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^9 tt t) 1 1 c A 1 1 n ^ 


lirije ^arletan ^ocietp. 


Volume XXm, 




ifttarriagc licences 


|gt0t)op of iLonnon, 

1611 TO 1828. 






Volnmt 55. 



:^ CTlti jnrtl wtn"^' '. 


I J|»>j^fJKw 

iRatriagc JLurnces 


ilt£(!)op of £onton. 


M»r. 30 'Hiomiu Wyn, of S' MichifcorR, TTufTErin rAn*-, London* Clctlnrorkor, 
A MargarcL ^abortd, Wi<ltiv [jncX dau. of Richard lUboniU Intc of 
Kttnic, Tnilow Chandler^ <Joc* [we] ; ftt S* Michaerii, Eu^n Lono, 

April 2 MflttliPw Komp*ter. i-if S*Boti>lpli, Alilen-gRto, London^ TftlVm-ClMnJler, 
& Ciciiy l)ftvi<w, of 8^ Androw. IWbnni, wicbw of fA/njitl Datim, 
Ulc of same* Merv*liant Tavlor ; at S* MfliT\ Islincton, >Lad%. 

April 2 Henn' Scotford, of ^^ Kthelbiirgh, London, Getit.^ A Katherine 8aiitbe» 
of AVoethftn, eo. £«)f«A, widow of William SmJtho, Uito of mima, Ym* 
man: at Weethom aforeHaiJ. 

April 2 Wiltiam (Iiwd, of S' TieoimrdV, Sliowlitch, ['* Monyer " in Vicar- 
Ut^crafs Hook J Widower, 52, A UlynoT ilarvio, of irainc, 60, widow 
vf Willium Hjirvic* UUr of DiLgfinhnm, Kncx, OvnL, whu died aLrioet 
ft moatL ago i at S^ L^^onardV Sbcr^<lilcb. 
John &u«aell, of llnchley, co. Middlewi, Til«mKk<*r. A Malwll BaiW, 
of same, Bpiiut^r, <Uu. of John Boilej, lato of aune, Carpenter, dec^ ; 
at namo^ 
TliomaB Dun» Qctit., of Stjiplc'n Inn, BacV. 33, A Aiinc Donwoll, of S' 
Bntftlph. ltj>ibo{iB^i(i<?-, Muiden, 2S. d*u of Thonijw Donw**!!, late of 
>ainc> who died ^ yt*ar« »eo ; con»*ent of bur mother Ajjnw DonweU, 
of snine par. cf S^' Bou»li>li*a ; at S* Michael Bnsi«hair, 
Jobn Hav«vs Or<»t'or, of ti' Ik^nnci'', Onu-t^oliurth. Bach'. 3G, & Eliza- 
beth f'ootc, of antnv^ Miudon. 29, dau- of John Footo, of name pariah. 
Grocer, who consctitfl; at S* Mary Woolchuroh [" Woolnotu " in 
Vi^ar-Geiieral'n BocfU], 
Robert KAm«ey, Gf^nt, of Weatham. Caj^x, J5ach'. 2S, & Agnea Towub- 
eiid, vf namo, yjiinsitor, dau. of John Tuwiu«iid, of S&Uit Qiloit 
who couoetitH : at S* Botilpb, Aldgate, 
cy, CO. Uiddz.. Tailor, & Marj;aret Spajfonl, of 
same. Sp'; at Siepney aforeeoid. 
John Pay n«, Ocnt, of Che«hutit« Hcrt*, BacV, 21 (c^naeutof failier 
Bdward PayucT, of eauno), A Fridiawitli SavU}, of £nli<<hl, Middi,, 
%instor, 15. rJau. of John Saril). late of Nfthnrton, ca. Yi>rk, Esq,, 
WDo died aWh 9 rear* nnce (oonwiMitof her|i;uardiin S^ir Hugh 
Wyirali, K\ of Enfield) ; at Enfield afiiKwnid. 

A^ 15 B4>bert Evi?Blinui, uf i*iltlu At! HjiUuwh, Tliaiuea Street, Loiiduu, 
Morcbaut Tftvlop» AVidowi^r, A EI1«in Groeii<>, of iiiimL», widow of 
Willijitn Greenv, lato of aaoio, Taylor : at &^ Andrew's Hubbard, 

rOL IT, fi 

AptH 8 
April 4 

Apnl G 

April tt 


Cripplegf*t**, Londou, 
Johu Hcwuon, of Stcpnci 

Til 17 Vj^TiT^^gy PBf[t. nf B" StnulpL. iJcte«cu?L Lnuooi, B^tmcloF, £ DarolJiT 

*riJ17 Bitlutrd Wafd. Gt*ii-— "^ IjA^-c Khh>*c!:- Btafi'. SI. £ Ajine 
Mavlard. tJ «»ii*t- Miiii*ei-. Kll. ual ■: Tianui» Mifviand. of All 
HftlloTtw. Ctit tif Bervfri-t. Gem.- tiiiw conHin u axsened by 

Andrew m lite TTarilr:":^. K^iii 
prills Jolm Dtnuiaiu of B' Tuimait Ayi^fi^ L:ti,u,il, BacMaoar, A JUioo 

Webster, of tLe Crrj td LMia:"i_ >:■' .^ ^' Ai:tbi»!zi.ii_ Lcmdon. 
pril30 Humphrey Manlrt^**.' pf ^' Mit-r i: t2.. Lrmd.iL Biiw. & AEc* 

of B^ Jf^hiiV- Titlbn'-t. lu:^:i.^^ >;■'. gatl zz Erpjif^ S»T»dce, late 
of Mine. JitTciiaan- iet-' ; »3 *«T cJiii^ii :■* inkz*L c^ Bi»tifriar>, 


pril23 VUJiani Tylers of S" Aiidwr HuVTifcrL L:ti,5ni_ Tcmer- A EDen 
C<mJtuj3l of «M3>e- «idc*T cif B-itiAri C:ii^:'T_ i»st of budc:. Tnrner ; 

Lpril 25 Tbomi* lIa*«4aIL cf JLmwt^ w Rtra^ Cprk. i EiEA^m Pmae, d»n. 

of Jr^lm Prt***-- <.'f ^'' Miubpw. Fni»T Srrwi, Lcoir^^ CWk ; at S» 

MatiLe*-- Fridar r*:T«T- ifojtwd. 
Ipril 29 BaJpb Bri*TT_ of li»r«:':'i^ *":' Eb>*i. T<*-?i=ai_ ± ELiw^eTh G-odbed. of 

EIt. it-.-^ : at Bar-^'-L »fo?e^ i 
May 4 Tltfjcm Piokeriii^- Ort ^.T.B- T:«r of Fizii'iirzDeji. f«. Eraet, 

lW}jfc]'jr. A Sarah Ba»t. of ?f I>:;^fTaii i;: iW Wert. Londoa, 

Spinvter; at if J'^bn't, WaJl'rc-i-k. af^:'?*«iji 
May 6 G«^jr^ C<iniU:Le, of S"- Cr^r^et'-'j-btT 3e Stock*, Lcadi^n. Haberdasher, 

Baclielor, & lubell Bobene. of aiine, Spi^iFter ; at S* Stepben'*, 

Colemv) Street, I>jiidoiL 
May 6 Gooige MariyD. of the City of LondoB. Diaper. J^ Jafie Sbelton, wiilow 

of Tho&ia£ Sbeltoii. late of S^ 3larzareiV. We^trmBFier. Yeoman ; at 

fi' Andrev in tbe Wardrobe- London. 
May 8 Tbomai WiDu, of S' Gile« m the Field.^. Middieae^ Mercbaai Taylor, 

Bachelor, Sl Joaue Brewer, of same, Spiii!>:er ; at S^ Gilea in the 

Fields aforesaid. 
May 11 Bicbard Smallwood, of S' Banbolotnew tbe Lea». London. Baebelor, & 

Hellenor Ride, of S* Clement, FaAcbeap. ■* Ciiy, widow of Kalph 

Hide, Iat£ of S' Ihinitan in the Eaat, London, Grc»cer; at 3* 

CJement'B, Eai»lebeap, aforeaaid. 
May 11 Geome HuchinHone [«tf »uba., ** Hutcbenfton " in orig.]> Haberdaaber, 

of S' Giles, Cripplegate, Bach^, 21, eon of John Huu-henson, of 

Bame, Habcrda^bcr, wlio conaent*, A Bow Hill, of S* Man- Alder- 

manbuiy, Maiden, 20, dau. of Nicholas Hill, late of S^ "Michael 

PateraoBter, Merchant, who died about a vear ago; consent of 

her brother NicboUs HUl, of S» Mary Aldermanburr ; at S» Gfles, 

Mmj 14 William Bundocko, of Hcttendon, co. Easei, Husbandman, Widower, A 

Katberine Cburche, of same, Widow ; at S* Mary, Wbitoehapel, 
^ MiddJeaex, 

*^ I* Jmmb Spajfea, of S» Clement's, Eastcheap, London, Basketmaker, 

Bathdor, A Agnea Warren, of S* Margarets, Old Fish Street, 
^ „ , London, Widow; at 8' Michaer«, Queenhitbe, London. 
«^ Iff Jaba ToMtall. &«,, of S' Martin's ia Fieldij, Widower, 35, A Penelope 

J*™«* of S* Ann's, Blackfriar^, Maiden, 25, dan. of Sir Walter 

~^^^^°* ^*- !•*« of Trentham, eo. Salop, dec*, her mother aUo dead 
' b^ieretb) ; at 8* Anne A Agnes, Aldersgate. 










Muj 25 








June 10 
June 17 

Jane 18 

June 10 

Juno 10 

June ao 

June 20 
Junt 2L 

Jan« 25 

Ooom BtTotton, of Kwtcheap, LuiKlon. Buu^her. Baclielor, A XTimla 

MflkiuiiD^, of S' Andrvnv Hubb^M^ «wd City, Spiiutorv at S' 

Aadre^ Hublian! ttf^ixwau!. 
Cliriaioplicr Culircr, of Wntford, co, Herts, Poulterer, A Oorothv Lawc. 

of same, Sp% da;i. of Ki^bcrt Ij^w^ of KiBtingburr, c^i. Sortb^«", 

TctfiniBii J «t 8* AD<Iraw'», IluUtorji, 
Robert Cu»mJ1 the ©Idcr, E«<^,, Wid^wftr, 60, A EUxabttth Tnylop. of S' 

Thomas Apoetle's, Gih mdow <if RolicTt Taylor, Eaq,, who died 2 

jeam ago ; at S< Arn'ji, BWkfrianf, 
Thomas DeU, of Watford, co. HerU, Hu*bamlman, Bachelor, & Abij^ail 

Turner, of "axDc, Spinitcr ; At S' T)otolp1i| .MiloriKi;:?tiO) London. 
Jaices Gajburv. of tV City i>f LnuHmi, fJ.^nl., Biw-*h«liir» & Agmw 

BTiJckc*, or r-anie. Widow ; at S^ SenuU-bre'*, London. 
UEiiicl Chatbonie, Gonl, of S* Martin m FitiW», Ba*rh%35, & Eljiahotb 

Howw, of S' 01avc>, Silver Street, Maldc-n, 33 j cou^riit of her 

fatbor Bioburd Hovrio, of Wiekham, co. Buck*, Qont > at S* JoHuV 

Walbrook, London. 
John HarrJB, <jf Lci% co, Keflex, l^Iaxiiier. Widower, (JJJ, Si EUeaWb 

Whitboj, of S' Botolpb, Aldgate^ Widow, Ki (lier iate huaband A 

Tmtucr; j at S' BoUJpb, .^Idgtttc. 
Tbomaa Smuin, of S^ l.awrtnief* Pnimtnoy, Oitisw^n ft C!oth«forker. of 

London, Batrliclor, JL Elizjibetb ilain)>, dau. of [ticrhard Ilamp, lato 

of Tburliason, eo. Warwick, dec^j ftt &- Bcnuet'a, PouI^h Wharf, 

London » 
John MiMor. EBt|., now of 9^ XfiHy AMcrniiiiibuty. Baobolor, 33, uon of 

Sir Uobert Miller/ K^ of Carnt*, co. tiuraet, wbo eouMents, & Mair 

Swinerton.of riaii^cf par,» Maiden, IS.dnu of Sir John Swine rlon, K", 

of Agmef who consents- at 8^ Mury Aldenuanbtuy. 
NiclKiUji Vvnpf, of tUo Citj- af London, MertbEmt Tnylor, A Jano 

8mitbe. of ituitK?, 8pin*t4Tr. dan. of Thoman Smitbo, lftt« of Choiiiion, 

Cft Buc^a, Uuabimdmati, dec^ ; at All Halloww in ibe WaM, London, 
WiBiani Pin, of M^ JJttmtjio'a in the Wc*t. Loudon, Tn,vl>r, & Klixiibc-th 

Chitlie, of S^ Mildred a, Bruad Street, naiJ Clti/ dau, of William 

Chittic* Ifttc of Crcfj'dfjn, co. Surrey, OIotot, dcc^i at 8* JodiimIi 

Williain t'haplon, Oent, of Gray's Inn, Bacb^^ 22, one of tbc Attornica 

of the Court of Common Plcaai, A Kliiaboth Tajler, of JJi^ Botolpb, 

Aldcmgiitf\ MMden, 17, dau. of John TayZer, c-f nantcf, Yooniaii, 

doc''; c^niBODl of her mothc^r Joono Whito alt'ft Tajler, wife of 

ThoiTiia While, of same par,, Ccok ; at S' 01aTe*s. Silver Stn?et, 
John R^H^rr, of tho City of Load<»n, Grocer, A JoAiiO Kittge, Spinster, 

daiL of John Kinge* of Weston, co. Soulb'*", Yooman ; at S* 

Micbrif>rv. Quccnhilhi>, London^ 
Nathani*"! Edwrtnl*. of tho Citj- of Lotidon. Oi'iit., A Pmnoe* PHi-o, Sp*. 

of S' Bololpb, UishopBijate, H*^ City, dau. of Hugh I'rico, of Hame^ 

Yoomaix; at Cbritil C huroh, London. 
Oitdfrej JohnHon, of S^ Uride b, London, Gent., A Mary Honcocke, of 

S^ JatnvM, C^arltck Uhhc, Londi^n, widow of Uu^^b Huiaoock, late of 

Mine. Gent. ; at S* Mary Maijdaleiif*. [>ld Pisb S^ Lond- 
WUIi»mFi)ortbo,of the CiU- of London, Oenl, Bach', A Mary Barker^ 

of same, Sp'' ; at S^ Leonard e, Bwmley, Middi. 
HuKh Scott, of H^ E^pLilcbt^'a, London, Vintner, Bocbi^Tor, A fiiarj 

Jaektoii< of S^ Petor the Poor, laid Citj, Spiimter ; at Stepney, co, 

Peter Tower, of S' Andrew UiiderahAft, Loudon, Bierchant Tavlor, 

Widower, A Mary Brower, of S^ Andrew Uubburd, vaid f-itf» 

widow of WiUiaui Brcwor, Utc of •atnc, tirooer; at Wovtbam, co- 

Jane 28 

July 1 
Juljr 6 

Jul; 8 
Julj 16 

July IS 
July 20 
July 29 

July 8L 



TbiMDaa 3pcAcar» of 9' MftrgnnM Muhcht London, HAb6rda«her. A 
HowoM, of anniOt SmQ»t«r ^ at 8' Boti>]j>K. AlJongsbo, Luiidoii- 

Nichobu Blini'ort, J^, tVnt., of WAUhflm llnW frpM*, Rm«>i, B»irh', 2-^, 
eon of Nicholas Blioooe^ Sea', of 6&me. A Marj Bird, of Littlebory, 
£aE»ejr, M&idfTii, 22, dnii. of rhonuM Binl, of i«iw, Gent, botb 
fathers cuu«cultng ; aI LiUlebury aforeottid. 

Bdn^ard Sialoy, Gout,, of S^ ^ymUrxTo'tt, Li^ntlon^ '•^l^ "V^i Widowoiv 
ftbout 4 >'earir, A Elisabeth ^iltiudAyn of flime. widow of £dwarii 
MudcUy, of City of Ivondon, who died About 5 ycim nncv ; ^^ " 
Sepulchre's afore«aid. 

Henry Hobinann. \nUt nf S' DiiniUn in lht> Wft»l, def" (roTi»f»iit of 

hit mother Alico Oweu, Widow], A Man' Glover, af }f^ Stcphcn't, 

Colemftn Street, Knidcn, 2(), djiu, of Sir'Wilh'iim Gluver, lv% Ute 

of samo pariah, dcc'^ (oouaout of her mother Ladr GIotot) \ st 

Stepuoy. Middlt-nQi. 
Beujamin Joer, of St<>[mey» c<>. MUld]<i«ex, Ship Carpenter, & JiUiui 

Lto, of •uiDLS EiJp*, dAU, of John L^v>y Iftto of «amc, dcc^; at Stepney 

Th4>inAA Darker aiia» CliaiJiujui, of loner TcejidIc, Ociit-, IWh', £2^ son 

of Edmund Biirker aJia^ CKjLprnjin, of SiWm, SufFolk, Gent.» who 

conjfcutn. & Mnxy Ooodwia, of S< Beuuet OniL^eoliurch, Maiden, 20, 

dau, of Joha Goodwin, lau; of Eiut BcrghoU, co. Suff<.ilk, Clothier, 

d4w^ ; concent of her brother John Goodwin, of EAut Der^hoLt afv^, 

Clothier j ut S* Btoactt Onwcchurch. 
TbottiM Eviioii. of 8' Mary, WhitecJiapel, Middi., Sailor, Bach'. A 

Sutfuu OrcTcnc, of nanic, Spint-tcr i nt «[im^. 
Nicholas Hunt, of S^ Bride' a, London. LockMinitb, Bftch', A J^aue Lid- 

goutd, of rgiinc, ^|/ i at 3' Miiry SlaynJiig, Londou. 
Balph WiUliiru, of Xorth Mimi, co, Uorta, Yoonuvn, BtcV, ton of 

nobort Wilshire. of same, & Ajme Vealeb, of Hame, Sp^ dau. of 

John Voal(4», of mint% Tcoman, doc*^ ; nt S^ Andrerw in ihc w ardrob«v 

Bobttxt Woodcockc, of S* Albany W<kod Street, London, Pliuatcr«r, & 

E1i7;ab«th Whito, of S^ 8t«ph&ii'<, Ooleninn Strv^t, widow of William 

"Whitts late of Munc, Plaisterer; at S* Stephen, Coleman Street, 

John WiMt, uf tho City of London, Butcher, A Sarah Hillor, of Hia€| 

Spinftter, dau^ of John Miller, late of Ludlow, co. Salop, But«)kCT, 

die* ; at S* Olave'e. Silver Street, Londoa. 
Gilefl Bartlctt,of S^ Au^ustincX London, Chandler, A Elkabeth PoU, 

of «aine, Spin§ter, <^u. of ThoQias Pell, late of S^ Paith'e, LondOD, 

G*?Dt, dcu'i nt H^ MAry tttayning, London. 
ThoniA>« Crnu'o, of BH^ubam, co. Eviiex, Hu«bandmaii, A Anne HudsoD, 

of NeatAwtlZ, h'^ co„ Splutter, dau. of William IIud»on, of same* 

Cbthier; at fJeatawell afuretfatd. 
Arthur Gil^aU!. (lent.. £ Joane Whoeler, of S' Dunatan'a iu thv Weeti 

London, widow of Jobii AVhoolvr, lato of aamo> Goldemith ( ftt All 

Hallowa Barking, London. 
Anthony Kyddo, of S' Brid^'n, I^nidon, Teomau, A Julian P<-nH*T, of 

S* Peter' », ComhJl, Loudon, widow of i?>aacifl Fercey, late of saWe; 

at 8* Mnry'n, InlioK^^t Middlcwcx. 
MHtlhow tSfukuflei-N. (Uvrh, Boctorof Baniiton, co- E««ei, A BUaabot^ 

I*loU:lu?r, of Ea»tou Parra, a"* co , Sp', daa. of Henry Fktclicr. Clefk, 

iiector of Eaaton Parva af«'> ; at Great Canlleld, Eaaex. 
William GouMaii, of Wevt Thnrrock, co. £«6ei> Yeoman. A Jane 

Beaton^ uf Bopiu^, n^ coh, tip', dau, of Andrew BQntou, of aame^ 

ypoman i at lipping aforesaid. 




Aug. 21 

Aug. 26 
Aug, 28 
Sep. 2 

Scf>. 8 



























Jcho HeMeu. <if S* Murtin in tbe Viutrr, Londuu, MvrcLaDt Tulor, & 

Eliauboth Popts of wuuii?, S^^ il»u. of ^Uank] Pope, of £viuKk1, ro> 

Oxou. Hunbnrnlinftn ; at S^ Jamcu'ft Chapel Dcnr Cripple^:*!*, 
Edw&rd Barber* of S' Bololph, Ald^te, London, MercbanU & Aiine 

OlyreTv of SK'pncj', Mi'idleaex, wid^w of [*/«ii*] Olyrer, lnio of 

B{uu«, M&nui.'r; at Stepiiev dioreoatj, 
JameH Tarf^^r, oF Chipping Uaniet, t-a Hortjt. Hiiflheutflniftn, RiLohelor, 

A Mftiy Wykr, «f HftUiy, to, MulJi., widow of Ricbftn] Wyley, 

Ute Lif vAme, Butcher : nt 8* Oiles, Cnppte^t^;, Londoa^ 
Jtrvmy Kn»(>nt, Qeut., of KelveUon, Enj^ei, B^:h', 4^, & Aitno MhrJer, 

of Mhino, iO, wido^v of WiUir^m Marlor, of samo, Ourit.. who divd 

li jean itincc; nll^rgvd by John Kuight, Gont,, of S* Andrew's, 

HolDora, »od of Amie Marker, A aJao b>- Arthur Knight, of 8* 

Bndcy llrtbcrdjwhrr ; nt Clipitnsfurd, co. l5i*tix- 
TliOUjLfl Campts of 8' Thouiaa Apuatk*^ Loudou, Merxli&ut T»rli>r, 

Bach', & Eliiabeth Woodbumo, rf S« Gubrwl Fwiobupch, »*" City, 

widow of ThomA0 Wooilbunie, lute of OratiouA Street, London, 

Uftbenkflher; at S^ Jamee Chapel in the Wall near Cnpple^te, 

8Amu<il TutteU, of AU lL^llow« Barkine, London, Barber Surcoon, 

Baf^helor. A SuMtn Wye, of same. Maiden ; nt S^ Andrew Unbhaid, 

Edward Browne, of the City of London, llabcrdiMhort A Anne Dore, of 

wuue, widow of Rji^hard Dore, Sailor; at S* Botolph, AldgaK;, 

Francii Johnson, of & Clement Dan^. Mtddlenet, Qent.« A Barbaia 

Gierke, of aame, widow of [f/'vnft-] ClorkOi lato of same, Yeoman ; at 

par. (-hurch of the Kavoy- 
Joluj Wilcockis, of a' Ppter'o, Weat Cheap, Loudou. Cook, A Sarah 

Bitiilciiif», <>f S* Bartholomew by the Eifrhangp, IrfiTiilon, willow of 

WilJiatn BunkiuBt late of Beddiiigton, oo. Surrey, Yeoman ; at 3' 

Peler le Poor, London. 
JnhiL Gnffiu, of S^ Bololph, Alden^ate, Loudon, Tailor, A UniuU 

Maeou, of ifAmo, widow of WilluLin IVfaMOU, Uto of Chclaoo, oo. 

M:dcll*«nc]i, Tiilnr ; at S* Botolph aforowud. 
Philip Eterard, of Chipping Ougar, co. Eaaei, Bach', A Hiartha Ynce, 

^inater, daa of llngh loco, of name. Clerk; at XJuddinghurst, co. 

Henry Pyto^ of Stepney, Middlenpi, Orooor, Bachelor, A Joane 

(}rabey> of S^ Gabriel Fem^hurch, London, Sp'; at 3^ Gabriel 

Thomas Gumett, of 8^ Andrew Hubbard, London, Turner, & Margaret 

AVilkiuBOu, of 8^ Botolph, Aldcragatc, nld^w of William Wilkiuaou, 

Clf^rk, late of same; at S^ Andrew Hubb-^rd. 
Fetor TraseU», of S^ Bride's, Loudon, " Pabrum ferrarium,' Bachelor, A 

Ali^xT Willianii, of sam<^, widow of John WilhamH, lato of «an]0> 

Tallow Chandler; at S* Marv, Whilechapel, Middjt- 
Williara NilIioHp, of S^ M^rtiu iu the Fields, Midillouei, Gent., 

Widower, & Francea Pollard, of 3* Gilea, Cripjdegate, London, 

Willow i at AU Hallowfl Barking, London. 
Boburt aeabrooke, of Watford, co. llerie, Mealmau, A Margaret 

Boimiuge^ of same, Spiuatcr, dau. of [htank^ Bonningv, deo"^ at 

WatfoM ftforeaaid. 
William Pratt, Clerk, Rector of Melton, co. Suffolk, A Mary Waaher, of 

Cpminfiter, 9^ qo., Sp'; at Upminater aforenaid, 
Thomaa Ayleuburie, Emu., of S* Andrew a, Holbom (conaent of father 

WilUam Aylcoburic, Eaq.), A AuneDiLrell, of City of London, Widow, 

vho«e hnaband died about a year agu ; at [blank}. 


Oek 4 Rm^uwI Yfomit, of PnJIum, MSi^fllfMx. OvflfnirT, Bb^wIo^ ^ 

Penelope Pariter> of ume, Sp', dan. of Williun Parter, of Wood 

Knton, ffo. Oxford, TKnniui ; «t 8^ BvttioloiDev tbo Orott, IiondaiL 
Oct 5 Hcorr Delah&re, Qtm^ Bftch'. 2?^. & Abirail dmttlie^ of BonuejTp 

rfidJI»>tt, Uftul«ii, 25i oonMiot of fftt(>cr La«nDc* SvnitlM^ of auao, 

GetiL; At & MiciufiU QaoMiliitBe. 
Oct. 7 John WAl<lon,of 9 BoColpb, Di4b(m^t«. London, "textor,'' A Aunt 

Parker, of mum, 8puii*t«r, iau. of [UaMk] PU'ker, de^c^ ; at nune. 
OvI. 7 iottD Stct^ttson, of ^ DunAtan in tlio went, I^oitdon, BWkiimitl), 

A Alieft BtH, of S^ M^h««l. Wood SmoI, 3p>rut<>r, d%M. of 

Edward Bett. of Bourne, co, Kent, Ycotniui ; at S< WterX ComliiU, 

Oct. NaUiaaiet Newbery, of 8* Martin Oulwich, LondoD, Habcnitaahei| 

Boebclof, A Jouno BuUor, of & Paitb'*, London, Sptnsler, dan. of 

TlniiiBa BuUn'JaCA of same. Stationer, cIcct'; &t S^ Andrew Hubbaid* 

London . 
Oct. 9 John White, of Korth Weald Baaaott, eo. Eases, Car]>eiilcr, ft EUEa- 

b«flb Kc}tMy of Mam^, 3p^, fUu. <if William Kojca, laCo of Muao, Tw. 

man, d^ ; ftt S' Ptl^r% Poor» Londmt- 
Oct. 13 RotxTt Amutod, of S* Sepulchre'ii, Loudon, A Biidget Carter, of aaiD6» 

fjpinatcr; at aanw. 
deU 14 Tliomaii Tft^Dcho. of Rrrwingl-in. Midili,, Parish Clerk. Baeh\ ft BlaDirbo 

HowcU, of S* Botolph, BuhopEgAtc. LondoD, Spiafftor, dm;, ai Thomika 

i[tfiw«fl1. late of tame, Gent,, deo^ : at ^< Botolpli aforeaaid. 
Oct* 16 Olirer Mantle, of S^MicWlVQuccnbithc, London, Ootdamith, ft Susan 

Dowva. of vame, Spinat«n ^U' of Nicbolaa Uovse, of Cunderer, 

daJuf*, Ttmnan ; ai S* Micbad afi^. 
Got* 21 Bdward Cro«e, of S^ Audrew Hubbard. Loudou, Mariner, A ^^^ Cole, 

of 8^ Hartici ia the Vintry. London* Sp\ dau. of 'fbomafi Cole, of 

Dimaiable, co. Hertn ttic], Gont,; at S* Andrew TTuVbnrd iforonaid. 
Get. 23 TbomaM Lttclifitdd, of the City of London. Gent, ft Anne Whitehead, of 

8^ Otncl Fink, b^ Citr, Spmnter, ilau. of Htch&rd WJiitclicwl, late of 

a** Citv, TwiTnnn, doc" ; at S' Jairtect Chai>td neap Crippltuale. 
Oct. 22 Thomsw fowlu^|[>^lhohlc^,AEIi/abcthFamDpton.^JEI\llchloT,^Odd^o- 

aei, ftidow of IfoberC Farringion, late of *(aid Citjj Merchant ; at Ail 

HulioAN Barkiiigf London. 
Oct. 25 John Carter, t>f St«[>nuv, Middi,, Mnrinor, ft June Clearo*. of AH 

Kallowfi BarkingH London, widow of John CleaTOB, late of BamOk 

Mariner; al All Hallows Barking afa*. 
Oot. 28 Coarad (rr)-nio>, jjf ^^ Uathcrirte Cokman, Xjondon, Baker, ft Aima 

Hcbaea, of H* QeorgeV, Butvlph Lane, »<^ Cit^, Sp% dau. of {^hlmUc} j 

HolmM. dec* ; at tS' George'" aforesaid. 1 

Oct 28 John GilfoHit of S^ Poter'jt in 8' Aiban ». Ilrrto. Tailor. A Suaan Carter, 

of S' Sepulchre"*, London. Sp^ dau. of William Carter, dec^; at 

S^ GeortfO'*. Botolph Lane, LonUrui, 
Od 28 John Sco^ of Louciit^iii, co. Eimcx, Yeoman, ft Anne Burr, of aataei' 

l^pioriter. dan, of Lawrrncc Burr, of name. Yeoman ; at S* Andre«*f 

in Eart^licap, ]^)r>don. 
Od^ ^1 Oeoige Huddleaton, oF S^ Mj^rtin in the Yintrr, London, Waterman, ft 

BndfCt (ilover, of &^ Audrew in the Wardrobe, Ltjiiduu, SplnHtvr, 

dtti- of Bicltard Glover, laie of snme, FoUuiaker, dm^ ; at S^ Bennel^ 

PaoT* Wharf, London. 
Urn I Siik^ Spriikghun, of Stepney, co, Hiddlenox, Mariner, ft Alice 
Martyu, of aacne, widow of John Martvo, lato cf u»ne» Mariner; 

0aL S 1^ inwld. of Pldbav, co. Middlonex, Vemnan, & Wiiiifrv.1 N^llium, 
it Miia^ i* eo., widow of r^/t^ri^j Nelha.iUf late of Ickeuhanij 
^MwYmmi; at&ctOQ,oo,Midd[efles. ' 


oaa II 

_ ■_ - B 

Hoy. 2 

Not, 18 
Not. 21 
Not. 2fl 

Nof ^ 2fl 
Dw. 2 
Dee. 3 

Dec. 5 

Dec. 10 
Dec. 10 
Dec. U 

Dec. n 

Doc 16 

Dec. 18 

Dea 21 

Dec 19 


HampbrCT NiobolU, of B* OlaTo'n, OM Jewry, Loadon, Bolccr, St ^n- 
betU Foftkfttt, oi BAiiit, Sp", tUii. of TIiodu* Foekett. of Olney. cc 
Biick*, JMiCT i Rt S^ Olavo'i oforc^Aid. 

Sjj (reor^e DciwglaA, of & Martin in tlic lleldft. Hiddi., K\ WidowcTj 
45, db Diuoo ElJDf^r KritniuL^ton ['* Itvniinj^tou" in VicAr-(K-itrnir« 
Book], 6S, nidow of 8ir Kobtrt Kcniiiugtoii. K^, ubu dtciJ 12 muutlM 

Thozuatt Tli^rotoii, of ^ lk>to1|i)L, Al<l»tt«, [jondoQ, Boker^ Bachelor^ A 

Abi^l Guile, of S* Olave, ^uthw^k, vidow of RIclJAnl (iiiile, 

bite cf BAmc, tVhmakcr ; flc S* Bototpb, AJii^le, aforesaid. 
Bennett K«^v«, of S* Hi^tolpb. HiAfii)]ivg»i4>, [jondon. Conk, A Kathorine 

DMk«M^ cf tame, 8piiuter, dau. of [ItUwk] Donkvn, doc^ ; at 

8' Botolpb af or^aid. 
John S|wiucr, ilubprdiwlirr, of S' Briiiu'iif London, Bncbclor, 26, A 

Ff^oioaii, Jfc jUico Dabutn, of S" MichoU'u, Huggon LAue> l.omlon, 

Mftidm, 25. dau. of Wiliiam Dabuni. \%te of Grnoec1iur.'h Stroci, 

London, Li*atber SvlW, dec*'; eonaent of AVilliaca Pinke, of S^ 

Uicho^'i aforoeiid, Porbrr, with wham s" Alice now dwellvth; at 

8^ Micbaeiy Uuj^^'c^d Laoc- 
WtltUm ftere.of S* AlpK^iji?, fiOndon. rinthwrtrkftr, BacKpIop, A Jorc"* 

Hewiiifj:, of 8' Gilpii, Ctipplc*EaU\ widow of OJivtr Hejidlcjr, fiit»» 

of wiDip, ^iJku^aTOr; at S^ Alpba^ aforesaid. 
ITiouiaa TajUrr, of «' Dunatuii tii lh<5 \\>»t, liond^n, Cook, & ^ixabotU 

Biford, of S' Botolpb, Aldon^Uv Sj^fimUrr, dau. of [ifJank] Bifard, 

dec*; at S* Nii'holaw OJavp'-*, Lcndin, 
Edward Dorael, of Little ,\J1 IMowb, Tbamea Streer. London, Cbth- 

worhor. Bachelor. & Mmi^lin KohrrM, ol All tlallown tho lircat In 

t>^ City, widow uf WiUiam UoK'rte, lat<i of name, V^iuc Coopor; at 

K' Brtolpli. BiHTiopftKat*-*, iifor*^"aid f«V1, 
William Wildcn, of S' Mary. WhiUchapH, SGddx., " fiibrunj feirarium," 

AVidcwcT, & Joane Awdrey^ of S' Botolpb, Ald^te, said CitYt widow 

of William Awdwtj, late of Whtiwihapcl nfon>aidj at 3' Buttilp?!, 

Alil^to^ London. 
F<K>kr rJmnnjlH. of tlie Citf cf Loudon, Y<wm4m, A Anne Smithfi, of 

S*Al]ihu>i;i\Haid Citj, widivuiTfTljcmaM Smiths, (at« of «ime,yeomiin; 

at S' Bdt^lph, AldffBtc, London, 
Bobifrl Tvli'r, ..,t s* JubtiX \Viilbroi>k» Lundju, Cluak MakL-r, BacbeW, 

A AIk'^- Cftlli^ oi 8^ MarUn OrL'ur, h*^ City, milow of Titomna CaUtH, 

Sliip Carpenter; at S' Martin Orirar 
William Awbrer, oi Broiborne, Ucrt«i, D^ of Laws Jt one of the 

Adrocau^H of thn Arcluti Court in Li>odo!i, Widower, .W, A Annu 

Bajlcy, of fliimo, 4o, widow of [IrlaitJlc} Bajrloy, Gout., of Aamc, who 

dio<l 6 monthn njpi ; at Brnxbomp. 
John Cawdell, of Cliinckford, co. ^&>*ei. Yeoman, Bachelor. A Joane 

Warley. of aam*, Sp*, dau. of [6/«nA] Warby. lalo of the City of 

Iion<loii, Tailor, dec* ; at Cliinkford aforewiil. 
Triatponi -Scopkolmo, of S* Clomcnt Pano*, Miilllowx. Cutler, Widower, 

& Eiheldrcd Crofbc; of S" Audrew'w. Holborn, Widow; at Trioi^, 

Minoriea, London^ 
John Sawery, of the Vi'ij of Loiidon, V«>niftn, A M*n^ Crum», 8pinBter, 

of Wciftaaui. co^ !^ei, *hui. of JutacB Cruai^ oi bauio^ Qout-; at 

S* Ardrpw in t}io Wnrdrobe, Looilon- 
Nicholaa Parratt, of W-irniU'v^ co. HcrlK, Yeoman, A Mary Kopkina, 

of S" Dumtan in the West. London, Sp', dau, of [fjarfr ^^p^pkin^ 

of Andover, vo. HanU« Cimtwaincr ; at S^ BenueL a, VauVn W liarf. 

Jobn Goodridgo, of S* Anno A Ai^ncs, Aldorigato, London, G«nt., 

&a<!helor, A Bridget Whittle, of S* Bride*», London, widow of John 


D«c. 20 
Dm. 81 

Jul. 2 

J&n. 4 











Jml M 



Jul 1« 








Whfttliv Ubi of Mun«, 'Fi^tinA>0r; %t All HAUom in the Wa 

Bicbard Aiwlonoi^ of W^tfoni, cd. KertH, Yoiin^nn, Badiel^kf, Bon 
John Anderaon, of uiiDe, Teom&D. & Elizabeth Ha^kiiLs, of 
Spin>Lt<>r, Ann. of Williiun llnwkinK, UUr cf Woiham^ oo. Bucket dM*; 
at All Hidlown, Honov Ltme, London, 

Nicholas Jorard, Morchant Taylor, of S^ AuatiD'a by P&u1*a QaU, 
London, Ha^-h', 27^ aon of 'Kobert JorAnl, lat« of fiamford, ca 
BomcnttU 0«ut, d^^ & Elt&abotli SulUrii. Mnid<^, 18, djia ol 
ThambJi tiutton, of Bedford, en. IW**, who died nyenr ftffw; content 
of her UDclo Hiehard Ot^ay. of 3^ Aiutia's afoneaio. Uercbant 
Tajlor, with whom she dvroUoth ; at 8^ AiutiD'a aforeaaid. - 

161 M 2, 1 

OeoTjte Bateinaii, ti<iw of Citj of London, Goat., BaiJielor, 20, son of 

WUliatn Batemaa, of Hardinglon. co. Derby, Qmt,, who conwota, 

AUar; GoodcoLa, of S* Andrew, Holbom, 34, widow of lllaaJt] Good- 

co1«, of siune, Gentpf who diod »bout 8 luouths Ago ^ at 5* Androw iaj 

thn Vmrdrohn. I 

Jame« KoDdniL of All Hallows Barking, London, Waterman, A Joana 

Hciarc, of 8* Benrt Fink, Lrmdf^ii, Spinnt^r, djLU. of G«)rge Hoorc^ 

lat« of CO. Bui^Khh HuHbaiiilmnn^ dec'' ; at S* Boiiiiet Fiiik, Loudou. 
John Bui), of SI Bot^duK, BUiumc^^nto, London, Pvirton Sc BUth Pilli*, 

of name, Sp', dan. of p/nnA-] FilliH. df<.^ ; at S^ Bol4»lph afn^. 
WilHam Hiockley, of S^ fioiolph, Alderegjite, LondoD^ Cutler, Bachelor. 

& Charity Hui*t, of S^ Matthew, FncUy Street^ aaid C*ity, 8jiiDder, 

dau, of Tliumas HumL, late (if Lilly, co. llcrte, Taibr, dcc^; at 

S^ Mary Staining, Loudon. 
Willt&m rauiel, of St^-pney, Middlcnei, Copdwiuiw^r, A K&thonne 

Dunxtan, of S^ Michael, Queenhhhe, b^ City, widoiff of [li4Mk] Dun- 

elan, *' irommCBlcr" ; at J^tepiiey aforewaiif, 
Richard Alauihy, of Wj^ihaTn Croaa, H«rte, Ycotnan. & Mary Bkclaon, 

Spinntcr, dan. of [i/ontl SkolftOD, lato of CO. Lnicoater, d«o^; at 

8^ Trinity tlie Irfss, Loodou. 
Oiiwald rilghmac, GKicor, of .S< Swithin**, London Stono, Bach', 82, 

falhiT dead, A Abigail l^yler, of S' Austin's by S' Paul's Gat«\ 

Maiden. 2G, dau, of Frant'ijt Tajler, Cl^rk, Vicar of Godalxntiig, 

tiurrev, who conjK'ntB ; at S^ Michael Baaingshaw. 
Tbotnan CnTf, Eeq., now of Great S' Bartholomew's, London, nbovo IS, 

Aon of air Thomaa Cave, K\ of Stamford, co. NcrUi^'*, A Eh^aln'ih 

Croft, of Bajnt\ Maiden, 17, dau. of Hir Herbert Croft, K*, of Muue ^ 

oonacnt of said 8ir Thomax (^ave & Dame Elinor hilt wifu ; at Grcftt 

S^ Bartholomew afureeaid, [Reforeuce to a suit in the matter, and 

Ihia Licence jifter "CDlcnco in the cabc,] 
William Cocke, of Aiihford, co, Middx., Carpenter, & Jane 3picer, 

of lamo. By, dau. of 'William Spicer, of aainc, Carpenter ; at uuno. 
Christopher Stwyer. of S' Bartholomew the Lew, London, Merckant 

Taylor, & Xoane Burton, of S^ Andrew in the Wanirohe, London, 

widow of [btank^ Burton, late of name ; at ^^ Andrew in the Ward* 

robo afn*. 
Anthony Hobemto, of S* 8withm'«, London Stone, Clothworkor, 

Bachelor. £ Margaret Robins, of S* Mary Abchurch,B*City,Spinsler; 

at S* M*ry AWhunh nforeaaid, 
Martin Algate, of RalcUffe, co. Middx., Mariner, Bachelor, & Mair 

Skott, of name, Spinster, dau, of Edward Skott, lat<? of aamci 

Mariner, div**; at StJ>poey, co, Middlcai^i, 
John Jackvon, of Stepney/ Middi., Mariner, 4 Joano Wrignallj *rf 

aame, Sp', dau, of [olani] Wrignall, dec' ; at Stepney afa^. 

BT THE manop of lokbon. 


Jon, 23 

Tlroniafl Bcndp, of 8' Dcnnet Orinx^^IiuivIiT Lon^in, fJiHJrr, Wtclo«or, 

A Jan(» Apl€t<iD,of •nme, wWowfif Ridiar^l Aj>lott^n, Ut*of N'^iwJimy, 

Berloi, Vjithitr i at S* Bct(ilp)i. Bi*>ifipi4c*U», jAindfin- 

Jan. 23 WlDiam Jeppit <^ Stcpnov, Huiiii , Sai]f^*r, Bachelor. Jt Magdalen iTonciii 

of nune, Sp*, dau. of I'hoinfl* JnTirn, late of AVcjihnry, co. Gloucwwr, 

Jul. 24 Boniface Art^he. of S* Botol]ili>» BiuHojngate. London. Woodmongor, 
Bichclor, £ Jonro Swone, of vnmo, VFidow of William Svreney Ule of 
same, ^Voodmon>;e^ ; at mme, 

Jan. 23 Jobti Tbuijiani nf tic City of Tjondaii, Oi:tit.^ A Mnrgarct Gvanv^ uf 
StniiKv, CO, Hiddx,. Sp^, <lau. of [hfank^ KTanv, lttt«^ of Ovestv^, 
CO. Salop, reoinnn, dec'' ; at S* Andrew in the Wardrobe. London. 

Jnn. 27 Walter Wrbcrd. Oont,, of Tnkdly, E-«ot, htuh^ 24, non of John 
Wybcra, of ftame, Gent, who ''<^naciilSp A Ellxalxrth Swifte, of 
S' 'GiIpb, CnppTrgntc, Maiden, 22, dau. of Uii^htrd Swifts, bkXe of 
Boydon. BiTM>i, O^nt., dM^ ; (*oni«nt of lior fathor in law John 
Stuilft]^, of H' GiW. CrJpp!i?gato, ntWstod bj her brother in hiw 
Henrj' SuqW ; al S* GiloB. CripjiU^yjato. 

Jau. 2D Bo|f^r H'irri, of ft' Peter**, Paijr« \\ harf» l^ndon, Vintnrr, & Dorcaa 
B«th. of S^ Micbdcl ud BWutn* London, Sp'. d»u. of Ro^or Bath, 
of flame, LoatJjer Seller ; al S' Teier'tt, FauVs Wharf, London. 

Jajl, 80 William LnwnMicc, of Pcltham, Middi,, TeomaJi, Bach', 10 (consent 
of hi* mother Joane Lawrence, a Widow), & Alice Spiccr, of A>Iif»rd, 
3Iid^cnox, Mnitku, 10 (t'OEk*enl of hrr father Tlioniav Spicvr, of Miiiitv 
V*<oniafi) ; nt S' Andrew *■ m the Wardrobe, 

Peb. 1 John Ktiott, of Newport^ kle of Wighl, Yeoman, Bachelor, A EH*ahotH 
ForCeHCue, of a* tx!onard*ii, S}ioredit«h, Middx-, So', dau- of AVilliam 
FortCJicue, Ebi}.. dec^ ; at 8^ Leonard>, Shoroditeh, aforesaid. 

Fc-h^ 5 Junea Kemp ton, of All JFnllown narking, Ijondon, Viiitni^r, Boohelor, 
ft Affnex Fniirioke, of S^ Oluvft, Old -^^-'fry* "*^*^ ''itv, Spinaler, dau. 
of Chriftiopher t>edricte» of Bamo, Barber Chirargeon ; at 8* Botolph, 
AliijcaU*. Lindon. 

Fob. 9 WilliaEii Kinpfe, of 3^ Bololph, Bi»]ioD»|>atOi Loudon, Chandler, & 
EHinop VfhiU, of S' Oilcia, Crij>plognto, ■** CSty, So', d<m. of 
[Jftfftjt] White, late of aame. Cioihworktr, dec^ : at S' cJibe afM"^. 

Feb- fi Hftnrr Ludlow, Fj*q, of Inner TompJc^ son of Sir Etimoiul Ludlow, K" 
of Maiden Bradley, Wills, Bach', 21, A EltMbeih PhillipnB, of 
B* Diinrhinn's We^t, Muidcn, 20, Jau. of Bivhiii-d rhillippct, of Whit* 
eUurt^h, eo. Dornot, E»q', d(»<*^ ; ponwnt of her unric Sir ThoniHii 
Phillips, Mooter of the BoUe,in whose cuHtci(Lr sh(< is, who con8eDtfl, 
w> vA\ an Raid 8ir Edinond Ludlow ■ at tho Uhapi?! iiF the Rolla in 
ChoDcerF Lane. 

Feb- 7 Pbul Oordoll, of Chr-«>t^iint, llcrt«, Haabfindmnn, Borholor, £ Ccoilia 
Ci>mwelL of nKmo. SpiiiHter thiu. of Riward Cumwell, of sarne. 
" fabri lignurii " ; at Waltham Holr Crow in Cliwthunt afoiryiaid. 

Feb. ft John Lee, of S^ Sepulehre'n, London, (Mjzou & Pftinter Stainer* 
Unchplor, A Katherine Wu"lwom], HpluMcr. dMi. of It^jtuTt Wcwt- 
TTood, ]a,U^ of t'hiwlgely, co. Stafford, " fnoifmbri," dotfl ; at S< Oile*, 
On pp legate. London- 

Fbb. 10 Froncia Vincent, Hnhcrda*hrr, of S^ Jamcn, Clerkonwell. Bachelor, 27, 
his pirenta dead, A Franoefl Ewer, of aame, Maiden, 22, dau. of 
Wiififliii ISwcT, Doiit., of lleitrc, Hcrt*; conw^nt of hor uncle 
Ktiwiinl Ewer, of CoUfonl, ro, Oxot), Qcnt, with whom ate hoM 
hcen brouglit up ; al 8' James, ClerkenweH. 

Feb. 12 ITioinaa Ktit(,'(, ot Little Laver, oo^ E**ci> TeoomD, Widower. A 
Martha t^nohc, of Waliham Holy Croas, s'^ CO., Sptnstor, dau. 
of William Fincbo, of oaino, Yooeiislti ; at S* Botolph, Aldervgato, 


rl Wa2,'31^]XE. ZIi^T3i:SI tSLk3'^sj% 



,: " ^"" v'^:. -^;"~£ Til" i;^j;^ "^""^'^S™? •* A'*- 

--.-.-.- -- - :(.-- -rL-.rBr=ir#=, laZiiL-i^ 3.^0100. ^doi,. 

X-,aT-= " ^»emec*. Rial* 

'-•^ .* TV.T.a- .^-"i-lp", '.ii.', ii^:. T '-"-"7 r ^ n<i:TU BaL'aeu.T. M^ pArvntft 
^A'l-^.n' '-r r.-5r ^i^r.ivr Ei^i^rj -ciiri. E«., :t 4Kn«: « taamr^n' 

:xr'".*':j tur^y./*^ .f Xl EaZ.:t^ ^iiTm^iT. :J3, wii.^^ of John Eftt- 

'->- ,'* 'r ^- kf.r.*n %7 7- .7i*p'ili?h?*i. LiZ'i-n. 5ii::rer. B^i-Wor, 4 Mur- 
.<**'/>-; -.^ ^,= i^STTiift *, v^ C:tt. iau- :f I'toni^ Saplw, Iat» of to. 

''-. ytf 7;'',r-'»- U^vrts.t:*., fi ?-' Marr Maedx^c. OLd FjH $cre«t, London 
*' fr/,'./-r fiw r,*-./-,?. A -^r-r.e BarrrjUiLe*, of S" BotoIpK, Aldnt«' 
/y,r.':/,rH vAt.'K '* lyj.Tt.^ BafToaaffee*- la;e of «acie. VicniAUer; at S' 

'f%'/'*..y. SA'^Ti^*-, fyiT.rtfX. 

'' / >^/ V','-"'*- -v,*,*;^ ',f ri' fjtTff^nf*. OM JewTv. London. Leath«neller A 
f'^'*/ .,a A'i'-'^ir/:. '.f rt" Mary Bothawe. London, Sp^.d^tL of \h\t^iik\ 
A'-/'-"/* ,4'^'. ',f L^f.ri, (Vj. NriTfoik, Teoman, d«^; at S* Biuj 

^'V y/ $t's"^y.f'f '^v,n"-r. /.f h* St/rph«n'fl, Waibroofc, London, Mercliant 
7^/-'./ A >',../*frfMi liM*dW,f*f.S* Margaret, Old Fish SticetjWidoir 
*J hitttfh . H'.nAUt^ \^tf. of pS* Thfjmacf Apostle, b^ CitT,"Clack- 
iuhVh , ht ■■ in'.ryy\ l^fit/.lph J-ane, London. 
V'f AuUu Itf.iif,^ 'J '1 J;''»'flfrh. F!j«(h'jpn^ate, London, PlaieteTer,A KtizabetL 
litrtt" . 'ii i-NtM', >;;*rj«*iM'r, fJaii, of Uenry Greene, dec*; st 8* 

ffffl'fljfJl ttt'ift vilJ'l 

'iff Wr HH Aii*h*ft Ai.l'.Jr7. K', />f WriuJo, Khmi, about 40, whoa© wife died a 
fi«r ffr M./^M. 04(11, A Mary lirywood, of 8* Micliaera, CornWll, 85, 
























Hu. IS 

vridow of GcvrgP DryniKid, Clerk, Plinroa vt ScutH ViTolLindon, co. 

EmOk. doc' I lit S^ Alphuf^i? in Crirpti>gttie- 
TTioma^ BHiridge. of St^pucv. MidiUe«ei. Ship C&rpentor, & A^nM 

Parr}-, wulow of Thoca&Ji'PArf7, liiU? of jumc, Sudor; At Stepuejr 

Willtata Hiicklc, of S' Joitnci, Okrllck IIit1i«, Lomioa, Oroccr, A Ctaca 

Holme*, of S^ K«rtm iu the Fi«UK Midix.. S^, lUii. of William 

Holmes, of muu*, MorcW^t Tulor; U 8^ Martin ia the Field* 

John A;>pIetrto, of 3' Ma^nu«, London, Orucc^r, & Sunn llodgce, of ^ 

Lawrence Pouutaoy, Spiiuitcr, <lau. of Jokn Ilod^cd, of eaunc, Clalb* 

worker; al S^ LawreitLi?^ Pouiittiev afareftaid. 
ThoniiM Maync, of H* Jame", C*Iurkpnw4?ll, Middlcucx. Lnboarcr, & Aone 

Keyue, of i&mej Sp', dau. of Anthony Keyne, of Lewton, co, Bedj, 

Lftburvr, dot;*^ ; al ^ JnmvA, (^i^rkrziwvll- 
Pabian PhiUipit, ClotFi worker, of Chnut Churt'h, Loudi>Ei. Pn?t<miin of 

the Ci^. Bachelor. 26, & fHizabcth liarriHou, l^laidcii. ^I>. dau. of 

Chritftopbur HarnKuu, lato of S^ QiU^ CnpiiU^lfuUs Yeoman, di*c''; 

ociQMDt of her brother EdinuDd Harrifloa, of 3* GUes afiT* -, at S* 

Mai^ar<itf Now Pinh fStroot. 
William (ihni^. uf -S^ Bt>t<dj>h, Binlioptigate, London, Cf>rdwainer, A 

EUiabetti Tulliferovo, of aamc, Sp% dau. of Fraiicin Talliforowe, 

Geut., dec«; at S> Botolpb ftfv^. 
Jobn Qutch, of Limehoase^ par. Stopnoy, co. Uiddk-acx, Sailor, 

Widoiror, St Flower Noirootoo, of mime, widow of Jobti Nowooidd, 

late of satne. Sailor; at Stepner aforeBaid. 
Matthew JFJ3ing^ of vVljiigtou, co. Kent, Tcoman, Widower, ft EliKabolh 

lleatbo, of aftme, ^piu^ter, dau. of [diimi] licathe, lateoftheCity of 

iioclJc«l«r, »' CO., Iluabauduiiiu, dcc^ ; at S^ QeoTgo\ Botolph Laoo. 
CliFutoph<»r Caatocko, of 8^ BotoipK Biflliopvgatc, LondoD^ Carman, 

Ilacbebr, & Elbabeth .Tuhinoa, of banie. Spinster, dau. of [^Janjt] 

Johnson, doH; at iS^ Botolpli aIonii»tti<i. 
William Cop, of 8le|>neT, Mutdleaei, Sailor. Widower, & Eli^betb 

BnuUhaw, of «im«, SpiLetor, dau. <<f Jolui BnulMiAw, Utc of H^ 

Sl(?|jhim'«, Coleman Strocti LoDdon, Skinuor, dwy*; at Stepnoy 

Ajitli-ifly Lowe, of 9* Bride'*, London, Aferchaiit Taylor, Bftcbdor, ft 

8uaaLi 8hulee, of isame, Spiiuter, dau, of WillUia'^hateH, of buim, 

I'jobroidcrcir i al !>' Bride » Afopimaid. 
Cbnstophor Walton, of S* Botoipb. BiflbopHKate. London, Barber 

Cblrurgeoa. Widower, ft Alice Powoll, oi eain«, Spiuvtcr, dau. of 

Uowbiiid Powell, of Wildiiig, co. Bvdv, Car[«uteri at iA^ BoUd|>h 

John Lciiaki>, of S* Pot«r'«, W«ntck<*3tp, London, Clothworkor. Bocholor, 

& EUxabbth Moiicbc, of itaia^, Spiruiter, dau. of Juhn Moucke, of 

Cbelmsford, co. Keaox, Ccrd^ainor ^ at H^ Mary Mounthaw^ LondoiL 

Mar 25 Jamon A.rcber, of Sabridj,Twortb, co. llert«, Cterlt, Bocbelor ft EUon 

Dent, of the City of London, widon- of Georne Deut^ bte of 

Buntinrford, ^ to, llctt«, Clerk ; at S^ Hotclph, Aldersgate, Londoij» 
Mar. 27 Bdwonl AltU&tu, Baij., of Lattou, cu. Bfla«x, Widower, 28, ft Juau« 

f-eaveiiUtorpo. of SabrJdgworth. TIerU, Maid**n, 20, dan. of Sir 

John LoAVODthorpo, K\ of saioo, who eouHcnta; at S^ Olemeut 

Daoefl, Middlesex. 
Bobert Knott, of Stepney, MiddleMx, Bjtkvr, Bachelor, ft Jaiic ^bewcn, 

of aame, widow of Walter Sliowora, Late of oame, Biikor i »t 

Stratfortl How, Middlesex- 

ISta. 23 



April 2 Hobort VinM^nl, trf Bitvlilunf^r, ^v K«mxt. T«oniAa, TTUftWor, ft ABal 

KrUW\ of Cbmt Cliiirch. Loudau. Spioirior, dftu. of Williiim KfttlrM 

of Uervfohi WtMt, co. Pombroito, Viutiwr; at S* M«y Stojmn^ 

Ii<miV>n. I 

April 10 BfllpK irarrln. of th«* City of Lonf]f.n,'<1WbitotkM>r,'* A EM^j 

Julia Runkyn, Iah? of Aftme, Chandler ; at S^ Msrlin Ori^ar, Vni/^ 
April SO Ucnck Bel«ir, of 8< Mar^rt^t. N«>w KUb .Sln-i't. I^nitiiii. Ooldivtl^; 

Ilocbi^Ior, A SuMkT) Vftii Hirbitkv, <jf tonne, ^tpiiwier, dao. ut Pow* 

Vaij Karbi^ku, dwi'*; iil & DjiDvtnn in tbo W(4it, )^or>don, 
April 20 John Wood. oF Liule CwlIelcU eo. Etaeit, IIuRbaiKlniuii. Bftch'. ^ 

Martha Lumuuu, nf .Addtogtoii> ^. ^urrcv, Sp', dau, of llei^>^ 

Lummiu, of sHni^* TuUor ^ at 3^ Dolol;>h, Hitb'Pimifau, London. ^ 
ApriJai AViUiAm ilawkin*, ol i? Mh-WtI'^ CoruhilMyoodou, Orocvr, B«V. *, 

Marj Sumlpy. of Hiimi*. Spiimtrr, dan. of Jattk^* Stivnlrjr, UtO ^ 

•ftuw, ScpivL'Ocr, dcc^ ; at S* Bonnel, i^uV* \Vbarf. Li>tiilon. 
April 21 TbcMUiLa Gardner of S* Karhenui^ Ci>lrmflii, T^-trndun, Mtnrcr, & (h**^ 

Waiixu, *>f H' Kfttlwriw Crtv ChurvU. Sp\ daw. of [*/flwt] WkTre**' 

doc"* ; at Oix*Ai S' Bartliol^m'rWf I^ondnn, 
April 22 J»mo« i'hiilJpp«,of Fulb^tw. c». Middx,, Watcnmui.A Josne Pftifiitt^ 

nanie. Sp% daiL uf [^Wrts*] l*n>ffitt, dec'' ; at Fulbam »f«^. 
April 25 Tht»m^i* iiuilchei, of y Uanin Ori;*r, London, Vcsmuui, A 

WtlUm. of name, widoT*- i>f J^hn WoJlaiii, lat« of 3tiiri>rd, oo, GMOXr- 

HiiHbji.iidman: nt 8* Miirlin Orgkr ufcm^tid. 
April25 Johri R4:<biii^^Q, Es*!,, of S^ Mary AJderm&abary, Uach', 29, paittb» 

dead. & Bridget Jenkitiiooii, of ^ DunsUit Wvnt. ALudvn, 10. 

cuiirtt-nt (if father Kobcrc Jeidiiasoii, of eanie, Herchani Taylor ; 

Fmlham, Middlesex. 
Aprils? John Dr^aitud. (W-tit. of LiiLocdn'i Inn, Wlrlovror, Si. Jk Jtam 

»f Wctlirr»ndd, K^wt, Maiden, 24. dau. of Jmiaj Chrko, of «ame, 

£«q., who coiuonU; at FiitcUinj^lield, bs»cx< 
April 23 Qcoroo Li>ni\ (Jent., of liiai^r T<*jujjk% Wkd(>it«r, 40, A ElixoUrth 

Obive. uf S^ GiIm, Criji|dr<gato, Mnulwi, S4, h#F parouU dead ; at ^ 

Mary. Itfliu^oii. 
May 1 John Jcttnoii, uf Cbrjsl Churi'h, Tiondon, Butcher. Bacbdor, A J 

AUowii, of 8^ Botolph, Alknt^ute, widotr ol It^btrt Atkaon, lau of 

Aam<.% Brcnitiri ot S' Itotoipli iif#'^ 
]la> 1 WiUtam Peiorrf. of HLtfiori. iiix MiddjL,« ftfiitaiinan, Jt Aniuf Hopktnft, of 

a^ Sepulchre V, [Aindoti, iipiuHtcr, dau^ of Ralph liapkuia, of eo* 

Buekii, Uuflhaiidinati ; al y ^Seijulcbn? h niaf^, 
M»y 1 Cbriatopbcr ICvlev* ot 3' Aiitbotiu a. Luu<Joik '' rauoariua," BacJiidor, 

ElUnWib jVboIl, ^pumtf^r, inu- of Sarauul Ab«U» of Erith, fo. 

Gtrni. i at S* SnitSiaV Loudon. 
May 5 Audrvw t\ncbc of ^* Gregory V, London, Teoiaati, Bachobr, 

WyboivKiKk ?4tacie, of S^ Sepuk-hre'a, ti^ City, Sp*. dau. of WilUatn 

8t4cip, \at^ of Or4!r, co. Caoibrid^ doc'i M S' &«ia&oi*«p I^AuKa 

Wharfs t^iiidiiD. 
May 9 Edirard Lve, of 8' Botolpk, Alden^gate, ItondoTi, Tmttier, Ba^bdor, 

Mary Holae, of miuc, Spiiurt«r, dau. of Wiltiatn EloW, uf 

Qeorgof, Soutbw&rk, co. ±Jumiy, Oeut. : ai S* Beouet, Pmi 

Wharf, Loadon. 
ICay IL Williau) l\>m}inaon. of S« GrefforjV Lutidoii, CutJer, Bach'. A AH 

BiddalJ,of S^ BoUd[ih, Aldorwato, Sp\ daiL of Oeotfge B)ddalt, 

Broitvicb, ca Worvoit^r, xeoinui; at i^ Bololph, 


May 13 Huj^h A ikntson. of Kdifware, <^o. Tknddi., Sawy«r, A T^iilvll Vi>rtoa, of 

Liltlo !StaLinorc, «^ ux, Si/, diu. of Arery Norton, lite oC . 

Unflbandman, dec^; at Little Staiunoiv aforesaid. 



Maj is 

Mmj 13 
Uaj 10 













May 2S 
Maj- 26 

CuUiiii. of 8lRij»Uik<I» BjijJ cii . willow of Robert CoUtiu, Ut« of nuae, 

YeomRH : ai ShopUtid ifoimaid, 
Joiiu ilollimui, of S^ Micliaera, Hugffin Luie. Laodon, Tailor, Bsctielor, 

^ l)oii»lhr IU:tk, of <Uiri«l Cliiu'cb, Loodoii, ffpiiiEitcr^tUu, of Hol>crt 

RvTt-, IdU* of Alnxou. co. L«ioMtor, d«i^ : »t 8^ Mi^tiAel, Huggiti 

Lailo, afonwiid 
Peter UvLtoii, «f London, AiiMvliant Tftvlor, Bach', 30, A Mary Lee, of 

Loudoo, Maiden. 18, her |iarvDt# doad [in Vicftr^Qoncrarv Book 

ffttlieroallod an *' f ntumoiigrr "] ; coikJcnt of ber aunt Suoan Sturtivftnt, 

Widow, wuh wlioiri -lie dn^Ileth. atl^nted by Z»ch&u» isbam. ^ent^, 

"f this Midtiio TcmpUs unclo to said Uanr Iami at S* Aiklnm 

Atitboiiy AiilK*wyn,*of 3* Botolph, BluhoiuKate, Irfjiidou, ^tJer,A Graco 

Bigravu. of Bamo, SpioAtOT, dAu. of [^isnA] BLgraro, d^^ i at S' 

BotoJplk aforeeaid. 
WiUijuu Gocdiii, uf Orwit, ca Bmox, ff uibatulman, BaL'belor, A Har- 

garct UcmiDgdoD, of Hamc, vidow of Ukbard llcmiogdoa* late of 

Mtue, Vintner ; at Omc^t afn*^. 
George Sprat!, of City of London. Vt'ornAn, A Vrnnaett W«1Uagton, of 

same. Spinster, dati. of Juhn ^^'clllu^OIl. of YcpsIoj. co- HoToford. 

GeiiL ; at ttie 8avi>y Church, Middleaei^ 
John fiwMn^7n, of ^hopland, co. E!fl<«ox, Marim^r, Bjich', 39, £ ^tixan 

CWkv, of LoOi oo. BftvOXt 2^ fridour of John Couko, of <mmo. Mnrinor, 

SffC^ 3 yean tinc&i attAsted bv John Pi>u&t«B, of l«igh sfomaid. 

Mariner; at Shopland afoTOMoio. 
Thomafl tiaund^rvon, of S< Alphsco, Loadnn, (JirdJcr, Widower, A Marj 

Fattuvr, of ■* City, Spiiiatcr, Unu. of ADthoiii Pidinpr, of 8tockdujle^ 

cy>. Norths, £>q.i at S' Bauuel, Patil'* Wharf. 
6UeB ^kvlone, Grocer, of 8^ Mkhwiy Comhiil, Bnch'. 37, iod of 

Octaent E^kHtun, of Bnirtted, cu, Keat. Veoiu^n. who cojuentu, A 

Joice Carlcton. of S* Harthnionjow br thp Kichangi\ liomJon, ftlaid^n, 

31, dau, t>f Kdward Coj-Ictoa, Ut« o{ Claudou^ Sunx^t. Ocut., dcc^i 

€OiMent af ht^r bivith^^r RraMmua Carleton, of S^ [lartholotiiew afir', 

SilkiDUi; at 8^ Bftrtholomtw aU^. 
Edvard Hardeo, of City of London, (i«ul., Bach', 30, fathor'n cooaent, A 

Karv Qarduvr^ of K* Aniu-'(, Hlju-kfriBm, Maiden, 32, dau. of [6£<mjt] 

Gardner, JaU? of Banbuiy, Oioii, G«<jit,, doc* ; lor mothoF*« ooa«eafc| 

at 3* Sride'a- 
Qrcgonr Arnndell, Gent., of Hampntead, Middleeox. Widower, 60, 

& t^iab«th Sioitho, of «amr, MnKli^i, 2\ ilaii. of Hobcrt ?5mith, late 

of Biuuo, Vcomun, doc^ ; conM^t uf hor mother Amuk Smitkc, of 

aaiae. Widow ; at S' AndTws Wanlpobo, 
dir ThocoM Panton, K\ of City of Ij^intkni ["8' Bennt^l'*, PnuVa 

Wharf," eraaedl, Bacll^ W, 4 Mary Shute, of S^ Dunsiac'a Wetrt, 

33, widow of [6^itjt] 8hut4j, Uu> of mimti, dci^'^ ; jit fl^ Androw, 

Holbomt allogod bj' fidwani PuiiUiu, of S^ Stephen V, Coleman 

Street , Gent, 
"nioniu Conway, of &* Mar^arety New l*1ah Sireet, Loudon, 

Viutiior, Widower, A Borbnra Burt, of Stopnoy, Middi., widow 

of Bobert Burt, of Jtat4:UfrtT in luid parish ^ »t 3* Grv|^ry*«, 

ChriJ^tophor Mrrratt, of MAlduii, cu, Emhih, Carric^r. A Anne Bojcfrit, of 

Fnenung, s^ oo., widow of John Itog^"* ^^ °^ samo, Inuholder ; 

aC Ingat««ton«, co. fimex. 
Hoary Cordvvrcu, of S' Botolph, Ald^lo, Loudun, Carpenter, A Alice 

Tuckwelf, of 5^ Leonani'w. Bromley, co. Middx,, Sp', dan. of [blank] 

Tuukwcll, doc^ ; at S^ Leoimcdy Bromlej/, aftf<'. 


Jcuko 2 


JofiD Poultiivv. of S* Cl^nioDt Daiuw, Middx., Ttfillor, A Aonc Kolmv^ 
mlirl. nf Jnim Hntmnail. kto of mund, Tulnr ; aL S^ ^fortiQ in tiie 
Fk'[<3H. MJddle«6X. 

Juno 4 Jam^'M Hull, of the City of Lon<Ion. Ocnl., A Ann Lani«d, Spuiftter. 
dim. uf [bfank] Lticitvd^ d^v'' ; At S^ Gtlua iii i1i€ Fields, MidaJcaoK. 

Juno 5 SU>ph<»n Odionk, of tho City i^f E^udon, l-'SiihmoiwoFf BocKcIor, A Jo^a* 
HJclijtrdHOii, of ^^ Qilc^, Cr[nT>lL'>:iiLe. widovr ol [blank] Richtaiaca, 
Ute of 8am^, " tiDCtor" ; at Fulhain, co. MiddloAOX. 

June U Uaiiiel f^4}nivnii.^lrf, of fj^ Mary, Ivliugtou, Mid<Ueaex, Oent., & Judith 
8uckliir«s i>f Djttckfrmn, LoudL^a, Sp', dAU. of Adam Suckliffe, 
Y«oman, dcv^i at S* Mniy, iHlmgton, af oraHaid ; conNernt of her 
Enotbor jjitie Conalable aUm Sackhflfe. 

June 12 Gt^or^ Phillipp^, of ^' Bolnhjh, Itiihnp«gat<^ I^ondoTi, C«rpent«r, 
Bacb*, A Elizabeth Owen, of aame, widow of Walter Oir'eD, Jate of 
Mimcs Oroocr ; al S^ BoUiph afore-Hftid, 

Juno 13 "Edward Tlumfrcy, of li^irluw, co. Exsoi, Huflbandiaan, A Man Didny. 
of 8ame. St>MLht«r. dau, oi ILjhcn Dirinie, late of same, HuswidiDia, 
doo*' ; at Sndlej, co, Eflnej, 

Juue Id Xbomaa FoaU-r, of the Citv L»f Lirudoii, Qrocer» A EliLabotfa lyimiii^ 
cf Liltle A!! Jlallowfl/rUmeti Stroot, ■'' City, widow of Ricluud 
Trimiuict?, late of tnmn, PRTAsor; at S* Puler'n, WeaWUaap, LondoiL 

Juue Zi Edward Uoony, MA., of *^;jriugtiold, Eii«ex, BacbS 2^, son of Edwird 
Booay, of name, Oeut., vcha couaouu, & Jaue Bogaa, Maiden, 21, 
dau- of Edward Ho^^iw, l&toof Ardloy. co, Eh«cx, Gt<mH, dcfc^ 8 vcan 
ftffn; ronirnt of h(*r father in law M^ Mattbnw Davui, Cliirk, ViOtr 
of WritUe, Eaaei, with whom abe dwellelh, aa also of hia wife her 
mother ^ ut S' Giles, CrippJcffiilc, 
Joliu DlnivonW, of TalifvorUi, Hiddleaax, Gent,, & Joauo Dri^ioa, of 
8^ ScuiiK4irc*tf. Loudou, widow of [bUnXc] Bnggtna, lato of MOafti 
" Barliilon»sor"; at S^ Geor^p'a, Botolph Lane, Loudon, 
William Ganiett. of Chesbuut, HerU, Yeoman, A Eli^aboth Tulefordj 
of 6laplelord Tjiwn<^y, co^ Eeacx, widow of Thomas Tailoford, Uto ol 
eaLUC, 1 twuiziu ; at 8^ MLchavlH, Corulullf Loud. 
Johu Gm^o, Voomaii.A Elizah^ili R&bellA. of S^ 01ave\ Hart 3ti^»«t, 
LoLdou, widow of Ihlank'] Ri^bcILn, Jatc of same; at S^ Benujet't, 
Paul's Wharf, London. 
Stephen Bawle. of S* r^awrerict, Old Jt-wry, Loudou, Vintner, Bach% A 
Aliiio Orcciilcy. of CJiriisL Cburcb, a"' City, 8p', dan. of [&/atA-] (JrocQ- 
Ipy, of Ham*?, Biit:rlnTr; at Gbrint Church afon?siud. 
Hobert Fulnothv, Kaq,, of the Tim|)le, BncV, 44, A Grace Ayleworth, 
of AH ilallowft in the Wall, Maiden, 24, dau. of rW^/pIr] Aytewonb, 
of 3^ Aiiditiw, llulboru, £b(j., dei;'' ; Uor molher a conaent -, at AD 
Hallowjt in thvi Wa-U, 
George Shakcrky, of S^ GOei*, Cr]pi)legfttOf Loudon, Teonuui, Bachelor, 
& JoaoG Wilson, cf W^jth&m, Ephoi^ Spioflter. dau. of Johu Wilson, 
late of aauio, YftoniaTi, deC* ; at S* Bol^lpb, Aldgate, Loodon. 
Baptiat Lt^rkiu, Gorit,« of Littlo WaltbiLiii, Eaeei. Dach', 2S, sou of Joka 
Liirkin, Geui., of Litlle St-anmoro, Midds., dec^. A Mary Josua [*m], 
of Okiiig, Surruy, Maiden, "24 or 25, ilan, of Bithard Joaua, Clerl, 
lalo I'araon of \Yoflt Uonby. Surrey, deC^ ; cousout of her mother 
Eli^abi'th JosuiL^ Widuw; at a' Andrew's, Halbtim, London, 

July 10 Tboma* Lawuon, Gout, of City of London. Buich", •J5, ooa of John 
Lnw*oit, Gent., late of Spofford, co. York. doc'^.A Elizabeth Morgan, cf 
City of Ijoudon. Maideo, aSmoHt i(), dau. of Ale.vauJer Morgan, of S' 

July 10 Edward ^latloy, Cook, & EUen Mooreton, of 3' Andrew's, Hotbom, 
^^pinatcr, djiu, nf [^blank] Moutvtou, dec^ j at S^ Andrew in the 

June 26 















































Willinm Pembprton. CIM, P*r»on of Iligli Oneur. Ehh^x, B«cV, SS, & 

Mary Tope, of 8^ Gileit in F)4^}d«, Maidon. 27, tUu. of Sir Edwurd 

Copt't of Nunc, K\ i*ho«- ccrnwDt ii" nttc^tiri by FaniiDUido t'opo, 

Geul, WutLer uf t* Miu-v. & 9vii L>f BitiJ ^ir Eil^^arU ; at 8' Mur^uU 

in thv FielHH. 
JoliH Bailey, of 8^ MaiT,"Wbtt€rhttpcMhfi<Wx,, Yi^omjui,^ Anrif? Pljitts, 

of We^than^ co- KH^eK. Splutter, ilau. of Hobert PlaUf, hiff of Soulli 

WlngfioM, CO. Dcrbj, Teaman, dcc^ ^ Qt LtttJc Mi Dnlbwi, Thame* 

Strvett Loudos. 
Edw«wl Topftpll. CWk. A-M . MinwtCT of God» WoM. of S' BotolpK 

AIdef■gnt4^ London, Jt Mar>' S<^n(OTL« of S* AnnA Agiifv, AldoniffiLt<*, 

widow of iit^eoty Heaton. late of wudc, Stationer^ at :5' Mar}-, 

Tsliii^'tun, MidiUcfH^x 
Jamcoi Pe^icoelie, (*f S^ Helen*", BiKliopiNj-Ml«, London^ Sl^innvr, A Maty 

tfinitli, of S' Anne A Agnce, AldciwEat^*. London, widow of Tliomai 

Smith. lat« of itame, Skinoer ; at S' Martiu Orcar. London. 
Uo^'h Diicc, of the ViXj of [jtimlon, (init.t Bftchcl<<r, A Mnrgaj«t 

Mt*diMiri\ ol' 8* DjkrtWomcvr by tbe Bicliongt*, L<>udoi), tipiuitter; 

M S* KeiiTn>tt Sherehott, lyondon, 
LcwiA Lore. Ocnt. of S* J«mo«, ClerkcnwiJl, lVitl<*w<'r, 12, £ flracf 

UotUuid, of 8ame. 32, widow of Itohfrt UoHand, Gent, of City of 

Looiidion, who died ii ycAr ago; iiL Fulbniu, Middx. 
Olivor Mouutford, of S^ Bi>tol]>h. Aldi'n^atr, Loiidoit, Fla]Bt4>rei-, ^ 

EliiabetTi Hooac. i»f S* Jainwi, rierki^nwHI, f^pinnter, dmi. of [blant] 

B^OM, of CO. [llank] ; tit Fulbari^ Middk=uex. 
William Hamc*. of hnlicld. Middi., VeolI]a^, Ha<'liclor, A I'tjuicov 

Bircbf, of «nac» HpioBt^T, dau, uf Kichard Dircli, of tOn Btsla, Quul,; 

at S^ Andrew iu the Wardrobe, Loodon. 
Thomas Kidd. of S^ GQea in th« Fioldji, Middi., Yeoman. Widower. A 

Etimbeth K«ji*H« of 3^ Aniirew\ Holbom, widow of Thotuju Keyce, 

tate of eanic, Glorcr. 
Bobcrt Toggell, of tbo City of Ltiudon, Clothworker, Bachelor. A 

Amy ShopheiLrd, of 8* SepnlehreV a^ Crty, 8piurt*»r, *Iaii. of JoUn 

&hcphe4wJ, late of Mountntchel, co. Kmux, det** j at S* ikpulchro'i 

Richanl Frvctiodic. of I^ittlt; f^Unbridgv, e4>, KvitM, GcnL, Widovrer, A 

£Ji£»heth OUonl. of Bumliniii, h'^ eo^, widow of Tiioothy OUoul, Into 

oFsanw, Y«oman ; at Huruh^m afa'^. 
John Hntrd, of UpintnHtvr, co. Evaex, Y^OKUftD, fiaiJielor, A Joane 

Wyat. of eamft, Kpinst^r. dau, of John Wyat, of same, Yootnao ; at 

& OUt^t'h, Biltpr t*tn.Tl, London. 
Wdliam Hftll. Gent, of Ltttle Ilford. RMt«*]C. WidonvT, 50. A. Aaue 

lUrringtoti, of ^ Botolph, Altl^T^tc, Mnidi-n, -KK dan» of William 

Harnn);;ton, of Dorer, Kent, Oeut.* dec^ Iter mother alao dead ; at 

Littk Ilfort aforaa«id. 
William !4<n, UudbaDdnum, A Orace Toner, 8p', of B* Antholiik'a, 

London, dau. of [blettk] Tum«r, late of South Mimii, lluahandnian \ 

at S* Tbomaii Apovtio, London. 
AugiutiBO Carpenter, of Stepikoy^ Kiddlcwi, 8aJior, 4 Anne Walker, of 

£J* Botolph, Aldgiit<% Londnn, Hpinatvr, dau, of Johii WaJker, doc' \ 

at & Botolph AfonttoCLid, 
Oforgie Bad^. of Stepney. Middi,, '* Barintonaor," A dlen ParkM. of 

fiune, 8piiut4^r. dau. of John Porkea, Clerk, Ut« Vicar uf Tfliiwurtli, 

CO, Warwick, dec* ; at Stepney aforcMkL 
Uonry Bnght, Gent, A Haiy Bradley, Sp', ilau. of l^i^tk} DmdJay, 

1, Mm 

lato of Wolv^rhftinptoti, on. Stafford, 
AUgat«, Londmi. 

f envr, dac^j at ^ HoicAph, 


Oct, LO 

Oct. 12 



































Winrmm MilUfl^nt, of TntiflpTompIo, B(u^K 21,fwn af WiUmn Mill, 
of S* Clontint Dmic-^. Toyli-r, who rimiic-ulK, A EliuiMh Grc«»,ot 
London, Mni<ien< 17. <1au> of (tf>orRc Grvfue. of London, Qtfit.,«bo 

MAcklin l)khlui]>, of 8' IVijiuy (» Triniiv Lnn^, London, Mrrclueit 

Tavliir, Rni'holijr, A Katlirrin** (Itbu-u, Spitiiiicr, dftu, of THofw* 

GiWk, of Cfittenbain, C9. Caiubn(l)i;e, YeciDau; at S* TnDitj 

'VTaltor Owen. WalemiflD, & KlJznbplb Jonea, v'idow of Hugh Joofa, 

lnt«t of WjuidvcvortK^ co. Stirro^t WAU^rmoD i *t £^ Androv in ibo 

Wnnlndir. London, 
M' Matiliew Erorard. Qtmt, of Kcttfndf-n, Eroex. UTidowtrr, OO, A Mirj 

i>rynood, of ^4* (Jnbrwt Feiif^hunrh, London, 46, tvidow of Willtui 

]>rywoiHl, lulc of & CftlWrioc Crco Churvh, Liiieu Dri|fvr, doc* t uf 

& y»ar ngo ; nt ft' Bntolpb, R]ii)iop*g«1o. 
George Cleaw, Vintner, & Alice Abrooke. widow of Williatri Abiooke; 

Ute of Doniif , co. Burk», Yoomfln j nt *S' Mnrtin Orgar» Londoit. 
Tfaomn^ Morris, of S^ Catherine l>ee Cliurcb, London, Merchant Ta^to, 

A Dorolhy Hood, <*f name, Spinhtcr, dau. of John Hood, dw/j at 

8* Kftllirriiir s flfnrt'-iiiid- 

WiltiAtn Williams. Hrcner, A Marv Ilewm, of S' Botolph, Aldgate. 

J^iidoi),U|>]imteMlati.of tiobert Hewen.of •ame,^rImaKer; at hauh). 
Jcdjn HnriKMW, of rt' Si-jmlrhrcV, Lfiudon, 9tnlioner, A Uarv Mtidd>, 

of S^ OInvo, Silvor Strct't, i^ City, dau. of [W«a] Muddlo, d«c* ; at 

Trinity, Minories. London. 
Griffin Bob(^rt*", Tailor. A Mar^^ry Cnokfl, of S* B('nn<it Finlt, Lo<ndoD, 

ftpiimter, dau> of [btank] Cooko, riei?'' ; at 5* Benuet, Paul** Wharf. 
John Coo|>cri of Orcnt Itmmloy, €o. }£»nrx, A Knthcrinc Miine, of sale?* 

8p'> dau, of [hhnlc'] Mun*, d(^^ ; (it Orvat BromI<*y af»*, 
Cordwell Hamond, of WhitethapeK Middi., Vintner, A Margam 

Wormo, of Humt'^ Sp"", <iau- of Rtolkard Wonne, labt^ of «ame. Baker, 

tloc'': at WhJtechapplc, co. Ewei l^ic]. 
John Kood, of Akcley, co. Embok, Otttmonlmnn, A Winifred ^kiimer, af 

I)ri|?L-T}|jam, Spinster, dau. of Kobert Skynnor, dec'^; at S* Andrew 

in the Wardrobe, Trimrlon. 
Jobn Lm-LHlen, Oenl , of 8^ Dunstau'a W' est, BacV, 32 [or 841, 4t Kliui- 

bt-'tlj Kcidoj*, of Stftnncll. Middi., 30, widow of Kabih IfodQH, bUe 

of [hfanl-], CO. Ehci, Oout., dpo*" 2 yeur» «iucO; at S* Andraw'0 in 

the Wftrdfobei. 
NicbobiH ^lipOii'ld, of S* Botojnh, Aldeate, London, Stationer, A 

Elizabeth Wootton, of Bame.Rpinfltrr, dau, of [W^njt] "ft'ootion, dec*; 

at S^ Olftvc's, Silver Street, LoTidoo, 
John nenmai. Yeoman, A Elitahelh Hull, of 8^ Botolpb. Alg;«tJr\ 

London, Spinvtcr, dau. of [blank] Hull, doc^; at 8* Aaarew in i^e 

Wardrobe, London- 
John Sa<B«r, of S^ Andmv'p, Ilolhcirn* Girdh?r, DiichaloriA JaDoHwn 

of «iune, widow of John Hogge, kte of luune, Girdlor, doc'; nsl 

OlaTe, Silver Street, London. 
Bobrrt Rogeraj of Stepney, Middlesex, Teoinan, Sc Anne Shot^>ftrd, 

Spi niter, dau. of lohnk} dhq)pard, doc^ ; nt 9* Bonnets, i^u)'« 

Tboniax Buckle, of 8^ Botolpht Alilgnte, f/indnn, Cooper. A Maiy 

Cnnnficld, widow of Marma<luko CannGcId, Feltmaker ; at 8^ Dennet, 

Paul's Wharf. 
Arthur I'rtehrj, of Wvat Haimingfit^ld, cw. &vex, Ycomau, A Joane 

8t4.tvf-nDon, widov of John Stcrenaoni lato of South Fauihridgo, cow 

Eseex ; at ^'^ Botolpb» Aldgat^. 





Nor. 18 

Edward Haliw, of St^paoT* t*o. IkDd'iU^tfCit T«Ii>r, A Anno 3IutermT«, of 

WluKokud. a^ CO.. widow of iUmuod Musgraro, M&riner. dec' ; ftt 

Trinhj-, Jliiiorio*, LoDdoa. 
Not, 22 SunpMti S«adee« of £liiif» oo, HMdx., Glatier. A Ali^ Ilftms, of 

Braiaforil in pv. IluitrcJt, w>* co., Sp^^ dui. uf [blank] IlArrii, late of 

oo. [hhfttkX do</^ ; At Elm;; ftfor^Aid. 
Nor. 23 WilUiun Bftnf-ram, of S* B«nlioloraev ih^ Lcm. London. Girdier, & 

Jouie DcaniUT, 8^t ■^(^^ '>f Jolia D^anner, late of Bani^tt, ca 

Hcrto. dec* : u S" B&nbolomev the Greit. Loodon. 
Nov. 23 Hcnrj Due, of Susjmicj, co. Middliscx, Tailor, A Joane SobiiMon, of 

Raiu^« Spirmt^r, daa. of [&/iiivjt] RolMniMri. dei^ ; at S' Andrew m tlt^ 

Wardrooe, Londoo. 
Nor. 26 Bobert NicJioboD, of BaRdd, co. Mkldt.. Cliandler, Bachelor, A JouM 

Harvard, of Etaae, Spinster, daa of Thomas IlarwaH, late of kudo, 

YootDUit dec' ; at 9 Andrew in the WatdrolH>, Loodon^ 
Not, 28 Nsthukl Wrwht, of 8« aumhea't. Walbrook, Loodoiu Merchant, 

Bftchelor, AXjdia Juuch, of 8* Ol^re, Old Jevrr. LondoD^Sp'f dftQ. 

of BdwAnl Jam^A, of itasw. Merrhjut Tavlor ; ai S^ OUve afi'. 
Not. 28 Ilenrv EieraiU. Gvut.. of Walpoi>le, cv. Norfolk, Wid', I>3, wliow wife 

d>ed b«for« ITfaitaD^itido h< ft Eatboniw Stooo, of S* Bridc'a, 

Loodon, 'Vtdovr, 36, Ute wife of Nicholas f^toue, Ciiizeu A Haher- 

da^hcr of London, of 8' Ilridc '«, who died about 10 months itoco ; 

at ^^ Martin in tbo Yinir/. LoiuIdq. 
Not. SS Hichard Sliawo, of IWiof. Eaaoz, G«nt., Bach*, 2o, father dead, & 

Bennett I^ngfs Maidnn, 21, dau, of Rdward Lnti^, of lamn, Onnt., 

whose ooment im att«tit«d by Edward Locige, of suae. Oeut., brother 

of «* Bennett ; at Tarliag ftforrvaid, 
No». 29 Bobert K«^tui, of M* Butulpb, Bishope^te, Loiadoa, Sljoemaker, 

Widower, 4 Agn««i Jcllev, of «ain<s widow of Bdward Jelley, Ute of 

same. Baker; ai & Bot^^ph aforesaid, 
Dec 1 John Hamond, of 8* Michael, Qae^nhilhe, I»ndoQ, Watennau, A 

Ktiimi Johna, of same, E^pinaicr, dau. of Ibtankl Jofam, dec' ; at ^ 

Beuuet, Pnul'n Wliarf. 
IW, 9 flenrr ro«tiu4<»d, i>( S* Clement Dane*, Middlesri^ 84abDaI^, 

widower. A Alice Kirby, of S* John's. Walbrook, e* City, widow of 

Wiltum Kirbj, late of eo. Ktal, Voomau, dec^; at S^ Martin in the 

VintTT, London. 
Doc. 9 John FrauoB [•uh>. '^ Fntmcm ^}, Oeot., of City of Londoa. Widower, 

47, A Magdalen Alaop, oi 8' Sepit]<-hre*ii. Maiden, 22; conaant of 

ThoBias AI»op A Bobert Abop, of Middle TeDplo, Qcnte., her 

brothers; at Great S^ Bartholomew's. 
Dec> 11 Bobert Browoe. of S* OLito**, Hnn Street, London, Draper, Widower, 

A Elii«bcTth Browne, of S' Catharine Crce Church, ^ City, wi4ow of 

John Browne, lale cif aatne. Draper ; at S^ Cathenoe Cree Church 

Dee. li Chrivto^er Hoddesdon, Oentv, of Scaple Inn, Bachelor, 40, A Sarah 

Ungbea, of 8* Nicholas OIstoX IaWol^ Miudcii, 19 ^ cousv^ni of 

her father Soffionlil EIu^h^M ; at ^^ Mmt, lifliugloD. 
Dec. 22 Arthur Best, of LouJon. Geut.. B^h%30. k d&ra GraTes, of Danbury, 

Enex, Bpiiuter, 20. dau. of John Orarea, late of I^mtlon, Mercer, 

dee* ; coDBCDt of her mother the wife of \blanJt'] Walo, of Danbury 

afcTesaid ; at Danbury iforcA&id, 
Doc, 23 John Wutt T<*omftn, A Annn Hum*j, widow of William Harrcy ; at 

S< OUvc's, Siher Slreet, Loniloix 
Dee. 20 Kichard SenthiU, of ^S' Savioury ^Southwark, Surrey, TeomaD, Bachelor, 

A Jotnc Deronshire, of 8^ depuIcbreV s^ City, Bpiu^ter, dau. of 

John DoTonahiro, of lionloy on Thames, eo. Otford, Bargcm&u ; at 

^ Ajiue, Blackfriara. London. 
TOL, rr. 1^ 



Ju. 4 J^remiflh Wbilo, of S< Bcnnot Pink, London, Haboniaj^hcT, IIacIi', A 
Alice Wwnen, of >^ CUy, S|>', dau. of Walter Warrcu, of [AtjiU], 
CO. Surrey, innkeeper; at S* BcducI, Paur* Vhnrf. 

J«». 5 Bdw&rd WuliniQa, of the Oitjr of London, Conlwamrr, A Hmtv 
Brailler, ^f 8* M[f>)iflel uA Rlatlum. tfi Cilr. S^/. <Iau of John 
ItriulIcV. dpc'^; At S^ Uftiy Mftgd^n, Old FUK Stmt, London. 

J&n. i^barU Chlifbome, of S* L&irrenco FouQtnef, London, Uerthut 
T^vlur. Widower. & Anne Shcrcr, of G^nat All HuUows, v^ Citr, 
widon- of Hugh SUorcr, tato of iiuao ; at H^ Androw't ia tb« Ward- 
robe, London, 

Jan. U .fAmcj< Hiirncr, of Atl HaIIowb, Brood StrDot, IronnioiigeT, Widower^ ft 
Graw Jurrard, of S' Mildred, Bread Street, a* Citj, wido* of 
WiUJAOD Jattj^ixI, Iftto of JiunOf Mcrchftul Tajrlor^ at 6* Bcnnct, 
Rwil'i WhAji, London. 

Jul. 13 John Mftfliertou, Sailor, & Elizabeth Bond, of S* Leouiud'ft. Brotnlef. 
Midix,, SpinnUip, dnu. of Arthur Hond, drc*^ ; ftt S' Faith\ liOndoD. 

Jaxt. la Jnoicff Dihp^, of 8^ Mftrtio iu t1io Fields. Middx., CoaolimAkcr, A Saatok 
RtoCf of Mime, Hpinr^tor, dnu. of Willi/iin BicO| Into of njizao, TcotOftD, 
dfn^^ : ol S* Martin flf.ircsiurl, 

Jan. 1$ 3lia^^ I^igb, of S^ M£irf;aret*8» Lothbury, Gent. & Obo of its 
Attoni^vfl in tin-' l.'ommoii I'lra^, Hncbdor, :I8, & Mrny Cattlyn, of 
Totivnhaiu, Middlf-40x, SnltmUiri ^3> «luu. of Ralph CjiUd/a, uto of 
W«nhiin, CO. KnfFnIh, Clerk, doc<^, boi" motbrr ulio doad^ it 
TotlenJiftm ttfortwftid. 

Jan. 18 Bich^ird Narler. of All Hallo^rs, Thames Street, Loudon, Brewer, ft 
t^li/.iilK^tt! UrilliH, cif fi^ (lotnetit Unnea, Mi<ldx., ?4|}^ dau. of John 
Ghfli-, dw'' i ut S* M:Lr«ar*ft, New Fi#b 8lroot, Loud. 

JaiK in John rongbotliome. «^f S* Humilnn We*it, Orowr, Biuih', 23, ion of 
Tbontaa Ijonebothiun, of Bnttcvvrick, co. Lincoln, Qent,, ivlio 
conn^nt«, & MargerT llutcliins, of bame. Maiden, 20, dau. of [^Zmutl 
llmchiiiB, lato c? riyinouTh, co. Dc^von, dec'', vhe now dwelling wito 
hor uiu'It.' M^ lVad<i, of 8* Uuuatau'e afu'*, Qrooer, who conaenta ; at 
S* Jainc«. Clerkenwcll 
Johu Kellowe, of Christ Chun^h, London, PouIUt, A Mary Prc««on, rf 

nciOK*, Sp^ dflu. of [bhuh] TrcMJon. dec^ i at llampstfwl, co- Middx. 
Tliodiuti DnwHon, of S^ Mirhiud Hjininhaw, London, L'bnjmian, HnoKdur, 
A I-abc'll Hi*]jo, <if S^ Mnry AUIejruuiuburv^ a* City, Sp', ditu* of 
Richard How, late of 15rudei» co, SUrtford iHc], Tooman, dec*; it 
S' MflTF Alaermanbuty iifore«aid. 
HatthioB Shawe, of S* BotoZpb, Bj«hop»gat«. London, Homer, Bachelor, 
& J^ane Bcnuot, of ij* Jamca, Qarlick llitbe, a** City, Bpiitator ; at 
S^ Jaii4D8 afofesud- 
Edward Prgott, Gent., Bach^ W, & Luce Button^ Maiden, 24, daii< of 
WilliatQ Hutton, late of Braujfhing, co, Hert«, Gt^nt., dec^ 8 yean 
ninw, her mothop slao dewl ; at 8^ Dartholomew the Great, London. 
Jyhn 8(i«!vt-nB, of tKr City of London. FisJiiooiigci-, A Joftne RomktQ' 

Bof Bame, Sn', dau. of [blank} Uannan^^ve, dec^j at S^ 
c*K, Botolph Lane, London, 
rilbpaham. E«i], , sou ft beir apparent of Sir Richard Wnbraham, 
iif WiiodhcY, CO. Chester, K\ Hach^ nged about 11 yt^an?, A 
I]]t^»bo1h WilbriLhiim, Maidon, aged about 10 y^nrs, IJ^^ dau, of Sir 
UoincT Wilbrahaun K\ o£ 8' John b, Cierkotiwell, ^iie of tlu^ Mjwtera 
<if Irin Knjc«ty*» Court of Eoquostaj consent of both said fathers; 
at Great Sr BartboEomew'H, London. 
Vob. 4 Tlioiiin* Jteve, of S' ItarLhotoinew thr Great, Tjondon, '* toilor," 
UncbHrir, A Mnry Bacon, of »ame. widow e\i Willinm Bncan, Lato of 
wiine, Tailor; at S* Alban'a, Wood ^Street, London. 

















Fob, S 









JpBb. 13 



Beiiii<>t. PtturK Wharf, LoiKKm, 
Richard Cnn'iei". of S' Nichola* Cole Abbev, London, Mercer, Bachelor. 

A ^rah fSmilhf of aiimo, wid<^w of Kdnard SmUlj, itut of NamCr 

M«rc«r ; nl Iliuilvy, co, MidtWwai. 
f7hri«tnplirr Jonningn, of Sffl[fcney» t*jv MMrli,, Voomsin. Jt Anno Tlai-Wr, 

of vaiae, Sp^, dau, of [Afnni'l Barber, <\tx^ ; at St<>[nii-y af***, 
BartholoiDOff KdwAidj^ of the City of London, NilkTiian, A Hannab 

Si&illt, *>f H* ('ily, 8p', dau- nt utiorgr Sniith, of H^ John Zocbaiy^ 

Habordflflbfir i al S^ Aimo, BWkfriEiFFi. 
Ueury •Smith, of I'utnev, co. Surrey. Yeoman, Bachelor, A Dorothy 

BarfimJ* <if S= BiiHholamcw th*- Qr«at» London, Spiimtori at 8* 

Bsrlliolomcw aforcwnid. 
Sli'pliir'Ti NunKt^nj (»f tS^ KjitbL-rinc C'ijlrmari, Loudon, TcHtnuin, Biu'hrtor, 

Jb AtiiC4> Turii^Oj of aamo, Spiiiiftur, duo. of Biohjird Twliio, bite of 

^artDborough, go. U^ut*, Uent, dcc<^; at 8* Katherine Coleinaii 

WiUJtm jUIoo, of S» Sepulcbre'e, London. Armorer, & Marcaret Colo, 

of sanic. S]>iii«tor, diitiH of NicHobM Colo, of »am«, Bahrr; mt d< 

Aodrvw'v, ITolhoni. 
Edwaid Turner, of ??affroii Waldea, co. Et«ei, Mercer. Bach^ 20, A 

Elizabeth Mar»btT. of S* Q]\v^ in Fiddn, Spinster, :i2, dan. of Ilonry 

MaMhe, of same, (iteit- who«e (roiwciU ttt altc^ied by Ileury Marebe. 

of S' ^withinV, London Stone, Woollein Drapor^ brother of «^ 

EbrnhfirJi. A ion of ji^ Hrtiry Marnbi*, Gml,, hor father; at 8' 

Martiii'o id Fields. 
Gooree HoUy^ttic, of NiLeinff, vo- £«ih;x, YccmaD, & Elisabeth Knight, 

of aame, AVidow ; at Xa«iii)i; ufunrsaUL 
Tbonuw Kingc, of S^ Jaiuoa, CWki^nwclh Midili., Toomin, & Mary 

Hiil, of name. Widow ; at t? Botoli>b, Alder^gatc. Lorid. 
Bobcrt Nrdler. of S^ Martin Orjcar. IvOndon, A'ifitner, A Kllwi Rig^, of 

S* tteorRe'i, Botolijh Lane. 8^C?ity, Widow ; at S' (Jeorgci aforesaid. 
Edward Titrner, of Iiruncy pura. co. Kadcri, VcoiniUL. & Urocc Curd, of 

Middleton. t/^ co.. Widow ; nt Middloton afo^. 
Richard .Sheldon. Gont, of S' Botolpb, Aldg&t«, Bacb', 28, & Anne 

iSmythe, of Hackney, 7did<lx., Maidert, 21 ; eonvont of father 

Bartholomew SinTthc*, Gent., of same ; at Hackney. 
WiJliAm Bakrr, of Itcdriffe. co, Surrey, Bhip CiwrpC'titer, A Margery 

ftmitb. (if S* Mflr^rei'fl, N*w Finh StreoU LoiiJou. 8u', dau. of 

[ftint-tj Smith, of eo [Itan/i:]. dt-.c^ : at H' Majvarct** af«^ 
TboTuiw Hoaih, of S* Bride'a. I^ndfio, Taih>r, & Kixaheth Meade, of S' 

8epuJcbre>H a^ t'ity, SpinMcr. dau. of John Moade, det^i at S' 

Bcnnot, Paul's WKnrf, London- 
Robert Ix^wiK, of S^ flika ill the Fields Middlesex, & [hlim^'] Fludd ; at 

S* Andrew in the Wardrobe. London. 
Henry Jcnkin*onf of >S^ Jamen, CbrkenwelU Hmbandmau, *t Juabdl 

MakiuHoij. of i^^auio, Snijip^ter, iIam uf [bfank^ MAkiiutou. Uttf of 

CO. [i/iinij, doc"* ; at S* Jaiac«, Clorkonwoll. 


Bicbard Whale, of Qcmdon on the Hill« co, Efi«&i, nusbaodman, A 
Mary Drywooil, of vatnc, Spiimtcr, dau. of Ttflank] Drywood, lalQ of 
TTjiminnfrr. k^ i'o„ Tf*oman, d^e* : at Wcimington. oo. Bmex. 

Winiaui iludaon, Eaq-, of Gray's Inn, Widower, 3r>, ^ Anne Stodderd, 
of S^ Michael lo Quenit% London. 3G, widovv of Williaui Stoddard, 
lata vt Dnu:e, Skinuor, dec' about montba sinco) at MIq^u, 



April 7 AloxAtdcr Win*taniil<vf, of S' Scpulc>in»"», T^ndoti, Tcoitmn, 

Murparrt Rngirj«, of S* JAm», rirrkf^nwi^ll, Mi*3dx.. wwlnw of HearT 

Hocerfl, hie of wiine, l'ouh<^rer ; %i S^ Jaioes, Clerlwnwell, AforcvMO. 
Aprii 7 Kidiolu Horc)', of S' MArlin Orgnr, Looulon, Ocnl., 4 Eliube-th 

Horcj, of tuiDie* SpioHlar, dau. <u John Ueir}\ of WiokfidcU co. 

Berku, <Jont. { nt S< UartiD Orgar Aforo««i<L 
April 10 ViUtJun Barrowe. of tho City of London. Tcotniw, Jt Bruleei Lloyd, of j 

8' CiithoriiiD Orw Church, Loodou, SpiDster, dau, of L«in<tlot 

Llojrd, late of I-jnam, c\). WilU, Uont, dec*; %i S* Andrew iu ibe 

Wawpobe, Loiidou, 
April 10 Rcibcrt Konforth, of S* Andrew, Utdborn, [iondon. A Ktlcoi Carm, of 

S' Har>' AbcburcK, London, widow of ?oter Canu; at S^ Muj 

Abchurcb sforc«AJd. 
Aprfl 10 Bichard Coxe. of S^ Martin Otitnich, London, Krnbroiderer, A An: 

Adcy, of S* DunalftD in tKc AVeot, b^ City, 8piii«cor, dau. of KkImJi 

Ai]ay, Ulo of Feroi^hftiii, co. Kent, doc* ; at 8' Dunnton in ihit VttH 

April 20 ThoDia» Dobbinpoti, of 8' Andrew in tlip Wardrobe, Jjotidon, Tailor, ft 

Joano Haroian, of v* Cily, Widow ; at H' Andrun'H nii^. 
Aprils Jobn Jama^of S^ Onbriid Fviioburcb, Londoa, HnlordAnWr, Jt Doroiliy 

Morchant, nf 8^ Anilrew Uodenhaft, n^ Citv. .SpinattJr, dui. 

of \btf/nX] MarchAiit, dec^; at Stepiiov, vo. MhidleBCi. ■ 

A[>rii:;o Thoaiiw WimdiiJl. Uent,, of Abbott's lAngloj, UorU, Widower, 60, ^ 

whum* wife died about Mi iiLunthii ^inco, A AHoc Jofforcya, of 

H^ ilotolpb, Aldemgikte. 40, willow of [thn^] J<*ffpivya, whrt dw^Jt 

in (ir near London, & died about 3 years ainco; at S* Dctolpb, 

April 22 Robc-n ihm^U, Gt^nU of All HalJowB the Groat, London. Bach', 20, ft 

Aiuic Bocotkp, of (>Ainc« Maiden, 10. dan. of IIugK Biwocke, lato of 

Skiplon in Cnivt-n. «*, York, Yf<iman, diw"^ loii^ aince ; conaent of 

her nitJtbrr Annp Bococko; at S- GeorRo'a, BotoTph Lane, LondoiL 
ApriI27 Pclor Mulca>*ter. of Stanford Rlvon*, Kks<?i, QenU Wid^ 40, A 

KliKuljctb Tiiinidj-e, of Keireilou aliat Bnlerford. widow uf ^'athauiel 

Burriiii^o, of Koivodon af^^roeiiid, Sforoor, doc'' 4 moutlm «inc«; at 

TiiriiTii*, EHttex- 
Aprii 28 riiottian Soulo, YroniBn, ft Jaoe Abbott, 8p', dau. of Thomaa Abbott, of 

S^ Botolph, AldKate. Lombn, Gent, ; at S^ Botolpli afe', 
April 28 Cbrintoplcr 8torov, of S' BoLuliih, iVJdj^ale.Loudoo J'*urrier, & KatKenno 

Brewof, of S* Cathcrino Creo Cbnrcb, London, Sp* dan. of John 

Brewor. late of Avlii^dcn. co. Biwoi, BrewGr. dec*^ ; at 8^ Kjitlionoo 

Creechureli aforeiaid. 
Majr fi Ricbaul Foeier, of S' Botolph, Aldgaio, Txindon, " Barbitomaor." Badi', 

ft Citwly Spjioiiirian. of H^ Catbcriucr Coloman, London^ Spitulcr, dau^ 

of [hlank] Sjim-kinftn. Inir nf Ihlank}^ eo. tamttx, Turner, dec^ ; «t 

8* Batolph. Aldj;;ate. afure*nid. 
majt 7 HoboH Wifeemiui, of ftlavland, co Eaaei. Gent., Bjich% 26, aon of 

WiUiftDi Wiacmao. oi nitrnt. T^(\., dt'c^, A MArgiirct Brvtt, of 

Edmonton. MiddWex, Maidoii, Ifi, dau. uf Sir John Brott, of lamo, 

K', who coTiHonta; at Edmonton aforesaid, 
Maj 1 1 Jani<ia UarTiHon, of Stanford Btvor*, co, Kmhoi, ft Joano Hatnpahiro. of 

aanio ; at S* Atidirw in the Wardrobe, Londonn 
Na^ II WilHam Farmer aliat Board, of B» awilhiu\ London, A Margaret 

Kandt/rookr, ri? aanKi, ^iau. of Edward Sandbrooko, of tho town of 

8hr(*w»liuryi nt & Swithin'a iifoimaid. 
hUgr 411 William (Jr^onou^rh. of tho City of Undon. Clork. A Agnw Mor<\ of 

8' Altian'a, Wood EJircct, London, Spinster, dau. of Geoffrey More, 

lalo of Cromor, co. Boda^ Ycomaa, dec' ; at S^ Albau'a. Wood Stnet, 




Maj IS 

Ma7 12 

M»y 14 

yUy 20 

Hftjr 31 


TKomM SbdtoD, of & Mjirj 'Wo^flnoth, Txiiiilou, Clothwotlcer, A Dor^tiy 
Svrinliiimn, of All Hallows Kirkiug, Txtndnn, wid'>w nf Honrjr 
dwrnbume, late of sauu'. Cooper; at tjtcnuej, Mjdd!<?«»i, 

Jobn SAdlef. (lork, M.A., Bucb^ 3*i, & Mjuy Finiicr. 33, widow of 
Bdward P&iiper, L&t« of Auburoe, co, fSudiwx, Q«jaL, due-' a1>out 9 ycArv 
flifiCft ; ftC Scopnoj, GO. Middx- 

DioniJiioiiM Stnithe, of lli^hi^tc, MiddldWK, Yooman, & UebeecA 
lUmblettf of aane, Spituier, daa of [htoHk] Utuublctt* Uto of 
tr Bhdo'i, LondoDt ^cnuincr, dcc^ ■ at Ey Andrew in the Wardrobe, 

ThomM UgtlE«i, of L«jiwLon, <^. Bu«i. lIuAbandniaii, A Anno K^dd^ 
of M&m«, SfiJnMt«r, <Uu. ^f Jotto Kcniictt, of eaino, Haabuidmati ; at 
LfiTiidoD aforesaid. 

Chri«uiphcr fcwkclt, of S* Pt-l^r'n, l^niliitl, London, Habordavhcr, A 
Murgu^t Martj^ii, of & Bot4>lpli, BJalicj>Bgate, J^ondoii, Hjiinator, 
dan. rf Lionel] Martyn, of thf* Ciqr of Durham, Uiubandm&n ; At 
S^ Atidreir in the Wanlrobo, Laodon. 

Richard Lett^D, of S^ Andrew '« Wardrobo, Londcn. Draper, Widower, 
50. A Mary WuUoj. of S^ Duji«Uui'ti Went, Kpinxlirr, 23, dna of 
John Wol«c<v> lau.« of N\>rth Walaan, co. Norfolk, Ycotnan. doo^ ; 
conwQt of bcT nuct Elizabeth Uorgaa, of S^ DnDetan^A Weet, 
attnted bj Powlo WHtiaore. of aame, Scrireoer; at S^ Dumtui'i 
W«ft aforecaid. 

Bobert ThuixuMf of S' Botohvb, AJdiicatv, Londoo, Draper, £ ^rargaret 
Tliontft*, of S" All)aiiV. Wood Street^ Ijon^lon, Sp', dau, of Simon 
'HtoinAJ*, dec" ; at Ali Hailown Stayninj;, Lomlon. 

John Wbter, of fiaiaehftm, co. £f)r»ex. Uutcher, & Eluabetb Breiighatn, 
of HAtn<% 8t>iti«tcT, dau- of John Bn-ugham, laic ot paint-, Ltghtofmai], 
dec^j at All UaIIow* tic Lodd, Thaicc^a Stmct, Lojidoo. 

Blattbew Ri(^hardn« of S^ Jam^ti. Garlick Hithe. Loudon. Baker, St 
IdMimy Smilhc, of 8* Lftwrcnco l'ooiitii<»j-, «' City, Spiii^ter, daiL 
of[l7tfAijSmitbL*. ilLiAbatidiuAn, dec^i at S* I.aureuoe PoiuitiK^ af*'. 

Jamcfl Htarkt-v, Oent,, of S* Hololph, Aldv^rnijAto, UjmiI.% 2«, *uii of 
Httgh SiorkoT, Gent, of Mooro, oo. Chwitur. who coiucntu, A A^o« 
BiowDe, of 9 Botolph, AMersgrtle, 23. widow of Jolm Browtju. latu 

fortbiiry on the plain, co. Wdta, 

of S* Marr Overy"*, Si^ulKwarkf Farrior, <bc'' abaut 2 years vince, 
A daii- of WiUiam BuUoL'te, of Wortbnry on 1' 
wbo co[iiM:ot« 1 at >3* Botolph, Aldcrvgntc. 
AlcxandiT Corw^r. of S* Sppuk-hre'ii, T^ondan. Siuller. A Hi^tor Androwi, 
of 8* AjiJrew\ Holbom, widow of Edward Andicirfl, late of vame; 
at H^ Jamc*, CU-rkniwdl, UMz. 

Jonc Robert Bayuteut, Clerk, Parson of Bowm Gilford, Hmiwi, Bach', 30, 
A Anno Meredith, L>f Thundonloy, Envcx, S^indor, 20, dan. of 
llioniafl Mrredtth, Cletk, late ParM>n of Norlh Beuifleet, dis-"" 12 
moDthaago^ content of hor mottu-r Anne Mrrvditb, Widow ; at All 
Hallows, Homy Ijftne, London. 

Jibe 9 John BeL;kcil, of Trinity the h^^9%t London. Baeholor, «ou of Henry 
Bockott, of S* GrvgorTB, Loudou. Oiidler, A Mur^ret I'aldoo, dau, 
of Richard FaJdoe, fSciitH. of Kugby, ct>. Warwick, Haiden, 18; 
coaMnt of pai«nta €f both; allrgmby WiHrnm FaJdoc, of Knigbt 
Kidertftreel, London, Notarv rubUck ; at [&MnA*]. 

Jnao William Vaaaall, of ISa^twood, ICmcx, Ycomnn, Uftch', 21, ton of John 
VniMud], of ■amf\ Gont,, who oontiiMitf^, A ^Ume Kini^, of dild 
Korlcn, E»*ex. Spinster, !W, dau, of George King, of lame. Yeoman, 
who contents ; at Cold Norton afn'^. 

Jmalli Nuhaniel Priek]oTe» of Stepner, co. Middlcwox, Veoman, A AJlc« 
Kowaton, of aamft, widow tA Xhotuat Bowvton, lato of aamo, Yootnan ; 
at Stcpnojr liomauL 


Jams SO 

Judo 22 
Ju&e S2 

Judo 20 

July I 


























Ji>hn Furni^r, of tJtfl CSly «f T^ndoa. Vintner. A Elizftbeth Sonmui, of 
8tcipiiey, Mi<ldi., dati. of John ScviniAD, late of Hnrtficli, ir' co^ Yei>- 

mait. <1W<^ ; At Hiirwich HforGHoid 
John AD«elt. of 3^ PniiV* AVaMcn, co, Hrrt«, Yoottum, mux <if Jolm 

j^iiiioUt dw'^^ A Mft*"j^ Sand«ri. of Offlov. b^ ot>., Sr/, <lftU, of Jolio 

Saiitiert'. ht<> of H"* imriH^i, di^ir'^ : at S* Uamiolomcv tne Le«8, Londoji- 
Williutn SHfttMbrookc, of Hodd««d«iL in par Broxbonie, co. Herts, 

Hu&baiuimaii, Bacbelor, aoii of Timoth}- Sbambrookr, late of ** 

]»rtrtiili, Huvbuiiilinan, dcc^, & FiTLnrcn WilTinnif<,of nazno^SpLnsU^TidM. 

iifE]Liui'\Vininti]nJnt4inf vftmc, TntiliolilcTtlt'i^^; at ItnixborneftforMaid. 
AViUiaui DeTick, E^q.» of Ciiy of London, lJacli% 41. k Fmncc* IlADcliet, 

of BraiifiJiiiig, Hon*, Spinntor, 22, ilau. of ThonjA* Hauchet, of eaiDe» 

Esq-, wno couaenta, A ner mother aleo ; at Br&ughicR, Hcrt«v 
John CombcDp Tnrlor, A- "E-huthc^th Llord^ cuf Bcn^o, co.llcrt*, 8]>mBtcr, 

lUijof FJward Uoyil,of Hmrif*. Taj I'nr: at S'ThomBAApoatle, London, 
liicliard IJpriiifilon, Gent, of S' JohuX Cicrkcowcll, Bach^ 28, 9cm of 

ItiiTidiill Hrrinulon, lalo of ^VArninKbam, co. Cliwl^r, dec*, A Joi*e 

Tarker, of 8' Juhu's, Clerkeuwell, ^taid«ik, lUu. of Thoiiuu^ TaHtcf, 

of NorthL-u-hcT, oo, Oloucost^, Gout, u'Ko oonnooti, na »1bo Sir 

Koger WilbrnJmm, K\ tn\c of Ibe M'* of tlio Itraucntfl. & tbe hsAj 

Manr Witbrnham liis ^nfo, vitb nbom they both dwell ^ nlS^ JobnV 

"W^albnxik. Luudnn. 
Hlolijird ?:>uitifji.^ uf S^ ScpulchreV. Londoik, Clotbworkor A MarvaRit 

]*ilcH<*», of Ha^UnoT, fd. Miildi-, iIau of Itobort Pitelw*, of Walling- 

ton, CO. HerU. V<H>niaTi ; at S' Margaret Pattella, London. 
WUliam Pavdijy, of S^ Andrew, Holbom, Merchant I'aylor, A IsabcU 

SkeItO!)« of iaiac, widow of Tltoruan Shelton, lat« of aamet Brick- 
layer^ at S' Aii<ln>w, Holhora. 
Edmnnd Pornnge, Watermn.n, A Alic* Ricliardiion, widow of JamM 

HichardHiju, laieof Butkrxea, co. Surrey, " Wator"; at S* Andrew 

ill the Wawlrobc, Loudon, 
John Morrirtf of tbv City of LutidoTi, Ot^ni,, & Mary Morrm^ of Mamo, 

Spiiinto^, dan of Edwurd MorriB, of S* Oili^ii, Cripplo|;ato, London, 

Wii*i*unn ; at All J[allowH JStnyning. London. 
Robert llaviier. of lUllin^, Middlenes, Htiabandman, A Jane Feild* 

of «^ MichnclM iu t^^ AlbiitiX UerU, Spinster, dan. of William ifdld, 

late of Aunto, liv-*^ -^ at Ifillingdon ihforo:*a[d, 
John IWkcr, tiont, of S^ MaHiir* in Fields, Bacb^, 41, A PhilHppa 

Mills, of City of Wi-sttiiin flier, Spiimtrr. Gentlewoman, 23, dau, of 

Pranetff MilK of South amp ton, E^q., wlto londoutt) ; at S' CktlierilbO 

Crtjoehurch^ LouiJoa. 
John Geiloy, of S* Bartkolumew the Great, London* Brcker, A Audo 

Gxevnei Kfinsler, of the Savoy, dau. of Henry Oremie, d»c*; at S* 

Alban's, Wood Street, London. 
John DavicH, IJciit, of S^ l>unHtan*H in the West, Widower, 48, A the 

Ladj JuliaTL Prenton, of U* Pt<t<ir*ji iu the Tower, a widow fur 4 yean 

pMt^ at Stpatfofd Bow, MiddJoHOX. 
Ho^Pr NighthiEalc, of S^ Mary Woolchureh, Bach'", 20, aon of Biehard 

^ightLDgalOy of Lndlow, Sal^ip, Teoman, A Sibill llawkoK, Maidon, 

17, clan, uf Dudley Hnwkcn, of H^ Mary Woolchurcb, Grocer ; con* 

aent of parenta of both \ at 8' Mnrr Woolchurcb. 
Bichard W»tt^ of S' Mary Woi^lohumi. London, A Holen Pimrant, 

S' SlephenX ColeTiuinSlwH-t. Widow- nt S^ Stephen"? af§^. 
William Hewettof S' Mary, Wliitehapd, Midd.\,, A Mnr^^ory Radfor 

of the City of L"iidon ; al All IIjiIIowb Jinrkicg, Loodon.' 
Jcrorao Thomtou, (iont,, of Oruy'a lim, BncV, 2-1, father dead, 

Dorcas Scott, about 2(1 dau. of John £^cott, of tho Inner Temple^] 

Biq., who conBont* \ at Uacknoy, Middl«aoi. 











































Hot. 12 

P»itl Brlt^j & Katlicnrie Locke, of 3* Oathanne Cree Church* London i 

Ba^lulbl^ <5i\hih7, of ,S* ri*'mrrit Diin-<. MiiMi,, ft MAtpM^ Ajre, oE the 

City of Loudon, Wlilow : nt S' Undo'*. Lomlon, 
Bichnrd Omvc, of H^ Aii<Irc« Umlcrshaft, Lcmifon, <Jr<>a!r» & Kathcnii© 

Carriokci of & Jokn Zut-burj. o'* Cilv, Virgin, djiu. of Tlio[un» 

Csrricko, of Gloucester ; at S' MaryV (ilmstou. Mi'Jdi. 
Riohurd Heme, of iha City of Lc>[i<lo]i, Murchant Tajbr. & Elizabeth 

Hooker, dnu. of Nicholas Hooker, of S^ Mntthow, lfYi<Uy E^tirct, 

aaid Citj. Oulilnmith ; at Iloiidoii^ co, Muldlriwx. 
John R«iruo1tL«. of Burntwi^OfL oo. EitiieK. Veunian. <fi .Titne Sanford, dan. 

of BiL^hard Sauford, of kuuo, Yootoan ; At i)^ BotoJph, Binhopt^to, 

FTonr)' Pott-ril, of S' rs'iobulai Olavv>> Londou, llaberdMhor, & EHun- 

bcch Bifc'scd, of aamo, Sp'i at 8* Audretr in iho Wapdi\>b^, Li>Q*doo. 
Lawrence Smtthe. of S= But^lph, Aldgftte. fjondon. Pi?ilt.mftker, A Hose 

TrotifEhtou, of tfi City, Widow ; at -S^ Martin Or^r, Lmidon. 
Bdmuod Jourdeii, of Wliit^rehapel, Widower, A Itacboi Bragg, of 

Stvpncyt Wi<loffi nt Sw^jirmv afijri^aid, 
Kdwunl Willoci^lihy. of 8' Botolph, AlilorBj|nte« Landon. Girdlcr, Jt 

Marffiirel tti^kuinn. of 8^ Sopulchre^B, efl Clcy. ijpioster ; at S' 

Bartfcolo[ticw the Ownt, Londori, 
Aiithonr Bishop, of S^ Andix^we, Jlolborti. Baker, ft Anne Kueke, of 

8' Jaukw, Ci^^rhvowdl. witl<m of John EIuhIil*, latv of »amr, Blnck- 

ftmith; at S^ Jamen, Ck'rhonwvll. 
TbomfL8 8owthworth, Clerk, \'icar of Cbesthuut, co, Qcrte, A Isabel 

HaggendoD, Spiiiater, of Chnttt Church, Loudou; at ChrUt Churcdi 

Anthanv Urcaohr, of S' Michael DAJii»Kftvr, Ldndon, OirdW, A Arnj 

AlhriRhl, of S^ Lrtwrt'ucc* Pounlui^y. «'' City, uidtiwof Jtihn Albright, 

Uto of aaniQ, (xirdler ; at S* Lawrouce I'ountney aia"^. 
John Cooke, of 8^ Lawrx^nci^ Poiiiitut7, Tiondoii, Tailor, & Anno Bird, 

of Haziie ^ At 8^ Audrrw m the Wardxobo, Loudon. 
JoKn ApploBtoo, Jnnholdcr, Si. Sumui Goodi«r, of Fulham, Sfiddx., 

SpiiiaKtr. dm. of [bluni-] Qoodier ; at Fulbaro afw*. 
Andrew Jcfforic^, of 8' Mary Mj^uothaw. Londou. Merchant Taylor, & 

Fblar^aret I'olyo, iiu\ dau. of John Polyti, ol Myuiard, co. fjoioenrat, 

DiacltfULith ; at ^* Micliaor^ Wood Stroct^ Lomlori. 
Thoma* Grp^rtrio, of S* Thoman Apoitlo, London, Bailor, A Philippa 

TnikckOt Spinster^ dau. of Thoto&s Tru]ocke, dec^ ; at St£puo>-, 

Jaiuea Browne, of Cheatbunt, co. Hert«. Tanner, A Bridget Terrj', of 

iHunc, SpitMtcr, daii, of William Toriy, Into of iladloy, co- MidLllcuoi, 

Muxitiu-n, Atc^i Jit S* Antholin'", I/^nidoij. 
Boger Smithe, ot 8' Bololpli. AldorsRate, London, Habcrdoaher, A Alicft 

Jone*i of ^^ iTitmiw, Clcrkomvdl, MiddhT«^x« widow of OrifFon Jones, 

Iftlo of oauie. Smith ; al i^' Jauicfs Clorkeiiwtl], nU^. 
fiimon Wood, of S* .Tobii'ji, Walbrook, London. MerL*hant Taylor, A 

Hfirtfar^l IJruiford, of *amo, widow of Peter Bradford, late of aaine; 

at 8' Botolph. Aldgale, LohHoti. 
BobeH Koveli, of S' Andrew^a, Hjlbom, Gent.. Bachelor, 28, father 

d»d, A Auno Siblhf-'rj^c, of t'bclumlVirtl, Ew*ci, Hnidcn, 21, dau. of 

William Hi!ithorpi>. h\U *if wami^. (iiinL. div."* 7 yeaw ago; comiont 

of her EDotlier Elizabeth Stanfeild atia^ Sibthorpe, Widow ; nt 

S' Bftrtliolomcw the Un*ul, Ijondon. 
NichoU* Ricbold, Gont.. of Co^geehaB, Essei. Widww', flO, A Eliwu 

b«th TwUr, of Uomdou on tho Hill, Gmtoi, Widow. 80 i at 

S* M(kTganrt>, Lothbniy. 





























William Cro^i^, of S^ Kfttlieriiw Colectuin. London, Looebaw -atrial 
>fftlicr, A Juiitli Moivc, of name, Hpimitttr, ilau. of [^htank] iicm$, 
dec**! At All Hallows ,Stayniu£;, ljoiidf>ii. 
Tbomiui Sroriw, of Edm-fiiEon, r<i, MidiU., Butcher, A EUsabetb 
BiabnrdiMD, of ChHhuni. oo. Hcris. Sp^ dau. of Simon ButliArdtkOQ, 
of same. Butcber ; aL H' Harare! s. 1jothbut7, London* 
Wtllinui Clarlco. of ITcndon, Middlrsoi. Tmlor, St Eofte FinsoE. of 
Fmt;hley, tfi co., widow oi John FioaoL, lat« of Hoiitlotk Af>^, 
IluAbAndirjin i At llendAU AfoiTDwud. 
Ge^^ri^ KrirnL'i*. of All HaUowa, Honev Ta»o, Li^nilon, Skinner, ft 
Sarah Corlall, SpiQst^r, dflU. of [bhnit] Ci»dal], doc^; lit S^ Bu^ 
tliolomow tlie Lc^BiM, t^ondon, 
Andrew Bowyer, of S^ Micb^u:)! Basiehavr, London* Pcwlrrtir, A Auno 
Gc^, of S^ AuguNtiiicA, »aid Citr. dau. of Ralph Gotft, Uto of buim, 
Pljwlewr, df^i"'* ; III S^ ttPH^ii^ryV liondoii. 
Rtchtird IVicc, of Stepney, ^o. Middlowi, Mariner, ft KAtbectoe 
Burroiiea, of S* Miehuel, t^uoenhiihe, London. Spinster, dau, of John 
Bijrn>w4<A, Tailor, ■kv'' ; nt All EI^tI!ow», Tbfumw 8trcr1, Loudoi:^ 
Kdwiird Wilwn, of Giy.*nt BAcIdow. no. Ehi^i. Husbnndinan^ A Joaao 

Malt, of Wett Uauniugfield, ft^ <co.. Widow ; at 'bi^fiJi^, co. lissex, 
Jobii Solint*, tjf Woodliani WalUir, «>. Em<(ti:, A Vrm'illn \Viaeinau, of 
Tolleabunt Darcv, b"^ co,. widow of Jobn WiBeman, late of t^mts, 
Yoomiui i nl S^ Botolpb, Aldgntc, London. 
Jobi] Harttoedp ntisieTi A *' Tirt^Utr " of frimdon, A Clam Allison, of *■ 

rity. Smnster; at All llatlone Staining. iioniloiL 
Hftliili'Riulford, of 8^ AndrewH, Kitlbtirn, Lt^udcia, A'intner. ft Ruth 
ilaticock.widowof Ricburvl JIan*M>ck. dw*; ai ^'Oreg*iry>, Londtm. 
Tboma« PoirAOEi, of Loig)i, co. Kaeiex^ Mnrmor, BacbV II!?, A Kutb 
Wttlkor, Mfti<l<*n, 2ft, \\ct father det^ 1 mo' «ince; eonaeiit of her 
mother EliKabetb Walker atlestod by Jobn Walker, of S* Mary at 
Hi)), Drajier; at AU UallovH tltavimi^, London. 
Kowlaiid Wilceck*, frf the City of Loiiduii, Oirdler^ ft Kallienue 
Oivw*nbony, of S* Jobn'A, Wnlhmok^ *'' Oity, Spinntor, daa. of 
Hit-hard Greeiibernr, dec^ ; at 8* Loouardy Bromley, Midx. 
John Spuckman, of S* Geor^'V Boti»lph Lane. If abcrda^^licr. B,iob% 28, 
bia parents both dead, A Dorolby Taylor, of S* Martin in Vintry, 14*, 
daii^ of Knbcrt Tarlor, of JT^tevcnion, Boda, Goni', whu coiutout^j at 
B* Qt^r^ti\ Botolph Lane. 

[Latt ffntry in Vol IV. «« 22 Decffmher 161S0 

D«c. 81 YA 

[Firtt entry in Vol K is 31 December 1613.] 


niuiid (Vttoii, of S^ Martin Orgar, Lon*ion, Draper, ft Anno 
of S^ MiJdred'0* Lr^ndou, Spinster, dau. of [blank^ Barrett, 

8^ MUdrcd'n afurtujud. 


dec<3 ; at 

Ian. 4 Willinni ItcnK^r, Enq,, ft llridget Cok^, f^pinriter, dau> of Sir Edward 

1*okei at S ton dun, co. Herts. 
Jiu». fi Fmiidi HpP**re» of the City of London, llabenlaalier. & Suaati Kinjto, 

ut lamo, SpinNtor, dau. of [d/ivn'tj Kingc, dec' ; at S^ Chrutopher le 

StocJt*, Londonn 
Jail* 7 l&lward Grant, of B* Andrew's, Holbom, Sadler, ft Marearovt Steward* 

Hp', dan of [bUnk\ Steward, dec^ ; at S» Andrew'ii, Holbom. 
Jaii, 7 llobf^rt TlioniliiiMOJi, of S' Audrow*A, Holbom, Qetit, Widower, S7, ft 

Blir.ahiHh AHea, 18, dau. of Morgan Allen, of Qmlbin«, par. lloni- 

oburcb, CO. £«aoi, Qoat., who consoDtv \ at 3^ Clement Danea, Middi. 

BT riiE BISHOP or iA}m>oy, 


Jw. 10 

Jf^lin Iiiunkjn, of 6' OIatcV ir^rt St.rrols IxmtLon, Cool, A Jc-nuikgham 
Guile, of Bnfi«lil, MtJdl^v^x, Kpimtirr. *3»u. of [hiani'] Guilo, dc<^; 

at EdmontoDt C4X Middkeex. 
Jaa. 18 Bkhard Foater, Clerk, A Bllcu Hunt, Spiiwtc^, dnu, of Thomim Utrnt, 

latv of Kn^nolpb, co- Bucks, Yeonuui. dec' ; At S* Geotipy Botolpb 

Lane, Loji4oTi. 
Jut. 14 SiiDou Lecbon. of ilifi City of Ivimlm. " BArhitoitor," A WUll ThfAJor, 

ot 8' Albiin V Wood &, F^ Citr. Widow ; at S* Albaaifl af**. 
Jul 15 Wiltiun CnbbediEe, of Barkiii^, Jo. Emh^i, YcomiiD, A Tmibell MokcIoj, 

of 8' SfTPulcnroX Ijnuiloii, widow of Ileury Hoi^ley. lato of Bttuw^ 

Kaj-lor, dc^ ; at S* Scpult^hrv'm nforoAid. 
Jnn. 17 Jamcfl Lore, of 8^ Micliaerii, QueeDliItbo. London, Skinner, A JoTOO 

Knieht, of tfAinc, widow nf Willistu Knight, lato of «iuno, Clotb- 

worker; «t S' Michieri* Aforesaid. 
Jul IB lllwukaa OvriUim, of S' Aiiguntjnr\ T^nJoo, Mcrchftot TatIof, A Mar? 

LyoD, of S* DunMlan in iIm- \V*-»t, Spimtfrr, dwi- of Ricfinrd Lyon, 

]at« of SoiFron Walden, co. Essex, Veoroon, dec^ : at 3^ DunMau in 

tbe Vott afoTOtaid, 
Jao- 19 Mumc« Xiewca, of S^ Andraw in the Wardrobe^ Lomion, Folimaker, A 

Joano PluIUppEi. of S^ BHdc*i^ IJ<lndh^n, widow- of llu^h Phillip|M, 

Jate of futue, rVlimsker : at & Duiitftjiii in the W»t, f^JDclon, 
Jao. 2S Villiun Tucker, of S^ ^farv Afogdalen, Milk 8rroot, LondoD, ClHh- 

worker, A Christian liiifo, of u&me, ttiiinitt^r, dau. of [l/iank] Hid4^ 

toU) of Fiodde?. co, Middieeox, HuBbaudmoUr doc^; at SUulfoid 

Bow, Middx- 
Jul. SG Pet«r l-eUd. of 8^ Botolph. BLflhop«pto, Ivondou, ^'BarbitoDBor," & 

Sojnh PiuwniK. of Mime, 8piiii<t4?r, dau. of Ibiani-] Pirvon^^ Acc^ ; at 

E^iepneri Ukhilfiaox. 
Joo- 20 ^niomoB Eds«, of S' Botolph. Bi11i]>;;v|-»te, LunJou, A Dndgot Poyiil«ll, 

iSp', dan. of Kl^hjird Pojmt*»ll, <if samo, Fi»il»moTigi?r ; at KitigHbur^, 

CO. MiddJesox. 
JatL 28 Htigh ^'igson, of Bnrking, co. E^ex, Butcher, A Joyce Goldinge, of 

Zlltepiiey, Middhiiwx, widow of Eobiu-t Ooldingv, Ute of name, 

Mcri'hant ; at 8to{>iioy Aforesaid. 
Fob. I Peter Kingn, tS S^ Hrnot Fink, T-ondjm, ftrocf'r, A Hmtor Micholjton, 

of Stepney* Mtddlesei, Spinat^r* dau. of TobtaM MichelAon^ of oome, 

Maririor; at Stopnoy aforcwmd. 
Teh. ^ Williuu Bwou, of dusuucnf, Middlt^Mri, Mariiic-r, A Marf;(*ry dement, of 

•ame, widow of Jonn Cloinoiit, lato of Jtame. M^hrin^r ; At flflmo- 
Pcb. W John AdNon, of S' 8crpTiIchrr'*i, J-tmdon. JlHweiati, A Jaiio TnuATio, of 

same, Spiimter, dau. of Abraham Lanarie. of 8* Trinit}' in tho City 

of Klv, tiptwcr ; at S* Srpulihrc'w afon'^atd. 
Fob* 17 John D^a-rott, of S' Man- at Hill, Load*>n, " BarbitouHor/' A Sarah 

Pw*rl, of S* Clement ftftiiei*, Middi., Spinnterj dan of 4*lin«t;opher 

Pmrt, late of wun^ Coopwr, dec*; at rt* BcJinft, Paul* Wharf. 

F^, 13 Jobu Oxtor, of Ihtric, co. Hf^rtn, Tniircr, A Kvn ^niithe, of S* St«phon'i 

in S< Atbaui'e, B'l 4<o., widow of BicLiird Sniithtv IaIct of North Myiuft, 

A^ CO,, llUBbaiidinan ; at North Mvm« aforciwiil, 
Feb< 21 Xatlionid Shiumc, of Little All llallnw^, Thumc*a Streeti Londou, 

Dyer, A Joane Kilner, t?piD*tcr, dau- of nioma* Kibier, Uto of co. 

LoiLCOAl^r, due*' ; Kt All lljilbw» HinyninK. Loiidiin. 
Fab. 20 Hetirr RobLin*, of S' Su^pheuV Colomau Street, I^oadon, ftalt^r, A 

Elizabeth Fludd, of same, Smnotari dau. of Darid Fludd, Uto of 

samOt Cordwainer, dec**; at 8' BenHott Sherehc^, London. 
Fob, 20 Ntcbofas Barrett^ of llatnpetead, >f iddx., Yooinan, & Innbell BArkor. 

of (UiEDo, 8piii»tcT, dnu, of Goorgo Barker, Uto of game, doc'^i at 



Mu-. 1 












Mar. 7 

Mar. S6 

Mar. 20 

Mar. SO 
Apnl 6 

April 13 
April 21 
April 22 



Cbarlcft Arcbcx, of h* Mnry Somcrvrt, Lonilcti, Tnilor, A Margml 

Harre/, of Mkxne. wirlou' of AVilliAiu Harrej. Int^ of aame, Tatlor ; at 

S^ TriniTy. Tnmiy Lane, Londcm. 
Hecr}' Coltfuye, HuhbcLiiduuiii, A Biirliara Jon«w, midow of Edwird 

Jmiea, lAto of Miicltaai, co. Surrey, Gent.; At S' Martin ia tbe 

VintiT. London. 
William Sackliflfc [in margia ^^Sluiokliffa''], of S^ Duntttan ia tlie West, 

Lotidou, Hal>crtlaiihcr, & KaihcHne Lappidtrv, of iy' ScpiiichrtV 

London, widow of Tbonua Lap|jiri(^e, bt« of same; at S^ Anne's, 

BWIirrinn, liomlon. 
Clirialoiilivr Pu(<», of SU'pnoir. co. Middi., A Elucaloth KiebolW, of 

UacKTioy, Mtddx., wiiIdw of Tbcniia«i NichoUa, late of Stepney afonv 

[■aid, Munnicr; at Hitckiiov aforcmiM. 
ThouiaM Ti*drJo, of TowIpt, co. Middi.. Mercer, A Barbara Dntprr, 

Spinatcrf d^u. of .Taha OrTifor, late of East llodfontr (jdit., dec* ; at 

tS' Catherine Pnv fJiurfh. TiOhdun. 
Henry Fiiihor. of Fidhain, MiHdx>, Carpenter, A Atinr Sowcho, of aame, 

8p', dau. of (ieopge So^vrlif, doc"* ; at Fulliaru afB"*. 
(*(w>rgc Bailii^ of H* Miiry Wooltuuli, lAindon, Grocer, A Kntlirrioc 

Brownt*, of S^ MildRHru, Sjiitidtvr. diLU. of WilLiam Brottnt>, Utv of 

OLawtoD. CO. lluutiiigdoD, i'eoiaaB, dec^ ; at All Halbne £3ia>Di&gk 

Walter LAwronoe, of S^ Qeorce'a, Botolph Ijane, I>>adcpn, 6ent.» A Aduo 

K"^ kc, c>f Hfriuc, SpiiiEitL^, d»u, uf WillijLin t'yhc, intc of WftppiiifC* ^o. 
ddXr tiliiii CariJ<<iiter, dvo'^ ; a1 8* Gl^ui'^^'k, Bololpli Laue, iforfr 



John Lovoriil^, i^f Groat S^ BurthoLomew, Qont., Bach^ 3&, & R^Ma- 
mond Guildlaiiil. of naino, 36, widow of Thoinn* Giiilxland. lato of 
Game, Surgeon, dec"* 3 years Biuca; at Great S' Bartholomew afore- 

WlUiain Walton, of Staliieo, tru. Miildi.^ Corduamer. A Bliuibctb 
Shtirtcir, of iwiiip, Sptnatcir, rUii. of John Bhortftrjnto of uin*. Baker, 
dcv^i at Craiifon.!, t'o. Middlpitei, 

Eichftr<l lUrmiiu, of yulhani, Mjdd.v, Cftrpcnlcr. A Kathcnrie Higd«n, 
of saiiic, tip', dnu- of [bhnk-] ILiplt^n, Jro*^ ; ul Bume, 

Samuel Pliikoiiot, of Buji^fll, uo, Ehpojl, Q<^i)t,, Wi'tlowcr, 40, A EUaa- 
br*Ui Fikl^, of lj«Mgh, Esa^x, 48, widow of Kumphrey IMc^, late of 
Lei(;h afore«u'd. Mariner, deC^ half a year uiiicti ; at S^ Catkorino 
Crci> rhurch, 1-ondon. 

Williiiuj Hill, of Climi Churcli, London, Butcher, A Katlieriiic Tajter, 
Spf, dflu- of Stophrn Taylop, Iftte of S' Sepii]ohre*«i I-oadoD, 
Poulterer, dtfc*" ; at S^ Leonard'*, 8hon>ditoh, Middx. 

John Matlicwos, of S^ AugustineV, London, Mercer, k Anne PaJinor, 
Spiubler, dau. of Jotm Painter, lunholdcr ; at 3^ Au^Atine's afore- 

Tlummji Manrii'n, *if Stetnfnrci Ttivr^rnj co- Ebbpx. Miller, A Joano Beere* 
mau, of Great Haddow, rt** co., dau. of [bfank] Bi^runian, of aame, 
Tfomnn ; at Gw^at Batldow nfnrrfiuiri. 

Williairi Bubhell, uf S' Martiu's, Ludgnte, London, " Barbitonaor," 
&, EliiinbotK Chumicoy, uf 8* An»o'ti, ^Wkfriurs, «'• City, Sp', 
i)au. of ThomiUB CJiaunccy, dcc^j ut S^ Andrew in the WairdroM, 

Matthew ^wanton, of S* Micha^]'*, Comhill, Lonilon, Draper, A Anno 
Shui-roLUof 3* MiU'V Aldenuanliury, »'* City, Spinster, dau cifntoinai 
Shcrrott, Into of Winchle, co. Cheater, Veouian, doc*^ at FulKam, 

liY THfi BtSUur OF l^lfDOX. 



May 10 

M*j 10 

Mat 16 

Ma7 2S 

Juue 1 

June 7 

JuikO 7 

Juno S 

June 18 

June 29 

June 27 

Jul^ 5 

July $ 

Jalj n 

July II 
July 13 
July 18 
July 10 

'WillUic Drnpcr *fli*t4 FarniCT, of & Botolpli, AMjjiftUr, LorKloUf IrooH 

moupjer, A Ellou Boon« [*•>]. of HainoH wldlur of NioIioIm B<fftiio [tiV], 

Utc of same, Turner : at S' ilelou a. Londco. 
William Paiiio, " U^xlor," tt PrutUnct* Willinmn, Spini^tcr, dnn. of John 

'Vr*iltiiun^ of tbe City of London, Embroiderer ; at S' Andrew in th& 

"WniUrobc. Ivondoti. 

liicboerit, Wooi StiNX't, Londou, SD^ dAU. of Ji>hn Non'toii, of 
Scopleton, co. Salo|], Gent. ; at S* MJcnael't, Wood S\ London. 
John Owyii, of t^ BoUljjli, Ttilliiip^^aUr. Loudon, tiont., A Mnrr Naylcr, 

of nme, daker : at 8^ Andrew in the Wardrobe, La[i<r 
John Tiirnor, of CraiEi^ham, cu. Ehwi, Y«OBiaD, & Ji^no Jdhnxon, of 

Little Bun1«d, c^ CO., widow of WilUoni Johnson, late of »iamo, Xco- 

nuji L at Little Bunted aforeMud- 
Bobi?rt Whit*^. of 8* liawrenc*. Old Jewry, London, Ironmoncef, A 

PnJiciJU Fiiwkncr, cif t/^ Citv, Sp', dau. rf Thomaa Fawknor, ifnber- 

diflh^ ; at S' Kathorine Coleman, Londcm, 
Abtd) Oowcr, i>f S* Squilchit*"*, lAindon* Gent, & Anno Wither*, Sp*, 

d»u- of AnlLoiiy Withcm, of the City of London, Qoiit<; at S* 

Bdrthobmew the Less. Loudou, 
John Duminp,\ E[*q-, of Loinlcjii, Wicijjwcr, 10, A Barliara Lungworth, 

W, widow of John Lonjjjworth, (icnt., dec^ 2 ywirs since ; Jtt iblank]. 
WiUium DuDOuinbiT, 1^|,, of Norfh Okendoo, li!*HUJ^, Bacli^ 23, »ou of 

Sir fi-lwA^d I>u»cumb<>, KS & Elizftbelh Morn*. Sp', 1^, ilnu. of 

Sir John IVyns. K^ Isie] -. consent of botli s"* father* i at \bhnk]. 
Peter Duke, of LittJe Hallin^bun',eo.E!Hei, Yeoman, A Joan 3ibthorj\ 

of name, Spin^HT, dau. ot ftiAaril Siblhor|)c, of wincr, Yi-oman ; at 

£S' Dotolpfi^ AJdgato, I^ndon- 
Bobert SmiUi-ClLTk.Heniffrof Liui^ord.eo. DerbT,AMil1i(«tit Trance, 

of S> Uilc« in the Fielde, Middleeci, Widow ; at i^ Ctemout Dauet, 

John Mart«ii. of the Cftv of London, '* Barbitouiior," A Jane Goade, of 

lljoiptoti. Middx-, djiu. of Thomaa Gondo^ lute of S' Botolph in co, 

Kenl. Gent,. 'W"^ : ni S* Bonnot Gra«->i^hurcli, Lond^>n. 
AnthoTiy l*jikr, of Soutli WonU, co. EV^t, flent,^ Widower^ :»7, A Mnrj 

Browne, of Butieslury, Kasei, tspius^er, 37, dau- of John Browne, 

Oe»t, Uto of KelF<xlon ttiia^ l>torfnri1, co, J^gk, dcc^ \G vcArn^ A 

hifr mtiiht^T hIho dt^ad ; At ^^ Andrew WiLrdri>br, 
George Ja^^kson, Tanner, A Alice K&rtley, ffpiuster, dau. of ISdmund 

EiirtJiTv, tivi'^ ; at 8* Magnus, Tjondmi. 
Thomas Kobinsoi^ of S^ Bartholomew the Qrrat, London, Yeoman, A 

Mary IfarriAnn, nf samr, widow of Milcn IfafriAou, Uto of iin.mi% 

Ynoman ; ti Oreflt S* BartJiolornC'w afonWiL 
Samucl Wharton, Cl&rk, Vicar of Telirted, co. l^^eex, A Martha Gutter, 

of S^ Peter'ti, ColiTl»e«ler, n*^ oo., b'pinater, dau, of [tiUnk] Gutter, 

Clerk, Ute lloctor of S' Potor. Colchwlcr, dec* ; at FeUtctI or 

B^ Pctor'a aforaBAJd^ 
George Woolcock©, of 9^ Bartholomew by the Exchange. London, 

G«nt, ^ Uory Weaker, of the Savoi-, MiildxH, 8pinHU*r, dau. 

of [frJiTn^l Wearer, dec^ ; at S* Olave'a. Silver Street, London, 
John Moiiiiry, of S* Andrew' n, Uolbom, Skinner. A KAtbenne ffiirl- 

stotit\ of S^ Bolnlpb. Aldf^rw^atfi, Sp', dun. nf R^dph HurUton, of 

same, ]nnhold«r ; at S^ Mary's, islin^on, Middx. 
Anthonv Tuttio, of ^^ Botiflph/.U<lgab.% Jvondon, Cooper, A Sjirnh Hillt 

of Whiiecbapel, Middi., dau. of [fiJaat] Hill, doc'*; at WhiCochaj>el 

rhomaa Downton, Ocnt., & Anne Boyc, of S^ Botolph, Allgate, London, 

Gknt., Wid^>Wl at S^ BartbolamDW the Groat. London. 









































OcL 7 


*4flH " 


BoboH Brooko, of S* Martm Orgnr, London, TDiVrfvliuilLcr, 3b 

Cow, of Numn, Spmi»ti»r, dnir i)f Thomju Ooi(\ div* ; At S* 

■\Voololmrc!i, Lonaoti. 
Richnrd Ch^tcT. tif S' Mnrr, Whitechapel, Lo)jd<Tn» Birtcher, A Joaw 

SlsniliHlie, at the Cily ^^i Laudou, w>di>w uf £dwu4 BtandLsbe, ikc*i 

»t S' Amipfw'^, Holborn. 
Duiitfl Clarke, of S^ George'". Rotolph Liuie, London, Orocer, ^ Etlcrt 

Bird, of UuntiDgfoTd, HfrU, Sp^^dftu. of Jobn Birf, late of «uiie|^ 

de<'^ ; nl BuntitigfoM AforeciLicl. 
JoJiii SIu4p»bv, of a^ Alb«u*0. Wood Street, Loadou, Cwponlcr, A 

A]<fXfmd(ir. of tli*i Citj of I>ndon, SniiuterT d»ti. of Rd 

AleiLUider, Utt* of S^ SnnourX SoutliwurV, dec4; tt S* Kothmnt 

Croc Chun?b» Loudon. 
PiLul WaldcKravo, Oout,, of Bfirkin^, co. Eauex, Baeh^, 30, A M&rgiiRt 

ParW, i;}t eaiur, 35^ wiiluw of Juliii Piu-kc, IaIo of wUDe*, VeoiPAi:, 

diV^; »t S' Mnciin»tbo Martyr, London, 
Tlomaa Evre, of a* Martin, In^rnnoujter Laiie, Loadou, Mcrchint 

Mjiry (\>tlt)ii, of S* Mnrtin Orgnr, ^-^ City, ^\ djiu. ef Allwi Co' 

UL<* of fAuit.% DmpiT. (Irr^ ; nt S' Maitlti Orjcar ttftf*. 
Fooko JnnniiiBfl, of S^ SU'ph-?ri'ri, lA>ridou, Dak^r, A Klttabetli Ifftrlon, 

of vaou*. widow of T}»omflfl Mnrton, d(*c^ ; ftl witiHT. 
Walter HiUeiley, of S' MurLiuH iu Field». i^q.. Wid'. SO. &The Udy 

Ruth Harrin^t^ni, nf ^^ (liU^fi in b'idd*, 40, widow of 9ir HeiUT 

Il&rrinfiton, of Baf-wurtli Fju-kf co. X^icOBter, dec^ about 2 yem age; 

ftl 8* AlMT lo Strand afiat f^Awoy. 
Kumpbrey Shelfev, Teonmii, & Elixabetli SheLley, widow of Jolio 

Shellov ; at S^ 1)i>n&ot 8hereho^« London. 
George AUeyo, D' of Thviric-, Widower, -m, A Elixabeth Walker. 28, 

widow of J<M\>]iiy Wnlffcr, Ocnt.^ wlio Jiod about 1\ ^carti auoo; 

attonted by her brother Kiehnrd l^urloe, of Loudon, Gent.; tl 

S^Faith'8, London, 
Kobert HArrinoii, of S' Jiunca, Clerk^nwelL Tanner, & Anne HalsC^t of 

ihv Citj uf LoDduUf Widow ; at 3* Sopolcbro'*, LtJiidoB. 
Jobn Hny, of 8" AlbanV. Wood Strot't London, JoTitor, A EliJiabetb 

Burfcild, *if S' AmbewV Uolboru. Sp'. dau. of John Burfoitd, dec*; 

at S^ Andrew'8^ Holborn. 
Wllliam Te»r»n.moiid, of Broaijiton, par. Konwnpton, co, Middi., Qeot*, 

A BebcrcfL Cuifiktr. of Kcnain^^n af«^, J^p% lUu. of Samuel Ouobe, 

of, (leiiL ; at Fiillinrn, oo. MJddEf'itev. 
Kalpb JenKoii, of Edmonton, Midds., Yi>om&n, A Mftrtbft Ftutbo, ol 

"jinic, Sp', daiL of [hlank) I■^l^lht^ dec^; at S* Mary, Whitechapel, 

WillLAm Daic, of 8^ 0»l>ric] FenoburcH, London, Merobaul T&rlor, A 

Wniy Pcmorton. of S* Faith^H, «*" City. Spinster, dau. of IbUmi'] 

Pemerton, det--^ ; at S' Fmthy London, afs''. 
John Piichrr, Vcoman, & Mary Sturke, Sp', dau. of B^ger Sturim^ 

ItLtv of ftloHHiugdoii, CO. Ouck«, dt'L''; at 5^ Giloa in tbo Flcbk, 

Hugh Robortu, of 8' Andrew's, liolbom, London. Teomnn, A Elisa> 

betli doye, of name, Sp'^ diniH of John Joyo, dec^ ; at S^ Andrew'i, 

Jobu Smith, uf 8^ JobnV, Wntbrook, London, Draporf A MATgaiet 

Taylcr, of haine. Sp^ dau. <if Itnlnb l^iylor. Ute of Nevbu^. co, 

Iterkt, Yeomin, dec^ ; at S* John^, Walbrook, af*'^, 
Richard Nortli, Clerk, A " Faboain " Coc, of Fiticbkn, Middi., Spinster, 

dan. of [Wmi^I Coc, dec* ; at lladloy. Middleaei. 
Tboata* Barilo, Cjork, Ret-t^r gf Clifford, fo^ Kmox, Baoholor, A EUsa* 
beth Goodwiti, of Mourton, oo. £««ex. Sp^ dau. iif George Ooodwia, 
C1«T-k, Rector of Moiirton nf*^ ; at Mourton afsf 



OcL 8 











]>fOT. 2 

Not. 11 

Not. 12 
Not, 16 

Nov. W 

Not- 28 
Nov, W 

Not. so 

DecL d 

Doc 3 
Dec 13 

Join Vbftloj, GcDt., nf S^ r^nivncc in R' I/avrcnce TjADOh I^ondoDt 

BmV, S9, a AlnrtLo HaIeit, of S< Obrintophcr li^ Stockn, JkAiiden, 19, 

dau. of Julin Bakor. fimit., lnU> of Shrew^bur^v. eo. Salop, dec^; 

coiuwnt of her undo Georgo Lowr. En(j.» of i^^ Ohri*lophcr n afow 

said, with whom ahe dwolU ; at S* Leonard's, Broudey, M.i4idl^ei. 
Uu^h fAtbluj', of 8' CatlianELO OolciDnii, T^iuLiin, HimxiniLk; Makor, 

Widcwcr. 4 KjLtbcHoo Kcicbor, of llncknoy, ifiddi.^ Sp^ duL 

of [Wcmil Kelclier, of <iatne, Geal. : at Ua*rkoey afs^. 
Prancia Curfl, Oont. of W» Botolpli, Aldor^i^att, Bik-V. 37, A Mmj 

Brifltovrf, Uaiden, 22, dau. of Nicholaa Bni^towD, of Lawrcnc« 

Aj-ott, CO, Hori*, 0<int., whoconwntBi nt S' StlnrcnrotV, Lothburr* 
Tbomaji Londlmrn, itf TTjWiuUtr. c*o, Kk*oi. Itutt-hfr, A Klk»beth Ckfki\ 

w^dow of John Clarke; at 8* Catheriro Oreo Church, London. 
Ch&ri&i Cnrlifl, of Brifit-ld, c^. Jliddx.t Yt*oLiiaii, & 5I»ry Curler widow 

of H«ury Curie ; ai S^ AmJrow in ibo Wardrole, Load. 
Pmd IklMOtt, of CbnHt Chiiroh, London, Morccr, & Gmee Pnrlcor, oi 

nme. Spimter. dau. of William Parkor, of aftnut, Butoher i at Cbridt 

Church aforcflaM, 
Tlioinaa Tube, C[i*rk, Cerate of S" ailea in the Fields, Widower, :J3, & 

Marv ^tauiw, of ««iur, B|jjii»(cr, 20, daiir of Wllliaui SUmpc, \tt>t/y of 

WaUiiifffnwl, Borka^ fioiit., dfw^ 3 v«An nffo; con«Dnt nf h<ir uude 

Kiclurd Bigjp. of S* Gilen jiforwaid, Mercunat Tajlor, with whom 

•he dwx'lN ; at S^ Botolph, Billing*gat«. 
Obadiali Bedu, of Alvde/. co. Esaei» Chaodler, A Katherino Keyea, 

widow of fi/drti] Kcyc*, Inlc of StriiiK?;^, co. Btiddjc-t (Mariner,) 

t\i^ ; at S' Aijdruw in thi- Wanlrohr, LdtidoTi, 
Thomafl Cocke, Baker, & AJice Vouni-o. !4|>iRHtor, dau of Michael 

yoUHj^C, dcc*^; at ^^ Cathaniie Croo Chnrtfi, London, 
Robert Uotfe, of Stcpiit^j, Middi, Ozttintal ftLikor, & Cicely Pratt, 

widow of Thoina« Pratl i at StopiKij" aforosftid. 
Thoiria* Mom«, Gent-. Bach', 2S, A Atinc Nott, Sp% 2fl, <biii, of Wnltor 

Nott, of Uuch C5ridd*?iu. eo. Uuut«, tieut,, who couaentai at 6* 

fSwilhin'ff. Lomloii Hto»o, 
Jiilm Wjlatiti ^ J>urotliv Tftvlor ; at f¥ LAnreace, OH Jewnr, Lond. 
Jvuo<< Wright, of CnriJit C^him-h, Newgate, Dvilithor, A Elizabeth 

Ati»ton, of Ri Botolph, Aldcmicatis Loudon, Haherdaidier ; at S^ 

Botolph afdTesaid. 
Willinni Awntri^jp, of 8' Martin Ori^ar, liOtidon, Drftper, A Luc/ 

DiAEii4>nd, widow of [£/An^] I>iui]iouJ, Drapi^r; at S' Martiii Orgur 

JoflieTih Bnitt, of Weathain, aj. Et*»ei, Tanner, & Bebeeca Clarke, 

Widow; at S" Olave'n, OIH Jewry, London. 
Thaimw Cable, uf A^ Mtctim-lf ('ornhiU, Luudon, IrouEuuuuer, & ■Tatu; 

^geett, Smn^ter, daus uf Eiwiird Piggett, dec' ; at All HaJlowH ia 

thoW a31, London. 
Thomaa Coo|>er, of S^ Clemi^nt'si DaEie«, Middle^ei, Yeoman, BuchftU^r, 

& ELi/abeth Hringhiirat. of H^ Aadrow*. ilolborn, Spinster, ilau. of 

Thomao Brinshuret, tatc of ^ia^ton, <o. Leiceatcr, Yeoman, dcc^; nt 

S* Aidrow^ft, Holbofii, af^**. 
John Dickeiuontof the Cit>' of L^ntlon, CoHwaincr, A Annu lluuter, 

of S' ^Vndrew, Holborn, widow of John Hunter, late of tbe City of 

Ijrtudon; nt W^ SiJ^phen'n, Walbrook, London. 
Hobert WrighU of S^ Cltrmi^nt Dani«. Mirlds , & Kltftnheth Lowob, of 

aame, Sp', dau, of Kichard Lewea ; at S^ Bride V. London, 
Robert I/)wc, of Sti^pney, MidrtlcHrx, Senior, TWh', ^ Prudence Gcore, 

of S' Sepnlchre'fl, Loudon, Spinster, dau. of ittan/c] Oeere, bitfi of 

FrirEibitrVt CO. Kcnt^ llu«bauaiiuiu, dec'^) at t5^ Jamcw, Clerkouwell* 

Middle Acx- 


Doo. 17 


Doc. 20 

Dec. 20 
Dec. 23 

Wftlt*r Rh'nj^cr [*' Stringer" in VjCftr-OoormV* B<iok], Oijnt* of CJ 

Spinator. l€, dau. of Emaniicl TriiditmH, G^ut, dec^ 12 yeara afEO; 

coiiflOEit (if hor mother Emmr MutituIrtOI, »f S^ Duimtiui'v iiforciJuii 

ivifi- iif Hcnrr Maii(3n?ll, Keii. ; nl ^^ rniDli'f<, Londos, 
Dee. 10 UKlinnl Prvc, of f^^ M1U7 Mnfconlon, Old Fmh Stroirtr Lot^doo, Uakor. 

& Aiine YLHinge, of S^ Cl^m&nt Datj***. Midilcttex, SpirtflUfr. <b(L 

of [^/fifl^j Youngcs of Mcdlow, ej. York, <j^t ; at 8^ Clement 

D&ucti aforoaaid. 
Johu Hliifiio, of S* Osj^lh'js co< KMm:c, I3lftck*niitf^, A Anao Fatclie, of 

8tiffof9. ■"" 00-, Sf intt^r, dau. of [^^Mn^t] Putohe, dw^ ; «t 8* Ottph\ 

Quiirgc Kolmotf, of 8^ 80 p til elirc^f, London, Skiniusr, A Elisubctli Ltght^ 

fooLe, 8|)'« dau, of Richard Li^htfoote ; at S' FaitVfli LondoiL 
Ilonrj^ Htacic, of Dnnbury, no. KflKcXf tluvWndauu), A A1i<;c Bnn- 

doeke, dau. of Ihlank] Bimdocke, dec*'; at All Hallowii 3tjijiun|f. 

Dec 24 M-" William Wh<^t»Uni. Q&nl., of S» FaithX London, BacV, -W), A 

Elizabeth Suibbi*« of Maine, MjJdcn, 20, dau- of Ricbard Slublm, lalo 

of vatiie. Oitnt , '\i>i;^, A h«r motbor aha dead ; at S* Androw in tbo 

Wardrobe, Loiidon. 
l^e. 24 Johii Ndjuicw f"Nodo»" in Vicar-Gi-norarpi Book],fJuut,o£Chiacltford, 

EneoXp Bacli', :£», fatlier dead, & Suwd Bedle, of «anie» ^inater, 18, 

daii. of Jobij Itcdlo, Ooiit, of Citj of London, wlio cozuooU; at 

Chinrhfonl afomtaid. 

Jau- Blcbunl Oonvayo,of f^' ^Swittiin>» London^ Orocirr, A Jane Wri^H, 3p', 

dnu. of Edmund Wright, of tho Citj of Loiidauj «t B' Lnwrtwcc, 

Old Jewry, Londou. 
NicholiiH Durni^], Cunlwniiicr, A Margaret IT&1I, ^p\ dau. of ThomM 

Hnll. doC" ; at S' Ainlrew in tlie Wardrobe. Ijonclon, 
Tliomiui \muv. of Chriiit l.huri'h^ Lcmditri, But^rlK^r^ A Alict* Mooiv, Sp*, 

diiu. of [t/trtJ^I Moopo, Iftti* of S^ Andrew in the WuiHlrcibt*, Loadon, 

WiindmfiHifor. dcc'^ ; at S^ Dotolptk, AUengate, Lond. 
Bengrave Wilbore, Geitt,, of CoxalK w. Emwi, £ Agiiea Ni>wt0Ut ol 

»ktLic, ^Si^jUKirr, dau. of Ktcbard Nevton, of iiAme> Innkeeper ^ at 

Braintrru. C". Bmcx. 
5ip Arthur Hnrri*, K^ of CriiHli. T3pi8L*i, Widowor, 3<). & Danu« Anne 

Bywyflr, of S* 01nvc\ Hart Strcot, 22. widow of Sir Ucnry Bowjer, 

K.'. who iec^ i ve^r JUice ; at S^ Olave's, Hart Street. 
Aaihcjuy I'igKiiiiof S' Botolph, Bis hopni^k\ London, WMowcr. & Samb 

In^lati'l, wf S" Triuity the Lose, ifi Cit/, widow of TKoman Ireland, 

lato of iflinc, Mer^'hant : at S* TriuitT afor^aid, 
Robert Wehbe,of S^ CIt-mont Dfliie-,Mjddx..Tnibr,A Elizabeth Noale, 

of «aint\ Spinster, dau, of Tliomaa rs'eaJe, lat« of Biddingtcn, 00. Oxou, 

TalW. dfv*^ - »t H^ hrUWn. Londou. 
Gwirgfl Rirrntne, of S^ MAFlin in tho F](^ld«, M"idd!*»'(ei^ Oont., A 

Barb^ira Alcxnikdrr, of tiame, Spinster, dau> of William Alexander. 

of the Kiiigdoni of Scotland, Gent. ; at 8' GlloB iii the F^eldi, 

Jul. dC William CoUitifl, of S' AntholinV I^ndoo, Orooor, A Mnrgaret 

Vicarc*, of S' SwithinX h"* City, HpiiiHt«r, dau. of Johii Vicuw, 

late of the City of Hereford. GeaU, dec"") at S^ Albw'*, Wood 

Streot, London. 
JatL W Bichard Beauioud, ot S* ^f ichziclX Conihill, LoudoL, Baknr, A Elizabel^ 

Basnut^r. of tamo, 3p'. dau. of William Bannistar, of S^ Ohivo'a, 

Southwark, Jo; uer ; at ^* Uelun's, Loudon. 




Ju. 37 













Feb, 21 

Fob. 21 
MftT. 11 
M&r. 22 

Mm*. 22 

Sinon Vbier A Grace Whii^ Spintter, of 9 Okr^'*, Tlart fltrKrt, 
LoodoDtdav. of Rielmnl Wbit^, of »&«, Wino Porter; »tS^ John 
ZftchaiT, LoodOEL 

Bidi*rd llvbort, of 5^ Cftthrricte Crco Chuirb, I^mdon, Oroccr. & 
AitDC Sbatiloivoftb, Spbiatcr, dftQ^ of Hcnnr t^battlewortb, oi 
Widfnrd. co. Empx. Vvomfto : at S* M*iiin'> Ouinirb. London, 

WiltiAm HalWU^j,of S^Clmietit DnnrK. Midairxci, Gn»t.,&T}u>eiMn« 
Suiton, of «am«w widow of Joeejih 8atloD, lale of tame, Cook ; al S* 
Jolin'nT Wjilbrvtik, |Aiti<lon> 

JdIuj Ottoii,of 8^ Ar>JreH'« in tlu> Wiinlrobv, Londofi. Brewfr. £ Sviui 
WiitowroDBl^, 8p', daJi. of James WitteKroDeU*. of Groat Ait 
Hallim-i, Tliatuea Street, Loodon, Brtwcrj at Orvat AM Hallow* 

Bdrard l^Ajnc. of Cbevthunt, co. IIort», TimnoTr A TTnnli Cooke, of 
Waltl^ni Abb«5, CO. Eaftev. vidov of Ra£ii4>I ('ook«>, lale of t1i« City 
of F^ondon, Luwfi Draper ; at Walthnm Holy Crow, co. Bmci. 

JoliD Oade, of the Citr of LoiuLun, Geiil., A Mar? Burt, Spimler, dau. 
of I'homaji Burt« of tt^ Citj, UcTchant Tajlor { at S' Andrew m tbo 
Wardrvb^, Luadon. 

Ro^r SenHfiy. of All HalJown Barkiag, London. Joynor, k CbriAltao 
^It milt ford, of S^ Bot^]|ib« Aldgat«, *■ Ctty, Sptunttrr, duu. of Rk'b&rd 
Moimtford, of 8horeltam, co. Suaaei ; at £}^ AtKiron in Kaat^hcap, 

Xotui Burt-»D. "f 8^ BotoJbfa, AJdi;ate, I^ondon, Caipcntcr^ & Harigaf«t 
Sanpford, of midc, &Mjist«rr, dau. of WilIiaiD Sampford, [atv of 8* 
A]idr«vr\ fiolboro, Haberda^beT, dec' ; at All Uallowa Stainxag, 

G<?oPKv Wivrd- of S' 8ppulcbroV, London, A Kitrenrcl HopkioA, Sptnater, 
Ami. of Kii^an] Hunkirr*. of S^ MaHjiiX 1^'igate, «^ Oilj, SkiaDOr ; 
at All Ilallown tbo Ia^ius 'Diaino^ 8tn^, Jfondon. 

Wmiam Sftai»ou, of 8^ GU^ m Che tVItU, Middi., llabcrdaahOT, A 
Eltmor Uotljuiil, tyf finnw, widoir of Kopr HoUmuL, Utc- of «aiDGS 
Yu>iiiui : at S^ JiQic*. CIc-rkcnwlK Uiddi. 

WilliaiQ Gnilliiun, of S* Mariio in the t'^elda, Wddx., Tailor.A Jaditb 
Stoddard, cf Cbriitt Chiircb, LoeuLimi, Sptoster, dau. of Thonuw 
Stodikrd, late of florlviiig, co. EMei, Vetmiaii, dec'i at ^* Lav^reacc 
Pountnc^, Ixi&don. 

ThotDA* Moultou, of S* Clom^nt Dano«, Middi.^Tarlor, A^Suitau J^fferj, 
of aame.SpiDstcr, dau. of Jobn Jt^fTcrv. Ulcaf l)Knchnrcb, co. War- 
wick, Sfao^akcr, <hc^ ; at All llullowa Barking, London* 

Nicholnpe Dranc, of ^t«j«n^, Middloaot, Kopririakcr, & Honor PiirtDor, 

of »bme, SpT^ ^u. of [blank] Partnor, det^ ; al aaine. 
Wilbam Cr;|ii)c«, InnhoJder, ft JuJiaDA iiri^^, widow of Jnmcs Bhgga ; 

at H* SejiuIchrvV, Loiidoa. 
Tbotua MotTi8, of S1^pn«y, Middi,, Sbipwn'ght, A Joan Bowj^r, of 

naaic, 8pinft<T, dau. of John Bowyor, Uto of WunwU, co. Bcrka, 

dec-*; al Steprjey afcireeaid. 
Richard Sawlrt-^, nf thr City of LoodOD, Clotbwork<7« & I^ir>alN^1h 

Sacbi'iidL-ll. Spiiuitor, dau. of RJdMi^ SacheodoU, Clerk, dc^^ ; at S^ 

RnrtfioJomew tbo Great, London, 
R^^urt Artbur. of Doptford, co. Kent, Wbterman, & Margaret Ballla, of 

Stepney. Middi., t^pinetcr. dau. of Chrulophcr BoJIis, of same, 

BbckHtiulli ; at Si(!j)i)fT ufun^tKiid. 
WilUuik Kcbin^on, of S^ L«iouatd, Skoroditob, MidiU., Taylor. A Jane 

Powell, of S^ Botolnh, Aldgate. Tendon, Siuiiiiter, dau. of [i/tfa)fcj 

Powell, dec'; at S^ Botolpb, Aldgale, aforesaid. 


April 10 



April 21 

April 28 

BUf 1 

Htj 8 

Hay 15 

ila,3 10 

Maj 17 

Mar 18 

Mfiv 10 


June 7 

Juno 15 

Juiu-' 15 

Juno 15 

JUBO 17 


Bumplirejr BotcH, VstmiLiin, A Jo»dc Euinoii, SpinriCT, d^ti. of [i/^^ 

Kmpeon, tAte of ilie Citj of Lon<ioD. UenU uec*; At S^ Lowrfoic* 

PonuUicv, London. 
VoJot^UtiL^ "Wkilc, o! the Cilj of Lcqidoji, TooduuIt A Jvio Ricliardroti. 

of S' BurlholoDiew the (Ireal, tf* Cily, Spinator, dan. rf L^'mI^ 

fik'hiLnifton, dec**; at 8^ ll&riWbini'W aM, 
Hobert ^lartTiu of ItliiifftoD, ca JUicMlH. G^nt., Btch^ SJ^, wa d 

RivLjud Mnrt^D« laic oi umci Qcnt, dc<^, A Kjtlfieimc CockAiiic,of 

8^ l^urlho}uiii4-u- ihv Oreiit. Lotiilon, Spiuvlor. tliiit. of ThotDM 

CockAine. of CJauhom, co. Surrey. Eao., whoM* l^dccdi is Attmtr^ b; 

Pniiicb Standi Eiiie, of City of London, Skiniier; al S^ JohnV 

Jnhn Wcflt, of S' Sopulehpc'ii, London* StntioncTT Widower, A Uuj 

Luuiberd. *f •ame. SinuHttT, <Uu. of FraiidB Lumberd, of Welb, oo. 

ScmcTifct Skinnrt-; at S^ Boiolj>h, Killing^gnlc, Landoiu 
KaChaDiel Court, of 9^ DuTiatann tii i!l<? Went, London, Clotbirorihff, ft 

Dridgcit IJoggc^tt, of saoio, ±4[>iu»tcr, d&u^ of [AfonjtJ Doggotlt dec' ; 

at ^^ DuTiKtAii'ii afor««Aid. 
Nicholas Farkiaaon. of All llallowB, Bread Str^t, London. CpbolatrrCT. 

& Anne PbiUippii, <jf mhilCi SpWtcr, dau. of Biclion) Pullipp*, dJ 

saine^ Founder; at S^ Dotolph, Aldftate, LoodoQ. 
Ilun^pliroy ])oo, «f Fol>bmg» ro, r^«c-\, Vcomnn, A Bli^abctli Tarlcr, 

Sijiii»t*'r. dnii. of Robfrt Tuyl^^r.of Langilon Hill,»'* ro.. A'tyjman ; At 

Ciirist Church, I-ondon. 
Nicholas Bri<]^<v, of 8' PDler*a, Coniltill, London, Horcer, A Deborah 

Higgs, of Stepney, Middi.. Sp'.daii. oMVilliam lliggs, lute of a>iBC^ 

Gt^nt, dco"* ; at a' Mkclincl Daaiahuw. Loxidon. 
TboiJLUd WilliiuoH. of Broiborne. cc. Hertn, Veoman, A EUnbeth MOm, 

of Little lladhaiD, b^ eo., spinster, dau. of Edward Mfles, of 

Yeoman; ti S^ Mary Woolnolli, l^ndoii. 
Oliver l^v.oF B* AiidrewX Ilolliurii, Luudun, Cordwiuiier, BftcWor, 

Klixnbc-th WiUk-utt^ of S^ Martiu !o Unuid, London, SpiD«li>r; 

JaiDCfl, L'lerkeuwelL 
Thomji* liarthokinjoff, Gout., of 8* Martin in Fiddw, Bnrhclor, 33, hi* 

falTter deail. X Heleu llela, of 8^ Clainent'n Banea, Sy, :^3, dau, of 

[Ihink} Ucln» Oriit, de<A who dwelt in iht coujity of LinevUk, Lcr 

motlMT aUrt cioiu! ; st H* Dttftetnn'ii Weotv 
'William Cave. Emi.. liac\i\ 23, son of John Cate, of Pickwell, 

Luiciwter, Ebhj,, &, Manp White, of S^ An<lrew'a, Holbom, llftid 

ID, ht^t i^arenla both dead ; at S^ Andrt^w^H, lltilboro, 
Bobcrt UJovor, of 8^ Jolm ZflchaTy, Loi^dun, ^V^oiivor^ Dncholor, A J&BO 

BowiltMi, fipinattT, dniu of WiUium Bowden, of ^ Cily ; nt 9 

Andrew in the Wanlrobo, London- 
Wiltinm (Jpt^iMha^AO^ uf S^ Boloijih, Ald^utc, London, Qoldnmith, 

Cihtht-nno ItjtJ'grave, of MUJie, widow uf iWph llrU'^r&vOg Qdit.; at 

All Hidlowa in the Wnll, Irfmdcin. 
ChrJHtojjher Woale* of S^ Bou>I|di, Aldgal*?, London, Pewtcrer, A 

Bridget Miller, of 8' Bcmnet Grjiccfhiirch, n"* City, Sp^ daiL 

[Ihnkl Miller, deo*^ ; al S^ Benuet aforeaaid. 
AVilliftin JofFrrcy, Gent., of S* Jtuoof, Cicrkcnweli. Bach', 45, 

Lomley I'w^] Diglin, of woine. S(i, widow of John Diglin,of ICofw, ei 

Hereford, CJeait., d«c^ divers yoars since ; al llampslead, Mi<hh. 
William Kt.'bUs cf tht* City of London, Goldsmith. & Joan Klkyu, _ 

httuii-, Sp% dau. of [6/iifai] Elkyn, doc^ ; at Q^ MichaeJ ad DUiduic,' 

Xoruioh Spaik man, Gent., Bachelor, 36. A EUuhoih Boyao, Sp', 19, 

dau. of [biatf^] Boyee, Clerk, Into Parson of Cowlsdon, co. ^invj. 

dec^ 4 jourti ajnc« ; conaeLt ot hai mother Dorothy Bojac, Widow, 








NutfWld, fttT4»tvd by Edward SpAclcm«u, of S^ 6ileiinKio1^,0«iit; 
at & 1>uiwl4[i't "We^u 
Jgdo 20 WiHiAtD Stoerenfl, of Shopknd^ co, &sci< llusbatidnuui, A Haiwvy 
Cltope, of South Sboeburr, «^ co., widrrw i>f [6/<utip'] Ctiope, lalO 

Jun^ 21 Bftlpb Saundca«. of S< Clfimrnt IHxii-i^. \\iMt., Dntcbn-, A Alico TuyW. 

of »me, wiiiovr of ^Villuuu Tuyli?r ; at S' Oile« m tbe Fi^ldjt. 
June 23 Samuol Pidi, CoachmiiQ. Jt Edith' Tarlosae, Spinster, diiu. of William 

Tarleitde, of Etuit Oar»t<>», eo. Berks, Hiubaridnuui ; at 8* &i\ea In 

tibo Ficrldf, M)ddl<««<x. 
Jtme 24 Andrew Wood, of S^ Ctcmont Duni'ii, ^iddx^, A Mnrgnrct PjiJnr?, of the* 

8atoy.'8p% d«u, of r*&inA-] Paine ; at S' Clement Datiea afa*. 
Jane 24 Kichard Watlinfrtoti, of 8' Margaret MoMCft, London, Mcrcliant 'lail-^r, 

A Eluabelli Bft>ivu«, SpiiiaU-r, of S^ Mary Wiwluoth, a^ City, dwi. 

of John BrowTi4*. of Stone, co. Stafford, Ocnt, ; at S' Marj' Wool- 

nolli aforcvnid. 
June 26 PeterLetten, of DuxitoD.<%. Bsaci, Veoman,Bache1or.& ^Viine Sandfrll, 

of Uancmtock, a<^ oo., ^ip^ d^u. of TbomnH ^jamloll, hUi of BaHiic<I- 

(lon» s^ CO. - at 8^ Boiolpb, Aldgatc, London. 
JuDf* 2d flftbrirl Wiffht, Stationer, A Mary Civrnpion, of frtvat All H»)lowa, 

TbitiDOd street, liCiiidun, SpiiiHlcT, dau. of Abrnhacn Cainpion, dec^ ; 

at Great All Hnllowit afi>rc»ai^l 
July 3 Johu Bt'dltf, uf & Botohib, Aldem/atv, Loudou, Stationer, & Brid^ot 

Sbaaton, of 5^ Maiy M^daloa, Milk Stroot, i*"^ Cttf , 8|3jn>itor dnu, 

of Cbriatophfrr Sbaiton, doc^ ; at H^ TTiaitir in tbo ^unorio, London. 
July G Talentine Harvey, of S< Leonaid'a, Koeter Lane, London, Baker, & 

Eliubdb Browne of Ramv, S^pin^tcr, tlaii. of N icholaa Browne, dec" ; 

at 8' Audrew in the Wardrobt*, Loudon. 
July d Soberi Swallowe. of Hanidi, l-o. EMei, SMpwri^bt A Elixab^b Koor«, 

of Himdlau. of one Mocrp, dec**; at S^ iJeuucf*, Pad's Wharf, 

July 8 Hcimr Ooodwyn, of Honidon on tho Hill, co. Emc-x, BluckKmitb, & 

Tnomaauio .VAbcn, of mmo, Spiimtcrf dau, of John Avbim, of Bunit^ 

wood, ft* CO., Brewer: al S' BoIoIjjK Ald^ile. London 
Jtt^ 11 Edvard Gill, of Onielt, <ro. Enmri, A J-ctticc Matbowi^n, of intno, tSpiDMtdr, 

dau. of Tbomaa Matbewc^, late of Stapleford, a^ co., deo"; at 

H* Andrvw in tlio WuMrobc, London, 
JuJj 11 Jobn Backbouf<T, Ebc|., Bmrb', 30, & Flowor H«iidEiuvi>, G<*ntlowomui, 

of S^ Mary Ma^Ulen* Milk Street, about 10, dau. of Tbomna 

Hcnabawe, late oi Kamo» Silkciaii, de<-<^ A veam ai^c ; cooaeiit of her 

motlior Piowcr Henahaw ; at S^ Alban'f, Wood Stn^ 
July 12 Williflm Pwko, Clerk, A Ci«jly Oiry, widow of Sanim-l Cr<7, lato of 

8* LAwreuoe, Old Jowry, I^ndou ; at S^ Pet^r'n, Wo*tchoap, I>*nd. 
July 18 John Jobnson, of S^ MATtii] in tbc Fields, i-o. Middi:., Carver, A Bridget 

Barebone, of aanio, Spluater, dau. of Hugh iJarebono, Gent ; at 

8' GcorgoV Botolpb f-ane, London. 
July 16 Jobn Brant, of IIciKlon,to, Mif)<U > Vootnan.A Mary Mamb, of Bunbcy, 

co> HerU, Spiuat^r, dati. of Williani MarHli, Uie cf #aiQOk deH ; at 

& JaxDCw, Clcrkcnwcll, Middk*<.i*. 
July 17 Jobn Morris, of tbe Holy IViiuty in Trinity Lane, London. Imbroidcrer, 

Bach', 30, A FmiJOOfl Clorko, of foiuv, iO, widow of Jiduj Cli^rki^ of 

Bury S* E<lintm<lV, EKq,, ^wi^ about 3 yeam ago; at S* Botolph, 

July 19 Henry Kuudl, of Eufidd, Middloacx, HuE^bandman, & Jane [Joana] 

Hardinge, of same, Spinster, daa. of Thomrw Jiardingr, of aame, 

U-uibandaiaii j at All ll&llowa BcTkiiiK! Loudon, 
Tbomaft Foonl, Huibandmaii, & FraiLoen Trott, Spinster, dau. 

of [&/imi]TTOtt,of Il9rtford,Teomaii; atS^ ThomaaApontle^ Tendon. 
, IT. 9 



Jnir 34 

iuij S4 























Aug. 15 

Aug. 16 
Aug. Ift 
Aug. 18 

Aug. 21 
Aug. 90 

8«p 4 



Olio Gow^r, of SiibnJft*Trftrtli, ITCTtn, ScpiTPnor, A Dfitwtli^ Jolinaoi^ 
widow of Wilfred Jcilmson, Int© of Amw&Il, s* co, i nt Widfot^' 

Jobn Pa^^. TconLsn, A DowBabcU Derrickc a/im GilderMP, indam or 

Jiihn Dfrrirkc atitj (Itldrrftcin, lbt« of Guildford, co, SarroT; At 

K^M»rl4n in ihu Fiold« 
William Uravr^. of L3TnH.rH]ip, co, E«soi, ntmbnndniAn, A " H&thct" 

Srnnvnii. Wuli>w i at [Hank']. 
GeOTge Houghton, of ft' MarT CoJ^n-hurcli, liondon, Qtocct, St ftowD 

whit©, Spiniitcr, dau. of [i/flis*] Wlialo, of ■* Ci^, Vcobulhi jU 

a* Jamcft. GarHrk Hilbe, London. 
Tbomixs rollinn, of Ht<i|>ii(T. Middx., HaiJor, A- Anne Robfrto, of ume^ 

.S]nii*lcT, dau. of Ttioniaii RoberU. dec*^ ; at St«pney afa*. 
I'vUrr Milburnc, of ft* t'liihnnnc by the Towor of Jjoiidon, ^ Jn&ft 

Coiiltor, widow of Robert Cou]l*r» Uvto of Stopnvr. co, MidiUi<uM 

at Ste(Jiiev afi^reeaid, 
CbHvtophrr iCnight, of 8^ Martin in the Fidda, Middteaci, Ttil^, A 

Aone £dpu, of Cliiswick, HJddi , Sp'. dau. of ^U^nk] Bdect, of 

CO. f(c?rkji, lluubfuidmnik ; nt S^ I^filon in the Firldv, Mi^ldz. 
Abraham Pieraon. of SbAdvi>It, nar Sli*prej, eo. yiddleatt, Sulor, i 

(^mtian Johnnon, of n* pniinh. widow of Itamard iobnaon, \aU^ of 

aonio, (^aikr ; at All HaUowtt Itorking, Lond. 
TboTUTM NiclinlU, df S* CtcitK-nt Dinu's, Middin, Ycoinau, & Man 

Jollyonr. of vAmti, 8p)iiBt«r, dau. of [hfimk^ Jollvotta ; at S^ CSemont 

Danea aforesaid. 
Jflnips SoiToubatifl, of S- DiiiiHtnn ni tbr Wc*t> Ix>ndon, Ornt, i 

Kruiiceii Clarke, of & CleniGnt liaiiofi. Middi., Spinater, diu, 

TlioriMU Clnrk, dc^*^; nt pnr-c-Jtnrch of tho iAnray in tbo Strand. 
TKonins Durbio, of llHtfou, ro. Kfarx, Yoojiian, 'VTidowor, A 6taralr 

Wood, of Sbenfield, b^ co., Spmat^, diiu, of Clmatopbcr Wt>f>d, of 

Thcydoii Cumou, »^ co.^ Tcoman ; at SKcnfieM «.forvaaid, 
Walter Dlodea. of S* Faiib's, London, G^nt., & Jane Tbree!>cr, of S* 

Vetpr*!*, Panra Wliwf, u'^ ^Ntj, S[>iiiBlor ; at Stokf* Nowitijfton. Mitldx. 
RicbftTil Ttinier, of the City of l^iiidoii, Kmbroidor^Tr. A Pbilinpa Juch 

of S^ Botolpb, Ald^ixffntc. n*^ (Sty. widow of bhnk'] IncW l*te 

namr, IniiloWr: nl S*^ Holnlph» Aldpat*, liOiiaoc. 
ThouittB SiiLiij*»oii, <*f ft' M«iY Wooltiuib. LutHlon, Goldmnitb, Dncbeli _^ 

A Mary Harriion. of S* "Trinity in Tritiity lAna, London, Spinrtim 

dati, of fl<'orj*o HarriHon, lale of Stonhain, co, Suffolk. Gent, dee*; 

at S* IVinily aforcftnid, 
John Turner, of 8^ Cfitberine Cree Church, London. Draper, 4 Snaa^l 

Wood, of iMiino, widow of Mo**** Wood ; a.i ft* Cothnrinc nfn*. ^B 

Matthow Haknr, of Hooklfty, t*o. Ehm*!. Yftoman, A Joano Eve, of Boittb- 

chun^h, B*^ to.^ Widow ; at Hackwell, co. Essex. 
John ilrnum, of Little Paindon. co, Rmmc, Teoui&n, A Mary Otirtif, 

of Enfield, Middle»oK, widow of Edwurd Curlu, lale ot 

Ynoman } jit Stflimtcd Abbotti, co. Ilcrt*. 
John Bdiuan. of Sleiiricy, ^o. Middx., Ship Carpenter. A MildivJf 

Brcw©r, of ft* .\ndrww Underelmft. Limdpn. ftpinsttT, dnii. of [bianle] 

Brewer, dec* ; at S^ Andrew's aforesaid. 
WUliam Worphip, U-i).. of tVoft, co. Lincoh^, Widower, 40, A Ehuibeili 

Baalim, of S^ MichnarH, Wood Strrwt, Maidon. 'JO. dan. of fitapboa 

Beale> of eamo. Merchant Taylor, wlio consents; at 8^ ^TTi 

IkUii^oii, M-iddleaei. 
Oeori^o Bootbo. Gent,, of S* Jamos. Garlickbithe, Dacholor. 2C, A 

bctb Badgi^r, of atimo, >Ludon, SI, dan, of [blank] Badi^or, of & 

ford on Atoii, co. Warwick. Gent.; consent of her aiatfir 

Burton ; at S* lAwivuce Pountnoy. 


f S* 






Sep. 5 

9ep. d 

Sep. 6 

Sep, 7 

Sep. a 

Sep. U 

Sep, W 

Sep. 23 

9op. 2i& 

Sop. 25 

Sep, 26 

Sep. 27 















Winum DAje, of &' Bcnot Fink, Londou. Drnpcr, Bachelor, it Blloai 

Donnjr, of Mimr», SjiirinU^r. ilan uf William n<*nny, InUt of S' NmtV 

CO. Ha»tiuL^lo[l, ^Icc^ ; :it -S^ Albo-iiV W^kkI Sir^fOt, London. 
AotlicDT ScanbriclEe* of S^ Uiuielau iq the West, London, Mcivvr^ 

B»c&elor, A Jane Qljucocke, of Hntlk-M Pitrk, oo. Ebhux, fipjiifii<<r» Jau. 

of Philip Glaaoocko, of damo, G<>iit. j nt S> PcterVCoruhilli London. 
TLomjut A_vlvtts of Roothiug Aytlirop, go. Hmox, Ornt., ^ Ellmi Hnninnl. 

of l^Ltlt Sailu^, »^ CO., Spiuflter, d^ii. of IvaAC Baruaid, late of 

i>tebbuie, i^ oo., Ycomnn, dec*' ; ftt lAhn^]. 
ThotiUA Liilie. of & UiUTj, Wl^iitechajwlt 5IidJl*«C'*, Statioiwr, Bachelor. 

