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vtvrAtTLff : raiVTrik at mt rorianT orrnr. 














At a meeting of the Council of the Surtess Society, 
on the fourth day of December, 1834, it was 

Resolved — That four hundred copies of a Selection from 
unpublished Wills and Inventories of all Classes of Persons 
from the Eleventh Century downwards, illustrating the History, 
Manners, Language, Statistics, &c., of their respective Periods, 
to be made and transcribed under the superintendence of the 
Secretary, be printed by the Society. 




•* There are two entire classes of public records, 
both highly important, which I am conscious have 
been but imperfectly used — I mean the Inquisitions 
Post Mortem and the early Wills. — Of the early Wills 
we do not possess even a printed catalogue of the names 
of Testators, much more any work which should com- 
municate to the public the choicer portions of the infor- 
mation, topographical, historical, biographical, literary, 
which is lurking, unseen by every eye, in the dispersed, 
the dark and dusty depositories of the testamentary evi- 
dence of England. I am persuaded, by experience in 
such enquiries, that there is no department of antiquarian 
research, topography, public or literary history, lives of our 
eminent men in every department, manners, language, 
which would not be essentially benefited by a publication 
of matter, which to an experienced eye would appear 
of importance, in Wills of the Plantagenet, Tudor, and 
Stuart reigns, while a better acquaintance with these evi- 
dences would be the creation of a new world in our gen- 
tilitial Antiquities." 

The preceding remarks, made by the Rev. Joseph 
Hunter, in the Preface to the second Volume of his 
History of the Deanery of Doncaster, induced the 
Council of the Surtees Society to turn their attention to 
such early Wills and Inventories as are preserved in the 



Iif'i;i-tr\ of flu* Djimvm* t»f Durh«ni« illusfratiTe o( At 
|iiil>Iir aiiti pri\ati* hi>t(>n', bn^ni^HE^t i^tatblirHv &c. 
nf tin* NortluTii (*(Mintir*s of Kfiffland ; and the 
\i»liiiii«* j< thi* ri*<iilt (iftlMMr iiivestifvalion. In the 
IKirl of tin* \(»Iiiinfs many im>w ami ^ aliiable doctiniefiti 
hrnii^fht fu li^'lit, from wliirh the* public or local 
uiny (lrri\(* tin* iiio*.t luiveland corrc^ct infomuttion. Tltf 
tlH*M* an* not inon* puuhtous is owing to friqwH 
cbi^ni** in tli«* l{r};i**try, ocra^jjoncxi by time or negbd* 
T]}osi* rarly WilU and Inventories, however, which lait 
prrsrntcMl tli«*ms4*lv(»s, and which are now (thanks li 
pulilir spirit «ind tlir pr(») s4»ruro against theattackaiT 
tinir or accident** an* of >nttic i(*nt imjMirtance to tfaroa 
frrviit liylit upon tli«*ir rc^pcHtivc pcriinis, ami to excite tlv 
M«*nil)crs of till* S(M'ift\ to invc^tijrsitc more niiniileiy aad 
rtre(*tiially this mo>t ropiou>, and hith«*rto almost entirrh 
nnrxploHMJ, Miiirci* of correct pnblir or privat«* infom^ 
tiou. The iMrly Ue;;i<»t«*rH of tin* Arelihi««hops of V«irk 
aliound with dcNMinientN of this nature* of the |Kartirular» 
of which almo>t nothiuf; whatevcT is kn<»i»n, sa\e the a|K 
pointi*tI hiirial place of each indi\idnal Testator. To 
aMiTtain \\\\^ trifling f.ict, Ti»rr, the Historian of Vork« 
and the (*onipiliT of niiich \aliiahli* inforinatioii rt*l.ili\e 
tothe Dioi-e^r and Pro\iiiceat l.irp*. *«til! in M S., M*eni» 
to ha\«* examined them, one afti*r another, with (H'tMt rare. 
do^iiiii; hi<* i*\i*<». h(»we\er, to thf ( hsir hifht HJiuh thev 

* A Kctfi^irar (•( ihr ('«it)«iMiir\ <'«iurl tt( Diirhair, iliinn^ llir 
fir^t liair I if llir \x%i fttilun. iia« m Ui«- lialnl nf li^liliiii: hi« |H|ir 
Willi nnr of iIh- WiIU iiiidrr hi« rkiar,rr. and itf i:l«ir)in'^ in lii« ilrcd. 

"Urn- Kiir^ llii' I'oUlm." tian hi% U<iUal r%i Ijuiial.fli whrli hr «a» 
Hti I iii|ilii%nl riiiii,;« ari* iii»l %•> 0>i« . 


could throw upon the men and manners of the four first 
centuries after the Conquest. The time, it may be 
hoped, is not far distant, when they will be examined 
igain, and with greater anxiety, not to ascertain the 
burial place of an individual, but as being themselves 
the burial place of much of the history, general and per- 
9onal — and in this may be included every other kind of 
correct information relative to times and things — of all 
classes of men, over the widely-extending Province of 

Soon after the year 1500, the Durham Series of Wills 
3^ins to be almost entirely perfect ; and from that period 
Jownwards, as there has been no lack of matter for selec- 
tion, so the utmost care has been taken to make such a 
selection as might best carry into effect the objects of the 
Society. Men of all classes, who have been forgotten 
br centuries, again appear, and afford the most minute 
ind authentic information, not only relative to themselves 
ind the rank in society which they occupied in their day, 
)ut numerous other incidental, and therefore the more 
(Valuable, notices and materials for an accurate history of 
he language and manners of our ancestors. 

A few Wills, &c. have been obtained from other 
sources than the Durham Registry, and a few, which have 
>een already before the public in substance, are reprint- 
^, either at length, when such was not the case before, 
)r are now, for the first time, given accurately, and with 
1 due regard to that most important point, the phrase- 
>logy of their respective periods, which had been pre- 
viously either occasionally unattended to, or totally 
iisregarded. Under the former class may be enumerated 


N*. XV. [Surtees, II. 881] ; and under ihe laUer. N\ 
XVIII. [SuRTERs]. XXXIII. [Madox Form.] 
XLVIII. [Surtem], LI. [Id.]. LII. [Aktiq. lirv. 
and Whit. RirnM.], LV. [Bovrne's Nkwc. and 
HoDGs. North t' MB.] 

It has been above reroarkcnl, that this source of infur- 
mation has been hitherto almost entirely unexpiori*<i. 
County historians have occasionally availed thi*mselv(»?4 nf 
the wills of our ancestors, but it has been chic*fly for the 
purpose of ascertaining dc*scent of ptnlignH' and ei«tatc. 
Mr. Surtet^s has. in his History of Durham, g«>ne a .•itt*|i 
further than this. He has frequently used I he?*** docu- 
ments in illustration of the rise and fall of familit^ of 
importance connected with th<* county of Durham. — 
Again, in the year 184fi, two volumt^s of Wills illustrat- 
ing manners, customs, descent f>f bIiK)d aii<l prop<»rt\, 
&c., from the reign of Henry II. to thf ac(*es»ii<in ni 
Elizabeth, were collectinl by Sir Nicln>b'« Harris Ni- 
colas, chiefly from printed authorities, and i^nrichetl h\ 
much valuable preliminary observation, and many UM*fiil 
explanator}' and genealogical notes: but tin* document i^ 
rarely given to the pubhc in its original language i»r 
phraH«H>log)' ; the Latin Wills are translated; the 4Virl\ 
English Wills are frequently printed in a modem garb ; 
the accompanying In\*entories are seldom if vvt^ no. 
ticetl ; and neither their Editor nor Mr. Surt€M*s nor hu\ 
other county histoiian, has even attempted to make tht* 
Wills nnd Inventories of the middle and kmet ranks con- 
tribute their sliare of information to the general AtocL uf 
historical and social knowledge. 

The Council of the Suriees Society have been cveful 


to keep all these matters in view. They have attend- 
ed to every minute characteristic of time and rank, of 
language and statistics, of religious feeling and domestic 
economy ; and if they have only brought the present 
volume down to the year 1580, it is because the matter 
to which they have access, intervening between that year 
and the period of the Restoration, is of such great im- 
portance, as, in their opinion, to demand a volume even 
of a. larger size than the present. On this subject the 
Council refer to the Report for the present year ; and, in 
the mean time, they .announce that communications from 
Members of the Society, or others, illustrative of the his- 
tory, public or private, of the philology, statistics, &c. 
&c., of the present volume, will be gladly received by the 



In primisy in exequiis Domini Willielmi Episcopi primi, qui obiit 
Anno Incamationis Dominican M^lxxxxv^, quarto nonas 
Januarii, habuit Ecclesia (Dunelm.) literam et equos deportan- 
tes corpus ejusdem Patris a Vindesori usque Dunelmum; et de 
ejusdem CapelUL habuit Ecclesia plurima omamenta, videlicet 
V capas, quarum iij albas et ij nigrae ; iij casulas, quarum ij albse 
et una nigra, cum 6tol& et manipulo magnis, in fine tantum bru- 
datis ; unum pannum album pro altari ; unum thuribulum par- 
vum argenteum: unam situlam parvam argenteam, et duo cande- 
labra serea et deaurata; et unum candelabrum argenteum par- 
vum . AuditH morte istius, statim fracta fuerunt ejus sigilla et 
sancto Cuthberto oblata. Libri dicti Williekni Episcopi . 
Habet eciam Ecclesia, ex dono dicti Willielmi Episcopi pnmi, 
unam Bibliam in duobus voluminibus ; et plures alios libros ; ut 
scribitur in principio secundse partis Bibliae ejusdem sub hac 

'^ Ista sunt nomina librorum quos dominus Willelmus episcopus 
Sancto Cuthberto dedit • Bibliotheca id est Vetus et Novum 
Testamentum in duobus Ubris . Tres Libri Augustini super 
Psalterium . I de Civitate Dei . I Epistolarium ejusdem . I 
super Evangelium Johannis • Jeronimus super xii Prophetas . 
Epistolse eju^em • Idem de Ebreis nominibus • Mord^A Gre- 
gorii in duabus partibus . Liber Pastoralis • II Registri • XL 
Omeliffi . Beda super Marcum et Lucam • Rabbanus super 
Matheum • II Libri Sermonum et Omeliarum • Decreta Pon- 

1 William de Karilepho, Abbot of St. Ylocent's, in Nomiandj— conwomted 
Bishop of Durbam at Gloucester, 3rd Jan., 1082 — Lord Chief Justice of Eng- 
land — the founder of the present cathedral church of Duriiam — died at Windsor, 
6th Jan., 1095— buried in the Chapter House at Durham. 

The above and the sucoeedinff notices of the splendid robes, plate, Ac., which 
the Monks of Durham obtained upon the death of each of its earlj BishopSy 
are, strictly speaking, neither Wills nor Inventories, but Mortuaries. They 
eome^ however, ftiUy witliin our plan, and throw great light upon the clerical 
dress, church ftimiture, &c., &c , of their respective periods. 


tificum . llUtoriir Poniprii Tntgt . Pro«jper de Coiitemplaliri 
et Activu N'itA . Origiiu*^ %ii|H-r Vetu«i Testamentutn . Juliu* 
PonieriiiA . 'r«'rtiillianu% . Siflciniiu Solltui Panigericiu . Brr* 
rimr'm II . II Ajitipliofuirin . I (rradalc* . II Lihri in qiiibut 
ad Matutiiio.*! Irgiiur . Vitai» Pat rum . Vita Egvptioniin Mc>- 
imrhcirum . Diadfnia Moiuirbi . Kiichiritlion Augustini . Cirtv 

fciriii» iiii|K*r I'jtechi(*K*ni . IUmU »ii|M*r C^uitica Canticoniin . 
)iiil4>gii« . Piira(li«»ii!t . II>>tona Angloniin . Afnbro»iu» de 
JoM*|)lio : IX» IVnitfiitia: iV mortf Fratrit . Libri C4mft*^i€>- 
num Sancti Aiigii^tiiii . Ill Mi»Aalia . Martyrologiuni et Re- 


In exrqiiiiii Itanulnhi KpiM^cipi (labuit Kcclc^ia [I^inrlm/ 
ex Capt^lU t*juMlt*ni, iiij capan, iinani cum multtn par^U (irrlis 
aliam viridem cum nuifrnin grifonibun, <|ua* dicitur ca|Mi Sancti 
Cuthb<*rti« quia in f*i\ dclalu» fuil dc |uirr4 txcleniik uiquc* m 
C*hi>nim t(*mn(>re i%tiu« lianulplii Kiii%copi ; alias duan cum 
main^i^ |>avcinibu« ; t*t unam ca%ulam indici colons cum largt% 
orfravft ; cum AtolTi et nuiiii|HiU cum magiiis Archangelin bnida- 
tui: et duai alba« cum luivonibun; thuribulum unum argeoteum: 
ct« »icut liabet ur in ge«tU KpiMHiporum, addnlit etiam timanien- 
tb Kccleftia* nmgna dcirMdia cuiir quon<lam pcndebant ex utHU 
que parte Chori, et etiam itallia, cafm*, ca»ula», tunicas qucique 
et daimatican . Pfwt cuju« mortem fracta fiierunt sigiUa ejuxlriii 
el Sanctci CuthbcTto (iblata. 

III. oRN\Mr.NTA c;\irRiDi EPi«»rnpi.' 

In exeqnii« (falfndi MpiM^opi luibuit F>ccU*«ia rDimelm/ 
funeralia ejuMlem ; et, tie (*a|H*m« uiuim ca|tam quA* dir^balur 
Zaphini« ; et unam nigram ca^ulam ft|H««ain : et utuun Albam ni- 
gram cum tntnuti^ liiiei« ain-et^ : utolam et mampulam nigral, 
eodem hxmIo lineatas ; et thuribulum unum argenteum ; ei ct*- 

1 Manv of tbete boukt art ttJl |> HK r v r<! in the Librmrr of ib« Deui a^xl 
Cliaplrr of l>urham. 

f Kjl|ih MamUtnl. .fuatirurv tml Pnvtirttor-X^rorrtl unAet H'tUMoa Hu. 
fW— <>*n«r%-r«tc«l BvUiofi nf iKtriMin la lam, luvlntf, m b rvfjnvttfii, punhsM*! 
Illr Hc# ftvr one ihtm*»nt\ m«rfc« — iKr buibWr a€ Vrwmw^D^ir Hn«lar, Nf«r> 
hmm CmaAit, Kc\mrt Hm^ikfU Kv ^*V%r*\ in I IfSt huhed in the VhMfArf lluis«r. 

* CvalfrWl RufVts Oianrrlktr •«f Kn{«U«i<l. r<m«i^rr«lrcl |U4»«ifi tii IhiHMfm, €ih 
Auf., Il31..lniilt the prrvrn i )ui|«««r |lt>Mae of I>urb««w ui «kirli be •*• 
buried ta lUO. 


tera quae pertinent ad Episcopi Capellam . Et, post obitum 
ejusdem, fracta fuenint ejus sigilla et Sancto Cuthberto oblata. 


In exequiis Hugonis Episcopi habuit Ecclesia [Diinelm.] 
equos deferentes corpus ejusdem et Capellam a Manerio suo de 
nouedon usque Dunelmum ; et, ex CapeM ejusdem, unam 
Crucem et unum Calicem pariter ex auro puro ; unum annolo- 
gium argenteum et deauratum ; mitram et baculum et sandalia 
et csetera Episcopalia; et ix casulas, quarum prima de rube4 
samete nobikter brudat^ cum laminis aureis et bizanciis et multis 
magnis perlis et lapidibus pretiosis, secunda eciam rubea, et tercia 
nigra cum grifonibus et stellis deauratis et lapidibus pretiosis : alise 
sex de samete diversi colons ; iij stolae et iij manipulas, quarum 
una stola et manipula rubeee cum Regibus et Turribus brudatae ; 
V capae quarum una est rubea, et altera alba, brudatae cum 
grifonibus et stellis, tertia nigra et quarta viridis, brudata cum 
floribus et stellis, quinta nigra cum orariis tantum deauratis ; x 
albae brudatae, quarum prima rubea cum aquilis deaiu-atis duo 
capita habentibus in parvis rotis, secunda rubea cum grifonibus 
et floribus in magnis rotis, tertia magna viridis cum grifonibus, 
quarta indici colons cum grifonibus leonibus et floribus in parvis 
rotis, quinta et sexta viridis coloris una cum liniis et floribus, 
et altera cum Apostolis ; duae de samete, una rubea et altera 
nigra, cum largis orariis deauratis, duae nigrae brudatae quae 
dicuntur Sandales ; et unum Thuribulum magnum argenteum 
et deauratum ; duo candelabra parva argentea ; quatuor linthe- 
amina pro Altari subtiliter consuta, ij sine frontellis et tertium 
cum frontelli brudat4 cum ymagine Sanctae Trinitatis et xij 
Apostolis deauratis, circa quorum capita sunt perli insuti, et 
quartum cum frontello de serico . Fecit eciam in Ecclesia, coram 
aitari, tria ex argento baccilia cum unciis suis argenteis, crista!- 
lis mixtim insertis, dependi, in quibus liunina, die noctuque, 
perpetuo ardentia, ob venerationem Sancti Patris Cuthberti et 
KeHquiarum lucerent ; alia quoque in circuitu Altaris ad instar 
coronae super candelabra poni, quae, Majoribus Solempniis 
accensa, Ecclesiam suis fulgoribus irradiarent : ad quae susti- 


> Hugh Pudaej, Archdeacon of Winchester, and Treasurer of York Cathe- 
dral, consecrated Bishop of Durham by the Poiie in 1153, when only twentj- 
five jean of age — Earl of Northumberland ana Sadbeive^ Justiciary of Eng- 
land-— Goremor of Windsor Castle— the builder of the Galilee in Durham 
Cathedral, and the city walls— died at Howdon, in 1 195, and was buried in the 
Chapter Houae. 



nendA, per i|wum Hugonem Epincopuin el Priorem et Coovcn* 
turn, meclietatc*s valorU aiinui rxcle»ianim de Biwell et Edling- 
hani cum aliis rtHtflitibun SatrUtaria* Kunt aMignatir. LlBEl 
DiCTi IlrcioNiH KriHCoPi IIiilx*t etiam tlccleAia, ex demo 
dicti IIii)^oniii Ki>ii>c(>|>i, uiiiiin libniiii Pontificale; unam Bibliam 
in iiij niii|;iii^ voluminibuii ;* aliani Bibltajii in duubut Toltimim- 
btiA ; IX*crota; iij \uuria SfnU*ntiaruni ; iiij P»alteria gkw>ata» 
vi iiij non gliiMita ; iij |>uria Kpi.«ttoUirinn Pauli glosaU ; Mon^ 
lia in tribiiA voliiniitiibiin: Scula.*>ti<*ain I Iij»t€>rtani ; Gregohautim ; 
iiij Kvangi*liAta* glonata* in ctivfnii% voluminibun ; Johannes 

fIcHiatuji ; QuiiiqiK* IJbri Moy«»i ^IcMoiti ; Kxoduf gloMitu* ; xij 
Vophetie gloMiti ; Y^aiaA ^U>^tu% ; Libt*r H%'angf*licanini 
Kx|Mi«itioDum ; SeduliuA ; K|mtola* IVtri Bleftenfti* ; Ductu* 
eiftt Jht*i»uii in I>i*M*rtum; IX*crt«ta Yvoni^ ; Itiiierartum Clemm- 
fin ; Yftidoniii Kthiniologiciu ; Anibrop»iui» de OSiciU ; 
de Mirabilibuii Muudi ; Liber l*nde Malum; Johaime* 
bit*mU de Homine AMkumpto ; Sfmumeft Petri RaTennaUi ; 
Tulliut de AmicitiA ; Kvang(*liiim Nicliodemi ; Tria Benedic* 
lionalia ; l^num MiiM^ale ; Ma|i|>a \f undi ; Duo Priftciani ; R<^• 
loricae dus ; CUudiu« Magnu«i ; \'t*p>»uii Mor»ici Monachi ; 
Vita Omi Simplirisi ; Abbre\iatio Scolai^ticae Hutorije ; V 
Antiphouaria, et iiij gradalia. 


In execiuii* HiilipiH t^iMikcoiH ludiuit tlccleMa [Dunelm.j 
fuiieralia eiuMlem, et, ex Ca|H*ILl ejutdc'm, mitram et bacuJum 
et cartera r4Hi»co|>alia . Item vj capat brudatan ; ii nibean, unam 
eum magnift leoiubu», alteram cum f^teUin, et avilms duo capita 
habentibus ; et ij nigraf»« uiuun cum liliit, alteram cum equitibu* ; 
quintam %iri(k*m cum nuKiiticribiifk UKinibu* et floribu» ; textam 
all>am cum avibu^ duo capita luibt*ntibuft ; ij ca»ulai rubea» bru- 
data», j cum laminisi aun*i« t*t Lapidibu* preci«MUA, alteram qua* 
dicitur arbor ; iiij alba% brudatai%, qiiarum una rubt*a cum A|io^ 
lolis circa quorum capita »unt |»erli brudati ; et ij rubf» cum 
Apo»toli*, quarta virulU cum |ianriii Unit* ; •tolam et maiii|Hilani 
bmdata^ cum tlpUcopti . PcMt obitum ejuMlem fracta fueruiu 
eju» »igiUa et Sane to Culhberto oblata. 

1 Thi* nuNcn»fkrfit Uio4, aad trTrr«l ocIwtv kert coMmcntcU, ur ttUl pfv» 
wrrrd in the tJbnry of iHiHiain i atbcdrmL 

f PhUip dr FWtavs* • nalivr of Amnf >i> f cmm^rat ^ d BmImip of IXiHmsi at 
Room, lltli Junr, 1 197.— «utipnnr«i Kmft J«ilin in lit* iv«MUar* to iW !Wv of 
ftome. Mxl <IvinK in I »«s umlrr rto'inuiutiknition. •«« UirWd in uitrtm«rcrit«4 
grvitml. Ili« bukJ^ «A» anvr«tnl« rruur«(<U into the Cb«|^rr IIouh-. 



In exequiis Ricardi, Primi, habuit Ecclesia [Dunelm.] ejus 
funeralia; et, de ejusdem Capell^ ij capas, unam bisdmata, 
quae dicitur curta, rubea samette ; j casulam rubeam de samette, 
quae dicebatur Marrays^ ; mitram et baculum, et cetera quae 
pertinent ad Capellam • Item, unum annulum aureum Ponti- 
ficale ; et in die sepulturae ejus fracta fuerunt sigilla ejusdem 
et Sancto Cuthberto oblata. 


In exequiis Ricardi, Secundi, Episcopi, habuit Ecclesia 
[Dunelm.] funeralia ejusdem ; et, ex ejus Capell^, unam casu* 
lam brudatam de viridi samette ; ij albas, unam nigram bruda- 
tarn cum vine^ in qtik sedent aves ; et aliam de serico non bru- 
datam ; mitram et baculum ; et caetera Capellae pertinentia , 
Post ejus obitum sigilla ejus fuerunt fracta et Sancto Cuthberto 


In exequiis Domini Nicholai Episcopi habuit Ecclesia [Du* 
nelm.] equos, deferentes corpus ejusdem Patris, et unum equum 
ierentem ij cistulas cum CapeM ejusdem, viz. cum una casuli 
de mbeo samette, cum largis orariis et multis magnis lapidibus 
preciosis, in qui celebratur in Die Palmarum ^ et cum ij tunicis 
de eodem Panno cum pluribus orfrays et liliis deauratis bruda* 
tis ; et j capft, stol4 et manipuU, et un& rube^ alb4 brudatA ; 
et j calice cum lapidibus pretiosis in pede ; et j thuribulo argen- 
teo cum pluribus aliis Ex^clesiae omamentis. 

I Richard de Maruco, Chancellor of England, consecrated Bishop of Durham 
hi 1218— died at Peterborough in 1226 — buried in the Chapter House of Dur- 
baiD. Hit prodigalitj left the see encumbered with a debt of £1 1,000. 

t The name orthe Bishop in French. 

' liichard Piuper, or Poor, Bishop of Salisbury, transbted to the See of Dur- 
ham— ^ied in 1237. His heart was buried at Tarrant, in Dorsetshire, a 
monastery which he had founded, and in which he expir^. His body was re- 
mored to Durham, and buried in the Chapter House. 

^ Nicholas de Famham, Physician to the Queen, Bishop of Durham fVom 
1841 to 1249. In the latter year he resigned his See, aud dving at Stockton in> 
1257, was buried in the Chapter House of Durham Cathedral. 



I From ll»€ ofigtfUil KrUMit« Afltoog tb« MuuiotmU of SbrtUintc ll(»fiit*l | 

OinnihiiK prii*M*fit(*^ litenui vuurU \cl aiHliturU W, IV*i (rnniJk 
I)uni*liiu*ii^i'» K|)t<»co|)Uft a*tt*nuun in iXiniinu ^uluteni . Ari utii- 
Ter»itntU %i*i»trv tiotiruiiii loluinuik tn'rvcnirt* f|iifMl not Tr^ta- 
mciituin \hh\w fiif*niori«r qufiiicUiii l)fiuiiiii Maiiiiii fir SaoctA 
Cnirt* ronini iiobi«» lt*f;itiin^ |irc»lMitiini ^kiiitiii^, iii»}N*\imuft, iM^n 
raiirflUtutii ii(»ti ah^ilituiii ntn* in alif|uik %ut \mrXv viciatnni, m-c 
int<*gruni, in \uvc vcrlm. In noniini* I*atri» t*t Kilii vt S|iint6« 
Saticti Ani«*n. Ilgo Martinun t\v Sancta Cnicf cf»nfk> ii»*ta- 
nuMiluin nunini in liunc nicMlum. In priinuni rtiifinif-ti(lf> I)rf> 
ri IU*ata* MariJL* <*t oninihn% Sam lb» antinani niratii : r<>q»u% 
ntiMiin hunmnduni in riniittTi^i Fratrum Minorum pnixinuirum 
ubi rfHitig«*rit nit* mori ; nUi niortmr ail tili<|uaxn tlrrlr^ianini 
int*itnTiiK vrl a|»ud Ilhorarum vfl Sc^hyrfbuni, ft tunc rlign ihi 
•epultiinun . Si M*|iuhui» fufifi in (*iniitt*ri<i Fratrum Min4»r\jm 
lc*p> ihiJriii riMituni Milicltm: %i apud llh€>r.u-iuii, (*a|>ani ni«*ani elf 
rutHM> *»4iniit4i t tini %(*fttinu*ntcihruflflatoint(*^'riM*t ( a%iiLi clt* «iuiii- 
to rulx*i> c|iialitc*rrufM|uc* rontingat cle mv : ^i uiiikI S4*lnrt*huntt* 
ca|>ani nuMni clc* panmi ad aurtini »i'ilirt*t lLiu«u*kin rum ^t^ti* 
ni<*nti> plrnariodt* |iannfi Y^raniit*ad auruni : <*t lia^ %olout ibi 
rt*ni:uH*ant lu int^ajn ni(*nu»riajn c|ualitt*rrtimfiu* re« tt* liabut*nt . 
Item a>%i|:no cniadraginta niarra» dt*rt*m (*a| i*ibni* cflfbniniibu% 
dec(*tn Annualia (*t l*iar«*lHi ft Dirigc »in^'uU« diebut cum ix . 
I^H*ti*>nibu* et C*omme!Mlari<in<* : et rt* U*bn>nt dr quocuouue 
Sancto, icTutidum di«|>o«icionem Kxeruitiruni nM*«iruni . Iia 
tanion c|ucid in »in^uli% nuM»u dicant i»|'«MMHlf*ni C «»ll<^tani pn> 
aiiim.1 nH*4 et gfuendem pro ciinnibui dt-fuikctki* . Va ciuia (>nlo 
Cy»lfri'ii*n*U el C>nK> Fratrum IVi'dicaioruni, dr %^»«*< mli ^rratiA 
ctincH'^M-runt f.irtTf pn> mv ixjut mortrm »irut | ni Frairr ^ui 
C)nitni% p*r cartaA %iuv^ cpur cfebent inti*r M-ripta niea inx'iuti ; 
Tolo ciucmI C*artir ail Capitula generally dt'tVraniur rl ftniguli% 
Ordinibusi drntur derrm huuta* ad, in abM»luricii.r 
anlmir nH*A* et rrmtMione iHTatonini ni«*ortini . Fratribu^ 
rtiaja Min«»ri)n:% in Pruvinciala CaiHtulo tUntur r«*nluiii u»bdi et 
C^rta Mint-trt OnlinU Pruvincialu ei reMituatur qui |>ecuiuaiii 
M)l\rht in ffirnia prrdictA . Ad f>K«e<|uia Ten> nira farH-nda ctie 
obilu^ nu*i, a^^igtMi >ipnti nuunraA . Ad anni\f*r^anum nietim 
Aingulit Aimi« ubi caiia%rr meum nH|uieM'<*t fiftrirtKtiini, at! pitati- 
ciain Fratrum vel \'ican€»rum ni F)M»rari «»bi4*n> ^olti t^xunl df- 
cem %oli<li iui|>t*q4*tuuni aA%igm*ntur« et ad Imm* a>«i^iMi duiwlr. 
Ctm marra<» I)f»nuno !li*gi Henrico b\*anria et (»Imi1<»% de 


mascia . Textum meum argenteum lego Domui de Sch}Te- 
bum, et rogo quatenus, quotienscunque ad omatum altaris 
deferatur, et manolae mese similiter ibidem remanentes, singuli 
Fratrum et Sororum singulis diebus dicant pro anima me4 ora- 
tionem Dominicam cum Salutacione Beats Virginis ; et hoc 
scribatur in Martilogto . Et, pro Jhesu Christo, non tradatur 
oblivioni • Duo gradalia nova de usu Sarum, duo antiphonaria 
nova cum Psalteriis Capitular' et Ympnar' et tercium cum 
collectar^ ympnar' et sine psalteriis, Martilogium et Legenda, 
quse vocatur Sanctorum, et unum Consuetudiuarium Sarum, 
remaneant ibi imperpetuum, de dono meo . Crucem de- Cris- 
tallo lego Eicclesiae Beatas Mariae Totton . Terciam Capam de 
serico Ecclesifle Beaten Mariae Karlioli . Capellce Sancti Ed- 
mundi de Gatesheved tunicam et dealmaticam de Cendalle 
viridi; et auriculare de serico ad Textum subportandiim . Item 
firontale de serico radiato Domui de Schyrebum et unam tual- 
liara nigram ad patenam . Item Domino Eboracensi annulum 
meum cum rubeto majori . Item Domino Dnnehnensi annulum 
cum saphyr majori • Item Domino Sarum chipum argenti cum 
pede deaurato qui vocatur Chanteplure . Item aniili capiantur 
de melioribus existentibus Eboraci et dentur Dominis Non^-y- 
censi et Karleolensi Episcopis . Item Domino Aldemaro Wyn- 
toniensi Clerico pelves meas argenti cum Palefrido meo meliori . 
Item Decano Eboracensi et singulis Canonicis residenciam faci- 
entibus unum annulum auri cum saphir' ponderis circa x vel xij 
denariorum • Item Domino Roberto Vicario de Aucland unum 
annulum auri et unam tualliam albam ad patenam • Item cru- 
cem deauratam cum reliquiis et vas cristallinum ad reliquias 
Dominae Agneti Abbatissas Beatae Mariae Wj^ton' et Ecclesiae 
loci iMius . Item lego calicem meum argenteum ubi corpus 
meum requiescet . Item cervicalia mea de opere Fratribus 
Minoribus et Predicatoribus ad Textum supportandum » Item 
pannoe meos de serico EiCclesiis meis ubi merit necesse, et in 
quibus delectus fuerit . Item bursas de serico, laqneos et alia 
minuta Jocalia apud Schyrebum et Eboraci inventa volo quod 
Executores mei distribuant inter Clericos quondam Domini mei 
Nicholai Episcopi, et Domini Dunelmensis qui pro tempore 
fuerit . Item casulam de viridi lego Ecclesiae de Merton . Item 
lego Fratribus et Sororibus de Schyrebume duas marcas ad 
pitanciam et singulis Capellanis ibidem dimidiam marcam . Item 
Alano Clerico centum solidos et chiphum argenti cum cnice in 
fundo • Item Willielmo de Nenbotel clerico xx solidos .. Item 
Johanni Clavigero xl solidos . Roberto Tilly dimidiam mar- 
cam . Filio Willielmi Sley clerico dimidiam . Item Bertramm 
Janitori et Ricardo filio suo quadraginta solidos, solutis prius 


Executoribtii mek Mplcni libiii in quibu* idem Willielmut mihi 
tenebatur . Arma mem apud Scyrbume exifttmcim diridaimir 
inter Fratret Miliciae Templi et HcMpitalahcM, iu quod Ho»- 
pitalarii habeant ad valenciani quatuor marcanim . Item MooU 
alibui Beata* Marias Wynton* duas marca« ad pitanciam . Inclu- 
Sanctjr Fidik unam marcam . Incluur Sancti Jacobi ij*. Inclu- 
SanrUe Katerina* ij*. Tribut alii* Iiiclti»ui Wynton* langulia 
ri^. Cai)ellanift de Kalend* dimidiam marcam • Capellanit de 
ffraria ainiidiam marcam . Fratribiw Miiioribiu Wjmton' dimi- 
diam marcam . Fratribuft Predicatoribiu ibidem dimidiam mar« 
cam . Fratribuft Miiioribut Suthamt* dimidiam marcam • Fra* 
tribus Predicatoribuft de Wylton dimidiam marcam . Fratribus 
MinoribuB Sarum dimidiam marcam • Fratribut MinoribuA 
Norwic* ciimtdiam marcam . Fratribut I^-edicatoribut ibidem 
dimidiam marcam . FratribuA Minoribui Karliol' dimidiam mar- 
cam . Fratribiis Prcdicatoribut ibidem dimidiam marcam . 
Fratribun IVedicatoribus de Noto Ca»tro dimidiam marcam . 
Fratribuft MiiuiribuA ibidem dimidiam marcam . Fratribut Mino- 
ribui de llerteqx)! dimidiam marcam . Fratribut Predicatoribut 
ibidem diiuidiam marcam . Singulit VtcariLt de Kccletii Ueati 
Petri MlMiraci xij^. Item domino lU^geru Rectori Eccleti» de 
Aldwardttok C\impilationet Morales «V^luepitcopi Scephani 
tuper Ytayam et Ducxlecim lYopbetat . Item Luc« de Peyroo 
Clerico unum annulum aureuni . Ma|ciKtn» Kogfro de Briddt*- 
port deci'iii librat et IJbrum meuni ck* PbiticA • Johanni de 
ronte dect*m libnu, de quibut tenetur in fU*cem marcit ei mutu- 
ality |M*r rnrtam muun . (ffn'a»io ij marrii» Ik dimidiam • Filial 
Alicia? tonirit tua* quiiM{ue marcat per manum Anthip Sororii 
mtm . Item Agathir torori me« magnam tonam de nifrro lerico 
ad auralo cum apparatu argenti de auro . Kt eiiieni M'xaginta 
et dcxreni marcat ad liliat VtabelUe, tctniri^ mt'ar qnocicUm, ma- 
ritandum ; de quibu* volo quod lk*lo(a ludx^at quatuf»r marcat, 
et onuM*t domot m(*at in vilU Tot ton* *i vixt*rit« ft lM'n*det de 
corpore tuo habuerit ; alioquin dividantur inter aliat filiat pre- 
dicta* M>niri« mea* . Item Woltero \v IUh*u aluini xonam de 
•erico ad aunim, com apfiaratu ari^niti dfaiiraii, t*t ry(>hum 
argenteum planum cum cruce in fuiMlo . lit pr%Ht*^t(»r cHHram 
I>Ftj quod rum teneor ei in uniro dt'Uiirio . It4*ni ad fUM^nda- 
tiont'm Pontiikde Totton* dimidiam nmrt^am . IlniiiKl a|i...(«crle- 
tim Saiicta* C*ruci« extra Wynton' vt|finti miIkKw . Item Petni 
GarcKNii qua«lraginta MilHifw . Itt*m IU»gero Ikirrll unaiii mar- 
cam . liadulplio de l'>inden et uxori *\ime cetili'm «4»1kI4m 
Alii |fan*ion4*% umm re»piciantiir in ali<|iio, m^cuimIuiii nM*rita» 
prtmt tlX(*cutore« met videbuiit expe<iire . Item Af^athie Mirori 
magnum Amiaculum mcnim de auro ; et Y»abelUe fili« 


quondam sororis meae, tertiam zonam de gerico, cum apparatu 
argenti deaurati • Item capellanis meis de Tydelfueshyde, Cole- 
shulle, Felmingeham et Vicariis meis Eboraci singulis unam de 
robis meis . Item Indus' de ColeshuU xij^. Item Willielmo 
Crespino Capellano, ad unum annuale faciendum pro animli 
me&, quatuor marcas • Item Fratribus Minoribus Oxon' decem 
solidos • Fratribus Predicatoribus ibidem decem solidos . Fra- 
tribus Minoribus de Lond' dimidiam marcam • Fratribus Pre- 
dicatoribus ibidem dimidiam marcam . Fratribus Minoribus de 
Redingges v'. Fratribus Minoribus Exon' dimidiam marcam • 
Fratribus Predicatoribus ibidem dimidiam marcam • Item ad 
operacionem Beats Mariae Sarinn visinti solidos . Ecclesise 
Beats Marice Monialium Wynton' vestmientum meum bendda- 
tum [Ita] cum ymaginibus in paruris de samito rubeo, et aliud 
vestimentum meum ad aniu* f? anniversarium] Ecclesise Beati 
Benedicti de Hulme Norwyc' Dioces' . Johanni clerico consan- 
guineo meo quadraginta solidos, et Portehors meum majus, et 
unum Gradale de usu Sarum . Item lego pauperibus parentibus 
meis et cognatis de Tottenes, Derthemuth, et parochii de 
Wreixham, viginti libras, distribuendas inter ea per manum 
Agatine sorcHis mese vel sui assignati . Item centum solidos fi- 
lidbus Benedicti de Exonia avunculi mei ad se maritandum per 
manum ejusdem sororis meas • Item Henrico dicto filio Fratris 
mei, si velit monachari in Ordine Cysterciensi, detur ei vestura 
ad valenciam xx solidorum : alioquin, nichil habeat . Item Agatha 
soror mea habeat cornu meum magnum ad bibendum cum appa- 
ratu argenti ; et remaneat heredibus nostris successive inperpe- 
tuum • Item Bartholomeo Drapar Wynton' unum annulum 
et viginti solidos ad robam • Domino Johanni Gylet cyphum de 
cristallo cum pede argenti • Item Ysabellae nepti meae cyphum 
de nuce Indye cum pede et apparatu argenti . Item domino 
Osberto de Briddeport xij coclearia argenti . Et alia coclearia 
mea argenti dentur Capellanis, Clericis, Armigeris, Servientibus 
specialibus et domesticis meis, per manus Executorum meorum . 
Item domino Johanni Capellano meo centum solidos et parvum 
Portehors et unum cyphum argenti . Item de cypho meo ar- 
genteo fiat Calix et detiir Ecclesiae Beatae Mariae Totten* ad 
missam Beatae Mariae Virginis imperpetuum celebrandam . Item 
atensilia mea in singulis domibus meis existencia, volo quod 
Fratres Minores propinquiores in vicinio habeant, si mdi- 
guerint : alioquin, vendantur in singulis locis, et denarii dentur 
pauperibus parochianis in singulo locorum pro animi me& . 
Item magistro Johanni de Wytech' lego sex scutellas argenti et 
xij salsaria argenti . Item lego quinque de scutellis veteri- 
bus, quae sunt apud Eboracum, cum totidem salsariis argenti, 


ad fociciuliini %ex CulictHi, «ti clandum IxcleMis tm*u« jki fnrrk 
iieof»i*4', vi»l . aUK KcrU-*ii% pau|M*nbu4 iibi far rit n c cr f c . 
Itfin n*lif{iiu viiKi inra orgrnii, Jocal'ui iH>n k^aia, tH|tii, 
bovt^n c*t voccfr, c)Vf«, ct totiini iii»tminini meimi relH|uum et 
omnia alin veiiflciKl i c|iifl* iiii|H*riti% tion lumiinaiilur, %t*tMiAn-> 
tiir At! 'ri»9itaiiu'iituni nitnim |H*rficieiKiuni Hthluini %rro 
liieaiii U*g() ConvcMitiii S<uicti lU*tuMlicti de Hultn Norii yccmii 
I>itice»e<»». I(t*ni annuluin iiu*um cum duunjuilr t*t f|iuitucir 
|>arvU sunamgdiik luil)eat Ii4ilM*lla nrptis nira . Annuli vrni uui 
non Kunt lc*^ti dvntur aniiciA mrtt »perialihii%, Mx^urKlum citw 
miAicioiiein Kxectitonim meorum : prtiviMi tiuncn c|iiod C^ammra 
Vltximri luihc*Ant. Item MagUtri) J. Trot«ini i|tiadraginta M)li- 
dfM . Joliantii do Foote I^hcello mcam et diui purpunat (?) 
C\>m|}leto atitem t«Mitamento prfdicto, dt* rt*i»iduo cletilur paro- 
chioiiU tncU de Tvdrlut^Aliydt* v marcir ; dt* Colf^^liull xx ftolkli ; 
df Ft*tminghani duir niarcjr ; dt* Brumfekl quinqut* marcA* ; 
dr Prv\H*mik Kbtiraci xx »olidi ; iVtn> Ctarcioni xl* ita quod 
hahc*al in univiTKo nex ttuuTan, Iladixipho de Wyngham xx 
ftolidi, lladulpliode Middilton x\ Milirh, Waltero de Waskftrbtim 
XX Milifii. Mortino de Schypt'fonl unum nuut*am. Item ma- 
gintrti Jaluinni Grotard unum onnulum auri de |MirKlen* \iij*. ij^. 
Item Petro Garcioni quatuor nuuran . 'Iliomar Cfodmaii dimi* 
diam marram . IVtro Camifici Kborari dtmidiam aiarram . 
Trihun Hiiahu^i Mirom mea*, *ingulie eanmi duasi manpai» t-t duas 
tuall* de nu'liciribuA . Kt aliir tk*ntur pro afiim4 mra, secundum 
dtK|KMirionem Kxecuttvrum m€*orum . Trihuik filiahuA Mirorit 
meir ninffulir earum unum ntonile auri . Mafi^um Mmak* mrum 
novum lego altari Sancti Ix*onardi Tot (on* . Ita tamen quod 
Rogeriu Hector Kccleniir de Alwardntoke habeat uftumfnictum 
duni vixerit . Kt eidem Ilogero Spalterium meum gloiuUuni . 
I>omino Jolianni Ca|K*llano nM*o, Kpi»tola3i Pauli glcMMita* . 
Johanni clerico, ne|)oti m€H>, lihrum cum ctwipertorio piU^o quern 
rocavi Portelior« . Fabricip Krrle*ijr de Kumt^* dimkltam 
nuirram . Fratri Hicanlo C*4»rnubiar et Frath Jt>banni ntimiri, 
•ingulo fNtnim unum ^labitum integrum . Fratrtbu* I>e|irtMt» 
Wynton' ij' FratribuA de Sand* ij* . Ad onmia i^la et ftingula 
di»|M>nemla et ex<*quenda constituo ex(H*utore« man I>i»mJnum 
IV*cammi FboracenM*ni, MagUtnmi Johannem de Wytefh, 
IXniiinum lU^genun K«*rtoreni FrcU*%iir de Ali»ardr^tok, Ma- 
gi^tnnn liogerum de Kndde|M>rt, IX>minum Ji»kannem Tottoo 
eaf^*iUimm meum, el Alanuni de Srh\rebuni . Kt n>go, pro 
Jlif*«u Chri«to, iKHiiinum I'3H>racenM*m Arrhiepi«co|fum quod 
•ummu% Kxeeutor Tt^tamenli mei de omnilni* boni% m4*i» quat* 
»nnl in •uA pro\incu, •|KTialiter et niiMTironliter e^m* digne* 
tur . Ad ea %ero %|iecialiter exequemla, qufr •unt in partibu» 


Australibus, nolens omnes laboribus fatigari, constituo execu- 
tores meos Magistnim Johannem de Wyteth', Dominum Roge- 
rum Rectorem Ecclesiae de Alwardestoke, Dominum Johannem 
Capellanum meum, et Magistrum Rogerum de Briddeport . 
Rogo etiam Dominum Sarum Episcopum, pro Jhesu Christo, 
quod de omnibus bonis meis, quae sunt in Provinci^ Cantuar', 
summus executor et defensor Testamenti mei esse dignetur cum 
efFectu. Volo etiam quod omnia bona mea de partibus austra^ 
libus et borealibus communia sint ad execucionem Testamenti 
mei perficiendam . Et rogo, pro Deo, quod omnes et singuli 
predicti onus execucionis testamenti mei in se velint suscipere 
cum effectu, et quod execucio mea, cum omni quk poterit cele- 
ritate, perficiatur. Et volo quod si omnes in partibus diversis 
predictae ordinacioni et execucioni Testamenti mei interesse 
non poterint, duo vel tres ad dies statutos quos interesse conti- 
gerint secundum predictam ordinacionem, prout Deus eis inspi- 
raverit, ordinent et disponant; non exspectati presencia alicujus 
absentis. Item volo et dispono quod terra mea de 
et Custodia de Middilton vendantur, et de denariis fiat ut pre- 
dictum est. Volo etiam quod domus de Middilton de dictis 
denariis aliquantulum emendantur . Commendo animam et 
corpus meum divinae disposicioni in vitam aetemam. Amen . 
Item Rogero Marescallo meo decem solidos . Waltero Keve- 
lebul dimidiam marcam . Item fratri Ricardo Comubiae de 
ordine Fratrum Minorum Epis tolas Canonicales . In cujus rei 
Testimonium et evidenciam pleniorem presentibus sigillum nos- 
trum apponi fecimus . Actum Anno Gratiae M^ CC. quinqua^ 
gesimo nono . Mense Novembris . Valete. 

Fngments of Bishop Kirkham's seaL 


In exequiis Walteri Episcopi, habuit Ecclesia [Dunelm.] 
equos deferentes corpus ejusdem et Capellam ; ij casulas viridis 
coioris, j cum liliis, aliam simplicem, cum duabus capis simplici- 
bus ejusdem sectas ; et unam capam rubeam simplicem et longam 
cum largis orfirays ; cum duabus aliis de baudekynes, cum His- 
toria de Natali . Post ejus obitum sigilla ejus fuerunt fracta et 
Sancto Cuthberto oblata. 

. > Walter de Kirkham, Dean of York, elected Bishop of Durham in 1249— 
died at Howdon, 9th Aug., 1260 — buried in the Chapter House. 

I'i Wills akd 


Ill exeauiU I>oiniiii Robert! Stichell Epiiwropi, liabutt Eccle- 
%im [Dunelni.] der€*renu*« cor ejiw, et unum eouum fermtrm g 
cUtulaii cum CapellA ejuiidetn : et in die tepulturK ejttt fracta 
fuerunt (*jit« •igilla et Sancto Cuthberto oblata. 


In exequiai Domini Roberts de InnuU tlpiftcopi, Imbutt 
Eccle«iR [Uunelm.] equm deferentes corpus ejui et diuu ct»tu- 
Imi cum CapelU ejundem : et in die sepultune ejus, fracta 
fuemnt ejiu stgilU et Sancto Cuthberto oblata. 


Antonius Episcopus, tercio die Imtallacionis suit, optulk 
lo AJtari duos pannos de nibeo samette, bnidatm cum 
historiik Natintatts et Passioni^ Christ i ; i*i unum vestimentujn 
de ecxlem panno brudato, cum passionibus muhonim Martinijii 
in rotundis ortuUs [f. rotuliJi], quorum nomina super capita eorum 
inscribuntur ; et unam albam ejusdem brudaturv . Item, posi 
mortem ejuiidem, habuit txrclesia [IXinelm.] equos deferentea 
corpus ejusdem a manerio suo de Hhham usque Dunelmum ; 
et ex Ca^ielli ejtisdem unam Cnicem Patriarchalem argenteam, 
et df*auratam et tmum manuale ejusdem operis pro cereo suo in 
the purificalionis, et unam Mitram cum lapidibt» ; unum Baco- 
lum Pastorale ; amiulum ; el sandalia ; unum thuribulum ar« 
genteum et deauralum cum cathenis deauratis ; duo candelabra 
argentea et deaurata subtilis opt*ris ; et unum candelabrum 
argenteum et deauralum, in cujus fundo est Ymago Sanctie 

I Rabtrt tW HtkliUl, Prinr oT Macbsl«. elected tliitkop oT DiiHmm ki Itm t 
4M St ArtiiprllM, in Frrnore^ on hk wmy kamte from • Gcfiersl Couacil H 

IjTsas, ko Itji- His bcsrt »ss brought to DurliAia, sad buried in tbe ClM{4«f 
IfoiMe. A veTT minute accnuDt of the trBTrlling enpeiMes of llib prrUle. at 
ertrr resting {Usee in bit joumeT to and frnoi IxxKlna. in ciiweguemt of Us 
ticctiom b preoerred. snd. m msv be iinsgiiwd, sbouadt vitli interpii. 

• Kobert de IneuU, or IIoIt UUo.1, Prtor of Fiocbsle^ elc<tc«l Piibsp of ll«r. 
bun in irSii died sl IMia|i'MMkilebsin »tb June, ItSS, uidvMburM in tb« 
Cbspter Houee. 

> Anthonv fVrrk. Anrhdeomti of Durbam, •an r4 Walter Deri. Boron of Er«^ 
b^. In IJncoln^tre. Biabofi of DurbAi i Rtb JuL XtBX * Ilk lile mm i^Mt 
in tbe Court oad in tbe inmp**— Attended King Mvatd I. into ScoUmd villi 
s Urge ormr, under tbe bnnner of Sc Cutbbert — *n AmbooMdnr in CWmkonr la 
ISM— King of tbe l*ie of Mon—Fstrwrrb of JeruMletn— died oi Kltbn»'3ff4 
Mt., 1 3 10 -buried in the Nine Altsn of Duibnni CslbedrsL 


Marue cum fiUo suo jaoens in puerperio quod vocatur praesepe, 
pro nocte Natalis Domini ; unam naviculam deauratam ; unam 
situlam argenteam et anelatam, cum aspersorio de argento . 
Item octo vestimenta de Capell4 ejusdem ; vj brudata et ij non 
brudata : primum de rubeo samytte cum multis parvis ymagini- 
bus Sanctorum in subtilibus circulis stantibus, cum parvis perlis 
et serico brudatis, et unam albam ^usdem operis cum platvs 
deauratis circa fimbriam, cum parvis perlis diversi colons stipatis, 
et duas stolas et manipulas cirni parvis archangelis brudatis : 
Item, secundum, de rubeo panno tartarico, brudatum cum 
archangelis deauratis, ouod fuit accomodatum uni Domino Angliae 
versus Scociam cum Kege tendenti^ et ibi in bello perditum : 
tercium de panno de satyn purpiu-ei colons cum Archangelis 
argenteis brudatis : quartum de rubeo welveto, in cujus orario 
super dorsum, est Coronacio Sanctae Marise : item, quintum de 
satyn indici coloris, cum flourdelies et aliis floribus et stellis 
intextis : item sextum de uno panno Sarracenico, in quft cele- 
bratur in die Sancti Laurentii et j alba de odem • Item vij 
[blank in orig.^ cum ij capis de uno panno albi, indici, et rubei 
coloris p€dliatis, cum unik cruce de armis Ejusdem intextis quse 
dicuntur ferrum molendini* • Item viij de uno panno indici 
coloris cum quo celebratur de Sancto Cuthberto in jReriis ; et 
iiij cape de eodem • Item iij albse de uno panno aureo indici 
coloris Cum ramis lurborum et floribus et aviculis super ramos et 
flores comedentes • Item j magnus pannus aureus indici coloris 
pro tumb& Ejusdem • Et in die sepulturae ejus fracta fuerunt 
ejus sigilla et Sancto Cuthberto oblata. 


[Reg. Kellawe, foL 82.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Willielmus le Vavasour miles 
condo testamentum meum in hunc modum, die Jo vis proximo 
post festum Beati Gregorii Papae, Anno Domini IVCllesimo . 
cccT^ imdecimo . In primis lego animam meam Deo et Beat® 
Mariae, et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepelliendum in 
Novi Capell4 Sancti Leonardi de Heselwod : et pro mortuario 
meo meliorem equum meum cum armis ad militem pertinentibus • 
Item lego in cera et in oblacionibus xx marcas • Item die sepul- 

1 Beck*s arnioilal bearinf^ was a cross moline. 

< Sir WUU«n VaviMmir, of Haalewood, in the County of Toric, Knight, the 
head of that ancient fimtilj during hia period. This will ia new to the Yoric- 
thiiv genealpgiat. From Uie loss of a leaf in the Register, it is, however, im- 


tune meae in dUtributione pftuperuin, ridelicel coUibet j/ 
giiiU fttfX Ubnu trf^Mlecifn ftoliaoii et ciiuUuur deiuuios, ri plus li 
iieceMe fuerit . Item Dominae Nich ■• uxori mem omnt% cmm* 
CM cum bc»bufi et affrw pertinentibui ad eaftdem, qiuw habeo n 
Slubbes Kvrke*mvtbeton, panra Sniytheton, SupelUm, & W 
mc^rley ad domon de mori cum tota venturi omnmKKii bladi 
terrik ii in gnuigil . Item lego predicUr Nich'e omnet cmnicaa 
cum bobui Ik affiris pertinent ibu> ad eaidem, et cum equk pro 
carectii quo€ habeo in maneriifl de Coketford^ Waddrwortli« 
Bredde«wcxl et Pykebum, cum omnimod^ bladi* pro terrA ftemi- 
nandi predictonim maneriorum et pro tuAtentatione terTieo* 
tum, boum et affronim . Kt eidem Nich'« viginti quatuor 
dii^cot argenti cum tot ftauseriifl argentei* et octo cypho* argro- 
teot & unum c^-pbum argenteum deauratum quem eadem ruh 
eligere . Item unum magnum mazerum et vera Crux ad hrredea 
meo« re%'ertantur . Kt eidem duo€ pelves argenti . Item lego 
Domino Waltero, Alio meo et hereui, armaturam pro ftuo cor« 
pure et unum equum, prout decet . Item Domino IVtro ie 
Vavaftour Kectori de Staynton unum puUanum . Item Henrico ie 
Vavajumr filio meo texaginta marcas tub hac furmi, >i bene tm 
liabuerit erga Deum et homincMi secundum judicium tlxecutonun 
meorum, et maxime reliquendo illam meretricem quaro nunc 
tenet : lun autem, secundum ordinationem dictorum Kxecuto> 
rum meonim pro animi me4 in elemosints erogentur . Item 
eidem, nub forroi predict!, armaturam quam ei accommodavi « 
Item Dumiiur Alicia* Bliir mes*, moniali de Sin^-ngthwavt demn 
libras . Item Malgero fratri meo qutnque marcas . Item Jo> 
hanni fratri me<i decem marcas . Item Amanda sorori mtm 
decem marcas . Item I>omin« Nfargareta* sorori me« centum 
solidos . Item Johanni filio Jurdani le Vavasour quadraginta 
solidoa . Item IXimitio Kadulpho filio Willielmi unam loncam 
et unam capellam ferream cum quadam lance4 de Gasconii . 
Item Domino Johanni de Cre|>pvng unam loricam et unam par 
do trappers . Item IX>mino Uillielmo de Nunny unam rmagi* 
nem Heat« N'irginis de yvor* . Item Fratribus |)redicatoribi» 
de Hboraco quin€|ue marcas . It(*m Miiumbus eiuftdem civitatk 
uutnque nuurcas . Item Fratribus Augustini tbiciem XL solido* . 
Item Fratribui de monte Carmt^li xl solidm . Item Fratribya 
Predicatoribus de Pontefracto vi marcas . Fratribus nrvdicmio- 
ribus Beverlaci xL solidos . Fratribus Minoribus iotdero xl 
solidos . Fratribus pre<ticatoribu» de Skartheburgh XL solidos . 
Fratribus mtnoribu» ejuMlem xl solidos . Fratribus Predicato* 
ribus de Jarum xi. solidos . Fratribus minoribus livchemumT 
XL solidos . Fratribus minoribu« Dimecastr' xl soImIos . Fra* 
I ribus Augustini de Tykhyll XL solidos . Fabrics Kcclrsur 


Sancti Johannis de Pontefracto xl solidos . Item Monialibus de 
Sinyngthwayt x marcas . Monialibus de Apelton, Munketon, 
Sancti dementis, Eboraci, Arthyngton, Esshold, KjTkeleys,, cuilibet Conventui predictarum xl solidos . Item 
sex Capellanis celebrantibus in Capella de Heselwod pro 
animi me^ primo anno obitfis mei xxx marcas . Item Johanni 
le Vavasour Patri meo defuncto xx libras sterlingorum ad missas 
celebrandas et pauperibus errogandis in quibus ei teneor nomine 
debiti . Item pro debitis Dominae Aliciae le Vavasour matris 
meae defunctae centum marcas, quod predictum debitum de bonis 
meis volo levari et prae omnibus aliis solvi . Item Dominae 
Nich' de SanctA Maria xx libras ad missas celebrandas et pau- 
peribus errogandis in quibus ei teneor nomine debiti . Item ad 
celebrandum pro animi Simonis Moisi v marcas . Item pro 
anima Walteri de Sutton xx i;olidos . Item Domino Stephano 
celebranti missam Beatae Mariae apud Heselwod dimidium 
Marcae . Item fratri Nicholao le Bele xx solidos . Item Capel- 
lae de Thorp unum vestimentum integrum . Item Domino Si- 
moni de Catherton xl solidos; Domino Galfrido Rectori de 
Thimescogh v marcas . Item Domino Hugoni Rectori de 
Cokeiield c solidos : Domino Rogero quondam Procuratori Ec- 
clesiae de Bilton j marcam : Willielmo de Roucestr' x marcas ; 
Radulpho de Beston pro servicio suo c solidos . Et eidem ex 
condonacione in denariis ei mittatis [ita] xl solidos . Item Si- 
moni clerico dimidium marcae: Roberto de Bradefeld iiii mar- 
cas : Willielmo de CreppjTig xl solidos : Thomae del Hille de 
Siclinghall xl solidos: Thomae de Graystanes xl solidos . Elliae 
de Birton xx solidos . Alexandro de Estbum xx solidos . Wil- 
lielmo Talenate xx solidos . Roberto le ferour xl solidos . 
Roberto Forestar' de Adingham xx solidos : Willielmo le Par- 
ker XL solidos: Et si idem Willielmus ante uxorem suam obie- 
rit habeant pueri sui dictam pecuniam . Adae coco xl solidos : 
Adinet' le Fauconer vnum falconem Laner vel xx solidos : 
Thomae le Gramayr xx solidos : Johanni de Birton dimidium 
marcse : Hugoni le Hedman, Thomae de Norton, Simoni servi- 
ent! de Heselwod, Thomae servienti ibidem, Johanni le Barker 
cuilibet eorum xx solidos . Henrico de Helagh, Johanni del 
Wod, Wllielmo de Peteworth, Thomae de Adingham, Roberto 
de Friston, Hugoni de Halikeld, Roberto de Hanley, Ranul- 
pho de Heselwod cuilibet eorum j marcam . Johanm de Lon- 
don dimidium marcae . Cuilibet garcioni & cuilibet pag' qui 
mecum in servicio steterit per annum dimidium marcae • Item 
duabus filiabus Thomae Golyas iiii libras . Exec' Simonis Aun- 
ger de Pontefracto l solidos . Item uxori Adae de Eboraco de 
Pontefracto i marcam . Item propinquioribus Henrici de 


Ayketon de Pontefracto x% tolidot . Item propinquioribu* ii^ 
tligentibut Jaeobi de Metlieley xx M>Udo« . Item Cuperario 
mcM) qiiicunque fuerit, tectum meum, excepto c o oprrt o rio 
meo punctuato . Item cuilibet manoriorum meorum ubt tS* 
lam liabeo xx solidm^ ad errogandum pauperibun in illU com- 
morantibuft ; et unum boirem Darochiali bccle«i» pro decimia 
iiuppiendi<» . Item Vicario de nadew(»rd unam nibam ; JohaiK 
ni cie Appleby de Kboraco j robam; Alicia* uxori turn i robam • 
Item Jofianni MareMrallo de Dramliam i n>bam & ii iraccaa • 
Item pueriii Gilberti Quondam prepof»iti mei de Stutton xx toll* 
diM . Item Johanme de Morton v M>lidot : Johannar de Aula de 
Pontefracto ad maritagium pro amore Dei xl tolido* : Simoai 
le IiarbtH>ur de Pontefracto dimidium marca* . Ponti de We» 
thc*rby xx »olido« : Ponti de Boulton xx lolidoc ; Pai^agio de 
Stutton XL Milidon . Item ponti paiwaffii de Aberford xx toli* 
doH . C<M>pertunr et ornament i^ Capelur de FriMoti xl <iolidoa« 
IX>minabus Klena* de Moubray, Margaretap de NevtU, Eliaaor 
le VValayA, Alicia* le Walay*, Alicia* de Slopham^ Itabellir le 
Stopham, I*abellK de Mortuo Mari, Agneti de Ilastrng, Jo» 
luutnip de Stapelton, Luctir de Burgh« Elixabet uxori Donii* 
ni Iloberti filii Radulphi, Paulinir de Graft, Elianonr le V^ 
vaMuir, Burgh de Vaux, Lucijr de Rythre, Mar|ptfeta*de Akl 
Riivk« uxori Domini ^lllielmi de Honk , uxon Dumtni IW 
nulphi Ulanmufttem cuilibet earum unum annuluro aureun • 
Item Dominie Alicia* uxori Domini Johanni* de Creppyng 


(lUg. Kkllavs C l4a^.) 

Arm Ravisiaiiilmi. Duo tiaria de Trappe* xl*. ij galeai 
xiij'. iij*. j ff^ de Wayn|>aynft & ij bnuert rjV riij*. iiij frena cum 
le»tar' & liij Webbe* cingulorum xl^. xvj Mgittc ij^. ij maMuek 

1 Juba Flu ManMduke, I^Acd oC IlortWn. la Um pviik oT KmAmm^ 
dtttmdtd ttam a nepbrv of BiOiop FUmUnl, aatl iW *• tm dMr Bac i it W * 
or Btahop Ikrk. FlU MMnaduU. at Um Xkmm oC kto dtaUi. vm |r«v«fMr af 
Ac Jolm't Tovti (Prftii.| in HcoUana. umfer K4wwfd IL, «hL tetmidum to a 


M In hk viU mhkA wt^joimd bk «pulliirt at DiirlMa, Htarall/ 
body in • kr||v caaldtva, tad prrafrrtd kk henm till m ^ppmtm 

ihtti HOC uneammtm^ MtrtU-yitnU, todiiy it iaipoMtbW U B—piV wtA 

lib dMd body in • ha^ caaUfva, utd pmfrrvd kk hemm till m vffmnitakij of 
byrrtafr tbra la tW Calbf4rmi.ymrtl of DuriuM ptm a to d HmU. TW vMa 
of thi* itnwipt pmvMdiaK m ftwa in the follovtagK Mnfpikr tw€m4 
pMuacr uf<m tht ^Kcal* in tbe tnaactton, tad oov fur tb* Am Ikmrn 


Vctirrmbai in CbrWU roh . . Dri |[rmtii Eptec«po Duaolm. rtl ^im Vkaria 
la SfiihtunhbiMt Bcmfirtiw aitwratkio* dirlal lC{dKOf«M 


xg*. ij frayeb vy. j arens de Bftlftyn vj** viij<*„ ij j^i^oi^aU^ vj"*. iij 
paria candei' yj"*. ij capita lancet ^t j ^oeket vj^. aj chapes pro 
colers iy^. iij paria de Cliessjs et j {>ar t^bularupi xx*. j tester 
fj*. raj'. Cista continens pra^missa xj)'*. lo ali& eisdk quaedam 
raimita quae propter panritat em Boaappreciantur : precium castas 
ij*. Item iij scuta ij'. fuyn j**. j cathedra ferrea ij*. Vetjiis gales^ 
ij"** ij doiia j cunis & j archa iij^. viij Jumenta eum iij filfiis quo- 
rum iiij habent pidlos quorum ij masculi et ij femeilae pretium 
oumium xij*. .xxxiiij ^v mukooes pretium cujuslibet xviij^. xx* 
▼ij'. yj^» xviij mukones pro lardaria pretium cvguslibet xiiij**. xxj*. 
xxix caprae pretium cujuslibet xij*^. xxix*. x^viij quarteria fru- 
nienti per estimaciouem pr. quarterii viij". xxv*. iiij". viij** quar* 
terta pr. quart. xl\ xxv*. xiij*. iiij*. xxv quarteria ordei pr. qu. 
vj*. vij*. x*. Fcenumlx*. Calix v". j vestimentum simplex. Item 
ij Vetera tentoria xx*. xxv boves arrabiles pretium cujuslibet 
xiij'. iiij**. xvj^ xiijs*. iiij**. j oJla ipuea xij**. j patella cum poceuet* 
xij*. iij bigas viij". ij carecta; vj". j jumenta cornuta xx". j tabula 
magaa ^d*. 

Apud Lamesley xvj boves arrabiles pr. cujuslibet xiij*. iiij**. 
X*. xiy*. iiij**. xxij boves pro lardaric\ pr. cuj. viij*. viij*. xvj*- ij 
xx". xxij quarteria frumenti per estimatioiiem pr. qu. viij*. 

Sicut nobis fuit expositum, quondam Jwbannes dictus ]Sf armeduk miles, vestrse^ 
diooeteos, in obsequiis illustris Prindpis Kegis Anglise ad cuiitodiain villse Sancii 
Johannis in Scocii extiterat depuutus, corpored infirmitate gravatus suum con> 
dtdit uHimum teatamentiun ac — corpus suum in cimiterio Dunolniensts J£c- 
ekabr tumulari precepit Eo mitem — exspiranie ibidem, Executores — ac non- 
nulli fiiixitliarea ipsius nobilis, cupiientes ut — corpus ejus in dicto ^epeliretur 
dmiterio, coosiderantes corpus *• ibidem propter loci distandam et hostium peri- 
culoaas tnaidias integrum posse minimd deportari, coqms — fnislolim concidentes 
ilUid A^uis iDHnenerunt ignibus dequoquendum, ac camis tegumento excusso ab 
ocsilMis 09m ipfSL bucusque retinuerunt ibidem — non sepulta, ignorantes penitu» 
eoostitutionis edita? contra tales. Cumque postmodum iidem executores et fa- 
miliares Peritorum aasercione sui excessOs notidam apprebenderunt, supplicari 

feoenint btimiliter . nos igitur volens pcenitentibus pcsnitenciam non negate 

— auctoritate domini Papse cujus poenitentiarise curam gerimus, restne circum- 
specUoni committimus quatenus eosdem executores et familiares — ab eadcm 
seotentiil absolvatis, et injunoatis — poenitentiani salutarem — ac ussa piedicti 
defuncti fiictatis in dicto Dunelm. Ecclesise cimiterio — debite tumulariy ipsius- 
que animani fidelium sufiragiis adjuvari. Data Viennse v Id. Decembr. Puottf. 
Cletneotis P. vti. Anno SepUmo. 

Tbe Executors were Sir Henry Fitzhugh and Sir Thomas de Wytbeworth, 
Knights. Of tbe above inventory the greater part has been printed by Mr. 8ur- 
tees, VoK II., p. 3(]1, but in a contracted, and therefore to tbe general reader an 
almost unintelligible form. As it has been deemed indis|)ensablc in a collection 
ot'this nature, the whole is now given free from contractions. The iittbruiatiiiti 
which it affbnls relative to the armour and the domestic economy of the period, 
the prioes of cattle, grain, &c. &c., is most authentic aud valuable. 

Richanl 'fttic Marmaditke, tbe son of the above John, was Senescal to Bishqp 
Beaumont, and was murdered u]K)n Framwellgate Dridge, bv Robert Neville, of 
Eabr, in 1318. 



viij^ xvj*. XXV quarteria a%'eiia* t*t pi%arum pr. qu. xK iiij'. iij*. 
itij^. ij biga* c*t j carectn xj*. F<jniuiii xx*. 

Arm LB Spbn xvij b<>vi»ft arrabiU**^ |>r. ciij* vj\ riij*. v' xiij*. 
iiij^. vij qiiartfria fniiiu*nti pr. qu. vij*..xlix*. Ix qiiartrria avriMr 
pr. «pi. xr. X*. vij ^* ngni pr. riijuHlilwt viij*. iiij'. xiij\ iiij*. j c*- 
riH'ta iiij'. j Jiinifiituiii vj*. \'nj*. 

Avi'u S\i.KKswoinii wx qiiartrria rniiiiriiti pr. <|u. % ijj*. xij'. 
XX quart(*ria orcli-i pr. qu. \j\ \iij*. vj*. xiij*. iiij^. xx quarCrrui 
av4*nir pr. cpi. \l^. lx\j*. viij'*. j (pi. vi iliiuici. piMirum vij*. Fcniun 
XXXV*. XX aura* \*. Pavo rum ij gallinin x%iij'. x%ij bu%(-> amn 
liili^ pr. ruji>libfi \ilj*. vj', \iij'. iij grut*^ pr. ruj«. xl*. x*. ^ij 
avt*^ x**. <ih. \\j rajKini-H ij*. \iij*. ix galliiia* ix*. iiij* lagcKU x%uj*. 
niari'iuiuin x\*. ij bi^'a- iiij*. iij cannMu* viij*. ij (piartrrtJi bniM-i 
xij*. iij carifta xij*. lori»a carrrta »iiu* riili** iij*, viij doU'«* viij\ 
j uiortarriinMi'iii'uui c tiiii |'il«i vj*. \iij\ Iiij. libnr «!«* caiMi«-li% |iia- 
rinifiisibi.'* pr. lib j*. iiij'. \*. j rorcuiii t*uuinuui \j*. CWim** cir 
S;inrto Mariino \)ij*.quM!(iaui rrti* \*. iiij tmrt'llu* brri iiij*. xiiij 
c*un:i- *ij*. j rarabu^ ij'.j | iMt-rifl i*l |>atrlla ij*. j r.n*i» x*. j akr* 
tiui cHN>(MTtuMi cnni \iit<li <»air.t't \l*. j gaiiii(M*>4*ii rtib«*uni rum 
tribiiv cathriiife ai'p'iilt i^ I*, j ;!ainilH*M)ii rum «il!«-(C\% hij*. iiij'.j 
ak(*t(iii riilH uni cum inaiiiui^tii* l)4iia\ii xl*. j gaitnbt'MJii cuuprr* 
turn (If raiiro rfri<o \l*. j ina||Mi \v ubiaruiii \j*. \ilj''. r.lia nM|w 
pa >ij ulnaruin ij*. \j^ alia luappa xij iihiaruni \\*. Alia niap|« 
xij uiiiarnm \*. j inaiiiitiT^iuin \j uhiaruiii x\iij^. Aliutl nianu- 
trrgium xij uhuirtiiii iij*. ij biithraiiiiiia iiij*. j tt:rura dr niiouto 
vt*r<> \j*. ij niabrtiH lij*. j la|>«*tiini xx\j*. \i•j^ Alit.d la|H'ti.iit 
rum a\ibus xx*. Kaimilt* ij*. yj^. iij Iwncalia i\*. \j'. j | ar map* 
tiarum rirolbt-t-arum iij*. liiitiralo xviij**. j al)m«tar* lu* grn' %j*. 
viij'. \xx libii |miiiii hiui x*. I lnu« rra*'>i ] •*.iiiii biM*i ij*. vjd. 
xiij l«M* prt> IfM orarii*. ij i^Jiria ralrarium ^ nj"*. Turrffff* rl 
\rtfiiflv* xij^ ij paria df CIm***)* xiij*. iiij^. j | ar df tal uli% liij*. 
ij muiv M'lira- riiui J burvi \j\ viij*. iij Mn.iv vt iij I ur*a* x*. ij 
/4MI1I* I't j biii%4i X*. \ij |k«iria ('ir«*t«-rarum Xlllj^ j 7i'iia ar^rmtta 
I'lim l\iu r iH>strr xnj*. liij*. Corona dr *«Tiro mj*. \r:t:«-b» i!r 
arp'iilo xij^ j iadMiui dc ar*:«'iito ij*. M.ti.r i \u^ pro !«i*% ct itt 
pt-rhft \j*. /«»nacl j li^»oii vi iiij burvr \j*. \iliu-l\* xvrj*, 
Kiiap|»t*ft \j'. Jo\iiii*rft prt> j uaimbt^Mm ilv argriito x%iij*. j {««r 
cuJtrlloruiii x\iij^. ( aiiq <*nuiilc« \j*. (*ap«*roii* df M-ric^i xij*, 
FiM^lM'krr ij*. (iftta routiiu*ii« prn*mi»Ni nil*. In quadam aJU 
vihIA j rii'H'* ^lij*. j i!«>rj?rr x*. j |H»<'ffii fl j briN-bf ij*. j nia»Mifl 
ij*. C'irtilita- dr lilaMi x.j*. j rapud laiio :r xij*. (*«-ra U'J*. j l*- 
liiN'i et j \ ir dr ^'rariulH*!^ \*. j IntiII x»j*. j »<fiirni n j bur»« 
iiij'. ( "aj . d l..i.«'« .1- ^J . I |ar •iroClMHMrum <!i- iVrro xii*. (*aiii 
|M riitdl x\ '. I»i I'!:tvi \\ .j'. j \:\r i in»!bt*ran»ni xij*. mj bticlr^ 
ft %ii*blK*« 1 it.^'i.l« riiui xiMj . 'I'aludar' x^iij'*. lurratt^ «*t < liii|ir» 


vj*. iij lees xviij*. Knappisj**. Coreum de Cordewan viij^ Co- 
lers et lees xviij**. ij paria calcarium viij**. Lumbar* xviij*. j alver 
xij*. j bursa viij**. j par de mustelers ij*. ij securrays iij**, j 
par linearum xvj*. Aliae minutae xvj**. iiij tapetia xxiiij'« 
Cista eontinens prsemissa viij*. Item j ensis x*. j Vestimentujn 
vV j Crest xij**. ij massuels xij**. Colers iij**. Chapes iiij**. xxj 
ferra equorum xxj^. j calix x*. xij disci argenti cum salsariis, 
pretium cujuslibet disci cum salsario xviij*. x^ xvj\ v salsaria 
xxv*. Quidam cacabus argenti l'« Duo lavacra argenti Ix*. iJ 
picheri argentei x^ Duo mmores v marcae. Unus ciphus argen- 
teus cum coopertoiio xiij*. iiij**. ij fiohe viij*. Unum aquarium 
V*. j discus pro elemosini c*. ij pelves x*. xxiiij coclearia xx*^ 
xiiij coclearia xij*. j lavacrum de ciipro xij**. ij picheri de stagno 
XX*. ij cistte continentes praemissa iiij*. xij coclearia aurea preti- 
um cujuslibet vj*. viij**. iiij*. 

Apud Wetlau xxiiij Boves pr, cujuslibet viij*. xvij'r xij*. iiij 
afiri xl*. j Jumentum viij*. Foenum xxv*. xl quarteria frumenti 
pr. qu. viij*. xvj*. xx qu. ordei pr. qu. v*. c*. Ixx qu. avenjE pr, 
QU. lij*. X*. X*. ij qu. prsarum vj*. v** agni pr. cuj. v**. xxxiij*. 
iiij*, X capones xx**. xvj gallinae xvj**. iij qu. avena; ix*. Foragium 
viij*. iiij bigflB et ij carectae viij*. Tres porci vij*. vj**. 

Apud Horden j saccus lanae et x petrae pr. petrae iiij*. viij*. 
Uij pelles ovium pr. cujuslibet v**. ob, xxij*. vj**. x quarteria vete- 
ris frumenti iiij*. viij" novi frumenti pr. viij*. Ix*. viij*. xx quar- 
teria ordei pr. qu. v*. c*. Ix qu. avfenae pr. qu. iij*. ix*. Fcenum 
XX*. j quarterium pisariun iij*. Ivj boves arabiles pr. cuj'. vij*. 
xix*. xii*. vj afiri pr. vj*. viij**. xl*. xlvij porci de quibus xx va* 
lent Quilibet ij*. vj**. 1*. et xxvij. xij**. xxvij*. xiiij sues xlij*. xv 
porcelli pr. cuj^ ij**. ij*. vj**. xl aucae x*. iiij capones viij**. xiiij 
gallins xiiij**. In granario ij qu. frumenti xvj*. iij grues x*. iiij. 
cigni veteres xx*. iiij puUi cignorum viij*. vj" xvij oves matrices 
pr. cuj*. xvj**. xvj*. V*. iiij**. ij bigae xij*. iiij carrectae xij*. Mere* 
roium velus iiij*. j patella, j posenet et j craticula ij*. ij cistae iiij*, 
Ferrum pro wafr' ij*. j cista xij**. j mensa xl**. j furca pro igne ij** 
Lotorium ij*. 

Apuo Stranton quidam equus bansand x*. j equus albus xl*. 
ij pullani x*. j equus ferrant cvj*. viij**. Meremium xxvj*. viij<*. 
XXX qu. frtmienti xij*. x qu. ordei 1*. xx qu. avenac pr. qu. ij*. 1*. 
(ita). ij qu. pisarum vj*. viij**. Fcenum xxvj*. viij**. xxuij boves 
arabiles pr. cujt. vj*. viij**. viij*. ij afiri xx*. ij carectae xj*. j biga 

Apud Ulnbby x qu. frumenti iiij*. x*. viij qu. avenae xxviij*. 
j qu. ordei v*. Foragmm ij*. vj**. j qu. et tres busselli frumenti 
pr. qu. IX*. xxxj*. iiij*. ob. j qu. et dun. de mixtal' xij*. ij barelli 



xij^. trei nienur iij*. ii ckur vtij^. ij tdm cmitt x^. Cmmk 
ferrrm iiij^. j patella viij^. alia patella ij'. 

Art D Carlbbykv j rista x^ j menta v*. trrt miur xiritj^. 
Carhcmt*!! iiij'. x b<iv(*« c*. xxx qu. rniinenti xiij*. x*. iij qu. pica- 
rum X*. XX qn. a\eiijr Ix*. Fomum xl*. Merenuiim vj*. xiij*. iiij'. 
ij affri xiijV iiij*. xnj anrir iij*. iij*. 

Arm Smithirht (.') xxxj vnccm* et j taunu pr. m'f. t*. ix'* 
xij'. j juvenca iij'. iiij*. iij JuveiKra* Mi|M*raniHiatap vij*. vj*. vj y»- 
tuli vij*. ij b«>%*i*tti x*. iiij hovicnili xiij\ iiij'. v ttirlu x*. Fcrmun 


Hladum Mnninnttiin et Uhemtnin KTirientibut post mnrtem 
DcKTiini Ji»liaiiiil»el aiiti* coiiftH'tioiu'iii Invrntarii. Apud Silkr** 
worth, ill MMiiiiie \ij(|ii. per e%timatii>iien et iii Ubi*nito ij qu. rt 
dim. Kxvij*. Apud NWiLiwt* in «(*mine xr qu. eC in lib' j q«. 
et dim. vj'. \ij*. Apiicl StranttMi in H*niiiu* xiij qu. M j qu. in 
tilt' cxiij*. Apud t'limbv in M*niine vj qu. lii^*. AfmA L 
lf*y in M*niiiK* liij qti. el dim. xxxvj*. 

X\l. rr."»T.\MtSTl M IMIMIM JOllWMii |l\rDRK MILm*. 

lUc](. KillawkC I IX) 

In nomine l)«*i Anien. F.iro Johannes l)audn* miie« die 
Saiicti 'Huinue A|H»%toli rcmdo te^lamentum in linnr tnoflam. 
Imprimis le^o uiiiiniini ineitm |)t*o «*t Ikmtn* Maria*, et ccirpu* 
meiim ad •epelM*n<luin in C'iniitertu IW^atie Mnriir de Seftfrefrkl. 
Item pro nHirtuitrict nu'o meiiu* animal ciiui amii«. Item m 
ceru xl*. Itt-m in <»liUriouibn« et vigitji» x\*. In daatrihiirKiiir 
pttU|NTum \'. Item liimliiari lieata* Mariie de Seggefeld d*« 
miilmm nmreir. I(«*m Mimmo Altari \1*. Item dominie 
Johonni (tray el W.dlero de llire^k ra|H>IUt)i» xiij*. iiij'. Item 
ciiilihet C*A|>«*liAno ri*U>)>riUiti in hVrlt**i.\ de Sef:gef«*W xij'. 
Item du«»bu% clerin* protiorriiMmlihiter ij*. item eleriri* tolte* 
riam dieentibu« et \tchn« %ifriLiiitibu« xiij*. iiij'. Item l*efro 
fratri iik*o %i pm nu* ad termm «aiH*tam itrr arniHre \oluenl \x 
libra*: Mn autc*m, altrri pro nn* iroU*nli ire. ttemcuidiini ra|)«*U 
|atH> aUnRn) relcbrnnti pro annnA ine4 t>er %ex ainio* mi KreU*^ 
iii4 de S*^eleld xx libra*. Item IftabelU* %c»ron meir «d riotk 
tA|;inai «uum xx marram. Item (tilberto fratri nn^i xx libni«. 
Item HulH-rtci de I^iton unum l)art*nelt et unani U>nc*am. 
Item totiiin rf^Mhiuni aniionim mt*onini d«> et U*^«) Priri) I'rairi 
niet>. Item ndfOi IVtro tVairi nieo xx niarra«. Item katennir 
ftorori im*(r et ld>«'ri« «ui« tiij nwirroA. Item IVmime KJi/ohet 
•orori luevr i •olakjM. Itetii Margt*rift filui* mt*ir iiij luan^af^. 



Item garcionibus qui mihi servierint per longum tompus secun- 
dum disposicionem Executorum meorum xl*. Item Johaimi 
Dautre famulo meo apud Shotton xl*. Item liberis Ranulphi 
avuneuli mei secundum disposicionem Executorum meorum xx*. 
Item in sotularibus erogandis pauperibus xx*. Item pontibus 
de Sbotton dim. marc, et aliis pontibus in Episcopatu Dunelm. 
ubi necesse fuerit secundum disposicionem Executorum meorum 
xx*. Item Andreas Lambe x marcas. Item Petro de Morpath 
X marcas. Item Terras Sanctae, ut supradictum est, x marcas. 
Item Capeliano celebranti per duos annos pro anlmft mei. in 
Ecclesift de Seggefeld x marcas. Item Thomae filto Johannis 
XX*. Item Thomae Galwayth xV Item pueris Domini Alex- 
andri de Harkars x marcas : et si quid residuum fuerit de bonis 
meis vok> et concedo quod Executores mei disponant in peri- 
cok) animarum suarum, ut melius animse me£e viderint expedire. 
Et ad hoc testanoentum meum fideliter adimplendum, hos exe- 
cutores meos constituo et ordino, Gilbertum fratrom meum, 
Robertum de Laton, et Petrum fratrem meum; ita quod ipsi 
ministrent bona mea secundum consilium et dispositionem Do- 
mini Thomas de Hessewell Rectoris E^clesiae de Seggefeld.' 


In Exequiis Domini Ricardi Kellowe habuit Ecclesia [Dun- 
elm.l duos eques deferentes corpus ejusdem Patris a Manerio 
8UO de Midilham usque ad navem Ecclesiae; et ex ejus Capelli 
ij capas de rubeo samette brudatas, cum passionibus multorum 
Martirum in nodis sive funibus, et nomina super capita eorum 
sunt inscripta : et in (fie funeracionis ejus Thomas Comes Lan- 
castrias' optulit super corpus ejusdem iij pannos rubeos cum 
armis ejusdem ; de quibus facta sunt vestimenta iHa in quibus 
eelebratur quando Conventus est in Albis. Rexvero Edwardus 
secundus post Conquestum misit ab Eboraco Elemosinarium 
8uum Dunelmum et de pannis auro textis corpus honoravit. 

1 Sector of Sedgefield in 1313. 

< lUchard de KeUtwe, a Monk of Durham, elected Bishop hi 1311 —died at 
Bishop Middleham Castle in 1316— buried in the Chapter House. 
3 Beheaded at Pontefract in 1322. 

B 3 




(R«g KkllawkC f8i, b] 

1{a*c iRiieiituni tri|mrtita tt*«tatur. (|uimI in \igiluk IhirificA- 
liotiis B«*Ata* MAriit* VjrpiU!» Aiiiio iXniniii mccc'^ viceikiiiio 
fiuinto, Ikma iiubM.H|tuMirui fiuTaiit lib«Tata Krvcreiido I^iln 
lkmiiik> Ki»ulaiui<i .\niiiiluMi%i Kpi^cnpii,' C*ii«tiidi H<>»pitAli« 
Sancti EdnuiiHti (\>i)tt»^Miri^ in (iiitc*«»lu*v(^{« |mt fUmiinufii 
Jdlianm-in dr Polkmo t*t Joli uiiu*ni dv I)i*rlin|;U>n v\rruturi*« 
T(*iktaim*iili I)«>niiiii Jolitiniii.^ <U* l)i*nton nutH*r (*ii*toflU eju»d«-iii 
llc»|ntalU drfinicti ; iti i>reM*noia Domini Petri de Nlainfcinl 
tunc LXmiiiii I>iiiii*ini. i4/i<K*€i|»i S*<|UinktrmtcNi% gfnermlu rt 
Magutri Iilayki»toii tunc »ub»<K(uefttnit(»ri)i ejiudrm. In pn- 
niia, IV CAf*BLL\, duo calicc*^ di* aun> ; quatiior vt^^tinirntA 
uuanim ununi nu'lius cum tuiiic4 et d«*alituiticik, dv dooo I>omitu 
Johannift de IX*nton ; t*t de aliU tribu« ve^tinienti* una canuU 
valde debili. IttMii una all>a |H*r m*, cum ttoU et fanuU« d«* 
dono ejiiMlem Douuni JoliaiiniA, quatuor et daliiuiticar, dua* 
i'a\Mv df mHco. In ( iioko, duo MiMalia, f(uonjm mi'liuft de 
dono Domini JolmnnU ; ununi Maiiuale ; tria AniiplNmaria; 
<lut> (trudalia, et tertiuni Ixinuni, dr dono ejuMi«*ni IVitnini 
Ji>lianni}» ; una I^*f;enda ; duo (*oll<*ctnria ; ununi Oniinak* ; 
clua P^ donu tju^^iem Domini Joliantii* : m*x Tualia 
iM'tunlirta, c|uon)m duo nu-lionu do dono eju^lem Donnm 
J«»hanni% ; ununi Frtmtalt* de i'luiionn» ; f|uatuor »ii|)er|ieliK'ia 
valfh* fli-l>ilia ; uiuini turrilnilum df utaiino ; duo caiidi*labra cir 
nii'talJo; (|Uufuor fioli. In C*EI.\kia, (|uatuor mapiMr debilr^ ; 
iinnni Ionium inanittrr^ium ; tr«*H »avi*na|M*« dehiU*« ; M*|>t«*ni 
cfH*lr»irui ar^rnti. i|iiortmi tri.i tr.irta el drbilia ; m*x cadi ; 
iinum <U»li i:ni ; iinuni MiUaiiuni n n«*iim ; ilmr maptMt* dt* canaKo 
|<ro ^'arnouibuo, «*t <ltLe in«*nv-t*. In Ai i.\ unuin l<H<»rnini rum 
l^fUf ; du.e nt(*n^i*. In <ogiiN\ ilii.e |kar^it* i»lljr drbiU-^ ; 
ttii.i |k«itrl!a <ontin4*n% (iiiatnor IaL!«*iia^ ; una cratunla : unu% 
(np>' t'liiii tnliti^ inort«*rii« {M^triiu^. I\ Hrai in a duo |)ltin*lwi 
in ti rrA tlxa ; una nia;;na c una pro bnuMiui cum m*x alu» niiiMM 
a«hii%. I\ Pi^TRiv^. fiua- inol.r niantmU'^ ; unn% aheu« rnni 
ruiia «'t « un.\. N (tR%N<.i\ %i^'initi duo (|niU'tf*rii ct «<*plei]t 
b;j*M«ir fri;iufi!i in j:arl>i* \^'r tikiimatit»ti«*ni : riixem qiiartcnti 
|»i*arM» 1 ; <juati:'»r un.irTfni iTiln : \icni»i *ji:artiTii airnArnm. 
l\ H4>\r;Ri% »f \d«*« im hoi ,f ti«* .iflM. prtn'ni iuju^Jibrt 
xtiy lll^ N I* »•»« \t;! ^ <•' t'» * :k . J if : :.i;i < ui'-liiHt ij*. 1% 

* ll<«Uii*i Jwf»r, 1 n m.iM «u i r*j{, Ut'4. I *^ I n*:r^^ tt^tn 1511 t<» I 



CuaiA, duae carectae ferro ligatae, duo plaustra non ligata. In 
Campo, de teriA fnimento seminata Ixxij acrfie. Item legata 
Hospital! pnedicto per dictum Dominum Johannem de Denton 
defunctum. Imprimis unum Baudekyii de serico : unum vesti- 
mentum : duae magnae ollae aeheae : unum magnum ciphum de 
mazere : sex coclearia argenti : unum bonum Portiforium et 
unum missale bonum. Item liberant Domino Archiepiscopo 
supradicto scripta subsequentia, videlicet quoddam Scriptum de 
Ordinacione Capellae Beati Edmundi. 


In Exequiis Lodowici Episcopi habuit Ecclesia [Dunelm.j 
unam veredam cum v equis ipsam veredam trahentibus a vill^ 
de Brantingham, una cum corpore ejusdem, usque in Navem 
Ecclesiae Dunelm.; et ij cistulas cum Mitr^ et Baculo, «t uno 
vestimento de samete, indici colons, cum ij capis et ij pannis 
pro altari, cum archangelis brudatis ; et super corpus ejusdem 
ij pannos aureos cum armis ejus et armis Domini de Vesey. 
Item j lectum indici coloris cum vj plumaribus et x tapeciis 
laneis ejusdem coloris cum eisdem armis : et in die sepulturae 
suae fracta fuerant sigilla ejus cum cathenis argenteis et Sancto 
Cuthberto oblata, ut patet per Instrumentum Hugonis Palmer 
inde confectum. 


[Rc^. Burt ad finem Reg. Hatfield.] 

In dei nomine Amen. Die mercurii proxime ante festum 
Sancti TTiomae Apostoli, Anno Domini Millesimo ccc. xliij Ego 
Cecilia Vnderwod, uxor Willielmi de Dunolm' mercatoris con- 
do testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis do et lego 
animam meam Deo et beatae Mariae et omnibus Sanctis, corpus 
vero meum ad sepeliendum in Cimiterio Sancti Cuthberti de 
Derlyngton. Item, pro mortuario meo, meliorem pannum una 
cum meliori animali contingenci partem meam. Item sunmio 
altari meo x*. Item fabricae ecclesise de Derlyngton x*. Item 
ponti ultra aquam de Skyrryn xiij*. iiij**. Item ponti de Halgh- 
ton vj*. viij^. Item qui vocatur Walkebrigg ij*. Item pontibus 
inter vilkun de Norton et Herdewyk lij*. Item presbiteris 

I Leiria Beaumo&t, of the royal blood of France^Bishop of Durham from 
IS18 10 1S33— died at Brantingham— buried before the high altar of Durham 


<^lrhraiurii pro aninui ni<4 x itbnu. Itrm in rr ruf cMnir paci« 
|i#ruiil \x umn*iu. Ilfin tralnbu* timnnbni dr Novo Castfti 
itK)*. iiij^. Item fhariboA dr Hcrtiliiol ihj*. iiij^. kpm fritfv 
Inw fl# lUrUifncniiMl xiij*. iiij''. Item tmiribttn ilt* imrmm fj*. 
▼iij^. Itrm fnitribu«» miiiorKntu elf (Wlniki rj*. \iij'. Item lf»- 
ffibut IVe<liciit(»ribu« rju^elrm kirt \y, \iij^. Itnii frmtribii* dr 
IViirrith xl^. lu I'niiribiiii di* A|<i>l(*by xh. Ilrai cutlibrt 
tt«it*rd(>ti ccli'bnuiti in hxri«*«irt lir iVrivngton tcmifiorr dt^crtsut 
iiu*i xij^. Itrni IVlru rli*ru*ii xij*. 1 U*m chiciba* alin cterirk 
xij*. Iti'ni (Wiliii' <lt' ILtrioii \\\ Iii*m Jdliutiiii Viwlrnioti 
et lilMTin Mjin \\'. Itfiii Jih.uini t\v MAl^htoti ra|i«*llafM> x*. 
Itnii piirriH J«))iaiiiiU dv IK Hortli \1*. Iumii |>iM*rt% ltc»brrti 
filii Cifrici xl*. Iti'ni dornifio Adii* dt* Kxtc*ldi*%liiiiti cAiH'lUitci 
v|*. viij'. Item duniiiui Kit mrdn ilr Manltfkl ra|)ellanfi tj*. %iij^. 
Hem puerU Ricardi ck* llrrwvk xt*. itrm .\|riieti tilue lUcanii 
<le llrrdrwvk xx*. itrm Nlatiklji* Muv Hirardi filii mri xl*. 
Item iiiatri e|ii»dem Matildie vj*. riij^. Itrm iWiliir filtfl» HiU 
lielmi filii Hilli4*lmi ij*. Item pro experaici fimeralibti* Diet% 
fiH*trmii% x\ Item Jiihuniii de lli-wortli xx*. Itrm A|rfirti (ir 
Btakenton ij*. Item AJicia' Tyukeller ij*. Item 'lliomv filu 
Willirliiii df Ikinlun TJ*. fiij^. Item C'lTilMr Unn*« vj*. \u\*. 
Item Jtihanm de Kxham xij*. Item Wiilirlaio di* 'llmrp xl^. 
Item .\lic*iie iie|>(i im*ie v^*. tii^. Itiiti Jolamni fiiii AlfXawIn 
de IhuM Ini. xiif*. liij'. Item Williflmo de M<)rf<m xx*. Itrm 
Joliiiiiiii SlaiuT xiij*. iiij'*. Iti-in .\miciif lU" 'lluirti tj*. tiij*. 
fitiii Ada* d«' QiAlivttU*ni xx*. Ilfiii rlrrirt« vX \idiit% oranti- 
bii* I'm AtMtnA iihm «•! vipiliHntibii«» nrra ronnii nit*tim x*. Itrm 
UoU'Tto Inrr xirj*. iiij*. Itmi Jolmtirii or Nc»rt(>n vj*. \iij'. 
IttMii J«iitanni vt CWiUar UlM*ru J<Ju4iui4» \ tidenftiMl ij ri*tii» qu.r 
»unt If) ('aiiirr.i iiica una rtiiii Inbit^ lf*rti^. Ilrm l*4ib<*lUi tix<^i 
llolxTli dfrkt-^^Mi iiM*liu«k ri'ti.ilr nit-ttni rum itmicii. Itrm J*k 
haniii \'iHl«'rufM! rl.iniifji III m< t:in. Itrm (kiniino Kirartio <Sr 
Maiifrjil raiH*l!:iiio iiiiiim K^tniii u\u ctmi|irlrntrm. Iti*in Mil- 
lft*liiio fir N«»rt«Hi oM-o x*. Ifrm K«»bi*rti cli<-to Brip* ij*. \i«i*. 
Itrm Jtiii.iiuii df Stahiijo \\*. Ifrm t(4f» rt f*t»i»ri*do fjii*t«l 
tpiHNpiid n'^i<iiiiii»i fiirnt bf>rH»riiin met»ntm runtiiipni* pjirtrin 
mran» ch tirr J«thai>ni filu* me«i ri librri* mik ~ r\rriitof>*% or- 
dimi .li'hannrm »!«• Nr*b\t J«»hannem V i iden n i d et Johsuitiem 
de lUmorih.- Pr**. II tvh. 1.143. 

XM. Tk^TWirVTI M M< IU»I \l >IOi IN t^l V \ll 1 !• Al.U* 

— IW Mtirurii pioxiim* |Hi(»t Tr^tmu fWuti M^iti Lxaag^e- 


IM4 --sepelienduiv in GftUlea per liceiitiain Domini Priori^ 
et Cofiveotus Duneln' — nuitmi laeie Ecelesise ^de Ball. Aus- 
uy .)paRtMni memn ineborem iKNiiine mortuarii — m oUaciombiis 
ftuouao altari vj^. — Domino Waltero Rectori vj^. — pauperibuft 
V*. — vicinis meis laborantibu& circa carpus meum v*. — ^cuilibet 
ordiai Fratnun apud Novum Casirum vj^. — ^in eerSi comburend^ 
cirea eorpus nieu» ij'^ videlicet medietatem meis matrici £c« 
cteMflB et aKam medietatem Galile« — Fratribus et sororibwi 
Timnmm ij'« iiij'^. — Gildie Beats? Marise xij^. — cuilibet iiltorum 
meoruim spurituaiiusi u}^. — Adsede Medesmesly xij^. — Pktricio 
nepoti meo 0i»perliinicam nieam meUorem exeepto meo mor- 
tuaria-^ohannae ancillae meae tunicam meam meliorem— Jo- 
lianni dc Hoveden clerico xij^.-— Mar0»rete uxori meae omnia 
vasa lignea et {Jumbea et utensiiia domui meae pertinentia — 
Do«aim» meam ia Ballio Australi Prioratui Dan^m. in puram 
eJeiw—inam po»t obitum Margaretee uxori« meae— Margaretae 
eidem emaia bona mea m preaenti testamento non legata — Ilia 
el Willi^laMiafiliua meu^ exeeutores — Prob. 13 Kal. Maii. 1346. 


In Elxequiia Domini Ricardi Bjry Episcopi habuit Ecclesia 
[Dunelm.J tres equos deferentes corpus ejusdem et Capellam a 
Manerio suo de Aukland usque Dunelm. et ex ejus Capell^ 
unum vestimentum de alba camica subtiliter brudata, cum ij 
tunicis et iij capis et ij pannis pro altari ejusdem brudatune cum 
historia Navitatis Dominica; et Dormicionis et Assumpcionis 
ejtwdera Matris glorioaae ; quod viz. vestimentum idem Episco- 
imB fieri fecerat in honorem Virginis Mariae pro eodem Ahari ; 
et ij curtinas albas stragulatas, pro cornibvs Altaris ; et j paiK 
num aureum, viridis coloris pro TumbSl ejusdem ; unam Mitram 
brudatam cum multis parvis perlis diversi coloris et cathenis et 
nodis aureis ; j Baculum pastorale argenteum cum capite deau- 
rato ; cerotecas et sandafia ; et j thuribulum argenteum et de- 
aaratum ; et j pammm longum de rube4 camici cum vinei et 
hum intextis ; ex quo facta sunt quatuor veatimenUy et j 

' Richard Bury, a Monk of Durham — Tutor to Edward, Prince of Wales— 
Treaiuter of Ciuienne— Cufi^rer — Treasurer of the Wardrobe— lArckdMfcon of 
Northampton — Prebendarv of IJiicirfn, Sanini, and L«kklieid-«-Kaeptr of the 
Privj Seal — AuhaaouUir at Home— Chaplain to the Pa|MU Chapd Dei of 
W«lk_Biflhof» of Durban In 1SJ2— Cham^llw of Ei^and Uk 1334--X«rd High 
TfMaurer la I356^a f|reat p«trtin irf* leafi ng a uib ar «»f the PhikAibUon ; 
^* Mectabolur muHttudhw UhroruBn — fdufea eAim llWoi babaii %u«m ofnnea 
Fontiticaft AaH|Ii9r.*^I>i«d at Aukkaa» U A^ 124»^lniri«d M tha Suuth £ad 
•f the Nine Altars. 


casula ; ex c)uibtit unum ad magnum altare pro Dominiets, cum 
dtiabu* tuuictt rt ij capis, et iiij albit : cirteni altaribus in Kr- 
eletia tunt dMHibota. Item, ex donodicti Domini Ricardi diu 
ante mortem suam, vj panni aurei marmorei eolohs cnm leooi- 
bus et cenrift viriditt coliH-in intexti* ; et unut pannu* Ttridt* 
cum albiii galUs et viridibuft intextis ex quibu* facta tunt resli* 
menta divemi altnribuA in I*>cUiiii. Item ex dono ejuidem, ij 
vettimenta ; j de nignk camicA cum iii rapit cum largis orariis 
decenter brudatit, aliud de rube<> wrlvrto cum mullb rmaftini- 
buf Sanctonim in tabernaculift stantibus cum auro et trrico 
nobiliter brudatis ; et ij |Minni pro altari de eodem panno et 
brutadurA : iteci et unum aliud ve«tinientum eiutdem panni ft 
colorin, uni et multo dicioris brudatunr, cum j ca|i4 et duobu* 
pannis pro Altari, propotuit KccU^nio* relicniiMe, led neceMitate 
coactutt posuit illud in eaucionem Domino Itadulpho de NerrU 
pro centum libris ; qui Radulphus pontea Sancto Cuthberto op- 
tulit. Po»t mortem Ricardi Hyry Kpiiico{>i frada fuenint uij 
•igilla ejuiidem, et Sancto Cuthberto oblata, ex quibus Ricardus 
de Wolveston Feretrarius ft*cit unum calicem argenteum et drau* 
ratuni ciui ei»t ad Altare Sancti Johannis Baptittie in orientali 
parte hrcle«tie : !iub cuJua calicis \KHiv t^ulpti sunt hi duo verMn 

I lie cipluiH in^i^isi fit iVti*!iuli% ex tetra ligntt 
Ri. I)uiH>lnHMu»i» quart i, natu Byrien»j«. 


Dominii^ JohaniM** Conic* WarfiiiH* detlit KcrleikUr IXiiirlm. 
unum (*alict*ni nu^nn valortJi de auru puriik»iino cum multti lapi* 
dibu* prt*cjo»i<i insert ii. 

XXIV. |lf>Ml>r<» RAniLrHtH DB SBV1l.l..t 

AniM> IXimuii M". re c lv ., IXiminu» Itailulphut de NevylU 
qui prinnu fuit M*rulari«, exrt*ptift Kpisropis qui in Kccle»a4 
DutH'lnK*iui Imbuit %4pulturam, dt^lit Saiirto Cuthberto et 

I Jalim IIatI of WftiTvvt. SurTYv. aihI SlraUieni, I,4irtl of DnMnMd 
V«W. 06. 1147— UirtrJ in t*»« AbbrV .»f l^rwe*. 

ff KAlpli lAm^ NVtUW of lUb«. the fjemAet of the Ijifiiyb Amj al NV^Ofo't 
CruM In 114a. dM In I16II, mi vm burwd tn l>urlia« CjtliearAl. vWrr « 
■lUtlUtnl oMnumml rroori^ ht» mrmonr. THr I^j Alkv, iMs «U^« dsutflMtfr 
«f Hu|[li Ixml AiMiWT. AA<Tw«rd« bc<ram« ihe miim v( lUJpii I^Mnl Orrr* 
•l«ck, apd attaf in I17X vat WfwU bf tlic ndc of Imt ftm ' 


Ecclesitie j vestimentum de rubeo welveto auro et serico et mag- 
nu perils cum yniaginibus Sanctorum in tabernaculis stantibus, 
ditissime brudatis ; videlicet unam casulam cum ij tunicis et j 
cap& et ij pannis pro altari, et j alba cum Nativitate et Passione 
Cfaristi fomdata, et j stol& et manipuli\, quod habuit in caucione 
a Domino Ricardo de Biry Episcopo Dunelm. pro c libris 
argenti, et quia idem Episcopus pro magno Alcari illud ordina^- 
vit, ille, post mortem ejusdem Episcopi, eidem Altari et Eccle- 
sis illud libere condonavit. Item in Exequiis ejusdem, corpus 
ejus in un4 vered& cum vij equis usque ad valvas Cimiterii fere- 
b^tur, et ibidem, equis cum veredi revertentibus, Milites corpus 
ejusdem accipientes in ulnis suis in navem Ecclesiae inferebant, 
ubi solempnes Exequiae pro eo iiebant ; et ad missam, in eras- 
tino, oblati fuenint viij equi, iiij pro tempore guerrae cum iiij 
horoinibus armatis et omnibus armis et apparatu eorum, et iiij 
pro tempore pacis ; et iij panni aurei indici coloris cum flori- 
bus intextis. Item Ecclesia habuit nongentas et quinquaginta 
libras cerse et Ix torchis circa corpus ejusdem ; et statim Domi- 
nus Johannes filius ejus et haeres ejus emit a Priore et Sacrista 
iiij meliores equos pro c marcis : et postea miserunt eidem 
Prior et Conventus iiij alios equos cum j de pannis aureis, et xij 
torchis, pro quibus ipse remisit alias centum marcas. Item 
Sacrista, de ij pannis aureis fecit unum vestimentum cum ij 
tunicis pro diebus Caparum et ejus anniversario. Item Aleicia 
uxor ejusdem Radulphi statim pos funeracionem ejusdem misit 
Sacristas Dunelm. ad reparacionem Ecclesiae c et xx libras 
argenti. Item eadem Aleicia pro anniversario Radulphi et suo 
dedit £x;clesiae unum vestimentum cum ij tunicis et j capa et iij 
albis et ij stolis et iij manipulis de nigro satyn cum orariis de 
armis Domini Radulphi et Domini de Aldlay patris ejusdem 
Aleicia: brudatis. Item dedit Priori unum lectum de nigro 
syndone cum eisdem armis insutis, cum cortinis et plumaribus et 
pluribus laneis nigris tapeciis. Item, in Testamento suo, 
dedit Priori et Conventui l libras argenti, videlicit cuilibet 
Monaclio Dunelm. commoranti xx". Item habuit Sacrista ccc 
libras cerse et l torchys ; et super corpus ejusdem ij pannos 
aureos unum rubeum cum floribus sarracenicis intextis, de quo 
fecit j capam cum orario de welveto indici coloris, cum lunis et 
stellis brudatis, et ex alio panno nigro aureo cum ramis arborum 
et foil is et bestiis et albis rosis in finibus : et alios duos de 
serico rubei coloris, ex quibus fecit j vestimentum ad altare 
Beatae Maria* et aliud in capella Prioris. 



(Ex Vldt Com. PbL Duarln. I«lft.| 

In IVi nomine Anien. Km llioinms de Ridell tenior B<ir- 
grtuii*! Villa* Berwiri %upvr Iwifhua, caai|KM nM^ti«, die iisb- 
bftfi diiockH^imo dit* mruiiii Januarii Anno Ilomini MiUc-mido 
trrwrenteWmo quinciiuigr«tmo octavo, metun tettamentum ctiodo 
in hunc mudum. Impruiiui lego aiiimain meam lX?o H Sanctjr 
Mariir ac oninibut Sancttt ; coqHitque metim ad kepeliendiini 
in cinH*terio Eccleti* Sanctie Triiiiuuis ex parte auMrali. Item 
lego f ummo altari tlrcietiii; Sancta* '^rhnitaiit pro decimki mrW 
oblitis iii Ubras. Item lego in ceri comboretxU circa oorpui 
■H*um iiij libnbi. Item lego circa exeoniai meat facienda* die 
•eptiltunr nwrn et in elc*roc»inif |iauperibuf erogandi« viij librae. 
Item lego CiUMir« Ecrlesta* ^iancti Andrea? xiij*. iiij^. Item 

lego fahricie txclemiar Sancta* Trinitatis xiij*. iiij^.- 

Itc*m lego Alexandro di* Ridell nepoti roeo quinque marrai. 
Item lego cuidaro lu^mini peregrinaoti tiomioe nieo apud Sanc- 
tum Jacobum v marcas. Item lego Alicia* uxon Ctilberli 
Hpritige nepti mc*ii; xxvi*. viij^. Item lego fabrics lapidei 
pootik de Twede apud HokiUiurgfa v Ubrai. Item lego dicto 
pcmti Lxxx bordar*. Item k*go Willielmo filto Alexaodri dr 
nJdell trt^ Milidca. Item lego Willielmo Sochenm M*nrienti 
OMw iiij aolidca. Item legi> Matikkr de Qiaaton anctlbr mea* 
llj*. Item lego Agneti filta* djcti Alexandri Kidell %*. Item 
hgo I'jntn* cle Fo^ton f *. Item lego Capella* beata^ Marur 
<le Koke4)urgh centum bord*. Item lego iionti de AItic 

{? Alnwic) It<*ni lego in un4 petri ememii ad ponrndum 

supra tumulum meum ij nuuran. Item lego cuilibet prregnno 
perrgrinanti ncimiiK* meo apud Curiam Kiimanam in booortrtn 
Haocti IVtri Tj marras. !tc*ni le^o Abbati et Otnventuide KeW 
ium ■ Item l«*go uro probacmni* 'r«-«tantenti huju» ij*. %iij'. 

Item lego IXiTid' de Keinbcrghiuu pro labore tuo xxtj*. tiiJ^. 
Item lc*go IkNiiino Jolmuni Ninepeimvt capellano meo pro 

labore »U€> xx'. K(*ftidnum puno in cliipoaiciooe 'HicmMr ^lii 

■nei ut ip^ inde dbpotuu Kt hujui tefttamenti executorm 

fiicio 'riiomam filiuni meum, Kobertum de IXixfeild, I>iYid* de 
Kimbergham, Uotninum Johannem Nine|Mmnies capellaaiua 

y| ipti In riijurt Hii> te«tibu« Willielmo del Roihe 

de riitfiiam, iohannc Ikaie, Patricio de Chambn*. Ikt - (ut 



(R^. Hatfibld, t 33-b.] 

In Det nomine, Amen. Ego Willielmus de Felton miles sanee 
Bemoriae et compos mentis, die lunae proxime ante festum Nati- 
Titatis Ueatae Mariae Virginis Anno Domini Miliesimo ccc quin- 
quagesimo octavo, condo testamentmn meum in hunc modum. 
In primis do et lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti et beatas 
Mairiae eC omnibus Sanctis ; et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in 
Ecclesi^ beati Johannis BaptLstae de Edlyngeham. Item pro 
oblacione xl*. Item pro lumine circa corpus meum in die 
sepulturae meae c solkios. Item do et lego Isabellas uxori meae 
quimpie discas argent i et unum calicem argenti. Item do et 
lego Domino Petro Vicario de Edlyngeham xx*. Item do et 
lego totum residuum bonorum meonim mobilium et immobi- 
Uum et omnia michi debita per quoscunque, Domino Willielmo 
fiKo meo, debitis meis plenarie solutis. Et ad haec iideliter 
exequenda et adimplenda bos executores meos ordino facio et 
eonsiiuio, predictum Dominum Willielmum de Felton filium 
meum et heredem, Isabellam uxorem meam et predictum Do- 
minum Petnim Vicarium Ecclesiae de Edlyngham. Hiis Tes- 
tibus Willielmo Clerk, Willielmo Zole ac Willielmo de Croki 
don et aliis. 


[R^. HikTFIELD, .] 

In nomine Siimmae et Individual Trinitatis, Patris Filii et 
Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Ego Johannes de Coupland, de man- 
dato Domini nostri Regis Augliae jam ad partes longinquas 

1 Str Wm. de Pelton wts possessed of Ut^ estates in Northumberland, and 
was much emplojed by King Edward III. in the military services of the Borders. 
In 1S33 and 1336 be was commanded to array the men of North Tjnedale. In 
1396 he oeeuni as Constable of Roxburgh Castle and Sheriflf of that count j,. 
oflfoet vfafeh be held for some time afterwards. In 1343, a pension of £20 per 
annam for his aei f ic es was granted to him and his heirs, to be paid out of the 
Customs of Newcastle. His name occurs in the Scotch Rolls for the last time« 
Iftch Maj« 1347, when he was constituted Justiciar/ of those parts of Scotland 
in the ponession of England. Whilst Constable of Roxbui^h, he expended^ 
£9,386 Its. 4d. of the public money in the repairs of the Castle. Hatf. £ 161. 

* The identical person who took David, King of Scotland, prisoner at the * 
battle of NeTiUe*s Cross. ** late Cowpbnd (says a maivinal note opposite to the 
will, in the lHai4-writing of Roger Dodsworth,) tooke the King of Skotts nyghe 
Dttrinn." CuaptoiMl did not, as has been stated, here first emeive from obscu- 
lilT. He wa» hy Wrtfa a man of rank and property, hi IdsS, seven rears- 


ittirut, tempui nflitui tiu'i nd {uirtc'ii Utiui prnituft ignonuido« rf 
quicf|iii(i aiitr rt»gr(*^HUiii nieuni luiclii cvetiirt* cunti^«Ttt« dr 
bcHiU iiu'iii oniitui, vi trutantcntuin nu*iim tiiinrii|)atf>niiiti c«hm|€> 
in liiifkc niociuiit. In |)ninU lego aitinmin iiH*iini I)fH> c)iiini[w». 

btforv the btttlif of NVrtUi*** Crr*m§^ hit «enrk«« upon the Dorttrrv had •hutof«l 
fur him a |i'u«i«in <»f £'iO |ier Mitiuin. mit of thr nwAur of II«lrtnKtun, m IVrv- 
vkkklme. r»K-Y in in43 aim) •{^in in 151 i, hr vat • C*«tmmiMiit»rr uf Ti««cv 
or At^v : btit KTvstrr rvwftnU and hi*n<>ur« awattrd him. Knifi^lh ttatrt* with* 
out 10^ in{{ hi* aulhoritv, thai, f*tr hu Mrrrim upon the firhl of i>urham, hr 
rtcciviti a fimtion f4 £^W |i«*r annum. The K«iCiih ScuCiv, aflrr ihH famMj, 
make fnHjumt numti'm u( hi« name, firtt at CuciAtahle of l|nil*ur|H* i***(Ve 
and Sheriff of the Shire, nest mm ^'CtKtm'* of llrrwkk U|tin T»r«'i, aotl tJhro 
fts CociataUe and Sheriff of ItovUirgh m^xtu In ia^3, he t«elit unoof km 
other udacf^ the Shrieraltv of NorthumherlajMU and hi that rmf«filT, he a «a- 
tfular coincwlrm-f. rereivird at Nevcmalle Davtd, Kmf of HcotlaMi, am km rvmd 
b«ime» aAc*r a laplivitT of ai'vrn long vear*. lie dinl tirfttre .iSlh Jum^ 19(4. 
The peeamblf to hh will allude« to »ome distant espei)iti(*n •Inch he va* ufwei 
the point of umUrrtain^. ami it vihiUI ■fifirar that the time aih»«ed hkm &e 
makinft the necvwarv preparation «aa extmnelv limited, as he merrU make* a 
mmmcvfmUrt dui{MMiti«*n ol hit rlfctta 1 he Ui»luli S^^tae, hovrref, make fvc* 
quent mentMtn uf htm tt thu verv period aa »tatMic)«d at Berwiik, and thre 
rrrord no rtimnuml to him to quit hb otYktai duti«-«. M all evrnta, he di«4 at 
h<Nne, and was huried in the churth t<f Cat ham. frimi wt>eti«*e, tt licvfiop «f 
Biahop llalfirld. at the fietition ot Juan, hit wmIuw. ht« h>a!v »at rrmotrd km 
final arpuUure to the Pri4>r% of Kiriham, in York«litre. To the iafimRatioai 
which ve alreaiU tKMaets relative to the hattle ol Nr«iile*t i'rtMt^ mav he he?« 
added, arith firupnctjk, the folliHrinc ori^^naJ letter wrtltrn hr thr Prior la the 
Blahrip of Darliam, a U*w dav« afVer the o«nt**ict, and hithVrio nTiprtiKi^ffii 
The etTmoloyfiral reoiler will »mtlr whrn he it *old bv the Prvjr that Fvadoa 
Hill, al vhkh the ^lallle terminated, had he<rn onipnalU to calle«l m aftlmi*- 
tkifl i^ thia ver« rrmt. Frndofinc — Ftn d«mm- — Ftnia datut— lur the vnief 
la armeil tK»th with Frmch ami luitm in |tfauf uf hit {mint : — 

LiTcaA DiaccfA rriicoro dk ruffrticTr ad VKeiLt raora. 

Revemttie— Liiet a |ieTtociit quamplunhua tu^ier hia, quar grata auat per 
rrudeleni i:%*ntem SM»itt>rum tn partihut Anglur. (laternttati eeaCrv, Hi nti»4«. 
dlrenat Ittenu dirt^p •upfonamut.oipientrt tamen ad au|rmentum gaudii protit 
not rom-r|irnmot pnmutaa flrri vr%trum animum rerreare. ail tr9Hrm d««itea- 
ckmit audtetHiam «U<du«.tmu« per |irr«ente«^ Scoii Igtiur aupradirti. paulo pcaC 
faaum Hanrti Michac*! t Nrihan^elu in tummi rlacuioe omatituti cum cA BiultA* 
lu«line annat'eum « l |K*«htum cui, ftkrut {ta»tm«idum autlirimut a qmhuidaai 4e 
atodcm, totain it«*nti*m iJini Fntm tie quam Anfclur rum crrdehaat pome rratil«nt, 
e< ai etrrt tuat unan*niitrr o>nrtari«M't, |iartea AnKlar ioradmleaeaa locetiditaai 
farmlihiit gla<liM ririuow|u«t|i.c, («r ijuaa tcwerunt trantitum, crudellter drtaata- 
runU vis partentr* trsui aui a>tati, el inter maU hi^uamodi ^\»m atrorUer raaa* 
miitehant m K«*rialii:ium de l.jidel cujut ctiatwltan hahuit DuniBtia Williei- 
■Mia de Sribv cef«mint interferitt omt«ihut «|uot(|iKH in eodefli fuenuil lae«ttUx 
paatmodum rcr^\ a|ntil aliu<l KortAlitium, *\iuni rtcalur Haydetihall Hnta Car. 
hr% Srottit te trmntferrntthtit, .lluti mertatl viti inhabttanrmai rcMtuai tmt 
eia^ netnde tero. rantinuand«» dictaa, die tali (ktubnt veofTvat cirra 
i|uaa4 nonam prope eUlam Ihimdm. tuper moram de Bello lUvlditu, 
aa per dltf>i««taa actea quasi i^nti unanimtter ad pugnaodum. Sad ttatia^ 

tre, te ad mancnum m«»ttum de llelh* UetUlttu ro«i%ertehaat, pat aaiUm tl» 
I tcHam infra partmaa, nuUo eorum rstra rtnMoaiite ttcwt aiih ctftlltt4iBa 
iNihtiiwita, penmrtanuit ; VrueralaU l*atnr IhMntno Arrhkfpiara^ Khaml at 


tend et omnibus Sanctis ejus, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum 
ubi permissione diving contigerit ordinari. Item do et lego 
omnia bona mea mobilia et immobilia ubicunque fuerint inventa 
Johannae uxori mese et Rogero Corbet, ut ipsi conjunctim et 
divisim inde ordinent et disponant prout secundum Deum animse 
meas saluti melius viderint expedire. Volo insuper et concedo 
quod ipsi quibuscunque creditoribus meis et aliis quibus obli- 
gatus sum, de bonis praedictis congrue satisfaciant, ut tenentur ; 
et debita mea quoecunque prosequantur exigant atque levent, 
prout secundum Deum et justitiam melius videbitur expedire. 
Hujus autem testamenti mei praedictos Johannam et Rogerum 
conjunctim et divisim, ut pra^niittitur, ordino, facio et constituo 
executores. Actum infra Castnim de Werk Dunolmensis 
dioceseos ix. die meusis Octobris Anno Domini Millesimo ccc. 
quinquagesimo nono, in presentia dictorum Johannae et Rogeri 
ac Roberti Atte Milne de Werk, Johannis de Clyderhowe et 
Rogeri Clerc, testium ad praeniissa specialiter vocatorum. 

aliis Magnatibus qui aim eo fuerant, de quorum nominibus, per alios pleniiis 
quam per niut, vos credimus certiorari debere, infra parcum vestrum de Auke- 
land eadem nocte se coUucantibu occulte. Porro, in crastino die, videlicet xv\| 
Octobriss nostratibus usque Moram de Bello Redditu, de quo pxemittitur, decli- 
nanlibua. Scotti lioc audientes, sc super eandem Muram juxta parcum nostrum 
ad pugnandum, aciebus dispositis, paraverunt : unde ab hord quasi tercift 
usque ad horam noiiaui remanserunt partes, vexillis ere^Uv, inter Civitatem 
Dunelm. et manerium predictum de Bello liedditu, modico existente spacio 
inter eas, qui quidem buri, nd incrementum gaudii Ecclesise Anglicanse populi, 
ecdem partes utrobique dur^ acerbe et validd acriter conflixeruut^ Sed, bene- 
dictus Altissimus in cujus manu sunt corda Regum, ac, prout si placet vuluerat 
et medetur, dejicit et exaltat, Scottos Anglic! cum triumpho mirifico superft- 
nint, Incolis partium botialium, quos diu Scotti oppresserant, ad optatse liber- 
talis guadia restitutis. In quo quidem conflictu David se dicens Uegem Scodse 
captus est, cum sagittS in facie graviter vulneratus : multis vero de valentiori- 
bustotins terree Scocise intertectis et jacentibus sujier moram de Bello Redditu 
miaerabiliter denudatis, quorum personas et numerum certitudinaliter vobis 
neacimus exprimere ; quos tamen per alios satis habebitis expresses. Multi 
vero capti sunt, quorum unus, non tamen valentior sed reverfi malivolentior est, 
WilBelinus Douglas ; cujus et aliorum ntimina vobis in ceduU inclus& presenti- 
buj destiiuunus. Pauci de nostris in dicto mortui sunt conflictu. Locus ille in 
quo bellum de quo superius fit mentio est commissum, inter civitatem Dunol 
mensem et quendam monticollum qui vocatur Fyndonne noscitur situari ; qui 

Suidem monticulus a quodam presagio sumpsisse numen creditur, cum posse 
icatur verisimiliter Fjndonne quasi finem dans, vel finem dandus. Nomen 
enim ut tenet communis opinio, discidio miserabili quod per multa annorum 
curricula infer Anglos et Scottos invaluit, Ipsius caoperante potentiA quae 
nuUis est inclusa limitibus, conjicitur finis darL Brit. Mus, Faustina A. 6. f. 



iKcy. llATritLtt.) 

In IX*i nomine Amfii. Kgo Liicia de l*oLabidr (|iMyndaoi 
uxor Hi>bt*rti dc Cokxlinits t4*aainr«UHn ■rum cootlci t*t (mtm 
ill liiinr lucidiini. In priniiA, It-gii aiiinuun nM*aai IJ^> cHiini|M»» 
tentt lieatar Marin* «*t Saiictu rju^ rt coq>u% ttieuin ^'iirifroduai 
iiifr.i Mfita Fratniiti Minurum I^hmUiii. Uroi, iv^o Akrur 
nc'iiti ineif uiuuii plartrMii qiuun iialieo in loitMrbici lluiiiiioi. 
hdbfncJuiii vie. .uliU*cluin in C'liriMo llobrrtuai dv Toivlil* 
|iriiM*i|iak*m extKrulurrni lUfuni — Iha* I^hkIoo x\%ij cIm.* A|»nli« 
Anoo Duotiiii mt. c 1 1 :"^. mxngv%utui MfXto. 


(lUg. lUTr.r. AO.) 

In IVi nominr Amrn. Vicf^iimi clir nirii«i% Januarti Anno 
IXiuiini McrcLXM I'lgo Willifluiu<» MrniH*\ill lK>tui* nM'iiKirix* vi 
Muut* nM*utU ruiHk> tt*»taiiiiMituin iiHMini in huiic iiMicluni. In 
primis k*p> aiitmam mrain lKn> (>nini|N>iftiii ft rfirpu» ntt^uni 
acl tti'pclictidiiui in olA lV*atir Marin* in KxcU^iA (It* K»\in|tUio 
juxta iuuiuUiin l)u>ni*iir rciiisiirtin nta*a*. lutii lt*go nMi^mialtan 
ejiUKlmi Fir(H(*«ia* ^n> drrtnu» obliti* xx*. Item x niafTmA wi 
^atiiiaciciKlinn M-rruittibn^ nifi<« H nlti^ %lit)«*tMitaht% mrts cpii- 
bu» anil* tKHi fut*nit nati^ifurtuui ^*cuimIuiii iMinani dincretitiann 
Kxrcuttirum imH>ruin. Iu*nt Ivgo uva^uo AUaii KcclrMn* tW 
K%*ton pn> cierinm f»bliti« xiij*. iiij'. Itrni Irgoad tuMmtntM^ 
iifin linniiu* Altari* IWatn* Mariw in caiif*in llrclf^ia xiij*. iiij*. 
Itt*ni U'go ad ^aMi*ntaiMluiii f|uiiM|Ui* Cfri*4»% in |MTiM*tuum cttnuu 
nitari lienta* Marm* Virginia in raiM*lU lv*rU*«iM* cli* F)ii%n|rtc«i x 
nmrra«k. Itrin l«*pii HU«lt*iitati<mi la|»rllit* cl«» \Vkitt-fi»tall t 
tiiarra». Item UolM*rti Fori*^t(*r \ niarnu. Itc*ni Joluuini IK«- 

C*iiAatori X nwina*. Iu*in Ut»lM*rti ctn-o x niarraA. Itmi IU»> 
•rto Jt*|H»(ni f^MfMHii UHMi \ niarra^. Itrni WillK*tnio dr C*4iur- 
cjua xiij'. iiij*. Ilrni Fratri Ki»lM*rto ( tatfgan^ f it* Online IVrdi- 
cttUMTiint xl*. Itrui FnUn lUilH'rti dt* lK*Hiti^on dr Ordtor 
Fratmnt Muioninixl'. Itrai U»|r<> f|ualiiiir Ordinibii* Fratrum 
Hi* Soto Castro i»n|>rT Tyiiani rt (*4KtVff^tui Fratnim Mtnomtii 
dc llt*rtil{M>li* 1. nmrca» |M*r n*t|uaK*» |H>rtif>iM*«,«iib tali ctmfiirKifM* 

I WillUm Mrtittlle. Ilt|c^ Shmlf of tb«* r«Uttnatr m 1313 umI I3;a. tmi 
l^nl of llonWo, Ui thr fmmh of YjaMn^^tm ac «lird at thr ^pf o# tkifttr. ^mn- 
ym an otAy iUu||lit«f. iMbrQa, vbo rtrrlrd ihr Uf|tr Um\\y c*tatc« tn Sir Wok 
CUxtoa, af ClaxUn. 


quod quilibet Conventus dictorum Ordinum Executoribus meis 
id celebrandum pro animu mek et anim^ Dionisise consortia 
meas duo annualia intra anniiiii proxime post nieum decessum 

. Item lego Domino Robert6 Pressdall xl*. Item lego 

l>omino Johanni de Billyngham xx". Item lloberto Forester 
V marcas. Item lego Ricardo Derewent xiij*. iiij**. Item 
Conventui Fratnim Miiiorum de Hertilpole v librajs, et Con- 
ventui Fratnim Minorum Novi Castri v libras, et Conventui Fra- 
trum Predicatorum ejusdem Villae v libras, ilia coiidicione quod 
Quilibet Conventus secuudum quantitatem pecuniae sibi legata: 
sit obligatus Elxecutoribus meis ad celebrandum pro animabus 
emnium illorum de quibus aliquid accepi contra rationem. 
Item volo quod quinque cerei stent circa corpas meum, in quo- 
rum quolibet sint tres librae cerae, et non minus. Item volo 
quod corpus meum cooperiatur russeto simplici non pretioso, 
et volo quod dictus pannus distribuatur pauperibus. Item pro ex- 
pensis faciendis in die sepulturae meae circa amicosqui conveneriut 
causa sepulturae meae et pro pecunia eadem die pauperibus dis- 
tribuendA xx marcas, praeter oves et boves, porcos et pisces et 
volatilia, quae post mortem meam copiose reperientur. Item volo 
quod residuum omnium bonorum meorum sit in dispositione 
Executorum meorum, et ipsi firmiter sic teneantur illud expen- 
dere, sicut in tremendo Judicio coram Deo voluerint respondere, 
Unde ad perficienda omnia supradicta hos constituo meos Exe- 
cutores, viz. Dominum lliomam Surtaise, Rogerum Fulthoip, 
Thomam Mennevill germanum meum, Thomam de Carrowe, 
Johannem de Elvet, Johaimem of the Halle. Et volo quod 
Esecutores mei pro iaboribus suis bene et sufficienter de bonis 
meis sibi ipsis valeant impartiri. Scriptum et sigillatum sigillo 
meo die et anno superius annotatis. Testibus Thoma de 
Xiumley, WiUielmo de Laton, Johanne de Billy, Roberto Coco 
et aim. 

