, 11. Bicinus connuunis L. 

Tayaoas, T. Psidium guayava L. 

Tayacan, Mang. (xardonia. 

Taya-lungo (Paragua). Artocarpus. 

Tayan (Tayabas). Alchornca javcnsis Muell. Arg. 

Tayang tayuncjan, B. Indigofera tinctoiia Linn. 

Tayoijoa'c;, V. Tacca pinnatifida Forst. 

Tayocon, V. Aegiceras cornicuhitum Blanco. 

Tayoc-tayoc, V. Eleocharis. 

Tayom, T. Indigofera tinctoria L. 

Tayomamis, V. Cocos nucifera Linn. 

Tayom lAYOM, II. Marsdenia tagudina Blanco. 

Tayomtay6man, T. Tephrosia luzonensis Vogel. 

Tayon-tayon. Indigofera angustifolia I^. 

Tayong-tayong, T. Eugenia. 

Tayulauay (Iloilo). Parameria philippincnsis Ivadlk 

Tayum, T. Indigofera. 

Tayung, Pamp. Indigofera tinctoria L. 

Tep-beg, Tg. Ficus. 

Teb^]C. Ficus. 

Tl^]CA, Sp. Fil. Tectona grandis Linn. f. 

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Ikchkc, Jl. Mens. 
Tegbe, T. Coix lacliryiiia-jobi L. 
Telbong. Eiythrina indica Lain. 
Tenaan. Phyllantlnis ?. 

'I ENAAN-BANTAY (Tayabas). C'yc'losicmon (niiniiigii ])ai]l 
Tenoluang-gatos, T. Mussaenda. 
Teqle, T. rithecolobiiiin. 
TerxNATE, [[\ (haptophyllinn hoiieiise Noes. 

TlAi I, T. Shorea ?. 
Tjaln, T. Salix (BhiDco), 
TiBANG, Z. Canariuiii. 

TlBATiB, Pamp. Poly podium qiieitdfoliinB L. 
TiBATiB, T. Epipioinninn medium Engl. 
TiBC AL, Z. Aglaia. 
TiBiAYON, V. Bcnincasa cerifera Savi. 
TiBiG, T. FicLis glomerata Roxb. 
TibIgi. Xyloearpus obovatus Juss. 
TiBfG-NA-EALAQEi, T. Ficus glomeiata Roxb?. 
TiCAMAS, V. Pacliyibizus angTilatiis Rich. 
TicAs, 'I\ Camia indica L. 
TfcAsiicAS, '1\ Canna indica L. 
Tic AY, T. Cyperus. 
Til) A, T. 'J'ectona giandis \j. 
TiCLEB, ]g. (^uercus. 

I'IGALOT, V. Ehieocaipus nuiltiilorus F. Vill. 
I'iGAO, P>. Callicarpa angunta Scliaiior. 
M'jGASAN, T. Coiiops candolleana Am. 
TiGASAN. Rbizopbora miicronata Earn. 
TiGASAN, 'i\ Bi-uguieria gymiioii liiza Lam. 
TiGiTALANG, T. Snulax. 

I'iGBAO, V. lletcropogon contoriiii^ Roem. and Schult. 
TiciBAO, V. Antliistiria. 
TKiP.i, T. Coix lacbryma-jobi L. 
FiGCAL, Z. Aglaia. 
TiGniAEAN, L. Cassia occidentalis L. 
FiG«i, V. Ipomooa batatas L. 
TiiiOL-TiiiOL, V. Eiantbcmiim bicolor Schrank. 
'llLE, Z. Xylia. 
LiEE, Z. Albizzia. 

LiLJEES, V. Amaranthns spiiiosus L. 
FimbanTjan, T. Aristolocbia tagaba Cliam. 
TiMBANG-TiMnANCiAX, T. Aiistobjch ia tagabi (-ham. 
LiMSiN, T. Rottboellia imiiicata Rctz. 
TiMUYlNG, T. Antidosiiia gbacscmbilla Gaoitii. 
TiNAAN, T. Phyllantlnis. 
TiNAiNCJUi, T. Nephelium glabriim Noroiih. 
TiXAL()\(i, 'l\ Miisa paradisiaca !>. var. 

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TiNATiNAN, T. Pliyllantliiis reticulatiis Muell. Arg. 

TiNCAL ( Zaiiibonga ) . Pierardia. 

TiNDALO, T. Afzelia rlioinboidea Vidal. 

TiNDOi, T. Aeanthus ilicifolius L. 

Tlngan-maqi IS, 'l\ Aooiecras coniiciilaiiun l')laii((). 

TiNGATs^-TiNCAN, T. PtcrosporiiiHin obliqiiiini Bhime. 

TfNGA-TiNGA, T. Mussaoiida £,n-aiidinoia Rolfo. 

TiNGCAL, Z. Agl a ia. 

TimJLOG, T. Acanthus ilicifolius L. 

TiNGLOi, T. Acanthus ilicifolius i;. 

TiNiSA, T. Artemisia vulgaris L. 

TiNiTRiGO, T. Ischaemum ciliare Retz. 

TiNAQUi, V. Albizzia lucida Bcnth. 

TintatInta, II. Eclipta alba Ifassk. 

TiNTATiNTATiAN, T. Pli^dlauthiis leticulatus Mucll. Arg. 

TiNHLUAN-GATAS, T. Mussaonda. 

TipiG. Ficus. 

TiPOLO, T., v., Panip. Artocarpus incisa L. f. 

TiQXJKS, T. Pithecolobium niontannin Bcnth. 

TiQi:io, T. Cyperus dilTorniis Linn. 

TiQUis-TiQi'is, T. Sapindus turczaninovvii Vid. 

TiQUis-TiQi Is. T. Canna indica L. 

TiRUATin, V. EpiprcTunnni nicdinni Engl. 

'riijiiu';!! \iv, T. Panieuni colonuni L. 

TiROiiON, B. Canthium?. 

TiTio, V. Acanthus ilicifolius P. 

TiTio, T. Gyperns dilTorniis Tiinn. 

TiiJi, V. Dolichondronc s])Jithacca K. Sch. 

ToAK, V. Tabernacniontana pandacacpn Voir. 

ToA, T. Bischofia javanica Blunic. 

ToAC, T. Bischofia javanica Blunic. 

T0P>AYAN (Tayabas). Conoccphalus ovatus Tree. 

Tou6goPv, T. Mai lotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

T6p>o-T6PvO-LANTiiT, V. Kyllinga nionocephala Potlb. 

TocOD-BANUA, Pauip. Aiuorphophall US campanulatus Illume. 

T6coD LANCilT, v., T. Aniorphophallus cain])anulalus Bhnne. 

TocOR-PARi, Pamp. Cordyline terininalis Kunth. 

Toct6c-calo, T. Cerbera odollani Gaertn. 

TociJD LANt4iT, T. Scmccarpus gigantifolius Vidal. 

ToGNAO-TOGNAO, B. Astronia rolfei Vidal. 

Tog I iNG -POLO. Dioscorea . 

ToGtJis, V. Amonium. 

ToGtJis-NGA-ISA, V. Amonnini villosuni Lour. 

Toi, T. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 

ToLANG-SANG-BANUG, V. Glcmatis. 

ToMATES, Sp. Fil. Lycopersicum csculentum Mill. 

8950 S 

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Tomb6ng-1so. Morinda citrifolia L. 

ToNCAPAN, V. Evodia. 

ToNc6D-OBfspo, T. Cordyline terminalis Kunth. 

ToisfGNAO-TONGNAO, B. Astioiiia rolfei Vidal. 

ToN()0, T. Dioscorea faseiciilata Roxb. 

ToNGOG, V. Rhizopliora conjugata L. 

ToNGOG, B. Liinmitzera purpurea Presl. 

ToNoc. SeriantliGs grandifiora Benth. 

TOxNUAR, V. Eurycles aniboinensis Herb. 

TooiJ^ T. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

T60B, T. Cliisoclieton tetrapetalus Turcz. 

T60C, T., V. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

T60G, T. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

TooGAN, Cag. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

'roQUiAN, T. Ternstroemia toquian F. Vill. 

ToQiifNG-PALO. Dioscorea. 

ToiiTORAOC, T. Quisqualis indica L. 

TosTON, T. Trianthema monogyna L. 

ToTOCCALo, T. Cerbera odollam Gaertn. 

TovAL, T. Gnetum scandens L. 

Tkes-puntas, Sp. Fil. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

Trompalipaute, V. Ileliotropum indicum L. 

TsAMPACA, T. Michelia champaca L. 

TsATSATSATSAHAN, T. Lippia nodiflora Rich. 

Tsfcu, T. Achras sapota L. 

TtJA. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 

TtJA. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

TuADTUARAN, T. Panicmn. 

TtJba. Jathropha curcas L. 

Tuba, T. Croton tigliura L. 

TfiBA, T., v., Pamp. Anamirta cocculus W. and A. 

Tuba-camaisa, T. Croton tiglium L. 

TtJBAC-Ti^BAC (Iloilo). Bidcus pilosa Limi. 

TtJBANG DALAGA, T. Callicarpa bicolor Juss. 

TtJBA-SA-BUGUiD, V. Croton tiglium L. 

TXJBA-TtJBA, V. Barringtonia racemosa Blume. 

TiJBLi, T. Milletia splendens W. and A. 

TuBO, T. Saccharum officinarum L. 

TucAN-CALAo, T. Aglaia. 

TucAN-CALAO, T. Stcrculia. 

TtiCAS-TUCAS. Canna indica L. 

TiJE, T. Dolichandrone spathacea K. Sch. 

Tu^:l, Jg. Bischofia javanica Blume. 

TuGABANG, V. Mezoneurum glabrum Desf. 

TuGAN, T. Myristica guatteriifolia A. DC. 

TtJGAS. Vitex littoralis DecAe. 

TugtJMxV, V. Ileptapleurum venulosum Seem. 

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Tl'OXAnc, II. Buddleia. 

TucoGOiXCi, Z. Teriiunalia. 

Tug I I, T. Dioscoiea. 

TuGris-isXixX-iSA, V. Alpinia. 

TuGii-TUGulAN, T. Iponioca niarianensis Cliois. 

TiGLP, V. Artocaipiis. 

Tlgus, T. Aiiioiiuiiii. 

Ti 1, 'T. Dolicliaiidroiic b])a1h;K'ea K. Sch. 

TufxV, T. Poiizolzia indica Gaud. 

TuLANG-NA^oc, V>. Cascaiia. 

Tula-tula, B. Mallotus lloiibiiiidus Muell. Arg. 

TuLJP.AS, T. Microniclimi te])lnoeai])iiiii Turcz. 

TuLO-LALAQiJi (lloilo). Pliicliea indica Less. 

TuMAiiiiJA, T. Ciirciiiiia xaiitlioiiliiza Eoxb. 

Tu^LJOiN-ASO. Moiinda umbellata Linn. 

TuMJ50N(i-AS0, T. Moiinda braclcala Jvoxb. 

'J'uMBONG-ASo, T. Zingiber. 

TuMBON(i-ASO-iiAPAY, T. Moviuda lincloiia lloxb. 

TuMiNTiNG, V. Vitis. 

Ti'jNAN-TtjrvAN, V. Melastonia obovatuni Jack. 

TuNAN-TUNAN, B. Astionia calycina Vidal. 

Tunas, T., V., Panip. Nynipliaea lotus Linn. 

TuNAY-TUNAY, V. Astionia calycina Vidal. 

TuNCAL, V. Tabcrnaeniontana. 

Tuxxco-TUNCO, T. Evodia. 

TuNCUT-LAifGUiT, T. Tacca. 

TuxTjao, B. Melastoma. 

TuivGUNG, V. Ceriops candolleana Ain. 

TunquIn. Iponioea muricata Jacq. 

Tuiu CAN, T. Tlyptis capitata Jacq. 

TuTAO, T. Vigna catjang Endl. 

TmuLLACAC, T. Pliysalis angulata L. 

TuY, J). Dolicliandrone spatbacea K. Scli. 

TxJYAT-iJAGuio, V. Dcsmodium unibellaluni DC. 

TuYA-TUYA, B. Mallotus floribundus Mnell. Aig. 


LI AC, V. Flagellaria indica Linn. 

UacaTxVN, V. Alpbitonia nioluccana Teysni. and Binn. 

Ualisl ALISAN, T. Decaspcrni uni !)lancoi Vidal. 

Uampit. Clausena wanipi (Blanco) Oliv. 

Uani (Jolo). Mangifera caesia Jack. 

Uanuana-na-putI, B. Glocbidion. 

Uatjtic, T., V. Colubrina asiatica Brongn. 

UauallsIn, T., v., Panip. Sida frutesccns lilanco. 

Uayan, T. (}ueicus blancoi A. DC. 

Upaldo, Z. Jasniinum. 

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tJBAN, B. Adina philippinensis Vidal. 

tJiJAN, T. Barringtonia. 

tJBAN. Premna ?. 

IJBE. Dioscorea. 

tJBE-tJBE, T., V. Aristolocliia tagala Cliain. 

tJBi. Dioscorea alata L. and other species. 

Ubian (Tarlac). Myristica. 

Ubian, JI. Ailocarpiis. 

UBic-tJBic, 11. Lorantlms. 

tJBi-UBfTiAN, T. Smilax china L. 

Ubodubod, T. Eleocharis. 

Udiaon, T. Pterocarpus. 

Ugabang, V. Mezoneurum glabrum Desf. 

Ugao, V. Cyclostemon. 

Ugao, B. Diospyros. 

UiMBABAON, T. Steiospermnm quadripinnatiim F. Vill. 

Uligbongon. Commelina bengalensis Linn. 

tJLiJD (Tarlac). Cynometra ramiflora L. 

ULUi), Z. Crudia. 

Uncion. Smilax. 

Ung-ali, V. Solanum verbascifolium Linn. 

Ungali-na-pula, v., Panip, Rourea heterophylla Planch. 

Unip, Pang. Acacia. 

UNisoc, T. Adina polycephala Benth. 

U6s, B. Sterculia oblongata P. Br. 

Uplas, II. Ficus heterophylla L. 

Upli (Tayabas). Ficus. 

tjpo. Lagenaria vulgaris Seringe. 

UiifAN. Pterocarpus blancoi Merrill. 

fjRXJNG (Paragua). Fagraea fragrans Roxb. 

Urijtan, T. Linociera. 

tJSiu, T. Banibusa. 

tJTTA (Cag). Musa textilis Nees. var. 

Uyayan, V. Quercus. 

fJYO, T. Calamus buroensis Mart. 

tJYOs. Cupania. 


ViCBiQiJi, Ig. Rhododendron rosmarinifolium Vidal. 

VfLOS, Pamp. Mallotus ricinoides Muell. Arg. 

ViTAM. Calophyllum inophyllurn L. 

VocABUL, T. Malachra bracteata Cav. 

VtJAS, 11. Mallotus philippinensis Muell. Arg. 


Wampi, T. Clausena wampi Oliv. 
Wawalisan. Sida carpinifolia L. 

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Yabag, T., V. Sophora tomentosa L. 

Yacal, T. Hopea plagata Vidal. 

Yacal-dilao, T. Sindora wallichii Benth. 

Yacal PUTf, T. Vatica. 

Yacot, Z. Sindora?. 

Yant6c limoran, T. Calamus pisicarpus Blume. 

Yaiion-yaiion, V. Hydrocotyle asiatica L. 

YAM13AN, II. Shoiea guiso Bliiine. 

Yambo, T. Eugenia janibos L. 

YamuolIn. Eugenia jambos L. 

Yambosa. Eugenia janibos L. 

Yampong, V. Abutilon indicuni G. Don. 

Yant6c. Calamus. 

Yate, V. Tectona grandis L. f. 

Yayo, Pamp. Oxalis eoiniculata L. 

Y^BA, T. Phyllanthus distichus Linn. 

Yemoumoiian, T. Cissampelos pariera L. 

Yngula, T. Flagellaiia indica L. 

YoPvO (Mindoro). Caryota. 

YovASj T. Graptophyllum liortense Neos. var. 

Zabaciie. Phaseolus lunatus L. 
Zaleng, V. Canarium. 
Zap6te. Diospyros cbenaster Betz. 
Zapote-negko, Sp. Diospyros nigra l^lanco. 
ZItan, Cag. Sborea guiso Blume. 

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Abroma alata Blanco. {Sterculiaccw.) Shrubs, the roots and bark some- 
what used in the practice of medicine; the bark also yields a valuable 
Anaba, T.; Anabong, V.; Anibiong, Anibong, T. ; Lfibon, V.; Nabo, V. 

A. AUGUSTA L, Anibong, T. ; Anibog, T. ; Anabo. 

A. FASTUOSA, R. Br. Anabo. 

Abrus precatorius L. {Leguminosecv.) A small vine, very common in the 
Philippines, the small seeds, red and black, used as beads; also used 
in the practice of medicine. 
Agay-on (Cebu) ; AgniyaiTgyiang, V.; AgiyaiTgyiang, V.; Aguyangyau, 
v.; AroyaiTgyang, V.; BaiTgati, T., V.; Jkigayon, 11.; Caluo, V.; Casa- 
saga, Cansasaga, Pamp. ; Gicos-gicos, V.; Guicos-gtcos, V.; Laga 
(Cebu) ; Mangadolong, V.; Matring-pune, V.; OyaiTgia, V.; Saga, T. ; 
Saga-saga, T. ; Sfigamamni, T. 

Abutilon indicum G. Don. {Malvacea:.) A small slirub witli yelk)\v (hew- 
ers, common, used in the practice of medicine. 
Cuacuacohan, T. ; Guiling guiliiTgan, 'W; Gilig-giligan, T. ; Dulupaug, 
v.; Lulupao, 11.; Malvas de Castilla, Sp. Fik; Mrdvas, Sp.; Malfs, 
v.; Melbas, T. ; Pilis, V.; Taratacopes, V.; Yanipong, V. 

Acacia. {Lcguminosew.) Spiny shrubs or small trees, generally producing 
more or less gum similar to gum Arabic. 
Caraol, Z. ; Unip, Pang. 

A. CONCINNA DC. Sibog, T. 

A. FAKINESIANA Willd. Aroma, T.; l?6ma, T. V.; Santiago, V. 

AcALYPiiA. [JJrticaccw.) Trees, shrubs, or herbs. 
Mayagosdalaqui, v.; Pabto, T. ; Pnlang. 

A. GRANDis Benth. BoMo, Jg. ; Bfigos, T. V.; (^utli, T., V. 

A. STiPULACEA Klotzsch. Bogos, V. 

A. TiLiiEFOLiA Muell. Arg. Malacboc (Morong). 

Acanthus ilicifolius L. {Acmithacca.) A small shrub with glossy spiny 
leaves resembling ilex, and blue flowers, conunon in regions inundated 
by salt water. 
DilivSrio, T. ; Dolodrin, T.; Dolovfirio, Dulanari, Dulauari, Pamp.; 
Laguio-lAguio, T.; Mquis-lfiquis, Lagiwlagiw, T. ; Tindoi, T.; TiiTg- 
1(M, T.; TiiTgl6g, T. ; TTtio, V. 


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AciiKAS SAPOTA Linn. (Sapotacew,) A tree introduced from Mexico, cul- 
tivated for its edible fruit, in Mexico a valuable gum, known as 
"gum chicle," is obtained from tlie bark, extensively used in the 
United States as the basis of chewing gums. 
Chico, Sp. Fil.; Sico, V.; Tsieu, T. 
AciiYKANiiiES AQUATIOA R. Br. {Aiiiaraniacciv.) Herbaceous plants, sonu'- 
what utilized in the practice of medicine, 
jiopo-lopo, V. 
A. ASPERA L. Ailgud, Panip. ; Docot-decot, T. ; H^iigot, T. ; Hangor, T., V. ; 

Libai, 'J\ ; Sarfimo, V. 
A. OBTUSiFOLiA Lam. Afigod, Pamp. ; Libay, T. 

AcoPvUS CALAMUS Linn. [Aroidew.) il(^rbaceous, tlie root stock very aro- 
matic. The "sweet flag" of the United States. 
Bneng, Pamp. : Lubigan, 'i\ 
AcROSTiciiLiM. [Filiccs.) Pagalo. 
A. AUKEUM L. A large coarse fern, common in tidal marshes. 

Lagolo, T. 
AdenantuePvA. {JjCf/iwrinosca.) Trees witliout s])ines oi' tendrils, with 
bipinnate leaves and very small flowers in small spike-like racemes. 
Adambaguen, II.; Alang-langal ; fpil, Z. ; Malatilyon, Pang. 
A. pavonina Linn. 

Alalangat; Bahay, T., V.; Baguiroro, V.; Casay, V.; Quinasaicasai, T. 
Ai)ENOSTJ0!\iMA VJSCOSIM l^'orst. {Compositrr.) A glandular-pubescent herb. 

Biilac-manuc, T., Pamp. 
Adiantum. {Filiccs.) The "maiden-hair" fern. 
Malacales(piis, T. 


Caicai, T.; CulantriUo, S}). Fil.; Dalipaco, II.; Gayoman-manoc, T. ; 
Lamot-lamotan, T.; Lomot-lomotan, T. 
Adina POEYCEPiiALA P>ent]). {Riihiacecr.) Shrubs or small trees with glo- 
bo-^e heads of white floweis. 
Unisoc, T. 
A. pjiiEiPPiNENSis Vidal. tirban, B. 

AE(ii(M^:itAS coiiNKU T.ATiAi Bhinco. {Myrsinucca:.) Shrubs or small trees, 
common along the bordei's of mangrove swamps, etc., on the sea- 
Pisfc; Pipisic, T, ; Sfiguin saguiiTgan. T.; Sriguin-saguin-estacas; vSa- 
ling-saguiiig, B. ; Tayocon, V.; Tanduc-tandvican, T. ; Tingan-ba- 
qnis, T. 
A. FLOiiJDiM IL and S. AiTglai, V.; Pipisic, T. 

Aeole decandiia Naves. {Ruiacav.) A small tree, the fruit with a muci- 
laginous, aromatic, acid pulp. 
Malacabuyao, T. 
Af/ema uijloa a. Gray, {hcguminosciv.) A veiy valuable timber tree, 
always found near the seashore. 
Ipil, T., v.; Nala, Z.; Tafil, T. 

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A. RiiOMBOiDEA Vidal. Like the piecediiig;-piodueiMg a veiy valual)le tim- 
ber. Pods much larger, and leaves smaller than in A. hiju(/a. 
Balayon, T., V.; BaMyong, 1\; Barayon, V.; Magahlyao, C. ; Tindalo, 
Agaricus. Many species of A(/a)icns and other genera of llesliy fungi are 
found in the Philippines, some of which are used by the natives as 
Agatiiis LORANTiiiFOLiA Salisb. {Conifcrcw.) Very large trees, growing 
in the mountains, and yielding tlie valuable gum known in commerce 
as "dammar." 
Baltic (Paragua) ; Danuir (Camaiines) ; Gala -gala, T. ; I'iayo, V. 
Agave Americana L. [Amarylidva'.) Introduced from Mexico and culti- 
vated for the valuable fiber known as ''maguey.'' 
Maguey, Sp. Fil.; Magai, V.; Muguey, Sp. Fil.; >v'i])is; Pita (Cebu). 
Aglaia. {Mcliacecv.) Mostly very large trees, some valuable for timber, 
many species being found in the Philippines. 
AgapaiTga, II.; Bayanti, T. ; Bolala, B.; Cacao-cacauan (Payabas) ; 
Casay, T. ; Daltiruy, Pamp.; Guisoc-guisoc; lle!)6ng, Mang. ; Uagu- 
paiiga, T.; Ibaba; Malasaging-pulA, 'l\ ; Macabaiigon; Manabroiig. 
]^.; Magsinaya; Oratan, 11.; Pamlbang; Salamuiigay. T. ; Panilig; 
Tigcal, Z.; Tibcal, Z.; Tingcal, Z.; Tucan-calao, T. 
A. argentka Blume. Daluray; lloilo, Pamp. 
A. grandis Miq. Gogong-bisaya, '\\; CubaLili, T. 
A. MiNUTiFLORA Bedd. Busilao, T. 

A. ODORATA Lour. A small tree with fragrant yellow Howcrs, introduced 
from Asia and cultivated for ornament. 
Cinamomo-de-China, 8p. Fil. 
A. OLiGANTiiA C. DC. Manalao, P. 
A. PALEMJ5ANK!A Mi(]. Malasaguiu, P. 
Agrostistacuys M/i:soana Vidal. {Fjuplwrhiacew.) Shrubs. 

Cacao-cacao, Picao; Malacafc (I'aragua); Pusopiiso (Tayabas). 
AlLANTiius MOLUCCANA DC. {^hndruhvir.) A lotty live with hirgc hnives 
and winged seeds. 
Calanag, B. ; Malaaduas. T.: Macaisa, T. 
Alanguim octopetalum Blanco. {Cornacca\) Malata])ay, P. 
Albizzia. {Lcgiiminosccv.) Frees, many valuable for iiinlHU-. 

Acleng-parang, Pamp.; Banuyo, P.: JIanago, B. ; ]\lal;it igui ; Malaga- 
nit, T.; Mangasinoro, Z; Malataco, P.; Quitarjiiita, II.; Saplit, B. ; 
Papli; Pile, Z. 
A. JULIBRISSIN Durazz. Carisquis, 1\ : Cariquis, 11. ; Oonog, II. 
A. LEBOEK Benth. Aninapla, T.; LarTguil ; LaiTgil, T. 
A. LiTTORALis Pcysm. and Behn. Casay, B. 
A. LUCID A Benth. PinaqTii, V. 
A. ODORATissiMA Bcuth. Malatoco, P. 

A. PROCERA Benth. Ananfiplas, P.; Ananapla; AdaAn, P., II.; AdyAngao, P.; 
Ayangao, P.; Anitap, Pamp.: Boac, Ig.: Dariangao, P.; Pafhot ; 
Paihod. V. 

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A. RETUSA Bcnth. Pipi, V.; Lailgil, T. 

A. SAPONAKIA Bliinie. Cogon-toco ; Jnauaqui, V.; Jauiuiqui, (Albay) ; 

LaiTgil; Malatoro. 
A. TOMENTOSA Miq. HalaiTgcugui. 
Alchoiinea blujsieana JVluell. Arg. {J^Juphorbiacca.) Trees or slirubs. 

Busilac, T. 
A. JAY ANSIS Miiell. Arg. Tayaii (Tayabas). 
A. MOLLIS Aliiell. Arg. Balanti, T. 

Aleiijites moluccana Blume. [EuphorhiacecB.) Tree, tlie seeds yielding 
large quantities of a valuable oil, used for illuminating purposes, etc. 
Ijaguilfnnban, T. ; Balucanad, T. ; J>alucanag, Jl. ; Balocanad, T. ; Ca- 
lumban, T. ; Lumbrm, T. ; Lunban, T. ; Lumbang, T. ; Ilunibang, V.; 
Capili, T. 
Allaeantiius lizonicus Benth and Hook. {Urticacew.) A deciduous tree. 
TaiiitTabuyoc; Talolong, 11.; Guinbabao; Balong-cadyos, V.; Alocan, 
11.; Carnal; BuiTgon, 11.; ilinibabao, T. 
Allium cepa L. {Liliacew.) The onion. 

Lasona, 11.; Lasuna, T. ; Sibuyas, T., Panip. 
A, jAQTJEMONTii Kuiitli. Slboyas-sougsong. 
A. PORRUM Linn. Siboyas-sa-Taal. 
A. SATIVUM L. Garlic. 

Bauang, V.; Banag, 11.; Bawang, T. ; Baoang, V.; Bauang poti (Jolo) ; 
Ganda, V.; Liiso, V. 
A. ULiGiNOSUM Don. Cucliai, T. 

Allmania nodiflora E. Br. {Amarantaccw.) A diffuse dichtomously 
bi'anched herb, with ji sessile globose inflorescence. 
Lopo-lopo, V. 
Aelopiiyh s coP.p.E IVhniio. {t>>(ipiii(l<icv(('.) A small tree or shrub with 
trifoliate leaves and edible red globose fruits. 
Balic?, V. 
Alocasia indica Schott. {Aracccv.) Herbaceous, leaves very large, known 
to l^]nglish-speaking people as "elephant's ears." 
Badiang, T., V.; Gabing-onac, T. 
Aloe I'.ARp.ADLXSis Mill, {f/iliacea'.) Introduced from America and culti- 
vated for ornament and for medicinal purposes. Aloes of pliarma- 
Dilang-boaya, V.; Dilang-lialo, V.; Sabila, T. 
Alpiutonia MOLi'CCANA Tcysm. and Binn. {Rhammocew.) Shrubs or 
TaiTgulay, T. ; Uacatan, V. 
Alpinia. {Mar(nitacc(v.) Tall herbaceous plants. 

Parjlpad, Ig. ; Liguid-lfguid, V.; Talbac, Panip.; Tuguis-iTga-isa, V. 
A. Presl. Banay, Pamp.; Bagongbong, V.; Catolan, V.; Cat- 

catan, Pamp., V.; Catotang, V., Pamp.; Catang-cfitang. 
A. CERNUA Roxb. Polonia, T. 

A. GAEANGA Swartz. Lancoas, Pamp.; Langcriuas, V. 

A. GIGANTEA L. Bag6nd)on, Pamp., V.; Catotang, V., Pamp.; Salb^c, 
Pamp., V. 

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iVLSOPliiLA (iLAr(\\ r>]uiiu\ (/• '/'//'(?( '.s'.) llw vouuuon tree fcrii of ilie iioilh- 
ern Philippines. 
AlibaiTgdaii, ig. ; Taietc 
Alstoma. {Apociiniccd'.) Trees witli milky sap, llie bark b(Miii; used in 
the practice of iiiediciiie as a substitute for quinine. 
Bacfiit, Pang.; Cuyao-yao (Masbate) ; Dirita, T. ; Ciiyauyan. P.; Tani- 
tan, V. 
A. MACROPiiYLLA Walk l>atTno, T. ; Tailgitan, V. 

A. sciroLARis R. ]5r. Andarayan (Cagayan) ; I'll a, V.; Dita, V., T. ; 
Ditaa; Dal-h)pav<>n, Jk; Dalipaoen, Ik; kaya. Ik; Oi)lay; Pasnit 
At;jkiinaxtiikha denticilata R. P>r. [AiiKirdiifaccd'.} An h(>rb. j)i-os- 
trate, flowers white. 
BoiTgaboiTga, T. 
Alysk^ahi'i s TioTUA(;c)X()ix)i;rs k](lgw. {Lcgujuinoscd'.) A small herb. 

Vi\ r a ng ( Pa r a n a que ) . 
Alyxlv odoiiata Walk [Apocinacccr.) Shrubs with milky sa]i. 

Layo, B. 
AMAitAiNTiii^s MANGOSTANUS L. { AmaraiitacciT.) Culiapa ( lloilo) ; Cu- 

dinpa, V. 
A. MKLANCiiOLTCUS Jj. Halou, T. 

A. SiMNOSUS L. A low herb, very conrmon in waste places about (owns and 
along rivers. 
Ayautoto, Panip. ; kiayaiTgbayang, V.; Iknnban ; IJlodo; kalites, V.; 
Cuanton. Jk; Culetes, V.; llarum, V.; Orayi, 'W, V.; Quilite; Quilf- 
tis, T.; Tilites, V.; TOiles, V. 
A. viiMDis L. Conuuon in Avaste places. 

Culilis. T.; Jlalom, T., V. 
Ammania nAcciFKRA L. {Lytlimcca'.) A small herbaceous [)lant. 

Apoy-apo3'an, T. ; P>ias-])6go, T. 
Amomi'M. (^cUimhuxv.) Herbaceous plants, with creeping root stocks. 

Toguis, V. ; Pugus, P. 
A. CTLIATUM J>lume. P)alic-ba]ic, Pamp. ; (;ar6])i, V. 
A. CAKDAisroMUTsi L. 'klie car(hnnon plant. 

Lanrpnyang-iiga-mapui i, \' . 
A. vii.LOSUiM LoTir. 

Toguis-iTga-isa, V. 
Amoora. [MclUicciv.) Large tr(H'S, valuable for timber. 

BuiTglio, v.; Busilac, P.; Malasaguin-pula, 1\ ; Pamalataguen, Ik; 
TaiTglon, I'ang. 
A. aRANDTFOTJA (k DC. Malabanaba, T. 
A. ROTTITUKA W. and A. Agac-ac, V.; Sabiguin-pula. 

Amorpitopitallus campanulatus Bhnne. {AroUhd'.) Tuberous herb with 
rough, mottled petioles and ))urplish spath(>. 
Ai)on. P.; Anto. V.; Bagang. Cag.; Bagong (Jolo) ; (k)r6t. Ik; Carrot, 
Ik; oroy, V.; Pamangquilon, V.; PuiT<!apung, V., P.; Pocod-lAngit, 
v., T. 

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Anacardium occidentale L. {Afiacardiacew.) A small tree introduced 
from America and cultivated for its edible fruits, the seeds of which 
also yield a valuable oil. 
Casoy, T., v.; Casiiy, T. ; BoHogo, 11.; Balubad, T. 
Akamirta cocculus W. & A. [Menispermacea'.) A vine with long petioled 
glabrous leaves, the roots being extensively used in the practice of 
Bayati, T., V.; Pamp.; Balasin, T., V., Pamp.; Lag-tal, V.; Lanta, T. 
v., Paul]).: l^actnng, T., V., Pamp.; Lictilng, T., V., Pamp.; Lin- 
tang-bagnin, T., V., Pamp.; Suma, T., V., Pamp.; Tuba, T., V., 
Pamp.; Abutra, Sp. Fil. ; PaiTgnnlvan. 
Ananassa SATiYA Lindl. {BromGliacew.) The pineapple, introduced from 
America and cultivated for its fiber and for its edible fruits. 
jMalisa (Camarines) ; Pita, 11.; Piha, 8p. Fil. 
Anaxacorea luzonensis a. Gray. (Anonaccw.) An under-shrub. 