A Ami^ Humphry, of S' DuEtat^n h\ tho Won, London, wido^ of 

Edw&rd Hunifnn', Uto of AAtnC ; nt S^ l>uji«t(ui'n aforesaid. 
Bdw&zd Chester, of Cockeuhau-li, pai' Harkway, co. Uert*, Km., 25, A 

Kutheriue UtOD«, of S^ SK^phonv^ Coleman 6tr«6t, Loiiiioii, Matdeu, 

about 20, dau. of John Slono, of vuno par., Eat^., wfao coiuoDt^ i at 

& Stvphvn'i, Cotfjman 8tt«ot. 
Jo^Il Garoett & Mary Lcffutt, SpiQuter, daa. of Tboiuod Leg&tt, of 

Bellied 1 nilbhni:]. 
DauWl Psfindj^C', of 3^ TtLtry Wcjoldmrvb, Loudou, Hfttiurdasber. ^ 

E]ieal«th Kwil», Spioat^r, djtu- cf Willtaiu Nealo, <W ^ at 8< Maty, 

lalingtoD, MiddlMcXp 
Humphrey Gardner, of S* Giles ui tlia PieU*, 31iddi., Jt Mary Gallic^ 

01 S^ Aiidrvw>. HolbofJi, tipiostcr, duu. of itlank] Uallio, dec'' i at 

5' Nicliolaa Olavo, Lifiidon# 
Lnnnard LaiigKeero, f^f t.Ke (*ify of T/ondon, f>ent jA Mary ftrnflggflTgill, 

of aaiu«, widow uE WiJItani SmificKcrgiU, ktti of Aamo; at Chriat 

Cbiurdi, London. 

Ooor^ Hauniiitf, of titopru^, Middl^vox, Carp6iit«r, & Alii:eTliomaa. 
iridon of lt<Mx]rt Ttioiaaa, lato of iLo procLuot of Uio Towor of 
LoikIoii, dec*' ; at All Hallowe Barking;*. LondoD. 

WilUam UawoH, of H^ 8<fpijIfhn<V, Li}iidiiii, " BarbJtonvor," & Joauo 

FftnouVt of aamc, SpiDHter, dnu. of Benedict i'anooB. of l^gbton 

Biu/.Ard, CO, Dudd, InnlioliUrr , at H* Botnlph, AlduracaU-, Loudon. 
John J^HT^oy, of Ci»t*»L]iuut, CO. Hort«, Bronor, A IWfary Cordoll, of 

jamo, Sp', dau. of Roborc CordtOl, 'hc'^ ; at 8^ Tljoimji Apoxtle, fiond. 
iohn Pickoett, of Coizil, co. Esati, UuUrlier, A Mary Markant, of flame, 

Spimtor> dau. of Gcorgo Mnrknnt, of name, Clotliier; at 3^ Andrew 

in th« Wardrobe, LoDi£>n. 
Rovi'Innd SliepTierd, i>f Stepody, co. MiddleBOX, & l^lizabcth Koch, of 

»ame.Spiu«lpr; at *Amc. 
John Mallett, of f^tepner, Miidleecx, Mariner, & ^^mh Bruokce, 

Widow; at£i* Audrcw Uubbi^rdf I>jiidou, 
Willuim K«iidndi«, of 8^ Botclph, Ald^nto, Loudoc, Skitmeft A Blaiicho 

Flood, of Stepney, co. Midii. : at Stepnoy aforoiaid. 
Sicliard UiftberHail, of S^ BuniitAE] in the Weat, Loudon, MerehiLut 

Taytor, & Klizubetb AJJanaon, of S' liridcy London, Spinatcrj at 

S' Martiu in iLe Vintry, Loudon. 
John Cotton, of S^ Martin Orgai, London, Brapor, A Pheh^ 8horW», of 

S^ Jolin Evangtlist. Sp' i at 8^ Martin Or^rnr ah'K 
Biciuird Fuewaten, of S* Katherind Coloman, Loudon, CaTpt^ntor> A 

Katlicnne Jeaper, of S* Oatborina Croo Chunjh, »■* City, Widow ; at 

S* i^athorinc CroochuroU ofonwEud- 
Bichani Glorer, of S' Botolpb, AJdcate* London, Bachelor, & Joane 

Cooke, of aame, Splnfltor^ dau. otlblank'] Cooke, dec^; atS^Botolph 

Jolui Sidway, of the City of Lunilou, Orocer, A Frauccsd Bonhaiu, 

Spinatdr, dau. of WUHam Bonham, of S* Michael ad Bladum, a* City, 

vintner i at S' Mary Woolihurch. Loud- 

.^1 m^ 

Oct, 12 





Oct. 10 









96 uabhiagb licevcss gkaxtbd 

Hmty Amhtamrtty of Tidiiifftoin, en. ViildT., TSctOftller, A TloraCkj Vfft^ 

Hf. (Ua of John W«to» deH ; it S^ Hai?, iBlmctott. &fii^, 
LMinmce SUadlej, of LuridoD, 0«Dt., }Wli<, 36, ft Munij OcRiri, 

of Folium. 50, uidovr of John G«mrd, of Mtte, lann^ier, dee* f 

of Jk ^cnr unco ; At FuDutm ^fa^, 
John OitJef , df ^ Andi«w*a, Holbom. Y^HHiuuit ft Antoy Sterner, o! 

iame, SpiQitt«r.diu. of r^iii] Sterner, dec'; »tS* MutUwUm^ 

Old i^^ Smtft, Lo&don- 
BdwPkTil Bavto, of ihm Ciiv of J^judL^n* 3lArtDerr ft Jojco GiAHUfti, uf 9 

Itonrt Pink, I^uiIdii, wt4i>w of John E^iton, <r«nt- ; ftt S* 6«mc 

Fink aforcuaitt 
CLnpto|iher AlJji:^ton» of BcordjOD, eo. Bncx, Bm., ft Anno Co4ll•^ d 

Mftniidou, r" co.T SpioAer, duL of [6laiii] Coobt^, <loc^ ; tt Bwin 

John HAjdiin. nf f^ BfidaV T^rulnn, Cittlor, ft V^f^mt Oirofi. of 8^ 

Cltnuent Dauoe, MiddlcMi, d piaster, dan. of Ovm Tboauw, i^\U 

8* Clcmnil Duun aforwtjud. 
Jaino« 8o&tght, Yeom&o, ft MArgw«t Bright^ Spiufter, dwL of Tbonui 

Bright ; at S' AiwUew UudoT«h&fi, Lcodon. 
Hfttthcv Brv>vriic^ of 9 Sepulchre's, Lobdou, Linncn Drsper, ft Alfc 

Colboche, Sp', ^au. of Thomas Colbocbe, of Mottclduid, HorU 

Vcomani ftt d* G«or^'a, Botol^h L^no, Ijcndon. 
0«i-,8l Williaiu Wl^or, of J^nlipp, co. Jlkldi., rooinu],ft AEtlt^ Wcwt, of 

ttin«i, Bphwter, dkn. of [6^^^^] We«e, doc' ; At S* George's, Bololpl 

Luie, Loudon, 
WiUi&m Foster, of S' Brido's, London, ft Mjftrgaret Gilbert. Sj>', diUL 

of ^hhnk] Gilbert ; »tS^ Andrew in the W&rdrobe, Lond. 
FrcLDLnd FoTiiborton* IIuflbandmiLn, ft Winifny] DoUhoJo, Spimiter, d^u 

of '^hlatii,^] IVlftlifti^*, dcv*; nt All irAllovrn Bav^cing. London. 
Andrew Vtin». Clerk, Vicar of Gn>at Chontcrford, co. Bnci, ft 

Bmne, SpinBlor, dau, of Thotnas Bnyufi^ Clerk, Ute Ticar 

Hicbwd llitrho^ii, nf S» Bonnet, PnuW TVhupf. London, ft 
Wilkin*on, of Ware, co. Hortt, Widow ; at S' Benuet afs*. 

IflTiUiaui PieroP, of H' Mary^ AVIiitechapel, Middlc«cx, Mariner, 4 
Marsj^rcl (iibbs, of aaitie, Spmwi^r, dau. of [Want] Qibbs, dec*i at 
S' Mnrv, Wbili^cbajiel, nfiTfaail, 

Ittcbsril ^fio-hftolmm, ot Htepncv, Middi., Mariuer. ft ^tabeth Rcrolcj, 
of «vmw, Spinflter, dau. of [6/afti] Reirploy, dec*; at & Botolph, 
Ald^nto, JfOndon, 

Henry Farming, uf S' Mnrv, 'WTiiU'tbapfl, Mtddi., Mannor, ft Uarf 
AmnM, of HiLm^« wirlow of Tbomae Arnold. Uto of nunc, Sbp 
( urj>eiilGr; nJ S' Andrew in the Wordrobe, London. 

AValwr Fortuno, of & Botolph. A]deM|j;ale, Loa<t>n, Piiint<>r Suincr, k 
Jane Browne athM Nurs**, "f 'nme, widow of Cbrifftopher Browne, 
doc^ i at S' Albnji'B, "Wood Stn*t. Lond. 

ThoEnatt Wmcbo, G^nt , of S» BunMtan'* E«st, Baebf, 2"^. father dead, tt 
Ellenor Sun^ncr, daa of Thomas 8umjtcr, of Epping, oo. BbwXK, 
Geiit» whose consent is alloseii by John Winche, of City of 
'VVc#tmini»tcrf Gunt. ; at S^ Andrew 'n in Wardrobe. 
Not. 11 Tobvo Plajdi^ll.of Hyworlb, co. WilU,Ot-nt.,BaoV, «, ft ElcnorSmit 
of S* Martin Orgar, I^ndon, widow of Altw^ll Sniith, of 
T^wrtnce Pountiieyrdec^ about a year -inco; aitoiit<wl bj- Nich( 
Piajdclf. flf Mintic, co, Glouceetor, Gent. ; at 8^ Martin's Or 
Hot. 11 "WUliatn AbelU cf Wo»"tboiT Hitlt, co. Ecmoi, Oont., ft Mar^AWit Lyi 
of Great Uorktley, n* co., Spinster, dau. of WiUiam Ljnne^ 
Bftiae, Gent. ; at S^Okvc, Uart Street, Loudou. 


















Not. Sa 


Not. si TsjUkc EiTt <>f ^' ])ou>iph, Bi^hopf aic, Loitdon, Tcitor« £ Klimbclb 

Buto, of nnitio. ur^rft^jiv of H>f1uLri] Bo^c. of •aui<-« ftliiiivlirr of iho 

Word of tiod; at ^ Botolph aforeeakt. 
Nor. 2L ThoiDM Robert*, (tciiU, BiuO/, 21, m>ii of Eilmund RoborU, of Oovt- 

btmt, CO, Kent, Geiit , who conwDt**, * ClizAl>et)> Taylor, Spinster, 

17, dau of Joho Tuvlcr, of Kiiig*vortli, co- Scat, Gent., who 

oonAentfl : n*. Trinity. Minonoi. 
Nor, 22 June* ISUicr, of HaraioodHWortb, co. 3GildloM>x, Toonuu, Si Jcmi Trior, 

of ft»ii«, Suiiutort djui. of Robert T^ter, of DeubuD, oo. Iluck«, Veo- 

inan i ftt llanDoodJiwoflfa aform^icl^ 
Peter Smithy of Cowlcr Pctchio in Midilx^, Yeoman, Jfc MarffWy Sncnror, 

Spiiwter^dftu. of Simon Spencer, dec^ ; at S* Catharine Cree Cbmcb, 

Not. 34 Bkkiud Drrrer, of Sf Bototjplit Aldg«t«, I^Ddoii, Cook, Jt Anoe JerlCfl, 

of S' ^f ngKLk^s I^ndon, Spuiitor, dau. of [ItUal] JcrkcN, dcH ; At Cj' 

M^uhuM if<>n<itniil. 
Nov- 2fi Jobn Uarmaji. of the City of London, Gent., A Martha Powell, 

Spm»t4^r, daii. of [bUnk] Pomlt, dec'> ; at S^ BeuBel, Paul'K Whui, 

Not. 26 CbaHaa P»rki>r, of tho Citr of London, l>nificr, & Audc l3Uc, of S* 

P<?t#Frt, WeHtcheau, «J City. Spinster, dui. of William Dile, detf" ; 

it S^ Andrew'i m the Wardrobe, London. 
Nov. 29 Edward Rodea, of S^ .iof^irtine'if, London, Meri:haut Taylor, A Eli»- 

both Bjuiic, of «ami\ ^iKit^^lcr, <Uu. af R4>^r Bailie, of Maruc, Hnlwr- 

diuWr i %t & Andrew m llip Wnrdrobo^ London. 
NoT. 80 Anbnr JIardiEg, of Ha'lley, co. Jliddloaex. Yeoman, A AtxDe Podd, of 

KaiacSinn«k*r; At S^ Mary UagdalcnW'ic]. 
Not. 80 Bdward OaDome, of Dagenliam, co. E^tex, &q.. Widower, 3*, A Fraccoe 

flarvoy, M&ideii, 2(^ dttti. of JaiDCa HitrTey, of DftgcuhaDi afc^, who 

is^nuitit* ; At Oft^nhniiL aformnid, 
Dec. 6 Richard ToinliuMcn, of S* Dunvtan iii the Wot, London, Tailor, A 

BndgH >larlcn, of 8* Clorment DanoB, 8pinet4>r, dau. of [tttank] 

MartiTii, dec* j at S' .A lbtin'». Wood Street, LoiidoEi. 
Doc- 13 Richard TraTcll, of S' BftnlK>loine*v hy ih© Bxchaiigc, I^ndon, Habf<r< 

dajihi<r, *i Fnarif c* Adatuji, of ^* Catfwrrinc Colc-inan* tfi Ciljr, ^ipiniftoT ; 

at S' Catherine's aforeaajd. 
Uoa 14 Rol>ert HudHoii, of Waltham Holy i!^wi, C0» HcrUt VcomaD, A Aonc 

Ixin£>vood, of raiue, Sj>uiflicr. ilau. of [lUinkI Luwiw, of aauie. Widow; 

at Ch«vtKnnt, i?o^ ItnrtH. 
O&e. 16 ThoTtttA Innh, of PnttlfwflK Kmei, Mariner, Widower 50, A Abipul 

Hnw\inH, 40. of S' Bololph, Bishop^gate, widow of Willijitn nawkins, 

of Sicpuer, MiddleHM, Shipwright ; at S* Botolph. Bi!ibop»|;au*. 
Itoc- Id Ilumphrty Cumber, <»f S* Bcnuot, PauI'* WKnrf, London, Paiater 

Stain^-r, ft Eli^lwth I]an«n'li, SninntiT, dan. of [A/nal-] Ilnncnrfc, of 

S^ SiepakhreV, London- at All Hulluttn in tbe W&i!, London. 
De^ 19 Jamen tforne, of S' Uotnl|ih« Hi)ihop«<^nU?, Liriidon, (^bandW, A IJomthy 

ILunuud, of & SvtiUdii'i, Luuduu, ^piunlvr ; at 8' Bololjdi, Bivhopft^ 

Dec. Id Ridiard Wamo, of 8tcpnej« Middlnrct, Veoman, & ^iinan Pmat, 

widow of Robert b'reibt, late of ^ Botolph, A1dgat«, London; at S^ 

Mary Magdalene, (lid Kisb Ntn^l, Loudon. 
Hao. 3$ Ocow Baylcv, uf 8* Ck-uioul Denies, Miildx., TnJlor, Bl^ch^ A Agnea 

Clorki*. "spfnMtrr, dan, of William CJcrkn, of uninr, LDC-kimitli : nr: S' 

GieRory'a, Ivoudon. 
John ^{n^tln, of Inner Tempi*, E«q,. BiicV, 3*J, won of Richard Martin, 

Ocnt, dec^ lonu aincej A Anne Qale, of S* Bride's, LiJudou, 20, 

Widow; atS^Bride'ft. 



























J All. 











Tbofoaa Chcjiior, of S^ Martin'A, Lad^to, I^iidon, nAbrnla*lirr, 4 
Ma^pJateii Andiuicbronke, of S^ MartirrH, lroiimoti|(iTr F^rt', Lotuion^ 
Spmtitcr, dau. of [Mank] AddiDgbrooke, dec^ ; at S< MatUh '«, In>n* 
iiLOiigur I^aue] afun^auuil. 

Lcmiarii Clerk, of Sandcn, Hrrte, Tcomac, A Agnea R^^nnr, SpinMcr, 

dau. i>f Tliotuaa Hence, of CDtturod, b^ co., Yuomaxi \ at AU H&lkxnB 

IfnrkiDj;, LoDflou. 
John llanriiion, of S* Cloment Danca, Hlddlcacx, Ya^mtan, BacH', A 

Anne M&nTiall. i>f Mine, Spinprter. liau. of Kenrj Hnrmhntl, d«<4; st 

kS^ Andrew in tho Wardrobe, T/OodoHp 
Jcweph Wrii^lLt, of S< CitloH, Cri^Tile^ate, London, Chandler, Dachelor, 

A Itabel WitUa, of 8' M»ry, Whiir^linpvl, Middt., SpLoater, daa. of 

JwKn Willi*, ^f Mime, Porter; it [6/,w«^], 
Anlhonv CVoaeie, of S' Leouaril, Slioredilch, Middi., Silkweiu-er. A MtT' 

^ana Thrall, of vnmc, S|iiiintcr, dau. uf John Thmll, of aaicOt 

Victualler; at All liaiiow», ILoocj Lane, London. 
Thoukoa Joace, uf Ste]mrj\ Middx., Mariner, A Anne VTrl^hl, o£ laaic^ 

widow of WDltam Wnghl* lat« of ftamc; at AU Ilalbwi Ilarkiog, 

ThoiuAM Burton, iruxbaudniaii, A EliiaWth Kettle, Spimtcr, dan. 

of [bhnk] Kettle, lale of Crayford, co. Kent, Hiubwidni&n, dec^^ 

Kt 8' AndrcwV, Ilolbom, London. 
Willian^ Rful<*Kff(\ of Cmiifoni. eo. Middv., TooinAn, Ba^', aon of 

Ktcbard HadcltfTe, of same, Yc^maii, A Anne Hawzocd, of lianDonda- 

worth, CO, Mtddx,, S\t\ dau. of Juhu Hawgood, Ut« of BrajtoQ, 

0^^ eu., Teomau, dec^ ; at 8* Ocorgt?'», Botolpb Lane, London* 
OandiBbo SaudeMoo, of Inner Tempio, Oent,, Itndi', 36, A ElisaW-h 

Witbow, of S* AnncV, Blm-kfrijirw. Maidi^n. 19, djiu, of Antbocj' 

Wither*, of same, (icnt., who consents ; at i^* Hride s, London. 
John ttcnarto, of ^^ f5within'«, Limdon, Ali-rrhunt, Ha^'hdor, S, tfarah 

Vorcolge, ut Baiiu.% Siiiiiater, dau. ■ ■ Id l-.v A*cr\:olge^ funsign 

Weri^hant, deo^ ; nt S' Maiy, WhlU'cliJ^} * i, Miildx. 
William Wickeim. of 3* Alban*a, Hert«, Vcunmu, Bachelor, A Tii'^ 

Mooaelj, of same. 8finFt«r, dau. of Jotin AIooik'Hc, dec^ ; at 3> 

HeiiiH-t, r^uVa Wliurf, Luridoa. 
OcQij^e Hkiutfliiv of Muldou, CO. Kmcx, Tconian, Bachelor^ A Atue 

IludsoD, Spii}Bl*T, daih of PhiHp Iluilfloo, of S' Maty, Whitechapd. 

MiddxH, Innholder ; at S^ Mar>, Wliite*:ha}]el- 
Henry JaJo, Alderman of London, A .lane Tindall, widow of Humphrey 

Tuidall, tJptii., dec''; at S^ Barlhuloinew the GrtMiL, Luuduii. 
TkotnAH Hty^fjf S* Mj*ry Aldcnuitvy, London, Meroh&ut Tuvlor, Ilaolielof^ 

& Dorolhr Griffin, of S^ Mary AMcrmaubiiry, i^ ^ity. Spinstor. 

d:iu. of Kobert UnJEn, dct'^ - at iy^ Bonnet, Paul's WLnrt, London. 
Joflmh Hur^ie, Mariner, A ThoinaHiTi Fopc, of All IlatlowM HarkuVf 

Lojuiou, Sp*", dau> of WiUiaiu Poi^e, late of Plymouth, dcc^ ; «t Sf 

Uallovk Barking afor^aid 
Roger Br«gf[, of ChriNt Oiurch, I^ondou, Skinuer. A Hartba Wrij^ht, 

SmDateTr dau. of [blank] Wright, of co, Suffolk, Yooman; a.z S* 

Elide V, T-ondon, 
FTwidv CullumlLdl* of S' Puaetan in tho We«t, London, Merchant 

Taylor, A Grizegon Pinehion, of i"^ City, widow of Frarei* Pincbion ; 

atS' Marj Wo43nut}i, Loudon. 
Edmund Fafdo, of London, Gent., Hach', 44, A SuzfLu Adams, of 

W««tbam, Ebkix, 27, widow uf WUliaui Adauu, late of Louduo, 

Gent., doc'^ at Weathana aforenaid. 

Jtn. do 













Fob- « 

^b. 6 





















John Jnrymm [? Jormm, hut in tlift maTflfir "FurmjTi "], of S" fitle« 

in iht Pielils, Miidfeeei, (feiit- ft Marr Mooro. of same, 8p% dao. 

oilbimk] Motw. dcc^i At 8^ Gilw in I^clda »f»^, 
John Hndson, of 3* IhinalaTi iti the We«t. Xj?ndt*n. Joyner, Widows, & 

Jane Donub^i of All Hnllo^u Hjirkmi*, »i^^ (''il}% Smiinli^r, Ann. of 

J ohn Baniflb}'. of mnc, Grvirnr l at All Rnllowii BnrKin^ nfon^Enud. 

WHIum Whvti^. of Kkertliam, CO. Soulhar»|»lon. Q*nt., Bai:h'. 20. & 

Maij Fermr«, of S' Clomcnt Dnm-a, i^l, wjd->w nf llt-nry Ferrer*. 

G«Dt-, dM'^d iir 4_v«un] u^^o ; ul All llAlljnB Dtbrkiu^. 
RftcKflnl French, of S^ Mury AbrKnri'h, frfindfin, Mnrrlifliit Taylor, & 

Emma TerooD, of S^ Bololph, AUIkuI*. ^ City, Widow ; &t 3* 

Bulolnh, Aidgatc. aforcflaid. 
Bdward Hanson, of S' Hepali?Jiro\ London, " Bftrbltonscr," & Anne 

Ftuinc-il^ iyf AnTiic> Se>', dau, of John I**a&nc1]t of muo. Cook ; at S^ 

8L'putt'hn-'ii [tfori^Htir!. 
BobcTt Toole, of All UaIIovb in the Wall, London, Cimner, ft Elinor 

i^ar^i^ani, of nnmr, Spinster, tiau. of [blanA'] fSar^rant, Tiulor ; nt & 

Prior hi Poi>r, Lmidi^n. 
Edirnrd \?[ilrIc'grnT^, of I^ondon. Ow\t,, [)Ach\ 30, Jt ^:]ixiib«ih Hardro4tt 

of S* Cf«tn«nt Dain**, Spirji»trr. l-'i. lUui. of Martyn Kanlrt-lt, Omt., 

doc^ ; cmtM^t of her mother Kachaol llardrett> U'idow ; at Twicken- 
ham, Middlesex, 
Bci^nold Wrar. of Durkiiig, co. Heaex. Oeut., Widower, 60, whoio wU« 

died H yt'irn niiicn ft Jnlintj Hollownv, Maiden, of Stopiifly, 32, 

wtoee father dec^ about a year nitu'** A was of City of Loudon: 

coniicnt of her mother inlaw M" GolHington. of Surpney ; at All 

Hallows Barking. 
Jtiktt I'pythflrcbo, of S* ^fjirlED iii the Firldfl, )fiddI«i>oi, ** VcntiarittV' 

Badudor, ft Jf)nnf» Windaor. nf aame, wiiiowof John Windsor; at 8* 

B«nnet, Paul'B Wharf, London, 
John riurtic, Taihr, ft Klkzabfth BiackmAH, widow of John Ulftckinan, 

Labitiiivr; at S* GJrvj;<>rj''ii, Londuri. 
Wilham W^bb, of th^ Citv of Li^n'ion, Merchant Tnx'W, A Joan« 

F*ntimaji, wiMtiw of Roger Ffntiman ; at AH nalhTWulWkini:, Jjinitl, 
Ilcnrr iJawkiiis, i>f S' Jluniirf. Cao<ilewick Ntreet, Butoher. A f^arah 

Halton, of All HailoWH, Barkint;, l^mdon, wiclnw cf Kichtird Ihtlton^ 

Clerk, of fiacii« ; at All ilAHowa Bnrkiti^ &fon.'Pjtid. 
Bflrtholomew T*«iinbr, of S^ AlhiinX WnnH Str^wi, l#onHon. Tlniwor, A 

Eliubpth Brian, of name, Spinnnsr, dan. of Willittin Bryan, dec* ; at 

& Atdr(*w in the Wardrobe, l^ndon, 
Tbomaa Alkiu*, of S' Wride'si London, Hi>nier, A Caihtrine Griflio, of 

S' Mary Woolckuruh, Lonrl^n, witioir of Kdward (IriifiTi, Into of 

aauie, BrifklAjer 
0«or^ Mead, of S' Au^atind's, London, Merchant Tailor, ft Itfarearet 

Greene, of wim**, ^pinAt4!r, <lau of Kobcrt C*rcene, doc''; at 

8' Aii^uMine'n ftforr^oiJ. 
RiL^hftTd SWdcsrirt, of Barkins, ay. Kiur»x, Gtint,, A Klifaheth M^anning, 

of 8' ftiarr Ma^'dafen, Old Fi»h Street, Loudon, widow of JAinea 

Manning, Gent. ; at S^ Mary M,ig-lalon aforewiid. 
Thoinaj* lletberaall, of S^ ItoiolpL, Ald^aie, I*i^iid<jn. son of Roberi 

Iff'th^rviU, of aaine, Mrrrvhjint^ A Fmncofl Wikker, of juxmo, dnii. of 

Bobert Wnker, of th« City of York, Innholder; at All Hallow* 

Birking, EiOndoa 
8«inuel Skdton, of Chn*t IMiiirch, l*ondon, Grocer, A Anno Wakefield, 

of *nmf, widotv of Goi»r^i* WakeQelO, Guldituiithj at fi' Leonard's. 

Foilor Liino, London, 
Bichard Ganluer, BWksmitb, ft Dorothy Froncklin, widow of Tboiaaa 

Franklin, Cutler ; at S^ Andrew in the Waidrcbe, Lond, 


Doc. 30 



































ThoAu Cl]«/n«y, of S* AlartinV 7«ud 
Mn^dBJcn Addingbrookc. of 3^ Ma 
Spiiidtcp* dim. of [i/tfiU] Addingl 
taaiigcr Imne, iit'orc«ajd. 

Leonard Clerk, oi SAodon, II«rU, Tfl 

dau. iif Thorimd Bcnnc, of Oottcrcd,^ 

linrkiiie. London. 
Jolm Uiimfioi}, of S^ Clomont DanOMr^ 

Atiiie Mamhftll, (»f bnmo, LSjjiDHtflr, 

S' Andrew in tlie Wiirdrobe, Loadot 
Joaepli Wri^lit, of S* GiI<'H, rn|>|*lt*>tuW 

A InftW WilH of 9^ M»rj, WU 

Jolm WilEu, of luimvy Porter ; at [hh 
AnthoD^ CroaBe> of S* Le<inard, Shoredi| 

ffarct Thrall, of janic, 8piniit4»', < 

victualler; at All Hallows, Honey . 
Thi^mofl JoncA, of SU^pncv, Miililx., Md 

widow of William Wright, 1aU» of 

Thomod Burton, H urtbnndmnii, ^ 

iif [f/fartk' Keltli', tato of Citiyfonl,! 

lit S^ Andrew**, Holborn, Loudon. 
WilUam Kaddifft?. of Cmnford. co. 

Richarkl liiidolii!e, of wime. Yeoman, J 

worth, eo. Middjt., Sp% diiu. of J<i" 

t^ cOh, Veojiian, dec"* ; at S^ Oeor^o'a,! 
CftndUhc Randrrsimi, nf Innor IVmpL 

Wither*, of S* Aiuio'h, BWUfrinn, ] 

Within*, cif sanjc, Gent, who consen 
John iSmnrte, of S* Swlthiu's, I^ndtm^J 

Vorcoig^, of nfLTiio, SLiH^tfT, dau,] 

Mcivhiirit, dpf"^ ; at S^ Mary, AVhiU"< 
William Wiokons, of 8' Albaa'ft, Uc 

MooNciy, of atimf, Sfjiuster, ilnu. 

Ik'imt<t. rduTH Wbjirf, Li.ifidot]. 
Goorgo Skiiiglie, of M.aldea, co, Etti 

Hiui-ioii, SpiuHtflr^ dau- <jf Philip Htiq 

Slidds-, Tnnhol'lcr ; at S' Marj, 
Hcury Jnie, A Uiermaii of LiiiidoD, A Jn 

Tindali. Gciit,. Jfc^ ; at S' Bartholon 
Thoninn He}%of S^ Mnry AldertBarj, Lou 

& Dorothy Hriffin. of S^ Mary Aid 

dau iji Bohcrt OriffiD, dw"; at S* 
JosUh Biirgifi, Mariner, A ThumaBUi 

Loudon, Spf, dau- of William Pop©, 1 

ITjillowe Burking aforef^aid, 
Eogor Brjigg^ of Christ Church, LoDdolQ 

bpinater, dau. of [^blank] Wright, 

Bride*!", Loudon. 
PrnnH* Callumhell, of S* Dunatan in 

Ttt^ lor, & Gniegon Piiicbiou, of s^ Q^ 

al S^ Marv AV^oolnoth, London. 
EdiQund Faldo, of London. Gent., Ba 

Wcfllham, Eonex, 27, widow of Wil 

Gent,, dec'' ; at Weetham aforesaid. 

nr TDK nisuop of london. 


Oilet Jftm«a» of All ITnJIowf* St^rning, ■I>in!f>ii, Tconiiui, A Pr«»ic« 

Shennchnm. of *aiin*. SniiiHtcr. daii.^f Pti^nftiiui [?DMmi«] SheHng- 

bwn, or I^Qiletl, i^nrrcVn Gent. ; »t All Ibllfws Bnrking, Trfnnlcin. 
A^21 AVilliaci Bowr^r. Em|,. of lti»r»ii» ro. (."ambr-id^io, 26 or 27, father dead, 

A IX^ft-tliV Tfuiron. of 8" Sciniidm*'?. LoHtion, flpinKtcr, 18 or 10. 

(iAti^ of 1'homiu llutton, ^f tatme^ &^-r ^ii^ <^olUHmt•; ftt 8^ 

Sepulchro'i afore^Ayl- 
AfdS* ThciniM Wjarton, of KclTuJon, co. E*wc*, Clothwr, A Joano Nokw, of 

Iftwonb, B* o., Spinat^r, dau. of Jo}in Nokei, late of tbo City of 

LoimIou, lice*; ftl S' OAbricl P(Ttch(ircli> fjondon. 
A^30 TlidtiLiu Ef^rton. of S' Jim^, Gnrlicrk HitKe. LoE^df>Ti, Dy^r, A AVtcc 

Marriage, of Stepney. Middx., dau. of Williani Uarnagci, of Prion 

51artit4>ii, CO. Warvrok, llti-'iliimlmjui ; at SIfljiney afn*. 
Xmj I John Fifho, of S* Mary Wookhurch, London, Bailor, A AlJco Bavflona, 

of mmc, dun. of [thni:] Kawlcim^ do<*^ ; at S' ^^A^uaf Losdoti- 
Xiv S Maithbji (^]Iffi>rd. of S^ Bartliolomew the Great. Ixiduoil <3«nt,.A Janfi 

T.bhali*, nf name, ?p'» dau. of [6/flni] TiMndK of KortKawe, co. 

Ilert*. Yectia^iib ; at 8^ Andreir**, Holborn, Loudon, 
M^ S TboiiiAi* Hunt, llAWrdubcr, A Anmr Sturlnni, sSpirwtcr, dau. «f John 

Slui^mia, tW^tr^ ; mt AJl Hji^Iowv Barkiriif. Lfiodon. 
Mijr 10 lltigh Davies, of S^ Brde'a. Londoci. Folimaker, A Margaret WiltiamB, 

widow of William Williams', Labourcrj at 8* BridrV af*^*, 
M»y li Bobert ITaJcT, of the City of London. Dnraper. A Borolhr Colquite, daiL 

of Nichofai t.V^uilr, Draper; at S* BArtholotnrw thoGiTAt, I*on<ion. 
M*y m Tboicafl Norli. of Aii^w^L i?o. Hort*. VcojiiaH, A Marparel Hoath, 

vndtjw of Ooorgp llc-ath : at S^ Botolpb, Aldgatc, Lomlcn. 
I**y 17 Samuel Pounttwv, of S- Catherine Creeohurcb, London, Cheeeemonfier, 

A Kr1;cL'<:a TMu^oniJ, widow of WilHiun Tcimond i at S^ Oatticriuc 

Crco CKurtih ftforc«ud. 
«*y 17 SicoDo Wyfe, <yf S« Nicholan Cole Abbey, LoDdr>n. Bricklayer, A Ehta- 

ht'th Morgan, of S' Atulrcw Cnderehoft. »'' Ci^, Tridow of John 

ilorgan; at b' Marr'sn IflUnfiton, MiddleMx. 
"*J 18 JoKn BixU-n, of ^* Jfiry Abchorch, London, Corp€nt<jr, A Margaret 

StTnoim, of S* Oil<*K, CnppU'^to. LoniW, Widow; at S' 8fij>ublmty 

*Uj 1% William ChamlxTrlaiiio, of Fricnio nc»r Barnet, Co. BKMex, Baclidor, & 

Etiaabelh B«ade. dan. of [^/na*] Beade, Ukt of same, deC^ ; at S' 

Uarv at HiU, li^mclnn. 
% Itf Lioooli Waldon, i>f BurkwortK no. nunt*. fl**nt,, «ou A heir of William 

Walden. of wtme, (i«nt.. Bach', 31, A EKj;abcth Bawdo, Spingtor, 20, 

dau. of Tklornn Bawde, of Somcrby, co. f^ncoln, £nq., wh(» conrtcnta ; 

at S* J*u>c*. Ck'ikc^w^n. 
*uy 19 Jerrard Bmnroftft, Oont, of S^ NicKola- Cole Ahtcry, Bacts 23, A 

Bf«trii .leiikee. <^f S> BeunetV PauVa Wharf, daa of John Jenkt*.*, 

of City of I^ndon, who connentfl ; at B' Ofcg*m"» nrnr 8' PauiV 
**J 21 John PratT, of Banifiey, co, Huntingdon, Teoman, A Martha HiJIcr, 

Spin*t^r, dau. of Marlin Hi!Ier, of Mmoi at S' Ocurgc, Botolph 

L^iM>. fjindon, 
«V 25 John Waryn, Gent, Bach', 40, A Katharine Tvriat, 26, widow of 

Lancelot Twi*t, Huj., who died abore a T4^ar xiiice ; att<.^rtod by 

Thomaa Warren fiV. Warvu], Gent., of 9^ Margnret\ WcHtniiijaU'r; 

at AH Itallowi iti tl.0 Wall, 
Mi| 27 Barnard Paiae. of S* Catht^rliie Coleman, London, Teoman, A Klisab&th 

Surbey, of »amo, 8|>', *lau of Aodrow fturbcy, Tociman, dec'' ; at S* 

Cathenoe's Coleman aftf*. 
lUj 27 Tttoaian Buddy, of Carlctod, co, BciU. Bftch\ A Mai^ard Srjrwftni, of 

Tuddingtoa, eo. MidHlMnx, Widow ; at S> Mary, Whitocluvpol, 

fOL. TT. 



P^irWrr, of 9 Ttct4>lpli, BuliopHgaU", LooJon, Spiiiiteri d^tt 

Waltrr'Dewberv, Ul« of S^ A11)an*i, HotB, Shoemaker, dee'; il^ 

ft* Mnry. Whiicrhin>c!, MkLilc«ci. 
Ubj dO Jolw AuBwll. of Uxbndp-e., co. Middicaez, Olorcr, A Pm«OU Oatct, cf 

Mine, Sy. dau. of John Cave^, dec^ ; ai Cowl^, Mjd<t]e<ex. 
Mnj dO Thood^re Qulson, cf 8^ DunnUn in the West, London, Hftbtnltflier, 4 

Joaoe Stitnrie. of rrttilev ell. oo. bsex, widow of '^ Fortiziin " 8lnTN» 

Utc of MUn<\ Yeoman ; at & Mildred, BrMd 8\ Londtrn. 
Jane 1 Henrv Tji1i«>H of 8^ Botnlpli, Atdengato. Txmilon, pAintcr StAin^r, i 

ETinbcth Fbnt, of um«, SpiiutcT, djUL of [hhitk] Flint, dec*; it 

S^ Bot^lph AfoT«iiaid. 
Juno 1 iniiiaiD llutiton, cf ^lid'tlo Trmplc. Gent., Bwh',2i,«on of Eichefd 

1iuiit4ja, of Bufllitoti. CO. Wiltd, Eo^., vho con^eiittf. A RlicibMk 

Jaifh of S^ AiitboJitiV London, SpiiiHier, 17. d&u. of Ilenr? Juc, 

AtdcTTnan of London; attcitt^d by Kkhard Dike, of S< AnUic^'*, 

Groopr, wbo married one of tbe d&ui. of b^ M' lirnrr Jaie ; coMeot 

of both fatlivra; mi BAniolt, Ilrrt«. 
Juno 7 StcliArd PopbAin. oi Stepoej'. «>. Middi.. 5!flLi1r>r, Tl4cbd1or. agvd 40 w 

abontii, M asf«rted, ft Cia\j CKappcIl, of 8^ Cicmont Dumm, Middle 

Sp'; atS^ClMD^ntDjuia^afa'. 
John Oxmhcj^f Fulhnsi. co. Uiddi^ HticbaDdmiii, ft Domtbj Knapp, 

of same, Widov ; M hhviq. 
Danid Sbrrlpj-, IlnnbMidntAn. ft Klixabetlt St4inhflm, SpmRter, d«i. nf 

Itn-hard .Stmilum, of Tilchimt, t^o. Berki^ H upland roan ; at 

^ Cmhonne CrerchurcK LoBdoD. 
laaur WiULauiEf, itf A* ScpiiIcbrvV, Ocnt.. Bad/, 26, ft Joiw Hmjvk, dau. 

of Jobii Hnvc«. of HAiiit. LvttiT Fuut>der, Maiden, ^ ; ooiuiv^tit of 

motbcr Emmc Hayps : at & Andrew a Wardrobe. 
IpVilliatu CoAou, of Ram»ry, en. Kwex, Sailor, Bac^lor, ft " Benodicta*' 

llajoe, of AreJcv, s^ ca, Spimit^^r, dad. of Tbomas Hajes, Clerk, 

Cunt« of AieUry afore«aid ; at All Halloirv Barking, London* 
Edward Kolfe, of 8< Mary. Wbjt^bapel. Mkldl^et, f^hipwngbt, ft 

Kliiabc^th Wood, of mAoi^ dau. of [Ihitk] Wood, de«^; at S^ Hary, 

WhJtccbapcl, aforesaid. 
WiHiani rtiJtTWiKxI, at S* Clt^mcnt PancB, Middk^ti, Poulterer, ft 

Mary SborU', SpujKtor, dau, of [i/*tn^] SKorto, do*^; at 8< Jamca, 

Ocrkrnwfll, Middlc^oi. 
TlioniaA Cbwc«» of ff ClinKtopIicr Ic Sliw»k<, London, SftdbT, ft Dorothy 

Wisrman.of tho Ctyof LoDdou, Spmstor, dau. of Ihl^ink] Wiseman, 

dcc^i at 8* BurpWiB, Cvlcmnn titrci-t, L»i)doii. 
Williaui Lynn^tT, of Loughton. ou. KiMet, Toomnn, ft M«rr Burrow*^ 

of S* Botolpb, Aldcnte, London, Widow ; at i^pney, Middleoei. 
Biohard Caplewood, of S' Diocia liackehurcb, Loudon, Clotbworker, 4 

fiarab IVa^ocod, of S^ Ckmeiit'*, Kafttcbeap, s*' City, ifpmstcr; 

H' 8rpulL*bn>'», London. 
Tkouiai Gil), of Cniibain, c^. Eakct, HimbAndmau, ft Mary Harrell, * 

^dKuMt'ing, ti^ CO., Spinater ; at 8^ Martiuy Ludgatc,* I^ondon. 
Tho«Mi*llarr«wo, (JodI,. of Bkiptor upon Craven, co. York, Widower, 30, 

iS l\*4'iidy lltinmloji, uf S^ Andrew h, Uulbum, Maidun, 10; coiitwatof 

bvr uAvlWf Aniw Hijn4iK>ii, of "jirrio, AVidow , at S^ Andrew**, Holbom. 
John Ks*^». '*f ^' J»ric**,Garlt('k llith, London, ''Vf*liiriuy' Widower. 

A KjiliivriiK' f*kip, of same. Sjiinflter» tbu. of [ft/aiiij Skip, d&c^ ; at 

^ J.uin*H, (larlick Ilithc, ufoni»aitl. 
thn*i*^r^^*''' WtH^l, of S' Audroi* "fl* HolWrn, Bkckjnnitb, ft Katltcrino 

^taftf I' ^'i Kio^wt*!*, en- ^"^^(^y. Spinnt^r, dail. of John Marler, of 

'.,,... ^1 S^ MmTT le Strand, Mid^is. 
^j^ nor, CO, Miiiiix,,S.iilor, ft Elizabeth Dimmocke, of 

• jywi»«»v.,— uiifThouinflliiuimockc, det:'';alSt3piieyftfOPe»aid 

Jnso 8 

Juno 11 

Juav 11 

Juno 12 

Juno IJt 

Juno 18 



JuiK^ tt 



Jum W 

I\it ^ 

j%> s 



JuJy 10 

Julj 12 































Aug. 32 



William Muckhoj^. of tii<> Citr of L^uiUoii. Merdvni, ft BtiMbetli 
llarri^. of itAm^, S[iirki&wr, ilmi. rtf hVlrnund ilflrriRL, i>f S* DuiMt&n'i 
til iht &i>tt. MetvhAnt ; ni S* Mary. Whitodupelj UiddlcMs. 

TbooiBM liriMke, of tA^ Jaine^, ClorkonwolL UidoJowi, Vintuer, A 
MiLTtfikrvt Longc, 3piiuter, lUu. of [6/ajvJ;] LoLge. dcc^ ; at Epping, 
CO, Keei. 

Jaswi Bnylt, Sailor, i Eliuboth Ortccc^ Spjfutor, dAn. of Thoooai 
Oroesie, Sulnukor; at S* Beiiuet. Paul « wlkarf, Lo&doa. 

UicliArd rhcJce, of £5^ Michvtl ^, Wti^xl Hlnx-e. UikIod, Uoldsouth, A 
BbiAlwt^ R«ii«, of S< M&ry* Uiugtvp, Muiilkoex, 8tim»ter; at & 

Henry AwdWy, of StApIo Inn, Oent., BncH'. 2^, & Annfi Taner, of 

Darkuij'. CO. Easei, widow of ItKharil Tiim«r, )ato oE OrsettfCO. 

K«wx, dwr* about S retAm %^o ; «t .S' 3£uy to Stmad oHm S^roy. 
BoScrt Bnw<]wcl!, uf ^^ Bn4c'x. London, Drmpor, Bacii'.Sd, Jt Qmcc 

ToUcr, of S^ Hu1m> in Fi^E'l*. 22. Haii, of Klmund TotW, of Mme, 

G«ut« who couenta: lU 7^ MArtiu*H iu F»el^. 
Robert SJicrwood, of S' IbUrUn in the FicU*. MidrU,. Mcrvhnnt Tailor, 

A Juilitb Wttrtoi«,of 8^ Au,drviA\ TLjllioru, ^tfiudUprf ^I;lu. uf Itaiibiivl 

W^rti^r^ of «ftaiA, Coopor ; at S^ C&thaHitO CS>]mqmi, Lond- 
Bdwjinl Howling, of the City of Londoo. Cordwjiiiicr» A Elixabott 

AUewaye, SpmHter, dAU. of [blink] Allemye, d^\ at S* MatyV 

Whit4>chftp<^r, MicidUwfx, 
TboDUB Thorii^tou. ot S^ SIjirLuk m the YIutiTi Porter, ^ Slari^urot 

Wintnti, nf nt^mf^ SpinntAr^ djui. of [Uamkj Vfmtou, dwr* ; mt S* 

Multn in the Viutr} AforvctatJ, 
TbooLu yhen&rd, of H^ Ctixherixut br tho Towi^r of London, Cftriwiter. 

A Atict* Mi?ridjth, of the City oi Luiiduu, Widow ; at 9" Aodrew in 

ihe Wurdrobo, Londoa. 
John Collina, of tbe Ci^ of London. Doctor in Medicine. Jt iudith 

Ejuon, of 1^ City, widow of Joha Eeuou, Orocer; at FulhAm, 

Nicbokn ILUcIh.% of S* Botolph« Aldungatcs London, CK^GLclimakcr, Jk 

Rachftel Dumuit, of sun^, Spiujtt«r, dau. of Su-h»rd Dumati of 

Katberinc [[ill near Guilford, co. Surray; at 8^ Trinity in the 

MiDonofl, LoudoD. 
ThoDUW Bond, of S> Bonnot Gracocburvb, London, Ginlkr, A Ifirgnrot 

Mayi&an. widow cf John AiAymau, Qiidleri at Little AH Unllow*, 

ThatEi«M Street, London. 
Honry Gtiriittor, of 3^ Botolph, Aldcato, London, OiinnmlEcr, A MAry 

llaine, of S^ Marv, Whiiechapel, Middj[., widow of Wilfifim H&iii6», 

OuiimikkQf' ; «t S* Mwy Aforcoiaid, 
KioWd CLipkc. of Wf^slli&m, co. Eb«ox» Oont., A Joono SympvooT of S* 

Bololph, Aldj^te, widow of Auguatiiio Sympaon; at ^ Botolpb, 

BishoiwgAte, London. 
William Pym, of ^^ 8opukhre'a, Londoi), Vintner, Jfc Elixabetb Maatfiri, 

of Alt llivllav* llorkiiL^, ft^ Cttj, 3»iu«tcr, dau. of Johu Mooters, 

dec^ ; Al AH Hatlowi BarkinF^ ftforoiai^- 
John Harriaon, of S* Olavos, Uart Street. Gent, Bach'. 27. A Margaret 

Faaahaw, of icaoie, SpiDntcir, 2^, hor fiithcr dL^nil* kTk^ now f<4'rvaitt In 

John Woletenholmo, Esq.; at Barking, co. Ewiei [lived with aaid 

Wolalciiholmc tbcw* 5 years 1. 

Kenry Colt^. of 8* Bt-niiftL VauV^ Whitrf. Tw»ndon, Trnhmidftrrr. A Atinn 
Hiif-chinson, of 8* Andrew in the Wardrobe, »^ dtj. Spiniter, dau. 
of blank] HulchinmuL, dcc^i at S' Bonnet afort^d, 

BdtDUDd Ward, of Lincoln's Inn, Oent^, Biwh', 22, »on of Tbornaii Ward, 
of Cooluliold, cov ^uMAOx, Ooat, A Aono Lowo. MaidiMi, 10 or 17| 
daa of Arthur Lowe, of S^ Petor'n. Paul> Wharf, (*«at., who 



^'u-s-wti^. ua \-ed -ja -lii tUq Jiiiaon Lijwe: at ill HiUowa Barr;:;; 

"u ;< -ii^r^ I. ^iLUK-. Ti'Liiv if Ifi^iirv Bimria^e, [me o£ dime, hn.- 


-^j' ..-'«. H-. .;i.*. !. V-'vy::i3 <." .'iliiia. ieir' , at ill HoUuWs Sttrki:!^. 

V , '. ^L"i ■ "-\^.\' y\ '■iii;:tr. ,^ i^lLuiuerh Wioton, Widow ; ac S' Briik'*, 

\ ..\ '-•.•^..'.- ■ ■'< . ^. '. '.' '*■ ■ '!' '::vTi: rnuu--*. <r-^imit ilaker, A Clem^crt 

* , , * . .: '":. 1' '^'LTT'*'- '•'jrij-rer. Liu. -ti William T-'uil^, 

-.■. * 'i^.^x ^LL«i"r ir ^' .ifT.T;!'!: ^, L'liii'i Wliarf, Loudon, 

I,, "'■• ■• ^ . ■ •*' lviu:.:::i'-, L.M>=u*t '■m^r. Lvadoa. Iterchinr 

' ^1 ■. A \L»":»i 3 ■ ' i^*fl. ": > itjirinir'r M!uieH. London, 'iau. of 
^1 ■.■ , A 'l;"- . V.'-. f -ii".:i*. ."Vv.i*?? iz Jiilium. 'O, Mlddleaex. 

\ ., , ""^ W .—i" '" ■>' ■ - r i-.".;-:/--.. Kor-t^r. j£ Jane ^wallowe, of 

' ..\ *'L, »**-';. "^^'I'-^^ri^- 'A'^ 'f r'um^t*" '•wailowe. Draper; &r 

" .■\ I-: i: - -.1..:. 

\ p , ii' 1 '^i,!* y- 'v ". ■ AA ' V" ■/ F-i-^-t'X. Y'^\::az_ .t "^ima P!ar, of Ho<:liford, 
, ^r >-.^?. u;: : ^.-r':: ?'-ir, :r jjnines*, 'lee* i at S^ 

\ . . M 'i'» ■';'''. "^.i-. »T "' ^ A.ij^.-'. ".'- -. L-'.'-'ii -. >[ir':iiiiiit r.iji.or. Jt Abigaul 
\'-'^.\ ,.i ; : X I -t:' ; 't. -.':-„:: V ^J'^i^^':^^ *. Lond4>ii, Painter 

^:,*. i ' i: > irV-z ^" ■ l-.^-"=l.:. 

H,'. I ^''-"i' "'"■■■ ■■ ^' A:::r-'*" :.: r/.-v W.irL::c»;, L.:adon, Carpenter, & 
\\.i-i; W-.-irr. ::, >:.7-*":':7. '«i.;, .f J" ' ii^i Wmton, Gunt. : at S' 

I'i.'H 1 ■!-*, .:' '^^ >Li7y a: At-:. L-..: :,^.-.. -v-.i- v :: Kv.'bert Edwanij ; at 

*^j. » iii,',n.i. ^l '\'r. ':" "yzc-z-^^j. II. ::i.. ^ail.:r. i Eli^a^euh Ba:e** o£ fame, 

*^ _ I I'l.'.u.t, V'li'^v*, Gt'iit.. _: IJ'-;.': .r ;. K'^:_:. W:: ^::r. abcu: *<3,*i Eliza- 
\ii 11 u'uvvko, it y K'.:r,,..r.. Aiia"i:e, :fo. Tidy*- jf Ri:bert Hitch- 
.,-r.x :i:k- --i vriie, irT-vfir. 'it:-:'^ . .\'. y<' Ma^iii che >Lknyr. London. 

V . < Vk'-t *j llinH^-nd. Gen:.- of fj .r.™.-i-v. £-aei_ Baot". 'io. son of 
^'ii:,.ii<>|»*K'r UAriwor:!^ of ^3.:..<^, 'W-t.. ^ho O'jcsei.:^, ± Anne Xes- 

i« iu, .',' i-i»" S.iu\v, r^^iiasTer. :iri, 'iar of Williain Xes^ield, dee^ long 
».:i,o i'- \i'*\*\ ^ari^ih L'hurvh af';n:-airl. 
J* Uv,* / \\ ';'',iriP'., vt S' Mary Ma;;'lait-ri. Old Fi-^h Scpeer, London, 
m\ vui;i-.iiv'i'H \ Joatie Jone^. Sjjlfi-ier. dan, uf Ibhakl Jone*, dec^ ; 
, V M x!uu:. Uuii^eu Lane- I>->Ji'lon. 
I. >,A. \^\v*iiv[i, i*t' t-aliold, Mii'lit^ci, Teoniaa- Wtdower, £ Siwan 

X . ^^*>, .*i viiiic* S(i^ ; at S' Lawrente Poontnev, London. 
Jt Kh»".\ Ai.v;*^. v'f IVrwliurat, co. Kf-nt, Yeoman, Bachelor, & Anne 
K*'t-v^ ^* S ^'luik-hrv^'*, London, Sjj^; at S- Sepulchre's afs*. 

.^^ .!■> Vl* •** Ut^"^ oi Mati'hin^, co. Ei.iei, Hu^vbandman. & Margaret 

^ un« .si i^h:(u\ nidow of Christopher Sumner, of aame, Huaband- 

,M*„ M X U »^^u VixaVs Wharf. 
■^ f.k.^ iimIlii, m \\ji\.\'-m\>t\\ lm> Easei, Yeoman, & Anne Carrier, widow 
-■c \y-wHA\ Oami^'r.of Mouutneziuge j at 3^ fieunct'a, Paul's Wharf, 





















Oct. Ifl 











Oct, 81 







WiUiom l^ngford, of iho CkT of LoDdoo, Cotlor. A Somb Boiler, 

Jolvi ^'intoEi, of S^ Bot<^pb, BMHo|Mg»t«« London, Cli&Dillcr,ii Mjirgiuvt 

Einatftocu of ifae Citj af Loudtm, Spiuateff, 6m* of [t/tfJil^ Kiu»atou, 

dc^ ; At St«pticy, CO. HiildleMx. 
Tbomtt FuTcr, of S^ Clement IH&ei, MiiMlcitei, Milliner, A Mat7 

Dftllie. of S^ James, CLerkcowell* Sptaaler. dau. of Gdnard Daulie^of 

LftTchfttD, CO. !>affolk, Qcnt.; at 8* Andrew in lite Wanlrobc, 

GiHwrt llplliiAQaJ, of HapIoo, co^ Rv«ri, JoTDor, A MArspir^t r^tUfivpr, 

of MaU^idc, ^ oo,, mdow of Hoiirj Onltiror } at 8* ^icbolu Cole 

Ab1)cT, London. 
John ttowellB, of & Marv AbchurcK Lond^m, " VeivtiaHu'," A Mftry 

LairrCDcv, widow of WiUuuji Laitrencc, of All UiJJows Stttining, 

LotKlon ; dt All IIaUowi AfatT>Aid, 
Arthur K]ii^bt> of S^ Bride'*, Loodoci, Habenlaaber. Widower, A EUxa- 

brth Lci^ifonlp of hahic, Hp' ; a: ES* Ktlidbargb, London. 
Joliu Portttr^ of Gnat BnixUfd, oo. Ewex, & A^ucb OnfEu. of B«i>e, 

wuloir of B<j1>ort Un£n, \an* of «liiio j »C S< B^novt o, P«ar« WbuHF* 

PretKu Gnf£n, of Bdchaoipe S^ PauI, co. Eiset, Httftbuidnwi, ft Sibill 

Anlhonk^ of Rujdon, t(* ca, £}pi£i«ti-r, dan. of [blamt] Aliuokie, of 

U«rtfi>rd, Tulcr ; aI BojdAl uor«nid 
Jamm Cow«c, of S' (^atb^riiK^ CTr*«V'liuivb, Tendon, TVwtorfrr, A Snwn 

De Gnire, of MUiie, Siituitter, dftu. of Arnold De Qnre, atnnger ; at 

S* ('ntbennc aforciwo. 
Jobti Lloj'd, of 9 Andnw'tt. Holboro, Loudoo, Innboldier, A Anno 

Booipftso, of nme, Spiiiat«r, dau. of [^J«»(] BompuQ, d4>c* ; *^ ^^ 

Andrew's, llolbom, 
WilliaiD Bennold, Qmt, of Hi>ckl<*7, Bmx, Bacb% H A Mar^ Cunber, 

of South Bcmfleet, ^ co,, 30, vidow of Jereay Camber, Sailor, dee' ; 

M Svulb BcmflDct Afa'. 
JoHq Coliey, of S< Martiu in iK« Field*, Hiddx., IWbr, A Doroihj 

Xatt, of^ AIL HaUowi ^toiuiiif;. London, 3p'. dtiu. of Rocor ^'att, 

of Hontmgdon, co, Huatiogdon, Yeoman ; at S^ BrideV £>ndon. 
JankM Silva, of S' Zhiartia's l^eld«, (lent,, Bacfa% 39, A i'imocB 

DtckcoaoiL, of S* Giles in Fields. 24. iridovr of John I>iclceneon, 

Gfnt.. dec"* 1 a year ag*^ ; »l SiTi{ti(^rd How, MMl'tleMX. 
Henrv Ler^ about 21, ooo A bcir of Sir Jumov f?] ix-y, K*, Attorney of 

iCfl Majecty's Court of Wania, wbo cotwente, & Mnry CapcU, 

Sninrtor, 18, cUu. of Hir Arthur Ckuoll, E^of LiUttf Hadluuu, UvrU, 

wbo ooiuontB 1 %i LiuLo HiuUiaiu ab', 
^ Jacol)^ BonrgraTd, of Wealhaia, ?o. Bcsei, Feltnorzei*, A Eatberine 

Buabe, of aame, Spinat^r, dau. of Richard Biubo, of uune, Yccman ; 

at ^^ Uagnua, London. 
John liudjK>3, of Alston, cu. Middx., Bachelor, A lanbcU Romi^ of bairo, 

Smnator, dau. of Ihiamt] Home, of oo. Devby-, Yeoman j at Acton 

Hennr AHoo, of S' Sopulcliro'u, Lunion, Widower, A Eliiabeth Ha«ton, 
of fluno, widov cf ThcmM Haston, late of eamei PooJurrer ; at 9^ 

BoQiHt, Pnurn Wharf, London. 

Xhonua Raktomo. of 8* Berict Fink. Ixindon, Eaberdaabor, A Margery 
Stepney, of Aipley. ca Bed?, widow of Robert Slepnoy, IaIo 4» 
mate ; at S' Jaman, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 

Hcogham Bowrerf Gcut>, of 5' ThoruA* .\poitlo, London, Bach', 20| 
uthor dood, A Mary Holtnor, about 20, widow of Richard Holmor, 
Oent., dec^ a year aince, of aamepariab ; at S^ Thoma* aforeaaid 


conaente, aa vfbU aa bis wifo Su^an Lowe ; it All HiUowi 
ttid ThomuA WatiI, father ot hajiI E<imuiid* conneuU ilUo. 
Au|;i 23 Heurj- llii^^t'd, uf ^' 3lArtiii in the TiolK MiM^i., Yoooua, Jk Kutiierti^^ 
Hnntingo, of Hain(\ uirlotr oi Ut'tiry Rttiitingo, late of Kunif, ' 
Wtkr ; nt S^ Bennet, Pfttil'n WKarf, Loudon, 

[Latt mtfy w F<*J. F.] 
IFhiS entry in Vi^. 77. m 24 Auytm IW^,] 

Atig, 24 DbOKaaa Browne^ Sflilor, A Btimbcth Coltuu, of S* Andrew, Hoi 

SjHtiiicr, (Uu< of Tlkonajui CoUin*, doc*^ ^ nt All 1IaI1ow» Bnrkinj;, 

Aug. 27 Martiii dueheire, Gunuor, A Elizabeth Wooton, Widow ; at S* Brick't^i 

London - 
Aug. 27 Buetwco TljomptMfD, of 8* Cloniont Daoefl, Comflt Maker, A Ctcmcnuo 

Youtigf oi tiuUdfi^rd. no. SurrcfV, ^fpinitcf, <Iau. of Willuun Toiuige, 

of Haifie, Baakat Haker; 3t S^ BeunetV Paui'tt WHiarf. LoodotL 
Aog. 27 John Thomcll, of S^ Edmund**, Lombard Stroot, London, Hcrchmt 

Taylor, A Martlia Brookes, of S^ Mar^puct Moeea, LoDdoo, daa of 

Muith^w Drookt>, of hjiiuc, llakor i al Vulluin, co> MiddlovcK- 
Au^ Sh WUliinn Tiinier, of the City af Ivandoti. Morecr, A Jwio Swalloir«^ of 

Thaxted, CO. SEsei, poster, daa. of Thomu Swallowe, Dmper; it 

T3iait£d afitxvaid. 
Augi tt> Iaaa<; Qilbert. of Ravlor. co, Ebsoi, Teoman, A Sarab Plat, of Rocbfonl. 

■^ CO., Spiiutor,' dan. of Kobcrt Plat, of FouIoom, doc^ ; at 8* 

Hartiu'i. Ludjrat^s London. 
Aug. 81 RichArd Sadlvr, of S* Augii«tino's, London, Morchant Tarlor, A Abigail 

Uibaoii, duu. of Kidiard Qibaon, of ^* rJrcgury'v, I^udon, Puntev 

.St&ii^cr; mtS* Grcgi>ry's aforoeaid. 
Sop. 4 JoLii Bird, uf S^ Andrew in. tbo Wardrobo, London, Carpont^r, A 

Margaret Wharton, SpinBWr, dau. of John Wharton, Qeut; at S* 

Anilntvr riidcn^laft, Lou do u. 
Be^ 4 Jam«a llueUon, of 8^ BoToIpK Aldgale, London. GeuL, A Joane 

IMwiirdi, iif ^^ Mary al Axo, Loudoii« wUoh of B')bcrt BdwMda ; at 

SitfifcrK'V, &lifliUoftox, 
Sep* 5 Thomaa Miliar, of ^jiQey. lUiddx.. Sulor, A Eliiabeth BaUia, of Mme, 

Spinatff, dau. of Johri'Batm, *lcc^ : at !>' I'homaa AixwUc, Uuid, 
Sopu Tkoiua» PhtlinTS. G«it., of Duplfurd, Kvut^ Widow ur, alwut 40, A EUjc*- 

bfttb UitcVocke. i>f S> B:>to]}>b, AMgat4^, 3^, widow of Ut>bort lliwb< 

cock, tale of Mmo. Groci*r. dev'; at 3^ Ma|[nua Hvt Kaityr. Londoa 
8ep> 14 Arthur Hanwortb. Gent., of Dunmow, hmx^ Bacb', 25, aau of 

ChrUtojilier Hauwortb, of >ani<^, Ovut,, aho cons^nU, A Anne Xctt- 

fl^ld, of the BAvoy, Spinster, 20. dau. of Willijuii Tvo^AcZd, dec4 long 

aiiiL-e : it Suvi>y [wmh ohurch aforcwaid. 
8ep. IS Ufinry Williatnt». ot 5< Mary Ma^^dalcn, Old Fuit 5tr&et^ Loadoo, 

Baberda^fic^r, A Jonno Joncv, Spmntcr, dau. of [Uank] Jone«, dxMy'; 

nt 9 Michncl, Ilui^eu Lane, London. 
8op. 17 John Oxonton, of KnHolil, MiddltMox, Yooniui, Widower^ A Sumui 

Curty*», of Bane, Sp^ ; at S' Lavroooo Pounttifry, Tendon. 
Sep. SI Esainti Simons, of Penabunt, vo. Kent, Yeoinau, Bachelor, A Anna 

Keble, of H^ ^H^puUrhro'ii, London, Sp'; at Si^ Scpulcbro"* afa*. 
Sep. S3 Tbouaa Horna, of MaLcliiiiK- ^'J- Sttmsx^ HuBb<auduiaa, A Afargaiiot 

SainiK^r^ of Mam(>, wulow cf Chrii»topIwr Suianer, of mmo, Ituibnd- 

niao ; at S^ Beunet, Paul'i WbarL 
S«p, W Jolni Unkc^ of Blakomora, oo, Bmox^ Teoman, A Anno Carrier, widow 

of Beouett Carrier, of MouutiMidiige^ at S^ Bennet't, Pftul'a Wlurf^ 



Bep. 26 ffUliam lAngford, of the Citr of London. Cutler, A Su^^an BiitliT. 

$p-\ 'iatt. of 'bhnk' Butler det"^; at ^^ Jame^, Clrrkeuweli, 

Bep. 2S John VintoiL of S" Botolph. Bishrtps^ate. Lmulou. CluiiiiUer. A Manrarci 

Kinaaton. of the Cicv of Loudou, Spinster, ilau. of liftunk-] Kiiiii:*ton, 

detf^; at Stepnev, co. MMilleaei. 
Oct 2 Thomaa Farrer. of' ^'- Clement Dane«. MiildWex, Milliner, A Mnry 

Dillie, of S' Jame». ClerkenHell, ??piiisior, "bu. of E>hvurd Dullie, of 

Layfham, co. ?5uffolk. Gem. ; ai S^ Andrew in tlie W'iirdrobe, 

Oct 7 Gilbert HoUen^head, of Harloe, co. E^^ei, Ji'vuer, £ ^Iiirgarot (luUiwr. 

of Macuhin^. s^ co., widow of Henry Gulliv^jr; nt ^>' Nii:ht>Uw i'ule 

Abber, London. 
Oct 8 John HoVella, of S^ Mary Abchurcli, Loudon, '' Vr^tinriu, ' A M:iry 

I^wrence. willow of William Lawrence^ of All Hdlows Staining, 

London .: at AU Hallows afore7<aid, 
Oct 9 Arthur Knight, of ^ Bride's. London, HaberdaHhor, AVid'*svor, & Eli/a- 

beth Leeoford, of same, Spi* ; at 8^ Ethelbur^^h, Luiidoii- 

10^10 John Porter, of Great B raited, eo. E^«i-x, £ -Anno-* t-nHln, of Kjnm-, 
widow of Boben Griffin, late of same; at fS* BejineiH, l^aulV Wliarf, 
OeL 10 Fruicid Griffim of Belchanipe S< Paul, co. En^e^c. UuFtbiuidtiian, Si Silull 

Anthonie, of Boydon, a"* t-o., Si)i[t:jter, -lau. of [fjf'uU-] AnthoniL\ of 

Hartford, Tailor ; at Royden aforesaid. 
Od 11 Juie« CowBe, of S^ Catherine Creecliurih, lAiinion, Pewtcrer, it Susan 

De Grare, of ^me, Spiujster, dau- of Arnold De CI ruve, ntriLii^tT ; at 

S* Catherine af oreuia. 
Chi 15 John Lloyd, of S^ Andrew's, Holborn, London, InnfmKKT. & Anno 

Bompvie, of Bame, Spinster, dau. of il/fanA;] \iinii\mm\ di-L-*' \ at *S^ 

Andrew's, Holborn. 
OeLU Tilliam Bennold, Gent, of Hockley, Es-sos, Bacll^ 21. A Mj»ry Caiabor, 

of South Bemfleet, 8* co., 30, widow of JLTt-iny Cainlirr, SuJlor, diT'^ ; 

at South Betnfleet afs''. 
Od 2S John Colley, of S^ Martin in the Flildn, Mid<lx., Tailor, & Dorothy 

Xatt» of All Hallows Staining, London, Sp^, dau. nf Ri'j^or NalU 

of Huntingdon, co. Huntingilon, Yeouiau ; at S' nnili''r*, l^iindiin. 
Wta James &lTa, of S« Martinis Ficldn, Oeni., Ha.■ll^ '4iK A Kramvs 

Dickenson, of S* Gilea in FicltU, 21. widi»w af .luhu l)t(.'kousiiii, 

Gent., dec*^ i a year ago \ at Stratford linw, MiddUw*\. 
wl » Hnm- Icr, about 21, son A heir of Sir Jitinc^ [.r Lt^y, K'. Altnnn^y of 

ffi» Majestr's Court of AVartIr*, wbn ^'onK^nt-*. A Mar\ faih-ll. 

rrter, 18^ dau. of Sir Arthur Cn|>r]l, KSc^f Littk- lladbani, JIoHh, 
consents; at Little Hadhain atV. 
Ott. 10 "Jacob" Bonrgrare, of Woathain, i^*>- K^.-t.-^, IVliniHij^'rr. *t KaihtTini? 

Bushe, of aame, SpinHter^ dau. of itii^bartl liinfif, of Hanu', Veoiinui ; 

n & Magnus, London. 
« H J<b Hudson, of Acton, co. Midd.t., lliwh*'l-»r, A l^alHll Konn\ ol" Hame, 

^amter, dau. of [frfanit] Koine, of co. Dorby, Voom:iu ; nl Acton 

"■ 11 Hbut Allen, of S* Sepulchre' », London, Widnvv^r. A Kli/aboih Harttou, 

of same, widow of ThotnaH lla^ton, Into nf naino, l\)uitert'r ; at S' 

Bemiet, Paul's Wharf, Loudon. 
w. n Ikntas Sastorue, of S^ Bonct Fink, LniidLoi. IJabcrd^tHhor, A Mar^^ry 

Stepner, of Aspley, co. IWk, widow itf Ji<dii-rl Siepnvy, late of 

mait ; at 8^ Jamed, Clerkcnwc-lt, Mlddlo^ox. 
Bvr, i Hiwdiam Bawrer, Gent, of S' Thomas Apostle, London. BacV, 20, 

KbcT dmoy A Mary Holmer. about 20, widow of Hichard Holmer, 

Gwtt-t dec* a jear since, of >jamc ]iaridh ; at S' Thomas ufore^ 


; Aft S> BCDBCt, 

Me of Ucnhan, 

iBUBTTttHMB, die« ; It 8* Scpakb* * afa< 
iVof. 19 thamm CMier. of CMm, MMlBiaK, WuertMa, A Bfldcet Munclr, 

«>( ««•, vUov «f Bflkirt Xofeiv, kte of mo* ; afc B> Bioad^ EWi 

WWf, LdDdM. 
Nfifv, 30 WShaa I>mluM.oC 9 Bnde'ai London. Haber<lMber. A Stesai^ 

ChMklij, of IMP, BpoMr. dw. «C J«hB a«ifa]r. of MM, H^ 

^Asr : at »> Andm Uadcfiteft, LoD&n. 
Ktfv. fl MaHlitfw Bfcnlm^f^ GeoL, B»c^, M, «oii of B^pli Brook^ubf. o< 

Mmtk XMn, r^^. f^^wwttr, Otfftt, who fofiii^tv, A M^ltt ToiriMdMr, 

ApiiHtef, 18, dAu. of John Towneley, bq^ Ulc of umbenml, 

Birny, dtc* »hmxl 2 months nnce; commt of Hv7 Tow&olff, 

Widriw, ber noilier ; at IlairkucT^ Middtevex. 
Iffrv. JKI 7V/»wM (-'oUia. i>f S" DniuvUn Ui tlie WoiK, Loodoo, Bub«r, A Aaav 

MaritJio. of Uw Citjr of London. Spin«t«r; »t S' Uuy Uoonthav, 

Rfff, M KcJiAnJ H«l] ff/i'ivf Hobiiuon, of Gn«t Ch-«hAll. co, Esoci, Tooimu), A 
ftuaaii Hevuuliia, ^'^u', dsu. of WalUv Bojiiulda, of vftme^ Y«oinMiK 
ftt All II Jlfiwa in lh« Wftll, London. 

NifT. 30 Willum Nowmiiii. cf 8* Mvt Soiner*o4, Londoo. Dyer, A Sibill Sjnitit, 
of >f I^oonvdy 8horedJktb, Uiddx,, 3p', dau. of XicholM Smith, of 

Nut. Sf7 lliitfli C'n>irrl4;f, of H* Okvc. SoutLviirk, co. durrejTi ChofiMdioxieott A 
WiuifMi* Otlmiin, of fS^ Biitdph, Alfigntft, T^n^lon^ Spiniti^r, dati. of 
rUrl4M Oilman, of Uy^Eate, cc. fjticre}', Ocnt. ; a'. S^ Bololph, 
AUI^ato, LondoD. 

Nor. %7 ThoiiUM <Jiia)»Wj Ehi|,, of Knovrle, co. Sunvj, Bacli', 21, A fttarj 
Irfoonaid, of Citf of I<i>ti<ioii, Sp', LO, dau. of Sir ^amu«l I^Aon^rd, of 
Wicklnm. cu. KcnU K*. who convcntc ; at 8* Olafc's. Old Jewry, 

ttm. 2H John Krornrl, of 8* DunitAn in tho Wcwt, Ijondon, A 

Mumlm, of iiiLni«» Hi/, dAU» of Won^] MauUitt, lalo 
RU'iylijitil, i!in''^ ; At 8^ I)iiii"tiwi'« iforewiit? 


of ■ftmo, 

WtKur Wilhini, fl^^nt,, of Citv of I.(5naon, Bach' 26, 
llatlibftito I*' !tathhono*' tit Vica^r-Ociieral*)! Book], ot 
lAiiiiiou, about :h>, willow nf John Baihbunu [" Kathboao " 
(li>tip>ivJ*« Boi>h], of Bhiptuu upon Charwoll, co. Oxoa, doc^i at S^ 
Ariilrovr'*, Uolhoni. 

A Anne 
Ci^ of 
in vtoar- 

BY TOB Btanop or lokdon. 


















Dm. 14 
Dec. 17 

Muon. of S* Bride'v, uid<'« of Jolia Masod. Oraner, dec^ about 4 

yr-»r* wncci At S' Miry Mounthnw, Lnmloii, 
John CopjTiD. of S' HarimlvuH-w the LireAt, London, TaHor, & Horah 

KlonlHtrrctt of All Ualln^H SUi^iim^t n*^ Cit^, Sp", ilftu. of [blank] 

8toiiUtrt«t, dccT'i j At All lijillowv aM. 
Peter Witham, of SteplCi ct>. Kasex, Vi^oiuni^, Jt Maiy Lufliiti, of 

Bockitig, 1^ CO,, SpiUBUr, ibiti. of Jobit Lufkiii, of Huue, fifrker ; At 

8^ C]pm«Qt Dunes, Middlowr 
John Sakcr, of ITilridi^c, Mid4x.« Sboemikli^ A Mary Pimcll, of All 

ITaIIowh tW TjO-ik. t^ondcin. S^tntilor, *h\ii. of Thomn* Pimell. of 

Uibridgo af«^ 1 VAbcr^bu-lKT ; at AU UnUowi nforniAul, 
Tbomi» Flarm, of S< Albany Wuod t^trett, Loudon, Gardiner* & Sarat 

Kill, of 3* Hotolph, AMeri^utc, S|jiiiit*?r, *\mi. of JnTii«!t Hill, dfc'' ; 

ut S" HoiolpH ftforpftDJd. 
Jolin Edea, Clerk, Heol^r of Ln^ford. to, Efl»ei. A ThomaKine Derehuxu 

Sniniiliv, dfiu. of Baldwin Di-rt'linm, iJcv'^; At S* lA'onurd's, BroniloT, 

rhilin Nic^oljji, of S^ "Marj MoiintKftn, Loudon, OrajmAn, & Mnrgcry 

Bif(^ of «&Tni>, widow (>f Williiim f^i|f2« ; nt ■Ani«. 
Thomas Cooke, of S^ MichArl, (Juccnhltnc, London, ClotLnorkor. & 

Anno Foi^ett, widow of Climtopher ?oa>lett; at S^ Michad'i 

Philip Buu^Ave [*^ Bur^AT* " in VIeA^'^pn^rnJ'■ Book], Ocnt,, of 

8i*poe»j'» Bach'. 25, & Cmih Prattck. SpiiiBlflr. 19. dau. of InaaiO 

Fmnck, of ^nmc, Gent, ; atteidO(J bv Juinc* 1 li'wrtwrin, Ocnt, of S^ 

Andrew Uitderahaft; at 8^ Ijeoaard, Shoreditch. 
Jolin Sklngt'll, of S' Jnmci*, Qu'lick Hithc, lAimton, Bro^ffji Bftkori 

BacV, A Alice Clarke*, Sp', dttu. of Pranei- Clnrke, Uk- of S» 

Mioluel, Que«fthilbe, Loudon, dec"* ; at S* Mary Mounttaw, London. 
K(lmtt?»d llAm'ni'kr, 8Ad1rr, £ IhiiIi^II S|mj'kmAn, Hpinntcrr. dnu, 

of [6lani:~\ St[>nckm&n. dec*^ : at ^\ll IlAllonfi, Hon<^ Lane, London^ 
Th^n^a^ \Vljitiiii^bA(t), of S' Maiy Ic Strand, Middlesex, A A]ic4) 

Clfl^k(^, of ^^ Mnri^arefK. Wiwtnnnalcr. Spf ; at S* Murj" 1« StrAnd 

WilltBin Hill, ^erohant, &> Anne Joncv, widoir of Hoberi Joni^fl; at 8^ 

Gilee, Cripvleigate, London. 
WiUiam Caddii^, of S' AlbatiV Wood Stri>tt, I^ndon, Sllkwonvpr, A 

MAry Prmlvol. of 8' Andrew m the Wurdrobe, n.^ City. Sjiiuifter, 

dan. of John Prudent, of i.^. Bed**, Troniftn ; at S* .Andi-ow'* afi*^ 
Dee, 27 BotMrt Warren, of S* Andrew ITriderpbafi, X^ndon, Groeer, A Mary 

BiJLindue, of f^niQe, ^pini»t^r, dnu. uf Joh)k BilJindgCi lato oi tho City 

of London, ChandltT, i)<^ ; at 8' Maiy Staynind, London. 
TLomas PeiraoD A BJ arr Ifenett, »4p' ; at S^ John Zachary, London. 
John Bui^knAait of S^ Martin in lW Fii^ldii, Middx,, Tnilor, A> LjdSa 

Cacoii^ Spinster, dau, of John CaeoLt, of 8* Hargarct's, WeatirtinBter, 

YeomAj] i at S^ raitb'*, Lan<Ion, 

Dec. 24 
Dc«. 26 

Pec, 30 
Doc. 31 

Jan. 2 ThomAa Fmowel! 

lomM Frai-wel! (" Kreswdr" in TicAT-GcDcmra Book]^ Genl., of 8* 
Mariiu'tt in Ft<?ldi», Bach', 30, A Mary Hdl, Bpiiwtcr, 24, dau, of 
Bogor Ilill, of (JreenforJ, Klddlesci, Yeoman ; at S* Sepulohxt)'*, 
Jan. 2 Richard I'aramonre. Gent., of S' [M/tnlc] in Broad Street, London, 
Bach', 2j» fatber dead, A Mary Ikiiuinnnl, of S^ llotolpb, Alderagati*, 
£4pinhtcr, 22, dan. of ^ir ThornA* Bt:d.uznoiit. K\ of Stou^btoii, co. 
l^ccat^, dcc^ ; atte*tetl by Sir Henry BoBumonf, K', of ^itoiigbton 
aforesaid, brother of ff^ Mary ; at S^ Anne A Agneif, AUengato» 

Jul S 


































Feb. 4 

F^sV. 7 
Feb. ft 

Febu U 


Xftibmia BardMM, «f Gmt All HaBovm, Tlram Htmrt, iSf^ 
Dnpcr. * lbi7 Fkrtvr, Spba to, Am. of Birhwd Pu^er de^- 

STidiBlM Atkins A Aoiny TftlottiDft, Sp^ » it Kngnborr, Middz. 
TboM* Foflirool^ OoUw^ A Hs^^^wt Y«dc», cY S» ScpulcbreV 

Loika^w, Tidov ; ■! 8* fifsMC Pkiir> Wbarf, Londoa- 
BmrLm Tfvaai^ A Ebabrt^ Kti^iiqte, SpoMter; at H*«tcn, 

Wilbw BrMit.«r On«a,oa.fiKs,TMMii,A Efiubf'tb CuUJe, of 
MM, «id0« of Joltt Cottk, Vvttvw; al Or^ptt af^vvvata. 

WiDbK Bun««. af HoAlsdon, cik Herts, TAnnrr, A. Rrbrcc^ BoirlioA 
Spt]»««r, tUo. of TKnuft Bovlbge, of S' Botolpb, BisboiwEBtt^ 
LoDiiaB. Ktf^nt; « S^ JitM^TacfitiiweU, Hi^rH.t. 

JoKn Bmtlic, Gtiwn A Cordvwim of I^niiiHi, BwUor. '* oc Htii Joiii " 
A Eli«*bctb Ervvvm, Sp', daaof [AWA] E;rr«»^Hu«bMi4i»«i,acc*; 
at S^ C«th«me Ove Chtirdi, Loodon- 

TbomM Dottatoti, nf S« June*, Clcrkmvtll, HiddlMex, Yeouiui A )f a:t 
W«m,3(«iiBter,d«Lof»05erW*lta,of Bat DM^ KorfoU; 

llkha«l Kirt^. of 9 KatWine Colmun, l^iuiiiti, Ol&«tor, A ElixabcU 

Mjtjbuicke, cf S< PetrrV ComhilL i* Citr, Spiiut^, duu of Amo^ 

MajbAMke, dec' ; at S< Gecrxey Bctolpb I^. 
Jolia fibflve, of tbe CitT of LodiIpo, ViBtoer, A Hary Coeen. rl 

fltvpnejr. MiddioMx, widow of Houy Coaoitt, lal« of «am«, Vinlocr; 

at 9 Aane A Acne*, AJden^ate; L^Midoo. 
Stfipben XratcftfeikT of S^ ^Hcluiol BMuhav, LaDdon, Tintner, A Hirt 

Alcui'^w, of name, f^pitiflter, dML of WilJiam Mtukew, Inuk«<mir; 

at 8* >LcbAel BMiiviuiiv aforMaid. 
Jobn F(x»t«. of Fulluun, Middl««et, Hntb«ai<!man,A Harcaivt Cottool^ 

of i«me. Sptrut^r dftu. of [&f(«ii4'] CoMcnU, of Wingfidd.oo. Beb: 

at Fnlbam. Mictdlc-wi. 
Thoma* Oanlu^r A Marj- :*hippic. Widow; at All llallowa the Lm 

TSamoft Streol, Loitdou. 
William Unckloa, of S* Martin in Xht^ Yintry, London, Woodmonmr, i 

Sano ColluiB, widow ef Michael Colliitfi. Fruiterer; M S^ U»bkpl, 

Queenfaitbo, London. _ 

Davitl Eilitnrd(-H, Citixvu A Drajirr of London, A Ellenor Hi 

8pirMU'r; at S' NwhoIftA Aoonrt. London. 
JoiiAh Pamcl]. of Chcnson. co. llorts. Yeoman, BarhoW. A Suu 

Grubbo, of the diocese nf Lcndun ; at S' Marr Moimtbaw, Lonl 
Fetor Kingi% of 2? Botolph, Aldgat^ London, B&mr, Bacbclor, A M 

AnfiTs. of S' Bridc'», ■* City, Sp' ; at S* M»ry MouMbaw, I^nd. 
Jtinu^ii Klli», 0^r>t., of S* St«ph»n'ii. Col«niAD Street, Widowop, fiO, AI 

iSixaboth Xorrington, of 9 John ^cbary, Spiusu*r, 30, dau. of 

Vinoent Non^ngtoD, fiilkman^ dec^^ A Jut ntother aInd ; at & John 

Zacharie, London, 
Owen Koo, of All Hnllovm, Hon^ Lano, HAbcrdoabcr, 1WV, 24, i 

Haiy Yooinan> of AIJ llallou'H Stayning, Spinat^r, 2^, Hnu. of Jobd 

Yeoman, of Eiame, Morc)iaut Taylor, who conaenta; at All UaUovn 

Boburb Murti-ii, of S* Martin in tlio l^ulds, MiJdleaeJt, Yeoinan, A Jam' 

Hpwi»1I, of "amo, SpfuHl-^r; at aanw, 
lUiirT Carlwrisht, of 8' JoUnV, Walbrook. London, Cord wainer, A Ann 

Afilmer, of S' AntholiuK, k^ Citr, Hpinrtor, datj. of [bUtn/t] Aolmer. 

dou* ; at S' Antholin'ji aforcFnirt, 
WillUiti Crano, of H' Bridr'a, I^ndon. Yoomao, A Alicw Suliitblinc 

widow of IlumphrF>y Saliflburioi at S^ Oilea in the FidkU, 

UiddlMz. ^ 




John IVmW, ot S' Scpdli^hrtzy lioudon, Clerk, A Domihy Cooiws of 

TboiDA* Jom*tt, uf s* Brjdcfl. I^ndoQ, BUckemith. & Anoo CksUener, 

widow of ChniitifphTr CWJtuer, Dri|>ur; iiL S^ Trinity m ifao 

Minnm-tt, London, 
^nuicij WUmctit, of rtigtifatc, <o. MiddltuK^x, Dricklajer, & Fruicca 

Rftym^nt. of taaw. 8|>inHtoT, lUu. of T{f!niird Hayincnl, d««^; Ml the 

811TOT ClmH> ill Uie Siniud, KicUi. 
Wtllmui Tavier, of 8' Martin m tiki VinltT, Txtn^on, Men^li&Dt Taylor, 

& ^Inf^JftJou Woognor WhIot; at S^ S^phuu's, Colotnu 3tnwt| 

Thomas Qisgim^. of S^ Botol|>h. Biahopagatc, LondoD, Silkwearer, A 

AuDo i^]>cu<i>. of sftmv, Mjjiuster; At 8' Oil«< iu the JSicUm, 

Bolerl BtuT^*, OcDt, of Ctiotf<gK Mifldx., n«:k% 50. A KatWrino 
fljutin^it. of ttwG, Spiniter, IH, cUu- of Willium Unitiu^, Into of 
(^tv of LoD^OD. G«i)l., dee* ; coi^aeiit cf her father m Jaw Francis 

Tbomu llarHfl. G«nt.. of S- ClemeDi I!Jau«3« BaoIi'. 22, ^» father doacL 

A Mjvf^mvt TowlcT, of i$* Marlin in Picldt, SK dnu. of Hdmund 

Toftl^r, irf Him^, Qi»iiI-» who oArn^ntu : at i^VIflon, Miililx. 
Hunphrry Jonc«i. U S^ 8cpulchre\ Loudon, Tailor. A Cntheriuo Loo^ 

of iiuue, S]/, dftu. of Lav.'r«kcc LcCi of mudo, HabonUabor; at 8^ 

8epaklire*9 aforeoaiit. 
UAllbnr ^qtiyoT, 1}ftch<ilor, A IklATgnrat WjLFt4PT, of S* Andrew, Holboro, 

S|>i^sur, dnu. of Ralph Wirter, of Mtae. Cooper ; at S< Andrew in 

w Warilrobc. London. 
8tep1i€a Ilay^ftrd,uf Enfield, HiddleMX, Teoman. & Alice MunhoU, \yf 

mior, S]>iDBl«<r, dau. of J0L11 jXfarafaaUr of 8' Gil<ia in tho I'^oldn, 

M><ld!»f*i. Smith ; at l->)firM n.U'^. 
I!pat>liTi^(a« >IuiiJ>v. Cftr|H>uior, Jb Acne Eraua, of S' Hary Somerset, 

U>nd<Hi. widow of Chiiftiopher Evoiia, Brown Baker; at S^ Mary 

Somerset . 
BohoTt BAnckworlL, of the City of London, Sonvornir, A Mnr^ BiubHcLgo, 

of nun«*. widow of John Busbrid|:e, hUs of nooif, Skimwr; at S^ 

Httfiin Outvicb, Loudon. 
William l*i<rm>n, of P Clement Dam**. Middi., CuUor, & Klleu Haile, 

t»f ft[nuiilumag« CO. &IVOX, Smiiat^r, duu. of Juhn HaUc, of tamo, 

Vc^man; at 8* Gik« in the Fiel*U. Middliwo):, 
Joha W^Ailin, of S* Hotolph, AMi;aic, Ltindou, Clotkworker, A Atmfi 

^udd, of ftame. Widow ; at Weatlutn, co, fipnoi. 
MatiWw ILut, of S' Ciitherimt Cnw Cliurch, London, Cook, A Dorotby 

i^l'in^p of •aoto, SpiiiBtvr. cUa. of [^tn^] 8touc, dcu"^ 9 At S' i^athoHnc 

8ir Thoioaa Miidmay, K' & Bar*. Wldowi^r, 44, & Anne Savile. Spinster, 

M. dan. of Tbonuu Saviki. Ei"|,, lnU* uf Wr<»nthori>o, pur. WakeQelJ, 

KQ, York, tkc', Sl ber utoth^r 4I40 ^ ai [llunkl. 

_ 1617. 

Joahna Woodland, of S* Bartholomew the Great, Iifiubn, Tailor, & 

Kary F^ncHc, of S* KopulohroX London. Spinnler, dau. of [Wdrt^] 

ViikImj, dfic^ J at ff Lf>oiEtn^, ShorodJtch, Middx, 
Btcband Coir, ^'eoman, Jt Rph^rji Adkinji^ Spinitor, dati^ of John 

Adhin.*. late of Chenara, co. Buckii, Yeoman, dec'; at & OUn in 

thoKiddji, Middlm-x, 
John lUclt, GpuI., of Miliou, Kmit, Widowt-r. 50, JL ElinibetH Ooodwin^ 

of LoiuhvUi, Surrey, Widow, 38, roliut of Honrr Goodwin, Piahor- 

tnatu dtfc^ about a yoar ago ; at FolliaiD, ICddlevoi- 
IT. U 




Mat 28 

Kif 2S 8aviui!1 f)uticlv iVnt.^ of (rmv'n Intt, BIK■}l^25. i^on <if &]miini;l Duucb, 
(if Little AVitlnAu. co. Berks. E^j^.d^ Dult^^boU Moons fipin»tcr, H. 
dmi, of M' J^ilin Moons 8oij<in[it at Lckw, vrho coiunuibi, e« al»i) ifi 
BAmniui [>unc)i. fatWr of k^ Saaiurl ; at TfrninfoH, MiiJiilcan*,!. 
Kkharrl Lan^^W. Veonan, tiamoH^r to the Kinp. Je (kvinLM^ Taylor, 
of ?j^ Marv Abchurcli* Ijondon, Spmaiter, dau. or iticharO Tayter, of 

John Sn*. of ih*> City ^F LoHdon^ Mi?THrhaiit TayUr, A Jaoo D«!aharp, 

of D^City.^innHler, daa of Kobert Delabftrr, Merchant; at Twieken* 

Abnkau Oorreli, of S' Martin's OrRar, Morohaut, Ba<^h\ tT, 4 Elina- 
btib DotU>, of ^ Swtthin'H, fjOKKliin fSti^iio, }ipitiMt4-r, IH, daxi, of 
~Rii-1i&n] Bultsi, of Hnio (*nrurt,i'H(*rtm»T, Surrey, 06nt,vr>iow>ii»*i«lii; 
Bt f? Svrilbin'fl aforesaid. 
Jim 3 Roln^rt Whrtbg^v tii-nt,, of Ktton, at. Norlh^"", Bach', 1!1 (cciwent of 
father Giltm Wliytia^, of Ellon nfrjrt>^aitl)> ■& Julitk Tlii>r«>n^i.rL"t. 
of Kaatbaisk, Khiwx, 17, dan. of Joffory Thnron'gooil, Itto of hlliwtham 
mfbrawud, G«ol,, dcc^ firitb couaeiit of D' Wbjticte, with vrlnim iW 
now Tvmaiijetfa) ; at Kiutham aforcjaid. 

Boger Crowche. of Kitijc^bury, co. Middx., Huabandinaa, A Joyce 
OT«tt(t> MTvuot of «^ K'>gcri at M' Marv Moi.inlliawr, Iiond, 
hnt 6 KdwaH [-^l-MTTinnd' inVi<i»r-G4-ncml%B(mfc] Whittvcr-l^of S'Nwbcl^ 
Olave'a, Salter, Bacli', *), & Kalherme llolelcr, of DanbutT, Eweac. 
iSpiDitor, 1$, dau, of Sir Klward Hotcler, nf fAirie, K^, wIlomc oonaeiit 
k aLI«Btitl by Heurv Buteler. of CJt.y of Loudiiu, Gtrot,, broUior of 
Mtd ICatberitt«; at DaJibitrv af<iro*iLid. 
Joie 7 William Gray. Qvxtt, of S* Sttptilchn-K, Racb', 27, bin cannbf <U^sA, A 
Ab<?e Browne, of aam*^, SpJuBtfir, 2(>. dau. of Hk-nnnj Brown, of 
Yctton, JltrcfonUbLns Utnt-, who comtenta, m AtU'iit<sl by Mnttliuw 
BruniM^H (if 8" Scitulcbre'e, I^yt^r, brotber of nud Alii.'O ^ at 
»* SepiilobreV 

Jobn Lincoliie, nf Duntcn, co ¥jiM'.x, Yeoman, Baclielor, & Judith 
Viiioent, of same, Widow ; at; S^ Ifotolpb* Ald^tc, f»ndoii, 

G«oTgcf Gregory, Geitt., of S' Mary, »lrand, }huh% 3>J, Si Joane 
Latbam* of itamo. SE>iiiPtoi-, *J^, clan, of Avtl)i<>ny fyatliAni, of Kyrby, 
ro. l^irPMter, Ucnt> who cotuii'iiln ; at S^ Mary, Smind, afomiaid- 

TloixAa Kiiitf«, of S' Thomas c»>- Sunvy, LeatJierneller. A Anne Gent, 
of tbo tiiT of London, JSjiinntcr. dim. of Tbomai> (tent, IjiU- of 
S" BdiDuuJ'vf Lumbiird dtriwt, Luiidou, ViuLueE', dvc^^ at AIL 
HaUiin-H Barking, London, 

Honry Wii*on. of S* Jam<*H, Cierkcnwcll, Mid<lIv»ox, A'wimaD, A Mary 
DcU. of Ci:v of London, f^ptnflter, dau. of Janies Ocll, nf Cboynejs, 
CO. BuckR, Vcvinun ; at 8* Alban'it, Wood .strtH-t. London. 

Kobert titurie, Kbq^, of llolmc^ Norfolk, Wi<U>Tv<:r, &\, A Jauc Sinitb, of 
Slenoey, ft*>, widiiw nf Martrii Smith, nf iSty of London, Hnhf»r- 
daaber, dec' a year A moiv aico: at S^ Mary Abt^hurclu 

Oeom BaaaeCt, of Binlop, co. Warwick, Hu^btndmati, Ba/^hdor. A 
BuiJiboth riiltwo,of S^ Gilpin the Pivl<b. Mlddleaei,tft^\<lAu.oroDo 
Silbw. hitv of OkeUy, c«. B«>d9, dee^ ; ftl >^' S->|>ii!<:bw"ft, l^i-ndon, 

Robert Cokayne. of S* MichariV Combill, Morcbiint Taylor, Bach'. 36 
for 2i y). A Anne MajufeM, Spinstor.Sl, dau. of ibUn^j MatidfeJld, 
fate of itcnly. oo- Buckjs Gt-iiL, dc<f* ; oomoiit of her mother 
M** [MtntJt'j Mamfedd, of llenWy iiforemid. Widow - at S' Micbjirl, 
Corahill. '["TIim not siguftd, Tho ooenmanoiwoftnt of hia name ealou 
away, b^t tlio '' kayno " dtstiuot.] 


Jul/ 1 

July 5 





























Joliti Wdker, of tbe Citj of Loa<t<w, CoAcKniftVcr, A lent^mmH 

Bftasiii0bwaitc, Spdiuter Aaxl of John BAMin^titinute, perptfiri 

Victr o{ Pwfwt, oo, Koijt ; nt Wrsthnin, o, Kwoi, * 

John Kuiiili, Mariner, &> HliitabeUi Sorer* tpuiHter, dMu of Iaaw 

dcc^ i At S- ]k>io1p!i, Dinhopo^Ato, T>»nd')n. 
n*rtirv Itcjwer, of S* >Urv U» Htr*tJil Miidi., Wtrilo BjJcot, A Mj 

I^tnbcnl. of saiue, wi<low of .Joba Lambert, late of wtii#, Tf 

dec*; at 6' Atinc, Blflckfriant, Jxmdon. 
John Djo», of ft' Leonard^ Slioreditcfa, Mlddleeei, Bwwr, ft 

eikrct I'lLfwMi, of uimC) ±j^iu*tcT, dftu. of Bot>c(Uct FAnoa. 

LAvton BuMLTiJ, CO. BthIk T^inAn ; At S^ Leonvil, S' "' 

John Hunt, of To1t«nh«fii Hi]fh CVOfw, eo» IUi<tdx>, Uiulnoditfi* 

BdkLli Snarrio, of •ai^o, wlttuw of ThuiiiAN SuArne, lai« «f mi 

II unhnndmnn ; nt S' EtWtboroh, London. 
?nmci« Wt)rtl<*j,of Chri*t Cburcp, London, Hulcher. A Fmn<f«TiM 

of lamc. ^^pinstcr, duu. of Tliosiav AVntlcs, iato of e<aiDe, iet^; >i S^ 

Beuuei, VnxiV* Wliarf, 1<oul1(>ith 
Aobcrt Dfitiby. (if Akenbury Wfwton, «0. IlvuitiDgdcn, Uo^ 

Kidmtil C)i|ipiik^al«, }ato oi juune ; at S' Triuity in tbe Mlioi* I 

London. I 

lU'urj' Frviud, Cioibier, it Ja»e Tliumloji, 8|Hi»ler, of 'Woo4iii>oc«iir^ 

CO. GloijciN*tcr, diui. of "WIHiwij Thunton* lato of «m>ic, Teoi>a»« 

ilw^: at Trinity, Kmoritw. lx>ndnn. 
Tlioma* Taiirier, Cooper. A Margaret Crewe, of S» Giles, CrippkfiW; 

J^udoD. 8pi']«tt<r, dau. of John Crcnv, of aaate, VMnati; tf ^ 

TriaitT ill Uif MinorioH. 
Afaunt^ Foiin. of S^ Cl««u«fit I>aDe«, cc. MiddlMOt, VfH^man, A I^^* 

Bi-omont, of i^aoi^ Spuuter, dau, rf Loirie Bcotnont. d<?f.*;at^ 

Jaiiies, CterlpTiwelL Hiddlcnex. - 

ThaiuiH Alkiii, of s^ Augustine's, LondoD, GT0cer,4 Wary Ttf^wttoa,!^ 

8" Gregory V London, Spinater, dau. of TTioimM Kewtnao, dec* \ a* 

Ht4rmi*y, CO Middtixtfx. 
Oweti Baintt, uf S' Jamr*, ClerkcDV«U, MiddWci, >tf-Tt?^, A JTarsCTf^ 

Hobflcu, Kidojv of Thonma Hob*ot), Cordwaicer . at S* Trjijty u» the 

M iuorit'H, 
Johfi Brc'wno, of fit^mfurdp vo. Em^x^ Tooman, A Alkii«< GnWDP. of 

Mine, widow of Lawrence Orwn«, late of mudc, HwltandBUu : $X ^ 

Botolplt, Al(!er*gntr. LoiidoD. 
William filandinh, of S' Mary Colcchtirch, Ivoadoii, Un|>rr, A Mary 

Diuiiiiiil<*r, of Uie (Ntr of LoihIod. SmD«ter. dati. of So«bu4 

Barniifilor. Gen!., der* : at h'lilham. ro MiddWev, 
M(W(-H Marfiham, of S' Jam<v, Clorkrnncll, Middlcavx, Otrdoner, * 

!£p4tpr Grooms, of 9 IVtrr le Poor. Li>ndoii, tSputstcr, dao< of Jofcn 

GnH)tnr. i>f nainr ; at Triritly« Minnricvt Loadoii. 
WiSiAJTi Pilcho, of Kftiivuloii Giaytn, oo, Rtaox. Tcovian. A Jcwaa 

Smjilu of DoddinehumtH if' co„ Spmater. dau- of Richard Snith, 

diTc^ ; at S< MichnelV Hu£^i Lane, Lrutdon. 
Th<?ma* iflrUT, of tli^ City of l.cndon, VinlDpr,A Joanc* flitiith, \>f ff 

Butolph. Bi«[^iupBf*Atir. Lt'Ddtru, widov of f A/sn^] StniUi* Ot'iit- -, at ^ 

Kolohih. Aldcatf . l^nmlnit. 
Robert Wi»e, of S^ >[hr(iD Drgar. LondoOf Clothworkor. A Do^3thr He*. 

8|>iii0ter, dau. of Walter Dcm, doc^; at 8^ Buniu-t. Paura WhnH^ 

OodfntT Cad<s O^^nin, of Cl^inrnt'it Inn, Bachtlor, STl, falhrr'A «>naont, 

t filiubf^ Carrycr, of lladW, Middlewtx. 8|iini*tcr, :M, da«. ot 

Bonianl Canjeff, Clnk, Parvoa of Uadley aforaaaid, who ootkaeats, 


















» attested bj his son ^chard Cmrrjer, of London, Draper ; At 

WaltluimBtow, Eeaei. 
Jonathan Thur^ood, of Fumiah Pelham, co. Herto, Yeoman, A Bebecca 

Knight, Spinster, dan. of John Knight, late of Duddinghunt, co, 

Essex, Yeoman, dfc^; at Childerditch, co. Eewi. 
Edward Jacob, of ShasberrV, co. Dorset, Cordwiner, & Anne Abell, of 

Stapleford Abbey, co. Eeses, Spinster, dan, of John Abell, late of 

Brentwood Weaie, s*" co.. Teoman. dec^ ; at Stapleford Abbey afs*, 
Daniel Scott, of S' Clement Danee, Middleftei, Yeoman, & Sushd Critch, 

widow of Thomas Critchf Innholder; at S^ jfohuV^Walbroob, London. 
Beckingham Humphry, of S^ Glare's, Southirark, co^ Surrer, Carman, 

& Thomasine Peplo, of 'sftme. Spinster^ dau. of Thomas Peplo, dec^ j 

at S» Bennet, Paura Wharf, London. 
lUchard Kimber, of S^ Sepulcbre>, London, Porter, A Joane CastUnd, 

of S* Michael'a, Crooked Lane, Tjondon, widow of [blank'] Caatland, 

Laborer; at S' Sepulchre^a, Londou, 
Edward M&thew, of S^ Bride's, London, Clothworker, & Anne Beere, 

widow of [blank] Beeve, late of S' Olave's, Southwark, Carpenter j 

at 3^ Bride's aforesaid. 
William Bill, Gent., of S< Martin's in Fields, Bach", 30, his parents 

dead long since, & Joane Cowell, of same. Spinster, 20, dau- of John 

Cowetl, of Branyard, co. Hereford, Inholder ; she atteets that he will 

be glad of the marriage, as he ia a poor man, Ac. { at S^ Qeorge, 

Botolpb Lane, London. 
Aug. 14 Sir John Villiers, K', of S' Martin'a, Middlesex, Bach', 25, & Frances 

Coke, of S^ Andrew's, Holbom. Spinater, 16. dau. of Sir Edward 

Coke, K', of Stoke, co. Bucks, who consents ; at [blank], 
Aug. 15 William Tooley, of S^ Mary at HiUt London, Cutler, & Margaret Robins, 

of same, widow of John Bobins, late of same, Cntler ; at Westham, 

CO. Essex. 
Aug. 19 Thomas Bnry, of S' Lawrence, Old Jewrr, London, Leatherseller, & 

Jane Stoughton, of tf^ City, Spinster, dan. of William Stoughton, 

late of Watford, co, Surrey [tie], Esq., dec* i at S^ Peter's, Paul's 

Wharf, London. 
Aug. 20 Bobert I^eeson, of S^ Martin's in the Fields, Middi., Pewterer, & Mary 

Chamberlaine, of S* Mary, IsUngton, Middi., Spinster, dau. of 

Matthew Chamberloine, late of S^ Mary Aldermanbury, London, 

Innkeeper, dec^ ; at S^ Jamea, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 
Aug. 21 William Branthwaite, of Great Wigborow, ;&sex, Clerk, M.A., Bachelor, 

27, A Anae Bright, Spinster, 22, of eame, dau. of Arthur Bright, of 

same. Clerk, D.D., who consents; at S^ MichaeVa, Queeuhithe. 
Hugh Smith, of S' Clement's, Eaatcheap, London, Clothworker, & Agnee 

Sfiller, of same, Sp' ; at same. 
Bowland Lyddell, of 3> Clement Danes, Middz., A Elisabeth Millingtou, 

of same, Sp% dau. of John Millington, Yeoman, dec* ; at S' Bennetts, 

Paula Wharf, London. 
John Simpaon, Gent, of Bedford, co. Beds, BacV, 27 or 28, A Martha 

Onflow, of S' Bride's, London, Spf, 20 ; consent of her mother, a 

Widow ; at S' Botolpb, Aldgato. [ Vicar- GJeneral's Book says " dau. 

of [blank] Onslow, late of S^ Bride's afs*, Haberdasher, dec<"] 
John Soame, Gent., of London, Bach', 29, & Mary PeryeDt, of Great 

Burch, CO. Esaet, Spinster, 20, dau. of Thomas Peirent, late of Burch 

afs*, Esq^ dec*, & her mother also ; consent of her brother Sir 

Thomas Peryent, K*, of Great Bur<ii aforesud ; at Isleworth, co, 

Sep, 6 William Moeeler, of S^ Lawrence, Old Jewry^ London, Merohant 

Taylor, A Abigail Smith, Spinster, dau. of William Smith, Gierke 

dec* ; at S' Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London. 










vieA by BarnAbj Rtnd. of Aaben alia* Bwo in <mx afn', w^ 
rie<l ilio (Ulj. of tbe MtA John Poole; at S^ DcinatAn in tie 


u 1 HoDrjr Burfoot, of S' flil<^ CripplviCftUf, London, Whitvbalu-r, A B«» 

n«wet% of vMue, Spiunt^r. <liiu. Of WiIIuuzl H«««£t« of «tt&e. T>lloir 

ChAudter; ax S' Giks, Cripplwii^ aW, 
^ 2 Gicltard R««ve, of S^ D<vtolph, AJdefi^prie, fjon<toii, Woodmonger. i 

AnDc Ashley, of S* Barthoiomeir the Lew near Stnithlield, Loiulau, 

dpinstcr, dud. of i^bhnJt] A*blcy. Utc of Mmo, MervliAiit Tarlor. 

dev^ ; At S^ 1tot->li>ii, A Meir»k;ntj>. nfonMaid. 
L 5 John »;ivc\ oi S^ JoDQ ?.achnrv, London, Barber. & Thommnc Kcttbcr, 

of AU llallove Bftrkiiig, London, SpzREiter, dau. of Wiiliun Koibff, 

(rf wuno, CloihiTorXcrrnt 9* John Zuchary aM. 
;, G WUlioxn Crovm^, G«mt, of Ookluuri, Surrey, Bv*K 2H, «on of Geor^ 

Crowmer. of Kvne. Bu., A Mu^garet Ned«. uf S< CJement Duic*, 

Sp', 21^ d»u. of John NwliT. Bwq , liil<^ of XcrthnmpWn, dcu^ 7 or 8 

years ft|;o; conseut of her luothor 31^ Grace Pmnero, Widov; 

cooAuiit of v^ 0«Hirgif (*ron'i]icT, Esq. ; coosout o^ M" IVTilurro 

*tt«ited hr Bnph«el Neulo, of S^ Clomenl Ihaxm, Gout. ; at S* Mirhsel, 

Dec. U Tliouuu Tyli fin margin '' Till ''], of Coxall, ct>. Kwox, Yeunuii, & Suun 

Aylfri.t, of Colchester, 9piniitoT; at Stcbbiug, co. Ktscx. 
Dec 13 Thoiitju NcaJi>» of 8' Micliael^ <{uccn Hitho, London, Frtcouucn, A 

Eli/ahi^th liOrkin. j>f H^rrte. SpliiHton dntj^of [Aiffiijt] Lorkin. den^; 

St »S^ Mirliarl. Quwnbitli\ afs^. 
Dec. 12 BicUrJ Price, of S* L'allieriiie Creo Chun^h, Lundon, Blacksmith, A 

IJridgrt CSrotc, of namo, f^piimlcr, dnn. of ThomM Grovf, Yccnun, 

Avt^ ; «t S* Cnthorioo Cwo Church, Londi^n. 
Dec. 12 Sir John C«ftar. KK Kacli'. about 20. Hon of tlie R^ Hen. Sir JaliQs 

Cmwr, K^ vhn cdimcnti^, <& Anito Htjncate, Spimter, IS, dau. 

of [Af«»i] Uuuj^at«. of Broduauk, CO. Noi&iIe, G«it., dec' 9 yoorv 

Mn«*i with conkont of her (uuiLor Diuiio Auiie Ca;«tr, wifv of >^ Sir 

Jiilitiit CiMiar ; At iho f'hupi'l rf i}ii\ Rnlla io Cbnno^rv IjAno, 
Dec. 16 John White, of 3* Mary. Whilochapel, Middleaex. A Jouufr La*Hiter, o( 

tiame, Spinntor, dau, of [bianfc] Lafl»iter, of Londoa, dec^; at 

8* Kennot, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Deo. SS "WiUiatn Bird, of 8' BotolpK Jfiahnpnn^fltc, London, SilhwcATct-, A 

J^lifaboth BoaweU, of S^ Andrew in th<* Waidrobix n"^ City, widow 

of William Bo«well, of same, Woodmon^r; at S' Andi'ew in the 

Warilmbe atoretiaid. 
Doc. &0 Williinn Hulr, c.jf S* l)i4olp!i, Disbop»^at45, Loudon, PlaelereTt A Anne 

Lydynt., of nnon-. Spinutcr j nt S^ lJot<klpb >foroflai<L 
Dec. 31 Thomas Hrownc, of S^ Andrew in the Wnnlmbc. I^ondon, Embroiderer, 

A .Tau» BuKrtoll, of S* Martin in the Vintry, a'' City, widow of 

WiUiom Kuasell, late of aame, Embroiderer; &t £i' Mary, WhiCe< 

chapel, Miduto^ri- 
Deo. 31 Ni^'hothH Hii^i^uB. of ,S^ Clement Diuioh, tendon, Vintnw, St An^ell 

Bishop, of H^ Bcnnet iSlierohog, London, widow of John Bishop, mto 

of santfi. Tailor] at S^ Bennot afn'^. 
Dec. 81 Boger Parro, of 3* nnuelAn in the Woat, f^indon, Gent., A Manrnrot 

LoTO, of S^ Anno, Blaokfriiir*, ^jpinster^ duu. of [bhink] Lovo, dot*' ; 

at fi^ Anno, Blackfriartt. 


JvL 2 Willittiu Nutbrowuc, G«nt,, of Homchurch, Bwex, "Widower, 90, his 
wifs dvod 2 T^n™ A mopp, &. Frait\*vH Mildmay. of Humi^. Spinater, 25 
or 26, dau. of William Mildnuiy, Esq., dcc^, 4 hor mother also^ at 
Wwlhaio, E«ei. 






















Jbd. IC 










u 26 




CwUcton, uf 8^ Oluve. " Whitc^beart .Slrcet," J^odon, iridow of 

damoel Cjuitlet4»n, hie of Kaiiu;, Oeut ; ut S* BIat^t Wbitechapel, 

JoliD dxm«, of Miicbom, ra. Surrvy, Vlvuiaq. A Juuie Pfrkiiu, of S' 

6iW, CTippl«CAt«. Ixiiidoa, nidow of John p4>rkiii^ Ul« of i«nni<^, 

PorUrr i at S* ftiloe, CVipploRatr, afs*, 
*' Striddriea' *" Moore, of Bju-kmi;, vo. Gfftei, Cordwainer, A Juw 

D^'lvct. of Htimc, J^pinsUT, daa of Potor Dt*l)ctt,of Bftuie, KnHorniAii ; 

At S^ Uicbacil'd, Ku^on Lone, LonUon. 
John Cooke, of S* Clem^nl I)^re«. Hiddx., Tailor, A HRmrfit 

BroniNkyn^ of S^ Di)u«Un in ttic \V»t, Ijondon, vtdoir of Jvoei 

Jirom»kyD. late of ttam^ Porter ; at S^ Duii«ian'a Hh'. 
TboiDAH Browi^o, uf S' ?klaty Ctjlockuruh. [^mtlon, Tailor, ^ Knr^urel 

lt»ou, of S' Ajidrew'*, Kulbom, Loudou, Sj/, dau, of Ihlaai'] Imod, 

YoomAn ; az 8* An^rw's, Uolborn. afi^. 
Tliomui Perry, of Nmh Brfliiford, ptu. Hanwell, co. Middi., Yeoman, 

A Uliiabeth ProuciB, of same, widow of QUcv Franci'i. laUj of tJw 

CiMr of London ; at Now llriuiford aftf'. 
T«aac Sheppard, Gmtl., A Chriirtiftn Baldwjn, widow of JoVin Haldvrfn, 

lato of Bockhatnfioti, co. Bucks, Yoonun ; at 3' Bcimi?t, PauPii 

Whatf^ London. 
Valc^utme Boirica, of ibo Citj of London, Widowur^ A Kitxabeth Ittacke, 

of namo, SpiiiBtcr; k S^ Stepben^n, WaJbrook, Londou. 
Bobi'H Jenkra, of S' Kichobui Gold Abbey^ London, Uabcvdiwher, A 

Suan fitockvri^li, of & liary Somenvt, London, Spinster ; at S^ 

Faith's, London. 
Leonard AUeuiiotmcr of the City of London, Yeoinau, A Clinfltlan 

SUvelly, of S* Androw'ii, Uolborn, Sjiin«U>r, dm. of PhuI Stavolly, 

late of tb« Citv r4i>] of SoutliatuiJion, Uercbant, doc*" ; &( S* Gilca 

in tlu? Fiidda, Middlcsoi, 
William Maa'-h, of All Halluw^ Barkiuf;, London, Bncklaycr, A Jane 

Alien, of 3^ SopuIcSio'a^ Sfiinnlcr, ilaii, of Anthonv AiJoD, of Tboipc, 

CO. Surrey, Ef a-fbiinciman ; at ^^ ^fnry, iHliiiiiloEi, Middi. 
Willbm Daviott, of S^ Jameu, Gnriiok llitiiu, London, Hmwer, A 

KatJieni^e Phillij)*, of Orvat All HhUowh, L'Jftdcu, SpinsU-r, daii. 

of IbitrnJt] Pliilliptf, dec"; at 5* Bcnnel, l^ul's Wtiarf, l-uiidcjii. 
Suikon Brocko, of AU HaIIows Staining, Londoo, Wiiia C'oojivr, A 

Sanb Rothwell, of S^ Cath«nac Tree Church, V* City, 8p', dau. 

of [blank] RolhwoU,d&c^ ; at S* Catherine Crw Cburch. 
Tbom&fi Hanford, of S' John**, Walbrook, L-Judon, Shinnor. A Jane 

Evjui*, of •nine, nidoit of David E>aii«, ClothworkoTj at S^ Joha'a, 

AVall>rook, Hfuiraaid. 
Owen Pranckkn, of a* Sepulchre'*, London, Merchant Taylor, A Mary 

Pattimin, of S^ Bride's, London, Spinator, dau. of [iUmk] Patlieon, 

doc* ; at S* Brido'a aforesaid. 
Thomoii SIowo, Thread l)ycr, A Dorothy Jonning«, of 8* Mary, ^White- 

cb»peh Middtem<x. wvlow of Pi'Uir Jauninga; at AU Uallova the 

L<«H, rbamoa Street, Jvondon. 
John Welta, of 8^ Uionard'ff, Eastcheap, London, Carpenter. A Joane 

ViccsLrioi, of S* GeorueV, Bololph Lane, said Citj, tipiiieit«r^ at S* 

Maiy Abchurch, Lonaon^ 
Thomas WiltintfhjaH,nf S* Bride'*, London, Gent, & Katherino Oj^Ioby, 

of same, witiow of John Ogleby ; at S* BridcV aforewaid. 
a Moses Bird, of the City of Loudon, Merelmut, A ElJaabcth Sutton, of 

aaiQe, Hpiiiatf^r, dau- \rt Jatiios Sutton, of namo, Clolhirorkor ^ at AJl 

UaBon'H Staining, London. 











Dec. II 
Dec. IS 













Jan. 2 

the dAU. »f tbe naid John Pook; it S^ Dimtto 


Hoiirj" Barfoot, of S* Qiloa, Crip|3lcgatc. LouJon, Wliilobakcr 
Hewetl. of naim\ Si^nnter. dan of WilltAm Heneit. ot wuu 
CWmllcr; at ti^ Gllc^ Cripploj^itff, nW, 

fticbard Koe^e, o[ 8^ Botolph, Aidere^'ate, Lond<ni« WooiHin 
Aunc Antiloj, of ^ Dikilliolomcw the T'Cm ncftr SmitlilloU, 
8pii]Btrr. dnu. of [Uasi/!r] AhIiIov, Utt.* of HUDe. Mercbftnl 
dec"" ; at S^ Ifot^lph, AMpretrate, aforesaid. 

John XeATc, of S* Johu Zachnrv, Loudon, Berber, ^ Thoniaaino 
of All Uallowa IfarhJag, London, 8i>m«l«r, djia. of Wtlliiua 
of »nmo, Cloch^orkor; ot S' loht- Z:icliary aitf*. 

William Crowirnrr. Gi*nt-, of Ockhain. Surrey. Bach', 23, ton o; 
Crowmcr, of ^ajne, Kfto, A MarRnrct XpiiIo, trf S* Cl#meu 
Sjj'. 2:i, dau. of Joim Neale, Eaq., (ate of Northampton, i* 
year* ago; couuciit of her raotlicr M" rtrwr I*rvthcro, 
cooicsnt of lA ficmrRo Crowmop, E*q. j couvout oi M** 
att^tcd bv Hapbtel Neale, of S' Cleiaent Danes, G«nt. ; at 8' 

Thomas TvU [in marKm " Till "]. of Coiall, go. Ewet. Teom»ii 
Ajlntt, of Colchwitcr, SiMuatcr; at 8tcbbiii^, co, 1^<?x- 

Thomiij S'eid^, of H^ Mit-hnL-l, Quf*<<Ti llithe, Loiidmi, Frmi 
Klizabeth Lorkin. of xiLTnc. Spinatcr» dau. of [UMut] Lcrk 
at S^ Midiui'l, Qu^'enhillie, afw''. 

Eiclmrd Price, of S^ t'nlhcnm* I'rco Church, London, Blacli 
BridRc^ Orotfo, of (inmo, S|iiiiBiior, dau. of Ttoiciu Ororc, 
der'^ i At S^ Culherin** Croe ChurL^li, Loiidou. 

Sir John Cieear, K\ BncV, about 20, *on of the R' Hon, S 
CAw^L^, K\ who (^(inMCitU, <& Aunu Hucgnto, ^iriuAter, 
uf [i/ftnAl lluNgfllo, of nrodiiftiii, c<.>, NorUjlk, GuiiL, dec'' 
■iniv; with conitiiit of lu^r mother Dnmc Aaiie C»>nr, wife 
Juliuii Ciwar ; it the Clrnpel of the RolU in Chancerr Lam 

John WhiU^ of 8' Mary, WhiUrcbnp*;!, Middlc»<et, A Joano Ln 
eauie, tipiUMt^r, dau. of [/j/tftii] La»4iler, of London, 
W Itoiinct, Paul'* WTmrf, London. 

Willittiu Bird, of S* Boiolph, Bialiop«Kftto, Tjondon, SItkw 
KJizabeth IJoswell, of f^^ Andrew in the Wawlrobo, b'' Cit; 
of "William Uodwell, of aaiHe, Woodnio«g«r ; at S' Andre 
WuMrobti a fori' wi id. 

WilhftiQ HaI«, of S" JJotoIph, Biahopfl^flte, London. Pkatcrer, 
Lydyai. of name. SpiimitP ; at S* BoitdpU aforeaaid, 

ITiomnn TtmwiK', of S' Ai;dttrw in thi; Wardr*ibc> London. Eml 
A Jauo Uutttel), of fi^ Martin in ihe Vmtry, h'* City, v 
WillijLai Hu>*rll, leito of aomc, Maibroidorcr » jvt S* Miirj 
t-'hajxsl, Midd1(*4L*x. 

^'icliolas llic^ns, of S' Oloment J)ane», London, Vintner, i 
Bishop, of ^^ Bonnet Sh^rehog. Lt^ndon, widow of John Bin 
of eanie. Tailor; at S* Beouctafs'*, 

Bogc^r I'ftrro, of f4* Dunfltan in tho Wort, London, Gcni, A 1 
Love, of S' Anne, Bliu-k friar n, Spiojiter, dau. of [blank] Lo 
At S^ Anne, Blackfriarfl. v 

1817-18. " 

WilfuiTB Niitbrowni*, Gont.. of Knmchureh, Easei, Widower 

wife dojid 2 years Ji mow, & Pra:»ce« Mildma>» of aaiac, Spi 

or 2(i, dau. of Wiilium Mildmay, Eaq., dec*^, & her mother 

Wvatlmuif Eiwei. 

BY THE Bisnor OP LO>n)ON- 



JttL i 

jw. r 

Jmx 10 
la. 12 
lu. 18 
Itt. 14 

Jul 16 

J»n, 17 
Jia. 23 
J* 2$ 
^ » 

CjuiUeton, of S OUt«, **Whileheirt tiircei." Lroodon. widow of 
Keiiniicl CiutletOD, late ot Mine, QvaU ; «t S^ HaIT, Wliiteskapd, 

JoKd Cr<M»e« of Kfitcliini, co. Burrey, Yt^oman, A ^otuut rtrrkln*, oC S^ 
4}i1n, (VippU^t^, TAiiii}>^ik, vriaow of Joliu PorkinA, lalo of Mmit, 
Porter: a: S^ fJilc», Cripplc^ftU', nfs*. 

"^triilJHcii' " Moore, of uurkiii^, <h>. B»aes, Cordwainer^ A Jnoe 
DcUitt, of minn.% SpinHicr, diwi. of Pijt^r Dcbott, of wvdo. FiiiIii.tuuui ; 

JnhD Cookcs of S* CH^ent Danee. BXiiltii.* Tiilor, & Mirgorot 

IfroEuabyn, of S' DuiwUn in tho Wont, T^mdon, vidow of Jame* 

brosidkyo, lato of Mm&, Porter ; at S* Uumtan'it Afs'. 
ThocUA BroimCf «f 8' Mnrr iolrchurcb, Lotidon, Tulor, A Margaret 

lann, of S* AnilrewV Holborn, London, Sjj*, dart, of [WauI-] l»on, 

TtMKuio; atH^ Andn^v's. llolborn, af«'^. 
Tbotaaa PerrT, of New Braiif(*rd. pAr. HanweU, co. SOddx.. Teonuui, 

A KlicatHSb Fniicia, of ^ido, widow of QiLoi Fnuidi^ lato of tho 

Cily of LcndL>n . at Now Bmoford a£ii*, 
baju: 8hoppanl. Geatv. & ChriatiaD Bildwpu wicUw of John BaldwyBi 

Ule of BockKuuiSuld, co. Buck*, Yuonun; nt ^'^ Bcmriet, Paul'i 

Wluuf, London. 
TilealUie B»uk<«, of tho Citj of tjoudtio. AVidowcr, & BtJzabctli Iiiackt\ 

oF a>m«. «^piuHlvr ; at S* Stvpbcn^H, WjUbroak, Lcndi>&- 
Bobert JcQk<ii, of :>* Nicholaa Cole Abbey^ London, llaboHa^^cr, 4 

Suaan Slockw^ll, of S* Mnij Someraet, London, Spinster ; at & 

Faitb'i, hojidoUy 
Loonard Alko^onno, of tbc Citr of London, Toomiui, A Cliritfilrtxt 

Rbav^lU, of S< AndniwV IVoTDom, SpinKt«r, daii. of Paul S1ar«]ly, 

lato of tho Citr Uie) of Southampton, Mcrch^m, dec^; at S^ Qilet 

ta the Pielda, Middlcvci. 
Will;aui Mivii>ii, of All llaJIowa Barking, London, BnrklAyvr, A Jado 

AU«n, of S^ SapuJcbro'i, Spiimtcr, dna. of Antboar Allc*o, of Thorpey 

CO. ^a^^oy, Huabandman : at S^ Jdary. 1aliQ^>ton. ^Uddj. 
WiUiAm DaTT(*i, <?f S^ Jamoa, Garlu-k Hitfic^ London, Brewer, A 

Katbcrino Phillips, of Great AIJ {fallows, London, !:fpi&jit<*r. dau. 

of [tilaal] Vhilhim, dcc* i »t 8^ Ikfuict, Paur* Wbnrf, Lot^don. 
SnuoD Br&cke, of All HAllawii Stniniti;;* London, Wino Cooper. & 

StnUi H«tbwoll,of S^ CatlieriQ© CVo Cbuivb. r-* thj. 8pS dftn, 

d [Monk'} Rolliirci], dwc*" ; at S* Catherine Cree Cburcb. 
TboniAM llAnford, c^f S,^ JoWh, Walbrook, Loudon, Skinnor, A Jana 

Btaua, t>f aatuiLv widow of Da.Yid J^Taji% OJotbworkor ; at S^ Joliu'a, 

Uwea Fmncklen, of S* Sepulchn's, London, Mercliant Tajlor, A Marjr 

Pattison, of S^ Bnde"*, Loudon, apinater, dau. of [WtfU^J PattUon, 

dec' i at & Uridc'» aforesaid. 
Tkraaaji Slow«, T>irewl Djor, A Dorothy Janniu^, of S^ Mar^. Wliite. 

cbapcJ, Uiddbaex, widow of IVter Jennings; at All HaUowa the 

Lcflti, Tbaeaea Street, London. 
JoHti WoU", of 8" Leooard'e, Eaaicb^ip, London, CnrponU^r, & Joaiio 

Victuri«d, of 9* GeonoV Botolpb Ijmt, said City, Spiuator; at S* 

Uatj Ab<:burrh, Lf^ndon^ 
31 Thovaaa Wiitin?bfun, of 9 Bride'*, London, Q«nt., dt Katlierine Ogleby, 

of «une^ wi£jw of Joba Ogieby; at S' IJride'B aforwaid. 
S Moaea Bifdf irf iho City of I/oadoii, Mcn'-lLiOt^ A Bliubctli 8utton, ol 

atma, 6piiiaU*r, dnu. of Jamoi Sutton, of aanM, Clotbworker; at jVU 

HaUow* 9lainiQ$« London. 



Feb. 4 

Fob. 4 














Feb. 14 

IMt. 14 





















Petor WcKJ4l, eF the diocrw? of liondon, Tcoman, A DorotTiy Bp««t->i, 

of mup. 8piiniU*r, dau. uf [A/trni] Brecrton, det-* ; »t S' Hpnn**, 

PauI's Whnrf, Lcrndon. 
Mark MitunM^U, <if Rnixbome, Hort», Merv^Iiaiit Tailor, A HertOT 

Ctinckar, of eauip, 8[>inst««r, dau, of Lancelot ClincbiP. of the City 

of I^ndon, BcLflkotmahcr ; nt ilroxborDc nf<»rccaid. 
John Whiteliejul, of Choi<lhuut, Hi?r», ft Suaan Sniilb. of BroTbon^, 

B^ CO,, widow nf John t^inith, Yeomati; at Broibomc %i^. 
John Adnoy, of Ium*r T<irapUs (l<^nt.. Bachelor, 32, &> Marr St4>p<inuiL, 

41, niJow (if Edinunil Stocdmau, late of S* MUdrou'K, l^oultr^, 

Milliner, df^e'^^y nt Uncknfiy, en. Middloaox. 
Silvester "Webb, of Stepney, Middlejiev, S(ul<fr, A Mwry Palmer, of 

■lime, SpinstoP, dftu. of [6/rtfit] Pflltnor, doc^; nt fl^ fJoUilpb, Aldg^it^, 

Gcorgo Curu-is [in margin **Curtifl"], of 8* Bcnnct, Vrntd'a Wharf, 

f Aimlcin. '* BftrbitaTiKop," A Knthorine Th'miiw, iSmnit^rt dan. of 

Jolii] TIkoinaa. doc^ ; at S' LiLurence Potmtiicy» Lonrloiu 
Hichftrd Pic, of S' S(*pH!rhrc'ff. London, Tiiilor, A Anne Pauliu, of ftame* 

Spinster, dnu. of f^A^^ni] Paulin, dec'^ ; at S' Sepulcliv'B, London, 
Richard llakrr, <f I'mhUK, cf>. Kent, WftrTcn<^r, A ICIieaboth SurroD* of 

LeiK^iUiit, i?o. Essex, SpiusU;!*; iil S^ Martin in tbft Vintry, Lond. 
Sir Jnmos LfV, K^ Attorney of the Oouri of Wartl« A hmviet, 

^Vidower, ifo, & thr Latlj ftUry Bowvor, 4(>, widow of Sir Wiliiun 

Uowj'cr, K*, deu'' a year uiuiie ; alWed by nioman Howcr, of 

£wemo Minator, co. Doraot; At [ A/<ifljt]. 
EicbardSearle [»ub^ "Sorli"]. of S' GwKory'e, Bachelor, S4, fra> rf 

tin' Mcrrhjint Taylon of Lrndnn, A Joyco fjrigli, Spirirtter, 18, daa. 

of Thoiiiafl l-eigti, of [btanff], i^o. Dorset, Bsti.. who oon»«nt«; at S* 

AiLiic & A^oc», Aliterrgnle, Loudon. 
Drmiid SpiMvIn, nf H' Fnith'H, Londnn, Stationrrr, A Maiilda Garrett, 

Spiiwter, dau. of Comelliu Garrett, of tho City of London, Tailor ; it 

All HallowH Plaining, London. 
John XTotou, Briiklayor, A Alirt- Eiton, widow i*f Henry Sitou, WTwwl- 

wrifjfltj nt 8^ Bcnnct. PauTH Wliflrf, Londi>n. 
Edward Gruiida]!. tif Weet Tilbury, co, Ebaux, Bricklftirer, A Anue 

Dennett, of fiauie, widow of William Bennetti iluebandtnan; U 

Grav'n Tlmrrock, co. Esftoi. 
Daniel lladcocke, uf KiDgaLuii, co. Surrey, Cutler, A Mnry Fcin«, o( 

Gill**, CripplegtttGf, Loiulon, Sp^; ftt S* Gil«B, Cripolegnto, »fi^, 
John "Wells, of S' Mary, Wliitccfmpel, MidfUeeei, & lUank] Bat«aan 

At f^Uipiiey, Middi. [T'ho entry iinfiiii^hodj^ 
Rj)ben Cooko, of S' Mnrtin, Ludgato, London, Yeoman, A Anno Wynne^ | 

of •ftino, widow of KowlAiid Wyt»HC, lat^^ of xflinc -, nt no-riko- 
ThomaM HugM [in margin *' Hughes'*], »f Horniioy, oo. Middleiet, i 

HuHbandinnn, A Elizabeth Pratt, of Totuam, 8'' co., widow of IiMe ^ 

Prutt ; at »^ Mnry at Hill, London. J 

Thomiw ifurnwi, of S' Soi>ulo!ircV London, ''Cnrpidaiiu' Sutor^*)'' ^^^ 

SibbHt Hunt, of S< Bride'?, Loiidon, Kpiniit«r, dau. of JoKn ^""*, ^ 

doc^; at S^ Bennot. Paula Wharf, London, 1 

Richard Chapman, of S* Marr, WhitcchnpcJ, Middlc«?i, Vintner, J^^ 

Barbara Fletehor, of ti^ Andrcw'n, uolbom, widow of Edwardtfl 

I'lctrhcri at 8' Andrew Itubbnrd, London. 
ChpiHloHhw Bah^rii'kct, nf 8^ Margaret's, Lotkbury, London, Baclwdflf^- - 

A Blaudina Goodall, of Hillin^on, Middleeei^HpiDst^r i at UiUJng-^^ 

don aforesaid, 
Hi'iiry Cicuch, of 9* HunLWall in Colchester, Apotbecnry, Bach% 26, Arf^ 

Jane Horlakondon, of Eitrra CoIqg, co. Eeeei, Spinster, 16, dau. &K4 




Mar. 17 
Mmt. 21 


Mftr. 35 

April 6 

ApriJ 9 
April 10 
April le 
April 16 

April 17 

April 17 

April IS 
April 20 

Hichwd [LkrU^cudcn, Esf^., of «amc. wbo coikfcuta i ftt lSari*0 Colno 

PadI Bowtber. Oont.. of Wahhamfltow, &0ex, Widftv/er. aUmt 60, Jfc 
KlleiJ B]<»niHoii, of S^ Ixvtiinl^ .Sfii«r«litcb, jiboul 00, wi<iow of John 
Bluutbou. de^:^ It yean HUire ; al AU HitllonB iu iK' WaU, Lmulou. 

Jota KnitLdJ], of Doro, co. H^q-ta, 0«nt., t^)}! <»f RioKfin] Budludl, Bmj., 
Ut« of twibC. ilco*. & Cicelj B/cric^ of ihc City of TjotkIou, SpiD«t«r, 
daiL cf [bUmk] Er^rie, dec' ; at S* Jolio Zachary, Londou. 

ThoinaB Bordman, of S^ Aohn Znchnrr, lx>nrlfiii, Toomsn, A Annu 

FhilJippeii, of S^ Ai^ircw in ttio W(utlrobe« t^ City, SpiuHt«r, dim. of 

Bw>r rbillinpcw, Ute of aaioe, Uricklayer, dec' ; at S' Bennct, Paul'* 

Wbarf , liOtidon, 
JokA Acton, Qtrni., af Iptrvric)], Suffolk, Wiilowcr, aboQt 89, Jt Eliu- 

\iHh KnynTe, of S' Henn*^u Ornoochurch, SpiDrtor, 1ft, dim. of John 

iOiyure. of looie, Woollen Utupcr ; cciOMnt of htr pareoto ; at S^ 

Bciii>Gt> (Iracechurch. 
Buet^r Pt-anuc^ vt ^^ Bridr^ Ldndoti, " Li^mtorvin," Jt SUuiWlli 

W\m^^'rif-bt, of Briilovui'll prticinct^ L<>u'Ii^u, SplriHt^r, dau, of JcUn 

WiTttv-ncht, of Bamo ; ftt S' Thomzi« Apovllc. Lvindon. 
Thomafl BrfLdnhAwe, of Christ (liurcli, London, Yeomau. & Margaret 

Pottff, of ^' Siriour's, Southwark, .Spinster, dau. of John Pottn, of 

sauHS ButU^n Maker; at ^^ Mury Auchun^b. Iiuudou. 
Dttnonn Pri1IlroM^, G««it.. A Nicholn Primrose, SpiriHt^r* dftil, of JiinuM 

pTimfOvc, of 8^ Man^arct^ Wc«tmiii«t«r, Qcnt; at Gn*al AU 

HaUokva, ThameH Strbt-t, I»ii4ou. 
ChirUtt CoIctod, of KiDgnbuiTt cr>. MiddU^ex, Tailor, A KAtht*riuv 

Worwnr, of •Ainc, Spinster, <Uu. of liicbard Wowoy, doc* ; at Chriat 

Cbup^b, TxiTiditii. 
Boben Poulaon. Gent., Bac}i% 19, aou of llobert PouImh, lato of 8* 

MargJtn^t'a, Wcvtmin^UT, Gout., d^^c' (n(iitHi>iit of hu mother Anne 

iluntlejTff/ia' Poiiliuju, wife of AVUliAtu lluuilc/), & Margorv Eittio, 

of S^ Martini \ii Fiotda, Spin«l<<r, 22, dnu. of R<jbcrt ^th(^ of 

Kawlcr. eo. Brrk., Ot-ut. ; %t S» BcniiottV. Paul's Wbarf> 
Jatnc< Cola, of S* Mildred in the Poultry, London, & KathcriQC Barlings 

of S* ClDUicrut, KiuU'hrnp, n^ City, ^piiiMlor, dau. of Riobard Darllug, 

doc^ I at S' Btsuiit^U Pnura Wli^uf, Luudun. 
Jolin GmTcin«r, of WithAin^ ro, P^Miftx, Clothior, & Pnii^illa Bnd}^, of 

Coxall, 9^ CO., Sp', dau. of TKoinas Bridgett, late of aame. Clothier, 

dpe^ ; at Great Tey, co. Ewea- 
Philip Baker, of s'AiidrewX Holtrom, London, Cordwaincr, A Margaret 

I'ltch, of Huundou, co. fl^rtfi, Widow ; aX S' Ethclbiirffh, f^nJon. 
WSIiam [rfinr. of thn City nf Lnndnn, Mpfrliaiit Tutlnr, A Ellun Dayo, 

of flame, SpinHler, dau. of Jobn Dave, jf Cliard, co. tionierHet. Oeul. ; 

at S* Leonard. Shoreditch, Middlesex, 
Btchnrd On^Hbam, of 8* CatlK^riuu bv th« Tower of Loudou, Pr^Hmaker, 

£ Antw Tarver, vsJ-Liw of Ni<:lkoluif Tarvop, ijito of S' 0!flv<»'<i, Soutb- 

wark, CO, JSurrtv, Ft'ltmaker ; at S* John\ Walbrook, fjonduD. 
Richard Feild, of ^ Sepuldire"*, Loadou, Grocer, & France Fialior.of 

Dcptford, 00. Kent, ^ipineier, dau, of Thouuu Finfaer, of aame, Teo* 

man -, at S^ CaUirritie Crecchureb, Luudoa. 
Anthony OllariiLvhiure. of the C^ty of Lnudon, " Vedtiariu'/' A Anne 

8mith, of S^ Loonard'is Shoreditcb, Uiddluvoc, Spinaler, dau. of 

Nicholaa Smith, of flame, Hudbaiidmau; at 8^ Loonard, Shoreditchn 
Thouuui Marten, of 8^ Pun^mn in tbe Wc«t, Londoa, Grocer, ft l^liiii' 

beO) Wyo. Sp', dau. pf Joiiu* Wjivdoc'l at S^ Qeorgo V BotoJph 

T^ane, I^mi 


A,pn\ 27 



Anthonv pMvlf?, of fi^ AtiiM) Jfc Agnmt, A1(t4irftnt«, 
^'Ewlaoea'" UpcotU 8|>iitfter. of 8» Mwy Woolnoth, 
cpf RiiOtAni tTpoott, deo* ; nt S' M*ry Woolnotti iW. 

May I Edward WilkiiiBon, of 3' Mary, Wiiitechapel, Middteaei, Saflo 
VicuM, of Mino, widow of Kob&rt Vicotft, lato of bouio j il 
in the Pii^dit, MidiDe^n. 

BCaj 2 William Parkhttnt, K^q,. of 8^ Clomotit Diiiie«. A Antto El 
Mar; 8pittl«, ljt*udon, ^liiiiipU'r, 22, fier fathor dcc^ 2 Teju> 

iforiuli clitircli of tbo Satojt. [In yjvar-Ghtrueiml'B Book " < 

May 2 Bal^'i llansW [sube. *'Anabie"], Kaq-, of S^ Anlrew\ 
Wifbttvr, 27. A Ethddrf'd 0«rrard, Spiaftor, 17, dau. ol 
Garrard, laic of Troni, co. Somenet, de^** ; conftent of Marj 

Wid<»w,rtf 8* Andrew'*, Holborn; At S* Leonard, Po«t«r Laoi 
Mny t Hrrctti Atwi^II, of S* Biitolph, AUl^rv^tfi, Fjondon, Clflnl, 

Partridge, of eaiae. widow of John Partridge, late of same, ( 
at flteimoy, t-o, Middlonoi. 
May 20 VlUiam Allcficiii, of ^outh Miiaa, oo. Middleaex, A ElUabetb 

of samo, Kpiniiti>r, dnu, of Thoiuan EiroomcT, of vaccitt, ITot 

South Mimit aforeHiu<l. 
Uay 21 Bobiyrt Itfillcr. of lIThitfTcbapel, MiddWex, Matt Maker, 

RavleiiA, of Hame, SpiiiBter, dnu. of Barnahv Rawlciu, 

Butcher; fttS^ Mafj Mnuutlinw, Loiidou, 
May 22 Thomai nrm-i>, of Ciipithont. ^ro. Hnrtu, Tailor, A Jjith* Bni 

nam**. Sinnslor. dau- of [blank] HemiinK, of Barkhomrt* 

llirfbnjmman ; at Chrnthunt afnrt'itaid , 
Ma^ 22 John Chapplo* of the City of London, IfahcrdMher. A H«vt 

aiif'« Mftior [? Miriuti **/(W Majr^rl, of BarUiug, co. Esstx, 

ilai^ of John MioiiP aUtifi Maror, of «imo, (rent i at Barldn 
May 26 Fraticin tiuaHof*, Gent., of Rcirtifonl, K«icf:i, BaclieJor, abc 

L'rucriy \Vo(j<ig]ilo, of K^ Andrew's, iiolborn, SpiDater, I'l 

Join Woodi;»lt\ of oanw, Ouat,, ivbo couvoutv; at S* 

Hoi bom- 
May 27 Charlc* TrftV(>r* [i" Vicar-Gont-ralV Book "Tower*"], 

Bachelor, 34, A Margaret Hig^«Spinat4^r,2$, dau. of rbon 

late of Chdtimm, co. Gbucertcr, Gont., dec''; at S* 

John Stoolcft, of Matdim, en. ¥>AeT, Yfv>man, A PhillU I 

Navf«rt.ock, **■ co,, Sjiiiutter, di^u. of Hcury Ljtnan, doc*; 

Church, London. 
CbrisiopK-r lru.inimti, nf llio Tity of E/^ndoUj fflsiimor, A 

Eihiin, c-f iw-mo. Siiiiiiitor, dau> of Andrt'w KlUm^ of aamo, I 

at ISteiinoy, Middlpsei. 
Gcort:i> Ja<^ohh. of Biahop Startford, co. Hrrbi, " Barbil* 

Margaret Miliar, 'if natnc, Spmeler, dau. of [blank] Millei 

S' Uilcfl in llio Fiddii. Middlnoi, 
Benodiot Grove^ Sailor, A Margaret Johnitou, tridaw ol 

Johnson ; at All Hallowit, Hoooy Lane, London. 
Jolin GateHn of Fulbam, Middleitei, Hu*ljandmai3, A ELIen 1 

^'^ Bride >, London, widow of John Palmer, Yoomaa ; at S* 

Paul** \Miarfp Loudon. 
Tboioaa Edwanln. of S' HriJnlph, BilTingtgate. London. M* 

Joanc Hichard*on, of S' IjavpTcnoo Pountnoy, LondoD, 

Arthur Richardflon, of ilacfaney, co. MidiileitBx; at S* 

t'oxinmoy afortwiid. 

10 Lord, of S' Cftllierinu Creo Church, London, CIothiB 












12 iotin 

AgM* Burton, Spinvtcr, dau. of Ihlank] BurtoEi, d££<' ; 







Juno 26 

">J 1 

Julj 16 

TWwrt Boftii*^l>*TT>p, ftf R" Si^pulr^iwy r^iinfUkti, Prtri^r A Anne AMfrr, 
of •* City, Kpiii»tcr ; \i S' Bctinct, Pitii]'« Whiirf, Lonclon. 

llenrv Feververc. of S^ Martin in the Fi^Mt^. Miildk-'Wi, A Jodtno 

Wil»iu of Kunc, :^piiintcr, ^i\. of [bhnt} WiUi»ii, dtv^ ; at H' Mary, 

lUrhAnl llft»kii:a, nf S^ Mftriin. I.iid^t?. r»i>doD, Cnrrlvniinor, A Anno 

Cooke, of S^ Cntbcrinft Cn*« Church, liondon, datt. of [bliutk] Cooke, 

doc^ ; at S^ Anne* Blackfnara^ London. 
Jobu ^mith, of DoptfiHtl co. Kent, " Nium^kEu'i" ^ Miin^Arcl Wcljb* *>f 

i)k* City of r»Ddoa, Snnttt«r. cUu. of [^^^nij Webb, doo' ; at S^ 

Bccnc^ I'aufs Wharf, London. 
M' WillLim AilabaHt*r, U,D., of S' Mary Woolnolli, Bach', 50, * 

Kathorine Lloyd, of samp, wiclow of Tliomas Lloyd, K«q., de<^: at 

& Bcniwii SboroHnftfi^ 
M' John Rftivi^, D' .>f Phynic, WiHrtw^, 85, A r>wJi CMtnn, Spin<t«r, 

i9»d»iL of BI' -Vllon Cotton* Aldcrinau of Loudon, whofp cotmcnt it 

attotal W hi0 eon Bdniund Cottou, of London, llrapor^ at S^ 

^artin> Ui^ar. 
WilUom BUcdwortK, Fcltmaker. A MarenrH OryinDu>11, iridvw i>f 

William Grytnme]]* Feltmaker; at 5' Gcorgos. Botolph Lajie, 

William Le«, of Bamet, llen«» BuTohor, Baehoiar. & OtucW Birch, of 

«ue;c, F^nmntfT, ilnu- i>f Juliii DiixdiT of houjc, iluntumduuui ; at H^ 

Mary Mjij^'-bli'ii. Old KiiK Stpit'tH London. 
Andrew Wwkee. of *Stcpnpy, Middicucx. Sailor, ft Mary GiMnmett, of 

<aint.% Widow ; at Chniit Churfb* Tendon. 
Wiliuun Bamaton, of 5' Cntlicrino Vrw Church, T>on(1on, Painlop» & 

Bomb Batc«T of aamc. Spinntcr, dau. of Witiiam Batcn, of Brnding, 

M>. Ncrth^ Yivtman : at 8* tiololjili^ BitihopAgnk't. Londi^n. 
Peter Wriffht. U«nt., of Alt Ilallowa Bctrkinfz, Bach^ 33, & Am 

Ldrnglvy, of name, Spjnit^^r, 28, dau, of Jolm Lan^loy, Citizon & 

Draper, of Lttndoii, who conficDt« ; at All IlnHovva Barking. 
HuiDplaroy Puller, of EuOr-id. oo. Middlesex, Tailor, jwn of John Pultor, 

of DnjitwjVh, *o. Woiventen Tailor, ft Jane Harding, uf Kiitirld 

ab', 8pinatcr, daa. uf [tUnk] Harding, dt^^i at 5< tIoU>l|)h, 

Buhopa^t^, Loi^Ion. 
Daswl Gatv*. ThTariRor, A Margare^t Dottdhwoll, viidow of Ihlrm^] 

DowdMfrfl. Cbandlirr, doc* ; at S< Bennct, Paul". Wharf, Londi>iv 
Bohen ChilaiCTd, of S^ Martio in the Fields, Midile»ei. Men^hant 

TttTlor, A Mary Wilkiu»t/n, of S* Grcgt^ry^ London, Sp'; at S' 

Greij;cry's aftf*. 
Potcr JcTvi*, of Prittlowoll, P.i«cx, Drapw, Bach\ 3^, porctit* dca^l, ft 

HUttlM^ti HuDcltK'h, of EaMUood. Emcx, 20, wid<>tv of Ihttink) 

Bando<rk. late of Leigh, co. E«ox, Mariner, doc*' a year ago ; at 

^ir Aithur Dakina, K*, now of S* MarduV, Ludgato, Widower, 50. ft 

M» Eiijiflhtth Shirley, Spr, 22, dan. of Sir Thomn- Shirlny, K^ u^yr 

of S< Pet«r'9i, W«vtn]inft«r« ^hoao couaent in alt««tcd by Sir John 

Tncj. K' i at S* Ol^Vi, Old Jewry. 
John Flaaiwr, of Woodford, €o. &aex, Barbr-r CliirurKetiii, A Klij^alntth 

Grigga, of a^nic. Widow ; at S* nciiii<^l, Pj»ur*i Wluirf, LoDdoii, 
Winkin Hardwire, Gent, of RnfirM. Middx.. Bacb', 26, ft Klizttboth 

Bomnan, of S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, Spinater, dOi her father 

doc^;cKiiii*rnlof hcrfciiiininn John WaUiH,of ^^ iJt«phop's aforesaid, 

Wax Cliandler; al .S' Lawretce Pouutnor- 
William Poarcic, of Ea^t Pilbiirj, co- Kaacs, Hu^haiidmaiiT ft FranoM 

Hatter, Spiiivtirr, dati. of Charles Hatter, of same, Uualumdman ; at 

Clnal Cliurch, Loudon. 


BtrtliDkiiBew Nowiiluiin, of S* Gt!o», Cnpplogftto, tiOndon. 
AgTi^ ^V^^l^Tiftou, of wuuc, widow oC John Joh[uou» LaboR 

0»briftl N'ortou, of Wwtli»in. oo, E««i, T«i1or. A EliK*boili Bi 

S* Botolph, Aldt^atc. Loadou, E4pjnat«r, dau. of Kicliard Brool 

ftt Trimly in tticMirtoneti, Li>uiloii. 
John Jon«^ of 3* Hotolph, Aldersgatc, London, Marcbanl 

HftoKdor, it Mary PnJnusr, of aoiDC, iridav of ili^nrjr 

" piacator/' det^ ; al S< Botoijih Af»i«wuit- 
Va[ciitiiti> Ponxoii, of Trinity, Mmorira, London, Ual^erdaaber, 

T^ea, of ttazite, widovtr of Matlhe^v r^en; at 8^ Audrew 

Wanlrobiv fA^Tidoii- 
ChriitopKur Rp*-vo» Gvnt., of Bftrkitig, K»«ftx, Hach^ 27, k K 

Bucke. of Wi'Htham. Ksaex, widow of PranciB Bucke. dec* 

ycarmti&cc; at S' A»idr**w>, llolbcm, 
Thooiad Browae, of 8^ Beuoet. Paula Wharf, London, Wate 

Margaret Dtinct, of umo, widow of John Davioa; at 8* 

A^i^istlr, I^Tiilijii. 
William KhowIm, of S* Sepulchre's, LoodoD, Yeom&n, ft ] 

Abbott, of ntiritt, Spiujttvr, dan. of [ibfiA] AbboU, distS 

Michael, Wood Street. Lcmdon. 
Thcinuui DicktMiaon, of 3* llAH)iol<iimcw the Lciw, Bloclte 

TJiomnaiiio .Marr^H, tjf S^ L{*i>rmrd, RiuUlioAp, Ix>ndon, i 

of [blank] Morrw. dec^ ; at S' Ueuuet, Panfs Wharf, Loud* 
John fleMiie, Oont, & iinttnn Woodward, of ^* J^artholomeq 

Ejichfttigei LouUciu, 8pji«l«r, Jau. of Ji>hu Waudward, 

Grocer i dt S* Hflrtholoinow afoPcuaid, 
WtUbm Bjuit^lt^y. of Sttjpuev. Mtddhnox, Bnkcr, <& Elixaboth 

of S* Dotolph. BifthopsRato, London, widow of Fraiicia 

|jigith4T*otlcr ; ut f^^ Butoihh afor(wii<r 
William B^kloT. of S' Gjiliriol P«iiciiur<^h, London, Mcr 

Magiiftlnn '\rclmr, <if Thnviiim Oftmon, l'o. Riwex, Spicifttcv 

Henry Archer, Gent,, iw^ ; ut Rpjunfl;, co- E»»03:. 
John Orpono, Biywor, Jb Anne f^niidea, widow of [blank] Satide 

S' Olave, 3i>mhw;iik, Peltmakcr; at S» Jnmw. m Iho AVall, ] 
Eran AHonen. of Woodford, cu* Kdscx, UuHhandiii&n. & Isabt 

Sp'. dftu, of [blank] Vausc, doc'^; at Christ Uhurch. Loudoi 
Kobert Snellicg, of 8* LeoiinM, Shoredit<!h, MiddlcneJi, Silkthn 

i^lixAljclli Briwcnnell, of H' John's, Walbrook, Loudon, Spim 

of Vi}Wr Brseeiiiiekl, of All HaJtoWH Biii'kiiig, London. Bri 

»t S* lHildj^d\ Poultry, I.oridon, 
Aug. C Thonrtti. Childe, Gent., of WHtfonl. Hcrt*, BacK 27, & Dorothj 

of same, .Spinator, 21, her uarenta de&d ; content of bcr di 

muii Sir Cliarbf* MorrinQn. IC\ with vbom she liree; at £arre 

[Vicar-OoaorarB Book Hnyn ahc vtui "dAU. of John Clarke, 
Awg, 10 Robert Warren, nf S^ Mury. Whiteekape»K Middlesex, SaQor, 

Rowland, uf »une, widow tif James Kowlund, late of flamOi 8 

8* Marj, Whitechaoel, oforesaid. 
Atlg- n Cburleii Miirliudjill, oi Chri»L L*hiireh, London, Joyiier, A ] 

lljitrv, of 8' Sepulchr^i'v, b'^ City, Spmatur, dflti. of John I 

Bfliiin^tGnc, co, llnnte, liuFbandinao ; at & Bcnuet, Paul'i 

A^ IS Ralid) Babiugton, Hnlerdafihor A Barbara Langlojr, Spin«tei 

Jvhn [.angloy, of the City of Lenduu, Brupej: ; at 8^ & 

UuRHCn Lone, London. 
4tes \^ Bdward Dentithe, of Li^udon, Goldwr^avor & Riixaboth Mf 

widiiw of Koburt MouutiiiiHj, liit« of 8* Ouustau in tb 

latiidoii. Tailor ; at S' Bonn«t, PauI'h Wharf, London- 































Lug. 15 

log. 17 


iag. 13 


ing. 20 

An;- 33 

li^ 22 

Aug. 24 


% 1 

Sep. « 

8ip. 7 

3.^ 9 

SfL 13 

H u 

V H 

'^ 15 

V 18 

% a 

W»1W- of nisn?, 2fi, widnw of Williwt. WtlW, Bwi,, d^ 2 y«w« 

sitkce ; at S^ Gilfid in >ielda. 
John Unn, Bricklnycr, <t Ildon Raininll, SpinHtfr. of sHlairKM, 00. 

UiddlraM, dJiu. uf Juhu BaiuUll. dt^r^; at S^ Mat?, Whit^'rlupc]* 

Al&XBodffr Bame»« of S^ Botolpb, Bia1io[uvale« London, Toomiui, ^ Jatw 

.Blackbounk^> of S^ Ethelburgb, London, Spinster, daiL of Uowiaod 

Blackbocinus M*^ ol «aiiu.\ dec^ ; at ?^^ Calbarino <>e«v)iurch, Loadoo- 
Fnukdv AndnMw, of S* Msi^arct Moxv, 1^n<k>ii, DraiJ^r, A Marj 

Ctrrii*r, Spiivrtof\ 'Uir of Btrnnrd Canv*r, Oork ; At FladJoy, oo. 

Middles* I. 
John Walcll. Mcrchwit, A Anne Mnnon, of H^ iUrj- Magdalptio. OM Vwh 

Street, IjODdon, widow of llnan Ma»ua ; at l0]iDf,nuu, Slitidloaei. 
HumplircrT DownnL, of ibc Citr of I^ndon, Wax t'huid]<-r, St Anno 

Porter, Sp*. diu. of Rdw»fd'Port<?r. dw.-* ; at 8l4}p]io>-, Middx. 
llonry Voleuj», o( H} Auij:u4)tine'4. L>.indoitf Tailor. A Kiiiatotb Uoward, 

8pinitert dau. of Jt>hn Hi>niLnJ, dcc^ ; at 2{^ (liloMt CrippJogatc, 

IVilliiuD llftTriM, of lloma^v, Htdd-lcHOi^ Bokor, & ELUn Townacnd* of 

aau»\ SpiDsto^, dau. of [l!Uxni''] Townaend, of iamcf, YcMinati ; at 8* 

Bonnet, V&mVb Wharf, Jiondon, 
Bowloud Rayuer, of lIilliiigdoii> MUdleeex, Y«oinan, & Utaula Eayaer, 

Bpiiuierr dau. of BovrJaod Rajncr, of aainOi Yoomau ; at 8^ 

&fTpuicbra'i, London. 
Bzchard Slowf;of 3* Mary Aldennanbarv. London, Teoman, A Elizabeth 

Ovf^, of name, itninvtcr, dau. of [Ifiank] QiMtax, dec' j ai 8^ J^uioi, 

Clerkenvcdl^ MidilleBei. 
William Alacu, Puatian Maker, & Mmv Uortov. of PincUingflcld, oo. 

Emcx, Spinater, dau. of John MorJcy, dcc^; at FiuL-hingfioU 

Aotbonj' Uow^nte, of £5^ XiCKinaniy Hromlfir, Miildlewx, Bacholor, Jt 

StiaabeUi Narlor. cf niiiiep t)|>i[i4tvr, dau. of JoLn Nnvlrr. of Stoiio, 

CO^ EMalford, HuHbAiLdrnan ; at S^ Itoimot, Pniil'H Wharf, London. 
Sfth Lftiigfuiia, cjf Sttirtfonl, Ht'rtrt, Ooiit,« A Mary Solmt\ of Copford, 

CO, Emci, widow of John ^^Cllmo ; at IViidnng, cCs l>^ci. 
Jfremioh huT^i's, C'ierk, K<.\'tor of Okeley Parra, co. Kshck, A Pc*nolopo 

Muunockcs Spiuau-ri dAU. of Autliony Uaunoo-ko, doc^-, at Okclcj 

John Bn^liab. of Cbrtat Churab, London, Yeoman, & Marf^aret Hamoa, 

of S'X'irmriit UanM, widow of John Jtiirtics, Ial4^ of »amo, Urick- 

lavtrr; nt S' Butolpli, AldtTBK*^- 
Nicholas Pam^Miby, ot H^ Olavfi J«tivrj, J^ndon, Jnynor, Ji KDen Huol- 

wood« of Hainpit^wl, Middlcjiox, widow of Jokn Haaelwood, late of 

eame. Yeoman ; at S^ Jame^i Clerkeikw«U. 
Samuel Ever&rdt OeiU., of Th^don Iramiifh, Baoh^, 3t}, A Jofuie Dun, 

Spimti-r, '2i or 'J2, dau. of Sir DaiucZ Dun, KS tLec^ ^ comwi^t of 

brtr mnthnr fjod^ Jnanc Dun; at immo pnrinH rhiiri^h in diocese of 

Vilbam Kio^, of Chriwt Cbtipcb. I*ondon, YtfHnan, A Edith S' JoIid'a, 

of S* Sepuk-hre'H, Loudon, widow uf Maurice h' John's, tJcnt, ; at 

S^ Botolpb, Aide Tvgiitc, Londor- 
Abd Swynerion, of :>' John'*, Walbrook, I^Tulon> Hilkman. A Mary 

Gibian, JSpinater, dau. of John Oilman, dec^; at Trini^^ 3Giion€«, 

Jobu Axton, Bou of Tbotoaa Alton, of tlexoii, co. Elorto, T«oDuia, & 

Rliirjibvtb CliKtn, dnu. of Daniel Oluen^ of Ilondon, co. Middl«<Hei; at 

B> Beiuiet, Paul a Wharf, Loudon. 



8^. 2e 

Sep* 20 
Sep. 20 

Sop. 28 



































fiiclisr^l Wilkiiwon. of S' Marr AMonnanbuiy.ljondon,'lWlOT, 

LiUlede, of S^ MJcIim;! Koval. London, i^p', dau. of John 

uf witnr, Clothworkpr ; at S* J^voimrilji, FoKlvr Iaov, Loud 
Huuniljil Li>wcic, of S^ Scpulchro'*, London, L(ib<nirer, A AfUM 

of same. Sputter; at S< Leonard. Foster Lane, LoikdoiL 
ThocDov JeAj, Gvnt, of Lincoln '« Inn, uWve 21, Si Biiabetb Ka 

DtinaUn't Weat, 22, widow of Bobert Koper, lato of S^ Mai 

ci&Abiur^, 0«-»l-, ihsi"^ nbout H yavtn since i At H* Morr, loJi 
Robert naTii«*H [? IIiuno«]» of 8^ HoUilpli. AM^I«, Ijoadoa, Ar 

Ellen r^uwdo, of S^ Mar>\ Whitocbapel, Mid<h,, SpLutto 

Jamea in the Wall, Midkilt^a^ix. 
Tbutna* Harrow, of Sietmey, Middlwox, Miirinor, A EUxibctli 

cf Munei widaw of Jobn '^nman, MArincr ; at .Stvpnev afon 
William Jonea. of 8* (>lavL\ Sontbwftrk, oo. Surrey, Manner, 

All(rii> uf S^ Kotolpb, Aldf^ntc. LaudoDt widow of Bobo] 

Shoemaker ; at S^ Botoljih aforea^id. 
E]cLur<I Vvniai;!, i>f ^^ ItnrU^okrincw tbo On»t, LoudoD, C 

Fraiictiv Sliarp, of latnc* Spmiter, dau. of Jobu Sltarp. of Fl 

Nortli™, Carpenter, dec^ ; at S' Jamea. Clerkpnwcll. Middle 
TboiDaft Cox, of SUsuneT, Middksex, Clotbnorler, & Martba 

tif 3' Caihorine by the Tower of London, Spinewr, diu. 

Tbomaa, duc^ ; at S* Botolph, liinhopngatc. 
John Perryn, of Waiidsor. co. Surrey. Tailor, A ^*!7 ^'' 

BeimeU PuulV Wliarf. I-ondon, wiilow of Willivu QiW, I 

Miclinel, ijueenliiilie, Loudon, Baker; at S* Leonard^ Foe) 

John tiri<aine» of QrcoDwioh, CO. Kent, Eh^., A Dorothy Oold 

Andrew' a, Uolborn, London, Spinster; at !i^ Jamoa, Cte 

William Iknnoll, of 8' Margarel's, Weatinirater, Sliocmakfr, 

L(x-\ Spiuitcr, diiu. of Tlioaiaft Loc, Uto of H* .\nilrcTT, Uolbi 

Jiohler, d^^f" ; flt S^ Andivw'B, Holbora, ttW, 
Eonhind Wothcrall. of H^ Xriuity, Triuiiy Lane, Londofli, Clot 

^ Margaret More, widow of Thonia* Mnrc?. Uu; of 8^ Janiee 

Uithei London, Pliimmor; at S' Benne;, Faul'a Wharf, Loi 
Anthony Foi, uf Edmonton, Middlcacx, Vcoman, & Alice &E 

ChiDgford, Kctsei, widow of William Browiie, late of aamo» " 

at ^^ JaniOfl in the Wall, Jjondon. 
Iticharrl Tcrrett, of 8^ Jauiee, Garliek Hithe, London, Flu; 

filJxAbetli Jii?UjLrdiK>nt of HaTuo, f4t'intt«r, dau. of Thomaa Rit 

dec'' ; at 8^ Jftrnt-'H ■forcwaid. 
EdwTird Jamee, of S* Sepulcbi'o'e, Loudon, Gent,, & TAtay Jon 

Clement Banov, IMiddlotitTK, Spmati-r, dau. of [blanA'} Jooea, 

FuUiam^ Middlc«ei, 
John Hall, of SU^pney. MiddlMci, Bwlor, & mincbctb VonnelU 

widow of Gregory Veiuiell, )at4? of ftame, .Sailor ; ct >^tepnejr « 
"William Keitle, Jiedor of IJiin^m, t-o, i]]*t»*cx, A .\tinoWor 

of mum\ widow of Thomas Worthinxton ; at S* Swithin'e, L 
Tliouia^ IIui'Ik;^, of A^ DuusitJin in llie Weat^ Loudon, " Ligtiatt: 

Martha Mo««]ey, of Kflme, Spiustcr; at 8^ Aiidrcw'e, Holbom, 
Wtlliaiu NevelWf flnrochuKh, eo. EaueE, Yeoman, & Bebeo 

of 8outb Wenld. «^ co,, SpinHt^r, dau. of Jobu Cock, of am 

man ; at Ail Hallown in the Wall, London. 1 

Eichard Gay, of S^ Mith^iiei BABsiahaw, London, A Anne E 

HanipHt^tnd. KiddlisMiv, Widow; at S^ Michael aforesaid. ■' 
John Gilteua, of S* Aadtvw'n, Holboru, Blvk«milh. A Miirgaw 

widow of E<lrtard Cooke, Ute of the Ciiy of Loudon j at tJ* 

in the Wardrobe, Londtni. 




Oct. 14 PioliArd HfttTriii, of tlif» Citv of T-nin^on, G<*nt,, A Aii^lroT B«oii, of S* 
Qil«i* in th(> FiHrl', >ficli]|f-Hox, SiiiriHC^r, Jati, of [bhni\ Boooa, doc^: 
at AU IIalIow« in the Will, IiOn«1ciD. 
OeX. 14 lAWmnco fSallrnamh, of LittJr Ltirrr, oo. Ehh&x, Vcoman, A Mu^arct 

JaVTCt^ of Kiini<r, Sp][iPU-r, ilau. uf Ihiiink] JArn-U, of aWDO, HuebaDd- 

Oet. 16 Thomiu Hftrlie, of S^ Jt>\m\ WAlbni^k. T^^iidon, Mi^rcliant Taylor, A 

Jan« Latfcam, of Bamo. Spiii%tcr, dxu, o£ John Latham^ doc^ ^ nt S^ 

&>nn<Tt, pAurii Wliiirf- [jon<li>n. 
Oct. 17 Cunc&n Munton. of & Cltmeut Dnn^*, Middx., Oordwaitipr, A Rttht^&M 

WhitwHl. Srinsitor. dnn, of CTiaHe* WbitwdL Uto of sftm©, Orocfr. 

dec^; At S* AJcbolM OlnfeV I^milon. 
Oct. SO £di»tmil ikUftoiy, Cordnainrr, A KliEnbetli Lawc, widovr of TfiomM 

Oft 20 Edioiinil Holf», of Cbonthuzit, Kert-. Vo-jnfln, A I><»polKj S*It<T, of 

Edi&onton, Middi.* widow of John BftltCTt Tcomnn ; nt Edniont<m nU^. 
Oct. £2 HeiOT Bowae, of tlieCityof LoDdon,9c]iTener, AE^iKaboih MaUhewcis, 

ot^ Andrew Vndenbafi. aaid City, Spinst^jr; nt £4' Audr«w Viidtsr- 

aliaft of orecuud. 
Ort- 23 Bob^rt Han»cnmbe» of S* Margiiret Mohc*, l.ondnn, M erchftnt, Tnyli>r, 

A Sftruh Fdb<, of OiVAt All Hnllowfi, Tluimiv Strixrt, Loadcin, 

feinater. dan, of W" Fells, Win© Cooper, detf"; at Great All 

EalJowM aforWAJd- 
Oct 23 Jobji jAcknon, Yci^mAn. & Audrey Hclmon, Spiiinlcr, dftu. of Bobort 

ifolmes. of Loverington in the lalo of Klf , Veonum ; at S* BennoCt. 

Paul'* WJmrf, Txnidon, 
Oci H ThotnAs SteventoD, of 8^ Bennet Fink, London, Grooer, A OAniy Enight, 

of ■AttK', dpiiintvr, (Uii. of \Villijt.iti Kiiiglit, da^. 
Od 27 Joltii Smitb, of Wftppmg. SjxJlor, & Muty Toofifood, of a:!^!^* Sp', dAU. 

of WilJiAm Toogood, firocer, dec'^j al Trinity, Minori^s, London. 
Od S7 Edmand Corne, of Buntinrford, Hcriji^ Yccminii, & Bethia Yates, of 

aame, Spiualor, dAU. of [WonA-] Talet, Cleik, dec^i atS^ Gwjrgo, 

Botojpb XftnCi London, 
0«t Id Henr^ BitggMt>7. nf S^ AIImlii'ii m S^ AlbAn*a, oo. Hertit, Olover.A 

Slftry Goodpf, of aame, Spinat^, d«iL of ThomsA Goodc^, of KAmc, 

Fcllmoactr; at 8^ JamcA, Clcrkenwdl. 
Oft. 39 TbotHAB Speuer, of llalfleld Droadonli, co. Emox, Huabuidman. & KMnih 

EajtIc, of Homo, Srinirior, dau, of [i/an^} Enrle, dcc'^; at IIuLfiold 

Bn>&fli>iLk aforGH;iia- 
Oot Ii9 ■William Bamiw, of Prittlewoll, co, Esbox, lIiii1>ATidxnan, A Mivry Bnuiu 

hall, of aame, widovr of C}odfh>y Brainhatl, late of aame, leomnn; 

At All ElalloMif, IIdiioj Lauo, IrtJiidon. 
Oct- 29 UAxmilliAXk Pottie, Enq., of Lutoo)n'K Ian, Ba^^bolor, above St), & 

EliEabeth Maynfr, of S* Gilej* Cbalfont, co. Bucka. accd 17 or noro, 

wMcw of John Mavncy. Eaij,, floc"^ ; at S* li**onnnl\ Fontcr Lane. 

[lagi tmtry in Vet. V7. U 2d Of^lchtr IfllS,] 

[JSrri «/fy in Fo?, Fi/. an^^ Vlll. (together) is 30 OcfoiCT- 161S0 


Oct 30 KioUH Wootton, of Great All IUIIowp, I-ondon, " TAffTufowm," ft 

Sanih Crookc?, of S^ SwithinX London, St/ j at S^ SwithioS afa*. 
Oct 90 Ttomaa Jo!in«oD, of S< Sepulchre's, London, Butcher, A Amy Aakie, of 

nmc. Spinster; at same. 
Oct jll Jami-A Part, of S' M^wtiu in the Ficlcls, Middlc^c^ir Tailor, A Anno 

JJayq-ATd, of Greiit Stiinm*»re, Middlesex, widow of Williani Hay* 

waH ; at Gix-at Stiinnirtrr af jro»uid» 
roi^ ir. It 









































E'lirard H&wkft. of tho Citr of London. 6«cit. A Bizabetli Hvl 
SniiitfU^r, 'JAU. of [hhnk] Htrrhcri, dec*; itt Little All 
TbamoH Stpoet. London. 
IfkholjiK (Invivood, iif S^ Mildtvtl iti iho Poultry, Loudvn, HaU^hIaiIxTi 
A Axtiio StC'>duiiui, of 4aii:ii<, SpiiijitvT. diu- of [i/tvjt^^ St«ediuu, 
djec*^: at S' Beuiiot, PauVs Wharf. LondoD, 
'William Trt'wli>»e, of CjTttt All Halloiff^ TIjaraoH Hiwet, Londoo, 

Walormai, & Eliiabeth Urvler. of b^ AntKolin's. Lotidon; »>t ^ 

Aotbolin"*! Aforesaid. 
ThoinAft Fulofiti. Jif S* S<»jmlohreV, London. A Mary Gmy, <rf S* Bfoft 

FiDt> London, Spin«T*r; at 8' Boiict Fink afii*. 
ChriKtopbcr Lei^ea^of S< Andrvw Undirnhaft, London, Tailor, A Anno 

Biton, of Trinitv, Miroriof*. London, t!piiul«r. duu. of [pimk] Elton. 

dec'' ; lit THriitv, Minorioo, aforonaid. 
Jfihii Moore, of S* ^ichoW Aeon. London, ClotWorker. (i Eliube'.li 

Ley. of 8' Andrew niililmrd, London, nidow of Tbonrna Ley. 

Carpenter; at 8* ^'icholaa Aeon aforeaaid, 
Waltrr Tttiltr, Omt., nou of »■ DotplpU, Aldgatc, »on of Walirr Eolie, 

£«q , of ClifUii]. 11c*d«, u'tio ooTim^nta, Jt Franom Dixvy. of amme, 

^inster, 1!>. dau. of Sir Wuljitan Diiej. of Boaworth, co. Leici»t«r, 

K\ who :!Oi:BeLta; tttleat«<l ly William PftriH'll, of S' BotalpVi 

aforowid, Morchant Taylor, broiber in law to ^ Walter lUAxc tbe 

joungcr ; at Stcpnry. 
Wiliinin Huraome & Alrt^e ffall. of S^ Amlr^ir**. Holbom. Londcn, 

^pinatrr, dau. of [hlank^ llall.dcc^; at All ilaJlovfi, Honey I^na, 

Jobn Tavo, of Fulhitni, Mtddlrxux, Huxibaadoian, A Jonino Wboathr. of 

■amo, 3pm«t«r, dau. of JoIid WKoatly, doc*'; at S* Bonnei, Paul*i 

WlmK, London. 
Thotnaji BicJto, of 8^ Caltiprinc Crcc Church, London. Hosier. A ElitabHli 

Foolejt of £^ Michael Baiiitthaw, London, S|iinater, dau. of Bobeil 

Pooloy, of natncy VerUxmrrr ; at S' Michiu'l 7)nwi»bair afomaML 
OHvor Ore^i^, D' of Pliymc, Widnwor, 52, A Mary McrtN^r, 33, vidi»« 

of Maximilian Mercer, lat« of Ewelme, co. Oion, de<H 4 yeara a^o; 

at H^ Mary Somervvt, London, 
Biohard Vnughnn, of AU Ilallown Barkiniir, Ivondon, Silk Tbrowster. A 

ymxicea Goodwin, of L*Mthorti>n, co. Sorroy, Spinntw, dan. of 

William Goodwin, of Wifikham, co. Rnc^kn, Clolhvrorkrr ; at AH 

IIaIIow Barking aforesaid. 
Qeorgi- AlkinMoii, of ^^ !St>pulohreV, London, Cordiiainer, ft Jofn« 

Stevene. of eame^ nidrjiv of William 8t«vena, Poulterer ; at f^fftnJtj- 
Thomni Cook**, of HftrD(>tt, Ilort*, Tflnner, A Ift-hccea Pureha*, of 

S^ Brtde'ei, Lniidr^n, S|>inittvr, dau. of [Uank] Purvliaa, dec*; at 

S' Bridc'p ftfort'pnid. 
Michael Beckett, of Tuddiuston, Mtddlcaeii Teoroan, A Elizabeth Tale, 

of'I\vkktnhiuii,widnTfof WilliiimYalei atNevrBiaJiiford,Middlo«». 
Abmhani Nnnnpa. of S* Mary Aldi^rmnnhiiry, I*nndon, Jorurr. St Mwr 

Smith, of 8' Alphage, London, Spiujiter, dau. of [5faii^Ji&uitJ), dec*; 

at S^ Alphas^ aiorOHaid. 
BoWT May, sSlkwcavcr, A ElL^abelli Kulgbt, aplnater, dau. of Joho 

Knigh^ of Faraham, co. Surrey, Farrier ; at S' Botolpk, BiUiD^gatOi 

FranH» Foakeiit of 8' Mary Somenset, London, BrewCT, A Bliiabetli 

firiffin, of ^^ BrideX i^ City, widow of John Onflin, Cooper; At 

S' Briilc"* ftforcwiid. 
Hoger Brn^g, of dirlrt Ohnrrh, London, Linon Drapop, Si 

Wingham, Spineter, dau. of Arthur Wingbam, dec* ; at 8' A 

Blockf rinra, London. 




^OT. 26 

Not. 27 

Nor. 2S 
Nov. 2B 

Nov. ao 

Not, ao 
Nov. 30 



























TbomM EuMcIt. TcHfuiAu. A Mmry EhtIin uf S' Oilea in tLe Fidda, 

JoliQ WeUin^n, of S* Cuthi^rtne Cww^Tiunli. S»Ju?r, £ KnthoHuo 

HiHmrt, c^ S^ Mfti^wci Bloeea* Londoa; «t 8* Catliorino Creectmrcli 

John N'owcy, of 9 llotolpli, AId^t<^ London, StidW, Jb Bridget WoetoD, 

of 8' Si^puWiPn'tt, r»ii(lon» Sp!n*lfir, Ann. of Rohf^rt W<«l*»n, d^n*; 

ftt All Uall>w«, Houei^ lAtiuu Luuiloii. 
Tbotiui* Powell, of the Citf of Ijondon, Vintner. & Jutlith Mug^lctoo, 

BoUrrt UortwoU, of S* MkIiimJ, W^od Stjwt. L>iL>i'>n, (Irootr, A 

Domtbj Wilkci^ SuiiMtor, do,\i, of [6/aiUj Wilkei. dec^ j at ti^ OJo* 

in tJi« ^eldfl, Uidoies&x. 
Joditth Tullcy, of the Cilj of London, Cknit., A M^ry J^nkinx, SpiiiHtor, 

djui. q£ [^/flMii] JL'<iiKiiiJt, dec^; at ±3* Faitli'B, Luuduii. 
John lalok, (if Rat^HfFA, prvr. Stcpii<*y, eo Mid<lli>ipK, A Tri^uU 

hkwes [nc], of s&Tiiti* 8riiiiiiier, dim, of VilliAiii Lnwnoij l*ic}, dcc^ : 

*t 8» Branct, Paul's AVharf, London. 
XaU)au£«l Taf<k<rr, i>f A* J&niCiA, CMrliuk Hithe, Londi>u, Vlntuor, A 

EliAftlic-lli Lftiubc, of 8* Uory Somohfot, tt'^ Ci'tj, widow of Jolm 

Lftmbn, CJeat, ; at S^ Jim«i in the \V"*ll, Lnndnn. 
Jiobert Dumvile, Clerk, B,A., & ^Diry CluiTiuinu, S|jiuAter, dau. 

of [^/ai9^] ChapmAD, dfc^; at S^ Gt*orgc'*» Uotolnh Lane, Loudon. 
JoLu Nunhaj^e, t>\ t'eUtcfd, Bw^x, T^hLTDiuu, tl Sarah Litford, of aaue, 

SpanaWr, dau^ of Henry LiJford, of attrntt, TaniLeri at S^ Jftoiea in 

thp Wall. London, 
Oeoi^ Tayler, Buu-her, A Agoeu Craue. Spiiiater, dan. of [blank] Craoe, 

dec''; at rij/iMwWI, l^wcsx, 
Tbvmaa Corwiu, oi S* Clcmont Danes, Perfumer, & HAi'Karot Diiriiivr, 

Siiiotft^r, dnu. of {biank] Dormer, de<^'' ; at S^ Crt-muLi 11hh(*« 

Thauiaa Darie», of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, Loudoo, Vtutiior, A Suvan 

jMckcTBtafc, of 8Am(\ Sptiuwr; at 8* Jamiw, Clorkonwdl, Midi- 
WiUuitn Bourne, cf 1^ Mary, WbiUM^bapol, Middx.,CoriiinTiiiaf;r, A Ag])o« 

Jo1in>on,of S^ Flohdj^Ti. A Idgate. London, widow of Ri<.-hard JohiiaDn; 

at 8^ Botolph aforcAaid, 
Thomad Sp«lJer, of Uatfield Broadoak, cOh Kiiaei, Veoman, A Sarah 

EaHo^ ^pirmtcr, dau, i>f John Enth\ tjf Or^at Parudon, «■* co,, 

" fmhcrivrrnrii " ; at S' Butolpli, Ald^itU*, Louduu. 
Jamca Tench, of 8^ MiL^hael, Queen lltthe, London, Ironmongor, A 

Mary Eyre*, of name, SpiuBiler, dan. of Walter ISyna, of Kctuliug, 

ferki, *■ Vffctiar' ' ; at fv Michael aforcflaid. 
Uonrj Wiatf Umit*, of Oray'a liui, Uiu^h'. 22, aon of George Wiat, T^t\., 

of'^BoxIciy, Ki'ut, A Cutliorin** Hni?h, of S' An(li«w*M. Holboru, Sp', 

26. dan, of $ir Henry Fiuch* K\ of ScrjcantA* Inn, Fleet ?Jlreut» 

who «jn*otil« ; at 8* AndrtTW Wardrolna, 
Robert Bancke#, of 8^ Cailiorinc CrocLhurch, London. A CUmtian 

i*rioc, of ■omc, ypioirtor; nt Jiaino. 
Johji ButU^r, of S^ Bi^md Kink, London, Shoemaker, A WiaifrM 

Femd^e, of ii* Peter Ic Poor, Lorjtion, ^piniitor, itau. of John 

Pbwadalct, late of Uheathuut, co. ilerla, do/; at S* Pvt<:r lo Poor 

Jolin Joaoa, of Stopnoy, co. Middloaoir Marinor, A Mary WiUiatoa, 

Spiniit^r. dau. of [hjffnl] WiHiama, deu*" ; at Stepney aforesaid. 
Bdwafd WitcWl^, of S* Mildrvd in the Poultry, London, Dra^ier, A 

Lotties SkiniMr, of ^^ P«ter k Poor, London^ Spiuat^r, dau, of 

John Skinuer, late of QraTcaond, cO' Kent, Vooiuaa, doc'^ i at 

8tPpn<*y, eo Middlonftx, 


Dec 17 

John (Hnnty, of S* BoC«)lpK AMgvt^. Lnndoa. Butcher. A 
OUtc. of Mxae, vjdov of Abel OlaTp. Uto of sam«, Butfl 
S* OLlv^^ Ilflrt Stroei, LoDdon. 

Dee. 17 Tbonu tirowne. Gent., A BLi»beth Aldrodgo, Spti3>t« 
of l^amk] AUrodm d^c' ; At L^vfopJ, oo. Emox. 

Dee- 17 Antluuij Torner. of Uigl^Bte, Middleeei. Laborer, A DoroUi 
ingbv, Spoiler, diu. of [A^jvt] Bocknigliua» do^ ; aU 
wraDolh, Looidoa. ^ 

Dpc 18 Tliomu Hon** [III nunm -Hewo*"], of S' DuD>»tAn in il 
Londan, (Nit&P, ^ BliuWtli Kmu, wiitf>w of Jolm KfiA« 
S^ AiiilnrwV Holboni, London, TombDuker; *C Tnnity, i 

Dec. 21 Eiftftc lx*diiZ)ojit, of thcf Citt of Wttrtaiiiitter, Fraichuun, A I 
HiU^f wDc,BpbAter,dM.of [iLi«^] HaJ^tioat-.doo^iot 
Strand titiju S^Vivf 

Dea 23 Juaen Pury. of Strnoej, Middle^x. Subr. A Hm Luct 
S* l>tiiuUn in the But, London, 9|)in0t«r, dui. of [Uo*^ I 
of BoMbuu, CO. EuieK, VeiimAii ; at Trinity, Minuriev, Con 

Deo. tt John firuu, Oent., of S^ Bozmi^t Gnu^ Chureh, Biich«iort 9S, 
WooWr, of the S«toj'« -U). n-icov of Arcbtir Woolncr, 1 
dec' » year mco ; ttl S' Bcunt*t'H nfon^ttaid. 

D<x. 1S9 Robert »bawi\ of 9 B«iiinot. Patil> Wbui, Loudon, Embroi 
Atiiy Scuith, of & Maiy^ Ki^iunct, Londi^n, 4mi, of WiUsau 
of Mlltoa, CO. Nortb^, Clorl t ^t 9' Hu7 Someraet aM. 

Doc. 30 William Bilk-y, of » AntholinV London. Salter, A Anm 0[ 
S^ JobnX Wnlbrook, Lvudan, Spiittter, daiu of John 
Ut« of S" Albaii'e, Heru, Ocat., dec*; ot S« Johns, ' 



JaD. 13 
Jaa. 18 

Jan. 29 

Kobert Coopor, of S^ Miftin in the Fields. Uiddleaei, 8»dlcr, A 

Dniukvo. of 8* .^larv* 3>toj, fi* c*».t widow of [Afojut] 

TutW; nt S^ Gnbruf Pvtieliun-h. London. 
WiUuim WiUon. of S^ ilw?' M UlU, LoDdon, ChoMemooj^, A ( 

l)tdi8, of aaiccs SjiitiMcr, <Uu. of John Oldw, of Ebntii 

DiirMt, iivnx. ; at ^ liotolpfi, AldgatJf, Loudon. 
Jolui Wrlf;Kt» EIiiAbAitdmAnf A Ali«f Jtaxtcr, SpinptcT, dnu. of 

Rfliipp. bite* of Nortbbroirm% oo, Kt'ut, det-'' : at S" Bennd 

Wharf, lioiidcn. 1 

lift>r»;^ Towc, of S' Clcnwiit Dane:*, Miild!e*ei, YecmaOfl 

Krt-Akr, of SlanweU, e^ co., Spinater, da*i- of (_6/-TJii-l Frea 

at 8* Binnot, VtkMl's Wharf, I-oodou. 
Waiter Mores, of IjiitgliaDi, I'o. Kmc^x, Q^nU, A PanjeH Toy. 

lei^h, s'^ CO , SpioBtcr ; at lUyleigh afon^aaid. 
I'hilip While, of 8' Mary, W^hiiuchaiiel, Middlesex, Blacfc 

IXiruibj rmcooit, ^pliMioi', dau- of l^i4mii] Pcwcockj 

St<<pQey, 00. Biidd]<.<wx, V 

laraol Edwin, of S^ BaHholouew by tbe EiohoEiee, Loiubnr 

Baohelor.A ElirjiWlb tioudtv of same, 8p' ; at 5* Orwory'e, 
[thnk] Wainwri^hi, of f»tnaford Buw, Middleaei, HabOT^ 

Samh Hurlbutt^ Spinjit^Tr, dau, of Jolin Jlurlbiitx, cLcc* 

Hallow*' StfliniTij:. T,ondcjii. 
John Rdmo^l, i*f S^ M^^nuH, London, Cutler. A Sarah Le 

S^ Helen'e, Loudon, Spiimicr. dau. of Williatn Jjirtyn, 

Mai<Utonu, uo, Kent, Mercer, dj>c"' ; ac S^ Helen b af***, 
WiUiatn Brett, of S' Scpuliihrc'", Lijiidon, Soapboiler, A "I 

StaiE^, of S* Martin in tlir Fieldii, MiddiL., d&u. of II' 
at S' AndreT in tho WardrobiN London, 



I Ju. 28 M' Tohie ITrwit. Clerk, M-A-, IVr^ioii of DulphAm, ct>- F»h?3C, BacWIor. 
3l\ & Clirabetli Wi^'iiull, of Biii-kirj^. E^Vwri, 8[>initt«r, L!l, 'Jail *n 
M' Hk-hnnl WigiuilL Pareon of iiarkiiig. vho Goiweatei ftt Bnrking 

I aTorenftid. 