[Beg. Hatfield, f. 50.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Ego Johannes de Oggill, die veneris 
post festum Sancti Mattha?i Apostoli, Anno Domini mccclxxii, 
condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis do et 
lego animam meam Deo et Beatte Mariae Virgini ac omnibus 
Sanctis, et corpus meum sepeliendum in cemiterio Ecclesiae 
Fratrum Minorum de Hertilpole. Item lego pro distributione 
pauperum et convocatione vicinorum, die sepulturae meae, xx 
marcas. Item do et lego Margaritse uxori meae omnia utensilia 



domlft, vi lotuni bladtim crcftcrntetn, et etiam totum bladum m 
horreo, exctfptiii qu«, die »epultunr tnc«, ex|>endrntur. Itrtn 
le^ Ponti de Hn>un tret lihnu argenti. Item do et lego qu«tu<ir 
filiabuii Joliannui de Falughfeld xx marcju. Item (|iiatU4«r (>r« 
dinibuft Fratmoi mendicaiitium de Novo (*afttn) xx marra* ; rx 

auibuA Fratrei Auguntiniani recepcTunt itj marea*. Item (>r- 
ini Fratrum Minorum de Hertiifiole v marea!i. Item etiidam 
tacerdoti celebranti divinn in Kcrl<*«iik de Branneepath pro duo- 
btifl annii xvj marcaji. Item cuidam tacerdoti celebranti pro 
animi me4 aptid Munklie»ilden pro dobut aniiit x%j marca*. 
Item lego Vicario de Ileftilden x marcat. Item lego Adir de 
Falughfeld x marram pro »e et filii« »ui«. Item |Hient JoKatinit 
Maufiuyt de Neubiggmg xx marcan. Item religiotit vtrit F 
et Conventui IXinelm. xx marcan. Item Margaretir ux<iri 
XX vaccat. Item Margaretie Hlior Jolianiiit Mauduvt decern 
vaccan. Item pcmti de ShinclifT c tolidoi argenli. Item lego 
lumini Sancta? Maria* de Hetilden quatuor bovictilot uniu« anm« 
in cuttodii ittarum qiiatuor villanim« ShiKton, Sbomton, IletiU 
den et Holome. Item Lumini Saiicta* Mariar Kcclc^iir de 
Branneepath quatuor boTiculo* unin» anni. Item filiabit« 
Domini Edmundi I>aver>n militi«i, Katerinie, et FJizabetha* xx 
marcat. Item Nicholao filio Johanni% duat vaccat. Item lego 
paupenbut et infirmit de parrx'hi^ de Hetilden j marram. 
Item capellano parochia* de Branneepath ad orandum pro 
animA me4 inter parochianot dimidium marca*. Item cuilibet 
tacerdoti in eadem Kcclcti^ celebranti xl*. Item Johanni Clokt 
XX*. Item Johanni Warde v marcat et unam vaccam. Item 
Ricardo de Bruninghill, ti tu|)er^'ixerit« iiij marcat. Item Jo- 
hanni de l*nderwone x*. Item Hionur famulo me«) v*. Item 
Rogero de Segliale dimidium nuunr. Item Margaretar Hun- 
ter j vaccam cum vitulo. Item Koberto filio .Alicia* iwraunt x*. 
Item omnia rrtidua bonorum meorum lego et yoIo ut tint ad 
ordinal ionem Margareta^ uxor it meo* et executrictt me«*« ut 
fiicial pro animabut notlrit. Hiit Te»iibu«, IVimino Kicardo dr 
Bertley Priore de F%'nkhale, Fratre Roberto dr Derlrngtim, 
Domino Willielmo \icario de Hetilden, Johanne Maudut, 
Johanne Foretter et aliit. [IVob. xxj. Mar. mccclxxii, in Ma- 
nerio de Aukland.l 



[Reg. Hatfield f. 139 b.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Ego Margareta de Eur\ relicta 
Domini Johannis de Eur* militis, sank mente, in festo Sancti 
Ambrosii, Anno Domini Millesimo ccc Ixxviij, condo testamen- 
Uim meum in hunc modum. In primis do et lego animam 
meam Deo et Beatae Mariae et Collegio Omnium Sanctorum ; 
^t corpus meum ad sepeliendum in choro Ecclesiae Fratrum 
Predicatorum Novi Castri super Tynam. Item do et lego ad 
oelebrandum pro anim4 mesL, videlicet fratri Roberto de Gat* 
gang, V marcas. Item fratri Willielmo de Laton, tunc priori, 
V raarcas. Item fratri Roberto Heron v marcas, quiiibet per 
annum. Item Ellizot', ancillee meas, unum coopertorium de 
rubio et glauco, unum par iinthiaminum, item j banker. Item 
etdem j gowne furr* cum nigro ; Item eidem x". Item Mar- 
garet' ^glyston unum coopertorium, cum tapite pudrato cum 
vynys et grapys. Item j caneuas, j par lintheaminum, ij 
blanketts, ij mappas, ij manutergia, j capucium, bene furratum, 
aliud capucium furratum cum purydmenev'. Item Radulpho 
de Lumley j coopertorium cum iiij tapetis pudratis cum pa- 
pejoys. Item Roberto Heron j lectum integrum de opere parisi- 
ensi. Item Margaretae Lumley unum lectum integrum, factum 
Eboraci. Item j lectum integrum de bluet cum iij tapiciis 
et iiij ridelys cum dim' Cilo^communit^tis fratrum praedictorum. 
Item Willielmo de Whitby xiij". iiij**. Item Gilberto Cook 
xiij*. iiij**. Item Johanni Sadbergh v marcas. Item Johanni 
Gateway Capellano v marcas. Item fratri Willielmo de Laton 
j coopertorium nigrum. Item fratri Roberto Heron j cooper- 
torium nigrum cum tapic'. Item Johanni Galeway capellano 
xx*. vel pingner* pro quo jacet. Item Johanni Sadbergh j 
gowne nigram furratam cum grise, cum capucio duplLeato. 
Item Margaretae uxori Willielmi Blakden j cote nigram furra- 
tam cum popillionibus. Item Margaretae Egeston j cote tan- 
tum furratum cum straulyne, et j kertyl cum capucio .ejusdem 
colons. Item Agneti uxori Thomae servientis mei j cote 
nigram furratam cum straulyne. Item Johanni de Sadbergh 
unum par Pater noster cum j firmail de auro. Item domino 
Thomas Surtays militi unum par Pater noster de Corayle, cum 

I The &miljr of Lady Eure, of WitUm Castle, is not known. She a])pears, 
however, to have been of the House of Heron or Lunilev. She had been a 
widow firmn the year 1362, and had apparently resided in Newcastle, near the 
CooTent in which she. requests to be buried. 

c 2 


gaudiii de orf^ento, (*t timim fimuul de aurti. Itrm Joluuiui (lak^ 
way capt'llanoj maiitell turr* cum calabr*. Item Fratribut Clr- 
diiiU Sancti Au^ufttt xx*. Item Fratribu^ (>rdiiii« MiiKirum 
xx\ lt(*m Fratribiift Ordiiiis de Nkiiite Caniieli xx*. Item 
Convefitui Fratrum PrtHlicattirum Novi C^a^tri »uper Tuiamdiiu 
paria lintliiamintim diiplieatorum. Item Wtllirlmo ftlio milirU 
mi Uradewell xx*. Item VVillH'lmo M*nrienli me«) ij Motu et j 
vaccam. Item lioberto filiti Johanna (frar j varcaiii. Ilrm 
Katerina* Mirori liun* j vacram. Item llkmia* %erTM«nli meo 
Tj*. viij^. Item Alicia* Gray xiij*. iiij^. Item liaflul|4ic> tiU(» 
men aulain meam de inivci parafam, ^i voiuerit ooKen* pn» irc- 
tunk. Item Willielmo JKMr\ienti meci xiijV iiij*. Item fratri 
Jolianni Maudout tij'. iiij'. Item ctiilibet «4irt*rfU»ti C*<Hi\eniiit 
Fratrum Predieatomm N€>Ti Ca^tri f»u|M*r 'rviiam xij*. Item 
cuilibet Fratri dicti C4mrentu» turn *aeerd<>ti vj*. Iifm fratn 
JohanniQwhytviriluun onlinift Sancti Augu«ti xx*. Item lUihrrio 
Heron j c*f|nuni nij^iim. Item lUidulp^Ni fili«> lladulplu tit 
Knr* cinliam e€x>|>ertum deaunttum cum oc|«ar* de ar^f*nto. 
Item Niar|;an*tar Alia* Itadulphi de Kur' unum ciphum ct>i>f>rr* 
turn de argento. Item Margarrtie de Lumlcye ij peci«u argenti 
cum xij eocularibus argent i. Item Jolianni Siidb<*rg ij ma{>pas ij 
manutergia* cum ij sauenap*. Item Kmmot filiit* Willielmi lilak- 
den T marram. Item Margan^iir F^liMon viij eocliaria, quibu* 
utuntur in domo. Item liadulplio de Kur* unum IVimanuni nukf^ 
num. Item volo qucKl ^largarrta Fgly»trm habeai Tc4amina mra 
et alia omamenta, quv ad coqnu meum pertinent, ad di%tnbtie«»» 
dum inter nmlieres nH*ii» ubi ^bi videatur quid bcHium Ml. Kt 
quiequid reiiiduum fuerit aliorum Ixm^vrum mronim« do et pocio 
in dif|Nwicione executorum meonim videlicet, Fratri* WiUirlmi 
de Ijiion, IViori^ Conrentin Oniinis fratrum iVedicatonim Xori 
Ca»tri §u|>er T\*nam, Jotiannis Sodbergli, Koberti llcnm, Jokan* 
nil CtalewaT ca|)ellani. Hik Te^tibus Fratnr liob(*rto Hemn, 
MarraretA de Fgljr^ton, Willielmo de Whitby, et (ttlbrrto 
Cook et alii«. Datum apnd Nf>vum (*a»»trum, dn* mani» nroximc 
ante fe^tum Sancti (nntrgii Martin», Anno Domint MilirMmo 
ccc »eptuageftimo octavo. [ iVob. xxvij Mail I37H.] 

XXXII. lAriri-LJi TiioM.c HiTrirtn ipisron.' 
In Kxequiu I>(>mini 'llHrnui* llatfield Kpiftcopi, haboU 

I Th'^nxMM ||tlfi<>U!. mm oi %tr Walur llaifWU. «r lUtfirU. m n< 
— Kmirr oT thr l*riT. fW%l.-<«M«<r«tt4 BtiJinp of DuHmm Jult. I14»^T«. 
t<ir to Ea»it4 rnnc« oT U'AW»-.4k«l st AtfwC mmr Ua^Mi. aUi Hty. Iiai^ 
bufM^ broMtli tbc Thrvat whkk Im ka4 •nclaJ la 


Ecclesia [Dunelm.] unam veredam et v equos, cum omni 
apparatu eorum, prsedictam veredam trahentes a Manerio suo de 
Aldeforde juxta London' usque in Navem Ecdesiee, una cum 
eorpore ejusdem Patris ; et ij pannos aureos rubei coloris, cum 
peHicanis et coronis aureis intextis, supra corpus ejusdem: item 
j caiieem masnum i»*genteum et deauratum, in cujus pede est 
ymago Domini crucinxi, et, super nodum ejusdem, Scuta Ar« 
morum ejusdem Episcopi cum iij leuncdis argenteis : item J 
cuppam infra deauratam et extra anemelatam, pro EukaristiA ; 
item j mosse argenteum et deauratum cum mukis lapidibus 
preciosis pro cap& su4; duo longa candelabra srgenieA et 
deaurata precii xxx* ; duas magnas peives precii xx* argenteas, 
cum scutiB Armorum ejusdem in fundo eomm; j situlam ar>- 
genteam cum aspersorio de argento ; item j vestimentum de 
welveto purpurei coloris, cum j cap^ cum multis jrmaginibus 
Sanctorum in tabernaculis stantibus, auro et serico subtiliter 
brudatis ; et ij pannos de eodein, cum j lintheamine cum fron- 
telli cum capitibus Domini nostri et ApostoIorUm, pro altari ; 
item ij cortinse pro cornibus akaris in quibus inscribitur, ^n 
3>0IIHn9 ft5t 0p?0 inCd : item j alba cum passione BestiGe 
Katerinae Virginis brudata, et j stola et manipula ejusdem bru^ 
daturae; item ij albie, et j stola, et ij manipula de rubeft eanuci 
cum Apostolis et Martiribus et leonibus l^udatis ; item j leetus 
cum V cortinis de Samytte et Satyn indici coloris, cum ymagl- 
bus Sancti Georgii Martirts arraatis, quo6 Sacrista vendidit 
Domino Jobanni Nevill, quia non potuenuit bene aptari in vesti- 
mentis : et viij tapecta lanea ejusdem lecti et c(doris cum Wod- 
wysse in armis ejusdem intextis, quae Prior retinuit in Camei& 
6irfL ph> dorsaUis ; kem pro supplecione Mitrae et Baculi pasto- 
ndis et tocias Oapellae suae dederunt Executores ejusdem Priori 
et Conventui (vie : Magister J<^annes Mawndour et Johannes 
Pobham^ animalia subscripta, in Parco de Stanhopp existencia, 
riz. ceiij^ xj vaccas, xliiij stottes trium annorum, Ixxviij Ju- 
Tencas trkim annorum, iiij^'^ xvij stottes duorum annorum, iiij^ 
xj Juvencas duorum armorum, v^ xvij stirkettes unius anni^ 
iiij^ ix juvenculas unius anni, vij^ vitulos de exku, et ix tau- 
ros. Et audita morte ejus fracta fuerunt ejus sigilla et Sancto 
Cuthberto oblata : de quibus &cta fuk una Ymago flpiscopi 
argentea et daaurata, ad caput Feretri appensa, ac una lamio^ 
jMfieBtea et deaurata ex transverso Yim^nis, it qu& Mint hii 

John* AIv«r villa monachiis caoiendo sigiUa 
& Hatfeid Thomae sic dispohit bene pro tAt. 

Opisa et dona THOHiE HATFBI.O BMBCOPi. Dictiu etiam 



l)uniimi% Tlionio* lUifcIcK pi*r plurc^ anno* ante monmi 
ftuani, fecit Scdeiii Ht)i«copalriii inter Chorum et Magouoi 
Altare ex parte auwtniit, de opere lapicleo valcie ftuniptiMiMH et 
ftub dictA ftcnie Kiciiiii pni sepulture tuii, ubi iKiienipnitcrr jacet htt* 
matut. Fecit eciaiii ibidem Altare, ordinaiido unum Mooa* 
chum diviiia pro ejus aiiinii inperpetuum celebrmtunim, el aii 
hoc onus fufttinciidunt de<lit IVion et Convent ui Maneriuro de 
Henknoll, quod nianeriuni, Prior et (*onTeutuJs ex hcencii 
ejufdem Thonue, de<lerunt Joliaimi Uelasyt in e«cambiuro pro 
terr4 tui de Wolventon. Fecit eciani idem llumuu (Utleld 
diverMM magna* fenentnu de quatuor luminibu*. I)Hht ectam 
idem llionuu Kpiftcoput IViori et Conventui iij*^ *. pro doia- 
ciooe Collegii Moiiachonim I>uiH-lnien»ium in Oxouilu 

XXXIll. Tr.«<T.%MCNTtM Joir%NNI% DK NCVIl.t OOHIT^f 

In Dei nomine Amen. Cltinio die Augutti anno IXmiiuii 
Milletimo tec ()ctoge»imo ftexto ; Fgo Johaniie« de Ne%ill 
Dominui de Kaby coiido tettamentuni mt^um in Ikic modo. In 
primu do et lego aiiimam meam Deo et lk*at«^ Maria? et omni- 
Dus Sanctis (^oqiuaque meum ad tepelieiidum in Mona*teho 
Dunolmenti, juxta corpu* Matilda quondam uxort* me«. ' Item 
do et lego pro onuiimodtii expen^it tepuhurar me«* fariendit de 
ordinacioiH* Fxecutorum nieonim, c c^ Item ad enietKiariutiem 
et ftUfttentacionem Kcclei»i» de CVirerham c marra». Item K*- 
dulpho Alio nieo et lurredi ij lectot de terico ineliore%, %-j lectcit 
pro Uanerettis cum curtini», xij lectot cum tapetibut ad capud, 
J aulam virideni cum armis mei», et unam aulam bleu cum torrlbt 
cum lecto eju%deni tetta*, %J du<Kk*na» diftcorum, iiij duodexiaa 
ftaUariorum, viij olhu potellem, iiij oUa* lagena»« xxiiij pece%, itij 
duodena* cocleanuni, %iij cluu'gt-tink* vj pelves cum ij lavatonu 
umie ij pro Kpisico|M>,' i boUe cum cooperculo argentecH et %j 
tchiphoft c(M>|)ertoi^, de quibu« j de auro et % dfaunilo»« ac omnia 
animalia nH*a pn> caruri%, rarecti%, et plau%tri%, ad Man«*ria mra 

1 Jolui NrrllW of EAbr^Anaglit uofirr tbr Uaarr mi Iim l^lWr at tW 
batik oT N«Tllte*t Lnm kn ll4i-^iil|Kiud in KrmMv la laaa—AdwIrml oT iW 
fl«H from tkw TluuB€« nortliv •»!»—« WardM of iht Fjm« M tiIw C io rinw r 
of Bomboroucli C*A«iW is l377~I-W«it«f»oal of the Dudiv of AovlUki^— Scaa^ 
chal of Bo«rlMui — OMrrit^ firrt, Maud, ckucbur of llcnr? Lord Ktrrr. tkt 
lloUfwr of Iht NortK vkSov «f Jolm, I.ortl CtHTurd : tad wcvMidlv, EUcBbftk 
dM^m mmS Mb Iwftr of Sir WUUmm Lumm. Kaifte— buriod 
mih la Iht Smtlk Akk of tW BUv* of DuttMM CallMteU nadcr % 
ummmnu wlikh vts aMrlT daitToftd durtaf ikm pafiod of iW 

3 PvHup for t W IM9 of tkr UhAap whtm ufoa a vkk at Makf. 


de Hoton, Snap, Dighton, Midleham, Raby, Brancepath, et 
Claveryng ; et omnia blada mea ad dicta Maneria pertinentia, 
creseentia, sive in granariis vel in garbis ; et eciam cc vaccas pro 
stauro, cc stottos et stirkes, m m bidentes, videlicet m in Epis- 
copatu Dunolmensi, et m in Comitatu Ebonim ; ij Vestimenta 
pro capell^ videlicet j nigrum cum armis meis, et j album et 
nibeuro, et iiij Auterclothis meliores. Item Thomae* filio meo 
xxiiij discos argenteos, xij saucers, ii bacynes et ii eauers, vj peces 
unde ij eooperta et iiij sine cooperculis, de argento, j Scyphum 
de auro coopertum, i lectum de serico paleato cum rubeo et ni- 
gro, et ccc margas m argento vel in valore de bonis et catallis 
meis. Item Domino WiUelmo de Nevill * fratri meo i lectum 
viridem, poudratum cum falconibus, cum tapetibus ejusdem set- 
tle, et xij discos argenteos. Item Dominae Eufemiae de Heslar- 
ton' sorori meas i sciphum deauratum coopertum, et ij paria de 
bedis de auro. Item Dominae Eleanorae^ sorori meae Minorissas^ 
ad emendacionem domorum Sanctae Clarae extra Algate Lon* 
don, c marcas. Item Elizabethan filiae meae Minorissae ibidem 
XL marcas. Item do et lego dictae Elizabeth et Domui Sanctae 
Claras praedictae, Liondoniae, quindecim marcas annuatim exeun- . 
tes de omnibus domibus Hospicii mei in London, ad terminum 
vitae ipsius Elizabeth. Item Alesiae Deyncourt^ filiae meae xij 
discos, vj saucers, et ij ollas potellers argenteas. Item Dominae 
Matildae Lescrop^ filiae meae xij discos, xij saucers argenteas, et 
j sciphum deauratum coopertum. Item Eleanorae de Lomley^ 
filiae meae ij banerett beddis de Norfolk cum curtinis, xij discos, 
vj saucers, et ij ollas, ij potz potellers, ij pelves cum ij lavatoriis 
argenteis, xl vaccas et xx stottos iiij annorum. Item Domino 
Richardo Lescrop ij pelves cum ij lavatoriis argenteis, et i maff- 
nam calicem cum patenlL. Item Dominae Elizabeth de NeviU 
uxori Domini Willelmi fratris mei, j sciphum argenteum deau- 
ratum cum cooperculo. Item Domino Briano de Stapilton 

1 Tbomai Neville Lord Furnival — Treasurer of Eogland — married Joan, 
daughter and heir of William Baron Furnival. 

< The name of Sir William Neville occurs in almost every militarj transac- 
tioo of the period ; first in the service of the Earl of Salisbury, and afterwards 
as a retainer of the Crown. Walsingham describes him as being in 1386 the 
diief of the sect called LoUards. 

9 Euphemia Neville married, first, Reginald de Lucv; secondly, Robert Lord 
Ctiffbrd ; and thirdlj, Sir Walter de Heslarton. She died in 1394 or 5. 

* Eleanor Neville, wife of Geoffry Scrope, afterwards became a nun in the 
MiaoneM, London. 

ft Widow of William Lord Deincourt. 

« Wife oTWllliamle Scrope, of... 

7 Wife of Sir Ralph Lumlev, of Lumley Castle, and probably the person re- 
picisoted by the recumbent fimiale efiigy in the Cathedrd Yard, at Durham, 
crraiieoiisly attributed to the man who broke his neck for a pune of gold. 


tenitiri j •ci)>butn vel tj triphcM mi valamn xx marcmnnii. It< 
Ulioniir ck* Etum j Mitihuiii ck-auratum cuu(irrtuia, et L 
Item 'llioiiMr Fair£ix i »ciphuin rleaiinituiii» rt xx libra*, llfwi 
cuilibt't Kortttariu nutn rt cuilii)ct PnrpOKho Maneharum aie* 
onim vcicato S*rjniit« xx*. Itftn Doniiao Johaimi Faiffui j 
•ciphuni clt'ouraluiii cum j lavatorio. Item Frathbut dc Alirrr- 
toci, pro reparacioiir clomuuro tuaruni ibidem, itacfiicHl tlirtj Fr»> 
tret habrant atiitiutm mcam, animas Matikiv cmuortiA mecw 
Datrift ac iiiatri» nune, in ineiitoriam |>cri)etuam, c marca». Item 
Ricliarrlu CliamlHHrlfv ii xx iiiarcaii. Item lUiberto de Cover* 
ham xV. et j ftcipliuiii ar|pi*tili*um deauratum. Iteni Jokanm dc 
Hampkterley (!ar|H*iitario v utarcas. Ii€*tii Willfliiio Wildi* x mar- 
caft. Item cum €*oiitiii^at me obire, toU> qucMl tota firma mra 
UDiiit termini tune ultimo ela|»i coiHlunetur omnibu* tetieotibut 
meiik videlict*t Hu»bajulis C*o(ier%, ct Ikind ; tiec rtjo qutid ie-> 
gaeio luee »e extemlat ad liberi» tenenlen nieci» uut in|rt*uuci«« c|iti 
luibent terras de ftiio pro|irio vel aliorum, et tcmcnt aUi|uid de 
me. Item volo ouod de bont» nieift trt*% C apellaiu inveiuantur 
apud Hull in le C imrtiiouft ibidem, pneter ij CafiellaiMNs qm mine 
•unt ibi, de resitiuo bcmorum meorum \Hmi di*rt^»um nirtim. »i 
bcx! non impleaiur in vit4 meA, ail celebrandum pro anima mem, 
animabu9 Patri* mei, Matri* mea\ Matiidir coitKinu me«, et 
cmmium Fideliuni defunctorum impeqw^tuum. Item Dacmoo 
Archiepi»copo h^mmi' Fratn mvn^ j vefttimentum rubeum de 
velvet rum le verouike in granu nnarum desuper broodata. 
Item Vf)lo quod D inarcir di»tnbuantur inter kerrieote* meo«, vi- 
delicet AmugertMS Valet to*, et (furcione*, qui tion nonunaolar 
in testamento nu^o, per diM*rtH*ionem Fxccutunun metirum : u»- 
de Ko^MTto Skvpton, C'ok fratri i»uo, Johanni Stayndrop, cC 
JtJmniii Fori*»ter le Uutcllcr, cuilihct c*. Item dictM Kfilierto 
et iok ij lectcpi Militum. Item Dimiino Koberto de Nevill dc 
Ilornbv ij baryiH, ij eawem, t*t j M-i| hum ar^'nteuni deaurattan. 
Item 'llionite (it* ( Inxtcin x\ UMrra*, c*t j <K*ii>hum draumium. 
Item \ViiU*lino dc Mildhy x'. Item V\ illrlnio de Ho<«)n prr»vt«4». 
ri x'. Item Willrlnui tU* Ifoton dc TikIow x marram et j pecuun 
ar^'iiti iiKi|)crt.un. Item Ileunco dc Hnmnfeld x marra)^. Item 
Holier lo (Ic \\ btlri^^ i *. Item volo quud ct mareir de iUm ft 

I AWxmmirr Nrtti:#, PrcbrmUrT of RoW, ia Vorl CjitlM«irml.<tM»«cfau4 
ArcitUtbof) uT Yorl. 4th June, 1 374— rt|»uM<d the cumr of KirWnl ll.~art». 
trocvd bv tll« rrbrlllout tMrmit to Mrp«<ud iwpriMawi»nt In the ioMir of M^ 
cWatrr ! but brferr b« «oa trt^rd, fM fmcn C'owuuil in tbr boUt *J a m€ |inr«C« 
ttOtl rik^prd brvood iho im — lirr«l In rvlte soH la msl povrrt^ Uu r«|« Cr. 
bnn V , iifwo ht« furvuil rrMffOotKm of th« S«» of Ymk, tfmn%Uu4 btai tj> iW 
!lre t/ St. AuUrrv*! in SrotUnd ; tnit tlir %ctA§ nfimkog la rrmrw bim, W br- 
€%mte ft \mfi»h prirtt Ukd wehoolmm^Ler tl l^r&ia. tnd tfM in 1393. birlii^ 
firr tvan in rllW. 


narcis suptfiias legatis ad distribuendum inter non nominatos in 
hoe tesUmento clistribuaDtur inter carocarios, plaustrarios, et 
CBstodes animaiium meorum, videlicet Hyne, Netmrdes, et l%ifv- 
Urdes, per discretionem Executornin meonim. Item vdo, ou6d 
de residuo bonomm meonim Advocacio unius Ecclesias valons xl 
libranim vdi ucxx marcaram per annum, ematur et approprietur 
Doroui Hospitalis de Welle, et amoriicietur siimptibns meis, ad 
incr e mentum quasi ij denariorum vel iij denar. per diem corodi- 
ortim ci:giisl3)et fratris et sororis ejusdem Domfis cum valore 
corrodiorum corundum ad praesens ; et ad incrementum tot Ca^ 
pelianorum perpetuorum ibidem quotquot poterunt ibi sifistentari 
de isti legacione, ultra onus duorum vel trium denariorum su- 
perius onerandorum, et cum emendacione x marcarum per an*- 
oum i^propriandarum de eftdem legacione Magistro gusdem 
Domus qui pro tempore fuerit, si haec legacio non impleatur in 
viti mei. Item lego cuilibet Domui Fratrum quatuor Ordinum 
in Elboraco, et deinde usque Berwyke super Fwede, et usque 
Karliolum, et ibidem, xH., ad distribuendum inter omnes Fra- 
tres Capellanos tatitum cujuslibet conventus, sicut porcio diets 
sununae de xl'. possit extendere per aequales porciones, et quod 
QUtlihet dictonim Capellanorum sit seisitus de porcione suft. 
item l^o diets Alesise Deyncourt filis meae, j lectum ru- 
beum quiltpoint cum j testro de e^dem sett&, loco cujusdam 
^U^uuL lecti quondam sibi legati. Item Thomae de Coupland 
xxL argenti, cum uno scipho argenteo deaurato. Item Thomae 
Frost xx^ argenti. Item Willelmo Louther xx marcas. Item 
Rtchardo Bafiy xx marcas, et j peciam argenti deauratum coo»- 
pertam. Item lego pro maritacione Elizabeth filiae meae, si 
faent auperstes, mille marcas. Item volo, quod xxiiij torches 
et V tapers, quoUbet ti4)er pondere x lib. praeparentur pro sepul 
turi melL absque alio hercio ; Et volo quod dicti xxiiij torches 
teneantur per xxiij pauperes indutos togis de russeto ; Et volo, 
quod cista Corporis mei cooperiatur cum panno laneo de russeto 
et j cruce rube&, et quod barrarii circa Corpus meum die sepul- 
turae meae ordinentur de eAdem sett& ; et quod j equus sit arrai- 
atus pro guerra cum i homine armato de Armis meis, cooperto 
de russeto, cum scochons de armis meis, et j alius equus de 
e^em sett& cum j homine desuper pro banerio meo absque pUi- 
ribus equis ; et dicti duo equi oblentur die sepulturas meas, sicut 
moris est, et sint demissi cum Ecclesia. Item volo quod omnes 
qui vestientur pro sepulturi me^ induantur russeto, et etiam le 
Chariot in quo contigerit Corpus meum duci ad humacionem, 
cooperiatur de russeto sect4 cistas et barrariorum, cum scochons 
annorum meorum, ut supra. Item lego Fratri Willelmo de 
Bridelyogton Confessori meo x marcas. Item lego d marcas 

4^ m'lLLS AVD 

argcnti ad emplionom et amort iaeamentum AdvcjcacioaU i Ertlr> 
ftia* vel duarum Ecclesiarum, pro ftutteniacMMic v caprilaoomai 
divina celebraaciiim in Conveiiiu I)oniu« dr la Chaitbout 

Coventrr, pro animabuft patrU mei, iiiatrit meir, mrt, ci pro 
animabuf omnium Fid^lium drfuncUkrum. Fit »i dicta Adi 

cio et Amort izamrntum po«ikint impleri infra bummam pnrdic- 
tani, volo qu^ totum residuum i|wiui ftumnur detnr dictar 
lX>mui in auxilium ejiudem ; dum tamen legacio liuju* tfl^t*-> 
menti non implemtur in viti mea. Kt volo quoci U'gacio hujo« tc»ta- 
menti tmpleatur quam citiii* poterit, per ordinacuicM^i tUt^ct;^ 
torum meorum ; et hoc infra iinunt annum. Va ad ittad te«ta* 
mentuni meum bene et fideliter |>erficiendum, Dominum 
Jotiaunem Fair&x Itectorem hxcle^ia* de IVe»ticot<*», Doniioom 
Robrrtum de Nerill de Iloniehv, 'Hiomam de tltton^ Koberttmi 
de Coverham, et Thomam de Claxton, ordino facio rt cuciftt ittxt 
Kxecutorr* moot per pra^*nte«, »igillo meo »tguta» ; Datai 
apud Midelham die et anmi nuiiradictis. 

[In a parchment codicil affixed to the fold at the bottom of 
thiik will^ there ia written thut : — Kt |Mj»tmodum, die MartM 
proximo ante Fe*tum Sancti Luca* Kvangeliita^, anno IkHnim 
Millettmo cccxxxx cx'tavo, in villi Novi Castri »uper lytuua, 
pnrdictu* Johannes Dominus de Rab? ordinavit et constitttit 
l)ominum Kadulpham de Nrvill filium »uum IVinctpalem Kxr> 
cutorum tuum, ad faciemlum ftimul cum Kxecutoribut Mii» tupra. 
dicti»« executionem pnetenta t<*ttamenti. Kt residuum ommitm 
bonorum quorum dedit et legavtt omniba* pra?dictii Kxecutorv 
but, ut ipfti ordinent et ditponant de eitdem pro animi uak^ ucut 
melius sibi viderint expedire, <*t coram lommo Judice vohiennl 
respondere. Proved at I^ndon vi Kal. Mar. I3HH-9 — at RjtK- 
mond, 12 Oct., 1389— at York, 9 Mar. I3HS.9.] 

I Froca Xhe orifiaal proUu st tattm \ 

In Dei nomine Anu'n. Kgo Alicia de Klmcnleti filia et hare* 
Joluinni< del C1wunbn% quomiam hurgemis Villa* Novi Castri 
super Tvnam, cum pleno cons4*nsu et assensu Willielmi dc Klme- 
den junioris viri mei, condo Testamentum meum in hunc mcv 
dum ; die dominici proximc ante festum Sancti Dionvsii, Anoo 
Domini mccclxxxvi. Impnmis lefro animam meam De<s 
Ueata* Marior, et Omnibus SaiK'tts, et corptu meum ad sepeU- 
endum in CapelU Beata* Mariv de KImeden cum mortoanis 
consuetis. Etem do el lego Johanni de Ehneden tot urn illud 
tenementum in longitiidme et lalitiMfiiie, cua suii peftU 



nentiis, quod jacet inter venellam, quae ducit ad Fratres Prae- 
dicatores ex parte un&» et tenementum Robert! Oliver ex 
parte altersL, infra villam Novi Castri super Tinam, habendum 
■ inperpetuum. Item do et lego praedicto Willielmo de Ebne- 
den viro meo, et Willielmo de Elmeden patri suo, et Johan- 
nae de elmeden uxori ejus, et Willielmo de Cotingham Per- 
sonae Ecclesiae Beatae Mariae in Ballio Boreali Dunelm, omnia 

terras quae habeo infra villam et territorium Novi Castri 

• Item do et lego Johannas matri mariti mei unam map- 

pam cum uno manutergio. Item Johanna? del Bynchestr* opti- 
mum pannum meum, mortuario excepto . Hiis Testibus 

Willielmo de Bisshopton Rectore de Kymilswortli, Domino 
Ricardo Capellano de Elmeden, Roberto Hart, Thom4 Barber 
de Dunelm. et aliis 4. [Prob. 13th Oct., 1386. The will of 
William de Ellmeden, junior, her husband, dated in 1384, proved 
at the same time.] 


Dominus Johannes Fordam, Episcopus Dunelm., anno sep- 
timo Episcopatus sui, translatus est ad flcclesiam HeUensem ; 
qui, post suum recessum, misit et dedit Elcclesiae Dunelm. ad 
suam memoriam duas pelves argenteas et deauratas pretii... 


Dominus Walterus Skirlawe Episcopus Dunelm. diu ante 
mortem suam, informatus de consuetudine Ecclesias Dunelm. 
dedit Priori et Conventui facultatem eligendi optimum Vesti- 
mentum quod habuit ; ad quod peragendum, missus est Thomas 
Lyth monachus ad Manerium de Aukland ; qui elegit unum 
vestimentum de panno aureo et orfrays preciosis. De cnjus 
secta sunt j casula, ij tunicae, iij albae, et v capae. Dedit 
eciam, diu ante mortem suam, unum calicem de auro ; unam 
ymaginem Sancti Cuthberti argenteam et deauraturo, in cujus 
pede sufit Arma dicti Domini Walteri. Dedit eciam, diu ante 
mortem suam, ad constructionem Dormitorii cccl marcas. 

1 John Fordham, PredencUry of York and Lincoln— Secretary to the King 
— Lord Treasurer— Bi^op of Durham hi 1381 — tianaktcd to EXj, ^ dcaocodcrt 
eeaetua,*'hi 1388. 

t Walter Skirlaw, Bishop of Lichfield and Corcntrj—of Bath and WcUa— 
of Durham from 1388 to 1406— contrihuted laigelj to the rebuildhig of the 
Dormitory and the building of the CMeter. Buried under a tomb now ooBceaM 
bj peva on the north aide of the Choir of Durham GathedmL 


Habtiit r<4ain Ecck*«im miufii rumim H eqtian clrp€irtaofe« 
coqnis fjtiMlem Patnn I Mam^o cir (lourdon uM\tH» I>ufi«4fn. ; 
onam pannum aurenm «le qtiA facia e\i nnarapa. Hahtiit rciam 
Krcirnia nnatn panmim pro luinmc) ahari ftumpttioft^ bniHatmn. 
Dedrnint ertam Exerulorm dirti Dmnfni Wahrri in Kxr<|fim 
(juMlefn, IViori c*., .Stfvpriori xl*., rt tin^lMi mnfuirhtti IKtn- 
elm. qai tnterfuerunt Kxrcjuiit xx*. IXinlmint t^iani dirti rxf^ 
cuton^n Priori et ('«mrrittiii ad rciti^trufiiowm Claontri, primo 
cccc Kbnift s po«tea »ir conrMMMunt dirti KxrrtHort^ rum 
Priore et Convrnluin, quod i|i»r Prior rl C ofirrnttM fxhiHrri-nt 
inprrpetuum tinam ^follarhllt1t divini rrlrbrantrm ad aliarr 
qtiod idem Vrnerahili^ Pater ad titniliam kitam in ^\ik fmk ctm* 
fttnixit^ et in Iwrnorc Sanrtontni Wt»u ec Sancti Johantm 
Bererlacrti*!* dedicari fecit ; el pro bujiMimodi tmrre imperpe- 
taum ftitiktentand<», t\%ci\ KxenJton*« redditttrnquinquairrnfa »<»it- 
donim Priori et C^mveniiii appntpriavcrunt^ et ftiimptu« ad 
contplecioiiem dirti Clauttri effiirKien*nt ; quod factum v^x vl r\ 
utnu|ue |>arte completum. Dedrnnit cciam dicti Kxcruu»rr« 
Collegio MonacbcHiini in Oxcaiiik unum «oU*mpne Vr«iinH*ntum 
de |)anno aureo, de j catuli, ij tunici*, ijj albi%, ct ij rapu untu« 
•ccto*, cum ftolit et mantpuii» pertinent ituin. Item Kxrrutnrr* 
dicti I>r>mini Waheri Milrenint pro Yitriartone fene«tne ffnpra 
altare Satnrti Cuthberti ad Ncnrem Altaria viij inarau. ' 


( Rf|t. LaVuLIT (uk. U. b I 

In Dei iKiraine amen : die dominicA ante (t*tum beati Cutb- 
bt*rti. Anno domini m*. ccic. vij'*. tlgo S^ciliadc* IkmiekUm, in 
buiu tni*nioriik oc muiA mente, coiido te»(anirntuni mcuni in hunc 
niodum. In prinii* tin ct legf> aiiinuuii meain LKhi et liratar 
Maria* et omnibut Sanctis ; et coniuii meum ad »epelietKl«m 
in I*>cle^i4 b«*ati Nichulai villa* No%i Ca»tri »u|>t*r T\nam. 
Item letfo funimo altari dictar <*ccli*«ia*, pro decirnt* t»blitt%, vj*. 
Yiy^. Item lego fabrica* dicta* t*crU^ur xx'. Item lego utiam 
mappam et unum manutergium cafielUi* Ponti». Item lego 

I Ex RoCuloTlMMr Rmm !WriM» DunrbD l4aS4L 
ll#rrtii' Iftvj*. ri^. |iro iMaoo n^rro opmroti W ( lur Uomoii Kjpiirafi 

^U> Htktfto liimtk IU>^ b^. firo W Chm Mr r«»4lUx sil te ^ 

r9t9ffU pro qutoy 9^^ 4^M^nUhm» te CiMir ^um vatakMKv mm kly«t 

tibu* !!«• pf y* tTMYS iM Chu iK^ \jf*^ 6t ^mLtktmh 

dMMM Ev««|«teniB Dnoiiai Kpiict|ii mi bhh^w ahafw mlw^fK^ 

torck vfVidlliB MrwnU, ut pal«t pm prwlti, •€ man pkm m pttumA 

to — »faHi Eyiawf*, yila aipia i iMa fr la — ~^ 


dieUe capellee xtj libras de cera. Item lego xiiij marcas uni 
&acer<k>ti divini celebrauti in ecclesii bt^ati NiclK>lai dictas 
villae per tres annos, si fieri potest. Item lego Anachoreti dtctae 
villas divina celebranti per unum amium viij marcas. Item 
lego X marcas pro expensis die sepulturse meas. Item lego xl*. 
ad di»tribueudum pauperibus jacentibus in lectis. Item lego 
iiij" Ordinibus Fratrum dictae villae, per eqinUes porciones, 
xx*. Item lego dictis Ordinibus Fratrum unum cekiram de 
braseo aequis porcionibus. Item lego unum magnum caminum 
de ferro Abbathiae de Durham. Item lego Willielmo de Wer- 
mouth unum zettelyng et unum magnum pelvem. Item lego 
Paulae xx*. Item lego Thomesynae tilise Johannis Paule unam 
ciiam aeream et unum zetlyng et unum par de lipthiaminibus. 
Item lego Willielmo de Wermouth unum pelvem et unum lava- 
erum optimum. Item lego Thomae Witte xx*. Item Willielmo 
de Wermouth xx'. Item lego Agnetas aneillae Andreae de 
Bulkham unum lectum et unum par linthiaminum et ij coddys. 
Item lego Agnetae lely xx*. ' Item lego Agnetae Schales xx*. 
Item lego llepowne clerico vj". viij**. Item lego Johanni Wee 
capellano ij*. Item lego pro duobus tumbis xiij*. iiij**. Item 
lego Jolianni del hall capellano vi*. viij**. Item lego Thomas 
Staooppe iij'. iiij**. Item lego Willielmo de Couseby capellano 
parochiali xiij*. iiij**. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meonim 
mobilium et immobilium, ubicunque fuerit inventum, do et lego 
executori meo. Hunc facio ordino et constituo executorem 
meum, scilicet Willielmum de Weimoth. Et volo quod Thomas 
Wytte sit coadjutor cum predicto Willielmo, ut ipsi ordinant et 
disponant meliori modo quo viderunt Deo placere, et animas 
meae expedire. Datum et actum apud Novum Castrum die et 
anno supra dictis. Prob. apud Auckland 29 Jul. 14(^. 


[Reg. Lakoley, ioL 27. b.] 

In Dei nomine Amen. Per praesens publicum instrumentum 
cunctis appareat evidenter, quod) anno ab incamacione Domini, 
secundum cursum et computacionem Ecclesias Anglicanae m.cccc. 
septimo, Indiccione primi, Pontificatus sanctissimi in Christo 
Ptois et domini nostri domini Gregorii divinft providenti& 
(Mtpe, daodecimi, anno primo, mensis Octobris die ix, in eccle- 
sii Caotuariensi, in mei notarii publici et testium subscriptorum 

I Aichdnotn of Duriwm tad Rector of Einngton, — Prdbendarj of Yort 
aod Howdon— Sector of Sedgsadd and Master of Grrtham HoepitaL-^Re. 
tigiied the Arcbdeaconrjr of Durham and Rectory of Easiogton I5tli Feb., 1408. 


preftrntiA conftUtutnft pcnwNialiter hoiior«bilb tir magtMifr Tliofiiai 
de WestoQ ArchidiaccHiiii Duiiolinetm*^ quandrnm cedulaan p«- 
piream^ U*»laiii«Dtuiii tuum ut •nerit cuntinetitrnu in itianibuf 
•utft teneitft, ac palain enhibrns mihi jam dicin noUuio conun 
testibuft tubicnptu rraliter tradidit rt aaftigtiairit, rogando tnr mv 
tariuro prrfatum »ihi tuper hoc publicum cunficrrc instmm'^ttliam. 
Tenor vero dictv ce<iiiur papiria* fte€|uitur, ct c^t tali*. la I Vi 
nomine Amen, tlgo llionuu dr Wefttoo, Arrhidiaconut Dunrlm. 
sanui mcnte et coqxire, considerani vitam humanam varik rt 
inopinatts fubjectam pchculift^ volentoiie horam morti*, quA ni- 
chil inccrciuA, diligrnti prudenciA ftaJubriter pnrvrnirr, ct de 
bonii fortump michi divimr pietati* habundantii c«>ncr«Mft, proat 
I)ettt michi g^uiam dcderit, pic dtft|)oncrr el «alubnirr ordinarp* 
te«tamenuim roeum coodo ct facio in hunc modum. In primift do 
et lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti, qui eam crearr et tuo 
precioto languioe redimere dignatu% cftt ; corpii»que mrum aepe- 
liendum in aliqui eccle«ianim in quibu* nunc benefictatot exi»tcv 
quam executores mei infrascripti mtl hoc duxcrint eligendam« m 
et quatenuft infra regnum Anglia? n\e n>ori contigerit ; alioquin 
ipftam iiepulturam meam dt»|io*idani divinar pieLatit recommeo- 
do. Item do et legt) omne« iianiKw et ve»tc^ ordinatuft pro civ- 
pore meo ccNitanguincift mei» distribuendoft^ •ecundum ditcrrckv. 
nem etYnindum executonim meonim, prout ip«onim com^nguine- 
orum meorum >tatu« et indigrncia exigehnt. Item do et lego 
Ricardo iier%'ienti et camcrario mco «iginti hbran : Thomie iWl- 
ton decern marcaii : Jolianni Ilarbtnir centum lolidcM ; ef rv 
ginti marrai dintribuenda* M*cundum qufwi exccutoribu* met» 
expedienciat videbitur, inter c€m qui michi M*niunt rt tempotv 
buft pnrterittt tenicrunt. Item volo quod omn€*« et tinguli 
feoRati in nuincrio do (>»godbv juxta Selbv fttatum tuum 
relaxcnt, ct n laxacif>nc*i» factant Johanni Strcch «cutifcni nH*o, 
ut dictum nuuierium cum pertiiu^ntiit »ibi hcredibu* et aMgna- 
tL« ftut4 renuineat in|)eqH*tuum. Ita tanuMi quod dictu« Johannes 
Strcch Aolvat infra tricnnium duccntai niarca* aliii cxecutonbu* 
m4*i», |>er eo« cx|K>ncndaft in complcciom*m i»tiu« ultima* volun- 
tatift mtMT, fti opus fuerit, teu in alio» u»u% Mn^undum di»poMCK>- 
nem t*oruiidcm tlxccuionmi mcorum. Item do et lego magM- 
tro Jolianni Wc«ton fratri mco unum ciphum argcntcum df«t»* 
ratum extcriui et album intenus qui quomtam fuit dotnini 
Wallcri t^nibcopi I>iiDclm. Item Ho!itM*n* in Lucam in duobtei 
voluminibuft et vigmti libnu »tcriingorum. Item lego cuilibct 
executorum meorum infenui mmiinatorum, qui ontn cxeruckioi% 
hujuf adnuM*rit, unum ciphum argcntcum drauraliim coopertum* 
et decern hbrai tterhngoruns except i» hit« quibu» *peeialiter 
aliquod legavi. Item lego Itererrodo patri Domtno E p wco po 


Diuielm. duo candelabra argentea deaurata. Item volo quod 
tercia pars residui omnium bonorum meorum distribuatur inter 
Hospitale de Gretham et ecclesias de Esyngton, Seggefeld et 
de Houeden, prout executores prsedictt, considerate ipsius hos- 
pitalis et cujusdam ecclesiae indigencia, decreveriot: et quod 
relioiue duae partes per dictos executores meos expendantur et 
admmistrentur in satisfaccione fiends creditoribus, si quas per 
me debita veraciter probari poterunt ; nee non in reiititucionibus 
fiendis conquerentibus de injuriis et oifensis de quibus veraciter 
constare poterit ; et in alios pios usus, secundum quod execu- 
toribus prsedictis pro salute animae meee sanius et consulcius 
videbitur faciendum. Hujus autem testamenti mei executores 
facio ordino et constituo honorabiles viros magistrum Alanum 
de Newerk, Johannem de Weston fratrum meum, Johannem 
Stredi domicellum, et dominum Willielmum Ingelby. Et su- 
penrisorem administracionis fiendae per eosdem ordino et facio 
Reverendissimum in Christo patrem et dominum meum domi- 
num Thomam dei gratis Episcopum Dunelm., patemitati suas 
humiliter supplicans quatinus intuitu obsequiorum meorum, sen 
saltern voluntatis meae sibi obsequendae, dignetur onus super- 
visionis hujusmodi in se assumere, et executoribus praedictis in 
administracione hujusmodi efficaciter impendere auctoritatem, 

auxilium, consilium, et favorem. In cujus Testibus hono- 

rabili viro Magistro Alexandro Bagenham bacallario in decre- 

tis, et Roberto de hoton Wellen. et Ebor. dioces. [Ptob. 

coram Episcopi apud Derlyngton xx Sep. 1408.] 


(R^. Lanoley, foL 33.] 

Testamentum Domini Robert! Ogill senioris, vij die Februarii 
Amio Domini Millesimo cccc decimo. In primis animam meam 

peccatricem, quanto devocius possum, commendo et eligo 

corpori meo sepulturam infra Ecclesiam parochialem de Wbal- 
ton, videlicet in porticu Beatae Mariae, quem volo ut plumbo 
cooperiatur meis sumptibus et expensis. item do et lego Rec- 
tori ejusdem Ecclesiae pro decimis meis oblitis xl*. Volo eciam 
quod duo honesti et idonei capellani per xij annos ibidem pro 

I Sir Robert Ogle, of Ogle Castle, Rnt., married Joan, daughter and co-heir 
of Sir Alan Heton — Lord of Bothal, the inheritance of his mother Helen, 
dat^ter and, heir of Sir Robert Bertram. He was buried, not in St. Mary's 
Porch, at Whalton. but at Hexham, where there is a brass plate to his memory. 
Bugdale makes the vear of his death 1409, and Hutchinson 1404; yet here is 
' wUl dated in 1410-11. 


atiimA mrk rt Joluiniiie uxon« ninr* «r omnium pttrfiiti^m rt hr. 
nefactortim ncwtjt>rum, et pro Aiiinuihii* c|uibti« teittnir, ctrlrbrm- 
iurt iiiTrnUmtur, honu caminicai cum plactfbii et fiirt|:r ftioguin 

liif^MiA i canoar lirittA iinpmumi cljcturi ft qu<Ki %iul ukLknm 

cU* trrru mcit ill Nortlimidelton^ lk*notii« llrrtmnlan ft Farvo- 
Uwr [HT manas fxrcuturum mc^runi fi<ifk*m ca{)ribinii MiUaA- 

tur ft ciatid po^t tf nninuni dirtcvrura cliuMiftnni annonun 

(imnc*^ temp iim*«* pniHiicto.* ivniatif nut lit*rff iibu« me o^ M*cuiiditm 
vim fomiaro et eficrtuin cli%i*r^'U^m cartaruin iiulc runtfctanim. 
Item do et Irfgo cuilibet orditii Fratniiii itieudicantium iii Novo 
C'«Atn> fup^r T^iuun xx*. uu acl vnU>rt*m, Mn'tiriduni cit*(Mi»icK>- 
liem evecutorum met»rum. Item volo qucid 'IInhtuu Hlrt4krtt- 
•opfie el liAibertui llaiiche«tre ^uffirie ntet eonsm eoqiciribtts ut, 
dcret, hahfafit amuttuma, et riu4»H ruk\ ft hiic pcnr ^uum rxecu- 
torum iiiforum. Item do et Ifgo W iiUclnio Karre oniiiM terras 
et teiienieota rnvm in vilU de Hftcxi juxta Novum C'^^tnim «uprr 
'rvnam ad terroinum vitiv Miir. Itfm do ft lego \\iiiu*ln>o 
Scr\-vnne omnia temu et te nenienta iiiea uun* hai>eo in Ff>i(>«-rT 
•d totani vitam kuam. Itfm do ft If go ilomiiio Jolianni (la- 
Vf r^ni,; duan f<)uaA cum ikut* MHpjfii**. Item do et lego lloherto 
OgiU Hlio nieo uuuni et|uura, anglic^ vocat um Ctrav gfldyng« 
et duan ec)iuu ctun Miit iec|ueli«. Item do et legt> Johanni iWtb> 
ram * unum gladium et duaa t*<|uaA ctmi ftuin ftniuelisi. Item do 
et legf> Johanni Uk*neken*on|it* duat eqiuu rum tuif fte<|yelfik. 
Item do ft lego Alexandro lie run dua^ fC|uiift eum tuts ftequeiiiw 
Item do ft if i(u KolH.*rto liavmu» duivi ei^uaii cum %ui« M^qoebt. 
Item do ft Ifgo 'IlNinue llibbuni filui Kobftii Ilibbum de 
Novo C*ai»tro dua» fcpia^ cum %ui% Mt|tirli% : ft volo di^tnbuantur 
per Joliaiinam uxoTfUi nic*ani. Itfui icgo dner%t» |XMitibu« in- 
fra Ntirthumbriam, ft pnecipuf iiit'ni d«>minium mcum, frartu 
et f nif iMlainiis c M>lido« pervnnm Kxeciitonmi ineoruniM>l%et»-> 
dot. Item voio quod ludli revenient* de |icmi« et amercuui»en« 
tU arnanim m<*arum levt*htur, »€*d lu locu c»uimbu% plenanc |irr* 
done iitur. Volo fctain quod omnia debita nnra de re %f ntentibu* 
terranim Willielmi Hc*ron intra a*talfm ac in nif4 cufttoitiii f vi»- 
teutu plenaric pcrMilvantur, qu^iUM^ue ad plenam irtateni prne^ 
Dent. It(*fn do et lego cuilibet fXfcutori umh> nnuiu colt et xi* 
pro eorura laboribus it a quod nichil de buui» m«*tft ei« appro* 
priant. Item do et Wgo residuum onnuum kMMianim lueuniiii 
non legatorum debitu me i% pifnc Milutin, farttMpif t'utM*nilibu« 
expt*r«Mm, ad nuvitaiiduni »eu ad niatnmimia «u|>ptirtaiMla tiiiabu* 
tarn filmnim qnani filtamm nieanim eerundum ordinariotic^tii et 

1 A younftr mo of iW icilaftor, cmlk<4 bjr ikt •acirol and lN.ii>MnibW 
•f lilt bmUmt. 


disposioionein nxoris meae in vita sua, et post mortem secundum 
cbsposicionem executorum meorum. Item hos facio ordino et 

constituo executores meos, videlicet Dominum Johannem 

Claveryng milttem, Johannem Barthram, Johannem Bienken- 
»€>p et DdnHnum Willielmum Tliymylby Rectorem Ecclesiae de 

Parochi4 de Bottall ^ut ipsi secundum ordinacionem meam 

&ciant, et pro arnni^ mek disponant, ut volunt in die judicii coram 
summo judice respondere. Et quod nuUi omnino homini liceat 
banc meam ultintam voluntatem infringere vel ei ausu temerario 
contraire. Set si quis autem hoc attemptare presumpserit, indig- 
nationem omnipotent is Dei et omnium ejusdem apostolorum ac 
meam maledictionem se noverit incursurum. [Administra- 
tion granted 26th Aug. to his two sons, Sir Robert Ogle, Knt., 
and John Barthrara', the other executors renouncing.] 


XReg. Lanolet, f. 34. b.] 

I« Dei nomine, Amea. Anno Domini Millesimo cccc decimo, 
tnensis Augusti die xii™^ Ego Thomas de Walkyngton, Rector 
Ecclesiee Parochialis de Houghton, Dunolm.dioceseos, ac Archi- 
diaconus Cleveland in Ecclesid. Eboraci, et Domini nostri Papae 
capeUanus, et ipsius sacri Palacii Apostolici causarum auditor, 
compos mentis et bonee memoriae, ex gratis et licenti^ sedis 
apostolicae specialiter licentiatus, prout in literis apostolicae 
«edis inde confectis liquet evidenter ; de rebus et bonis michi a 
Deo datis testamentum sive ultimam voluntatem meam, meli- 
oribus jure modo et formal quibus valeo, ordino, facio et con- 
stituo per praesentes, in hunc modum. In primis, do et lego 
animam meam Deo et beatae Mariae, ac omnibus Sanctis ; cor- 

S usque meum ad sepeliendum in Ecclesi^ coUegiata sancti 
ohannis Beverlaci, retro altare sancti Andreas apostoli, vel 
alibi, ubi duxerint Executores mei alias eligendum. Item lego 
in ceri comburendi circa corpus meum die sepulturae meae c*. 
Item lego ad 'distribuendum inter pauperes, die sepulturae 
roeae et septimd, xx marcas. Item lego Conventui Fratrum 
Predicatorum in eadem villi Beverlaci xx*. Item lego Con- 
ventui Fratrum Minorum ibidem xx". Item lego Gildae Bever- 
laci iiij marcas, ad voluntatem executorum meorum dividendas. 
Item lego summo altari Ecclesiae CoUegiatae Sancti Johannis 
Beverlaci unum par turribilium cu'genteum in parte deauratum. 

I This person describes himself with great care. He was presented to the 
Kectory of Hough tpn-le-Spring iu 1390. 



Item lego occlesiir CatlK*clnili Kxonien^t unum Yruimrtituia 
inU*grtitn prtTii c nuut*aniin. Item lt*go K4}b(*rt<i ck* llurtcm, 
caiMmicti repilari ck* (fysbum, cocuan^iDro mro, mtl crlrhrmn- 
diini pro animi mek x*. rum annilan^ mc*4 furmti mm br%cr. 
Item lego fratri Roberto de Hurtoii minori, rotiAaiifruineti nieo, 
ad orandum pro animik mt*4 x^ cum |Mirtitorio meo, |ianr4 hiblii 
meA^ ar alio imrvo rubio libro de St*p!em IXmi*. Item do el 
lego Kxecutoribui meisi mei»«uagiuni ni€*um «ive teiH*metituiii 
im*um in Keverlaco juxta n|Mim fluiiiinU, alias de Uekt*, quod 
habui et luibecf ex fi^ifiamento 'IlHima^ de Swanland, dra{<er« 
Nicholni Fawccmer, et Joliannis IVnycuk de Keverlaro ; oiiod 
fuit Nicholai de IkicU, et ab illo, origimUiter, emi« pnnit buiv 
datur et ctHifirmatur, ut in cartii^ ind«* confecttt pkMiiu» eontine- 
tur ; ml venilendiim, et nrecium imle receptum |iaupc*ribtt» 
errogelur, vt*l in celebnuuHie di^iikirum con%'t*rtatur. Itrtn 
Joluiniue Hctvhcr rt»n%iingu inert- nu-a* xl*. llrni It-go Aiicur 
filia* dicta* Johanna* oil niiU'itagiuiii %ut;ni v nuirca». Item l«*go 
Klfiue r.lictrt* Ada* Ft»rHliT, consinicniiic.r nira*, v niarra/. 
Ilrni Ir^o in cun\iK\icioncni ainironiri, «lir vij M*pultiirn* nH*«r, 
V niATciu. Item do ft Irgo tratri \Viiiii*hiu> Burn ordinM 
Fratniiu Minorum Ik'verbu'i, ad cfUbraiMium pn> aiitiiia mek 
el uiiiiiuibiDi omnium fakliuni (ifturtctonim |x*r unum annum^ 
iiij'. llrm do vi leg«> diiniini<> 'IlKMna* NNollor, UicanUi Tr^p* 
|>cH>k« t*t KobiTto Chapman (ie Wawyn, ca{K-llam% mct»« ad 
ceU*braiKium pro animik m<*.\ ct animabn^ onunum fukhum de* 
funrtornm |h r trc^ anno^ proxinir iMmt obitum UMnim »ec|ueQtei 
\lviij'., |MT tM|uali% |M»rrion«'^, |)er K\feutore% metw mter eoa 
divithnda^, ita (pio(i tranM*ant »coli% (Koniir hiw Cantabrigur^ 
utrum vohitrint. Ilrm l<*go cuiliU't K\(*ruttirum inetirum pro 
liilnire suo propter intfri»%-cnc* c'. Il^ni lego Ca{H*llani» ri 
C*lcrirt% N4H*ulanhn> et rt*giilaribu» in e\t*<|Uii!i m4*is intere«*eiiU» 
bus, di€* M piiltura* mea\ \'. ; ita (puMl divtcLitur cuuibrt eonini 
juxta diMTccioiu^m cM*cutonun niccirum. Iti*m kgo Ccctlis 
cotuaiiguitit'a* mt*u% fiha* Wilhi-hni train* nH*i fkfuncti« omnia 
utrn^iha cUmuj** moa*, pra»tcr ea qua* |»<»rtinrnl canH-m* mra* et 
(•anii'ro|N* inca** aii orandum prt> annua nH*4 t*t animabtt« 
nium Ciiriftli fuii-hum. Item volo fpnid, dicto (he ftt'puhu 
mea\ (hi«MUHMm |»au|>eri-% h<Mnin«*^ induantur togi» nigri cokmi 
cum tot idem torticii» ankntibu* cirra c(»qm« mcum in mambiM 
tkuitt tencnte^. Ke^ifhmm viro omnnim iMimmim mettrum immi 
legatonim in ftU|M*nkenf>to te»tameiitt> meo €k> et h*go executniv 
bu« meiH, ad (hMXMictuium pn> anima meA« |>rc»ut coram 1)m> 
\ohuTint ri'^jiondtTc. Kl ad extvucitMiem pnrH:nli% tr%tamefiU 
mri facirfKiam ordino t'^icio et ctMutituo executorei^ meo» Adam 
TtPfthittc dc Be%crUco, domimim Robcrtiun Bnde vtoarutm 


chori Eccles. CoUeg. S. Joh. Beverlaci, Thomam Swanland 
draper de Beverlaco, ac Ricardum de EUlerton clericum meuip* 
— Dat in Camera principal! ejusdem Thomas in villa Beverlaci. 
Testibus Willielrao Burn ordinis Fratrum Minorum Beverlaci, 
et dominis Willielmo Pathone, Tliom4 Wollor capellanis, Thomil 

Gusham, et Johanne Feliskyrk laicis. [Prob. cor. Episcopo 

apud Aukland, 24 Sep., 1410. 


(Reg. JjiNOLEY, fol. 42. b.] 

In nomine Domini nostri Jh'u Chrlsti, Amen ; Ego Alanus de 
Newerk Clericus, Eboracensis Dioceseos, intuens quod in hUc 
lacrimarum valle manentem non habeo civitatem, sed aliam in- 
quiro, utinam de immense bonitate divind. felicem, et cum cinis 
sim revertar in cinerem, sed quando, ubi, vel qualiter, divinae 
duntaxat noticise reservatur ; ut ergo transitoria michi bona col- 
lata in pauperum recreacionem, divini cultus augmentum, meae^ 
que et aliarum animarum salutem, laudemque majestatis divinae, 
cedere valeant in fiiturum, condo et ordino testamentum meum 
in hunc modum. Lego animam meam immensas bonitati Divi- 
nae, gloriosaeque Virgini Mariae matri Jh'u Christi, Sancto Johan- 
ni Evangelistae ac omnibus Sanctis Dei, quorum intercessionibus 
etemam habere firmiter credo vitam, corpusque meum sepelien- 
dum in ecclesi^ Cathedrali Eboraci juxta altare sancti Johannis 
Apostoli et Evangelistae, magistri mei, situm in parte australi, 
vel alibi, si mortem extra provinciam Ebor. ingrediar, secundum 
disposicionem pro tempore contingentem. Item lego cuilibet 
executori meae ultimae voluntatis, per me inferius nominato, 
onus executionis actualiter recipient!, pro labore suo, quin- 
que libras argenti; et si unus majorem laborem reportaverit, 
juxta aliorum executorum arbitrium retribuatur sibi. Item lego 
onmia alia bona mea distribuenda magis pauperibus et egenis in 

1 Master of Sherburne Hospital 3rd Jan., 1403 : resigned in 1409 — Arch- 
deacon of Durham February 1408, upon the resignation of Thomas de Weston 
—resigned in the same month — an executor of the will of Bishop Skirlaw, and 
in that canecitj superintended the finishing of the Cloister of Durham Cathe- 
dral, which had been begun by that prelate, and for the completion of which he 
had made a provision. From the year 13ii0 to 140j Netvark was included in 
almost every commission on the affairs of the Borders. His various prefer- 
ments at the time of his death, may be gathered from his will. He was an 
advocate in the Consistory Court of York, and there he died in 1412, and was 
buried in the Cross Aisle of the CathedraL The inscription upon his grave- 
sioiie is given by Drake in his Klioracum. H is arms were argent, three saltires 
eogniled sableb This shield occurs among the armorial bearings in the Cloister 
of DurtMon Abbey. 


Civitatr Kboraci, et locis aliin, ct in aliof pkw tmut, ad Uudem 
Di*i« et pro mek et alionim quibut antricttis tutn ammftlms ic- 
eundum rormam et exiffencuun alionim codicilUmim meontm 
per me in |XMterum faciendonim, quot hie conArmo^ talteni ti 
codicillcM me conficere continent in futunim. Ad huju« rrru 
ultimip mea? voluntatis execticionem debite faciendam tjirdioo rt 
CfMifitituo exeeutoren dominiim Johannem Munkgate, prrftunam 
in KccU*iiifc ¥hor. cujut arbitrio, in Inrn'tA du^tribuendi* et rrgen- 
dU« alios executoret |>an*re volo et ttatuo ; ac Mafckitrum WiU 
lielmum de Newerk nepotem meuni rertorem Kccle^tar de Slayl- 
bum ; dominum Kobertiim Appilton Vicarium Kccl€*«i«* Hhor. 
Ct domium Spnnvell ca|>ellanum, ar Willielmum I>*venton cteri- 
cum mt'um. I)tota in aulA liabitarioni» mr« t^KHUci dectmo 
octavo menst» Aprili* Anno Merer umleeimo. 

In nomine IXimini nottri Jh'u (^hriftti, »ub eujut mberieordU 

TITO, et migrabo ab Ikxt teculo nf*quam, eodicilUw fkubtcriptm 

condo et facio, addocjue per me te»tamento |>nu« facto. In 

primit volo ut x'. distribuanttir inter |Miiipere« parochianoA ec- 

cle«ia* de Mekc*i»biirgh pro anini4 bono* niemorue IXomini Fran- 

ciAci quondam Canliiiali« Romana* Fxclentxr et Arrhidiarcjcii 

Eboraci, ti per me priut mm fuerint dUtribulir. Et inter |iao- 

periMi et egtMKM parochiamM eeeleskiir colU^ialir de Derlvngton 

ubi prebetidam nabet> x^ Kl inter inrola^i villnr de Kft*k» quwt 

«t corpun pn»bi»ndir quam hnbcni in tVcle^iA de Ijuigehe»tre« 

x'. Kt inter egetMM et paui>ere^ villa* de Naptnvych ubi llo^ 

pitale habeo x marcir di»trimiantur pni animabu* fundatorum 

prebendir et Ho^pitalin prardictt>rum. Item volo ut die exeqtti* 

arum mearum xx marnr iuiu|)eribuf dUtribuantur. Item Petro 

Gt*ll, Jolianni F^er^k, et I jiureticio StafTonie, lego tj librae per 

equalf*A |)ortionc*ii ei« dividendaii. Item Johanni llo«e v'. Item 

Rol>t*rto U«*<lt* xl*. et David Berage et 'IlMmiff* Jail xl*. per 

cqualt** porrione* ei* dividetKliM. Item Williflnui Ijunbxx*. et 

Tnoma* David xiij*. iiij'*. ei Mi|\fn<lo» prout egrt. Item volo ut 

die obit j» niei ext*cutoreii mei ronvt^niant in prandio cum amict» 

mei» jHTiHi* in«itandt«, •»uinptihuii niei'^, el rilKMit i. |iiau|M»r\'v et 

habf^ant mh^uui fragtm*nta aua, et quilibt*t griMMum. Item volo 

qucwl ordin4*tur ut unu% ra|M*llaiui« rt*lrbn*t in l*xxl<*%iA Fbor. 

ad altare Sancti Johanni% KvaJigelitta* pro animA Tbomar fratrit 

mei et animabun parentuni nM*orum et omnium eorum quibua 

tenentur, et animA nwX^ |H*r xx anno» proximc M*quente« mortem 

meain, et habt*at quolih<*t anno i *. ; ad quod iHiut iupfiortan- 

dum, kuh caucione congruA, fie|)otianlur e*. |ienrs laptulttm 

Kbor. ; quir »uniina, ^i C apitulo plaritum fuent, potest exponi 

ein*a fal>ricam Fccl€*»ia: : et obligetur C*apitulum eocignio modo 

ad tolvenduoi c*. dicto capeUano et »uccrMoribtt» Mm annuattm 


per viginti annos; quod onus non excedet summam proedictam: 
et si Capitulum hoc renuerit, Abbas et Conventus Ebor. vel 
Prior et Conventus de Gysburgh assument onus hujusmodi, et 
prseficiatur capellanus per magistrum Johennem Munkgate et per 
Magistnun Willielmum de Newerk, dum vixerint, vel eorum al- 
terum diucius viventem, et post obitum, per Capitulum Ebor. : 
et fiat securitas de dict& sunrnii annuatlm solvend^ per tempus 
prsdietum juxta peritioris avisamentum in jure regio ; et istud 
factum eget msLgtA prudenci^, quam extendere tediosum foret ; 
extendam tamen in alio pergameno si Deus tempus dederit et 
gratiam. Et volo ut dominus Johannes Span veil sit capellanus 
pnedictus, si voluerit, cum onere et commodo supradictis ; et 
tempore infirmitatis, non fictas, perclpiet salarium suum sicut 
aliis temporibus ; et si non poterit in praemissis haberi securitas 
congrua, quia religiosi reddunt se difiiciles in solucionibus suLs, 
et grave foret capellano hujusmodi sustinere lites, vel deponatur 
summa solida in cistk sub tribus clavibus servanda per dictos ma- 
gistrum Johannem et Willielmum Executores meos, dum vixe- 
rint, et, post eorum obi turn, per alias personas quas ipsi nomina- 
verint ; et inde annuatim sumatur salarium solvendum capellano 
praedicto : Et si hsec via non poterit esse firma, conducantur tot 
capellani ut duobus, tribus, quatuor, yel quinque annis, dispensari 
dicta summa valeat inter eos, cum onere supradicto hujusmodi 
tempore exequendo. Item volo habere obitum in EcclesiH 
Ebor. oneris xxx'., vel circiter, per viginti annos ; et quod sum- 
ma xxx^ deponatur, vel cum ea fiat sicut cum ali^ summisupra^ 
dicti. Item lego conventui Monasterii Beatae Mariae Ebor, 
unum ciphum deauratum, habentem formam calicis coopertum, 
in cujus summitate ymago Leonis fixa est, et habet basas de 
Leonibus ; et volo quod venerabilis pater Thomas Abbas mo- 
dernus habeat usum ciphi pro tempore vitae sua?, et postea re- 
maneat Conventui. Item lego Willielmo cognato meo unum 
ciphum argenti coopertum ponsatum in fundo et in cooperculo. 
Item lego quatuor Conventibus fratrum mendicancium Eboraci 
iiij*. inter eos equaliter dividendas. Item lego fratri Ricardo 
Sawage ministro domus sancti Roberti juxta Knaresburugh xiij*. 
iiij^. et cuilibet confratri suo sacerdoti in eMem domo iij*. iiij^. 
et cuilibet alteri fratri non sacerdoti ejusdem domus xx**.; et ad 
pittanciam inter eos faciendam tempore exequiarum mearum vj*. 
viij^. ; ut orent pro me ad Deum et exequias faciant juxta ritum 
ecclesiae. Item lego cuilibet monacho Prioratus sancti Johan- 
nis Evangelistas Pontisfracti iij*. iiij*^., et x*. ad pittanciam inter 
eos faciendam die exequiarum mearum, ut orent pro me ad Deum 
et exequias faciant juxta ritum ecclesias. Item volo ut illae per- 
ionae quibus in Inventario meo designo res aliquas per scriptu- 

D 3 


rmm nrnnm mnr propria*, c)tiir «atU m>ta <*»t clrriri« mei«, ilUm 
res hjib(*aiit in fomiA legati. Itrni volo iit |>n-M*fi((»r c|uilitM*i 
canonictis rj*. viij*. vi |>c*rM>iianiin ar virarionim tTrlf*ia* l*]hcir. 
et dnorum cifricoruin in %'i^tiaric> c|tiililM*t xx^. et cpiilibrt dia- 
conuft xij^. et aliorum niimiruni niini%trciruni in clictro dicta* rr- 
ck^ia* QuililH't viij''., |K*rM)naliter intt*rt*«M*ntP\ in r\f*<|uiift inrt% 
et quilibct tnum MUTi»tanini txclei^in* xij^. pra*tt*r ft*twia sua 
cofuucta habeant ; ut orent pro nu* ad Drum. lit* m volo ut rr- 
fttduum Ixinonjm nicorum tMiii|H*nbu4 t*t rgeni^, mni fic!i«, t*t in 
alicM pioii unuft, pro niiiniA IlioniA* frntris nifi vi mvh t*t aninia* 
biu fMircntum nx^oniin et omnium (imim quihu^ Mimn» ohlt(tatt« 
ac omnium fidi*lium cit*functorum, fidrlitf-r rt diM-r«*ti* di^trihu• 
antur, et in hii«» 4tc*tur rouMlio et aHiitrio domini JohanDit Munk- 
gate |)erKotui* in Kcrlf^Li K)M»r. ; in rujn% conM-ieittia* |Hintate 
0|)rm HuIh-o ; et ulira legatn ^ihi in ti*%!amento lepii %ihi xl*. In 
cujuft n*i t(*%tinionium pnt^rntihu^ <kigilluni meum npiM^ui. lint' 
in domo hahitarioni« mea* intra rlau^uni t>rlevifr r!hor. anno 
domini Millei^imo la r undecinio, virc^tnio quiiiti* die RH-n«t« 
Mail, item lego domino Johanni Mitnkgate, cioniino |{«>berto 
Ap[M*lton et domino Jolianni Spun\t 11, (Xrrutorihufi in te«ta- 
mento inter alio^ noir.inati», ternnniHi <t jus nun luheo in i\rmX 
grangifT de Quarr}iiL*ton Com. I>iiiit*!m. lti*m lego pra*fato 
domino Johanni N! ur k ^Mt e trf<» lihra<» xu-genti prn*ter %'. in t<^t.T- 
menlo meti rt xl*. in ai;ne\c> ctHiii i!lo. Iti ni l(*go Nfngi%tro WiU 
lielmo Neinerk, e«»gnut4» meti« nphuni nrgt-nti ilrauratum, qtN*in 
haheti in u<»u cotidiano; 1 1 l^auri-i.f to StaHord clerico mt^> x\%j*. 
viij*., priiter ^^^e/ rum una t<»g.\ cli* hlarnu'iile ftirrato, rt diHi 
capiria de nigro punno de Ivre ; vl IVtro (lell rlfiiro m«^m tew 
gam de hlamti turratu, ruju> luilx't ra|»ir;uin |>er me priu« %ibt 
datum ; I)at KlM>r. in tr^t. 'I'riu, 1411.- ' IVoh. in ia|ielL\ Ilo»p. 
de Slurhurne juxta Dtiiirlm. mraiu I'.{;i^*o|k>« (i Jul.« 1411.' 

Mil. TK?»T\MKNTI M lUH.IlKI DK klliKBI.* 

In Dei nominis Anven. Kgo llogiTii* <le K}rkby, i^rrprtuot 
Vicariu* dr (taviitonl, roni|-i»% nuiiti%, tin* luiue in fe%to Sanrtt 
Marri K\ai)g**li<>trt*« anno iKmiirn Millt-^inio imc duodrctmo, 
coim1«> te*tajnentum meum in luuu* nM>«ium. In pnaits lego 
aoimam meam Di*o t-t l>«*atir Marin*, et omnibus %aiicti* ; f*f 

I Vk«r ftf {;ainforU frvm l4A| to Ulf.— BurM vitkls tW Akar Maftb •» 
tW Qiurih ftmirdiiif to kit •lU— ^ooMMrsioraUil by a toua latmy^iMi la 
upoa • knMi yUir tliU rctMUaiog over kit gfavc 


corpus meum ad sepeliendum in choro Ecclesiae parochialis de 
Gaynford, juxta altare, ex parte australi. Item lego uni sacer- 
doti, pro aium& mei et animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum 
celebraturo, pro tribus annis post sepulturam meam, capienti 
per annum centum solidos, xv^ Item lego Abbati et Conventui 
de Eglyston xx*. Item lego cuilibet sacerdoti de Castrobar- 
nardi existenti ad exequias meas ij*. Item lego cuilibet aliorum 
sacerdotum existenti ad dictas exequias xij^. Item lego ad 
distribuendum in die sepultures meae iiij marcas. Item lego 
Capellee Castribamardi unam Legendam Auream. Item lego 
domino Jolianni Drawlace Capellano Juniori unum librum qui 
vocatur Gemma Ecclesia;. Et omnes alios libros meos do et 
lego Willielmo de Kyrkby filio Adae de Kyrkby nuper fratris 
mei, et hoc quod si ita contingat quod fuerit presbiter; sin 
autem, vendantur et precium eorum detur pro anim^ meA, prout 
executor mens melius viderit exi)edire. Item lego domino 
Thomae de Langton Capellano unam togam blodii coioris furu- 
ratam. Item lego unum calicem precii xl'., vel xl*. monetae 
Anglise, ad serviendum ad altare luminare beatae Marias Castri- 
bamardi. Item lego Willielmo fratri meo unum equum, scilicet 
Bay, et xx'. Item lliomae de Kyrkby consaugumeo meo vj 
petras lanae, et ij marcas. Item lego Ricardo de Kyrkby cog- 
nato meo unam vaccam, scilicet optiniam ; et unum lectum, 
pro statu suo congruentem, et iiij petras lanae cum xx*. Item 
lego Elezabethae cognatae meas aliam vaccam juniorem, unam 
pelvim cum lavacro, et unum lectum sibi congruum ; et duas 
petras lanas cum xiij*. iiij*^. Item lego Thomas de Gedworth, 
camerario meo, unum equuni griseum, unam vaccam, unam 
lectum rubeum, et omnes sagittas meas, unam loricam optimam, 
unum brestplate, et unum par de vawmbrace, et eciam de rere- 
brace, unum par de Whysshowes Grenyce, unum Basenet cum 
aventale, et unum pai* cirothecarum de plate, et xx'. Item 
lego Henrico Smyth ix matrices cum v agnis, vel precium 
eorum ; et ij paria linthiaminum, et vj*. viij**. Item lego 
Thomas de Kyrkby clerico unam togam viridem, et vj*. viiij**. 
Item Alicias de Kyrkby, nuper uxori fratris mei, xij coclearia 
argentea optima, precii xxxvj*. et unam peciam coopertam, 
argenteam, precii... et unum lectum optimum, cum iiij niarcis 
monetas legalis. Item lego Johanni Drawlace juniori, Capel- 
lano, unam peciam argenteam non coopertam, et vj coclearia 
argentea et unam togam optimam. Item lego Thomas Sowre- 
ale Capellano aliam togam, scilicet scndry, et unam peciam 
non coopertam, et vj coclearia argenti. Residuum vero om- 
nium bonorum meorum do et lego prasdictis dominis Johanni 
Drawlace et Thomas SownJe capellanis ; ut ipsi ordinent . 


Te«libu< Alicu i\v Kvrkhv, 'Dionui (twlwarth rt alin. Vmf 
spud (taynffcinl. 

lNVR%'T\iiirM [/6f#A r<i»l* •'>7.] In |)ecuniA niimeratli xxxrj*. 
xiii*. ilfj^. Trm pcciir arf^ciiti cum ctH>iiert«>nit xj iiiarr. %j*. 
▼tij^. ij peci«* ahnque rcMtpfrtorii^ xij*. I na zona «r|rrntrA rt 
demurata r marc. I'lui alia zona argentea x*. Trt^ baiUanl 
argmti xxiiij*. I'num ]uur de b(*tle« de lamhr* rt unu« ain^u* 
drt X*. Duo lecti ru)M*i colorU mi, coo|wrti cum taprtiit xx*. 
IXio It^i de b)odM» x*. l*nu» |>anru% It^tu* dt* hkidNi wormlHC 
▼j*. viij*. l'nu» lcctu% alhu» iij*. iiij*. Duo c(K>|M*fTla %j'. 
Unum whrlt cum iiij malri>M» vj*. viij*. xiiij lodicei xiiij*. xix 
parta linthtaminum xxxj*. viir'. l*iium mantellum dr nibeo 
fmed XX*. Tr<** lojfn* fumiratir xl*. l^inm pylchr de ttran* 
lion XX*. Trt*« tog«i* *intfuiif xiij*. iiij*. Quatuor nltut paotii 
lanei viz. de M*mirv ct>lc>ri« cuni oiiA tt*U de KiiftiK*t xxvj*. riij^, 
Armatura xxvj*. viij'*. viij libne cene iiij*. l*num par <le Tru»- 
•vngcofem iiij*. I'liam wyreluitte v*. Sm' Ixij'. vj*. vuj*. !;• 
Ai'tA ij dopKiria cum uno iianwhifr xxiij*. iiij*. xfj wh%*%»hniea 
xij*. ij mcnw com trt*tilli^ xij*. l*num Co|>p€4Hjnl vj*. vitj*. 
Duie |H*lve« cum lavoc^rin iii^*. N t ei.\rio una nuippa cum uno 
manutergio de novo factin iij*. x mat>|)ie vctere* cum iij niaoti* 
tergii^ ij*. vj*. xxxviij uini panni linei xi*. j*. iij paria cultelloruin 
argenti vj*. viij*. ix uIni |NUUii lin4*i de lake iiij*. vj*. ij bareb et 
iiij *tand«*H ij*. I\ t<K4ilN\ %ij oUa* irneie vij*. iiij paleiUr ij*. 
Tj*. unum %*eni ferreum viij*. ij dre%*hyngknyve^ vij*. I'num 
plumbum continent xxxij lageiuu, cum tribu* tiarvit plumlm vnj*. 
ij duodenir va»orum de Heetro xx*. una dNodetia vaaonim rete* 
mm vj*. viij*. V |)ara|wide« H x di»ci ij*. I'num 

ferri rj*. unum Ko»tvngirvn iiij*. Im ftT\Bi lo ij palfridi frritet 
iiij'. Duo e<|ui xx%j*. viij*. i na (*f|ua iiij*. nij*. v urlltt cum 
iiij fn*ni« xrj*. viij*. I'lui canica ligata cum f«*rro cum omni 
a|>|»nnitu xvj*. iij vacrie xx*. xv ihmti cum v txirv^elUt xxx*. I'nti* 
a|)er vj*. viij*. CfR\N\Ri\, x quart* bra%ii niixti xxxiij*. iiij*. 
In rrunii*nto onitni, ji^«*fui, vi |»i«i«, uorMlum trituratit \iij'. IV^ 
b«*ntur «*ifi«*m \'. \*. x |»«*trn> terri \*. alia uten%ilu x*. Summa 
totali*^ iiij** \ix'. \i*. iij*. 


[R€g. LAMOLETy foL 74.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Robertus Hibburn, Major Villa? 
Novicastri super Tjmam, animadvertens fallaciam hujus mundi, 
periculum mortis michi imminere, licet aeger corpore sanus ta- 
men mente, cum hie non habemus civitatem manentem, sed 
foturam inouirimus ; die veneris, tercio die mensis August!, 
Anno Dommi Millesimo cccc quintodecimo, apud dictam vil- 
1am Novi Castri condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In 
primis, lego animam meam Deo, beatae Mariae, et omnibus 
Sanctis; et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesii (^nium 
Sanctorum ejusdem villas, coram altare Cantariae sancti Johannis 
Evangeiistae. Item do et lego Agneti uxori meas totum illud 
capitale Mesuagium meum Burgagium, cum suis pertinentiis, 
jacent' in villi dicti Novi Castri in vico vocato le Cloos, ex parte 
occidentali tenement! Robert! Clj'flbrth, per suas antiquas metas 
et bundas. Habendum et tenendum dictum tenementum cum 
suis pertinentiis praefatae Agneti pro termino vitas suae de capita* 
libus dominis feodi illius per serviciainde debita et de jure con- 
sueta. Ita, post decessum dictas Agnetis, totum dictum capi- 
tale tenementum cum suis pertinentiis integre remaneant Tliomae 
filio meo et heredi, heredibus et assignatis suis imperpetuum. 
Item do et lego Roberto filio meo omnia terras et tenementa sive 

Borgagia mea extra portam del Sandzate, infra procinctum 

et suburbiam ejusdem ViUae, per suas antiquas metas et bundas 

remaneant Thomas filio meo. — Item do et lego Rogero 

filio meo omnia terras et tenementa existencia in dicti villi Novi 
Castri super Tvnam quas teneo in feodo de Magistro et Fratri- 
bus de Walknoll, supra le Keyside, vel infra Pampeden, per suas 

antiquas metas. quod si remaneant Thomas filio meo. 

Item Tolo quod omnia bona mea mobilia, debitis meis plenarie 
persolutis, participentur, ita quod una pars remaneat executo- 
ribus meis subscnptis, ad distribuendum pro amini mei prout 
melius viderint expedire ; et quod altera pars dictorum bono- 
rum remaneat dictas Agneti uxori meas, tanquam pro racionabili 
parte sui; et quod tercia pars dictorum bonorum remaneat 
omnibus filiis meis supradictis, dictis legacionibus non obstanti- 
bus. Item do et lego Margaretas filias meas quadraginta mercas 
monetae, dum tamen se maritaverit per avisamentum et consilium 

1 Thb penon died in his mayoralty. Two yean afterwards, Bishop Lang- 
ley granted a dispensation to Thomas, his son and heir, to marry Isabella, widow 
(/William Strotber, his reUtion. 


i*xt*ctitoniin mi'onim ikiib3»rn|itf>runi vi Kicanii IVilton h alio- 
rum frmtruni »iioniiii pratlictoruni.-- Ili'kHiiiuin — A|nirii 
uxori iiKMi* t*t 'nionia* filiii nuHi, nil (li%tril>ut*iKliitii |iro aiiiiiiii iim-^ 

A|^m*ii uxor 'Ilitmias filiut, et Kicunlut i)iiii«»n vw- 

cuion-^.— [Pr«>b, 27 Sf|>t^ UI5.J 

|Rrg. I*A«oLrT, t 7'J h.| 

In IVi nomims Amen. V^o lliiflulpliu% dc lW(>iiiU*v« %irami% 
rccle»iir clt* Norton, \iilt*ii* luortU (htkuIuiii uiiniiiM*rt% cikmIu 
tr»Uum*ntuiii im^uiii in tuiiu* UMMiuni. In priuiis lt'>;i» anuiuuii 
mrata I)i*o omnipotonti, l>€*ata* Marut* %irj{itiuc*t onniitm% »aiM:u*; 
corpuMjur itH'uni ml M*|K*lit*nilum in cliuro ttx^U'^ur fie Nt»rtuu. 
Item lego iiij'. cent* od i4nlen<ium cin'H coq>u% nH*mn ml ex- 
equiaft mean, in die »e|)ultura* nwiv. Item in expeuftu die »rpui- 
Uirir mea% in |MUie et cer\ i%iA xx*.: et, in alii* eX|H*fifti», secundum 
discrecioiu'm et diAiM)fvicioneni Kxecutoruin uieorum. Item 
kfgo cnililN*t Capellano exi^tenti in i)lH4Hiuit» fuiHTalibii* iiij'. 
Item lego I*xcle»iie de Norton >j*. viij^. Item l4*go Jokauni dr 
Bromley, fratri nkH>,' optinunn lectuni nH*um, \idelicet Icctum 
cum curtini.% Uxlicihus, liiitlii.inniiibus niatric*, et alitt ad tectum 
peitinentibu«». Item i<*^ti ni«itri nwmt tiptimam meam togam 
cum furrun\ et ca|uirio ejuMlttn. Item Agneti arnica: nmr 
unaro togam de murre nu'ld duplirat* ctmi cank*« cum csfiiciu 
ejuMlem ; et eideni .Vgueti legt> nnam e<{uam ambulantem cum 
■rlU |>ru|iria, in c|n4 MilelMini e<{uit4Are. Item lego Wiilirkno 
IHuTV'* M*r\ienli iniMi xiij*. iiij"*. Item lego lUilierto C^ikc xij*. 
Item lego Willielnio Akluni %fr\i4iiti nie<»xij\ Item lego IWa- 
trici fc4*nri4*nli nieie nj*. inJ^> -IU*%iduuni — J(»li«tnni de Hroudr% 
fratri nieo, Joluiniii \\e\%i de lUrtuird Ca»ir!l« tt Koberto 
JohnM»n de Norton- - 4h>mI«iii .-.^xetui •n*^-- ^M'cunduni f«rrliua» 
tiooeni Ue\ertndi l*«itM%, doutiiu 'Iliotu*' 1 >uite*lnu';.%i« KpiMro|it» 
vel mi(n%tri>runi <>uoruni, ukIc ordiiieht rt di«|M)iuiiit pro Mihicione 
debitoriun nntirum, ni c|uibu<k cliwr^i^ |M*rMini%« de c^uu didr«» 
rakle, a!»tringor ; «*t iH*iajii |>n) re|i«ir.u*u>ne man^Mmi^ uh'w aiMal 
Norton* ad i|u«un ti*iUHi uUr«i ({uain »utilci re |Miten>: babitu 
rr»pectu ail ^nnpbceni ^tatitni nieunu et ni«M|icit.i(t in btHMmim 
meorum. 'r<^tibu« donnno Jolianne Nemion Uc*cti»r«* de lUigb- 
Ion, donnno llicardo Mar^hiill ra|H*IUiM>, Jtiluuuie Sjiomer, 

, Viotf uT Sti^amttam IIIO to I4l^ 

t lUctiir uf MUaktuoiaTrrHUlcutliM xmt, md %M xht ytwt I4& 


Willielmo Parys de Norton, et aliis. In cujus — apud Norton 
rigilik Epiphaniae. m.cccc.xv^ 



[Reg. LAyoLEv, fol. 94.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen : quinto decimo die Mensis Marcii, 
Anno Domini Millesimo cccc"»*>xv°*°; Ego Willielmus de Esyiig- 
ton, Burgensis villae Novicastri super Tynam, condo et facio 
testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, do et lego ani- 
mam meam Deo omnipotenti, et beatae Marine virgin!, et omnibus 
Sanctis ; et corpus meum ad sepeliendum ubicumque Deus dis- 
posuerit. Item do et lego summo altari ecclesiae meae paro- 
chiali pro decimis et oblacionibus oblitis xx*. Item do et 
lego fabricae ecclesiae beati Nicholai villae praedictae xxx*. Item 
do et lego fabricae capellae sancti Johannis villae praedictae v 
marcas. Item do et lego cuilibet Ordini Fratrum Mendican- 
cium xiij*. iiij**. Item do et lego cuilibet pauperi, propter jnfir- 
mitatem lectum tenenti, infra dictam villam, vj^. Item do et 
lego Nicholao filio meo omnia terras et tenementa mea cum 
omnibus suis pertinentiis tarn infra villam Novicastri quam ex- 
tra si contingat sine haerede decedere tunc volo 

quod omnia terrae sine fraude et dolo vendantur, et distri- 

buentur pro animd mea et anim^ Aliciae uxoris meae et liberorum 
meonun. — Item do et lego Nicholao filio meo pra?dicto omnia 
principalia mea tam in camera, aula, penore, coquinIL, brasiato- 
rio, pandoxatorio, stabulo, una cum omnibus armis et armaturis 
meis, tam invasivis quam defensivis, quorum omnium residuum 
do et lego, videlicet utensilium praedictorum, praedicto Nicholao 
filio meo, Henrico et Willielmo, fiHis meis putativis, inter eos- 
dem equaliter dividendum. Item do et lego praedicto Henrico, 
filio meo putativo, xl^, et praedicto Willielmo fratri suo xl^ 
Item do et lego praedicto Nicholao filio meo omnia jocalia et or- 
namenta tam ad capud quam ad corpus, nmlieris omaturae incum- 
bencia, cum clitellis quibus includuntur ; quae praedicta Alicia 
uxor mea Elizabethae et Elenae filiabus meis in su& ultim^ p'tate 
assignavit. Item do et lego Matildae sorori meae x marcas. 
Item do et lego presbiteris divina celebraturLs pro anim& me& et 
anim& Aliciae uxoris meae, et pro animabus liberorum nostronim, 
et omnium fidelium defunctorum, cc^ Residuum — Nicholao 

I The Executors renounoed. The BIshqi impoeed administntkm upon 
John de Bromley, brother of the tcetator, and appoiiited John Newton» Sector 
of HoughlOD, fuperviior. 


Alio nieo — Kxccutoret NiclioU* filiim meus DiHnintH Jahannr* 
tie Klall ca(H*llaiiU!>f Kicartiu» Furti^tfr C*l«*ricu«, t*t VI illielttiii* 
ck* (^oniford — xx iiuurca* intt*r chm €ii\ iciemUif pn> UbcMV auo.- 
Tv^tibus Will. Uc<iiiic*n»hell, Job. Vllivt drmprr, Joli. Puntfmt 
coniwanvr, ct Job. Tommii gkivcrr. — [rrob. 23 Vvb^ 1416.] 

(Krf. Lavulit, M. n. L| 

In IXm ncimims Amen. Ihv lunn% pmxime ante fribiuni Ra- 
mw Paliiiarum, .\niio IViniini MilU*«imo ccccxvi**, Y]go Jc^ 
luuintii Sccickdale, Ikiuvcr vi Uurgt*njiiti villH» Novicjutri i^uprr 
Tynani, rc>in|HMi nuuitiii, t*t {lartc** tranftnmrina*, mrrrandiianrii 

C1IU1I&, |>ro|MiiH*Rft vUitare, ociiido te%tani«*ntuni mrum ani* 

matii l)iH> t*t lM*ain* Manv ft omiiibu« Saiictin ; ccirpuMfuc* ad 

•r|)flietKluni ubi IX'U* cli*p<wiufnt Joltannei de Wrrmoolb 

cap(*llaiius vi VVillii*lmtu C ay«trr coiiMinguitH'u* meut, licrrdrs rt 

rgtiati »ui, tciK»ant omnia terras et tciK*nirtita 

in viilis de Novoca.Htro et Ctate%b(*Vf*d afl |>erficimduni to- 

luntateni meam prxt^licti Jcibannet et Wiilielmtu tenranC 

omnia bona niea tani citra mare qtiam ultra. Te*ci* 

bus Adamar lieryng, J«»lianne liarker merchant, Johanne de 
Moreton men^haiit, UolH*rto de Wytton clerico, Kobrrto 
Fletcher et alii«. — [IV. at I^mdon in llo»i>icio Fpbcopi DunrliQ. 
de licenciik K|>i»co|>i Londoru coram 111. Kp. 1>. 12 Joi»r, 


In IVi nomine, AnH*n. F^o Johanne* de Lumlej, miles in 
boni menH>n4 xxiiij die Aprilift, AniHi Domini Millesuiio 
ccc'cx^iiJ., coikIo tt*«tamentum meum in huiic modum. In 
primi^ lego animam im^am IXh) (>mni(K>tenti, beats Marur, et 
Omnibut Sanctis, et corpus meum ad S4*pc*lieiidum in ecclemii 

I Sir Jolia iMtnley, of I^biWt Cs«tU, KnlKtit. toii ami heir of Sir Ralf4 
LmaWt, vbo died in battW si OrpfwwUr sf^iMt Hfnrr IV^ hj Elisair, 
dftttflilcr of Juho l^oH NVriUc, of fUbj. MtUr of Rftlpl^'flrM Esfi of W«i|. 
■Jmd. Sir Jokm I^mWt vm tUia ti Bmujn, In AiOou^m i:*ii«r Ew^ lit l« 
IMitUif umS^ thr banixTt of ihc iKikr of ttamicA, aad mm UiiML mC m 
UM«c«r4r-Htf«vi, m hu «tU mjoUM, but in tb# CsUwvlrvi.Tarti at DurbMH 
iW monk door, ftom vImms hb boiMPs smI ininganat vtrr fssiois^ to 
Ui fa B m % h hy JoHa, l^Mrd Laiafay.ka l«#i. 


beatie Mariae de Chestre, inter duas columpnas, ubi Felicia, uxor 
inca» quondam, modo jacet, ex parte boreali ecclesiae predictae. 
Et volo quod executores mei pro ipsd et me faciant unam tum- 
bam honestam de marmori^ et alium apparatum competentem. 
Item volo et lego quod executores mei inveniant, primo anno 
postdecessum meum, septem Capellanos, celebraturos pro ani- 
mlL me&, et animi praedictae FeliciaB, et animabus parentum meo- 
rum* Item lego Johanni Percy de Kyldall xl libras. Item lego 
uni piscatori juxta Rotse* quinque marcas. Item lego Agneti 
Cuthbert xl libras ad maritagium suum. Item lego Willielmo 
Peyghan x marcas. Item Willielmo Hunter decem marcas. 
Item lego Johanni Haliday x marcas. Item Matheo Pacock 
decem marcas. Item lego Willielmo Mayhu xx libras. Item 
lego Alianorae, filiae meae, ccc marcas, ad maritagium suum. 
Item lego Matildae, filiae meae, ccc marcas ad maritagium suum. 
Item lego Annas, filiae meae,^ ccc marcas ad maritagium suum ; 
habendas praedictas summas quando praedictae filiae meae ad aeta- 
tem xviij annorum pervenennt, aut si per amicos meos ante 
talem aetatem maritentur. Et volo quod praedictae filiae meae 
sint in custodi4 et potestate executorum meorum, usque ad prse- 
dictam aetatem ; nisi, medio tempore, maritentur ad costagium 
dictorum executorum meorum de bonis meis inveniendum. 
Item lego Agneti filiae Agnetis Cuthbert xl libras ad maritagium 
suum, eidem solvendas, cum ad eandem aetatem pervenerit ; et 
quod, medio tempore, sit in custodi4 [etc in formi predict^]. 
Item volo quod Executores mei inveniant de bonis meis Jo- 
hannem filium praedictae Agnetis Cuthbert usque ad aetatem xxj 
annorum. Item volo quod Feoflati mei in Hospitio meo de 
Wodestret in London vendant dictum Hospitium ad acquittan- 
dum debita mea, et ad disponendum pro animi me4. Item lego 
Elizabethae sorori meae,^ centum marcas ad maritagium 
suum. Item lego Katerinae sorori meae* c marcas ad maritagium 
suum. Item lego Matildae filiae meae totum le Perell quod fuit 
matris suae. Item lego Annae filiae meae unam togam de panno 
aureo, quae fiiit matris suce. Item volo quod Executores mei 
faciant vestimentum de duobus togis de blodio velvet, et quod 
donetur per Executores meos praedictae Ecclesiae de Chestre, ad 
orandum pro animi mea, et animi dictae Feliciae uxoris meae, et 

1 FeUdi, daughter of Sir Matthew Redmayne, of Newcastle, of whom 
Froianrt tellaa romantic story in his narrative of the Battle of Otterbume. 

t There is a little village dilled Rotsea, on the coast of Yorkshire, but it is 
at some distance from the sea. 

* These three daughters are not noticed in the printed pedigrees of Lumler. 

^ Afterwards wife of Adam Tirwhitt, of Kettleby, Co. Line, Esq. 

^ Afterwards married to Sir John Chideok, Knt. 


antecrMonim meorum. Ifem Irgo Rieanlo Bukley Clrriro* 
unuin cipliiun demiirmtum et x niarcmn argrnti. Ilrtn legf> Ri» 
ounrlo de Urpalh caprllmno uiium ci|>hiini ai^^nti et decrm mar* 
cam. K^duum vero amniuro bonortim meorum non k*gmltinim 
do et lego Kxecutoribui mcU, at debita mca aroiiietent, e< pro 
■alute anima? mea* dupommt, prout vidc*bitur lleo plarerr, H 
•aliiti afiim« me« proficere. Iiujut autem tefttamenti mei (mchk 
ordino, et constituo pnrdictum Kicarduro de liiikley« Ilicar* 
dum de Urpalh^ et pnedietum Williebnum Mayhu l*jic?cutarrt 
meon, ac imiuper Eiizabetham* axorem Lkimmi Jc>hamiia de 
Nevyll ikupenriiorem eiuidem Tettamenti. Datum die el aooo 
tupradictift. Item rvio quod (Ixecutoret mei imreDiani duos 
homines ad eundum peregre pro me et dicti FeiictA Terviw CaiK 
tuariam^ sumptibus met*. Item toIo quod Kxerutoret met^ 
quolibet aiino sulrant Fratri llioniar Oxenden, durante ritk wok^ 
xl'. Item vok>, quod u tinedictus Thoma* facial leJubikJqood 
ipfti ei tunc M>lvant c*. Item volo qucMl aiinuatim, quamdia aU» 
quin Ks^ecutorum eorum vivit« qmxi i|Mii vt*l ipse invrniani rrl 
iuvetuat uuuni CA|H*Uanum in ixclc^lA iW*sita* SlartJt* de Chew 
tns pro aiiimA uh4. Item legci 'lliiHim* Hlakhum xi*. Iletn 
lego llkMim* New»oni xl*. Item lego 'lli«>ma* tUio meo* uiuiai 
ciphiim deauratum, quod l>i>mtiiu« nuni* F{iijicom»» Dunehn. 
ftibi cknlit. Itrni lego IX>mirui* men* Mli/abetlue Neirtll xx mar- 
ca» argenli, uiium ciphum argenii cjeaiiratum, unum fetherbed, 
xxiiij pilowen. Item lego Joluinni ik*rtnun x nmrrat. 

l\)iilciLi.i M.^ Ik* it kn4»wen till all men vat yii it ye la*t 
wiile of me kir Joiuui of Lumlev Kn\ght 1 wvlle vat mv te«lA> 

I Acroniinf; to Mr SurUc^ l>c«n of l*h««t«r-lc-a(r«H. At ftU 
was MMt^r uf Kt'^nirr llmiuul in 1 13* 

f Kli/AlirtK, tUii^hter ui lliomat tlotUntl, lUr! (»rKmt, aim) wife «>f Sir 
NnrllW, tam anti hnr app«rmt of Kalph, (^r»t Fjkrl nf Wct1m<yrUnd. u i ai r l ^ d kj 
the Trkjr of Ihirbmm^ At ISrmrcrprtlt, hy »fir«lai lirrfiar trutn Hhrfinyi S^triBV, 
fSah Au|ruM, I3:M. A MitMr«|ucnl br()u«<«(, in wbicli the trtUlur rmll* iW LaiAjr 
K1uaI«*ui 4omnmm m#«, (in^m that be hs*\ \kxix. In hi* %oulh. traimtS up vUlna 
Uir halU of RAbv. Str John NVviltr dkol brforv hit fiith«*r In I41f3<iff 4. 

s There «u at this prrind rrU:bmtc>«l At CAntrrburv. bi rr^ry ftflktb y^mr, a 
JubiU'T in bottuur uT TbocnA* a IWckrC Tbc hnl m tifyitr of Ume aiiat tW 
date ul the «tU. «a» to tAic plAcrln Uift.And thither tbctrsUtur « iJm* U» UtafA 
Fnar (HemUm hy An AiUUlionAl l«y<^t <<f lOO>. 

* AfWr«Ani« Sir Thomu I^umlcT. Knight, (tOTrmar nf JW mr iofw m t^ CmU*^ 
ac --aictl tn UIU. 

^ Mr. Hurt«v« rMnArkiof ihitcodKil. |ti. U7) U»«i >t hemn rr^rj nwi aC 
bviuft, buCh in MiUrtAacr And nfiHArtiwi, tbc miuitt* ronpaaitkv of tW Imtwim 
ll luAjr be addrd, thAl It AflurtlB an rirrlWfit A|« riartm of tW tt fi a nU i mmd 
rifuur (/tbtf EnfclUh Uu^(uafrv at thAt perkni li i«ar» <latr at M*linMifa». 
Sjar, Ml the liKh Ai^pMl, UiS, a city wbichthc ^hkImIi bad b«««%Mlft«ia iW 
aaib uf Julj jircoEduig, aad vibch »aa oo( ayrnndcftU to Umm uU w 


ment yat I maade in England stande in his strenth with yis that 
I wylle on aile wyse bee fulfillet I wille yat my brothre marmap- 
duc* bee oon of ye chief executors & chief surveiour not with* 
stonding any othir sunieiour maade before yis tyme And as 
touchant ye goodes of myn in Normandy and in ffi-ance I wille 
yat yei be disposet and gouernet bee ye avice and ordinance of 
my orothir marmaduke & of Mathew Pacok my s'uant and I 
wille yat my sustre Elizabeth haue sufficient gooae till her mar- 
iage if she wille bee mariet bee ve avice of my brothre marma- 
duJce & of William Mahu And also I wille yat my brothre mar* 
maduke haue ye litle. Jnne in Wodstrete durant his lyve or ellys 
if it be sehen by ye auyce of my brothre marmeauke and of 
William Mayhu yat ye hauyng of yat place bee hyndryng to mjm 
entent maade in England yat my torsaide brothir manned, haue 
yat place of mjni withowten Aldryggate Also I wille in alle 
haste yat may bee yat yere be maade an ende betwix Sr peres 
Tyliole^ & me Also I wille yat yere be maade an end betwix 
Johan Wodcok & me if he wille drawe till any resonable ende 
alway if any ende bee maade with ye forsaide Wodcok yat it bee 
maade so siker yat it lye not in his power to aliene yat lande and 
rentys away Also I wille yat if it be soo yat ye forsaide Wod- 
cock and myn executours maye not accorde I wille yat my bro- 
thre William haue ye forsaide landes and rentys bettir chepe yen 
any othir man by a reasonable some aftre ye discrec'on of myn 
executoures And yat yis abouen written is my last wille I 
8hal close it and sett to ye seale of myn armes. Writen at 
Mylon' ye xix day of August ye viij zere of ye reigne of 
Kyng Henri the fifte [1420]. 

[Hoc testamentum cum codicillo probatum apud Castrum de 
Lomley cum. administratione concess4 ij die Sept. A. D. 




[R^. LAyoLET, £ 109.] 
In Dei nomine. Amen, xvj die mensis Januarii, anno Domini 

I Master of Trinitj College, Cainbridge--Chancellor of the Univeniljr in 
142S— Bishop of Carlisiein 1430— of Lincoln in 1450~Lord High Treasurer 
of England— ob. 18th Dec. 1451. 

t Sir Peter Tylliol possessed lands in Great Lumley in right of his wife. 
Thete was eiridentlj a disputei perhaps a law-suit, pending between him and the 

3 Matilda, Lady of Dalden, daughter and sole heir of Bobert de Daldeo, and 


MillcKhno cccc. XX. Ego Mafildt«« qiiondain uxor UlUirlini 
del Bowcft C*h*lr, rondo lrftUiiH*tituni mrum in liiiiic tmidum. 
In primift, lego aninuun mrani IXro «*t bt»at«* Marur rt cminilHi* 
•anctis ejut ; rt corpu* nirum M*pclirmliiin in Krrlr«u dr Ikd* 
Con in le I)ldr, rtim optimo animali nooiinr mortuarii. Itrm 
do rt Irgo Fxclesiir dr Ddtoci vj torrhr», ct in qtifklibrt forrhr 
v) Ubnui crra*. Itmi do t*t Irgo Kcrln^ia* de Seun unum torrhr 
fir vj librit crnr. Itrm do rt lt*go lAiminart lirat«* Mari«* dr 
IXdton ij quart rria fnimrnti. Itrm do rt Irgo fabrkw Krrk^ 
•iir (.Vuaribrmardi %'j\ iriij\ Itt*m do rt Irgo cuilihrt (.'aprllano 
Cafttribt-mardi (ira*M'nti afxid Strrtlamr ad mimam xij^. Itrm 
do rt U»go Fratrmitati gikLr dr Sta^-ndnm vj*. Yiij^. Itna 
cuilib(*t caprllano ihid(*m nM>ranti xij^. Itrm dort Irgo Fratrmi- 
tati Giidir Sancti Nicbolai in Diirnvinr j prrr dr argrnto rt aurata 
cum o|)rrtono rjusdrm. Itrm Irgo Willirhno clr Howr* cti'lr 
filio lUibrrti dr I)owr» |>nnci|Milrm Irctum. Itrm do rt Irgo 
eidrm Willirlmo j prcr dr Argrnto cum onrrtorio hahmtrm 
in Ir frountr caput uigitta*. Itrm do rt Irgo Matildi filia* 

Rogrri dr Howr% xxvj'. xiij*. iiii^ ad rrcijiirndum in firmii dr 
Chilton IMdrn rt I^Amlmm. Itrm (k> rt lego Agnrti dr Shil* 
lington ad maritagium »uum cvj*. \tij'. quot matrr prrdictje 
Agm»ti> habuit dc* m<* rx niutuo. Itrm do rt Irgo JohamM 
DiUtcin dr C^antrobrmanli ca|H*llano j quartrrium fnim€*nti rt 
j ialmom*m i^Uum. Itrm do t*t lt*ffo niilibrt oniini Fratnini 
No%i Cafttri <u|mt Tviiani j cituuirrium frunM^nti. Itrm do ri 
lego Fratribu* dr iUTtil|M»k* j quartrrium fnimrnti. Ilea 
legi> Johaimi Fiir»trr vij*. c|imm miiii drbrt pro finnA unitM 
triirmrnti in S*ton juxta Seam dr ultinui anno. Itrm do ei 
ieg\> dictum rt*<lituni vij*. in Srton quatuor Onlinibut Fratnim 
No^i (*aAtri »uprr Tynam, climuttr trniutM> mt*o, rt pcwtra rrc- 
tit hrrrilibuii. Iti^ni clo vi Irgo Ctalfricio Mamrr mrliorrm robvil 
Itrm Irgo uxori Jolianni^ Yolr alium cobyll.* Itrm do rt legf> 
Ka^inlplK) Yolr iiij acra» frunu*iiti m<Mlo M*ntltuita» in cam(>o clr 
l)te]clt*ii. Itrm (io rl Ir^o \VillN*lmo dr lkmr% filio nMH> umnia 
trrra* rt burgagia quit* VVillirlniu» tU* lUmr^ nuiritut mru« ail- 
qui«ivit dr 'lluim.! (Maxtt>n pro j niarcA in I>iiiM*lni. Itrm cki 
et Irgo Willit*lnu> filio nu^i ununi burpagiuni in SadU*rgatr rt 
unum gardmum in trnunk Kirardi .\rualcl juxta Paradv* rcnp- 
Cum iW* Joliannt* C*utlib<*rt, rt uiuim n^laxationrm clr UillirliiMi 
Mivlr in I)urr»mr, rt omitta alia burgagia n*cttft hrrrdibut 

wile nf Sir WillUin Ilovf«» KfiMt. TtKir ooU mm «m %\t UohftX Bovm. 
Knif^U vlio CrU atlhr Uulr t4 IUu|^T Br»)|(«', in An>iu. m U:SI, villi Htf 
Jci^n l^mlrv. vbotr Will k« f^vcn ftU>r«', Iravlng 4 9tM% M'iIIiaibu aitcrvtnlt ^itf 
WOlua IW»««, of MrcftiUm uh\ l>ikSr<i. 
I Tbc L^y 9t Uakka had« m It aitvatt, t»o fiibti^g^Mai*. 


Willielmi Bowes ch'lr, mariti mei. ' Item do et lego Georgio 
de Bowes et heredibus ejus unum messuagium cum pertinentiLs 
quod emi de Alano de Newsom in Bereforth super le More. 
Item do et lego Willielmo de Bowes ch'lr unum messuagium 
cum pertinentiis in Bireside, sibi et heredibus suis ex parte 
diet® Matildis exeuntibus. Item do et lego uxori Johannis 
de Fraunce unam vaccam. Item lego Isabellae Mawere unam 
vaceam. Item do et lego Willielmo Ponder de Seam j stott. 
Item do et lego Vicario de Dalton linthiamina quae sunt circa 
corpus meum cum sex couerchie& die sepulturae mese, ut habeat 
me in memoriam suam ad terminum vitae suae. Item lego Ro- 
berto Harwod capellano xl*. Item do et lego Matildi Yole fi« 
lioUe' meae duas oves. Item do et lego Matildi Stikley filiolas 
meae duas oves. Item do et lego Matildi Lyndley filiolae meas 
duas oves. Item lego Matildi filias Baronis de Hilton fili- 
olas meae \ romance boke is called ye gospelles.^ Item lego 
Matildi filiae Roberti de Hilton ch*lr miolae meae unum romance 
boke. Item lego Dame Elinorae de Wessyngton ye boke with 
ye knotts. Item lego Elizabethae filiae Whitchestre unum librum 
yat is called Trjrstram.^ Item do et Lego Elizabethae filiae mes 
j blak primer. Item do et lego Adae filio Thome Gudegrome 
totam firmam quam Thomas mihi dedit ad inveniendum dictum 
Adam ad scholas. Item do et lego Roberto Martyn totam fir- 
mam quam mihi debet in Dalden. Item lego quatuor filiis 
Tliomae Pise iiij*. Item volo quod si bona et catalla mea non 
possint satisfacere debita mea et ultimam voluntatem, quod Wil- 
lielmus de Bowes ch'lr, filius meus, perimpleat de terris et tene- 
mentis meis in Dalden. Residuum— do et lego Georgio Bowes — 
&cio Willielmum de Bowes ch'lr filium meum et Thomam Hol- 
den^ Executores. Hiis testibus Roberto Mennell, Johanne Vesy, 
Roberto de Harwod capellano, Roberto Tod, Roberto Warmere 
et aliis. Datum apud Stretlame hall die et anno supradictis« 

I The word JiRola seems to imply a gocl*daughter. The tenn is applied 
to fire children, who are called after the testatrix. 

t Mr Surtees, when noticing this bluest, [I. ii. 5] asks, " Did a Romaooe 
erer actualij enst under this strange title ? or had the Lady of Dalden met 
with one of Wycliffe*s Bibles, and conceived the Gospels to he a series of faba- 
kras adventures ?** Perhaps nothing more is meant than the Gospels in XngUthy 
of W7diffe*s translation. 

3 Here is a romance in earnest, the Sir Tristrem of Thomas the Rhjrmo', 
whidi was edited, in 1804, bj Sir Walter Scott, from a MS. in the Advooatea* 

^ Thomas Holden was senescall under Bishop Langley, in 1423. 



(Rcf. l^voLsr, £ f7B-^) 

In EVfi nomine. Amen. Anno Domini Millr*imo, crccBXt, 
IjiiBrto die ejunleni menM», Ego Williflmiu Hoton dc hM 
brmndon conoo te»tmmentum meum in bunc mcxlum. In primn 
lego animam memm I)eo, Deatv Mariff, et omnibiu Saincti* ; 
connnque meum tepeliendum in Eccletui parochiali de Hrmun»- 
pain, juxta coqNii Afm^is quondam uxoru mea*, cum mortua- 
rns nieis conftuetin. Item lego summo altari Saocta? KAtehtur 
j tabiUett cum ymagim* de vitione SancU Gregorii l^iar ; rt 
tret jmaginct de Allaba«iro, videlicet unam de Sancto Mtcbaelr, 
onam de Sancto Cbrtfttofero, et unam de Sancti KateriuA ; et 
unum rettimentum vetu* de tianno blodio, de burdfaluMiundre. 
Ilem lego fabnctf antedicta? vi*. viij^. Item lego Capellano pa- 
rochiaii dicUe eccletiv xij'. Item U»go clerico parochiali dicta? 
ecclesia? iii)^. Item lego Roberto Hoton ne|ioti meo dua» vac- 
ea»t tit po^l debita mea penoluta poMit fieri. Item lego Agnrti 
Talicir unam juvencani noo comutam. Ketiduum^ — Johanni uxori 
mea* — cum supervi»ione domina? meir ComitiftMr We^tmer- 
landis* [IVob. 5 Jan. I4W.] 


Bit DB BtDBY.' 

[R«g. I.AyoLrT tol 111.) 

In Dei nomine, Auien. (>cta?o die men^U Septembm, An- 
no Domini Milletimo i ccc vicc^imo terrio, Kgo K«ihcr1it* dr 
Wrclyf, Hector Kcrle^ia* |iarrcx:hiali« de Kudbj, l*lKiniceti»» 
Dioceftco*, Muur nieuioria% ornne* donatiooet cau^k nH»rtift \wt 

I Jma, lUrKtUsMU dauKlitrr of J<>hn of Gau»t» I>uk« of Ijmc^Ur, Wv 

• iH tbr fiMmlv of Wtrliffr. of WycMlft^m ntt rvWiiom ffvkMj 
•r WycUir*. Uw R«furm«r_B«ctiir of Wvclilf* I3a3 rvt^ iSaS— lUct«r af 
HoltMi Hudbr, In CWrcUtMi, from 1377 till tb# Um* uf hi* ^^^ik^Umtm af 
Kirhr IUrvtt«»urtli tn 1379 rr% 1 3at - Rrrtor of !lt rnat,tii Yorft, r^. IS9l_ 
BcrUir ol lioMidklH 17tli JaniMnr, ISBS, l»v tW Vita^. m Gwut4km of tW 
hair of l^ofd KitjJii^ nn. IJBl— MaiCar of Kvfitrr Hm^iMl Mm IM»— 
Trmpormi CliAiirrllor mnd Kectirrr-ilm^fnl of tbr BiilkoprW. mm! CmmdakU af 
|>urhMn CmcU from ISpa to l4a&»oo« of tW «&««vioo of Bw^oy BkMiv— 

diod ftt K#ptrr Ui 1 433. lit* aiBiorkl brortM« aritvst, • rbern* mU» hot 

Iho Cl»4»t4 

Uirrr cru» citMoirU fttWm orrur tn iho Ci»4»trf of iKirlMm CollM^rml, tW 
Uiiktitm uf ohicb w» bmn bir llkbop HkirUv, bl« pot run. mad ftnkbtJ bj hm 
tnMCu\of% uf obocu Wvrutfv voi 

INVENTOniES. *. 67 

me ante datam presencium facias et ordinatas, ac testamenta 
quaecunque per me prius facta sive condita, et legata sive assig- 
nata in eisdem ante haec tempora adimendo, pure et expresse, 
certis et legitimis causis me moventibus, revoco, exceptis certis 
legatis per me quibusdam personis diversis et iam in ultimo meo 
eulogio assignatis ; quse quidem legata sunt mclusa in quodam 
rotulo sigillo meo signato ; et testamentum meum ac ultimam 
voluntatem condo, ordino, facio, et declaro in hunc modum. In 
primis commendo animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beats 
Mariae, et omnibus Sanctis, corpusque meum sepeliendum ubi 
contigerit me decedere ab hac vitll, vel ubi executores mei dis- 
posuerint illud sepeliri. Volo tamen quod corpus meum sim- 
pliciori modo, quo honeste possit, tradatur sepulturee, ac quod 
omnia et singula debita mea seu debenda, racione ultimi vale 
mei, ipsi ecclesise, in quk continget me hujusmodi ultimum ha- 
bere vale integre persolvantur. Item volo quod viginti librse 
dentur duobus capellanis celebraturis pro anima mea animabus- 
que patris mei et matris et omnium benefactorum meorum ; et 
pro animabus omnium niorum pro quibus teneor, et sum onera- 
tus exorare. Et volo quod Johannes de Midilton sit unus de 
prsedictis capellanis ; et quod celebret, ut prsedicitur, per trien- 
nium, ubicunque voluerit ; capiens pro singulo anno c*. de sum- 
mi viginti librarum prsedictarum. Et volo quod alius capellanus 
celebret per annum integrum immeditate post decessum meum 
ubi corpus meum fuerit humatum ; capiens residuum summas 
antedict^e. Item lego ad reparacionem quatuor Ecclesiarum, 
videlicet, Rudby, Sancti Kumaldi, Kyrkebyrawynswath, et 
Wyclj'f, cuilibet illarum xl'. Item lego cuilibet Moniali de 
Nunappilton ii'. Item lego pro ....seu ornamentis emendandis 
infra cancellum Ecclesise de Wyclyf xl*. Item lego xl*. distri- 
buendos pauperibus infra parochiam de Wyclyff. Item lego ad 
reparacionem pontis de Rudby xx*. Item lego cuilibet capellano- 
rum stipendiariorum Rectorisede Rudby celebrantium adcapellas 
infra parrochiamde Rudby vi*. viii"*. Item lego cuilibet capel- 
lano et cuilibet fratri Hospitalis de Kepier vi*. viii*^. Item lego 
cuilibet pauperi scolari sedenti ad skepham infra aulam prsedicti 
Ho6pitalis ii*. Item lego Emmotas Mylner, Isotae SoUay et 
Cristianae Kendall, videlicet cuilibet illarum vi*. viii*^. Item 
lego cuilibet ordini Fratrum mendicancium, videlicet Allerton. 
Richemond et Hertilpole xx*. et Fratribus de Zarme xxvi' viii^. 
Et lego cuilibet servient! meo transeunti ad carucam et custodi- 
enti averia mea, ultra sua salaria iii*. iiii^. Et residuum vero 
summae centum librarum, de quibus condo testamentum meum, 
ac eciam omnium et singulorum bonoruro meorum mobilium et 
michi de quibuscunque personis debitorum, do e^Iego executo- 



ribiii lneil^ nt cf ipti iode proTidMUil, (aeiaat, H dkpanant, pro 
•alutr aoima* mnc M*cundum quoil ei* mrliiw vklrbitur exprdirr. 
Et ad bcic tfstamcntum meum bene et fideliter perficietiduB rt 
impkrndum ortlino et con»tiluo Xp'ofmiiii de tkiynlon* Ilmn- 
turn NeMrfekl, Joluuiaetn dr Midelton cmpc'llanom, rt 'IlMmuun 
Nele» executom meos et unicuique iiUiniin xl*. pro bborr suo 
•mgtio. Et lupenrukim bujut tettamenti mei ordino cf coii»ti« 
ttto Jobaimem Langton militetn nianetitem juxta Sbirbome in 
Ehnet, et Kobertnni cle Kure com. Dunehn. In cujus rrt tr«ti* 
■Minium huic pretenti Tcfttamento ftigtUum menm A|)p€i»ui, bii* 
tealibuft, Johanne Kunkcomc* ca|>eUaiu>, TbomA Tan^ et Ko- 
berto lk*rehalgh notartU publiciA, HKHni Morpatb« et Alano 
Shirrbum capclbum. Data apud Kepier tapradict* die et anno 
Domini tupradictift. 


coMiTit DB wBrrMoRiMyn/ arc. 

Unircrtis Sanct« Matrii I'lccUiiiK filiit prapM*ntct Liirnt^ 
impecturift, IXimini OflScialU Curiir Hlwnim CommiMariu* 
OeneraltA, Salutem in Domino M-nipitemam. Noverit univrr- 
iitaji T(*titra^ auod iiu{H*c(iii Rep^tris l(*«tanH*ntonim in Scarca- 
rio ReverendiMimi in Chrt*to Patri* et IXimini^ Domini Johanni« 
Dei gratiA Kboract*n»ii Arrhir|)i»copi, Angliir IVimatit rt Ap(»- 
tolicfl! Sedi* Lrgali, probatonim, comprrimu* tn^tamentum 
recolendc memortjc Domini Radulphi Nevill nuprr Comitift 

• lUYph Nrrlllfb I^aH of lUbj— CoT«r«or of Ctriatl*, ttid ft Wat^tfi «/ tW 
M T tli#ft. I 3it ■ m cw ^d to lilf fslfttri upoa tW ibfttk oT lite fktiwr, la ISM 
— <'afMi«bW c/lW Tav#f of I.<«idiiii, iaa7— EftH 9i Wmummrimd la laaa— 
Lonl of the Honor of Pmntli for lilb^llarl of KIrlunafta (far UU). tmd KjuI 
Mftrvhd o4 |ji|(kfia in l3a»-.(;oTrm«>r of Roiborovfli CmiIt, l«al— «! ih» 
9kat9oiCmtn,[n NonwuMfT. lioa-focimM the ColWffUir Clmrrli 1/ m«t». 
4igm^miurit^ ftnt, >lftfK»npi, daufbter of llugli EaH of gialKirii vU 4md 
Ml June. I37<^ ftad ^— burinl at Brmacvfiatli^aNtaMlU. Joan, danfMcr of 
Jalui of (•aunt, Dukr of Ijtaowtrr, vidow uf Str Enbrrt Krrnm^ Ka^t. «^ 
MnrK<«! him, and dvh^a 13th Not^ 1440, »m l^rVd at liactJa. The Ktri «f 
WtalaMTlaiid himarlfiUtd f !•« fVu l4t\ and vaa bmlrd at 
IW OMat ffaWodld imnh of «hkh tha North of Ij^^^nd raa brwi, h«t 
haam mnovad CWmb iU orwiaal •Ituatw in the abddle «# the ClMir, 
ahanifv aad dirtj comer behind the aouth door, ahere, is addnw ta 
M%sttka, the heat of a atm^e, hard hv, it rapidlv puleerliiair the iplfdid ala> 
kmtUt work af one af iu aldea. Chifht net mmi a ta«ih to hara ba«« mm^ 
OVaAiU? prwerred ia iu original iltualion, as atie of the pvaudral awcMriak ^ 
the aatkst IjatdM of Mabv t Who vaa the incumbent who ranHMttd ta umA a 
harhamua pmcee d infr f Why did not the Ordinarv iatrrlrte f TlMra are 
ihiliiiiriti rnftrarinft* of this rirh t prrt mra of antie^t art ta Onfh*^ fW yh htal 
MainimrwU > in Surteaa*! tliaiory ol Durlwai s ami ta Blatv^to MaMaaatal 
IdVt the ef^fraver perpKualt vhal ■«/ aaaa ha a 


Westmorlandiae defuncti, in dictis Registris registratum, eo, qui 
sequitur, sub tenore. In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Radulphus 
de Nevilly Comes Westmerland', compos mentis et sanus cor- 
pore, condo ac facio testamentum meum in hunc modum. In 
primis do et lego animam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatae Marise 
virgini et omnibus Sanctis ; Corpusque meum ad sepeliendum 
infra Monasterium Conventuale S. Cuthberti Dunelmi, vel in 
Ecclesii Collegiate in Standropp. Item do et lego nomine 
Mortuarii mei, duos Equos cum apparatu secundum ordinacio- 
nem Executorum meorum, in die sepulturae meas, prout moris 
est. Item do et lego Johannae uxori meae, pro sustentacione 
8U& et liberorum nostrorum, terciam partem bonorum et rerum 
meonim mobilium, cum optimo cipho meo auri cum vj charge- 
ours, xxiiij discis argenteis, et cum uno lecto de Arras operate 
cum auro, cum costeris eidem pertinentibus et concordantibus* 
Item do et lego praedictae Johannae uxori meas centum vaccas, 
xxiiij Jumenta, mille oves, duas ollas argenteas deauratas, et 
iiij ollas argenteas albas. Item do et lego Richardo de NeviU^ 

1 Richard Neville, married Alice, only daughter and heir of Thomas de 
Mnntacute, Earl of Salisburj— created Earl of Sfuisbury and I^rd Monthermer 
— Father of the Earl of Warwick, ^ the King Maker^— taken prisoner at the 
Battle of Wakefield, fighting on the side of the IHike of Yorlc, in 1460, and 
beheaded at Pontefiract 

We have pleasure in preservinff four characteristic letters written by this iil« 
fiUed nobleman. The first, which wiU be read with ereat inteiest, must have 
been written soon after the 15th June, 1429, upon which day the Earl of Sails, 
bury was appointed a Commissioner for the Borders. The postscript of this 
letter Is in the EarPs own hand-writing, and the Prior would doubtless under* 
stand its meaning. The second and thira are from France, the former in 1431, 
and the latter about the same period — the fourth, written after the EarPs return 
to his Castle of Middleham, refers to a disnute between Sir William Bowes and 
the PrioTy relative to the estate of Osmonacrofi, on the Tees. 



Reu*ent ffiider in gode and my Right tristy frende I grete you of tymes wele 
alwey desiryng to wete of y welefair the which I praye gode eu*more be as 
gude as yhe kan best desire thonking you right hertly of all Kyndenes shewed to 
me a for this py*ing you eu'mere of yor gude contynuaunce And for as mich 
•s me behoues be at ye Estm*chez at yb day of Conuen*con be twein us & ye 
Soottia wt a grete neumber of men & I as yhitt a yong housband A noght all 
redy p*ueid ne stored of all at wer nedefuU nor noght might be lik as I hadd 
p*poeed for ve grete costages &. exp*nces at I haue hadd now of late as for ye 
sute of my Undes I pray you ri^t hertly & as my siuguler trist is in you yat 
jhe win do me this case at this tyme as to len me yor chariot^ wt y' chariott A 
je diariott heaes to t'uaill w* my haitieys to warde ye mVhes agayns ye said 
day Sl sail gar ordey n vat the! be seen to as reason will Also 1 pray you for as 
micfa as me stoodes right grete nede of horses at yis tyme & for as mlcb as yhe 
haue ooo gude corser ve which yf it like you to sell hym 1 will gif you as mich 
(or hym as lie Is worth vppoR reson p*ying you y^ if ye so will do yt ye will 
ctUSe me wt ye berer herof And if it' lik you noght to sell him I pray you wt 

E 3 


lilio mto ij Chargrour% xij ditcos et j pelrini cum j Kwcr ar- 
genii, ct tinutn Icctum dc ami», cum ccwtera p«lrd dc cokirr 
rubeo viridi ct albo, c^ui •olebiitit pctMlcrc in ma(pn& C«mrr& 
infrm C*afttrum dc Sbcnflioloti. Item do ct lego dicto KicKftr- 

■11 my hrrt tsI ykt vUl koa me kjai M yb ly«ie aad I mil fir mv at lie U 
wlr dooti lo in ▼• mrrn tyine 1^ •! ybe baut hjai mur A tuTrij cWI«u*t«l 
•fiyn 'n>w lUAtr At i write to you for at tu tjnte 1 prmv yoy eibctusllf take 
Ui berl 4 Urip y* I myfflit be speed tr U %m my trtrt b gretirly la tou Anxl tf 
XMm be any tbyiiK at 1 may ilo toy* vorilHp p*6tl 4 eate^ yiie vUl mmkr 
iMie kwi«lef|||v ?r of 1 «U p'tbrme it at my |»t«rr y at kooveili aU«hiKlity mm%g 
wbome I bcewcM eu'more for bis m'rie bairc ? ou kn bb g'cioua kept mff^ Wb 
body and taule Whiten at MUldeiham |rMtie, In Yorktblre,] tbe't^ day of 

I pcmy yau aa my trrval is in yov y* ye »m Icoder tbyi mlirn aa I mny do 
igbl y\ may lyk yoy 


|(>f liik poiCiCf ipt wt ipre a Fac-iiaiUe.) 

It. Rru'ent S' In God I ffrtte tou oAirme« «cl and thnnke yew v« aJ mvn 
b*te, irt ye utd mv riftbt vetCrioeia Tour ^nrtbrm and mymm batie bad me m 
lendii in good ifrmetnbrancea and derout pmlrrv as y* I am eolbrmid ye baur 
bnd ibruMfcb obkb I iniat u'rmlW I ifMde and baue fare r« bc<t' Ami toudilfiK 
tidingre in tbls pt'lca of y« ktMi our aou'ain lords notable oormmnoa at bas good 
Imvne of paris y^xyj «bu of oecemb'r 4 bis vortlu «elrom'yn« to r* aame 
«« bis reoevTiiig and < tl ii insW *oo tovmrds bis Revme of KngUnd and my n als» 
la y« mme 1 baue cbaiged y« berar of tills to c*tfW yov mar at krge Htairbiag 
wmt Lord cu* to baue you in bk bleat kepii^ vnttefi at Beuttt y« e^j dav Jf 
JaMMT (1431^1 

RuMAao F^Lt 
Ta tbe Eeu*ent 8« in God or ftAi.i;ast:ftT 

tW Priour ol Duresne 

III. Ecu'cBt V in God and Klgbt trualy frende ve grvte you oltymes veil 
And dr^ fur our singvler comfort and gladaeasr t<* wit of yo^ velHmre. And m 
of uurr <li«|n»tr*on at makying \^ tbko oc vrren In good beel timitkcd be our 
lorde as r* hftrt of tbies ran rrpttrte yvm ottb surb t'dingra tn a crdule nmdo 
•f bem m veren In tbios p'tles at bis'dep'tlag |«raying yov oltb al our b't t« 
baue us (or lend'rly rvcom'codid In yo^ good praiera m our ful tntat Is la yov 
and our lorde baue you In kepyii^ Wnien al y* se%c albr Cbimbtiii t4e 
SXriyday of Juyn 

RiriuftD Eat or SALiuicnr 
Toia TESt? raivDt 

IT. TO Tni mir'caT %• i« oof> a»d ora aianT vsLnftuicES tms 

raioa or ornnAM. 

Reeefent A. In god and ngbt vdbelmaed ve grete you often linMn v«l 
^^.>k»«ig f ov allvay of tbe gode rherr and kirndnevse yi ye baue A ewd s eaio 
ea and namely at our last bdung vith yov at Durbam and for aa nrarlM aa atyat 
lymr »e beli^K^te Tato tou fur to vnte br our Vre% rnto Sir William Bove« 
veure coteot and de«r fJ>r y* g*«lr tupportaT'oo of y» runuent of Seynt CvAh- 
kvrt of youC Kirk of l>un«0ie ve Irtr you vitr yat vr baur not vrittea t»|« 
brm m as motbe m be vw byamrif In b«s own p*mmi brre at Mldrlllam vttll aa 
a'Hanlay am a t^ b^ al vluckt tySM at ca«*iiBad vHli hkm if f 


oun tub pertinmctis, TcticUiitur pott mor t e m meui frr Exe- 
evtorvs mctm itifni scri|ito«, ad manuiidiiiii eomletu Kdwarduin 
flUiun nteum ; nisi aliter in vitA nwk ordinaYero in hAc (lartr. 
Item do et lego iuumna? Comitisue Man*aaJl' fil'ut mew unum 
eiphuni deaunuum, et j ollam deauratam. Item filia* nM*«* 
(>>miti«ue de Staflbrd* j ct|ihum deauratum, et j Kwrr argen- 
leom. Item do et U»go filiir nHne CooiitiMa* NurUiunibriir ' j 
etplilim deauratum, et i Ewer argent i. Item do et l<*go filtjr 

Cieiliir Duciaue Eborum * i ciplium deauratum, et j E«t*r 
argenteum. Item do et lego filia; me» de Mauley^ j cij>hum 
deaiiraCum, et j Ewer argenteum. lu-ro tUia^ men* dr urav* 
•num ciphum deauratiim. Item filiie me« de Uaere' j eiphum 
deamvtitm. Item filia? me« Le«cr€ipt j ciphum deauratum. 
Item do et lego Cooventui Fratrum de Ailertoo, pro CViquinA 
ec aliia domibos ibidem reparandi* et a*dificandus xlK Item u 
Deo Tolente eontingat me obire cito post festum vel terminnm 
Ptateeostei Yel S. Martini in jeme* tunc volo cjutid de firmi* 'I e- 
aencium meorum ubique de mcA propria lurrfditatr, c|ui temmt 
de me annuatim xx*. et infra, ridelicet ytro uno tantum termino 
ante obitum meum dehito, nichil de ei* inde leretur vel capia- 
Cur ; ftt*d omnino est mem Yolunta** ut inde lunguli |)erdonentur. 
Item do et Ic^ Ricluurdo Rocw pro mahtagio tuo a^ Itrm do 
et k*go enilibet Armigero meo mecum efiuitanti, et cootinuo in 
hospieio meo exittentj uaqoe ad temput witut mei x marra* ; ei 
euilibct Valecto xl*. : et cuilibet Oromo xx*. ; et cuilihet Pa- 
get to TJ*. viij^. Item do et k^go euilibet Muberum GenefYma- 
ram cum uxore me& adtunc existeneium, x marran ; et eviltbet 
moUerum Genero»anim alteriiu Mat&t, in Nutritorio InfiuKium 
meorum adtunc existenciuroxl*. : et AncilUr vel Mulieri adtunc 
•enrienti ibicl<>m, xx*. Item do n lego euilibet QMiTentui Fra- 
trum infra Epi*ct>|iatuft t^bor. et IXiiielmi, xi*. in elenwMiina ; 
el cuilibt*t Anachorito? in dictis EpiMrcipalibuA xx*. ; ei cuilibet 

t CallirnM. tb« trtUtor*! Mewi tkuflitcr bY kb wrrtmd vlfrv 
flovmn!. Duke uf S^UAt, and «A«rvmnk Sir JoIm WwiHllflw mi «I RicAmH 
Eat! Hirtn. 

t Anne, D m irixi to Ifumplirrr Suflwtl, Dukr of BudtiafWoi. 

' Kl««Aar, marne«i U> llctirr Vrrrj* CbH «C X orlbiwuU riami 

« CVt^T. umrritd U> RkWd rUntMevori, Duk* of Yori. «U Ml In tW 
tatW of VraHWU in lim, oKiClMr of i^ Wj^mmrA tW Tcmnh •mi «f mkku4 
tlM Tbirtl, 4r.~baTW<d at FoCliffrtiifpiT, when her hoAj was 4ianiv«fwl mtA 
long 90fx m the ruio» of iW SiooaiMry, vtUi an ladul^nKv vkM had Wmi 
dqioilud In hrr coAn. 

^ Matul. daufbter of tbe TriUtor bj liii ftm w^^mmniti U FMcv l^at^ 
Mau Iry. 

• Alirr, m\U of S*r Tbtimia Grry, of Hctoa, In Korth D%lHM■^ apd alWr- 
vanU uf Hit Pcirr fjuicmalrr. 