P>agang a so, B. ; 15obon6yang, V. 
AiNDKorOGON. [Granimca.) Coarse or fine grasses. 

An ins, T. ; Barbon. 
.\. MiiRKLVTUS Ketz. Aloro, 8p. Pil. 

A. sciiOENANTiirs L. The loots of this species yield an essential oil, used 
for ])erfunuis, etc. 
Balfyoc, B. ; Pa jade ineca, Sp. Fil.; Raiz-de-moras, Sp. Fil.; Salai, T. ; 
Sfilay, T.; Salaid; TaiTglad, T., V. 
Amsomeeis o\\v\ p. P>r. {Lahiaica .) A coarse erect branching herb 
with purplish flowers. 
Taliugliaiap. T. 
Anesoptera. { niplcrocarpdccd'.) Tall trees, very valuable for their 
Bagar, 11.; Dayang, T. 
A. oi5LON(jA Dyer. Sandana. 
A. rni lUFERA Blumc. Lauaan, T., V.; Nenenu, Cag. ; Sandana, T., V.; 

liauan sandana. 
An.\i:seea crassipes Hook. {Tcrnstrociniacca\) An evergreen tree with 
crenulate, acute, or obtuse leaves. 
iMalatibig, T. 
A\o\A j\n!MCA'i"A L. {AnonaccAV.) This species like the two following were 
introduced from America, and are now generally cultivated in the 
Phili])pines for tiieir edible fruits. The "custard apple," "sour sop," 
etc., of English-s])(^aking ])eople. 
(Joyabano. Sp. Fil.; Guanabano, Sj). 1^'il. 
A. RETK I'EATA L. Auonas, Sp. Fil. 
A. SQl'AMOSA L. Ates, T. 

AxruisTiP.EV (iiGANTEA Cav. {(iraminccv.) A coarse, tufted grass giowing 
in open lands. 
Tigbao, v.; Talahib, T. 
An rnocEPHAErs candamp.a Miq. {Ruhiacca\) A glabrous tree with 
(lowers in solitary globose heads. 
Bmarilat. T. ; l>agarilao, T. ; Caluntlmran, V. 

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Antidksma. {lJu})]iorhi<icc(r.) Tiocs or sliiubs, bcarinii' niiiiioious small 

spliorieal fruits which are edible, having a pleasant acid taste. 
Boniay-gubat, V.; Higiiai-Tiiaya, 'I'.; Bignai-ealabao, 1\ ; Tiiyam. V.; 

M(3b6ii, v.; Malasiiea. V. 
A. lUJNiis Spreng. I'ignay, Painp.; Piigiiai, T.; lU'ignai, V.; l)ub-bugnay. 
A. CUMING II J)C. Cataiiiantas. 
^\. (ill AKSi:Mr;iL,LA (Jacrlii. Ar«')sei), 11.: naiiiriuyo, 'l\ ; P>iiiay(')y(), 'i\ : Bigiia- 

yoco, T. ; J>ignai-p6go, d\ ; Calanianlao. '[.; Caboghog, T.; Iniaiii, V.; 

Tiim'iyimg, 'V. 
Apiiantiie. {Urlicaccjc.) (!ha. 'W 
Apokosa. {EiipJi()rJ)iac(xr.) Trees with alternate entire lea\(^s, 

Alamag, T. ; Baransiago. T. ; Balinsiagao; Cansuyot; Ofilis-na-pula. V. 
Araciiis IIYPOCAEA \j. { Lc;/ uiii 'Dioscd'.) 'V\\o p(>ainit. iidrodueed from 

America and more or less cultivated. 
Cacaehuetc; Caeanate, T. ; Main. 
Aralta javanica Miq. {Araliacca'.) Magcasao, V.; Potat, T. 
Ahdisia. [MyrHwaccw.) Trees or shrubs, many species being found in 

the Philippines. 
Atarolon, 1\ ; ]')ahay namoc. 1>.; (h'i!)los. 'W: ({iibgubao. Ig. ; Panabou, 

T.; Patactol, Pamp.; Pa(:ipto; Qnio. T. ; 'I'agpd. T. ; Tagpnng-pula. T. 
A. iruMlLis Vahl. Babagion, V.; Btitao, B. ; Malasiac. B. ; Pairululs (I)i- 

nagat ) . 
A. PERROTTETIANA A. DC. Cataypa (Dinagai) ; Taguiman. V. 
A. PiiiiiPPiNENSrs DC. \aw\\ (Zand)oanga ) . 
A. PYRAAfiDALis Pors. JMalaisa, T. 
A . SEKR AT A 1 ^er s . Logoi d 1 6 n ( 1 1 o i 1 o ) . 
Arpica. (Palmrw.) Several species of Anca aie found in ihe Piiilipj)iues. 

the nuts of one species {A. catechu), the 'T)etle nut," being exten- 

siv(dy used by the natives, bcdng che\v<Ml wilh Mie heaves of ri])cr IxHc, 

and slaked lime. 
T? o iTg a n g - p a t o , 1\ 
A. ALP,A Runipli. Ca})6n, T. ; Pinang, V. 
A. CATECHU L. BaiTga (Cainarines) ; J^diiga, T. V.: Boiu^a saidol : P>oiiI^ang- 

niatrdis, T. ; B6iTga-])ah) : P>oa, IP; P>ua, Cag; P.uhga. 'W: Puyos, 

Pamp.; Lugos ; Mangu])od ; IMairuipod, '\\; Sacsic, T. 
A. NinuNC! Mart. Anfbung, V. d\ ; Anil)ong. V. 1\ 
Arenga SACCIIARIFERA Labill. {I'alm(v.) AuTl)ung, Pang.: P>ahi. V. ; P>aru ; 

Canon, T. ; llididc, V.: Tlibioc, Vis.: Ibioc. V.: froc, T.: Idioc, V.: 

P uga h an , 1\ ; Ra t i ] )a n , 11. 
Argemone mexicana L. {I'ajxtraracciv.) An herb willi large yellow flow- 
ers, spiny leaves, and yellow sap, iufroduced from Mexico. 
Cachrnnba,' n.; Chiealote: Casilbang-aso : (^asubhang-aso, IP: Diluario. 

T. ; Dnhinrio, T. 
Argyrpha. [Convolmihiccd.) Scandent shr\d)S with showy flowers. 

Bagnin-eastila, T. ; Bulacao (lloilo). 
A. NrriDA Choisy. Bulalacao, V. 

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AiiLSTOLOciiiA TAGALA Cham. {Aristolochiacca'.) Aetaii, T.; Goan-gorm, 
v.; Malailbe, T., V.; Taoiniaoin, II.; Tala-talriruni, T. ; TimbriiTgan, 
T. ; Timbang-tiinbaiTgaii, T. ; ube-iibo, T., Y. 
AuTAi'.OTKYS. {Anonacca'.) tSarinentosc or scandent shrubs. 

Susoiig-dainulag, Paiiip. 
A. ODOJJATTSSiMUS R. Br. Alag-alag sonsoii, T. ; Alang-ilaiig sonson, T. ; 

llang-naug dc China. 
Aktemesiv (iRATA Wall. {Compositcv.) Daiiiu-Alaria. 
A. YUixjAiiis L. An erect herb, used in the practice of medicine. 

Ca-AIaria, T.; Santa Alaria; Tinisas, 'J\ 
Artii()J»iiyllum. {Araliacca.) Shrubs or small trees. 

I'uigapnigahan, T. 
ART0C'ARri8. {Urticacca.) Jiarge trees witli milky sap, many of tlie 
species bearing vei-y large edible fruits. 
Anublin, T..\ Amugni, V.; Anubion, T. ; Abibling, B. ; Catoy (Albay) ; 
('anet, T. ; DoloiTgian, T., V.; Marang, T.; Obien, II.; 61oy, T.; 
Tugup, v.; Taya-huTgo (Paragna); Ubian, 11. 
A. RLi'NrEi 'i'ree. Simibar to .1. inciHa, but leaves small, entire. 

Giimian, V. 
A. CAiVFANSi Blanco. CamaiTgsi, T., Y. ; Camongsi, T., Y. ; Dalangian, Y. T. ; 

DoloiTgiaii, T., v.; Daluguian ; Pac; Pacac, 11. 
A. ca IMINCIANA 'Pree. A valuable timber tree. 

Anobion. Pamp. ; Anobling, Y. ; Anubing; Anobing, T. ; Bayvico iTga 
langcaon, W; Baynco iTga cacauon, Y.; Cilbi, Y. 
A. INCISA \j. f. A tiee with large incised leaves and large edible fruit. 

A)dip61(), r., v.. Pani]).; Colo. Y. ; Calo; 6gob, ]>.?; lUmo. T. ; Rinut 
T., Y.; Tipolo, T., Y., Pani]). 
A. INTKGRIFOLLA L. f. A tree with small ovate, entire leaves, fruit on trunk 
and larger bi'anches. 
PruTgca, 11.; Pfuica, T. ; Nanca, T. ; NaiTgca, T. 
A. EAMELLO.SA P>lanco. Anobling-caquiosing. 
A. LAKCKOLATA 'rrecuh Bavuco TTga lanhan, Y. 
A. NiTiDA Tree. An«>bliiig, T. ; Anobing caguiosing, T, ; Anubing na cagut- 

osin, 1\ ; liayuco. Y. ; I>ayuco nga birion, Y. 
A. ODORATissiiMA Blauco. Anfd)ing, T. ; Lolio, T. 

Akindixella m:i{V()SA Nees. {(Jrainincw.) A tall, coarse grass growing 
in wet ])laces. 
Calacauayan, Y. 
Arytkra RiFKHCENS lladkl. {^^a])ind(lcc<(\) Shrubs or small trees. 

Alagabagjlba, T. 
AscLKRiAS cafRASSAviCA \j. { Asvle])ia(]ac('(t'.) A small herb, introduced 
from America, with milky sap. red and yellow (loweis, etc. Now 
veiy conunon in the lMiili])pines and used by the natives in medicine. 
Bulacd)ulacan, T.; Bulac-damo. T.: Bulac-castila, T.; Buquitqutt; 
Calalauan, T. ; Ca])ol-ca{)ol, T.'i;K\\ir]\r njoi^s L. {Filices.) 'i'he "biid's-nest fern." Yery common in 
f()i(>sts, glowing in large tufts on the trunks and branclnvs of trees. 

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A. ESCiJLENTUM Presl. Young stems and leaves nnicli used for food by tlie 
Paco, T. 
AsTHONiA. {Mclastomacca'.) Sluubs or suiall trees. 

Jiaixaliffuan, B. ; Coleiiii^ay, T. ; Daoalfjruan, V.: Uonoao, T.; Donliao, T. ; 
DuiTgao, T. 
A. CALYCINA Vidal. Tiuum-tunan, ] ^ ; Tiniay-tunay. ^^ 
A. cuMiNCiiANA Vidal. llalentiliinao, V. 
A. MACiiorjiYLLA Bluuie. Briyo-bi'iyo. B. 
A. FULCJIUA Vidal. ])rta-dita (Caniarines) . 

A. KOLFEl Vidal. AlintutTnias; 'roirunrio-toiTgnao. !>.: ToLjiiao ioiiiino. B. 
Atalaatia. {Ruiaccw,) Small tre(>s. 

Canuining, T. ; Dayap-daya})at, T. 
A. MO.NOPIIYLLA Correa. J)aya])-iia-nK)nti. W: I\lagea-bi\uao, V. 
A. NITIDA Oliv. Malabae^ V.; Malarayat. 

AvKiliiMOA lULJAiP.i L. {Gcr(i7n(icr((\) Tree. eidllNaied for its edil)le aeid 
fruits^ wliicli have rounded lobes. 
Calamias, T.; CiliiTg-iwa, V.; Caniias, T. ; Colonauas, T.; l\n\. V.; Bias, 
II. ; Quililigiva, V. 
A. CARAMJJOLA L. Fruit similar to that of the [)reeeding sjx'cies, but the 
lobes angular. 
Bilimbmes ; I>alimbin, 'W; Bilimbin, T. : J5alind)i'ng, T. ; Baliilgbmg, V.; 
GarangaUj V. 
AviCEKNiA OEFlciNALis L. {Wrhcuacccr.) A shrub or a small tree growing 
in wet soil along the sea shore, with small yeHow flowers. The bark 
is used in dyeing. 
Aj)ia])i, T. : 15utTgalon, T., V.; BuiTgahi. T. : ('alu])Tnes, Z. ; Cahquni, 'W; 
IVliapi, T., v.; PipisTe, T. : i*ia]>i, T., V. 
AziiMA ^'OVA J^lanco. {t^aJvadoi-dcciv.) A shrub. 
Casnnt-erd)ag. T. ; Camut-ejlbag, T. 


Bamiu'sa: {aram'mca'.) "B>and)oo.'' Several genera and many speeies of 

bamboo are found in the Bhilip[)ines. 
Anas, Pani]). ; Anos ; Baito, T. ; B)6lio, T. ; Boeavi, T. ; Crdbang, T. ; 

Cana, Sp.; Cauayan-pana ; Qniling. T.i l^iinansie; ^^iguisi, T. ; 

usiu, T. 
B. AKUNDiNACEii-] Ilctz. Cauayaug-t oloo, T. 
B. BLANCOi Steud. Taiuanac, 'l\ 

B. BLUMEANA B. and S. Cauayan-tinie; (^uulyan-guid, V.; Cauayan-tobo. 
B. DIFFUSA Blanco. ]>ocaui/r.; osiu, T. 
B. LAEVis Blanco. Cauayang-boo, T. 
B. LONGINODIS ]\Iiq. Cauayan-anos. 
B. LUMAisrAO Blanco. Lumanpao, T. 
B. LUZONICA Munro. Cauayan-balfcao, 'I: 
V>. AiONOGYNA Blauco. Ca uAva ng-(piil ing, T. 

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1 28 

Barleria PRiONiTis L. {AcantJiacccr.) A small shrub with straw-colored 
Culaiita, T, ; Cocong-manoc, T. 
Barringtonia. {AJyrtacew.) Trees or shrubs, with racemes of hxrge pink 
or wiiite flowers, the petals and stamens falling early. 
J>ayag cabayo, 1\ ; uban, T. 
B. RACEMOSA Blume. A shrub or small tree with a long droo[)ing raceme of 
white flowers. 
Botat; Putad, T. ; Potat, '\\; Piitat, T. ; Pulat; Malaputad, 1\ : IMba- 
tuba, V. 
B. SPECioSA Forst. A tree usually found near the sea, Avitli very large pink 
fragrant flowers and large angular fruits. 
Botong, T., v.; B(3tong-b6toiTg-, T; Bitoon, V.; Bitug; I5onetes ; Bi- 
tung, V. 
Basella rubra Tj, {Chcnopodiacea'.) A much-branclied twining fleshy 
herb, wild or cultivated. 
Alugbati, v.; llaibaquir, 11.; Libato, T. 
Bauiiinia. [Lcguminosecc.) Unarmed trees or vines with simple leaves, 
which are usually deeply cleft at tlie apex. 
Atcuy, Pamp.; Agpoy, Pamp.; Band)eng, T. ; Bodbod. T. ; f^upid ; Sali- 
gangbang, V. 
B. BiNNATA Blanco. Alibihil; Alihfzo; ])us. 
B. BLANCOi leaker. Alibanban, i\ 'V. 
B. CUMINGTANA ]?enth. Jjanot, T. 
B. GRANDIEJ.ORA P)lanco. I'orTgalou. 
B. MALABARICA Roxb. Alibaugbang, T., V., l\amp. 
J>. i'iJin>UREA L. Alibanban, 'J\ 

B. T()]MEN' roSA \j. Alibanban, T., V., J*amp.: Alibfhil, V.; Ahihiro, V.; 
Alambihor, V.; Balibnnban. V.; Diis, V.; Lfnas, V.; Marulfnao, V.; 
Beaumontia. {Apocinaceiv.) Clind)ing shrubs with large flowers. 

Hingue calabo, T. 
Beddomea luzonensts Vidal. {MeUacccr.) A tree. 

Malacamote, T. 
Beesiia riieedii Kunth. (Graminew.) A bamboo. 

Bocfiui, T. 
Begonia riiombicarpa A. D(J. {Bcgoniacc(r.) Succulent herbs, valued for 
ornamental purposes. 
LirTgat, T. ; Pingol-bato, T. 
Betlsciimiedia cairocan Vidal. {Lauracea\) Evergreen trees or shrubs. 

Cairocan, F. 
B. madang Blume. MahiboiTga. 

Benincasa cerifera Savi. [Curcurhitacew.) A clind)ing herbaceous vine, 
Condol, T. ; Candol, V. ; Malinga, 1\ ; Tibiayon, V. 
Berciiemia PiiiLippiNENSis Vidal. {Rhamnaccw.) A shrub, with armed 
Odaodeg, \^. 

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Berkya. ( Tiliaccw. ) I'rces. 

Pacpfic-brilaiig, T, 
BiDENS PiLOSA Linn. {Gompositw.) Herbaceous, a kind of 

Tubac-tubac ( J loilo ) . 
BioPHYTUM SENSiTivuM DC {Geraniacew.) An herb, with sensitive leaves 
and yellow flowers. 
Damong-hiya, T. ; Uriya-buya, V.; Mahiliiin, 11.; Macabiya, T. 
BiscHOFiA JAVANICA Blume. [EupJwrUacew.) A lofty tree, valuable for 
Canarem; Dueg; Dampol, T. ; Quitaquita, 11.; ^toob, T. ; Moog, T. ; 
Tooc, T., v.; Tuel, Ig.; Toa, T.; Toogan, Cag. ; Tua. 
BlXA ORELLANA Linn. {Bixaccw.) A shrub, introduced from America and 
now very common in the Philippines, the red seeds being used for 
coloring food, etc. 
Achiote, Sp. Fil.; Acliuete; Achute; Atsuiti, T. ; Anate; Atola. 
Bleciium brownei Juss. {Acanthacew.) An herb of American origin. 

Calaboa, Pamp. ; Dayang, 1\; Sapinsapin, T. 
Blumea balsamifera DC. {Gompositw.) A tall almost Avoody herb, 5 to 
8 ft. high, very common, and extensively used by the natives in the 
practice of medicine. 
Ayoban, V.; Alibun, V.; Aliblion, V.; Gabuen, V.; auitin-guitin; Gfn- 
tin-gmtin, V.; Gumtin-gumtin, V.; Handibon, V.; Lahicdan, V.; 
Lacad-bulan, V.; Lacdrm-btilan, V.; Sambon, T., Pamp.; 8and)6ng, 
T. ; Sambiing, T. ; 8obs6b, II. 
B. chinensis DC. Cataray (Balabac). 
B. LACINIATA DC. Dilan butiqui, T. 

Boehmeria nivea Hook, and x\rn. {Urticacecc.) A small shrub, the leaves 
white beneaih, yielding the valuable commercial fd)er, ramie. 
Apoo; Amlray, T. ; Arimai, II.; Canton; Cagayfrn, II.; Lapnis, C. ; 
Labrus; Labnis, II.; PampaiTgpaiTI^on, V.; Rami, Sp. 
B. weddeliana Vidal. Ngaluy, \^. 

BoERHAAviA REPENS L. {Nyctaginacecv.) A prostrate spreading herb, with 
very small pink or red flowers, common about towns. 
Paanbalivis, T. 
Boletus. A genus of fleshy fungi, with numerous pores on the und(M' side, 
but no gills. 
Ciilapo, T. ; Cabfiti, T. ; Payong-payongan, T* 
BoMBAX MALABARicuM DC. {Malvacew,) A tree with digitate leaves and 
very large red or white flowers. 
Bobuy-gtibat, T. ; Buboy-gubat, T. ; MalabCilac, T. ; Ques^^ro; Siilay, V.; 
Talfitu, V. 
BooTiA CORDATA Wall. (Hydrocharidew.) Submerged fresh-water herb. 

Gdbi-gabi, V. 
Brackenridgea fascicularis F. Vill. (Ochnacew.) Trees or shrubs. 

Aniatan, T. 
Breynia acuminata Muell. Arg. (Euphorhiacew.) Shrubs or small trees. 
Atf luag ( Abra ) . 

8956 9 

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B. CERNUA Muell. Ai'g. Matang-ulang (Tayabas) ; SuiTgut-ohlng, V. 
Bridet.ia. {IJiiphorhiacca'.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Lrmdo, T. ; Javili (Zaniboanga) ; Quiiiay-qiiTnay, T. 
B. OVATA MuelL Arg. Manfisa, T.; Taraii (Zamboanga) . 
B. STlPULARTS Bhmie. Bancoilan, T.; Ciitocuto, T.; Caraba, 11.; Calon- 

dagni; Dugaron, T. ; HirTgoiTg'oto, T.; Lobalob, T. ; Liibahib, T.; 

Sincoy-lang, V.; SaiTgeoy-lang, V. 
Brucea sumatrana Roxb. {Simaruhacew.) A shrub with large pinnate 

leaves, tlio bark, etc., very bitter. 
Bruguiera. [RhizopJioracca'.) Constituents of the Mangrove vegetation. 

Petals 8 to 14. Useful for tans and dyes, much cut for fire wood. 
Busim; Sual. 
B. CARYoriiyixoiDES Blume. Baenuan, T.; Bustlin, T. ; Biuas, T. ; Tanga- 

B. ERiorETAiA W. and A. Baio; Baiao, V.; Caiibayoan. 
B. GYMNORRiiiZA Lam. Bacan (Tinago) ; Bacfmun, T. ; Bacao, T.; Bessin, 

T.; OoiTgon, 11.; Petiitan, T. ; Taiigal, T. ; Tigasan, T. 
B. PARVIFLORA W. and A. Lanaray (Tayabas); Tanagayay (Dinagat). 
B. RiTCiiiEii Merrill. Hangaray, T.; Langeray. T. ; Magalay, T.; Pototrm, T. 
BuciiANANiA. {Anacardiacew.) Trees. 

Malaligas-na-lalaque, T. ; Palinlin, T. 
B. FLORIDA Schauer. A variable and widely distributed tree valuable for 

An-an, Mang. ; Anam, V.; BaliiTghfisay, T. ; Balinhasay (Morong) ; 

Balinhasa, T.; BaleiTgasoy, T. ; Bagulibas (Mindoro) ; Balihud, T. ; 

Baligohot, B. ; Balayohot, T. ; Balingahood, T. ; Beobayano, V.; 

Bancalauan, T.; Cocatmon, V.; Dilaan, V.; Hilpong-hupong, V.; 

Magfdioc, T. ; Malaibohod; Pusopfiso (Mindoro). 
B. LUCIDA Blume. Pasig, V. 
BuDDLEiA ASiATiCA Lour. { Loganiaccw.) A shrub, the leaves grayish, 

pubescent beneath. 
Lagundi-salasa, V.; Sambiuig-cola, T. ; Tugnang, II.; Talicnono, T. 
B. NEEMDA Hamilt. Haya-hfiya, V. 
BuRSERA. {Burscraccw.) Balsamiferous trees. 

Calamansanai, T. 
B. JAVANICA Baill. Polyfigan, T. ; Pulayagan. 
Buxus ROLFEi Vidal. [EupJiorhiaccw.) Evergreen shrubs or trees. 

Pincabanao, T. 
Bryophyelim calycinum Salisb. {Grassulacew.) A tall, erect perennial 

Catacataca, T. ; CaritAna, V. 

Caesalpinia. [Lcguminoscw.) Trees, shrubs, or vines. 

Bang on, B. 
C. BONDUC Iloxb. Flowers yellow, leaflets 2 to 3 inches long. Pods with 
spines on the valves. 

Bfigtong, V. ; Camot-cfibag, T. 

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C. BONDi'C'KLi.A Fleiii. Flowci's yellow, leallcts X to 1 inch long. Pods 
with spines on the valves^ 
Bayag canibing, T.; Calainbiii; ('alanil)il)it, 1\ ; Dahi^di'ig-. \\ 
C. NUCA Ait. A vino. 1\)(1 naked on the valves. 

Crunit cjlbag, T. ; Cabft-ejlbag', T. ; Sa])Tnii, '1\, \. 
C. PULCiiEKRiMA Sw. A Small shrub with striking 1(m1 (lowers, eoiiunon 
abont towns, introduced from America. 
Cabalb'^ro, vS]). Fib; Rosas eaballero, S]). l^^il. 
C. SAPPAN L. Shrnb or small tree. Tods nnarmed. 'Hie red wood of this 
species yields an important dye. 
Sapang. T., 11.; Sibncao, V., T. 
Ca.ianus iNDJcrs L. E. {IjCiiumuio^iur.) hnect. herbaceous, 4 to () ft. 
Flowers yellow. 
Cagyos; Cad-yos, V.; Cagnois, T. 
CAivAivrus. [rahiKV.) Extensively cliud)jng ])alii!S, N\hich yhdd tlu^ rattan 
of commerce. The l*hilippine s])ecies not well known. 
Aj)js (Zambales) ; ]>aliiianay, F. ; liucton (Alasbnte); l>ejrico-sij)a, T. ; 
Cilnag, T. ; Curag; Ijambrdan, '\\; Fagni. Fani]). ; Focnau ( Masbatc^ ; 
Limorrui, T. ; Yantoc, Calamus. 
C. ALr.l'S Pers. Pacapie, V.; Cala})i, \ .. P). ; l>oii].'an labui. J^imj). ; Jjabnit, 
P.; La])nei, Zanib. ; LabnT-auay-na-maloto. Pam]). ; Fabm'd. Pang.; 
Parasan, V. 
C. PUKOENSIS Mart. Oey, l*ang. ; Talola, P.; uyo, P. 
C. iiaenkae?nUI8 Mart. Parit, 11.; Ditaan: Dit-an. T. 

C. PiSiCAKPis ]51ume. Anilis, P.; Gay, 11.; Onay, 11.; Yanioc limoraii. T. 
C. IITIOMBOIDEUS Plume. Alinao?, 11.; Punugan?, Cag. ; Fuii'it, Cag. 
CallicaPvPA. {Verhcnacca:.) Shrubs or snnill trees with small usually 
pale blue flowers. 
ApTdo (Paragua) ; Aling liotungas; Alinao. T. : DaiTolfiioaii, T. ; 
InaiT^don, T. ; Malataba, P.; Malarieonduron, Pani]). 
C. ANGUSTA Schauer. Tigao, 1^. 

C. nicOLOU Jnss. Payog; Palis, T. ; PapalsTs, P.: Tfibang dabiga, P. 
C. CANA L. Tambalabase. 
Cai^opiiyixum. {(hiiiifcrciv.) Trees, valuable for their timber. 

Bilangton, ]'>. ; Culu-cfilu, ]'».; Falumorea, P.; Malabocboc. P.; Pannil- 
tasqnin. 11. 
C. CTTNEATUM Vidal. Palagnan, V. 

C. iNOPHYLLrM L. A large tree nsually giowing lU'ar the sea shoie. The 
Avood is exceedingly hard and dui-al)b\ while the seeds yield an oil. 
Pitog, II.; Bitanhol, T. ; Bitoc; Birog; P)itaoi, Z. ; P,ancrilan, T. ; 
Bitaog, v., IP, Pamp.; Pancalan, P., \., P.; Dingcalin; Dincfilin, T.; 
Palo-maria, T., Pamp.; Palo-maria-de-playa ; Pamitaognen, IF; 
Pamitlaten, 11.; Tamauian, T.; Vftam. 
C. viDALii F. Vill. Balagnan. 

C. WALiJCiiiANi'M Plancli and Triana. A species fonnd in the mountains, 
distinguished by its rusty-tomentose branchlets. 
Batinan-fmio, T.; Palo-marfa de ni6nte. 

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Calotkofis gicantea K. Br. {Asclcpiadaccw.) A shrub or tree, llowers 
niediimi, in cymes. 
Capol-capol, T. 
Calyptrocalyx sriCATLS Blume. {Falniw.) BaiTga, V.; Balii, V. 
Cananga odouata Hook. f. et Tli. {Aiionacea'.) A tree very coiiiiiioii in 
the vicinity of towns; the ilovvers yield a valuable perfume. 
AiTgilang (Jolo) ; Alang-ilang, T.; ilang-flang, T., V., 11. 
Canarium. { Burse racccv.) Large trees, many species being found in the 
Philippines, several species being of special importance as they 
yield the odorous gum known locally as "brea," which in commerce 
- is known as Manila elemi. 

Aduas, T. ; Anagalti; Antong (Abra) ; AnaiTgi, T.; Basiac, T.; Basiad 
(Tayabas) ; Bait; Bulao, T.; Caton-maching (Zamboanga) ; Fesa, 
T. ; liagushus, B.; Jatsaliengum, T.; Malatagun, B.; Mayacyat, B.; 
Malacalantas, B.; Mili-pili, V.; Malapilanay, B. ; Pasaingin, T.; 
Palsanguinguin^ T. ; PachaiiTgan, T. ; Palsanhinguin, T.; Pilaui, T.; 
Salung (Paragua) ; Tibfmg, Z.; Zrdeng, V. 
C. COMMUNE L. A source of elemi. 

Pili-pilauay, T. 
C. CUMINGII Engl. Alagatli, T.; Anagatli, T.; Anten, II.; Bacayan, V.; 

Palsahinhim, T. 
C. LUZONICUM Miq. This species yields most of the elemi exported from 
Manila, and is locally known as "Brea blanca." 
Anten, II. ; Belis, T. ; Pagsaingfiin, T. ; Pilani, T. ; Pinali ; Pili, T. ; 
Pisfi, T. 
C. MULTiPiNNATUM Llanos. Salong, V. 
C. OVATUM Engl. Aten; Pili, V., T. 

Canavalia ensiformis DC. {Legutninoscw.) A twining glabrous perennial 
or biennial. 
Magtambocao (Leyte) ; Pataning-drigat, T. 
C. OBTUSIFOLIA DC. A prostratc vine with purple llowers and rather 
large hard seeds, common on sandy sea shores. 
Palang-palang, V. 
Canna indica Linn. {ScitiminecF.) Erect herbaceous, with showy red 
llowers, growing wild; and commonly cultivated for ornament. The 
Balunsaying, V. ; Colintasan, V. ; Cacuertasan, T. ; Cuintas-cuintasan, 
T. ; Saguing-saguing, V.; Tfcas, T. ; Ticas-ticas, T. ; Tiquls-tiquis, T.; 
Tucas-tilcas; Tapur^iiga, V. 
Canscora diffusa R. Br. {Gcntianacew.) An annual dichotomously 
branched herb, with quadrangular stems and rose-colored flowers. 
Cobamba, T. 
Cantiiium. [Ruhiacew.) Usually spinous shrubs or small trees, with 
small whitish or greenish flowers. 
Ctiling-manoc, V.; Tamauyan-pula (Tayabas); Tiroron, B. 
C. ARBOREUM Vidal. Malatadiang (Morong). 
C. CONFERTUM Korth. DlUg, II.; Malapatopat, T. 
C. iiORRiDUM Blume. Culiac-dagfi. 

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C. MITE Bciitl. Alangliidan it baniig, V.; Calin-inanog; Pamalataiigu^n, II. 
Cappaius. {Cappa7'idacca\) Trees, shrubs, or woody vines, usually armed 
with spines. 
Casuit, Pamp.; Danag, T. ; Ilalugabat; Laguino, V. 
C. AUPvANTiOTDES Presl. Camong-camong. 
C. ]iOP»iiiUA Linn. A climbing shrub, Avith stout thorns. 

Dauag, T.; Lagufno, V.; Talactac, II. 
C. MiCPvANTiTA DC. A shrnb or small tree, with small thorns. 

Alagnng-ung, V.; Dauag, T. ; Ilalugabat, T.; Mararayat-efihoy, T. ; 
Salimomo, V. 
Capsicum minimum Poxb. {^olanucccr.) A stont herbaceous ])lant. with 
red fruits wdiich have a very pungent taste, universally cultivated 
and used as a condiment. 
Chile, Sp. Fil.; ChTli-picante, Sp. Fil.; Chileng-bundoc, T. ; Lara; 
Malfsa; Pasitis, T. ; Quiticot, V.; Sili, T. 
Capura. {Sopi7idacca\) Shrubs or small trees. 

Dirig, II.; Onaoa, T.; Paloahan, V.; Talinonno. Pamp. 
Carallia integerrima DC. {Rhi^ophoracca'.) A small evergreen tree, 
with small white flowers and ovate leaves, found in dry forests. 
Bacauan guba (Mang.) ; Dilan usa, T. ; Macaasin, T. 
Cardiospermum L. (^ajniidacccr.) A small herbaceous vine, 
with inflated fruits, found in waste places about towns. 
Barcolon; BaiTgcolon, T. ; Cana, V.; Paltug-])altfican. Pamp. 
Carica papaya L. {Passi oraccw.) A tree commonly cultivated for its 
edible fruits, introduced from America. The Pa paw. 
Capayas, T., V.; Papaya, Sp. Fil. 
Cartiiamus tinctorius L. {Composila'.) An herb with orange-red 
llowers, commonly cultivated, the flower })eing used as a condiment 
to color foods. The Safllower. 
Casabha, V.; Catsumba, T. ; Cachiunba, Pamp.; Casubha, T., Pamp.; 
Castnmba, Pamp., T. ; BTri, T.; Lago, T. 
Carum copticum Benth. {Umhcllifcrcw.) Herbaceous, the leaves finely 
pinnately compound, flowers white. Commonly cultivated for its 
seeds, which in form and taste resemble anise. Caraway. 
Damoro, T., Pamp.; Lamudio, T., V. 
Caryota. [Palnur.) The sheaths of various species of this genus produce 
a very strong black fiber. 
Yoro (Mindoro). 
C. CUMINCII Mart. Pugahan, T. 
C. rimpiiia?nA Mart. Bagsang, V.; Calalios, V.; Lfimang. Cag. ; Malanfiig, 

Cag.; Paticrm, V. 
C. IRENS L. Cabo-negro; Pugahan, T. ; Sagu; Taguipan; Taquipan, T. 
Casearia [Sawydacciv.) Treves or shrubs, with alternate leaves and 
small axillary flowers. 
Caluag, T.; Malatamoyan. T.; Pidpid. 11.; Tapat-ta])at. T. ; Tfilang- 
nauoc. B.; Iniguin, T. 
C. cixerea Turcz. AnavfiT^a: iMaraligao, V. 