Ztn. !9 'William Weihrrloj, of Ili^h^ie. oo, Mi<ld)cflex« Yeoman, Bachelur, ^ 
Elt^abcth Saunil*>rTiT *>£ Fmchlcy, b^ ca., Sputater, <Iau, of Thomcui 
Sntiurlem. of [i:iint>. Teottuin : at S* Uotolpli, AlUen^nt^. London. 
Jui, 29 Rdwnr<l Bri>(>kc» nf S^ ^ooukHro's, Lotidotj, Tallow Clirtndlcr. A Kathcriin; 
LiLlhniu, of Hami, widow of Edmund Latham, Hcn.'haut ; ȣ S^ Mary 
Ala^alt;!), Milk Slnx^, rxifiilon, 
Jm, 19 John Lwnbo, of Clirut Chuivb. Loudon, Butchirr, A I^fary FcliUd. uf 
Great BunW. l<o. Ba^x. Spillfite^ daa o( Daniel Felated, af same, 
Yrcirnnn ; al Chrint Church nfortiirud. 
JiDh 39 Bobert Darin* of -S^ Edmund'e, Lombard -Street, London, Gt)ld«milU, 
A l^lizabcth Hill, widow of Thmiuut Uill^ at S' Marj^ at iLll, 
London . 
Ju. 29 I^^ &ln'anlB. of S^ BaTthoIomdi^ the Oroat, London^ YeoDUm, Jb 
UliKabi-th Adain^, SinuHtor* of MAuie j>ari»]i, dau, of [llanki AiLaniJi, 

dec^; at S^ Grcijon" f, Lou<lofi, 

SuL 30 EdHArddiaandlor,of WapptDg in par Stcpric^, ea. Middi.« ATlionin^irko 
Bt'fiftett, of lame, widow of Hugh Bviiiuitt, itarinfir; ut Stijjiitiy 
hh. I John Svmondtf*»f Wbit^cbape], Middlciex, Butcher, A Anne Mey, of 
i^* 3i'|ja]diniV, Loudou, SpiuHter, dau- of Edward Svley, Buichcr, 
(iix?^ ; ftt S^ Mary Munnthnwo, London, 
^k 1 WUliatu Bau):ham. of ? Bartliuhim«'xv t)i« Le««, LcQdt>[t, Qirdler, & 
Bctocca Clerk, of Mun«, spinster, dau. of Williaai Clerk, Tvomiiu ; 
at ^ BarUiolooiew aforesaid. 
Pelt, t Jolui Sage, of S* Audn^w's. iloll)oru» Loadou, Purt^^r, A Juaue Vtie«jr, 
(iF «ai^(i, ,Spin*tj*r, duu. of [hlanJi:] VeaBjr, dec'^i at. S' Androw, 
Holboni* afunnaid. 
feb, 3 WilliaDk Prcslic, of 8^ Catherine Cioe Church, Loudon, Scboolmaater, & 
& l^uUij>p» Alton, of HuiDt^ widow of WUliau Ajito»i late of A** Citjr, 
LiiM-u Dnkporv at 8' C^itlioi-iuiy afon'ifaid. 
b. 2 Chrintonhcr WwuHry, of S^ Annt*. HU-kfnar>4, London, Oont, A Jado 
GotcL of rtami.\ t^idow of William Gold, Huatclau ; at & Fi^tor'a ia 
thcTowor of Lomlon 
^b. 2 EJiuuud ?t<iJey, GuuL., of Waudsworllk, Surrtfj, Biich', 83, & EliuU-th 
Grant, of S* Lawrence, Old Jcwt\\ Spiiivt^r, 28, duu. of Jaiitt<H 
Gruut, of Crovdou, 8arrcy, Gent, \Thoic t-oniscnt i» attested by hia 
*0D Tfaoma* uont ; &t S* Andrew Hubbeid, London. 
h. 3 John SldKh, Gont, of CheLw-a, Middloeox, Bach', 35. A Anne Wood- 
son, o[ 8* Andrew's, Hoi born, tipiimtcT^ ^3, dau. of Ilcury 
Wnodnati, of Raton, co. Bock*^ Gent,, who consentu ; at S^ Botolph, 
I IVancis Gla«coche, G&nl,, of ItatHeld llroadoak, Ebaoi. Bachelor, 2S, A 
Mary Cutu, of Duldt-jJ, »^ CO., SpinFtcr, 2U, *Uu, of Sir William 
Cutts, lato of tatuo, dec*' ; coiuwtit of hor mathor iu law tho Lady 
Mnrc^et Catte, Widow; al S< f^withiu'a. Lo^idon. 
3 ^^^ Wiliton, of S' Botolph, AldtM^ntt;, riondon, Yeoman, A Auno 
Thomfte, of S* Bride's, London, widow of Lcww Tliomaa, Clothworker; 
at B* Moj'y, liiliUKC^u, Mtddlcfci^ 

3 John SymonJn, of Higbf-atc, Middt<?ieiH OoldmnUh, JbCathmnc Thorn* 
too, spinster, dau, of John Thornton, of aame, QattoD Maker; at 
S^ George'n, B<jto][>b Tjoek^ Limdon. 

4 PnuKW Flirtcht?r, of Brainford, ci). Middlesex. OQQt» A Elkabcth Wood- 
ward, of S^ Botolph, AId«r«gaU^, London, Spuutor, dau. of Uichord 
Wuodward, GcrikL, dvC^ ; at H^ (i«orgo \ Bot, Lfttio, Londoii. 

Fvb. 4 













P^. s 


TWod<iTe HofBOft, of SUpiMTj. Mid<Ue««i« Vlutncr. A Joado 5 

Hichtrd Cuveld, of 9 8viiltnV Lon<loQ, WluUr Bnker, A Mah^ 
of £1* MichnrlX Oirtibillf LcWuil r^pii]-<!<?r« liftu, of Riohora 3 
of Ucm. CO. 8aJ<^p, Gent, ^ M S^ Micb*ol ufA 
]r>ai]c]it Alien, of Little iJtanmor«,«o, Miildlrvex, Oatm4wlaum, \ 
A Aiini* Ptiil|>oH, of tdune, 3puul«r, itao, of [(JmI] Fhil|)ottt 1 
mi I'^ritt Chutvli, liondon. 
i^liii K«f^lnr, t'f Pnulcii CaniloTer, 00- SoutK"*, Hiuband 
HttunA Barten, now residing in K* Dunatui is tb« W«t, ! 
8piDf>tcr; &I ^^ DuusUn'i ftforc«tii. 
BanMrl Dar, «f BarJej, co. Uerttf. Husbandman. A Uarj^AreA Chifi 

field, of berdcn, po- Encx, SpinBUr ; nt HnrU-r afortniiud. 
ThouiJid Sjrn»oDde,o{ B" Biide'e, Loaditi, BarbiTtt>ii»or. A WUmol . 
of«ai»«.Spiiut«r,< U'illiainKu'n-.dM^; at S' Bnde^afn 
JobD HAwkcT, of d* Ciuttieiit> Boncw, HiddWei, T«ilor, A Ujuj Hcv^ 
of 8' GUet ID ihe Pields, «^ co., Sp', d40. of ticoi^ ileweit* 1 "* 
^uthmnptoD, ou. SouthiuuploDt Chinirgcun, dcc^ ; at 5^ Oilcv 
Bictjfcnl Pullmj.'^H [" Pulleo '' in Vk*ur Orin>r»l'« Book], of S' 
Weal, Oruccr, Hach', 24» A frc^nMii of th© City. A 
ItogVTH, of ^^ Iaut^uco Poutitucv, Spinnter, 2d, ncr father 
eiiiee dcc^ ; George KoJt<*n, of E4^ l)rido'». Mcrcbaut Tajlor, 
conwnt of Sir TUoiniut Hcwt^lt, K\ of S* I^unsDOo Pount«iejr, 
wliom >Aid Kli£*betli lirotb lut & a^iTant A liath thk T jmob 
at S' Laureucc Pouotnor. 
Feb. 8 SilTC*ter PickuiAu, of ChihTwell, co, Kaaei, T&iJor, A Mjirgiret 

aamei widow f>f (H^>rgc AWcn ; nt Thigvpcli Afomud. 
Fob. H Jobn Ucttlc, of SandfoT^l Uirorn, cc. Esih'.x, IliMbandouuif A I>i' 

Maiiaer, of wiiiie, Sp'; at S* Mmt Woolnoth, Tendon, 
Feb. 8 John Angrll, of WI]itf.vlmn< 1, MidiUosei, SilkneaTer, & Anoe 
ypinBter, dau. of IbltinK] Palmer, dec* ; at S' Andrew V\ 
Fobn ThonjAn Xormnn. of tho City of London, Cook. A Aimo Tcrrj, 

Kit'bard Terry, Cook ; nt S' Botoij>b. AlderHi^it^^. 
Fob- 9 John Wiltertt ot Kiifitdd, MiditlvscK, l/aborcr, Bachelor, & 

Wight, of llciekuey, MiddJcwex, Spmaler, daiL of [^fan^] 

dctr; at Hocknc/ afurcaud. 

Feb. 18 ThoTijiui Watson, of Chipj^inv Bnmott, po. TTort*, Tinker, A KliiiJ 

Browno, of «nme. widow cf Iticbard Browne, Laborer ^ al 3^ Geoi 

Dotolnb Lane, LondoiL 

Febp 18 \?Uliam rlim»e, of 3^ Botolph, Aldgnte, London, GuDmoker, A I 

Wftlt-ra, of vtuno, widow of Jnmcv Watcra, Iroomonger j ■ 

Bi>tol])h aforefloid, 1 

Fob. IS John Englivbe, of S< Mmy^ Wbit«chapel» Middlesex* ManDcr, A 81 

OuTotl, of *ame, Spiiihier. dau. of Thomas GArrott, dec*; i 

Mary, Wbitcclmptl, ttforo«rLid. J 

Fobi IS) Thomaa Shudfoirl, Cordwainer, & Amy KotLcrio, widow of i 

fiotbcrie. Labourer; nt S' Giles. Cnppltgiile, Loadou. 1 

Mir, 2 Iloii»i"i«^^l^ Viinouiwii'k, of fc* Catherine Croe Church, London, d 

vraiiicr, A Barbara lledghogg, widow of John llcdghogg; « 

Hnllowa Barking, Loiidtm. 1 

Var 2* ^^^^ Duna. f»f 8' M*ry Abdidrck, London, Pluiiterar, A AUce' 

■ ^,i Christ Church, London, Spintilur, dau. of Robert 'Vhjt«t 1_ 

Bidieiihani, co. Bedford, duc"^; at Chriat Church, London, an*,] 

Uar 3 ibrahain Sualy, of All llnllow« Barkiitg, London, Pluteror^ A 

^^' botb Stringer, of S' liilen, UripploKato, Loadon, widow of 

atriugOTi Sailor ; at S^ Lawnuu-r, Old Jpwry, London. 



tbr. 9 

Mof. L3 
Mir. 18 

Mir, n 
Mtr, 21 





Wir 31 

April 1 

Vl I 

Aprii 2 

i/lmund HrfulehAwe; at 8* ^puldirf's. London. 
Wmmm SbeUor. of S^ Mi^hiwl, ft^n^d Strict, London. Silk Dt*^, A 

Aunc firortli, 8pimtcr, dna of Huj>h ?fmitii, dcr*^ - At S^ Michne) 

Jithn SaggP, Oent., of lrf>tirlnn, Bm<1i\ 32» son of John Hfl«», of 

Ok«hftiD, 00, TorV. Gent,. Vkho cntnetit-, <% I^IuaMIi Stone, 

Spiiiatdr, 27, of S* GUe*, rripploRale. <Uu. of Uicbard Storie. of 

pAttcHagtpu, CO. YorK, Gi'ol. ; ■'^ EluuiWth now (Krrvant to Timtitlj- 

Pnmckl^fn* of S^ QiXtrm afoN^uid, CorpeDl«F, wKo conaentii ; »t !^^ 

iJennet, Paul's Wharf, lA>[idoii. 
TiiooAdi Murtfton, of 8^ Dotolpli, Aldontgnto* liondoiif f^rouor, A Auii6 

OtcW, of Bame, Spinsier, dmi. of [A/^ni'} Ot«ley, dec*; &t cj< 

Botolnli aforcMiid. 
Anlbonjr TI»Atcher» uf S^ Katlionoe bj tlio Tow«t of Londoi^ !<Ifioe- 

Dtalu^r, & MAty Clarke, of ^^ Saviour's, St>uthwurk, eo, Surrojr, 

Spinat^r, dau. of [Ifl^ttk] Clarke, dec*; at S» Bemwrt, Paid's Wharf, 

OavrcU CocUey, of S* Andrew in tho Wnrdrolic, Foltmnkor^ St Elixiibcth 

FUher, wiilow of Michael Ftnher-; at 8* Harthtilomew, SnnthKeld, 

Roger Dftde, of 8' Dunsi^n'^ in the WeAt^ Lonioi^. Grocer, A Kallierine 

LcB, dpinittcr, dun, of ThociLtLM Ta^ of AItcIcj', co- ^li>p, Qciit. ; at 

8^ HeWa*i, London. 

Daniel Cawdry, of the Citv of Ltindon, CWk, A.M., & Katlierine 

Clwno, of Little All ilallows, Tlmme* Hli^^t, London, Spinster, daii. 

of Uonty CIccre, of aamc. Dyer , at Littlo Atl Uallawt tJa>\ 
Richard Parrington, of S* Mary, Wlirlet'hapfl, Middi^ei, Yeoman, 

Bachelor, A Gmcp Totlcr, of S* Mary's, ImIjii^^ou, Mijd!et»ex, 

Spimder, dan. of John Poitur, of llainick, co. DeroiL, Clotha'orkor ; 

at S* Gabriel Fcnchurch, London, 
Humplirc-y Froc!iiliain« G^int., of S^ Clomont Diinoii« Bswliolor, 20^ * 

Batlionta Halei, of aaine, ^hmten dau. of M^ Jolm Halen, law of 

CroMlej, CO. Warmck, Gcnt-^dcC*, & her mother also ; at 8^ Andrew's, 

John Thorpe, Ycomnn, A Mary Cliooey, Spii»lor, daii. of Tlioriios 

Chetwj, Oont , dec^ ; ul S< Ntt^Koloii Cold Xbboy, Londou. 
Kicholaa Hall, Hu*bandman, & Man' Notl.Spinatcr, dau. of Qeori^o 

NolL, Tjiilor. dec;'^ ; at S^ Jame» in'lJip Wall, Ijoitdon. 
Thoouu) Turner, of the preciDcl of Bridewell, London, Feltniaker, 

Bachelor-, A Agncn ifopkinn, of Aftroc, Spinster, dau. of Thomaa 

Hopkiaai, of LonfTi*, ch, HartA, Clerk, deiv' ; at Briclf»w^dl rhap^'I. 
FraLcis Tories, of too City of Londoo, Geut.. A Mary Wadbroolce, 

^)iaBter, dan, of John Wadbrookc, of Thames Dittou, eo. Surrey, 

Teciti^im ; at 3^ Martiu iji the FieMs, Midille«ei- 
MaximfHrtij Bucke, of S' IVterV West t'bwip, Wcrw*p, Dfteholor, 26, A 

Eliicabeih Hunter,of Hamt>,«^0«widon'of Tht^mat Hunter, Ironmonger, 

dcc^ J year ago ; at H^ Peter's aforesaid, 
John CoitwetU of Kjidwiuier, i-'o. Hhmm, Veomaa, A Klixnbrth Trotter, 

of BA¥l€ii;h. dair ci ThoiusA Trotter, Yt^maji, doc^ ; at S^ Bciiuot, 

PaulV Wharf, T^ondon. 
John KUIiL-ke, of S* Martin, Ludeac^, London, Haberdmihnr, Sc Murtci-ry 

OnTnowf-M, SpiMBter, dan. of lift^tnk] Greitowes, dec*j at 8* Andrew 

in the WardiMbe, London. 
John Rryuu, of 8' Scpulrbrc"«, London, Cutler, A SiiHac HAiriBOti, of 

S' BrideV Ijondon, SpiTintcr, dau^ of Thomaii HarrisoD, Oent, dec** ; 

at H^ Botclph, AIders|*at6, 


Afiril ^ 

April n 

April U 
April 17 

April 20 
April 21 


At^rijui TVuuwnoV of ^ JKoUiiph. Blllingn^t^, T»Yido«i, MAnni^r, A I 
Piente, of tiaiue, Sp', cUu. of Marttn Pwwf, dw^; at & BoU 

Biehanl P^U, of Wapping V^aU Hiddle»ex» Mercer, A Marr Seunfr.c 
0111110, Sphuit4>r, dAii> of [ilaMk') Sc«in<rr, doc's ^^ Stopn^, 

BieTjar^ Siott, of 8t6pDe/, co. Middle8«x> Yoomjui, A Locy Bidlej, i 
Woithiixn, »*! 00.. KpiiMtcT, dan. of Ibiani] KidW, dec* ; aI Wenlhl 

Georgo Bar^fooUi, Cl^, H^otor of Pyfiold, cro, l^Wx, A K*lhei 

Buvfooto, S|iii)it<*r, dnu. of Benedict [? Bennett] Barefoott, dec'^ 

BtS' B^imet, Paul's Wharf, Loiidoti. 
Johiv Hug^ii, of £i^ KAilirrinp Crro Church, Loitdon, Teoniftn, & h 

Bultbcm, of atiint\ 8|)LnjTl«r, ditu. of Jouwt Hubbord, Wheel wriglil;! 

*W^ ; At, Ohriftt Chiiivh, fjOTidnn. 
Thooins R(>ad, I]inW*|)rr, .( Wtntfn^ ^Vi11um)«, of Hooknef, HidJJr«n,l 

dan, of [A/fliti ; WilltAiue, dec" ; at S' Uf^nnd, PauI'* VrTiorf . LnKiinLJ 
William NmIic, Cuuk, J^ 1(ridg<*L Lyddell, dpiiiiil«r, dau. of BJciiBrdj 

Lyddell, *^f Littloworth, ou. Loi«e«teri HuabAadixkan ; ni $U^wjA 


Aleiander WaUoD, Vedumn, A Itoao Beacham, widow of Th 

Kcnchnm, " tcxior " ; nt H* Uotolph, Alrici^ffatc, Ixiudon. 
Dttvid MurriB, uf S* Mnri^Bn^tV Wrpliuiimlur, firieklayw* & Aunel 

of nATii«, Spinntor. dftu, of T>ewi»4 Price, of ftMii«, fjibourwi *t ^ 

AndiH'w in tho Wnnirobr, London. 
EdMard White!ie&l, of yayre*:eaJ. co. Easel, Yeoman, A AHeo 

Harrirtglon, of SUnfoM Kirrw, <■ county, Sjiinnter, dau. of Jobtt 

Hiimngton, of aamcs Ytoiimu ; at Stanford Hivcra *(**. 
DA]ii<<l IVrry. of S^ Hotfdph, HiiftiopttgaT^, London, WooLlAit Dnpor* 

WMovrr,A Eli^aWtli TVr^of »amc, widow of Jolin Pyc, Carpmilcr ; 

at S^ Maty. Whitcchapel, MiddleMTi. 
John Porl«r, Clt-rk, A Margnnrt llcn^liait, Spinntcr, dnu» of ^thmk] 

Hoii»liaw, doe^ i at 8* Ailqo, BEackfriari, London. 
BJch&rd Joppt Ihiffbandmaa, A Klual^etL Uurraut. of S' MaryAbchanh, 

Iv4>iidori» SpiDBWr, dau- of Robert Durrani, dec* ; At 8* Mary 

Abchiiri'h af^irennid. 
Willinni Bhikr, of S* Brand* rai]rH Wburf, London, Ohirurgnm, A 

Fiiitli Spenr^pr. nf S* Mioliael. IJugcin LarKf, London, Spiii«ti«rr dna 

of [htiini-] ISpencvr, drc**; at S^ Michapre afoc^aid. 
VilJiam Allen, of H^ Bolobh, AI-lKato, London, '* Aquatite Stiller," & 

AJice Colo, wHdow of waiter ?>le, of Stcpuey, co, Uicldldtex ; at 

8» [hlf^nk], Pftul'fl Wbarf, London. 
Jolin Kemptfln, of Kant Haniot, Herts. Y'ooiiiaii, A lMaTgar«t Feild, of 

Knliold, cti, MidiUcMei, Sptuubcr, dan, of Thomas Foild, of Thoydoa 

Moiint> CO. £8HCx, Yetimnn : at EiiHold afi^reeaid. 
Artlinr Blunt, of Harrow on tho Hill, i.'o. MiddkwoK, Vpomail^ A AlloiP 

Wnmtcr, of Now Braudfort* •■' co., Spin*lcr, dau. of [fi^n^J Wunrtcr, 

dn** : at S^ Bonnet, I'aul'a Wharf, London. 
WJllram Banckcn, of Whili* Roodiug, co. Essex, Yeomaa, A Martha 

Uarbie, of Hution, co, Easct, Spinuicr, dau. of [biank] Darbic, late 

of *aiuCf» dco** i At Whito Uodiiig aforrt^iiid. 
Itic-Wrd Campion, of 8^ Andn>v in tho WnMrdbo, London, KmbfMidi-rpr, 

A Kalhi-nnr Whitlidcc, Spinstor. dau, of Willium Whillidi^©, now 


tf^tW king*a Rotich, lieiil, ; ut S^ Andrew in th« Wardrvdx; aKir&Kaid. 

..». NJfe^m, (M-tit., of Inner Temple. Bachelor, 33, ^"^ Blizabetii 
%. of 8* Andrew's, Holbom, Spinntor, 16, dnti, of Willi^o) 
vw^-'i-^ ^ Aynkftrtii [" Aiikirth " in Vicar- Gonond'a Book], 
VfA ^(^mt. viio conioiit« ; At S^ Andrew's aforeaaid. 




ll»jr 3 Riwifl Tnnipn«port, of S' frilftn, Oripploffafr, T,i>ticlon, 0(*nl.. Jt Mmj 

Wi<loir ; at 8^ James in the Wall, London. 
Mtjr 3 JoHn PilUdii, Huj<bjimltnAii, d H»fgavet Dowsett, 5piii«ter, duu. f>f 

JaiDw Dowsett, of aame, UuBbaud^ii ; at LUilUi^:ton aliat hiUhUju, 

CO., UiddlMOJt. 
liij 6 John CliAtfieM. nf S^ UnrtinV, Liidi:AU\ r^indon. ITaberdMlier. & KUza- 

beth Jackson, of S< Aiuw, ISWkfriftra. Loudon, Spin«t«T, dun, of 

John Jacknon, Clerk, VitilLT of Uiioaii, eo. Kent; U S^ Beimet, 

Paul's Wliurf, London. 
VbkJ 5 John Wiloof^fe", of S^ Botolnh, Aldrrnffat**, London, IXabdiyUwher, A 

Katberin<t FlandcrH, of S< Dunntaii in the Weat, Londoii, Spiiuter, 

her pArmis dead : at Cbcl^oa, co. KfiddlMex. 
Mij 3 Thojiiafl Uydt, Kwq., Widower, 33, A Lucy Chauncoy, Spi&BtOT, 20, dan* 

of (icoryc CliAunoey, of Barkm^;. E^i, Enq', vho COQvOdI* ; at 8' 

IkEuy MoutifhiLV. London, 
Maj 7 Thocoaa Williams of Hodndowne, i!o. H»rtii, Vintner, 4 8arah Campo, 

Spiitttrr, dou. of llobert Campe, Ute of Naming, co. Emcx, Yocmian, 

flfc*; at Bro&buriJT, c^>, Ht-rtn. 
Mflff 7 Robert WillianiB, Cl«rk, Curftt* .*f Chwthanl, HerU. A Mafgort^t 

^Vut(^rbi#b, Hpinricr, dau, of Enhvrt Wutrrbiili. lalo of Barlint:, cf), 

JtsHex, Linen Draper, dec'* ; at Chesthtini afB"*. 
Mij B William linulfi^rH, of 5* Margarrt MoACn, Li:>ndon, Cordwaincr, St> Marj 

Dyw, of S' MiMrvd, BrviM) Strpct^ LoDdoti, 8j>', dau. of Hobcfb 

Dj-or, f^f the l*ity t>f l*ondon, *SAller ; nr. S' Mildrod nfn''- 
Aleiandor Bniitcl, of S' Dement DincH, MiildViioi, Millener, & Ellen 

HDrie«um, of South Okendon. eo. Kuws, £<ipiii9t«r, dau. of John 

IlurUton^of »amo, Gi'nt, ; nt ^u^h Okrni]<*nibr>*^. 
M>y 8 M' WiUiaai Cro»hflwc. Clerk, B.D., of S' Mn-rj, Whtt^hnptd [oallod 

" lieotcr "* i« Virar-fleTierara Book], Widower. 42. A Eliiabeth 

SkyuiKT. of frnmo, .Spiiud**r. 26, dan. of Anthony Skynncr, of jiaznc, 

G^ntn, wbo conKenlfi ; ut All llallriw> BiLrkitif^v 
Uaj 1) Qoofvu Ooi'ko, of 8^ ScpuloTin^X rjoniii»ii, Kirkiuijmn, A Jaiio lit) ugh ton, 

ot S^ Anilrrv'ii, Elulborn. Loudon, widuw of Richard Iluj^ktoii ; at 

*S' Andreu'ti aforesaid. 
% 12 Paul Buck, Gent, of 8* Andrew*, ITolbv>ni, WiHowor, 07, A Maiy 

Sheringham, of aame. Spinster, HH, dau, of Peniiysi SijerinRhatQ. of 

bAti^ff, (Jciit-1 wlici coDPeiit* ; at All Ifallown, lloiicy Ljiijo, Lonilmi. 
Mij IS LawrcTiot* Anhton, of S^ (JiW, Cripplr^alc, Loudon, Clothwopkrr, 

Widower, A Anne Monney, of E<|montQn» co, Middle«ei, Sp', her 

jmreijU dt^atl ; at Edtnonton afc)n<*ajf]. 
^J H TboiuM Harntt, Ha»bandmaji, & '* Pamom' " Cooke, Spinster, dau. of 

Wiliiam t.'oolto, dt*c'' ; at B* S^pnlcht^'n. London. 
^y Ift George Horwuod, i>f S^ Dumtan Jit tbi' W<'hit. I»n<b>n, ri(ithw<irkj r, A 

Anne Welling©, of same, widow of [hltink] Wellinge. Gent, ; at S* 

Dunfttan aforetiaid. 
'f^y 19 John Kirndall.of All HaIIowh, London, tlabenlasher, A Sarab Huett, of 

S^ John 2Ca<!bnry, Lortdon, Spinjttcrr, dan. of lltank] f[a«itt, dec^ i a.t 

S' Jobn Za4rhflr\ iift»ri'*aid, 
*«7 19 Klkanah Piddv, of S* Kntbcrine (.Voechirch, Ixrodon, Taylor, & ttoae 

Hubbent£«a, of Staim-», ci>, Middx,, f4p^ dnu.of [fr/jTOj^J Kubherited, 

dci:^; at Stainev aforovaid. 
Ilenry Collinnon, of H* Mardn in the Vintrv, f^nndon, Pmitewr. A 

BLcbardina ^'okew, of niune, Spintler dun. of Willuim Nok&Jt, lato 

of PcTorvhain, co, Kent. Veoman, dec" ; at 8^ Martin afs^, 
**r Id John Godlrev, of fttejiuey, Middlesex. Smior, liw^helor, A Anne Steven*, 

of Hune, Spiniftor, dau. of Robert St^trens, ttvt« of iraaie, Sailor, doc*^ } 

at Stepni'v aforenaid. 

TOL. IT. ' £ 





























Jit lift 





Judo 11 

Juno 11 

June 12 

June 14 


Jcdepb HiDtoD. TeoTutm. Bftclielor, A Elitaboth Hill, of Ifce 

Wa^lminnior, vndow of Kumphror Hill, Tailor; at & Marti 

Field-, Miidlwei. 
Thoma* Fuller, of Bftrkittg, co, Emcx, Tcomao, 4 SUubetb Au 

Sp', Jrtu. of John AtiilpowBB, TcoEnao; at Chriftt Church, Lot 
GeoT«<* Loish. of S^ Mary. Whitechapol. Middlosex, Vintaor, A 

Tiowli^H^ of f^omo, yiiilliv of Jam» BowIm^ of U>e Cily of J 

MervhaTic Taylor; at S^ ^tolph. BtghoMgatc, Ixnidon- 
HicKard (Jooding, of W IVtcr*^ ( ornKill, Lociil^ti. Orooijr, Wi<l» 

R^Hfc Hitclicock, of unnir, Spiui'U-r, dau. of Ibhnt] UitclKOC 

at S' XiflTv, WhitccliajieK Middlesex. 
M' Hufc'h FlojH, !).l*.. WidoucrJiljA N;tik-y Ailmer,of Much H 

Ucrt**, 8pj[if<tt'r, 10, rlau. ui M' D' Tlwniililu" Ailntcr, Ard 

of London, who conAoiits^ nt Muoh Hadnam ^^. 
Kdmiind ToTntell Geut,. of & Botolpb, HUUaipi^tc, Borhclor 

Judith Shettcrden, Spinster, 10^ dnu, of Daiiit-l Shell^rdrti, 

Uulloms Barling, fleul., who conieiiU ; at Siopnoj, MtddXn 
John Corbio, VcouiBii, & Anno Kirton, Spiii*t«r, of }ti«iipp, lli< 

dnii^of Rirh»r*l Kir ton, of aaniK, Vooman ; at S' LooDOfd, 

Lai^e. London. 
John M'^illiin»;i}]], of 8^ Mildr^l m the Poultry* L<wdon* Apol 

Uacliclur, JC E^arnh Bovs, of t^me, ^p'. dau.of Kidiard Boyv^l 

ClothworkoPi ftt S^ lloniiot, Poul'" WImrf, l^nd 
Heorj Sniith, of S' Tjawrrrt-r Jrwn\ London, & Elizabeth Philii 

dau. of [bhnJi:] Philippe, det'' ; at tS* Marv MouMhaw, IjowJ 

8p', of MiMK!. ditu. ijf llii-luird Tl^kl, d^c"^ -, ni FiilliaiD. 
Hirhnn) fSmiJo, nf Ulpworth, Middt., IJ unljnudtnftti. Jt Anno 1 

uidcw r>f AVilliam Bcnoott, late of vame ; at B^ BotoIpb,Biab 

Edmund Thomebiirj-, Oont, of S" DauMtan'H Weal, Bich', SO, 

King, of Nca(ewell [?), Co. J^nn^t, 10, widow of Thotna 

Troinan, dr^c^ 2 wura nr\ct* ; at S^ DiniHTnn'pi jifon'Mud. 
Joeeph Allen, of S' Bosdph, Bwhopsj^ai*^, Iiondon. Taylor, t 

Ircnch, of aamci Spini*lcr. dflu, of William Front'h, orMeaB 

CO. Berks, Barm-uihii ; at SvBuLoljih aforeeaid. 
NicholAv Benle. of Hoxiorj, co, MJdrU(<«o.^, VeomAii, dt Margar<rt 

i>i HauweU. ■** <7o,» Spinjater, *iau of Gcor»:c Snllt'U. Lalo < 

Yeoiikan. dec' ; at ilaziwc^ll aforeaaid. 
Wilhiuii Halliiinii.of ^' hotidph, Hii^hnpHjratcIjomlon.Y^omaD,! 

Uvl'bt-A, apiuHter, diiu. (ff Thumaa UolibcB, lat« of ArdiD| 

Brrkfi, V(*i^»iiflri, dto*' ; at S^ Faith^H, Loudon. 
Edward AiihU'n, of S' Martin in ihc Fi*ild(». Middi., Frwic 

]^Ittre;aret Okeley, of Baiue, widow of George Okelcy* Qi 

S' Martin afort*ftuid, j 

Cullbcrt MuTi^hAll, Gent., & Francew Hut^hina, of S' AiMliev'i»] 

Londdu, widow <if John Htitclnnp, lat« of name, ficrivtl 

S' JJcnnet. l^ul'a Wharf, Lotidon. 
Thoinav Fhilpott, of Trmily, l^linLirieB, Ixmdon, IHtr, A Groco 

vf 9' Jaiue«, ClerkvnweUj SliddleBfi, flpiuftltr, dau, of 

Cooper, of Wnlton, eo. HerU, Shoemaker ; at 8* James Cler 

Edwnrd lleatho, of Enflpld, co> Middx., Teouan, A ElizRbetli 

widow of Thomaw Palmer, late of North Mima, co, Htrto, 1 

at S' Andrew in the Wnrdrobc, Loudon, 
Kdw.ird Fdwarda, of H* Jiunr-a, t'lerkenuc!!, MiddT . Btvwpr, 

Ferria, of Ba]iie,SpfiiaU7r,duu. of Aothouy Ferritf^dtfC^; atS^ 





IlLBO 14 

Jqdq 15 

Jooe 16 
Jane Id 

June 26 

Jane 26 



Jimo 29 

June ao 


'uly 1 

JUj 2 

'flJf 5 

J»lj 6 

M* Richard BoTrrtio, Clerk, M.A., Vicar of TTniicgd^in, Hi4ille«ci, & 
Widnvrer.ft Ht'lMi Vinceot.of Ait«ri, MitlJli?^!. widow of WUliaai 

SftdrrUe Vojw, Gem., Bcichdor, 30, wjii i>f KalitU P^Jpe, Esq., of Buck-* 

fit<^, 8iuM>i, niio ooDoritU, A li'^rMC WodJ, of Eiiflolil, MMd1c«iox, 

23. wiciow of BftmoB Wo^d, of Kitnwtck Vamrtojf cu. York, Ba<|-j 

doc^ 2 Tew* >io« : At NorlhAli. Herta. 
Zichftrio Itcighnolfl)-, of Rftnrnden BollhouMC, ro. E*<4rx, Butchor, & 

^eo Clarke, of ti&me. SpiuftU-r, dau. of Thoiout Cliu-ke, of same, 

Tdonuui ; tit S' BotoJpli, Ali^ftUTt l^iidoix. 
Jolin Donifon. f>f S' Oali^riiie Crt4t Chun-h, T^ondon, & Sivrah Coi, of 

Great S< Bartholooievr, Loudon, dniL of [6/tfA^] Coi, dec*^ ^ »t li^ 

Rtbelbuivh, Ijiitidon, 
Kobert DAroer, of the Ciiv of London, TeomAn, A Joanc WtlliAiiu, 

8|>', dau. ol [^fdJiA] Wil'lUmft^dc^; at 8' Bonnot, faulo Wliuf, 

EVtcT Dobl0,of WhiWliapo], Middi., Blackumicli, & Judith Bichlurjr, 

8pin«t4^r, dan. of RtrhanJ Bi<rkl(7, of Kirton, co. Dtffon. Y<*oiQan ; at 

S^Beuuet, Pftul'if Wh^, LutirioiL 
Thomaa SvinrmJn, of S* Jamc«, llorlick flitb^, I»HrfoTa, Stntionor, Jt 

Joane Cojyn, SphiBU^r, of tame, Jav, oF John C<i.f>'iv dec*^; at S* 

Jamen, Gnrlick tijiho, afon^caid. 
George BufEn, of ^' ffteplieu'a, ColeinaR Street, London, YeOEoan, 

fbcbdor, & Lucj Eaton, of wtnio, Hptii%tor, dau. of Jobu S>ton, of 9* 

Maiy Mngdnlan, 8oatHwark, f-o. Surmy, ]*'nltiiiaknr ; at S* Stcph«n*a 

Henry Mcnbanck. of 8* Mnrj, WTiit'Mrhapcl, BJiddlMeJC, "Vooman, 

SacMur, ^ Eliv^Hbetli Kfrbie, of EuSeld, Middi., SpiiiHler, dau. of 

Abioo«k Eirbie, of «atn<^, 61ai<i<»ri At S* Andrew in tlit" War<lrol7o, 

Thomaa Spi^ht, of Uio Cily of London. Merchant, A Elizabeth Prnder, 

SpmatCFt of S' JJotoiph, Buhopsgalo, l^-ndon, dau. of Kalph Pander, 

of TLAtUP, Drant.-r ; &t IlfMrkni.-^, MJddk-a«x. 
Jobn Iliftw^H, of Mj^pLiey* MidilloA^'x, Cc»ok, Jt dienTfetli Palmer, of All 

ilati^w* BarkiTiif. London. Widnw ; it Sn-imcy af**^. 
Jobn T!iatcbe, of ^' Martin tn ihe I'ieldd, Alliidx^. Cordw&iiier, & Jane 

EnJcd, dau. of [blank] I£«:1ch, dccf'; at S' Martin in the Fwlda 

Trandfl Bloome. cif J(t<*pni?y. Middlwex. Sailor> IW-hebr. A \Z\\en 

Harry, of Kame, Sj]in«t<ir, dnu. pf [f/lanft'] llarvy, of Foynt^ntou, uo. 

Soracreot, V^oiDan; at Stepney ai'***. 
Stv|ih[*u HJudi^ (if l>artford, vrt. KiULt, Waterman, A Glutabelb RogcrVf 

of aatn«, ^piuat«r, dau. of John Kouctv, gf Bnurkiutborpo, co. York, 

Tooman ; at S* DunstanV in ttc West, London, 
Fruicia Cro*»field [or Croflidd?], of Stv|moy, Miildkaoi, Taik^r, & Alioc 

tiadccoiba, widow of William Uadcombe, late of All UalloWB 

Barking, Londuii, dec' ; nX 3^ Jamed m the Wnllf Landou- 
Jobti Bo'iTviw. GpTit, A Marv CaitJo, of S* Marr lo Strand, Loudon, 

SninxK^r, dau. of [hlani^ Coatb, of Flanaers beyond a^as; at 

CliiAVfii^k. CO. Middlea^x- 
John Smalridgc, of S* Dtmiitan in tlio Wc*it, London, Wutermao. 

Bachelor, A iDaboH Proscott, of name, Spinator, dau^ of Daniel 

Pnaeolt, dec^ ; at 3^ Dnnatan'o af«'i. 
JamcM Taylor, of S* Alban'st, Hcrrt*, Milliiuir^ ^^ )f.irv TTohno*, rf Kamo, 

Sp'. her parents dead ; at 8^ Qile^ in tha Molda, Miildi, 
Williata ^iSu:I]l^ of d^ Midiox?! nd Bljulum, Londtm, Viatnisr, 1ljichctr»r, ^ 

Jau« Waliit, of aaiQe, SpuistCT, dau. of lUank] WatHii, doc^^ at 


of aaiM, Spr. her DArentB iml ; At S* Bri^e'«. Fleet S>, Lotidoa, 
Joltn Slicwm, nf St4-pfi<]v, <w, Middlesex, VFIiilebaher, Bdtcbolort i 

Cirilia Rice, of a&tne, ^p*. dan. of HroTj Rkv, dcc^ ; At SMpawT w 
Robert IIlln^ of All HaUow. ihr Lvaik Lot»dom Tdtow ChuiJler.i 

Samh TTjiHiinf^. of S< JanM^ GftHW^k HJibe, London. $f»aitcr» br 

p«jTniv dcBil ; At .S' .Taine#. Onrli^k IlJtW. afonvAid. 
UeoTT Ijidc, HcnrhcmlTjiHw^A Jadiih B*ler,of S^ Aiidreir, Hrtboet 

LondoD, 3/, rinii, of [i)«tT Itakir, ticc*; itt » AndivwV nf**. 
S«vii>rl I^tt, LAliot«r, i Sttii Kritdfoid, Sp', dau. of [Aiiviil] KfoJ' 

ford, dev' : at All HuJlowti, HoDey Lane. Lond.H)iL 
Ri<Jiard Hunt, of 9 Jobn Zacfaarv, LondoD. Victualler, A Uaiy Cmoi, 

of Stepney, BUddletex, dau. of Wdliam Careti^ dec* i at SttpiMr 

Jamea Winter, 0«nt,, of S< Bot<j]pb. Aldeng&ti\ London, BmcKZI,! 

Anne Pisber, of aamd, SpmAt«r, 18, daa. of John FisW, Gcat, vk» 

conwntu; at THritT* MiiMm«, Loo^lon. 
Tbomaa Browne, of Sheppertou, 00. Uiddk«ex, nusbandman, 1 Ama 

Barttiolomow, 8pin»1cr, doa^ of [AJMiit] BartlioLonioT, doc' > ftt ^ 

BenikM^ Prttirn Wharf, T^ondon. 
John Bteihini). of the CIit of Loadon, EtDbroiderer, A Alice Marito. 

8ptti9ti>n iIau. of Tbo'maa MaAion, deH ; at 8* Mildred'a. flrcid 

Htrtx-it I mil doit. 
Robert Oould [in tiiA7^n " Ootd"1» of »■ TkLirtiii in the 1^1^ >n^ 

Middle«ejc, Y^)inan. A TTntila Bnckniati. Spiaater, dau. of itki 

HtirkTnan, Yeoman ; at Fulhom, co, MtddlMOi' 
TbOEU&d So(Uui*r, Uriit^ of 5* Uilen in FieldN, 21 (hia pareota dead,^ he 

under govemmciut of Johtt CmiJc, of Mame. Dttutn, who coEk*eat<).^ 

0i*ahcth lEajTiiond, of S' CkiD^iit Dan«<», fipinntOT, !7. dati &f 

George Rarmood, of «aij»e, Ocot.* who conaenta ; at S* Clmcrji- 

Goykani [tic] Tllman, of J^tepncy, MiddlcMU, Sailor, A Agnea WillifliA, 

iTijlnvr of <fi>hn Wiltiatns, Intv of HaiD(.\ 8fiiIor \ at »anipO^ 
Mauricr E\-nn», Ypoman.A KUrahetS Kmpo", Sjy, dauofThomaaBap** 

Georgo tiirlinijc, of S' Catherine Coleman. Londi^n. I'aintor, ^ J«* 

Knif^lii. S^jmiitcr,dai^ of Jahn Knighliof iiumt<, Paintvrr at Stepa^i 

CO. Middli-fli'i- 
Gci»r^' RoHiiPon. of S' Clemeut Danee, Middleaei, Poulterpr, i Fmin^ 

Gr^'LTu-, widou of Miai€, relict of Itichard Greene, PDuiE«r«r i at S' 

Bride's, tlect Sttwrt, Loudon. 
John Vicon, of the CilT of Loiidon, Fi»hmon(^T, A Bndeet Oarey, ^ 

R* r^eonard*. Shonmitcli, uridow of Joha Gnne. Eat« of Munet nt Sr 

AntholinV LondoDn ^ 

G^r^ Hills of Alveley. eo. liWix, Yeoman, A Dorothy 8aTi(-e,o' 

South Okeiiduti, ** tounty, ffpjmter; at South Okindoti n(»*, 
William B<<ndft, Yi>omfm, & Mnry Hirklc, Sp', diiu, of Ihhmk} Siell^ 

dee* ; at 8* OoorgeV Botolpli Ijhip, Li^nJon. 
Hiomav PeRiiro, of ICnain^, co. Ewcx. lluinhandmaD, A Marv Gore, c?" 

dame, St/, dau of Uhnk] Gore, dw'' ; ai Widford, Uerta<' 
Tbotnd* C'oljer. of 9- ihU**, Cii|ipkgat(\ Imiidcii. Cordnayoor, Jt JoaC» 

Addi^hy. of nam*', SpinHtcr, dati, of John Addvrley, trf «^ 

Gloucester BakiT ; at 8* Beiinet's, Phul'h Wharf. London. 
£d«ard Tajer. of S' Andrew n, Holbom. London, Conlwrnuf-r, A AuO' 

Knott, 8piuii1er, dnxi. of .fohu Knott, of the Isle of Wight, e<^ 

Houthiuiij.Wn, Ytomani nl ti' AndrowX Holbom, nforcMtid. 
Riclianl E\4-red, Grnt,, fif S« SupulcKrf>V, Txwidmi, Bjurhclor, 2ft * 

Suwin Ileame, of S' Andrew's, Holhora, Spinater, 20, her panatfl 



DidhopB^jte, London, BaTter 

II, widow of Jfiiwttnl CArliii, UU^ ijf "am<?; 

Robert Gouldiiii^H of S* 

1 Vmni^ii ftutt, of B" Botalph, A1<i(EAt<», Tjondnn, BftltAf, Jt Abigail 
ThurTifwli>ti,Vfi'iijwof TK^mn* Thiirr'iwUm ; at S' Botolph Aforronid. 

2 Thomw Wright, of S' CUflvt-'s *%>uthwark, to. Siirrev, Leather Sellw, 
Jb Cicdt* MaU<*tt, of Kuk-liffv, pur St^jTii^y, co/Slhtdi,, ui<lciwof 
WitiiAETi li*]lcU, Btirber 8ur^<M>n, de<;'^ ; At All ILUIowb Barking, 

4 UeLnr Goodiiig* of & Muy, Whitccliapeh Hiddlc^ex, Bnker, t Rove 

Mdoiv> of «amc, 8pinst«r, dtiii. of [^/fintj Moor«, dec^ ; at 5"^ Mjiry's 

4 Willuwi JokuoTt, of S' If tf>phen'«, Wnlbrook, T^ondon, Morol^nut Taylor, 

& Mnnr Staple*, of S' Mvy WoolchwrcK Ijon<lcin, Spin«t4jr, Asu, of 

Waller StapWf of Iftliit^ton, M-iddleaex, Iderchaut laylor. de<!*; at 

8^ M&n' MoijnthjLw, IjiindoiiH 
8 Thotaae ifcnth. of the Citv of Ltjndon, Coopur, A Suoui BvanA, Sp', of 

iMiii>p, dill, of [A/rtui] FTAnn, dc»c^; at W CAth(inn«i Cree Chtirch, 

8 ViHiam Foe. of 8' M.irriii*a. Lml^At^, L'>iidoii« V^iutner, & Alive ^tAm- 

bridge!, of Chijrwkk, MiddlE^K^x, KpiitHtiT; nt i^^ MjLrtiii'K, Lu<lgnt>c, 


3 Thoinna Vr'nltcn, Gertit..i>f 9 Lawrence Pountney. Bachelor, 27. A Anne 
Lankier. SpiriMter, 30, daii- of M^ Jt>hii Ljiu^^ley, Citiv-tTH & Drnjicr 
of l^n^OTi, who oonscntA ; at ii^ Michuel'B, llu^^n Lane. 

Bichftfd Fnuid*, 0<nit-, of 8* MnrtinH Piulda/ BncV, 30. & Auno 
Cbatoberlco aiiag Bnrkhouvo, Spiualer, 32, «i*ti'P of WilZjiun Bark- 
Loom, Oent. of 8' Gregory**, London in Viirar-Generar* Book 
*' dan. of r^fdnAM Chumb<irtHi aHa* BurkhouMit, of Lco» Furm, co. 
Stafford, (3«nt "]; at S^ Aiirirowi War-lrobc* 

TKomAA Andiw, of tbc (*itj' of London, Mon^bnnt, A Mnrgarct Ditniol, 
»f Sjiringfirld^ oo. KhhI't, 8p\ dmi. of John D!LTii4.d< lnti< of iinnu^, 
Clerk, dec'^i ot liiffatc*ton*, cry. B««ex. 

% Clauitnt Prow<j, GenL, & Anne Tittloe, Widow; at S^ Bennett ?wVb 
Wlmrf, London. 

4 John i^iu-W, of S' Clotnont Danon, I^udon, Tnylor^ A Ifargnrot 
Soinerfteld, of *ame, SpiuHtcr dan. of [fi^^in^] Scmt^rlleld. of Congt^r- 
ton, CO. Chcrtcr, Huiil>ftiidniAn ; jtt ft^ l'lrim*nt Dntioji ifa*^, 

4 Walliain Ball, of S' nemeut J>aiie«, Middleeei, Waiormaii, & Auna 
Pattiu, of «auiCT, Spin«tcr, hor piLroutfi dc^d^ At 3* Bonnet, Paul's 
Vfhari, London. 

4 Alexander Capell U' of Physic, Widower, 32, A Jome HarwanL 
SninKtiTr, 22, drtu. of Vincx^nt Hnrward, Qnit., of Ewl .Sutton, Koiit> 
who conaenta; at S' Bride'^, London. 
M' Hfiniy Coke. R*q., ^on f»f Sit Iklward Coke, K^ A Margaret 
Lorelarrr, 8pinHtj>r, dan, of Rirhan! f/fw(Oflri\ of Hillin^Jonf ao, 
Uiddleeei^ Eaq. : at Ilillin^don aforeiiaid. 

8 HctJTT Rrll, Gent., Widower, 35. A Anim Kntiorby, 40, widow of 
Pantel Endi^rbov, Gi?Dt,. d^c** ; at S^ Gile" iu tho FivMi*, MiihU. 

Jokn Li*t<Tr. of S* Mfuy, Bow, I^tnulon, Mofv-or, A Dchomh NichdUrtn, 
Spmator, dau. of Eiimiind NlL^holson, of J-Mioont«n, *^t». HertM [We, 
¥Middleaei]. Gent. ; at 8* Michnol, Quoenhithc, Londnn, 

Williani ^kl^nd(;^M»n, of S' JamoH, CJcrkcawe)!, London, B:u.'hdor, 
Dlackaujith, &< AVmv Suunderw, of S* Botolirh, Alilcnig»tc> L<>iid^u, 
8pin*t4ir, dnn. of Rog€^r ^aurtdom, of Todtlington, c». Bedn. Shoe- 
maker ; at S^ Botolpli afii<^. 


Au^ 31 





































UARaiAGE LICB^'Cl;a geasted 

Darid Parbn of All Haltov*, Hooej Ltm, London, Ctothvoiker, i 

Anni* Pitllix^ke, of ^^^ Michncl, HuggcQ Liui«, London, 8piDtUr;li 

All HalFonv ^orvoald. 
BJcbftni Hnui-r, Gent., EWhrl^fr.SO.AEIimboth BAvron.of S^AtidnA 

lliillvirn. About AO, widon of Jolin Bimrn. IaIv of ittm^ Oenl, dec^ 

about A ye«r Hioce ; at S' Beanet, Paul's Wharf- 
Willtun Cotton, of 9 VWntt^nX Daik«, Midd](>.<cK, G«At., A Mtlpni 

FlucVe. (^f vAuicr, niduw of TboEuas Piiii-ki-; at S* Cleiuc»t'« ftfvrnuii 
KoboFt KcmtkATit, MuMbnu^lmnn, A MarK^rvt OollTOr- widow of BoW 

C^IIjLT, of pHrbriiciit. t'o. Sun*}', Thi]«r; at 8' ftti*--luM3l» Que^ubitlw, 

Tbomjui Allen, of ?}tei>ti<>7. Midilleaex, si]kii«aT«r, & Uarg&iet Onnucf, 

8mo«tcr,djkU. of David Grimlov, of vatuts VToodoioii^r ; iit S^Uiij, 

Whiffvlinppl, <*o, Middli^finx. 
Chriatorher nnmnche, (Itiit . 4 Mary Addie, Spiuslert dau. of Frmiicii 

AdfTio, of Dftiton, eo, York, HutbELndinuu ; at S^ P«tor\ Wcstche^ 

Kicb:ir<1 Wilkiiidon, of S' AndPCvrVlfolbom, London* Taylor, ft A^ 

Tlt^d^fntiiL, Spiiutcr, ilftii. ai ThoiiiOA Hnd^*oti, <if Kendall, cx). [Jld«t]> 

YeoiDai: ; at S* Bennett E'aul's Wbarf, London. 
Jotiiah Hart., of K* Martin, Imnmoti^or Lane, tiaberda«her, ft AinB 

\VillJiif;o. i>f LiUl« Al\ HulluAB. ThamOB Strt^ot, IfOndon. Spivkr. 

dAi). of NioWim Wt^blingfk, of uinio, IWwei*; at Barking, ca 

Jofftvy Hookf*, of Onett. co. Emox, TiMniian, ft Iianna QraT«i, ^ 

I^axiniF, ft^ ca, SpbaUr, dau. of John Oravee, Teomaa, dec'; >^ 

S" Catnarinc Cnxiclnjtvli, London. 
IfeoiT BtirlWi^', of S* Botnlpli, Bldicpni^atr, Tiondon^ Caq>«iitcr» ft 

ETizabeth Bracken, i>f same, widi«w of Cbriftto|)1ier UfSckeB 

rttrjicntcr; at 8^ Itot^lpb, Aldcn^^atc, London* 
WiUiaui Ax»lrt?^*e«, uf Qrutl & BarlWomeWj Loikdun, Tador, ft 

(iibbu, nf Hame, dau^ of Jolm Oibbu, (i^ ; at S^ Maij, lifiiii 

Jamc« Jones. Clerk, M.A., A Bridget Huntingdon, Spinater, dau. 

Atidrovr lluntin^bm, Bn^krr, of S^ Anno ft AgQCtf, 

Loudon; ikt t^' BuUilpli, Ald^nla 
Gilbert !*irkrtt, of Witbnm, /*« T;»iflox, Woollen DrapTT, A Jani* lira; 

8p^ dau. of Ht'iirv UraptT, lU^ ; at Mar^n retting, cr», I^a^^. 
Philip Copplctnaii. of S^ Anii» Blackfriar*. London, ttoidamilh, & 

CliciiBCiit, uf S^ Martin, Ludj^iiU*, ^pintili^r, h<fr pnruiitj draul ; 

S' &4arj Mouutbnw, London. 
Jolin Evans, of & Gilefl in the Fioldn, Middlesex, Labouror, ft A 

Nt-altT, of flame, widow of Robert Netiler. 
Goortr*' Unrff, l^lclcbcr, A Sibcli JUichaolwright, widow of Tfaomatf 

Uicbui'lvhilgbtjii.te of 8^ Martin iu iba VIutry,Li>tidtrti,Bmbn>id«rer^ 

nt S^ MitHiii rtforrsijiid. 
Aaron Wi:jdcbiiuk. (Sent, of City of London, IlAcbolor, 31^ parooU 

dciul. A Janp I)avic-fl» of H^ Andrew's, Uolboni, Spinster^ 26, boC 

pireatH dead ; at AJl HalJo^a tho Great, LcjmloiL j 

Thonmo IL»okcr, Gent, of 3* Munr. Strand. Bactclor, 27, A Maij* 

PritfhanL "f »amc. Spinster, 2lS ; consent of her mothor, a Wiilow ; 

at S* Ann'*, Blackfriars, London. i 

A rthur t^iffhcr, of S^ Bcm't Shcrchog, London, Grocer, A Jane t'SlEhugbel 

tjf S' Katlieriiie CriM-HrburL'b, Luiidimt M'idow of John FitahugU 

MorcbAiit Tailor; at Stopney, t*o. Middii*BOK. 5 

Jobn Tounj:c of 8^ Bobolpb. Aldgale* London. Carman, A Kjitberinfi 

Tatam, of S^ Katbcrine Crec Churchy Spiiivter, dau. of TbouaM 

TaUm, Yoomaii, dcc^ ; at S* Cathc^ne Crce Church afa*. 



Sep- 23 




itf. ao 

«L 2 

Oct 2 

Oct fi 


CL 12 

n-idowof AbniliAin Woufe, Men^ef; it 8* (.^iWrioe Cmi Ohureli, 

Jfdvard ^mith, of 3' Bride d. Lcrtdou, ittaU A Margerj Cooke, of S' 

S(?|iuli:hnV Loodoti, 3pLti»k-r, 4Uu. of [^hmt] Co9kv, ^fX^i tt All 

Hnllftva, Honey Xtuie, Loodon. 
Tobias Wynnr, of ff Chri**topJjer le Sio^^Ls, Loii<l>n, HulxTJiaher, 

Ba-fUelon & Aiin^Whr*d(jr, ofS^ MiMw^lin tV Poultn"» Loinlon. Sp', 

(Iaii nf John W heeler. G en ti^icc^ ; al S* Mteti^el. Queenhilbp. LajikI^^u. 
MioKocl M^afltiJirt, of tlw Cilj of LoiiiIoq, Mcrcbuit* St At\*x ILirton, of 

S' LeviiiaHt 8Iior^lo1i. 8piufl4«r, iliiu. of Hoburt HofUmi, at OLxne, 

Gent, ; at 3^ I^Mituurd. .SlioroHiU^h. 
Willuin Whitrow, of the CUy of l^ritlon, Viotualler, A Jmne Wurdley, 

of [joitdon, Spiiititer, il*u. cf l^l4in/t] VaHley, doc^; nt 3' Atmo A 

Ague«. AJdcTttgntc, Londott. 
John SUabrid^e, of S' B«Del Fink, Txindou, Piummer, Saohelor. A 

Eliiahctli Hnlo*, af nuni\ wvUiv uf TJiomw tluloK, iak' of sAin4f, 

I'lumoQor; at !9 Beunet afore«ai<L 
FrAuciB Butk, of 8' Martin in the riold«, Middlcnox, Vcomaii, & 

Uargery CleoK'nU, of tin? City cf London, Widow ; at S^ ^klArtia'a 

ItobiTt C'nrtntlL of S^ Botciljili, Alilicnto, Lr>t]<lon. Bttmaker, A Blixabctll 

CUrkr, of 9^ Fnith, London, r^ptuator, hoT i>arentfl dead ; at 3^ Anne 

Jt AjiEtitui, Aldcraf{&tf^, Loiicion. 
Joliii Luot*fonl. of S* niloa in t1io< Fields. MidiUeciex, (frnt^er, A BacSel 

BHnghur>t. of ti' AinJrcwy Ifolbom, Spmstor, dau. of InuMr. Bring- 

hum, of eame, Veomftu; at S^ GJIea aforesaid. 
Edmuijd Nichfllfui, of Cibridsp, MitUUcNci, Grocer, A Mnrgcry Tiitdnks 

Spiiutor, dnu, of Thcmav T^adalc, of Cowloj', ^ eo^, Yooman ; at S^ 

Lril^ in ihe Fiiddfi. Middlesex. 
WiJUam Barcn, of S' DiinHtaii in the Woat, Lonclcn, A Jane Kilict, of 

nUDdt Spinater, dau. of Jolm MilloL, of Gilaet, co, Surrey, Ycomau; 

jit S' Gnd<;X IdOndoij' 
Ant(i<iiiy Tliiiji-r, f>f S* MarlinV Tronmongttr Ijuie, T/indoTi, Hal^Ti. 

daaKor, A Bridget Weal, of Stepue)% Miildle»*ei. widow of f^bfuak] 

Wenl, of fairtCr flmr<T; at St<"pjn-y af"n-<aitl- 
Ric^ari LomK-n [in mirpn " Londoj *'], Gonl.. BncJiclnr, A Jo&ue 

Roofcy, of LoiidoOf WpiiiiiUjr, dau. uf Hobort Uoofco, lat<? of fimno, 

Qea*-. dee' ; al S^ MictiaoL Quouidjitbr, txindon. 
Arthur Knight, of S' BridoV, London. natH>MftAhor, A Unula Sailer, of 

London, Sptadivr, dau. of Witlmm &It«r, of Bellrella io IroUnd ; at 

S* LconardV IJroaJey, Middx. 
WuUUn Ooflliiig, of Su>pii]<fy, Mtdidlowx, Sailor, A Anue Jolley, of 

aane. Widow ; at Stepoey aforeaald. 
Thosna* Qat««, of AKHf(;rd, vo. MMk^vx, Tailor, A Blithe Bull, of 9 

Boiolph, BfAhopagate, London, widow of John Bull, Porter; at S* 

Botoloph AfoT«taia^ 
Tlinoiuu BlOTidy, of S' JamM, Oarliek Hitlie, London, Stdt^T, A Doroth/ 

F^Dtoit. widow of JamcM Fenton, lato of S^ Clomeoit DaiiOtt, Middx., 

GeuL; a£ F^inontou. Hcrt* [''^1' 
Benjamiu DowiLe, of ^' Gile« iu the FieJd«, WdUIoiieK, Vcomaji, A M^r- 

OMPot I£oTell, of aarno, Spiovtcr, dnu- of Wnivt:] Botell, of Rhod«^ oo. 

wnoenet. Yeoman \ at hn'^t S^ DarLMoinew, London. 
Ft«»ci« Qoldioeb&iD, of We*tham, cc. &>jiex, Starchmakert A Alice 

Lawlease, of & Leonard, Slioredilcli, Uiddlcaex^ Widow; at S* 

Leo mini '4 afort^Mkid- 
Aiudrew Sifawcll, Brit-kUyer, A Ellen Collins. 5lpmat«r, daa. ot John 

Collin*, Gardener, dec^ ; at S^ Bennet, I'aut's \Vliarf, Loodoxi. 


O^ 17 Jti^riTT W.:k:!L^ ::. f ?Tr-iz*T. >Ciii._ Sailor. Bacb"_ ^ 

O-r:. IS A:. ir^T F,- J:. ;: E: :-r.j. ■:. Ec-^i, *?Ft:;t. ^ Anne Haaion": 

a: E:i:-Zi: r^-a. :, 
Oct- IS Fatri' * Kai^jiiv. : Wir-^h-z. o^v MMile^x, Saii-jr- ± 

<iti.--' : a: T^' Ji=^e- :_ :r.^ Wall. L :.i>n. 
O-t. IS Johr. II,T:-;r„.f ?*■ Jlarrln in zle Fields. Jt-ldleser, Ccol 

0''t. 23 Edw^ar-i Calv*:tTi--ll. >>f >" Martare:. L5:bbaiy, LondoD. ' 

Marv Wij^U-ir./nh- ■:-i S' Brlie'i. L-z-u-ion, widow 

WiL'L'l'.'W-^rrh, Te-c:a:i ; a: S" BetneT. Paul* Wharf, Loa 
(hi. -Jl AiitL'.r.y Ki-^bif. -f the C;rr cf L-ir^d -a. GoM^mhh. Bocbelo 

Bull" of parce. Sj-iri-Ur/'lau. of .V--*:h->ny Bull, law af S= 

Loijil-m, G'''MT*j.::h- dec-; at Ali Ilaliows Barking-. Londi 
Oj.-t. 25 Th'THia.-i Na|flt-tuti. of S" Jame^", GarliL^k ICithe. London. Clot 

Aiine BoH^iit-r, of T-'ttenLain. ili-i'ilesei. ^j:in*ter, dai 

Bowattr. of >ame. Ilal't-rda^her ; at Tn::euhain aforesaid. 
f>ot. 20 Thoma.- WilSiam*. of S' An^iriew TTudirnrhaft. London, IL 

HmrMoT. ^ Anne Ad'lam«. of ^me. wM.'w of Jamr<^ Adan 

at S" AndreuV afnre^id. 
<h't. 27 Wiiliaiji Kj.JL'ht, fftnt, /"f Lincoln's Inn" in Vicar-Genen 

]fach', 2:1, & Su?an Brad-haw, of S- Boiolph, Aldt'r»^ii 

219, dau. of Thomaa Bradj'haw. of S Gile* in Fields, I 

roti.'^orits ; at ^' Butolph, AMeragate. London. 
Nov. 1 Natliaii -Smith, of ^^ Bride s, London. Cutler, Bachelor, & J< 

fif Chtl^ca, Middlesex, -Spinster, dan. of John Jone^, of 

WfltH, Faruierj at S' Bennet* Paul'i* Wharf, London, 
Not. 1 Geon^o Alexander, of Fiuchley.eo. MiddJe«ei, Huabaiidman, 

Siuiptton, of same, Spinster, dau. of Thomaa Sirap«on« Hu 

at Mnehler aforeaaid. 
Not. 2 Billiard Hi^'get^, Yeoman, Bachelor, & Mary Bodkin, Spine 

William Bodkin, of Henley on Thames* Gent., dec-*; j 

Blount haw, London, 
Not. 4 William Jelley, of Hackney, Sliddi., Husbandman, & Elizabetl 

of mmv. Spinster, dau. of Ihftznt' Williams, of Hallowell 

Hudbandman ; at S^ Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex. 
Not. 4 Tboniott Osborn<;, of S^ Nicholas Olave'e, Clothworker, Wido 

)^uj<an Owen, of S' Chrii^topher's, Londo[i,Sp^2(i,dau. of L 

of same, Gent., who consents ; at S^ Christopher a aforest 
Not. 6 Hciin' Sayse, of S' Giles, Cnpplegate, London, Pen-terer, i 

Vi arren, of same, widow of Leonard Warreii, hitc of sam 

at iS^ James in the Wall, London. 
Not. 5 Francis Black?, Tailor, &. Elizabeth, Mickelborrowe, Spinsl 

Leonard Mickelborrowe, late of Lowe, co. Lincoln, I^wyi 

S» Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Not. 12 Richard Beunctt, of S* Botoiph, Aldgnte, London, Joyner 

Bishop, of same, widow of ibhnf:^ Bishop, Poulterer ; at 

Honey Lane, London. 
Not. 12 Edward Shewker, of the City of London, Grocer, & Dorothy 

Spinster, dau. of Thomaa Frankucll, dee*' ; at ^' Nicholas ( 

KoT, 13 Bobert Hardy, Gent., Bach% 32, A Constance Pajnie, Spinst 

of William Payne, Clerk, late Parson of Haaliugfield, co. ' 

dfic^; coiuent o£ her mother attested by Henry Pa 



Andrew'it Holbora, Skiimer, brother of edd ConstftnGe; &t3^ John*a, 

Walbrock, London. 
16 Henry Bishop, of Leigh, co. Eesei, Sailor^ & S&rah Turner, of same, Sp^ 

djiu. of [Afanjt] Turner, dec^ ; at Aeheldon, co. EHsei. 
16 John NicLoUb, of the City of Loudon, B&rbertouaor, A Cecily Crabb, of 

aame, Spin8t«r, dau. of George Crabb, of Meres, co, Wilts, Cloth- 
worker ; at S* Peter the Poor, London. 
16 John Marten, of S* Michael ad Bladam, London, Cook, & Elizabeth 

Usher, of 3^ QOes, Cripplegate, London, widow of Thomaa ITsher; 

at S^ Giles, Cripplegate, aforesaid. 
19 William Lambden, of 8* Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Baker, Sa 

Martha AzteU, Spinster, dau. of [bl<mk] Axtel), dec^ ; at 3* Mary 

Hounthaw, London. 
19 William Warden, of S' Martin in the Fields, ^ Obrioiian Dawee, of 

S^ Giles in the Fields, widow of John Dawes, Carter^ at 8^ Mary 

Mounthaw, London. 

19 John Pemberton, of S^ Peter's, Westcheap, London, Gt>ldsniith, A Mary 

Lyndsey, of S* Sepulchre's, London, dau, of [blank'] Lyndsey, dee^j 
at S^ Andrew in the Wardrobe, London- 

20 Bobert Josselyn, Esq,, of Sabridgworth, Herts, Bachelor, above 20, son 

of Bichard Josseiyn, Esq., dec^ (with consent of Sir William 
Maynard, K^, <& Dame Suaan Maynard, Widow, to whom he ia 
ward), A Bridget Smith, dau, of Sir William Smith, K\ of Thoydon 
Mount, Essex, Spinster, about 20 (her father's consent attested by 
M' John Atkinson, of London, Gent,, A by M^ William Smith, 
of Thoydon Mount aforesaid, Esq., brother of said Bridgett) ; at 
S* Botolph, Aldersgate. 

22 Bichard Cox, Citizen & Dyer of London, A Anne Lambe, of S^ Andrew^s, 
Esflteheap, London, Spinster, dau. of John Lambe, late of Camber- 
well, CO. Surrey, Gent., dec* ; at S' Andrew's afs*. 

24 Giles Kinge, Clerk, M.A., Curate of Xiangley, co. Essex, & Susan 
Yanson, of S^ ^rtin in the Fields, Middx., Sp^ dau. of " Andriam " 
Tanson, dec* ; at S* Botolph, Bishopsgate, Lond. 

26 John Duffield, Cook, & Anne Nicholas, of Bislipp, Middx., Sp', dau. of 
Henry fflcholas, dec* , at S^ Leonard, Foster Lane, Lond. 

29 John Aylett, of Magdalen Larer, co. Essex, Gent., & Kllenor Aylett, 
of some, widow of [5Zafljt] Aylett, Yeoman ; at Magdalen Laver 
1 Marmaduke Greathead, of S* Bartholomew by the Exchange, London, 
Founder, & Katberine Dorrell, of S' Giles in the Pielde, Middx,, 
Spinster \ at S^ Giles in tbe Fields afs*. 
3 Thomas Sheffield, of Ftnchley, co, Middlesex, Husbandman, & Mary 
Eglentiiie, Spinster, dau. of {blank'] Eglantine, dec^; at Christ 
Church, London. 

8 William Hill, Gent., & Mary Symonds, of S^ Giles in the Fields, Middle- 

sex, Spinster, dau. of Francis Symonds, Gent., dec* ; at S^ Dunstan 
in the West, London. 

9 John Holden, of Stepn^, Middlesex, Manner, & Mary Barker, of same. 

Widow J at same. 
9 John Wilkinson, of S* Giles, Cripplegate, London, Girdler, Bachelor, A 

Mary Butter, Spinster, dau. oi Valentine Butter, late of Sistey, co. 

Kent, Husbandman, dec* ; at All Hallows the Less, Thames Street, 

11 Thomaa Hoggery, of Hanwell, co. Middlese^c, Husbandman, A Joane 

Rggyn, dB.u. of [fi/flni] Piggvn, dec**; at Hanwell aforesaid. 
13 Thomas Booth, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, Loudon, Draper, & Alice Hardy, 

of Bame, widow of John Haidiy, Salter; at 3^ Nicholas Olayes, 




Dec 15 

Bee 16 

Dec 18 































Jtn. 1» 


Ediranl Smith, of S* S^^pulchro'*, Lordon, Ye«mui, & Sa? 

of eune, 8pinBt«r, dau. of Thouin^ Scoiler, of QeddiDgl 

co^ North^, YcoinsLi] ; nt S' Boti>lph, Ald^nte, Londan. 
Tbuuiju Luclyu* ui Springfield, i>». £m€^, Ti-umiui. ^ ?b[4rt1ii 

of «ame. 8pin»t«T, daiL of John Heynolda, Aec^ ; nC 8^ Bei 

WliiLrf« London. 
Edmund BUke. of S« Oilra in the FSelda, Middic«ox, Cftrpeot 

KoviNtt of H^ Clomeiit D&uea, widovr of Edmund Keyei, 

At {'lirist Churfh, L<.>adon, 
Bamnrd Jar(v>, of Uridrwell precinct, X/>ndor. Tunur. < 

Bi^K^, widow of »Haci>i Bingfie. lato of S^ Bennefa, PU 

Ijondon, KHhnaker; nt S* Bennct'i iifi^, 
Norritt Dovli'j, uf Cirtr^l All Hallows, Loudou, (K>ut-, A Be 

iSoW. widow of fi/y«^-l Taiifiold, lat« of S^ SatiouKu, , 

BftltT; Jit 8^ Micnuol. Wotid fttrtflt, London, 
ChiJetopheF Britten, of Louglkton, co. Kmoh. Bncktittk«T, < 

Cr&bhi^^ HiddW of Tboinax Orabbc, Idle of tAOie, La 

8' Man, W^itocliapel, MiJdleeex. 
Willinm Mftrtfln, of Noft.liil<M>t, ri^. Kent, Blwkitmitli, A An 

SpinHltT. dau, of Ho^er F&intert late of Grareeend, oo. I 

At Stppny, Middbsc^i, 
lluiijiihrvy Foordain, uf 8' Martm*B, Lud^aie. London, Bi 

Kfiinbcith Cnrtwrit;1kt, of S* Sepulchre**, London, vido 

Cartwrijilit, Siulor; at fl^ Sflpulcnns^a afu"*. 

John Todd, Dakcr, A KILcn A«1iton, of S< dttlKTinc I 

London, 8p' dau, of BoWt A»hton. Aoc^; nt S" Mn 

Vintry, Loud. 
John Mi>^ri^ of 8* BotidnH, Aldgfttd, London, HabcrdMher 

Hy [in mAixin "Bye '], of aame, widow of Leonard . 

dcuihor; at Woflthfim, co. Kvocx. 
John WUkiii^oti* of Stepney. Middloitax, Sailor, A EMtabo 

of nrtmc. Hpiniitrr, dun, of John Shortin, of fauio. Soil 

HallowH in the Wall, lr)ndou. 
WiUimrx yixuimciit, of 8^ DuuntniL in the WchI^ Lonilnnj Bh 

Hridfp.'t HikU'kiuH, of unmo, Spiiiitor, dan. of £dward li 

S' JamoB in the Wall. London. 
Thomaa Smithj of S^ Bridu'n, Irtnidon, Blm^lsi'Tnilh, & Sumaii 

S' Martin id the Fields, Spinrtor, dau. of Thomas Need! 

S* Brido'ii nlortirtftid. 
William Dvincx'kf. of S* Gilo*, CripuWaU*. T*ondDu, Chand 

Bamwcll, Spinster, dau. of [Ihnfc] Barnwell, dec*; at 5 

the Wall, London. 
niDinnH Mnyc, Bruvn^r, A Kli/,fllicth 8on(\ Spinster dau. 

Sono, of the City of Loudou. Butcher ; tt\ Stepney, Midd 
Simon ^V^n1o^, of S' John'fl, Walbrook. Loudon, BlackHmil 

beih Kinpiton. of Stepney, co. Midd^., Spinntfr, dnu. of Jo 

of 8ommcrj-on, co. Huntingdon, Glazier ; at StepnoT aft 
John ViLille. of Great Dunmow, co. Ehmji, iluahnnduiitn, A A 

of Littio Canfloli), n^ oo., Sp', dnu. of [A/«nt] Moor< 

8^ Katlifrine Cn.:t^ Chnrch. London. 
Stophcn Hopkins, of S' Mary, UlingtiinT Middlo«ex, Fusdj 

A Ellou Colomuu, of Kaine, Widow; at 8' Beonut) Pw 

Biduud Doro, of CTiHmBford, co, Epaox. Tooman, A MaiTiar 

of nine, Spiikftt^^, dan. of [Itiank] Buiidoi;ko, YcoiDft 

S* CaUi^riuo Cnsc Liiurch, London. 




JkiL IB 

Jia 22 













Fob. 3 

Pot ft 

^^. 14 

Sw ThoBia» Palnwr, K^ now of & Bot^lph, AMijnigmtc-, Wi<lowcr, GO, 

AM»Ali^-ii 11titi«,of th« Cit5 of Louduii. Willow, 50; hi S^ Xicbi'.^ 

le Queme, Lundon. 
John LoTeweU, of 3' Andrew's, EnAkli^p. LodUod, Ct€thw<rrkor, X 

IdMTpavl Itemc [or ? KviiK^], of £S^ Kithnrintr Crco Churcli, XioodoDt 

widow of Jolin B^tiic, l&tt< of BuckmgU>u« co. Warwick, Mill^^ 

at & Attdn^w, EutcHoKp. afomaid, 
Bogvr Browne, of 3^ Ma^^aret'a, Woatmiiuiter, Farrier^ & AJico Pointer, 

ap'iMt H» Hcnnet, hiuln Wharf, Undon, 
fitL-lionl M*jr«B, of BdtuonUm, Mid41t»ox, Labi>an>r, & Bllvn EicKmoud, 

Sjitnit«ir^ at Kdmont^^n nforeaaid. 
William Shorccroct, ot FuIIulqi, MiddUwcx, A AtiTio Garland, of same, 

Spm*tor, dau. of \bhni] Gartand, late of co. Berka, dec'^ ; at Fulhain 

WiliiAm F'jlkc*, of S» Qilo» in lU PicJd*. Wi4dloeox, Browcr. A 

Alice KollpT, of BamOt widow of John Seller, Brewer; at 8^ OtIm 

JohD Baackcii, of Pulham, Middlmoi. HuabAndman, Jb Mary Vinc^it, 

of Mune, widow of Thumaa Vutccuit, Htubaijclmaii ; at ^^ Bouaot, 

Pkul fl Wh&rf, London. 
Jo»epK Ewor, Gent., of S' Oile» in Fieldn, Bach% 21. A Dorothy Pitch. 

of ume. HpiuAtor, 18, dau. of litiihord Filch, Clerk, of Plu^IjiTig 

in tfaft Low Coujitntitf, dec^ uboiit b ji^arM since; conjioiit of her 

mother & Lis father^ at S' GUco in FioJiie, Madda, 
Jaiarv Fin^h, Cl*irk, Onrat« of S^ flilni in Pinld*. ftwhftlnr, Si^, A A nne 

I'^toh, of 8' Leonard, Shoroditch, SpiuBt^r. 19, her father dt^tid about 

yean [Vic*r-Goncr]il'<i R*iok najM " dun, of Ki<-hhr<l Fitch. Vltsrk^ 

dec*"]; consent of her mother [btanl] Ewer atiai Fit«h; at 

S* BeunetV, PauVn Wi^arf, London. 
WiUiftm Cooper, Bakor. A Rlieaboth Bolton, widow of Thomas Bolion, 

Ute of Eaton, co. Bucka, Baker; at S^ Martin in the Fiel^hi, eo. 

John Smevth, Ortit^, of Great 8^ 3arthc4omctw, London, Bocholor, 27, 

A Anne Fafn^ll, of Hnino^ Spiimtflr, 22, drtu of WilUAm E*,iyiit*)l, of 

Btifford Caatio, co. Tork, Gent,, who couteuti ; at Great S' Bar- 

tliolomew^a aforesaid. 
Roger Griph<Tii [f Griffin], of the City of Wefltmiimter, Y«oman> A 

Margaret Lloyd, of ^' Gilca, OripplcgAtOi London, ^piiLbtcr^ at 

8» Bennel\ Pfttil'* Wharf, London, 
Fnncid Kn^ht, of S^ tiller, Cripplegale, London, Whitcbaker. Baohelor, 

Jb Anne HeaT<fy, of S^ Ii<*(n9t, Faur» Wharf, Loudon, t5piiutcr, daitp 

oEThoraaa Hcuiey, uf Griiidou, co. Wurwick, Yeoman. 
KichAfd Tirrell, of S^ Sopulchro**, London, Grocor, Bachalor^ A 

Kathonae Hnucoie, of name, Spinftter, her parents dead ; at S^ 

Jamed in the Wall, London, 
M' William Boswdl, Clerk, M,T,B,. perpetual Vicar of S* Lawrence, Old 

Jewry, Londi>ii, A Fi-ancc* Waller, of S* Bcpulchro**, Loudon, 

KriiiihU^r, dau of M' ThoinoH WalliT, htt« of BiHikingl&eld, co, Bncka, 

&q., di;!!"*; at [hhnh]. 
Stephen Naahc. of Cliathani, co, Keut, Stulor, Bachelor, A Faith 

Kinge, of flame, widuw of Jolni Kinge, Carpenter; al 3' NichoUm 

O^ve'v, Loudon. 
Thomaa lones, of Fiyering, en. Mifldlenei, Gent, & bubelJ Wlutbey, of 

Edmonton, h^ l'o.. Spinster, dau, of [6/int] Whitbcy, Yeoman, dec*^ ; 

at 8' Mnry, Whitceliai)cl, MwldJeaeJ. 
JoflepU Cttiuvt^laud, of the City of Loudon, Flttchcr, A Ajiuo OibBrju, 

Bpimter. ffan^ of John Oibwon, of 8^ MIohiurrH, Huggiu Lane. 

LoTidDn, Htvbi'rdwher ; at &^ Micluiel'» aforoaaid- 

VA. U 















Feb. 18 









Feb. 21 
Fob. 21 

Ptek 22 
TA, 23 

I^ 23 


John Ptrnmt* of S* Nh^bolfti Cole AUm^, XoiiAoit, PUmongfvr, A A 

Goldin^, of b^ Ethi'lburgh. LoadoD, SpgnftcTt djio. of [^i 

QoMin^. Baker ; M Sf Ethelbuivh a£v^. 
Q«orgG DifkinAoa, of S* Bololph, BiifaopBgmU>, LodUoh, CordinliM*, 

Jt»D<T SoELdon, of BA0Uf, SpiDtfter, duii of [iJ^n^] Scmdon, Jo/r 

doc''; ftt H< Botclph afoTfiMiii. 
Oeora-e FAyerelougli, of 8^ Gilo» in U10 KaIdi,llicldE,, Jojuer, A Joaw 

Biunn, of 8' SiepberE, Coktmn Street, London, widow of [blank] 

UUwti. Clmtidk-r; At ^* Lconat^t ^burixLitcK Ixiad, 
Tobi» I>iion, of ibc City of London, Uftb«rdAA)i«r, A Alic« F<al(K^ 

SpiiwtiT. dau. of JfliDM Feake. of the City of LmdcHi t it Stefoej, 

CO. Uidd]«flei> 
SvDMiii Callin*, of £4^ Brido'v, London, Cardwainefi A Tboin&nnc D?Kk«, 

of Min«^ wiiicw of Wmittm Dnke, Tiolor; At 8' Brtdo's v^in*. 
Vmiinm ACnfTetL, of Si^pn^y, Hiddi., Huiner, A HArati 1tAwl<fCA,aC 

Mine, Sjy, dau. of AbrahAm Rairlcnn, M«ri]kOT, dvc* i Jit Slopney tW, 
John Harwell^ of Sl^pney, co. Mirldi., Tcoman, & Mary Onmn, of 

Muoe, vridow of Ulirrr Oriffin, Mariner; ftt Stepney tiir, 
Brian HMri«oD, of S' Ikfaiy, Wlutoch&ptl, l^ddi.. Sailor, A Bi«^ 

BMTii>.Ki<lnwof W'° llArru, lat« of nine, 8uk»r; at8* M^y, White* 

cbftpcl, affl^. 
ThoaM C'lkc, of £4' Diin«tAn ic tho Wo«t, London, & Aliec WaJker, of 

& OUei in tW FiollB, Uiddlcoi-i, widow of TUomu Walker, Oeoi j 1 

ftt H* Qilet ftfoiMud, H 

Kmon NidiolU, Htnnor, A Juditli Piin»tt, of St«p&oy, co. Hiddx^H 

Widow; Dt S' Andrev in the Wanirobe, London. 
William Kiniiyn, of the City of Londan, Apothecary, A TrviiU Bftker, 

8piiu)ler. of All UaIIows Barking. London, dau. of IhUmJe] Bdcer, 

d^: Ai S^ Mary. Ulingiati. Miditlt?«*i. 
Oeorgo QneCt of tue City of IxiadoD, HobordflAber, A A^m Pilkinj* 

toD> of S^ Mary, UJjDgton, Midilceex, Spin»ter, d&u. of TboiuA 

FilkiuKtvtu of Ail $Ami«, Nnrthtimptoa ; at Edmonton, Midi. 
TlioiTHin Tvy, iif S* T..eonar<l, Fofter Long, Loudon, Woollen Drftpur, A 

KlixnTbcLh NonnjLt], of H^ Michael Ba^niiiluw, Loii<lon» Spinfiter. do^. 

of Kich&nl Norman, late of Wcetmiurter, BlackuuiUi, dcc^; tl 

WefthikUi, CO. Bmcex. 
Andrew Edgcombv* of Stepney, co. Mi<]d]c*cit Ocnt-, A Eliubetli 

IklnttlxrwrMi, nf hjitii^, Rpiiiftt^r, dan. of Thoniiu )I>ltlivwMp dc<^ : it 

S' Mary- Whilechapc-l, Midd(«ex. 
Bobc<rt Royle, of idi^h^t«, Middlcacx, VictiULller, & Btmbetb D&nwl, 

Spiiiat«r, dau, of [*/o«*J Uflniel, dec" ; at Ili^h^te CbapeU 
TboiiiaA Stwrnnw^ CordwwMr, & Eti&abetb Wlutmou, Spuurtcr, dau. of 

ICiohard Wliihnan, of Leigb, at. Bucka. HuAbaudmau ; M S* Bonnet, 

Paul's Wkarf, L^Ddoii. 
John Stnilbf, Uutcficr, & Elizabeth ilmlitif!, Spinster, dan. of Jobn 

Ilordiii^. dco^ ; at S^ Bvniict, I^ul'tb Wknrf, I^iidoo. 
liumpljroy M^nrw, if S< f^>u]Ghro'ti, London, CluLncUier, A Alice 

CftdwdleMk^r, of Stoke- Newinrton* Middleaex, widow of Peter 

Cailwoilot3cr» late of aamo, Inbolder ; at S* Hdtii'*, Lond. 
David Ap Uaviv, Htulnndmrm, Bachelor, & Joani> ])r>-an,of Lowiaham^ 

cti. Keet, wid^w of John Bryan, B1ack«iuith ^ nt S^ Nicholiu OlaYo'e, 

Qtoi^ Pcuuvc, of 8^ Onf^ory'x, London, Ilabenbubcr, A ftfary Att«r- 

bome. of S* BenEfl's, Paul^a Wharf. Londcm. Spinfttcr, daa. of 
l^acdet Att«rbanic, duc^ ; at S* BcToaol, Paul> Wliarf, afomnid, 

1^ IjQOi nf S' Olarv, Old Jewry, London, Skiiuicr« A Preciocci LucAe, 
«| 8^ Jamee, ClorkenwelJ, Spin«tei, diu. of IbUaU:] Luca«, dec^ ; at 
S* Okl»'», Old Jewry, aforenail. 



Feb. 25 


fioliori Ec«tei C*fwttr^ A Anno Adrdlnr. SpirutoF, dfttL <ii lAvrronec 

Airdley. de^ ; »L S^ Ik-iHiet, ?AuVe \VliArf. Lnnd<iD. 
Willuun Stringer^ T*iloir, A Aut^p Biich, of vS^ Gik^* in tW Fioldn, 

MHi.. wulow of John Hauh^ lute vf Tdvuie, ^Lenliiiau. 
TbcmiM Wnni. iif MTi^Uian, Knox, Vi.-umuiL, A Ix^Ml Uoothbr. of 8' 

S«]>ulchzu^B, London, widwwr of Boger Boothbjr, QultUmxtb j nt 

WWluLak ftfi>rv«aid. 
fcb. S6 Edward Hun^rford, Em., of S^ MArtin't in Fields, Bach', 2«. «on of 

Bir AfttbiHiT llufi^onord, who coDJMitu, A Mai^rmt EIollidaiGv of S^ 

UftTtbV Vintrj [Viciv-GD]»m1'» Book m^ **f>f 9 Martin Out- 

witfti *'], SpiciHi^r, a^ed [ — ], dan. of M' Wilham H&llid^, Aldi^ritinJi 

of Loadon, who ooiiM?iit» ; ftt W&mrlcHl, Riwx. 
Chiiatopbar WftlineAlej, of Edmonton, Middi., Carpent^^r, ^ AJice Bftl- 

dooKO^ of WtfUD, wuicw of Th^mui Haldu^ko \ ftt H^ liuoiuutl, 8buro- 

diuii, Uiddl<Mx. 
William 'Bale^ Cleri. & Isabell Cottorcll of S< Bride's. London, widow 

of Wmiam Cotton^ll, Cutler; nt Bridtjwell Cliipel, London, 
Uoniy FoQcei of &^ Stepben, Coleinan E4trc«t> London, thmt., A Anne 

Oimfbffd, oi Mune, Spinster, dAU. of [btanJi^ Qmford, dcc'^ ^ at tt* 

Bju-tl)i>1om0rir the Gre«t, L^ind^m 
RoWrtStlman, MArinoT, <Jt Joftnv Voevinll, Spinjit«r,dAQ, of John Yanol]* 

of fiHtwood, 00. Earn, Mariner ; at S- >'iohoUa Acoiiti, London. 
Hichnnl AuniicU [in mai^n " Amtdl**], of L*xbridgi!, Middt.f TAitor A 

Alloc Bittld^vii* SpiiiQtvr* dliu. of Thoiuaa Biddwyu, of Bftrficid, oo. 

Middlraei, ilUBbundman : at Ickenliam. tliiiHx. 
John AtkiuAiin, of S^ Brido'H, Londoo, tienl.. Bachelor, A Sara Cart- 

wnght, of f^uth Ktma. ftiiddi., SpioBtor, dau. of [AZaniJ Cartwhght, 

OetJt, doc'; mi H^ Mattb«v, Fridnr Strfwt, LoudoD. 
M' Thoiow Locu, Ocnt, of S^ UAriiij'«, Ludgato, Ba<^Mor, 23, aoii of 

M' Thomae Lacac of name. Keq* who cooaoobs Jt Kntberinr Smith, 

of & Miirj, Strand, 8p\ 22, dau. of M' [bhnic} Smith, of [fi/anA-], 

eo. Emox^ dsc^; at S^ Leoniu^, Fo«i«r Lano, London. 
Bdmuod BntlcrrubcG, Ocnt^, of London, Bpfhclor, 27, fntWr duod, A 

Anne Bra J ci;, of 8* Murj Hltl^ l-iondcin, Spiiii^far. 10. parents dead ; 

at H^ Maiy, Wbitocliapol, MiiidirAc;:i. 
John Ilevea, of Bov)ifora, Eeaei. Woollen Draper, & Maty Foord, of 

munC) f^iijiilor. dau, of Williiiin Foord, of nunc, BwrbrowCT ; at 

Rochfor^ aforra*id^ 
Qeorge Beet, of the Citj of Lon^lon. Grocer, A Anne Ballard. Spinstdf, 

dau. of Jamvtt Ba1lJll^i, of 3* Ethelbiir^b, Loudon, Iroauiouj^^r ; at S* 

Jam^ in the Wall, London, 
Uumphrcj' Davitn^ort, of 8^ Mary Ma^olcn, tiondon, £nibroid<rroT, A 

Alarv J)iWJo. of S' HiLrtliolntutw hy ih* ETo)ianpP, Ijondon, Hp\ dau. 

of Bjchard DibUe, Gont ; at S^ Karthidomov aforviriud. 
Geotent South, Hercliant iWylor, Bairhelor, A Anno Keya, of Stepney, 

CO, Middx., Sp', hor parunte dcrnl ; at Su-pne^- afortwuid, 
VrillUm Barncr, Tuuntr, Jtt Alicu Lovi<}y, Spiunturr dau, of William 

Loney, HufthaudiuAn : at Staiiiea, Middloaex, 

Boberl Bradbury, of S^ Butuluh, Aldjeatc, London, Joynor, & Morgnrct 
Gxiv, of S* Marlin in the* l-lolda. MidcUe«nx, widow of [blank] Guy, 
Cleric J nt S^ Slnry Sn,T4iy in tli<* Strand. 

Tboinaa BenrHford. Oitiien & Habcrdwhcr, of London [" i>f pariah of 
fi* Edmund, Lrmbanl -Stjvtt," Vii:at'Geueral'» Book], IJacliolof, 28, 
A Clemence Willouf;hlio« ^>[liuolor^ aUout 21, kor paFCUts d<.*ad, she 
Dov kTiag with Keltham Willoughbic. Edq., of lUekmuuwortb, 
HcrU, who cotiecnte ; at Hicfapanaworth aforceaid. 

F(&. 36 


|m. 26 

FA. 28 




Ibb. ss 

Mar. I 

Har. 10 

Mm. ao 

atar. 21 

Uor. 33 

April 1 

April 6 

S6 1U.EEIA0& J^ICBKCm fiftU^TED 

Apnl 13 Bu^Lbj AOm. 0«Bt. of S> Uutifi'* TWii, UUiUmv. Bark'. ICj 
J wkfi Kere, of AH HbDowv B>ttin|& LoiulaB. 28, widow of f*~~ 

Apnl 14 Jobn .' ..'Ji^tT, Heru. .fiO,* Awiric Vu 

of .S^ UU*u'*,iiii»i)rSiinWt>'' Wirinw, :*3, «ili^: of Bi-ihw^ Wafil 
of miKt, <]m^ &b* i jMT* to&co : a£ S< Mat;, Uinxtjm, MUiii, 

April 14 John Naufan, of f? Bride's. Lomlw, Qol^mhli, A KaickM Wn 
of :>* 1fiJ» m ifae Kickb, 3Uddx^ 8{f , dftiL of Bictfatfil Voftti;^ 

April 14 SuDoo BroeU, of 8^ (^tLsnikD Oft« Cbnrch. Loadon. Co(»p«r, 4 Jfl 

WHsoD Ha nufia " Willimi **], of tt&w, ^pi&ster : At S< 1^ ' 

A priJ 14 OeorRc Ferriinaa, of 8' Andrew in the Wv^mbe, LoDdoti, T»y1nr,4 J 

Uattot, at lAtnr, Wi<ioif ; ftt £" Gcor^V Botolph Laap, [j^iflDa- 1 
Ajifi! 15 Tbotnoj l^tutiAt> of ^** TCntlienfii^ Ct>lenaa. Loadon. Carpeater. 4 " 

Bojwieii, of 8* Mvj Woolnotlv LoodoOt Spiaotori 4t & 

Starning, liukdosL 
April 15 JohiiTyVU>M.of Onrat All IfMUm^TbuiM* emvt.LomdoEuCa 

A Man- KJii^ht, of ■qhw, 8piiiit«r, d&u, of Rtelwrd Kui^ cl i 

CioihwoHer: At Gn^t Ail U&Uowb iiforvatd. 
April 10 Adftm JoLji«U»h-. Tnilnr, A Joane BotkEll, of S^ Mvtiti in tbi* 

JUddlewj. ^piDsur. dau. of Eobfrt Bodcli. of Scjrfeidt oo. < 

Ckvpentcr; at S* MArttn'^ aforca«Jd- 
April 17 John Tompuku, Glivi^r. BA^Helor, A Vlotvnc^ PowfH, 

of [tlMk^ Powell. Browcr ; «t S* Bcfiuet, fWnlV WIaH, Lowlot j 
April 19 Ueiiry Burn of Watford, Herto, Coopor. A Uorothjr £ut, t^, 

pamiU (l<iiid ; At S* BndltiV LoodoD- 
April 19 TboEiiu Clookoa, of Ivlcrvrurtk cu. M>ddl««oi, Yoooaxl, A 

Eeltiaiiclce. of S< Mary \t i^tnixl. KidJlcMi, widow of 

1ijtb«xtck| Iftto of Anw, tifrnt. ; ni 8* Mary Sttvuing*)!, LoDdoo, 
Apnl2d CletncTiit Sorrell, of fitepDer, Middlesex, ToomAa, it Anao Sidiltfil 

Bamo, Sp', dikU. of [woffifj NollcFf dcc^ i at auae. 
April 20 Kicbard Vaurill, of Ham]>»leHd, Huldl^v^x, Yeoman, A PraaoMl 

of Muno, widow of UoboH Iddoll.l&teof WLTocitYooauiQ: atS^Oli 

Jewry, London. 
May d William Tur&or, of S* Botolph, B»bop«nt«t J^ondon, VinUtor, 

Jooo Boighnoldtf, Sp', dau. of P^tor Boighnoldo, of 8^ Martin in I 

Vintry, London. Weaver; at Stopooy, oo, Uiddkspi. 
Hay 10 Tliomiu AdiEor, of lIiLrril, co, Ikbdax,, Hcafaimdiaan. A Elittbrth 

i'abaer, of liillinploo, a' ca, widow of Uobcrt Piltncr, late of Mid^ 

Butcbcr ; at UiiliiiKdgn afonMoid, ^H 

May 10 Tboniaj lTud«rvkcK>d, of PrittWwell, oo. Eaaex, Tai1«r, A Mary Cnna^t 

of inme, :SiHiiat«r, daa. of John Orisakkc, of Di^bndj^ tfi tio. 

Miller; nX & Petw*-, Piuiri Wharf, London. 
May 10 iidwnrd Marrill, Veotooti, A Jano 11ewci«, tji Scimfoid Magna, oftBaroi, 

8j>iiiitUT,ilau.of WUliainHewea, Ycaiiiautdcc^i oi Cbi^noll Smoylaj, 

at. Emoi. 
May 13 Edward llmniinH, of 8^ Lconsrd, Shonditcb, Middx., Coniwwiner, & 

Janu Banlor. of mme, widow of TbomM Budey, bto of ta&ii, 

PiNQimaker ; at B* Ltviiaid** gfoi'maid, 
ftlay IS Wiliian MelLo, of BaU'Hff^. vo. MiddJi., Mariner, BaeV, £ Kltxa1»oth 

[f iliofl, of naiiH.*, LSpinalcr. bvr parent* dead ; at Stopnvy, co. Middi- 
May 15 William Peirvon, of S< ^fildriH] in tbe Ponllry, LcndoD. I'ailor, & Dinah 

CribvHkii, •'SpiMtcr, dau. of William fribton, dirdltnf in WoiUaort- 

taud, Y^oioan ; at S^ tilled io tbo Fiddi^ JhlidJleeoi^ 
Hay IS Richard Keuip. of S< Mary. Wfite^^hapel Middl«MUE, Shipwri^ift, A 

AniiO Jomuino. of aamti'Spitutvr, ilou, of Ueory Jeraaiofr, ' 

doc^; at S> Mary, Whitechap&l, afonaaid- 



17 WtnUm Bow^tt.of S*S<>pulol)n>V London. Vintner, A Ellenor Sauu Jw«, 
of S' Mfiry Woolnoth, London, w-idow of [Ihnk] Hi%jia<\cn, Gent. ; 

17 EdvrOT^ Joha«on, Ucnt,. of Sprinefldd, U»e%, BacVolort 23. paranU 

dt'Oid, APliiiliMBiKicT [''BooBcy " mVicnr-fjciwjrftl'i" Div>kJ,SpiQatcr, 

SI, doji. of Kd«flr»i Bocey. of Sjrnngt^rhl afon-Fiaiil. Gent., wlio 

coiiaMitu; »l S^ Bcnnct, Paul'" WImrf, Ix^ndon, 
•5 17 Ashtou Germrd, Gent, of S= Beunett'ti, PauTi Wharf, BacMor, 30. 

(nlltvr (Iwl, A KMberitLr KrWiWfl, 'if LuiKJon, Spiimtfrr, 30, dxu. of 

Hu;;Ei Erwood, Ute of Cnmiuil^c, eo. CbcBtcr, Yconuui, dec*; at 

S" Beimel Sherehonff. 
Hij 18 Bi^burd Bi^loii^, of Vitre, <^, ITortiK TootzLan, A Dicni> Wright, of 

Stondon, Spinntori hi Ware aforraaid, 
Vtf 22 SubL-rt BuofcIL YcomAH, A HJitabelh Frvclnndf SpitiotcT, dtM. of 

William Prtyiland.of Homley, co. Surrer, IIu»1>&Ddinjiii ; at S^ Oiibrie] 

F«Dcliurch, London. 
Hbf 24 John Smith, of Wa(>piug, HiddloAex^ Siiiii Carponter, Bachelor, A 

Margery Corbctt, widow of Thomiw Corbrtl. Ulc of «am&. Tailor ; 

at S* Vt^Ur\ PrnJ- Whnrf, Loiidotj. 
Maj 24 Walter Pendlebun, Genl., of 8* Martin's F\M». Ba^^helor. 22, uarcntfl 

deud, ^ EIiKal^fth Bra^'kcnbiiry, of fetnii^ Spmnlcr, 29, <1au- of 

Francis Brftckeiibuiy, of the town of Cornwall, oo> Devon, OeDt^> 

dec' ttliDUt 14 vcjtra niitcc, aho novr Uweliiiii^ with thr lauly Nauutoi), 

of S' Martm « aforcaald, wbo eouufiit* ; at 8^ Mary, 8lrujd, 

Mjy t7 Jleitry Ahemiatit of S^ fveouardV SboredlUb, Middi., WeaTer, Bachelor, 

&> JoacLO Piiwbnrv, of 9nmr, Sp'. clau. cjf Humphrey Dawbiiey, late af 

aauw, M^unciatK ucir*^ ; at S'^ l^vfitirwd'o hlorotoXd. 
Miy 27 Willuin Atkin<i<, Taimer, A (lirintmn Wetherky, of K«nt!ahtowTt, t'o. 

MiddUffOJi, Ji^pitLJitcr, dau. of Jclm Wi^thcrlcy, of laiDC, Yeoman ; at 

B' Leoaatii'e, Fcister Lane, London, 
*fty 27 JcMeph SnNtow.of S' Dmisuin in ihu WcH, r>»iidon, Bri^rklnyur, A Siimh 

Slehtrt'iui, of 8* BrJdv'ir. LcindDii. widow of [^fan^J Sk-lboofl, 
^ " Warrinor " : at 8^ Marv le Strand, co. Middleaei. 

*hy 3! Hichard Style, of HillJtigdmi, Middl™>i, Bulch4*r, Baolicl^r, A MurKcrj- 

liubbvrd, of Dt^nhaui, ll>, Huckfi, f^pin*tcr, d*u. of BicJi'' llubbera, 
_ of Kimc?, Miller^ at S' fSilcn in the Ficbi**, Middi. 

*lay 31 K-lwnM roliiiftii, Gent, of S* Cirment l)rtn<'«, Baohelor 82, A Mary 

nill, «f S^ Martin'^ LiulKntp, '^i, widow of [fJhn^^ Hill. Ociit., Into 

of H* MichaolV lluggen Laoa, dec^ 2 year* ago ; at tr' MartinX 

Ludjjp(t«% I^iidon- 
Thoiiia^ FytiL^, Ct'ut.f of 3^ B<TDii«t'«, FauVii Wliarf, al]«g0iii loarnn^fo of 

hb brother Oliver F^sbe. Gent., of BijegWwadop BmU, Ba^-hclor, S3, 

A Uarcie Smith, &[>iimter,20,dau. of THouiaM Scnltl, of Biggk^ntvAdo, 

Gent., who roDFCtiU: at Little ihllmgbtiry, Kcuei. 
Joliu Brelttford, of LiiDdtm, Draper, Bachelor, 27, A Ma^ ^pnrniw, of 

6««tingthorpe, HjjtnMier, dmi. of M' John Sparrow, &♦<[-, of Kaine, 

«ho caoM^nt* j attested by M' John Sparrow, of iomcGCTit., brother 

to B^ &Iaiy ; at GeHtiiigtbon»e afn*. 
John Bcadf of Christ Chun'li, l^f^iuhm, Ftaker^ A Mary f^raronDe, of S^ 

Sopiilchr^'V LoiiJou, 8piuaU.'r> cLiu. of ILniry 8t'iivvrmo, of King*- 

wond, WiltK, Clnthworkcr ; at 8^ Sepukline"* nf*^. 
Jeremiah Hokk** "^^ ^ Bride'w, Jvondou, Salu-r, A Htden Waynowright. 

Spnial<'r, dan, of John Wavnewnght, of aatnc, '* Lignator " ; at 8* 

Bi-iui^ls Paurn Wbar{, Ltiiidon. 
John Gondo [?G<], of S* Jaine^, Clerkonwell, Mi<]dle«ox, Sadler, 

Bachelor, A Elizabeth Moore, of HaiD(\ widow of John Moore, 

8>vf or ; at $< Jamoa af oreaaid. 


^ViUuitn Slewd. Iftl*' of « 

■Ittl't Whuf . London, Badidtt; 

*r i>5!*, Gear-*, of S* 

^L >ri 8ir BidUTd Ogle, E^; 

ba, bto of Mit^ats, co. fin 

# BirtMoineor, London, BmU 
. _ _ '« i>f S^ Jomoe, Ckv^^ff 
Vu&un DfiDtoa. Genu ^^ V 

T««fc, London, Dipr, A EUen V««l 

frf [A/tfni] Webliiig,da*;il 

ii Inner T©mi>le, Bftctelor, 80, 
fl of Hayd^n, Kflset, who (^odmMv 

V ClotJivorkcr, who consenU; il 

i'^mhill, London, Merchant Tn^jrUi 
ffalloTvg Barking, London. Spijiito; I 
u ^» l\ter>, Pftiil* Wharf, LoadoiL 
Luui- & Marv Jndcsoii, SpiiMlerj i 
^ S* Jame^, Clertenwell, Middi. 
/ 'A Jonne Price, of 8' Pot^ le P 
- '^^er Ii« Foot. 

vm of BriJevfeU, London, Yeot 

L Mw, Spinster, dau. of Bichard Ifu 

■<■ Audr^w'fl, Holbom. 

^^^^ir©'*, Londoii, Skinner. A Anne STyf 

_ ^ ^W-u*] %Qdd, Gent., dec^ a1 

Bfcylor, Bachelor, A Bebect^ Bter 

HK y London, vidow of [hlftnJt] Stov 

i d twmid. 

*iV CO. Middleaoi, Poulterer, Wido^ 
^iMtrr, her pan-ntB dcadi nt CI 

iiV W***t, Bachelor, 38 or SO, A 
:,*INini, Wplnstor, 22, dnu. cf 
,^4i*pni ; nt Litllo S* JiajLholomu 

__ Hilhiv London, A ElixAbDth B] 
M Uidille»>cx. 
^V '.I. of At't<iTi, Middloaex, Spins 
Vooiiiaii, deCi at S^ Nichi 


'T>, (►f tlie City of London, Grocer, & Alice Moylc, Suinster, 
r-.^.-niarf Moylc, of Kovciijficid, co. Buckd, Eaq. j at S' Andrew 
■ ' Wardrobe, London. 
ILi^^lupp, of Hainp^tead, co. Middlesex, Yeoman, A Anna 
Ik^-liijip, SpinetoT, dau. of Robert IlA»2upp, Scnior^of same, Yeoman ; 
;il Christ Cnurcli, Loudon, 
l)a\iil Lviidncy, of S* Martin' h, CO. Middlesex, Tailor, Bachelor, & Anne 
Wataon, of aamc, Spinster i at S^ Gile/> in the Fields, Middi. 
:• 2'.) Jolm Bromley, Cuoke, & Joane Peirwon, of the City of AVoetminBter, 
■Spinster i at 8^ Pctcr\ PauVB AVharf, London. 
JiiiiL* 30 John Jackrton, of S' Olave, Hart titrcet, Loudon, Carpenter, & Mary 
Clerke, of same, widow of George Clerke, Farrier ; at All Hallows, 
Honey Lane, London. 
Julj 5 William Pace, Millnjan, & Lettice Rode, Spinster ; at S^ James, 

Jolj 6 "William How-pill, Gent., of S^ DunstanS West, London, Widower, 66, 
& Mary Cherewell, now of S^ Sepulchre's, SpiuHter, 20, dan. 
of [blank'] Cherewell, Gent., dec"* i b^ Marv dwelt with r^ Howpill a« 
his servant IJ years until about 3 months past j at S* Sepulchre's, 
where she now dwelleth with one M"^ William James, Gent, who 
Julj 7 Zachariah Blackstock, of S^ Botolph, Bishopsgato, London, Yeoman, & 

Sibill Dewsbery, of same, Spinster; at S^ Botolph afs*^. 
July 7 Thomas Ridge, of S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, Dior, & Jane 
Waters, widow of George Waters, Mariner ; at All Hallows, Honey 
Lane, London. 
JnJj 8 John Lawrence, of S' Andrew Underehaft, London, Bricklayer, &, Anne 
Chafen, Spinster, dau. of William Chafen, of Sherborne, co. Dorset, 
Cordwainer ; at S* Giles in the Fields, Middi. 
i^ 10 Charles Crooke, Clerk, Rector of S* Olave's, Silver Street, London. A 
Amy Revett, of All Hallows Staining, London, Spinster, her parents 
dead ; at S^ Olave aforesaid. 
July 10 Henn^ Partridge, of S* Martin in the Fields. Middl^ejc, & Anne Bilcliffo, 
of same, Spinster, dau. of [i/ani] Bilcllffe, of co. York j at S' John 
ZachaiT, London. 
^^j 13 Robert Whitham, Cierk, Vicar of Barling, co. Essei, & Thomazine 
llawke, of Stanford le Hope, widow of Robert Hawke, late Rector 
of same j at Stanford le Hope afs**. 
'^uly 19 John Hawse [in margin "Howse'*], of S^ Botoiph, Aldeate, London, 
Glasier, & Anno Sothcme, of sanie, Widow ; at S^ Botolph aforesaid, 
*my 19 Walter Bowen, Victualler, Bach^, & Lydia Burdes, Spinster, dau. 
of [hhnk] Burdes, of Eatonborrow, CO. North"*, Yeoman; atTrinily 
_. Church, Trinity Lane, London. 

'^ly 19 Henry, Lord Gray of Groby, Bachelor, about 21, father dead (consent 
of his Honorable mother the Lady Gray, to whom he is ward),& M" 
Anne Cecil, Gent., about 17, dau. of the R^ Hon. the Lord Burleigh, 
^ who consents; at S^ Bennet Sherehog. 

^ly 20 Sir William Harris, K*, alleges marriage of his son Christopher Harris, 
Esq., of Lincoln^s Inn, Bachelor, almost 21, & M" Elizabeth Grim- 
flton, Gent., almost 17, dau. of Sir llarbottle Grimston, K' & Bar', 
^ who consents ; at S' Faith's, or S' Botolph, Bishopegate. 

■ Uly 20 Henry Brewen, of Christ Church, London, Grocer, Baclielor,A Friswith 
Lunt, of S* Catherine Cree Church, London, widow of Thomas 
^ Lunt, Skinner ; at All Hallows the Less, Londou- 

*"Ulj 21 Robert Dewhurst, Esq., of Chesthunt, Herts, Bachelor, 40, & Prudence 
Dacree, of same, Gent., Spinster, 25, dau. of Sir Thomas Dacres, K^, 
dec^ ; consent of her brother Sir Thomas Dacres, K.^ with whom she 
lives ; at Chesthunt aforesaid. 


^"^ : :-< GRAXTtU 

.■.■^:,j:: Srn-et. L^^n■I " : .- ^l.ii^ 
.: KiM;r.iif vi;r. ■ '_'- f 

'! -■-:/- VWA'U, Uii.-]..-: 7 .: c .^:- 
"V -'-.^iii^tiT. Sj-Eu-^^r. 1:-. :,;:. : )i 

:-. u . U.-r::^. i ; i-^ .. .. r 


^ "^ . :. . <i \- . :^ '/. ^± n ■ 

: ': T- "■^' :^ :. '1 r ": ■. "' ^' 

' - Y ' ":„ :, V - «... i 

■ : . . = . : r ■ li. 

-- r * L. ■L-^ i 


*. ■ ' ; -.,.:, ,\ '/.;-. V\"..l:,.:. : .-.tire. 

, y.::-. M. ;;:- -It, ?...-. ^j^::o mil- 

^ . , V i''ornr:.'Ar;„ Wi-i.-Wc-r. '*-^. Sc Prance* 
■ ,\-':.:. St.- ■:;. lu-i^:.. r^vK-^ n \\-at tim'f : 

^ v« rii'lrrslia!"!. l.iMiiloii, SiTivoticr. i 


Aug. 25 John Tounge^ Clothworker, & Margery Tounge, widow of John Tounge ; 

at S* Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 
Aug. 26 Cbristopber Baylie, of S^ Dunatan'e io the Weat, London, " Barbitonaor/* 

& Elizabeth Tapp, of same. Spinster, dau. of [blank] Yapp, dec^ ; 

at S* Peter^H, Paul's Wharf, London, 
Aug. 28 John LangtoD, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Skinner, A> Hebecca 

Salisbury, of same, Spinsterj dau, of Thomas Saltaburj, of aame. 

Baker; at S* Olave, Silver Street, London. 
Bbj). 6 Philip Yard, of S* Augustine's, London, Haberdasher, & Sarah Bobin^on, 

01 S^ Andrew's, Holboro, Spinster, dau. of John KobinHon, of Bame, 

Baker ; at S' Anne's, Blackfriars, London. 
B^ 6 William Burstedd, of S' BotoJph, Bishopsgate, London. '* Textor/' & 

Mary Toothacre, of Cowley, Middleaei, Spinster, dau. of Tbomaa 

Toothacre, of same, Yeoman ; at 8^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
9- 7 PiBncis Thompson, Yintner, A Elizabeth Austen, Spinster, dau. of 

Bichard Austen, of Hounslow, co. Middlesex, Yeoman; at S^ Bennet 

Fink, London. 
^ 7 Peter Hill, Joyner, & Elizabeth Glover, Spinster, dau. of Richard 

Glover, of Westwell, co. Kent, Yeoman \ at All HaUows, Honey 

Lane, London. 
tp. 7 Thomas Wra^, of S^ Giles in tbe Fields, Middlesex, Gent., & Jane 

Smith, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Spinster, dau. 

of {bhnk] Smith, dec^ ; at 8* Mary, Savoy, Middx. 
Bt^H 11 Peter Johnson, LeatheraelJer, & Penelope Stockton, Spmater, dau. of 

German Stockton, of All Hallows Stayning, Loudon, Brewer; at 

S» Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex. 
^ 11 Charles Hayward, of All Hallows in the Wall, London, Carpenter, A 

Margaret Butcher, of same. Spinster, dau. of [blank'] Butcher, dec^; 

at a^ Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London, 
ftp. 13 John Todd, of South Myms, co. Middlesex, Husbandman, £ Suaan 

Basse, of same, Spinster, dau^ of Geffrey Basse, dec^. 
fcp. 15 George Willie, of S^ Mary Woolnofch, London, Goldsmith, & Christian 

Freeborne, of same, Sp' ; at S^ Nicholas Oiave's, London. 
Sep. IB Chiiatopher Kaley, Citiien & Grocer of London, & Mary Owen, Spinster; 

at S^ James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, 
fty. 18 Thomas Price, of the City of London, ^^ Barbetonsor," A Elizabeth 

Maninge, of same. Spinster, dau. of Peter Maninge, of Downe, co. 

Kent, Yeoman j at S* George's, Botolph Lane, London. 
Bq». 19 Junes Vicars, of 3^ Augustine's, London, Merchant Taylor, A Mary 

Tirrell, of S^ Dunstan's in the West, London, Spinster, dau. 

of {^blank} Tirrell, late of same. Baker, dec*" ; at 8* Dunstan'e afs*". 
Sep. 23 EdwaM Kitchen, of S' Andrew's, Holbom, London, Gent,, & Jane 

Packe, of S^ Clement Danes, Middx., Spinster, dau. of Thomas 

Packe, of Colchester, co. Essex, Gent. ; at S* Martin in the Fields, 

hf. 26 Martin Boothbie, Gent., of S' Martin's, Ludgate, London, Bachelor, 42, 

& Anne Can-, of S^ Anne's, Blackfriars, London, Spinster, 20, dau. 

of Gabriel Carr, of same, Q^nt., who consents; at 3^ Anne, Black- 

friars, aforesaid. 
«p- 28 Philip Ewers, of Maldon, co. Essex, Sailor, & Elizabeth Harris, of 

I^gh, B^ CO., widow of Thomas Harris, Mariner; at All HaUows 

Barking, London. 
«p< 29 Whorwood Shad well, Esq., of S» Martin's in Fields, Middlesex, Bachelor, 

35, A Elizabeth Halsey, of S* Clement Danes, Widow, 34, relict of 

Eichard Halsey, Vintner, dec^} atS^ Bennet's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Bsp, 30 John Eaton, Gent., of Stepney, Middlesex, Bachelor, 30, & Ellen Palmer, 

of same, 26, widow of [blank] Palmer, Gent., dec^ 4 year ago ; at 

Weethftiu, Euex. 

\ **- 


. ...- V.itaui, ->f Chelmsford, co. Essex, Gvnt.. & EliE&betli Bamsej, 
-.1 -,v. ::f>\ ilaii. <>f William Ramttey ; at Sheliev, co. EsseL 

■ K'n;t>_v, 'if ^^ Bride' tf, London, Kaberda^tier. ^ Anne Baskerfieli 

' ^irtNii s^ [Jarthulomew, London. Spinster, d^n. of [blaiti] Baakn- 
■ -Hi, itc-; at S' Bride'a, London. 
: .ui^a^i Uew wood, of the City of London, Apothecur, A Sarah Colliu, 
.' S- Mary Colechurch, I^ndon, SpiusEer, dau. of Beginald ColHm, 
, Uuddk'V, cii. Salop, Husbandnuin ; at All HallowB the Lm, 
' .'juaoii. 
~v L:.:;tui Uuil»cu, Gent., ^ Margaret Addams, Spinster, daa, of Alei- 
.i-lcv AddLhins, Clerk, Bcctor of CtanhAm, co. Surrey ^ at S^ Pete^'^ 
■*auj'* Wharf, London. 
^ "iouoi'D IWliardrton, of S^ Michacl*M, Cornhill, LoDdou, A Alice PflTy, 
^p . 'ia.n. of William Perry, dec*" j at S» Peter's, Paul> WW, 
'1 Uiim Cidlrns, of Great Wakoring, co. Kbbcx, HusbandinaDi & Ansa 
\V\->«tbroijke, of Sutton, co. Essex, Spinster, dau. of [£/tfikt] Wot- 
bruoke, det.*^ ; at Sutton aforesaid. 
k VhKtiUi^ Uolli^ter, of S^ MichaeVa, Queenhithe, London, Blaekimitli, i | 
.VIiv.e Wood, of »ame. Spinster, dau. of Thomas Wood, dec*. 
v.^ -i Jauicu :Seabonie. of S^ Bnde'e, London, Chandler, A Kellen Wri^ 
^ipinijter, dau. of [blank] Wright, dec' ; at S* Nicholas Cole Abkj, 


\i.. l> Fraiii-is James, Eaq^, of 3* 01ave*H, Old Juiy, London, Bachelor, 20, tii 
father dead, ^ Sara Pyott, of S* Lawrence [hlartk], London, Spiufltofi 
10, dau. of Hichard INr^tt, late Citizen & Alderman of London, dec^; 
conirt.'Ut of her mother Margery Pyott, of Laytou, Essex, Widow; it 
Uiytou afopi'flifcid. 

*i*. S4 WiUiiuu Kadwell, Sailor. Jt Agnes Berkett, widow of Henry Berketti 
law of tJ ravi^oiul, Kent, Coidwainer ; at S' Geo^*s, Botolph Itfd 

\.. -'vi Juhii AOfclv^.of S* Manin in the Fields, Middlesex, Toome Maker, A 

Jwitw \\*;u*i>n. Spinster, dau. of [blank] Watson, dec* ; at S' Peter'*. 

l\iu\ U'h:trf, lAmdon. 
l.ivi^n\l lU\'kiT, of S^ Leonardos, Eastcheap, London, Butcher, * 

\"ciiu-ikv Ur\nvn Spinster, dau. of John Qrover^of Odiham, Hant<i 

Htii^'iK^r , ui S' Andrew Underahaft, London. 
\. "k- -..-.u SiL-kU-j*. Yeoman, & Alice Sole, of S' Dunstan in the Wefit, 

'..-...lo:., S|. : at S' Peter a, Paul's Wharf, London. 
\ Nil M.K\. \.'i Uooktng, CO. Enaex, Clothier, & Elizabeth Clerke, *^ 

I iiv't^Li^ii liavuon, a"^ co.. Spinster, dau. of Stephen Clerke, of sani^ 

N 1 s-.;:.oi , .11 t'heydou Mount, co. Easei. 
\ 'v.\.. tumult. Hunbandman, £ Auue Kitchen, widow of ThonJ^ 

\ 'v.vji, Uu^handiuan ; at S' Nicholas Cole Abbey, London. 
\ ^ \i ■» s K'ii*n\l. ^*f S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, "Homebreaker," * 

\;>..*'v.t» \\ Kiu\ oi Miuno, SpiDijter, dau. of [blank] White, dec^j *^ 

\ ^t.t'ts'tt^, lU'iU'V l^iuc, Loudon, 
\ . X \.i. "m\m .^^.vlt.^'fS' Martin in the Fieltls.MiddleseXjDyer, a Franc?** 

.' V \ :L*iu\ dim. of JamwCoXjGentidetf' J at Great All Hallov^' 

\ , V V* ^" "^ 'vvis-^*ii. v*l S^ l*atherino Croechurch, London, Haberdasher, * 
\ .s -s^* ^'li^ Vs** S^^uutor, ilau. of [biank] Cuckoe, dec" ; at Trimfc^ 

\. y Vv^' V V s*.'.* 'i ^' Ma\\ l\*kvliurch, London, Tailor, A Anne Taylo''' 

.. . ^. \^u^^wl , *i ^' IVlor H, Paul's Wharf, London. 
V ^ ,1, \ \ ».'<v^,^i» ^'-i Uv^J'udvn^ on the Hill, co. Essex, Yeoman, & Alic^ 
V * .1, ^ ^ ^*i«*\ 5S|<u»iw. dau. of William NeviU, dec* ; at 3' Peter'*^ 


r 14 Antbonj Locksmith, of Cherteey, Surrey, Teoman, A Bwmn Bogen, of 

flftme, SpiDBter, d&n. of ThomsB fiogera. Yeoman ; ftt S' Michaere, 

Queenbithe, London - 
r, 14 Chriatopher Abdy, of tbe City of Loudon, Gent., Widower, 60, A AJic© 

Heatb, of S* Andrew's, Holbom, 50, widow of Henry Heath, 

Butcher, dec^ ; at S' George'e, Botolph Lane, London. 
T. 16 John Casflwaie, MarineTf Jb tJraula Moore, Hpinster, dan. of [blamk'} 

Moore, dec*; at WTiitechapel, Middlesex. 
T. 16 Thomas Bannister, of the City of London, Draper, A Margery Walter, 

Spinster, of 8' Martin in the Fielda, Middlesex, dan. of Richard 

Walter, Teoman ; at S* James, Clerkenwell, Middi. 
T. 16 Bobert Sturges, Husbandman, & Ellen Lennail, of Shepperton, Middle- 
sex, Spinster, dau. of Edward Lcnnal], of Egham, co. Surrey, 

Stationer; at Fulham, Middlesex. 
T, 17 John Miller, of S' 8epulchre*0, London, Coachman, A Anne Watts, of 

same. Spinster, dau. of [A/aAjt] Watts, dec*^ ; at same. 
T, 20 William Crowther, of S* Lawrence Old Jewry, London, Skinner, A 

Katherine Foxe, apinster, dau. of Richard Foxe, of same, Cloth- 

worker ; at S' Martin Outwicb, London. 
1. 22 William Jacobb, of the City of London, Draper, A Rebecca Burrell, 

Sp', dau, of [blank] Burrell, dec*; at S* Olave'a, Hart Street, Lond. 
T. 28 Thomas Reynolds, of S^ Sepulchre's, London, Merchant, ft Marr NichoU 

son, Spmster, dau. of [^fanjt] Nicholson, dec^j at S^ Andrew's, 

Holbom, London. 
T. 24 Thomas Spackman, of S' Anne, Alderseate, London, Clothworker, & 

Hester Lucas, Spinater, of same pariah, dau. of Richard Lucas, Yeo- 
man, dec^ ; at 8^ Michaera, Queeuhithe, London. 
T, 24 Edward Hanbury, Senior, of Hanwell, co. Middlesex, Schoolmaster, A 

Joane Trerice, of same. Spinster ; at same- 
T. 28 M' Thomas Clere, of Pentney, Norfolk, Gent., Bach^ 40, A Anne Mor- 

daunt, Spinster, 24, dau. of Sir Le Strange Mordaunt, Bar^ of Little 

MasBtngham, co. Norfolk, who^ consent is attested by his son 

Henry Mordaunt, of Middle Temple, London, Esq. ; at Bumpstead 

Helion, co. Essex. 
e. 2 Thomas Sheffield, of FinchJey, Middlesei, Huabandman, A Mary 

Eglentine, Spinster, dan. of [ifan^] Eglentine, dec*; at Christ 

Church, Lonaon. 
C- 2 John Salmon, Gent., of Lincoln's Inn, Bachelor, 85, A Conatance 

Fallwell, of Bicka, co. Oxon, Sp^ 23, dau. of Robert Fallwell, Gent., 

dec^ ; consent of her mother Margery Fallwell attested by S* John 

Salmon, her son in law ; at S' Leonardos, Foster Lane. 
c 5 Thomas Alford, Draper, Bachelor, & Margaret Harrison, of same, 

Spinster, dau. of Martnn Harrison, late of Colchester, Esaex, Clothier, 

dec'' ; at S^ Mary, Whitechapel, Middi. 
C 5 John Smith, of Chnat Church, London, Muaician, Bachelor, A Margaret 

Bonis, of S^ Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, Sp', dau. of Thomas 

Bonis, dec*'; at 3^ Alphage, London, 
e. 8 William Hill, Gent., A Mary Symonds, of S* Giles in the Fields, 

Middlesex, Spinster, dau. of Francis Symonds, lato of Suffield, co. 

Norfolk, Gent-, dec^ ; at S* Dunstan in the West, London, 
c 9 John Goffe, Yeoman, A Mary Tayler, Spinster, dau. of [blank] Taylor, 

dec^ ; at S* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, 
c. II Thomas Hog^ery, of Hanwell, Middlesex, Husbandman, A Joano 

Piggin, Spinster, dau. of [ft/artA] Picgyn, dec**; at Hanwell afs''. 
^ II Thomas Hotnersall, of fi^ Botelph, Bisliopsgate, London, Plaateror, A 

Margery Lane, of S^ Mary Colechurch, London, Spinster, her 

p&rente dead j at S^ Mary Colechurch aforesaid. 


(kt. 2 

OfiL 10 

Oct to 

Octi n 

OaU 13 

Oct. 14 
Oc4. 16 

Oct. 18 

Ocl, i3 

Oct. 20 

Oct. 81 

Nov. 1 
Nor. 6 

Nor. G 

Nov, H 

Nov. 8 

Nor. 10 

Nov. U 
Nor. U 


Thotaiu TAtnm, of Cln-linjifunl, oo. K4«ci. Ocnt , A ElijftWti 

of umc. Si>% d»a. of Wil^ Kamaey : at SliHItv, I'n- B«l 
Btigh Buckley, of 8* Dri^b ■> Jfcjiubn, Habtfn^aher, « Aqiw 6>if 

of Great S^ Ban)iol»i&ew, Loudon, Spiastor, li&u. of [AbA^I ' 

tic!-l ace"; nt S' llriJoy London. 
KiruiMiil Ifi^woixl. of tW Cicy of Londofl. ApcthecAnr, A Hsnli < 

of S^ Mary Ooiochurch, Lomlon, SpJaHtajr, dnu- *'f RepiaiH I 

of Eudtilejr, vo. Salop, Uuntouidnuu) ; at AH HatKm* tWI 

London , 
WtUiiim Huddon, Oont., ^ Margaret Addaua, Spinatar, dao- b4 Ab 

ander Addama, Clerk, R^jolor of Clanhajn, to. Surtwjr j al S* " 

Paul'* WhaH, tonJot, 
&b«rt KicliardHoii, of S* Mtdoera, Cornhill, L^iidop, A Alioaj 

Sp'. dan. jf WUliaio Pony, doc*; >t S' Pcjtor"*, P**ilV 

John Collitta, of Great Wnkoring, co. Eawx, lIa»b&Adliimii» A 

WQ«tbrook«f, of Siitutu, oo. ^ax, Spimter, lUu. of [UaaJt] Vfl 

brooke, di*c^ ; at SuttoD aforosuid. 
Thomad UoUiator, of 8^ MioKnciy QLtoenbttb^ London, BWkjKtutLj 

AJioe Wood, jf Mnjie, S^jiiiKien dau. of Thomas Wood, d«*- 
Jamca ^abk)mc <>! S^ Bndc'H, Lonlou, Cliaiidler, dt HeUeo VrU 

Spinster, dau. of Ihh^j Wright^ dec* ; mt 8' JJicbcila* t'ole Abb 

PnuiciB Jame^ Saq, of S> 01avu'«. DM Jui^, Loadoii. Ba«1idoT.90«b 

father doad, & Sflra Pvott. of 3* Lnwrenco lhhnJt\ London, SpinfW* 

19, dau, of Rk-hAnl l^^ott, laleCitixoa .t Aldcrmau of Loiidoc* Jff'; 

consent of her mother Hargery Pjott,of Layton, Emci, Widw;*^ 

Layt<m Aforevaid. 
Williant Uudwoll, Snilor, A A^)» BoHcett, widow of HenTy 

late of timveflond, Kent, Corowainer ; at S* Goori*o's, Botolpk J 

JoUiL A:<hlH<v, of 8^ Martiu in the Fields, Middloaei, Tooidc Miivr,^ 

JoriiLi* AvjitiKm. Spiaitor, dao. of [^/ivaJt] Wat«on, dco^ ; at S^ ^ 

raul'e Wharf, Londun. 
Leonard !fonk«<r, of S^ Leonard's, ErutoHcapt Tv^^ttdon^ Bulfte* 

OcineuL*© Gi»vpr, Spmatcr, dau. of John iiroTer,of OdiJiam» H«**» 

Butcher* at H* Aiidrcvv Uridcr^ha^ Luadou, 
** Polum " Siind«, r* nuiin, Jl Alicv- Sole, of 8» Dun.tan in tW WeaU 

London. Sp' ; at S' I'etere. i'sul's Wharf, London. 
Simon Stucy, of Booking, w. Ewei, Clotbwi, Jc Rli«hrth Clett*. ^t* 

ThoydoD Oarnoa, n* co , Spiniitor, dau. of Stephen CleHcc, of «ua^' 

Toomaii J »t Thoydon Moiint, <o. IChcot. 
Kobort Ilrwrtt, Ilusbaiidinftn, A Anne Kilchoo, widow of TIioidp' 

Kitchen, lIuHbandiuait ; at 8* >'ichoUaCok Abbey, London. ^ 

Natbaniel E^Uiard, vi ^ Bololph, Aldgat^, London, " UorDebreak^r ^ 

Llizabolh White, of ^mc, SjiJu4t«r, dau. of [^ni-] Whilv, ' ' 

AB Hallow*, Ilonar I^lh^^ London. 
John Bn>ini>ertoh,ofS^'Martin in the Fi^!<la.Middteaev,Dyer,4 

Cox, Spiniitor, dau. of JauoeCux. Oent,,d(*c^ ; at Oreat All " 

Tbame* ^IriHrt, London. 
Kichanl nron:tou, of & CiUicHtio Oeochurch* LoodoD, Ifabcrdvihcr, Jt - 

A \tt\vt*f PiK-ko^-, S^Djii«t» dau. of [Uirni;] Cuckotff, doo' ; at Tiioitj. 

Miuomv, fvojidon. 
Kchaid Amor, of S* Mnn^ t\deidiurch, Lo: d-Mi. T:uIor, & Anoe TayW, 

of same, ^pinrtcr ; nth FtHer'j. I'nnl"* WJiarf, Loiidon. 
John Gnnitml), of llorodon on thu Hill, co^ &*m?i. Yootnan, A AUoa 

Novill, of laiao. SpiuHtor, djuL of WilUaia Ncrill, dciH i at S^ 

Fknl'B Wharf, Londoa 




. 80 Henzj Keitcli, of Stepney, Middlesei, Mariner, £ Magdalen Chambers, 

of 3^ Michael, Comhill, London, Spinater ; at All Hallowa, Honey 

Lane, London, 
; 30 Benjamin Xowcll, of S* Andrew's, Holbom, London, Dier, £ Elizabctli 

MiddJeton, of S^ Sepulchi¥>, Loudon, wido^v of Bobert MiddlctuD, 

Gent; at S< Peter^s, Paurs AVharf, London. 

L 4 Thomas Heires, of S' Michael, QuBenhithe, London, Brewer, & Martha 

Pierce, of aame, Spinater, dau. of Biehanl Pierce, of Buntiiigford, co, 

Hereford; at S* Michael, Queenhithe, afa*'. 
L 5 flichard Otbey, of S^ Sepulchre' a, Loadon, 0irdler, A Joane Peacock, of 

same, Spinater, dau, of [blank] Peacock, dec*^ ; at S^ Alphage, 

L 5 John Welch, of S* Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. Cook, & 

Joane Hemings, of same, Spinater, dan. of [&^fii'j Heminga, dec^^ 

at S^ Botolph, Atdgate, London. 
L 6 John Huggen, (>eat.. Bach'', 25, & Margaret Bennett, of 3' Giles in 

Fielda, Spinater, 85 ; at S^ Peter^s, PauVa Wharf, London. 
L 8 Zachariah Hx>wo, of S' Jamea, ClerkeDwell, Middleser, Tanner, A Mary 

Peir&on, of S' Olaye'e, Silver Street, London, widow of William 

PeiTBOn, Ooldamith ; at S^ Glare's aforesaid. 
L 9 John Smyth, Gent., of S< Giles in Fielda, Bachelor, 40, & Elizabeth 

^Imer, of aame, Spinater, 20, father dead long since ] conaent of her 

mother the Widow Moalc aliag Filmer, of Maystone, Kent; at 

8' George's, Botolph Xjane, London. 
L 10 Jamea Aakow, Tailor, Bachelor, & Margaret Grundy, of 8' Andrew, 

Holbom, Loudon, widow of Thomiu* Grundy ; at S^ Androw^a, 

Holbom, aforesaid. 
I. 12 David Baker, of 3^ Mary Somerset, London, " Vestianus," A Joane 

Pinwell, of All Hallows the Leas, Thames Street, London, Spiuater, 

her pareiita dead ; at S^ Alphage, London. 
u 12 Thomas Budd, of S' Mary, WhitechapeJ. Middx., Painter, & Elizabeth 

Greene, of same, widow of John Greene, Girdler ; at S' Peter's, 

Panre Wharf, Lond. 
. 12 John Mason, of S^ Dunston in the West, London, '' Barbitonsor,'* A 

Bosamond Smeton, Spinster, dau. of Thomas Smeton, of Golton, co. 

York, Eaqi*; at 3^ Anne, Blackfriars, London. 
. 15 Thomas Wella, Yeoman, A Anne Uaher^ of Hackney, Middx., widow of 

Thomas tTshor, Inholderj at S* Mary Magd", Old Fish S^ London. 
, 17 John Butterfield, of 8' Mary, Islington, Middleaci, Merchant Taylor, A 

Elisabeth Aatrie, Spinster, dau. of [ft/anA] Aatrie, dec*" j at Highgate, 

17 Eobert Hardeman, of S^ Leonardos, Shoreditch, Middlcaer, Baker, 

Bachelor, A Anne Esaei, of same, Sp^ dau. of William Essex, of 

Nevoid, CO. Warwick, Weaver; at 3* Botolph, Bisbopsgale, Lond. 
20 Harman Curitall, of S^ Botolph, Biahopagate, London, Grocer, Widower, 

A Prances Skerro, of All Hallows in the Wall, Loudon, widow 

of [blank] Skerro, lftt« of S* Antholin*9, London, " VestiariuH '' ; at 

All Hal Iowa aforesaid. 
'27 Matthew Loftua, of 8^ Bride's, London, Silkweaver, A Anne Brittan, of 

S^ Gregory's, London, Spinater; at S^ Gregory's afs^. 
29 John Browne, of 8^ Andrew'a, Holborn, London, Taiior, A Mary 

Grymmell, of same. Spinster, dau. of [blank] Grymell, dec** ; at S' 

Bennett Sherehog, London. 
. 29 Simon Cordell, of* Chesthunt, co. Herts, Yeoman, A Ellen Pratt, of 

same, 8p^ dau. of Bohert Pratt, of same. Husbandman ; at Chest* 

hont 3h\ 


Dec. 12 John Parke, of Barking, Eaaex, [" Gent" in Vicw^Gcneral'i BoAJ 

Widower, 23, A Mary Weblin, of AU Hallows, Thaaiw StMt, 

8|jhtater, 20, dau. of Nicholaa Weblin, of Little AJl Hallowa, Thud 

Street, Brewer, wbo consents ; at 8^ Mutin'a, Ironmonger lue, 

Dec. IJ. Hobert Godfrey, of Stepnej, Middx., Gardeuer, A Eliubetli Gramej.J 

Kensington, Middx., Spiuiter ; at Kenaington aforeaaid. 
Doc. 14 John QlMcook, of Stamford Kivere, co. Essex, Teoman, & EliuM 

Banckee, of White Roding, b^ co., Spinater, dau. of Henry Binck^ 

Clerk, deC^; at 8* Bennet, Paurs Wharf, London. 
Dec. 15 William Bcade, of 6^ Duiiatan in the West, London, Cordwvner, I 

Mary Oaeland, of S^ Andrew's, Holborn, Spinster j at S» AndPwX 

Holboni, aforesaid. 
Dec. 15 Edward Smith, of S^ Sepulchre s, London, Teoman, & Sarah ScboUit, 

of same, Spinster, dau. of Thomas Scholhur, of G«ddington Voodi, 

CO. North*™. Yeoman i at S^ Botolph, Aldengate, Lond. 
Dec. 15 John Stockton, of the City of London, Innholder, A Anne GTettsDiflf 

S^ Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, Spinster, dan. of [blanH] Grettva, 

dec^; at S^ Aiuie, BlackfrlarH, London. 
Dec. 15 Thomas Luchyii, of Springfield, co. Eaeex, Teomon, St Martha Beyvd^ 

of same, Spinster, dau. of John Beynolde, dec^ ; at S^ Bennet, fut*i 

Wharf, London. 
Dec. 18 Edmund Blake, of S^ Gilos in the Fields, Middlesex, C^penter, A Anfli I 

Kcyofi, of S^ Clement Danes, Middlcaox, widow of ^mund Scjv^ | 

Merchant i at Chmt Church, London. 
Dec. 18 William CroUey, reomau. Bachelor, A Elitabeth Lampert, Spinrtffi 

dau. of Richard Lampert, of Sundridge, co. Surrey [fi>, co. Kentji 

Yeoman ; at S^ Michael, Qucenhithe, London. 
Dec. 10 Matthew Brockbank, of Stepney, co. Middlesex, Merohant Tsjkr, A 

Joojie Gardner, of Whitcchapel, Middx., widow of Robert Oaidnff, 

Mariner ; at S^ George's, Botolph Lane, London. 
Dec. 19 John W^orraH, of 8^ Bartholomew by the Exchange, London, YeomiA,^ 

Elizabeth Perkins, of S* Obve's, Hart Street, London, widow A 

Jolm Perkins, Cooper ; at S* Olave's, Hart Street, afs"*. 
Dec. 19 Tliotnas Browne, of S^ Mar^ret's, Lothbury, London, Merdunti 

Bachelor, A Ma^ Cornelius, of S* Botolph, Aidgate, LondDO* 

Spinster, dau. of John Carnetius, Merchant, d!ec^ ; at AU Hallow* '^ 

the Wall, London. 
Dec- 23 Launc-elot Brathwait, Gent., of S* Botolph, Aldersgate, London, Bachelo^' 

27, hia father dead, 4 Mary Hambleton, Spinster, 27, her pamt** 

dead ; at S' Ann's, Blackfriars, London. 
Dec. 29 Nathaniel Bareham, of S^ Andrew tJndershaft, London, Dr^>eT, S 

Dorothy Carnell, of S^ Mary Mountliaw, London, Spinster; at 9 

Michacrs, Huggin Lane, London. 
Dec. 29 JohnColea, Cooper, & A une Browne, Spinster, dau. of Lawrence BrowoBr 

of " Cluton '' [P], CO. Hants, Husbandman ; at 8" Botolph, Billingi- 

gate, Loudon. 
Dec. 29 John "Wallens, of S' Andrew's, Holbom, London, Butcher, A Anne 

Browne, of 3* Dunetan in the West, London, Spinster, dau. of 

Richard Browne, Carpenter, dec*^ j at S' Dunstan's afii*. 
Dec> 29 Tristram Hcycroft, of S' Martin in the Fields, Middlesei, Shoemaker, A 

Mary Horner, of S' James, Clerkenwell, Middx., Sp^, her parenti 

dead ; at 9* James, Clerkonwell, ^oret*aid. 
Dec. 29 Bichard Johnson, of Chrint Church, Loudon, Butcher, Bachelor, A 

Elizabeth Windridge, of Trinity, Minories, Loudon, Spinster, dau- of 

[blank] Windrid^, late of Chnst Church aforesaid, Poulterer, dec^j 

at Trini^, Minonea. 



Kb. 18 Jolm Prfttt, of Hampatead, co, Middlesex, HuebandmBD, & CatberinQ 

Glover, of same, Spmeter, dau. of John GloTer, of Edgwortb, b^ co., 

Collier; at Christ Church, London, 
T^ 16 Lawrence Spike, of 3^ Albania, Wood Street, London, SilkweaTer, Jb 

Joane Sheppard, of the CitV of London, Spinster, dau, of Eobert 
\ Sheppard, Fewterer ; at S^ Wicbolae Col© Abbey, Londoa. 

- TA. 17 Bobert Forey, of Waltbamstow, co, Eusei, Bricklayer, & Anne Lawaon, 

of same. Spinster, dau. of William Lavson, of aame, Poulter ; at 

Walthamatow aforesaid, 
leb, 21 Auguatine Cl^ke, of LittlingtoD, Miidlesei, Husbandman, A Katherine 

Wataon, of same, Spinster, her parents dead ; at Littlin^on afa**. 
Xk. 2 Stephen Paries, of 3^ Clement Danea, Middlesex, Seboolmaater, A 

Joaoe Bunckard, of aame, Spinster, dau. of Hugh Bunckard, Smith; 

at 3^ Gilea in the Fields, Middleaei;. 
Hn. 8 John Bowaell, of Bradfield, co. Essex, Glover, A Heater Bateman, of 

same, Spinster ; at aame. 
Mir. 5 William Ledsom, G^ent,, of the Citv of London, Bachelor, 28, A Alice 

Walton, of S* Catherine Cree Church, London, Spinster, about 26, 

her father dead ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, 
Ibr. 7 William Lea, of S^ Edmund* a, Lombard Street, London, Tailor, A Ellen 

Coxe, of same, Spinater; at Westbam, co, Essex. 
lUt, 7 Thomas Oillott, Gent., of 8*- Botolph, Aldersgate, Bachelor, 88, A 

Frances Hunt, of S* GUee, Cripplegate, about 31, widow of Sobert 
1 Hunt, late of same. Brewer, dec* j at S* Botolph's aforesaid. 

i Hit. 10 Thomas Toult, of S^ Botolph, Aldersgatc, Londoa, Yeoman, A Elizabeth 
L Moseley, of 3^ Albania, Herts, Spinater, dau. of [hlan/e] Moseloy, 

f dec^; at Cbriat Church, Loudon. 

f Kit. 10 Thomas Hulme, Gent., of S* Andrew's, Holbom, Widower, 40, A Joane 
' Hynde, of same, 32, widow of John Hynde, late of aame, Cordwainer, 

dec* ; at S^ Peter's, Paul'a Wharf, London. 
Ku. 17 Henry Noble, of 3* Anne & Agnea, Aldersgate, London, "textor," 

A Margaret Dewberv, of S^ John Zachary, London, widow 
I of [blank^ Dewbery, Tailor ] at S^ John Zachary aforesaid. 

\ Kit. 21 Matthew Hart, of Stepney, Middlesex, Cook, A Christian Hawee, of 

aame, Spinster ; at S^ Mary Woolnoth, London, 

' 1021. 

J M«. 80 Edward Griffith, of the City of London, Draper, A Abigail Field, of 

aame, Sp', dau. of John Field, of same, Gent. ; at S^ Glare, 

Silver SS Loud. 
April 7 Thomas Storye, of Ware, co. Herte, Waterman, A Elizabeth Byrd, of 

Bromley, Middlesex, Spinater; at Bromley afs^. 
Apd 7 John Hare, of S* Botolph, Bishopagate, London, Weaver, A Elizabeth 

Crosley, of London, Spinster, her parents dead; at S^ Peter's, Paul's 
. Wharf, London. 

April 9 Francis Sore, of 3* Botolph, Bishopagate, London, " Barbi tensor,*' A 

Dorothy Breath, of sarae, Spinster, dau. of Matthew Breath, of 

same, Clothworker; at same. 
, ^ 10 [? Eobert] Hobinaou, of S* Peter's, Maldoo, co. Essex, Grocer, A Anue 

Hill, of All Saints, Maldon, Spinster, dau. of John Hill, of Brum- 

field, CO. Herta, Yeoman ; at S^ Bthelburgh, London. 
^pHlll Thomas Fraunces, of Stcpuey, co. Middlesex, Ship Carpenter, A Mary 

Cooper, of aame, widow of Edward Cooper, Mariner ; at Stopoey 

^11 William Tarre, of 3' Martin in the Fielda, London, Cook, A Margaret 

Lewes, of 3* Michael Bassishaw, London, Spinster; at 3^ James, 

Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 

TOL. IT, o 


.'*.:**■ Barthrtlomow the Great, Lonirr.. Me-^rlii:: Tar 

,->. Vvman, Bachelor A Jai:o Raler, <-::z.r.(rT, -iati. 
, [-, ■fr^^.rn*lci'' ; at S" Potor'i*, Pauls W'zjir:. L-^los. 
l^ . i *i" Nioholan Colt* Ahbcy, LouJHjn. F:?h::::r.£ef, 
, -^'.-^^t. "^ same, Sphiater, dau. of [^/(in-;' :*:».!.?. icc'i 
■''^Eor Lauo, Lomlon. 
. ^'•. </l.':hwiirkcr, A Elizabotli Bctterlev. -si;:-* :f Ho: 

■Li-'-i.r: at iS' IVterV, Paul's Whnrf.L:-i;z. 

I-"', 'f !^" Martin's, Inwii ioniser Lauc^ L-r. > l_ Me^.■^ 

- ^\:iAy. of damo^ Sn', ilau. of Iluniphpcy ^!ai.T, Mer:Li.' 

-'^>"U Rubbanl, Lomlon. 

. '. , - ■iLf, of the City of I-iniilon, Wateniian. A Ji::c Mere 

\.-\\'W "i Bariijini Mt-ycrs, \\\ilcrman ; at >' M^^y y.^ 

\K- ':\ *.iiari:in '* Lowe "], of S* James, Clorker.Tell, Miii 

'. - 7. X A:ino Morei^m, of S^ fi^iien In ^ho FieM-*, Miii^esc 

.,j ^irr'u:* 'ieaJ ; at S^ PeterX Paurj* IVharf, Lrr.Hion. 

L ^ ^0. I'f llftveri^ll, on. Esjh'x, Tooman, A Mary Tayl 

-L /. i:i\i. of 7>//fHi"] Tnyhir, <loe'^ ; at S^ Bcjiiiet Fiut. h-yrAi! 

*\ ^'.'M^L of Ware, co. Ilcrtn^ Hargoman^ & Sara Bi-nneti, 

.. w * Hjn^ .^t' Robert Benuet, Baker ; at Ware, co. E:**ci, 

...-^ ■ l.,':i:t>l, of S^ B*itolob, A ldorr*i^ate, LoTidoji- HabenLvir-er, 

I'i ii'i.\ widow of Bioliard Grociio, Tailor; at S' Pt'ier's. Pii 

/I i'.'i. of Ware. vo. llertu, Yeomaii, & Anue Sp*Kiiier. of si: 
■i'.ii-iLii'. "Lui, i»f ;7*/i;kA"] Spooler, di-c'^ ; at AVare aforesaid. 
.'..* i!i[i;;t*ll. of the Tower of London, Vcomaa, & Elizabeth Gii 
.1 jii. "t A'-! Halh^us Harkini», London, Spinuter, her pareaiH dw 
^ ^Lar\, l<l:'it:ioiu Middlenes. 
Ki!.\'i, of ^J' Botolpli, BishopH^^ato, London, " Barbitonaor,' 
.,,T W.i'viT. I'f S* >rary at llill, London, widow of Dai 
* ■ *i i , '.' »/s*r . at S^ Alphai*e, Limdotj. 
. . v\ 1. x-r. ^''MTidler, & Joanc <31over. of S* JIartin iu the Tit. 
■ A * ■•-••A -i SimoH Glovor ; at !S^ Martin's af:*''. 

■I ■ .. ■' S" lilies i]i the Fields, London^ Yeoman, & J<> 
» V. - ^* 0, » ^iou- of Ileary AVylk-, Cook ; at S^ Peier'e, Pa 

. ,.. N. ^1:%'^ A AiHicEclbant-k, of the City of London, wi< 

.. M»v\, Sboemakor; at S* Petcr'a» PauVa Wharf, Lorn 

^. . ■ •> Vidasi'M, London, (iolds^niith. Bachelor, A A[ 

-^ V"o,rt*w, Ihilborn, J*<»ndoD, Hpipj^tur, dan, of J 

t , w' I at S^ Foter's, PauT^ Wharf, London, 

» ,,.*..".. 'i S' lieunet GraijechurLdi, London, Ironmongo 

. ^'s of Hanie, Spinster, dau. of Ambrose Jenninyi 

, i, . .X-. . .It S' Peter' i*, I'aul'H Wharf, London. 

^ ^ -. veCitvof London, Stationer, & Marr Freal 

■, ..',^.» Knulon, Spiubtcr, dau. of [bh»k^ Ireak, d 
/ ^^, ^ ^ ^\'.^^v,-4U Stn^et, Loudon. 

,'■*' ■*'. Cb"ri-'J*i London, Grocer, & Sarah Hardinj 
,., . ,.. S:*:?i*ier. dan. of Jolm Harding, Teoman, d 

, ^ \i^ A IU»uiih1ow, MiddhrBei, Widower, 80, A 
..,^ * ■■■''■'* IVunyeooke, of same, 50, widow of the 
'^^ J, 'l^V.on/or Hounalow aforcBaid, 

^ sifMA IXftt^nrt \ton and heir-apparent of Bobcrtj first 



13 John Pratt, of Hampeteod, co. MiddleeeT, HuabandmaTi, £ CatHerme 

GloTer, of same, Spineter, dau, of John GloTCr, of Edgwortb, a* co.. 

Collier ; at Chriflt Chiircb, London. 

16 Lawrence Spite, of S^ Alban'e, Wood Street, London, Silkweaver, A 

Joane Sfieppard, of the City of London, Spinster, dau. of Eobert 

Sheppardj Pewterer ; at S* NicholaB Cole Abbey, London. 
L7 Bobert Forej, of WalthamBtow, co, Eese^T Bricklayer, & Anne Lewsod, 

of same. Spinster, dau, of William Lawaon, of same, Foulter; at 

WalthamBtow aforesaid. 
24 Au^tine Clarke, of Ltttlington, Middleeex, Husbandman, A Kathenne 

Watson, of same. Spinster, her parents dead ; at Littlington afs^. 

2 Stephen Paries, of S* Clement Danes, Middlesex, Schoolmaster, & 

Joane Bunckard, of same, Spinster, dau, of Hugh Bunckard, Smith ; 
at S^ Gilea in the Fields, Middlesex. 

3 John Bowsell, of Bradfield, co. Essex, Glover, & Hester Bateman, of 

same. Spinster; at same. 

6 William Ledsom, Gent., of the City of London, Bachelor, 28, & Alice 

Walton, of S* Catherine Cree Church, London, Spinster, about 26, 
her father dead ; at S^ Peter's, PauFa Wharf, London. 

7 William Lea, of S^ Edmund's, Lombard Street, London, Tailor, & Ellen 

Coxe, of same. Spinster; at Westham, co. Essex. 
7 Thomas Gillott, Gent., of S^ Botolph, Aldemgate, Bachelor, 38, & 

Prances Hunt, of S* Giles, Cripplegate, about 31, widow of Eobert 

Hunt, late of same. Brewer, dec"^ j at S* Botolph'a aforeaaid. 
10 Thomas YouU, of S* Botolph, Aldersgate, London, Yeoman, & EHzabetK 

Moseley, of S^ Albania, Herts, Spinster, dan. of [^^»^] Moselej*, 

dec^ i at Christ Church, London. 
10 Thomas Hulme, Gent., of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, Widower, 40, & Joane 

H}^de, of same, 32, widow of John Hynde, late of same, Cordwainer, 

dee^; at S* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 

17 Heniy Noble, of S* Anne & Agnes, Aldersgate, London, "textor," 

A Margaret Dewbe^, of 8^ John Zachary, London, widow 
of [hlunk^ Dewbery, Tailor; at S* John Zachary afores^d. 
21 Matthew Hart, of Stepney, Middlesex, Cook, A Cbristiau Hawes, of 
same, Spinster ; at S^ Mary Woolnoth, London. 

90 Edward Griffith, of the City of London, Draper, A Abigail Field, of 

same, Sp^, dau. of John Field, of same, Gent.; at 3^ Olave, 

Silver SS Lond. 
7 Thomaa Storye, of Ware, co. Herts, Waterman, A Elizabeth Byrd, of 

Bromley, Middlesex, Spinster ; at Bromley afs^. 
7 John Hare, of S* Botolph, Bishopsgate, Loudon, Weaver, A Elizabeth 

Crosley, of London, Spinster, her parents dead; at S* Peter's, Paul's 

Wharf, London. 
9 Francis Sore, of S* Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, " Barbitonsor/' A 

Dorotbr Breath, of same, Spinster, dau. of Matthew Breath, of 

same, Clotbworker ; at same. 

10 [? Kobert] Eobinson, of S^ Peter's, Maldon, co. Essex, Grocer, A Anne 

Hill, of AJl SainlH, Maldon, Spinater, dau. of John Hill, of Brum- 
field, CO. Herts, Teoman ; at S^ Elhelburgh, London. 

11 Thomas IVaunces, of Stepney, co. Middlesex, Ship Carpenter, & Mary 

Cooper, of same, widow of Edward Cooper, Mariner j at Stepney 
11 William Tarre, of S' Martin in the Fields, London, Cook, A Margaret 
Lewes, of S* Michael BassiBhaw, London, Spiostorj at S* James, 
Clerkeuwell, Middlesex. 

TOL. IT. o 


A|in! H VnU*Tinm'01ilH.''!' > 
A Anno IVn.:'\ 

April 11 LmnhtTt Hi>i:rr.->, V' 
.Ti'lin Hiivirr, * * 

Ajiril l'^ rrmiris Hylut. •■: ■ 

l>nri»lliy Sl,ir*'. ■ ' 

April l-l liu'liiinl Yiiun_:i\ ' 

Iti'Uorlry. M:..' - 
A\m\ lli Williiim ('K>hi»n, 

A l>on>i]>v >.. 

iit S» AllilVf'V^ = 
April 17 E<liin»rul Mm:' ■-:■. 

uf sniiii', ;x :■ 

Ajiril 17 Gn-fsJiaiii f/'V< 

M'x, T;k l<"r. ' 

Sii% ln'i- f-j'"' 
April Is Johii MiH't'-". . 

April 10 \V\l\i:m Wl.i' 
B!U3M\ \^i■i■ V 
ApHUl ltk-liar.1 II. ^. 

WImiI". I. 

AjiHl:-'3 K.ilirri i\;:^ 

April 23 ThtiriiiiM {'i't-i- 

fit s y]-.o-.. 

April 2i Jolm II- ■!'.;■ 

f |:lEM:;i}j \\ 
April 2i WnW-AUi W.: .. ■ 

MfJJv.. ^- ■■ 

April:;! \\\\\'VA\:. I':i!' ■ ■■ 

\\'\l'u: . 

W!.-.)'!", 1... 
April 20 "WniiMiM VA-. 

t4 U . \ \\ 
April :H) Jolm M.ip: 

II. K-^.:;. . - 

II.'' - !;. L ■ 

ApHlyU J^^^hM;l l.i ■* . . ■ 
lli-','^ .•■ 

AprilSO Sil.>!N''n ^^1, '. 

s y\.- \, 

a\ > > , 

May 1 i:,|u;i.'.; s..-:' ■ ..- , 

^ F", - , . 

a; \ : !»■■: , 

Way 1- tIm-i-;-- W ■ : . i 

Doniwr), ttl,-f^-.i v.|.. .. . , i^.i,: 

".■f-s ili-lilx., Paimor. & Eliubftlj 

..:_"3:e, Louilon, Sp% ilau. of Tlioma 

._: Danes iiforrtal*!. 

. '„ Merchant Taylor, & Anno Champion, 

, .yii'-i-oi Bieliar^l Chatiipion, of vioie, 

. -sffftho Gn-at, Limilon, Elnb^■'idorc^. 

,".--, C!ertciiwi'll, Loinlon, SpinfilCf. ilu- 

. v:,wJ*'ater, co. GIi>uccstor. ilct^; ai S= 

' ^- L. l.'n:'i>n, Chamller, -fc Martha Kicgf, 
:_:-.^: King'a Laiiijlcy, co, IIcri^Yw- 

V .i![?jOi, Huabandinan, & Jaiic Butler, 
- - - xe oi Bame, llii»bandmaa ; at $ 

* . LrJilniii Gent., & Ellen Scssioiw, ol 
T :: lleuiT tJc*<ioii^, Butcher; at S* 

.,-:h. London, Bmdier, A Katherine 

J'.. Linidon, wiiliiwof Thomas HarnuDr 

■■ ' Great, Thauio:4 Slreot, London, 

MjTl Street, Louilon, Joyiicr i Ellen 

. iT Kuddeford, llu^baudman ; ti ^ 

:':.. Ahlorsgaic, Londou, & Marij'arct 
r.istbam, CO. E^hox. 
t ilitbo, Loudon, Cooper, & Hebecci 
ii. of Syday Brouko, Clothier, dei'^j »t 
>,-i?e: Fo}-*lcr, widow of William FoT*ter, 
,' , Middx. ; at Christ Church, Lon3. 
KerTs. Tauiior, & Klimbetli AVillesm*"^. 
_.-^- Winesmore, dce*^ ; at Widfoni, »- 

Hert!*T Teoman, & Elizabeth Chandler, 
->;;i.^#gatc, London. 

i Curate of AVe^^t Thorrocke, co. Esjm?*' 
_. ijipiunter; ai S' Peter's, Paul'i Wharf* 

■*.c*, Jliddlcscx, Farrier, & Marv UwtbCt 
^ ■^;:;dim, Spinster, dau. of Iblanh] Booi:'*^ 

. jt 5[ar>' Parker, of S^ -\iidmv in t"* 
^^-. ddu. of itiehard Parker, of Edwor*-*^ 


"'VJowor, & Judotli Larken, Spinster ; ^ 

." ^ishopj'g^ite, London, Weaver, A Jiki ■* 
,-^ )[iddle5ex, Spiubter, dau. of Itiebs- ^ 

'■'..nv'i London, 
"lu,-*. ^v. iUddx.. Teomnn, & Catlieri>- 
-^"^ -^l^'- IVtcr's, Paurn Wharf, London. 
■ ^"■',,^' i\vE«*^^" llur*bandnian, A Sli/.abi'^' 
^ "^ P iiu- *>f John GaiTiuglon, of Dedhau* 
^.S^ aforesaid. 

: s^^ 

:^th, Sxiiubter, duu. of [blani^. 

, *-*** 



.■\ Yeomao, & Mary Elwood, widow of Anlhany Elwood, 
S Jlargarct'a, West'miiiater, Cook ; at S' Pott-r's, PauVo 

'Li|i^oii, Maltman. & Sarab Church, widow of Robert Church, 
■' KiiifFsion on Thames, oo. Surrey, Maltmau j at S^ Mary 
fit-ii, OM Fish Street. Loudon. 
iiiwt, fif S' Botolph, Aldi^te, Londou, Cooper, & Anne Cinrte, 
- -. "" ='^'^ ^1^ *^^^' of r^/flnt] Clarke, det-^i ; at S^ Botolph af»'». 
. ** '■ '' Siiin':*, of AIJ HallowM Barkiui^, London, Waterman, & Eliza- 

I \\'^oricy, of the Citv of LonJon, nidow of Abel Worley, 
** ' \-rmim ;"aT Stratford Bow, Middlesci. 

'** .111 siijikina, of the City of Londoti, Wateruian, & Anne CJegcnt, 

■ >:\m(.-^ Sp"" ; at Stratfora Bow, Middlewi. 
- ' i\\] Stoke*, of Wapping, co. Middx., Shipwrii-ht, & Ellen Dowell, 
^*- ■•*' ^anie, i^ndow of Tnomaa Dowell, lato of aame, Shipwright ; at S' 

>Lirv, Whitechapel, Middleaei. 
,..i.-ij Roberts, of London, Skinner, & Dorothy Trolany, of S^ LconanVa, 
^Ijoreditch, Midd:i., widow of Hobort Trolany, Silkwoaver; at S* 
Ai}>ha**e, London, 
^V!iliinn Procter, Gisnt. [" Clerk*' in Vicar- General's Book], Bachelor, 
:iO, & Bnchel Speight, Spiunter, 21, dau. of M' Jamea Spei-yht, 
Clerk, Parson of 3* Mary 5Iagdalcn, Milk Street, London, who 
couttcnta; at S' Mary AVoolehureh, London. 
iltotuQB Atkinson, of S^ Bride'H, London, Homer, & SitEian Lloyd, of 
H»uie, Sp^ dan. of Thomas Lloyd, Brasier ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's 
A\Tiarf, Lond. 
ij ^(ichard Glascocke, of S' Mary Abehureh, London, Haberdasher, A 
Catherine Banbury, of S' Autholinc's, London, Spinster, dau. of 
Edward Banbury, of same. Stationer ; at S' Antholine's afa''. 
7 KcUum Low, of Raylcy, co. Easot, Draper, & Elizabeth Jolley, S}iinstor, 
dau, of Thomas Jolley, Clerk, late Kcctor of Thundersley, co. Esaei, 
detfi ; at S» BotoJph, Aldgate. 
7 Edward Slade, of S^ Botolpb, BishopHgate, London, " te:(tor," & Hester 
Mau, of same, widow of Elchard Man, Bncklaj'er; at S^ Botolph 
7 John Biddall, Husbandman, & Catherine Walton, Spinster, dau. of 

William Walton, of same, IIuBbandmau ; at Stanwell, eo. Middx. 
S I[enry Bullen, Husbandniau, & Margaret Skinner, widow of Thomas 
Skinner, lata of Hartley, co. Kent, Husbandman, doc^ ; at S^ Mary 
Abchurch, London. 
Robert Robinson, Esq., of G-ray's Inn, Middleacx, Baoh^, 2i, & Margery 
Withins, of Christ Church, London, 40, widow of John Witliins, 
D.D,, Dean of Battell, co^ Sussex, dec"^ about 7 years since; at 
S* Mary, Strand, co. Middlesex. 
13 John Ohborne, of S* Mary Abchurch, London, Merchant, & Dorothy 
Stanlake, Wp', dau. of William Stanlake, of S' Margaret's, Wc»t- 
minstor. Grocer ; at S^ Mary Abchureh afort^said, 
IS Samuel Malynes, of the City ot Loudon, Morcliant, & Mary Parkcs, of 

same, widow of Thomas Parkes, Cutler ; at Hilliiigdon, Middx. 
15 Richard Haddou, of Barking, co. Essex, Yeoman, & Mary Baidwyn, Sp^, 
dau. of Richaitl Baidwyn, of Westham, ^ co., Yeoniau ; at Wostham 
15 John Higgens, of S^ Mary, Whitechapel, Middx., Mariner, & Margaret 
Beomond, widow of Edward Beoitiond, Sailor; at S^ Mary, White- 
chapel, af OTOeaid. 
. 17 Robert S^marke, of S* Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, *' Lignatorom," 
& Anne Cole, of Christ Church, Loudou, Sp^j at S* Mary, White- 
chapel, afs*^. 


Aug, 17 Jolin Loveproave, Vintner, Bachelor, A Agnes Wliitmil], Sp^ du. d 

John AVhitiuilJ, of Wickham, co. Kent; at LitUo All Hillof^ 

Thaniea Slrcct, London. 
Aug. IS Edward Peppen, Gent, A Elrubeth Shepp^d, widow of Thorn 

Shopnard, Lctberseller ; at 3* Peter'e, Comhill, London. 
Aug. IS K<^bert Jlootliby, of Chinckford, Statei, Gent., Bach% 28, A Mxrj fi]i( 

SpiuHter, 15, dau, of Gteorgo Hror, Esq., of 8heene, Sun^irii 

cousfGiitM; at Chiut^kford aforesaio. 
Aug. 20 \ViLliam Klckmond, Sawyer, & Katherine Bowden, widow of Jeroai 

Bowdeii, Labourer; at S* Peter* a, Faurs Whatf, London. 
Aug. 20 Nathaniel Stocke, of Good Easter, co. Essex, Husbaudman, & Joui 

LuL'kiu^« of same, Sp', dau. of Simon Luchinge, late of samOi Tn- 

iimn, dec^; at Waltham Magna, co. Essex. 
Aug. 22 AVilliam Ewar, of S^ Switliin'H, London, Barber Surgeon, BacUff^i ' 

Jane Nic-holls, of 8^ Ma^ Woolchnrch, London, Spinvtar^ he 

parents dead ; at S* Mary J^uutbaw, London. ' 

Aug- 25 Tlioum Wriglit, Dyer, & Frances Davies, of All Hallows in theWift ' 

London, Spinster; at Stepney, co. Middlesex. 
Aug. 27 Michael Barki^ted, Goldsmith, <& Eoae Herring, of S^ Clement Didbi, 

Middlesex, SpinsteT, dau. of Anthony Herring, Goldsmith, dsc^j >t 

S^ 01aTe*8, Old Jewry, London. 
Aug. 27 John BraTidley, of Hunwell, co. Easex, Tanner, Bachelor, & AnnHofl, 

of Purley, s"^ co.. Spinster, dau. of John Hull, Husbandman, dec*; it 

BuuTCcH aforeȣ^d. 
Aug. 28 Kobert Browne, Cooper, A Joane Whitlock, Sp', dau. of [blank] Wldt 

lock, doc^ ; at S^ Mary Stayning'e, Loudon. 
Aug. 2d Thomas Dlbb, of S^ StepKcn, Coleman Street, London, BdNr 

Surgeon, ct Ursula IrVyld, of S^ Margaret'a, Lotbboiy, London, 

Spiuater, dau. of Erasmus Wyld, Merehant Tayler, dec*; at S' M»T 

]Slounthaw, London. 
Aug. 81 Bicbnrd Kotheram, of London, Salter, Bachelor, & " Ellis " Baker, B/» 

dau. of [bhfiAr] Baker, late of All Hallowa, Bread Street, Lcmta 

Groi*er, dee^ ; at 8* Peter's, PauVa "Wharf, London. 
Sep. 5 Bobert GrilRlb, of S^ Clement Danes, Middx,, Gent, A Mary HohwiEBi 

tjpinsler, di\u. of [blank] Huswife, dec^ ; at S* Mary Magdalen, Old 

Vish Street, Loudon. 
Sep. 11 John Burley, of S* Cathorine Creechureb, London, Embroiderer, * 

Mary Avercy, of S^ Andrew Undershaft, London, Spinster, dio. ^ 

Jobn Averey, of Ipawich, co. Suffolk, Gent. ; at S^ Mildred in thA 

Poultrj", London. 
Sep. 13 John Turnifihe, of S* Pet^r s m Maldon, co. Ehboi, Grocer, A Mirlh* 

Sleovenft, of ttamc, widow of Aaron Steevens, Grocer; at Woodbii* 

Waiter, co. Essex, 
Sep. 13 William Gooae, of North Shoebery, co. Essex, Husbandman, A ^(^ 

Oades, of llodlcy, widow of George Oados, late of same ; at TSof^ 

f^hoebery aforesaid. 
Sep. 13 William Dickenson, Butelier, & Martha Beynolda, dau. of 3d^ 

Boynolds, dec*^ ; at South Weald, co- Essex. 
Sep. 13 Jasper Kingsman, of S^ Peter's iu Maldon, co. Essex, Ymtner, Jt Eli^ 

l>etli Acton, of S^ Bumbald'a, Colchesterj SpLnster, dau. of [^blat^ 

Acton, deC^ ; at All Sainta, Maldon. 
Sep. 14 Hcnr}' Tysoe, of S^ Mary Mounthaw, London, CuT)enterj A Ali; 

GriiKn, of S^ Sopnlehre a, London, widow of John Griffin, ** textor 

at S^ Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 
Sep. 17 Jobn Allen, of S^ Andrews's, Holbom, London, Barber, Jb Marges 

Fletcher, of S* Dunstan in the West, London, widow of TbtnaJ 

Fletcher, Gent. ; at S^ Mary Mounthaw, London- 



17 BalpK Greene, of S* Giles in the Pielda, Middleeei, Gardener, A Joane 

GoldingtoDf of S* Clement Danes, Middleaei, Spinster, her parents 

dead ; at S* Clement Danea aforesaid^ 
. 18 John Bond, of 8^ Mary at Hlli, London, Vintner, Bachelor, & Heater 

Merntt, widow of 3amuel Merritt, late of Stepney, co. Middleacx, 

Mariner; at Hadleigh, co. Middlesei, 
. 18 Bicbard Marche, of Stepney, co. Middleaei, Gent., Bachelor, & Sarah 

Adee, of Hadleigh ats*^, widow of Thomas Adee, lat« of Stepney 

aforeaaid, Gent. ; at Hadleigh aforcHaid, 
u 18 Francis Pattison, of Trinity parifih, London, Barber Surgeon, A Dorothy 

Jerris, of All Hallows Staynlng, Londou, widow of John Jervia, 

late of same, Haberdasher; at S^ Mary, Islington, Middf, 
I. 21 Thomas Hill, of S» Ethelburgh, London, Clerk, A.B., & MaiT Disney, 

of same, Sp% dau, of William Disney, of S' Mary Magdalen, 

Bermondsey, "Wool Comber; at S' Mary Mounthaw, London. 
I. 22 John Holcomb, of S^ Anne A Agnes, Loudon, Tailor, Bachelor, & 

Prances Barrett, of S' Andrew's, Holborn, widow of Clements 

Barrett, Barber Surgeon ; at S^ Peter's, PauFs Wharf, London. 
i. 22 Thomas Fulbome, of the City of London, *' Vostiarius,'' Bachelor, A 

Mary Milton, of S* Peter's in the Tower of London, Spinster, her 

parents dead ; at S* Mary Stayning's, Loudon. 
i. 22 Henry [blank], of S* Michael's in y^ Alban's, co. Herts, Teoman, A 

Dorothy Groome, of same. Spinster ; at same. 
h. 28 Balph Bowring, of S' Dunstan in the West, London, Apothecary, A 

Prodence Moyle, Sp^, dan. of John Moyle, of S^ Clement Danes, 

Middi,, Gent, ; at lulham, Middlesex, 
). 28 Francis Harpeny A Margaret Lyfe, of S' Botolpb, Bishopegate, London, 

widow of William Lyfe, Yeoman ; to marry in the chamber of said 

Margaret L3rfe. [The Licence addressed to the Hector or Curate of 

S^ Botolpb, Bishop&gate.] 
;Ih 29 Bobert Holman, of All Hallows the Great, Thames Street, London, 

Musician, A Mary Plocknet, of S^ Margaret's. Lothbury, London, 

Spinster, dan. of Cuthbert Plueknet, of same, Merchant Tailor ; at 

S^ Margaret's, Lothbury. 
p. 29 Dauiel Lewen, of Stan^ell, co. Middlcse:c, Husbandman, A Anne 

Banister, of same. Spinster, dau. of Richard Banister, of Egham, co. 

Surrey, Husbandman ; at 8' Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, 
t 8 Bobert Wilson, of Stepney, co. Middleses, Cordwainer, A Mnrsaret 

Man, of same, widow of Silvanus Man, Mariner; at S* ^'^icLolas 

Olave, London. 
1 4 Daniel Steiry, of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor, A Elizabeth Jenkens, of 

same, Sp'', her pareDte dead ; at Stepney afs**^ 
t 6 Jamea Falbnd, of S*; Peter le Poor, London, Yeoman, A Joane Stanee, 

of Lougbton, CO. Essex, widow of Thomas Stanes, late of same. 

Husbandman ; at S^ Benet Fink, London. 
1 8 Thomas Hartcastle, Merchant, & Eatherine Grace, of S^ Sepulchre's, 

London, Widow; at S* Sepulchre's aforesaid. 
t 8 John Hankyn, of Tottenham, Middleses, Husbandman, A Alice Lillie, 

of same, widow of John lillie. Husbandman ; at S* Mildred in the 

Poultry, London, 
t 8 William Polewbeele, Gent,, of S^ Dunstau's West, London, Bacb^ 27, 

his father dead, A Mary Bower, Spinster, 21, of S' Andrew's, 

Holborn, her father deaa 7, 8, or 9 years; with consent of her 

mother Alice Small alias Bower, wife of Thomas Small, of Siascter, 

CO. Gloucester, Yeoman; at S* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
*■ 10 Sydrach Williams, of S* Gabriel Fenchurch, London, Merchant Taylor, 

A Anjie Pinner, of S' Michael ad Bladum, London, widow of Francis 

l^niier, Grocer ; at S* Michael's afs^. 


Oct. 10 Williatn MaDBell, Teomftn, Bachelor, & lUcba^l Hilton, Sr 

John Hilton, of Fombam, co, Surrey, Teoman ; at ^ 

Queenbithe, London. 
Oct, 11 Tbomaa Cotgrave, of Barking, co. Essex, Limeaeller, Baclielo 

Woodward, Spinster, dau. of John Woodward, of same, 

at Barking af oreaaid. 
Oct. 12 Matthew Benson, of S' Bennefe, Panrs Wharf, London, In 

Bac-h', 83, & Susan Cage, of Layton, Herts, Spiiiater, i 

Daniel Cage, Esq., of same, who consents, as attested b 

Edward Cage, of London, Haberdasher; at S^ Giles in t 

Oct. 15 Eoger Eastoll, of S' Mary Stayning, l^ondon. Founder, & Joan 

of S^ Margaret*e, Lothbury, London, widow of Eoger L 

S* Anne's, BiAckfriars, Ijondon. 
Oct. 15 Henry Walker, of Dagenbam, co. Eesei, Husbandman, & Jud 

love. Spinster, dau. of Leonard Pricklove, of Barkinj 

Teoman; at S* Peter's, PauVs Wharf, London. 
Oct. 15 Matthew Shalcrosse, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middlesex 

Lydia Grantham, of same, Spinster, dau. of [^/an^t] Gnmi 

of CO- Lincoln, dec^ ; at Bridewell Chapel, London. 
Oct, 19 Eichard Borers, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middlesei, Gent. 

Elizabeth Langor, late of S^ Margaret's, Westminster, Qla 

at S^ Anno, Blackfriars, London. 
Oct. 20 William \ke, of the City of London, Joynor, & Elizabeth C 

Barkway, Herts, Spinster, dau. of [oZoflA] Growte, Teoi 

at Barkway aforesaid. 
Oct. 20 John White, of Stratford Bow, Middlesei, Mariner, A Elizafe* 

Spinster, dau. of Robert Fitche, of same. Brewer ; at the 

Stratford Bow aforesaid. 
Oct. 24i AVilliam Poster, Husbandman, Bachelor, A Marian Bjni- 

Botolph, Aldgate, London, Spinster, dau. of William ] 

Hausloe, co, Bucks, ** teitor " ; at S' Botoiph aforesaid. 
Oct. 25 John Farrant, of Christ Church, London, Gent., & Dorothy 

of the City of London, Spinster, dau. of [^^jtj Banehan 

Little All Hallows, Thames Street, London. 
Oct. 20 Edmund Shawe, of S* Lawrence, Old Jewry, London, Tailoi 

Clarke, of same. Spinster, dau. of [A/atut] Clerke, de 

Botoiph, Bishopsgate, London. 
Oct- 27 John Brothers, of Drury Lane, Middlesex, Teoman, Bachelo 

Harris, of same, Spmster, dau, of John Harris, late of B 

Huntingdon, Yeoman, dec^ ; at S* Peter^s, Paul's Wharf, ! 
Oct. 20 Nathaniel Gosling, Tailor, & Elizabeth Norman, Spinster, dau. 

Norman, dec"^; at S* George's, Botoiph Lane, London- 
Oct. 29 Eobert Carter, of East Tilbury, co. Essex, Carpenter, Widowi 

caret Ashen, of Hornchurch, co. Es^ex, Spinster, dau. ( 

Ashen, late of same. Blacksmith, dec^ ; at Christ Church, '. 
Oct. 30 John Frost, of S' Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London, Vintner, B 

Susan Hodges, Spinster, dau. of William Hodges, of 1 

Middlesex, Yeoman ; at S' Leonard, Sboreditch, Middx. 
Oct 81 Edward Tomlins, of S^ Dunstan in the West, London, Grocer 

A Jane Bassall, of same. Spinster, dau. of rhlanlc] Bassall, 

Oxon, Weaver, dec-^ ; at S' Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London 
Oct 31 Thomas Hart^astle, Merchant, & Margaret Metcalfe, of Si 

Middlesex, widow of Nicholas Metcalfe, Merchant ; at 

Whitechapel, Middlesex, 
OcL 31 William Morris, of S^ Botoiph, Aldgate, London, Gunmake 

BenuD, of lune, widow of John Beram, Guumakeri at i 

Aldengftte, London. 


1 Jolm Ereiurd, of S^ Beimet, Paul's WbEirf, Londotip EmbroidereT, & 

Marj Whatton, Spinater ; at S^ Andrcw'Sf Holbora. 
1 William Fordham, of S^ Bartholomew the G-reat, LondoHf Tailor, & 

Sarah Wood, of aame. Spinster, dau. of [blank] Wood, dec^; at S' 

Michael ad Bladiim, London. 
8 Williaiu Dormer the elder, of S* Leonard'a, Shoreditch, Qont., allegea 

marriage of hia boh Williaia Dermer, J**, Bach'', 25, & Anne Walrond, 

of 3' Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, Spinster, 20, dau. of Boger 

Walrond, of same, Gent., who consents ; at S* Stephen's aforesaid. 
8 Thomas Wright, Sailor, & Margaret Bowie, Spinster, dau. of Bichord 

Bowie, of Ipawich, co- Suffolk, Sailor; at the chapel of Wapping, 

CO. Middlesex. 
3 Thomas Briggs, of S* MagnuB, London, Brewer, & Elizabeth Eggleston, 

of same, widow of Henry Eggleston, late of same. Vintner, dec^ ; at 

S* Mary^s, Islington, co. Middlesex. 

6 Waiter Overbuiy, Esq., of Middle Temple, Bach^, 27, & Mary Pinchion, 

Spinster, 17, dau. of Sir Edward Pinchion, K^ of Writtle, co. Essex, 
who consents ; at 9' Alban's, Wood Street, Lond. 

7 Alexander Prichard, Clert, A.B-, & Anne Kinge, Spinster, dau. of 

William Kinge, of S* Mai^aret's, New Fish Street, London, Vintner j 
at 3^ Edmund, Lombard Street, London. 

8 Thomaa Witham, of Duddinghurst, co. Essex, Kuabandman, Si Rebecca 

ATerell, 8p', dau. of Henry Averell, dec'*; at Dunton, co. Essex. 
8 John Greene, of Mucking, co. Eaaex, Teoman, Widower, & Bridget 

Mathew, of same, widow of William Matbew, Yeoman ; at East 

Tilbury, co. Essex. 
12 fiichard Eowley [in margin ''Cowley^'], of S^ Botolph, Biehopsgate, 

London, Brasier, & Buth Kirber, of S^ Olave, Old Jewry, London, 

Spinster, dan. of John Kirbev, dec* ; at S* Olave's aforesaid. 
L3 Bichard Miu^^b, of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor, A Margery Brnnton, of 

same, Spinster ; at a' Peter's, PauVa Wharf, London. 
L8 William Jaques, of Eickmans worth, Hort«, Oont., Bachelor, & Fmacea 

Hayward, of S^ Mary Somerset, London, Spinster, dau, of Francis 

Hayward, of Bramage, co. Warwick, Yeoman; at S* Peter's, Paul's 

Wnarf , London. 
14 John Parken, of Enfield, Middlesex, Yeoman, BacV, & Agnea Clarke, of 

same, widow of John Clarke, late of same, Yeoman; at S* Pancras, 

14 Hemy Lered, of Agmondesham, co. Bucks, Yeoman, & Lucy Finch, 

widow of Edward Finch, late of Willesden, co. Middlesex, Tanner; 

at S* Peter's, Paul^a Wharf, London. 
19 John Bedding, of Upminster, co. Essex, Yeoman, Widower, A Anne 

Lawlesse, of Baynham, a* co., Spinster, dau. of John Lawles, 

late of INorth OKingdon, s* CO., Yeoman, dec^j at Wenington, 

CO. Essex. 

22 John Kennett, of Lwndon, co. Essex, Yeoman, Widower, & Martha 

Hammond, of same. Spinster ; at Laindon aforesaid. 
S2 Grivell Gibbes [*ic suba.], Gent., of the Savoy, co. Middlesex, Bachelor, 
26, parents dead, & Elizabeth Bellingham, of same, Spinster, 23, her 
parents dead ; at parish church of the Savoy aforesaid. 

23 William Tyler, of S^ Giles, Crippiegate, London, Yeoman, & Elizabeth 

Newman, of same, Spinster; at S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, 

H John Nutter, of S' Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, Yeoman, Bachelor, & 
Bachel Wilkins, of same, Spinster, dau. of [£/jin^] Wilkins, Yeo- 
man, dec^ ; at S* Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. 

29 William Burrowes, Sailor, & Anne Brocke, widow of John Brocke ; at 

8^ John Zachoiy, London. 
TOL, IT. r 

106 HARBIAOB LlOraon GBAlTTn) 

Hill "WLitttngLwn, of S* Mwy Magdalen, MUk Street, London, Groetr, 

Bachelor, A Jane Qolthrop, of All Hallowa BBrting, London, Sp^, 

her parents dea.d ; a.t S^ Lawrence, Old Jewry, London. 
Miles Panley, of Xi&yeT Mamey, co. Eaaei, Yeoman, & Frances Steereni, 

of AVitham, s* co., Spineter, dau, of [hiani'} SteeTena, dec*; it 

Witbam aforesaid. 
William Foulter, of S' Andrew's, Holborn, London, Buteher, A Alice 

Belley, of lame, Spineter, dau. of Bichard Belley, dec^ ; at S^ Biide'^ 

John "Waller, of S^ Leonard, STiOToditch, Middleaei, Baker, £ Anae 

Jaqu€fi, of same, Sp^ lier parenta dead ; at 8' Leonard afs^. 
John Allison, of Alt Hallows, Bread Street, London, Salter, A Thomuint 

Kettle, of S^ Mary Stayning'e, London, Spinster ; at S' Muf 

Stayning'B aforesaid. 
John wagstaffo, Briclclayer, & Elisabetli Memck, SpinateT, diL 

of [fiZflni] Merrick, dec* ; at S« Petor^s, Paul's WLarf, London. 
William Bate, of S* Martin le Grand, Loodon, Cordwainet, Bachelor,! 

Anne Hill, of same, Sp^ dau. of William Hill, late of Yardlej, D>. 

Warwick, HusbandmaD, dec*; at S^ Margaret Patten^s, London. 
George Showker, of Trinity, Miaoriea, London, Clothworker, & Minia 

Sauuderson^ Spinster, <iti. of [blank'] Saundewon, dec* ; at 8* mtif 

Woolnoth, London. 
Simon Crockett, of S^ Thomas the Apostle, London, Wax Chandler, A 

Anne Potter, widow of William Potter ; at S^ Thomas Apostle tSm- 

John Dennis, of Wapping, Middleaei, Mariner, Widower, 4 Amf 

Arundcll, of S' Botolph, Bishopsgato, London, Spineter, her parenli 

dead ; at S' Botoljjb aforesaid. 
Thomas Ere, of S^ Peter's, Comhill, London, Inholder, Bachelor, 4 Suili 

Harford, of same, Spinster, her parents dead ; at S* Peter's, OonloUi 

Fhi^ Street, of S< Bonnet, Paul's Wharf, London, Shoemaker, A 

Elizabeth Chamberlaine, of same, Sp', her parents dead; fti 

Nicholas Hayward, Gent., Widower, 45, A Marryan Bobiiuon, 43i 

widow of Thomas Robinson, Qont., dec* ; at S^ James, Garlick Hiftke, 

Philip Cage, of Great Hormead, Herts, Gent., Widower, 80 [called in 

A^car-Gcncral's Book " a Bachelor ''\ & Alice Wade, of Mallendjtft 

Essex, Spinster, 20, dan, of Sir William Wade, K*, of same.wlw 

consents; at Stocking Polham, co. Herts* 
Patrick Smith, of S^ Marttn in the Fields, Middlesex, Sadler, A l^gar«t 

ZacheiT, of same, Sp^ ; at S^ Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. 
Matthew King, of Enneld, co. Middlesex, Yeoman, 4 Susan Field, ^ 

Cheshunt, co. Herts, widow of Edward Feiid, late of same; ^ 

Chesthuiit aforesaid. 
John Bates, of 8* Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, CordwaineTi* 

Alice Burstoe, of S* Andrew's, Holborn, London, Spinster, dau> *** 

Bichard Burwtoe, of same, Tailor; at S^ Andrew's, Holborn, a&*-^ 
Henry Bnst, Clerk, Parson of Wennington, co. Essex, A MargaJ** 

Hardolfe, Spinster, 25, dau. of Richard Bardolfe, of HedderiUi ^ 

Surrey, Esq., who consents ; at S* Anne's, Blackfriara. 
John Eaton, Clerk, A.M., & Anno Crosman, of the City of London^ 

widow of [bijtnk'] Crosman, lato of Ipswich, co. Suffolk, Clerk ; at 8* 

H*Minot, Panl's Wharf, London. 
Ki^luTt Symons, of S^ Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, Cook, Bachelor, 4 

l-^tiKnWth Baley, Spinster, dau. of Thomas Baley, late of same, Inn* 

UkMi^t, dee'' ; at S* Botolph (rforosaid. 