Y nullpi^. «iir of TlMMa Im4 Danv. aC CMUibML 

• Mvgii^t. vtfir of RIdiard L«H Scrifi^ flf Bakaa CM^ 


Gonventui Monialium in dictis Episcopatibus xx'. ; et cuilibet 
Clerico Capellae non promoto adtunc xx*. : et cuilibet quere- 
stario vj*. viij^. Item do et lego ad aedificationem et comple- 
mentum Collegii de Standropp de bonis et Jocalibus meis ad 
valorem ccc marcarum, si non perficiatur in vit& me&. Item do 
et lego prasdicto Collegio de Standropp, omnina vestimenta et 
Altariola de CapelUL me& ibidem imperpetuum^ ad divina obse- 
quia deservitura. Item do et lego cuilibet Capellano de dicto 
Collegio adtunc existenti xx*. ; et cuilibet Generoso sseculari 
ejusdem Collegii vj*. viij*^. Item do et lego c marcas ad aedifi- 
cationem Turris de Warcop in Westmorland ; si non aedificetur 
in viti me&. Item do et lego ad Pontem faciendum apud 
Wynston,' c marcas; et ad Pontem de Ulshawe juxta Middle- 
ham XX*. ; si non perficiatur in vit& me&. Item do et lego 
Johanni Whixley hujus Testamenti scriptori x^ Item do et 
l^o de bonis meis ad valorem ccc marcarum, pro Convivio et 
Hxpensis funeralibus ; et xl^ ulterius ad distribuendum pauperi- 
bus in elemoeini per duos dies tantum ; videlicet utroque die 
distribuendo xx'. Residuum vero omnium bonorum et rerum 
meorum do et lego Executoribus meis subscriptis, ad faciendum, 
ordinandum, et disponendum pro salute animae meae ; sicut 
voluerint in die Judicii coram summo Jndice respondere. Hujus 
autem Testamenti sive ultimas Voluntatis meae ordino, facio, 
et constituo Executores meos, videlicet Johannam uxorem 
meam, Richardum de Nevill filium meum, Petrum Tillioll, 
Robertem de Louther, Milites ; Ma^trum Johannem Castell 
Doctorem in Theologift, Dominos Nicholaum Dixson, Willel- 
mum Horue, Clericos ; Johannem Darell de Kent, Thomam 
Holden, Johannem Morton, et Johannem Quixley. Supervi- 
sores vero hujus testamenti constituo Reverendos in Qiristo 
Patres Henricum Permissione Divin& Episcopum Wyntonien- 
sem' Fratrem meum carissimum, Thomam Episcopum Dunel- 
mensum,' ac Thomam Ducem Excestriae Fratrem meum caris- 
simum.^ In cujus rei testimonium, huic praesenti testamento 
seu ultimae Voluntati meae Sigillum meum apposui. Datum in 
Castro meo de Raby, Dunelmensis Diaecesis, Anno Domini 
Millesimo cccc xxiiij, et.mensis Octobris die xviij ; Anno 
eciam Regni Regis Henrici Sexti post Conquestum Anglias 
tercio. Quae omnia et singula universitati vestrae praedictae 

> This intention was not curled into effect Winston Bridge is not older 
than the year 1770. 

* Cardinal Henrj Beaufort — Lord Chancellor^son of John of Gaunt by 
Catherine Swlnford, and brother of Ladjr Westmorland. 

3 Cardinal Ijingley, Bishop of Durluun. 

* Thomas, Duke cif Exeter, another son of John of Gaunt 


tiinoCr«ciint» per pnnetitrt, quibtn Sigilluni officii nmtri appoMti- 
mus in fklem pt tntimonitini pnrmissonim. Dstum Eboc . qticMid 
SigilUiriocirin pimeiicium, quarto die Meiiib Mmii Amiu Do- 
mini MillaHmo cccc qtsadrageftimo. 


(B«g. LAlfGLST«foL 136.) 

In y* name of CmmI. Amen. In v* yrere of our I^>rd J'b'u 
Chriiit M.» cccc* xxvii . y* xxiiij Jay of y* motiyfh €»f Sr|^ 
tembr*. I Klizabeth foflv' of KauoiuiWaih/ late v* Wvf of %• 
lorci ffitzhuffh who«e taule ffod ff>r hin merrr a»«ovl bernir la 
good hele detiyne ami ordeyue my le«tament in yi» vy«r and 
maner as folorvet ffir»t I beqwcthe my tauie to god Almyghti 
and to onre lad%' laint mar^e and to taint John v* tlaangrlv^l 
and to alle v* taintet of heven and mv IxkIv aAir mr drtbe in 
all y' goodely hast yat hit may be caried to Jeruaox and x* to 
bee birved afore the heirh Auter benide mv lords bodr And 
ai for myn enterment I will vat y' ben at myn exequite* ft alte 
mefi«e« rpon y* morow xxiiii torches brennyng aboute mva 
herse ami xv tapen ychon of a pond brennyng afore y* begh 
aut' in y* Mune meises tyme And yai yat come thtdtr yat cyme 
mbyden be fewe aftir yat myn executcnires thynke hooevi and 
renonablcf as well y* pcnier men as othir And yf myn execn- 
loure« seme yi« noght ynogh I prav thaym fulfiUe hit more in 
paying of mv detles h marring of mv childre Also I wil vai 
m as fffiodefv hast aAir mv detiie as hit mav be doen reer 6ee 
songi*n for me x t rental lee» & with inne iij nionythes a M mesw t 
Alt »o I wvl vat mv son William* have a Kvng with a dvamond 
and mv scm Geffrav' a invttpr and mv S4>n mib't^ a santer 
coiiere<l with' ntle velwet and my dogtiter Marionr a primer 
cou*c*d in Rede and my doghter I)arry^ a sauter cou ed in blew 

I RHsaWtK (kvaflifrr ami toW Mr <iC Kr Robert Gery, Knt , 
•r Hz Joha GrvT, oT RoiWHUd, ILnt^ and htvuhtt and Mr «r J«Im Grvy 
Lord MaHmoo, om of tbe tons of Jahn Lord Grrir, of EoAWrlWId. Hrr m^ 
tbrr «M liOTB, ttrtwd dautfhtrr and co-bcir «i llcrbrrt St. Quwtia. SW vaa 
widow «i Hmrr I^wd rlulitigh. of Rarvmwortli C*aatW« ia RkiMMwAirinw 
wImi bad b«vfi AaibaoMdor to tW Court of Dow— rt—Ciiwiaiili fdfm^i •& 
Ibr loroaaUoo of Kibk Ifcnnr V — ljat\ ClMUBborlafta of tbo 
bad trmrrlWd to Jorumlcoi aad GrMd Cain>— aad bad diad In I4SS. 

' Her eldrrt «m - l^m! Ktt#hu||b. 

' Not aicflitKmrd b? iHupdaW or aar of our K«w#ala|ElitJ^ 

* Robert Fit^uKb.' Arcbdracoo of NonbaBipisii CbaacfUaf of 
^Bt^Mip id lAmAim Uvm 1431 to li3a 

» rWoaor. BMrrkd flr« to Pbilip Lord D*art7. aad tvcaadlj la 


h mydoghter Malde Eure* a prim* cou'ed in blew And my 
doghtir Elizabeth^ a chaplet of Perle with double rooses and 
my doghtir Lore a tyre with double Roses of Perle ; and Robt' 
ffitzhugh my son a Ryng with a Relyke of saint Petre fingre 
and geg^ a paire of bedes of gold And my s'uantz my elethyng 
as my gownes and my kirtelles And yong Elyzabeth ffitzhugh 
my goddoghter a book cou'ed in grene witn praiers y' inne 
Elizabeth darcy* a girdyl of blak gylded and Mariory Darcy* a 
narow girdel gylde And I wyl yat myn howsehold s'uantz liaue 
departed ema*g theym aftre discrecione of myn executoures a c 
marc. And I wyl yat y* stuffe of alle myn howses of offices as 
kychyn panetre and buttre and suche othir remayne to my son 
S' Will. And y* reside we aftir my dettes paied whilke I wyl 
& charge and pray al myn executoures to be first paied and 
doone afore all othir thyngs aftir my enterment I wyl be putte 
to marying of Childre vnmaryet als wele of my thryd parte of 
my lords good as of othir soo yat y{ y* goode wol suffice my 
son Geffiray haue a c^ ; and ayther of my two doghters cc 
marc' and yong Elizabeth ffitzhugh my goddoghter a c marc' 
And for to fulfylle all yis my wyll aforesaid I ordeyne and make 
myn executoures my son S' William my son & Geffi^y and my 
son Robert Xp'ofre Boynton*and WiUiam Katrykr* praiyng and 
chargyng hem yat yai doo for my saule as my truste is in hem 
and as yai wol answare to fore god And I wyl yat ayther of 
Xp'ofre Boynton & William Katrick haue a sylver Cuppe 
cou'ed or elles v marc*. 



In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo die Decembris. Anno Do- 
mini M.cccc.xxvii.^ Ego Elizabeth Fitzhugh Dominade Ravens- 
wath compos mentis et sanse memorise condo testamentum 
meum in nunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo 
Omnipotenti, Beatse Mariae matri suae, et Omnibus Sanctis, 
ac corpus meum sepeliendum in Abbathia Jorovall' : et volo 

1 Mmude, wife of Sir Wm. Eure, of Witton Castle, Knt. 

' Elisabeth, married to Sir Ralph Grey, of Chillingham Castle, in Northum- 
beriaDd. The two are commemorated bj a splendid monument in duUinffham 
Church, in its original colouring, glittering with all the heraldic blaisonrj of Fitz- 
hugh, and its quarterings. 

^ Eridentlj a name of childish endearment. 

^ Probably her grandchildren. 

^ One of the Bojntoos of Sedbury, three miles lower down in the valley. 

William Cattericic, of Stanwick, whose &malft descendant and repreienta- 
tire carried Stanwick to the Smithsons. 


oiKxl VolunUi mea, ucut ordinalnr in TetUunetito iih*o ph*it 

mctOy ftit fideliter implmda* Imuprr volo, et rtl voluntu mra, 

quod drbitm dhni tolvMitur ; el ilm ptenarir tolytU, do el lcV«» 

Biacabetli' Fitzhugh el Lone Fiuhugh filiabtu tiirU re»ifluuiii 

oomiuro bonurum meortim. Dm' AfHid Wjiioo,' die el anou 


[iVoved Ai Auckland, before BUbop Langlejr» 29 Dec^ 1427.1 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Kgo Hiomaft Rjbalet compot meniit, 
famguens in exlremis, ctmdo Tealamentum meum in hunc m«>- 
dum. In primitf do el lego meam animam Dro, Beat ir Mari«, ei 
omnibiM tanclis; coq>u«que meum tepelictidum in le Senior- 
ganb infra jirecinclum el tenta Monaslerii Dunelm. tciium el 
tilualum. Ilem volo quod ttedor DeaUe Mariic in Ballio 
boreali, qui eti Reclor meitt, babeat morluarium meum ratiooe 
obit&ft met tibi debilum. Ilem Tbom« Rjhaile capellaoo, cog« 
naio meo, portiforium meum, una cum panri logi mei funiraiA 
tanguinei colons. Ilem eidem Thom« qualuor virgata* panni 
languinei colorit. Ilem domino Jotuuini Rookbom' capellano 
iin** virgalaft panni non aplalas, de blodio mixio. Item Johanna 
Alio Malildis de Yarum oefunclar unam panram peciam argeoii, 
j lunicam, j byngeler deauralum, j cingulum, cum pari eiifi«Ik>> 
rum deargeniaiorum. Ilem do el lego burgagium meum in 
Alvertongale in Dunelm. officio SacritUe Ecclemtap Calli. Di»- 
nelm. Ilem aliud burgagium meum in vico Sancli Egidii officio 
Burmariir Kcclesiap nredicla*. Ilem aliud burgagium meum in 

novo l*Uvel officio llosliilarii Eccle^ia; Calb. Residuum vero 

Roberlo Uerhalgh, WiUielmo Uerbalgh, el domino llioaHe Rjr^ 
hale cognato meo, quos ordino execulom. TettibiM donitno 
&dfrido Langlon Reclore Beaur Maris in Ballio, Johanne WaU 
worth el Tboml Lay land. Dunelm. in vigil. IWh« 1427. 

I WUuo CmIU, iW r«ia«ocv oT Imt 4M«kur Ludj Empk vWet alw 
• Thig prma vw A Public NoUrr, la frtal practkt ■! IW pOTkd 



[R^. Lanolet, fol. 137.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Johannes Newton, Rector Ec- 
clesice parochialis de Hoghton, Dunelmensis dioceseos, sanas 
mentis, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum, die nono 
mensis Novembris, Anno Domini m*»cccc"»*>xxvii. In primis, 
lego animam meam Deo, Marias, et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus 
meum ad sepeiiendum in choro ecclesiae de Hoghton, sive in 
Ecclesii Hospitali de Shirbum, secundum voluntatem et dispo- 
sicionem executorum meorum. Item lego pro expensis fune- 
ralibus secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego 
pro convocacione amicorum, parochianorum, et pauperum, die 
sepultures meae, secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. 
Item lego dictae Ecclesias de Hoghton unum thuribular' argen- 
team, deauratum, unam cuppam argenti deauratam coopertam 
pro reservacione corporis Christi, unam Legendam integram de 
usu Sarum, tria processionaria de usu Sarum, duas capas de Che- 
kery pro Rectoribus Chori. Item lego domino Ricardo Elvet 
decano Leycestr' unum librum vocatum Crisostimum super Ma- 
theum. Item lego magistro Willielmo Tart Rectori Ecclesias 
de Whykton, unum ciphum argenteum cum coopertorio. Item 
lego domino Nicholao Hulme unum librum de duodecim capi- 
tulis Ricardi Ermet. Item lego Nicholao de Staumford meho- 
rem utensiliorum, medietatem aulse et coquinae meas« juxta dis- 
crecionem executorum meorum, cum uno mtegro lecto de rabeo 
et nigro worsted singulo, et cum lez costeres ejusdem, simul 
cum matras, linthiaminibus, lodicibus, et coopertoriis, juxta dis- 
crecionem executorum meorum. Item lego Willielmo Norman 
unum lectum de worsted paled de rubeo et nigro cum lez cos- 
teres Curtyns ejusdem sectae. Item lego Magistro Georgio de 
Radchrf unum librum vocatum Beliall. Item lego Matildas 
Stuycbe nepoti meae unum ciphum argenteum sine coopertorio, 
xij cocUaria argenti. Item lego uxori Willielmi Medocroft 
unum armilausam de Sangwyn in grayn duplicatam cum tartaryn 
blodio. Item lego Johanni Esyngton capellano unum suppeili- 
cium novum de holandcloth, et unum librum vocatum Vita 
Christiana. Item lego Johanni Tarte c^ellano unum suppelli- 
cium ejusdem panni et unum togam penulatam. Residuum 

ad solvendum debita mea, et pro salute animas meae Capel- 

lanis pro anim& me& celebraturis, famulis, parochianis meis, et 

> OriginaUj of the diocese of Lichfield— Master of Sherbum Hospital, 19th 
Jan., 1 409, and Rector of Hougfaton-le Spring. For his character see Hutchin- 
son's Durham, II., 592. 

7^ WILLft AMD 

aliis (MUiMTibuf Kxecutomi WlHirltniu Tart Rt^ior F>. 

elet. de Wkjkkain, Kir. Burton, H1IL N<jmimii rt IliacMii hj^U 

cmtiriUniit SutH*ni»or lUv. in Climto |iaicT 'lliania» I>u- 

neUn. Epiicoput^ Pn ib M Jan., 1427-^.] 

(lUf. l^yoKT, ftO. 1 

In Nomine Pktrit H Filii, el Spirilut Sancti, Amm. Tkr 

Uiundav next before voltHlav in r* veer of our lord m.cccc.xkix 

• • • • • 

I Roger Thornton jrelder makes and ordevnes mjr trsuunent 
and my la*t wyU in vis form folowvng vat is to say 1 coniVwi 
njr soule to ye mercy of god and my body to be bcr}*et br»ide 

nr wvfe in Alhalowckvrke of Newcastle Also 1 wvlle vat 

• • • *• 

eu*y prest icculer beyng at myn entierment haue to imiy fctc 
my tauki and to be at my dirges and forthbryngjng i noble 
Also I wille yat c'. be spended atid delt at myn entiermmt 
yanis of Roger my son Also I gyf to the vicarv of leuit Ni- 
chohu kvrk for forget vn tendes c*. It* to ve Kirk of stnnt 
Nicholas for repacon and enc/ments yerof xl m'm also to 
Alhalowe kvrk in lyke fourme xx' It' to leint John kyrk uij 
ibthers lc*ed It' t«> s€*int Andrewkvrk ii fothen leed It* to 
?• Chappell of seint Tlumias v|ion Tynebrygg vj focherm bred 
It' to repac'on of Westspittell ii fotbc^m leed It' to ye WaU 
knoll repac'on of yeir kyrk ii fotlierm leede It' to ye repae'oa 
of ye nunnes of Newcastell ij fotbers leede It' to ye lepfr- 
men of Newcastell xl* It' to rep'ac'on of TTnefarmre of 
Newcastell c mrc' if so bee vat ve mair and ve comvns will 
relesM* me alle acc'ons as I yat neu' hindret yaim nor tiofi^t 
awe yaim at my wetytig, but vis I destr for eschewytig of Cla- 
mour It' to ye nH*sondieu ot sint katervne of mv foondartoo 
lor vair eiK/nK'nts xx' It* to my Chaunlrv of seint petirm in 
alhalowe Kirk fcN- ye enc/mt^nts yerof x* It' to ye Cliapel of 
Wytton bv ye watt*r vj mrc It* to ru'y how% of alincHise 
ordevnet for bedrvdens in NeweCastle j marc whilk shal be 
parcel of ye said some yat shal be spendt't vpon myn entier* 

> Rom Tbonitan, so ofiultat Nrvtastk ■wrrhant-^BsaJiy ot K«vcsslW la 
19»7 — M««brr of l*sHisaattit kw tbs lotta la 199% Ul«. aad Uia^Msfw 
aliM timrt la fl VMr»— IbuiiiWr a€ tW MsMoa «W thru ufaMi tW Saadlritt— ^ 
tW llisntr7 of til. IVt«r. la All Satatt' Clmrrli— hoililtr af tW WMtgac* «i4 
tW TovQ iMll^aiMl Jsa. U»-3a. TW tisb whach cov«ri4 tlw ftatrv cT IMm 
sad bit «tf«, tplmclkllr cnrklMU with hrmm, U ttUl yrt^^rvrd m All fbanU' 
ClMUTl^ NrwcaMU. K«irs funKrr arciHiat <if thi* prrvoo, «« ltaiM.»oy*t N»ava- 
rasESLAJio uaJcr NtT«Es«iTTQs. 


ment It'm to ye repa'c'on of yose tenementes yat I haue gyun 
to ye foresaid mesondieu and to ye said Chauntry xl* It' I 
wyUe yat xxx prestes syng for me two yeers next adfter my dis- 
cesse ilk prest hauyng for his sould by yeer viij mrc' It'm I 
wylle yat cccc marc' whilk yat ye priour and Couent Hexham 
awe me bee dispendet vpon bygging of yeir KjTk if yei wol 
make greable seurtez yat it shal soo be aeuly doon It' I gif 
to ye hous of Blauncheland ij fothers leed It'm to Brenkburn 
ij rotliers leed It'm to Coketeland i fother leed It'm to 
rep'ac'on of iiarnelande j fother leea It'm to ye nunnes of 
halystoni fother leed It' to eu'ylk ord'rof ye liij ordres mendi- 
cants of Newcastell to pray for my saule x marcs to be departet 
to eu'y freer conuentuell by yanis of my son It' I wyll yat 
ye recluse of Newcastell and S' henr' ffenwyk and & henr' 
Lincoln prestes be p'cel of ye xxx prestes for ij yeers and after 
ye said two yeers I wyll yei iij singe for me taking eu'y prest 
of yaim ij seculers viij nur'cz and ye recluse yeerly vj mrc' to c 
mr'cz be dispendet if yei lif soo longe and elles to be dispendit 
for my saule by yanis of my Son It' I forgif to ye hous of 
Gysburn xxx* whilk yei awe me beside ye c* yat I haue gyuen 
yaim afore yis tyme so yat yey fynde me a prest p'petuall syng- 
gyng for me in yeir hous hke as yeir couenant is maid It' I 
wyll yat c mr'cz be forgyuen emongs my poer ten'ntz 
by yanis of my son to yeum yat may nat wel pay It' I gif to 
ye Couent of Yarom and to ye Couent of hertylpole to 
pray for my saule x mr'cz to ayther hous to be dep'ted emong 
hem by yanis of my son It' I gyf to ye rep'ac'on of ye stepil 
of ye mynster of duresme j fother leed It' to eu'y monk of 
Chartyrhouse at Mountgrace to pray for my saule a noble It' 
to eu'y monk of Newemoyster a noble It' to eu'y monk of 
Tynmouth a noble It' to eu'y monk of Whitby a noble It' 
I gyf to S' Thomas Pityngton vicar of hertburn c* It' to & 
John ffenwyck x' It' to S' William harwod xx* It' to margaret 
my su'nt in peny and in peny worth vj** and x mr'cz And also for 
terme of hir lyfe yat hous in Bradechair yat Nichol Baxster 
dwelleth Inne It' to Roger Corbett iiij' And also yat he 
haue terme of life ye almous of ye mesondieu so yat he dweUe 
not yereinne It' to hawlay my s'unt xl* It' to John Gofden xx* 
It' to Robert hall my s'unt xl' of ye dette whilk he awe me 
It' to John desbrugh iiij*. of dette whilk he awe me It* to 
Thomas yat was my s'unt a noble It' to Agnes Hume xx' 
It' to Agnes ward xx' It' to Ellen ward xxs' It' to Maryon 
wann xx" It' to old Gillot xx* It' to Johannet Pryddowe 
XX* It* to Sr Henr* lincoln a m'rc It' to Willia' mawe if he 
make trewe reknyng xx* It' to Thomas Gentylman xx* It' 


to John Trmnoothr xx* It* to Rmrrjr brmir c* To willm' 
deftburf^ c* It' to Hrtury lliemtofi c* It' to John wluintuBr 
K of bk dette It*in to' Rob't Ikrkrr a nire h' to llMicti»i 
Skvnoer ye Skjnner iiii* It* to John Sharp xt* h* to Ji»tin 
Moreton xx* It' to WdVmtn Walkrr xx* It' to (liirntiil m 
noble It' to John fTeltoo bk hoof fre trrme of hi* Ivfr be to 
rejiarell hit and cormdre in »eint katenme« term o^ hi* Ijrfr. 
It' I forgiff to John ^In^lewrrght xx* of bit dette It* I ftjrfe 
to Tliomaft Croxlon a marc Abo I will yat xP. be in mr mhiiit* 
*di»po«ic'on to vit entetit jrat if any |H)c*r laborer or oyrr pum 
eUyni any p'ceil of detti* by me «>wjmg be to cli«poyn and yaim 

Cy of yat Minune by bis discrer'on m diichafrm|^ of my muiI as 
wol'annwer to god It' I rif to (terard Mithird c* It' to 
John RobynMin of Thornton if he make trewr rt^in?ng c* It* 
to yong John Robynton hi< Son c* Ii*m to John iWu'pCon xl* 
It' to Cok my I'unt xx* It' to (teorge my I'unt a marc It* 
to Margory Corbet xl* It' to Margt dalton xx* It* to Aly. 
son my i'unt a noble It' to Robert Killrngwortb a marc All 
yeet gooden and [)'celli*« aforesaid I wxA my urn doo and dt^ 
poyn a» be wol an»wcr afc»re god Ami alle remenant and re«i- 
dewc of my good* mobU^f and vnmoblex with aUe my lander yat 
I or any oyer in my name or to my v»c are enfefl^ in except 
je Undirs 'gj'ffcn to my mi»»ondieu and to my Chauntnr I gile 
fully cleeriy'and fn*ely to my taid Mm Roger and to ftm hrtn 
ami at%igtH*t for eucrmorc and to fulfill yt« my testament and 
Iftit wylie I make and ordern ve tame Roger my too to bee myn 
ext*cutour in |»rcM»nce of S' /ohn ffenwvk Emery Heryng and 
Marget mv t'unt be yi« nreikente cUy am{ yer afocvayd trlH with 
myn own fiandet' — l[lVob. 19 Jany. 1419-30.] 


In IVi nominr, AnM*n. xviij die m«»n*it Aprilts, Anno IVv 
■lini M.DCccc. xxxj. Ego Rob**rtu* Conycm de Kockbom, 
comiMit mentis mea% comio tettamentum nirum in banc modnm. 

i tlik vill U, far iIm ant. liaMi teunAtiy prtvud fVr«i tW Fr i fcl i ki 

RmWUt. It wm flm pttblklMd \ff Wkmnm te Mi Hktkmr 
\ V Moce it wm 

, ^Md W HodgMS ; Wt tW ^ 

Mrtii •r Bouf«e*B c«i|>7 wUk Um 9kt^9 «iU prow tka ht hm a^Umiti amp. 
j^U tW fubiUUKv «f tiM neatd, aad Im laiiUr iHmtfg u &td tW IfM wMck 

It tiuwt upmi Um EMtkb UngMfT <^ >^ P^^ 
• Uchrrt Canvcf% of Sockbunw, Eml, mi aad Mr of Sir J^mCmy9r$ mi 

ELiMahfik, iIm^im^ •md c»4M«r of WilHi, tmmd Bum dt At«a» 1^ iatii 

im^jUrt oT ll<«r^ tmxj. 


In primis, lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti Creatori meo, 
Beatfe Mariae ejus Genetrici, et omnibus Sanctis ; corpusque 
meum sepeliendum in £celesi4 Parochiali Omnium Sanctorum 
de Sokbum, cum mortuariis meis debitis et consuetis. Item 
lego in ceriL cremandll circa corpus meum, in die sepulturae meae, 
iiij libras. Item lego summo altari iij*. iiij^. Item lego Eccle- 
sis unam togam de serico pro vestimento faciendo. Item lego 
Fratribus Predicatoribus de Yarum x*. Item Fratri Johanni 
Leeke ejusdem Domus vj*. viij**. Item fratribus de Alverton 
vj*. viij''. Item Fratribus Augustini de Novo Castro vj*. viij*. 
Item Fratribus Ae (blank) vj*. viij**. Item lego Cristofero* fifio 
meo unum annulum cum diamaunt ; et unum cingulum de serico 
cum le hamez de argento ; et unum (blank J cum baselard ; et 
meum gladium ; et unum pileum de stramine, cum uno ouche. 
Item lego Johannae filiae meae^ unam bursam optimam ; et unum 
monile optimum ad modum cordis factum. Item Elizabethan 
filiae meae unam bursam et unum monile secundum optimum. 
Item Isabellae Alias meas' unam bursam cum meo annulo. Item 
Margaretae filiae meae unam bursam et unum annulum. Item 
Katerinae filiae meae unam bursam ut unum annulum. Item 
Ceciliae filiae meae unam bursam et unum enaulum. Item Bea- 
trici filiae meae unam bursam et unum annulum. Item lego 
Johanni Laton unam bursam et unam par cirothecarum et 
unum annulum. Item Thomae Clarvaux unam bursam, unum 
par cirothecarum et unum annulum. Item lego cuilibet Capel- 
lano existenti ad exequias xij^. Item cuilibet Clerico viij^. 
Item lego Ceciliae et Beatrici filiabus meis utrique centum 
marcas pro suis maritagiis. Item volo quod omnia utensilia 
domus meae tam in Camera quam in AullL, Pincema, Panetri&, 
Pistrino, una cum Plaustris et Carucis cum toto apparatu, 
ponantur in salv4 custodi^ per avisamentum et ordinationem . 
Executorum meorum, quousque Cristoferus filius meus ad here- 
ditateni perveniat ; et tunc deliberentur praefato Cristofero ad 
usum suum proprium. Si autem mors eum praeveniat antequam 
hereditatem possideat quod tunc distribuantur inter Sorores 
suas ad tunc superstites existentes. Residuum vero bonorum 
meorum do et lego Domino Nicholao Hulme Magistro de <jre- 

t Afterwards Sir Chrifltopher Conyers, of Sockbume, who died in ]487« hav- 
inff been married by special licence in the Priraie Chapel of Witton Castle bj 
Thomas Heblieden, Dean of Auckland, to Mamrj, daughter of Sir William 
Cure, of Witton Castle, bjr Maud, daughter of Henrj Lord Fitzhujdi. 

s Jahamm Conjers, afterwards wife of Sir Philip Djmoke, of dcrivelsbj, 
Cfaampkm of England at the Coronation of King Henry VI. 

3 Aftervarda, perhaps even then, wife of Thomas Clervaux, (a jounger mm 
of Star John ClerVauZy of Croft, ICnt,) to whom a legacy is left below, uid wha 
witneMcd the execution of the wilL 


iham^ Knfir<*fo \hk^ et Joluinni iMon^ quo* Hiam roitfttitiio et 
ofxlmo ine<» fcyre Kxrrutoret, dskti% e( ccmcfHlrn^ t* iMiein mrttn 
potettatrtn, itA pm citiinibuii lUnm nirU flri|M>nen*« pmut et* 
Mkiti oiiitfur mtsv nit*liiii vHlrhitur fxp^niirt*. Win FeM !!>•»« 
Johanna LatcNi, llumiA C^Uirvaiix, 'llnirni Onton IWctore cfe 
Hurworth, WiUielimi North, Willclmo Tiiylor cle Mrrhdcnr rl 
[ProtMU. coriuii F4>i%r(}|>o a|>u4l Stokton IH Maii 1431.} 

[Btgr LAifuLCT, iuL 230.) 

In dri nomine. Amen : xxj clii* mcnsit Junij. A«no IXimai 
Mccccxxxv*' ego 'Iltomas Ik^bbeden Drcmnus ecehrMr ColW- 
giaUe Snncti Anclrev de AuklamI DunelmenM diorfitM» taniit 
menie, led rorpcirift imnuDente Ungore, cuiu« e% enliu naitfrmlttet 
formkUlur, rondo tesuunetitum nive ordino folianUMem nieam 
ttilimam in hunc nioduni. In |inniii lego aninuun meaai litrn 
omninotenti canm Kedemptori, coqmtque nM*am, ti infrm dir* 
tam fiioceiim roe mori rontigt*rit, in inlroitu rbori AcUt eecle- 
mt Sancti Aiidreir fepeliendimi. Item lc*go |iro Miroplihat mrtu 
foneraiibiu, in die i^puhune mc^r, circa corpus meuni fiicietidit« 
%K Ita quod commoda pam illiuft t^ecunnr in cttrtfibuciooem 
panpentm niagni quaro in ponijA caclavt-ra eonvertacur. Et u 
infra eivitatem rel dioce»im hjMir. me diMoivi cootigeht, lefpo 
corpus ineum coram altare lieatir Virginis Man» in tccWiii 
Sancti Johannit Kvangeli»t», juxta ponlem Vte, in dkWm ei- 
Tilate h!bor. iuxta parente» roeo» tepeUetidiini. Item lefo 
eccle«i«p Sancti Andreir pnedictiCY x marcaft pro dnobot frmWi 
but m choro ejuMleni terviturt* cinendii. Item lego fcclcfMi 
Sancti Johannin pnedictir optimum ventimentum meum de blodin 
TeWet cum flour de Irce oe auro ; tix. tret albaa, tret tvnieaii 
Cttin |)aruriii, duai^ •tolai, ij phatiulai«, seu manipukM, uaam 

I Thammm HthUden'-m MUirv of Yori—^rtin m « lJrr«l«le of l^vt m * 
I41C^<— ApfK l*lMm^U»r ami tl«amuiiiig ili«|iUjfi to Tbom«« laagfaj, BmIm^ 
of IXirhMn. 17 IW , I lia— prMvot«4 :b lUv. 1 430, (ilieti llvcint la D«crM») U 
tW K^vtonr of Mrldon— Tlfc Jul. I43A. rxHttf^M ^^ lUrtorv of BoUoa vtt 
RkluH KrlUvr. for the RrdorY uf Wrllrioci. in iW IMokw of Yort— m 
Doc, 1431. <olkt«^ to tko Dtosorr of IW CotWgtelo OMudi of kmA\ 
Uk., 1491, ri«iciM<d tW Rortorr of MoUon — MorrM ka tlw pHv«te dsf 
WittiMi iofltWv by tfiociol Hcom, C^hrktufAtr. mm of Uokrft Coavoffo, of. 
bumr, Vjtt^ to Morjorr, doutfbtrr of HIr %%'illioM Korv.of Wluoa. Ka^ TW I 
Ww| OflWd U iIm Prior ood Coavnit uf Durlioai to ao« aov ka ilw I ilaij «f 
tW l)Ma oaH ClMfCor. A pmAXf fbUo - llanbolnoooi <W flaatti Ciiioiiy On 
im\» Krommi IVfd <W Y\mm Iktauno,** wm piirriiottJ of tW KiowHiaro orf IW 
Tmukm.hy lt«>Wft do WfoaMrkad, A DuHma Ifoai^aadto fmiifil jaliia 
liooiMrri|i( CfcioH |c. iii^ II.) 


lam, (luas tunicas, ejiisdem secta*, ad deserviendum Ibidem ad 
!(ammum altare ; ut pro anim^ meil et animabiis parentum me- 
orum Deus devocius exoretiir. Item lego altari Sanctae Ka- 
terince in eadem ecclesia unum pulcnim psalterium sb'aKter 
«criptum. Item lego ecclesiae parochial! de Welton* juxta 
Humbriam Ebor. dioceseos unum missale, usus Ebor. & x mareas 
ad faciendum descos in choro et ad pavandum chorum cum 
fflaundrestyll. Item lego ad immolandum crucifixo in Ecclesift 
Collegiata Cestriae vj*. viij**. Item lego ecclesiie parochiali de 
Meldon juxta Castrum super Tynam xx*. Item Collegio Sancti 
Johannis Beverlaci xl*. Item ecclesia? Conventual! de Bryd- 
lyngton xl*. Item lego ad immolandum in Capell^ Sancti Theo- 
baldt Tj*. viij**. Item lego librariae ecclesiae Cathedralis Dimelm. 
unum Itbrum vocatum Catho alias. Speculum Virtutis, ita quod 
dominns Prior jam existens habeat usum illius libri durante vit4 
sui. Item lego ecclesiae parochiali de Boldon Dunelm/ dioc.* 
xP. pro una cap& emends. Item in distribucionem pauperum 
parochianonim meorum ecclesianim Sancti Andreae et Welton 
juxta discrecionem executorum meorum lego c*. Item lego iiij**. 
ordinibus Fratrum infra Civitatem Ebor. iiij mareas equaliter 
dividetidas. Item lego incarceratis in Castro in Prison^ Domi- 
ni Archiepiscopi in le Kydcote xx*. equaliter dividendos. Item 
cuilibet domui Leprosorum in suburbiis Ebor. iij*. iiij*. Item 
^lego tribus presbyteris uno anno vel uni presbytero iij annis 
immediate post obitum meum pro anim^ mea ammabusque pa- 
rentum meorum et benefactorum nostrorum omniumque fideli- 
um defanctorum celebraturis xxij mareas vj*. viij"*. Item lego 
Johanni Hebbeden fratri meo seniorl unum lectum meum inte- 
grum optimum, cum pertinentibus, unum ciphum argenteum et 
deauratum coopertum, ad modum calicis factum. Item lego 
Johannae ffitlyng sorori meae unum craterem argenti, vocatum le 
Rose, coopertum. Item lego Matildas Hothom sorori meae 
unum craterem argenti coopertum cum j Chapelet super coo- 
pertorium. Item lego dominae Johannae Chawman sorori mead 
Priorissae de Chiksond in Com. Bedford, et Conventui xl*. 
Item lego Anastasiae Hebbeden meliorem penulam meam de 
gray. Item lego fUizabethae Bekwith cognatae meae meliorem 
pemiiam meam de puryd, except^ penult colobii mei. Item 
niagistro Georgio Plumpton cognato meo unam peciam wrgenti 
coopertam cum rosd in medio cifi. Item lego Johanni Burton 
cognato et servienti meo unam togam cum capucio, et decern 
mareas, et unum equum competentem. Item lego Margaretae 
sorori ejusdem Johannis unam togam et xiij*. iiij"*. Item lego 
ThotiMt liho ejusdem Margaretae xx^ Item lego Roberto 
Vanadso' v mareas. Item lego WilUelmo Batty famulo meo, et 


84 WILLI AS'n 

pro nunc procumtciri, ItTtnni inlcgruni c|iii t-%t afnid Weltoo, 
unam tc»gani, iinnni cisthin cli* S|)ni%€* i*xi%tc*titem a|»ud Weltoo', 
unum o<|utini cc>nt|H*ti*nleiii, ct x niarca». Item legu Jcihanni Ho» 
thorn nt*|M)ti ineo nicUoreiii ^Indiiini ni4*uni ci uiuiai tntrffrmoi 
amiaturam. Itc*iii Iff^o doniimi Willirlmo Kicktmair xl*. Item 
lego hllizabetliir Ctlai^ier in Ncivo C^^iro tuiHT Tytimtn unam 
togam conipc*tentt*ni cum ca|iucUi & xx\ Item lego Johanni Gar- 
dener ct Malihlit* uxori nua* ciui c|uoiidaui fuit ccx*u* matm 
ttH*iV in I'Umjf. xiij*. iiij'. Item lcgt» nutgittro Joliaimi Artayt de 
Dunelm. unnni librum vcic* Ctuvd<i dc Colunipua cuui cootcnttt io 
eodem. Item le^o Ii^lH'Hie rlurc unum librum gallicum vcMra- 
turn I^uticelot. Item magiktro 'nionue I^ndon Hectori eccle- 
ftUe parochialU de CVayk xl'., %\ onus hujuim<xli te^tamenti mei 
una cum alij* ^uhicrit, aliaji ntin. Item lego nuigbiro Koberto 
Alne t)cr»ona.* in eccletiik C^atli. Kbor. xl*. »ub coodirtooc 
cuntinnii, alias xx'* Item lego domino Jolianni Spanyell de 
Ebor. xl*. Aub c<»numili condici«>ne, alias nichil. Item magia- 
tro Johanni Artayt xl*. »ub condicione consimili, alias nichil de 
uecuniis. Item lego cuilibeC onlini Fratrum niendicanctum in 
Novo Ca*tro super Tvnam vi*. tilj^. Item fratribus miooribus 
de Hartil|H>le %j*. \iij . Residuum vrro omnium bonorum me- 
orum su(H*rius non legatum do et lego cxecutonbus meis, ut ipai 
eadem bona dispoiumt in salutem [anima*] mea*|)rout melius ets 
vi<lebitur ex|HHlire. Huju» testament i mei executorrs ordino ef 
const! t uo pnefatcM magistros, llionuim lx»ndon, llobertum Aloe,' 
Johanneni Artavs et aominum Joluinnem SpanyelL Hiis tetti- 
biM domino Williclmo Kychenuin, Itoberto Varasoar, Johaooe 
Burton et alijs. Data Kboraci die ct anno supradictis. 

riVobatio data apud Stokton \H Jul 1435. Robertus Aloe et 
Jonaune^ Artavs executores. Ibid. fol. T2\. b.l 


In dei nomine. Amen, x die measi% Julii, .\nno 

Mille^imo tiic xxx\j, l-^go Johaiinc*« liaro de (tray»tok Mile* 
condo tt*st«inu'ntuiii meum in hunc UHMlum. In primis, do et 
lego aniniain meam I)co umni|M»tenti, bt^atv Mahar et umnibus 

* John lUrcn (•!¥,« »t«i%k ttu-rrrtW*! In hb r«t»tr« In WrfCMMfUMl, Nsftliaai- 
WrUnt), Ai- . u|K»n lh<r death of hi* Imthcf IB A p. 1417* C»«T«nM»r of R« 
CmiUr in Uil vtth a mUry ai Cl.fNMi |irr ftun. in imm of pm 
UttK* of var^ frr«)i»mii V in i-«»fitinu»iofi* far Inirv or tmmcm la 
■HMwd to (ArluunrM from 7 Hen. V. to 11 lien. v|..ii-.( 
teifhirr ftod c«>brir vf 2Ur Uobrrt Ftrrefs. of Vf^mmm. CV gili| Jhi mk 


Sanctis ; corpusque meum ad sepdienduin in Ecclesia Col- 
legiate de Graystok. Item lego pro mortuario nieo optimum 
equum cum totA armatiira mek Cotearmo' penon et Gyton*. 
Item lego pro expensis meis funeralibus die sepulturae meae, et 
die octav^ xP. Item lego pro distribucione faciend^ inter 
tenentes'meos in omnibus dominicis meis maxime indigeatibus 
c marcas. Item lego summo altari Sancti Petri Eboraci pro 
oblacionibus oblitis, iij*. iiij**. Item lego fabricae dictae Eccle- 
siae Beat! Petri vj*. viij^. Item lego cuilibet Domui le- 
prosorum in Eboraco ij*. Item lego et do Radulpho, filio 
meo et heredi, * totum hospicium meum, et utensilia mea infra 
manerium meum de Hyldresskelf, Castrum de Morpath, et 
Castrum de Graystok, cunctis vasis argenteis et aureis, ac eciam 
jocalibus meis, exceptis ; nisi ea quae inferius specificantur ; 
videlicet do et lego prsedicto Radulpho maximum ciphum ar- 
gcnti cum coopertorio, vocatum Le Chartre de Morpath ; unum 
ciphum argenti et deauratum cum coopertorio, ex dono michi 
datum per Rectorem de Weme, vj ciphos argenti single, xij 
cocliaria argenti, ij pelves cum dobus lavacris argenti, vj 
discos, vj salsaria et j chargeor argenti sen' factur*, unum annu- 
lum, et j broch auri quondam matris mese, cum benediccione 
Dei et me&. Item lego eidem Radulpho cunctos equos meos 
c;im omnibus cellis frenis et harnamentis eisdem pertmentibus. 
Item lego Elizabethae uxori ejusdem Radulphi unum annulum 
et j broch auri cum j saphir et dyamant, unum gregem ovium 
matricum apud Heldresskelf, cum agnis suis, unum ciphum 
argenti et deauratum cum alb^ aauila super cooperturam depo- 
sitA. Item lego pro maritagio Elenorae filiae meae vJ marcas. 
Item lego et volo quod quilibet fiUorum meorum, videlicet 
Thomas, Ricardus, et Willielmus, habeant annuatim ad isustenta- 
cionem suam Centum marcas percipendas de illis terns et tene- 
mentis meis propriis quibusdam feofFatis per me factis, donee 
vel quousque dicti Thomas Ricardus et Willielmus per discre- 
cionem executorum meorum maritentnr, sen aliquo alio modo 
adjuventur ad valenciam c marcarum per annum, ad terminum 
vitae eorundem. Item lego pro rewardo inter servientes meos 
faciendo, videlicet cuiHbet generoso xl*. cuilibet valecto x i". et 
cuilibet garcioni xiij*. iiij**. Item lego ad reparacionem Novi 
Monasterii xx^ Item lego Ek^clesiae Collegiatas de Gr lystok 
praedictaE^ omnia vestimenta de nova facta, cum totis orna nentis 
pertinentibns eisdem. Item lego ad reparacionem chori ejus] 

I Ralph, Baron Greystock upon the death of his father, married EHzaheth, 
dau^ter of William Lord Fitzhugh, of Bavenswath— and died in 1483, Leav. 

F 3 


dem Ecclc^iir CoiU^giata* xj f€itlirt*i^ |»iuiiiln apu<i DufUHi, Mib 
cciuclicione c|iicmI hi \|ji|(i»tri C olU*|;ii |>rntiifti« qui |>ro tfni|H»rt* 
»unt nA fii(*riiit, riiiiatit €*t iH*rririaiit otiiiM*i» rf|iarac*H>iM-» (lK*ti 
clKiri : *»iii aiili'tn, \(>lo c|iiikI dirti \\ fotlin** plunibi rfiiiaiiraiil 
in niaiiilmii fXtHniUirum iiu'oruni, ail r«H»ui|:ta ft r\|««*ii%aft fat*^ 
eticla» |>ro ^taluti* clirti C'olK-gii de iui\o orfliiiatHli* t*t »ialiM*n« 
duif M.*ciiiMliitn iiiUMK*ic>iK*tii tm^iuit \inu*^ <li<'|HH»iiatii ct cinlnuilatii. 
lU'iii voKi qiuMl liiM|iiiHli* (li* C'achi'hiini MTiindiim aiitM|uani 
fuiicla<*itiiu*iii (*iitii oitiiiibii^ oriiaiiU'titU Imhuh ct catelli^ cNk*ni |irr- 
tinentibus cuiclaiu Ca| tflUik> (U*>|M>iiiitiir. Item \o\o (|iumJ Cmo- 
taria* de Stayiiyiigtcm (*t CoivH-lyf riHircliiiciitiir c*t clU|Miciaiitur 
iecuiiduiii aiitic|ua» ruiii|MK»icioii4*i^. Ili'iii l«rpi Alkrur IIoUimI 
|iro rt'wanlti xx*. Itriii do ct lt*K<* riiililM*t exc*ciit«»riini iiir<»> 

nini pro laUirt* »uo x iiiarca>. lioi«luuni cxtfcutorib m 

III i|Mi di«|iaiiaiit pro aiiiiiiA nu*a Fjii*cutort*» Hadul|iliii» 

Ctrayfttc»k tiVius iiiciu vi \wrt^^ Waltcrii* Dkirlay Itrrtur <k» 
M«>q>iitli, \\ilL llanlyiiff d4* No\o (*a»lro *ii|mt T)tuini, Juk. 
•kJiiiMui d«* I'DHiniro, Will. C*4)\ crdaU* dt* Kyrklnr iiM#rrUir«l vi 
Will. Ila|»ioti dt* C4>ii\iige%ilMH^» -ftii|t«»r\iMiri*» IXrmiiiia ('«>nii* 
tiMba Cuiiibri^'^, l>i»iii. Kic lia^l\iig», t-l l>i»iu. tldiii. Ila»tyiif;« 
mililcii. Tt^itlibuii l>i>iii. Job. r>cby ra|u-llaiMS Kic HlriK^iUr 
Antu« llob. Cotoiii, U(»b. Skvtim*r %ak*cii%. [IVub. 16 C>rt. 


In iVi iioiiiiiu*, .\im-ii. Aiiiu} IXuiiiiii MiUf^iiM> ccicxxx%i, 
XX dii* IVrc*iiibn»« Mi^o JohaiiiM*> ralnuui, alia* C*okc, ctiodti 
tnfttaiiu-iittiiii tiiciim in bunc nuMliini. lu |>nuii» k'go aiuniaiu 
mcani lK*o crcatori nieti, lk*ata* Marijc, ooiiuIhu Saiictu |iani- 
dUi ; ft roriuj^ nic iini ail M4M*lit'iMliiui in Ciniitfrio Sancti Ao- 
drfii* Auki'lanil <*xtra fixlf!»iaiu ex |>arte iKiriali ante portaiii 
borial«'ni. Itrni lego ad o\m% iu>\i oiM*ri« fjuMlfni Krclr*wv 
XX^. Iccni Ifgo a«i %uniiuuni altan* i*juMU»ni crrk*»iar j to«t*U dr 
work continmtt 111 ij \irga*» t*t dimitiuui. Itfiii k-go ad ardriK 
duni ill luHiurc Saiirti C'utlibcrti in una CVIU %ocatl Jaru ij 
librae crra*. Item lego ad opu* tiovi o|)eri% dt* (*ni}k xx'. 
Item U*go ad b^^pitaU* Sancti Jari4)i ck* .VIvirttm xx^. Ilnu 
ad kunumiin altarc hVcIt %ia* itarocbiali^k ck* Norton j |MUimioi 
linruni rontincntciii ij virga^^ ct dimid. Item kgo uxori iiira' 

ac«K*ltf«tri4 nu%a ; rt alia iij roclfaria rjuft«irin mhIi** lliorajr 
ic» fiiro. Il#fa k-go ad Fxclrt^iam <k* F4:leM-lyr xx^. Ilrtn 
Irgo mi Montcin (trariic j towel de %>cik ; ct j towel! TKomar 

INV£KTORieS. 87 

Yse. Item lego fratribus de Alverton j towell de werk. Item 
fratribu8 de Yarum j towell. Item fratribus de Hertilpole j 
towell. Item iiij ordinibus fratrum de Novo Castro, cuilibet 
ordini j towell. Item lego Domino Nicliolao Hulme j tabill, et 
domino Willielmo Damyan j gardevyan. Item Tbomae filio 
ineo j spiie et j par auudyreiis. Item eidem j dublet cooper- 
iiiBi cum j bukskyn rubeum. Item lego Roberto Southr}'n j 
ulnam de pcmno Uneo ; et domino Willielmo lambe j par cultel- 
iorum magnorum.* Item lego Eimnet fRessour j to^am de 
blodio. Item lego Rtcardo Wyldeblode J ray capic' di' sang- 
wayn. Item lego j capucium de liberato Aiagistri de Gre- 
dmm Aliciffi de York. Item lego seni Adam de Stockton j 
cafNicinm et j singulum de corio. Item lego Katherinae uxori 
Ricardi Burton j par cultellorum harneised. Item lego Jobanni 
Wliyte j par ca^ganim de Kersey. Item uni eervienti Williel- 
mi Langton j par caligarum« Item lego uxori Ward xij^. Item 
lego Edb[mndo Prestwych unam bursam. Item iohanni Irland 
uuBxa bursam^ et Carleton unam bursam. Item lego Jacobo 
Chorley j arcum et Johanni de Buttery j arcum. Item lego 
filio raeo j arcum optimum cum j sheef arowys de pecok. Item 
lego Wilielmo Hegnfeld dimid' doseyn stryngs et dimid' dos^n 

Johamii Astley Executores Ricardus Burton, Will. Da- 

mjon, et dom. Johannes Carbroke. Item lego patri Bamardi 

de Coquin& j togam de Kendale Item lego executoribus 

meis unum burgagium edificatum et tria alia burgagia vasta in 
Stockton— [Prob. ^ Jan., 1436-7.] 

[Extract by Mr, Surtees, from the Court at York.] 

— Ego WilUelmus Salvayne Armiger — in festo Sanctl Be* 
nedicti mccccxxxvi. — sepeliendum in Monasterio de Whitby 
_ Johanni fratri meo par magnum precularum de gagate ; et 
aliud par Custanciae consanguineae meae — eidem Johanni annu- 
Inm aureum cum diamante — Johanni Forster de Kyllome opti- 
mam togam meam post mortuarium meum, et uxori su£e j par 
precularum — Dominae Johannae Salvayne uxori Domini Johan- 
nis Salvayne Militis xij coclearia argenti — Alicias filiae eoruro 
annulum aureum cum lapide beryls — Petro Salvayne Armigero 
consanguineo meo zonam sericam deargentTitam — SibiUie so- 
rori meae xl*. et j par precularum de corall cum gaudiis de gagate. 
[Pr. 9 Sep-, 1440.] 



DcMninut Thomas Langlejr Efiitcornii Dunelm. in vitl tuft, rt 
dia ante roort ei p eju»dein, reparari fecit valde KuniiHuaie CV 
pellam Sancta* Maria* qiue vulgariter le GalUe ounru^tor : 
cujot reparaciotiit expetukm le extendunt ad ccccUxi*. %*. ix^. 
ob. pnpter onui mamioretJin, quod exteiidit ad [biamA^. Uedit 
eetam idem Venerabilii Pater, diverHs vicibo*, notabilrt sum- 
maa ad constniccionem Librarue et C*ameranim in CoUefrio 
Monachonim Dunelm. in Oxonii [x*. interlined above Otmom'] 
ac Toltip Naris Eccletia* Dunelm. xx^ ; nee non tectunr Navii 
Ecckwe de fTynkall in plumbo precii xvij*. vj*. viij^. et Cliori 
Imola* Sacnr. Item dicttu Dominut fecit opiu Titreum aoper 
aitare Sancti Ottraldi et Laurentii c*. Item idem I>ominm 
dedit Librarian Dunelm. unum volumen continent ExpoMcionem 
Doetorii de Liri luper Kpt»toUu Fauli, Mi>i»toltti CancNucas, 
Actus Apostolorum, et Apocalipsim.* Item idem Drmiinus *oU 
▼it pro factur^ Kt'giari Kpiscopt extra lioriale Ostium Ecclrmtar 
xxTiij'. x^. ob. Item, parvo tem|K>rf* ante* mortem suam, ck^dit 
Librariie Diccionarium in tribus voluminibui; pro quibus idem 
Ddminus soKerat Ix'. lX*dit eciam Notrngliam super iiij 
Erangelia, precii xx'. Item idem Dimiinus, duobiis annis ante 
mortem suam, de<lit Priori unum mitram ticecii [biamk]. Urm 
Executores ejusdem Pafri* liboraverunt iViori et CxMitrcntiai* 
poat obitum ejusdem, bona in testamento suo eis legata ; sctlacei 
PoUcronicon ; unam Crucem argenteam et deauratjun, cum 
magno pcde halH*nte ymagines divrnutrum Sanctorum, et ex 
utraque parte Crucis est Angelus habens thanbulum. Item 
unum Ventimentum de velvet t cr^mesyn rubeum, cum toto ap- 
paratu ejusdem ; videlicet un4 casuU, duobus tuniculis, et unl 
eapA prinripali hahente orfrayn consimilea auri de Cjrprjrs, ij 
stolis iij manipulis iij albis, et iij amittis cum paruria cuOMitis, 
ejusdem secta*, et cum duabus capin de veltM^t cnrmesavn, et 
unA capA de veluelt rubel, qualibc*t habente orfrays auri cle cjr* 
pnrs couMmiles, secfa* pnrdirtas et rum dtuibus capis de panoo 
dama»ceno rul>eo, et quatuor capts de baudkyn rubetn qualibet 
habente orfravs de baudekvn rubeo context' cum cervis el avs» 
but auri de Cyprus. 

I TiKMnM I.AntWv. I.or4 iloiicvllor of Efykad-^Bufcnp of I^rlnfli la 
I4M--C«nlmsltii Ull — AmhMnaor u» Fruxv 1414— ClMDc«)ior^rita m I4l7 
— aisd 10 Nov , 1417— lwrK«l In Uw Gslikv, vbtrli br bad rrfsircl. aa^cv s 
tomb of OMrbtr. 

t Thrw bookt srr |*rcMr%cd lo ibc Ubrmrj uf Um tkaa sad Ckafter. 


I Extract by Mr. Surtees, from the Cur. Prerog., Ijond.] 

Robertus Lambton de Lambton in Episcopatu Duneim. 

Gen. condit Testam : 12 Martij 1442 Sepeliend. in Ec- 

clesisL Fratrum Carmelitarum Londini juxta sepulchrum Willi* 
Lfambton Patris sui Legat Johannae Uxori suae c^ et om- 
nia utensilia coquinae apud Lambton Legat Johannae 

JPetherstonhalgh Viduae x'. et Thomae Filio suo x*. et cuilibet 
Filio ejusdem Johannae xl*. Item lego Aliciae Lambton sorori 
mete vK et Johanni Lambton Militi de Rhodes fratri meo v^ 

WiH's et Thos. sunt Fratres Testatoris constituit Will'm 

Lambton fratrem Exec*. [Probat. 9 Apr., 1443.] 




In Dei nomine, Amen, xxiiij die mensis Aprilis, Anno Do- 
mini Millesimo cccc xl quarto, Ego Johannes Danby, compos 
mentis et sanae memoriae condo testament um meum in hunc 
modum. In prim is lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti et 
Beatae Mariae et omnibus Sanctis ; corpusque meum ad sepe- 
liendum in ecclesi& omnium Sanctorum de Northalverton. 
Item lego, pro mortuario meo, meum optimum animal cum 
optimo meo panno pertinenti ; ut moris est. Item lego iiij lb' 
cerae comburendas circa corpus meum ad exequias meas et in die 
sepulturae meae. Item lego cuilibet capellano istius villae existenti 
ad exequias meas viij*^. Item lego cuilibet clerico de majoribus, 
sappelici utenti, ij^. et cuilibet desecundariis j^. Item lego sura- 
mo altari pro decimis oblitis ij*. Item lego gildis, videlicet Sanc- 
Ue Trinitatis et Sanctae Mariae, cuilibet xl'. Item lego ad factu- 
ram novae campanae vj*. vilj'. et si velit perficere tunc volo quod 
sit in toto XX*. Item lego fabricae Ecclesiae de Dighton vj*. viij*'. 
Item novae fabricae Ecclesiae de Siggeston iij*. iiij'. et si velit per^ 
ficere post legationem meam tunc volo quod sit vj'. viij'. Item 
lego fabricae ecclesiae Ebor. ij'. Item lego fabricae Ecclesiae 
de Estharlesay, si veht perficere post legationem meam \\*. viij'. 
Item lego ad emendacionem viae circa sive pontem de Warleby 
vj*. viij'. Item lego fabricae pontis de Yaford xl'. si velit ex- 
tendere. Item lego unum messuagium cum pertinentibus ut 
pars mea illius vendatur ac pretiiun illius tradatur Capellano 
celebranti pro me et uxoribus meis quamdiu duraverit* Item 


lego Williclmo Dmnhy C(>ntmiigtiitHH> nHM> iiiuini g«^truni ii«*ar* 

EMitatuDi. ij cocliara de argrnto rt j lugsm de miirmy. lU'tn 
go uxoh c*juMl(*m Willtfliui xl^ Itriii U*go 'IInhiiii* frmin 
meo ij cocliaria de argetito c*t j rqtiatn. tleiii Irgo Alirur 
filia* iiH«* j par prrcanim de la geu* rt unam atoiiatii de arg«*tt(<n 
vidrliect |iejcirt»ni d«* ij loiiii. Item lego Willirlnio Arfitnlfurd 
g eoeliarta de argt*fito et vj*. viij*. Item legii Johanni xr» et j 
capuctiun. Item lego SCe|)luuio I^Aine xl*. Item legci ruiliKet 

xij^ Iu*m U^^o uxori Hmmiui* I>r»e, uxciri Jcjhanni* 

Kirkbr et Johanni* I<JUige cuilihei earum xij^. Item lego llk». 
OMii Montis Graciie xl'. Keftiduum rero omnium bononim 
noo legatorum do et lego WtUielmo llaiiby et Johanni Fcirrett« 
el ipioft ordino et con«tituo rxeeutoret metM ut ipu cM^ineot et 
dtt|>onant pro anini4 me& teeundum (li»|ioutifHiem et eonMliiun 
•uperviftonim nuH>rum, vidt*licft Williflmi Am|Hlford et Ste|>hani 
Lame. l\*«tihu<i Johanm* lA*»iJiain ca|)ellano parochiali, 
Johaane Kudd clerico, Iloberto (tod^an et aliis. ' IVub. 

lyVXN'TAaiCM OMNICM BOyoai'M iOHANNIS danbt N'tria 


In tirimts xiij (Mm de la brace pretium xxj*. iiij^. iiij pelTe* 
et ij ivwan v*. iij candelebra Tiij^. r patellie Tj\ iij eaeab' 
w*. ix {Hree led h \wwd* vt*Mall tj*. iiij^. la neocU* ferri perti* 
iientibus aaUe ij'. In cubidr*. j do** et j bankcir* iiij\ In ca- 
itiaA. la |iriuiift x coopertona xj*. j fed' bed h iij ■Mtem 
iij lodices iij*. v lintliiamina iij*. ntj^. j web de mc xx^. 
lure xx^. V uini de nt««et iij*. ix^. In napptt et aMiiii* 
tefgiis xv^. j aiagna cioa xl^. Aita panra ct«la nif^. AliietlMe 
ciitJt* ii*. In daviii xx^. j Ijivatorium tH. ii^ Qtaart' btaiu 
xiij*. iiij^. In camibut poroomm it ia vituiis laktt it^*. In ta^ 
affdii* iiij*. In j trow viij^. xiii libne lan» albar ^*. % mat Ir fin 
ft j wonOan iiij*. ij tobbis ru)K j brew led t*. All' led u*. 
j lob et «aa xij^. ij swynntaning Ti^^. q wfo d d a thia itg'. i^ 
nemis cum formulit & »telli« ij*. viij'. iij Jug' itij^. ij haiini 
^. j fttepled xl*. j murr* xx*. Item j itma de argraio 

LXiv. iiTTiyTAaii'M raioBATt'i ocsblji. Aifvo I446.* 

CArxLLA. In CapelU tunt dua; ciauLr iiro Vetiianenltf 
cooMrnrandift. Item unii» Calix argenteu% ct tieauratu». Itcin 

I l^h parlwcif galj gi xkf nsbonl Mv gl^ia m tie «if jgtoenl lalcrifC 

en*. II 
e bow»i 


duse iiolaB argenteic, quarum una <Ieaurata. Item una Casula 
de rubeo welweto brodato cum 9^ coronatU, ^ cum Aib4 de 
welweto brodato cum 3it)^« Item unum VeAtimentum de 
panno aureo cum StollL et Manipulo et Corporala. Item duo 
Vestimeata bona ; quorum unum rubeum, de paoni aureo ; et 
aliud de albo welweto cum stellis aureis isitextis et orfray cum 
ymaginibus ; cum Albis, StoUs, Mauipulis, PaUik, Frontalibus 
et Corporalibusy ejusdem sectie. Item duo Panni scevynde 
[f. stebynde] pro ornatu Altaris. Item duo Panni albi, de- 
pict! cum ymaginibus, pro altari. Item duo Panni albi pro 
Quadragesimi, cum Crucibus rubeis supercoufiutis. Item duo 
Manutergia pendencia, pro locione. Item unum Misaale; quod 
priu9 fuit ad Altare Sejicti Cuthberti. Item unum Paxbrede 
argenteum et deauratum. Item una Campana argentea et de- 
aurata. Item unum Portiforium mi^nimi, quondam Johannis 
Fossor,^ cum firmaculis argenteis et deauratis. Item unum 
Psalterium cum HistorisL Christi depict^ in principio ejusdem. 
Item diversi Panni de viridi, pro tapete ante Altare, et Ban* 
querez pro scabellis ibidem. Item unu» Pannus blodius, novus, 
pro tapet4 ante altare. Item iiij Qwisshons de blodio, de opere 
Norwicensi. Item iiij Bankquerez paliat' de viridi et rubeo. 
Jtetn unum Armariolum novum pro Computis conservandis.. 
Item aliud Armariolum pro Libris cuatodiendis. Item ij Supel- 
lieia pro Clerico Capellae. Item j magna Archa cum Armis 
Regis Apgliae, pro rebus imponendis. Item iiij Candelabra 
de auricalco. Jocalia. In primis, in Cblario Vini« 

ijfia Pecia larga cum cooperculo bepe ponderans, exlerius tan* 
lum deaurata* Item j Pecia minor cum cooperculo^ interius et 
exterius deaurata. Item j Pecia plana cum cooperculo in qu& 
inacribantur duo versus (EttgO* ttffO basl tMUtlU Item une 
Cuppa cum cooperculo argenti stans supra tres leopardos deau«- 
rata cum j corona in summitate cooperculi. Item una Peeia 
plaaa cum cooperculo cum f|c insculptis in summitate cooper^ 
cuU* Item una Pecia plana cum cooperculo. Item v Peciae ir- 
genteae planie cum Uteris |9. JLQi* ^ inculptis in fundis earundemt 
umua sectae. Item alia Pecia plana» fracta in borduxi. Item y 

I The letter ^., the initial of Mary the Vimn, crowned. 

t Prior of Durham from 1S41 to 1374— buried in the Transept of the Cathe- 
dral in tlie hide of an ox, which, with the wages of the person who stitched it 
around hit body, cost 5i.— Prior Forcer's grave was opened in 1720, when the 
hide was found to be << tolerably fresh/* 

9 The annual Account Rollsof the Bursar and other officers of the ch(ireh« of 
each of which three copies were for the Priori anotbar A^r the Sab* 
prior, and the third to be lodged in the Ts^asurj. 

* A mistake apparently for Kgo. 

i Prior Wessington, 1416-1446. 


SpkrepUtex argente« et deaiirat* in circumferentiU lr«taniin H 
pedum eanindetiK Item ij Pixide» mrgriitear ct ck^urmt«* |«n> 
pulvcre : videlicet una pUni!, ct alia innculpta cum vcHit* ffllfi 
ttnil0 3>CII0 (n hOni0 jBfUt0. Item ij (Mitt, tiiiguU cfHilinetilr 
ttnam laipenam; et alia; du« Ollie argentea^, tiiiguU ccmii- 
neote dimidium lageme, cum Armis Kccie»iir I)unelmenM% in 
summitate ctxipercularum carundcm. Item viij Olio* <le tlafino 
divenanim meoiuranmi pro %'ino. Item ik PaoMrrtAaio 
sunt ij Coelearia argcntea ct deaurata, uniut ftectJr, cum vma- 
ginibuft BeaUe Mariie in fine (HiruiKlem. ' Item xij C Wleana 
araentea cum glandibus in nodit, unius ftccta;'. Item vij C^ocle- 
ana argentea cum nodi« deauratifk. Item ij Coelearia arveniea 
com |9. 3^ * intculptift cum lonf^ii ttalkei. Item iij Mumr 
Cttm eooperculis. Item unum SaUarium rotutwium, cum coo* 
perculo aeauralo habente floridam circumferrnctam cum 9 Ao^ dc 
luce. Item unum Salsarium quadratum, cum cooperculo mrmen-' 
teo et deaurato cnm Armi* Jolumnin VVeMvngton nuper IVmrit 
in summitate eju«dem. Item unum Saltarium argenteum rl 
deauraturo longum cum nodo recur%'o. Item riij SaUaria ar- 
gentea cum circumferentii* deaiiratii. Item duo Candelabra 
argentea concava oblonga^ et deaurata in circumfereociJBi. 
Item xij Candelabra de auricalco, quorum ij cum ij floribuA. 
Vasa AaoiNTiA. Item iij Chargeon argenti.' Item xj I^unp- 
aide« argentei, quorum v nuijore^, vi %j minore*. Item rj Hitci 
anrentei unius »cctir. Item ij Disci arirrnti quondam T 

argentei unius »cctir. item tj iJuci argrnti qu 
Langton.' Item viij SaUaria argentea. Item iiij pelves argeiK 
imm cum iiij lavacris argentci». Camiba stfiaioa. In pri- 
mis, unut I..ectu« nendenA, cum riddel lis tapeti, ulouns ef ij 
coopertoriis de bloaio »ago, ejundem c<»l4»ri«, et contenr paleatar, 
pro omatu murorum ejundem Camem*, |ialeaia? de blodio lago 
intetis»o et remisto. Item j Canobiuni ; f IXirmonde cuju» supe- 
rior |)an de blodio, cum ro«i« in conient ; j par I^odicum novo, 
rum ; j \mr Linthc^ominum ; j Culcitrum cum iiij Kvangeltfttss in 
coniervi : j I>ectu« blcMliuA euni lapt*tA cttm leopardit et pellica* 
mM ac arbt^ribiu in eodem intextis. Item duo Panni de biodro 
protedili Mve cancello. Item iij Ilankquerex iialeat' de bIcMlio 
inlento ct remiMO. Item x Quuftlumti de blonio tago. Itrm j 
par Cultellorum magnoram contim^nn iiij pecias, quorum mano- 
Dria tunt argentea et deaurata. Item aliud par cucitinent irtea 
CultelloSf quorum nuuiubria de ebore et in parte argentea et 

* (tUv«r cpoocM having im«fcc« of the Vir|rUi at tKr rslmnitt «f IW 
cmlled ihH lanlVwijucniW HaMl«i4»c«il Slpouna. Skc tW «UU kcrmlltfv. 

• Prior Jtiin Fofrrr, of wbocn alkivr. 
s TbumM LuiKfoo, Ijard of Wtnirarl 


deaurata. Camera inferior. In primis Lectus pendens, 
de blodio sago intenso et remisso, cum riddellis, tapetft, silour et 
coopertorio paleat', ejusdem sectse ; iiij Costerse pro omatu mu- 
rorum, de blodio, intenso et remisso. Item j Canobium, j Dor- 
monde novum et largum cum f^C insculpt' in corneris. Item j 
par Lodicum de fustian. Item aliud par Lodicum. Item j par 
Lintheaminum. Item unum Culcitrum, cujus superior pars de 
glauco serico. Item aliud culcitrum cum aquiU duo habente 
capita. Item unus Lectus bonus, blodeus, cum tapet& cum ar- 
boribus et pellicanis diversorum colorum intextis. Item v Qwys* 
shons de blodio sago. Item unus blodeus Pannus pro Cupp- 
borde, de sago. Item una Mensa de Prusii cum foUis. Item 
pro alio Lecto ibidem, imprimis, j fethirbede, j dormonde, j par 
lodicum, j par lintheaminum, j lectus albus cum tapet& cum 
arboribus et sertis intextis. Item j Coopertorium de blodio sago. 
Item in Camera sub Volta j canobium, j dormonde, j par 
lodicum, j par lintheaminum, j culcitrum, j lectus cum papili- 
onibus intextis. Item j Pannus blodeus pro coopertorio Cathe- 
drae. In Aula. In primis j Dorsale continens sex pecias 
cum Avibus Sancti Cuthberti et Armis Ecclesiae. Item lij Pe- 
cias de blodeo brodrato cum sertis et DeO S^Mj et duae Pecias 
non brodrats. Item vj Qwisshons. cum leonibus coronatis, et 
scriptursL he It lElOf * Item iij Pelves de auricalco cum iij lavacris, 

auorum ij apud Bearepayr. Garderoba. In primis j par 
e Gardei^aunce, cum Armis Thomae Langton. Item g Clothe- 
sekkez. item j mantica. Item una larga Cista de opere 
Flaundrensi. Item iiij Costerae paleatae de viridi et blodio, 
cum diversis animalibus intextis in eisdem, pro Aulft de Pyttyng- 
ton.' Item iij paria del Cofors. Item i^ Barehidez. Rb- 
fectorium. In Refectorio sunt, in prinus, xiij Cuppae deaura- 
tae, quarum xij cum cooperculis, et una sine coopercnlo. Item 
ij Cuppae non deauratae cum uno cooperculo. Item una Peeia 
cum pede habens cooperculum cum aquil^ in summitate ejusdem. 
Item j Pecia cum cooperculo, stans super iiij angelis deauratis. 
Item iiij Peciae planae, quondam Ricardi Hesse well,' cum coo- 
perculo habente nodum latum cum nomine ejusdem in eodem 
iDsculpto. Item ij Peciae planae cum ij cooperculis. Item vj 
Peciae planae sine cooperculis, nuper Johannis Fisshebum. Item 
viij Peciae planae, diversarum sectarum. Item vj Bikkez diver- 
sarum sectarum. Item xiij Bikkes cum ij cooperculis. Item 
j Pecia magna et profunda, quondam Thomae Gretham. Item 

1 One of the Manor-houses of the Prion of Durham. 

s A Monk of Durham— Bursar in 1405~Prior of Ljthum in 1411— died al 
Durham. His gravestonei removed from the cemetery garth, and reversed, con- 
stitatct the inner covering of the grave of St Cuthbert. 


jcn Bik*kei iu)tii|tfa m fii5itocM Julmimti I>il«*. Itrtii lij 
Ntice* cum ill pedibus arfpnfrm et ckmumtiii, c|imniiii una 
cum coopercnio. Item x*« xj CVirlram argftiii, fii%rf»o- 
mm o|M>nim et poiMieriK. Item dtiA- (Hire argrnltni*, ufnif(«r 
conttnente onnm inKellum. Item chnr FiciIa* arp^enteir et 
deaunitip. Item lij Snlj^aria cttm cfw>p«*rriilU |iro ri«d<*m. 
Item xj SalMiriA arf^entea uiYiuft M-etir |in> Nik*. Item iiij Sat- 
iarta argentea (iiver^nnim necfanini. Item xij I>Uri arfrefiti 
cum literii £(. H- ' Mtpra boniuram. Item %* DiiLlen ar- 
Krnti. Item xj Salfmria cli%'er%<)nini c>|it*rum. Item xij I^U- 
li*ra et ij C^har^reonm argenti cum litertH d Cf»rafftati* et Antiu 
Wallcri Skiflawe, ex cUmio Kieanii He%iw^elL Itemj Mitrra 
enm i)e<le deaurato vooata i'^frDCtol'hC ctim eooferctiio. Item 
alia Murra lorga et magmi vocata iSMI une rfMi|)rmito. Item 
mia alhi Marra pro alt4 meiv^ in R4•^eetclri€^ eum etioprrrulo. 
Item umtt Ci|ihut %'ocatuii SclKI. Itcnn xij Mttmr maitrur et 
burgflp, cum uno coa|)erciilo ; noonim iij cum iiediha*. Item 
xxxiij Mum^ unuale*, et utia Nux cum ij eticip^Tcoli^. CttJi- 

HAKIVM. In Ctranario sunt Ix iiuarteria Frumrnti et extra Ix 
qnarteria frumetiti ; precium qu. yj*. xxx\j*. Item in Bnwro 
et (>nle<i icc qii. |ir. qu. iii*. Ixxiiij*. Item in Pahdoxijia* 
PirraiitA et TitTRrNA nunt direrMi rajui et utetmba quurum 
aliqua sunt ftuffieiencia, et alkiua dehilio. Item umai Kqum 
pro fhimento et braneo cariamio, eC apparatas eompetetti pro 
eodem. Item in IVebetKU, videlicef pWs fabiis el avt*fiia, 
xl onarterUu CoQi ina. In Co^inA sum ii Cartas* eamtt 
bovini saki ; pr. care. vj*. viiij^. xnj*. iiij^. Item Arr» Bar- 
aSPATa ' V" XV Ikivet et Vaceir pree. eniWcH rj; ?iij*. nTiii*. ri. 
▼iij^. A|Hid RiLLxr xx Vacc« evm j Taaro, ce ▼."* xiiii \luL 
tones divervamm etatnm, |ir. cap. xiiij^ xx'. xiij*. Item t| Hnea 
eum j aprti. Item in Pmciam, xxxtj Ikifdraft* pr. xij*« et li* 
allece«. In YariU S|ieriebuii, videlicift vij dd. Hipcm, tt| dkl. 
Amrgdalonim, j copiil*. Ficuum et Karemontin, ij do, ilel 
Riee« ijib. del I>ateat« j quart* de Saundrex, j quart' Oort, ii dd. 
Raeemorum de Ciirance, ijib. (farioMorum. Item 9 Eqta 
eompetente« enm a|>paratu, [tro nt^eibu^ cartandiiL Item raaa 
•ulHcientia tam utannen <|uain eciam arrea ibidem. IlcftaaaiA. 
In prtmin c uini panni linei. Item xiiijib. CVnr. HrAarLrti. 
In primi» dunt ibi<iem ii ^>|ui albi« amlMtbmee% ; et ij Kqtn eolo- 
n§ grii»ei, tn>ttante«. Item du« •eihe |iro IVnnino Wicire, q«^ 
rum una est nova. Item una aella Monachatm prt> Caprilaao. 
Item j »clla |>ro vaWto. Item j frenum prt> iXmiinu Priore. 

I FcHupt \hf ftfH Wtt^n of Rtf4WtoHt 
* Tlilft, And ili« otWr pkrv* alUrvtrd* awatiaatd, 
iW diur^ «i4 at iImC ptiW o c r Mti tJ Vf fka ' 


Item j Malesadill sine apparatu ; ij Somersadills, quorum nnum 
accommodatur Domino Johanni Nevyll.' Item i falter cum 
plusculis pro Equis domandis. Item iij poolez, rij eirchez, j 
frenum pro Equis adaquandis et vj collaria equina. Item iij 
Carucse cum xv equis et apparatu eisdem pertinente. Item 
UQU8 equus pro cariagio in Ludis Domini Prions. ^ Stuf* 
FUM APUD Wyvbstowe. In primis sunt ibidem xij Boves pr. 
cap. xj*. vj*. vj*. xviij*. Item ij Ba\'es pr. xxiij*. g Equi pro 
carectis xx*. ij Aratra cum toto apparatu tam ligneo quam 
ferreo pro xij bobus et iiij equis. Item iij harpicse pr. viij*. 
Item V qu. et dim. ordei, ij qu. et dim. de Blandcorn, et vj qu. 
avenarum cum j modio antiquo et debili, quorum precia ig- 
norantur. Item xl thrave straminis ordei et x^ thrave strami- 
nis avenarum pr. singulae thrave j*. Fulwell. In primis 

XV boves, de quibus xij ad vij*. iiij*. ij ad xviij*. et j bos ad x*. 
viij'. xij*. Item ij Carucae cum toto apparatu videlicet Jugis, 
tracez, et aliis necessariis xiiij*. Item j plaustrum novum cum 
wholnwhelez^ et cum iiij hoopez de ferro pr. vj'. viij**. j Coup- 
wayn cum waynstryngez pr. iij*. j carecta cum rotis iiij hopis et 
viij cartecloutez pr. viiij". j whetridell, j bigridell, j cribrum, j 
modius, j hopper, j barnshoile, ij rastra, ij yoke wymbik, j rest* 
wy mbyll, ij grapez, j shole ligat' cum ferro, et xv nekbandez pr. 
iij*. vj*. [Ground sown with wheat and " Blaixicome/' valued 
at 7s. 6d. per acre — with beans and oats, 3s. per acre.] Stuf- 
FUM MANSRii DE FiTTiNaooM — XXX boves, ij apri duorum anno* 
ram ; y giltez unius anni ; xij capones ; ij gaUi cum vij galliniB ; 
ij ancas cum v brod^eysse ; j masfat ; j plumbum : j gilfat ; j 
olla asnea continens ij lagenas ; ij ollas lutece ; j ventilabnun ; 
iiij sacci pro semine ; j gret fatt pro granis conservandis. Item 
iij fattes minores ; ij reyngsevez ; j cribrum pro irumento ; ij 
cribra pro avenH; ij cribra pro ordeo mundando. Item ij 
hookes ; ij sholez pro orreo ; ij funes pro plaustris ; ij sholez ; 
ii| grapez ; j securis ; j longa cista ; ij aratra cum toto apparatu 
pro xxiiij bobus ; vij shakels ferri^ unde ij sine sh€A:elpynne2 et 
T cum shakylpynnez ferri. Item iiij juga capitalia; ij muk<- 
hakkez ; j mukforke ; ij magnae ligaturae ferri pro ostio cimi iiij 
crokez de ferro. Item j magna securis ; iij vrinforkez ; v wede^ 
hokez ; j hambyr ; v rastra ; j hopper ; j moctius ; ij langwaynes ; 
I) plaustra pro finto cariando ; iij paria harpicanim et vj oxiltre- 

1 ffir John N€ville> grandMo at Roiph^ ftrst Earl of Wtttmorlmdr terelhir 
of Ralph, the second Earl, and fiuher of Ralph, the third--alain in the batOa of 
TowtoD, 1461. 

s The LutH of the Prior were at this period, whatever might originallj he the 
iasport «f the tenn, his scnoumings at one or other offals manor hcaises, or hslls^ 
in the neighbourhood of Durham. 

9 The ft in this word may be an ti. Can it mean wheels made of hoUj f 


iialri r&c] Srtrrt'M Maneihi dc Dr.AiLici.' In intmu 
ftiJiit ibKiviii viij tM»%*t*« ; iij cHitii ; titui c«rt*ct« frrro ligala cum 
tofo a[>pftnUu [iro iiii eqnu tnilu*iitibu». Item uiia ramca com 
toto mp()anitu pro Yiij bobii* ; iij haq>irir cum iij irmcvM. Itc^M 
unut ciilix deaurmtiu ; j %*c*%tim<*iituni nibruro dr M*rico ; tj pdU 
lia cum j frontali nro allari; iiij fiolo* ik* »uniM> ; j %«• dr plum- 
bo pro acpiik bciieoictik; ij meiuar cum j c«lheilr4 : iiij ftimiuUr; 
Jpt*h'i« cum Uvacro ; ij ci«tA% c|tianiiii utm magna cum frrro 
if(ata. Item ij mapiMt* longa* cum uno nuuiuterKio; tj camlrU- 
bra cie auricalco ; ij nieti<ui* magiue in AuU ; ij longtt* »raki* ; j 
pi|>a pro prebencU coiiMTvaniia [Ike.] SrirrrM Ma!«erii 

DK Fi:ry, inter aiia^ ij platMra Icmga cnm ij roti«; \ coupwatrnr 
Mne rotift ; iij caructe cum toto aptianitu pro xxuii b«»biu ; t 
•evex; ii »coleU»z ; j wyiKlowclotli ; ij vntfcM-kez ; iiij rakex ; TJ 
m'c<leiiokc*s ; iiij gra|M.*z ; ij tliole/ ; %j liaqMcv ; %j tracrt cum j 


Inventarium omnium iMinonim 'Iliomap Binlale lU^oru Kr- 
cle^iir parochiali<i cle Kirkby Sigge^ton xx Nov. mccccxl%i. 

tnUr nJsa. I'na cntlu'dni \iij^ — j armorialia iij*. — j ciMa %j*. 
viij^. — ^j ccK>|iertorium cum j ta|H*ta de iN»|)(*jays xl*-~ j coopcY- 
torium de wornet, vj alia c«M»{iertona diYerwirum colontin, 
quinque |Mina IcKlicum, v iMiria lintheaminum \*. uj*. — iii culri* 
tra et iiij pillou»e viij* — ij boUtir rj^ — Coopertcihum, tj culri* 


Inventarium omnium Ixmorum mobilium et immobtlhiio Vk^ 
mini Joiuinni» I\ker}'ng ca|>ellani nuper defuneti^ apprecaatufli 

C-r III! virot ci<^entc*« et diikcretoA <|uorum nomimi Mint lure, 
icardui PataMUi, IIcnricu» C\Miier%, Julumne* Trancmir, Jo- 
haiuiem Wylkynton ; qui qui<lem JolianiH-* I'kkeryng obiit x dit 
meUMs Octobri» AniKi IXmiini Milleftimo irccLXXii. 

AiLA. In primit^ nee in aulik nc*e in cainrrM aliquid tiivmtiv 
ad valorem i*., except i« »olummodo ve^tibus quibm cocidie ift- 
dutut fuerai ; quo<l dictum est omnia inlrimecm, TidrlaeH oUst, 
patella*, di«cif linei panni et lanei, et cetera cmainefita abbia 

I llrrr ikc Prior, m ■ppMTt ffvm tW iitmi uaiWr Ikb hmd, had 


fuerunt per j^equissimam mulierem. In Stabui.o. Una equa 
QUID piUIo ad valorem x*. — Alia equa viij*. Unus equus v*. 
Iv HoRiup x^iiij quarteria frumenti pr. j qu. iij'. iiij^. x;k quar- 
ter' ikvenae pr. unius qu. xx^. Pisa x quarter', pr. j qu. ^\ 
Fctfium xvj'. In a^rq. Sex bovatae bladi pr. unius bovatse x*. 
tUnum pKustrum x". Catalla. Sex boves liirj*. Quinqu^ 
(buculi et i^ex juvenqae pr. unius iiij*. vj^. Qpatuor vaccse cuip 
.vitiUlis pr. uuius ix*. x^viij pves pr. unius xij**. yj porci vj*. viij*. 
Siiipip^ totalis xix^ vj*. viij"^. 


[From the Probate at Thocnkj.] 

•In Dei nomine, Amen. Penultimo die Mensis Ootobris, An- 
no Domini Millesimo cccclxxvi^. Ego Johannes Ti'ollop 
senior de Thornlaw Armiger, compos mentis et sanse existen3 
memorise, sciens me mortalem esse, diem et horam obitus mei 
ignorans, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis 
commendo animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatae Virgini 
Mariae, Beato Johanni Baptistae, Beatoque Cuthberto et ptnni- 
bus Sanctis ; corpusque meum sepeliendum infra Ecclesiam Fra* 
trum Minorum de Hertilpole cum mortuariis meis dandis pro 
meo Curato, viz. Vicario de Kellow. Item do et lego pro cer4 

comburend^ circa funus meum tempore exequiarum mearum 

Item do et lego cuilibet capellano existenti m exequiis meis 

Item do et lego Fratri Johanni Fery et Fratri Willielmo Dur- 
ham celebraturis duobus annis infra pra^dictam ecclesiam Fra- 
trum Minonim de Hertilpole pro animsL mea, anim^ uxoris 
meae et parentum meorum ac pro animd Domini Johannis 
Clesb}"^ quondam Rectoris de Marsk iiij marcas ; et Conventui 
ejusdem loci decem marcas. Item do et lego uni seculari Capel- 
lano idoneo, celebraturo infra Ecclesiam Parochialem de KeU 
lowe uno anno pro anim^ mei animabusque praedietis, ac pro 
Ctniniabus omnium fidelium defunctorum, septem marcas. Item 
do et lego fratri meo Roberto immediate post decessum meum 
annuatim, durante vita sua, quatuor marcas, viz. percipiendas de 
Firmi de Litill Eden ; prout in quodam scripto, sibi inde con- 
fe^to, plenius apparet. Item — filio meo Thomae Trollop post 

John Trollop, of Thomlov, Esq., married ... daughter of Ralph Pudaej^ of 
jBiflcird, C^qr-rtnd.lefta numerous family. 

s Jfohn de Clesebjr was presented to the Rectory of Mardt^y Qmu* Richmond, 
SI June,. (394. The estate and advowson of Matske belonged to his fiimUy. 
/I^eaame person was a trustee ia the marriage, settlement of tbe^raodftlaer 
jiadfgnmi^mathtt-^t the testator, r^fiarhapa the latter. wM his jiste^. 



deceiium mtnim aiiiitmtim, cltiranti* vitA «iiik quinqiif mmrra* H^ 
PirmA de I jtill VjAvn [^rnnWctk. Item do ft Wgo (ilio ntro An- 
dreir Trollop |HMt de<*t^ftum imnim atiiiuAlim, durante \\tk ftuJl» 
qumtuor miirca» de firmk de IJtill Krien prtrdirt^. Item do rt 
lego Thomir (trotKiy »€*rvo meo «d temiinum vitir tuir pro 
officio Ilallivi de 'nionieUne xiij* et iiij denarMM. Item do et 
lego Tliomie KiciianlMiti mtvo mt*o aii terminiim vitir •uar pn> 
bcNio M*r%'icio »tio iin|H*nM), et in iHWterum Jotianni filio ntett m>- 
pendeiido, Aiintiatim xx*. Itemcio et l«*^o A^iieli filur m€*a% afl 
earn maritaiidam, xx lihnui. Item do t-t lego Katitiit- filur mvtt^ 
ad eaiii iimriinndain, xx lihrai^. Item do et legt> Aiiiui* filur 
mea* xx librae, ad enin iiiaritaiidam. Item do et lego Julianm 
filio meo et hf*n*<ii cjiiatuor c«H<lilearia argenti, uiiani magtiani 
ollam eiieam appellatam Olde 'Ilionilawe, et tiiium tectum anti- 
quum rubeum cum tietidilibuft. Item do et lego 'Hmhiut Trol- 
lop filio meo iiij cocniearia argent i et unuin lectum integrum yu. 
j (etherbtKl, j |>ar fth«Mt», j par blanket*, ununi nuignum cooper- 
toriutn cum ta|)<*te et |H*ndilibiiii, uiiam timppam de Tviild et 
unum Towayll et j Francbebill. Item do et lego Amireir filit> 
meo iiij c(K lilcarta argenti, tria matricta, j |iar Ui<*it%, et unatn 
mapiMUii planam, unum le Towaill planum M-ricatum cum finh- 
bributt. Item do et lego omnia Amui mea, exce|>to mortuanti 
IIHH>, prarfati^i llMmm* et Andrea* filii« met« inter eo» ec|ualiter 
dividerula; uim cum omnibus nH*i» vajii« de ttaiiiio. Item do et 
lego Cfiltke Sancta* Trinitati* Dunelm. vj*. viij'. Item ulrique 
Ccmventui Fratrum Minonim de Henil|M»le el RielM*immd %%*, 
Kl utri<|ue CVmYentui ejuMlem C)nliiii% de Novo Cafttro et Kar- 
liol. X*. Item fratri WiUielmo Durliam uarYii Triginlali Saoeti 
Gregorii x*. [So ta lAe cifff.] Item 'rKomir el Andre* film 
inei» cminia vei^tinKMita mea tHjualiter inter eos di%idetida. Ileta 
duet lego Jac^obo Foi>ter meam vaccam pretii rj\ viij^ Itetn 
do et lego vj*. viij^. et unam libram cem* bin ini Sanctir C'nicu 
infira Kccle^iam Parochialem de Kelkiw, et lumiiii Ik*al«* Marur 
Virginifi infra dictain Fccle«iam vj*. viii^. et unam libram 
Kl lumini Sanctir Flenir ibiclem lii*. nii^. Ft 

lij*. nij^. Ft lumini 
Katerinn* et Sancta* Margan*tjr Saiictorumque Cuthbrrti Ni- 
cholai et Niniani ibidem iijV iiii'. Item — i»ummo altari, et altari 
Beatar Mnriie Virgini* dictar txclei^ia* de Kellow, diMj* tortkioa 
valori^ xiii*. iiij^. F4 voloquod Fxecutore« mri recipiant anoo- 
atim de liominio meo de Tnomelaw xx marras ad perfiemidtUB 
rffectum buju.<i Tc^tamenti mei el perK>lvendum umnia drbita 
mea, tain cito quam polehni. Item do et lego Prioralsi de 
Monte (traci« %j*. viij^. Item Fratribut Sancti Robrrti da 
Novo Cafttru super Tvnam iij*. iiij^. Item Roberto Crawfwtli 
xiij*. iiij^. Rcaiduum vero omnitmi bonorum meonam, svpcrini 


non legatorum, do et lego JohanDi Trollop filio meo et heredi, 
et RolSerlo Trollop fratri meo, ut ipsi ea disponant pro salute 
animse meae prout eis videbitur melius expedire ; quos ordino et 
constituo meos execulores hujus Testament! mei ; ouibus do et 
lego, pro laboribus suis, xl*. inter eos equaliter dividendos. In 
cujus rei testimonium huic Testamento meo sigillum meum ap- 
posui. Hiis Testibus Ricardo Vavesour majore de Hertilpole, 
Lionello de Claxton,* llioma de Morley et aliis. Datum apud 
Hertilpole praedictum die et anno supradictis. 


Inventory. 4. Nov. 1482. Th*s byn p'cells of expens at 
was spende at hys beryail. For bred xiiij**. For ayle vij<*. For 
ches viij**. For kyrke warke xij*** To the kyrke for his witt- 
word viij*. To y* lyght of our Ladye ij**. For wax to be at 
hy« beryail ij*. ob. 


[An extract bjr Mr. Surtees.] 

I Henrie Percy Erie of Northumberland — 27 July 1485 — to be 
bur", in the College Church of Beverley if it fortune me to die 
in Com. York — to Aleanor my dau^ to her Marriage 3 markes 

£3*^] my Ex'or to have Govrnance of mine heir be hit son or 
u^ — My feoffees to make an Estate to William my son for life 
to the intent he shall serve his bro'. Henry myne heire appart 
till he come to th' age of 18 years. It. to AJeyne my Son in like 
man' — to Anne my daw', to her marr. 2 markes [? 2*]and to Ges- 
silyne my son lands in Sussex — Itm that all my said sons and 
dsLar* as long as they remain unmarried be under the governance 
of my feoffees till 18 years of age — My fee and Annuity granted 
to my broder in lawe Henry Scrope son and heir apparent to 
ye Lord Scrope of Bolton for term of his lyfe — Also my fee and 
annuity granted to Sir Thomas Tempeste Kn^ for term of his 
lyve Also my fee and Annuity granted to Sir Stephen Hamer- 

I Lionel de Claxton was, in his younger days, a school <boj at Durham, and. 
In consequence of a bloody nose, which he caused or received when fighting with 
one of his school- fellows, it became necessary to re-consecrate the Abbey Churcb- 
yard, which had been polluted by the shedding of bluod. It had been necea- 
aary, at an earlier period, to re-consecrate the Church of Houghton-le- Spring 
lor a aimilar reason. During an inroad of the Scota, in the time of Bnico^ a 
▼illagcr had eoocealad himself in the belfry, and, in descending. aiUr tk# 
waa oyer, had ftllan to the ground, and lost hb life. 

G 2 


Ion Knt AIm) to mv coumii Ralph HnrbotHI Kiit. ami altto In 
RauirVVtHlrington Iviit. AUo to ijiiicflot llitrkt^W VMf* Abu 
my fee and annuito gmnti^d to lliomoA Radcliffof yr lU- aptm 
Uerwentwater F><{Uter for tfrni of hi* lyve — AUo I will rai 
Johh IIcTon son and hoir of KiYgi*r Heron latt* of Ford Iwnc. 
have an Ann^. of 20'. a^ h\% fader had during lire of %* Jolm 
what time tliat he coine% to ngr of 16 yr*. Sfy fee to S* Jolm 
Pickering Knt — an Annuity to Ivimond 'Hi waiter FUn. that ihry 
•hall all do nerviee t4) niv «on and lieir — and to Kauff Perrv and 
George Percy K'ltatesi in Co. North, pro vitA. mv (Vm%in S' 
Henr)' Percy* children fortlieir Marriage* — .\l»o f will thai my 
Niece Kli/aht*th GaM'oigne have to hrr Marriage v mark< 
Ex'or!i Sir llunnaji Burgh Knt. Sir Ctuy Fairfax Knt. 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Septinio die Febmarii, Anno IXimmi 
M.ccct .Lxxxix. hlgo Willielmutt ."Vmnulfurth de Northalverion, 
com(H)^ nienti<i ct t^iiut* memorixp, nullo modo coactut, urtl pro- 
pria voluntale, coram Vicario meo Willielmo Ilahmuui, animir 
meie curam gerente, Willielmo Stepliyn»on Vicano de North- 
oltryngton, lliomik IIobM>n ca|>ellano de Northalverton, rt 
lliomik Kohynfton Sene%callo Ilo^pitali^ Sancti Jacobi juxui 
Northalverton, condo tcftlamentum meum in huiK modum. In 
primitt lt*go animani meam IVo Patri omnipotenii, Beaia* Martir 
ar omnibus sanclin ejus ; coqniM|ue meum humandum fore to 
navi Kccleftia* Omnium Sanctorum de NortlialTertoo. Item 
lego in noniim* mortuarii mei optimum animal mm panno mro 
meliori nie«> coqH>ri |>ertinenti ul mons e*l. Item (rgo in cnft 
coinbunnMU in exetpiii^ mei« in die nepultunr meir duas libraa. 
Item l«*go cuililM»t ca|iellano inea^ parochiir exi»lenti ad exe- 

Suiat ineaji vitj^ et cuilibet capellatH> extraneo iiij'. rf euiltbrt 
erico de miiMiri gradu j^. Item k*go FJizabethir ttxori mttt 
omnia terras et tetKMnenia mea cum iH*ninefitii«fuif ut jacent in 
civtiate Hioraci et in vilU <le Nortiialverti>n pro trrmino ritn? 
Mm*. Item volo qucMl %i Ilenricut ( au«4in vettt emerr omnin 
ilia terras (&c.) in NorthalvcrttMi ad valorem apprcctalum per 
con%cieficias Koberti Symsom Magi»tri Hospital^ Sancti Jacobi 
juxta Northalverton (Aic.)quod tmic ille valor, sic ap prcc i atttt ptr 
prff*nominat(w, reciptatur et re«tiittatur F>clesi«^ omnmm Wancto 
mm de N€>nlialvcrt<m, pn> siiAleniacionc scrricii dhrini ffo 
aiiimik meik et parent um mconim animabus. Et ti 
Hcmrieus ntylti — tutic volo (&c.) Item vtilo cpKid 
scilicet Vicahut (ckc.) fietit ntc amant, quod rrinbuanc 1 


Ampulfurth meo coBsanguMieo de bonis nicis per discrecionen\ 

eorum sicut cis melius videbitur expedire Residuum vero 



[Ueg. Fox, p. 26.] 

I Almery. j Bord w* Tresis, j ohoppyng knyfe. j coun- 
ter, j ymage of o' Lady, iij mete bords remouable. iij payre 
trests. iiij fourmys. j cobbord. j hangyng of Grene say. 
ij old latyne basyngs. ij Ewers to y* same, x old standis of 
tre. ij old brewyng ledds. j copper pane, iiij colyng ledds. 
j maskefate. j gylefate. j Bultyng Toone. v Sakks. j fflesbe 
Axe. j Grete Standing Kyste. ij Wode Axes, virj standing 
bedds. j Salt p'cell gilt w' a cover weyng xiiij vnc' & di*. j 
Salt p'cell gilt wH)ut cover wejmg ix vnces. j Salt wrethed 
w* a cover weyng vij vnces & di*. j whit standjmg pece p'celle 
gilt w* a cover weyng xij vnces & di*. j pounced pece w* a 
cover p'cell gilt weyng xiiij vnces v di. j pece p'cell gilt weyng 
vj vnces. j pounsed pece weyng iij vnces & di. xiij sponys 
weyng a xj vnces & di. j Standyng maser covered weyng xv 
vnces & di\ vj Brasse potts, j Chafer for the fyre. j KetilK 
iiij litiUe brasse pannys. ij chafyng dishis. j frying pane, iij 
Spitts. ij Rostyng yrons. j laton' ladyll. j Scomer. j 
Brasyn morter w* a pestell. iij lesyng knyves. j brede grate, 
j ffleshe Crooke. ij Raken Croks. j Stone morter w* a pestell. 
XX pewder platers, xij pewder dishes, viij Salsers. ij payre 
of potclyppes. j garnishe of vessell. j Shavyng Basyn. 

LiBRi EjusDBM CoLLEGii. In primis: i Biblia cum Expo* 
sicione Domini Nicholai de Lvr&, in quatuor Voluminibus ; 2^. 
folio, nolui. Secundum volumen; 2* folio, erit Sacerdos. 

> These Inventories contain the implements and books of the CoU^e of 
AukUod upon the accession of Willian Thomeson to the Deanery in 1498. 
£arlj catalogues of collections of books, public or private, are always peculiarly 
v^uabWv for reasons into which we need not here enter. In this case the list 
will be read with great interest, as the Collegiate Church of Auckland was the 
School in which many of the young nobility and gentry of the North of Eng^ 
la^d were educated. This fact seems to l>e proved by the following extract 
finom the yearly Aixount Roll of Nicholas Kelchith, who was clerk of the works 
to Bishop Booth. *' Solut* Johanni Robson carpentario, super factura ij novo- 
rum lectorum bord apud Denry ex mandato Domini pro pueris Domini ffeshw 
at Demini lovell ix<i.** E«ch bed, therefore, cost H^ The sons of Lord FiU- 
bii^fa, in the above year, were Bichurd, then 12 years of age, and John, Thomas, 
George, and Edward, one or more of whom might, perha^w, be at school with 
their brother. The son of I>ord Lovel was Francis, afterwards Luid Lovel 
fairaeelf, and then eight vears o^ age. 

G 3 


Volumeti tc*rtiuin in quortmtineniiir Libri Prophet arum, I 
Jhrremiir, Trenorutii, Ikinich, tjtechtel, Dimvell, 0»ur, Joe 
lUy Anui*, Ab<ii«v Jonir &r. Quart um voIuiiM*n« quaiiior 
Evangelutanim, Mattliei, Marri, iic, — I«ihrr Sentenltaniin cum 
TabuU fircuiMiuin C>rditM*ni Libn»rum ; 2^ ffilio, quarc pairr — 
Voc^hular* communit fiu|H*r liihlia, vucal* uum trr ; 2* folns 
■MKliam ; — rt ttuiterftacram Scriptura* in univcTMiii KcclrtiA uu* 
tatam l)iiitincti<infik, cum ca*ten« contrnti% 'llirologvar ; 2 * folto, 
dutinct* in lerr*. — Si*rinon<»ii IHsciiMili dc IVinporr rl Sanctis ; 
at PromntuHrinm ejuMiem, cum TabuU ctinvroienti ; 2' folio, 
eorpus Pnilippi dc IVrgamo. — Sp(«culum Krgiminu, alitcr C*- 
tko morale ; ij folio, a vcritate. — Sennone* IJominicale* per an- 
iiitm« et de Sanctis; 2* fttlio, e»t de pnipntt. — Boicius de C*od- 
■olatiocM*, cum Comment ario et TabuU in Fergameoo; 2* fc4kH 
Relatione — TabuU Kxeinplonim ; 2"" folio, Uborar*. — IVtn 
Marci Inteqiretatio in Offirin C*irertmi^ ; 2^ folio, ted etiam. — 
Epiiaoin* C*iceroniii, cum C'imimento, cpii cum Imperio el Ciliut 
Ytaiicus in\\Kr UelU Punica in c*cxlem I^ibro; 2* folio, orare 

btali Sertiu>ne« de Ijiio, de laudibut Sanctorum; 2* folio, 

de Nol>ilitate. — Item I^Nciu* impre^AUs de CofiM>lalioffM* Philo- 
•ophiir cum CommenUrio — Sanctut Thomas ; 2 * folio, vera te» 
eurilas. — Item Doicuis de DUciplinA Scolarium ; 2' folio, quare 
opus est ; cum Commento ; et v^t im|irei^!ai». — l*ractalus Fratns 
Egtdii, de Peccato origiiuili ; 2'' folio, »4*cunduni. — ILrc t^Hs- 
toU Lilii quas Oirrecloria vocant ; 2 ' folio, hiis Epistolis. — 
Conc<»nlantia* Bibliie et Canonum et totius Juris Canooict ; 2* 
folio [tcotd OMiHin/.]— Orilegtum Sapientiir de I'tililale Coodi- 
tionis numanir ; 2^ folio, parmbolice.-- Liber Pergameni Ugaius 
in MMM^ribua, divenos Libras continens ; in |>rincipio Kalrodari- 
um ; secundo Manuale, 2 ' (olio, dominical. &c. Rxposicio B. 
Augtistini de Sermooe in monte 2* folio, diligal. Dtpcreta cum 

flosul IkirtliolonM'i Drt*xensi»; 2* folio, naturalem. I>pcrrtalca 
fregoriani cum gli»«»4 H(*r'; 2 ' folio, so. l^iber ^exti^cumglaiA 
Johanni« An. 2 folio, extollit — I«iber dementis cum flodk Jo. 
An. 2^ folio, frrtur. — .Aliu« IJbt*r dementis cum gio»s4 Jnhati 
iiis An et cum gUis«k;\ Willielmi de Monte IlaiMlino; 2* fc4io, 
ClemtMit* — Item, in eodem IJbro, C4ifistitutKNies Ddminonaai 
Othonis et Otolnmi cum (tlossA Johannis de Altooa; 2* fulkH 
ff lose q in c — It«*m I)ominii% Innoeentiiis suficrr quinto Libro 
Upcrelalium ; 2 folio, in medico. — Item Wtllielmus io Specnlo, 
in tribu* vohmiiiubus, prima pars Domini VVdlielmi Dwnmt m 
Speculo; 2' folio, accesorum. — SecurnU pars I>omtni Wjllirlwi 
Durant in SpecuUi ; 2 ' folio, nunc — Tenia et ouarta pan Do* 
mini Willielmi Durant sub uno Tolumine ; 2" folio. 
Item Kr[>rrt«vrium utrtusque Juris Keverentli Patris 


Petri Brixensis Episcopi ; 2^ folio, scriberes partem — Secunda 
pars et ultima Repertoni utriusque Juris Reverend! Patris Domini 
Petri Brixensis Episcopi; 2^, folio, temporalibus. Item Con- 
stitutiones secundum usum Cantuariensis Prov incise, cum glossA 
Willie) mi Sherwode, in pergameno ; ij folio, sub specie Sacra- 
menti — Summarium Textuale et Conclusiones super dementi- 
num in eodem Libro cum Tabuli Titulorum ; 2 ^ folio, in Dei. 
— Domini Panoramitani Practica de modo procedendi in Judi* 
cio. Ars inveniendi Themata. Vocabularium utriusque Juris ; 
2'' folio, ut in Juribus — Dominus Wiliielmus Durant Speculator 
super Repertorium Aureum, cum Casibus totius Juris, in qui- 
bus Casibus Aliquis est ipso facto suspensus; 2* folio, sciendum 
quoque Expositiones sive Declarationes utriusque Juris Titu- 
lorum; 2° folio, in nomine. — Item Liber BeliaK et Constitu- 
tiones Cantuar', in pergameno; 2"^ folio, cum tant' — Glossa Do- 
mini Digni super Regulas Juris; 2^ folio, cum ad rebus — Ortus 
Sanitatis, impressus et ligatus ; primus Tractatus ejusdem de 
Herbis; 2** folio, efFundere aquam; Secundus Tractatus de Ani- 
malibus; 2^ folio, confert palpita; Tertius Tractatus de Avibus; 
2"* folio, Achant; Quartus IVactatus de Piscibus 2'' folio, aquas 
elemento; Quintus de Lapidibus^ 2° folio, Alabandina; Sextus 
de Urinis 2° folio, num primum — Liber miani maii Vocabulo- 
rum secundum Ordines Alphabeticas ; ij folio, Abigere. 


Johanna Smyth de Northalverton — 6 Aj). 1499. — a towel to the 

High Altar a brass pot to the Church to Elesabeth 

Scrube my daughter tway dublers & a dyssh of pewt', a mat*^, 

ij scheets, a gowne & a Letyll To Robert Scroby a brass 



In dei nomine. Amen. Anno Domini 1499. 2'' die mensis 
Mail, Ego Thomas Arkyndall compos mentis— -^orpusque 
meum sepeliendum in cimiterio Omnium Sanctorum de North 
alverton cum mortuariis— -do et lego summo Altari et duobus 

Crildys ejusdem Ecclesise xxiij*. Agneti filiae meae meam 

equam c^timam et unam urceam duobus pueris meis duo 

agnot fUizabetham meam uxorem meam executricem 

Hiis testtbus Domino Roberto Clax vicario de Alverton 

cum aliis. 


Dibit A qmr debet. Pro renni xv*. Jcihiuiiii Jok%nUm rwf, 
Roberto F<Mter vii^ Ilathell kolk vi j l«de of wod. Jftcobo 
ToiiMion iiij*. Wilbelnin Ciikifam* iij*. Pro (vnnk trrrm ▼*. ij^. 
Cf. (fODA or Tnom's Arkyvdali.b. Two irowy* xij^. A 
kjr»t xii*. A "pynyng ciwlw^l x^. A lytyll fwhe ij*. A »t^- 
tvikI clath vj^. A wyncijiw rUih iiij^. A box H. A \mrT of 
tmngv* a •qieft & « cobj-me t*. A f>ek, « kfolf, a l»fk\ 11 j*. 
A ryppyll canie iij^. Sfveti lb of wtxilr r'ujj*. Two f|wy4iy«i 
h a bnnkar iiij^. A mart' »lntK' wj*. A payr of woi^l rann** v*. 
A leed & y* mane xiH. A h«n»pyng ire vi*. In wiid Ij*. Two 
qner whret and rye liij*. viij*. liij bmbef l»rr xi/*. A ladr €if 
hay XX*. An ox vj*. A qwy ij*. tiij^. iiij ^hrep iii*. iiij^. 

i.xxtt. xnwAao b%db<ox. 

In Dei noniinc, Atncn. 10 Oct. 1503. KWo I'ldwardut 

Badc*ton de Sort )ialYi*r ton .optimum meom animal pro mar- 

tuario nico nee non opctmmn meam toganu tit morn r^i.^ 
AltciA* iixori nieie nir.mi dcnniim pro fermino vita* ftuj 
poit di»cesAum— piirri"* mein. 

LXXV. THOMAS llAf.i:K^l(»N t»l H \«.!. i: >TO\', I %g! \W.H. ' 

llUritcdUi Ivu. ro»T mobt. tkmp. TrvttALL.) 

To all tn^wo cri%tf*n |H*ople (he) I 'Hionuu lia|reritoo of 
Hairemton w*in the Oiiiity tt( Klatid KM|tiyer tendith irveluinf . 
Wher a« I the Mid 'ITioma* lUfer^ton by myne dede tndettli4 
beryng date the vj day of Decembrr in the eight Terr of th# 
reifrne of King Henry* the tlighte made • innunt m fee mt^ 
RolH*rt Coll>ngwtHi of I'lUynffton 'lliomaA Houlbum of llool* 
bum h John C\»llytigwoc| ol* retail within the Countie of Nor* 
thunibrt'land l'L»<iiivcr\ of all mv landu and tenefnentt rrnia 
revemon« (&c) in tlu* towm*s & feldcNi of Ilag«*rmt<m and Che^ 
wyrk within the rountie of Mland afore«ai<l ifthiclie irnemeoU 
(he) ar now in the teiiur hoidyng of Jolm Kayhi|rhe (fte) to 
hkxr {he) to fulfill my Uut will. I the taid ITmnaft HagerMoU 

1 TbtrtM llafmvTvtaii, of H^ mift fln Caitk. In 
Jan., IV3i. Wariiif Tb^mas TlafgpmCda, E«|^ kb too and krtr, vW 

CUnbrttH (Uugbiirr of Cw^ormt Coilit^p»ooa« of Ealli^on, Ka^ md 4kt4 

to tW bcatfing of hU Inrmtorx ** d#p*lc<d rnto ili« m'cy *4 God la ffc itlMdl ii 
Muni* •>!««.* H« «%i. fa Ad, rfala la il» lUttk 

^ KH^t U Mi^ •>!««.* H« «%i. fa ttd, rfala la il» iMtk tf 

lA U4A. Tliii loil.mrfitiaMd TlMbM waofftat gnmd^hrr oT fir 

tW ftr*t IUrf%n« l. 

5:. IMViiNTORlRS, 105 

wftl k, drdeiiie tttv \s»t will by this present my last will indented 
€ff alf the fbmdid lands (&c) that nryn seid feofFes & mjm 
execotdrs nfiter myn decesse ta take all tl>e issewe^ & profets of 
idt my foresaid lander (<^c) to the marriage of my thre dough- 
ters inforroe following I will that Margaret Hagerston myn 
eldest doiighter shall after my decesse if she be nnmaried in 
my life have fourtie pounds of the isfsewes & profets of the 
forsaid landes (&c) to hir marriage if she be rewlid by the 
advyse of my said feofFes in hir marriage* (A similar pro^ 
vision for E^ianor & Esebell his second and third danghters.) 
Also I' will that iche oon of my said thre daughters shal hare a 
sufficient fynding of the issewis and profets of the forsaid lands 
(&c) to they be maried if thei be rewled by my said feoffes. 
Also I wil, ordayne & admyt Elazabeth Hagerston my wife & 
John CoUyngwod my full executors after my decesse to dispon 
al my goods as they thynk most behoffnl for the well of my 
soul & my Children. In witnes (&c) the x daye of Decembr.' 
8 Hen. 8. (1516) 


CProm a Copy of the Probate in the Thornle^ Chest, made by Mr. Surtees.] 

In Dei Nomine Amen— the xth day of Aprill the yere of o. 
Lord God a thousand fy ve hundreth and xxii • — I Ihon TroU 
lop of Thomeley Squyer bejmg of hole mynde loued be Almi^- 
ty God maketh this my p'sent Testament or last will in maner 
Mid forme ibiowing. Furst I bequeth my soule to Almygbty 
God to o' blessed Lady Saynt Mary and to all the hole Cmn* 
paoy of heven my body to be buried in the Churche of Kellowe 
in my Porch of o^ Ladye there betwixt my Wife there and the 
Alt^r ende with my Mortuarie due & accustomed Also I be* 

^ueth to the high Alter there for my tethes forgottonij 

Also I bequeth xx*. to bye a Vestment to the High Alter them 
Also I bequeth to the said Churche of Kellow two torches 
pric* viij'.---Al80 to the Church of Esyngton two torches pric* 
▼iij*.^---Al8o to the Church of Pfetyngton xxvj* viiij* to bye a 
Chalice with. Also I bequeth to o*^ Lady of I^tye of Segefeld 
t)*» viij'. Also I bequeth to S'. Thos. Cbrnay iij^ to synge for 
tne fbr two yeres if the same S'. Hios. so long 1^ And if he 
die afore the said two yeres so ended then I wylle that myne 

t Jbha TnXhp, of Tfaornkor, Esq., married first Jane, iaugfater of Aetert 
Tempest, <^ Holmsidei Eiq^ and aeoondl^y Alice Morland, of Pittingtoii. Bj 
Uieton^ he left eight children. 


Executort cause another Freest to iTnge oute the tame two 
yem I'TVce for my ftoule AUo I bequetn to the frtfenoT Her* 
tel|>ole X*. to •\f)ge a trentall for my Soule. Abo to the Ob* 
ft*vanceft of Nem'eCafttell x*. Also to the Mount Grace x*. 
AUo to tlie other Thre houses of the freen of N. Castell rj*. 
viij^. evVy oon of theym. AUo to the Guylde of cmr Ladre of 
Kellowe xxV and my luiqie. AUo to evy oon of my s'voles 
both men & wymen xij' — to John Cowndon & Richard Fiftbe- 
bome either of them a colt utagge. Also I brqueth to John 
Trollf>p of Ncwe Ca»tell xx*. A1m> to Jane K€»b%'ntK>a of IXir* 
ham iij*. — .\Uo I will tliut my tie Kxecutor nuSic an obbrt of 
XX*. at my twelfmonth cUy. Also I bequeth to my doght' Ui* 
xabeth xx*. to bye h€Hi«<*hold ^tufTi* i»ith Ai»4» to my doffhirr 
An Spence x*. AIimii I becjueth to my Iknltrnman Koprrr rUnlr 
of Eaen Chai>ell vj*. viij^. AIm> 1 will tliat the NUiie Rofrrr br 
bedesman at vAvn (*Iui|m*II hi« lyf tyme 8c he to have the ffale 
of tw4> kyc* & a horst* m SomcT h sufliricnt hay for thaym la 
Wynter with thr parthyngen i^ Orrliard |)ertevning thereto m 
I have* mark(*d cIomhI into it And he to pray Utr me and mynr 
Awnce»tres and Succ<*s»ors & ail the heire» of Eden with' all 
Criikten SoulU Also I will that my son» Lawrence Trollop h, 
RogiT Trollop have a yerely rent of iij'. %j*. viij*. during tneir 
two lifes equally to be devyded amoiigt*st theym. And if it 
fortune eytht^r of tlievm to dye as Uod defende then I will 
that my miii Fniwnct*s have hin |iarte mm* dyeing dureing has lyfe 
and soo the longest ly ver of thevm thre to have the same yere- 
ly rent dureing fits lyfe. AUo I bc*quethe to my Wif« all mche 
goodf^ within tlie house as she brought from Petjmgtoo forber 
parte of insighte. Also 1 will that gifTto bee that her nappenr 
or be<ldying be decaied that then I will they be ameodea witk 
as gcMid. AUo I bequeathe to my said W\*fe a cadroa that I 
bought of John Ulaxtcm with a fether Bed that she and I liefh 
upon & the boUter therewith with a cou'ing of a bed that 1 
bought of John HIaxton with trees and bc^tes tbereupoo of 
laptrt*warkt* with ail the game and lyne tliat »be halke uoder 
huKle with a upruM^ coflVr with all thynges belonging to hir bod? 
with a cupbonle in my cliambt*r with all suche other stufle m 
the bought with her money. Also I bequeth to my son Joha 
Trollop two i^ilvcr saltes with a bordecloth and two towels a 
dozen napkyns of dia()er warke with a ste(ielede and an odbe of 
gold & a signet of gold & the seale of royne harmes whb tba 
evident* cm*%i tlie brewehouse as it staiKleth that is to sar a 
brewele<le with a mashefatt and a tapstooe with a bohoi^ 
arke and the brai pottrs called TTiomley Pottrs and berry PpI 
and all tluHM* t4> l>e avre liHimem to the plac^. AUo I beqoetli 


lo my said son & heyre my best gowne except my corsprisand 
with adublet of black velvet. Also I will that my Wyfe have 
hir thirde parte of all my goodes my detts to be paied of the 
hole my goodes equally to be devyded in thre oon parte for my 
Wyfe such as p'leyneth to hir by the lawe oon other parte to 
be devyded amongest my childer not promoted the thirde parte 
thereof belonging to my sellfe to goo for performance of this my 
last Will and Testament and the residue thereof to be equally 
devyded emongst my said Children and the expence of myne 
Executors to be paied of my partie. Also though by the 
Auctorite of the Lawe I may bequeth diverse thynges to be 
doon of my landes and profettis thereof yet for the entier favour 
which I here to my son John Trollop I will not by comawndent 
so charge hym Nevertheles I require hym for my blessing to 
give his Susters not married fourty markes for theire advance- 
mentis her for he not to be charged before God. And for the 
pToimaunce of this my present Testament or last Will I make 
my said son John Trollop Executor soe that he may performe 
the same my last Will according to this my Will Thies Wit- 
nesses Master Thomas Tempest Squyer Sr. John Elleson Vicar 
of Kellow John Hull and Thomas Whymes with other. .The 
day and yere above written. 

[Proved before Ch. Werdale LLB. Commissary Gen*, to the 
Bp. of Durham, by John Trollop Executor 20 May, 1522.] 


[Froa the Tnnflcript Book, Cur. Dunelm.] 
In dei no*ie Amen. Anno IXni m.cccccxxvj. iiij daye o( 

mrch I sir thomas foster, of edd'^stone knight & marshall of y* 
kjmgs towne of berwick upon twedde of p'fite & hole mynd 
thoughe I be seik in my bodye maks my last and incoverable will 
and testament in manr & forme following first I geue my sowie to 
gode almightye o^ lady sanct marye & and all y* holly company 
of heaving & my body to be buried in v* quere of y* p'ich 
church of bambrough be sides y* bodies of my father & mother 

1 Sir Thomas Forater. of Adderstone, Co. Nortbumb., married Dorothjr, 
daughter of Robert Lord O^le, and among numerous other children left behind 
him Thomas Forster, of Adderstone, who married Florence, sister of Thomaa 
Lord Wharton and Sir John Forster, Knt, Warden of the Marches, firom whom 
descended the Forsters of Bamborough Castle. Thomas Forster, of Adder- 
stone, the Grandfather of the Testator, by a daughter of Fetberstonhalgh, of 
Stanhope, left behind him Swenip'iwo suns, of whose descendants Northumber- 
land, but especiallj Bamborougbshire, was at one time almost literall/ over* 

108 WILLli AND 

w** m\ moniiaricfi drwe to ?* taid cburck ami y* diurrli of brr* 
wick if it piece God to vuit im* in y* towiie of bcrwick abo 1 
gjrve & hequitli vnto my ij tooneft Kanold ft»ter & llowUiid 
fouler all my land* h tetrnti fee lli*Dt» w^ th'appurtant t* 1 
hawe w^ in y' town & frldi of b<*rwick rpoo twcd to have it to 
hoM all y* Miid lands and ten'ts miih y^ apt)urtriuiiit» %nto my 
ferrHaid sonnet Hannold fonter & Rowland to%t<*r and y^ >^*^^ 
net for temie of their ij live« yontlyt* & t* k^<^ ^f thrin & tit* 
y* diMCft to remaync* to my Ui^ht heirt^b U>r eu' witmitM** liereof 
H* ("uthb't ogU* nar^n of utanofH* thoma* (twcr and liom*ll 
gra%*€ etquiret tc James Ilobinion w^ many otheri.* 

lEitrtct bv Mr. Surtcvt from tb« will jjfrofwtd •( Yori| 

I)er. 28. 153H. lUilMTt Uulmir k^iii. of BulnuT :^ -~tu my 
Sir John Ikiimer* and William Buhner lii* »on a l«iy 

Mag to my da«j. Margaret wife of Kauf (tray a Utile stiajat 

bowle and a broach which was my mothem.* 


IM9. 6. M} Kgo Thomas Lyndlcy * de Seuttenkelf- 

corpuft ad «o|M*lit*ndum in eccli*>i4 de Kudhy in choro coram 
dem clerici {)arochiaIi» — qtiini|ur ten*i duarum libranim unt 
ardcntei^ nupra corpus meum tempore mi««ali, cjnilibet ceriot 
contim*n» unam libram rerai; — CapeUantis metit celebrrt umun 
iniuam in »eptiinau4 aiiouatim de quinf)iie vulnehbui xp'i pro 
anim4 meu in I-xcle^iA dt* Uudbv in diebus dominicU — uimmo 
altari pro dt^rinits obliti^ vj*. viij^ Laurentio Kigheiey Alio 

TV Vr\\U and f nrmlorW* Uiua dct&fMlfd art irmmcrUbt^ hmm tW Htgii 

tin •( tHr CVwiifatory Court of tXiriiMn. TW ■bwwwi «f aa 
tiaaat wIma oibtrvtat iptctficd» limn tW docuawat la capM INai IW 
Wlllor lj]v«fiu»rT. 

i Sir John Bulmrr, KnU marrWd firM, Annm. ilatMrtit«T of mr Uaifk BIm^ i 
aad MCviodl.T. Marfmrvi. UWfhttaMU dmu^rr ot Edvard matfofO. M# aC 
Buc^inKtuun, who «a« hebcAiM in l&^tl^aml barin|t >i4n«d m (W i^4fnmm^ 
^ Garnet, va* attainud of lOffti tmaoa, and feHlrfl«4 kit aalalaa U thu ovwm. 
WUHnai fittlawr. bia (aacvtMi) taa, ab^i ■natlitl, waa aacMar aT iW ML 
Mn of Iirr«nip« Ca. Yarlu 

> TW viU of a junior braodi «f tW i^raat htmHy «f liilmgf, aC WBUi^ m 
QavaUmi, «Im ftvcd, probnblj, upiai a Ibna laf ta kiai by bit amiav (at bt 
caUa bftai)^ at a aMrt mamkmtd rantaL 

* Tbonna L^mUot. of ttctttu^ikaU; in ilavdawl, nafitad Ummu}, 4m, af 
iir TbasMM Ktvport. Kn*. aad dkal m I4aa, laatii« babiad bia tbraa 
tan and co.hri 


0ieo unum equum, unam togam et unutn dublet de oerico. — 
Hiotnfle Laton de Thometon unam togam, unam tunicam ttt 
^^qnum '— Percivallo Mylner consanguineo meo quinque libras 
•— Johamii Kighley xl*. — Domui Montis gratiae x*. pro uno 
trentali -^-^ quatuor ordinibus Fratrum xx*. videlicet cuilibet or- 
dmi V*. — Marias Laiton xl*. — Ecclesiae de Cowdon Jj*. — Ec- 
clesiis de Semar et Caton iij*. iiij*^. — quilibet servorum michi 
servientes in die sepulturae meae habeant unum lignum et unam 
ovem' — Residuum— Maijoriae Lyndley uxori meae et Williekno 
Pacock clerico. 


Inventarium Johannis Sayer de Worsall Armigeri in Ii)oMo 
ejus et EXTRA ; per Edwardum Oglethorpe, Jdh. Hall, Tho. 
Makarighe, Thomam Wraa, xij Jan. 

Ca:mbra. Ten silu*^ spones xx*. A silu^ salte xvj*. A.gablet 
of silu' XX*. A bande of a maser ij*. viij**. Aula, iij hyngynes 
iij*. Lectualia [&c. &c.] Catalla. Thre yong horses 
iij*. vj*. viij**. iij fiUes xxx*. One baye mayer & a fole xxxiij*. 
iiij^. iij mares and their foles xxxiij*. iiij^. ij olde mares xx*. iij 
bulls xxx*. viij stots of iij yeares xij*. each, xv calves iij*. — ^ 
brasse potts x*. xxx acr' wheite iiij*. x*. xx draught oxen luc*. 
XXX stirkes ix*. xiij** iiij*. xlvj milke kye & calves xlvj*, Arb- 
LOMBS p'teyning y« sone & HEIR.* A chyue of golde. A 
crosse of golde. A fflorie of golde & a^ignet of golde & a stepe 
leade w^ ij brasse pots one of my gransires making, one other of 
my fadres maki'g. A brew lede & ij side bords in y* hall. In 
y* kitchen ij raches & gallowes & a long speeth. XiBoata. 
To Francis Saire beside his legacie iij kye & a bbu^k meai^. 
T>) litell John Saire ^ Wm sone and hear ij mares<& ij kye. To 
John Westrop j p*r of silv* croks. To Wm Benson yj*. viij*. 
Tb Stoxley Kyrke x', To EgglesclifF Kirke x*. To Aluerton 
Kirke x*. To Ric Eshdell a youg mar. To Francez sater a 
'flore of golde enameld with blew & j stone in it. To S' Will. 
Busby vj*. viij*. To ye frears of Yarme v*. of Aluerton v*. frears 
iibB^ruant of Newcastell v*. of Hertipole v*. To Leonard 'Saier 

1- J«lm Stjer, of Wormll, Esq., marned Margery dau. and heir of WilUam 
CoDjen, of Thormanbj, Esq. 

* TbeaoD and lieir was WUliam Sajer,who married if ci|;aret daughter of 
Sir Thomas Fairfax, of Gilling, Kot, and die(l within twelvemoath* after .his 

s' little Mui #as the eldest^^on of WaBan and speediijr nKce#ded to feke 


A yooffc hcNTfte if Im* contented w^ hit b«nir» Mrt. To Alooci 
my su nt ij kye. DEBT^i. To Joan dau. of \vill*. Smyer x%j^, 
rj*. viiij*. To Hew \V(»»trop uppon rrrten ccMid'n of inamdgt* 
good* of Jean Sain* hU wvfe x*. To loiurencf (tower of Loo> 
oon for c'tain ttuffe ho^^ht of him %r'. x*. Will. Allan of Yarofne 
XXXV*. To Fen Akuge of He<lell for r c|*ten of hlake veliiet 
XV*. Tf> th* Abbot of Kyvall ft»r a quarter ferme of a Bfthfartli 
iiij'. X*. To my I^irde CVinyer* for leith come of (*arlefoci xxx*. 
To Ilenr)* Yverm, Will Ttmge, &. Kir lk»lliirei» for S* Will Vrrri 
Kn«. — To mv lade (Vmven for v* M»ni of \i marm fur certen 
jrerly paym'tft yet not done 8c whe<ldfr y' will be any %Vu*vte Air 
U u not aj» Vet knmwn. To I^d> C\»nv€*ni c»f lloniehv a von^e 
filley X*. KxrKNji >iNca\L. For |H'nnv daill %j'. xnj*. iii/. 
To lVie#t« Si Clark* iiij'. For C€*rt«*n blnkk* b<tght %j'. To t* 
P'or of Yarome & hi% conv't xi'. For a diner at the IjeryallT 
marcs. For hi» burnll in ye friiTi KjTke of Yarora %j'. tnj*. 
To wax at day of hi* burall x*. For makin{; of t, »aid wax xx^. 
For wax upon hi* hear»e to iHirtie a yeare at ev y me«»e tyme r 
•earghi viij*. For v yeard« of blakke cloth to ht» ht*arie ij*. 
For laying of hit tiirugh fttoiie & niakyng of it xij^. For hM 

tvelmonth day . To the Kyrke f»f Ilomeby xxij*. viij*. 

To th' p'or of Yarotiie for hi* laUir comvng & g^^vng to Wormall 
iij*. iiij^* Item 1 b4»c|uei»t to Sir John liunton of Lalon m mak- 
ing dyv't writinget iij'. iiij'. 

[R&trKt bj Mr. SurUM, tram th* Will prw«d u Tork.] 

Sir William Bulmer the elder — 6 Oct. 1531 — to be buried 
in the Church of Lethome if 1 die within the pariih to tbr 
churclicit of Lethome and Wilton to the houie of Cfui»bttnie 
— to the Odlege of Staindrop ami the IViemU there x* — Hart* 
lepool, &c. for tlie itoule* of my father and m€i»th(^ and for my 
wyf« Miull and for all tin* miuIU 1 am bound to pray for — To 
my M>n Sir Jc*hn Hulmer' my best chain of gould w* t» in wrigbt 
£100 and d(*»ire him to leave it to ht» «on and heir — to my aoa 
S^ Ranff* liulmer' my second gold chain which ia in weight IM 

I Of Wilton, in Clerdaad, mvI imtbaad of Mmrjgvry, diiglHtr wi 9k 

t Of wHon particulart bavc brtn givra abori^ umWf iIm viU «f Eibwt Bal» ISta. 

s Sir lUlpii BttloMr, MC«id wa, mmrhmi Ar»#, iktifliUr aad cw-Mr af 
BAgvr Aii#, «f Aak*. tail UH am oalv daufbtcr, ma-ncO to JoImi Sa/vr, «C W«a» 



markes and desire him to leave it to his son and heyr if he have 
any — my son William Bulmer to have one chain of gold worth 
100 markes and to leave it to Francis Bulmer his son — my son 
Sir John Bulmer, my best gowne and doublet and to his wife 
£20 to do what she will with — my son George Salvyn my 
best tawney gown and to his wife £20 — my son S' RauiF to 
have to his eldest daughter's marriage 100 markes — to every 
gentleman that is my servant taking wages or no wages 20*. — 
every yeoman 13*. 4**. — every groom 10*. — wheras I had of 
my uncle William Bulmer of Hertilpoole 40 markes to pay to 
Jeyne Robynson bastard daughter of my said uncle 



In dei nomine, Amen. In the year of our lorde god a thou- 
sand flfyve hundrethe llirittye and thre the twentye and one 
Daye of Marche I John Sherwode of Hawghton of hoi I mynde 
and good of remembrance make mye testamente and last wyll in 
maner and forme as folowithe ffyrste I bequithe my sowl too 
god almightye to our blessed lady sancte marye and all the 
holye companye of heven and my bodye to be buryed in the 

Siwhere of hawghton Item I bequithe to the hyghe altare for 
orgetten tethys iij*. iiij** Also I bequithe to Sir Robert Co- 
tisforthe to praye for me \j*. viij**. Also I bequithe to the 
church works xx*^. Also I will that syr leonarde hall shall 
synge for my sowU one holl yere and he to have to his wages 
iiij*« vj*. viij**. Also I bequithe to margaret Thornton a yonge 
whye. Also I bequithe to Isabell mye wyfe my yeres and tacks 
that I have of and in Morton felde durynge the term of hyr 
naturall life. And the terme of mye said wj'fes lyfFe I wyll 
that Will*m Sherwode mye sone shall have all my hole yeres 
and tacks that is than vn rown and expyred of and in the said 
morton felde without anye interruption. Also I bequithe to 
Isabell my M'yfe a graye mayr and a stagge withe there folowers. 
Also I bequithe to mye sone Raiphe Sherwode tene poundes. 
The resydue of my goodes not legate nor bequest mye debtes 
paide I geve vnto Isabell my wyfe and to my son Willm' Sherwode 
whom I make myne executores and theye to dispose it for 
the healthe of my sowU as theye shall seme good Witnes 
herof mye said laste will Roberte Staynfurthe Richard Dixsou 
hare Sympson Leonarde Hall Prest withe other moo. 


LXXXIIl. JUim HBDVOllTH« B«Qrttll.' 

In dei nomine. Amen. TKe xxiii^ dmv of Jmumii^ io llir 

?ere of our lorde god i>ne thouMUid nrvr anndreilie ft xxam^ 
John liedwurtli «M|uit*r of karerton within the y'l Ui i n y a( Im 
CoUedce Kvrkt* of Ch«*»ter in thi* arrtt brinigr of good my mi 
and hoTi nicniorit* ilMifH* 1 he trke in my hodye aeiiiice the pmsU 
of deajth a|i|H*riiigi* viito luc niailu my tf«tanicmt in thi» omn<r 
ffymt 1 ctMuVnd my Mill to god almighiie and to titc blc«»ydr 
v'giiii* man* and to ail the* MUt»rti of Im^vcii and my bo<)y to be 
buried within the rolledge rhurrlie c»f rli€*iit' in t^M* ttrrite in 
oure ladieii {nirche with my morttiarij nfter the rti^totne of the 
Uwe AUo 1 be<|uellM* to |irt^le» and clarke« benig at my 
daridffe in the dave of mv ohvde xx* Alto I wvll that oo 
Dreftt kinge nie«^fk* iij yer^ for tin* well of my Mimll and all Chrt*- 
ten 8owll.% and to haue nietM* and diridgr tooge at rbe*- 
ter fo' well of mv miwII veirlie f<i' eiic»r more and tber fo' 
to take X* of mv lande» in Sonderiand to do it wiltie all AUo 
I bequeth to my ladie hed worth** two nali» cif gold and 
air thonuu tempen^e Kn'glit mai»t' Ilobr't beuyt cM|nTi« 
John lamnton c*MJuire Koh*rt myllot nicholai tempete llioMM 
JawBon Kicliard netlworthe Jane and Klixabeihe my dpwgk- 
tore to euerye cm of tliem on Uyall of gold to a tokane. 
Ako I bc«]uet)ie to Kaufe liardinge one grvMell stage & jq 
nowtc of eu'y nort for Abo 1 bequeth to Thamm Jmsk^ 
fton xl*. and to eu'v one of mv «ar%'aiitii boith men a»d art 
ijj*. iiij'. and to Jolni Caw»on xl*. and will'm hi* brother xl*. 
to beiM* iitote xx^. ottevell fenwycke iij*. iiii^. «»ir Robr*t daw- 
tone a noble and to Sir lUcharte dumfurtlie iij^. iiij^. Ako 
1 bequeth to sir llaufe my tone aixi hi* helm mayll my cbyaeaf 
gold aiul all my tiluer pliute and »{MM>n« excefyt my wyfe 
And that plaite or »|iowni« that my executed 4iall gyve to 
tene my torn* an tbt*) thinke gcMni bt* tht* tiglit aoti ci»»eU of 
my ftu|>\iM»r% and fnillinge hm beini niayll than to rrmaine to 
AnlhoiH* my •om* and lii^i beir« ina\ll and lailhuge the bnrrt 
mayll i>f them liotth then to \m* geteti to on |»n<»t to •}ng9 
iaeyikM»k ao<l to prav d^ my Mm U And I bequethe to my m 
air ilaufe iij draughtji of oxen AUo I bequetlie to Ant\ 
my uHUH* one tlraught of futen AUo I well that Aotooe ai^ 
acmne and be tret* my dowgbter have thetr bame partem m 

> Of IItfrAi«ci,lot^^«teliofCkt»t«f>l»-lkrMii V. SurlMA, lU IU»|if a 
pr^li^rrecf ibc tumlv. Mr. Smtf had •pyawiUj pot trca tW uhmwM rt 


my goodes after the La we and custome of the cunt re Also I 
ordaine and maks s' thomas hylton Knight aud will'm tawson 
gentleman supviso" to my executors to gyve them good counsell 
and helpe and defende them that non may do them wronge as 
far as they maye and fo' their labor I gyve ether of them on 
Ryell of golde and ther costs to be borne be my executo" The 
Kesedewe of all my goods afor not be quethede my detts payd 
I bequithe and gyve to helevne my wyffe and sir Raufe hed- 
worth my sonn whom I ordem and maiks my executors they to 
despose and do that thing y' shalbe seyme vnto them best to 
pTeit fo' well of my sowll and to please Almightie god In 
Witnesse hereof I have called theyr witnesses will'm lawsone, 
Antonye hedworth s' Richarte dunsfurthe my curate, s' Rob'rt 
dawsone Raufe hardinge and thomas Jackson w*^ other geven 
the day of monethe and the yeire of our lorde god be foresaide.* 


In the nayme of gode : Amen : the tweyntye Day of Julij 
the yere of god Athousande fy ve hund fowrty and fyve yeres 
and the xxxvij'** yere of the Reigne of our Soueraigne lorde 
Kynge Henrye th'eighte be the graice of gode Kynge of Eng- 
land fraunce and Irelande Defensor of the faythe and in Earthe 
suprem' heade of this Churche of Englande & Irelande. I 
John Hymers of Holy Ilande in goode and p'fytt remembrance 
makethe my testament and last Wyll in this maner folloy'g, 
fiyrst I gyve & bequethe my souU to Almyghtye our blessede 
lady say net Mary and all the holy saynctes in hewn my Corps 
to be burrede in the churche garthe of Holy Ilaund wythe the 
mortuaries dewe to the saide Church accordynge to the kynges 
Maiesties actes statutes and Iniu'ctionns. Also I gj've and be- 
quethes to prestes and clerkes to pray for my soul) and the soulle 
of my VyfFe and vaxe to burne on my funerall xiij". iiij**. I gy v 
to Syr John Jonson to pray for the soules of my father and mo- 
ther and all my benefactours vj'. viij**. Item I gyve my lande 
in Haneldayll to John Hymers my brother son & his heyres 
niaylle r&c.J Item I gyve to Agnes Neylson for kepyng of me 
T*. a Jaucett and a syluer qwystelle or xvj**. Hie Resydewe of 
all my goodes moveable and vnmoveable I gy v to my son Jarat 
Nycholson qwhom I mayke my executoure to dyspone and or- 
dane all thjTiges for the heaJthe of my soulle and my Wifes 
scull as he schalle thynke most best and expediente for the 
helthe of my soulle thers Wytnesses Richarde Ylderton George 
Dyners S)rr John Jonson wythe Dy vers other. 



lli^ iKVByioR^K of all my gcmfkle* mciTrablr and 

fyrttetwo kye the wallinin* cifT xxV Instgiit. iiij co%rrVtu 
thre pAyr of kchc*ttc*ft two bravMe pottet x [Hivrlrr vr««rll two 
candcll »tykk(^ wythe otiirr inipn'mrDttii A|Hinr to y* ^alUv' of 
XX*. Dkttbs owyng to my loni<* and nuutrr my lortlr %af* 
fragatif ' for the tt*ythc* conit* of Holy lUmlf wulit* cfrtan^ 
other cowfitf* x\*. Dbttks owytige nn* In p*mt« liichartir 11* 
derton %ij*. ix*. Mward Reyfley for ihe burd of John Uryfley 
viijV lioht Kt-yfley for hy» umr* burd tj*. Hrc r«t vrrm 
Voluntas Joan'U llymmem |H*r nu* Johanmni Jon»oo Curatuni 
Iiiftula* %mcrw licrt indigiium. 