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(1 MOLUCCAN.v l)liniK\ JUiiloco ; 'J'aiiiboyog \isa. 
Cassia. {]jC(iu}}niK)sca'.) UHiially shrubs or trees. 

Mala eat fir ay, T. 
C. ALATA L. A small slirub with yellow llowers aiul angular winged 
pods, probably introduced from America, extensively used in the 
practice of medicine. 
AcapTdco, S]). Fib; IJaiyabasiu, T.; Catauda, T. ; Casitas, V.; Paca- 
goucon-castila ; Palochina, V.; Sonting, T. ; Sunting, V"., T. 
C. FISTULA L. A tree witli yellow llowers and long cylindrical [)ods, used 
in medicine. 
Ancherhan, T. ; ]>al6yong, V.; lialayong, V. ; !>alay. \.; Cafia-pistola, 
'I\ ; Cana-fTstiila, Sp. ; Jbabao, V".; Lond)ay6ng, V.; (^)uTna-pestula, T. 
C. occiDENTALis L. A (HlVuse glabrous undershrub, j)ods compresscMl. 
Balatong-aso, 'l\ ; I5al6tang-aso, T.; Tighiman, T.; 'rand)alrsa, V^ 
('. TOKA L. Herbaceous, or developing into a small shrub. 

Brdio-baho, V.; Palatong-riso, T. ; Catanda, T. ; Catandang-Jiso, T. ; 
JVIaninuinihan, T. ; Mongonongohan, T. 
Cassytiia FiriFOiJMis L. {Luuracccr.) A leafless twining yellow parasite, 
common on grasses, shrubs, etc., on the seashore. 
Malabohoc, T., V. 
Oastanopsts PHiLippiNENSTS Vidal. {Cvpulifcrcd'.) A ti'ee. fruits re- 
send)ling chestnnts. 
Liv^ian; Lovian, T\ ; PairniTgagan, T. ; Talacatac, T. 
('AsriARiNA EQLISETIFOLIA Forst. {Casuariuaccw.) Trees with very hard 
wood, slender cylindrical jointed leases (not trne leaves), and small 
cones, common near the seashore and along rivers. 
Agoo. T., 11.: AgOho, T.. V., Pamp.; Aguho, T. ; Aguso, Z. ; Agoso, T. ; 
Arrdo; Aro, II.; Ayo, V.; Antdng (N. Ecija ) ; (^aro. 11.; Mala- 
l)oh6c, V. 
Gkdkeea takataka Blanco. {Mcliaccw.) This s])ecies and the next are 
known as the Phili])pine cedar, the wood has the a])pearance and 
odor of red cedai', and is used for the construction of cigar boxes. 
Sandana, V.; Balongcauit, P>.; Taratara, T. 
C. ToONA ]loxb. Alani (IMindoro); Calantas, T., Pamp.; ('antiiTgen, II.; 
Danu])ra (Cagayan) ; Danigga (Cagayan) ; Lagini; LaiTgpa ; La- 
nigda, B., V.; Lanigpa, V.; LanTpga, V., B.; Porac, 11. 
Ceipa pentandPvA Caertn. (Malvaear.) Trees with straight trunks and 
few branches, extending at right angles from the tnnds:. This 
species yields an abundance of a- fiber known in commerce as "copak" 
and used for stufling pillows and mattresses. 
Boboy, T. ; Bilbuy, T. ; Bulac, T. ; Bfilac-dondol (C'ebu) ; Bulac-castila, 
Pamp.; Bulacsfno, T. ; Capoc (Jolo) ; Cslpas, 11.; Cayo, B. ; Capas- 
sJiiTglay, n.; Daldol V.; Dondol, 11. 
Celosia akgentea Linn. {Aniaraniaeca'.) An erect glabrous annual herb. 

Cadayohan, T. ; Cudiapa, V.; Quindayohan, T. 
C. CRISTATA Moq. An erect glabrous herb, cultivated for ornament. 
PalonpaloiTgan ; Padong-padoiTgan, V. 

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(Jeltis piJiLiri'iiNE^^sis Blanco. [U rlicacca.) A tree, leiives pioniiiiently 
triple nerved. A valuable timber tree. 
Almez; Lodono; Logog, V.; ^'dgOg (Jloilo) ; Malaienio, T. ; Mala- 
guibuyo, V. ; Malaitiiio, 1\ ; Magaboyo, V. 
Centiupkda OKBicuLARis Loiu'. {Coinyofilta'.) A very small prostrate 
lierb with small yellow llowers. 
ItarriiTgaii, T., V.; Pissic, V. 
CEFirALOSTACHYMN CAPiTATUM Miuiro. [Gramincw.) A bamboo. 

Napnap, V. 
CERAToniYixu^r siJimERSUM Linn. {CcnilophyUaccar.) Small herbs found 
in fresh water. 
Inata, T. 
Ceiip.eka odoixam Gaertn. {AyoGinaGC(v.) A shrub, found along the sea- 
shore, with white flowers and milky sap. 
Arbon (Paragua) ; Paraybay, T. ; Buto-biUo, V.; Lii)ata (Ticao) ; 
Marayabay, T.; Toetoc-ealo, T. 
Ceriofs oandolleana Am. {Rhhoplwracar.) A constituent of the man- 
grove vegetation. Petals 5 to G. 
Bacao, T. ; Bacanan, T.; Biuas, T. ; Ligasan, T. ; Pototan, V.; I'aiigal, 
T. ; Tilngung, V. ; Tigasan, T. 
C. ROXBUKcaiiANA Am. TaiTgrd labupii, T.; TaiTgal-taiTgal, T. 
Oestrum jn'OCTUKNIM L. [ISolanacca'.) A small shrub with greenish 
flowers, cultivated for ornament. Introduced from America. 
Dama-de-noche, Sp. 
CilAiLEETiA GELONioiDES 11. f. {GhallcUacew.) Small trees. 

Corong, T. ; Bitlag, T. 
C. GRiFFiTiiii Hook. f. Decdec, 11. 

CiiAMPEREiA (jRiFEiTiiii Plaucli. {Sanlalaccw.) A small tree with alternate 
leaves and v^eiy small flowers. 
Malalucban, T. ; Malulucban, T. ; Panalayapin, T., II. 
CiiENOPODiUM AMBKOSioiDES L. {Chcnopodlaccw.) A tall aromatic herb, 
introduced from America. 
Aposotis, T., v., Pamp.; Apasote, 1\ ; Alposotes, Sp. Fil.; Apasotis, T. ; 
Pasotis, T.; Parsotis, T. 
CiiiONANTHES. {Olcacccv.) Trccs. 

Bayogo, V.; Sagapsap, V. 
CilisociiETON. {Mcliaoca\) Large trees or some species shrubs. 

Agupai1ga( Mindoro) ; AgapfiiTga, V.; AgopaiToa (Marinduque) ; Balfl- 
cao, T.; Cflling-babuy, T. ; llimamao, T. ; SaplurTgan-colorrido. 
C. CERAMICUS Miq. Salaqui, T. 
C. PANICULATUS Hiern. Balocanac, T. 
C. TETRAPPJTALUS Turcz. Bogoloyac, B.; fbo, V.; Malabaya, T. ; Magullve, 

T. ; Toob, T. 
CiiLORANTiius BRACiiYSTACiiYS Blume. {Ghloranthaccw.) Small shrub, 
flowers in terminal racemes. 
Em -em, Ig. 
Chrysanthemum indicum L. {Gompositcc.) Cultivated for ornament. 
Dol6ntas, T. 

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CiiRYSOPOGON ACICULATUS Trill. {Oramincw.) A tufted grass, common 
in open places. 
Amores secos, Sp. Fil.; Colot-colotan, T. ; Marfscos, T. 
CiNNAMOMUM. {Laiu^accw.) Several species of cinnamon are found in the 
Philippines, the bark of the several species having to a greater or 
less extent the properties of true cinnamon of commerce. 
Canela de monte; MalasCingui; Maragaoed, 11.; Pasi, 13.; Samilin, T. ; 
Sindoc, T. 
C. MERCADOi Vidal. Calingag, T., V.; CaniiTgag, T., V. 
C. PAUCiFLOiiUM Nees. Candaroma, II. ; CaliiTgad, T,, V.; CaliiTga, V. ; 

Canela; Pata, Ig. ; MacaliiTgag, T. 
CissAMPELOS PAiiEiKA L. {Menispcnnacea.) A vine Avith a cylindrical 
woody stem. Much used in the practice of medicine. 
Batang-batang (Cebu) ; Cahlad; Chanchfie; Chincbao-chinchauan, T. 
Cinchao-cinchriuan, T.; Calacalamayan (Batangas) ; Cuscusipa, II. 
Gulangulamfman, T. ; Ilimpapara, V. ; Hampapare, V. ; Ptiri, V. 
Sampapare, V.; Sansao; Sansaosan-sansaosan, T.; Yemoumohan, T. 
Citrus. (Eutaccw.) The lemons, oranges, limes, etc. 

Calamondin; Lucbrm-gubat; Malacabfigao, V.; Sua, II. 
C. ACIDA Koxb. Dayap, T. 
C. AURANTIUM L. Orange. 

Calamanse, T.; Cahel, T., V.; Cagel, Sp. FiL; Cabillao (Tiagan) ; 
Dalandan, T. ; Pisong, T. ; Narangitas, T., V.; Sintonis, T. 
C. DECUMANA Linn. Cabugao, V.; Lucban, T. ; NarSnja T. 
C. iiYSTRix ])C. Camillao, II.; Camuntay, V,; Camilyo, T. ; Colobot, T., V. ; 
Cabog; Cabuyao, Panip. ; Dihlnan; Duiigurungnt, C. ; Gufd (Tia- 
gan) : Mayagfirin; Sfdia (Batangas). 
C. MEDICA L. Bfiyag, T.; Cidra; Calamondin, T. ; Daiayap, V.; Lim6n, 

Sp. Fil. 
C. TOROSO Blanco. Calabot. 

Claoxyix)N indicum llassk. {Enpliorljiacea'.) A shrub or small tree with 
pubescent branches and variable leaves. 
BTlid-bilid (Zamboanga) ; Sagay, V. 
C. WALLiciiiANUM Willd. Balilaug ofic, T. 

Clausena. [Rutacew.) Unarmed shrubs or trees with white flowers and 
small ovoid fruits. 
Balucbuc, T.; Lognfg; Piris, T. ; Sanqui, T. 
C. EXCAVATA Burm. Camanguianis, T.; Calomata, T. ; Maisipalsi, T. ; 

Cayumfmis, T. 
C. WAMPi Oliv. ITuampft, T. ; Ufimpit; Wampi, T. 
C. wiLiJ)ENOVii W. and A. Himfilao, V. 
Cleidion. {Eiiphorhiaccw.) Trees with alternate leaves. 

Malaputiit, T.; CamTiisa sa gubat, T. 
C. JAVANicuM Blume. Macaisa, T. ; Malatilba, V. 
Ceeisistoma amabile T. and B. {Orchidacew.) An epiphytic orchid. 

Dapo-sa-cauayan, T. 
Ceematis gouriana Roxb. {RanunciilacecD.) An herbaceous vine. 
Calupad, V.; Tolang-sang-b^nug, V. 

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Cleome viscosa Linn. {Capparidaccce.) An annual erect, softly pubescent 
herb with yellow flowers. 
Apoy-apoyan, T.; Balabalanoyan, T. ; Hnlaya-sang-ayani, V.; Sili- 
sililian, T. ; Silisian, T. 
Cleeodendron. {Vcrhcnacew.) Shrubs or small trees, many of the species 
with very showy flowers. 
Alibacta, B.; I'agauae, T. ; l^aggal); Baganag, T.; Cogauac, T.; 
Casopanguil-na-puti, T. ; Caso})ringil-sa-gi1bat, 'W; Malabaga, T. : 
MaiTgha, T. 
C. BLANCOANUM F. ViU. Bagriuac na morado, T. ; Balictarin, T.; Saling- 

ouac-iTga-maTtum, V. 
C. BLANCOi Naves. CasupaiTgil gubat, T. 
C. BRACiiYANTiiUM Scliauer. Ilamindan. B. 
C. CUMINGIANUM Schauer. ]:)acritung (Jolo). 
C. FiiACRANS Vent, lligantong, V. 
C. INERME R. Br. Baliseng, V, 
C. INFORTUNATUM L. CasupaiTgibgubat, T. 

C. INTERMEDIUM Cham. Small shrub with showy r(Ml llowers, conuuon. 
Balantana, V.; B<intana. V.; Bolong-iambal ; Alocasoc, V.: AsnaiTgai, 
v.; IgTiTga, T.; IguiiTga ; Colocolog, V.; Casoi)aiiguil, T. ; Calaica; 
Laroan-anito, T. ; Macalalrmang, T ; Pacapis, V. 
C. LANUGINOSUM Blume. Taguipan. 

C. MACROSTEGIUM Schaiicr. Actoligan; AgbolTgan, II.; Baganac; l>infnrga, 
T. ; Magboligan, 11.; Malapotocan, T.; NacbolTgan, ]1.; Saling- 
ouac, V. 
Cletiira canescens Reinw. [Ericacciv.) Shrubs. 

Camog, II.; Malaelac. 
Clinogyne grandis 15. and II. {Scilwiinca'.) Erect herbaceous ])hints. 

Banbang (Morong). 
Clitoria ternatea Linn. {Legximinosea.) Herbaceous viue wiiJi large 
blue flowers, conmion about towns. 
Calocanting, T. ; Colocantmg; PuquTiTgang. T. 
CiX)Ris BARBATA Sw. {GraminiKV.) A tufted, haudsomc giass. 1 to 2 ft. 
high, found about towns. 
Coroscorosan, T. 
Cnestis trifolia Pers. [Jjcgum.inoscw.) A climbing shrub. 

Ilamnuibalar ; Maiindato. 
Cnicus watxictii DC. {Composila'.) A thistle. 

Pagat, Jg. 
Cocos NLCiFERA Liuu. {Palma.) The coco palm, itie natives distinguish 
many varieties. 
Adiavan, T. ; Anibong, V.; Bonotan, V.; Botong. V.; Cayomanis. V.; 
Coco, Sp. Fil.; Dahili, V.; Lobi, V.; Lubacan. V.; Niog iTga-poti, V.; 
Lobi-iTga-hinbaon, V.; LobiiTga-pilipog, V.; Ngohgot, Pam]). ; Lim- 
bnon, v.; Lubi; Niog, T., C, II.. 15., V.; OiHiol. Z. : Pamocol. T.; 
PaiTgosTn; Potot, V.; Paiu-osin, V.; Pilipog. V.: TajiiasTn; Tam-is, 
v.; Tam-isan, V.; Tayomamis, V. 

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CoDiAEi M VAKJE(JATi M Muell. Aig. {Euphorhiaceiv.) A small shrub with 
exceedingly vaiiable variegated leaves, extensively cultivated for 
ornamental ])nrposes. 
]?uena vista, 8]). Fil.; Calipayang, V.; Pila; Saguilala, T. ; San-Fran- 
eisco, Sp. Fil. 
C'oFFEA AUAiJicA L. {Rubiaccw.) A shrub or small tree. Coil'ee, uni- 
versally known to tlie natives as cafe. 
Cahrma (Jolo) ; Cafe, Sp. 
Coix i.At^iiUYMA-joi'>i Linn. {(Jra^nincrr.) A stout grass with very hard 
globose fruits, whicli are used for beads. "Job's tears." 
Adlay, v.; Agda, Ig.; Tegbe, T. ; Tigbi, T. 
CoLDENiA PROcrMBENS L. {Borragiiiacea'.) A prostrate scabrous herb 
with alt(*rnate crisped leaves. 
Tapiasin, T. ; Oregano-lalaqui, T. 
C0LEIJ.S. {Lahiaf ('<('.) Connnonly cultivated herbs, ornamental. 

Suganda. T. 
C. ACUMEN ATI'S Bcuth. xVlbahaca morildo, T. ; Daponaya, V.; La])onaya, V,; 

Malamayana, 1\; Taponaya, V. 
C. AKOMATJLS I'euth. Oregauo, Sp. Fil. 
C. ATROPUiU'rHEi'S F>enth. r>adiara, 'P., V., Pamp. ; Mayana. T., V., Pamp. ; 

Maiayapji, T.. V., Pamp.; Mjiliana, T., V., Pani]). 
CoLOCAsiA ANTJQUOuiat Scliott. {Aroidixv.) Tall, coarse herb from a 
tuberous root, extensively cultivated for its edible root, very 
Abalong, V.; Apipi, V.; Jhidrang; J^iga, V.; Dagmay; Dagmay-iTga- 
qufnson, V.; Dagmay-iTga-inftlog, V.; Dagmay-iTga-bolihio, V.; Dag- 
may-iTga-apipi, V.; Dagmay-rTga-tapol, V.; Gavay, T., V., Pamp.; 
Gabi, Cag., T., V., Painp.; GAbing-morada, V.; Gandus, T., V., 
Pamp.; GalTang, V.; Gaby-na-siboyas, T.; Gabing-pola, 1\; Gilby- 
iTga-guinatos, V.; Gabing-silaiTgan, 1\; Gslby-na-siniboyas, T.; Gui- 
natos, v.; Lagvay, T., V., Pamp.; Quimpoy, V. 
CoLUHiiiNA ASIATICA Brongu. [Rhamnaccw.) An erect glabrous, iniarnuxl 
Cabaliti, T., V.; Uatitic, T., V. 
CoLi'MiJiA. {Tiliacca'.) Shrubs or small trees with 3 to 5 winged fruits. 

Anilao-uan, T.; ]>ari6-an, Pang.; Nanulued, T. 
C. SERiiATJFOLlA DC A vcry conunon shrub; the bark yields a strong bast 
Anflao, T.; .VrTlao; Baynud. 
CoNNARorsis FJiiEiPPiCA F. ViU. {Geraniacew,) Shrub. 

Balabang quiUng. V.; JVIalabailgquilin, V. 
CoMBRETUM. {Coriihrciaccw.) Large shrubs, with long pendent or scand- 
ent branches. 
Ma 1 a cd 6g, 11. 
C. OVALIFOEIFM Roxb. Panuilaclaquln, T. 
C. SQUAMOSUM Roxb. Malatumbaga, T. 

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('oA[Mi;iJNA ]n-]\(;iiAij^:Nsrs L. {(U)Nnnclfnacc<c.) A slender crcepijiL! suc- 
cnltMit lieib, with blue flowers. 
Aliel)riiu>()ii, 'W; l)ias-l)ias, Panip.; Cabihio, V.; Sabilao. \.\ Sabilao- 
iT^a-laba-au, V.; Ulii^boi'Hl^oii. 
C. coMN[UNis IJmi. Saiiibilao. V. 

CoMMERSONiA PLATYFii Yi.LA Aiulr. {ISfcreuli(W('(r.) A tree with l)r()a(l 
])iibes(('iit b'av<^s. whit(> (loNNcrs, and o-valved eapsules whieh are 
covered with soft l'i-ist](\^. 
Bago; Ik'noanir, T. ; Culilii ; Labaya (Tayabas) ; Mayaina^ar, V.; 
Patalo, T.; Potolo. T. 
CoNNAIll^s. {(J()nnarac<'(r.) Trees or shriil)s with o(hl piiniate leaves. 

Caina«i^sa-ta<4iiilis. 'i\ ; I !aiiiiiabal)ao, 1\, V., l^aiiip.; (Jiiieos-oufcos, 'W 
C. FKiiRi'CiiXKUS Jaek. Sal laday. 

CoNOCEPirAiA'S. {Urlicdcnr.) CliinbhiLi- shrubs with alteriiaie entire 
(/atoy (Albay). 
C. ACUMiNATi s Tiirez. Aiiopol (Albay). 
C. EKECTis ])1aneo. irari6])ol, T., V. 
C. ovATi'S Tree. Tobayan (Tayabas). 
('. suAVEOLKNS J^hiHie. Lagna, 'i\ 

CoiUMiOHUS ACUTANCJULi'S Lam. {TUutcciV.) An annual herb wiih (don- 
gated G-angled ea})sn]es. 
Pasao-na liaba, T. 
C. CAl'Sl'EAUiS \j. An annual with sub-nlobose capsules. 

Lamhay, V. ; Pasao; Pasao-na bi log, 'V.\ PoiTJilo-pongloan. 
COKDIA 1VLAN(K)1 Vid. { Iiorya(j\nacc(V.) Shrub's or small hces with alter- 
nate leaves and rather large lloweis. 
Anong, T. ; Anonang. P>. ; P>ibili. V.: Saloyong, d\ ; Sinaligan. II. 
C. SUBCOKDATA Laiu. Agiit-ut. v.: P»analo. 1\ ; Sigan-dagai. H. 
CORDYLINE TEHMINALJS Kuntli. {IAli(tcv(v.) Sluub witli distichous linear 
Quilaa, V.; Saguilala, T. ; Toneod-obfspo. ^r. ; Toeor-pari, Pam]). 
CoRiANDKliM SATIVUM Linn. (UmhcUifcrar.) An aromatic stout smooth 
herb with white (lowers, cultivated, (^)riander. 
Culantro (Manila); Oiigsay (Atanila). 
CouYPiiA. (ralma'.) Anahao. M\ ; Macasilad, T. 
C. UMBRACULIFEUA L. Bull, T.; PaiTga; Buri, T.; Puli-burf; Balong-luyon. 

Pamp.; Silac, 11. 
CosTUS. {Scitiminra'.) Leafy erect heibaceous ])1ants. 

CotiTiTOViA CELEHiCA Koorders. {fj()(/a}ii((ce(r.) Tree. 

Ball-ball, V. 
(iRATAEVA RELiGiosA Forst. ( (7r//>prnY/(/accvr. ) Tree with .'Vfoliate leaves 
and large yellow or purplish tlowers. 
Balai-lamoe, ]1.; Balay-naniue, 11.; Saling-bobog, V., T. 
ChiATOXYLON. {llypcricacca'.) Trees. 

Goyon-goyon, T. ; Papaca, Z. ; Daraya. T. ; Luyong-luyong, V. 

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C. ELA^'COi BluDie. Briga-tubaiig (Saiiiar) ; Cansilaii, V.; Guyon-guyon, 
T. ; PaiTgiiiiiTgii, V. 

C. CELEBICUAE BlllTlie. OlllTgOIl, V. 

C. FLORiBi'NDUM F. ViU. Cuelang (Benguci) ; Paguriilgon, ]>.; Satiiig- 

gagaii, V). 
C. FORMOSUM Benth. and Hook. f. Caiiiantayo, V.; Malarayat, T. 
Crescp:ntia alata H. B. K. {Bignoniacecc.) A tree, introduced from 
America, sometimes cultivated for ornament. 
Iloja cruz, Sp. 
Crinum. {AniaryUiilacccc.) Succulent lierbaceous plants with long leaves 
and large white fragrant flowers. 
Lirio, V. 
C. AMOENUM Roxb. Bacong-bacong, V. 
C. ASiATicuM Linn. Agubahan, V.; Bacong, T. ; Bacung, V.; Palagucon, V.; 

Salibangbang, V. 
C. TRATENSE Herb. Bacong sa solog, V.; Bacong iTga dulao, V. 
Crotalaria ]j. {Jjeguminosew.) Herbs or small shrubs with yellow 
flowers and simple or 3-foliate leaves. 
Catanda, T. ; Colung-colung, V. ; Gorung-gorung, V. 
C. LiNiFOLiA L. f. Gurung-gurung, V. 
C. QUINQUEFOLIA L. Susoi, T. ; Susosusoyan, T. 
(J. VERRUCOSA L. Bulai-lava, T. 
Croton. (Euphorhiacecc.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Canonay, T.; Camanga^ T. ; Malabfigna, T. 
C. CONSANGUINEUS Mucll. Arg. Malatfiba, B. 
C. LEiOPiiYLLUS Muell. Arg. Catap (Zamboanga). 
C . MURiCATUM DC. Balanti. 

0. TiGLiiJM L. A small shrub, the seeds yielding the croton oil (Oleum 
tiglium) of commerce. Used by the natives in the practice of medi- 
cine and for poisoning fish. 
Camaisa, T. ; Camandag, V.; Macasla, V.; Tuba, T. ; Tuba-camaisa, T. ; 
Tuba-sa-bfiquid, V. 
Crudia blancoi Rolfe. (Lcguminosew.) Slirub or tree with odd pinnate 
Calatumbaga; Hintotoor, T. ; Malatumbdgo, T. ; MalusuiTgay, T.; 
mud, Z. 
Crypteronia. {Lytliracccv.) Trees with opposite entire leaves and small 
white or green flowers. 
Camanoc, V. ; Salasan, T. 
C. PANicuLATA Blume. Quilamo, T. 
Cryptocarya. {Lauracccv.) Evergreen shrubs or trees. 

Banitan, Pamp. 
C. DENSiFTX)RA Blumc. Acdfiu, T. 
C. ILOCANA Vidal. Camigay, 11. 
C. viLLARTi Vidal. Balictan?. 
CuRiLiA RT'MPiiii Blume. (Sapindaccrr.) Tree. 
Cubrli (Bulacan) ; LubilubiTi (Bataan). 

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CucuMis MELO L. {CurcurhilacGW.) The melon. 

Atimoii, V. ; Catimon, V. ; Melon, Sp. Fil. 
C. SATivus Linn. The cucumber. 

Cabul; Calavaga, V.; Cohombro; Pepino, Sp. 
CuRCURBiTA MAXIMA Duch. The squash. 

Calabazang bilog, T. ; Calabazang pula, T. 
C. PEPO DC. The pumpkin. 

CuDRANiA jAVANENSis Ticc. {Urticaccw.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Talolong, I,, II.; Tahad-labuyo, T. 
CuMiNGiA PHiLippiNEiNSis Vidal. [Malvaccce.) A shrub or small tree. 

Libato-puti, T. 
CuPANiA. (Sapindacccv.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Anacu, T.; BalasSbis, Z.; Bagonito Vk; Cnyos-cuyos, T. ; Cusiben, 11.; 
Guiric-gutin, B.; Sausauli, T.; uyos; Salab, T. ; Balasabis. 
Curcuma cassia Roxb. {Scitiminccc.) Herbaceous plants with large 
Lampiiyang-tapol, V.; Lampuyang-dorac, V. 
C. LONGA Linn. AiTgai, Pamp.; Calauag, V.; Calavaga, V.; Culiao, I].; 
Culalao, Panip. ; Dilao, T.; Drdao, V.; Cunig, 11.; Lisriiuiay, Z.; 
Pangas, Pamp.; Quinamboy, V. 
C. VIRIDIFLORA Boxb. Calaoag, V.; Tarrin. 
C. XANTiiORRiiiZA Boxb. Bolou, T. ; Lampuyang, T. ; Tamo, T.. Pamp.; 

Tumahiba, T. 
C. ZERUMBET Boxb. Barac, T. 

Cyanotis axillaris Roem. and Schult. (Commclmacccr.) Pi-ostrate herb 
with small leaves and small blue fiowoi's. 
Bflang-biTang?, V.; Hauli? ( Jolo) ; Sabilao, V. 
C. CRiSTATA B. and S. AlicbaiTgon, T.; Luya-luya, V. 
Cyatiiea INTEGRA J. Sm . {FiUces.) CalatOndon, T. 

Cyathocalyx zeylanicus Champ. {Anonacca'.) A tree with acuminate 
leaves and large carpels. 
Soal, T. 
Cyatiiula prostrata Blume. {Amamntacca.) An annual, prostrate, 
flowers in small solitary clusters. 
Dayang, T. ; Docat-decat, V. 
Cycas circinalis L. {Gycadaccw.) IMtogo, T.; Patubo. T.; Pitogo, T. 
Cyclea peltata II. f. and Th. {Menispermacav.) A clind)ing shrub 
with peltate deltoid leaves. 
Abiab, V. 
Cyclostemon. (Euphorhiacew.) Trees. 

Butong-manoc, V.; Magaranbulo (Tayabas) ; Talinulrong, Pang.: 
Ugao, V. 
C. cumin Gii Baill. Tenaan-bantay (Tayabas). 

Cynodon dactylon Pers. (Grarninccr.) A low prostrate grass, the ■'P>('r- 
muda grass" of the United States. 
Coiatay, T.; Cauat-cautiran, T.; Mrilit, T. 

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Cy xoaiktua. ( Lr(/}(m inosca ) . Tices. 
INlalapfiyao. T. 

V. INAEQUALIFOIJA A. (hay. Jialili, V.; Dila-dfla, T.; 61od, Pamp. 

0. RAMIFLOHA Iv. P>n] itbfta 11. T. ; odliiig, V.: tjlud (Tarlac). 

Cynoaioijji'M PiiiLipriNKNSK HlaTK'o. (*apvilao, V., T. 

(h^rEius, {Cj/]>crac('(r.) Coarso or fine grass-lik(^ ])lant.s, usually found 
in wet soils, the sedges. 
Alusang. T.; l^aea-baeahan. T. ; HalaiTgotaii, T. ; BoiTgot-boiTgot, V.; 
Calambo-ealaniboan. T. ; Colabatfan, P.; (lunii-guini, P.; Guisay 
ealabao, '1\ ; Manic niaiiican. 'I'.; Mfsay-ealabao, P.; Muta, P.; Obud- 
obud, v.; Poloe; Payong-])ayong, V.; Sud-sud, V.; Pieay, P. 

C. DiFFOHisiis Jiinn. Panedan; P>a([uPba(pii. V.: niiilanihon. V.; 1'itio, P.; 
Pfquio, T. 

C. Ki.ATFS Pinn. ( 'obong-eoboiig, V. ■ 

P. ROTFNDi'S p. Hiis s])ecies is soniewliat used in tbe ])vaetiee of medi- 
cine, the ''nui glass" of the ITnited States. 
Potobotones, ]>.; Cusung, Pamp.; Oalonal])as. Pamp.; Malaapolid, 
Pamp.; Mota, Pani]). ; jNlntlia, P.; Onoran. j*ain]). : Omading, Pamp.; 
Omfidinng. Pamj).; Siirsrir, Pam]). 


Da('TYL0CTE]N1UM /iXiYPTUM Pcvs. {(h'(t ))} iv('(r.) A common tufted grass 
with digitate inflorescence. 

Alam. '\\ 
DAEisroNOHOPK. {Pah}i(v.) A climbing palm, related to Calamus and 
yielding rattan. 

Palabang. \\ ; llalamhani ?, V.; Palauan, V. 
Daebergia. {LcfjuminoscAV.) Scandent shrul)S or trees. 

Malaga-hanip. P.: MalunaPuiTgayam. '1\ 
7). FERRlCJNEA Poxb. PAiii iitcribag. P. 
1). lanceolarlv PiriiE Maca])il. P. 

D. SPixosA Poxb. PalibagaiE \. 

Daeea niora jNPirt. and (}al. iLcffunnnoscd'.) An herbaceous jdant in- 
troduced from AP'xico and now common in many localities in the 
Agogo. P.; Pamangi. P.; ])uiang-))arang. P.; Sampaloc sam])alocan, P. 

Dati RA ALRA Nccs. { t^()la)iac('((\) Stout lieibaceous plants with elon- 
gated large whitish llowers. i]\v "Jimson \Yeeds'' of the United 
Patc^liubnng. \'.; Catchibong, V.; Pabun]i6nai, 1\. Pamp.; Patchu- 
bong. V. 

1). FASTiosA 1j. Palanv)>6nai na itim. P. 

1). MEiEE P. Patch fibung. V.; Parumpunia, T.; Palon])unay. 

DECASPERAfiM. {J\lyvi acviv.) Shrubs Avith white or pink flowei's. 

1). ivLANCoi Vi(hil. Ualisualisan, P. 

D. PAXiciEATi'M Kurz. Alung-cagay. V.; Pulasi. IP; Dugayon, V.; Salili- 
han. V. 

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Deeringia celosjoides Pv. P»r. {A)iiar(inl<icc((.) A cliiiibiiiir slnub with 
small greeiiisli wliito fbjwcrs. 
Tlagorilis, T. ; Ilanliliinocoii. V. 
]). INDICA Zoll. ]5a})niiai (Niiova Vis('ayn). 
Deitaasia. {Ijaurac('(('.} l^]vovgr('('ii trees. 

Casoi-easnian. 'I\ ; ISIalacadios. V>. 
Delima sarmentosa L. {Dillfnidccd'.) A woody vino with wry liai-sh 
leaves, small wliite flowers, and small red fruits. 
Malaeatmon, T. ; ]\Iai vas-ta<il)alaTi<^-. T. 
j:)Ei\!)R()inrM. {Orchidaccd.) An e[>ij>l)yli(' orchid. 

SaiTgumain, T. 
D. Li^NATiM JJndl. Pasiiriao. \.\ Suliao. \\ 
DENDROCJAEAi^irs. [Oramhicw.) A l)aml)oo. 

Caiiayan-tainrniae; Caiiayan-himaiipao : ( 'aiiayaii-biilio : Pntoiii^', \. 
D. ELAOELLIFER Miuiro. Bfdio, v.; P>oho. '\\ 
D. MEMR.RANACEUS Miiiiro. ]^>aoaeay. v.; Maealbanii', V. 
Dentella repens Forst. {Ruhiacav.) A small, weak, i)rostrate amiual 
with white flowers. 
Dilan<*--l)iitiqnt, T. ; r)flan-buti(|uf. 
Derrjs. [LegumhwHca'.) Climbinii' woody vines. 