Not. 29 






































^ SI 


BL 22 

»bL 6 

WilliAsi <7riffiu, of & Andrev'H, Holbiim. Lol^iou. CodV, Widovror, ft 
AlifA Rnlmoiulj of S^ DtiiiihIatl*h ifi (lie \V«h1i tximion. ieliIhw of 
Hogfit Hotinwui, Uto of wzao ; nl S^ ^Urj W 8tnind, UiddJosei* 

1621 -a. 
VftHttr Lo^TOfl, CompttM Uokcr, A Hc41en Alooro, Spmstor^ diu* 

of [UoiiJt] Uooro, CI«rk ; &t All Ualloirtf, iloncf L&no. 
Wfilter Boalej, of 3* SepulcWs, rvUTidon. MertluiiiL Tuylor, Bachelor, 

ft Joniic WiUniU, <uiu, of William Witmill. of Lkiiborrowe^ co. 

Nortli***; at S* DuaciUiti m tEic Wwit, Londuiu 
Solomon Rufttoti, Tailor, A AHce Lf lOi SpiTk^t^r, dftu. oF Bobert Lyld, of 

StTfttficMjeo. lliiat«, rc^jmin ; ftt S* Mary 8omonM)t, Londoa. 
WiUiaio JviM, of S^ BoU^ljiU, Al<ljt;at«, London, Woodmonjcar, A Joaoe 

Jonot, widow of £dn~Ard Jonofl, VictuMlcr: ftt All Holluwi, Hoticf 

Lsao, London. 
FKhcu 3llu^nve, Oeut., of S' Martin'« Fielilii, Bftch', 24, liu fatlkdr 

diud, ft IiMbol Wright, of sonae, 30, widow of Jolm Wri^H lato of 

axDe, Oent., de<^ ; At 3^ BeEUiot*«, Foul's Wharf. 
Bichwd Awniham, vf Vvllitg, UliddJcAoXt Clerk, Bachelor, 21), ion of 

Rjchiifd Awiuhain, of Cmoiord, Middx., Clerk, doc''. Jfe Anne l*roct<v, 

of Shoppertotu Bliddi.. Spinaler. 18 ; cooacut of her fAllier M' Samuel 

Proctor, PoncD of Shopperton aforuNaid ; at Tnnitj' Church, 'Iriiuty 

Joha Bvrtbic, (Jcnt., ft KlixaWth Mitchell, SpiuJttcr, dau. of ^blank] 

Uiiob^U, dco* ; M S* AiKlr*>u\ Holboru, Loiidun- 
Ujvtin GIvtkll, of S^ Mary nt HUl, X^udoo. Cook, ft Klixaboth ILirt, 

of All Hallovn lUrhiDg, LotirWti, Spiitjuter; at 5^ Mary at UUl afa^. 
Kobcn liurii^ton, of 8' Andrew's, Holbom, LondoD, Gent., ft Alico 

UoborU), of aaiTic, >SpiD«tor, daa, of John RoborU, of Mimo, Yoooiau; 

at S* Aikdrnw** jiforntiiid- 
Bdmuiid Alleu. Qeut,, & Anuo Hopkma, of S^ Mary at Hill, London, 

Sp', <Uu. of [A/ji/iA] KofikiuH, iloc* \ at S^ Afarr at Flil) aformaid. 
TbotoaA Prevti)!!, uF Li>u;^btoii* co. EKit?j(. "k'lt^r. 'ft Eli^abelU Lyddftll, 

of aaino, Spiiuter, <lau- of Jlicliurd Ljddailt of Wnlthaw Abboj, 

HtMfcandman ; at S' Cathermc Crve Cktirch, Lu(id<>[i. 
William Harruon, oE S^ Itride's, Louden, Blacksmith, ft Elizfibeth 

Eaton, of samo, widow of TbonuwEntou; tt »^ i^etvr'x, i^aul'i Wharf, 

TImxiuik Fttilippi*, of llainpAtend^4!o, MMdloflOX, Tooman, ft Mary Koap, 

of taiix', widow of John Rcinp ; at S^ Bndtj'«« Lundori. 
Bobcrt Svbthorp, cf \Vi'iford. co. i£ort«, Yoooiaii, ft Elijtabctb Wat^oiii 

Sp*, diu. of l^lank] Wutson, ik-e^ ; at WidforJ afs^. 
Angluberi Dftsmotid.of tLu Citv of Loudotu Qtut^ ft Barbnrn WoodTvard* 

widnvr of Chrintonber Wonrlward ; nt S' riompnt |)*nr«, Middlpwi. 
Laiu:elot V«a»e, of S^ Kathorino Cree Church, Luiidoti. Ouldumithj ft 

Anno Cbeeaman, oE aame, iipiuHt^, daa. of John Cheeenian, oE aame^ 

at Uttlo nford. co. K««cx. 
JaniM Orayo, of S' at'piik'hro's, Loudon, UctclmDt. ft Joauo Bayuoud, 

of 0jime<, Widow ; at ^Lame. 
Richard Chaasoy, Pmntor, Boobi^lor, ft Agiii^ Qugley, Spiiifiier, dau. 

of [dfanfr] liu^ley, icomaii, deiH i at H^ (ieorge^s, Jlotolph Laue^ 

Jauioii MoDgor, of 5' MJ^-dincl Ba««ubaw, Londoa, Gent, ft Suujs 

lUmiDona, of S* Bctoipb. BUbopt^Eato, Bpiiutor, dau. of Wdliua 

Hominond, of «aino, Gout ; &t 8^ BotoTph aforcftaid. 
WiUiam Uarriot, of ^^ Botolph, BiUijiga^ate, X^oadou, Fishmonger, ft 

Mjvgarot Powel, BpliiMter, d^u. of IIu^li Powell, of 3^ Ma^aoa, 

London^ IIab«rdBL4h<ir ; at B< ?et«r*i. Paul'* Wharf, London. 

Feb. e 

















John HoMah, of tJie City of Lcnii*>u, MeroTjant, & Sm^Ii yewn 

ilAti. ftf Thomas XovmAindcc* ; %t 8* Pctrr"«, PftuV* Wharf. 
Edw3rd Warren, of &* BotolpU, BteWpegate, JJoodon, Dod/u 

Sarikh P»nion9, of 9am\o, Widow ; at aamo- 
WilliiLrn 8('miM>. of S* IjoonardV Eutt^hr^p, Tjondon, Draper, A 

Moule. (if & P^ttr'*, Corahill. London, SpmatJer. clau, of 

Moulo, of 4an)o, Mrrchant ; at S< Mniy at nill, Ia>imIoo. 
Juiwq MiihlleUin, ot S^ CltMtiuut'ti, BaaC Cbt^p. Loudou, dtj 

BottOD, of «am^ dau. of Gabn^l Botton, Butch«r 3 at S> C 

Tbomaa Moody, Clerk, Reotor of Haael^jt <^ Ssmx, & S 

HcriTohor, widov of 'Bartholomov Sorircnor. Cin'k, LaU 1 

Mc44]]i(;, ««. Bmkm , at 9 Mnriiii's. Luflf^ni*^, London* 
John T>(iok^iXMl> of St.ppTiPy, M ■il'lli?tiox, Snildi*^ A Joane Pad 

umc, nidciw of I^dwan] iSulnull, of iiamo ; at aamc^. 
Thouiaa Kogpfs, of S" Gilea in the (^^eld^, Middi., Tailor, Bac 

Unrulu jatiien, cf mme, Sp', ilnu. of Robert Jacnea. late of 

CO. Ojton, Butcher, doo^ { at 3' Boiiiio<t, Patire Wtiarf, Lond 
Hugh Innionee. of 8^ Marr Wootchurctt. London, Upholder. A 

Pearson, of S^ Loonjinl, ^horffdiu^h, MiddJoaox, Widovr ; at S' 1 

i$i0hop]>gat«, London. 
John LawmiM, o£ S* Ifoonard'n, FuAU^r Lane, Lond^ra, Oordw 

Kathoriue PoDfi, Spinnti^r, dau> of {^tank} Penn, dec'; at S^ L 

WilEi^i Stonor, Eaq., Biu^holor, 24, Hon of Sir Francia StCDO 

M^ KhEaVcth Lake, Spiti*tor, 20, dau. of Sir Thoma* Laki 

at S' MoHiu'ii in Fipldx afnreaaid. 
yoh. 18 William Hubkn. Gent, of «» Martin's in Fields, MiddleBei,Bi 

A EliKaJveth Faypburjw, of anme, Spinuter, 17, dau. uf Oerrai 

hurnr, late nf mtnQ, Gent,, dec"^; consent of her mothe 

Fnvrbumf, Wid<*vr ; nt S* Marling in the THrMs aforcflaid. 
Roger Lea, Clerk, Curate nf S> Loonnrd, Slifircilit*;h. Middleaex, 

Norman, of S^ Rotolph, UisViopegate, London, spinster, 

Thomas Noruinn. of tntme, l^Cdtht- r»i*ll(*r ; at t^' Butolph afa** 
Qctirgc brnllott, iif 3* Lawrence, Old Jv\vvy. Ijoudoi^ Tailor, 

Burton. Sj>instw, dan. of Timothy Burton, G^nt. ; at 8^ G 

Botolph Lane, LoihUiu. 
Oilhcrt ITiint, of S^ Botolph, Bii>hopsgnto, London, Jojne^i * 

lieu, of iS' Mar^aret'ii, Ve«tmuiHter, widow of Ralph tUn^ 

ftAUic ; ftt .S^ DiiiintATi tri i\n^- Wcntn IrfOudon- 
Jert^miiih Mrrrr^tt, of tlio Citj' of Londoti, Cooper, IWhalor, 

Poi, Spinster, dau. vf [btank] Po*, kte of Harwich, co 

Sailor, doc"; at S* BennctX PnuPa Wharf, London. 
TboiDna OrowTie, of S* Katherine Cree Church, London^ Pb 

Widower, A Blary Browne, of «&tae, Spmator, dau. ef 

Bro>vne. of ATiugDury, co, Iblttnk]^ Ycoraan; at 8' AZbui'v 

IStrcet, Ijondon, 
John Smith, Yeouian, & Margoiy Whitchood, of S' Catherine C 

XfOiidon, Spiu«t«i-; at S* MM-g&ret's, Lothlurr, London- 
Anthonr PanBum, Sailor. & Agooa Boacli, SpiuHter ; at S^ 

Paurn Wliarf, London. 
John f^onlQnd, of Waltbnmstow. eo. Bhhci, Sardeuer, A Suaan 1 

Ity, of wiiiif^, SpJMJJtor, dau. of [blank] Billingalej, d 

WnlthiLuiJ^tow ftforosiiid- 
Fob, 26 John Hnmott, of S' Bololph, .Mdt^te, London. Buteher, i 

OoliUngc, of aame, wiJow of Thomaa Qoldinge; at ~ 





















IWi, « 


Vir. 1 

He. 1 
ilu. 1 

Uir. 1 

Vv. 4 









Spiiwtvr; At S* Pritr*. PmuI'h W'l^arf, London. 
Afilbam Suomore, of S* Martin in ihe tVlda, aiuidx., Tftiior, /t 

Murgarrt St'dv, of <«tne, widow *>f Koln.*rt Sc^llt, Ijitc of mtno^ 

TiiiW i »t S' Mildn-d'a, Bre*d Street, touclon, 
IttcltArd Nok^, Clepk, t Jano TdyW, Spinater, dau, of Jobn Taylar, 

Draper, <W ; lU -S^ B^itolph, A1dvr«KAU% I*f>inio[L 
Waaler Poolo [in margin '* Poole '], (Irocer, & Maiy MATcall, SpiDBt^r, 

dkii. of BicJiArd Marcall, nf S^ Ororgt*"*, Soutllvmrk, co. Surrvf* 

OiMit. ; M S* Lrkvrr^ut:*Jt Old Jcwri'i Loiidun. 
Boben MftrTcj-, of Stcniipr. co Miflt^lo^ox, Tailor, ± Agnea Traroi, of 

samOi Spin^UT ; a£ Stt^piiey aforo^nifl 
WiUiaiu Fleicb^r^ Clerk, & Eilzabctti DUkocnore, Spinater, dau. 

of [A/(7J*it^ Hkkoirmrir, (U<<^ ^ ut ^' Muri Alichurcl), I.*oiidua. 
Anilrcw Koif-i-nt* of S^ L^oniird, Eobi Cb«i^« Louiicin, ItuUber, & 

Jlcllen Webster, of Chrwt Church. London , Spinater, daa. 

of [hhnk] Vt\h*UtT, flec^ ; at S* Murv Wooluuih, Lon^ioii. 
ThomAa tlawEin^, of H* I'etcr'x, I'aul'a \Vharf. London. Cfothworker, A 

ElizAbctb Wif<tcr. tA S* Martin in tho FiAda, Mi<ldlctiox, Spiikitt«r, 

dao. of R*borl Wt^-J^iir. Iflto <>f Morton, co. Warviek, Y«on3>ut, d©e* ; 

ai .S^ Benn**t, f^auYn WTwirf, L<indE>ti. 
^ioaa« Kdwaidd, of S' Alan' Alderntarv. LuTidon, AlercliaiitH Bachelor, 

3^ A Joano CagCt of iiretii llormcod. tleru, .^pinatfir, 2^^ dn.\i. of 

Daniel Cti^v^ of nomv, &hi^, who oonaentai at 8* Hildred^ Bread 

RtreeL. London. 
Tbomaa Gato, K^q,, of Iniior Temple, HiicV'lor, 20, & AniicMori<y, of 

9 Lanrence* Old Jury, Louioiii, SjAaat^r, If), dan. of Xlioma* 

JkfoHcji of f«inc% Morvbjint> who coutcutM ; at ^* Anilirw'a, Jfolboro, 

or Kacknoy, MirlfUoaox. 
John Citoherof S4)oto1|di«BiUia^gulo. London. Mercliatit,Jb Ifollenor 

Wamer, ofaamc, Wiiiow; at »onie. 
ili|)woll Bowlkon, of the Citv of Loiiiton, Baker, Baclielor, & MargAxx't 

Gn.-uef<citd. of 9' Mary rfaK>liiI<'it. OM KbL Slreei, Lomlon, Spiiiftter, 

dao- of ChnatcpSrr fJrr'pnlirld. !nt<> f»f Whaley, ca. I^iicftAt^r, 

Innlioldc-r; at S^ Marv >Ui-dului3 ufuresuid. 
VFilltaui A^cbb. of S' Bricli' V, London, Goldsmith, ^ MarjT Widowea, of 

6' Beonot^ Paul'ii Wharf, Lt^udon, S|)in»ter, dan, of [tti/nK-] Widowca, 

de<^i at S' (ioorgcX Botolj^li J^imo, Loud^>u. 
Chriitophrr BrrusTxt/>n, CSont., of S' Mildrrd. Br^ul Htreet, London, 

Widower, IS, & Hli/abeth ^didburv, of S' Gilea in Fielda, Middleaex, 

SpinaW^r, 22, dau, of tJwoii fSoli^bury. Gtiit, tWt^-j consent of hor 

motlwr Mar^-Harbertd/tua^aluibur^, uf Muue, Widow ; atS*ObiTv'n, 

0I<1 Jury, LoodoD. 
WUliam Cooper, Yeoman. Jk Mnrj^ret Armatronc, Spiuator, d^ti. of 

Edward Anoatrung. uf Shorae, co, Kent, Tconain; at Trinity, 

Uinortoa, London. 
Oeorge NoUon^ Morch»[jt Tailor, &> BliKaljeil] Ncaiw, Bpini^tcr, dnu. 

GiUtiani:^] S'e««e, Ut> of Ciey worth, i^u. B«<rkj, doc*'; at 8^ Johu 

Zftcnan", London, 
John St^aniobu, of S^ Mnry^ Wbttcebapcl, MiddloMx, Carpenter, Jt 

Elimbeth Kyme, S[>inaler ; at S^ Maiy's aforeaaid. 
WOJUm Nodb, Clerk, }£cctor of JStow Afarie*, co- Ka«cx, & Sarah 

Thorley, SpinxU-r, rlau. of HandaU Thork^, Girdlcr ; it S» Kicholwt 

Cole Abbey, London. 
VUlium Qlusaon, <if 8^ Botolpb, Aldgate, Tiondon, Shin Carpfntor, & 

Anne Allen, of same, Spinster, dan. of AViUiain Allen, of St^paey, 

<w>- MiJdjt-, VictualWr^ at fiJ^ Potcr't", Pauru Wharf, London. 



Mar. 15 John Mttcbell, of Edmonton, Middz., Yeonun, A EUiabetli HeDn, 

widow of John Hcllam, Ute of same, Teoman; at aame 
Mar. IB Willian; BatolifEe, Mariner, & Anne "Worrall, widow of Eobert VoinU 

Wiue Portor - at S* James in the WaU, Jjondon. 
Mar. 18 Weaton Clarke, of S« Allan's, Wood Street, London, Ueithtf^ 

Baehelor, & Dorcaa Smith, of same, SpinBter, d&u. of HattJMi 

Smith, late of King's Lynn, co. ^oilolk, Merchant, dec^j it 

S^ MichaeVe, Queeuhithe, llond. 
Mar. 19 James^ Dares, of !;jtepne7, co. Middz., Sailor, A B£aiy Bamet, of uMt 

widow of Henry Bamet, Yeoman ; at same. 
Mar. 19 Jame» Kayuer, of S^ Botolph^ Aldgate, London, Cooper, A Sumh Lee,of 

^^ Marr, Whitecbapel, Middlesex, widow of James Lee, Haherdi^; 

at S* Alphage, London, 


Mar. 2G Edward WatU, Woodmoneer, 4 Alice Beale, of S* Mary Somene^ 

Lond., widow of WiSiam Beale, Woodmouger ; at 8^ Mvj 

Somerset afa*. i 

Mar. 29 'William Smith, of Westham, co. Essex, Oatmealman, A Ellule4 ^ 

Bittertou, of Layton, h^ co., Sp^, her parents dead ; at Layton afii^- 
April 3 S' John Gwyllym, Gent., of S' James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Vidowoi 

4i7, & Alice Edmonds, of same. Spinster, 25, her parents AmU't 

consent of M*" Tliomas Austen, of same, with whom she Kvetfa u 

scrraot ; at S^ Alphage, London. 
April 17 FhilJp Hainshnry, or the City of London, Gardener, A Alice Felt(ffl, 

Sp', dau. of Edward Feltoii, dee^ ; at S' Maiy, Islington, Middi. 
April 17 Nathan Bolt, of Stepuey, Middi., Merchant, & Mary Symondson, i^ 

same, Widow; at Stratford Bow, co. Middlesex. 
April 18 John Ratcliffo, of 8^ Botolph, Aldgato, London, Skinner, A Baclii^ 

Kent, of Bamo, Spinster, oau. of John Kent, Gent., dec^ ; at Brnt' 

ford or Ealing, co. Middlesex. 
April 19 Richard Ea]>heH, of S* Sepulchre's, London, Turner, Jb Dorothy Sflb^ 

of same, Sp^, dau. of Thomas Sabyn, of same, Mercer ; at same. 
April 19 Peter Kawa<m, of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, London, Kaberdaaher, & KUe^ 

JCcwquitt, of snme, Sp^; at 8^ Bennet Sherehog, London. 
April 20 Mark Quested, of S^ Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, FisfamongeTi ^ 

Elizabeth Halaall, widow of John Halsall, late of same ; at same. 
April 20 Samuel Crabtreo, of S^ Margaret's, Lothbury, London, Drapeii * 

Frances Wack, of S* Bennet Fink, London, SpinstCT-, her paicob 

dead ; at S* Mary Magdalen, Old Eish Street, London. 
April 20 Nicholas Clerke, Gent., of Great Chishall, co. Essex, Bachelor, 87,^ 

Fortune Cooke, of aame, 42, widow of Samuel Cooke, Qi&a%., dsiri 

at Chinhall aforeaaid, or Halstead, Essex. 
April 23 Bobert Hauna, Gent., Bachelor, 25, & Jane Styward, of S^ CHles Vidi^ 

Middlesex, Soineter, 26, dau. of William Strward, C^ent., d0(^> 

attested by Alexander Hanna, of S^ Margaret's, Westminster, G«0^-t 

at S» Alphage, Lend. 
April 24 Eobert Willis, Husbandman, & Jane Forfoote, widow of Bicb^ 

Purfoote, late of Battersea, co. Surrey; at 8* Peter's, Paul's Wh»r*> 

April 30 Valentino Hewes, Slaughterman, & Anne Fayerclifft, widow of "WiJli*^ 

Fayerclifft, Baker; at S^ Bonnet, Paul's Wharf, Loudon. 
April 80 John Browne, of Groat S^ Bartholomew, London, Haberdasher, A lAm^ 

Burton, of Chinckferd, co. Essex, Sp^, dau. of Stephen Boztoo, ^ 

same. Yeoman; at Great S* Bartholomew afs*. 
May 1 Bobert FUcke, of ChickTieT^ co. Essex, Husbandman, A Grizell Shipm»'^ 

of Layton, s^ co., 8p^ dau. of [blank} SMpman, dec^ i at Layton afi»' 



Tbij 2 WiHiam Tv^t, of 8* Andrew'i* Holbono, London, Yeoman, & Anne 

BoArdman, of S' Anne, Blaokfriars, LnndoD^ widow of ThoTnas 

Boardm&n, Gent. ; at S^ Benn^t. Paul's Wharf, London. 
Mi^ 2 John Savage, of S' Hartin in the Vicld^, Mlddlo^ei, Coachman, Jt Eliza- 
beth Corniahe, of same, Spinster, dau. of ^blank^ Comisho, Baker, 

iec^; at S^ Faith's, London. 
Hitj S "William Picton, of S^ Bride's, London, Groeer, & Frances Allanson, of 

ftame. Spinster, dau. of Christopher Allanson, of same. Vintner \ at 

8' Uariin in the Yintrv, London. 
Vaj 4 !£' Eobert Browne, of S» Sfartin's in Fields, Middlesex, MJIlener, Bach', 

21, father dead, & Thoma^ine Hare, of same, Spinc^ter, li), dan^ of 

Bichard Hare, Esq , in ye county of Southwark [tic^t ^ho lireth in 

the King's Bench, at ye present distracted in bis ints^ ; consent 

of her QDclo Sir Ealpn Hare; at S^ Marji Strand aHas SaTor, 

Mij^ 4 Jeffery Keene, Gent., of City of "Westminster, Bacli% 66, & Elizabeth 

Curaon, of Cambridge, widow of [blank"] Curson, of same, dotf^ 

about i year since ; at S* Nicholas Cole Abbey^ London. 
tixj 6 Balph Boades, Joyner, A Grace Hatch, widow of George Hatch, lato of 

3^ Saviour^B, Southwark, co, Surrey, Dyer ; at S^ Nicholas Olave's, 

ILj Christopher Vicars, Mason, Bachelor, & Mary Lowgrowe, Spinster, dau. 

of William Lowerowe, lat« of Wallingford, co. Borka, Clothworker, 

dec^ ; at S^ Bartholomew the Less, London. 
Ibj 7 Bamaby Stouen [? Storen], of Southminater, co. Essex, Clerk, Bachelor, 

& Mercy Frauneia, of same, Sp^, dau. of John Frauncis, late of same. 

Clerk, aec^ ; at S^ Mary Somerset, London. 
1^ 7 Bichard Norwood, of 8^ Andrew Hubbard, London, Surreyor, A Rachel 

Boughton, Spinster, dau. of Francis Boughton, of Sandwich, co. 

Kent, Merchant, dec** j at S* Andrew's afs"*. 
Kij 8 James Carter, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Tailor, & Mary 

Andrewes, of S^ Bennet's, Paul's Wharf, London, Spinster, dau. of 

Thomas Andrewes, of Painswick, co. Gloucester, Yeoman ; at 8^ 

Bennet's aforesaid. 
Vij 8 George Lashley, Taylor, & Eose Underbill, widow of Iblank] tJnderhill, 

late of the City of Weatininster, Chandler; at S^ Peter's, Paul's 

Wharf, London, 
uj 9 John Farnham, of Isleworth, co. Middlesex, Locksmith, & Ellen 

Prittfhard, of S' Bride's, London, Sp'^, dau, of Philip Pritcbard, of 

HeatUnd, co. Hereford, Husbandman ; nt S^ Bride's aforesaid. 
Kij 15 Peter Fountaine, of S^ Leonard's, Shor^tch, Middlesex, " textor/' & 

Sarah Wancore, of S^ BotoJph, Bishopsgate, London, Spinster; at 

Stepney, co. Middlesex. 
^bf 18 WiUiam Sijward, Slaterman, Bach^, & Anne Parry alias Powell, Sp', 

dftu. of Parry Powell, Yeom&n, dec^ ; at Chelsea, co. Middx. 
*V 20 Bichard Price, of S' Maiy Abchurch, London, Painter Stainor, & Mary 

Harwood, widow of George Harwood, late of Chelmsford, co. Essex ; 

at S^ Christopher le Stocks, London, 
'^ 21 Michael Wright, Yeoman, Bachelor, & Elizabeth Knight, Spinster; at 

S* Martin in the Vintry, London. 
*^ 21 William Wheeler, of South Okenden, co. Essex, Yeoman, & Eliza- 
beth Newman, widow of [hlanlc} Newman, Fowler; at S^ Faith's, 

*^ 22 William Mullett, Ship Carpenter, & Alice Dyatt, widow of William 

Dyatt, Caipenter; at S^Peter^s, Paul's Wharf, London. 
'^ 22 Henry East, ot Houmlow, Middlesex, Butcher, & Elizabeth Harker, of 

fame. Spinster, dau. of Bichard Harker, late of Bialipp, 9^ eo., 

Butcher, dec<^ ; at Hestou, co. Middlesex. 


Ma/ 22 "William Plookea, of Stanwell, co. Middx., Teomas, & Eliubetti W*f- 

l&nd, oE Ikdfontj s^ coun^. Spinster, dAu. of Thomaa Wajluu, 

of HauiG, YeoTuaii ; at Bedfont oforeiiaid. 
May 25 Jolin IIortoTi, of Sti^piicy, Middleeei, Yeoman, Jt Margaret Craddod, 

of Bftme, Sp', ber pareutH dead ; at Stepney aforesaid. 
May 29 Walter Pranck, Clerk, & TLomaiine Hill, of S' Andrew's, HoJboa, 

London, 8p^ dau. of William Hill, of Wooden Bassett, co. Wil^ 

" Barbitoniwr " ; at S^ Andrew's, Holbom, aforesaid. 
May 29 John Moore, of S^ Martin id the Fields, Middlesex, Yeoman, A luM 

Simpson, of uame, widow of Christopber Simpson ^ at S^ Clement'i 

DaucB, Middleaex. 
May 29 Hcnn' Waylett, of Kunddon, eo. Herts, Husbandman, & Alice FrickluT^ 

of same, Spinster ; at same. 
May 29 Tbomaa Drumbloby, of S* Eatherine Cree Church, London, Brew^, A 

Elizabeth Tompson, of Bame, Spinster; at same. 
May :)0 John Formeatoit, of the City of London, Gent,, & Jane Carpenter, of j 

same, Spinster, dau. of Christopher Carpenter, of Lampaf oid, ca | 

HerU, Yeoman ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, 
May 31 John Wboeley, of Bnmtwood, co. Essex, Brasicr, Jb Joane Tabor, (^ ' 

same, Spinster, dau. of Christopher Tabor, of aame, Coliennaker; it 

June 1 Eichard Bowse, of S^ Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx., MuEdclan, & Anne 

Davies, of same. Spinster ; at same. 
June 3 Bichard Cheney, Gent., of Hackney, Middlesex, Bachelor, 27 (coii»nt 

of hie father M^ Bichard Cheney), A Anne Elinor, of S* Catherin* 

Croe Church, London, Spinster, 19, dau. of Bartholomew EUcoTi 

of same, Gent., wbo consents ; at Hackney aforesaid. 
June 3 John Welborc, Gent., Bachelor, 80, ^ Anne Wentworth, Spinster, Sli 

parente dead, Hhc living with ber sister EtiEsbeth Wendy, of SattoDT 

CO. Beds, AVidow, who consents, as attested by Thomas 'VTen^, 

of ITaslingficld, co. Cambridge, Gent,; at S^ Ajine, Blackfniz^ 

June 4 Philip Saunders, Clerk, Curate of Hutten, co. Essex, ^ Alice OroeD>i 

Spinster, dau, of William Greene, of Chelsworth, co. SufEolk, Too- 

man ; at Dedham, co. Essex. 
June 5 John Chelaham, Gent., Bachelor, 33, A Jane Wright, Sp', 21, dan. of 

Bichard Wright, of Kingston on Thames, co. Surrej, Esq., who 

conwents ; at S' Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 
June 6 Deiionell EurhcII, Gent., of All Hallows Barking, London, Bach', 45* 

A Eii/nlH'th Chilton, of Little All Hallows, London, Spinster, 17) 

dau, of Hii'hard Chilton, of same, Freemason, who consentfl; p' 

S» Pel*^rH, Paul's Wharf, London. 
June 7 Augustine Goodwyn, of S' Clement Danes, London, Apothecary, J* 

Esther Babthorpe, of S* Martin in Fields, Middx., Sp', dau. p^ 

William Biibthorpe, of MaJnthorpe, co. York, Gent; at 3^ Mard^ 

in Fields afa^. 
Jimo 8 William Amys, of S* Olavo's, Hart Street, X^ondon, Grocer, BachS ^ 

Mary Woodhouso, of same, Spinster, dau. of Henry Wo<>dhouBe,0' 

S* Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London, D' of Laws; at Stepney 

Jwuo Ul John Bigg, of S^ Bride's, London, Haberdasher, A Marr Frewin, c^' 

Kensington, Middx., Spinster, dau. of John Frewin, of rforthiom, CC^ 

Sussex, Clerk i at Kensington aforesaid. 
* -«v' \ \ Bobcrt Bagley, Yeoman, Bachelor, &, Anne Wootton, Spinster, dan. oJ 

John Wootten, Yeoman, dec*^ ; at 8^ James, Clerkenwell, Middx> 
'■. 1^* U M' William Strickhind, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Middlesex, Bachelor, 2S 

^\\*u«ont of his father Walter Strickland, Esq., of Bointon, co. Tort) si 

1^ ^largaret Cholmeley, Spinater, 18, dau. of Sir Bichard Cholmeley:* 



K*, of "Wlietbj, CO. York, whoae conseTit ia attested by Walter 
Btrickland the younger, of Gray's Inn ; at S* Leonard's, Shoreditcb, 
lime 14 William Powell, of 3^ Leonard'B, Sboreditcb, Middleflox, Stocklngmender, 
ft Saittb Younge, of same, SpioBtePf dau. of Anthony Younge, of 
same, Sadler ; at S' Leonard, Snoreditch, Middlesex^ 

June 15 The B' Hon^^" Thomaa. Lord Bruce, Baron of Kinloeae, Bachelor, 23, & 
M^ Anne Chicheflter, Spinster, 17, dau. of Sir Bobert Chichester, 
K\ who coDsenta, as also Lady Bruce, mother of s^ Lord Bruce ^ 
a]l«^ by WOliam, Lord CaTendiah ; at {" S^ Michael Baasiahaw " 
erased] London. 

Jvoe 24 William Brooke, of S* Andrew's, Holbora, London, Inholder, ft Joane 
Bidge, Sp', dau. of Georege Bidge, dec^ ; at S' Bennet Sherebog, 

hne 24 Christopher Gibson, of S^ Botolph. Bisbopagate, Loudon, VictnaUei', 
Bach', & Martha Johnson, of eame, S^, dau. of IblanfcJ Johnaon, 
of [ftfcinfc], CO. Berks ; at S^ Poter'a, Westcheap, London. 

Inse 25 John Holdin, of Lambeth, co. Surrey, Yeomaa, Widower, ft Mary Locke, 
of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middi., 3p', dau- of [blank] Locke, late 
ofBame,dec^; at S^ Mildred, Bread Street, London. 

J(me27 Benjamin Harris, of Stifford, co. EsHes, Yeoman, ft Mary Tompson, of 
Laindon, a^ co.. Spinster, dau, of Kicholaa Tompaon, Hnabandman, 
dec* ; at S* Gregoiy's, London. 

fme 27 Peter lEoberte, Gent., of Christ Church, London, Bachelor, 23, his 

Sorents dead, ft Emelia WormcLayton, of S* Botolph, Aldersgate, 
pinster, 17, dau. of ^chard Wormelayton, Esq., dec^j consent of 

her mother Elizabeth Wormetajiion, Widow; at S^ Mary, Strand 

aliiu SaToy, Middleeer, 
Jnly 3 William Staines, of Cheathunt, co. Horta, ft Anne Ferry, of same, Sp^ 

dau. of Humphrey Perrv, late of Littleton, co, Worceeter, dec* ; at 

S^ Clement Danea, Middleaex. 
Ju^ 6 John Lightwin, of Hockley, co. Essex, Yeoman, Widower, 53, ft'Baehel 

Braye, of Prittleweil, s* co., 30, widow of Sylvester Braye, late of 

same, Gent., dec^ ; at Prittlewell aforesaid. 
Jnlj 6 Edward Wallies, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Saleman, A Jane 

Johnson, of Stepney, Midds., Sp' ; at S' Botolph, Biahopsgate, Lond. 
Jnlj 8 Bichard Crompton, Locksmith, ft Catherine Mathews, Spinster, dau. of 

William Mathews, of Dogmaahfieid, co. Hanta, Tailor ; at S* Peter'a, 

Paul's Wharf, London. 
% 8 Edward Griffin, Esq., of 8* Martin's Fields, Middlesex, Bachelor, 17, 

BOn of Sir Thomaa Griffin, K*, late of Dingle, co. Korth^", dec* 

(consent of his guardian The B' Worpfu' Sir William UvedaJe, K^), 

ft M^ Frances Uvedale, Spinater, 13, dau. of s*' Sir William TJvedale ; 

at S* Michael le Queme, London. 
% 8 Thomas Piahe, Gent., of Bishop's Hatfield, Herts, Bachelor, 21, eon of 

Leonard Pishe, of aame, Gent., who conaenta, ft Alice Eeres, of same. 

Spinster, 20, dau. of John Eerea, of same, Yeoman [** Innholder" 

erased], who consenta ; at S' Jamea, Garlick Hithe, London. 
% 8 Sir Jamea Pointz, K', of North Okenden, Eaaes, Widower, 30, ft Mair 

Sanka [Sanka ?], Spinater, 20, dau. of Sir Eichard Saui [? Sanx], 

K^, of S' Stephen^a, Coleman Street, who conaenta ; at Great S* Bar- 
tholomew, London- 
*^J 15 John Willes, of S' Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx., Brewer, ft Mary 

Denbey, Spinster, dau, of [Uank~\ Denbey, of aame. Butcher; at 8' 

James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex. 
^^J 18 William Stane, of Stapleford Abbotts, co. Easex, Gent., A Bridget 

Worsley, of S» Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, Spinater; at S' 

Clement Danes, Middlesex. 


Julj 18 Thomafl Minne, of S* Peter's in the Baylie, City of Oxford, Bafer, 

Bocliclor, 24, & Siuan Almond, Spuuter, 21, dau. of Thonui 

Almond, of S^ Aldate's, Oxon, Clothworker, who coiuenti; it 

S' Botolph, Aldersgate, London. 
July 22 WiUiain Atkinaon, of S^ M&tthew, Friday Street, London, Blercbut, 

Bachelor, A Mary Browne, of same, Sp^ dati. of Geoi^ Bromie, of 

Marston, co. Somenet, Yeoman; at S^ Matthew's aforenaid. 
July 24 Edward Tedder, of S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, Faiotcr 

StnintT, A Amy Wodo, or S^ Nicholas Olave, London, SpinateTf du. 

of [i/nn^l Wade, dec'^ ; at S^ Kicliolaa Olave aforeaaid. 
July 27 ChrietophoT Hod«hin, of 3* Leonard, Shorcditch, Middx., SilkwuTGr, 

Bacn^ A Dorothy Gumer, of S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, Loniba, 

Sp'', dau. of [blank] Qumer, dec^j at S^ Stephen's aforesaid. 
July 27 Jamea Eicrafte, of Stepncv, co. Middlesei, Sailor, A G-race Mills, of 

same, 3|>Jnstor, dau. of John Mills, l&te of Canewdon, co. Bm. 

dec"* J at S» Faiths, London. 
July SI Geoi^ Orchard, of S^ Mary le Str^d, Middleooz, Tailor, A Alic0 

Thomae, of the City of London, Spinster, dau. of Peter Tbomaii 

lato of same, Yeoman ; at S* Alpha^, London. 
Aug. 1 John Williams, Clerh, Rector of Dudinghunt, co- Esaex, A FriBeiDfr 

Howland, of the Cily of London, Spinster, dau- of [frfa^jt] Kowludi 

dec^ ; at All Hallows, Honey Lane, London.* 
Aug. 10 Hoger Forrest, of S^ Andrew's, Holhom, London, Oaler, & Jane Toolef* 

of S* Botolph, Aldgate, London, Sp'^ at S* Alphage, London. 
Aug. 14 Thomas Tavell, Husbandman, ft Margaret Horsey, Spinster, her parent* 

dead; at S^ Gregory's, London. 
Aug. 15 Nicholas AVhitc, of Stepney, Middz., Sailor, ft Rebecca Daries, of sftm^-v 

Sptnater, dau. of [hlank'] Daries, ^BC^; at Stepney afs^. 
Aug> 16 John Allen, of S^ Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Butcher, ft Bridget? 

Stanes, of Stepney, said co., her parenta dead ; at S^ Mary, laHngtoiv 

Aug. 10 John Dairell [in margin " Dorrell "], Yeoman, ft Aime Hill, Spinfttar, 

dau. of Thomas Hill, of Lewtou, co. Beds, Cordwainer \ at Stepney, 

CO. Middlesex. 
Aug. 21 William Hodgkyn, of the City of London, Carman, ft Anne Troughton, 

Spinster, dau. of [fi/ffnjtj Troughton, of [blank'], oo. Cambridge, 

Carman ; at S* Botolph, Aldi^te, London. 
Aug. 22 John Isaacke, of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor, ft Sarah Ryrera, of sasid, 

Spinster, dau, of Henry Ryvers, of same, Sailor; at Bromley B* 

Leonard's, co. Middlenex. 
Aug. 28 Michael Wood, Ploughwright, A Agnes Stone, Spinster, dau. of !^cliard 

Stone, of Wariingham, co. Surrey, Yeoman ; at S' Margaret's, Hew 

Fish Street, London. 
Aug. 23 William Webb, of Great All Hallows, Thames Street, London, Cloth- 
worker, ft Elizabeth Rogers, of S^ Michael, Crooked Lane, London, 

Spinster, dau. of Henry Rogers, of New Windsor, co. Berks, Raker; 

at S' Peter's. Paul's Wharf, London. 
Auif. 24 Bichard Burman, of S* Clement Danes, Middlesex, Linen Draper, 

Bachelor, ft Anne BunvoU, of same, Sister, dau. of Walter BunTell, 

of same, Haberdasher ; at S' Andrew TTnderBhaft, London. 
Auff 27 John Murson [in margin ^' Marson "], of S^ Martin in the ^Ids, 
^" Middlesex, Gent., ft Katherine WiUcinson, of same. Spinster; at S' 

Rennet, Paurs Wharf, London. 
Q^oTce Caruthers, Gent,, of S* Olave, Old Jury, London, Bachelor, 36, 
ft Elitabctb TiUtone, of same, Sp^, 20, her father dead ; consent of 
Rachel Tilstone, Widow, of S* John's, Walbrook, attested by 
Wil^wfi T^Utone, of same ; at S' Olare's, Old Jury, aforesaid, 

• 1l«5 wn mirried at St. Utiy Wookhurch. 



d Robert Treat, of S< Botolph, Biahop«g&te, London. Goltbimtli, A 
Lucretia Eeane, widow of BioWd Ej»me, GoMnoith ; at S^ Gr^ory's, 

3 John Briscoe, Gent, of Chipping Barnett, Herts, Widower, 40, & Anne 

Toler, of Bame, Spinster, 35, dan. of Thomas Toler, Gent., dec' ; at 
S« Peter's, Panl's Wharf, London. 

4 Thomaa Cambell, Gent., of S^ Michael, Wood Street, London, Bach^ 26, 

& San Sparkea, of same. Spinster, 20, her parents dead ; consent of her 
father in law John Scott attested by her brother Obadiah Sparkes, 
of S* 01ave*8, Silver Street, Yeoman ; at S^ Peter^a, PauVft Wharf, 
London. [On 6 Sept. s' Obadiah Sparkes & Thomas Wright, of 
S< AOchaef, Wood Street, alleged that tfi- Cambell was visited with 
sickness & could not without danger go out to a church, A praved 
licence to be married in his private house in S* Michael's, Wood 
Street, which was granted.] 

10 Philip B«ignart, Dyer, A Sarah G«illett, Spinster, dau. of [blank] 

Ga^ett, dec*; at S* Leonard's, Bromlej, co. JCiddlesei. 

11 Milee ^re, of S^ Andrew^s, Holbom, London, Tintner, & Mai^ry 

Parry, of Stepney, Middlcsei, widow of Edward Parry, Sailor ; at S* 
Andrew in the Wardrobe, London, 
11 Bichard Smith, Gent., of S< Leonard's, Shoreditch, Middlesex, Bach', 
89, A Bdjutha Humphrey, of s«me, 4^, widow of Thomas Humphrey, 
de<^ about 7 yean ago ; at S' Leonard's, Shoreditch, aforesaid. 

18 Bobert Bacon, &q,, of S^ Peter the Poor, Loudon, Bach^ 60, A Dame 

Cordelia Harris, 50, widow of Sir Thomaa Harris, K*, late of Maldon, 
CO, EsAOi; at S^ Botolpb, Bishopsgate, London. 
14 William Xoble, of S^ Martin in the Fields, co. Middlesex, Tailor, A 
Katherine Deere, of S^ Botolph, Aldersgato, Spinster, dau. of John 
Deere, of same, " textor '* i at S^ Giles in the Fields, Middlesex. 

16 Edward Wilson, Schoolmaster, A Joane Springali, Spinster ; at S^ 

George*s, Botolph I^uie, London. 

17 Anthony Renold, Bach', 22, son of Anthony Benold^ Gent., A Martha 

Pedfey, Spinster, 20, her parents dead ; consent of her uncle James 
Pediey, of Abbotsley in Huntingtonahire, Gent, ; at S^ Ethelburgh, 
Londour [Vicar-GeneraVs Book calls her *^ dau. of John Pediey, 
late Citizen A Gfrocer of Loudon, dec^."] 

19 Thomas Sankey, of S^ Botolph, Aldersgate, Loudon, Brewer, Widower, 

A Elizabeth Boberts, Spinster, dau. of John Boberts, late of same, 
dec*^ at S^ Botolph, Aldersgate, E^oresaid. 

20 Bichard Geoi^e, of S' Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, Teonian, A Eliza- 

beth Dodd, of Enfield, Middlesex, Spinster, relict [sic] of [blank] 
Dodd, lat« of the City of London, Cook, dec* ; at EnBeld afs< 

24 John Gladwyn, of Hariow, co. Essex, Yeoman, A Elizabeth Clay, of 

Shering, s"* co., widow of Henry Clay ; at Harlow afs*. 

25 Theodore Cole, A-M,, of Bumsted Holiou, co. Essex, A Thomasine 

Edwards, of Toppesfield, s* co., Sp% dau. of [blank] Edwards, dec^; 

at gt Leonard's, Bromley, co. Middlesex. 
28 Adam Eawliusou, of S' Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, Fishmonger, A 

Ellen Wheeler, of S' Matthew, Friday Street, London, Spinster, dau, 

of William Wheeler, of same. Goldsmith; at S^ Matthew a aforesaid. 
80 Moses Glover, of tsleworth, Middlesex, Painter Stainer, A Juliana 

Gulliver, of same, widow of Bichard Gulliver, Painter j at S^ Botolph, 

Aldersgate, Londou. 
80 Edward Davies, Tailor, A Elizabeth Farrowo, Spinster, dau. of fiobert 

Farrowe, Yeoman, dec^ ; at S* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
1 John Tedderton, of Stepney, MiddJesex, Tailor, & Anno Colley, of S* 

Botolph, Aldgate, London, widow of William Colley, Gent.j at S' 

Peter's, Paulas Wharf, Loudon. 


Oct. 1 Bobert Holman, Tailor, A Anne Whitaken, S pi pgter, 6au. 
ynnUken, Gent., dec* ; at 8^ Pet^r'a, Paul's Wtwf, Loud 
Oct 1 Thomaa Wakefield, Gent., & Elizabeth Wbite, SpinBter, dnu. o 
White, Clerk, Bector of Beakesbome, co. Kent i at S« 
Oct. 2 Edmund Eobardea, Gent., of S^ Alphage, London, Bach', 2! 
Nicholson, of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, Spinster, 32, dan. o 
Nicholson, of Walstall, co. Cumberluid, Yeoman, who con 
S' Clement*B, Eastcheap, London. 
Oct. 8 SatnpfiOD Calthorp, Gent, of S* Andrew rndershaft, London, ' 
45, & Bridget Ball, of S' Sepulchre's, London, 40, widow o 
Ball, Gent., dec* ; at S' Mary, Whitechapel, co- Middi. 
Oct. 10 Balph Bames, Brewer, & EiizaDeth Crowch, Spinster, dan. <ri 
Crowch, late of Wilsdon, co. Middlesex, de^^ ; at S^ Petei 
Wbarf, London. 
Oct. 15 Bicbard Wright, of S^ Giles in tbe Fields, Middlesex, Butcher, l 
Mos^ley, of S^ Audrew's, Qolbom, 3p^ ; at S^ Andrew's afs 
Oct, 17 James Pau^e^s, of S^ Mary, Whitech^el, Middlesex, Cordi 
Margaret Hughes, of same, widow of [i/an*?] Hughes, Husl 
at 8' Mary, Whitechapel, aforesaid. 
Oct, 18 Thomaa Farkes, of S^ Catherine Creechurch, London, BricI 
Abberton Wynes, of same, widow of Abraham Wynes, V 
at Stepney, co. Middlesex. 
Oct. 21 Richard Hutson, of All Hallows, Honey Ijane, London, Yintnei 
Wilkinson, of S^ Mary Magdalen, City of London, Spinst 
Michael, Qneenhithe, London, 
Oct. 21 Thomas Scaddin, of Stepney, co. Middlesex, Tailor, & Prisdlla 

widow of Henry Hickman, late of same ; at same. 
Oct< 22 Foger Quatcrmaioe, of S' Mary, Whitecha^l, Middlesex, 
Clerk, & £merja NichoHs, of S^ Catherine Creechuicb, 
Spinster; at 8^ Ma^, Whitechapel, aforesaid. 
Out. 22 Andrew Charletoo, of Laughton, eo. Essex, Tailor, A Fmbliu 1 
of Little Ilford, s*^ co., widow of [hlank'] Pattinson, Clei 
Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London- 
Oct 22 M' Edwani Whitehome, B.D,, Paraou of S^ Andrew's in the ^ 
London, Widower, 40, & Margaret May, of Enfield, Mj 
19, dan. of Thomaa May, of same. Yeoman, who cod 
Enfield afft*. 
Oct. 23 John Passell, of S^ Gilea in the Fields, co. Middlesex, Mt 
Johanna Fell, of same, Spinster, dau. of William Fell, 
Tailor J at S* Gtregory'a, London. 
Oct. 28 Balph Etc, of S^ Matthew, Friday Street, London, Draper, A 
Wvmpue, of S* Sepulchre's, Loudon, Spinster j at S' Pete 
Wnaif, London. 
iM. a4 Edward Sayve, of S^ Botolph, Bishopa^te, London, Chin 
Margaret Quince, Spinster, dau. of William Quince, of sa 
Cliirurgeon \ at S' Botolph aforesaid. 
0\r\, ^Q John Fiuher, of S^ Lconard/8, Eastcheap, London, Butcher, A 
Hutlor, of same. Spinster, dan. of Hichard Butler, of Grai 
LiiK^otii, Butcher ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
<VI. ^S J»"Hn IWI, Gent., of Eaton, Bucks, Bach^ 30, son of Mat 
\»r «aiiio, (lent., who conaentfl, & Joane Oliver, Spinster, J 
William Olivor, of [blank], co. Kent, dec* about 9 ye 
o^MiM^nt of Itobort Tompson, of 3^ Bennet, Paul's Wharf, 
Ihl^l^t A Joane Oliver alias Tompson, mother of said h 
^'i' IMuu^tV nJoresaid. 
\v\- '^ Jl'^Jh^ WnM^ \tt 8^ Mary Woolnoth, London, Goldsmith, A 
* V^4hVt^tvMi \4 Miuo, Spinster ; at same. 


KoT. 4 James Orme, of S' M&r^ret MoHea, Lortdon, Chandler, BacLelor, A 

Hellen GoldwelJ, Spinater, dau. of Owen GoMwell, of Croydon, co. 

Surrey, Baker ; at S' NicholaB Cole Abbey, London. 
Hot- 6 Gilbert Seabrooke» Clerk, & Elizabeth SilTerlocke, Spinster, dau, of 

Kicbard Silverlocke, of Chipping Bamet, Herts ; at Chipping Barnet 

BoT, 6 Thomas Nuttotl, of Rotchford, co. Essex, Yeoman, & Elizabeth Letton, 

of Baflfleldon, b"^ co., Sp^, dau. of [blan/c] Lettoo, deC" ; at Eayley, co- 

JIoT. 8 John Smytb,of Stepney, co. Middleaex, Pointmakcr, Bachelor, & Tabitha 

Broome, of same, widow of William Broome, late of same^ at 

Stepney aforesaid. 
KoT. 8 Samuef Phillips, Clerk, Bector of S^ Mary Stayning, London, Bachelor, 

A Catherine Stevenson, of same, Sp^ dau. of Thomaa SterenBOOf 

dec^; at S^ Slary Stayninr; aforesaid. 
KdT. H Humphrey Hargrave, of 8^ Matthew, Friday Street, London, Goldsmith, 

& Marv SetJe, of Wennington, co. Essex, Sp^ j at Wenuington afa"*. 
Sot* 13 John Wildes, of S' Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, Euatian 

Weaver, & Alice Butler, of S^ Peter'e, PauVs Wharf, London, Sp^, dau. 

of Thomas Butier, of same. Clerk ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, afs^, 
ITot. 18 Charles Thekeston, Gent., Bach^ 28, A Mary Webster, of S» Botolph, 

Biabopagate, London, Spinater, 22, her father dead; consent of her 

mother Ann Webster, of Boyaton, Herta, Widow ; at S^ Peter's, 

Paul's Wharf, London. 
Hot. 18 Thomas Whiting, of Dedbam, co, Essex, Clothier, Widower, 30, & 

Elizabeth Stocke, of S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, Spinster, 24, dau» 

of [bhnk] Stocke, late of [blank^, co. SuffoJk, dec^; consent of her 

brother Thomas Stocke, of All Hallows, Lombard Street; at S^ 

Peter's, Paula Wharf, London. 
Kor, 18 John Amatt, of Hutton, co^ Es«ex, Husbandman, A Elizabeth Wood, 

Spinater, dau. of Christopher Wood, of Theydon Gfljnishe, s* co., 

Teoman; at 3^ Mildred, Bread Street, London. 
Hot. 19 James Cole, Gent., <& Bose Davies, widow of Adam Daries, Yeoman ; 

at S^ Botolph, Bishopsgate, London. 
Hot. 20 Nehemiah Foyson, of Ware, co. Herta, Musician, & Elizabeth Deale, 

of Tottenham High Cross, co. Middlesex, dau, of Anthony Deale, 

late of same. Yeoman, dec*^ ; at S^ Botolph, Bishopagate, Lend. 
Hot. 23 John Higgens, of Chipping Bamott, co. Herta^ Butcher, & Katherine 

Faraona, of Hendon, Middleaei, Spinster, dau, of John Parsons, of 

aame ; at Hendon aforesaid. 
Hot. 26 Thomas Brooke, of S» Thomae Apostle, London, Tailor, & Ellen Taylor, 

of S^ Augustine's, London, Spinater ; at 8^ Nicholas Cole Abbey, 

Hot. 27 M' Timothy Clay, Clerk, Curate of WiUingale Doe, eo. Easei, & Anne 

Whitcher, of same, Spinster ; at same. 
Hot. 28 Andrew Harbell, of Ail Hallows the Less, Thames Street, London, 

Dyer, & Alice Lawrence, of same, Spinster, dau. of [blank^ Law- 

roDce, of same. Dyer ; at S* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Hot. 28 Bobert Fijer, of Fulham, Middlesex, Laborer, & Susan Peirce, of same, 

Spinster J at B^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, LondoD. 
Hot. 28 Thomaa Bobinaon, of S* Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Butcher, & 

Margaret Kichardaou, of same. Spinster; at same. 
Hot. 28 Thomaa Staino, of S^ Giles, Cripplegate, London, Bachelor, & Mary 

Cocke, Spinster, dau. of John Cocke, of [(fa^A^], co- Wilts j at 

8^ Nicholas Cole Abbey, London. 
Hot. 29 William Henman, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Leatherseller, & 

Elizabeth Osborne, Sp^, dau. of Bobert Oaborae, of S* Botolph, 

Biehopsgal«, London, Fewterer ; at S^ Leonard's, Shoieditcb, Midx. 

Nov, 30 








































William Carter, of S' Martin in &xg Fidda, Middlesex,' ft Jon 

Compton , widow of Peter Comptoa, Into of the City of Westeiinitv; 

at 8* Dunataii in the West, London. 
Jamcr« Barkelev, of S^ Leonard's, Slhoreditch, Middlesex, ButeW, ft 

Helen Tonley, of aame. Spinster, dau. of Iblank] Torslej, late d 

Goifborton. co. Lincoln, de<:^; at S^ Leonard, Shoreditch, ^oreaiid. 
William Lambert, of 8* Botolpli, BisLopsgate, London, Silk Thromti^ 

& Margaret KiclianUoii, of 9' Maiy, Whitechapelf Midx., widow rf 

Adam Sicharddon, late of same ; at S* Botolph's afa^. 
William Atkinson, of S^ Clement Danes, Uiddx., I^nbroiderer, 4 

EliEabeih Wortlej, of same, widow of Eobert Wortley, Carpsate; 

at S^ Martin in the I^elds, Middlesex. 
John llarvic, of Ware, co. Herts, Yeoman, ft Susan Price, of MM, 

Spijiflter, dau. of Hobert Price, of aame, Yeoman ; at same. 
William 8quirc, of All Hallows the Gtreat, London, Plomer, B>cl^,ft 

Suaau Coltmaii, of S^ Bolo]ph,Aldgate, London, Sp^ dau. of Niched 

Coltman* of Ulaby, co. Leicester; at Stapncy^, co. Middx. 
William diarsloj-, of S* Botolph, Alderagate, London, Barbitonior,i 

Pniuoed lliTO, of IsTeworth, Middx., 3p^ ; at Isleworth afs^. 
Peter Murey, of Stepney, co. Middlesex, "textor," ft Mary Lefenr, 

Spinster, dau. of Anthony Leferey, of S* Mary, Wnitechapal, •■ 

Middlesex ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
James Dickenson, Cooper, & Bachael Tomlins, Spinster, dau. of "WiHii" | 

Tomlins, dcc^ ; at S^ Mary Woolnoth, London. | 

Thomas Dell, Malster, A, Aj^ca Jones, widow of Andrew Jones, litofJ , 

Kin^on on Thames, co. Surrey; at 3^ Mary Abehurch, LondoiL j 
Jolin Weald, Husbandman, ft Joane Achen, Spinster, duL of JsliB 

Acbeu, dec^; at Christ Church, London. 
Chridtopbor Kayler, of S* Bartholomew by the ^change, Londm, 

Scrivener, ft Anne Cree, of same. Spinster, dau. of John Cta 

Cooper; at S^ Bartholomew aforesaid. 
Bandall Holbrooke, of S^ Martin Outwich, London, Grocer, A Aiu» 

Greene, of «ame, mdow of [blank'} Greene, Butcher ; at 8^ Martin 

Michael Browning, of S^ Bride's, London, Merchant, ft Susan DentoOi 

Spinster, dau. of Adam Denton, of S^ Andrew, Holbom, MiddlneSi 

Innholder; at S* Andrew's aforesaid. 
John Wale, of S' Sepulchre's, London, Gunmaker, ft Eliubeth Con, 

of All Hallows Barking, London, widow of Heniy Coxe, Gumnaker ; 

at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Loudon- 
The B^ Hon. John,* Lord S< John, Bachelor, 24, ft Jane Savage, 

about 20, dau. of Sir Thomas Savage, K' ft Bar^, who consents, u 

well ae tbe Qovemors of said Lord 8^ John; alleged by Willisu 

Noye, Emo. ; at [blank]. 
Kobert Shcrfookc, Cook, A Joane Hughes, of S' Michael's, Paul's 

Wharf [aic], London, nidow of JohnHughoH, Draper ; at 3*Peter'i, 

Paul's Wharf, Loudon. 
William Manlev, of S^ Mary Woolnoth, London, Scrivener, A Elisa- 
beth Samwell, of same. Spinster, dau. of George Samwell, S^rener, 

Samuel Avis, of S< Botolph, Aldgate, London, Haberdoflher, ft Elisabeth 

Lcuton, of same, Spinster, dau. of Eobert Lenten, of same, Joyner ; 

at Stepney, co. Middlesex. 
Walter lludd, of 8' Martin's, Ludgate, London, Bricklayer, A Suah 

Proffitt, of S^ Leonard, Foster Laue, Loudon, Spinster, iu. of Eobert 

Proifitt, of same. Goldsmith ; at S^ Leonard's afs^. 

* John FovUtt, Bfterwanlj (1618) MarquBM of Wiiioh«tsr, 


Jkt. 80 Btch&rd Bead, Yeoman, it AudreyBurrowea, widow of [62an^] Barroweei 
late of Fiillmm, Middlesex, Yeoman ; at S^ Peter*e, Paul's Wharf, 

Jul 8 Bobert Feildio, of 3* Clement Danea, Kiddleaex, Tailor, Bachelor, & 

Joane Bamaford, of same, Spmater, dau. of Lawrence Bainsford, of 

the town of Northampton i at S^ Clement Danes, Middlesex. 
^ Jul 4 lawrence Wjnnall, of Stepney, Middi., Waterman, & Katherino 

HamljD, ot eamej widow of TTiomaa llamlyn, Mariner; at Stepney 

Jul 4i George Skinner, of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor, & Susan Spencer, of S* 

Martin's, Ludgate, London, Spinster; at S^ Martin's afs<^. 
JvL 7 Sir Thomaft [£7an^] & Fraucea [blankl, Spinater, dan. of Dame 

Francea [blank]. Widow ; at Rielipp, co. Middleaei. 
kL. 9 James Klliott, Clerk, Eector of Rayleigh, co. Easei, A Elizabeth Bartlett, 

widow of [blank] Bartlett, late of S^ James, Garlick Hitbe, London ; 

at S* Nicbotae Aeons, London. 
J&L 10 WOJiam Johnson, Tailor, & Agnea Smith, Spinater, dau. of Thomaa 

Smith, of Bromidgeham, co. l:4t&fEord, '* Barbitonsor " ; at S^ Peter'u, 

Paul's Wharf, London. 
Jul to Simon Elliott, of S^ Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Sailor, & Elizabeth 

Cole, of same, Widow ; at same. 
Jul is John Wood, '* teitor," & Anne Saunders, Spinster ; at Christ Church, 

. Jul 16 Bartholomew Boaiere, Yeoman, Bachelor, & Anne Garrington, Spinster, 

dau. of John Qarrington, of Dedham, co. Eawi, Clothier ; at West- 
ham, CO. Essex. 
Ikl 15 Adam Crosley, Yeoman, & Ellen Salter, Sp' j at S^ Peter's, Paul's 

Wharf, London. 
Jul 22 Stephen Browne, of S^ Sepulchre's, London, Cook, & Martha Garland, 

Spinster, dau. of [blank] Garland, dec^ ; at AH llallows Barking, 

JiiL 22 Bobert Miilicent, Esq., Bachelor, 23, & Dowglas Wright, Spinater, 20, 

dau. of Sir George Wright, K^, who conaents; at Kensington, 

Jul 34 Thomas Downes, of S^ Lawrence Jewry, London, Salter, & Martha 

Lightfoote, of aame, Spinater, dau. of Edward Ltghtfoote, Chandler, 

dec^; at Acton, co- Middleaex. 
Jul 27 William Emerton, of S^ Dunatan in the West, London, I^ylor, A Mabell 

Peascodd, Spinster, dau. of Nicholas Peascodd, dec*^; at S* Andrew's, 

Holbom, London. 
Jul 80 Edward Whippam, of S^ Mary, Whitechapel, Middleaei, Butoher, A 

Bachael Allen, of Stepney, said co., Spinster, dau. of William Allen, 

d&c^ ; at Stepney aforesaid. 
Jul 30 Thomas Smith, of Stepney, Middlesex, Cordwainer, & Joane Sherley, of 

S' GHlea in the Pidda, Middlesei, widow of Robert Sherley, Husband- 
man; at S' Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Loudon. 
JttL 81 John Wyght, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Buteher, Bachelor, & 

Frances Stubba, widow of Iblank] Stubbs, iato of Pleshy, co. Easei ; 

at Westham, Essex, 
■w- 4 William Cole, of Narestock, co. Essex, Husbandman, & Joane Comburea 

[in margin " Combers '*], of Thomdon parra, a^ co., Sp^ j at S^ Mary 

Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 
«b. 6 Thomas Bowen, of 9' Margaret's, Lothbury, London, Goldsmith, >& 

Martha Harris, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middleaei, Spinster, dau. 

of Hugh Harris, of Shrewsbury, co. Salop, Draper; at Stepney, co. 



Feb- 7 

Pok. 8 

Teh. 15 

Feb. Id 

Fefc. 17 

Fell. 17 


Eflwiin] Abotrp, of & Mjitlbew, Friday Stitot, London. LcathcndlcTiJ 
Anne BarW, vi<Iow of Hugb Barker JtiN) of Chmi Church, Lod4odJ 

Hmniilirv^' W<Mle, 0«qU, of CilT of London, iWh% 21, fatW Jtt^^ 
Htiflter BmdfJuiw, 8pin4<<r, 22, dnu. f>f [A/^tr-t] Bmd^w. ble^ 
& Jamei, Garikk llithe, dci:^; consent of Tier mothrr A)ic« 
uliAV, Widow; ftt f^* Jamcv, ()ariu:k Hith^n liOUilon. 

Benry IK-odcnKiD, of Sirpii^j.MiJdl^aei, ^iW,A Wtiipkcn HanncvB,! 
SprtHt^r. [Inn. ^f Harrriftri JoTinwin^ oi S^ BotAlph, A1dgBt4!, LonioEltl 
Niilor ; At S^ B(ktol|>li afcn^id, I 

G«TT»rtl Van HoIbi^Kike, of S< tiooreo's, Botolph tone, Looliaiil 
Mctrluint. A ±>unui Board, ftpinvter, £iu. of [^fdnir] Bewd, d«c*; ii| 

Thomu HAvkc8. VicluAlIer, ft xAtico BuUcr, widow of John Bmler; i 

^'' Bot<']pk, B»h«>ft^ia«» LuudDn. 
William Wb«>at1oy, of H' NicIioIm OUro'*, Undon, Baitk^ 

DioniH Durit», of Ilatiituumuiit^. MiJdt., widow of WxUiftm Ditw^l 

1j44i of nHTiie. Tanner ; at S^ NicTinUA Olar^ &&'. 
John &!<% HuflliiLndnijtii, ^l A|^K<a4 AIloii, of Stepner, Uiddktex ^ 

cf WillTam AHon, Yeoman : at Stepney afoTt«aia 
Brockett Huiiih, uf Himndoiu Hertv, Clerk, A DabeU Baqw, cj^ 
widow of fiobcrt 6«uea, Clork, U19 Biwtor of mad; 


Feb, 18 Bichftrd Cole, of S^ Jftme*, Glerkenwdl, UiddlMOX. Teonam A V;m 
Sharpo. tjpinatcr, dau. of Iblank] Shorpc, dttc^ ; at S^ SvitHiu'sJ 
Luuuuu, I 

William Smith, Huobandmsn, A Agne« AtiAOoabe^ of Hdunpton, GO-J 
Middx,, SpinHlor; at S* Martin in iJio Tk-lJ*, Middlowi- 

P«b. 18 
Feb. 19 

F«b. 10 

Fob- 10 
Feb. tfi 

Feb, 19 
F«b. 20 

Feb. 22 
Feb. 22 

Fob. 24 

John FaraonH, of S^ Andrew's, H*>]boni, London, Wine Cooper, 4 JomJI 

hmith, of wimc. Spinster, dau- ot [btanM] tSoiitb, dotf'; ■! "" 

^AndTOw^B, Uolboni, oforpnaid. 
Jonnh Knight, of S* Dnjuttao in tli<> We<*1. London. YeoTnan, 1 HutJ 

Botiltoi), of S^ Rarthoiomcw by the Kxvliftngc, I-ond., Spinster, to] 

of [*^rt»ij Bouhon, deo"' ; at Fulliani, Middx. 
Thoinn.1 Luilkinx, of -S^ Mary, Whitcohanol, FhltddE., Oont., A 

BioLoe. of aame. w^dow of William Hickt^e ; at muug. 
Edward Luttinai^ Goldsmith. A L'tcoWFarneley, Spindter.datt. of [t'**'^ 

FanieU-y, dtC* ; nt S* Nicholas Olavo'a, LondoD. 
William tiurton, of FiUkamt co. Middi., Labonrr, A Maiy Foote, 

t*n[]i4:\ widow of ThoniM FootCi Lnljori^r; nt «a]Qc. 
WilliMnllciith fin mrLrRin "Hoath" crnuwd, and '*CoIton'* iik»er 

the City of London. Merchant. & AnxiQ Cooke, of IvIiiijeloD, Mid 

eex, dftj, of [f/lank] Cocke, ol BuniMbury, co. WUU, Clerk; IX 

Hftry'v, Islmgtoii. Middl^flex. 
Cliftrlt'& DfiTiL'ti, of S' Thlarliu in the Viiitry, London, C]othworkcr,j 

f^arnh Whilohond, of fmme, widow of John Whitehead; at 

MAitln'fl aforetiBid. 
Bichanl ^ito^ry, of H^ Brnot l^nk, London, llaberdaabor, A K^ther^^ 

Abbott, uf buuiv. HjiitLHtcTf dnu, of Koburt Abbott, dec*; at Lit^fl 

All Ilallowi), Tlmmnrt Siivotj London. ^^ 

WQIiuu CIcrkiv Ctmdimnn. A Agiioi* Momford, of S* AodrcwV Holbom, 

I^ondon, Spinster ; at S* Jatiies, ClerkenweU, Middx. 
Benedict Martin, Yoomnn, & Mercy Collin«» 8pin«ter, dau. of Hobcn 

('ollinw, of Shcjjcrton, ca Widdi*, Husbruidmau i at S* Androw'* 

thf Wnnlrobo, J^nndon 
Osuiuiid FjiEAne, of S^ Gilo* in tbo Ftoldn, Middlcitex, G«nt,, Bodi*, 

Kllen Singleton, Spinster, dau. of WMiiam Singleton, of tho C^ty 1 

LancavUtr, Gout; ai S^ iJcnnet'v, l^urs Whai'f, Loudon. 



IM. 20 Guf Gl^fidoitinj;. of 8^ Luirresfe Jevrrj. London, Ftmbiaioii, A fimaa 

Cjuirr, of ^* Mildred b tho roulUj-, LoudoRi SpuutoTi at llAckuojr, 

CO- Hi<ldlcBct, 
f'ib. 30 Joseph Uoira, of S* Bennet Gnw^hurcH, I/>ndon. Hercbftut Ta/lar, 

iWlidor, lit Sainh L^kc, S|jm»tcir, d^u. of [bhnk] Iiako, d<*<^ ; at 

Triniiy, Minonev, Loudon. 
VeV 20 John Huh, of F^tnlumci, oo- li^M^i, TnTLnor, 3t Jonno Wavte, of S' Matj, 

AVliil«']iH|jc^I. MMdicuuu. widow of Wiliiain Wiuto» Bjikftr; at 
* Hicpin-v, CO- Bliddlcwi- 

Hir. 4 William feirton, of ^* Mory AlJermaiilmry- Loudoo, tiL^iit., Bachelor, 

A KuXUvriitv PaJuicr, of ^' Bi<iiiiel'«« Faurw Wljiirf, Loiuloii, 8(>iiietor, 

dftu. of Anihony FAlm«r, of Stoko Do^l^, co. NortH^^°, &<(,; at S* 

MicliaeL, Queeiuiltbe, Ijoiidoii. 
Kv. 5 Jaiqcw Tan fougge* of 8' Lh^tvuc* Poiiltnrr, Londf>n, Mrrclia:it. & 

SiiBan Jacobson, of S* Margaret'*, Ntiw ftah Strevt, London, »ij\ 

flflu, of l'«icr Jaoi)h»ou, of niuuc-, Mcivhaut , fti S' MjirgarciV »f»^, 
]|ir. 5 B^iffer Boukon, of S^ Otliv, CrippU*K»ti% Lornioii, RakiTr, A Joaiio IVIot, 

of S* Nicbolad Aoo£, London* tSpinster; at 8' PeterV Faula Wharf, 

3br. 10 John Wilson, Clerk, & Cloely Popo, Spuuier, dau, of [brank] Pope, 

d^f^i ttt S* Mary, I«tin^T'<<n, MiddlcAox. 
XlL 17 Thomaji Wad^ Gi-nt . nf S^ Sopuhlmr*, London, Bachidor. -15. & Klini* 

Ikcth Rfison, of 8* Alban'«, Wood Street, London, 28, widovf of 

l^dnard H^LBon, UCo of snuo, Chandler; at H^ Alpha((e, London. 
Hat. 13 Murnuuluke M;vrrc». Tooimui, A ^lar^aixa WilliauiH, widow of Thomas 

Waiinmn; AtS* Pctoi'i, Paul*- WUrf, London- 
Mr. 2i Barih(jl*jm«w Plutp, ttf Strpui-j^- ^!iddll.^■*t-l» 8iubr, i Dorothy Poulter, 

of Bi^nc, }3p% dau- of Ucnrj Toult^r, ihmt ; at same. 

iUf. 38 AntM PfiHIoTO, of Sherinff, (h>. B«Mii»Hiitthaivlinnn.A Mftry fTodgkins, 

of uame. widow cf WilU&m Uoitgkinjt, Clurk, lat4> Cunil« of ^ilicrjug 

»&*; atS^ PeterX Puur« Wharf, London. 
John P«Bcockt% cf .%uih Jtcrntlcvt. co &iii?:r, Tooman, ft Joano Hillei, 

of taiDO, widoir of Boht^rl Uilb, lute of same, Y««maD i at uamo. 
Bidiord Kent. Gent., of London. Bachelor, 30, A Awdrie TVyncowo 

[TwiriEhol, of S^ Oilc* ia Fiddi*, CtJ> widcw of [blattJc] Twyueow, 

Ucnt., iicif ; at S' Gile« In l^elds, Middleees. 
Chnaiophvi HilU, of Scrjiney, go, Sliddiisttoi, ^fAriiier, &> ElljttiUcTtli 

Vr^rtloiv Sp'» dnu. of Tliotiiu HArtloT, of Mine, JojDor; nl tmnw. 
^[ftttluw \Vhi;^, Voonmu. ^ Ktmbeih Inrker, Spin*ter, dau. of Thonijw 

Barker, Cordniiinvr, dec^; at Qn^at All Hallowe, Thaiaes (Street, 

H/Lrmuu SLeppnnJ, t1<'rk, A Pamcll Omfotd, widow of John Craford, 

4'Jrrki »t rhrmf. rhiir(.}i, TjiiTulon. 
JoJm Taylor* ot S^ .\ndrow Unilerhliaft, London, Morchnat TSivlor, A 

Elizabeth Tomtiun, vSpiiutcr, dau. of [blaak] TontWuB, d&c'^\ at St^ 

AotkilinX London. 
IIcaiT Bartka, of S^ MiohrtrJ od Slndum, London, Tailor, A ELiabetb 

Windor, Sp'; atS^ PHirV Paul'* Ti\niarf . J^mdon, 
Jolin Lea, of tho City of London* Embroiderer. & Alico Lainpton, of S' 

JlArtholomew tjio I^ma, London, SpiiiHter, rlau. of Ibiank] LaaiptoUt 

Jed* i at Stopncy, Middl«M'<A. 
WiHiara Ouiillm.tip, of tho City of Londou, MCTchant Tftjlor, & 

Kftthcn'no (iibbonn, S;>indt4.'r, daa of Kichard (?ibboa«, of aamo, 

Mi<rcbaiLt Tuviur^ at S' Midint^l ad liliuium. London, 
John Thorncton, of New Braiaford, Middloeex. Innlioldrr, A Amy 

Udiijcud. SpiiuccT, dau. of Janto* 0»i»i>nd> oi l^tikiatmnvrorih. HorUr 

YeoDiaD ; at & Andrew's, Holhomj London. 

Tot IT. B 




April U 

April 12 


April 17 



Atiri) 18 
April 22 

April 22 

April 20 

April 28 
April 28 

April 30 
April 30 

May 2 
Miy 2 


EdwArd FepiMT, of Eui Tilbury, oo. &««, Ht 

HuU. widow of John Iluttpluteof Childenkigfa.v'co,, 
fit S< FaitUy Londfm. 

John to;(, of Kulield. Middlesex, DlAcknoith, & Marr Oodbv 
widow iif WiUiwii Gwlfrej ; ftt S' PeujrV P*u]'» Ariiwt I 

O^orffo Hollovr^r, of Tlioydon I1otc«, «o, Bmox, Yoovnan, ft 
T&rul«i, Spiarter. d»u, of [blank] Thnile, dM:^; *t S 
Ald^te, Loudon. 

Willijun .Suttou, Otffit., of Ciffonl* Inn, B^)x\ 2r\, fatlie 
MiiTRjirol Alcourt, of S* Bride's, London. Spinator, I7,djm 
Alcnurt, G«Dl., dec^, **a Gent » yet oiw in m^an <»tato" h 
yet Uring At iMi\c Hikdliom, llvrtji; a^ Margaret Imtuw 
this H jcare tuut nitb J<jhu Warcn, of 9 Bnde'ff, UgU 
S* Miirj HtuvniEig, Lotidon. [In Vjcar^Gcucrtd'B T)<->k I 
calhnl " Rioliiinl Alcombo" and tthe *' Hftigat^t Alcomhr.' 

Ocor^ Bond, of Stepncv, Middteaex. SoDor, A Unrv Wri^hi 
Siniurt^r, d&u, ofTlioEiuft Wright, of WDO, Oordwaioe 
Hatlowti, Iloner Lftoe, IxmdcuL 

Jolm ^okcB, of 8* Martjn Outwioli, London, HVme Cooper 
(^Of'kf^, ^f jtamo, SpiQut^r; at S^ Frli^lhtirgli, f^ndoti. 

Willtam Wi]Unmi(,o{ S< Ohro, SilrtT ^tTti>t^ London, Cloth 
Joane Kandall, of S^ Anne A Agti«a, lx>n<lott, widow i 
BaiLdttll, latJ^ cf Ame, Victualler; at &^ ?vxtT\ Pad 

Edward Okel«^. of S' OiIm, Cripploe^to. London. Qtrdkr 
KundaU, Spiariler, dau, nf KtUard Handalt. of NorthSe«t 
Drickmaki^r ; at 8^ lVU>r\ Vr^uV^ Wharf, Li^iulon. 

Itidiard LumcU, of 8' QUak, CVip|iieK»tc, Lundou, 3Ukw««vei 
Drawutor Suinst«r; at All Halkrwit Slaniini;. London. 

William Wbocfor. of S' Botolfih, Bmhi>p*galc. London, Cord 
£li»be(b Crome, of name* widow of ThL>ina« Crome, Ship i 
at fi* Potcr'v, Full" Wh^rf, I^mioii. 

Hiclia«l Brownt', Butcher, &> Sornt Baker, of Grvat Iktund 
Sp', Aiiu. [>f Itichfird Hflter. of ftame. Yeoman ; al Widfow 

EoK^rt H utchinKOii, t»f S^ Bololph, Rishi 'phalli r, Linidon, SdMt 
lloklcr, Spinster, diiu. of \Ji!ank-} Holder, dcn:'^; At fi 
Bush) all uw^ [.oiiitou. 

Sir Johu AahHi^ld, K\ 30, Jt Djuao Elimboth AltJinui, 27, xrii 
James Altliam, K\ doc"^ ; at S' Boiolph, Alderagato, Lond 

BicliJtrd Brayc, Junior, Gent., of S^ Andrew'*, Holbon 
Bachelor, 2f^, & Elizabeth Boe, of S^ Lcciiiard'e, t 
tJpinertor, 1$. dnu- of Lawrence Itoc, late of Mmc, Bokei 
nov HwelJinff with her mother [A/nnrt] Broiilford rt/<*w K 
Thomiw Bradford, Gvnt., who cooscut^ ; at S^ Mary, Si 
Savoy, Middleaox. 

Micbat-l T(;iTe, &bi1or, & Mary GardoncT, of S' MaguuJ 
SpiriBler, hor parent* deiid ; ai 8^ Peter's, Pdul'a Wharf, L 

William 3illiiig«]ey. Gent,, Bftcbelor, 22, son of lleury Bill 
y© t^ty of Loiidun, Di-aperj who conaiisnlJ, A Sarah Pralt 
17, iLflu. of JM-oh Vrutt, Gent, of Battenea, co. ijurroy, wh< 
at S' Hary, 3ttatiil a2ia:i bnvoY, Middlesex, 

[Last mtrtf in Voi /X] 


[nV*f <ffr^fy m r<j^ X. w3 J/ay 1^29 J 

May 3 Libbcupt Barron, of S^ Martin in the Fiddflt Middlnaax^ Yooma 
IloivTc, of ftame, Spinster, dau. of IhUmk] Uoare, lUc' ; a 

CO. Middlc^ei. 



BiAy S 























William WItiU\ of Stopnor, MUdlMt^x, ^ili>r, A Hlleo NicholU, of 

max, wldov of George NioholU. lute of iamo, 8titor ^ at 8tiinc<. 
George Cole, of Htopnov, Mitl<llc»cXi ±JjLLlor« & FmiireB Dftrbto, Spliuiter, 

■1»M fif Simon Dnrbio, of Kia^un^ oo. Oiou, Batcher ; At & rekr^r'n, 

pAur« WhArf, London, 
ilenry IliU, YeomitD, A Mary Smith, 8[>^ ilau, of John Smith, Husband- 

siAXL ; At S* Oeorgf'A, Botobh Lane, London. 
Bobort Baroca, Tooman. A Mo^nlk^n WitKum, of S^ Botolpb, Aliiom- 

gat*, London, Spinater : at Cnriat Cburcli. r>oznlou. 
Tkomjji Crawlrr* Yfwmnn, & Btiiaboth Uickmau, Spiiivterj at S^ 

Mkhael'B, I'Aol'a Wbarf r**f]* Loudon. 
John ^!iIll|»H>l^ Yoonuu, & KAtlicriiK^ EdsalJ, Spinntor, Uuu. of Vnlctituw 

B^lMLlTof Braua, oo. 8outK^°, HtubotLdtDEXti ; ui S< V4ttw\ Paul'i 

WKari Londoo. 
Bobert OoOilMrvri, of SUrpncy, MiddlOM^x, Sailor, A Anno TVo*^ SpiTutAfp 

daa, of ^Viltiam Weai^ of flame, Sailor; ai aame. 
Homtio Lupit, nf h' M*nin in tlic Fioldii, Middlc^^oi, MunioittD. & ^arali 

WalliK, of *ftEnc, Sptnrt«r» Jau, of [i/wnA] Wallia, di*c*; at Fullmin, 

CO. Mi4dJc«^i- 
Tliomu Bulkr. of St«p»cy, Middle*(fi» Sailor, A Aune Sinoiu, of samdi 

vidon of RichanI SimoiiH. late of eaaie» Ship Car|H.MileT ; at same. 
TboQ^oa Cottpwll, of S^ PoUir'*, Paor* Wharf, I^ntlon^ Innkuopcr* A 

Cliriatian Smitli, of tamo, widovr iff John Smith, late of aamo; at 

WiUJam Traye, Cbandlor, A Cniula Dnrley, 2^iiiHH*r, dau. of [tlank] 

Dortoj, doc^ i at 8* J^wronciv Old Jewry. Luuduu, 
AutfiiBtine Sothcrton, Ena,, Ujxch(>tor, 2G, hi« parotits dead. A Mur^ 

Sberbome, of S* Sepiuchw'a, London, Spinster 20, dau. of I'Vancia 

Hi«rbonu\ E«q., doc^ about 12 reare etncc, since vhun alic hath 

lH?6a traiQ&d up A remained with M'* Murj CoW^ Widow, of Colta 

llalj in f^uffolk, bor i^raudinutliur, who coaD«iittt, a« voU aa Edward 

ElnAgton, Rnq,, of S' Sppiilohro\ in whotte cn»lody fthe now » ; at 

S* Beimet'a or S^ Petor'i, Paul'n Wharf, Tjoodon. [Sho •iciia 

"MaiT SHamboum.*" In Vicar-tienerara Hook hor father calW 

" of Sfierborue, co. Suffolk;'] 
IfioKoloa (Iraie, of S^ Edmund v, LoinbtiTd Str^c^t. Londoiii Dmijor, A 

ElisabiTth Bridgman, of S* Botolph. Bi&hope^to, London, SpitmtL'r, 

daa of WUIUin BriJ^niaii, of Eiley, co. Suffolk, Yeomaa; at S* 

Leonard'*, Shmxulitrh, MidJIpftcic, 
Johii TitvU [«iV HubFi.]i OruL, c^f OippiUK. co. Suffolk, Bach', 2t), Jb Jaiio 

Stokov, SjiiniLior, about 30, dau, of \ViiliarH SrnkM, of Wivoppton, 

CO. Suffofk, OcnL, wtio consonts, aff tdno Thomon Tyrell, E»<i., father 

of «^ Joha ; at S^ l)otr>]ph, AlderH^te, London. 
Leonard Hammottd, i^f Bimton, co. Ifort^ :^altvr, A Mary Anther, of 

inire, Hpi»alt'r, dau. of Thomaa ArcLor, of Bamc, Yfuniian } at »uinc- 
Hichanl Roundell, Venmaii, A Sibill Mawon, SpiiiKter, dau, of Richnnl 

Ma^n» late of Slo;^kwoll in piir. Larub4?th, co. Surroy* Yeoman, dtx!^ ; 

at .S* Andrew in the Wardrobe, Loni 
Thuitiaa Kiii^c, uf S* BiTtolpli, AUU^rvgAte, London. Stationer, A Alice 

Bvan*, of aajDe, wridow of Ro^tiold Evtuui, latu ^»f mvme, Joyner ; at 

aa iae- 
William Price, of 8' Cleraent Dariei*, London, Oent, A Mary DarknoU, 

of vaisD, £^pinfTter, dau. ctf tk<baatiait Darknoll, of aam^. Grocer; at 

8' P«l«r"s, Paula Wharf, London. 
Edwan! Hnriei-^ Geni , uf S^ Ollei b Fitdd-. Middlohet. Bfti?h% '24, 

father drad, A Mary Potter, of Bame, Spinster, 22, dau. of Randall 

PotTeTn dec*^; conaL^nt of hor mothor Ellon Burye alias Potter; al 

*t* JAnry Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 



Kaj 27 





May 23 













Jime 4 

Juno 4 
June 5 

June 7 


Juu6 10 
Juno 10 

June 10 

Thomas Charreild, of Dngenham, co, EMei, Teoman, A H*rgui 

of Hamo, dau. of [£/aAjt] Locke, dec^ ; at S* Andrew in the^ 

William Ttlev, of Chriat Churcb, London, GlAKier, A M« 

widow of fienrr Mills, Glazier ; at Tottenham, co. Midx. 
Humfrer Poole, oi FiGeld, co. Esaex, Yeoman, Jt SanUi Ajlott, 

widow of Thomae Aylett, late of aame, Teoman; at S' 

Comhill, l»ndon. 
Thomat Bracklej, Clerk, Ticar of TJgley, co. Eaaei, & Blargar 

of Chn'frt Churcb, London, Spinster ; at Viddington, co. Ei 
Thomas Winson, of Loughtou, co. Essex, Yeoman, A Joane Sti 

dau. of [blani:'} Stapler, dec* i at S^ Mary, Wtitechapel, Mi 
Fram-ia Woodehouse, Gent., of Inner Temple. Bachelor, 29, 

Reynolds, of S' Catherine by the Tower of London, Spi 

i«rent9 dead; consent of her eldest brother [6fi»ub] Bej 

Grav'fi Inn, Gent. ; at 8^ Marylebone, Middteaez. 
Ibhnk]' Poll, Yeoman, A Sarah Clayton, of S' Martin in tl 

Middlesex, Spinster, dau. of John Clayton, of Beading, c 

" toxtor '' J at S' Martin's aforesaid 
John Kamood, of Brainford, co. Middlesex, Baker, A Kathei 

nf Isleworth, b^ co., Sp^ dau. of John Ellis, Haabanc 

BraLoford afs^. 
John Caplin, of S^ Botolph, Bishopsgate, London^ Goldj 

Katherine Banee, of 8* Sepulchres, London, Sp', dau. oi 

Banes, of same, Gent. ; at S* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Londo 
Edward Elrington, Esq., of Theydon Boys, co, Essev, Bad 

sou of Ideafroyed], Esq., A Anne Sotberton, of 8* S© 

London, Sp% 18, dau. of Thomas SotLerton, Esq., late o 

Norwich, dec^ ; consent of her brother Austin Sotberton 

Tanildestro^ed] , co. Norfolk ; at S^ PeterV, Comhm, or S< So 

Alexander Eadclyffe, Bachelor, 15, son of Sir John BadclT 

Jane Shute, Spinster, 13, dau, of Edward Shute, Esq., dec* 

of her mother Frances Shute, Widow, of S* James, Ck 

Middlese:^ \ at S^ James, Cterkenwell, aforesaid. 
Thomas Carre, of S' Clement Danes, London, Surgeon, A 

Fletcher, of same, Spf j at 8^ Nicholas Aeons, London. 
Walter Stnwcrs, of 8' Botolph, Bishopsgate, London, " teitor/ 

beth Hare, of same, widow of John Hare, '* textor " ; at 

Fink, London. 
George Norrea, Gent,, of Gray's Ion, Bach^ 38, A Elizabeth I 

aliaa Emouson, of Gray's lun Lane, Middlesex, about 50, 

Chrii'topher Emmeraon alius Emonson, late of same, dt 

Christmaa last ; at 8^ Andrew's, Holbom, London. 
Tliomas Willonghby, of S' Gregory's, London, Milliner, 

KiiigRall, of S*^ Mary Mounthaw, London, Sp', dau. 

Kingsall, of Campton, co, Bedford, Yeoman ; at 8* Petei 

Wharf, Lond. 
Edward Hadficld, Tailor, A Jane Bartlett, Spinster ; at 8" 

Paul's Wharf, London. 
James Bottham, Yeoman, A Katherine Warmsley, of S' 

Holbom, London, Sp^ ; at S^ James, Clerkenwell, Middleae 
George AVarren, of S^ Peter's, Chenyside, London, Linen I 

Esther Jordan, of S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, 

dau, of Thomaa Jordan, of same, Merchant. 
Bichard Bedall, Porter, A Dinah Passmore, Spinster, dau. oj 

Passmore, of Swallowfields, Wilts, Yeoman ; at 8^ Leonard 

Lane^ London. 



Hr 29 Thomi* DmVp, Ovnt. of S* ItridcV. Fled SUwt. PacV, W^ A BUwiljcth 

B Siwiit'T, oi lie City of Norwich, :*3, «-iJo« nf NIi^Ii-jIm BftdlflT, CIi'iiIh, 

K dec^ 2 yeOTA 8iit<« ; at S^ BeunotH, Paura Wli^jf. 

Bgr 39 WiUiani Mil^ of Rnwreth, ^, E«tf4jx, rcc»niMi.& Suau Fiitlor, of 

■ l^rliof;, B* CO., widow of Qeorj^ i\illeT, Yeoruan ; at S' Kicholaa 

^nSO TlvotiiM WiILuiv, Giumor, & SuMon BiebunWD, of All tIalIov« tliu 
Bj" Or««its Thunea Street, Londou, Si)"* ; at Trinity, Blinoriea. Loud. 

K Fnnccs Vicnn. of 8^ Glle^ CrippVgale, IiOndoii, widow of Abrobrini 

K^' 3 Jonah Futitii^e. of Xoiilt Fnmbndi;L\ t^i. T^noi, Vi>oin&iu A Domtliy 

■ Ithell, of Hmdwell jiixU Mnre, »nid co,, widaw of KolpL Ithcl), hto 
^ of Wii-ktiaiu. ■' CO., rit^rk; at S» Peter's, PaurH Wliarf, Luudim. 

il|$. 4 Willimit UiiMiwon. of S^ Mary WooIiiotIi. liondon. Cooper, & Eliuibt'tJi 

Uifw«, of S^ 8n'itl)iii d, Loudon, Sp', d&u- t«f Kol?ort Mxrwo, uf Br*y, 

eo. Uerktf, Yeomjm; at S' Peter^H, Paul'tJ Wlmrl". Londou. 
il^ 4 Adam SmaJbonv, Ycomai], A Knthcrino Kmgtr, %innt<^r, dau. of Ricliard 

ICiiLffO, late of Baltentcsa, co, Surrey, Yeouiau, dtv^ 
ing- 6 Robert Willojr.tjfS' Botolph. IJi«liy|mgato, I-L>»doii. TmIhjt, A Kliiuibetli 

Foirrian, vidow of Tnntrjun Porinan ; at S^ Ix;aitanl, SKarvditeb, 

4ti^. G Hkhxrd Woolfe, of 8» Prter'n, Paula Wharf, London, Viatnor, & 

PmnccB f^undcra, of S' Alphnge, L^nd.. Sp' ; at fi? Jamoa, Clerketl- 

wt'U, Midx, 
lot 7 Joljii Lavor, Wheelwright, A Tx'liciafiouIder.Sp'.dau. of [iitinX-] C3oulder, 

d(ic*; nt S' Andrew in the Wardrobe. Londiin. 
•^Qg- 7 Johii W;iHer, B;iki*r, it Ph^bo llou^hlon, fjpmater, dau. of John 

Hog^litoD, of Lu^'tou, co. Bvdsy Xvom^a; ai 3* Deiaiet, PauPi* 

Whstri, Lotid. 
i^E. 7 Br*lford Bury, Gent., of RimtwcKuL co. l^n^ex. BucJr, !i^, *"n of Brad* 

ford V^ury, of same, (leiitn, Jc Mary JiarriHOi:i^ of eaoie, *^pliLtil(^r, 20, 

dau. of XbcimaB HAirinoii, of nftino, tiont- (who allogcv) i nt All 

IIaIIovb, llciier Loiic, LltuiIou, 
iOE. II SdniiK*] CarpcTjtor, ('(otl^worknr, 4 (rTHcr' I,i»ja, of 8* Bonnot C^nifo- 

ehurch, Londeii, So', dau, of [^laitk'\ lA*yt^, do*:*; at H^ lleimet ciM. 
^ 12 TlKmu Ix^gut, Enq. Bachelor, A Elizabeth lliuiiblo, of !lor:ichurch. 

Widow ; At S^ Jaznea, Clerkenwell, Middlcaex, 
Aug- M Wftlt^r StAidoy, Gcut. IWli', 3*, Jt Murg»i-et Piirkor, Spiiifltcr, 30, dau, 

of QoorOTf Parker, doc^ ; at S' ATidnin- in iho Wardrobe, LondoD. 
^ug. 15 Thomaa UiUfehead,of TbH^i, Ilusbandiuno, A Joane Lowell, 

Sp^ dau. of 16/flnA'J Siivrc^ll, dtv^ ; at ^^ Mwv. WhiUtchapel, Midi. 
*^. Ifl Juitu Majto, uf Ua bridge, Middlt'sui. Duk(.'r, Si Lli£ulii;tFi Sc'l^evh, uf duiutf, 

widow of NiifhoL-ij* ?H(^oroa, linker; ntS^ dw^rg*"*, Botolph Lniio, if-.tLid. 
John Uhaiupion, of ^tamfiti^l \t IIiuhs <^o- )B*xex* Eiu|-, A Eliznhcth 

Doirenon, of S' Gabriel Peoonurcbj Loudon. SpinKter, dau. 

of [blan^] Lowenoii, of iiuuie. McrrL-immt ; ttt ^Uinford Ic Hope afi'^ 
Gcorac Martvii. uf 8' AjitlioliuV, LuuJon, (J Lildsmiih, A Aiiiitr QiHiii^, 

ofBiime, indow of Potcr Girling, Tenmnn ; nt S* Nirhi^ln* OJnro, 

Peter J-cthcr, of S* Gcorgo'H, Soutbiviirk^ co. Surrey, Yeoman, A Harah 

Baioam, uf S* Bartbuiouiew by the Exchou^*, Louduu, SpioHter. 

dftu, of Wiliiotu BainatD, Upholnter, doc*'; at Ail JJidlovfli Thamwt 

Street, Loixiou. 
BaJph Peain^ou, of S* Peter'a, Weatcheap, Loudon, Draper, Jt Slargaret 

kFairbruthor, of S* Mjxrt]D>, Ludgaks London, Mpinitcr, dau. 
of [A/««A] Fairbrvthcr, Utu Citiiwti A Mercer of Loudon, doc^ i nt 
Stopiicy, oo^ MiddlGfict- 


Aug. 21 Eichspd HiokettB, Sailor, A Margery AraoM, o£ StepoeT, Middi 

of 'Jtlank^- Amold^ShipCarpeater; at All Hallowa, Honey Lai 
Aug. 21 Abraham llint, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Cutler, k I 

Collier, of same, widow of William Coilieri Sailor; at 3^ 

Aug, 21 NicholaB Smysbie, Esq., & Gertrude Bostocke, Spinster, dau. 

Bo^tocke, Gent., dec^; at Fulham, eo. Middleaex. 
Aug, 22 John Harris, of 8* Leonard, Shoreditcb, Middx., Tailor, A 

Loolklev, of aame, vidow of Boger Locklej, Brewer ; at S^ L 

Aug- 22 Kiohard Tomlinm. of London, Gent., alleges marriage of George i 

Gent., of S^ Martin's in Fields, Middlesei, Widower, 60, & 

Gittbie, of New Brainford, 45, widow of Thomas Gisbie, < 

S^ BridcV- 
Aug- 23 Cornelius Chapmao, of S^ Martin Or^^, London, Vintner, & "S 

TibbittH, of S' Magnus, London, Spinater, dau, of John Tib 

the town of "Warwick, Yeoman \ at \hlanic\. 
Aug. 25 John Kelwin, Yeoman, & Margery Harnes, widow of John Har 

of Markam, co. Norfolk, Husbandman ; at S* Peter's, Paul'a 

Aug. 26 John Lewis, of S^ Leonard, Shoreditch, Middlesex, SiJkwe 

Margaret Donne, of same. Spinster, dau. of [£i<ifi^] Doni 

at S^ Leonard's aforeeaid. 
Aug. 2G John Greene, of AH Hallowa the Leaa, Thames Street, London, 

& Mary AVooUeatou, of S^ Mildred, Bread Street, Loudon, i 

Edward AVooUealon, late of S^ Gregory's, Loudon, Haberda 

& Mildred's, Bread Street, aforesaid. 
Aug- 27 William Coward, of S* James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, Bui 

Margaret Bishop, of same, widow of Thomas Bishop, Victui 

S^ Bennet, Pauls WTiarf, London. 
Aug. 27 Cleophas Heme, of 5^ Martin in the Fields, Middleaei, Bricl 

Elizabeth Slowman, of same. Spinster, dau. of Edward fi 

dee"^ ; at S' Martin's aforesaid, 
Aug. 27 Williani Gale, Gent., of S^ Martin's in Fields, Middlesex, Bac 

Joane Bird, of S' Clement Danes, Middx., 40, widow of Jc 

Yeoman, det^ ; at S* Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 
Aug. 30 Edward Swifte, of S* Bride's, London, Cordwainer, & Anne W 

of S^ Martin's, Ludgate, London, Spinster; at S^ Michael 

hithe, London - 
Sep. 1 Edward Finche. of the Gty of London, Gent., Bachelor, 23, sc 

Henry Finche, K\ who consents, & EUinor Welsh, of S' I 

West, Spinster, 24, dau. of Waiter Welsh, Esq., of Little i 

CO- Gloucester, who consents ; at S^ Mary, Whitechapel, Mi 
Sep- 2 Cuthbcrt Crooke, of S* Peter's, West Cheap, London, Gold 

Amy Jacob, of All Hallows, Honey Lc^e, Lend., Sp' ; 

Hallows afs^- 
Sep. 4 Richard Hurtnall, of S* Mary. Whitechapel, Middlesex, 1 

Elizabeth Diggs, of same, Spiiister ; at same. 
Sep. 4 Thomas AdamB, of Twickenham, Middx., Yeoman, Jt Z 

Lancaster, of Eatit Greenwich, co. Kent, Sp'; at Cbeleea, ^ 
Sep. 5 William Burnett, of Stepney, Middx., Sailor, A Susan Swayne, 

widow of William Swayne, Sailor; at Stratford Bow, T^dd? 
Si^l». Koberl Clarke, of Stepney, Middx., Sailor, & Magdalen Lea, 

widow of Allan Lea, lato of same. Victualler ; at Stepney a 
Sop. 8 William Michelt, of Stojmey, Middx., Sailor, & Jane Liscombe, 

widow of Kichard Lisuombe, Ship Carpenter; at Stepney a1 
Sep. ft TVamis West, Tailor, A Ellen Pollaid, Sp% at 8^ Botolph, Al 












H 28 
H 34 

V 2( 
*f 25 



EJwjLrd irolm€i*,of S^ UritlcV, IahuIoh, TintneXp A liKrgiirH l*i»rlK*. of 

Thomas Bfttt. of BjLHvr«ea. (o. Surrc-y. HutlmidiDJLD. A Marr BaddflB, 

of itmOt Sp', (Inu. of Jolin Baddim, of Windsor, Bcrki>, Hu»bMid- 

man i at &* Peter'*, Faul'n HHarf. Londoo- 
TWtnM Upliavcniif^, of lEortJcLurcli, £m«c. nu»b«Biliii*n, & Juio 

FntH. of MtiiP, .SpTnftl47; at linmrhtiTvli siff>n^iiiU(l- 
Boeer EnuiB, Yeouiuu, A Siuaii Pftrkes^ of 3^ Man Woolnotb, London, 

S|>ii»tor; at All Ifjillrws, 'Hiaittc* Street, Lontoi. 
Bobert MeJler, Oi^ut, of S* Catlit-nii«, ColetiiaD Stieet, Loodon, 

fiocbolor, iti, A Aniu< BmaglUon, of Mkmc, SjUDJiUir* 20, dau, of 

Mari^n^t Bnuj^ton, of U&rrvhAlot co. Giottcr. Widow, who col* 

8enU; at 5^ i^afth's. I^ntioD. 
WilluiDi WhakoT, of Stopnoj, 3IidJx.. StiJor, A Jorn* Harkor, Spinatcff 

<Uu> of WmJsm Pariufr, of S< Marj, \VluUt:UiH>l, MiddWei, 

Hatcher; at St^poej aforaa^id. 
Bichftrd Smith, of S' Mary Abchurch, London, rnip*^. A Don>Uiy 

Watford, of same, widow of ThoiDaa Watford, Habcrdaslior j ftt 

S* MaiT Abcburrh afoiYwtid. 
Wniiuiu MillArd. of tt« City of Loridou, Tnilor. A Irttbcll 8milb, widow 

of WiHlam Smith, Caipert^^T; at S' Mary Moonthaw, Ixjod. 
John WliiU*, of Stopn^r, MlddluNCi, Snilnr, A Bliuibctli Hu-te, of same, 

nidow of Kobert ilirte, Ute of Aamc, Sailor ', at Aame. 
Tboi&afl Ouikii), of Wappiiig, Mtddlc^ftcx, flailur, A Juditli ClifTord, uf 

■ainCt SpLDflliT, (Ian. of WilliAm Cliifordt of BaIut^ Sailor i at 

S' PeterX Paula Wharf, London. 
M' Ik'niaiDiii Stone, B«ctor of S* Mar; AK^hurch, Londan, Widower, 

49, Jb Joone iicath, of aame, ^pinetcr^ 2-1, <Lau. of Richard Ueatb, 

of Ncuvjtfilc under Liiii\ vo. SlolTorJ, Cieiit, who oonaeuU; at 

8* BoColphy Al<jffmlo, I^ndon. 
John Key, Porter, £ Rchcvc& Wilftheire. widow of Tliomaji WiUUeire; 

at H^ Boto][ih. Aldcrvgatc, J^ndort. 
Anthony frkw of H* ClfUieiit, Eaat Cheaj>, London, Tailor, A Eliiahelh 

Uayjiti^o, Hy\ dau. of John nA^viitou, of CljurtJ. i-o. t?cmcr*ct, 

^l^thl4^P; at All IlallowH tlip T^caii, Thnmea StroT^, Lomlon. 
Sichard Stacie, of 5' Mary, Whitwliajiel, Middi,, Skinuer, & Praueoa 

BookOi of 8* Mit-lia^l'n, Qucx-nhiihc, London, 6p'. daUn cff William 

Booke, late of S' Mary Mounihaw, Loudon, Merchant Taylor, dec''^ 

at & Michaol, Qii€<'iih]ilic, aforo«aid, 
John Johnjuin, of .S^ Martin iii tht^ PioMa, Middlesex, Oent, A Jane 

Hanev, Spiiinter, dau, of [blaTik'} liarvcy, dec"* ; at S^ ChristophtT 

lo Stocl(K> i^mdon. 
Georte Crvsl-jwe, uf 3' Qilt», Crip|)k-(^ttlc- Lvndou, Butcher, & Aiuie 

W«»hbo, ff S^ I-€f>i>flnl'», EjiflAoap, IxjndoD, Spinster, dau, of 

Bubcrt AVebbe, of WrdntHburr, co. Stafford, llu« landman ; at 

S' Martin in ihe Pit-Ida, co. Midd5(«ei. 
Thomott ^p«m*^^, Gent., of City of Wwtininnlor Haehelor, HO, A 

Penclopo PilliallH of City of London, ilO, widow of Weolvruo Pilliall, 

Draper, de^** ; at S' Poier'w, Paui**. Wfiarf 
M^ Henry Djuon, Dooron [#i>), A PrinciiU CarUT.of S' UartiL in tho 

Pielda, Middleaex, Spinster ; at S^ Martin afonMairl, 
Johu Wall, of HorcacT, co- Middlesex, LabounT, A Murgaroi Collupj), 

of Kdni'^ntoti, Middlesex, Hpini^tcr ; at lIoroBoy nforoa&id. 
Edward Hall." teitor,* A Eliji^hcth Ritt-b. Spinster, dau. of William 

Rit<*h, iW'^; At f^^ Maiy Magdalen, Hilk Street, LondoiL 
29 Samuel Wil-on, Cltrk, A Sarah Hairfly, Spin«t*r, dau, of Chario 

l)arv€v. dec* ; at S* Georgc'e, Botolph Laac, London. 
TOL. IT. ■ 


















nooum Uattvt^^, of W^ltfciarto'y, co, p M rr , C k rpao U r, A ' 

Wnfrkt. of MM, widow of Nidkolifl Wrifkl; it S* leoaui Fdi 

WillJAca l-Virapton, of 8> BoUklpk, AUenmte, Looiloo, 
TAjior. A ^tlieritie Ofln, ^Ttdow ; M 8* HutbV LndgAl^. I 

Jobn OMOMT, of 9 Si|Mi)elif«V London, Grooor, A Anno Cvrrj, 
EMmrfiin CMtle. tio. Bwei, @p' ; iti Ht^nj-htm nforcMid. 

Kicbaid ^upeater. of 8" Uarr, VtiuvhApcl. Ifiddlttei, & 
Bi oftdbmic. of AftiDtf, viduw of Mftttl»ew BrovJbuKke; Oent; 

y[\<hm\ Cote, of 8« kUrr, VUtoefaifid. Uid£Mra,B1«Amith, A : 

WillilIDl^ SpiittUr ; at & IVter\ Pint's WWf, Lood>ua, 
Edward SpnidbuiT, of Cokbo«t«r, co. fivox, \'mt»CT, A Simh 

^LUvtrr ; M B' Beoet SItertAiOff, LoDdiw. 
Bi«limTd K«aip, of IHeMihim, oo. ^kaei, WorknuMor. A J<aem Fi^ 

of M&ie. a'idov of Jolm Fnlxitt, li^ of mid^ iiQBbuidiia&: 

S« BartholoiiMV tbe Onat London. 
Oct. 7 Wiiliam Hichdl, of BridevoJI prt^nci, LoQd.^n, & hZtitnlx^h CUwli 

weU, widow of Tbona* Cliawlccmll ^ at S' P^tcr'n, Pud'a AVfa ' 

Henrr Hm, of Cliiniford^ Kacx, Teonau, A Alice Staotu, 

EdmoQtoii, U>ddl«aei, Sfniivtcr i at Edmonton iforenML 
John Prgmm, of HackiMr, t^o. Middleoci, HiubaDdnkan, A 

Sirapoon, of nizir, 8i>ii>ftor, tlau. of [if«a^] Siaip«oii« 1at« of 

doc^; at 8^ Man-, Ivlmcton, Middlceer 
John niattcocker ta S^ Andmry Halborn, London, Chandler, A Ja 

Elkfttone, of S^ ^Urj, ^roy, Jdtddt.. Hpiiutcr. dan. of Jd 

EUcwtonc, Utc of MUiM\ dec' ^ at S' DuiuIau In the Wot, Lov 
Henry ClarVw, of S' Orcworj'*, London. Mcwliuit Ta»W, A Ja 

L'artimgbt. of S^ Andmr Undenhaft, Loudon, f^pmater. diu. i 

Abraham Cartwngbl, of Ame, Drmprr; at S^ Aiulr^'* ftfowMid. \ 
WilJiam Church, Cl)andJ«r, A Margifvt Bricc« Spinsler ; at S^ Hkh ' 

Quo^abitho, I^bdoti. 
Nifuoba Dofby, of S^ AadrewV HoThon^ Loodott, Cmdwarnor, A An 

HtrrwD, of «uno, iriloir of William Hjimsoii, Watenuoa; 

» Petei^ft, Pkol'ft Wharf. London. 
Bobert I^wnmcc of ^^ IVUrj Aliicrmaiibnrj, London, Jojmor, A : 

Bogera, of S' ScpulcbroV. London, Spuwtcr, dan. of WiUuun Be 

of aame, Joyn*r : ai S* rcter'i, I^aur* Wliarf, LondoiL 
John JobtiMn, of S' $<'pulchrc'«, London, GlacuT, A Anne Piomr.J 

tiame, widow of Uanicl Piercer, Qenl. ; al 8^ Andrew in Hit WiT 

robe, Loitd, 
Akraluin Wright, Gont.« of O^biuton, eo. L^c«iUir, Si, A- Anno Shop 

Einsl^r, 21. daii. of John Shepje, of aome, dec*: I'onseol 
Ltlierine Sljeppj, of aune. Widow ; tl S* Bcnopt'§, I'aul'* Wl 
ThcmM Dobbcf^, Gent., of Clcnwni's Inii, Middl««ei, Bachelor 28;) 

Anne Norburr, of S* GiIm in Field*, MiddlMOx. 0pin«tcr» 21. dj 

of Georce Norbur\'. of HAnie, Gent., who mntr>nt^ a« attfwtod | 

hia Bon John NorSury. of Gray's Inn, tienl., brother of a' , 

at S^ Andrew**, llolboVn, liOndon. 
Dauiel XIiLiieuian, of \hv City of LondoD, " BarbllouBor/' A ' _^ 

Pony, Spinatar. data, of Daniel Pcrrj, Goat.; at S< Sototpk' 

AJdonnte. London* 
Kcbard Tncrowgood. of Clk«l«ca. Middkoo:i, Teomui. & Alice JohnaM>« 

of same, ^piiutor; at All HaJlowa in the Wivll, LoiHlon. ^ 

Ri^snl TbornbuT^, of S* OUti^V, Hart Strvrt, Loodou, ■* B&rbitoiii»ur, 

A Ann«> Hawkma, of All Hallowa tho Lou, ThaniM Stroot, Lonff ^ 

^pin»icr; at 8^ Faitli\ London. 




Dm. 38 
>i -id 

Oct 90 
hL 90 

r, 1 

V. 4 


y«r. 14 

IHtJ**, wi<i\w of Rlw«M D^riod, B<iibro>krer -, ai S< PeiorV, Pnul'* 
Whftrf, London. 
Joha Cott€U. of S* Duiifftaa m tbe WeM, I/sndori, BlAckamitbr & 
Rluabpth W^Aldcvn, of ^ Ocmvnl Daoo** >[iiJ4Woi, SpiaitUr ; al 

WlllTam A^\. ir^ttt.. BacV. rt8. & Chanty Ho1m««. dpioftor. 2K lUii of 
Jotui lIoltMw, McTclmtit I'WjIor, doc^; cviwfiit nf ber molber Jifie 
llfllmeft, Widow i at S< Anae A Agnos, or S^ Uotolpb, Aldcngxtc, 

rfit^miu Bri^ru of MorwortH, «o. Kxrut, Teoiaftn. A Dorotliy Han^y, 

Spiiuiter; Mt S' Andrew ITubSari, Ijondon. 
Jolui SauD(i4*rp, of OkiIklm, ^idrllitAUi, BriokUyer, Jl Imibell Gorin|;, 

8|iLi]&ter, dau.of Witliam Oohiu^,cf ftimo. Innkccpi^r; At Hf Botinct, 

PauV* VThurf. r^jndi>ii- 
Thonu* ^^^ of d* Pvirr lo P^Mr. Jjoudt^m. Oi*at., A. EJiutlieth Siincnii, 

Spinier; at S^ Felopa. PauP* Wharf, L#o^^^lon. 
Cbrivtdphi^r Riunra, of Slopiwv, Middlctfexr Veom&u. A I^llpn ^Strichey, 

of S' ilarv Woolnotii. LondoiL, Spiastcr i at S* itirv, WhiUH:haptf!, 

TbmuAJi Hvnhli-tmi, of IV-ickf iibim. Thfididi.. Tailor, A Anne AJW, S^^ 

dfii. of Daiiiel Allej« Ute of samCi VicluaUcr, dcc'^ nt S' Puto-*, 

I'mr* Wharf, I>iiidoii, 
Jobu MinWl, of & Ntcbolaa Coh Abbcrj, Iji>iu1o[i, Fi^haiaiifcn A 

AiiiAO ThomUurv', Spinator, dau. of Richard Thorabury, uf & OUto, 

llar\ Struai. T-onJon, " Barbrloiwor " ; at S< DUvea afs'*. 
Kdward Sav, Waterman, A Mart^arct Tooting. Spin^^trr, dau. of Thoniaa 

Tooting, of Nuw Wiml*or, Berks, Wal^^ruiau; ai S' Peter's, PaurB 

Wborf, Ixitidoii, 
Peter (.'oibrawl, of S* Diin«tATi in tho Wftit, I-ondon, Vritn^n A Anno 

8tADi!tr. of S' Uaiy Axc» London, Sp"; a( S* PaithX Londou. 
Humphrey OanJoer, of S< Gile« in tho Fields, Middi,, Ciilh<r, A Mnr* 

gvut BcBtoT*^€, of S* Andrpw\ Unlboni, Loudon, widow of Kit'li^tnl 

lloitowc. I»tt iif mm-?. Tuil[>r ; ntS' Mjttthow, Pridftv Strwt, London, 
EdmiLod WillruoiL, Baker. & SuBan AUcd, of 3^ MicbjicK Q.tuwnbithe. 

Ijoodon, Sj>:o«t«r ; at S^ Mtcliael'n aforesaid. 
WlUiazn PLowmaii, of f^Michael't, Crooked l^n<\ J/ondon, Hah^rdiudicr, 

A Majcaret Ware, wid^hir <jf Pot«r Wuro, Ilabeitlttahi>r i ut S' 

Mk.'ha0t ■» ConkhtU, LoiuLon. 
Thomu Milltf. of ^^tepney, Middleiex, Sailor, & Anno fi««de, of a&mo, 

Spliui4*r; al »Am<*. 
Bobm Ccomett, of Hanuan^wortli, MiddloAOT, Tocmaii, A llcbciva 

Fiabcr, of Ibulingt^^n, k* cp., rtp' - at S' Audrcw'fl, tlolborn, Luudifn. 
Gmt)^ fJnintliftm. of Iht Cifv of W^^itrniristor, Yeoman, A Mary 

Altfeild atias Fcild, 8p'; at lUridewciH Ch-iptl, l.imdoii. 
Bobcrt Dtirr, of Cm^iIiAni, co, Rnex, Teoman, A Katberino Jeiiiiiii|{A, 

of Matching, 9* ce., Up' : ai VTappinf;, Midilk'-Mi^x, 
JftiDC* Eictnov, of S" UAry, Whitccbivpcl. Middle., Soilt^r, A Atiuo 

Morrtoii. o( aame, 5pin*tcr, dau. of William Moreion, of Siepney, 

■* cOh, Sailor ; at 8* Man*§ nfoTwaid. 
Wilbant Walker, of ^ ItuLjIph, AUemj-aLe, London, Widovor, Citizen 

A DarWr Cliirurgeou uf Loiidoti, dt .Suana Jlnrgc*, of S* MAttia m 

ih« }'^t<U, Middx, Widow; at f^^ Mwy Mountltaw. Lond. 
Itobert Skaa1o<l, Gent, Bach^ 27. A Gtxcjc Uribone, 27. widow of Stevtn 

OBhone, bUe of Linckawd, Kent, Geotv, dud ; at S^ Petflr 1, Paul's 

Wharf, Ifoudon. 
UooeJ TuriK^dj^ of Barkiac, co. Eesei, T««oaa, A Aitne ChUdc, 

S|Knxt«r, diuL of Jobn (.*hjUe,of aamo* TmsiAn; at Barking afn^. 


Not. 17 

Kot. 18 
Not. 19 
Not. 20 

Nor. 22 

Not. » 
Not. 24 

Not. 28 
No*. 36 
Noy. 29 

Diw. 2 














Bob«it Ouker, of Uiq City of Westaiitft^. Bftkcr, 

Ahnheua ChnmhcrUdne, J', (>f ihc Ciiy of LoqiIi.>u, Qi 

A«1ivith,.Spinator. rijtit of Nio>iolM Aiikvith.of Hiu-ktvij^ 11 

Uerecr; %X EiMlinoy rifcn^iaid 
HiomM Kebey, of S^ CatloHn^ CVoechurch, London, *' lUrt 

AE!ii^nbeth8AT«TP,3p',ilim,i>f Julm^ariiiiy, of fS* OilwjCri] 

London. Siulliv I vX & GiLw in tho Hdtlv. Micldleaex- 
Artbur lIoll]«, of f^^ Botolpli, Al^t?, LondoTu S*ik>r, A SiuU 

of winic, ^pioHUr ; Rt «aiae. 
TlioTnau II&rvi-oDd, Miller. A Joane Foxo, 5l>m«tcr, dftu. of [A^n 

]1ii*biiri(linnn, lirc^ ; nt 9 Lnwreno^s Old Jpnrjr, Li>i)di>n. 
EdurirO Diimiktfko. of S* ^fAry Abc^itiri^h, Loti<lon, Ciothwork«t, 

beth Bradabawo, Spinster, dau. of Francu Brsbliaw, c 

f raiici« Qubbini, of S^ Marj Mounthnv, London, Stationer, ft 
MmhiiJ, Spinster, daa. of [blank} MniebftU, doc' ; at 8^ Sc| 

Tlioinflfl Bostockc, of Romford, oo. &9Ci, Wnrrin^r, i AmieF 
of Hftine, Sp' ; at S" Lan-npuco, Old Jovrrj", Loodon. 

Heun^ Inenun, Gvnt., Bnohclor, 20 (with oonsent of Williftm 
tit Borr* Court, o<«. Wi>rc<i«tor, fixq.). & Elluior Blunt, Spu 
dau, of Sr Qcorgo Blunt, K*. dec^ (conjieni of her motb 
Ellinor Blunt) \ nt 8* Andnrw'*, Holborn, Loadon, 

William I^rker, of S' Midiacr*. CornbiB, LoudoD, GrDoer, ^ 
Bouruc, SpiQ«tcr, dau. of Itauboa Boumo, of uiiio, Qi 


BirKnrd Hninoiid. 3Tervbant TailL>T. & Elicabeth Lanfierinaa, • 

John Lnuf^nimii, Mcrchnnt Tailor j at All HaUowe tb 

Thaiucn Stn»«t, htmdon, 
Wtlb'aui HuwkuM, of S" Matt^ St^roy, 5{iiid]o«wi, A Jaoo He 

tmtnn, widi-iw of .Tnlm U^ptinn, late of »%m6, Labi>tiror ; ftt G 

Paul'K Wharf, London. 
John Lovf^r, Yeoman, & FLonMicd QarbcTi, Spinster, djiu, ol 

Hnrlwrt, dw,''; aL S' Sepult-hroV Loikdon- 
Joliu Rojnolda, of S^ Audivw'is Holboni, Loudon, Tailor, A 

Dent, of Bamc, 8pf ; at tS^ Peter's. Paul's Wharf, Loudon. 
Thoinnn Rronne, ot Barking, Krvoit Vtvimnu, A Kliuibfilh 

Spmater, dau. of Edward Kuudell, of ^orlhfleot^ co. Keott 

At & Andrew 'n, HnlboriL, Loudojj. 
Qt^orffo Jvoltinii. of St4>|]UL«v. Mid'b.. Guunutkor, & Roao Co 

dati. of [Ihni'] Cooke, itusbandman. doc^ : at S^ Andrew'*, 

JobuvKaultbv, Brewer, & Anae Jenke, of fi^ Alphago, Loodt 

of Jonuli Jciik«H Uto of aame, Wllttcbak(^ri at £S' Alpliogo a 
Jamnn Arrn^fii. of S' Atphiva;^, Tv^ndozi, C-oaiihman, A Anna C 

Hftirif, SitiKlcwdiimii ; at S^ Mary Somerset. London. 
Jamofl 'lii^ndi, of S^ Micbu^l. QijL^Mibitbff, Loudon, IrontD 

Bridxel WariKT, of S^ Hnrtbolomew in West SmithDckl, 

wldi*w of Tliomui Wanior ; at S^ Burdolonicw *?•*. 
!fuch Ricliaida, of S^ Lt^onanlB, Sboreditcb, MiddLe»ex, Tatloi 

BelJ, of S^ HoUilph, Birtbop*gaUt, London, datL of Ba 

Upholator. dec" ; at S* Jiotolpli aforesaid. 
Jobn ilobbea, of «' OIayo'ii, Silror Sli'oel, Lijudon, Olotliworkoi 

Wright, of S' Aip»in(;o, London, Sp^ dan. of William Wrigl 

Inner Tenjple. London. Enq, : at Trinity. Maiiorien, Loudon 
Jolia AVwskcs, ftawv«r, & RJisnl^cth Goodgamc. of 8^ Beuni 

Wharf. Lvnidoo, Sp' ; at 5' Mary Mftijdalou, Old Fi#h atroetj 



Dm. 11 Hugh WaM, of ClJiif^of^l. txK Bnex, MiUcr, A W\xt,h<^ih Tmo. ^pouter, 
diiu. iif Kobcrt i'^-P, of 9 Oitherine Civcchurcfi» [iomdon, iluebund- 
man ; at S< Catltcrin*' Crt^^church uf^irwatd- 

12 WiJIiam Wh]U:LfFe, of 8^ Uriilew, Loodon, Mercluint Tuylor, A Klifta- 
beUi SuidcH, of H^ j\iktln?vv, Ilolborij^ Ijimdnu wiUuiv vf WillUm 
BtadM; At 8* Au<1riMv il iho Wtirdroht'. hontiou. 

13 Bowlnml PowcU. of Christ Church, Lordotic Wftt ChflniUcr, A nn<!g<tt 
HaBdaaker, of ^ GiW in dte f'wliht, Muldlcaet, Sp', dau. of [llaiik) 
HamUak«T, o£ Anuburr, «o WtlU, Oo&t, ; at 8^ (iiloa aforostud, 

— John AvmioEi. of ^^ Botolpb, AJdiJ^atc, London, Hutctior, A Diuutuciu^ 
Hill, Spinrtler. dau. of Tli^ma* Hill, of fjewtotu 4*0. I^edit, CordvraiDfir ; 
atS» Marjr, Wlntcvhapel, Middlwox. 
15 Jcfferjr Urichu (lent-, of 3" Andrew'a, Holborn, Loudon, Widower, 40, 
A Diimtdy Yfltr*» of fame, Spinutor, 3 k her (larfuU drrod; nt *njno. 
, 10 Antltobv DuL'Il, Tailor, A SLiiAbolh Uot«ky, S(>iiii»tf*r, dau. of ThoiitAii 
UooKo. of Tb&ioee Hilton, co. Surrey. '* bgnaior* " ; at 3* Mary 
Abchiirch, Ixindon. 
IS £dward Brauchtoii. of l-^inch Lane, London, Merchanl Taylor, A Eliza- 
beth [Una, 8p', Aim- of WilUato ilniid, <.>r S' Aii<ln.iw'it, llolborti, 
fjOiyloi], CuUor; Pit 8' Mii-1iu4.'riL, liugpti Liinc. London. 
18 Edmund Brett, of South Ukindan, co. Ki^aex, Iflackauiith, & Anne 
GuWei, Spiiistrr. dau. of Thoma* Oul*oa of same, Tidcmaa ; at S* 
Peter. Paiil'^ Wbarf, London, 
IW, 21 fiSr SJraon N'ornich, K*, of i?nun|iton. co. Xo^th^^ Wklowcr, 2I>. Jt ltf'» 
Klizabeih BirnkjU, of S' Roiolpb. Aldi'n^itp. Irf»ni!nii, SmuHter, 20, 
da*L of M' IVmcii Burdett, of Barthwaite, co. Vork, Escj. ; with 
conaeDt of th« K^ Hon. Tlu' Lady ElixabuLli. CoiuiUmh of DeToiiMliiro, 
ber aunt, at wLom- 'liupOHiliou iiUe now rvmaiua; at S^ Botolpb, 
Aldcngato, aforowaid- 
fiie. S2 Luko Tatca, of 8' E^cpulchrcV, London, Tcomim, 4 Frruicc* Ardrn. of 
Wbeihampfltcd, Ilerla, Spiiifiler, dftu. of [blank] ArdcD, of aouic, 
Voomnii ; at S* Man' at Hill, Londcn> 
Wfti 21 Joba Cbupmitu, of Bu*bey, Hecta, Blackiimithf A Sosn JCowniau, of 
(tamp, widnw of Hf^iin^ NowinAu, Labourer ; at Edguaro, 00, Mlddx. 
Dec. 29 William WJWn. of All Halkiw* the Lews, Thamt's Street. London, 
Dyer, & Anno Coxe, of Rame, widow of WlUiftm Coie, late of waiiie, 
Dyurj at H' ^Itin-, NVbirochajaO, MMdlr«cx» 
^W 29 J<>ku KempTon^ Yconiau, A Jomio Oobl^, 8pmfllor. dnu. of Ooorgo 
Goble, «f i>owi>ton, eo. SiiMe:t : at S^ Pinter a, Paul"* Wharf, London. 
William Simon, of S^ Lawixnicc Pountnc^y, London, McnrEiant Taylor, & 
Martha Kicgesby, i>f S' Gabriel Fencburch, London, widow of itobert 
Kiggwby, lat<; of nainy, " Playiiter " ; at £J* Lnwnrmr Pountnoy itfs*^. 
Kobort PrickCi of S^ Grof;ory'it, Loudon, ^^idU-r* ^ 8uBtui Froumau, 
SpinMer, dau. of Kictiard PreemiLn. late of !5^ Bride'a, London, 
Grocer, dve^; at S* ItriiloV Londt»Ti, nt'<»ri;*<Aid. 
William Diion, of S' Bride's, Loniac, TaJJor, <& l^^abetb filtoker, of 
«amG, Sp'^ at ti' Maiy J^U^ditleri, 3|ilk t^tfvot, Loudon. 

fiieWrd Gi»by, of Thi»t!fwortl», 00. MiddloKCn, BHckumker, ft Mnrgarot 

Jlomle}', of Slepnoy, a^ -.'o,, widow of Jaiuett llornley, lato of aomc, 

Tconait > at 8' Mary, Whitixluipcl, Middlenci- 
OeOTge Stdbbingo, of lh<i CiU- of Lcimton, Drnpirr, A TiHialwtli R^tinfty, 

Spinster, dftu. of Jame^ l^iuoy, of the City of Loadon, Merchant; 

at Souili Myinji, Midillc^nc^i. 
KJcbard Bawtrojr, of S' j^jidrew'a, Holborn, London, Tailor, A Wiluiott 

Buffomo, 01 S* Brido'ttT London, Spinitor ; at S^ Andrew Ui the 

War^lrotn', Loulou. 


Jau. 12 







J All. 













JiLQ. 2S 























WUliAiD Kirnmvi, HuftbAndinAu, ft J<nno Fovler, SpiuMar j at S^ Uq 

SoincTwt, l4on<1oiL 
M- Jiibn Woiid, Clerk, Idimtttcrof S« Jame^ Wilkin AUMCvftl 

both ffriLuolu «ff 9^ DtUMlan an tlio West, London, Spui«tcr,di6 

flf 'A£iiii^] Itcimott, doc*; fct, h^Kiim. ro, E«iiicx. 
Samuel NichtilU, of S' Gilfin, <>ip|>l«nte, London. Veomui, & Elialxll 

KortcT. Sp' ; At 3' IVtcrV. PaniTa Wharf, London- 
Julm Cutopluii, tif C\inni Churcb, LiJiiduii, Yeuouu, ^ E(l«u CoaUa,o4 

S« CJadimU D&qm, MiddleMx; »t S' Cl«iient Uaiw* »fa<^. 
John Xdono, of 8^ Michocl'i, QtKoiiKitho, LoodoQ, BUck«BLtb, A U»t 

&fiU«tt, tS|>iost«r, dau. of John UlUetl, o( mao^ CheeamoDigef ; tt 

^toptiry, CO, ftbddlMOX. 
FrrwK-cft Avlp«orth» of S* BridcV, TjouJoii. Gitdor, & DiouU Opc«*iip, oi 

S' Mnry, Ulin^t-Mi, Mid.ileMi. Sp' ; ni S' (lilw in :li<» l"Vld^ Mito 
Thc<tiiM f'hctt>'. of tW t'ity of W^iitmiu*tcr, Ywnnwi, A Kbtib^ 

rLirt4:)n, SpuKUtr, iIau, of PficboloM Tarton,o£ Arthur OUffc. oo. Ton 

ycomjin i nt R' Paith'a, I^ndon. 
Thcmufi liifUard, of S^ Srid^'a^ London, Pvntvr Stuiner. A Anm* B*fc«i 

Spinator, dau^ of Jamea Baker, dec'' ; at S^ Androw in tJie WardrobtT 

StephGD Sinilh. of S" Marv Woolchupch, London, Cook. A Uwenf?* 

nhcjtjrht^Aril, 9|3iiiiU'<rt ajiii> at (ijlm Shvphmrd, of Doplforlt o>' 

Korit, Y«otiittn ; al S* Lavm*iicu Jewry, Loudon. 
John llArriftoii. Waterman. & Kllluor Morria, wridow of ThoniAA Morri»t 

WaU^nnAii ^ at S' Atidrew In tho Wardrobe, Ivond, 
Tboinaa Poller, Gem.. A Marcory Wroc, Sp', dAU, of Peter W't^- oil 

Lftthaui, CO, LiuicfuitoT, Vcomau, at S' Itt^nuct'ni IVul'v WbiT'" 

John KiffonJ, of the Ci^ of London, Freemason, t Alice Bmcbc^' 

witlow of pTivnciB Butcher, C«rpoator j oil All Ilalbw* io the W»M' 

Samnol Frawcf, School mwit<>r, A Ann« North, of ti* 6ilc«, Cnpplr^i**^- 

Londun. Widow ; at S* PuI^t'ii, Wwilcheap. London. 
John Johnson, of S^ BDtolph. Aldffate, London. Sailor, ^ Katheiia^ 

Jobni»>n, ffpinxU^r. dnu, of J ohn Johiitf^Mi, of S^ tJaviour'ii, SouthwaHc ^ 

bailor; at 8^ I^tolpTi. Ald^al^r, Lotidou. 
TbomjiA HArdin^.of Fiilhjim, Middx., lliiflhaudoian, Jt Kathonne Gc«d- 

rk'b, Sp', dun- of Wiiliaai {i*k»driclK dec^ ; al Falluim af**, 
Kofier Price & Alice Uoelocke, of Old Fish iStreet, London, Widow ; at 

N^ IVlcr'ii, raurn Wharf. Iiondon. 
Juhti &ayre, Wiruwurki'<r, «!t Buiuial Pnckctl.of S* Augnstme*a,Lvl)dun, 

Spinnl^r. dau. <if AbbA^^nok PricbGit, of naitin, RnihroidorH»r; at S* 

Au|fUHtino'« af'ireniud- 
Tliomnji !Shaw(\ of S^ Andrevr in the Wardrobe, London, Teoman, A 

Sarah BaU^u. ol niituo, SpioBl^a-, dnu, of [blank] Balten, dtC^ ; at vamc. 
Thomnn Donvll, of S^ Miiry Woolchurch. Lcudon, Haburdanher, A _ 

Margflry VawdrJu, of aaine, 8|iiiiRti>r, dau, of [hiank^ Vawdrie, dec* ; M 

at fame. ■ 

Jiihn Ltiigh, of S^ John Znchory, London, (Joldamithf dt Htiubelh 

Divher, ^jimptcr, dau- of Juhu Dichut, doc^j at S* Martin, Iron* 

monger Lni^Oj Lfindnn. 
lt*>h<*rt Spurh\ of 8^ Nicholas A cooji, London, Merchant, & ElitabetU 

Brettland, of eamc. ^Spiiiflter. dau. of Jamea Brettland, l*te of co. 

Derbv, dt*c^; al S^ Nicholas Aeon* arorefl&irl. ~ 

llutin' Weston, TtHJiiian. & Eliuibetlj Murrintt, widow of O^orgo ' 

^TflmflT, llont. ; at S^ P*»t*>r"K, Pniil'K Wfmrf, Li.*ndon. 

William Burrowe*, of S^ Michael, QuL*on Kahe, London, TaUowx^handlor, ■ 
&. Brulgel Cooper, Splutter, dau. of tiichard Cooper, of S* J^ter le | 



Poor, LondoD, Mercliant ; at S' James Within Aldgate or S* 

Catherine Creechorch, London, 
Ml. 3 John Hairii, MealmaD, &. Gillian Benne, of S* Nicholas Cole Ahber, 

Lonclon, Widow ; at S^ Kicholaa aforesaid- 
Mi. 3 £dmand Walker, of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, London, Tailor, £ Sarah 

Xhurant, of same, Sp*, dau. of Keniy Durrant, of Wendever, co. 

Bucke, Hnebandmaa ; at S^ Bennet's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Ml. 4 George Prior, Gent., of S^ Bartholomew by the Exchange, London, 

Bftch', 31, & Dorothj Wilkimoo, of Bame. Spineter, 18, dau. of 

Thomaa Wilkinson, of Famdon, co. Cheater. Yeoman ; consent of 

her uncle Bichard Pulford attested by Rich^ Wilkinson, Gent. ; at 

3^ Bartholomew afa^. 
I«b. 4 Thomas Lennard, Gent,, of S' Bennet's, Paul's Wharf. London, alleges 

Toarriage of Sampson Lennard, Gent., of same, Widower, 53, Jt 

Elizabeth Cooke, of S^ Martin's, Ludgate, Widow, 50 ; at All Hallows 

the Les« in Thames Street, London, 
1^ 4 Thomaa Pragell, Gent,, of Westham, Essex, Widower, 42, A Anne 

Scudimore, of [hJank] in Thames Street, London, Spinster, 20, dau. 

of Sichard Scudimore, of Clewer, Berks, Gent,, who consents ; at 

Westbam aforesaid. 
John Monntford, of the City of London, Pewterer, & Elizabeth Okeley, 

of same, widow of Thomas Okeley; at S^ Peter's, Cornhill, London. 
Bobert K^, of S* Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, Clothier, A Mary 

Cooper, widow of Barnard Cooper; at S^ Martin in the Fields, 

Bichard Chamberlaine, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Teoman, 

A Jane Morris, of same, Sp' ; at S^ Giles in the Fields, Middx. 
William Ovenbury [in mai^n " Overbnry '*], of S' Sepulchre's, London, 

Silkwearer, £ Gertrude G^e, widow of Bicbard Gee, Cordwaincr ; 

at 8* Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Bichard Henman, of S* Botolpb, Alderagate, Londoo, Taylor, & Eliza- 
beth Westwood, of same, Sp' ; at S^ Botolpb aforesaid. 
Walter Lnkin, Gent., of Mashhury, co. Essex, Bach^ 30, £ Jane Skelton, 

of West Hannin^eld, s** co.. Spinster, 19, dau. of John Skeilon, of 

same, Gent., who consents \ at S^ Bennett's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Christopher Adams, Ship Carpenter, A Elizabeth Presshes, Sp'', dau. of 

Thomas Presshes, dee^ ; at S' Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London. 
James Smith, Tailor, A Dorothy Caple, Spinster, dau. of [blank] Caple, 

dec^ ; at S« Faith's, London. 
John Coe, of Stapleford Abbotts, Herts, Teoman, A Marian Chaundlcr, 

Spinster, dau. of Edward Chaundler, of Bishop Stortford, s^ co., 

Mercer ; at S^ Peter, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Feb. 19 Thomas FetteplBc«, Gent., of S' Giles» Cripplegate, London, Bachelor, 

21, father dead, A Sarah Drywood, Spinster, 18, dau. of Tljoinan 

Drywood, of Orsett, Essex, Gent., dec*; consent of Thomas Cluii, 

her father in law, A Hebecca Clun, her mother; at OrKctt or Went 

Tilbury, Essex. 
Feh. za Bobert lingley, Vintner, A Frances Clarke, Spinster, dau. of Vunyrm 

Clarke, of Matfield, co. Suffolk, Cooper; at S' Mary WooU-hurffi, 

Feb. 23 William Bucke, of South Weald, co. Eaaex, Yeoman, L Martha Mmnhi-y, 

of Blackmore, s** co.. Spinster, dau. of John KaniHty, ol' Ml^ilJiy, 

s* CO., Yeoman; at Blakmore aforesaid. 
Feb. 23 BobertL^ngley, of S' Botolph,BishopBgate, London, Vintner, A Vrithivn 

Clarke, of Stepney, Middi., Sp""; at S' Mary W-wii'-fiiirrJi, ^ijjj.t 
Feb. 21 Charles Atkinson, of S' James, G^rlick Hithe,1^rjjdrfit, MvYfi-v. K Wa-i- 

Hall, of S' Mary Somerset, London, Spiuslwr; at H* Mai-y W-ihji*>i-i, 


















PA. 17 



Pk)b. 24 

Pcb. W 


P<^lkrd. (Icrfc : nt R< Dunttan in tbo VTi^U LoiKba. 
John DftTie^ of S* Uargaret Pattcu'a. LondoB, Skiun^r, & ; 
Dicer, of AU IliUIovn Hnrking, XiondoD, vmIow gf WlUttm 

at &iv|>n«5 , MS<ldln«x< 
NicliolM f - - 

iriilow ■ 
Kobpn Modbam. of 'Kiilield, MidiUefei. Yeonuui, A Mar^etj '. 

of liAme, c>p' ; ui h* Andrew in tbc VTAnlrolM*, London, 
Jobo llAmlvn. Oci»t„ tMV of S* Clement l>AM>a, Middx., nbont ' 

fxtlirr dosd, A l>>tiw Mftiy StaJfnrd, about 2G. !&U wtfe of Sr] 

Kdwar^ StafTonl, K', lato of Brcdficld, co. Berks, dec' ; IwaUi 

tbat ht woe nuvrried to lier W one H' James i'jncli, nhou faal 

to Iw ■ miiiirtUT iu Holjr Onicn, but vit account of »IS9 j 

now do«tTVM Uc<<iieu t^ bo marriod ; at S^ Bride*A. LondocL 
William Iboto, of Woodhjun FortvT«, co. Em^i. iiii»bandiD&D. & Bn' ' 

both Dagn«t> of Omt ^Vakonug, v^ co., S|>' ; %i Oir^t Wakciiif , 

nf«*. I 

Bdward SToith, Teomon, Jk MarRnrct WinckfcUd, of Harfcild, JC<Uk-l 

mtT, widow of Tbotnai AVincifiel'l. Yeoman ; at 8^ ^t«r*, jWi] 

Vbarf, London. I 

Josbua BlackiDcrv, of VeaX Tburrock, co. Bnex, Baker, ft BeiJtE41 

Tcichcr, of flBDi^ SpiDfltcr, d»u. of Jobn Pedwjr, of nme, Teonua; 

at AU HaIIowp Barlnne, London. 
^laLachi B«jrttaniioii, of S^ Lavrenef PountneT. Loivdon, ClotkToilei. ' 

A Anno Noale, of Christ Church, London, spinster ; at S^ Mdi^ ' 

Aeon, London. 
John P^ndrid, of Thetcbor, eo. Herts, lliubandman, d dicabelb Bctfi 

of nune, ffinglowomati ; at Cbn>t Church, E^ondun* 
William TrUtrBm. if 8^ DioauBaekehureb, London, Hordwut, A EBU' 

beth T>Atnbo, widow of John l^ombe, late <^ S^ Fel«ry ConULj 

LondoE ; at Cbelven, co. MvJdlesex. 
Har. M S«»nd SxiTil,GcnL, of Braiuford. Middleocut, Ba^-V. 3fi, A AUwKi^- 

b<«d, nf 8^ ('i<«tnr*nt Dnnm, Middlomra, SpinaU^r. 28, <Uu. of [Utfl] 

Blftckbeod. of Tring, co. Herta, 0«nt„ fl«c^ ; her mothor'v co&fetfi 

iU8<FuthXT»ndou, \ 

U ar. U 'William Neale, of Hoonie, co. Surrey, " teitor," ft Eliiabeth I^, ^ ' 

Eattamm, tt^ eo., Spiuetcr, doit, of Simon L«io, of soaus, Hiu^tfi^] 

man, dec4| at S^ Botolph, Bisbop«gat^ Loadon. 

Mar. M Narah Mo*viaa_¥, of l^ City of London. Morwr, A iiercj WalUian, ^ 
8^ Catkormo Crecebuneb, Bpintter, dau. of Btchard Wnlthus, 4 
»ame, Iklervhant; at 8^ Uatj, Islinj^on. Uiddlaaex. -^ 

Mar. 30 Jolm Tirrrll, of S< Hanaa, Ixmdon, TkfiTchuit Ttybr, A TAnrC 
Ooodwin, of S* BUwcd'e. Bread Street* B^ Citj, Sp', dao. o 
Jolin Ooodwia, of oattic, Uabcrdashrr ^ at & LooiuJnl'n, Fo«l« 
Luio« Xj^diI. 

Mar* 20 HumphreT Lakt\ of All llaUows Bai^ini;, London, Pla&lcrer,& At 
Papca^'of S^ Albans, Wood Street, ic' Citjr, ^nstar; at 9 ' 
Uuieton. UUdlraos. 

Haft as nrtiXf RumU. Oaat, Bachelor, 40, A UottqU Tattoy, SO. wadov 
Jobn TuttOT, ESflnt, deH ; at Of«at S^ BarlfaolomewX London. 

Mar. S7 WUliank WatktM, of S^ Christophor Ic Stocks, LondcD, Grocer, A J 
Kolf^ of 8* Mary "Woolnoth, v* t^ly, »pu«ter, datL oi Wt 
Ki^lfr^ of wiw, UvldAiuiih ; at S* Mar>' Wuobxitb ait^* 

ICav. Sd lleorr Wat^m. of 8« IVt«rV Corubai. London^ *< BarUtonsor,^ A ! 
both DMVi ot llacknot, Middle ^ ; at Uackney afi^. 











»nr. SO 



u ^ge^ oF 8* B&rtholomaw the Opmi. L'^a^loii. AT^Tclifttii TiwtoTt A 
Jfirfi^ Homlilo, of jiaziM*, widotr of Giwrj^ Ifumblo, Iflto of wuiQo, 
iaer; at B' GWtyt. CViiipWttte, IjiuvdoQ- 
D OHM, Gotit, of HighcJJ Church, ro. Uorofor< Bach'. 22, A 

J>uuu CjunpioQ, of Oreiii 5^ Kujr'a, oo. CjunbTid^ Sjrinater, 21, 
■Ima. of llcnrt CWapioa, of Mmo, Poultorer, vbo oooMotei at 

Thoiiufl JoTQer, of V«hiig, co. Mtddleaei* Teomftn. A JaiM FuBge, of 
nuiu% iT»dxnr of John Kungo i «t S} Potcr'i, Pftul'i WliArf, Loodoti. 

KmbtoitUrvr, Jt Mnry V^^uirgv, Sp', dioi, of John Ynungo, of 
WonJetftou, co- Surrvj, Qcnt. ^ U ff Aikdrev in the Wardrobo, 

John Jackson, of xhe. Citv of London, YeoiiUD, A Jwe PtLrhlneon, 

Stiuutof-, ilau> of WiUiftio E^rluofoo, of S* C*hnKophor lo tftoclu^, 

■' City, ih-o^ ; xt S^ A iwtiTiw in thio Wnrilrub**, TiOJuJon. 
John W»vuwri(itht, of S" Kfarv SUtqii^c* Ijofldoa, Mercer, A Mary 

SMto, of ^ OUto*8, iiart Street^ «<' Cii>', SpiuiUrr; at S< Mary, 

Wbitechapel, Middlwet. 
wmrd konvfixX. of All HAllourf* tho Gfoat, Thamo* StTMt, Lon^n, 

Portor. A Jouic* ftfotolcy, of S* Qilen, CrippIogaCcv London, Sp' ; at 

S' Peters, Pad's Wliarf, London. 
Vilftam Neirman, of Wolthjim Abb^;, co. Bsaot, T^omao, A ElUabeth 

Adams, of Nuciug, «* co., Sp% dau, of Edvard Adam«, of «iaixiC, Too* 

tnmn ; nt Walthatn Ahboy nfoivsuid 
Oeom Baelko, CU'rk, of 8* Andrew^ Kolbom, Losdoa, 4 BUnor Smithy 

of KAiao, Sp^ ; at B^ Jatnc«, DukeV PIilo«, Tendon. 
Juhn Norrain, of Or»el% *:o. £b^x. Tei^uian, Jt Eliiabeih TaTcmor, 8p', 

dau. of Kobort Tai^mor, dc^'i at & FiiitliX London. 
Aoibony Mctoalfc, of Barking, Ebmx, Cordwuncr, ft Joan« Sumner, of 

aame. SpJ, dau. of li4aikk] Sumner, doc^ ; at S^ Jomea, Jhike a Plnce, 

Edwwd Ilopkbu. of 8' ^fftiy Wooliiolli. Mf^TL>inTil Tnvlor, 4 C«iciHa 

Poirv», of S- <.HrtT>>'tt, Sfl«thwaric, Surrrv, Sp\ <Uij. of Walter Poito**, 

Ifanu^r, di-rr' ; at S* P^'tcr •, Paurn Wfiarf. Luiidon. 
J«MiniAl) Aiki&AOD, GcLt., of 8^ Duiistan'^ Wp»<t, Lundoa, Bach^ 36, Jb 

Jaae Chedaej. of »iDe, Spinster, 24 or 2^^ dau. of John Cbediejr, 

of MnnckkYi <^- Di>tou, Yeooum ; at Christ Church, Jxind->n. 
Thoma* Bond, Of-nt . of 8* Gi]c« iti FioUU. MiddJcMM. Bach', 3't, A 

3Iary Appiefiird. of aam^, 50, widow of Stephen Appleford, Qont, 

d«t^ ; at f]^ Thnmu ApontK LoitdoiL 
Bd«v«rd E^iUtvr, of S* clt^uul D^ues, Hiddx., Drawer, ft Di^borah 

O«niond, of S* Peter'* pariflh [tic]. City of Weatmimter, Spiiurlnpj 

at S» Pdtr'i, Paul"* \Vhftrf, Londoo. 
WiUiam Coaper, of Wetton. co. Bcd^, " Fiibrum," A .Toiwe Drnmon, of 

ihe Citj of l^bdon, ?4inffIewonian -, at d* Mary, Wiiteohapdl, Midix, 
John Wright, of Walthhm Abbov, co- K«aoz, Yoaniaii,ft Haiy Dell, Sp', 

dau of Jolin 1><»11, of nnyni\ VivtniiQ ; at S* Mary \xi\ T-ond. 
AbnJuun >fuffntt, uf Sl«|>»ey, MiddWx, Mariner, ft Clara Batttop 

wtdovr of Frtin?iE KiUttcs late of wame. Mariner ; at St^pnev aforeiiaid. 
John Wright, of WnlUiiim Abbey, ca Eaaox, Yeoman, ft Mary Dell ; 

at WaltkaiEL Abb«y nforcsaid- 
W n)Oinaa Wo-^rrali, Clia-k, ST.R. Koctor of S' Botolph, Bishopsgato, 

London, ft Mary Wait, So', Aui. of William Wtiii, of tlie City of 

Lcvidon ; in tbo t'bapel of tn« Palaoe of the Bifihon of LondoiL 
Hiomaa Cooktf, uf S* Catborino ColetnaTt, London, E£uibroidcrcr, ft Mary 

Jotitfu, of AHVthiirin« CnwH'hunrb, London, widow of Hu^b Jonoa, 

nf taifio, Kcltnuiker ; at H^ Pe:«r'B, Paul b AVliMf, LondotL 

IT. T 


A|>nL 22 AbniliMn Sea. of & Botolpli, Bishops^te, Londcm, " textor," & 

8j»iciCTv of *0(np» Spiimlcr, tlnu. of Stephen Spicer, of Mcar. Jpi 

at S' Peiere, Paul a Wharf, London. 
AprDSS Ort>reD Utiticoc, IW, of Mitldto Ti-mplc, Bitch', 28, father 

KJrLriii Uickn, iif S< Mflrliii's. Lmlgat*, Xon^on. Spin»1^r, 17, ^ 

'WUIutm Hicks, ScriTWier, dec^ ; consent of hpr uncfe A 

Bobort nicktv, of Eaxt Itjultloii, co. NortV", Gent. ; At 8* 

Corohill, London. 
Apnl 23 ElishA PcIIct, Clork, A Hope HoIumv, Spiiutcr, duu. of [^Uiftt] 

ars<<^ ; nt S* Ann^, or 8* Botolph, Alden^te, LondoiL 
AprU21 JereTiiif n lofoxero, of Stopnt^-, Sfiddlo-?!, "Toitor," A 

l)[ urr nr, S|iin»l^r, tUu. ft Jofcn Utvercyne, of Weetiin, 

Ehh'! : Mt Wi^liaiti :ikfon>taid. 
April 2G Uichnrd llopkiu-, of S' Olnvc. Southward, Surrrr, Ihterchiint 'Fm^ 

ElJKnlx'Ui Miiryuii, <>f S^ Martin h Grand, fjondon, Siu 

atS^ Peter. Paul'w Whnrf, I-ondon. 
ApnL 27 8ti>pbei] UiUfl, of Baineden Bellhouee, to, Boaei. Tailor, A Sanik 

of 0atrt(.% Sjtinfilcr, iJau- of GnfHn PanwD*, of moiso, Laboiatr; 

P<.l4vy Prtur.. \Vh*rf, T>ondon. 
April 2ft Edward Daries, of S* Gile*. Cripplefinte> London, Joyner, A 

TiCOi of ti^ BArthidoniew by tho Eichangc, Txindoii ; at 8^ Birtl 

mew aforettid, 
Aph) 28 'WilliAin Budgo, Gimt., Ritc^hclor, 22, non of Thotnoa Budgc^^ of Lb 

lirme, CO. Cornwall, OenL, irho oonaenU, & Joajiu ClennontKiB.; 

8^ l)un«tan in tlic Wctt, London, Spin^tor, L8, d&a. of Ji 

CU'm^ntson, of aame, Coidwaiuer, who cooseoita; at S' Amfcrv 

lilt: WwdrolK*. LoikdoTi- 
April 2f) Wdlinm Kc^np, of DaHfnnl, Kent, Yoomnn, A Joano Hill, Widrtf 

S^ JamcH, Clerkonwell, Uliddleaex. 
April 2& Kichnrd liobbinj^ of tho Ct^ of Wcfftminiftrr, Drawman, £ Kliial 

L/ddye*, Spinattr; at S* Peier'*» Paul's Wharf, London. 
April 30 Gcorgo floldcn, of Tlem|>*t'CiU co, Hcrtis IIu>-bNii^din&ti, ^ ftfarr GnJ 

Siiii]flti*r. dau. of Kirmrd Grubh, of ldl««tri€, «<^ co,^ MealOTiat 

Cttrist Church, London. 
May 1 Jorper Cbyt<m, of ^^ Kdniund'^, Lombard 8trfot, London, Mi 

Bachelor, A Itfary Tliomimuo, Spinster, dau> of [blank] Thcuni 

of S^ Cathorino ("nnfehopclj, Lomlorij Joyiier ; at f^^ F*iU/», " 
May 3 ThomftH Knrrii, of UpmiiiHtcr, co. RtiN'i, Huxbandmnn, A Bnr^ 

Kendatl. of eam^, ISpiuet^r, dau. of John Kcmdall, dec^-, >t 

Katht'riiio Creocliurch, l^ndon. 
May 9 BJi;huril llovricW uovt ai.>juiin]iiig !n S' Gj1«h jii the Pielda. Ui^^ 

TroTTifin, ^. AHcp Kodrn, Sp^, dnti, of John EoHpj, of Pnni4H^ 

Suasijx, tluflbmultnan ; at S* Oileti Jn tho Fwlda afor^aiJ. 
May 3 Bi4:h(Lrd L^^we, of titopney, MiddIo«ci. Sailor, Jb Jano Hunt, of cun^ 

Spinster, dau. of [^tfnnJ:] Hunt, doo'^; at & Bololph, Bikbcpap^ 

May 1 George Hippialev, Gent., of S^ Giles in Fielda. MlddWet, BarWof- 

21, father (lend (conwnt of his mother Tliomaj^en HirpinleTt l^'iJ^l' 

& Thomar.CD Syan, of name, i^pinBtor, 10, *bu. of ICicnaTd i^^ 

of Bamc, Baker, nhu oouseutai at 3^ Audraw in the Wardrvb^* 

May 5 Matthew Tariton, of tte Oty of London, Cordwmiier, & Tmbell Dati** 

Sp'. Jan. of [ft/tini] Dnnca, dec^ ; at S' Botolph, Aldert^le, Lod'^Vj 
May 5 Thomaa Ditoft, of Caut'wderi, co. Estcx, Vt^oinaii, A Anne Portor, ^ 

ftomoi widow of Uicluird Purter ; »l Nt>rtli ShooK^ry^ co, Etitex. 
May 5 Bartlvjlomow Hewth. of S' Andrew's, Llolhom, London. CooV, A RluS^ 

beth Transome, 9pf, dau. of Nidiola^ Tranaome, of S* M-"-*«t'* 

Wortliuinvler, Trunijietor ^ at S* John Zai^hary, London* 

ur Tuif Bisuop ur lonuok. 


' 11 



• 12 

' la 


Ooorge Woodson, of S" MM^rtt'o, Wo«tmin»tcr, YcomAn, A Siuan 

John DUckwell, of S* Le>jnapd'*. Broiuiey, Middi., Brewer, i MaTgaMt 

lU'dvrut^I, S|i', duu. of Thcophilup Kcdwo^xt, ilsmavTi Ekt ^tepnoj^ 

cc. Tklidx. 
Jobtt Btight ["of Ibc CilT of l#cmilon, Gont-," in Vicflr-G«nonil'ii 

Book]» Pr»<*litij>mT in Thyiiii?, Widomrcr, 30. A Siuan Rjtt^lyffr, 

SphiBter, 23. father <lirad i at S* Andrew's in iho Wardrobe. 
TbOQUU Codd, of S* Jun«ui, CIrrlionwcll, Middx., Rric-kmnkiir, A Jonuo 

Oriffiu. of S* (riloD, Crippleifate. Loiid<fQ, S]>',dau. of Boberl QriQliii 

of Kitnc, Nccdlcmalcor I at S^ Itoulplk, AldOT-'gatc, Loiidocu 
Jolm CUuuberlune, Gent., Sl Cfttlieiiut BowklU Widow. rtrUct of John 

Lcuijoe {ffe\ late of S* George's, SoutWark, co. Sarrev, Genl,. 

dec' ; At Cluibeii, Uidd)e«ev, 
Mktind Coll«,of 8' MAr^[iLrctXcoH flcrto, Ycvntatj^A Eliuibelh Wwlwood, 

of Anm-fll, n^ cc>., SpinwN'i-: nt vS^ Sti^plidn**, CoVmnn Stnvt, l.ondnn. 
John NcweU, of liAckiie>\ Middx.. Drajier. Sl Sawdi Bn*wm-, cf name, 

Spiii»trr, dftu, of Sjtmuid Brviwnv, dtv"^ ; at Fulhaiu, Midn. 
I>jwiiel ILile, of 8' Gi]i?B in iho Fields, Middi.^ ViiiUuir, A Auiie Burl, 

cf S' DuiwtAn ill tlio Wc"t, I-ondoH, widow o£ AUau Burt> Gout, i at 

S^ Bonni3l'«. Piiuri. Wharf, Lmidori. 
Fddinixtdo Babin;;toii>Geat..o£ Yeatim^.Middle&ei, BacK dO.A Mary 

Bonner, cf aamo, Spiii»UT, IHt her father Uvine in MoniDOuthnhirCf 

ft poor mjui, d' «t)e Lavuik lived b> ler Hervk« lUeve 8 jeaiH pjufl ; ut 

jUJ Hfllloww in the WaH, l^ndon. 
Iboiuaa BcntJov, Bricklayitr, A W^iiLJfix^d ParroU. Sp', dau. of [fr/oflit] 

PArrcll, dec'; at S^ ftiirtin in tlie Fipldi*. Middlesex* 

Maritn Coop*r, of S' bcipulohre'x, Lomlou, V^uoiai], A Ciuilla RiHt, 
widow of EflirATil Itiat, yilkAf&vi*r i xi 8' Jamva^ Clrrkctiirull, Midx. 
f 15 WiliiJUTj ConloY, <jf S^ TLmua* AposMi? Lnrulmi, TrtiloTn A AJio<5 

tTTiichurch, nf i«unp> widow of William Upchurch, lAtc of flame. 
Tailor; at S^ Thomas Apottlle Lifctrefiraiil. 
T lO Edward Hunti^r, of Stiijini-'y, Middlowx, Ship CArpcnlcr, & Alary 

H^Lukiu, vi BEitEio, Spiutfttr i at Su>put'y nfonvAid. 
r 18 Edwani llodaoi), f ordwniiwr. A Mary J^utrbanl. af (iroal All HallonH. 
Tlianitt Street^ Loiulcu, Sjuiiater^ at S* Mai^" Ma^dakuc, Old Fi*h 
Strcot, Louden. 
BtlwAid Wiboiif BricklayoT, A Mary Moore, 3]>iD«tor, dau. of Ot^or^u 
Moore,of Thoriibtirv><:o. Gtoucofftor.HanbaQduiaii; at S* LoooardiM, 
SI»on<litcb» Slidd[f«oi. 
f 19 Joba Pr>ocer,of Leigh, vo. EMei, Fialimonger, & Atuie Peirson, of Hatuo, 
vridow of Marnvulukc Pcinon. Jate of tuuuo, Sailor ; at S* LeoDard'a, 
SUorcdittK Middlcflox- 
Jnhn fJ-riflin, Gent , cif City of Wcwtiniiiili^r. WidtJwor, 60, A Joaiio 
Qu<*t<Mihiiry» W, widow of Jaiiios QueHtoabury. dec^ ; at 8^ Pcior'a, 
Pauls Wbarf, London, 
Bogi<r Thunitoj], Ertq,, of Snaylwetl, Co, Cambridge, Widowor. 53, & 
Aliao Harvey, SpImaUr, about 2C. dau. of nTanio* ilarvov* of Dagoa- 
ham. BcAex. E^q.. who ooUHentv ; at Dn^onhum aforMAJO. 
ThoiDa* l>U?phcei^ou, uf S^ SeimkUro'n, London, Draper, & Elizabeth 
Bametl, of M^ liridiVs, Loudou, StJiunter, dau. of Tboiujia Burnett, of 
mine, riutcbvr i at 3* Bride's uforeoiud, 
Bogor Sc-iirro, of tlu? Cily o£ WofltmirLnter, ButL^hor^ A Mary Normyvil, 

Spinalcr ; at S^ J'etor'a, Pauls Wharf, Loiidon» 
Le<u^ard Smith, of S^ Mi^iihi^uy Coleuiaa Strtwt, Loadon, Clururgetm, £ 
KliXAbeth Kogors, of eamo. Widow ; At tame. 
&a4 William Goodvcr, Goat., gf ti^ GUo« ia the Fioldi, SUddlMOi, Bach', 
■ 2u, bih fiktli^r dvvA (caaAvut uf liia mother Alico Creiiioy j/i«4 

.=-. jr.txiLi.^2 :li-zj:35 ^t:.^" 

.L--' :.' i" ' -' --■ > - ~: .'^ L-r-^. Z ■: - L, ^ . _::::.:i l -Ml 

;„ " -' -. .- " '"' ' " -■- :--'- - .^_.:_1L Li- 1, ?,.' - & IIi";jt^ 

" L- :1 :. i". :.-- -- ■ "^ :-' T". ir^ ':\. Z.-^i. 1j^ 5? £ i_i::<= Li:-: is 

I. ...J ■ .. ^ . . ^- - 'i-"^ — :,'^ I-tr::, j:r ,r tiizii' "ir-iiii-* 

Jijjtf 3 Jri:: Vv' . .:, ,r ^-r:; .v:v. M. ; ;.-rV:i, Vi^n^-Ller, k Jiz« 5i:;:Li«i, of - 

Jtich Ti^, f id:^^, >;." : a" > !'<-:*:---. Pi'uil'< Wharf, LMi-lon. 

Rwlti-:?. jfc Mir^-artr I-ar'y. .f S" Andn:^"-. Hi?:born. Spiiiiier, da* 
cf _3'".-;T,i_ l*ii:i*. La^f r f ijiri>-. flc-^-- ; at Fu':ham. Mid^^ 
June 8 Nu't:".a* Mvvrt*, ■.: A"vun-. Ht.-r-. Ye-^^man. k Chri^abeL Waterhoufl* 

of Nonh Csuich. *■ 00.. \\'id'--A- ; at S- Septilchrv"^^ London. 
June 10 Tbomu D«a:c. or :he Citv of L-mdon. Goldsmith, i Mary Barli*!^ 
Spinster, ^il of " Awiiri^im *' llarT'ni, of S' Dunaran id the WwC 
Apolhev-arr i at S' iLuriti in tlie Ftcldn, MiiWlcaex. 
luu IQ TbomuTenJof Bulpham, Eawi, Yeoman, £ Joaue Be&rd, of eam^ 
ftf^tter ; at TniiltT. Ktnorita, XA>ndon. 





June 24 
-June 26 




















William Brooke, of 3* Alphsge, London, Clerk, M.A., A MargAret 

Bosome, of same, SpinBter ; at Bame. 
NicLoUs Boyee, of the City of London, Carpenter, Jt Phillis Bennett, 

widow of [Wani] Bennett, Cordwoiner; at S* George's, Botolph 

I^ne, London. 
Balpli Worthington, Gent., of S^ Dunataa'a West, London, Bachelor, 

24, & Millicent Warde, of 8' Martinis in Fields, Middleaei, Spinster, 

21, her ^tber dead ; consent of her mother Katherine Coulton aliaa 

Warde, wife of Thomas Coulton, of S' Martinis in the Fields, Gent., 

who alleges ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
John Massye, of S^ Edmund's, Lombard Street, London, Tailor, & Ruth 

Smith, of S' Michael ad Bladum, London, Spinsterj at S' Peter's, 

Paul's Wharf, London. 
John Olyrer, Tanner, & Anne Bunnyon, Spinster, dau. of [blank'] 

Bunnyon, dec*^ ; at S* Bartholomew the Great, London. 
John Wakefield, Husbandman, & Dorcas Pulley, Spinster, dau- of 

WiUiam Pulley, of Barnes, co. Surrey, Husbandman i at S^ Mary 

Mi^dalen, Old Fish Street, London. 
James Nuttall, Clerk, Curate of Hockley, co. Essex, & Hester Paschall, of 

South Bemfleet, s'^co-, Spinster j at S* Bartholomew the Great, London, 
William Wallies, Embroiderer, & Joane Warde, of S^ Botolph, Bishopa- 

gate. London, Spinster; at S^ Leonard, Sboreditch, Midax. 
Peter Drapier, Clerk, of Terwicke, co. Sussex, Bachelor, 30, & Barbara 

Tirrin, of Petersfield, co. Souths Spinster, 21, her parents dead; 

attested by her brother Roger TirrilJ, of East Smithfield, par. S' 

Mary, Whitechapel ; at S* Mary, Whitechapel, or 8^ Botolph, 

Aldgate, London^ 
Michael Homsley, of 8' Dunstan in the West, London, Skinner, & Ellen 

Carter, of S^ Bartholomew the Great, London, Spinster ; at 8^ Peter's, 

Paul's Wharf. London. 
William Massam, of S* Andrew's, Holbom, London, Wax Chandler, 

Bachelor, A Alice Wilkes, of 8* Botolph, Aldersgate, London, 

Widow ; at S* Botolph aforesaid. 
Henry Cotterell, Husbandman, & Mary Matterday, Spinster, dau. of ' 

Stenhen Matterday, of Walthamstow, Essex, Husbandman ; at 

Walthamstow aforesaid. 
Thomas Richardson, of Isleworth, co. Middlesex, Tanner, & Alice 

Harwood, Spinster, dau. of [£/an£] Harwood, dec^; at S^ Lawrence, 

Old Jewry, London. 
William Pyddockes, Gent., of Staples Ion, Bach', 25 or 26, son of 

Thomas Pyddockes, of Gainsborough, co. Lincoln, Gent., who con- 
sents, & Anne Leerend, of S' Andrew's, Holbom, Spinster, 17 or 18, 

her father dead; cousent of mother Anne Isabel Lerend, Widow ; at 

John Heath, of Ashford, co. Middlesex, "textor,'' & Sarah Burrowes, 

widow of William Burrowes, late of same ; at Hampton, co. Middx. 
John Ive, of West Thnrrock, co. Essex, Teoman, & Bennett Bromley, 

widow of Baldwin Bromley j at Stifford or Alveley, co. Essex. 
Thomas Williams, of 8^ Leonard, Shoreditch, Middx., Tallow Chandler, 

& Elizabeth Bray, of S* Michael, Queenhithe, London, Sp^ ; at S* 

Michael's afs*. 
Daniel Sturton, of S' Botolph, Aldgate, London, Thread Dyer, & 

Margaret Sart^ne, of S' Thomas Apostle, London, widow of John 

Sartaine, Cutter; at Trinity, Minories, London. 
George Brigham, G«nt., of [destroyed}, co. Herte, Bachelor, aged -4, 

father dead, & Winifrid Mark ham, of 8^ Giles in the Fields, widow 

of Robert Markham, Gent., dec*' ; at S^ Giles in the Fields. 

[Last entry in Vol. X about 15 July 1024.] 
















[S^rst ffUry in Vol XL about 15 July 1624^] 

Go*>rKc Sniitli, of Stepney, Middlesex, Sai)or< 4 Alice Wren, SpbitBi; 

<Liu. i>f [blank] Wren, dec^ ; at Stepney aforesaid- 
John Mullineui, of ^Vhitechapel, Middle^i, Sailor, & Hiubetli BortD^ 

of Name, widow of Richard Burton, Huebandmiui ; ai Whitech^ 

John HoolCf of the Oltv of London, Merchant. £ Katherine IHnei,«f 

Wliitt-chapet, MiilcIleMes, Spinater, dau. of ~_bhnJt] DaTiea,dec'; ri 

Wliilechupcl aforewaid. 
Thoiunri (inivolcy, of Gravoley, co. Hen^, Gent-,A Winefred MiTJlwii 

of >j' Gileu itk the Fields, Middlesex, widow of Bobeit Markbiffl, 

Uent, ; ut 8^ OileH aforeaaid. 
Wlliiniu Wa[H^'r»V4^, of S^ Giles in the Fields, Middleaei, Teonua.^ 

Anno Piiiiio, of tuiinu, Widow ; at Hame, 
Williuiii Elliott, of Triiig, co. Herts, Veoman, & Joaue Tnckej, i 

Twiokt-nliaui, co, Middlesex, Spinnter, dan. of William Tocker, of 

Hanio, Ycoinau \ at S^ Peter'Sf Paul's Wharf, London. 
[blttak\ ln[Liii^o, Sailor, & Dorothy Etlia, of S* Anne^B, Aldenptt, 

London, widow of Thomas EUie, Victualler ; at 3' Mary at Hill, 

John Awdi'Icy, of S* Sepukhre's, London, Grocer, & Ma^aret Briiff, 

Spinistfr, duu, of [A/ani] Bndger, dec^; at S* Mary at Wr ■ 

Thoiuas Slilctt, of Rateliffo, Swlor, & Anne Bobinson, of Bame, Sp', dn* 

of Joliu KobinHou, dec"* ; at S^ Bennet, Paul's Wharf, Lend, 
ThoMiaH (JoBrjoll [in margin " Gosuold"], of S* Bololph, Biahopffl'**! 

liondon, Taihir, & KntTiorinc Woodward, of same, widow of Eicnirf 

Woodward, Tailor: ^it S' Faithy London. 
July 2:* TohUxH Audley, of JS' Micha<?l'a, Wood Street, London, Stiller, 4 An» 

Elnniir, of Great iS^ Bartholomew, London, Widow ; at Great ^ 

Barlholoniow afort'Haid. 
ThoiiiUH Lowilcii, of Kdmontoti, Middlesex, Husbandman, A Katherio^ 

UoiMio, of sftiiK*, ypinater ; at S' Mary Somerset, London. 
John liiiymond, of fjtopney, Middlesex, " tcxtor/* & Ellen Boae,of uiofit 

uidow of John Hoso \ at bumo. 
JohTi Bowser, of S* Catherine Creechurch, London, Sailor, St Joan' 

Thorne, of nante, S|>]uster, dau. of John Thome, Tailor ; at same. 
Matthew Cooke, of S' Clement Dane^, Middlesex, Yeoman, A M&^fti^' 

Hill, Spinster, dau. of [hhrtk] Hill, dec-* ; at 3* Andrew in the Ward 

robe» London. 
llobert Shorley, of Little All Hallows, Thames Street, London, Dyer, $ 

Martha Swaune, dau, of Robert Swanne^ of same, Dyer ; at same. 
Bichard Perrv, of the City of Woatininster, Cook, A Mary Seward 

Spinster, dau. of Thomas Seward, Fisherman; at S* Peter'a, Paul't 

Wharf, London. 
July 27 Hoburt Watson, of S' Botolph, Aldcrsgate, London, Tooman, & Mar] 

Hodgakyn, of Weatham, Essex, Spinster, dau. of Peter Hodgakyn,o: 

same. Tailor; at S^ Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 
July 27 Xieholaa Harger, Painter Staiuer, &> Mary Lowe, Spinster, dau. o: 

Hobert Lowe, dctf^ j at S^ Dunstan in the West, London, 
■ i.> 2S George Howett, of S^ Giles in Fields, Middlesex [in Vicar-General' 

Book be is called a ^' Brickmaker"], Bachelor, 25 or 26, & Susai 

l>raper, of same, Spinster, 25, hor parents dead ; consent of Cicel 

Manwaring a/uijf Dra^KT, wife of M' Roger Manwaring, Paraon o 

said paTi«h« sieier of said Susan j at Marybono, Middlesex, 
ixr- ^; JuH« MioMl of Stepney, Middlesex. Sailor, & Alice Collins, of sam< 

w>i*» of Jotn Collins, late of same, Cutler; at same* 














July 91 ThomAfl TemBe, of GraveBdnd, Kent, Ymtner, A Joane Anworth, 

Spinater; at 8^ Mary SomerBct, London^ 
Jq!^ 31 EJcbard Aldridge, Yeoman, & Anne Miller, Spinster, dan. of [hlank^ 

Miller, dec* ; at S^ Mary at Hill. 
Aug. 2 John Foi, of CliippiDg Barnett, Herts, Teoman, A Grace Haynes, Sp^, 
daa, of QeoTge H^jneg, of same. Baker ; at S* Clement Danesj 
Aug. 3 John Clarie, of Stepney, Middlesex, Pewterer, & Mary Millen, of eame, 

Spinater, dan. ot[bMnk] Milleo, dec*. 
Aug. 4 Eichant Collard, of Walthamatow, co. Eaaex, "teitor " & Cecily Pcttie, 
Spinster, dau. of Humphrey Pettie, of Tame» co. Oion, " teitor " ; 
at Trinity. Minories, London. 
Aug. 4 John Heape, Gent.. Widower, 23, son of Francis Heape, of Bynstcd, 
CO- Suasex. & Ellen Stonard. Spinster, about same age, dau. of M' 
William Stonard, Clerk, Parson of AahurMt, same county^ who 
consentfl ; at S* Alban's, Wood Street, London, 
Aug. 5 John Allen, of Heybrid^e. Esses, Clothier. A Elizabeth Withams. of 

Chelmsford, s* co.. Spinster ; at Chelmsford aforesaid. 
Aug. 7 George Abdv, of the City of London, Founder, & Joane Thomas, of 

same, widow of Walter Thomas ; at S^ Benet Fink. London. 
Ang, 9 John Vamham. of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor, & Elizabeth Holcrofte, 
I of same, Spinster, da^a. of {^blank^ Holcrofte, dec^ ] at All Hallows 

Barking, London. 
Agg. 9 Nathaniel Larke, of Canewdon, co^ Essex, Butcher^ & Phebe Brand, of 
same, widow of Giles Brand, Husbandman; at S* Andrew in the 
Wardrobe, London. 
Aug. 10 Sichard Braye, of S^ Michaera, Queenhithe, London, Tailor, & Joano 
Crowtell, of S* Sepulchre's, London, Spinster, dau. of [bhn^^ 
Crowtell, dec* ; at S* Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 
Aog 11 Samuel Northcott, of the City of London, Merchant. & Elizabeth 
Tapper, of same, Spinster, dau. of [A/artft] Tapper, dec^ j at Fulhani, 
Aug. 13 William Hutcherley, of Stepney, Middlesei, Cooper, & Susan Hall, 

widow of Thomaa Hall, late of same, dec''; at same. 
Ang. 13 lAwrence Fisher, of Stepney, Middlesex, Mariner, & Anne Adams, of 
S' Margaret Pattens, London, Spinster, dau. of M' Robert Adams, 
of Stepney afe*^. Gent. ; at S* Margaret Pattens afa''. 
Ang. 13 Thomas Humfrey, of S' Botolph, Aldgate, London, Vintner, & Elizabeth 
I Gifford, of All Hallows, Hart Street, London, Sp^i at Stepney, 

Ang. 13 Thomaa Melling, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Sailor. & Jane 
Edwards, of S* Mary, Whiteehapel, Middi., Sp"- ■ at 8^ Peter's, Paul's 
Wharf. London. 
Ang. 15 Clement Marten, of S* Michael, Queenhithe, London, & Ursula Aason, 

Spinater; at S* Michael's aforesaid. 
A&g. 16 Thomaa Ingram, of Curringham, co. Essex, Yeoman, & Thomosine 

Glasier, of same, widow of Thomas Gtaaier; at same. 
Aag- 16 Francis Hide, of S* Leonard, Shorediteh, MiddleHei, Teoman. & 
Margaret Hubbersley, of same, Spinster, dau. of Robert Hubbcrsley, 
dec^ ; at S* Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 
Ang. 17 Samuel Beynolda, Yeoman, A Dorothy Burges, Spinster; at S^ Leonard's, 

Foster Lane, London. 
Aug. IS Augustine Mathewea, of S^ Bride's, London, Painter, & Elizabeth 

Plomley, of Chigwell, Essei. Sp' ; at Chigwell aforesaid. 
Aug. 21 Nicholas Cooper. Gent., of S^ Peter's, Cornhill, London, Widower, 33 
or 34, & featherine Hull, of S* Botolph, Aldcrngate, s"^ City, widow 
of M' [blank] Hull, late of City of London, Gent., dec^ 2 or 3 yeara 
since ; at S^ Botolph 'a aforesaid, or S^ Michael's, Cornhill, Loudon. 

Aug. S3 

Ase. as 

Aug. 35 

AMg. 38 
Sop. 4 

8qi. 4 






























John Jeaaee, of S^ BoMpb, AM^te, London, Cooper^ A 81 
Hojmoldi, dftu. of TobiM HoyDoIdt, of aome, Coopnr ; aI 3* [J 


0*om Hndww, of S^ Botolph, Ald^to, Locdon, BftW^r, A CUa 

of Munt. iridov of Wilhnm Pj«, Butcher ; nt S' Andrew it 

W&rdrobo, London. 
Sir 'fliomu Stepiic}', K\ Wuloiver, 39, & Mwyhotgtoa, of Voodfiii ^ 

CO. Esaoi* Spinster, 18, duu. of Bamvd Wliotetoti, of vtaot, 8i^| 

ftl Wfimlfnpd afnnwaii<r 
RidiAntl Hiiy, of S^ Cleinenl Biuie*, ^[ii]d]<*!>fi, Btker, & 

Mctuloittv, of aarno, widoif of Kdwird Ucftdoircs; ftt 8^ 

Pnul'tt Wharf, London. 
0«of^ "htny. Sailor, k Annti Hammond, SpiasUr ; at S* Maty. 

chapel, MiddWci, 
Tboiima Love, of ATeai DoniUod^ co, Eaeex, Yeonuuu Bachidfir, 

iirticc Woctbroomo, of Layer IVelahay, ** co., widow of 

Wtstbruonw-, l;itc <if eainc-, Ucc^ ; at Layer Delahav afa*. 
Jolm Aflburr, of 8outh Mima, Middlwex, fllov^, A H«l«ti AreW. 

Mtne, witiov* of Jamoii Archer, Huibaadmnn ; at S^ Acdren m 

Wardrolw, London. 
Nicholaa ftoberta, of Woodham Porrera, co. Emoi, Teoman, A 

GlaaocHjko, of name* 8p' ; at S^ Br>tolph» Atd^^to, Londou- 
Thonww SpwU, of S» lloti^l]>K. Aldgnte. London, OvrM., A Siwac Hi 

frey. of *aine, widow jf Joiiu Humfrej ; at S" B(H*^ph aW. 
Hugh I'cTcy, of tho CiCy of London. Lcat!ierwlln-f & Kai 

Anlljcjiiy^ "W'iilow ; at S' Jnrncis, Clurkcnwi'lh SJiddlmex. 
IVilliaTti 'N\oi>d, Pld&at^r, A Katlii^riTio Aihlf*y, Spititftor, dau. oC K 

A^Mej, of Cuadoa. co. Gloucecter; at All Halionra, lloMy Unft 

Joicpb Trotter, of Ifawreth, oo Ktsoi, Teoman, A Maiy Cocke, SpuW* 

dau. of John OocKo, of ]lAT<^nn^, aaid c<k, Yeoaua j at 8^ dobilpk 

AMgAte, LoTiilon. 
George La»«jIU, Eeq., Widower, 49, ft Anne MudlorJ, of S* MtfJ 

Bowe Chareb, London, widow of [(/ofi^] Mudfurd, Liaen Disptfp 

dec* ; at S» Nichol&a Cole Abbov, London. 
Rowland BcTan, of S> Dtjrutan io the Wot, London, Wkitc4iak(<r. k 

Elizabetb RobmHtm. of 8< Clt^ncntV RaiU^kea;), LotLdoii, 8pinjla< 

at 8» PeUT, Paul's WLnrf. Loudon. 
[«!>, but among 8ep1emlc'r ^^ntrieiO Zachariali DicJdnaOD, of StocluBC 

IVIham, CO. llcru. Labourer, & Auue Kingo, of BuBlincfordt i*^ 

8uiti»t&r, dan. of Henry Kingo, of anine, Shoemaker ; at 3untifi|(w 

Roger Cooper. 8aibr, & Audrey Kenton, Spinster, dau. of Peter KcuW*' 

of Hedderith, co. Surrey, iSjiilor i at S' SwitUiuy London. 
Bdward Danicll, of Siralf.-nJ Bow, co Middle^;*. Oardcner, ft M**? 

Booth, Spinster : a! S^ llot.>TpS, Aldfrmgntej London. 
William Heath, of Duni^tablc, Uoda, Yeoman, ft SofAO Cwwe, of WaT* 

fo, HcrtK. Spinaler, dau. of John Crouc, oE laaa, Ixtnholder; ' 

Jervnitjih Snmbro^ke, «l S^ Stcpkea'it, Coloman Street, London, Unbe: 

ilaflh(?r, ft ClaliA Laugton. of lame, widow of Ilenry Lunfttoi 

" Barlitonaor"; at & Stephen's aforc«a!d, 
Thwuna ElBlon. of S' ailes in the FicbU, MiddleBOx, Chandler, ft Elifl 

beib l^ritice, widow of Itobcrt i'rinco. Teoman; at S* JaoM 

Orkeuwell. Middlfxaei. 
doKti l)i»e, ef the City <if London, Teoman, ft Qnee F«ter, ^inatei 

dau of Kan«lall >obW, Citi/en ft Barbitonaor of Loiidoa; at i 

»li>iihen\ <\>k'niaii Sln-ct, Londeo* 



flap, 29 ThoTnas 'Waste, of Fnlhanif Middlesex, Yeom&n^ & Fr-ances HarrinoD, o{ 

S* SepulcLre'a, e^ City, Sp' j at Fulham aforeeaid. 
Oct 1 William Pebles, of 8* Botolph, Bishopagate. London, Draper, A Tho- 

mafline Paly, of same, Sp'; at S' James, Clerkenwell, Middx. 
Ort. 5 Thomoa Beedam, of Wappmg, Middlesei, SKip Carpenter, & Katherine 

Webeter, of same, widow of John Webster; at S' Peter's, Paura 

Wbarf, LoDdon. 
Oct 5 George Cooke, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Tallow Chandler, 

Jt Joane Greene, Spinster, dau. of Robert Greene, of S* DuDstan in 

the Weat, London, Girdler; at S' Anne, BlaekfriarB, London. 
Oat 8 John Steerens, Merchant Taylor, & Elizabeth Adams, Spinster, dau. of 

Thomaa Adams, of Homchurch, co. Essex, Teomao ; at 8* Martin 

Outwich, London. 
Oct 9 Darid Jones, Blacksmith, A Phedra James, Spinster, dau. of [hiank'] 

James, dec^ ; at 8* Botolph, Aldgate, London. 
Oet 11 William Cockerell, of Chesthunt, Herts, Yeoman, & Juliana Dickinson, 

of S* Botolph, Aldgate, London, Sp^ at S' Botelpb afs*. 
Oct 12 John Griffin, of S^ Botolph, Aldersgate, London, Collier, A Joane 

Counsell, of same, Spinster; at S^ Botolph aforesaid. 
Oct. 12 Bobert Dariea, of S^ Leonard's, Shorediteh, Middlesex, Glover, & Anne 

Palmer, of same. Widow ; at 8' Leonard's aforesaid. 
Oct 13 Edward Payne, of S* Clement Danee, London, Linen Draper, A Roho- 

mond Soutbworth, of S* Martin in tho Fields, Middlesex, Spinster; 

at 3* Peter's, Paul'B Wharf, London. 
' Oct 13 John Simpkins, of S* Sepulchre's, London, Blacksmith, & Susanna 

Langton, of same, widow of Bobert Ijangten ; at S* Alphage, London. 
Od. 14 Peter Bickley, of All Hallows Barking, London, Clothworker, & Joan 
^ Poalett, of same, dau. of Iblank] Poalett, deC*. 

I Oct 14 William Armitehsted, of S* Sepulchre's, London, Skinner, A Margaret 

Cooper, of All Hallows in the Wall, London, Widow ; at All Hallows 

Oct 15 Daniel Freshwater, of Witham, co. Bssox, Clothier, ft Elizabeth Spencer, 

Spinster, dau. of Iblank] Spencer, dec^; at S^ Botolph, Aldgate, 

Oct 16 Isaac Watlington, of 8* Botolph, Aldgate, London, Sailor, & Helen 

Williamson, of same. Spinster, dau. of [hlanJc] Williamson, dec*^; at 

S* Botolph, Aldgate, aforesaid. 
Ott 20 Philip Elliott, of Nasing, co- Essex, Husbandman, & Elizabeth Sybthorpe, 

Spinster, dau. of Eobert Sybthorpe, dec^ ; at S' Andrew in the 

Wardrobe, London, 
w, 21 Erasmus Howe, of S' Mary, lalington, Middlesex, Vintner, & Elizabeth 

Johnson, of S* Andrew in tiie Wardrobe, London, Widow ; at 

S* Andrew's aforesaid. 
OrL 25 William Clarke, Sailor, A Anne Twynn, Widow; at S* Martin Outwich, 

^t. 28 George May, of Wapping, Middlesex, Sailor, & Susan Johnson, Spinster, 

dau. of Barnard Johnson, of 8^ Olave, Southwark, Cordwainer; at 

S' Peter's, Paurs Wharf, London. 
^OT. 1 John Pennell, Cordwainer, & Kalherine Waters, Spinster, dau. of John 

Waters, of Chertsey, co- Surrey, Husbandman ; at S^ Bennet, PauVe 

Wharf, London, 
"w. 2 Charles Crislowe, of 8^ Sepulchre's, London, Butcher, & Katherine 

Butler, of All Hallows, Honey Lane, London, Sp'; at All Hallows afs*^. 
^<T. 2 Edward Bathnnt, Gent., of Lincoln's Inn, about 21, son and heir of 

Bandolph Bathurst, of Horton Kirby, co. Kent, Esq., who consents, 

A M" Frances WysemaU) of RivenhaU, Essex, Sp^, about 17, dau. of 

Sir Thomaa Wyseman the elder, of same, K*, who couaente ; at Great 

8' Bartholomew, London* 

TOL. IT. n 


Not. 4 

Vor. 'i 




































Not. 25 

Bobert UnMn. of Chrut Cbarefa. London, Qent, t Katknao Hi 
nf M0HK SpMMUr, dan. of lbUnJk^ Mutoo, of BfArijD, co, ' 
OUflieri ftt Cliriit Cbttrch &foTMAld. 