Iiri*. In iHiiiiine I)f*i Amen, the xxiv^'.day off Jaiiuanj, the 
vere off owt l^inl (tod a M.rcrcc ^c xxxix I lit*ll Ogle off 
iKitthall Parvrh holl in mvnd and Kc'memhratice I ma\k mr 
Tt*»tament and l^a»t w«*n w^% ft>lueth frui»t I btH^utrth my mmiU 
to Almighty gcxi anil to owr Ijuii S, to all the kioly Sa^nct* io 
heven. And mv bin\\ to be ber^'e<l the ('h%Trh of Savnl Aiw 
dn>w bf*for the nidloyft : AIm> I maik my eld*, um (»eorg 
Ogle my full exet|uitor for todiM|Min mv gucU & cattle nHniiable 
tk, immoviable for the health of my mhiII bim here aft' fol'uetli. 
Witne* her off Antoniu* W«k C'vmt it t\w Clark w^ oih\ 

off my gtMMl« 
Itnn fniint xj ky & iiij quye* iiij yer oldt liij iij \ere oMt h, tij 
two vere olcU 

Item 1 gyff to niv mhi ge<»rg Ogle a conter & cheymt a root 'pool 
ik |>ayr leiiynp Jiett* a feth' beyd a bciu»t' h |»eU>w & two koaa- 
yng^ & bni»%yng mort' & long»|M»yt it two *elv» upcxHis & bcwd* 
cloth ^ towrll. Itini to mv Min Jinm Ac \ twvn rtrrr on at 
thaym a m*Iv' ^pon. It*m to my douih' An a .Mantell jk BeyB 
IIor»le a |»ayr ef^eluer cruck*. It*m to my dcHJth' Margal hit 

I Thamas Spark, a immk of IXiHmov ww$ r«o«(Muf<Nl fM h wfi tm BnlHif iC 
fWrirki by Bi«li«f> Tuti^all. under tU Art INL II tor. VIIL, kavti^ priint 
U \ttrt\ l*nor of Holy |«Un«i Se^ hu wtil hrrt«Arr. 

' Thr«r tH4irr« «rr ralu«l>U*. Ilrrv i» a •tlL am npftnWvl Kt aa tert rn t ^ ty , 
both ackn^wlrtlKrUl? tn the haml.wrKioK n^thr Cumtr o^ tl>r rmrmk, !!▼««« 
was a Dutbam man. am! Iiia invmlnrr fgtm far to proT9 ikmH W mm a mkmi^ 
maatrr upun th« laUml '11m lUvrUra vtffv bmh of cooaldMakW ptapartj al 
AacToA. Ac^ upon tW aMia lami, but vitbta tbe panab. 

» Tb« vklow oT a junior brmmb of CJglr, oT OyW Md Balbil CmHU, Uw^ 
la tb« Bifteb «r BellMd. 


best govng & my kertle & it plesse John And to Margat my 
best belt a cheyst & A v mere & cavdern & two blanket ts & ij payr 
off shetts & ij cov'latts & ij happy'gs & bordcloth & ij candeU 
slycks & towell & old fethr beyd & bress pott & iiij pud' vessell 
& lytle brassy'ng mort' & old bassy'ng & it pless my son Georg 
It* I gyff to Wyll'm Cramlyngton douth' iij ky It'm I gyff to 
Bayll Dixson a qwy It* to dame Mawyng a qwy It' to Beyll 
Horsle a qwy It' I gyff to my douth' Margate viij yows & vij 
hoks It' gyff to my Son John & Vswyn my part off teths for 
ther money pament savyng the half off thronton teth to Wyll'm 
Cramlynton for x yer paying yerly the ferm & it pless my son 
George. It' to my forth brennyng to be taykyg off my holl guds 
moveable & vnmovyable w' a ryall gold yt I nave It' the rest 
off my guds to my sone Georg. [Pr. 1549.] 


In no'i'e dei Amen: the zeir off o' Lord god a thovsand fyve 
hwndr and xl the xiiij day off Febrwary I Syr Hog' Gray 
Knyght: off p'fett mynd & hole, thoft I be seke in my body maks 
my last Wyll irrecou'able & testament in man' and form' fo- 
lowyng: first I gyve my sowU vnto God Almyghty: my body to 
be burryede in the qweir off the parysche church off belforu be 
syds the bod* of my child' w' the dwet* to be done to the 
churche ; Alsso I bequyeth to dame Isabell my Wyff all my 
com w* in my come in y* zaird and bame of Dychen : the seid 
to fumech the grond reserued she and my huset s^uands to lyue 
on y t to the next terme day cawled Vytsonday : Also I bequyeth 
to my said Vyff all the store of flesch & fysch w* in my Hwss for 
my s'nands and hyr as ys afor sayd to the terme aboue named : 
Also I gyue & bequeth to ray son Pet'* the come off Awten 
felds both in zard and barne ; the seeds to saw the lands w^ : 
Also I gyue my said son' Peter xxx yowes xx hoggs aud vj kye 
w* their cawffe : Also I beauyth to Jhon Gray of Ehrchaunt fowre 
off the best oxen : Also i gyue & bequyth to Wyll'm Stodr of 
Newton viij oxen at Dychn't and ij kye at Awten huss or ells xx 
nobles in mon'y : Also I beqwyeth to Sandrson the Smythe of 
loii^ck XX*. Also I beawyeth to dame Bednell off Hetto' vj*. 
viij*. The resydew of all my goods vnbeqwyeth I pwt the' hoil 

1 Sir Rnger Grej, of Horton, Knight, married (according to the Visitatiaoa) 
Jane, <laugfater of Sir William Darcjr, Knt^ and sister of Thomas Lord Darcj^ 
who was beheaded upon Tower Hill, in 1538, for having joined in the PI' 
age of Oraee. Isabel, mentioned in his will, was probabhr a second wife 

* Peter Grey married a daughter of ... Haggerston, of HaggertioOk Eiq. 

H 2 


ill the* tiamU off* niv Min 'lliomaik (trav ' and in the ImncU oflf mr 
hrowther LvonVIl (tmv ' whom' 1 awmvt Ac onUiir mv full rx* 
et'utoni to clyiip€>ne & c»rn' tht* Mim<* for thr ht* awght tiff" nsv 
ftowie the brying forth and burying of my bcMly w* thr fun'aii 
rxequye» & t*x»|H*nc'f to be* fl«>ne for th«* >amr aiwl the iia%iiiK 
ofl^mv debt* : AIm» 1 mill and rcmrand* \^ mv uul Son 'liNvnuvi 
& mv browther I«vonell mh* tlii% Will aboti' uiid be keti%d and 

fullfvlle<l : i\w^ WitneM'i ihon' (irav off" llorto* Ihim Ctra^ off 

• • • 

1 TtiomM Grrf, aA«nraid« Sir TbonuM (irt?. of llortoo, Kniglil, tnmmM 
DuroliiY. (Uti|cblrr ot KAl|*h I.ord <^lr, ami Ating «l his boutr, ta tlnbnal 
(•rvcn. l^AiKlvn, «« the IxK «>• burin) tt St. liuCol|jbX AU1«»U, uo tW laill 
Aufi^ l&SNI, U-««in|( im dauffhtm am) mkuntrmf,, of whom I«Abet ihm ri*W«C, 
married Hir IUl|ih iirew, of C*hinin|H>*m« Kni^ whme third aum bu LdvMd 
GrvY, «M the* founder of the &iniW </ iirew of llovick. 

t iJunel Grrv «»• C»«ntUfsian l*artrr of Bcrwich. Ilia nMme fVv«|u««(Jv 
ocrtiri tn (he |inK'er<1iiif(« ni ihr nonlrra. 

An un|»ubli»hrt) niArriMv trttlrmrnt of the fatnilr af itrry, of ||«irt'^. (Uud 
in 1491, It tuA drviiid of intrrr^ ncH cmlv •• a apminm uf thr lln|(li«h U». 
fpujgf of thr |jm<Mt, tnit aa informing u« uf thr tamma^ rmiXum uf a ««^iV 
uit of rank at (hat timr. (*hc «a« uf thr great fiainil;! of .Hwmht^, *4 Hmi 
l*a*tlr,| and i»f the nirana t^krn to ircurF it. The tcatatur vaa» tn all prolix 
bilttv. thr el«lr«t tm of thta marriairr. 

liiva KncSmlur niaidr the svtij*^ dav of mave In the riij'^ ver tif thr Retg«« 
of KjrnK« llerrjr (he v\f^ be twiite H' Th«im*« lireY of horu« knv< TKi^sAi 
(•rev bta tunr Squver and Th<Mn»a (trav hi* tuoe ,t# TtiriKrr (»n thr utm pit a^d 
herre S« vnhtiwe Squrer tm the ov' partve wttt nt w i ithe y* yr fotrmi^i T1mh«^ 
(•rev ve yofifrer S«*nr to ye fon«i«l Thi'ttM* C»rrv S<{ti«er tLMll be the ((*(• al 
IpiKle weilr and take t<t ^y^ FjnabrU diightrr iu yr h»r«aid bmr* Hw^inhuve at 
Stke dav and tvme a» »haU UaefullT be b(4he v« f.«r«a>il u'llrf be ai«»tR(rd far 
^e vhilk iitariaire (he forvaut hmr* Hwnhove bvnd« hvme hi* heire« 4 ev#- 
ojO to |«i tti ee fiinawl S, Th«»in*« in»t Thom*a C»re» hu •nne !W|uvrr Aa4 
Thorn** (vrrv hi* •mot the yoi^gtt a hundrrfhe |»mif^ of Ia«e4\ill mtmmj 
«if %n|{bind In manrr and f«i>'mr aa tntrvejt (hat i* Ut aav ta tW f>4nMttd 
S* Th<nn»* C»rr% Kn»' Irj** m«rk* <»f (ht- whtlk t .j** nr)«rk« (he f%tr«it«d herre 
H«vnh<i«e bvmU h. m hi* hrire* A ht* eicrtit # to t«*% vnt'* ve lit^wud 9^ 
Thorn** (tret Kn«< hi* heire* A hi* eveviit't « m'ri* at ve !•*(# of !leiri4 

• • • • 

MjrjfHrU %e atchan^crli nrlt after ▼» date «Mf M* |i*«rn«r An*! at «e lr«l« af 
Sevnt Martvn m •vnt' %*ne r»c«tr f«41«>««nrf i ni*ii«* and at «<" frHe nf Wvi* 
aAfulav v*nr itrtt«' follow «n|; **yvf \ m*fke and «> turihr at vr f««r«aid lr»Ce« af 
5ieynt Slart«ne In ««nt ami «Ttt«nmlav vlk«* trrmr i in*ie W r««n [«eY a«i 
rntu tyke ttme a« the h«dl Home t>f tnj** ni*ik« )«r fultv nmtcnt and paMl 
within f«ir %er fotmntf nrit rit' vr da«( h«-r«'ff An«l al«*» «e f«»n«id hetw 
Swvnhowe h>n<i» b%ni hi* hrtrr* A hi« txtxuXaH «n(u %e alHi>«e ril u f wi 
ThomHC»rrTS«|u% rr hl« hetrtrtAhi* eir^t4('# !«» |«a« lUj . luj* luyf*. (if laaaMI 
HKicieT of enf^land of the vhdk ilvji injv my*, ii*. to be paid at i*r*«€«BaMa 
nette after ve date of vi* it'trm^ And \\ in*fk» •tihin %t ?er fvlUrmtwimf fit 
f(ir*aMl ilate for the whilk pkai'mm( (he l« rvaul V I h*»(D** (crrv Kavi aM 
Thorn** Clrer ii* ^-t.e S<ju*rr *ii\\ U»rful»i |pr»r %nti» %• f**f«a»i Tll<n»i»** Get^ 
ve ««^|^r and viito ^ cAabrU ht« ««ff and tMo vr hnrr* «Y (he ftie*«*J Tknavai 
C»rre ve voninrr UweffulU er1t*n a full ffv*te A e*tatr «>f all tcr land* A !«•«• 
mrnt* •ithin «e To«r»e# A leld* uf Nr«brit >ul«W*r«(<>n HaaaiMirKhe fWf SkaUl 
A Kvofthe whn ?e Counte of N*>rthumlirUnd with all oaancr c^'awfctilia A 
|i1fHt« rnta ymt beUii||tr^ atid for the atorv Sorriv af iW alaitaBM titbit 
partj afarv rfhe t aa d la *e pika 9i jm eadaw i'a tfrfcmi^aakljr aUlM liftt 
,*er Scal« ▼• day A jrtr ab^ve t^kmM |fleyinaf af Jaraallas r«rtlr.| 


Dychend George EUyson : S*^ Jams Fenkyll my coTessour w' 
oy' off my tenands. 

It* I chearge my execute" yt they gj'fe to a honest p'st for to 
svng for mv soull & all cristen soulls one yere iiij*. xiij*. liij*. — 
[Prob. 1545.] 


the V dav of in the yere of o' lord 

god M.ccccc. xlj that I Sir Richard Towgall Priest within the 
beschipbrik of Dunelme hoile in mynde and good of remem- 
brance last will & Testament vnto god Almightye 
and to our blessyd ladie his mother and celestiall company e of 
hewyne and my bodie to be buryed within the churche of gatys- 
head where my father and mother doithe lye And will the 
sayme daye of my buryall a dirige to be songe the bre- 
ther of the queir It'm I gyve vnto Sir Jhoane huchinson my 
t»istors soone my best govne And another govne that was Sir 
Will'm govlands my best tippett the best bonet a rachytt 
a hanghar a mesbooke a man'uell a dovsen aum' beids with a 
gyemis Ring And all my books with my bedde that is to know a 
ffedour bedde a bowst' two codds blanketts two coverletts 
two scheyts It'm I gyve vnto robert huchinson my tennamenc 
and all his children la^'fullye begotten fay ling apone thos 
then to go vnto thomas applebes children that is to know to 
Margat & Jennett & their successors It'm I give vnto robert 
huchinson my second govn two dovbletts & my hoyse. It*m 
I gy V vnto the foresaid roberts wj^e a goven whiche I waire one 
sondays. And to bessy chawmere my blake goven. I gyve vnto 
Jennet appilbe a }Tone chimnaye a coffer and a mantill It'm 
I gyve vnto marg hir sistar A covnter and a pair of 
avmer beyds gardit with siluer gardis. It'm I gyve sainct 
Cuthbarts gilde vnder this conditione And yf it fortune to go 
furevard two westments with ther albs two altar cloythes one 
towell two candlestiks one antiphonal one proscssiner a dirige 
book a pax so be that this forsaid gild doithe remayne and 
stande then this to be gyi't And if it fortune to go downe 
then this forsaid goods shall go unto my executors without anye 
Impediment. It'm I gyve vnto Jennet wawton iij**. and my 
dayly govne It'm vnto Elesahethe wylson iij*. iiij**. It'm vnto 
Will'm chavmars wyfe x*. Item I gyve my chales vnto the 
chirche of this condition and if it pleas god that thair fawll 

I Apptrently a Cbanlrv Priest at one of the altars in Gateshead Church. 

H 3 


m chantre within thi* futMiycl chircbe herttgr at the p'ochinaf« 
ffrAe and the p'ochitian to Im* ao gcxxl vuto mjr couMngv Sir 
JhcMuie M to gvre and promote hvm hrfcHr aniKbcr ihi« do%rfi 
ibeii thii I'balm to ttaml a* g}Tt Ami if he he imH promoiid 
and »(M*<lde ht* thcM for^aid |)*uchinan then thi* chak*« to %laiMl 
at no gyft but onlye to go vnto my excTutorm Ami ihay to 
dis(Hn'ne it f«ir the hralth o( my m>uII I gy^e vnto my curat 
nianipul* curator* It'ni to S' Stephan toniMin M*nmifii% fli%ri* 
puli It*m to S' thoniAA chilton STmonit It*m to S^ Cnftyrfr 

tomMm a pair of h4*uU of mhite hoyne It'm to Sir tbcmia* 
huchiniK)n At»cenciuA It'm to i^ir nihart bakar gulemtt* 
AIm) I wyii tliat Sir Jhtian huchiiiMm ami hi% brother n»brrt 
huchiiuMm be my full ext^utor* aiwl di^pon of all my 

ffoodi for my »€>ull healthe a» thay think be*t to be doeti 
I will tliat my coT«ing S' John huchiiiMHi »hall haith v* And 
be to »ytige w me»iie^ of retpiiem And otlier \\ de quim|ue 
vulnertbu» for mv nomll health & ail mv for eldert Witnet* betrof 

S' n>b Prei*t — lli<muu tcMn*on— robeit nemton 

[Prob. 1541.] 

LXXXVtII. JOHN B\%'CK!I, t%aoatVGB MA^. 

lUcf. T% KttALL ] 

In the name of gtwl Am€*n the x^ day of AuctiM the yere of 
o' l^ord gcNl a thow«ind flPyTe hundrrthe xlii*^ I John banckft of 
gatt*^ht»<l luboringe man w* h€>ll mynde full intent gtwd of r^- 
membrauncc* tluuick<i Im* vnto almi^htic god make my tma^aod 
\mf^t will in man* atnl fo'me folominge. ffir*t I yeve my mniII mto 
almightie gtwl and to o' tadv and to all the holy ct/tiaiire of 
hevoii njv b<Klv«* to Ih» burvifl in the cliurrh of gate*hed. ItMD 
I will liAuc* Miull mcvM* atul dirage do\ n ami cek4>rate the dare 
of my buriall in the miid churcln* w^ all the prv*t« and eleAa 
thcrto Wlongingi*. Itrm I will tliat george my Mm hare my 
|mt» houM^ ^'^ the thre riggn <if the Imckft^'dr for the byhove of 
mv «ift* duriage litr hfc and after hir Ivfe 1 will v* thoniMi n? 
MHi ha\e the Iioum* whiclie I do dwrll in at the makmge berof 
atul george mv ion the other hcNnw and the thre riggn of thm 
hack<»idt' to bt* (levi<k*t eouallye bytwixt them that my buiiMlea lofd 
Richanl hodg(*M>n ami 1 i« at at a co*dtc'on ftir the ck»e cmlled 
ov *kuimer dikct y* i» to %a\ that 1 or my a^igne to have tJle 
Mid c loM* fn>me Mivnt cuthl)'te dav in lent next after the inak* 
vngr hiTof vnto the etid and terme of xv** verk next eaucwuMv 
the wrytinge herof and I €»r royt»e executi»r to paye eu'y yetv 
durmge the ^aid terme yerly %i* ftterlingv to frrme'aMl to pij« 


at the entrie heroffor a gryssom xiij' iiii^. and he to cause th^ 
Indentures therof to be maid of the whiche gressom I have paid 
vnto the said Rychard handes vj* viij^ and the residue to be 
paid at the makyng of the said Indentures. Item I yeve vnto 
Margerye my doughter vj shepe yonger and elder if she come in 
the cowntie if not vnto my executor. Item I yeve unto saynt 
cuthb'te guild a dynmonthe or ellis the price. Item I yeve to 
my su*nte a yowe lamb. Item I yeve vnto Thomas my son vj 
shepe yonger and elder the resedue of my goodes moveable and 
vnmoveable my debts paid and other fun'all expenss I yeve it 
holl vnto my wife and george my son whome I make my full 
executors and after my wife I will w*** the consent of my wife 
y' george my son have bothe p'tes Witnes herof s' Edward Ni- 
choll curate Will'm MofTet w' other wrytten the daye and yere 


In Dei nomine amen, quinto die Maij anno d'ni Millesimo 
quingentissimo quadragesimo tertio I Robert Ogle Knight Lord 
Ogle is commaundet to inuade the realme of Scotland in the 
Kings Ma"** warres if case be I be slayne by chance of warre 
this I make my last will and testament in this manner and forme 
foUowiuge fiu^t I gyve my sowle to god omnipotent and my 
bodie to be buryed in the chirche of Bothall dedicated in 
thonor of God and S^ Andro the Apostle. It'm I giue and be- 
queathe to my wife Jeyne all my goods and cattell moueable and 
vnmoueable to the profitte vse and nourishment of my children. 
It'm I giue and bequeath to my wife Jeyne cockell parke and 
towre with all commodities profitts therto belonginge and all 
and singuler lands tenements within the townes of tritlington 
hersden and hersden forreste fenrother hebborne and the tene- 
ment in Seton next to woodhorne saltwicke Ogle castell withe 
the demaynes and all the landes tenements within the towne of 
Ogle and the parke withe the water myll with all commodities 

1 Robert Lonl Ogle, of Bothal, summoned to parliament 6. and 21. Henr. 
VIII , married first Dorothy, daughter of Sir Henry Widdrington, Knt., and 
■ecoodlj Jane, daughter of Sir Cuthbert Radclvffe, Knt^ by both of whom be 
left issue Tlfie preamble of his will will be read with interest. He, however, 
returned safe from the invasion of which he speaks, a particular account of 
which may be found in Ridpath, under the year 1544, but be fell in the follow, 
ing year (1545) in the bloody luittle of Ancrum, or, as it is sometimes called, 
PUinierhaugh, in which the Scots took splendid vengeance upon the English for 
having, a while before, burnt the Tower of Broomhouse, with its lady, and her 
children, and servants. 


prfifitt5i tlierto bclong'ingt* «iiiring liir natiue lir<p and after tbe 
diskCciiM* of the naid Jt*vtie Ui ri'niaym* tii my hevrr fnr ntrf. 
It*ni I giiie and b<*<|ueatfH* to my Minnt* Cuthbert dgle' all and 
tingiiler th<* lamb t<*nf*meiits within the towne and frildr» c^^ 
North middletcMi with all ronumNiitic^n profittt tht^rto brkNi|nn|pp 
during!* tin* natiue* life* of the Aaid Cuthbert. It'm I fptir and 
b€*i|ueuthe to the afofenanieil C*uthlM'rt CWkell parkr with the 
tower and fourte |iart of hehhunie which I liaue ivow in orru* 
|mtion during the natiue Ufe of the naid C^uthbert aAcr thr dt»- 
ceaM* of niv wit'e Jeviie And after the di»ceai»e of the afoTftaid 
Jeyne and ('uthb«»rt then to retnaiiie to mv lK»%*Tfni. It'm I 
ffiut* and lH*(|uealhe to my voniie llionian ()g1e* all mx ftinnlrr 
land^ and tenements uithin the toune of hiurbattril witn all 
coninuMlitit** profettn therto Ix^longinge during hi« mitiur life 
of the afonmniefl 'IlKiniaH |>a\ing therto to tlMmia^^ C)gle now of 
lourlmtti'll %ij*. vj*. viij*. by yeare during hii^ natiue life out cW 
the i^une t<»une and after the di»reaM* of tin* wiid llMmuti ni>w 
of lonrl>otteli then to reniaine to my Minne tlnmiaik duringt* kn 
life An<l after the diMH'UM* t)f the forenanie<l 'nitiina.% to rema\ne 
to my hey res. It'm I gy ut* and b«^|ueath t«> my young «anne J«ikn 
Ogle all antl «»inguler uiy lands aihI tenements mithin my towne 
of flotterton during his life natiue and after the* di»ct*a»e of the 
afornamed John then to remavne to niv hevn*«. lt*m I ff^ue 
and lH»<|uealh to mv cloughters Margerie,^ Jeyne, and Mar* 
garet/ thre hundrethe inarkfi out of the towm* of MickletoMoti 
and uitworth %nto t\m«* the %aid thre hundreth marke* be fullie 
complete and runnt* of the aforename<i towne« ami t»larr« and 
after tlu* Mime Ih* |>aid of the afornamed town«*« and iand» then 
to remavne to mv hevrei*. It'm gvue and bequeath to mr bnw 
tluT (Kuyne ()gl«* ail and singuhT the land« tenement* tbal 
Wlongfth to tin* toune of tHyM*le and the stone hoWM* with all 
mantier of rommoclitirs profitts therto Ix-longinge during hi« life 
natiiit* Aud after the diM*ea»«* of the Miid (Kwvne tlien to re* 
ninviit* to my li«*%r«'s It'm I gyuf ami b«H|ueath to Mr Jiihn 
Hifldringlon and my fatli«T in laut* Sir ('uthl>ert Itatclifle all 
and siiigiilcr luy Uiwir^ and teti<*ments in the t«>wm*% of l^gge** 
wortlie Miiluiiigton diiringe th«* teanne aini «|iace of thre 
v«Mr« next ronnnge v^hils thre M*ore |MiiiiHle« b«* |iaid that I 
am <men for liuerage v^hieh t«i<i tlx* «aid Sir J«4in and Cutl»> 

I III* rKir^t •■•n h« h;« arvMrn! wtfr. rvrtitualh I^«nl 0|r'r. 
' l-'ull hr«»ihrr to i'ulhtirrt ftini the Iiu»Imim| uT laibrlUi lUufJblcv wi Wm 
Jtttin C*rr«. **f llorttm. 

'^ Will .1 i;r«i:t*r« <>i;lr, t4 iltMftytn^tm, atUintril tn thr RcWUmMI «f IMSL 
* .\|Arri««l |{*4^rt, ibinl mn t*( >ir Juhn WiiMnngtcA, Ktrt. 


bert is bound for by wrytinge and after the dayte of this 
Summe then to remayne to my heyres. It'm I gyue and be- 
queathe to my brother Lewes Ogle bastarde fowre poundes by 
yeare out of my towne of heppell during his life natiue and after 
the discease of the said Lewes to remayne to my heyres. It'm 
I ordeyne and make my wife Jeyne and my two sonnes Cuth- 
bert & Thomas my full executors and I make superuisors of tliis 
my last will my Cosin Sir thomas Hylton knighte my brother 
in law Sir John widdrington and my father in lawe sir Cuthbert 
Radcliffe Knightes and my cosin George Ogle of the hirste and 
Sir Tliomas Burton Clarke and Commissarie and they to see 
my will executed accordinge to this my deade and wyll and my 
sowU healthe. It*m I will that Jeyne ray wife shall gyue to my 
doughter Annas Ogle bastard to hir marriage twentie head of 
kye and oxen. It'm I will that my said wife shal be good ladie 
to my trustie seruant John Skalle and to see that he be 
konestlie kepte for the true seruys that he hath done to my wife 
and me.* 


[Extract by Mr. Surtees, from the will proved at Yorlc.] 

John Bulmer of Scrayingham — 6 May 1543 — ^my daughter 
Agnes to have to her portion ij oxen tow kye tow stirkes vj 
yowes w^ their lambes and x hogges one great cauldron & one 
arke one credell with one girdle & then she to be furth w^ her 
portion. — Elizabeth my daughter one girdle — Isabel my daugh- 
ter one pair of beades — my youngest daughter x' because she 
hath neither girdle nor beades — 


In ye Name of Grod Ame'. I Annes Horsley beying off 
p'fyt remembrance and holle in my body w*owtte seknes feryng 
deth be cause my housse y* infecte w^ y« plage maks yis my last 
Wyll before my Curate S' Thomas Browyne ye xxvj** day oflF 
August in ye yere off o' Lorde 1544 fyrst I yewe my sowU to 
Almythy god my body to be burvd were yt shall plesse hy' to 
take y^ Also I wyll y* Mawde Horsley my dother schalle selle 
one cowe and cause messe and derige be song fore my sowUe 
my chyld*ns sowlls and all chrystyne sowlls ye rest of y t cowe to 
gyffe y* to pure pepyll to pray for me all ye resedewe both 
movabyll and unmovabyll I gyefFe to Mawde Horsley qwome I 


make my tolle excextrix to dinpoMe yt for the helth of mx towik 
and her mo»t aciviuitage. The Invbjctort off Amies lloriklc? 

twmten xxiiij*. ix Oxt-n xviij' a|iere %iij'. ij*. %ijprce pud* uj*, 
iij potts tij |Miiiiis vjV a nintyng yroii ij^. a haMvng a C havfyoft- 
duii xij^. ti Salts v cafwiyUtyki» ii hnu^xng mitrtc-r vjV %iij'. y 
beddft w^ all thying» yr to liflcmg xiij*. iiij^. unr cofft r iiij*. fmr 
Yhhi some iiij vok» ayllpluch iii^*. a cowu*r aiKl a Soke \ij^. a 
lotiff burde iiiij*. Sin* xxj*. xiiij*. 1>itti v' Aiiiic*« ll«ir%U-y 
dru owe imier aiia Imprimis to ye lorde Lumfey for ijkTtn % . %j'. 
riij*. It* to my lady I^yton i\V iij*. Sin'a x". x%j*. %^. lJi» cUru 
ix*. xvj*. vij*. 

(RcciUtl la iK€ /«f. pm^ ««rt 'M Urn. Vlll. tmporr Ti ustali.) 

In the name uf God« Amen. The zere of o' I.,orde (tod a 
thowsami five hundrvthe fourtye fiue tlie ill dav of July I Hio- 
mas man's whol of mviMie & rt^meiiibr' maiketh ihi% mr tesl^ 
ment ainl last will in man* H, forme follovyng Fyr»t I bet|iiethc 
my soule to God Almyf^tv whyche dyd redeme me w« hys 
p'ciiMis bloude to the holye cL hlyifl»id V*gin Marie his Biother Jt 
to all the celestiall companye in hevyii & my bodie to be bttrjrd 
in the qiiere of the Churche of Ht«ly«* tliande of the belbr m 
glas wyndows wher my fath(*r & motlier w* all other my p*de» 
et*%<»or^ doythe Ue w* soiille me«se 6l dc*rt*ge the daye of my b»* 
riall for mv »ouU* aiul all Chri»ten miuU-s and mv cuat mmmmrt 
to Ik* M*tt a|M>n my f^^vye for rmieinbraiu wycbe ze bhall <rawse 
to l>e made w* blewe^ velcwt* coU»ri of canue%s %ua Kede bare 
a bow in the %ant thre thrt* ftwcrelU thre «aliiM)iids h, a 

owe* and if (mkI niull Joim* niv wvt*f to Ih% m'cTe xX she 
be bur^-c*tl as iiere mv irnivve as mave be & I will that thrr be 

for hyr soulk* mese & dere^re Al«o I wyll y* 'lliom» Man's 
mv fM>n be hevre of all mv UukU & favlvmr of hvm 5c itarv of 
hi!i bodye lawfullve begoten then to return to my ton Alexaod* 

ihift torn Oliver Henry & Gt^tx^pre next in entail m sucecasioo h 
julinf( them and their issue) ttM*n to rrtume to suche tasehewe 
ai it «hall plc^e^e CiimI y* myn btnlft* llowt* & I iii4all haue j^ faylyng 

> TlKMn** Msfinrrm, of ilMtvtck, in lUamUhtrr, O^., duciaiiJ 
VMinippr mm of M«nnrf». of KiaJ CaMk« snrr^nr of tlie Dukr «f ItWiaA 
Tb« l*«tUtor rnt^m* to h«vtf quartered the trvw of Cr«M«rll surf Or4«u 


of all my isschewe laufuliye begotyn then to remayiie to my bro- 
ther Wiirm Man's (&c) & fayling (&c) then to remayne to the 
next trewe dissent of linage Provided alweis y^ if it shall pleise 
God y* myn wyef do ley ve aft' me 1 will y* she have the therd 
part of mv lands & goods to bryng Also I will yt my broth' 
Will* mau^s & myn broth* in lawe George Carr shalbe sup'visors 
of thys my last my 11 & testament for the well of my soulle ye 
puttyng of myn childr to goode order Also I wyll yt the Ladye 
of Cornhall be payd vj*. viij*. my my madyn nores xj*. and 

I will Janet be pay^ iij*. vj*. & yt my brother Will'm be paid ij 
crounes (the rest illegible) Ob. 6. Jul. 36. H. 8. 


In Dei nomine Amen the xx day of October and in the yere 
of or lorde god m.cccccxlv, and in the xxxvij^ yeare of the 
Reigne of Most Sou'aigne lorde King Henry the viij"» King of 
Englande fraunce and Ireland and in the erthe Sup'me head of 
this churche of England and Ireland imediately under god I 
Robert €roower of Barwicke in good mynde ana remembrance 
do maike this my last Will and Testament in this man' as here- 
after foloweth. ffyrst I bequethe my soule vnto god Almyghtye 
and my bodie to be buryed where it shall pleas God. Fyrst 
I bequethe to my Master Sir Edwarde Groower xij*. It'm I 
geve to my brother Francis Goower xv*. It'm I geve to Vm- 
phraye Thomson x*. It'm I geve to Recherd Byrd v*. It'm to 
Thomas Hall x*. It'm to RawfF Liawraunce x*. It'm to Peter 
Baxter x*. It'm to Robert Wardale x\ It'm to Nycholes 
Lowson X*. It'm I geve to Robert Rygbe x*. It'm to George 
Brygham v*. It'm to Rycherde Pats v*. It'm to John Percy 
X*. It'm to bartell Dayll v*. It'm to Thomas Rycherdson ▼■. 
It'm to my kep' John Marshall xx*. It'm to be given in Almus 

sup visor ot tnis my 
Testament xiij'. and all the rest of my goods not geven nor be- 
quethed I do geve to my brother fxlwarde Goower whome I do 
make and constitute my hole Executor Will'm Marshall capella' 
Thomas Hail and Rawff Lawrance [pr. 1545.] 

I An officer in the garrison at Berwick, of the great fiunilj of Crower of 

< TerringtoA is Mi far from Neir Malton^^ Moritur et moriens dukes ve- 
minisc-itur Af|{os.** 



In the name of god Anien ITh* yere ofo' lord god A thnv- 
uuid fv%'e hundreth xlvj the xxviij day of Apprtll I Lan»let Clam- 
ton at Wullay Jenlilmaii of Inile myml ami mt^nory dotlie make 
& ordayn thii my testament and luut WiW in man' and forme 
foloyng. fyn»t my sowll I rom'ytt to Almyghtie Ctod to cp» la«ly 
and to all the comi>anv in lieven mv bcxlv to b«* bund Wtm the 
p'l* churche of Braunce{H*the wIht mv ftather dt»lh l\e •• my 
mortuaryu dew & acru6tomyde. It'm I g^fTto the repmc'otift of 
the fugiyd churche x\' It'm I gyff tc» ItaufT mv whi a fetid* r 
bcnlde & all that h4*long^ therto And in dff«tut of liyni I f^yffyi 
to my next »on. It'm I evfTto FU»ahz my d4»«ghler a «borti»t«Hi 
in the meike howie And ij nyjver »|>ony<i withe nn^dU <»n the 
knop{H> gvltvd It'm I gyfl* to the %a\il VA*^hi. a hrnyng mor* 
ter of marbell blew. It'm I gyffviUo my »on Xp'ofer •yl%rr 
ft|Minytt w« knoppei of tin* befor next tU^alu fi[Hmi^ It'm I g\if 
unto KatheryiK* my dowght ij ftyt%er & a \Vcirt»ton fttond- 

yng in tla^ Kechen It*m I gyfT to V»sabyll my dowghtrr a 
wye itcrk & a calfTe or eU with a cafle at \wr fcKt. AUo 

gyfTv yovet or eU v gynran hoggs. It'm I will that xx* m 
monve be ire%'vn incontvn(*nt after mv dv»ceti to y* pown^ 
bowiiholden w^in Unium*«|>ethe p'i^rhyng at the discricoune of 
my Curats. It'm I will y* prente jic clark nM.*tt me the day of 
buriall at Westwcxl for t)H*r |Miynt tviigng maM & deri^ 

eu'y prt*ste to liave xij'. and alM> eu'y nkoler y* hath a »ufplM 
j^. Al» do declare ami testviTye thai I have b'tan guddet of 
Kl»abez my dowghter« both tchep & nowte a» mv wyfle h 
»'uand% kmiwv» well that ar forkvt on lM>tlH* erv» iiliirh I well 
tluit %he have be»yde her Imuii p'te of gixMldeik. aiMl in ease Ae 
dep'te or tche come to lawful 1 aege that I well y* tlit* said 
MKlt^ l)e equally ptyii aniong» tin* Kente of clM*lderyne It'm 
will lia%e A trvntall of meiMO* dotM? for im* in ca««e that I 
cau»vd not to be tUme mv M^lfT and alwav that in ca»e anv of 

• « V • 

my chyld'nn dep'te or tiuiy com to lawfull aege tlK*n I well 
bame» p'te of gocxie» i>e equally dep't}d among tin* nmte of mjr 
cliilder %» lewyng any of tliem l)e lewyng Ik mi from one to 
A notiier. AI»o I well tiiat all tliey y« tak» pt*ny» w< me in t* 
dav of burvall haue a hone» dvn' AIm) I » el be brtNunil 

• • • o 



I <»r the Umily of i^Witoci, of W\Byrd, Obi Pvkr. Ac. TW Tf<Utar 4^ 
•trr« burial in Br»ncr|Hth iliurrli. nr«f Ills FsUmt. Tbrrv vat tWfv, • frv ywm% 
aipk, in tlw Mwlh akUv a UrMi fiUlr, comantwtoruin^ • pmos of Xhm 
iMd Uvti in hi* «Uf Cuc»tAl»lc of Bnuicvfwtb i*MtW, uhI, prHHi|% ike 
uf the TcvUli^. 


forihe accordyng to my degre Also I will y* my faythfuU mother 
Alys Musgrave & Eiyn my wyff bothe thay togeder have the 
order and rowel i of my chylderyn and of theyr goodes for theyr 
honesty and profet in tyme to come And the ressydewe of my 
goodes my dettes payd, legacs and funerall expencys I gyf frely 
vnto Elyn my wyff Raff and Xp'ofer my sonnes to Elsabell and 
Cateron my dowters and onto the resydewe of my childeryn be- 
gotteyn betwyn me and the sayd Elyn whome I make the ex- 
sequitors of this my last wyl and testament. Item I well that 
my modre Ales Mvsg^ave have a crone of golde to be good on 
to my wyff and on to my chylderyn. In wytnes whereof I 
have caviled to recorde Master Raf Claxton, George Claxton 
mv brederyn and Rycherde Lanketon and S' Robart Peyrson 
my curett Also I well and dessyre my brodd^ Raff Claxton 
and my most specyall frende Mastr Rycharde Hebburn to be 
sup*visors of thys my well and Testament. 


In the name of God Amen The firste day of December 
in the third yeire of the reigne of ou^ Sou'aigne lord Edward 
the sexte by the grace of god of England firaunce & Ireland 
kinge defender of the Faith hearth suppreme head vnder 
God of the Churche of England & of Ireland and in the yere 
of god a thousand five hundreth forty and nyen I Janet M us- 
chaunce of* Wydowe maks this my and Tes- 

tament beinge in p'fecte memory in man' & form ffollowinge. 
ffirste I bequieth my soule to god Almyghty & to all the cele- 
tiall company in heaven My body to be buried in the parrishe 
churche of Lowicke dedicate of Sainte John*. Item I give 
vnto my doughter Elizabeth Collingwod my howse in Ber- 
wyke withall thappten*nces therto in any man*^ of wise app*te 
belongynge to remane to hir heares for ever. Item I 
give to Isabell Owrd a hundreth poundes of lawfull Englishe 
monay. Item I give to Jane Collingwod forte poundes the 
which is in her fathers hands in cust Also 

I give the same Jane my best cou'inge and six qwisshinges of 
the same sute Item I give to Richard Clapame the bill of 
Nicholas Dentons w** is in his own handes the value 

1 Of the fiimily of Muschaunce, or Muschamp, of Barmore, descended from 
Robert de Muschamp, upon whom King Henry I. conferred the Baronjr of 
Wooler. Sir George Muschamp, the last owner of Barmore of the namey 
spent his whole estate in the service of King Charles the First. 

2 A pen is here drawn through the word Lowyk. 


it iij*. rj*. viij^. he* I give to the afurrnamed Richard iuvrr 
Kre. lie' I gire to the Mud Richard thone half of the fenor 
of Oathr}*ke bejinge xxx*. jerlie durtiige yen And th 
of the tame ferme of Galhricke duriiige my vein I give to 
IiabeU Ownl to here bt*hove Ite* I give to tfie laid Richerd 
dapam xiiij*. W^ George Nevll is owinge an oxe to the 
•aid Richard CUpome xviij*. which Heiilo|>|ie iftcvwing Kie. Ite* 
1 give vnto tlie »aid Richard twenty cronn* atid fvve pounds 
iij*. iiij^ of my m'tynmiufte rente. Item I give to Richard CI... 
wyf a pai' of Silver Cn>ke« my hii^te ffrokke e<iged with tawvy 
velvet a tawny wur%te<l kyrtle and bath my vt* Ivft rapr«, two 
kerchefle}^ a fether Im*<I a par* of i^Uv'tih m^ blake rybboiie« one 
ar'iee cuv'yng a yallow cov'lett 2k a |mu' of blaukettn. Item I 

S*ve to 'Ilioinai AtkyiiMin (Merkt* a gray may re. AIm> I gtvr to 
ilbert Pape & Curate «>f F<Hird u*x »liillingi and eight pente. 
Item I give to R4>bt MuMhauiice Minne to txlward Mttiehaunc* 
five poundes w*^ is in hi» said fathfn liaiMiem wherf«»^ Richerd 
Clapom & John Allanvm ar tureiitt. Item all detti that ar 
in the handet of mv brother 'lluimask I forgive Si renirtt hvm 
, ^ „ ere tht-reof. And I giire hit Wife a cov'mge 
of greyn. Item I give Xp'ofer (*laiiam viij hoggi and to 
Osw OiilingwcMMi vj hogge*. lie' 1 give to roger Mutchaatort 
wife my blacke frokke e<lge<i with blacke velvet It'm I gtw 
Sle)>hen Munchance an oxe a Kowe ten Vf wet 
Isabel (hrrd die before the be of lawful age Tlian the godea 
that I have Ivmvted h<*r in this mv testament «halbe ffiireo and 
distributed untti therof yf she die shalbe gives 

to John C^iliingwood twenty poundes Al«o th* to M'garet has 
Sitter xx\ Abo to Agnes Ownl xx*. Too Rich(*rd (lapooM 
dowther ward C*lai»om Richerds Sonne vj*. 

xiij*. iiij^ Altto to tUiMibeth C\>llingWiMid othcM* twenty poondbs 
Item th(* yiHinge ioni of Owrd Jcmn Owrd is owing me xx*. lor 
a wat linirwcMid & his Wyff delv v ed hvm w^ 

xx'. I give to Agni'ft hit dowghter towanls her marriage. TW 
reste of all my giMxiet not l>t*inge l«*gac(*d mi^ g^ven in this 

lun'all chaint^t w*^ my lecace* paid & fiiU? 
discharged I frdy lO've unto Kliiabt*th ( oHingwuoil & IsabeH 
Owrd whom I orarn and make my full • xecut oun to dispoea 

In this my te«tanH*nt and to the tutiMrtacMMi 
of tin* |hk/ people as thalbe thought re({uy%it & neydhill. SiK 
penrisoun to te th<* p'fomiAnce ^ full acctHnpliUiing 

acconlinge at I havt* lymytrd in the tome I ordett and 
maike Th«>fnas Cla(H»nR* Rii hard C^lapome & Stephen 3fsiC^ 
chaunce puttinge them in Truste and credete 
in ev*y poynte. At Bcrwjke the day and year ahovtaMd Thit 


bein^e Witnesses hereof Thomas Clapome Richerd Clapome 
Stepna* Mustchance Herri Collingwood Thomas Atkynson 
Clerk with other moo. Item I lymytt unto Isabel Owrd 

x] sheipp thre Kye and a younge oxe & all my apparell And 
the hundreth poundes that I lymyted unto her is in the handes 
of Henry Collingwood & Elsabeth his Wiif And I will that 
the said Elsabeth shalbe orderyd and counsaledby the Councell 
and adv'tismente in all her aoyings of Stephen Muschaunce 
Richerd Clapome & Elsabeth Collingwood my dowthere as 
she p*tendes to have any parte of my said goodes 


In the nayme of god Amen the vj"» day of m'che Jn the 
yere of o^ lord god A thowsand fyve hundreth ifortie and seven 
I George Bayts vicare of Kellow w^in the countie of duresme 
hole of mynd and of perfytt remembran'ce thoff I be seke in 
my bodie maketh my testament and last will in this man' and 
forme folowing fFurst I Bequethe my soul to ahnyghtie god 
o^ ladie saynct marie and to all the holie company of heven 
my bodie to be buried w"*in the chauncell of the church of 
Kellow aforesaid It' I gyve to Richard hobsone tweiitie nobles 
in peny & peny worth and to eyther of his children foure yowes 
It' I gyve to eu'y one of my su'nts a gymm' hogge and to 
Emme huntley a blake whye that goeth vpon Cassoppmore 
It I gyve to georg Bayts a chaldre of Bygg & a chalder of 
hauer And to John lambe half a chaldre of Bygg & half 
a chaldre of hauer and a boule of whete Also I gyfe to John 
Bayts a bowle of wheate and to michael Coke a bowle of wheat 
Also I bequeth to fxlward Bayts v' and to maister Robert 
Hertbum a gold Ringe to S' Henry Browne a Sylu* spone and 
to S' henry Cutter vj*. viij^ It' to S' Will'm Wright a fely 
stake that was his own & my shorte gowne The Residew of 
all my goods I gyve to my most trustie frend Will'm Cockey 
Clerk whome I make my sole executo"^ of this my testament & 
last Will to the sustentac'on and fynding of Isabell Robinson 
and Robert Rydley if they will folowe his mynd and counsale 
otherways to bestow my said goods as he shall think good for 
the helthe of my soull Witnesse herof S' Will'm Wright prest 
Creorge Bayts notarie Will'm Elwald John lambe and Will'm 
lytlefayre w** many other moo. [Proved in 1548.] 

1 Yictr of Kelloe from 1630. A penon of this ntme ceased to be Becte of 
the South BeUej in 1635. 



In y* tuuit^ of goil anicii y* x (Uv t>r nukv in the verr oTciv' 
Ictni fftMl Mccrt'cc xlvij wUnt^ y* I lu»Drll Wall cif Scaobiip in 
Wanlrll tuMillc of mymlf & giMMl nff nM*mory makythe thi« my 
Unt wyll und U*«taint*iit in man» an<l foniK- folowytig fii%t 1 br* 
quitla* and ity^^i* niy ihm>IIc ui Aliny^iiity gtMl aiul to am* Imiy 
saint mary ik to all the %aint* in lifiivu my \nn\y to W brrird 
in y* churche gMrth cif ou' lady in %tanlMi|i ic I bt^uith k ftyflr 
to |)'c(Mu*ll my M>n aim' ^iafi^ fc all my ^myclvr fctrt- Ac my br»t 
Jakett Ac a hlake Jfvrkyn Ac a lt-lli«*r d(»lM>U*tt Ac I gyfr to Aly- 
«on Ac niargret mv doift>rhu*rH my ij \h'sI X9c\w% Ac to tUaaahrthe 
Ac angneii other ij tat*lit*«i & to J4*n«*t my do« glitter A tache 
arui to AlyM>n my dowght<*r a |Min* o( b«*i(U m*^ ii K%'nft« at thant 
& to niargret Al Anghe<» a {larc of lM*idci» to iiairt betwfx thm 
Ac I gyffi* to Jeiiet m\ dtiwlitrr x* of tiHinyf a lyt\ll hnu*e 
|Mitt y* reftydev cif all my good* my lM*riall done* my cic-tt« |«id 
my Ifgary gcuyng I lHM|uitlR* to |i'c«*ii<'ll fiall my Mm Ai to gje 
maddi*M>n henry niaildi*Mm Ak, to wyl* wall wlumtr I niaik mjr 
full KxMH*utt>r>i to do lor my mm>II a^ tliay thynk gtiod Ac fur 
y* pTett of y* rv>l of my cliyUlrfn v* }* Kla*alKMlie Marget 
AlyMm Ac AngiMH» my dawghti*rk aIjmi I wyll Ac I g%%t- my 
U*V»M* Ac taki* v' I lmv<* of mv frnnald in \* wf%t l«*vld to 

9 « • • 

Vt*ui*ll mv M>n dtirvng v' V€*rti» v* I luiut* takvn vt & ht* to 
tt hy^ «»iiHtor* liaue tlwr |Murt of y* pTrtt* €»f y* *aytl ft*rmokl 
doryg v' *avd tak wuik'h luTr uf S' WyPm (*lN*|inian )»rr«t 
Jlion l\Mld lawrance wt>llt»r with moo 

Invrntorij. ye *nie<lye gfre xx\ I low Mild gt-re \l*. twoo 
kye At Vf rnlf% xxxij*. ij mart** aiwl y' f€»wlU xxvij*. %iy*. A 
man* xiij*. iiii^. x yowt*^ xxxiij*. inj*. ix dynnii»nd« m*Im*>|i xxj\ 
vii InigiTii )^nii*. Hh* liovlli* mhih* x*. iaj'. IX'ttt*. yv ctmH 
of v' lM*rtAll dav xiij*. to nuutrr lieiirv ArMltTMMi of \* nrw 
ca»tt*ll X*. %iij*. ob. Ate. 'Hit* Minw xl*. \ij*. ob. 


xi%iii. Jfiiix sAnirai: t*Rr^Ti:. 

In dc*i nomine Amen the xiij daye c»f Januanj in the yearr of 
our lordegcul Mille^imo n m :xi.%iij I Sir John Saillerr prv»le 
w< ill \' towne of Newca^tell vtHui tvne ht>le of nutwie and Kr*» 
MHi ii«'v'tlH>U*« «eik in mv InmU maik» n\\ te%t\mrnl in thi« inai»» 
err folow\iig ffimte I gyue my Miulle tt> .\lm\glity gode to o^ 
bl^-mit lady M*inte Mary and to all the holy comtMUiyr in hitmtmm 
niv ImmIv to be buried w** in Sainte .Vndrewe Kirke Abo I triO 


haue in the daye of my buriall dirige w< solemne niessc of Re- 

Siuie' to bee celebreate wUn the said Kirke of sainte Andre we 
or the well of my soulle and all trewe c'styane soulls w^ x prests 
It*m I gyue to my brother bartrame sadlere iiij'. It'm I gyue 
to my mother margaret sadler v^ and the howsse at she dwells 
in durynge hire lyffe naturall And after the disceas of my mo- 
ther I gyve the said howse vnto my brother burtrame sadlere 
and to hts heres for eu' It'm I gyue to my brother WilFm Wilk«- 
ynson one howse and one cloisse callyde clyfton house pay'ngeowt 
to y* Kynge yearely ix*. It'm I gyue to Will'm cowke Jonn Wylk- 
ynson n'ij marks in money and one howse at the Kirke styell 
nowe in the tenure of James lame It'm T gyue to peter rfiU 
kynson xl*. It I gvue to Annes Wilkynson xxvj*. viij**. It'm I 
gyue to Isabell Wilkyson xxvj*. viij\ It' I gyue to katrj^ne 
Midler xiij*. iiij**. It'm I gyue to Thomas Wilkyson xxvj*. 
viij**, It'm I gyue to cecyly wilkyson xx*. It'm I gyue to 
Robert toderick iij*. iiij**. It'm I gyve to Richarde todorik iij*. 
iiij*". th^'Resydewe of all my goodes vu legate I gyue to my 
mother Margaret Sadlere bartrame sadlere John Wilkynson 
and to Will m wilkynson whome I maik my executoi-s yei to 
ordo' and dispone for the well of my soulle as my truste is in 
yemme by the consell of umfrey carr whom I maike sup'viso' of 
yi» my saide testymont and I gyue to hyme xxvj*. viij*. Wit- 
nette hereof Roger Dent thomas Kirsope Ric' Stotte 
Will'm Cowke. [Pr. 1549.] 


In the name of god amen The viij day off nove'br in the 
yere of God a mcccccxlviij^'* I thomas Schaffto seke in body 
& well in Soull & off gid reme'bras ma . . my last will & testi- 
me't as doys fowlloy ffirst I do geyffe my soull to god Almigh- 
ttye & to o' lady sant mary & to all the hoUey co'pany off hevene 
& my body to be beried wt in the church garth of or lady in 
morpath ftirst I do geyffe to my wifie & my childer that is to 
say allon Willm' and annas & doys make them my full exequi- 
tors for to disspos my guds as they thynge most co'uenient for 
ther discharge & my soull helt also I do mayk my brother hen- 
rye sup'visor of this my last p'sentt will to maynten them in all 
tner ryght Thes witnesses Sir Johne hayr John snawdon robert 
toode & robert smyth w^ other moy. test, tho'e shayfto d' mor- 
path: [pr. 1548.] 

Invbntorium omnium bonorum mobilium & immobilium 
Thome Schafftb nuper defuncti. In primis a cow & a calffe xiij*. 



A dmktr 

iiii^. ij claker olT lethcr off daker wmyn* iij'. vj*. %in^. 
ot Irthrr iiol claker mayr vj*. viij^. harkt* vi*. viij*. lij fa 
leke iiij*. A alniVy w« all otlwT gu<l(b w« in ihr htniM* xxxiij*. 
iiij^ ax much Kay aA ronr« to iij*. iiij^. ij %m\n hcHi|rir* >*• Hjb 
totalis Ttj*. iiij^. ' Dchitn «ibi fiel>entta. Kirfiart nk-oll vi*. IV. 
bita qu«^ (]c>fuiirtu» clfhi*t in mortis mjit tempore To Kdwardr 
toTDor of pygton xvij*. 'llu* I»rd« ft-rme v*. To my t'liaodr 
V*. to Sir robert »kot x\ Sm'a toiali* xxxvijV* 

1. lioilKKT BI.YTIIM\N, i*IRULRRe. 

Ill dei nomine Amen llie xviij*** daye of marcij in the yearr «if 
o'lorde god m*.crrrc**.xlviij» I Kobert biythmaii ginllerr w^intbe 
towne of newcasteil %'|H>n tytu* hole of myiide ami Keaion nru*. 
thelcsii M*yke in my body inayk» my tentyment in th» manere 
folowying ffin»t I g\ %'e my Miulle to Almighty gode to o* biytart 
ladv Munt marve and to all the holve ciHni>anv in hcnietir niT 
body to be burttH] w^in »ainte nychelc*ii kirke garthe Abo I 
wyll haue in thi* daye of mv buriall dirige w* Milemne nurme of 
requie* to be celebrat w«in t'he »aide kirke of taint nvchelrt far 
the well of mv >oull and all trt*we cstvaiie mhiIU It'm I girtie 
to KaufT haul I one blewe doublet of chamoieat and otir cappe 
It*m I gyue to John hlythman my brother mv ftcho|vpr ff^yrr our 
uayre of white h4M>i»e It'm I gyue to 'I^Hiuu blyinmao bit 
bnitlier oik* {myrt* black Imkim* and tme canpe !t*m I gyoc 
vnto my twii,»iftt\ one gowne to Ik* diuidide Dt*twixe yamV the 
lle»v<iewe c»f all mv gtHxlt vii legate I gvue to Margaret blftb- 
man my wyff wlMimc I mayke my exi^cutrixe ^he to ordr' and 
dUiKine for the well of my m)iiII ami to pay my dt tt« as my tniM 
is in hire Witm^**** here of K4>bert woode pre*t John Hliit* 
feld tboinaA blvthnifin. rpr. iri4H/ 

4 1. M\LI*ll HI. \X!iTON, ll.KRklL.' 

In the name of gcnle ame* I Ilafl* blax»ton (*lrrke afore my 
drth onien & mak my te%tam*t h last »yll in th^i man' mad 
forme folowyng fyr%t I bequf*th my soule to almygfatie fpud Of 
ladie ^Mtynteniarv & to all the holte co*|iany of heven my bodi# 
to be burieil w»^in the cath* church €»f dure»m be fore g rrg ti ry 
altef It'm I gvue to m» dtictor tmle* my mhort rydinge gown 

I of the fliiniU of BUIwlnm of lllBlirton-6r«t PrvW^brr «r |W Itatli 
•Ull in DurlMfli iVuWiifsl. 

t Wiltiam Todd. U 11« ftm PwWml i r y «r tW Mil MIL 


of worsett It'm I gyue to Sr John baxter * p'son of the south 
bailie my freesfroke nirrytt It*m I gyue to m' doctor benet* 
a paynted table for a token It'm to m' Robert benet my short 
duunleit gown The resydew of my goods of y^ I shall haue 
after my decease I gyue to george rogerlie whom I make my full 
execut' And I desye m' Robert benet to se my will p'formed 
whom I make sup'visor of thys my last will And all such be- 
quests yett nott bequestid as here aft' shall com'e to my mynde 
that he lykewise se them p'formed Acordinge to the gret trust 
I haue in him. Memor'd' that I ow vnto Thom's herryson of 
the hawes iiij". It'm I gyue to S' (Jeorge Hartley a preist 
bonett & a worsett tpypett It*m to george baytts a cipresse 
co£Per It'm I gyue to Robert Sawer a mattresse a pajrr of lyn 
shets & a cou'yng of a bede y^ ys att westow It'm I gyue to 
Robert warke a fetherbedde a bolster two fustian blankets a 
payre of shets a happyng of whit and a lytyll ou'see bedde 
And a Ijrtle fusshian pillow It'm I bequest vnto Rychard Shir- 
bume XX*. and a lyu'ey cott the pric x*. It'm I gyue to & Ri- 
chard best a sarcenett typpett It'm I bequeth to lyonell Sm}rth 
for his costs and paynes takine for me att yorke xx*. It'm I 
gyue to Robert Sawer a bawsonde curtail nayge wich he hath 
now in kepyng It'm I gyue to Thom's Sawer my ryding cloke 
It'm I gyue to robert sawer a payre of frese stoppers It'm I 
gyue to Robert warke a payre of hose & to robert sawer a wor- 
sett dowblett It'm I gyue to Jenett warke my best syde gown 
vnlynide of cloith. It'm I gyue to the p'son of the south 
baylye my strait veluett cappe It'm I gyue to robert warke 
the younger a worsett Jerkyng To Tliomas & henry warke 
his brother my pannes Jakett rossett by me Raffe Blaxton 

Witnesses here off John baxster preist georg bayts 
The iNYBNTORYB of all the goods wych are m^ rauffe blaxton 
clarke the vij of January Anno d'ni mill'imo quingen"*® xlix"**. 
A payre of Cobyrons on payre of tongs on table and a desk 
with two carpets vpon them two chayres And a long cetle 
with viij cusshyngs two codds damaske wrought a standing 
tursyng bedde with gyrthes a mattres two fatlierbedds one pa3rre 
of fusshian blanketts ij cou'letts a cou*yng a bolster a fusshiane 
codde 8c two little fusshiane codds a law tursyng bedde of 
gyrthes a mattresse a bolster a codd a payre of blanketts two 
cou'letts One p'ssor a rede table paynted ande a gylted table 
a deske with two coffers in yt a cofier of cypresse 

> Vacated the liiring of the South Bailejr, br detth, in 1A78. 
<Origiiudlj a Monk, and, at the disMilutioD, Bursar of the Priory— afterwards 
the first Prebendary of the fourth stall. 




In the name of gcxl, Ainen llie vij*^ of Au|oi»te In tlir 

third vf ir of kin|t KciwanI the nextr — I robrrt •hell of brr- 

wjrk f(onn' makt thit my will & tefttamrnt in man' ft fcmoe Ibi- 

lowinjg^ fir»l I boquitht* my Miult* to gud Almightv & to all tbr 

oeleitiall company in h(*vi*n my Ixidy to be buried in the churrbe 

yarde in berwyck Ite* 1 givi* vnto 'lliom'» Temple tj kye h, 

the re«te of imMiay to maik out x ni'ks Ite* 1 gire vnto my 

wife my house vnto my Ikiv b<* of xxiiij yein of age And 

than to coui* to mv mhiim* whom I Ivmett vnto thom'» shell of 

• • • * * 

annwvck with hi» part ft all my »ho|>p gi*ir & x stone of iron 

Ite' fgive to wiirni ihell x »tone of iron ft xx*. Ite' I give to 
cri^tian shell xx*. ft a riokke [cloak] ft her p't of vessell when 
she comes to age Ite* I give the |irice of two gonnes to my 
molh' ft my »i»ter for thtnie of tlie w^ I ame bidklen xx*. ft <</ 
the oy' XXX*. 1 will vf I die that the xx\ that I had w^ os> 
wald Kweard my app^ntice be given hym agane. llie reste of 
all my gcMxies I give vnto my wif Aud vnto nfv childrrn gocteti 
with lM*r whom 1 mak my full executoun ^laid at berwyk 
the dav ft veir aboue«aid 'IIk^ witnesses J4>hn clao'ing rubrrt 
storv iKom » footer John tyiMlall vr* oy 

liets owyng to hym. To Janet temple iij*. vj*. viiij*. To 
ebabeth temple xiij*. iiij^. To andrew bawdkyn x*. viij^. Too 
itt^yn shell wif xx*. IX^tts owing to hvm w*^ monay. lo rialls 
tteir xxiiii^ In syluerr v or vj*. In the kinp ma^ haodrs to 
be paid by M' doune for iij nM>iiethe« ended the firste of Sep- 
tember at viij^ the «lay for my self and vj^ the day for eyer of 
two )»'uaiMlt*% aiMl from the firste of September vnto the vj* of 
the Mime at lik waiges by the space of days at xx^ the daye 
xij*. M' ridgewav owtih me fo' work of dunglasse home and rox- 
brugh iij\ xiij*. iiij^. M' C aptatie ftir my wag% xtj days at raj' 
per «tie* & for my »'uaiides wages at vj^ per diem for xij day« 
XX*. Also M' captane owith striping a |ieace of ordrnauarr 
ft C*lenH*nt sIh*II x* ft viM^ vnto me iiij*. xuij*. — I hare a 

gootic of til baithes I give hym one (o* it. I have a gocme of 
v» wh'ffir lie shall give* x* I have a gonne ft a dagsr of 
ft lie hath a gonne of myne ft I owe hym tak a dan y' Cor 
In dorm 'V\\\% is tlie trew will of nibert shell w<* I dyd'wryt 
m* my IuumI b«*ing C*urat of berwyk ft mi I will recorde by me 



,«, Alsoo I wyll and gyffe to y* house of Muntgrace x*. and alsoo 
to neessam abbey 

for ray souU and all c*styn souls at the plesor of god Alsoo I 
to John do<ldyssworth iij': iiij'. to Marget dodysworth and 
Katyn dodysworth ij^. Alsoo I wyll & gyfFe to my cosyn Mar- 
gere Surteys two chysts one ahnery ofreedsaye 

jat es in hyr keppyng It'm a brode cressett of yron and a lytyll 
po Alsoo I wyll and gyfe to my cosyn Margere my god- 
<lowght' a lyrge almere of appylls wyth lokks and 

ixanndds & the kezs longyng to it It* I geve to 

Imon and vj salt ^alm' It' to my sister Kyllinghali vj puderde 

'sa to the Muntgrace vj puderde salmon It' to m'maduk 

Snrtes liij puderd salm It' to my Cosyn Doddyswo'th ilij 

•salmon It to my Cosyn Sykyswyk vj pud'rd salmon It to 

Ag'es Jackson for recompence of apples ij pudred salmon It' 

to George Askewe a powdered salmon. Raiife Surteis. 

£P. 1549.] 


Inventory. 1551. — In the Halle. One yryn chymney 
^nd a porr with one paire of tonges xxx*. One table of wains- 
kott xx'. ij<> doble counters xxx*. A dresser and ij® formes 
V*. Two cushyngs and two chairs V*. v cushynges xij*. Two 
carpett clothes and A covbberdclothe x'. The hangyng in the 
hale 1*. S*m viij*. ijV In the Buttree. Oneambrex*. Sex 
eandlestycks viij*. A morter and apestell v*. A quart pott a pot- 
tle pott & a pynte pott v*. cov'd potts xij*". One searce xij*. 
One basinge for washynge xx*. Two longe bord clothes vj*. viij*. 
Thre short borde clothes iiij*. A dosen Napkyns ij*. Two 
harden bourdclothes xij*. Two to wells iij*. One dyaper towell 
iij*. Two weshinge towells xij*. S'm lij*. iiij*. In the Kytch- 
YNGE. Two brasse pottes vj*. One yettlynge and two pans 
x*. A fryinge pane and a drepein pane iij*. A Rost yryn a 
lying yryn and one flesh cronke ij*. A chafindych a skemroer 
and a graif^ ij*. Thre knives and a choppynknifFe xvj*. A 

I Of Middleton St. George, but of the family of Surtees of Dinsdale. The 
<Uite of this will is lost, but it must have been made before the Dissolution, when 
the monasteries of Mount Grace and Nesham wer^ in existence. It was proved 
in 1549. 

< Of the fiuniljr of liawson, of Cramlington. 

I 3 


garnish of vettell xl*. Kiglit peyiet of old pucirr viij^ Op» 
rrin for rott vnge of applet xviij^. A tpit, ii* clamet k a pair of 
cleppc i|*. Soi* iij'. xv*. x^ In the HavBHovtac« Two 
leydet lij*. A braike viij^. A maabfatt and two trowe fttoocii 
m*. Four teiket iiij*. A gjelffatt xij^. Two longe bordca t'. 
A bowtyng to*ne 8c a trowe xx*. A eoulyngiatt a keoTnage 
two lewn tobben ij* waftchyng tobbe* ij*. A pare of fteyntm 
▼i^ Ttire lialfT barrelU awl two alepott» ij^. A botebell ruf, 
om* iiij^ fj^. Ik the Kyblu A stcfplead ▼*. riij bowlk of 
malte xxx*. two bowlk of wheat x*. A kyllhame' and a 
wyndooelothe X*. Stii* vip. x*. In the raaLaa. A »iaiid 
bedd w^ a ffetherbed and all thyngi thair to beloogiDg xl*. A 
coubbord w*^ a coubbordclothe xx*. A chy»t iij*. iiij^. A 
diamer pott rtij^ Sm* iij'.iiij*. In the chambee. A yrra 
chymney xiij*. iiij^. A preisour x*. A ttaodbedd wnh a 
fetnerbedd and all thiugi thair to belongin xxx*. In Naf* 
PXEYE. A doten napkvns iij*. llire pair of lyoftheitft xy*. 
Thre |)air of harden inettet Tiii*. Thn» pair of pyllowbm yj*. 
The lutnggyngi x'. Sm* iiii'. xy*. iiij^. In the Seeyanim 
Chamer. Two mattreMet with all tlie be<idYnge their to bfw 
longinge xiij*. iiij^. The said WiLt*iifi App^bu. A gowne 
ffur*yd w^ martron xl*. A gowne fTurrid with block c«mYe xxnj*. 
Yiij^. A goune of firev* furrj-d w** gray conve xii^*. iiii^. A 
black cloike gardyt w^ Yelvett xx*. A while cloike iij*. A 
tleYcle«sc cote o( damaKke xx*. A tlcYelcvte cole of gnigrae 
X*. A dublet of krt*imynge tatten xxyj*. Yiy^. A dublei of 
reid taiRtay x*. A dublet of blacke satten xy*. A rydrng cole 
gardyd w«* veWet xiij*. iiij*. A ridytige cote gardyd w* 
p'smantlatA y*. A pair of bote w^ YeKet brichit x*. A pair 
of hcwc iyned w^ Mumnet iij*. iiij^. A pair of cooYe boie ij*. 
Two cappti iiij*. A Ilatt y*. Sm' xj*. Yij*. Yiij*. 1*hb SNar, 
catteli^ haye, coene, and loLEs app'teynge the a4i» 
Wyi.i/m. At Sciiepcot bame xij oxen xx'. Yiij kye xxyj*. Yiij*. 
a |H»is. ix young noytt xy*. a pet. liiij lanibe* ij*. a peim. XTiij 
gyniiiier^ and dynmontliet iiij*. a p«M«. A gray hor»e iiij^ yj*. 
Yjij*. A gmy mere xxxiij*. iiij*. Have v*. Two waynfa, 
i> plowen w^ all belonging them iij'. A c. thnre of wheit and 
rye at ij*. vj*. a thraYe xy'. A [cxx] 'ITiraYe of cMta at xij a 
thraYe yj'. Colet at the ttaith xxx'. At the pytt xij^ In 

COLD ANDSYLVYE Yij'. iiij*. &C. 


In the name of god amen The xx% ij day of marre Iq the 


yere off ovre lord god M^ccccclj I syr wilFni bee clai'ke and 
fcu'teme a professet brodere of the monastery of montgrace' 
And nowe a bydyng at newcastell upon tyne of a hole mynde 
and perfyte me'brance makeste thys my testamente and last wyll 
in manere of forme folowyng. ffurste and pryncypally I be 
quvthe my solle vnto Almyghtye god my makere and to the 
holy prayers of the most glorj'ous vyrgen mary the blessede 
mothere of owre most mercj'fuyll sawyor chryst Jehu the wylbe 
lowyd sone of god the father almyghtty and also to the holy 
prayers of all the blessede santes in heuene and my poyer body 
to be buryede In sante nvcolas churche yarde as nere be fore 
the est ende off the churche as may be and I wyll that syr Ro- 
bert wood and syr leonard hall make for me a dyryge and 
com'unyon wyth note in the day off my buryali and I wyll that 
euery preste that syngys wyth in the peryche churche of sante 
nycholas haue vj"^. And I wyll that the sayme day that I shal 
be buryede xiij*. iiij**. be geuyne to by wheyte brede and yit to 
be del t vnto poure peple to pray for my powr sole Ancf I be 
quaythe vnto master bartholewe bee my best syde gowne off 
blak poke Also I be quaythe vnto Jenette elwold my second 
syde govn off london tavny Also I be quayth vnto Will'm el- 
wold my best wyrset dublet aud my furyet froke wythe blake 
lame To thomas elwald my best clothe Jacket To elesybeth 
elwald my best brase pane and on lytell payn and thre pottegers 
It' to Agnes elwald on posnet and on lattyn ladyll and iij 
sascers It' to henry gybsone my second wyrset dublet and the 
Iron Ranche and on Iron shuU on pore on brj'g of Iron It' to 
alyson gybson my secund bras payn and ij lytell payns v peuder 
dysses and on peuder pece It* to dorothe Kyddell on fryen pah 
w* on scyls of iron It' to mastres sutheryn my rostyn Iron It' 
to Robert hunter wyffe on cresset of Iron It' to John be of 
brady hall on blake wyrset Jaket and on pare of gret tonggs 
Item to master John dony* of sesa In yorke shyre on sylver 
spoyn persell gelt It' to master Robert aske^ on sylwer spon 
wjrth on wry tyn boke It' to S"^ Robert wode my sersenet tepet 
my best vylvet cappe my best veluet bonet my best short gown 

I The Priory of Mountffrace, in Cleveland, was founded so late as the jear 
ISM, by Thomas Holland, Duke of Surrey. Kvery memorial of the dispersed 
inmates of our religious establishments is interesting. 

« John Dawney, of Sessay. 

3 Robert Aske was the chief piomoter of the northern rebellion, generally 
termed the Pilgrimage of Grace, in 1536, the object of which was the re-eata. 
blishmeot of such monasteries as, being under the yearly value of £200, had a 
kw months before been dissolved by act of parliament. The rebellion was aoon 
suppressed, and Aske was pardoned. We have here an affectionate bequest to 
him. by one who was grateful to him for his ezertions, although ibey bad been 


ij kliort bcide clothet and my hatte It' to S Roben marUiail 
on tepet of blak prwke Irnet w« wrrtet & on wyrMft hrod and 
iiij yeank** and iij querten of tavny mmet to tht* r»e a» I cM 
show hym be fore teym It* to S' Irtmard hall my ctokr my 
hmtyryn on tad tawny tepHtr lynjb'ndr w* wormtt w* all my 
boket both here and at walkfeld wych I left w« S^ edward wood 
in wrvtten and mv forrede pvlche w< mx tectinde wvok^ boorc 
and my tecon'd welwet bcmet w* on m\T*et typet It* to the 
fatlier of the mount grare* two pare <if ii|iektaclni of tvlo' It' 
to S' Kdwarti wood It* to katryn me<lylton xij' It' to gaoe 
bee xij' the Ketdewe off all my gf)ode» tn legal I getie to thr 
poure |H*ple whom I make mv exerutore« and j-f it forton y* my 
foods wyll not extend to tfiyit niv laMt wyll that I have mad 
then I wyll tliat S' Robert wod ain) S^ leotiard hall my Mip^y- 

torn of th%'« ni%' Ust wvll thall demvnvUie aftere ther d^-tcreeraii 

_ «i • • • • • • 

and yflf my foocU extende to a rreter «rm*e I wyll it be disfbotit 
for tlie wvll of mv pcnire toll thav* wvtneuM S^ edvard ueW 
S' will'm heart heury gibfum It* to en y on off my proleMed 
bn'ther}'in' off mouantt grace xij'. 

I>ebita quap debt*ntur wtlPmo b<*e riereeo. John* Myll mar- 
ehauntt In lentt monev ij*. Dame watson in ta^-nt nvrhoLw kvrke 
garth X*. [Pr. 1551."] 

Invbntory dated 6 Apr. 1551. C>tte tide goun off Make 
powke legat fbequeathedj x%'j*. One blak tide goon legal x*. 
Otie Riutfet Iroke Ivned & punnet wi blak bun legal vj*. Oa 
ichort gown legat iiij*. One cloke legat vi*. riij*. One blake 
wortset jaket legat v*. One clothe jaket legat iij*. iiij^. Odt 
wyr»ctt dowblet legat iij*. iiij'. One cdd wvrMiet doublet legal 
XX*. One leder dublet cme old fu»tyn dou{>let ij*. viij*. Two 
ichort burdclothes Ic^t ij*. iiij*. lytel Ivnyng towelk ii hardyw 
towelU xvj*. iiii lyn nopkyiw iij hartfvn na|>kvtM xij*. Oiie 
fethcr hedde on lx>wtter xiij*. iiij*. On mattre* iti*. vij eoode 

Eylloven iiij*. iiii C(Hi*lette« x*. iiij blancketti viij*. C)ii Uaiid 
inle iij*. iiij*. '1 wo |iaytT of hooae iij*. iiij*. On lytell ftlwyll 
xvj*. On lytyll almer^e ij*. ij lytfll che^fe* ij*. ij Ijrtell 
haynvm^ xij*. On camlyll tteyke vj*. v {H^wd* d\wft iij taw. 
•ent iij |x>tter|^eri & on |)ewd' (lecey legat iiii*. v teppett* and 
iij legat iij*. iiij*. Two weluet boneth ij vvlet bonetU OQ 

and on hood vj*. viij*. On cowervng off on bede x*. iQ codilt 
ij*. On fr^ng |>ayn on ftl^-Me xij'. \ Ro»tyiig yron on drop- 

£vn payne xij*. I)tBiT\ [utmipra]. Simma totalis omuom 
r>nofum vij*. y*. x*. 



In die nani' of god Amen I John Lynne hole of mynde 
will make this my laste will and testamente the xxviij of Jvly 
in theyere of ovr lord god 1551 firste I beqveth my sovle to 
god and to all the lioly company of heven and my body to be 
bvried as ney my late wyfe Mary Lynne as mayebe firste I be- 
qveeth vnto my wife Elysabeth Lynne the one halfe of my 
goock w^ the house w^** I new dwell in dvring hir wedohede all 
so I geve hir my Salte pan w^** new is in the taner of Robert 
Gar ako after 2 vears be paste w^** ij yeres I give the profite 
ther of to my welbeloved ante thomlyngsonne I will that my 
saide wife shall have my yeres in the saide far molde dvring her 
wedo hede w*** me and yf she mary w"» any other man then I 
will from my Ante Thomlynsonne 2 yeres be pased that the 
saide farmold shall come vnto John Linne and george gibsonne 
my sister sonne and the yerely profete therof to come vnto their 
hands Also I will if my Ante Thomlingsonne dey befor the 
saide 2 yeres be expyred I will that it shall come unto my wyfe 
during her wedow'ned of me as before is mensoned provyded 
allways if mv' wj^fe be thus contented w'** this that I have sett 
her for her full portion of all my goods or els not falling she 
that she may not be so contented as befor is mynsoned sne to 
have as the law will admyt Allso I geve unto my father in 
law Roger Mytford x*. in money w^ my govne fased with forde 
tall AUso geve vnto my mother x maras in mony & to every 
of my wifes sisters xl* a pece Allso I geve vnto John Myt- 
forth xl*. and to oswold mydforth xl*. in mony Allso I 
0eve to my brother benet chersye my brake gone faced w^ 
bovge and xl*. in money Allso I geve nrchard snawdon and 
Jeaet his wife x^ and my govne w^ chamlet I geve to Jennet 
Lymne xx'. towards her marriage I geve my sister gibsonne xx 
Dobles and hir doughter v marks I give to nell sheraton vl*. I 
geve to Thomas Johnsonne my s'vant xl*. and my browne 
gowne lyned w^ conny I geve to Rychard harborne xl*. and 
my old blake govne lynnea w^ bovdge Also I geve to my cos- 
aiDge Margaret bvtler xl*. I geve to steven iGtchen xl*. and 
my foxfored goune I geve to Rychard bensonne xl*. condici- 
nally that that he paye all w^** feys w^ collets mo'ny as I am 
behende sence ester laste as appereth by my boxe I will that 
the mo'ny that steven sotheran owe me be not demanded befor 
whitsondave com' a twelmvth and be not demanded till then to 
be demanded and paide and taken I for geve John galley xl" 
and I for geve Rober Galle xxx*. and I geve him xxx*. I geve 


to bertnune orde xl*. and I gevr to xp'ofor co\kr and Juha 
Chatrr iiij'. to that they Krpe rovenante fr*^ my rxecTlon at 
CfHitaming the prooiT* «^ thr}- niafk* wu^ mr rcmrarning nj 
le«e of the ttobe cloce and for all the it»t of my g«Midi leiratr* 
and debts pakl I give to John h-nne and georgr ffibMmne who I 
make my hole executors and if channre either of them to dye 1 
geve to the other if channce tliem both to dye I gerv to tlie next 
of blvde I geve to master kovdl xl*. AIIm> I gevt* barterrm An- 
denonne my bette geldinge ami mv best gorne AU%o I «iH 
that the ij bciyet be at the rewl and* runtodie of my trustie and 
welbehiTefi bartrame anderMNine and to my ante tlMmtlinpe. 
•oone and they to have tlie kepyini; c»f tlic*m and tlirir pfond* 
tell they come to the agt* <if 21 yen** and make Ma%ti*r Aoder* 
MHine and my Ante th<»nilinfrKotim* tlH* fttipenriiori of thi« my 
last will and tettamente In witne%« mherof Kyehard ii 
Robc^e galley and Jane galley Koberte atkinsonne f l*r. 

evil. JOHN cwRR, [r%rT.\iN or WAXXB r\jm.t.] ' 

In IX*i tMHnine amen. I John (*arr luiill of mvnd and la 
good ntemorie malm my will tc forme folowing. Fine I 

Eve my <kOulle to Almightty (tod and to all the glori my 

)dy to be bun^xl whem* it «hall pk*aMkr (tod to call me to hii 
merry & hartely welbelovid btnlffllo Vnula (^arre thr 

x'. in llorton (trapge aiMl |HMM>«»ion of the vane 

during her lyf. And al«o I gyvf in my *aid bedfello my 

parte of the l€*ace of tht* p'atmag* of Feliton during htr lyfe, 
(entail u|)on tonii (*uthb(*rt« Jobnt\ 'lliomaii, Kobert«) my ton 
Thcmuu Carre of Fwnl — my brotln-r (*ollyn 'Vo ny 

doughter MIenor Carr iiij**'. — my fatlier Vmfrey Carre 1 
de*yre my M>ne« w to tak an order aiMl agre ei r m 

w«^ Om* IjmIv of C^Miftfunl* I IumI of the l.ard of Ce»- 

furd ftone* who it mv excKnitorr* & all v«Nie mv 

• • • 

trustve of mv will to be good to mv hartelve br- 

• John Carr, of }I«itMi« la tW pwMi of ClMttMi, umI fMWr sT T1mm0 Off , 
irlMDi» br bit i fr bM H wttb IJiAbvib llvrua. |pafMS-ilM«gbt«r mi4 hmr «# 

WilltAiB llcnm. of FoH CaMk. b««WM ^tmrmtli of KoH mmI «iWr Unw 
in NartbumbrrUod. Tbit mmrrit^ rauwd miirb ni— nOua. TW H«f«Bi •€ 
CbipdHMr, MMan, kc^ prvimdmn UmI %kt Koni fl«Ut«f wtv MiaOt^ apMi 
■mW brtn* prwvfdfil. noi br kv, but bt ofMVi vioUiic<» to ^jt€% Carr a«ai pam^ 
11* 1111 . In a iklnnlab. tim*^ out of tkk auarrrL Kubm Banw. Mafi «# 
Bermwk. lost bk 111* unilrr tbe valU oi Vrnd l^aMlr. 

• Itw v«rT pmbablc tbat tbe Cam aT NartlNiibrrkmi. aad tb« KanafCW 
laff< la Skatiaacl, mm oat aaii tW lait IbaOly. 


louyed bedfailo ye give hir all such tkinges as I 

have lametyd to liir present booke yf the goods 

will serve. VVriten at War Aug. Anno Regis Edwardi 

sexti quinto the yeare of v*. Ij yers before thir records 

my sone Johne Carre Carre Edward Collyngwood my 
Svaunt (&c) w^ others moo. 

moore owynge to me for the thirds of horsses * as ye 
shall planlyer heare in the p*nt booke. 

of a horse wan in Lowdian [Lothian] x*. 
third of a horsse sold to Thomas Care xx*. horsse 

w**^ the said Herre wan in Lowdyam x*. the third of 

a horsse wan in Lowdyan xx*. the third of a blake 

horsse xiij*. iiij"^. the thirdes of a hors that was Stevyn 

Brownfelds xvj*. horses won in Lowdyan xiij*. iiij*. 

for the third of a bassond hors Lord Home- 

mes XX*. for the third of a curtell hors xiiij*. 

the third of a horse won upon Fawns Mowr xxxuj*. iiij*. 

of a gray hoi-sse y' was won at Daulketh xx*, 
worthe and Johne Ilychardson w'*'* ther butty fallows [booty 
fellows] of ij horsses of Ade Glendynwyngs xx*. 

thirde of a lyart horsse that Wyll'm Haighe has x*. 
third of ij horses the one Wyll'm Dixson wan at Kyllum 

& the other one Angelis won aboue Ancrom Bryg*xl'. 

other horsse wher they of Hwme was taken at Ryden- 
borne xiij.* iiij** the third of Tru'bylls whit horsse xiij*. 

iiij*. S'm (of debts due) v" v'. iiij*. desper'd 

DKTTS owynge to me John Car lay t Capitan of Warke 

aft' followethe money to Johne Oggyll of 

Twyssill iiij olde crouns of gold xx*. Thomas Claveryng 

money to Raphe Car when he was eyt at 

Loudon xxvj*. viij'. for the said Raphe that I payd to 

the Capytin for his ransom x crowns of weight v^ 

eworthe of warke for the third of sanders ransom 

X*. muney to & George RatleyfF night that 

he came fro' the New warke x*. lent money to John 

Greffen v*. Edward Butler for a bruche of golde 

Iiij*. iiij'. for a coyt of mayll as dothe apere by 

a bill of hande xx^ lent money to Mr Horssemendyn 

in Hathryngton xx*. money to Cuthbart Gylpyn xv*. 

for the third of Thomas Tnompson's ransom xx*. 

I The Captain seems to have had a right toa third of the bootv Uikea in Scot* 


MovAKtB ooooB A bUkc hone vi*. A Itttill \myr marv nv|* 

vi^^ Drmiighi oxtn xiiij. xij*. Ixmft wmiM m^ mm whmh f 
xl*. ShiNt wayoe bodeyt i^, v*. Cor!(b. (>tu xx ftrorv ^btmfm 
viij«« bolU xxC Beyr viij^* boU« xlij* xiij'. iiij'. W1m«i n^* 
ihrmve xxx bolb x▼iiij^ Kaysmbnt. One datna»k gamwm 
lynetl w«^ coneit iij*. iij*. iii/. One ckiithe gowne xx\ CW 
broke nkvn gowne xx*. ij vc^lvet Jakkcttt \j'. Sum io( 
inent) xj'. iij*. my. 


Ill the tuiym of (jod Amen I Mar|terye Tun^tmll Wedowr 
(>f the HoMe Parke cif boil mjnd and p*fythe memorry the xn 
cUy <if Aprille the yere of if Ltird (tud 1553 ordaynea and 
make* thy« my Lute Wyll Bl Testament in mainer and forwe 
folowyng fir»t I gyre my towlf to (tod Almygthy my bndie to 
be buryed w^tn the Churche «>f Sanete .\ndrrwr Auckland aa 
iM»r to my hutbaiid WvU*m TunUall at conTenieotly may be. 
It* I fO'we to mv tone I*rancey» Waiidysford xl*.& tomy dawgh> 
ter Anne hyi Wyfle one angell of golde and to xp*€ilinr ft 
Thn h%*« toni eyther of thavm one angell. It* I irr^e to my 
Sone WvlPm Wandytford r' & to h\M Wvffe xx* & to hvi ehH- 
dren erery one of thaym vt* viij' It* I gywe to my tone Ptcme 
all the bedding y* he* haith ami «me long rhy»te It' I gywe to 
my MMie Mvcbaell Wandi»ford tiij' & to my dowgter ht% Wyie 
Tj* viiy*. It' I cywe to my tone xp'ofer yownger chylder j^ y* 
to tav Jhn Wanduford xp'ofer lleiuir SuUam & Kkavbeth to 
eY*ry cme of them rj* viij^ It* I gy wr to my Sone Ambroie La»> 
caster cme angell fiir a remebrance & to 'IlionM hyi tone anoitther 
angell & to J'hn l.Anra»ter a miither angell & to ev'ry one of 
by* iiij rhylder y^ y* to wytt Franctsi Kmiybell Margery aad 
Gyffray Lanouter rj* viij^ a peire I* 1 g:y we to my tone* Rofac 
(!{axt4Mi one holde ryall ft to hy» Wyfe y^. viij^. and to Ebay* 
beth hvf dawgter vj*. viij^. and to Margaret and taaybell (1ax* 
ton eitWr of thaym one angell It' I gywc to S^. Roger Wylle 
Yj*. viij^. It* I gywe to S». Jamc» Iledw(«nh iij* iiij* I gyve ^ 
KyclianI Itobyton ij* It* I gywe all my «hare at the HoMe 
Pke to Margaret ft F/iaybell ('laxton'ft to J1m I^Mieaiter 
equallve to be deYvdyd c*mo'geft thym iij It' I gyve lo ev*ry 
one o^my damgter rlkaybeth Sarvan* xi/ It' 1 gyre to 

I Dmgliltfr of lltffirr FimWt, M BaHbftlh BMrrM ArA \m 
tlM/ord. of KlrlltMlon': and Hvuodlv. U TiumUIL Smv %kt 

of Edf4 CUitua KcralUT, Ng^ ixr'ii. 


Layssyngbe vj*. viij**. It* I gyve Sancte Androwe Auckland 
Churche warks vj* viij** It I g)'we to Kyrklyngton x*. forgotten 
tythes It' I gywe to S' Raffe Smyth iij* iiij* It' I wyll y« 
thayr be distributed to y* moste powrest in thys p'ishe at the 
discrecvones of S'. Roger Wvlle & S'. James Hedward xl*. and 
to be (Ustributyd in the Piche of Kyrklyngton at the syght of 
my sone Psone iij*. vj*. viij*. It' I gywe to my sone WylI'm 
Wandisford & my Sone Ambrose Lancaster iiij^ marks in Maist' 
J'hn Norton hands and xx marks in y* executons of Authur 
Preston as dett and p'cell of the mariage goods wnpayd of my 
dowgter in lawe deu to me by my husbands Wyll aesering my 


The resydew of all my goods my funerall expenses maide my 
detts dischargeyd I gywe to my dowgter Hellener Lancaster 
and Elsaybetn Claxton wh'me I maike my Executors of thys my 
laste wyll & testament and I mayke my Sone Psone & my 
Sone Mychaeli Wandisford Sup'wsors to se y' my wyll be ful- 
fyllt and eu'ry thyng dewidyd according to my wyll and I gywe 
ey ther of thaym one an^U for thayr payns thes Witness Maist' 
Psone Wandisford Maist' Mychaeli Wandisford S' Roger 
Wylle WylI'm Haykforth Antony Laybum Tohms Uttory w*"* 
other mor. [Pr, 1558.] 


In the name oiFgode Amen. The nynt day of Septemb'r in 
the yere of o' lorde gode a thowsand ifyve hundreth fyfRie and 
thre I Edward Younger Gierke hole bothe in myend and bodye 
Hiaks & ordaynes this my testame't 'Conteyninge therein my last 
WyU in man' and iibrme ffoUowinge fHrst I bequieth mv ooule 
to Almightie god o' ladye Saynt Marye and to all the ^lloship 
in heron and my bodye to be buried where fod shall please. 
Also I ffyue to the churche of Saynt Ilde at the southe sheills 
all the impleme'ts and ornaments belonginge to a churche w^ I 
haue wt a table nowe stondynge vpon the hye alter. Also I 
gyve to Richerd Carter all my Kayme'nt now in my chamb' and 
my shottynge bowe. Ako I gyue to Richard Bowmaker my 
fliight bowe And my quyver and my arrowes to be p'tyd betwixt 
Ric^ bowmaker and the said Richerd Carter And also I gyue 
to my hoste bowmaker my best handegonne The Resydew off 
all my goods vnbeoeith I gyue to my brother hecto' Thomson 
Christophe' ff*enwick off* the sheiil mylne and John bowmaker 


whonie Joyntlir tog} iIht I cIcmi make my Kxc^utc/ to <ly 
all my gvod% fur i1k» wflth off my Soult* And to liaur my 

off tlie p*vU)e church off Jorroo ami to rccryvr all my dc^btt 

to pay all my debti. And alno to rrcrvvc* for me and in my 
wunr all tuchr p*te and |Mirtion at app*irnith and brlonfitb to are 
ffor the third p'te of my brother Arche Tomicm K«)od*. And 
aluo to |>aye and diicliari;c all t\w third p*tr off the portion of 
g€HMU p*teyning to K4>b'rl 'l\>m»on K>nn(* to lUib'rt lliuvMon 
off Nrwca»tell vihiii lyiie Mari-nrr att ftticli tyntr wlira ytt 
ought to be |Miy(t att ai-rorrlinge to tlie said Kobrt ThontikOQ 
thVlder laj't Wyll In Wiincv^ mlifrt-off to thi* niv laftt vUl and 
te»taim*nt I tlil* Miid IvimanI Voiing«*r Cl«*rk liaith •ulMcribrd 
mv nann* ami fnitto mv k-uIc the chiv ;^ \rri* abovr %intlrn.^ 
[An>ve<lin 1553.J 

ex. ODONKI M;l.niK« ol TUimMOt'Tll.* 

In tlic Ainrn 'Ilu* Svxt davt* of ma\r in tbr 

fymttf & M*coml v«*re of tin* Krignt* of lliillipp and Maryr by 
the gmcv of gocl kinge aiui C^ueiu* of Knglamle trance naplr* 
JheruiMilem & vn*laml I )«*feii<lrr% of the l'a\tlie Priiier of Scmth 

• • mm 

& C'ecilve Auntridche durk» €>f Mvllane llarmoTe 

fc Hralmnt countu of hau<»punlg Handera & & in tar 

yer of our kml cme 'lluiUftaiHl f\ve humlretlte fyAy & fyte I 
Odnell Seibve of Trnt-dmouth m*^in v' ccKint%e tialcoivne of 
Norlmm (tentlenian And of tlie Kyiige & Qiiens nia^ to«iie of 
liarwyke u|Mm IVede UurgeM in luill aini MHiml mynd & of 
p*feet rememhraunce altlicHigh M'ke in biMlve maikt tlit* mv hwte 
wyll and tc-i^tanuMite in mam*r 5c forme folhming fyru I gyre 
my Miull to Almyghtve gcnl my nudier (k redemtT and to the 

holv (*omt)anve of iteauen and mv bcxive to be buried 

■ • • • • 

y' i^rinhe rhurclw of 'rw«HlnMHtth m*^ all my mfMlurmriea 
to y' MUiM*. It'ni I d«i gyue 5c be(|uetlM- to Jennet Sriby 
wyff during liir lyfe imturall 5c »he contyiiew «oll & do not 
marye (to mayntain & keip Imt hciw^e and my childft^ie 
togytlier m*^all tyll tin* tyme that they d4> optaine & coMe to 
MNne otiNT hon«*ftt 5c worldly lyving a* it fthall pleat god to lead 
them by tlH* lN*l|)e of my fremit 5c ther licNie%te behaaorea) tlia 

« The TtMjUir wti M^rm tii IWnrirk la 1&9C I Mi. Mid IMa^M.r. 
In IJkia S4 Jmi. aa. Utnr, Vin. l&aa. *W« m wfU tim wmUf 

IMnrll Mb) tlull |r» fur ut tml iW v^lfrtrv of tbr lovor td htrmytk^ tad W 
Ml •four burfcrw' of Ihr plasirfit and tkM hm»m 9m cti'nr datr iji, rl^ «# liir 
HMqp uf tkr ItrvB. iQrtf •! Xh0 ^\A ihf dive Mid yrtw fl itm mxA '^^Bmw, 


towre that we do dwell in the barne the byer the henhowse and 
y* kytchene the plewghe gaite of land Oxen nags & all other 
things therto p'teyning & belonginge. Also I wyll she shall 
haue the tethe come oi goswyke for the yers as it is deu to me 
by a lease of y* pryor of holy yland Also I wyll that she shall 
haue Crabwater for the farme paing as that she must do for all 
the rest saving the close & y* medow therof And if that it 
fortune that she do marye then I wyll that she shall haue as the 
lawe wyll of all my goods lands and farmholds after that my 
debtts and legasyes be dyscharged the thyrd parte And besycb 
for a memorye of me A token towards her lyung as it may be 
spared by the consent & advyce of my supVisors during hir lyfe 
naturall And after hir disease to come & retome to my sone & 
Heyer. It'm I gyue to my dowhgt' Isabell Selby forty pounds to- 
wards hir maryadge to be takene of y* nerest of my other Lands 
& farm holds when that god shall send hir one partner that she 
cane be contented w'^'all by th'advisemente of hir mother her bro- 
ther Will'm and all other my frends & hyrs It'm I gyue to my 
sone OlyverSelbyefFortyeshillings by yere during hislyfe naturall 
& after his deathe to retome to my heyer Will'm Selbye. It'm I 
gyue to my sone John Selby the howse & land that I dyd pur- 
chase of Henry browne during his lyfe naturall & after his deathe 
to retome to my heyre as is aforsayd Also I gyue to my 
dowghtf Elyzabethe Reveleye & she be alyve A memorye as 
shal be thought good by h}rr mother & hir brother Will'm It'm 
I gyue to Margerye Ry veley dowghter of the aforsayd Syxe 
pounds thirten shillings & four pence And to hir syster Jennet 
Reveleye thre pounds syxe shillings eyght pence And also I 
wyll that all suche Leass as I have maae to any man shall stand 
in fiill powre and streingthe according to y* tenor of y* same 
Leasses w**»out hurt or hynder'anc of my Executo" or any other 
in my name or thers ^d that all suche landes bowses waters 
& all suche purchased by my sone 

Selby being my heyr shall w^ blyssing enioy the' after 

the naturall deathe of his mother & according to y* tenor as 
befor is mencyoned And in lyk maner so shall the heyrs males 
of his body lawfully begotten And fayling of the hejrrs males 
of his body lawfully begotten I will it shall go to my son 
CHyver Selbye & to his heyrs accordingly & fayhng of hym & 
his heyrs to my sone John Selbye & to his heyrs & so fayling of 
tliem & ther heyrs I wyll that It shall all successyovslye to the 
nerest of my kvnne & blood of y* name called selbye for ever 
more. And of this my last wyll & testament I do mak my wyfe 
Jemiet Selbye & w** Selbye my sone my executrixe & executor 
to order & dispone upon all my worldly goods movable & Im- 

I'l^l' WILLS AN'O 

movable UtMb & farmholdt whaticv' thrj be to thtr mmt p'frn 
9i aclvantag bv the coaruMuU contmt & aftariit of my fiijrthfuU ti 
tni«ljr frenoji John »elby of TwyBell Kiquyrr ic portrr of bwyk 
wiirm Selbjr of gnmclen & Robert Smiill HtirKet of bttniyk 
And by tber aduyse I wyll tbat my Kxrcutrixr k, exrcuUir 
aIuiII pay all my debtts tliat I am owing And at tbe law wyll 
to axe ii demaml of all tln^ that do owe to me a» dcHhe appear 
in my compt book tc in other tpecyaltye* by wryting<» Ami 
alfto i wyll tliat they »liall accomplish & 'fullfyU by the couiitell 
above wrytten all my befjue»tt Ik lt*ga»yeii a» that I haiie be* 
quette<ie them in thi» my Ia»t wvll & tt*%tament at that they wyll 
answer befor y' fac«* of Almj^ity giMl at v* la»t & tertble day 
of Judgment wr}'tten at 'IVe<lmouth v* (lay h yer abovrtaad 
before th(n« WvtmikM*^ Kiclianl Atkiitnon mv curat '^IliuaMU 

landelU clerke (Nvver S-lbv niv mhi k Alle«4Mi Chester w^ 

• • • 


(foodft movable & Imo%al>le xx*. xiij*. iiij^ — my come on the 

ftroimd xiij'. xiiiV iii^*.- I)rbbt» owingi* to n»e xx'. iiii*. Mr** 
bibery my mother in law fiir a Imhim* in brydgait <(epefidiiig 
the law at barwyk xviij barrrb •allium — 'Iliiifiia* monoci for 
hit father at ckiethe ap|MTe by a byll (»l)lygatorre of tber handt 
— of Anthony |iaw|)i*rt foritalf a la»t of Sahaoa 

at apfierithe liy a bill oblygtorre — A byll oblygatory of Edward 
payntor of lyne w»^ in in y* hande* of W* biicken th*elder-— 
rhe execiiton of h^nimrd Selby at doethe appear by a bvll of 
y' taid lennanl hi* hand — John C*niwford of barwvk lor y^ 
whyte rent of a hou%e and a dovecoite y' t|iace <if xij yert at 
dothe ap|ieare by tlie rental of the tame — llie tume of my 
debitt knowen owtne to me xx*. iiij*. — (teorge brown for a loAe 
hver V*. viij*. iiij' — morv (teorge brown Uw a threiagh ttimr 
iiij'. — for a fnrring of black badg iij'. — for a rapere v'.^-lbr ea»- 
vetat a|){)eritlM» by the boock x*. vj*. viii'. — Mr Kauf Gray of 
(liiUingluim for iiij ye rent of y' half tythe of towtbe mad* 
dIetcNi viij*. Marmaduke %haf\on kw three yert come of 

hicrj'mer»tone that he entered w** n>e IhtBrrt by me 
To Mr Ilawll xxiij*. xiij* — To Oihttofer 

of I^»iMlon ix'.^ — To 'llMHiiat of kmdon the jtmnger 

ri' To 'Iluimat tlie elder a barrell of lalanM U*. 

— To John dancon of kmdon xl* — To lUihrrt Smyth bt tydta 
hit plait xitj*. 9*. iiij'. — To Mr .\nd<*rwin th'rkler of NewrMllr 
v*. vt.- -To liobt^rt <lavetone for ime oxe xxvj». tiij'.— To Mr 
Jac«on one bowU of wheat & in money xj*. — To John bead 
nell ij bowU of wlieat Sc ij bcMilet of Kye.— To K%Thard WyU 
MNM* of bc*ill in mom^y xl*. — To wedow AtkinMmc xlvij*. vii|'«.^ 
To Mr Biirrell of Barwyk half a latt of talmcHi €»vb viii'. 


whereof he is paid in canves — and besydes at the calling downe 
of y* money I dyd les at his hands x*. the which he sayd he 
would allow me as reason wold. To John Smythe of Cotting- 
gham vi*. Tiij'. The some of my debtts which I owe knowen 
iij», xiiij*. xiij*. yj*. More I owe to John MyDer of the Spyt- 
tley* som of Ij*. x*. [Proved in 1555.] 


The inventoire off all Suche goods and cattell as app'teyned 
to Svr Robert Bowes knight being at Barwicke the day of his 
death viewed and praysed by John layton gent. Charles John- 
son of Riclmiond m'chante Thomas smythson of th'yll and 
bryane Smythson of couton grange yowmen the xxv day off 
Aprill Annis Regnorum Philippi et Mariae primo et secundo. 

Ffyrst in two kasketts in A bagge in golde of Seu'all coynes 
xxiij'. In his bagge in golde of Seu'all coynes iij*. v*. In an 
other kaskett in money off Seu'all coynes xl^ In Robert Siggys- 
wick hands fore defraynge his servants costs iiij^ Money in his 
purse xxxij*. One cheyne of golde weinge xv vnc' xxxviij*. 
cix*. xvij*. App***-. One blacke velvet gowne faced w*** Rowghe 
vellet viij^ One black satten gowne faced w*** martts x'. One 
old black clothe gowne ffurred w"» black conye liij*. iiij**. j 
Coote of tawnye vellet w*** p'chement lace of gold iiij*. One 
Coote off black vellet xl*. j Cassock of wrought vellet w^ 
p'chement lace of golde iij^ vj*. viij^. iij black Satten dowbletts 
iij*. ij payre of hosen xv*. j olde cloke garded w*** vellet x*. 
vij sherts xxviii*. One kirchyffe iij hande kyrchyffs vj*. viij**. 
Two payre of Buskins iiij*. ij payre of vellet shewes iiij*. One 
payre of vellett slyp's ij*. j Reyae skav'pe v*. ij broyde velett 
cappes xiij*. iiij**. Two strayte cappes v*. j payre of m'tts xiij*. 
iiij*". One hatt v*. j swerde vj'. viij**. One dagger v*. j 
gyrdle w*** a purse iij*. iiij**. One payre off bootts w*** Spures 
iiij*. Two ffoote clothes xxvj*. viij**. A clothe secke w*"* a clothe 
Secke coveringe x*. One payre off trussinge Coffers v*.— xlj*. 
xij*. Horses Geldings Rydden xj xxxvj*. xiij*. iiij*". S'ma 

CUIJ" vuj*. jj*. Ulj*. 

1 Sir RobeH Bowes, Knight, son of Sir Ralph Bowes, of Slreatlam Castle, 
and Tounger brother of Sir Ralph Bowes, who was knighted after the battle ol 
Floddon in 1513. Sir Robert Bowes was more than once an Ambassador in 
Scotland and Warden of the Marches. In this latter capacity, he compiled two 
very elaborate surreys of the Borders, the former (in which he was aaristed bj 
Sir Ralph Ellerker) in 1542, and the latter in 1550. Both are printed in Hodg- 


rxii. Ro««eii TBMPKr. 

Ill thi* name of inn\ Amrn. tlie xx% diiy of ihr Vivr 

off* oufv Ijiirtl CtfMl MtH'Cct Lv I KoKiT u*nipi*»t (»f Ntirifin 
iekc of body & lioll of niytul Ik ^oofl reim*inbniuiice mftkr* tliai 
my U*fttanieiit and lti*»t uyll in nianVr Ik (yrmv folo fyrtt I 

gyfe my aouII to gixi o*i|M)tt*ni «>mr bU*%»V(l IjmIv Sanct mary & 
to all y* celestinll coinuauy of lM'%ut* aiMl my IhmIv to lie buml 
w** in the churchc of Norton AIm> I govc to tin* h}e alter l4»r 
foTffotten tetho« xij^. I peve to Klen TemfK^M in'. %j'. %nj*. 
It* I gere to IXirete T(Mn|H**t xxxiii*. iiij^ It* I wyil tliat miuII 
masse & derige be Aonge ainl a fiom»«»t dyner the day of bit 
buryall. It* I geve to K4>h<*rt Ue<lowe Janne Wc*du«r h, AU- 
•on Wedome niv wyfe rheldn*fi to e%'* on of tht»Bi ar 

hoge. It* I gfve to Steveiie Wedome my bf%t Jacket. It* I 
geve to Wyirni Schepert all my work€*day rament and on wh}e 
ij yem olde. It* I wyll that ev*y cottage houie of Norton haVr 
oo panv in mony or eU in bre<i. It* I gevt* to et'y god barar 
iiij^. It* I geve to S' llionuu Ik>wetc»ti cun*t all mv bonkea 
& ij*. to pruy for nte. It* the rt*»t of my goo<k, my de\>t« Bl le» 
gary fulfylhtl k |»nyd I geve to Anne Srme mv ckiglitrr and to 
Kogt*r Syme hyr M>ne w«* i\u* rv%i o( hyr cliekief, that god 
ichal iMrnd of hyr UmK, wlKime I make my full rxecntor of 
poor goock to ortleine Ik d\'«|M>«e for my mhiU m^ tbey idiall 
thenke good. AIm» I wyll that VVyll*m JeflVaMMi and' Henry 
Dordon be nut/viMir^ of thin my myll & thay for tbar pans ft W> 
bor to have iii*. iiij*. a|>ece. wytnen^e berof ^ Tbomaa Bova^ 
ton curet y* clay & yere above. 


In the IUU1M* of gcxl Amen the xiiij day of M>fiteniber tbe 
yere of o\rr Ion! inxl jnccccc i.v I rlenH*t red of the bavM 
tovn M*k In mv IhmIv aiKl holl of mmd niake% mv kut %ioU and 
testynient In maiM*re and fovrme folhiwyug : fyr»t. 1. grre my 
<Mnll to giKi nlm«*phty and mv bcxiy to be lM*rrd «Sn my p an e ci w? 
rherrhe of elMien w* my dutie* tlM*reto belongen It* I make mj 
•on thonuu n*d and my Mm ArrhebaM red my exiekeittcva It* 
1 geve to mv »on thomaji rvil all my uteilen In the bovid torat 
Ami I well tliat lie be gud to hy» bre«ler In \m »tedcn thai lie 
maye for goye to hmg a» thyr and be dothe gre it* 1 fate to 
my MMi tlumiAA red my twodanhgten It' I ge^e to my da^glblar 
Janet re<l xij k\ and oxuiii aivl I moll tliat my Mm Arrlie fvd be 


pait and the rest of my gudys not legeset I geve to my son 
thomas and edward and to my yongest doughter It' I mak 
gawyn red and James foster supervisors to se my woll perfurmet 
mad the day and yere above sad before thes wetne^sys WiU^m 
hall Gierke clement colson curet of elsden Jhon red lord of 
trowen robart red of y* same gawyn red of corssensyd James 
foster of clowys feld & peter red. — [Pr. 1582.] 

An BNviTORi of the gudys of clement red prased be Jhon red 

seth gere x*. 


In Dei nomine I Rob't Collyngwod ofT Ellsyngton in the 
Countie of Northumberland Esquier calling to remembrance the 
short co'tnwan'ce off this transitorie lifFe of ma' here apon 
th'erth and as I remayne y'to most depeiye bounde rendering 
most humble thanks vnto God for his holly hand of vesitac'on 
w* seiknes of body most m'cy fully extended vnto me therby the 
rather to induce me to the contempt off this miserable transito- 
rie worlde and to long for the fruic'on of his ev'last' m'cye and 
joye prepared for his elected and chosen in heven do make my 
last will and testament this twel}^t day oft' June & in the yere of 
our Lord God a thousand fye hundreth fyftey and sex in man* 
ft forme followinge. Fyrst I co'mytte and com'end my soull 
into the ev'lasting tuysco'n and defenc' of Alm^ht' God our 
etamall Creato' and Hedomer of all mankynde for whos m'cy 
the raither to be extended unto me I most humble beseche & 

1 The Will and InveDtory, valuable specimens of North Tjrnedale Eiff^itahat 
the period are both in the same hand-writing, either that of the Testator or of 
the Curate of Klsdun, one uf the witnesses. The name of William Hall Gierke 
Is an interlineation. The Reeds were, and are still, a numeroas clan in the 
Mrish of Elsdon. The Testator appears to have lived neariy thirtj ^enrs after 
M will was made. 

< The chief of the family of Collingwood« which ramified into the acyacent 
villages of Titlington, Great and little Rjle, itc Geoi^ge Colllngwood, of 
EMigton, Esq. took an active part in the Rebeillen of I7IS« and w«s executed 
at liverpcrol, S6tfa Feb. He was advanced in jei0n» and aflbcted with the f^wt ; 
and the storj goes, that f(>re8eeing the result of the enterprise, alth«High well 
affected to the cause, he for some time declined joining the rebels, until his wife 
Uterallj forced him to mount his horse, telling him sarcastically that she had 
Vmf^ been aware of having a fool for her husband, and that she ftared he was 
a coward into the bargain. 

K 2 


irei»t to liAur tin* a«»«iMttiiCf of cHir blcftKni Ijulj Sanrt MAiir 
tlie virii^itie and all tlie b4>llt* r«»tfi|Niny«* of hrvitiK aiid mjr bodye 
to be btirycni ur riigra% chI in the p*i»ht* C^liurclie uf \l1irttiiiKfa*iii 
c»r at Mich piece eUwar an (tiMlUiall c/tber wvvp^ |Hnmcle fur tbr 
•anie W CfHnenycnt <>bMH|uiei» & fuiRTMlU V€»ifk* uf wortdir punipe 
w, uiv niortiiarye clew am I arciMcmuHi in tlial b(*balfe. [Lra%e* 
thi* tliinl part of lii« UiimU to S' Kicani I^>iira»ter p'r»t Air tbr 
payment cif lii« rli4K«. — Meiitionf» lii» neplM*w Cutlibert, hi* c«i^ 
tinge Alexander (\illin|*wfNK hi* nepliew John 1 ollin|nrod« bW 
brother llenrye F.] AImi mhere I baue deui»ed the errrtioii 
and rontinuel for e%* of a priest to ceU^brait in the p*4ie churrbe 
uf Whittingliain at tin* niter of I will tliat all and unu'ler 

the p*»t» liearaAer tbi'rto iMi'iattHl aiMl npiN>inte<l by me cir myne 
beared ftSingt* in the* iMiid rliauntrie »hal diiringe ther trmr bave 
aiMl enioye a« ^ell one cottage Im)w«4* and gairth in VHuttincbain 
a» also cme annuale rent ot foure tNnind«*« out €»f all my uuMk 
(«cc.) K<»b*t liillingmtwi of Bewick C<»llingwad of Ktle, 

Vklwanl Be<inelU lUufe (^illiniprcMi of IVttlingloii and .v'Kk 
rbanl I^>ncaiiter p*iit ftup*uiM)r» of tliit my will. 1 do maike mv 
brother in lawe p'cevai F Carr of Furd« John Carr ba* 

brother, Kob*t llomle, Jlion Uednell, lTioma» Carliell of 

I.*ang»hewe» to whom I hartelve geue attoritie Ik will y* tbey 
»hall fro tyme to tyme thmke im^tte displace & M^pe^ter 

fnnn nH*lliiige m* execution of thiimy la»l..« [IV. 1S&6.*] 

C%\, Ct*TlfB.%aT tLLTft^lN, XtaCHAKT.' 

In the name of god Amen llie xxiiij^ day of febrttarye 
Anno 1556 I C^ithbart FUI\-iMm of the town of newcsttell vpoo 
lyiK* mVhant and alderman being c»f good and p*(ecte remrm- 
brauce tliank* l)e to Almightie god maikt thin my la»t will awl 
t«**t«imem in maniT and fomu* followinge that is to lare tint I 
bey wHlie my miw II to almightie god my maker and rvcWmrr and 

to all the eel v»t tail compavne of beven and mv bodre to br 

• ■ • • • 

burycKl etc. AImi I gyve aiid befjueth to my tonne Cutbbait 
Kllyton mT bows w^ th app'tennce in newcattell in tbe ' 
markctt wfierein I d«>o now dwell and all mv lands in 
rawe and my lands in pandon and my bowie w* app'tmaae at 
the wyndaic^ w*^ all maner c»f whitt renU dewe to me ibt mid 
Cuthbart w^^in the taid town to have to mv said tonne Cnlkbnrt 

I ffbrriir oT NrvoMtW In I&44. Msyst la IS49 mhI SKsia la 1M4. TW 
fUmcWr of tU fumlr of Klllftaa fd HfUiunMi. Mr Buftmm kas glv«a 
gn^ n( tW Ikmilv (it. 7i). twt the slnrt vill htd m( ocwff«4 t* 


and to the heires of his bodye lawfiiUye begotten for ever of 
the chefie lords of the fee by the servic and accustome Also I 
^ve to my said sonne Cuthbart all my lands in bambrowghe 
Also I geve unto my said sonne Cuthb'rt ellyson all my Right 
title and terme of yeres that I have of & in my farmold in 
nether heworthe w^ all hushold stuiF come and cattells ther 
beinge and also my lease and terme of yeres that I have in the 
two my lines in hewo'the aforsaid w*^** lease & terme of yeres of 
the said two myllnes is dew to me the said Cudibart emediatlie 
after the decease of Jennat lynsay now wedo Also I geve unto 
my said sonne Cuthbart my best nest of sylver goblaits w**» cover 
doble gilt & my best sylvar salts w* a covar doble gylt and my 
best sylvar coope dowble gylt w^ a -covar and one dosen of my 
best sylvar spones being postels Also I will that my said sonne 
Cuthb'rt EUlyson shall have to maike him a stocke of forthe of 
my goods of the hoyll on hundreth pounds and the rest vnlegased 
to be p'ted betwix barbare Sl hym Ako I geve to my sonne 
CuthbVt EUison halfe y* salt panne w^^ was bowght of RobVt 
Carr and yf his sonne lowse it he to have the ^mouye fo' it Also 
I geve and bequeth to my dowght' barbare Ellison my howse 
w^ apptennes in the middell strett in newcastell aforsaid to have 
to the said barbere and the heires of hir bodye lawfullye begot- 
ten fo' ever of the chefe lords of the fee by the servic dew & 
accustomed Also I geve unto my said dowght' barbare onnest 
of sylvar goblats p'sell gylt & next the best & twoo silver salts 
w**» a cover next tlie best and also one sylvar pott w^ a cover 
and on dosen sylvar spones next the best and also on lowe syl- 
var whyt pease w«** 1 had of Richard stott. Itm I geve to 
^v'ye one of my wyfes dowghters two ryels in valewe xx* and 
every one of ther howsbands one gown and a Jacket o' a dublat 
as my wyfF thinks meat to macke distribution Also I will and 
order that my Wyfe Anne Elllison hav the gova'nanc bringing 
vppe and custodye of my sayd two chylderinge that is to say 
<I!uthbart Ellyson and barbare eliison to gether w^ all such 
lands bowses and Rents leases goods and cattels and all other 
Jegaces to them bequethed duringe the lyfe naturall of hir the 
said Anne Ellison Also I will and orden that yf it fortopne as 
god defend that anye of my sayd children dye befo' the sayd 
Anne Ellyson ther mother then I will that the lands goods and 
full portion of legaces of hym o* hir so dieing shall remainge 
and come to the other survyinge Also I will and oixlen yt yf it 
fo' tonne my said two ehildrenge to dye w^out yssue of ther bodyes 
lawfullye begotten then I will that my lands in bambrowgh and 
the bowses in gowlar Rawe in newcastell shall remayn & come 
xo my brother nill'm Ellyson and to the heires of his bodve 

K 3 


lawfulhx* bofFotten fu* ever & v* rtn^klrw of mv taid Landk 
before beqiiethed in (lefiiwtte iit r«Mie of my utyd umnc mad 
dowght* ot ilier bodvet lawfullye begcHten I will and orde* that 
the Mime hiiMk thiUf renuune aiid come to my wyfles d o w g h c rri 
efjiudlye among^ tliem and to tlier heiret ef ther bodye* lawful* 
lye begotten fo* evor. Ii'm I will and orden tliat my «aid KNme 
Cuthbart KlliiMm and lii^ lieire* nhall gete and fwdt vnto 
Morge Jolmton my f^'uant iiufRiient mtmt drinke and all ekith* 
inge w^ beddinge dnhnge thi* lyffe tiaturall of tlie iaid g f u r j B^ 
Miiwon AI«o I will ami ordt*n tliat my savd w^ie .\nne Eui- 
§mi filuill geT unto Anm* fvliiwon dowght' to Jolin eHiMMi tayilrnr 
the {lortion of giNid» I hat to hir belongethe orer and beards ml*, 
in nionyc* titmard hir i>1'emM'iit AImi 1 gere vnto •' Cutkbart 
EHiMHi clarcke a blacice g«>wne the re»t aiMl re^ydewe of aU mr 
gcMMbi tnoveiil>le and vnmoveahU* my fk»tt« and legale* H aewrail 
ex|»eiiKes )>aid 2^ dijirliarge<l 1 geve^ be<)iitHhe to my iaid toooe 
Cnthbart Kllition and baHmre KUriion wlM>m 1 doo ordrn and 
maike inv full exeruto^ and exeruto'* of ikit mv hurt will aad 
testanieni th<*y to order aiwl di»pond tlie Miyme a» beM ihalbe to 
the |»h^ur of god Ak*o I gert* H bequeth to mv bnithir wtU*m 
KlliM>n tw€>titye iM^lilen %»lit»ft>f the one hulfe <it it I gere to hk 
•onne l-xiwaitt KHiMHi. Ii*m I gc*%*e \iito l*ldmoud ilott xl*. 
AI<o 1 will maike orden & desire %' lUib'rt bnuidlinge Kinghc 
Itobrrt Hlifton John KlU-^cm K4ib*rt AnderMna mVhaamt $l, 
•y C*uthbart i*Ilti*»ofi rlarke to be the %ii{>Stiiiirii of thift my laac 
will and tc*«tament geringe liiefii full pnmr anci aetorite by the* 
p*»ent» in defamte ot* my Miyd mvf to have the IleweU h goi 
natitm ami ordfriiige of my Mud rkildreiigr w** ther kuKk 
liortionn of good** for tlie vmt |/lett Jk behMVWe ofmv iaid chiU 
dreture ^ I gevi» \ nto etine one of them in tokeiMiige of mty 
good will b(Miriiige towanU tliem one Hytdl in vah*w of 
■byliing* in te^CanM»nye of all and »inguLir tlie p'miitpt I 
heart* vmk*r «iiKikrrvbed mv tmtiie w** nivn <iwiie haod the 4aT 
& ytrt* alHHii*Mii4| p'Tifled al»o yfTmy Miid ehyldr^nge that iaUi 
iayc* Cutlibart KIIimmi and barliare tJiv*4>n hvd not the o r d if of 
i, Kiili'rt brandlyiige Knigfit K«%bert hliiiMin John ivIliicNi Kah>t 
Amierikon niVluiiiiit* and »' (*uthb*n F^lvftcHi elarrke of al 
ambt«gtiice% or dowttei an «»luill r%«e of ihi» my will and bid 
detennynatiotn ami iirder^ w^mtt any furilier hiwingv & 
liage theone thcothe' 1 will tliat thev ihalbe exclndid firan 
^cuton^hine o' any other beti^frtt tKat they eanechuaa of dii 
fUT will Wyttnetwe* Sr iytnc»d andMiMm ekrhe w^ tate Mf^fr 
ll«ib*rt AtwlerM>n aldenna' mtghell tnrlhfNii m'ehaM cuthh^t 
»vm>»on rlarf'k**.* 



In del nomine aroe' ye xxiij*** day off fabniarij In the yere off 
o^ lord God mccccc Ivj^ j alexa'der lylburne oft' ayslabey Seke 
In my body hole off mynd & me'ore dotii make this my last 
VVyll & te8t}Tne't In manar & fform as ffoloyth ffyrst j co'mend 
niy Sole vuto almvghti God the v^gyn marie & to all y* Celesty- 
all Co'|>aney off liven & my body to be buryit In y* church yerth 
off y* blyssed V'gjm Sancte marie off Egysclyffe j beqweth to 
be geven to poer pe**ple ffor helth off my soule & all chrysten 
Souls iij'. iiij**. It' j beqweth vnto Jhon lylburne my son on 
jryn bown wayn & all thyngs therto be longyng owt off p'te 
It* j teqwith vnto my thre doughters Eu'rye on off theym on 
yowe & on lam owte of p'te It* j beqweth vnto the chyldren off 
luy brother In lawe Jhon alan off yar' Eu'rye on off theym on 
yowe & on lam It' j beqweth vnto barbare lylburn my basest 
be gotten doughter xl'. tne resydwe off all my goods my ftime- 
rall Expe's Detts & legas' payt j gjiie & beqwyth vnto agues 
lylburn my wyffe Jhon lylburn my Son & my tlu-e Doughters 
lawfully begottyn of my body w* my wyffe my hole Executors 
off this my last wylle & testvme't wytnes heroff tho^ Snawd'n 
Edward drim' James page W^U'm repon w* other moy, — [Prob, 


This Inventorj' made the v**» day of yere of o, lorde 

god a thousand i^*e hund and sixe of suclve goods thaf of 

kite belonged unto Rauf Claxton of the olde Pke in the Coun- 
tie of durh'm esquier deceased praysed by iiij p'sons whose 

Barnes berafter ensuythe John billingh'm ^ Will'm Browne, 
lyonell fidieburne and xp'ofor haggerston. 

At the old p'ke. Furst viij oxen ix'. xij* — one hagg oxe 
xvj' — xxviij kye xviij yering calves — vj Twynter stotts 

and one bull — two buUes — Ix yowes and ther 

lambes xix gelde yowes — xxxj Wedders and tuppes 

iCaUed by mistake Robert in Mr. Surtees's Pedigree, III. 290.— married 
Elizabeth, daufrliter of Thomas WantKsfbrd, of KirklHigton, Esq., by. Margaret, 
daughter of Henry Pudsey, of Barforth, and was father of Robert Claxtcm, of 
Old Park, who joined the Rebel Carb of Westmorland and Northumberland in 
1569, and fbdS?ited his esUtcs. 

< The Bitlinghams, of Crook Hall, intermarried more than once with the 
Claxtoiis, of Wynyard and Old Park. 


iiij* xiij* iiij^ — tlire hor»c^ oiie Atagg, i^ ntarrt, and \j fulr* %y 
— ij young nuur* xxxvj* — rij ftwine xxiij^ iiij* — one 

mare & ij stagge* xl*. — in hame comr & watrr comr 

rpon thv ground vij dubbell mcrv% — xxviij yowe» w* ther 

lambeii iiij*. iiij*. — iii gflde yowet, iij tuppra, and ▼ koggr« 
xxxiij**iij kye Ij*. — ix whicn cid%ed and wi cairr rij' iiij* — iiij 
twrntrr nlottn and om* whit* — %- dtoCtt of iin yrrrt old 

iiij^ — XX* Twynter itott* & — chit yering caMTT*. 

Uij^ — y long waynen and j coot>o wayne, a pairr of whelyv Jmdd, 
and a |>airr of wliely* vn^hcwl w^l tlirninto brionging xl* — xl 
hoggrt ftold rj' — a clmlclrr of malt xxvi* — viij*. S'm r\x% i*. 
XV* At Sainit iixlknb awkland — xij i)rawght oxen xiij'. xij* 
-^ij Kagg oxen — ij tlott of tiij yeret oM xxxvj*. — ij 

MotU of li yere^ olfle xviij*. — iij kye and ther calve« Ij*. — iij 
Mirkeii viij* — one whic x* — xiiij yomem and iIkt laniHe« xlij*. — 
xviij geldi* vowet and tU|>|Hr^ xlij* — xl liogge« iii* xiii* iiij* — %ij 
buwhit'lh of* haver v* — Iwver bv €Mimar'on unthreMrd v* — karde 
come and waire come xxij dubbill acre* xiiii' vj*. vtij^. — ij long 
waynet», ij olde coope waynes, ij paire of whelyt vn»hodci, and 

Elouglu^ wiall other things ther^nto brionging xxvj*. tiij^ — in 
outeold ituff vj* viij^ — a black mare xiij*. S*m xUj* xj*. iiij*. 
BtnoiNO AT TUB oi.D f*KB. flfitml iii firdd€»rfoe<ldt xxx* — ij 
mattenM»(Hi %• — iij cou'ynge* of btKid xij* — v paire of blankefu 

xij* — iij couletl* vj* vij happem xj*. viij^ — v |iaire of lynoeo 

ftlieitu XX* — vj tMiin* of harden t^lieitft xii* — vj bolsters viii* — ix 
pyllowt*« tc pyllowberet xij* — hanging* m the chappell cha'ber 
w* ij Tefttn)iw of bedd xiij* iiij* — hanging* in the lowe p'W/ n* 
ij T entmnt of be<ld xiij* iiij* — a folden Table in the iame 
p'to* y* — ij carpettA ami a counter clothe vj* — ij Ivnnen boutdr 
ckilMi iiij* — V harden bourde blothfn v* — iij banc) tovelb xvj* 
— ix b<mnie napkytt* ij*. iij* — ij cht»t« ij\_ofie great diisc 
in the lowe p'K/ xx*. S'm %iij'. xix* vij*. Ix tmi KrrcNiN 
fftimt iij braMk* |M>tti and a (MiKKnett xiij*. iiij*. — one brvnrttng 
%-ron w* ij |uiin* of |H>tt Kyl|Mi viij* — ij panties and j Kef till xx* 
—one gr€*at Kawdron \* — one cliawfytidt»he vj* — xj pewdvr 

dubler* vj*. viij* xj pewdyr di%hes vj*. viij* — vij Saveer* wiij* 

— ij pajn» of yron timgin* vj*. Yao>f Srrr. iij ^tcni iiedigr«« 
j vtche, j clienill, j hamber, j paire of pyncer*, j axe. j gaveUu 
j Kakk, ij wombh-s U sythes ij yron forkes aiKl ij wamr rop ta 

%*. S'm xxxviij* vj*. S'm total of this Invetitor}' ciiij" inj'. 

..... . 

nij* V*. 

DapTtt or Ma. will'm claxtox.' 

To *• Roprr Willie iiij* — to Robert bUckwrll iiij' xv*. 

1 1 b« Ulb«r of lb« ikcwMcnl. 


Richerd pickering xxxiij'. iiij* — to esabell hewetson v* — to John 
fi^ebunie xl*.- to WiU'in laxe & Ric Willie xxxiij* — ^to Jennet 
Cokkeye xiij* iiij'' — to John billingh'm for whete xiij* iiij* — to 
Rawf Surtes • xxj*. xvj* xiiij* Deutes of m"^ Rauf Clax- 
STON To Will'm burton xiiij* vj* viij'' — to m' chauncello' Ixvj" 
viij*. to willies childer cxij*. ix** — to merington gild Ixxj*. viij*. 
to henry ffawdon for his q'rt' waige xvij* — ^the said henry for 
iiij yeres eu'y yere a paire of hose clothe xiij* iiij** — to s' John 
Stephanson for his wags xv" — to s' Roger willie vj* vij* viij* — 
to Robert blackwell for his wsl\& and bolle come w^ other things 
XXX vj* — to Thomas morison tor his quarter waige v" — to the 
said thomas for ij veale calves v*. ij*. — to Robert Trotter xiij" 
vj^. — to Jennet Todde for hir wage v" iiii**. — to the Stnythe of 
awkland for working of certain stuf ij vij^ — to Rawf Surtes of 
durh'm viij*. xj* — to Williamson of branspethe for a cloke clothe 
XV* — to will'm Wardell for his wags lii*. iiij* — to my lorde of 
durh'm for whitson daye rent of thold p'ke xl* — to my saide 
lorde for whitson daye rent of the busshopp close iiij* — ^for 

thaif yeres farme of S' helene Aukland c* to Robert claxston 

XX*. — ^to the vicarr of whitworthe for the teithe of the busshopps 
close vj*. viij**. — to my mother elawe (in law) of Krtlington 
Ixvij* vj* — ^to Thomas Sowtheron xxiij* iiij**. S'm xxv* iij" j*. 
S'm totall of the debtes iiij" xj* xvij* j**. Legacies To hie 
Aulter iij*. iiij* — to S^ John Stephenson to sing for me one 
yere iiij* — to s' Roger willie iij*. iiij*. — to John fishebume 
bay horse xiij*. iiij* — to lyonel fishbume whie wt calve 

xvj*. — to morison wief ij* — to margaret claxston of thikleye* 
xiij*. iiij* — to m' firancis wansfurthe a mare xvj* — to elsabethe 
cl^cston of thikley xx* — to w"»- claxston of thikley xvj* — to 
Annes willie vj*. viij* — to henry ffiiwdon ij* — to s' John ste- 
phanson iij*. iiij* — to John Robson ij*. — to John fishebum ij* — 
to Jennet Todd xij* — to esabell heuetson xtj* — to Thomas 
Willie ij* — S'm v*. iij*. viij* The funeral expbns as dothe 
appere by a bill made of the p'ticulors thereof xiij* xij* 
Desperate debtes owing to Mr Rauf claxston M'* p'son 
wansfurthe ^ for ij stotts xxxij* — Thomas machell for a stott 
xiiij*- Robert Willie of hett for his p'te of a stott vj*— WUl'm 
thomson of eskh'm for his p'te of a stott iiij* — Robert come- 
forth of the byarsse xxxiij* — Robert ffiiwdon for iij Jest nowt 

I A great Durham merchant, whaae name occurs in the list of creditors of 
almost every Inventory of his period, over the whole of the two northern 

s Margaret, daughter and co-heir of Thomas Lilbume, of Thickley, and wife 
of Richara Claxton, brother of the deceased. 

3 John Waiidisford, Rectorof Kiikiington, and brother-in-law uf the deceased. 


Tj*-* W*" bvwUejr for one Je*t nuirt xx^ • Hmmmhi Mutmo tar 
Jest iij* iiij^ Jubn Moriton Tcir Jrtt xx^ — Kaair Rookr«by« Umt 
Jcftt xx' lyonell fUhburne for a ttott xvj*^whitr iif wtt^urtlie 
Cor a fttoct XYJV Hennr Uouthwaite for a nou xiij*. ii^^. — Jufaa 
Wtltie ffH" iif butthelU of Kye vj* — EdnKNid ClaxstcNi of >»rw* 
cailte vij*. xrij* & j^ M' lauacelatt elaxfttoo fcir hit p'lc of 
XXX iij* 



llie s-y* day of July 1557. Aim.* liivfulorir of all tbr gmidr^ 
a|>p*Ceafiing vnto the lay to Kob'te Mutlctivkk* Clorkr |>rayrd by 
then iiij"' men 'llMNtuu Kobttoa oyer — lliomai pa{MKle talu' 
John Ck>llyugm'ode wea' — llobert inyrwode Soiyf br. 