Bagjlybay, T. ; Palngai. 
D. SCAN DENS Beiith. ]\lalasa<^a. 1\ 
D. siNUATA Benth. Asiasimaiiaii. T.; Bntonn. V. 
D. ULIGINOSA Benth. Iliiioasinan, V.; Ilinoasin. \.: Silasihi. 'W 
Desmodium. {TjCifumlnosciv.) Trees, shrubs, or lierbs willi jointed pods. 
Malaearo. V.; Maiiimaiiian, T. ; Matr^ijufet, '\\\ jVIasambonii^ : Para- 
paranahas, 'V. 
D. LAXiFLORi^]\r DC. A small shrub, the ])ranehes au^iled. pubescent. 

D6cot-(h')cot, V. 
D. iHiECiiELEi'iM Benth. A shrub, tlie flowers hidden in ])ersistent dis- 
tichous bracts. 
Cahlicai (Leyte); Calayacay. V.; CJaliacay, V.: i\ran<pift : I?ayani^- 
payang, T. 
D. TRIFLORL^M DC. A trailing lu'rb. the flowers axillary. 

P a e [) a c - 1 a iTg a o , T . 
D. UMRETXATUM DC. A slirub or small tice found near the sea shore. 

Mala})fgas. T. ; Malacaiios, Z. ; Tuyat-baguio. V. 
Deittzia PUECiiRA Vidal. {Ha.rafr(i(/acc<i'.) A shrub with o])posite leaves 
and white flowers. 
Quetquet, Tg. 
DiCT YONE i; R A . ( Ma Iphigiu cccv. ) Tree. 

DiniTARiA. {(Iraniinciv.) A slender grass with digitate infloresence, the 
''crab grass" of the Uiiited States. 
Bahidgangan, T. 
DiLEENiA pmETpriNENSJS Bolfe. [Dillcniacccv,) A tree with \('\y large 
showy white flowers. 
Catmon, T., V. 

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D. SPECIOSA Gil<j^. Malaeatmon, T.; Palati, Palali, 13. 

l^ioscoREA. [Dioscorcacca'.) Climbing plants, usually from llesliy root- 
stocks, many species being used for food. The Philippine species 
are very imperfectly known. 
Bohayan, V. ; Bodot, V. ; Caironi, T. ; Calot, Pang. ; Cobag-na-quiroi, 
T. ; Hampas tagbfllang; Pologan, V.; Paquit, T.; Pugang, V.; 
Limalima, T., V.; QuerOe, T. ; Quinampai (Cebu) ; Tamis, V.; 
Toquing-palo; Tugui, T. ; Toguing, T. ; Toguing-polo ; ube. 

D. ALATA L. ubi. 

D. BATATAS Decne. Dulian, II. 

D. DiVARiCATA Blanco. Ignema, 

D. EBURNEA Lour. BanSyau, V. 

D. FASCiCULATA Roxb. Bolot, V.; Borot, V. Corot, V.; Culad, V.; 
DaliiTga, V. ; DaliiTgag, V. ; Tongo, T. 

D. iiiRSUTA Blume. Calut, Pamp.; Colot, V.; Cayos, V.; Gayos, V.; Orot^ 
v.; Taqui. 

D. PENTAPiiYLLA Pers. Bayangcan. 

T>. SATiVA L. BAong, V.; BalaTcag, V.; Cobag, T. ; Dogue; Name; Qui- 
roi, T. 

DiosPYROS. [Ehenacea'.) Shrubs or trees, many species being found in 
the Philippines, most species having very hard dark-colored wood, 
and some species having edible fruit. The American persimmon 
belongs to this genus. 
Alahan, T. ; Alantag, T. ; Arahan, B. ; Anang, T.; Bantolmon, T. ; 
Baganito (Morong) ; BaliiTgagta-coIorado (Abra) ; Banlatinfio, 
Pang.; Bulonguitan, T. ; Busili, l^ang. ; Bamtolfco, Z. ; Camagahal 
(Morong); Calimantao, T.; Calohadiang, Pamp.; Calamansanai, T. ; 
Cadapdap, B.; Catelana, T. ; Camonay, T.; Camayfian, T. ; Colo- 
yanang, Pamp.; Colohadia, Pamp.; Dambuhala, T. ; Laguicdi. Mang. ; 
Malagaftmon, T.; Matobato, B.; Maravical (Morong) ; MarabTcat, T. ; 
Malasoro, B. ; Malatalang, Pamp.; Ogao, B. ; Pagatpat, T. ; Pagat- 
pfigat (Laguna) ; Panaguitmon, B.; Tagoismon, B.; Ugao, B. 

D. BLANCOi DC. Amaga. 

D. CUNALON A. DC. Cun^lon, V. 

D. DISCOLOR WiUd. AmSga, V., T. ; Camaguan; Camagon, T.; Mabolo, T., 
v.; Malatfipay, T.; T^lang, T., Pamp. 

D. EBENASTER Retz. Sapote ; Zapote. 

D. EMBRYOPTERis Pers. Talaug-gubat, T. 

D. MALACAPAi A. DC. Malaefipai, T. 

D. MULTIFLORA Blanco. Canomay, T. 

D. NIGRA Retz. Lfiyong; Lilyan, T. ; Zapote negro. 

D. PILOSANTHERA Blanco. Amaga, V., T. ; Alintatao, T.; Apopuyot (Caga- 
yan) ; Bfilatinao; Bantolinao, V,, T. ; BatolTnao (Cagayan) ; Bo- 
longaeta, T. ; Bolonguita, T. ; BaloiTgita; Barlis; Balingricta, 11.; 
Dalondong, V.; Calohadia; Caloyanang. 

DiPLODiscus PANICULATUS Turcz. {TiUaccw.) A small tree. 

Bandgo, T.; Balobo, T. ; Barobo, V.; Balnbo, T. ; CamiliiTg ; Malubo, 
T., v.; Man^yao; Muling-mulfng, T. 

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DiPTEROOAiiPl'S. {JJiplcrocarpacvir.) All huge forest trees, valuable for 
timber and many s])e('ie,s prodiieiiig valuable gums. 
Antong, T. ; BfnTga (Cagayan); Banuyo, T. ; Bailayan (Mindoro) ; 
l^ayucan, T. ; ])aiT]:ilin, 11.; Jlagadbad; Lauau-maputi, T. 
D. AFFiNis Brandis. Binaguan, V. 

D. (jRANDiFi.ouus Blauco. Apiton, T. ; A])itoug, 1\ ; Tlapilon, T.. V. 
D. MAYAPis Blanco. Mayapis, T. 
D. PiLOSUS Roxb. llagacbric, T. 
D. POLYSPERMUS Blanco. TaiTgnfli; TaiTgili, '1\ 
D. VERNiciFLL'US Blauco. Bfday (l)ataugas) ; Balao, 'V.; Malapao; iVlala- 

palio, T.; Panao. 1\ ; Banuo, '\\; Panno; PoiTgo. 
DiTTELASMA RARAK Hook. f. {tidpindacca'.) A tree. 

Bayueo, V.: Cobe ; (Jubi; Dfiea, V.; (luishihan, 'l\ 
DoDONAEA viscosA Limi. {Sapindaccd'.) A shrub, tlie leaves somewhat 
viscid with a shining yellow resin= Scacoast. 
Alipata. '\\; Calaplnai, T. ; Casirag, Z. ; Tlaguyuy (I'ayabas). 
DoLicjiAiXDRONE vSPATHACEA K. Sch. {liufuoniaceiv .) A iree usiially found 
near the sea, with large white flowers. 
Tua; Tin, T. ; Tue, T. ; Toi. T. ; Tiui, V.; Tanhas, V. 
DoLiciios. {Lc(/iiiin)i<)S(^(r.) Twining herbs, botb spcies cultivated. 

Quibal, T. 
I). ECiiiNHLATUS Blanco. Tutao, T. 
D. LARLAi? L. Bulai (Batangas) ; l>atao, T., \'. 


DoNAX ARUNDASTRi'M Lour. {Maranlaccd'.) I>aban (Zanil)oanga ) ; Alaro, 
v.; P>ambaii. T. ; Jhinban, T. ; l^anbom, T. ; Ihiyambau; (hilaiTl!,a; 
Manban, T. 
Dracaena. { fjiliacav.) P>alinua}% T, 
[)ra(K)NTOMEIa M. {Andcardiiwciv.) 1'rees. Malaacle (Tjiyabas) ; Malai- 

hao, T. 
1). CI'MINGIANFM Baill. Alauiliao; Balican; i)ao, T. : Malaaduas. T. 
J). MANCiiFERUM jiluuie. P>rd)ur ; Ihitnan, V.; Dao. T.. V'.: TamTo. T. ; Ma- 
la Ty a o, 'T. 
Drosera INI)I(\V L. {I)r().scra<'c<v.) Low lierbs. ilie leaves being adapted 
to catching insects. 
ninti])alo, T. 
DuAnANGA MOLr(X!ANA Blumc. { Lyfhraccd-.) A lice found near the sea- 
Cadir; Caddfl, B. ; Baligaiui'an. IJ. ; ('aiauan. li. : l.ocloii: Lubtilb; 
Afalabanaba, T. 
Dr:Rro ziHETinNUS Linn. {Malniccic) A tree found iti Jolo and Minda- 
nao, nilicli prized for its edil)h> fruit, the durian. 
Durian; Dui'an; Dulfan (Jolo). 
Dysoxyt.vm. {McUacra:.) Trees with straight, nearly uid)ran('licd tiunks, 
tbe long, pinna.te leaves being ciowded at the top. 
Agus-us (Tayabas) ; l'>aluca(ia(l, W: Catubacillan. T. : DiuAlat-na- 
item; Malabayrdnts ; ['anda])anda. 1\ 
S9r)() 10 

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I). Ai{iU)iti:s(;EAs Mi(i. Malasaguin. 

1). m-Axcoi Vidal. Aguio, T. ; Ananagtag, V.; Agniii. Panip.; Agin, T. : 

Ananaiigtang, V.; Baciigan, V.; BiiTgliu, V.; BasUoag, 11.; Bobiive, 

v.; JJolong iaiiibal, V.; Hiiiiaiiiaw, T. ; Igivv, 'W; Jguio, Paiiip. ; 

Ma nanai7j4t a ng, V.; MalabaiTgao, Paiii]). ; Maoasfli. V.; Malabaga, 

Paul]).; 'I'alu'tan, T., PaiTip. 


Im'iipia aij;a llassk. {(JoinposiUr.) An erect or (lilTuso slender annual 

witb small beads of wiiite llowers. 
Iliguis-manoc?, T.; 'JMntatfiiia, Jl. 
l<]nKETiA. {Borraginaccw.) Trees oi- sbrubs witb alternate leaves and 

axillary or terminal paniculate or corymbose inflorescence of small 

wbite [lowers. 
Bagao; Cba-cimarron; llalimomo, T. 
Vj. i?i.ancoi a. DC. Itmong-dalaga, T. 
E. BUXTFOIJA Roxb. Alangitffoit, T,, V.; AlaiTguit; Buyoc buyoc; Cbam- 

bundoc, 'I\; MaiTgit; Mangrdt, T., V.; Putputay. B. 
E, ONAVA A. DC. Ngangaita, T.; Onava, T. 

E. PiiiLiPPiNENSis A. DC. Macaisa, B. ; Salimomo, T. ; Talibobong, V. 
Elaeagnus latifolia L. (Elaeagnacew.) A sbrub or small tree, tbe 

leaves silvery or rusty beneatli. 
AliiTpaio, T. 
Elaocakpi s. iTiliacca'.) Trees witb simple leaves, tbe flowers in axillary 

P>irlag, T. ; Calumacan, V.; Culilisiao (Tayabas) ; Gulilisiao (Taya- 

bas) ; llagonoy-sa-lasang, V.; Hongo, T. ; IloiTgo, T. ; Malacapi, T. 
K. FLOHiiUJNDUS Blumc. Conacon; Gusutan. 
E. LANCEAEFOLirs Roxl). Calomala, 'W 
K. iMONOCEiiA (Jav. Malacalios. 
1^]. MULTJFLORUS E. Vill. Tigalot, V. 
1^]. OBLONGUS (Jaertn. Cabalte, V. ; Cabilte, Y. 
1^]. o BO VAT IS Arn. Caluuacan, V. 
1^]latostema. {Urticacecr.) Herbs or undersbrubs witb alternate leaves 

and minute flowers. 
AiTgange, Tg. 
Eleociiaris {Gypcnicw.) Glabrous sedge-like ])lants witb simple erect 

unjointed stems. 
Absic, T. ; Balag-balanggOtan, T.; Ihislfg, 11.; Tayoc-tayoc, V.; Ubo- 

drd)od, T. 
111. PELLUCIDA Presl. Gumi-gnmi, T. 
IilLEPiiANTOPUS MOLLIS 11. B. K. {Gompositw.) Rigid erect berbs with 

scabrid leaves, tbe beads surrounded by leafy bracts. 
DiTa-dila, T. 
E. scaber L. TabatabacAban, T. 
E. SPiCATiJS Juss. Ardatag, V.; Cabcftron, II.; Dilang usa, T. ; IMbul, V.; 

Sigang-dagat, T. ; Siimag, Pamp. 

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l^]ivETTAUiA. iSciiiniinca:) Leafy erect herbaceous plants. 

Pa 11 a on, V. 
Eleusine indica Gaertn. {Oraminew.) Common in waste places, inflor- 
esence digitate. 
Baquisquisan; Sabong-saboiToan, T.; Saiiibfile, T. 
I^]milta 80iVCifiF0LiA DC. {CoinposUa',) An annual herbaceous plant with 
purple flowers, a common weed. 
Libun, V. ; Tagulinao, T., Pamp. 
h]NGETJTARi)TiA. {Juglandacca'.) l^rees, the fruit adnate to a three-lobed 
l^ibit, T.; Pingol, T. 
ItlNiTATAis KOENiGii Rich. { }fydrocharidacca\) A snbmerged marine herb 
with very narrow leaves 2 to 3 ft. long. 
fsai, T. 
Kntada scandens Benth. {Leguminoscw.) A large woody tendril-bearing 
vine with jointed pods, 2 to 3 ft. long or more, 3 to 4 in. wide. 
Tlie bark is extensively used as a substitute for soap. 
Balogo, v., Pamp.; Balonos. V.; Bayogo, T.. V., Pamp.; Cogo, T. ; 
Gohong bacay, V., Pamp. 
l^^i'iPiiEMNi'M MEDIUM Engl. {Aroidc(V.) A scandent shrub, rooting on 
trees, with distichous pinna tilid leaves. 
Amolong, II.; Balicupcup, V.; Bisaco, V.; Daila, V.; Dibatib, V.; 
Garban, V.: Ilorog, V.; Malapacpac-balauay, T.: Tibfitib. 1\ ; Tir- 
batib, V. 
I^'kagrostts ptajmosa Link. {Graniinca'.) Slender tufted grasses. 

Caliraorao, T. 
K. TENELT.A II. and S. Buguibuc. T. 

l^]iiANTJiEMUM mcoLOR Schrank. {Aeanihacav.) A small shrub with entire 
leaves and spicate infloresceiuH'. 
Alyopyop, V.; Atay-atay, V.; Cinco-Ihlgas; Limang-sugat ; Malados- 
dos, v.; Mandalusa (Cebu); IMopio, V.; Panaptum, V.: Quiuatu- 
luan, T.; Silisilihan, T. ; Tihol-tihol, V. 
Kriaciine. {Oraminew.) Slender tufted grasses. 

Giime, T. 
Khiocaulon sexangulare Linn. {Eriomnlonaccw.) Slender glabrous 
sedge-like plants, found in very wet places. 
Gumi-gumi, T. 
EiuoGLOSSUM. {Sapindacca\) Slirubs or small trees. 

Calamayo, T. 
R. EDULE Blume. Dfica, V.; Malacacao, T. ; Malasaguin-puti (Tayabas). 
I]riosema ctiinense Vog. {Ijcgnminosccv.) Slender, erect. 1 to 2 ft. high 
from a w^oody tuber, flowers short peduncled in the leaf axils. 
Catil, Ig. ; Cutil, Ig. ; Lincamas, II. 
Hrycibe. {Convolve la (X'(v.) Scandent difl'use shrubs with densely hairy 
corolla tubes. 
Malntay. T. 

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E. FANicuLATA Roxb. Sahlday, V. 

Erythrina indica Lam. {Leyiuninosew.) A tree with ciiinsoii ilowers, 
iniich planted for ornaiiiental purposes. 
]?ai>bag, II. ; Bubiig; Cabrab, 15., T., V.; Carapdap, T.; Casiiidic, T. ; 
(^osindic; Dapdap, T., V., Pamp.; Dapedape; Selbang; Siilbaiig. 
Paiiip. ; Telbong. 

1^]. OVALIFOLIA Koxb. Aiiii, T. ; Corong-corong', V. 

Erytiiropall i\i. {Olacinecr.) Climbing sluubs with alternate ])almi- 
nerved leaves. 
lialiiTgayo, T. 

EiGENiA. [Myrtaccw.) Small or large trees with white lh)wers. some 
speeies with edible fruit, others valuable for tind)er. A very large 
eritieal germs, the Philippine si)eeies, 50 or more, very imperfectly 
Agnis, v.; Anubing, T. ; AraiTga blaneo, 'W; AraiToan, T. ; Araua, B.; 
J>agrd)ae, Pamp.; Bagvii-lomboy ; l>alaeanog, T.; Baligan-nin-gaiTgan, 
B.; Balisenp (Zand)oanga) ; Balobae, Pamp.; Balubat, Pang.; Ban- 
sablgiiin, T. ; Baranhanyo, V.: liilolo, T. ; jiinolo, B. ; Bislot, T. ; 
J^itbtd, V).; (Jabahoy; Cabajuy; C^abao-y, V.; Cabitong, Pang.; 
(Jalocago, ]].; Calilbenb, T. ; Calfigeog. T, ; Calu])eup, T. ; Caraeol)- 
l)utigiii, v.; (Jarobeol), B.; Carobeob-butiqui ((yamarines) ; Colop- 
eop, '\\; Corobeob, B. ; Crdoe-crdoe, V.; Ciipcap, Pamp.: Daloenasaii. 
P>. ; Dinglas; Dinlas, T. ; Dolocnasan, B. ; Ductillan, T. ; Di'igan, T. ; 
Giienayang, T. ; Guisihan, T. ; ITagfiho, V.; Ilusnhusu. P>. ; Igut, V.; 
Libas; Linas, B. ; Lipote, T. ; Lutfman (Zamboangji ) ; Mabutbot, 
B., v.; Maeaasin; Maeaasin-pula, 'W; Maeasin; jMaeasin-mnlato. T. ; 
Malabaguis, ]5.; Malabiihi, B.; Malabayrd)as, 'W; iMaladuhat. B.; 
Malagaiayat. T. ; Malarfduit. B.; Malasaging-putf, 'P.; Malatampoy, 
T.; Alalatubig, T. ; Malayambo, T.; Mifigus, V.; iVaiTgos, V.; Pag- 
lumhuyen; I'alo-duio (Zand)oanga ) ; Palnmbuyen. Pang.; Pam- 
lond)6yan, II.; PaiTghing-buyen (Abra); Paidambuyen. II.; PaiTg- 
lomboyan. 11.; PapoiTga, Z.; Potian, 'P.; Pulaid)alat; Puso-puso, 'P.; 
l^ntian, 'P.; Salaradan, B. ; 'i'ambis; 'i'ambit (Dinagat) ; Tjunbu- 
haiTguin. 11.; Tampue, 'W 

E. CYMOSA Bam. Malanlhat-na-pula, 'P. 

E. .lAMBOLANA Lam. Fruit edible. 

Duat, T., v., Pajiip. : Duhat, 'P.. V., Pani]). ; Lomboy. 'P.; l^mnboi. 'P.. 
Pamp., v., J1. 

E. .lAMBOs L. Fruit edible. 

P5alaebae. 'P.; Balobar, Pamp.; Barjlb^ig; Baraebac, 11.; Calobeob, T. ; 
Maeupa, "P.; Manzana-rosa, 8p. Fib; Tampoi, T.. V.; Yambo. T. ; 
Yand)olin ; Yambosa. 

E. JAVANICA Lam. Manquil, 'P. 

R. LINEATA Duthie. Baeanis (Zamboanga); Lagi-lagi, Y. ; Maeaasiu. T. 

E. MACROCARFA Boxl). Darob-cob, T. 

E. MALACCENSis L. Ma(?upa, T.. V. 

E. MONTANA Blaneo. Copeop, T. ; Malacaropeop (Bataan). 

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K. OFKiiciLATA Hoxl). J^fiiong? (Cagayaii) ; Malaiuhat, T. 

K. TETPvA{;oNA Wight. Daua, T. 

l^]ri.oriiiA ];i:oN(iATA Bhiiiio. (OrcJiiddcccv.) 'rerresirial herbs. 

L6bi-I6l)i, V. 
h'roNYMis. {(y('l((8l racc(('.} 'I'lcos or shTuhs. 

tSarang-puti, V. 
p]rPAT()i{jr]\i AYAPA.NA Vcul . {Vovi jHjsi I (c.) All Aiiiericaii lierb, intro- 
(lucod, ciiUivaiod, and sponianooiis. uscmI in Iho piactice of iiiodiciiio. 
Apaiia. 'r.; Ayapana, T. 
l^]rpn()KHiA ATOTO Foist. All cTCH't fviil escciit, h('vi> with abundant milky 
sap. conmioii on sandy soasliori^s. 
]>nt()-])utonfsan, T. 
K. NKunFOLiA \j. {Euphorhiaccir.) A small croct glabrous, Hoshy shrub. 
l)afi. 'I\. I'ainj). ; Cai'ainbuaya. 11..; J^enguadc-poiio. S]). h'il.; Sorog- 
sorog, T., Painp.; S6ro-s6ro, T., Painp. 
Vj. riLl'LlFEUA L. A small ])roslra1<' herb, densely pubeseeni. mueh used 
in medicine. 
l*>a1oba16nis. T. ; JUdobotones. Panip. ; r)otobolon(>s ; P>6vi. V.; ibiya- 
yava. V.; Gatas-gatas, T.. V.; (^olandifna, Sp. : ^lagfitas. Panip. ; 
Malismalis. Panip.; Sayiean, T.; Sisiohan. Panip.; Sisiwhan, Panip.; 
Tjivava, V, 
1^]. I'l'LCiiKUiUMA VVilld. Inirodm'cd fioin America. cuItival(Ml for orna- 
E. TlHrCArri. An (Mcct unarmed shrub. 1h(» branches green, lea (less. 

(^atuft. T. 
1^]ruYA .JAPONKW 'id.ninb. {Tcnislrociiiidrac.) A slirul), the llowers small, 
in axillary fascicles of two each, 
liogna. V. 
KniveLKS amiu)I.\e.\sis Herb. {Avi(ni/lli<l(ic('((.) Abod. V.: Abud. V.; ( ^i 
tangal. V.; Catungal, T. ; (•6s(d. V.; Daiisum. V.: Panfibor. V.; 
Talaonor. V.,; I^nnbal. T. ; Tannal. V.: Tonuar. V. 
K. sYiAKSTius Salisb. Abur. V. 
KrsiDKitoxYLOX. iJj<n(ri)ie(r:) Olivas. Sp. Inl. 

KvouiA. {Riilacnr.) 1hees or shrubs with small (lowers in axillary i)an- 
icbnl cymes. 
Banaydmnay; C^alioy dalaga. 'W: Calimanlao (Unisan); C'amalon. T. ; 
Malamolauin. T. : 'roncai)an. V.: l^nico-1 unco. 1\ 
Iv rATiFOT.TA DC. JVinloco. P..; Tancapan. P>. 
K. MiXDANAKNSis Merrill. Malico. V. 
1^:. P()xiU'H(iiliANA I'>enlh. Matang difiblo. 1'.: J'iras. '\\ 
V]. TRiPiiYLLA DC. P.a lingua. \\ 

KxAeiM TFTHAdONiM Roxb. { ( I m I la narr<r. ) An vvovi branched herb 
with blue flow(Ms. 
Canto-canto. '1'. 

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I^jXCOEcauia A(jALix)e;nA L. {Eiiphorbiacca'.) A small eveigieen tree of 
tlic tidal foi'csts, with alternate long petioled leaves. 
Ali, \g.; Alipfita, v.; Buta, T. ; Bota-bota, T. ; Butabuta, T., Pamp. ; 
Dila-dfla (Marindiupie) ; riiiiil)abao, V., Pamp.; Lipata, V.; Siac, V. 

Kauiiaea. [Loijaniaccir.) Trees or sliiubs with opposite entire leaves. 

Bujuean (Albay) ; Gatasan, T., V.; Malasinoro, B. 
F. ciiAssiPES Benth. Cacao-ita (Balabac). 
V . F II A (J 11 A N s Ro X b . IJ r u n g ( P a r a gii a ) . 
F. MOiiiNDEAFOLiA Blume. Baiao, T.; Cabfil, T.; Gatasan, V.: Magusa 

yae, V. 
F. voLiHMLis Jack. Mangasinoro, T. 
Feuonia EEEiMiANTUM Correa. {Rutacew.) A spinons tree with alternate 

leaves, with the odor of aniseed. 
Ponoan, V.; Panuinoan, V. 
Ficus. {Urticacea'.) Shrubs or trees witli milky sap, the inflorescenee a 

hollow, fleshy, globose reeeptacle on the trunk, branehes, or braneh- 

lets. A very large eritieal genns. 
Aga (Nii(>va Ecija); Baliting payapa, W; Bigria, V.; Gam-maleg 

(Abra) ; Caton (Albay) ; Cayanton, Z.; Dalaquit, V.; Esesmaya. 

T.; Ilagosos, T. ; Ilaguinut, V.; Hagfipit, V.; Hanele, T. ; Hauili, T. ; 

llawili, T. ; Lac-ha; Lagnob; Lagniib; Lio-lio, Jg.; Lonoe. V.; Lub 

tob; Malaisis, T. ; Marannuirang, V.; Nslbo, V.; Noc-noc, V.; Oplf. 

T. ; Oplfng-maya (Tayabas) ; Pagaplaeim, 11.; Paguiling, T. ; Paqui- 

ling, Pamp.; Pasaela, 11.; Pasapla, 11.; Pilen, V.; Pilic (Cebu) ; 

Ray-yaray-ya, 11.; 'raguisan-bayanag (Unisan) ; Tagulauay; Talf- 

cot, v.; Talicut; Taluetoc (N. Ecija); Tandadaguy; TaiTgisan, T. ; 

Tangisang-bayuac, T. ; Taquines, V.; Teb-beg, Ig. ; Tebec; 'I'eebee. 

11.; Tipig; Upli (Tayabas). 
F. A^rpELAs Burm. Malan])li ; Palftic. 
F. ASPEUA Blanco. A shrub with very harsh leaves. 

Alasas, Pamp.; Is-ts, 'I\, V.. Panij). 
F. cLViEOCARPA Miq. Luna. 
F. CLUSioiDES Mi(|. A tree, fruit red. 

Balete, T. ; Baliti p\da, 'l\ 
F. ci ;aijn(j111 Aliq. A shrid) witli linear leaves. 

LairTguing, T. 
F. CUNEATA Mi([. DuiTgarug, V.; raiigufsan-bayauac, T. 
F. (JLOMEKATA Roxb. A Small tree with the green fruit in great massc^s 

on the trunk and larger branches, veiy common. 
Aimit, v.; AmTson; Aymit; Tibig, 1\ ; Tibig-na-lala(pii, W 
F. UETEiiOPJiYLLA L, A suiall slirub with green or red fruit, leaves ex 

ceedingly variable. 
As-is, T.; llplas, 11. 
F. II JUT A Vahl. Biri. 

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F. iiispiDA Bhmvo. i\g(3.soc, T. ■ Agos-os. T. ; As-is, T., \\, Paiiii).; Isioi- 

.sio, 'J\, v., ramp. 
F. INDICA Liiiii. A small tree with sinall piiii)lish recopiacles on Uw ulti- 
ma ie braiiclics. 
Baliti, T., Pamp.; J)alaTrouil- J)alagijit, V.; I)aya(pn1 ; Nonoc, Y. 
¥. LUzoN]Ji\8is Aleiiill. Malananca. 

P. MiNNAiiASSAK Miq. A livc, the fiuit purplish on lono specialized 
bram^bcs (5 to 10 ft. lon-^. from (lie trunk and lar-cr l)i-:inelies. 
Aymit, T. ; Ayumit;, T. 
P. PAYAPA ]^lanco. Payapa. 'W 

P. PSElJDOPA.LMA IMaueo. A slender uiibranehed shrub 10 to If) ft. iiioh. 
the hirge leaves all erowded at the apex of iho stem, i-ixinu- i ju. 
[)laiit a palm-like appearance. 
Labsob; Niog niogau, 1\ ; Sulamiog. V. 
P. QiJEiiciroLiA Roxb. A small slirub with harsh, variable leaxcs. 

Agupit ; Dayagsae. 
P. KADiCA^s^s Roxb. P>alete-gapang ( iMaiinducpie ) . 
PJMP.IUSTYLJS MiiJACEA Vahl. {C i/jHTacca'.) Low, tufted, grass like plants. 

Agor, T. 
P. sciiOENOiDES Vahl. (Jumi-gumi, '\\ 
Placourtea. {liixacca'.) 1j-ees or shrubs with toothed or erenate leaves. 

P. CATApriRACTA Roxl). Bitauhol, 'W 
P. SEPiARiA Roxb. I^itoiTgol, T. Saua-saua, V. 

Pla(;ellaria indica Linn. {Fla<jcUari(tC(xv.) A long slender vine with 

linear parallel-veined halves, (dimbing by means of the pridiensile 

leaf tip. 

Arayan, T. ; RaliiTgay; J^aliiTguay, 'W: lialeiTguay: P>aliiiouay. T. : 

Hoag, v.; liuae, V.; Uae, V.: Vngula, T. 

Plemincma. {Lcguniinosca'.) Shrubs. Laelay-guinan. 1\ ; Malabalatou^'. 

Pamp. ; PayaiTgca ( Bulaea n ) . 
P. STR0I51L1FERA R. P>r. (^an-grin, V. 

Pleuuya INTERRIPTA (^aud. ( U rticacvd'.) An annual herb with stinging 
Dablmo, V.; J)am6i-o. V.; Daodaua. V.: Laiigala. V.: Lipa, 1\ ; Lipaiili- 
aso; Lipang-castfla. 1\; Lopa. Panif). 
PElcajEA OF!OVATA Wall. { E Kphorbidccd.) P.otolan. T. ; IJutuIan (Tava- 

bas) ; Magasj)ang, V. 
POENICULUM VUECJARE (laertu. {('mhcUif(rr<(\) An aiomatic. stout, 
smooth herb, cultivated; *'fenn(d." 
Anis, Sp. Pil. 
Pragaria iNDlc^v Andr. {Ros(tcc<r.) A strawbeiry. Daguinol. V. 
I^^REYCINETIA. {P(n\(Uinacr(r.) A climbing shrub, the ieaxcs spii-ally ar- 
Alasas. T. 
P. iNSiGNis Blnme. Alalapangdan. T. 
P. LUzoNENSis Pn^sl. l^aiTgdau. 'I\ 

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(Ianopjiyi.lum falcatum Bliime. {Burscraccw.] randapauda. T. ; Ta- 

puyay, V. 
(Jahcinia. {(juttifcrciv.) Troes, usually Avitli yellow juice, witi) ever- 
g-]-ecn eoriaeeous leaves. Several species yield gamboge. 
Alipachao, II.; ]>ago-l)ago, V.; (ilaguinunbang na pulTi (Negros) ; ]5ali'i- 
cot; Baiiago, T. ; Banfti, T. ; Batuau, V.; Bonog (Paiagua) ; Caval. 
T.; Culauibfsaii, !>. ; Dolitan-putT. '\\; Gatasau dilao (Tayabas) ; 
Jaras; Pagla, ]>.; Paiiau, T, ; Pildis, Panip.; Piris, T. ; Tatlac- 
auac, T. 
(j!. CAIMBOCJIA Desiouss. Jiago-bago (Bobol); Bilucao, T. ; l^inucao, T. 
(1. CORNEA Linn, (Gatasau, T., V.; Mangostan, V. 
i\. COWA Koxb. Tiaras, V.; SaduiTgan. V. 
Q. DTODECATSDRA Picrrc. Gatasau, 1\ 
G. MANCJOSTANA Liuu. Fruit edible, liigbly ])]ized. The uiangosteeu. 

Mauggis (Jolo) ; ManguTs (Jolo). 
G. OVALIFOLIA IT. f. and T. Malabatoau, T.; Mangostaua, V. 
(t. venueosa Grioisy. T^jlbo-bago (Bobol); Gatasau pula, T.; Guta-gauiba, 

]\ I a cani b 6 j o ( 1 1 o i 1 o ) . 
(tAiu)ENIA. [Ruhidccd'.) Sbrubs or small trees, the white flowers very 
Calanfgi, v.; Tayacau, Mang. ; Mayauo (Paragua). 
G. or.sci'iiA Vidal. GaraglT, T. ; I^aya-bayabasan. T.; Malabayjibas. 'P.; 

PagbiU, Pamp. 
G. PSEUDOPSiDir^M Tllanco. Malabayilbas. T.; Sidfpa. 

GAnT'(}A. {Birrsrracc(r.) Trees witli alternate leaves and globose fleshy 
B:igulibas, T.: ]>6go; Gabilo, T. ; Taquip-asTn, T. 
(r. FTX)Hiin NDA Decne. Abilao, T. ; Abilo, T. ; Avflo, T.; I5ag6; Bio, II.; 

P>ugo, v., T. 
GAFLTm*:iUA. { I'1ricacv(v.) Low herbs in the mountains. 