Jcfan Nottin|;hftm, of Gn^ StaRtnore. UkdJIeaox. Draper. A 
L^ichftfild, cf i«nkf, Spinntcr, cUu. of Joiep^ LeiobfeilJ, if 
HaUovi xhe Leflft, TbduneiStnet, LoQdoB; «t S> Botolpb, AJdt 

KAt^phne BUAb, Spinvter, datt. of [Mmi] BUrks, dec'; il ' 

Hftllovr*, Honej tjide, Tjoodon. 
John Botilt, of ibe City of \?efttinitket«r, Cooper, A Margin! 

indow of (JcorKo Allc« j lit 8' Prttr'is I^uJ** Whnrf, Lon^oo. 
Edufinl R«ad, of ^ Kv-Sn in ilie Vif^ldn, Middjuex, Tmliw. 1 

Ifolbud, of Mme, vidow of JoLn Holland ; at 8^ F«itli'», LatAm,] 
Willbro MiUird, of Fulliuii^Mifldkwei. Cook. ft Atinp Wnt-St.S| 

diti.ofJereiDUh AV right, of Mine, Tnilor; at tamo, 
RiVKut) Dattowo, of Clri«t Cbtirali, London. "BsriNtoiiH>r." A Eiif 

Brooko, Spiniter, of S* Anne ft AgiM*. Aldengai^, Lomlcn, diuj 

Hiokwl Brooko, of WUfoid, co. Bmz; nt S< Marv, " 

John Bolfv.of S^ BrideX T^itintlon. flirnt-, ft Anne WtUianu, of S^* 

TlAnMt. IhfiilillcwK, wiilf>n- of John WillluDK ** BarbitocMr.*' 
Edward Okolev, Girdl^r. ft Pnnce8 Auvliii, vidow of ThoQia« Ai 

GoBt ; at S^ JamoH^ OerVcrnwdl, Midd1e«ex- 
Tbonaa Beard, of S< Clement Ihu>c«, Middkwi. ft AuPo fiopn,1 

«utic. SpitiAt4>r J at ^^ l-*luth'i, I^ondon. 
To1>in_B Piekiriiijr, Citiu^n ft Armorer of London, ft Maiy LitI 

Vfj-lftw; nt Trinit}-, Minoriefi. London, 
Willinm llolmeis Cook, ft Anno F«vriett, Spinster, dan. of 

FttWfCTtK Tanner; at S* Baiilwlomevi the LeM, Londun. 
AhmKam C^joporft Jaho Hiitotm*, ftpinnUrr, dftu. of Kobnrt Ut:if) 

dec^; at S* Botolph. Pj^hfip^jnii^. Limlon. 
Bichird Pirr.of ?SJ Jolin Zadiftrr. I^ondon, Tlprk. Barh',3^ A 

Kftj-mond, of rooklinni, 3um-v, SpiuMter, 80, dau> of 

R&jmond, of GilforO. Surrev, Gtut,, who cooMot* ^ at 9 

KoohAry nfnrevAid. 
Brittle Marah, of Hondon, Middleaei, Yonman, ft Marr BrttfO«,» 

Buah^-v. CO, li^rts, SpinBtor; at 8* I^clcr'n, VmVtk Wlairf, LoitdDA^ 
EdwBfd hont, Ocnt., littcU', 30, son of EJnard Kont ihe t'O^' 

Giynt., who aUcg€0, ft EliKflhoth Hardinfj, -Spiontor, of NortliU 

ftWitt larno ag*», her pmrerts dowl ; nt H' Matlhew'm PriiiLy S^> 


S" Bntl«"»,B*Citj , , 

Luktf M;uier> Cooprr, A Mnrj' Hfrninnii, of S* Aoilrtw, ITolboro^LoM^ 

widow lit ItoWrt HerrimAH ; at S^ iVt<'r'i>, Paul'* TATiarf, Loikdon- 
Fmnci* Painier, TnBtruuient Maker, A Grace WrigJi:. widow of forl^f* 

Wri^htJimn of SI Aiidtow^ liolbflrn, London i at S* Andrp*''- 

Hill born . 
Edward Holmen, of 3' Gilen. Cripplcgato, Tinndnn, Slkw^arer. * 



Wood, of .S^ SepulcFirey London, ft Obedienco Hi«1evoed.<n 
Htlo'a, B* Citv ; at fl* ScpulrhroV London. 

det'i ; con^^nt nf hef brotber Sir ffioliard Molinou* ; at S» <;il« in 
t»m Ficldn, MiddicMz. 
E<lmuna I^arer. of Takeley, co. Eawi. liuBhandman, 4 DofotliJ 
Kdward*. <,f sfcQie, SpinnUT, dau, of Thoma* tM wd*. Yeoman i •! 
o^ Alphogo, Lt»n<iow, 





T, 20 
», 29 

c 3 

c 6 
«. 6 

"27 WiJliikm KfABon, of the City of Lninluu, OctjI, A Dorothj fl«irj;<?tfoii,of 

wuno ; -It a^ Michnol, Wo-hI Strpoi. or 8^ Olarc, Silver Street, LondoD. 
Adri&n Scro(>[>«, G^nt,, uf S' (Silt** Jii the Kiolclii. MiddleMs^S-l (cooMiiit 

of hi* fnthcr M" liobert Scroope), A Marj* Waller. Spinfttor, 10. dnu. 

of Bubrrt W«)Jor, dec*; counetit of her mother Auuc Wnllor, 

Widov ; &t S" 6ilM ill ilie Fiddd afor^^iiJ. 
Wiiliaiti Fcttic, of 8tepiLoy, Mi<ldJo«QX, Merchant IVylor, Jt £liuibctfi 

Vogn^ of mate^ wiaow of Henry Vouu^ ; At Stepriev jif*'. 
Jonoi Luvrvacv, of lIcHjesdcn, Fieri*. Taflort & JUihi; N(>l>U% of Mine, 

Sp", a*u- of [i;-ifl*l Xoblo, dw^ ; ftt 8' Bot*ilph, Bi*ljoi««ato, Utmt 
GeorifO Gates, of 9^ Uortholotiiew lli« Grenl. Liindoo, Coochawi, 4 

AiiDc BliuJcWtl, Spinstor, dau. of [^/flwi] Bluiichett, dec^ ; at 8' 

J&ioes. CierkeavreU, Middkoei. 
WiULwn r^ko, <i fi» Tclcr lo Poor^ Ltradon, liij., Widower, 3fi»± Ellm- 

beth Tft-ui-'dr, of Mfnr, 2». widow of [if^n^J lVo«d>% Bhi., d^^e'' ; at 

tt' Pet«r'tt, Conihill, London, 
Joha Turbett, of 8* BjinholoDii?ir the fln^t, London, Ot-nt,, A Mar/ 

Bowd, Sp", dau, of Siaion Bovd, dec^ ; xt S^ BartUolamcw a^tf*. 
Hioouu BrntrucU, of iho Ci^ i^f London, Upholnkrcr, A Anno l^AEitcr, 

Spuuter. dau, of Arthur P&iit^^r. of «^ City, GoIdiiQith ; at S' Midiiul 

BMvubnv, London. 
John i'^ittbewe, of S* Qabriel FeuuhurcJi, London, Cooper, A Aniy Wil* 

rock», 8ijjii4ter, dau. of [A/dn^J VTIIoocke, d«c'' ; nt 3* Ofibri^'l 


Andrew Si-otl, of St«puejr, MJddleteK, Sailor, A M^rpirei Watkiim, of 

inline, Aidow of Eichimi Wathiiu ; nt Ji^tcpniy Aforu^ntd, 
"WtUiAia Browne, of Wwrtliam, co. Bvaei, liuikeeper, A It-ichael 

ApyioVy, of 3t4>pTMry, Hiddlt'oei, widuw of William A^ploby j at 

Ktvpnpy ifontnnid, 
£dward Ahttoii, Griit., of S^ M^ar>- Abchurvh, Landan, B^icholor, 2S, & 

Siijwn £[iiMoy, of London, 32. widen- of [tlank] JluHaey, late 

Uerchaut, d&i^ ; at M< Botolp)i, Atdcraj^ati*, London. 
Ow*u Hictocj, YiMmau, Jb JaiM Allerton, Sp\ djiu. of fhlan^^ AUcrton, 

drw^ ; nt [KiriBh rhiiivh or rhnnol in Jyt^uonhAir 
Sobeit HiidHon, of tht^ City of Lornlou, Corpenlt-r, Sl Mary Duhamoll, 

of ^^ AJban's, Wood Htrooti a*> City, dau. of [bhn^} PuhameU, dec*> ; 

at iS* G^jv^ory'o, London, 
Edward DaTieM. of S' Aeido, HUckfrian. LoiidoD. A Leitlay ICniglit, of 

S> Bi'[]iict, PauVi Wharf, ^ City, Spirutvr : at & Autjc\ Blockfriaiv. 

14 WiUiiuri (loitfrfly, of S* Mary at IlilK Lonrion, Kcrchant Tiyrlor, A 

Attac B<:b1c, S|]i[|flti7r, daU- of [biank^ Bcalc^ Merchant, doe^; at 6* 

Marv S<-iriier»f*t, Tji^ndnn 
Ob 15 Edward" PricCt of S^ Martin in the Ficldrt, Middlos^x, StriTcner, & 

■ >Lir}^arot Ediii}, Spinster, dau. of Thomas KdliD, of Yealiiij(, MidtLe- 

«ox, 11[*nl- j at Hnkinfoni, oi. MiddlrMCX, 
M. 16 Hit-'hurd WurruU, Clvrk^ ^ Ahignil AuaUn, Spiustor, duu^ of Ki^hard 

Auatin^ of co, Koi^t^ Gest. ; at 8' Botolph* BiAhop»gate, Land. 
X: 16 John Lyon, of S' Bot^ilph, Bittlioiritgato, London, £ Elisabeth Qwi]liri,of 
same, spinster, dan. of John Gwillin, of aarndf Brewer; at S^ Mary, 
[aliiif^toii^ MiddlewK. 
IiiaAo Woo1F«. of & Uartin in the Virttry, I^ondon, Tintoor, A Sarah 
Faycrbrothor, Spinatcr. dau, of Thom» Fayorbrothcr ; at Stct>ney, 
Oeoffgo Bootlu of S^ Lawrctice. Old Jewry, London, A Elizabetli John- 
ion, 8pin<tcr, daU' of Jasper Johiuoa, Uaborda<Jior -, at ti^ Lawrottce 
af ores Alii. 

«. 7 

K. l» 


se. 14 



Doc. 21 

Doc. 21 

Jan. I 

Jul 3 

Jftn. 1 

Jau» 2 

Jan. C 

J&n. S 

Jim, l» 

Jan. S 

Jon. S 


J AD. 




Bicbird Pemr. Vn>mnn, & SuJdi^ Polbird, Spinator, datt, of 

I'olhrd, of WhJtechapol. Huldtciei. Gent.; at VThitechai 

VriUEatn Tui^lo. of 8* Btf^tot Ftnk, L»n4oii, GtynU^ A ^Smry Vi 

wmo, Sptitfttar, dma. of Tlioiniu Wilfi>rd. ]%ttt oF aaiiM. det 

Benet Fiuk aforaaaid. 
Slcphni Dnmdli. of tho Cihr of Loudon, (^roeor, A llartfti 

8t>iuqU-r. dttu- of f WtfB*] P«iki*. <ltf(^ ; »t S* Fftitby London 

Klliniir ItoKnMsoii. of «Aim\ Sp' ; nt S< Clvtaent Danea a(a^* 
Ko^r Parker, of S' DiiUBina'ti in the We*t. London. Carpenter, 
Dniihnm, of S« Anrlrew'^, EEolboni, Lumlou. Jj|Kn«er; at t 
Ifiliiif^toiif i>r S* LootkArtl. $hoir<liioh, MM<lloae3c* 

Johnn^n, doc^ ; at 8' Jamfv, Gftrfick KJtUe, Londoa. 
Kichanl Demclcc, Tailor, & Jane Dampnrt, tjpinflt^r, dao. of 

]JAm])(7rU dw* ; At S* Mililn<d'fl, Brertd SUt*«l, London. 
S&muvl 8kilu>u« o£ S* M«r(uiV, LviA^Uj, LaxxAon, Ap^thl 

Kltshua LaQ(^ Spinat^r, dau. of [&/araJ^] Lfwo, <loc^ ; at S^ 

Aldungftte^ Loudon. ^h 

162i-5. " 

Eio}]Ar<1 Black, of l^igli, ei>. Kxtiex. SaDor, A ^in^i Hammoa, 

Sp^ dan. of Aticln^w llammou, of Fobbing, *'^ CO., Kuabaof 

All ILiltowD yarkriDR. Luudoa 
llichAnl Turner, of WCTthmn. Eiw-x, Mmbiui, A Auiw Ia> 

LiLiglitup, a' ooh^ Widow - at WivithfiiD afoMMaid. 
Kobort Bellamy, of CiiCAihuttt,. Hcrt«, Tailor, A Lucy Robaan, 

d^u. vi [f/mk] Robwij, dot^*^ ; lit S* FaiihV, London. 
Jobi reuclu i)f ti'^ Ma^^arot'i, Kew tSah Street. London, Wt 

A Mrtrv Webb, of S^ MildwHi iu ttio Poultry, Iiondg^^ ttpi 

Uoary Wa^-sVaffo, of S* 8witkin*a, LoiidDn, Merchant Taylor, A 

Jonctt, iif S^ Duii»tari'a in Ihc Wcwt, Limdifii, Spioutd 

DunHtflji's nforeaaid. 
Jokii WiUon, of S^ Mudiocl Buubair, LoEidon, TeUow Chi 

Mij^'diiluiie iVfulUiBi. of Hn-tntT, Spinjdi*r ; at Mazno. 
Samuel ^Saile. Viutiier, A Anne KiTiiIork^y. 3piu«toT, daiL t 

KiudL^rliy, MuMic'ian; ut 8^ J^oaard, Sltort^diU:}!, Middlcaai 
Phili[> QurilniT, uf S^ Puutiiau ui ike Went. Loudoa« Ooh 

Anim Trottc, 9p'. dftu. of [6idnjtJ Trowo, doc"' ; atS^Lftwi 

iUiwry, Loud. 
John Frodt. Tailor, & Frances 'Wright* Spinator. dau. of {Ahni 

dec^ ; at M* Mary, Wbitochapi*!, iliddle^t^i. 
i liAljrlt llitKor, VuuiiL^uL, & Knry FltrU^ker, Sp!iiAt<-J', dAU, < 

Fk'h'lH'r, dot"^ ; nt S< Unrv, Uliiiffton, MidcDousx, 
1 Humphrey Clarke. lluBbundmau, A Mary AUeu, Spinst^fl 

(leon^t Alhij, dcc^^ ; at Lou^hton, eo. £«^x. 
Christopher Atlye, of S' Botnljib. AMerH«aie» Limdon, Cooh 

bc^th BicbnrdHou, ividovr ui Kobcrt Ricbard«oaj at 6' Bl 

dalcu. Old Fidh Str«t, T-ondon, 
William Ball, Tailor, & Anne Culbr, SpiiwUjr, dau. of Wait 

Mulst^r; oL S' ClenwnfH, Ewitcho^p, London. 
Bctwrt Doud, W^tc-nnazif & Alii:o Hout-. widow of Richard 

All UatlowM tW I*€HH. TKu»itw Street, London. 
Kichard Perritnnu, oi the City of WoetTniiwtcr Yconoao, i 

8troude, Spinster, dau. of Tluiima Stroudo, of aami^ Ca 

>'icho)ai( Culc Abbey^ Loudou. 

sr TOB Bisaop of ianikin. 







Ju. 21 

Iio. 21 

Won. 2-* 

Ju. 20 











H«ury Clumb«rliuno, of 3^ y<Mtcr*0| Loniloo. Silkmin, A Audo Lckro. of 
8*' Dotolpb. AlderncaUf, a^ Cttf, Spuiflter daJL of Cbjtrica Lve, uf 
FJittoD, CA. BcxU, TooQua ; nX 8< Bat<>l|ilt'ii uforvcftid. 
Ueorge Smith, of S^ Sivy at Hill. Loaaou. '■ LignatorV A Klmb«?tli 

Sfiawc^ of vttDir, ^g^iiintcr ; ml •amc 
John Horn*, of S^ Bvrtlioloaww- th« Leiv, Lon(li>ii, Tfttlor, A Katbcnno 
Joniw, of 8^ Sepulchre's, Ijondoa. indow of MAiirico Jodm ; ai d< 
Pel*rX P»uV* Wimrf, LoadoiL 
Geon-r PnMx>n, of 9^ 3otoIph, AM^^U^, l»Ddoii, Co<H>«jr A Jane 

Hutith. of Supocr, Mid^i^dcx, VTnlovr ; mi SU^acy »f*^. 
FniiR'M HarinAii. of S^ T<eonAni>. Shon^JwlT. Mi4dl««ex. GAnlrtiAr, A 
Kntbcritic CrmAi^t, .Spiii«tcr. <Uil of [^lanij OnuiAU, d«c^ \ at S^ 
Andre V in the Wardrobe, London. 
Bic-luLrd £&tAon,of S* Andrrwy llolborp, Loodoii, OiiricDcr, A Ifargery 
Kc-mp, of ^me, dau^ <^f Tbotnan Kemp, Clerk ; at S* ]>uik«t>ti in thfl 
West. Loi>di>n. 
John lAHte> of Rof»tofi, ffcrtis DuUilter, A Fmiioi*" HobiAaoa, Sp', dau. 

of ChriatODher ^obiiitoa ; at Thunilrod^^cu co^ liert«^ 
Ucmr CburcW of Wapprng. Midili., SftUor, & B1U«bctU VmiuII, of 
fioti^}iff(\ Sp\ djiu. i>f Joliu VdUMftU, of 8U']»iioy, Mi*Ux_, 8*ilor; at 
S* ?^'ichol&8 Aeons, London 
Chrutouhcr ZkfAtUoirfd, of Chriiil Cliurch, London. ^^H■v^ A Jaae 
ChoImHey, of S^ 0unstui in ch« Wwt, London, widov of WjUiuui 
ChohnckV i at S< I'luth'fl, London. 
TtiotniM WhItA, of S^ MitrEin 'n\ tHe Field*, Middl«>ev, Ywimin. A 
Audrey Aime aJia* Klh<;)drcd [t>V, in margin the suraatQ^ ij» 
" Aunu> "], of Aurae, SptDf^t^r ; at luiuie. 
Jo\m dvxrtt, of xhe City of Lttudon, Vcoman, A Aiine Vrftrruu, 
Spia»tor, dAu. of j,^fdM*4r} WuTtn, doc^; nt S* Nii-holju Acou'tf, 
Edward Crowe, Oeut., of S' Peter's, West Cheaii, London, BacWor.lil, 
bin father d<?adt A jtlixatxttfa Coveuo)', ot th() W iiiU'friar>4, Loiidon, 
Bpiufltrr. 22- dau. of Juhu C^>vri»^j, Gent , dt*:'^ ; tunflcut of lior 
mother Kliz-nbelh Tnylpr titiut (*ovoTioy, nifn of Thtiniii*. TivyltT, of 
White^riam afortwaiJ ; at S* Attdrcw'B lei tlic Wardrobo or All 
HnJiowH in the Wail. London, 
Wiliiam Kn«on, of ritrma^j^. Miildlt^fio^, Marintir, A ChriHliiiri Mato, 
8piuat«!r, dau. of Joliu Mayc, Victualler j At S* Matj, laiirgton, 
Jobn Qilboid, Voomau, A Ornce Shutle)', of S* Leonard, Shorcditcb* 

Widow ; at t)^ LoonoM, 8horedit«h. 
TlKiutfU Hii)^ of S* Oil«v i:j tlio Fjirlda^ Middltmex, Tvwuiont A Jomio 

Sloupc^ of (timke, widow- of Thouian Sloep^; at ■aino- 
Cbarlei De llickcr, of S^ fiototpli. IlLflhopegnt^f. London. Tailor. & 
Hester lA'lV-rer, Spi:u»ter, duu. of [hUni:] Li*fuvvr, iIlh;"'! nt S* 
Botolfb aforti«TLid- 
Joho Imxiv, of Hurji^td, >[iddl«iu&, Cunlwaiuur, & iMtsn IVcntie, 8p', 

dau, of I^lwnril Prenti»*. iif sarn^. V*OTuau : at NortliiLll^ Ut^rin. 
Thonu0 Richc, of ^^* Andrew Undi^rshaft. London. A Suaan iCoad. 

SptuJter dau, of Tbouum HtW* dtV^ ; ui >j' Andn^w'* nfx^. 
Reginald Oiiucbr, of S' HcHiict'n, I'lulV Wh^rf, L^udou^ Einbwideror, 
A Uary Sticrmaii, of 8^ Botolph^ Ald^tt?, Loudon, Widow ^ at S' 
FaitVi, Loudon. 
Rogor Poyoiogfs of Furnrw Fclharn, Hcrta, Tailor. A Mari^arot Woat^of 

trame, Spinater; at Uumt FeUiam, a" co. 
flimon Chi'vUTT, Tailor, <& Gliziibuth Kuddio, 8ni]i«tvr, dau. of William 
Roddiu, of Carolton, co^ Bc^da^ Tailor ; at All Ifallow*, Uouoy Luuc, 



ftk 12 

SunoD Potuoober. Sut«oner. A Btttbeth Turtior widow of Jamee 

Oroeor; at All Lliillowiv, n'>noT Ija», honion, 
Bagh DftTitt, of U&rbtiftUin. Alildx., HaabaudtDUi, A 

Pfvncklin, of muw, widow i^ Wiiik-r tV&ui^kLiit i ki Ucvt^o, 

ThfiiDAa lluul, of lUrlow, en, TUhix. PotUr. & Hm>^ Wflvld^tl, of 

Spizuiter, dftu. of John Wftj^lt, of ftame, dec^ j at S' Mirr. Vrlifr 

cuipol. Sluld)i%«x. 
RkbuJ Shepbeafrt of WiUoiilm. HLddr., HuabwidiDaiu A MutPuw^ 

nf tamo, ^|>in«tor. tUii. of Kobt-ri Fihuio, of Oki^a, go- Siunf, 

raqwnitor; »l .S^ PvU-rV PtoiV Wlurf, LonJi^K 
VTUIuui SijdolfFe. Gent, of S* tfarciafl in the Fi«ld0, MidiUncLA 

Mrniy Lupk\of moio, Bpiiutrr, 21, parcntii duod, A nbe hriq^ li 

UelSjVftm willi one U' Willi«ii) Siydolf-of vMne pvi»li,0«e]i^«W 

eonMnta; at S^ ]lri<Uk\ )n^t Stnoi, London. 
Villuim i^Lifh. of All HiUlowi UiD Gml, London, VTme Coo|«r,l 

Sbill Kiup, of ttine, :^p' ; a: S^ PctcrX Paul's Wharf. Loodon, 
ThomAM IJAjTPH, of S* S«|>uk-1)ro>. London, Tulor, A Matj Uk^<l 

KI1i>i l>ri<v. nf S' Mwy. WhiTorlt»|Ml. M^ddlttMi, Victualler, A J« 
l)a\L*n, of wmme. Spmitiv, lUu. nf fMaitll Darert, dee^ ; ftt mm 

Thomaa Lnvcndcrr. CioiZiworker, A Urtula Boc, widow of TbomBi Bn; 
ai S' Man iSHjtui'mcl, Lji>adon- 

WniiAm XotUit^Kuiu, Vintnor, 4 Rltxab«lh Beat, S(>jn0l«r, hfnt 
KichsftH RrHt. HiuhAiiilinAM ; ni S* l-nwronr^p Olt] Jt-vrrj, 1>>ndoik 

EamoiidWiU[iin,(retii.,o[8^ DuijjUu'ci VV«t,Lotldo]J,B«rIl^^9.lUl^ 

K^Lapworth,ofS^ A&dfewVUoIborri, Spmitor,25,d4u.of KicW 
pwortu, dct^, Sb lun* ctiother ala^i ; at 3' DutiaUui'ri afi>n«aiii 
RjcliArtl Snow«, Ooldaakith, & Juilith Itowlcr, Spinvter, dau, of [hloMk] 

DowW, d^c^ : at S^ Sepulchre'*. London, 
Thotna* Oouvb, Gent, Jt Klleii Prild, SpinMtor, dau. of [U^nJt] FciU, 

<k^ ; at All ilallowa, Hooey LaDB> London > 
Wtlltain NicWU, of tj' Foior'a, Pnal'M Whnrf, Ij(>udoii, HmbvoultfTeTr A 

Mary K&lon, of nuii^ SpiDatcr; Bt S< Baiiliolom^w th« QoA 

Kicbtrd SLgh, of S< Barttiolomew tho Gtvut, London, Dr&wer, A Abd> 

lIulbKiJl, of S' ScpultJiroX London, Widow; at 6< Totcr'B, l*»ul'< 

Wliarf, TifOiidivu^ 
Dftviil IViiln, of the C'ny of Ltmdou, Clolhwnrker A Judith BaniarJi 

ihidow of Hugh Hnrnard; at ff' Jnmm^ Garlick ilithc. l»ndon. 
Thomai Nornmu, ot ilv Citv of Loudon, Sailer, ds Eti/abelh RobimoOi 

f^jjiii^trr, ilaLL, vf [i^ni] Bobiusou, dec^; at S* Andivw in (b^ 

Wardrobe. Loniloti, 
Thomaa Wilaou [in mamn " Willelt ■*]. Fcltnjaker, & KalLerine CoUetfc 

Spinstor, dau. of BoWt Collott^ at 3^ Andrew in U)o Wardrobe 

PraD(?iA Arobor, of 8^ Micbncl nd Hladiim, Londos, Taibr. A laaUJ^ 

Boumii. of »^ Michael K. ("ombill. Tendon, Spimtar, diui. iif ttoaboJ 

llourno. of aame, Oroeor; at 8^ MiclLaera afoTCvaid. 
Kiob«^ TrariH, of J^* Martin in ibe Vintry, Loudon, Mtrcir, ^ MarJ 

iMrrvll. of All Hallows, Lombard fttrooi, London, widow of Ihoiu' 

lli>rr<tll, SilkHmn ; at S* M^rv Soioowot, Loud. 
Hii^huH Wbifp, of Limcbr)u*t\ ]i'ar, Stqiuey. Middlwx, Sailor, &, BIim- 

Joiin Gouldinb{, ul 
HcHltfr BarkoT, of 

Ulb Gi>nl,h»^, cif ^ puri-h. Spiiiatrr dau. of J. 
' ""*'<* . Mm«ric«, London, Sailor ; at M^'piU'V afi)r 

H.^lwt Ki.W of Skpnrv, MiddUox, S.niKr, A H 

>lMiv«, «f taniv, apiuttUJi- . at S' tlii<» in thu KobU, ifiddi. 



25 Henry Patrickaon, of tlie City of London, Goldemith, & Mary HeatTi, 
Spinater, dau, of [hlanJIc] Heath, HuBbandnaa ^ at S^ Nicholas Acone, 

25 Thoinaa Ticknor, Grocer, & Damans Vicars, Spinster, dau. of John 
Vicara, Clerk ; at S^ Thomas Apoatie, London. 

25 Samnel Snowe, of tho City of London. Baker, & Catherine Bourne, 

Spinster, dau. of Jaaper Bourne, of the City of Londoo, Gent. ; at 
Sr X^awrence Pountney, London. 

26 Edward Pragle> of S' Olave's, Southwark, Surrey, Grocer, & Jane 

Pamell, of the City of London, Spinster, dau. of [£/an^] Pamell, 

dec* ; at Weetham, co. Eeaex. 
26 Richard Spenser, of S^ Michael, Queen Hithe, London, Haberdasher, & 

MaiT HaU, oF S^ Giles, Cripplegate, London, widow of Richard 

Hall; at S' Alphage, London. 
26 Edward Hassard, of 8* Sepulchre's, London, Cook, A Elizaheth French, 

Spinster, dau. of Thomas French^ of same. Cooper ; at S^ Faith's, 

26 Bobert Cordwell, of the City of London, Clockmaker, & Frances Barge- 
man, Spinster, dau. of John Bargeman, deC^j at 8* Botolph, Alders- 
gate, London. 
2d Henrj Hickman, of Watford, Herts, Hushandman, & Sarah Barringer, 

Widow ; at Christ Church, London. 
28 Matthew Waller, of Rislipp, Middlesex, Yeoman, & Anne Hale, of 

same, widow of John Hale ; at S^ Leonard's, Foster Lane, London, 
1 Henry Lache [in maigin "Latche"], of 9* Margaret's, Lothbury, 

London, Merchant Taylor, & Priscilla Cawdell, of same, widow of 

John CawdeU ; at 8^ Peter's. Paul's Wharf. 
d William Wolmer, of S* Clement Danes, London, Yeoman, & Anne 

Farmer, of S' Martin's, Ludgate, London ; at 8^ Martin's afa"^. 
4 John Stoakea, Husbandman, & Anne Wood, Spinster, dau. of [fr^irnj^] 

Wood, iec'' ; at 8' Andrew in the Wardrobe, London. 
4 Bobert Ward, Gent., of Wethersfield, Essex, Bachelor, 25» his father 

dead, & Mary Clark, of same. Spinster, 22, dau, of John Clark, 

Gentjdec^i consent of her mother j at S^ Andrew in the Wardrobe, 

, 17 Philip Vincent, Gent., of London, Bach"", 24, & Francis Draper, of 

Great S* Bartholomew'a, widow of Henry Draper, dec^ ; at Great 

S' Bartholomew, Loudon. 
. 19 William Bowreman, Gent., of Bomford, Essex, Widower, 45, & Audria 

Cuddou, of Little Tlford, Essex, Spinster, 20, dau. of William 

Cuddon, of Salingfield, co. Suffolk, Esq., who conaents; alleged by 

Thomas Cuddon, Gent., of Bamard'a Inn ; at Barking, Easex. 
. 21 Bichard Wade, Sailor, A Alice Symons, Spinster, dau. of [blank] Symons, 

dec* ; at S< Bennet, Paul's Wharf, London. 
■. 23 John Jones, of S* Nicholas Cole Abbey, London, Merchant Taylor, & 

Katherine Aggaa, Widow ; at All Hallows, Honey Lane, London. 
: 23 J'ohn Haudley, of the City of London, Teoman, & JEiacbael Shawe, 

Spinster ; at S* Peter's, Paul'a Wharf, London. 

'. 80 Tbomaa Blackman, Tanner, & Joane Butcher, widow of William Butcher, 

Yeoman ; at S* Leonard's, Shoreditch. 
; 31 Edmund Lewkner, Esq.. & Sarah Richardson, Spinster; at S* Peter's, 

Paul's Wharf, London, 
il 1 Bichard Cooke, of Walthamstow, co. Essex, & Anne Wayne, of same, 

Spiuater; at S^ Jamea, Garlick Hithe, London. 
il 2 John Cocke, of S' Botolph, Aldgate, London, Brewer, & Elizabeth 

Howe, Spinster ; at S' Botolph aforeaaid. 



April U 




Apnl 15 
April 18 

April 19 
April 91 

April 21 
April 21 

April 23 


PhiHti JitMAv Tmcoui, a Bridget L^wu, ^)ottBter; at9 An^Tova 

WlLnt^>bp» l^oodoo. 
Joba llklu^ of S< r^^crV ComUll, Ixmdon, Poulterer, A Hilki 

Po«t«r. of S* EtTi^Ibtir^, ^ City, Spin-i#T. ttan of ClrnttopWl 

SotoEiWD Strouide, Bdier, A CMberm« Waniner of & 9e^iiM 

LoDdcn, Sponstcr, ilou. of Kichftrd WurJuer, Euulicr; a.\9~' 

boTKh. Loniion- 
WiUiam Motelcj.of S^TbomH Apofldo, London. Merchuit lijlcv; 

Sunn Ili>1bTOokA, of mmA^ Spiiutert datr of WiUUm Hulbrow ; 

& Tbromw aformid. 
Rkkanl Wdloi^ of S* l>oDttd'*, Sborcditch, MiddJcMx, TblW, 

AIm Sw«a, of S> Botolph. AldffKto. LMMlon, widow ctf NwWii 

Sarev, late of Aanie. Viumer i «t S* Botolpb, Aldgate, %f^. 
BoWtI S^inwc, of S^ U^iininiV Po«t<?r Lawe, Londmi, Tailor, &)bt 

da]jtn ST»nj"er of 5* Sepulclirpfl, h* Citr, widow of TfcomiM bltnpfi 

At S' Pct-^r\ Paul"- WTukH, l^iwlon. 
Willian McrnnlitK of S* DututAii iu the West, X^wdon, Cordwvinrt, A 

Marr 11u4t«rd. of saue, t^mmter ; at euiw. 
Jobn Daviel^ of Slepnej, Mlddletei. Yeoman, A Hargant Kkti,*^^ 

of John Kic?^ 9Lt StopncT afort^iiiul. 
Tbocuft- Havim, Olork, of 'S* ])ati^>l], Alden^t^^. Lon^loa, i ^aa 

WiUuaBoii.of S* Dunstau ia the E^. Xx»ndou. Widuv ; it S> Jamv. 

Charica Lucam, 8hipwri^bt> A Ellen Biitcber, S]>inater; at S^ Ai^k* 

in Uio WjtnlrobQ, London. 
John Wml*T» "teitor," A M«wy Bnodnll, Spinntcr^ dan. of hh 

RandaU, of Maidenheid* col Berks, ^'tejitor"; al 9 Botolp^ 

Ald^tc, Loadon. 
TlioniaA Jeanee, of S^ Leonud'a, 8bore<lit4:b, MHdlMex, ** Barbiloiwr 

& Rlixftbcth Carter, of nuoe, Sp' -, al vhino. 
Tluniuu rbnuni^U-r. of Twirkc-nbflm, MiddlMi^x. Hiuiban^in«n« A Mi^ 

[Urper, of frame, Splaater, dau. d Kkhard Harper, doc^ ; at Eilin^ 

Ilortoo Webb, of llie City of Lcodoo, Teomau, A A^en T» ^ 

ScpulpKpo'a, ■* Ciij', Spiiwlor, dini. <»f Jobn Tnylc^, doe^; al ^ 

JainoH, CltritcTiwcU, Middli**ei, 
Jobn Donby, Baker. A EHz^betb Jimjr. of S< Manin IB tbe Fielib. 

MiJdic^iTx, «jt'i at S- FcU^rX Pflnl- >Vh»rf, Ivoiidon. 
IpVilliniii TempcrvD, of S* OUea in i)xv T'tvliU, lhljddlc«ox, Ve^mui. ^ 

Uraeo Booth, of ^ OUvo's Southwarlt, widow of JobtL Booth; >t 

S< 5fjirj At Hill, London. 
John Gill, of ^pnoy. Hiddleaex, Sailor, & Etiiabeth Kofnold«,of^ 

Bride**, Londra, WMow; at S" Bride'a nU^. 
John Ridgwftic, of S' Sopulohrc'*, London, Brewer, A Auti<^ Gftbri^ 

Spinster, dau. of Cipriaii Gabrio, Mtir^hant; at Hacrknry, MiiUWr^ 
Oeorgo Pdrw', of S* BArthohimew Iht Les*, Londoa, Coachnuker, ^ 

JoTC© Wedge, of S* Bolojj^h, AJdenigatc, Uiiidoii, Sp*. dau. of Henry 

Wcdflo, of tome, CoocbmAkcri »t S' IkttoltiL afa*^. 
Georgo thirrarrl R*q , of 8' Martiit'n in yields, H>cb', 46, A ElitabeA 

Kwallow, of Hntfiold, Ken*. Spiobter, 27. ber I'atK'r dead ; coDsCl 

of ber mother Mar}* Bayle« atit*9 Hvisiiovii at -S^ Martina Oipf' 


Henry WooUdricb, Feltmaker. A Elizabeth Poole, of 8* Le^iarf, SbO^ 
diwh, MidiUciwx, HpiiinUM- i at 8* Leonards afot^eaid, ^^^ 

Di TOE sisaop or lomi>on. 


I 8 

1 s 

f 5 


K 9 

ff 12 








Jovftph Otunnonnn, Ocot, of S' >fftrtin m tho Ki^Hs, A Alice Atiff», 

Of WIK^ Widow : U 8^ Peler^i. Pjiur> Wharf. 
WilluiQ J<mm, of StepiwT, MiddlcMi, 8ftilar, dk ElixAlMrtl Eltcn, of 

BatterMtt. Sitmj, 8p*, dau. of {tlunk^ ElUm, of saiuc ^ at .*^[iiioy 

W I>«Tiil Pricv, Cl<?rt, A KailH^ni^ Ort*ne- ilnu- of Thomftn Qre©ii^ 

Clerk. Vitar of Kojatoii. ca HerU ; a\ BenlTey. co. Kmcx. 
Wilii&Di Bigiiml}, of S^ Nu^hoia^ Aocjn«, T^nOoti/Borlwr, <£ Mai^ Gad, 

8T)iiiPt«r ; at S^ NicLolaa afore«aid- 
WiliiAQ E^cott, ifont., of S^ Potur'n, Wo«U:h««»p, Bochobr, 30, A Bridpi 

£i*ll&tii, of 3^ Olave'n, Silrrr 8tR«t. 8|nuBt4^. 24, <biu, of Kalph 

KpUaEA, Gent.; atS< Peters, PaiU*» Wliarf. 
EdvkAfd Jolmiion, <d MAi^nn-tting, co. Kwurx, Tftilor, A Djonia Abel), of 

«uxiie, S|nu»tor ; at Wi*lfurii. c^j. Ewii-Ji. 
Jolin ^yiuoiu, cf H^ Jfimoii, Gnrlirk Uitbe, London, Bftkor, St Moiy 

UairiaoD, of aatue. widow of Jobn HuniHon : at Bame. 
£dti«nl Bcraold', of WappiDg, Uiddl^soi, Sailor* Jt Boae CUxoo, of 

Muoe, Widow, relict of Ju'd Claxoa, dec^ ; at * PeteKa, Paul'* Wharf, 
John Ooodnch, of Aotoo* Middl««ox, A Dtunarin Hickman, of Kaling, 

i' €!i>-^ Spin*tpr. (Ian, of [fflank] llfrkTnaa^ of Rnunf<ird, vi^ Co.; at 

All Hallowa Barkiu|<^ 
John Manning, cif the i. ity of Lnmlnn, liinholilc'T, S: Kath^nn« KarCM, 

of 6^ LawreiKTir Jt'^rv* Spjuflt«r, dau. of Ileurv nHVea.uf S^ Uotolpbi 

BiiihopA^to, (-ikpdwaiiior ; at S* Lnttrcncp Jewry nfn^. 
Aotlwjiv Cart«r, 0<Ttjl., of ^^ Uoiuit-tt, Paui'rt Wharf. BacLelor, 27, A 

KatAOno^ Medcajf, of S* G^ile^, l.*ripplcgatfl^, Spmstt^^r, 24, father 

clciiil ; coisHcnt uf her mother Jonc T^itt u/id« MMc&lfc, wife of John 

Tn>lU of »* OLIta afii^, Cijllier, wJi.j atUratit ; at 8' Fiulh>. 
VilJiatn Wright. TaiIof, & Qraoe Wlialey, widow of John Whaloy ; at 

$■ Faith'*, Loadoii, 
NkboUa Buyce, of S< Man', Whitechapeln Hiddleeei, Sailor, & Addo 

Chur<;h» of *anio, SninsW, daiL of WiUifun Church, dec'^; M a^ 

Nitholad AcoiL« hondon. 
flonifrev Poie, of S* Hatthow, Priday Street. London, Draper, ft Joyce 

Bayfcy, of H^ AfnriHin'K, Luilgalc, Jjondfrn, 8]»in*i<Tr, dau. of Thomo* 

Bajley* of aame. ^kiuner i at S* Slarlin a, Ludgate. 
William Monutrv, of S* SopuU'l»ro*ii, Locilon, ViiiUnT, A Janv TliurUTby, 

t>f catue, Spinoter, Jau- of [fiA/rti-j Thurlrby, of ciamei Grocer ; »t 8* 

Boiolpb, A^deragate. 
Bobert Smith, Tailor, & Joane Provort, Spinster^ at S> Peters, Paul'a 

Wharf, Loudon. 
Thomoji llairtnoii, of JjnytonHtono, co^ Bfies, Yeoman, ^ Barbara 

Fothenbi-^". Spiiinter, dun. of [Unnfe] Fotliembe^' . Ittte of snnio, deo^ ; 

at Wanalcd, co, Ji!s&ei. 
George CArtwrichL of S^ Gil<^ in thv FicM», MiddJo*ei, BlackvTnith, ^t 

JoADo Ilowelf, of same. Spinster, dau. of [hljtnic] HoweU, dec"* ; at 

Orent All llathiwn, Tbinni'Ti Strccl, London. 
Ediuund SIftlor, of S* Ma+'mi>'. London. Hwiir, A Margarcft Bred»trfiote, 

of BULop Stoitford, llerU, Spinster, dau. of &mon Jrcdatroct, of 

Brainfurd, cc^ Hiddte«ux, Brewer; at Laaibonio or Birchau^r, co, 

Pnvncia Robiioti, of S* Trinity the I-os*", London, Painter, A " WiWam " 

Uarbert, of aain^ Sp' ; at 8' Peler'n, VailVi^ Wharf, Limdon. 
laaa*; Jicker 'in murftiii *' Jaeger "], of the City of London, Printtir, A 

DorJthy W<^aver, of t/^ City, bpinl■U^r, diiu. of Edward Weaver, of 3* 
Futlk'?*, Ltjuduu, 3taLiou«i- - nt S* FniLh^a afore»ud. 

tohrrt Prie»t, of S* Pot^pV, ConihllK f>ondon, Clothwnrkrr, A Jane 
Walker, of aamc, S|iiijpitcr : at All Uallowv id the Wall, Loudon, 
IT, I 


lUj 37 
Itxf 10 
Mftf 30 

Jnae 1 




















Juoe 13 

June 13 
Juno 14 

Juno 1 1 


Bobcvt Hcvcii, of S" Botolpb, Aklnlc* Loodoo, Svlokikcr. k 

Whlwr*^ i>f tune. Widov ; %i AlTlUltom. Hcnwj Lane, Loml 
Bidurd Drue, ^ Buking, co. Fjmx, n^ennan, ft Praneet £t«di,4 

MM, Spmlcr ; at S^ Pc«ct'>, PuU'o WlAtf, Londcn. 
JasMa Claavttt, of 9 retn'a, W«il4!Wftp, Ixindnn, l^ifaaoaivt 

AwiMaBulcto', of 9iiUQaliiw'a,«' liu, Sp'; ai S* IWr'««W- 
HuwHM Uwt of lUiaptoD. Hiddleaes, FkaboniaiL, A fiajab Vdk, 
■ame, dpmstcr, ihtu. of Jo4a VcUv; at 9 FblerV, P^' "^ 
Fra&da Xerr. Grot, <^ All UaDowi Qarkuv, Bachelor, 27. 4 ii 
Swill, of Base, Spiaaier, 19, daa. of Anllionv Smith, 6rM<t, bM 
S^ SaTwarX 9oaUiw«rii, dec* ; conactil of (xt ntutlier Ake "^ 
tiim finitb, wife of P^ncw NVr. GtiU., of AU HjJ]«*< 
atteatod tigr RaWH X«*«, »r S^ Maiy Wrv^frbnTv^k, I'phol: 
All HaOoara Barkins- 
nonaa Kserier Tui inan^ " Edgerier "], Oanwr, ft Jojoe HmCct, « 
tlie Cit^ ol LoDdoD, widov of Johu lleater; at Clinit Cbtfck 
Robert Vltitr. of 8* Maij AbcKinvH. L»i>doD, DraiHT, A Kvl 
Wooltak, of tbe City of WeaUainater, Sp*. d&a. of RiM 
VooitOD, of aamc. Ileal i at 8^ Mai? MagdaJcn, OU Pitb Stnd 
O«argo Htehman, of Rsitli^, ea Herta, Yvooian, A Hliiabvili M 
Spi]iat«r, dau. of William PoIU, of «aipe. MciJiaaii ; at & M^ 
Pad « Wharf, London. 
Rice HacDond, Oardencr, & Joaae ITarnjt, :Spinatcr, 4t&u. of Wifiu 
llarrU, of ?^4-wiii|rton, co, 8un«T. VictualleTi at S* JindrewkA 
Wanlrohr, Ijondoa, 
John Shernjaii, CammD, Jt Hif^ret lloarc, widow of Olifcr HcaU 

Carman ; at S' Mati-, Islingtoo, Middlesex. 
JaiDM BlaJktvtutur [" BWkitonc " ia Vicar-GcncnU i Book]* (1eiiL,« 
8^ S^pulchreV toadon, B>rlidor, 8f , A Hajy FoActH;ke, of $■ 63^ 
in FSeJda, Midi.. Sputstcr, 25; at 8* 03ea afurcuid. 
Tboma* King, of S' Andn^v la the WanlrxiV-, T^ondon, Qcnt., AMif 
Richaidaon, of S< Jaiaca, Clorkeawell, JUiddictfex, SpiuaUfi «: 
S* MaiT, I«lJii|-Uni, Aliddlcaex. I 

JoBe|>h Wiilmor, fient , A Samh LoaHOu, of ^ ManinV LnJgiAt. 
London, SpinMcr, tinu. of ThooiM Lcaaoti. of same, Knbfoite*! 
&t S' Martin's, Ludg^tc, af>re9aid^ 
Huch Phut, of RickinAiunurth, llvrtv, Ibn^ A Gon MirriiUi ^ 
atopnt^y, oo-HiddloooKf «id&w of [biumh] MirnAll, E^q.^ at Stntforl 
Bow, CO. Middlwoi. 
Uumphrajr Dion, of S* Clcoiwiil Ihaxm, MiddU-«r*i, Tailor. A S"^ 
Zanckio, of Mine, Spinator; at S^ Andmw in the Warirubo. Lot^JoD. 
William NicoU^n, of 8l<^iic<;» MidiUt-Ht-x, Butcher, & Ji«nc Wi.'ai*^' 
i»f AMiie. wjriow of \ViIIUtii Wofcttoit; ol S* Ajidrvu in the W»rJ' 
robe, Lou I? on, 
John Mailing, of Barking, co, E<wi, Yeoman, A Suaon Andieiif*, •' 
»*awo, Smiiatcr, <bu. of John Androa-ei, of same, Mcftlman; *^ 
Si Faith"., l-ond<TO. 
Richaid Brucn. of ChriBt Church, Undon, R«t<-her, A Paiiabrf 
Maggott, of aame, nidow of Thoma- Maggolt ; at S* FnitV^ lAHnlori 
Richard Foiroll, of S' Filter «, CoruliilJ, I^ioodon, Tiabt-niuaher, A Ana' 
TilW, of CUmt Chjivh, l^mUiu, rtidow of Jt^hn l^Uej', VuiUiff 
at CTmut Church ftfope»wiJ 
Robert l[indo, of S' Audruw a, llolhorn, London, Mc*ivha&t Tailor* 
FmnceH B«kor. Spinster, dau. of Thomas Baker, dvc** ; at S* JainC 
Ckrkmwvll, Middlecwx. 



S> Ua^iw, London, widow cf WiUiiua 8kwt4>r, at S" Faitli'aj 


U Andreir HAnev, of 9 Botolpk, Bil1tiig*g&te, Londou, Rnbenuo, & 

fihuboth Bndgw, widow of Williim Brtd^ ; At 3* Futh'a, Londoo. 

IG JoUn BeifTr, Veonuui^ ^ Sftxmli tjtcwaid^ ^pinvter, <LiU- i>f J«iMe t^tewiud, 

of TahI, E«Dt, Cook ; ftt S^ Andrew'* in the Wknlrob^, 


IS 'tTilJuun Pookej, of S^ Bride'*, LoDdoD, UabeiHaflber, St Uargerjr 

Broimf, of smi>c, widow of John Browm ; ftt S* Briclo'i nfir*. 
I to ThoiEUUi SicrcDBOU, Yoodiua, ^ JaDO ?»rkcr, of S" Pcdor'n, CoTnlnll, 

LondoE. Spmater : At 8^ Peter\ ComLill. aforenid. 
I 30 WiUmm Pcacoclu;, of ^ Botolph, AHzAtv, London, Butcber, & Mni^gftrot 
Quhj, of Supnej, BtlJidJeoei, iricbw of B^cbud Giibr ; At Stcpnvy 
Artbur St<H.'L(>, uf S^ Duimtan in lK« W^tl^ LoDdoii» Gent, Jt JoAne 
Tunier of nme. Spinster : at uiiDe. 
ill Elmuod Hiutfej, of S< Miirtin in \he FiekLi, Middle»ex, Yeoman, & 
rmacc* Vr«e?lni, of 5' GU« in iht Fi«U*, b" co., Sp' ; at 3* Gilw 

r 22 Juued Cant, of th« Citj cf Lo&dou, OenL, A Suvan Dobinaoa, of aame, 

Spinster; ftt 8^ Botolph, Ald«ngito» London, 
r 22 Hutin Trott, &q.. Wt<kiweT, iO, A Eltfabeth Blincoe, of S' BartholcH 
ni<TW by tbr EiGbAiigc> London, Spiitntcr, 24, dnu. of Qoorgo 
Bluiooc> Eoq.. Utc of Wcckc, oo, 8uiiwx, d«^ & convent of hor 
grauduEotbcr Dame Britl^ei ^tuyaey att^stod br Gi»r^ BliucoCt 
of the Middle temple, ^', brother of «aid Elimbcth; ul 3< Bar- 
tholonbew aforefl&id 
}22 BoffPT Popt*, Gcnt-.of Ilillin^oD.HiddlMoi. Vidowcr,30,^ TIilxtiazIho 
Hcnin I'* HciPdi *' in Vicar-Gonoml'M Book], of S' Mitrtm'i Piolda, 
SiHUvter. 30» her father dt>;wl ; at S* Uary Uouutbaw. Load. 
^23 Banull AndwwrK. of S* Catherine Croc Church, Londou, Pcwt^Tcr^ A 
£UzabcthBrciwmii^-,of 8' Andrew m the Wardrobe, LunJo[i,Smu»-ter, 
dan. of Wiliidiu Browxiiug, of »4uuci PckmAkcr: m 3* Al^rv, l^linztou^ 
1 23 Tboraaa Bnujer. Cjirocer, & Fabiaii Cowjidou, Spin»ter, dftu. of George 
C4>wndi>i], of Uopdoii. CO, E«icx, TootnAQ ; oX 8' Bcnuot, PaurB 
Wharf, Lcrndon, 
HioniM VajtMill* of S^ LooQftrd'p, Ea»t<"l»o»p, Tendon, Umpor, A Anno 

Dickcii^on, of iTAmc, 8piiiiit<T ; at S^ Niilioiafl Acou, Loudon. 
Witlnm Beimeii, Clerk, Curate of Weuuingtou. co. Easoi, & Jane 

HaJov, Spinftcr, of Uj^tninxtor, tr* l'o^ ; nt WeiLriiiii^tou /iforettaad- 
ThocEUW llarriwu, YtHJuitLtL, X BulUin EaUrrby, uf ,S' Xudrow's, Uulboni^ 

Londou, Spinjitori at S* Botolph, Aldernf-rtto* Londou. 
'Willijun Eoiue. of Hayhuid, co. &^ox. Clothier, & Mary Crowso, of 
Warp, CO. lIort», Sp% dau. of John Crootie, of aatne, Innkeeper ; at 
_^ Ware iif*'^ 

'ly I NicholMt Brondbunit* of S' OIatc, Southwark, llalicrdiUihvr^ A Joauo 
OrigKon, Spirmtor, lUu. of Williaui Grig^oiif of same, Iti^we^r; at 
S' SepiJchreV, London, 
ilj 1 Thoiciii* walew. Walerman, A Mnn- Tapp, widow of William Tapp> 
Wal^^miAn ; at .1^ Andrt'^^ in tlio Wflix&obs, London. 
Bicliard Ricliarditutif of S* Mary Si>mcnot, London, Carp<mt<'r. ^ 
"yanctam" Newman, of damct, widow of John Newman; at S* ilary 
Soincrm-t aforesaid. 
Ifmncia WeofecB, Gent., of S* KuMlaa'^ in the Wiwt, Loodou, BaclieloP, 
87, A EUAftbctl SIiarpG, of tiaiutif dpiiibter, 22, hor Eathcr duiuli at 
S^ Dun«tua'» aforowo. 



luljr 8 










































Dftoiel OvpQ, C\itkr, A "Mmtj Bjrme, Spiiurt^ ; a 

Johij Sktkye, of 9^ Mkha^rti, Cdmhill, LontJoii, Tcomao, 4 B2u 

Eiimooda, of tiomr. Spinster, Jmi. of Philip EdmoTidn, of Oi 

Boyc*!, CO. Buckn, CWk ; at 3« F&itliV X^jukIoii. 
ViUUm Gibboto, of S* Audrev in ifae Wftrdrobe, Lcmdoti, "1 

A A ntir S<-«borDC, of tmxne^ widow of Kichftrd Scttbon>e ; ftl T 

Jt'nrv, I^uduu- 
l^via llngbw, Cltttk, A AntM Snitli, indow of Jolin South, 1 

Diuer of Loodoci ; tt S" Oeorxr, Botolpb I^ue. London. 
John >icboU«, of S* Botolph, Aldmgate. London. Goldweftrcr, h 

Bel), of ■MBO, So' ; Kt 9* .Audrtw in ibe Wardrobe, LoDdcu. 
WUbuD Ad&au, of 8ttiuiH>ro MaetiUi co, llidilleecx^ YoofDini A 

buth (WU [«!>]. widow of Xi^^iku OfVkki* [tie] ; at 9 J 

Flo«t Stn«t, A 

Dlii- Price, of S^ MArjr, \nutc>cl)flro1. )f iddlcvox, nui»buidi]uai,« 

Ajiv, ^f miue, Spinnter; at z^trptx'v. MiddJe«e3L 
WUliun Nomin>tt, of S^ S«pululiro«, l^^udon. Cook, A Bi 

Studlor.of AH HAlIowBtbeOn»t,'niiLmm tttroet, Loudon, H 

fit S" FwUi'». Londau. 
JaiiiM IJiifonl, Ship ('Arpfrntor, A Mm Bbwn, of S* BoUi1pb,J 

f^tct, Loudon, ^imUrr ; at 6' P&tlb •, Loudou. 
Hsotnan B«yiM>1dii, VoomAn, .t P!lirAbc*tJi Uobwortb, wiilaw of 9 

Hobworth ; at Ltttlc All Hallowa, ThMMim St»vt, LondoiL 
ClirHlopher Aab, of 8^ L^nard'a, Sboredildi, MiddloMx, Me 

Taylor, A Jo^ae Fteudall, of ttinc, 8pimt«r; u S' Lei 

Jiihn Hri'toirr, of PtilKfttrv Middlonot, HiutbADdtnan, A Anne^ 

dau, of HiVhitrd TurvJii, of Kajiu>, [f iiNbftndinaQ ; at l^ilham b1 
John Knight, of S^ Mirj, WhJtechapel, Ididdle«cx, Shipwright, J 

Erut, widijw af Siiuiiii Kciil ; at 8* Oregorj'o, Luiiduti. 
]tob<»rt Sali'bijiT, of S* Miry Mouotliaw, London, SadJor, A] 

MniLu, nf All Ha]Iowb tiio L«aa, London, widow of Kolpb Ma 

»^ Faith the Virgin. 
Efcbard Manh^ of S* Ethelbiirgb, London, I\iwt«rer, A Lucretta Ji 

<^f & CallvriiM! Crw Churcli, Li>iidoii, Widow ; at Trinitj, M 

Ifondon . 
John PiicuMtt, of Rrificld, Middlesex, Bocbelor. A Cntheniie Tihh 

S> Lcoiiard>, Shoredltch, widow of Tbomafl TibboU» ; at 3^ H 

Aldipiu^ lyondon, 
WUUam Battin. Citiefrn A ^U^rvKaot Tavlor of LLitidoti, & 3i 

Browne, of sKOte, 8piu6tpr> Inu, of Vifliam Browno, of wmc 

waiiwr; nt ^' Marie [w] PnttenV London. 
Kichaid Jlilbrrd, of S^ Andrvw«, llolbom, London, Bak<?r, A 

Wellii, uf vanits nido* uf Biuhard WvU*; at Oreat H" Bnrtbo 

Jobn ConiiawAT, of S' PeterV Comliill, London, Cooke, 

Tempemuoe, Widow; at 8' Martin a Outwieli. London. 
Walter Corwn, of S* Giles, CnppLtgate, I^ndon, Oiowr, A i 

Sli^h, of & Mary, Wliitocbj^iol, Hiddi., Widows 

WiUiau North, of S* Mai^rM Moy>e«, London, Cord 

h*tb Cbcjiicy, of S' Sepuloiire'd/London, widoiv of John d 

lateofaame; ai S" Gr»*(^ir)y l-tiudoij. 
AiithonT Tompjtoo, of S' Mif^haol, Quo^nhith^, London. 3kii: 

Mari^rv ITnnhr. nf wAmr*. iridow of Richard llonbj ; at iaum 
EdftftKi iVrkin, ofS* Michftcl'^ Quoenhiib*, Loudon, Cook, AS 

Wc«k€» Biw AdwMkos of Hamo, 5pitut«r; at nnw. 









Cit 10 

Oct. 13 

Oct 14 



tfct. 17 



























WlUiaui Hubbold. Qvul.. of loucrr Tvipjilc* Bachelor* aO» A Auui^ 

GeDeral'a Boi>k *ii.j4 io marry '* «C Il<>alon, co. MiadJesex "]. 
Hugb Catc^, of S' Bride'i, Londcm, Ihibi^Iiuhcr, A Anue S^iadiM, of 

3^ SrjiiJcWfl. LomJoUf widtin uf Xthm diuuU ; Ai S' BiMkuet, PmV^ 

Wh*rf» I.onrlnn. 
BoKcr Cro[iluy, uf 9 THomo* Apotftle, Lpndon, Tftilor, ft Ctoely Briggi, 

ofnine, widow of tloniy Hngga ; at S* F»i1.b*i, Loitdoti. 
Bobcrt Avrcd, at Trinitv, Miiiuriiv, Loudou, Otfiil., A EliiaWh 

fiobiiuon, Widou ^ jkt ^^ Swjthtn\ Iiondon, 
JoliD Bronia of AJl IlttJJowt ibe I^cwi, Thame* Streot, London, Cord- 

vnuner, A Etixabeth SneUing, widov of Gkorgjo Snelluigj at All 

HftUawv iLfoPMWd, 
TkKUMt Bdw*, Twjnau, A Joauo Tljurip^y, of S* Beuutit, Paul's Wli^rf, 

rA>niliiii, Spioatflp; aU S' (»rflgorv*ii, f^onilon. 
TlioniAA Wgwlnnin« of Riificld. Middlti^oi, Yeoman, & ElirAlieth MiusogG, 

ot flame, SpinBt«r. dati. of Kicbari &f u^sa^. of wLmo, Yooma& ; &t 

firoiboni<i, H^frtii, 
Bobvrt Crvencll. uf S* Botolph, Ald4^niirftE«. London, Morcli^nt T&ilor, 

A litabell Ontm, of Raou>» widow of Henry Oram; at S^ BotoJpb 

Uobcrt IVkini?!, of S' Mfli7\ Whitecliapel. Middtcflcx, Ycommi, A 

Pbillipiia Bilker, of Stepney, a' co., widow uf Bichurd Bakt^r; M 

8C«pikcTy nformiud- 
Bobort Shrapheard, of ^ MtWtvd. Brcftd Street. IjOiidoii, PewUsrur, A 

Jane Osborne, of aam&, Sp* ; at S' FnitU'o, LcDdi^u. 
Jobn T]Lii4r, of Alt Hallowit iti the Wn[l, Miidmi, TuffUffaty AVvavor, 

A SamK IVuyUrc^ of tlio m^euo pitnsb, widow of ll«iry Fruylore^ 

lit All HaUowh nfon>«Aid 
Ltikp Maney,of H^ Androw>. ITolboni. Cooper, A KliBabctK Stran^iuidge. 

Widow ; at All Hallowa B;Lrkmi;, Loodojj. 
FTaiK-iu Aitlcwond. of -S^ AlbJin'*, Wood Street, i^ndon, Girdler, A 

UnrKiirut JflhuaoD, vidotv of Thomnn Julinnoa , at ii' Jfunoi iu tho 

Wftll. r^iidim. 
Bobi^rt llickn, of ihf City <if Wc*1inia»b?r, GbuKipr, A Jnno ClarkCi 

widow of Kobert Harke^ Bricklayer; at 3' (irecory'fl, London- 
Kickartt ItramarL, of ^* rtcfiuMire'«,,ij<rndoii, BneUajrcr, A Ktijtnbuth 

Kooro. of a^ GiloB, Cnpp1t?giite, Loudou, Widow ; at S* Qilos, 

CrippUgate, aforeeaid 
Jolm Ap|ili>by» of S' Mary, Whitecbapel, Middleaei, A Marj Powell, of 

•aine, widow of Hobort PowolJ, Victualler ; at 8' Gn'giirys, liondon. 
Jobn IJcrkcA, of & Mary, Wlvilcchapcl, Middltwc*, risbmoncor, & Joaiio 

Chaou, of Mnine, iridovr of Tbomai Ciuon ; a1 S^ EVfary. Wbih>cbaptd, 

JobD Payto, of 8* Mary* WbilecbaiJel, Middie«ex» Mercliant Taylor, A 

Mary Carlolon. of V llotolph, Aldgntc. London, widow of JamOB 

Carlcton ; at All Hallowfl t^ic Cjlrcuil, Tknm^nt Street* Lonioii, 
FranciB Vartiey. of S^ Mary Mouutbnw, Luiidoii, Mondiunt Tailor, A 

Jane Coolcy, of All lUllowi* thu Grc-at, l/ondon. widow of John 

C'oolev; at All iialloffBaforeaaid- 
fiobort Woculbomc* of S* Grogory^, fiuiidon, Tailor, A Mary Gray, of 

iamo, SpiiiaUfT ; at 8^ Faith a, Loiidou- 
Joha OTernot, Sailor, i' Joane Hodges, of S^ Katbenne^fl by the Tower of 

I^>nduii, widnwof WjUiam lIod|$e*^ at All HaUowM Barkin|r, Lmtdon- 
Gregofy Cii«iad* of b^ Clement Danes. WiddlQsos, Shocuiikor, A Joaae 

Bbowart, of 8' Gilc« in tke HelcU, Middlc^ox, widow of William 

SbowaK ; at S^ OilcH aforcwatd. 

158 UARItlAGl^ UCENCUft GKjL>'T£D 

Nnr. 3 TIicitimi Cfailrii, BAk^vr, A AniM< Xnwton, of Stsptrnj^ Miditicaei, SpiuvT^ 

Nov. 5 Samoti Ckrkc, of S* Joiom, Ckrltonwrll, Tiriddlosex, Tintnrr, & KliA 

Tnrlor, of rnno* vidow of J^med Tuvlor, Ute of eame, Bntcte^ il 

S^ JAi]kc>ii flforrvoid' 
Not. 7 HcJir)' Kit'li&nljioiu of S^ 3oU>lnh. AUjiaU", Londr)n, HabeHsibtf, Ij 

Aiin« Ctnwn^iit, of S^ CAtbermo Creecburch, LociIoq, widrvi 

D&iiivl C.^:irtwri^lit, kt« of hmhic; ; ml 8^ Fiuthn, l^Ki<lnn^ 
Kor, 7 Qooi^Idell,ufG(t^t A[ll)Blbws.TIuuuvtt6tiw^Lotitluii. Dver.&\D 

n«rlowii, of iiainiT^ n'idow nf Homphnty D&rldTCo; nt Gra: 

HdlowB nforeiftid. 
Not. 8 Tl^mm Piggott, of S* IjooDori'i, Shorcdhcli, MUdlcMx, SUk«4«it«J 

Eliubeth Fabor, of Clihsi Church, Loodon, ^V^idow; M Chhatr 

Not. d John OiddoT, <if S' MnHio iii thoViatfr. T/ondon. "Uubvr;' A Htmbe 

AoaLovreT of All Ilallowe in tlie Wall. London, wid«w of J»" 

Aiinlowe, Intoi of xuno. *' Mtuimucr " ; At S^ Mftry at Hill« ~ 
KoT. D Wini&tn Turucrr, of & Duuiinn in tLi>i Wc«t, Loiiduu, Joiner, A 9u 

Cont^, of S* Sepulchre'*, London, widow of Thonuu CofttM ; il i 

Faitb », Lond. 
Sot. Thonms (>oid«rd, of S^ QiIds, CnoplogAt^, London^ Dj^. & J^ 

Kitclieii, of S^ OUto'b, Ilart Street, London, Spdmter; at 

QrcKorr'i, ftoudon- 
NoT_ 11 John Kirby, of S^ Andtvu-'i, Holboni, TAinJon, Tt*om*o, 4 AiJO 

Tliuiuazf. of 8' Briie'*. Floet Street, London, widow of Jolui Thoioilj 

at All Hallowfl ilw LoHa, Tbiutii-a Slroc^t, Londoti. 
Not. 12 Rltbard Day, of S' 3c£ukhn*'tt. London. Merchaul Tajlor, d Fn 

EnioiAfit, of MUAO, Widow ; at anmo. 
Not. 15 Robert Howndt*, of Rl«i>ri(-j. Middlcvox. OAlmefilmaDt & BU 

Hardbgt^, of *ame, widow of Waller Ilardiiige ; ftt Stopa^ rfi*. 
Sot. 1^ Uoniy Dixon, Ueitt^, A Kh?.abt*tb Bronrue, of & Lanrciico 

SuiiiBlvr ; ut 8^ FutliV, IdJiiduu. 
KoT, 17 Wiiliani .Int^on, of .S' Mar>', Wbitaebjipd, HiGdliMei. KiuW. A Ja 

Johuium* of aame, Widow; at same. 
Not- 21 WJlUiim ?orti-r. of «^ Micliu<») BaBwishaw. London, T»i!on 4 Millitf** 

CoIlinsoL, of same, Spinster; at same. 
Not. 22 Andrew Brightn of thp t'itjr of Wcittniinator, A Anno Jik1&»»ti, oI ^ 

Mnrtin in tho Fir^ldn, Micbll**»i»\, widow of St«pbnn Jnt^knoti, !iie«^ 

btame; al S^ Marv It^ ti«tm'ii <*^/«^ Savoy* Middleaox, 
Not. 23 Thcinas Glftdmnn, of Watford, i-o, Hi'rt*, Yvotnaii. & Sii«ai] Kuckii 

uf [imuo, Spinsler; at 8^ iViih'c. Loudon. 
Not. 24 Jobu AV allien, of S* HotolpK, Hishoptgjitta. Loudon, Silkwoaver, A 

Oalc, of ^^ Etlit-tbur^'h, Loiidon, ^4mn&tc1r; nt 8' Alpbnf^^ Londoi 
Not. 2C William ColtciibTUc, of 5* Marr, Wbitci^bapel, MidaloBei, Smitb, 

Parnell Webb, of uame, widow of Uuniel Wobb -, at b* Uaiy, Wbtt^" 

cbupel, aforciuud. ^ 

Not, 28 Robert Wat««>ii. of Stepney. Midrlleioi, Sjtilor, A Anno Harrington. O 

aame, Widow; at same. 
Not. 28 Arthur M>ij-bt, of S^ ailea tii the FkhU, Midds., Gold»mitb, & Eliiabet- 

Blitbc, ofitaioe, widowof EdvFAndBliibe, lateof tiatne; atS^Oiloaaf^' 
Not. 28 6oor^<i llmtbcrtnix, G^^nt-. A Uary llawkinH, of S' Androw, Holboi^ 

LSpinater; at S* Kiuth'n. London. 
Not. 20 WiJliam Pin<rliliai-ko, of Stopiity. Middteiox, ^Ailor, & Martba ' 

of latue, ^pinater ; at same. 
Nov. &} Rolt-'M Edwanlr*, Clerk, K<x't*"K' of Lrin);doik [lillfj. co- EiHitfx, A 

Rlthftrdnoii, of nauKv >vilow of M' Thouum UicbardHon, Clerk, 

Rf.vtor or Minialer of 6^ Bi*net b^nk, London ; at 8' D«aot Fink 

Laiigdon llilU afv^, or Qmy'tt Tburnck, co> Etiei. 










Wiiiow ; at S^ Mk-hoeiy QufifDhilhe. Londoo. 
Saatiei Sjmoii^ Te<ii>tui, Jt Mttr^^rcl 8uijtb, of litlk A![ HaUovs, 

[»« m IJortl. of 8'^ .Sl4<|j}ieii*v Colenaii. LondoD, wkiov of Lodowi^k 

Lloyd; mt S^ P«tcrV. \\hi1b Vlhwrf, LoDdoD. 
TboEnv Tudfra|, of New ^Vu»Uor, co. Berka, Gent, A Amy QibMn. of 

6* Qik*, Cnp^&pgnic, liondon, SpctiMcr, d»u. of WiDtuti Gibwn, of 

AmliJkiii, co^ >«tU, Veosuia ; kt & AJphftgc, Lutidon^ 
St^pben K^rrard, of Alil^iihain. llfrlii. LiiDorer, A Eltiabeth Adaoii, of 

mmo, Spiofltor ; mt 8* Mjiry Mouatlttw, Lmdon, 
John Andrdirg. of tireat S^ Bftrtbo^nwv, Loodoo, Cordwuner, A Sarab 

Ktiight, of fV ii>tolj)h. AldcmnU', LoDdoDf widow of Tfagrowi 

Kuif^ht, Uto of BAEQO ; bt S< BotoUih uforcMUiL 
John Booi^. of (VIstMi. CO, iSaaei. \eomaxi, A Saamvna Muriall. of S^ 

^l«pl)en\ AV.ilbnvok, Ii<iDdini, Spini4«r, dau. of Tliomw Muriall, Uto 

itoiior of iS* Swpbenfl ai^i^, dec*; at S' Stephen'*, Walbrook, ftf«*. 
Edward Dcjiter, of 8' M^ry WoolnoUi, London, "Tcxlor," A ClkH*og9u 

Smith, of S* Kathoriiw^ Crc« Chureb, Londvo, Spinslor^ Al 8^ P«t«r*fl, 

Paul's Wlmrf. London. 
Robert Blnrkborm*, Citiitu A StAiioncr of I^iidon, A GiTtnido 

Laugriah, of All Ilallotrs ihe Grc«t, London, widow of Nidiolaa 

Loiu^itli , M All IIaIIowi* ttforr-Afkid^ 
Henry W«>l]fiy. at S' OlnT^V Silrtr StFDflt* London, TU>»rda»lier. A 

Anrro Blincoc, of 9 Mary Mwdaleo, Old Fish Sti'eot) London, 

SpioMUr; at ^^ Andrew in tlio Y^rdrobe, fxindon. 
Tbouia^ In^le, FellEDon^r. A Jaiic Wicksi^D, of 3' Dmhus IkickcJinrtlt, 

LoodoQt SpiiMtor ; at S* OrogorrV, London. 
Thomof ftiTVO. of Stepnor. co. Middx., Chandler, A Uait Touv. of S< 

LeonaM, Slioreditcli, Middl^sei, SpmHieT, dau. of ^idiotat Veare, 

of 8t«pne}' afji^. Vcomiui ; at S^ IjtK>!]&rdy S^horvditch. 3tiddk«M. 
TboQLM rklcJjir, of Su-pticv, LNj. Middx., Siiiicjr. A Bac1u«1 Martin, of 

H' Mpr'*, l^ulV Wharf,' f>tni]on, HpioBt<-r ; »| S* Pot^^'s aft^rettii. 
EdvjLrd Hip'hdl, of .S' DntutaTi it^ the WoaU Tendon, U<frcn,\nt T&rlor, 

A IJoTOthv i'oibctt, of S' Milirtd in th« Poultry, Londvu, Widow ; 

at S' Xild'n*d*» nforouud, 
Thoma« Parkos. of S* Blarjjurvt's, WMlounvtcr. Cordwuner. A Su«auua 

Ha^Ti^ of ^ dement Dano8, Middlaaex, widow of John Harris ; at 

8^ Maij Hafl|dAl«c, Hilli Street, Londoa. 
Rogi-r ^nijth. of ^' Jfttoes, ClcrkcnwolJ, Mjdd)c*«i, Yeom&n, A Sounoa 

Tajlur, widow tif Williaui Tnyh>r, luic of Miuie ; at name. 
WiUiaro Murd^ti, of S^ Qi\*M, Crippkgat«, London, Cntl^r, A BUuboCli 

KoK<>n, wiflow of Jamn Sogers, late of Mtmo ; at S* Botolpb, Aidera- 

gale, Loudon. 
Thomas FooKr, of 3* Bettet Unco Church, London, Grocer, Jt Elizabeth 

Boddicot^ of SUrpDcT, >Iidd]«it-t, irlduw of AugUHtiiic Boddicot, 

talr of iianii^ ; at S' tff^n^l nfore^aid^ 
Thomaa Ji>hii<uiTi, of i** Maiy» -"itnind alia* Snroy, Middlmex, Citizen A 

Goldsmith of Li.)ndoD, A Margenr Palmer,of S^Mardn in theFieldv, 

$^ ix>iiuiy. S|n"n*a-r; Jit S' Qitos m the ^oldi. Hiddi. 
Niefcolim Ejjoi?, ot 8^ John Zadiary, I*ondon, A Aaito Dnu, Sp', duu, of 

Williiun Drni. of same, Jovwer ; at 5* Johii'i» afa'^. 
John Fletcher, of StrjiiK^Vi H»ddlft*<ii, Shipwrinh!, A Onu!<» HiildjorsW, 

of^^ botoiph, Aidgate. Lond., Widotr; at All UallowA JlnrkirLj;, Lon<l. 
Goof^ Nichola, of liinidon, Salter, A Antt KlJiii, (if Fulham, MiddlriKix, 

widow of John Etlii, tabi of 8^ Clcfinciit Dauvi», Loudon ; at S^ Aun4> 

A Aicnoa, AJdc<rsgat«, London, 


Dec, 21 


Chmric* nnwne, of S^ Mnrv, Wlutcchofc-l. Uidainei, B>k«T, AJ 

belh M^rifsKt, of 8* CaiLcrme Cdeman, Ix^on, nidow^ 

WriKlit ; At f(< r^tU-nne Colvmon plon«akL 
Dec. S3 iohtt HiftrUaiid, of ItjnW, co. 8un«y, 0«dL, A Juwf ScI«bIcq«I 

C«K. Ciw t'hurvhl Jx>T>don, fti/ ; nt fP CaUKeriii*^ Cret n(inl| 
Dtw. 24 iohii 8i)00]>eT, uF S^ Andrew in tlie Winlrvbo, f^sJ^ii, Ca 

^ lionacc I'rrpr, of »iii«, widon of Wiiliam Frrcr i « S*. 

D»f. ^ Bii^uxJ TiMLOo, of 8* Bn.]e*«, Loiulou, IWior, & Jaqo Wrigltl. ol i 
apL»t«r; 9A9 Qile« in tlte FipMt, MKldloex. 


/«ii. 9 Oc>otv«SU»lor. of $* Anilrow ITiid^r^fi&ft, Looilon, UorcWitTnltf^i] 
KliuhHii A<kr|H>, of S^ Mar)- At HiH. I^imUn, Widow; ml8iHiftll| 

Jjui. GilM C«rtrr, of WaltliAin Roly Ctom, eo. Euex, Tcdou, Jt !■• 
KAiiteB.ur Hooie, ff|Jttutcr, iIau, ivf Jolm Kaiue«,of WriUl«,«^«ii^il 
YooaiAa ; at S' Join Zit^hnry, London* f 

Jftn. 9 BftrtitnciiH Andrews, Clrrk, R«Glor of Mjigdal«D Iatot, ca P-iaa. 1 
Judith lane, of S* MIMred, Brettd Buvet, London, widow of lloTJ 
l^nc ; ftt S^ AtiTio, ULTckfmrf, or S* NkWIa? i-oto Abbfr. 

J«L 9 JuDcfl Willati, of S^ dcpukbro*«, Londotu Driiprr, A Ellea Ffx, Sp^L 
fUu. of AVillutn Koi, of Mmo, DnMT ; at S^ Si»putchp» «, LocidBL [ 

Jan. 2 Johr Onrd, of 8* Maiy, Hnror, &liddlf«cx, Cordwitncr, A Jtxtfl 
MayrMt of S' Andrew a. Uolbora, London, Sp'i al f^* AfldmXJ 
Ifofbom. I 

Jan. Otroi^sc Wiodor, of 8' Clcroent DAnca, Hi(itl«A«x, OonU, A Annc l*w-] 
look^ of umo, Widow ; a! S* Gitci in ihe Pivdds or GMiM, Mi^ 

Jnn. 18 Ellii Worth, of S> J&mm, Clcrkenwoll ThOdllcflOj, Oent., & PnnaMJ 
llolcombe, of S* (Jilex, Cripplcfiftt** London, widow of Thoa"] 
Hdlcoicbo; lU All IIaIIowh iha Ia^ Thaxtu^ ^Uwjt, I^>ndon. 

Jan. 14 Waibam Btaxki, of tlio Cit:r of Wt-Mttrnmator, Qent., A Ohuht IIudd1<«Uiv] 
of Tlitchin. flerla. wi<low of John Unddle^too, Ule of wune, CM;| 
at S' VtieT\ Ptoul'M Wharf, Lon<\ou. 

Jan. 10 John Hnuk*hc^, of 8^ LanTcnct*, Old Jewry, Loudon, Innholdcr, i 
Callit*riiii< BLifkliumt, of S^ ScpulcbtrV Lond^m, widow cf TV*cr] 
lilnrkhiinrt, Ut^ of Hom^. TniiFioUkr : at S^ Lvwrenc^ aforesaid 
John Hou«e, ot St^pnty, Middkyox, TalJow Cbnudler, St Jane Soii^. i 

same, widow of Samuel Bond, late of anaae; at »ftfn^. 
Thomjui Wnjutoll, of 3* Cliri»iE<iphcr l« Stodtv, London, Tintnor, > 
Doborab Whaler* cf 8' Pet^rV Ci>rohiU, London, widow of Tht>o«l| 
Whale)' ; at l^itiie All Hallows^ Tbamcw Street, London. 
Tlioinoji Ajikii(\ of Stcpnoy, Middl<w*. Sailor, A Elijc£bc:b BaiWi] 

widf<w of Andrew Baiter. 
Alexander BuHt-r, of S' Lootmrd'H, Fustvr Tjiiir, Ixxidon, Tiiilor, & ilic^l 
Ford, of lAtKO, willow of [^/anjt] Ford, \oXo of ■amo, CordwiiflArsJ 
ut ■amc 
Henry Walker, of the Citr of London, Whitebnkf^r, A Anne 

Jan. 19 

Jon. 10 

Jon. 19 

Jan. 10 

Jan. 21 

Jan. tl 

ofa^ Sopulcliroy Ixmdoij, Widow -, at 8* Gregory's, Lc^don. 
Lamberd ^oaro, of liio City of Lotidon, Ship Corpotitci, A Aa»| 

Steward, wid"w of William Steward, law* nf S* (Have'*, SoulbmrkJ 

CO. Surrey; at S* M:ir^an>t Pattciia, Lt>Ttdon. I 

TliODiHfl Hutt^ry, of S^ Sepulchre's, LoQdoD.roAcbmau, A. Judith Sf^1«^] 

of BBUie, widun ttt John Jitokeo ; at ±^ ^J^'t Strand aiioi 8aroji ^\ 

B^JABiin PotWr. "f S* Sepulchre's, London, tSjwller, A ICIiuihf^tb Twtl 

of S< John Zachan. Loadoo, widovk of Johu Tuliio; at ^ M 

Znehary ikforc#ni<I. 

ay TUK BisHor uf u)Mix)h\ 



L 90 


L 1 


1 in 
i. u 



noQiM Oamuf A Mu7 Buhop, Spuuter; at 3^ G-wrge'e^ BotJ^lpb 

R^b/Tt Itjub. '>f Bnfl^I^I, Middtetex> Yeoraap, A Julmaa Gitlon, of ajuae^ 

Wl4U>w ; at Enibld nforomd. 
Kiiunrtl ^\n!her, of ffotiUi Weild, vo. £a»ai, HEtsbaodinau, A Johiu 

Sanilford, of Munr, Spini^trr ; At S' Andrew in the lVftHi»l>e, I^iidon, 
Ujohjiftl Blink*, of S* B:irthi>totni)w thf fir<*»t, LcituIto, Ma«>n, A Maiy 

iUMcT, of 8< Nicliotu CqU Abbey, Loadou, Spinster ; al S< Niclialu 

Cq]« Abbey afoti^ftoJl. 
Rjiudnll ADdivva. Br^n^r, ^ Margery Duke, of S< Cloing&t Ihnmf 

M^'WvtvT. n'ulon of Edward I>uko ; «t S» Cl«i:JOiit*B ixfi^. 
John Cattendl. of St«^«r, HiddlMtti, 91iinwrigat, & J*quament 

Witberdeo, of «q)6, widow ; &t Stepnof uorMaid. 
NtcboUs Coltsan, Pamh Clerk of S^ Barthotomew the Gre&t. LondoD, 

A Jaac IiAiiibCft of & Oilc*, Cripplognto, Liondo^, Widon- , ^t 

8^ ttartbolom^vr afo-oaud. 
JoUn Oib<cn, of S' Martin le Qraod, LoodoD. Cordwaiwr. A ELiiaboUi 

HaniBOQir SpioAttv i at S"* UkluaJV Qjucenbitbo, Loudou. 
Richard mati<«, of Stoeplf^, ca. Eflsai, Teomao. A 9<arg»Tvt FnrEicb, of 

laiDCL mdoiv cf John Frcjich ; nt Slojincy* M]ddl««cx. 
Tlotuftft licbblBttwaite. of 8^ (til^n, Cnppli^at^, LoodoA, Uaberdaahefi 

A Joan« Isani, (rf «n», widow of John Iwd ; nt S* Gilc» af«*. 
WiIIuiTi iEninpi\ of S* Auiie & A^es, Aid^pigate, London, Qlanor, A 

BIK-D Bdtloc, uf *anA\ ti\tui*icTi nt S^ FDitb'fi» Luodao. 
John PoweU. of 8^ GiTe«, Crippl«^t<>, Ixmduo, Fteli^'her, A Anne Joi»m, 

of MQio. widoir of Jtobert Joih?«, lato of nainci, Gent. ; at S^ Pot^r'ti, 

Paol^i Whixt LiiiulnxL 
Qw>r^ Kingilnrd, of falowonh, oo. Middluaci, A Ktiubutb Leo, of 

PiuiK, ^^idpw; lit Iilcvortb iforrMaid- 
ADthonr Vnce, of S^ Ckm«nt'«, EaHti^bf^ap. LoDdon, Taylor, A Joane 

Tarimtt, i.f S* Botolpb, AJderagatc, Ivondon, Sj)' ; at ^ Botolpb afn^, 
Jtreniah Luto A Sarab But4:ber, d HtUin^oD, 3[iddlo«ex. Widow ; at 

S^ Alplu^v, Lnndi^n- 
Jnhu Ke^ii^, uf S* Bridoa, London, HtLberdaitbeT, A Anno Nownftm, 

widow of FraDdi Newsam; atS' Leooard's. Fostj^r Lanp. London. 
Henrj Browtie, of Itduviortb, MiddliMOJi. Butolii^r, A Anuc Liiiton, of 

maty Spinrtcri >t S* Petor's, Paul* Wbarf. London, 
liVmUin Hitrnaon, of S* ?kl»ry MagdAlcn. Old Fiisli Stroot, London, 

Itntimid^iv^, A Barbae llkrrih, widow of Kicbanl Mam*, late ol 

the Citv uf "Wt'iftmiiJiitcr ; nt S* Brnntl, Paul'tf ^Vba^f, London. 
Wiilam Socard, of tj* Gilea, Cripiilegate, London, " Bartpitontiur," A 

Camilla Doorti^^j w»!gw uf llUint] BuLLruu, TaUor ; at & Mac^arti's, 

Lotbbuij, Lu7idou. 
JobD Venpo.of All JIallowe, Bread Street, London, Silkman, A Mnrgaret 

Scarbonow, of AH Hallon*. Loicbard Street, London, widow of 

John fk'arfcorrow ; at Wotthnm, co. Enex. 
Jobn Sopor, of & Audro^'a^ Utklboirit London, A Elixnbotb AbodoA, ol 

•amA Widow; sti K^ lUun**!, I'aiirn Wbarf, Lnndon. 
WtUiUD Cocke, cf AU HaIiow> Slavijinn;, Loiuliic, A Mary Joscpp, of 

Ail HaUowa tbo Great, London/Widow; at All Haltonftt Hie UteAt 

Edward Kiaman.of 8^ OiTm in the Fle1d8,Middloib«i,& Sfimh KUlindi^r, 

of aame, w^ow of Tboma* Killindcr; at 3^ Pet«r*ti< Pnul'a WUarf, 

Tbomaa Aaht>orne, of 87n)by, co. NoU4, Oani., A ElUabeth Wataon, of 

ff^ Bridoy 1a->i^l^, Spbul^r; al S' DumUn ia tJio Wc<t, London. 
RirKard Ifayward, I,yMiib<*r r>n^MTf» A ^lafy TWiu-Iier* of ■ame, widow 

of John ueocber ; at S^ Mary, Wbit«<bape]. Middleeex. 
IT. X 



Jobn Brnl, «)f Fulhun, HUltLi., Dnvniu, A AoM IPIbUe, <rf 9 Gib 

in tfa» ES«U0, MSdaz,, w^ilaw of AicboU* Wlffte, l^i* oX max, a 

8^ Gile« ftfdrewd. 
IM». 15 Edwud Knigbt, of WoodDMborough, co, Eent, Teoniui, A Bcieni 

Pettmdeo, Spiuitar, dui. of l^lmJb] Fetti&den, dec' ; at & Bffotf 

Or»cecliiircb, Lpndoa^ 
"Pi^h. Iff RicKjtrd Roxf^ of §■ Maft, Wliito^Knpel, MiJilIn^vi, Coopnr, 4 

Ct>f kc. of no)€. widow of Kobcrl Cocke ; at S* FaithV Ixadoe. 
Fob. 16 HcaiT rilkialon, of S* Dnnvtaji in tbo Wo§t, London. Gwit, 4 " 

Avtcti, of 9 Ckancnt Duk*, MiddkMX, SiitUtfter; ai 8^ CI 

Fob. 16 Wiltinm Fo-nton. Dnw^r. A Sunn Wood, of ^< MuTHtgddeo.^ 
Fifh 8t»«rt, London, 8pm4tcr; at S^ yiary Magdaloi 

Fob, 17 
Feb. 17 

Fob. 18 

I Dated 16 March, but Aino&g Fobntary cntiic^-J 
Wiltiain Aknaadrr. of ±S^ Heltrti «, LondiH), 8crir«ner, A ELixftleth ] 

cott, of fame, Spiu«l«r ; at S^ H<*len'« afonwaid. 
John Hunter, of 9 lAurcncv^ Pounlncj, Lonilim. Kerclumt>A 

Beak, of Stepner, to. Middi., Spinator, dau, of Edth-vd Bcalo. 

auae, Sailor [^ Niute"] ; nt 5* Peter' j, Pnul'a AVhorf. LonduD. 
Jjunee I>t«bo<^, of 8' Hnrj at Hill. Loodou, Tailor, Jt Cbrutian " 

of xainfv Widow ; at ±{^ Maiy at IIUI afomaid. 
Kicbard Kemp, of S< Alpbin. London, TamBr.A Margaret Moi^i 

MuiM>, Widow ; at H^ Albugo aforomd. 
Peter Uornt, of & Al|>b3igi*, Loudon^ BlackBOiiih, & Marwct K 

of 8^ Gil««, rri|>pl«^t«, Loodott, widow of Wiili^ai Eerwioo » 

Alpba^. LoniloD- 
Bobert Bielojr, of S< 3Iary it Hilt London, Fbboroian, A 

WatMC, of All Halltmn in the- WiUlj I»ndoa, widow of 

WaUuu; aL All Ilnllonii nforvtuud. 
Hi^uTj KTnpaton, of S< ll<»1i>Tt>^i. AMert«at«i, T-ondoti, A Anou B; 

of S' PaKb\ London, Widow ; at 9 Botolpb afoneald. 
John Tajlor, of 8* Undent, London, Fbtflerer, ft Inbdl Ami, of 

Micbfwl Biubbaw, London, widow of WiHiaa A/nw; at ^ Alj' 

FnLDCLB AtkinHOM. of 8^ Clonu^nt T>ajiic«, Middlew*i, " Barbitoiuer,' 

Eliwit>elh 8helion, of sftuie, widow of EUia BheitoB j at S' ~ 

Oarlick llilli<>, or ^^ Kotolph, Hivhopigato, Loaid^m. 
Join lluuLluH, vt & GiIl-b, Criiiplt^Kalc, London, ■*l«ztop,"A — 

Woo<3, of S< Marr Ma^dAlcm, Alilk fStir^vt^ r^indon, ^inatcr; at? 

Mary Majci^nlcn nfon'i^xi. 
Ricliard Smart. lluKbacdinan, & Jai»e Sbormaa, Widow; at S* UtfT 

Magdalen, OM KUb Mirot, London. 
Franeiif Towniwnd, of 8^ Gik«, CripplecatCi Loodoit, Batdior, A Jetf' 

Sheirv. of same, Widow; at S* ftntoTpb, Ald^^ngala. 
Robert BL.m^ of S^ Uotclph, AIder-Kul<>, Loudon, Cook, 4 CalhiiBi* 

UixoD, of Game, wi«low of WiUiain lliion ; at f? Bototph afiH. 
Tliouiba Madlockv, of 8' DiimtjUt iii the WwU London, •*Slil!cr"-^ 

Catbenne Lownea, of S' BotolpK BUbopunntc, London, widow » 

GeonE<! Lownca ; at S' Andrew in tbe Wardrobe, Loodon. 
Thomaa Gill, of S" Beniact, Paul'a Wbwf, London, aft^nJuwl "Tiijlor,** 

AIlcc Cliurcb, of !^* Andiew'a, iloLborn, London, widow of Joe^^ 

Cliupch i ul S' Bonnet*!! aforc«iud. 
Jobn Digbj. <'f S^ Margnn^ PnttenV l^ondon, Pwrteror. A Ann^ 

Orkin, of aamo, Spinster, dau. of Bicbard Orkin, of vam^s Draptrf 

nt enmc. 
Ednjird GriQiUifl, of S' Switliin't, London, Clotbworkor, A Klhiibtf^ 

WitliCTv.ofS^Qrogoryy Loudon, S|Mnat«r^ «t S^ B«ui>o4 Sberebogfi 





we&ror & Catberise Uo&ke, widoir of Joha Uoako ; At 9' Aodrow 
in tho Wai\ltv>bc. LoodoiL 
^ Bichard Warner, of Sl«]ifieir, Aliddletei, Siutor, ft Siujumt Frott, of 

•Mue, fipuutor ; Mi bmuo. 
. % HeniT Moon, of S* Cloncmfa, EftricJitfiftp, T»n<ton, Botdioir, A 
llmaretLaWBOitiOt nuoe, widow of Eilwiud Lowtfoii; nt S< Faithy 


9 Clement Haliey« of S* Mjut Abohuicrh, LoodoD, CIi»thworker, ft Eliia- 
b oth ^MUn, of luuao. Widow; at 5* AiiJtvw in tho W«rdrobo> Lonil. 

Whito, of ume, Spinnter, Aa%l of Kivharrl Wlute. of S< Clemeut 
Dftnoc, Middx., Tajlor ; At ^^ JiuixiN in tl>o Wall, liOn<lon. 
G PhiLp Joliumiu, of S^ Strpbeu^ CoWinau ^Lrvut, Lvudou, SwUer, A 
JoniiQ Smith, of 3^ Guom, Cripflogato, Ijoiidon, mdow of ilonry 
&nith ; at S< M&rr HAgdaleu. OU fiA Stvvet. Undon. 

6 Jolin VilkiDson, of S^ tbvy Aldermary, Lon^D. ft Judith Man, of Ail 
^Uofn Barking, Londou, Spiiutcf; At ±i^ Attdrew Habbud, 

7 Thomiut Urtidfipd fin m*rciiJ " Rrmlhnrv "1, nf S* nil««, CHpplegfttA, 
London, Haberila«ber, ft Aduo Bukiora«of name, Spiiutor^ at S^ 
AlpluffOt LoodoD, 

7 >*atbMii^Bickard, of 9 Clement Daut^, Midil1ow;x, T&tlor, ft araou 

Wo«tod, of eame. Spiii»t<*r; at 3^ Fiuthy I^udoiL 
7 Tbonna Cookv, of i^ Ma^iu, Loi^don. Cooper, ft Mlldrtd EaI««. of S* 

Marf;arot> >'ew Fish 8n«et, Londou. widow of Tliomaa Ealeo ; 

at E5^ botolph, ALdgate, lA>ndoiK 
D ?ficLo]» HortMXJckt'. of WwtKain, co. Bncx, Miller, ft Anne Gato, of 

Stdpoej, CO, Mlddl«4^x> vidow of 'n^onaa EaU>, Iat« of wAtne. 

HoTch&nt; at Htcjincv aforesaid. 
10 Bichar^ Hareland, of S^ Margaret Sfoaea, London, Mereliant Taylor, ft 

Atimt iViU'harcl, cif 5^ Mary Woolnoth, London, widow of Aler&ndor 

Pricbard, lato of S' Pelor lo Poor, Londoc, Clerk j at 8* Potor'*, 

Paul"* Wharf. Loud. 
Wl3 Henry SUt<rr, Gunner, A Pranccd Warron, Widow; at S' PctorV 

I'ftul'A Wharf, LoLilon. 
lUr. 14 Waiiata Waller, of S^ Mardn in ttw Tid-i*, Middkwi, Cicnt,, ft Mw- 

garot Mill<>tt, o£ Norwood, n^ ^iouiity, widow of Robert Millott. lalo 

of wvDLO, Gent, \ at 8* Bride's, London, 
Htt, H Bobert Wbit4,% i>f 1iV»ppin^> ec. Middlrfcx, Sailor, ft Alico Haugbton, 

of S' Qiartin in the Vintrv, f^pinater, dan. of Jiobert ilaughtoD, of 

■aiDcv Mcrrbitnt Tailor^ nt H' l'^it]V», London. 
M«r 17 Ttowlacd Morria, of H^ IJoIuti'h, Loudon, Moivbaut TurW, ft EUxabotb 

Bmy, of HUDO, Spinster; at 8' Andrew in tbc Warurobo, London. 
Kir, 17 William Dale, of Stopney, Middloicx, Sailor, ft Jojiae dLuilh, of lamcs 

Spbflt«ri at mitnc> 
jf*r, 30 Jobn Diion, of S' Sopulcliro'»j London^ Tobacco Seller, ft Joaiio Ualo, 

of S' Clemont Daneti, Middleaei, widow of William Gale; at fi^ 

GilfM) in thv KicbJs, Middleeei. 

Star. 20 

John Draper, of LitIiuf{tJin* eo. Stunex, Gent-^ ft Franco^ Bmper, of S^ 
<'ilc« m tW l^Jelilif, Mid<lIcAei, SpinatOFT dau. of [btank] Draper, 
4iu«* I at S* GiloB afnroDoid- 

Peter DauielJ, Gent,. dweUJnj; jl London, ton of Peter Daniell. of 
Tabky, co. Cborter, Esq,, ft i^arah Wilcocfca, of S^ Magntw, London, 
dan. of [btanfc] Wilcock*. dec"^ ; at a* Martin in the Fields or S' 
Mary 3o ytrftiid, co. Middlo*eiH 

FraueiJi Blakding, Clerk. (.'umtj> of Clavftring, co, Knox, ft EliKabf^h 
Montll, of S* Sopnlcbre'a. Loudon, Spinat**r; at S' Sepulclire a aftfV 


Biolftrj GIm0» oF 9 C1eo»ecii Diiae», MiJdlmox, Cook, i 
Norrts, of «tm«^ SpiBatfir ; nt umo. 
Mat. 34 Edmund Omi ^ ^ Svpdt^y LondoA, Tulor, A Jute 
«l Mme^ fipiiifltBr ; ■AMmie, 

Xir. SS John Sfttter. 0«Qt, A Anno OriSiu Spiattcr. dAu. oF [Ma^f] i 

of 3" SftTkourV Soathward, GftnL; at & Vwh\ London. 
Utf. 36 Joluk Drnr. of W^in^, p«£ 9tof»U7i vo. Bliidx., 8utar, A '. 

WmIc, of MDc, mdoir I ai dtopne^ »forv^d. 
UtT. 29 Jobn IWntUr, of 9^ Htttfarvt Hotot, London, lliborddtflutr, k 

PemuDicbiuD, of S^ jfjirtiii in tiio Vintrj, Ijoudon, Spuuttr; dj 

MicliMd! Queecluthe, Xjondon. 
Htf' 29 Edvud CaiteriM, of S« Beooet, FauLl'i Vluuf, LoodoD. W* 

k BUxab^b Fil««Uor, of AJl Hallows Barking, Londoa, %aaMf| 

at S* tiregor^y London. 
GriSo JooM, of S* Lei^ufil, Skoroditclu Sliddlesex, Baob\ i 

Saiindcn, of nmo, Widow -, sa S^ Lfonudv afbroMid. 
HoBTF De la Mar^ of 6^ Faitb'tf, Li>i>d^, QeaU, A Jaao Parin, of ! 

ICrfiaftlael Bladan, Loadon, Spiaattfr, daa. of {hlMh] pAnn. J* ^ 

iDff bofocd BOM ; at AU HaUmrt BarUng. or 5< OUre\ Hah StnM;| 

Wiltiaa TompMn, of Stepney, Hiddloaei, 8allor, A Susanna Qtll,t 

•aiao, widow of William Gdl : at Moac. 
Hotirri Boui^h, nf »< Martin in tho Pi«ldii. Tiltddlmn. SHnnor. h 1 

Prjnw, widow of Williaoi Prj-me, late of uuue. Cook ; at S* Fwtb\ 

John Budd ft Ifamret Lebler of Chrbt Church, Londos^ 6pin>lff|| 

at 9» Uai^ua or S^ FaJUi'a, London. 
Xicbolas iUjdjn. of Stopn^, co. Itiddloiez, Sliipwrigbi, A Ralb 

Abbot, of tamo, Spinater ; at same. 
John Uagnett, of S* OIavc's, Soutbwmrk* Uillor, k Kathenne Bur. ^ 

Bow, CO. E»oi. WmIow ; at All Hallows ibe Leaa iu That&et '' 

or S* Anne, RlujkfTuro^ London. 
Jamoi Carr. of S« Mnrttn in t1^o Fiddv. A Mnrr WildUoud. of 

I«eonard'», Foeior Laii«, London, Widow ; at S^ Lconard*a afoKOi^ 
Bdwitd OaboMatonu, of S> Petor't Cbeaa London, Skinner, ft M»tb* 

CoUuiB, hto of tbo Oil J of Brbtol, Spinster^ at 8^ ILldnd ia tt^ 

I'oultry, I*ondi>n. 
Pranctii Slon", of S* Sepulchre'*, London, Cordwainer. 4 

Barrowe, lato of Notnngbaai, SVidow ; nt 8' Faith >, London. 
8tt<ph(:'ii MouK, of Chrint ChLuvh. Louduii, ft Murkforj Hv/qm, 

S^ Miohn^lV, Wo<^d Str^t, London, Widow ; at 8^ FuK-ras, Midd 
B4>bert RolifiHon, of Kdi^waFO, co, )Oddx., Huabnndman. ft 

CbapTnan, of fiamo, Spihflt««r ; at eacie. 
William Buckmaater, of U^ Gilcv, Cnppl^te, London, 6ilkireaTer,J 

Joaiic 8mitli, of naiDOi 5pinsu-r, ^u. of Biohard Finch [«^, and m >v^ 

margin}, of Mm^^.Brii^lrmakor; at S' Aadrow in the WanimS^, Loq4- 
Thoinaa Lomlor, of S^ Andrew in the Wardrobe, London, Imbroiicrcr^ 

ft Anne Hoirca, of 9&m\c. Spiitittcr ; at fuint?. 
BvnjAauii £4m>th. of H* CJjritl^jubtjr'B, Loudon, Leathondbr, 

Rat<>. Wldftw; at S» FwthV London. 
ThoniM JJawkHU of S* Midiael ad Bliduni, London, ft 

Batsman, of S^ B&rtholomow the X^bb^ Spinster ; at S< Bartbolon 

April 8 John WotflCin, of SUinraoro Magna, co. MiOdlesoi, Yoouan, ft Mnj 

Msmton, dan. of tVfLndx Sdamton, of Wliitcharch, aaid coon^; ! 

8' PaithV London. : 





































WjrBi»tL| of S* HtonlufriT Colonvan Stmct, London^ Spieutur: tti 

NicliolAA Savage, J', of Ickcnham. co. UiddloMx, HuibandoAfi, & 
Jittno Suanke, ol EMMi»Uoii, HerM, 3nlnAt«r, 4a<i> of Thonuv 
8»nmke, of «ftm«, Tcoitiiut ; nt S^ FAJth**, London^ 

Bt^mumTn Rutnn. of K* OUvp'h Jftwry, Ijumlnn, CcintwaioAr, A PhilipjiA 
Benton, of S* Loooard*a, Fonler Lane, Loadcn, Widovr i $X 

Otle« Tufcke, o( S* Aui;iutLa«>, London, M^jTvhant Taylor, A Anno 

Squiro, daa. of Wiliiaiin Squire^ of aario, Portor ; at S* Au^uatine'g 

or S^ SepultihreV fioii'ltin. 

Wilitam PaMonn, of S* Urido'^, London, Trunkmakirr, A Anno UnrlrngOi 

of ^^ Gregory's, London, widow of Xiubotoii MoHinga; at ^^ Fiuth'a, 

Jotin Pi^nnftrd, of S< C*tIj*ritio Creo Ohtirch, London, Clianjllisr, & 

Eliubeth Etlell. of same. Widow ; at S^ Fmh\ Loudon. 
William ilodson, of 8^ OUnt'», Southward, Watonn&Ti, A Joycu Daw«oD, 

of S* SaTiour's, Soutbwark, Widow ; ^t S* Fuih'e, London. 
Joho Batl<ir> of S* Mary At Hill, London, Vintner^ A Eliitabcth Mintyo, 

of Hun<'. Widuw ; at imino, 
Waher Alleon, of S' OInvo, Hart Stroot, LoTidon, Wheelwright, Jb 

Joane Hohlxii.of S^ Lawrpiu* I'onntney, London j nt ^ Lawrenceafrf', 
Bichard Young, of 8tan0ti>J Mountfllcliett^ 07. E^vex, HtutbAndnmu, & 

Agnoi P«rry, of lom^, SpinitAr; nt Ktma. 
Chr\AU>\}hi^T HalfepeD&y, of S' Botol^b, Bi^liopsgate, London, Porter. & 

£11gq \0rri9, of aamo, widow ; at vamm. 
ThonttB CareU, of 5t«pn<7,co. Middleaeir Kferchant, & Elizabeth IlillB, 

of Mine, Widow; at «Am9> 
lUctifli^ MiMtmf*. of Fumham Rnyal, ca. Bui^kii, A Kl)mb(>tH Symonn, of 

eame, SpiuBl^r; at S* DunaLan in the Weat, London, 
Arthur Harric*, of S^ Aiidrpw'*, HcilUirn, A Mary Qamjt, of S' Mary, 

8a?(iv, Wcduw ; at ILacknvy, 00. HidJtvHt*i- 
Jaouv* Kutlicrfori, of K' Mary, Knroy, Midilcaox, Goni., A DorotUy 

Ponloi:, of S' CIwiLMit DanuHf MiJaJewjx, widnw of Holx-rt Fenton ; 

at S^ I'ailh's, London, 
£dirt» Bil)<t», of Aii Halbwi Barking, Lomlon, I'ook, & KLiKaboUi 

DatlLiiiv, uidow iif JoIlii Batting ; dt All Ua1]ovi> xLfi^roniid^ 
Kobort Maxfcild, of IlAi^knc^y, ro. Mi^li'lv., Silkint-jivtir, A Eli/iibi^tb 

Tenipify, of 8' Giles in the Pieldi*, »*^ co,, ivldow of John Tetnpley, 

latcof vamfr; at 8^ Alphogo, Lontlui:. 
Tobias Maydwell, of 8^ Cbi'Utoplier h ^tockn, London, Jt DoTotky 

Underwood, dau. of ItoWrt Lmlcrwood, of 8^ Stophoij'a, Wolbrook, 

TxindoT] ; al Pryon Baniet. co. Midtlletfoi. 
TbomoA Parkefi. of Oi^ctt, co, Essex, & Kaith«rino Bunted, of Aanie, 

Spi:]st4>r{ atS^ Faith a, London. 
John Otfboroo, of •Sceton, co. Rutla[id, Em],, &> Aiuuj Parker, dau. of 

Loonufd Parkor, latoof S* Bonct Fxnk.Xondon, doc^; at S^ Bonot 

I-^ink aforesaid. 
John Hcupe, of S* Lawrrncf J^wiy^ l^mdon. 4 Anno White, of S* Mary 

Woolcolh, London ; at S^ Mary WooJnoth aforesaid. 
Tfionuui I'rooapton, of S^ John'n, Wftlbrfir>k» J*oiidon, Clt>tWt»rkcr, A 

Cathirrinii Cfioliiy, nf uiTae, Widon- ; at S* Fntlh'n, London. 
William Tranaiun, of 8^ MAry, WhitccJiaptd, MKldicsfx, Turner, ^ 

MiLTgam^t 8Adcol(% of I^itepDey, Hiddleaex ; at Stepney afu"^. 
Bobert Cheater, of Wickfori, co. Chwtcr, tient., A Alice Bury, 

Spinatsr, dan. of Bradford Boiyr of Eastwood, 1^ co,, Gent. \ at 

8^ Catberin^ Crecchurch, London. 


Apnl24 Goov^ OfMti^, om of tk« Vie«»'Choral of tKd ColWUte Ch 

S" Pet«r. WcMffiiavter. d JodiEb Uorgan. of S^ Bnik't, ' 

Widow; At S* Paitli"*. !>»fidoiL 
Apfftl 24 Bobert Bro«itiaak«. of Broukr 9 Liionjid'a. B«tdk&r. A Hsry 1 

ntowcl IlioniM Bntofeer, Ulv of Tnnbciilge, oo. E«»i; ati~ 

CO. Hy-^V**!*!. nrfl^ Xi^wk London, 
April 25 Tbotttw y -^ttpocy, cc Hiddleant* Ibscoi, £ Ami«4ii«rH 

Coo[»«<r ; ^7, WKitedupeJ, a' oo^ Widow ; at S* MirjJ 

A|rril Sft WiImi WlaU. of Stepaoy, eo, BCidilcmu, Tunnrr. & ^Corj Awil 

S^ Botolpb. BaboMeftt«, Lotidan. Spioster. djut. of Kobort BtiB^I 

ttiso ; 9l 3< Botoff li afoTv«ud, 
April 2& Bdw&r4 Chuinve, of S* Uotolph, KsbrTpogat^, LoadoD, Up«iwPH|i 

Alioo Pctrco, of 8* Ktbclburgh, XjoiKUja, widow of Puitf INsm;! 

3^ Botolph afo»4Aiil. 
April26 John Btovdo. of 8^ Ujoit UttedAleD, Old I^b Street, toiM] 

SumukA Scoaaid, of S^ Boto1|ili, AJdcngate; itt S^ Faitb^ 
ApfOSe '^AdotOaa'* Fi>x, of »» Semlckiv^ft, Loodon, MerchAQt T^| 

UATgvrei BatIct, of S^ BHCbc^oiDew tho Lmn, Londoti, Spo 

>l S< Butbolomew afoniaid. 
Apnl 2C Tbomw Ooodvriu, Saibr, A BIm Wilson, widtmr of Wdlius 

lAtc of Stepoey, CO. Midilx. ; at Si^pney aforc«aid. 
April 20 OtiIHii RoIk-tU, [>f BiubcT> co. Uchm, Clerk, A FEaocn Pickccin^^ 

«aizi^ SpuitCer ; &I Btivboj or Abboti Xaii^l«r, co- IIoTte. 
April 2$ John Mackbeth, of S^ Mnmn ia the Belds, Uiddkeei, Oent, A I 

Cootet, of Mmc, WJd<in* : aL iiUDe. 
April 2U ThoEDM vr^t<?C'mbe> of 6* Alargan^t'fl, Lolbbnrr, LoDdoD, Leatfc 

& EUubcUi French, of & ^'ichaci ad BUdiiro, m* Cvtr, SpiiutrrJ 

af William Vrvnch. oX iMmw ; &t S^ Futb^it, Ixmii^m. ■ 

April 29 G^rg« KiljKitHcke, of 9 Uur ai Uill, Londoo, & Martha Onc^TJ 

famo, Widow ; at aame. 
Aprfl 29 WUtjain Tbonuon. of 3^ Botolph, Blsbopapt^t fiondon, Joyner, A ^ 

Bfjgbt, of All IIbHow* tho I^m, Loation, Spioator^ »l 8^ SUpb 

Oatemaa Street 
May 1 Jamw B»ni, of All Hallow* tba Groat, London, Coidwainer. & - 

Rogen, vi<tow of Tbonua Bosex^, lato of damo ; ai K< UUrt'a, ] 

Strrrt. liondoO' 
Haf 1 Willinni Wanl, of 8^ S«pijlcbri-'ii, Tjondon, Tx^athonwller, A 

Phillippei, of S^ JanMi, Clerkeuwell, ^lK^^^1?ifftf, ^biMil 

8* James aformaft^ 1 

Maj 1 Cbriatoplifir A^iriau, of S< Uarf lo Bow, Loodon, Clotbirofker. 

Elifshboth Luut, of & Jamoa, ClerkoQwoUt Midilowa* Spinnarta' 

S* Jamns afora*niil- 
May 3 Q^'T^ Tarl^toa, of ^ Etltelburj-h, Lot>dofl, Teoraan, A Aimo BenDfltW 

widow of T^oinAA Ik^uuU, Inii* of S^ Botolpb, Biahopflgafo, LmdiHi, 

Wbit«bak«r ; al S' BoU^pb, Aldgat^, London. 
May d G9ofFr9V S^KoartAr, of S« Botiu^ PmiVu WK^rf, I^o&dott, A Asd* 

Harter, of Butwick, co. Hertt, Spaaster; at 8^ FaitbV Loodao. 
May 4 Bobert Griggei, Thread Twiflt«r, A Agnea Parkdi, of Chriit Charok, 

London, Spiniitar ; at Tbrivt Churob afortvaid. 
Hay G Joho Woodward, Y«omau, A Ellc» Cooke, &{i^ -, at 3^ FaiLb't, London. 
May 5 Oeoivf* Piggatt, of S^ Clomnnt n»im, Mi^Mlmox, A Catbenac WUttK 

ofS^ Septilcbro'v, l^adoii, Widow ^ at S^ Sepulchre's afx^. 
May 5 Balpb Clarke, of Lambonko, co* Btsox. ^ Susaima A^latas, dau. of Tbouiai 

Admu, of Horocburcb, m* oouuty ; at 8* Maitiu Oatwich, London. 
May S Tbomnji Bam>i, of Fiuchl^y, co. MiddlctH^x, A Uonr Duwhod, -Uu, oi 

Jamea Dawion. of tturae, Laborer ; at S^ Mafy lu^dalen, OU 

Stawtf London. 








% JO 
Mar 17 
1^*7 19 
% 20 
bj 32 
May 22 
Mft)- 23 
% 23 

WilUftm B^ulj, oF 8^ Bofolpti, AHcaUs LoDdon, A Alic« D^runui, ol 

iftnif , "Widow ; at 8^ FAitfiB. Lonaon. 
Hicli&rd D»v. HuHhandmiui, Him of l^dviAnl Duy. of Tidmarvh, ci\ B^rks, 

lltj^brnt^uian, & Jane JMvloj. ^idow of Thotniu Powley ; at 

S* Gre^orr'a, Lai^dotk. 
Jolin Jelfe. Guuuer, A Kli/nbetli H»vu^j widow of Sobert Hajiieai 

Intc of Itocbcfttf^r, oo, Kent ; at S^ Sfngnus, LoDdoin. 
Joliu Havthonie, of Hur^ co. Berku, Y«oniat), & M&ry Albanie, ot S^ 

AuguMmcV Lc»iidr>u, 3piiict«r; nt ^^ Trinity tho Lom, LondoD. 
OccTgc StaQfibjre. oi WiDdaor, co. Buckn ['!'?]> Cordwauicr. & SamK 

Dofpli, of the di'^&Ho of London. Spin^t^r; fit S* Martin, IroitinODger 

I^tKv Tendon. 
JSdvrard Lynne, of S' C'iement Daaee, Middleaei. A Alice Sattt of same, 

WfJcjw ; Ht »iifiir- 
Jolui Furbant'liet ^f S* Martin in tBo HcUs, Middloeox, Yeoman, A 

Eliiabetli Blastow, dau. of 6«orge Ula^tow. of same; at S^ Uary'fl, 

Islington, Middlotcz. 
Villiam Mnckphell, of 8^ Clemont Danes, MiddJeeci, Tailor. A Barbara 

Atopic, of Munr, Willow i it S^ l^cnuot, I^auf* Whnrf, London, 
Ricliard 6iU« of KlngHbury. co. Kitldlcfrcx. Afohlmaii. A Jxiiio King, of 

Biune, Spinster ; at ij^ Ajidmw in the Wardixbo, London 
Tbotnaa Ueylen, Clerk, i>f S' BotolpK Aldorsi^ai**, London, A Addo 

Ijnjtoii, of Christ Churcbr Liondcn, Widow; at S^ Mary, IiliiigtoD, 

John BuckeU, oF & Martin's, Ludgato* Loadon, IIaberda»hor, A EUeSt- 

beth AVIiiUtfLde, of All Hallows Barking, Loudon, Widow; at All 

ilallowfk afs-*. 
William Dmiid, ot t^^ 'DQtolpli, A ItUrngnto, Loitdan, Ytjofiiaii, A EIilu- 

Wth Manball, of >udo, Widow; itt Bamo. 
Edward 31cdlicot>of K' Septilcbre*, London, Stationer, & Joyccliudaon, 

of name, AVi-Jowj at S' Nicholas Olavc-, London, 
Sftoiucl 8dowc, of 8^ Giletij OippIegAte, London, A Samb Thonidcn, of 

the diocctc of London, «^p^, nt n^ Hntolph, Aldcntc, Lon*l. 
Daniol St'an* [ih ranrnin "Si'crc*], ^f Sl^pney, Middi-, Sttil<ir, A Eliza- 
beth Hcrrin-^, of uame, iHpiristcr; at same^ 
Joha Comt dia^ GardiKir, of tho ditn-o«(; of London, A Abigail Walt<?r, 

of sams, Widow; at ft' Botolph, AJdgal*\ London, 
George MAson, of WnlthnnEkton-^ lIuEibaiiilmnuT JL ALirfffirot RuciboII, of 

tame. Spinster : at same. 
ThoniOA Clarke, HaiTor, A Jano MoqqVi widow of Jolm Moono ; at 8* 

Botolph, Alder»icate, Loudun. 
Ldward Brworth, of tbc !>ib«rty of iho Tower of London, Ycomnn, A 

CathoriDc Gibiion, widow of \ic1iota4 Gibvon i nt 8tf*piio<y, co. Middx. 
Thomai llewes. of S' James, CJerkeiiffell, Middlesex, Ta^T^A Anne 

Peach, of U1n<^ Widow ; at tame. 
John i^iittoQ, of S" Bototph. Aldgat^, Joyuer, A Anne Sturton, of same, 

Widow i at S' Mary at Hill, l^Jmloti. 
Itieliard White, uf S* Srj>nNihr£^'ii, Lomlon, & Klixaboth Darica, of samo, 

Spinster; at H^ Faiths. London. 
Oeoreo Medadfe. of BalddL^k, oo. Herts, Yeontan, & Frances Darling, 

of Easthanit dioc- of Lond<^u, f^piji^tcr; at 3^ Fiutb*», London. 
Bobt-rt Pricke. ot S* Oregon' 'a. London. Groocr, A Klizobctb Pratt, of 

Bridewell preciiic't: at Bridewell Cliapel. 
Themas Ingbton, of S^ Botolph, Billingxgnto, Fiitbnionger, A Uarg&ret 

Moore^ of &^ Michael ad Bladuiu, bpinuter; at S^ Oregoiy'a or S* 

Bride's, Loudon. 
Hobprt Bnani<>, of S' Fjeonard'*, Sboroditch, Bricknmkerp, A AL'oe 

Sporkcs, of lame, ijpinster: nt same 










































J line 












JuDM Twvte, of S* Martin id the Kfrlds, Middksei, Toonu, I 

£otE«, of umc, Spiuater. 
Tlionaa Sterimfl, of MaidFtooe, co, K«m d Mwrmuet Pca^^MC <l 

BanbuTT, of t^ Oil», Cripplegatr, Lovdon; at S* Otic* aionfit^L 
Kielttrd WWitch. of FvikIKaiii, ro. Km«t, HuBbandtnaD, A EJlinor 

of Amt, 8)>iiiJ>tcr i nt S^ Jain<™, DuVij't Place. London, 
JdIid Greene, of 8' Btide'e, Loodoo, Cutler, J^ Mary Sianfaid, of 

nidcw of EdKvM SUmford [#k] ; at S- Marj Mmgdakn, OU fU!j 

8trwt. Lo3<loii, 
Jobii WkhU of S* Mar^aro: a, Xfw Pub Stioet, LoDdoii, ItptuM^ 

Hiubeth YArriiigton, of oame, SniDsler; at amfr. 
Hobm Uopo, of S< Gilc^ in tbc J-'uldi, & Jauo Bc«U, of All HdOn 

LondoD, dpuivtCT-; at S' QcorseV Botolph Liloi.^ LoikJon. 
TfiAmaa Ilpown*, of S^ POTir^fn, Panrw Wharf, 1-ondon, WnUrmK^A' 

N\riih Powell, of S> Q'tk*. CH ppl<>|[at«, ^p' ; lit 8' Oilcn afjH. 
Bobert Nicbola«. of AJdenham, IIcrt«, & £llcn Wancr, of «a6; 

fS|niuit<T; at ?^' t^ailh's, Loudon. 
Bobert L*vmj&<v, of St«puoj, oo^ UiddJetezi A Anno King, of 

Widow : at same. 
John Brve*, of S* Jame*, Clerlcenirell, Carpenter, & laabdl bpiaib 

aanw, Spinster; at E^ l^ncor}''*, London. 
WilliAtu Orwiburr, vt S" Marv AMcnuanburj. Lopdou, C^olbieriAl 

Samh Whiieiiead, of naioo, Widow; at S^ Ijivrciict, Old J«vTf, 

Jonatliati Bead, of Otr^ Cburch, London, Draper, & Muy 6«iii^j 

Spiiiater, of aamo pari^li ; at sune. 
ClinBtopbcr IHrunoaa, trf S* Clocn^ut Duiox, Middlc90i, Goni., Jb Ji 

A^pinnl], of S^ Botolpk. Aldi^nt^to, London, Widuir; at S^ BenMJ 

Paur* WJiarf, I#oniJon. 
CharleA Wilflcn, Sailor. A Prudon^^o Pdlyard, 8pinitt<*r, dan. of 

PulKanl, of Lombrtb, vu. Surn^y, Druomivr; al S* Paith'^t I 
Tudor Itfi>TgiLD, of All Hallow», TbaVnc^ Strvot^ Loodan, A Alx>o 

of 8' JantMi. ni'rkcti^voll "Widow; at S" OiWjry'a, Loodou- 
WiUiam Austen, Sailor, A Alice Hubberd, of Wapping; at 8* M«t, 

Wbitediapel, Middlcitex. 
TlioiuM Jontrti, of 8< P^er'B, Pnul'e Wbnri, Loodon, Brewer, A Elicnb«c^ 

Tocknifln, K]>iii*lor, ^ttxi. of [hlank] CorVman, of Aylaafamy, ^ 

Bucks, luukwper; at S' St<'iiheuV Colpuian S*, Load. 
Jolm MolKeii, of S^ Lioiiiir<lp, Shorrdilcb, 8tlkvrcaTer, A MaijKiafT.i^ 

f<ana\ SptnaU-r ; at S< Mary MAgdaleti, Old Fiab Street, London, 
Titbjju» Miiit«Vi of 9' StojkWi'A^ Wolbrook, Londot), Painter Stuner.Jt 

Jitnt lIi*w<Tr, <if £>* I^i>iiiknl'it. &lii>rcdilcb, Middleici, widov at 

Thomas Ucwpr; at Stepney, Middlesex. 
Nicholaa Knaj>pe,ol tin? MidUlo Ttiujile^ London, A Margaret f^heppaiili 

of tJio <l]oix»c of Ijondou, Widu** ; at S' PaithV, Louden. 
Williaiij Cnckanite. cf S' Pf T->r tli€» Poor, London, Mcivkiuii, A Elifibeti 

GippC'*, of iijmn*, Widow i at pame. 
Jobn Jiarouoy^ of S' l*clcr"8, Pauls Wbarf, LcmdoD^ A Ellpn DuitvUM^ 

of S* Maiy, Wluk-clutpul, Midi1e«eJ[, "Widow; at WeU Tilbuij, otf- 

Etimuiid CowcA, of W:Ut.1iaiii Abbey, co, Easei, Gent., A Joano L<e, 

ume^Spioator; nt S' Paitb^ft, London. 
Qeoive Wnltcber, of S' MaxiiW'^t London, Vintnor, A Anna Edwarda^ 

S*^Jainca, Oarlick Ilitlic, SjiiiiMcr; at & Oro^r^\ l4«>jidi>n, 

ton, of 8* Maiy Somerpc-t. I^ndoUt Widov : at S* Mary Someiaot afr. 
Joho Haakiut, of Stefnioy. Middlcwox, Sailor, A Grace Johnson, «i 
nuncj widow of Micliacl Jolmaou \ at «ain& 



le 5 




« 7 









Jofcn K<t«n. Gent., A Ab)ftftiT &»»», ni 9f Rotolpit, ItialiopitfrAt^, 

London, SpinMcr; At 8* lLnwn*ncr, Old Jowrv, Lo&iloa. 
Robert Allen, of S- Sa<iourV Sogtljirart A EIIcd Uilier. Widow; «t 

S* Gilc* in the FicZtt*, JkriildU'WL'i. 
CKnirUjphor C<iwbn<l^ A Fnuiccs Ktvcrv, SpiiutoTj nt 8' Faith's, 

Jotin Phip A M&rgarfTt Lincoln, of Nortb Oddngdon, Wtdow; at 8* 

31a77, Whitocbapel, Middl<«cx. 
>'i(-lkiilaa Sit[]]hfo]i & ElJiAbc'th HutchitiAuu, SptUHUrr ; At S^ Bthelburfjlip 

WilJuuo Pfllmor, of Alrclcy, co. E<*cx, OloTirr, A Joaiii? Roynoldii, of 

hime. widow of John lic^noldd ; at S' Jani» in Uio Wall, Lon^^on, 
Williiim Qovling, of S* Oilcw, Cripplegate, London, Dmper, & Miltv 

Bucke. of B&me, vidcnr of ^ul Buchvi At S' Qeoi^'«, Botolph 

T*w;«, Loud. 
Peter Sch<)lofcitI A France^ Becbftmne, of & Mildred in tld Ponltrf, 

London ; at (}i^at All Halloiv-, ThamM Street, London. 
Oeor^ ^JS^* ^^ ^* Bridu'A, London, Bachelor, A Auue Wood^ of 

aamo, Vnili>ir i at S< Ua^ ftfagdaien, OTd Fi«h 8trftct, Londoa. 
WiHiam Uolt A Cathenn^* Cocke, Spinster, l>otb iif Uacluxoy, co. 

WddJeaei; %t S^ FaitliV I^ndon. 
Ikjtmmii] C'nrrill A Kiital>eth Barrovc«, of S' Trinity tlw LoiS, Louden, 

Widow i At «* Trinity afoKwaid. 
WiUiata Kovboibam, of S' Mildred in th^ Fonltry, Ixindon, Dmpor, A 

Sofali Qwoii, of S' C!iri«tophcr Ic Stnoka. London. Sp(iiBi«r. oau. of 

Israel Oweii.offiame. (Grocer; at S^ Mary'*, ifllinffti^n, co, Middlwwx- 
Richard Uudgo. Vcoman, A Alice Wri^fil^ of fliHiaiu, MiddJeaex, 

Widow ; at & Botdlpli, Aldcrraguto, London, 
Thomas Jurman. of Wlntechapel, A Susanna Oroftim, of nune, Widow ; 

at 8' Faith'*, I^ndon. 
William tielchar, Merchant Taylor. A Klizabcth Joiie«, of H^ l^ulchro'fl, 

tjondon^ Widow - at H^ 8cpnlrJitc!'« ufon<rtnid. 
Johik Clny, of E^topnoj, Middl4}Box, Merchant^ A M&ry CuuunCD. of 

same. Spiofltv; at aamo. 
Ktchard Lee, of 9 Butholomcir tlic Groat, London, Yoomjui, A Alice 

i lankinson, of same, AVidow ; at S' FarthV, Ixtndon. 
Artliur Oacicoigiic, Hrrwcr, A -foanr l>ickcB, of W Botolph. Bishnpn^atOt 

r^ndoii, widi>w of Chriiiltip}i4<r Drtrkev ; iit S^ Botolpli »f'»r»?H.aid 
"Willi--»in Harvy. ofS^ Martin in the Vintiy, Embroidcror. A ElizAboth 

Warden, of S^ Mar^' Aldennaabitry, London, Spiniter^ at t>^ Jamea 

in tho Wall, London, 
John Shrui, of S^ Botolph, BioHop'gato, London, finusicr. A Jane 

Quinoe, of S' M^imaret, New Kiih Street, London, Widow; at 8' 

Marearot'" aforuHa:a^ 
Jontph Tbake, SilkweavePj A Suaanna Peering, of S' Leonard's, Sbore- 

ifitcli, Micldti-»rk» Widon; at S' liCunnrd's aforesaid. 
WilUam Brett, Yooman, A Anno Catlyiic, of Bnynhnm, co. E^mx, 

Widow ; at S' yailh'ft, London. 
Walter Chacndlor, Gi*nt, ^ Mnry St^swbv [in margin "St^wkly"], of 

thodJOGCae of London, SpiEr-ier; ai H^ ^tortin in the FieldM, Mtddx. 
Vicholsa Prui, Sulor,A MarKftret Freiiii,^;piiii»lcr,dau,of Roger Freud, 

of T^inheth, co. Surrfy, Brewrr ; at. S' P!»ith'ii, l^udon. 
Tliomai Baily, of S< Mari;aretV, New Fifth Street, London. A Koio 

Ifoberti, cf S' Man\ Whiteclumel. Widow; at S^ Margnrrrn nf-^'. 
Ei<:hiird Chaundler, of 8' Autholin t, London, Gent., A Emma WarBhail, 

of ?>* Bridc'n, linden, Buln^U^t , at S< AntJiolln'* afn*^, 
John Walkymi, Gent, A Mnrgaret Lohewond, of the City of London, 

Widow; at 8* Andrew 'b, Holhom, Middleiiei. 

TOL. IV. 2 


June 14 

Juno 14 

Judc 14 

June 14 

June 16 

June 19 

June 19 

June 21 

June 21 

June 21 

June 21 

June 22 

June 23 

June 23 

June 24 

June 26 

June 26 

June 26 

Juno 20 

Juno 27 

June 27 

June 27 

June 27 

June 27 

June 27 

Juno 27 

June 2S 


HicKftTd Barnard, of 8^ Thomu Apostle, London, BaleuiAn, ft EK 

Gale, of S^ Clement's, Eaatcheap, London, Spinster; at S*A 

in the Wardrobe, London. 
Robert AlouDt, of S^ Sepulchre's, London, Bastcetma^er, A 

Stanley, of same, wid!ow of Bichard Stanley; at 8^ Fi 

John Fartrid^, of Edgware, eo. Middlesex, HusbandnuD, A 

KittHon, of Edmonton, Middx-, Sp^; at Edmonton afa^. 
John Lum 3& Agnes Hill, of S^ Botolph, AIdgat6> London; 

Kicholas Olave, London. 
John Crowther, of Stepney, Middlesex, Merchant, A Alice Jud 

eame. Spinster ; at Stepney aforesaid. 
Geoffrey Ward, Cutler, & Joane Stowell, of the dioceeo of I> 

ypineter; at S^ Peter's, Comhill, or All Hallows in the Wall, L 
llenrv Dates, of Stepney, Middlesex, Cooper, & Mary Crofte, of 

\\ idow ; at same. 
Stephen I'ope, of Stepney, Middlesex, Laborer, A Alice Spurg 

Hnme. \Vidow ; at same. 
John Jollea, of !S^ JIartin in the Fields, Yeoman, A Ellenor Bo«i 

Stepney, Middlesex, Widow; at Stepney aforesaid. 
Stephen f'hillipps, Fishmonger, & Maiy Phillips, of S' Maiy 

uoth, Widow; at S* Mary Pattens [tic}, or AJl Hallowa u 

Street, Limdon. 
Martin I'aricr, of Stanford le Hope, co. Essex, Yeoman, A Eli 

Di>vL\ of Alvetey, s'^ eo., "Widow j at S* Faith's, London. 
Euyeby Mathcwi-^," of 8* Bartholomew the Great, London, Gf 

Jane Briers, of S^ Anne A Apnes, London, Spinster, dau. of [ 

Hriers, of snme, Grooer ; at Stepney, Middlesex, 
Thtunrtj^ Weeden, of Kiek mans worth, co. Herts, A Agnes Pn 

Kv^lip, Middlewx, Spinitter; at Hick mans worth aforesaid. 
John Hn^hei*, of S^ Mionnors, Queenhitho, London, Merchant, A 

Bcrrv. Widow ; at S* Xicholas Olare's, London. 
Re^nalil HccTe, of Lalehnm, Middlesex, A Helien Partridge, of I 

don. s^ CO., Spinster; at East Bedfont, Middlesex, 
Robert WinepresHC, of Stepney, Middlesex, A Jane Ball, Spinstt 

of [i/nnX'J Bali, of eaiue, G^t. ; at Stepney aforesaid. 
Edward Nevill & Alice Pn'or, of the diocese of London, Spinster 

Martin in the Fields. London. 
Sichtiliws Padmore, Clerk, A Catherine Broii-no, Spinster; at S* I 

ad Biadum, London. 
Thomas Hill, Merthont, A Dorothy Butler, of Stepney, Mic 

Widow; at Stepney aforesaid. 
John Farrar. Cordwainer, A Susan Hicke, of S' Anne A 

London, Widow ; at S* Anne A Agnes aforesaid. 
John Wood, of Fulham, Middlesex, Watenoan, A Joauo Li 

same, Widow; at same. 
John Dowglas, Merchant, A Maigaret Haswell, of Stepney, Mi< 

Widow ; at Stepnev. 
Jasper Butter, Vintuer, A Elieaheth Tailor, Spinster; at S' H 

Ludgatc, London. 
Joseph Tnfton A Anne Mason, of the City of London, Spinj 

S^ Matthew, Friday Street, London. 
Thomas Scott A Alice AlJanson ir/fVi^ Allinson, Spinster; at Che 

or Walden in diocese of London. 
William Petherston, of S* Martin in the Fields, Gent., A Ursula 

Spinster; at S' Mary, Whitechapel, or S^ Gregorr's, London 
Thomas Taylor, of S» Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, ] 

Merchant Taylor, A Susan Jefferiea, of aame, Spinater, 



TTtlliaiu Jcff^^rw«. of SnfTruu Prior, to, Caiubndge, rvouum^ at 

f 38 XicHolu notliVTT, FrlttaaW, & Anno XnUon. of Bridewell. Vi<low ; 

%\ Bridew«u Chapel. 
\t^ HeDry Ororc, Ycouiitif Hl EjirbAm Tn^vift, of tbo City of London, 
S{>itist<*r; at $^ Btlmoiid'Ev Louibard Stn?ct, London, 
JttM IS John Newman, Mon-hunt, A iLiry Dmrr, Widov ; %t ii* Piiilir*, ImxiA. 
Jaoo28 Nkbola* Baftuett, Yefimun, St. M&ry Crafte, of Cbeirthimt, Spinster; 

At BdiDOiiton, CO, MidfileHCi. 
Jme 2f> Bdwatd Difie, of a* St-pulchiv'*, LondfHi, Armorer, A Amit lli-nii&U, 
of «ftnir, Spitiat<rr, ^Iau. of Artltur Hompsixllt of miiixo, Ccrdnniaor^ 
ni S* AlphjH^c, London. 
John Jiole & Aane Wheeler, of S' C&tberUie Crcc Church, London, 

Willow; ftt S^ Cathjuino nforc^ud. 
Juvoph Sfioouv, ClerK, A. EU/ubtfth Bltuii, Spiu^tor ; at Ful^aEa or 

Fnucin Vinton, of 8' Mnry Woolii^rib, London, Glorer, A Thomaflinfr 

RogcTK, Spinater; at S^ JMuths, Loudon, 
William Bmnde, of S' DuujKitn lu \\\e WeaJ. Lnndon, Apoihecary, & 

HaHIi* Nvw<rt.t, of HackxwjTi MifiitloMr:!, Spuiutor^ at o^ Locpnard'a, 

Shoivdit^li, Middlowx- 
Thomaa IJeeelxer, Merrhant, A Chribtinn Cooper, of S^ Mary, While- 

chapcl, MiiidlwoK, Widovr ; H S* Mnry, Whitcchajiol, afgrcHiud. 
Humphrov IlAwlt-y, of Surpuvj, MiUdletex, DhwkHiuith, dc Mjltv Cord- 

w«U, of (tame, vri^Iow of John Cordwoll ; at S* Faith 't, Loudou. 
Joho Trouffbton. Silkwearer of ^ Leoiiard'a, Shorodlu^h, & Dorothy 

Fayrtrbancke, of same* Spiuaier ; at s&mc 
Tboiziatf Harcbaijt A i^Car^l)rv Bodnam, of S^ Leonard's, Foster Lane, 

Luudou. Sjtiiutvi^ tit S' Alpbofie, Loiiduii. 
16iwUnd I'af^rHon, of Stopnev. MidilWri, Mi^rrHant, ft KlivAheth 

Dav!^ of MJiinc% Widnw ; at S^ Pet(*r'» Cbi*ap, IviiiidoTi- 
Matthow Tooko, of ^^ Il^nnet, Paul's Wliarf, Loudon, imbioidcror, & 

Catheriut? Mund&y, of Kaiitt;, SpiiiHipr ; at S' Faith" ■, Ivondcnr 
Janio* GroTO, of 8^ Stopboii'tt, LVkimuii Stroct, L^>iiclou. Qirdlor, ^ 

Judith (4ynn«tt«i, of earner. Widow ; nt All Hallows in tho Wall, 

Samuel Jvffrry, of S^ Martin in tlio Vintry, London, I'aiJor, A Joano 

Gi>uLLimlili, of Bjune. ^[iiujilifr; at 3' BvtLutJt, Faur» Whtu'l, LoudoUi 
Ribband tWkrilo.oF S^ Mar^rotn, Old Pith Street, London, A Margarob 

Fowlor. of ttaincT, Hpin«t<?r; at S' ftlarirarot'fl PattcuV LcJndoiL 
Richard Knight. Tanuer, & Mary Cary. Spimiter; at Uxbrid^ op 

Uiilingdon, Middloitei. 
GoOTOo Burluu, of 8^ Edmond, Loiaburd Slrts^t, London, A SotilIi 

riiftnij, of name. SpiiiM^r: at S* Beiinot, Paur*i Wharf. L"ndi>n. 
Thomiia iiurrough, flvnl,, of ti* Gile*. tVippIogaUr, Widower, fiO, & 

A:itip ilext, of Little HuTMted, Ed»ex, Spuialer, SB, her father Am^ \ 
_ »l Little BuTHiod afurrvaidr 

Wy U WilluiOT Palmer, Goiitn, of S* Jamco* Park, nllogiTn tbo ii][iTriii>5o t>f Lod' 

wrt^k Carlile, B*q.. Itat-h', 24, & Joaue Palmer, flail, of said William, 

20; ot S» Faithy London, 
'«? U John Baylrj;, of Stepney, Middleeex, Shipwright, & Mary Orenge, of 

^amoi Widow h at wuiw. 
Jl? 11 John Chelt^n, Mtirohaiit, A Mary Brittaino, of S' Mary, Wbitociapol, 

Mid<lle«x, Widow i at S* Mary, Whileebaijel. 
«7 U Edwanl Cockeram L Mjiry Lcwc«, of S* Boiolpb, Aldgato, Loiuion, 
- Widow ; at All HallowH in the Wall, London, 

mf U William Stripp. of Ht<piL«T, Middlesex. Sailor. & France* Choyney, 

of natno, tSpfnHter.diLu. tA Krancia Choyuoy.of luimi?, tiailor; at samo. 

































Jalj 12 htln Bowlcj, of 8< PeurrV W«»tcbeiii>, Xirtndon, Tiilor, 

Bftiiud, of S« Xitflopl Bttiebav. Lontkin. Sp' ; at 9* Mieh«i}i 
Jnljr IS WiUiAm PftHuo*, oE S^ MUdn?d ia iKc Poulny, Loodoti, Apolbeti 

Joftoe Ritffii). of Sf Aftdrev't TTixIcnfiftFt, Lcndon, Widow; « 

Leooud'*, :5horr4it^. 
Juij IZ Geme Brcnntf, of ill>^lfhIl^ci^ co. Bbmi, Yeonan, & 6nc6 PI 

of wnM?, flpiiut^r ; st »&me. 
Jul5 19 OliTor ThuFf-^od. Clfrric, A Ur<ak Wood, <?l tbe Cit;' of Leo 

8pii»t«r; At S' Andrew in the Vtrdrobe^ London. 
Juljr U WSlum Feanr,ur S' Bi>tolpb, Atilengslo, Lo»d.>D. Ccck iWd 

Blonti of sMiw, Widow ; ai &Am«. 
Jolj 14 WiUuttn PriTtber, of tbv Ciir of WtvUniutor, rootnAa, A BM 

WaI^tb, Widow; At St FjulliV. U'-p^loa 
Jttlj 14 John B«1J, of & B<iU>Tph, Bi«t)op«^:i\ London, Wlitabihi 

"^ SondiiD ** Bftnifd, of S< Cleiueiil DftQes. Biiddiuei, Vidoi 

Jolj 14 

Jul7 U 

July U 
July U 

Julj 15 

Jolj 15 

Julj 17 

Julj 19 

Julj IS 

Jul^ IS 
July 29 
July 32 
Jul; 22 
July 2Z 

LJulj 24 
July 2ft 
Jnly 2-1 
JuJy 25 
JtUy 25 
July 20 

9 Botolpli RfdrcAid. 
IdaxUailUa D«>coj, Horctiftnt. Jk Morv Paro, Widow , «£ S^ BfV 

Bwliotiieftto, or 9 "Kbij M«j^ftlt>n, U'.d FS«li Streot, Lotwloti- 
WiUinm Fdb, Merclijuit, A CRtlkerino Knight, Spiiiutter; At Stfi 


Niclwlaa Tjrn>, Yeinnm, A Amw Bvwce^ Widow ; at S* Fnilhy Loa 
John Elli*, of S^ J»hn'«. W&lbrook, London, HAberdAttber, ft J 

Cockf, of i4uno, Spiiiittcr; At »0k0. 
John Spondlowe. of All IIaIIows in tlw Walt, UilUoer, is Ibq 

Wiinun^, o( HoMlon, Widow ; At HfAton AforetfAid. 
Joiia Allen. Ocat, of S^ Lawt^dccOM Jury, Bftcholor, SO.ftTlwo 

St Amyip, nf Mtno , Widow, SO ; At K' 1 jivrtm rr AforoMtid, ot At Thintltn 
Siiuoii S^xe A Uiuy HArriea, of Theydon Ominon, eo. Etffix; 

Faiths. London. 
Kichiinl Hullocktv of » LuouArd'a, Sbureditdi, Uiddlceei, Silk Thci 

& EIU»l<'tIi CI>zijruock«, of eiun«, widow cf BoboK ChAmock^: 

Botolph, RijihiuwLpfttif, IjOiidon. 
Balpl liiK-Liffo, of :^' Bartholomew bv the Eichan^e^ London, Grw 

Edith l1tiickKt> t$ptiuiUT, dAti, of Miimphroj ClinckcCt^ of AbA 

CO. ticrkfl, T^uiwrj At 8^ FAJth^a, Louilun. 
John Cnrr, Hilkmnn, A. VMtaht^th ItrAvbronke. of S^ Edinnnd**, T»c 

Street, London ; at S* 3otol}^h, Afdongat^, London. 
Thouin^ Loko, of 8* Oitp«, Cripplogntc, Loudon, A Alice Ilont 

fStopiu-v, ^^p' ; at 3^ M&ry M^Ualen, OM Thh Stii>c*t, liOudoD. 
Henry Hf^^idiug, of S^ Brid«V, London, Ue»tor Mnk«r, & Sarsh Bl 

of^lE.impton, Mtddlivcti, 8pinMt4^r; At HAtnptj>n nforcwsid^ 
Robert Draff|jat«, of S* Giles, Cnupleffale, LL»ndoii, & Ann Slocki 

■luno^ Widow; At titoi>iioy, MiddlcoJ^. 
JuIjjj Pivttjii, Uoupor, A Uatv Tall, of ^^ Audj^w'^, IIi>lboru, Midd 

Widow; at S^ Ajidiv»w'« nforc^mud, 
Peter Davillea A M^ry Archer, of 3' John Zjichary, London, 8p] 

at S* Lt^onjird'v, SfifirodittJi, 
Goorgc Taller & KtiEaleth Newberry, of Fulhiim, Middhwaz, Spt( 

at FulUam aforoAid. 
Nicholas Pnat A Anne fli™. of the iliorrarrof Loniion, Wide 

8' Mary ^faiiilalon, Oltl Fiwh Street, Loudon. 
Samuel A&bbrooke Jt iilizabiL'tli Barron, of S* liConnrd'v, Foirtor 

Li>ndoii. Widow ; nt S' Mar^ Mag-IalcE^, Old Fisb Street, Low 
Qcor^o Gaunt, Uphohtor, *fe Aiini* Moore, of S' f!t«plicm'«, Co 

Sli^et. London, Spinster ; at S* F^uth'a, London. 
ThornaM Prunmo, GenL. of ClioWu, MiddU^upx. Bach', 27, A 

Liddiat, of 5' MartiiiV la FiclJu. Spinster, 27, dau, of Ann 

^lia* LitldiAt, wbo cotuont* ^ at S^ Ouiro, Old Jowry, London. 



iug- » 

ing. 4 

Aug. 4 

W 6 

Aug. 5 

Aa^ 7 

Ang. 7 

Aug. 7 

E< 8 

John Wnrrea, of S* M^icliju^l Ba«if>liim', Mniviuiiii Tnylor, Bachelor, 24, 

^ Mntj Dockiic. of 5' Dcimel Grace Church, 3pitL»1CT, 30, dAU. of 

K' John Dvnii«» Clerks I'^kn^nn of tiuco, who coiucfita ^ flJlof^ hj 

M'' Daniel B.>inif*. ri<^rl : at "*anie partHh fhurch" [Vicaf' 

Gfncmrn lk^>k ears " »t S* Ikiioet Oraco Church"]. 
Thonuu JirAdbuT}', Draper, & Mitiv^rct K«<[mau»of ^ MaguoB, Lotulon* 

Wi<3ow; xt ^* IWih'nj I»iiil<>a 
Thotniw Ha^TV■^ " Sutor/ £ ElixAbotli Wliito, of tho <LK>ceM of Looilciu, 

Widow : at S^ faith's, London. 
lAwre&ce Clemctit», of S^ Mary >fa|fdii]ea. Old Fi»li Stnet, Louden, 

McirchADt TiLj-lor, & ^lary ilon^U, of the ViVf of WootaiuwUTp 

Widow i .tt 8' Hary Mounthflw, Loodoa- 
Thomnn Yoniig/rAllrtwnirtiii^Tctr.A Mftiy NicHoHr, ftf 8* AnreA Agn««, 

Ijondou, d|]iniii(*r ; at 8* A nn« Jt A^uoh afoRwaid. 
Balph Un>wiie. Butcher, A Atico Cawcolt. Widoir, of Now VTindBCrr, co, 

Berkj ; ul S^ J^jmn, Cli^rktuwoll, UidkUcMji. 
John HindoMou, SaJtor, A Aniio Anthony, of S* On^rjr'o, London, 

Widow; At 8^ Botolpb, Aldgmti\ London. 
HeiiT^ Noaee, of 8* Muy, VThitdclx&pel, Uiddleeox, Sailor, & Itahell 

Lev, of 0am<% Widow; at atow. 
WUIiADi BMnuinl, of Stepuo^r* Middle^e*, Carptuier, A EUxdhelh 

Xi<'holii, of uLnu*, Hpintttpr ; at wiin^. 
He&rj Nolt, of S* Sepukhre'a, Load»>u, Ciu-rer, A Anno Ballii, of 

S^ Brido't, London, 8piiutor ; at i^ Aodrow'e i& tho Wnnlroboi 

l*)K)ina4 Ethdridgc of Stopaof, co. Middloi^ox, Hhjpwright, A Judith 

Abbott, of S^ CAtht^niu) Crco CHuroh. Lcnidoii, Widuw ; at St«pnftjr 

Robert RiecToft, Drni>c-r, A Elizabeth Browne, of & Olavo'v, Hart 

Strt'ot, lj>udiju> Widow ; al t^^ OEavv'm aforoMudn 
John Unll, Goldnmith, A Acuc Uall of 8^ ClooiLiit Daue*, Middx., 

Widow ; at S^ Andrew in ihe Wari.lrobe, London. 
FnnciA Beri« A Mur^urct Mighol), uf :^tf^rpn(.'T. Middlt^BOX, Widow ; at 

Stepney aforeaaid. 
Jamc« Wc»tt M B* Gi]o«, Cripplonvto. Loudon, A Moigory Qodfroj, of 

Mim<!> Widow 1 at S' Oilftn in thi^ FiflMn, Middlpsox, 
Henrv Cocke, of S* Oreijory'a, LoDdi.*o, Merchant Tajlor, A Mary 

Maniliall, of HAmo, Wi<n>w , at K^ (irci^iiry'* ibfortwuitl. 
Jacob Pouifrett. uf 3^ Muir^-arvi'it, New Fish iStrccU Lundou, Fiabrngngor, 

A Janci Slodd, of H^ Sto|jhniL, Coleenan St3>«ot, Lojidon, ^^^itutor* dan. 

of Joha Sledd* of Weimwoold, co. Leicealer, Gent ; at S' Faith'a, 

Jamea Pomfret A Jane Sledd, Widow ; at S^ Faith 'a, London. 
Edw»rd ConnlAbl^ A StMAuna Utoatoj, of AJTcrloy, co. I>»px, Widow -, 

nt S* Fnitb'n, Ix^iiilon. 
Uattill Ullir^ston, of SK'leniont Danes, Middleaex, Tavlor, Bachelor, 

25, A Utiuci} Blmidi'll, of Karao, Widow, 30; at & Mary Ma^lalon, 

OM Fish i^trooi, Lourlon, 

Aug, 8 Richard Powcl), Oont., cf Kadon JIopo^ eo- Salop, Bachcbr, 35. A Anno 

Litilcbun". ypin-Ur, 2S. of S^ Ano\ Blackfrioni ; conaenl of her 

mother Amio LitUcbiiry* Widow; at S* Ami 'a, Blockfrian, or S' 

ftUry A liter man bury, !j<»tidoii, 
iug. fi DnTid liid^rwft^, QciiX., uf t^* JauLvf, Clorkcnwell, Widowcr.OO, A Mary 

ron't-ll, iitF S^ (.*l(Tinoi:t DnncH, SijinaUir, 3S ; at S' Anno, Bkokf rian, 

or S' Mary Aldermacburv, LomUti. 
Aug, S How^dl Heyfin. Ocnt. BacV, 2G. A Mnrgana Mearw*, of 8* Botolph, 

Bi«hopa^ate^ Widow, 3^, i«but of John Mearea, dec" ; at 8^ Gregory's, 



Aug. Gf^fforr K«tbtn, Omu of S* CleoM&t Dmffu Budi', U, t - 

FiuTcll. of 8^ Aiidrvv s. llolbom, SpiBiC«; 30, bar fiiOff T 

WdttuuD AbW, CO. Smti. 
Aog- 8 Bokrl Rogvrt A An»iol«iMii, Wvlm'; *t S^ !kfanr » EHl, Lmi 
Aug. 11 Wniiaoi I>uk<-« A Anof Momw, of S* ICvtj Aiclrnuabiux, Uoi*^ 

Wvlov ; At fii MftTf AlderfBAfibofT afoTMul 
Ati£. 11 Authouv FurnnAn, CiMit-, BacWMr 2t» A CaiLenne f^lrlmrj 

28 j'ronftcfit of mother Bo«e FiU'l>rn Wi^lidv ^ •£ Umt t? 

Aug. U QMhHpt Mmh, ^, of S^ UvtisV m PUUit, Hid'Ooiwx. BmIuKJ 
Sl JurljUi f^iltuoU, SintiHtrr. 20, ilau, ^f Thomu PkiJhKrtl. Bh 

m ItuT Clukpcl or OraroriD within xtut PaliUN> -hopof bfl 

Aug. 12 Wiiliflm &ob^ll^ Ofuv. rf 6* BskrlUoJ^Tuioir tliQ<>.v»'. ..'i^iwVr>i 

8* SepulcKre'* or S^ I'aitt'a, I*>niiL»D. 
Aug. 12 jolin Wt'nUr^ttt, TeoniAn, A Or«c? Pftrko, of 8< Dnnstui'i in tto WA | 

liOikdou, ^|riiu)tvr : ai ??* Muica iu tlie VEntinf, Lo^Ioil i 

Aug, 1^ WUluuo Cmpor, of 8* Muy 8o»o»ol, Lpadoii, Vmvat, A EBam | 

DaxjitT, of ttmev Vi^ow : %t Ame. 
AQg> 14 Oeorgo Cw1«r, o{ 9 Botolph, BuhoiMgat^ l^nioOt PwDtcr Sttbo; & 

Simh WevtoD, of sune, Widovr. 
Aug. Id John Ulono, Uf^rchnnt, A Ja»o Bobotuon, of 8topo«]r, Mj MJI W^ i | 

Widoir ; At dirfiiuij ftfnriMaf'l- 
Aag. 17 SogiTr Bancroft. Gent., & Cathrane Cooko, of S' Andrew UmdcnhUi | 

LoDxlon, SpiikBter; at S^ ^tipulchToV London. 
Aug- 17 Jf>hii ilunt, of KecuiDgtoa, A Sltrguw Burroaglwi^ of Mhoao, Wldivi 

at S* Lavronco PountiMMr, Londoca. 
Ai3g. IB 8«aucl Hubbor<L of ^ Gilo ii: tlu> F^<k Mid^eMx, Oapan«fr,t| 

Anno Thornton, of Bnme, Wi<low ; at 9 Fkitliy London. 
Aag. 19 Williiua Bull, ^f ^ Bnde^ Loodon. Cittlor. 4t ElMh^tU Petm, 1 

WHO, 8|>ui»t<Tr -, at U* Mbit MouatKiir, fjomloti, 
Aag. 21 John Noblo. of S^ Leoiuird'A, Shorwiitefc, MidiUewx, Gai^dmur. A * 

Coi>k(>, of S^ SepulehnX London, Kpuut^r ; ttX S* Mmiy, laUogUV, I 

Aug. 21 Hugh Qimrtw, of S* .Hnry, Wbitedupol, llMidlcwi. A Anav Orlof, tA 

Miue t ut S^ Fftilh^H, London. 
Aug. 21 Edward AVilsoD, of S< OlaTe. Hart Street. Lo&dozL. & Klizabetb Broel, 

of «amo ; At S^ F»ith\ IjunduD. 
Aug. SI John »pillo, of 8' dUrtiu in tbo Pieldfl, MiddlcMi, Tailor, A Dorotlij 

8luu(.\ of same, .SiJiziHlcr; at 3* Mortii/H ofurc^iMl, 
Aug. 29 John ^'tillor^Coulf, A Mjiry Turner, of S^ Alpliage, Loudon, Widow; at 

iS^ .il|;Tiat^^ nfoEVJuiid. 
Aug. 23 Jobi Pom-, of AU HoilouH tlie Gmt, LondoQ, Merchant Taylor. A 

Aituu WaiuwrigtitT of 8t4-pncv, IbliPitdUucx, ^jiituUrr, dau. of Ovorgc 

WflinwTight, of haiqOt VicttijiUur ; a1 S* Oi^gory't), London. 
Aug. 22 Tliomaa EaTward. of llorDdon, co. Essex, llujfbondmuu A BUxabffth 

IVtionc«, of Barkini*. Widow ; at S' Jlary Moanlhaw. London. 
Aug. 23 Tliomji Pnuicklin, of 8^ M^rj Woolnoth. I^oitdon, Mon-hint, A Martha 

Gibbet, of& Leonard, Sboreditob, HiddleM>ji, Bpitutor ; at S' M^rj* 

Ea)mKU>n, ?h1iddl<Mioi, 
Aug. 28 Pliilip Bull, <>f Tntiit\, Alinoric*, Lobdoit. McTchjint. A BiiabeUi PUat. 

ot «Amo, wkIou' yf Jobn Plant ; at H* Bnuiot, Paul't Wbarf, Loud. 
Aug. 24 tlaoiuvl (>re«Do, ^iikw**4ror. A )lAry Coclio, of titepuojr, MMiUtaoi^ 

SpioMi^ri nt Su-piwj nfurcuUd. 
Aug. S5 Bobori PLillpott, oE 8^ Andrew Hubbard. London. Co^r, A 

Sparrowo, widow of titopbeii Hparrowo ; at S^ Mary Moiaoi 



25 Wniiftm DiekiiLtOTi, of Stntfoid Bow, Middkaex, Sailor, & Siuvma 

Nash, of same, SpioHter ; at S^ Gregory**, London. 
, 26 Jolm Pnrke A Anne Money, of S* Andre* in the Wardrobe, London; at 

3^ Andrew aforesaid- 
28 WiQiam Heath, of Stepner, co. Middleeex, Carpenter, <fc ^Liry Hunter, 

of same, widow of £dw&rd Hunter ; at I^tepner aforesaid, 
. 28 John Sole, of Pytmer, Yeoman, &, Grace Bride, Spiniter ; at S^ Faith's, 

. 28 John Hendlej, Eeq., of 8* Olave^a, Southwark, Widower, 42, 4 EHia- 
beth Coppin, of S' Nicholas Cole Abbev, London, Widow, 50; at 
Brantford, Middlewi. 
2 Owen Hooker, of S^ Martin in the Fields, Cordwamer, A Judith 

Hughea, of same, Spinster; at S* Martin Orgar, London. 
4 John Neave, Clothier, Ju Elizabeth Woodgate, of ^ Dunstan in the 
West, London, Spinster, dau. of Thomas Woodgate, of same, 
Merchant; at Stepney, co. Middlesex. 
6 Bicbard Boyce, of Bndewell precinct, London, Merchant Taylor, £ AJico 
Boherts, of S' James, Clerkenwell, Middlesex, widow of Hiotnas 
Momn [tic] ; at Bridewell Chanel. 

6 Bobert Beecnam, of Acton, co, Midalesex, &, Catherine Fascett, of same. 

Spinster; at 3* Faith's, London. 

7 William Parker & Elizabeth Woodcocke, of 3* Gregory's, London, 

Widow ; at 3^ DuDstan in the West, London, 
7 Williain Holt, Tajlor, & Silrester BlanchHeld, of the diocese of London, 

Widow; at 3^ Faith's, London. 
7 John Smith, of S* Oileti, Cripi>1egateT London, & Margaret Bourne, of 
same. Widow; at 3* Leonard's, Shoreditch. 

■■ 8 Bichard James, of 3* Clement Danes, & Alice Smarthwaite, of same. 
Widow ; at S* Botolph, 3^ Faith, S^ Gregory, or 3^ Clement Danes, 

^ B Bobert Jacob, of Ware, co. Herts, Yeoman, A Mary Hall, of same, 
Spinster ; at Waiv aforesaid. 

<< 6 Maurice Fluellen, of S^ Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London, Free- 
mason, &, Elizabeth Taylor, of 3^ Sepulchre's, London, Widow; at S^ 
James, ClerkenweU- 

". 8 Eu^ne AUam, of 3' Mary M^dalen, Bermondsey, A Fisuia Belling- 
ham, of S* Andrew Underehaft, London, Spinster; at 3^ Michael^, 
Queenhithe, London. 

'■ 9 Bobert Hage, "Junctor," & Mary Lawrence, Widow; at S^ Mary 
Alderman bury, London, 

^ 9 Edward Arerie, of S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, Loudon, Dyer, & Maiy 
Edgley, of S^ Bartholomew the Less, West Smithfield, London, 
widow of John Edgley, late of same. Cheesemonger; at Homsey, 

'» 9 Henry Curtis, Clerk, B«ctor of West Homdon, co. Essei, & Elizabeth 
Willmott, of East Homdon, s*^ co., widow of Bobert Willmott, late 
Bector of Korth Oklndon, s*' county, dec^ ; at lugrave or East 
Homdon, co. Essex. 

■< 9 John Betts, Gent., of Chartris, Isle of Ely, co. Cambridge, Bachelor, 44, 
& Katherine Trippe,late of Trapham, co. Kent, & now of the diocese 
of London, Widow, 24 ; at JS^ Stephen, Coleman Street, London, 

■ 11 Sir Thomas Edmonds, K^ Treasurer of His Majesty's Household & one 
of His Majesty's Most Hon. Priyy Council, Widower, about 60, A 
The B' Hon- Sara, Lady Hastings, late wife to the '&> Hon. Tho Lord 
Zouch, dec^, she being now of the diocese of London, & a widow, aged 
about 60 ; at any church, cbapel, or oratory in the diocese. 

'■ 11 Edward Piggott, of 3* Olave, Silver Street, London, Stationer, & Jane 
Strange, of S^ Alpbage, London, Spinster -, at 3^ Alphage afs^. 



8e])L 11 

Sept 13 














































Jiihn PoTTymati, of Stf-pny^, co, Mi'lillrt«>T, Ship r»rpfliil*r. A Jiai 

<rf Wrtpping, po, M^MIcvei. 
Jautes Pnvtii, of S' tyjitiUhrvV, Cmtvr, A CuLbanfic Nichob. U 

Maniti, Irvnion^'DT Lniio, Loudon, Spimtfir ; at S^ Maij ^LAffiila; 

Old Fi*h Mrtt>i. LovidoD. 
Philip Bell, Gent, of Luuilon, Bwliolor, 87, A AniicPateft, nf tlo 

of Lonilotj, 2^, wi<|niT ot [Itauk] VUe^ <irnt^ i»r L^icMtDi; 

At ClielKwi or Fidbnui, oo. MUdloocx. 
ridroont SflTbj, of Hfu^kn^v, l^Ui«nmaii. A Jt^ne HajrwaH.nt 

SpinaU^; at S' FhjUi\ l^ndoa 
Thonia« Foeter, of Diiiitoa, co. ^sex. Yeoman, ft Joane Scott* o( 

WifJttw ; al ft' Mary MagdnUMt, i>\^ FUh Street, I^odon. 
John IJu-liu^ Si Janv Britl^, of ^ 3tarj MagO»]4-ti. OM Ftifei 

Loa<ion, ^Vjdotr ; nt K^ LcoBaid's, Sb^roiitch. M»ddliw?i. 
WUliam Norrie^ Yeooian, A Suaanaa Faj'ne, of HaUoo, <o> 

Wpinntcr ; at S* Fct<^r"». ConhiU, Lon[loiL 
John \^lij(o« of S* Drilled Laiidixi, Statiotier, A Frauoea IngklMti 

S' Anno, BUckfriar^, l»ndoD, WiJow; nt S" I^oaard, StoMW. 
Uichaei Bromto, <if All Saiiita in th'- lonii cif Hertford, TeotB. 

AogclolU BidiardioD. of Ch«itKcint, co. Ucrt«, widow o( 

Bicmrdtton; at S^ OTVgoij'a, Londoa. 
John Catirt.leT, cf lokcuhnm, c^. UidiUrtoa, Hufibandman, Jl 

Smith, of Ht«tnn, n^ ro,, Spimtt^r; M lufcwrrrth, Middx. 
Ob«d»h WaJlop & Mary Newport, Spinaier; at S^ BarUi&lone* 

J,cv^ Jiond^m. 
£il»brd WcUb, or Siepui.7, co. 3Iiddlt«v&, Taim«r, A Marv Hardfl^ 

the nty of LonHon, SpiwtPT; *l f<^ CJrPi;»iry"H, !.An<1on 
AYilliaxn Adde, of S* Itlarj At llill, London. Cordwfuiitfr,^ Anao 

aon, of taDiOr Widow ; at laDie. 
Kichard Orogorics of 9^ Bnu)Ct> raaVi Wbarf, LoDdoo, ImbrojilOTi 

Mar^^ant Bogem, of S* Orc^rf'a, London, 8pm*t«r, dju. 

WiUiam Rogm, of itame^ l<>raiMHoii ; at 8> Cfemenl Dane*, "^ 
Thomna Moa*e, icomau, A Eliubetli Htiglu^i, of Hamptoa, 

Widow ; at S' Gregory'e, London. 
Juhu Wublf, of tbo City uf Ijuuduti, Irunmoager, ft Saiali Macl»B< 

aatnc, Spinxtcr f at S' Boti^lph, AJdengalo, London, 
Bobort Ilartnrll ^ Mj^ Field, of 8^ Bridi>V London, Widow; U ^ 

Andrt^vf iti Ibo Wardrobe, Loudon. 
£dward ]iolfi\ Ycomnn, ft Joano Bndgmant of B«iJk>p« IJJtdci'k 

Widow; at S* GrcK^inV Louitou, 
ThoEnaa SeabroolE«, of I he Ciij of W^^tmiiurtrr, Itnr-klajor, ft Klifabrlb 

Gouldcrr, widow of nwfaan) G^iuhlcr ; at S' Grej^ory'^^ London. 
William Wobaler, of S* Bride's. London. Bricklayer^ ft Jklan' TBykff,nf 

S* Bartholomew tbo Lqm, LoekIou, Spiuater; ai & ^mtxhtAvme^ 

TboDtaa Nation, of 8^ OUrcV. ^outhwoik, co. Surrey. Tniljr, ft Sooa 

Bowo. of S^tiilea. C^ppleffE^t<^* London, Widow; at S'Gr^ory'a. Load. 
John WnJlingvT, tUml.. of I "bo 1 mi" ford. eo. Stntcx, Wuli^wcr, 40. ft 

QauiLah Slubber, of & CJotu«iLt'a. Baauh«ap, 30. widow of Bobofi 

Stnblxv. dfH?' ; nt S^ John ZArhnr^, l^nulon^ 
Thonuu Lilttic, of Rainham, co. Hawi, Hiubondmau. ft Anne 8pic«r, til 

same. Widow ; ax aanto. 
WiUiim DuTorc ft Jane D«ane, Widow, of ^^ Ohrt, Hart Strott 

lyjodou ; at fl^ Olaro'v aforMai<L 
WUliatn Ch^vtdl GmU of & Mar^rvtV W*wtmin*tcr. B*ch*'lor. 26, 4 

Marj Wbeolcr. of lame, Spintter, S5« dnu. of Tliomaa Wbedor 

dcc^ I hor mothcr'a coiutent ; at ^ Faith '«, London. 



of ULin^ Widotr i st mum. 
7 Bobm Vaq^ux of ar Oiks. Cripple^t«>. London. U|ihi>Lst4>r. A rhillis 
Jefferie, of S^ Uvy, W1ut«cau>el, >tHUUo«oi, widov of Bdwud 
JrffrTic; tX ^ Bcnei ^^bcrebof, Lamdon. 
BoUrt TlivrDtoti, Sftilor. A lUimlwUi WBJuill,of S* AndrcwVHoIbarn, 

]>it)4i>n. 9pii]al«r: At S' QivgorjV Loodoii. 
ChaHes Autlionie, of Rochfnnl, co. Emti, Phrari&n \" Kodicus "*!, k 

Mftrtlui TKomtOD, of mcu^, Si>ia»t«r ; at Sf JAmit, S«voy, Mi«tdi. 
Bichmrd RigocJuwcU, of South Oktrrdon, co. Emoi, UiubnudiDiui, & 

Bnme4t Aflhkrr. of HOkc, Spbut^r; At St«pii«^, Uidd]««ex. 
^ElUoDem" PciuL of KAjuhain, co. Kaeei. d Mat^ Chuiibrrljuiw, of 
mme. Widow; At & FflitJiV I>iiu1(iil 
D ValeDtJiie Fm, Apothwary, & Marsaxryt Hlake, of Cbnitt Cliureli, 
LouJou, ^iuBEt«r ; tit Cliriit CUurcI), Louiluu. 
^ttand llArccH'ke A Abcv AdAma* Spuutor, both of S^ B«net Kn):, 

London ; «t £i* Beoct Fink «f orewd. 
Bobcn DcwUnd A Juio SEnaUer. Spinster, both of 8* Anne, BWl- 

frian, London; at S^ Faitb'«, l^ondoQ, 
Ad»in Bcuk«, of S* Uary, Sav^nr, Middlcw^x, A Mtlbomo TobTlor, of 

S^ BtinitaD in tho Weft, Ixindon, SpinirtiTr ; at S' D[iii«ta<;*ii vdvfl. 

Herbert I'elhuu, Kaq., of Botton, co. Lint'oln, Bach', 2G. A JcmiDin 

Walilef^rr, of Burrv nd Blontom in E«iwx, fjpinitor, 20, dAu. of 

HioDiae Widile^ravi-. &i(|., of saino, vho eounrnt* -, At I1utv« nfd^. 

AntbofiT (>rifliii, itf S* AlApy SoiAQraot, F^tidnn^Clothworlcvr, ABliUkbetb 

Staltm.of S< Aiilboliii'ii, London, Spiit>ft«r; atS* Antholin"»afon»ail 

WilJiatnSiD^letoQ.of S* Bototpb, Aldorogito, LoiidoruAMarjFerbrtJid, 

of same, Spiiiiit«r ; at ttkutQ. 
0«org« Nod», of 8* Audrcwy IIi^Ibor[t» Lond^tn, ChAndlcr, A Etiiabctli 

Coolftv, Spnut^r; M- S^ Jninps, (*l**rkonv*^lL 
Tbomaa Good)-, of CnuuahaEn. i:u. &iex, & Siuau Ucsd, Hpinat^^r ^ nt 
9 Faith's or 3' Grof^oir^ London. 
18 Henrj" Muudv, of liunidua tin the Hill, co. Bsiiei, Groc-vr, A Sarah 
Dorc, of )lAt(-biuc, v^ CO,, Spinvtor, dnu. of Ifobvrt Doiv^ of i»ame» 
Yeoman ; At All iLwUntPk-ii BnrkiTrtf, Londnn. 
20 JaniM 8one, of Christ Cimrch, London, Cook, & Marj Cole, of anme, 
SpiojiU^r; at H^ Man'i Islington, MiddteHex. 
Ridiard Aiillwurxl. uf jfialip, co. Hiddlcac^, Yeoman, & Jaao Clarke, of 
lUrrow on tJi© Elill, b^ co-. Widow ; at Hiitlip or Harrow afo»«aid. 
Thotnaa Legg, of Waltbam Holy Cro», co. 13«o*. A Margaret 'Ament, 

of aainc^ Widow; at S' John Znchary, TiOiidoti. 
John Gattle, of :5to[>noy, co. Middleitei, Merchant, & IduAau Coaiyiw, of 

•ante, Widow ^ nt «Ainff. 
Gwijorj- Hfman A filij:Hboi1i Orbi^, of S* Cletuernt DanoK. London, 

Widow i nt S' Faith '», London. 
William Carter, uf Hiirnohurth, co. EH&ei. & Uair Botta, of Hame, 

dpiiMtor; at ^' Mary MaKdjiIcn, Old FiitU Strt^ct, Xoodoii. 
ThoinAii P&liDCT A Pruiium'« Hill, Spiiuter ; at; S' Miobniprn, QuMmUithe, 

William Thornton, fleut.. of City of Wi>HtmiuhtcT, Bachelor, 24 or 25, 
A E^xabctb ITndorwood, "f «im<', SpinitU'r, 21 or 22-, connwnt of bor 
mother, a Widow; at 8' OrcgorvX LoihIoti. 
William Cooper, of i^tepney, MiddloAex, & Klkm liumlort. Widow; at 

Stt-imi*y ufcircimJd. 
Jolin Bulltngham, of S^ Mary AWerraaiy, Londiru, A Audn^ l)owne«» 
of H* Tbonuui Aptmtlt, London, SniiiHiur; m S^ l'aith*«, LundijQ. 
ff Thomas Ford, of Runcoiubo, eu. Berk*. VoomAn, A Anne ButteT^oU, 

of the diocese of London, 8pin»tcr ; at ^^ FaitbV London. 
Toil. IT. A A 


Oei. 37 

















Oct 31 














Jolui Xoi>&r Omit, of AtitoD, KtiililieAcXt Wulowc^f. iC. & 

Npirman. of itn* i.iin«*#f* of Lom^I't?, ST>iTi*iu*r 20: <tf>fi*aitflfl 

inndicr Miiry NrVkUAii, Widow ; rhV, l^ii^dcni, 

Tli<:kTTiu Jcnkn, of S' flein^nt Dan. . r. & Mary Whi* 

tlw City Iff WcwttnitiMlf^r, -Sninxii-r ; nt -S' Kni iVn^ Uondon. 
JattiiM Turlor, of S' Gilcn, Crtjijilv^tA, Lotulon, A Elltfa Sfi^l 

ITMlcnoj.Middlcvei, widow ot Johtt 8p«fkeH; &t S' Mi ch ^f 

hi the* Londuu. 
Tbomu Pnrkcr, nf 9^ M&i^m, Loolon, A Amw Cobbet, of & ' 

tbu Ficldji, ^tidiU,. Spinntcr ; nt fi^ Botolph. AUG»Kftl«, LoniJ 
Jnlkn Sootl-. of S^ GiW in tlio KicVb, MtiMlo^K, Bnwcr, i 

AtkiiLAtm, ijf tikmc, Wicow; nt S* Gili-' ■:-" —"-v!. 
Daiik-I PooIo, of ti* Mftrr. AriiitecliAjio), v, Flumia.A! 

S* Nif'hotfta Co]» A.btH«y, Loiid<»n. 
WilUun Axe. WaUrnnAu', k Dohor^ Dudlf^, of Oiwavioh, 
widow of KiLv^arl Dudlet ; al S' M&rj Ha^len, UiUe ' 

Bichurd Treat, of 8" Marr Wonln-^th. LT>nd<«, Ot*W»m{t^. A' 
ATftrill.ofSMtitAlpKir ! ^f^ 

AtowU. of juuiip, MrA'] 1 

Lcon^ml ILnuud. of 8' Mapt Akii-rciAitburj, Lowiini, i'lrj^na 
^lUMui Jjickft(iii,of ftaow, \Viitim- ; At S^ MMij;v«t'«, N^v ri»)a 3 

Wiiiiiun W^(1I«M>. of At Matj, Savoj-. Middlcstcx, Chlmrseoo. A 1 

8hjiwe, of 4<Mi)c, .S])iii«t4?r, dAu. of MauHc^ Shawtt, of miiu«0 

At H^ Xi\M\ Hlackfrum, lvi>ndoD. 
Duiirl Hatch, of 8u-j>»i*v, &Iidit]<<«>cx, Vomuftn, A rAlharinc Pvar^ < 

H^ Sp^iiUthiip\ London, Sjnnitt^r; At B* Aibdrcw In tli* Wati' 

Robert Wyncli, Gent, of Woodford, Evrx, Vidowcr, 'i$, Jl Oifi 

Lvnton, of S* Botolpli, AJdgate. SpuiBior, 21, dAO. of RoU'n 1-pii«j 

Sftinuid Nirmii, of LitUr JWd^w, at. Fjbcu Sjuilrr, A 8«miui B4n,a{!^J 
Soptilchro ». IjondoD* SpiTLstor, daii. of NathAnid Bum ^t ' 
^t&dJer ; At ^^ JAtDu, (.^k^rkonwolK 

Wil1iflt» Oukrlcj'f of 3*- liololtrh. Ui»1iop»pkU\ Ij^mkIoil, Tiiribor, A Jo 
FoAr*!^, of KAtntT. S|v'; mt S^ Jimfvi in thr Wnll, I^mdoR. 

Philip Trippetl, &u1or, & SuiftD Cordwell of :S* 8opukhrfy: 
Spiiuter; nt & Muy MAgdAlifo, Old Fixh Stnv-l, IjondoD. 

CliArW HATen, OeDt,. of S' Etele^'fl, Bi*hopHgnte. LondoA. Bi 
30. fAther doAcI, & Uuy Bflker, of S^ Ctcui«at Daoc*, W>^ 
SriinMUir, Ifi, <Ua- cif Alflximd^r Baker. B»^.. of City of WtttEn 
whoe^ oonseat U Alloited by BicliArd Uakor, QccitJ, of S< Bod 
Staioeri. MiddJeaex, 

ThiMHAA Cromjiton, Goatt of City of Oxford, Widnwrr, a$«1^ 
JoAiw larchin, of 6* MiebocI, Qucctkhithi^* Londou, Widow, IS; i 
8< OUre'«, Silver Street London, 

Chnatopher Uutchiiuonn, of S< Uftij SUyuiniEf, London, 

BAchdor, 40, A Sara Kiu^t> of ume. 50. tvidow of KioKard 
Ute of BAmc, Bnktrr, At ±!^ Matj Stayniug, or 3^ I'otcr, Wt«t 

Arthur Ooocibe, of 6^ Matt At Tlill, Loiuloa, Baker, A Domthr Vi 

too, of 9^ Botolph, lJnhopag»t^ Londou, Widow; MS* 

n^DTT Clarke, of Hon^vr -in iHi* nill. co, Bl^dloM-x. Vi^ini^r). Jb An 

\voc<loQ. of Biuboy, oo. f £crU. Widow ; a* s^ Jl^iuHrU PauI'm Win 




7 Job Bndebftw, Brewer, Bocbelor, 27, & Cftthanne Stn>de, Spinstor, 19^ 
dfto. of Hugh Strode, GJent., of Wlutchurch, Donet, who consento ; 
at S^ Anne's^ Blackfriars, London. 

10 Bichud Frith, of S^ Andrew'e, Holbom, Middleeez, Carpenter, & Anne 

BTgT&Te, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, London, Spinster; at S* Mary 
Moimthaw, London - 

11 John Cope, Esq., of S^ Bride^e, London, Bachelor, 18, son of Sir William 

Cope, K', now of oAme, who consenta, & Mary Walter, Spinster, 17, 

dau. of the B' Hon. Sir John Walter, Lord Chief Boron, who con- 

senta; at TJxbridge, Middlesex* 
11 fiichard Bogere, of S* Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, Yeoman, & 

Catberine Johnson, Spinster; at S^ Gregory's, London. 
13 John Bobinaon, of S^ Mary, Bow, London, Merchant Tavlor, & Catherine 

Badby, of All Hallowa in the Wall, London, widow of Benjamin 

Bodby ; at All Hallows aforesaid. 
11 Humphrey Cocke, of Buipham, co. Essex, Yeoman, & Faith Einch, of 

same, Spinster, dan. of Robert Finch, of same. Yeoman ; at S^ 

Botoipb, Aldgate, London. 
16 Hn^ Flood, of S^ Catherine Coleman, London, Salter, & Sarah Howe, 

Widow ; at S^ Augustine's, London. 

16 Oswald Tilmon & Kh^abetb Packnom, of the diocese of London, Spinster ; 

at Fulhom, co. Middlesex. 
1$ Jone de Qaeeter, Gent., of S' Andrew's Hubbard, London, Bachelor, 

83, & Anna Lajie, of Eaatham, Essex, 21, widow of Henry Lane, late 

of same, Qent, dec^; at Eaatham or Westham, E^ex. 
15 Paul Vaughan & Anne Clarke, of S^ Clement I)aues, London ; at S^ 

Clement Danes aforesaid. 

17 John Mallet, of S^ Andrew Undershaft, London, & Alice Ailen, of same, 

Widow ; at S^ Andrew Undershaft afs"". 

17 John Bickson, of Finchley, co. Middlesex, & Mary Clifford, of East 

Bamet, s^ co., Widow ; at Finchley aforesaid. 

18 John Game, of S^ Clement Danes, co. Middlesex, Yeoman, & Jane 

Underwood, of 8' Andrew's, Holbora, London, Spinster; at S* 

Gregory's, London. 
18 John Hamersoa, Brasier, <& Margaret Wood, Spinster ; at S* Margaret's, 

Kew Fish Street, London. 
IS Leonard Smith, of S* Sepulchre's, London, Stationer, & Elizabeth 

Hammond, of same, Spinster ; at S^ Andrew's, Uolborn. 
18 Stephen Harris, of S^ Clement Danes, Middlesex, Chandler, & Jane 

Mathewes, of Chelsea, s* county, Widow j at S^ Clement Danes afa^. 
20 Vincent Gatward, Gent., of S* Dunstan in the West, London, Bachelor, 

24, A Anne Hunedon [Vicar- Generars Book says '* Hudson "], of 

S» Peter's ad Vinculo, Widow, 25 ; at S^ Mary Magdalen, Old Fish S', 

20 Bobert Stevenson, of S^ Michael Bosiahaw, & Ellen Tailor, of S^ Giles, 

Cripplorato, London, Spinster; at S^ Mary Magdalen, Old Fiah 

Street, London. 
20 Philip QroTo & Joane Carpenter, of the diocese of London, Spinster; at 

S" Faith's, London. 

22 John PittmoD, of S^ Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, Baker, & Alice 

Pigge, of same, widow of Cornelius Pigee ; at S* Gregory's, Loud. 

23 John Chissell, of S^ Mary,- laUngton, Middlesex, Tailor, £ Cbjistabell 

More, of Stepney, s** co.. Widow ; at Stepney ofs*^. 

24 John Mountford & Maiy Blofeild, of S* Peters, Cornhill, Widow; at 

S^ Peter's aforesaid. 
24 Thomas Lettman, of Chelmsford, Baaex, Husbandman, & Catherine 
Gntye, of Ghcot Baddow, b** county, Widow ; at S' Nicholas Aeons, 


Nov. 27 

mahrtaoe licences qraxtbd 

Dsatfr] ClttrVo^ of S< p4?ti>r'B, lATiwt Cbcap, Lf>DdoQ. P^ntmAW, < 
ELiiabc-a WeUienlL of ^ Mary SocoerMi, Loadon. Wid^v ; « 9 

TboiDu Wrigtjt .t Mary Gmj-gooso, of GdmouUin, Kiddlcaeii a 

Samuel M&rr«<lgi\ of Harknej. Htddleflf^x. Huahandcnui, A Maijnl I 

Lmo, of latnc, V^titow; »t S^ MidiAol, Qu«(takitbe. LonAcn. 
John ^oldin^ uf tiarkitij. co. fivaex, HeronMit Tdijior, & Mvy B«i i 

t>r tau!w, Spiiutor, 
HoK^rt Bn}wn«« of & Ktiitn\ London. Tmlor, A tMbell AttttAiuif i 
Mnrtin Ouiwt^h. IxiDdoD, widow of Edward Aastoa; at9*Mifii 
Otiiwich aforeMid. 
llctxry Lritt, of AU iTAllow* fUrkiD^. London, Mrrcbuit, A JouwISL 
of Uw Citj of WmUoiDBl^r. widow of Tbonuka EUI ; *i S' FuAs 
AkiiLiid^r Tutt, of CKneit Churcb, licndon, Morchmnt T&jlor, ft Bia- 
belh Cooke, of umo, widow of William Cooke ; at CbblMk ^ 
Lo^« Uob«irt«, KIoroliaAt, A Azin« Willimote, of S* Hagau«» Loniff^ 

Sptiutcr ; nt 8^ MAcnu* aforwfcid, 
Jouftthui Stott [in Vicar-Cretor&l'B Btwk "Scott"], G«fit, d* 
Cleineiit>, Eiut Chonp, London, Bnclu^Uir, :£7. A Suuuk WeefcA«f 
R«igat«i Surrv/, SpitMitrri t^, <luu- of T1ii>uia0 W««ke«t of ^M | 
Oriit . who cnnM»nt<i ; »t S* (^lomont'ii, RBuU^boap^ aforoNud* 
Joliii Uurt^tt. Qout, of Okiiidmn, BerVi, Bni'Viobr, 25. A JioeOBfetfl 

of 8* Mnrtin » in Field*. \f itlow. 21 ; nt H' Faith'*, Txnido*. 
air Mil*^ Sandys K* ft Ba^^ Widower, (H, ft aiary Wwt, of S' Maj 
A Id onn Anbury, Loudou, Widow, 40; At fil^ Mary Aldtrmmbcri 
Edujoud WettiJI, of S* Mjiry, Wliiledjapel, Jiiddlewx. MonAmt. 
Bik^ht?ltir. 32, & Maracry llnvc«, of J^^ IJcnuet Unwc Church, LooddOt | 
Widow, 32; al S^ Marv, Wliilvdmpt'l, afuronaid. i 

John Acton^ of S< Matthew, Friday Slreut, T^iidoa, OoMavaith, ft Vnf 
Adincn af S* Clemoiit Danue, Middlonn, Si>iiutor; at S^ Tvl^'^ 
London. I 

WiUtjim Kyme, of 8' DuiiMtan in the Wcet, Loudon, Porter, ft Uuigi'A I 

Hodall, i>f tnrao, Widow ; at All Hallow** Harking LondOD. 
John Grifffii, Mr^rrhftnt Ttt-j^lnp, A Margnrtrt BIjwkhaTa. nf S^ Duni*' 

iu the ^etil, London, SpwiBler ; at S' Dun^tan'a afa*'. 
John Hurt, of S' CIpmcnt Danen, MiddJonox, Hut^-hc^r if: Jnnc HaW^J 

of We*i TbcjiTock, co. Eiuiex. Spinster ; at S' Clemeiil J>aii«« ab*. 
John WL>od, Taibr. ft Joano Hobiiisou, Spinwtw, dun. of JoKn Kcbias^l 

of WiiTtinc, CO. Hurrcy. TcomaD ; nt S* FaiibV Loudon. 
JamfH tiiSord, of 8> Sepulctre's, Lot^dou, Schoo]mn«ter. ft Mary Olii^^ 
nidow of John Oliffo, Uto of ti^ Ann^ Bta4:ktriar«, Loudon; it 
6«p\i1clirv'e afort-said. 
John 8ttundi*rii, of AH Tlnllowit, Broad Strict, London, ClothwoAer, 
Barbara fSlepheoH, of S^ Auj^uvtinc'a, Luiidoo, Spinster i at 
AugtifltiTic'ff afon<flaid- 
William Payrfai, Cicrk, 

Stark 07, nf S' Mnry, 

CiirnhUl, Lond. 
John Itadford, of Fulbam, Middlesex, ft Anne Slanbop, of 

S|>irtJt4*r; lit S* Mary Bla^dalen, Old Piib t^treetr London. 
Jfiuion BjiiMJii, iif S* Mary, Whilochapol, Middloseii, Mirrcli&iit, ft 

Kwom, of flump, Jipitmtor; »t S' Mary. Whitochjtpol, afs^. 
Huinnhrcy Wuvmau, of S^ Aut;uiitine'», Loudau, ft Sara Gray, of md 

Widows at S^ BotolpK T^inhoiHgatc, Loudon. 

Vicar of Ea^tbatii, 00. Bswx, ft Dor 
SaToy, Midd]o»ox, Spinster ; at 3' Potor'^ 



Qat^oDJui.uf Boughioii 0];kv<<, co. Kiriit^ Y(.*oiiiiiti - at S^ Burlliolonew 

the Great, l#ondoii. 
Bobort Fordlev, Brcwor, & Juniitf Caries Widow ; at S* Bf>tu1|>b, 

Ald^t^, London. 
Iticlurd TurDcr, of S* Mitrj BctluLW, J^emdon, 'Rmhvoidcn^r^ A Ffadccii 

Bntdford. iif S^ Mii^hiw] Koval, Lcn<laii l at S^ AiitLolio'ih Ixi»d 
PnujciH ClamtirHaino, of S' Aimrcw in tKo WArdrobc, Tjiindi)!], YcMiniau, 

± EHzabotli PlAttR. of 9 Clenwnl Danes, Middleiex, Widow; st 

3^ CleinoiU Da»t« nfa'. 
NivhoW Higood> of S^ OOet. Cnfip1ogAt«, London, Mcrt^huit TAvfor, & 

Aiitie TMn£:G;or, of ttxtne, Spiii«t<*r ; at 8* Mjiry Somonct, LotidoiL 
Rolwrl Sjjaldcij, of Slvtiuey. iliddleaex, Shi[jwrr«ht, A Jane Arthur, of 

»»aim\ Spiiwtcr ; nt Ali llaUow» in Iho WiiU. I^udon- 
LavrrcDCo ChurvJwe, of ti* Htrpukhroe^ London^ A Ell<?Dor Al«>£iU]dor, 

of Hnm^ Widow : nt S^ FwiV»< T-ondon, 
Wolfui Smith, of fi^ ^within**, Lcindon* Qrocpr^ & Klixiibuth Pune, oF 

9 fiepnlchro*^ LoDdon, Spmstcr^ dau. of William Paine, of eamo* 

Mtcr 't nl S* 8(3puli^ljro'ii afurt-Haid^ 
Tlioinas Owntkin, Uuat., & Joaae Uollovzky. Sp'i At S' Ghrcgory's, 

Andrew Oxeubury* of SliadweLl, >L;iiiUo»ei, Jb Joane Batle. of vame. 