In tub liaLL H4>i'$b. Ane yron Cliymiiey xx*.-*Aiir 

cownter of the inycklell byncie tJ*. — a cttpbofda 
•V basyngs & vj laven viij*. — xvij powder doUm 
xvij'. — vj pewd' de»liy» & a band batviK* t*. — %j prwder taw- 
cert XTiij^ — iiij"* pot cell pottet >* iiij' — iij pventr tioCUi h ig 
i|iiarte |ioU» iij* — x caiKlyUtyciu vj*_4i lytell prstrll h a 

Awniery x*, 
1^1*. iiy*. — V 

4cr g* — ibre 4>kle cliayre* XTiij' — ri olde coOi^iigrB ij* 
covuiw cioibet. S*aie v^ viij^. Ik tnb Chawmbb. Ane 
olde Awiuery iij'. iiij* — twookle chpte* y'. — Another Awmcrjr 
vj*. viij^. — A chvmiH»y t4i ibe p'k»r %jij*. — A DrrMcr xx*, — Ant 
olde featlier be<Lle x*. — xj ieadier c«idile» %j* viij* — vn 


IrtU xiiy* — X bappym xiij* iiii^.^ii^ pavre of blankHts v*^ — t 
|iayre of Ivn ibeytes xvj* viij^ — viij cod nyllabeirrrft r* iiij* — 
vj payre of iiarden tbert* riaj* — iy lyn borde dotliet a thort' h 
a long' iiij' viy^ — iiij fyn toweU vj* viij* — A doiYoe oapkrat 
xvj*. In tub Chavtmbb. Tbe best gowne xx* — iht brtt diob- 
Wf X* — a diAiiilel Jacket viij* — a gowoe next the bcal viji*— a 
IU»<H*t govrne viij*. — Ablacke clotbe Jacket v)*^-awbylr mT9€ 
Jacket iij' — A %leve)e» llow«et Jacket ij' viij*. tPrnt Yii|^ xix*. 
Ik tub KTT&iivyuB. Tbre yetlioge^, a begger & a k^Mr vi* 
^i^4 — V bra*'* |iottJi xiij* iig* — two wtmctwi* uj* iiij*^-a KyB 
cbyoiuey v* — \iie oliie chynmey broaea in peace* i|* — a firyes 
panoe vig^. ,S*me xxxj*. Is thb Ubbviioiab* A tap MOBt 
xij^ — the brevre vesftell ij*. — the vrorklioo*e geare xx*— >Ic*M 
two kye & two calvea xliij* iiijd. S'oie iij^ xvj*. iiii*«— 'S'bw 
To^. xix* vij*. 

lNV£NTOHl£S. 155 


la tbe name of god aiaen th xv^** day of ffebruary in y* yeare 
of our lord god 1557 I thomas wailes of tinmothe yomaQ of 
hoill mynd and p*fect niemorie make tbU my p'sent testament 
and last will in forme folowing ffirst I gyue & bequietli my soull 
to god allniightie my maker and rede mer & to iJl y* blessed 
companye of heaven my bodie to be buried in such place & 
wheare it shall please god I dep'te frome this mortall lyfe I gyve 
& bequieth to y* highe alter fore my mysvssed & forgotten ty thes 
ij* & to y* rep'acions of my p'ishe church iij* iiij** Also I gyve 
to my sarvant will'm fell a Kyged whye and vj shilling & eight 
pence in mony Also I gyve to my sarvant sebbell bowgham a 
hassart whye of y* same aige & sex shillings & eight pence in 
money & to hir sistars Katterine & annes eche of them iij yeards 
of whit lykwyse to be delyvered assone as it canbe gotten in 
fulled clothe. Also I gyve to Ellennore kennet vj peice of 
puder >*essel iij dishes & iij sawssers w^ a baysson a candlestick 
a chayre a aiatrps a bowstar a lyne sbete a harden shet a hamiea 
and a coverlet. Also I g}tie (o xp'ofor kennet ij youes ij onepe 
hoges The second of my feiberbeds two shetes a blanket & a 
coverlet Also I gyue to Will'm Bowgfaame luy Jaket of brod 
clothe I give to Robart tayler my canvisse dowblet Also I gyue 
to imy wyfes father my blake Gawbartyne y* rest of ray raraent 
I gyue to my wyfes systers cheldren called Kadieiin except ray 
bonnet & iyltierring w^*^ I gyve to wiil'm ray eldest sonne Alsa 
I gyvie to 6' stewen haUyday prest & vicar of standnyngton vj 
syiuer sponnes w^ my first bedfeUow did gyiie to me Also I 
gyue to my wyfe Janet xx'^ shillings over & besydes hir thirdes 
Alto my will is y^ Elizbethe bolame liaue a c*tea (^ my goods to 
y* valew of xx'^ shillings if she at any tyme heare scfter oome t9 
reqoier y* same Also my wiU is to haue dirge & messe Iraedi- 
atlye after my death fore yt I gyue vj ^tilings it eight pence. 
Also my mynd is to haue a trentall of messes «aid Bare y* heahh 
of ray sowie & fore y* I gyue a Cowe to be gy vea to y* said vi- 
care of stanyngton in wfaiime I hajue most coafidenc tenne sbil- 
fings y* rest of all my goods exc^t one amUin^ meiu*e my debts 
& funerall expenss discharged I gyue to my iij children Will'm 
Jsfmes & Annes whome I mak cny noiU & fiiU executors Joatlye 
& senVaUy of all my goods 8t cattails moveable & vrnnovesJUe 
except also my wyfes thirds to her by y^ law dew & accoustom- 
•d AJso I gyue & oMuk y* said s' steven bolliday prast and 
Tiesre of standinglon afersaid y' snparvisor of this my said huR 
will & testament vnto whom I comit y* gubamac*on k bringing 


▼p of my taiil clilltlren & tliry to br guided bt him togvthrr m"^ 
y* gocKk vnto y* come to lawfull aige and ibr hi* delignie in y* 
p'miM* I gyiie rnto him y* naid ambling mearr being ofy* aige 
of iij yearet over & betvdes t* «aid rj %vluer spomiea h, mc»t 
bithfiil frend %' »teauen ^lydav I betecW you for chriftie •aik 
to te this my will & mvnd |HJt in execution whareby I tntM y* 
shall meret tliankcn of god And aifto I tru»t to god y* thry 
fthall iMray for vou in y* cclt*«tiall compaynev of hea%'rn witne«M-« 
heareof %* llubart baxter curat nichoUu lliibeton thomaa telbe 
Raufe Wall w*^ other nM> So it I haue y* king* maie»tet teall of 
T* tythe come of Eatt rhirton w*^ a turrender to beiMMi by Ro* 
bert darknell w^ ye m<Mt deliver to benMin or hi» tuitort brfbre 
mv ij yeareet beforth for v' I ame bound to him by obhgactos 
w* ve tliall retaue at v* delvuere att vour handet.* 

rXX. JAKE lawsonJ 

In the name of God the Father Abnight}^^ Amen. The 
aecoiKle da>*e of June, in the vere of our Lord a thoutand frve 
hundreth fyftie and teven. I Jane Lawium of Netham, within 
y* countye of Durytme, not knowing y' hour of mr deaihe, 
pr«>vydethe for my Soule't health, makyng my UtI will and tr»- 
tamente at followeth : fvrtt I forudie tliit mvterable worlde, the 
pompet, and all the glor\'e of it, and I gyve w^ a free wyll my 
toulc to the Father of l)ea%'en, betechynge him for hit great 
merrv't take, and fc»r the love of hit Sonne Jetut Cliritle, to 
have merry u|K)n nw {lanion and forgy ve me all mv tnmet that 
ever 1 have commytted and ckiiK* agaymt the goodnett of God 
and aH tin* worlde, which worldc I vet and ever more fonake« 
and 1 l)eterlie the Ulytmrd Virgin Saynte Marje the Mother of 
ChrinCe, atid all the heavenly company in lieaven, to praye for 
me ; ainl I gyve my bodye to the earthe from whence it caaw, 
and to l>e ber}*e<l before the high aulter withyn the t|uyrr of 
Hurworth C^hurch ; ami aUo I gyve to the fonoiyd hvgfae aulter 
one ve«tenM»nte of blak velvet ; and alto m%* will it, that Sir 
John Fawcett, prett« |»ray ami tinge fc»r my toule the tnace of 
one Im»IIc yere at Hurworth C*hurch ; hit waget thall be vj*. 

I Dtti«lit«r oT MTUUaai Ijtwmm, d Cruall^oa, lltt.. tMl th« l«l 
«r tW MotiMterT of NtaliMn. Mr. SurteM hm prtnuJ tlito vUl, ItL WU. 
Imi •btrrrtd ibAt U cooUiim • curiou* viiiturv of vortillv «««ltli 

ipvUnH It U civrn brrt rhWHj tt t tulubW mttmnpmikmrmi to tilt ia n a lf j 
or tW <fa v ioof J Prkirtm wtrtdi Mr. SMrtootlitJ »ot oota, tad wirtdi |at^tttlMt 
Um Frtorvoi bod, ^tirr brr c^cvtum. bcvM«e • fiumor. HW hmA^ M ottt f, ktr 
d— iwtii: rhop^U ai oIihIi mmm curioui |«nkultn mt^ bt ftt b if i d IhtM tlw 


xiij\ iiij'^. Item, I give and bequeathe to Robart Lawson, in 
the name of his chylde's porcyon, which is in my hands, xlvj'. 
one fether bedd, with Sheets and all other clothes belonginge 
to the same, and sexe sylver spones. Item, I gyve to Barbara 
Midrton vj*. xiij*. iiij^. two kye and ther calfs. and ij kuyes and 
calfes, or ells tliey being w^ calfs. Item I bequeth to my bro- 
ther George Lawson, two oxen, two kye, and iii*. vj*. viijd. 
Item I gyve to Margare Lawson, dowghter to Thomas Law- 
son, in recompence of all such goods as I had of his in 
my hands, xxvj^ xiij*. iiij^. ; And also my wyll is, that the for- 
sayd Robert Lawson and Margaret Lawson and the goodes, 
shall be at the order and government of my loving cosinge 
Henry Lawson unto they come to yers of full age, prayinge him 
to be specyall good frinde to them at all tymes, as my truste is 
in him. And also I bequethe to my cosinge Henry Lawson all 
my interest and ryghte of my lease at Cramelington endureinge 
my yeres ; and also my corn sowen upon tharthe at lytle Bur- 
don with the holle draught of oxen, with other things belong- 
inge thereto husbandrj^e ; and also I give him the best fether 
bede I have, with th' appurtenances belonginge therto, and six 
sylver spoones, and a mattresse, two shelts and other clothes 
belonging unto a bede, for a servante. It'm, I bequithe to my 
cosinge William Middleton one meare which he will choise, and 
four oxen, and xx*. and one fether bed with gere belonging 
thereto. Item, I gyve to my cosinge Edward Lawson xl*. 
Item, I give to Elizabeth Harper vj'. viij*. Item, I bequithe 
to A^garet Trollope vj*. viij**. Item to Jane Lowyck vj'. viij*. 
To Elizabeth Hewgell vj'. viij**. Item, I gyve to my syster 
EUizabeth xiij*. iiij*^. Item, to her sone Francis one felye ; and 
I gyve to my syster Annes xiij*. iiij**. ; and I gyve to my syster 
Barbara xiij*. iiij*^. Item, I gyve to my cosinge George Law- 
son few a token xx*. Item, to Elizabeth Fenwyke iij*. vj*. viij* 
Item, to Barbara Kyllyngworthe x*. Item, to Annes Rede 
XX*. ; and to his doughter a cowe. Item, to my cosinge Mor- 
gayne one whye w* calfe. Item, to my syster Barbara Col- 
ingwode two oxon ; and t% Margaret Colingwode vj*. viij^.; 
and to Sir Will™. Melmerbye, for to praye for my soule, iij*. 
viij^. ; and to Dorate Stay n ton x*. Item, to Maryon Staynton 
x*. Item to Allison Morgayn two yowes and their lames : and 
I gyve to ev'y servante in my house dwelling xij*. Item, I gyve 
toMr. Redman's doughter which I helped to christen, xx*. 
Item to John Kendall xx*. ; to Rob'te Barker xx*.; and I gyve 
to e'vy one of my Godbarnes within Hurworth parish xij'. This 
done, my debts paid and funerall expences maide, I gyve the 
reste of my goodes not bequested, frelye unto my right trustie 

l.)ft WILLS AND 

ami wi4-h€loved ccMinfr<p Hi^iirr I^wimki, wbonir I mtlAyttr wmd 
makr mr holl excrtiCcir of rtik mr la»l will and tcttamroi, smI 
tie to diftpo«c all thaifs, at my nofnibur tnM '» m htm, to tW 
pleafor njr god aad fb# lieith of mv toul. In vria#M htnt 
Jolm CUxton, S* Will*. Mehnerby; curat. Sir lUibt. Orke« 
w* ocber» nior. 


Thi* In%'fHitorjf amid the xvj dayr of Jiilyr in an'o do'i IM7 
of nil gocidii mttelU J«*wf lU mo%*able aiKl vtmMivable of Jane 
Iji%»-mh) of nf*!«liain diM*riM*fi aikI nraik'd ht ffor^fp %»ardr Hmmium 
aerr« Jmne* i^ayle and John WTumn, ami hrmtpht in h\e hc«nrtr 
I^wton ex<*riiter ofhir \nsi will and imfaineiit. 

Im|Trimtii xr'tij am*» of wlief and ry^ ami %r\n mcrr% of oolfm 

r\e rnnd 

XYitj'. At NtH.lumi xrj arn*n of wlM>ti and r^e and xxxiij mtrr% of 
oott4 xxiiij^ xvi oxon xxxij*. XTJij Lyrn xxiiii'. xj ftfyrkt %^ a 
bowllc xxvjV viij*. a hone and a nwnure v*. a fylle xx*. a coultr 
tlai^r xx*. iiij^* olde Uirptie and xl lam*ff^ xt*. ij yttm httoe 
waym*«« w** two cowjvj^c* ij ploughen w^ trme^ and yok» h all 
cifmr gere iherto belonpin^e viij*. Com in tli# ham xxtj*. xiij*. 
iiij^. CfOfac, »wyn dtilw ami \wi^ liij*. iiij*. Sum j*iii*»iiij*. iij*. 
iiij^ At lttlx arxDoy xiiij arre* of when ami rre aaid wm^ 
r^** of ottt xiiij^ X oxon and iiii Motta xxriit*. ix kye Xf}^ tx 
rks iiii'. a r«>w|t Manr xx*. iij** rc*we» and xl laai'ea xiV. a 

tfyrks nij'. a r«>w|t Ma|rgc xx*. iij** yc*we» and xl laatea xi^. 
mran* and a folle iii*. ij hewllct (hulh) xl%j*. rin'. a ploitf 
and a wayne w* all tliin|(ii thofto l)rlo<i|nnge xl*. In brrrrd 

com (com thraahcd) in tin* bamc viij' — S*nui iiii^rj*. ri*. viiH. 
At iiindrm. x kjv xiij*. %j*. viij*. iiij qwyca iiij'. k iij*. im*. 
xrij quinfrm xj'. Tj*. Tiij*. viij •tottt x*. xiij*. iiij*. A hMwr 
xxvj*. viiij*. iij*» & iiij w€*»her» x*. S*ma tot* Ij'. rj*. viij^. 1% 
TffK it\i.i.R ij fJamlem rmintc*r^ w*^ tlirr caqiett* xx*. ij cliapra 
and iij Unifsv frmuii iiij*. A long<*Mdc tabic iij*. iiij^. lij pm%mr 
hafin^*^ and a la%'cr vj*. viij^ rj candchtick* vj*. ij laif^ii 
hanitifT* iij lattrn laTfr» w*^ one cover ij f*amlle«ticka a holv 
watcrfatt vj*. viij^. Om* almerje x*. vj new qtie«i4iiiif« ft i^ 

iij %tolle« ami a ferme xviij^. ^mm tot' 
foe vj bnufte \nAH h ij poa 
cawdertm» xxxvj*. viij*. A 
of niu^terde *ton« * v »kelUft ij Mie^ ij*. viij*. ij hra««p diafinge 
dtali«*« and a frienge i»an ij'. viij^ A hnuM* ladle and a trrhtagr 
barfle xxij*. A ch€>p|»ingt' knyfe ami a dro|>pin|ri» pan xtj^. ij 
pain* of cobrnHvi and ij branderef he« viij*. ilij^ A paitw of iwai 
yron« aiwl iiij tpettn vij*, viij^ iij «altinfre krtt ft ij ttofie hmmp- 
ten ij*. ^ j^. A pare of ton|r« a rakin|Pe crolie ft a mvw of pot* 
clip ij*. vj^. xxiiij piTc of piiter %'e«iell xx*. it) alollt^ a ifiiMP 

oMe niiU<»hing^ xxiij'. iij %to 
iiii*. xiiij^. Iv tiir XETrnis< 
xhij*, iiij*. iij pan't^ ami iij < 


croke & a washinge tobbe x**. A pa}Te of broylinge yrons iiij**. 
S'ina tot' vj^ x*. viij^. In thb bowtikge howse and brbwe 
HOW8E A moldinge borde and abowtinge tonne ij*. iiij*^. A ches- 
presse & a rakinge croke ij*. iiij^. A wynde clothe and a past 
shett xvj\ iij levinge tobbes xiij'. A niaske fatte and a trowe 
ston iiij*. iiij*. A brewinge lede and a olde pipe xxj*. viy*. 
S*ma tot* xxxiij*. In the mtlke howse A yetlinge of brasse 
& a basinge v*. x*. x m^lke bowles & a kyme iij*. iiij**. A 
arke and a small lede iiij*. iiij''. A gyllefatt ij wurtt tobbles a 
kyt & a stande iij*. A chesse borde & a arke for saltte xviij^. 
\j chesfatts ij milke silles & xj butter cuppis ij\ iiij^. A gret 
trowe xij*. S*ma tot' xxj*. iiij**. In the chamber ouer the 
HALL A fetlierbed w*'* all gere therto belonginge iiij*. A fether 
bed w*** all gere therto belonginge liij'. iiij**. A p'sser w**» a mat- 
tres in it vj*. viij*. A quilt & iij blanketts viij*. iiij**, v qwesshinge 
Sl a happinge xiij*. iiij*. ij saye clothes ij*. vj**. ij formes ij chares 
& a lytie cobborde xviij*- S'ina tot' viij*. v*. viip. In my aunts 
CHAMBRE Two almcrics x** A chest & a arke iiij*. vj^. ij chares 
xij*. A morter and a pestell ij*. vj''. A fether bed & a matre^ w**» 

a gere therto belonging xlvj*. viii*^. A cobborde clothe and ij 
dusts vij*. iiij'. A old blak silke hatt iij*. iiu<^. ix pare of 
lyne shetts & iiij pare of streakings iiij*. xvj*. riij'. ij alter 
clothes & a vestement x*. ij heckells & a sercer xviij*' a chailes 
of silver xxvj*. viij*. xxj pece of puter vessell xx*. In napperye 
XX*. A geatt xij** Certayn beddings for servants xiij*. iiij*. 
S'ma tot* xij*. xvij*. x*. In the lowb chambr and chapftbr 
A bedde w*** all gere thereto belonging xiij*. iiij*. A table for 
a alter & a alter clothe ij*. viij*. ij fermes & a chaminge stake 
and kames viij*. A greet trowc and iij beeffe tobbes vij*. 
viij*. V lyttle barrells & a payre of webaks w»*> the weyj^t & 
ftkalies iij*. x*. S'ma tot* xxviij*. ij*. In the gardbnbr A 
borde w** ij trestes & ij temeses ij*. viij*. ix seves & ryddels & 
j greet boUe iiij*. vj**. & saks and ij walletts xiij*. iiij*. v small 
barrells & a old bishel xx*. ij bowels iiij*. Great maske 
tobbe iij*. iiij**. a leppe a kyme iiij chesfatts & a bolle iiij*. iiij»>. 
XXX stones of wolle vij*. x*. S'ma tot* viij*. xix*. ij*. ^n thb 
Butterye ij hordes with ther trests & a allmerye viij\ A 
barrell and ix potts ij*. iiij*. iij stands and a leppe xx*. A 
bolle weyght a bottell & vij kanes xiiij*. Table clothes and 
other naj^rye xiij*. iiij**. ij puder salu xvj*. A lether bot- 
tell & a puder basmge xx**. vj croses iiij*. iiij wodde doblers 
iiij*. S'ma tot' xxxiij*. ij*. S'ma tot' of all the goods aforsaid 
iij*^. xlviij*. iiij*. x*. Item more a casle of geld [casule of cloth 
of goldj price viij*. 


CXXl. RlillAIID LtlUHy CXtllK. 

In the name of giH\ Afm*n 11ic xxj"* Ikv of Marcli in tlir 
%'eare of o' lonle fiinl in %^ Ivii I Kicliardr leich Clark and 
*keper of taynct Jonair« hiMpitalr in banuurcl Ca^trll novebrnig 
in goo<i health i/fect of mymi ic tnemon* laud & pravie be to 
almyghty god rio onltMi Ik make thi% my p*»etit will & tettameot 
C*ontevnvnce herein niv laf»t %»iU In man* lieare mlirr Momxnm 
tliAt yn to say fTymC I geve & he<|iiyeth my M>ule to Almyghtir 

KcmI niv maker & n*<K*nu'r in mlM»nie & hv ihe nM*rr%lt» of vImim* 
• • • 

blvHMHi iMisAion 1 lx*leve to iiavi* forgetenes of all my »ynnr« 
which I liave romnivttt*<l (»r flt»tie agavMit hvm e\tker in word 

thowght or de<ie And I will mv Ixxive ^hal lie buried in 

• • • 

Oir}*iiten huryaU mlier yt ^^hall please god to call on me At the 
diM'n*tion off mv execiitrv** or execiito* hereafter named flunt 
I will ^ orden my tvnter MalK*ll nymiMm myne exeeuthxe of 
all my goo<iet & deottK l)oth moveable & vnmoTeable to b%r 
onelv to liave & enjoie to ^urh vte a* »lM*e tbaJI thynke good for 
the fiealth of my »oiile 9c hyr profett She yehlyng & l^^t^ 
Wfll He trewly all & my fiinVall extie'«e» and legare« «hail folow 
And yf it uliall hap|>en tin* Myd Mabell to d%'e beCor nie then 
I will' M' 'llio* blenkyn»opp elder of lielbeck in the Countye 
of Wt^ntm'lande enquyn* Sl xp'ofor leigh my Cotynge of biek* 
kell in the (\nintve of Comberland gentleman to be my ex 
to" and they to fulfill all my byc)aei»t» ft I^egare* and the 
M' lilcnkynMip|)e to haue two p'tt of giMm h xp'ofor leigb 
one AIm) 1 will onien ft mak mv cotvnge 'IWt blrnkt 
yonger of li«*lherk f»up'vv%or of thi» my la%t will ft 
And 1 the mtvcl Kiclianie leigh C'Uurk vtt'ly Kevok anouil aU ft 
every other hirmer wilU te»tamentf» legaee* be<|ue*tt executor 
ft c»\erM*er« hv me in anv wi«e beforv thit tvme namr<l made 
assigned or l)e<|ue<»t«*tl and thi* my last will to %tand in foil 
strength ft vrrtue WytiH^iMu* h«*reof I luive %ubirribed my nane 
ft M'tto mv M*ale w^ iither nui dav ft veare above wrrtteo nrr 

C:r me Kich'ui legh S^ Richer plac p*»t Raff bailee pretrt— 
ocelot IVin*on. I**, in 1557.1 

txxii. noar.RT inNOMra, paxsos' or >ctM.criKLDK.' 
In iIh* name of go<t Amen Tlie texte ckiye of Au|{n»t TW 

t Rector nf Sri%vr»ekl. tllKouyii not oolkvd m tudi bt HutdOaMa m 
Iff. sAd ml iW mtm tiaw Rector t4 acaalNipe, to vliirli W was 
M5 III* Invmtori vill hm rrtd mluk grrat telervvt. 


yeare of our lorde god A Thousande fyve hundreth fiftie and 
eight. I Robert hyndmer p'son of Sedgefeilde doith maike & 
ordaine my last will in maner & fourme followinge, ffirst I be- 
quithe my sowle to almightie god o' blessed ladie sanct marie 
and all the saincts iu heaven And my bodie to be buried in 
the northe syde of the highe alter of Sedgefeilde Churche, I 
geue & bequithe to my most singular lorde & m'* mybestgraye 
amblinge geldinge A ringe of golde w'** a darke Rubye in yt 
my best coueringe of a bedd w*=^ is of yallowe & blewe sarcenet, 
and the bed stocks I lye in, I maike my executors my faithfull 
frend Raufe dalton Sir Reginald hindmer Sir Michell Myers 
and John hyndmer, I geue to the said Raufe dalton my amblinge 
grisseld geldinge & a gold ringe w'** a reade scale of an Imaige, I 
gyve to S' Michaell Myers a gowne clothe w*^** from london 
my best Clocke, and my best capp, I geue to S^ Edmonde staple- 
ton my blacke gowne furred w^*^ fu'nyes and one other of my 
best cappes, 1 geue to S' John Richerdson my single blacke 
gowne w^^ I ware eu'y daye, The rest of all my gownes, I geue 
to my brother p'son & John hindemer Also I geue to the said 
p'son my Sattan Cote, I wyll also that for the trew & faithfull 
s'vice that I haue alwaies founde in S' Michell Myers* that he 
shall haue one annuytie of sex poundes thu-tene shillings & 
fourpence by yere duringe his naturall life to be taken fourthe 

of my lands of Ayslabie I praye 

m' Johnson of london to receyve againe his gowne clothe that 
he sente me because yt is not maid It'm I wyll & bequeth yt 
my executors shall paye to eu'y one of my waittinge s'uants 
fortye shylHngs a peic and to eu'y s'unt of the Lowe house 
t wen tie shillings a peice Also I will that my house shall be 
kept after my deaith an honest tyme aft' the discretion of my 
Executors. [Pr. 5 Nov. 1558.] 

Thys Inventorye Indentedeof all the goodes and cattelles of 
Robert hyndmer preist kit p'son of Seggeflfelde praysed vale- 
wede & vyewd by foure honest men y' is to saye John Rychard- 
son John headlame Will'm Clark & Robert Maysone mayde the 
last daye off August in the yeare of o' lord god 1558. 

Inp'mis xxiij Kyen & whaies xxviij* — ^xxxij draught oxen 
Ixiiij' — vj Stottes v' xvj' — viij Styrkkes iiij* xvj* — ^xvj mo kye 
xviij* xiij' iiij** — xviij Twynter nott xij* — xxiiij styrkes x* — ij 
bulles & one whye xlviij" — xx'^ stotts xxvj* — Ixvj Ewes viij* xvj*. 
Ixx gelde ship w^ dy'monts vij* — xliij lambs Ixvj' viij** — xxxvij 
wethers Toppes & dy'montes Ij* — Ewes and gymers iiij**r, ix* 

1 Bishop TunsUll. 

* His curate, apparently, at Sedgfield. 


Ki'J Wll.l.S AM) 

\y \Mi' iiii**iiij IjiiiiIn* \' \j* \iij'' ■ x%iij flail «»X«-ii \\x*j' ij 
liiMUlir^ W* l\\i- M*ui'<. \\* \\j \oilp* *>H%IM* XXXIJ* — lr%llir 
on ur I'f M'ilp*t!'rlili- X «*liiTiiui|it' Uj' \)* \HJ* lm>r 4l Mfljfr. 
rtrlilr \\' -:i pain- <«! h1i«-IIi<. h"* an oxt- liarriN xj* — mij | lci«ff-% 
\iij* xmi I'louc b«'.uii«^ iiii* inu- «tc»iir SUhIiIi- \ij*— «tii«- |>4iri* 
III' ^vt*lli»N IJ* - liij row|M- UiiMii'^ xxvj* \iij* — iij uii\ii«« » * 
vokki'o ll*vnlt•^ CK all ot)ii*r tliinc to tliciii Im'Iiiii^'iii^ %iij mj 
ruIUT^, iiij M)kko \ I II I tu\t tr.iiiif^ xij* Ix Unm|i|<*« «»t «ih\iiii«*« 
Ix'— Ixx «»h«»|t|»f '•kvfiiit'o xxx\' l^iKi ^aii|; «il uawH- lt-il«»«f% 
u*** liradi'^ \ iin»l*lfl>unl«-H x*— %j ^toiir ot' nM ln»ii %iij*-<i 
|)riiiri* ot" inii^ti'nir ^toin*s xij* tlf^hi* tiibiM"* %j* ix" »ti»iif ol 

Uolli* XXX' — all \' stlltlr CV \r«k«'ll 111 llu* lirr«lloilM' \ li.lkllcHift«- 

%iij'. Iv TilK K> n iiiNi.K oiu- \roii irt*ir«'lt u'" ij liarri-^ xx* 
ij latihlt-^ vj'- oiir irrral |»o!i xx\j' %iij^ vij Ii'*m- |*i»lli-% Ixnj' 
iiij"*- \ «»|iUt*-'« xiij* iiij*- ij inorti-r* ^ ij |M-^ttlU xx' ij >rr«l«-- 
vroiiH Dill* pavr ot \roii ot |{akk«'« j |Myr |Niti liok% K j t1«-*lM- 
nok«' .1 tVrr ]<aii a t\i*r |H»rri' a |*<i\r«- ol loii^i-o X «i trifii^ ij 
(Yc^MMtt^ xiii* nil' a llt"«lif ax«- X mi kn\%«-^ i|* a «loiir iiMir- 
liT \iij* - iij I'lialxnp* clv*'»lu*«» xij* — a latlrn ladtjrll X a ^koinrr 
ij* -a l>nNi«lf ^ra\t \j* — ij (yr rhavlFt-r* \j' \iij' — l»ra*M- |«aiitM « 
XX* iiij paiini*^ xxxij'- ij paiiiit*^ xx' • «»n«* rallilron \' ^tnlT in 

till* l>\>sTH>K \* - '^tlltrill till* inNDI.** Ilol SN|. XX* X%J \okki'« 

iiij*- slnl' in u \iii» hik^' ikh «i»: nj* mj' otiill in tlir tooxk* 
ciiwiiiiit XXX*. In TBI Hi riioi- xiij latti-n <'ait<li*ll«l«'k» xnj' 
> iij lynnr randi'IUi-kkn iij* -mj ii'n-f<« X ix iMm-llf^ %ij*^4 
Ivttif t\rr tliryst ij* iiij'- v Iftlhi-r •»Iouj»|m-* ij* \j* *nj iwiin- 
|HMii<« \* nil* a lin-aili* arki- W)' xix Iio^:r*lii'<lr* x%* x*. I\ 
I III. H \( II atablt' ot iil-i\iii' tn-i* u'^- a .fo\ii«*fli* tranu* aihI l»i> 
l*ninif«» \y \iij* IJ tabli'* ol \\vt ^''' tr'nH-i \ ;i jM\tT ot It}" 
sli-IU M* .1 ««'ttrll ij'. Is nil: r'niiii. a laMi- »'* a JiiiMti 
IVaxnii- IJ !«iriiii * .ii:*! a ('.ir|H-ii xx' ('.irwi*<{i- rn|>U*nlf« xx*- 
n pl.iMii" 1 iijtM'Tfl ii;' iijj' IX JtiMii-fl «iolli-<» x%' — liaii;»\ii^« ot 
Tap] t-^tri- X a!i:ini<i Is >' Mhiirii (h^mhIlN a 
l\iT ^liinill .1 porr a p.i\r «»t lii!ii;i<. jiij* a .ln\ni-*l i Iui\«t xij* - 
n tailitr In i|<l .i in.ini-rn ^ a pa\« i i>t l*tatiki(t« a |».i\r«* ot ^hfitt* 
n riiii'li-it a li.i[ ['\iip;«' a rtnu rxns^t- ol tappn'^in- a IhiI*!! r xl*- a 
karufilf niplMiiflt a <-li\ «t 1it>iinili- a ^)ii*r t i.iltit- x' a »ati r |^>ll 
ol' t\ii xit'. Is Mil iii\%liii(i <i\iK iii» lit 1 1 fill 111 lallirr 

^Mflilt « u" liiaiik«-ii« <«lifn« In«| Httikki « i\ iiiurxfii:'' xT a «ai* 
l«r ) • '* x.'i \ Is I II I i.ft %i ( II wihKi . \ t'a:}i«-r U iM lit (iti«nr 
inaltrt"« a )i«ii in .| liiaiiki C-o nt It «;lif\fi a i tiii'ii tt a itiu'MiiS tif 
I .ipl «-«iii- .1 (if «ti f «V I 111 ti'\ it« nt ii a<l«- .liiij i^ii \ :i« * « iM I Ita-tl* 
•ti.kk* iwiH'ii \\ \ii|* iMj' — an «»llii r l.itfn r Uii»i iIh r xx'- 
liaii^'M:^''* i*t ^'n th <i\9' xx\j* \iij'' — a Jo\ii«il < In ar w'lli a 4%%- 
siiuv ^* - •! I i.pltairiU- «'^ a c*ar|N(i 1' — a ili\*t iNninik* m'* tunrr 


[? yorne] v' — a water pott xij** — a payer of fyne shitts w'*' a 
plloper x" — iij payer of fyne shitts xx* — viij payer of canves 

sheitts & one shirtt xxvj" viij'* — a carpett of dornyxe iij* ij 

mattes xvij". In the chambre ou' the hall — a paare of bedd 
stokkes Joynd w'** ij Joynedd ffromes xiij' iiij**. At the stayer 
HEADE — a cheist bounde w*** yrone v*. In darthwaite cham- 
bre — a fatherbed w'** a niattres a pair of blaiiketts a pair of 
shittes a cou'lett & a cou'ynge of Tatpestrey xiij* iiij*. In the 
p'soN chamber — ij father bedds ij bolsters a mattres a payer of 
Blanketts a counterpoynt an old cou'yng of Tappestre iiij* xiij* 
iiij** — a Turnede chear & a Joyned chayer iij*- a kentyshe car- 
pett iij* — a cupborde w'*» a kentyshe carpett iij* — an Iron chym- 
ney v* — vj dossen pound of waxe Ix* — a water pott of tyne xij* 
reade Say hyngynges xx*. In the Studdye — xvj quisshens 
xiij'iiij'* — a carpett of tappestrie lynede fo' a table xxvj* viij** — 
ix pylloos of downe xiij* iiij^ — vij pairs & one odd blankett xxx* 
— ij baysens & ij ewers viij* — a presse of wyne scotts xiij* iiij** — 

a" dossen tjTie trenchers xij' — xix elnes of canves x* — ij fruyt 
yshes xvj** — ij baysens iij* — ij chargers iiij* — one games of ves- 
sell lakking a saucer Iiij* iiij** — vj dublers & iiij dyshes x* — vj 
dossen trenchers xx** — K)ne litle cupborde w'** a carpett v* — a 
gamesse of vessell xl* — ij cupbordes w*** ij kentyshe carpettes x* 
— ij lantherons xij** — one studdye candellstycke xiiij** — a tuche- 
stone w*** caice xij** — a tyne bottell viij** — a Syeprese chyst xiij* 
iiij** — XV yeardes of lyne clothe at viij** y* yearde x* — Ij yerdes 
of harden clothe at iiij** y® yearde xvij* — iij chystes bound 
w^ jTone one of ffirr xvij* — ij fether bedd tykkes xx* — ij 

table clothes fo' y** hall xiij* iiij** — ix playn table clothes fo' y* 
hall xxx* — iij playn table clothes for y* p'lo' xiij* iiij**— iij dyap^ 
towells vj* — iij long playne table clothes fory* hall x"-— one fyne 
napkin of damaske worke xvj** — v playn towells vj*— iiij cupbord 
clothes iiij**. In the law p*lo' — ^iij teysters wheroff one w*** 
curteyns of yelowe & blewsay xl*— ij fether bedds a trussinge 

• J 111** ••• /» Y^^ * -^ •• 1_ 1 

Joyned chayre xvj** — a waiter pott xij** — a sumpter clothe 
& ij mailles vj* viij** — ij gallon potts of Tyne vj* viij** — iij potteli 
pottes V* — a quart pott of Tyne xij** — iiij beddes fo' s'untes xxvj" 
viij** — iij Wyndoclothe & vj Sekkesxij*- Ally* stuf inthe mylkb 
house vj* viij**...ij Tearges of wyne Ixvj* viij** — a gray horse iij* 
— a downe mayer xxvj* viij** - a father bedd a payer of blanketts 

l 2 


a pay<*r of slieitt?^ n cciverlett xx* — xxiitj xij quartern of rook... 
all liii|>lynuMit!» in tlu* niyliu* x* fyve bt*t* hyrr% xx* — xx*' tak 
f\>iihe» XX* — X bufklielU uf tail x* — ix^* ounce* of rLAirm at %* 
tliounr xW — Is money k ooldr cxvJ^ — in Dxarxft at •oodnrr 
hancU omyng to liy uu- xx' — at Awklanhc ij ffther brddrt ottr 
niattrvffi ij iiayrt* of blanket tn iij {myn* of Sht'ittc* ij cootrr- 

toyntA & iij covrrlfttes iiij*. S'm To"*' tiij* iiij**xj' t* iiii*. 
>KBTKs W^ the said lUilHTt hvmbner Clark did owe at the 
tvnie of his deathe. To M' Ashley cccc' — to Jame* gametl 
clx* — to John (luye liij' — to nia?»tfr comytMure of NartlitiB»» 
berland xx* to ni' d<Klo» carter Ixxij* — to m' clyffe x' — to 
nui»l' dalton x' — to X|M»f4/ niayre x%J' to nf p*Min of 

xx' to mvchell niyepi fo* a honk* xiii' — to m' Arrhideacooe xn* 
— fo' bUkV coilleit xxxij' xij' iiij^ — to* »*unts wagfT^ h, k f gacyrt 
to y' AaJd »'unte^ xxxij' ix* %J' — to m' p'ton Tonevteli xl*— 4ii 
almorye to Stanho|)e liij' xiii' iiij^ — to Sedgeffeld Ixvj* — to %* 
power folke«i at iioughton xr — to pre«te h, rlarkt xxxij* — {a€ 
wynnyng come Ik haye x' — 1€> niychell myem cUrke at App^ 
rethe by hv" l>ooke xl* owyng fo^ )-* exh\*byc'on & cocninocii of 
John hymuir at ramhrig vij* — fo* y* horde wayge* of iiij of hra 
kvtutmen at diirliame ami ther anpVII Si rertem ravmetit to b?Bi 
M*lfe vij'. Sumnui debiti vitj< xUx' x^; and to reniaynethe Cleyre 
xlij' iiij' vj^. 


In the nanie of gcMl anien The day of Jaswarre 

in the yeare of our L«>nle god one thousand fyve liinKlrKlie 
fittie ami eight I lu'nry amlervm of th<* Towne of Nrwtmalrll 
v|M)n tyne nu* being hi>le of mymle and in food 

l>*l'i'ctf reniembranre M*\k in biMive do mavke 

i>nleyn thi<i my p*M*nt Testainc'nt ronteyning lierrtn my U»l will 
in nuiner and tormt* folloningt* lliat t» to «aye fly-nte I gj^r 
and lH-<|uyethr my !k>ulle to ainiightie god my and 

redeamer and to all tia* hollv ami bleA»e<l com|>anye in b g ana 
and mv iMxIve to hv burvi*d m the (*hurrhe of Munt Nirholaa aa 

niche mv wyfTe a> I niave be lavd w** niv duetie to the Yirar aa 

• • • • • 

Uie lawi* liathe ortleym*<l And I gyve to tin* rep'aciooea of the 

I Utrxry Antrum, Sheriff o( }9twcm%W\n \:k^^\iAtrwmm^Umym tm 19»%. 
I&3!l.<l l5ia--« vrnr MirrtwiftAl mrrtiMfit« umI iW ftMia4«r •Ca 
famllT. vbo •ArrvanU hriwme nvnm of llararll Ciraiyi^ ia Ikt 
iMtiriKton. V. Surt«r« I. Xtl. The iDvnitvrr (if Brttrtai Amktftm 
Sbcnl*, Mavor. umI Mrtnbrr of ParkMBmt fur kit mi|t« umn dT 
viU occur uodrr the ?Mr 1S7^ 


same Churche x'. Item I gyve and beqiiyethe to my sonne 
ffranncys Anderson for his full childes porcion of my goodes 
one hundrethe poundes, a nest of whyte gobletts, one dozen 
syluer spoones w'* forkes my best gilt saltes and the house at 
the bridge ende w*=** he now dwellethe in for him and his heires 
for euer Also I gyve him halfe the Tenement before niy dore 
that I haue of the kinge and half the waiste that I had of Cutb- 
bert Musgrave and Nicholas Thornton Item I gyve and be- 
quiethe to my sonne henry Anderson for his full childes porcion 
of my goodes one hundrethe poundes And I gyve him the 
house that I dwell in w^ all the houshold stufFe to him and to 
his heires (ceyvinge all my waires, woole, playte, Jewelles, 
moneye, debte bookes obligaciones bylles of payment the beif 
and fyshe w** I haue prouyded for the fumyture of my shippes) 
for euer And twoo gilte gobletts and a coveringe, twoo gylte 
saltes w** a coveringe And I gyve him the other half of my 
Tenement before my dore w*** I had of the Kinge lyinge vpon 
the stare And the other halfe of the wayste that I had of Cuth- 
bert Musgrave and Nicholas Thornton And a dozen of syluer 
spoones w*** maden heades. Item I gyve and bequyethe to my 
sonne Clement Anderson for his full childes porcion of my 
goodes one hundrethe poundes and after my deathe by all 
former reckninges. Item I gyve to my sonne Christofor Myt^ 
forde a golde rynge and to his children gotten and to be gotten 
of my doughter Jane fourtie poundes. Item I gyve to my sonne 
wiirm Dente a golde ringe and to his children begotten of my 
doughter Ellsabethe fourtie poundes. Item I gyve to mally 
flfenwicke Twentie poundes ouer and besydes the murtie poundes 
that I haue of hirs in my handes due vnto hir from hir father 
and yf she dye before she come to xxiiij yeares of aige then I 
wyll the saide xx'. to come to myn executor Item I gyve to 
Tnomas hearon fyve markes. Item I gyve to henry orae Ma- 
son fyve markes. Item I gyve to Alyson hedleye the moneye 
that I haue of hirs and more fyve markes. Item I gyve to 
Thomas Richardson fyve markes. Item I gyve to Elsabethe 
heron fyve marks. Item I gyve to Margaret Candlinge Twen- 
tie nobles and hir weddinge clothes Item I gyve to mv ser- 
vant Margaret Wright twentie nobles and hir weddinge clothes 
Item I gyve to my servant Margerye Wright fyve markes and 
hir weddinge clothes. Item I gyve to my servaunt Sybbell 
hewyson xx*. Item I gyve to wedowe clerke that keapethe 
the staythe xx*. Item I gyve to my sonne ffranncys Anderson 
and to his heires for euer to paye the oute rent of his own house 
the house that henrye graye dwelte in at the whyte cros^. 
Item I gyve to my sonne henry anderson for to paye his whyte 



rent of liin Iioiim* mv Iiduh* in Saiid^atc* tliat Iloh(*rt T<Hii«4»n 
dwelt in iiwl my Iioiim> at tlu* nhytr crosM* tliat AU^xandcr nih- 
ton fiwclt ill. Item I ^yvr to my M-rviint Rirlianie (UveH xl*. 
Item I pyve to leweH lie<lleye xl*. I^y\e to Uryiine C*«iMliin|fe 
xl*. Item I gyve more to my scTvaiiiite 'llKNiuuk heanm one 
fotluT of* leaili* Item I p\ve iiM>n» to my M>niM* lIciiM'tit Aiv 
cierMiii mv hoiiM* that 'Ilioma^ <»watiiie (iwelt in and to hi* hrirr« 
for ever and I hvII that yf then* Im* any »t«>|>|H* lett or inconK> 
brannoi alh*<ii;cMi bv anv man 'Hien I wvll tlmt m\n Kxenitiy' 
iliall kea|H* iukI defende him and hi» lH*ire» for eiier. And the 
niit of my gcMMltHi niovtsihlcf* and vnmoveal>li*ft viilM*<|uvtlird mr 
debtK lt*pirt*i» and fiinerall ex|K.*tiM*^ |»aide 1 gyve aimI Drf|iirthr 
to mv M>nne IWtram AnderMHi whom I mavke aiKl onlevn mx 
full and • executor of thin my pWnt re^tanient aiid lj»t 
wyll Witnei^M*?* herof wiU'm SalLeld Clerk, Jolin I)oddi-« C'ar- 
jH»nter, Kxlwiirde Tynmouthe M' and imirriner, Awl'w lM*wyMio 
w'** others. 

liiR iNVCNToRiK indented of alJ and ting'ler th<* gnork^ 
nM)veabK*4 and vnnuiveabli*^ wliat m) euer ap|»ertryninge to 
henry An<lerM>n thi* elder of tin* Towne of Newca^tell T|ioti 
tvne merchant an<i alderman of the i^ame ileceaj^k^nl at the dar^ 
of the deathe of the s4iide henry AiHii*rMin valu€*<i aini prev^rde 
bv hinnfn»ve carre 'Steven M»tlirni will'm Jenvvm Cuthhrtt 
hunter Anthonye ^winlMim ^eor^e hel\e and (*uthbt*rt Stick* 
IH*11 of Nf*wca.stell afori*^iide MVIiaunt^ John l>iMld«*% of the 
Mime Towne Car|H*nter aiMl Ivlwanle Tynmouthe of the %mmr 
Towne M'. and Marvner the xxiij'* of Marche In the x^mrt 
of oure lorde gcKl cmc llimi^and fyve humirethe fiftir and 
eight . 

TiiK on thk mil. wdkr tiik (^M%rKii.. Imph* 
mi* vj «'•*" of am\«»he Irtm xlviij*.. . iij lunn <ii* of <*ngli%he Irtio 
xwiiij'. xlj *toii of <k|iiiin\ikhe Inm liij*. iiij*. - %j* weight of 
Uittru* wiij'. -X lH»rrelle* of M»|H* xiij' \j* \iij* i'y weight di' of 
frying!' |»ann4>i> xl'.- a Kiyll of ma<lder x' mm weight of 
co|)onuiH x' C*. di' of Miuider xxx* y xxj* of lii'll mettle hij* 
iiij* - \x\ ston of newe great wyer v' - xij ^ton of old grewt wyrr 
xxiiij*- iiij »»ton di* of hmall wyer xr* — \'^ xij wy^iir* <if »tnille 
%j'__iij ij'rtn* of < and xij* of Urtig M<*alle xxiiij* -Ixviij foihm 
of leade Vuy iiij", xiij* — S*m *j* xliij' %j' iiij*. TiiE Kiw 
Hoi'!(E. Item x\x\-*** of mm<»iNie% xxj'- iiij U.*t» ij*™ of AUir« 
xx' - ij la'itik of jMcke viij*-.4i laj^t & iij*** t»f tarre iiij'— a \mt h 
xl ^l<in of l\nte xxiiij'- -%i *t<Hi o( roiiglw bc^if^e vj* — Ix €mr% 
iij* — iij c)i«ildrr» oi oXv^ xl*. S'm liij'* ij* *j*. C'Mairrortt 
(*ook»> lot f IS. Itrni IJ rtialder^dr of viheat l\x* -iijchaUiTm 

of Maultc %j . S*m ix' X*. Mb. da^klls.* iiot'!»a. Itcoi iii} 


chalders of beanes iiij' v* — Swannes house. Item xiiij bouUes 
of rye xxxij" viij**. The packing lofte. Item v*' iiij" ston 
of woulle c* — iuf sheape skynnes xij'. S'm cxij'. The playte. 
Item one paire of saltes w*** a couer double gilte cont' in weight 
1 ouncs at vj" ounce xv^ — one dozen syluer spoones w^ locxes 
conteyninge in weight xvj ounces at v* the ounce iiij* — a nest of 
gob let ts p'cell gilte w''' a cover cont* in weight Ix ounces at v* the 
ounce xv' — a paire of saltes w*** a cover duble gilt cont' in 
weight XXV ounces at vj* the ounce vij' x" — a dozen spoones w*** 
maden heades cont* in weight xv ouncs at v* the ounce Iv* — ij 
gobletts w*^ a cover double gylte cont' in weight Ij ouncs at vj' 
the ounce xv* vj' — a paire of saltes w^ a cover p'cell gylt cont' 
xxij ounces di' at vj' the ounce vj* xv' — a paire of saltes w^** a 
cover double gj'lt cont' in weight xxvij ouncs at v' the ounce 
vj' xv' — vj lytle gobletts p'cell gylte cont' in weight xxxix ouncs 
at v' the ounce ix* xv' — a nest of boulles w* a cover p'cell gylt 
cont' in weight iiij** viij ouncs at v' the ounce xxij* — ij whyte 
boulles conteyning in weight xxxiij ouncs di. at iiij' viij** the 
ounce vij* xvj' iiij** — a not w*** a cover double gylte cont' in 
weight XXX ouncs at vj' the ounce ix* — a standinge cuppe w* a 
couer double gylte cont' in weight xxxij ouncs di. at vj' the 
ounce ix* xv' — a standinge cuppe w*** a cover double gilte cont' 
xxix ounces at vj' the ounce viij* xv' — a standinge cuppe w^** a 
cover double gilte xxviiij ouncs at vj' the ounce viij* viij' — a 
pottle w'** a cover double gylt cont' in weight xviij ouncs at vj' 
the ounce v* viij' — a standing cuppe double gylte cont' in weight 
xiij ouncs at vj' the ounce iij* xviij' — a laver gylte conteyning in 
weight X ounces at v' iiij** the ounce Iiij' iiij**— a cover for a 
glasse conteyninge in weight iiij ouncs at v' the ounce xx' — xvj 
syluer spoones cont* in weight xxiij ounces at v' the ounce v* 
xv' — in broken syluer xliiij ounces at iiij' the ounce viij* xvj'. 
S'm clxxvj* viij**. The Shoppe. Item xl*** of ginger iiij* — one 
pounde of Saffron xx' — a remanent of franche canwes cont' iiij 
elnes vj' — ij remanents of freyse x' - a coUe rope iij' — a boulte 
of evill packin canwes x' — ij evill boults of oldrynes xxiiij' — 
twoo dozen of sayltwyne xj' — xij*** of raai'lyn iiij'. S'm viij' 
viij'. The Sellers within the house. Item vj pece of web 
leade xx' — half a cradell of glasse xiij' iiij** — ij great cakes of 
rended tallowe xxxiij* iiij** — a broken lettron of brasse xxxiij* 
iiij** — a bothom of a maunde w*** trenchers vj' — xij skoupes iij' — a 
great brasse potte iij* vj' viij** — viij**"* of modefyshe vj* — in beif 
xij* — in salt fyshe vij*. S'm xxxiij* xv' viij**. The collbs. 
Item in colles wrought aboue the grounde at Elswicke as well 
at the pyttes as the staythes v'^ iiij** , xiiij* xviij* viij**. The 
Shippes. Item three quarters of the Michael I c* — three quar- 

ifiS WIl.I.S AMI 

tor* ofthf Afithonyt' <•' li;ilf<»f llir Joliii <■* - twi^» ii'ii-* i»l !>»•• 
Antiro iiij**' -ill.* tliini «if tiit- Imrhara \V — liultr f»r llif ('lirt*t«k. 
for \v*. S'ln iiij'\\\%'. TiiK Kr.\i.M>. Ittni ij Kt* .iHr* X a 
iuilt'a li|;litiu'r i\ n )N»tl«* \\^ Hrh^i. Mf»MK. Itc*iii in pMiliU- 

aiifl ifutiirVt* .It tlir (lav I* of tlir (lrath«' ol th<* ^u<It' hriirxi* Ar«- 

* * * 

tilt* sa\tle* lii'iirx An<I< r^nn .it tin- f!.t\«* ot lit« lii-a^lrr a'> )'\ Li* 
clfht luHiki"* In ll«s an-i nlt!i'jarii»ii"* mon* at lariif a| jnart tl *- 

\*xl'. DkM'I ItMK I>l IVII s. Ilrm 111 <lr*jHTaf«* «i'-l»t^ a* li\ tli«" 
^•li(|«* (I«'ht luHiki'S l«\!U .tt.«i «»lill^MrMlir^ l\krH\«4* a| [H-arrtli 
iij xlvj' i\' viij*. 

S*iii to"' it.ili and siiiL'ular thi* s^oo^l**^ nMi\i*al>It* :i:hI \f- 
inovi'altio a'ooiii* \^r:ttin tli«* dt o|«-iati' «ii hi** o:.iv t-\f-tj>t««l 
M'm'viJ iiii*'\ j' iij* iiij" wln-norto !»«■ 4|i-(l.:« It-d-- lor «ii'l»l* omrci 

bv till* •'aidi* lu'iirv AiHlrrMin at lli»* <i.i\f i I In* (irarlit-ri •, an*! 

• > ■ 

Ml rfiiia\nvlln' l*» tin* I*'.vrciit<»r ff»r tin* |<.i\r:;»Mit atid ♦li'KlMr;:*' 
ol th' ififarii'** aiui th- tuni'rail rxin! • * %i m*\*ii!'"\i li,' 



< \\|\. HII.I.IWI Itl.tMK riUl^l Ol <Hf>\%I)\ll. 

Ill <I. i J.o'f Aiu'ti. thr \i (lav ol' AiiL'«>t in tlit* Vfar*- fl ••• 

• • • 

■ • « • 

hllintc jlil'^t ot rii'Kl.l- ^^' ' lioK- |;»\u»l«' X L'^hnI Ki'tri t:i. 

l>ratM«' i.i\<'r tip- h-** ^^xkr in Ih»«Iv niaki:!) i:i\ ti-^tarii-nt \ \\%i 
will in in. in' ^K. l<»rinr tt^llou itiL'**. tix:*"! I yw*- v\\ Miu)i«* in 
allin\;.'litii' pnl aiul to o' tili-H%i(|«' j.itlii* *.i.:.< I inarn- X to ail 

tli«- liolvr <*oinpaii\ of li- a\<-ii \ in\ IhhI.i to Ih- Inim-il m thr 

• • • • 

rliaj ♦ !l <•! '•an t«' ni.iri,Mr«tH \u tlii* «|iii-..ri i'\ diirirrn a»j*l 1 will 

ma'^-' iV d<Ti'j«- -lialSi «l'»i.»' fnr 'li*- In .iltli* «'t imv *«iu!Ir. AIm> 

I 'jwf \ l>i-(t!:i atlii lu«*<ii'^ imi . to Im- i'in^I %rtoniv 
• • * • 

lirotlnT niotn ^ l)l!i!iti* tourlniiL' tlh' < li'H-f \ m» iI' Ih* In* rxK 
^ikmI \iito inv hrotli* r I Util iit^t i:\\*' li.i:i th « ft^Mn* loviniir 
hilt vnto tin hrotln r. An«l al-^o in Kk h.inl tiiallt-r^ ('Kilfirm 
\V. \U«» I iiw* thr -.11(1 Ki' li irlf a n iltrt-* ^\ a ro\rriiit:r ni' 
a l»t«Mi- X .1 pair ot' Imm- -In at*. .\l o I /Wf \ U*4|iirafKr 
vnto n\ •«*-{« r J< niirt Kt rit tii) . lo lir CtHMi %iiTo tn\ l»n>flirr 
tllt>in''* l>lunt«' touihin^ tlli- rli-^^M' »\ *«i i| -lir In- Ut*l c^nni xnu* 
in\ hit'tlirr I uiil not 'jwt* lur tin- iii; . hut \ ni\ SriHlirr. 
And aNo I lx*tjt:i t|)i- \i\U\ \u\ l»io(h«T 'll:i»in <> hii.nti* tli«' lt-a«r 
ol* ir\ r!iH»-i \I*o I t><n|Uft}if ^tilo |.\ -i»|i-r Jrlint'l |».» 

M.i. k«^** fi lii||in,:f .1 cii'.irltt! *\ a <.»*!d \I»i I ^:\%«- jw 
ln.jwitli- nini ;:•!?• ( t.iiall«r* ij*. .Mo I j\\« unto nuir^iT^' 
far il'.' iH »,'. Al-i» I i:>>»" CX lu.ju. ih.- \iiii> A^'m* iHTUbrl A 


piider dubler & a sainct John heade Also I gyve & bequethe 
vnto george kent & henrie kent x*. — vnto John Robinson & 
his sister x". — vnto Richard farallers two candlesteaks two 
chairs — vnto Margaret Robinson a fether bed & a bowster — 
vnto Allyson liddell one puder dubler. [Pr. 1558.] 


In dei Nomine Amen In the yere of o' Lord godMCCCC Iviij 
and the xxiiij daye Clark and Vicar of greth'm 

beine seke in bodye hoUe in mynde and of p'fyte memorye maik 
this my will and testament in maner and iforme folowin 

That is to saye ffirst and principally I bequiethe my sowle to 
Allmightye god o' blessed Ladye Saynte Mary and to all the 
Corapanye o( heven and my body to be buryed in the quere of 
greth'm Churche our Lady being patrones there. And at the 
daye of my biiryall I gyue vnto the two prests of the Chapell 
to s' George winter^ and s' peter Arrundell iij*. iiij^. 
and eu'ye deacon xij** a peac and to eu' preast p'nt at my buryall 
viij**. a peac and to the skoUers ij** a peac and to 

others j**. a peac. Item I bequeithe to ev' power cotaiger within 
greth'm ij**. Item I bequeithe to Thomissing emson my sister 
dowghter yf Richerd downing marye hir xx marks of lawfull 
englishe monye if not but fyve marks. Item I gyue to anne 
Emson fyue marks. Item I bequeith to Bartholomewe Bos- 
well two oxon. Item I gyue to will'm marting wyfe xiij*. iiij*. 
Item I bequeithe to will'm Chippings wyfe xiij* iiij^. Item I 
gyve to Will'm Ciykills wyfe xiij* iiij^. And all these to be 
paid ather in come or monye. The rest of my goods vnbe- 
qested I put to the order and descression of my Brother s' Ro- 
bert Emson whome I ordayne and make my soil and full exe- 
cutor of this my testament and last will he to dispose the sayme 
in deads of char}'te as may be most to the pleasure of god and 
co'fort of my solle. Witnessis hereof — fe stocdell — 

Roger parker — John harte — , and S' Peter Amindell my gost- 
lye father. 

Debets owen vnto the said Sir John Emson. In p" — widow 
aslacbye xx' — Symon hubbucks wyfe iij*. iiij*.— Rob't Read- 
shawe for a horse xiij*. iiij**.— the said Robt for v bz of pease 
— mistres fulthorp for two kye xlvj* viij** — John frankland for 
one ox xxxiij*. iiij** — M' francs Bulmirs wyfe lenteiiij*— mistres 

1 Vicar of Gretham from 20th Feb^ 1535. 

2 The successor of Vicar Emsoii, and one of the executors of Bishop Sjurke. 


firlNUik xvj* — franklaiMi in \uurXp |winirt rcir a biii^r lir- 

liiiHl vj* — my \sui\v HiiIiiut vj* j^— 'IlMHiuif* I^mliert xxiiiij* 
hij* — (fiHirgf ytwigiT xV — 'Ilioma-H Uinhi*!^ It*iitin^ (\nr lij*. — 
John lionn^KHi vij* — Jcihn HurlileU vj' — IlichcTcl hall {tnr hmifr m 
kowc iiij' — Chri»»loi>hor em«>n xvj' — Itobcrt c*tnMini x' — C'hut- 
ImtI nmrting for a kowt* xxiij*. iiij^. fiir a boiile t^ malt x' — 
J(»hn lay ton ix* viij*- -<»mitht* cif wind^ayt a |N-rrk of nialt %ij' 
— for hi*ni|H* and lint n( tin* tvthr x* — SvnMMi hiihhuck for nj* 
of W4»IU». S*ni totalis xix' xilj*. viij*. fi'm mr Uoht-rt 'IVm' 

1K*«»t of hownif^vt* «*?»(|iiyer for rfrt«*yin tyth w<iil aiwl lanihr 
[Xiitlu* owe. — f)EBKT that tlu* *^y(l «ir John iXntlM* owr To 
John liarte xxiij* — to John wal^ton xiij* iiij' — to 'IlMiniaft ^niitlir 
vj' — to 'llioniaK liwtrr vj-'-^ffrwItT xij' — to *' 'Ilionia* Duvtcm 
XX' — S'm iii* iij* iiij*. It*m fntM*rull fX|¥»nc» xl* — U'fimrrwme 
x\\y vj* viii"*. S'm totalis xxvij* x'. 'llw Inventark xxx%j' x* 
vij'. oh. Ilu* cUmMs xix'. xiij*. viij* — l\j' iiij*. iij'. ob So 
cK're xxviij* xiiij*. iij' «>h. 

Tilt: Invi'.n'Takii; of all gtNMisand rattcli IhrliNiging to •'John 
KniMin IVi*iif»t and vicar ot |^rt*th'ni at tlu* Dayv of hu IX*atlir 
uravMKl hy John hart** Roger |»ark(T 'IlKmia* lanibcrt ami 
Kair«* stordrll. 

Twt> oldr anp*IU & a Knmn«» xx%j'— in nHin\«* x\ vij'. oh. 
a fr(*<liTlM'<l a b<iH oter a |Mivri* of (»ld<* hlank«*tt.« Ik ohir ctNi'lrit 
a |iavrr of lin sluMts jc a old«* (*ou*in^«*, x\*. — a litlt* fr<i«*rhrd» 
a IniUttT, a rou*U*t, an old«* cou'in^^* X a |wi\n* <»f lin »hriU x* 
— tHo |>ill(»lM*r» and ij oldi* toHcU ij' iiij'- a rar]>ft cIcNtlir luj* 

tHo ftMi(*r|H>ks two imyn* of harn«* ^ht-its tifto ccHi'letii & a 

mliitt' happing x'_iiij f|uivsions xij* — 4in«' pndiT |>lat v duhrt h 
one H^iUrr iij* — iij litill |H)tts of \*— iij litdl oUlc* pan* luj* 
— 2 oldt' randilUtiks xx*«iiij rh\st« and a trn^M* In-d vij* vj'— • 
a Kinir, vj milk (xmU, two »k«*U« t«o kitt» & two %h«*liir« %* 
—a fririi |»annr \iij^ — a litill ii|>it« ami t«f» robyc*rm xx' a 
littli* \t rnt* rhinuif \r a rakkiii rroukt* and a (Miyrt* of toci|t» iiij* 
iiij*. a roHntrr, a htili Intnl ^ '.\ forms %* — t«io ohlt" char% %j* 
— old an^ins in tho lia^llr xij^-^in tht- UiklHmM* a rawrU* ij 
ohli* iKirrt-lU and thrr old** t<M»l>s iij*. nij'- -x\\ix ricc» c»r wt>llr 
X*- in thr l«»ftf aUnt* tlu* l>i»i*hoHs4* :{fi fir s|i«i^ ;^ two brd 
Mork*^ \' — a ^pinnin^ %ilu*U* \iij' — a %ylv ^>wn of Ittwode 
ch>itlit% two of frt*as« a i»hort<* goum*, ino ulcufU*^ JarkrtU of 
won»t<*<l, a uiihlrtt, and a |myn» of Iiom* xT— fomrr vU of wor- 
M*tt XX* --in Hh<*at hi iiij, v' — in mallr a rh^ii', xl* — m |«ra»«* a 
cliadtT \\%j* \iij*— in ott% hi iiij, ij*— tmo |;aii« i»f yrmr iiij'— 
two laiig H.iMU* hU\fls, a hom|H*, a |wi}ri «>f tildt- wIh*IIv thnr 
t<*m«*«, a ^kflkil, a kontrr, a Miki*, a muk fo«c% a f^ypr, 3 
vcmi* forks *J ai»hilltrv»>c ami a ploui* \x%' — a »Cak ik biiT« 


XX* — XV bee hyues xxx* — at tunstall a yowe xxj' lams xHij" — 
at greth'm 18 olde sheape xl" — ^iij kye iij*. vj". viij^ — ij oxen 
iij», vj* viij'*. — ij hogs & a pigg x* — ij Chad' of cols x* — Come 
in the felld xv duble acres at xv* a duble acre viij*. v*. S'm 
totalis xxxvj». x". vij'*. ob. [P*. 1559.] 


In the nayme of god Amen o' Lord god 
1558 I will'm Bell prest and p'son of middleton in tesdaill in 
the cowntie of duresme hoU of mynde and p'fite of remem- 
braunce most humble thankes therfor be vnto almightie god 
howbeit seke in bodye do make my testamente and last will in 
man'r and flFo'me folowinge ffirst I bequithe my souU vnto the 
blessed trinite being thre p'sons and one verey god and to o' 
Ladye saynt marye the virgyn and to thoU companye of heuon 
and my bodye to be buryed w*in the quere of the said middle- 
ton. Item I gene and bequithe vnto Middleton churche thre 
bells of an hundrethe weght which I desyere my lord of Ljm- 
coin,* and doctor Watson of the colledge of duresme at my 
costs and charges to hange in flrame the said bells at the 
churche and for the hanginge of the said belles and for the said 
flrame I have prepared xx tres there and all the tymber that 
remanithe ouer and besides the makynge of the said flrame I 
bequithe to the said p'ishe churche to builde in the said churche 
one lie and to make stalles in the said churche of the cost and 
charges of the said p'ishe Item I yeue and bequithe to the 
said churche of Middleton one Cope a vestment and a deacon 
all of one sute of rede silk t3niselde withe borders of Images of 
soundrye saynts Item I yeue and bequithe vnto my brother 
Roberte bell citezen and cowp' of London v* [legacies to 
Henry, Alice & Agnes bell Roberts children] — I yeue and be- 
quithe vnto John Watson hall garthe m duresme yoman 

brother to doctor Watson the gowne whiche 

Cockey gaue me and also my cote of blacke branchid damaske 

to lawfull age then I will that my said catells plaite of silvere 
gold and silver and other moneie of m3nie w** shuld have app'- 

1 Rector of Middleton in Teesdale from 1549, and of Gateshead from 1557- 
^ Thomas Watson was made Bishop of Lincoln in 1567t bj Queen Mary, and 
was deprived bv Elizabeth in 1559. He was, perhaps brother of the Doctor 
Watson mentioned in connection with him, the first Prebendarj in the second 
suU of Durham Cathedral and Rector of Rothburj, having been originallj a 
monk of Durham* 


teiMNl to the said wilfm bell if he hadde Ivved iltalhe beUcmed 
vpone poare icolle'ii in Barwicke and uorh'oi and mcdiltooc in 

teesdale To my Lord of lincolne my »ca'k*tt gowoe and 

iig pounds in mooeye To m' docttc/ watto' my he«t vbitr 

gelciingi* my bent bndeil my best taddell and my be»t ha'ar* 

and fourc |K>undA in numey To my brother liob*ti* bell m\ 

be«te clooke a wornyotte ccMHe my tanmnl doublrti iij pairr <tf 

hose iij »hart(>ft To the |MM»re within the p*i«lie cil' medil- 

tone <me q^ of live and a c]" of bige a gainst chri^tenmas 

To the poore of tne p'ishen^* at gate»htMde as muclie come flbr 

money I liaue none Dianen bell of gatesheide doithe cmr 

vnto me foure |N>un<l» of the whiche I haue rartayne stufle uf 
hiji of a price the whiche stuflfe I am ccmtente that Im* %hall hatr 
all a gavne |Niyinge xlV to me or niviH* executor. Uv mr wiU 
rm Bell/ 


In tlie name of gcxl Anu^n tin* xy*'^ clay of August in the 
yeare of our lord (1558) I Ilobert bennett p'st p'bi*iidaryr of 
the catht*drall church of IXirh'm beinge M*ke in my bodye h 
yett in p*fite memorie makftli this my pVnt te«taroefit & la»t 
will in man' & forme followinge Inp'mis I geue my tcmll to AU 
mightye giMl my rtKlemer & sauiour to c/ blessed Ladve i:^. 
Marve aiMi to all tin* blevK*<l comiHUive of lieavrn mv bodvc to 
be buryt*<i in tlie catln'tlrall churclu* of IXirh'm as nighe vnto 
my M' prior castle* graue as conveniently nuiy be And to haue 
the day of my bur}* all masse dirige & »uflrage« due h acnis> 
tonit'd It*m I giuf to eu*ye [H*ticaiKm iij' iiij^ It*m I giue 
and iM^tpiith to eu*ye lay singinge nuin ij* to eu've chorist' xij' 
It*n) 1 glut* to eu've o* »chol<*ni of the gram* schole xij^. It'ni I 
giiu' t«> eu*y«* iM^adman ii' It*ni I giue to (tc*<irge Smith the 
v*grr \* It'm to Jf hn bnnnit* \irg* ij* to the two bell ringrrs 
eytluT of tlu*m iij* iiij'. It*ni I giur io the |)oore people hear 
in Durh'm iiij' It'in I lK*f{uith to n\\ brother Doctor bi*Qoett* 
one ?>»tandingi* cu|^h* duhit* gilte w*^ « i*tni* 6i xi) silu' sfKities w*^ 
skallat) sIm*1U on ther h<*ads It*m I giu<* to my sayd bmilier 
(me silu* Milt p*ct*ll gilt w^ a ci>u' an<l alto a nutt gilt w** a eou* 
It'm I giue to my n«*ce m*gan*t l*^lc»ton une silu' salt p*ceU 

I OriinnsIlY s monk In DuHimd Calbtdrml aimI Burwr at iW DtaHlvttaa, ti^ 
tmranb tbr ttrvt l^rrbrwknr of lb# cWrvnUi tUJl, ami %'irar ul G 

t Tnor of lyurfaam fit^u 14IM to l>lf. He «&• Imrit^ in lb# 
uf tlic iimiair AttW of lb# BSTV ailht CatlialrmL 

J WiUiMn ficmict tlir 6nl PrrbcadsTT of ibr fourtli tUU. 


gilt w*** a cou' & sex silu' spones & one silu' goblet w^out a cou'. 
It'm I giue to S^ John browne peticannon one new goune the 
coller lined w^ duble satton & one solden gilted spoone. It'm 
I giue to my nece margarett Eggleston one morra gowne. 
It'm I giue to Jane hall my syde workday gowne and a silu* 
spoone It'm I giue n Lowsons children & listers children 
amongst them xl". It'm I giue to M' xp'ofor chayter * one silu* 
spone kilt w^ an accome on the head It'm to his wifFe m" 
chaytor fortepence in gold. It'm I giue to my servante John 
Richardson xl* and my blacke geldinge hauing a white Rache 
in his forehead and going att bearparke. It'm I giue and be- 
quith to w™ dawson my servante my baye geldinge goinge att 
howghall & xl'. more in money. It'm I giue to my servante 
thomas seh'm my brewer xl* in money It'm I giue to xp'ofor 
day my cooke xl* in money and to eu'ye of thes iiij servantes a 
liverye coote of ix or viij* a yearde. It'm I giue and bequith to 
xp'ofor midcalfe & his brother Cuthbert eyther of them a noble. 
It'm I referre Bessye tripps reward to my brothers doctors dis- 
cretion. It'm I giue and bequith to John dixson thomas dix- 
sons Sonne one standinge cuppe p'cell gilte. It'm more I geue 
to margarett egliston Jane hall f&auncis gibson & John brownes 
wiffe o' barbers to eu'ye of them an ell of the finest linnen clothe 
that I haue to be euerye one of them a kirchiife. It'm I giue 
to John browne the barber a dublett of thaphetur and to his 
wiffe a lode of Rye. It'm I giue to thomas gibson one silu* 
spoone. It'm I giue to my lord suf&againe' one old ryall. It'm 
I giue to doctor watson M' Rob'te I^ton m' tutinge & m' An- 
thonye Salwaine p'bend' eu'ye of them an old noble & to 
m' crawfurth p'bend one new riall It'm I giue & bequith to 
m' S'iaunte meynell one old riall. It'm I bequith to the poo^e 
people in bamard castle & gaynforth my p'ishoners to be dis- 
tributed for the welth of my soull ther sex pounds in mony^ 
It'm I giue to nellye dixson Roger dixson's wiffe one sake 
w^'^out a cou*. It'm I giue to my curate att gainforth my mellye 
gowne faced w^ blacke conney It'm I giue to thomas lawes 
wiffe a qt' of wheat. It'm I giue to Jane hall one lode of wheat 
all the residue of my goods my debts payd legaces deducte & 
funerall expences p'formed I giue to my brother doctor bennet 
whome I ordeine and make my full executor of this my said last 
will & testament to distribute as he shall thinke most meat lor 
thelth of my soule & all christen soulles Witnesses p'sent att 

1 The immediate ancestor of the Chajtora of Croft bj his marriage with the 
heiress of Cienraux, and at that time an eminent notary public in Durfaain. 
* Thomas Sparke, Bishop of Berwick, of whom above and h«retfter. 
3 All of them Prebendaries. 


the makinge lienif m' AntluMiy Salvaine m' Jcilin tulingr plirttil 
S' John hn)wiii* |)etticaiiuii J4>bn Kictiankon jk »" iWirMMi «** 
cliuerM* ollieru.* 


In x\h» name of (icnI Amen tin* xx'ix <lav of tlie monetiit* of 
Au^ufct in x\w vere of ih l^inl ChhI Alhnightie A ltNm«aiKl fy%r 
huncireth fiftie Si eight 1 'lliouiai* 1 n>llc>|)|H* of ThcN^iirY ui 
the Parifthe of Kellowe within tiK* (Vnintie of IXireAfiie tlftquirr 
beinf( at thin p'nte t\nir (lluink% t4i c/ I^>rcl Ctud) ui jtoml 
lH*alth of iMKiit* not crantMl nor M*k and in gcMxl and |>rrl\tt 
rt*nienihranri* allwayt^H caUingr to nienMirie tin* fni%ltie of lh» 
vayn & tranHJtorie W4>rld €*(»ui«idering al»o Imiw that %rr for </ 
»yns & niiMiracU a' dalyi* playgrd with warre aiMi M-kotn & 
y detht* to cv'ye lyvin^ c-rrnturf i«» efitayn tlH» tiourr & t%fw 
thert^if nio!»t uncertain niyndinge tlnTrof & woUiiig bjr itwU 
grare not to dt»|>arte out of this worhi intestate IXm> ro'uituir 
ordayn aiMl make thin my |>*nte Tef^tainent co*taynitiK thrrnn 
mv la»t will fvnt of all 1 fh*rlare aiMl ronf«*M to be a tnir 
X'tian belevyngv ail tin* articU*i» of o' catlioUcke (aytlir & all 
other cervmoni4*» Wk o' mother hi>ly (*hurch doith uh»*%r & 
kr|M« My M>uk* 1 iKHiuetln* to Alinyghlie (tod & •a«%or 

Jt*su Christ who r(*<h*miHlf & Uiught th<* »aim* w* hi% nia»t |irr« 
cyoutt hlcKie, bt*»tH*hingt* tht* m<i»t IniUye and |Hirv virgm Mmitt 
niothtT of Jt*»u C'hriftt & all tin* ftavntb of lieaven to |ira%r fcir 
me w oiling* alMi tliat my coq>% »luU be burjrde within my 
fKircht* (ita) C*hurrhe of K<*lloWf aforc-^oiid ifitUiall ple«r (fod 
that I (i«>|KTt within tht* ^id |)*i4i«* And if I UuUl ck*|wrte anT 
othcT Hhrri', than, to Ih* bur%-<*th* in that {I'i^K* church wbrrr I 
fklmll M) d'|»'t and tohavc »olcni(>n mai^M* with allotlier ohi«qur» 
ns iHToinrth a inHn4»f ni\ lH*ha\<*\i»' at ttn* (hi»cn*tt«>nof ni%i«r exe- 
rutorn. AImi I gi\t* to the hi^ln* AlttT for tirthn iM*glif(t*ntKe fur* 
for^t)tt«*n in (h'^-liar^r of mv r<m<iyt*ii' &x* Atnl alMi I gr%r tt» 
ani«*ndiiig«* nf th«* «*hnrrht' ot lu'llovit* and ornanH'nt^ of tin* %anir 
X*. And Hh<-rt'a«» giMi haitlit* giurii uiitu um* an lNHM"»t p'tr in 
thi« world H'^a iriMMl %k\ti* «khi» ha\tht* )N*«*n jk i% iM>t uolie nmck 
ro'fiirtahlt* to ni«* hut al^i m«H*h<* |»rofitabli% kiHiwingc Ako 
that hir nivndr \ v^oll f^ tluit I %huld Ih* pHid failM*r to my 
rlntflrrn not (»iii'h«* u* i\Hn% wh(»ni«> 1 h.i\4* had w' hir but ako 

I .Ifil-tt Trt.U«>{). i>f ThornlcT, l-l«q.. nuinirvl fint Annr (.'aufbtrf MkSci 
It*^ r I.iintir<i.iif l^viiftb. k\m\, . anil Mx«tftt!ltr, ttr»»r. lUuKliIrr of 
ru<t««-«.ol Harti»rth, IIm)., « i«|«i« of Tb«i«kM Mr* bam. «i Mrtkua. C«^-. tW 
** f^mmi myfr" in ibc •ill* 


w* my children of my wife deceased & that she will kepe her 
selfe co'tetite & pleased Wt the thirdds of all my goods and cat- 
talis. Therefore I geve & bequith to my thre Daughters that 
is to saye Dorothe Elizabethe & Margaret to ev*ye of them 
towards their advancemente in mariage a c^ a piece in full pay- 
ment of other porc'ons filiall & children partes of my goods and 
cat tales ov' besydes this I geve to Margaret my dowghte vj'. 
xiij'. iiij**. w*** was Legate & bequithed to hir by hir layt grand 
mother Pudscey. Also fo' as much as my sonne Robert is 
yonge & yfF I shuld leave a su'me of money or goodes w<* 
might be sooner consumed & waysted w^'^out good governance 
therefore I am thus myndet towardes him that where in the last 
covenant of marriage maid betwixt me and my Wyfe I res'ved 
XX marks to be declare my will & Testament of the which 

XX merks I do give & bequeth to my said sonne Rob'rt one an* 
nuitie or yearlie rent of vj'. xiij'. iiij**. for his lyfe naturall to 
be taken furthe of the said xx merks to be payd yerelie at two 
termes in the yere that is to say at M'tynmas and penticost by 
even portions by thands of my sonne John or other myne heires 
whome it schall please god to succede. And if the said annuitie 
or yerelie rent of vj'. xiij". iiij**. or ony parte thereof happen to 
be behinde not payd at anye of the said feastes w*** it ought to 
be payd at or within x days after anye of the same that it shall 
be lawfull to my said sonne Robert to distren in a ground called 
the Gores p'cell of the aforesaid xx merks lying within the 
Lordship of Thornly & that he shall kepe the distres there so 
taken for lack of payment of his said annuitie unto such tyme 
the said annuitie or rent or arrearages and eu'ye part therof 
shall be fully paid and discharged w^ said annuitie of xx nobles 
I ffive to my said Sonne Rob'rt in full co'tentac'on & payment 
ot his fyliall porc'on or chyldes parte of all my goodes & catall 
& that my sonne & heyre John TroUope shall liave the co'mo- 
ditie of suche goods or cattales as shuld arise or have com'en 
to my sayd heyre j'f this annuitie had not beine graunted. 
And if my said sonne Robert will not be content w*** the fore- 
said annuitie but that he woU have his fylial porc'on of my 
goodes Then I woU by this p'nte Testament that my gift of 
his annuitie shalbe voyd Also I give & bequith to my bajrse 
gotten sonne Johnne TroUope* xx". yerlye durying his lyfe 
natural w*** I woU charge my foresaid sonne & heyre John Trol- 
lop to sc well & truelie payd according as I and put my 
trust to him. Also I geve to my doughter Anne Metcalfe vj\ 
xiij". iiij**. for a soken of remembrance Also I geve & bequyethe 

1 Ancestor of the Trollops, of Crossgate. in the Citj of Durham. 


to mytip I'kle Iloprr Tn>IJi»|H» n hurv* or a nin^rr «i«irtlir »l*. 
AIm> I f^eve to my ikv'iitf KtrlianI lliomiiMin a mliyr •« calfr h 
to fv'vf of my Sv'iii'. a qiiortrrH wai^e In-^yilf* lln-n- dur 
A4 %irll iiu*n Sv*nt!i a% womt'ii AUo I |;«*\(* aihI l)r<|uii'tl>r to 
lliomaM TrolJoiH*' Miiim* to niv Muiiie Joliii 'I Vol Kip mv cIitdt 
ot* p)i<i & my l>rfM*li«* ot' gold AImi 1 ;;(*\i* nud lM-<|i:cthr t<» 
ev'vf oiM* of my nyft"^ miii% n fri*iirli croKHn* a yvH-v f\<i*|'t S* 
'Ilioma** Mrlt'irm Kity^dtt. A1m> I grvc (^ lMt|ut*tltf ttt in% 
mother' ail ainhliii;; iiiuyn* or an ninliliitg iia^'r X to iii\ uiiclr 
William lUaxtoii a fmirh rri»wiii* tt> a tokfii. AImi 1 gv%r and 
b<H|tKMtlH* to my linitlirr Jf»liti 'rrc»llo|H' of Mordon u rimr \ to 
lii<i .M>nn«* 'lliomah inv pKiM>ii a Stoi Hit* rt-«idiit' ot all bi% 
pcNMli^H cattalli*^ ami l«*;f»t*^ I gi\f unto ni\ M»nnr and liA\n* 
John Troiloi) wlionn* I ordcyu co^tiliiit* Al iiuikt* M»lt* H, lull 
(*X(*cuto' of tlii«« Miy t«*^tani«'nt ik la<*l Will iruMinp* tliat Im- 
vliall |myr my I)i*ht*» ^ di*>|Mr»i* tin* <^ui)i* to thr clorii* of initl 
mv Miiili* hralthi* ^ lits |irofft And I rrt|iiir<' m\ tlvr^* fnt'tNl*-* 
Sir 'Iliomaii Mrtrirni Kn\^'lit \ mv r<»^\n |{«>li'rt 'lVni|it«t 
l*jM|uin*, Sup'viMirN of llii<> nix ^aid V^ill and Ti'^tanH'ni to *«* tlir 
Mimt* tnilir i/formffi C^ fnllilltil in rn'\«* •irtu-U- lf;;.ii*v ^ cLium- 
ai» mv trufit i^ in tlu*m and for tliiTi* |M\ni*^ t)i«*ri'in I ^wr ti> 
t*vtlirr oftli€*m v m«*rL«» In \ViiiM-% liiTt*of t«) thi«mv tt-^tanM-nt 
I have kuliM'rilH'd tux nami* ^c pnti tf» mv ^^imIi* tin* «ia%f*& \4*r«> 
abovi* writtcMi in tin* n'M'ncv of Antli(»nif r«*ion KM|niri* KtM'lt-r 
llall and K«»;^*r TrolloiM* (frntli'mt * «n: Xp'ofiT CliaUcv' NuIa- 

rXXIX. OCoKlii: L\WH0N, I.HgllRR, 4%|*1T%1N or VAAKI 

i \?«Tii:. 

In tin* Namt* of (iikI Ahm** tlu* xij*** iLiy of Ni»vi**bi'r and in 
ycr o\' o' loni ^ml I.ViH \ in tin* v & ol' tin* n*fni «>f ^^ 
Sivrrayn I^inl and Laiiyi* niilloo ami M;ir\i* h\ tin* frmcr f4 
giKi Kyn^i* and Qiifm* of Fji^LumI \r. 1 (H-i»rf:v Ijivioti 
FlMiuitT C'apytavn of \V«irki* CaotU* Immiiit in |i*lit«* nit*itMir\r at 
iIm* makym^v ot tlii% my iai^t Will ainl 'r«*«tami*nt«* b«i|uithiii|cr 
mv MiulU* to Almifflitit* (mmI uimI mv ImmIvi* 1c» \h* buried in 
Savnt Nicliol&4 l*hurrlH* in NVwra^tlt* lH'<i\df'« mv fathrr Sr-> 
rondan*ly I Ufjuitht* all Hurln* my g<HMli*% nM»««*al>lf ainl unoMnr* 
aldf unto Ma^trt*^ KI*halM*tlH* I^auMMi nn «\f«* mak^tti; lur nt 

■ Diol brfiirc IMU, unmamnl 

' M*r|^-rv.«UuKhtrr i»f Willum nUkr-tifi. of llUkrtt<4-. 1.-^ 

3 Aikvftlui «<rilir ChAitu^of UuUrrt% AOtl Cn4t— V. i*. i;x 


full Kxeciitrix and no nrnn to interrupt liir to the intent she 
shall be good unto my children and hirs And also further that 
if it shall so happen by the handy worke of God to call liir 
unto his m'cye than then I will that my brother Thomas Law- 
son shall have the govem'nce of my Children Tymothe Law- 
son and Eward Lawson until they come to lawfuU yeres of 
discrection and to receve that whiche is I leave unto them in 
redye monye puttinge in suche lawfuU baii'ndes as thes p'tyes 
folowinge shall think meate and TfuU for the redeliv'y of hit 
when they come to the stait of xx yeres Also if it shall so happen 
either of them to dye the other to be his heyre w^out fraude 
Also I yeve to Edward VVod my Lieuten'nte a gowne clothe of 
[blank orig.'] and iiij yards of black satten And I yeve unto 
Leonard Marshall my buff Jerkyn And thus I make an end 
referringe all to God. Witnesses thes p*tyes folowing And I 
have subscribed this w' myne own hand and seale set to my 
seale as above said. [P**. 1558.] 


In the Name of God Amen. The xvj^ daye of Septembre 
in the yere of o' Lord God athusand fyve hundrethe fifte eight 
I Richard Thadye of Brunptoft in tne Countie of Duresme 
gentle mane beinge sycke in body & p'fyte reme'braunce makithe 
this my laste Will & Testame'te in man'& forme folowinge. fyrst 
I geue & bequithe my soull vnto Almightie God my maker & 
reaemer and to o' blyssed Ladye saynct Marye and to all the 
blessyd co'panye of hevon, my bodye to be bured in the 
Churche of Elwike at the Descrechon of my frends. It'm I yue 
& bequeathe towards the rep'ations of the sayd churche xP 
Also I geve and bequeathe vnto a prest To praye for my soull 
the spaice of vij yeres next afte' my deathe (blank in orig.) 
Ako I geve and bequithe vnto my Wyffe Dorothe my lease of 
the tythe corne of Merington so Longe as she dothe kepe her 
vnmaryede And if she shall fortune to ma'ye then I will that 
my two sons shall haue the same lease w^^'the p'ffetts thereoff. 
Also I geve and bequithe vnto my said Wyffe the Lease of 
Brontoft and all my right and intetst in the same. Also I re- 
lase & forgeue my father in Lawe Jerrade Salvayn th'elder * all 
the dett whiche he is in dettyde vnto me at this daye and also I 
do forgeue John Kyllinghall ^ all suche detts as he is owinge vnto 

1 Of Croxdale. 

2 Of Middleton St. George. 



iii«>. IttMii I ^vur and lH*(|iiilli«' \nto J«»iiii KiihiifrhalU cliikiivn 

\i*. Ittiii 1 p'lit' ami hri|iuthr \iitn Uoli't Skf|i|N*r iii\ Ka\^ 

uta^p* ami oiu* nmr h**- ««ta^p* pMillir h** Mr. I^rr^toiu* at 

MtH'UMii*. AUo I )N*f|iiitlir viiid iiiv ^ii'iiU- KichartI S|MMirt> tmr 

cos^v aii*l (»ti< ^r:i\ t\lii of iij \t*r^ oldr. AImi I do tor grur niv 

ku lite J;iiut*s M.iiii'il Iwi'iurkn uirhr I dimwit* Ifiiil li\tii aiMl ail 

otlitT Di'tH Hulir hf* dolhir iiwr \iito iiii*, o\ct*|it %iu Im- *<iniV or 

mmri*^ of iiioii\«* uii-lir hr owitlu' iiu* for mmt*. Ai«<> I p-uc* 

and lK*i)uitli«* %iilt» S'. Wiiriii \Vrl^'lll my ^(MIv latii«*r %r %i(j'. 

to |>rayt* for my Mniil, W^^i I ^ru«' \ lK*(|uu'tlM* t€» S*. '11h>\ ot' 

KlHiki* to pray** tor my miuII \|* \iij*. AImi I ^rut* to AUxan- 

drr my man u<*ohi*. A No I p'ti«* %iiio Willi'ni S|NinM'r a ro«ir 

and mv l>l«'u rovt. AImi I vrut* \ht<i Anni* SiHiriH-r a vttmr aiMl 

u'|»f. AImi I lM*({iiith«' vnto tliom\ S|)unMTr m\ frraye 

lilli of iij «'\r(* old X my hhuk** royt. AImi I lHi|uitiM* unto 

liii^lic I);iWMin m\ '^'ii'nt a rlialdiTi* ot' m^Utt* and a rtmr. AIm» 

I ^t'lir and lMM|iiitlif vnto my (uMlMin Jfrr«-d liirkhra«lr arowr. 

AImi 1 ^i*ni* to till* |)r(**»t^ and lM*dnifn ot (irrlliann* t*nHHi|;i-«t 

tlit*m«' to pra\«' lor my miuII x\*. AImi I ^i*ii<* atnl l>«-t|ttj|lir 

\nto till' r\NVfirHr ot' b\rkhi*ad% child' xl'. AImi I irrutr atnl 

lM*4|iutli(* \nto Anthony Claxton and Amu* CLixloii x |Min4lt-% 

t*<|nallyc to l>t' dt*\ytit*ad(> Ix'tuixt thmi in K«i'oni|ic*iirt* of all 

thin^««. AImi I ^«*iif an«i lH-f{n«'lht* %tifo M'. Frannci* Wainhw 

fonh' ' m\ hav«' Mii^i^r w irhr pi\thi* h*** h\ni. AIm> I ^rur %i»- 

to Marmadukr Snrtn-^* %'. AImi I tor ^\\v \ n*h*aM- %nlo 

xi>*ot«*r Fcrmt'V all «inrh«' drtt^ and Mim«**i ot mon*M a» tit* i% o«- 

ini;«* \nto m«* at tin* makinpt- hmiit'. AImi I p^iir to I*Ab«'U 

'nitim|iM>nni* arowr. AImi I i^mt* to Dorotln* Hrovinc v »br«pr. 

AUo I i;rii«* to M.iri;arotr \Mi«*hi^ x*. AImi I f*i*uc* to Jrnort 

Wall \*. AUo I p'n«* t4i i^nsit KalM-ll 'IlKHnMin \'. AImi I du 

tor^'rin* M\*ln'* K\rlNinki* ot' hir «l«'tt ^irh •'hr om** itito iwr 

\\*. AU<i I ;:*'ur (o Jolm t'uill.iy ^ xii'olcr ( Nank ) auhcr ul' 

ihiMUf ij*. AImi I put* to M;ui«i ij'. AImi I p'Ui* and ln^uurthr 

unto till* K\ght honrahh* X m\ •^ni^nh'r put lonl ami M* thr 

lord ol U( ^'tam.i'KuMp ni\ i:r«ijk«> iji'himp' dfUinp* hi% lortKhip 

tiir lh«> liitH' <»t (ti*i| til Ih* l'ihkI lord \nt«i ni\ nitr aiMl rhiki* 

rii)L'«'. Al"**! I L'<'ii« -ind Im i|iirtli« \it<i M' Sa«iUa\iir 

thr \<ini:« I «iii«* iii'ic K\ ill. AU«« I ^ ut- \ !»• .|iii;hr \nto IU»bl 

Imiiomm- .ih'l Aiiiii' Hall iithtTf itt thi 111 \ . and I « til tlial mv 

\N \ tl«- «hali !i .Ml ihi- otdt I ini:t' III (hi in .i:id th«* «.ud mi«nt*\ %nli» 

• • 

■ « M Kirkiw^t.-i.. ; • V-iriahtri. 
( I! M .f !:• .. IK- !(■ «. 

Ill • rt N. \ I I XA\k\ \.Mi\ i»t \Vr«tn>*>rl«r..|. x\u\ 'aW rt ••' i ti«rW^ thr «ltk 
> ir ; « I ■ I •■•« . • i! j||*a n«t Q irt-i. I , / a Vr I. .. I >«y an 1 timl m I UaJ -^ la 


siiche tyme as thaye shall come to the age of tenne yeres. Al- 
so I geue & bequithe vnto my sonnes Bryan Thayde and 
Thomas Thayde my lease of Burnighill Tuddo and all my right 
tythe intrest & terme of yeres whiche I the said Richard Thayde 
haue yetto come in the same w^^'ther appo^'tenn'ces and I will 
that my Vncle WylPm Kylhnghall shall haue the ordere rule 
and gou'nunce of my said two sonnes whithe all there p'ts and 
porc'ons vnto suche tyme as thaye shall accom'plishe the age of 
xxj yeres at wiche tyme I will that the saide Will'm Killinghall 
shall deliu' vnto theme all there full porcyons some and somes 
of monye goods and catalles whiche thaye shall haue of my 
goods by v'tue of this my Last Will and Testament or other 
wyse. Also I geue and bequethe vnto Robert Skepper one 
an'uytye or annuall rente of fortye shillings by yere goying 
forthe and to be paide by the said Will'm Kyllinghall and his 
assignes unto the sayd Robert Skepper and his Assignes out of 
my lands ten'ts farmholdcs and p'fTetts of my fer'holdes wliiche 
I haue geuen vnto my said two sonnes and ayther of them, at 
the feasts of sanct mar tine in wynter and penticost by evene 
porcyon's, to haue and p'ceyve the sayde annuytye of fortye 
shillings vnto the said Robert Skepper and his Assignes vnto 
suche tyme as my sones and eyther of them shall ccomplyshe 
and com'e to the age of xxj yeres. Also I geue and bequithe 
vnto my vncle Donet (blank ^ & to his sone yf thaye be yet lev- 
inge XX*. Also I geue to the poure folkes of Brauncepeth to 
pray for my souU iiij*. Also I gevto the poure folkes of Crox- 
daill iij' iiij**. Item to the poure folkes of Elwycke iiij". Also 
I geue to nicholas mebourne my s'u'nt v". Also I geue to 
xp'ofor Spurnere v*. Also I geue to Isabell Jackson ii*. Also 
I geue to S' thomas of Vlston iiij'. Also I geue to the poure 
folkes of Vlston ij*. Also I geve to the pure folkes of Gretham 
iiij*. Also to the p'soncrs in Durh'ra iij' iiij**. It'm I geue to 
Doctor Benett an angell. Also I geue to M^ Tutinge iij* iiij**. 
It'm I geue to elesabethe fenney a cowe. Also I geue vnto 
xp'ofor Fenney a cowe. Also I geue and bequ'the vnto the 
said Will'm Killinghall my whyte geldinge. It'm I geue vnto 
John p'rosber an old ryall. Also I geue to Will'm CTaxton x". 
Also I geue to my Aunt Soth'one and my aunt Huddeswell ether 
of them an angell. Also I will that if it shall fortune ayther of 
my sayd two son'es to dye before he come and accomplyshe the 
age of xxj yeres then I will that the survyor and over levere of 
them shall haue all his part and porcyone of goods and cattails 
whiche shall fortune to dye, and yf it shall please god to call 
them bothe to his m'cye then I will that bothe there p'tts and 
porcyons w*** all the p'ffetts comynge of my sayd fermholde shal«> 

M 2 



in* ^\\vt\v and cIvM-iihtr l<» tny ^'u'lits n nifiMlvn^c of »tirli lii|:hr 

ua\(<», \ lor tlii* iiu.rvaL't* tJ* iiiiivfU at lli<* <l%rri*lvoti c»l' mir 

Mip'wsors or M> tuaiivi* ot* tlifiii ju» ^liallH* tlicnr lH*lrfi ingr. 

AIm> I iiruv &, iNMjiirtlu* \iito I1IV mu<I midV Hrvaiit* in full rr-> 

roiin flirt* aiul ^atx-^f.u'rroiu'of ItU riillaiKi f\h'all iHinnonr of oiv 

^ihmU :Mi(i r;it(*ll«'^ a l.iiu<lt'(*tlii* niark^ or t-IU not |>ro%\fi«*<l itl- 

uaXi'H ami 1 uiU that llt«* ^ai«l \Nt!rni Kiliini^hall \ lii« a»«iirr«'% 

hliall Vfrclv acroniht nntti tlu* rrH\«U*ur of ^iicl »ui»%iMir' aiNl llir 

lon|;€*itt lt*vt*r of tluMn for all mmIu* |>*lK*tt^ Sks %\u\il coin iuwl rr- 

nc*H(* of nil my l«Jin<lt*?» tcn't<» an<l farnihoUU hy nu* iH^tjurtlM^I 

and i;<*u<*n vnto niv <»aid tuo Min*> or Hirlu* ilui%' uliall fortiiikt* to 

liavi* lifn* afttT afuT uliu-lu* accomptt* I will that thr ^i-d |»ri>f- 

ffttfi shnlhi* kr|»t w'^ thirr ««aid |:<hmN iv: rattrlU hy tht* «aid 

WiH'm Killin^diall for thi* vm* of my ^ayd tmo m)i*«» aiMl the Ion* 

ger li'Vfr of tlu* m ui» y^ lu-forr dvrlaryd. A1m> I ^t lu Jk lir<|uitlM* 

%'nlo M'. Franrf\*M' Wand\*»M* •^'unt^i t inongt-^t tlwni xn*. 'llw 

rt*>»vdt'ift' of all mv i;(mhU & ruttrU mo\i*uhlt* and % iimo% f*ablr %n- 

• • • 

bt*<)Ufthi*<l aftt' my IVtt?» ^ fuiu-ralN fiaidt* anti IVi-m^Im rfrf<l I 

gout* Ik lK*<iuitlu* vnt€» l>orotht* my WyflV* Hr%aiu* j^ 'Hmmiuu my 

Imo M)nN uliome I maik niv full e\('rut€»n» of thi* m\ la»t Uill 

& ttMamrnt to di<»|M>«>i* tht* »iamr ftir tin* li<*alth vf my Mndl \ I 

ituiik f»u)»*viHM>rk of thin my mill WiU'm KyllingluilL JtrfTv<i Sal- 

vavn tht* tin* vonirfr H'vant* Pallnu-% M>i-lull i»and^truni«* Udl'ni 

wrmr iMjuiT!* and Koh't Skt'innr yoman lor wIhim- |>aIn«-« I mdl 

timt fUffvr onr 4»f nu* hup'wm*'* t^hall luivr f«»rtv «liilhnifr% rnxnl 

thiTiTo^tt-H l>onmi». >Vytfu*»M* htTit>f \|»'olo' *|H*nrc xp'oftv' iVn- 

i\v\ lln^ho DiiWMHiv & Koh't Ski'|>|>i*r h** othrr* mo 


( \\\i. HMiiviin ri:MMi:KToN, or ht^mioI'C, iEfiM%N. 

In tin* luinic of giMJ Amt'U tlu* wnj** i\n\ of S»f»irnihrf in 
\' yran* of o' Ion! ^mI I.W.I 1 Uk hard iK'nim'ton of •tantM»|ir 
in \' 4M>iiiit\(* of Duih'm \iN»ma* holo of mindr & |»'fitt«* mr* 
mor\f inakfH ihi^ iii\ la.<it uill j^ tr^tammtr in man* ^ f«innr 
follow in^i' tfir^t I h<(|iiirth my mu:11 to ^'od altnif:ht\r \ niv 
Inn|\ to \h* huruMi HI \* p*i%ht' rhiin hr of ^tanlt4>ttt* «hrr niT 
frt'inU «h ill think<* pHxl Wuy I lH*(iuuth to m\ Minnr Mirl»«rll 
IHinnrtoii th<' hfttt*r of my tv^o ^*«*ldin^^ h«-ii);:o gra^M-tl br^tfle 
Mfn*>la\<' and I iHMjuirth jk ^iu«' \o ni\ othtr MiniM* H«>b'tr 
|H*iiiiirti n thotlKT of my tuo (!ildin|:% tlH*r«' a)»4) ^ra<k%t<l Ai«o 
1 will X lM*i|iii(*th viit«> my thn* daiii;ht«-r^ anm* | i-mnt'ton \ r* 
^ula i^niin'toii K Ualn'll |^*mn^ton i't:r\«* oih* of thi ni \ in fHll 
rf»iit< titac ion N tia\rmrntt* of llirr tJi.ill p'ti*^ ^ |ti»rrM»n» V* 
tlN\ nui\ or oupit to liaup of all «U( 1m* pH)d% & caltrik m 1 


the sayd Ulcliard shalbe possessed bf att the time of my death 
& yf it fortune any my sayd daughters (as god defend) to dye 
before tliey shall fortune to reccaue there said porcions of x* 
then I will that suche p'te & porcion shall come & remayne to 
such other of my sayd daughters or daughter as shall fortune 
to surviue & ou' Hue Also I giue and bequieth to my sonne 
Michaell two fether bedds & all the geare therto belonginge 
And also I giue to llob'te pemm'ton my sonne A fether bed & 
a mattres Also I will and bequieth vnto my wiffe my lease 
interest & terme of yeares v>r^^ I nave yet to come of & in the 
come milne of wolsingh'm during hir naturall life yf she here- 
after marye nott & if she shall fortune to marye or Dye then 
I will that all my interest & terme of yeares of and in all y* 
sayd milne shall holye come unto my sayd sonnes Michaell & 
Kob'te & to y* executors & that my uncle Michaell fetherstone- 
haufF & my brother Cuthbert pemm'ton shall imediatlye after 
y* mariage of my sayd wiffe or after hir death haue the orders 
of my sayd two sonnes y* milne & other ther porcions & they 
to brmge them v'touslye vppe Also I ordein & make my sayd 
wife Michaell pemm'ton & Rob'te pemm'ton my sonnes my lull 
executors of this my last will to whome I giue all y* rest of my 
goods not bequested to disponde for y* health of my soule the 
witnes herof M^ feathei-stonhaughe John pert curett Cuthbert 


Goodes praised at Fourd & Hilton the xxiiij of April A** 
P. Elizabethae by Mr John Dalivell, & Mr John Mydfurthe of 
Sighell esquirs John Chambers Steven Kitchin & WilFm 

FyTste in wheit by estimac'on sex chalder at liij*. iiij**. the 
chalder xvj'. In beanes by estimac'on foure chalder at xx\j*. 
viij**. the chalder v'. vj*. viij**. In draught oxen xxxviij at xi*. 
a peice Ixxvj'. In swyne foureteyne 1". In bigg thre chalder 
at liij*. iiij"*. the chalder viij*. In waynes plowe yrons withe 
ther appurtenances vj'. In woole ten stone at two shillings & 
viij**. a stone xxvj*. viij**. In wheit & bigg of the grounde sex 
and fortie Acres x* y® acre xxiij'. In pease & beanes of y* 
grounde xl acres at vj*. viij**. the acre xiij^ vj*. viij**. In yowes 
& lambs v", xvj'. In tuppes a leyven at thre shillings a j)eice 

1 Who was husband of four wives in succession, and died childless. His will 
is priutcd SuRT££s II. 32. He was Governor of Tvncinouth Castle. 

M 3 

182 WILLS AM) 

xxxiij*. I:i ilynnKmL-i x\lj, liij*. iilj*. In «>ht*i|t#* '>^*^ir^ '"'j^ "»j * 
X*. lii raniu;;!* Uoi-^^ iUrc v'. In ^.iit«» (piatf»> \x%ii|, \i*. 
(roooEs \T \^ Paikkf. \t Hilton. Ill lion^ft fttciiHHl onr : in 
niovrcH loiin* : in coll^ of nnv ynir liijfe xUrv : in fillicn oiir «»f 
two wrvs of m^v : out* roll of two Vfri»* off «ijrr i^ ciiit* hUrkr 
griding, \'. in tlit* Iuhim* at lii*r(liiu*i tt'vvc gt*l'lin|^ %iij'. In 
kve to^«T Ct onr ?»tottr and our ralfli* vj*. In old t^iAVnt* n\iir. 
nnd twiMity two pi^g**** liij'. iiij^. (toon^ rR^isKn jitt IIii Tt»\. 
FvrMtr in 1 iiK f.KKiT ( 11 \MiiKK, on<* lu*<l<>trafi, iHo trtlnT (ir«l«l«, 
one njatln*NM», two l>on-l«TH, Iho \%olliii^ blankrtts tuo fu«»hm 
blanket {•«, oni* rov*lftt, on«* o\'mm rt»v*in>;, <»ih» rowrinfj tif ^rnr 
Vflvrti u'^'a lea^ltT o( ilir ^nuw vrUftt, llirt- ronrtin^«> til' jrU 
low and uhitt* Kair(*i.*ni*tt, iho pilloi*^, on«* old car|t(*t, « iH>ilM-r 
car|M*t tor u uyndoui*, a nothfr i*ar|H*t tor « nothrr w\iKlo«ir. 
one ruplxKird, two ^rrat rhi^tn, om* longe tal)U% onr «lNirtr 
tahlt% M-x l)iitri'U htcMtlfs, (Mif iron rliyninry i»ith a |iorr «»r ini>n, 
oni* rliairr ol* u,iynfMH»li, old liinf;in^« of urre^l wtirkf, \\ l\ 
TliK (iKKiN (iivMiiKic. two U'd^^tfifU, fotin* fftlier bi*«id*, «mm- 
niatcTf^M*, two ^>ou^l^•nl, foure pitliK*^, tmo C€>v*U»tt%, l«o rti^t-r- 
in^H of ovVf workf, one iovi'rin|» of vrl\i*ii, om* tra%tfr «»f tlif 
ftanu*, tlirr rnrtinp* <»f cifin & y«llow iwirr<*n<*tt, one o'lirr 
toa-sliT of yrlhiwf c^ bli'Uf ^attrn fl>nrp*M% llin* courtiny;* ai 
Tvul ^ \v\iiVkv s:m\ oni' r!ipb«»rd chub of fur^lnng itapU-v * 
notluM rupbiiard i lotiic oft t|:*:ri", t m* tabit* an<l oih* ru| Itord. 
om* chain*, tuo piin* of woliin^ blanki*tt^. twti |kiirt* tif fu%«l»fn 
blankcttt*^, and 4>ld^in*;^ alHuit cb«* viinr cliainlM'r, \\ l\ 
iiiK Minni.K (iivMiiKK. Tuo lHMNt«*id<«, t'ouri* tribrr Ih<1iU« 
two )N>u^trr>, two pillfN*%, tuo |min* of uolbnp' bl«itikcttii« t««» 
covtTJi'ttH, ij o\'mh' covfrinj;*. a old U*af»t( r of blarkr vrhf*tt 
and blakf* dania*»k<\ on«* rbairr, o|i|^ifi|r^ abtnit lb«* ««ajnif* 
rbanilH*r, vj*. In tiik m.hi: (Iiv.hhkh. Tuo lit-d%tfMU, ftmrr 
fi'tliiT iM'dcU, oiu* niattri*>M-, tuo pairt* of ucillmi; bUnkrtt*. 
tuo lM)u««t<*r^, lij pillo«*%, tuo ro\'if'tt<k, tuoro\*iii^« cnm* ro%<'r- 
in^t* of bla<*k<* and n-td d inia^kr, tuo t<*a%tt*r^« \' imm* iJd m-hI 
and \cUt-tt & lirotlitT of r«*id <»atti'n «'bur^t*«, oiu* rltairt*, oii«* 
clot In* t«»r a u\nd(iur dtirnix, tuo murtni^^ «>f ubitr ^Atn^rnrt 
\y. In iiiK (.vi.i.KUJi:. ()n«* U^Kti-id. tuo fftbtr btiiil*. ont 
lM>u<»t<T, two pdKH'<i, one i^iire «>f U4ilii*ii bUnkfttv otw cc»%*|€*ll« 
cint* rf»vt*nn>:, oik* ronntrr, on«* pair ol «ild \ir^iiuuU, tin* liaiif!* 
ing¥ 4if imintcMi rlotli«*N, v'. Tiik U vihi:i)KoI'K at IIiito^. 
In old n'lil \t*i\«'tt <)ui^diin^«« tuo w*. |!) bLi« kr \rl\rt tiuiM»lK 
ingk old tu«i V*. Oik* tan'tHi \fUt't cu««)iiii^ u*^ arnit*» ol it x*. 
In old daina<>kf \ <wiilti*ii rii*^liin« m-v \*. In oiImt <»i«i 
fap^trir f|niH%hin^^ tumtif fourt* \\\*. A loiij: car|it-ll xJ'. 
In iiipbord rlothr^ ibrr x\X*. In t-ar|M'lt« t«>r tablr» fuurr 


xl*. lu newe hangings for a chamber sex vj'. xiij". iiij**. In 
single cov'ings foure and one blewe field bedd xiij*. iiij**. WoU 
len blanketts viij paire xvj*. viij**. One old teaster, viij old pil- 
loes iiij*. One bedsteid, one fether bed, one bouster, ij blan- 
ketts, one cov'lett, one old eov'inge xx". la old teasters of 
bedds iij. xx*. One old peice of green velvett xiij*. 4**. Two 
cupbord clothes of reid furshen enaples vj*. viij**. One old 
hinging xx*. Two mattrices v*. Old peics of hangings, a 
chist and a bord xx". In s* vaunts bedds twentie fower v*. In 
THE CELi.ER WITHIN THE p*LER. In formes & old ban'ells iij'. 
In the Pler. One iron chimney, two tables, one counter, ij 
chares, one cupbord, sex formes, two old carpetts, three old 
hingings xl". In puder vessell sex garnish x'. In the cham- 
ber ov' THE HAULL DORE. One bedsteid, one fether bedd & 
a bouster, two pi Hoes, two blanketts, one cov'lett, one cover- 
ing, one cupbord, one chiste, one teaster, one chaire, one 
cusshinge, one table xx*. In the lawe chekar. Too bed- 
steids, two fether bedds, ij bousters, and two pilloes, two paire 
of wolling blanketts, the old coverings, one counter, one yron 
bound chist, two old hingings about the chamber xl*. In the 
Kytchinge. One pay re of yron gallesse, two yron rackes, two 
lying crokes of yron, with all other implements belonging to the 
same iij'. In the larder two leads y* one great the oy' litle 
iij'. vj*. viij**. Two leids w*** other implements of brewing ves- 
sell v'. In the tower One great cawdron, one pann, one 
yron speit xxvj*. viij**. Item viij co'pleit harnes from y* kne 
vpp xiij'. vj*. viij**. In the Hall Foure tables withe formes, 
one counter, one cupborde xx*. The corne at Hirst xx*. In 
the butterie P'cellgilt plaite, a crowne a ohice, fyve score 
oinces & thre quarters xxv'. iij*. ix**. In gylt plaite at v shil- 
lings & eight pence the ounce being xxiiij vnces vj*. xvj*. One 
gold chyne weing xxxiij ounces & half a ounce c*. In the gar- 
ner AT Hilton. Two chalder of ott malt at two & thirtie 
shillings the chalder iij'. iiij". In bigge malt one chalder liij*. 
iij*** In wheit halfe a chalder xxvj*. 8**. In rye sex bowlls xv". 
In beans & peace vj bowUs xx*. In the barne at Hilton. 
In fFyrdells of the biggest sorte vewed by estimac'on xx". In 
litle firdells iiij**, xiij*. iiij**. In dobie firr spars xl The ferie 
bote at fForde vj*. viij**. The Goodes praised at Flat- 
wurthe and Tynemouthe. [In the former place cattle only 
are enumerated.] In the Kitchin at Tynemouthe Afor- 
nace pott, a }Ton chymney, a gauntre of yron, three yron 
crookes, two standing rackes, an yron shoall, an yron porre, 
thre paire of yron clippes, and a paire of tonges iv*. Two 
small brasse potts one yaitling of brasse, one frying pann, 


one Hnialc yt*tliii|(, two yroii Hinritft, nine pu«lr dubirr*, %iij 
fly>u»lit*>« \iij ^atircHk, one chan^* with one culljaiidre I*. l\ 
TllK Hi:t:\viiot'M:. 'iVo lirrnin^ lc.ul»« ont* f^rtrate nia»kr 
fattc*, tVxe lio>!;;r.<»iiri<l(Ls a co\lin^ It-ofi, tliirtfin iNiiTrlls two 
hcyhf tW4i M'ui'pL')', oni* iHMKtrifl, out* i^airt* of gauntret^ \\ 1% 
THE ii\kkii(>HAi:. Oiii* |uiiktt« trowr, om* niiiUlinge Inioni, onr 
hraike, tnti tuhlN>, 4>ni* |mire dt* t«*ni%, on«* yron |NiiTt* vj*. «iij'. 
In Tin: kii.l. Out* HttiiK* lrn<l, i) Mimll kill rli%nitM*\« &'. |\ 
Tin: SAi.T (i\itM:ii llaltt'c a \%<*vt* i:( Uu\e M:ltis om* huiHirrtlir 
bowi* Ktatti*H, two Itni^c tahlt"», l^o ir»'*'»c*, fourr liog^r^ I*c-m1*« 
a luntroiH* iij*. In tiik (;\i.i.i:ku: or rYMMoiTii Chic |>ri-w 
■onre aiicl i:i tlir cLnvvriT uithiii tin* pJlerii* anotlKT |»rr«M»urr 
with a |Hir(aII ai.<l y' kiiUrtn^ 'i\ thr |»'ltT \1*. In tiii: i^clm a 
A old cMiphorflf XX '. Fwc oUl hitlchifk of a broken »hi|ir \ij'. 
In tiir i>*li:k. (>i:r portrr of* wa\n>»rott and oiie tabic 
V*. One ^inull yron ehunni-y \*. One chaire \iij'. In tiii: 
BtTiKi:i:. Txui ehi^:>, xij piidi-r pbiit^ %j\ \nj'*. I\ vt tHArtl. 
niAMiru TuoiKHlsteiil^ ij*. In tiil ham. Two tal>lc«, two 
flurnuH \*. Otic €^hvnint\ of \ron %*. (hie ru|ilMjnl ii*. (h»r 
Drinne ij*. Is (tii.Bi.KT Kkkinc*ton ciiamui.r IwfiUii. 
Meida ij*. In the Mil.l. Hot si: one hor^v mill X \roti |>ik* j 
yron ga\eloke. Ye ihin! part of a kii.i.. A j^vlt pinn.* 

cxxxni. it iiiBKUT i'«»nii:h«>, ot i.^^ion, B<»gt'iBR*' 

In Dei iKUniius Amen. I (\ithh*l (*«»n%er% of IjiUonin tlic 
C*o*ntie of Ihire^nie Fx|iiyer Inin^e off ludle ni\iHi ami |»'f%te 
renieinhraunee make thi^ my la>»t «^ill the \\\iij** %»( Se|itenilirc 
in lh<* flir^^t \ere of the Kein^e of o' Snrauie Ijidi«* tllixabrthr 
(v^e.) ill man' and fTorine flollouin^. 'Iluit i* to ^\e I Itcuuitlir 
my MUiil t<» Ailmi^hte (hmI, to 4nir hl(->M-d l^die Sa%iirt Marir 
and to all the hoUii* compan\«* of he\«»n X ni\ lMMh«* t«> Iv 
burid iti tin* j/ishe Chun he of S'd^Mffld in re to tin* ((u«*re 
douro if It for:one m<* to de|»*t in the «^iid p*i«he or tlta*rr a 
iNuits. And aKo I uill that ;ill in\ l)<>l)t^ Ih- |wiid tor tlir d;^ 
char;;«' of mv i'on»»\en*, the \%hirhe I trii*t Ih' \frit htle. .VImi 
I iHMiuiihc Marie Conyern ni\ uitV tlu* third |i'te of all ni} 
I^*nd«» and aUo lM*(|ueatli» to Jt4iii 

hi^ >e(ond mui lii*« land in (*4illin^liain, with monf\ 4»r **%tiiflc'* 
to •ktiH'k if. 'r4» MattheH \ TnthlHTt Conur^ Ci: to tin* longer 
li\(i the rrriT^ & mill ^ LihU in llar:It-| milt*. — Tii K«ibert ^ 

(iiu^'tUr «•! rh<.iU4« l.««l'i€i. '«( N«ib«ic. «t>unt« t4 Voik. 


George Conyers " the ij twynes" & to the longer liver land in 
Egglesclifte, with an annuity of iij'. vj'. %'iij*. — To Thomas his 
youngest son for life lands in Fysheborne with xx marks. — He 
then entails his lands upon his sons Kaufe, John, Matthew, 
Cuthbert, Robert, George, & Thomas, in succession. He next 
bequeaths £100 in moneye playte or moneye worthe, to each of 
his daughters Francis & Elizabeth to her mariage,] if she will 
taike it and folio we hir mother and her frends for hir honestie 
and profitt and no other wayes. Also I geve & beouithe the 
daye of my buriall to be delt fo"^ my soull to powre howsholds 
w*in the pishe v*. at the discressione of my executo'. Also I 
will & bequithe to my p*ishe churche of Sedgefeld xx* of 
money fo' the relief and worke of the said Churche to be paid 
them at the descressene of my executo^. Also I bequithe to 
my gostlie faither there v*. to have me in reme'braunce. Also 
I bequithe to the p'esoners of Duresme gavyll to be distributed 
in allmes x*. Also I bequithe to bridges and heighe wayes 
fortie shillings. Also I bequithe to all my servants that haithe 
bein w' me by the spa ice of vij yeres there wags that is behind 
and also one holl yeres waiges to provyd themselves in. Also 
I bequithe to all my servands there wages behind that haithe 
bein w' me by the space of fyve yeres and vj*. viij<*. a peice of 
them to provide themselves w'^'all. Also I bequithe to my 
s'vants that haithe bein withe me by the spayse of iij yeres 
there wagges behinde vnpaid and half a crowne a peace of them. 
Also I doo bequithe to my waif Maire Conyeres one of my 
basens of silv' w' the ever p'cell gilte, one salte of silve' dublye 
gylt w' the coue% one silver cuppe duble gilte w^ the cou'. Also 
I bequithe to KaufFe Conyeres my eldest sonne^ one other 
Baysen the ewer of selver p*cell gilte, item one salt w^ the 
cov' of selve' duble gilte, item one standinge cupe or a boull 
gylt w*** the cou*^ Also I bequithe to my cossin An Gower for 
so muche as I have founde muche gentlenes in my brother 
Raufe Conyers whose soull God p'don as well towards my sotine 
John' Conyers for the gyfte of his lands as in that he maid me 
the executor of all his goods one pounsyd peice and xl* in money* 
of my own god will w*** out any cause of consyence, if she wdl 
be lovinge & a greable to my wife and children, and I geve to 
eu'y one of hir children v*. All the rest of my goods not be- 
quithed, debts legaces & fune'all expensis paid, I geve and be- 
quithe to my wifie Marie Conye's Raufe Conye's Mathew Con- 
yers Cuthb't Conyers John Conyers Rob*t Conye's George 

I Kngag«d in the rebellion nf the Ear Is of Wfttmorltnd and Northumber- 
land in 1569, and died attainted in 1603. 


Cimverii 'HioniA-H Convor* whom I make niv full (*xiTutcir in 
onior & <iU|H>fi4* all tin* %aui ^inkU !'«>' then* o«'«*ii |»n»frtt« X tlir 
weil of my m>iiII aiicl m<wl HiHviallit* tiiv »«Mi vnfTi* to br t)ir 
clieife cvt^ciiu/ if *Ue kt*i|H* liir viiniarryo rmonf^t-^t hir rhilclrrv 
and liollii* to ki*i|H* tlir Iiowm* to |;t*tlu>rf if it ran h«* m% I ha«t- 
cloiii* lu*tlu*rto & if ainv of t lit* naid t*X(*<*uto^ lit* cliM4)r<i\rfitt 
willfiill or frawanl not uillin^ tlii^ ni\ laM %iill aiKl tt-«lanMtiitr 
to he fullfilliHl |>*fornuMi and dont*, then he or they m» %t*»lM»rne 
atid frnward to hi* there exelitdid of anye metllin^e of thi% m% 
Ia5»t will ancl tei>tament. prain^e my ne\ie S^ Cteor^* (\»n\ef^ 
and mv l>rother in lawe 'nioiiia*« I«aiton and mv cfn^^in 'Ilntma* 
Mvhu to Ih* supS'iMirN of thin mv l«i%t will and to Mt* tliat tn\ 
iiai<l executors taike f^urh <'rd(*r em<»np»t tln^m a% nia%e «tauiiil 
w'** lawe and consyenee and p'tiet eharitie v*e<l enuKignkt thrm. 
And my Nevie S' (teo'^e to ha\e for hi«» futyiM** f*>'tu» *hdhng«. 
my brother 'HiomaH I^iitone to have for hi« iiaytH»« thirtie thrr 
hhillingi*H fower |x*nre and my eonsin 'Ilioma^ Myhi' for hi% |»a>nr 
thritie iij\ iiij-*. In witm^^s ^c. \Vitni*%]%i« FjihnutMl Staplrtutir 
curat &e. [ Pr. l5r)H/ 

C XXXIV. JOHN |f\UTni KM n| STIl.t.l M.TOV. 

In the name of pnl Amen \' xiij*^ ilay of Aprill in j* y 
of ourh>rd i^imI l.Vitl I John hartlN»rne of »tdlin^«>n w**in thr 
p'ii^h of lleadman>hall thankee Ih* to pwl h«>ll t»f miiMie h me- 
morye althou^he ^ke in l>od\e make my last wdljk tt*«t«mrnl 
in maner ^ forme foUouin^e. f!irst«« of all I frmr jk bc*c)uithr 
mv MMile to alniiislitv ir<Ml etr. and mv IxmIv tti he huncd w'^in 
V* sayd rhurehe yard <if Ueadmarshall nitfhe %nto m\ father w* 
laudahite r<Temoiie« as an* p*mitti*d hv v* lawe. |t*m 1 ffiur to niT 
«*«|neiall ^ihkI tur m' rha\t«K for a tok(*n %j* \iij' Ac to mv siiuvu- 
lar freiid m' Kirluinl nr^n.ill |»'m>ii tif «>tainton \'. It*m •• NVimw 
las hartlN>rii(* vj*. \iij*. It'm I pine l«» %' ltoht*rt Kirhani*4Ni 
myne ol«l tin nd to |»r.i\ for inr %j'. \iij*. Il'm I (fiuf ti» tin 
broihiT *>' KoU-rt hartlxirite ij old rialle^ in {!i»ld, Ai to mv %i%trr 
Alh'son smith an (»ld anp«ll Ik liki»iM* I ^iu«* At. lM*ti)uit)ir to 
ruerv one of mv other ihn-e si*t«*r» \i/ Airne% Janet h Mar* 
gan te an (»l<i aii^ell a |H*aee It'm I ^iue to mv neplwi %» Utirm 
bat'h\e in niotiv \\\ S, to mv net>ho lvii»arfl hies4»ii a rn>#«flo 
iti p»id i\ to ht^ hiiithcr th«Mn&s a p't>r^«* nohit*. It'm I pue to 
John Imtftterhve m\ net»lM> «!k allistm his sister tf» eitlM*r of thrm 
\'. \ to iMi'xr onr of ni\ three siikirrs rhildri*n \j'. \iij*. a |w*arr. 
It*m I i:iii«* to m\n<* ohi favthfull s'liante John h<*nlMifiir %\*. K 
to my s4Tuaiit Uirliard turiH*r ij\ 1^ to HiU'ni liartbomr vj*. %\\j^. 


It'ni to my seruant Tliomas hicson x*. & to ether of my other 
seruants will'm Pattinson & llob'te stellin xij** a pece & to my 
mayd seruante xij**. It'm I giue to euiye one of my godsons & 
goddaughters xij**. a peac. It'm I give to my unkle will'm hert- 
borne v* & to his children amonge them x". & to WilFm hart- 
borne of elstob V*. wherof he oweth nie ij'. viij**. It'm I giue 
Mawd Lawson for hir great paynes taken w*** me vj*. viij**. : the 
residue of my goods not geuen nor bequited I frely giue to my 
brother Robert hartborne & Allason smith my sister whome 
Jointly togither I make my full executors they to disponde my 
sayd goods to ther p'fet & my soules health. R' Ji I make su- 
prouisers of this my last will my brother Edward hixson Raufe 
bawterbye & thomas Wright they thre to se the same pTormid 
accordinglye & for ther paynes sustened in that behalfe I give to 
euery one of them vj*. viij**. Records of this will S' Richard 
M'shall Edward hicson Robt. hartborne Robte Jackson Anthony 
Nicholson Roger Megson Robert Richarson p'son Readm^shal. 

The Inventory of all the goods & cattell moveable & vn- 
moveable appartening to John hartborne of stillington deceased 
praysed by thes honest men viz Rob't hertborne Richard gibson 
John lam ley & thomas rddisdayl. 

XX oxen & ij stots xxx*. vj*. viij**. — ix kye vj yonge nowte ij 

stirks xiij^ xiij*. iiij** vj worke horses and meares xviij*, thre 

stages of thre yeares & two stages of two yeares & ij foles vij^ — 
xij oldsheaj>e & two lambes xxiij*. iiij*. — ij sewes and hogges & 
v pigges xxvj' viij** — a cok thre hennes & v chekens iij*. iiij** — 
waines plueghs & suche geare xiij' — come in bame & gamers 
viij' — come in the felds baith winter & wayre about xl duble 
Acres xl*.— in the haul, Kitchin, brewhouse, back house & kihie 
w*^ other houses of offices with the app'tenanc' viij*. — ^bedding 
and suche like in chambers viij' Som cxlix'. xiij'. iiij**.* 


In dei nomine Amen the xxiij**" day of Julye in the yeare of 
o' lord god 1560 I Richard Somersett of oxnelfeyld beinge of 
hole and p'fite minde thankes be to god make this my last will 
and testamente in man' & forme followinge ffirst I com'end 
my soull to Allmightye god my maker & redemer and to the 
fellowship of the blessed company of heaven and my body to 
xp'iane mans buriall It'm giue to the poore people of y* 
p'she of Darlington vj* viij** to be given vnto them att the dis- 
cretion of mine executors It'm I bequith tomy sister v* It'm 
bequith to John Pulson xx' It' I bequith to Roger Pulson 


vj* viij^ It* I tfiue to my bruttnT furpniaii v* & oiy huflr Inklrr 
ccH>tt* It' I lHM|uiili to ^eorge licrriMiii my wilt tit ciuhu-ti 
It*m I be({uitli to x|K)*tbr liarifioti xx* Itrm I iMt^uitlt %iit«» ii»% 
wiH*e margan*tt M>nu*rMftt two of my h<^t Kvrti It'm I miil 
that hlie ami mv children lie mine e\(*cutc»r» of tlii% mv U»i mil 
and testaments ami the 5iup*viM>r> therof mv t'i»n*%«\d l^rutlwr 
foreman utid my welheloued Trends (feor|;e liariMin and x'|ti|'«»r 
hiiri»<m w^^ thrt* I will hhnll hn%e the onlerinp* of' my lin»:h«r 
Ki>lM*rt Som*»ints leui»e tor the behoue of my wtfl*e aivl %i \ 
children and the childring of my f»ayd hroilM*r and iliai oi% 
ftayd thre »ii|)*viHor> »hall |uiy turth of the lermr of tlir vt\«i 
lea»i* to mv wiHc and mv children »o »one a% mav lie t«irnt\«* 
marks w^** I have lavd f'urth al>out th«* i^avd femie of mv i:\mmir% 
witnes herof i»' John Clapliam, vi«are of IXirliiigioa xp'olrr 
liari!»on & Koln^rt Ilall.* 


In the name of go<l amen the xxij*'' daye of June in the ym* 
of I WilTm WatMm of iiortoii M*ke in m\ bod^r 

and holl of mynde and p*fte rememhran tt-^ta** aiMi 

last will in man* and fforme ftilowin^* flir»t I bi*<|uiihr my 
sonll to Almiffh maker ami ri*<h*nr mv iMMlve to be bur^r«i 

w'in the |)*i»lie churche of norton. It<*in I yr^r vnio the 
of nortcm xij^ Item to the churclM* of f^ruHioti xij'. Itt*m I 
veue to mv Mm Half watM>ii one >ron IntuiKie wa\ii aiMl «i 

• • • m » 

oxen of tlie In^st at tlioqi. Item I yeiie vnio tluHiwu wri^hl 
my wyft»t Mm v* xiij* iiij* in money one yron b(»umt wayn m* a 
cow|>e wayn a plou^he and gert* h(*lonf;infr it aini iiij oxrn t«» 
bi* delyveri*<l liim at tlie diMTeticm of my <^up*iiift4ini ou' an«i 
lK»Mde* \j' whielie I tiwr hym for lii% ehildes |iorr\»n. AImi I 
veue to the %i\ul th«)mn» wri|;lit a rownttT an ambre a brewinpe 
Iead<* a ma>ke tfat a tub ^tone a h«>m pinif*^lieii w* %iluer a horn 
band «et w* silver •^t4>thi^ aixi a cup ralleil a nult w« a ctHj* itat- 
iiei»h<*d w* hilu* and ^ilt. lt«*m I veue %nlt> Ko^«*r wri|:ht oiv 
wyfei* Min xx angelU^ ou' ami lH**vd«*^ \iij' ^j* %iij* wliK'he I 
owe livm for lii^ cliilch*^ iN>rr*on It' I veue to mv Mm lialT 
watsum xlviij' in old moiM*ye Item I veiie tntti my «hHifthier 
alvMin watMm viij* xiij* iiij^ in old iiuhm*}. Item I \eur %ntti 
<*iyf(ab(*:lie watmrn my douphler %iij' xiij* iiij^ in t>ld ni«mete «imI 
deinye of Mluer and gilt Item I %-eiie \nto mv doughirr Ka- 
tlierii WiitMm \iij' xiij* iiij^ in old motir%t> and a |iair tif mKi* 
rnN)k<*^ gilt lt€*in I \iue vnio tnarCitrel«> ui^r^wi w\ <l«Hi|»hlrr 
iij' Ite' I veue vnto mv iii' m* Sv^vnbor' ouc olcl r%aU Md 


liis wife an angoll to be good vnto niy children Ite* I geue 
vnto nir palmes one old ryall and to his wyfe an angell to be 
good to my children. Item whereas my brother Edward wat- 
son did owe me x' as appearithe by his will I will that it be 
geue* equally amongst my said brothers children. Item I yeue 
vnto my brother John hedel'm an angell. Ite* I yeue vnto my 
godson w" gataird an angell Item I yeue to Symon Robson 
an angell. Ite' I yeve to my godson henrye wright iij* iiij** 
Item to my godson w"* harp'leye iij" iiij*. Ite' to will'm Sothe- 
ron my sun'te one ffrenche crowne. Item to george thompso' 
my sun'te iij" iiij** if he remayn vnto m'tynmas. Item I yeue 
vnto mr chayto' one ffrench crowne to be good to my children. 
The resydue of my goodes my debts and fhm'alles discharged 
I yeue vnto llafF watso*, roger wright, alyso' watso', elsabeth 
watso' and Kathern watso' whome I make my full execute" of 
this my last will and testa** requiringe my trustie ffrendes An- 
thony hoton John robson a"d Roland gateard to be sup'uisors of 
this my will to see all my goodes and catalles bestowed as they 
ihincke good for the vpbnnging and welthe of my children as 
they will annswere the the co'trarye in tyme to come. Ite' I 
yeue vnto the said Anthony e hooton and John robso' either of 
them an old ryall and to roland gatard an angell In witness 
hereof I have subscribed this my will w* myne hand in the 
p'sence of Rob'te Claxto* curate of norto' Nycholas harpley 
and Thomas w riglit and I yeue to eu'y of them one ffrenche 
crowne for a token by me w™ watso*. 