GalnmiiTga, Tg. 
Gkeonitm. (Eiiph()7'hiacea\) Evergreen glabrous sbrubs or small trees. 

Pili (Zand)oanga) . 
G. (iLOMEiUJEATrNr TTassk. Paiiglancaen, 11.; SaiTgitan?. 
GEonoiaiM semicristatum Lindl. {Orchidacvcv.) Terrestrial herbs. 

C'amaog, V.; Cola, T. ; Crdas, T. ; Colang-buudoc, T.; Fariqtan, T.; 
Lubi-lubi, v.: Niog-ntog, T. 
Geinsia ciiMiNoiANA llolfc. {V crhcuaccce.) Shrubs or small trees. 

]\Taguilie, T. ; Sobsogan-bogo, T3. 
GiRONNiEiiA CELTioiFOLTA Gaud. {Urticacccr.) Evergreen unarmed shrubs 
oi" small trees. 
Aniamangpang ( AlT)ay ) . 
Geiricidta macmlata TL T3. K. {Lcfjuminoscw.) A small tree of American 
origin, with wdiite or purplish flowers. 
Cacahuilte, Pamp.; CacauAte; Cnpang-bundoc, B.; Baloc-baloe, T. ; 
Aladre-eacAo. Sp. Fil.; Marieacfio, T. 

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ItLOKUa MAiiANTJNA Liiiu. {ScUiminew.) Laiiipiiyang-iTga guinatola; 

Laiiipriyaiio-iToa-mapula. V. ; Panitan. 
(I. FAMVIFLORA Prcsl. Lriya-luya-itayaiii (Iloilo) ; Malalfiya, \\\ 
(I. STUOHILIFKUA Zoll. Dulao-babaye, T.; Taiiiohilan. T. 

(iLOCiinnoN. {Euplwrhiacew.) Sbnib.s or small lives, a large and critical 
genus, of little or no economic importance. 
Antobang, T.; Bagrnig-bagrmg, B. ; Bagna, T.; l^aliiig cilhoy, V.; 
Bfigna, v.; Calian, T. ; Carmai. T. ; ]:)am])6l, T. ; Malaates. T.; 
Malacafe, T. ; Uannana-iia-piiti, B. 
(x. LiTTOiiALE Blume. Cayong, V.; Sagsa. ^^ 
G LYCOSM IS . ( Rutaccw. ) 8b rubs. 

Malamolauin, T. 
(t. noNTAPiiYLLA Con. CufiTgueii. 'W 
({meljna. {Vcrhcnucca'.) Sbrubs witb showy yellow {lowers. 

Alipung, '1\ 
(I. ASIATICA L. Bfiga-baboi, T. V.; BalabalTiyau, T., V. 
(;. viLLOSA Roxb. Baga-baboi, V.; l*»oli6l; TaluiTguu, V. 
(Jnapiiaijum. {Composiia'.) SuuUl, berbs, foiuul on tbe higher mountains. 

G. iNDicuM L. J^adoc, 11. 
C. TA TKo-ALiu M 1.. Onaiiat, Jg. 

(Inetum onemon L. {Gnctacca'.) Small trees or vines, i-aiher coiumou in 
Bago, v.; Bago-sili: Bangal, T. ; Coliat, T.; (hiliat. Y.. 'W; limong- 
ouTic, T.; Lamparahan, T. ; ]\lalaitmo, T.: Nabo, B. 
<T. SCANDENS L. Bias, T. ; Toval, T. 

(nOMViUA. (Oclinacccr.) Glabrous shrubs or trees with yellow flowei's in 
axillaiy^ or terminal I'acemes or unil)els. 
Bansilai, T. ; Bulanan, V. 
(h ANGUSTIFOLIA A^ibl. Bulocauau. v.; Caranyan, V.; Postalagon; Ta- 

locton, Z. 
<^)^^^MII^ENA geouosa L. {AmaraniaccAr.) Hirsute or villons hei-bs with 
thickened nodes. 
Botoncillo, T. ; BnquiiTgan, T, 
(ioNiOTjrAEAMUS. {Anonacvir.) Small trees or sln-nbs with a solitaiy or 
fascicled flowers. 
Lanotan, T. 
Q. GIGANTEUS llook. f. and Th. Lanutan puti. 
C}oNO(^Ai{YUM. {Lor/aniacc(i\) Malapandacaue, B.; Malasituin. Pamj).; 

Pamulaclaquin, T. ; TaiTgili (Tarlac). 
(1. TARLACENSE Vidal. Luuas, T. ; Lrinas-na-itim. 

tiloKDONiA. (TcrnHlrociniacew.) Trees wutli evergreen leaves, flowers usu- 
ally axillary, large. 
Suran-suran, V. 
(A. LI ZOAICA Vidal. Suransuran. 

iiOSSYPii'M ARP>OREiiM L. {Malvaccw.) Cotton. Seveial species and many 
A\arieties of cotton are cultivated in the Philippines, but little 
attention is given to tbe industry. 
J^>i1lac-na-brindoc. T. ; Bulac-na-totoo, T.; Brdac-iTga-bisriya, V. 

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G. liAiiP.ADENSE L. Canton; Pernambiico, Sp. Fil. 

U. IIEIUJACKUM Linn. BAlac-eastTla, Panip.; Bnlac, T. ; Bfilag, T. ; Cadaha : 

Candaba, V.; GTipas, V.; Gapas costa; Gaspas-caseia, 
G. PERENNE Jj. Bnlac-cjlboy, '1\; Bnlac-na-nionti, T. ; Biibic-na-totOo, T. 
GouANiA. {Rhauinavciv.) Unarmed climbing sbrubs witb alternate 
Leteran, 'J\ ; l^ihampac, Pamp. 
GRAPToriiYLLL'M iioiiTENSE Nees. { Acanthaccw.) A glabrons slirub; the 
leaves ])urple, or sometimes variegated; commonly cultivated foi- 
ornamenttil purposes. 
Antobtng, T. ; Ataiatai, T.; Balasbas, V., T.; Balrisbas-malomay, T. : 
Morado, Sp. Fib; Monldong-maputi, T, ; Morjindong-maputi ; Pasao, 
v.; Sajasa, T.; 'J'ernate, T. ; Yovas, T. 
(fiiEWiA. {Tili(u^c<c.) Slirubs or trees, more or less stellate-])ubescent. 

Balabo, T. ; ]5alibago, T. ; DaiTgoy, T. ; iring, T. ; LTgao; Malatapay, T. 
(r. LAEVIGATA Vabl. DaiTgll (Tayabas) ; DaiTglin, 11.; Danylin, T. 
G. I i\iHErj.A'rA Ivoxb. Danloy. 
G. PANICUEATA Hoxl). BaiTgillad, V. 

Gi'ETTAP^BA SPEIJOSA Liuu. {Ruhiacew.) A small evergieen tree willi 
bioadly ovate leaves and woody globose drupes, common in littoral 
and tidal forests, 
liagaolan. 'V.; BalaiTgfgan, V.; Balibagan, V.; Banaro, T. ; Calum- 
paiTgfn, 'I\ ; Lagbaiu:;an; Malasurut, B. 
(^YMNOSPoiUA. {(jymi}()S])ori(iec(r.) Shrubs or small trees, witb alternate 
leaves, tlu; bi'aiiehes often spinescent. 
Gamayuan, T. ; Tamauyan-puti, Z. 
(J. AMiucil'A Vi(bil. Taniauyan. 
(I. MONTANA Ivoxb. Mabiraya]), \\ 

(tYNANDUopsis PENTAPiiYLLA 1)G. {Cu pparUlaciuv.) An annual bei-b with 
o-foliate lea\-es and white or ])urplisb llowei's in glutinous racemes; 
common; used iji medicine. 
Aj)6iaj)ayan. T. ; I*alabalan6yan, 'l\ ; llulaya, V.; Gfnco-cinco; Sili- 
i\. SPECIOSA DC. An Ameiican s])ecies sometimes cultivated for orna- 
mental [)ur])oses. 
Arana (Manila). 
Gynotkociies Blume. {Rhizoplioracciv.) A small tree with oblong coria- 
ceous leaves and numerous sniall axillary flowers. 
Malaculain-bfsari, '\\ 
( ■. AxiLEARis lilume. l?ayasbas, V.; Doyoc-doyoc, V. 

(H'xriiA AN(irL()SA DC. {ContpoHiliv.) A I'obust, glabrous, corymbosely 
branched herb, with large sessile leaves. 
Sam]>aga-del-monte, 'W 
i\. SAK>ri':NT()SA DC. A glabrous climbing plant. 

(yamatT^i, T. 
Gyuocarpi s jACQiiJNi lloxb. {Conihrctaccw.) A tall ti-ee witb alternate 
k)ng-pelioled leaves, the nut bony, crowned by the elongate spath- 
ulate calyx lobes; common neai- the seashoie. 
Hanfigdong, T. ; LapolTipo, II. 

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I[ABii\NTUi;s. {Aniaryllidaevfv:) Ajos-ajos iu;;i mapoli, V. 

If. VERSICOLOR Herd. Lnio, T. 

Harpullia arborea Radlk. {Sapinduccw.) Slinibs or trees. 

II. BLANCOI F. Vill. Joas. 'W- Poas. '\\; Puas. 

llARRrsoNiA BENNETii Bentli. aii(l Hook. f. ij^iindruhidcnr.) A nlabrous 
slirub witl) sliort reeiirv(Ml s]iiiieH in tb«^ lowei- ])arls of ilie brandies, 
and pinnate lea\-es. nsed in inediein(\ 
Asmiao, T. ; l^acuit, Pnn<r., T. ; Ca?not-pusa, T.; Caniuiioui (Zarn- 
boang-a) ; Laiya; Maniaouel. '\\; Mnniani. V. 
Hkdyciium. (HcilimincAr.) Ilerbaecons plaids willi disiichons obbinir ,,, 
laneeohite leaves. 
Banai, V. 
11. (^ORONARiiTM Koenig. Baiiay. V.: Catealaii, V.: Calotaiig. V. 
11. UASSELTJi IJlunie. Baiiaoag. V. 

ITeeicia CEMrNCTANA Presl. {Pn)lcacAu\) Trees or slirul)s wiili alternale 
leaves, tbe (lowers in iei-ininal or axillary raeenies. 
01 et. To'. 
11eeicone\. {Hc'iliininea'.) Agotai, V.: Agulai, V. 
Helioconioi\sls AMB01NEN8IS Miq. [HcUi tn iiK (f.) Manalisid, V. 
flEEiCTERES. { S (crciilkiccw.) Tiees or shrubs, more or less sh-IIalc- 
pubescent, witb simple leaves and axillary solitary oi- fasieled 
P>nntut-usa, V.; Paronaj)in. II. 
II. SPJCATA Colinb. l>aquin-ba(piii. 11.: P>6n1oi usa. \'.. T. : Daiigiino-aso. 

v., T.; 'ralosaiE T. 
rFEElOTROPli'M INDlCEAE Linii. { Jiorrd (/ijiaiuyc.) A low herbaeeous plaid 
witb densely flowered sjdcate iidloreseiMrsc^. A eoinnion weed, iis(>d 
in tlH> ])raetiee of medicine. 
('abra-e;lbra, V.; Cand)i-a-eand)]a, V.; (,'oid fn,i;('otiii7^an. T. : (Tdino- 
eotfiigan; Ifilalayon; llindalay on. T.; fcog leoo-sangciil i. V. : 
'rronipali])ante. V. 
IIemi(;rapiees hepens Blanco. iAe(nitli(icc(c.) An herb with o|»posiJ(' 
leaves, tbe Ilowers sessile in heads or s])ik('s. 
IVilad-palad, V. 
IIemigyrosa. {t:^<i])i}i(I<i(U'(r.) Trees with alternah" abnij)ily pinnate pallid 
Malacanyan, Z. 
11. CANESCENR Tbw. Ma nuiTgbaga . V.; Salab. T. ; Salag. 
Uenslowia. {SaiiialaccG'.) Pai-asilie shrubs with spreadiiiL;-, erect, oi- 
twining bi-ancbes, alteinale thick leaves, and minute floweis. 
Oanifin, Z. 
Heptapleurem. {Araliacca'.) Large shi-ubs or trees, glabrous (*r tonien 
tose, with digitate leaves, 
(-arancan, V., 7*).; Taguilma. 
11. CAEDATEM Vidal. Limalima. '\\. V.. I^imp.; f^imolimo, 'V. 

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11. SLJiU'LATiijM Soeiii. C'alaiigcruig, V. 

11. VKNUT.osuM Seem. CaTailJ*criiiy, V.: C^ayaiTgcaii, V,; (lalainai-aiiio, T.. 

v.; Tiiglnna, V. 
3IE11IT1EKA LiTTOiiALLS Dry. {Hi cTCuliacciv.) A small tree with oblong 
leases, wliite beneath, and ol)long, woody, boat-shaped frnits, 2 to 
4 inelies long. Conmion along tlie seashore. 
DniTgon-late, T. ; ])i'iiTgon, T., V.; Dugon-late, T. ; Dongon, 1\ ; DuiTj^iin, 
T., v.; Liostn (Zambales) ; MaladuiTgun, T. ; Malar ungon, T. ; 
Palonapoy, Z. ; Paronri])in, Jl.; PaluiTgapoy, Jl. 
Meknandia teltata INleissn. [Hcrnandiacca'.) A tree witli lounded- 
ovate aente or obtuse peltate leaves, eonnnon on the seashore. 
Coloncogon. P.; MalataiTgan-taiTgan, 13.; Tal)ag. 
llETEitoroooN coNTOUTrs Roeni. and Schitlt. {(Irammciv.) A tufted grass. 

Tigbao, V. 
llETEUOSTE]sr]\rA cuspjDATr^M 1)e('n(\ iAs('/('pi(i(l(ic('(v.) A twining, nearly 
glabrous shrub. 
Biniguasan, T. 
Hir.iscis. [Malvacciv.) Herbs, shrnbs. or trees, with usually showy 
("ayaiTgarosa, 11.; Lanotan-itTni ; iVlalibago, T. : Malubago, 1>. ; Sapenot, 
T. ; Sapinit, V. 
11. AiJEi/MOSdius L. An ainuial his])id herbaceous ])lant with yellow 
Ilowers and pol^inorphous leaves. 
Oristio. T. ; ('astio-eastiogan, T. ; Castiogan, T. ; Casto-eastolian, Panip. ; 
Castoli. T. ; (Jashili, T.: CastTdi, 1\; Dalu])an, 'P.; Dueuni. V.; 
Marapolo. V.; Marieuni. V.: lVTaro])6to, V.; INlarucuin. \^. ; Putu- 
(an, T. 
11. sriJATTE^sis Linn. A weak-steinnied trailing plant, ihe stem with 
recurved ])rickles, the flowers yellow with a dark-colored center. 
La bog, V. 
11. CREWiAEFOLU s llassk. PaTiotau, T. 

11. Mi'TAiULi.s Linn. A small tree without prickles, the flowers pink oi- white, 
tnining red at night, cultivated for ornament. 
11. ROSA-siNENv'^is L. A shinb wiih ovale acunrinate leaves and large red 
lloweis. Conunonly cnltivaled for ornament. 
AnlolaiTgan. '1\, Y.: Aroganan, L., Pamp., V.; Cayaga ; CayaiTga, T., 
v., Pani]).. 11.; (Jomamila. 'P., V., Pamp.; Gumamela; TapolaiTT»a, 
T.. v., Pamp.; 'Papulaga; 'PapuraiTga, V.; TarocaiTpa. T., V., Pamp. 
11. TiEiA(\Ers L. A miH'h-braiU'hed trc^e with cordate ](>aves and yellow 
Ilowers. common near the seashores. 
P,alabago. V.; P.alibago. T.. Pam]).; Malabago. V.; Alalabayo; Ra- 
quindi. Pain]). 
1 1 JPFEASTH IM. ( .1 ?>? a n/lli(hi €<'(('. ) Bacong, T. 
11. ]MiNiA'riJ]\r llerl). 'Palicoran, 'P. 

lliPPOCiiATEA oimsiFOi>iA Poxl). {Clclustracciv .) A climbing shrub. Ihe 
young branches often cpiadrangular. 
'Patlr>ng-])alad. T. 

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JloLAiiHiiKiS'A. ( Ap(}<'i)i(ic('<c.} 'I'lccs or shnibs wiili opposite leaves and 
white (lowers in many llowered eorynibose cymes. 
(Jufii]4nin. 1\ 
II. MACKOCAKPA llassk. (iinj^ufn, T. ; Malayant«')e, 'r. 
IloMALANTiirs. {JJ u ))h())i)iacc<i'. ) (Jlabrous trees or shi-ubs. 

ButaiiT)- gnbat, T. 
11. FASTiosrs F. Vill. [.eaves peltate. 

Jialanti, 'W; J^>alanti, V.; JUMano-gubot, T. 
lloMALiUM LIZONIENSE K. Vill. iSaunjclacvw.) A tree willi alternate 
leaves and small hairy (lowers in slendei- raeemes. 
AraiTga, 1\ 
11. FANAYAjMi \i F. V'ill. Ampuptijot. V. 
11. VJLLAHiANUM Vidal. Cuela. 

IIOMAJ.OCENCIIUS liKXANDHUS O. Ktze. {(h-iinii)ic<c.) A slender glass, 
eommonly enltivated in paddies near Manila for forage, 
liarit, T. ; BniTgalon, V.; Zaeate Sp. 
llOMAEOMENA. {Aroidcir.) Herbs. 

Alipayo, V. ; Ali])ayong, V.; Bfga, T. 
11. MiQi'ELEVNA Seliott. ('a])alauan, \'. ; I'alao-an, V. 

lloMONOEV I{IPAIUA Lour. { J'] i( pli <) rh id ('((C. ) A small slirub with the apjx'ar- 
anee of ^(ili,r, \'ery common along river banks, bars. (dc. 
Ag6y-o}% T. ; Agncnc. 'W; Balanti. T. ; Dnmanai. '\\\ Lnmanai. T. ; 
Lnmanaja; jVlayagos, \'. ; Alayoyos. V.; Miagos. \^ ; Mind)r(\ 
UoPEA. iDipicracarpacaf.) Large foiest trees with winged fruits, 
valuable timber trees. 
Baliut, Pang.; l)aiTgles, Jl.; r>arincucnrong. 11.; Culiot, l^mg. ; 
Dinglas?, tl.; (^aroiTgon?. Cag. ; (Jinlagase (Mindoio); Sand)ulnan 
(Mindoro) . 
II. PJilLiPPJNENSis Dyer. Baguitarim. '\\ 

n. PLAOATA Vid. Banutan (Nueva Viscaya ) ; ('aliol. Pang.. 11.; lacal. T. : 
Saplungaii, T.; SapoloiTgan. T. ; Siggay, II.; Paina. 1\ ; Yacal, T. 
liOYA. {AsclcpiadacciV.) Twining ])endulous slirubs wilh milky sa]), the 
llowers in umbels, the leaves coriaceous, 
(^uenaluscus, T. 
11. DIVEKSIFOLIA Blumc. Balicbalic, '\\ 

II. MiLTiELOUA lUume. Capal, T. ; Dapong baba, '1\ ; Mangagao. \'. 
HYl)^()CARp^s iiETEiiopiiYEEA IMumc. [lilrdvciv.) M'ree. 

ButuiTg-mam')c, 1>. 
HYDXDi'iiYTrM. {Rubidcca'.) >:piphylic glabrous shrubs, wilh o|)po>ite 
leathery obtnse leaves, the swollen base inhabited by ants. 
I)anghay, V. 
IIydimlla. {Ih/<lr(}ch(iri(lr<r.) Submeiged h^afy dioecious lieib. forming 
large masses in still or slowly running waters. 
Inata, T. 
II. vertjcillata Casp. Lomot-lomotan, T. 

I1yi)I{()(X)TYLE asiatk'a L. (IJmhrUifcrav.) A low i)roslrat(> herb us(m1 in 
I^igiup soso; 1'a(piip-c6liol. T. : Tagufp-cuhol ; Tacpiip-suso. '\\\ Vrdion- 
V a lion, V. 

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HYCiiOPJriLA SATJCJFOLIA Nces. {AciDithacca',) Herbs with opposite leaves 
and bliiisli Dowers. 
CrnToon-caiHiOii, T.; Maiiiiiie, T., V. 
IIymenocat.lis. {Amaryllidaccw.) Ajos-ajos iKja iiiapoti. V. 
ITymenodtctyon. (Nubiaccw.) Trees or shrubs with tliiek branches and 
bitter bark. 
HaligaiTga, T. ; llaligaiT|io, 'J\ 
11. EXOEL>siTM Wall. Leaves ovate. ))ubeseent, ])anicb\s hir<»(\ often droop- 
Cucun-l)anuc (Masbate) ; HuligfuTga, T. 
ITypoestes {Acanihaceiv.) Herbs or shrubs witli entire or tootiied 
Aguibagan {CagaA'an) ; Dflan-aso, 1\ 
IT. LAXIFLORA Nees. Branches herbaceous, difl'iise, minntely pubescent: 
corolla pink or white. 
Cnnd)rir, Pani]).; Pansipansi. 'V. 
n. FKANQi EViLLEi Miq. Cogoncogou, T. 

Hyptage mai)AI?ota Gaertn. (Atalphigiaccw.) Cliiubing or suberect shrub; 
flowers fragrant; frnit winged. 
Coniinipo]. V. 
Hyptis I'.ijevipes Poir. iLdbiatcw.) An erect annual, flowers in beads }, 
inch in diameter. 
Coud)a rcombar a n, T, 
IT. CAPITATA Jacq. Combarcombaian, T.; Liiu>aliiuTgahan. T. ; Pahi])asa 

gui, v.; Turucan, T. 
IT. SUAVEOEENS Poir. Floweis blue, ])lant aromatic, very common. 
TjocoIoco. v.; T^insipansian. T, ; Soob-cabayo. T. 


IciiNOrAKPiJS FiUJTESCENS R. Bv. i ApocuHH'ca. ) An exlensiv<' climber 
with variable leaves and rnsty-pubescent axillary and terminal cynu's. 
(\)])ralin, T. ; THngufo, T. 
1. ovATiFOiJES A. 1)(J. Tlipgii, v.; Sadae, Tg. 
i(;i;ANi'RA. {PahiKv.) Slender unarmed palms. 

Casibaiidang (T^aragua); ]^und)iac (Tayabas). 
Ieex. illicinca'.) Shrubs or small trees with altcT-nate sim})lc glossy, 
often s])inous, leaves. 
Ta loto-on ( P>enguet ) . 
Ielipe. {t^apolaccfv.) Trees with milky sap. 

Tagatoi, T. 
1. PETES ^Merrill. A large tree, the tind^er of nuich value. 

Pacayao, Pang.; Bantti, I^.; Thetis, T., Pamp.; P>etis lalaque, T. : 
P>ftis, T. ; T*agpagan, Cag. ; T^uTan; T^appagay, Cag. 
Tmpatiens palsamina L. {Gcraniaccw.) A succulent glabrous or pubes- 
cent herb Avith rose-colored flowers, commonly cultivated for orna- 
Camaniigui, T., Pamp.; SoloiTga, V.; Suraifga, V. 

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ImpkKxXTA aiundinac'KA (■yrill. {(iraminar.) A jxMcniiial grass ] lo '^ ft. 
lii<j^]i witli iian-ow silvery-silky panicles; eonunon. 
J^alili, Painp.; Cisca cogon, T., V., B.; llib, Pani]i. 
J NDJCiOFERA. { Lcfi mil i ))(}sr<i\) Small nii(l(Msl)riil)s. llie source of the <lyo 
Trigum-taguiiK V.; Tayiiin, T. 
i. ANGiJSTiFOLTi s \j. Tayontayon. 
J. TP^YSMANJSl Miq. Balal)alatfnu>aii. ]5. ; Tagiiin. \'. 
T. TINCTORIA T.. Anil, Sp. Fil.; Taguni, V.; Taginig. V.; 'l^^yal^g-1ay^^^^a^. 

B. ; 'i'ayoiri, T.; Tayinig, Panip. 
Ipomoea. [Conv()Jvulaec(v.) Twining, usually heibaeeons \iii(>s. with 
large, usually white or pink flowers. 
Baguin-eastila, T. ; Cebolli-eeboUfsan. '\\\ Halobagbug. 'W 
1. BATATAS T.. The sweet potato. 

Canu'>te. Sp. I^'il.; 'I'igsi. V. 
1. noNA-NOX T>iini. C'alaeamote. V.: ( 'anioeamotihan. T.. \'.; Malaea- 

mote, V. 
1. HEDEilACEA Jacq. Cultivated for oiiiament and spontaneous; flowers 
pale blue, turning pink. 
Bulacan, T. 
1. MARiANENSis Cliois. Tugui-tugu fan. T. 
1. MUKICATA Jacq. TunquTn. 

1. PAiN^iciLATA R. Br. Ilimag, V.; runtaspuntas, 'V. 
1. PETvTATA Cboisy. Bulacrm, T. ; Bulac-bulacan. 
I. PES-CAPRAE Roth. Flow^ers ])urplish; common on sandy seashores. 

Arodayday, T., B.; Bagasoa, T., V.; Canigang, T.. V.; Catang-catang. 
T.; Catang-catang, T., 1>.; Darfpay, T., B>., V.; Lagayrai, T., B. ; 
Larnpayong, T., B., V.; Lambayong, 'W. P».. 11.; Polangiiolang 
1. PES-TiGUiDis Linn. Malasandia, V.; Salasandia, V. 

I. QUAMOCLIT L. Flowers crimson, leaves incised. TntroduccMl from Amer- 
ica, cultivated for ornament and spontaneous. 
Agao; Agobo, T., V.; Malabocboc. 
1. REPTANS Poir. Common in stagnant water and very wet soils. 

CaiTo'cong, T., Pamp.; Tancong. V.; TaiTgcong, V. 
IsciiAEMi M ciLiARE Betz. [Graminccv.) A low grass. 

Tinitrigo, T. 
ISOLEPIS BAKi?ATA R. Br. {Cypercwca'.) A small tufted grass like plant, 
common on sandy seashores. 
Culilis, T. 
Jteadapiine coNFi sa Blunie. {Lauracjxv.) MalaboiTga, T. 
IxoRA. {Rubiacccr.) Shrubs oi- trees with white, pink, or red flowers in 
corynd)ose cymes, 
Baguir, II.; Balrii-tocac, Ig.; Balinaonao (Unisan) ; Bantana; Bislts 
(Tayabas); Dilbat-nianoc, T.; Malaigot, B.; Pamayugsucon; Quin- 
tasm, B. 
P AMPOINICA DC. Lipatat-gubat, B. 

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I..0OCC1NEA L. A slirul), ficqiu'iitly cultivated for ornauient. 

Santiin, T. ; TaiTgpupo, V. 
1. FiJLCJENS Roxb. Tahud-iToa-ilrihas, V. 
I. LANcrEOLAuiA Colcb. Alipooiig, V. 
I. MACROPiiYLLA Baitl. Bago-bago. 
I. STRICTA Roxb. As-as, [\\; Santa Ana; 8antan. T. 


Jasmini'M. {Olcacecc.) tScaiKb'nt or erect shrul)s witb very fi'ngrant 
wbite flowers. 
Muraou-baloiig'on (lloilo); Ubablo. Z. 
J. LUZONiENSis Vidal. SiiTgitaii, Tg. 

J. MAiUANi M 1)0. Lai6c-lai6(^ V.; Silisili, 1\ ; SiiTgculcugos, \\ 
■ I. SAMI5AC Ait. (\nninonly cultivated for oi-nament. 

Capopat visaya, V.; Canipopot, Pani}).; Culatai, Pamp. ; J[ubar (Bala- 
bac) : Manili, V.; f^ougso. Bauip. ; Sani])aga, [\\ ; Sampagang, Panip. ; 
•Tathopiia cuhcas L. {Euphorhiaccw.) A small shrub, introduced from 
America and <'onnuonly cultivated for a hedge plant. The seeds 
yield ti purgative oil. 
P)ol6ng-cauit; Cashi. V.; Tatatabji, T. ; Tavatava, 11.; Tawatawa, 11.; 
d, Mi'LTJFJDA L. Differs from the preceding in its incised leaves. 

Mana, T., 11. 
JrssiAEA UEPENS L. {Onaifvaci'iv .) A cree])ing lu^i) in A^ery wet soils 
with small white flowers. 
( -a ngeo ng- da po, T. 
.1. srFFiii]TUX)SA L. An erect hcj-b with 4-parted y(db)w flowers. 

Balacbac, T.?; Malapaco, T.; Malapoco, T. 
Jfsticja. { Acaniliaecir.) Herbs or shrubs; flowers sessile or nearly so 
in spik(\s or ])anicles. 
P)ato (J3alabac) ; Moradong; Moradong-maputi. 1\ 
J. DTcnoTOTvfA Blumc. Dalaora, V. 

d. (JENDAurssA \j. A slirub. 3 to 5 ft. higlv. corolla white or rose, wiilr 
purj)lish s])ots. 
Bunlao. V.: Capanitrdol. 1\ : Paiitulot, 'V. 

IvAEMPiiEHiA GALANCJA \j. { tScitiminciv.) Cosol, V.; Cufsol, v.; (h'lsoK 
Pamp.. v.: Cnsul. V.; Dosol. Z. ; Dnso, T. ; Dnsul, T. ; Gufsol, T. ; 
(^uisul, v.; QuTsol. V. 
Kalanciioe LACINIATA DC, {Grassiilocra'.) Succulent, erect herb, with 
laciniate leaves. 
Catacataca. 'I\ ; Siemprevica, Sp. Kil. 
K. SPATiiiLATA D('. Peaves spaf hulate-oblong. crenafe. 

Caritana. V. 
Kayea PiJTLiPPiNENSis Plaiudi. {(juttifcrca'.) A tree. 
Malaii'uinfsan. V. 

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K. RACEMOSA PI. and Tr. Guisian, T. 

KiBARA COKIACEA Peik. {Moniniiacew.) A tree. 

Malatambis ; Pillub ( Zamboanga ) . 
Kleinhovia jiospita L. {Sterculiacew.) A tree with palminerved leaves, 
lax paniculate infloresence, and inflated membraneous capsules. The 
bark yields a strong bust fiber, 
Bignon, 11.; Bitang; Bitnog, 11.; Bitnon ; T^itnong, II.: TTaniitanfigo, 
v.; Pampfir; Panampfit, Pamp.; Tan-fig, T., V. 
KooRDERSOiDENDRON PiNNATLM Merrill. { A nacanliacca\) A tree with 
pinnate leaves, tufted at the ends of the branches; yields a valuable 
Ambogues; Amoguis, T.; Amuguis, T., V.; CalumAnog, V.; Manga- 
tolay?; Palosanto, T.; Miiguis; Sniiibalabuan ; Sand)n]rigii;ui. 
Kyllinga monocephala Rottb. {Cyperacca.) Low, tufted, grass-like 
Annang, T.; Barubat6nes, V.; Bolobotnnes. V.; l>orol)ot6nes, V.; 
Bosicad, v.; Boton-cilo, V.; Malaapolid, Pamp.; Malabot6nes, V.; 
Miltha, v.; Sud-sud, V.; Tobo-tobo-laiigit, V. 

Lagenaria vulgaris Scringe. {Curciirhitacca'.) A large tendril-bearing 
climber cultivated for its large edible, bottle-shaped fruit. 
Calflbay, V.; 6po, T. ; Sicay, V.; tjpo. 
Laqerstroemia. {Lythracew.) Trees or shrubs with showy flowers. 

Midla, Pamp. 
L. batitinan Vid. A tree yielding a valuable tind)er. 

Batitfnan, T.; Buguaron; Lumfiti; MaiTglati. 
L. INDICA L. A shrub with showy bright pink ilowers, culti\al(Ml for 
Melindres (Manila). The "crape myrtle." 
L. SPECiosA Pers. A medium-sized tree Avith large purplish flowers. The 
wood is hard and durable. 
Agaro, Z.; Banaba, T., V., Mang.; Macabalo, Pang.; Mittla. Pamp.; 
TabSngan, Gag. 
Lansium domesticlm Jack. {Mcliacew.) A tree with pinnate leaves and 
sessile or subsessile flowers, cultivated for its edible fruit. 
Boboa, v.; Boocdn, V.; Bulahan, V.; Lansone, T.; Lansoncs, T. ; 
Lantana camara L. {Verhenacca .) An aromatic shrub with iicads of 
yellow, pink, or red flowers, introduced from America and now 
common about towns in the Philippines. 
Boho-boho, v.; Coronftas, Sp- Fil. 
Laportea gaudichaudiai^a Wedd. {Vriicacew.) Perennial heib with 
stinging hairs. 
Apariagua, T., V.; Billan-billan, V.; LasiTgaton, T., V.; LiiTgaton, (?) ; 
Lipfi, T.; Lipfmg-doton, Pamp.; Lfpay, V. 

8956 1 1 

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Lawsonia alba Lam. {Lythracew.) A shrub or small tree with panicles 
of straw-colored flowers, introduced from Asia and cultivated for 
Cinamomo, Sp. Fil. 
Leea. {Ampelidaccce.) Shrubs or small trees with terminal corymbose 
cymes and red, yellow, or green flowers. 
Balam-balam; Hiira, T.; Taliantfin, T.; Talostos. 
L. ACULEATA Blauco. Malf-mall, T., Pamp. ; Pamangquilon, V.; Panang- 

quilon, V. 
L. JAVANICA Blume. Carfidat, V.; Garfidat, B.; PanayaiTgtagon, V.; Sipit- 

cfiit; Sripit-cafg, T. 
L. RUBRA Blume. Abang abdng, T. ; CaliantAfig', T. 
L. SAMBUCINA Willd. Amam.lle, V.; Caliangtang; Hamamfile, V.; Ma- 

mfile, V. 
Lemna. {Lemnacew.) Minute, floating, green, scale-like plants. 