Widow; nt StI'pnc'V, c"- Muldk.nox. 
WiUiam Sautidernou, Iiinln.'1'U'r, A JudiLli lli^ley. vf All natlowH tbe 

TipBH, Thante* Strict, f,iiiidnn, Wijlnw ; at S' Mnry a,i. Hill, Lnndou. 
Riohard l^rfcrii, HiisbiiudiiLiLn* Si Rt-bi-ivri Burntid. of co, Miildlivcx ; at 

FiucMey or Ilcndon, co, Uidd]o8e:(. 
Anthony Coole. GKruC, of Kiuliuiund. ^Surruj", Widowbr, 30, JH Elizabeth 

Suoukc« of ftLUJi\ 8piDot«r» 20, Hor parcnta dtad; jit S^ BridoV, 

Hk-v Hanuiioiid A Mary Dod*l, Widow ; at S< FajUi x, fjondon, 
John Coles, of 8' Orog^iT''^, London, Jt t'athmno i'aratb, of aaiue, 

Widtiw; Bt«' Mnr>' at'JIill, Loudon- 
8tep1t«ii Aiurt«d, ff ChorUev, c^^. Surroy, RriokUycr, A Jctmi^ DuoU, of 

Cranford, oiy. MiddliTMci* SpiMstcr ; nt S^ Fciilh'fl, London, 
WiDiaru Hart, of Koldon. oo. E^ex, Ycomao, A Clemonco ('Wlcu, 

Widow ; nt Bumtwo*Ml, *:i»- K«t*ri. 
Silvanuv Hide, of S* IJionts Buckcburcb, Loudou, Clotb^vorkor, Jb 

CAtkarine Uougdali", of wimc, widow of Williani Uougdale; at 

8* CU'iiK-nt T)aiie«. Middlesex. 
Bobert llerriiigT of 8' fionwnt Uanw, London, A Mary Haniot, of ftamo, 

dpiuffUr; nt 8* Marv Slitutilliaw, Luudou- 
Jobn Allen, Oent,, ftt KImoii, co- Nttrfolk, DtLckeW, 10, A AYttso Adama, 

of Ware, Tlcn*. 'iO, wid<>w of Itickard Adami.. Atx^; at H' Faiih'a or 

S* 31ar}' Mofjntliaw, Loiidoa. 
Wiiliam I'miiifoi'd, of «* lln'gory'n, London, ft KJitabuth Wood, of 

Bamr, SpiuHtcr ', at S* FajlIlV. Londoi). 
John ScmiaTrorr, (rrnt , (»f Kingabun-, Miildloses, Barli^lor, 40, A Mary 

IfArHbnIl, of HcnduTi, Middleaoi, Spinnlcr, 25, dau. of Thomas 

Marik, of same, Ycoinan, who conrtcnta; at Kingsbury afa'*. 
|21 Richnrl HuvUind?!^ of S^ BuColpb, BiHbo[i»^u(e. Lundon, Cordwaiucr, Jt 

Kb/jibi-^tk Mi.T^Tin, of ttaiuo, Sj)' ; at S< Boi^ol S!ierehi>L', Londoxi. 
Abnel Bolaa, UabiTdwk^r, & Atitii^ SiJ^vonsiui, of S^ Mary 4SomerMpt, 
London, Spinaler; al S' Mary Maj^daleti. Old Fiak Slj^'et, London, 
Valentine I'ott^^r, of S* iMary, 'Wkitrcha|Hd, Cordwaincr, & Cjuaaima 

Hnrriii^tun, Widow ; at S' Trinity, Luiiduii. 
Jobn Petlit, of S* Mildrftfl. Bretid Street, Loudoo, Vintner, A Slar^ant 
Kodkam, of lame, SpLujiUT , at S^ Mildred aEa**. 

Deo. 2a 

Dec 28 
Dec. 90 


Merrill, Widow ; 4l S* Sc'pglclm's, r^iixloo. 
fit«iphc!k Kicchaisis. GnK-c*r, & Joodc Wctifer* of 8^ Oilcv, Crii 

Jui. 1 


I 3mt. 2 

^L Jan. 3 

Lotidini, ApiDHt«r ; At S* Marj Magiiokoi, Old Pbli Stn>ei, 
Williftia Tuilor, K*b<>rda«1io<r, & Ihlnry ClinMti&n, of 9 AfitI 

Uodfin, SpitistfTT; At S^ Uary nt Hiil or All HoUovi t^ 

Dec 28 Uowbnd SLodd, of 8< Bciiot I'tnk. London. Joyner, & Alice Happ|,l 

tlie Ufwii of FIoTtfunL dj>iiuu-r > al All SoiiiU, U^rtfi^rdt ifH. 
Dm. 2£I l!<Ui«rd MAnUtf* 4c .Uno T^iich, f)f H^ DiiiuUn it) tK* W^l, Lai 

WiJiiv' ; :it ^^ Martin Outwieli or S^ Bortholotnonr Biehaiigi, I 
Dec. 29 Jt^n Ari.*herH VhrV, A ^juin Ratton. of TrinLtjr, Uinorio*, London,! 

dAiL of Mfttifacvf HuiiOD. of a&ine, Qem. ; ftt Trinliy, Miaorie>, i ' 
Dec 90 JonnDuh D^w^uu, Ct«rk, A,M,, A Sibill l^R°i Sp3ti«ter, dao. of F 

Prm of WinaJow, r<v Ducliii, Qmxt ; AC GnunDorow or VindoVil 

Dec 30 Cl<)0|*hjuiiSmith,TiJlowCliimtUor,ASaB«irnrriaffton,o£S^ Margin 

Now Fiali Sirwt, XiOiitliju, Sjjuuior; ott AU HaIIowb in tiioVi 

Dec. 90 John Tn|uiull, Cli&ndio^ A Tbeodora SamEoni Widow; wX [* 


Jnu. 4 

Jan. 5 

Jui. 6 


Jiui. o 


Juu. b 

JjiU. H 

ilttu. u 


Joseph W^hit^'hiirrh, of 8> Mvtin OrgKF, London, HAlMrduhig 

Licely Lnutvnce, of Christ Cliuicli, London, Spinater \ at Cm 

I'hurvh aforesaid. 
AVilliaiii UumiuU, of S^ SvjiuIrtiruV. Luudou, VtDUlor, A Jane SfUlttA 

of iHiie, widow of Ko^T Alilliiinn - nt S* Bridoy Londton. 
CboHc* JemiTti of S* Oicmcat DiuieM, Middliwex, Taylor, A Bn4g« 

llaldne, of tuune. Widow ; Jit S^ yallh'*, London. 
John WLLIoiighbr, of ^^ Clomuot's EuMtdicftp, London, UaberdMhert ^ 

Anno Kuonvhcr, of niUDtJ, fiipiutit^ri ut S^ ^l*i7i Icluk^n, ' MidrlleMTK. 
John DawHtk^n, of S^ Cathonne Coleman, London, Silk Tfaroitcr, • . 

HcleiL UATclp^gs, dau. of Thomas UaroJcgijv, of Hishopa iiatfttl'^ 

Lo. ([trU, Y«oman ; ut li^ AlpUaj;^ or Ail ilaUuvrii la Uio WbIL 

Jolui Wrnijg, Gont., of 3^ Jamov. Clorkonwell, Widower. 62, k AnO* 

Uedidfis of City of WttlmiaBter, 45, widow of Arthur Bcdalft'' 

dec*" ; at S* UreKory"*, London. 
Jtowlajid Wm>dwiiT^l. Vicnt., uf b' Mur^arot't, Wt-fltuiiuelctt 45, ' 

KlIiinT OrimwdiloK 8pin*tt*r, 32, dair of HtTirj (irimAdiK'Ji ; at Had 

i-'lin|M'I of liridcwcll. London. 
Kobcrt Tliomaa, Geiii.. of S' Martina ia I'ieldB, Widower, 30, A Klii*' 

both I^eavo, of JiAm<%:M, ^\-idow of John Ncave^dee*; at &• Benoc*'* 

PuuI'h Wli&rf, ur 8^ Crt'gorj*B, Loudon. 
''Jaditten" LovrrlAnd-t Aim l)rtvie*,SpinHtor; at S^ Grej^TT's, Loadoa - 
TiuwuM Barthoiomew, of S^ Andrew in the Wanlrobe, i^ndon, Wattr- 

man, A Marsjarot Hakor. of samo, 3pin»toT ; at 5^ Aurirown afa", 
Johu Hnrnngti>n, af Plueliuy. co, Kwtfx, ycouiac, A Auu ilarntt o« 

Da^liham, i"* I'o,, Spiij«t«r; Jrt S" Ikitolpl, AJdgnte, London. 
Koht^rt Walker, of Ijamboth, cw. Surrey. & Margaret UbeU, of S* 

M*>i>hen\ Coleman Street, London, ypinstorj at S^ James in the 

Wiill, Londun. 

fi^ ^^oreU, Gpooor, £ Mary Uarch'raTe, Spiiwleri at Dodham, oo. 

John Wi„„«-i.i Mj^i^t^f^ ^ jy^^h Bibchon, of Edgar, oo. Middl. 
■ licnnet, L'aul's WharL LondcQ. 










0. IT 




a. 17 
n. 17 
n. 16 

». Ifl 

Daniel F«thor»e, Gunemiili, Jt <^natulni Sortohkj, Sfinttofi nt 9 

UAf7 st Hill, LoQtloD. 
Edward DeARnui. of Simtfonl U^vr J)n<^-k]Ayer, A Eliubeth SUyTei,of 

»* Maty at Hill. I^Juiot, .S|)iTii»trr ; nt S»".Mrtry [U Hil) afonwd. 
WiUuktii 5i»hh. uf f^' HciiL-; GnKCi^ljuiTlt, I^iiilou, hmbolder, & Sanli 

Koarne, of ?$* I)oTA>lphr Ablgale, l^ndon, Sf.inkt<>r; At S* Botolph 

Oeoive Brewer, of Bafllfaatti, oo- Emoz, Tailor, Jt Atrne Jerru. of S* 

Mary Hiit)*aw, fxindon, Sjiintler ; a; 8^ Mar^ ^luuathftw, l^id. 
WJUiiuti HciATD, Chinir^[COf>, A M«ry Sokcr, of S* 8o|Kikiire '«, Loudon, 

Widov ; nt ^ S4'jiiilchrc'» afnrrmjd. 
Kobert Flud & EUuibelb lluebefl, of ^ Martin in the TieUi, London, 

WkIov ; nt S< Mnrttn't ■forattid. 
Villuuu L«i>e« GmjI.. of Uiddl« Teiu|»le, BacIioIof, 25, & EUubt'tli 

Buiniftor, of Iloflfonl, Spiavlior, 20, d^u, of H' D' BAiiintur, IV of 

liiyMJCr nho coiuento; at [5f(M^]. [Thu «ntry crroitMHl out. luid not 

JoKn Brooker, of S' Catherine by the Tower of Ixndon, Tftllow 

Clundlor, ^ Aiinc Qodfroyt of i^tondon, oo, Hcrt», Spiiut4>r ; at & 

SopuleTire'n, l^adon. 
Tbomaa Aldw^^ll, of S' Botolph, Aldgat<*, London. Sailor, & Marguvt 

Lattgtoa, of S^ Amit^. KbifLfriuntt Loi:doii, wutow of IVler Lasgton; 

Hi ^* Aijut^, BT»ckfriar>s itfvrivatd- 
EdvarU (filbord, cif S^ Jatno, CIcrkcuwoU« MiddlcMox. Hriv^klAyor, A 

AuiM* BuTk'ea, of S* Jamtw. Oarlick llilhe, LonJuu, tipinattr ; at S* 

Andrew m (be Wanlrobc, litjudon. 
Peter Baker, of S^ Botolph, Hi*hop8gat«, London, But«ber, ft Siuuui 

I£olfc, of Miunc, Bpin»t<rri at ^^ Uu>tclph aforesaid. 
Hiiffb OnlKiroe, Onnt, & MargivnTt B>nrn4ii, HpIuflt^T; at 8^ Stflpbooi**, 

Walbrook, London. 
Joltn Mi'ldlcton, of S^ Andrew Uuderaliaft, LoDflon, Morcbant Tnylor, & 

Sarah Brook ebankc, of ^* LawreiKv, Old Jewry, London, S]ijiiHt4ir; 

al S* Uciuiol SboTohog, or AH jlaliowa. Iloiioy Lnno, I^tidon- 
Hichanl Lou^^ of S* Hary SomerHet. London, '" LikfuatoKTm," & Bli«a- 

bctb Bat«ii, of 8^ Mt<rKaori<, Quiv-ii bilbo, London, ?4pinfttcr; at 8^ 

8epulcbr«'a, London, 
TotcT Wonvn, of S* CAthcrinc Crccchurcb, lioiidon. Skinnor, A Aiiut? 

SpctiHor, of nmo. SpiOitU^r, dni). uf TKotrinH Spoziiter. of W^itutvimbo, 

CO, Glouc6*»ter, VeomAa ; nt IS^ Catlutniic C"rcoohrjrch af^. 
/oliii ChcUDp, of Stratford Bow. &>, Mtdiiaiei, Vintner, Jc EHuabcth 

BairacluOtOf mudo, :Spiii«t<Tr, dau. of John Barrocluc, Butcher; at 

Stmtford Bow aforooaid. 
Geonge Plakenett [? Plukeuotl], of the City of Wefttnunatar, 

Scrivnwr, A Jaiw BiiUmer, of aarue. So' -, at S* Faitli ^ London, 
ifdward Wirley, of S^ Marv* KaToj. liontlon. & Jnue Jollej, of naino, 

8|>Uu(4;r; at W^ Bciiiiot, I'aura Wliarf, Loiidou. 
Daai^l CitSe, of S^ Dun^ton tn the W«>U, Loiidun, Oirdl^r, ^ EliKabotb 

Dalmaii, SpinMor; at 3' Rride'is Lt^ndi^tr 
Rjdiard Tewe^ Brit-'klaven A Alico Oaborne, of 8' Mftrtiu in tho Piol<l», 

Widow ; at H^ Uioliaet le Quome, LotiJnn, 
Andrew PhimpWD, of 8^ Margarol Uo««os I^>iidoa, A Eltsaboth Morahal), 

of S' Mary Somorwt, Iiondon, Spinj»t<ir, tUn, of Kichard Marshall, 

of name. Dyer ; at S^ ^^7 Somore^t afA'^ 
Simon SmArtwooti, trf 9 Michael, Qac-viihitbc, London, Carman, A 

Margaret Turiii-'r oIm 8avii|^«, of S* Miiry Somerfeot, London, 

Bpiavtori at 8' Kdthy Lo&don. 
Captua Bdwar<l Cbristian, £aq^ of & Uartio'o, Lodicato, Biwh', 39, 

& Eluabetli Majcolt, of lioreft Koot> 4p^ 2L, bet pareatu d«ad 



Jan. 10 
Jan. 20 
J&n, 20 

Jon. 20 



























Jan. 27 












^Viccl^'Qclk(^T«l'> Book laT* ■*dftii. of Sir Oavnkr MMfWtt, P.j 

dec^ "] ; at S' ilaj%' SomerBel. Lond. 
Jchn Ki)Wf, of S' Wiii7> Wliilrrlia|>(*l. Muldlocx, A CuOtrrinfi , 

of 8' Maty Uounihaw. lA>n4Joi>. ZSp' ; at S* Mary Soiiicrepl. Lon 
OUtct WJfoM, of S' MoiT Ic Str>i»*3, lllddlcsn. Tailor, A U 
BJRcA^M* nf «an^i>« ^pinnlrr; at S' IVntn-t. Pnur* Whirf, Lend 
JiutiM Claxko, of 8^ Man Ui^alon, Milk ectrr^^it, Lon^km. A)fotr 

A Judith Bat^d, of S< MicbadV HuggiD I^ue. London, " 

at Slopitoy, fttmlfopl Hoir, or Iviingtoti, 7kfi4dl«rfici. 
Jlogrr Paiii*!n» of S* Botolph, Alili.<T>gato, Lotidoix. & HiMet W< 

of S* Martin in theVinlfy,loiidon,Sp'i at S* NichoUaCoU Al 

Bdwai^ lla)€fi, Parieb Clerk of S« Nichols Cole Abbev, LonAtm, 

Rottcuuond Woodhou«o, of natno. Sn< ^ at S* Nicholiu aforcwd- 
John Pf<m\ of 'Ellng. Cariwnter, a Alice Plud. of HAni|it/a, 

Middk^n, Spinvrtcr; nt Tcd4ingtoii, co. Middloiox. 
Tbuuiafl Christtnaa, Tailor, Jb Dorotbr Leosic, of mn«, Spmstor; jiI 

Bridi-X fjondoii. 
John Pra1»r, ot S^ Maiy S^monot, London, BlackvinUlii ^ Mar7 

champ, of «imc^ Widow; at S' Kary Abohurch, Lond. 
Edward Surford, of S^ Clement Danea, Middlt<wr\, Mi'ivhaal TaT^jr, 

AnDeGoodyoarOi^raaiQGi.vidowof John Ooodj^oare^ atS' 

Bread Stmt^ London, 
William Martin, of Stopn^, llkliddlMOx, Saibr. A 7hfargai«t Bl«bb«, 

aame, ST>]n*tOT ; Kt fi^ .TainOH in the WaJI, l^rondon. 
Edmund Beano, ^^kiuncr, A liannali Kerne, of S^ Michael'fl* QnecnbilK 

London, :5|itriM(*r; ul ^^ Andrew Tiidciralmft, London. 
John Carr A ElieftbiMh Watnou, of H^ SepnU'bro*ts London; il ^ 

Botolph, AEdor^gates Loniion, 
ThomftH ifliddleton, of S^ IhtichatJ'it, Cunikit], Loniion, Dnpor, A OiA 

Atott, of vatncs Spinster, dan. of | £/a>iAj Avorio, cf f^oi^OQ WaM& 

CO, f!iuKTj(, Teoaian ; atS* Mii:kjiprii zifurt^Kud^ 
Wi'llijLm Siuil*v. nf S* Mary Woolnotfa, London, Ghi!ii*iiuUi» A Aiifl* 

Gftrfi itd, o? »nm<% Spiiirtrr ; at S* Mary Woolnotk nlW*< 
Sir Norton Knat^;hbuli. K'^ of Merdcnitatch, Kont^ AVidower. 5i>- ^ 

Mary Wostn»e» of S^ KlimindVthr Kir:g» LomtiarO Stnxrt, Widrtfr 

d7, lat<i wifu of [&/rrnt] AVc^triwi, Citizen A Aldorman of Lcndfli. 

Hon*i nt S^ Trinity the fio**, Lnndnn. 
ThomuA Smilh, UuHbftiidiuan, & Hartlia DaTinaoD, SpiiiMUr^ at ^ 

Clomont Dane*, Miildlcscin 
Pbilip Hinflltnv, OtMiU, of S* Ssiviijur's, Sorjtbwark, Bachelor, 21,1* 

fatlK'T doa^, A EUinor Wfii-tW, of Wfthhani^tow, Emaox, SpituVrr- 

IG. dati. of William Whi«lW« of ctunc, Qc-iit^ vrho conwaCa; ^ 

K^ Bartholomew by the Eicbangc, London, or Wallhamstow afonMii^ 
Maltbew Uuche, l>rocer, A Cicok Kockwood, of S* Androv'a, UoIboA 

l^piiiHU^r; at S' AndruwV, Uolbom, or S' Mlcboel, Qveonlii^ 

Williauj l>y, CJothwoiker, A Elizabeth Alfetna, of All HaUowa It* 

Groal, LondoTij Hpinsler ; at All Unlloww afon"*uid, 
Thomas Hntler, of S^ Jamcj^, Qarlick Ilithe, l^ndoa, Brewer, A Mi^ 

Ko-ivt i'arhor, ^f S* Andrew Undornhaft, London, SpiiulM; ^ 

8' .Tamefl in tbo WiUI, Loudon. 
William Salioliirii^, »f Windsor, t^o. Dorks, Ofrnt, A Eli2abeth Kojib, 

ypiunL^r; at S' Faith'*. London. 
Tlii'Uiaj* tiniitti, Draper, & Mary ItclJor, Sfritketcrj at S^ Mary Sleyniofii 

John Archer A EliEabeth llonie, of S* Uotolph, BiahofHg&te, Loud 

SpinHUir; ol Stepney, co. Middleaei. 


u 29 QeoTge Towera & Sua&n Burt, of S* Gregory's^ London, Widow ; at 

S* Martiu in tbe Fields, Middlesex. 
I. 29 Thomaa Coppjn, Gent., of 8^ Anne'e, Blackfriara, London, 22, & Martlia 

Norton, Spinster, 20, dau. of Luke Norton, Esq-, of the Inner 

Temple, who coneenta ; alieged by Robert RainHford» of the Univeraity 

of Oxon, M.A, J at S' Anne e, Blackfriara, afe"^. 
a. 80 Follidore Pritchard, of S* Mary, Whitechapel, Middlesex, Pewterer, & 

Alice lland, of eame, Widow ; at S^ Mary, Whitcchapel^ afn''. 
B. 30 James Stayne^ of ^^ Margaret's, S'ew Flub Street, Lcndoik, Ironmonger, 

&. Frances Hardwyn, of same» widow of Sanmel Hardwyn, late of 

same, Ironmonger j at S' Margaret's afa^. 
0. 80 Bobert Wood, Huabandman, A Anne Greene, Widow ; at H' Faith'H, 

L 30 Bobert; Odara, Imbroyderer, A Anne Wright, of S^ Botolpb, Aldersgatc, 

London, Widow; at Tbovdon Gamon, eo. Etjsex. 

a. 80 Tboniaa Smith. Musician, A' Lettice Williame, of S^ Botolph, Aldgate, 

London, Widow ; at S^ Faith's, London- 
IL 80 Thomaa Bracy, Linen Draper, ^ Hannah Hart, of Chritft Church, 

London, Spinster - at Christ Church, London. 
L 31 Humphrey Woodhouse, of S' Leonard**, Fo»^ttr Lane, L^nidon, Armorer, 

A Elizabeth Qould, of S^ Boxolph, Alderngate, London^ widow of 

Arthur Gould ; at S< Botolph"*, Alder^^ate, afa^ 
L SI Eobert Paman, Citizen & Ginller of Limdon, & Marv -Shayler, of 

S* Augustine's, London, Widow ; at -S" A 'jzurtiiiet aft^. 
L 31 John Bayne, of S^ Leonard, Foster Lar;*:. Lo-jdori, GoIdi?j::;t^j. 4 Marifia 

Newton, of ^ Botolpb, Bi^hop^za:*:- iyjvi^i:. H'/i^*"jrr 'i*u. '4 

Hugh Newton, of same; at S'^L JiMi-y^^inv;. nf"^ 

b. 1 Thomas Willmore, of Stepney, co, Jl-d-fl-r^er- yi\z:j/:T, ^ frav-o*:* K/^ia^'r, 

of same, Widow ; at Stepney af'',r«^^~ 
b. 1 Bobert Gouldman, Gent., of' -Stepr.*;. iiAiAy^i. Kw;-j**v* 'jTa, & 

Catherine Xewton, of S' Leonifi'-. Ht .'-\^} *;.',;j->r ',K ■.\'^h:.''. 

of her mother, a Widow; to U; r:.arr>c ..'. '.f^. ■*.< :.*.-.•'. ■ . v,",^ %-^ 

S* Leonard's, Bromley, 
b. 1 James Irving, Gent,, of City ''A W*?--.'.-.'/.*^/^ u^&^»i^ wxtrrx^^ '.^ 

Edward Favrefai. Gent.. Ba*^hei<-r, lit. iv;.< -^a^'^'/.-v >'"^ ^ '.'*. i v^-; 

to the K^ kon- Edvard, Lord St^eid, iUr. \i K-^.**'* *'.^' ■*■'-"- 

senta, A Sarah Erwin [Irving 'r], Spinster, ii. ''.i--. -^ -t^-' "' a..; 

Erwin, K\ Geiil'* U-tber of H.M.'n Frivy thamc*r- v... v.- .-^i-.'.- , 

at S^ Martin in the FieldN. 
b. 2 Hoger Bebb, Merchant Taylrir, A VMluur I'lannnr. of All Ha .*/v* ^-.i* 

Great, London, Widow \ m AD Jldlowa af^". 
b. 2 George Stoakes, Taylor, A Jiii/.aUri*x iia^HMWi, ^^f '.'hri^t Chuir;:,. fj, "..%■■. 

Widow ; at Chnst Cliundi afi/j-cMiid. 
b. 2 Christopher English, Haberdasher, & liJi/jiUah Wife, W^i . »' »- 

S' Faith's, London. 
h, 2 John Claascocke [? GlaHCockoJ, A KJiy-aU^tJi £!>^furmaker, Sj z-tv^ fc;^ 

S* Mary at Hill, London. 
b. 2 William Lowther & Ellen Iluct, of S' li^Uph, HishoptgHfc rj.'-.i - 

Widow; at S' Botolpb aforesaid, 
b» 2 John MaBon, of Stepney, Middlesex, Sailor, A Jano Whawy. "-f ^ Jf.«.' ■ 

WhitechapeJ, Middlesox, widow of John Wharey; ai ^ rf.* -; 

Whitechapel, aforesaid. 
i 2 Henry Beerparkc, of S^ Marj; at Hill, fjondon, Innmfift^wr 4 -t. -, 

Sylam, of S^ Martiu Outwich, London, Bpiniter, dML 'rf If-ii . --v 

Sylam, of same, Gunner ; at S* Martin Outwich •W- 
). 3 Jonathan Badden, of S' Giles, Cripplogate, Load<m, A laiw ?U v . -. 

of aame. Spinster. 
TOL. IT. * '* 

















Kob*-rl PiAirr, of & Martin m ihe Field*. Mddleaei, 

A^iH^fl AnnoQ, of 1^ Andnrw, Iio])>on), T^ondon, Spnitor; 

F&itlfii, Lowlan. 
K4iriml Probtjr, of 8^ Bride's, London, UiUiucT, d J^tuy Kit 

S* MATtin'jif Lu^lcfttc-, Tjondoo, Widow j at S> UftRitu*, Lood. 
Umc l>owu)iaiii. of Sluilford. eo. EMex, Tftilor, A Sanb We 

of tftiDo, S|HQstcr ; at Orwtt or Gnr'H Thurrock, co. Bwoi. 
Riohard Deake*, Skiuiter, ^ Man' llruwno, Widov; at 6^ 

l«lii3gU>», or S' Anno A- Agm», Loudon. 
Chnrlpii Au'lUnd A EliuilMrni Pm>r, at Edfpvf>rth, m. ITod 

SpiDAter: at EdnKrortb aforcvuiL 
OooT^ (}IaaMx>ck«% VeoinaD. dt AoDoStoDdoo, Spinster; at9 Ifii 

Acon'a, London. 
CHtuiopbor ronttablo. BiitcWr, Jb Jano Baldocke, of tho di«coM| 

Ivondoo, Spltutf'T ; At A I! llnlWii tliic r«4w^ Loiidoir 
M'^ Matthew Nk-hol&k Clerk, of W?Mden. co. Wiltiv, 30. A Blii 

Fookcv, of S< Mnr^an-t**, Ijiktlihurj, L'^ndon, 2h, dau. of 

FcKikee, Ebi|., dbC* ; at S^ Joliii Bajititft, Frydar 3trv«;, Londoo^ 
Tth. 3 Thomafl Tnpp, Oonl.. of CHflord'n Inn. BacboW.'S-^, & lindmi Ui 

of S' DtitiJitan'K W<wt, lAtndon« i^pinalen 17, dau. of Joku Uc 

Qf^ni, dc^, l>er luoiher also doad ; attottoii \>y FraiKte Willian 

of S^ Duiijitnn'« W<vt, Barber fSurgeon ; al £5* Mary, Savor,] 

WilllATn Liddinrd, Hrirklnyc*r, Jt MftF^rot Hlliat, Widow; at S- 

P*iiik, London, i>r S* CloTneut Danca, Middl«d«i, 
Wilham Wurham, IJcnu, of UrvHt S^ BatthoJijmowX TyimiLitn, Bd 

^^, Ji Aniie X«ii1or» af aatne, ^ptuattr, 24, dau. of John yUarJ 

Nantwioh, CO. Chcvtor, Oont.> who eonsonto; at 9 ¥m»th\ at' 

Marv. Sftyov. Middlosor 
31icb&erGrooiit, F^q.. of Stopnoy, Midd!<Aei, Widoner, 36, A Oai^ 

Airvv, of tamo, 37, vridoir of Jorcmy AifVO, i^ion 4 QtTood 

Louduu. dvc**; nl Stvptivr nfon*iiDJd, 
JoKn Uovd, Hent., of S^ Pi>t<>rV C\^)itll London, Ba^lialor. RSLi 

EffJiam Pottyt, of aamc, 24 or 25, widow of Robert PW^ dec'iil 

S' Ffiitl/s, Loudon, 
JiiniiLM Aiikonio, liciit., of i^^ Bennett £4HciT'h<^, London, Bacbukir, I'll 

A Mnrj Muiik, of prrciuct of Bndcwell, widow, about aamo t^'r 

at S* H<>iin*>tt Slifiroriojjtf nfopoflnid, 
Julian Amy, Draper <)t (ilixabcth Hunt, of S^ Bonn<.'t OrTU'(^ Churk 

London ; at H^ Ami& & A^izaee, London. 
Rit'hnnI iiillon & Man' Mountag«<^, of llw City of W<*-it:i' :i*ii' 

Widon : ^t S* MfiPV iloUQlhaVp', Luiidctct 

Goon>c Scnrle, Etiif^banJnian. A FIJEaboth Shoppard, of South Hia^ 

CO. MiddloK^i, SjjjiuUir; at S^ Paitirts London. 
John TnW, of 8topncy, co. MiddlcM*:^, .Sailor, A l^iaboth W^ari*. 

of iiauii?, Spiiiatcr ; al Slupucy iifortWd. 
John Ninitli. NAilor, & Margftroi ILLrdlfTe, Spinaior; at S^ LconaiJ'^ 

Sborediloh, Mid*il<T<ox. 
John Rngcre, nf H^ Thomaa Apostle, Loudou, Clothworker, BachelortH 

& Mary Winston, of S^ Andniw>» liolborn, 8]>iiiaU>r, 2C, her paWi** 

d«ivl; ut S* Faith*D, London. 
Frh, 12 John North, Voocdmi, & Elizabeth (^Jarke, Spinster, dau. of Richirf 

Clarke, of Bengehoe, co. Urru, Tcomaii ; at S' OabrioJ FonchiH^ 

or W^ Bcnnot Umc© Chuwli, Loudon. 
Fob- 12 Arthur Borohor A Jjujc KdwardN, >jpitiNUT; at 9' Danstan in the Wv^ 

Fob- 15 Edwiinl Branch, of 8' Peter's, Cornhill, l^ondon. Yeoiiaaui. A Eliiabct^ 

Gwilloji of same, SpiiiBter ; at S* Pclor's aft^n;#aid. 


























?A. IS 

Teb. 16 

















Etlnanl Kcvptt, ot & Andrew'*, Hollwrti, Lnmluu, Obwr, A Portuae 

Pctchott, of kubo, Spuutcr ; nl S" yAit1i*B, Loudon. 
BeDiAuiin EUiolt. of S* Se^iulobrcV London. Sailor, & Jaiip Ucunott, 

of nunc, widiiw t>f Wiilinni Bcmiclt ; nliy^ Botolpli, AMgatDi Lt>iii1otu 

Bri'iwt, of munr, w]c1l>w of Joliii Bnilgcn ^ nt 8' MartiuV kfarvaiuil. 
Thumiu DftuQf V. Trnlor. & HUfi&Wb Bei^ilo. -SpiitMter ; »t 9 Srtuaiu in 

tbo Fields, XiddlWei. 
Tbama^ 3!ul<»ri\ (lent., of Viippiag, Middlesex, W»li>»^, 31>, Si Eliai- 

beU fiarbert, of Muno, 8^m»t«r, 20, dau. of John fUrbrrt, who 

eoEiMtitB ; [uo pUco CAiTicdl, 
Kdwarcl JervL^ V<v>miLri. A Alic'i^ Tayler, of 5* Senidctre'n. Loudou, 

widow of Kalph Tnytor; at S' Sopukhrc'w or 3' Alpbit^o, Txiudon, 
Jamtti PnMSJtt^ Parmr, A Uargerj' Cropper, Spiotfusr; At Hetr Braia- 

ford» *». Middleici. 
"Wilfiwa B«TT«ti, Oont., of S^ DmrnUn'- Wc»t, BacK'. 2«. i >Ury 

StaTeley, of aaue, Sputirter, 21, ber father iet^: at ^ DuuMou'ti 

Wc*t or 8* QOtm in Fiolda. 
Jolin Godwyn, Gent., of 8* Clemeot Danei, Bachelor, m, A Uarjr 

PLjiitc, of S* PctcrV, W«»tcbc«p, SpiiiftUrr. 90, her panrui* dctA ; at 

8* Gnfffory'vH London. 
Walter Tbonie. Gent., of Hackney, Bachelor, 22, & Margaret [or 

Hw^oricP] Jjth^ of S^ Bot^ilph, Aldenvate, iSpitudt-r, 21, her fjither 

dead ; alh>g«d by bcr hrotber Jamee Leo, of fT Bobiilph, Aldgale, 

HcrchAnt T&ylor ; at 8^ t'ntthV 
Heiiry Deane. (TenU, of S* Si<pul<?)]n>'», 9u, A .F*miift Hutaon, of »ujff, 

i^piaatcr, 22, bor parcTnt? d<iid ; &\ S' Marj Mounthaw. 
l£tiai:cr Dickinnou, dent, of ^^ Martin » in tbt \'intry, Bach', 23, & 

Praocea Tat««, of «acue, Spuutor, 24. \wr pcu^ito dtfid ; at £^ralfurd 

Bow, Hidillenex- 
Ecntdict Aliott. of S^ Bride's, TA>n<li>n, Pci^t^ircr, Jt Antiu Fisher, dau. 

<if liichard I'^iaher, of bame, SlerrhAui Taykr; at S^ Bride's aforvnaid. 

[3TW U$t tniry m the l^tt in Vol Xllt. of the Vicrr^Oenernrg Bookt bejhrt 
meniior^J. In V</i. J^jy.^Atfriihn^/ront 3iI27 to I03W, tJkcrc arr no Marriage 
/j/VMcy*. nor I* iitefirMi W/"^ To/. AT. ^.H^ifJin^ /ro^ \&i% to IGIL 
A gap then ttecun in Foi. Sr., and J£arnaffc Zicfjoctv nconnicncc 24 Jita^ 



«w. £8 HuiHphnij Btwlh*s J', Gonl., of 8* Lawrence, Old Jewry, Bachelor, 21, 
son of Iluuiphrey Boothe, Gent., of SaJforJ, co. Lanc^ulrr, who 
conjTCiitA, A, ATtiir llou^li, of 3* MuraarutX Lolhbui'V, Hpinjfiur, If), 
dau. of ftalph Kouf^h, (*iti/ou &. Clothworkor of ixiudon, who 
cotueat« i at S* Manc^refa, Lothbmy. 

w 24 John OajiDn, Entj., of 8' Clement Daaei», Widower, 00, A Kaiherine 
Aiivt», cif «ame, 52 [or S2], Widow ; at S« Uildrcd, Bread Stroet 

William .lumnor. Gent., of S* LawreiK-e, Old Jury, Widower, 47, & 

£ji£abct]i WilktUjAcm, c»f paiuc. Widow, 45 ^ at 8' mephou'fl, Cokmau 

St^rot, or S^ Bijudph, Bivhopwate. 
Bob*rt Nowburgh, flonl., of S^ Dunitan's W&rt, BtoMor. 25 [or 26], 

d Mary DaTiev, of mtne. Spinster, 21, her father's conw^Mit; at 

& AnuQ\ Blackfriartf. 
David Nevill, lieiit., of iS^ MargLirot'a, WiMtmia^tcr, Bachdor. 33, & 

Oathctino Tooiip, uf naau;, 27, widow of Jauiov Tooiic. d«:**; at 

8* Gtvgoryy J^ndon. 



April 10 




























June 12 

June 15 

June IB 

ThooLi^ Gls^lwio. Geat.. of Cbtnckf^d. E«aei. Widower, 37, A 

Hanmng MTt. of 3^ Gilea in tbe Fields, Spinater, 37, bei 

de^ ; ^i S- GiW m Fields 
Riolivi WvMogt'Mi. Gmt.. of S^ Martin's tn Helda, Bacbel 

France Brovoe. of same, SfKiutcr. 27, d«iL of Kicbolai 

d^ir*; at 9 Martin'^ in E^lda. 
Edward BojeM, Em . of Lia?9tD'i laa, Widiwer, 50, A Anne 
of S" Gi W in Fields Widow, 55 ; alle^ hj John TapM 

at S*- Marv at HilL 
Bichanl Bideld. M-A,, of EingEton npon Thamee, Widower, 28^ 

Lancoflbeirif. of S- I^Lwience in Nmk Street, London, Spin 

coruent of ber mother M" Susan I^ncaaheire, Widow 

Lanvbefl '?" Chapel in Wood Street 
Edward Thompron, Gent.- of S* Alban's, Wood Street, Bac 

Anne Measure, of same. Spinster, 23, dan. of Simoii He 

Oiwell- eo. Norfolk, Yeoman. 
Thomas Gower. Gent, of S* Botolph, Aldersgate, Bacbelo: 

Eliiabeth Phillips, of S^ Hartin a in F]ol£, Spinster, 2 

dau. of Charlea Phillips, of Ijwter*, co- Hereford, Gont., who * 

at S' Faith's or S^ Martin's in Fields. 
Henry Lake. Gent., of Babbingworih, Essex, Widower, 45, A 

KenniDgton, of Wa]kbome, eo- Herts, Widow, 40; at 

Captain WiHiam Bradshawe, of Christ Churchy London, Bac 

2K A The Ladr Dorothr Bntler, of same, 35, widow of Su 

Butler, KV dec' ; alleged by Alexander Bradshawe, of S' G 

London, Draper : at Christ Church or S* Gregory's. 
John Avleworth. Gent-, of S^ Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 35 

K»n"d ~? Bant\ of S* Giles, Crif^legate, Widow, 55 ; at Isl 
Johh Kobiuson. of Citr of London, Merchant, Bachelor, 30, & . 

Hainpson, of The 6roTe, Watford, Herts, Spinater, 22 or 21 

Francid Hampson, Gent., of Brodwell, eo- Oion, who con 

Watford. Herts. 
Thomaa Hampton, Gent-, of Middle Temple, Bachelor, 27 ■ 

>rartha Palmer, of S< I>imst&n*s West, Spinster, 24, dau. of 

Palmer, E^q., who consents, as attested bj Francis Han 

Brodweli, co. Oion ; at S* Andrew's, Holbom. 
Edward Warrenn, Esq., of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, Bachelc 

Suzanua Love, of S* Sepulchre's, SpLnster, 18, dau- of ] 

Love, late of same, Citizen & Ironmonger, dec*, <& her mot 

at S^ Martin's in the Fields. 
Henry Francklyn, Gent., of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, Bachelor, 21 

Baily, of same, Spinster, 22, her father dead ; at S* Gregory's 
Bees Griffith, Gent,, of S^ Margaret's, Westminster, Bacheli 

Joaiie Searie, of same, 34, widow of William Searle, 

S^ Andrew in the Wardrobe- 
John Rigby, Gent., of S' Botolph, Biahopagate, Bachelo 

Margery Deacon, of same, Spinster, 29, her parents > 

S* Mary, Savoy. 
John Browne, Esq,, Widower, 50, & Winifred Edwards, of S* C 

London, Spinster, 40 ; at S* Gregory's aforesaid. 
Eobort Bamfield, Gent,, Widower, 50, & Elizabeth Cha 

S^ Giles in Fields, Spinster, 28, dau. of Sir Thomas Chal 

dec*, & her mother also ; at S* Giles in Fields, 
Abraham Bussell, of S' Martin's in Fields, Jeweller, Bache' 

Elizabeth Nevinsonj of S* Anne's, Blackfriars, Spinster, 1( 

Dame Maiy Nevinson, now ux. William Argent, Esq., who * 

at S^ Anne, Blackfriars, 


Jime 19 Sir Qilefl Bridges, K', of 3^ Martin's in Fit-Ids, Bachelor, ZS, & Jane 

Willey, of Bfime, 36, widow of John Willev. of oame^ Gent., dec* ; 

at Futham or Kensington, 
] Imo 19 Bichard Farnel], of 3* Giles, Cnpplegate, Gent., Bachelor, 34 or So, A 

Alice Neland, of same. Spinster, 23 or 24, her parents dead; at 

S' Giles, Crippiagate. 
June 21 "Walter Overbury, Biq., of Middle Temple, Widower, 32, & M" Magdalen 

Qrimston, 26, widow of [fr/nn^] Qriauton, Esq., late of [hhnic'] in 

E^eei, dec* ; at S^ James, Puke's Place. 
Ime 22 Bennington Webb, Gent,, of S< Dunstan's West, Bacbelor, 28, & 

Frances Fouch, of same. Spinster, 19, dau. of Greorge Fouch, Gent,, 

who consenla ; alleged by PranciB Webb, Gerk, Ticar of IJpchurch, 

CO. Kent ; at 8' Dunst&n's West, 
June 22 William Brokett, of Christ Church, London, Haberdasher, Bachelor, 25, 

4 Emme Covert, of same. Spinster, 21, dao- of Anthony CoTert, Esq., 

of Cbaacombe [?j, co. Surrey, who consents; at Chrittt Church 

June 25 John Thorpe, Gent., of Ifield, Sussex, Bachelor, 21, & Joane Bayford, 

Spinster, 21, dau. of William Bayford, of llunsdoti, Herts, Yeoman, 

who coDsents; at S* Ethelburgh, London. 
Jus 26 John Bogers, of S* Gemeot Danes, Cutler, Bachelor, 25, & Dorothy 

Poulton, Sp', 18, dau. of William Poulton, of S* Dunstan*s 

West, Cutler, who cousents ; at S* Dunstan's, or S* Martin's, 

Mj 7 William Millet, Gent, of Harrow on the Hill, Middlesex, Bachelor, 30, 

Jt Elizabeth White, of Hampstead, Middlesex, Spinster, 35, dau. of 

Bobert White, who consents ; at S^ James, ClerkenwelL 
July 16 BaJph Marsh, Gent,, Bachelor, 30, A Anne Cotheriugton, of S*Botolph, 

Aldersgate, Widow, 40; alleged by Alexander Bradshaw, of 

8' Gregory's, Draper; at 9* Botolph aforesaid. 
July 18 John Georges [tic subsj, Eeq,, of Cicester, co. Gloucester, Bachelor, 32, 

& Eliz^th Tirrell, of S' Sepulchre's, Spinster, 22, dau. of John 

Tirrell, late of S* Ives, co. Huntingdon, Gent., dec* ; at Great 

S' Bartholomew. 
July 21 Chaloner Chute, Esq., of Middle Temple, Bach', 24, & Anne Plase, 

about same age, widow of William Plase, Gent, dee** ; at S^ Mildred 

in Poultry. 
July 23 John ManseU, Gent, of S' Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 24, A Mary 

Busby, of same. Spinster, 22, dau. of Nathaniel Busby, late of 

Buntou, CO, StctEfora, Yeoman, dec** ; consent of John Walker, of 

e^ parish, Gent, at whose disposal she is ; at S^ Gilca in the Fields. 
July 23 Mf John Shipsey, Clerk, Bachelor, 31, A Heilener Korton, Spinster, 43 ; 

alleged by William Johnson, Gent., of Saxby, co. Lincoln; at S^ 

Martin's Outwich. 
July 24 William Briggs, Esq., of Gray's Inn, Bachelor, 25, & Sarah Gore, of S^ 

Trinity the Less, London, Spinster, 20, dau, of Sir John Gore, of 

same, K^ S^ Alderman of London, who consents, as attested by 

Thomas Gore, Esq., brother of s^ Sara ; at Hackney- 
July ao Thomas Thompson, of S* Mary, Bow, London, Salter, Bachelor, 30, A 

Elisabeth Trench, of Hackney, Middlesei, Spinster, 18, dau. of John 

Trench, Esq., late of 8* Giles, Cnpplegate, dec*', A her mother also ; 

at Hackney. 
July 80 William Goddard, of 3' Bride's, Haberdasher, Bachelor. 25, & Elizabeth 

Edmonda, of same. Spinster, 24, dau. of William Edmonds, of 

Winslow, Bucks, Gent,, who cousents { at S^ Bride^s. 
Jaly 31 Jonah Whitstones, Esq., Bachelor, 26, & Jane Whitatonca, of Woodford, 

Essex, Spinater, 20, dau. of Barnard Whitstones, of same, Esq., who 

couseutfl ; at S* Giles Fields. 


■_": ^ La 


" - _ : L-n^^^ 

' ' ■ ' ;.■ ■ - 
III n i' ' ■ '.' * ■ " ■ 

.,; ...■ ., i.-; ■ ' 

n 1 If H- '(.■"■ T' " ' -" " - 

•li '• \ I... " 

II , M u ill (I'l.n U»^^ '•': M ■ ". '■'-' ^':.. V.-^-.^. '6':..'.i.:z.'l^.k Mar^ 

ll^ I I II flMl ^ 41 



Rctbcrt l«tfftclt» OeoU, BttcbeW, 40, A Jo«ii« W«kfihAni. of S^ Aiulfeir*^ 
Hubbard, 40, vidow gf Bkhiid WalieliuKi, dee'; M vune parish 

lliOttM AyuliA. OcDt,. of S^ Marlin'i FieMa. BacfuJor. 34, A Katlien:M 
Sheppm, of eamo, Spiivtei-t 22, her paicatfl dMcaaed ; at 9 Hartin'M 

M' Jai&4^a CliauDej, CWk, of Sobridgworth, HoiIa, Dachctor. 20, & 
BlitaWh Mftiinijor, Spiniit4>r, 2S -^^oniipntof ootKor Mary Motintjojr, 
of Bitiliup SUiftiorS, «* CO., WMow; fti ff Hary ikitncrvct. 

Mk-hac] JtnDyn. D,D-, Rector of S' Mnrtny Ludgatc, Backclor, :17. A 
Pranca* Am^etiirocK* taU* of Corb; Ketiieven. co. lincoUi* now of 
Cilj of Lotkd>>n, WidcvK, at i u S' Au^Jfow Un4cf»!i*fl. 

1tie)uinl Hftltiti, (rent,, of S^ Andrew's, Ili^Iboni, Bm^lic-Jor, 21, A Klktitir 
Alcocke, of S' Ali>liii*e, London, $pju»ter, 22, dao. of William 
Akockc, of Prottoot, co. LanctuXer, Gt^at,, vrbo eonscpU; at 9 
Alpbago ufurwiiU. 

Hiclurd Jlome, GmiI., of i^tapJo Ini), ll&cbotor, 31, A Ann« Wing, 
Wtdi>w. 35 ; At Gr^t S^ Bartholomew' v. 

Eilniimd Mouiitjoy, Gent., of Copford. &8ci. Widower, 2ti, & Katherin^ 
Tidibumu, S[}'', 21, duu, of Kub«rt lidiborne, of ti^ Mfcbai^neCjuen^e, 
CiUAoa A S\mnott who ooiu«nU i at S* Michael lo Qurrnc, 

rhri-Uiphrr Purpill, Ru^,, of BawlfirUl Sdlinjf, **>. Fj«-pi, B^rK 32, A 
Feuelu|>e Sc^o^i^;e4, of Jiuie Bardiield, Eabci, 8pinHi«r, 17. dau. of 
Edvtarti fJ<:roL'g<*A, OonU, late of Albury. Hurt*, dec" ; coiwcrLt of her 
f^Ldfatber Julin ^uiIeJi, of Little Bardfield ; her muiber uou compua- 
nKTriti«^ Mi BiudfE<fld SaJing afn^. 

Edirard Biggc, of H' 0[l«ii. CripplogaUr. 8itkinan, Bocholcr. 28, A Alice 
Markb&EU, of aame, Sninater, 22, dau. of Uervaa Markham, of 8* 
Botolph, AJdon^to. ucat., wbo E<oii>i«iit«; allccod bjr Kflwiird 'f^vy 
aiiat Markh&ui, of 6" QUcii, CrJpplcgati*, Burlier Surfftua^ at EJ' 

Rii'hitrfl Blat'kiifon. of S' Oil***, Cnpp]^'£.^i^^^ Riwlirbir. 45, & Ann Bland, 
of lloruL-lmreb, Eb^ok^ 40, ivtdo\v of (jeor;;e Bland, of same, dec^ ; at 
ft' Grwory'i, London, 

Tbomv Bliot, M-A., of Wimplo, co- Cambridf-fi, Bflri:UdoT, 28, A Mary 
Thornton, of Rnchford, P>j*&y, SpinaUnT, 22, dau. of Kdmund Thorn- 
ton, Gpnt,, dee'', A her mother alio ; at S' Bond Fmk, 

HuHDfu Griffith, Clerk, of North l'ambridg<i, D^soi, Bachoior, 2B, & 
E3uabvtb Doylv, <jf City of W[T>iimii]riLtr, dtJiunUTr, 2.1, dnir of 
Ednv-ard l>oyly, Gout', d*y'' j vou^oiit *>f bof lootbor Miiry Doylv i at 
t^' GrcfforfV or S< Faitb*. 

Sanmel Fawoett, Clork, M-A-, of 8' George"*, Southwark, Widower, 29, 
A KU^nbetb Sbnive, of fS^ I'«tcr"«. Conihill, !4pimter, 2!>, her paretita 
dc«d; nt S' Pctor'* or S^ Mary SUiaiu^^V 

Th*« Kifjbt Hon. Alt'tarulor, l^onl rtarloH [hi*nuH*. " Alouiii Jcr Stounrt *"], 
Bon A hoir toTho Rigbt IIotu Alciundcr. Karlof Gftllowa_v, Baoholor, 
18 (father's conaent), A Tbe Ri^bt Huu. Dauu* AiuV llmvurd, 
SpinnUr, 15, duu. to Mni^arct, Coiinlc*i« of Nottingham, who oon- 
iwnto, hor fttlhor cleo^i iu tho Chupol or Oratory of tr Countoa 
of Nottingham in Cbelaea. 

Winiaov McUiwidd, »f 8' Miohjud 1(1 Qncrnc, " Cn^vcallmaa," Bachelor, 
24, A Elizabotb Vaugbiuj, of S^ Mildred*n, Poultry, SpiuMtor, 
20, Iwr partntrt dtwwl ; cuiiHUiit of her uiidta M' John Vaughan, 
of taaio. Milliner, with whom Bho liviw ; at 9^ Loonard'a, Fontor 




TkliMon, of S' Botolpb, AWgati:, Si>iiuUT, 21, licr psreiiU 
otU'Hted bj ber IitoiIht Thomoa SlAaoa. BeaL, o( ifuiitle Itui; 

Vec 31 Wil];.Lm Brocket. Geni., of S< Miirtin « iu Ficl^L^, Ba. 'A 

]\Ttu\\oy, of S^ Veter'a in Ti>wc»r of I»n4'j». S^- ■ .i, at] 

Cl«DlCllt OttllW. 

Cn'w ncyilon, Gent, of ? r)<>Tn^nt Dflnes. Widcrvrrr, 40, A Al 
Harria, of S< Gilw in Fi<'l<l^ 37, *ri*if»w <^f Tlnimu HftfTU. d«^fl 

BiolitVil Btlcliff, of S' Murlio'a iti FigI^b, VrotnAn^ B»^brbir 
MevcrilL of tuime. Spiiiati'rp 2t, dau- of Godfrey Mcrf^rt 
TirnyilJ, t^p- Ihrbx, cicc^ ; at 8* Paocrw, 

Kobort C"lnrt*rtoD/ Genl , of S' Utm«Un'a Weat, Bactielor, Sl^J 
BnO^ul Litifrird, uf 8* AinlrtTw'n, Hallxini, S]nn«tfr, 23, bar 
dvoA ; M S' Andrvw*K, Uolboni- 

8ir EttHiocP Hart. 10. nf All HaIWh in the Wall. Loudon, Wtdn* 
GO, & Dauie J&ne Bonn, of 8^ B(>ti>Ii>1i, Ald/^rHj^st^, 44>, widtnv of. 
Anlhmiy Reno. K\ dew* ; at All ILiIlowt in the Wall, 

Tbomas Bu'r^M^of CttTof W^tminitor, Or<it,, B»cboior,;Vl. .'; T'" 
Ke]r*or. of S* 8epiiMit»V SpJuMt^r, 25, finu. of Jii1»m K 
Aiidn w'*, tidbom, fioldnmilb, who i<on«»nt>* ; nt S' 

TbomnH Dooriuij. Oeut» of liacliney, Widover, 40, A A 
namv, 8j^iiLKii-r, 20; at Wuriilintn, Emmcx. 

'WIHiAiu PhEtLippw, of S^ DuiL^Uha'a Wost, C]othv«rk«r» BAolu^Jor, 
Elizabctfi l^avy, of «AincT. Spinatcr, 2tl, diU' of Sir llt'nry Oarr, 
of Marlbi>rL)iigh, WrllH. who coiiseDta*u attc«1<?d hy hU »on Ji 
Darr, of Marlborouk^b aforesaid; at All H^dlon Burking. 

Jolin Imxu, Ocnt., of H' Aiidrrw**, llolbfTn, Uacbdor, 30. A P**i 
Shelton. of S* Jumeot, C]urfr«fuvr«1l, 30, vridov of JoKn Sbeltoti, 
At 8^ JAixir«, (1erkcQW«lb 

William Caoiud^ GeoL, of RlMMihani, Eaaex, BnclKtor, 2*1, A, Ui 
Kihi^ri'dgr, of S* Cleme&t I>aDOf, SpinBCer, IS, dka. of 
EthcrcdgiT, of Kikino, Viotnor, wbo conscntp ; m nnme purivb obui 

Willtfliik MarioC. Bachc]i:>r. 25, son A beir appHrcut of Jotiti Miiri^ 
of RtTtiJiihun, ccj. Bt-rku, who consent', it Ana Faldo, ^0, diiiu 
WiUiatii Faldo, of Londao, Otnt^ who coiueDti; at ti^ M«j 


Uar. 25 William Ma«oii, F^,, of (Iny^ Ian, Hac1i«]or, 22. ^ Joono^ WiiJi 
toji. of the City of Wojitmifivlfr, Spiiuf«r, 21 : <nnifi*]it of tJio It* II 
WilliuD, Lord Mai]Bti«Id, Karl of Newowtlo, at vrlkOBe duiio**! 
ia; At S* MArj AMermai^bur^. 

Mar. 2a Edward Boone, Gout., of S^ DniuUm'H Wret, BachtW, 26, & Jum» 
GruDlliain, of iuun4», Nprnatri', i\0 ; at S< GtI4« in FiMdn. 

ApKllO Anlboiiy Sauiidera, D.D., of IHnKbonw^ Berlrt, Barb^lor, 39. A Mar- 
inret Wc^mwortK, of S' QiW in Fh-Ms, ffpirfitcr, !£t>, dau. of TbonM 
Wrnlhurth, B!h|., luU' of Liocolu a Iu:i, d«c'; cuDoeui of her lirotber 
Thoma* Wcniwortb, Vj^.^ rtf Liuc«lu'« Inn ; at 8* QiloM afoivMd or 
S^C^eowuta in Middlo*ex, 

Apnl 18 BobcTt Cimiie, GcDt, of S' BrideX Bachrfor, 23, Jfc JaDe PoH«r, of 
ttsie, Spiiuter, 22, dau. of M* [frf<ijv4:] FoHor, hu> of co, Warwick, 
Qcnl, dec'i ti>otfaM)r> couaenti at S^ Gilen iu Fiotla. 

Apnl 'i6 Bdwan! Kippax. QimL, of S* OUt^V Hjut Sin>»1, Bach> 
Fuiahavr, of Rtoie, Spiiut«r, 22 ; ooiueiit of mother, 
Okre'tf, Baii Street 
























»Uy lit 

Mmj 17 










G«orge Hoon. G^at. of S' Olnre's, Soutbwiirk, lUcticlDr, 23, A Ann* 

«f Mii)e. AV ..T, ^frlio fon^'Jit* ; fit 8' M»rr .il Hill. 

Nichrh- Sr^u -.of BabbuiKvri>rtli. B^^\', 33, A EU»be4h 

\^ I, hi*.' of iylri;!, »x». York, Ot-nt, Hoc' j coaBcaJt of Wr 

mi>:brr >!=" Shorawel! fl/«u WellieriU ; at S' LwDaid'a, Shoredilch, 
01 S' Miry Mi^untWvr. 

JoUii IJurgr^ Gfnt_, of Sution Colton, co. Warwick. Bachelor, 25, A 
Elit^hcth Smilb, of S^ Michnicl D^uftKAif, ^piimtrr, 19. <Uu. oF 
C?n>|>l];«4 Saiitli, \%\o of City uf I«omli»n, Drnprr, din^^. nhe at ili^iinat 
of th? r.oni ftfATor £ AldermQii ; at S- Mtobael BaeifiliAV. 

lltnry Dortna, of 8* ClenK^ht DAiict", Mcirf'Jmiit Tajlor, Bnclidor, 
20, A SSJzaMh AyhMe, of same. SpiMter, 22, dau. of M' 
Ayltfft*, of Boston, co^ I^ncoln, OcntM ^ho co&scntdi; Kt S^ Mjit^ 

Bobett Coir, Ocnt., of Oo«&old, Khoi, Widoitor, CS. A Elixaboth 
Burghill, of S< Uonanl\ 8honfditek Wiilaw, 55; at S^ Leoaazd'ii, 

TkoinM 1^vri»l<*ii, of & St*>phcn\ WaJbrook, Uabcrdiuibcr, IJjM^bflor, 
26. & Eliiabeth Spetwr. of SUpoer, Spinster. 21. dau. of M' 
Kicbin) Spcnffor, Citiimi A llabcrdaslicr of Londoa^ ilac^ ; at 

Nit'J»*>Jaa <>i*|>c, of S' Mil-lrfTflX DroaftL Stivct, Cilixcn A ] ronition^cr, 
WJdoww. 2fi, A Sam Sjjrdwr, of wmp, Siiiiinli^r, 17, ibivj. i>f Kjir)uird 
t^ncnner, riti£{^'u .^ HaWnlafliurruf Loudon, dc^c^ ; e^-iiiseut of Lord 
JUayor £ .AMi-rniiu nttrxtcd by Tbomu Lowudtf^, CitUvu A Haber- 
djwhcr; al FuIIaaiii. ^f^ddlenvx- 

Bobcvt Wrnn, Ocol,, i>f S< M»rgar«t, Wo«tiDiiiator, IWliol<jr, fflS, A 
Uary Iknnrk, of diocraoof Loudon, Spinslor, 22, bcr punnti dead; 

3ir Johu IMvtT*, K*, of Cticlwo, Widoiror, 4U, A KJienk^th IJiiuiitctC}-, 
8pin»itor» 1*0. dau, of Aiubrum* DauoUwoy, Bh|., ilcc*i cuuociit of 
hfr L^r^cdfiilft^r 8ir John DmnitCHey, K* ; al S» OrogopyV 

Bicharil NuOubrt. of S^ Bpiiri<-t Graeo (1iijri;!i, IrfinmnuKwr, Bacbdor, 
33, X Hnu^-c ileljb. of S" GrenonS, Spiiisler, It), ib«i. of Jatnea 
Hchb, de<H ; Lvrntont of bi-r tnotbvr Aniwi ilebb j at S* Grej;ory*a, or 
Ati HaUowa tiio Ii'vs, Tbamce ^trtxrt- 

Thouifld Troft, Oont., of Hly of London, Rncholor, 30. A Klir.nWlh 
Clarke, Spjtister, 2i* ; coobmiI of molhor Elixjibi^tl] Clarke aliat 
Vtilkiut^u, of ]faltorvoji, co^ Surre?. awilod by Edwani WiHiiDHOli, 
of Munp, QtiuU } al »' AiiiiV, Hhu^ktVlani, or S' OroguryB. 

dement SE^^Jiann, Gent., of Oray*ii Inn, Ba^Wlor, 26, A "lilnry Moooti, 
of S* Utoaarr^* SKoredltcb, Spioatcf. 18, da«, of Jatuc^i Matioa, 
Eiq-, lato cf Uo«d('ii, MidUt'fOx, d«r^ i conaent of her mother Gmco 
3Ia«0D ; at W* l^^iiurd'fl, Sborcditcli, 

M' llonry R«yni?ifocJ, CJi^rk, of Great Stauioore. MiddJofcOx. Ba<.lio]or, 
■W, A Mary Moiir*Tfor»i, Si-iriHter. 22, dan. of Jolin Moiintford, I>.D^ 
irho coiueulif ; at Bamct, HcrU. 

GeoTj^r Allen, Gem, of S^ f^pul^.hre"s. Bachelor, 28, ik rcnclopc 
"WiXN^iHuni. of *AiUi\ W'tdovt't 30, rvlict of Thomait Wooiluard, d^v^ ; 
at H^ Maiy, Saroj-. 

Jobn Brou^ton, (ront. d S< QiIm in Fields. Widower. 50, ^ Ho»o 
Hof^era, of aami*, SpinMer, 44» i at ^' iViU^ uivrenxid, 

Eobert RTan-, Kpq.ol S* Martin'a Piolds. Bachelor, 40, * KSitabPth 
Can-, of aojQH-, .SjHitiU'T, 23. dau. of Onbrkd C&rr, Bjwi., Ulo uf S' 
Ana%, ItlarkfrratH. dMT* ; v*4>i]Hoat of her brother Sir iMwnrvl Carr 

tberuua^, of Uilliugdon. K^ at Ucmford, Emuc. 
rot, IT, 
































Not. 8 

Dm:, is 


/olm WUtKift, &■]., of [?] cam X-ttcfiPod<ni [" L«1qIi«d 

K<Hov, IWhelor, H^, ft Kliiftb«t)i 0«bofm, of 9^tnfi, 2i, V>1 

AbnliJim Arcber, CJfrk. 3LA.^ of Onelt, &wi, BkIi^Iot, 3:i.X Ft 

Uolfltock, of nmo, Hpinvtcr, 22i dtin. of WilliAci lltiUtiK'k, 4 

Oont.. wko ranaetib) ^ nl S< GragoryV ^^ Lawrence, 013 Jorf, ir I 

BiiicdAleii*8, OU Fish HtreH. 
The Rtgia Won^lripftil fttr Hcniy AEmltton, K* 4 BaH, of 

Ksfcx, Widower. 30. Jfc M^ Alice Ap]in|;kftm« of S* JuuM, < 

well, SpiDntoi', 22, duu. of Williluix Rtfilingtium, Ea^-, w1h> o; 

at S* Kntboriiib ColDman^ 
Thcmjup t.vk<oit, Ksq,, of Eftling, MKNUotoi. IWWW. SO, voQ 

Kicluinl Lylcoll, Kb«]-, wIw coniicnte, A ReWi-ea Anbler, [)f 

SpiDStor, '4i\ hvr pnronU dwid ; tt S* n©ncT»t'w I>.ini?», 
UcnrjIlBrri*, Ociit-,of S' l>un*ti«i\ Wcni, Bnchclor, S3- A Du«*lj 

Durkhimt. of S' Jium^n, Oarli^rk HyiW, Spin*tpr, 21, hrr 

dfVMl; ntS* Jamc*. Oarlick lEitha 
Qeorgf- Uowman, dwelliuK in tUe county Cork in Ireland. 21, hi* I 

dv4id, k Hrlpiior Oooiw, fSplu^I^r, 2u, tba of I{ubi.*rt OiTodu. Cro 

1al« of BtuaiDglxime, oi>. Cmabnilge, c)^^ motb^'fl ccuoatiAll 

Heitn' Vcmon, Ornt., of Firnhan), Surroj, Bftcbdor, 3d, A Jo 

Winter, ^piiuter, SO; at :A^ Ctement l>ane«. 
Bi^ivlniul Dau^h, Gciit.« of Innrr Timiij>1i% IWhrlor. SI, A JaM I^ 

nf Hftmfivtoiul, Mi(ld)«*>E'E. Spiiivtcr, !?1, dnu. of MattWw UluB,! 

■wtK\Ocnt, whocone^nM; st IWnei. Hc?rl*, 
Henry Thorolou, Qeni.. of Fjlham, BlH^helo^, 21, A Martlift FlodJ 

uniTiOf ^pitxfTivri 21, d[iu. of John Floud, who coiuwntn ; ot FulbflJu-l 
JoKn Brookr. U<?nt,, of i^tj nf London, IWhcW, 20, ion of M*iti 

Brooko. &4i..of PorUmouLh.f'n. South^*^, wlio eonvonts, A Klinl 

Smith, of S^ Stephen "p, l^olcinan Street, Si>in0tcr, aWut «iiu£ ! 

hor pnrenlA doid ; At ti' Mhry Sovatnti, 
ThoTUM King, (*rni., of Lought«D, Btvu^i, IWhrfor, 20, A 

HANAAno. of W«lthAm Holy Ctom, Ka^s, H\juw\vr. :>fl. Jail | 

JeronintD Bft««&no.of same, Gent. wlioeouBetiU; ni S^ MnnlnOunn' 
Thomaa Westbrook, of Ho**k1<iy, K**ox. Ycoihw^ Biu'lw?lur, 23, A Jo 

A}']i't, ut SuttoD, CO. F^aei, &uic»ter. It^ dan. of M' Oilei AjH' 

DADii^, Cl«rk, who allr-ffc* ; at SuLton ^fotTHTLid. 
Jo^n BrAMell, Gent, of S« Gilrv in PJf^ldd. TWhotor, 2d. A Sa 

Lcgiktt, cF Mimo, Spinster, 20 ; ai S^ Mar^, Ntrand. 
ThoiDM Webber, Geiit., of S^ Marj, Saroy, Bachelor, 2i, A 1*^!'^ i' 

FitAliprbert, of mmc, Widow, 37; At 3' G«^ory"«, I-onJv**, ^J 

S* GiW in the Pipld*. 
Rich»ird CresHett, GvuU BaeWor. 21, «on A heir of Edward CidiH^ 

linq-» of Uplon Orwclt, CO. Salop, who coTifcntu, A JaDO Uwfcj." ' 

Kdmcmtcn, Miidlesox, f*pinsler, 18, cUlu. of Ueoiije UrloT, of mB^ 

al KiliririTitiiri ikfon-vnid. 

Richftnl riwlcm<\ Gent,, of Chelmsford, Essei, 22, A T^lico Mettwo^ 
of Much Bradtield, r<*. SuJTcUk, Spiimttr, 22; al Tilbury near Cbm 
CO, Etafj. [i)u lortfic »<ho<il, evidently from an K"i*x SurnJiraw,] 

Jokn Dftrbvshirti, Gout, of S* DunHtaii'» Wo»t, B^clielor, 22 (roni«rt 
of hid inothpr Mary i)athyHhim, Widow), A Ann Whilmcre.Spinrt* 
W, her father Uojid (consent of her mother [ithnk] Wnto«ff 
ali^t [^/«nAJ,afl teatiiSedbj' Saaiucl Hnjward.of ^cwingtoft,Sumj); 
at Tuitvuhuni, Mid(ll<7»o:i. 

Thomai IVewloro, Gi?nt., ef Dasotiham, fivcx. Bachelor, 27, A Hijy 
SiinpBon, of S' Sepulchred London, SpiwWr, 17, dau. of M' W* 


SisptoD, Clerk^ FUvon of 3^ Okve's, Hftrt Street, who conwntf) ; 
» S^ Sepnlchre^B. 

15 TTiomu Gnj, Esq., of H&tton GniEge, co. Surrej, Bachelor, 2(, Sl 
Ansie WoodhouBe, of City of London, SpiiiHter, 24, <lau- of Sirlit-nry 
Woodhouse, K^ dec^; conflont oi mother Ladj Cecilj WofidhoUiW ', 
Mt Little 9 ReWa, Londou. 

18 C»«w BcjneU, Eiq., of 8^ Geoi^'s, Southwark, Bachelor, 2% k Mary 
RiTvra, Spinster, 26, dan, of Marcellua KiverH, E»q., of S^ Savianr'jj, 
^othirark, who coDBento \ at S^ Nicholas OUTc'tj. 

17 John Lucu, Esq., of S^ GregOTj'a, Londou, Bachc-lor, 2'), & Anuo 
Xenll, Spinater, 17, dau. of Sir Christopher Nerill, K\ of tlie 
Charterlioafle, London ; consent of parentH of both ; at S^ Ure^^ry'rt 

6 Geo^ Whitney, Gent., of Sabridgworth, Herte, Bachelor, 25, & Aiuic 
^11, of same, Spinster, 20, dau. of Stephen Hall, of WciUin ujion 
Atod, CO- Gloucester, Clerk, who consents ; at 8^ Martin'a, Ludi^ate. 

13 Francia Conrthop, Qeot., of Lincoln'^ Inn, Bachelor, l^l, A Anne 

HaatliD, of London, 40, widow of Uenry Ha«tlin, dec^ ; at S^Aljjhaj^c. 

14 John Hove, Gent, of S' Gilea, Cripplegate, Bachelor, 23, &> liannah 

Bedliam, of same, Spinster, 21, dau. of John Bodliam, lute of 

Stepney, dec* \ at Great 8' Bartholomew's, 
14 Wyatt Fowler, Gent., of S» Mary Alderroary, Bachelor, 23, & Eli/^both 

Danyera aliat Darers, of same, Spinster, 17 ; consent of licr motlicr, 

a W^idow ; at S^ Gregory^s, London. 
23 Bichard Greenewood, Gent., of 8^ Dunstan*H West, Ba^^lidor, 23, k 

Irtargaret Langley, of same, Widow, 26; at S* Orcgory'ti. 

27 Sir Thomas Lucas, K\ of 8' Giles in Colchester, iiach*-lor, «l, A 

M™ Anne Byron, of City of Westminster, HpinKter, UJ. dau. of Hir 
John Byron, K^ dec^ ; consent of her mother Lady Anne Byn>n, 
Widow ; at St Andrew's, ilolbom. 

28 John Crawlejt of Eempton, Herts, Yeoman, Baohtrlor, 32, &. Dort^thy 

Bigg, of Walden S^ Paurs, Herts, Spinster, 2 1 , dau. of Hlchanl lligg, 

of Knebeth, s^ co., Yeoman, who cousentM ; at S' Martiii'n, Lud^^te. 
3 M' John De Cerf, of S* Catherine Coleman, Clerk, Bacliclor, 27, A 

Mary Nuttall, of Eochford, Essex, Spinster, 25 ; consent of father 

James Nuttall, Gent. ; at Stepney. 
9 Kchard Brabome, of 8^ Dionis Backchurch, Merchant of the Staple, 

Bachelor, 40, A Dorothy Archer, of 8^ Michael, Quecnhithc, Spinster, 

22, dau. of Thomaa Archer, of Koyston, Herts, who consents; at 

S* Michael's, Queenhithe. 
10 Anthony Oldmiion, Gent., of S* Martin's in Fields, Baibclor, 40, & 

Frances Watson, of 8* Dunstan's Wo»t, Hpinntor, 22; consent of 

her mother, a Widow ; at 8^ Gile^ iji Fields. 
12 Thomas Wilson, Gent, of Braiutrec, co. Essex, Bachelor, 22, &> Jane 

Johnson, of Panfieldi iEssex, SpiDster, 21 ; at Tilbury near Clare in 

20 Robert Broughton, Esq., of City of Westminster, Bachelor, 24. & Mary 

Smith, of 8^ Clement Danes, Widow, 30^ at 8* Giles in Fields, or 

S* Mw7, Savoy. 


I 8 Joshua Butler, Gent., of S^ Andrew in the Wardrobe, Bachelor, 23, & 
Susan Bosington, of All Hallows Barking, Spinster, 23, her father 
Henry Sosington 8c her mother both dead ; i.-onse[it of bcr brother 
in law Thomas Walton, of same parish ; at S^ Andrew's Wardrobe. 

1 9 John Pughe, Gent,, of 8^ Dunstan'a West, Bachelor, 24, & Elizabeth 
Gittins, of same. Widow, 86 ; at S^ Bnde's. 




it Rri>Ji*ct ColIiiiH. of Aiiio, SpmcrUTt 33. dftU. of Jolio 
CilTof liriHtoKMorcltAnt, i?iiocoaMfit«; aillrf!^ bj Henry Ho 
•OD, of 8' MiMrwl, PouJuT^ Grvccr; At S' Mildrwl Ptiultty. 

A|ml25 Johfi Alcbom, Gent, of >Oi^rB]]«iii. Kent, JIju:bHor, 23, 4| 
BctiTtou, «f 8' CatJicriJic Crre Charcli, SpimiUr, a3> ^Uu, rf I 
l)r>Titrtoii, Citii:«Q A Ci'>',hworkor. dec* ; *t S' Aniimji' Win!,-^ 


April 30 
Mas 7 

Humphray Collor, of S* Sepulchred Omt, Widowxjr, «» A 
11 i lU, of -V Hitdo'e, 48, widow < 

, St«[iiiaT 

rofThwmii^Mimdw^. at S' G 
William Jfuiitington, Gmt, cf Worburgv, <»- \V»t«hMter, 

& 1-aK'l Wii-i-in*, of S* QgjbrieJ FcncEurcK, ep^ 40 ; at Si ^ 
Edmund Slater. G«nt.. of BUhop'v Suirtford. Herl^ Widowvn 

(irftc^ QloMOcU, of FumtiKD, Emwm, SpiUMtcr, 21, dau. ot ' 

Glwoook^, of i»nie, Gent, who coawalB; mi S^ Uc«iiiet'», 

M»j 10 Ge<ii^e riio^vr, of Lm*. t*o. Ewk*x, Gent , BncWor, 3-1, A AmDaViicb 

of Clmiit rhurvh, London, Spiiiaier, 18, lier father dct^d ; ocoflstrf 

ber mother Acue War© a/iW Wri^hi HttctfUr^i bj WilUam C«in 

of i.imelMnvc, p<jir> Stepne;, 1^^; *l 6^ JaniiM, ClertLcnvrolL 
lUf SO Jobn Huinfrc^, Qunt, of CliiltingtoQ, £JuiMiex, Wiinwcr, 4d, ^ J«tt 

Kill^}-, of S< Sf-pii|chr«>V -13, widixr of WiJlum Billef, M: 

H^ BuCoIpb, Biiihop«gftto. 
May 22 Sir Williim lJoUtrod«, K\ of rppingbaai, co. Bottand, Widower, 

^ Aniiv I)ahniiii4*r, of Hai*kucv', fliddloMX, 9S, widow of Bm 

Butiuietor, Etttj.. ilfrc**; tit B< Anne, BJfbckfrwv, 
Jmia B John Sanders, of S< Petor'a in Towt^r of London, Cutler. Bach'. 

(coDMOit of father Willi^vnt Snndon), k Msjj thiaacumbo, of 

Spmtor. 11«, dau, of Oliver l>una»:ombe^ of Bain«, Q^iit, wb« 

•ODto ; nl Stcpnoy. 
Jiina Bobeii Tt^UEi, of !j^ A)phagv>« llnborilfwho^ Widower. 25. ft Mj 

Courthcp, of 5* B«(in<^t'i. Paulji Wharf, Spiniit<'r, 21; comeal 

mother Mary Courtliop, "Widow ; at S^ Ann. iikokfriim 
June 17 RoVnKing,cfcrh,of J^wailiam Market, co.NorfL>lk,3U,AFranceaJrrrjnJ 

t>f 8iMo Hcdinghnm, Kmcx, Spiualer, 22 i at TUbutj ttoar CU" i^ 

RmaPX, [On ]tM.tnt nhoAt, HbjiOK SuirogftleJ 

June 17 il'Gjb'JiFlemLnc. Hector of Qorhyn, co. Lincoln, Bachelor, 28. AEli**- 

betb Sully, 2S, widow of Thoma« SuHv, lato Vicar of VfT^.<^- 

Lincoln, dcc*^; »t 8' Faitl/a. " , 

Juae 18 Jolin Gybucn, E«|., of S^ Faith *«, BacWor. 23, A P<inolop& Woo^nj 

of aame. Spinnter. Ifl, dnu. of Kdimmd WoodbaJl, E»q., of muhcvM 

eonnCDl*'; at 8' Ann's, Blackfnar-a. J 

Juuc 23 Tlwma* Kent, Geut,, of S' Ikmcnt lUnw. Bach', 25, A filiaW 

Owen, of vaiijL'-, Spinster, 2^. dau> of Ja.iiii^ti Ovtt-ii. hiLv of BtoiA 

wnt^r, CO. Su«ii(>x, Omt,; conHi^^ut of bvr mother M'* Eliaabetb 0«*i 

alias Covert ; at S' Ck^iKuit Oanoa. 

June 26 Letninrd Ni^wton, of S' S<?puk'hre*B, fient,. Bachelor, 25, 4 Ans; 

\\'eaver, of nauio, Widnw , 28 ; .it nnme, 

Walltr Wurtloiir, (K'jit., tif 8' MAT^tLr^t's, WoBttiiinaU-r. Bachelor, tf 

& MftPgarrtThivuvfr, nf ■nmr-, Widow. fiO ; at S^ \ndrr^w\ War^roht 

Cbri«lophtT Grace, (it'iit, Bacheltir, 25, & Annr Janwan, of Chrii 

Church, Loudon, Spinatcp, 21. her parents dead; cocfloct of ba 

uncle John Oriwlw. out* uf the* Parish Cl(;rk« of Christ rhurt-h atort 

Mid, with whom fcho ba» livod tJu> Jaat 16 jfiiw ; at Chriti Clili, 

John SheTHion, Gent, of BiiHhey, Herts, Bai^hdor. 40. A Eliubft 

Wilbrahatn, of same, Sp', about mmo age ; ni S' Martin Outuicb 
HcwyLide^ of Middle Tcuipio, (ient,, BftcSclor,25,A Uorotby Perjma 
Of City of WculiniitEitcr, 22, ividow of KicbArd l^oryuiMi, late 
GcuL, dcc*^! at S* NioWlfu Colo Al^b^^. 

July 8 

3u)j 9 

Ivij 9 

i^ 33 



Botwrt Cook«. of Citj- of Wc^bniniitcr, Ocnt-, Widoirar, M, ft Ami« 
Oou^h, of Jioccvu of L<ML4li>n. V^^ widow of Bobort Gousli, Ute of 
Otv of Westminster, (.lent., doc* ; at iS" Andrewa WardroW 

JaiDCai'DATr, EiMi-. of Wiiiclw-iicr, co, South**", Baclidor. 23 (couBeut 
of father ^ir llcnn DaT5, K^), & Fmncee Hubbart, of H^ IhinMAn** 
WcAt, SpinvTcr, 17, dnu, of Wittinni llubbart, G^tit., dec' (her 
mother'ft niii»ent) ; at S* Andn^n-V ICoTbdm. 

Frftitcis 51arch« Qtnt, of Stepney, Bachelor. 26, & Elkabctb Iratt, of 
S' B>>toI|»V AJd^alo, S|/, lr>, 'dau. of John IvatU dec*; coaseot oF 
Huf^h Bourtnnii, n«r falmr in Iaw ; M Wcvtbuu, Emoi- 

FronciB Rjiioitford, EUa.* Bachelor, SG. of S* Clomont Daiiv*. St Mary 
Ener, of 5^ Duaatan » Weat. Sptiiston IS. lUu. of Henry Ener. B(»qH. 
of same, who conitentfi ^ »t Edgwirc, Mid^k**CT. 

AVilliaiu Suuliflft-', Rector of >'onh Faiubrid^e, Eiuex, Bachelor, W, A 
A!ici.- Hnrri^ of S= IVtcr the Poor, Spitwtvr, 28, dnn. lA Sir Thomjui 
Harri^H K\ drc*; coni«fnt of hrr fnotJi*r Bamo CoTdcfUa Harru ; ftl 
8' Feter the Poor. 

Edward Apaler, Ocut., of ff Judm, Cl^rkMiwcll, Barhdor, 3*>, A Ana« 
Benton [" Burton " in maiv^'Ui], of aame. AVidoa\ H) ; xt S^ xXlpha^. 

Thomn* W^rcughton, H*i|.| of Katuiii, oo. \V\{\9, Hi, & Ixttico Sn^lgnir, 
of Bcchiiam Court* co. Kent, Spmntftr 31. iluii. of ^r HcnT7 
Snel0ir, K^ who contenta; at ^' Bon»etfl, Pfliira Wharf. 

Kalrh Whftlcy, Ootit,, of S* Peier*, Wwt Oirap, Bachelor, 83, A 
Elk'iior Hartford, of 3^ Maiy Wook-huixh, S^iiihUt, 3S ] at S' Peter's. 

John Biutrnof S^ Oilw^CripplefcciUv B re weir. Bachelor, 30. A Elizabeth 

Cooper, cf *amc, Spiualer, 20, dau. of Hichard Cooler, dec* ; bor 

Eiother'a coiMOnt ; at S* liilea, Cripplegate, tn S* Sepukrlife'a. 
Tliomas Cholwode, of 8' Marv Aldtsrinarri Mi-'ivhncit 'ftijJur, Bochvlurj 

28, A Kli3F»helh Wako, of S^ fVrn.>"jir D^neH, Spinator, 'il, dnti. 

of [t/^flA-] AS'ake, Ewj.- of niEne, whti coniwitU ; ni S^ f "U'nipnt Bunon. 
William l[eaviD|*ham l^U Heq., of (ireal S' Barlholoinew, l3achelor, 

" 2-5 or 2-S/' & M'* CalbaniH* \Va)]»{Bp, nf name, Spin*ter, 19, dim, of 

Hir Hinrr AVulIopp, of f<iime. K*, who cvnifonla ; at OrcHit S^ Biir- 

Oiolomow. or S' >fartin, r*iidg»te, 
Thomaa Fltit^^he^ Oent., af KinKAficM, Suffolk, WiilowiT,3S,& Margery 

Medcalfo, of S^ Dunstaii's Ea«l, 37, widow of Edmund Medcalfe, 

htlt-ofvanie. Merchant, dec^; at 8^ MartinV LLid^^atr, ur H' CinTgury^v. 
Tlioiniw Wcxoftinht*. Gout., of Chixwlelc, Middli-vux, Bucholor, '2H, & 

Kinborouc;h ESmeth, of name, Spinier, 20, dau. of WUIiam 8mctht 

B»tj-, of HjiTrie, vho eoi3HL>iit« ; at S^ Faith'*. 
Richnrd .Smyth. (Jent,, of S^ Andrew's, liolbom, Bachelor, 33, A Mary 

Mcthaai* of aamc, Spinjitcr^ 20, ulau. of rhomiM Mcthmii, ot aame, 

Gent., who conHonU ; at. S^ ATidi>*wV, Holboru. 
fiflbt'rt Cniwley, of S' itattliow. I'Viday Street, CitiAeo A Grocer, 

Bachebr, 2S, A EliRalx!lh Shlplon, of name, SpitiHtcr, 16, dau. of 

John ShipUiJi, Citizen A Grocer of London, who consents i at Kn field, 

MiddUaox. or at S^ Matthew, Friday Strnct. f Mnrriod at KuUf Id.] 
G«orge Conye, of S^ Butalph, Aldt-at*?, GeTit., Widt»ft'<*r, &), A Eli^^abeth 

Rich, of same. Widow, 40, relict of Boberb Bich, doc^ ; at S^ Botolph, 

TboEiLjui P^ramor, J^ l^Hi|., Widower, ki. A Jaue 8i:ott, of 3^ Duo4tau'« 

Wcftt, Spmster, 30 ; jit S^ Cl^rmoiitV IJanot. 

Thomaa Maret, Gent., of S^ Martia'a in Fiolda, Bachelor, 30, A Mary 
Barret, of City of WeBtmiuBt«r, 20, widow yf Williftoi Barret, Intc 
of nunG, Eaii-, dec^ ; at S* Mary, Savoy, or S^ Martin '*, Tjudgati^. 


Jul 4 


Gtar^ Shillito. Gent., of S" QOn in Fiddt. BubelOT,2S. A 
Tciiy, of nino, Spinster. 22, her Either doc' ; at S< Mirtm^ 

S«- J«ii>u« flcotl, K\ BacWW, 43. A M" AnlonclU Willongh^M 

ume^ vrbo coTunnt* ; *t S^ Mj^id'a ^foresaid [ficj. 
CkarUs CftHviiaU. Girnt.. of 8^ Andrew^ Holboro, BncVbr, t1 j 
Elaftbdh 'Willis, of name, Spinater, 3U, d«u. of JoKd WLlli«.d 
ooii*cat of her mothor 5«m wiUU, of •om^ Widow ^ at «viie. 

OtMT, Evex, Boclwlor, 3& i 
I. (ft Jo' 

Jftu. 26 Fnninn lUnmr, Oeat, of ChipuLEii 

Cfttbanoe Atvro^ S^istor, Sl, d«i. ttf Join Atwood. Baq-. Ule < 
SUmford Ritcvv, cc s««ei, iIoH; coDMnt uf Iter inotlcr Di^ 
Atmoud tf/Mu LutUiiiii ; at -SUiufunl Elvcrr ttforveAJd- 

Ifar. 16 Tbom^a (}o][t>n, G«st., of Nt^tHorbury, co, Dortat, 1Wb«lor, % 
&rni]i-t-nt Ftuulivrlj. of Or««t All Hnllonii, Th&tnM Snwi. 
vidow of S^lrester Faxakcrljr. Citizen & Dyer of Loodon; u I 
MiitiAV Ludf^U, or & Mary, IttUngton. 


U«r. SO JvQM BalanUcCt GNmt^ of 8^ Mu^garet's^ Wostmiutar, BftcboIoT.SlJ 
Aime Levbgatoc, Spuvt«r, 20, dau, of Sir Hciuj Lbflaffiton, K". 
wbk* cionH-'jil* ^ at 8^ M art in 'a id the VinUy- I 

Aprii € WdU'r Poriur, a*nl , of S' P*M<*/« in Towor of London, Bft^^r,3X ' 
& Bliwbeth Gregorr, of Uatlorswi. Surrey, Widow, 27. relict 4 H" 
Grocory. of mu»<*, Veonjan ^ at S* BeurTet'*, PauV* AVlurf- 

Aprit 6 Al«auacr l>ixi>D, Gtm,. of S' Mioliarl. Wot^d Slrwt, Baclielor, 20,»ti 
of Alexoiidcr DiioD, late of the Cilv of York, (Scntv, dec*, St 3** 
1'nd<.lf.>n. of *«me. S)>>iiMf«T. 22. dan of John Priddon, of W6l1#o,0^ 
lli3rt«. Yeotnau. dcc^ ; at S^ Martin' «, Ludcata 

April S AVJIlinni Duck«tt, Gciit,, oi Graj'a Inn, BacWor, ^, SL Cioely Piling 
17, dau. of Ridjard Dalinc, ot W'ithAm, fiascx, G^nt., who oodkuu, 
as trell 04 her mother M'* Marj DEtling; at Witham or [iitW 

Fnuicis Drake, of S^ Martin's Oiilwich, Apothecary, Baclwlor, 24,fl 
ThoiuaKine Lukyn, of #aine, t^pmater, 25, d^u. of'cdwnrd Ltibn,Bn 
Mime, Gi-iit. who cuiiicnt« ; at «niDu. 

Johi HiiAfiiril, Gent, of S* Miuiy Alderman burv, BachoJor, S3. i 
Fcrtiitio Bo*t> of S^ Martia'a lo Grand. Spioftt«r, 28, diit <i 
Humphrey Beat, of co. Gloucturtcr, Gent; at 8* Martiiri>, Lud^^^ 

Gi^rcc Kogcn^, Cloni., of Great All ilallowa, Louden. Bachelor, 42.^ 
Manr Ariiwny, of Acton, Middi., Sp% ^3 ; nt OrcAt All IljiUoird ^ 

The H* Worwhipfiil John Hoberfji, Khi^.. of r^ndoti. »iii & liWr toThflB^ 
Hon. The Li»rd RobcirU. who comcnta. Bachelor, ^, A The B^ 
Lady Lucy Itich. SpiiiMter, lo, dau. of The It* Hoo. Boberl, Bull 
Warwick, who conwutu j ut Hochford, Essex. 

Robert Swnyno, f-eut.. Widjwor, 50, & Anno Donno, of S' _^ 
Gratr Church, Spin§lcr. ao. at own ilisiJOahl; alleged by M' W 
Donne, Clerk, Pamoo of S^ Bt^jiiict Oraw Church ; at aamo. 

Halph W}Tign:c, Krttj>, of nun^don. IlerU, Bachelor, 8G, A Jaoe , 
Jcofcry, of S^ DimBtan'ii Wo«t, Spuut9r|20|dau. of JSfir Ocorg« ! 
Jecfmr, K\ dftf"; at S- I'^ith's. 

Biohnrd Calvert, Sent., of KingetoD on Thamcfl, Snirey, Widower,! 
A. Joice Maa««7, of tf< Peter le Pi^Kir, Spimter, 10; at S' Jaoeit 
lUrlit'k HiLho, or All ll^UIown the Great. 

OUn«tii|>ht*r KuiiH, E^q,, of Hi>ubuiii,OQ> Suffolk,^, »cn & hcirappaitni 
til iTti* W Worxhipful Sic Ji>1in Uoua. K^ of nimc^ who oi^uHintJ. i 
Kliuliotii Fitch, Spimitcx, L^, dnu- of Tho U^ Worshipful Sir VTiUian 
ViMt. K\ ^ho conavitt« ; at S< Andrew Uuder^haft. ^ 







Apnl : 










Br Tns fiisuop or londos. 


Hw-iF r ..,.^ Qvnt, ei & Martin'a FicMn W(dt>wer, 37. A Anne 
U . Spinmr, 17, d.iu. i*f RuKaH Willnnt^Vifv, G«ut,. of S' 

Il<iiotuli, A l*U'r»<i^t4*. who c\>i>4crjU ; At S^ Itot^tlph iifon*«ud. 

Rii-tuiM tljirUkondcn. GeH,. of KsHb Coliie, F^r^t'it, iJfldi', 23 {conBDBt 
of fathtr Kio-'kurJ Hiiriftkrua'ii, nf Hxm<i, ]>t|,)« i£ Altro UildmAj', 
Ai»Iim14>t, 10, <IaiL of Sir iicbry MiMmajr. K*, of UthCl'^, <o. £«»0x, 
wlo rormmut ; ibt S* Hrido'ft, or S^ AniM»'*, Uljwkfriant. 

Ifnrr Crofl, QctitH of FnrnUwn. Siirrev, Wuiowcr, JO, A EUiabetli 
CiUo>tt, of H^ Gik<a in Fields, WM^w' 42; *t S» GiU* in Fields, 

Jdiw l>oun(*, of S' Uiuiiu'« I'li FioM**, 30« wi^iin of John Unna^ 

Oent« fW ; At «tnp pnmb church, 
J(»hti Ilovlr. OcDt.. of (iny'it Inn, Bachelor, 23. Uia fattier Jooil, A 

A(iu4: LXidKwort)], 'Z2, viiiUtw t>f Jt^hii l>oilMw:>rth, latA oF [/JfjflirJ, co. 

York. <j<r»l., iii't^ i at 8' Mur(iti'-t, I.tii^itLV 
WilliATTi Mntvh, fjpnt., of NT i'lfi->i*iit Dnnnu, IWhoIor, 30, A Mary 

Afuiioi<>, of S< AthTtm iu FivUN, Spinster 22, dau, of Koberi 

Huwkfl, of Ctiy of Ixricrat^r, Veoman^ tvho const^nu ; ui 8* Gr^goryy 

KdiJiODd Pin«hoi>, of S* Binintfui'0 We*t, Drupcr, Bfloholi>r, 2^, A ElijtA< 

beth FUwti:i, of i^oirb VS^'cald, Evaoi, Spiostcr, '28^ her pftixmtn dcnd ; 

at East Horadon, G^bcx. 
ftir Jilw*rd Dtincombc. K\ W»dowop,»g*d [-*•], & Anne Boechaid [?]. 

of S' Mi^haol fe Quvruc, Widow ; ftt S* SopUilin-V 
F 5 tUlpk WiMo, (3**nt, ftf S* HiiOKtan's W^f, IWWli^p, 3rt, A Aniwi 

P«arncke. of miik*, Sp', 24 : nt Un^ir SliLnin»r«^ Middli^y^x. 
Sir Thcodcre de Mavonj. K*. of S^ Martin's in FipWa. WkIowit, 67, 

& luKdJn V*tidi'rlH'rgh, of CMatia, Widow, 32, rvliot of Frnncia 

VondcrlH.-rKhf &■}., de^ ; i&t ^'^^ MArtiit's, C}ii?Wa> or FuthiunK 
Thoinu Latofip. Clerk, of HunlLngUin. IWhcEor 2G. A ^UEan (rnint, 

of S' BarlhtilomiTw, Kx^hnricr. I-imdon, Spiristor, 17, dau. of M' John 

Uiuct, Keclor of S- Biinliulomew aforesaid^ who conwrito ; nt Walt- 

Awdf^nr Ffinford, Bactielor, Hi, ■00 of Awdrojr Hflnford, of Cltv of 
AV r, dec*. & Anno Lynno, of City of Wc*tiniuiit«r, '2ii, 

\i '■■ ■ I Eiofcai If)iiue«of HAini%difc^; lit S^ Benrict OracQ Cliiirchn 

Sftmud Wmdrii, Ooot,, of ^^ NichoU" Colo Abbey, Bjichdor, 1211, A 
P«QeJop(? B&iriti^'r, of Ealing. Middltucitt Spitifttc-r, 17, d^u, of 
Thotniu* Hnrritigftp, of same, vvhn (^or^*«nt^; nt Ealing or HiLnwoll, 

Nithuxid Wri^hi, Gent, of Bomford, Eaic^. ]Incli«Ior, 2i,.!fc Kathcnno 
D<jdik'u* [?]t of ntvtf, Spiimtor, 1^, b^r |iiir«Qt« dcud ; at S* Juuion, 

Baldwin Aihton, of Citj of Wofltininator, Yeoman, BnoliidoT, 24, A 
iJtta Cro<>ie, of aftnit, Spiiwi^^r, 20, dau. cf John Croode, iato 
of lilankj, eo. K**nt. Veomnii, dec*; alleged by Kobcrl AmJiIoii, 
of ftaiDti- tleiit. ; :it S' Pancro^- 

Maltfcpow 1^iiu<rf»^n [iV. Hofi^rton], of S' ]\1"ftrgntvi*ii, 'Wi'BiminBf/tr, 
Ofui,, Widower, 40, Jt Frnnw* Flowerdny, of mme, Spiuator, 20, 
dffii, of rhoTji.<M Flowerdayt o^ BauDe^ Vintiier, vrh[> voiuciitv ^ at 

NiehoUi I>aT]iM, Gvnt., of Hordhniu, HotU, BaoWor, 28, A Etixaboth 

Hide, of «aaie. S|»imi«r, 28 ^ ^t Bi«hop'» Stortford or Stondoo, tlert«t. 
Gibricl Du Poritfr, Gent,, of S^ Giles, Cripidegule, Ba^^hclor, 31, & 

Atagdoien Jjc 1£ou«, of aauie, £jpiiutcr, %, porciita dead ; at b^ Qiica 

iamott Hill, Gent , of S» Murlin's PieldB, Widow*<p, 50, A Samh Pickering. 

of Munef 8pin»i«r, 2!£, fotlier doml ; ut S^ Michael, Quccnhiibe, 

K^. 24 

N<T, :» 

D*e. 6 


J)cc, 9 

Dec 18 

1>«C 18 

Dec 21 

Deo. 20 


JoliD Otborav, GmX^ of LambetK, Sun^, Vidower, SA, A 
Hmm of City of Loodom Sp<, d7 ; tt 5< Clement Daaoi 

Boger TaT«-r«cr. Oent., of rpnim«t«r, Ibclirior, 2d, A AnneB 
of SibeU Hedinglav, Euei, 8piiut«r, SV dau. of Donitbf 

Williflau ?Mo, of S" WtttllHMr. FtifUj Sliwi, Piliieo A 

ton of ^'iUbm Faltlo, of Mine* Geat., 4 Bttbaia EvaitiL, of 9 ! 

W4>o]i:<>tk, Spinntcr, IHJ [or 22 ?1 dftu. of AdHftit KraiUflfl 

ClothwoTkcT, ulio ccMkseDts ; ftt S* IfibiT "Woolnoth 
Fnuicv I.orv, K"i-, ^f lincoln's Inn, BftrWlor, 28, Jt £luAb«ll 

nrortK ot Hodiidcn. Herts. SpiiKUfT. 17, dftu. of Berfll Uovli 

of Kame, Hei^., viko coDMnts ; At S* Edmiiik<l'«, Lombard Stnvt 
Eoben Uemmiai|;tOD, Uent., <>f Gn^'a Inn, 24, A Catbanne Cc«qi 

of 8^ Ilutuilpliv C»t?]i -^< ttidoiT of Coradina Conijiiotft, litet 

London, Gcut., d<x.^ ; nt S* FpitbV 
BrowiuEiK NeiR^kori. OtnU, of Citr of We»t«aD»t«r, Baehdor. H' 

KbfAbcth Tiotto. 36, widow of ^vilbam Trotte, doc' ; ml & PtfibV] 
Edward Loreci, Gent., of Ci^ of We«tBUjifft«r, Bsi^lor, % 

Pliitndelphui Artton, of 9 Mlrtiia's Fteld^ 9|H»at«r, 23, W ] 

dettd ; ftt H* BrnnMV PAurn WWf. 
0«odm Frchocke, Genu, of Btmuda Um, Bather, 42, A 

UdcIm, of S» AmlrvwV Holboni, 40, widotr of M' Unci* 

kf«per, dwr" ; at & Atidret^'m Holboro. 
Itichnrd Wnrd. Oi^nt,, of K< RmuotV Paal'i WliarF, BAcb<^l»r. 3S^ < 

Bnrhoni Sit^m<>, 8pinNt«r, ld«itAu.of PruiciaSt«rue,of Nult 

par, Bartiray, ilerta, Qmt, who conwuti ; at [iJ^A]. 

Jan. a Jolm WnrJcU, of Baling, Middleiici, Taniacr, Baclietor, ^, A Han 
Banijif^r, of «aiue, ^, 10, dau, of Tbofn&a BaTTiDj>er, of * 
(}uat, wbo coiiNUiitu; alJogod by &unu«1 Waidcll, of aame, (rentj 
at S" BemiQt'fl, Paol'e Wharf. 

I'MiRond WoodrofF, GonU, of 8^ Martin's in Kutid*, V^idowsr, 31j 
PolixeDor Leet^.h, 8pjiut«r, 22, dan. of [blonl-] T^cetch, late of 1^ 
of Winton, Gont., dec^ ; at 3^ Botolph. Biahop^at^. or S< BrideV 

Geoi^e Portman, Gent> of Lambeth, Surrt^v. Bachelor, 30, Ik SMI _ 
Buoklic, of Mnr]i»n. Buck^, Str", tOj cou»cnt uf luor uw>tl>ei'> * 
Widow ; at l(illin^d<>» or chapel at Uxbridg«. 

AlexaiLdt-r WedJerbunie, Ckrk, Viear of Soudtdm, Horu, Bati'.^i. 
& Eftlcr Dc* PrcJ!. Spiufctor, 20, dau of Jacob Dm l'r<M. dcc'^ wfl; 
iteiit of her undo John Delaauin, of SU>bive'd, Southwatk, Dtit;^ 
S^ Mof^w, or S' Margai«tV, Now PJali Street. 

FranHa Spic<*T, of fi* Ann'a, BW-Hriaw, ChnndW, BarWtir. 2^1 
itebocca llale, of aame, Spiuat^r, 27: oonaeut of father Tbo 
Hide, of WtliLm, ll<l^t^ Teoman ; at S* Magiiiu^. liondon. 

Ricljanl Blowci, of towuof Cambrid^, OeiiLf BacV, 21, & ABcaOu 
of London, SpioAtor, 22^ coj)i4dntof mother, a Widow i a; Broiboii 

Ricliard [Iook«r, Gcni, Bachelor, 40, A Mary Everwt, SpimtfT>3 
dau, of Robert Everent, lalc of ^ittliwark, Yeoman, doc' ; at b^T~ 
iholoincvr the Ormt> _ 

Frflmtind Fnrlorwood, of K^ Clirinti^pKor l<» Stocka, I^ondon, Groctfi* 
Bachelor, 2^, »on of Edmuiifi ITndorwood, of Mine, & Tiuibelj^Ci^ 
Wright, of Ixindon, SpiitaUrr, 18, dau^ of John CnrCttriglit, of 
CO. Notte, Esq., who comienia ; at S^ Sepulchre"*, liOndoa- 
Poh. 23 Tliomne Hogon*, (Jent., of City of WcflliumHter, Bachelor^ *), A 
Bamo, ef diouue i>f Lomloii, 2^), widow of John Bame, 
Woolwich, CO. Kent. Gent, dec"; at S* Pftiiira, 









Feb. 12 







pfo. 1 

AnKur PitC<f0, of Litllc Hiulliikn, Herts. Te«.>izuui. IWhrlor, A2, A Anno 
Pnumn^tiMi, of Upphnm, Ku^\, Sjiinutj^r, ?.S, duM. nf Knhrrt !VnTiini5* 
toD, of Mne, GirtiL, who conM^ntH ; nt S> AihIivw UwlcMliafl. 

S[ir< 18 Bobcrt Bjr^. Gent, Bitchelor, 21, aoc of Bobcrt Erro, of Lincoln > Inn* 
£au., who coiiwutu, A Anoc Aidervor, of S* Auibulin*^, Sp'. IH.Oau. 
of Stjiiuol AMorwej, Ea<).. of «au3i\ w1io coitj>«nt« ; at & AntholinV, 

Uir. 23 Bx'hjtra Willmm*. Gcmt. of S* Margarcty Wi^tmin-Wr, Rich', 90, A 
Kliz»be;h B^binaon, Spjaaler, 24, dau. of John Bobiu^on. of S^ 
CnthnritKt'M now the Towor. iUrincr, who conteDl*; nt f*' Pctcr*i, 
Paul* Wlmrf. 






Apnl 13 



April 32 

April li5 

Bicbard Bumebj, Oent,, of S* Oilotf in f^elilfl, BaobeW, 22, & Tibeiift 

DingkT. of mnc, SpinBtcr. 22, (Uu. of Jarace Wnglry, of [/>/«■ Jt], uo- 

Comwnil, Yc*oir»jui ; nt S* Fnitb'it, 
fiobert Oanfa. Gent, Jiacfiebr. 20, & Elisabeth Gouse. of Chil<leniit4^b. 

EMex, Spinntor, 18, dau. of Thomas Gou^ of umr, Gviit, who 

consents, aa attested br M' Tlonias Gouge, Cterk, brother of 

•'^ t*lixahcth ; at «vno cburch, 
Biohanl B^^iiott. Gt*ii(., of Citj of Wc*imin»t(>r, l^JM?h^ 3T. A Mftrgarel 

Lawrence, Spinstor, 23 ; consent of isothor Klixabcth Lawrence, 

Widow i at S^ Fftilh's c^r Ali HaIUiwh, r^mdoii. 
Bcrculcii Colt, GoDt.. of T^ow Windsor, Berks, Bachelor, 21^ A fimmo 

Bodk^, of Citr of Ix^ndoa, Spinsitcr, 23> bcr porcot* doad; at B^ 

Martm^a iu tbe r^elda. 
John Cory, now of City of London, Moivhaiit, Bacbdor, 2S, & Hary 

8«dJ0r, of S' Mary, laliDj^toii, 3pm»!er, 17, dau. of Kdmund Sadler, 

of nnmri Kmi-, wbo coimontM; At 8' Mni'>, liliiL^on. 
THo R* Hon, Edmund, Lord ShoflTwJd, BacKolor, 20 (wilb con*ont of bU 

father Ednioiid, Earl Mou(rm»e).A The Hon. Dame Elizabeth Cinn* 

field, Spinrtcr, 23, .la«, cf The E^ Hod, LioneK End of Mil^Ueeei, 

wboeonaeDta; at WaLtham Abber, EsBei. 
William Wallcy, Gent., of 8' Maniir* in Fioldi, Bo^bcrlor, 32, A 

Margfiy Smitb, of mnw, 27, vidow i>f Paul SinJtliH Geut., dec^ : at 

Andrew Powielt, E»q., of CrondaU, ot>. South^^, Bachelor, 38, ^ Sophia 

Campbell, of 3^ Bride's, London, 32, widow of Cliarlw Ciunpbcll, 

Bw),, dcc^; at S' BrideV 
William Uatton, of S' MagJal(?o\ Atilk Strtet, Gent,. IWlicIor, 32, A 

Elizabeth Bn*ltcrgh, of MiJk Street af"r<«iiJ, Spinster, 22, dau. of 

William Brcttergh, of Bretterholl, co. Lanai*l©r, Est),, dec*^ ; ber 

nothora coUKcnt, at S^ Ma^daldtV Milk Street, or S^ SttipliGu^B, 

Colonian SV 
JamM Elkini-toD, of S^ Botolpb, AI<loT»gate, Founder, Bncliclor, ^d, A 

Uar7 Cole, of All Hallow*, TliAim^ Stret-l, Kjaiiater, 24, dau. of 

William Cok, of Ixrw(\a, f^usscx, Gent,, who consent* ; at 8' FaitJi'o, 

or All Hallows, TlmoicB Stroot 
BiGhar<l Woodh:>u8p. Gent,, of S' Qil<^s. Oippleffat^* Bachelor, 24, 

A Mur^iirct Tuyh^r, of Chrirt Chnrch, 1[x>ndon, SI, widow of 

Chnntephor Tajler, of Muue, Butcher, dec*; at S^ Olave'n Jury. 
ThomoB SjnipH4>u, tf M^ Matthew, IViilav Streul, Gecit., \S^idoT»cr, 70,4 

Ell«iior Tboiiipitoii, Widow. G(J; ali4>g<'d by Fruuciu Syrnpnon, of 

same, Gent. ; at S' Mary AiJennanbury, 
MatihiB- Col, Gent., of & Mary Woolnolh, Batlielor, 38, & Elitabcth 

^>nnch^ ofnam^ SpinsUr, 2U, dau. of Jobs Franckn, of Mme, Oeuc, 

vrbo couAentv , at aauic. 
Gen^e llallard. Gent., of Little BKton, l^aet. Bachelor. 24, A 

Kathcrino Criapi^ of ivame, Spinster, 22, dan. of Bichard Cri«ii)0, late 
TOL. tr* J> D 



















of uiin(% PiviTw, **«^ ; rmwrmt of hnr uiU'Ia Ort^m BofaerK ■ 
Seimlflire'ft. Lojjiioo, Taykrr ; at S* Nicbola& OUre'm. 

Arthur Finmtarnc, of 8" M»»t. Bow, lyOivloi>. Kiui-n Hrn^'r, Bi 
a*, A BLzabeth Rjall, SpWter, 23, dtu. of Kohert It^lc, 
Cfttton, 0""*. Dorhy, E"0'> «€<^, £ her n^l^tlwr il^o -, Jti S^ Ffttt^'i. 

Wtlliiun 3lanih4<. Orrt., of Wignn, tvi. IjinrAitcr. Tl«i^hii]i)r. 22, M / 
Boiton, of S* Jatnce. Clerkfuwell, 3|iUMttT, 38 j Afc S* Maij'i,! 
totr, <jf S* l^ftitlfn, I^iiulon. 

Hcnr* lUriiOrt, Gcbl., of S' Okiretj, Silrur Street, WiJmrc*, Hj 
EltfnWK Cnuhon, of 8' Mnrr WiwIdoIIi, 30, wMow of Ul 
Cflultoii. Tat** CitrKt-iiA Clotbworkerof Loiii<loii,il^ ;at ^ Alp 
or S' I^pfrnArtrn. t>h(»rCTJiK'h. 

FranHs Ainyoj^, Gent., of 8^ nartboloweir ihr T-CiW, BjicWlur,! 
Aiint> Athkli, of iniTjo, ^4i>mi>ti^,t^2, dnn, of W.llt&m AlbiU,^ 
of FoJnbfim* ea Nnrfr)lK uho cH>E^[ir])tH : At AH llaliowi tti tie V^ 

Kilwiml GHni4^«, (ivnU, of 8^ CJomout Dfttir«, liM'holor, 51. i 
Sbftw, of S' SepulclireX l^imlaii, Spiiiitt4>f, 2G. dau. of John a 
ofS' Clciiii-ut> Hforci*aiil, Oi-iil.. wIjo ciiimtut* -, stX B* iUncttt- 

Tboma* Tborntun, Gent , of S^ DumtAa'* W««1. 1U^Li>W. 3(K i ' 
beth Blenkinsop. 20, widun of [^ttnit] JiieoibTDsop, late cf 
Gent, d«c^ ; at 8^ SepulclircV, S< Mijilf««il'H, Un-iu) 8Uvcl, 4^] 
Andjw> "Wardrobe, 

Imuc tiilhiMH, Ucat,, of Itarlcigb, E»o2, Wtdomr, ftS. A Svs Wit] 
SpiuNtor, 17. ilAU of R/>Wh Wiihain. Ctotk, of Barking, Knct.l 
coiiHL-it1«: at N' Fnitli's. 

John ifOi^lojiU. of S^ Bololpfi, Hi1liTi£^ai«. Menr1ttiit« UarhrU^, ! 
Kli£uU*lb BiuOcM, irT Sic|m4v, fipinfitiT, 17, Oiui. nf WUUm 
Belil, Q«Dt., of r.««dB, CO, York, who aU«'{^i mt StmtforJ " 

TUay 28 Willtani Lynn. Gcni, of Crrjit 8> lUrtliobmcwy ^4eii«W,M,i 1 

bcih \\ ItctcnlialJ, of sfiitie, 8piiuter, 24, ber pmnti doc'; 

IJnrlboloincw af*'' or ft' ])nd«f%. 
Mfty 2S Jobn SbiM'k<»pfMii^, of S* Cli^iiient Daneft, Bittmnlr«r. Ttaob',26, &] 

gArrt EJwardH, of fS' Hrido'g, 8pinBter, 28 ; at vkiiw ptwh ' ' 
June 1 Abraham Brooby, of S' TriaitT, Minon4«, Chirur§i>Mi, Bscfark 

of ThotnM Brotikc*, lai^:^ of Darfi^riL, cc>- l\c*iil, MiTcliml, d 

iwiit of Ms niotbrr Alitjc Brooke alitt OooldMnilh. of iiiih:v),J 

Bkiiiner. of the MirLOi-Jc afonf^, ffpinst^r. LSi dau. of Kalph Skia 

late of Hume, GeiiL, di^c^ (ooii»«&t of lier toolbOT Ufilkn S%' 

enino> Widow)- sit H^ Marr, hiiiigton. 
June 2 Itobfit Todd, of MIddli- IVmplc, Ornt , Bat'li«*lor, 23, A »«rlHW» i 

of S* Rnd**%. Spiiisl^T. 23, dn«. of TlioinMi CoIa, of ?<*fFnin ffft 

o(i. &Mei, (lent,, who coiiflt^ntrf ; at [tt/jmitl. 
Jtint* 3 Ilenrj Fletoirood, G^nL, of Omy'a Inn, Bacbelor, 31, A 

Hayni's, of S' AnJrew\ Holbiini, tipinatcr, 27 ; at fP 3Ianr, 1 

orS* Boto]|ih, BijibopgAt<-, 
June 14 FMiundo P«nncr^ Oetit. of S* Oil«« PitiJdt, Bielirlor. 25, A 

Fti^, of aam«, 24, widow of Ifcom» Page, I^jLor, d«4; 

Jane 14 Riduird ^lubb«a. OruU, of CI)i»]obur>t. Ecot, Bftc-bcdor, 24, A 

Powlcr, Spinflt(>r, Ift, dAtrnf rtiilip FftwJor.of Bwt WiVkbAinJ 

Qvni., wHo wimetiU ; at S* Scpukhre'«L 
Jsne 18 Jolu) Legate. Clerk. Hortor of Bombam Broomp, co. XorfcA, 41 

MUlietMit Tyas. SpiDfiter, 22, dau. of WUItam Traa, of Latnbot«h 

&f«,\. lito., who ooDhrrntjt ; at I*iunb»rii<* ftforc«aid. 
Jity I Bamaluw Hnlbis'K Ooni, rf Oray'a bin. Bairfiftlor2'^. 

of S^ Dui]alau4 Vf&tU tSj>:nii:or, 19, Jail cf An: , .. 

t^pulditig, ra Xineuln, wbocoaaenta; at & UtUMlaji'tiafu^. 



EawAisl Wilkiuton, Gi^^tit , of & Giloa m i<o, MSdJIoaoi, Baolielor, 43, A 

Mary ^mitb, of »ame» Spinster. SO, dnu. of Fmndi SmitKof snnw, 

Geut-, who eoimeiLla ; ul «ami*. 
Ueury CovL'rt» t.ii*nt., of Hurabcmnbct, Huircj", Biuliolor, 3l>. A JItiuibcth 

CAtk\ 8[jiaiTtvr^ 32 i at 8' Nichvl^B Olavo's. 
Hiehnrd Sitiith. f4rnt., of S* C1«rRent Jlantra, Widowor, ^, 3l OntliOTiTic* 

Wirwitkt\ of tottic, vUbvr of HoIhtI Warwwko, dc<!^ : uC S^ Faitb*B. 
Aueuftinc llArwood, (lent, of S* Tctcr in tbo Tower, Bachelor, '1\, A 

Porolby FIojil, of S' Okvc,SilTur :jtn}et, SpiuHier, IC, dau. of John 

Flojcl, of Kutbou, CO. IX'»bi)jh, UoDt^, who cauj^inU ; at i:^^ Mildr^fd, 

Brtad Stft^it, or S^ FaithV 
Anthouy ilmttou. tioutn, of S* Sepulchre's, BAch^^lor, ^% A IIo§t«r 

Iinlfith,cf :^^ An<licw'«,Uolbom,-KI|Widqvruf Kdwurd Unffith,deu''; 

Fnuicu R4>«-Brf of 3^ Cfntgoity'D^ r^ndrm^ Grocon Bachelor, 9f>, A 
Cftthjuinie HatclutiM>u, ol S^ Banhobinevr near Eichaug^, SpinitoTi 
ZTfhtr pu^onUdoftd; at Ail ][aUow» Barking. 

Rtcbard no|;kiiia, Qent., of ^ fScpulcUre'ii, A Marj^ajel Drivor^ of vfttnOt 
WidoWf k> ; At S< Sopij)f?hro'4 or S^ Mjirv Mounthivvr. 
SO Ch4He« Hoh»on, Oont,, uf Chi*j>U-rton, 'CjimbridtfL\ IW'Mor, 20 
(cotueut of his t^uardiut), A Doiothy Smith, of Barlov. UortH, 
spLEurter, 23r father dead (coimual of molh«r Uurolky South) ; at 
y CAthnriDo ColetuAik. 

TliomiLi HuiLfluD. of S^ Pcter^ CorohilL CitijU'U & Grot-or, Bjwholor. 27, 
& JaDe Myuiie, of aame. Sj>uiiiter. 19, Jau. of Sir Williara Myniic. 
K\ late i>f EbuhAm, Sum/, doc^ ; conifuut of Ijet brother John 
Myano; at S* Fotor th« Poore. 

Thomas Dtibrid^ourtf (icnt., of 8^ OUca, CVi|>p]c^lo, Buch% 23* A 
KUeiior Elt<mh«ul [?], of Cborltttn, Kotit, Sjilunter, 22 ; a( S' Paaoraa 
aiuig Kentish to WD. 

i<^ White, FM(-t of Middle Tc^mpk, Wi<iower, 41, ft Uary Strld, 
^tiuter, 2£>, dau of Thomas firljlo, Ocni., of Little Mi«Hoiia<>a, 
Bu^lu. T*ho coiiMcntu; al S' MUipWi'ji, CcJcmoii Sttvol. 

Fhilip I'mcloiu of & Lootiard'n, KnJii^rheap, Draper, Bachelor, 37, & 
opjtU:! Stone, of S' Dumtan's Ka^t, Spm«lor,*J'i, dau. k>f John Stouu, 
ol same, whu couaeiibs, a<i altfo her uiotlieri at iStopucj. 

Chrti^toT'hcr NcvMUMd, Clerk, uf AbiTigilon, IK-rk!>, J)nch'« Qlh Jt Mary 
FiilhunVof ^CathiiriuoCrut»C!mpL*h.SptMi*tt'r, IS). diiu-L»f \mhi.iiiy 
Fulhurst, of Oxondou the Oreat, co- Nortb. [M, Cttrrk. dct^; coEiiicnt 
of b«r ftrandmothor Joane Polnkcr, Widow, ol Creochurch aforesaid, 
attcflt^ b}' Edward Palmer, of ^amc, UabcrdiiJiher ; at S* Oeorgo'v, 
Bot^tph Laho, 
faj Richard Idltd, Gent-, of S* DunwUn'i. Wi>hI, Bachelor, 25, & Amie 
Gowlwin, 8p', 20, dau. of fidw'' Goodwio. Gi^nl,, of Dorking, Surroj, 
who coufleuta; at S' Anlboliu'n or S' Thomaa Apostle. 
17 Luwia Bmiulv, Ocut,, of S* Grcgui^'H, Uwlielor, 2-1^ & Thomiusino 
lEolwutt, of S* Mary, WuigtoD, SpitiHlvr, 22, her parenta di.'ud; at 
8' Mary, Lihncl^^ij. or S^ Duiialan'tt Wwt. 
1.29 M' John Uerupl^ 1{{-cU>r of Umjtot; BuAuchiLutp, Bucktf, Bai'helcr, 37, 
& Mary ViutEer, of Wetftou Turvile, dpimter, 2B, dau. of John 
Vifitnirr, Jicctor of nnints wh<i conflontv, «• attcslcd by M' EiiwM\l 
GJemrd, of Onxy'« Inn, Gent. ; at S' FaitJi'«, or 8^ Bennet'a, PauVa 
_ Wharf. 

T 7 William Clark, of S^ AntholinV Morc-hatU, iWhd«>r, 36, & KliEab&th 
Offdcy, rf S^ BcnneL's Qr*ce Cliuivh^ Spimwrr, 20 ; coiuunt of her 
mother AimoUffolciy, Widow- at S* Ann'*, Blackfimn, S^ AutlioUa's, 
Of 6' BeimcLt'n Griu^ Church. 





way^ of ^inie, Si*in-iti-T. 22, dau. o( Joliri Kilgvay, Gent- of NftnSvrica, 
1 ii-r, who o>iinint*; nt S* Aim A ,\j;ni*<", fjOtuL 

19 Fm ^Lliof!!^, of iimai S BArihok>m^w'0, RcuC, Bach', 30. Jc 

(f (.ki:v lt:i«ii>t', of Houte, Spuutor, 23 ^ at iS^ Unrtholoiacv afonvoid, 
op S* llo'.oljiK, AI(l4irigftto. 

21 NAtliaaieJ Doanlfl, QetiU, of Mudi DuEkmovr, E?f)cx, Widowor, rt^ & 
IkUgchJoii JoiiOff, of 8' OUveX lUr: Street, iS, mdow of ^tuuoI 
JoucB, Ute Clttsen ^ Grocer of LondoQ, dec* ; at 8< lUjti»*« iu t)w 

5! John Nyri, ni>iit-, .if Siiiplii tmi. WUIower fiS, A Anno Norman, of S* 

ScpuldjreV Widow. 00; at S' SppulcJii>iV 
38 Tbdcuvt ^Tuoa. l>orit-, of WbiwUpt^l. Bochelnr, 2^ A KlitAbeth 

i'njm^ uf S' Kalhorhii^ Tolfunan, ^piiuitcr, 20, bor porauU detwlf 

ftt Stntforii Bow, or S^ MIIiIrvI, BrvAil Stnwt. 
2 JoHu Wi4^noD. KmIh, of Idlewortb.oa. Uiiidlcsci. 10. Jt Lacy Wiii^field, 

fif RrivUiti, en, Hiintin^oti, :^, duu, of S^ iamett [F *^r Jame« ; it is 

lUitlDCtLr "S*"] \VuigAdd, of samo, who aouwcttU; at !^ Anu**, 


ft) Tbomoff JumpfT, Ocfit , iif All [fail (own, 1Ti>ii«r Latii>, Bachelor/ 33, A 

Aane DravtoTi. of Luodon, 30, wid^^w ot William Drayton, of 

I^ndua, Wi»u C\itf|M^r, doc^ ; at All naUi>wi> iii tluj Vail, 
7 John GrrMvwtior. Qvot- of $* AudrvwS, IMboni, IUi?ht>W>r. 91, A \ltrr 

Wbitmg, of 69me, 40, widow of Jlcniy Whitiiy^, Oe»L. (let* ; at S* 

Jnttu«, Ck^kouwdl. 
Bicttard Porter. B«q-, of Middio Tompto, Racholor, 2H, & Murlha StODO, 

Qf S* Lowrcncc, Old Jury, Spinatori 10, d^u. of Th*»inai* Ston«, of 

■Ain^, TfabcrdftdhAr, who coaw»U ; At S* Aim'a, Dlacltfrian, or S" 

TrioitT, Minoricfl. 
!}0 Btcbard CnwlGj, of S* Mary, How, London. (}irdfcr, Bo^lwlcr, 24, A 

fiZisabclh Trott> of Latidprir f4jui»lor, 21, dan. ot J:tmeii Trott, of 

London, Dninor, vrh<Mc cuDittnt ik ftt(«vt«d by Robert Crawloy, of S^ 

MijlUit/", FniUy Street, Grocpr; at PuUmm, Middlc><cx, 
llO Riohnrii Haki-r, Oval-, Biu?lM>ii>r, 23, A Anne Akehum, Spinstor, 21, 

lUii. of Johii Akehurat. Ulo of HfdJingleigh [r ], Oi>, ,'5uHaei, Oeril., 

diK* , ccQitrQt of licr mother Uory Akcbunt, of ftflmc> Widow -, at 

6» Matthew, Pridaj S4«^1. 
»|ril IS Tho«c« rhjwivfll. G«n:-, of Greenwich. K<ini, BacMor, 30, A Bridget 

Qauut, of S* Qikd iii Fields, Spiiuter, 23. dftu- of Francis Oaunt, 

who consent*; ni 5^ Jamoi, Uuku'n flaw. 
\tC U'^>Kmiiii PtLf^t, Cl^rk. tt^^Jr 4>f S^ £daiood\ Lotnhitrd Street. A 

Tbo Ladv Mnry Bord. relict of Sir Stephen Bord, K', deC". of S* 

Duiulnii^ We«t; at S^ Edtiiond'a ftfore«ajd. 
isQilQ TboiziAa Ilerbert, Bii^.. of lUtnnKtnlwail, <*o. York, Baoh^a-l, dt Lucy 

AlexjuuUir. S[nn«U-r, 20. daun of Six Walwr AlcxAiidcr, K%wbo coa- 

«Cut« - nt chn|i<i1 of Kni^Vitdbnilgn, 
ipfllQ Willom NicolU, of S^ Duuj^Uuk East, Haberdasher, Bache|or. ^. A 

CuberiQe Rogers, of 3^ Bennot Fink, .SpiiiPler, 19, dau, oi Thouiofl 

IfogtTn, of BArQnftoR, oo. Kcul, Gt^ut,, who eoiuteuU i at Stratford 

BuvL-. or 8t<!puev, Hiddleisex. 
Wilibini AV.>rnbweIl, 0«ot, of AU FTallowa Barking. Bach', 32, A 

Fniti<H^ \\jX», of & JAmtHua in l^^olda, Spioat«r. 24 ; lit S« Martio'* 

ii: Pjclds. 
I^chftni I'luton, Goat-, of &< UaHiu'a in Fidd«t Widower, 34. A 

UunMt PttWioo. of S= DuDHtAo'i Wc«t, Spliixtrr, 28; at S^ 

BCarSn's in FioLdji, S< Jauio. Giriidt HytliCs or Great Ail UaUowi, 



Azz'^ ^ T=j:=aa 0]gskl Ek]^ of Gnr s Inn, Baclkelor, 26, A Mi^alen Moot 
±-:c. ~*iif. r Ui>fuc-a3- of ^ftling, Middleaex, Spiiuter, 80, dau- of & 
I^:=^f M'>=^iii>£L K'- «iii> conaenu; at R^lmg or KensuiEtoD. 

-1:7-127 /:!::: S^iz^ii, Cwft Vidover, 33, A Anne Buttery, of BiHu 
Mliil^i- ^zrjta, 23. dazL of Folke Bntteiy, Baq^i of Bute, wb 

A:rl2^ T—=^ Rjz:.i^. Gvs:^ of S" Botolph, Aldengata, Bachelor, 35, A Sum 
C :1^. ^). v>i£iT c*f John Cole. late Citizen ^ Milliner of London 
■ie*r^ -. iz. pari^n caojvli af ^rcmd- 
MaT 3 W^ >r- Clizi^era, G«:i:.. of 3= Botolpli, AHgate, Widoirer, 40, A Jim 

Ono;,, of S"- G-J**, Ciipplecne, Sp*, 26 ; at ^ Faith'a. 
Mar 3 Bog^r L: n. Oex:!.. o: M]d<lJe temple. Bachelor, 23, Jt Heater AudbsI^, 
:f S^' Giltt is iieldf. Spinster. 18 ; cona^t of her fatlier Fniic^ 
LuTi Moont Norris: at S^ Giles in the Relda. 
Jiay 15 Tlo:::af TrCTor. ^4^: ^^ ^' Bride's, Bachelor, 2D, aon A heir of Bi 
TLt^ri^ac Tieror. t*. one of ibe Barona of the Exchequer, who ccA- 
0e:iU- ^ Atvp ^ Jenner, of S' Leonard'a, Forter I^me, Spinster, 15, 
dao, of Robert Jenner. of «atiie, Esq., who conaenta i at 3^ LeooutTi 
aforesaid i>r S- Beanet Sherehogg. 
Slay 15 HuEiphieT Wigan. of ? Andi^w't, Uolbom, Merchant Tajbr, Btchdor, 
^& A'Sofi^ Fisher, of S^ Martin's Fields, Spinater, 19, dao. oE 
Tho::^af Fisher, of eame, Gent., vho consents ; at S^ Uartin'i i> 
Mar 17 John Her^. En., of Grays Inn, Bachelor, 22, A EHtabe^ 

$- Marr KilL Spinster. 18. dau. of Stephen Hjirnr, of 8aiike,vb> : 
con^Tenid : at Great S- Banholomev*B, or S' Jamee, Duke^s Flaofr 
3IaT 19 Thomaa Crane, Gent.. Ba^-helor, 40, A Aone Earsley, 43, widow of Job '• 

Earslej, late of Oifont dec^; at S* Bride's. 
Mav 24 John Fountaine, Esq.. of lincoln's Inn. A Ellen Woodwud, SputftVi 
dau, of John Woodward, late of London, Grocer ; consent oE Uijor 
& Aidennen. she being an orphan of the Citj of London ; at ff 
Botolph. Alders ^te. 
Mav 24 Andrew Palmer. Gem,, of Broibome, Herts, Bach', 34, 4 Klii* 
Hameu», of All Uallowa Barking, Sp', 23, d^u. of Baldwin Hsmau, 
of same. D' of PhTsic, who consents; at All Hallowt Barking. 
Mar 2S Bichard Lone. Gent.,' of CliiFord s Inn, Bachelor, 31, A Sanh Fage,ca 
S' Mildred in Poultir, Spinster, 18; consent of &ther Hittbev 
Page« of aatne. Draper; at S' Mildred's aforesaid. 
Mar 30 Mileti Barnes. Gent., of Christ Church, London, Bachelor, 32, 4 J«i» 

Traver^, of S^ Dunatan East. Spinster, 24 ; at S< Uary Hill. 
June 5 HeniT SpvUer, Geut., of S^ Andrew's, Holborn, Bachelor, 26, A Fat^Dce 

Gwmie, of S» Nicholas Cole Abbey, Sp^, 23 ; at S» Alphage. 
June 7 RicharS Burdett, Genr., of Inner Temple, Bachelor, 23, A Susan Fowk^ 
of S» Bride's, Spinster, 20; consent of her mother, a Widow; »t 8^ 
Giles in the Fields. 
June 12 Johu Brewe, Esq., of Middle Temple, Bachelor, 29, A Elizabeth Ljnd, 
i^piuster, 17, dau. of ±^ir Humphry Ljnd, K^ who conaentfi ; >t S 
June 15 Francis Grorer, Gent., of S* Martin's Fields, Bachelor, 33, A Theopbil* 

AVright, of Cheleea, Middx., Widow, 40 ; at S^ Faith. 
June 19 SimoQ Player, of All Hallows, Lombard Street, Goldsmith, Bach', 26,* 
Lucy Hieron, Spiuster, 27, of All Hallows Barkioff ; consent o* 
father M^ Walter Hieron, Clerk; at All Hallows Barking or 9' 
Margaret's Pattena. 
June 21 David Hopkins, of S^ James, Clerkonwell, Gent., Bachelor, 25, A Graoe 

Sutton, of same. Spinster, 22 ; in same parish church* 
June 25 Timothy Willshier, Gent, of S^ Dunstan's West, Bachelor, 21, A Uary 
I^'icnols, of same, Upinstcr, 25 ; at S^ Faith's. 



BjUlifii. iif LnmK-tn. Wiilnw. ^"j ; at S^ lUnnrt Fink, 
I 27 Hohrrt Overloi. Euin^lou in HnKlora^ni, *^>> York, RafiMor, 
'Si, & Amu: tiurvliiicr, of Strnlfortl Uow, MHldlc^ri, ^jnc^kr, iti, 
Ja J i>f Jvrvmc'j^ Ontdjiwr« of p«u<*, GeaL, vilnt cuumiuU \ Ai LilUo 

2 Tbfr K' Worshipful Sir John Dmytoo (tir, W DrydeaL B«ri., of 
CVuoa* AnKSv. co. ^onh**". WidowcTt io. A Honor Bcvilj, i^pmirUT, 
22, lUu. at :lu; K* Wpfal f^ir Ral>on BcTill, K.B., who eoufieDU ; ac 
S" MftTv WoiilttolU cr S^ P<itcr the Puor 

9 WilJiuu KouiA]djL,Gftiit.,of JjHton. Htirks tWHolor, 27. i^ KIW Prieo. 
Ddflf of Oiy of Lutnlah, 3|Ttnatcr. 21, dau, of John Price, of Sbrowi- 
boiy^ S^kip, Ornt,. vhu con«ont« ; Jtl S* Milimiy Bn^nd Street, or 
K* Aiiilnur *, IColWru, 

10 Jokn Editanls. G»nt, of SunJon. Hcrus KncWor, 23, 1ii« fAthor'a coo- 
wiil, A ^bUIjk Bowri»r, Sf-liMt^^r, '22, <Ijiu. of Sir Jobn Bowycr, K', 
wIk> conicnU ; ftttce'ced by Lodorick iSowycr, ncn of j^' Sir Jdhn ; at 
T^BtoD, llcrU. 

11 Rob*-rt Boultorr, Oo^jt, of 3* ScpulclireV Bncbdor, 2S, A Marj Pivlcoor, 
of ^atie. .'45, vidfm- of RobArt !*ftlin(ir« of Munci, Grticer, dcc^ ; ftC S* 
Mirj, I-linctoD, or S* fnllliV, London. 

d; 16 WtlJUm WauKlt-xfonl, of S^ firiwn-'ji, Loiidaii, Merchant Tayler, 

Buchulor, 3lJ, A i£i:lwc<-4 BtM«l, oT Kiet Bftrnctl, HrrU, Hpiiwtcr, I7» 

d«u. i>f WiUon Kcttd, kto of Citf of Cimltfrbur/, Gcut, d&c**, *Iie *t 

tbi^ disp>MaI of Tbom&fl H«itiuiLffe. of £a«t Bametl, Kttq., ^bo con- 

•entit; lU Eftit Bjinuti aforcvnid. 
1ft Hc-nrr theater, of ^* LeJnard*^ Bromley, Middl<#ci, Yecunan, 

AVfrdown-, 30f .£ Dorothy Durrovrcf, of S^ ScpolctmV, London, 

Widoir, 3L; m S* Stf-pitl<^btvV 
WUltam }loii», Gent., of Chij>well, Eesex. BacIjclor» "25. A Alice Berno, 

of same, S]i', *2i, ber parciLtv' oonvM-nt i at Louglitou, Kfleex. 
Thi>niu Trmno, of S' An<lron'fl. llolborn. Condwtuiior, Bach', 2-fc, & 

Blinabot^ IWtpIow, of numv, £!4p]ii»tGr, 19, dau. o£ TfioToAs Pamlow.of 

Mune, Gem., de*?' ; her inolU^r'f* consent aiteetod by tor bu«b<and 

R<ibert Xorlbam -, al S' Ancin-w'*, Holborn. 
WaJUr Smjth, Gcut, of :S^ Barilolouiow, Eichangc, Baelielor, 29, Jb 

Attats lUvianb, of S' FH^iih'n, f^pinstcr, 10 ; consent of bi*r mothor, a 

Widow; at WaltJiani»t*.iw or Lnytoii, En^ei. 
John Cr.urthopp, Gutit., ff BurnhAm, Buckn, Widower, 10, A Ann© 

Speed, of ^lauvrell, Middlesex, Spinster, 2C ; at 8* I'nith^s or S' 

Bcbi-rt WfldoD, Oont., of Puibnm, Middle«9i, BaoboW, 20, A Allotitba 

Hfilmnn, of S' Mirtin'e in J'"iold8, 24, widow of TbomA* Ilolman. lato 

of aaaje, Gent» dec^j at S? V^ilVti. 
Qtorgti BnxPinr, Umt,, of » Bun-tAn"* W(*"t, Widower, a?*, & EliM- 

bctb nop»poi>Io, of & BeuneltX Pn-ul"** Wbarf, Spiiuilor, 10, dau, of 

AVillJam llonipoole, of Aame, (}E*nl. who rjjruumtji ; at H* Benn^t'fi 

% U9 AttibroHO Iluney, of S^ Hildied'i, Bread Stnct, liabcrdojthcr, B;u:he]or, 

aiO, A BUiabt-Ui Abboit, of Cfanst Church, Spiiut^sr, 19, d»u, of .fohn 

Abbott, of tftine, CitiAca Jb Kvthmonger, who conAonts; at S^ Bndv'n, 

or FulliAm, Middleiwx. 














John Spiral-, (»*int.,of S^ lliittnlnu'd Wwi, Bok^hflor, 29, A Mary Morton, 
of &'< Mary, lalidiclon, %iwter, 24, at her ova dttpoaal ; at 3* 
JatiMW, CleikeawelCor d* raithV 



John Sramrt, Oent., of Plvmotith, Dovoti, ItflcKokir, 25, A 

Van Weua,oFS*AJpUie. Widow, 32; *t S' Alplia^. 
Oct. $ TlwBii* FWtvixfiJ, of S^ Amis, Blwkfriaw- Ba^rhelor, M, k 

Wrifihl, of ty^ 3Imt Wooiohuft'h. WitLm. 40 ; at S^ M^ai 

Oct 11 Fnnfis Dovitfj, of S« Kartiife Fields. Taylor, Bac1i^or,2S, A Vi 

Cliwitcr, of same. Widow, iO; «t fuimc 
Oct, 12 Koberi MarHcI!, of S* M»nina Kielda, Widower, 40, * VnmceB H 

of S> Mary. Sovo/, TS'iilow, 42 ; »l »* Aiidn:w^ Holboni. 
Oct. IS Jolm GMiatiAiiiL. OeM.,of WiiUhiuaMf^w. Ewex, Biwhetor^ 20. 4 Cftik 

tine Haymcnt. of 8^ UoColpb, UishopB^at^, Spinster, 17 ; onunt i( 

fmber Tliomiut Ravin<*ut, of mitio, Pouller, attested by Jolia OUorii 

brother Ittc] of ft^'Cathenne KAymrnt ; at &* Botolph's afonvapi 
Oct* 24 Kd«ard Dan^, E^q,, of 8< Ann'*. BUckfn&m, 22, «on of Bit Bobtf 

DftwrT, K% of D*Hfo*J, K*nt, dev''. A Rliwl^tli Erriin, Bpin-lic^^ 

dftu. of Richard Brolin, B^q., of Wotuui, Sumy, vbo coiM«t»t ^ 

S' Anne'a, BlBclcFriant. 
Oct- 24 The R' Wi^wbipfiil Sir (Vyiwy Culpepper, K\ Bicbplwr, 28,i)C" 

Elijtabotli 8lvrdo, Spitiulor, I8| Lit paxiMitB dcttd ; cofitN-ct «4 TW 

Lndy Stood 0, her niotber in law, ^ of D. Stood*, boruQctc:Mf 

Mart ill 'h, Lud^tc. 
M' Iticbard Thaeo. MM. & Marv Kobort)S of 3< SopukhroX hooim, 

SpiTiiU-r. 20, duu. of EdwAnl llobertB, Enq., vf WiJliwleii, MiddloMt 

who conneiif* ; at S* SemilohTf>*» aforf^uiiff 
Jobu SewaU, Gent., of Halnlood, Eatcx, Widower, 40, A Eatkrill 

Warren, of Kiple, Widow, 32 i at 8^ Mary Hill, or S^ Qvxtfft\ 

Botolpb f^ano. 
Bomord Fi>Fvtcr» Gent,, of Norili >fitii», Hcrte, BacbeJor. 3d, A Lria 

Sbertuan, of & Mary SomereeU ^piiiat^r, 25 ; at S^ Iticba^ Qam- 

Samuel Arnold, of Ket^aiiigtcn, Middlesci, Yeoman, Bachetor. 2ft * 

Elizabeth Pnubt, of Wi)«lcn, Midd]eBt!Jc, Stunntrr, 16, dau, of Juta 

Paulet, late of wunc, Qout, i couitent of wr motbdr A brvthar; 

allc^lZ^d by William Arnold, of KcuHiiiKtoTi, Teoman ; at S< OrepnTX 

Biolmrd Exelby, Gent., of Kalden, Evctox, Widoa-er, 40, & MaijEdwii. 

of S^ Giles, Cripidc^atc, 20, widow vif Martin Bdvrin, dco' ; at ^ 

MnrtinV Ijudgnto. 
Philip Bmcoi^, Oei)t., of Ridge, HerU, Widower, 2S, Jb E&aAA 

Walcott. Spinfltor, 22, father dend; con«ODt of motber Dorot^ 

Hidi- aliae Wttltotl- wife of FrajiciH Hide, of DurisUljlf Hotubtcftf 

(?o. IWb ; at Ki<l(t(> ftfs^, or at S^ Bridi>"», orS* Aijdn!W,Holboiii,LiiDi 
Not. 23 Sicbord RamUH rsliaji Trmekar [huIio " Rjuidall " onlrj. of SbioMaL 

CO, Ijiictjli^ Clerk, J^acbelor, 30, & Blijwbelli Baggulloy. of 3^ 

Mariin'a in FicliU^ Spinater, 17. lIau. of Tbomai Boggellej, of mbOi 

Ocnt., who (^oDPcntit; at 9= MartiiiN aforesaid. 
TbomnK Haltoii, Oent., of Inner Trtnpin, Ba^bolor, 2S, tt Mar^fct 

Aai'ougb, of S' Sepulchre's, ^inater, 19, dan. of Cbarlos Aaoou^i 

dec'' ; consent of ber Diotbt^r Catbanno ; at S' Grcgory'a, 
Henn- Browne, l^q,, of S* Mary, Sjivoy, Bac'belor, 25, A Eliub«|ll 

Ilajno*. of ftamo, Spiniiter, 16, dau, of M' Abraham [W^], of maoi 

Qeiit, who con^cnta : at same, 
M' John LeiRh, Clerk, MA., of Burford, Oioa^ Bachelor, 38, Jt MiT- 

garct Hiirm, «f S* Anthoiins, London, 33^ widow of John Hanift 

of IxriccnUir. dec"* ; at S' AiitbolbV 
WUliun rWte, of S* Marv Stnyning, fhnd»mitb, Bachelor, 25, A Jo«o* 

Prin«, of 3^ MichacU, Wiwid StK'i?l, Spiuater, IT; coi ^ "^ 

owOier Joano Priuce, Widow; at S' Bololph, Aldgatc^ 



Jml e 


in, li 

in. U 




Jnhn HiiodUil, of Tjff*. Estc;!, Miriuffr. AlV^f« m»rri Age of Jolin ItawUn^e, 

c\i mmti^ Mjirii:.rr, Widower, 3U, A M<k^da}int G^Adlod, ^^f «aTTji>, 
!>ptiul«r. 2a ilau of th^ »' Jobu Goftdlad; ftl All Hftllnvn Rnrkmf^. 

ncnr}- Aostcn. Ocnt^ oF Wftltham Robr Cron, &•»!, Bubolor, 2ti* 
ft EhtabeUi Stock, of aame* S]iiiiAier/24, d&u. of Tbotiuui Stock, of 
■unc, Toouwn, who coniciiU ; at Loughtoa, fiwu. 

VUlivn WaH^, Bh{ , <Tf [A/ffMl^l, oa Oxoa, Bk^li^lor, 2a, «m of IV 
K* Hoc. Sir ioliu Waller, Lo^ Chief B»ron of tl»« Riclwiu^r. (lee*, 
A K'^ K]ij»b«*th Lucu, BpinsUtr, ^D, <biu, of TSomiw LuciM^ Em|., 
dec' ; ber motber'a couseoi ; «t [5/«iUr]. 

Wniiun SMmden, Qcot., of 8^ Bri^f^X BncliHor 23, A Elkti Bortock®, 

of aune, Spiost^r, 10, ib^. of Tboru^i Boato^ke, Cterk, dec^; ooiucnt 

of Tboifku Birch, of faini\ Gi^m., htr iiacUf hy xho motlirr, Attofltod 

hj kU con Tbotno* Birch ; at & F)utk'«. 
Daniel Tbelvall, fl^iit . of Gmy'A Inn. Bftcbelor 82. A Anne Morice, of 

City of Wc^tminntcr, Spinctor, 17, (Iaq. of ThomM Monoc, of Mme, 

B»q., who eoTid«iiU ; it tJ^ AXartiu'H, Ltt3>>at«. 
RiciiArii More. Oetit., of S* llarllkoloijnow, Bvi'hAngcr, lUchelor, 20, A 

Rndgf^t Hftnlatvl.of S<AnDO, Blu!kfrinn,SpinitcT,^; fttS^Andfow'x 

llVillijun Uiiettn, of Gnilford, SSaTTe^, Octit., Bubolor, 2i, ft llitrgBtH 

Brovmimith. 27 or 2b, widow of' John Brcwnsmiih, of 8* Edmund'B 

Burr, CO. Suffolk, doc^ -, mi 8' BoU>1|>1>, BUlingmtc^ 
IfivrreiM Darirfl, G^rfit., nf & >TArtiit « Fiddj^ Mehelor, Si, ft Flelenor 

Joyaer, SpinsKr. 22 ; at S" Faith's, 
£du-artl Lukin, Uciit„of Uood Biwtor, Sssex, Widower, 40, 4k Chrititian 

Itfeulis of MarrtUtii^, Bvnoi, Vidov, 26 ; tl S* ElfatflbertV, London. 
!Fn»d« >[juifn»ii, Gout., of 8^ ClcmoDt Dahm. B«ch^1or, 25, ft 

Maigarot Kiuc. of S> I'etor'*, City of Norwich, 26. widow of [blmk] 

Kioff, Giiut-, den^ ; at S* Mwy lo Straiid, 
Bkhapi KlriiigtoD, Gent, of Little Uornic^, co, Monaeft'l [»>]* 

BtfA-bebr, 33, ft Bllxubcrth Grave, ol Hwldfvdou, hiudc ociuutf, 

KpinHt«r, 25 ■ ftt S' Mnrtiny Lud^ie. 
Arthur Djnhftm, Gcnr.f of S* JamcM, t'lcrkenwoll, Bac'hi4or, 22, ft Rom 

Pookee, of S^ Bride'n, Sp', about *anie age; in §nnic [xir. cburch. 
Bobcrt Archer, Gtut^, of Jximlon, Eiochdor, 31, ft Ljdin Wood, of 

Rodriffi?, Kent, 30, widow of ThotnAi» Wootl, l«t* of uattif*, d«o*t 

Hllpeed bj Willtatii Archer. i>f S^ l>unst«n> Kaat, L^tiiwn ft Fowtorer 

cf London; at Tnnitv, Miripri(<i. 
WilHaO) Men?dith, Gent!, of ^^ Michael'e, Brmd S\ Bach'. 22. ft MMvy 

Browne, irf WAllliamnow, >^ox, f^timflti^r 24 i at^ FuiLh'b. 
Bobort Oi>«iold, Qtrnt.. of OUoy, Suffolk, BAvh<'l>r, 2'i (hin Fnlht^T'o 

eoDMDt), ft Dorothy Jegoji, of City of WcrtminMcr. Spiu#tcr, 17. 

dau. i>f the* H' Rirr" Fulher in iivd the law Biahoj) of Noiwii-h 

(coancnt of her mother Dnnic Do^^thy Comwnllift atU'^tcl by Robi'rt 

G^wnold, Ocnt.) ; tit M' Martiu'ij Fields 
Villiam Bucktrll, Oi-iit., oi tt*ynh*m. ]>aeK, Baelw>lor, S2, ft Aliro 

Br«tl, of BarkJDg, Eim«x, Hpinrtor, 20, *lflu. of Jonathan Brotl, Uto of 

Weimingtoii, a'^ I'ouoly, Yeoman, dec", whose eonaent ia attmtcd bv 

WiJtiam Courtopc, of Barmingham, co. Suffolk, OcnL; al All 

Halli^Wfl Stoyoing, 
^eb, II JoLn Pemherton, Fjio., of S' PeiOTa in S' Alban's, Herts. Widowor, 50. 

ft E))7^tK*th Atidtry, of H^ Mar^n^t Ko«c», London, 10, widow of 

Willijtm Audley, of aatne. Grocer, dec^ ; at ^^ Margaret Mo«efla&^, 
19 William Gi-ry, Gcut^i of Lint'oli^** Inn, B>cbi<lnr, 20, von ^if Ricbni^ 

0<rry, Baq-. "f BuHhmtad, par Eoton, co. Bedji (who aJle;^), ft 
rOL. IT. sv 

Ju. 19 

SvL 34 

U. 2S 
itn, 30 

?ib. 5 

?A 8 

fcb. II 


■|:il\ 1' 




\nuo Deyer, of S* Giles in Fields, Spine 

I'athantie Dover, of wime. who consenla ; at 

IMwanl Mnrbun, Gent., of S* Ives, eo. HuElii:* 

Ciithcrine Audley, of same^ Spinater. 22 or 23, 

• ■f :*aiiie. EiKj., who omisontt*, ae attested by 

Hainc. Gem.; ;it S' BrideY 
Xii'lunuM Aui;ur, Gent., of S^ Giles, Crippl^** "^* 

Ariiie rniilin'ke, of S^ Martiu's Oiitwich, t^j^:''"* 

i>utvvirh. 7^^' 

Wlliiim, of lloiliusdoii, Eseei. (rent., -^^^ 

I'liniH, iif ^S'dilc:-, Crijiple|,'nto, Widuw. abour sar»' ^^J 
\\'\\\U\m Hall, Cont., of H* Clement Dane.-. Ba*^''^^-^-^ 

Middleioit, iif f*i\\i\i\ *!". widow of Peter Middle 

lioKler, dei-^ ; ai S^ Faiih^. J0 

Tlioiii:i-i Cronnvdl, (lent., of 8' AndrewV. Holbarf ' r^^ 

Joaiie Wiiikiiis, of r^iimo, Spin*'terT 24. dau. of Hc^ 

>iiiuo. IJnu., wbo ri'iiH'Eits ; at iS* Sepuk-hre'r". ^- 

I'ld'ia^ IVwoll, of Llaiibadder, fo. Radnor, Uin"helt»'j -j, 

lir\'*]».iin, of IS' Andn■w'l^, ITolbom, Spinsier, 20, '^^ ' 

{}n.*Ay.lUl,lW^:'^■^ ooiiHem of nunliorEliKabetbGreihaii*; 

Holbonu ^ 

Roi:cr Johnsoo. Gent., of Dorking, Surrey, 21, & ^^^Vt^i 

S^ Hennett Shoreboi;;'. Spiiwtcr, 10, dan. of -Tohu ' ^ 

I'OTisriii of bcr mother Joiec WelL-b^ of wime, Wida>^' ! 

Moiiiulunv. . 

W.,- :^ Viitliom- Sannden-, Hunt,, of Great All Hallow*, Tbanj^ 

UidWcr. (»IK A Catberino Kotle, of Stepney, AVidoff, -J* 

Hiillows in Hir '\\'i\\l 
*i . 'JO Tlu^TUits Xewronien, >><)., of Starford, Herts, M'idower, 42,S* 

Alountjoy, of wiine, Spinster, 2G, dau, of Allen Moimtjo 

s;i:iie, liont., dec'^j at H* (Jiles, Cripplegate. 


K'.'mm t'obb, Esij., of Nortbinjfton, co. South''*, Bacbel 
i.iOmHmi" lUldwin, of M' Andrew's, Holbom. Spinster, ! 
S-.'^:iM lliiUhvin, of name, ICwq,, wbo consentB; at Jiiwbej 
-<i. \Urw. 
■ ■ !, Ne;iK', Ovat., of S^ Clement Danes, Baebelor, 22, h 
\ V'yaiuvs Hoy^e, of S' Jamen, Clerkenwell, Wdow, 2i; j 
\[ ' ;".lfiaw. 
\» ', ■ tlibbs, Emj.. of Lincoln's Inn, Bacbolor, 28, & 
\ .;in, oi' All HiillowH linrkinfl, RpinKter, 17, dau. 
*. ■ ;.in, of :':iTm', ^ferrban!, wbo alloires ; at S^ T-eonard's, I 
^ , . f^ .Vm>i>. (Join,, nf S' VanrniB, "Widower, 32, A Hanui 
, , ,: S|.\ 2S : at Viiiflilev or lIami)Hteftd, Middx. 
V^ii'vko. of S' Culbarine Cree Clmrcb, Bacbo 
s \ ^, i !i^!i;n'dr'on, of same, Spinster, 22, dau. of Williai 
'\-^\n-t. eo. York, Gent ^ at S* FaithV 
': ;-os, G»nl-, of St (Jiles in Piclds, Bachelor, 2- 
_ _ .'■ ^Miw. S]unster, 26; at S* Faith's. 
^ -\^. -t^-y IJent, Bachelor, 21, & Magdalen Gray, 
, ^ ' . .", -d'^'ui IS, widow of AVilliara Gray, dec'' ; at 
\ >A. tieiii-, of S* Anstiu'e, London, Baehe! 
* *V,■^U■^, ol" Windsor, Berktt, Spinster, 20, dau. * 

^ \ ^ , ^' o^>. Conite of Northall, TTerts, Bat^r, 39, 
X *'a"\ -I. dan. of Xnzariah GWuian, Vica 
^ _ ^ ^ N^ s\^n«*nts ; at S^ Bcnnet Shercbogg. 



July 8 Thouias Jorden, GcDt., of S^ Clement's Da^e^ Bachelor, 32, & Mirtk 
(iuntor^of S' Slartia'ji Fields, Spinater, 16 or 17, dAu. of George 
Qunter. af same, Qent., who cooHenta; &t S^ Bennett'a Shenhogg. 

July iO Th»iLi:i3 Mabr, Gent, of S^ Martial, Ludgate, Bach', 26, A Sinh 
Clarko, of same, Spitwter, 19, dau. of Peirce Clarke, of S' Albwi'i, 
HerU, liiholder, who consenU, aa aUo her mother Mary Clirhj 
at .S^ Faith'a. 

July 11 Thomaa llflllowell, &eiit, of Rtchmotid, Surrey, Bachelor, 30, 4 
Debon\h Ciwbury, now of City of London, Spinster, 21, btbcc 
dead ; L-otiBeiit of her mother Deborah Ingrej - at S^ Niclolii 
O lave "a or S^ Faith's. 

July 15 Samuel Carleton. of 3^ Martin's Outwich, Orocer, Bachelor, 24, i 
Martha Wright, of S' Olaro b. Old Jury, Spinster. 14. diiL of 
E>liuuiid Wright, Alderman of London, who consents ; at 3^ Ohn't 

Julv 15 Rowh 

Juh' 22 

July 10 llciiry \Vilford, Enq., of Querndon, Eflaei, Bachelor, 26, & M'' Si»m» 

Fninke, Spinster, 23, dau. of Sir Leventhorpe Franke, KS of Hit- 

iield Bn^adoak, who conHCuta ; at Thickaoss, Baaei. 
July 16 ChjirW Mavuanl. Esq.. of Little Eistou, co. Essei, A Mary CorBeli^of 

Citv of Lotiduii, Spinster, 26, parenta dead; at Weslham, Easei. 
July Ifl Tipillio Yale, of S^ Mary, Bow, London, Draper, Bachelor, 27, A Abm 

Bi^i-c, of S^ Giles Fields, Spinster, 20, father dead ; consent of ber 

mother Armc Bigge ; at S' Giles aforesaid, 
July 17 TbinnaH Gill, (ient, of Gruy s Inn, Bachelor, 25, A, Griaill CowelltoF 

lluiitidon, Herts, :S|i% 26, her parente dead ; at S^ Faith's. 
July 17 Rifhard Bonon, Geut., of S* Mary, Strand alitu Saroy, Bachelor, 26 of 

27, & Calhorinc Frlvamaii, of S^ Clement Daaee, Spinster, 23, iff 

jiarentw dead ; at S' taith'a. 
M' ThoMiit« llod-ta, Clerk, of HJghgate, Middleeei, Widower, 30, i 

>;iizabetli TurLirr, of S* Martin in Fields, 26, widow of Henrj 

Turner, dec'' ; at S^ Peter's, Conihill. 
July 20 Edward BaHilI, Gent., of Hampton, Middlesex, 40, A Joaae Thacker, of 

same, ^8, widow of Gilbert Thacher, Gent., dec* ; at Hamptca 

Julv 2G JauK'M Awtrv, Gent, of Citv of liondon, Bachelor, 25, & Diana B»* 

Spiii^teri 23, dau. of Edward Bee, of Little S* Bartholomew, who 

(-otiHenla ; at S^ Bride'^ or S^ Faith's. 
July 30 John GriHin, Gent., of S' Stephen's, Coleman Street, Bachelor, 23, * 

Auuo llailoy, of S' Faith's, Spiueter, 23; conaent of father Jolj"* 

Jluiloy, of samo, Monger ; at Hackney. 
July 30 Micliael C<ix, (lout., of Whitcchapel, Bachelor, 23, A Margeiy 

Wiimjuort', of tiamc. Spinster, 21 ; couseut of her mother, a Widow > 

at llnckiioy. 
Julv 30 Thomas L(»t>l, V^t\., of H^ Martin's in Fields, Widower, 32, A M«y 

]{o(>insu:i, {if (rravesond, Kent, Spinster, 18, dan. of John HobinaoUt 

llsq., of HaiH^s v\ho i?ousenta; at S^ Swithin's, Loudon. 
Julv »U Kvlwiinl Lake, <3riit., of Dublin, Ireland, 50, A Elizaheth Mallet, of S' 

Uride^f, Widow, 40 ; at S^ James, Clerkeuwell. 
Aug ^ NirlioiiU" liasHi'lt, of S* Nichohis OlaveV, Grocer, Bach', 22, A Judi^ 

lianiv, of S' Michael Ic Quoni, Spinster, 17, dau. of Robert Kance* 

Ulo of CarHliitlton, Surrey, Gent., dec*', A her mother also; at 9^ 

Mi,Wl io iim-rn. 
p \^iiirfiTrt Ifl^lmau. (Jont., of S^ Martin's (n Fields, Bachelor, 23, A Ellea 
^^' T^li^^^*ti^ ^>f iMfcuic, 30, widow of Andrew Burrowes, of same, Coacb- 

whh,4fv-*v W ^' IWuuet'B, Paul's Wharf. 

BY tas Biaaop or lusiwh. 



John Ar^liboH, Goot, «I 9* D\xm%t^'a Wtut, IWhoIt^r, 23, A Aatio 

Grillii, of S> Jaibp^t CVrkeii well, ^pin^h^r. 'Ji.). Ucr fatlwr >}mwI ; nt 

S* ikliLfg4n-l M'»*C!i i>r S' Nioboln^ dAo Abbey. 
Jubi Hprcy, J'. Gvui., of Liucola h Inn. Bou-helo'r, 2(3,& Jtlury AuiJgier, 

S|jiiiB:c-r« 23, (lau. uf iMLinrd Auiigio*, lute of Gray*A laD, Sh|.. 

doc^ i su AJl UiUb^* IWkiuf-, 
Joliu XtcboUon. GcnL, »)f the Sjiroy, BacWW. 46. A J»ne BArue«, of 

8^ Amln^w\ Holl>ar:j. Sj>', 4^1; M 6^ FvithV 
5ir Kmii^ Knolii*. K*, of UeadiaiE, Berlu, Widower, it, & Cicilie 

lWi>lpli, t>r S' Ann'*. Bliwkfmra, 30. widow *>f lioU^ BloJpb* E**^-, 

ileH: at S' AiifiX Itlju'kfriaM, 
Chn«lo|ihvr Mcarr, HvnL, of H* Margnpct's, New Rsb Street, Dachebr, 

'J2, A S\2aii.i ShjMVe, of iljicknry, MuMIoacx, Hjnnntor, 22, tbu, uE 

ThomtM :Sh»ir«', InU) of iiBcki>oy, do*r*; Lcr mocl>er'acOQ«exit; at S^ 

miduuA Oaborn. E^q., of riitlhttzn, oo. Kent. A Jmu* H^trHnuuideu, 27, 

widow of TZiotn&A i[or8inRiidcii, Cleric, d«^ ; it 8' Faith's. 
John HobZoii. of S^ Andrxm Uikilemliafu Ui^rvhitit^ hachcK>r, '22, A 

Mai^iix-t OluTur, of S' Audrcwr in lliv WiirdrolK', Sp', lt», djitL of 

WilJiAiti Giovi<r» Mercer, \nU! d^^; coDMat of bor mothor An^a 

(Jbtrer; at S* Atiilrew^B iu the Wihrdrobe. 
Kdwaid Cliut^ E»q., of Bo<ldc-n<l<-ri, oo. Kont> Widower, 53, A 

Tbooiuiiw CriclM\ of City of Loodou, &*2, widow of Edujutid 

Cricbe, CituMin A M^rduint Tmli>r of London, itcc^ ; ftt S^ l)rid«'s, 

Loodoii, or S* M^rr, Wmgton. 
TboioM CUjtoiit of S^ E«lmuiidV, Lombeird f^tr(tit, Draper, liacbelor, 

S2f & JuUilh UliaiQbtim, of 3^ Gr^orj's, Li>ndoii, 24, widow of 

John Cfaimbon, of wmate, ftlorcbanl xlulijr, Uttr deiH ; At ±^ Butolpfa, 

IIu£fa Inffrun, G«ot. of City of Lon4loti. Widower -JO, A Mat}' Gnx^cio- 

Kill, of & Looiunl, IW^r La[ie. .S[iLiiht«r. 2^, Lor i^areato dead ; at 

8^ Mjuf-aret I'tttenH or AU HiiJIowj iiurkiii^. 
Tbonu* Stealof, L^q>, of WimI IVckbaui, Ki^nt, GU, i& Xuhk ll&rTOV, of 
BrotboFEtr, UrrU. I*), wldfiw of John Unnvy, of xiune, Ir^flt, detf* ; 

at firoxbome afore^dd, 
Jobi HaH, G<mt-. oE S< Qiiev, Crlpplcgatc. Bnchelor, 34, & SibcH 

Lewes, of S* Bnd«X f^niDfit^r, 33, her pan^iiU dead; At 6^ Gilev, 

CripnLncato, i>r S^ Otftvo «, Silver ^irool. 
TbomM WhJtfioU Qani., of Alt lldlowN tiw Givjvt. London, JWMor, 

as, ^ Alice CaUT, of 3* Mary Slaiiiiug, Widon\ about auuuj u^-o ; at 

All UaUows ill the Wall, or :i^ Jjum^ii, (furlkk liithc 
^11 Jolui lUiiisdvu, K.\ of LfjLtA^y u'. Vork, Wtdowur, 38, A Antio 

Foolc^ of S^ Androw [Jrulcrdiaft. -ii), widow of Jchii l'ool«, Citixeu 

A A tdonuaa of Loudon, dec*' ; At Bobbin^rr or Navoitooh, Bucx. 
Fointx Mill, Ocnt., of S* Martin's in Fielda, Widovccr, oO. & ElitabeUi 

Wn);bl, of S* 8epulfbre'if, Widow, -KJ; at S' Mary, Nivoy. 
llctiry blather, of S' Uary Woolcburob, Mi;n-Wit. JWV, M, Cittsen 

A Mpri'ltwit Tajbr '*iV], A Viithvfu-\c Dtiko, of \\rnndKworlh, 

tti;rrcy, ?^{>iuft:or, 20, cTau of Qet»rf;t- Uuko, of muiit', Ociit, who 

C0DiMrnl4; at f)^ .'\iiiii*V Bl.ivkfriai>. 
Tbwnu BisTj, of ^ Mai^aret'q, LoLtibury. Clothworkvr, IJach', 33, Jk 

B«thA ILimiK>u, of Hftiiio, M|>ii|.>i(ji', 23, dau, of Gt'Orfii? ilajrinou, 
Jat« of S^ Lawrence I'cuutiwy, Ui*ut.kdcc^; coiieciut of her mo^ier 
Elixabeth lUrnaoD ; at pantb diiuvb of 9^ AJbaii* in S^ 

Alb«:i'K [«r^, :' Wood SLn«tj. 
BdwanJ Jouoa, Oofit., of Ilar^old. Uiddkwi, Widower, 25, A Dor^nliy 

Aftbby, of «ajn«^, 2:1, widow ibf Kerdiuau<lo Aahby, Ute of miuc, 

Q«tiL, dec^; Bl lUime iiariah church* 



Aug. 3^ Fmik<iuf Ro^rv, Gonl., of S^ Aii*lrew%, ItultKiru, Widowtr, 
Fnna» Walk [? Walw]. of aainc, U'How, 52; ai V An 
Uulbuni. or TfclnrvlMufiL 

Ejef». 7 JGdwanJ Hi^lm/cUvii' Clerk, of Cotpt>rook, co. Bucks, UmAcktjtt.i 
I^Iitalffitli Bockford. of WAifonl, Jlcrbi, 8piDAi<ir, 21, <bu> nf BaI; 

So|>. II Hviinr lliivrlvT, Ekxi-. of ^ Vu^tc^'^, Ualboru, BAchebr. 'JD, 
Liaiborow GixmL of lOivne, Spimtor, IS, (iau. of Jolm GooA, 
M&]<l4>n, fliim*}', &Q., ilcc^; TODwm itf her moUicT Glixabrcii Gdc^J 
at S' AuJrv^'if, IlolWra. 

OcL 7 Clemenl Stoiier, of S^ Tthwy. Bowe, Lon-lon. GoldAuiitli, Baeh^^iJ 
ItjicTiacil B4>ileiuf, of S< Boniici Umoc Churcli, Spioatcr, 15^ T 
Atlniu Bodttjs, de<^ ; vootfeut of Uie Cvuri of l>ri)him ; u ^ I 
lirnco CKurcb. 

Oct 10 Ocorgt^ EotuUD, r>( S« lUrf AlK-)iitrcb, 3IcreUiuit Tnylor, Z% A Qui 
be^ ifliras, 8piD«tcr, 17, ilau> of Ji>nD Elww. 6oqL, ot VTiioiC 
&«ez, wlio con^utB ^ it AVoodfor^ iforeiaid- 

Oct. "25 Geor^-e Broirne, of 3* Iionuett'» Grtcc CliurcU, Millitier, B«h', 21. i 
of iphu Browne, of Kynlott, ito. f^op, Gent,, wVo voiu«ttU^ 

Not, S Uichard \Vivt>fon, GtJit, -^f ^^ Obr«\ 8outEmark. liatrhdor, _. 

Don>lby Brookcv. of sa:jM% Wiilcw, W); At H' \tclx>l» OI»to'«. 
Nov, 4 KoU-'H Lt'wloy. Kwj., of S* Miiniu's in FJ^'Ida. 30, 4 C&tbeHue E 

i>f uiiiui, ^piTuitvr, Iti ; etiiutoikt of C&ttwr Kdwanl Hiui^^ lfiw|. 

in TrcUzid ; al S* Gil^ m Fi<<l<k 
>'oT. 4 WiUi&in Mciort. of All Hallowe iu tho Wftll. HabordftHlicr B»cH', 27^ 

KUxabcUk i>e»}iaiti, of H* Alartin'», Liidgat^, f^piiknUfr, 20, dau. 

Jvawr DciiImui, Gout,, of IlitoHtcr, Si^ftKravt, ttho coiueutoi 

S* Lwirpjirp, OM Jury, or S* Miflliiu*r., WoM Strvor 
Kov, 5 Sir John Ij.x\ K\ of Stopcey, Middk-sK^t \Vido*cT, 45, A Ju«ne Lort, 

of same, about «au>o afi^< vridon of llcnry ixkit. Ute of uma, 

M^rchau!., def-^; aI Stepney or :^* ^Eat)^ AldoruLUtt^jury. 
KoV' Jaiucv V^vtHii, Gi?ut,, AViduwcr, IU. Jt Alice SlivrmaD, of & DuBvt^n'i 

WPMt. Witl^w, :*5; at K' Gilo* iti hVWs. 
Nov. 12 Gcori^ I)ukt\ Gent., of W^ando^ivortl), 8arn*y, lUcb^lor, i5, dt Vmmj 

Uarliam, 90, dau. of Thomu BarbAni, Gcat., of Bariuiu Uowne, oOl 

Kent; At ^^ Auni^X Bhckfrijim. 
Mov- 18 WUIinm Girlhii;*', Gont, of S" ALirltuH in Fielili, IUcko]or,35, Jt Af(ncii 

PijTl«r, of sBino. Sptnitor, 28 ; at :^ Dmutao's Wnt. or » Hamu'i 

KoT. 16 Roben Tayle, GouL, of ^ Mnrgarvt'«, Wcsttaiiwtor, B^ick'tor, 21. A 
Katlic-riur Miicv, of f lainpton, MiJdlevox, tipuutcfv '^t dau. of J 
KLW, of HLTiKv Gent., wlio i<onBeut4; it S? Qn^trv'*. T^^ndoiv 

Not, K TliouLU) Cofic. of S» Btnnct Sbcrohoc. Draper, B.v!>cl4>r. 22 or 2; 
ratlniriut* UijK, of Glen^ford^SufFulK, SpiuHtcrT 13« l>er p&reula di 
ooOMvut of bcr guarOiam^ M' Mit^bad ^opv & hrnAuivn Coao, 
('Anouif Afllibv. CO. Xorlb'*", attontcd 1>y GeorgO Ccpc, ot CaaaD« 
Aabbv. Gett.'; at S= FaitliB. 

Nov, 23 Cbri^lopWr BcnnMt, Gtnt,, of S* Petcr'ii in MariU>n>ugb, Wilts, A loauo 
UriiUth, SpiDBier, 21, her parents doad; at ^'= Gti^orr's, Lood 

NoT< Zi Jaujc^ Blie«« Gent., ^jf LoiLiinj^ioa, co, Warwick, litchdor, 22, Jt X 
llftrrie, of All Hallouv i\ni ]-«■#, I>)ndon, Spiuiitei'f IS* dau- 
Ri'bert llarTic, of Hame. Mercliant Tajlor, vho coaseuU: at 
I'aith'fl nr f>* Awlrww'w in iIh- \Viir*lfoUv 

Hoy. 2T ttichard WiUik, il.A. L" Clerk" otaatd], of Clugirell, B«ei, Bachelor. 
A ICiabomjvh Wrav, of name, Sjjondtcr, about 2^, At own di>fM>«al.J 
wilb t'OHMtat of ft-irlian] Wruj, Bm}-, af Stoudon^ Il^trb ; uL 
M;«:bulX CorubllL 

21. A 



r, 30 Tboihas FepjB, Gent., o£ Citv of LoDdoo, Bachelor, 40,A Helen Sadler, 
of Chefthunt, Herts, Spinster, 27 ; at S' Mary Magdalen, Old FtaK 
Street, or S* Bennet'e, Paul a "WTiarf. 

: 4 Thomas Hueeey» Eaq., of Hannington aliat Honnington, co. Lincoln, 
Bachelor, 20, son of Sir Edward Kuwey, K* & Bar^ who consenta, 
& Bhoda Chapman, of City of London, Spinster, almoat 17, dau, of 
Thomas Chapman, Esq., dec^ ; consent of her mother Jane Chapman ; 
in chapel of Bishop of Ely in par. S^ Andrew's, Holbom, or at S^ 
Maij Woolnoth. 

r, 28 Henry Sherrard, Gent., of S* Andrew's, Holbom, Bachelor, 26, A Eliza^ 
both Greene, of S' Clement Danea, Spinster, 21, dau. of Thomaa 
Greene, dec*"; consent of Joane Greene, her mother, of Hayes, 
Middlesex; at S^ Clement Danes. 

2 Edward Jones, Gent., of S' Clement Danes, B&ch^ 24, & Mehetabell 

Thorold, of S' James, Clerkenwel!, Spinster, 22, her father dead j at 

S' James, Clerkenwel!. 
8 Thomas Knyrett, Gent, of S' Dunstan's West, "Widower, 43, A Alice 

Greenhill, of City of London, "Widow, 40; at S' Andrew's, Holbom, 

or Christ Church. 
II Eichard Peacocke, Esq., of Finchley, Middlesex, Bach', 25, & Eechard 

Grigg, of S' Gregory's, London, Spinster, 15, dau. of Michael Grigg, 

of same, Esq., who consents ; at S* Botolph, Bishopsgate. 
13 Francis Andlabye, Gent-, of S* Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 22, & Anne 

Turner, of same, Spinster, 18, dau, of Allen Tumer, of same, Inn- 
holder, who consents; at S^ Faith's. 
20 Francis Vernon, Esq., of S' Martiu's in Fields, Bachelor, 38, & Anne 

Welby, of S' Dunstan's West, 25, widow of [" William " apparently 

erased] Welby, Esq., late of Lincolnshire [?], dec^ j at S* Mary le 

22 WlUiam Gamona, Gent., of S^ Giles, Cripplegate, Bachelor, 33, A 

Dorcaa Carew, widow of William Carew, Esq. ; at S* Botolph's, 

Aldersgate, or S^ Faith *s. 
, 27 Henry Boper, of 8' Pancras, Soper Lane, Grocer, Bach^, 27, A Elizabeth 

Baiter, of Pinchley, Middlesex, Spinster, 17, dau. of Edward Baiter, 

of same, Gent., who consents ; at S^ Martin's, Ironmonger Lane. 
L. 28 William Eichards, Esq., of Middle Temple, 30, & Elizabeth Norgate, 

Spinster, 16, dau. ot Edward Norgate, Esq., of City of Westminster, 

who consents ; at S^ Alphage. 
Q. 28 Eeuben Browne, Gent., of Luton, Beds, 33, & Anne Scott, now of S' 

Dunstan's West, Spinster, 26 ; at S^ Faith's. [In margin " both of 

these ^ties are servants to Judge Crawley.*'] 
«, 29 Rowland Wilson, J% of S* Martin's Outwich, Merchant, Bachelor, 20 

(consent of his father Rowland Wilson, of same, Esq.), & Mary 

Carleton, of same. Spinster, 17, dau. of Biglie Carlelon, of same. 

Grocer, who consents, as attested by his son Samnel Carleton, of 

same, Grocer ; at S* Martin's Outwich or S^ Ellen's, London. 
f*iL 29 Thomas Brooke, Esq., of Okeley, co. North*™, 20, A Margaret Walters, 

Spinster, 16, dau. of The Lady Walter, of S* James, Clerkenwell, 

wno consents; at S^ James, Clerkenwell. 
■Mi. 31 Thomas Briscoe, Gent,, of S^ Margaret's, Westminster, Bach% 25 or 26, 

A Mary Dod, of Edmonton, Middleaei, Spinster, 24, her father 

dead ; at S^ Alphage. 
'eb. 7 Ephraim Ascombe, Gent., of S' Martin's in Fields, Bach^ 26, & Martha 

Greene, of Boreham, Essex, Spinster, 22, dau, of Hobert Greene, 

late of same, Yeoman, dec*^ ] consent of her mother Fnecilla Greene, 

of same ; at Boreham afs^. 



Feb. 10 















Mnr. 27 




April 11 

April U 

April 14 

April 10 


B<<bvrt VcftOT. Geoi., wf [Vrit?l, o>. &^x, BacWIor, 40, ki 
Fonli, of Stratford Bov, Mi^dlfwoi, %in«l4»r. 10. lUii. o(T 
IVrth, of lUdlt-ixb, CO, ^liffplk, G«nt, wbo coiMirit; iP 
Sfp'jlokro'a, r»iti1on. 

The R' Wor'pfuJ Qnhrio] Hrnni, D.D.. Prebw»4Urr of W* 
Vi«ir e*i Wflhliaiii4toit\ A Aitiic S^-hior, <*f S^ClecQCDi Da 
viiiow y^f Mortptn SrnW. Eri],, Utonf A^ton. co. Dmwt, d**;^ 

Johii WrrglioJd, of S^ AndTm-'v. ElolboTD, Urot, BfttbekT. fii ' 
Bri«lg«t Bvoi-i^ uf tuAHw^ 26, widow of [^iitiijt] Uwrtr-, oF i 

JohcCfippur GcBt,ofS^Botol^h.Bi«hopMEata Widower. 4M] 

BloTBe, of AU Hallows f^l^in^, 24, iriion i>f Robert " — ' 

nt StrMfoni Bow. 
Bobcrt BniiKlinh. OcnU^ of S* Kviin'tt in Fwias, B«ludor, 30, A ] 

WilUiH, Wiring'. -W ; At R< Failir* 
Ji>)itL KontH!<<r, Ornt,, fif S^ Botolph, Aldcrvgatc, Bachelor, 2S, il 

dlUcoiie, of 8^ Lawrence Pountneyt Spinfter, 24; a1 8' 

Thomaa 'Vitln'rlev, Ovnt, uf S^ AtifWw'fE, HolUrn, BtcV. 31. J 

Alice Itrinniiiedd, of c^mo, Spintx^n 1S« her inreciU <Uk1; ill 

GIU^ in the FiM» or S' PjuIIi'*. 
Thomas Uultne. Gecit.* of !S* Aittlrow^, llolbom, ^\*iilowert d(\ A < 

PuoL4?, ot S' 8r}iulcltrc-\ 35, Ki^luw of Tliouuui PM>te, uf MBBaeTC 

dec''; ftt S' AiineV BlAL^hrmn 
tieorgo JcihoAon, Qi^nU <^ ^^ f)uii»tao*n WV^t, Dacbekir, 35< ^ 

SuMuina Sturt, of flame, Spjiuitcr, 20, ber fatlter doui; cooMi 

(if niothor Sucouiiui Kurt ulhg Wildblowl ; at S' Faith's, or 9 VMf^^ 


JtcDfttas Stalling, (lent., of the Charter llouae, go. BfiddleeBS. Wid 

*5, A Chm(»Wl IWkw, of 8< Oilg«, CripplrgaU% 41, Vido» ii 

S^ JiiliTi Za^hury. 
George Scagcr, Licrk. of llastiogs, Suwei, Badietor* 26. A ' 

Htottion, of Citv- »f London, Spinntor, 19; ooDHot uf Wr 

Iticlmt^ StolHon, of llMptingtt af§'. G«nt. ; at S* Marr IBU, L( 
The IV W'pful Fmnoi* Bnbcrr, D' of L»ira ft Chanc-ejlor to tW : 

Dinfopnr GIi>iJ(>L>Ht6r, A ESiittbeth Ad<leHi>y. of South TkfiTu, UilA^ 

sex, 8pinsU*r, dau. of Jofan Addcrlcy, of uinWt Ki<]pi vbocoaicstfT | 

at Souili Mini* aforoMAiid. 
Anthony Aldcrson, Gi^ni.. of S* Gilo. Cri|^e^t&, Ba«hdor, SO. ' 

Mjxr^rct Aflfcr^ll, of S' Mii^Kocl BAirUhaw, Spusoter, SO, h«r pai«nt^ 

deaii : at f^tepney or All Ha)lov« in the Wall. 
John Dnvnrx, B^., of Inner Tcatple, BacKdor, 2^ A Caduna^ 

loniiloy, of Hafki}4>y, Mi<i<Ue«ex, 8ptn0t«r, 22, her parviita (iMd; aF' 

S* Annp'si, Blnc-kfrum- or llAcki>OT> 
Jam** Wnl-oii. Gcnt.of S^ M»rlin% in iVW*, BnoWlor, 30, 

Bourne, of S' Oenien! Danca, Spinaler, 20. dsu. of Thoinaji 

of Mnie, Citixcn ft Merchant l^irlor, who conacnta^ at S^ 

Paul'ft Wliarf. 
BenJAinln Cl»rk<*-, Gent,, of S^ Awlrow'n, Uolbom, tt^dowor, _, 

Calhinniio Hulwrt, of ^ Oi\t^ in FicfdM, SpintU^* Id, paranta il 

ci»iaent of Iwr brother M' Bdvrard Hubert, of ntn^i Esq. \ at S* i' 

Tliomaa Bn>iAiKs GcDt., of 3* DbnR'JUiH Went. Baubo1or,2t,ft Potroadla 

IHirpiii, of S« MartSn'tt in T-^cMw, 2«, widow of Tliomak Turpin, OMt^ 

de<*; at S' Martin'*, Ludgnle. 


31. A 

BT THE Bisnor or lokdok. 


1 33 Thcmam Hn£c^ 0«Dt, of 3^ Ibgnv tW Msrtrr. Ii(»4<Hi. BmMot, 
Sa, A HwBMC Sempe, of & lbftiD'« in ^McU. VuLow, 40 ; At 

lfti\ 33 WiUkin BtooIm. Oeet* of 9 8tepbeo*s, Col»m»i Stre«t> Bkdi', 39, 4 
JttditK Foic, of S" Bridioy dpnwter, 23, licr pftrrata i]e*d; ftt 

J^ :3 Bobert WKitnkore r«iibs- -1- 1, of Ste]>Tier. Bfidileidi. Ruiicr. IWhelor, 
90, A EUnboth Ajm, of luae, Sp*, 19, datL of Chnsti&it Ayre* 
A/iiU Greooe. Widow, wba cocuenu ; at Stf poe? afoTMuiL 

^pnl!0 Ru^honl Wcllbclortd, G«al., of 8* AadtewV Uol&offn, Bftobetor, 22, A 
Ht'lofi 6ftMcU, of nme, 3ninBl«r, 17, K«r pAivntj desid, Jk alw Imng 
with Sir Iloory 8pilleri KS & Dasio [U«ii'], hia wife, who conwnt ; 
MS' AJphag«L 

i^)d AjiUwtif C^rt^rtghu Gcot.. of & Dimetui's Wevt, Bttcholor. 27, ± 
Anno KadcliTCf of 8* llArtjii't to Fictda, Spitucer, 23, tor pAro&u 
defti) : At & AJpbage- 
[0 Sir Thoiou Ho&fwoo<l, K\ of Mftrin KaII, Bmx, BAeluaor. 47, ft 
Hestor Hiniun^ of 8^ Butholomew near tho ^cfaanfle, widow of 
Johtt MADQiDg, D^, doG^ i ftUofiod hj Wchncl Uoof irood, of ChTint> 
College. CftisMd^CWk; AtiOlH&Uonm tko VIULorS^ Loonud, 
11 Melchia4dtx-k Vi\c, of 5' I-0OE«ni, Eutcbcup, Poulterer, Bachelor, tWJ, 
A Ellen Wall, of dame. SpinatoTt 26, at lier oim diapoeal i at All 

U MaUhow RuitJ, Gnrxx., of Middle Tmipk Bw^bolor. 2S. ^ Pn«etllA 

SoloftO, of WiKxlham Walter, fiaei, Spii»tor, 20, dau. of John SoIuki. 

of Buno, GeuL, Jato d«c^; aUeitttI by JazxuM Kudd, M,A. ; at S^ 

Hicbael'a, Qqoeobitbe; 
20 J<ihn Agord, f^.],i of FoatoQ, oo. Dorbj, Ba^h«1or, 40, A Manr A^d^rlo/, 

of South Mim«, MiddJcaox, Spiiwter, 10, dau. of Juhn Addorlcy, Esq., 

of aaiBie, vho cooaenta ; at S^ AntholIoV 
S2 Humphrej Bmdbomc, Uvtit., of £i^ aijrtiziH in Fieldft, Bach', 37, St 

fnmcca Coply, of Luij^ord. Berks, Spiiistor, 31^ hor fallior doad -, 

nttailoil bjr Waltor CopWy, of Middl<i Tcimplo, Gonr ; nt Hajoa, 

Middleau, or S^ Marj lo Stiand. 
23 Edward Woothouae. Gont.. of S> Michael, Wood Stre^<t. Bachelor, 25, 

A Dowaabdh WilliainK, of S^ FMor the Foor, »piiiHti-r, 1(1, dan. of 

Griffith WilL~uiu», D.D., PoaD of Bangor [,^^], wko couMOuts; at 

8< MicbaclV QuMmhilhft 
% t7 James Ou^'hterlonj, Eu^,, of S* ^rartin'a in Fields. Bachelor, 40, & 

Margery Ifongo. of eiimo. Sp', 20 ; consent of her mother Dorno 

Sl«r^ery Touuge, o£ «uiio ; at H^ Jaine*, Clurktiuwell, or oh&|jeL of 

Miy 20 John Rcp*ey. Gciit. of S' Dun^tiin'e Wc*l, Bachelor, 21 * Anne 

Kelly, of S^ Clem«ut Dunes, Sp', 25, lier paivnla dead ; at S^ Slnry 

Jkik 3 George 8treUer, Ocnt, of All Ilallotta 8t&ynj|ig« Bflchclor, 25, parcota 

dnnd, A RltT.nheth Rending, uf Maine, 8|7]ii*tef, 20, parvnti dead ; at 

S^ Jauied, Cicrlicdivcll. or S' Mary, IiJiD^^ton. 
'one 5 John Mmd, Gent., of Ciiy of London, Bachelor, 30, A FraiiceB CUrke, 

of S* Hotolph, Billin<;4gato, 30, widov 4;f Edmund Clarke, dec*? at 

S^ Hot-^lph'tf lifoixMsaid- 
Jwe 7 William Jacob, Gent,, of S^ Leonard'^, Shoroditoh, Bachelor. 23, & 

Alice Cleave, of name, ST>ins* 25 ; at S* FaithV 
John r^ewtOEi, Clerk, of bawlry^ co. lluntiiigdon, Widower, 3G, A 

Catlmriticf Eilnry, nf Great tv HartlLolnnicw, London, BpIuAter, 31 ; 

at Artoii, Middl(MM<x. 
TOL. IV, r F 


JfU» 11 

June Ii3 

JuDa 17 

Jtuin Id 

Juue Si 

Juno 30 

Julj 3 

JiiU 7 

Jul7 8 

Jalj 11 

Jul7 13 

Julf 14 

Ju]j li^ 

Aug, 8 

AnfE. 15 

Aiig. 20 

Sc-p. 1 


Biiri(^r, (>f Km>Msbridce. Midillra^x, 28. widnw iif &!«ArH " 
laloof (' , w. Km^x, doc*; ht " 

BkhiinJUa<: Lcipb, co. Ewer. 51 

FyniK^, ui" lV»i-f M'hftrf, London, 37, T*i4t>»r t>f llccr^ i'lra.t*,;**'* 

llwmaB WiJd, of Siepney. Merchant, Bncklor, 23, A Elinibatb \ 
of I'Ti^h, r»H Rkmix, Sjianfti^r 17, dau. of M' Cbe«ter, Ute of | 

Slivct» or S^ i.ooii»ri, SborcdilcSi. 

Nichi>lHi^ B^-jilnfty. Oect., o£ Gray* Inn, iJaclielor. 30. A CtA 
IVmpie, of 8* Andron^'f, Hollwrn, SpJn»(<^» 21*; coxm^ 
luolhnr, a Wi<loir ; jti chapel of S* JhT»c^ iii \hf ViM 

Clfn«t4j[jlHnr Podiugion, (Va,, of Liito^lii^H Inn, Ifctt-lrtilor, *l, A 

Gaukd, 20, <lnu. of ili« H* Wpful Willaoi Oc.tjgo. DP . -f ilMtl 
frmi'A. I»i>doii, nko ftJIcges & conMtite ; al S^ Aiiq>, BWIifruii I 

John BuHtT. QviiL, of StTBtford Bow, Middl4>»ei. Hd4Jidf>r. ^^ij 
UeWn Clarke^ of aaZDo, SpiiMtur, 2), tii-r fntKi^r dc-o'! 
tn^thcrr MJimWth fliiodtiVLn oUam CJiirLc ; aI ^^ t'l 
[TLiH eiilrv af <*ud (rf iiivce^lmy Vt>L XVL] " 

Robert JortUu, Gtnt., nl S' M*nJi> * in KieW*, BftrKrlrr, fl2, * «■ 
Stanley^ of S* 8oj»ulclin**ti, 42. Widow ; at » t^' 

Edward SjA-'KCcr, !'><]. , of S" (Ji|i*n Ui FicM*, I'. 

in KfeldJs. or ?>' iii\t& uk t'H>M»^ 
Will»m Jf*3u>p, Gcnl, of 8^ AadrewX EToJbom, Hn^'lirlur, ft^ 

Marv'Ot [or? Margct] Edwin, of nmr, f^pibster, 30; co&imiv^t 

father [VcqA-] Kdirfn, of H' Marjr Mngdiden. Old Piih EHnrUT 

iiion^r- lit S^ FnilVii. 
iobn Clu^Ht, G«nt., of 8* Veda^ I'oater Ij&ne. IWbetor, 29, A 

SFijpf<>^, of S- Diinxtan's WgaL Spinktcr, 23 ; iiiaacnt of hrr I&tl 

Gcorue Shipaej, G^nt., cf Tewk*imry, oo. Gloucester; ai Ch * 

Nicbolaa Wakditi. cf All Kallowa, Locabflrd 8iM*frt, f^lVrnkn R* 

25, d^ Mttiy Fcnie, of 8» Botolph, A - 

own disposal; conwnl of Witliaut I . , 

CO. 8tftffonl i Hi S* KAith'j. 
JohnSI.(>rWk,ntnl., of S Martin*- m Fiold«, WUoww,!*!, ACa 

AHlibumham, of 8^ Andrew**, llolborri, 8|Miut«r, 20; her 

conji(;nt; at Biirking, Kiittex. 
Kdward Annif^er, Goat,, of 5* Oilos, Cripploffiie, Bacbetirr. II i 

AJjic Bud^^kJ), of oajuo, Sp', 21, bor falbcrft conwtrti 

S= FaitJ/*. 
John Bowland, Tlcrk^ Roetor of Foot Crav, co. Kwit, Widowor. 8ftl 

Anne Holt, Spiiiater, 15, dau. of Oeorj;© UoJt, of HUae, dw^ ^ ' 

nJuLber'a fontiL*iiti at S* Ooorgo ia £a*ichoap^ or All UaUoin 

Great. I^adoii. 
Benininin B!«ckctt, Gent,, of S" Muy le Stmnd^Baclidoi-. 42, A I _ 

Adams, of aaaie. 3.'i, AVid(»w ; at S' MaTf, Strand, or S^ HridcV 
Kii'banl Cittton, &q., of Uomchtireh. Ewei. Widower, 37, & &€ 

l^ujirlcfl, of BonilArd, E*iWi.!Si»inM<'r,28,dao. *>f Sir K-^rr* <}n 

of aante, KS wboeonaeulA, an t«vljf!i<^l bv Tbi i ■■ --n' 

cbnrcb aforrwd, G«ut. ; allrgod by J^my i ' 

I'eiiHmrcl, Fewteier; ai Hulow, co, Bmtx, or Mtil [tj in 

o^uiitv afir^. 
George ^uudwood. Cleric, M.A,, of Cbipping BnriK'ti, Ilorta, Bacb',| 

ACathoriae I^c^rber, SnM8.djui, of WilliAin I'letcbor.of mi 

GcBt., who coiucnifi ; ntS' Uiblred, I^jultj/. 