In del nomine Amen the Last daye of October in tlie yere of 
o«^ Lord god a thowsande fyve hu [circ 1560] I James ffen- 
nye of the towne of newcastle upon tyne Grocer and Potticcarie 
of good & Thanks be to almightie god yet su*thinge 

Crased in bodie and myndinge that after be no Con- 

tension nor Contravorsie for and about the dystribution of my 
goods where fore I have maide thes my last will and testamente 
in maner and fo*me followinge That is to say ffirst I Beouethe 
my soule to Almightie god my bodye to be buried Vf^in the 
chnrche of Saincte Nycholas Toune aforesaid w^in the porche 
of sancte Cuthbert there beinge w^ my fnnerall and obsequies 
according th' ancient and Lawdable custome of the said 
Towne Also I yeue and Bequithe to the prysoners and poore 
people of this towne fortie s*** to praye for me Also I yeue and 


b<*()iiitlir io inv l)rotlier (n^or^c* (Triinr nil that my Ikhim* and ti^ 
netiu*iit in th<* towitf iiron*«aul in flu* S%*t*ti Uu* in the t«*nnurf 
o( lienrvi* watson (ilovrr ihiTf dtTfaM**! To li\m aiHl to ht* 
lieirt^ ot' hill bcMli«* laut'ullii* li«*^(>tton to* vwr Alwi I yriit* nrwl 
lMM|iioth«* in my >»ai<l liroilior CiiM>r^f lln» Mininn* or»\*oi* r>i|r- 
liAlit* nionrv ANo I \tiu* An^l iMMiurtlM* to ni\ »ai«l ltro(h«>r» 
cioii^hUT Jmine tffnnr one ftilvrr Mauju* w ** a courr i|<4»ir i;iltr 
lM*intfr niv l«»«%M'r •*alt«* and *v\r *ilvrr «»|M>n<*« ol \* nia\clrn- 
hi*(lt|i-^ AImi I vftu* aii<l lM*<|ut*tlu* to my viid brofhrr lti% 
clau^ht«*r Kli/:il>4*tli<* tlrnnyi* om* playnt* |u>r«* of <»ihfr rontrn- 
inp* xiiij \nr* AUo I ^vw aiui li«*f|n<'tlu* to my «ai<l hn»f|irr 
hi^ (lou filter Mawdi* iriinir ty\t* |»4Mitidt*« tif KnirliHlif nMiCH'\f 
towardt* lii*r maria^t* AImi I yrn«* and l>«*t|n«'i}ii* to m\ Iin»tl»«-r 
UolHTt frmni' tlir MMiHH* of twcntu* |N>und«*^ ot Kn^li^lir in«MM \ 
W^ %i\ui tHrntn* |NiunfN I hiII to Ih* d<*UMi«*rrd ni t(» tlit* pibtT- 
nac'on and ru<»t(Mlic* nt ni\ ^.nd Hrotlirr (fi*«ir;:i* tf<*niM* arni lir 
to dolcwrr vrarclir to tli«* ^aid KolnTt tl'rnnr tin* MMim<* n( Uh* 
lie HliilJingH %'nto^nrh tymt*.t^ tin* <4tid M»umr ot t«t*ntir |ioutMlc-ft 
bi* tullit* paid AUo 1 \< ui* i^ l>«-<|u«*tlir to my hrotlirr Jotin 
flennc tlir fiounu* u( xx' ol' Kn|;lt«»h<* moin-y AIm> I jrur sihI 
Dnpu'tht* to my hrotlirr x'|M>t*or f!i*niK* all tliat my t<*nf*ni«-nt 
and liowM* liengo in tin* tort*^Hid toum* in thr S\dr iNim t*nlia* 
bit«*<i hv ont* henrvi* liuhtidotc* t«) li\ni and to tht* lu*ir« of lii« 
l>o<li(* lawtujlit* bt*gott<*ii to* f\i*r. AUo I ytnii* Sc iW^jiwlhr to 
my !^aid HrotluT X|i*ot'or trrtint* tlir«* l<*tf*ll |;anlrn« lirinirt* in tki> 
i:iid town in a plmi* ( a)U*d tin* |»aynlt*r hu|!hr to him and to 
thrir(*«» of lii% li<Mli<> I.aHt'i)lli<* li4*gotten forever. AImi I \rur 
vnto niv Miid hrotlirr xp'oftT llriine tin* %4>iim«- fif xx' <»f rji|r- 
liOn* monr AIm) 1 vrtie and lxH|iu*tlit* t(» inv %ifdlirlovc*<l fi\tr 
Joliaii flriine niv ni'tiu«> Iiowm* lyrinp* in tin* S\d«* »ithin the 
fori'^^aid t«)un4> and now liv mi* tin* *^uil Jam«>% rnhahitt-d t«> hrr 
flu* viid Joli'ii tr<*nn<* duringt* hir lytV naturall ainl aft<*r hir dr* 
c'«*jtM* I v«*ur and lH**iiu*tlir mv <iul n«*»i* homv \ 'IVnrmcnt 
w*** til appiii trnaiirr«» to mv brother xp'ofor tFrmi* Aiwl to lirirr* 
mall* ot'his IhmKi* iautullit- IU*gott«*fi tor ntrr. AImi I firur aod 
H(*<itiratlir to iii\ •^.lid wvf<* a ganlc*n lyinirt- in iIn* ftayiitrr 
hiipn* and now m iir(Mvn|tiiluMi of iiit* tin* «aid Jarne* «nto hrr 
my vaid H\f«* rluringi* hrr Ufe iLiturall ami aft**r Iter dert'unr to 
remain* and Ih* to mv viid l)roth<*r xp'ofor tfrnm* and to the 
hrin-H inal*' «»f In* H».dir lautiiUir l>i*;:i»ii«»ii fi r tMi-r Alv> 1 
\rur and li«t|iii tlir t«» !n\ ^^li*! hit)tli«*r xp'olur \u% mmiim* Jamr^ 
flfiifH- tipf •:ol>lat of Sd%rr waxnirr x\| %i»r* AIm- I \etir mnd 

lU'riiiitlii' to tnv <iid U\f\r J«»lin fi:iii«- and to ni\ ^aid linKhrf 

1 I •• i-*«» 

xp'olor tr« line J«i\ntl\r to ftrthrr all tli«* p'tirtr aihI ronKMlilar 
of mv lull \rarr^ j!^ vrt to ei»nn* of a f«-rm iMilde in iirachAnlr m 


the countie of Durham withe the corn there vppon now sowen 
Also I yeue and Bequethe to my said Brother xp'ofor fFenne 
one annuall owterente of two yssuenge and goenge forth 

of a tenemente in pandon now enhabited withe robt Brokars m, 
and marinar to him and to theirs of his body lawfullie begotten 
for ever Also I yeue and bequethe to the childeren of my sist' 
Jane fenne beinge three in nombre the sume of xl'. a 

pece Also I will that my said brother xp'ofor fFenne 
the gubernac'on and custodie of the said xl* a pece amowntinge 
to the sume of vj'. duringe the minorities of the thre childeren. 
Also I yeue and Bequethe to my unckeles sonne James fFenne 
the some of and eighte pence of Englishe 

money. Item I yeue & Bequethe to my said wyfe her Brother 

y* some of xl". of Englishe money Also 
I yeue and Bequethe to Elizabethe fFenne dowghter of my said 
Brother xp*ofor fFenne the some of v* of Englishe money and 
one Silver I yeue and bequethe to everie 

of my god children ij" vj** a pece. Item I yeue unto my pren- 
tice Robart Eden twentie shillings of Englishe money Also I 
yeve & bequethe Sarvant Elyno' Anderson 

xx'. of Englishe money. The residue of all my goods 
debts & Legacies beinge emediatlie after my deacese paid I 
geue wyfe whome I do orden 

& make my full & order and 

dyspone the same to the of this my 

last will & testament 
xp'ofor fFenne y*" suparvisors of this 

Seall the daie and yeare abovesaid Thames ffenne Witnesses 
herof xpofo* fFenne Robart Eden Elinor a'dreson and Thomas 
tristram the writer thereof and Robart wode curate Cuthbart 
sticknell m'channt & Anthony leche.* 

cxxxviii. CHiPCHASE [circ. 1560.] > 

I will that my sonne John Chypches the eld' shall taike 

The gyddynge of my faither if he leve after me w' all Couna'ntts 
That is to saye To find hym fyre and a chamber w* all wessyng 
wTyginge (rigging, cloathing) & one to help hym one w* his 
clothes and of as he had Before tyme.* 

1 An extract only ; a plan hereafter followed in numerous instances. 

l{yZ WILLS AN1> 


In tlio naiiiic* of iuni A mm. 'Hit- ix**^ ikivr of Aii|;u»:r ui 
llic Venn* of our l^tnl Cr<Ml :i iliouf^nnfl fwv liiiii<lrrtlit* tLrr ttriirr 
niul oiMs I Jrnott li<*aiiioiit of Kiii(<»U*y %i*'^in tliv {i'i%l»r tiff 
M(*(|otn«»lry >in^U*%%oii)ii' liolr c»f ni\iii| A iroml ^ {/lilt of miN'ttw 
I)rati4'(\ prai^i* \ thanks he ^yvcii %nto Alliiiij^lit- Cio«lil<» nuikc* 
2\c orilfvti tlii^ iiiv la^t uill \ ir^taiiU'iit iii iiiaii' lifn>aflrr ft*Ui«i- 
iii^. F\T>»lf I lu*<|iiiiht*. i^ iiHMt fri*lit% my Miuil (i> CmmI \U 
niiirlitiis IIIV iiMiki-r \ r<M|riiNT, iX iit\ Imm!\ to In* liiir\tHl »''iii 
tilt* i'liiinlK* varch* (if I«;iiit-Iir^tfr. Itfiii I i:\\v \ lM-<,tii:lir to 
Dniiii* li4*aiiioii<lr iiiy «>t«'| I* iiioiiu-r iii\ Im^i fcowiM*, a irri-iii 
kirtle, my wrcldin^r »iii« kkr iX iny uciMiri^ Im'm*. Itrm I iryu«- 
to 'ilioina'i lli|*i)oiiH uAtlr. iiiy half H^tfr my In »! kirtU*. Ilrm 
I irvvf to (fror;»i» Fii*t«T \%\l1'ni\ Iiiilii'r ***t«T inv i»€»xt U-^t kirflr. 
ami I ^yvi* to I)<uim* lit>r«l«*y of Siikm my hoU* «»i*f«*r a priii 
gowiir ^ a read halt. Itfiii I gyia* to MVaCft Klt-iikiii%hti|ir 
my s\^Xrr (Um^htor my <»:in^uaiii kinU* 9i my cofftT. Itrm I 
Hyw to KIi/.alH*tlu* lliill, 'nHiiiia<» Hall (laii;:lit(*r of \^fl-1kt Hiittw 
filil (iiu* raill «^ oiu* [:\mlMr lamlx*. AImi I li}^^' l«> my t»«» 
hal fr hri*thr«*n W"* IWNimomlt* jb John <*\ of tlK*m cnu* |i«ir f>f 
ho^c riotht* & to v' Hai<l W* ^oii^ Ufiirht* tmv vranl of ch llir 
tolH*hira rtN>t4% ^ I for^y\«* Kirhrrcl IU*amon<i iij*. iiij'. ny thr 
ronM*>it of KolM-rt I<«i\hiirn«* u*^ hv ow«*the to l\w mi <! Kc4irrt 
ife nif, j»o that y' >»ai«l Kirh<*nl jry^e xx^. y*€>f to hi* hnitbrf 
Cfi*orp* iic'aiiiomU*. 'Hit- rftiydrfrf* <if all my pMwin ft rattalU 
m«>vi*ahU* 1^ vnmc»vc*al>lt* I cvvt* ^c iNijiiithc toy' ukiti ili4»m 

I^iK>rnr of Knit!*l«*v whom 1 maik<* mv full rxrrutivr F&r/ and 
\iv to hriii^r nw IioimMIk* fiirthr. WylfH-^M-* lirfi'tif S' J«ilui 

( XI.. n \KI ll(»l <»MIW 1 II lit IIM . ' 

III tilt* nam<- «>f (mmI Am«*n. thr xx (Lnr n\ m'c lir« thr %rarc 
ofo« I.<*r(l Vuh\ l.Vil. I lkinlN»lomt'Wr f.yllmunu* nf Shylclon 
of tin* iM«»hf off S AmlrrKU"* hoU» a( myml aiHl p'fvt! «if rcBimK 
liraiirr, laudr ^ [iraiM* U* to Aimi^htif (tofl maik% my lr*Ui« 
mcnt «fe ki^t ^\\\ in mair aiul foruM* f«it(»»iii^. F\r^lr 1 jry^^ 

I *n :• I* » ^r^^ intrrr«ttn|t «ilL 'Pir lr«tatur ••• grrmi f[f^nAhlhet !• IW 
fAm'>u« lUrliamrtiUr;! Cirnrrat, Xihn Ltlhtirmr. *n<l h*l, tn hn y uw i y r ^y% 
brrn |ir«-vtit At thr i-rlrhr«tr«l ititrMir* tirlwrrti Kinit Hrnrt VIILukii tW 
King I'f I'lAncr. airavrd tlnulHlriA in ihr %mi of pUl# inrntfOti«4 IB km wJL 
I lift boiU anmrur trrmt to luvc been Dumrnius anJ tsIuaIiW. 


and bequithe my soule to Allmightve God my maker and re- 
demer ; and my bodye to be buried in S^ Cuthbert porche of 
S* Androwes w^ such dewties as the churche is endewed w*"*, as 
yt pleasethe Allmightie God for to provide. Item I gyre and 
bequithe to my two sonnes Nicholas Liibume and Greorjge Lil* 
bume equallie to be devided betwene them all my eight oxen 
w^ all husbandrie geare them belonginge as yokes, som'es, a 
long wayne, and a paire of bun'e wheills. Item I gjrve & be- 
quithe to Nycholas Lilburne a stuffed Jacke, a payre of splents, 
a steill cappe, a pistola of gold & a sylver spoine. Item I gyve 
& bequith to George Lilburne two angells of gold, a sylv* 
spoine, a silver belt coloure greine, allwaies provided y^ y* said 
George shall nev' gyve ne sell them to none other but to his 
own kyndred. And the said George & Agnes his sister to halve 
a meyre & hir follower, to be brought vp & fedd & the encrease 
yot at ther fathers house. Item I gyve & bequithe to my 
doughter Agnes Lilburne the lialf of my insight & bedding w^in 
the house. Item I gyve and bequithe to my douriiter margerie 
a belt [? gelt] whie in recompence of a cowe of hirs yt I had, 
and th other nalffe of y' insight and bedding w^in the howse. 
Item I gyve & bequithe to Jonn Liibume my sonne all my laade 
freholdes f&c.] my best horse, all my hames, a cott of plaite, a 
paire of splentts, a steill cappe, two coupes, a paire of wheills, a 
sylver spoine, a counter, a bedd of clothes, two stotts, and as 
the said John will haive my bliasing, to be naturall to the rest of 
his bretber & sisters, whills God send them some pairte of lev- 
ing. And to reouire the right hon'able Earle Uenrie th'erle 
o( Westm'lande tor my conrte Bowles w^ his L. had of me. 
TTie resydewe [&c.] I gyve to Nicholas, GrecMrge, Agnes, & 
M'geriA Lilburne, &c. 

Inventory. Eight oxen xv*. vj'. vin*. A longe wa3me, a 
paire of yron bound wheills, fy ve yowks, fower som'es, a ploughe 
coulter soche two shaikles two lynn pjmns two axell nades liij*. 
iiij*. vj kye w*** calves or having calves ix*. vj*. viij^. A stott 
xxxvj*. viij^. Fower stirks & two calves xlviij*. xxix whethers 
& ewes iiij*. xvj*. viij*. xiiij hoggs xxvij*. liij*. A mejrre w**» 
hir folower xxxiij*. iiij*. xx threives of wheit unthresshed xlvj*. 
A chald' of otes & a halfFe xxxij'. In wheit & rie besides x 
threve xxxiij*. 4^. In wheit sawen vpon the ground to y* 
valewe of xv acres v'. Halff a chalder of malt *■. viij*. A 
sewe & iij piggs iij* iiij^. A gann' a baithe fital and two yonge 
geise ij*. In the Chamber. Two fethear beds with all things 
thervnto belonging xl*. Two other beds withe ther geare xiij*. 
iiij*. A counter vj*. viij*. Two hammeries x*. Fyve brasse 
potts xx*. iij kettles, ij panns, a copper pann, a basinge a 


19^ WILI.8 AND 

cliuwflii cIv^^Ih; xviij pence of piidf r ve%u*ll xx>j*. viij^. Thre 
•vlver niMiiiie* X*. A wonuuu \w\i x\*. A imhImt brlt x*. 
Power cliiftte« v*. iiij'^. In h«&nu*% x%*. A liurM* liij*. iiij'. T«o 
ttotU XX*. Two rou|K** & wti€*iIU v*. Two ewe» iiij*. f iij*. %j 
hetiiiai & a cocke xiiij^. Two rati|Miiift \j'. A rawclnva, a 
tubby a wortetroiiglK* x\ In bonU & lornie* tongt-s 6i rrcLio* 
crok» V*.* 


In del nomine anien 'Ilie fltnirtli ofT Januan-e in the yrtruA' 
Or Lorde god a tlM)w»and fvve hiiiNireth Ixj 1 John i'rawt'unbe 
clerk D*ben<iar}'e of tin* cath* cliun*he of durh'ni bringe craiM^ 
in bodye vett in giHMl menM>rye tliaiik% be to god niaket iIim 
my lant will ami t<»»ta* in nianer & fonne following tlirftt I br- 
Quioth my soule in to th'aiMU of alniiglitie god br*irhing h%iii 
uy V* lo%e of hitf Sonne o* lorde Je»u* rhrUt» »ake lc» haue 
m*cye v|K>n me by wIkw merits I tru^te only to be i^uved And 
I will uiy deafl bodye to be buried in MUicte micliaell rhurrfae 
off w'vtton ffvlbert vf m> be v' I dye tlu'ir And vf it please sod 
to send na* health to rome hona* to I)urh*m then my m%iMle as 
yf god take liyni to Iiih m'cve then to be buried w*^in tlie caih' 
churclie Wfort* boultons aulter* then* be«vdes llie cioke lt*m 
I bequieth to my Lorde Suffragain one old riall Itm to ro* l)br- 
to' bi»m*tt tme svlver niMine w*^ the maidenh^^ad Itm to m^dar* 
to' Todd one ftviver tpone of th^* sann* fa»hion Itm to ro* Stephen 
ro*leye oim» M'lver »|MHie of tlie same sort Itm to m* 
eUffone silver mnhh* of the %anie M>rt Itm to ni' hoirdat 
olde angell Itm to %\v pilkinton cme sylver spooe w^ tbr 
maydenhead Itm to m' ri>b*t d.ilton one sylver spocie of iW 
same sort Itm to m' i»teplie*son' one «ylver spoooe w* tliv 
maidenlH*ad Itm I Ufjuieth to eu*y tme of the |wtT canapes 
acrowne of v* except S' thoma^ pent land to wh«Hne I brquirtli 
one old ani(«*ll am! to %ir John IWoune curat of w\tion gylbrrt 
oneotluT olde angell Itm I b(*<|iiieth t«i the epi»ttiler & gusprl> 
ler eith(*r of tht*m a crowne Itm I bei|uietlHHl to m' Bnmlrj * 

I Scciioil IV*brtuUrT of \h* fira tUll~ptwnlr<l bt ibr Vrmmm m l< 
Vksr vi Mtdfunl In I ^46— Spintudi iluocelUir uiiiVr BuIm TufMUO. 

* An alur ilrilmtol lo ilir Vir|pn, smi iKr ImprufinAtiir. if tbr una wmy %m 
•o utnl uf tlir rithcv ul ih * fhaprlr^r of Botluti. in N'^rthuoilirf U»L 

' I hie uf the FrrbendArtc«, nwnT of «baM lure hfm alrvoilv mwwi 
Xhm WiU. 

* Th# i>r|rsnkM. who u burWtl la ihr GsLlrt «/ lb« l'atb««!r«:. u»Wf s 


& Thomas gibson either of them one olde angell fo' ther kynd- 
nes they shewed to me in the tyme off my sicknes Itm I 
bequiethe to eu'y one of the lay singing me' fourtye penc a peic 
Item to eu'y one of the queristers xij** a peic Itm to eu'y one 
off the gramer scoles belonging to o, churche viij'* a peic Itm 
to eu'y one of the beadme' being p'sent xij**. Itm 1 bequiethe 
to george smithe iij* iiij** Itm to the bell ringers either of them 
V* Itm I bequieth to Thomas yveson my best rounde clook 
laid behynde w'** velvett Item I bequieth to Rauffe hilton my 
goodsone one olde angell And to mr will'm hylton' his father 
one other olde angell. Itm I bequith to Sir Alexand' wod- 
mous XX* and one newe capp a newe worsett typpett and my 
best worsett Jackett Itm I bequieth to John Crosby audito*^ 
one olde angell Itm I bequieth to will'm waltons wiffe and to 
my cosyn olyver either of them one olde angell Itm I bequieth 
to Thomas birde som'ener vj* viij** in money and my olde freis 
froke Itm I bequieth to Elyno^ Cawsaye my worst single 
gowne to make hir a coote off & ij* in moneye Itm I bequieth 
to my brother Sir Alexand' Crawfourth fyve marks in money a 
newe capp a newe sarsenett typpett a newe paire of hose & a 
worsett dublett Itm to my cosyngs thomas Crawfurth in Lyn- 
colneshier fyve ma^ks in money & sex sylver spoynes w*** playn 
endes Itm to my co^yng Jaine baxter wiffe to awmond baxter 
V*. vj*. viij'*. in golde Itm to m^ John hilyerde of witton gylbert 
hall one olde angell and to his wiff an olde angell Itm 1 be- 
uieth to m^^ claxton one olde angell Itm to dame slayter v* 
tm to dame yallyley ij*. Itm I bequieth to lawrenc hailye 
BaUff of Durh'm one olde angell Itm I bequieth to sr Rauffe 
Duckett vicar of hesleden one olde Ryall Itm to Jennett 
skirrow of the stott yaitt one olde ryall Itm I bequieth to Jane 
hall oite olde angell Itm I bequieth to John Dickenson one syl- 
ver salt Itm to Thomas foster one sylver pott Itm I bequieth 
to eu'y p'st that is at my burial! xij^ Itm I bequieth to the 
lybrayrye all Sejnnt Augustyne works* and Basyll in greik & 
latten and Rabbye moyses in printe Itm I bequieth to 8*^ 
Stephen hoUiday all saynct Cyprianes workes Itm to s' will'm 
watson my foulden sylver spoone Itm I bequieth to my Cosyn 

1 WiUiam HUton, of Biddick, Emu son of Sir WilHam Hilton, of Hilton 
CftJtle, Knt., (bjT Sybil, daughter of Thomas, son and heir of George Lord 
Lumley,) and eventually Baron Hilton, upon the death of hia brother Thomas, 

* This book, Froben*s splendid edition, in ten folio voluniea, 1529, in hand- 
some old binding stamped with the rose and portcullis of King Uenrj Vll.^ 
and protected by large knobs of brass, is still in the Library of the Dean and 
Chanter ; ** Ex dono Magistri Johannis Crawfurthe olim hi\)ut £odcM» Fie- 

N 2 


i; (i WILLS ASU 

(^irtfll (tiliMm of BraiH|)i*ith vj* viij^ sikI to hir M^tor il «rr lliqf 
tiler vj* viij^ It«*iii I lHt{iii«*th tii Anthoti\e DirkfHiMHiiie Bar* 
tlu>liiH*w DickcmMMi p'civfll ltN% K4>b*t Ic-t* ami Micliarll Irr ru*j 
oiM* off* thrill vj* viij** I tin I nyuv to John wnlton tlir MMinr t/ 
wiiriii whUoh my ^imLmuiiu' vj* viij' and to IWIwryr ^irtHon «j* 
viij^ Itni I iMiiuifth to nirhf>l*u» w niton x* Itm I he<{uirlh to 
Ilc>b*t wat.Min oriu*wra<»t4*ll Ik hi% wifit* iMlh«*r of th<*ni \* Iim I 
btnjuicth to 'IlioinaH C^rawtiirtlu* off* tN*nrith my rtii%yii|r m' m 
moiu*y Itm 1 beqnieth to %' henry j^iuttA one* ohlr ati|{i*il Iloi 
I btH]iiieth to hiMiry DirkotiMjn vj* \iij^ Itm I Iwmiirlh to «il* 
Tm waiiltcm Drapp* and Ku*h«*m Johnson on<* oft tlir virfpm 
fitlier of tht*ni xx* And I Hill tluit tht-y %lialht> %u|>^i*4ir« off* 
thU my la»t will and tf<itaiiu**t 'Hit* rt-»te crfTall my f;u(Mlr« and 
cattalU my d«*bt« tmid and t'un'all di^chardgitl I p} vr aiid 

JuhIh* to John Ihrkoiison and 'llioman ffttttrr my ft*unl» «ht 
mak fxecuto'* off tlm mv la»t nill and ti^lamr't John Cr««* 
flirt h Joh't*«( lire Ki IN* ^ Ku*iienl JohnMUi.* 


xxij of Au^iMc 15til I nichola<i WillmMm derke of 

(Vtell Hh*n niv noull vnto allmt|rhtic> god my inakrr 

mv iKxIvf tt» Ih» hurunl w«*»in the churrhr of l*a»tle<i^n ''L^^ 
cie^ of xiii\ iiij"*. ea«'h to the }XH>re of ra»tlc eden & Ikwldrn] 
to IJi/iilH*thi* Itaughton late |>*ori*»M^ of BaiMlcll ' xl*. 

(Mill. W|ll.|\M HI WTON, or C'OX«ETa« r.CKTLIM A!C.t 

In the Name of (tod Amen. '11k* xv<* day of Janoarjv 
\' vere of o* Lorde (tiMle 1561 I Wiirm UUxtoo of ctJkm 
in the C*owiitie of dnre^me gintlemaii beinp* trke and 
of iMMlye \et praHnl U* i;of| my maker of holl and prrfitr 

m«)rv I do onlevii and make thi^^ mv la»t Will ami IV*! 

• • • 

ill iiiaiiere \ fFornie tfolowinfee fir^t I do r«infe««e that I 
no <4ilva'r«»n but in v' bliMle dethe and rr«urrertioa of o* 


> Thr IbM Prit*rr«i iif the humltir C*Htm i«i Nunnrrr ai 
Lnl '••nipfulh • Nun at KrMholm' vIm> luii hrm spfoMit^d la IAf7, 
•II litii|; •tirvnnl thr Ihvh.tutntn. The clear j>r«rlT imiiBig of Wv m 
na*iirv •lt«l ntit aniount tu much nmrc than £ja prr aiiBuai, vbta il 
•lriv«^ inti) thi* wnrM 

' \V\\Uam nUiiatiifi. nf ('n^hnv. K«|.. tttt^rMor mi iW BUkHla«^ ^i 
•nil Sliii-Mruw. an«i thr Hrrt in thr firdi|trrr U BUkMCt«, of (ti 
•rr Si Bi&fti II. :i:*X 


Jesus christe Into whose hands I bequithe my soull and my 
bodye to be buryed within my p'ishe churche of Kello w^in a 
porche called Lady porche where dyuerse of myne Aunces- 
tors haithe ben buried Item I geue to the poore withein the 
p'ishe of Kello x* Item I geue to the poore of the towne of 
norton x* Item I doo geve vnto the prysoners of Duresme 
iij* iiij** Item I doo geue vnto Mr. doctor benet my curate in 
co'siclerac'on of forgotten tithes iij* iiij**. Item I doo geue to be 
bestowed vpon the Lordes Table or amending of the churche of 
Kello vj*. viij**. Item I do geue to elenor my welbeloved wyff ' 
all my beddinge naprye and hushold stuf Item I do geue vnto 
my son Roger blaxton one gelding goyng at Middle'm and a 
siluer goblet gilt with a couer ye which goblet I will shall re- 
mayne vnto his eldest son Willyam and the heyres for euer. 
Item doo gyue vnto my son Rogers children will'm and 
george excepted x*. Item doo geue vnto my son fFulthropes 
children begotten of my doughter dorathe x*. Item doo geue 
vnto Will'm blaxton my son Rogers eldest son v*. Item I doo 
geue vnto george blaxton my son Roger son ye lease that I have 
of y' Tithe Come of cocksaye vpon condic'on that his ffather 
shall haue his teithe Come paying for ye same according to his 
porc'on. Item I doo geue vnto my Son Roger wyfe an 
ambling whit mayr. Item I doo geue vnto Will'm Anthonye 
niarleys son one stirke. Item I doo geue vnto euerye one of 
my su'nts men and women ouer and besydes there wages dewe 
unto them at my death xij** a pese ffj'nally I doo geue vnto Mr. 
Robart Tempest equier one yong graye geldinge not rydden 
goynge here at Coksaye & to my nepho Mr. John Blaxton one 
yonge geldinge now goiuge w* hym and to my cosjti i&auncys 
bainbrigg one old ryall and one angell noble whome I make my 
sup*uisors of this my last will and testament Most hartly de- 
sieringe them as my trust is in them to see this my will p'fonn* 
ed in euerye behalf and to help to appease controversies if any 
shall arise & ye charges that they shall maike in this byhalfe to 
be born of myne owne prop' goodes to be taken of myne exe- 
cuto^ Tha Resydue of all my goodes not bequithed, my debts 
paid & ffun'all expences deducted I doo fFrelye geue vnto 
george blaxton my son whom I make my full ana sole executor 
of this my last will and testament In Wytnes whereof unto 
this my last will and testamente I have set too my hand & seale 
ye day and yere above written Will'm blaxton Robart Tempest 
Francys baynbrige Will'm benet thes being wytness ffolowinge 
Anthony Marley Robart Mayson and Will" Bras yonian. 

* A daughter of Millot, of WhiUhill, par. Cbesier-le-Streei. 

N 3 



3 Nov. 1502. I I*Ui74ib(*tlii* (fartlie of I leailUni -wrHctwr — 
to he huriccl w^^'in the cliiirehe of our I^mlve at (fainforti- Co 
V* |HK)re miiii3% hoxe xij^. — to Kathi*ri*n (tartlie at c'Uppfngr 
tynie one yowe ntul one laniW ^to Katheren Tait one f^wtnrt 
laniln* to Amu* Sjh*iw4T tuy l>i*«»t powne, my best kirtle & y* 
be«t cov'lett — to Mur^^ret Huit«*1I a »angtien gowm* aiKl a |iair 
offlK*iclei w*^ a little bniclie, and the ^reat hniche I gy^e tti mj 
doughter Agni*« f»|M*n<»er — to Agnt^f (tartlie ht^t {btue^ tlir word 
£eaf occun more tlinn once in the will uhere AgtM** i% •|M)krn 
of) bt*gotten cUuphter to my «oti Kyrhanl (tarthe wx Im>um*- 
hold htuffe [Mm^ Kich.ird & Anthony — M»n-itt*law ^'tithbrrt 
Hurrell Katherin (Jarth] Funeral ex|H»n*r* iij'. xiij*. iii/.* 

iXLV. ALLtSioN ri.KTAME, Ol' hTOC ToN.' 

24 Ap. IM'i. Alle'ion Heta' of Siocktim — to Jane Fletam a 
white whv ealffe a iHinlid nvlver irvnl«*ll -to WilTni FVtanM* m\ 
•onne a double dowcLett ij old Aunpeli^ y wa.% hi% otien, a grrmi 
chint, a l)***! rt>veriii|», an oxe ralle<l Hur;j«'*M\ a jfreat bra«»e 
pott & a blake du!)ler. To 'IlioniaA t1eta* an old aunf:ell~t<t 
llyehenl Fli*tani nn old anp*ll a hawked %tott, an irtNi hotid 
wavne - to Nyrhola% Fletam ij 4ild aun^ds ij hni»M* {tuCtt iitj 
puder diibh*r^ an Intwting turn*, an arke, a kirtie, a {lantM*, a 
dow'glie tublK*« a tablr. — to FJi/alM*th AuiMlerMin an cdd aut»» 
gell, a rt^ie hawkiMl eowr, all my ranient, ij |iair olT hanirti 
•he^-tii X v.inU of lianlen clothe, an acre of wheat & an mcrr att 
peeM\ a l>e<l rov'inpe--to Kycliard Fleta* \ FUizaheth Aftdrr- 
M>n haltf my salt tle^he & a ouarter of wtieat to Khzabeth 
Heta* a crow ne off gold — to UilTm Fletam Mmne to 'Iliotiim 
Fletam a rrown off p>lc|~to I^nci^lott Mftain a cmwtir of 
gold — to Willm* IVainbrirke a whyt oxe strike — to Antliociy 
liainbrirke a why ralff — to Ilo^cr IW>II a erowne off ffold- to 
WiU'm Hurdon a crowtir offpild^to AlleMin liainbrickr a rrd 
hawkt*%l rowr & a \owt* a great rawilron a ^totlMil «\|ver fiyr^ 
dell — to Margrry Fletam an almiryi*— tf» Margorett Andrrwin 
A rawll-to 'lliomaji Bunion a bu%<»hell of wheal^to Jane 

I Kmin thi<i fainilT dc^rmlr*! Sir Sjmucl (•arth. of vhticn « brW but 
iiir, h« Mr. Surti'T*. i« r«i«iUin4<<l in lh«t r««rtiofi of kn luuftk Tti 
• hull H»l |m««r<) thnrnKh the ftrvm brfurr his «lr«th. 

> The «hW« «rf a rarttirr who kMd ihrtrvs ta the wtvrUL 


Rrantinga' a line kjTchefF an apron & a pair of hoose-^to 
Margaret fletam a yowe & a lanibe — 

Inventory Five potts & a posnett xx*. xiij peice of pu- 
der, ij sawcers ij candlesticks xvj*. An almerie & a cawell x*. 
ij bedd cov'ing w'*» beddinge xx*. vj harden shiets, a pair of 
lyn sheets x yerds of harden clothe w*** other linegeir xx*. In 
GOLD a double dowkett ix angels vj crowns yj' x*. Two kye 
xlvj*. viij**. Six sheipp xxiiij*. In iron old waine Wji, pleughs 
& teines xiij*. iiij*^. liij pannes, a cawdron, ij ketles xx'. ij 
s|>eetes, a pair off cobeirons a reckincroke a pair of tongs iiij*. 
An arke, a chest, a table a bowting tune thre tubbes x'. ij 
quarters of wheat threshed w^ malt & rye xl*. Two sylver 
^rdles xl*. iij oxen vj'. ij stots, a why & calfe xxvj". viij*. 
An iron bound wayne xl*. An oxgang off winter come & waer 
come v'. Sum xxxv". v*. viij*. Debts Inter alia For a 
busshell of haver malt xij*. To Rowland Burdon wyff for 
halff a bushell of bigge malt xij*. — To Jane Appylbe for a 
busshell of haver malt & a busshell of peasse v* To Mr Sare 
for a loode of whynnes viij**.* 


Marche xij 1562. I Mychaell Trotter of the Byers Greine 
to Bryan Trotter all my hames as swerds, buckleres, 

steill coittes Inventory App'ell & hames iiij*. Four 

geass a ganner v*. &c.* 


Inventory 25 Jan. 1562. Imprimis (blank) cappes, iij 
dossone of sylk pointes and pynnes & laces of silke, & som of 
ledd' wh other naprywaires to y* valew of xxiiij'. iiij*. In Ijm- 
ing cloth X yeardes x*. In bedding and raime't & other hos- 
hold gear xvj*. viij**. S'm, Ij*. Dett To Thomas Lambe of 
the Newcastell xxvj*. 


Jul. xj 1562 I WilFm Johnson of Stanley b3'ers w*»»in the 

1 These notices of trade, occupation, &c, are drawn either from the Will or 
the Inventory. 


p*thinge of Tanffelde I gyue and bequieth rnto mj 

•oniR* niirhafll J()lin«on a ambiing flrtfind mrir ■ To my 

tonne in lawt* iiewgh ffart'r x*. in munc*}* t«> tnT dcHigliirr 

Rliauibetli frtrcT xxx*. in full rrcomiMMiAac'cHi off nrr cbildr« 
porc*on birauu* I hav<* b«>ught a %ianlf for hir wbomr khr batth 
moricHl w'^ coo«t mt* abo%(* xl* m> that I Kt^krn hir porv*oo tfi 

be betli** than any off ihr rt*«t off my childn*n ' I becjiurtb 

▼nto Mr ilob't teni|MH»tf of holnie^yd thordrr f»ff my tocmr in 
lawe lH*wgh ffairer and bit wiffe \ft*^ all hi* porc*oa off lands & 
goods to be come to laafull aidg. 

( \I.IX. r.LIZAllCTII .SAC'llt:\r.RALL vioo. 

lit DKl yoMlscc Amkn. 'Dm* xiiij daye of ffebniarye Anno 
d*ni 1562 I eliiabi'lhf ftacliruerall «edi» lait wyfectf Roherte iin* 
cheuerall of NowiK*ton w*in lliertumlye of Warm ikeAiiirr etquier 
boll of niyn<ie and goofi of I(4*membr.iunce altbougbe I be aekc 
in niv IhmIvi* niaikc niv iftill and It-Atanientr in maner and ffourme 
ffolowingf fl\'n«t I lHM|uitlii* ami yt'ue my mhiU* to almightir gnd 
and to all tin* C«>'i»anvr of h<*uon mv ImmIvi* to be* buried «*in 
thr |>*i«ihe (*hiin*lie of )it*rtlMi'n alter th<* runtime of rburrha 
ffor a^niorhc* as I alwnvH liaue Ixmntcfull motlK-r vnt€> all mt 
cbildreu iMKht* to mv wm Pullevi* mv M>n Amtell my ion (Irndr^'n 
as aliM) to my dcNightvr %arht*ut*nill in gt*uiiigr tbrm att seurrmll 
tvmc*^ nuK*hf more than any f>f them can of Utgbt demauncle fi/ 
ther faith<*r^ lM*({ii«*i»ti*» And in conM^dcrat'oa y^ ther bate ben 
tlionely cawMT^ of my gn*ate ainl rhergeable tro(>le« to my 
great t* disquiet m*^ dii^umfurthe and ini|M>u'ifthmente •<» as I 
thinkt* me y* lesM* bofftU*iii*d in conscence to beqiiitbe any mm 
of my pMMis to anve of them And where I ftup{Hi»e «ben I an 
de|)*te(l it mtilbe lliought tluit I did bringe «« me m to tbis 
cowntrve f nMin*! mont*ve and other things than 1 did tberiore I 
liavt* tlitMi^ht it gcMide to expren^* bv name euerye |>*eell v* I 
briHight p'tirularlye & to whome I mill bt^quetbe t* Mune flVr^ 
thre gtHiiies oim* of grogravn gardid m^ veliict \* wbirbe I be* 
queth ti> marvt* Mieheuerall my dougliten doughter Item one 
Clothe ganlid m* velvet to v* »aid marye Item one of nnsrit 
mrf»'«M-lle% ffreng«N| th<* mhirlie I bequitheto katberyn Snebeoer^ 
all mv niavd Item two kirtelU ot danuuke the cHie of then I 
lieqiiethe to my godMi' trmuney^ constable to maike h%m a eoCe 
of aiKl the other to v' foPM-d katlieren Item tmrn kinelie% of 

> Ha much fiir ilir frtnUI tvstCM. wtA vMiUbJ|sa fortiMi aC It * TW 
• ill \>€ irjd «itb intt,-ri*>i. 


▼eluet thone to y* sayde ffiraynces to garde his cote w^ the other 
to the said ffiraynces to Item one kirtell of satten to v* said 
marj'^e Item one kirtelle of wo'set I bequethe to y* said Ka- 
theren Item one paire of martyrons to the said marj^e Item 
V Rayles of two yerdes Leynninge a pece to y* said marye 
Item sex handkirchiffes & vj p'tellets to the said marye Item 
I bequethe all mv smocks to the said kathren Item one kascat 
wherein is one jfnagen ifashoned chyne of gold wt one tablet of 
gold one crose of gold ix ryngs of gold a siluer salt gilted one 
siluer pot ix siluer spoones & two broken spones of siluer vj 
bowed half angels y* whiche caskat w^ the Jewells I bequethe 
to y* said marye if hir childes p'te maye not be recoueried w**** 
is in the custodye of thes p'sons as ffolowithe that is to saie in 
the handes of hir father x* Item in the hands of Will'm whyte 
of wedington in y* countye of warwike x* Item in haiinds of 
the vicare deceased x' and in myne owne hands x* y* whiche 
flu'me of xl* if it maye be optened Then I bequethe the said 
iewells vnto my executor and he to paye vnto katneren my maid 
of the same iiij' in money Item one cloke garded w^ veluet one 
Teluet hat & one sadle couered w* fiustian ap'Us to marye Item 
one graye geldinge and a nage y* geldinge to Ingram smythe 
the nag to marye The resydue of all my goods chattelles and 
cattells moveable & vnmoueable in whois Custodye or occupa^ 
c'ons soeuer they doo remayn or hereafter maye remayn I doo 
bequiethe & yeue vnto my most true and welbeloved iirend Ro- 
b'te Constable of wallyngto' otherwais called Roberte constable 
of nowneton in the cowntye of warwik esquier * whome I doo 
ordeyn & maik my sole executor & he to paye my debts and ful- 
fill my legacies & dispone for my souUe as my especiall trust is 
in hym and that this my last will & testament maye be ffulfilled 
I most hertly beseche my good Lords therll c^ warwike and 
lorde Rob'te dudley to be sup'uisors Thes witnesses Rob'te 
lorell esquer lord of kirkhall Randall ffenwicke gent Rolande 

i This was that Sir Robert Constable of most infamous memory, who, eiglit 
Tears afterwards, endeavoured, under the garb of friendship, to entrap the >aurl 
of Westnwrland, after the failure of his rebellion in 1569 — ^V. Sadler's State 
Papers If., 21, 57t 97, 118. A more detestable character does not pollute the 
pages of hintory. He was son and heir of Sir Marmaduke Constable, to whom 
the site and possessions of the Benedictine Nunnerj of Nun £aton, in Warwidc- 
ahire, had been granted after the DisHolution ; and at the date uf the above wMl 
resided at Wallington, having married Dorothj, widow of Sir A(Wer Fenwkk. 
He was at the same time owner of Nun Eaton (the yowtteion of the will), «f 
which the husband of the TesUtrix had probablv been the tenant. The motives 
which had induced this Warwidcshire ladjr to <iesert hor countj and frienda, «e 
partlj alluded to in the will. The reasons whj she appointed Sir Eobt. Consta- 
ble her residuarjr legatee, are, perhaps, for his stfke as well foi^goiten. 

*2i)^i WILLS AND 

niarUinll Tlioiiuui nmrsliall mannadukr ffenwikr gillirrtr gillr* 
david tavio' virari* tif iMilaiii h* othvr nuj 

ri.. iifiUKKT i.c»Ri>K (M.i.t: or RoTif\t.' 

In the tmine of n* our tiio»t nrrifull Saviour and Ii«-<l4-ini-r 
Jriu« C^lirinlr m> he v" 'I1ic* xxvij*^ da\c af Julvf in tin* \rrr 
of o* Lord«« (wcmI ntliou«4iiui Ivvt* liiuiflrHh thn«%rorr and imo I 
llob*t I«4)nlt* C)f;l(* u(f Koltuli in iIm* rounlir «if nc»rthunib'Un«i 
bring pTcot and ^<nm| rfnu*nihrunc dcMi r<iiiAtitut and niakr tlia 
my |>*nt lt»<»taint*nt - ffirnt 1 t'oni'iMidt* an«i iMMiuirth my mhiU* mto 
thanib off allmy^litic inn\ iiml t(» all the liu-Mk«*<l (-cini|»rn\r uf 
h<*av<m and niv ImmIvc* in Ix* burii^fl u'^m tht* cliurtlir ol Ikittail 
be«ydi*% my fnlluT and mother u"'«»uu* |N»ni|H* or MiN-nipnitM* — 
brother> CuthlHTt -'Hionia^ - 'l*o my brollirr ItauiT t»glf tbr 
advowMH) of iIk* p'Mina^e ot* IWittall alt tin- next avoyiUnr — 
my tititiT^ Aniif and Jiuu* ()^l<*--lo Anne xx\' to ht>r niariadft. 
I ^yvf to my «»yHt(*r meriall o^K- a rinp in token olT rt*mr'brauncY. 
It*m I ^y%"elo S' Il4i*)'rt V^'htrjil Knight my U-^l %eliett gownc* 
and my enpp w"* a^lett% and a hroehe %|ion ytt atMi a diibleli of 
Satteii %'nmaid. Il*in I i!\ue l«» mv vt*siu tM*nr\e Vtfhirrd mv 
blak talFytax ^o^ne a bl«u:k velvet! yerken ttirre<l w** blakelamr 

To ruliilM»rt ojrie my MMer M»ne my yonjre utomnl horv — 

'niomajk Oi;le anil llolhTt oirle m\ »v«»f«*r« Minne^ %' Krvrrntm 
off Kauff Kllekei* I^»a«»M' off the olde more alter v* decea*e %4 
John C>j{U» broy lt» (tet»rjre O^K^ — to my viirU' iK%ivne •►ffir j* 
Uid<iin^ vnto %iirh tyme h% he%hall enter \nt«> t%i\*eU & to ha%e 
tvnibre n4*ee««»arie fh*lvvered tor buvhhniran Ihv%i«m- \' to d«rll 
v|M»n my coding (teorp* f>^h* - my vnch* lr%i««« oy;h*> toy* taid 
(feor^i* o^h' a von^e ^ray hor«e ealh-il «tf>rir in Kemrmbranc 
off my ^mmI mill lf» ^ftiU'n) rlarke 'lliomaA elarkr »4*roniid MMinr 
the avo\Hon at (hi* next vae;ii**on or a%o\daunr off ye p'«o(ia|ff 
off %h«*|)w;ft>hi* next and af(< r \' dfalh of Sir 'Ilioma» (tglr mwr 

inrumU'nt off v' ^amr- to John Kll\« m\ %'vanfi a ^iNinffr ba\r 

• • • • r" , 

geldinge h*** a «h\li' >n\pp nff \* ni»M- - t«» ti'" ^nanfell the bt^t 
Vuun|; p hhu)* he h\11 rhuM* emon^e^f iii\ \oi«ng hone*<— to \* 

1 Robrri, fitth I^iH f IptU, ^m ami hrir uf Kohrri. Aflli I^vnl f^$^ w^mm 
Will l« printr«) alHirr |\^-. Livm . fu lis )— IWfiutv %%'«nWii li^lW liinfcw, 
uiHlrr tht* M^niuu nl' tkitrvt, in IM7 — Suiiiiwinol !•» pArUamtftit ttxitm l4 A19. 
I&63 to No«. ;•. r>*»ll .^htol «itb«iut nvaU* imui . t Aiif . I Ml. liMir 4at« alUr 
%h* iUtr i»f In* «ill. U*«%in|| hi« «ifr Jbac. dauictitrr i4 Ihtmom MaWwvw. af 
AtU-iinn Malr^rrvr. In the c«Hiht« f>f Vfwi. I.«i|.. • wulnw rorlb^M n^tevtU 
•i%- in • nnitiUlr^i *ta(r. A cnfrnm* (w«li|pw ''I Iht (Iglc UmiU i* 0v«« b« Ht. 
||oilK«iifi. tiinlri tlir |«ri*h til \%'haht*n. 

INV£NTOKi£S. 303 

box oflf allerton maleverie ' sex pounds thirtevne shilllDgs for- 
pence to be distribute emongst y* poore of the p'ishe — to an- 
thonie ogle oft'hepple sex bowells off wheat & rye— to Robert ogle 
my uuckie Oswen soon the man' & te'nte of twissle in Revertion 
after y* yeres off the leasse of John ogle — my wyffe Jayne ogle 

sole executrix the honorable Lorde lord Lumley the cheaff 

sup'visor — and for Remembrance off my poore good will I gyve 
to hym a sylver boull gylt and also Syr Robert Vghtred Knight 
my Cosing henrie Woddrington and henrie Vghtred and Cuth- 
bert Horsley Esquyers to be sup'visor — everie one off y" fouer 
to haue for there paynes sex poundes thirtene shillings forpenc — 
[Prob. granted 28 'Aug. 1562, by William Gray, Dean of the 
Deanery of '* Borobrig" Commissary of the Bishop of Ches- 


The Inventorye of all such goodes Jewells, cattals and plait 
as well moveable as vnmoveable apperleininge vnto lait mll'm 
Hilton of Biddicke esquier deceased prassed by Robert Lamp- 
ton esquier &c 1562. 

Inter alia, y* Quenes ma^**'' armes in frame vj».viij<*. Plaii'e, 
a litle standing cup gilt iiij'. On silver salt wt a cov' p'cell gilt 
iij». vj". viij**. Ten silver sponnes xxxvj*. viij<*. Some ix*. lij*. 

viij<*. An old graye horsse called Conyers xl*. A graye 

horsse called Cambridge xxx*. — The good wyffs bedd wt aU y'to 
belonging iij*. vj'. viij'*. — Debt to my Lord Suffi*again xx*. 
Total 488£ 12». Total of debts 825£ 11', ♦ 


In the name of God Amen. The xvj day of November in the 
yeare off our lord God a thowsand fyve hundrethe threscore & 

1 The birth place of Lady Ogle, the wife of the testator. 

< Younger brother and heir of Sir Thomas Hilton, of Hilton Castle, Knt.— 
Of the above Inventory an extract only is given. 

3 In all probability the last person who struck coins for the See of Durham. 
^1 any curious additions might be made to Mr. Noble*8 treatise on the Durfaam 
coinage from the yearly Account Rolls of the See. As for instance, with respect 
to this very person : — 

^ Et de xxxiy*. iiij''. rec* de Johanne Richardson firmario Cunagii Dunelni. 
▼idelicet pro termino Mart, pro medietate anni." RoL W, JUthitapn, Semeear, 
Dunelm, 1. Tun ST. 1530. 

Roger Richardson, the father, perhaps, of the Testator, had coined for Bishop 


two I John Ricluirdfon of the pWhingr of S Ow%«olt|« in 
I)urh*ni hole ofTmvncI 8c plitt of n-memhraunce nuikft mr laM 
will & Tettament in man' & forme follom ingr. flir%t I hetjuiethe 
ror touli to God Almyghtie & my iMidie to he huried in the 
churrhe of Sainct OiHwoiild aforesaid. AiM> I brquietbe Co 
Wili*m RichanlMm mv Minne on irrrine Jarkett h m\ hrvrhr« 

my »»worde. AI«o I bt^uiethe to Mar* 
garett my wyffe my b4*«t gowm*. Almi I hequiethe Jpfinrtt my 
dowghter one gould ringe. AI«o I ht*f)iiietlie Kli/aheth iij 

yowea. the re^ydewe — to Margret my wyffe, (Sic.) 

Imvbktort. ItUer aiia^ xij «ylvt*r <»|hmhm*« xI*. on %\\r^ «alt 
weinge xij ounces xlvij*. ij ciKite*, ij gowm**, ij ciowhlrtft 


In the name off gtxi am' llie iiij*'' cky of I Wmh*r in the 
yere of o' lord gfwl a thowtand ffyve liumlreth thre urttrr ami 
two I •' Jolm dalavall Knight niake^ thi» my but mill Sc tew 
tame'C in nianVr 8c fonne hc'teafter folloming tr\r»te 1 gyur my 
KHile to gcMi almightie god and ail tin* li«»llye (»ff liea%en and 
my bodye to l>c btirii'd %^'iu my nv^uv riia|>|>i'II off IVton liaU- 
irell w*^ Miiemp* <»*vic tlM*rto helcmging tin* day lAT niT huriall 
AhK> I g}'ue to 'lluMiuu morton of linrwirk fn' the mariai ig off my 
dauglitcr inarj'e (LiIavi*II om* hundrrih mark* It'm to my «iaugli- 
ter HettreH tjington fo* hir filiall (Mirc\>n xV Item I g\ ue to Jane 
daliivfll my hA>»turd dougliter Jane flala%ell urx imiuihI tliirtein 
thilliiig^ & four |M*no It*m tn Jti«u«i I>i>Uvcll fo' %*%ir d«ii»ne 

vtJto iiio and to In* dttone %nto mv lii-ire* hv \rn* U/ trniM* t»ff 

• • • 

his lyffi* fyve marks It'm I g}'ut* to lR'ttre» tlhngton chm* fr« 
therUnid and one mattrt^^ aiid all tlierto b«*longing Itm I 
gs'uv vnio my MMine in lawe wilKm ffenwick two young oxen 
and to his wvff Mlvno' one ffetlierbe<td aiMi om* niattrris ami 
all therto belonging It*m I gyue to Anne Karnes my br«c 
bnK*he that is vinm my velvet t (*ap|> AImi I gjue to Rub't 
dalavell Siinm* of mv soiine John dalavell one s%ieni our cowc 
& a caulff It*m tc» Jam* delavell d«»ughter t€» my sonne Jtihn 
dalavell one come & a calff It'm I gyue to Josua dala%ell a 
cowe & a calff Item I g\'ue to JiJm raii»e* tim* come & a caUT 
Itm to 'IltoniaA Cnunlington tme mhye %i*^ a calAe I ten to 
henrv dalavell one mhve off cMie vere olde It'm I ffvue to 

• • • rm 

I Sir J^iho IVUral nf Vmton IWUtaI. Kiit . H*^h SUtiA *4 Noftkui 
Und. t rblhpsnd Mso. He aumcit Aiim>. dJuKtiUr of ll^tfia I^m^ CJgla. 


'^riiomas dalavell one whye off the lyke aidg Itm I gyue to 
John Myddleton sonne to the ^ord off Belsay one lutuked 
whye Item I gyue to Christopher bell one whye of one yere 
olde Itm I will y^ georg dalavell my basterd sonne shall haue 
for 8*vic' doon & to doone vnto my heirs during his lyff naturall 
by yere xl' It'm I wyll that Thomas fawlkyner shall haue fo' 
his s'vic done unto me and to be done vnto my heires during 
his lyff naturall by yere xxvj* viij<* It'm I wyll that Thomas 
Wawton shalliaue the iiarmehold w^ he is in fo' s'vic doone and 
to be doone vnto my heires and to haue allowed yerely during 
his naturall lyff the rent of xl' Itm I will that s' Richerd An- 
derson clerk and chapplaine vnto shalhaue meit & drink w^ my 
sonne John Dalavell and also fo'' his doing during liis naturall 
lyff the soume off foure pounds sex shillings eight penc And 
yf he shalbe by aidg or other wyse devexed or blynd to haue 
iiis meat and drinke and the said annuall stipend offiiij' vj' viii^ 
whills he lyveth Item I will that Anthony dalavell and his 
wyffe shalhaue or the longer lyver o& y*" two fo' s'vic done 
vnto me and to my heires by yere during ther naturall lyff thre 

f)ounds thirteen sliillings foure penc It'm I will that John da^ 
avell shalhaue fo' s'vic doone unto me and to be doone unto 
my heires during hi^ naturall lyffe by yere xl*. It'm I ordein 
and make my sonne John dalavell my full and sole executo*^ to 
whome I gyue all the reste off my goodes vnbequiethed to 
order and disponde all thinges as he thynkes best fo' my soules 
healthe and his best p'ffett Witnesses of this my p'sent will 
John My tford off sighell Rob'rt Rames James Ogle will'm Sen- 
wick James Beek Clerk and henrye wyclyffd.^ 


In the name of God amen. The v^ off Julij in the yere of 
or lord God 1562. I Nycholas Blaxton of Norton sycke in 
bodye & hole of mynd & good off remembraunce dothe insti- 
tute & maike this my laste will & Testament in man' & forme 
folowing. First I gyve my soull to Almyghtie (jod my maker 
and redemer and o^ Ladye St Marye w^ all the celestiall com- 
pany in heaven to praye for me & my bodye to be buride wtm 
y* p'ish churche of^ Norton First I gyve to Will'm Blaxton a 
counter, a lead, & a maskfatt & a troughe stone, a great arke, 
a spence & fflanders chest Also I gyre to Thomas Kaxton a 
counter & a woode trowghe & to his wyff a fflanders chist w^ 

1 Of the fiuniljr of Blakistno, of BUkifton. 


the locke Ako I KTvc to KatiMT««n Bljixtonar<njiiter& a alim^i^, 
A niral tablt* ami two |Miier of lyiiiiip* iklN*it«*» h two |>ayrr of har- 
den tbt\i% iiij* rwWwayen-s Jk four lowrlU. AImi g\%e to Ny- 
cholai Harpiayn wy tTo my bc^t i^owiic 2k a fHatiiMlrn ca&ft. 
llu? retiyilewtf (&c.) 

Inventory. In the liall homtiM' xx\ A rowr 5c two whvi^ 
iij^ On acn* of i-orne xxx\ Itnplenu*nt« in tlir rhanibrr 
XXX*. xij yorne* Ik laniU-« xx%j\ vih*. A gownr x\*. S*in 
ix* xx^ IM)t<». STvanl* wag* vj*. vnJ^ (tr%rn at y* rliurrh 
& for a clynn' iij^ IUmii \\ x\\* 


I)rc. xxij. ir><)2. I llioina^ Plu'ton of Ihltoyooman — t 
commvtt niv mhiII to Altnvi^litif (umI 5c inv iMMlvt* to br bunrd 
in the run^he yoanK* of MunrkwarnHUlH* y^*** y' ronrnvim to br 
•aid the dayt* of my buriull — to my right wvMihipfuU M' thr 
barron oflf llvlttm om* old rvfll f«)r a iMuir tc^kra — mr farmrhotd 
in Hilton whirh I liavt* by leaM* — 'l«*ave^«mall timift c»f ukmn't lu 
hit relation^ j d(*<»yringt* my my%hi|>tull M' tlie liaron of lldtoo 
to be ther goode M' a» my full trn^t y* in him.* 


In the name of (tod Ahmmi th* x\'^ dave of Drrrmber m 
the vearr of o' I^irtie (mm! \M2. I Koliert IVat of Knaloo 
M*tk(* in iMKiie bud hole in mynde 5c off g<Mid 5c p'fit rrmrm* 
braunrr dow onien 5c maike thi^ mv la»t will 5c tc*«tainent ia 
man' \ fonne followinge. — ffii>t 1 (Htjuietlie my ft4iull to (fod 
Alm\i;htie 5c mv InMlie to Ih* burietl w^ in tlie rhun*h veArdr 

of I«4'ke. Al*4> I maike John* Coitc** 5c tlftabell C oile« bit 


owen ehilder. Item I gyve 5c b«H|ui(*tlie to wilPm IVatI Jekm 
loite» 5c I*k^liell C oite% all my go(Mh*« wh^ime jiHntly togvthrr 
1 maik myn execiiti*'* to di»|M>M* 5: di%cliarge me a» well off oij 
fatht'fK Arnu*»tranH-H mill a% mv omm* mill dc 'I'c^tament, Co tir- 
der 5c diAiMtM* my gcMMh*% to my M>ullr« lieultlir. Hytnrva h«v- 
ofT Sir J<ilm (*unduiM* curatt &lo. 

1n\i.ntory II Jan. l5f>2-3. The II\m. One almerir rj*. 

i A larmrr upon tb« llUtoo lUUie umirr tW Bcraa, «bo tt 
rrmroibrml in iUt vilL 

> A Cirmrr %»( t«o Urm*. arul a uitUh. in N«*rtlwIl<Tttjiulitrr, vbo aAflfii tvm 
rhiUmi bf h.« «ilt II u inirmtur^ ct«iilAMU bmdv cunoiat vunlsMiA Uv 
docvacDt M of a v«rT taliMbW bmui*. 


viij**. iij litle kettles xiij*. iiij**. ij pannes ij". ij latine candle- 
sticks xij**. ij calle iij". iiij**. ij brasse potes viij*. iiij pewder 
dublers, on pewder basson on counterfett iij*. iiij**. One flry- 
inge panne iiij**. Thre skeiles xij*. Thre kittes, j kime w*** 
staiie xiiij**. One chaire viij**. One little meat borde one 
furme, fyve little stoilles & one wod morter viij**. iiij quishons 
xij**. Leaves of ij swyne iiij*. Tow Heekells vj**. ij great 
bo wells iij wodd skailles, one syle, one dossone & ix trenchers iiij 
one wodde dublers ij cheise fattes, thirteine wode dishes xviij**. 
j reekand, j paire of pot clyppes, viij**, v beefe filches & iij ba- 
con flicks xiij*. The Chamber, ij ryddles, j seive, j scut- 
tle, iiij**. On gile fatt, j stande, v ale potes, one varges barrell, 
on stone cruse xvj**. One pare of bed stockes on spinninge 
wheill, one mavnde, j straw skeipp & j hopp* xvj**. j maske fatt, 
j swyne tubbe xij**. ij chistes xij**. One lether flackett vj**. 
One paire of sheires iiij**. ij seeks ij pookes xvj**. Ra- 
MENTEs Two go^^Ties for a woman j kirtie viij*. ij hattes for 
a woman j white capp xvj**. ij smockes xij**. On sworde, j 
dagger, on pursse ij*. One sylver spowne ij*. j paire of 
bowtes, j pare of shooes ij*. iiij yeards of white carsye clothe 
V*. One bounde of lyne v*. One white pettecotte, one reid 
kirtie iij*. iiij**. ij kirchyfies iij lyn raylles iiij*. ij lether dub- 
letts, j lether Jerkyn, one clothe jerkyn iij*. One clocke (cloak) 
iij*. ij paire of womans hoosses, j paire of shooes xij**. Bed- 
dings ij mattresses v*. iij white happins ij*. One wyn- 
dowclothe xij**. Fowr coddes ij*. ij cov'lettes ij*. viij**, iiij 
blanketts iiij*. j lyn sheit, v harden sheits vj*. viij*C 
Waynes, Plewghes and belongithe y* to. One wayne w*** 
yron bound wheilles, axill nailles, lyn nalles, ij ringes, j.wayne- 
heade shakle, j wajTiehead yoke xxxiij*. iiij**. v yoixes w"* bowes 
j of not ij*. viij**. j bucshackill, j dodge of iron viij**. Fowr 
axes xvj**. KnyfFe, one hande sawe, one horse loke xvj*. 
ij plewghes, j culter, on socke, iij*. iiij**. xxij fellowes, v 
donge forckes, x pleughe heads, vj plewe sheares, ij steretres, 
foure showells, two spaides vj*. viij*. ij sythes xij*. iij syckills 
iij*. ij cowpes, ij paire of wheills, ij paire of hoppinge trees 
w^ cappes off yron, axill nales & lyn nales xiij*. iiij*. iij 
teames v*. iij iron wedgeis vj*. j mattoche, j thistill, one chop- 
pi nge, iij woumbles, j pare of tonges viij*. ij wayne roopes, j 
haire teder xij*. On plewgh beame j axletree vj*. xij peaces 
of wodd, xvj sparres v*. Horsse hajrowes vj*. ij iron forckes 
iiij*. Thre stees al's ledders xij*. The Smbthby. One 
paire of bellowes xvj*. j gryndston w*** the axletree off iron & 
crookes xx*, ij great hambers, four litle hamberes, j paire of 
pynchers, j paire of tongs ij*. Cornb in thx barnx. Wheet 


9c rye xxvj*. viij^ ()i!r» xx*. PeauM* %j'. Tiij*. ('oR!«g isi 
TUB rEiLD j»oVKN Wlirit & Kve iij*. Hatb Ai Knatuo 
xxvj*. viij^. Tiir LBAMB at Knaton x*. Movbablb 

c;<M>DB» Six oxni vj*. Two calvi** x*. Unr donor ffjUry xx*. 
C>iH* fillyt* foole ij*. Two c<Mickt^ Ik luMiiirft iij*. iiij'. vj kym 
vj*. (>ii ^ca im^fKe xx*. (hi cult tttagge vj* viii^. Uiir tu|ir 
oiw y<iwf ij* viij^. One liutke iiij*. At I^batrixc tosi. 

The Il.%Lt. Oiie Almrrlr iiij*. One old bniuM* \hHv itj'. 'Ilirc 
little |ianniii viij'*. Two little Mites ij*. ij •ki*ille«, cmi mm), ooe 
kyriie w'** tin* ntafTe one syell, j vergeu* harrell« %j niylk bowlU, 
ii kytts xij wimIiI (IimiIii*?* one wtMhi skiiille four irenchem nj'. ix'. 
Two ImhipI felieilfFeH ij''. 'I'lin* c|ui»»lMiii% ix^ Pa\nlol rk4br« 
iiij'. j cli%%lie calle ij*. viij\ One ealclnm iij*. iiij'. x |irmfi' 
dublem j oninteHatt ij*. j crj^M'tt, ij rachyucroket j pair ctf 
tonge» cMie pair ofTcobyroiLs j k|M*itt one {mire oA* |iotrt inj*. nj 
nu'it Ixnink-*, on cliair iij t'urine^, iiij little ntiMile^ j «odii murtrr 
ij*. ij letla'f llackitt^ viij^. iiij l)accou tiick* U'i%e« of ij ftwynr t*. 
viij^. The Chamber x poire of hanlen ftlieite«, j lyn •hrit, two 
ccMiwavriii^« one Ivn towell, one liardm luHird clotiir, tmr Un 
bourd elf>tlHs one old towell vj*. viij^. vij aile {MUet xijV ij 
arkt^^i, ij 4>ld bam*lii^, i) tubiM**, one Kirawe »kepp, ij mauiMlr*, ij 
henncawclU vi. On fV'andyt lea|>e ij*. Two little chutes xi/. 
iiij liappiiu*^, iij blankvtte*, on coreriett, ocir iTiatlmar« ij 
codd4*«, \\\ e yeanlet off* freatM* x% j*. Fowr pair of hrM %Utckr% 
xvj'. iij |KHX*kes iij teckes on wyndow clotlie iiij*. On 
ftpynninge wIm-oI w** y* »tot»le on wockl bu»ahell, j woiU pcckr, 
on fttrawe |H*cke, on liaver r}'dk%j vilieit rydle^ ij ■rarca« oa 
scuttle, j teame*, ij bowells *4rppii of »iraw. Sum zzsyj*. 
viij^. Ili4 Kaymbmt, ij JarkeU off fn*aMe ij fiairr of hooa- 

ie«, j old ciorke« i old <lubiett, j Jarke« j Mdlyt, on pair of 
•plenie« xij*. On luu^knry tadle w*^ y* brydle viij^ ij haltm 
iiij tracer liij^. Tub' lUrx howmb. On wotd trow, j 

ina^hfatt bratMlritlie« j little stone trowe, j gange of fellowrs ij*. 
Tiij'. j fite|N* full \')\ Tifj^. The Hmtcd^b. j pair of brU 
l«»«<Hi, ij p-ealt lianibem, v little luunlM-rs, vj pair of toii|ts ij 
woutnble», iij |>arrer«, j haml sawe, I wis rhi«M»lU. j ftryod stoor, 
w*'* j luiilt* luyle (tool) one wra«t, ij old ft\-the«, %j fyelles, v 
axiwnyne nalef», xvj lMtr«M» sh4«i*«, vj 4»ld teiilir for to s'Te far 
oneharrowe xxxij*. Wai.hrm %Nn rt Kwas^Asr. Slc. fmt af 

Mipm\ S'nm totwlu lx%ij'. x*. ix^.* 



1562. 1 Ap. I Florence Porto' of Bushopawkland 

to be buried in the chirche yerde off St. Androwes 
I gyve and bequiethe vnto John Sklaiter my browne Jacket a 
chamlett dublett, a nyght cappe of velvet. Also I gyve vnto 
Robert Porto' & Cutbbert Porto' my two sonnet all my Jacks 
sallet sworde & all my other geire meat for warre with on 
tawny gowne & a gaberdine & all my other rament * 


Inventory 24 May 1563. Shipping. A Q'ter of the 

Elizabeth xxxij'. xiij*. iiij*. Item in the Mary grace vj"'. 

A silver peace liij*. iiij*. Two masers xxx'. A litle silver salt 
j>ercell gilt xxvj*. viij**. xiij silver spones xliij*. iiij*. ■ ijc 

newland fishe xl*. Legacies given. His silver chane — 

His dagger — his signett of gold — his best gowen. 


The Inventory of all suche Goods as did belonge vnto Mr 
Ralfe Huton of Walworthe laitly deceased, and prased by iiij 
honest me*. 1563. 

Two fether bedds, three bolsters, two pellows, Iiij'. iiij*. vij 
happingSy a coverlett xiiij*. iij blanketts x*. ij mattresses viij'. 
One bedd covering vj*. viij*. vj quissons viij*. A cupbord and 
a clothe vj*. viij**. One chist vj*. viij*. Two chairs ij'. Two 
stolesi two ferines ij*. viij*. Two trussing beds and two teas- 
ters xl*. A satten doblett & a worsted Jackett xxiij'. iiij'. 
One gowen, a cloke, iiij pair of hose, a pair of bote hose, ij 
cotts of black clothe, a fres cott, a fushan doblett, a rede peti- 
cote, ij velvet strait caps, a knit cape, a sword, a da^er, a sword 
girdle iij ^ In the chease cha'b'r. Ixvj cheases hij*. iiij^ A 
bound of linte iij*. iiij*^. iiij stones of wole x*. One chist, a 
cheseflack, ij tables iij tristrells, a bord, a tubb, a baskett viij'* 
In the Chamber One trussing bedd vj*. viij*. ij mattres 
and a bolster v*. vj happings xvj'. iij coverletts x". iiij 
pair of blanketts xvj*. ij bolsters & a covering! vj*. Pillowes 
vi'. viii*. ix linsheats vj pillobers xxxiii*. ix harden sheets 
xii*. liij lin table clothes & iij table napkings xvj*. One close 
(cloaths) presor xiij*. iitj*^. iiij chists xij*. GaUons of hony 




xviij*. Two |mir of iM^kKM^kn in tho madesbs ciiambcii &ij^ 
Item xxvtj ^toiie of bArnfled hiit(4*r iij*. iij*. tiij bakrn flick* 
iiij iMmfTr flick« x%J*. viij'*. iiij tiiblM*% w*** iiij cuvrringi, ij 
clotlii^ Kittri \V(M>le Hliciin-H xij*. Two alnien-*« a chut, m 
bonl, viij aile potts xiij*. iiij'. vj staticU, gilcfiitt, a Kairrll, ij 
ikepptt a grater, iij iMttt'U, a bnuiM* iiiorter w** a pcvtrll %ij*. 
v\ cromrt (cruitbt^) a tin |>ott, ij %4ilt», a can, iij clouiii trancben 
iij*. iiij''. Ik the i. \w cif\MBi:K a father bedd, a mattrev • 
boUter, a |Miir of blankett**, a |»air of ftlic*ats a liapping a eotcr- 
lett XX*. A iiiattre!*, a boUter, a lui|i{>iiig, a cov«*rh*tt and all 
* |)aintiMi clothes in the Uw rluinilH*r xx*. A iiidttrcu, a 
>l»ter, a happing, a covrrlett and nil tiM* painted clotiu** viij*. 
A cupboni, a cliair, ij be^tock*, a bill ttaflev a le|M% a bankrtt 
iy*. iiij\ In tub hall and kitchen A cu|>board, two 
cunten, two cliaires xxviij*. A ^yde b«>nl, fornic«, a racking- 
croke, a pair of tengi, a ktoiuVt, a bmling iron v*. tj candk^ 
sticks, a cliafer vj*. An ewer, two basing*, and two ciiarger% 
vj*. The hinging* in the Hallb, a counter clothe and all the 
woollen gaire iij*. iiij'. vij bnu^e |M>ttft m«* a {KMnc't xx%*. 
Two caudrons iij kettelU, thre {Minns xx*. ix chargen x*, 
xvij (h)bler>i xij*. xij iMitt(^lM*rs %'j'. xij ^iicer* ij\ vij*. xviij 
ol<l dublers in the kitcning tc v {H>ttenchers. l*wo ^iietts ij ctih* 
yrons iij*. Two raking crokii,abrandrrth,a fritng |Ninn, acn-^«ctt, 
a cuckell |>ann, a laten laiiie, a flexM* croke, a chopping knife w* 
two heffs v*. Two spinning whelU aiMi two pair of moU card% 
ij*. Two dri»<ing bonU a flc%h %toIc, a |>air of niu^terd •tunr*, 
a braing stone. \ blanket t, a luiir of hanlen frkrat*, a 

bolster iiij liapping* iij*. Sum*a tc»tajift of all tin* hti«srkuU 
stufTe com'itlu* to xl'. iij*. iiij'. CV^ttbll viii tcorr lr»wc« 

& V, xiij toptm and reganU xxrj*. xvj oxen ami ij stotts xlii*. 
xviij k}i* ^ thre calvt*^ xxvij'. ix k\e wi^ calvfs and two hulls 
xiiii'. xiij npunrd rulv(*» iij*. x*. ij tatt kyr Iiij*. iiij^. viij** 
and iiij hc»gg^ x%ij'. iiij niear^, two stagg^, ij fofU, ij hormci \\ 
In thi: milk Huw^r. {Sic) Tub hrew ho%b Ac bcuxisku 
Howsi. (\r.) l\ the i'HAi»iLL T«o great tubbes a leddrr 
vj*. (v\:r.) I)|.B1?» DLMTRAT (ike.)* 


N«YV. 2^1, LVi.'i. It'tu I gy%e tc» my W\fl^ ii standing coupr 
w**^ A ro%«*r gylt, a dcMin »|HHii'«, a \k\\tv of gylt ftalt* h, tM 
tcHiid «^inii* (»f Kaving^wtKirih DiirHigrniy \earB. It*in I gyve 
to niv MMi ptforge I^*win vff lie l)e livings u goyiie furred «itll 
blank rofiv a ca»*ock of (lainniack a «ihit liocitiit. It*ai I 


to xpTor Lewen my son what gowne he Ivketh best a Jaccot of 
vylvit a dublit of sattaine my sworde & aagar. It'm I gyve to 
fklward Lewen my son another gowne Jackat o' cassact of 
worstet and my best gonne my shouthinge bowes & shafts. 
It'm I gyve to Robt Lewen my son the Resedu of my apparell 
at my wyfes dyscression. It'm I gyve my reinge w*** y* seal! of 
my armes to geoge Lewen and yf ne be departed then I gyve 
the same ringe to my son xp'ofor lewen. It'm I gyve to Rich- 
ard boys and his wyfp either ten sh'ings It'm I gyve to my 
cosin Mr. John of Chist' in the stret my dage w^ y* 

case & all things thereto belonginge. And to my cosine hys 
wyfe my gray stayge It'm to gyve to xp'ofor mayre of Dur- 
hom on* ould Ryell for a token It'm I gyve to my cosyn 
xp'ofor Mytfourt my best paire marturs. Pr. 1563. 


In the name of God Amen. The xxvij day of marche in the 
yeare of our Lorde athowsand five hundrethe iij** and thre I 
Robert Lampton of Stayntone in the Streate w**»in the Countie 
of Durh'm calling vnto my remembrance the vncertayne muta- 
bilitie of man's lifFe and how transitory it is ; and also that every 
trew Christiane man should at all times dispose hime self to be 
ready to forsake this miserable world when it shall please Al- 
mighte God to call hime to his infinite mercye, ordejmed this 
my last will and testament in manner and forme folowing. 
First and principally I bequethe co'mit and geve my soule vnto 
Almightie God the Father and the Sonn and the Holy gost 
three persons and one God, trusting surely to be sawid frome 
the thraldome of the deviil and all other my adversaries through 
the mercies and deathe of Jesus Christ very God and very Man, 
my maker and redemer, and through his goodnesse onely to be 
in the societie and felloshippe of his blessed mother Marie our 
Ladye and all elect companye of heavene. It'm I will that my 
bodye shalbe buried in the Churche yai'd of Stayntone if I de- 
cease there. It'm I bequethe vnto poore people for Gods sake 
xl*. It'm I bequethe vnto my sonn Will'm Lampton one silver 
peace w*** a coveringe of silver and one fether bedde w^* a cover- 
ing and all other things belonginge to the said bedde. And also 

1 The testator was descended fVom the Lambtons, of Nunthorpe, in Cleve- 
land, and married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Hebbome, of Hard wick, 
Esq. His family ended in two co-heiresses, of whom one married Nicholas 
Chaytor, of Butterby, and the other John KiUinghall, of Middleion St Geoige, 

^ .2 


nil my IioiihIioM Hiuflc* w*^ U rrituiiiin^ at my boii»4» at ilampte- 

waite, and to liaiie tin* ^aul liouM'liuIci ^tufTe at tlir decease ul' 

my motluT. And I will my lovin^r c«»«ing FraiN*e« 

Slingsliy fkh.iU Iriiir tlu* otiWt tui«**on ciii^tody ami hriniringe %pfi 

of mvMiid Miunt* Wiliia* Iaiin|»ton and of all lii^ lands and good* 

i*mc<liatt'lv(* after mv dc^utln* till mv lOud ftoiit- bv of full ami 

lawfull yeuri** of ui^tr ; tru'^un^r iumI n-<{uirin|:f my taid rosinf*r 

fto to do ; and that lit* nill Uriiip* \\} my Miid »oiine in |;odlint-«*e 

vertue and K*rninp* a% li«* oii^'lit to Ih*. h*m I lH-<|uetbe \itl4i 

mv motlu'rt* one of mv Im'M kvnr. It*m I b«-<iur(lH* v.iio Mliza- 

betlu* WilkinMMi ten iMMiiuk and to An |jun|iton and liir mtrr 

dou^htert of tin* «4iid lDt/al>etlM* to «*iilM-r of tlM*m «ix |hhiimU 

thirtrn i^hillin**** iiij^ (*iiiially to he drvidtHi U'tiicne them. Il'm 

I will that Cte<»r);e ^larriy hrin;;^* the yonp*r of llie« my 

douglttcT;* v|i of my farmett that he dwelleth in ncre Iiif(le«lcNie« 

and timt the Miifl Ctcori^c MarUe ^liall lia%e and oerii|iic* tlie 

ftaid farmeld t(» nur»t piync uimI profitt, hrtnpni; hir hofM*%tly \p 

as nhe ou^ht to Im* till nhe come to the ai^* of XMJ yeare%« the 

Miid (teor^e yealding and |»a}ini{ \ early tlierlore %nto my iNnr* 

the accustomed rent ^'^ U Uj*. hy yeare, and al^o mayntemnpr« 

%'|>holJin*^e and kepinfre %'|) the Imiwm.^ of the i^mie in f(u«id a:ii| 

Mifficient reparacionfi fronie time to time and dnin^e siieh srr- 

\ice ns i% to Ih* d«>ne in the warr^ of t lie realnte thrrfore. It'm 

I lM*(|uethe to KolM*rt Litte^ter my pMnlmtne c»m* mhie «'^ ralfe. 

It'm I lK*<juethe vnto e\ery one of my ^iMer lJtte»ter« ehildn-n 

ten >hillin^«. It*m I lMH|ueth vnto Wiliia* Kirliey thre yu«e« 

atid thre lanilH*«, and iij f;imtK*n». It'm I will tliat my funerall 

char^^ hi* of my 4»wn pri»|N*r ^mnK. 'Ilie n*«t of all my f^Mid« 

mit lM*(iuetlied, mv deht% |)aid ami my will fiilfille«i I iMrtfaellie 

vnto Kli/.iU*ilie I^mpton my wifTe and lu Anne* i.«am|>Con my 

doti^hter and hir«, mliom I make my exeeutor« of this my la»t 

will and teNtanieiit, jointly. Wilne»MH» hrr«»f, by me Kuhert 

I«am|>ton, WitiieMM*^ Cteorf^e IIount«>n, J«>hn LitltMer Cristufer 

Wilkin «oii. 

Isvft'.NToRV. All hiH how 44 lift titufTe and lH*<ldin^c \'. A «d* 
ver |>«'ari* a little %ilver nalt & iij silver %|Min«-« \j*. All hu ait* 
nerrell vj'. xiij*. iiij'. xiiij oxen and iiij »tott% xxxiij'. \}*, viij\ 
nan«*«i, plowlu»« w*^ tlier app*tenanc«* vij'. x*. Fourt* ohi maicr% 
& a f(»le V*. X kye xv'. vij whies & vn calves ix*. A h«|r|;r 
oxe iiij ha^ge kye ^ two hulls viij'. Nyiie \oiifce iHHi|*ht vn*. 
Tao fitirM-^ \y. Swyne and pulU'n xxV \ «ciire and cme 
»tiea|H* xiij*. xV xxv lamlM*% xxxiijV iiij*. %iij »tcMies of wc41 
xx%j'. %iij". xx%iij il€»h|e akiT» of corne \\%»ij'. S'ni chiij'. 
x\*. l>iHiii OH en to the nihI Uolwrt lampion. Mekcrrs 
Aiinr IIrh*Minie my moth* r in Uwr %ij'. Mp> Helen Vjurr ul*. 


Mr Wlllia' Norton sone to Mr Ry. Norton for the price of a 
bay geldinge iiij*. vj". viij**. [&c.] Funerall expences vj*. xiij*. 




In y* name of god ame' the fifte l^y of Octobre in y* yeare 
of our lord god 1563 I Cuthbert Strangwais of y* Pishinge of 
Leike in the county of Yorke gent hole of minde & p'fitte of 
remembrannce knowing the constantie of Death & y* vncon- 
stantie of y* houre & time nott willinge to dye vntested make 
this my last will & testamente in maner & forme nowe foUow- 
inge that is to weit ffirst 8c principallye I com'it my soule to 
almighty god my maker & redemer And my bodye to be buried 
wher itt shall please almightye god ffirst I giue & bequiethe to 
master John Strangwaies my best horse to y* vse of henrye 
strangwaies his sonne It' I giue to James greine my balde 
horse for the vse cf his children It'm I giue to Will'm barkar 
of Semer all the houshold stufe w^^'in my chamber att langmouth 
to y* vse of his children sauinge all the writinges in the chistc 
& the chiste It'm I giue to my cosin John strangwaies wiffe 
xl" vtt of the patten w*^ I had of Hiomas Midelton and to be 
payd att y* ffirste pament It'm I giue to John strangweis & 
Will'm barkar my patten w«** I had of thomas Midelton th'one 
halfe to y* vse of henrye strangwais & th'other halfe to the vse 
w«* barkars children I giue to my god Daughter Anne greine 
the xl* w** M' wiclife Did give me to be suprauisor of his will 
It'm I giue to Jane tompson xx" of y* patten of Thomas midel- 
ton & y* o' noble to John strangwaies It'm I giue to John 
strangwaies two p'tes of my lease of sourbye moore & the third 
p'te to will'm barkas children It'm I giue to thomas barkar 
xx". It'm I giue the xl". w** is Dew to me att homblebje att 
AFtinmes by y* hands of Robert Cowton xx". of itt to be pajd 
to the poore lolkes of leike p'ish & the other xx' to the s'vants 
att langmouth. It'm I giue to John strangwdes one pike of 
haye att langmouthe It'm I giue my lease of tow thrope fey Id 
to James greine It'm I giue to James greine my lease of upsall 
p'ke. It'm I giue to thomas buUoke ij* now the Residue of all 
my goods vnbequethed mouable & vnmouable my Debts pajd 
legaces fulfilled & funerall expences Discharged I giue to John 
strangwaies James greine w°> barker whom I Do constitute 
& make mv full executors jointly togither these Witoeeses — 
thomas bullokc — george Wnghte — w'*» others nM>o • 


41 !• WILLS AND 


In the name of (toci Amen In the yere of our I^inl CmmI 
athoti&imcl five hundreth thn^KOure ami thrt*, tlie xiiij'^ ol' tbr 
moneth of A|>rill, I Ciiibriell Ilnll of Attercapp bt*in^ in |c«>«iri 
niyncl and mcmorye ahhouge I Ih» vexetl w«* the |io««*r i»f (mkI 
in mv IkmIv <1o niaik '&c.^ und mv InKhe to Ik* burir<l in lIlMlrn 
church w^ tite dewtien llierto lM'lon|;inge m» tiir Qiieiir% nui*^ 
Ktatuts do uUowe [Kx*. IloU-rt Ilall of Munckndgr, Alr&- 
ander IlalK Will'm Ilall mv Minm*« and my wiflfe l)arbrr\ IIaII; 
Also 1 will that mv sonnH ICduard and NietioUiu he M*nt to tlir 
icotle to Newcohtell, and when ttiey liave lemrd itiat tlicre frrtid^ 
think* to Im* done in leniingt* and vnderktamlinge ovrry of tliein 
to have xx' a pi*ici* to iiioik them a »t4K*k of nu-rchandrs and %' 
said xV to be in a frc^ndu hand to ki'|i«* for tlier profett and v«r. 
AUu if my ehlei^t <loiighter come to any hcmr^t or iirurilablr 
bargin in mariagt% ttiat my frencU kc hir vmkI wbchu Uitiig% tin* 
better be liir (irofett. [&c.]* 


In the name of GckI Amen, llie xxj <laye of Januaryr, th«' 
yeare of o' L4>nl GcmI Aim' \M4 and in the vij*^ yean* of tin* 
regii of our Miverayne I^adye Klezabethe bv th«* grace [fuc] I 
Agnesi I^mton u-e<h> layte w\fe of John LanM^ton c«quirT di»« 
ceted do make my laj»t will and te»tanu*nt in maiirr and fomir 
foloing. Fyr»t I iMHjiiieth my »oulc to (iod tniitingooly tobr 
saved by the |Mvision and meritu of ht» dere mhic Je*uft cn«t my 
Rc<it*mer ; and my IkmU' t4> l>e buried in ttie |>ari*h church of 
Pittinton w^*^ buch (»arvicei» a» i» ik*tt forth by tlie Quet*Uf Magi»- 
tis»e lawes. I make John I^junton llumuu I^amton, (ttnirge 
Lamton, Antvne I^mton, Katrin Lamton and Uixabeth Ijunr* 
ton^ my rliihfreii my full e\t*cutor» of thi» my testament and 
lait will and I make su|>er^'iMir» of this my will my brother R^ . 

I or Ottrrtapfw, In the fmhah of y.M^^a^ In N.irtkumKrrUnd. TW IIaIU 
«CT», and prrlian arr •till, the m«t numrrmM cba toi R««<l«ial». €n%tnm^ 
WM nor c«f tbc cnief bo u wi of the namr. Scv lluiMUMV't N*onTBrM»ftALAS» 
for mui'h curious iAfemotiou uiJ utofv than ooc vUd Ugi nilir j ult rvkUw u 
the fainilv. 

* Afpit^ tUutfbirr and co-belr ^ Unftrr I^mlrv, iif l.iMlwofth. Tm^ vW vm 
a vounftrr bnichrr of Rkhani t^ord l^mlrT. TliU nut4-li bm^g;bt am a l — 
dance oiT Auartrrimp to the l^mUon ■harld. 

^ All (*f iJMrm Tounirrf chUdnrtt. St9 tW |«B«ligTrv \4 tlw CmuIv, Seaitas 
II.. 174. ' 


Conyers, my sonne Robert Lamtou aivd iny sonne in lawe 
Matliew Wliite, to see this my testament fulfilled and my chil- 
dren to liave the ryght as my trust is in them. Witnes here 
of Xp'ofer Conyers, WiU'ra Tomson, clarke, and Rycbard Fil- 
lope/ [P. 1565.] 


"^rhe last will 8c testament of Richard Seymour. In the name 
of God. I Richard Seymour fely'g my selfe op'ssyd w^ sycke- 
nes & yet p'fet of memory God be thanked make this my la&t 
will & testament in man' folowing first I resigne my sowle into 
the handes of almyhty God & father of all mercies, next I will 
my body to be buried acording to y* custome to abyde & wayt 
for y* day of the blessyd resurrection, my goods & mony w** 
God hath lent me I will to be distrubyted as ensueth. M<^ first 
I have p'sently in my chest a portigue & ij angellets of An- 
drews mony to me pledged, & a rioall of xv*. or 3'. 4** of myne 
owne & ij halfe crownes of gold. It'm ther y*s owing to me as 
folowyth Andrew booke owyth v*. xiiij' w*^** I lent him & also he 

1 A domestic, apparently, in Auckland Castle, under Bishop Pilkington, the 
first protestant Bishop of Durham. This WiU, in numerous points of view, is pecu- 
liarly important, and it becomes the more interesting from the fact that its maker 
died by an untimely death, as is proved by the following original letter from the 
Cliancellor of the Diocese to his Registrar, which is fomed up along with it :— 
Mr Chaitor 

This bearer is Seymor brother that was slayne at awkeland by gregson, and 
albeit the said Seymor made the will herin enclosed and made d^posers ther^f 
m^ Shaw mr rooles & m^ hawkins yet none of them will stand to ezecut the tea- 
tament as I my selue have hard them say all, according whervnto you may nowe 
recorde mr hawkins refusall p*sentiy, now albeit this bearer frances Seme ia 
admitted by me to administer his brothers goodes & sworn also, yet in any vcs 
I will have him charged in the leter of adminiatration and bownde to my loni 
of duresm to p*fourme all legacies in this said will conteyned and especiel if he 
can provid no other sureties to Kepe my lord harmles, to pay the said legacies 
& fathfuUy adminster then you may take m^* hawkins only bownd wt him and 
for him. 

As for busbyes matter I can say no more then I present told and as for the 
old proces done at York I saw the same wordes vsed and only above ten tymes 
in the same case albeit m^* farley cavilleth wt my proces. I entend this wek to 
go into lancashire and so after to York, you may (if it seem good to you) let 
busby retoume the ma*datu* and say I api not in the cowntre mr garnet shitU 
kepe the Seane for me Sl mr gilpin will preach then, ther is litell to do oth«r 
then I have writen to mr garnet, as for the courtes I noay play awhile in foure 
years, at Segfeld this son£y the 28 septembr 1565. 

Bob : Swyfl 
Let him put into the office an inventory p*sently 

To my loving frend mr Christopher Chaitor at Dunolm. 
or in his absence to thom*s Knighton, dd. 


hath in ciistcMiy to my use halle a cliawder of bulg ft half a 
chawder of ott« vr^ I bought \yvuiQ hi« coaipartemT. h* TIhk 
mat Hooke owyth me iiij*. It* of M' IlawkiiM my bed frllovea 
debtes I reciuiro but xx*. It* M' llio: Sliaw owvth me abuut 
a xiij*. iiij' tor hosoti w*^ I b<iiight him. M' Adtiii|Ct(Hi ovyth 
me 3*. 4^ Now n( all thcM* my goods & dc^bttt w^ I will to br 
levied up by tlie hrlp of thoM* w*^ I have hereaAer in thk te*» 
tament put in trust. fir»t of all I will my debtu to be patd h 
discharged ba xl* w«^ I owe to M' Sniytli of the C*ourt & iiii* or 
therabouti to M'^ P\'lkinton IXxrtour r.4»onanir« Wife. It* I 
geve & beoueath to fTrauncis Seymour my brother mr bone, 
my saddle cc bridle & all things tm*rto p*iayny*g my sy^ cloke 
w^ the sylver claspe my new fresse i<rrkyn & my best span%«li 
ierkyn my blacke siieet ij imire of hoose the one paire of iWins- 
sire kersev & the otlier of tiamUiire kersev mv capcasse mv fvne 
ca'vas doublet my sword daggiT & girdle my fyne blarke cuocr 
& my blacke cloke also except p*lu4)s M'. Shaw (as his request 
•cmie tyme wai*) will excluuige him w*^ his cloke: besrdcs all 
this one gold riiige & luilfe of mv mony w^^ in this «ill %^ noc 
bequeathed to any other vie. Nt* xt I bequeath to my Sister 
Mary Seimour 4' mv night gowne my lyvcry of blackr f r rsse 
one ringc of gold & the other lialfe of my money vnexecute<i new 
otherwise appointed! to any vse. It* to my lonl h nf »htm I 
serve I g(*ve my best washing ImUI j^ to my m** his wife my pece 
of vnicornes liorne a» I take y*. I geve farther to y' p'toocrs 
of I)urra* Ctailc an noble : to iHMire Tavlers wife v* now abvdrth 
y* nreie of GckI iii* iiij^. 'lo Ueiuieth iftife iij* iiij'. To the 
rest of y' poore ol Awckland a noble to be decided arcording 
to my Su|M*rvisors discr(*tion. Also I geve to Als wallis xx* to 
tier nmringe in my best sylke purse & my mast coote ij hando 
kerchepi £ my cliest. It*in I geve to 'llio* Sliaw ocie liandker* 
cher a wa^hinff ball mv chest bord & client men & mv red 

Sloven. It*m 1 geve to m' liawkiiu my bedfellow my best cap 
: one liandkercher. To m' IloUes my best paire of Spurres m 
one of mv best handkerclK*rs, mv comlN» & brush to either of 
the next above namefl I car not w^. To my brotlier Andrew 
Cooke my hat & one liandkerclier. To nv ^Mn}th on handker* 
cher. To m' Adlington on handkerrher or a thing as good. 
To wilPm yongrr a kerchife. To will'm Ihitler mv whit boot 
boose To Itafe Wvddowes mv pvck«*d Stafe. lo Kdoiotid 
Settles my knvt hcMise. To old porter a blacke fu%tian doublet 
& a |Mire of Sliewes. To wilFm waltha' Sni\th a pairr of bolts 
btickfra IxHite hoose my cut cap & «num*^. 'Vo luins my \r%arj 
coote. To laws mv old »word girdle Ai a [^ire of »howes. To 
harry of the Kytchin & paire otold house & xij* in mony. To 


Robson my old lether ierkyn. To James of y* Ky tchin a lyttle 
purse & xij^ in yt. It'm I bequeath to Tho' ducket & his wife 
an noble & to y^ ij wenches of his howse ech of them a shert. 
To Ilob't ducket my hoose v* I now weare. To Geny Tho' 
doockets mayd a paire of stockings & to Eddy of my lords Kyt- 
chen the briclies of the same stockings. To Readmgs mother 
my wolle boot hoose. The rest of my goods & all things els 
w<^** I have not bequeathed my buriall except I corny t to y* dis- 
cretion of m*^ Shaw m' hawkins & m' RoUes w** men I have 
made vf they will take the pa)me to be disposers & supTvisors 
hereof. In witnes wherof Andrew Cooke Tho' hawkins who 
were standers by at y** endytinge of the same have subscribed 
ther handes the xj*** of novembre 1564. 


June xviij, 1564. — my bodye to y* eartheof the Chauncell of 
y' parish chnrche of Eggischffe — to my daughters Eliner and 
An forty e poundes each for ther advauncement & pTerment of 
mariage — to my brother Anthony my gray gelding called gray 
Alnewicke — to my brother Will'm garnet person of Riton a 
couple of fatt kine — to myne vncle Rob'te Thwaytes vicar of 
Crosbye an old george noble — to my wife myne owen littel gray 
nagg & a philly v,^ came owt of the west * 


In the name of god amen the twentie day of december in the 
yeare of our lord god a thousand fyve hunc&ethe thre score and 
foure I John bynley Prest in the cath' churche of Duresme 
hole in mynd but erased in my bodie considering the vncertajrn. 
tye of this transitore life maketh this my last wul and testiment 
in maner and forme foloing. ffirste I bequieth my soule to all* 
myghtie god father sonne and the holli gost and to Jesus crist 
by whos mirits I trust to be the child of salvation willithe my 
body to be buried in the Churche wheare it shall please god 
that I reman' the day of my death And I will that the service 
of holie churche be doon at my buriall And I geue unto eu'y 
Prest that is present at my buriall xij*'. Item I geue vnto eu'j 
clarke or deacon that is present at my buriall viij^. Item I geue 

1 A Westmoreland gentleman, who aetilad and died at EggleicliflR^ 
* Minor Canon of Durham, and Ciunate of MuggleswiclE* 


viitci ru'ry iMrlMihir thai hath a «iirplt*th iiij'. Item I p-ut* Ami 
iNMiiiiftli In the |M)tin* |M*u|Hrll cil' iht* »«>«itlM* bait- v aiMl tin* iM»rth 
ballvi* \j'. viij'. Itt*m 1 ^t- lu* and l>tMiiiu*ih lo tlu- fiourr tir|irll 
of tilt* |>*i»h of ^aiictt* iiichala!«M* %j*. \iij'. Item I i:t*ii«* aud Ih** 
<|uu*th to th«* |MUirt> |>«-o|)lv ot* i»aiitt.* o%ho|(1» \j*. %iij*. lu-iu 1 
gvuv and lK*(iuit*th to tht* |H>un* |>ea|K*ll of* naurt niur^arrt* \j*. 
viij**. Itrni I gt*ue to tht* |H>iiri' |K'a|H'l«* of the |H'rrit-h of miik-i 
gik-n %j*. xiiy. Itoni I Ki*uc* and bt'cjuitht* vnto th«^ |Mnirr |>ra. 
ptdi* i)f the |»errich (»f nuTtnton x*. Itrni I peitit* vnto eut-n 
chdde that I rhri»t«*ntMl xij^ Itmi I iieuv ui david (inXvn ilul- 
drrn to tMiV of thc*ni vj*. %iij'. It<*ni 1 iiviiv tnio i*uiTV unr uf 
mT brc»th(T Itychard binlry children xij* in old gTiA% Itrui I 
griic vn((» my hrothrr r\ 4-hanl hinlr\ wj ft* on* anf{U* iM^blt*. Itnii 
I ffrtit* %nt«> WilTm midiiflton wilr %*. 'IIh* n-^idrw tif all mv 
gotMi«k iiio\rablf and vnmovrabU* not tM*qufthrd my tlt*t» i^^dr 
le^art*«i fulfillrd ami m\ fuiu-rall r\|H'nrf« ilt^ihirt I f;t*iit* ami 
lM*qnt'tht* %'nt«> rt>l>t*rt |»ri*ntt!i wiirni prmtirt* Hioma« |irt*nii« 
rycliart |>rt*nti^ ami l^alM'll itrmtis ni\ M^ttT childrrn «tM>cnr I 
niakt* ordaynt* an<l iianit* niynt* fXcciitorH n( tlti* my prrtrnc «ilJ 
and tc»tmiriit. An<l for a* nmch aa tht** cliildrfn afort-Aadr ar 
vnn^ and vndcr ago tlirrfor I do f>rilanr my brother ryclianl 
l)Vitit*y and thoma^ rhilti»n draiHT in chirliam to liauc* tlitf Cttftt4>- 
die ol the «»aide chilklren and tii«*r |Hiri*i«Mi« of gotMk during tbex 
nonage And to le%'ey gather mid rc»llei*l «her it it owing U> me 
as dothe ap|N*ari* by my Inike An<l to diMribute my gtimU U> tlM» 
Mide chiidreii and other iii\ fremN as ap|»freth by the hand of 
mvii* i*wiie lianil urMiiig wherof John browiie miU'm hh*nk\n- 
eh«Yp prei^ts lt\rh«*rd b\nK*y ami thonia«» chillon drafter ar vilt- 
niHksc* of tlie name IV'^inn^ my ^ade brotlit*r rjrlianl bynler and 
llioniaik Cliilton I>ra|itr in Diirliam a» mv tnut u in ttieni Cp be 
su|HT%tM>rtt of thi% my last ^ill aiwl tt*<»titnet by llie ad%ier ani 
conMill i>f !»ir John broi^ni* ami wiU'in blenkynUi«*pe prrtti. 
And 1 will that thi* my p'mmU tef^laim^nt y^*^ all thing* htrm 

written »hall vtand and a bvde for mv verv latl will and 

*. * * 

meiit and iion oiIut notherwiM* In witne^ w)ifn»f I John b} 
lev to till!* m\ testament hath iiuY«M*ril>t<<l «iitiK*%*e« Jc»hn bjmeWy 
wiU'm wat**on John bruwne prent will'm blenkynJM»|>e 

'Ilii's Ih' the |»errel of my gcKwU tliat I geue lo eu*T oor of 
my f»i«»ter June prentes ehildn*n a* ftilowrlh in tbrt 

lnp*mi^ 1 geue vnto Hobtrl prtMnti^ all my boktr* chr brd 
that I l\e III hole «Mim|i|rt i»'^ all that ht longs vntc» it, ako I 
geue hiiii ni\ presMir, m\ goniii-s m\ »urplesA my li furrrd amy* 
SIS m\ liats mv Iioim- nharttc** dubblcit.s and all oUirr ranaeaU 



apperteynyng vnto me Also my littell ambrye w»*» one dowre 
my table my Jron chimney w*** tongs poore shovell spet and 
that belongs thervnto micapes hoods hats belts knyves also eu' 
yeare xiij". iiij*^ to mend his waigds a led laver one puder bason 
a new chist w^ a plate locke a posnett w^ a stalke of brasae 
and also ij of my best quisshings one candelstike and my beit 
bede cou'ing w'** con'nes and fa'nyll vpon y* a chare a coffer a 
stuyll of ease a gravene candlestick all my buffet stules ij puder 
potts All things named I geue vnto him. Also I geue 
vnto will'm prentis xl' also one chist a bouffet stoill a flanders 
chist one Almire w^ ther dores and eyght shepe that is to say 
iii yowes one tupe, and iiij wedders one table bord a chare and 
also I haue spent of the sade will'm fower pounds xiij'. iiij*', us 
doth appere bye ij payre of Indentures for putting of him 
prentis first w^ John Brantingham and now being bound w^** 
John chilton of durham taler also I geu the sade wiU'm one 
uishin. Item I geue vnto Thomas prentess as dothe appeair 
n his indentures sex pounck xig' iiij*' and all my stute at 
mugleswicke that is a matteress a long table a long chiste a bed- 
sted in gilbert swynbomes, In thoraas sanders hand& Alaiae ij 
pouder dublers, a brase pott thre shep going w^ Rvchard Rose, 
and one quishinge. Item I geue vnto Rychard prentes fye 
pounds as dothe appeare in one payre of indentures that is in 
John Marleys hand and also xl' that is in th^ foresad John 
hand he is owing vnto me a littel paynted ambry w^ ij doores 
ij quishings the one w^^ a Jesus and the other w^ a popnioye 
two puder dublers my best lattin candelstike a hole bybell Ifx 
prente a boke called sarmones discipule w^ sartin other bokes 
as I haue named to his brother robert ; Also I geue him a mat- 
tres a bedd covering lyinge w^ canvis two cou'lets a payre ^f 
lynnen shets w^^ a silk ribbing thorow them a rode and a pille- 
ber having Jesus sued vpon ytt, a morter w^ a pestell. Item 
I geue vnto Isabell prentes sex pounds in mony resiaiung in 
the hands of John friuikeland of Amerston also one new almyre 
a cauwell a newe chist and one table bord w^ all the stufe that 
was hir mothers as bedding w^ brasinge vessell puder vessell 
and such as p* tenet to housset the w*^** stuffe dothe remayne in 
hands of will'm myddelton husbandman in merington and also 
w^ Thomas chilton of Durham Draper Also one olde blewe 
cou'ing w^ flouers and byrds vppon it a bolster of fatherbed 
tyke a fustion pilleber the w^** is in the Kepin of Rychard 
Brindley hir vnkell and two cushings. Item I haue geuen in 
raariage w^ Jayne prentis to the valeu of xx markes and a 
bowe as I trust hir husband w^ other frends will testifi and 
beaer witnes. By me John byndley clercke and pety cannon 


in Ihjrtiani Witno< Sir John Hrcm nr f^ir miirm blfiikyQ»lMi|ir 

r\Tlmnl bvnfli-v 'llioina^ C*liilfon w«* otiirr m«M». 

• • • 

TiiK IsvENTonv of nil an<l i^infrul«*r tht* pMtiU of Sir JoIiq 
HyiKiU*}' lavte |>ottirannon in tho catlH*<lrall cliiiri'h fit' iKirluun 
|YraM*<l by iiij hon«'«t nuMi viz. Ja«|>* hoi%U*y, Kyrbani irrrroe 
C^ltltlM*rt hoff^ nnci 'lliomaH Kny^hton the xxth of Jiinr L%65. 

Inipmi^ one* Inin rhininc*y w^ a bake ficMire tonp firr*lMirl 
tp<*ct(: and a liltell rake p*ti*nin^ there to %nj*^one grec chiar 
p'ftor XX* viij* — 4>ne hllell co(>urii w** loker viij* — one ItHifj 
Maiichn^ anib' v* viij^ one other ambrye w'Nitit a lokcr «j* 
%'iij**— one wan*koH table vj* viij^-^we wani^kott rhayre ij* * j* — 
one rou'e<l forme die iij hnflett fttt»iU v* — one flandrr cht*t Jk ij 
le«JK» vj* viij* — one couM befl w« the tea»ter Ac rotirtiiig of ibr 
tame xiij*. iiij**.— one otiii*r rou*inf! of a tM*<ki t»f e.-ir{)cl ^rof^bc 
xl* — <»ne other rou'iug of a iM'd* lvne<l w' hanien of carj^et 
woorke xx* — i»ne overworne fether \nHi w* a gcMid bcMler &*<«• 
one mattre^M' v* — ij fetlier ciMhU w** llwir {nikvhen r* — ooe 
C4m*let( of red & yellowe whyl ifc black iij'— H>nr parr <»f blan- 
ket* V* -ij {taire <if riin»e sh«»et* v*. iij* — ij bice ({ni%»hing of caf- 
|>et worke }»to|H* w* fether> ij' — other ij miirh lyk of one faa«nn 
th*on having a pnppynyay ther on xvj* — iiij ocIht thnommnl 
«{iii!i%hings ij of them giMMl & ih'other rur<ieij* viij* — y* hangingv 
of tlie cha'ber w' the pr«Mit |»«ip'» iij* iiij*. Suma ix' xj* x*. 
Iliti* AprrRUij. One «id go^ne faced y^-*^ black lame xxt* — 
one other »id g«>wne of lewe factsi runlet t xx'«»<me clok fared 
w< niftM*tt x' — ij other old sid gown«*% th'on facrti w' fichr% h 
other facd wi ru«>ftett x* ~ij other clok« lh*onr «if tkrm Vout 
ileevt'H viij'<— ij callilH'r (pieir IknnU lyiuti w* mynevrr oor 
C<mm| other woW xiij* iiij* — one old Jacket & a |«rr of ho»e 
lij' — -4ine c»ld diibh't <»leev«»<l m' fii%hine, one other •levnl 
w« clothe xij*- 4>ne %arple%h iiij* — ij caMeUtickft XTJ*. oor 
brazen inorter w' a |H-*t«*ll xj*. Sum v» xx*. Tm« lHrr% 
owing t«Y y' f^id S' John bindh*ye tlie dar of hn drib 
ap|H*rith by thi% debt^ UNik of bin ouno hand writing. I»* 
p*nii<( Jf»hn francklen of aiimer^ion vj*. Jf>hn Maries of 
aclyfle xlvj' viij^-John tinwl of Kirk nM*riiigton xj* Tj*— ftob'l 
fom*M)n of miigU*»wirke xiij*. iiij* will'm h<i|>p* of the tanc 
vj*. viij*. Kiib't niMiall of DarwayiH* xiij*. iiij* — vrdow •ribjr 
of framwelgat ix* iiij* — lUA/t rain wrb»ter iiij*— John Muyth ct 
row lye X* — wilkiikMin xx*~ Itic gryne xii' — tiMiaiaft marcli of 
rdebng vj* viij*. Kob*t KycheMin of butlUfeki viij**-Joka 
lavborne of iniiggl<*«wirk x\* — niniotMl %myth of gillygai lam 
iiij'* %j* \iij* - \* deane A: chapter <»f the cath* currli of IKtrli'i 
f<»r \* ^d i' John |H*ti«ion de^e at \' fea^t of pent' la»t paat 
xxxiij*. jiij*— y' «aid ^' John wag« for hi« Mall in }' qiirrt 


at y* feast of midsomer next ensuing 1* — gilbart sujTibome of 
inugelswick lij" — John smyth of cauldrowley for is tith lij* 
iiij'' — Joh' palyster for is tythe xx** — John pallyser for his p** 
xiij* ob — w"» pallyster y* said John sonne for his ty th vj** — Jaine 
watson ij". iij**. Sum'a debit* xxv* xiij'. iiij**. Suma tot' cm* 
honor' et debitor' xl*. v' ix**. Legaces geven in his testi- 
MENT First to the poure pepell of sanct Nicolas in Durham 
vj« viij* — to the poure pepell of the Southe baylef & north 
balyfe vj*. viij* — to the pepell of sancte giels parrlsh in Durham 
vj* viij* — to the poure pepell of sanct oswold in Durham vj*. 
viij<* — to the poure pepell of saint margerets in Durham vj*. 
viij* — to the poure pepell in merington p'ishe x* — to eu'y child 
the said sir John gave cristendon vnto xij*'. to eu'y one of Da- 
vid fosters children vj" viij** — to eu'y one of rychard byneley 
children xij*, v* — to Ric byndley wyffe one old angele x' — to 
will'm mycfdelton vryffe v*. S'm of all the funerall and legaces 
vj* xix" iiij^ — S'm remaneth clare xxxj* xviij*. j**.* 


In the name of god amen the xix*** day of Aprill in y* yeare 
of our lord 1564 I Edmond bean p'son of stanhope in wardell 
hoU of mynde & good remembrance doo maike my last will & 
testamente in man' & forme foUowinge. ffirste I giue & be- 
quithe my soul to allmighty god my creator & redemer trustinge 
in his infinite m>^cye & grace to be one of his electe children. 
Also I will that my bodye shalbe buried in y* churche of stan- 
hop w^in y* quere w^ y* dutyes therto belonging payd. Also 
I geue & bequite to henry beane my cosin x*. It'm 1 giue and 
bequithe to my cousyn Mighell beane x'. It'm I giue & be- 
quithe to my cosin Rob'te bean x*. It*m I geue & bequithe to 
my cosin John hill xx'. It'm I giue to my cosin Margaret lit- 
ster xx% It'm I giue to my sisters daughter one of binla^ 
daughters x'. It'm I giue to my cosin John home xx*. It'm 
I giue to y** poore folke of stanhope xl*. It'm I giue to John 
marshall vj*. viij^. It'm I giue to my curate thomas benson 
clerke xl*. It'm I giue to my ostes tlie wife of John Marshall 
vj*. viij^. It'm I giue to Elizabeth my mayde x*. It'm I giue 
to george marshall my man vj*. viij*'. It'm I giue to thomas 
greansweard my hinde xiij*. iiij*'. It'm I geue to Will'm beane 
my Sonne xx*. It'm I giue to my daughter Alice bean xiij'. ii*. 
viij*. It'm I giue to my daughter Susanna xiij*. yj*- viij*« to oe 

1 Presented to the Rectory of Stanhope in 16C0. 


|«yd to m? tayci two IXiwghtrn> at tiicli tinu* a» tin*}' fthmll cooir 
to lawtull mftv or Im* iiiAryt*<l. Il*iti 1 ^itic to C^iithh'rt riii'win 
x'. to he a hi-lp to my co«iin |>i*tfr hill and to my lonntr \Vill*m 
beaiie mhom 1 tak<* to Im* mv true & tavthl'iill exc^Mitur t«i (h%- 
{HIM* %'iito y* p<M>rr. AIm> 1 retiuire my itimhI lonl ot' Hinrhr*- 
ter ' to be ftiip*tit«er of this my ui»t will K tr%(juiiente WitiM-* 
ofy* Mim€* will 'IlioinaH Im*ii44»ii rlrrkt* curate of %tAtilio|M* |ieter 
hillv Cuthbt*r em'MUi, John marshall Ac John luiMlnK*'^. * 


In the nnme of gcni Amen the xix*''<l«iy of A|»nll in tlie ware 
of our lorde pnl 15ti4 1 Mar^^nret (*oltom nethiwe U}te wyfc 
of JanieN eotton f(entelm«in off p'fite memi>rye Ac towtule will ihi 
make LiM will & te^ta** a.^ followeth flirnte t«> alnii^ht\e ){od I 
ffiue & lM'C|uithe my mhiII tru«tin^e hv J«-ikUft (*hri%te« Ht-ik'mp- 
c*oii Ai im-rrve onlv to \h» %aue<l 1 nill that mv iNMlve Im* hur\- 
t^l in i;att*«hi*fi churehe Ih'«v(Ii*% mv hu^lmmi tlM-r to Im* cfinieUe 
buryed Cv brought tiirthe h"^ xUv (*o«te<i of my ^tMifh-^ Ifir^te to 
be li-v\'('<l Sc to v' iNNtrr of thi^ ii'i«he to Ik* di%lribut<-<i bv %* 
c«>Ilector» 1 fsiue x*. AIm> my cU*btft to Im* |Miyd w^ Im* at thi» 
day writtiin in a bill »ulH»cnlHH| w*" ^entelmeiu haiui« & others 
a» they arine in my »iknc*« X can Im* |»rfm*d It'm 1 will that 
KielianI wiiettJeyt ^cmnU-h »hall be |>aytl of my gi*ode« to x|»\»l'uc 
hixons handen for lh«- lM»yt*« VMf m*^ i% a xi'. xjV wli«»me 1 |iut m 
tnt^t «i'^ him acconlin^ to a lioumh* InTem Al«4» I giue to my 
daughter ImIm'II* children xx' a |)cce that i» iij'. Alto to my 
daughter Jayn & hir hu^lmnd ffoure kven. AImi 1 giut* to Annr 
dieh* a ro«i<*. It'm to nuircaret whitte\hl an otlM*r rowr. It'm 
U> Anne uhil«* a roue. It'm to ener\e one of ni) fteniautca 
be%yde% ther mage^ \ij* n |Hve my ra\mente to my ImkU I giue 
to mv daiiglil4*r Jane*, 'lite l(4*sifhie of my giMMle^ I giur to be 
ec|uailyi' devidet alter ni\ debt» lM*inir«* fHiwh* & U'gacie* gnieo 
& V' Ikimii Uirhanl Hliu*tU*\^ p'le |>awi otite iM'twrii my two 
children Maihou uhite Ac J.i\n hi\«in & tit' thi« mv Lut will & 
tr*ktanient 1 nia\ke ni%n ixeeutor* to tv«*rute trulv tht% mv U»t 
will mv naturall m>ii Matho uh\t«* & mv »on in law xp'ofor htx* 
mi Mimtlve jW yf ether «»t' them refuH* the executorftlii|M" & c4Bcv 
y* u*^ I liaui* |»ut them in truit w*^, the either Uiu Id baiir Uae fuO 
authi>rite onlv N aKme to Im* the exi*cutor of thi» niT tr»tamral. 
'llii« to Ik* mv will. llu-^ «itm*%M*^ lN*aniftiT uriteii & ^ 
«d dcM* rfeonli* — John I.uinU-v UiU'm birche «k John coktoo. 

< H*AmrTt ll.'nw, ft|iiiiiat«tl Bnbofi uf WincJMf tcf la IMI, Uvii^ 
% itMi%ly Draii of Ihirbam. 


The Inventory of all y* goods & cattels movable & unmov- 
able of Margaret Cottom late wyfe of James Cottom gentelman 
of Gaiteshead as it was praysed by the iiij men Richard Jackson 
Will'm Dicson Alixander berlay, xp'ofor tedcastell y* 8 of 
Joune 1564. In y*^ haule. Imp'mis one Iron chimney, one 
porr, one payre of to}mgeSy gibcrokes rakincroke, & racks xx*. 
— One table, ij formes w''* a littell stole x' — One cownter iiij*— 
ij carpent clothes v" — ij chayres viij** — xiij candelstiks viij". — One 
morter, one pestel, one chawfindish iiij" — One Almerye x* — 
One copborne vj' viij'* — vij littel tinpotts & a sah ij' viij** — ij 
great peuter potts & a buntin pot iij*. iiij^ — One basin and vre 
of pouter iij' — xv puter dublers xx" — xj puter dublers viij* — \j 
puter dishes iiij' — x pottingers & iij sawsers iiij' — One pottel pot, 
on can of puter one quarte pot, a pinte pot, a gil pot w'** others 
ij viij** — One lauer iiij** — vquicians &a carpent clothe xx** — One 
bread grate vj**. — iiij stone potts ij pep'quemes viij** — One glas 
case & iiij glasses viij** — xj sylver spones xx' — One lattes viij* — 
One paynted clothe xij**. — One hall house Almry ij formes ij*. 
vj*. In the kitchinge. ffirstone Iron chjTiey w^ rackes two 
Rayckincrokes & iiij spetes xx'. — one brasse pot w*** an Iron 
bowe xv' — vij brasse potts & two Iron potts xx'- — two droppin 
paimes ij'. viij*. — an old caldron & an old catell iij'— viij brass- 
pannes v' — two cawels & a bread brayk iiij' — ij sayes & a chayre 
xij** — ij payre of pothokes & in flesh hokes and a pot lid of Iron 
viij* — one brew lead a maskin fat one gilefatt & a woort tub 
xviij' — ^a flesh tub & a bulting chiste iij'. iiij*. — a flesh kit, ij 
lauyn tubbs xvj* — iij washinge tubbs xij*. Milkb house. First 
a pan w*** eares v' — ij yetlinges iiij'— a kime & a varies barrel 
xiiij* — a bandreth, a payre of toinges viij* — all v* miflke vessell 
vj' viij* — ^xvj old chesis, v stone of butter xiiij'. — xvij new 
chesis ix'. — ij trestes on varges brake xij*. — ij bonies viy* — one 
hairle bed xvj*. In y' perler. One inner bed of waynscot 
x* — a stand bed viiij* — a p'sser of way'scot xvj'.— iij chestes vij* 
— a dannc' coffer ij' vj* — iij line shets, iij old sheats, iii han'gis 
viij' — iij borde clothes, ij towels, vij napkins v' — ij harden 
towels iiij* — v payre of harden sheats viij'— ix pound of heklid 
linte vj'.— -tallocandle & wood dishes ^' — ij vestaments, ij to- 
nakles, ij stoles one albe w*** iij hangers xx'. — vj yeards of new 
lin & iiij yeards of new harden clothe v'— the reu'sion of brode 
clothe ij'. vi* — xix yeards of sake web iij'. iiij* — ix hespes of 
line, & a xj hanks of harden yame xiiij'. — one harden shete xg* 
-'-^ fether bed a bonis ter & a code xij'.-* iij couerlits, ij hap- 
pinges, iiij blankets, iij coddes w*** an old matres x* — v quicians 
xvj*— a stele capp Sl a couering xx*^ — a tin bottel vi* — a capcase 
wth a looke viij*. In y« lofte fiirst ij stand beads w* postes 

"ii^i WILLS ASD 

vj*. viij^ — iij cliUtc« iij*. iiij^ — ij coivs ofplatr xiij* iiij*— y* bf«l 
ftfilMfr bed jk a liouUtrr x* — «iu>tiif*r fftiifrbcKl & a btftiUirr vj* 
— oiMf ifuUren ijV iiij* — vij f«*tlicT rocKh \* — viij cuuerlclc^ x«' - 
oiH* qtiiltc &a bcnl c*ouc-riiige iiij*--itij bliuikrU %j*. \iij'--ocie 
|«)T of woll rf>meft %/ — • b«ftk«*t ic iij krc»lc*« xi^ — m batlrll tkXv^ 
a blakc bill aiid a mall viij^ — iiij uld biankrt* jij*. iiij^— a frthrr 
be<l Al a boui^ter iij*. iiij^. — ij siunH*^ a coitter a rottin inm h a 
^pade iij*— a prnuKT a cownter a stand bod vj*. vijj'. — wolle 
%you & tobe ft|Miiif xij' — iiij IcafH.** xiV — a pale^ & a milkr »\lr 
iiii* — iij Mikfft xij* — vj vnini«*ft ofmliitr rlultir ^j".— ^j jranJr^ 
ol blac'ki* clotla* vj* %iij' — iiij Juckc*:* x*« Is v* FEVLO AT v« 
Head iiiii <.iic. xxiij kyr a bull ^ \j caWr* xxxK — &xj \o«r«, 
& iij to|K.*ft Iiij' iiij"* — v laiiibiHk uij«— .n •toiic Ik a lialfc <»f wullr 
vj* — xix yoards of liii« ^i x of liardi*ti x\*. -^l\ iftmid alniuC %' 
luHiM* X*— liii kirtle* ul* ii^4ii>t*t, & utu* ul* rlcitlu*, tc a |irltirfiir 
xxvi' viii^ — li frok(-« OIK* ol* w oHM't & uii other tif rUi 

ixvj* viij* — ij frok(-« one ol wonM't & uii other t»f riotlir 
yard of veliu-t xxx*— iiiw trayiM*<l pomn ifc**a gard of vrlud 
xx\j*. viij^ — a ca*»4>k of worM^t w*^ a ffani of \elurt \ an t»ifarr 
of ruMM't a froke A; a clokc xx%j*. %iij^— ij kye xKj*. ^nj'.^iij 
iftliy «»tirk«i xxj*. — ix pntU-n Ik four |mvre of roflft-^ %j* - % linrn 
couiT chfffei* xvj'. viij**- one hare brt»«W iiij^^a fauiir *kuir, a 
pavre of M*rr nlatlM-4 iiij**— a quarter & a ludfe of lin* clolbr «j'. 
•^lialfe li lK*fi<i of lather, & a waUtecote xx'. * 


In the nanic of gwl Anicn the xxij day t>f fabruari in the 
vere of ou* kird giMl 15^)4 I JIhmm* C oplaoe y' elder durlhuf 
in Wit ton |;ilb4*rt toune lM*ing craned in btxUe yil in good nir- 
nMNri niak<i my la<it ti-^tanHMit in man* and forme fcHikNiif( (irrt I 
bn{uith my miuIc to Almifchty god mv maker h rrcieemer aod 
niv ImmK to the t*arth in chrittiam burtall in MivnC miciiarls 
ehurrh yanl aixonlinj; to tlie lam en (»f this realm now rtrd I 
bc^|uith to my miu J hone C'opbnt x %he|>e and my bnnir cunr 
al«» to the %a\tl Jhone my |;rete bnu* |Mitt and lu hi* doghtrn 
aimmgh^t them iiij |M*at'e oi luider It' 1 ^iv to my «oiir 
ct>plant X fUi'iH* u**" my takke<l rem and a lille lira** polt 
a puther di*he to hi* (h>^hter and I will y* my third cum be told 
to any y* will iii\ niiMt lor hir aiKl %^^ tlie ihc tlMfToT to bring 
me hoiu%ly forth h'^uII when I am dead ami buried aiNl v* nrM 
of tlu* nu>ny y* remanc« of y' cow p'cc be equate de^iocd br* 

I Tku Will U riliubW lor tbe timpbdu uT Its arwiywu TW 
ItfTT U aUu ot AD tnttfmling iMilurv. 


tuen my son Jhone and thomas Also I giv more to my sone 
thomas one whete rege y^ is sawen in Northumberland Witnesses 
the Curat Jhone brone prest bartram hurd and Jhone Copland 
w^ others. 

An Inventori of Jhone Coplants goods y* elder dwelling in 
witton gilbert tone deseesed apprased the xxvj* day of fabruari 
in the yere of ou' lord god 1564 by thes iiii honest men viz 
bartram horde Jhone gelson Robert gelson Richard Wrangam. 

Imprim's his best Jacket ij* viij* — ^his best hose xij** — his best 
dublatt xij** — a nother Jackett xvj* — a secondari dublatt viij* — 
a nother payre of hose viij** — another Jackett iiij*— one old 
dublatt iiij** — ij shetes ij\ — one jTon rakincrok iiij**. his swerd 
and dagger xij^ — ij brass potts iij*. iiij**.— iiij peac of puther 
xvj**^-one potager & a candelstek iiij** — one Jron spete iiij** — 
one old broken handrey vj'^^-one pare of showes viij** — ^ij 
of hony xvj** — so mutch hay vnspended as as valud to n* — an 
acre of ware corne prased to iij". iiii*. — ij kyne eather of them 
xvj* — a whi xiij*. iiij'*. — x weather shepe everi of them ij* iiij*— 
X yowes & g'mers everi of them ij* — ix hogg shepe every of 
them xvj**. S'm vj* v'. ij**. The Detts owing to thb 
DEAD Imprim's Robert hall owith xij* — Robert Watson xij*. 
S'm ij*. the totall s'm w'** the Detts comes to vj' vii* ij*. the 
DETTS Y^ y" dead OWE Imprimis for the reparations of the 
houses longing to the same is prased to the s'm of xx*. S'm 
xx*. It' tlier is owing by the dead tho rob't dobson of ship- 
law viij*. — to my sone thomas coplant v* — S'm xiij*. Imprint's 
for the'xpenses in his sicknes time w* arvel costes xx*. vj*. 
It' for writing the Inventori & will & expenses att the prising of 
the goods comes to xviij*. S'm xxij*. S'm tot' deduct' liiij*. 
So remainth clere iij^ xiij*. ij**.* 


John Cokeson cordener in Crateshed. Inventory 19 Oct. 
1564. Inter alia iiij dossen schoes ij*. viij*. (ita) — broken lad- 
der xxxij*. The shope geare x*. His clothes, a gowne a 
cloke a Jacket two dnblets two payr of hose xxx*. M' bartram 
owes for makinge a girken xx**.* 


Fabruari xiiii 1564 — to Jhone my eldest sonne ablucote 

and a dublett of cassaye- ^vnto Robert my sone a bleve cote» 



w^ wo* niv lord of northfulk** lerervc — vnto Lanerlol niv 

a bn>iiiM» coif — vnto AlleMm my ckigliUT chh* wlii rmlf and la 

liave the graMH* of it vnto it he a cow.* 


Inventory. 25 Muy 151)4. 'Hire Jacketn cmr Ictht-r dublri 
ij payre of hoMs ij i^lifrtH, oih* liat, one cai>p, ihm* ckike, our 
ftwortl wt^ a buckler, one clapir, a iNiyre of bule* w*^ «purr« a 
payn* of khoe^, one iMidle, one bridle, one bone & lialfe a tliafe 
ofihaftH XXX*. For ij layre»lawU in j'rhurrlie vj*. \iij^* 

iLxxiv. R4>bi:kt MiuroRTiir. 

Inventor}' dated viij Nov. 1564. tmter aiia Two laftt of 
flax alt egiiten |M>iind a lajkt^Ki xxxvij*. iiij^. tlie clialder Hk 
best goune xl*. One dania.«k Jacket gardetl w,,^ veluet xx^j*. 
viij^ One dagg wtkfla^k aiMl lulclibockc* V*. One Imiw a •hrf 

of arrowet and a piloting glov v*.^ IX*bt* — to the lord Milra- 

an * xii' to fnuui |)erdecane — to another fnuuhnian caulM 

dran of den vjL — To Sir bartra* hardwicke and liaith itir the 
■anie on gilt |>eace w«* a cuvcr iij'. vi*. \iij^. — to Jane Andrfioci 
for a yer and a lialf wagi*i» xviij*. 'lo Jane« '\% fervand fur half 
a yer wag* \\ * 

(l\XV. ROLASn pa%TT, P%R«iOS OF WrHfklll !ii(«TO^, ' 

uKRK. luo HMiidilU ij brj'ddells ij ftwerd%« j liagger, ij pw 
boots<>« j pare «»|H>re%« iij |iare »howe», iiij »%*de gowneis lij mmX 

Eiwnt's j clok, J i»l«le fliu^lM*n dotihlrtl, iJ |»are Imkat, iij pare 
K»te Imn>m\ iij «»liertA« ij jerkyn»« j oUle rhamletl tlrvelra 
jackytt ij hatt%. j |»rei»t ca|»|)e« ij viwler capp^ %'. Diarii* 

I Tboma* Ifovinl, l^rl of HurrrT. tbf Koffbali CWwrrBA ftt tW littiv af 
Ploddeo in Ull. ami anmranb Ihikr oT NorSiU. TW TmUCct I 
WfO in 1^ KTricY. and w bad ari|uir«d Um lirtrv r««l vkkb W W|f 

« Rbhop S|«rir. vboar name haa alrradv ao of\<ii ominvd. II* 
iMve barn a great diuott Icodrr. 

9 Prvwntc«l to Xht Ractarr nf Waablngt««% < Jul I!W%1 aad 
RrcUtr of Rountun in NorthalWrtoaaliifv. vb«rr he rvrrtved kit UilN** 
hanAr The wrddtng miU af bla daoghter coal, aa •p|Mar»» X9 I la. Itl 


INTER ALIA To Mr Tliomas Craythorne esquier w«*» the sayd 
Sir Holland had receyved beforehand foi the rent of the p'soii- 
age of West Runegton and not expyred at his death for j hole 
yere and on half after the rate of xj* in the yere xvjl x*. To 
the executors of Henry Smythe late of london Imbroderer xx*. 
— to John Vasye for a gowne xj\ iiij**. — Xp'ofer Smythe a qHers 
wags x". To Arthur Johnson of Kichemond mrchaunt. for the 
wedding rayment of Katheryn the said S' Kolland doughter iij* 
xiV x**. For a fatt oxe xxxiij". iiij**. Fun'all expencs xliiij*. 


Inventory 12 feb. 1565. [Rooms and furniture all specifi- 
ed] Inter alia A payr of virgenalls xl". A strawe bed (in the 
vtter parlor). The Apparell. One tawennye velvet gowne 
furred w'*» black satten ij*. vj". viij^. A black satten gowne fur- 
red w'** martens iij^ A shorte taweny veluet gowne xl*. A 
cremessen satten dublet xxvj". viij**. A swerd & a dagger xiij*. 
iiij**. A purse & money x*. Total ij*". xlix'. xviij*. x**. The 
funerall expences To Thomas HaU of Durisme for blackes 
xiij* ij". X**. For cappes ribbons & schotchones xxxvjV ij**- 
Charges made at y* churche v*. * 


In the name of God Amen. The xxiij of August An'o Dn'i 
1565. Be it knowen to all men that I Richarde Hedworthe 
of Whickham being of hole remembraunce makes this my last 
will and testament in man'^ and forme following. First I be- 
quith my soule to Almyghty God & all the companye of the 
saynts in Heven, and my body to be buried in Whickham 
Churche nyghe vnto myne owen stall. First I giv to my sone 
J hone Hedworthe the house y^ I dwell in and all the houshold 
gere as it stands w"* all the catteU y^ is about the house. It'm 
I giv to Adrian Hedworth my youngest sone twenty marke. 
It'm I giv to my sone Anthony Hedworthe xx nobles. It'm I 
giv to my sone Rob't Hedworth oth' twentie nobles. It'm I 
giv to my doughter Elsabethe Simpson five marke. It'm I giv 
to my sone Thomas Hedworth v markes. It'm I giv to my 

1 See his pedigree Surtxxb, II.« 184. 
s or the family of Hedworth, of Hvnton. V. Sr rtces. If., U7. 



tHxtre p*UliioTii»ni xl*. aimI alto I giv to the pcwrr maitft boxe iij*. 
liij^. It*m I giv to KichanI H€*iTi«oii and K^ibert HerriMO ny 
doiiglitem childmi to rytlior oftlu^m xx*. It'in 1 give to rTrnr 
one of my M^nants b4*ing in my houfte, to every one of thnnr 
in', iiii^. lt*ni I giv to K4>bert p'rentiMie my hiiid att Hutplrtts 
Tj*. viij^. ll*m I giv to Kicliard Hedworthe ftone to Kauf Hcd- 
worth«* two rialb. It*m to my rowing John Hedworthe of Sah* 
weUide otlu^r two rialU. It*m I giv to NTgerye Hedworthe and 
Franci« Iledwortlu' my Mme Kauf doiigbtert, to ertber of them 
one r>'all. It'm I giv to mv hriithvr (*uthbert IIf<l»orthe and 
his wif and \m iiij rhiUireii to (*\t*ry on«* of tliem x*. It'm I giv 
to my Mine Kobt*rt IlrfiHorthe tlin* rhildlen xxx*. It*m I giv 
to my Mine 'Ilionuu Ili*<l»c>rthe cloiighter Jane Hedworthe x*. 
Also I giv to my doughter KUaU^the Sim|>«on» iiij children x* a 
peace. A1m> tlK»r U owen vnto on«» by Sir Kauf Hedworthe xi'. 
It*m Alexander IWll i« owen me iiij marks It*m wedow Kirii* 
usse is owen me xx*. It*m Mavftter Cteorge I^umley is oven 
me one teme of colleik and one olde angell in gold. It'm Mr 
Roger BUxtonof Ctibside is owen me xx*. It'm wedow Soihe- 

ran wif to ITiomas SotlH»ran ix*. All the rr%i I giv Toto 

mv sonnet Kauf, Anthonv, Robert, Jhone, 'IlK>ma», h Adrian 

Hedworthe whom I make ro^ executor* M* Jhooe Bed- 

worthe of SallW€»ftide »u|>ervisor. * 


In the name of (tod Amen. 10 Dec. 1&65. I Isahell Tet- 
worthe of the east grainge in the p*i»he of S* (tyies in the eyie 
of Durham wediiw.— — I gyve towenls repanng of the sad 
{)ari»hi* cliurrh iij*. iiii^. — 14> mv coM'n Mr .\nthoiiT MytMum 
one old angell in gold — to i'utfibert Mvdelton mv god»oo one 
frenche crown in g«»ld. to mv *onne Cutkbert IKIbiifth*m (onyr 
poundfi in ctin%id«*mtt(*tt of hu chil(ic*s |Hirtion aiid other kg aw 
which mv late huHbinfl Kdmard Ti*dworth did give him. — To 
my daugfiter Kyllin^'iriu x\u* Im\ mere «^ I benight of Kychard 

(l.\\l\. RAPIIi: GALtJKI.KY. 