Inalia, T. 
Leonurus siBiRicus L. {LahiatecB.) An erect, leafy, stout herb, the in- 
florescence whorled, axillary, corolla red. 
Camariang songsong, T. 
Lepidagatiiis. {Acanthacew.) Herbs or undershrubs, the flowers sessile, 
usually capitate. 
L. LuzoNiAE Nees. Lipsipdn, T. 
Lepidopetalum. (Sapindacew.) Shrubs or trees. 

Dila-dfla, Pamp.; HuaKs, T.; Malacacfio; Ngisinglsl, T.; Palo-negro. 
L. perrottetii Blume. Bah ay, T., V. 
Lepiniopsis ternatensis Valeton. {Apocinacew.) Tree. 

CCiyon-cfiyon, V. 
Lepistemon RENiFORMis Hassk. (Convolvulacece.) A twining herbaceous 
Batobat6, T.; cupit-cupit, II. 
Leptosolena iiAENKEi Prcsl. Hagulguit, V. 

Leucaena glaijca Benth. {Leguminosew.) A small shrub witli globose 
heads of white flowers. Introduced from Ameiica and common about 
Agho, v.; Santa Helena. 
Leucas. {Lahiatew.) Woolly or villous herbs or undershrubs with axil- 
lary whorls of white flowers. 
Maputt, T. 
L. ASPERA Spreng. Carucansoli, T. ; Paipafsi, V.; Pansij)ansf, T., V.; Pay- 

pfiysi, V. ; Solasolaslan, T. 
L. LINIFOLIA Spreng. Parnipansl. 

Leucosyke capiteelata Wedd. (Urticacew.) A shrub or small tree, 
the leaves white beneath, prominently nerved. 
Alaggasi, V.; Alfmggasi, V.; Anag^si, B.; llaganiisi (Camarines) ; 
Lalfisi, Ig. ; Langgasi, V.; Layasfn, T. ; Ledsin, T. 
L. HiSPiDissiMA Miq. Salagulso (Albay). 
Licuala. {Palmecv.) Balfitbat (Paragua). 

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L. ELKGANS Mart. Annbao, T. 
L. sPECTABiLis Miq. Anabao, T., V. 

LiLiLM PiiiLiPPiNENSE Baker. {Liliacea.) A lily witb large wliite flowers 
found in tbe mountains of Nortbern Luzon. 
Canon, 11.; Soyosoy, Ig. 
LiMNANTiiKiMUM CRISTATLM Griseb. {acntianaccw.) An aquatic luub witb 
long floating stems. 
Lauas, T.; Loloqufsen, II. 
LlMNOPiilLA GRATiOLOiDES R. Br. {t^orophularia cc(v.) A small herbaceous 
plant found in swamps and rice paddies. It has tbe odor of 
Inata, T. 
L. MENTiiASTiiuM Bentb. Talatala, Pamp.; Taiaiidianrpam, T.; Taratara, 11. 
L. KEPENS Bentb. Orr^gano, 8p. Fil. 
L. ROXBUTiGJi G. Don. Tala, T. 

LiMNOPiiYTON OBTUSIFOLIUM Miq. {AUsmucciv.) An erect succulent marsb 
Locay?, T. 
LiNOCiEKA. {Olcaccw.) Sbrubs or trees witli op[)osile entire leaves and 
axilbiry or terminal inflorescence. 
Baloc-baloc, T.; Carocsun, T. ; Cayantol, Z.; Dalayat, Z. ; Puteng, T. ; 
Urutan, T. 
L. CORIACEA Vidal. Anatao, T. ; Pulat. T. 
L. CUMINCIANA Vidal. Culilfsiao (Tayabas). 
L. LlJZONicA F. Vill. Caropsan; Guruguaujlbao, V. 

LlPPiA NODiFLORA Ricb. {Vcrhenacca'.) An annual, creeping, much- 
brancbed berb wdtb numerous beads of pink flowers. 
Cbacbacbacbfiban, T. ; Corocarcudan, V.; Sirtc-pfiyo, V.; Tsatsatsa- 
tsfiban, T. 
LiTSEA. [Lauraccw.) Trees, some species being valuable for tbeir tiird)er. 
Anonag, T.; Arana, B. ; BAcan, T. ; Battno, T. ; Batobato, T., V.; Bito- 
colfng, T. ; Calaitic, Mang. ; Calambae. V.; llopoiig li6])ong; Libacan, 
T.; MaguJlic, Z.; Malabilucas, T. ; Malacalubcilb, T. ; Maliimanga, 
Cag. ; Malapuso, B. ; Malasfco, T.; MaraciHan, 11.; Maraug, T. : 
Nolalaqui, T. ; 6pong-6pong, P>. ; Paimaibai, T. ; Paloai, J^ ; Pasasa- 
blfit, II.; Pailban (Mindoro) ; Saripongpong, B. 
L. ALBAYANA Vidal. Arfiban (Albay). 
L. ciiiNENSis Lam. Lfiuat, V.; Pusopuso, T.; Sablut, II. 
L. GARCIAE Vidal. Pfpi, V. 
L. LUZONicA Blanco. Balibay. 
L. MAGNiFiCA B. and H. Madang, T. 

L. PERROTTETii B. and H. Induing, V.; Baticulfn, T.; Baticuling, T. 
LiviSTONA. {Palmw.) Anfibao, T., V. 
L. PAPUANA Becc. Anfio, Pamp.; Bolong IdyoiTg, Pamp. 
L. ROTUNDIFOLIA Mart. Abirm, Pang.; Anafio, II.; An^ibao, T. ; Anan, Gag,; 
Bribi, v.; Bfillang, Gag.; Lfibig, 11.; Labindanaia ?, 11.; Pfilma- 

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LoPiiOPETALUM. (Gelastracew.) Trees or shrubs. 

BCiyun (Zamboanga). 
L. TOXICUM Loher. A tree, the bark used by natives to poison arrows. 

LoRANTiius. [Loranthacew.) Small parasitic shrubs. 

Basar-basflr, II. ; Cisip, Ig. ; Gfieca, Ig. ; Pangloiiboyon. \fr.; ubic- 
ubis, 11. 
L. AMPULLACEUS L. Dap6-sa-pajo, T. 
L. BLANCO ANUS F. Vill. Malabachao (Cebu). 
L. PAUCiFLORUS Blanco. BinbiiTguay, 11. 
L. PENTANDRUS L. Mampol, V. 
L. piriLippiNENSis Blanco. Dapo-sa-cahuy. 
L. SPiciFER F. Vill. Catuugao, Ig. 

LucuMA MAMMOSA Gaertu. (Saputacew.) A tree introduced from America 
and cultivated for its edible fruit. 
Chfco-marney ; Mamey, T. 
LuFFA ACUTANQULA Roxb. {CurcurbUacew.) An herbaceous vine, fruit 
elongate, 10-angled. 
Saycfia, V. 
L. AEGYPTiACA Mill. Cultivated for its edible fruit. 

Patola, T., V. 
LuMNiTZERA PURPUREA Presl. (Combretacew.) A shrub or small tree 
with crimson flowers, common along the seashore, bor(h'rs of man- 
grove swamps, etc. 
Agnaya, T.; CulAsi, T.; Daluru-babfie, B.; Doblesa. T. ; Libato. V.; 
Libfito-pula (Tayabas) ; Maoro, V.; Sagasa ; Toir^og. V>. 
LuNASiA. [Uutacew.) Shrubs. 

Cacrio-cacfiuan, T. ; Malaligas-na-babSe. 
L. AMARA Blanco. Bonlai, B. ; Lfmns, T. ; Lunas buudoc. '\\\ Macabuhai, 
T.; Part, T.; Paitan, T.; Pait-pait (Zamboanga ) : Patau. V.: Saguit. 
L. GRANDIFLORA Mucll Arg. Malacacao, T. 

Lycopiersicum esculentum Mill. [Solanacew.) The tomato, introduced 
from America; cultivated and spontaiicous. 
Camatis, T., II.; Tomfites, Sp. Fil. 
Lycopodi um. ( Lycopodiacecv. ) Pacay 6m con . 

Lygodium dtciiotomum Sw. {Filices.) Twining ferns, the stems being 
used by the natives in the manufacture of hats, etc. 
Nito, T.,'v. 
L. soandens Sw. Nftong-putT, T. 


Maba buxibx)LIA Pers. {Ebcnaccw.) Ebony, the wood bhick. 

Macaranga. [Eupliorbiacea'.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Anitap, ig. ; BelutTga, T. ; Bilfia, Pamp. : Pdluan-lahu^ue, T. ; Bflung, 
T. ; Ginabang, II.; Malabonga, T. 
M. BicoLOR Muell. Arg. Amfiblit, V.; Ilamfndan, V. 

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M. MAPPAjMuell Arg. Camaisa, T. ; BiJauri; Bingabing, T. ; Binuang, T. ; 

Boiigabong, V. 
M. TANARIQS Muell. Arg. Bilaii, Pamp. ; Binofiga, T., V., Pamp. ; Biniiaii, 
T.; BOuiiga, T.; BinuiTga, V.; Guinfibang (Abra) ; Malabfiilga • 
Mimoiiga, T.; Samac, 11.; Taquipasin, T. 
Maesa. (Myrsinacew.) Shrubs or small trees, 

Dagang-drmg (Jolo) ; Palipal, T.; Pateput, T.; Patipol (Moroiig). 
M. gaudichaudii, x\. DC. Solinao, T. 
M. HAENKEANA Miq. Maguttata, V. 
M. INDICA A. DC, Calicot (Tayabas) ; Caticot, T. 
M. LAXA Mez. Baguiiiaoniao, B. 

Malactira bracteata Cav. {Alalvacew.) An aiiiuial or perennial coarsely 

hairy herb with angled leaves and yellow flowers. 

Anabo, V.; Labog-lfibog, V.; Lapnis; Lapiiis na bolohan, '\\; Vocabul, T. 

Malaisia torttjosa Blanco. {Urticacecv.) HiiTguen, T; Malaisis T • 

Saba, T. ' ' ■' 

Mallotus. {Euphorhiacew.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Daha; Mahotay, V.; Malambfing, T. 
M. FLORiBUNDUS Mucll. Arg. Tula-tula, B.; Tuya-tuya, B. 
M. MOLUCCANUS Muell. Arg. Ahling, T.; Alim', T. ; Aling, B.; Cahoy da- 

laga, T. ; Taguip-asin, T. 
M. PANiciJLATUS Muell. Arg. Halaumo, V. 
M. rniLipriNENSis Muell. Arg. Fruit red, medicinal. 

Apiiyot, Z.; Banato, T.; Banfito, T.; BuAs, 11. ; Sala, T., V.; Vuas, II. 
M. RiciNOiDES Muell. Arg. Alem, 11.; Alim, T.; Alum, V.; Arum; Balacbfi- 
lac, T.; Bimtot-pnsa, T. ; Gaga, T.; Malaachu«^te, Pamp.; Pacaeal; 
Pacalcrd, Pamp.; Pilfpud, V.; Sala; Tambon-tamlum (Tayabas) ; 
Tapit, B.; Taquip-asm, T. ; Tobogor, T. ; Tres-pilntas, Sp. Fil.; Vilos, 
Mangifer A . ( A nacardiacece. ) Trees . 

Malapaho, T. ; Paupatitan, T. 
M. ALTissiMA Blanco. Appan (Cagayan) ; Magatadi (?), Cag. 
M. ANISODORA Blanco. Mrmga-anis. 

M. CASSIA Jack. Balimut; Bayuno, V.; IJani, (Jolo). 
M. FOETiDA Lour. Paopauan T. 
M. INDICA Linn. The mango. 

Mampnian (Jolo) ; Manga, T., V.; jMangga, T., V. 
M. LONGIPES Grill'. Paho, T., V.; Paho-seco (Obu); Pa jo, T. ; Pao, 11.; 

Paopanan; Papohotan; Paponya. 
M. ODORATA Griff. Pahohotan, V. T. ; Pfili, V. 

Maniiiot utilissima Pohl {Euphorhiaccw.) An erect frutesceiil plant 
from large tuberous roots. The tapioca plant. 
Camoting cahoy, T., V. 
Maoutia. [Uriicacew.) A shrub. 

Aroe-mitmay, B. 
M. PLATYSTIGMA Wcdd. Pinuan, Ig. 
Marlea p>egoni^folia Roxb. {Gornacew.) A tree. 
Bagaloan, T. ; Bagaolan, T. ; Calumpagrn, T. 

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Marsdenia TAGUDiNiA Bhiiico. {Asolepiadacew.) Tayointriyoni, 11. 
M. TINCTORIA R. ]3r. A tall climbing vine. 

AriiTgit, V. ; Payanguit, V. 
Melastoma. [Melastomacew.) Shrubs with sliowy purplish llowcrs. 

Boslog-amo, T. ; Bviyong, V.; Granates; llaiitutuiu^iU), 1\ ; LeiTgay, 'I\ ; 
Malatu-ao, Cag. ; Tfiiigao, B. 
M. IMBRICATUM Wall. Agusip, V. 
M. MALABATRicuM L. Graufitis, T. 

M. OBVOLUTUM Jack. Boada, ]g. ; Bota-bota, 11.; Tunan-tunan, V. 
Melia. [Meliacew.) Trees. 

Malatibi (Morong). 
M. azedakacii L. a shrub, cultivated for ornament. 

Paraiso, Sp. Fil. 
M. CANDOLLEi Juss. BalagaiTgo, 'W; Malaiba, 'J\ ; Malongain, T. ; Malu- 

iTgayen; Quintana, T. 
M. DUBIA Cav. Bagalfiga, V. 
Melicofe ternata Forst. (Rutacew.) A shrub. 

Matfing-arao, T. 
Melociiia. [^icrcidiacew.) Herbs or shrubs. 

Samfic, Pamp. 
M. ARBOREA Blanco. A shrub or small tree, the herbaceous portions stellate- 
hairy. The bark yields a strong bast fiber. 
Balignon, V.; Balftnon, V.; Banitlon ; BinfiiTga, \\.; Malaachuete, T. 
M. coRCiiORFOLTA L. An erect, mucli-branched herb. 

CalfiTgan, V. 
Melodorum fulgens Hook. f. & Th. (Anonacew.) A large woody climber 
or (?) a small tree. 
Amfiyon; Amfiyong, Pamp. 
Melotiiria INDICA Lour. {Curcurhitacea\) A nearly glabrous climbing 
vine with globose fruits. 
Milon-daga, T. 
Memecylon. { Melastomacew.) Glabrous shrubs or trees with opposite 
leaves and small flowers. 
Anatan, T. ; Diac, Pamp.; Htlgon, B. ; Malabahio, B. ; Pa nay pay; Pani- 
lohga-baca ; 8init. 
M. edule Roxb. Cacha; Candon, 11.; Coh^s. '\\\ Cuh\s, T. ; Cnlis. 1\ : 

tSaguinsin, V. 
M. FLORiBiiNDA 1^1 ume. Babagion. 
M. PANicuLATUM Jack. Pasagutt, T. 
Metrosideros vera Rumph. (Myrtacew.) B;1rit, V. 
Metroxylon {Palmw.) Ambolong, V.; Ambfilong, V.; Sacsac, V. 
Meusa ferrea Linn. {Guttifcrew.) A glabrous tree with yellow flowers. 

Malabocboc, Malabucbfic (?), T. 
Mezoneurum {Leguminosew.) Robust woody, prickly climbers with bipin- 
nate leaves and paniculate inflorescence. 
Camot-pfisa, T. ; Canus-cabag, T. 
M. GLABRUM Desf. Cabft-cabag, T. ; Sagntt, T. ; Sapntt, T., Pamp.; Stit, V.; 
Tugabang, V. ; Ugfibang, V. 

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MiCHELiA ciiAMPACA L. {Magnoliacea.) A tree with pale yellow or 
oran<^e very fragrant flowers. Cultivated for onimneiit. 
Sanipac, T.; Sanipaca, T. ; Chanipaca, Sp. Fil. ; Champaga, T. ; Tsam- 
paca, T. 
IVliCROMELiJM. [Rutaccw.) Slirubs or small trees. 

Ayo-ayo; Ayu-ayu ; Caboy dalaga; Malaltlpay, Pain p.; Matfiares, T. ; 
M. TEPiiROCAKPUM Tiircz. Binting-da Inga, (Tayabas) : Calimbabfn, T. ; Ma- 

laeadpo, T. ; Mayunius ; Pnlt-paft; Tullbas, T. 
MiLLETiA PULCiiRA Benth. {Lcguniinoscw.) An erect tree, tlie branches 
and leaves beneath clothed with a grayish silky pubescence. 
Bfitong, V. 
M. SERrcEA W. & A. A woody climber. 

Botong, V. 
M. SPLENDENS W. & A. Tfd)!!, T. 
MiMUSOPS. iSapotacecv.) Trees. 

Pisangdaya, T. ; Postalagon, Z. 
M. ELENGI L. A tree with fragrant straw colored flowers, frequently culti- 
vated for ornament. 
Bansalague, T., V.; Cnbupii, T., V.; Bansalagin, T. ; Bansalagon, T., 
v.; Bfirsic, T. ; Pasac, T., Z. ; Talipopo, V. 
Mimosa pudica L. {Leguminosciv.) A prostrate spreading plant with 
numerous heads of pink flowers and sensitive leaves. Introduced 
from America. 
Damo-hia, T. ; Hfiya-hriya, V. ; JNlacahfya, T. 
MiRABiLis JALAPA L. {Nyctaginacecv.) A sonn'what succulent lierb w^ith 
Avhite, or more often, red flowers. Introduced from America and cul- 
tivated for ornament, also spontaneous. 
Guilalas, T. ; Diego-de-n6c!\e ; Gilalas, T. ; Maravtllas, {^p. Fil.; Ora- 
cion, Sj). Fil.; Suspiros, 8p. 
MiTRAGNE. [Ruhiacew.) Shrubs or trees, the flowers in globose heads. 

Mambog, T. 
MiTREPiioRA RETICULATA H. f. & Til. {Anonaccw.) A tree. 

Talimfirong, T. 
MODECCA CARDIOPHYI.LA Mart. (Passi/loraccw.) A shrub with long peti- 
oh>d cordate-ovate, acute leaves. 
Salapong, T. 
M. iiETEROPiiYLLA Blume. ^Melong-oufic, T. 
M. PALMATA L. Leaves glandular, palmately lobed or entire. 

Binoyoc-boyoc, T. 
M. TRILOBATA Roxb. Lcaves three lobed. 

MoLLUGO. {Ficoidccc.) Herbs. 

Amargoro bAbi, Pamp. ; Margoso damulog, Pamp. 
M. HiRTA Thunb. Prostrate, stellately wooly. 

Lobfo, T. 
M. OPPOSiTiFOLiA L. Sarsalfda, T. 

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M. PENTAPiiYLLA Linn. Malugoso, V. ; Salsalida, V. 
M. STRicTA L. Often a foot high, glabrous. 

Malagoso, T. ; Molugoso, T. 
MoMORDicA BALSAMINA L. {GurcurUtacGcv.) A slender herbaceous vine, 
the rough, elongated fruit edible. Cultivated. 
Amargoso, Sp. Fil. ; Ampalaya, T. ; Ampalda, T.; Apalaya, T. ; Apalia, 
Panip.; Margoso, T.; Palia, V.; Palla, T. ; Paria, 11.; Sampalia, V. 
M. cocHiNCiiiNENSis Spreug. A large vine with ovate, muricate red fruit. 

Boyoc-boyoc, T.; P.uyoc-buyoc, T. 
MoNOCARPiA BLANCOi F. Vill. {AnonacGw.) Calai, T. 
MoNOCiiORiA HAST^SFOLIA Presl. {Pontederiaccw.) Aquatic herbs. 

Cosol-cosol, v.; Gabi-gabi, V.; Gabinan, T. ; Payao-payao, V. 
M. VAGINALIS Presl. Calabao, T. ; Calaboa : Hiiiguion. 
MoRiNDA BRACTEATA Poxb. (RuMacew.) A shrub. 

Abegaste, V.; Aliama; Anmo, V.; Apatot, II.; Apatut, T. ; Bancoro, 

T.; Baiigcoro, T., V.; Baiigcfido, V.; Cahoy-dalaga, T.; Coles, T. ; 

Cillit, T., v.; Lino, Pamp. ; Mambog, T., V.; Nino, T. V.; Pancudo, 

T. V. ; Sicaleg, V.; Taliantar, Pamp.; Tilmbong-aso, T. 

M. CITRIFOLIA L. Bancudo, T., V. ; Bangcudo, V. ; Lino, V. ; Nino, T., V. ; 

Tombong-a so. 
M. TINCTORIA Roxb. Halou, T. ; Tumbong-aso-hapay, T. 
M. UMBELLATA Linn. Tunbon-aso. 

MoRiNOA OLEIFERA Lam. {Moringacew.) A small tree with soft white 
wood, white flowers, 9-ribbed capsule and winged seeds. 
BalriiTggay, V.; Behen; CalCigay, T. ; Calfiiigai, T., V., Pamp.; Cama- 
Ifnigue, Pamp.; CamaloiTgay, T., V.; Dool, V., Pamp.; MaluiTgay, T., 
v.; Malfingit, V., Pamp.; MalCigit, V., Pamp. 
MoRUS ALBA Linn. {Urticaccw.) A small tree, the mulberry, introduced 
from Asia and occasionally cultivated. 
Morfil; Moras. 
MosciiosMA POLYSTACHYIJM Bcuth. {Lahiatew.) A slender, much-bTanched 
herb, 2 to 4 ft. high, the angles of the stem frequently rough. 
Lodocong, Pamp. 
MucuNA ATROPURPUREA DC. {LegumiuosetT.) A woody climber, the ])od 
covered with yellowish brown irritating bristles. 
Nlpai, V. 
M. MONOSPERMA DC. A woody climber with a Lseeded pod. 

Buiqulquit, T. ; Llpai, T. 
M. NIVEA DC. An annual climbing vine, the pods glabrous when mature. 

Calabant5s, V. 
M. PRURiENS DC. An annual vine, cultivated. 

Llpay, V. ; Nlpay, T. 
MuEiiLENBECKTA. {GraminGw.) Slender grasses. 

Alupihan, T. 
MuNTiNGiA CALABURA Linn. {TUiacew.) A small tree with small edible 
dark fruits. Introduced from Mexico. 
Cer^zas, Sp. Fil.; D.ltiles, Ratiles. 

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MURRAYA EXOTICA L. [Rutacew.) A shrub or small tree with glabrous 3 
to 8 foliate leaves and small globose berries. 
Banaasi, 11.; Bamiot, Z. ; Banasi, Pang.; Banati, V., Pamp.; Baii- 
naasi, 11.; Camunmg, T. ; Camunm, V., Pamp.; Molauin, T. ; Molfi- 
vin, T. 
MuSA. {Musacew.) The bananas, i)lantains, Manila hemp, etc. 

Agutay, v.; Alatanay (Cagayan); Aua, Jl.; Batabia, iTga poti, V.; 
Buy, 11.; Canala, V.; Canara, V., T. ; Culubung, Pamp.; Lisohan, V.; 
Pacol, V. ; Quilala, V. 
M. PARADTSIACA L. The plantain. Many varieties are recognized by the 
Afapuyan, (Cagayan); Afuyan, (Cagayan); Ali]nu(iueii, 11.; Anuaug, 
T. ; Aricundai, V.; Aricfindal, V.; ]*>aloi, V.; Baloy, T. ; liinalaton, 
v.; Biiigticohol, T. ; BTsco, T. ; Botohan, 'W; BuiTgulan, T. ; Caracton, 
v.; Dalivi-dalaga; J)inugua]i, T. ; (^)y6raii, ^l\ ; Laiitundal ; Machfn; 
Matavia, T. ; Platano, Sp.; Quinanayan, T. ; Sabaiig-visaya ; SAguinf>-, 
T. ; Tinjilong, T. 
M. SAPIENTUM L. The banana. Many varieties are rcH'ognized l)y tlie na- 
tives. Probably not s])ecifically distinct from the i)rece(liiig. 
Ampal, v.; Anonoo; Anuang; Carnate, V.; BalaiTgnn, V.; ]^alaya]i<»-, 
11.; Batavia; Benticohol, T.; Binato, V.; Botoan, T. ; Bnnnec, 11 ; 
Butneg, II.; Butneng, 11.; Bntnan, T. ; Dinugfian ; Lacatan, T.; 
Moco, (Uoilo); Pampjmg, V.; Platano, Sp. ; Sabfi, 11.; SAging, T., 
v.; Tampuhfng, T; Tarnate, V. 
M. TEXTiLis Nees. The plant that produces the fiber known in commerce 
as Manila hemp. 
Abaca, T., V.; Lanot, V.; Lanotan, V.; Pagiia, V.; mta (Cag.). 
MussAENDA. {Ruhiacew.) Shrubs with yellow flowers, each flower with a 
large white leaf -like bract. 
Bayag usa ; Bota, Irr.; Bnyor, V.; Talic-harfip, (Tayabas) ; Tinulfian- 
gatas, T. ; Tenoluang gatos, T. 
M. ANISOPHYLLA Vidal. Bfiyon, V. 
M. FRONDOSA L. Bulficlac-nang-dalaga; Matinggain. 

M. GRANDIFLORA Rolfe. Agboy, v.; Balai-lamoc, 11.; Buy^n (Balabac) ; 
Cahoy dalaga, T. ; Malacaf^} (?), V.; Matang-aian, V.; Taba-taba, 
V. ; Tfnga-tinga, T. 
Myristica. {MyrisUcacew.) Trees generally witli hard wood. The nut- 
meg belongs in this genus. 
Alanigni (Zamboanga) ; Banabanfilo, T. ; Bitanhol-na-babAe, B. ; 
Carugu, T., V.; Dugoan, B. ; Durfigu, T., V.; HindurCigu, T. V.; 
Lriho, v.; Malacadios; Oytsan, T. ; Oyoc, Ig. ; Saguing-nang-calao, 
B. ; Tambao, T. ; Ubtan (Tarlac). 
M. CUMINGII Warb. DugCian, T. ; MalatAlang, T. 
M. GUATTERiiFOLiA A. DC. CamAs. (Zamboanga) ; TAlang-bund6c, T. ; Tfi- 

gan, T. 
M. MiNnANAENSTS Warb. DuhAo, (Zamboanga). 
M. PiiTLippiNENSiR Lam. Ants cAhoi, T. ; Anfs moscAda, T. ; Balintfia, 

(Zamboanga) ; Dug6an; Talang-tAlang, T. 
M. SIMIARUM A. DC. Anfiping, (Zamboanga) ; ManumbAga, (Zamboanga). 

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Naravelia. {Ranunciilacca'.) Climbing shrubs with flowers in axillary 
l-llowercd peduncles. 
Cauad cauasan, T. ; 6vai-na-paiTglao, 11.; Parapit-hangin, T. 
M. LAURIFOLIA Wall. Bauai-banai, JL, T. ; Ductilng-ahas, T. 
Nauclea. {Riihiacca.) Shrubs or trees with white flowers in a dense glo- 
bose inflorescence. 
Bagarilao na itini, T. ; Baneal, T. ; Bancahlnan, (Zaniboanga) ; BaiTgal, 
T. ; Hanibabrd, V. ; Himbabalob, T. ; Hambalod, T., V. ; Ilambabayod, 
v.; Lisac, T. ; Magarilao, T.; Oisac, T. 
N. BLANCOi Vidal. Manibog, B. 
JST. GLABERRIMA Blanco. Bangcjil. 
N. GLABRA DC. J^agalirat. 
N. OBTUSA Blume. Anibabalud, V.; Ambalod, T., V.; Babrdod, T., V.; 

Bfilod, T., v.; Hambabalod, T., V. 
N. PURPUREA Boxb. CaluntliTgan-iTga-itfm, V.; CaluntiiTgan-iTga-nuilato, V. 
Neesia altissima Blume. {Malvacew.) A lofty tree. 

Libato-na-putl, T. 
Nelitris. {Rubiacew.) Alungcfigay, V.; Granites, T. ; Malatumbaga, T. 
Nelumbium speciosum Willd. {Nympheaccw.) An erect, large water herb 
with peltate leaves and white or pink flowers. 
Bafno, T. ; Bayno, T. ; 8ficao, 11. 
Nepenthes. [N epcnihacew.) Usually climbing plants, the midrib of the 
leaves produced into a peduncle which bears a pitcher of various 
Aran-crUao, V.; Caca, T.; Intimang-calo, T. ; Jarrfto, T. ; Pichel, T. 
N. alata Bhmco. Batbatidor, Ig. ; Batidor, 11.; Cadfmg, Ig. ; Gorgor^ta, 

]1.; Jarro, 11. 
N. GRACILIS Korth. Sogonsogon, V.; Suludstilud, V. 
N. ventricosa Blanco. Saludsalfid. 
Nepiieltum. {Sapindacecv.) Trees, some species valued for their timber. 

A])atong, T. ; Ayfipag, T. ; Bacalao, Pang.; Sambualau, V. 
N. glabrum Noronh. Altpai, T; Alfpay; Alpay, T. ; Alupag, T. ; Alfipay; 
Baccrdao; Boboa, V.; Guisian, T.; Guisihan, T. ; Lechlas, T. ; Tinai- 
i-jgui, T. 
N. litcjii Camb. Fruit edible. 

Halopag-amo (Tayabas) ; Lech fa. 
N. LONGANA Camb. Alipai, T. ; Alpfii, T. ; AlCipag, T. ; Alfipai, T. ; Le- 
ch fas, T. 
Nicotian A tabacum L. {Solanaccw.) Tobacco. Introduced from America. 

Tabaco, Sp. Fil. 
NiPA FRUcriicANS Wurmb. {Palma.) The leaves of this species are exten- 
sively used for the purpose of thatching houses. 
Lasa; Kf])a, T. ; Saga, Z. ; Sasa, T. ; Tfita, Cag. 
Nympiuea lotus L. {Nyjnphcaccw.) Large equatic herbs, the pond lilies. 
Gavai-gavai, V., T., Pamp. ; Gaway-gaway; Lavas, T., V., Pamp. ; 
Lunrts; Talaflo, T., V., Pamp.; Tunas, T., V., Pamp.; Talaylo. 
N. stellata Willd. Lduas, T. 

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OoiiNA SQiTAHUOSA ]^inn. {Ochnacccr.) A shrub or tree with alternate 
serrate leaves and yellow flowers. 
Bansilay, V, ; J^asilay. 
OciiKOCARi'US. {Outiifcrcjv.) Trees with coriaceous leaves and axillary 
iVlalabunao, B. 
0. PENTAPKTALIJS Blauco. Naniacp(ican, II. (?); PaniitlAin, 11.; Pamitla- 

tfn, II. 
OciMUM BASILICUM h. {Lahialcw.) A strongly secntiMl herb with pink or 
purplish flowers. 
Bonac, V.; Calooy, V.; Canehi, V.; Solasi, T. ; Suhlsi, T. 
O. GRATissiiSruM L. strongly scented, shrubby. Flowers yellow. 

Coloncoji^on, V. 
O. SANCTUM JJnn. Strongly scented, herbaceous. 

AlbahAca; Balfmoi, T. ; Btday, II. ; CaniaiTge, V.; Colocogo, V.; Loco- 
loco, T., Pamp. 
OcTOMKLES SUMATRANA Miq. { Datisacca'.) A tree. 

Banuang, 1\ ; Bilfia, T. ; Bilnan, T. ; Binonang, T. ; Binurmg. 
Olax. iOJaeinccv.) Trees or shrubs, ofle]i scaiident, sometimes prickly. 

Lagu, T. 
0. IMBRICATA Roxb. Scaudcut, unarmed, leaves ovate-oblong, racemes many 
Malabaguio, T. 
OldeiXLANdfa diffusa Roxb. {Ruhiacca\) An annual glabrous dill'use 
annual with linear leaves. 
Agnho, v.; Dantri, V. 
Olea. iOlcaoca'.) Trees or slirubs with small flowers in axillary or ter- 
minal panicles. 
Bauso (Central Luzon): Dilan-baca, B. ; Malabutong, '\\\ Malapuad, 
Onycihum auratum Kaulf. (Filiccs.) A fern with finely dissected leaves, 
yellow beneath. 
Di 1 a-dil a ; Pa cong-anuang. 
Opiuohriiiza. {Rnhiacecr.) Erect, creeping, or decnnfl)eTit lierbs. 

Cayob-cob (Cebu). 
Opilia JAVANICA Miq. {Olacincw.) A low. scrand)ling shrnb with alter- 
nate entire distichous leaves. 
Aragofroy, V. 
Opuntia cocfunitjffera Mill, {('tclacew.) A cadns introduced from 
America, occasionally cuUivaterl for ornament . 
Dapal, v.; Dilang-baca, T. 
Orania rkgalis Zipp. {I*ahn(P.) A palm icscmbling tlie cocoanut palm 
in habit, but with numerous small glo])()s«^ fiuits 1 inches in diameter. 
BaraiTpoi (Bulacau) ; Palindan. T. 
Orciiipeda FOETIDA Blumc. {Apnnuiicnv.) Small t roc with rather large 
Bayag canibfng, T. ; Bay^lg usa. T. : l>ant6g-sang-usA, V. 

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Ormosia calavknsis Blanco. (Leguminoscw.) A tree, the pods with 
small red seeds. 
Bfihay, T. ; Malaamfiyon, T. ; Malasaga, T. 
Orophea. {Anonacece.) Trees or shrubs. 
Maquitarin (Tayabas) ; Palos^nto, T. 
0. enterocarpoidea Vidal. PaiTganaua, Cag. 

Oroxylum indicum L. {Bignoniacca'.) A small tree with large pods, 
3 ft. long. 
Abang abfing, T., V. ; Abong abong, V. ; Balilang oac, T. ; Pincapinca, 
T. ; PincapincShan, T. 
Oryza minuta Presj. {Gramincw.) A variety of rice. 