6 ThomM AJford, Gent., of Saliebury, Wilts, Bachelor, 30, A Bennett 
Berisford, of WanateBd, Eeeex, Spiuster, 24 j at S' John Zacbar)'. 

8 Itichard {^^reaham, of S' Andrew^s, Holbom, Widower, 40, & Katheriiic 
Edwards, of S< Michaers, London, Widow, 40; at S^ Alicbael's, 

17 Alexander Davidson, Gent., of S' Martin*B in Fields, Bach^ 25, A 

Marearet Beachfield, of City of Westmioflter, SptnfiCcr, 2S ; at 
B^ Martin's aforesaid. 

18 William Fairar, G«nt., of 8* Andrew's, Holborn. Bach^ 22, & Sarah 

Cannon, of S' Sepulchre's, Widow, 28 ; at [bl/ittk]. 
18 Bartholomew Playdell, Gent., of S* Andrew's, Holboro, Widower, 51, 
& Bridget Lovell, of same, 3p', 30 ; at S' Giles in the Fields, 

22 The E^ Wor'pful Brome Whorwood, Esq., Bachelor, 19, son A hoir of 

the E* W'pful Sir Thomas Whorwood, K', of Houlton [?]. co. Oxon, 
who consents, & Jane Eider, of S' Afartio's in Fields, Spmiter, 19, 
dan. in law of the E^ Wor^pful James Maxwell, Esq., one of Hie 
Majesty's Bedchamber, who consentei at S' Faith's, or S^ Martin's 

23 Sir William Sbayfeild [PSheEBeld], KS Widower, 45, A Ladj Mary 

Savile, of S* Bride's, 46, widow of Sir Henry Savile, K\ late of 

Methley, co. York, dec* ; at S* Michael's, Wood Street. 
23 Eobert Pennington, of Shimpling, co. Norfolk, Widower, 40, A Sibill 

Worthington, of Tattenham, Maid, 24; consent of father John 

Worthington, Gent., of Winaley, co. Cbester; at Tottenham Holy 

Cross, Middlesex- 
1 James Bellew, Gent., of 8* Andrew's, Holborn, Widower, 42, A Elizabeth 

Gosterlowe, o£ same. Spinster, 80 ; her father's consent ; at S^ James, 

Duke's Place. 
6 Daniel Eyres, Gent., of S^ Michael's, Wood Street, Bachelor, 25, A 

Elizftbeth Beston, of S^ Anne^s Lane, London, Spinster, 22, dan. of 

Francis Eeiton, late of Hackney, Middlesex, Esq., dec** ; consent of 

mother Elizabeth Eeston, of Hackney aforesaid, Widow ; at S^ Mary, 

11 John Wotton, Gent., of Fromington, co. Hereford, Bachelor, 21, A 

Anne Billingsley, of S' Dunstan's West, Sp^, 26; consent of father 

Thomas Bilbngsley, of City of Oxford ; at S^ DunsUn's West. 
15 Eobert Eookes, Gent., of Westbam, Essex, 21, A Susan Fmacklyn, of 

S* Sepulchre's, Spinster, 24, parents dead j at S* Faith's. 
22 Edmund Slingeabie, Gent., of Wobum, Beds, Bachelor, 25, A Constance 

Hargrate, of S^ Martin's, Middlesex, Spipster, 17, dau- of James 

Hai^rave, of same, Tiulor, who consents ; at S^ Martin's aforesaid, 

or S* Mary, Savoy. 
29 John Holmsted, Gent., of Neateswell, Essex, 22, A Joane Wood, of 

same. Spinster, 27, dau. of William Wood, of same, Yeoman, who 

consents ; at S* Andrew Fndersbaft. 
80 Nathaniel Musgrore, Gent., Widower, 38, A Elizabeth Herbert, of 

S* Michael's, Wood Street, Spinster, 24, dau. of William Herbert, of 

same ; at S* Michael's, Wood Street, or S^ James in the Wall. 
31 Edward Boteler, Esq,,of Danbury, Essex, Bachelor, 20, his father dead, 

A he at disposal of Dame Dorothy Boteler, relict of Sir Edward 

Boteler, K*, dec^, who consents, A Mary Hewet, Spinster, 21, dau. 

of Eobert Hewet, Esq., of Ampthill, co. Beds ; at S^ Giles in Fields. 
■ 8 Eobert Bamard, Gent., of S^ Andrew's, Holborn, BacV, 26, A Elizabeth 

Lane, of S^ Leonard's, Foster Lane, 3ptnst«r, IC, dau. of William 

Lane, of same, Merchant Tailor, who consents ; at All Hallows in 

the Wall. 
. 3 William Pearse, Gent., of Stopney, Bachelor, 35, A Anne Bailey, of 

same, Spinvtca*, 17^ dau. of Thomaa Bailej, of lame, Merchant 

TaOor, who conaenU ; at 8^ Gilea, Crippl^ate. 


■ U'lrvw 1 ".arv, 'rent-, of S' Martin'* in FieMs, BftcKelar. 35, & Eii 
;r*'ii, r ::*■ Anne's, BUckfriare, Spin.*icr. 22 ; at BhcV&ian 
^' \':^r*'w'i4, Holbom, 
■ : -rt^rri l<ifhanl*i>u» (rent., of S' Maniare;'*, Westminster, Bacteb 
"ijs(.'ht o£ his father tho R' Wpfn^ J'^-^ Kich»rd»on, D.D. 
' .iiiiuriite MIrt'holl, Spinttt4?rf about sane a^. >lau. of John MiU 
t' ^mi', (rent., who cnnsentfl ; flt S^ Fa::r/?. 
mi ll-'lniftteii, Oent.. Bfloh% 32 or 33. & M^ >Unha HerriADt 
^■- Mf^'liaer^, Wc«>il !?treet, Spinster, 23, cix of Sir W' 
lU'rnL'kL", K', of Kind's I>ynn, co. who conseno 
^'' MiL'haol >, WotA Street 
. .\^lui i»wen, Gent., of Little Bardaeld, Essei, Biobelor, 50, & ] 
Ji'lii!?*i»ii, of yamnfonl, b^ co.. Spinster, 22, -liu. -:: 'blank] i(A 
i Oi'l -Sanipford, e** eo., Gent., who eoni^iiLi : at :*"' Faith's. 
* \rti':;r WiJtfOiu Gent., of S* Andrew's, HolboRi, Bichelor, 40,t 
'*:'.::v, of Bnniifield, Ejjsci, "Widow, 45, relio: c-i Riotwd 
Xi: ' . iit S^ Andrew's in the Wardrobe, or S' Anire*"*, Holbf 
' 'A l,';v:"^ Cfiiioman, Gent, Bachelor, 23, £ Joane Te=:p:e, maid B< 
. : i-' ilaoriel Fenehiirch, Spinster, 20. her p arenia dead, > 
.",.■: IVmolc, late of Vppinjjhnm, co. Rutland, dei*. who in I 
t- ^;ive Ki^ iMjnaent; at S* Botolph, Aldgate. 
■ I « <-■ L\kaTiie. Gent., of S^ Albau, WocS Sire*:. Baohelor, 
^1.1 -^^ir^': Oliver, of Hamo, Spinster, 26; consen: of her p>rei 

c '■*. ":v:^."-ard, of Petfloe, Bucka, Gent., Widoiver. 26. A 

. ■•.->. >v\-.\^wT. 22, dan. of M^ ^blank] Cordert>v, Esq., d 
**■ \ ,-^'u 7. :t: the Wardrobe. 
\ \ V* ;.:"... S:r William Luckin, K* & Bar, of Roiwell, 
'* '^-. S-V A M'* Elizabeth Pynchon, of same, i^pinster, 
* 1. > /.,'A.i. A she livinp with her brother John Pviichon, , 
** <- * .' * '*.i*onts ; at S^ Bride'a. 
w .* ' ^ '^ iiont,, of y^ Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 22 (cor 
L ^. ':\.'.i't: Boys, of same, Ebo.), & Grace Powell, of Hi 
^i . -V \. St'iiisicr, IS, dan. of Thomas Powell, of same, Gei 
-V -^ .*:':^"' Gilefl in FieldK. 

^. .\ ■' c, v'f S^ Alpha|:;e, Haberdasher, Bachelor, 24, Jfc C< 

^ , ^i.'.c. of S' Clement Danes, Spinster, 20, dau. of 

^ ,-'. ■ ^.*A\ iJcnt., who consents; at S^ AlpbAge, 

, .„. \.i>;.:j:1, of S» Mary, Strand, Citijieu A Snlter of ] 

M* '. : A M.irtha Denhaui, of same, Spinster, 22, dau. of 

i,.\»... ,*i s;iuu% Salter, who consents; at S^ Margaret Pat 

^ , ■ ^ >''!'ri> ^yi S' Michael's, Comhill, Stationer, Bachelc 
^^v ^<*^!^l. i»f Great Hormead, Herts, Spinster, 18, 
-^ ..^ *;.*!i*i, of same, Gent, who consents; at S* Ethelbe 
X ■ s * '^ ^*^olwule. 
,,, ^-j^N-K Jcii'.,v'fS' Mary Mounthaw, Bach^36, £ Joane ^ 
•*^ , * X\^iii<^^tx. S^nnorset, Sp^ 30 ; at S^ Michael's, Wood 

^v— * "^ -*«i*is ^Ivni.v Bach', 20, son of John Dynham, late of 
,>*.. .^x . ^t \*w Riedon, Spinster, 22, dau. of Robert 
^y. v> w S" \nu*», Biackfnara. 
w,>W' >V-**^' "'^ Mungham, Kent, Bachelor, 26 or 26, 
y,\. **' y^e**» ^-v '^'^^ *^1'* Cordelia Nevinson, Spinster, 22 
yi VVf^ V*-»«^'*^ *^*^ 1**6 of Eatrey, dec* ; her mother's i 

ik.tttiH» <V»*«I^ ^ ' ^^ HouRhtou Conquest, Beds, Widowc 
i^y "^^ Trttt ¥iaSr*^ * \^«*tan'H West, Spinster, 18, consent 




ASTfaitflt. of vam^. Spin«t*r. 28 ; ftt S« I'jilrV.^. 

A lUiOkbexh P'ninckim, Lij. daii^ of James Fraiicklin, of ^amo, Bii|-, 

who cuuteuU ; at 24^ Orv^ory* or 8^ Foith'n. 
IL Bdmuntl Pi^hcr, Em\.» of Br<rut<ri>od, Bsiox, Widowrcr, 30, A Boboooa 

WnrtTJi, of S* B^wolph'*, Aldgat*r, Widow. 30; nt S' Jiunei, 

, 2t Brian Swa^, of Pirtnuy, Surrcr, Yeoman, Widower, 3fl, Jt Dorothy 

DavrU^u, SifiuttUirr 20; ai dMpunal uf Jubu Danbeniv, vi UttjWB, 

IlliddJoMi, VcODUD, who cOD»utM; »l S^ KicIk^Iiui CoUt Ablx^j^ 
. 21 iVuUiooy ltnton,Gcnt„ of S» Aiuirew-, TIt>lb<>ni, BiicV,;iV Jt Dorothy 

Stialding, of wiincK Spioiter, 2^, at Ker owii diflponnl, & with ounflciit 

oi JotmtipftldiDff, Ui^iiL, of ili>;Uu|^r H&ll, Suffolk ; at fj* Aim«X 

Bkck&w*i or ^ Au<lr«w'!. Holborn. 



JI9 Ifi 


:bot^ [? Talbot}. OiMit-, of S' Marlmy Lud^pttc, Bachelor, 
:/,a^th 3oiiiier>4p u( H' ^t?pu1cLrc\ SpiiufUT. '20; ixiiu»cut of 
hvr parvntw j nt ^^ TlHfUV 

Ha^h md^elloii. Geiil., tif Oray'a Inn, Bachebr, 33. & Pm»^ed B«Ht. 
of S' MhTtiirs in th<T Fi^^Idis 31 , widow of [bhrik] B«t. float., dec* j 
At H^ Fancrao or tUapel of Keutisbtown. 

'WiUUni flhopwird, of Uxfi>rfl- U^hcJor cf Jmw^ IIacWof, itbovc 21, A 
Eltxnbnth CrtHi^r, of 8* Duimlftn'H Kiut. Sj^iubIit. 17. dan. ijf Kenry 
(.'•rt«r. lAt« CitiM^ii & Ootdamitb of London, doc''; consent of hord 
Mayor ^ Aldemujn of Loiidun ; at 8^ Beiiuet SbureWg. 

KicliArd WalliT. Getit.. o£9 Btnuict Gracoohureh, Djicbclor,21,& Anno 
SitOA. of AftjiiAf Sf^iiulcPf 30 ; at Mini^- 

Damif] Ijcar^ Gent., of Middlu Tomplo. Ba4^h&lon 23. A Dorotliy Hubert, 
of S* Gilt-** t'ioWs Spinilcr, '2S ; at «^ Oib* ^^oldfc 

Cbarleti BvltedWoriL, GtnjL, of Tmtton, Sua^ex. Bnchdor, ^^'j. von of 
r^er Bctlcefortii, lalo of MLnt«, dec'', A MrLr£^rot Juby, of & 
Bridr'fl. S|iiniit4>r, 'il, d*u, of Thcimui Juby» of Thoydon MoLiut, 
Esttei, tiont , who ooneenie ; at S^ Briie%. 

June* SincUn?, Ea^., of S' Bridi^V, London, Bachelor, 32, A ymnt*c« 
Beaumont^ of Slougbton, co. Leic<wcor, Soiuster, 20, djiu. of Sir 
Uouvy BcAiimont, wbo cocuciiitni allc^d l>y IJcnry Bt^Aumont, 
G«nl,. of Stoogbtou afor««ud; nt 8^ Leouard*n. Bromley, eo. 

itHxn IVewland, Geut, of H»x(*y. co» Lincoln, A Jane Jarvia, of S^ 
Bc(>iilc)tio*»^ lA>ndoi', Spiotlor i at S* I-'nitir-. 

Edmond Pjo, Ovtii » of S* MartbV Ludftal^, Bovliolor, 2S, A CntliUTitio 
Lucatf. of ^^ Anne'a, BlackfrJarH, S|>iiiHtcr, IS, dau. of TUomtu 
Lueaa, Bh^., ht*^ of Colctiettter, do4^^ & het mothcrr jiIko dond ; con- 
ient of paivntM of e' Edinoun P/o ; nt ^^ MarCroX Lud^atc. 

Kobtirt BtuokL\ CU-tk, Widowor, 32, A Mary Mavnwuaag, of ^* Gllod 
in ("i^dii, Spinster, IS; conBCDt of the K^'W'ijful Bogor Mayn- 
wurijii^, D-Dh. Paiwod of •* porijih ; nt S* Gilott in Fidds, 

ChJiriea 6old*mith, (ient, of ii' Audrews, llolborn, Bachelor, ^'2^ A 
Jfttic IlcudU'j^, of 3* Bridc'n, Sriiustcr, 21^, dnu. of Hir Thomas 
HendJey, K.<. of Craltihrooke* kenl, who eon«i>iit« ; ntU-^u^d hr 
FnnnfeboTe [<tc] Ilcndlcy, of City of London, (font. ; at S' Bride's, 
or S^ Andrew's, Holbom. 

TbonuA Pcnrt, &q., of (t^ Gik-«t Irlelfis, B«chdor, 21, son of Jiii3ie« 
Poait, Bfli^M fi o»nic, who conocMild, A Anno Anlroy, of Woodcnd [?], 
CO. Bedfl. £4piBfll«r, 17, dau. of Sir Keniy Afltrey, dec*; eoumnt of 
bor nwthcr Tlio Lady Mary Aniny, of aanie, Widowj at S* Fnitk'e, 


Usj 10 

Thoian* DamArdiatoiit oi S* f4tcf>1ion'«, CdJobuui Street, Hcrelnl^ 

WidrtHf r, 41, A Anne PoNW, nf S* UftKin'v Oolwich, S^, K; ' 

{«ther'i ccu^eDl ; at 9 Anivs\ BWkfriiirv, 
Mftjr 20 Utmj Topli^ of ^^ Braai^t GrBcecluKh, Meircbftnt Tji>kv, IJuiila; 

2U, A EJialMb Cl^kis of now, 8piiutor, ao, h«r pMvoti tkcf'i d: 

& Faith'-. 
Hay 20 lawrooco Hoyer, of libcrtj of Tovrer of Loa<lon, Maruher, Vidow, 

VH, A l^ifabcth Johtuon, of Lirocbouite, par. Htepne/, BpiiuUi;U, 

dau. of Edvard Johason^ of same, Mariner, vbo ooasenu ; u Bifr 

b^iD or Wc^tliADi, CO. E«D>rx. 
Hay 2S Grat BanU. G4>nt., i>f Cilr of IvOfKbik, Btu-lntW, 40, A Hi»M 

Coppine«f, of Cikf of ft'cflbniiuter, £^,30; at 8^ GUet a ik 

May 27 

Juiut H 

Judo IS 

Juno ib 

Jono 17 

June 18 




Mr I 

Mb a 

Bicbard BoitrcliioT. Gcmt-, of LiuW StaAbndgd, Esaoz, niravw % ft 
Fraocc* >'utWI. of Koctfonl, i^ co., Sptnater, 21 ; at Caaovico. co^ 
Ewex. [Bond by i^ Bourebier. and by JaBi«< NaltalJ of Bocbbci 

WUliaa Pat, of S^ BenneU Gncechurcfc. Barber SvrffeoD, . . 
35, A Anne IticbanUon, of 8' Bo|>ulchrc\ Widow. -10; at & 
iUotinlhair or S' Sq>uk*hrf**i. 

John Gill Oent^ of 8^ DunKtan's AV^evt. BacheLor, 2d, A Riaibet 
Tburaton, of Ruiiwell, 'EmMj, dpmster, 17, dui. of Haismoa 
Tbumton, doi^*' ; c^nscni of motbcr Anne Suliard ofJoj Ibantosi ' 
Kunwcll ofoivBnid ; nt S^ FnilbV. 

WilliatB Culfcam, of S' Callimno Creerhurob. Giriler, Bachelor, St 
OathenDC of Stcjmcr, Spmfllor, 20; ojnwM of fc^r fatber 3 
John Lee. of ^topney. atleeted b^ tier brotber Uobert Lee; at 

Willmtn Sti^^hc-nv. Q^nU, of Bcdrlf^. Surrey. 60, A BUndia S^Skfi 
8ii]U8ter, 21, dau. of AVilliam FellifAio, of AU Hallowa Banm 
}(«*TL?hant, who i^oniier&i ; at BacJ^iicy or Stepnor. 

Bog^r IIy4e, Ehi^., of BIdoD. Eanta, Widover, &3, A Katbcnw Allia 
iww of City of Londcm, WWow, 40 ; at 3^ Bcnnct Pink. 

Beuhen Bridfp^ CWk, of Cfieiv^oy, ta. Onmbndgo. Bu?h\ 3U A V»: 
Pniw, Sijintft^r, 2r>, fntbi^ di^oA; coniont of laothvr Mamret Rfl 
aliat IMUm t^titicd by John Fane, brother of efi Jhury; at 
Duimlmi^B AVtsaL. 

Eicokiol P^wTiall, Clerk, l\treou of WnuiUl, co. SomoTBCt, WidoiroCf ' 
A Jtiio Uviitiam, 41 or 42, vidow of John Dynban). Oem^ doc*i 
8^ AndrewX Uolborii. 

William IIahU 1>' of Pl^-piic, of City of London, Bachelor, 30, A J 
of 8' Aiinc^-f. Bbickfriar*, S 

PiDRlcy, of 

, Spiiuitrr, 19, daa of Sir Job 

l>ingl<»\\ K', of ftttiiio. who rrinBi*nta ; nt S' AnneV Blaobfrian 
Cliarlea Morti^roflc, of 8^ Ati^(i3ittno*«, London, Grocer, Bacbdor, 2 
A Ancilla Apley, of ^^ Audronv'ip Uolbom, Spinster, 25, her pavcttt 
dead ; at «^ BriAv'tt. 
ar Oeorg*- Southrolt, K^ «f ShilUtk^ord, co, Doron, Widower, 60, ■ 
SlartKn Suckling, of S' Dnimtan't West. Spioator, 80, hor panntf 
dea^ ; nt S' Mary WtKihioth. 
Xiloa Harlo, GeuU of «^ Hridc'i, Widower, G6, A Aonc lAnd, » 
8^ Martiu'a FioM«, -W- widifw of Ji^lui I^uid, Gout., dcx?^ ; at S* Cifo* 
in ttw^ Ficlda. 
^j^Offfs Agliouby, B.D., of S^ Martin's in Field*, Bachelor. Sfl, * 
^^^JU Smitti. c£ name, 2G. at o^u diii[)»wi1; ullo^ by Eraioiol 
SBitb, of aaiikC, Gent. ^ nt All Hallows tbe Great or v M^^ 

tttwai^ ^'' "^ Kyrkebybodoo, oo. Norfolk, Bach'. 85, 
J2t iJi*. of S^ ScpulchroM, BtCddlcMOt, Spiiutor, 21» dan. 



John Adye, Esq., of Bame^ who consents ; at S* Bride's, or S^ Mary, 

Ivlf 8 Jftmea HarryQ, &q., of S^ Mary, Saro)^, Bachelor, 28, & Etizabeth 

Phillpott, of Q' Andrew's, Holborn, Spiiiater, 19, her parents dead ; 

at 3^ Mary, Islington, 
Inljr 16 Thomas Smith, of 8^ Andrew's, Holbom, Stationer, Bachelor, 30, A 

Dorothy Cocking, of Bame, Spinster, 23 ; at S* Andrew's, Holbom. 
Joly ^7 Biehard Bevington, Gent., of 8* Martin's in Pields, Bachelor, 28, & 

Mary Griffin, of Halsted, Essex, Spinster, 32, with consent of her 

parents ; alleged by Biehard Griffin, Gent^, of City of Westminster ; 

at [hlanJc]. 
July 21 William Hayes, of 8^ Clement's, Eastcheap, Mariner, Bachelor, 25, & 

Catherine Bonner, of same, Spinster, 18 ; consent of father Stephen 
I Bonner, of Leigh, co. Essex, Mariner ; at S^ Clement, EaatcKeap, 

; Aug. 4 William Mill, Gent., of Inner Temple, Bachelor, 22, & Penelope 
^ Collett, 30, widow of Thomas Collett, Gent., late of ShiftniUl, 

I CO. Salop, dec* ; at S' Gregory's. 

} Ang. 4 Gregory Isham, Gent., of S' Andrew's, Holbom, Bachelor, 37, & 

Elisabeth Moore, of Stepney, Spinster, 17, dan. of John Mooro, late 

of same. Mariner, dec^; consent of her mother Elizabeth Moore 

attested by M' Biehard Pulley ; at Asheldon, Essei, 
Aug. 4 John Beyner, of Bochford, Etwei, Yeoman, Bachelor, 85, & Bochel 

Bonner, of Leigh, Essex, Spinster, 24, at her own diflposal ; at Trinity, 

Mi nones. 
Sep. 7 Peter Temple, Esq., of S* Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 22, & Ellinor 

TirreU, of name. Spinster, Id ; consent of her mother Dame Ellinor 

Tirrell, widow of Sir Timothy Tirreli. K\ dec^ ; at S' Mary, Savoy, 
flep. 23 George Halfheid, Gent., of S^ Leonard's, Shoreditch, Bachelor, 27, & 

Mary Briggandine, of same, Spinster, 17, dan. of Thomas Briggau- 

dine, Esq., who consents ; at same. 
Oct 1 William Campe, Gent., of S* Andrew's, Holbom, Widower, 57, & Anne 

Gregory, of S* Gil^ in Fields, Spinster, 16, dau. of Valentine 

Gregory^ Gent., who consents ; at S^ Andrew's, Holbom, 
Oct 1 Edward Cfarfe, Gent., of City of London, Bachelor, 23. & Mar^iret 

Wright, of Christ Churcn, London, Spinster, 17, dau, of John 

Wright, of same, Gent. ; at Christ Church, or S^ Mary, Islington. 
Oct 2 Francis Neve [?Nene], of University of Cambridge, Gent., Bachelor, 

24, & Elizabeth Simmes, of Everfeld, Beds, Widow, 25; at 

S' Botolph's, Aldersgate. 
™. 2 William Spranger, of Homdon on the Hill, Essex, Yeoman, Widower, 

40, & Catherine Chaloner, of same. Spinster, 22, dau, of John 

Chaloner, of S' Dunslan's West, Gent., who consents ; at S^ Faith's, 
vet. 6 Eichard Yerburgb [? Tarborough], Gent., of S^ Dunatan's West, 

Bachelor, 22j father dead, A Francos Proctor, of same. Spinster, 20, 

dau. of Edward Proctor, of same, Gent., who consents ; at S^ Mary 

Oct, 7 Eichard Daris, Gent., of S* Martinis Fields, Bachelor, 27, & Mary 

Walker, of Bedfont, Middlesex, Spinster, 19, dau. of John Walker, 

of same, Gent., who consents ; at S^ Mary Staioing's, or S' Michael, 

Wood Street. 
Oct 12 Francis Keighley, Gent., of S' Andrew's, Holbom, Widower, 34, & 

Margerr Bevm, of City of Westminster, Widow, 27 ; at S' Faith's. 
Oct. 15 Thomas White, Gent., of Hamaberry, Wilts, Bachelor, 20, & Joane 

Earlv, of Midgeham, Berks, Widow, 27 ; at 8^ Bride's, or S' Anne, 

Oct 16 Edward Minshall, Gent., of S^ Andrew's, Holbom, Bachelor, 21, sou of 

Huon Minshall, Gent., of Middlewich, co. Chester, who consents, & 

Joane Merrell, of 3» Andrew's, Holbom, Spinster, 20, dau, of John 































Dw. 14 



D«e. le 


Annt Mern^ll. of S* AnJTPi^'tf. Holbom^AVldow; at 
Bobcrt Kojnoldn, Kf)q , of Iiiiut IVnmlc, Biit:l<'K»r, -S-l, a >iarj 

of Duuiijow, E«ei, Spiupter. 18. dau, of Naibaniel Deards, d i 

Gnil., who fOiLwcrtti, ul S' OlftveV Harl Strfot- 
Roljprt Minrp*^, firnl, of Wlitiinirj-, T^ih!l'D, BicJielor, !L k I^ 

NcviuHoii, if S^ Man\ lelingioii. Spinster, 22, hi?r fatbcr iai;i 

8' AncJtoliu'H or S^ Crtthfrini* Trci' Cbun'h, 
Edminl Stnttloii, Gt-nl., vt H^ Murtiu's Fiold^., Widower, W, A 

Mciri*, of S> PotcT the i'^or, Spinntrr, 20^ pan^ntft duad ; coBHSdi 

her ftunt T}»(* R» Hen, rountdw of Dotot; at 5* Peter tb * 

alleged bv Robert Sttatton. of & Martin 'u Pictdi, Gctil. 
Kdw a^r RjBflhe. Otni^ BaeZielor, 25, & Mu^ret Greene, of 8* OUi 

Old Jur^, SpirtflUr, 18, dau- of John (Jroooci K«^-i f^f muu^ 

cnnfti*tihi ; At S' Olam"*, Old Jury. 
Thounx CoppiD^ Esq,, of loner Tciaple, Baclielor, 30. A Virf FiCRh 

of llftrtlip [?], Krnt. 22, widow of Willmro Faggis Ule of 

Geui.. decfi ; ul S* Miry fkiitietvci. 
John (lilibH, <3eiit,» of & \jiH>i\Mtd\ firoiulojr, Middlcvox, B^ehdM^ 

AMnn- Friuickiiii£, of Pulhnm, MtddlvNOK, 8pini'i^r.30;ftlS^" 

t!jo Martyr, 
Jnlin Bminaloi]. V^., of Middle Tempk, 2-^ (father* Gonieiit)i & 

Abdv, of 8* Marv AiC, 8i)inHt*T, liO, <la«. of Anthony Abdy,r^ 

AMrrmarj of tho (^tj*, whn oonnpnla ; nt S' AndtwwX'tidrr^fciifL 
Johu WrJKbl, Gi'ii:., Iladielor, 30, A Dorothj Booth, of S^ Maitia'i _ 

Fid<U, SpinMur, 2:2, dnu. of l^lmund Bootli, oF Worit. oo> WoroMr, 

Qi>]it.T ulio couK^ma ; ar b' Clcmeiit Dane*, 
fiiobard HnU, of T^ia^ CoUcco, Cainbml^, MA ., Bacb', ^i^kAm 

Botinctt. of Bolted. &«ex>»pr, 22, dai;, of Rich' BoDwtt. BN|*rf 

eaoke, who con»erita ; at Clielmaforid, TolabaTif, or ToUbasl Kaipft 

CO, K>«ox. 
JoUu Juiou, Gtint-, <if Cii^' of Loudou^ Widowur, 84, A Aime BfkW- 

borne, Spinel^r, tZO^ dau. of 'VTilliaui M)clidbon>o, of WetitaaciW 

cOh Stiitiioi, OcdL, who coiiit^nt« ; at S^ Mara' Pattenat. 
Michael Ernie, Gent,, of Whetliam, Wills, Bachelor, »G, & Maiy Pw». 

of Chigtt'cU, ^J'*ex, 33, wi<low of [W*i»*] Foster, Mcfchaat, 4ec*j>* 

8' Bwincfi,, Paulu AVIiarf. 
Thoma* BlochvRd<>ii» ono of the Pn>bMidar»> of Chriat Ckurcb, CtnW- 

bury, B^ullolor, V2, & Miu-xun^ Alilt^no^v, of S^ CathcritH Oted% 

Spinatcr, 18, dau- of J^aniuel AJderwT, Merc^iaijt, dec* ; oiwOrt <■ 

her mother in law Miireunjl AlderwT ; at S* I'aiUiV or S* LoDOtfd^^ 

Foster Lane; attofltv^ by RiclurJ Biochynd^a^ cf S* Of«gai 

Maurice Kaiij, Q«nt., of 6^ Dunatan'tf Wtiit, Bache4or, 23, A 

ihur CatbirnDO ^_ 
A Kliiaholh 1^<W 
Uto d«c« : at 8* lUr; 

(LJui'HtonburT. of snioc-, fS!>iii«t«rt 21 ; at 9^ Kaith'ii. 
Hijiirv B^m;, &<(-, of Ony h Itm (cotiamt of iUL>Om 

relict of H^nrv Hyiig, Ut© SenMUit at Lav), / 

SniustCTi 21, «1au. of Arthur Coko. Baq^ 

MaffdfOej), Old Fi«b Street. | 

Bicbjirf Tarlor, Gent , of (iritiitlol, fitaex, Bachelor, 28, A JoaJW Tiao*' , 

of CbippiDc On^AT, Rr^vcx, Widow, $3^ i at GnueH^d ala*. 
Willmu Moorbcad, of S'^ M^ry Woolnoth. Merchuil. B«rV. 9^ ^ 

Gnic<» Oculd, of name, Spiiwtcr, 24, dan. of WilliaiD Gou^d, Em., o^ 

llaiee, oo, Doron^ vbo coiiaeata: at B* Jacneo, Clurtanvvlt O*^ 

S* PaiihV . 

Tboma* Luo/, Ra^,, of S^ Martici'« ui Fi«Ida, 23. Jt Somq Dji<^r«>. i*^ 

8* CtoDKDt Daoctk Spinat«r, 20. dau. of Roborl Ua^iw. of HrHttic" 

fnrdbury, Uert*, ulto cionsetittf j at 8^ Dttnvtau'a \Vut. 

BT rne oeshop op londok. 





Tbom&a H«iih, O^fit,, of City of rii>TuliTii, B^ichf !or, 30, £ EliiiibplJ] 
Webb, of CTuifornl, Miil^Wiric, ,Si>iiui«r, '2^1^ ituu. of 8ir William 
Webb, K\ of [^ni}. co. YorV, who coniicmts ; Bt Onuford 

Bobi<n I'Okor, of All ]1iJ}ows, I/imbAtii Street, ilAbcrdoshcr, llachek>r, 
2a. A Marj Ktu>llc«s of All HiiUowh dUiEiiEig, »]>% 20; ct>mrttt of 
Sir Jolm Joo^b, of ■aiii«>» uii<l«ir wliovt^ tuUlon vho U, AtlentoJ by 
Tfcoma* Kiiolli^e, of S^ Bonnet Pick, Mrrccr; At All HilLoire 

WiUUtn Hatbumt, of S* Thomu Apo«tl«, HabonlortlKT, BAcliclor, 34, A 
EHxAbet^ of 8^ DunntAn^A Waat> SpmsWr, 25; Mhet'^ 
cODsent : al S' Mtirtin** in Pitiddx, or S' Marr, SjiTrty, 

OfO^ Goodmai:]. 0<»rt,. of City of W<urtDnnni*?r, Bricbelor, 2B, & 
IfliaDor Co^kqiwrell, 25» wiJow of (Jeorge Coekijuerell, (ieat., derf* ; 
at If Aianio s, Lu<Ig>iv. 

John tlotlybina, Oeitt, of Littfe Ilford, Ebses, Bachelor, 50. & EIua- 

betb Wilbura, of I5(cpncy. Ssiontcrr, ah conHcnt of motber Joatia 

Wilburn, Wwi3W , At Alt Hallows i:i i\w WalK 
John GroATernor, O^nt., of S^ Anflww, Hi-ilhim, Wiilnw*ir, Rfi, A Maiy 

DuiHi-r, of Munc> Wi^ov, 36 ; at S^ AttdrcwV Hi>lboni. or S= Faith's. 
Michael Co?ell, Gent., of Wett WickLam, Kout, Uftcholor, 86, A 

lU^btNX'a JoiM^N, <»f 9' Bridf^'-T Widoir, 25 ; at S« FHiCb*»< 
JoLn Browne. B^f, of Twk'konliaRi, Miildl<wox, Widnw^r. 27, & Klijt^>< 

Pai'kcr, of C?ity of Wcstiijinhkr, Spinnt^ir, hK 'itai. of Jobu Pftel«rr. 

of Moe, fin]^ whii cOTiw^riU; a1 S* M«pbeii, Walbrook. 
JckMrpfc Miutn, (}«TDt , of :^ndburr, Suffolk, 22, A M-irv t^saox, of Eut 

HtOTc, to^ KiM«x, t^]>iiii>U-r, 18, ilru- of RLcbjtnl t^asoi, u£ ia%iiie, 

T^omnn, wbo coaJMrat^; at KmI M4rr«£«e itforoAatit ; John (\>nTorv, 

of Pelden, fttteitfl coQbent of b"^ tiich*^ Efuex, hih bi^>th(^r in hw. 
Henn Pilkiugton^ B«l-t *>f Gmbilej' [? (Sadabr 1, co LeiceHier, Widower, 

2^, A MMTf Sjincott«, of ^ Duii«tiui'« Wcni, S|nii«tcr, 1$, dui. of 

G«or^ fiyncottBt of oMzne, Qcat., who cohbuhU) } *t S^ Pauciua a/i4f« 

Kent Mb (own. 
Robert DodcIm, &ii., Widoircr. 3*. ^ Suviiii DoudaK, Spinster, IS, 

d«a, 4)f ibo R^ HoiL Eoberl Dou>;Iaa, Lord Beltlaben , BclbavcnJ, 

of 8' Martifi'n in PicltUv wbo coii^cm*; at B' Ajwlrcn's, IIoJboiD. 
BoH'butd li»ckor, Goot, Widowor, 50, & Elixabetb Yerborowe I? Yar- 

lMin>ii(fb\ Widow. 43; at S* Mary Siaining. 
Hwiry Witljpr*. Gcal.. of Chidgv^cH. Em-i, Bachelor. 28, Jt Phebo 

Nom*» cf Little TbiiTTc<k, a"* co., Widow, 35 ; nt S* Nicboljw .Icmis. 
John ClotU^rbuvAo. (irnt., of 8^ M^rtitiV VioUa, Buhclon 24, A 

Cathmiko Pmr-h, of Nt4<Tmt*j, .SpLUHter, 21, her pareau dead ; At 

Stepney, or S* Jaine«. Duke a Plnce. 
(ftorge Uarib, of WiUdi^, Middloei, Yeoman, Bachelor, 30, A Anne 

Fungf , of EaliDf-, Spinalcr, 19, father doTid ; consent of niotJior 

Joaito JcyacT aiiJv Yuitj^ ; at Eftlirig- 
L«wreDce Hawlt^y. GonL, of S^ LeoiianTv, Pester Lane, Bachelor, 3^, & 

Kiubctl Lauir, of S* Botolpiv Aldcrwato, 80, widow of Rirhard 

Law)];, Viititii' A Browii Baker; at §^ Leonard a aforcBaid, or 

8* Bololph, AJdortgato, 
Samuel 8lot^h« £«q., of Anhc, co. Derby, Widower, 30, A Ikbrf^et 

Darcj. of ;?* Ann'*, Blftoklriira, Spinster, 21; coDMat of motbor 

Dati>e Dorothy Dorcy, Widow ; at «* Atuio'a, Blackfriara. 
9iT Mvtin SnoQekflert de ^tiauburg, K\ of 3^ M&rtin ^ Ltidgatef 

Widuw^^r, 3t, A Dame Martina JnnrhimJj, of ChriotCbuivh, Widow, 

aa ; at Cbrirt Thurffh or M» iiil*.. in FiddH, 
L. rf . a 


Mat. 10 
Hiir. 22 


lto1>f>H mifttmll, of S' OiU in fli^Ui, ^' FUjirf," Bv^Jor. 31. A 
Brett, of tame, ftboni i&me a^^, wldtrfr of Join Brett. G^t. ltf»| 
iam«. d4T«^ ; ftt S* GregoryV [tUgDed, ni>l rroaaod, but '^ YioC 

Sir Wftflcr Vavjwor. Bar', Bachelor, ai, nftn of 8ir Ttioioft* Vr 
HaH. Utc ..f Tfftii^^Uond, CO. Y^rk, dwr*, A M^ Ti^ub IWl 
now ot S^ Andr^vM, IIf»llu>m» 9)Hiut«r, IB, d«iL of Uie Jl' 
ThoniM, Ijotd FAlci^burge, hot oF »me, wh^i cooaettUt i 
Apdn-w's, llultxirti, ur B^ GiUu m tbe Fielda. 

belli Adyv. of 8^ $flpulohn>\ SpiQ«tvr. IS; coQMat irf hiff 

Job* Advfi ; at ^ Bn^l^y or S* Marr, iRliogton. 
Paul |}own««. Mra^hsnt, B^ichoLor, 'JQ. k Hikthwin^ Colfr. SpffitfM 

d«u^ of AnUiodjr i^olt, fiout^ of ilc^riiEu, Surrej. whoctfucaito 

All HjlIIoivk Sijivhinc. 
John BTvicc*»Oriit'. ofS' AndrenrVHoIboni, B*4-liclor 2.5,4 - 

Beole. of aaiiio, StriuBtor, ^ ; conwnt of fatlter Bartboloaov 

at S' Andrew "•, tfolbom. or S* >Tll*Jri'«i\ Bn«d SirrH'l. 
Ocor^ Handfoni, Ocut, of S' D^mptoij'a VVwil, Widowor. 51, A 

bctli Woarer. of 8^ Pelct'e, Paul'a Wbarf, Widow. 45 ; ai ii? " 

Paul* Wharf. 


WilltAin Cran'l(>r, Ool'l^mitb. of S* Auno Jt Ajpc«. London^ Wvdi 
■t7, ^ iipk'nor Nctt-. of PortaznoutK Uanie, 37, widow of 
Nere, lat« nf Bauifl, Smiiti, doH ; al *S* MiHutrV*, Qm-rtifcttbe 

William OJiti-r, Uenr. of S' Martma Fieldf. Bacfador, '>> A 
Ooftffioke, vf aan»i?t Sjiintt^r, SI. dau. of Kd<mrd i^' 
Will 1111^(4^11. Red*, Oent, whn codiuwIh ; al S" Aadrrw'* "t^ *j - 

Wiliiaiii lioll, Gent,, of Dubbridge, co. Darby, Widow<?r, tS, 9t 
Jfeiilley. of HiigHdori, MiddW<*i, SpinvkT, SI, brr parroia dml, 
biTitkg (L tisaid y^Tvnnt ; at S^ Brrdt''«^ 

Praiii-iK Spicer, Cordw^in^r, of S' t'i^^mcnt DRno». Widow^rf.Jt Bij 
ncyman, of eam^. Z-'k widow of (irrtfnry Hc\'itAn» Taylor, it<*i 
S' Nidiola- Olave, 

EuML-bcy MarburiCp Qeixl., of ^ Jame«, Gar^ick HicU>, Badietor, 
Prnnctti yoirclU, of Crtford, KvuU SpuwH'r, 17; conK-nlofl 
fa1hf-r fifrtni-j QuarrrlU. of «amo, Gonl,. RiUnitn) by Chari** .^ 
buric, of I>€ptford, KeuU Geiit. ; at ^ Peters PwoVh WUH, or 
Jami.% ODrkenwiil). 

Jintihow Kcmpe, Gent., of 8' Fancrw «/*« Kenliabtown. MWili«i' 
llM^beJor, 28, Jt Airnc Wa11ctigcF,of & Botdpl, Riaboiw^e, ^fiMff. 
24: a1 S^ Bclolph af.rri^id. 

John Twitli-ton, Gent, of Orav^Hlna, Bai^b^W, SS, ton A hrir irf J'^ 
TviB^eton, Km|., of Darlfowi, K^at, who couj^uta. Jl FJial*'* 
Skyiiiicr, dpiiuitvr^ 1(1, iIau. of AiiLiiMiao Slturi^T, 1^., of Tattika 
Mall, •* CO,, wLo (Tonaontd ; al S' yiaxy Aldonnai]tur;y, 

William Bttcholtr, of S* Leonard^ KaMtcbeaix Draper/Widower, Jl' 
iimce £5Ive, of 8< Micbad'*, Quwxi Hithc. Spis«l0T, 23, daa 4 
William £^ly, of Bamc, Bahor, wbo eoiu«Dta; at iP Looiurd^ 
Poal^rr Lane, All Ilallovrv, Uoncv Jauio* or ^Usmtcr^ 

Wtlliani JiMlice, Oent., of S< Martin*- YuAAm. RacbftW, HO, ft Utff 
Hoi>kvr, of «im^ Spinster, 16. dau. of Thomaa Uooket. bio ot 
Gi^t., cLec^ ; coswnt of bcr fatlier in law M' John llotikv ; at V 
Martin'* ■fonwaid. 

Lewis SmJI^e, of Clii^ticfe, Middl««ox. Gont, Ba^lH4or. 28. hi* faiAir 
d4*a'i, & lu4*T Dobbiiuon. Spinrtor, 24, dau. of Ihumaa l)ob' 
late of SupDcy, Otnt, dcc'^ a£ 8^ Faith's. 



MtddWnT, Spinfttflr. IT, lUu of Ednur<! PoHiogi^. who oou*onta; 

M S' Lttwrv>n«^ OM Jury. ^ 

Mattbow Itn-nioii, liciii., of 8= Gilea, Cripplegate, Widowt^r, M), 4 

KjitlK-riiLR .Stuplctoii, of AEQC, WidoWj 28 ; at 8* Ha^>;a^o^ New 

Fi-h Sirwil, 
JoKn Wioj-Uul^y, Goot., of 3^ Martin ia FieMti. E)aL'fk«'l»r, "20, 4 Borothy 

Spiaer, of S^ Boto!|>li, AMgTit^?, Mniacn [«>!, 3G lO' 3S?]. A a 

Widow, lAtc TTifD of [ blank ] S|>iBer» Iat« of aaiii«, dec* j at S' Mary 

Woolchurcb, or Trinity, MiaoncM. 
Ritflianl Pike, of & Mary Aldurmunbury, Clork, BAcKolor, 2G, A Mai-- 

garvt Rntcman, of mne, ijpiii«ter. 20. dau. of Walkr Batemau. 

Gent., dec^ ; at 8^ Jamc*, dorkwiwclJ. 
John Ward. Clerk, of Hadleifib Castle, EsBex, Bachelor, 2«, A Alice 

EJuiouJa. <jf Olkhau), CO. Kont, Rpinxlcrt 34; vuuhcjjI of her fuller 

Nicholas HfimonrU : at S^ In^nhnnl h, Font^r tAHC. 
Robert Bromlul), Qeut, of Gzt-At <^' Bartholomew. Widoirer, &5, A 

Haigaret Thorpe, of nme, 40, vldow of Johu Tht^rpo, Q«»t., doc^ ; 

at S* Oilc«> Cripplogtto. or 3^ dopulcbre'a. 
H&ffh Vigun, Ocnt, of Laatic«atcUT co. Comwjil], Rturholor, 27, btH 

ratlieT dec'. A Anne Muoft>, of S* Clemtftit DajuM, Widow, t^ ; at 


NathimiPl Barllett, (Jent., of S' KailU's, Bttclielor, 10, & AUw Wildinan, 

pf Or<;(il 3* BurtWuruew, 30, widow of KJchanl WJMuiiwi, of «uuOi 

a<y^: atS' Fniib'n. 
Jobii Mor^fon. of Trowaewemiet!! [?J, oo. HerioQeth, BacV, 20, eon of 

Jobu Morgan, of vamo, Gent,, A Jane Morgivo, of Twlcworlh. Kiildlo- 

iOi, fipinatcr, 17, dan. of Peirce Morgan, of aame, Gent, (both 

fntbcn eon#cnting) i at I*lewortb or Twn-kuirbawK c*> Mtrldlcftcx, 
Beninmin Peirrottr-, Gftnt., rtf Rrfirld, MiddlrsH*^, Tla^Wor* S5, A 

fejizabeth TruftselK (►f »ame» St>, widow of Edward Tnu^ell, late of 

Diinbiiri-, Ewhcj, Gcat . doc** ; nt »' FuitliV 
Francuf Melcalfe. of Duufltttlle* Bt^ds, O^uL, Bacbtlor, 80, A Joaue 

Croft*, of -S" Botolph. Aldorvgitto, ab* iiftmo n^o, widow of ChriniopHor 

Crofl-, ilvc^; at S^ Alpbago or S^ Etbdbur^;b. 
William Odber, Gent., of Barking, £««ei. Bachelor, 27. A Miry Itobjent, 

of •ainc?, Sj)mBt4^r, IH; coDSpnl of hnr motktr, n Wiiiow; at'S* Fwtli'w. 
Cfalistopber Kaiiduil, GeiiU. of 3^ Audrtrw^T^, UolUom, Bncbolor, 3i, A 

Mftjy Fnte, of ■nme. Spiimter, 25, dAH "t* Biilph F«io, of unniOj 

Oent. who conficiits ; at ti' Andww's, Uolbom. or S^ Mary, Strand. 
Jobo Bamcwcll. Ocot., Bacbclor. 21, A Eli^-ik^th Wright, of S» Mary 

Woolfhurch, SiiiiLflt*r, 17* father dead, she at diBpoBal of Thomaa 

Fleetwood, of S' Mary Woolt'huwb, CittJc^n A (Tr*ip<?rj whoconncntaj 

lit S* Mnry Wotdcbnivb. 
Bicbord Taverner, G*nt,. of Gray'a Inn. Bachelor. 24, A Martha Bedle, 

of ti^ liivgory\ London^ SpifLidi.T. 10, ditu, t^i MalthiMv Budtc, £im|., 

of tame, who conaenta ; at H* Ailu'm, Bluckfriars. 
John ttcyner, Gent., of Hnohford. I':jii<*i, dC^ A Ursula Wbitlockci, of 

■ame. 24. nt hrr own dinpoHAl ; at Cantfwden, Buex. 
Thomaa Bio uL^t'ld. Gent,, of 9t«t>noj, 31, A tfara Jackaon, of Bnrkin^, 

Bnvip 30, iTEdow of l£dward JackjOQ,Iate of 8anie,dec*'; at Bramiey, 

Edward Srownnl, G«ni, of S< Ardnkir'n, H^lbom, Baclielor 24. A Mar- 

guttt Fabvaii, of ume, Si)tTtAter, 19; coiwetxt of fnther Thomaa 

Pabyan* 01 Mme, Gent; at S^ Faith 'a. 
Jaxnca Pcato, of City of London, Clerk, Bachelor. 80, A MargnnH dcott, 

Sptooler, 33» d«u- of Stophon Soctt, IS«^., of Nowington, Surroy, who 

eonaenta; at S> Botolph, Aldgat*. 




July C 

























JanvM WiniitaQlo;^. Oont,, of Orajr'* Ian, 30, h CnibariDo Moaae* of S* 

KiL^bjMl tJjwi*him'. Spiinltfip, 17 ; t^oiuent of futb<^r Clemt-ut Hour. 

of aune, Oitifon A Alorchaut Taylor ; at S' Hicba^l B«raHbftir or 9^ 

F^lor lo ?<Kir. 
Uumaduko Bkcld^r. Gi:!iii . of 8* 11ot^1{jh, AJ<lg&t«, Wiil^mt^r, »<i, t 

EUiobotU ^Votit, of J^tcpuoy» ^ptnator, 20, ibiu- of Heiirv Wwt* ^ 

aamo, YiMnuau. who ruriMCuU ; ftttwted by WUliain Tif Ml, of S' 

BuMtftii'i Eajtt, Citieon A Fishmonger; At Stcpui^y or Stnlford 

B4>ir, Middl«aex. 
KlcliJinl Lan^fonl, Gcnt.> of StcpncT* Bachelor, 95, A Mary Brpirer, of 

witnc, Stnimti^r, 17, dan. of To^n Brewrr. (Ipc4; coiiwml cf h* 

m»lli4^r Hurbara Southenie 'ilwt Brewer att«atod by Joliu Soatbemct 

of #111710, liunbtLnd <if xaifi Bjirlmni ; at SUrpncy. 
WilliiLEii Hyde* Oeut.of Cholaea, IfAchoTor, 23, A Anna EotziptoTi« oC 

AnmCi Spiu0it<'r, 31} \ ftt S^ L^'onixnl'fi, Foator Lane, or S^ Mnnin'tr 

OLIbcrt Bloudorile [tit siibfl.], Gent, of Dimc, co. Norfolk, BBic4k\3S, 

A Margai^t I'otoy, of S< Dunj(lAD*H Weal, Sprnnlar, 2S; at S^ Maiy, 

IvIm^Uiu, or Ila4:kiivj. 
Tkoma* Wng;ht, G<«nt., of S^ Oilca in Fidd-, Bachelor, 24, Jb EliuMh 

Atplyn, of S^ Leou&rdV, Shor&Iltcb, Spinster, 1^, dau. (>f £obett 

A»plyD, of lame, Chitndlcr, who conunti ; at 6< Giles in the Tiddi 

or 3^ Faiih'ft. 
Tbomwt Gooderc, Gout,, of 8' nowlpht Aldcr«fg»to, RaclieW, 28, h 

Man- Tlartlritt, of Wrworth. MiddWiM, ii, widow nf William 

Bartlett. late of S* Faitli a, London, dec* ; at Twickenliam, Middleaex, 

J^tophcii Mer, GonL, of pur, Tidont [i»>], co. Liiicolj^ Widower, 34, A 
Aiii;e ILjlmee, of 3* Matthew, Frida 
Mjirv, TAlingtoii. 

Oct. 18 

Oct. 19 
Oct. 19 

Aui;e ll-jlmee, uf 8' Matthew, Friday Street, Widow, 61 ; at S< 

Bciijainin Bri^i;howMO [*iV, «"ib>i> '* Brighouir "], GenL, of S' Clfrment 

Danes. Baobelor, 18, A Anne Cowlea, of Bame, 40, widow of Ricliard 

Cole^ of flanji-, dcc^ ; nt »air»o or S^ Grx'^oryV 
Thoinafl Ktiv>1l<E, of S' Peter the Poor, Uenrer, Bachelor, 2(J, A Uaij 

Tftrt, i>f S^ BrnoJ Kirk, SpiiiHter, 20 ; ooii«etkt of lier uucle WiIIumq 

ConrmluH, c>f aatno, at whrmc tlispojuil iho ii ; %% Sboke Newington, 

Biehard Hooke, Reeior of Little Bmhhw, I^ncit Baclidor, 3t, A Eliu- 

beth Siklcinorc, of Ip*wich, Suffijlk, 8piiuWr, 17 \ co^vetit of fatlm 

John Sfklrmorr-. of njim^, f*eiit, ; at LiWic Baiiiiow aforesaid. 
Qeorm? 13uke, EBq., of the inward Temple, Bachelor^ 24, A Jano Halet 

SpinaUT, IS; conw^nt gf faihprKicharii iiale, Ksq.^of Ken Windjor, 

B(n-ka; at El^taititv, Middleaex, 
Bdwaril Brower, Gent., of S* Dionu BaokchurcK Widower, 37, A SdnT' 

Itan^t Hamlin, of S< Mary Magdalene, Old Piah Street. Widow. 82 ; 

at £4^ Faiih or 8' Anne k Acneci. 
William Jov, of K^ AllianV, Wood Street, Clerk, Widower, 40, A Aline 

llultiic-, of Clirint Church, Loudon, 5^, ttridow \ji Thonuw lluJmo, 

Efiil , lalp of S^ Anrlrew\ Holhoni, dec''; at S* AlbanX Wood 

Ephraau Pftijitt, Gent., of Doptford. Kent, Bachdor, 22, A Mmry 

Ut^ath, of 8^ LeoDord'rt, Hhoroditcii, SpinvCer, L8, her parenta dead; 

conaeot of hor luiclu Editmtid TurriJe, of S< Duuatan e East, Iroa- 

tncnger; at 8^ Gregory h. 
William Jarvta. Gem., of S^ Aiidrewy flolhoni, Widowor, 30, A Elijta* 

beth Lano, of saaie, Spiiiater, 22; i!oii8cut of father William Lduie; 

ttt S^ Mary Mouutliaw ur 8* OrugorjV 
Edw&rd Mutohinaciu, of Wnuflclt, <jo. Lincoln, Mrrecp, Bncholor, 24, A 

Katlu'rine tlanbie, SpiDater, 21 A above; coaitent of her nu>th«r 




eon. of 8* Bfary Magdalon, MilW Street, Iro&moit^Eor ; at Lnirford, 

KoT. 3 John WftUiiGO, Gent., of S^ Martiun in Fields, Btichetor. 30, & Unry 

Wntl*i. of mmc^ ypirutcr, 10; conacjit of her autit Xlico Woircii, 

of imtin^^ with wlioTn kJio ImvIIi liveJ 12 v^^arn ; at S^ FnfthV 
Kor, 15 Joint Bo§Tik. Gent, of A]) Ilallnwn iu tHo Wall, Rncliclor, 25. A Ann* 

?roUieru, 3ptiut«r, 22; couaent of mother JleUeu fruth^ro alitu 

Gn-iiimi ; at ft* F»ith"i?, 
Nov. 2S Edwnra Xurcc, of S^ Alpluigo, Vintnvr, Bu^^liolor, 2f^, & Anno a«iit, 

of Sleople Bumai^d, csaei, f^pjudtor. 26, at b&r oim diaponal ; at 

BiTdbr*>okr, Kiuex- 
Nof. 26 HeniT iSaundert of EireU, Surrer, Esq,, Bachelor, 3U, A> t^^iicea 

Wt^Uon, of S^ MAnin^« in Ficld», Widow, 90 i at AIJ ll«llow« 

Dec. 20 Mib» RJcbaMaou, Gent^ of 3^ DunataTi'o West. Baehalor, 28, A Mur 

luelcbw, 33t widow of WiUinni Ingl^btH^, doc^ ; at S» PolcTS,, Plwd^a 

Dm. 30 Somuol Hftrrey, OontM *^f Dngcahom, K*iioi, Wi^lowcr, SO, ft 8a«An 

HDngatc. of Maoir, Spitmti^r, 22, ilnu. of Rttht^rt Hun^tr^ of ii/imi>, 

Q«Qt4, irho GOoaOBts } at IJagoiiliam, Little Llfi:)rd» or AVeiiuitigtou^ 

Dec. 21 Rkl)^ HauuTD)jham. Clerk, of 'Eswi MaflJitg. Keut, Bacli\ 28, A 

Bridget JJlncbu^etl^ of Brotborn, llcrt*, !jp% 23; coQsont of motlior 

Jabo Blu^woU ; hi S' Foitb'ft. 

J«&. 12 Bobert 3fi&ir, Dent., of GrAj's inn, Bocbrlor, ^Vt, A Uf^tce Ayrea, 

of S* Gil^ji, Cnp|>]vgnte, Spinatcr, 22 ; c-onHiul of Ker lootKor 

RcbccCA A)TO», vsitkivn of Jefforioa Airrea, dec^ ; at TliiHtlcworth or 

Bradford, Middlesex, 
ilia. 2i Thomikff Mcnwagcr, Gvnt., of S^ Sei'Ulcbro'Vi Widower, 2D, A Juno 

Uiiderwuud, of t^duir. Spi:iBt«r. 2i. dnu. of fitopheii Dodorwood, 

Veotnan. who conwntji ; nt S* PctcrV, VanVit Whftrf. 
Voh. 8 Johai Dodd, G«nt,, of S' DunBtrm Wt'«t, Bachelor, 2t, A Ann Wwt, 

of S' Kdmund 'Si Lombard StTei?t, Hjiinstt^. 22. dau. of Kichard 

WL*tftT Oinjl., df WUlinj^lioui, oo. Ljiicohi; at H*^ PiuLli or 8* Man- 

Pok 14 EdwaH Guv. of S^ ?ct<irV. Conihill. Mctrbnnt, RacUlor, 30. & Judith 

Dyke, of S^ Midiaers, CVniinll, Sj»mi.ier, 2t, dau- of Robert Dyke, 

of^^nmc, Ocnt.H who couxent*; at llsw^kncv or Stratford Bow. 
Pcb. 22 WiUiiun Boy:.i', GmiI.. of Middle Tontplo, Whclor. 23, & Margaret 

Polkiii, t-i S* A iidrf'W UnderKlmft, SpniMtor, 23. dau. of John Potkiu, 

Citifcii & Painter fStaiaer of London, who voiueiit«i at 8^ Audrew 

Yar. 1 Join 8p)cor, of S* DunsUn'! Weat, ^kltiuer. Bachelar, 35. ^ Alice 

l[arbcrtfto>i, of oomo, Spamtcr, 20 i at 8^ UunstcLEL's Went t^r S' 

Clement Daiie«L 
Kit. 2 Bichard lltitton, Gent., of 8' OlaveV Old Jury, BacheJor, 25, & Anne 

A«bliurftt> of uune, Sp% 24; bor ii&thor'ii i-oiisent; at & OUto'h 

aforesaid > 
liar. 10 TbL>Eiuu Frond, Gent., of Oi^llioghAin, Eciit. Rcichelor, 23, A Fmnco* 

Pcwcll. of S< Anu'B. Bla^kfrinm, 8pi(iat<?r, 20: i:o»»<^iit of her undo 

Martin Bootlibie, Ksq.» of Twickenham, Middlesex ; at S' Martiu'a 


Mar 2d Ambrttw Tooth, Gont , of City of Westminster. Bachelor. 30. & Joic* 

IiBWTWiGi!»«%H|>inflt«r, L8,dAU. of John Lawrence, Ovot, who con»0Dbi; 



Mar, 31 

April W 
M^y 20 

Hfty 24 
Kfty 36 

Juno 3 
Judo 16 
Jqoo 17 













July 24 

July 29 
Aug, L4 



NiktKAni«1 Willw. Qani , of T^wortb. ICiddleBez. BftcYiefor, S7. k 

ISrIdgcl Lsrtou« of S^ Marv Woolooth* ^Mikster, 23 ; coo«ent of her ' 

Diothftr, ft Wiiloir ; nC S^ Afarv JrngdV Milk SlrteL 
8aiiii]oI GeD% of Cbippin^; Barn^ll. llcrU, Yectman, BacIwIot, 2S, A 

Huuin King« of mmc, Spimttrr^ 28 j at !j^ Johti Zochary. 
Henrr Bigt^, Gmit, of Cmiing Trmpl^*. fiufix, Dftf^lielor, 24, k Imie 

llildaiAy, of Tiriiag, Eeaoi, SpinsUr. LH ; oomoot of W aacle M' 

Koberl MJldmftT, Biq.ffttwIioMdiiipoftal she ia; &t Tuiin^ or cbipel 

uf Brvntmoori, Vaeex. 
Tbomju HuUbiiuoti, of S« Mivrtm'* in ^eld^, Oituou A Tktivr, 

\V)dower2S,& SuKftTi Bdliiuof Hftiiie, L9: father e ci>iiflent : at »m& 
Valt'atiiu) t^tuckey, of 8' MwhAcl>, Conibill, Liiioi^ T)fn|*r, Bnch', 27i : 

ft Adiw Cowrtmau, of 8^ BeDuet'«Qrac«church, }4piiurter, 21, dAO. wj 

Andrew Cowrtiai^ij, of »aiDc, Tjiucd Draper, who ooiueatai i^ 

S" Li>oDard*iir Bromloy, WiHdlo^ox, 
Sir DaTiU CuD>'Q|^mo [th bubfi.l. K' A Bar*, of S* MAiim'e Fwldis 

BeicK', 29. & Etinboth lEamoti;, of Muoe, 28, vidow of Juuei 

Ilarrioll, Eeq.. dec"^ ; »t S* Failb'a. 
Jobii (Ircciio, ^f ftlAgrlalcn Uall in Oxford, M-A^ Da^bt^or, A CaAcrine 

WiWin, S|>in*t<*r, 'Jl». ilati. of TWnK W;Ui>n, of 8* Peter'a pariib a] 

Oxford, wTio coD&cntu; at IlartleM, Middlesex. 
Thornnit Fairfax, h]«q,, of ?$' Martina in Fictdii, BivboJor, 25, A 

Yt^ru, of llaL'kiiey. MtddleHex. 8ptUBier. 10 ; c-onAoui oC her mob 

J.adv Mftry Wi^^ Widow, attoHtod bv Kichard Lawaon, Goat,, of 

City of York ; aihsvd by Sir Ftrdiuandu Fairffti. K\ of Otlef^ 

CO. York : at IfackDey^ jH 

AJiui h:dinoudKon, (J«nt,, of !$^ Oflbriol Fcncburcb, Bachelor, SB, A Aiii»^ 

IIu|;hsr of Wi>elham, Eaoei. 30, vridov u£ Robert IIowo«i Gent, 

dec'*; ftt Stratford Bow, 
Thomas Woodman, Gent., of S^ MarEan^tX "Wwilmiiifllcr, BAcA>elor, 21, 

^ Catherine AI^cpp. of S^ Botolph, Aldengat^, SpiQatrr, 21 ; 

conwiil of hi*r uncir Thomji* Atopj), Ociit., of S* Peter's, Conihill, 

1lt^^ ^Ui&rdian ; at S^ Aiin«. Aldcrnf^t^. 

The H* Hon, Prntiris ViAommt Monntagup, of S* Clement Dan«SL ' 
Ba*'lu-lor. 2S, .t Tbft R* Ifori, The T.ady Eli*abelh Somerset, dau. of 
'Ilie K^ Hon. llenn\ Earl of Worcwter, who consontfl, »god 19 i »^j 
K^ MnrLin'v in thr Pielil». ^M 

JtiEiK<4 Koiidnrk, Gi^nt.. of S^ DuDbtAo'v Went, BacWIor, 28, A AJiiO^H 
Styleman, of S^ Martina in tVlde, Spin^tci". 19 ; ivmwnt of b*T 
fatht-r [hknk] Htjlcmaii, near Hartley Kowo in HAinp«hire^ 
i<^ liartholomow tbc Less. 

IZobcrt Nnper, Uent., of H*' Dunatan's AVent, B<M:helor> 2^, A Ann 
Curanoo. nf S* BridoX Spm*ter, 'il : foii»ert of her ^tli<rr Allen 
Curanct\ Ep**],. of aamc i at S' Martin's, Ludgate, 

Daniel Tayler. of S* Fnitb's, Loudon, Haberdnnhcr^ Bflcbclor, 23, A i 
ItcU'Oca Marih, of Ha<-kiiey, !Mt<MleKe£, Spimter, about 20; coiiM^ut 
of }i(?r tii£ither Mai'garott Marnhcr aliint Tajler, of aanM, tMtifie'l hy 
Wiliiaui nurrough. of S* GiIgh, Cripplegate. Gent; alleged bjr 
Wiilium Fnuirk(T,4}r .S* Faith's, Ltathersellor; at Hackney afortvaio. 

Richard Foweil, Gont,* of S^ M&rtin'u in I'ioldt, Bachelor. 29, & lloleofir 
Oibboi^ (if 0Ai]»% !4[jiu0lor, 23, duu. of Tbouine Gibbon, of aauiOf 
firoLHT, wlio connentu j at All Uallowji, Thumes Street, or S* St^pben's, 

John TioIIcK, Grnt . of S^ Sk^pheuX Walbrook. Widower, 3t, A AuDO 
Ulueit^of a^ Dnniitan'H Weal, 31. widow of John Bluett, Apothecai]^^ 
di'C'^ i at S* SlcphcnV, Wallbrook, or Slcpnoy. j^H 

Wjilcar Kooiia. at Putnt?y, Surrry, Butcher, Baehelor. 24, A Anii^^ 
PaacalV Spinrter. IS, her parentu deH ; wniF>cnt of ber imclo George 
iaflcall, Butcher \ at 3^ Martiu a, Xiudgutc. 


Ilea ' 



Oct. 11 

^£. 17 John Sliiiigli:^. of Raurctli, cc. E»»ex, YcooAn, Bicbrlor, 27, A Kat]ienno 
Barfoote, of Leigh. Enex, Spmrtcr, IS. dau. of Tbomw Bsrfooie, 
Gcrntn, iW* ; conATDt of hc^r fniht^r in Uvr John SjmoQf, I^u>?q of 

Joachm Mathen-ee, Gent., of Ltooftln'i Inn, Badiekir. 38, & Phifip 
Crewe, of S* BoU'lpK Aldrnijp»t<', Spirmtfr, IS, li<r fallicr di*»J. & 
abe »Ie Eiec'x W> m VTiU ; at 8' Bcnnet'i, Paul's WLarf. 

Tlw9)a« WoHbcbCt 0«Dt^ flf S^ Aikdivv'*, Holbom, Docbdor, S3, ^ 
AiiR4^ PJunckffU, of S^ Clement DAne«« S]Mn»1er. 2^; oonRoitt of 
motlier Anno Piunckett, of S* Andrew'*, UoJboni, WWow; at 
K' FaitliV 

Willituu Cuuw. Gt*uL. of lleafitrtv, I>eToa, «]1vk«« uiarriui^ of Uui mm 
John (*<k(iiic-, BAcKflor, 25, A FruDo^ Mayii^> Spimtj^r, t22 ; con»ent 
of ber father Robert IfajDe ; at S^ Andrew**, JL>I1}uru. 

Bobert Majne, G^nt . o: i. luddington, Bucks, alleges uarria^ of hi^ 
ton WilUm Majne. Bachelor, 25, A Jone Coiwe, Sp", 'Z2\ at 
8* Andre»''o, IlolWru- 

John All^n, fTi*iit.,nf Ohigwpll, F-ftnet, Widower, 54, A inn«k lianlolfe, 
erf R^Mip^ord, j>ar. Homcborcb, E^ev, Wid., ^; nt 8* Nicbolu 

Tboma* LittfeUni, of Jecus Colknco, Oxford, Otiit., RocU'lcr, 17 (con- 
Motof father AJaih littletoo, KtK]^),Jt Aoiio Littlclon. of 8* Clement 
Daiie*^ Spiiuler, 12 (conflent of her fatber Sir Kdnard Littleton, 
K', bitf Mnjcjitj'a Solicitor Oenemt) ; at S' Mftrtiii in ihe VJTitry, 

Adrian Weet, Gent, of S' Brnoott>. rnul* Wharf. Widower, i-. A 
Mary \Matt\fj, of naiiw. Widow, 12 ; at S" Peter'-, Piral"* WUrf. 

TbeH< W>ful S'irWniiaui IIo«>irxf. KB. H«ehek>r. 3'2. ton of tW> R^ 
lI<nL ThoQia*. Enri Manball of Kiigljind. & M" Marj Stafford, 
Bpinater, IS, dan. of [&/d«i} Stafford, ile^, late aon & lieir of Tbo 
Ijord frtaffotd, ilvo dec*: conwnt of*'' Earl MarvhilJ, A of lllank] 
SUifFord, Widofr, mother of noid ?blarr , nt S^ 3fjirtin'a in PieJitfi or 
8* Clement IHtim. 

John Wilkesn Gent., of S* Sepulchre'i. Widower. 32. & MarRerf Baninfi- 
ton, of 8* Bride\ Widow, 35; at S' Anne'i, AWcxiigatc, or 5* 

Jc^ Droir, Geul,, of ChcrtwT, Surrej', Widower, 50, A Klletior Stone, 
of City of Weatinin«ter^ AViaIow, 50^ at S^ JSenn«it'N or S^ Ftith'H, 

Biehonl Wythe, of S» Martin'« Fiddi, Gent^ Bieh', 28, bin porenta 
dt«J, A'Maiiba Nutthall, ttf aame, Spinster, 24, her pareuijs def* ; at 
S* AncirewV Holborri, or Tnuity. Minotie*. 

Thoma* Hanircll, of Ilampvlcnd/Uiddlcvei, Gent, 36, Bflehclor, A 
Sarah Pcttinger of S^ Andrew, Holbon^. Maiden, 22, at own din- 
poaal ; nt «* MartinX Ltid^ate, or 5' Faith the Virain, Lond. 

Thom9M> Hjiler. Gi-nl.. Widovtcr, iJ2, A Aim Luuie, widow, 25 ; at 8* 
Prt-^ri, Pjiitl"- Wliftrf 

William WHte. of S* M-irjr Woolnoth, Citizen A f labcirlanhor. A Mary 
Dconis. of Citj- of ]x>nd<>ii. Spiimter, 22, daiL of W™ Dcniiiv. of 
St«TiD(cton, CO. fted". Gent., who conw-nTi* ; at S* LeorardX 
— Bromley, or Stratford Bow, Middlcacx. 

OeL SI John Smtih, of 8^ Mary Aldennanhurj, Gent. Baelt*, ahore 21, ton of 
TbomAtf Smithy of name. Eeo.. who €on»ent«. A Mnir Wright, of 9 
UJaTc> Jurj% Maiden, !J>, dau. of Edmund Wrigbl,' Eaq^ Aldimian 
of London, whose content U atte^^ted by ifamuel Cnrleton, of 8^ 
Mfi«ib '■ Outwich, Bfq. i at S* OlaTe'n Jijet. 
81 Oecrw CartwTTK'hl, flf S* Pet^r nd Vincula, tower of London, Gen L, 
Widowi>r, 30, A l><jn>lhy Needbam, of aaine, Widow, 30 j at S* 
Martin's Outwich. 

Oct SO 


Oci 81 


Nor. 4 

N«T. 11 

Nov. 18 

Not. 28 

Pw. 3 

Dec. 4 
Dec. G 

Dec e 


IVv. 11 

V«* IH> 

IM »» 



Edward UartJn, of S* IklickacI lo Queme^ Lcttdan, CI 

Bachelor, 23, A KliuU^ttk Tumcnof S* Kaith's, Lon^Joi 

19 : c<wacut uf fftUier Bicbw^ Turner, uf Tbut4>d, ca £> 

nt S« Vaith\ Ijod<1i>ii. 
S(»l>rTi Uonno, of &• Bndp>. LobJoii, Gentv, Widower, 

SnnaaTffc [«>], of S' DuD^tat'e West, Widcnr, 2^9 at & 

Wcfil,'orS' AnnV. Biactfrinr*. 
Bobort 8Tielcmr«« Oeut., iA ^t^kenhBin, co. KtuU BdhcV, S 

Adam', of S' fiilf^* in FicWa. Wi*low, d:t ; At R^ Orpgory"' 
Eilnikrd Alie^ Guit., o( & AndrcvrV llolboni, ItArhdor* 27 

TajIot, of same. Maiden, 23 ; at S^ Androv**, liolbom, or 

Hicliar^ BatuJ), Ooot, of All Hallow the Oraai, London. B« 

A Katbatine CoaecmB, ^Vidow, 27 ; at 8^ Faith's or S* 

Kobeti Iltttcr, (lent., of & Ugnstana Wort, Widower. 5 

Bmcr, f^ »« Oilca in Firlda, Wulow. 46 ; at &« Mildr 

Idktiiicl, Queen Hithe, Loudon. 
BicliAfd BrriAtord, of B* Botolpb, Aldgatc, London, Merchant, 

fiO, A Benedict HaU, of S" NidioLaa Cot« Abbe;, Wido 

>'«ith'ii or ^^ Nicbola* Colo Abbc^, London. 
John Portor, Gcni., of Mc«^g, Bmox, Baoholor, 25, Jt An 

of natne. S|iinnter, 10, her fatlier ilead ; coaaent of her mo 

Hunt alM Wnllcr, relict of [bi^mk] Waller, doc' j at Al 

in Ui6 AVaB, Lundon. 
ViJliMJn Oil], OcHt, of S* CImcat I>anc#, Barhch^r, 21 

ronj»oot, father drnJ). A Mury ScuU, of bhqk.^ St>uiitt« 

uf [i^Mil'l Scul), of i^c«U-iue. ca, K^diror, Clerk, who oot 

S' TaitV*. or S* BeonetV, Tad'a Wharf 
WiUiaiii Cuf^e, of Mtl^^ate in Bemt^i, co, Kent, E*<|,« Wido 

Joauo Ciilpcipor, dau. of f^ir TIiuiuah Culpe|>cr, K% of Holli 

CO, Kont, 8pin«t4>r 27. who*o comwnt u attovU^d by 8ir CI 

pf per, flon of a* Sir TboiiLa^ Culpeper ; at 3= ^LirUu's, LiH 
Janie* Paine, of S* Martin # in Y'M'i, Gent., Bachnlor, 80, A 

Marr, of »anic. Widow, 84 ; at S^ Mary Stounne, 
lUclard Ooubrtcn, E*i., of Widdi*B lUlI, Hcrt*, Bacliolor, ffl! 

Megga, of S^ Marj, Whllecbapiil, Sp', 24; h<ir modu-r'w a 

S' Margarot Pattcua. 
Moinh&rd V<in Ham, OoDt, of S^ Catherine Croc Church, B« 

&> Mftrgaret Ajrc», uf S' Gilew, CripTjli';;aU, Maiden, 17 ; i 

K<?r m4?thf r Sarah Ajro» aliitt Clark, c^ & (}'\\o* aforon 

Clement, Eaat Cheap. 
Edanrd Yox, Gent,, of S' Andrew'*, liolbom. Widower, 29, 

Waiter of S* Botolph, Alder^galts Wnbw, 21; at ^ Gi 

Vlo]ds«, or B* Fnith'is London, 
Balnh H(i1fbiiiu)n. of S* Btitolph, A3doragnte, Vintnrr, Wido' 

MarKflfet Gardiner, of S< Giiea, Cripplegat4.\ Spin«t4^r, 18 

ef faihcr Robert Gardiner, Merchant laylort at 3* Giki 

Daniel Sturt, Gent., of S* Danetau's TTot, Ba^-helor. 26, A 

llulpaiiif!, of S* BartWomnw tKr Grc*t, 8pin^t€<r,30, amai 

jit hor own dippoBa] ; at S' Bartholomew af»'*- 
lUniutid Aleiaiideri of S'- Gik-s in Fields, Gent, Widower, 48 

Etteedman, of n&me, &p', 27, at lu;r own dJ»poMtl ; at S' 

Kii^iliac^ Ilayward, Gent, of $^ Bartholomew the Great, Wi< 
{Iniali CurK of S* Andrew^ Hotbum, 6pinMi<^r, 27, at own 
«| ^' Aiwlrrvr'a, Uolborn. " 

BY THB B18TI01" OP W)NUOK. 233 

Bee, 22 EdwftH Wrglit, Ocnt,, of S" Olaxo'*, Hurt Stroot. 36, A Callcnno 

BiHliof, of Bume, Vi'Mow, 30 ; at S* Jamea, Duke'9 Place, or fJtnxLford 

Dec. 25 Edfvnrd button, of S« Sepulcliro », Baclielor, 22, & Ante Wliif«head, 

cf S* EkfirtitiV, LudgsLtc, Spin^trr, 20 i cr'HJ'cnt of uivllicr Jauo 

WWthpad, Willow, rf »nrrn' ; at S* Antli^Jiti'ii or S* John Bftptirt, 

IW. 30 Jolin HcAtleffc, of S^ Botolph, AIdorPgau% Cook, Djk^Kclor, 21h & Mai7 

Shftluwpetre, of »me, S[i^, 24; at s^ Botolpb aforee^d. 

Jul 2 Bobert Geuiaia. of S' MarticX Ludgnto, Gcni, Bncb'. 4S, ifc Mary 
Stmpvnti, of W CatH, Croe C^urcbT Widow, 44, rHict of Kichard 

ha. G WilliAni Fowck.*.*, of S' H^tolph, Alibivgatc, Ocnt., Bflcliolor, 32, A 
Domtliy SmaloK, of Mmo, S[A 23; al S^ Martin'^. Liidj^to. 

)iD. 10 Edwrird ^oTca. tSpnt., of Hnthpnbn. co, St>»lh**, Bnchelor. 21, A 
Marthn Dctton, tif Chnvl Charcb, London, fjpiiiftt«r, 21 ; conHciit iff 
ffttlior iHatth^ Dbttout of Dotton, co, 8iilop ; at Chr!<it Church, 

Ju, IS Hueb Jcnktnji, of S^ Ikfartin's Fitldd, Gent., Widower, 4£» A Kli^jtbc^h 

Cooke, of 5* Sepulchn?>, Widow, 30 : at S' Mary, Savoy ; alleged by 

Chefter OrecDCT, of S* tiepuk-Im^V HtumJtkur. 
Jul Ifi PMlip EtyoH, Oout.. of S< Mjirgat^t'*, Wottmiiihtor, Widowor, S8, .& 

Anno Pace, of !^^ Pe-tcr W Poor, Li»nclon> Spinvtor, 24 : cocscDt at 

fatlierJoliu I'a^e, of Bra} , oo. Berkn, Gent^ at 3^ JoIlu Baptist, 

Jhl 15 Bf ninrd Ctnivcri, Oent-, of Q" Aiitbolm^B, London. Buoholor, 42, A Ci^tJi- 

Oi>od«iii,'of S^ Miiry, "Wliitcolmptfl, Wiiow, 27 ; al S» Mary, Wblto- 

cbapel. OT S^ Antbolin's, Loodoii. 
Jin. 28 HeTjrj- IlijUon, firut.. «f Otx^at S^ Bartijoloint-w, London, Bnchclor, 21, 

AAlice Walton, of widw, 8p', ;iU ; al !s' raith"*, 
Jan. 27 Edward K^irbcrt, of Middlo TLinplo, Gi^Tii., Bttob% 27, A Elitabctb 

SU-pbims, SpiusttTn 21). own dtHpunnl; nt 8^ FdilK, Lonil. 
J«L 80 James Bipg. Gcot., Bacitclcr, 27, A Aono JohaaoD, SpioBler, 20 ; ivt 

Baling, &liddl<*fliix. 
Jftu. 30 Henry Dunkyn, Gent, Widower, 34, A ^iciltln NowelJ, of 3* Jamca, 

Clcrkcnwrll. Spinotor, 18; ronnnnt of bor tnotbcr M" BlisaboVb 

HiHtarl, of saine ; at S* Jnini^x, ClorkenwoU. 
Jan. 30 ThomaJt Abdy« of Lincoln's iim, £«q., Bactiolor, 25, A Mary Corcelefl,of 

S^ Peter lo Poor, f4[rinr<tor, 21, dan. of Lncas Corcel«(, Uto of 

London, Mert-hauk dcc^, A al ibo duptmil of Sir Jatnc» Cambvll, K* 

A Alderman of Londrn, who coaiiotjtii, &■ attotted by^ Jamcw Mog^, 

Cierk : at S' Peler le Poor, 
IUl 1 Tbo R^ II»n> Gerald, Lord Aungior, of Clnndon, co. Surrey, Bachelor, 

88, A Dame Jane Car, 28, vidoir of 8ir Bdward Car, laic of Hillin^- 

don, CO. Sfiddlevox, K', di>i^ ; alkgod by Francts Aungier, of Gray « 

Inn, Eni^- ; at S' GiW in Vlfrldn, nr Ai^tin, Middloart. 
ftb. 5 Jobn Troit tbe Younger, 22, eon of Jobu IVotl Ibe Elder of 8" P«toi'« 

le Poor, LoniJon, MorcbiDt, A Rliiiabeth Wright, Spinstrr, 10, djaii. 

of M'Bdmiutd Wright, AMennati of Loudon ^ cunAenltff til paronts; 

atffO]a*0'»,Old Jur;r, 
Wl fl HaDdaJ] Sl)C<iton, of ij^ Gilo* in Fiol<bi, Gent., alleicc* marriago betire^n 

Lawrence Wlntaker, i>f aam-e, Eaii.. Widower. St', A Dorolhy HoKkina, 

&oin«t«A 2!^, dau.of Charlie lloMkim, of 9^ Aadruw'*, ilolbora, l^q., 

who cx>uiH-uU ; al ^ Gilt« in Uie Fields. 
fi The 11' Wur'pful Sir Pbilip Stnplrtoa, K\ Widowor, 83, A M" Barbara 

Loonaid, of ^ Ajuo'«, Blackfrian, SpinaUrr, 30, dau. of tbo R* IIoii, 
TOL. IT. a H 


Henry, T>)rd Dactm, Aec^t & her ihoUmt olw) «W ; &t 8^ Kmt\ 

Feb. 13 Edward Coppiuccr, of 8' 0Q» in Fi^ldn, Gont, AVidowcr, 30. A Ekutt 

Houseman Tor EIoraomaD?], of aAmo, ^flilow, 40; at S< Foitb tbe 

Virgin, London. 
Thomw Dftbhen, of S' Marsraret'*. Wf^tminator, Gont, BncWor, 53 [?] 

A Ali«fr CVjwldock, of Jioui^ Widow, 00 ; ftt S' Faitt'B. 
ThouAfl 3umhoMf, of S^ Faith**, Loudon^ Ovoit., 2'^, A Suuin Cnrbet, of 

S* Uarft I«uiigtoi], Spinster, 22, hor pArcnte dead; n: 9 lUi;< 

lalingtoi. [8m poit. April 11,] 
Hajne* BartiCT, of ClaTcring. Ks&ei. Oont, Bachcli^r. 31, & Mor^ 

WliieT[?],ofwii>o,Nj)m-ilcr,21,l)crratbc>rd«ad; atChTenii^aforfnii 
Henry Atkinnoit, OciiU. uf S^ Oilo«, Cri|njlogabp, Bacbolor, Sd, A &bu1« 

Kiilland, of mmo. Widow, 27 ; 4t S' Giloa, Cnpplogate. 
Eicxi Scandrett. of 8* MArtm- in Fi«ld«. Geiit., HAcbeloj, 22. A Mir- 

Karet B]a«kwar> of same, Sp', 30 i at 8^ Grcgorj-'*, f-imdon. 
Wifiiam Gamett/GiMil,, of S* Dunntajv b W«»t, Bachelor, aii. A Cathc- 

riiw Foiall, of S* AudiYw's, Itolhom, Sjiimior, 2fl ; conncnl of her 

fattier ThovnaM F^TalJ, of liri^k. *v», Kmt, Citinyi A Gn^er of 

T-ordoii ; at 8* SD|mkhre"» or (.hri»l Chnri-li. Lend 
Mar. 21 Fetc^r Le Hue, G<*nt., of 8' Ann's, Blackfriar*, Widower, -15, A Jtar^wt 

UeVaiix.of 8* Martin "» in FkOda, SpaaJor. IS ; couuent </f tatbcr 

ThomAJi V<t Vaux, of eoinc. Oenl. ; nt 8* Bonn^l'i*, Fauri Wliapf, of 

8' Mary, SaToy, 
Mar. 23 John Man>h, o( h Htonhcn's, Walbrook, Scriwaer, BaeJwJor, 36. A 

Alic© Mathetfx, of ^^ Kichcila* Olnvc, Majdrn, 23, at own diapoval; 

at S' Tfoouard, Slioiv Jiioli, or WaUhmnalow, Eb«v\. 
Mar, 24 Tliomai Bmit, U<»nt , of Edmonton, Middlowic, IWholor, 32, A Klwuior 

Struot), of Sunning. Berks, Snjnstf^r. 21 ; consent of father, of aociC, 

Yeoman ; at Stcpiiev, or All Itallovi'K tho Leia, Lond, 

William Packer. fJent,, of City (if Wwtinin-lrr, Bach<>lor. ft5, A Anna 

Comport, of 'IVickcithain/ Midfileaei, Spinster, 20; at Islcworth, 

Hutnphrtrv Wanant [*ie huU.], Gvni,. of S' Byto3p1i. Aldf;at<f, Bachelor, 

25, A Vhiihyp Smith, of sAme, Widow, 39; at S* Botolph, Atdgrta, 
or Ilfonl EMe3(. 

William Palton. Gent., of Little Bentley, Bwei, 34, Bachelor, A Eliita- 

bctb AValU, of 8* rptrr'»> Conihifl, London, Widow, a* ; at » 

IVtcrV. OoniliiU. 
Jamcm Antoll, G^ont., of 8* R^not Fink. B«ch&U>r, 24, ft Anno Eiog, of 

8» ManinV Oulwidi, Sp% 3t ; at 8' Martin Oulwich. 
Ow«n Androvre, Gent, of S' Andrew^ Uclbom, Bachelor, 23, Jt fiacbd 

Motham, of same, tUp', 25 ; at 8^ Janio*, Clcrkenwell. 
ThomaiL Stanhope, of S* ?julh\ Citiceii Jt M«rocr of Loi^on, Bacholor, 

26, A Sunan CotIk tt, nf Islington. Middlesex. Spf 20, dan, of H<iir* 
land Corbett. of Oraatliavn, co. Ltncola, £at|., dec^; at 8^ AndrevX 
Holhoni. [8cc ante, 10 Feb,j 

Jloecr Bowl^v, Gent,, of Gra^V fnii, Backtsbr, 33, A Anne Archer, of 

Thoydon (Hrnon, co, EBsejt, 8piu«U>r, 23 ; at Tliojdou Gfinion or 

Thcvdon Mount, co. Kmt^x. 
SaTid Jones, of 8^ Martin *h iu Fields, Gent., Bacbelor, 12, A DtiUxabcllA 

Whftuker, of same. Widow, M; at Fulhau, Middlesex, <^ Sf Faith's, 

FranriJi Hamorid, nf Woodfnrd, EHpex. 0**iii., A Mn^jdnlor Bimnltke^ 

of name, 8pinntcr, 2.J, he about 2*^ ; at 8^ Mary Colechurch, or 8* 

Margaretr Lathburv, London. 

Mar. 30 

Mar. 30 

Apil 2 

ApHl 7 

April 11 

April 11 

April 13 

April 13 

April 18 



April le 

April 13 

April !4 

Mij 7 








Uiy 12 



% 16 










Judo 15 

THomiu Hiftg^, of S* Botolpli, Al<lgiitof Oent., 24, ton of Thomiu Bitm, 

of Neftton, co. Norfolk. Gtnt, A Aiuie Gowe, of S^ Bololpli, 

Ald^tc, Spiiistvr, '22, Jnu. uf Arlh<»ny G"i*k(', of lann^, Gent., who 

cot»«DtB ; at AIJ Ilallovr* in the WaU oi* S- FailL's, Loiidou. 
Bobcrc Complou, Gent., of Chriat ('liUTcb, f A^ndoiif BAtht lc:.r> 93, A W" 

LucT Ayliffp, SpiniiU»r, 23, ^lau of Sir Of*opg^ Ajliffc-, nf Hnlwoyi [?], 

ci>. wilts, who coRHeou ; nt S^ M&rtui*H in Fii>l(le, 
Vniiam CHcMler. of Stepni'V, SJiipwriglit, Widower, tK), & Bitrbara Guy, 

of ume. VMow. 5fi ; at stepney. 
jAmn« Puitonoy, Gi'tit., of S' Scpulchni'i, I^i^doti, Rnn^lidor, 20. A 

IIiiniiAK Colt, of Gr^at S< HArtfiolomew, Spinnfa^r, 22. dnu. of 

MaiimiUiaa Colt^ of esmv^ Stouo CuUor, who coiucDt« \ *t Great & 

Julip WickeiihaiQt QouU, of 9* DunalAu'a Wont, 22, A> Mnrgarel Mcrt'er, 

of Ail Il«Uow8 LcMi, Ix>ndnn, Spitrnt^r, 2L ; coiifl«nt of fathor Tfaonua 

Morccr* of Himci, Mi-rclAiil ; at All Hallow* the J/vm or Grvnt, 

'Walter Boumc. of 8' Martini tii Fields, OvnL, Bach', 23. A ICIitnboth 

Crafond, of name, Spinatcr, 26 ; at H' M&ry Magdnlt^uif, 01*1 Fiah 

Adiiin Hicks, of ErjficM, Middl^^Hex, Gent., Bachelor, 2X A Elizabeth 

Burne, of Edrnonlon, Middleaoi, Spinster, 18 ; conaout of her fatli^ 

BdIhdo BurTK\ of Hatn<:, Ut'ttt. ; at £)dmoriU>n, Middx, 
VaMcv ColoB. Grnt,, of S= Clomont Datnv, BinboW, W, & Pbillto 

Smith, of Mime, S'p^ 34 ; fit S* Giles or S^ Mjirtin in Fields. 
ThomiLH Smith, of Middle Tcuiple, Gent., allegoi marnogii of Eilinutid 

Welton, of S« Mary Mngdaleii. Milk Stroet, Gent, Uach'. 24, hia 

pAroDt« tUrad, A Hoilwr Hvcmrd, nf Barking, Ewrtox, 8fiiajitcr, 20. 

OftO, of [hhinie] Bverard, of eo. Lo[Cwt4,*r, Gcoi. 
SaiouoI Tn^tman, Esq-, of Ixtiior Temple. UjKlielor, about 80, £ Elixii* 

beth Waigh, of 8" Jnmcw, CUTkciiwrll. fipin»t<T, 23 j hor hthor'e 

coDwnt J At Ureut S^ Bartbolomew, Londoa. 
Sir Mnixnw Wl])J;h[ll^ of S' Martin'* in FicMi^^ BAcliclor, CO. A Mary 

Goatick, of Bamr, Sptnal^rr, 2C ; <^i>tUHMit nf ]u*r futhor in Inw Sip 

Mnttht-w Linter; at ^ Aiiue'H, Bkckfrtara, Clirlab Church, London, 

S' Fjiith's, orS' Martin's aforewiid 
JoliN HiirgHny, Geiit., of 8^ Clement Danen. Bachelor, 23, A Tumaaihu 

Kiiyoa, of S' Androw'a, H<4lbui-n, Spinster, *i2 j coiisvut of m<tthor 

Anne H«y a?w» I f ayw ; at S* Faith the Virgtn, Itunlfm. 
John Huitt, of S^ Murv at Hill, Loudou, G^nt. 22» &> Mar^^ret FreDob. 

of flame. Spinster, 54 ; at Trinity, Mtnorioif. 
William, liurtl Hontbloluu [tic], BucJieW. 22, ^ Klifubullj ^IaicwoII, of 

8^ 3IuTti]i'i> Fi«lfltf, SpicLstor, IS: comment of fnthor Jfttiiot Maxwc*U, 

Feq. : at S^ Faith's, or S^ Anuo'if, BIm.'kfnur»; allogod bj JanieM 

SibWld, D.D. 
Kobcrt Uopo. of 3^ Giloa in Fields. Gout,, DocWor, 24, A UliE^i' Boolhe, 

ot H' Martin'n in Ficldv* 8pitiBti:?r, 2^; connent uf father Ediuoud 

Booth. Gt'rit. ; at S^ Maniii'tf in Field*. 
Uugh M&etici, Esq., of 8^ Martin's Fields, Bacholor, S6, A Thomaniue 

Rtiflh, of BondkATn, K^i^x. Widow, 30 ; at 8^ Martin'^ in Fichls, or 

at IngatetoDf^ or chapel of JlrcEitwood, co. Essex. 
EdwArd WiuttJicJd, of B^ Jjnwrtrnco Jury, London, Merchant, Hucliolor, 

2S, A Hcb(^.>^a Cnrlctou, of A^ MarliVii Outwich. Spin«tor, 2'J nr lii ; 

conaent of her 

Bamtiel Ciilcton, 

WiJliant iLuTiB, of S^ DunAtan*^ \Ve«t, Gont., Bachelor, 2^, A EUiahoth 

Ilaivkirin, of vanio, KpmKtt^r, 23; nt S^ FuittiV, Ijorulon. 

, iLrirwm, oi .t itiHriiii ■ uutwinii. opmBHT, iii; nr .:*! ; 

mother M^' Eebecca Oarleton, Widow, attested by 
m, £>q>; at 8^ Morttu** Outwich or 8^ Laurcuca 


WnitJini WoJ^doUks of 1^^. CO. CImUfr. Otmi., Bi^balor, SI. k 
bcth Lawcft, of S* CleniiMit Dmim, U^VIefi, 30 ; at S^ &lartjQ*« 

Ueiii-j WUlmui, ot town A co. Nortt*-, Gout^ Wiiowwr, CO, 4 J«i 
Wf^U. of K^m*, SyttiHier, 20; ' .- Utht»r Joto WfcW 

nine ; iit S* AlWi *. Wooil 8tj ► ii^boue. 

WilliADk Ljnnet of Clftpthorae, eo, ^\;i;U' % tiu4it., allegcv naniip 

iruton' nf Sir K*>gifr Ti>wii«h<>nrl, Har', *ino^ ; ai Mh 
Tboouu Fonl. now <iT I^t^Uvn, Clerk, li:u:lKlor, 'M\ A Bndi;rt t' 

of 8" Albati'6, Wood fitreet, Loudon, Spin9l*r,2t»*s own ^peal 

S' Murv stiiyiiing, hoiiAm. 
Pbitip BiillowCt now <jf S^ Botolph, Al^brs^alcit Oont-, Bacli«lor-ll 

fathcT dead (oorucnt of hh mother Agnoe Becki? «/i«i lUUi#vK i 

Uua [?] Co<fper. of S^ ]}oti>l|>li, Al^It^n^te, S(»', 17 (oiiufiiit (^ v 

mother Mary Cooper, of aamo) ; at ChcT^cx 
Joliu Wiu);, of militiKdon, Middlvwx, Ocut^ BtuMor, fi2, l.tM bW 

d«iiul, A Atiiiu Btiokloy, of S^ GUm m KeL^tt, SpnuM, 9(\ iba <t 

John BuokJcy, of tho iliH, w. Worcwlon Ocnt-, who coniOJii* 

S' PutcniA or cbnpel of Ki^aUfth Touii, M-4dle£«&. 
Owi^ Hillianl, GoLt,, Widower. 38. A Jl«y Owu, of S* Mimnib 

FK'Idit, 8j>iiihtcr, 10; cotUHHit cf futkcr ChulcB Oa^ of ^* 

** Pii^^^nlrawer " : at Hiinm4>r-tinith or Kulliam, MvUtlflMit. 
Al^xiindiT i'hufo, of S* Amlirw'*, ]lolbi>ni, Gviit., Ba^liriar, K« 

Kli/^bQth Hulbt'Lk. Widow, about W, btc wife f>f U [tk) H*ftl* 

)niu of *'iiv of Hn*iU, Mcrcbant. ilwr*; at Walfori, oc*, Hertu** 

MA^utiK. Loudon Bn'L^c. 
TlioinM PageU, of Middle Teai]>l<w Gent.. Bachelor. 26^ A Ku!: 

of Tottvnliain, MiddJc«ox, widoir of TitDotby Hirmn, laU' 

dot^ ; at S^ JoUu Baptut, !>^ Andi^w in tlw Wardn>b6, or ; 

TfiomoH &H?olt. of TJnof^Tn'a Inn, 1^^., Bjicliolar 20. A KKrjdi^ 

of S* Jamen, Clt-rkeuw^U, Spiiwler. 25 ; U 5' Faith a or tf " 

DuiLcaTi l^rbea, G«nt,» of S< Ifiurtin't in FieJda, Bachdlor. 38, i 

Sniidford, of Mmo, Spiuvlor, 21, Lcf faLhor d<ia<if wOMsat «d 

niotlurr ; nt S< Fnitb'ii, Ixtndon, 
Tbo It* Hon- John, Lord Lovebicf^, Baion of Uurlej' in m. Bffbt 

BachtW, U'J, at own diepoenJ, A Tho Hon. IWv Anne W«»«'**' 

dau. i>f TW R< Hon. lUdiai, Barl of CWt^ljuid, Smnnter, U, < 

wilb hor fi^th«r'« ccKuMti altegod by M' WiUuim Wiltoa, CkL 

Cbanloin to >« Earl of Oovoland ; at S' Bounet'a, Patil*i Vkitft 

CboWi. Mid<b,, orS* Gile* in Fields. 
William FiUwUlinm, K»^ of »* DtmataD'p Wivt, Bacbi^r, 2Sl. A Jio* 

Terry, uf Avclor, co.JSnei, indowof BoWt IWt^, Mcrcb^at, W < 

at W<iiitimgtnn, ro- Km^ok. 
John FiUh<'rbL'rt. OetiL. of S* Andrew'*, Holhom, Badwloft 24, Jt Aj^ 

Atkiiw, of Ch(*Bliuut, IlorUi, Spiiivtot, l^-, couaeni nf brr fiA^ 

Kdi^ ;uxl Alhiiis, I^j., of nmv ; at &* OUtc^'b, Uwl Suvet, or CW* 

hunt. HcH8, 
Johji llawc^ Hod;., of LuinBt>n, Berks, Biu^hvlor, 23, & MartlftlbM 

of Cclebrook, to. Bucksi ; jit C<»nl^j, Middlew'i 
Wiliiam Slwinw. F>q,,o*&apk'fnnl .\bbi:M v, . .. . . ' 

M*rgarcl Oinm, of HtJiuf^jnl, Ii»«, U 

Croe CltLiEvli. 8'^ Botolpk, Aldnta, or S* t.vrt-i iIi-.h ~t in^in. Luc«(io« 
Jttlj 27 Nicbota« Whitton. &«]., of Woodatock. O^on. iWUlor. 22, A Ai>l 

IVunihiiU, of Kaathaoivtcd, fieik^ 6puut«r, 21, daiL of Wdliiv 



Juno 2^ 
Juno 2& 

June 30 

July 4 
July 4 

Jnlr 9 

July 11 
July 17 

July 24 
July U 



ivlj 31 

Aug. 1 
ins- S 

Aag. II 
lug. 16 























^tiinbalt, Uti) of mmty, K«q., <W; rniMont of hrrr mntfan M^ 

Debonli Trumbull lUU^Uvlby hc^b^ftllO^ WiUiuii Truniball, Esq. ; 

nt S^ M*irtin> ia the Fipld*. 
Bicluu^ WflLKfiuffe, of fi' Oeorjte'n, BotoLp}i Jaow, London, Citizen A 

Grocer oi !'OTiJi>u, &cbolor, 28, A Xamj Awl>Pov, at S* Hrid*?"*, 

Jjaiidon, ^piimUir, 18; winar-ntof her fnthrr ilohtirt Awbrtsy, of Tlltt- 

Ijurat^ c^. Uerkft, Oent ; al S' Faitb\ I/>nd(iii. 
Tboiuju Htm^ (rent., of Ef^ MurtinV KirMn, Kiurliubr 2"^, AThomiuiiic 

Ll.v [? Ki'v]. uC NUiit-. Sp\ 2-1 ; ai All Uallunn DiuKuii;. 
JovpK St-h-kiT^I, f)i»nt, of W l)iiii*tfli/* W*^*!^ UjiAMor, 2S, A Mar* 

ipirvl Bulklojt of H* SumilclirxiV, Spiiiwtcrj 22 ; eouwutof her mDtlier 

tb© Lfldy jVmie BuIUey ; at S^ Martin's in tho Pidds or 8* 

Uonrr Mi1<:otii, Oi>iit., <if IViclioubiim, MiddlcM-x, 26, Bocholor, A 

KliTAhnth Halfinnn. of wifnr, Sp', 22; At S* Mitrtiti**, Liulgnto^ 
James HAwunI, Gent, of llrav'n Inn, Bachelor, 30, A Mary Hunt, of 

>1jirtoD Abbe\% co, 3urPrt-, lipinstcp, 17; con*cnt of father Thoma* 

liuiit, EtHj. ; at H' Faith'^ LoTidoa. 
Samuel Sambrovko, Ot^ut,. of S^ SU«|}lieti'«, Coleman SlT¥<>t, 22, & I^farv 

Antbony, of annus Spiiwter, 22; oonxent of lior motbcr Elirnbt^th 

Anthony, of Mtae ; ut All Hallo\VH in the Wall or 3^ Mary Alder- 

Heii^ I'rtvtQ, OrDt., ^f S* Martiu'a in Keld>* O&clivlor, 38, A WtixhviU 

VtUiK of S^ Margiiret^M, Wevtjniik^tt^r, Spin»t«r, ^8 ; at S< Faith's, 

Alexander Darlej. Q&nu of S^ Martin's it Kcida, Widowpr. 50, A 

Alice Qft^bnath, of W»tmiR«tor, Spijinter, 23 ; at ^^ FmtU tho 

ViTfCm, Loudoiu 
Anthouy Hiut'iu^, 0«nt-, of Humb<^rvtoTt. co, Tjeio^ter^ EW^h''. 25. & 

Anne Watliiiiaon, of Ci^ Clement Dfbticn, SpiiMtcr, 22, hirr father 

deaid : couMOiit uf lujr tnotlier Glimbolh AVatkin^on uHat Murriv ; &t 

5* Kailh'w, London. 
Oeoroo Carloton, K>q., of 8* llargarct'flf W<Hitiniriit«T, BocHolor, !^G, <& 

3ury Andrews, of S* Sieplen m. Walbroot, Sijiualer 18, bet paruutn 

icM; ftt !S* Faith thu Virgjii or Cbmt CluircK Loufloii, 
Bran DaTJea, (leiil., of 8' Mildred^ Poultry, Widower. 53, A Martha 

Dodvotj *iUttt Suium, of 6* Alpbngo, London, A^idow, 44^ at 3^ 

EWthy London. 
QtOFsse Lay, Genl., of Lan*;ley, Bucka. Baoholor. 2i, & Hester Fellow, 

of «ax&o, Spinntpr, 20 ; ccirwetit "f father (leorf^c Fdlow, of aojno, 

Tailor; at S' Mary Mafiialen, Old Piah Stmt. 
John 'Frsde^canl, of Lauibcih, co. Surrey, Gardiner, Wldowcp, 31, ^ 

H«*T^*r Pook«, of S» Briilr -, Sp-, 25 ; at S^ Nicholaa Colo Abbfty. 
Johu Allen, Genlv, of Cbigwell, Ewoi, I3acholor, 22, A Jane fiardolfet 

of uiino, SpinvWr, LC; consent cf her mother Jane Bardolfo aliat 

Alluu, an attL-tft^d by her bu»baLi<E John Alloa ; at Lanibi^rne, Sattex. 
fiid^ly AflpinAll, Gont, oC Grout S'^ Holon*B, London, Bachelor, tO, A 

Elixuhiith SKdYot*Tii\ of S' SepnlchreV Spinnter, 49 ; at S^ Bciiuvt'v, 

l^aul's Wharf, or Littlo S* Rartholomcw. 
iMkac Wnghl» t.hml., of S* Duaatau'w Went, Widower, 50, ■& Ann Wad«, 

of Sit'jjut*y, Sp', 30 3 at &* Micliacl, QocouliJlhc, or S^ Jamew^ Gfulick 

Anthony Kyre, GoJit,, of S* (9i]«s, Crippleffate, Bachelor, 30, & lUdTOCua 

l*©Try, of Mme, Sp'. 17, bcr father dead; nt church in th<' Sbtov. 
ftobert Lloyd, of Sondbury, co, Middlesex, Gent., Bachelor, 25, A Elij^n- 

Ixrth Kymc, of UMtic, SpiUMlor, aborc 22-, consent of her ffithcrr 

Ni^htingaJo Kyrnu, Ehi),, of Boston, co^ Liut;oln : at Sondbury afore* 



Oct 2» 

Dciv 1 


Jobu Piti, 6ent.,cF SimtfiGld Sftje, ro. Sooiti^, Bachelor, 8% A 8ll 
Wallingen of Mine. ffpinGlpr, 83; lU S^ MortiA'a in FaAii^ 
ilallovra BarkiiiK. or S* Mu-tiuV Luilgvlr^ 

Thoniiw Roou, of Mt-sfiolfi, Sum^x. OvtiU. \ViAt>v^r, ao. A- Anne 

of Aldhnm, s^ co.. Sp% 30 ; at AliUiani or Kclretbn, Bbau. 
Alderman C^nibci], who 04>Q«cnl«, nbout 23, A H" Tbooplob Muim,! 

U HP' 
1. of 

Jauae* C&nibcll, Ei«i-, of Liucolo's Inn, eou A heir of Hjo K' ^TV-J 

dnu. of tbc R^ Ilott. THu Lord Blolian, Bw>n of Ok^^bunptoo, libvtf 
^; (:o]ii«Dt of parenu of boih ; nt S^ Af Artia'a in FirJdA. i 

CbrinioiihiT MorgRD, Gvnt, of S* Martiu'H m Tiddn, WiiUiiwrJl. tl 
KlizAbetli Jouos, of S^ Andrew's^ Uolbom, Spituter, 2S ; it tf fuiXt,\ 

HcDri- Hm'tth, 0(<ni, of 3^ Clcmifnt Duuw, Widovtr, 40. A 
Hcrberu of S< Mlcbaora, Wood Street, londoo, S|>intt«r. 19; it 1 
MtchaitlV, AVood 8trc«t. I 

Tbomaa Aelou, of 6^ Mattfaev, Fnd^y Stfeet, Bachelor, 31, m rfl 
Juhu A^Wd, Utc Cltiw-w A Qddffuitti ot Ixindoa, dec*, A Mjirj 
OatvUncr, of S^ Gilw, Cripolppit**, Spia«l*r, !7, dau. of J«RBfl 
(iorduer. of Bftm6, Q^t, irlio comoDtat at 5* Fkiib tb» Vir^l 
London. I 

Bobert BrUcoe, QenU oi 8* Uarj, Savov. Bacliolor, 30, A BCuMj 
Trcthweil,.>fiMwnp,, relict of ThciinnnTrcthweD,d«<^il' 
S< Aim't. Rliickfriari, or S< Beiinul'ii, Paid** Wluuf. 

Bobert AniFobuii. Cbrk, of S* DuubUd's Eut, B^belcr, 80, ft 

Fu]rUjmi> of HuHic^td, HiTkHj SpiiuU^r, 2[} ; conMtful of fatkr JfAif 
Fnitvbfuird, uf muue, OtiiiLi ui LitllirioUi co. 31[<ldx. 

ThoitLiiA Sin^Ii, Gl>nt., i>f Iftl^vortb, MiddUaidi, WidowtF, 48, k ixj 
Tbonitoa. of vacnc, Widow, -^ ; At S* Andrew. Hulbom, ora*BoC9l|A,J 

Ihinicl Jiowr«, (vimt., of Atbiin-, ^jiurey. Bachelor, 27, A Kmlen 

of 8< Clumnit's. MiddlcAi-x, ijptuater^ 23p li«r paieota dnd^M' 

Bolpb Kiiig, 6ijDt., of S> :^ptdekTO'ii, Biwbelor, 36, A rcrtbou TtTt^ 
of ttime, SpinatoTt 20; couseut of her mother, her fAtberdw; >^ 
8' Sepulchred, 

Jobu CooJubuUr, Gont., of Qt^j'o Iud, Bae^', 2», A Eliiabvdi Bi^bin 
of City of Webtmin«t£r, &pui8t«r, 18, dau. of William Kobinjpii, ' 
Tianetl f?], co. BtitUnd, wiq,, who coajtooito ; at & SiIarT Wo " 
or a* Gilea in tho I'iolds. 

TlLi>inaji Vouffbaii^ of Bii£t)1d, Muldlntcj, Gciit., oUcgos mamagt 
WilliJiiii P<4tor, of lainc?, & Aiiuv V&Qghui, dau. of ** Tboins*, 
18; t'^ William Potter aged 23, lij* parents dead ; at S* "' 

Bicbiird Uodgefl ulim Uedgee, of 6* Satiour'a, 8outliwark, G«aw? 
Widow<?r, fi7, A EliB*bcth HitfTi«D, Widow, 84 ; m% & 8wil 

Jobn Scott, Esq., of Camberwttllp Surrey, Bachebr, 22, Iua pareotfl < 
A Kluabetb Cberri^, SpijiBtOT, 18; counent of motber Elii; 
Chorric, of Dcpcf ord, Kent, Widow; alleged by Uannaluke 
of S^ CUmc^t Djttioti Kcn^tr; at 9 Bonnet Gmccchnrcb. 

WUIiuu Burimm, (hmi., of S^ Ua^^mCV. Wt^tiuiiuter, BacbeW. SI, 
A WalsitigbiUD i^mith, of ntne, Wtdow^ 33; at ti^ Aiuie*«, Aldtti- 
gate, or ^^ OJave's, Hart JjtreeL 

The K< Hon. Hvury, hon\ Dourvliior, EaH uf B^tb. BacMgr, • 
htAy Rnclwl Fnno, of Gmnt H' Ilartholon^tw, lyouitoti, Spin* 
dau. of J* K^ HoA, Pranm, £arl of Wettaortdauil, ilw^ ; cog 
lior nonicr Tho R^ flon. Mary, Coimt«w cf WoHttuorelaadl 
Bartbokimew ihe Q»at, LoodoD, [Married tbvru 13 Uvcwj 




Dec 10 

D«. 12 

Ite. U 
Dk. us 

Dpo. 20 


IW, 29 
Dm. 29 















John Corim, Ckni, of 9 Mtrguet's, Lothbuir. BAchdor. 27, A EUinor 
ToinpioD,of ■iiiie,'Widotr,dS; M ^ RiitliV Tendon. 

Willuun O^etb-^rpe. Oc<nt. of S' iain«Dce, Old Jury, B^ch^ 3Q, A 
8ttr>h Cuyi^ tif Nunb Ockia^dun in co. tLfurwud [vm^], 8pi:]jrtrr, 
Ifi ; oouM-Dt of fnth^t Chiiri«» Coj^. Bm). s »t Norlli 0«luDg<loii or 

Sir MwanI l\vu>n. K' & JkH, Widftwtr, GO, ^ Dor<*lhy MtTutitntfi\ of 

Kimo, ^p'. 21, &i own digpo*aI l al S^ James. ClorkonwoU. 
JtuncQ Ewrtliui^l, Gent,, of ti^ Andrcvr'ii, iloIbflTU, Doclictorr 27, & Eliza- 

1>e11i Millftriv <^f ^ IhfiLrj. SlriiTui itiiat Sftror, Spiittt^r, 2*1; ccnflCDt 

of her pan>DU; at S^ Mnrr StAynm^'s, LondoD. 
John DeUTmll, 6o»t. of S> DtiiulAti'* WcaI, Bachelor 30, & ^fiugan^t 

KtKiIliff, of Ctij of WpstmiDAtor, Spiastor, 20 ; her pnivute' conacut ; 

Bt S^ M&jL[Oiu, London, 
John Newport, of S' PeUr ad VidcuIa. Tow^r of Lonclou. Gent., 

Rachetor, 36. & ^aiy SkinmT, of Wftiiitoid, Ewcx, Spinster, 24; 

coiuent of fath«r Johu Skinner, of Sudbury, Stiffolk, lUbenUvht^; 

pt Wniwtoiul, &Hci;- 
Jolib Gout., Uoclcir of Birdhrook, co. IEmci, Bachelor. 33, A Mnry 

ImscIuod. of S' Catheruae Coletnan. London, Sp"". 19, dau, c»f 

Hovuj TuanckH)]], of aamo, Oi^nt,, who coukciiU} at S' Oithcnjio 

Samuel BrcwBtcr, GiMitv, of City of Norwich, Bachelor, SO, A Su«aiiua 

Tratiii, of Ail jrftllnnii Stnyninjj. T^mlon. Spinster, 19 ; coniiont nf 

isothex Suitaiiika Tmvirf. of harMc, Widow ; fit All llallowa Stayniutf. 
TheophiluA Hidu, Ornt, of Unat Hmlhnni.HortH. Bw:ho]{^r/JH, Jt f^iinnn 

Petlitt, of 8^ Leonard'^ Bromley, co. Middlc^tev^ Spinster, 10, her 

fathor dcmd ; (roniwnt of h^r rnothc^r UoDtii> Pottitt, of haddO, 

Widow; af Rtcpncy. or S' Afary, Wliitt^ohftpfl. 
Huflh Sherwood, of 8^ Bololjih, Aldijat*, Gont, Bachelor, S2, & Anno 

rhco [or Pciroo^J, of Uampitvnd, Middtiwe-X, Ejpiiwtor, 22; tX H^ 

PttitU'B, LuuJoii, 
Tbomait HolJJep, of Christ Church. Londc»n, SHPgt^n, Widower, 20, A 

Lucio Knowk^rt, of S' Andrew's, Ifolhorn, 8|nimU>r, l(J ; conaont of 

father Thorn Afl Kiumlca, of wmne, Liiicrv Draper; at Stoke Newiiig- 

toaorXott^mham High Croan, MidUlo^ox- 

Christopher TToddesdon, fJeut., of S* Andrew's, IlnlborD, BacMor, 25 

or 20, dt Marv Legnt, of 8^ BoColph, AMi^rh|^'ato,8pinabaryS6,at own 

disposal ; at Groat fi^ Bartholomew. 
Poacoo Pomtv^y, (J^cjit, of K^ Clcmont'ii DaDM, WidovrOT, S8, & Eli** 

Wilrton, of ;!* Dioiiifi Boi^krhnpeh, Mai<lon, 30, her parenta dead ; at 

8^ ClotQcnt J>ane^ or S^ Michael Ba««ishaw. 
Edward SparkcH, (lorit., df Q^ Stt^nhen'tt, Colemaa Street, Bju^holor, 27, 

& Mary Scole«. of EdoiouUJu, Middltwei, Spinater^ 27 ; at 8* Mary 

Mounthaw, I^ondnn, 
Edmund WiH*tanh\v, Gtmt.. of City of Wentmiiister, Bachelor, 25. A 

Dorothy Lamplugh, .Spinster, 22, hrr pnreat* dcid ; at All Hallows 

in y wall, Uammer^milh, ar Now Kramford, co. Midd'. 
Wiliifiim Wo*twood, Goul., of ChiBwick, Middlesex, 20j &> Jo(iu<> Acton, 

of fii Uortin's in Kiolds, f!{piii>t«r, 22 ; at 8' Bfary MagilnJcn, Old 

?uh Street 
flahriel Scdt^ick, Qmt., of S* Pcier lo Poor, Bai^heJor, 30, & Kar^rct 

Read, of Coiehrooke, Miadi., S[>% 22 ; at H' Bonncl Fink. 
Thomaic Darrcll, Qcnt, of Oreat All HallowH, I-r>ndou, Bacholor, 3t, A 

Alice Johnson, j»f S" Magnus tho Martyr, Loudon, S[nni4tor, 2tf ; at 

S* Magnus aforeaaid or o^ Niuholaa Olare^a. 

Jul. 25 

Kb. ft 





























Anne (iloier, of Mtiie. Spimtcr. 24, At cvm Ji&poBsl : at S^ Clr 

Pr»n«b Clarke, of S" llride's* London, CitiMn A Iliberdftahor, Ikch 

29, A 8»r» ClicMor, of S' AhJivkX Tlolbonj. Splimtcr, 28 ; CM 

of her RiofWr, u WiJow ; At H^ Andrew'** lloll>om. 
Cluu^OB PulceT, Em), of ElaJttDgbury Morler, co. Eieex, Bi>cli«lor,! 

Dorothj GifFonl, of ^^ Qi\t^ In FitJdi, ^piimlcr, 18; covuen 

father Jtiha Gi^cri, Esq., of wnio; »t S* GiIm ftforeBaid, < 

Andn;w'«, Jlolbom^ lUIcgcd bj Sir ItcbcH lljdo, K^of S< Actdr 

Ilumphf^; Pnc«, Gf nt , of S' Andrew's, Uolbom. Widoirw, 55, 4 1 

T<icjknr. of *arm,\ Widow, i2, relict of SunueJ Tooker, dec*; J 

Mnry Jklsgdnlen, Old Fieh Slrwt 
Jo)in CjuihAfii, Grnt., BocKt^Itir, 2-1, A Abho Wnmfcr, of "Water 

c\\Mt)\i, CO. fiuox, S|^imt4fr. 20, dau, of llenrr VTnmet, dee*; mot 

coTtRcnt attevted by Tborojifl CAnhntii, of tiio Old Joiyi Sfercl 

at W'uler Bekhnmp uforetnid, 
Joltn CrAci^^n, Tnvlxr, E)u«lie1ur, 24, A Matf^JAlon Ilamblcton.of Ci 

Wovtminitcr. SpiTiiitor, IS - cotuont of hnr p^ront* ; at S^ Foitl 

Virgjtt or 8» Andrew'* iu iho Wardrobe. 
John Smcrr, Octit., of S^ Gtlcw in Kcadiog, co IkTkii, Widower, 4 

AHceSlminotia, of same, 8p', 2S> at $* Mary ^meraet, Lcokd. 
Bichard TomptOD, 0«nt., of S^ OiWn in Picldj* Bacbolor, 80, Jt J 

JrdTeraon, of S' BoloIpH, Aldent^ato. 8iiiniil4fr. 2S ; rvmnpnt of ft 

SjoioTi Jpffeniou, of Oie procinct of Bridewell, Pinmakor; at S* * 

Magdalen. Old Fi^h 8^ 
M' O«0Tg« Mftule, Hector of Kaugc, co. EH»ei, Wid', ft*. A 

CLaiTLpnif j«, of 9^ Margaret Patk^TiN, K]>indtor, 23 ; At Q' 

Bnrtholonj<^*t, S^ IjoonnmV Fooler Ij«ie, or S' Paitb. 
Alexander Anperrill, of Wliayle, i-n, Lanoa^t^r, Geut^, Bachelor, 

ATi- Wight, of K» Giles in l^idd^ Widow. 22, lato hi, of Wil 

Wi^liU dw'^ i Hi 8* Failli tlio Vii-^a. Luudop. 
Chrintophor ClftplkJtm. 1'^^., of Hiuuufllfiy, i*o. Torlr, Widower, ft 

Mnrkramt Uoyle, of City of LoTidoii, Widow, 80; at 8' Pot 

Coruhill ; allegod by Johti Franekc, of Oraet, co. Btiex, Oent 
Qiw^ry Bilker. Oeot., of TfUinshBiii, co. EKaex, Widovrer, 24, A 1 

Neiud, of Fricring, •* co,, 37, widow of Hcurj ^caJd, de^ 

Friering or Landnti, co. Emrok. ■ 

Philip Oxtoii, Oont., of S^ John'* in 6« Albany Herts, Widoirer,! 

MaT7 Grubb. of S^ Huitolph, AldersgEto, Widow, 80 ; at S' Bote 

AldcTHgitUs m 

EdwaH E^K^ OoDt, of S^ DnustAii** Woat, BacHolor, M, A ■ 

Ooldon, of xnino, Spiuiiten 2S ; at S' Fftith'g. ™ 

WillJfim I'ittfl, of (_"Sty of Weatuiiimter, Uent, Baelielor, 32, A Ab 

Wake, of S< Fetcr lo I'oor, SpiDrtcr, 21; at &* Wnrgaret 

Hetiry ITorintt, Gont . of S< Spp»TobreV. flO. * Martha Bo 

aame, Widow, fi5; at S* FjiithV 
Willinm Bounnan, Gent, Bacb', 2'>. A Dnldbella Kobmson, Spini 

Itf, dau. of tlie R^ W[.iful Huk^i Kr>biniK>n, 1>.U., nbo conao 

alle^d hy William Robiutton, of Gru\'i» Iiir» Gent. ; nt 8' Mar 

ill tbe Ficl*i« or J*^ FaulV Chap^rl in Covent Garden. 
EvAn VauRljaii- Gent., of S^ Man- Abekuri^li, Baeb*W, 24, & Blj 

i^wU, of S^ JVliIdmf, Poultry, i>p\30; at S^ Faiths, Lond, 
Bcuiiietl Matora/«f« PliiUijtH, QuuL, of S^ Martiii'it in Fields, Bacbi 

GO, A L^dia Dii^knAm. of 8^ Mftrgaret'ii. Wo«tiiuiiater» Widovr, 

at Little All HalJ.m^ or H' Fnilii'jf. 

& Ab 







n 3S 
T- 1 


r 2 


r. 4 


r. 4 


John r^pfb. O^t,. of 8^ rian«Un'ft W^t^ Hoch^lor. 241. A MatIIia 
Dnn'ttoii, of Hjuue, Spiovter, 2ci ; cotiveiit uf liec falber llobdrt 
Davsoii, of CitT CI PeliTrtHmagb, Gf>nt. ; at S* Faith's. 

Thi'tnojf iirigti^, ^tiiLj of iMdOQ, Co, EHuex, BAchelur, 42, A Anno 
Poftko, of Ch«Jx»for^, &i»oi, Widow, 34 i m S^ F»ith'K, I^ondon. 

John Suton, 6«Dt., of 8' I^eoDard'e, Font^r Fjinr, Bachelor, 29, ft 
Tomaiine Crone, of S^ Jatnea, Clerkenvell, t^piuat^r, 20 ; oonseut of 
hor mothefr a Wi^ow^ at S' JAmee, Clerhcnwoii. 

Aulltoujr Burrv, OcuiU, of Furmvair« Inn, LiniUuij, Wuluuer, 03, & 
Eliuiboth I)owEi«<ir of 8^ Jaiaea, Gerkenvroll. f-0, wMow of Itohnrt 
Dowi-TK*. Gcut, dcc^ ; «t S' Faith's, 8' Mary, Inlingtou, ur 8' Jame«, 

TV B' Hon. ■Wiiliam, Earl of DcTonnhirc, Bncholtir, abovo 2'K A The 
Udr BliMbeti Cecdl, Maiacn, ID, Jau. *>f TU E* Hon. Williani. 
Kan 'if Snlikbur^, vfhti cotk^oTitA; at S^ Mnrtin'it in tlie Violrlii, or in 
tlicf prirato chapol of j*^ Barl of ^aliAljury, 

Abnliun (.rretion, tieiH., of S^ Mar^ret'^, IS'^oatmiiiet^r, B&cholor, SI, 
A Oreoe Wallvri of Hjibridi^nortti, Hrrtx, Spiuift«r, 2^1; at All 
Hallova SteytuDg or All Hullowa Bftrklii^. 

John Caiowc, dent., of Naveatock. co. Essex, Ba^hdor. 30, & ^^vrA 
Wood, of name, Spiimt<rr, 24 ; coimonl of inolKer Sarali Wood, of 
Hvne, Widow ; at Thojdon Mount or Thoydoii Qanion, ICuscx. 

Johu HoriLnxj]r,of Cljcaliuiit, llorts, OcuL, Bach',<)Of Jt Mxry CL»mi<Ibr, 
of S^ Aildred, Poultry, Loiid'>ii, Spinitt^r. 23, h^r jiareiita *\em\ ^ at 
S" MiJdwd, Poultry, or S' Margaret s. Old Fish S*, 

John Covr|>er, Eaq„ of Linuob'a luu, Bachelor, 23» A Joyce Uukeloy, 
SptDNter, 17, ilmi, of Pol«r HukHcy. lato of Citv of liomlon, 
Merchittit, dec'', Jt her mother aino dcN%d; coivaf^nt o{ her guArduin 
JohD Traveli, Merchant ; at S' Botolpb, Aldfingat«, or 8^ Faitli tlie 

John Areauit^ Oeat, of S> IhinHtari's Woat, Widower, 3fl, ft Bridgv^t 
rhadwcll [?], of 8^ Martin's in Fieldj,, Widow, 2*; at Hreat 
S^ Borthclomow, S^ Marr, Sdvoy, or llatnmoi>mith- 

WiUiaiu Buckiier. Qi'-tii.. of Meathaiti, co. Surn^y. Baohclor, 30. ft Jarte 
Wcod, of same. Widow, 32 ; at 8' Bomieffl or S' Poter'i, Paul's 

Tboraaa Short, Ocnt., of S^ Cath(>riiKi Cr<M7 Church. Bv^ht^or, 25, ft 
Ahwail Pavior, of namo, Spiiiritisr, 22, ht^r parouta doailj At 
iC fl^tliertne Cree Church, Stratfonl Bow, or Haclney. 

Hod. Charleij CetriJl, Viacount Cronburiio, eldt<>Bt eon uf y^ B' Hon. Tlio 
Eftrl of SaliRbur^-, who coDHonta, aboui 20, ^ M" DiaiiA MjiiwcII, 
dau. of Jamea AjuvtcII, Fki]., oho of His >fjijosty*a Budch^mht^r, 
tbout 16 i her father's consent; at S^ Martina in tho Fields, or 
S* Mary, Sarovi aUogcxi by Johu Whiiwop, E.Dh, Chaj>)ai» Ui •'' 
Karl of SiLlixbury. 
Thoinnfl Worsci'^y, Gent., of S' Faith the Virgin, London, Bach^, 30, ft 
Hbzabeth BoEirilc. of Hivuuhall. co. Ehhl^x, Maiden, 15 ; ouaM^iit of 
her father Cicorev? ])osvile, of same, Clerks attested by OtwcU 
WumclcrH of S* Bdjchdcl Ba*MiJiaw, Ocnt. j at Uivcnhall Aforesaid. 

1 Robert l'--n, i")f .S* Bt'iiii<^l Gnu^tvhurch, Morcliant Taylor, Bachelor. 28, 
ft Suxjumit Courttnan, of same, Spinster. 23; consent of futlier 
Andrew Conrtiaaii, ai anme, Vintnwr ; at S^ Leonard' h, Shoreditch. 

S Hcury ButvK^r, of 3* Antholin's. Loudon, Citir.ea & (irowr. Bitch', 23, 
ft AiUku BtWinh, of Biahop's Stortford, Hcrta, SpinuliT, above 21 ; 
cooieot of motLer Jane Beadiih, Widow ; at 8tortfcird aforeaaid, or 
Birchangt^r, ro. F^iiei> 




AptiL 17 

April 10 

Ajirll 20 
April 20 

April 22 
April 22 
April 23 
April 30 
Hay 1 
May 9 

Ua; M 
Haj 18 

Uay 25 

Uaj 27 
Hay 27 


Ueory Bumcigtun t1i« fouoKor. of OoluhottL^r, <io, fiMnr. 
luchclor, 21 (cDUAent of hia bitlier iUnrr BArrin^rtoD, t^f 
G«n1.),& Elualwtb Gla«cucki\or FdUtod, iN». F 
dau. of Wtlliftm CTlucoohe, Ew|., dec' (coiueiil < ' 
TlkOtUMi Sftcbe) ; lUlcgird br Iicr hroUicr Williiun (jJa«c-xk4, lU|^i4 
S' Rartliolomew tJit* (9real [ai\ eniitiv] euiry iiut^« t^t Li*r oAutf 
tunlm^dcait, asdthotiDdcrcuitodjof her father in law Tbocnit ^iidv^ 
of Fd»tdd nforeoaid] ; to inarry at S* Mary, Saroy. 

^VilHitJi D^Lahwoodts of S' Vcilwt, Filler lji«r, f^ilkcniui, Bach', ilw*r 
Uti, ft EIiuibot)i IluwoB, of Ulovorth, Middlesex, dprnft». It; 
ccnifcnt of failier Johu Uaved. of 8^ Veda^t afomvid, tiisU^nUb: 
at Inlewortli ur lleittoiit Midiiluscx. 

France Woolryt^h, Oent., of City of LoQdi>n, Wtdovier, 60, 4 kitm 
BaJdirin, about SO, wiilow of Vranci* Bildwin, dc^^ , a; S^ T* 
IfCndon; alleged by FniricM Nevlon. Oent. of 3< OiW^Cnpi 

Jami^ 8licffi<tld, %<{, H^n of 1'bo H< Uoa. lidciond, Kari of Mi 
(wbo o^uKviite), abi>ut 20, & Juue Cochaine, Splutter, at 
dnu, i>f j^ir Wiltiaot Cockaine, K.* & ^donnan of iht« Ci^, 
doc'^ (with cojmexit of licr motUor, now Countois of DotvxJ 
S^ IVicr le Poor; alk>g^ b]r Ro1)ert Williet, Chaplain ia hoW 
liiud KarL 

Ktohard Freke, deDtn^of S' Martin'* in HeUkt, Bactielor, 31, A 
Bacon, of Mine, £1pi[i»t<-r, 22 ur 23, liur jxlttuI* d4-ad ; ol S 
Loudon, or S^ Mary. Inlingtou. 

ThomriB Wntcrfaotiao, Gent., of S^ CathoritiQ Cive Obnrcfa, Bv^. !f^ 
Atuie Mabew, of Ham?, Spijist<-r, 2-1; cotiwut of brr iDtMhiTpl 
Vidow ; al S* Catharine Cree Ctiurch or Wapfing Chapel. 

Thomofl Ncwbcrric, Qcntv, of S^ Maftin • in I'lc^dji, Da^hcl^. V^ ' 
JoTL'e TufFn^y. of ftiuii^ ffpiiul^T, 2i, W poLWDta d«ud ^ id i^fit «l 
S* Pflul'e, Covcnt Garden. 

TKomna Clicttter, of S^ AadrovV. Holbom, Balcer, Badbolor, H ' 
Iralwll f^tuiiiF^LPj.of S^ 6cpuli-hro'd, SplDBter. 27; it S" Joiktmi 

William Adami, o£ HomchuTcb, Evaei. Tannu-. Widowfir* SO, t JJIliii 
Amaniit, of namo, 43, widoir of John AmariM, deH ; at & BoMl]^ 
A;dK3Lt«, or S* Marr 3IiAdaku, Old Fish Street, 

John Jol11<^ Ocijt,, of S< Diitbtfaii*B W««t, Hui-lbrlor, 21 (cotwnl ^ 
futlifT, vbo livp» n(*nr ftKI mil^v From I^ondon), A Klkahpth Trffrtl 
of S^ Martin'^ in Fieldv, f^piiiater, 22 ; at S« Mary MaitdaktiOU 
Fwh fitn^ct 

'William Greene, Gent, of Sianfonl Riverri, l^tfex, Bacbi^ur, 7&, A 
Sum ilitPvcv,of Mowing, KK»fi, Hjjm*iit'r,22i fti S' Fiitth UiiVtfpa 

Walter Un»aiie, Gent., of » Climrnt Daw*, Rtu^tnW, 22. A J*» 
Ifdmee, of nanio. Widow, 30; al 8< Faith's. 

Bdwanl WMiy, HabenUuiher, of & MMfM\ Foulliy, Badi'. Jb t 
TkoiJiAJtiiio Diu<hwoaiJ, Spinster, 21 ; o>iiHT&i of bur fslfxT EAuiai 
Duhwooil, O^nt.^ att4iBl4>d by Willuun Doibn^xid, SiUmwi, ^ 
S> \'eda£i aliat Foaier* ; it I«l«wortb or Braiiifard, Mlildlcwx 

William Botunll, Ornt,, Widowr. 80. A Sarah iMgr*, of 8' 8eq4»\ 
Coleman Street, SpinHter, 21. ber inolher'a etfiui«ut, a WUoPi * 
8* M&Tf^arct*!*, New Fi*ih Strcoi, 

ThornaH Wray. (lent,, nf S* SUrtin'ii Fi(^M-. Bju-bcOor, 8ft, A Suai 
Simmon*, of sam*, ^, 20 1 m S^ Faith the Viri-in^ 

Ricliard Gerrard, of S> Mary Abciwireb, tVtor. IJackb^r. 27, A Mafl 
Leightou, of S^ Blniond'a, Locubard .StfVH?t, Spinaler, 21 ] waa^^ 
hoF tDotber, a Widow ; at S^ Mary Abeburch ur S^ Mvy Wi 

Philip IVavera, of S* Dienii BickchuWli. Cidusn X ^Irrckarti, al 
& Margaret Uomoud, of :j^ Mflryatilill, Spiuater, abuut 21,dta. 



CordwcU Hamood, Citisoo A Viotiuv, who contfonto : at & 'Mnrr at 

Walt*^ GoddeOf Qeut., of rboinbam, Kcni, Docbclor, 2H, A Jnno 

IUmII, WUow. 30 ; St »^ M«rgu«t, New risb Street. 
BJcWd Elcoi, of F'<'1>b<u, Emei, Oenk, Bicbi^Jor, 4f), A »obv€i,^ 

Sttpsford, of Stoptirr, Widow, 30; at S* PoJtK'*, London. 
Anthoii^ Lanfnnorth, (Sunt., of S^ EdicoDd'jt. Lombard 8treet, 1^-tidor, 

■to. k Cftthcrioo Thcinpaoii, of 8* Hotolpb, Bi^hopvgnte, 8j>imit«r, 10; 

at ^^ Bottili>h'ii, Jtiethoptigato. 
WillUin >tAr«b, of S* Ibtivbarl Id Qtune, Grooor, Widoircr, 40, A Aniw 

Ktffin. of 8' Rftrlholomcw thp I-cm, Widow, 30; at All Ilall^wa In 

tW Wall. 
Hnirv Withrri!, of Dttle Tbunock, po. F^m^r, Ocnt, Widow(*r, 32, & 

Mary P&nlJowe, of Gr»v'» Tburrock, £tf8ex, Widow, 29. relicl <if 

Robert P*«lilo».c, Jcc-^i'iU All lUHow* Hnrliiiig, S^ OlnrcX Hart 

Tbuniu \V«bb, Gcitt, (if 8^ Andrewa, Holboni. Ba'^h^rlor, 29,A l'hidi|>]>a 
Mooro, of «nmc, ^Spin^trr, 23, dtiu, of Kdwanl Moore* Late of 8' Gifo* 
Id JFit*Idii ; ctniM-nt uf lier im^tlit-r PliiUipn Mi>orc« i>f S' Aiidre^tV 
Holbom, Widow t in chapel of S* P&iLt^rAH I'/i^^ Kt^itti'htowu. 

Tbo Woi-'pftil 8ir Matihow Linlcr, K\ Wid-jwer, tJ*'i.& IV Lfld> Aiine 
BamfeiM. of S< Martiird in l-^eld«. Widow. 5;^; at 8' Fnltb tb« 
Vireifi, S' Jamcfl, Gurlick llilhc, or 8* Bride"*, Yh^et 8lfeel. 

Bicbard Hujwr, Es<| , of LiDcula'a Inn, Bailiefor. 35, A Uriwill Ware, 
of Hsiviey. Vmm*x. ffO, widow nf Anthony Witre, of iianif*, Vmii-, ded^ \ 
at 8" ilnr)' Wooltiotli. 

WjJtor Bo«d, Gent., of ^Upn^, Bncbolor. 2i, & Anne BaxU% ofMUDo, 
8piuBt(-r, 24; Jit S' FaimV*^"'»J'>"- 

Robert CUto, ficiit,. of Lincoln's Inn, Bftcbolur, 25» A M" Mftr^ 
Allejne. of Hnlflelil Pevcrell, co. Keen, SpiuHtor, 21. dau, of Sir 
Edward Allcjrnc, KV lal<r of Hatfield ftfcrcHaidjde'''", her mntbcr aUo 
doftd ; coikfitiat of Ambroeci Clivc, of 8tjc[), co. Salop, Kb^.* father of 
said Robert i nt S* l^^oJiai'd'it, Konkr l^iio, or H* Urido"!!. 

Tboou* Xormiui, Gent,, of S* Dunirtan's Wt*»t, Baobolur, 25, A 
Chriituaii Crunditt. of S' MiebaerB, Comhill, Spiuster 24; at 
8* Faith the Virgin. 

Josepli Roper*, of All ITallowB, I^mbard Street. Widower. A Sibill 
Powdl, of «* Jamce, Dukc*K I'lacc. Widow. 30 i ai 8' Jainw, J>ukc"« 

Antbeny Newbolt, Qent.^ of S^ Mary, 8atoy, Baehelor. 34, A Anno 
HivrkcH, of 8< OUo in Picldn, Spinntcr, £8 ; at 8^ Mary, 8avo/. 

Bichard Le|;:b. Esq,, now of 8^ Peter le Poor, London, Daohdor, 2C, A 
Bridget Eliirin^tou, of Al! HaUowh In the Willi I^pinnter, 2D, dau. of 

J* R^ Wor'pfnlSir MwnrrI Hnringtnn, K* A Bar*, who ronneiit*^ nt 
^ Peter ie Poor or All Uallowa in y Wall; allogod hy KdwLini 
l^gb, of & Vedwt, Jioudou, ritizen A 8iJI;mao, 
Lion PjlkiugUm, Rmi., of S* Ainln^w\ Uolljoni, Widower, 20, A Jane 

On*lowe, Sp', 21, her parorilfl dctnl ; al Tiinily, Mlnoriva, 
Qeoi|[e rhauncy, Gent,, of Sabriiigewortb. Ilertx, Bacb'< 23. »oo of 
Georjfe Chauncy tbc elder, i»f name, nriit., A RliMbrth Blunt, of 8' 
Bndci, London, 8pinater, 20, dau. of I'hariea Jllual, late of J^^im;' 
too, eo, Drrby, (lent., dec', A her mothvr aUo ; at 8* Faiili tlio 
WilliMn Clerk, (Jeni., of Ailevbui^, Buclu, Ba^rhelor, 23. A Joane 
B Chambers, of 8* Mary, Wbiiecliapcl, Spiuster, 17; conNOnt of her 

B btiber Samuel Chamben, itvnt. ; at 8* AiigiiHtinc'ii, London. 
B Samuel Spv^litf Gout,, of & .ijitholiiiX LondutL, Baebcrlor, 3^, A Joaiio 
B BUko, oF S^ StopW/v, Cok-iiiaii .Smut. Widow, 18 [*j>], reliet of 








JcfTcrj BUkc, OMitv,<k«';fttOrviU S* Birtlioloimir,orE 
OJ'i JU17. 

JuDc 2d John Sh^^rley. tient. of S* Hartina in Piekla, Bachelor, 25, 
Pruww:, rf fame, Sp', 28; mt S* Aftditw in the WiirdrD 

Julj- 10 AfiDiiuii IkHmm, OiTOt,«f 9 J*mc«,CI<Thoiii«^1l.B*chdor,8ft 
LAii'lAn, of S^ S^pu)ehre'•, 38, «idow of William I.anflsfi, 
» Faith the VirRiiL 

Jdj 10 Tbonaa liV<vtn>«o, &i)., of Menhvn, Kent, Bachelor, aboi 
Anne Ca|x*n. of Hordeii, Surrey, Spinatcr, aboiit 21, dii 
llcnrr CaprJI, K*. <lc<*i coiwrtii of mother Dame Dorotfc^ 
At S' Marliii'i in FifM* iir rhapcl of Coveiil. rrnrden. 

Jiiljr lt$ Gcor^ Bowie, 0«nt, of Chl^ehurot, co. Kent. Bachelor, 28, t 
Booth, of 8^ T^nWs Shoivditch, Sp', 18, dan, of WUItti 
Menrbant, dec^ i cantcnx of Coun of Oqihanii ut lAindti 
Ua^ii« or SlopDoy. 

Julj 18 JamM Saltonitall, &q,, of Btirtcnay. HerU, Baclielor. 23, & 
Bendiah, of Bampated Ilollan, co. Esh-z, ^piofU^r, 21 i>r 22 
of ber father Tliooioa U^adiib, E«j,, of lame \ at Barkwaj < 
«lcail afui^Mud. 

July 18 Pet<-r Hutcbca. of C1«adon, Rack*, 7«omftji, BilcV. S5, A H 
01d«, of aame, Sp*, 36, at oiin duqKw&t ; at 8* Fafth tbc Vii 

July 19 John Sltipvith, Gent., of Oorent Gmcn. iMcm^ marrJagftoE 
Litcoti, uf £>UiJCN, JVIIddlntci, Qi'iit., 23, ^Dcroihr Cox«,< 
Spi»»lor, 22» h«r ptuvDt« d(>a<l ^ At SUnc8 aforc«iiMf. 

July 20 llumphn \WolU. fii^nt., of OWr. Bii^h-, Bach', 21, A 
Asbenderi, of S* MaKuiV, Lu'Upilo, Spinatcr, 19 ; cooaet 
father John A»hcndcn, of aame, ^crircncr ; at ^^ Faith tUc 
Thomaa D&TtMtport, Grnt-, of Litt1« llford, Rhsux, Bftclielur, 22 

K«»vrTrifiu, i>T Hani**, Sp', 2i ; at S* FnithV London- 
Mi<>liacl MarLow, Gmtt.. of S< &UrCin*a in Fiolda, Bachelor, 25, 
CVoohe, of aainc, Spmntcr, 21; consent af her mother ( 
CrcH^ke 4r/ui# (.SmnthAui ; at S* Afartin'fl in Field*, b' Nich 
AhWv, or S' Faith the Virgin. 
Blwjirft IWto, G^ut, of Porunioulh, co- South*^, Wdowi 
Beboaa Holt, Wido<iir, Z6i at ^^ HJjigaus, or S< Mary U 
>'ow Fish Street, 
Tboiiiaa Iratt, E«q„ of Uanrood, co. Dcron, A Maiy TTaUi 
l^IarttDfi in Ficfdji, Hpiniitcrr, 23 -, cotiacot of her fath^ [1 
*- Riohsrd Willop"] ; nl S» FalthV London. 
John Slaricey, Gcntn, of City of Wu^l mi ruler. Bachelor, 36, 

Kcllawav, of Aame, Smimter. 30; at S' Kaiih'B. 
I>uiH:ia Llovd, Gitiit,, cir S' Fclcr'*, Comhill, Bachdur, 20, A 
Simwo,<*rR'MArtiii'BOutwich,Spu>ator, 21f fttS*Mariin'8 
Edward Wlititoii, Goot.. of Great Bardfleld. Eaaox, Bocbol 
M»ry Wftltnaley. of BlahcmoTC, co. Rsafx, Spinster, 19 
.Andrc;v Walmnlcv, Clerk, dec" i coneeni of hor mothe 
WalmHioy; »i BUltemorc, Emcx. 

Aug, 14 George Ungloy, of S^ HuiutaiiV Wo*t, Titian & SjuUct, Ba< 
Catheniio HarrinKt*in, of HainpMtead, Middx., Sp'. IS; < 
father John Barringtou, GtoiL ; at Hamptitead or S' J 

Aug, 14 Thot)iiu OibU, Gont,, Widower, 33, A Mary Helmet, of S< ] 
AVoBt, 5p^ 28 ; at l^jlham or ChoWi*, MliUeaes. 

Ang, W George Dn^kinion, Gent., of «' Marcarety Wefltmm»toT. Wid 
ft Anne Michelhurac, of same. Spin-ler, .^0 ; at S* i^dthV 

Aug. 10 ATiUiam irc|x^, G<?ut.. «f H' Mariii»*» Iei Ficlda, Bachelor, ah 
Aiiuv Vjirr, of anim., hpiiuilvr, 2U i at chapol of Kenti-h To^ 

















Aug. 21 

Aug. 37 

Seip. 7 
Sep. D 





1 Sop. 


' Sep. 














1 Od. 












Philip BenS^ld, GeDt., of Thojdon Gftmori, Euex, \P't<lQii-nr. ttO, & 

MftiT ChACiberlnino, of Lcughton. Knox, WidoTr, 30^ at tT Faith 

the Viruiu, 
WiUUm Qriffin, of We«liiuiiiit«r, Oi^ut.. Bai^bolor, 32, A Di*b<.iruh 

Hontui, of aamo, Wldmi-, 32 : at H' J"\\itli tlic Vircin 
Htnothv KjlaJid, Gent., cf RiwinooiJ, &«i, Bachvlur, SO, A Su^aii 

Tilfo^l, of JtArloigh, £mcx, f^pjnMor, 17, dan. of William Tilfordi 

Yooinau. vrbo connenta; at .^]ihiu;^<:v)i), vo. Ebmex. 
Willijun (*oflrington, of S* Gregory V LonHnii, CitiKon A Druper, 

Bachi^lor, 34, A Mm^ Uasolt'uot, oi S* John !^achary, J^nJoii, 

8jHnsier. 10, iluu. of William HAaelfuot, of aarae, Gcat,, who coiu»eiita ; 

al ^' Jo^lll Kacharj. 
Gi»ryo Purrfcy, Gput» of S' Mnrgftrct'n. WcBtmin'toTf Bacholor^ 2U, Jt 

IK^rothj Monwiitl. of S' (Jili-a Jti Fif^M«, i^piruiter. 28 ; at Kwiam-^ou. 

or S' Trinity in Kniji;ht*lir"lgc- 
J«hn Court, Gent., of S* Botolnh, Aldaregfile, Bachelor, 33, A Mary 

Sudburj, »|niutcr, 80 ; at S* Mnry MrtgiJ% ()M IHiih »'. 
JsLine* Harrinf;toii, Gont.. of S< Sopulchrv'd, Louduti (cooitcnt of father 

Jamcfi flarrington), Bachelor, 21. <^ Mary Pcilcy, of i^ame, Spiost^ir. 

20 (coiuciit of her tnother Mnry Abbitt alias HairingtOH) ; ab S< 

WilliAoi 1Iftrri», Gcmt., of Guilford, Sumj, Bachelor, i2^ .& Eltiabctli 

Simwe. Spiuwt^r, 86; at 8* Mnrj-, Savoy. 
Alrahani Gcll, Gent,, of Ku^hinijton, Hussci, Widower. 50. & Mary 

Geo, of Islington, Middtoeex, 40, widow of John Goe, dec'' ; al a* 

Man-, I«Ii^iRton. 
Thotitan' Bownurr, Esq., of MiJdJo Tymplc, Bttchi>lor. 30, 4t Ahoo tindaB, 

of Great Mapli'Hleail, £aHe\. SpiiiHler, 20; coitKeut of father Deant 

TiaiUH, of samp, Est|. ; at (.in-jii l^liijik-xlvrwl a^vfl 
John UudniHi, (h'tiL, of S* Bnd'>\ Ba^h'. 2j, & Fmiu-o* Elowird, of 

vainc, S|fiu»l«i', IS, hor [jaix^ntH Atr^vl ; nl S' Marv, Haroj- 
John Cnry, of Mnplboroutfh, Will*, Surgotjn, BiLohclor, ^5, & Juditit 

CEffe, of » Mao. Whittichauel. Widuw. 30 : al S^ Faith'*, Ltrnd, 
John Xflflh, Gpnt., of 8' BrifhM, Btwhelor, 2i, A Ani»* Bcuncr, of 8* 

Lawrence Pouiitaey, d[>ijiat«r, 22, Iter parejitd dead ; at S^ Lawrence 

William TTndr-pwnod, Gml., nf 8^ MartinV. IroainonKPr Lnut% Ba*'-hrlor, 

23, A Julijui Baldwin, of iS* Micliael'H, Wood !;4trecl, 8pinetor, 30 ; at 

8' Botfllph, AJdcn^eati'- 
Boburt Jacnt^ Kmc^., of H^ Li.H>UHrdV, Broinlt^y, Middlmoi, llach', 28, & 

Kathoriuc Burv, of Hradwoll jdxta Man*, ■* vo., Sp'. 19 ; comotit of 

her father G\lvn Bury, T>.D, [who suba. "Giles Burie"]; at S* 

Lawrence or Stecpl*, co. EBsei- 
Henry Uobwn, Ueut.. of S^ BotoJjib, AlJers^ale, BacUtlor, 33, & Alico 

BAruefl, tif HaiLju. SpjiitfLer, Ht) ; &1> S^ PaitliV, 
TbfimrtJi PhiliiM, (Jents. nf Hayp", if jcldlonPin Ba^hHor, 22, A BlistrLboth 

Uawooii. Spiimt^T, W ; at f>* Martin a io Fields. 
Edward Stratloa, Gent., cf S' Martin'* in Ficldii, Widow?r, abgvo 'JS, 

A Ami Phc!<mH, of H* DiuiBtau'a AVwt, Spiu&tcr, above li>, dau. of 

WilltAm Phc-^aut, of «amo, TalLaw Chandlor, who conoont*^ in tLo 

Tffmple rhnrch, 
Willium Gwinne, Gent., of S* Martin's field*, Bacholor, 4*1, k EUeaor 

Bolkrd, of Bamp. Sp^ 30 ; at «» IVlarv- Maff r, Old Fmh S\ 
Ricbaixl J.jhn»mi, ihnU, uf S' Gily* in Filda, B4cli% ^\ A Alioo Elcoeke, 

of eame, Widow, 91 i at S^ PsiithV London 
Edward I>ni\o, of S^ Jcilm Zrif^bary, Citixeu A Joynor of London, 
Biu:!iidor, 3U, & Bridget Olflcy, of wuae, t*ii', 25 ; itt lamc. 


OgL 21 JsBan Fu^harvt, Oent, oF 8< IVtcr** in tbo TV>wer of 

21. & iMbcl Fimmdts of S* Sepulcbro'8, :3piti«ter, 2:1, 
iluftd^ ttl S* FoitbV lAiadcin. 

Oci> 32 KicUnl l^>o. G«riL, of All lUlbw* iu tKi^ W>1), 'Widov^ 
Kimni« \\^il)taiiw, of nxav. Widow. a7« relict of John Vi 
CilY of Ixfttilou, Mervhftitt, iLec' ; at Cbrint Cturvh or All 
ID tbe Wall 

Oct. 23 Almham Editu^ 0«&i., of Blajfield, Suiacx, Widower, 
b«l1) Wt^kt, Wirlow, 48, n4ic*t of JiMi^ph Weeka, of 
StiM^i, TcoQuin. dot^ ; at S* Faith tW Virgin. 

Oct. 29 Jdm Cbceter. of Stepbey^ O>o[>«r. Widower, 3-1, A Mary^ 

Nor, 6 UcDfi- BiLrrukj^u, Ocat., of tovm of Colclicrtcr^ Wi^ow* 
Catberine Ilej**, of lown of UurtfoH, Widow, ifi ; at Hi 
CO- Kmci. 

Kor. 9 Ftancii Kolfe, deot^ of S* ADdreu'a, Holbora, Bftclielor« Abfl| 
fntlicr dmd (ojiiK^nl of bin guardiau Uourj TliirlobTtfl 
Mftrgarct Bomtd), of uuDft, Spinvtcr. 23« lUu^ of WiUiad 
of Bun«, Gtiix . who coDaent*; aI S* FallliV Lond. I 

Ifor. II Duiicl OooViti, Qvut., cf S> ScptilchrrV Widowex, 27, Jl MflfJ 
of S^ Dututaa> Wewt, SpiuHter, 21, her parenta d«ai 
Bcpulclir^'a, J 

Nor. IS Oeopge Booth. Rkq, dov oI S^ ftfartin'tf in tbe Fidda, ag'^ 
son A heir of the Wo'pful William Booth, Baq.. dec* (wiw 
of tbe 51a*tor A Court of W»rd* & I-ivcriwi), & The l4U*y I 
CUnloii, dau. of y S> Hon. Tbeophilud, Eorl of Line 
<!ohMTnUi lit ij< Mary CoWhuzvh or M<-rcor*' Chapel, liat>A 

Nat. 11 ThotutM Holfcati\ Gmt.. of SlrAtfoM libiirton, ak Tama, Bac 
hi* father dead, 4 Siaaela Cierke, of saiue, Sp% 23 ; at 8» K 

Not, Hi IViT Hobiuiion. U<rat., of 8* Mnttliow, Kridnr Htrrct, BMhd 
Mjltjt Bahur, uf B* Tnuitj in Trinity- Laut-, Spimtttr, J 
'IViniiy ftforcBfLid. ■ 

Nov. 18 .loku Nolbion, Gont., of Lincoln's Inn, Bu^belor, 23, 1 
FrAtiG)Ei«1io, Spinster. 20, dau. of John Fmnckiahe, of Wot 
ford, CO. Berkii, Ornt., nho concents ; At 5' Martin's, Lud|s 

Nov, 20 Baiidolpli Bicrclon, >^i S' Mukuiis, Lcndon, Mi^rcliaxit, Ba>rhS 
Amir Whitwp.ll, of S' (lliive^n. HjLrf. Sfrwt, Spi rather, 27 
own dwjHwnl ; nt 3' Mji-haol. QtKH^nhiUic^or H* Mnry.SftToy 
by Tbousae Whiiwcll, of S' Olave's, Hart Street, Barber ft] 

Nov. 22 John (loodwin, Clerk, M.A., lt€Tti>r of Ilraiiiittdl [?}, co, 
llnt*hi?lor. yo, A Mmt Milward, of EoHt Burnott, oj> Hcrta, 

22. dau. of M^ Mathiaa ftfilwanl, Itootjr of ^ame, ivho coiM 
Kiirtt BanJrtt Jifuri**^, or H* !IrU*»*a, Bi»hop*(mlc. J 

Nor, 23 Ivoduwick JlaJI, Uoiit., of S^ Vo<la*t irlion losterX Bftcheid 
(rmimMU of Iijh fatlii^r Chrintophi*r Ma[I, F^<],» of Nrwohnui 
of Durhaiii)^ & Muvy Blincut*. -SpiBiit^r. nhout 17, h(.*r pari 
(consent of b«r euArdians William Donnehall <& ^mm_ 
Ex'ois of Will of her father fSoorgc Blincoo, doG^) ; at S^ E 
S' Mary, I*liiigloii. 

Thnmftft Patf, Gent., of Willc»dcix, Middlcacx. Widower, 45. A ' 
KrlTjuvay, (]f Kiii^lilabi-idgfT, Widow', Hi; at S^ Mirtrn** in 

Itobort Saycr, of Leigli, co. Kasci, Navif^ator, BacWlor, 23, 
Uiimfrejr, of oaiiic, ^pinntcr, 1^2 ; at Pnltlewcll [Bond «ij 
by Edward Uumfrey, of Lelfib, Bator] 
Dec- 3 John StrcUcj, Gent., »f S» Svii>uU-hrc'N Bachelor, 2fi, & C 
Hnwi^H, ^f ijtnio, S[hinAt<*r, Hf^ dair of John ITaivea, of . 
consents ; at b^ iiupulclire'B. 

Nov. 28 
Nov, 29 




\kc. G ^VJvxvtder DuuoomtH>> Ovnt., Bicbclur, 22 (uuniPiit of futhrr Willmm 
Dunv^tiib*', of Iringkoe. co. BucL*. Gent.), ^ EliiAabc-lh ItAridikll, oE 
Idkinfjliftm. MiddlosGX. Spinster. 21 (conwriit of hor ^tLor Liouell 
Bftodul, vif ttiiifi, 'Em.) ; At Icktu^liuni. 

DeCv 9 Jobn I'lucknct, Ocnt., or liurford, co. Dor»ct, Itiklidnr, HO, A Dorothy 

D(t, 10 Ottbriel l-oo, G©nL, of S» Mary. Wlntochapcl, Kiwhclfir, 30, A Elii*^ 

CUrke, of Muae, SpinBter, 19 ; cou»ejit of niolhor ]{acEiJu^l Clarke, 

Widow ; at 8' FHitb'w. l/ondon. 
Doe, 11 Willinin Biforl. Ovot., of Itiiii^r Toaip!(>, Rnohulor, S5, &^ ElJnnlwtK 

S«itoQ, of S* Marttn'ii lo Ficl<J^ SpiUHtcr, 18, dnu, of Ilobert Sctton, 

of iiamo, fiint- A «f Afiirv ISfilon, licr m<ither, wlio coiifleat ; at S' 

Vtt. iC Tljuuuw tiougr, CJcrk, Vkar of H* Sepulchred, tondou, Bncli', 33, A 

Auiie D«rvii>, of S^ AimoV BlAckfrJEtiv, SriirHtor, 22, <laii. of Sir 

RotHjrt Dan:y, K', dee^ ; consent of licr inotlicv L:iAy OrtuM Bjircy ; 

at S' ArjHv'w, Blmkfriaw, or S^ Se[njlv lire's afs"*. 
Dfc, 17 HowrclJ Thomw, Grnt., of *V Miirtin- in FUht*, iWTn-Ior, 23, A EHru- 

belli M*>orp, of H' Bride' ■, London, So', 3U ^ jit S' Bride' b. 
OOf, t^ Ricbanl Spitty. (tent., of S' Anlrow «, Hoihorn, 2S, A KliRabotlj 

Oregon-, of wmc. Spinrtcr, lli ; connent of father John (irogory; at 

S* Andrew '*, Holborn, 
"^. 2a Franoiji Smith, Opiit-, of fl^ Aiiilrew\ Hidboru, WiJuwi^r, 60, & Ann 

i^kinocrr, of Aw*Ioy, £hbux, Widow, t3 a at Avoloy flf*'^ or K^ Merlin 



Marmaduko C^mtablo, Oent.^ of S^ Martin's in Field-, Wirlowcr, 50, A 
Anna DatIm, of City of WcAtmimitcr, Widow. 40 ; at tS' Fnitli tho 
Virffu;, LoTid. 
Francia Whitmore [aubs, with mark or biul "F W/*l, of S' Bunstan'a 
Wfl«t, Yoonuui, Ba<^boii)r, 35, A Oraco Kidd, of S' Clement Daiio>, 
Widow, 33 i al S^ Mary Magdaico, Old Pi*h Streot, 
L*B. 8 Bdw»vd Cott<«ainrv, (if^iit., of S' Citmtnfa DunoB, Widower, 46, A 
Aim Willotigliliy, of S* Katlierine, Coleman Street^ Widovi', fl7 ; at 
S^ Pa&cru /ttiiu K.entisbtowii. 

10 Daniel Plct^her, iHtxt., of S' Andrew Ucdorahnft, iJacheJor, 38. A 
Annp Holland, of aain«. Widow, 30, relict of John Hulkud, dW^ ; At 
S* Faith tbo Virgin. 

11 Robert Lewe», Omit., of Trinitv, MinorieK, Widowor, 33, A Ajino 
Cownw, of S* Mary Abcbnrcli, Spinfiter, 25 [or 15 ?], bcr fatlior 
dend^ conM?ut uf mother H:iry JncobROJi <ttiai CoHcnJi, ui. Jacob 
Jttfobfton, of pamc; at S' Mory Abcburob. 

13 Iliobard Fnrrar, fiti;t,, of Bud*feloi}{b, co, {Nin«ter, Rwbelo?. 23, A 

Mar^icry BuHtock, of 8* Duiifltun'i West, Spin^Ur, 2i. her iiaivuta 

dead i At 8^ Bndo'n, r'4>iid(]n. 
Solomon Sb3i'terj Gent., of S' Mary, Inlin^tou, Hocbelor, 22, A Jane 

TtJwn*rnd, of Mimo, Sp', 27; at S* Faitb llii> Virgin. 
JeTQjii^ SiifTall, (lent,, of S* Oriyih, Ek^bi, JWlielor, ID, A Mary 

WilloGijhby, of H' Gik« in Fioldx, Spinoler, abovt' IS; consent of 

her fattier (Jeorge Will<>iJghby, Gent,, altwtJ?d by bcr motber Joancr 

WiUoughby; at S^ Faith V, LondoJi. 
Edmund Jonos. Goat., of S* AndrowV Holborn^ Bachelor, 25, A 

Catberino Games, of aame, Widow, above 29 ; at 8^ AndrevrV, 

Holboni, or .S* Faith"*, London. 
Sicbard Peern, Gent, of S' Puiwtan* Wwt, Widower, 42, A Uaiy 

I'aync, of «nnkc, Sitiiutcr, 10, Jau. of Olirintopli^r Payn<^, Ottul., vbg 

eonKentdj at S* Ntcbola* Cole Abbey. 


Jan. 20 

Fib. 12 
F«b- 14 


John Tinfile, of S< 8«pti]chfeV London, Innholder. Bftcbdi 
MArliun-, til t^mv, Wi<l»n, 30 ; st U* 8e^lcbi«'v 4fi 

NicIiuUii Pmiw, Gful., o( S* M*rj Mafidafcu, Old Pi«l 
28. A Kliubtflb lloo^Q. of um«, Spin-tc-r, 2G ; at S^ ' 

TlioDiiui pD^ttor. of S< Pet«r*A, PftsV? Wborf, B^dor, 
Pnr^fot. of S' Gilefc Cripplegate, Sp', 28 i al » Marr S 

llic K< Wiir'pfull Ji-bu C'ar^ [neemv lo wibt. "C&rai'*]*^ 
Wcistuiiiivlrr. D.D.,B4N^hcJor,3Sr^ 8>uuui Locke, of Sf 
iWOrrAt. !i*niulnn.Sp4bAt^r, 19 [firSfi]; ri^nMint of hrrn 
T^-kf <i^'tf# Joslio ^ %i S* BartbolDtnon' afDr««AiiL 

Ilcnrj Tol*on, Gent . of S' Jchn\ Walbrook, Widower, 
Keonelt, of ti' Mwj Wookburcb, Widow. ."JO; at 9 
Slnwt, London. 

Edward Hndbotime, Evq., of S^ Fo»tor'a to Foster T.«nc, 1 
88. ;t Jane Wrmondaold, of S« OUve^v. Hart Stro 
T^lK't of KEkjn WynondioJd, Utc of PuUict', co. SJum 
At S' OUre'B, Qiui, Strevt^ or All TlaU^^ns BarUng, 

TbouLM Tjit>or, Oert. of KftmvcUu l^ellov*. e^. I&ae^ 
(coDSfPt of faUicr), A Mary Byntt, of KavitcK, Em4 
relict of John Bvatt, dec'; at lUiikBden afa^, or 3* Fii 

£dwanl S^hipton, Ucnt,, of fSUpIc Inn, Baclwlor, SO, 
Bvmo^, W»Low, SO, relict of JoKd Burgiuij, ilec* 

George Uojd^ OenL, of Citr of WiMiniiiutcr, Bachck^ 

LittK of eaae, ttpijuicr^ 23, bcr pareiit« deftd ; ai 

P<»ullr\', or a' Be(itictl\ Paul'i Wharf, 
Ri^bard dnkfn', Gfriit., of StO|FiM<5. Widower, 00, it Marfj 

of tjkntc. W'idcw, 2d; at 8t^piicj. 
Bem^unin U^b, Gent., of S^ $epuK-bre*s. London, Bac 

lleHU-r Eire, of ^^ 3Urtina in Fields, Spinster, 30; atj 
WMlifim WbUtioi^Um, Ucni, of $< Mmrj'9 in Oson, 

Aain Tbjnne, Widow. 20 ; at HorfyiU, Middloiox. 
William Danger, of S^ Clomem Dane*. Baq, Bachelor,' 

Wearer, of & Dunvtan'p W«t» Spmiitcr, 21 ; con 

Cbri*topher Wearer ; at S' Foitli ib© Vir^n. London,^ 
JoKd NicbolU, Gdit, of Cju-bnmpton, co. Sonicntct, Wid 

>Iary Everard. of S» Cleiueiit DaneH. 30, widow of Wfflj 

Gent, dec'; at ^ Faitb or S^ ClciucDt Dance. 1 

SaiiiiktI Flotclier, Gent, of S* Mai^gar«t'« near Roefafiil 

Boclu-lor, 27. A Eatfaenuo Whcoktluy, at L^/ndoii, Spii 

S* Knilb tb*» Virgin. 
Sicicon Wadduigton. Oent. of S^ Clement Dan««, Baobelor, 

CookOt of Anie, Spinater, 33; at S^ Faitli>. 
Niebol&a Burnett, Gent., of $< CleDoenta Daaeo, Bacbfib 

'* Hournnt 'H, A FrAti^v* Hull, of muuc, Sp% 27 ; at I 
TV R^ War'pful Sir tticbuni Hrigbam [nub-. " Higfc 

Ea^thAiD, CO. Essei, Widower, GC. & Eliiabetb 

Sliffoixl, CO F-*iex, Widow, at* i at S* Pt-ior'*, ConJiillJ 
Paul I>\ke, Gent., of Beckoninfteld, Bucks. Widower, W, 

i^ieptions Widt>w, tl*^ at S' Brido'«^ 
Hiicb Tomkinn. Gent, of S' Mailin'* lu Fioldii, Batbelor^aS 

8trachev, of ^j^ Alpbage, lAndon.Spinater, 28; coi 

RhIpEi Slnwhcy^; at S^ Ahtlmffo aforuaid 
Philip CcJUfltaEjiiue, Gcut., of^S* Peter'a iu Tower of Loud 

4^, A J udhh Burt, of S> Gil««, C>ripplagato, Widow, 40 

afonMaid i>r S' Alpluce, 
Uumpbrj Waleingbain. GciitM of Staple Inn, Bachelor, & 

Ajiplcfonl, of IX^plford, Kent, Widow. 40 ; at S* Ma ^ 





ft\y 15 Tbooui Bttit G^nU of S" ATi<!r«ir'd, IToIborn. Biclielor^ 512, A Mamrrt 

WMbj of S' 31iirtAd':<. Qw*cn Bitht\ >Spiniit<rr. 2tl. dm. of WiDiam 

WIU*, of M&M^, Qtal. wlio oouH-Qte i ftt S' Slichnrl'a ftfrf*. 
M. 17 Jofm C&nnn. GJ^nl, ^f S< Martm'a id FitM«, Wtdo^ror, %), ft Mnry 

Bdlio, of PAiDe. Spin*t<;r. 23 ; xt S< UortinV m Fielih, ^r S* 

Hartbolonww's tlie Eicliui^, Louden. 
Ml 18 Edgenon WhiUnote, af StcpDor. MiddJowi, CwpcBtf r, Bwtelor, 29, A 

Coilicnnc Bidce«, of mne, Widow, 46 ; At S* F^tbV Loadon. 
Ilk 20 Jobti 8ymp»:in, Rcrni.. of A* &bttl>ow, IMdn^r ^tr^U fUcholor, 35. & 

Bliubetb Svift^ of S< June*, DoIlo'* Ploco, Spituter, 17 ; coiwnt of 

fAtbcT KicJuird Swift* of Mun«, IVferchA&t ; at S^ I'eif^rV, Combtll 
Fob. SO J[>auwl WicbirU=j, Ocut,, »jf * Audnrn^, Hollnmi, IWbi?W, 23, A 

B<»tbya SImDQpton, of City of W^triiiuftt^r, SplikHlvr, '2*2 -, con«4^t nf 

ffttbcr WilliAm Sbrimpton, Clont, ; fit S^ Faith or Cliriot rbitrtb. 

Abnbam WaUing, Oont., of Iliisdon, lfuch^ Bnc1idor,2:;,A K^tbenrLO 

CloflOOi, of City of London, £}p', 20, her pikroata dead i at 8' Clinucul 

Jobii WaUoii, Otnt-. of S* Androw'a, Hi>lborn. Bacbolor, 27, A 

CAihmne llarker, of S' Clmaloplier'*, London, Spinster, 23, Uor 

panntA dc*d ; at S* Cbrirtcphor'e nforcmid. 
TKomju lluxboo, Gunt,, of H" MWtio'a in Fiolda, Bai^boLor, 80, A M<*tojr 

Brooke, of «ame, Spinwler, 35 ; at S* Faith*B. 
UeDJamm Wyiijn^oii, of Great Burvt^iul, co, Khxox, Olork, Bachelor, 

30, A IVance^ Archer* of same. Widnw, 30 ; at Great Huntoad aforo* 

pftii! or On»ott, CO. &Hci^ alleged lij Itoiir; \Vj-»iri^»toi», OeaL, of 

the lunur Tcinj>Uv 
Bo«r3edlej. Gent., of S^ OUvo's, Hart Street, Bacholor, 29, & Aijiio 

StoiLght4}n, of S^ Andrifwy Holliom, SpiimUTt 23 ; at S* Uathoriiw 

Crcc Church. 
WJUiani rtftthbopo, Gent., of S' lloniictt'», PduVn Wliwf, Widower, 4*. 

A Prance* CelHoh, c*f H^ Pnitli th<- VSr^in. Widow, 43; at 8< 

Leonajd's, Foaler Lane, or S* Faith 'a ftforeswd- 
Muinaduko MuncitoD, Gent-, of S* Martin')* m FicIdH. nackelor, 25, A 

Alice Carrington. of aaiue, 7ip\ ;jo ; at A^ Auu'a, Alderegatc 
John Shnrpo, of Fittowdl [«>, r' Priltlowoll], co, EiAOi, CKcMomonffor, 

Boi'helor, 25, ^ Joann Gnodind, r>f Lew, ou. Rmiex. S(niist«r, IS.lior 

piirDni* dead ; at S* Micliaerii, Queenbithe. 
Job:! SL^1(>, Otrt, of Htjipk Inn, Hjiohdor, 3£t, & Francw ITt^ffhc^n, of 

S^ Gik'*', CripiJlui^aU', Widuw, W, late ux. John Jlugliua, dot^j at »' 

pQWr lo Poor or S^ Mury Wooluoth. 

-, 1(H0. 

w. 25 Duiiel Bonltrr, Oont, of 8' Giles in l^oldn, Widowvr, 38^ A Hru-n 

LttWTeiKW, of ^1 Mzktthcw, IViday Strotft, HpioHtor, 30, her parontji 

dead; ooD^nt of her unde Malthovr Trevi* [P], of 8' Matthew, 

Friilav Htrcet, H^Usr ; at S« F.-vith'n it S' Marjcaret'i, l^ndoii. 
Uar. 27 Tliouia? Tococke, Gent., of HammerBmitfi, MJda[4M«x, Widower, W, A 

jHabol fSmilb, of unrnm Widow. Ul ; ni S' Ch^iiictat Oanw. 
w. 30 JMtiiu 8aiidyH, G«Dt., of S> UnHiu'i m Field*, IloolteUr, 2i, A 

Elismboth' \ewbeiTT. Spinrter. IS ; coiuont of fallier M iihwl Nt^w- 

bernr, of Ricbuofid, co. 8urroy, Ut^nt ; Mi Bmiuford or Fuiliam, 

Mu*. 30 JobiiStc«reii#,OeDt,.of S' Martii^'a in Pfailda, Widowrr.'ll. A laUaboUi 

BKht, of Hamo, Hpv, 4Ui Hi S< AiMrvw** in iba Wnnlrih^ 
Uflr. 31 Robf^rt WAterfa<HlP^^nt.of 8> 5lihlraii, Hn>a<l Htm^t, IWh', 2^K A 

Alice Prinoe, Hpbuter, 2:f or 28 ; At rhajirl of KntMtUtwn err H« 

QiJee m the Fields. 
rOL. IV. S X 













Map. 23 



Uar. 24 


Apra 1 

AprO 8 

April 3 

April ft 

April 13 
April 19 


April 2i 
April 25 


Sparitr^ of a* RvmiK^V pAnr» Wh&rf. ttpinntcr. 1»; ronin 
baher Jobo Spukce ; At S' PftiibV 
JoCin Dtflfbt^ Giimt^of t*^ Botolph. AMwvgato, Bacbclor, 2B, A ^m. 
Eflitwvortk, of 3* Oik*, Criimlmite, BoiaMter, 25 or 20; oi S* ' 

Tltomu LoddineloQ [mb*. " LudintoQ "1, of 8* Andrew'* tTm! 

Tftilor, BftcbeJor, dl, A Hu^ Cfiurcb, of same, Sptiuter, ^1; tl I 

Aailrew U&i!cn!aftafor«nKl. 
Ovorgo Nccdtifttn. Geni,. of LitUe Wjtn^fnScy, H«rta, BftnMnr.tti 

l&rb^nh V-.ich, Sjun-tpr, IS i confmt of her motliBT Dbuw Pc 

Fitctr. 'Wklou ; ol Wottllum Wntn-, ro, E»ici, 
Jami** (ttat. (icmt, i>f M^r^unmvlcr, 1^'Tir^ur, 2A, Jt Alk« 

a miiBlt-r. 2S ; »l H> Ok-tsirut bant-d. 
AbmVAm Man, iMit, of S* ndnitnit'ii Kait, 11iu:lH>1or, 21, A 

Gintinrr. Spiiiolrr, 2*2 ; At $^ EleTcn'e, BirikopmcsU, 
Sir Tl>oiUBa Cuioii, of t^tv of Wf jlmiujiler, Biir*, nidowet. 40,Ai 

Andencn, WijIow. 25 ;'nt S' Mid»nd"H or S' i^Wifli^uVmtri? 41 
Boberi Swajw, Otni-. of Wwiii^ r?\ Wt- of Elj, chjl Cudl 

IWbpJor, 24. ft M»ri Frw-niHi^ of S' >fjir>- HiU, Ixin^oixiV^ 

ber fntbcr > cOQM'iit ; si ^^ yinry ut llitl afcremU, 
FnincU DiT. Gent., of MAid^tone^ Kent, Bacholor, 22, it Sm i 

SjuhbUt, 3D; nt S* KrMcV 
EdnnrO 84d|-wii*k, Oi^nl.. of Cluppuif Ongpv, Butf^T, BftcWLor, SI 

ftttbcr'* c^n^cntn, & SunnnA PalUviciDe. of nnie. Spinster. 32 : ^ 

sent of IkT ffttb«*r Tobiiui PalUTidiH', &«q., A hir brother 

FalUvicJDc. i-^q. ; At S^ Fiiih's, or S^ Stephen's. Wftlbrook. 
Bo^-trr ^^^11^7, Ut-Qt-, of lltullcj, Mi<i<ll«vri, IlAcbcfor, 30, A Jof ' 

Athky, of City of Lojiaon, 30 ; At S» F«ith'-. 

John Rur^be. Oi^nt , of All ilallovrtt fiaLrkiDfi, Bachelor. 24« A FiUO' 
Veotrcw, of S^ Mnrtin Outwich, Spiiwu^, 'iO, her father dowl ; «*- 
•cnt of h«ff motbor Frances TentreU, of 8belford. eo, dsbridA 
^Vi^ow ; in cbnpcl of & l'«lil**, CoTont Oiiricn- 

Apnl27 John Ifkkd. Gent^ of Fulham, WUoyt^r, S3. A Antie Modltf L* 
April ao 

NeinHt^r?}, of mne, aboat 59; at Fulham, or 8^ Anno ft AgDWi 

John Oitt^'u*, of S» Albac's. Wm^A Siroot, Ba^bclor, 2-S. A SatJi 3Wr 

■tdo, of Stcpnt^y, ct^, Mi*ld]«'M?i, IW, dnn. of G^orgo >tbipiHi'-» 

T<wkHbur>\ co/flloaceater._who hath!) ebildren liriug A t*'»f »** 

t'ittaic ; Kbc hAth had nothii^ from liim for Uhmc 5 ^cnrs, but W^ 

maiiiUittcd Wmclf ; conMUtof 2 bn^tbcrt A «tft«r> m Wnn, at', 

FrtilbX or K* Mftrr Mflg^lalou. Old Fieb Strwt 
Jolin Batl^r, of Sliitfiam, oo. Suivx, Gonl-» Widoww, 3<), A Itoh^ 

Jon^ of i$> AJbau'tf, Wood StnM, AVidovr. 90 ; at S* Failh ihe Wrf^, 
Tboi&aa Joae^ Gcct-.of Stanvt^ll, ^fiddluaex, Baclielor. 30, A li*^ 

Homvr, of sanw, &miiat«r, au; consent of fatb«r Tbnma* Ho*t»^ 

G«nt^ ; at ^^ Fnith tiK- \^ireiD, l^ovidoa. 
BJuard GJlb<rL Geul , of CliffofdV Inn, Ba*'h<>W, 2«. A Eliial*^ 

FnincY. of S* I/*wrcn<», Old Jurr, Widow, 34 : at ^^ FaithV 
George Willan, tieul., of .S' MurtirTt in Fivlds, Bachelor, ^ A Bad* 

Taylor, of Dcrbjr, co. Dt^rby, 23 ^ at &■ Panms tf/m KcDtwbtii«i>- 
John Meeeb, G*aX, of H* a«Aioni Diiii«4, Wi<UiM«r, 25. A Uarbtfi 

Uorale^, of the While Friar«, London, 8|>iiiater. 23 i cooaeut of 

motlx r. a Widoit ; nt S^ FaithV 
Umj 12 Tbomaa Coale, Gent., of S^Martu'e b Fields, Bttcbelor. 22, A BU^ 

brtli SAitcr, of 9 Duiutaa'a "Weot, Sj^intiU^r, 18, with tui cxpectalf ' 

from htTT Fatbor, he hnng of a wMik ottalo A hamg nuuny cbiUta^ 

at S' ftlaiy. lalingtoQ, or S* Bartlioloimiw near Kxc^go. 




















Suiab Allm, of omc. Sp'. 22 ; ftt S' Faith or Chri*t Cbiirt^h, Ix^nd. 
WillUm Powell, Geni.. of S^ DoH^toj;* W«^l, Bach', :iO, A Mftrr Smith, 

of 8* Andrw'ji, llolboni. Sj/.SS ; at S* l>ini&tan*8orS' AodrcV'sAfB*. 
^'J^Iktlui^uW E^riiiv, Ewj., uf S' Martiii'H in FidrUn \V»l*»wrr, 50, & Jrttio 

MatUii'* in Uw Vintry. 

TUoinu Flectjn)^, (JenL, of Snantoii Morlev, c»>. Norfolk, Gent>, 
Bik*bclr>r, nl«r<t 25, A Mai^oiy lU^, of V AntlrcwV, llolboni, 
&piartUr, 17 » oonncat of lier father Gvotro Be«d, lutilioldor l at S* 

Thoiaw Palnujr. Ociit, of aaUvload. Diiriiflm, Wiaow', 6^ J "Klii*^ 
Dowlo, *»f S* 01av<^"^ iUrt Street, Sp', 21, al ■disposal of Sir Job 
Uaitm\ K\ i>f tfjuiw jMriJili ; »t H* OIatc'k, H^rl fftrt^Ttn 

JoliP Ual«, 0«&t,, of & Dunft«ii*« We«f, Ba<;1ic)or. :$0, JS^ Bncl-;ot 
Church, of kS* Bn<Le's. SpinHter. 20; consent of ber ftLther Tbomw 
Cliurch; at S* BeniielV Paol"- ttTiftif, or S' BridiaV 
o«i» Ikol, Gent, of S- lyiAir AMcrnuinburf, Bat^bcl^r, 24, A KAth«* 

Tine WUliiUU. of StcptrT, S|HO-ti?r, 28 ^ ai S' Vuth'n. 
Anti»otiy I-ee, G<^r!t.. of S^ Ck-nit-ut. l>A(ie4», BAoWlor, 40, & Mnry 

Banlott, of S* Gcor^i-y Southn»Tk. SpiimtoT, 22; con*i"ni of Iwp 

J^tlier JoLn BarUe^t, GeuL ; at S^ Aime'», Bluokfmm, or S^ Bennet, 

rouJ't WLarf. 
Thoaifl* Wiekpt*ttL Gorrt., of » AndrowV Hoibom, Widowor, 3«, * 

Jaa« Bowy^T, of anDko. Sj>iu»tor, aboTo ^6 ; at S^ F*«ith'd, 
Jftintfi Legnwd, Gent., of S' Dutul«n*» Wost^ BwWor, 2-% A H^?lootu 

tfmtowe. of 8^ B<)tolpb, Alder^gatOy Spinaler, 23 ; eonaeut of her 

mothor Judith BrUtow^jj at 5' BouuotV Paul"* Wharf. 
11 Johft CrftiguxytL Gcat., of S^ Hartiti*!! in PieltU, Btu:)ii>1ar, above fl3, ft 

AiLKO Aice, of aame. Sj>*, about same age ; at S' Faith\ 
Georffc Ali^n^ E««).. of Hatfield Pevcrclt^ cc, Bmcx, Widowrr, 39, ft 

Jurtha Jonetf, of S^ Anne's, BUckfriard, Spiiut^r, 'SI, her paroata 

(lc»d i at S* AnnX Blft<;kfnnji!. 
Charlie Conj«'ak*vii [*!'*• »ub».], G^nt , of S' AndrowV Holhoni. Biurh', 

21, his father de^l (conaent of hiti niotlicr Ofline Dorothy Corn- 

wallip), St Edith Neww, of S^ Bntolph, Binhopiv^tt^ 8i>inKtcr, IS, 

her parents dead; %l 6* Faith'^, or k>' Audrow's, llolbornH 
2 Tbomiu itobbinji, of Chy of WcKtmin^ti^r, Q^t., Bftcholor, 30, ^ 

ChriHCiui Jonoa, of Mntnn Spimlor. 20: GOturfiot of ber mother Alice 

JoiK«, Widow ; at 3* Clemeut Oaucs or S* Giles in L'lcldi. 
S4 John Chenter, of SU-pncy, Miinncr, Udichdor, 22, A Marj' Milbom^ of 

mnic. SpiiLBt<-r, 30^ at 8* FjtiibV [UoBigufl -t-.] 
5 Arthur Forb««» G«nt., of S^ Martin '• m FioId<« Bachelor, 35, Jc FIikh- 

beth Murry, of aanie, Spinit«r, SO, her piireuta dead; ntS^ Mary 


d TbomoA BaUoum, GeDt., of City of Lotidon, Bachelor. 25, A Judith 

tlili, of H^ Nkh^la* Aco&a, 3p', 2^ ; at S< Kicholaa Acon«. 
fi<*li*rt Xky, Gf-nt, of S^ Andrew m. IWboni, BnAilcir. a«, A Fraiiriyi 

Guriiuii, of S^ Martin's in Field*. Spiuaier, 2S ; at S^ Faith'a or S> 

T^ichoEid C"hi Abbov. 
7 Charier FoixUj^iu. «Tt.'iiV, of S* Giles bi Fieltb, Bac-hdor, 23, bla futhur 

doad, A Buth Hall, of «a[i>4i, i4p^ 27 ; at S^ Fnith *. 
JoMS)li Th4»ina>», Gvnt,. nf .S^ Mary, Sarov. Bu<-hi>lor, 31, Si Wtr.iihc\\i 

Gilmunda, of 8* Audrew^'i^ Uothom^ widow of John Kdmujids, deo^ i 

fit H' FaithV 
Bicliaxd Corbot, Gent., of Debdoue, co. £«Mi» Bachelor. G4, ^ Sara 

Jatnr«. of rA£itnibL oo. Ehioi, Hpiiiiter, ft>; l^onlM^t »f her father; at 


July 2 








Jul J 






Titld. of S' Ducatau'a We«t, Spiiwter, 82; at S* Faith* or 

July G Sjimiiel Boules, of MEd^ite Teeaple, Gent., Bacbdor, 2S, A Ann 

of S' AnMin^. I-oiidon» SpinnU'r, 2i, a ii:*ii3 iHirrimt, at W > 
diftpntiil ; nt 4S^ Fnitlt'fi or CbriHt rhiitvh, L(iiti<li>]u 

July 5 Kobert Uunyoo, Geiit, of Koyaton, HerU, Bachelor, 20 (oonsmtct I 
fnlhrr IJamanl Hunyon), & Mjirg«i«t Bimw, of iwiw, 8g' 
(ct^upwiii t>f Iier f»(W Bicbard Baruev) ; at 8* M&rj 

Jaly 14 Sviicl Warucir, Ocnt, of MwldletOQ Stoiw,co. Oioo, aUem 

of Hem Comuh, Clerk, of All HaUowa m Oion, BMlutWi 91^ 1 
AQiir \^nni«r, of 8' Joliii TMCh^rVt Jxiodon, bl^aubler, 17, ^M-l 
tf* Puui«l Wanicr ; at S' John &ivliary. 
Jam^u Kiju«t nf Brant Cihi^ii', Cio. SoTn^i-Mi, (rent,, AVi^war, 47J 

Anne W&rt, of Tnuulou, ^ co,, Widow, 4t> ; al S' Failh'*. 
Micbw>l BInud. of ft* Alban's Ilcrte. G^ut-^ liacbeJor, tfO, A 
HambleioD, of KeiittiugtoD, Middhwu, f^i^iiut^rt 21, ber 
d«ftdj nt S* F>it1/«, I^ndon. 
John Bdam. Ov-.tU of S« Hiclud.Wood Strooi 23, A Mary 'Vntiml 
eafu«, 3|>in«ter, ITJter parcott dead ; at Staiuetfor^taxiweU, c<i-]' ' 
I'rtor \VU-t<'i>mtM!, (Jvnl,of S» Dunatann Vivtt, Bachdor, 27, A /fi 

FjUln^rlwrt, of S- BriUo'e, Sp*, 28; al B' Mnnr, 8avijT. 
Kjohftnl Tiirney, G*»nt. of Sbpton, Bt:ok-, HjicJi^lor, 24,"A E3l«i 
of On^t S* Birthobnifiw, r>iDclon, Widtm-, 30; at 8* ¥tMX 
Ueiirv Lambc. Gent., of 8< Dniutan'ii West^ Biwbelor, 2S A 
Ilodgkii, of ?^' Ckiineia Dune*, £jp', 23^ conacaL of fath^ 
Hodgkidi at S^ Bot^ilp'a, Aldtfrvgato. 
John lli|;<]oii, Gpnt., of 8< Cleirient Da&M, BBi*]>«l(ir, 90, A 
- VarAeti, of 8> ftlartinV in Pic)d«, Spinster, 30; at 8* CletDrat '. 
or 8' Martin*! in the I'wlda. 
Jolm IJobim, OcijL, of 8* Botolpti, BiibopvgAtc, Widower, ^ i 
Katboriau OohIiti^. of S* I^oooardV Sboivdjtoli, Widov, 40; I 
Chelsea or Fulham, ALddloaes ; alleged by William Goaluig,<v| 
Bololuh, BuhojMgaie, Qeut. 
Chn«topner BCnimre. (rc^&t, of S' Martiu'e m Fielda, Bachelor, Hf 
Elcuor Itookibi^, of ti* Andrew *«, Holborn, Spioat^Ti 24 i at 
ford Bow, Middle^oi. 
Johu JAinoA. (ient., of ('ardiff, co. 01iUDor)-au, Elachelor, 36, A h 
lJiiHM<i,ol S^ Clemeot Daiiee, Spinit4>r, l»; coaaeut of mother Ja 
BiiMct aii^i 1a<wU; at S' 8cpii1chre\ Loadou. 
Jamcv Uurbiii^ Gctit^T ^^ Oront S* BarlLokuDOn-, Loadan, Ba^fhtiloti' 
& Jane Suitb, of naiae, Spinater, 26 ; coaMeut of faU>er ViT" 
8mitJi ; at cburcli or cKaporof 8< iVitCTM 4i/Mtf Kenti4htov&, 
WilltaLQ Lake, tient-, of SiauforJ Rivetw, co. Kodex, B4cbel0rt_33>] 
Kliuibclb Amluii, of WiUiliAin Abbvry, Widuw^ 2^, ruiici of 
Au«tvu» det-**^ ; at All UiUiowh Borkim or Lougliton, eo. Hnu-_ 
SaiidalJ Wettwood. of Stcpuey, Gent., uidowtr, 60, A Anm 

S» BoUlph, Aid^le, Widow, 4S ; at S' FaiJiV UmAoxi. 