20 Nov. LVki. Vnto my doughter FJii. (tallile 
4ancv. of lUlcA BOUiifflMm. of Clook Hall. 


one paire of croks of sylver duble gylt, a crucifixe of gold, one 
tache of sylver gylt and a liart of sylver gilt and fy ve sylver 
spoines. [&c.] To my wyfie Annes fower silver spoines, my 
best gowne [&c.] I gyve to the vpholding of y* pant the lease 
of the house that Thomas Newton dwells in duringe y* yeres. 
To my sone Will'm one Edward Noble that my father gave hym. 
To Will'm Watson halfFe a duble duckett. To Robert Ander- 
son, Edwarde Hudspethe and Xp'ofer Surtes ev'y one of theja 
a old angell, &c.* 


Mychell Robinson of y* woodhouses par. S* Andros aukland 

— xvj maye 1 565 1 will my sonne Rob't have all my work 

geare and all my wood w« I have bought lying where he knowes 
my sward my saddell & my brits seing y* he be co'tent w* y* and 
not to covieth or desyre nothing of y* rest of my goods frome 
the rest of his brethering & sisters — my sone Will'm to have 
for his p'te iij gymmers hoggs a read eappe a meyld cote & a 
lynning shart w' x shillings in monye — to John my sone a black 
hacked why by legacs — to my wyf y* best cruks & best bed & 

so muche goods as she brought or els to have y* thirc^ S'm 

total of Inventory ix*. ij*.* 


In the name of god amen the xxij* of October anno IVni 
millisimo Quinge'tisimo sexagessimo quinto I Edward Michell 
clerke p'bendarie of the cathedrell church of the blessed triny- 
tie of Carlysle Renownsinge all fonner testame'ts h'tofore sett- 
furthe dothe orden maike and setfunhe this my last testame't 
wherin ys co'teyned my last will in mane' and fforme foliowinge 
ffirst I geue my soull to almightie god my creature and red'mer 
& my body to be buried w^in the chancell of that churche 
w4n w^ p'ochinge it shall please god to call me to his mareye 
Item I will that eu'ie p'so' & vicar pr'sente at my burryali haue 
XX** & there dene" & eu'ye other p'eist xij* & thejrre den" Item 
I geue to the pow'st howshollde" w*in the cytie of ca'lysle iij' 
vj* viij**. & that some to be deliueried by my execut" to the 
maiore of Carlisle that he & and the cownsell maye distribute 

1 Rector also of fiotUiury, in Northumberland, and Aspatria, in Cumber- 



the «aiiii* ATCo'dinglu*. Item I gnu* to tbr pore»t of niT p'ub- 
iiige of llothburic* xl* the muik* to be dittributed by the cunue 
tt uhI the chtirclie wmrdeiM oftlie Mine p*ochinge. Ite* I gror 
to the po*e*it of my p'ifthinge of a%|Mitn*e xl* to be difttriboted 
lykwUe. Item I will that mil the fiwrv |)eopele ir^ »hdbe at 
my burriall hmue <*iie*ie ont* oiie |)efiye & all other p*uMm of 
re. utarioiM* there dine'* at the divreti<me of mv exeeuto* Ite* 
I geue t(» Jam* bone my titter v' towa'd<» the marige of hir 
doughter. Item I gt*ue to %ame Jam.* booiie one fether bcdde 
w*^ a b<)Utt*r at Carlvule Item I geue to edmonde mv eldest 
brother x' in full ftatufactioiH* & and rotentaciime of all other 
title* & clanKii debts Ik deniandu bt*twixt me & and hvme the 
the ftaid e<lmoiKl or any other* |N»'or |>*»onji in thi« te«tame t no'iat- 
ed p'vid(*<l always tluat if the taid (*<lmond or any ocbe' in hii» 
name do nH>lefkt or tnible me or anv othe' in this testamete 
DO*i*att*<l y* then the ftaid legarie (if x* be frufttrate Toide and of 
no efrt*cte Item I geue to tlumian mv brotlier ir* & to rowland 
bis Minne %'' ami he tc» Ih* M*nt to lomlone to putto to one p'eo- 
tcUiip at the ap|Hi'n'met o( my ex€*cut(»^ Item I geue to br%» 
bame mv brother v' w»* one iVnlde' bt*dd & a boUter at nrwbig- 
ginge Item 1 geue to Jane myrhell my brotht*' dought**' thrr 
pouiidt^ %'j* viij^ Item gc*ue to Kiibert loi'tlier my godM>* my 
best fether w*^ tin* be»t couVyne the b«i»t nMittrr*e be«t co«*e- 
elothe bei»t ^hettn bla'ketti** l>ii»t boUter b(**t pyllo w^ the br«t 
pilloHlHT & be%t lM*<id »tiK*kA at ai^imtrie w** t'hanging« & trx 
new quiv»in» lM*in^e at ca'li%le Item I geue to hyme one tylue* 
goblet \j *^ilxw* ik|NHu*ii of the be»te Mirte Item I geue to hin 
vj ox«*ii iiih" kye or qwhyi*^ to bt* taken of my »tore at nevbig* 
gine at hi% own clKwinge & xx** thepp yonger h elder to be 
taken the'or if there bt* no manye remay ing all my p*te of graoe 
nawen & vnviwen that «hall chanee to be there at the dare of 
my di'athe Item I geue to nty «*ua t Roberte tleddell v* Item 
I gene to will'm of ca'li«le xx* k do retnitte otkef 

XK* w'** he iH owinge to me. Item I fif^ue to 
xiij* iiij' toHu'di* her bringinge vp Item I geue to Robert god- 
frye xx* to Ji^m-t p'ker \j' vnj* w** a fiaire <if ny 

lK»e. Item I geue to eue*ye om* of tin* |>bendar my 
thcringe at rarli%le vj* viij^ & tt> eu'ie one of the petty 

vi* viij** Item t«i i»u'ie one of tlk* iiij* ringing men ly* iiij* 8l to 
the iHo MMiyll nia*ter» iij* inj* a \n'\cv Ili»m to eu'ie one of tke 
vj forging IniyeH xij^ Cv Mirhe hketothe l>«Hl*mrn exee|ite to 
wiirm deane to i»home I grue x)* \iij^ Itt m to a^'lher of tlie 
Mrri%ton% MJ' lu-ni to the |H>rter xij* \ to the berWr xij' 
Item I geuf to Mbbt*ll lowther wif to K«>berte hiwther %i *Th^*r 
>|mnt% of tlir In-^t Mui'ge lM*ft>re legat w** a fether bedd & 


ster at ca^lysle the best saue one Item I geue to John ayck- 
tone clerk p'sone of bamptone one newe gowne of chamiete 
fayced w^*» budge my best rydinge gowne & thre silue' spoune9 
Item I geue to will'm hayre clerke my Rydinge gowne & silke 
hatte w*^*' he haithe in his owen eustodie w**" my se^snet tuppet at 
ca'lisle. Item I geue to John austone clerke my best gowne at 
Carlisle faced w^ chamelet & to John Richardson clerke the 
next beste & to John doneld of Ku^ke bamptone our 
gowne of frese remayinge ther. Item I geue to John Rose xx* 
in recompe'ce of all debts & demands betwexe vs Item I geue 
to eu'eye one of my s'uants w*^** shalbe in my s'vice at the tyme 
of my deathe theyr whoole yeares wages excepte to Rob'te 
thompso' cle'ke to whome I geue one blake gowne fayced w'*» 
wourset w^ one franche bonet over and besydes his wagis dewe 
to him at martinmese vpon a rackinge betwixt vs Item I geue 
to euerie one of my godsons w^in the p'schange xii** Item I 
geue to will'm adcok clerke vicare of Isell vi* xiij* iiij** one 
gowne of veluet faced w'** setten one bonet w*^ all my boks at 
asparthe. Item I geue to patrige Johnson xl* Item I geue to 
thomas tallentire of ca'lisle one great teable w*** the cou'vinge 
standinge in the hall & all my hey & peatts at ca'lisle Item I 
geue to thomas loither xx" w"* one fether bedde & pillow at car- 
lisle. Item I constitute & ordaine executo" of this my last will 
& testamente the fore named Rob'te louther my godson & the 
said will'm adcoke clerke to whome I geue all my goods & chat- 
tells not bequiethed ne legaced supuiso" herof the right reurend 
father in god John byshoppe of ca'lisle to whome I geue my 
best fether bedd at ca'lisle the best couvringe the twilted blank- 
ets bolster pillowe mattress w'** the hangings of the bed the bed- 
steide onelie resey ved fo' m' brandlinge in recompenc of another 
w<* I had of him w*** two cheists & one cownter in the chamber 
w<* lykwise belongethe to hjrme And also I apponte Rob'te 
lowther thelder the othe' sup'uisore to whome I geue one 
Jackette of damaske w^ one dublet of the same & and all my 
fysching at wetheall baye w<* I haue or of Right owght to have 
bye vertue of the last will and testamete of lancelote salkeld 
clerke laite deane of Carlisle towa'ds the p'fermet of liis doughter 
onely & he or his assignes to discharge the rents therof In 
Wittnesse whereof I haue to this my foresaide testatmete sub- 
scribed my name fu'the' I geue to Rob'te brattone & his wif one 
cotage w^** one ga^dinge adionynge vpon the bishoypes close dur- 
Inge their lyves & the longe' lever of them. Wittnesses herof 
Robert Thomsone clerke & John olyckenon clerke w**» others 
whome I haue caused lyekwyse to subscribe theyre names. 
In dei noie amen the xiij'* of noveniber an^ p'nom* I the 


•aid Kdwmrd niylchell clerke do grue 8l bequitiM* vnto mr god 
dowgliter iiusaue bc*»t on Mlvrr mUc Item I girtir to ed«tt*d 
bone my nUter tone xx* towanU the mantcnanncc of him at the 
icoll & x\w Mud x%^ to be put into tlie cuModie of itij honeftl 
me* to the moftt conioditie of ftakl edward bone & tluU AuScie't 
•Menuice be maid fo' tht* iMune at the dmcrertione of my «up'ui* 
to"* & exeeutt)'* \Vvttni*%%'» heri*t>f llobert louthe* Kob'le tlod- 
dell w«»» otlier*.* 


or XKW c %mm: m Nsrair. -rsdorm} ] 

In the navme of (hmI Amen tin* xiiij day of marche & in tlie 
yer of ou' iorde gcMie Mt cc ( c lxv I angne* lawton hi>U utf 
mytide Ik gade UenH*'braiiC4* makithi* th\t my la%te wyll & tes- 
tament in man* and forme her after fofowing fy<*rmte I crvc 
my ftoul to almytlietie gode my maker 8i Kedemer and my 
bodye to be biiryed in i\w |/i!»lH* churrlie of ta^-nt nieoHa* wyt 
my niortuart dew a cow^tem to tin* Uwe It* I bequeithe to the 
powr folke xl*. to be dv»tr>'bc*t at tlie dy»rhry«eyon of the j^* 
ion of gatetyde & my cliapUnd S' Kirhard Itay It* I beqtiettbe 
to el|)et kvllingewortiK* a braiice |K>t Inm of tlie bette h tj 
powder dublers two powder dy»rhi*« two lawMcn two eandyl* 
•tyk» a poettali poot a pynt pott a ferther bed two cowerthredi 
a payr of lyne chetes iiij eoclions two of the bevte & two ol the 
wyamt & a chynte that »taiid» at my be<l »ved It* I bequettbe 
to angnes lawM>n d4)wetter wa» to gorreg lam ton my brother a 
braKfle |Nite tlie hei»t btmed lione vj |K)wder dubleri two powder 
dy»chf*'» two iMiw!UK*rs two candUtyk^ a jKM'ttall pott a pynt pott 
a ferther Im^I two cowerlyeck a |Niyr oi lym» chetn iiij eochooft 
two of the beiite & two of the wnvrnte & a ehvue that ttaadi 
wyet the liend against my hi*fl hvcnh* It* I liequeithe the rru^ 
doHf of all niv iiuvetlie gowtU tiiat manvn in mv howv al 

gatt*?ty<*<i at tin* howr of my dyethe \ niegat to angnes lawtoa 
dowtter w«ii» to WUI'm law^on mv hrotlM*r JanM*% Uwton um & 
vj kye tluit gt>w» in tin* thonini cIoNce tliat gow^te at tbr tynic 
bryeg It* I iMHjueithe to my ^\vy%V barbari iiij oxmhi al fini* 
na* & XX yow» of tlu* be»te firomydet allwaye jf chowe do 

I Of tlM wune CmdiIt m \ht Prioftw of N«duoi, mkom WIU mU U iia fj 
urt iprrn above iferv art the Uat partimUrt of a— t i t CT Hupiffitr^s 
lUliifloui llmiw who waa 9jfttad al th* IMMolutian. Al tkia « 
iaS&, ih« «tftia»m nnplortH in bui&diiiff the new •Craata af 
disturbing llic liAcies in the ccmctcrv belocigui|[ io iW hmmf •vet 
pr raided 


lyefe aff me the rest of all my goodes vniegat my debts paid I 
gewe & bequeth to gorrg lawson my brether James lawson son 
whom I make my full executor of thys my last wyll thes 
recordes beinge p'sent at the makynge here of It' I bequeithe 
to angnes lawson dowetter was to gorrg lawson my brethere a 
nawmore & a coner that stanst in the hall the beste It' I be- 
queithe to Elpet kyllyngwerthe & angnes lawson dowther was 
to goorg lawson my brother all the wyoll & yam that is is in my 
hows at gatesyed & tha to gyue to angnes kyllj^worthe a cowt. 
+ Wyll'm Salkeld Richard Ray Alexandre fether- 
stonhaugh [Pr. 1565]. 


The last Will of Maude Wilson of Darton or a declaration 
of hir goods to thos that she gave her goods the 5 of Marche 
1565 in the 8 yeare of the reigne of our soveraigne ladye Eli- 
zabeth etc'. Imprimis I giue to John laynge my brother in law 
V*. It'm I giue to my sister agnes his wyfe v*. Itm' I giue 
to Elizabeth Wilson my sister v*. Itm I giue to Jennett Cotts 
my sister iiij" viij** Itm I will that ther be bestowed att my 
bringing forth v' Itm I give to my brother John laynge and 
his wife for the paynes that they have taken w^ me or els I had 
died in the streats one brasse potte the w^ my brother xp'ofcyr 
Cottes and my sister his wife have in keapinge Ako the siiyd 
xp'ofor Cottes my brother in lawe hayth of mvne in custodye 
and keaping xxiiij' viij^ the w<^h I will shall be distributed as is 
above written Itm I giue to my curate Sir John Claxton xij^ 
the witnesses of this my declaration or last wiU Thomas Glovar 
Will'm Dente Robert Comforthe w*** others.* 



Inventory 5 Jul. 1565 Inter alia Four stone of woole xx*. 
One swerde one dagger a bill a Jake a sallett x*. His rajrment 
xxvj*. viij^. fower Sylver Spoines xiij". iiij**. In gold & silvor 
xx^ QuARRELL GERE Fower brochc axes ij planing axes 
ij Capells ij schessells two crowis of yron one yron malle with 
his pairte of other quarrell geare xvj*. vij chawd'^ of grind- 
stones iij'. x*. * 

*iCil> WlLMl AND 

< i.xxxv. GEonau amitii, or wittos gilbakt, 


Inventory 28 June 1565. Inter aiia Y' church of Witt<m 
gilburt owith nie for ij foder of fcUtU cmhn|^ fronie plaw»wortli 
XTJ^. & one fother friMiie baxter wood xi/. For a focher uf 
•Uggi out of hearjMirk vj^. For hringinge ij fother of l%iiir 
from durh*m for y* churche ij*. For carin^e of ij fother of ftand 
viii^. For weassing yc church clothi^ ij^. For v* book tif 
Iniunctions vj^. For ij hell ktringi of hare xviij'. For oiy 
part of the new omilLi ij*. * 


John IltNiton of Ilunwicke in y* Countye of Dumme 

esquire my body to be buric^l in the nex church or churefa 

yanl hIkt itt ^hall nleane Allmightye (hkI to call me to hi* 
mVye. I give to tiie church of S« AiMlrt*weft towanlr* thr 
re|>anicion of itt %'j*. It'ni I give vnto my brf>tlier .\nthuny 
Ilooton ftir a token niygolde ringe w^the M*ale of mvne amies 
detirenge him to be giNMl to my n iffe and my chiklnnge aa iny 
tru^t is in him. AImi I give to my iiy«ter llMMpe one otd 
angelU and to euerj'e oiu* of hir chiUlringe v*. Item I ffiue to 
my i»y»»ter Tun^tall one old angell and to eu*ye one of hir chil* 
dringe vs. AIm> I give to my sv^ter Hooton one old AoKril 
and to eu*ye one of my brother lIiN>ton% childringe y*. It'n 1 
will tluat Kli/alM*th IIimHou niT wiffe »hall have the occupalMMi 

of all niv land» in Ilunneake, Mavn«forth, Whvtehall 

from my ileiitli for thirtye yer% f«ir the (wyment of ny 

debt}» and the |»'ft*rment of my dtmghti*r^ to ther mariagrt aa 

my e%|KH*ial tru^t i* in hir She Uiall p*ye vt off my tayd 

lancL* to Wiirm lloottm tin* M*con<lMmni* of my brotlHT Aiithoojr 
II«H)ttm ttmanU his bringinge vpp att tin* sc<M>le and leaminp* 
XX*. bv th«* v«*are for iIh* temu* of x\ \t*art-«« %o thai he will 
applye \\\s IxMikf. AIm> I give to the riglit honourable and 
my singular giNMl l^inl tlu* I^ml Kwrrye ftir a token one wMm 
ring!* w*^ a turki*^ in itt, <le%ynngt* him to be good Lord and 
ffn*iKl vnto my wiffe aiNi rhildnnge in llier lionrM rr«|iie»U and 
cauM*%, as my s|ie«Mall trust is in him. Also I gi«e vnto nj 
ionnr in la%i Xp'tifiT Alth\«* my best geldinge, fle»;kTin|te hifli 
to Im* a lu*l|N*r and tra^rlrr ft>r my witfr aimI my chiklreo io all 
thi-r doiiig% I giue \nto Mar\e Ilooton towank her 


marriage v markes my wife my full & holl executrix 

25 Nov. 1565. 

Invbntory 12 Jan. 1566. Inter alia^ A rap' & ij swords 
x'. Three bowes & a quiv of arrowes x*. In silver and 

frold iij*. xiij". iiij**. A signet of gold w*** the seale of his armes 
•. A gold ringe w* a turkes xl*. Debts owbn by the tes- 
tator, inter alia^ To Xp'ofer Atthye as appeare by an obli^i- 
tion Ixvj*. xiij'. iiij** Item he did borrow of the sayd Xp'crfer 
att Yorke xl". To his v daughters, by y* gift of ther Vncle 
Rob'te Dalton y* younger as appeareth by his will Ixvj*. xiij*. 
To Marye Biggimt his Vncle Raufe Hooton's doughter that he 
received of her porc'on xlvj^ xiij*. iiij**. To Robert Hooton 
his brother xx*. To Custance Hooton his daughter that was 
bequithed vnto hir by hir uncle Henry Hooton v*. To a 
m'chaunt of London for xv yerds of silke grograyme iij'. To 
Nicolas Turpin for wine viii". vj**. Funeral expences vj*. xiij*, 
iiij**. Sum of debts cclxxxiiij^ ij*. j**. * 



In the name of god Amen, the xxvij* of ffebruari a'o D'ni 
in 1565 in the vij^ yeare of the Reigne of o"^ sou'aine Ladye 
Queue Elizabethe by the grace of god queue of England ffrance 
and Ireland etcc I John Selbye gentylman Porter of Bar- 
wycke seycke of bodye and hoille of mynde and memorie 
doethe mak this my last Will testment. fiyrst I bequyethe my 
soule to Almygtye God and my body to be buryea in the 
churche of Barwyck I do make my wyf Elizabethe my full exe- 
cutrix & mynyster of all my goods mawable and vnmeweable to 
vse it at hir dyscreson Also I bequyethe vnto my said Wyfe 
during hir Lyfe naturall my toure in Brankston w^ the two 
plewegait of Land And all other comoditts theirto belongyng 
nowe beyng in the occupying of my son John Selbe. Also I 
bequyethe vnto my sayd wyf half tne cotlands & cottags be- 
longyng to me in the said towne durryng hir Lyf Also I 
beuyethe unto my Wyfe mylne of TwesseU w* the Mylne house 
and garthe thervnto belongyng durayng her Lyfe I do make 
my son John Selbye my right hejrre and bequyuie to hyme and 
is heyres male after the dethe of hys mother the toure of Brank- 
stone wt all Lands & and (blank) of myne in the sayme towne. 
Also I bequythe to mye said sone John my Lease of TwesseU 

1 Of the family of Selby, of Twixell, in Norfaamshire. 


exr(*|)ting flic tnvlne niylnrhouAC & |rmrthe«ft i% afoirmd. Aho 
I lK*i{uyi*tlu* viito my %md m>ii John t)u* \Vc»%mhii ' uf tin* u*mio» 
age of llraiikston whtMi y' kIiaII laiil cxceptyng all »uclir triclircs 
an klialbe diiw for niv wyf to |>ay tlir mlikh I will %\w »{uill have 
durryng liir life. Aim> I lMK|uyetlie vnio niv taid Mmr John all 
my n*ght entre»e ami tytle of oblyga«yoii of tlic ii*ceU of a frUs- 
ynge place in the water of Twfilf called brai<l. Aktt Ihr* 
quyetlie vnto nty wyf my ryght of Shotton durryng h}r iyflr 
and aAer to my mhu* John Mhv and to litft heyn niak*' Abu 
I itequyt't %'nto my koniie llawfTe SeilM* the teithe cum of the 
towiie of Folburye. AImi I betpiu^the unto my t'unt W» IW. 
net my grave lK>rM*. AIm> I lK*<|uy«*the to be gyu«*n to be di»» 
tr}'butted to the |Hiure |K*pt*le in thi% towrie to x%* Abo I uf^ 
dt*n and make p*uyften» of thiA my w\ll my wcilbelovfd »une m 
lawi* Wiirm Stroder of Nekton And my Kvght WorUiipfull 
brother in law 'IlM>mus Kradft>rtlii* Marr of mrwjcke and mr 
truKtye brother in lawe 'IliimiaA Mortem Witnet nrrof I haT« 
set her%'nto mv name w* mv owne liand 

An Invvktory of the g<MxK of M'. Porter John Srlb%-e 
lt*m vi fether becb fonie?ihed at iiij* a hcni. \i maltre«Mr« fcjr- 
neJ)e<i at ij* a bed. xij iNini clothes iiij'. xxiiij napkocu xxx* 
vi toweb xvj*. Half a ganie%h*4 of veftM*ll xxx*. xij prwder 
plats. X*. i baft»eng & an ewrr \ij*. iij table carpet* ax', iij 
caldereiii!! liij*. iij |miU xxx*. iij |muia xx*. iij upets xiij*. iijj^ 
iij payer of rakt^s xvj*. ij I>ro|H ii pane* iiij*. ther crowim 
XX*. ij {>ayer of tottgi*f» vj*. viij*. ij (Mire« ij*. on beg 

XX'. II {>ayer oi tottgi*f» vj\ viij*. ij (Mire« ij\ on org cobbar t 
ij*. ii Lytell cobbonle j*. %'j*. M^ ij uk>bleft xx*. ij chyem «•. 
iiij chenti* xxx*. xxvj*** of yow€»» at iiij* a |wce Of ovld 
•he|M> ix*' at ij* a j^ece — A gellding \*.— ij nagt>« iiij'. — j 
»cn Hilvfr %poiMH» iiij* In mony iiij* — ij yt-nw chemlb xx*. 
oxen xxiiij* — x kyi» xij*. — iiij *tote* xxx". * 


In the name of ihnl Amen. 'Ilie M*vfnthe daye of Aphll 
the vere of oiir l^>rd (ftid athowftaiid fvve humirethe thne 

and fyve. 1 lluinuu Swvnburm* hi>le of bodye and per^rtt n 
remembraunce make my la»t will iw Testament in maacr aad 

I fUmm of the pric«« in tliia Invmtarr mv iDOiC tilnragMrtij k%li fcr iW 
period A purpoM vtt tluubUcn to be trrved. 
* The ImprupiiAtion. 
3 TbomM Hvinbitmr. of IIau|tlitom la NdrthumbrrUml, Umrih «• cf €imtm 


forme as hereafter foUowethe. First I bequethe my sowll to 
God and my bodye to be buried wher it shall please Ciod to 
visyte me with my mortuaryes due. Also executo" of my will 
I aoo make my brother Gawyne Swinburne Gilbert Swinburne 
to have and receyve all my gooddes my debttes and bequests 
beinge payd. First I bequethe to my brother (Jawyne Swin- 
burne my farmehold of the SteUinge, and to my eosyn S' Oly- 
ver Selbye my best horse, to John Billingham my neees sonne 
foure kye and foure yownger nowlt. And to Robert Thirle- 
waye mv neces sonne foure kye and foure younger nowlt, and to 
Isabell Lysle my nece foure kye and foure yownge nowlt ; and 
to Annes Heron my nece foure kye and foure yownge nowlt. 
And also the foure named, John Billingham, and Robert Thir- 
lewaye and Isabell Lysle and Annes Heron, to everye of them 
tenne yewes and tenne yeld shepe. Witnesses herof Olyver 
Selbye, Michaell Hebburne, Matthew Graye. 

Inventory 16 May 1566. xx oxen xiij*. vj*. viij**. xxiij 
kve xiij*. vj*. viij**. iij younge nowlt xx*; viij swyne xyj*. yewes 
iiij**xiiij w*** ther lambes xxviij*. xvj*. xij yewes without lambes 
xxxij'. vj geld yewes xxj*. Wethers & one d)r'm'nt tuppe x*. 
One graye nagge xiij". iiij**. One mare xiij*. iiij*. One graye 
mare xxvj*. viij**. One stacke of wheate in the stacke yarde 
iy*« ^'j*- ^iy** Wheat & rye growinge upon the ground ix^ 
bigge xvij bowlls v*. vj bowlls of evill bigge vj*. iij bowUs of 
higge malte vj*. Item ij doubletts of taffitta one spanishe Jer- 
ken, one blacke cote, one paire of blacke hose lyned w^ sarce- 
nett, one blacke cappe, one blacke gowne faced with couye at 
iij*. vj*. viij**, Item ij swordes, one stele cappe x*. ij fether- 
beddes in the vtter chambre withe ij bolsters ij coverletts one 
oversea cov'inge xij*. Item ij fetherbeddes in the ynner cham- 
bre withe ther furniture, item, more ij bolsters ij piUowes xl*. 
Qne Tester with iiij hangars x*. xj cowshins iiij*. iij chestes 
& one cupbordc xx*. ij payre of lynnen shetes iij pillowbers six 
table napkins one bord clothe ij cowrse towells viij*. vj pottes 
& possnetts xl\ One cawldron one ketell ij pa'nes xiij*. iiij*. 
Four silver spones xij*. Cattle at the Stbllingb, &c. 
Debttes w*^** the said Testator dothe owe. To my brother 
Grawyne when he rode to Lo"do' in lent monye xx*. In lent 
monye of my brother Gawyne Swinburne when he payed his 
rannsom vj*. vj*. viij*. To my sayd brother in lent monye in 
Newcastell vj*. viij*. To my sayd brother in lent monye to paye 
for an horse to M'^ Brend in Yorkeshire iij*. xij*. Borrowed of 
my brother Gawyn when I payed my rent of Hawghton iii*. yj*. 
viij*. Borrowed of my said brother Gawyne when the Uood- 
man of Chop well rode to London ix*. I am indebtted to my 

&i8 WlJ.tS AND 

brutlirr Gawyne w^ lie \m\rd to mx awnt Ramrt of Nrvrastcl 
hr the half of John Swinhuriuii ^Mirdc* vij*. I ciwe my •mxd 
brother w^ he tMiyed to DaTicl WUkifiMKi of I^mdoii x%*. 
Owynye lo Uiclianl (\>rtyf*r« «>f Durham for ct*rten riofhr 
xxxTiij*. — To Mallie Swinburne for her wage* vj*. To M* 
John Heron of IIaw«^hton for ix botilU of hrre i*. — Tc» Jaoiea 
Bniwne for xiij ImuIU of Rye lij*. To John Iliihngfa*ni fur a 
horve xxiij*. iiij*. tir. 


I.Hgt lt:R RKINCl \T MALANb.' 

In the name of (ntd amen. lUv x%iij cUv of Juim* in tbt- 
of our Iak^ a thou.«4inci (\\r huiulreth thri nkon* and fvve 1 
K4>b*t Mflet I-lMiuvre htile of m%*ii<l and menuirv iloth niak th%* 
niv la*t wyll miMl tef^taiiM'nt in man' fiiUming. ryr»t 1 bequealli 
my MiwllJ iinto Ahnyghtty (to<l in trenitir and my body lo br 
btiryetl in my p*irh churche of IIamftlerU*y «* dt*w obUrcioiii 
•cctirding vn to tin* lawyn of ihy» n*alme. Is t.rc%iB«. I 
bequeath vn to my mmuk* 'Iliom'* Melet mv nygiiec. It' I be- 
queath irn to my Mrrvand i1irv%tofer Hrygiiefl for h* terre* door 
XX* yerly during hyu natural iyfe and to bt* {wyd of the laack of 
Ruduor'th. It* I lK«<|ueath vn to my wyfT my land« at Ferie of 
the Ilyll and Satley and for to |>ay my dett» and p'formam of 
mv Hvl. 'Ilie n'*vdew of mil mv ecwMU-. I frvffto mv m\W — 
RtH*oni» h<*n* tiffthi** my la>t nyll and te»tanM*nt John OmrrKHi 
clerk, Henry Ki>ltmobie, Rob*t RakwiMl, Rauf HogeMNi. Ako 

I niak *»u|>*viM>r* mv ro»vng Franci% Wyrlvfl and mv tcimie 

'Iliomn^ Melet AIm> mv t4>nne in law Henr^- WvrlvfTaod dnck 
bt*<|u«'nth to ev'rv of them a rvall to M-e mv w vll br p'fonnvd. 

(Oh. 25 Uv'. I:>72.) IIiV re|Hirell xKj'.' %iij^ llovtoU 
Mode xvj*. 

t \1 . M\R(»%RI:T Rl RDON, t»l KLT0!V, vaiM>v^ 

In the name «if gotl amen the x day of Jenuar}' in tbe y e tt 
of our loni gtid a thouMind fyve humlreth »exte and v I Slofw 
gert*t Ininlon «)f elkton w*^in the rtHint\ of thilia* wrdov food 
ami h(»le of memory make^ my la«t will and tmtimeni in ar ~ ~ 
and lonn«- lolow ing fint ami priiici|ially I geue my toolr 

Of Whilhltl, in the partch uT C1iMUT.W4ICr««C^V. Rearita* IL, ^ Itt. 
' Tlie vmIov apiMmMly of a ««alllif hnmrt. 


almighti god my maker and redemer of the world and my bodye 
to be buried in the parrishin of elton besyde ellexander robinson 
my husband Item I geue to robert robinson my soone a browne 
oxe and halfe a oxe gand of hard wayre conne growing nowe 
of the ground winter and ware come Item I geue to thomas 
tollor one oxe and halfe a oxe gand of hard come and of wajrre 
come now of the ground Item I geiue to ell' robbinson elliner 
robbinson and annes robbynson my iij dowghters the hard come 
and the wayre come of one oxgand of land Item I geue to ell' 
elliner and annes my iij dowghters all my houshold w^in my 
house and chambre to else ellinor and annes robinson my iij 
dowghters Item I geue vnto robart robinson my sone one ox- 
gand of land during the yeares of my les. Item I geue to 
thomas toler one oxgand of land duringe my lese Item I geue 
to raweff borne one bellid stote& vij* iiij** w** John borne oweth 
vnto me Item I geue to robert robinson my sonne one brase 
called bly the Item I geue to thomas tolery a brase potte nexte 
the best but ij Item I geue to robert robinson my sonne one 
yallo cou'rlet Item I geue to thomas toler one yallo covarlet 
Item I geue to agues robinson my dowghter one oxe Item I 
geue vnto else robbinson my dowghter iij* vj* viij** Item I geue 
to hew culley a yowe and a lame Item I geue to Jayne nak- 
worth a yowe and a lame and xiij' iiij^ Item I geue to elliner 
robinson my dowghter a new coverlat Item I geue to elliners 
husband iij* vj" viij** and robert robynson my sonne and thomas 
tollarye to kepe the said elliners husband during his natural! 
lyfe w* met dryng and clothe honestly as he ought to be Item 
gyue to elliners housband the best galdren wher the sayd robert 
robynson and thomas toler do kepe the same elliners husband 
during his naturall lyfe honesly shall haue the foresayd soume 
iij* vj" viij** and the gret caldren to his selfe declaryne & I put 
my cosin Rychart mury in full trust to sey the sayme ellinere 
husbaynd be honestly keped acordin to this my last will and 
testiment Item I geue to sir John sayre parson of elton iij* 
iiij**. Item I geue to roger my sarvaynt a gemer lame Item I 
geue to rycherd alton of ellton halfe a busshell of whet the resi- 
dew of my dets payd I geue all hole and frely to robert robyn- 
son my sonne katryn robinson ellner robinson el' robynson and 
agues robynson my children whome I make my fuUe executor 
all iontly to gether of this my last will and testiment and make 
my cosin rychard moure of eltton the supervisor of this my last 
will and testiment whome I put my fulltrust vnto And for his 
pajnies takyne I geue to hun a gret counter or els a arke 
whether he will take the daye and the yeare a boue written 
thes ar the records of this will sir John seure p'son of eltone 

«ii4) WILLS AND 

rychard altotie rafe boyiK robert nchardson rogrr hir Mnraiail 
wd other moy. 

Tub Invbntoiiy mayd the xxiij day of JaniMry in y* ycarr 
of or lord gcxl McccccLxv of all the goods movrable & %nniov<w 
able of marget bunion of elton In the county of durhani la«t<- 
ly diftcesed praated by fore lionet men rychard mory xp*oiur 
giffoiion and Jotui gillreMNi r}'riiard ahen of alton. 

Inp*mi« iiij oxen vj'. — h ruwc and a % tirke xl*— one blake 
ttotte XXX* — ij *lirkt'» xxxj'— oik» Iiotm* and a merr xxxx* — 
xviii iitK*pt* iij' — one rcdt* L(»wt* and a calfe xxiij* — one ^wTne 
iij*. liij* — Inm gartlicr ^ ij pUmc^ xiijV iiij* — a ntWirr bell rj*. 
viij^ — a wind(»w clotln* & one M*Le & iij ftliapp*, & a •pining 
whelle iij' — a laid naddrll xij"* — a fnK*k & a wor«ett keitell & 
iij yenU of n»d x' — iij luippiiig'! iiij* — iij mattre«M*« x*— %iii 
acre!t of wheat come of y' ground iiij' — viij acre* of ware land 
vne M)wen \x* — xij tliorui* of wheat In ««taggarth and xij tharue 
of luiver & iK-e* iij'. vj\ xiij*--a grel »tacke «if liay xiiij*. — tiij 
luMint i» and a coke ij' — ij wavne.% & om* oxe harrow & a pare 
o( liorM* luirniwt^ xx*--xviij |>cce of puder xxxiii* iiij* — Tij 
linuM* |H)ttj» & iij cawdroiiA ik ij aunir*ri*« Ik a call & a gret 
counter & a long IkiuhI Ik ii cluyerft Ik a parr of tong* k a 
rakin crok & all otlirr bounli & fumie* & khaker* xx*— vj 
coverlets & ij blankets xvj*.a grt*t ark & ij clitsts vij*— iiij 
& a trow litone iij* — 'Ilie det» W M*garet bordon doith owe. 
To Ric Maud ij — to tlitHirift xlij* iiij*- for v* lords 

viij*— for rep'acon iij*. iiij*— one »*vant wage iiij* — y* daT of 
buriall i\\* 


Ill tin* nauH* of g(Kl .\nien 'Ilie firftte dave of fehniarii in 

the yere of c/ Ix>nlf god 1.^6.'> I tldwanl Atliry makes bit laal 
will Olid TrotiiiiuMii a« lit'rcafter folowcth llii^t 1 bet)urtlie anr 
M»ulc t(» Alniyghtit* (mmI niy om^lye S«i%M>ur and n*dlemer ami 
my IxMlit* to Im* burietl wluT4i« \t «hall pU-ast* niv frinds I 
c(uetli4* to xp*«»t*or attlit* at dublrt tif grogaym* It'm I brf|iii 
to K4»lM*rt attlii* of I«4ingt*houghton one obi Angell Ic'm to 
brt>tlu*r rutlih't atthe x*. Il'ni to 'Ilionia^ attlie x*. It'm Co 
John ntthe x*. It*m t4> my »i%ftter Agnes Tayler one old RialL 
It'ni I iM'quetht* to 'nioni«i» ta}k>r of Uerwecke an «>ld wwell 
It*ni to lliclmnh* Taylor om* old angrll It'm tfi ircorgv taTlor 
an old iingf II It'm to lltMirye ta}lor x*. It'm I be«petke to 
ruthbi*rt M>nni* of John attht* x* It'm to hi* lirocher T 
ntihf \'. It in ti> Allt-n Kobinwne iij*. iiij*— Ic'in to 


wheatley iij'. iiij^. It*m to dame Baker one old angell Ifm I 
forgeve Richarde atthe of chester xiij*. iiij*. the w^ he ought 
nie It'm I remytt to henrye bucke all the debts That he oweth 
me. It'm I bequeth Edward Bucke my god sone two wedders. 
It'm to Rob't taylor viccor of lesbury my best goune Item I 
geue and bequieth to elizebeth arnet my sister doghter vj* viij* 
Item to fillis foster my sister doughter one old angle Item to 
Margeret rochester vj". viij**. TTie residew of all my goods 
movable and vnmoveable not bequithed & my debets and fune- 
rail expences payde and discherged I geue and bequithe to Ag- 
nes taler wedow and robert taler vicker of lesbury whome I 
make mv fulle executors of this my last will and testiment thes 
being witnesses of the same John browne clarke will'm watson 
vicker of bedlynton and robert taler w*" other moy. 

An inventory of all the goods moveable and vnmoveable of 
edwerd athie clarke prased by iiij onest indeferent men videli- 
cet Thomas bygens Jasper horsley will'm gray and John Atthy 
the vj day of iabuary a° dom'i 1 565 

Inpmis vj yeards of lynne clothe v'.— iij yerds of courser 
lynen ij' — vj yeards of lyning vj'. iij** — ij yerds of harden xij*— 
v old sharts viij* — a hand towell & a napkin viij* — v pare of 
shetts & one shet xv* — v pillowe coverings iij' — ij surplysses x*. 
- a stand bedd ij' vj** — ij mattresses vj* — ij fether beddes & ij 
hosiers xx' — ij pare of blankptts iiij* — liij coverletts & a happen 
ix* — a counterponnte x' — a truckell bedde xij** — iiij pillowes iiij* 
— a quission xij** — a iron chimney a pore & a pare of tongs iiij* 
— ij chares & a stole xviij** — a lytle table xij** — a lytle drawing 
table V* — a close presse xiij* iiij** — a lytle cvpbord ij* — ij lytle 
chests ij' vj** — iij cadlesticks xx** — a possenet a chafingdishe a 
pott & a lytle pane ij" vj** — ij platters ij dishes & a saucer ij*. viij* 
— his best gowne xx' — iiij old gownes xx* — ij clokes viij' — a 
dublett of growgrane x* — a w'sett doublett xvj** — ij old doub- 
letts ij' — ij Jacketts vj' viij**— his boockes v'— iij pare of hosen 
iij* — ij silv' spounes vj'. viij** — in gold & silv xvj* v* — viij shepe 
xij' — Sum'a xxviij* ij* — Debtts owing to the said testator 
Inp'mis s' georg winter doith owe iij* viiij* — John taylor of gilly- 
gate xl* — georg barbore wyfe x* — wedowe stobbart xiij*. iiij* — 
Sum'a vj' xj* iiij** — Sum'a tot* xxxiiij' xij*. iiij*. Debtts w* y* 
testator did owe. To s'. edward bayts x* — layde furthe for le- 
gacis as appearreth by the testament & last will ix*. xviij* — ^for fu- 
nerall expencs iij' xiij*. iiij*. S'm debitor* legator' et pro expenc' 
funerall xiiij' xvj*. Sic remanet Sm'a clara xx* xij*. * 



4\rii. kobi:kt ti:\ii'Khi, oi iiioa\ri.i, tiBs*Ti.r.¥%y. ' 

In tlif iiuiii»» «ir«;»ni AiiK'ii in \hv \i]'** yi'«ri' f»f llu» rnpi nfi/ 
S)\*uii:iir l.uUf l!>i'..^x*ili«- 1»\ Aw grairr ofp^wl <|i;i m ul* Mii^* 
land Hraiu*ran«l JfH.indr «Ii-triulir ol' tlir t«iith«* 2^rr tlu* &**(Li\r 
of Aprill An" D'lii l.VJ'* Uunri^ttli that I KmUtI 'I rMi|ii*«t tif 
thunH*ll g«Mi(lrina' Imli- ni niuid \ nt* p'tilt nu inorir thaiiks Xtr 
to gtNi timketht* l\u% ni\ la^t will \ ti*«»tiinif*ffit in furnif & niau- 
onrt* Oh folonrfliu*. tV\r^tt* I iH*<ini-''t niv mmiIi* to tli«* iiAiMU (»f 
Allnii^lit\i* ^(hI lilt* niakiT tlirrint' iiiui lo Ji*«»ii« ( iirt%t. by viIkmk* 
cl«*atlu- aiul |iii!»«ii»ii I trti^tr taiilitnlli*' to In* «a\t-(l N*. Itrm I 
will that my u^lY'i* «lta)l haiur ni\ tfrnihold during hir iiatunill 

LvtFf and uIUt to niv Honnt* HolNTt \t inv lirothtT in Uve M' 

• « • * 

John S\»viilniriH' fMUiin* ' thniki* it ri/vi-n\«-iit nini meat or rlU 
it to l)t* at hi« ordi*r anfl chM*rrr*«in ; And nlM> mv W\fltr ami 
children to In* at hi« f:ovrrn*fir«* and H«>«ill a:id to bt* tin* tup** 

%iMMin* oi thiH niv hmt viill \ tr«ta't a« nt\ trii«t i^ in hTin and 

• • • 

r«»r a I oun* tokt*ii I i;\ur to li\ni mv t'lM.!** iioit a \ran- okl« 
Iti'iii I uvii<* to ni\ do«i;;htiT dor.ithr NiHti'iit* t'Mt* coitr. 'l\r 
iU**\d4*«r 4)1' all ni\ i:oo<i% niovrahlr and \pnio%f.ihl4« ni\ drht% 
lf^iM*«» and t'liiraiU diM-h nfL'cd X |'airi I g}iit* t«> niv ii\fl«* Ah- 
MHi tf*ni|H-<»i ^ i.i(h*.la« 'iVni|-f«t \»h4>ni I m.i:kr m\ M»k* rXi^u- 
to** (il'thiH Im\ la*>t will 1^ tt'kianit'nt mdlin^ thfni to Ih* luturall 
2k iSimmI to thf ri**«t ot* my children a^ I haiuf put \^ in tru«t 
tht** l>«*in|r \\y%ni*«ftt* Janir^ pikk«'riti |H'ti*r ^r\n«r!l Antony 
lifdif an«i otlit-r^ in lliton |ii«lK*. 

'IIm* I\vi\t\kik till* wj*'* of June |iraiM*rH (if \' itcnnI Jamr« 

|m*k«-iin l^rtT ^MViiWrll HolNTt KirliMMin Aii!liofi\ lM*4||r. 

It 'in ii:i oXfii Ik two ^totts \\)' \iii kyt* and a hull \tij* — 
trn uniiitrp* ^ t\\i- Hijrk« vij'. \' a j:«'ldrn tmi* nic\ rr^ and 
tHnHta^i*^ \' tuii ^lifirtt- w.iiiif-«;k a lon^ wainr-- flomrr Mini'rv 
\j yt»k''« a |>l«iii^di«*, a 4*outi r, \ a Mik<* xwnj* - \ arrr of waire 
r»»riif land 1* \ *v'U* itl'iMtland xwiijV — A Mm*- \ |*\%f Uniltt 
w* — ihf htiu«h«»id •.'i-.i.-i- \j xiij*. |)iiMi«i owiNi. TO HI v. 

Iti*ni KokTrr lonilt*. ii-r a ^i«>tt \\* — (tffiri!f* lUihiuMiti hrarr 
hrrucr of ncuiM-:: )i two «| Atii«ht* Jrrkin« of thr fl\iN>l. 
Till Diuthtiim m» oiuhi Ii'iii : to M« (*ld\trin iiij'— tu ft*. 
tlM»mn« hrownr \)r.;i nfhywi'll oidrowo oj' %)* «tij' to Itichrrd 
hiMi<»hon of huTii'xtf xiij* ni/ ti» w* hrtiwiw of mairdlrv 
X\X\jV %iijV to K»h*rt '^lirwi-ll cluy' of tH*wra«th- \I' -lo prfcr 

m i ■» 

■ Of T^i'r>ir«. n th«* {«:i«K •-! Ui1i:t S# l.i« l'««L iprrv. SiBTIIft* II, 

* J. hii Nv.tilrtimr. uf Oiiip«tlL !*•<)% «hti )-<«t*ni ibc l«r'« of Wcvii 
Uii«! aitj SunliiiiiilM*rUn«t in Ibrir rrtrUiun. an I «•§ UtaiMcvl iS I A? I. 


giinwell iij'. iiij**, — An accompte, & reckning betwene the p'son 
& livni no" as com'ethe to whethear owethe other. * 



In the name of god Amen. The xxvn^** daye of June in 
A" D'ni 15<J5. I Cuthberte Richardson of therle house* yom' 
in the p'ishinge of witton gilbert in the County of duresme 
being seke in bodye yet good in memorie maiks my last will and 
testament in man' & forme folowing, ffyrste I bequithe my 
soule into the handes of Allmightye god & my bodye to the 
earthe in S' Michaell the Arch*ungell churche w*** my dewties 
to god & holie churche, beseeching o' blessed ladie the virgin 
marie w^ all the holie company of heaven to helpe me w*'* y* 
holie prayers & cc. I bequithe my fyne of this y* E^rle house 
& my fyne in butsfeld in Lanchester p'ishe to my wyff & chil- 
dren. Item I beauithe to Ailes hedley my aunt wyffe to John 
hedley my best paire of shoes & a paire of hoise. The rest of 
all my goods moveable and unmovable my debts paid & fun'gU 
expenss discharged I bequithe to my wyffe & children whom I 
maike my full executo^" of this my last will & supvisor M' bannys 
cu' alijs Wytnesse Robert Dobson of Snyp'lawe henrie apple- 
bie one of the fermers of the Vie house, Jerrett bulloke John 
Copland of witton gilbert. 

An Inventarie of all ye goods moveable and unmoveable 
p'ised by RobVt Dobsou, KobVt Shelgt, John Copland & 
richerd Wrangh'm. 

Imp'mis two iron rakkincrokes brasse vessell as potts panns 
eawdrons kettles pud' vessell almerie canwell chaires formes & 
bands p'isd to xxj' viij** — beddinge withe his app'e liij' — one 
meyre v' — ij yowes iij hoggs xiiij^ viij** — hay in y* barne xiiij* 
iiij** —one Roud of herd come xv*— one old longe waine ij" 
viij*. S'm iij' xiij' xj^. The debts owing to the dead 
Imp'mis John Andro of shotley briggs oweth me in lent money 
out of my purse at sundrye tymes thes somes following viz. 
xv' iiij**, & for a fatt oxe he had of me xl* — for leading of his 
foill to his land iiij daies about mihelmes, for a futher of colls 
to the said John Andrews house from has hdain pitts — Anthony 
Andro of Ebchester owethe me fy ve ma'ks for fatt wethers that 
he is behind of payme't fore. John Androo dwelling in bar- 
wick on tlie hill in pont Eland p'she in Northu'berl^d owetlie 

I So called, from having belonged to Umfreville, Earl of Angus. 



mt- fyve lutbli^ of the w^h mhik* oik* Wiirm Rarr &l Jiilin Ma«t- 
IhimI t»f Lvii^Mtil mill i% hiirt* ivr for xx*. Of tiir »aiiM* v iiublr«. 
KoImt! l>ac*f*ii« oriH*ik hill vi"'iii tin* |>*i«hiii|; ofiiM-cloni^lrv a tanti* 
oiiiflit iiir at lii<» <i>iii); cla%i' xviij* aii<l a oxf* hwh* «*^ «Hi<r h\ffir 
V, lit* lia<l to iMrkc tor iiir, u,i,^inmU al'trr ht« drallN*. hi% muiV 
K<»h'rt iMU'rim cImI \ (loi*thi* cKxiipii* & Vft mill tint |ui\r nir Un 

fathtT (li*tl% — llallr \'a«\f (•!' Iu*l\r ra»tt*ll omiMh rii<* tor all niv 

• • • 

foill or tiiiiki* thill I h't't ut tiiv ttTiiihoUl at rriMik mtN'ii 1 fit'^lM 
rriMii it b<s*aiiM* I m-ii no mint* roriu* lht*r, the <kiilMAiirt- In i-w 
tiinar*on ronie to i>r uillrnihi* to. «lii*ii iC i« k-a<i t«o hiiiMlrrllir 
futlu'r^ \ t*t]*y l'u\* arntnliii^ Co \' ru»tonM* of \* ri'iiiitrir ij'. 
Kclwanl Shal*tcH» iiiVhuiitr owethi* iiu* a barrrll ol' larr bv rtm- 
clir'oii l«» ^Mii* IIU* lr«* uvt-r and lH'^\cif the* yriv nf tlir wool 
lliAl hr hari of nu*. K4»lH*rt |H*rti«M* w\flt* oiit*lhf r«ir Int hu»- 
baiKU cit*l>t l>t*hiiMi of a nifyn* lliat h<* liad of nu* %*. liij'. S'ui 
viij' x^iiij*. %iij'. S*m Tii"* oni' Inmor* ar ih-hilor* %j'. xij'. iij*. 
l>KHT«i Tii\T HI n)i> owK lni|)*nii<i to m** pkiiiM»n xx% i*. %iijV 
— to my iifi^hlMH Kohr* dol^Mm oftinip'lamf xvij'otci Kirhanl 
mTaiifrh'm of uiiton pllNTt |U4> l)u<»%iu*IU «»f Kw' — tu xp'ofrr 
hoti'i^iir a <!' of haitT f«»r ti*ilh«* iiioiiry x\* f«ir n*|kat''t>n of 
houM*% %j' xiij'. H*. tin* fiiirall rx|H'n** \j\ %iij\ S'm IVtluct' 
ix' xj\ llrm' v\rr iij' i\*. viij*. • 

( \(|V. 1lfii\|\s MR Weill \M, riF.KKK. 

Ill tht* namr of ^imI AtntMi. 'Ilir xx\ij*^ <U\«* of Julij in thr 
yoriMif cuir lorii ^imI \M'} I thoniiu mranith ni rlrrkr jk pmhe 
pn*a<»t tif S*. Aiuirrwi* Aiikriaiul Witif; M-ikr in ImmIw & p*Att«if 
rt'iiiriiihranrt* laiidt* ;^ praiM* he $t^-\vn to ifiMi co'ft\ i irniic ihr 
fniilf*ii4*« of thi« fraih* ;^ tran*vtorir iftc»rl<i mak* mv mill and ta»C 
ti*%tamt*nt in man' i^ formt* folominp* flXr^lt* I ffvur ami b^» 
qnitht* ni\ muiU* to Allmi^htyi* ^imI in) iiiaktT Ac Kr<i«*tfirr mho 
huitlit* ^hfil lii« pVioii% hloufl for thr rfiit'm|M''4»n of mr K all 
inaiikiiHir m\ iNirhr t«> Ih* lMiri4*<i at tht* iroint* in of lh«* rkurrhr 
tlori* «»f Saint !• Aii<lr«iwi'% chiin-hf m'''ln thr |M»rtrkt*, if il «liall 
phsiM* phI mi to |>ri>\Hli> m* «iic1m* cii'mti«*« a« §• iiom arru*lt4D- 
i*<i. NToiMllir I L'>nt* aii«l iHipiitlH* to John mranf^irm ami 
thom'^ mraiii:irin iv\ hn»tht*r J«ihn rhihirr ni\ Im^I »tork.« v^ I 
h<* in u*^a frth«*r UmIiI h l>laiikt*it« a iiiattreM a lioUtrr a piUo- 
l>«»ri* a |Mirf of Unnin^f *tH*itt« ami a ro\<*rl«*tt. Itrm 1 pur to 
Kli/alN-lhr mraii^h'm my In-<»C %\ilr fvomnt*. Itrm I fTtr to 
John «ran);li*m my tvp|«rtt. Itt*ni I ^\U4* t4» mv hroclirr tn»* 
pli4rt*« rhildtT all »ii4-hr g4HMU 4>f nnni* as i« 4in llirr frrmrhoU 
at lM>lain t^piallic t4i lir 4H-rtipird & clr%Ml«d riiioii|pr* 


Item 1 gyue to my sister Agnes perso* my next best gowne. 
Item I gyue to my brother vmphraies wyfF ray shorte gowne. 
Item I gyue to thomas peresou my grave fillie stagg. Item I 
gyue to george marley the yonger my other colt stagg. Item I 
gyue to hewe pereson my other read stirke. Item I gyue to 
Edward wrangh'm my best Jacket t. Item I gyue to my vncle 
Jeffraye my Jackett w*^'* I wore on the worke daye. Item I 
gyve to wailes wyfFe xij^. Item I gyue to John sclaiter ij". & 
my worset Jackett. Item I «jvue to Agnes adde vj**. to Kaufi* 
crawes maid vj**. to Agnes wilhe eight pence. Item I gyue to 
Symond wrangh'm viij*. wr^ KatiTe brabent oweih vnto me. The 
Ilesydewe of all my goods moveable & vnmoveable not legait 
ne gyven my fnn'all expences discharged I gyue it to Richerd 
wrangh'm Ralft* wrangh'm will'm wrangh'm, Jenett wrangh'm 
m'gerye wrangh'm Isabell wrangh'm, Custance wrangh'm my bro' 
vmphraies childringe and to heughe pereson, Elizabeth Rayne, 
Jenett peresyn & katherine pereson my sister agues peresons 
children whom I maike my hole executo" & executric" equallie 
S Jointlie to be devided emongs them for y' owne p'fett & the 
dischairge of my soull provided allwaies that Edward wrangh'm 
and Jenkin wrangh'm my brothers childring shall haue the 
ou'sight & rule of the p'ts of my said brother vmfray children 
for ther vse vntill suche tyme as tliey shall come to lawfull yeres 
to rule it ther selffe. Also I will that ther mother haue a p'fer- 
ment or helpe to the maintenance of the fermhold by th'occu- 
pacon of ther p'tes at ther discrecion but that she shall ney' sell 
it lenn it, or put any p'te thereof awaye by any other meanes. 
In Wyttnesse whereof Thomas pereson Jenkin Wrangh'm Ed- 
ward Marie Ekiward Wrangh'm Will'm Myddleton John Sclay- 
to' w*^ other moo. 

Th'inventarie of all suche goods as wass'thom's Wrang- 
h'ms appraised & vewed by iiij honest me' that is to saye xp'ofer 
sothern Will'm wethreld thom's pereson Edward Wrangh'm as 

In primis one oxe two kye iij* — one fole & a stirke xx* — one 
horse a stag a nieyre Iiij*. iiij^. — Seaven shepe xiiij* — for his 
Rayment xx*. 8*m viij'. vij*. iiij**. Debts owing unto s* 
THOMAS. Item Will'm pennema' for a bowU of haver malt lent 
to him XX** — henrye Aresome — Will'm lassells v* — Wil- 

l'm wilson v* — Will'm Dowson vj". viij** — Mihell fauwell iij". iiij** 
— vx' Watson xx** — w*™ tomson for halfF a bushell of rye ij*. ij** 
— cuthb'rt hope, w*™ wethreld v* — John Robinson of myddleston 
viij* — carter of forsett ij' — will'm gowndrie xvj* — edward car- 
grave a busshell of rye iij*. iiij**. — Isabell home x* — henry foster 
xxx* — the vicar of forsett xviij". x**. ob. qu. — Rauffe blaixton v* 


— ftiafltirthc* f«>r waig<»^ %'.-.tK*iir\f hncirm iij*. luj^^tbcMn** 
cAckhill lor cohk* iij' — 4*dniuiMl fiirMiii wyflr of* worclrll xiij*. iiij' 
— Iirwi* cHrlell ij*. viij^ — limrir l>rfiki*iil>fric* Utf a iiurr liij*. iitj' 
-^m' pirkcrin ftir waf?^ a c|' xx%j\ %iij^ — KoImti hiilH<iii tit' b^- 
ton A>r a UnA of iitalc \iij'. S'm xi\'. xiiij*. S*ni Tu** xx%iij'. 

X?j^ DrRTH W" II* TlloM%<i noTIIK «>»l.. Itviil C*uiMirrt 
Itayiibri^ xij* — Mai%tt*r StaflurtlH* iiij' roV iiing iIk* r«iriM* »'* 
thoma<« rakhill wont away w'* lifuvrinie Inm of hi* m<M)r»lii|.r tn 
be i^cmkI m' unto my r\t*rtito'* Im'iii'; |MM>n* (*liiliin«n iij'._i(» 
wiirni my(i<ilt*ton tor a <|*ri* boiinl wiu^% xx' — fur liin'All rx|M nc-« 
xl* — will*m AtktMiitou xij* — to J«iliii wnin'firni %iij'. S'lu %ij' 
xij*. And M> Ucnianrtlie xx'. ix*. ilij^ * 

« \4-v. Riiifcnii ATkiNMiN, or sot'TH ^iiriii.N 


In no*i*i* lX*i A nit** tin* xxvj*** of iMivt'nil>fr An" D'ni II»<»'i 
I Kirhfni AtkintMUi w^'^in tht* townt* <»!' MiiitlH* iJi«*ilU f\%hrr 
nia' w'^in tht* i/iaIic ot* S* IkU** lit>U* t»t' ni\n(l an*! |''fftt t»l Itr- 
nMMnbranri* nmik<k thi'> my tt*\tamtMit an«i lai»t «ill aftt-r thi* 
foniH* ami man' flTvr^ti* I rom'fml my mmiU* to ^mmI alliniftbtir & 
to all till* hoi if t*o'imnii* in lMavt*n m\ ImmIii* to bt* liuritti in .^* 
licit* churrht* U*%V(it* niv m^Hi* ni\ mortiiarit* to (h* c\«t*a al'irr 
tht* (|Ufni*«» Ma"** l:iwt*^ ar«Mi<*ttimiii. n\r*t I IkhjuiiIit tti my 
fonm* ffiNirfff .Xtkin^m ij tiUi rialU in p»ki. AIm> 1 Im^uuiiIit tt> 
my ci«HiKlit(*r Ji*m*tt Atkmvm u aiii^fll in Koki. .\l*o I urauitlkr 
tt> my (itMif;ht«*r Annos AtkinMin a cfiwi*. ami my myfle to haitir 
th<* cuMinIu* of my riou);htt*r Annt*«» AtkitiM»n ami «»f hir guiMk 
vf niv uvtfi* \ mv iiou;!litrr ra* aurt*«* vifU tofft*tht*r »liilU •hr 
rtmit* to Irliili ai^f ami if my myffv ^c dtuiKhtrr ra'mil a^n^ 
Wfll toi;«*tlii*r tlii'U I VI ill mv tVi-nd* |>ut mv iitni|;btrr tti guyd- 
in^r ^ hir pkmIh ft»r hir |»*plit*tt : Atwl funu*r if m} myflr will 
taikr ni\ doii^littr Anm*^ AtkinM»n to brin^ hir lu»ffM-%tlM' «|> I 
will th:it my uxfTi* <»liaH haiiit* tlic* lif^t M*a c*t4>lf in hir t*u%tod^r 
Ami >f my ^\iTv and my dcni^ditfr agrt't* not to|*«-il»fr tlirii tiir 
coblf to ^i» in p'tt* i*nion^r ihiin all a* <»tlifr |*ihh|% iIikIm*. Aftd 
al«o I lxM|iiitlit' tc» my «yirJi*nt*tt alkiiiMin tmt* tild nail in g%M. 
AIm> I mill tliai mv wvfli* Jfm*tt atkiiiMMi %liall liaiut- of mv 
go«Mi% a% tin' l.iwf* mill. All tht* llf*yd«*mr of my iftiock afcrr 
my firht^ Al l«*|!art*% In* trulit* |iaid Ac fcrvcn I |l^^v thrm to m% 
Min't* (;<-i»r^«' Atkinson Jt*nrtt atkniMMi Jaiit* alkinacMi annt** 
atkniMin ni\ diMti^httr^ mhom I m«iikf ni\ lull I'Xrrulo'* of all 
my |*iMwii*% thry to di<k|ioiidt* thrm a^^ }" ihinkc* br*l to tlir ptf 
«uir tif god (k «t-alr of my khiIv ami all xp'ni toiilr*. Aad 


also I maike order and co'stitute my two bretliren lliclierd ro- 
biiisoii robert robinson to be sup'viso" of this my ;«)pstament & 
last will to see my children to haiiie ther right hi 'all cawss Sc 
tliat my wvflfe & children agre well together as my trust is in 
them. Wytness' thom's taylier thorn's assell robert robinson 
w**° cuthb'te llobert walche &<^ 

The Inventarie of all the goods moveable and vnmoveable 
that was Richerd Atkinson at his deathe praised the xxiiij*** of 
december by y** iiij honest me* thom's pu'shon* thom*s taylier, 
thom's chamer, John herrison an** d'ni 1565. 

fFyrste praised iij Kye iij* — a Swyne iij*. iiij^ — thre cobles w*** 
thapp'teim'es xx* — ten netts, two ropes xl' sea geare lynes 
great & small viij* — fyve kists v* — A tether bedd iiij"' blankets 
ij Ivnn sheits, ij sheits, iiij cou'letts — ij bed cou'ings xij fedder 
co(ids xxxiij'. iiij — thre bedd stoks xvj** — Item the hall 
HowsE. A yring chymney w^ y* prten'ncs perteyning to it, a 
meat borde x' — xvj^ puder dublers, vij puder dyshes, ii puder 
saucers, a potteger, a salt xxvj* viij** — viij candlesticks, ij lavers 
V* — V brasse potts, a chafer, a little bottell, ij yetlings, iij litle 
panns xxvij* viij** — a old brewlead v* — a litle a'merie, a hall 
a'merie, a counter, a chaire, ij formes, a long settle, brew ves- 
sel xxj*. — a yring hacke, a yring ga'lok ij* — fyve old rialls, ix 
angells in gold, iij soigtts & some viij^ v*. 

The debts y^ is owing to Kic' atkinson at his deathe 

Item Edward hilton wyfFe xl*— S'm honor* debitor* xxiii' ij* — 
The detts y' said Ric' was owing at his death fyrst for a loid of 
wheit to a wiflFof tynemothe xvij* iiij** — to James otwourthe of 
tynemouth for iiij bowles of make xxvj* viij** — Allen wouff of 
his waigs iiij*— James Smithe ij*. — Anthony cuthbert ii* — John 
walche for h' forme xiij* iiij** — owing in newcastell for iiij** weiks 
bord for george atkinson iiij* — for his laire&tone in y* church iij* 
iiij** — for his mortuarie iij* iiij**. S'm debitor' iij* xvj* S'ra ouu' 
honor' de clar' xix* xviij*.* 


In the name of god Amen the iiij^ day of aprill in the yere 
of our lord god A thousand fyve hundreth threscore and five I 
John ogle of oglecastel in the Countie of northu'b'rland gentil- 
ma' Being holl of mynd and of god mymmorie doith mak and 
ordeii this my p'sent testament Contenyng herin my last will in 

1 A cadet of the noble family of Ogle, and tenant of Ogle Castle, which its 
owners had forsaken for BothaL 


num* and formr fullov^m^ (Imt \% to ^ay flir^t I romViid mr 
toull vnto Alnivf^hty ^mI aimI iii\ ImnIv to l)r hiiri*<l in ni\ p'i«lir 
churchtf of whallciu win the |Hin*lie comnKUily callf<l our Iwly 
tiorcht* w"*in the iMii«l church m*^ deuti dcur and iu*cu»toinrfi 
It'm I will i;t*vc and lkN|uith hy thii pWiit to niy mhiim* clamct 
ogle all mv h«>lli* leav lntn*»t right title and tcnnc of \crf^ \«-t 
to ctmic that I the said John ogle havt* of in an«l to o^le ra«trtl 
aTor^aid and all inv holle tevthe<» and halte teitlH'« tluit I ha%r 
in F!|;lingirm p'i^ihe and the leaM* of the «anii* ^''^all man* of 

{rofitte and coin<Kiite roniiuf; of the Minie pro\idet al»a\c!k tliat 
will and b«H|uith that my nmne mathe ogle %luill liaue tin* lioU 
teith of wf*^t lilhtirtie rent i'rv and I will and l>e«nnth to «il\%rr 
ogle my Mine the luilfe teithof old lH*nelv ami F^lingluun payng 
the p*Miall rent therof during all my %aicl terme of ver* lt*ni I 
will ami betpiith to olyuer ogle my lialf teith of brnrlay ami 
paing the old rent AUo tlie w'nnUlM*|i«* ami maragc ol manon 
redlev I geve to oKu* ogle nonne to m\ M»imr I^ncclet (»glr. 
It*ni I will geue l)et|uitli by thii* p'-^^n** to my two MHimn mathe 
ogle and galN>rill ogle all and dingier mv lamU aiicl tenament* in 
Bradfurth metfurth and iK*whigen in tlie countie of north ul>r*- 
land w*^ all yssheus com*cKiit« and p'fytt«» tlierto helonging to br 
devide<l li<*iwixt them ai^coniing to the trew nM*n\ng i*t twi> 
»*v'all de«K a« mc»re at large it doth ap|H*r«* lt*m I ge%f and 
lHH|iiith hy thi^ p*M*nl<k to my thre M>nne» riemi-t ogle cuthb't 
ogle and lewc«i ogle an«l to lyom*ll tigle M>nne to my Minnr 
AU*xand'* ogh* all my laiicU and teiiemet^ in Mtuth di«»itigtt>n in 
the Miid countie t if north u'br* land w*** all lamN m<*<lowe« |iaftlunr 
and ct)*mon of |>a%ture thereto IWIonging arconling to tht* trrwr 
tenure of foure M'verall denU of gi*ft therof maid ihrc i>f them 
bering dait the xij'^ day of august in the fyft yere of the rvgnr 
of our liiit Miu'enig of fami« meintiru- King Kwanl the Srxt 
and the t'oiirt di*<li* of geft the 

M-<'ond \ert* of tin* n-giie off nur Mui'and ladv cpieiie Kl*ahi*th 
And \f m\ M>iuie galHTiIl oglr j\k«* |)i«*>uigt(i!i Itettrr tlien 
Knidlurtli than galN-nll (n ha\i* «li««ingtt'n and IIoimII to lu%c 
hraillurth nuiking ^utlirifut ii5M»iiraH athrr to oiImt for tlxrhaiig 
ofl* ih«* •^.'une It'm I will anil ni\nd and intnit i% tlut mx mhi 
rlam<*t «»gle «»hall luue tlu* kepyiig onhT ami rull and goiemanre 
of mv M>mie C'uthh*t ogK* and hi» brother tlunng hy« hfe nalu* 
rail w'^ all \\i^ land« ti*nainet« and g<m(K to Inm lemitcnl br* 
(ptetlH-^l and ge\en It'm I gevc lifiimtli tt> ni\ m Mine rut hb*t 
o;rl«- l.i^hl o\in, I.i^hr ki'\«- and twfiitie \iimt*%. It'm I gr^e 
and l>«>i|i*itli to m\ mhiim- |««*«ir« ogh* Might oxen ei|{ht k%e atwl 
twenty \o«ie*. AimI I mill that Miclu* rakning* and gj^a •» 
hath b'nc betwixt na- and mv MXinr (*lainrt brforr ikr 


of this my will shalbe clerly void and at no tyme herafter to the 
hendans or trowble of the said Clemet by any p*sone. The 
rest of my goods unbequeth and my detts paid I geve bequeth 
two my two sones Clemet ogle and gaberell ogle whom I mak 
my full executors of this my last will and testamet to be equally 
devided Between them. I'm I orden and mak sup Visors of this 
my last will and testamet Robt medilton of belsay esquer rog* 
heron of abshealls gentelma' John ogle of newsham and olyu* 
ogle humly Beseching them to se this my last will and testamet 
pTormed for the behove of my cheld'ing and the helith off my 
soull according to the trewe effect of this my last will and testa- 
met maid the daye and yere abovesaid thes being rob't medilton 
Rog heron bartraham barklay p'son of whalton w* other. 

to my doughter Mar(|rarett Athye of 
ds goods Ixvj*. xiij*. liij*. John 


In nomine Dei amen xx marche 1566. I Elizabeth 

Hooton, of Hunwicke wedo I give vnto y^ right 

honerable and my very good Ladye Ladye twrie * a gold ringe 
w'** a rubye for a token, bestKrhing hir good ladyshipe to be good 
ladye vnto my daughter M'gerve hir made and servaunte be- 
sechinge hir to reward hir for the goodness she haithe my 

children in my life time to my sister Tunstall x* for a 

token, & to hir doughter Margarett and my God doughter vij*. 
yj*. viij**. for a token. — 
my porcion of my husbands 

Stephenson shall have to him and his wiffe my yongest childs 
niirce for nui'singe the sayd child the remander of the lease of 
the fermold in Hunwicke — to everye servante that shall serve 
me att the day of my deathe xn^ a peice for a token to praye 
for me — my six daughters Margarett Athye Jane Hootton, 
Margerye Hootton, Elizabeth Hootton Custance Hootton, 
Anne Hootton executors. —I assigne the order of them to my 
dearlye beloved vncle M^ Robert Dalton (&c.) I have here- 
vnto putt the seall of the Daltons armes 


/no. 1567. 

At THE HowsE AT HuNWEAKB. The Hall. A cownter 

I Widow of John Hntton, Esq^ whose Will and Inventory are given under 
the vear IbG^ Nti. ci^xxxvi. 

^ 'Margery Lady Eure, of Witton CaHle^ widow of Sir Ralph Eure, who fell 
in the battle of Pannyerhaugh or Ancrum Edge^ in the year 1545. 

\i::i} WILLS AND 

\iiij*. vj bufTt'tt %(o4»li-» vj*. A iluun* vnj*. A U»ii^ lidtUr tm 
a fraiiu* %*. A )N»rrr mid u |Miirt* «»f ti>n(;% ij*. %iij'. A M^uarr 
cuiilninU* iiij*. vj c|ui«li\ii^^ wrowglii in ilif tVann* vnj*. \ij 
old c|iii''liiiif(<k V*. ij fcirim*<» x\j*. A courM- rarfrtt rlotl.r liir 
the* km^t* Cable aimI « ruplMinl rjotlii* ij*. Sin* xl.j*. xuj*. Iit-m 
xij »il%rr^|H)ni*% ^ilt at iIiVihIi'^ iij*. iiij*. \ij %\\\' %|miih-« m * J. 
H. oil lircMiclt-n iij'. Thimi tuniv »al(r<» \iij'. \v Uttiii c-aiii!;i • 
ncickK xx\ (Vrtrn kton«* |K»tt» iiiwl glaHM-« \%iij'. A LiUru lu- 
kfn xij*. xij |H*inlM-r pUvu*i» \i**' trrncli«*r^ for \* %Mnv \j*. \uj*. 
A iitli* ruphttrck* ij*. An alnu'ni* w*** hij tJiMin-^ & ij ftlHiot!% 
xiij*. iiij *. Th«n> ^ratrr^ \ iij ^ 'I u<k» lio^'^^r^luilt-^ itj ili* l.i*^^rs- 
ii«*acii*H \ i\ l>arrt*li<» xjf*. 'rw<m ^mIKui iLi^'^mi^ tirt»i.c- ai U rhc*r 
cir«itlitr ol' wtnl \x^. Sni* i\'. ij*. %j'. Thl iiu.iii hmm- 
HRK. Ill na|)|K'rvi* in tuini ^tliriit*^ x%j |-.i:rr, rtTtfn old iunJi-n 
ikhoiti'^ & x%j |»illoulH-r* \j'. xiij*. iiij*. I'ucm iiia|i«-r Uinir 
rlotlir«k, (h'oiit* f\\v \i*nli*^ lonp-, tl)*i»thrr iiij ^rnli-^ i«ifi^r, 
fonn* Kiuni iMMinic rloilii*^ llin* hanli*n IxHircir rloth«-«, tlirr«- 
di«i|M*r towflU, ix dia|HT na|ikiii<», ij do/ \ di* of liniu-n iu|4;i.« 
^*^ blew barn-^, %ij lvii\iip' ttiMflU \ ii cufiliord c-KiiIm** iij . 
\ij*. iiij'*. Two I)iiti«»k«* cbi-<»tf!», u lit If < liiftt Im»ijih1 m'^ won. a 
candlf chiikt & an other old rlii^t xxiij*. ii;j*. A |irt-iH4' »** ij 
floort>^ %' doort'^i xl*. A toldiii^t* table ij*. %ij iiik- i|uj^lur.r« 
& ij loiip* qui«^<»liiii>;» cffertMile urow^bl u*** the iir<lle X a rar- 
|)eCt riotlu* that i» in uorkiii^e withe er«Mile« lor the »ainr «j . 
xiij'. n.j''. — vj letherlKHldr^ %iitlN* vj lM)Uter» Ik a rour»e frthrr* 
IhsI tyke V*. vj*. viij^. \iij iiiattre»M-% and ix boUter% liij*. mjV 
xij pvlli»we» xiij*. iiij''. -xij paire iif blankett% & %iij lia|i|iiii^ 
xlij'.--Iii rov««rlett% xx v*. In ro%i*rinp*« tor l)e<hk-% iij uf t«- 
IM'Atrie aiHi ij of d«>niix vij*. A rarprtt cIocIm* of lafir*tnr 
viorke %- \rnl«» htn^e ^ a \erde and a Ciuaricr drpr xxxiij*. 
iiij"*. -V ikiandinp* bislde* u'** ronlt*% I*. 'Lvioo C4Mor» »• cur- 
teiiHiif <ia\r & n teMor^ u"' rnrten» of ercMile P. 'llim* ruCr« i»f 
pUite \ iij «telf rap|N*H xl*. A ttri^^H ot «a\nM'frtt in iIm* nuf* 
r*if- xiij*. Iiij'*. Ilie hun|Xin^» thert* aiid in the p'U>r «j*. viij'. 
S*ni lij'. %iijV TiiK Hki.wi(€>i HI . A brew hside jk a culiiifcr 
leaiie 111 a iVaine i j . A nia>kefalt, l«<*«i ^ilin>*i* falU, aUllr 
tnbiM* \ iktone troift^hr xl*. CiTtfii «ttitli- ni the bnlciii|»e lMiu«r 
iij*. iiij*. S*ni %iij'. iij*. iiij'. Tut: KiTi iiisoi.. (hir frrral 
raudreii «*'' iin \rnn baiide xl*. 'Iliri-** little nld eawdrroa, r 
|»a*nf*, V briu»M> |N»tt*, a |>«»i^M*nett, ij \ri*n f^itts ij fryrn^ 
|ia'ne«, u dri'piii|!e |4inni-. a ffinUnHi Ac ii| |*aire of |>«iit rh|» ig'. 
% «|x-i!t«« a |>a\re i*f rtib\rofiH, a |^»l^l• nt ton^e«« a \nwT & a 
fver chitlf xx%j'. «ii|'. \ t\v%\w a>«-« a c-tNi|i| in^e kiiijh* arwi a 
niwi'^inice knife and a ^iilKe iij*. iiij*.— iij ganii4ir nf pr«t«r 
%e»H.*n, a du<* & di* of |HHtingcr^ and tnuo haod hAsroi «'• ii|\ 


liij**. A new basen & ewer of tyniie vj\ viij^. S'm xj^ x*. 
The Larder. Twoo tubbs for saltinge fleshe xx\ A hogges- 
hed for otenieale xviij**. iiij emptie kaskes iiij*. S'm xxv'. vj**. 
The Milkhouse. xij chesfatts, xx bolles, viij butter cuppes, 
a butter kytt, a sooe, ij skeills, ij klrne$» ij standes and certen 
vessell that was in the wollhouse xx*. A candle case, a pair of 
musterd wherns, u spynynge wheles w'*» certen boordes v*. 
8'm xxv*. The r lor. A cupborde ij*. A chaire viij*. A 
cupbordc clothe of dornix vj*. viij**. S'm ix*. iiij**. Apparell. 
A daiuaske gowne without ly'nen w'** a laice of Gold xxxiij*. 
iiij**. A newe clothe gown furred w*** white la'nie and faced 
withe blacke conye xl*. One grene clothe gowne faced with 
blacke conye w'^ laice of silu' xx*. A blacke cloke with a 
spanishe cape & a old blacke cote vj*. viij**. A woman's gown 
of daniaske with a yard of velwett xxxiii*. iiij**. A woman's 
gown new of fyne pewke faced with blacke conye xxxiij*. iiij**. 
An olde clocke gown garded with velvett xiij*. iiij*. An old 
Scarlett pettycote x*. S'm ix*. ix\ Corne, &c. 


In the name of God Amen, the xxviij day of Julij A®. 1566 
witnessithe that I Jhone Blaxton of Seaton w^ui the p'ishe of 

Seh'm my bodi to be buried w**'in the guere oi^e vnto 

where mine ancistors lieth. It'm I giv vnto Margret Blaxton 
my wif all w^'in the hall and chamber, and the litle house 
she dweliithe in att this present w^** outen payng any rent dur- 
ing hir natural! life. It'm I giv vnto every of my childers 
children a yow and a lamb. It'm I giv vnto Adam Blaxton 
my sone xx*. It'm I giv to Denes Littest' and his wif xx*. 
It'm I giv to Rauf Blaxton my sone xx*. It'm I giv to Ricb- 
ard Collin and his wif xx*. It'm I giv to Isabell hampton xx*. 
It'm I giv to will'm Rede ij oxen & ij stotts, w*** voke & some 
belonging to the same, and also to the sa}'d wnl'm ij horses, 
one long waine & a coopwane & half the come winter & ware 
of the odd land in the feld. It'm I giv to Anes Snaudon 
xxvj*. viii**. and to George hir sone a yow & a Iamb. It'm I 
giv to Thomas Wright my curate iij*. iiij**. It'm I will y* mine 
executors have th'occupation of this farmold one yere after 
my discease. llie residu of my goods (&c.) I give vnto 
M'gret Blaxton my wif, Rauf Blaxton my sone and will'm 

1 See hit Pedigree, SumTXE« I. 276. Mr. Surtcet iHid ■pparentl^ not lecn 

this will. 


Blaxton wlioim* I dov nmk«* mv hole cxc*cut<ir»— ^--^mi mr 
tnmty frvml (uHirge HUxton of Varnfion lUII to br %ii|rvKur 
'—unto whoiiic 1 |{ive xx* for hi* counsrll and |Miynr« tlirmt>— 
AIm) I will )-t if Adam mjr Mine ht ruit ravff>iiral>le jk kind irntt> 
my (*X(^utor% that tlien hr »hall pay the ^um of Ix' lirhtft %nio 

Invcntoiiy Ilift lair »tonc xj\ %iij*. Kiinrral rxprtiMr* 

xl' &c/ 

rxrix. wiu.iAM ci.axton, or BcavrifALi^ Kayttar. 

In llie name of innl AnuMi. 'Hie xxj** of I>rcrmbrr A*, 
lyni 1566. I will'm CMaxton of Biimeliall in the CcMinl^r of 

I)urh*m t-lftouire my IwHlye to l)r hur\<H| in the |>*i*hr 

churche of S* Onwold* in I)iirh*m mlirr the exeruton of this 
my la»t will and testament »lia]l thinke ffood by th' ailvice of 
mv fttip'viMint — I will almi tliat niv vnrlcH llolirrt l*laxton rlrrkc 
aiKl Koger Claxton shall liaue niv hoU* man* houMr at Ilumi»-> 
hall l^with lan<K ^r. d(*ftrribe<|] (tir the hringinge vp of my fi«e 
vounin* children vnto mirlu* time ni\ lH*vr wlnime to ev* (tod 

ftliall aptMiinle cunH* to full C^ lawftill a^e [He next niakr» 

a provision out of hi* lancU to raiv* a fuiMi for the marriafte 
portion of hi» thret* daughter* Kalherine, HIenor, and Mar* 
g%*rve.] I give to A\le9» Midelton my M«ter in law two Kyrn 
aiuf tv^o calves. Ami al<M> I pre to xp*f»fer IlutehinMin one 
queye w'^ calue. AImi I give to llionuu^ l*e<ira»tlr my »*tanc 
my whyte amblinge nagge. ((*hildren, IU»bert, Anikooye, 
Jerrani, Katht*rin, l*Uleiuir, Margery.) I will and bequitk irnCo 
KolM-rt l^laxton, K«>ger I'laxton/Xp'ofer Cliaytor, Cutkb't 
Kmkrtt S: Xp*ofer May re my lH»«t gray main\ tHw }Ton gray 
nuMfe and a norel niigge. 

Inxentoky. Is thi. i.iii:\T Mi\Miiar. Y* hangingi of mvl 
& greine \iij*. ij nem rm'ini^ of lH*<id% \\\j'. Mij*. iij rtw'- 
lells ijV iiij^ iiij |>are of hlnnkett* \i\*. %ij happing^ *^j'. 
viij linne f»hetH w'y, >j pare t»f lianlen hIh'I* ixV ij fether 
b*Hl* & ij lM»Kter% liijV iiij*. \ C'odcU & v ro«lware« x\ viij* 
'Hire njattn»%«<*» xij*. iij old l>«»Utrr* ij'. Hire te«ter« w* 
hangings of n*ad & greane xii*. I\ Tiir. atrrcRi & P%RLaB 
ij Ixird rlotlii*^ iiij*. \ raiuleUtirkf-* iiij*. ij harden towrib 
iiij*. \*iij table naiikin* viij*. ij rhan*^ x%j*. A ftt<me mi«e 
w"" a rf»v* and %ij either miM-% xvij*. xij pem tlier trenrhernij*. 
& %i\\* *|M»iu»% r. iij |vwthyr •Jilt* \ a ih»»*efi %awerr» ^iij*. 
viijV vj %picf plate% ij*. xj^. iiij dubhT% ij dtUirt and a hi^ 
inge X*. \}*, %iij grt^at platers x\*. iiij^ Five pHtiagaia iq*. 


vj**. vij bigger dishes vj". v^. A pewther basing and an ewer 
vj*. vlij**. One ambre x". ij cupbord clothes ij*. xj quissions 
vij*. One chiste for spice and a candel chiste xx**. In the 
KiTCHiN One great cawdron xviij*. ij lesse cawdrons x*. 
ij brasse potts, a little pott and a posnet of brasse xvj'. One 
great panne & ij lesse pannes xvj**. One brasse morter v*. ij 
spets & a payre of rakes iij'. A brulinge yron xij^ A brand- 
reth of yron xij^. A rost yron xij**. One pare of tongs ij 
raken croks & ij pott clips iij*. A fryinge panne vj**. In the 
BREWHousE Gilefatts & iij mashing fatts iij*. 4^. m standes 
& a pott for drinke iij*. iiij**. vj tubbes iij*. iiij**. iij wood dub- 
lers iij**. In the milke house xij milke bowelk v*. ij 
kirnes xx**. One great bowell vj**. iij skeylls xij**. A milke 
skeyl, a kitt to put milke in & a tunnele iiij**. vij chesfatts 
xvj^. In other houses One hamp* & ij basketts xij**. One 
kitt for salt butter viij**. ij hogesheaids or tun'es ij*. viij**. Orte 
temes for corne vj**. ij spinning wheles ij*. A pajTe of woUe 
cayrds iiij**. A bus' & a peke of wood xx**. ij seves & ij 
wheat ridles one ote riddle iij scuttells & ij lepes ij*. 8**. ij win- 
dow clothes & viij seks ix**. Thre payre of bedstocke iij*. 
One bed w'*» wheles ij*. The waynes (&c.) His app'ell* 
One gowne x*. iij Jackets xxxiiij*. ij payre of hose vj*. viij**. * 
A dublet of canvise & a waiste cote of fustian v*. One blake 
cloke & one old cloke viij*. Four yerds of meld frese iiij*. vj**. 
A taffyta hatt v*. A paire of boots & a pare of shoes iij*. ij 
shirts vj*. Two cotes of plat cov'd w''* read xl*. Hir appa- 
RELL. Three linings for a gowne coller iiij*. One patcott 
sowed w'^ read silke and gold v*. A strayt gowne of worset 
gardid xxxiij*. iiij**. Two lose gownes of cloth xviij*. A kirtle 
of blake taffetay aud one of read xv*. An old kirtle.of wosset 
ij*. A petticote of read viij*. A varinngale & a quissionet of 
fustian in ap'es ij*. Two fraunche hoods xl*. Cattbll &c. 
ij stele cappes. * 


In the name of god Amen I Will'm walton of the city of 
durham drap' being in pTect and good remembrance the xij of 
May An'o Dom' 1566 being sick of bodi and hole of m'nd & in 
pTect fayth of Jesus Christ make here my last will and testa- 

1 A Durham mercljant, of great opulence and trade, whose name occurs at a 
creditor in almost every Inventory of his period. His stock in trade is singu- 
larl^r curious. 

iticiit OA ill toniir r(»li»utlti* fir^t I «lf> lN*<|uitli my mw\v to iilnii|;l^ 
tv pcMl aiMi my ImmIi tn Im* btiricMi in iIk* rhiirrli ol'««vnt iiu-ImiU* 
ill Ihirirm tir v\% wlii*rr it «h:ill |>U«rm* )>ihI to call tiir t«i lu* 
mercve I ffiv to riiV om* of iiiv rliildrrn w^ at \iimAruil thirtv 
|Miuti<U of lawt'iill ini;liOi iii«iiii for tlifr rhiUlrtMi i»c»rti«Mi x* m Uf 
Miv Kirliani Walton Jliotii* Wnlton WiU'm Ualton KAtfrm 
Walton allfMiii walton Aiiiii-^ walttui iunl iuVr«H wahnn 1 wiH r* 
Jhoiif Walton will'm walton <lo follow tin* <irc»U* mtt vnurnitr jlc 
thrrr mother l«> hrl)H* tlinu Im*«i<U tlitTi* outMi |K>rti<in« orfoni- 
iiig to lu*r (i«*«c*r«*tioii AImi I ^i%' to Klrnrr my wilV tlif Irar*" 
orinv hmiM* ciurini; lirr nitursill lifi* aiwl it' Kii'lianl niv M»iinr dkt 
lilAri ill till* toiii* lu* to li»\r tin* oi:t* Ii.ilf t»f tlic* ha\*l hi»u««* 
4*<|tmlly clfviciiii or it' he <iui*ll in tlif* ^ayd t«>iitH* aiici at I hir 
«lt*atlit* to n*niaiu* all in hi<»<i« dnrin'; inv li^arr. AUo I br-> 
(juith to annf*<t walton niy cloirhtrr tUv It* ic^r of tlmnia* cKtirr 
tarnihoM in hut ton dtirin;; niv vrri'^ alM> I civ to t-u«>rv chm- of 
my rhildrcMi ij i»il\t*r «»|>t>iinr% AUo 1 ^i% to llolM*rt r»Mipt*r m 
«*oU* riotht* f«ir lii% wife anotht-r of Vork«hicr martK'll I |ti% to 
my bffither hi*w walto* and hi^ wif«*' my iJ w«MirkfUy f^fHiiH^ t4» 
tiiak «*.-ithrr of thrnir a coti* ^ t4> Im-w walton I gn ni\ iirw 
rolfri-<l rot<* AIm> 1 p\ to pMirfT walton aiKl FJi/altrth w^lum 
hift clul(ir<*n rvrri one of thi'm \ ^hillin^% AImi I f;iv to frdlian 
mv «i!«tt*rH children and alU-M>n mv %i«trr« children i-vrri iH» of 
theme ij Hhilliii^ for a token al««i I ^i\ to the ahk'rma' lo »u*- 
teiie the tonne \\* aUo I pv to l>e th-«trehiiliil to |Mi«irr liutt*- 
holderi w^^^in Miyiit iiieli«ila* p*i«he w' AIm> 1 dci ^iv to the 
|H>ore vitler* w*^" do leme at the teiMile \* AIm» I niak Vltmr 
waltim mv wife full extern tn\ of tlii^ niv lai^t will atMl ir^a 
and of all mv pMNi<» moveable Sc vnnioveable my dntr« & 
ei^k iKivfi atitl dev*harf!e<i I iiiak M'. JlMine IMkenton M'. wdl'si 
birriie |»'l>«*n<iarie^ chri^tofor Mirti« aini rirh' eiNip' Mip'vitiirft «if 
thi)» my l.iM hiI) and tf*^tament and tor tlH*n* |wiytM-» I ipv In 
etirry oiu* «if tliciii \\*. AIm» I ^i\ to hrw walton &itj* iu}'. 
eiier\ WTf \nlell iii \fre* eiidt'il t«> t»;i\ ft^r hi* Iioum* r«*nlr to 
lie ^i'\en aftiT to hime or ti> hi* wife uhithtT li*\ith lonj^er for 
M*\en \rre«> bf eiidfd al<Mi if mv uifo «iill nott «:aiid lo br full 
exii'iitrix but ntand to hir tliir.N I ^iv hir o\er \ Im-^mU hir 
thinK a mUit pi-e. a *iUer vilt ij «il\er *p<K>iir% ainl all ihr id* 
*ijjht ^ivrt' a* i^h-^mt rtdlen**! ambroy iK all Vf*M«ll w* all brd- 
din^ a* f.ithiTlNHld* m.ittrasM-« w'^ all that |»'tenitlic thrrriMo 
during hir life anri ili«i\i-to reiiirttM* to tin* i hihirrii now vnnMri- 
e<i AIm> I ^iv t«i th«* |>riMinrn» \1*. ather iti nM*tt' or inony ar* 
c*or(li:i^ to ni\ \»ife% d<*MTeti«iii AIm» 1 ^\\ to my wifr ny 
aiiibliiit; p'ldiii^ whieh i% att M' t\vr\ I ^i% ti» llirhanl wrnlum 
my role of |tla\t% m\ Mele *a|)|««* my «levr« of iiui\lr my poll afte 


Also I will y< Richard walton shall have the oversight and oc- 
cupying of my shoppe and of all ray clothe for the beliave of my 
wif & children and the sayd Richard Walton to make a just ac- 
compt of all the sayd shopp and clothe to my wife and children 
when sutch time shall requier Also I giv to Jhone walton and 
will'm walton betwixt them all my bookes also I giv to xp'ofor 
surtis my best goune also I will that georg walton if he occupy 
as a draper shall hav xx* for thre yeres and to lay in sufficient 
surtis and assurance to my wife and children for the payment of 
the same att the end of thre yeres and if he occupy well and 
p'fett therbye he to hav it other thre yeres and then to be payd 
agane to my wife and children all the sayd su' of xx* Also if 
the sayd s]>ittel hous be rered vppe I giv a bed of clothes w^ is 
meat for sutche like persons also 1 will y* Jhone Vayse the 
elder shall pay but v* of the x* w* he is bund for vnles he gett a 
remide for the same of Anthony grinwell I giv to xp'ofor hart- 
borne XX* I will also y' my ^one Richard walton shall hav the 
governance of my shoppe and the gatherin of my detts and tliat 
lie shall monthly mak his accompt to Eliner my wife his mother 
xp'ofor surtis and Jhone home dwelling w^'^in the city of Dur- 
ham or els in fayling so to do to be cleare discharged of the 
shoppe for not making this his monthly accompt also I will y* 
if the fore sayd Richard by his negligens shall rune in any reargs 
that he shall repay itt to my wife & children of his own p'per 
portion onely and that montly as his fait shall appere to his mo- 
ther & the rest to whome he shall mak this his montly accompt 
Witnesses of this my last will & testament ar thes whos names 
ar here vnder subscribed Also I giv to M' xp'ofor charter to 
maytene my wife & children according to the law x*. I giv to 
wedow oleu' x* also iff itt shall fortune y* ani contraversye 
shalbe betuixt Elner walton my wife and my children w'^^in 
named for any p' or p'cell of there goods I will that she &: 
thay my children shall cause the contraversye to be brought be- 
fore the sup'visors of this my last will & testament or before the 
most pt' of theme and thay to redress the matter according to 
there judgement and nott to go the lawe And if any of theme 
that is to say Alen' my wife or any of my children refuse or deny 
to be ordered in that behalf by the sup' visors I will that every 
one of them for so refusing there arbitrement shall lack of there 
portion xl'. to be geven & destributed as the supVisors shall 
think mete and conveinent. Also I giv to Richard walton my 
Sonne v' for the gathering vpp of my debts and to make a just 
accompt of all the sayd detts as is aioresayd and he to have the 
v' oute of the hole stocke Also I giv to M' Deane Whitting- 


Wm a mil to niMris nhitiiifrirni ' \* for a rrniraibrance Alto 
I giv to M' 'iliuniaik lcv<*r half a cniiM* to M' itauf lr%rr half 
a cniiie to M' K U*v<>r liall* a cnuir to M' Kciftt^r lc%rr half a 
rrouno for a reiiK*nibraiir«*. Aluo I giv to M** richr*<in x* tti 
Jlione honu* x* to niatliii fan*lA!k x* Abo I giv tn M' JImiot 
|>ilkt*iit4>n wifl* a rroutu* for a tokt*ii of n*nit*iiibraiH*f It'ni I giv 
to mv IsOili |H*rM* ' for a token of miH-iiibmiicc half a rrounr 
AIm> I giv to M'. Wiiriii Claxton of ninyard for a tokrD uf rr* 
tii4*nibmiic(* half a rrouiu* I giv t<i M'. lialliiUy lialf a cnvo^ 
for a tokiMi. I giv to M' Wiirm half a rrouiit* I gi% to M'. 
gii|M*n "* for a tokfti of rfmnnbraiirr ij* ^j^. I gi% to M*. rucid 
for a tokt n ij* vj^. I giv to rich a(i<U* to C*uthb*t Wf<h*»iclr aiMl 
Jhoiu' Hatrr^ c^rri our of thnii xx* if tliay grtt iiu rttin^* al 
mv lord liinilrv haml for tlit* n^** thav nar «urrtvt-* I will to 
liAv aM*niiotHi at my burial! ifTitt Ih* |H;»%iblf jk to br |iayd ftuf* 
ftciriitly for hi^ |uiyiif«» AImi I i»ill \^ all my gocMl* nNi\f»ablr 
iiihI viiiiiovrablt* timt I lui\<* gt'vrii m\ HiH'iilialbt* |)raftM*(l y* my 
rhildrrti uliall km>w how mutch tlirr i« and «liat it romrth to att 
hir IX*Athf. Kington Notary. 

Tlir. iNvr.NToR) of all the ginnl^ & cattrU «an-« niarrha* 
cHhm* an Hell moveable a** \nnunrablr |>'tt*ing to nill'm wahon 
I)ru|i* in Durirm lnytU*y diM*faMHi iirayM.'d by Imtw whitfrld 
thomafi whiiffid Kol/t Pottrr & hiH* iuir|i' Ann iKim'i 1566 in 
(VtolHT. In Till. Siion* A ^-uld coIUt br<Ml clotbr nij yrnk 
xij*- a bromt* blcwo iij vrnK x\* — a blai'k liayM* ix yrnk xx* 
— a |KMik(* viij ymU xliiij* — a |NN)k \iij yrnl» xl* - a |)oukr «iii 
yvTiU xliiij' — a |HM>ke \ij y«*nU xxx%*.^a rrdc frr«rwloo ij 
yenU v* — a bro<l lining ij yrnU ij'.— a brcwl rctlf lialf ycrd iiy* 
— A briMl marry iij t|uartrrH v*.--a blon rarten %j <|uartcT» x\uj* 
— a brod marble vij venK half xxiiij* — A im-« roller bnid ckiCbr 

blark roTM* \j quarter^ iij* — A blork car^i- tx \enl» xvij'— A 
n«'«i collar cmtm- xij \rrd«» xxiiij'- A neH roll' rarM* ij yrrfk 
iiij' — A *ky roll* rar>e x\ij yenU xxwiij* — A mhile %ij vmk 

> 'Hit wifr t»r l>r«n ^Vbittingham «ji« tuirr In Calvin, and • 
•«-tinf[ unilrr the tpint uf hrr bmChrr. va« MifKrrrJ to mttk* frwt hm\ 
ihe tuntb« anil <icnammlt nf tbr l*allirdral. 

' •' Sty 1^1 .« Vrrry" «a» Anor. tUu|chlcr of llcorv SaMrrwt. I'^aH •# Bar. 
tr«trr. iml wit'r of* flkiina* Prrrr. «h*K thrvr vrar* aArr«arilK rrWIM 
i^iirrn l.ltralirfh. an<l ww l«>lira<if^ al Ytiri in \S*2 

* lUmartl Citiinn, K««t«tr of Hm^ltm-W 5pnn||. af fiiiat 


vij* — A white carse xviij yerds xxviij* — A white carse lij yerds 
half vj* — A wliite carse hij yerds half vj*. A white carse vij 
quarters iiij" — A white carse lij yerds half x* — A white carse 
xij yerds half xxxiiij' — A blew watchat xij yerds 1' — A new 
coll' iij yeards half xx* — A ishe coll' v yerds xxv* — A brod 
read viij yerds xxx" — A sadd ships coller x yerds xlv* — A 
watchat xij yerds iij* vj*. A brod read ij yerds half xix* — A 
sad coller xij yerds v* — A pevk xij yerds liij* — A pevk vij yerds 
iij*. iy* — A pevck xv yerds half vij* xij* — A violat brod clothe 
xiij yerds vj* vj* — A london new coller xv yerds vj* x* — A new 
coll* xi yerds iiij* — A shepes coll' x yerds half liij* x* — A sad 
coir xij yerds half vj* xviij* — A sky coler carse xiij yerds xxx* 
A vess coll' carse xv yerds half xxxv*- A new coll' carse v 
yerds xj" viij** — A flanders dy carse vj yerds xxij* — Agalle carse 
V quarters iiij" — A ish coll' carse x yerds half xxxv* — A black 
carse vj yerds xx* — A bede carse ix yerds xxxiij* — A flander dy 
vij yerds xxvj* — A orish coler carse ij yerds viij* — A flanders dy 
carse ix yerds xxxv* — A orishe coler carse x yerds xl* — ^A galle 
carse xij yerds xliiij*. — A red carse vij yerds xxviij* — A flanders 
di carse iiij yerds half xviij* — A tavneie carse v yerds xxiiij* — A 
black frese xxij yerds xxij* — A white frese ij yerds xiij** — ^A 
white frese xv yerds xiiij* iij** — A black frese ix yerds vij* — A 
black frese xv yerds xv* — A black frese xxvij yerds xxvij* — A 
white cottin iiij* viij** — A wliite cottin iiij* viij* — A yerd of russat 
ij* — It'm ij chists, a cubbord, an amberye xxvj* viij*. Sum'a 
cxiiij* X*. HousHOLD STUFF IN THB p*LARR.. A chimney 
w** a pr* of tongs xiiij* — A bedd stede close mayd x*— r-A father 
bedd XX* — A pare of shets v* iiij* — A covering of app'ils x* — A 
overse bed viij* — A covering wrought of silk x* — A cod & a 
pilleber ij* — A trindell bed a father bedd a twilt a happing m 
bouster xx' — A standbed a father bed a mattres a pV of blanketts 
a rede coveringe a bouster & curtings xxvj* viij*. — It'm viij cods 
& viij pillobers xx* — It'm vij pV of lin shetes xl* — viij p'r of 
strakin shets xxx* — ^vj p'r of harden shets xv* — ^xiiy yerds of 
diap* tablein xvj* — ^x yerds half of table cloth x* — xxj yerds of 
towelin xiij*. iiij* — iiij hand towels iiij* — ij dosen napkins xij' — v 
pillebers vij* — ij hede shets vj* — A p'r of blanketts v* — ij overse 
bedds & iij cortings xxvj* viij* — A cubbord vij*^ — A table w*'' a 
carpett xij* — A counter w*** a carpett vij*^— A diance diist vj* — A 
bond ehist xij* — A bond coifer v* — A amberye viij* — A lang 
settle & a chare iiij* — iij buffett stoles vj* — A Uttle stole viij* — 
ij fonnes xij* — Read hangings xxiiij* — A paynted clothe iij* — 
iij chists XV* — A stand be£ia pare of blanketts i^ skets a cove^« 
ing and two cods xiij* iiij* — A ambrecall i}*^ v}*^ In the jcbw 
LOFT. It'm a p'sser v* — ij ambres v*— A lang settle iij' — iij 



chfiyri*i» xviij'' — A poll axi* xvj^ — Is the ii.%ll hoI'^r. ft'm • 
cliiiiini*7 a )Mim> (»f tongei^ a grrt pir a p«Trr of racket ij ftpeCs 
a rackiti crcM»k a crU«rtt xxxiij* liii^ — A lablr m* a tablr rkMhe 
XX* — A lanff M*ttk* w*^ abrd a iM>thrr laog nettk- viy* — A asnhrv 
vij* — A cu|ibonl ambre iiij* — A |iWt xlvj* viij* — lij rharrt iiii* 
— ij forni<*« & ij "^lolo^ ii* vj' — A dfi»en ul' aui«»hiiiK» x' — A mL 
ver iwcc xviij »potic weijiig xxxij oncm tij' iiij* — A SiUrr tall 
xxvj*. In the i.itlx ciiamdkk. It'ni a brd «tr<lr a maitcnv 
a blanket! a p*r of s\u't% a b4>iii»tf*r two cck1» h*^ |>iliobi*r» fouer 
eoverletts xxiiij* — A binbtiHlf a niatterr«» a blankrtt a p*r of 
fthctA iij codii ij cov(»rlett« x% i*-i- A chare ij barrrU a ftUwl & thrr 
litle barrrU & a b4>ni v* — iiij Mem of salt butter %iij' — iiij hmiU 
ingt V* — iij »alt fiilif iiij*- -A braiidrvy ij' — ij gutrr% ij* rj* — iij 
latten baftint x*— iiij iiuthrr baniug^ vj* — xiij putlH*r dubtrr* 
xxrj* viij* — xjj puther dublir^ xriii*- r\ putlirr ciiftlir* %iij*— -wj 
pottingen ij* — iij chamber |M>tt» iij* iiij^— iij |HHtfll iM»tt» vij* — 
Tj t|uart potts X* — a pintc* poct ij* — ij ninte |Nrtt» ij gill pott* iiij* 
— V salt lelleni iiij* — vj pottinger* iij*— xj miiimt* iij' iiij*— A 
leveii catMieUtcki & a laver xiij*. iiij* — A grrtr pmtr x%* — v 
pottfk xviij*_ij pottii vj* — A kettell & vij pannr» x* A friing pan 
& a kir»4*tt iij* — A niorter & a pestell iiij* — A Jack a p'r <if »ik>Tr« 
of matle x*— A bav home xl* — A grajr nagge xxxiij*. iiij*— jj 
kiiH* xh i* viiij* In liay xl* the titht* x* A %\Hin gouiir a taiun 
cot«* a clianil(*t rote a clothe cote xl* — viij »toiK* of lint xxxij* — 
In yarne ix inuiimI vi*- In bookes x* — I yenU of lin clothe I* — 
XXX yercU of Marking xt* — in wood bord* xiij* iiij' — xxxhij 
VenU of luinieii x* — Iviij yenb of lint* clothe xxxiij* iiij*— rxj 
yenU of ttrakint xj* — xxij yerd«i of hanlen xij* — Sum'a htxx* 
xiiij* viij*. 'l\w hole turn of ail the good* catteU wa\Tr« & debit 
an well niovenhle as vnmoTeable perteint to will'm walioii ia 
Durh'm i)rnp* laytly I)i<iceajiie<i it ccccixxxix' xtj* j*. I>KTTma 
w«^ willi*ni wiilion did owe tiic* day of lit» deatlie. It'm owiiy 
to M'. JiMiiie hl<ien & M'. to|>|> xxx' — <iwiiig to M'. mile* of 
covintre xiiij' vj* viii*— to M'. barb* xiiij' — to tliooia* valuni 
•ij' %• — ti> iiiclmni hell vij'— to S^ niciiolaji burmvp *' xiij* iiij* — 
to xp*ofor ci4>i»MYn iij' \j* viij*— to xp'ofor hill x* — to will'm Inn- 
er xvj* — to Kicluini «ktiiR%»id xj*. Sum'a ixxxviij* ij\ Rrtlat 
execulricji* clxv' vij* ix*. 

AwHw^ tkote imtkhtrd to tlie dere«MHi (V13 in number) occvr 
** Mf iienrv WetiH'rton f Widdrington ), M' C»t*<»rgr blaxton of 
Farneton (lall, M' (teorge blax«tiHi, M' Simood foultbempp^ 
M' iioue«, 'ilK>ma» lilexton, S* K«)bert Hilton, S' John bom- 
fall, Mr Wiirm hilton & M' Micliaei conttapeU. M' Kobrrt lav* 
ton, M' (teorge toiige, Mr hiimphrer, Nicbc4at btaxUMi, A* 
Will'm claxtcm, M' Jhone bbuton, M'llioniM Irrer, M* 


Musgray, M' Robert eshe, M' William blaxton M' Geqi^e 
bl^ton, M' Cuthb. fenwicke, M' anthony tomlinson, M' alder- 
man, M' George winter, M' George clif, M' Jhone jHedwoirthe, 
Mr Doddisworthe, M' Jhone lampton. Sir William Thompson, 
ftp Francis bonner, M' Jhone edon, M' Gilpin,* Mr Boutflower, 
Sir George Ratclif, Jarret salvin, Oswood ogle, M' Robert 
porter elder and M' nicholas porter, M' Rauf gowerr. Dame 
elener persee, M' Robert harbottel elder and yonger, M^ As- 
kiu, M' Henry Evers, M' Conyers, M' Matthew conyers, 
M' Jhone conyers, M' Rauf conyers, M' Jhone troloppe, 
M' George Morden, M' William morden, M' Macbray, Richard 
conyers, Xp'ofer mare," &c. The debts amount to £265 17*. 
H., and the " disparet" debts to £29 14'. 4^* 



In dei noi'e Amen 1566 Die vero Aprelis 7 Ego .Hadulphus 
Bayles Clic's curatus p'ochialis castri ^arnardi condo testametu' 
meu' in hunc modu* vt sequitur I t^e sayd Sir Rauf bayles 
sick in bodi corporall but prace be unto god my redemr hole in 
soule and in good and p'lect memory ffirst & especialli I giv 
and bequith my soule vnto Allmigh** my god my redemer & 
savior Jesus Christ who hayth redemed and boght me & all 
mankind w^ his most p'cious blood in whome & in whos deathe 
and passion I hope, to hav & gptene salvation my bodi I giv to 
the earth frome whens it cam tner to abide the day of the most 
Joeful resurrexion of all tru and faythfull company of the se- 
lect and chossen stoke of Christ & if god hav so pVid^d I will 
y* my sayd bodi be buried In the chansell or where in the p'lsh 
chappell of ou* ladi w^^in the toune of Barnardes castell Also 
I wiU y' an honest dinner be p'vided for thirty or forty mea^ses 
of honest me* and women of the toone and p'ish w^** shalbe att 
the church the day of my buriall And also I giv vnto the 
poore people to be destrebuted the day of my buriall vnto all 
sutch as be of the toone & p'ish y* stands most nede find mister 
& it to be geven vnto them att there houses xx'. I doy giv & 
bequith vnto thomas bayles my brother sone one filly stagg 
Also my best overse cover of my bede w**> a brassen morter of 
brasse and the pestle & also in money iij*. iiij'. It' I do giv 8c 
bequith vnto secile coytts my servant & sister doghter my best 
goune also my gretest brass pott also my better matteres and my 
.bedding y' I ly in w^ also my milk kowe and more in money 
iij*. iiij^ w^ iij yerdes of lining clotli & vj yefds of harden clothe 


iCiO WlLLil AND 

It' 1 giv fi lMH)iiith %'ii(o Il4>l>'t coyu my <'UtrrKMin xx*. I gir 
& btH|uitli to iiicolafk r«»ytft & to rich* cotu liu brother my MMm 
rhildreii xirj*. li'ij^ eatlif r of them vj* rlij^ & to thrr mtrr Kliis- 
lM*th ot>yt* lij*. liij^. It* 1 giv & hi*<|iiith vDto margret lNiylr« 
aiid viito alU»«oii hir »iftter d<»ughter^ of rogrr mv brothrr %j*. 
viij^ mito more viito euther of tliem one vcrde of lim* cloth & mm 
motch of hankfti clothe I giv j^ bequith vfito (rrare home tber 
And also vnto ather of hir Minuet xij^ aiMi unto allier of thrmr 
one sleTetlcs Jacket AIm) I do giv & bequitlie vnto Hitabeib 
hinle my sister dc^gbter one aimers* in money iij* iiij'. I giv ft 
bequith vnto George hinle Mine ot'of Jbone hini my brother in 
lawe my stillatori or limbecke & the rest of all my goods doC 
geven & bec^uitlied my dctts payd and funerall ex|K*nset deduct* 
ed I giv vnto roger bales my brother & vnto mv sitter the »ift 
of Jhone covtts wbome I mak mine executor* tttr to ordene ft 
dis|ioise aA tfuiy »hall think mo^t fitt ft neces»an for the belth of 
my M>ule AUo I do mak »up*visars of this my last nill ft te«ta- 
nu^nt m*ter antliony middelton of bamard casteli ffeotlelma' 
whome I hartely requier for to take paynes to as«ist »^ kts 
ciHinesell my Miyde (Xecutor» and for hi> panes I giv ft bequith 
vnto him v* nitnessc^s and lH*ing there pVnt att the making of 
this my will ft testament lanclot (leyrMin will'm bcwtwril rich* 
sanders4>n roger ImivU*s Jlione coytt* nicola* c<ivtis Robert corltt 
tliomas bayU^ ft Jfioiie tlu>m|)Min the writer fierof 

iNvxNToav date<l */9^ April 1566. Inp*mb a cowe xs*— >« 
stage viij* — an amer\' — a im*te horde, a litle bc»rrie« a chare ft a 
cawell xvj^— in putfier vessell vj pecs, ft ij pottingrrt xvj^— itij 
saucers a salt a puther piitt iij*— ij candelstekes a s|iete a bml- 
ing inm ft ij cobirons viij^ — ij brass potts ft a nosaett vj* viii' — 
a kettell ft thre litle panm*t v* — anou*se coveni^ ij mallerpMrt 
ij blanket t!i ft thre pv of »lietes x* — xv yerds of lining dolW 
w*^ game for harden clothe vn woven by estimatkin xt) ymis 
xiij*— 'thrt* gounes ij slevek*» Jackatts ij dubletts ij p*r of hose in 
sliartes xx* — a brasen nnirter a p«**tle one stone ft ij mosterd 
stones xvj* — thre tM>\kt»s vjV viij^ in gold ft mony xl* — chtstes 
fomiet bt*<ld stoke^^ avie potts »kelle^ limlteck burds geals 
other kind of implenie tes of Iniusold prasr<l to vj* vnj^. * 



In the NanH» of (umI Amen the xxiiij*^ day of Jannarrr in 
the vere of our lord god 1566 I Richard Aisdrnon of Dindi 
lay A in tlie countye of Durh*m hosbandmnn being (l 


god) sicke of bodye yet of good reme'brannce do make and 
ordeine this my last will and testament in maner & forme fol- 
lowinge ffirst I will and bequith my soull to the hand» of Al- 
mightye god my creator and redemer and my bodye to be buried 
w^in the p'ish churche earth wheras itt shall please god to call 
me my executors vsinge my funerall accordinge to the godlye 
lawes of this realme It'm I giue to the poore mans boxe of 
great Stainton xiij*. iiii** It'm 1 giue to my father in law Ro- 
bert anderson xliij". liij**. It'm to ipy mother a silv* spone 
he' to my sister Agnes a carved Cupbord. Itm' to niy brother 
Will'm my pt'e of an yron bonne wayue The residue of all 
my goods and cattell I giue vnto my brother Will'm my bro- 
ther Cuthbert my brother Anthony e and my sister Agnes whom 
I make my executors of this my last will and testament as I 
faaue deuised Witnesses Robert Anderson & John Jackson.* 


April vij^ 1566 — [Disposal of estates] — Furthermore 

I giv to Isabel my doghter xx nobles in mony, & if it chanc 
that Jhone Jeifrason doy mary hir I giv vnto hir moreover a 
yoke of stotts or els a cople of whies att the discretion of mine 
executors frends towards nir marriadge upon condicion y^ she 
the said Jhone mak hir estate before the day of his mariadge, 
y* if he dy before hir she and hir children if god send hir any 
shall enjoy the commodits of his leace & if so be y^ he re- 
fuse to marri hir I will y' after that his yeres be expired neather 
he nor any of his shall afterwards occupy or injoyany co'mo- 

dite or profett w'** in the same lease [&cl The p'misses 

abov written war pronounced plainly and distinckly by Uie sayd 
Robert Conyers w^ a lively voyce & p'fect remembrance, and 
thes things hearafter fouloing was propounded to him, when he 
had layd spectch & he as yet semed w^ good rememberanc to 
all y' stood by gav his consent to them by sygnes only when he 
cold not spek throghthe grevousness of sicknes I giv & be- 
quith vnto my mother iiij markes yerly during the terme of 
hir life, (&c) * 


Inventory 1566. Inter aUa^ In gold xix pounds. 3 rioUs 

I In the parish. of Longnewton. 


bestowed an y* funerall & 2 ri(»lk bent owed on r* diarKr* off' 
will, & xvj pouixb pretcntr. Ths NAPrtRTi t* » to •■ 
KEPID TO Y* WBMCHC In pcimb it ptrre of tilke tlrrcft, one 
fttomnchrr, tbre prces of rend tilkct one white honettt onr 
bincke bonett, one ftilke hntte, one thromed hntte, one pave of 
black beidi with ij ringn, vj nilver nude*, one whi«^« one 
belli* with otw pendowtMi and one buckell of ftilrer. one f^rdlr, 
oiM* bc*lte« two |uure ofiiher rrowkc*t gilte, two tilk pur*r««one 
hu|ie, V rini^es one gymer, iii oiiche*, two wlver tarlirt, iwie sil- 
ver rrotfe, vj pillibem, om* kirchife, ij niJe«, one liandkirrhifr 
iij unokeft^one linen »lieat one towell. Tlit RAMtMTt t* m 
to be kept to )** children. One man** p>wrn, ont* dublH of 
flatten barked with fii«tion« one girkingc gatrdt*d w^ veluett. 
one womansi g^y^nt^ om* read pt^tticote, iiii jeanh and cjne haMr 
veard of linv*v wonteVy xj vearck of harden, x \-eanlii of linen 
Sic. • 


In IVi nomine Amen. The xxv dajr of Set»tc*mlier the eirfil 
yerc of tin* reyiig of ou' Miverin^; I^i tllizaneth (&e) and in 
the vere of on'' Lonl God aft' the eomputaticvn of the Oiurrhe 
of fngeland 1566 1 Kdward Stran^nrisihe of the p*iRlie of 
Avkley in tin* countve of Dnritme being »ieke of bod? and Tit 
thankes be (tod of ^wA k p'fett m<*inonre eauling to trmem^ 
brance the mortalitie of thin world and y* it atip*tenitlie the 
cfewtye of every ehriatian man before lie diep*t thn traniitorj lif 
aa nighe as (locl will giT him grace to nett in dew order the 
worldly thingn co'mittctl to hi* rliarrhe to the honor and glory 
of (rod, t)H* incn^ase and advaneemf^t of charitye do u whne 
eoiwtittite and nudte thin mv |)n*»elit te«tam(nit and laat will, 
eoiK*liicUng in iIk* naime tW de|wMition and order of all My 
good«*« an<l ratteU in mam & forme following. Fif%t I eo*nHpnd 
mv »otile Ui the handed of al mvchtv (tod whonie I raofeainnd 

favthfullv lM*U*ve to be mv f>n€*1i(* creatfv redemer and carior 

• • • 

titorouglie and by thi* dethe and |iaji!^ion of hi* onHy brgocipo 
»one Je%iM C*hnf»t, bv whoik* |»ViiMi» hl<MMl I am fnlly aitnrrd lo 
have n*nii!kMon and lorgivenets of all my Mnnr« committed br 
mi* a MnntT, miMt intierly bt^fieching him Ui a^i^t me w^ hn 
grar«> m iIm* cWlamti^m cif tim my iiri*M*iit la»t tiill and te»t*- 
m«*ni, ilutt fin* tanM* may be ti> th«* lionour and gUiry c/ CmhI 

I CM the fAiiuIr </ iltrBnfwar«, ttf Hm^vhI. in No 
radcu of the Kicat bottM of Rtiaqfvavi^ ti Ckrt U muL 

1NV£NT0KI£8. 263 

and die heltli and welthe of mv spule, and my body to be 
buried w^in the p'ishe churche of Acclee w^ honest and conve- 
nient funeralk by the discretion of Agnes my wif whome I or- 

dene (&c) my lawful & full executrix to my doughter 

Cicile Strangweshe ten pounds in full recompence (&,c.) of hei; 

childs portion to my sone Willm* Strangweshe sil my 

right (&c.) in my farmokl my said sone WiU'm shall 

p'mit & and suffer Agnes my sayd wif to have and occupye dur- 
ing hir wedoheide ail my farmold of accle she executrix 

Jhone Strangewais gent and Willm' my sone sup^isors 

Inventory 23 Oct. 1566. Late of the New House w^^'in 
the p'ishe of Aykle. AH the stuff in the ball, the chambers & 
kitching xx*. vj silver spoones xx'. His rayment iij'. vj*. vii|**. 
S ni tot' iiij"xij^ xvj^ 


In the name of god amen Tlie xviij*** of Novembr in 
y' yeare of o' lord god a thousand fyve hundreth threscore & 
sex I John Hylton of y^ p'shing of monkwanno^ husbandma' 
of y* towne of hylton holl of mynd & p'feytt of memorye & 
nothing craysed n* seke & of y* aige of fovre score yeares & 
more co'syderring wt my selfe y* deathe to eu*y ma' is moost 
sure & certayne & y* houre therof most vnce'tayn ordayne & 
make this my last will & testament in maq' Sa forme folowinge 
fi}T8t I g^ve my soull to almyghtyp gpd trusting to be savide'by 
y' meritis of Chri^tes passyon & my bodye to be burited ij^ip 
y* church w'** my mortuarye dew and accustomed by the lawe 
Also I gyve & bequith to Thomas hilto' my eldest sopne one 
oxe called foster. I gyue to w*" my spnne fyye yeards of re^ 
russatt or ells in money ten shillins I gyve & bequieth to Ro- 
bert hilton my youngest sonne a rede cowe I gyve & bequieth 
to elizabeth hilton my dought'r a browne qwhye I gyue & 
bequiethe to my doughter dorothe my yonner doughter a reide 
qwhie I gyve to young Will'm hilton Thomas sone a brotme 
whioke & I gyve to thomas & Robert ray spnns all my Waypes 
& wayneger all my plewes & plewgeire to be dewyded equalle 
betwyxt them & I gyve to tboip^ hylfon my sonne one iroue 
chymnay a masken tube & a trew stone out of p^ Tlie resy- 
dew of my gods moveable and vn^noyable my debts paid 3^ 

1 Apparently of the fiunily of Hilton, of Hilton Castle, and living as a hus- 
bandman upon the estate. See Surtsss I. 27& Note t for remarks upon a 
similar case. 

2(>l> WILU AND 

funeral rx|ietiM% deducte I ^vr Hmniim willm' Kob*rt elx%m^ 
beth & dciratlie hiltcHi my cinltlrmiiff whom I make mr tweem* 
ton Jointljtf & to de|)Oir fcv' y* health of my mmiII h 1 will y* 
my brother Cuthbert hilton & tlumuu Chambr be v* Mip*%tM« 
of thvt m? last wyll & te»tanient WittnrMe* firrol Kofter 
maddison tlob'rt Jolie John |r}*bfton & John robinMNi v*^ oUier 
moo rauflfe broughe & lUibert Crawfurth w cHher. * 


June XV. 156(i. Jhone boumaker of MHiilie UM*k-« fiftherman 
to my brother Riclianl bounuiker one tilTer M|n>et gilted 
and aft' the deathe of my nayd brother tlie tayd iignet to p*crad 
and cu'fTrome one boumaker to a n(»tlH*r 

iKvxNToaY 26 June 1566 Jmtur aha, A thip called the 
o«wiR> w** app*tenauncet xl*. ij m^ cobli*» w*^ ther ore* xiij*. 
iiij^ Of talt fislM* vn hundretlie xiiij'. xiij*. iiij^ xii heruif( 
netts iij*. xvj pece of ttoing & riij towet xx*. One •ilwer tail 
a silTer goblett ti a maxer vij*. xiilj silver »poine« xhj*. Tiiy*. 
Sm' cvij* xvj*. • 

ccviii. RArr Boi'MAN* or tiix c ity or dirumi. 

Inventor^' 7 Jul. 1S66 Imier alia^ N the wirb h nrxx 
BILL* A }iogKt**lihed'of claretl wine xl*. half a bo^geaiml 
of n*<le wim* xx*. ij ttancb 8c iiij pi>tu xx^. — — ritj tUme 
of tkin wooll xxxij*. viij mart iharlingm xij^ calf ledder xxvj*. 
Yiij^. vij'* \n\x% of lammef xij*. For aliam letlder xx*. For 
gloves & made ware iij*. Stock at dribor.\c &c.* 


May XX. 1566. I Will'm hindm*t of tlie whin houise of tjhe 

p*ishiiig of gatiMide cnuid in bodi I declare h mak ■»• 

nifrst }** I am not tmiepted my knowledge to any man aad all 
•utch detts as ar owin^ me I remitt & ftirgive theme. I will yt 
agm*« my wif in conAideratitMi that ^he wants the deaerpcmi 
wlierby Aw \% not able nether to gui<l hir self nor hir poftimi erf* 
thrids ftluill have hir finding in nifte drink & a|ip ell conuesiem 
:k att hir o»en taken att thi» my hcHi«e during her lif naturmll 
ami all my children to Ik* delege't and obbedient to hig m 


becuni'ilhe them and also I gtv vnto my sayd wif a whi & it 

vf^ encrease therof to be found on this my farmold 

All his goodes xxxiiij*. xij*. viij**. * 


In the name of God Amen. The iiij day of June A®. lyni 
1566 I Margret Hilton of Northe Biddick wedowdo mak this 
my last will & testament in man' & forme following. First I 
bequithe my soule to Almighty God ; my bodi to be buried in 
my p'ishe Churche of Washington alt the discretion of my Ex- 
ecutors. Item I giv & bequithe vnto Elizabethe, Dorite, and 
Helin my thre dowghters to every of them one silver spone to 
be delevered att the discretion of my executors. Item I cive 
vnto Anne Hilton my sone Will'm Hilton wif my best sHver 
spone. Item give to Elizabethe Thirkell & Joyes ThirkeU to 
eather of theme one silver spone. Item I giv to everi one of 
my s'vants as well woma* as men one ew Sl one lambe. Item I 
giv to Thomas Iveson my twinter horse w«*» I bought of one 
Metforthe. Item I giv vnto Jyeles Spence who hathe taken 
mutche paynes w*** me one twinter whye. Also I do ordene & 
mak Rob'rt Hilton, Roger Hilton, Rauf Hilton, Sibbell Helton 
& Margery Hilton my sonnes & doughters my hole & full exe- 
cutors of this my last will and testament. Item I wiU y* my 
sone Marmaduck Thirkell & his wif Elizabethe, my sone MichaJl 
Cunstable & Dorite his wif, shall hav the goverme't of my sayd 
sonnes & daughters w^ ther childs portions and an'uities viz. 
Rob't Hilton, Roger Hilton, Rauf Hilton, Sibbell Hilton and 
Margery Hilton, vnto time thay cu* to laufuU adges, thay putt- 
ing in bond accordingly. It*m I do requier my brother S* 
^*ofer Medcalfe Knight, my sone Will'm Hilton, Mr Robert 
Bowes, M' Thomas Layton, my brother in lawe Oswold Met- 
calf, Michall Counstable & marmaduck Thirkell mv sonnes in 
lawe & my nephey Anthony Thomlinson supVisors of this my 
last will & testament. Item to Alleson Dmlaye one twinter 
whi for hir panes taken w^ me in my sicknes. Segned in the 
p^sens of James Beck clerk (&c.) 

Dbtts whichb I Doo ouB. To my sone Constable in re- 
compence of my doughters Dorats dourey I will forty pounds to 
be payd of my goods w^ all such horses & meares as doythe re- 
mane w^ him att this time, and also twenty pounds w^ he 

I Daughter of Sir Jamct Metcalfe, of Nappa Hall, in Weotlejdale, and widow 
of William Hilton, Esq., whqae Inventory has been noticed above (N«. Chu)^ 
See the fiunilj pedigree, jSu^TSBt, li^ ^ . • 


rveeavcd for viij »toCif^ re^uiriog hin to be cottCenicd fur y^ mr 
abilite is no better at th» time. It'm i ou to IImnmii td\ 
Thomas Wihon xiiij*. iiij*. iiii^. '^'^"^ ^ Thomaa Hlikfiekl of 
Durh*m drmp* X3ixjj*« To wiU*m Walton of I)urh*m drmp' t*. 
xij*. v^ ob. To 'Iliomat iTcnooe xxx\ To Xp*oier Sortb 
m'chant in Diirirm xj*. To tlie xvj husbands of Hilton (or %tj 
bouirt of |ieM*. Invxntor% 10 June H Klixab. Imier oIm 

Twd cuytt» of plate iHie stuff* caiv for warr — one cticksbolt n«-t 
ij*. XXV silver spooes v* Ihie pare of tables & a chessbotd k, 
tlie mt:' \j\ • 


The Inventory of all the gouck and (Tattelles at harperlv both 
moveable and vnaioveable of S' (tcorpre ( onyen kniithl late of 
the same in the county of durh*m tirased by CYistoler Iloddion 
of the maner* Willia* more of birchbome Willia' Clarke of 
Shy)iiey and Tliomas Todd of the vr^t how»e in the said C Viuo> 
ty %*eomen the xxij day of October Anno d'ni 1567. 

(n primis one gold cht*ane in valew xl*. An vainer heliment 
(habihment) in valew iiij*. A vnder beliment iij* An other 
litle beliment xxvi*. vii^^ xv boweles for a belimrat x^\ viij'. 
Om* crust* of gold xiij*. iiij^ One brarelate Iv*. Am oihcr 
bracelate Ixi^*. viij'. A gold ring x*. xxxiiij agglets of gold 
i\|' xxxvij small aglets o( gold xx*. Two brooches xx\ A 
carganat of gold xx*. A bracelat w^ eight angells iiij*. ij cor* 
rell stacks tipt w-^ silver xx^. A ne*t of boules w* the cover 
and half a dosen spones of silver iij* xiij\ iiij'. A doaoa 
of silv xxxvj*. ij salts w«* a cover doble gilt xiij*. iiij^. A 
an ewer of t3rtm xvi'. IkigesheacU viij, a tonning tufah, a torn 
for brt-ail ii great kettelli*s, vij stone ptitts and iiij camiea xiii*. 
iiij'. ij racking crocks ii*. A cawdron iiij pannes vj*. viii'. iiij 
brasse pocts x*. Otm* brasen morti*r and ij ne«tells v^. viii'. 
One broule iron, vij speightA, iiii tiatr of |M»ttclipp and v kitem- 
ing knyves vij*. One chaffing dish, 4Hte pair ol tongs one fring 
pann one poer one fienhoole of Iron ij*. ij cresaetts, amt ||f»> 
ter and a flesht* cnickr iii*. iiij dossen and v |iuder pkteta wj^, 
iij dosen and iiij puder (h%hes xxviij*. viij^. xxij podcr s«Mm v 

I Only mmvf Sk ThoMu Cosvcrs. oT larktuinw, lUu bjr 

of »tf >:«l vaH H«4cUfltf. of DiitUM—liuni st MAHceArU, smI im, 

_«vnrr of Hackbume, and the ImsJ of the CuntU of C«BT«n aft Mi . 
iDAmril Anor, tUufphtrr of Sir Jolm ilnviirr, of !Wmbv, K*C. bv «l 
Mt • mMmrtmm 9mmdr^.4mi IHh OtU sii^ bur. st WHUm^Wmi. lilbtjM^ 
IMT. V. HvBTKm»'llLt4a. Hk vUl coaUHM M atltot if 

« Tlic Msaor Umm, ia iW |«fMi sT 


potingers one chatger and iij pater plates x*. iiij*^. A lead, a 
maskiatt and a swett wort fatt, a coler and a ffile fatt liij*. iiij''. 
ij bogheads, a pype ii seas a tubb a kettell xitij sacks a bulliag 
tonne vj". viij'. v pippes, v\ bogesheads^ vj farkennes ij kytts 
Tj*. viij^ One racking crock, a paier of tonsiges one eauderon 
a pann vj' viij^. xitix milk boweils v ^eles, otfie stand, one se, 
ij kjTlies X chesfatts, x sinkers, iij chesebords, ij ches presses^ ij 
miik siles and one s^all v*. Ix cneses xx*. In butter xvj*. A 
veluatt gowen xl*. A velvet gowen and a gowen of Satton and 
a go^en of stuf taflfate, a velvet forforskirt v kirtells of orang 
damask and a petticote of scarlett vj^ xiij'. liij*^. A velvet dob- 
lett and a sathan doblett x'. iij vpper stocks of bowse (hose^ of 
veluett v", iij clocks xiij*. iiij**. All other apperell xiij*. hn**. 
One mattre^ xij*^. ij pillowes and iij happings and coverletts ij'. 
xxj blanketts xxvj*. viij*^. iij dagges and xiij hargabusshes xx*. 
One cfose bbwe ij racks viij arrowes xj boltes viij*. v long 
bowes vij shaflPe of arrowes x*. iij speares and ther picks v)'. 
ik cotts 6f plkt^ xlv'. vlj Javelin staves ij*. iiij*^. ij ctipbords 
iij close stoles and iiij paynes in them xV A stillytery and a 
limbeck and a bit for it and ij casteUs xx*. A perfome payne 
and a chafing di^he xij^. Viij carpett quissons iii)'. ij wroght 
<piis9ons of ch^ile xij'. ij wrOght long quissons of SDlke vj*. 
viij**. On^ dining table w^ a grene covering x*. One great 
chist ij lesise dhists a close chair vj*. viij*^. One trounk iij chists 
V*. A peer, a fier pann and a pair of tonngs xx^. A bedd w^ 
teaster atid courtings of say. One father bedd ij pair of Uanketts 
otte cov'lett and a covering xx*. On the lowe bedd one mat- 
tresse one feither bedd, one bolster, ij blancketts and y cover- 
letts x'. Oh th^ high bedd a mattres, a faither bedd a bolster 
ij pillotr^s dnb pdir of fuscion blanketts one cov'lett and a cover- 
ihg xx*. Oh the low bedd one feither bedd a bobter and m pil- 
lowe ij blanketts ohe happing a cov^lett x*. One bedd w^ a 
fetherbedd, a bolster, one pillow, ij blanketts, one happing, a 
teaster xx'. One paUet w^ a mattres a fetheri)edd a b<Mster & 
ij blanketts ij covei^ings xiij*. iiij**. The hangines xxvj". viij*. A 
bedd w^ a mattres a tether bedd a bolster a pdiow ij blanketts 
a coverlett a coveringe XX*. One bedd wt a tetherbedd a mat- 
tt-es a bolster a pair of bktnoketts viij*. One bedd w* a mattres 
ij pillowes a pair of blanketts and y faappings iii*. One bedd 
w*** a mattres a bolster ij blanketts ij coverletts uj*. One bed- 
stock w^ poUes ij*. In the chappell chamber one bedd w*** a 
mattres a fether bedd a bolster ij blanketts & ij coverletts xiij*. 
iiij**. One bedd w^ a fether bedd bolster ij blanketts a happing 
& a coverlett x*. A nother bedd w^ a boster a fetherbedd an 
happing and a coverlett x*. viij bedd poweles xvj*. One bedd 


w*^ a mattres a bcibter ij blaiikeiu a hap|Niif a covcrlett iij*. Our 
bedd w** a mattm a bolster ij happin|ri iij bUnkeiu ij*. Our 
myles U bed maltrrt a btililer ij bianketu ij ha|>piiigt cNie cuv rr 
left ij*. vj^. One hnrdt bedd a mattre* ij cod<U cNie bUnkett a 
happinf^ a covcTlett ij*. viij'. A bed w* a maltre* a bcibcer a pair 
of bianketu ij liappingt ij*. viij^. In the new Mable a bedd w*^ 
tbre blanket* a boUter a happing a eoverlett ij*. %iii*. On 
brtans bedd a inattret a eoverlett ij bianketu h ij happingt ij*. 
▼iij^. One bedd w* a mattres a bobter ij blankettt ij happingm 
iii*. One bedd w** a mattres a boUter ij blanketts & ij bap 
pings iij*. One bed w*^ a mattres a boUter a happing & a 
eoverlett iij*. One be<id a boUtc*r & a mattres a hafifNng ij 
eoverlett* iij*. A imir of bellocM ij hanrer^ ij |>air of toiigr» a 
pair of pinees ij eotting irons and ij pounc«*s vj*. %iij^. A «hip(K 
tawe ij hand tavet a twart Miwe v*. vj ehisnelk an Iron wegg 
ij*. X vombles iiij percers bittes and a brace xx^. Axes and 
an hamer ij*. iij files for a sawe a latt axe liead a sett far a 
•awe iiij plane Irons a pounce ij holdf rs and iii Iron wedges ii*. 
Two gavelocks v*. x litle «tone weflges and ij truwrllrs xi/*. 
xxxvij spades & tihok^s and a turf s|iaile ij*. %j hamVrs and 
six haks viij*. iiij sithe six sickells v*. xviij milk bowells ix 
ptatten xj wood dishes iij*. iiij^ iij |Mur of waj-ne blades h 
Dords w** snarded tres sawen timtMT and otiicr wood things 
XX*. xij busslielU of Rv xx*. ix busshells of wheat xtj*. 
Come in Ilarp'lv bame xiij*. iiij^. Hlieat and Ry iiij'. Bigg, 
pees and otU iig*. iiij'. Hay at haq/ley v' vj*. viij^ Lioie 
xiij*. iiij*. Bricke xiij*. iiij*. Wolle rj*. xiij*. iiij*. ij long 
Waynes and ij coup wayn bcxlies, iii pair of assell nalea, ii pair 
of lyn pinnes viij frames, iij schakelk, ij lowse crocks iij plei^gks 
cme i^aire of plew Iron teathe & one horse harro of wcmmI w* 
all things belonging husbandrye xl*. vj lin*ing table clothes x*. 
viij*. vij harden table clotlies iiij*. ij da*en tin iMpkins iij*. 
iiij*. iiij lin towells v*. iiij cu|>bonl clothes iij*. v pillow hem 
V*. X pair of lin %lieats xl*. xv pair of hiirdt*n sheaU xx*. 
ij colts of iij v<*r old \1*. vj nagg^^ ^'* xix oxen xxvij* x*. 
xxviij ky & tfier calves xxxij'. (Hm* bull xiij*. iiij*. xix twin 
ters vii'. xij*. vj ttip|>es xx*. ix scon- ainl on f? ewea] xxx* 
iii*. iij*. Wetben v scor & x xvj*. x*. v schore xvj hogga ix* 
x^'. X swyne xxvj*. viij*. Sum'a totalis [left Uank] * 



In the name of god Amen the vj day of Jannarij 1567 I 
WilPm tod, clerk, doctor of divinitye being seek in my bodie 
yett hole of mynd & of p'fit remebranc thanks be to god ther- 
for do mak this my last will & testament in man' & furme folow- 
ing first I do co'mit & ^relv geve my soull to ahnightie god my 
maker & redem' & my bodie to be buried w^'^in y* quere of the 
cathedrall church of duresme nere to y* plac wher docter 
hyndn'es clerk deceased was buried yfF it shall plese y* right 
worshipfull M' deane & y* chapiter of y* same cathedrall 
church so to p'mit & yf not then to be buried ells wher y* chris- 
taine mans buriall Also I geve all my good to w"* tod scoler 
at cambrig, & to my nece Anne sped whome I mak my execu • 
tors of this my last will & testamet Witnesss of this will ny- 
colas burnope francis Walker & many others & Anthony gel- 


In nomine dei Amen the flyrst daye of ffebruarye Anno dn'i 
1567 in the tenthe yeare of quene Elesabethe I will*m Ander* 
sonne of the towne of newcastell vpon tyne merchante seke in 
bodye howbeit of good and p'fitte memorye & Remembnuinee 
make this my last will & testament in maner & forme ifolowinge 
fiyrst I comytt my sowU to allmyghtye god, &c. It'm I gyve 
and bequythe to John hone my wyffes eldest^sone three pounds 
It' I gyve to my brother georg ande'son my new gold ringe 
It'm I gyve to the said John hone a gold ring w^ was hys 
fathers It'm I gyve to my mother in la we margerett blountmy 
blaick gowne lynnyde w''* blake connye It'm I gyve to barbarye 
blount my wyife sister a pec of blalce clothe w^ lieth in the 
loft to mayk hir a gown of It'm I wyll that my wyfT shall fiynde 
my brother Robart Andersonne meatt drynke & clothe so long 
as he will abide w^ hir & be rewled by hir The residewe of all 
my goodes moveable & vnmoveable my debts legacyes & fune- 
rall expencs payd I gyve & bequythe to my wyfie eliynor Ander- 

1 The first Prebendary of the fifth staU in Durham Cathedral— admitted 
D. D. of Oxford Ap. 13, 1537, as a Monk of Durham— Vicar of Northallerton 
1553 — Archdeacon ot Bedford 1563 — and a man whose name occurs more than 
once in the cop/ of the Manuscript of RseiirALD DuvKLMZiisiSy IH^mglng to 
the Briti^ Mu8eum,of which an account is given in the publication of Biauiald. 
hy the Surtbks Socistt, which aocompa&et this Tohima. 