Caputol, V. 
O. SATiVA L. Kice, of which many varieties are recognized by the natives. 
Bfgas, T. ; Binambang, T.; Bolahan; Bolohan, T.; Dumali, T.; Lamuyo, 
T. ; Malagqiiit, T. ; Nilomot (Tayabas); Paliiy, T. ; Quinanda, T.; 
Tailgi, T. 
OsBECKiA ciiiNENSis L. (Mclastomacew.) Changparang (Angat). 
OsHOUNiA ocTODONTA F. Vill. {Myrtucew.) Sagasa, T. 
OsMELiA. {^ainydacccc.) A tree with alternate glabrous leaves and ter- 
minal panicles. Flowers white, tinged with red. 
OsMOXYLON. (Aratiacece.) A tree. 

Niog-niog, T. 
O. PULCiiERRiMUM Vidal. Apfilong; Api'dong, V. 
Otopiiora blancoi Blume. [Sapindacew.) A small tree. 

BalinSonao, T., V.; Dirig, 11. 
0. SPECTABiLis Blume. Paloahan. 

Ottelia alismoides Pers. {Hydrocliaridew.) A submerged fresh-water 
herb with rather large white flowers. 
Calab^o, T. 
OxALis ACETOSELLA L. {Geraniacew.) The common sorrel. Mistaken by 
Philippine authors for the next species?. 
Ayo, Pamp.; Cungi, Parap.; CfiiTgui; Darasig, V.; Lujvila. 
O. CORNICULATA L. A small herb with an acid taste, flowers yellow. 

Congi, Pamp.; Malabalugbug-drigis, Pamp.; Susocayohi, T. ; Taigan- 
doga, T. ; Tainfing-daga ; YHyo, Pamp. 

Pachyriiyzus angueatus Rich. {Leguminosecv.) A climbing herbaceous 
plant from a turnip-like tuber, which is edible. Cultivated. 
Hicamas, T. ; SincamCis, T. ; Ticamfis, V. 
Paederia foetida L. (Ruhiaccw.) A climbing herbaceous vine with foetid 
Cantntac, T.; Cantotai, T., Pamp.; Cantiltan, T. ; Cantotan. T. ; Cari- 
totay, T. ; Dicrtta, Maboloc, Pamp.; Lilitan, V.; MatablVng-dicut, 
Pamp.; Taitai, V. 

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Palaquium. {Sapotaccw.) Trees, all of which produce gutta-percha, the 
leaves of most species glistening beneath. Flowers on tlie branches 
below the terminal leaves. 
Anfisep, T. ; Calapia (Mindanao) ; Dulitan-puhl, T. ; Macafisin-putf, T. ; 
Malaputat, T.; Malasaputi, Pamp.; Mahiputfitan, T. ; Pirao, B. 
P. BARNESii Merrill. Leaves obovate obtuse, pubescent beneath. 

Nato, V. 
P. CUNEATIM Vid. Leaves small, glabrous beneath. 

Anosep, T. 
P. LANCEOLATUM Bhmco. J^agalaiTgit, T. 
P. LATIFOLIUM Blauco. Lcaves large, densely rusty tomeutose beneath. 

Alacfuic, T. ; Alacao, Pamp.; Alacap, T.; Pacancah Pamp. ; Prdac- 
palac, T. 
P. LUZONiENSE Vidal. Leaves long petioled, glabrous beneath. 

BagalaiTgit, T. ; Bitocolmg, T.; Dolitan. 
P. OLEIFERUM Blanco. Similar to P. latifolimn, but leaves acute, not obtuse. 

Dahlcan, II.; Daracfm, 11.; Malacmac, T., Pamp. 
Panax fruticosum L. {Araliacew.) A shrub ?> to C ft. high, with tripin- 
nate leave*. Cultivated for ornament. 
Maciln, V. ; Papua, T., V., Pamp. 
Pancratium zeylantcum Linn. {Anmryllidacnv.) Ajos-ajos iToa mapoti, 
v.; Bacong sa Persia; Baoang-baoang, V.; (Jatougal, T. ; Hagobaoa, 
v.; Lfmas ; R6sas-de-persia, Sp. Fil. 
Pandanus. {Pandanacew.) The "screw-pines," so called from the spiral 
arrangement of the leaves. The leaves are much used for the manu- 
facture of mats, baskets, etc. 
Carahumai, T.; Pnndan-sabotan, T. ; Sab')go, V. 
P. DUBius Spreng. Balio, V. ; Bangcoang-bonduc, T. ; P>riren, V. 
P. EXALTATUS Blauco. Alasas, T. 
P. FASCTCULARis Lam. Arqufg, (?) Cag. 
P. ODORATissiNUS Liuu. f. Laha (?) (Jolo) ; Paddan. Cag.; Pandfm, T., 

v.; Paiigdan, V.; Panliacad, V. 
P. RADICANS Blanco. OlaiTgo, V. 
P. SABOTAN Blanco. Sabotrm, T. 
P. SYLVESTRis Rumph. Lalogo, V.; Lanogo, V. 
Pangium edule Beinw. {Bixaccw.) A tree. 

Pailgi, T.; PaiTgui, V. 
Panicum. {Gramincce.) Coai'se or fine grasses. 

Bisaclat, T. ; Canubsfiban, T. ; Criuad-cauaran, T.; Damung-pasig, T. ; 
Danuis-api, T. ; Duaduaran, T.; llagusnay, 'W; Lfiya-laya, T. ; Mala- 
caufiyan, T.; Mfilit-calabclo, T. ; Tuadturiran, T. 
P. COLON UM L. Tiribulian, T. 
P. CRUSGALLi L. The "barn-yard grass" of tlie United States. 

Daua-daua, T. 
P. FLAVIDUM Retz. Sabong-sabuilgan, T. 
P. INDICUM L. Sangfimay, T. 
P. repens L. Lfiya-luyahan, T. 

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Parameria piiiLiPPiNENSis Radlk. {Apocinacew.) A woody vine with 
white fragrant iiowers, the bark producing an abundance of milky 
sap, wliich on coagulation becomes rubber. 

Bfilao-bCilao, V.; Dugtong-ahas, T. ; Gamot-sambali, T. ; Itlban, T. ; 
Parogtong-ahas, T. ; Pasfic ; Sagid, V. ; 8agit, T. ; Tagfic-tagtic, V. ; 
Tagulauay, T., V.; Tayubiuay (Jloilo). 
Parasponia. ( Urticacew. ) Tanagdon. 
Parastomon. {Rosacew.) Shrub or small tree. 

Parinarium. ( Rosacew. ) Trees. 

Alamag, Bltai-balang, Pang. 
Parkia ROXBURGiiii G. Dou. {Leguminosece,) A large tree bearing long 
dark- colored pods. 

Bago-oen, 11.; Bagfien,' II.; Balfiy-oac, 11.; Copang, T., II.; Cupang, T. 
Paspalum {(jraminew.) Tufted grasses, usually found in wet places. 

Paragis, T. ; Sabung-sabtiilgan, T. 
Pavetta. {Ruhiacece.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Cahoy dalaga. 
P. ANGUSTiFOLiA P. & S. Alipoong, V. 
Payena. (Sapotacew.) Trees, yielding gutta-percha. 

Lfsong-insic, T. ; Lono-lono. 
Pemphis acidula Forst. [Lythracew.) A shrub or small tree, common 
along the seashore. Flowers small, white. 

Bantigui, V.; Panttgui, V.; Pilit, B. 
Pennisetum NIGRICANS Miq. {GraminecB.) Aguingai, T. 
Peristrophe contobta Blanco. (Acanthacew.) An erect spreading herb. 

Sapinsapin, T. 
PHuENTHus cumingii Miq. {Anonacece.) A small tree. 

P. NUTANS Hook. f. & Th. Lanotang-itim, T. ; LanCitan itim. 
Phalaenopsis amabalis Blume. {Orchidacca:.) A very striking epiphy- 
tic orchid. 

Piialeria perrottetiana B. and H. {Thymcliacew.) A tree. 

Salago, V. 
Piiaseolus caracalla Blanco. {Leguminosew.) A twining herbaceous 

P. LUNATUS Linn. A twining biennial, everywhere cultivated for its edible 

Hfiba, Sp.; Patiini, T., V.; Zabbdche. 
P. MUNGO L. Cultivated. 

Bairitong, T.; Boldton; Mongos, T. ; MCmgo. V. 
P. VULGARIS DC. Cultivated. 

BirfiTgi, T. ; Bfiting; Butfnga, T. 
Phoebe. {Laurinew.) Evergreen trees or shrubs. 

Malac^dios, T. 

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P. UMBELLIFLORA Bliinie. MalabfirTga, B. 

PiiRACJMiTKS ROXBUKGiiii Noes. {Oramincw.) A very coarse reed-like 
grass found in wet places. 
Tarnbo, T. 
PiiRYNiUM. {Scitiminew.) Ilagniclitc, V. 
Phyllantiius. {Euphorhiacew.) Trees, shrubs, or herbs 

Agay, T. ; Asac-tdlong; BOto-butonis, V.; Carfnnay; Lagjiri : Mii- 
rfigna, V.; TaiTglsan-punay, V.; Tcnaan; Tinaan, 1\ 
P. ACIDUS Muell. Arg. A tree, fruit edible, 

Caguind; Calutprmio; LaiTgufgi. 
P. DISTICHUS Muell. Arg. A tree, fruit edible, very acid. 

Banquilin, T. ; BaiTgqufling, V., T.; fba, T., Pamp. ; Layoban, V.; 
Poras, V. ; Yba, T. 
P. NIRITRI Muell. Arg. A small herbaceous plant mueli used in medicine. 

Ilierba de San Pedro, Sp. 
P. RETICULATIJS Muell. Arg. A small shrub with black berry like fruit; 
very common. 
Malaiba, T, ; Malatfnta, T. ; Matfing-olang, V.; Ntpin (Zamboanga) ; 
Siliigot-oirmg, v.; Tinatinan, T. ; Tintatintahan, T. 
P. URINARIA L. A small herb used in the practice of medicine, 

Ibaibaan, T. 
PHYLLOSTAcnys BAMBUSOIDES Sieb and Zucc. {Graminecv.) A bamboo. 

CauSyan-nga-ittim, V. 
PiiYSALis ANGULATA L. {Solanaccw.) An herbaceous plant, common in 
waste places. 
Aslsio, v.; Camatis; Sisio, V.; Tuttuimcac, T. 
P. PERUVIANA L. Similar to the preceding, but the fruit edible; culti- 
Capilli; Potocfm, T.; Potoc-potocfm, T.; Sfsio, V.; 
PiCRASMA JAVANICA Blume. {^imartthacew.) A tree with large unequally 
pinnate leaves. 
Lan^te, V.; Ndlis. 
PiERARDiA?. (Etiphorhiacew,) Shrubs or trees. 

Banltlong (Zamboanga); Tincfil (Zamboango). 
PiNUS INSULARIS Eudl. {Conifcrcw.) A pine tree found in Benguet, cic. 
Three leaves in a fascicle. 
Alal, Ig.; Bal^bo, Ig.; Barifit; Bfita; BAtang (Bontoc) ; B6be; B^beng; 
Boo-boo, Ig.; Palopfno; Pilrua, II.; Sagin, T. ; Snleng, 11. 
P. MERCUSii J. and de V. Pine from Zanibales, two leaves in a fascicle. 

Palosapis, T.; Siilong, Z.; Tapfilao, Zamb.; Tapfilao. 
Piper. {Piper acew.) Herbaceous vines. 

Chfleng-bundoc, T.; LitUt; Salimfira, T. 
P. BETLE L. The leaves of this species are chewed with the nut of the 
Areca palm. 
Bfiyo, v., T.; Canfsi, V.; Hojas de buyo; ftmo, V., T.; Mamin, 1^»., T.; 
Mam6n, V.; Poro; Samat, Pamp. 
P. CANINUM A. Dietr. BCyo-bfiyo (Albay) ; Bfiyo it Smo, V.; Bfiyo it ayam, 
V. ; Buyo it lintl, V. ; Sfibia, T. 

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P. COHYLISTACHYON C. DC. Haras, V.; Letlet-tubuy, T.; Litblt, V.; LitH, 

v.; Niipan, B.; Sangflo, V.; 8aog, V. 
P. NIGRUM L. Yields the black pepper of commerce. 

Malisa, T.; Pimienta, Sp. 
P. PiiiLiPPiNiiM Miq. Pimientang-bundoc, T. 
P. SUBPELTATUM Willd. TabSyac (Tloilo). 
PiPTURUS ASPER Wcdd. (Urticacew.) A small shrub. 

AlaiTgisi, V.; Dalonoban; Dalonot, T., Pamp. ; Dalonotan, V.; Dalunot, 
T. ; Hamlalfimay; HandarSmai, V.; Himaramay, V.; Hindairnnai, V. 
PisoNiA ACULEATA L. (Nyctaginacew.) A tall woody climber witli axil- 
lary recurved prickles. 
Digquit-digqult, T. ; Pacat-firo, T. ; Pamicla (Bulacan) ; Puri(piet. Fl. 
P. iNERMis Forst. A tree, unarmed. 

Coles malileo, T. ; Malilco, T. 
P. UMBEIXATA Seem. A tree 40 to 50 ft. high. 

Malagasaha, B. 
PlSiTA STRATIOTES Liuu. {Aroidca'.) A floating stemless herb, llie leaves 
forming an erect cup. 
Aluluan, Cag. ; CaySpo, V.; Loloau, TI. ; Louan-louan, V.; Quiapo, T. 
PiTHECOLOBiuM. [Leguminosece.) Trees. 

Gogo-casay, T. ; T6que, T. 
P. ACLE Vidal. A large and valuable timber tree. 

Acle, T. 
P. DULCE Benth. A medium or large tree now common in the Philippines, 
introduced from America. The fleshy aril surrounding the seed is 
Camanchile, T. ; Camanchiles; Camachilis, T. ; Camansfle, T. ; Caman- 
tiris, 11.; Camasteles: Caniochfle; CamochTles, T. ; Commonsfl, V.; 
CamonsJles, T. ; Damortfs, Ig. 
P. LOBATUM Benth. A valuable timber tree. 

Alobahai, T. ; Anagab; Anagap, T. ; Anagat; Anagu^p; Anflrep, II.; 
BintiiTg-dalaga, T. ; CuKcul, V. 
P. "MONTANUM Benth. Anagap, T.; Casai, T. ; Casay, V.; Malacanionsile, 

T. ; Tiques, T. 
PiTTOSPORUM. {PUtosporacew.) Trees or shrubs. 

Buhllang, B. ; Malambangcfibas (Zamboanga) ; Mamalis-babAe, T. ; 
P. FERNANDEZii Vidal. Mamalis, T. 
P. FLORiBUNDUM W. & A. BaluiTgcanjiyan, V. 

Planciionia. {Myrtacew.) Trees with the alternate leaves crowded at the 
ends of the branches. Racemes short, terminal, flowers greenish- 
yellow or white. 
Abobo, B.; Alitfiptap, B. ; Malanbfm, T. ; Mafiban, T. 
Plantago EROS a Wall. {Flantaginaccw.) Lantfn, T. 
Plectocomia elongata Mart. & Blunie. (Palmw.) Scandent palms. 
Kitiga, V. 

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I'lectkokia. { Riibiacea.) Ijiianiied or spinous shrubs, erect or eliinbing. 

Cutcuran, 1\ ; Subian-dagjl : Suliac-daga, 'P. 
P. iioitRiDA II. & T. Steuis willi niau}' hook(Ml s|)iii('s. 

P. MOLUGCANA Merrill. SilisTli. 

Pluciiea indioa Less. {C()}n'p(>si(('(c.) A low sluub, orowiuo- ni the salt 
Lagtindi blti, T. ; Tulo-lalacjui (lloilo). 
Plumoago zeylanica L. {PI am Ixuiinacea.) Herbs oi- undershrubs with 
diffuse brandies, the raehis of the sj)ike ])ubeseenl or ^'laiulular. 
j>angbang, Jl.; SaiTgdigecpiit, T. : Talaueao, II.: Talangeaw, 11. 
PlUjMIERA acutifoija Poir. {Ainx-iiKiccir.) A tree with very fragraid 
white flowers, introduced from America and cultivated for orna 
Calacliuchi, T. ; Calasusi, [\\: (Jalatsutsi, T. ; (^alatucbe, V.; Carachfi- 
clia, T. 
PODOOARI'US. {(jonifcrcw.) Pai'ge trees foun<l in th(> higher niount;n'ns. 

Dilag-biitiqui, T. ; 8alupisin (i)ontoc). 
Ponogatheui;m ciUNrnM Trin. {(l)-(i)>ruic(v.) A d<Oicate grass found on 
damp ledges along rivers, etc. 
Damung-gubat, T. 
POGOSTEMON Cx\BLlN P>enth. { I iuhiaiviv .) Herbs or undersiirubs. 

Cadlin, v.; Cadloni, V.; Carlin, 1\ : Saroc, Ig. ; Catluen. V. 
P. HEYNEANUS Bentb. Cablin, T.. Painp. 

PoiNCTANA REGIA Bojcr. { L('(f unii'n()sc(c.) T\\e 'Mire tree,'' commonly 
])lanted in the Philippines for ornamental pur{)oses. 
Arbol de fuego, Sj). Fil. 
POLLIA SORZOGONENSIS l^]ndl. {CoiiinicliiKiccur.) Larg<' herbs with lanceo- 
late leaves, the stem erect, viscid. 
Lohod-Iohod, V. 
POLT.IA TIlltYSlFLORA Kndl. Sa])flco. Ig. 
PoLYAETiiiA. ( AnorK/cc(r. ) A tree. 
Dalinhas, T. 

P. I.ANCEOLATA Vid. Auobuig, T. 

PoLYANTiiKS TliP.EiiOSA L. { Amarifll i(l(icc(('.) A/ncena ; Nardo ((U'bu). 
Polygonum. [Polyiiovncew.) Herbs with alternate cntir<" le;ives. in- 
florescence a spicifoini oi' paniclcd laceme. 

Malabalante, 1\ 
P. I'.ARP.ATrM L. The nodes furnislicd with long beaided stipules. 

Canubsfdian, Pamp.; Subsilban. T. 
PoLYPODirM. {filiccs). A large genus of exceedingly variable feins. 

Agnaya ; Dilinuln (Manila); llagnaya. 
P. Dii'TERis Blanco. Cadco, Ig. : Marapaco. II. 
P. Qi]ERCiFOLii'i\r L. An epiphytic fern. 

Cabcilb. V'. ; Cabcjiban, V.; (Jabcabun. V.; Cajx-ajia, 11.; Gomi, Pamp.; 
Pacpac-lfiuin. T. ; Paipai-Anio, T. : Tibatib, Pamp. 

895G 12 

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PoLYPORUS. A genus of pore-bearing woody fungi. 

Cabilti, T. 
PoLYSCiAS NODOSA Seem. {Araliacew.) A glabrous shrub with ])ani(1ed 
umbels and pinnate leaves. 
Bias-bias, T., V.; Binglm, T., V.; Bonglfu, V., T.; Bonlin, 'W: BoiTglm, 
T.; BLirlg-loy, V.; Malapapaya, T., V. 
PoMP]TiA. {Sapindaceiv.) Tall trees with pinnate leaves and simple or 
panicled, elongated, slender racemes. 
Cuya-qnia, Z.; (^uiaquia, Z. 
PONGAMIA GLAHRA Vent. { Leguminoscw.) An erect tree with od(l-i)innate 
leaves and woody, flattened, indihiscent pods, common near the 
Balic-balic, T.; Baloc baloc, T. ; Balot-balot (Tayabas) ; Baui, T. ; 
Bayoc-bayoc, T. ; Butong, V.; Caddol. 
PoRTULACA OLERACEA L. {Portulacacew.) A prostrate succulent weed, 
the "purslane" of the United States. 
AusTman, B. ; Colasiman, T.; Grolasiman, T. ; Olasiman, T. ; Saylcari, T. 
P. QUADRIFIDA J.. Sayicau, T. 

PoTAMOGATON jAVANicis TTassk. {Naiadacew.) Submerged water plant 
with floating leaves. 
Lomot, T. 
P6thos. {A7~oidca\) Climbing branched shrubs, the branches rooting. 

Apis, T. 
P. CYiJNDRici s Presl. H6log-iT]j;a-isa, V. 

PouzoLZiA INDICA Gaud. (Urticacew.) A slender, erect or prostrate herb 
with axillary white flowers. 
Tuia, T. 
Premna. {Verhenacew.) Shrubs or small trees with corymbose or panicled 
cymes of rather small greenish or yellowish flowers. 
Adio (Tayabas); Agdao, T.; Alaga, T. ; Alagfio dagat, T.; Alogba- 
gunit, T. ; AiTghet, T.; Anoaang; Aragfio, V.; Malaapi, T.; Manaba. 
B.; Mulauin-nso, T. ; Tanaua, T.; tjban. 
P. VESTiTA Schauer. Leaves softly pubescent. 

Aagfio, T. ; AdgAo, V.; Alagao, T. ; Algoa, T. ; Anobran, II.; Argao, V.: 
Molauin-Sso, T. ; Pamfdiat, V.; Tanglay-maloto, Pamp. 
Prosopis juliflora do. {Lcguminosem.) A shrub or small tree intro- 
duced from America and now very common along the seashores in 
certain places. Thorns stout, flowers yellow. 
Aroma, T. 
PsiDiUM gliayava L. (Myrtacew.) A shrub or small tree, iKitive of 
America and now very common in the Philippines. The fiuit is 
Arrfiyan; Bayabas, T. ; Calinbagfn, T.; Guay.^bas, Sp. : (hiayabo; 
Guyaba, Sp.; GuySbas, Sp.; TaySbas, T. 
PsoPiiocAKPUS PALUSTRis Dcsv. {Lec/uminosew.) A twining \\vvh from 
a large tuberous root. Pod 3 to 4 inches long, (/ultivaled. 
BaMgay, V. 

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P. TETRAcoNOLor.i s DC'. Similar, })iit with a pod inclu's loni2^ or more, 
square, winged. Cultivated. 
Calamismis, T. ; CalamTsmis; Camaluson, V.; Pal-lam. 11. 
PsYCiiOTHiA. {Ruhiacciv.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Tatanfc, T. 
P. MAi.AYANA Jack. Leno, 1\ ; Sagomay; 'l'a.ii]H'), 'P. 
Pteuis opaca J. Sm. {I'iUccs.) Dagabas, 'l\, V.; Harias, T.. V. 
Pteuocaupius. {Lcgiiininosccv.) Trees with yellow (lowers and orbicular 
pods whicli have a ligid wing. Valuable timber trends. 
Danapra; Daytanag, Pamp.; Idfao; Tagpa, (<.; IJdiaon, '1\ 
P. BEANCOi Merrill. Leaves acuminate, pods glal)rous, wing broad, wood 
Sanque, V.; Urian, Apalit, Pamp. 
P. iNDicus L. Similar to preceding species but leaves acute and wing of 
pod much narrower. 
Agana; Antagan; Asana, '\\; Daitanag, Pamp.; Naga, V.; Nilrra, T., V. 
P. viDALTANUS Rolfc. Pods covered with stout spines. 

Narra ])ula (Unisan). 
Pterocaueon CYLiNDKOSTACiiYUM Clarke. {C<)i)i])()siia\) A tomentose 
herb with alternate dcMMirreiit leaves and sessile heads of yellow 
Sambong-gala, T. 
PTEiioCYMniUM JAVANTCiJM J\. P)i'. {ySfcrculiacew.) A tall tree, the simhIs 
Bangot, T. ; Busain (Leyte) : Dnha. (?) \'. ; FaiTginhan ; Malasapsap, 
T.; Taloto, T.; I^aluto. 
PTEROSPERMU^r. {^t ercuJiacca'.) Scaly or siellate-tomentose trees, with 
leathery oblique leaves, woody-angled capsules, and wing(Ml seeds. 
Bariuan, Ik; Bayug, V.; Bayog-bayog, Pamp.; Calatiir^ari, T. ; (!an- 
tiiTgan (Mang.) ; Quinay-qumay, T.\ Taligana, Z. 
P. ACERiFOEiUM Willd. kcavcs roundish oi- oblong, entire or coarsely 
Bayoc, T. 
P. BLUMEANUM Kth. Bayoc, T. ; liayoc, '^1.; Bayog, '\\\ Ikiyugtfn, 1\ 
P. DIVERSTEOLTUM Blume. Leaves horary berunith, acuminate. 

Bagud. 1\; Balay-bayan, Z. ; Bfiroy ; Bayoc. L. ; IbiiTga, Cag. 
P. op.LU,>i!EM l*>lume. (^alocitiiTgan, T. ; Panaliiigaen ; l^ingan-tfngan, T, 
Ptychosperma PUNICEA Miq. {Palmw.) Saloag, V. 

PuEKAiiiA .TAVANICA P>enth. [Lefruminoscd.) Stems twining,, covered with 
dense, spreading brown hairs. 
SincainTis-aso, T. 
P. PiiASEOLOiDES Bcuth. J>ahay, V. 
PuNTCA ORANATUAF L. {hjfthraccAV.) A slirub, the pomegranate, cultivated. 

Dal 1 ma (Jolo) ; (Jranada, Sp. 
PUPALTA ATROPUKPUREA Moq. {Ainarantaccd'.) A slender, erect herb, with' 
acuminate leaves and long s])ikes. 
Docot-dncot, V. 

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Pygeum. (Rosaccw.) Evergreen trees or shrubs. 

Amugan, T.; Baliny, ^i\, V.; Cagatuiigan, T.; DuiTgon-duiToOnaii, F. ; 

GuTlit, T. ; Luyilsiii, T. : Malaemac, T., Pamp. ; Malapuyao, T. ; M^aloc- 

P. AKBOREUM Endl. Pasac, T. 
P. LATiFOLiUM Miq. Cambfil. 


(^UERCUS. {(Jupiilifcrea'.) The oaks. Many speeies are found in the 

mountain forests in the Pliilippines. 
Babaisaan, T. ; Bagman, T. ; Baynian, 1\ ; Bayiican, T. ; Manloab, T. ; 

Manriug, T. ; Pacnan, T. ; Panganan; Ticleb, Ig.; Uyayan, V. 
Q. BLANCO! A. DC. Uayan, T. 

Q. CASTELi.ARANAUiANA Vidal. Pusopuso ( Marinduque ) . 
Q. JORDAN.E Lag. Palayen, Ig. 

Q. LLANOSU A. J)C. Ahlyan, T. ; Hayopag, T. ; MaeabiiTgao, T. 
Q. PHITJPPINEN8IS A. DC. Maiigasiriqui (Buhican). 
Q. SOLERIANA Vidal. Cacana, T.; Olayan. 
Q. viDALii F. Vill. Sirique. 
QiJiSQUALis INDICA Linii. {Comhrciaccw.) A rand)ling, subscandent slirub 

witli sh^nder, elongated fragrant white, pink, or red flowers. 
J^>abebab(>, Pamp.; JJalitadhani, V.; Niog-niogan, T. ; Pinones, V.; 

Tah^lon (JVIariTiduque) ; Tangalon (Marinduque); TaiTgolon, T., V.; 

TaiTgulon, P.; Tartarao, 11.; Tortoraoc, T. 


Ran 1)1 A. iUubiacew.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Bayabar aso, Pamp.; Malabacaunn, T. ; Malacafe, 1\ ; Malacarj)a; 
H. cuMiiNKjiAivA Vidal. Palo-palo, B. 
E. DUMETORUM L. Sinampaga, T. 
IvAUwoLFiA. [ApocinaccAV.) Shrubs or small trees. 

Curcanela (Albay) ; jjipata, T. 
K. AMSONi.EFOLiA A. DC. Maladita, T. ; Pandacaque lalaque, T. 
PvAPANEA piiiLippiNENSJvS Mez. [M yrsinaccw.) A small tree. 

(Jalumanay, T. ; Tanigad (Dinagat). 
IvATONiA MONTANA B. & 11. {HupvmJavciv.) Slirubs or trees. 

Guisian, T. 
BnAMNUS. {Rkamnuccw.) Shrubs or trees with aliern ite leaves and small 
berry-like dru])es. 

Bical, 11. 
\l. WHMnif W. & A. Cabatiti, T. 

HiTAPiriDOPiioRA. [Aroidea'.) Amuhmg, (Jag.; llolog, V.: Tlotog, V. 
Iv. MONTANA Seliott. Dapong-tibatib, T. 

II. PERTUSA Sehott. Dayta, V.; Mamao (Jolo) ; Pacpacdauin, T. 
PviiAPis ELAP>ELiJFORMis Ait. [PaJnuv.) Anahao, T. 

RiiizopiiORA. { R/iizophorocca'.) A constituent of the mangrove swamps. 
J^'tals, four. 

lUuas, T. . 

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II. CONJIKJATA L. Bacauaii lairKjiii, 'W: Toiryog, V. 

H. MucRONATA Lam. Bacao, T. V.; Bacauaii, T.; Ooiigon, ]].; Paracan, 

11.; iVlotan; Pototan; 'raiu>'al, T. ; Tigasaii. 
illiODAMNiA GLABRA Vidal. ( M ijrlacccr.) Small tree or shrub. 

(his-oas, v.; (hiis-^uis, T. 
Rhododendron RosMARiNiFoiJUiM Vidal. (Ericarca-.) Small sliruhs, found 
on the higher mountains. 
Vic'bfqui, 1^. 
11. VKRTicrixA'riJM Vidal. Lopon,i,^ l«r. 
lUciNUS coAiMrNis 1.. (KupUorbiacca.) 'V\w easior (dl plant. 

LansTiia, T. ; Liiu»asina, T. ; 'raii]^an-t;nr^an. W. II.: TaA atavan^^-sfua. 
11.; 'l\\\vata\vasii'nj,a, 11. 
Rosmarinus officinalis Linn. {Lahidfcd.) Hie rosemary, iniroducod 
from l^^uropc, ('ulti\'at(Hl and (?) s|)()iitan('()us. 
Romoro. Sj). 

ROTTROKLLIA MLRIOA^rA Ivctz. {(i r<UH 'uKUr.) Stout, ('Oai'SC oi'ass. 

'J'imsin, '\\ 
RoUREA. (Connavdcvcv.) Trees or shrubs, sometimes seandent . with odd 
pinnate leav^es and axillary |)ani('ulai(' inlloreseenee. 
Ibaiban, '\\ 
R. IIETEROPIIYLLA Planch. A seandent shrub with small whit(> llowers and 
red ca])sules. 
Cama^sa, T. ; (lamagsa ta|^uilis, 'F\ : C\amumin, 'P.; (Jineos «^'ufeos, T. ; 
Gurayacaii, T. ; Hanmababao, T., V., Pamp. ; Mai4trd)i,Lj', V.. Pamp. : 
Mavindato, Y., Pamp.; Palosanto, '\\\ llngali-na-j)ula, V., Pamp. 
R. MULTITFLORA Planch. Malaeahuc, T. 

Rmus. { Rosacccv.) The raspV)erry. Several species are found in the Phil- 
i])])ines ; berries usually rather tasteless. 
Sabnet. T. ; Sapnit, T. 
R. GLOMERATUS l*)liime. Dagamit, V.: Sapfnit. V. 
R. PARVIFLORLS L. l)ai»uinot, Y. 
R. ROS.FFOi-ius Smith. Sao'mit, T. : Saptnit, T. 
RiTTA (JRAVEOLENS P. {Rjitaecw.) A stronju^-smellinu: herb. cultivat(Ml. 

Dura, Y. 
Ryi'AROSA LONOiPEDliNClTLATA. { Eiipliorhiacra.) BuiTp^anon (Tinago). 


Sacxmiarim offk^lnarum ]j. {(IrdniuK'n.) 'V\\v su«^ar cane. 

Ao-bo. Oa<,^ ; Cana-drdce, Sp. ; (,)uilala, V.; Tubd, 1\ 
Saccolabil>l iOrcliiddcrd-.) Kpipyhtic orchids. 

]Mana<>o, V. 
SACCOPF/rALi'M. {Anov(ic<'a\) Trees. 

(^alabuyo, T. 
S. LONOiPES Yidal. DaiT^luc. T. : Lam'itan. T. 

Sacjeretia. {Rhamiiacra'.) Slirubs with ri^id or seandent branches and 
very small sessile fIo\N(U's. 

Adadinco ( P>enj^uet ) . 

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SALAcriA iMiiAoiDES DC. iCclas Ircwca.) A large climbing shrub with coria- 
ceous U'avcs. 
iM jita ng-ol a ng, 1\ 
Salix azaolana Bhinco. (Quid?) tSaCice; Tiaun, T. 

Samaoeua indica Gaertn. {Hinharubiacca\) A small tree with fleshy 
leav^es and hnig peduncJed many-flowered umbels. 
Daraput, V.; Linatoganac, V.; Linton-gamai, V.; Mongal, T. ; Manun- 
gal, T., !*>., v., Tamp.; Mauing-dato, V.; Palagarium, V.; Palagium, 
V^. ; l\)noan, V. 
Sambucus JAVAiS'iCA Blume. {Gaprifoliacew.) A straggling slnub with 
corymbose inflorescence and small white flowers. 
JJagon()y-sa-bri(inid ; 8aiico. 
Sandokicum viDALii Merrill. {Meliaccir.) Trees with trifoliate leaves and 
lleshy fruits. 
iMalasantol, T. 
S. INDICUM L. A tree cultivated for its edible fruit. 

Santol, T., V.; Santor (Zamboanga). 
Santiiua. {Irurscraccw.) Balsamiferous trees with alternate trifoliate 
Abar, T. ; !56lao, Pamp. ; Bulao, T. ; Pautan, T. 
Sapjni>us. ( Hirpinddcca'. ) Trees. 