Jobu Perriu, E^. of City of London, Widower, 8^, A Amy 

S^ ('lciiL«ut, Ba«t Cheap, £piD«UT, 18, dau. of Halpb Flon 

Bdune, Mt^nhiut. who oomtf^ntii ; at 8^ (ibinkaofa afoMaajd. 

Jobu iihXKh. Gent,, of Gray'8 Inn, iijM:hdor, H ^ Blij»be(h 

of S^ M>n' AMt-riuaiibun', Spioiicr, 22, dau. of Bartl.... 

Bdwardu, o^tatue,Gr<.*cor, wlkocooaenui; al 3* Mai^ AJdoriBaAbuiT- 

Edward C<»cko, of AV'iiybHd««, to. Suffolk, Gentt Batih«br, tt» A 

Mary Lncu, of &^ fkpiilcEn>V LondoD. SpiDit«r, 21 1 at tf 

J^lul a Wharf, or Chobea, UMdlwox. 

Aug. 4 

Au(f, 4 





















log. 2U 


K. 2S 




















Patrick lAmbe. Gcul., of City of Wi-«tmimivr, Bfi^U^lor, 20. A M«rthA 
Bu»M*l],fif S^ Martin's in Ki^lfla, Splatter, IG ; consent of father 
l;iilS» Kaiili ll>o Virgin ;»llcgod bj-fiicWrd Umbe.of 

WiULftoi Ton.'. Orut^. of S' Marr, Saro^, BAchc^lor, 27, Jc Mai^: Ifocooii 
of Miiife. S|>JTiHU<r. tM; LVmr^i-nt of Tier nii^th^r Bli£abL>n) HaynmdJitf* 
BttcoQ, her Entbor ^ctul : Atttntnl b^ \\rilliAm B^^ou, <Tf samo pWe, 
Gent., soQ of H"* Bacon ; at f? Futih'n, or S^ Amii* V. BWkfmnt. 

^tA^T Fonf, of ^imv Spinatcr, 20; LV>m<>nt of mother EUinor Pord, 

WiioT . At 8' Paucr^d <ttiiU Keuticlilt>%'U. 
Juhn Atuiyoj. Gt?iil-, of Ck^(*Hf'f Ttiti, BncJidor. 20. A kTartha Lownii«, 

t}t 8* Mic*iiM?r«T Wood S:reBi^ ^^puuiter, 17. Uau. Df Francis Lo>^'udj, 

of vuiic, QuaUt ^hu coiLvcitift ^ at 6* Mk'kocr*, Wood Street, or S^ 

Ikt^rj Slay 11 ill ^V 
BicWd lljwkGtt. Gent , of S' Mirtan's in Vintrt,, Bftc1i*lop, 2*. A 

Sat* Ujuttball, of CWIniJiford, Khmx, Spliixtcr, 17; ooiTf^cri^t of hor 

xnothor Son HnnUnll alitt^ Bhdj^; %t Spno^fleld or Cbcltiiafonl, 

Tfkbolas FoMier G*iit-, of S* Kfiripin'L PaU<*nit, A Miiri^in^t Walkrr, 

-jf S' fliJe»», Cripj>lofiatr, Spinster. 20, dau. of Jobu Wftlk^nof »wue, 

who couaeuU; at »' Uiltn afii', or 8^ Juinun, CloriciMiwdL 
WilUaiu ItjUTt-t, (lent,, of IJarkiug, oj. Chmti, B;bclK*lor, :J^, d Elir.Hbolli 

Cuckff, of Gr*v'H Tburruck, h*^ 4^>., 'Widow, About Baiuo Agit, rolict of 

Ambrose Cocke, dau^; At Thurrock, co. Bsiex, or 8^ M&ry MagdiU«i], 

Old Fi»h Suvcx. 
GeOTK^ Droadhuret, Qent, of S* ^^ Bomeraet, London, Back', S't, A 

Hc:cn Murrc, of 5* Martini in Fiolda, Widow, 2B ; At S^ Bololph, 

Fnuc» BauDanl, of 8lnttf<ird upon Ifnron, C4>. \^f^n\'Jtik, Ooot-t 

her Dioi^r FriHcJtR Wft1«ou« Widow ; I'lt fi^ Kattb'rt, London, or 

ITikckiioy, Mi4c1«M0Jc. 
Thcmiu Twj-fonl. iJimt, of S< Nfartin** in FioW*, Hachclor, 27, A Jane 

iUrper, of S* Gilcd in t^elds. Spmster, 20; i;on»i"iit of kor im>tber 

HArbora HArjwr, of Kimc, Wi*iow ; si .S' MntihtTw'n, Kriday StrcL^t, 
Wi^liAui CowK, (3i-uL» of a* Calhermi? CuIukihh, Bockolor, 2'i^ Vt Sara 

<rUrk«t of S' llotolph, BiiEiop«gat^, 8pin*tor, l>i ; oi^nwiit of her 

uncle RichArd Do win, of «iin«v CitJEen & Cordttaiiwr; at S^ Mary 

ftfagdalon. Old huh Street. 
MjUttjow ConingCiby, liait., nf ^^ .Iaulch, Clcrk^^nwi^II, IJuckolor, 5l>, A 

Ami HuUm«, of & SepuIckri^'B, Wiilow, 60; at !^^ Mary, Xaliugton. 
Willinni nc;rTnflr, Gent., nf S* FiOonanrn, Shortiditrb* Widnww, 47, A 

Mary Iticlun&n, of Stepney, Widjw. ijfi ; at SK-iJiicy. 
HoU*ft CloDtoB. <JNmt., of Kyusbury, co. Huntiu^ou' Widower, tO, & 

BUfAleUi Deartlk)ckt^ tf 6^ Botolph, BikUopa^fntv, Widow, 4t) ; ut 

S^ Bolol^b'* ftfoKMid. 
NAtbaiiif 1 i Aiiot], flcnt-, IWhclor, 28. A Man' Owuu, 8|iiQiteTp 2** ; at 

8^ i'mthV, or S* Man MaK-Jalen. Old K*b Street ; ollegod by 

Kicbanl Untn, of fi^ i^fiLrh.-icl IWMNka^v, Uhapmaa. 
FrAKci« Bolt, GvuL, of 8' Mitry, Snrov. Bachelor, 22, A Atiu Ifnlolcy, 

of itaraOf Sp\ 21 ; a.t K< Clement DaM^fi or S^ Buriltof'iinew ih&. Grpiat. 
Robert I'on^ f'k'rk, of S* AI|ihAt;c', T^-ndjui, Bwhrlor, 3(>, 8acliok>r of 

Dinudy, & ElJxabetb Juxon. i»f City u£ Loudon, Spiuatvr, 2S ; 

coaaeuL of bi^r father Thouuu JuioiiiOf City of Chichotrter, Esq. ; at 

S< Mary at Uill, Loud. 
Ooorgo lint. Geut. of L&n^toft, co. Lincoln, IWhotor, 31, <fc EUxaltfttJi 

UfiLbe, 3piiuit<Tr, 24, bor prnxMitn dead ; «t & Faith tbv Virgin, LoiuL 


Oct. 21 

Ociv 21 









Not. U 

Nqt. 13 
Not in 


W»lUr 3f ore, 0«nt., of CockfleLd, co. SuMXp Bftehftkr, S3, A Btiubitk 
1 Trm of »' Uotolpb. Aldeiregito, Sptnftei^ 25; at S< Ubij UA^dilai, 
M:kk 8trrct* or Unckrfrr, MidcUesei. 

bcth Mutlin-, of uae. Widow, 37 ; mi 3^ Qtlot in the Held*. 
LftvreDce Tw^nc. Gent, of S> Cieneot'e Daaes, Bachelor. 2^ & 

Kliimbcth hnrmt, of OotUionc, dumj, SpLoiter, 1^, Iwr fojTQii 

dcftdj ci>n>«Qt of ber ffttbcr in Uw Howu^ Bickcr^^tft^e^ <>* 

QoJitOM afoTma*cl, Grat ; at 8< Oiles to FMds, or S< Martial 

Georoe Koae, E^q^of » Man. Sarov ["Ko»o''inopig. ; eeemi U mil* 

'- iKov '] , Widoii c*r« 4A, A AU^fUK-D Pnto^ 

8|/, 30 ; in cliAjKil iti Oiart«vfuM»«. 
John SftT&fte. Gent., of 8* MftHm'a in Fields. Baclielor. 27, t SanA 

Bullock, of itunt, S|niiitter, 24 ; conaent of Iier mother Eeeb' 

BcDock 4i/t># Lone ; nt Low Ldirtoti, co. Enwx. 
JiUQca Bbott, Oont., of IUtIcv, cq. 'Bwci, Dttchelor, 2i, A Sun GUb^>>i 

of BMtne. Widow, 25 ; At lUjIej or Tbuidmle^, €0. Enei, or 

S* Faith tht Virj^ti, LondoD. 
UtoTj Osbonie, G«rLt., of City of W«at«iinatGr, Badkctor, 22. A AlJei 

L««-)^ of «nfEkc, fSiiinj^tcr, 22 ; Iht tnothoKa coowtit ; at 3* Martitm. ia 

Edward Harlow, 0«&t., of Cambnds«, Bachelor 25, A Eluabetb 1><A 

of S> JiuiM. Clerk«DiroU, Widow, 23 ; at .S> Bthelburgh. Londoiu 
Chrtatopher HwJ, of 8^ Lawreoce, Did Jury. iTonmoiif^, Bachelor, 229> 

A MB,ry Cnckiiu, of aiiic, Widoir, 37; at S^ Faith thg Vtrgs^t 

all6m^ by Joho Uurd, Owit., of S' HiTichooK Qtiecohitho. 
Uichard Bamcs, Gent., of S' Peter ad A'incula in Tower of Loncl*:»ti, 

Wid<iw<-r, 27, A Uar^ret Jonoa, of S« Botolph, AJdgntO, Widow, ^» * 

at 8^ Failh'tf, London, 
ThoiiiM LinU HciiL, Willow or, CO. A Jrmc BMton^ of 8" MArtm'i 

T^^UU, Widow, nhnvi' kl ; At S< Paiihy Ivondon. 
Jamefl Harr)-, Gent., of 5' Uotolph, Aldi^ale. Widower, S4, A L; 

Pervoy, of aamv. Widow, 2-i ; at H* Faith th<i Virgiii, Loadon. 
Bicbanl .S|^ningor. Ocut.. uf 3^ Jume?*, Dixbe'a Place, Bach% af IS _, 

Mill MaJL-ity'ii Ward (ooiiBont of hi« undo Jt gunrduui M'' Ed w^ ^ ^ 

8pran(;eT, Clerk). A Susan S|ininic<*r, of HatIow, co, Ei«m!I, Spmat^^^^' 

about 2(\ dun, of «*^ Edward >^pniiiger ; At S^ AJphage, London. . » 

Snmud Solwoi>d. Oeiit.. BacbeloMiH, * Ann Baker, Sp', 21 ; conac-^^5!, 

uf futluT Itobcrt Dukcr. of Seub, co, Kent, CleA; at S» Peter *' 

t'ornbill^orS^Bcnol Fink. 
Thomns Uil^m, Frf«j„ of Benton, co. SoutJ**^, Bachelor, 26. A Edi 

Bolii^worth, of Itocgntr, oo. Slumi, ^inater, 10; conwmt of 

Kinndfuiher Poior Bccin^^orib, of Eow^Ue afoTe«aid, E^. ; 

S^ Mftry Woolnol)), r^nilou i oUcgcd by WilLinm Ft^vkc, of Li 

S^ Hurtlinlomftwy Clrrk. 
Willifttn Wiliiauia. Gtnt,, of S^ Mar^;:arot'«, Weiilminwt<ir, Widower. 34> 

Margafvt Uicnckc, of S^ Clements UauoB, Widow,«2; atS* Bcnnet'^^ * 

Pauri. Wharf. 
Jobn C^niTiwoJl, Gent., of HunU Pclfuim, HortM. IW'bcIor, 21, Jt QumM^^^ 

IWatod, of S^ Pnuiy Waldcn. h^ co-, Sn\ 25 ; at Stopnoy. 
TImiuk* Milward, GeuL, of Hairkn^^v. Middletiox, Widower, 32, A Jan^^ 

LiltklOD. of «amo, &|>iuKtvr, :£2, 1icr mrents dead ; consent of ha^^, 

\\\w\v Sir Tlioma* Litluton, K* ; at Boructt, 1Iert«, or Low l^ytoo^ ' 

|M«wt\l Mcwr, Gent., Bjichelor, 23, & Dorothv Clifton, Sj^. 17* 
«^«««il of W parouta Robert & CuLhoriiio Clifton ; at 3^ Faith tk^ 





I (HO 

^ 1 

)m. 9 



Ul n 

[Hit 13 

Dfc Ifl 

Ik 10 

Fnnctfl Aston. OenL. of S* Kjltj k* Stnud, B:u<he!or. 30, A, Maixuet 

Siepben f^ouue, Kaq., of TbuHou-, co, Suffolk, about 2S. Btm & heir of 
Sir Wil iatJi S,mT ;c'. K'. A 5f *ry Bwinistrcy, of S^ Miiniit'* in rirl*K 
22, wiJvw uf La* Tviict' Bwiijiairej', dev* ; couseut of ft"^ Sic William 
Soamc ; at S* MjirtiTra ftfon'-,iiJ, or S^ Wnrv, Sutoj. 

RctMHi GttMiacr, Ortit,, ni MitHmm, Sum'/. UnchcW, 20, & M»ry 
Ftcwiian. of S' Sepulchre's, SjtiDiiU'i-, 21^ her parcaU dead; at 
J*' Botolph'n, AlOri^ntfv 

G>d»>u riflbtT. Emj., of Ciirlctou, lied*, IWUd^^r, ZO, A Juditl Ljricolt, 
Sjiiitrt4>r, IS, dau. of Hichanl Lvicott, of Hur^'nti, ro, North*^, 
&<r, wbn cnnm-Dtsi; at S^ Bcnia^l'v, Pim]> WWtf, or S^ DiinitUii'i 

ICetin MTUon, K«q., of 8)LE}»:mi, Satup. Wtiiovh'cr, >I0, A Siuan ParlK^n, 
of S' ' Ludi'Ato. Spiii»tcT; 92 : in tlio cliApol of 8* Jmuca in 

tbi-M . '^ 

JeiliTi Malltfit, of THuity, Miticfriea, Gent., IWketor, 2fi, A Anne T^ 
NtTO, ef S* I'U-incmt Dane*, Sfpiaitcr, 20; oonwmt of ler fnllier 
Jvffti^ I> Xeve, D^ ff PlijBic ; at S' FWtb tlic Virgin, 

Tliotiuu Vftrbf, of H^ ICduioiidxhurj, 8iifFoJk, U^Dt./ EtacMor, 21 A 
ttpwu-iU, btH paTViita both dead. A Marf CliiU, of Fi^Uu^l, Eskcx, 
ttpiuatcr, nbore 21 1 content of her ptarenU ThomaM A Klnmbotli 
CliU<le ^ al B<^rohaui or SpnrLgtleJd, Kuox ; alleged by Lyoncl Chile], 

of S« B!ioli4€lV Wood «lKM^t, GlijI. 

SAini*r1 K(>Jli>. C]fvk, nf S^ P<>trr*n, rornMlU A Mar<r Rmm^, of mrao, 

Spinvter, abuuc 20, Jau. of Maximilian Kniilte, Sec*; lier uiotlier't 

cement; al W' Man ^Uyituii^ or ft^ Mchoiw Cok At»t)ey. 
TWmas PaJriRT, Ik'iiL^ of M* Ck-uHinl DaiiiM, Ua< hetor. 22, A El]/.al<^th 

S«nTor, of 8* Mftnin'* iti FiutdK. ^piiixlvr, 2'2, lior p«rent« dciid ; ut 

S" Martiu'i in Ficlii* or t^^ FailK the Virgin. 
Pwmcia CroBse, Gent,, jf Great All Hallwj, Tbamea Slrwt, Baoh% 2t, 

& r^ilatloiphi* Pollard, of City of W vnttDtntU^T, »pinHt«r, 22 ; at 

Qreal All HalloirB aforvMAU or S* Failb'^. 
Thorn** Cnpp-, (**nL.of S* Msjry.SAv^y. H*t^h',24. A AmpViilH* Wal.U, 

of aame« 3p', 30; at S< Bennett. Paiur.-i Wlarf, 
Thomaa Tarlor, Gent., of Wbepsled. Suffolk, Widower. 27, & Mary 

Knight, of S* Botulph, Aldun^ato, Spin«tcr, 22 ; eoiiKtiitt af Iior 

mother Penie Ktiight atiit* M»rhury, Widow ; at S^ Jauioa, Garlick 

John BgU, Oeot, oE S< Martin's Fieldii, B^teliebr, :iO, & Elliaboth Huy, 

of Mim€, Widov, 46i at S* illArtin'a «foro»ud, 

Jamn S««d, G^nt.. of 8^ Mari^aret's, WeatnaioAter. Dac1ie!or. 2^« & 

Julian Brtioc, o( aaiUfi'i Spin^iUT, 22; hcr mothora consent; at 

S^ Andrew'fl Wardrobe. 
WiUiiim IlEirtOQ, Gont, of S" Dcnnot Gracoi^lmreh, IWhclor, 32, A 

Anue Ptii»on, of S' Peter lo Poor» Spiintor, 24 ; at tS^ Miuhad, 

Que(uhithc, or S' Uarjr MBfidalen, Milk ."iitreet. 
(Jeora« Httirgi^, Qent, of H*- Martin'<i Fields, bachelor, 2B, A Anne 

Mott^nJicud, of miue. Spinalor, Z&; at 3^ F^tti'a, or Q^ Mary 

Mmgdol^^n, Old Fi«h Strooi. 
Jiihu Oakeley, Gent., of S^ Mar^are:\ WestioiuiiUir, Baehebr, 4L, A 

LaoTMla Panton, Spinster, 21, her parents dead; at S' MarUu*a, 

IiUd^to, or Chriftt Cimrch, l^ondou. 
fi«bort ShattoKiU. Qcfit., of & GiW FioId«. Bachelor, S2. A Anno 

Cmftn, nf »amc, ^ontor, 22, Jjor |ureuta doad ; at S' FailJra. 


J:iii. It 

Jan, 12 

Jan. 14 

































Mar. 2 


JIunirn'T Ormp, T^., of Citr of Petcrl>oToush, CO, X^rth'**, WiJ 

liitf wife of Uit Rrv*^ Fathrr iri G(i*i Frnnriji Dec, Wc Lord 

of rplerfcnroucb, ilcL'^; at S' Kaith'ti. 
Dionyiiu* WakiTmg, (Iciit., of KcWctloii, Ha»i*x, floolielor, 2<i, A Id 

Evi-nird, of WultUum Ma^tk. Ebm?s, Spiuat^r, IT ; coiuient 

father Sir Hicliard Evcrard, at same. Dart; at WaJtbam 

Thomas Calrerlev, Gent., of S^ Botoiph^a, BiiliDgBgate, B«eh^ ^. i 

Cbn^tiiuL Wfllkcr, of fiamv, Sptn^lcr, ^f <idu. of Jofcu Walkfr» i 

City of Yort, M^rc1i&Dt> who iron^GJiU, am ^Ibo Iot uirnt Jboo "" 

wtUi ythota »bo breth : at the pariah church aforesaid. 
Yincent Corbctti Otnt, of 8< CIcTiient Dane*, BAcbulor, 22, ft BU 

<:hurvh, of same, Spiiiiiien 22 ; consett of tether £dward ' 

OcJit, J at S^ pMiiy i'ovrTi* (Sfttxicn. 
Tturitiolonieu- Aahdowntf, Ornt . of Cliff[>r<3'H Tnn, BiM*toI<*r, 27, A Miffl 

Cuddon, of Cbiswick^ Middlesex, 3d, widow of Thomas C\iiiJim,j 

Qeut., Iali> of aani^, deC^ ; »t CbiKwitk. 
Snntticl Scotl, Gout,, of 8^ MArtiu'e in Fields, Bachelor, 22, & AnoeJ 

Marrow, of <SirntiacoT»bc, KoJit, Sp%2G; al S^ KnilhV 
TliomaH StaiidiNb. E«ii.. of Duxburjr. co. LancaaUm Badielor, 23 (bif 

htthcrn cnnnciit), & fili^-aboth Vaux, of 8^ Martin's id Yim 

tlpiQsUr* 20, dan. of George Vanx, £aq., of Kaae, n-ho o^&senti; J 

S* MarUn'n in the Field*. 
ViUiam GrilBtb. Gcmt., of S^ BIait, Savoy, Bu^fulor, 22, A ftffl 

Cooper, of saiue, Widow, 30 ; at S* Mary, Satoj. I 

Eicliar^I TowTiiicnd. Qt^nU of S' Botolph, Aldgato. Widower, 50t *| 

Elizabeth BaTeney, of Wlepnoy, Widfiw, 60 ; at S^ Failb V 
Jobti ralk-ocf. 0<'[it-, of S' M,\rtjir» m Fielda, DacWlor. 31. ft Ai^^ 

fininrr, of liilliTiplnn, Middlrsrt, Spiiuti^r, 32 ; »t S' Gilra in Fii^ld^ 1 

or fe* Marliu'w. t^udj^te. I 

CharlcH Daric", Gr^nt, of S" Gilw, CVipplegato, Bachelor, 22, A Ana*' 

Luikiu;^, of Huuie, Widow, 23 ; at S' Qiiea afir". 
WJlliam ftoum, (Jont, of S< Martin a Fiolda, Bachelor, 3j, ft Uars»^ 

Hill, of same, Spinster, 2i; at 8* Faith V 
John Tollok, Gout, of S» Botolph, Aldgate, Bachelor, a*, ft Chris 

Clark, of same, Wido\*, about aame Bgc, lato wife of Andre* 

Harper [*i<?]t dvc**; at Q* Failli'H. 
Jahn Eobe-rU, Gent, of S» Andrcw*a Wardrobe, Widower, 40, ft Jad* 

Willinmw, of name. 46i at S* Bemietr*, Pau I'm Wharf. 
John Fiuch, Gent., of 3' Martin's in Fielda, Bachelor, 23, ft EUiab** 

KUl, of flame, 28, widow of Vonoliue Hill, dec*; at 8* Maiy St**' 

dnlen. Old Fish Sttwt. 
William SpcDcer, Gont.. nf Orcy^t S< BaHhnlofnow, Widower, Sft, * 

Marlbn English, of »aaio, SpiiisttT, 23 ; at S' FaiOi'e, . 

Julius Dudley, Gout, of S* Mnrgarot'», WDstminater, Bnchelor, 3L * 

Jane Gitlbrtath, of »ame» Sp% 26 ; at 3^ Miictliew, Fn<I[iT I^inwl, 
Eobort Hallou, Eao., of BiBliOp StortforJ, Hert*, Wid*jwor,' <>t, A A#^"*^ 

Shutc, of H^ Mildred. Toiiltrv* Widow. CO ; at S' Mirj- WooInoU^ ' 
Thomaa AdomeH, GonU, of ChoHhiinl, Hertu, Widower, 3d, A Elimb^*' 

Emorsou, of «nnnj. Widow, IJU ; at S^ Hotolpfi, AJderecaten 
Jatu(ifl [flubfl. "Jmju<!H"] Fiahur, OciiL, of S' Aanon, Blackfrip^*^ 

Knt'iielftr. 8r». A Judith Hiorott, of «am«, Sp', 20 [or 27 ?]; 

S^ Faith *. 
TbotiuLB Fawcett, Clerk* of Kimpton, Herta, Bachelor, 31, ft Rliuvb^^ 

Kiuiicmiev, of Ohrivt Church, London, Spiiuiter, 18; conaent ,* 

father Jutui EirmoTek^y, Esq.; at Littto 6^ BiutholoiQow cr Ch^"^ 

rhurc'h, f*ourloii 

Jok» EdmoDib, Gmi, of S< 01mve'«, Hjot Btivot, Bodiolor, €0, & £tiu- 
betl Bldwe, of S^ 0]iiiV«, South««ii» "WiUov. 5a ; at All SamU the 

Hw R' Hon. Jolui, Lord PatUett, Bftrouof HintonS' G«oric,coiiBeiit«th 

to tKr niArriiigc of hi* KW 4 bcir Sir Joliu Pauklt, KS 2G, <Jt M" 

Hv^ S^ John-, Abdut 22, dnu- of JO Hon- Tho Lmd \'cn>. wKo 

_ coovofiti ; at [Umk]. 

» fficUni GibbN, G«at, of S^ QiIm Fie1d«, BAdwJor, 40, & Fmucos 

Aikms, of soiiif, 3j]'. About 45 ; at S* Mary StuyningV 

Jolm Stcrcniton, Gont, of ^^ Martin** lu FwJda, Hocholor, 2^, £ £lixa> 

betb Hunci'ti, of MtunOf SiiitiKter. 35 ; »t S^ Munr WtHjIiioth or 

Bicbard J^tUliatn, Oejit.uf Hope uiidcr Dinmorc, Ksu-'hulor, 'JH, ^ Cici!; 

Bftiuidcn, of City «f WwnuunBUrr, Widow, 84; ftt 3* Miulius in 

Pi^ldn, or S^ PaupR, Covwt C^ofdon, 
9 Fraocta Jouei, 0«iit., of S- Zhltin-, S;vv(>y. Ba<:lLt-l<»r, :tu, ^ Ci<^lie Hill, 

of 8< liartba Fidd«, Widow, 35; at i^^ Taitha or S^ Martin'a 

D Kichard Joluison, Gout,, of Chri»t Chur<:li, Loiid<in, Docbelor, 36, & 

Mftry Partrr nf S' TWolph, Aldrr^jrntn. Hp', 1 *l ; roi^nnnt of mnthnr 

Marv Pari:er, of name, \\ idow ; at S' FaitirH ^^^ Hii'li^ate {*lm|ier 
TlK)inaji WiUN{Htnri.\ (ri-nt,, ot' WslThatn nVbhoy. Khhoa^ Wid\ i2, A Mary 

Bljulli«*]i1, of H&me, ^|i'. >$0; ;Lt S' Mary \V'oi>lcliurch- 
I Thomaii Howo, Gent., of Gmy'fi Iniv Ifibcbdor, 21*. A Hurtt tJi^<*rOt 

of All HdlitWH. lloripy l^nc, Si>in«tor, 33 ; coimcut of fnllier 

William Geere, of baate, Cltuen & Ihapor; at AJJ Uallowa aforeaald 

or Great H^ harlbolomfrw, 

ThooiM Warren, Gent., of City of Wostminatcr, Bach', 24, & Hoat«r 

Ncntou, of jiaiiics Sj)iimt4-r, 24 ; at 8^ Authi>lin*d. 
lialttaniol Drake, of Colo hotter, oo. E««ox, "Com'trr." Bnclielor, about 

29, Jt Sarah Demhoiti- of H^ raul*i, Covcnt Gardon, Widow, about 

2* i al S^ Faith'5, t^r 8^ Beiiuel-, raul'w Wharf. 
Ilcury lAmb<\ t'lork, of Armilago, cc. Dorset, Bachelor. 125, & Dorothy 

fiifltiey, fjmjthk-r, IS), ber pareitU Utad ; (^oiiBeut of KicW^ GiydJ, 

Adm'ur of hor father F^'aiKir* tiidony. due'' ; al H' Fatlh':-, 
John XuthnJl, Gent, of Stajiloa Iiiu, UikL-helor, 2^, &> Ktbiwe* Brialt, of 

Lnjfh, CO. KaHei. SpiuBter, 20, her paronta dead; a,t Kochford, 

Rmx, or S' Mary, Whitochaiwl. 
Anthony Eau*ii, GeDt.. of 8' A^Urow'*, Iloibom, Bachelor, 1^ (cocBeut 

of father IlGorr Knton, Getkt,, nf AnKbortic, eo- Dorby), So Jabo 

Twine, of S^ .{ndrvrur'ji, tlollioni, Spinatmr, 10, h<*r imwnu dtvui 

(consent of her unele Joha Bowaley, oSiA^ Andrew's, llolbum, Inji- 

holder) ; Hi S' Faith^«. 
Thomas Ludiu^toti, of ^Stepiicry, Yeoman, Dachclor, 28, ^ Mary Hotu, of 

S' Mary* ^^ bitociiapol, Sninitor, ST) i at 8^ Mury, Whitnohnpel. 
Thona* TrAV(<l], Gout., of HaverHhaiu, DucIia. Widower, -11), A, ;\Hco 

Smith, 30, widow of John Smith, Vcotnaii, f\ve'* ; at 7S^ Ijcouard*«, 

8liOTeditch, or SLratford Bow. 
Mallbuw I>Aito0, Gout-, of & Mary, Wli^tcchbpol, Wi<lowor, 30, & 

FJjKabGth Hi>pp«r, of S' Htrphmi'ii. CijlcTnan Strt?L*t, Spinator, 24; at 

9 Han' Slamtig or S^ Micbaol Basiflhaw. 
"William Ivic, Genl., of S* Martin** in Firld-, Bm=hclor, 28, A Flora 

Bfu^r, of namt, apinai«r, 27 ; at a' Faith's. 
Tltoniaii IluUhiiiPOii, of S* AnJrow'e, Jlolbom, YcomoD, Bach', ^t, & 

Lvttico Templar, of eame, ^ip^ ^i at 8^ Faith's. 
9L. rr. t L 

25R > tLiantld 


-TiiTi. 1 1 f • -. WiJuvvtr. 'JM. ^\: Alice JJlJirv.of 

' ..■', J-^,-i?i, lt:i^':]t■K>^. 27, & Min 

-. U':hIliw,3>': -: V Mal■lil|■^ LuJijarc, 

il:ii * ■::>lfr. 2li ; i.'.'iir.otit nt' lior t'ailitr 

■ '. V nil Strivt. 

.-" •. ■_-', luT t'aiLt'r "Iciiil ;^iom ofWr 
;.* iWktniiii; iit h^ Gilu8 ill KicMsorS' 
,\ . 

■ S-vMW. Ki"[it. WiiiowiT. 5<), A Antie 
-'^ lorn, S[uii>uv. 22 ; roristTit iff kr 

I Mi'HJu Tviui>lt». l-^?iq, ; at .S' Aiidrtw^' 

. I'>sr.v. S|/. :il: III lloreliaiiL. 
-LV '\, (.iniL, aJ" All Hali.jw?^ SiavTiiui:' 
'- ■.:"rtK\ uf sarnr. Sp'"^ \V2 ; at All Hiiilu^^ 

:' I'ity ctf Wostmin^tt'i", ISarlit'lor, 27, ^ 
' ^ . ' 'rt-'^, ^>|JintfTer, 1*0, hor father deail : con- 
, * ■ \irt\lry alitii JlanU", of ijarno ; at Av'tiUi- 
'*i -sL'U-loLi, IJuckji, liarlu'lor. 12 (ooustur *'^ 
■ '•■ siiiiK^ Gont.), &. Miiry HiJi, of nlu>^'' 
■atluT Bvrijainii] iiill, oP [*"iiuit\ Gent.) ; ^^ 
, ■. :■ S- Jlai-y iMoiiiiiliiiw. 
... V S'=i:iin. oi. Snil'itik. WiiUnviT, 50. A Kli-'^' 
■ U^: ai N<'wiiigtoji. Tutit'iifNirii, or Kdai*-^"' 

■ S' Jaiiuvs norkoiuvi^ll, JSacliolor, 'iTi^ ^ 
^ '■LU'^ijn'rt UV-t, Wiaow. yO; lit ^^ ALiniii"'*' 

^■jrr.. of ][ailifld rtnert^il. Ba«'j:, Badn'l'^''' 
..V, •• sainis S[»^ 21; rit HiitficM afon's^id ''^^ 

'sE'-y s' Kilnjuiiirri, Suffolk, WiUmvor, ij<>- /^ 
^ M 0-^ irt Fiol-K SpiHsti^r, 30; al «' Andiv^'v"'"' 

N I'-iurs, Oiveut UnriWn, Bacht-lor, 22, ^ 

... nv. S|iii|[*tor, 22 ; cuii^fnt of father Kui^^*'^ 

> mi'.'il;i\ CO. Sdriicnuct, i\^o]mm; at S' Mi»-0 

, V i"Ii'iin-nt DaiiCH. Badielor, 22, & Ms»^"^ 
,-. vK.Mi, Spiiirttor, 1!>; coMtJout of fatJ"-'^ 
.. I. \ioi»l,; at S' Fiiith'j*. 
x.i;'.!' Inn, Bafiidor. 27, ifc JSara Porrolt- *'' 
^ .1 I s- DiJiirttaTi'ti AVcst or S' Fnithw. 

\. ^ !i;^fi;iLn. i:o- Norfolk, ailetrcw marriagi' *'' 
'' _. \-\\-\ IVIi, of same, JJacV, 23, & Klizabe^J^ 



Pert, dan. of W" Pert, of Arnolda, par. MountneMing, co. EiBex, EBq., 

who conaenta, aged ab' 21 ; at AfoaotnesBuig or iDgateetone, Esaei. 
17 Sir John Witt«wrong, K', of [?] Berkhametead, Herta, Wid', 23, A 

Elizabeth Midleton, of SUnsted MouQtfitchett, Eseex, Spinster, 23 ; 

consent of father Timothy Midleton, Esq. ; at Stansted Mountfitchett 

17 John Williams, OeDt., of S^ Martin^a in Pielda, Bachelor, 24, & Mary 

Floyd, of same. Spinster, 27 ; at S^ Martin's aforesaid. 
23 Roger Trender, Gent., of S' Peter's ad Yincula in Tower of London, 21, 

liis parents dead, A Anne Pitchfork^ of same. Spinster, 27 ; at 8* 

Andrew's Wardrobe or S* Faith's. 

22 Thomas Brett, Gent., of S* Sepulchre's, Bachelor, 58, & Faith Gary, of 

S* Botolph, Aldersgate, Widow, 45 ; at S^ Botolph afs"^. 

23 William Spring, Gent., of All Saints, co. Hert«, Bachelor, 36, A Elit**" 

Sheeres, of Wormley, Herts, Spinster, 24 ; consent of her mother 
Mary Sheerea, Widow; at Wormley or Amwell, Herts. 

24 Humfrey Tomson, Gent., Widower. 60, A Mary White, of Al! Hallows 

in the Wall, Spinster, 30; at All Hallows aforesaid. 
U John Nuthall, Gent., of Stable Inn, Bachelor, 23, 4 Eebocoa Bright, of 

Great Warley, Esseif Spinster, 20, dau, of Bobert Bright, dec^, her 

mother alao dead ; at S' Faith's, or S* Ma^, Whitechapel. 
26 Griffith Coi, Gent., of S' Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 24, A Sara Nest 

[? West], of S^ Dunstan's West, Spinster, 22 ; consent of father 

Samuel Nest, Gent., of S' Martin's aforesaid ; at Kensington. 
30 Robert Paddon, Gent., of S' Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 23, A Ursula 

Collins, of Shepperton, Middlesex, Spinster, 17 ; consent of father 

Thomas Collins, Gent, ; at 3< Giles in Fields. 

5 Peter Lloyd, Gent., of S< Giles in Fields, Bachelor, 44, A Deborah 

Tyndall of S* Bride's, Widow, 60 ^ at S' Faith's. 

6 John Metford, Gent., now of S^ Bride's, Fleet Street, Bachelor, 27, A 

Isabel Nutt, of same. Widow, 82, late ux. JeconiaH [?] Nutt, dec^; 
at S^ Faith's. 
8 Sichard Brookes, Gent., of Frinsley, co. Hants, Bachelor, 40, A Eliza- 
beth Bannister, of ^^ Clement Danes, Spinster, 32 ; at Brainford, 
Middlesex > 

13 John Offley, iEkj., of Middle Temple, Bachelor, 24, A Dorothy Lytcott, 
of Moulsey, Surrey, Spinster, ab^ same years, dau. of Sip John 
Lytcott, of same, KS who consents ; at 8' Faith's. 

16 Edward Austen, Gent., of City of Westminster, Bachelor, 19, father 
dead (consent of mother Dorothy Austen aliiu Canere, of same), A 
Rebecca Austen, Spinster, 10 ; consent of her father Francis Austen, 
of same, Gent., attested by Joane Ansten, mother to the s^ 
Dorothy [tic] ; at S* Mary Mj^dalen, Old Fish Street. 

19 Nightingale Kyme, Esq., of S' Martin's in Fields, Widower, ahore 60, A 

Elizabeth Pigeon, of Hampton, Middlesex, Spinster, above 20, her 
father dec^ ; consent of her mother Mary Pigeon alias Kyme ; at 
Brainford, Middlesex. 

20 Charles Bich, Esq., of London, Bachelor, 25, son of the B* Hon. Bobert, 

Earl of Warwick, who consents, A The Lady Mary Boylo, of Roe- 
hampton, Surrey, Spinster, 18, dau. of the R* Hon. Bichard, Earl of 
Cork, who consents; at Isleworth, Twickenham, or Shepperton, 

20 Geoj^ Thompson, Gent, of Dunnington, co. Leicester, Bachelor, 50, A 

EEwibeth Trafford, of 8^ Martin's l-^elds. Spinster, 40; at S» 
Botolph, Alders^te, or S' Mary le Strand, 

21 The B' Hon. John, Viscount Brackley, about 18, son A heir of The B» 

Hon. John, Earl of Bridgewater, who consent*, & The Lady Elizabeth 
CaTendish, Spinster, about 15, dau. of the W Hon. Willism, Earl of 



Jot/ 22 
Jul/ 24 

Jul/ 26 



















Aug. 87 







R«wc««U«, w^o oonumta ; ftt S* fHlea, CnpploQi^ 8* JiaM, 
ClrrkcnwoU, or S' M»rv. Uinj^locu 
Jamca Aliller. Gent, of All iXftlbwi Barkiug. Rftcbclor, 33, A Am 

BoWi SpADce, Grut-. oE S' Bololpli, A]<i<Tri|;»to, Baclicbr, 3). I 
HiubMh PiiinMKof ?« Edmund V XjMDbud Stncit, Widun . 34 ; tl 
& PMtkV 

JoMph IitU4>wood, of S* OUvc'fi, Old Jimr, Mrn-baikt, B«ebdoir,; 

Atiue Wan-upp. Spionter, 17; coQMDtof Iwr fiUier 8amuv) Wi^ruj'pJ 
Bmj., Att<vtc<d bv R«l>on W»r«u|>f>, of liuootna bm, tivtil-; 
8< FaitKV or S' Ontiwinc (>«« Cbuith. 

Waller Crook, MA., of S* Daurtnu'd Weel, Bachelor, 25. A Mwfj 
AdiUild, of ^- CieiDfint Djumv, Spicinttfr^ LM,djUL of GdwftH Achb^M 

Sioluni CotUivIl, Gout., of Si GilM id Kiolda. Eju-li«lor. 22 (<oti«nfe 
nf ffttbur Richttftl CuiUfrelL G«nt), A Maiv^^t WaJwiB, of wn&v 
M'idnw, -J4I ; at :>< GHn in tVldi^. or Chiawick. MiddleMx. 

It>l>tirt Huwird. Geuu, of S* LawreDce in Ipewicfa, BacV, 30, ^ 
Cnthonnc Hol^^aur, >>pli»)*lor, t!0, djui. of WiUum HoJg&toj ttntmt^^ 
of bor mother ^frocn wboni htir fAth^r Virtiti j^p^rt] Mjuf^err HoIgiU^<v 
wtio htth ber c^tq A diflpo^a^ ; u S^ £SepalchrQ'&, 

UcoiT Hnkum, U«<tiU, of TuickmhAai, MiildUvex, Widower^ 31 ^^ 
Uftrthft Cook«^ of vAioe. Spuiatvr, 21. duu. of Eduiuod Cookt,<j-^^ 

iMIl<S Gont., who consents ; At StfUllOS, co. Midd!o«o2. 

TkoinM JumMr, Gent*, of AD Sftiufai tlio Lav, London, 'Widovcc^^! 

40, & Eliiabotb StatilAj, of «ujie, Spituter. 30 ; at Cbottv «c:^ 

Fulhiiiu, Midi. 
IHvid DuTJes, Ovnt.t of S^ DuiuUaV Wc^t, HAclwlor, 90, A Abf^^ 

IfkonuM, of Rjitii4>, Widnw, 45, Uto wifo of RirKnfd Thotnui, Omt — — '■ 

dec* i ftt S* Duiulmi'*! We«t, or S* A i)drcw\ Holbom. ^^^ 

Tfaomiia U&rboru«i 0«ik, of City of WefttminatcT, Widowor, 33^ ^^J 

Gonaiil ; at S* Faitb « or S* Hh<U«V 

Duiid Sheldon, Genu of ClifFonln Inn, 40, & TlcUto CKat&U. ot^~' 
»8opulclin>y ^\i'.T2-. coMeolof father Hich*" CliaUicld, of iiuJ i"^ 
OeuL; ai S* Scpulclircft. 

Ed«utl Keunok, Mcrcliuit, Bacbotur. nbuut 27. now retudecl «^ — 
Kotterdaw, A iiuKan Cnuuacr, of «uai« pIjL4M>, Spiiiator, »boiit 29, <UiL^^ 
of WUliun Cranmer, Esq., noir Deputy of tic RntrUvb ^fcTclunt^^ 
ftt Rott«rdjiDL, wbo coDtonU; ii:t KnglUh Chuivh tit liotterdam. ^ 

lA«ck Jacob, of S* Maty, Whilecluwl, UokUnuth, Ba<hvl<ir, 'I\. 

MtiTj Diiffc^ild, of Mmc, 8oiu*tor, 25, at liorowa divpoaoli at S^Mif^Q 
WJiTtPclifliJol, nr S* Kb'1©u ■», IfOndon. 

Qeorge lUutord, GoDt, of S^ Duxulau'i) Weut, Widowor, 5^, A Ami 
lIilKof«*Sepulc}jre^ Widow, 46; at Great S' Bartholomew's, 

ICilward UaAtor, of 3' Mary Alduruiaubuxy, Genu. Bachelor, 22, li" 
fatlii^r liond, & .Tano Bruorton, of MitdLom, Surro/i 3piu»l«r, iT"- 
dnu. of TlieophiluB Bruertoii, dec^ ; conKont of mother M^ry 
iU'tiortou, uf ntmc, Wiilow ; at S' KaitliV [Kegularly vgned bj U»^ 
nnttJrt, but rpoa»eiJ. aud ihc word '* Vnciit "" in margio.J 

t1(ripiiM>ber Cocking, of Thi«LicivortK, Middli?i»o.K, Yooioau, Bbidietor, 41* 
X liliruhrth BL^niK^tt, of Brariford, MiddlMoi, Spinster, 30; ^ 

J«hh (^hunnMoii, nf par S^ Trinity iu Guilfcrd, Surrey, Gent., UjuJitdor* 
V^l, A ^in"'' Terry, of H' MarjH, Giulford aforcc&id, i^puwtcr. 1^^ ' 
yvOM'itl <>!' futbor Miohaet Terry, WtorrLJiu, at S^ liAwn^uccs Old Ju^/* 

W^flfaiH Ti^wiitxir, GimjI.. of Biidimond, Surrtry, Bachelor. 30, A MjU^ 
i\vtv\i, Hpinitcr, 30; at N' Botolpb, A]dentgat«, or Chmt Chur<?^ 











% S3 







On IS 















Jhf , $ 

Ji»hii U -I. of UVnt DniYt<*Ei, Mi<MlcT»('-i. Vro?jiar(, Bjiriirlur, "iS, 

X }\i I y£^Uff.of lame. Spinalor. id^ coiiretH iif father WiJlinm 

I'oMTiii, V^iiriutri, U'^tirii.fJ by Kicliard TiUL*ari of %niin\ Vrociun ; nt 

a^ tVtIi <trS^ L'JuuV Dmu'fi, 
WUIUin Zoufh. Gear., of (hc^himt, ilerU, J)Ache]or. 29, A^ Smw 

Ikittlin^, of R]jlt<iM, MtfliUoHei;, Widow* 2S, rdict of Aloiaodcr 

Uowkm^, Gent-, dec' ; at ft* UhvoK. Hart Streets 
ItiduM Sniwovtof S* [AvniAnrfl. Kiutclicap, Citi£€9 A Oroccr, Bncli^lar, 

^41. A A»n^ Wiirtnpf. of (Siv of rjOTiitti^.SplirnV^r.SO^fliLU. uE' Itii-tiiircl 

Wariuif.of All Hallows, Lutnbani Stroot>wlioct>DMntB ; at SimtFord 

Tl«w, nr Rimifofii^ l^^cl. 
Bumnlircy Caila^nii, (iput, of S< Oik** in KicIdH, DdirhcW, 30, A Anne 

Cnaunrtion, of S^ Clomeut DiUKw. Spmttvr, 'J3 \ nt ^^ Clvmout DftnoSf 

at S^ Giles, (.'rtpfilfTj^ti^. 
John Buller, Ui-nt-t of 8' Martin'* Fn^ltU, BAcholor, 25i ^ Mnrgnn^t 

i*ook«, oi name, f^i^iiufUir, 2:!, Wr |«reuU deaU ; at ?i^ Beuuet's, 

Paulp Whw^, t-r5' Mury MuiinUiftw. 
Hon. Jiim«« Hiuniltun, von & Iwir uf r* It' Hun. Jamo», Vim-ouut 

Cbiicbe^, Jtadwior, 23, & 'the Hon. La^ly Adup Vary, <Iau. of the 

Ri [i/tfui], KnrJ of MoniiH>utIi ^ miuent of buth falli^rt ; at Riok- 

rojuitfvorth. UcTlM. 

bocuK [««] Carpiuitx^r, AVi(Um\ -10; at ^^ I^ai^h'x. or S^ CJeuieiitV 

Willhun Cooke, of S^ MArdo'» Fields, Gent, Baobelor, i6, A Mtiry 

HumbifT. of Muiio.8^»y0;at R* Manin*M afn^.or 3' Jjawtxiicc.Olil Jury.« SatitiLcili^ Qoikt., of Etoslttr, Kont, Uni^liolor. 22, & Durolhy 

ltn)'c», tSpirkntcr, 15; comiiMit of fatlu^r Ktcltanl Uuvev, of Cnhham. 

Kent^ Yeoujau, Uatified b? ThoiDa« SantacilJa, of Uoxloj aforcvaid, 

K«j. : a-- H' F*ith« or :*' feride'o, 
Fnuidi) Parkor. Gtinl^, ■>f S' AtiJrcwV llolbom, Widowcrj3(i. A Elixa- 

b*itb Oibb™, <»f utmis Siiiniiler. 21 ; at nami^- 
EdHvtt Totunm, O^ut., ot S^ Aiidrtua Wardrobe, Uachelor, 2<J, & 

Joaii^' Mondo, of Bialiopv Slonfvml, Hurt*, SpiiiKtc^r, 20, dau. of 

ThoioAM Meaile, of MOie, Gentv, wbo caiueuia ; at Bishop h 8tortford 

Olho Fr\*rt-'r, Ortit,, of KtnOifi^rd* Khmx. Widower 40, A Sujtao Howolt, 

of easae. Widow, 30; at Itoctiford. 
Uonrf Purk^r, (ic»t., of 6* Jfotf^lpEt, Ahk-rati:aLo, BaLbolur, 2:1. & Alarv 

UWlur, dpinvtvr, 21, dau, of TIuiuiha T»Llar, 1>>I>., Jou'' ; bor uiothoi « 

Coik»t<|i1; »l S^ K»itV*. 
Juim Brown, Gctit^ of ('itv of WecttiniiiBteF, Widovrer, 50, ft Mu-j;»n>t 

Atcbiaon, of aarne, Widow, 40 ; at S^ FailhV 
CuhbuTt ]]udlG«t<kii^ Gfiiit., oF Ricbmottd, SurreiT, Widower, & Mjiry 

Broukivs of & Cb*ro«nt Omio*, Spinsitcr, lUi conntrnt of falbcr 

lUi^Jir] Bi^okoM, Unnt : it S' Failh'i. or S» Brid<''«. 
TfcoSww Mall, GiMit-, of City if WwliuinMcr, Bacbolor. 24, A ftlarj' 

i'rcalon, 8puwt«r, 2^; nt S« Marv MaKd\ Old Fish «lr«^t. 
B«bi'n BMaall, G«tit„ of 8^ OUm m Fit-l^s Baclieli>r, 'id, i£ Caihenue 

Elton, Spf. 25 i ftt K' Gik*- iifs* or S» Faitb'!. 
Itichard Ridunb, OtiiiL, of S^ Bartholomew the fjetit^ Bacht^lor, 24, A 

Abc« MosTVoIl, of fatoe, Spiii«i:cr, 20, her fattier ilva4l; coimiil of 

hrr aiotJ]<;r Uargarc^t Mi>wol[, of Coddetihaia, co. £>uffolk; at S^ 

Willi&in lacbFeild, Gont. of lliunmfnraitith, MiddlMKVt, W)d^ fiO, A 
Aan« Walker, of S" MicbaolV, ComhiU, Wklow, 43 ; at 8^ Faitb a. 

Nov, ( 

Not. d 
Nor 17 

Nor. 1ft 
Not. 20 

Not. fid 

Kov. » 

Nov. 24 
KoY. 36 

Not. 27 







Dec U 

Doc U 

l>ec. 17 
l)w. 21 

D<w- SA 
Iter, as 


Wlh Liiihlftiok", of S* Mjuiin"* in F'mIUj., Wvlow. 23 , a1 S" IwlJn, 

London, or ActOD, MiddloAci. 
lltiicb l^illipK, Gent., of 8' MiuxaretX Wfatninatn*, Bufi*, 11, & 

EriK»k>lli ^Hi>», of vtLtnc, S|/, 22 t M S^ Fi\JtHV 
Dnnir-l <trArcfiH Grnt., of S^ Jainioii, ('Wk en well. BArbHor. 30, k UJ^ 

gsKt R4)^rM, of S^ Bortbolomew ifae Gr«ai. Spi^iAier, '22; rvuwil 

of bcr motbor Anne It^re, Widow ; »t 8' >ln.rhu"* in FickU or b"" 

P»ulV Cinpiil OarJwi. 
lUiirr HirkbfH'tE, <J<tnl., nf M&ubWne, Kont> B*i.4iolor, 24, A JnB 

Ifsdlnw, 8pmt«T, *2'2, lii^r pdLnriiU icsiA ; at H^ Albftn'K, WikmI Street 
Kobert Ko^Prt, of S* Michael HoyaJ, Dra|)er, JfeK-belor, ^. A UW 

fliffirii*^ of ti' 31ur> MAgiUti^ii, Milk Siroct, «]>", 28 ; at £»' Mvf 

5ljti;clAli;ii ikfori.<«iud or 8* Aiilholin 0. 
Tlw H' Hon. rhitrUw, Ixird Stniilii^pr^ Hfth^n of UHirington, about 40. 

& DoTtithv LeviiizHtuTL, S|i'r ainmt 20, djiti. <if Sir Jamn Levii^toai 

K^ & iW. lately dpc^ : ror«ent of bor moiJier Dame Jano Levin^ibta 

i?/wM Oor^ ; It KeiiMiugton, S^ Martiu's afurwiid. or CUeW^ 
Rtrhard CTiciwd»»oii, of li4kundL>ii, co, BucW, Oeiti., Ba4.-h(>W, 37, A Jmtf 

Bttnury. of ,S' Mi^bael 3afli?ibaw, Spii;*1«T. 2?i or 24, ilau, of Thntnirf 

BameT, of aame, &f«n'buEil Tarbir, wlio conaeuti ; at S' Mkhsfi' 

HoTfEan Powell, Ocnt., of €' MartinV liudgate, Widowvr, GO, A Ant» 

Wint*^r,»^f S< S->jnjlcbn»*i», Widow, fiO; «r S* Sojiukbra'i, 
Charlr* Rich, tif S^ MitrtJn'K Firlda, llabcMjv>Kor, Bn<>bolor, 2-% A Elii 

betb Ch^lTiielcy. of same. SpjuBler, 18^ her parent* dead ; conseol *»'' 

ber tmvlr' (k'oiw I'tlkington, Ocnt. ; At S* Martiti'ii Klcldt. 
Nic^lwla^ ^Inrtyii, Oeiit., of Liucolc'a liiti, Bachi>]or« d4. St Ljdia Seol^t^ 

of S* MK-hael'a. Combill, Spinnter. 17. Ii^r parents dead, vbe btin jff 

witb bar uncle JoMrph Soott, of S^ Michaerif luorowid, who codmdI^ : 

a1 Chelsea. 
Jobii Harper, Geot^ of & Mjirtin'a m Fields. Bachrlur, 24, & Aiu»— « 

Gniy, of «arne, S^\ 30 ; at S* Cltinent Diiu-* or S^ Dunvtan'* W*-"^*- 
Edward Mianr, Clcnt., of UaidtitLHie. KenU Bacbelor, 24, A Ani^^* 

(iodden, of Otiam. Kent, SmnsUT, 21 ; conwnt of ^tbor Wi)U^^ 

Gndden, of name, (Jont ; at .V Martina in the FJelda. 
Rob<.<rt Ht^bmbii, Grnt.. of Inner Tciuple« IWhclor, ^ A Uargtfl^^** 

Guy. Npin«ter, I fi ; rninent of fntliyr Jamc* Guv, of Egb«ia, Suirr^i^t 

IntihoMpr; nt S' Miiry Mis'^* Milk Street, 
The K^ Wor|)full John rt;i(>, D,U . Kuetor of S» Andir w^ HolWrM, 

Widower* 50, A FmiKCJ' Bridgmau^ of Ciiy of London, wiloi! *^f 

DoTu lirid^ijiiL, Uto Subrlcnn of tho Catbodtvl Cburch of Chcat<^'>| 

dec''; at S' Ai]drew%. Holbuni. 
Mamnuluke Gn»|ier» Gcni-,, of 8* MaH^r's Field*. Bftcltelor, 80. 

Abii^n.]] Walker, of same, SpiiiaU^r. 20, her ijwreuu dewi, now d«c 

iui> with licr OAiui Marj J3ilU» (vrifi^ of £icn^ Batea), who couacn^ 

at 8' Fuith'i. 


U]iok Burke, (5cnt., of City of Weatminater, Bachelor. 27, A Pri»ci"i 
Spiurkr, of Kximo, Hpmrtrr, 23, bcr parauta iJoad ; at 8' Faith**. 

Ileiirv Whiniev, Gent, "3f Chy of Loiidon, Widower, 50, A H«*^'j, 
Itidiuill, of "«' aUry Magdjilr^n, Old Kii-li Slreot, Widov, 45 ^ at ^ 
ViMt\, ^' ^Tury Mii^^dnlpn iif*'*. or H^ Mnry Mountbnw- 

'riii^innM HawlliuBiin, Gent,, of S* Andrew'a. Holboro. Bachelor, 22, 
Olive DavicH, of *a'ne, S|i^ St, Jit^r pjinrntr* doiui ; at S^ Fnith's. 

IdfiUat" ri^<icm'*iod. Gent,, of W BennetlB, Paul't Wharf, Bach', 2S, 
SathV Co«****'^^' *'^ "i""*-** SpixjHtcr. 21 ; jit S' Fftith'o. 

f%fkii^ ll^ftfe j)niifilbly l^bniiel. Kh([., of Middle Templa, ltach«lor. SO, 
A W** iVbarino HlxUett, of S» Clement Danes, 8p', 18, dau. of Sif^ 





ir. S8 


IT. »l 


■■ 13 



ThoBisM Vftllfttt^ K*, an«> of tlM« JuAtiow nf t)iA KinffA Rnnelit who 

comenttf; at S* Clement DaiiCH, or S< Andn^w'*, H^lbom. 
Jobft nopAOQ. Eeq,, of Kine^ood, UIo of \Vi|;ht, Wiiiower. 44, A Dame 

Murgarot L«)-, dau. Uj tho R' Huu. Jarni*! Lev, h^rt nf M[ir]t>ur>u^)], 

d#c^, S|>uii»l4>r, 30 A u|>w&rdtf ; at S* C}Ue«, CWppU^^tc. ur S' Maiv 

Jobu WaraAll. iieuU of & ADdrow'a, Hotbora, Hochelrtr, 3D, A Ami 

MurUr, of wiDc, .SjjinpteTt 19, her parouta dctd, naiv hving nith her 

Bister; tek(ilji.-il hj CImrltv Tfutliali, of Staple lun, Gnit. ; nt S* 

Bn(l4**D <irS' FiiilliV, 
Tliomu Roc, i»f S* l.ttwroHi'i\ OM Jur>\ Mcrfhntit, IJachclor. 4<1. A 

SJiiabetU Catfely, of mme. SpiiiHter* 21 -, oonaeiii of her fivtiitir m hv^ 

K' rhomw* Uram?, MiniuUT of t^ plncc ; at S* yaith\ or S' Mary, 

John A^uml^ of fliefthimt, HaH*. Yor^irtan. Rfloh**lor» 2(1, A Eltuibetli 

Lowen, of unmo, Spiml^r, IU>, dun. of Elixabcth Lowcii, Widow, who 

COQseuU ; *l S^ FaUh"§» 


ArtlitirT9hain,GDnt,,of Elaljit«fld, E«oi. Bnchrlor, 86, A Elu^ Sweting, 
of «Jinio. Widow, 3t ; at Bruntree, O^ott Cohic, or Exrlv Colno, l^o. 

Jo««|>h I'urkvr* Gout., of ti* Marv ftla^^lcn, neTinondiwy, GufClicInr, dO, 

Jb KliMtoh C'itwarjSpin«t*r,y4; at S^ Mftrtii]*H orS< Oiltw in Fi*-ld*, 
Thonum Piit^ *U'tit. of S' Martin'ii in Fiddn, Hiiobdor, '2i, & Auiw 

Maior,Smiinl(>r, I8,dau.of SiLiiiuel iUior, of S* Buitolpb, eo. Sumvx, 

(ii^t„ who con»cnt« ; ftl fH* Knlolph, A Ulmi^jLto. 
Joinofl liidc, ticnt., of S* Mftrlm's in FicMn, iJtteholor, 3M, A Catliorinc 

Qeiinl.of S< Mnrtiira, J^udgai^, Widow, 4-1; atS* AndrewV Holbora, 

or ^^ Bartholomew tbe Lesi. 
itkbard liudHon. Gint., cf S^ GIleA, co. Middleaox, B&cV, S4, A 

KltKjibctU ffmitli. of oarno, Widow, 20, Intu ui, John dtnitb, doc*' ; 

Bizo itic] Criape. «oo A heir of Sir Nicbolaa Ompfi, of City of Lotidon, 
KS IWhHor. *2-2, A M" Anne Stmclr, dati, of Sir (Joor|?e «trod(.% K\ 
of Sfltiomod, CO, Kont, S|HUBter, 'J^) ; aUe^^twl by rf* .Sir Uuorgc StiH>do ; 
at lh>maicr*LLiJlb, 

£<lwnni Wautfiolil, of S^ LawrcrDoi* P<Juiitn<fT, MorobAotT Widoww, S4, 
A llf^Hter Ballow, of City of London. Widow, 23; at Stepney or 
Stntfnnl Bi]w. 

Francifl Breach, of H^ Bartholomew, BicbanQo, London, Citixuii A 
Morohnnt Taylor, IW-birlnr, 27, A Bli^abctK Tilghinaij, of 8< 
8tet*bi>n\ CDlrmau Str«*t, Spinntrr. 19, diiu. af Frahri* l^lghinui, 
of Sandwich, Kent, Oont., who consoutH ; at S^ b'aitb**. 

Cliarlea Adderltfy, of Ham* [?], co. Warwick, R«i-, Widower, 30, A 
Coiii^taQcc WiUmoro, of SyweU, vo. Nortb^"", Widow. '2h, Uto 
in. [blank] Willmorc, of sainn, doc*^ ; at S* Andrew'*, tfolborn»op 
S^ Giles til iJio PitMa. 

Zai.>bari(^ Lambert, Gout., of S' Martitt'a in I'ielda, BacheUjr^ 27, A 
Kfhi'hall AmbrodLS of name. Widow, 81 ; at Ham(\ 

Wimftii lUrkni.hkIc, Qt'iit,, of 8^ Paule, OoicJiL Qjirdcu, Bucholur, 2(J, A 
Eliiuihoth Whiifhon/I, nf anm<\ Spf, 2G ; nt S* Mi^hftol HAMiKhftiv. 

Jobn Ro^erfioit, (JL'nt, of MitnobEwt^r iu ProtiHco nf York, Rachelor. 

k2fl, A Mnrv IVrrick, of S^ Andrew'* Wardwbc. Spiimt^r, 2:t; at -S' 
Andrew's \VunlA}bt'; ait«|{ud by Uuuifrey Temck, uno of Xh^^ 
I'rocWr** i>f Lbu Atvhutf. 
irmjuliikjt Biilmnr of H' Clomr^nt Onnr^fl, Gent., alloj^'ji marriaf;oof 
Jervaa Lucati, of Citj of Louiionr G&nt, Bachelor, IH^ A Expcnt^nbia 

L 20 


u 2S 


>. 6 



Nov. 17 

Not. 18 
Nov. 20 

Not. 22 
Nov. 23 

Nov. 24 

Nov. 26 

Nov, 27 











Dec. 15 











9 Fucru aliu K 

Kcliard T^Tieoler, QenU of S' . t 

both Lightfoot©, of S* Marti'*', ^ .^^ 

London, or Acton, Middleav* ' t^^t j^o, to, Embx, 21, Mm o 
Hu^h Phillips, Gent., of & > ' »- -jtfs- A Hmt PeiiD, of I 

Elizabeth Arden, of aune, 8i ^ .--i^^'^: couent of her mother 

Daniel Graves, Gent., of S' Ji*/" 
g&rct Rogers, of S* Ba 
of her mother Auuf^ IIai\ 
PaulX Covent (l»inlon. 

Ilenr^- Itirkbeck, Ocnl,, o£j 

Kobert Rogers, of S' M 

HigfpiiB, of 6' M;irv ^l ■ 

Ha^dalen afcn s;ii>i i 
The K» Hon. Chiul.^^, I . 

A Dorothy IV^vrin'r-: ■ 

Kt&Bai<Ut.h -Ir, 

trliat Gorge; at Ki 
Kiehard Crowdson, *if i . 

Barney, of S' jMuhii' ■ 

Barney, of Mtm\ M. 

Morgan Powell, Gt^nl. ■; 

Wmt©r,of S'Stjml.i. 
Charlea Hieh, of !S' Miun 

betb Cfaolnieley, ot Bame^ 

her uncle George Pill " 
Nicholaa Martyu, Gent., 

of S* Michaer*, ComhilU ,^ 

with her undo Joseph *™^^ 

at Chelflea. ' "^^ 

John Harper, Gent^ of fl^"^ 

Gray, of Mmo, Sp% 80 ; " 
Edward Maaej, Gt^t., 

Goddon, of Ottam, '. 

Goddcn, of name, Qn 
Bobert Hobman, 0^%^ 

Guy, fjijineter, Id^ o 

Innholder; at S^ MJ 
The E^ Wor'pfull John 

WidoH-er, 50, ft £^ 

Dove Bridijoian, lata 

dec' ; at S« Andre ' 
Marmaduke Cooper, 

Abigail WalkoTt c 

ing with her aant 

at 8' Faith^B. 
Ulick Btirke, Gent, 

tipincko, of same, 
Heury Whitney, G 

EadiiiiU, of a< A* 

Faith's, 8^ M^ 
Thomu Eawlliiiwuij 

Olive Davies, oi ■ 

Williiun Utiderwood, 

Sarah Coeswell, et 

Thomas Ch^e [potp^ 

A W* Gathnin' 

^t^ IT Stondon, co. Esaex. 
ViddleMi, Bachelor, 36, i 
It S( ^itfa V 
7"^ > QjirT Street, Bachelor, 34, . 
$i "&' tfary Hounthftv. 

Ha4l]ow, Spit]>-(or. 23, hnr p^^« wdi Gjulielor, 25, A Frances 

^^ve, 20, dan. of William Bh 
^ « S' Michael, Wood Street 

^^^ Bjifholor, 82, A Joane Cli 
<'!:<uvq Barking. 

: ^toke, CO, Narth*™, Bi 

- iluri liokmiew, London, E 

i.ilVD.; at 8^ Bennett 81 

\n.-\\\ Holbom, Bacbeloi 

__ ;_' , :it Maiybone, Kiddx. 

^ES9 IS Fields, Bachelor, 26, A 

^^ CO. Middlesex, Spinster, al 

^^m. ^\ of unu( parish, who co 

-, .Asex, Widower, 36, S 
Stmt, Widow, 83 ; at All J 

:§ Wert, Bachelor, 28, A 
Atwood, detfi ; at All ] 

faftbolomew near Eichange, ] 

4 S^ ijeonard'a, Bromley, HI 

Widow; at S* &rtiu 

or S' Murtin Outwich- 

icl Peucbureh, Bachelor, 

^London, ^pinatcr, 42; at S^ 

* Surrey, Widower, 42, ft Ci 
iCkldJcaex, Widow, about sui 

U*«0timnster, Bachelor, 21 (* 
xf \Varbotton, Sp^ 22 (con 
,3 Faith's. 
iX Bachelor, 26, & Elitabet 
Spinster, 15 or 16; COlueot 
J atS^ Antholin'B. 
■^cx'nt DancB, WidoAFer, 68, J 
^olk ftfir], Ap\ 32 ; at [6^ 
- Viclda, liai-helor, 29, ft thi 
CO. Herta, fi^piuster, 25, i 
nogb, late Lord High Tn 
Danbui7, 8^ Laurence J 

■ A. 

, }USI10P OF LONDON. 266 

. iti llij^h Ercall, co, »Salop, Bachelor, 22, won A 
\\'Y^^'' *^'r RicharJ Newjjort, K*, nf liamo, who 
.y DiuiiLk KuHHell, fjpinstcr, IK, dau. of the K^ Hon, 
■ Bidford, dec'*; consent of the R* Hon. Calhorinc, 
/.f of Bedford ; at S' Gilee in the Ficld«, or S' Aun'd, 

. ■■!= S* Mary AVoolehurch, Upholster, Bachelor, 28, & 
It's, iif Bnntdey, Middlcups, Spiiistor, 19 ; consent of 

■ ''iint'ift Knollcs, Gent., testified by Thomas KnoUes, of 
['••••r. ^rercer; at Bromley afu"^- 

■. lrtuit,,of ^^ Brido'H, London, Bachelor, 24, A Anno 

■ ■Min\ Sii^i 2d ; coBBent of her father M' Barker, of Name, 
^ HridcH- 

■--;i'r, <if Barkway, co. Herts, Esq., "Widower, 50, A Anno 
M'Ui '^i\ff. SaltODStall], of same, Spinster, about 22; conuent 
■:i:ljiT Sir Peter Salthingston, K^ ; at S^ Martin's in FieldH, 
..-■w'.Hi, Holborn, or S* Peter le Poor. 

iini?, Gent., of S^ Andrew's. Holbom, Widower^ 5t, & Luco 
\ ^n\itt\ Widow, 47 ; at S* Faiths. 

I'nincis, Gent., of S* Dunatan's AVest, Bachelor, 26, & Mary 
w'ii.i, "f name. Widow, ab' 2G; at S* Mary Magd'*, Old Fi«h S^ 
= I luddurat, Gent, of City of WentmitiBter, Bachelor, 23, & JatLo 
i!i^ULd, S|)^ 22; cotisent of father [bhink] HolliiiHhcd, Gent. ; 
"-Trt'ticv or Broinlev, Middletios- 

'■■I TiivW, Clerk, ot Finchley, Middiesos, Bachelor, ab' 2G,& Jane 

■*tlii?fil, of Homsey, MidmeHcx^ Spinster, 21, dau. of Thomas 

': ii'ilit'ld, lato of Shoroham, co. Kent, Gent, deo'' ; consent of hor 

'Hifu'i' Frances Stretfield a/tff« ESiUiard, his late wife; at Ilarring^iy 

' h''/i IJomsey aforesaid. 

' Itmo Poynton, of S^ Mary Magdalen, Bormondscy, Mariner, 
liachelor, 21, & Elizabeth Locke, Hpinster, 18, dau, of John Locke, 
'ii.V' : consent of her mother Elizabeth Locke nUat MearCfi j at ^^ 
l'";iith'H, Lond, 
f.:iri IJaviaon, Gent., of S' Andrew's, Holborn, BacV, 25, & Frances 
X^'^incks, of same. Spinster, 28 ; at S* Bride's. 
'*, jHnnris !Si|uib, Gent., of S' Botoliih's, Bishops^ate, Bach^ 40, A Mary 
Wheoler, of same, Sp^ 26 ; at S^ Botol^ih, Bi»hopstfat«, 
.. I UhiuFrey Tonikins, Gent., of Monington, co. Hereford, Bachelor, 5G, & 
ratherine Carpenter, Widow, 25 j at All Hallows in the Wall. 
.hditi I'iott, Esq., of Low Layton, co. Eesci, Widower, 25, & Anno 
Jion-e, of S^ Botolph, Aldersgate, Spinster, 20 ; eoniicnt of father Sir 
AVilliam Rowe, K^ at S^ Botolph, Aldcrsgate. 
Xirliolas Gainsford, Gent.» of 8^ Mary, Islington, Widower, abovo 
hJ, & Anne Reynolds, of Kingston, Surrey, Spinster, aOj at 
S^ Bride's. 
7 Anthony Oldfield, Gent., of Staple Inn, Bachelor, 80, A Elizabclla 
[Irigham, of 3^ Martin's IMelds, Spinster, 18, dau. of Rzchant 
Brigham, of same, his Majesty's Coachmaker, who conHents; at H^ 
Mary Mounthaw or All Hallows in y' Wall. 
7 Jolui Colwell, Gent., of Christ Church, Loudon, Widower, 30, & Mary 
Cliancy, of Sabridge worth, co. Herts, Spinster, 20 ; consent of father 
George Chancy ; at Sabridgcworth aforesaid. 
s John CliriHtopher Meyome, Gent., of S^ Anne's, Blackfriara, Bachelor, 
lU, Jt Anne Balfour, widow of iJavid Ballfour, dec^, about 35 ; at ^^ 
Bonnet Fink, 
10 -Tohn Carew, Gent,, of Clifford's Inn, Bachelor, 25, & Jane Cole, of 8* 
Faith's, London, Spinster, 21, hor parents dead; consent of her 
aunt Anna Cole, of S' Faith's, Widow; at S* Maiy Mounthaw. 

\-U\.. IV. M M 




Jsae U 

Jan^ 17 

Jxat 17 

June ft) 

Jun? 22 

Jitafr f7 


















i^ ^ 



ol Mufia^ ca CbbMkWUov, Ml; Aft BtMomtad Miffii 
Fnad* F17, 0«dL, of Ihrtur. <d. Ddort, Vidowvr, Aboot 4a il 

irf Bteevi Ckffk*. dec'; nuiul of b» moOmr Ama- Cia& 

Vifav; tf »lluT,8Mf,or9Ckitieot'ft, Mitldhiox, 
J<4n Tl^ Bi|^ of f^pp&mk. «i, >ott«, Bodholor, 90, A Hl^ 

BBvpor^gfCi^af Wortwavler. SpoMtar, 21, d«n. of Joki Uvpfft 

Bio.. wW MMMlB ; At S* r«itVs. 
Blwwd Hofa^m. Gtvt, of S> Hajthi's id FieltU Widow«r. tt 

SuMQ Nmhi. cvf auDe, SpcMter, 35; al & Botolpb, AUtnpOe, 

ff' Ann ± Aj^oea. London. 
Vnnifi Ort«««vua, Orri, i>f CU«l]«too. co. Oxon. Bachelor, V, 

Graill TIO, MmUt. 14. W pamite ar»l ; at 8< Muting in f'uihi 

» FulliV or 9 AnimrX fiotbotiL 
KdMBd J«dM, GmU of 9 BridtV BmMot. 25. « KUzBbvth 

of mmt, Sp b i tt i r , 30, Wr £itb«r (tead ; conMCrt of ber 

C^lbrifio Pn«*«B «/i^ Jf^ndui ^ at S* Fai^'a. 
RkW4 MMlevmr. b^ of OUcrtAn, ro, York. BacMor. 19, tea 

hair ^fsraot of 5* V Woff'pfull Sir ThomM BImIotort, Bbi^.' 

WBO, ttte coawwttL A M" AiLDe Clarke, of Plcebej, co. 

S^.alMrt3Q,^aK.43ff8n-Bob«r« OArkf^. K<.a«H; conwot of 

■iirtin T* ^ WpftU [^dr Judith Ckrkc. of PItwkry afor 

VtAm/stteatnl bf tW K' Vor>fu] S{r Uenry Clarh^^ of PI 

af-wvMd, K*; at ^ Gtktt bi tVld* or S' Dututan'a W«t 
WiUiAB Fbddnrkr, Genu of S* I^wn>uoc^ Old Jurr. Bftcbelor.Sl, 

Hfatar W^ttr^s, af naiDc, Soitutcr, 21 ; eoaacvit ot ker moUkor Jw^ 

IW7 alM Vanvn ; at :? VaitbV 
Oujkeik OwUivd. Bm),, of Uafoln'a [no, Backelor, 39,A MarrOrvva^* 

of ff* Obt^ OU Jttrr, Hpiiut«r, IH ; onuent of ker father Jobfl^ 

Grrvne, &^., Snjc«ni at I^w ; a« S* Patik'*. 
VLllion A«to9i, «f l4>wkbor wgk . roL LaicMtrrr, Qoot, Widowor, 9X^^ 

BiabetkOia,of 9 1GdnclBaubaw,W*dQw,S8; ai AH Hallor^^ 

n tke Wall cr S^ Van AUarHuuikQiT. 
Bcojniii Oldidd. l^nt, of 9 F]Hth'«, toi^oo. Bacbelor.iahia fttltfr^ 

offtd. A HaiT Uolnkw, of «BBM^ Spinatccr, 20, dau. of JoKit Helm' 

of ^ EimurKl. Lombaid Somt. Citiaoa A HaheHaiJiAr. wha roiK - 

•mta; attcvUd ky k» icm John Holaea, of 8* Faitb's ; atS'FaHb'^ 

John U|EilvTr« £aq , of ^ Utfgtm% 'WeatnoiBBter, Bachelor, », ^ 
AnaWli Bn;<^, Sj«n»tcr, 24; at 3" FkithV 

Yincont Corbrtt. E-v. orituurrT^mplo, Backrlor, 25, A Jan« Actoo.*' 
&■ Uatthcv, Fridar 5trccc> dan. of John Acioa, C>Ui«D A C^I<I ' 
amitk, doc', Spinater, 21 ; coaaent of ker miTtW Blandina AcU^^* 
now ibp Ijkdj Skipwilk ; at 3» Faiih> ; aJlegwi by John Joowa, G«nt,, 
of tf Diuutaa a Wowt. 

Iltiinpfarej Packer, Gvnt., of Staple Iod, Ba^kf^lor* 22, A FrukflO^ 
JonIvii, of Hackner, HiddlcBei, Sp', 26 : at 8^ Faitk'a. 

Henry rnmcb, (;*mt., of Cttr of WeHtmiiiater Widover, SO, A Ja^ 
riigriin, of S' Bulolpk, Aldicatv, .SpirwUT, 24 ; at Ckcbea. 

WifJiiLin IlATnt^fl, Oont-, nf Much Ua^ham, HcrU, Ba^^or, 37, ^ 
I rtthrnnoKuatatt, of Humu, Spinster. 18. liau. of Edmund Ru«t«^ 
i\c\^^ t cofiaont of mother Mernll Huotatt ; at t? FaJtkV 

JaiiW Jarko, f*ont., of S' Martin'* in Kielda, Bachelor, 22, A Sm^ 
|toi»1l«Ul, of Muno, -SplnHtcr, 10 -, coment of her ^kor JI0U17 Bv^^^ 
fh»td. "r «nni(\ Woman ; at S* MartiTi a Afore*Md. 

t)»i«ri|v UrwMiow^W. Gent, of Oray'a Inn, BncVlor, 25, & W^tet 
Ifywiv^ vi AU lUliovk-ai Lombard Street, E^pbstcr, about 18, daa, *fi 



»mftj" PrauA, V«h3K»»l, dwj^ i oonwni of William Clftrlc«, of 
ii<» pur., Ar(-n!)uuit> *t vrhcHic iliRptiMil xho i*; at S^ FoithV or 8* 
Mat)-, Ulin^oQ. 
FraiCM Pucker.fl, OeoL, oC S< Mftrvftret'*, WevttiiiusU^r Btchclor. 34, 

Wllli&m Powell Qeut, of Hampton. Middlesex, U&chelor. 80, A Mary 
WJiiV, i>f \oHhi»m. CO, Sunwi, 8|nn«ur, 21 i coajtent of fftlber 
WiUiftm White. K«|. ; at S' Ola^e**, Hart Svw^U 
ohutd Yonn^, i^ni.. of ^ VanHitKii't Vn'otiU BacIioIof, 25, i Httrjcaroi 
lUdler, of S* 3tEmia'a PJokii. 8pn«ter 32; at Little Ufonl, or S^ 
Paith'«, LoDdoD. 
[ Johii Cbandoy. iienU of i^ Oregorr'a, Lon<i(ir), Bachelor. ^8, A llary 
nt«Toii, of Aftiuo, Sp', 24, tier fatlicr ilciwl; coiucut of her umthor; 
at H< llun,' Majjivww. Old Fish Str*>et- 
8ac^ntJ l^orter. Q«bl« of Seaford, SuBoex. WiJaver, 55, & ^rr 
Norbxu, 54, vridow of TboniM Xnrlon, dcc^ ; at Litlle S^ 
BartlKiLoiDew, or ^ Jaiaic«, Clerk^^mrell. 
iU Jaaf'i;!' Kinjtnitan, of Horniojn on tho Hill, iro. ICiwcx, Widower, nbout 
22. & Kliiflbeih Hi*rti. <if Snfford, Bwhi. Spinsler, 22, her father 
dead s conncot L>f her mother, Tiov wife of Roper Lawrences; at S* 
Botolph, Aldgate> or S* Cjithenii«< Cfee Churi^h. 
Elatirf S3avngo, of C]iTk«tvioll» CVik, IW-U-lor, 2^, & ^i^ah Whttiaoro, 
of Mino, Spiadti^r. 2% K«r fkthcr'a eoiwmt; at 8^ B^unet's, Paul « 
Wharf, or »l"ailh>. 
I John Cmiifl, Qcnt, of Inix^r Tcrn|ilc, Hacbebr, 27. A Gertrude Dsu^on, 
of Wallhanutovr, Eiaaox, 8p', '^, her pAfeuU dead ; at WaHhamstcw 
rWilliaoi Huthe, of Woat Thtirrock. oo, I^mtt, IfuvLtuidfiian, Widow«r, 
10, A Alice Craairter^ofaaiue, Widow, about 38; at S^ PnithV [Ho 
oKim with -t-.] 
[l7 John Atwood, Eeq., cf GraVs Ion, BachcJot, 37, A EUxaV-th Vuuug, 
abevo Itl i ooDvo&t of fathor Patrick Voucfif, oi BtyjinGold, co. £aaex, 
Bmj. ; at Braintrce, IlanieHUi»j, or Widfurd in tt"" c<^unqr. 
Hcarr T-Vhi, Gent, of S" Martinx m Field*. Bjwhrlnr, 22, A Sam 
mcy. of aame, dau, of Paul Xmcy, of S* Jaiuc«, Clerk*'nwcH, who 
coiL>cDt» , at S^ Marliti n 'm FicM-i. 
Ri«>hud Hill, OiTiit.. of WhitiM^inpel, Middl^itAx. Widower. 42. & 
Bobecc* (>offc, of same, Widow, about 50-, at Trinity, Minnrieti. or 

8^ Bololph, 6iliin^-«^te. 

rft lUibort Moflluj, Gent,, of H* AiidrcwV, Holborn, Bneln^Jor, 28, A Lydia 

Malhcivoa, of aatne, SpwtvT, 20; at S' FaithV 

Kobon Koohester, Gent., of Hj;-lt^te. Miiidlceei. Bachelor, 22.A Mary 

Ftiihur, of CoTCiil GanUit, Middlfxox, 8pin«(cr, 23,hcr |>a7euta dead ; 

>t 8^ Paucnkfl or chapel of ReiitiMhtcHD. 

[Uikw Hniilh, (jciit, of City of Wc*t{niEiMtcr, Bai;hoW,40, Jt AuueCole, 

of •ame. Widow^ 40; at S^ FnJth or Maryboue ChapeJ^ 
I OoOT^ 8mith, (^&t., of S^ Maftb, J«liQgton, BoclK^lor, 22, win of John 
SrnicJi. of aaiue, QenL, whit coaaeata, A f^arii Martin, of «anir, 
Spinator, 19, dau. of Praucis Martin, of «amc. Qcai.> who couwnts ; 
at 8* Har^X l«ljii^ton. 
Sir J«>hik Jaqoeft, B^. of S^ Hi?len'tf. fxindon. Daehelor. ^, A Jauo 
Diion, of Gn>at S* Barthobin^^w, Widgw, about 50; at ±S^ Pancias 
fl/w* Keiitiahtoan, ot S' Olave's. Hart Slre<>t, 
Jcrmuj OraTw, Gent, vi Darkhi;^, Koucx, Baubchr, 85, & Mary 
Laretner, of «ade. Spimttor, 2S; at Baf^ing^ 
, Afthur UayDwariiiK, of 9* John S^hary, Ooidfluiith, fiacltdor, 23, d 
Alice Tonpvon, of fAOut, 8pi»f.t«T, 24; at S^ PaithV 

8o]x 10 Bolx^rt Pan;itcr« of S< ^hfjirliii'ii. LudKtlc, Orooer B«ch^or. 2i i 

Nonieniirt. of S" Duiistan'A Went. 8pin*t4'r, 16, her nuvoU 

ooniient of JAird Hayor A Courl ol Alderirten of LoDdon, ahu 

mti or\thiw uf thv Titv uf IfOiulon ; »t tW cha]K^I in Uif^ Innerl 
Sftp. 2fl John 1^ibiiuK>Ei, of S* ^tnrihi'n in Fifitdji, C'iiniPRw»n. BnrKeW. 

father*B conaent), A Marjiarcrt PeU'f, of s»me. S)>iDflU?r, 18, 

JiiDO* ?GtSyt doc', Ict nicthrr nlito d<ttd ; at S< Mftrr Hjigd^ 

Fmb dmet 
&cp. aO Cb»rb- FmtTH, Qent., of Hatfield, Iforb, Ba^holor, 2S, ft ! 

Idttloburj, of Mutie, S|iirut«r» IS : conwnt of ffltber Jobn Lil 

of sanw par., Emi\. ; ftt i^t^^paoy- 
Sef. 30 Bolwrt EiEflby. {lent, nf Acton. UHidltwi. Bncbelor, 30, Jt Kl 

Freo(iiu[i, of H%mp, Widow, about ^>i>, IaU ill. ficnry ProciiiM 

Al S» Man- MigdiUtii. OM Fi-li StTWtt 
Oct. 3 Ueitry GoilJuxL Ueut, of S' Andrew's, lIt>Ib>rD, Ba^^Wor, 

Kebeccu WJIIoiighby, of Kim^ Widovr, ab> 26 ; at S> Futb's. 
Oct 7 Bdmrd Uicholl. of TfiHcy. Hcrt», WJdow<^r. 37, A Ki 

NigttJTlgatl^ of Lon^lcTf CO. KfiBvx, Spituter, 20 ^ oottMmt 

fatber Sir TlyouM NiglitineiU^, K« ft Bar'; at Nether Cbi 

Oct 18 Jamce TonWr, Gent, of Ci^ of Westminster, Biwlbflof. 28, A 1 
Bftrkcr, of TTrkkrnbnm, MidiiWri^ 9ijiiutcr« abmiL tS, i 
Blatthow Barkt^f) of vnmt*t Ftvlicrmiiiit niio c<>iutc'<iil« ; at N««l 
ford, MiddleflOt. 

Oct 19 WlJImm B1iitTiirAyt4>, Em^., of Mtddlo Temfile, A Adiw Fcref, c 
tSpinitcr, 2!^ - consent of father Justinian Povpj, Esq. ; in ci 
Houuifltiw, MiddJotfOK. 

Oct St VilliikTi) Wallor. G^iit.. of AaHvvoII. HcrU. Bachelor. S/i^ A 
AuimO], (if WcTstmikl, liertM. ^SpinstiT, 20: coiuent of liei 
T^omaa AuuHell; at Brauf^hina or Wfiiilmiit, Hurti. 

Oct. 20 William Tavlcr, Ocnt,, of S^ Antholiu"*, Itwrbdor, 27. Jt Elliiifi 
Spiuf1i>r. 25, \tcv purotitp doml i at H^ Mnrr^ I«lmgtoa, or IP 

Oct. 81 John Houghton, Gtnl., of S" Andrew^ llolbcni. Widower, 
Fraiirea Whi^ttkr, of 8^ Etholl>urffh, London, SpiMtcr^SO 
Kthi^Ibaryh or S''Boni»ett> Graw Church. 

Hot. 11 Willii^m Quarlt-B, Ocnt., of StJfTord, Kmcx. Ba^^bolor^ 22, bibfl 
with ivTiiWTii of 1ii» inotiivr X^^dv Mtirj QunrW. Widovr, J 
Varnon, of H' Mary. Ulington, Widov, 28 ; atS* Mary, Lfllin 
J^' J&mc«, Clerkeun^ll. 

Not. 13 QnbriH (lar^ido, Ociit, of Kafchdalo. co. ljnnca«t«r. Widows 
8u0iui Oorvido, of >*' Mnry. labngton, Spinotor, 23^ conseo 
niotW. her father dead ; at ^^ Muty. lehiwion. 

Dec, B John Blyth, of Counell, co, Wiirft-iok, Gcntt, Bftflhtlor, 22. 
LJallieyt Sp', 22; consent of motiier, her fatlterdoad; at £ 

}}^c, IWmnn MngTiire^ Gent., of S^ Ckmcnt Danoa, BacheJor, 32, 
Cott;Hk\ of S^ Martin* in Fields, Widow> 30 ; at S^ Paith'i. 

Dec. 10 Richard Broote. Qeol., of Barkhain|Mt««il, Herici, Bachelor, Sft, 
garei Cartty, now of S^ Andrew's, llolbom. fjpinjuir, 20, 
Edward Carey, of Weotwicke in y' county of [LoikmiIct 
conpn-ntu ; at S» l*eW\ PaoIV Wharf. 

Dec. 12 Petley Wybome, Gent., of S' Andriiw^ Holbom, Bachelor, 25, 
Taylor, of name, Spinirtrr, 17, <lau. of Williauj Taylor. late < 
i.!^-"^ i coueeut of mother Anne Taylor, of nnuv Widow \ lit 8 


Joii. 4 Sir Fraad* Swift, K\ of Nafing, eo. E«i«t, Widoiror, ab* 50, . 
Johnaoii, Widow, 30; at £^ Autholina. 



fiielii T V ^ (><*ni„ of City of \Vo*lniTwt^r. B«oMor, 22. A Ann^ 
l'»n, -if ^' MatXiu* ill fieUfi, \ViU"W, 31 ; at .S' Murtili'a in Fit-Ids. 

John llcl^cry, JW, uf S^ nitrvxUn'ft m WoaI, BuchQlor 35, A Judith 

Nix-lvn, uC S^ QotoLpti, AMer-^alo, ^{'LiD-u-r, 10; consult of fkt^r 

Jtkntr* Si^ion. Ehj. ; at t«rp-*t S' Budholomuw*. 
Oeofye G(rty, (icnt. of S Amlreu'.i. Holborti, IWWor. 25, A Rlbt'" 

Stotio-, of wtrA.\ «Mowof Th'jniaji ;*ti>ntT, Gv«t.fdc«''; at S' bor- 

tholomew llie L«« or Climl Cliurt-h. 
Tti.ima» Ctick|TL<'ll, of S^ <r:<!Tnout iJixnm, Gcnt^, Dnchf'lorf iO, A Anno 

A*)!!!-*-. Spiti«t»r, ifcO ; al ?^ l>iiii>lim'H Wftsrl or S* CkmtviL Daimih. 
John UiK^ffrsvM, C)<*rk, of S* Mi^-hncl IWvuIiaw, lliichelnr, 30, A Anno 

IVJijr, oT Ifonmoy, JlidJItwei, 8|)i»»Ur* 20; uoiueul 4if fatl^^r 

ICifiTArd Tftvkir, (IruU , nt niirn*(*v »f<jrr>aiil- 
Bobi'rt Qarth." Gtul., of llDrucl]urcI>. Eiim>x, Widowef, 8«, Jk Sumn 

Bfcte#, of Cilv of WefitniiDHtcr. WiJdw, 40 ; ftt S^ Oiloa in Pidd*. 8< 

Mfcrttii'n in f k'ldH, vT Ki^ntinliUivm. 
WilJutm Airbrev, tieiit, of 8' CU-rocat Pfttio*. Ru^holor, U7. A June 

Dtrknall, of S' BJjirtia'a in FwlAi, HpiueiUT, 21 > at S' Cjcnienl 

WtllJAm P<ukc, Ocnt-j of City of W^jdaiiimtrr, Bttch<'br, 37, A MarRaret 

FovtelJ. of Mmc, Widov/ab* Mtno Bge; at S^ I'niihV 
WillicuD Hru'i?:t, Cit-ot., of 8^ DuiuUnX Locidtjn, Udt-helor. .10. & Mar- 

gnrvl H"Itiio«, of 8* At^^rv. 8»i'<>>. SpivMter, "iG, her p&rvutv dcmd ; ftt 

S' Marv. Savoy, or tS* Man', Wbiiccliflpol 
PcUtf 0<i»?Ti«:ltt, Uchl, of S* bijustau'rt Wvst, BaoheJi>r, 2S,A Margaret 

Trolhcroc, of f*^ Gilca in Fiold*, Spioelcr, 20; at S* Piiul'fs Covont 

GoHon, or & Faith. 

Thomaa Turner, Gc-nt,, of H^ UoloJph. Bishopi^fito, EMoLelur, 3i\ A 

Hu7 Lt-mLiU, ol iHttuc, flpiriiflcr, 21>; oirJiHunt of brr mtiilicir ELiia- 

bi'lli I^molt, Wiiiow ; ut S* Foilh"*. 
iohn Itobson, (rent., of Walto Hwch> eo. Cambridge, Bach'. 24. A 

Mnn KniRht, of Denny in same parhib, ripmBier. 23, her f&thor 

dead 1 consent of her i3K>th<?r ; it S*' Mary Colecharch or S^ I'ctCT le 

Gfon^ Ftnll^, R*([^of Mii^cUti Trmpio, Ra^h«>lflr, 31ft, A Mnry Hnngor, 

ul S^ DaunUmV fioat^ Spicvt^, hi, dau. of Gtot^ Han^tTr, nf name, 

MerchAAt, who oocsenta^ at BuficUl. Middlcvux, or S^ Duustan's 

V*rc HarooiiH, CIm^j, «f S* An<lrowV Ifolborn, Racholi>r, 35, A Lucy 

Tiiomt**!, *if UiMinj-ljani tVtlo, ro. Eei-«'t, SpiriKtcr, 22, daw, of Out 

Him Wor pful Sir Hoj^er Thomton, K.\ dec'' i at Uodingbam afore- 

OIiTcr Twin©, Gent, of H* MargarotV, WMtBiiualer. BaclM^lor. 26. A 

FVancTi* EUmoa, of Iatn4, Spinator, 22 ; ht S^ Mnrtiu'i or H^ ihUm i» 

Tbcmiu WjMo, Gent., of ^ Mi^rhaol, Quocnhithc, IWhvTor, 23 Om 

tBthtftt c?oii»eni), A ^Suoan Smith, of S^ Mary, Jaliiigton, Spinaler, iO. 

diu, of U^cliar<l SniiUi, of saine, 0«iit., who cOKuontd 1 «c S< Alartln'o, 

Irnnition^or [aop. 
Jinwa Pecko, Gent, of Kdmonton. UiddleMX, Wtdovor, S4, A Siuoqm 

BaTdvryno, of S< (»ito« in Piolda, Sp', *^ ; at (iraat f)* Harthalojncw'a. 











H Ji^ 29 








% 9 

k.*^ u 

TbooiM Biinb^n^-, Gent., of t^to|iKPT, Rwhulnr, 25, & Aiiiir WarWrton, 

8* Mnrr, WfiiCeLhafiel, or S* I rjoiDtw ApoeUe, Lond 
Hrtiy Trtt*, Gent., of S* M^nin'* in KftWtf, Biwhelor 23, & Mury 

WaJtAl ttlurUvn, OcuL, of S< OiJci in tStldii, DocWor. 22< f atbor a<auL 

w ttiothcr Amy KMlik-igh.' U'itlov) ; At ^* J^Dir^, Inlington, or chapel 

WmlUf WynKall, Ut'Jit,. of 8' J>Hiwt»n'« Bn-U Boolitlor, », A^ Sam 
Uawuid, qI S* SttT^ur*, SoutbwAtk, 8piuvtvr. 1^. her p^retiU (tojul ; 
al S' Faith e. 

Jtrowi>e, of 5' Manin's, f-M<^i;ntc. f^pin-iicr. 18; mmxrut of mother 

Juno Jfrowiir, Wi^Ion , at ti' >l*iry. \Vhiir4]iin|X'I. or f*' ifar/ Mrtg- 

<lA]im. OM Fuili Slivot. 
John Parmc. Gciit., of Miil'lk Temple, Badidor 25. A Dorolliy Greene, 

of S' Dunittab'tf Wot, 8puuter, 23, ber paronts dead ; at 8* Duii- 

•tJUiN \Vr*t- 
TkoioAA Blisou. Oent., of Btctmoiid, Sum>v. Bncli^br, 23, A France* 

NorilJ. o( 8' MildwdV Poultii'. Spiaaicr, 22 : at 8' Andrcu-'b, 

John Pabiier. of 3^ Mary AldenDnnbiiry, Malx<r(liuh<fr, Bju^Ii', 27, & 

Mnrr ElidUulpk of S" Mary Colrcbutcli. Loujifii, Spin^U*!'. 10, *1ai*, 

ol Kfirtiu.'! BHl:lulph, Bw^ , of KJoichurtt, ro, Stafford, uha mnw^nlA; 

at llacktioy. Middletox. 
iamea SniUb.' Genl., of Gray's Inn, Hachelop, 24, A Arrno Wwt, 

of putney, Surrey, Spin^trr, 17; coiment of fiitlier IWward Wtwt, 

**f 3* OIbvd'», tiouihwftrk, flcnt. ; at Chrittt Ciiuivli, Loud 
Join Defin. Bsq., <>f King's IJailiolii, liens. URchcior. 30, A Abif^l 

Jooos. of JiaJiH". Widow, :i2 ; at S^ Mury UiU jr S^ Audrev Hubbard, 

William Short, Gr«t, of ilkhiiwiuil, Siiirey, WidoKter, 48, & Mary 

Kiic, of MLmo* Widovf, :(0 , At S' Poi^r le Poor, London, nr llam- 

memnith or P^lhain, Midclovci. 
Qmraie Wiweii, fieiU.. of S* Mit^hael Ba^aliaw. Widowor, 47. A Jonno 

Bh^m, of «amc. Widow, 32 ; at Weatluun, Btfox. 
UoiupKror BovAtcr, Mctvliant^ of S^ Booiirt Sluiiroli-Of;;, Buc^kolor, 3t, JL 

Dorothy Norl-m, of S* Miohaol. (^rnhill, i^o', 19, da«, of Itii^hard 

Norton, of (uuiio, Oeijl-, who i:ori*eittd ; at S< Pet^r lo Poor. 
Tbomaa Che«t«r, of Wiitping, Mi<l<ll««oi, Mnriiicr, ))K<hvlor, SI* ft 

tiamh fiucH, of wmu-, \V iUow, :}L ; at S' Fuiih ur 8^ Ma;jimB, Luud. 
Qeorfi© Oowre, Oont., of S' Dunatan'n Eii*t, linohelor, 24, A Juno 

DceTM. of 8« Botolph, Ald(;nlEat<^ &p^ 2G; at S< MortinV Irou* 

monger Lano. 
Clurlofi Grot'iio, Gt>nl., of ?>^ Faith' », Baehelor, 36, A Jaane N(<vill, of 

ytcpucv. Widow, 23 ; at Low Lttylou, BarkrTif^, or UotuforiV ^^ttOJ. 
Balph \\'oiv\. (toHt. of <'i>r f'f AV^f»»tmiiiPt<*r, B.vholnr, 27. A Mnr>;nmt 

Parke, of Efuiae, Widow, 32 ; at KcH»iQStt>n or ILmim^ntimlb, 


Jolin WJut'.mwre [«ff <uh!i.]i ^*-*^*^*^^ ^^ ^'ij *^^ W***''^^"*^^^ ^'^'« 
25, A Ah^ fHaundort, of «aino. Widow, dO; U S« F»i11i>, 

Richard Brooke*, (htnU of Byar [P], co, Suffolk. BacJiolor, 2G, & Kliwi- 
belli Taller, Spicatcr, 26; at Brainford, Acton, or Haiamorsmith, 

Juliii BtvUie, Qatii.. of Stopaoy, Bjichclor, 26, A Margarot Tickcridge, 
of r)nptford, Kont, Spinn(j>r, IH, bitr pAthnr dond ; oonwwt iif hor 
mother Sujau Tickorid^o 01/tiM BIyth; at Sf Botolph, Aldere^Ia. 


80pw 16 fiokrH Jacob, P>9. of f^XrioiivaVBtomleT,lGdi)e<w>x.\r»^^ 

A Utf^atvt l^ki*r, M ihe parab of llatu Cbarleton Kni|^ tO,: 

S»p, 19 WDtiftM Bfookct,G<al..of S<Clra>GRt ])iin<«, Hftche^lor. t^:;. £ Kli 

WbiU, «f 8^ Alklinr Ubdcmbaft. tipit»Ur, 22; umweU of la 
■KXber, lwrffttberd«ftd; At S" GJm or S» MftHm'* in Fi»1<b- 

8t|k 2S WiniAn Jeflctioo, Gpdl, of KCTismgtoD, JhUddlGWn, Btclidar, 401 1 
DoiM^ Hmrt, of Aine, Sp\ Al ; ftt S< Martic'H, LudK»l«, 

Ssp. S Kftthutiel PiTihiiM, Genu ol Woodford, Ep»rx, BMchcIor, 24, A Sial 
VftodcpQt. of S< BkEATguvt ^tt^o«, LoDdop, Sp'« 23, dan. of OiW 
VaAdtfj:>ui. MertrhuiC, who ronsents ; al OnMt, ea. Bm^i. 

Ort. U WiHiui a«bvT. (>ot,, of G»ad<«dni. HertM, B^htUff, 24, A Biubrtl 
Dms [<« Mml. of Ketuingtoii, Middlesex, 23, vidow of ThooM 

Oct. S Biehml Ckwmi, G«Dt. of Suiroi, Hiddkwx, Vidomr, GO, Je Mi^ 
HidieU, of same, Spmfler^ 30; %t 'Voit Bnunford, If oiusloir. or 
Hmm, CO. HiUl^ei. 

Oct M Kr llMmu Godfrcj, K.\ of ii^ppqngton, Kc^t, Bacbelor. 32, & Un» 
Wildo, of CitT of CkntcHnn-T, Spmrter, about IS, convfU d 
«ioitk«r LvIt inne Wild^, Vidow, of nm^ place ; at S< AnttrM 
(rndmhafi, Om£ S« Hclwiy or 9 Mary Ma^daJcn, OM Fiib 

Nor. 1 Johix l>uukiD, Oeut., of 8< JaioM, ClrH^cnwoU, Bachelor, 27, & EUubedi 
Blof^iM, of Hoton, Bodt, SpuiitoT, ll>; coumdI of fnltx-r OHf^ 
Blofoild. 0«iit. ; at Harden S> Tetefcu or S" 8iepheti'« iu S' Alhin\ 
UertH; alt«eted br Bitrard Blofield, of S^ Leonanr*, Povter Uat^ 

KoT. S BicW^ Uuiolu GmL, of Dorking, 8unt7, BacWor, 25, A Atioe 

J»ooa&e«<. of Hsiit^. f^ptulor, 38 ; consoat of fathor John Jccuuimo i 

at Dnyloo or Karmondswortk, HiddleAOJL 
Nor. 10 Micba«1 Pratt. }m*\., of BroofoeLex. Hid^em, Bacbeior, 28, A Afawd 

Hicliania, of 8topiu\T, Widow, 28; a( OiDgrarv^ or Etit or wirt 

Uoradoo, Bmoi^ 
Not. 15 John Gmmn, Ooiil.of CWfitliiint. H^rt4, Widower, 64. A Aono Walker, 

of nme. Widow, fi6 ; ai Rcjdfm or StAfuU<d, HcrU. 
Nor. 17 William Violet, OtitU, (if I^nkri4*r, co. Norfolk, Bachelor. 22, Hit fatber 

diMid« Jt Auue Pike, of Birdbrooi, bwx, :i|niiatcr, IS ur 10, dau. of 

Goorwv I'ikr, E*i)-, nf luunes who oonitetitB j at S* Bndc'a, or 8* Hmtt 

Mucdaleii. (lia Stiwt, 
Deo- 10 Bol^crt WiUctt, UciiL,of8'Martin'aiDFi«1da,Barbelor,26,ftEtiabetli 

QaaooigDC, of same, f^pmstrr, 22; convent of hor motlier Deborah 

Gaiwoii^iK-. WUlon ; at S^ IkCary Mm^\ Old t^h H<. 
Doe. IS RirUrd Ji-nrtin. >jiq., of 8^ A!t«n'*, UptU. Bai^Mf^, 24, A Frarn 

Tboniiiat'fff^r], of S^ Martin's fSfld^, Spinster, 18, licr father ilead ; 

conx^Tit of hor Diotkcr tlio oow LvIt liat^r. wife of Sir Manin 

Lbrter, K<i al 3< Martin's afs', 6< <iil» ia Kiotda, or 8' PaoL'a, 

Covont Garden. 
W Ttiocnfu Baker, Gout., of S< Kfildml. roultrr. Bachelor. 25, A Blitabfttli 

Banee, of All llallows Staynin^, Spiiiater, 2'2; al All HaUowa 

Majrninf; or S^ CatheJ^-ie Creo Church. 

ft Uvard (Hrill, Oect., of S* Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, ^ A Doiothj 

nower, "f *aTne. Spmstor, 21 ; at same. 
^ Hiriwa ^th^n^i O^nr,, f^f s* Marjr Magdalen, Old Ftah Street, Bach', 

M Jk M«iT Fullo^ooJ, of Edinontoo, Mid^Ic«ex, SpiastfT, ll^, dan. 

,^ X^m. Fiilittood, laic of samo, Gont, dec*; at S^ Pe*rt or S* 

IlMwK VWuI'tt Wliarf, 



Jul 10 

Sir Jofcn Null*, K'. WidDwcn 50, 4 Miirj- Goodwin, of S^ Mart Aldfir* 

niMibury, Widow, 2S} ; ai Latllo Ijfonl) }^»*c\. 
Jot 17 Hourv SsjiU, GDnt., of Cloth lUll, co, llofia, BacWW, 53, A .inno 

Wrtntu of nmL\ Sp'. 30; ttl S^ Morj Mjurd". OM Fi»h Street. 
Ab. 33 TboiAAiB Croirlor. of stepDor. ^tiddloMx, .Snipwright, lWhcl<ir. 9t. A 

EliXAboth C<^ of MUne, apintftcr, 20; aX 8tefiney or Stratford Bow, 

IVb. 3 Kchord Fi-Ur, fiont, of S^ Itrid« *, Biu:bcIor,25, 3i Ksthcrbe Nichollv, 

of Bftmc, Widow, 27^ ; at S^ U&ry .MukOaIci], OM Fuh S\ 
PAl 13 WiHiiiro Ruwcll, Gent , of BuUbary, B»w>x, RjwIiHop, W). Jt Snni Codto, 

of H' Andrt-n'B, HoHwru, Sp*. 23, her pjireula diCml ; ii( S* Faitli'a. 
Fi£k 13 Johti ffnij'tli, Gent,, of Thorpe, 8iirtvy, flncholor, 24, A yinry Miotonic, 

of R«mc, Smnntrr, 10, dtm. of John Mintonui, Gffnt,, who ouimnntM; 

at JS Sepulchre'* or Chrnt Churcb, London. 
!'( DiLiiicI UourE^Gont^of S^ IVtvr a4 VmcnlA/rowt^rof I^uidoti, BttoV, 25, 

A AlictPiJU*pu,of »',2?>; aiS'Mttn^liitjdjilei^Old Pi?*li Street. 
Kl>. 31 lIuimAM Sjdt«r, Gtriit., of OiigimJl Sii^vllor, co, Kmox^ Fiooliolcr, 25^ £ 

Phil!i(ij«i Rou*, of unw. S|H, :« : nt S^ lJridi>V 
Kkhit Fnnci^ tiuder, Gent, of Citj of Loudon, Bachelor, 38, ft Amphillis 

Tyndall, of UUpham, 8itrrev, Spiniit«T, 'J2, hur p&rentj deodj iit 

S^ Marv AUhurvh. or 8< Ma^v >LH-dAren, Old FUh Street. 
Fiklut John kivera, G«rtt , of Middle lWpto, Baohdor, :12, A Olivo Oarleton, 

of ^P'lk^ ^n Eivex, Widow, 4U ; at Thoydun Mount, Thoydou Sa>'«, 

Of lTir>i-doQ Gftrnou, co. K»iwx ; alie^ bj Ueniy Hivora. Gout.* 

uf Middle Temple. 
Vat. 7 WilUam WiriiBur, G<-tit., of 8^ BdinuudV. Lombard Street, Bach', 30, A 

KliRFtWh llikp*, of S^ Andrew's. Ilolhorn, rfpiimter. 22, Korparenln 

dec^ ; ttt S* BrideV 
lUr. 11 ThoinA« lielAiiiv, <Hnt, of ^^ Martin's in Fields, Bachelor. 30, & 

KaUieriiiu AolUnd, of Latiglnv, Bucki, SptiiHt<)r, 27; &t ^* Mary 

Mai^'iUletL, Old Fidh Street, or §* John Zn^hun-, Loud- 
Mif, 16 Tboma* \ViJI>«, Eeq. of S' AurbowV. liolborn. Bachelor, 26, A Katherine 

Ofilfty, of t>' MArtiii'ji in KidiU, 8pinHtcr, "Jl ; cunitrtit of father Sir 

John Offley, K^; at ^* Andrew'r, Uolboru, or S^ Uary Mn^^leD, 

Apfil B John Capf^Ih GeDt., of S^ Gilex in Fielda, Bachelor. 30, A Martha 

Walwnu, <Tf namci. Widow, it), late m. Edward Watson, Gent., dcC"; 

at S^ jindrew"», Holborn, or S* Mary Magdalen, Old FioU Stteei. 
April ICI Hd^ham *ScrLV«ii, Gotit^, of Lam1>otli, iW-liclor, 23, A Ma^daJon 

l^iinrnrlt, Spinatflr, 10; hfrr fathrr* roiTM*nt; at 8' Mary Magdalcrit, 

GId Fiah Strict, 
April 20 Johu ASaddcr. Gent., of City of Woeiinirirtep. Bachelor, 30, A ICIizaheth 

Broniie, of aivmc, S|»% 2ft; at Fullmiii or Chcbea, Midilleeei. 
Mfty 3 ChnrloH Wliooler, Oeiit.. of Chiiriii;^, K«ut, Baobolur, 20, A Anno 

Hutthcn, <}f «atne, J^pinaterv 24 ; at All Hallow*, Honey Lane. 
Jfay U Gilbert Upward. Gent., of S^ CU-mt^nt Daiiwi, B^w^hulor, 2ij, A Dorotly 

I'rye, of Name, -Spiast^r, 20, dau. of Kieliard Krye, of Old WiikUop, 

Berk*, r«uuiaii, who vonaeutw ; at 3' JJunfltairn Wett, or 3^ Jnnuv, 

Miy 16 J*jhu Nye, Gt?nU of SliafoM, Subbos, Bai^^helor, 23, A Mary BoBtocke, 

of name. Widow, 25 ; at S» Olemoiit DanoA. 
M»y 17 Robert BwrtJott, Gent., of Twiekonham, Middlwei, Widower, 63, A 

}<^j£abi>Lh Chccdcman, of Ham^lou, Kiddi., Widow, 40 ^ at 3' Mary 

Macdalen, OJd Finh Streot, 
lUy 17 Rirhurd Ilnmline, of Lea, co. Ewex, Gent-, Baeheler, 94, A Sarah 

Kcrrem, of the City of Lcicettor, WiJoW, 22 ; at H^ Marliui in 

Field*, or 3* Mary Magdalen. Old Fish Stw^t 



M»y 20 Patrick LeviDgton, Gent., of City of Wefitmiiuttr, Bach 

Barbara Acheson, of a&me, Spinster, 21; coiueDt of 

Margaret Acheson aliag Browne; at Chelsea, Fulham, 

worth, Middlesex. 
Kay 27 Antony CoYert, Gent., of Haacombef Snirey, Bachelor, 26, 

Chesterton, of Witleigh, *i* co.. Spinster, 18, dau. of [W 

terton, Bim]., dec^; consent of her mother Anne, now Dai 

at S* Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street. 
Jujio I Bobcrt Hawlins, Gent., of S< Michael Basishaw, Bachelor, £ 

Winch, of Thojdon Gamon, Easei, Spinster, 22, her fati 

at own disposal-, at Chesthunt, Herts, or Wanstead or Thi 

CO. Efisei. 
June 5 Charles Jennyns, Gent., of Dunmow, Essex, Bachelor, 25 

Butcher, of City of Westminster, Spinster, 15, dau. i 

Butfher, Gent, dec^ ; consent of her mother J(>aiie Bu 

brother John Butcher, Ei'ors of her father's Will ; ffi Jol 

of S* Margaret^s, Westminster, Gtrnt., attests; at 

CJerkcnwcll, or S* Bartholomew the Less. 
J une 14 John Bidley, of S^ Mary, Islington. Clerk, Widower, 40, & Joi 

of name, about 40, widow uf Thomas Lambe, Esq', of 

dee'' ; at S* Bartholomew the Lees. 
Juno 21 George Norton, Gent,, of S* Mary, Islington, Bachelor, 27, 

Dabornc, of same, Spinster, 22 ; her father's consent; at 

S' Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, or S^ James, Clerken 
July ForlnnatuH Wood^ate. Gent, of Penahurst, Kent, Bacbel 

imit^nts dee'', & Elizabeth Nevill, of same, Spinster, 

oiiiiHent of father Francis Nevill ; at S^ FaithV 
Jnly Henry Hiiiwne, Gent, of Weatbam, P^asci, Bachelor, 30, & 

of wime, Sp^ 80- at Little Ilford, Eseei. 
July 10 Anthcmy Tingle, Gent, of City of Westminster, Bachf 

Klitabetfi Pago, of same. Spinster, 25 ; at S^ Mary Ma 

Fifth Street 
AiiK' ^ J'tuncis Ballanl, Gent., of S* Martin's in Fields, Bachelor, 24 

(Jardner, of S^ Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, Sj 

oontieut of her father Richard Gardner, of same, Esq. ; t 

C lor ken well. 
Sk>t^ II Francis Gay, Gent, of City of Westminster, Bachelor, 2 

Harcrs, 30, widow of Charles HaTers, ded ; at S^ Marj 

tUd Fish Street. 
K\X. i Thomas Browne, Gent., of S» Martin's in Fields, Widower, 

Itonnicke, of same, Widow, 35 ; at S^ Faith's, or S^ Mary 

Gld l^ah Street, 
VK*l» 7 William Somer, Gent, of S* Margaret's near City of 

IWholor, 20, A Mary Sumner, Spinster, 16, dau. of Jol 

\U«nt,, dou*^ ; consent of her mother Joano Swann, ^ 

;*' SWphen's, Coleman Street, or S' Bartholomew, Eichac 
\\% S. IHun^wfcs l^iylor, Gent, of Enfield, Middlesex, BacV, 3C 

Uavwvri of Stamford Bivera, Essex, Spinster, 18; com 

tMk«>r John Brewer, of same, Gent. ; at S' EUen'a or S* I 
i»(,Sv "^ Vhfc'unm S<.>kw, Gent., of S* Andrew's, Holbom, Bachelor, 1 

Burr* of iHWie, Spinster, 23, a maid servant; at S^ Mary 

\M b^Hlh »tEwt. 
■.\s. -% JifW W«tbur^ Gent, of S^ DunHtan's East, Bachelor, 23, . 

l\»i|pw IVvvvJ, of AU Hallows Barking, Widow, 28 ; at 

Ni^ : (i«%4oi. l!t^»liVW>L Gonti of S^ Ann's, Blackfriars, Bach 

^•(^ ^WhHi. ^ Aadover, co. South'"", Spinster, 24- o 


2 Panl Gairett, Gent, of TTxbrid^, Middlesex, Widower, 42, A Mary 

Vincent, of same, Sp', 31; at Uxbridge or Cowtey, co. Middlewx. 

14 George Booth, Gent., of Ci^ of WestmiDster, Widower, 26, A Elizabeth 

Gray, of S' James, Clerkenwell, Spinster, 22 ; at S* Marv Magdalen, 
Old Fisb Street, 
18 Henry Christmas, Gent., of Bineted, co- South'^, Bachelor, 17 (consent 
of his mother Mary ChriBtmae, Widow), A Martha Milwurd, Spintttor, 
about 23, a maid serrant in par. of S^ Martin's in the Fields i at 
S' Magnus, or S^ Margaret's, >ew Fish Street. 

16 li 5 

15 ffir Thomas Burton, K^ A Bar^, of 8^ Androw'x, Holbom, Wid^ 60, A 

Frances TurviU [? TumiU], of Little Ilford, Eseei, Widow, 50 i at 
Little Ilford aforesaid. 

aO Edward Trotman, Gent, of S^ Michael's, Wood Street, Bachelor, 27, A 
Susan Watts, of 8^ Margaret's, Lothbury, Spinster, dau. of Duiiiel 
Watts, late Citizen & Haberdasher of Lond.,dec^; consent of the 
Court of Aldermen of London & of her guardian William Hawood ; 
at Trioitj, Minories, or 3' Bot., BishopAgate. 

23 John Spranger, of Epping, Et^aei, Gent., Bachelor, about 20 (cimHcnt 
of hia uDcle Edward Spr&nger), A Mary Searte, of naino, Sp^ IS 
(consent of father John Searle the Elder teaiified by John Scarlo 
the Younger, brother of t^ Mary) ; at Hftrl*>w or Whittington, h^SHCi. 

27 Alexauder Norman, of S' Botolph, .^Idgate, Citizen A CiM>pcr of London, 
Widower, 56, & Frances Tradencaut, dau. of John Tradescant, of 
Bouth Lambeth, Gent., who oousentti, about 19, bis consent attentcd 
hy his wife Hester Tradescaiit ; at Little S^ Bartholomew, or S^ Mary 
Magdalen, Old Fish Street. 
7 Thomas Assheton, of Botterdam in Holktnd, Merehant, Bachelor, 30, & 
Frances Clapham, of same. Spinster, 22 ; at the chureh of Botterdam j 
alleged by Thomas Bladwell, Gent., of S^ Mii-hael Baaishaw. 

13 Richard Woodward, Gent., of City of Loudon, Bachelor, 2G, & Autojietla 

Tollerbie, 44, widow of John ToUerbie, dec^; at S^ Peter'a, i'aul's 

15 George Sairs, Gent., of Fulham, Middlesex, Bachelor, 22, A Ann 
Wilshere, Spinster, 20, dau. of Gregory Wilshcre, of S* Michael 
Baaishaw, Merchant; at S* Botolph, Aldersgate^ 

17 William Eathbone, Gent., of S^ Faith'a, Widower, 50, A Mary Con- 
stance, of S' Botolph, AlderHgate, Widow, 43; at S' Giles, Cripple- 
gate, or S^ Leonard's, Foster Laue. 

17 Samuel Baker, Gent., of Cheshunt, Herts, Bachelor, 2S, A Malhow 
Chambers, of same, Spinster, 28 ; at S^ Bartholomew the Less, i>r 
S* James, Clerkenwell. 

3 Thomas Treasam, of Liredon, co. Xorth'*^, Eho., Bachelor, 17, moii of 

Tobie Trea8am,Efiq.,dec'd (consent of his guaroians Walter Duin-cunbo 
A William Alsopp, of Newton, co. North*"™, Gcritt*.), A Aitint Ash- 
field^ of S* Botolph's, Aldersgate, SpinHter,20 (consent cif hfv iiiothor 
Dame Elizabeth Ashfield, Widow, sm att^ted by Sir RiuhanI Anh- 
field, Bar^) ; at S* Bartholomew the Less. 

14 William Preutlev, Esq., of Esendcii, HerU^, Widower, TjU, A Kram-i**! 

Henda, of Clesthunt, Kerte, 30, widow of John Ilerris, Knq., do*-'^ j 
at Chesthunt afs"*, or S^ Bride's, London. 

26 Francis Harris, Goldsmith, of S* Leonanl, Foster hn\u\ Itjic-luijnr. 2ll, 
A Elizabeth Drake, of Fenthurrb, Loiulun, Hpin»<t«r, '27, *iiiij, nl' 
Cornelius Drake, Citizen A Merchant Tnyh^r, wlu» n^usoiitN; at 
S^ Bride's or 8' Sepulchre's. 

aixxucB ucmscn G&Amo 



JUj 19 
Umj 36 
M^ » 


Jnij S) 
Sep. la 

Oct. 8 

Oct. 2L 
Ort. S7 

Kov. S 

>'o». 21 
Hot. 27 

Doc. IS 

Jan. 7 

CoTMliM. Got!, af InwH, »ms. BicMar. ao. ASm ?!•: 
■rfTVgwi*aM,ai,f| iilii.gS; at 9 Bvthobae* tlw 
KiiImwiI Wrtiifciiwi. e«M^ rf ataraiT. Wiililir. 90^ & 

gifa|t».o<«Mw^B|Mitii,3a; br telM>'*«MMDt; ml »t«pB«)r 

no wwTrim . O m^ rf W iiW|ili». Hnit. W irliJnr. S3. A 

mt 9 toliiliiiMii Sb9 Lm, 9 Ibffj )l«^, OU Fmk Stmt, or 

Edwv^ Uf?rT7^ &q^ of liwnln s Iniu BKhddt. Si, A Bii^pe* to 

Abovt a:, wtdimof noBM Ut^er.ol ITMililiniihuipT.^rT &q^^ 
mt V BnieV. £P BanfaulnpH tW LcM,vr All Hdlovs. Houor ' 

Wniim Ooodftll, G««u, erf IfiiUl* TMpk^ BftdMlor, 23, A' I 
PMtor. of 9 DfliH««B'# W«< SpiMlir, 3L W wnnt* dead; H 
B«tb>bm« the Lev. orS" Hut ICm^Iol Old Kik 9kmL 

TtoM— Vao<fcM, Omt^vt ftiliiM.lM&m, Wid9w«r,».ABIi«iCteT 
WtWK. of 9 Ofle. i& Kiid>. Widff*. 87; at S- Buti>olom<r ds^ 
T.—, <v V tfsiv Ifudftlco, OU KbIi 8ii««t- 

WOJum L»nc Gwt, of Honkr. Bmx. BkMot, 22. A EUen H«L«. 
of BrovBlof, MiddlcM, HpiiMer, IS; caamai of EuAm^ Bobei:vt 
Bote, Bn^ of 9 HannC'fl ia K«cit ; at S* i«oiwmiX BnaiA»:7< 

Awtvtia Butcr. (lork. of Citv of WeotniiutM'. IWMor. 27, 4 Ali^r^ 
Tmer. of mm. Widm, 2S; at 9 iiMrj ib^\ OU Fbfa S<. 

Hradrntnor Wmton, QmL, of Ebmor, Bnex. B«urMt>r, 22 (otnueBl 
father Jui«» Wbton), A hith Seott, of Mine, apttuter. 23 (i 
of ^UwT WftltfT 8<»n) i at 9 Bn^V ^ 

Jo^ii SatiK Qctit., of l^^ofU Hnn. Bacbelor. 21 (coii»nit of lir , 
fatlwr Bfwkel t^ilh, itetor of «< puifh), & Blijcabetk Cr<ivtfT, cr^ ; 
HuMdod, Horta, S|Niiit«r, ftbaiit 1^, dau. of Heur^ UrowJeir. l^te o -^_. 
8< Uwn«rdX rthnmliifh, Ooitt,. d«*, ber motbor »i» <kad ; a^^^ 

Kichola- Be< G«aL, of Uotvluui. Aurrey. Btebolor* 26. A Cathcrin^^ 
8«nitb, SpioBtCT', 24; at 9 Peter^t, Pwil'a VHrnat, or S^ Mittbow,,-^ 
Fridajr fttnd. ^ 

ioliu Mill-i. B-q.. of S< GiW m lVld#. IWUkw, di, A Ithaaur Bmardp -^ 
»f S* Martin'u in Kleld», S|>inHl4-r, 19 ; fomrnt of hn- fftthar U«orB» * 
BayotnJ ; i1ip|j:cd bj Adicll Bafuard, Cierk ; At 9' ilny HjigdileB, 1 
Old Ftah Street. 

Tliuinaa Prujvaii \$ie iiab«,l, Gent;, of 8^ MArtEa>, Lodg^tr, BacboJor, 
T2 (^ii<H>iit ot fiithor Vrancif t*njj«an. 1)' of I^hviip). & luWth 
Hon\ oi tf tSopuIchre**. Spinaicr. 10 (ixavtnt of her father Kobort 
Ilore. Citifeu A Apcilhcmrv) ; at (iron Elford, Eivor, 

IIbkIi Wiillpjr. Gem., of S' Gi(« in Fieldt, Wi^otrer. aboul 50. A Umij 
1 Ijimituu, of Bimsff, Apiimtrr, 22 ; oon^int of n^otWr Klir}^ ilArtiao^ 
nf tnimi>. Wiiinw ; at S* Mnrr MagiUK-n, OW Fi-t Strc*t. 

WillUm Hill.Oent, of Anh. ivenl, Widoirer, 21. «( Eliubctb Tikt, of 
t*itjr of Wci»1r»iii0ter, S|untfter. Id, daii, nf Edmund Pike, late of 
Sloiie Ociun [fl,co, Glouceeter, OeiiU. <lec^ ; coftsotit of her uni^le 
1?KaH«» Tiink< [r], Ebc|., of CSty of Wc«tmiibvtor ; at S< Marj Ua^ 
dalciJ. Old FijibMrc^t. 

Bobert Htjie. Bki., of Bromley, Kciits Widow«r, M« A Miutlut Style, of 
WewiuuD ['fl, kpnt.^^pinater.^Lher pai«Dtadoad: at 9 Hmt Uw- 
dflloii. Old Pi>h Strwt. 

KroDcis Marab. G«nt., of South Mim^ Aliddlovvx, Widowvr, S8, A Sam 
Gviffiii, of himdojk, 3p^ ab' 4U ; at S' ^^uli^breV 



Jul 15 Bdntd ffiftVr. G«=i- ?* HjklfQ»c E«^i_ Buf'^^r iW. i ?t^- .<■* 

Ihl 16 WiIiiKa Gii^^n. £«_ :: S= Mat^ * r>*-.£l*- Wji i-- *- , i -^^V= 

FtehS*. ' 
Jtt. 26 Thmna* BuiuTd. G«^T- -z-i PK»--ii- >--JU<ri_ W>£ t^t. 4", A rrR-rn-* 

Bacbck>r. 34, A liiA'-eii .tiTtT*. 'f ^ ''.'J.t^=.. Hat: Stt^:. 

hv Tlioma« Fau'^t. *rr-:^i. i A^I't-:, M i^r-^x. --.^r :■ *^ 
^iufaeth: ai S" Bfc*^*i:- -^lew t"w Lew. :v Mirr MA_-Ulf:_ t.t.i 

Pfb. 2 SirTbevWd &:-E«*, K", .f^^ilT.r. WIt*. W.i mtr. i;. -: 'il. A A:L:.e 

JoZiD Gmet- Efcj. ; k >" Bar^VO -im-^^ :"^ Le** 
Icb. 4 Robert &>]:," Ciri« A HiVriAplje-. :: > 3^-_ii=-: F-t, A Ja-- — r.e 
H»iL of S" Pevr tlie P>'r. TS^iut'^. 21: ,-:-^l: f ber rVaer 
Willi«m Hall Bnq-: »T Gremr. >- Lirrlt It ri. c^, E^t^i. 


lliF.30 John Amunt. G««-, -i-f >"^ Du::*:*;:'- Wts^r. W;i m^-r. io. A if^rr 
Cn*ni«elL of S= (.'>:a#-M iHz-e*. ff. i. w. ^: st >"■ 3ar:L l.Tziviv 
tbe Lew. fj* S* M^rr MA^iLe:., ■.►.d F>'^ ^:T*Tt. 

Ajiri]23 FimnrM M«ive- Gwii,, of >= .ii^irew'*. Hvltv-:^ Ba--":.". ■2'y. A itarirarr: 
SomnfieR of *aii>f- Wiiow. M: a: ??■ JIatt Mij:i>i_ 0:i 'F.T*b 

]^ 5 ThozDAd ElnH«. Esq., ^f Otw^"* Nrn^-s. o>. Nor/L ■^, BAoh-. 22. Li* 
psrmttf dead. ± ^i^T^r^' Verii^v, t-f <" D.i:i^:A'-* We-:, ?^pi:i^Te!-. 
22, her parenti de^d : a; ."^^ Bar:"i' .i-^-^w lae !>->*_ s- Pe:^r > 
Poor, or S- Mmrr HaedAltii. Old Fi*Q Pt?t*i ; Arte*:ed br Henrr 
Temer, En]. 

Miy 16 Bobert ArkeiwulL Oei.:^- of EIr. .?o. Ca^r rdx-e, W:i>ir€r. V\ A 
ConHADce BavxK-r. '.-:' S' X:cK Ui* C-;-e Abbev. Wi-l .w. a>>ut 3».i : at 
S* B*nholomew ibe Le^. r Sy JLirr >[ae-i'." IJ^i K.--: ,<:reet. 

Miy 20 William Fotter Gen:., of C::v if \Veit:t.;:.^:^rr. BA.;>r: t. 31, A Marr 
Bobotham. of Bame. ^j.:=.*xr. :»: At >" 3£arT Mi^-d^. Old FiA 

Mij 25 Jame» Mydbope. &«q.. ^.f s- JIaj^L-/:. in Field*. Bai/hf-^.p. 2s. 4 Lvdia 
Brickendeo. of taiiie, Widoic, 25; at S- Mary Ma^i-, Old Fish 

JoM 1 WiUiam Hiok*, M.A,, oi Peartree- f>y. South'**, Ba^Hck-r. 24, A 
Margaret Delnna- 'jf S' B-':ol[jh. Bi-Vi--p-jatf. S|»iij-i^r_ 22; o^n-^y.z 
of mother Margaret Lk.iEia, Widov: at ±>- Marv Mas'-LiTeii Old 
FlAb Street. ^ 

Juu 4 The K' Hon, Thomas. l^tM (rnj ■* Groobv, rvyu A heir t«i the U- Hod. 
Henrr. Earl of -StAmford, BA-.-Lelor. 23 ^hi- faihtr"? Oimsen:), A The 
l^dr Doroihv BourL-hier. dax of the H- Hon. Eilwartl. late Earl of 
Bttth, dec* (consent of her ::uAr>liaui> the H- H-m. Oliver, Eari of 
BoUinsbrooke, A Sir A]ei' S" Juhn, K}) -. at Chelsea or Ken^iu<*tou 
Middlesex. ' ■ 

Johb 23 Crew Taabnrgh, Esq., of S" >Urr, Sarov, Bachelor. *>. A Ladv Grace 
Pbelipp**, of wme. Widow. 34 ; aiie!<~ied bv «ir Thouia^ Barker o£ 
HinR^hall, Suffolk. K^ ; at S« Marv Jla^'.'oid Fish S^ 

Juij 7 Edward ChappeJL Gent,, of Ciir of \^'eAtIninate^, Widower, tiO, A Eliza- 
beth Gide, of All Hallown, Brea'l Street. Spinster, 3o ; at S^ Marr 
Magdalen, Old Fi«h Street, 


July 27 




















Job Iffiwi?*, OvnL, of CSty of I!tfiidem, Widower, 24. A Matsct* 

iLiu}-litou. o( 9 Itmry Woolcharcli, SuiiwtiT, is^ dau. of Gmfi 

Hniij^hlon. flc-iit,, wlio t-oiux-iitv ; u S* Mary Ma^*, OU t'ub :>:nttt. 
8&Qiuel CoJcod, Oeat., of S* AnUrvw U>idf-rv1uft>IlacbcIor«21, AHortir 

Grimiirono, of S' S«pulckrvV Spinster, 25, b«r poicDU AmA ; )i 9 

Mury Mikff^lAkTu OicI Flub SlroeL 
WiDiani linuifeiia, iieut,, of IngAlwtonc, Bmci, BftvbeW,2i & Mtnb 

Bmi', iif Iturntwoiid, cr^ CO., Spiaater, 22, paftotv clead ; aI Cbclmi^ 

furU or Paiiiarv, i%», &«cx, 
Viitront CorlioH, fiuiiL, of Vcmdfoni. «i. &mm. Bvfcokir, 22, k» 

fgiivutK il4«iJ. ATbcuiiuuite pL'tkio. of rat^c, «*^iDBt«r, IS; coDMnt 

of mother Margiirvt PotLiit, Widow ; ni Wocnlionl nfii*. 
Jobn IMiioiu Em)., of Fawler. Oion, Daebelor, 2^ ft Penelope Voni^ji 

8jitnHl«r, 22. ilau. of Str KdEnund Vornoy, K', dco^^ at S^ Baiilub* 

mi^vi t.lic> l^tvu, TA>ndoTi- 
Bowri^r Wood, Gv^nt., of WalthaoiBtow. Eb«ci, Bacfador, 24, ft J^oa 

Sm vlJi, of Hurntwood, ft«ri, Spinster, 2?* ; at Little S< Bartbokrtnow, 

Anlliony SArnge, <Jonl, of S« Alnrtia « in Piel^M, B»oUclor, 2S, A Strfth 

CoiMCaMo, 4if DatcJiai, HucIei. spinster, 2G ; nlle^ hr Frwri* 

Cotiatable. of WMtminsicr, Stationer; al f** Murr Mi^ialen, Old 

Fiuh »lrtwt, or S* lVt«rV P»ul> Wharf. 
John IteU, Clerk, of & Jaiow, Clerktuvi^lJ, Widoi«cr, 60, A Wit*» 

Tojiyn, SpinftKT. 45 ; nt S' l^c^iinnl*^, Broiiilet, Middleitex, 
William hiyiio, (■<'nt,, of Fiurhlcy, Middk'wcx.'Jlachelor. 3J!*, A io«»* 

IVyor. of «iine, 8p', 27 ; al Souih MyuiH, Mtiidlfjxt:^. 
Itobcrt ,Mi»uiing, Gent., of fi* JiUry Cray, K^rot, Biwhclur, 22. 4 K*tf»^ 

WftiHoii, of S' BrideV, iioudoo, Spiucl^T, 28 j codmuI of ffltt^* 

William Wat^n; at S' FaithV 

[J^ff«r hit fintry comM one snufd^ dttUd 2S Jam, 1646>7. <tnd then 
^Aff nojri M the Jiill<9mn^J\ 


I 8ir Art>inr Jf*nrioy. K*, iif Thobcrton, co. Suffolk, fibout 50. A HoHca.- 
PreeniuD. widow of John Freernwi, lute of C^tmltni^fcird, C€. £mit 
Kxq., doc<^, nboiit 2t> | nt Lnmborut^, St^iidon. or Ortiiatoad. Ewoi- 

t ThomHa Oirurmfln. Omil,, i>f Weirt-bjim. Khboi, Wiitower, .1(j, A Kli*** 
belli ]{o8ie, of Lambonic, E^flei. S|)inHtor, 17, ber fa^er dead; 
<\>]iiioiit of fiu/inlinn John Bromfiild, cf l-iimbornc ft^. Gdit; ftt 
Tboydnii IKiipJH, WuodforJ, or OrtviiHi^l nvar Oiigar, co. EHnex, 

t William I-amb, lirnt-, <jf Clooiwnt'ft Inn, Bftohelcrr, dt>, .^ RiW I,ive»«ij, 
of S* BriticV Londoii, Spiiwlw, 25; at S* Mary Mapl^ Old KiA 

> Jmii(*« I'Ictcber, Et»(j», of City of WeatTninAtf^r, Um^hctori 21), A Jane 
Doniyfi, of juiinc, Spin^i^rr, 19 ; cotiotiot itf luulbor MATgivrcl Duruoy^ 
oFi4in(T, Widdw; nt «" Marv Mngd", Old VitAv Strwt. 

t IWmna Bihn;Favo, ilmi., of £jiAtray, KcmH, Bjichclor, 26, A HnnoTtt 
KnUotl, (jf S* TJiinstiitiB WeM, 8piiifller, 20; couaeat of mutlier 
AJii*e l-]i»t4.-Ptt, Widow, leHiillwl by Ludomck WciiiU [»i> «ub>J, 
U,D. i lit «* Bftrtbolomtw ibo Lopp. op S^ Mary Mn^d"> Old FiJi 

k Nilbaniri Suniner, 0«ut,, of S< Peters, PauPh Wharf, AVidowCr, 36, A 
Atobc Suoftd, of a' Mary Ma^jdalcn, Old l-Vh Stieel, Widow, 24 ; at 
$* V»ii^\ or 8* PokTi* nfuivwiid. 

I ViUioju Hunt, Oi'Ut,, of Camberv<*ll. Surrpy, Bftubelor, 28, A Mar^Tirct 
HahiWs about 20; couseiil »f father l^bert Holton; at )S^ Mary 
Sfaf^lMi, OM b^*b Stn-ot, or »' Peter^, PauKH Wharf. 



LewT* Awdcl)-. G«nt.. of Grauaden Mngnn. orx Hunts, Bach', SO. A 

Man- Hiiniw^v. of San<!«r»1«*l« Surrey, \Vjilow. 32; in oha]HO of 

^utToji 8 iioffpiUl or at S* Uartholomow the Lcm. 
'WilLmu Jjn-k, (JcDt., of H" Bmolpli. Algnttr, Bftubdor, 3-^ A San Mnyor. 

of S^ Qile4, Cripp1i'^ftU\ Si>m«k-r« 10; coii«eut of fatUor Joba 

Mayor: at Ivlintrt'^D pannh churchy 

Aouc (iumcy, of ToUoritlgr, ikrtis SpiDJitcr, 17 ; consent of father 
Sir Birbiira Goumor, of Mine, K} A Bar^ nt S< Vcttr\ raura 

AbrrUiAtn Willmcr, Eio,. of S' T^^oiiftrilX Burnley, Miild:^,, Bach^ 2S, 
A Martha Hj^U^iifeila. of ^Aroe. SpitiaEtr, 17. dnu. of Jrbu K^loBlMd, 
IaIc of Ciiy of I.oiulon, M**nhnnt, ikt'', lii?r uipthcr aMo dt'ad i 
conwnt of hor father in Iaw Sir John Jacobs of mk-mo, K'; at 
BroidlGy iJb*. 

Tiuiothj ftcyrwr, Ocnt., of S* SepulcJire'n, Bachelor, 2H, A Anne 
Wcekely, of Lutoju Hcdit. Widow, 27 ; at S' Mwy Mafid^ GId Fiah 

KictiuUf Saulhcote, Gimt., of S^ MiKin'a in FioMit^ AVidower. 33, Jt 
Slary Panjv&l), of mme, Sp', 23. her porenU dcs<l ; nt S* Peter le 

John llf-rtey [tf^; nubB.], £m,, of Jiiucoln'* Inn« Bacbdor, 28, ft l>Aine 

Dorothy Kmkio. of S' Ojfc* in Field*, Spinntcr. dnu. of the IV Hon. 

Jamnii, Eiirl of HiicWn in v* Kinj-iiont of Sooll:mii.deo'^, A her mothur 

(il«o; 01 S Kjfcilh'n. or H^ [terinciy Paul'*" Wbnrf 
John CrtiMv, i>f Orei^ikwiih. KvuX. Merchrtiil, Baihelor. 22, aoD of 

WilUftTn Crnm^c, <if unmc. ]Mcrrhnn(, who coniiriitis A Fmnrrti 

GurrnrJ, of BaM Grvtfiiwii!li, Kviit, Spiiiitter, 18. dftii. af 8ir [tWl-] 

(varrnrd. KV dec'': couaeat of hvt motlivr Uaioe [6^9ff^] Gmrranl, of 

Bllhafn, Koiit, Widow; at «^ flnrthol. llio liOM. 
Edward Siuoha, UntL, oi Mardeii, Kent, about liL A Acne Maplwien, 

of Kiiot*, 8pi[Liil«r, IT; coimcnt of fmbcr MftjdJedcni nt 

S» Wnnr Mngdnlc^n, Hid Fii»U StPWtr. 
dackvile \Vade, Gent,, of Onwiii, co, Cambridpe, Widower, 47, & 

EJiKi^bcth LuhiD, of S* Jnmc», Clcrkcnwcdl, Spinnti^r, IW j at S' Bar- 

tholoniew the Leas, S^ Peter's, Paul's Wbarf, or r>* EduLund'*, 

fiOQibtird StnxTt, 
John Jobnuon, (Jrnt,, of CbJjnw^n, Eaiiir»i, Widowcrr, -H, A MurtKn Ady^ 

of Slllin)*houriit, Keot, Widow, 4j'J: nt Stepney, orN* FaithV Ltmd. 
Simiin fJarue», (lent., r>f Honiioyn Middtewfti, Uacb^'lor, 2(t, & Id^bccca 

Tailer, of samf, i^jiiiit-ier, 23 i at ilorum-v. 
Israel GlIiiAon, Gent,, of S^ AndTowH, llolborn, Bncbolor, 40, £ Ito«o 

Cole, of uiuir, 8|niiHter, 25, her paroiittt dead: at S' BridcV, or 

8* Mary, Islington. 
Jajdaa Laiii^haiD, IJont., of H^ Helen'«, Biabopa^te, Baf)iclor, 2iK A 

Uary AUUiu, of S^ Miry Hill, LoDd(JU, Spiottor, 20, duu. of Edward 

AUton. of tuanGt H' of Pbync, who cortHcnti ; nt Gi^at or Little 

8* Bftrtholotwtfw, or S= Peter the Pbor. 
Thomas, Lord Savage, of S^ Dunatari'M Wej<t, Biicdiolor, 21, *ot\ & hdr 

of K' Hoa. Jobii, Earl Kivere, wbo conaenta, A Etizabcth Scroojio, 

of S' iSe|>olchre'», London, Spinntt^r, 20, Iior father liwid ; conaout of 

hor tnot'Krr M" Jcnnt^A ; at S^ Bnrtholomew tlie Lcax, S* Dunjdan'n 
_ Went, or S* Muriiir* in Field*. 
Uaniol Thclwjill, H>fi,, of UrnvK Inn, Widower, 47, & Frances Wilimni* 

KiH, of Woodford, EaM.\\, Widow, 47 i ol Woodford, 
John Onburno, K*q., of S* l*ctrr, U'r«t Cbcap^ Landon, Bnt-holor, 25, A 

Hrlcnor Dunvcrw, of S' Mary Aldennanbury, *SpiTiHtt'r, 2-t; at 

Sf Mnr^ MagdaJen, Old Fiah Ejlroot, or S* DatCholomcw tho Lean, 

278 maim: ^j^ LXtXCfc* GKANTKD 

-Tiilj- 27 iToli ircMi's. til _^ -^ ,i::,rrf"*>i«irTLiwtTof LimC** 

H:iii-Li.'. , "^^ iT Wi-kftjni, Emci, 
Aui;. 22 Suniiul (ill. ■' 

lliii]is:..[ . . ^,4;.^ 

Miin M.; : ■ ;^,- :ii:,p'fli of Sir John Lister, l»t* 

Sop. 1 AVilii:»ni I!/ ■ - ^ FjaMh Parkor* Sjjinatcr. IG; * 

llrirt'. »■:■ "' ^j_ :jtrt i Ixrocer of Luiulou ; nt f- 

for-l .a- !".■ 

SSq*. IS ViiUTMi i'--:' , ^t"i:.itr. 33, & Daine Cicily ?>\vans 

■ ^^^^►i]:i ■ '" _ ■ urr of London, IJaohelor, 2(^t 

Ht-p. HO JiiliM IK',- ■ .^-:u-:=; Middlesex, SuinsUT, 23, dni^ 

S^^ih^!l ■. 'J' ■ ,1^- '" in ^'i par. lIarliny:toii, who cO^ 

Oct. 2 no\\u J- W . "* . \i7f, AVhitLTliiipol, AVidowcT, 50, & 

^lll\^!k ■' J a: S* LooiKord, Bromley. 

I,i>ii'l<iii ,/. ivi. SuHHex, Bachelor, 2G, A Pr 

iK-t. Anthini^ >.''^ '•'"jirter, 21; connect of ialh^r Tli' 

I'oii'^mK' ■ _^J^ faaJs Wharf, or S' Mary Magdaleo, 

Im>1i > ■■ * jwrence, 00. l^^rj, Barh', 22, A L'l 

Oi't. iliihii I"ii. ' .._-. Spinster, 20; con^yiit of fatWrAVill 

\\-\i\.-. >i : ■ ^< Man- Magdalen, Old TUh Street. 

Ori. 10 Willijn'. I'.-' ". .^-jan'*" WcBt, BnHielor, 2H, & JUrgi 

\'r\'-v. _ j; ;<< Bartholomew the Lees. 

OrL 1:* Ki^hi'vi .\I:mih' ' ' 7:tb marsh, co. North'^", cfc Tempera, 

\V:ii-'''. ,_^ *i ii i^* Mary Abchurch. 

\Villi:nii U. ' ',^^:>a*oe, co. Devon, Baohelor, 21, his futl 

J dser). A Florence Kollea, of Chiawi* 

IJjfvr hti^f I iii'\" ■• - - ^ Ltf^*^ by Peter Cox, of Chiawick, Clei 

"\ ^j^of ChiBwick afon*»aicl, 

^cTstford Bow, Middleaei, Bachelor, 23, 

. *^i. Spimtcr, 17, dait. of William Trc 

July 2:1 Sir Anhiir .1. ■- , , ^*^ry- MiuorioB, Stepney, or Little life 

J-'i-i'i^ii;:!!!. '' 

K-H- *!■'' .^iaianaworth, Hcrte, HachcJor, 18 (cons- 
July 20 Th ii- *H' ■ I ^^^Kii^elphia Coke, Spinitter, 15 (cona* 

luih ICo''!-!'. >iw, of Hickmanswortn aforesaid, K') ; 

rii.H\.hiij ]:. ^ ^rtiny Ironmonger Lane» Widower, 35, 

July 2W AVilll;iiii \.-m.K «' ^^ Spinster, 20 {consent of father ThoD 

111" S \Wi*\i' - I- , ^5 Uarkingi Haynham, Wcnnington, 

July 20 .hiLiii^^ t'Ui.l.v. 1'^ ^ . >|'^hur*t, aussex, Bachelor, 2fi, A Elimb 

Muni}.'. ■ I "-.y" ■ ' '- ■ B^'kchurcb, London, Sp-, 21 : Consent 

..r>jii[;.^ \\\'i^- ~ -T!!l*ijf same, Merchaut Taylor; at a* Ma 

Ant;- y Tlu IS \i;ii'i:v;iv*\ '" ^-f** 

J'lfWuii. l'l' >■ ' '- **:- 

IM'. : i^i ^ ' aoiia**-*- CHouceater, Bachelor, 28, A Ai 

StM'i'^ -- ' "liiUkii" Spinster, 16 ; consent of her motl 

An;;. 5 ^aihMnirl Somin-r. ^ --^^^SeT.of same, Widow; hUcl^ bv Pc 

Aniu'StMud.ol ' .•'^-^"rS'aarT Magdalen, Old Fiah StVect, 

S' Fiiiih'^, Ml' ^' " ^e**', 

AtiR. 12 AVillijnii >l"i'^ *^=' ' . "*****JSumy,Widowcr,3S,ASarahl'aTio 

l|,,hnr) :^b.»iit ^- „ ^^-ST^i ^l T''""*^ Minoriea, S' ilarli 





Tho H' irTiu. ClmrW Villem. Birl of Aiijtiw. Uiwhd^r, 21, A The HoTi, 

AJc 1 vi-ograTe. Ksq., of Unugfiijif, HerU, Bacli4-]or, SS, A Anoo 

Gudnrr, S|>]Dj((«r, 20 ; mt Lajslvn, McMdoit, or ^lutidcn I'am^ oo, 

Grrwam Om»pion, Oont. of S* GiieA in Ftel^n, Diuhel^ir, 34, A C«ni<^li» 

Xau, uC mine, Sfihuter, 19 ; ivmititit of licr mother CoraeJi* Nail ; tt 

8* Uilcs Fi^kli or cliapel of Durliim liousip. 
Bkluinl T^jtur, Evi^.t uf 1 laphotn, ItinU, HiiclM^i<ir, jiboi'c 2$, & Cnchjtrino 

B'ifulon, 8piiwCi>r, hbuut 16 - o61im'iiC of Wr futficr Hdiuuitd Uo^on, 

Bw, of tbo BdJddlo Tcmplo ; ni S* Peter ^ Paul'* Wh&rf, or S» B«- 

Uiolomow the Lean. 
lliocuN KoUa, Bsq.. of I^wrknor. Oioo. lUchelor, 35, 4 Eliiabelli 

JeokiuH, of suDOi 8p*, 23 ; At S* Bnrtliok^iocm' the Ijt^w, 
i*t H John Wnoil. Geni . nf WKliIron. <yi. S«*i#ox, IturMcT, 22. l»u L)t1i«r 

<l«aii, & Jovc<» BurUle, of Hiui^U^aiI, co. i^Htroy, Sp', 19 ; consent of 

filbLT i^irChriHtoiiEier Buckle^ K<^ at 5^ B^rtJioloinew the Leiu, or 

1? Btniwt*, i^iurK Wanrf. 
lif 2S Oliwr XiclioUo, Gent, of Awboroo, oo- Wiltn, Baolio]or> 26, A Pnuioc* 

JU?ore, of S* nem«Dt Diiws. Spmat^r, 22; coiuenL of ler motker 

Jku (2 TboiHAif UxAwell, Gent,, of liinL-olu's Inn. Widower, 47, A Jane GrinBell, 
Iff £' JuucTH, ClcrWiiffcIlt Hpinfltcr, 25; At fl* Jnntc-n, Clorkcnwdl, 
GroU 3> Hartli'iloaivw. S* Mtirv Mji£<^ft]«!ii. 0)<l Finh 8tTe«t, or $« 
Prt^rV Paula WKirf. 

J»c2] William Bruod, &19.. of Fbubttyl, Suffolk, BocUeW, 20, Jit MoraiM 
Anh. of S* Uftrr Aldormanburj', Spimtcr, 18, her purcni* i£«d; 
contcnl of Fmi»cw AbK, KiVrof lii*t \ViJlfif Abraham A«h the fnthcr 
of *iid Mzrij»rirt ; at S' M«Ty A Urrmoiibttrv. 

iii»24 Edw&nl WilliftDiB. Gent, of ^ Saviour ^ Southwark, Wiil>:<wer. 40, & 
Alice Hicliani*oa, <if nxm^, Widow, &5 ; at S' Pvter'*, Paur« \Vliii.rf. 

Jilj 7 !lctir> llowanl. of S^ Giltw iii I^VMh, 28, «on cf tbi* K* lion, the Etirl <if 
^crk«, A tito l-n4y Kliuilbclh Cnnrcn, Widow, nhout 20; at H^ 
BanhiilLimon- Ujo tea, S* PcteK», Paul"* Wharf, or S* Mary Ma(,'cl'*, 

'<i|r 10 OQbfrrt Wimberley, D,U,, of Citj of WcaimiiiBitr, Widower, 53, A. 
Altc^ Itrutfgs, of Bouio. S^iusler, 00; At S^ itartholomcv tlto Lcm, ur 
S^ Mnrr Mmi^aailfMi, OKI Fixl Street. 

Wf 30 JoliD IWfiy, J', Geiil., of Siepia^y, Bacljelor, 28, A Jwio Frand*, of S< 
HcletjV, Bii'hopfLgttUs fSpimtor, 10, her partnU ik«d ; conacnt of 
gruKlmotber Jane Gileii ; at Trinilv, Miuorlee. 

™ M Edward Gogo. Knij,. of Hcngmvc, Sofi;>lk. lWh<Tlor, 22, »oi> of Sir 
John OaKT, lAt4* of Fiir)<', CO, Si;h3h^i, IW, dtw^, A Mary llnrvr, 
of Hengiuve afom*, Spinslor, above 20; content of father Sir 
Witiiftiu Hnrry. K\ of same; at ^* Pancnu aiuit KenUthtowu, or 

- Marvln-ue, Midulenei- 

^lU BMaiUil'Ualdvytt, Ew|, of ln^*?r Tempi**, Bailiplor, 30. A £li£«.Ve4h 
W»lcoii» of S^ThomiK Apottiv, LonJiin, SjiiiiKlvr about 20; conietit 
of moiLer Eliabetb W^atotl, of same, Widow; at S' Bartholomovr, 
I^ndon. or Durljun flouNt Chlpol. 
CkarW Wacl«r, Eb-j., of S' Uiklml, Poultrj, Bachi^Ior, 2B, A Doroth;^ 
Binditu, of S* Marlin'a Field*, Spiiiiiter, *22^ bvr patent* <l(*d ; nt S' 
Bartlu)h>njew tht* I-o«» iS' Mary MagdoJen, Old Fi*h Strrot, op iS* 

J. Oithcriae Crw Church. 

*» S3 Jmiiiai Philltpiw, &q,, of "Dw^ribbj [FJ, 00, Cardigan. Widonor, 2*, A 
CatbariaoFowWr, of S»Marv Wfwlchurch. SpiiinUrr, IG, dftu. cf John 
Powlcr. Merchant, decf^; oonaoat of her mother I>aiii« Calhi^n^ 
TOL IT, u 

% 7 



* z'.^Ut. 2": a: S' JJ:u'tl]iili.niu»w 

l-K^Iliom, AVM.-wtT, CO. k S-irah 
.' >= Jariit"". C.'-i'ki'hwc'll, Trinity, 

V Mlows, ISaohviOr, 30. & Aimo 
>-^;n^ter, "JO; .- -ixtit of f.iiWr 
7':^^ JIary 31.. j.Jalcii, 01.1 Fi^h 

\\~iilo\vcr, 04, A Anne Bh^^aTe, of 
. y.<^i^x. <n S^ Marv Mai^'d". OM tVh 

'.7.■■^^<. ITolburii, KaiL', 2i, A K!i'"^ 
l'v:':-j. Sjiin.-Jicr, \>i \ rouwi-ntnf fiitiier 
_■ llfi-rv ofo ]■(■:■ a id. 

■ ■.'::i-, Jk-rk^*, iWliclor, BO. *!t Traiict* 
. SninauT, 2'*: ai Great or Lililt^ 

:\ Siinaox, Baoliclor, ;J0, &. Mary 

- ', 1*2. dan. ^.f v' Jf Wt/pful Sir Jolm 

■r IVtor^, 'We-ti.-Iieaj). 

■ \k\<-]\'. -23, A Kli/alii^t}. F,>llii^tt, of S^ 

,. , tviip-ent oi uK'tht-r, father itea*l-j at 

■'ious Barkiiii:, Tfai-lu'lor. 2t, *t Klii^a- 

*. V 17 or Is. (laii. i.f AVillJain I'nist, late 

V ''>» 'liV' ; l'OIl^e^lt of iiiolliiT f!li/abelU 

-.iX S' Tim' A^'oj'tle, I.tiiiiloii. 
' .r. Warley. Es>e\. Haclu'Kir. 2fl. A. Jane 
' 7:s. NiJinelcr, 23; at Little Tlmrruek, 

■ '--Klin's ill PielO", alle^CH marriaijo of 
-. "'aelielor, 2s, & Jane Posamar, i>f same, 
. _: -.jleii, Olil Fish fStreet, 


>V,U' recomJiicnrv 21 Jr/«. IGGO-].] 

- '-,::!l. alioiit 28, Uai-lielor, & Jmio Croke, 
. ''^ \. abinjt 2\j SjtJiititcr ; I'oiisont of father 
. :\\, liueks; al Totienliaiti, ]Micf<ller*ex. 
'^ Ainhvw'w, lloiliivni, Jjmiloii, fieiit.. A 
*. ^:er; at JS' M:(i"v IMotiiithaw, Loiiihin. 
. '\\». Money J.aiie, L<iiuhm. Haelielor, & 
■;:i. lli>*hop^yate, Loiuhm, Sj^iiislor; at 

MiiUlewex, IWhclur, & Elizabeth W'nnl, 
■/I, MiiUlleHcx. 

S 3lartiu in l}io Fieldn, Middlesex. & 
<--\\s\vT ; at S^ Mavlin'w af«''. 
• *. Loiidmi. Haelielor, & Anne Onv\in. of 


April 6 Robert Tladale, of S' Maiy, White^^TiapeL Middlesex, Bicbelor, & Sarab 

Backham, of same, Sp' ; at Trinitr, 3Iiiione», London. 
Aprii 6 Bichard Pallmer, of S^ Olare'^. Southvark. Sairej. BaobeloF. k Asne 

Handforth, of All Hallows tbe Great, London. Spinster ; at llatnp- 

etead, Middlesex, 
A|rriJ 9 Edward Shelton, of the Inner Temple, Xx^ndon, H^.. i. Anae Jahnsnn* 

of Ilford, CO. Essex, Widovr ; at S^ Andrew, Holbom. or S< BanhoLo- 

mew the Less, Loud- 
April 15 Bobert Qardner, of S* Antbolia'^. London. Baebelor, A Anne Goutd- 

amitb, of same, Spimiter ; at S* Botolph. Bifbopsgate. London. 
ApiI16 WiUiam Thompson, of Ware, co. Hens. Carpenter. 4 Jndeth :?eare, of 

same, Spinater; at Highgate ChapeL Middlesex. 
April 16 John Feilder, of the Citv of WeatminMer, Grocer, Baehelor, A Jaei 

Minteme^ of S* Augustine's, London, Sp' ; at S" Antholios, LoTid. 
April 16 William Barnes, of Rumford, eo. Essex. Tanner, Widi)wer, A Ellinor 

Humphreys, of East Homdon, ^ co., Sp^ ; at S- Peter's, Paulas 

Wharf, Lond. 
April 18 Andrew Manwaring, of S* Catherine Cree Church, London, Sugarbaker, 

Jt Sarah Dicken, of same. Widow ; at All Hallo«s> Iximbard Street, 

A|Til24 Enoch Smith, of S' Michael. Crooked I^ne, London, Bachelor, A Eliza- 
beth Clerke, of Charter House. London, Spinster- at S^ Sepulchre'a 

or Charter House Chapel, London- 
April 29 John Mustera, of Homsev, )lidd]e«ei, Esq., Widower, aV 37, A 

M'' Jane Baseett, of S' ^unstan's in the West, London, Spinster, 30; 

consent of mother the Ladv Dame Anne Bassett, Widow ; at 

S< Bartholomew the Great, London. 
Hajr 2 Simon Gray, of Pertenhall, co. Beds, Gent., A Sibill Gray, of Watling 

Street, London, Spinster ; at 5^ Andrew's, Holbom, or S' Gregory's, 

Hmj 16 William Peirson, of OM Bridewel], London, *' Cost'Tmaker," A Grace 

Champion, Spinster, dau. of Hu^b Champion, of Hunt, co. Berkrt , 

at S* James, Clerkeowell, iUd'llesei, 
Haj 25 Edward Clayton, of Bishop Stortfor<l^ co. Herts, Gent,, A Melior 

Billedge, Spinster, dau. of Bichard Billedge, of Edmonton, Middlesex ; 

at S^ CioniB Backchurch, London. 
Kay 28 Nicholas Clerke, of Hackney, co. Middlesex, Gent., A Hiizabetli Browne, 

of Homaey, s^ county. Spinster^ at Fulham, co. MiddJesox. 
June 1 Thomas Hyde, of Islington, co. Midd]e«ex, Dreyman, A HnriTmh White, 

of Higbgate, s*^ co., Sp' ; at Hom^ey, or Hi^hgate Chjtpcl, Middx. 
JuDe 3 Eichard Bowier, of S' Glare, Silver Street, Iy>ndrin, I'ewUsrer, A J»Ane 

Underwood, of S' MicbaeVs, Woo^l iStrect, London, Spinwler ; at 

& Botolph, Aldersgate, London. 
Jane 3 Isaac Garrad, of S^ Catherine Cree Church, I»ndon, lirintr jn IVnchunjh 

Street, Merchant, Widower, 30, A M'^ Margaret Wddon, Hj>inHter, 

18, dau. of M" Jlary Weldon, of Old Windiior, HerkH, Widow ; nt 

8* Andrew's, Holbom, S^ Sepulchre's, or S* Jiridij's, Lond. 
Jane 5 WHliam Broman, of S^ Dunstan in the W(?it, London, A Sarah (. orkcr, 

of S' Botolph, Aldersgate, London, Sp'" ; at S' Jtot<d[>h afH'^, 
Jane 7 John G^reenbancke, of S' Switbin's, City of Worc^sHl^-r, A Martha 

HanKiD, ofWandsworth, co. Surrey, Widow; atS^ Gabriel i'onchurch, 

June 7 Henry Ingram, of Temple Newsam, par Whitkirke, co. York, Enq., 

Bachelor, 20 years A about 3 m"*, panrrtts both df^ad, A Ilarno Khw;! 

Montague, dau. of Edwanl, Earl of Manchc^tter, l^>r<l (.'liamljerliLia 

of H. Majesty's Hotiitebold, .Spimiter, about 17; at Gray's Jun 

Ch«>el, or 8* Andrew's, Holbom i alleged by George Townshond, of 

8« Gile^ Cripplegate, Esq. 

282 -itiSTED 

■ '^iavc, SmitTiwark, CO. Siimr, 

: William Fmnan, of SiuAo, 

Aug. -' r^ or Trinity. Minorii'^, Lciidon, 

'- Lii^iloti. A Dorothy Powtoii.Jif 
. '^■jiiwtor; ni S- Mary Colpoharcli, 


::y. Londmi* AViJower, A Eli^^both 
. :, Spinster; at .S= Peters, Paul'a 

. '\ A Dorothy Dyer, of S* TbnuiJ 
"- Mary AVoolehiirch, Load. 
■ \W''T, Loudon, GotU., <t CithoriiiP 
r-:. SpiusU^r ; at S^ Peter n, Pnil's 

■" . ?o. Suaseic, Knq,, Widower, & Alice 
V'^invs-; at S^ Mary, ^avoy ulitti IJ^ 

;^.^e:;tc^, Enq., A Mary Tayler, of the 
. V at S* Autholiii't*, London, or fUc- 
. 1, 

' L. Middleaei, Gent., A *' KindetK'ssc' 
' :^a:e. London, Spini^tcr ; at S* AnaC, 

. ^. i:!<, Gcnh, Baehelor, about 20, ^ Saj^h 

.. i-j^pteij Spiudter. about 17 ; con^^cnt of both 

I'^lmrsl, one of them, bein^ pro^nt ; at S 


, I -^^ Ludgato, Liindon, & Elizabeth Stocttou. 

• 'JrldeV. L.^Tiioii. 

. HEiMlof-ox. T:!-:: >r. A EusticP Goold, of sam<^i 

i;.'orio3, Lond.v:. 
.' ■'■'1. CO. K^:u, R.'pemaker, & Eli/^bcth 
* .;o., Sjnritftor ; a: S" S^nthiu a, London. 
—1, Ef=q,, Biu-helor. 27, & M'- Kathefio* 
^r^ Lane, Spinster, about 20; consent ^ 

. . - ::;ton, K* i at S* Gilea in Fields or chap^ 

:v, 00- Kent, Ship Corker, A Thoma/-i^ 
,.. ■ ;i: S' Pcter'K, Panl's Wharf, LoQd<m- 
'I'u'V'Oses, IhiBbaudman, i Sarah Dof^gw'*', 
- iVter'e, Paul's 'Wharf, or S* Gregory 

^ ;,.vidon, Bachelor, Si Elizabeth Copnin^*^ 
. .-, <\nu*toT\ at S^ PeterV, Paul'a WhW^ 

..'Y^*"*, ILdboni, London, GoiiL, & Abi^T 

\ V\-UU, Middlesex. Widow ; at S' Mar* 

, '•^■aU JiOJidon^ or S^ ftrary, 8avov, Mid*^ 

,■ /uu London, Gout., & Anne ifilU of 

,..,..11, Sp^ at S^ Peter's. Paura Wlif*- 

.-^ ,,'. IWs, Esq,, 25, Bachelor, & Da*' 

,^, .^:' U^ Hon. Thoma:*, p^arl of Clevebi-^ 

^... t" father, ai* exprcj^sed by his Secret*' 

--,- ^iaVU tilrect, Movent Oanlen, Mldiliesc^- 

_,^. :r wi church at Colney Hatch, Middlei?^ 

^ \ :.i< KieJdfl, Middlesoi, Eaq., & Cathcrii^ 

..l;^■i^ J*ti. of William AVise, late of Lincoln ' 



Inn, Esq., dec* ; at S* Peter's Cheap, or S* Peter's, Paula Wharf, 

July 29 Joseph lEller, of Watford, Herts, Teoman, & AliL^e Phelps, of S^ 

OUve'a, Southwark, co. Surrey^ Spinster ; at S* Anne, Blackfriars, or 

S^ Giles. Cripp legate, London. 
July 29 JoBCph WiUiamaon, of S' Bride's, London, Citizen & Habenlaahcr, 

Bachelor, A Elizabeth Dunne, of S* James, Clerkcuwcll, Midds., 

Spinat^T-; at S* Clemeot Danes, ^iddi., or S^ Grsi^orvV Loudon. 
Aug. 1 William Thompson, of S^ Botolph, AIder-*gate. London, Bachelor, & 

KrTartha Mill*), of Christ Church, London, Spinster; at S^ Botolph, 

Aldersgate, or S' Leonard, Foster Line, London. 
Ang. 1 Sir Joseph Douglas, of S* Margaret's. Wej-tmin^ipr. K", AVid-jwer, 37, & 

Frances Waade, of S^ Slartin's in Fields, Middlesex, Widow, 33 ; at 

S» Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London. 
Aog. 7 Edmund Wood, of Linated, co. Kent, Bai;helor, & Elizabeth Ditten, of 

S' Martin Orgara, London, Widow ; at S^ Peters, Paul's Wharf, 

Aug. 12 Geoi^ Hunt, of S* Benet Fink, London, Mcrohant, Bachelor, 29, & 

ALirgaret G-aacoygne, of Buraford, Eisci, 2G, Spin^-ter ; at S' Peter'a, 

PauFs Wharf, London. 
Aag. 12 Thomas Bymell, of S' Margaret Moses, London, Bachelor, & Mary 

Moore, of S* Michael, Wood Street, London, Spinster j at & 

Michaers afa**, or S^ BotolpK, Alders^te, London. 
Ang. 14 Henry Morgan, of S^ Dunstan in the West, Loudon, Esq,, & Catherine 

Lewis, of same. Spinster; at S^ Bride's, London, or S^ Clement 

Danes, MiddJesei. 
Aug. 11 William Dais, of Aveleigh, co. Esses, Widower, & Mair Dawson, of 

South Ockenden, a^ co.. Spinster ; at S^ Botolph, Aldgate^or S^ Peter's, 

Paul's Wharf. 
Aog, 17 Stephen Nelson, of 8* Andrew's, llolbom, London, Bachelor, & Grace 

Dunne, of same. Widow \ at S^ Bonnet Shereho-j, Loudon. 
Aag. 19 Thomas Thorowgood, of S' Giles in the Fields, Middlesex, Widower, & 

Cathenne Thombursh, of same, Spinster ; at S* Martin or S^ Giles 

in the Fields or S' Clement Danes, Middie^eTc. 
Aig. 22 Bichard Currier, of S^ Mildred, Bread Street, London, Widower, & 

Catherine Shreeve, of S* Sepuichrc'a, London, Widow ; at S' Peter's, 

Paul's "WTiarf, London. 
Aog. 24 William Erans, of S* Stephen's, Coleman Street, London, Bachelor, & 

Anne Bayles, of same. Spinster; at S* Alphagc, London. 
Aug. 2:t Bichard Eaton, of Lewes, co. Susses, Bachelor, & Elizabeth Reader, 

of same. Widow ; at S^ Michael ad Bladum, London. 
Ang. 28 Eiechiel WaBia, of S^ Peter's Cheap, London, Bachelor, & Elizabeth 

Webb, of S' Xicbolas Aeons, London, Spinster ; at S* Peter's, Paul's 

Wharf, Loudon. 
Aog. 28 Anthony Bourchier, of S* Yedast filing Foster'^, Londi>n, Linen Draper 

A Mercer by Company, Bachelor, 2G, & Elizabeth Kichard^, Spinster, 

17; consent of father John Bichards, of Thistlcworth, Middlesex ; 

at Thistleworth, New Brainford, or llanwell, Middicsex. 
Sop. 2 John Davis, of S* Peter's in the Tower of London, Bachelor, it Martha 

Norrington, of S* Helen's, London, Sp^ ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, 

fcp. 3 John Brand, of Henham, co. Esses, Bachelor, & Mary Locke, of Mile End 

in Stepney, Middlesei, Spinstorj at the chapel of Bow, co. Middx, 
Sep. 4 Abraham Harrison, of S* Paul's, Coveut Garden, Middlef*e\, Gold^^niitli, 

& Hester Tayler, of S* Mary Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London, 

Sjpinster; at S* Leonard's, Shoreditch, Middlesex. 
Ssp. 5 William Hajrdie, of the City of Westminster, Bachelor, & Elizabeth 

Baker, of same, Spinster ; at Marylebone or Hampstcad, Middi. 


Sop. 19 


0<rt 15 















Octv 22 

Oct. 23 

Oct. 26 

Oct. 26 

Oot. 20 


JoMph Bill, of S* SftT>otirV, SoathmriE, oo. Surroj, 7kl<»TV'liAnt Jb t'lni- 

b«th Krnt. of ume. V: ^ ^* ChrutophfT lo 8tocl:ji. or £< Pd^ri, 

PmI'i Wbftrf , Loodou, 
Kkhanl PoAcfafll, of 8> Ucmont Danofl. Middl»cx, Gent,, A ^nh 

Nicliolaon. of W*ltcci, CO. Sarrej, WiiJow \ at B^ M^ry Magi*lM» 

Ol'i Fi'ili Sttwi, <*r S< Benaet. V^xiV« WliArf, Ixindoiv 
RoWrt Evrow, of 9 Okvoy lUn Htnvt. I^dJoc. Wii>o Cooper, t 

Jane Cooper, of mow, Spia*t«f ; ft£ S^ M&rf at Hill or S* Marguvt 

Pnttc'tui, IjondoD^ 
llonn- \rilliai&3. of Helton, co. Mkldlrwx, BntclwT, A Sank MilW 

ofHendim. fii'oo., Spiiutor; aI Hilltnj-don. «. HiddlMei. 
Jonathan BeUluiiii, of Vulluni, co. MtdilloN^i, Watcrnxian, A Elirabftk 

Bowles, of S* Michael, tjueeabitbe, l/>niioD, Widuw; at S* i^eW'h 

VirnW Wharf, 
Thcmott Bluuiflomp. of S* Brido'«, Loiulon, Baker, Widower, A J*d* 

Levgar, of aame, S^'i at S^ Mary SJaedake, Old, Fiab StwV 

S» Gngorj-'a, or 8" Pelor'n, PauV* Wharf, loodon. 
John 9jrfQ«, of 3' Gregorj-'a. London, ^caU^ner, 4 Marjr Baockea, " 

B" ^tolpb, AUgate, London, £4piii»ior ^ «t S^ BL>tolph aft'. 
Thomaa Theed», of S^ MiUn>l in tbt* Puultr}'« Londoa, Gro<v-» A 

Patiuun, of WMtehurch, co, Bucka, S|)iDAier: at S^ Mildred's nAt/^* 
Thomaa CrtttteadieD, of S^ Augantinc'a, London, Bnofii^lor. & Sartf*^ 

Salmon, of Hacknej, Hiddleeei, Spiiiat«r ; ac 3' X^^nard's, dhor'^ 

ditcb, Middx-, or S' Aoi^ntino'*, London. 
Thomaa Pfeacliel!, of 8* FWith'n, l^ondon, Gent,, Jfe R->Twc<-a iri>wM, ^ 

Cbri«t Church, Ixmdon, Widow; at S' Andrew in the Wanlrot:^^ 

Lond. I 

Cbriatoplier Parkor, of B^ Harj Colechurch, Loodou, Mercbant, H 

Bhth<ir Fontnine, of Huno, Sp'; at S' Maty Sonumct, LaodoD. 
TheinaB" WoaT*r, of S' ^tni^nun, Li>iuh>n. Habordathcr, A SonA CuUtt^^ 

of S' Tlioiriafl. Southwark, co, Surrey, Sp'; at 8* Olave Jerwty,c^ 

8* PokrV I'fliil* Wharf, L<»Tubn. 
Bandol|>1i Jeiiuiuf^^s <^^ Bridevrt^ll procmct, London, Shoomakor, ^ Mw^^ 

Offlrv, nf Nowpnrt, <*o- i^flUip, Spinsier; at Bam^l, co, HerU. o.-- 

Hij^hftate Chapel, Middleaoic. 
Hok^rt tSirtis, of 8' Mflrtin'e, Ladgate, tonJot, Ilaberdaal^er, & SaraV^ 

r*u«on, of Fiiichley, Middtcacx, Spinntcr^ at t'inchlcy or llighgat^ 

ChapfK Mitidlc«ex. 
Robert Hurdou, of S^ MarffftTet'a, Now Finh Street, I,ondon, Widower^^ 

A Sttrah Flint, of S^ Anne, Black friiirs^ Loiido&» 3pii»t«r; at ff^ 

Peier'B, Pnal"* Wharf, Ijondon. 
Bdwurd Pnuvr, of b^ 3utolph, Aldcrvgatv, London, Bachelor, A Anno 

Sniitlj.of S' BndeV, Loudon, Widow- at S' Michael BaoiBbaw, London. 
XhoniA«) Skinner, of 8^ Clement Danes, MidJleaex. S^ilar, & BJary 

RiKrU, of Hame, Sninnter; at S* Mary Magdalen^ Old PJ^h Strevt, 

Loniion, or Urav'* Inn Chapel, Middlesei. I 

Bohctrt KoyiLtilnbi, of A* Hc[]ukhrc\ London, Baelwlor, & EliuibetEtf 

Evtinw, of la-uto. .SpiiiKU*r ; at All Ilallowm Staiijitig. S* Marv^ 

Whitpchapl, TrinitT. Minorica, or S* Dunatan'i in the East, Lond' 
John HoU'hluH, of NurUi Ockendon, co. Krtaci, Oont.,Jt Mary SUplooe^ j 

of Eaat Jlorndon, »* co„ 8p' ; at North Ockenden afa*, 1 

Maurico Urondgntc, of S* Mniy at llili, London, Bachelor, & EH^abctli 

Mautidyn of name, Widow ; at iS< Nifhola* Colo Ahbey, T^iid. 
Thomas Ihisscll, of S^ Jatn(*«, Clerkenwell, MiddJcsoi, Bachelor, A] 

Klixahflh Prvor, of aanie. Soiu&tdr, 
Goorcc Scott, of Chipping WJckham, co. Bucks. Gent, A Kuth Aldrich,; 

of Grout Marlow, ■'^ county. Widow i nt S* Andrew HubbaH, S* 1 

Petor'n, Paul's Wharf, or S^ Gregory'*, London. 




John Ntliwn, of S* Clcmc-nt I>(Lnc», Mt'l<lWcj, 0<tnt., Bfipb^W, A 

PriBcillm Bmmo. ..f S* GiW id thr FulrU. Mll^ni^rs. Wi.Kiir ; at S' 

PrtorV Paul'a Wlmrf. Lontlon* or S' Gilea aforesaid- 
^ Hinnpbrey Taylor, of K= B(iU>l[>)i, AMrrngnU', Ivoudoji, MrroKaiit, 

Witlowtrr, & Eliuibelh liurui, uf Quiiutrlv uanit neas Gi-uiitUaiM, 

CO, Liti^xiln, WUow; At S' I'olpr'fl, J^aiirn \Vliarf, London. 
Kichard SauUvon, cf All Ifrtftons. Brt-iul Strc^rl^ London, Biicb', ft 

Olive YonableB, of Hamiucnmith, MidiUedei, Spiiuler] at Kciuiiig- 

tou or Nov Jtraiiitfunl, co. Middtci^i. 
Sictifti^l GimIiIahI, of & adATlJo ill l]i<; FiclcLi, Maild1«Hei, D&chi'lor, ft 

Jjin« Dnrlmff, of ■am^ Spiturt^^r; at S' P<>tor'fl, Paurn \V hnrF, l»ncIoa. 
John Oifortl of S" Lmn&m, SliorDdhirli, Mii!i]]o*ex, Brt?»«r, Widower, 

ft Anu9 y^^ild, of S^ Andrew Undcrahaft, London, .Spinster ; tX & 

"Mary WooInotJi, London. 
Bcnjamiik BaniAbj, of 8' Aiuhago, Ixtndon, Bacltolor, ft Kltifiabclli Ilatt, 

of auDC, Spirnft^r ; nt fi* Prtirr'B, PaiilV ^^'Tiarf, r.ond. 
Bichajd LoiiKrixb, of S* AuKUBiioe's, Lcnidou, Badielor, ft Judith 

Ckrkr, of S' PcttT le Poor. London. Spinster; at S* John BaptiJit, 

BuH^hiuA Math^wB, of Chrint Church. I-oiidoii, Baj-'hclor, A Mary 

PuTwll. of S^ BdmundX Lombard ^tn^ct. Louden, Spinster; at S' 

Pottr"*, Paul'M Wharfs London, 
Samuel X*4*on, of S' Martin's in the Fivld«, MJddZcMM, IWh', ft Anne 

KobiiiflOD, of &* rLiul'ii, Corcht Qm-dcu, Middi., SiiinaUrr^ ftt B^ 

Kartiii^fl in th« Field* afore^ai^ 
^OLDui niggen», of Grewt'Jlt co. South'^, Vm<i^ Widower, ft Bridget 

Lca«b. of CadJev, co. Deroii, Widow; at S* Peter'*, Pflul'a Wharf, 

LoniloiE, or fi^ Martin in tho FieUN, MiddlrBuji. 
Jolm AllAn»>n, of t.Voft, co. Vork, BnchoW. & Mary MontOD, of 8' 

Antljohu'it, London. 8]>tTiHti^r ; at 8^ Nichulaa Acoai). Londofi. 
Charlts William^ of 8^ Niclioln*, City of Brii»t<i], Merchant, ft Anno 

AV lictoombe, of S^ Mai^t:ftrel\ Lotbbary, London, Sojnater; at 

Triiiitv, Mi(ion<*»>S' UUivf, Hart *Stn^'t, or S' Marg', Lotbliurv, Loud. 
Grogory "Bjikcr, of B]iib(y>»i Stortford, Ifort*, Bactolor, & ^ituheih. 

Pike, Spinnter, dau. of Gufiri^'e Pike, of Mildi-filli. co> Cauibridgp, 

R-q,, df«;'J; at 8^ Bartholomew the Great, or S* Pctcr'a, Paula 

Wharf, Loudon. 
Willivuu Shcniian, of iLe Citj of Wuntnjjnster, Ocnt., Datrh^ ft 

TcniporaiJtv* Hanhury, of enme, rtninnt<*r ; ukt S* QiUw in the Fiolda, 

Midaleaei, or S^ Ptler's, VmVe AVIuirf. London. 
Abmham t^tmiyan, of S' rathariHO Cn*o Church, London, Widower, 

ft Mary Tayler, of M' Cmbariae Colr^man, London, Widow; at S* 

Potcr'w, VMiVn Wharf, London. 
2 John B^rnning, of BcrVhanmt<'ftH. H^Trtu, BwohiOor, A Judith HndKOii, nf 

Albrey, e^ co., 5|j' ; at S^ Peter's, Paul's Wharf, London, 
Robitrt CiiTfjcntcr, of ii^ Olave, Hart Stn*f't, London. Hucbolor, ft Anne 

Bif-Ko^ of S^ LaarL'uce PouMm^y, Luudou, SijiuHtor; at S^ Lauroucu 


Chttrhtf Skyp^^-ith. of Inner Tomph?, Bathtdfir, HO, A Murtha Flemniing, 
dan, of Jolm Fk-iomintf, or Bame, dec^, 8piiitter, about 21 ; at 
S' CleTiietit LJancfl, Middi., or «* Peter'*, VauVh Wharf, Lond, ] Jn 
YicDr'G!.'jitmr(i Book she called '* of S» DuuHtan's i» the WcBt."']^ 

Thomna Pomfpott, of Liiton, co, Beda, CWlt, HarhMor, ft (^atberiae 
DobMon, Spinxtt^r, dau. of Wllliarn Debson, late of S* Andrew's, 
Holbom, London, dcc^ ; at 8' Mai^, Saroy, Middl«iox. 

Qeorae HoUiind, lif Tottenham Hidi Cross, Middlesex, Yooiniui, 
Widower, A Haanali Hotloo, of S* Martin lo (Jrand, London, Widow -, 
at S^ PolrrX Pmir* Whnrf, or S^ BoLolph, Alder«gnte, Lend. 





















of » Bennei Gnm Cburlf. «^ City. Spmitcv; At 9 Amw, BUck- * 

fmn, or & Andrrv in tJie Wardrobe, Lobdom. 
Jobn LowDUi, of S' G«on;o'», 5oiithvaii, co. £4umjr, Widoirer, A — ^ 

M«tcxVii«M^o(C!LmtO)iifd»,LoodoD,\V^^i>w^ at S^8vitiiifl\^. 

TbocoM PrM* of 9 Aadnw io tb« AToHrobo. London, Bsdi', ft Btu* - 

bctli Fnnch, of 9 PrtarX PftuTtf Wbarf, LodiIod, Spinster^ ■£— i 

S* Fner'a «fon!Wit 
ionalKan WtUoogLby, of 9 Atiiln>w UodonbAft, Loodfn!* 0«at, 

Bftdt^W. ftboot S3, A Gmell ODldisbonMi^b. of SF QrteoTv'i br ~ 

S^ Pau}f, Sfniifter ftboctt 25; cofiJirat of skOtlior Anno GoU±»* ' 

borrtuj^h, M iilow ; aX ^ Edoiimil iKe King, Lombu^ S\ l>>nd, 
Tbooifts QMOutgUQ, itt TbuiiIoo, CO. Oxon, Gent, liAcbrtoT, kb^ 40, A ^ 

SInsbcib Poivcr, of StMiDtoo 9 Jobn, v^ eo , Wi^ow, about liOi 

at & FMerV PtaK* 'Wbvf. LoDd<m, or S^ Ciettcnt Duiciv Mldai, 
Dstid WriphL, of ^ MaiT Abcbnrcb. Lontdoo, Widonr, A Elic&bct^ ' 

Drev. of » Juio, GaiUck Hitbe, Loodoa, Widov; it 9 JoAia 

Boptivt, or S^ Stet>bniV Wolbrook, LoniotL 
TnmnbT Fnltborp^ of 8« Mufimy Nev FSih 8ti«et, LoekJou, Bicb'. 

ft UflfT Smita, «^ aane;, 8piii»t«r ; «t 8* Mirtb, IrcnaiDngcr lAne, 

or S^ M>nr Stuxung, Lod^od. 
WUttJun Lisic, of ttM KiddJo Tnnple, I^udoa, F^q>, & EliUbcUi^ 

AvUortb, of S* Andr^wV Holbora, London, Sj**; nt S^ Poter'i " 

Piul* Wbarf. Lobd. 
Jolin Gibbon, of S' M*ry, Vbit^^bnpcl, Middk'.i^t, Bacbdor, A 8u 

T«jJcr, of UDD&, Widow ; ttt !>* Anno, BlachfriAra. Loudon, 
Jotin StcpbfTiLtoD, of & I^mr-ncCt Old Jewry, Lpiulnn^ Bftc-boW, ft 

Annollovard, of & UftryWooJnoib, London, Sptnater; at S^Potor^i 

P*ui"» Wharf, London. 
WillUm Caff, of Gray'a Inn, Biq^ boh ft heir of Sir Bobcrt Carr, < 

>:ta]l, CO, Nortbumberland, K\ Bacbelor, 27, A Mar^mt BcMcawe 

of S^ GrrgorT*(k, London, dau- of Hugh BoK^it'cn, of Trocoihtiaa, 

eo. Cornwall. Eho., dec^, HnitiAtvrr, 2r>; at &* Annny Rlackmara. or 

S« PftffV, I'auiAvbikrf, London. 
Henn' Kiacoe.of Ix^mton Uoc, <x>. Bcd«, Baebdor.A ElliuilKilb Cbappell 

of Munot Spuuter i at 6outb ^Iiuia ur Hai31t7, co. Middx. 
Tliomaa Cooko, of 9 Cb>ta<*nt DitDo«, ltiddlo«oi, A of Jiticxiln'a It 

Ewi.. ft Mirr Courllicpp, of Hacincyt co. Middlesex, Snuuter; di 

S^ Peter, l*aur* Wbarf, London. _^ 

Doc Id Thomas Williamnon, of tkotlcr, co. Lincoln, l^i. Wiik>vror, 22, oH 

Somb 8olRio»dr of S^ Hartin*a in iVEdjf, Spinntcrt 10 j consmt ^^^ 

parnntji D' Jobn A: ?klnrlba Sotmond, of S^ Msii