Atalapilpi, Z. ; I)aloc; Hansali, T. 
S. TUR(!ZANi^()WTi Vid. ('asiben, 11.; Catiguis, T.; Cosiben, 11.; Malapalit- 
pit, Pamp. ; Malapatpit; Palicpic-pito, Pamp. ; Panosiben (Tiagan) ; 
Tiqufs tiquis, T. ; Sausauli. 
Sarcocepiiaiajs cordatus Miq. {Iluhlacea\) A tree with globose heads of 
white flowers, 
l^ancfil, 'J\ ; Bancal-cabog ; Bangcal, 'l\ ; Ihilala, Tl. ; Cabag; Oabag 
hand)abalos, V.; IJambabalos, T. ; Mabalot, T. ; Nantbabalos. 
Saurau.ia. {Tcrnsirocmiacca'.) Trees or shrubs with the leaves approxi- 
mate at tlie ends of the branches. 
Alasipon, Cag. ; Panoddias, V.; Pura, ^^. 
Saukopus ANimoGYNiis Merrill. {Euphorhiaccw.) Binahian, T. 
Sc/KVor.A KOENicri Vahl. {(ioodcnoviacca'.) A small slirub with stout 
branches, tufted leaves and pale blue flowers, common on the sea- 
lialoc-bah'h', 'l\; Bocaboc. T., V.: P>osb6ron, T., V.; P»6to, 1\, V.; 
l.inog, Z.; Mosboron, T., V.; Panabolong; Panabolong, T., V.; Pana- 
buliing, v.: F*arTgangt6long, T., V.: Tagustus, V. 
SciiizosrACiiYiJNr. {(Iramincw.) A bamboo. 

Balicao, V. 
S. ACUTiELORUAr iMuuro. J5ocriujiy, 'l\ ; (Jauayan-bocaui ; Cauayan-osui ; 

Ca uayan-tayo-uanac ( Taya has ) . 
?S. BLUMEi Nees. Cauayan-china. 
SciiLEiciiERA. [Sapindacciv.) Trees. 

Dapnit, Pamp.: Matamata, B. Carabda]). 
S(!]ii{AXKiA ACULEATA Willd. {Crucifcrccv.) Sapinit, T. 

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SciHPUS. (Ci/pc) <(('('(( .) I'siiallv conrse luslics, ij^rowiiig in wet soils. 

( -alantipay, 'W; Caiiubsi'ibaii, T. ; Libiraii, 'l\ 
S. MU(j!U)NA'rA \j. \hi\i\i\jj;nd, Y. 
Sci.EKiA. {i.'ij'pcracciv.) JSleiuler or coarse grass! ik(> plants, in wet soils. 

Arat, T.; Baroqueboe, T.; Daat, 1\ ; Dat, V.; Dani, T. ; Haras, V. 
ScoLOiMA. [Itixacciv.) S]>iiious trees with alternate entire lea\"es. 

JViyna. 'W 
S. CRENATA Clos. I)ita.nb6l, 'V.\ I)itrnig()l, 'V . 
H. DASYANPiiKKA l*)entli. Sfinasana. 
S. uoxr.URGHii ('los. Ag is-as. 

ScoPAHiA DULCis L. { i^cropJiu 1(1 ri(i('('(r.) A niucb-branehed licrb with 
nniruM-ons snn\ll wbite flowers, eonmion in open j)laces. 
Cliacba-cbacliriclian, '\\\ Malaanis, Panq). ; Saang eabayo, T. 
ScYPJiiiMiOHA iiYDRoniYLLACEA Gaertn. {Riibiaceiv.) A glabrons tree 
found along the seashore with coriaceous leaves, the young l)ranches 
Manilad, T. ; Nilad, T. ; Nilar, T.; Pipistc, T. ; Sabfisa, T. 
iSelaginella. {Selagmellacca'.) Crocalfisay; Danso, T. 
S. CAiLESCENS Spring. Atoatong, Ig. 
Seme(;arpl'S. {Anacardiaccw.) Trees. 

Angas babae, T.?; Caniiring, II.: Lubidlnbid, 1?.; Pahntan, T. 
8. ANACAUDii'M L. f. AnSgas. 

S. cjigantifotja Vidal. Leaves 3 ft. long or more, crowded at the ends 
of the few branches. 
Malabalilhatv; Tocud-langit, T. 
S. MACMJOPHYLEA Merrill. Leaves obovaie, i to 2 ft. long. 

Pipi. V. 
S. PERKOTTETii March. Alagas; Anagas, V. ; Balinhasay (Al)ra) ; P>i'ignao; 
Ingiis; [jaiTgas, V.; Legas, T. ; Ligaas, 'F\ ; Ligas, T. ; LoTTJias ((^ebu). 
Serianthes (ji{AM)jfeop.a Bcnth. {JjCfjiwiwosccr.) Unarmed tree with bi- 
pinnate leaves and large yellowish flowers. 
Ton 6c. 
Sesamim iNOJCi m L. [Pcdalinva.) An erect herbaceous i)lant with white 
tlowers, cultivated and spontaneous. The seeds yield a valuable oil, 
known in commerce as sesamum oil. 
Lana; LaiTga (Cag.) ; LaiTgfs, Tamp.; LangiTga, T. ; LaiTguls, LengiTga, 
T. ; LTiTga, T. ; LirTgo ; Loiuia, V. 
Sesbania AEGYPTiACA Pers. {Lcguminosccr.) A shrub with pale yellow 
Malacaqnios, T. 
S. URANDiFEOPvA Pcrs. A small tice with very large white flowers and 
slender pods a foot in length, 
(^iturai, r. : (lauay-gauay, V.; (Jauay-gauay iTga pula, V. 
Sesuvii M PORTi LACASTRi M L. {FicoidecE.) A succulent branching herb, 
found along the seashores. 
15ilang-bflang, V.; Carampalit, Pamp. ; Damp^lit, T., V., Pamp. ; Ta- 
rump^lit, T. 

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Setahia (JLAUCa Boaiiv. {Qrammciv.) "Pigeon grass" of the United 
Brmtot-pilsa, T. 
S. iTALiCA Beauv. {(UraniAnca'.) Italian millet; eultivated. 

Bicaeao, II.; l^orona. Panij). ; Bucaeao, 11.; Daoa, V.; Dana, T., W : 
Dflva, T., v.; Mfjo (Cebu). 
SllOREA. {J)ij>1cr<)('(f)'j)(ic('(r.) Large trees, valuable for their tinibei . 
(^alyx in fruit with an obscure tube, two segments enlaiged. 
AlfrTJ^ad, Pang.; Banbayan, 11.; Batitinan, T. ; Binaliuan. T. ; Bttic, T. ; 
BuTean, T. ; DalindiiTgan, T. ; Danlig. ; Duyong. II.; Maeaasin, V.: 
Mangasinoro, Z.; Palosfipis; Pauhapi, T. ; TaiTgi'li. T. : 'I'iaui, T. 
S. Gi'iso l>]um(\ (^atapang; Curueat (Nueva Viseaya ) : ('uryao (Nueva 
Viseaya); Guijo, 'P.; Guisfhang; (tuTso, T.; Ouisoe, 'P.; 8aray, Cag; 
YaTuban, II. ; ZTtan, Gag. 
8. :^^ALAA^oNAN Blume. Malaanonan, T. 
S. MANOACiiAPUY F. Vill. (lUisong-dilao, T. 

SiDA CAJiPiNiFOLiA L. {Malvaccw.) An undershrub with yellow flowers. 
Eseobaglulba, T. ; Migotbalato, T., V., Pamp.; Pamfilis, 'P., V., IVuii}). ; 
Silhigon, V.; Wawalisan. 
S. FRUTESCENS Blauco. Mamolis, T., V., Pamp.; 'Paqumg-baea, 11.; 'Paqufng- 

baea-baca, II. ; Uaualisin, T., V., Pamp. 
S. RTiOMDiFOEiA L. Baseug-baseng, V.; Eseobang-haba, T., V., Pamp. 
SiDEKOXYLON. (J^apolacca'.) Trees, some species yielding gutta-])(Meha. 
Acana; Dolitan-j^aeatan, T. ; Dolotan-pula. T.; Marumancas, 'P.: i\laru- 
mancas-na-lala(pie, T. 
S. i?AijTi5iTAN Blanco. ]^alitbitan, T. 
S. ciNEREUM L. Duelitan. 
8. DiCLiTAN Blanco. Duelitan, T. 
8tni)ORA. [hciiuuiinof^ccv.) Trees. 

Yacot, Z. 
8. WALLiciiii Benth. A tree growing near the seashore, calyx beset with 
soft bristle-like processes. Pod armed with stout spines. 
Malapaho, T. ; Manapo, B. ; Palmo; Pamalalian, Gag.; Pancalian, 
Gag. ; Stipa, T. ; Yacal-dilao, T. 
Smilax. {Liliacew.) Glimbing shrubs with alternate 3 to 5 nerved leaves 
and small dioecious flowers. 
Ilampas-tabrilang, T. ; 6bat, T. ; Ronas ; Tighalang, T. ; Ilncion. 
8. CHINA L. Bfinag, V. T. ; Barag, Pamp.; tJbi-nbihan, T. 
8. DiVARiCATA Blanco. Ilimpjis-lagbalang. 
8. INDICA Vitm. Banagan, V. ; Gamfigsa, T. ; Clang, T. 
8. LATIFOETA P>laneo. 8ipit-olag. 

80LANUM. {^olanaccw.) Herbs, shrubs, or small trees, spinous or un- 
armed. Frnit a berry. 
Talampay, 1\ ; TaloiTgon, T. 
8. FEKOX Ti. Tagntong, V. ; T^long-gtibat, T. ; Tarambolo, T. 
8. MELONCJENA L. The Q.^g plant, cultivated. 
Talong, T., V. 

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S. NIGRUM L. A coninion weed with small black b<>rrieR. used in medicine. 
Bolagtab, V.; Camacamatisan, T. ; Conty, 1\ ; Cunti, T. ; Cfiti, B. ; 
Gamagamatisan, T. ; Hulablub, V.; Lagpacuin, V.; I.ubMubi, T., V., 
B.; onti, T. 
S. SANCTUM L. TalaiTgbulo, T. ; TaiToan-taifoan, T. 
8. TUBEROSUM L. The potato, cnltivated in tlie mountain rejjfions. 

Papas; Batatas, Sp. Fil. 
S. VEHBASCIFOLIUM L. Neoo-uoog (Cebu); Tabaco iabacobnii: I'no-ali. W 
80NNERATIA PAOATPAT J^lanco. {Lythraeca.) Tree, .n'lowino' in and on the 
borders of mangrove swamps, with broad leavers and ratlier large 
Bunayon; BurTgahm, V.; Daluru lahnpu'. I>. : Bagalpat, T.. V.. B>. : 
Bala})ad, T. ; Balatpat, T. 
SoPUORA TOMENTOSA L. {LcguminoseAV.) A small tree with leaves densely 
tomentose beneath and yellow flowers. Common on the seashoi-es. 
Bailgil, T., v.; J5araumaran, T., W.\ (labaieabai. 1., \'. : (lauai, W, V.: 
Cuison, T., v.; Maiiguyao, B. ; Mantala, T. V.; Olaomag, ^l\, V.: 
PaiTgalarlgan, T., V.; Kocnohan, T., V.; Sandalaitan, T. : Tand)ala- 
gujsai, 1\, v.; Tambalisa, T., V.; Yabag, T., V. 
SoRGUM VULGARE Bers. {Grauiincw.) Cultivated, "sorghum." 

Batad, V. 
Spii^.Ranthus aericanus L. {Compositrr.) A low annual, the branches 
winged, whole plant fragrant, a weed in waste phones. 
Talababaco, V. 
S. iNDicus L. Differing from the preceding in its tootlied wings of the 
branches and other characters. 
Sambong-ga 1 a , T. 
Sphenoclea zeylanica L. {Ga>i\panuUicc(r.) An annual erect herb with 
axillary and terminal spikes, common in rice ])a(ldies, swamps, etc. 
Silisilihan, 'V. 
Spilanthes acmella L. [Coniposiliv.) An annual erect or ascending hei'l) 
with solitary or panicled heads. Much used in medicine. 
Agonoi, v.; Hagonog, T. ; llagonoi, T. : Bnlunag; P;ilnnai, Bam]). 
Spinifex SQITARROSUS L. {(Traminpcr.) A very coaise trailing grass with 
spherical, spiny inflorescence; very common on sandy seashores. 
Bfiqui-baqui, V. ; Damon-dagat. 
Spondtas man(UFERA Wall. i Anacardiacea'.) A glabious tree cultivated 
for its edible fruit. 
Alubihod, v.; Alubihon, T. 
S. PURPUREA L. Similar to the preceding, introduced from America. 

Cirtlllas Siiihuelas, T. • 
Sponia. {(Jrficacca'.) Hanarion, T. 

Stepitegyne. (Jiiihidcrrr.) Shrubs or small trees with globose infloj-esccncc^ 
Anitag, T. ; (^alamansalai, T.; Calamairsalan. 1\ : Calamansanai, T.: 
Checlie ( Nueva Vis cava ) . 
S. diverstfolta Hook. Mambob. 
S. speciosa Korth. Mambog. 

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S^J'EKCUMA. iHfcrcyiiavcd'.) Large trees or shrubs, with simple, palmately 

lob(Hl or digitate hnives. 
Anihlng, T. ; Aiiahanon, Jl ; 13acan, T: Balabonot; Busain, V.; Maglo- 

]6])oy, Z. ; Mahibimot, 1\ ; Malacacao, T. ; Malafmot, T. ; Panaquitm, 

T. ; Tiican-calao, 'V. 
S. iJAi.ANGiiAs Blanco. BalSnghas. 
S. FCETiDA L. Leaves digitate. The seeds yield a valuable oil. The flowers 

have a foetid odor. 
Bailgar, II. ; Bobog, V.; Calompiin, T. ; Calurnpag, T. ; Calilmpan, 

Pamp. ; Caliiinpang, T. ; Calumpang ; Calilngpang, T. ; Cnuraprmg 

vS. OBLONGATA R. Br. Uos, B. 
S. iiiJjJiGiNOSA Vent. Nato, T. 
S. STi POLARIS R. Br. Malabonot. 
8. IJRKN8 l\oxl). Hanflad, V., T. 
Sterospkrmum. {Bignoniacew.) Trees with 1 oi- 2 -pinnate leaves and large 

lax terminal panicles. 
Bibit-parang; Macaturay; Malacaturay, Z. 
8. PINNATUM Kolfe. Brmai-banai, T. 
S. QUADRTPINNATUM F. Vill. Ansohan, V.; Badhln, V.; Brmai-banai, T. ; 

Brmai-banayan, V.; Banay ; Banayan; Baticulfn, T. ; B^tlan; Bo- 

tong-manoc, T. ; Uimbabaon, T. 
8TREBLUS. {Urticacea'.) 8hrubs with small harsh leaves. 

Bflc-boc, Pamp. 
S. ASPER Lour. Alasis ; Alodig, 11., T. ; Ampas, Pamp.; Balangtquin, Cag. ; 

Bocboc, T.; Bogto-tae, V.; Cacridle, T. ; Cfilios, T. ; Calois ; CaMis, 

T. ; Malaipritai, B. 
Streptocaulon baumii Decne. {Asclepiadacew.) Twining tomentose 

shrubby vine. 
Dngtung-ahas, T. ; Parongtong-ahas, T. 
Strychnos. [Logmiiaccw.) 1'rees or scandent shrubs. The fruit of sev- 
eral species yield strychnine. 
Cabucabulauan, B. ; Malagarfiyat, T. ; Talang-fndong, B. 
S. celebica Koordc^rs. Bugajin, V. 
8. iGNMii Berg. Fruit large, spherical, medicinal. 

Agiiason, V.; CabaloiTgan, T., Pamp.; Catalonga, V.; Call) ilonga ; 

Dancagi. V.; Canhira, V.; Frfita, 8p. Fil.; Igfisud, \.: M iin-naog, 

v.; Paiigaguason, V.; Pepfta, T. ; Pepfta-de-San Ignaeio. 8p. Fil.; 

Pepita-sa-catbaloiTgan, V., T., B., Pamp. 
8. MULTIELORA l*>eiith. ]^>atul, T. 
8. potatorum L. f. Camotin, T. 
SuMiJAViA ROiTLEROiDES Baill. {EuphorhiacecB.) A lice with stellate 

Alipfiro, T. ; Quirap, T. 
Symphorema luzonensis Vidal. {Verhcnaceco.) A scandent shrub with 

capitate peduncled cymes, with an involucre of (> brads. Flowers 

blue or purple. 
Balibai, Pamj). ; Malabulaon, Pamp.; Malascog, T. ; Pamulachlquin, T. 

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Symplocos. {^Strydcca-.) Trees or shrubs, often drying yellow. Species 
many in tlie Pl\ili})pines. 
Caloniansola, T. ; Libas-libas : Maragabfilo, T. ; Matalapay, ]\. 

TabernzI'^montana. {Apocinaccic.) Shrubs with milky sap, wiiiie Mowers, 
and red fruits; much used in niedieine. 
fris, Manir- ; Jandayagcot. V.; Sapit-usa (Albay); Tahuiisoy, B. ; 
Tampupol, 't. : Tuncal, V. 
T. (aJMiNGiANA A. DC. ILalibutbut, B. 
T. GLOBOSA Blanco. Fruit globose. 

Bayag-usa, T. 
T. PANDACAQUi Poir. Fruit elongated. 

Alibubut, v.; Campopot, T. : Curribuetbuet. lb; Pandacaguc, T. : I'an- 
dacaqui, T., V., Pamp. ; Pandaya, V.: Toar, V. 
Tacca. [TaccacGW.) Herbaceous plants from a creeping rootstalk, the 
scape leafless; flowers umbelled. 
Parangisat-it-manatad, V.; TfincutdaiTguit, T. 
T. PALM ATA Blume. Magsaloro, V. 


Canobong, V.; Magsaloro-nga-dacii, V.; Panarien, II.; Pamiirien, FL: 
Tayobong, V. 
T. RUMPliii, Scbauer. Bagong, V.; Bagong l)agong, V.: Canalong, V. 
Talauma. {Magnoliacew.) Trees or shrubs with large white flowers and 
large fruits. 
Anubiong (Tayabas) ; Cacao-cacaoan : iMacalascalas, B. 
T. ANGATENSis F. ViU. Aniboug, Pamp.; Anobling, T. ; Anul)ling, V.: I'lli- 

easan, T., V.; Malicascasan, V. 
T. VILLAKIANA Rolfe. Anobliug, T. 

Tamarindus indica Linn. (LegumAnosca\) A tree with straw-yellow 
flowers. Seeds end)edded in an edible pulp. 11ie tamarind. 
Camalagui, V.; Macasampaloc, 1\ ; Salomague. II.: Salumagui, 11.: 
Samalagui, V.; Sambae, B. ; Sambag, V.: Sand)agui, V.; Sambala- 
gui, v.; Sam])alagui, B. ; Sampaloc, T., B., Pamp.; SumalAgui. \'.: 
Tamarmdo. Sp. Fil. 
Tarrietia sylvatica Merrill. {Sterculiacea.) Tall tree with leaves white 
beneath, fruit winged. A valuable tind)er tree. 
Duirgol; Dina-on; DnrTgon; Di'ingun, T., V.; DuiTgfln, V.; Palonapin; 
Palomlpoy, Z. ; Paronapin, 11. 
Taxothopuis iiJCiFOLJA Vidal. (llrticacccF.) A small shrub with glossy 
leaves similar to "holly." 
Cnyos-cuyos, V.; Malalimon. 
Tectona gkandis ii. f. ( \'<", h('iiac('<r.) A large tree, stellate toutentosc^ 
leaves large ovate, inflorescence paniculate. teak 
Calayate, V.; Dalanan, Y.; DalaTulon. V.; Dalondon. \'.: Sag\inyate, 
v.; Teca, Sp. Fil.; Tida, T. ; Yale, \ . 
Tephkosia. {Le(f}nninosca\) Herbs or undershrubs. 
Dacanddng, V. 

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T. LUZONENSis Vogol. IJerbaceons, prostrate. 

])agaiT^(lang, V.; Maasfc, Pamp. ; 'ragiim-tagiiiii, V.; TayoiiitayoiDan, T. 
Tkumikaija. {(Jombrclaccw.) Trees witli leaves and spieate iiifloreseence 
a])])r()xiinate at tlie ends of tlie branches. 
AritoTioloiig, II.; Balitosoii; IMlung-dalaga, T. ; P)in6lo, T.; l^inulo, 1\; 
Calaniayon, T. ; Calannttit: Cal-anitit, ]1.; Diglas. T. ; Dalense, T. ; 
Dalensin, T. : Danipol, T. ; Dinglas, T/l; Catasan, T. ; Liapa, Z. ; 
Magarapala, T. ; Magarilao, T. ; Malagabanip, T. ; Mahqxitat, T.; 
Malnsacoi. '!'. : M;. latalTsay, Y. ; Natob, 1\ ; Paiiaii. T. : Paitan; 
8aca]). Z. ; Bobosabo. T. ; Tagogon, Z. ; TaiTgisan, T. ; TaiTgal, B. ; 
'rngo-gong. Z. 
T. CALAMANSANAY Rolfo. A tree with winged frnits. 

Bancablguan; J'ancalauag, V.; Bancalaiian, T. : Cabiniansanai, T. ; 
Lunianog, \^ ; Mabicalfinipit, B. 
T. CATAFFA L. Commonly cultivated for shade tree, fruit edibh\ 

Almcridro, S|). Fib; BauiUic, V.; Dalara ; Dalinsi, R. ; Calisai, Paui]). ; 
DalTsay (Mindanao); Hintiln ; Hftam, V.; Lugo, lb; Nato, V.; 
Pandan, lb; Salaysay; Salfsay; Talfsay, T., V., Pamp. 
T. EiniLis Blanco. A forest tree, fruit edible. 

CalompTt, T. ; Calumanog, V.; Calumpit, T.; Cotnioc, B. 
T. NITENS Presb Sacfit, T. 

Teuinstuoemia. {Tcrn^iroemiaCyCir.) (Ibibrous evergreen Irees with leath- 
ery leaves. 
I)itcac, T. ; Cianbog-tfigba. 
T. TOQiiTAN F. Vilb Garaniansritay, T. ; Toquian. T. 

Tetkacera ma(^rofjiylla Wall. {DiUeniaccw.) A shrub with rigid scabrid 
Malacatmon, T. 
TiiEMEDA GIG ANTE A L. {Graminew.) A coarse, tufted grass, common in 
open dry lands. 
Talauyo, T. 
TiiEOBROMA CAc^AO L, { Sicrculiaccw.) A small tree, introduced from 
America ; cacao or chocolate. 
Cacao, Sp. 
TliESFESiA CAMFYLOSiPiiON Bolfc. {MalvacciT.) A tree with large flowers. 

T. MACKOFiiYLEA Blume. A tree with large flowers, found near the sea 
Banaga-puin, T. ; Banaro (Pang.) ; Bannago, T., V.; Bnlacftn, V. 
T. FOFULNEA Cori". Yvry closely related to the preceding. 

Bfiboi-gilbat, T. ; Babuy, T. ; Banalo, V.; Boboi-gubat, T.; Bubuy-gribat, 
T. ; Bulacan. V.; Malibago, T. ; Malasantol, T. 
TiMONii'S FiriLiFFiiNENSis Merrill. {Ruhiacea\) A small tree. 

Mayoio; Payale. 
TiNOSFORA CRISPA Micrs. {Mcnispvnti<ie<'(r.) A climbing shrub with 
ovate cordate leaves and singb^ or fascicled racc^nes. 
Macabfdiai, T. ; Palifivan, V.; l^anavan, V.; Paiuiiavan, V. 
TouRNEFORTiA. {Borraginac€a\) PaiTgas, Pamp.; Sallocfipo. 11. 

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T. ARCENTEA L. f. A siiiall slinib with thick hianclics, (k'liscly piiliesccnt 
leaves, and nunieions small xvoolly (lowers, found on the seashores. 
Balacbjilac, V.; Maiianl. V. 
T. SAUMKiNTOSA I.ani. A woody. elind)iiig vine. 

CalaguiTji-rig, V.; Patai-dod, V.; Sallaeapo. 11. 
TuACiiELOsrEHMUM. { A poci n(i('('<t\) Climbiuii; shrnbs with whiter or [)ui- 
plish (lowers. 
Bayacto, B. 
Thema A]miu)1Nensjs Blnine. {Urticacea:.) Shrub or small tree with 
tonientose leaves. 
Anabion, V.; ITanarion, T.; TTinagdrinp^, V. 
'rRlANTiiEMA MONO(!YNA L. Ayam, V.; Toston, T. 
'I'riciiocauya. {Rosacea'.) I.octon. 
TiiiCJiODESMA ZEYLANK'UM R. P)r. {li()yra(jlnacea\) A coarse hispid herb. 

Mabfilo, T. ; Olongain. 
Tktciioglottis KTGinA r>lni]ie. {Orcludacra.) An ej>i phytic orchid. 

SaiTgumai, T. 
Thiciiosantiies amaka L. {Cn/rcurbilacca'.) l)uyobriyo; Caragda; Iga- 

T. ANCiUiNA lj. A herb;iceons, climbing vine, cultivated. 

Cucubitan, T., V., Panip. : Curagda, V., l^unp. ; llaladiahi, T.: Hothdi. 
'I\ : Pacui)is, 'P.; roeotpdcot, V., Pamp. ; Pucopucot, V., Tamp.: 
Salagsalag, T. ; 8alimpdcot, T. 
T. c.i.OHOSA Illume. Calan-um ouae. V. 
Teipjiacea AriiAxriOEA Lour. { fiufac('a\) A shridi or small tree. 

T. TKIFOLIATA DC*. Limoiuato, Sp. 

Tristellateta xVUSTualasioa a. Rich. {Malpliigiacra.) A scandent shrub 
with 3'ellow (lowers, found near the sea shore. 
Bagntt, T. ; Baguit, B.; Binnsisi, T.; ibnd-ibud, V. 
Tktstira trtptera Radlk. {Hapindaccw.) l^arge tree. 

Cahoy-dalaga ; Maladfac. 
Triumfetta SEM1TR1L0I5A L. {TUiacew.) An herbaceous plant with glo- 
bose prickly fruits. 
Calotangddldg; Coldtan, 'W; Uaracot, V. 
Turraea virexs li. {Ilursrracca;.) A shrub or small tree with axil la ly 
peduncles bearing (dongated white or yellow (lowers. 
Tgiiia . 
Typiia ANfilJSTlEOLTA Idiui. {Typliacca'.) Connuon in wet, open soil: -'(^at 
tail dag." 
R)alarTgot, T. ; l)iiangd)ut iquT, T. ; Homai homai, V.; Lampacanai. \'. 
TYPllONirM DIVARICATI NF l)(Haie. {Aroidciv.) l'rd>crous herbs, 
(labi-gabihan, T. 

rxcAlilA. { litihiacca ) . Climbing shrubs, the Mowers in loose globose 
Canauay, 1\: llagdnog: (Juilap, T. 
r. AciDA Roxb. Mampek V. 

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U. HOOKER! Vid. Baliiclitu (Morong). 
Unona, {A7ionacea'.) Trees or shrubs. 

Amuyon (Tayabas) ; Cabog, T. ; Caboy, 8usong calabao, T. 
U. ODORATA (?) DC. Alayan (Angat). 

Ukena. [Malvacecv.) Herbs or undershrubs more or less covered with 
rigid stellate hairs. 

Mankit, T. 
U. SINUATA L. Flowers pink. 

Colotaii, T., v., Paiiip.; Colot-eolotaii, T., V., Panip. ; Culuculiltan, T. ; 
Cuirdaii; Dalupan, T., V., Pamp. ; Daluparig, V.; Molopolo, T., V., 
UuoPHYLi.UM GLAP.RUM Jack. {Ruhiacetr.) A shrub or small tree. 

D oa tl o ; Ma gl im ocoii . 
Utricularia flexuosa Vahl. {LcntihuUwiacew.) A floating herb with 
3^ellow (lowers. 

Inata (]>uhican) . 
UvARiA. {Anon(i(X'(r.) Trees or shrubs. 

Susong-dnuifdag, Pamp.; TaiTgisau, T. 
U. DULCis Dunal. Dalaganum, V.; Dalagao, V. 
U. OVALIFOLIA B]ume. Pulagac, B. 
U. PURPUREA Blume. Banauac, T., V.; Stisong calabao, T., V. 

Vaccintum barandanum Vidal. { Erica cecr.) Shrubs or undershrubs of 
the higher mountains. The "blue berries" of the United States. 

Ltlsoiig ( Lepa nto ) . 
V. INDIJTUM Vidal. J^anuay, Ig. ; lUinuay (Bontoc). 

Vallisneria spiralis ]j. {Hydro char idacece.) A submerged marine herb 
with very long linear leaves. 

Cmtas-cintasan, T. 
Vanda LissociirLOiDES Lindl. {Orchidaccw.) An epiphytic orchid. 

Sabila, T. 
Vangueria spinosa Roxb. {Ruhiacea?.) A shrub or small tree with num- 
erous spines and small edible drupes. 

Madondon, T. ; Malafisis, T. 
Vatica. {Diptcrocarpacca'.) Large trees yielding valuable timber. 

Bacuog, Pang.; Lauan-na-pula, T. ; Malacban, T.; Yacal-puti, T. 
V. MANGAciiAPOi J31anco. Mangachapoi, T. 
Vernonia. {Compositw.) Iferbs, shrubs or trees. 

Alani, T. ; FangfaiTgun, Ig. ; SiiTgon, Ig. 
V. arborea Ham. A small tree with purplish flowers. 

LaocjKlo, Cag. ; Patabuguin (Paragua). 
V. cniNr:NSis Less. An annual herb. 

Bayaquiboc, T. ; Hipon-hfpon, V.; Lacbong-lacbong, V. 
V. viDAiJi Merrill. Similar to V. arborea, but the leaves densely pubescent. 

Malasand)6ng, T. 
Verbena p.onariensis L. [Yerhenacece.) An herb with sessile oblong 


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Ventilago madehspatana Gaertn. {Rhamnaccw.) A scandent slirub with 
glabrous leaves, the flowers in simple or panicuhite spikes. 
Salapao, T. ; SilTpao, T. 
Viburnum luzonicum llolfe. {Capri foliacc(v.) A scandent slirub with 

Baguiroro, V. ; Putiid (Nueva-Viscaya) . 
V. ODORATissiMUM Ker. Apiit, Ig. 
ViDALTA. {(hittiferca'.) Trees with coriaceous leaves. 

Caloc-critmo; Magaan, B. ; Malasaguin-lalaque. 
V. LEPiDOTA F. Vill. Palo-maria, T. 
V. NAVESii F. Vill. Palo-mariang-gubat, T. 
ViGNA. {Lcguminosecc.) Herbaceous vines. 

V. CATJANG End]. Cultivated, the "cow pea" of the Uini(Ml States. 

Balatong, V.; Hamtric, V.; Laston, V.; Quibal, T. ; Sitao (Manila). 
ViLLARiA PHILIPPINENSIS Rolfe. { Ruhiacco.) Shrubs or trees. 

Lasgas, B. 
ViLLEBRUNEA. (Urticacew,) Shrubs or trees. 

Alipasiao, B. 
V. FRUTESCENS Blunie. Alamang. 

ViNCA ROSEA Linn. [Apocinacew.) A low, erect undershrub with showy 
white or red flowers, common along the seashore. 
Cantotan, T. ; Rosas-sa-btlbay, V. 
VlTEX. {Verhenaccw.) Trailing or erect shrubs or large trees, 

Amuraong, B. ; Balauen, Pang.; Bulauisan, 11.; Calimantao; Oimu- 
baon, v.; Hamolauon, V.; Limolimo, 11.; Magnmu (Albay); iMalu- 
gagnao, V.; Marasagat, 11.; Mulato, T. ; MuhnuMi-babae ; Panaiicu- 
lanan, B. ; Salipapa (Albay). 
V. AiiERNTANA Merrill. A tree with glossy leaves. 

fgang, T. 
V. HETEROPHYLEA Roxb. A tree. 

Bagoaron, V. 
V. LITTORALIS Decuc. A large tree, valuable for its timber. 

Amufiuan; Amuganan; Amuyaon, Bulaon, T., Pamp. ; Hamulaon, T., 
B. ; Jnmolauon; Mulaon (lloilo) ; Molauin. T.- Molave, T. ; Molavin, 
T. ; Mulauin, T. ; Sagad, 11.; Sngat, 11.; Salincapa, Tugas. 
V. OBOVATA Thunb. A trailing shrub with obovate unifoliate leaves, com- 
mon on the seashore. 
Agubarao, V.; Gapas-gjipas, V.; Lagundo, T. ; Baguiidfiig-gapang, T. 
V. NEGUNDO Linn. An erect shrub with 5-foliat(^ leaves. 

Agnocasto, Sp. Fil. Vit. ; Lagundi, T.; Malawin, T. ; Molavin, T. 
V. PliTLiPPiNENSis Merrill. A tree with large r)-foliate leaves, the petiole 
broadly foliate margined. 
V. TRIFOLIA L. An erect shrub or small tree on seashore. 

DfuTgla, 11.; Lagundin-dagat. 
VlTlS. {Ampelidacar.) Tendril-bearing woody vines. 'Vhv grape and the 
"wood bine" of the United States belongs to this genus. 
Sfigpon sugpon, V. ; Tuminting, V. 

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.^. ■■■r-' ■: :!;l::. ::■ r--iM^L- ' ' ' ^'- "•^^-':^-;- ^-^Mf ■■'"- -^- ^" ■■■-"fflMiiiiifrf ■ ■ - •^' ' nn, 

•^"-■■"•'•-^•-'■'■"-•"iTtiNiiili Ill 

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