870 WliXS AMD 

•one & my three chiklrrn vix. tiMmubi f^^H & ^m*^ mn&HM^ 
wbome I OMqrke executcHim of ikyn my Im4 will tL lr»taairfil 
It*m I do myyke my gocKl m* tti' 'liMHiiaii lydclrlP and niv ukjd 
broche' george andencNie tupVitourt of ihyi mjr b»t »ill Rr* 
qutnmg tbem m my ftpccudi trmt b in t^Mfym to ^e the tmmm 
exceutcd accordingfvi* to truUie & (cir the t»e & cumudytie of 
mj Mvd wyile h cnildrtnge I gyve to finannce* liddrU my Kay- 
per 1 gyre to tbooias liddeU lii« bitilher my dagg' I gyve to 
my t'vannt Rychard Westwuud when he hayilii* mavd km 
Reknynge xl*. Wetn«^M*« mayHrr ihtHiuu lyddell— lUfle cragm 
— Andn*we Wtttwood niurcliaiuiU, uuifraye tayki* He gcorg An- 
denMmne targant.* 

ccxiv. caifiToron todd. 

In the name of Ctod Amen, llie xiij*^ day of Octubrr aad 
m the year of our lord god 1567 1 xp'c»fc»r todd »ekr in bodyr 
and lM>ie of minde aiul in ti'fitt* menH>ryr nuiketh my la»t «UI 
and testament in fomu* follow inge fTvnt I give and bi*«|iuth 
my soull vnto the holye and bli*ft»e<i tnnite thre p'ton* and one 
go<i and vnto the holye blcMed virgine mar}'e our ladyc «aiiiCe 
maryc and to all the bk*Med company of heaven And my bcv 
dye to be buried w«^in the rburclie of Si. GnKurve alt iW 
trynile alter of the »ayd eburcbe in ttayndropp. It'm I giue 
ami beoiaith vnto my mother ij kyen It'm I giue to eythrr of 
my brethren John todd and thomas todd one whye I giue toeu*jv 
one of my •ervant* one awe ahepe. It*m I giue to mv loaoe 
henry todd one oM ryall« one cro»«e gilte« my bea gold riagv 
and my be»t tilu' ftouDe havinge the image of our ladye on the 
aayd tpone It'm I |(iue vnto my doughter Anne todd my beM 
hnw fMitt It'm I giue to my brother Jolm lodd thre cbUdrai 
«u'ye ont* of them one ftliepe and the re»l of all my gQod» move- 
able and uomovable my debt« trewlye payd and my funrrmil c&* 
peoccf deducte I guie to mv wifle Anne tAid and to my childfwn 
nenry tod 'llioma* t<Mkl mnH Atuie todd wliom I oMd^e my bote 
executom aiwl tliey to »e mc* hoiM*»tly brought forth a* may 
good to y* hoiKMir of god ainl th'elth of my mwU and toy* 
of my tlegre. It'm I dti nuUie y* MipViMir of thU mv will my 
right tru»tv«* and wellK'loiittI father in I^wr w* apt»lebye and 
bo to M* thi« mv will p'fumied at mv moMe truMe i* in bim Wit. 
ne«Be« liemf s' vmfray nattrem Jame* tenatmd xp'ofiar 
w^cli'fke H*'' oilier mo 

> Tliefiiimiifoflkefcwaj«f riiiiH,oC 


The Invbntoryb of all the goods and cattels noreable 
& unmoveable of xp'ofor tod praysed by these vj me* hennre 
hedlie Ric' lambert Raphe person George nichokon John 
Jakson and w* newbye the xx^ of December. 

Imprimis ix oxe p'ce xij* — ix kye & ij calves p'ce x*— v stotts 
iij year old p'ce v*— ij whyes pc'e xx' — ij stirkes xiij' iiij*— 
xxxvij ewes, xxx lambs, ij wedders, iij toppes viij* vj' viij* — 
ail houshold stuife & ap'pall iij^-— all corne &liaye w^in ye bame 
& upon y' earth w^ pleugh waine w^ all other things to them 
belonginge p'ced to xxv^ S'm Ixvij* xiij". iiij**. * 


An Inventory of all the goods and cattels playt and Juels of 
Edwarde Pkinson layt of Beamont hill deceased prased the xij 
Julij 9. Elizab. Beamont hill, xxoxenlviij^ xxvij kye 
& one bull & xxij calves xlvj^ iij* iiij**. x** & iiij yowes & geld 
shepe xxxvij^ viijV iij" and xvj lambes vij* xij*. viij horses 
xj'* vj*. viij**. iij pare of yron bun wheles iiij pare of woud 
wheles, iiij coupes, thre long wanes w^ all the other pleugs & 
pleughe gere, wane & wane gere about the house xiij*. iiij'. iiij*. 
The Hall One counter one brode table & a side table iiijo^ 
formes vj buifett stoles a coupbord ij chaires ij counter clothes & 
the hangings xlvj'. viij^. iiij basings and an ewer w^ candel- 
stekes xx*. Sum'a iij'. vj*. viij*. The Buttrb viij puther 
potts x*. One bassin an ewer a charger, ij puther dishes w^ a 
brasin morter x'. iij ambres w*** a buttery table xv'. iiij old 
barrels & ij hoggsheds yj'. viij*. Groses & glasses ij*. x*. Turn 
LOW BUTTEREY. iij giliug fatts & two other tuU^es xiij*. iiij*. 
The Pler. One trundle bed w*** a fether bed, ij coV'Ietts a 
bolst' ij blanketts xx*. ij carpett table clothes xx*. v codda 
V*. ij cov'letts v*. One prisser vj*. viij*. A litle table, one 
chist, iij chayres and iij formes x*. Tbe nurserb One 
trussing bedd, one trundle bedd w^ a fetherbedd, a mattres, ij 
blanketts, ij shetts, ij cov'letts w^ a cov'ing and a bolster xl'. 
One chist, one yron chimney, a litle presser w^ a chare x'« q 
bedstokes, iiij happings, ij blanketts, iiij shets & ij codds x'. 
The chamber over the Hall One pare of stand bedstokes 
& a trundell bedd, one fether bed, a mattress, ij blanketts ij shets, 
ij cov'letts, ij cov'ings, ij codds, & a bolster iij^ ij flanders cfaists 

1 Married first Anne, daughter of Ralph Hedworthe, of HarrertoDi and ae* 
condl/ a daughter of Crathome, of Cratnome» in Cleveland. The aunmme^ 
the deceased was in reaBtj F^thentohhaua^ hut ^one of his anocttoo, tlie §m 
of Perkin Featherstonha^^ had adopted the patronjinlc Pttkinaon. 

^^ W1LU AMD 

mn yron chvmney, o cluirr & o title bcionl x«*. xx psrr of ftlipt% 
s\K xiij*« iiil^. xm pan* of pilkiwbrrb xxiij*. iiij^. iiij iinrti buufti 
cloche* & liij hanieii xx*. vii^ lining UmeU xiij*. iiij^. l)nr d»- 
ap* table clothe & a doften diap* napkin* xxvj*. viij'. ij dtneii 
table ttapkinn xij*. The cHAMHra ovEa the kit< hixo. One 
|)are of turned be(bt4>ket (with bedding jk luuiititig* > ^j*. xnj*. 
iiij^. One |>are oi* cental lN-d»t(»kc-« (with betiding & hanging*) 
iij'. vj*. riij^. Two dc»en quiMliinge* 5c a half xl*. lining ckulie 
jk hartlen ix*. One flanders clii»t one litle ctip%toK\ one rhare« 
one yron rliininey & a ftmne w^ the lianging* on tlie chamber 
xxvj*. viij*. In playt xxvj*. xiij'. iiij^. Ilm ai»pVII xl'. The 

chembek ovee thi: nkw t hamhee. Two {tare of be<Ulokcs 
(with bedding) xxvj*. viijj\ One litle ynni chimiieT« i) 
cliartHi and oir* client xj*. viij^. The LAaiica H4it %r One 
great tnniglMs iij tuhbe* ;!ic a ninlrtt x*. The (H^rrELE 
(IIAMHER One trilling l>e<l one fetln-r bed (with bttlditig) 
xwj*. viij^ The ch^iteu. loft Two be<Utoke%« i| nai- 
trettsen fit xvi*. The rrAMLE uirr Jc rn^MEEa 11inr« 
tiair of bc*<Utoke* (IhhU & bedding) xx*. The mile Hoi%E 
Ilie wood \v%u*\ Ixxvj*. viij^. ij gami»h of |Hither T( 

II iij*. 
vi*. viij*. The ni:w gaenee. One qtiarter €»f malte xnj*. 
iiij*. iij** clie«eii & xiiij *tone of butter iij'. The old g%b- 
NEE. One ark ami ij tonie* vj*. viij'. vj biiAlM*U of rie x%j\ 
vj bu»lM*U of grot* vj*. iriiij^ Om* tpinninge wliele« itj pare of 
canltt« iij fiore of *here«, one fieke Ik ij ba»ketu TJ*. \\\^. Weill 
xviiji. VJ*. viij^. The hace h«ii'*e & beew hoi %%. viij ivekca 
He ij w indow dochi** xvj*. iij InHiting tubbe* one hmg table 
with otli«T ^tiifTxx*. ij grete tubbet v mM-*, ij nuukfatt* h i) 
litlr tiibl>i% xxvj*. viij^. The oxe Hot ae 'Ilire part d[ 

be<lMok« <with l»e<lding) xvjV vil|^ The et baene In rre 
not burietl \x thravet liij'. iiij*. The whets baeke (itc.) 
WHrHM>r. ( uttle, furniture, ^c. Cieaiiitone% the 
Servant* wage* jtxj'. x'. viy*. Funeral expense* xxx'. * 


In the name t>f giMl anien The xx* of maij in tlie yeart af 
o' lonl god ir>ii7 I will'm broune of gatithed in the ctNUitjv 
of dureikiiM* yeuiiian callinge to renienibraiiiic the xnmmmm 
*tat of nian to gither with die p'twaftioiu of —^— ' 


to tlie saluac*on of man do not only declare this my last wyll 
and testament in man' as a stay to my consienc my wyffe & 
chyldrein * but also in few wordes declare y* some of my pro- 
fession as a testimonie of my ifayth and confusione of the 
deuyll fiiyrst I p'fesse and confesse one god in trinitie & that 
ther is no sauio' no mediator nor advocat butt onlye Jesus 
Christ god and man & y' he allon by y* sheddinge of his most 
precius blodd haith pacyfied the wrath of god Justlye concey ved 
against man & that there is no sanctaficac'on no redempc'on no' 
purgac*on of synne but onlye by the merits of the Chrtsts 
deaith & passion & all other superstitions & feyned cattells onlye 
deuised to illud the sj mple and vnlerned as y* vile abuses of y* 
sea of Rome I vtterlye detest & abhore and as tuchinge my last 
will and testament ifyrst I bequeth my soull to almightie godd 
and my bodye to be buryed within my p'ishe churche of gatis- 
hed It'm I gyve to the poore mans box ij". &c.* 


An Invitory of all y* goods & cattells w*= were margaret gas-» 
coignes singlewoman wUn y* bishopbrick of durha* lait deceased 
at y* whyt friers in london p'sed by Thom's lacy gentilmau 
A" Dn'i 1567 y* xxiiij of march. 

First one lease of grang called oxnold feld night dallington 
maid by y® Right honorable Henry lait Erie of Westmerland 
to hir in recompenc of hir childs porc'on wich he had remaining 
in his hands of y* yerely value of Ix* y* rents paid & all other 
paments discharged. Item y* said erle did by his last will & 
testament geve & bequith vnto hir all y' his interest & lease for 
terme of yeres w^ he had in y* deanrye of darlington of y* 
yerly value y* rents paid &c. of xl'. She nether aught any 

debts nor yet gave any legaces. First a goune of chaunga- 

ble taffatie laid one w' gold laic Ixvj'. viij**. A goune of silk 
grogram laid one wt si Ike laic xlyj*. viij*^. One old goune of 
moccado xxvj*. viij"*. Two kirtells wherof one of changable taf- 
atie tho'ther of grogram xxx*. Two peticotts thone of skerlet 
th'other of stamell xxxv'. Two frenche hodes w' Ijrtle billi- 
ment of gold Ixvj*. viij**. Other necessary app'ell xxvj". viij**. 
S'ma of y* app'ell xiiij'. xviij". iiij*. * 

' Daughter, apparently, of Sir Henry Gtscoigne, of Sedbury, in Richmond • 
shire, by Margaret, daughter of Sir R. Cholmley, which Mirgaret after the death 
of her first husband, b^me the second wife of Henry, Earl of WestmorUnd, 
who seems to have got into his hands the fortune of the deceased, and to have 
granted her a lease near Darlington in its stead. 




crxviii. wii.i.i\M i:i.i.i>ToN-, o»- iiA^wrii. i.ii\isrir, 

IiiviMitory 3 Ap. l.Vi7 hirr aita. 'Ilin* ^|h)iii-% m* kn<»|i|ir« 
of utir Ijiclio & V w* l\«iii«» pVi'll gilt xx\*, A Ullt* \h'ac of sti- 
ver |i'crl I ^ ill k\*. A Kill* Milt (lt>hU- gill \*. Klf-!k|H* III %* 

backt** xl'. (irt'M* Ik |>iillt-ii vj'. \ii|^ 

i(\i\. JOHN »i:l.i.l>, n(l>T. 

An trew Iiiv(*iitc>rvi* of all .iurln- piMi<U ib» Sir John Wrilet 
prtmt IumI in Uis riuinilM'r hi iKirliaiii at tlit* liour«* of lii« lirathr 
tlu* xx\ij of Aprill I.Vi? Oih* Iron c-liimiM*v w**^ lon|;i*« «ih| 

utIiiT tilings tlifrto iH'longiiig v*. < hir liappiiig two hUnki-ltt 
& two chnIcU ij*. Tw(» prfMKirn om* lill«* alnirrvi* t»(» litU* tjihlr% 
two rimrnt iiij c)ui»li4>ii<i x*. Two gowrii«, ij rltN'k«, out* t*t»iit* 
and two |iair of Iium? xx*. IIi^ iMNik^ xiij*. iiij'. ||i% rolU-% 
and lii«» iacmnIc iij*. iiij^. Hif^ Mingr book^ ij*. >j'. Moii\ in liu 
pur*f xiij'. viij*. S'ni Ivj'. ij*. • 


An Iiive'iory of all the giNNK app't« niiig John ffilH-ntonr of 
liartil|Milc* iIk* \j day 4»f niun*ht* (IMi7) dc-tvaMtl. 

Inp'tni^ hiwrriu* iMitMin owing «iilt» \* naid John fHlicTttoa 
vj fiMh-r 4>f li*atl xiij'. Koh't culhhurt j ftMi' of h-ad %ij'- -rutk- 
luiri iiatr«*% halH' j fiMh-r of li*ad tlu* prir iij* x' -Kaplir ImiwhI 
j f«Mi«*r \ ii liiilf of lead tlu* prir x^ gy«- tVthfr^l«»n ij UmI» of Irad 
xiti' vj* \iij- — iii\lit»ll I'rtlu nitoiu- j t«M|' «»f had *j xiijV iiij* — 
wiiriii lawi- iiuiiil; to \' *aul John ij hvcl^ of !• .ui \ri' pru* xxtnj* 
.-w*" dohlun^Mii half j Uwh' nt %ri' ]•<• \ij' Ha) hi- ntliT j Uitit 
ii iij ImrM- IimIi* ot \t*- wiiij* \j' Jflni wrigh: \ h«'iir\ niuthv* 
Mill lialtf I ItMh* of \ii- prir \i|* till- Mtirkiiu-' of \* grrngrr%r« 

iij hoFM* IimI \t%' prir \* \)'' Jnhll W.iImiii \ Hoh't hi* kOOlie 

half j IimIi' lit \rv prir %ij* ^i-org pt irt iij hopM* l<Hh> of ^rr %* 
vj*. w" riiti r half j hMJt* of \tv «ij* K«»1aii(| gil>«oii j lodr of 
vrr xiiij* Ki«* lu*r\M>ii half j IimIi* «>f \rf- \ij* xp'ol'or haynling 

I f >t' iht' fAiii.W '«f Kra!h«*r«li*n *tt Krathrrvftintiaiij^ff. €i{ Manh !«*, umA rta> 
tl n«^l Apjari'T^tU at llarili j<<miI, ilirr. iifirtifthi' |iri:wi(«! •r«-|B<rt* of tWnmvlf « 
«i a arllir ul itu- li*«.1 «h:. h 04iatltutrtl tbr ihitf arAllh of |iH fbaulv. lW 
pnt'r iif Irai! at thf (irriiKl. aikI nf Ihr rav %itr, lii wbkh tbc 
uitrfnl, wilt Dili CmI tu aUract •limtkin. 


mathew bay'brig & xp'ofor short iiij lode of vre & iij horse lode 
pric iij* — Tiie workmen of allersyk j lode of vre xviij*— John 
gibson ij lode of vre xxviij* — gvy fetherston iij lode of vre xlij* 
— Ric cuthbart j lode & a half vre xxj* — Ravfe fetherston iij 
lode of vre xlij' — myhell fetherston iij lode of vre xlij* — thorn's 

shell ij lode of vre xxviij* — Ric* watson i lode of vre xiiij* 

wedowe Richardson half j lode of vre vij* — thorn's blacket in 
mony xx* — w" Jacson half j lode of vre vij* — Ric' watson in mony 
xl* — Rowland nattres in mony xxj* — georg hurddese in mony 
XX" — thorn's grise in mony ix* — georg Robinson in mony vj" 
viij<*— thorn's raice in monye ij* — thorn's Robinson in mony xlvj* 
viijd—S'ma tota»* cxij» viij*. x**. Prased by thes iiij swome men 
lanclot lanchestr Raphe fetherston John em'son & John gib- 



In the name of god Amen the iiij day of fabruarij y* yere 
of our lord god 1567 I Ravf Claxton of en'thomton [? enner 
throston] of y* p'ich of hart w'*^in ye countie of durhame of 
wholl mynd & good reme'branc thanks be to god maks this my 
testament wherin is conteyned my last will in man' & furme 
folowing ffirst & pryncypally I bequieth my soull to almightie 
god my maker & redem* .& to all y* holye c'pany of heven & 
my bodie to be buried in the church of hartellpolle wt my mor- 
tuarie dew & accostomed by the lawe I geve to y* pore mens 
boxe xij**. I geve to Agnes Claxton my wyf all my household 
gere boith in the hawll house & in the cha'ber. I geve to georg 
claxton my sonne one bay meire I geve to xp'ofor Claxton my 
Sonne one wliyt felly stagg two yeres old. I geve to thorn's 
claxton my sonne a folic of a yere old. I geve to hewelson 
one yewe & a lame & vj* viij** in monye f geve to esabell 
claxton my doughter iiij bz of wheat iiij bz of bigg iiij bz of 
peese & iiij bz of otts when god sends yt of the ground. Also 
I geve to my wyf Agnnes claxton the leas of my fremhold dur- 
ing hir lyf naturall it she mary not but & yf she mary then I 
will that georg claxton my sonne shall have the said lease & 
fermhold during all my yeres to come I give to ye said georg 
my sone the leas of my fermhold aft' my wyfs decese 1 geve 
to bryane Claxton one Jackett I geve to my said wyf Agues 
claxton my steaplead & one gray cunling stagg the residewe of 
my goods not bequieth my ddbts & legacs paid my funerail 
expencs deduct I geve one thyrd of my said goods to « 

claxton mv wyf one other thyrd of my goods to georg ciaxK 


*>7Ci WILLS .\SU 

1(1 tlioiir^ rlaxtoii aii«l lo \|i*«i|'ni « i.i\li»ii iii\ miiiu*^ X oiu- utiM-r 
ih\r(i <»r iii\ u'i*<*'l'* I ;f*'^*' (I*** <*iM' ii*^ll t** iiifii«-<» ( lii\ti>ii iit\ 
%i\t' wlioitii* I iiiak (111* «itit' half f\«'riilri\ «>!' tlii^ iii\ Li*l «ill 
jk Icfitaiiiriit \ till* ollitT iialt «>t* till' ««ii<i tliiril }»• i»l iii\ ^immU 
I ^i*Vi* to ^ror^ iltixttiii tliiMii'^ rliixttiii \ tn xp'olur rla\t«»ii iiiv 
MIII4 uIhuih* I iiiak tin* otiirr halt* rxi'tiilur* nt llii« in% Lul 
Will jlc ri'**laiiif'ii( proMili-t alluay« that \l a^Mii<« rLixtmi iii% 
i»\l \ K*'*"'^ rhixliiii thniii's X xp'ttliir ««»itrH li.i\i- iici trii(>lt- 
vr\ai'*oiii* iii»r Ihi^mii'^ I»\ Kk-* Claxtuii iii\ muh- nor hv h* 
iiiraiifH iit'lluT a^ i till' %aici Ha«l ('l.ix(t»ii ^tamiith InuiikI tti 
ciiii* M " hrroii <»r loiitiiiti III oiir ImikI i»liti;.Mli*rit' ill a I'l'ric-ikt* 
Miiiii* «»r \x' (III* M' «thli)^M('*iin thr «ait| Kir' « lax(t*ti haith m*- 
ri*«M*il to nil* lii^ t'athiT \* \* •^aid oIiIilmc'oii i« diMliarL^t-H all 
ri*<lu' \ \t' It In' mi acTonlitiL' to \' ^iiiiii; <*t ihi* «ai(l Ki«'' 1 Li\- 
ton iiiv MMiiir \ vl hr (jo ai riirijiiii; a« lii-tiin* n lit-ri*Mi| %' thru 
I %kill \i till* «ai<l \Uv' riaxloii ii)\ ^oiiin- ha%i' a« iiiui h X a« Urie 
n \*iirx ol iiiy ^nnU a« aii\ a** iii\ nj Mnnir^ \* i« ii> ««i\ ^9-\*r^ 
thoiu'** and \|i'olor claxtoii iii\ miiiiii-^ othrr wa\r* the «.iiil Uir' 
I'laxtoii liavi* no |H»n''oii nor |»*t of iii\ •^aid ^imhN 'I1i«*« «ii- 
nr^M*^ ot* thi« my l;k»t Cb tf<«iaiiii-'t h ' nii-riiiaii Koli* >%ial«rtl 
w"* hiTt'Min «%"" hi*lt Kit** tiMMl H* olhtT nio\ . * 

ClXXII. J WK II \l I I . n|- 1 III. ^orill II \>t 1 I • It! |1H\«|. 

u ft.iiou y. 

In till* nanii* oI'^inI Anirn ihf xx\*' da\ o| Juiij m iht* m 
ol our hird ^'imI a thoMi*%aiid t\\*- hiiiidri'tii m-xIh* and m*%i*ii I 
J.irii* hauli* ol (lit* ii'i«lii* ol Mithr ha\)i' liif ilit* iitit* ot* diirh'm 
Hi-dtiur hoii* <•!' niwid ami In ^inmI and |M-it't t*i rrnirnihraiice 

Iir.iiMti Ih- •.'•m] «ird.i\iii' and niaiki- iIhh iii\ |i'«tiit ti-^taitu'iit and 
a**l Mill 111 iiiiiiiT atifl toriiir IoIomim}; lir^l I L'fii- ainl Imiuithc 

ni\ «oiih* til .ilrMi;:liiii' L'tiilinx ri flniiiT iiml *a«ior ni\ \hi*\\ tubr 

* • « • 

hiirii-d i:i in\ « iid |>'i-lii' chtiri h w' ni\ n!i»rtiiar\ Arronhnit to 
till* laiidahl'* • u^Toiiif nt the l.iWi-« ol iI.ih n-.tliiii' * (i . It' I ^r>^r 
and lN'i{iiitlii- III iii\ M, \\, uill'iii lit III I I i| ttt thr pvalr«C 
i*a!idl(*^tirk« and a pair i>t liiifii «hiM!« u*' .i |ulit»lN-r \) («iU nap- 
kini:*' a ^'UiT «|Nini' and tin* ruill m*'^ hi^ utt-v ^M' rh* It' I 
p'\i' to rhoina<» S'li.iiiK' ij dohlrpk. i| di«lif<*. It' I ir<'^t* to 
(•hiUopp pf rkniMiii a liiihU-r a di^hi*. a «aii(*i*r. aiMl a |it»lkrr 
iiil:. It* I lN>i|iiithi li* KdM.ird Urid-r ailnhli-r a ili«hr. i 
.1 t .iiifll«-^:i< k. It' I i:i-\i- tt» Ji»hn hi-UIh* j dnhli-r a di%h«- and a 
k antiii «*•< ^1 . It I k'l \«- .liid lN-ifiii:li tn lMrl«»ii-ini « rti»rrncY 

• lU lir»l rrvbrr<iAr» ul Ikr KwUfth SUll 


my brothers sone a fedderbedd ij coverletts ij blankets a bolster 
and a codd. It' I geve and bequith to my sister Margrett my 
best deny, my long belting best crooks my rede mantle and my 
aimer beads It* I bequith to George Smith a silver sponn It* 
I bequith to Sir John pearson a silver sponn It' I geve and be- 
quite to Margrett harwood my sister doughter ij brass potts ij 
panns ij dishes, ij doblers. It' I geve and bequith to Richard 
Wilkeson ij basings, ij lavers, ij candlesticks an almery and a 
counter. It' I geve and bequithe to Jennett paxton one mat- 
tres w^ the hole bedd and the clothes all my worke dave Ra- 
ment, ij kircheves, ij railes, iij yerds of strakin clothe iij yerds 
of harden and ij yerds of lin' clothe. It' I geve and bequith to 
Elizabeth Johnson my god doughter a long towell sewecl in the 
end w'*' black silke. It' I geve to francs fawell a brasse pott 
and a litle pann. It' I geve Jane hucheson a yerd of lining 
clothe It' I geve to Coltman wifFe my hatt and capp a kircheffe 
and a railp that I wear one the workday. It' I geve to Esabell 
yonger a kirchiffe. It' I geve to whithead wifFe a kirchiffe a 
raile and vj** in mony. It* I likwise geve to dame Simpson a 
kircheffe and a raile It* I geve to hir doughter a dobler and a 
dishe It' I geve to Thomas fawell ij* It* I geve and bequith 
to Ricard wilkeson aforesaid a yong kowe and a hen It* I geve 
to bartholemew flourence aforsaid an old cowe It* I geve to 
Eliner wilkinson a yong why vj doblers and vj dishes. It' I 
geve to Jennet paxton th'en w^** the birds and ij caupons. It* I 
geve and bequithe to my curet M' person iij yerds of line clothe 
& a half a kirchiffe a codd w^** a pillober and a line sheate. It' 
I geve and bequithe to John dixon a silver spone. It* I geve to 
Richard Johnson half a crowen in gold. It' I bequithe to bar- 
bery heweson a kirchiffe and a raile. It' I geve to Agnes fawell 
a kirchiffe and a raile of my small line. It* I geve to Thomas 
J Vinson iij yerds of linne clothe a cod ware and a pillober. It* I 
geve to Agnes Wliitfeld a yerd of linn. It' I geve to Agnes 
Watson a yerd of harden. It' I bequith to Agnes Carter a linn 
Apron. It' I geve to Dame pentland my black hatt w<* I did 
were one the workdaye. It' I geve and bequithe to Anthony 
haulles wiffe my best kircheffe and raile and my best velvet 
purse having gold knoppes. It* I geve to John paxton iij yerds 
of straking clothe. It* I geve to Anthony halls doughter a basin 
and a hewer. It* I geve to John Tripp iij yerds of strakins. 
It' I geve to Jennett Massain ij doblers and ij disshes. It* I geve 
and bequith to Elinor Wilkinson aforesaid my seconnd demye 
and my seconnd crucks It' I geve and bequithe to Maid Wil- 
kinson my doughter my cunrell beads. It* I geve and bequithe 
to margrett harwood my seconnd gowen and my best kirtle It* 

s 3 


I f!cvi* to Jane Mar^luill niv Imm %ilk liau. It' I g«*^t* tti lliooia» 
(iilMM>ii a hilt* fTolil ring lor a t(»k«*ii. It' I fsrw t«i 'llmnia* 
SMliam an old Irilior ImkIcI and ii In>U|4t. It' I ^rw Im Ao- 
tlioiiy floiirciirt* niv brotlirr Minn a Iillf* rlii»t ami a hra«» |>oft. 
Il* I p*vc* to Ann HimnMin a Ikuiii^ \ a la\i*r a rainiltMirk aiid 
a wnl of niv •»niali hnnr. It* I iivw to (Lini«* M-li.inifl* a \fl-nl of 
niv Mnall linnt* IT I ^'fvi* to uiiriu 01i\«*r ni\ ^cMUtin a xrrd 
and a luilt'ot' hardm It' I Hill iltr i|.i\ nl' niv buriall tlirr 
In* a IcMld oflHlii-at lKik«'d and ili<»trilMiti*d tt» tlu* iNXin* |i«*«*|ilr. 
'lilt* rrftidt'W ot iill niv ^nnK not alMi^r lu*<|iii'%ti-<i n«>r If-^'aml 
my d<*tt« |taid ami fu in* rail rxpi-iit-i iHTlurnifil I i;i\i* Ivr- 
(iiiithf to my douf;lit«-r Maid Uilkiii*4iii aii<l (o ni*. hrtithcr^Mvnn 
iMrtliolonK*^ flormrr ulumi I iiiak niv luil cxinuior^ ol' tin* m% 
Ii'mmU I«uI Will and Trf^tami'iil di-«irrin;! ni\ i* *|K-f*iaIl and »ifw 
ffulor pKNl trend M' lN*niift as ni\ t'.iiiiit'iill tni«t i% in liinie lo 
Im* »u|M*rviM>uror tilt* Kaid will and m- ii |»'t'«irnu*«! and t'nlf*illr<l tu 
the* trcw nu*aiiiii^ ami rtFrct a% i« alor«-%aid *nM*« «itiM 
iN'in^ |»*9M*nt Kicliani JolniMin — llimna^ (fil>»4in '11 
fa well. 

An I n VI. n to in of all tlu* pmmU nio«i*:ihU- and \iimi»«ral»lr 1/ 
Javiu* hall of tli«* p'i«li«' «d Miiilhi* Im\1«* in tht- ( itt\ i»f iKjrfi'm 
uihIo diTfaMMl appraM'd llir \jtlay dl m |«ti*iiilM-r Ann«>triii I'liii 
hv Ja^lHrrr hopkly 'HionuLs (libMiiin Kuht rd J«tliiiMin •uiti'l'huciiw 

Iv Tilt: ii\l.l. It* in |t*iiii% iij .ilin«'ri-<» wj* \uj' l»o roiiiitrf% 
\iij* — tw(» Iillf lM)nl»i \\' — ijj «-hairi-«. ij turiiu* iij' nj huflrtt 
ht('.li*» xij'* an Iron rhymiiai. «iiii' lr«iii |N>rr. and mit* |iair tit 
toiiii^'k, n ^lalloii* of ln»n w*'' iiij rrok* i\'— -oiu- r;ir|i«-tt »** «i 
Cfiiis»t>n^ iij* iiij* -four old |Mntt d rl«»tli* \ij'- iiij hlU* wood 
HkrHi-lN xij' — \ latrn ha^^^^in^^ ix randlf^tirk« \ij Utrn f*«rr% A 
matrr la\«*r «if l.itfii onr hra«^ nuirti'r i»*^ a |N-%ti II \\«j* %iij'. — 
iij «-hair«« and « iKisin^*, an riAcr, om* (mtllt* |H>tl iiij «|iiiirt |a>Ct», 
iiij |i\iilr iHilti'H, tij L«i|| |Mtit^, iij •'.ilt^. and om* |»t-ai'r uf [imiff 
\%ij* \* \\'" |iiithfri' dohh'r^ ximj''*'' |iiidi-r didw^ \\ tiAUCVfi 
xxwitj' *iij' \\ rriirr-* and »€HmI |il.itt*r« xij' - ••nr liilr raftt-r ifjf 
— IX |k;ini'^ iA ^'la^M- \%indti»i>% x*. Suin'.! \j xix* aimI iiij' Iv 
Till. kri«inN' — iij littlt* oli! alnifrii'^ X «»nr rau\fU ij'.^-ivo 
mr^tkiiif; tiihlH'H, a hakin^; lubh, ij ^kill*, iij milk niraU-«» vj uv 
dohlfpt ij*— ^ij hra^M* |Hittii« ii |H»«iM*tl*, %j luitttT |iaiUM*»» m 
bra>»M* yi*tlinf;, om* liiiltrr ki'ttili, and a bnuM* cliatTrr xvij*^s| 
pulhrr diiblrrn v di«hi*« ij ^nrrrn vj |NUinp*nft a |HMli'r baMQftr 
xijV (Mit' |»air of Iron ILirki-^, a f*r«*att* «|h*Ii*, iitj lr%*cT •prta 
an Iron braiidriih. a dropini; |iann, a trin^ |iaiinr, a ru»liii|[ Ini^ 
a |wur of fribU-^, iij |uiir of iNitt ciip|i%, a ladrlU a tcuoi'cr ctf 
Utc-n viij*.-a »tiHie trowt*, a Ittit* ran, ix irr diMho xy 


iiij<> — a puder peace, ij chopping knyves viij* — ij glass wyndowes 
xij"*. In the milk howse an old almere a chirne w'** a stafie, 
a litle lyne wheale, ij pair of yerne windings w"* stocks, iij old 
strists ij'— one candle caise of brasse vj*. viij**. In the cham- 
ber. A counter, a long chist, iij other chists, v coffers, xij' — ij 
pair of bed stocks, ij hamp's iij heckells, a pair of laten weights 
ij' — a father bedd, a mattres, a pair of blanketts, vj cov'letts, a 
covering, ij mantells, a pair of lin sheats, ij bolsters, iiij codds a 
teaster a fringe, one peace of a father bedd tecke Iiij* iij* — an 
Iron Chymnay, a pair of tongs a prong v* — a gowen, iij pette- 
cotts, ij clothe kirtells, iii cotts, ij black and a russet, ij black 
hatts, one capp xx* — ij silk hatts & ij cappes vj* viij** — one table 
clothe, ij towells, xiiij napkings all of dioper xx* — ^hir nappere 
for hir bodie xl' — one pair of currel and silver bedds, ij velvett 
purses, two girdles w^** two demies, ij pair of silver crokes, one 
pair of knyves, one silk rybon, one perle fillet xl' — ix silver 
spones xx' — iij pair of harden sheats, and an od sheate & a head 
sheate ix pillobers Iiij' iiij* — thre table clothes and ix towells 
xij napkins and ij harden towells xxvj* viij* — a new almery, iij 
wandie flacketts, iij cruses ij*. In the loft above y* p'lor. A 
closse pressour a standing bedd, ij pair of bedstocks, iij chares, 
iiij chists, a litle bord, ij futt formes, iij bedd teasters, a stole of 
ease & hangings xxiij' — ij fether bedds, a mattres, iij bolsters, 
vj fedder codds v blanketts & a coverlett, ij coverings of bedds 
frings, V hangings iiij quishons, an old carpett, iij classe wjni- 
dowes Iiij' iiij* — hir ij best gownes, and hir ij tatches, ij kirtells 
of worsett, a scarlett petticott iij* — vj yerds a q'ter of fin lynne, 
one peace of lyne, one peace of strakens, and a peace of harden 
xxxj' iiij* — ij candlesticks ij'. In the loft above y* kytchen. 
iij pair of bed stocks w^ teasters, one ark an old pressour vj' — 
iij bolsters, a coverlett, ij old blanketts, one happin, ij glasse 
windowes, a chist, a lede mell iij' iiij*. In the loft next the 
gate, vj seeks vj'. In the larder howse sex littell barrells 
one w*** y* verges one tubb, a chist and old chime iij*. iiij*. It' 
IN the oile howse one gile fatt, ij tubbes ij barrells, a leven 
tubb, a meale & ij erthen pott iiij*. It' in the brew howse one 
brewe lead & mask fatt & old tubbes xxvj*. viij* It' in the loft 
above one futher of haye x' — one stepe lead, an Iron chymnay 
in the kilne iiij* — two kyne xxxiij* iiij*.— one cowe v*— wodd 
and cole v' — xxj** thraves of wheate at maynforthe xl*. As 
muche Rye xxxiij' iiij*. Sum'a totalis xlvij* vij' viij*. Dbtts 
w^" SHE owithe. Inp'mis to Sir John Person xx* — to George 
Smithe xx' — to Edward hall wiflfe xx* — to wedow nycholson x* 
— to Sir John browen vj* — the funeral! charge xxx*. Sum'a v' 

vj'. • 


rt'wiii. jARH%n ikNwiiki. 

Ill till* namr of pin\ nnii'ii tin* xj"* <it' «H't4il»«T In (Im* yvmr^ i4' 
uur lord ^mI (IMiM) | Jarnilt fh-iimirkt* luiU* ol tiiiiid \ |»*hlr 
nifinorvt* tlKniiflir I In* m-K** in iiiv iMMivr iiiiika*« lliu tii\ ia*t 
i»ill iiihI tt*%taiiM'tit in nmnrr and t«»riii«' lollouini;!* ffir%t I ifiur 
my MHill tci Allnii^lit y<* friHl iii\ iiiaktT and ni\ r«*4i«*nit*r : AimI 
inv ImmIw tci Im* Inirvtil minT itt «li«ill pU-AM* ni\ rtri-tNi^ wlM-n 
god rallrtli nu* to lii^ inrn^Vr li'in I piui* to my doitghirr tlii- 
/jilN'tli niv lM*«>t anihrv w'** ol'nn \m'^\ ii«*«kili«*r \i*%M*il oih- \r«ifi 

c'liimiir\ that •^taiicK in iiiv liall Imhim* and a IrtliiTlMil tli«it I l%r 

• • • 

viH>ii w**^ tin* IniImit and rou'nigi* llirrto In lon^iiif;t* ||*m I 

;itio to my lirotlitT (*utiilN-rt tlt'iiuirki' oin HandtT* rlii«ti* ll'm 
|!iii«* to Agn«*^ lavfr«H*kf* %j |>latt«*r^ and tiiii* l>nii^*«* |*ott ll'm 
I giiir to AlliM>n ^nddt-ron %j |>«'i»llifr ^i-^^M-ll ami on«* l»ra»«r 
|N>lt iif*xt tilt* lN*%t It'iii I ^iiH* to my «i«tt*r (*iithlNTl« «iffr otMr 
flandi^rn Clii^tt* It'm I f;itif* to ni\ niothtT on«* r^iwntrr ll'm 
I ^iiu* to my «i<»tfr Janr Ffnuickr out* nrm talih- It'm I giur 
my ]ki*ktrr Kli/alN*tli rarrr tlin* |H*%itii«*r |N>iti^ and tlin* |i«*«tlirr 
flublrr^. Il*ni I l'or^i\<* Jam«-^ Aniolfi \u^ Iioiim* r«*ntr d«-« alt 
martimii«*^M* ii«*\t (*^iiinp* lt*ni I giiir to m\ wiflffaiHl to my 
doii|;lit(T Kli/alN*tli \j nilu* ^iNMim-^. It'm I giii«* to my l>n»tlirr 
w" riMiwii'kt* oni* r«>urtingr id a iNild u'^ i|i«» hanifinf:* tlirrtai 
Kdonginp* a ^ilkr roirinp* and iiij'* yranU id* linni* rl«itlM* ilir 
n*^idt*w 4 it* inv vinhU movfahli' and iinmo\i'ahU> I tfiur to wx 
i»ifli* and mv douclitrr Kli/alN*fli mhoni I maki* m\tM*rxm»- 
triers my drl>l% Ircact*** & fiitii*ral) t*x|N*iiri*« diM-liarpil llir* hi^ 
iTif! i»itiH*»M'sJami-»» iNt'kr rkirki* — John h<M|^i*Min«^oilHT imiv.* 

ri\M\. k\Tllt.lUM: l.\ti> IIMiUnRTII. 

In tilt nanii* nt* ^mI Aiivn tiN' wiij day o| Jutir I'tfiiH 1 
kathfritifl' hul\ li«-i|uorth lair Hitr«> ol' Ha|»lii* htiiworlli ol' Iiau'- 
toniN* Krii^lil fht'iMMil makftli thi^ iii) Li«t i»ill aihI tr%taii>fia 
in man* tollowin^i* tfinit I lNi|uiih m\ miiiU i<» Ji-^u ( lin»tr mj 
rf<irm. and inv InmIvi* to In* hiir\i*il m llir rhurrhr alt rhr«irr 
m*^ nidation^ llN*rdtif \ artiMomi-ii It'm I iiumi |uulc*l\r 


mv Ion! ol' WrxtnicrlaiMl to lakr mv M>nii«* (*liarlc» to In* ht« 
vaiind* It* I di*sirr M' CiiihlNTt Mfiiidl ti> takr ni% mniiic .\r* 

' IlMiif^titrr nt Ntr Mftrmatlukc ian^uUr, ol l|i lair, i\mnl? o^ V«i*i. 
llitnl «ilr Ami «i*lu« .•! Sir lUl|>h |lnl««iffth. |S<t above m Um «cw IMS( 
Mr S.irtrr« hftft |Vinln! thr «kirr|wrt<ao *M lliu Wilt, II., IKS, mnk Mi ntffHt 
tr nt the Iii«ciitot.T. ftmt lus a4iM • fr« n<Ar«, to «llkk tki 


ihiire also I will desire my sonne Marmeduke hedworth to repare 
to oxford to applye learninge It'm I desire George Lawson of 
London to take my sonne John hedworth to vse him as he will 
It'm I will my cosine George Lawson of Appelden my cosin 
Ilaufe harden esquier & Richard harbotle gentleman to haue to 
gou'nance & tuition of my iiij"^ sonnes Charles m'maduke John 
& Arthure & ther goods during ther minoryte. 

The Inventorye of all the goods moveable & vnmoveable be- 
longing to tlie late Layd ve dame Katheran hedworth of Chester 
disceased praysed the third of August 1568 by thes sex honest 
me' whose names ensueth Robert lisle thomas todd will'm pun- 
sion John shore george scotte & John m'shall (1568) 

Herington Imp corne on the earth xlv* — xiiij oxe' & 
stotts drawe' xxvj' xiij" iiij**. — ii* stotts & a cowe liij* iiij**— vj 
whyes, & one stott twint" iij* xiij* 4** — x stirkes iiij* vj* viij* — 
iij meares & a nagge v' vj" viij* — wheat in y* barne xl threave 
iiij' — hay iiij^ — plewge & plewgh gears waine & waine geare w*** 
one old oxe harrow & all y* belongith to plewghe & waine Ij*. 
one arke & a lepe xij* — one almerye & ij chares vj' viij<*. S'm 
cij^ The store house Inp'mis ij pare of lin sheets x* — 
vj linne bord clothes, longe & square viij* — one old longe diop' 
brod cloth& two square vj* ij old diop' towells xij* — viij old diop' 
napkins xij** — thre linne towells iiij* — xij old linne napkins xx** — 
x yeards of harden cloth iij" iiij* — one pare of harde' shetes iij" 
iiij** — wood geare xx". S'ma Iviij". iiii**. Her apperrell. 
Imp'm'" one tawny veluet gowne liij" iiij^ — one black satten goune 
garded w^ veluet xl' — one read sathan damaske kirtle w*** a 
traine xx' — one old veluet halfe kirtle viij' — one old sathan 
halfe kirtle gairded w'*' veluet x"— one tawny veluet gonne for 
a man liij" iiij^ — one blacke saten gowne faced w*** m'ties iij* — 
one old short veluet gonne xx" — one cremisey satten dublet 
xxvj*. viij** — read cloth for a petticote xiij". iiij** — ij &enche hoods 
xx" — two hattes x* - one old teaster of a bed read and white 
damaske x* — one bord clothe vj* viij* — one oy"^ bord clothe v 
yeards v" — of round hnne one peace of duble sheats viij" — one 
diop' bord clothe vj". viij** — one diop* towell iiij"— one payre of 
linne sheats vj' — v pillobers ij" vj** — one old cupbord clotn viij* 
— vj napkins xij** one shete for a white bed ij*. viij**. — one 
payre of knives viij**. Sm* xix* iij*. ij**. The parloar Two 
counters xvj* — one square table v* — one great chiste iiij* vj 
formes v* — one almerje & one cupbord x* — one skuse xij** — one 
\Ton cliimney v* — one bedstead w^ a fether bed one cou'ing one 
happing, one blankett w^ one paire of harde' shets ij bolsters 
XV* — ij happings, one pare of shets one bolster w^ ij harde' pal- 
letts vj'. viij** - one grene wollen table clothe xvj* — Sm* iij* ix*. 


Tiir. Store If or hi:. 'Hir cii|»l>ciril on^* roiini' hrok«*ii ij* ^j*— 

IX criiMHi \ riiiiii«*s xij^-ix Imm-ll* iij* iiij* — iij kilt* \x*— «j 
ht»^«*«ilirucN ii)" — ij rlii^lt*** vj'-- ii» «k«*|»|N-^ «»iif Iv\h' x*j* ■ -% M-nr* 
xj* — x^iij iiiilki* UmfiU w'*» ij rl«»M* rii|i|H** xiij' iiij--- \*iij Ihii- 
ItT rti|»|ir* ij' — X rlw^ fatl* »*** ij** ^iiiki r^ ij* xxwij «lif»hl «ii«lM> 
Tiij* — xviij >nf|i|;lil di^lic* \iij^.- oiit* •till |^ a cttwr l'i»r AiniiImt 
\y. viij* — xviij lM>%irlU lij* — xxiiij di*hi"^ \iij* — iij tn* ciiiliU-r« 
viij"* — did iKifkiii):* of %i(mkI tif |ilain \rv iiij*— •mr rliari* xij*- ij 
liitrii laviTs H*'' Imim*!!* ol* llw *anu* tM ij'. \j* — \ r«rtlM<ti 
niii^U*'* %•*— a xj lrfHrli«'r* %*"• a hnxr \j*--i»iif liinlM^'kr inj'-- 

X 4i|ii (|tii*klM*iis iiij* — oni' %\(ii* siitlU' w*' ih«* rtinntiirv xx%j*. >iij' 
>-«>iir pillrii H**^ a ritttli cou* xij^ — oiimlfl «afil«* lur a Hiinia' iij'. 
iiij*. — ij** rtnrinm"^ \' — xj miriilS xxij'- xj cM hiankrtt* 
\* — \j li]||i|iiii^ xij* — \j IxiUbT* % iij*.- -IIIJ piliii»t*« ij'— 
iij malln'NM*^ xv' — 4»iu* |ftli«*r Ih-iI x\j'- -fiTtaiii*' \n»n trrarr 
ij* — V M'cks H*** ij |H>kf« iiij'^Hi*' IhhiI! clothf* vj' — ij *loiir iif 
woli viij'->iij slift*k old ii' — iij rallv ^kiiitu^ «i** iiallr a »kiiir 
Imrkrd viij"* --4HH* Imwl o\ j»roti** ^»«j'- ^i»J •'ainli-Ulirkr^ \j'. %iij* 
— ofit* stoiH* ol' nialtrc'^ woll ij* \j^ - iiij * liripti HCNMlc-harirtr^ x^j* 
— ij kinif* %j*— oiir uiiifliirliitlu* iiij'. Sm* \y \\ \ij*. Tub 
llwi.i.K < ii\Miii.K. ()ii«* trii%%in^ IniI m'*" ira*i' \ curtaiiM %A 
t»ilkt*, iij roiirtaiiM** of ^^ir^nit \* ti*a*<t' of cLiiiia«kr all old xx* — 
old hiii^«k alMuit i" rliamlMT ij' — oii«- imrr of ^ir|;iiialU xx'— -4VDr 
coH filer v'---Siir xUij'. Is* MV i.\ini- tiiAMHiR. Onr 
trii^ning Im*(K oiii* fftlu-r In^I, otir |ui\rr of hlaiiktiu tint* |iftrr t>f 
%\u'is oii«* In)uI«|it, oiu* |till«ii»r w"- a liii«i»itir« 0011*111^; mj |Hi- 
lowr^ xliij* iiij^ — turn tUandi*p» rlit'»ti-% x'--4Hif alnH-nt* x' — ij 
ctiplMinN vj* viij' — iij ri»rttT» \j' ij rii{iborfi «tiiull«'% iij* iiij* — 
iij Itiitlrlt foriiii-» iij* oiir lit It- hiilFi't «toli' ^j' — ij lillr ctifftTi 
xij* — V iiiii^i;i'«» \j'. — iij old f|iii*hiiiii«*% x\j* — Sni* iuj' y*, %iij*. 
In* Till' Mil Ki. iiiM *i'. Oii«* rhi^u* ij* \j* -4>iu* kimr xi/^xiiij 
niilk«* Ih>wcII** iij* oiir clirM* |in*«M- >ii|' - ij clM*»fatU «*^ ij 
ikiiik«*r» xij*™ ojif rliri lH>till xij'- 41111' Maiui %j*— uij h(»ntr« iij" 
iiij^ — 4)!ii' wo4mI ni«)rtrr »*' an jhmi |HMrU viij*— Sunr xiij'. x*. 
Ill >* mil M Hot ii . Ohfpili* lull, ofif iiia%k III tub, \«»iM*ynU4atl 
ij* — iiij lf\rii tiil>lH-«>, N and oiif iNuiUinf; tuh \ om* %a\r ij* it*. 
Sinn iiij* ij"*. In tiix Knc iiiv<a. ihw %(iUHi Utl w* a le- 
thfTlN*fL ij ImiUici^, oiu* payn* of «lic«-t», oim- |iayn* of blankrct*, 
ij" roii'lHt*, one* happiiicf x\* — om* ^taiHt Ind «»im* inatlrrft« oor 
boUliT, out* Itlaiik^'t, out* |»ari* of «h4*r(v ir coiriftu <«nr rttn^rm^ 
viij' — ij rlii*(4-^ ij* — onr <»ld aliiwnr *iij* \ »kf\U & a trr ij*. 
iij ImiwIU, a «»alt tub xij* — 41111* «lrafft- tuh liij'— iij ^irnic* vi*— 
\r41n rliinuM V w*^ iij- rnikr*. oim* |H>rn', 4)nc parr t«f rark» 1 
fy«*r *li4»wfll, out* flro|i|Hiif; paiim*, onr |ian' of bnirliiiK % 
w^ (hrc* »peu xiij* iiij'^>niir old raklrun iij* iiij^-*ij pauBci i^ 


iiij<* — ij ketles vij" — v potts one posnet iij' — one copp* yetlinge 
vj" viij** — V pannes of battrye iij* — S'm vj* vj* ij<*. In thb 
PANTRYE. ij hogesheads, one barrell full of vergis, ij kimes, ij 
standes x". Some x". In the hall. One old counter, one 
brake xij** — pewiher in the storehouse ij* viij<*. — vj old basinges & 
evers v* — xxxiij dublers liii* iiij* — iij chargersviij" — xxvij dishes 
XXX* — xij sawcers iiij'. — iij pewther peaces ij* — ij dosen & a 
halfe of pewther trenchers x* — ij pottingers xij** — S'm vj* xij**. 
In Brians chamber. One stand bed w'** one teast' and cur- 
tain€*s of huswiues making w^ one fether bed, one cou'inge of 
huswiues makinge xx* — one yron chimney iiij* — one law bed, 
one fether bed, one cou'lett xiij* iiij** — one cupbord iiij* — iij 
quishinges, one chiste w'** a close stoull iij* — one copp* panne 
iiij* — plaite xxvj vnce p'sed to vij* xvj* — xx loode of cooles 
XX vj*. viij**— one pecoke, one henne & iiij birds iiij*- one turky 
coke, one turky henne iij* — in malt iij® q'rters xlvj* viij** — ij gave- 
lockes, one pare of toinges, & one fyrc shovell iij* — x kye & a 
bull xvj* — XX yowes iij* vj* viij** — ij meeres Iiij* iiij* — x swine xl*. 
S*m xxxviij* x*. viij**. Burnigayle. Five kye, iij oxe hagges 
x' — iij stotts, iiij calues Iiij* iiij** — v whye stickes xlv' — Sees 
xiij*. — XXX geise x* — S*m xv* xxj* iiij** — Sm' totaUs inventorij 
ccxxix*. X* vij**. Debts w** the sayd ladye Dame Katherine 
hedworth was owing att the day of hir deathe Imp'mis to 
Thomas Hall of Durh'm for clothe ix* viij* iij** — for hir costes of 
hir buriall vj* xiij*. iiij** — Servantes wages iiij* x* — for hir hinds 
wages X* — to John liaswell smith x*. — to thomas tayler of her- 
ingten ij* — for one obligation c* — to Charles hedworth for his 
childes porcion In legacies xxx* iiij* viij** — to m'maduke hed- 
worth for his childs porcion & legacyes xxj* x*. iiij** — to John 
hedworth for his childs porcion & legacies xx*. xiij* - to Arthure 
hedworth for his childs porcion & legacies xxiij* xvj* j** — to Eli- 
nor hedworthe for hir childs porcion & legacyes vj* — to Jane 
heworth for hir childes p'te xlxiij* iiij**. Sm* totalis ccxxvij* vij* 
iiij**. It'm for Ixx lode of coles att viij** the lode xlvj* viij**. 
Sm'a totalis ccxxij*. vij*. iiij**. * 


In dei nomine amen the xxij** of April A® Di* 1568 I Alex- 
ander woodmons Gierke of the p'ishe of S^ Margretts in Dur- 
ham weeke and sicklye in bodye but of good reembrannce and 
understandinge make my last will and testament in maner and 
forme followinge fiirst I com'it my soul in to the merciful] 
hands of go^ my heavonly father and my bodye tabe buryed 

2S4 WILI.5 Asn 

ill tilt* chiirrli of «ainrt iiiari;»r«>tl« or i»lirr mi v\' m' Draiir jk 
till* ('ii;i|>(rr of Duri^'i* thinkrtli In'hI aihI toiirhiiifrr iiiv wiirlflU 
giKifU I )i\\v to ni' S(i*|>lirii«o!i p'lM'iiftirv of l>iiri«iiif my Iw-*! 
flurrtil I'ouiH* aiul oiu* «>l(l r\nll mirj to llrlrii«* ('ai»«^«- t«ii 
c*oirii*tl« till* woHit that I liavr w**^ a |H*H(lti'r (Ji^Oii* an i a |i<*«« 
tluT Diihlrrot* llit* hv^X u*" a ^aHr«r and a litlf paniM*. \ih| 
uImi I ^iv«* aiHl lMi|tittli to tilt' «^ii(i Ili-Itiio a Mark ffowrii* liiufi 
in till* iiiN*kr anil att (lit* liaiicU y^*** Hoixrtl. It'ni to liiar^art't 

I>rt*^ton of %iilt«>n out* t-lii^ti* h'** ua« lirr t'atlirr^ «tan<ii!ii; in ihr 
mil lioiiM* u*** a rliarr u'** wa** aU«i li« r rallii*r» h*^ «tuii(lfili at 
flu* IniUidr. Ii*in I ^i^t- to ni\ c<»<l*<*ii AlrxamliT \t»iini;rr \j*. 
\iij*. And ull till* r«*«t ot' my pHwl^ I ^»i\f and lN*<|ttirlli to John 
prrston M'riiaiit to I!i*h whitt'i*\lfi of Ihiri^nir dnitnT nhoni I 
mnki* invni* ol\r 4'\t>4*iitor «'t* llii** mv la«t i»ill and li-^tAnirtitt* 
witnott HiU'm %tt*|>lit*nM>n |i*lH*ndary of Dnrh'm it*. 

Till: IwKMoRi of S* Ali'XanfliT i»tHMlmon« |>rra«t |»ra%«i<«i 
hv hriiry connin^irm 'llioma^ Uidt*n Thoma* riM»kM»n aimI K«»- 
lM*rt KiMldam. Imp*mi^ hx^ app'rll thai lN*lon^ith to lii» Imrk 
ftonif of it all xT — \j rotrii'tt*^, \ an oM Im*<1 roii'inp* \ an old 
niattrt*% Hi a lM>iiUti'r«V iij riNhK\ ij old hlanki*tt«>, N iiij** «lirAU 
thi' prire of all tin* IniMiiip* \\%j' *ii|"' in'mlhiT ^i-^m-II |inc 
xvj* — iij ranflfNtirkn C^ a |Ni*nfl tin* prirr ij' luj'.*— boriU llit* 
price ii' viij^ a lit If alnuTM*. ij rhi*t«i i^c ij roffrr% X iij rliArr* 
till* prin* \* — oiit> olfl <*himiii'\ \ an old alm«*r\i\ \ a |*A}rr of 
toing% ij* iiij*. 'Ilir nholr «.onir of thi^ ln\i'*lor\ i% iiij' iiij*. 
It'll] li*nt to my lonl Milfri'kin \iiij old an^'flU of \* a |it-iit'r ^ 
iij old ryalU of w* a pfiv & a prorp* nohli* of xnj* inj' — ilir 
Muni* \*. • 

(IXWl. ItoillKr ll\llKl^oN, Oft VI«i|>INt.ll \%l, lit <»H\M»!I|\\. 

In di*i ni»nuni' ium-n Anno dt*i I.ViK ami th«* i\ day i»f Au- 
i;u**tr I Kiiht'r harriMiii of ilu* toum* \ p'l^hr of \\«»Uiti|;h*niAt 
in till* Count \ ot l>iiri«in«* lin^lMiidman Inmii;:!* wiaki* in luMl^r 
& \i'\ III pMMl uiit \ nHnioru* la«kd\ pra\M- Im* in \lmij;ht\r 
gcMl not tianii^ d<Mtli hut railing to ri'ini'iiihratit «* thr utirrrtAJiw 
tVt* i»f thi<» fra\ \v K hnrkli* iitli> dt> 4*on«titut«' \ niaki* thi« mv Us^t 

• a _ • 

i»ill in lhi« matuT \ foniir fi*llouingf tfir^l I ^\yv aimI ht-t|iiitti 
my Miiill hoi»ll\c to aliiii^htM* ^imI my makiT aimI rr«irinrr 
liiMipini:i- lt\ hi« mi'rr\i' to Jf«ii% ('hri<»t«- oiil\r to In* %aur<<i m% 
iMMhr tti \h- hur\fd in thi* rhurrhi* %ari{ of \\oUini;n*m Afiirr* 
Ni\d li»r ni\ unrldKr ^ihmN •^iirlir a« ^*n\ tin* fallMT liailhi* pur 
to m«- I lH-<.tou \ di«|N»M* afti r ilii« niaiirr It'm I giur Ik b^* 
qmth to th«* |HHtrr p'oph* of vmUingh'm |Huri»h<* fur the bndtll 


of my souil ilj' iilj'*. It'm I giue to the upholdinge of a brige 
in the ou"^ towne of wolsingh'm xij**. I giue to my brother Ed- 
ward herrison my best Jackett my best wild leather dublet my 
best hoose my best shert & my best hatt. It'm I giue to his 
Sonne Edward herrison one whye & ij yowes. It'm I giue to 
the doughter of my brother Edwards wiffe one yow And I 
giue to my sister margarett herrison one cowe & v yowes. It'm 
I giue to y* children of Lancelot marlye that is to say Anthony 
Cuth'bte & thomas eu'ye one of them two yowes. It'm I giue 
to John Grinwell sonne to thomas grinwell of y* new Raw ij 
yowes. It'm I giue to Raphe vasye my brother in Law myne 
owne siluer spoone It'm I giue to his brother John vasye of 
wit ton one of the other thre silu' spoones and to his sonne 
Cuthbert vasye one yow & one lambe. It'm I giue to my 
doughter Anne one whye It'm I giue to my doughter Elsabeth 
marlye one yow It'm I giue to my doughter margaret grin- 
well one yowe It'm I giue to my youngest doughter Allice 
herrison my whole interest & title oi one lease w<* I toke of 
Gregorye butler one meare v kine w*'* a calfe 1 weathers and 
yowes one almerye & a cawell w*** a cownter. Also I will that 
this my doughter Allice herrison w'** hir porcion of goods re- 
niaine in the custodye & keapinge of thes my ffirends that is 
Raphe vasye Robert garthwhate & John vasye and they to se 
that she vse hir selfe vertouslye as a younge woman owght to 
do vnto suche time as they canne prouide her a fitt & honest 
mariage and for ther paines thus taken I giue to eu'ye one of 
them x". ^It'm I giue to the curate Ric. Rawlln for his paines 
taken iij* & iiij**. It'm I giiTe to my wifFe Alis herrison my best 
meare for a memoriall to be good vnto my childrenge w^ my 
fine in the ou^ tonne of Wolsmgh'm duringe her lifFe Also I 
will that she haue her thirdes of all my goodes according to the 
queues ma*'** lawes accustomed the residue of all my goodes 
moveable & unmoveable w*^** god haith blessed me w*'* after my 
bodye honestly buryed & my debts & legaces w** y* costes of 
my funerall trewlye payd w*" the lease aforesayd excepted & 
alwaies p'served furth of parte onlye to my sayd doughter Alice 
& hir assignes Also I giue to my wifFe Alice herrison & to my 
doughter Alice herrison equallye, y* w^** Alice my wifFe & Alice 
my doughter I do constitute and make my full executors Joint- 
lye to gether to execute & accomplishe this my last will & tes- 
tament Also I make sup'visors of this my last will and testa- 
ment my well beloued frends aforesayd that is Raiphe vasye of 
lumlye p'ke Robert garthwate of braydlye and John vasye of 
witton to se that thes my executors agre well to gether in exe- 
cutinge of this my testament & last will the w** to be tme & 


fflTtTliial I tin* ti*«tator Imiir M*tt niv hniiflf nmrkf t4i tint mv tr%- 
ta''th«* (kiv «k v«*nri* nlNtin* uritliii^t* ^ ti*^U'^ liiiiii% lr«|junrnti 
Itaiplu* va%\i* H(ilM*rt pirthwatr KoImtI \Vat«»ii Ji»liii Clrrkr 
w^ llichard llawlingc curalt* ii wrilrr licrol' w**" i>tlii-r% ninii}.* 


Ill iIh* uninr itf l!«mI Ainrn tlir \*^ iLiv 4if Julit* in \' wrv tA 

* m mm 

ih loril ^iH\ I.ViH I W 1 11*11 1 Wi'iii.iiiil i»r f:atUlit*«| ill \* rnuiilic- 
cif Ihirirni f|iiarrclliiiaii Ik'Hij; rr.iMil in IhnI\i'; hiiC ul* pKni X 
|iTil rfiiic niltriiiiiH-t\ lluiiik% Ih* l<i ^'im| iln inakt* & 4tnhnt* lhi« 
my hL«»t Hill \ U*<»caiiit*nt in inaiu-r \ tornu* tolli»wJn^ ffir^t 1 
gyvf mill lH*(|uii't iii\ Miult* into \' li.incU of alnit^lilH* pMi my 
«iiilii* ^avcMiv' ic rifli'iii' And tlii% my lHKl\r to Im* ImriiMl in iIn* 
churt'li vanit* of i;a(i«lH*<l afTon'^iul M*<'iiiifllii* I Mill \< m% r\r- 
cuto^ iiliall wril \ tn'wiii* rontiMit & iia\ all niv ik-hu Iti all \ 
fi ^urlir ti*Mm a.<^ kIi;i1Ik* iiifl« htt-il \iilo a( \' t\mi* ol* nn 

Ut*atlii* wlioM* nami'H w^" M>ni«*% I am owing to lli«-in »«• tar a« I 
ran udl to n^mcmhrannrt* I oliall iri'«^lir not lii'ari'aftiT. ilnni- 
lit* I gyvi' vnto tlir |)oiirfman*i Im>\ of tlii«» |i*i«»lH* for \' In-ttrr 
n*li*art* of my |HM>rc hrrtliri'in in tli<- «^imi* \\ Il*m I p}^«* l«» 
V* tlu' rc*|ia\riiig 4»f y' (K*<*ai(*il gla^M' mimloui-^ of y* Chiirrhr 
ij*. It*m I gyvr Ck lNM|ni(*tli unt4» J<>nft my HifT llii% hi»««r 
w**^ I Ik* a|ipirtnanc!» cliiriiig liir litV & miloliiMii ami afirr Inr 
draitlit* or mariag to my mmu* It4ilanti wtMlaiHl & lii* h«*\rr% 
laiifulli«* lM<p)tii*n for 4'Vrr Anil tor «li - fault •' of %iir)u* \%lif» 
lo mv MT«>ni*4l Miiu* wiirm and llu* Ii4*\rcs «»f lit^ Imn1\«* Ui^fiitUi* 
hy pot ten f«»r 4'\4T \ if Uiitlu* my <»aid *oii*'^ lia|>|» ti» «l_\f »■* 
out l.i\%fiill \%liru I Hill (hat y' '^aid Iuhim* h*' (lui|>|>i;n\nan<-« 
uliall «'f»iiii* to iii\ dom^liti.T allv«- &, \' lit-vfi^ «»f Inr lHMi\r 
laHtiilUr Ih'^o((i*ii for i'\«*r and if it fi»rtniint' \- ImiIiIi ni\ «aJd 
d4»H^li(«T d\f h'NmiI laufiill i«dii'«i a« i-* at1<»ri-^iid tlit-n I «ill 
v< ni\ ^.lid Iiowm' u'*" \' appii*iMMtinr«*^ •hall roin«' to m\ nr- 

• • alia ^ m 

phrw John ui.(1.i!m| \ |ii> li«'ar4-^ Uufullt*' U-^otiiti t'o* 4-\i>r an«i 
faliiii; o\ ihiH law full \oht'u to hi« ^u<^ti r« nt\ ii4v«-» \ tlit-vr 

lM*\ri'^ for r\iT tfurthf r nior I i*v\i' \iiti> m\ ^aicI *iflt* l>% 

• ~ • • • 

wav4* of lrLMi'\«' (ucnlir slulhnL'H |tin to 4-\i r\ of mv chikln** 
I g\\i aiiil Uipitt^t a ro-f imliif. l:*m I ;:\^4* *nt4» rtiT^r 4»f 
mv liroilif-r Kauf «iiildrin \ii\ a |H'«-f. It'i.i I i:\^«' ^nto Ui^a* 
U«*aland'* llw rr«\(h*w ol all in\ trofnU iiinvrahh* \ ^iinu»«t** 
h\v m\ diht<» \ Irjart*^ pawl «V m\ fnnrralU dtM')uU'i2;i"d I gy^t* 
tlifiii to in\ Hiti'i \ inv tlirr rhildnni; «ihor:t-* I makr mv r&e* 

I QuarMRuu 


cuto" well & trewlie to execut & p'forme this my last will and 
testament in man* and forme as I haue before devised Whereas 
I haue let fourth & solde c'ten chalders of stones vpon 

credit & others by specialtye I haue thought good to mak 
special! declaration of y' same to thend that my abovesaid exe- 
cutors crave no more of my credito" then is aew nor they to 
be defrawded of ther right, ifurst John tompson of newcastell 
m'chaunt owethe vnto me a xj* xj" & viij* being y* rest of a byll 
for xxxj^ iij" & iiij** as by y* said byll apperreth It'm more that 
y' said John is indebted vnto me as apperreth by another bill 
of his hand being dat y® of octobre y* whole some of 

xviij* viij' dew to haue bene paid at whitsondaye last past as by 
the same bill it doith appere. It'm m' francs anderson oweth 
vnto for gryndstones iiij* xj". ij**. It'm John Watson y® maister 
owethe me in lent monys fyftie shillings. It'm Roger Raw 
m'chaunt owethe me for grynestones xxxv". It'm y* said Roger 
more for a chald' of stone xiij" 4*. It'm he owithe me more 
for a 4 foot 3 foot & a 2 foot stones ij' viij**. It'm Christofo' 
bugham oweth me for stone viij* ix**. It'm m'is brigham oweth 
me for stone xvj' iiij* It'm John batman for a fower foot stone 
xx**. It'm Ekhnond herison oweth me for stone vj' viij*. It'm 
more for surtishipp for will'm apeibye iiij* & y' costes of y* 
law. It'm Richard fyvf for a two foot stone vj*. It'm David 
blitheman for two foot stones xij^. It'm thomas browne of 
sandgate oweth me for a thre foot stone viij**. It'm John wea- 
land of sandgat oweth me in lent monye vj'. and his wifF stone 
for a thre foot stone viij*^. It'm Roger watson for sauetiship 
iiij" V* & more y* said roger owethe me for two thre foot stones 
xvj^. It'm Ranold cookson oweth me in lent monye x". It'm 
Jonn maddison owethe in lent monye x*. It'm Robert 
white owethe ij* & viij pecks of oytes. It'm will'm wil- 
bye owethe me ix* viij**. It'm Edward Johnson oweth my 
wiff xj" and to me viij" one waye & iij" a nother wave and more 
he owethe to me vij chaulder of stones. It'm Richard iackson 
of pilgrame streit oweth me for a iiij foot stone xx**. It'm Alex- 
ander sparling oweth for a iiij foot stone xx*. It'm will'm 
wharye oweth me x*. It'm george yaites oweith x**. It'm wil- 
l'm smythe owethe me ij* vj**. A Not of all suche debts as I doo 
owe so far as I can call to remembraunce. ffirst I owe vnto my 
suster in lawe Jane Weland v marks. It'm I owe to gawyne 
millure a chalder of stone. It'm I owe to John hobson xvj*. 
It'm I owe to Roger nycolson xx**. It'm I owe to Anthony 
comyngs xij"*. Thus haue I trewlye declared y* debts owing to 
me and also aU suche as I ow to others at y* making of this my 
said last will w^^ said will & declaration was done before thes 

•iS.S WILLS \\l> 

Hi(iii*Mk Hiiriii iluHiiMMi Hiiriii l>l\tht*iiiaii Jiiliii rt»rk<K»ii wiU'ri 


Hlllv w"* llWiTN 4llll«*r%. * 

( (AW III. \XlllliM rMI.Wr.ll, or 1 rTOXlMMV^It I .' 

Ill y' iKiiiir <»t' ^«Ni siiii«*' v' (|«i\ of ii^u^l .Vcl'iii ITi'vll 

I Aii(li«>iii (\\«*tl of' (*4*toiMLI\ \aill Im'iii^ oI' |i't*i-i-l rra»i*n Al 
iiu*iiior\r imiiM* \ iliiiiik^ Ih* l'\^4'|i lo ail iii\^lit\i* pnl ilo niiuk 
^ onlt'ii) (lii« 111% |i'M'iit 'IV^ttiiiii-i f-oiit4*\*iii^ ili«'riii 111% lai^t *ill 
ill iii;iir ^ iornic tlolloum^ (lir^l X |>riiiri|i.ilU I ^'viit* iii% mouII tu 
uliiii^htu* ^«mI my iii.iikcr j^ r(*«li*(iit i iii\ InkIv (o Im* liurirti in 
%-' ('li.i|i|H'll at (Valoii h\ \' l\«-i-tii' III' in\ Hint;!' ^ihmI nuk»V m' 
Jtiliii Iluliwaill CVl iv* tor iii\ ut»rl<ll\ ^mnU \*pMi h.iitlt <*tMlt*»r«l 
h"* I iTMK* %*" l«i iiiv nil ' i-liihirni Arthurc l>aU\«iil« i]«i»4rd 
lliilivall, airiicH lhil\\aill \ niar\ l).tl\\tiiil uLimi I diMi iiiaikr 
inv iioll ^ I'liU i*xtMuito"ol thi% 111% «aj(i l«>t«iitifiit X U%1 »iU 
tlic'V to onkT Ck «li^|N»«4* 111% pnkU to \' lioiio* of ^4hI & Hrlllir 
of my MMilc \ tliiT iiio<»t |i'lii-t \ I tlt-Mrr iii\ ^ai«l «iii);l' pnMi 
111' ft^ tlio* Ih'II \ ir»u\iu* |H-ri">oii lo Ih* «u|i*\imi'* nf tin* m% «am1 
Hiil ainl M* %' ^atiii* i»iit in i*\i-«*tir\iii *i% iii\ iru^t i«» in tltf m ik^ 
v%i-iiiiK my ^iul w(»rslii|»t*iill nr to U- ^imnI to iii% sjud rlnlilrrQ 
\ M* %• llicy Ih* \'tuoii«l% hrou^lit u|i \ lioiii'^tly \Mtl (luring y* 
iioiK* aidi: \\itiic<»«» luTcof John l)nli\all «*M|iiit'r UirlM*nl 
Aiid'Mtii «'li*rk 'l1u>m«L^ Ik 11 Tlit/ Unli \ x liiiward ff'\ri* »'* 

otllfT tll(N>. * 

« « \M\. JMIIN IMM KITH, ( I %Rk. 

Ill till* iiaiiM* of };<m1 tli«* f.iilif'r alnii^dit\ .inu-n iIm* wiuj of 
Aii::ti^i 111 \' \<rf tif oiiit* innl ^mI Iwttj I J«»lifi iKx-k* 

ttli I I. irk I in Wlntuortli not knoHiiiL; \' liomT ot niv ilrth 
|i*\iili-tli for my mmiU ln-.iltli iii.ikin^ m\ l.i'^l Hill «if tt'^l^niml 
a*> tiilituiilif. tlirnt I liir^.it k tln^ iium raldi- unrlil y' iioin|n aimI 
atl \' ;:[i>r\« ot \i Ami 1 i:«-i:f' u' a frt- hartf \ a Iri- wiiltnj 
mhjIi* til \' LitliiT o| liia^f'ttf In-^i-t Inn lor ln« jjrralrr nirrrT 
«aik «\ l<»r %' l«i\i*ot ln« ^om* J«-^n<> i Kri^tc to lia%t' iiirrcv \fnm 
lilt' iiiliiri A t«>r c*'^** 111^' iill in^ «\nn('«» %* vmt I ha%(* (*oni'%'ltrd 
\ ijoiii a;::iiii%t %' pHNini*%<» lit ^«n| X all tin* »orUl winch »orlil 
I \i'i %\ tinrinorf lurvnk And iii% h«id\i* to Ih* l>ur\i-d »**in 
\' i|tii'ri nt «.iini in.irLMri-t^ in Diirt-^iiii* in %' «anif |iUii'r %ilirrr 

!ar:.t«-i • i. !i.f i^tat*. 


my brother was buried and to be bronght furth honestlye as y' 
use of y® churche is. It'm I geue to y® repac'ons of y* churcbe 
of whitworth x*. Item I geue to y* poure people of sainct 
Margarets in Dureme xl*. Item I geue to y* poore paople of 
saint nicholas xl'. It'm I geue to the poore people of sainct 
osvolds xl'. & I geue to y* poore people of sainct gyells & y* 
two bayllyfFes so much as my mynisters of my goods shall thinke 
meate nedful to geue y" . It'm I geue to eu'ye one of hanbuy 
lax childring a gemer lambe & I geue to Robarth semar of awk- 
land a cowe & eu'y chyld y^ he haithe a gemer lame It' to 
annes darneton a gemer lambe & alleson pickering my s'uands a 
gemer lamb & I geue to my cosyng allse lacke v'. or a quy 
And I geue to my cosing margareth Docketh lait dowther of 
w^ Docketh xx' And I geue to my cosing margareth turping 
all my bedding boith in Duresme & in wyttworth & all y^ be- 
longeth to them owt of p^ & I will that my cosing margareth 
turping shall have my howse in Duresme during ner natiirall 
lyfe & after her dessese I will y^ my cossing John Docketh 
shall have it & if John Ducketne shall dye wt out lawfuU is- 
shewe then I will y' it shall come to his father w^ Docketh of 
tuddo. Itm I geue to annes Docketh & margareth docket 
dowthers of w^ docket of tudo & to margareth apple & to 
elleng hyneson I will y^ thes iiij maydyngs shall haue all my 
pottes & panes w^ Dyshes & puder vessells in defferinglye to 
be p'tyed emong them the rest of all my goods not bequyeth so 
yt I be honesly brought fourth my dettes paid I geue to John 
Ducket w^ docket his father and to margarett turping whom I 
make my full execotors all in lyke stat. It'm I wyll y* my 
frynd nycolas turpinge shall have Jhon ducket the bringin up 
of hym & the custodye of hym & his goods duryng hys yong 
age & to brying hym vp in leming & he shall fynd surtye to 
pay hym his goods agane when he shall come to lawfuU yeres 
w"*out any rebay ting for his bringing vp and y* y* said nycolas 
turping to se this my will of testament be fullfilled as my trust 
is in him Witness's hereof anthony lax of waisterton, thomas 
whvtte, Robart doucket, thomas moaresbye w^ others will'm 
raelln'by curat. * 

Inventory, inter aliay Funerall expences. To y* minister 
of S*. Margaretts churche xvj**. To iij ov' prests iij*. To y* 
churche of S^ Margaretts churche xviij*^. For a dinner to 
firends & neighbours xl*. To oy' p'ishe clerke xvi*. To y* 
scholers of St Margarets churche xxij^. For y* makiuge of a 
chiste (coffin) iiij*. For y® makinge of ve grove and laii^e 

downe of ye stone viij**. For y* layr stall vj\ viij*. De 

claro iij" v*. xvij*. ob. 


iCXXX. LAM'ELUT \l*kMill, 4i»' « (il.^lN'i.ll %M, I %Bol HI ■. 

7 Jiiiif \M^ — Til iiiv Miiuu* ItolH-rt .\|»l«*li\r II i\ fla^'^T uwi 

IIIV i^Hortl — li» IIIV \oilli<'i*^t tloilLflllfT r.UalN'lli «ilir Uliilkr— to 

i«iiim<% .l<>|iliii oiii* <il«l f>urk«»kiiu' duliU'd— Suin t«>ul c»t l^umK 
viij*. xixV xj*. * 

CCXXXI. llMlIll.Kti: 1 (M.I.INt.HuoD, Ol milllTltlD. 

Ill till* iiAiiit* 4»f (mnI Ami'i) tlir \ij flavr nl' I Vi-miliV I IW- 
Imtvi* Ctillin^HiNMi cit' ulifitli*lf| 111 th«* |»*i4m* uI' ni\rkh' lientuo 
wt*«lo U'in^ holt* of niyiifi aiifi in pMnl aiwi |*t\tc nH*ni<ir\r Uud 
and praVM* 1h* to alliiiichti pM| niaki'tlu* ihi« iii\ U«l «iU mnd 
tf*^tuini*iit ill man* niul t'tirnu' toliiuitiLf ti\r«ffl- til' all I nmivlt 
niv Miiilr to Alliiii;;htvf* trod niv iiiakrr atnl rfflf*nifr atHl dit 
InmIvi* to Im* l>iiryt'(| n'^'m tii<* rliurrlii' «it Im'iiIiui in iIm* (lurrr. 
It'iii t'yr^tt* I ^\M«* and iM-qiiillir tn John Kiliiti^jHnrtlit- t>l Kii- 
liii);u«irtli«* oiit* na^;; ^ tW4> 4i\fii & tH«i i»,-|\n«'^ .kiid oihrr r't«-n 
|>ltiiii:li p'«T u'" wa*» hi«> own iM-forf. Ii*iii I c.^ tn* \ lNi|iiithe 
to 'Hio' Killiti;:woitl:r «»oniir tn iht* <»aid Jujiii Killin^wonlH* lOr 
iniMrt* v^ a lior^t* \ to liU wvtr a rtiui- \ a i.ill' uud I cviir to 
ina^M-ll 111** douiflitrr two k\f 2k tn hi« <M»niu* u* on«' rnvt* It'm 
I iiyxu* and lH*<|uillu* to J^iliii Killiti^wortli«* %(»rir ol tlit* «aid 
J4»liii^ on nirarr. Ii'iii I ^\(i«* ami lN-<|iiitlir to Hiil'ni «atMin ji 
JaiiH*<» lii<» lirotlirr M>niH*^ to Uti^rr \\atM»ii \ r\tlirr of ihrm • 
i%li\i* lt*iii I >;yut* and lH*({uitlir to Uichani %\lu*t«»|ir my •'oat 
(Ml uli\i* and to iH'tcr lirtN-kt*! oik* \tiwc ik t*\tlN'r i»t' thiMc l«o 
!k*iiiit« fii'y «iii(* a yoiii; «Im>i|n*. It'm I ^\uv aimI lNi|uithr to 
|'.li/alN'tli u. It Mill \k\tT to HiipT Wat M in and linui^litf-r t«> thr 
^aid .liihii Killiii^uorthr hall' a rliaMff i>t ott% ainl tci Kofprr 
HatMin htr liii**haiid om* l«'id ot Hln-it** It'iii I f?]it:raiH| Itrvfuilbr 
tti uiU'iii |^iu«ii»ii oiif liifld ot' Hln-itt* \ to itirhfrfl lN*nlft n%W 


tifir UhmI t.t whiiti* and to ^t*<irp' |i4*ar^i»ii« hvIF oi.r ImivIt of 
uli«-it«* M to Hnh*t H itMin^i \i\tl a ImihII nt Hlirtt Jtihn lit'kr on* 
Imulf of wlii'itt'. lt*m I i:mii* and iMMiiiitlM* in kNirkta'r\ff- tn^d* 
dl'-tnti and Curlii* ni\ddlrtnn mu* li dd ot wkii'itc*. It'm I 
aimI lHM|itith«* to thom*^ iirr*>lnii niu* Ioh! 4»f %ikit'itt« |t*m I 
ami hiMMiith«> to ihiim*** Killin^wortli«' orii* r«i|t|t«T raldnm As 
f u* ^«M ix'd rnu'if*^ It*iii I ;;yii4* ami Iwipii'.ku' to A|!iif^ Killmtf* 
Hitrthr niif almrrir \ one cimntiT \ 4ini* ^rrat rlii«lr 4ior CttU 
drnfi \ < 111* ^rrat lira^M* |mt!i* «k om* |MMrM-tt ami I g}ur to JtAm 
K.ILii V. urtlit* I 111* vofiLMT <*nt* vmn 4-h\iimi*v X t\«*r rnikr h a 
}airi i>t dok)l4> «li«>ii«. lt*in I gyv.v to Hnh't Killii:|t«orlbr <Mr 


fether bed w*** th appurtennes & to henrye Killingworthe a no- 
ther fether bed w^ thappurtennes and I gyue one chairger to 
Elizabethe Killingworthe & to mabell Kiliingworthe one almerye 
one chiste one potte & one kettle. It'm I gyue to Rob't Dent 
Sonne to Richerd Dent one whye. It'm I gyue to John col- 
lingwood Sonne to wlirm CoUingwood of whetsled a yowe and 
all the rest of my houshold gere that I have not gyven by lega- 
cies I gyue the one half to annes Killingworthe & and the otncr 
half to Elizabethe watson & barberye p'ston hir sisters and ma- 
bell Killingworthe doughter to thom's Killingworthe and all the 
rest of my goods moveable and vnmoveable my detts and legacs 
dischairged I will that thom's Killingworthe whom I maik full 
executor for me to gyue to Jphn Killingworthe & henrye Kil- 
ling worth Rob*t Killingworthe his brother and annes Killing- 
worthe his sister as he will aunswere me before the faice of all- 
mighty e god as he thinks good ao d'ni 1568 and in the tenthe 
yeare of the reign of o"" sou'aign lady Elizabethe by the gracce 
of god queue of england fraunce & Ireland queue defender of y* 
faith et ct. Recordes hereof thomas barker Robert barkes Ed- 
ward reid & thomas Slogen w'^ others. * 


In the name of god amen the xv^ daye of feabruarye in the 
yere of ou' lord god 1568 I George Selbye marchaunte of the 
paryshe of saincte nycholas within the Towne of Newcastell 
sycke of my bodye and not w'*> standing of good and p'fyte re- 
membrance Thankes be to god almyghtye makethe this my laste 
Will & Testament in maner & forme flFollowing. ffirst I gyve 
& bequeathe my sowle to almyghtye god my maker & redemer 
& to all the blessed Company of saincts in heaven and my bodye 
to be buried w**^in my p'ishe churche of saincte nycholas as nighe 
vnto y* place wheras my master henrj^e Shafto was buried as 
maye be It'm I gyve & bequeathe to my father John Selbe 
ffy ve poundes of monye w^** one Russet gowen & I doo for geve 
him all that he doith owe me It'm I gyve vnto mv sonne 
Roger Selbe tweniie poundes in monye and I will that iliomas 
doddes of this Towne Tann"" shal have him and The portion 
w^^'all vnto suche tyme as he shall come to lawfull yeres of dis- 
cressione to rule it him selfe And also I will yt y* said thomas 
doddis shall have my said sonne apprentyte to ieame the said 
occupac'on of Tann' and he to put in bonde for the delevirye of 
y* said Twentye poundes at thende of his yeres Also I will if 
my Sonne shall departe oute of this world before that he come 


'Jlhi WILLS \\U 

til lawltiU a^o Sl <liM-n*H«iot) j' \' fcoiil Twrutic |H>un(lrft •hall r»- 
t(»nic viito my tuiM* rliiUlrcm* J(»hii & l*Atlirnii. li'ui I irtw 
%nt<i my %i»u*r daiiglilt*r (*liri<kU>lH*ll VVilLiiiM>nr foriyt* »liiUiii|e% 
lo h(*r niarrya^r manU* AImi I p*%i* %iito my t^itlMT in 
J oil 11 la\<»M*ll4'o niy \h-^W pmcii li'm I ^lyw suiu '11m 
I>iMifli«i niv iwwv runM'lt gowni It'm 1 |r}^i* ^nlo i[ni€f la»- 
M*IU mv lirafl Sattni cl(»Hblfai. It'm I ovw iiiiUi ni% broclirr 
John S'IIh* mv \n'%i JiuTtiti* and mv M*t*t>iMlf dnfihiatr X m\ 

• a ■ 

lM*i»t luNiM* 8c m nt-(im|N*n(*f of my pra\f tia^'p- I g%^r liym iiij' 
in mony & I dini lor^yvi* li\ni all %* In* duithc* i>mr. Ii'm I gy«r 
vnto my dow^htfr KatluTotir SIIm- my Im**! taliU*. It'm 1 Kyvr 
vnto mv M>ni* John S*n>«* and («> mv dauishlrr CallMTtn Srlbe 
on doHM'in ^iUrr Kpoinir<» to In* r«jii«itl\ d«*^>di'dc* hftwynt thrai 
mild to V* k>n|;irr lyvvr tifthrm AIm> 1 fcy^v ^nio my w(r tlb- 
iM'the Svlbt* mv two vron rhimlu^n and mv U-^t ahiM*nr in bit 
liali AUo 1 fft'vr to c*u*\t* on«* ol* mv fc»iiri* S\%tiM for a tuLcn 
IVn i»hilliiif;«. It*m y* n-^tf of «di mv go«Ml% movrahlr K vm» 
moveable my debt a h*gari«-< ^; funeraJI r\|fi-n»*' ti«icl Ik d«»- 
rliani^t*d 1 gyvo \ lH-<|iiiathi* \nto m\ i%\fl(* Kh/a)»fflir Srlbr my 
Mini* John v*1Im* & my dau^ht«*r Cathi'rin m-IIm* «ilM>nir I maikr 
y' K\i*riitonk of thi** mv la^t ndl \ ti*»tanii'nl \ tlit-y to fit-«|Hi« 
my pmmN Vks ihf-y ^hall think pMnl for \* hrllhr ofmv MMilr. 
Il*m I will V* mv mav<>ttr John Wat^tn and m\ fatlK-r'in U»r 
^, Jn' hutli*r, 2^ tlioma« dcMli^ Im> \' «>up*^tM>r% ufthxt 
mv laAt will and tt^^tami'nt iSc I ifvvr to i*%rr\-i* of \* a ouM 
anirt'll In witiu*^ wh<*n*of mayntrr John Wat«4in Mark »faafto 
Jolin lavvM*le!>. Ji»hn butlrr, 'llnuna* diMhIift Ji4m Srlbr. * 


In th«- najmi- of ^'cnI aincn tin* \i'rr of oun* h»ni f;od I56S 
and the \f day i»f Jnnr I \p*ofor cott* of Oxnrldr frhir w^ia 
thr p'i^hi* of darnrton M-ki* in IknIvc but hollr 4if nnmW 4 of 
|»*tWtt nnunibranii- tlianL% lir ^kww \nto Ahm^hl%i: g««le 
maik^ thiHm\ la%t uilj and tr^tammt in man«r and formr fot^ 
lowing. iFir^t I riMiiKt my %f>iillf \ntopMir nn rrdrmrr tnnl* 
in^ by hi"» blinh- ■^ludtiintr for to haiic r«*DiUftion of all mv m 
yf It *hall pUaM* for tt» iark«- nir vnto \\x% marr\o at ihit* pi 
tynu* I Hill y* m\ UhU In- hurird in thr M»\tlif croft yie of y* 
churrliu*'» nu mortuary chmt- b\ thi* Uwr. It'm I pur ralo 
tht' jMHirt' mrn-- Uixr xij\ It'ni I jrviir ^nto church «ori% M* 
It'm I pyui* t«> ^rori; C'ott*. tin* oiu* kdf<* ^^K my Iraw* i>r CVwU 
Ktf. It'm I ^'\iic the othrr halfr ol' the MUiir' lr«r %nto Klu^ 
brth my wyfi* j-* »he fthall hauc ihr uccuppacjon of M 


natiii'all iyffe and after her death for to remayne vnto my soime 
georg. It'm I gyue vnto y* said georg one quye of iij'® yearea 
olde in full contentac*on of his fihall porcon It'm I gyue vnto 
nycholes my sonne one whyt reged cowe w^ one plaitt cotte. 
It'm I gyue vnto Jane wate my dowghter one quye calfe in full 
reco'pence of hir chylds porc'on It'm I gyve vnto John my 
Sonne one playt cotte one sword one dager one bukler one 
blacke spere one graye coulte stagg of iij" yeres owld, It'm I 

Seve vnto Elizabeth my wyfe & Elizabeth my dowghter all my 
oushold stufe w*** the intrest of my farmehold y* lyeth in hur- 
worth Ek}ually to be devided betwext them. It'm I geve vnto 
xp'ofor cots my god sone one quye caulfe. It'm I geve vnto 
xp'ofor wate my good soune one gymraer The Rest of all my 
mods moveable & vnmoveable my dets and legases & funeralls 
discharged I gyue vnto Elizabeth & John my sone & Elizabeth 
my dowghter whom I maike my hole executors of this my last 
will & testament. It'm it is my will y^ if anye of thes named 
w'*'ln my will doith swarve & will not agre that they shalbe ut- 
terley excluded & have nether part nor p'sell of my goods but 
for to a byde y* order of lawrens horsma' thomas watson whom 
I do mack sup' visors of this my last will & testament. Witnesses 
herof lawrens horsma', georg postman thomas sclaytor, lyen 
tompson clerke. * 


The Inventorye of all the sutche goods and cattells laytlye 
app'tening to Jhone bayles of north aukland desceased— 

In the shopp at aukland Two yerds and a quarter of lin- 
ing clothe of the best price iij*. iiij^ vuj score and xij yerdes 
of houswif cloth the next best v*, xiij*. viij*. iij yerds of read 
cloth ix". Hardinclothe iiij score and vj yerds xl*. Lining 
clothe of a courser sort xvij yerds xxiij*. Half a rim of paper 
ij\ iij yerds of bott clothe vj*. v grose of thread buttans ij*. 
vj*. Half a rim of dim paper and fower pare of ounce ballance 
xxij*. vj grose of silke buttons viij'. A boxe of combes ij*, 
viij*. Half a quarter of blacke veluet xx*. viij ounces of lays- 
ing Ribben vij*. vij ounce of oxen silke iij". iiij*. x dosen ot 
twist vj*. viij**. A pece of capp ribben ij*. CoUerd silke iij 
ounce iij'. A remiand ribben silke ij*. iij ounce & m 

I A small shopkeeper, at Korth or Bishop Auckland, and also at SUindrop. 
His stock ia trade is carefully extracted. 



half of blark «c'w ing Mike ij*. vnj'. A tlifiu«.iii*i gLupr^ & krpm 
Tij^. A cltMkiii raliTlii»nii*% vij*. A Ki^mnnnt of l«Nit%i4irk »ilkr 
ij*. iij ftkraiii* tliri'aci half a inmiii«I xiij^. Ki^Mit thou«aii<i |iiniir« 
iij*. iiij'. IMuiii;^ rariK a tUmiu S. a liulf ij*. ^j**. ij »liiii- ra|>|«*« 
for w OHIO II %\*. lXiyl% ij*. Old lian<« i:j*. nij*. ij ih»«4ii ui 
hvn\\y \y. Whit *u^ri'r ii\ A iloM-n i.( l»r*i^M 1« w*. Ili%r« 
of jfroiir piiirrr x\iij*. IVnnaiiM*ai (ft|NTtimrtCi) vij*. A htnui 
<if I in ij*. iiij |HHiii<l of lirkli*ai| hiir x*.j'. A %Ut\\v nf hlork 
wool vij*. A \m\v of a'%i*ll x^iij'*. ili»n\ ij*. Strait- ijV Half 
m |MMiii(i of fkkfiit* thrtfl XX '. A iiriiilH.ifi of f«ixi* \*. ij iliMrti 
of plc»itT nlla* %j'. viij'. Halt a ilim-ii ofrofn'inj x\i j*. Il;lf 
m (i<»«i'ii nniii I »»t'<U wiij*. A |H»fifi of •^aII*^ vj*. (rra;. im^ i/. 
IV|>|M*r viij |MMifN XMij*. Satii|«*r% half a |miijii#1 \ij'. Il&lf a 
pfuiiicl of piilhiT viij"*. A |H>t)<i N a half of j;in|*cr iij'. iij ounor 
ofniaiM* and rhm«'f» ij*. %j'. An old inaU* xij*. A «ti>iir and a 
half vriMi xx**. !I.ilf a pond of ^'u'an (^alFroii) x*. Morr »Su 
MigtT iij*. iiij\ A jHUind of morr rloiii*^ \j', A |iouimI i4 
Miidrr» XX*. Cltuif maM» xij\ *j ounce of tiinr.frirk ij". 
Small lUi^in^ iiij*. A di>M*ii |Nitind of }irtint*i^ and ^vaX lla»:iic« 
xijV Half a <|ommi of inoro comini; xviij*. In jrT«>'»<^ *»/• 
'lar xij"". A rln**t in thr %h«»|»|» vj\ A do*on |NHjnd«-« i»f 
lirkc*rf»» xij*. Haifa I^Trt'll «if mjj.*' xiiij*. A parr if Ikimprrt 
ij\ iij fhwf n mon* ^niall ra%in^« ix*. In niaildrr \ hopi'v-v x«j'. 
iij old jwirk mmIiIIi'* At an a\«» i:j*. iiij *dwr *p»u<-* xuj' irj*. 
Lining \ariir \ hardin at llu* i»«'h%ti r xxV In St %lMfRor 

biioi* Liningi* rloihc iij'. Spin- xx'. * 

((XXX\. noilERT I.WMtV, oi HOC KK, l%gl II R. * 

In thf* nan:n of i;(mI AincMi tin* xv*" ckivi* .M.ivi* in tlir xrrr 

• • • 

of o' lordo pod I.V>Mami m the S*iii*ntli \iti* of ih<* ripn«* of ct«« 
S>u'ifii:«* lad\r Kli/aU'tht* hy iIn* pnu'i* of pi*i| Qi!fl-n«* of Va'H* 
land flVaiu'i* \ Iri'innil drfmdi r of lh<* f^ithi* & I KoKrrt 
l^-iu«on <»f K* rkr in tin* roiinlit* of ni*rthi:i:ihn-land MM{u:rr 
>irkf III iHMlit* \ huh* in nund«* tliaiik^ In* to potl di^r th«*rrf«irv 
oTflfviir ^L ninkt* niv la^^t ui:| ;b fr^iaitu*nt in nan* Ac f<«iiM' ft !• 

m m 

lowinpi* tlirsti* I i^ivc inv M>ulr to alniiphtif p««i ni\ nuikrr& 
rrdrnu^r liu'^tjnpt* oncUt* in the nirritt^ if h.* hii-^idt* «)irdii vpon 
thr crtMM* for uu* jk all niankindt* to Im* %a\«<i I pi^t* ihi% rcr« 
rtiptahir Iknlit* to thr Qtii-ir of K4¥*kf tc* br iHirn'tl. Wm I 

t The* Tr«Uli>r. nr.^t:all« ••f t'««<iilh. «■• llir arv* n<l kuvhBnd r4 Vafffrrv, 
vt'r •Uti^htri %nd h«ifr«t nt |l«l|Jl jivinhw. nl ||(«k Miri Nrr«awtMa«» L«i%« 
•ilio li«i| \>r\n I rrrH«u»l« iiMirH^ ia I'jdinunil l^aaoo, of N««i 


geve to Raphe lawson ' the late sonae of M' Edmonde Lawson 
the p'ferment of his marige w** I did buye of Bartrame Andre- 
son of Newcastell w**» xx* by yere for his findinge to be taken 
accordinglye as I have receyved the same. It'm I give vnto the 
said K<iphe lawson my welbeloved sonne in lawe all my interest 
the w«*» I have in that p'te of Byker vf^ p'sentlye I occupie by 
vertewe of a graunt thereof to me maide by Cuthbte Carnabie 
of halton esquier whereof the said Barthra' is not ignorant In 
considerac*on of this my bequest to my sonne Raphe 1 will that 
he shall paye vnto M** Anderson aforesaid all suche monie as I 
no we doe owe vnto him the w<* the said Barthram the time of 
his & mv last talke in S\ Nicholas churche esteemed it to be ix 
or x* & and there is to be deducted of that some for the findinge 
of Ralphe Lawson at the rate of ij' thee weeke p annu' for that 
meane time betwixte the deathe of James lawson & the time 
that I did buye the marige of the said Raphe, the w^** I do es- 
teme to be half a yere, but 1 refer it to M' andersons owne 
conscience And I will that the said Raphe paye all suche 
monie as I owe to the Tenents of West Matfen. It'm I will by 
these p'nts that my Brother Will'm lawson of Washington have 
& enioye all that my halfe of the halfe of the towne & parke of 
Barmston lynge in the countie of Durh'm paing & givinge 
therefore to Ranold & Lionell my two sonnes twentie pounds 
yerelye at two days w^** my said brother doethe stand bound to 
paye yerelye x* to m*" hilton And when my Sonne Will'm law- 
son shall accomplishe the aige ofxxj yeres or likewise w** of 
my two other sonnes shall first accompUshe the aige of xxj 
yeres And the said sonne to enter into my p'te of Barmston 
paiuge therefore as my brother paiethe for the other halfe w** 
is by yere five pounds And if my brother Will'm shall dep'te 
his life afore any of my sonnes doo accomplishe the aige of xxj 
yeres Then I will that those my sup'visers of this my will see it 
occupied so that yerelye they shalbe annsweret xx* by yere de 
claro so as my brother WilFm did answere them. It'm I give 
to my sonne Will'm Lawson all my plait my two best fether 
beddes w'*' the best furniture there vnto belonginge Also I give 
to my said sonne Will'm my waives white bedd w*** all thinges 
there vnto belonginge And I give to him my said sonne Wil- 
l'm my signett of golde w"> an other ringe of golde Also I give 
vnto my said Sonne Will'm or to any of my sonnes w** first 
shall accomplishe the aige of xxj yeres the some of fortie pounds 
to be taken of my goods imediatelye after my deathe & to be 

1 Ralph 1 Awson, here spoken of, married the rich hetreM of Burgh, of Buigli, 
or Brou^h, near Cmtte ick, which still belongs to his debcendants. 

2{Hi WILI.ft AND 

put to the hancb iit' my Ni^phew {n*ofjsf l^w«on iif littk 
cwwortlie toilcliiie' to mv m>iu'% iis i% bc'f'on* hn|iiii*tlM*<l Ako I 
give to my ^<i «oniie nilKm xviij polii liutton* to be pott in 
the liaiHien of* my MiicI Nephews to hi* vm*. It'm I givt* %nto 
Koh'te I^H«Miii M>nne to Mr t>inKiiict I^«M>n iMiundc* 

A1m> I givt' vnto my HrotlitT (vforpe I^ihmhi of IikkIoii over tt 
lH*»icleii that I owt* him a» move lie n^ to make it iip|^ Mxte 
poiuul(*ii It*m I will to Ih* |taifl to my ri»%ifif*i* IlAplie hArriinKr 
lemi |Mniii<te« tlie w*^ I o»-i* him If'iii 1 give myiie Indenture 
w'* the yeren tlHTein conteviiefi ^^^ I liavc uf Will'm lawMNi of 
Cmmliii^on vnto the *»aifi \Viirm lawM»n H' C'ramlmfrtonafrwo^ 
AIm> I give vnto my Kr«>tli«*r WiH'm la«»MMi of Wju^hinglon all 
mv vert*« w'" I Imve hv tlvul lnfk*nte<l of lanrelote lv«le ti» the 
vae of tllixabeth lawM>n wife to Will'm Uvimmi afon-«aWl of 
Cramltngton Al^to I givt* mv leaM> w^ I liavt* of the Inthe 
eome of Cnunlington aforenaiu in the Miid Count ie of Northun^ 
berUiwi to mv two Krethren John lawMin & KowUnii lavntia 
AImi I givf by the«e pWnt» to mv ^id two Brethn*n Jv>hn lav. 
»on 8c Uowiamie iaWM>n the teitke corh* yerrlv gnmins m the 
feildsk & gronnik of fallafhrn in the (*ountie of Sorlhu nreland 
vnto Kuch time a« mv iwtnnf WiH'm ronie to the ajgr <vf xxj yerr« 
or anv 4»f hisi brethren AUo I will that mv »u|»'vi»er« of thw 
my te«tAiiH*iit ft la-Ht will ^hnll M*e that all ni\ ten*t« nowr heinipe 
in Itocke aforefiaid iihall liavt* {laid io tli«*m halfe a yere« rvnt 
an they iKm* |iaye vnto me nowi* at thi« d.ivr AI«o | gi\r by 
theikt; preiM*n1« to my M*rvaiit 'IlKima^ Knngton five m*ke« of 
kufull nuinir i>f Fjiglaml. A1m» I pv<* to all my ftervantt w^ I 
gt%*e liiierie rott» vnto tlM*ri* halt'e ^ere^ waiffi*^- AIm» I givr to 
will'm SLipM*«* of east hartefonh* mi mnrhe nKinye a« S^ J<iIhi 
KafTct* knowfthe to b«* U-hinde vn|^<l of dame J<ihn»oniir 
gcwnU AUo I give bv thi'ike p*M*ntji to m'garet FTingion Hlfr 
of 'llifHiiaA Kringt on aAirf^oiid my M*rvante \l*. AIm> I ipve bj 
tlx'M* p'i*M*nt^ to Alin* ( arliole \l*. for hiT paim* taken w^ bit 
AJm> I will ihat my HUp'%i«4>r^ ^liall giv«* to eu'ie one of the«e 
h«Tfafirr nnmi*<l lor takni i^aint"^ w"^ my wiff in time of hir 
ftirki-ni*% a«thev thinkeron^i-ineiit iht* nam<"H l>e tlM*«e M** Kam 
of Newra>fi|I Jane iXwKlon Magdalen harbotle Mar|rarH 
Kringtt»n, Jt-nnet (*niggt*^, I*«alM>ll Keaflhemt Abo I will bjr 
lh«*«4> preM'iit^ tliat tl^len Hutterie have all ftiiclie monic a» I doe 
owi* liir a« d«M*the Bp|teare in writinge a» S. John Kagge w p'vie 
l<» A!m> I will iliat the »aid t^len lliittene have iiij' vij* iiij^ 
pajcl Inr wr** «he putt in mv hamie ti» kr|ie Al««» I will that nj 
siup'viMT«» «liatl |ia\e to Jdhii Huttriyt* iiowe w^ me al Michr 
porr'on» aA ranie to me «*^ him bv thr gift of hit father ii bmw 
ther in my goods if he be ruled f>y my »iipSurr» Abo I viO 

Inventories. 297 

that Mathewe Charleton shall have five m'kes if he will be 
ruled by my sup'visors Also I give to Thomas Tayler xx*. and 
a frease cotte the next winter Also I give to Wll'm Tayler so 
much monie as his yeres waiges comethe to Also I will that 
my sup'visers shall see one haUe of the teithe of Rocke & Ren- 
nington the p'fitts there of Indiiferentlye to be devided that is 
to saye the one halfe to my sonne Will'm and the other half to 
my sonnes Ranold 8c lionell vnto suche time as the said Will'm 
shall come to lawfull aige And then he to have all Also I give 
to M'. Maxewell iij* vj* viij* More I give vnto my servant 
Will'm Sparrov an oxe girse yerelye in the Millfielde Also I 
give to my servant Laurence Mathewe one howse and a garth 
therevnto belonginge in Cramlington aforesaid duringe my yeres 
w^ was dame Johnsones 8c w^ I hade of my brotner in lawe 
Will'm lawson Also I give to my cosinge Thomas Smter 
thelder of Edderston a white meare and a fole nowe beinge at 
Rocke. Also I give to my Brother Will'm my stoned horse 
and his wife a litle belled meare now at Cramlington Also I 
give to my nephewe George my graye nagge w^ all thinges 
even as I rode of him Also 1 give to my Cosinge Greorge 
Blackston my graye nagge w*** I bought of my servant WiU'm 
lawson Also I give to my brother John lawson one Read liard 
meare Also I give to my Brother Roland lawson 

8c constitute by these presents my two sonnes Ranold lawson 8^ 
lionell lawson to be myne executors of this my Testament Sc last 
will my debts 8c legaces beinge paid I give to tbem my somieft 
Ranold lawson 8c lionell lawson the residue of all my goods & 
chattells here vnbequiethed and they to foilowe the advice and 
to be ordered by tnese my sup'visers S^. John fibster Knight 
Lorde Warden df the middle marches of England for annest 
Scotland, Thomas fibster the elder, Ranold fibster my nephewe^ 
george lawson my sonne in lawe, Raphe lawson. Raphe hard- 
rage George Blaxton and my Brother Will'm lawson whom by 
these p'sents I make to be sup'visers of this my Testament & 
last will. And I give to eu'ie one of these my sup'visers for a 
token one old angell. In Witnesse whereof to this my last will 
8c testament I the said Robert lawson have setto my hand writ- 
inge and seale the daye 8t yere above written in the p'sence of 
Raphe hardinge Georgd lawsonne of little Uswortbe, John met- 
forthe the yonger of Sighell Jarret lawsonne of west harforthe^ 
John lawson, Raphe lodge and Thomas Erington w^ Will'm 

Memorand. That Robert La;^m>n late of Roeke of the dio- 


ci*4 <if I>tiririn w|iilr« h«* lrvv«*(l afior hi* liad niaiil lii% U«t will 
& 'IVstaiiifiit dill nmki* a (*4Miirili i>r lai^t «ill iMMiiicr ih«-n «if 
i>'ft*ru* inituii* 9t mcmorir in niaiirr \ tortiN* lN*n* at'tcr l'«tlU»«- 
itifii* lit thi* Haifi K«»h*li* liiil <ka\t* \iito lii% Hnitiii r WiU'iii Iji«- 
M>ti HrtitlitT iiowi* I ha%'c* tnadi my Will Iwtt I li.i%<- t'iiryr<>lf<*n lo 
give or cli%|MMi» my U*aM* of li«*«iHortlif' A tit I iii»« my miiNl jt 
will is ihni my rldi'ot Miniii* WiU'm l^iw^ifi sliall h.i^r ihr «irru- 
|NU**i)ii <»l* tiiv l('<iM* of' htMluiirtlii* t«ir nil tht* viTf^ tci niitN* llirrv^ 
m And I will tSil ni\ siid Mumr Will'm »liall |M%f all ttir 
ri*nti% un<l iiiitrrnt«> diir tt» tlif lorilr nr aii\ otiiir |»'«4»ih* \rrt-Ur 
amotintin^ tt» thr miiih* iifiiij' \i\* Atid t'lirllirr I will tliat ni% 
Mii(| M»nni* Wiirm ^hall viTi*lv<* pavi* out nt' the* Mud lca%r m* 
xij' to WiU'ni hrdw«irtlii' \ J«»hii lii*t|w(»rtlir tht* MUiiifl-^ ol nnnr 
l*nrU* AiitluMiii* hi*dH4»rthi* nr nihfr uurdi-^ t«» tlir %ami* rtTt-rlr 
in till* p*M*nri* of ihi* <»aid Wiirni Liwi'mmi lii^ bnillirrX out- WaU 
I'm law sou t>t* Mnidit* siii*«*lr«. 

(iwwi. \i('ot.\s Hwrr.R, ni M:«rc \HTi:i I , 


In ilie Nam<* off gtNi Ami'n tlit* 17 ol N«»»flN'r m An* d'ui 
\Mh \\i(nt*HM*tlii* (hat I Nyrola^ lUxiiT ot tin* Toviiir ol' 
N«>wra«»(«*ll %|N>n f>ni* M'rhanl Umm^i* ot' hollc IW |)f-rtitl mrnH^ 
rvi* allvi'it S*iki* in mv iMMivf dotlii* orda\iic* ^i niakr iku* mv 
|.iM«' will h tcManifntf in manrr and tonm* rolow'" fl\r»i I 
pvii«* ^L lNM|ui*illit* my «oiitr in to y' haiiflrft 4»r alm\|{litvt« |tiMl mv 
makrr Ck rrd«'nM*r \ m\ ImmIvi* Io In* l»ur\i*«t in \* i/i^Im* rhurrbr 
of SjiMirt Nvrola» in v* Mum* plain* hIi«t a^ mv la%l «\flr ckiche 
Ivr tli« h"^ plain* is iirxti* a Imuii* tin* n*\«'i«tfr d«»in* w^ in ibr 
luiidi* rliiirrhr And for my wonlly ^mmU flir%ti* I ilogiur h. 
b«'<iii(*\tli «n(o mv Mint* John Kaxirr m\ holh* (itir intrrr^t h 
\viv^ of Uvrki-ndalh* tin* w"^ i% mv farnH-hold w'^m thr liu«htifw 
rirki* of iKirrah'm )ia\iii^4* to tin* hradr lonlr hi» arru«l4minl 
j^ fifui* ri-iitr a^ i« 111 fill* «aiilt* \viis mf'(ioni-«i. IVo\\d%l al 
that ni\ •>aidi- Smiif John liaxtrr «hall |i*ftirnii* all »iirlir I, 
»ii-^ a^ I tilt* wiidi- Nymla^ Ilaxt«T «hall l>«i|uirtlii* \ f;\ur brarr 
nftfT w**^ III thi% my hiMt* will mr'tiointl flir^tr I diH* ^yuv «Dto 
mv fhiiiulit«*r Aiu* CiiUHinu* wvilr \iito 'Ilnima^ ChlkM'nMr to he 
inifh- forthi* of my «aiil h*a« xxiij |ioutMU*H \i' \iij' 4if lavfullrng- 
i%ht» motivr to III* pan! in inantT Ac foriiu- tolow'^ \* i% to ^vr at 
M'tvnnu*H nrxtf i*tiM'wiiip* tht* da\tr )irar<-<tf ix |HiuiMk-*. Al«o 
I will «X d<K* if\iir viito my douglitrr M'pirrttr liaxtrr ftir lur 
tVull |wi\m4*iii 4if hir rhihh-^ |N»rt'on xl |Hiiincl«-» t»f Uwfull cm 
li»hr monyc io bv paid in maner & Itmnc fulo*** t' ia to Mje ta 



poundes at whitt sondaye nexte ensewiDge y* dayt & tearrae d 
boue mencyoned & then other ix poundes to be paide vnto my 
saide doughter Ane Clilborne at M'tynmes then nexte ensew- 
iflge the dait and tearme a bove^aide & so successyveiye & 
rataibleye to be paid vnto my twoo aboue named doughters till 
y* saide somes be fuliye paid as is abou said as ifuU payment of 
tliere childes port'on. Also 1 doe gyue vnto my doughter Mar- 
garett Baxter vj siiuer spones and ail maner of housholde stuife 
what so ever it be that is myne except my contenyng house ta- 
ble and y' I doe gyue vnto my sone John Baxter. Also I doe 
I gyue vnto my Sone John Baxter vij poundes the w*^** Rob'rt 
Blenkinshoppe of Byrtley is owen vnto me And I will that my 
saide sone John Baxter shall lose all my playt that lyes in i)ande 
to w™ Todde vicar of woodhorne the w<* plait so losed I gyue 
vnto my doughter in law wyflFe vnto the said John Baxter my 
greate siiuer sake p*cell gylt wainge xx vncs & a sponge peace 
weinge xvj vncs & a siiuer potte doble gylt w'** the couer weinge 
xij vncs & a qr Also I will that my sonne John Baxter shall 
gyue vnto my doughter Ane Clilborne one litell goblett w*** a 
couer p'cell gylt the w«** is a p'cell of the saide playt Also 1 
doe gyue vnto my sone Cristoyher Baxter for his ffull childes 
porcon XX iij poundes vj* viij** of lawfull englishe monye to be 
pavde in maner & forme folowinge y* is to saye x poundes at 
Wliitsondaye nexte and the other xiij poundes vj* viij** to be 
paide nexte after thes porc'ons a boue named provided all wayes 
that yf the said dristopho'baxter do discharge & paye vnto Peter 
Bell Maryner the somme of ix poundes x* for the w** George 
Styll & Rob'rt warmoth standes bounde by ther obligac'on that 
then the said Cristophor shall retane the said porc'ons a boue 
saide. And for y* vnpayment & discharige of y* saide obligac'on 
w"» the chargles thereof by the saide cristophor they the said 
George & Ilob'rt to retane the said Cristophor first porc'on of 
X j>oundes. Also I doe gyue vnto my doughter Beile warmothe 
wyffe vnto Rob'rt warmothe x poundes of lawfull english monye 
& also I gyue vnto M' garette warmouthe dougter vnto Rob'rt 
warmouthe ffortye shillings of lawfull englishe money. And 
also I gyue vnto Ailis warmoth dougter vnto the saide Rob'rt 
warmothe xl* of laufull englishe monye (the w<* iij portons I 
will to be paide nexte aft' theis tearmes fibrthe of my leas of 
Richkendaile) Also I doe gyue vnto my sone John Baxter my 
baise by gottinge sone John baxter & he to finde him & bringe 
hym vpe tyll he be xvj yeares of aige & then he to putt hym to 
such a occupaco' as he shall thinke most meat & when mv saide 
baise begotten sone do accomplishe xxj yeares then I will that 
my saide sonne John Baxter shall paye vnto my said bayse by 


gcitton MMiiH* \ij pDumles of lauftill rn|{li»lM* iiionyc. Abo I 
will V* niv ftaid ikm>im* John lia\tcr Uiall \m\r yf«rlyr % nti» mt 
Sciwtu* luib'rc wannc>!h iiij ni'kt^ of laufull i*n^li»li(» mc>n\e Uw 
T* fiiMiingi* of mv udA Haim* bc|^>n4Ni M>wtH». AIm> I (hit* ^ue 
vnto my mmuic f^lwank* hoxtor x |NMin(ie% fur hi* (full rhilclr« 
porron yf inv vairlt* mmiih* dot* ronM* p'noiiAllve to di'matidr the 
iamc gvviiifr nt« bn>th<*r John Iiaxtt*r a ^ufficifiit whittancr tbr*- 
forr. AIm> I doo cvii<* to mv M^nn'te Jain* iKinu* xx* of laufull 
cngltthr monyc ffimt of all to bi* |kayd4* tc a \mTv of hanlrn 
»hrvttft a hankii holntrr & a ('owrrlcd AIm» 1 will v* mv tra«ti« 
& welb(*lovc*<l (*aimin^ Aili*ii An<h*rM>n wyflr vnto ni' Itartrume 
Ander«on«* haur tht* ru*»tody<* 9c keapingt* of my Mud lesic of 
Rickrndailo y' rrreipt of ?* rent* of v* <^am<* vnto Miche t\'mr aa 
Ane (1ill)omc M'^arett liaxtfr (Yrntonhor KaxtiT Bfyfe vmr- 
luothe or there asiAigiifs be fullyr natUfyi'fi & pavflc* there por- 
eont an U in this will about* mentioiH*fi Atid I doe geiar vnto 
my tnistye co«inge Ailis Andrrvm for a token a old angell And 
aifto I will that aft' thorn |>orro'A beiiif; tiaklt* by my rotariffe 
Aills or her a^^i^** y* tht*n my riningt* Aili« Uiall drkv* up tbe 
iaid lea-H to mv Mx>ne John iMXter. AImi I w ill v' xt thrre be 
anv of mv taide rhildn*' v' i^ not c«>'trnt<*ii Ac fullve ftati%fied 

w* this mv will & fleadt* a boue me*tione<l v* then ther thall nw 

• • • 

tane no p't nor |H»nye of y^ abour mi*Vioned by at y* will And 
y* Kef»te of my gocKb movable & vnmovable 1 gyue unto mj 
tcxme John Ilaxter whom I make my full executor of y* mtf 
hste will k te»tamete — Nvcotan baxter — Witnet hereof A»» 
thonye Klande^George Htyll — Koli'rt elande — Rofpr Boa* 



S'p. xii IMirt — Jane bniM» of (tatiUied wedi> of I'iatnrk 
BniM* (toIcUmith «k*<*enM^I — to my daughter Agne* all my mIh* 
geare and rinj^ w** an» niviH* owen <ir tluit l>e pk-dtfrd to me 
if thfv Im* not IcMeil by llie owners— I owf xnij' fur balCr a 
pownr) of I'eppT — yf mv *ayd daughter v»e not bir telfr rer- 
tuoui^iye and well or yf fur hu«band aiHl Um* agre ikM well tiiett 
I will' that the »ayd' p*Mm [^l^eonani IXwlUworthc parMm of 
Gate^licnd] «hall at ail time« her aftrr luiur full power ami 
auihor}*t(* by thi« my i^aid will to «k*II to di»|Mine and bestow all 
mv ginnU i)ot before be<|ueikted to the {more people of Um 
p*i>hc att his discretion. * 




In the naime of god Ame' the fourthe daye of Auguste in 
the veare of o' lord god 1569 I John tedcastle of gatishdd 
blai^smithe being erased in bodye but of good & p'fitt remem- 
brance thanks be to god do maike this my last will & testa- 
ment in maner & forme folowinge ffyrste and before all other 
things I gyve and bequest my soule mto the hands of Almightie 
god my onlie savioure and redemer & this my bodye to be 
buried nere unto the plaice where my father was buried. Se- 
condlie I gyue & bequeste unto the poore mans box of this 
p'ishe ij'. Item I gyue vnto Elinor my wjrflfe all my howse 
^except the two shopes) & the lofte aboue the said Shopes 
auring hir lyiTe naturall And the said two shc^s & lofte be- 
fore excepted I gyue vnto my sonne thomas therein to exercise 
his occupac'on during his mothers lyfFe and after hir deathe 
then I will gyue and bequest all my said howse w^ all edifices 
& garthe to the saime belonging vnto my said sone thomas & 
the heires of his bodye lawfullie begotten for ev^. Item I 
gyve vnto my said wyif my howse in aikewelgaite (she paying 
the rents & upholding the saime in good repac'on) during hir 
lyffe naturall & after hir decease I gyue all the sayd howss in 
aikewelgaite vnto my sone w*™ & Im heires for ever. Item I 
gyue vnto my said sonne thom's my lease in hedworthe during 
my hole interest. Item I gyue to my sone germayne a studie 
w^ a pike a read cowe & a flanders dhist standing in the lofte 
having a round lidd and I hertlie desyer my sonne thomas that 
he will gyue vnto his brother germayne eyther at j* daye of his 
vpsetting to his science or at the daye of his mariaidge whether 
as shall ch'unce soner xl' as some stoke to begyn w^all Also 
I desyer my loving sone will'm for my blessing to taike his 
brother xp'ofer & maike hym his owne for I gyue 8c bequest 
hym to hjmi as to a father & so my truste is he wilbe to nym 
Also I gyue vnto the said xp'ofor my sone xx' by waye of lega- 
cie & a danske chiste that was his sisters The Resydewe of 
all my goods & cattells both moveable & unmoveable I gyue 
them vnto Elinor my wyffe whom I maike my full and hole 
executrix vpon co'dicon that she shall leve aU my household 
insight geare at hir deathe to my two sones Thomas and ger- 
mayne equallie to be devided betwene them And for the better 
execution of this my said will I maike my loving £frends w*™ 
Donken & nicholas hedle & my brother xp'ofer to be the sup- 
viso" of this my said will to see it executed accordinglie as I 

:ilM WILLS AN*0 

haiue cltTlartKl \Vv;ii<-«!M* at flu* (lrt-larac*ftn of i\us niv U»t 
will 2^ if^tanit*iit w** I)otik<*ti Ummicr MikIi* frrurp* |K*n-%«»ci 
Ilaiiff* wall Janitik lu*%lo|>e j\c lawn-iin* cl(Kli«i%iortli<* rU*rkt-. A 
noir of «iiirlu* ilrht* &<« t*v* I (lt» out* c«r v\U ouiri;* «nti» mr. 
fliyifttf 1 a* ouiii^ to m" hirtlV-M \\Hm a rt-ckiun;; \j*..lti*' I 
liaiui* in my ru%tcNlie ol tli<* niriMt iiicitM*y wj*. %iij'. Ilrm tlirr 
ii a rin'ktiin^ iM'tuciit* nw \ KoInti liltk* iIm* w*^ I Tvfvtr to j* 
hvriufi^ uf iiij cir tnti iiiiiifTrnMil mv & if I <»liaIlM* fnurMi \yot% 
d«wf jic iu»t urrompli* t(» Ik* iiifirhuil \rito li\ni I will it *halbr 
|>ai<l : hut y*lo I liaiiu* foiiiifl ^rat l«Mnr« in lii« rt*rk'iiigft »"* 
v|M>n iM'ttcr n*inv*l)ranc'i* I lru*tf iu* %iil| anirnii Ik onut to 
p*litl nnkning. 

Til I A UK TllK*N\KM\RiB uf I hi* pMifU cf John tedra^tir 
CiilkT laitr dtH-oaMfl |iraiM*ii hv flirs iiij'* ni«*n i^ to AaTr 
wiirni |Mitt» thi'ltirr ^i*i>rp* harihuf^r w**" IJonkin ruthb'rt ckir- 
ni*%v<li* till* 3 ot' novfnilM*r An" cl'ni LMilK 

is TiiK MALI.. Inp'iiii« an Iron rhyinlc*\\ A {orr & totif% 
A rakincToki' m'*» n^t Inin% %j'. viij* -xix** |M-ace of pudrr, 
fyvf Miun*n» thri*<* iHitivmh-^JMni xij* — A |M>ttl«* |M»tt tlirr nj 
|iynl4* |>otfs A qnairt |Hitt \ two pviitr |M)tlft viij*- irx raotllr- 
itirks A hraM*n niorirr, A chatRn (Kf»hf A Imi»iii lie a laltr tiij* 
> two all merits xiij'- ij* counters ^ ij* cliairf^ %iij*. In thr 
l*'l.KR. Ilt-m a Ikirch* rlothr, ij" lowrlU, v fj^i' rtnlnilUT* i* 
thrrt* f;rownr«» ^ a clokt* iiij** Jm*ki*(% ij" |»airt* of Immm* & two 
cluhU*ttJ» and a halt ihrc* ^h«rt» iiij' One altiM'riv and a counter 
iiij*— fyvf rovtTh*<K, a rarpin riolhr and a hianki-tt %%y — uij 
|iairi* of 5ilu*it<i. In iiik URfcwiioi .sr.. Itrni (hn* |iutt« & a 
|Mi»nftt« foun* lumm, and a y«*thn x*-> A |r\h* fait & a tnatkio 
tuhh, a ruling tuhh, foun* fkiaiui^, a S*a a kiH»|:4.* tuhb iiij* — 
ont* \ron rhynnifv, a lMiuf(hc* a |iekt* iij' luj' — tlirt* »cLi two 
|M-rk« xij' — In thr h>ftc two lH*<id sUvti^ inj* -a ha|»| in a cou'- 
irtt, ij" ^hi'il* XX* — In tub loiti: o^it tht* •lHi|k'. Ilrm a 
fi'tluT \H'iU\ t\kr, a rovrrin, a liouif*ter ami a codd vj* viij*— 
two li,i|)|Mh^'^, a |»airi* of nhrits a riMhh and a houUtrr iiij*^ 
ij" Udd ^U-hK ij* %iij*— futi chi»l« nj\ In thr loftc* osrr the 
hall J aliurrir, a chi%tr \ a IndcUtridd %*. In th«- hackf •hupr 
A |Min* of U*llfi»Hr two Htudic^, thrr trowi*% a a wliralr, two 
Itrrat hainrr<». ihrt* ImimI haiiUT^, fourr |uurr (»f tt»nft<* ^^ fjW* 
and n%\H'^ \ othrr totili*«i iM'huiging to a rutirr i\w pnrr iij' 
tw€» kvf wxiij' nij*--A chi«tr in thr '•tahir nj* S*m inj' xtj* 
IIIJ*. •' V. T20. 




Tlie Inventarie of all the goods of M'gerye trolope deceas- 
ed appraised by iiij honest me' that is to saye Edward hud- 
spethe John Browne, Cuthbert hogg, henrye hyrst the xv'f^ 
daye of m'che 1569. 

Item one fether bed w*** a bolster xx'-r— one fetherbed, ij bol- 
sters X* sex cods V* — a happing, a coverlett xx* — a covering 
of y* bed xij** — a paire of sheits xx** — a p'ire of blankets xx** — 
a mattresse ij*. In the pressure. Sex coverletts xx* — thre 
blankets viij' — two cou'ings of a bed xx* — a brushe ij** — thre 
quysshins viij*. Apparell. Two cassetts xx* — a frocke viij* 
— a worsett Kirtle x* — a sylke hatt iij* — a velvett capp yj*. 
viij** — a p'ire of velvett sieves viij' — a clothe cape xij** — ij velvett 
bongraics iij* iiij**. In hir Coffer, two pillowes xvi** — a froke 
X** — two patclothes viij** — a Kyrtsho xij** — a hand Ku^hoo ij** — 
In hir Cliyst at the bedd feat. Two bord clothes iiij* — fyve 
towells diap* vj* viij** — two napkins viij** — one chist ij* vj* — In 
hir little cofer. A paire of hoise xiiij** — ^half a yeard of clothe 
iy \'y — ijo peics of fyne clothe xij* — two peics, one Kirtshowe 
ij* vj** — A p'ire of sieves & oy* peics xij** — a purse xij** — ^fower 
sylver spoines xviij* — fower croks vj**— one rynge vj*. viij** — 
two tabeletts vj* — In Gold. Item xiij*** old ryalb ix* xv* — 
fyve old nobles iij* vj* viij** — thre angells xxx*- half a ryall vij*. 
vj**. — in money iiij**. In a flanders Chiste. Item eight yerds 
of harden clothe iij* iiij** — ^thre paire of sheits xv* — dire yerds 
of round lyn ij* iiij"* — sex yerds of good lyn v* — xiiij*** yerds of 
harden v* x** — vj yerds of fyne lyne & a half x* — vij yerds & 
di of lyn clothe viij* In a chiste. Item sex wood dublers, iij 
meyles of wood, a milke syle, sex dyshes xij^ - iij chesewades 
ij** — a scomer ij** — a chafyn dyshe x* — a laddie of wood ob— 
two pannes xx** — two lairge chairgers of puder yj* — xij dub- 
lers of puder xvj* — xij dysshers of puder x* — ^v dublers & 
a puder basen iij* — xij sawcers of puder iiij* — thre brasse potts 
xvij' — fower tynkler panns v* - ij faire cawdrons xxxiij' iiij**. 
In one chiste. Item one fether bedtyke xij** — sex yerds of 
strakins v* — nyne yerds of harden iij*. In thomas potters 
CHAMBER, two flaudcrs chists vj*-^one counter vj' — one paire 
of bedstoks iij* iiij** — one p'ssoure v* iiij* — one chiste iij* — ij 
litle coffers xvj** — one chayre yj** — one Almerie in y* hall xiij* 
iiij** — thre hatts v* — one worsett appron xij**. In the lokbr. 

1 Daughter of WUliam Blikiston* of Blakiston, Esq., and widow of John 
Trollop, of Thornley, Ewj. 


Two Kirtfthawi*^ xvj^— two |iilloWfs viij* — oiu* llaylr v/^lialf 
a yrnl of lyii & c'tfii pvir^ x' xij clowe» i>l* hanlfn xij*— fytr 
caiHlli^tiki» xj* in waxc viij^ — otli«*r Iowm* |^*n* in the alntrrir^ 
^ cliiots ij' — DtTT. lci*ni in Jaini-« p'LinM>n hjUMi xx* 
in' Irulopt* of thonilrv in uionvc 13* 4' — lUut' LvddrlU wriT 
V* — Dttnit* lu)f{^ iij* — Dttnii* Uiwclon xx' — lliunii' hriiilam uiV 
S*m tutali.% xxxix' \%j* iiij^. Mxcv|iti-d llie fuumU rx|ifDcn. 


In till* naint* of f^cKl Anit*a tin* xx*^ ctayc of niavc A* cf ni 
I Mill I nichula» burno|H* i»l* tToxdcil flcrkc living ImiU* uf mvodr 
& of |i*titti* renM'mbmiM*!* tluink* Ih- to ^o<l thfn*turv urirri 
lv%»e M*ki* in inv ImmIvc tk> niakt* thiA niv lii»i will ji tc* 
in inan' ami lonnt* loUiwin;; t1\r»tr I fry no my mniII «nto all- 
niigktyi* frud my niaktT & my iKMlyt- to bf buried w'^in thr p'lUir 

chun*he of S* i>>>wal«ii*« in I>un-%mr. Item I will tliat m\- 


neifrhlki" liaiui* one dyiin* the cia\i* of in%' buriall to lie maul 
at xp'ofor liutrlK*M>ii liow^e in DiireMiie. Item I ^iue to laacr- 
lott htir%ley my ti<*|iiio oih* fetlH*r iM^klt* one bouUter m\ brst 
ou*M*a coVfTing tlu* l)e<kt(Kk» w'-''ull other lhiiifj> thcftu beUiCi|C- 
inge my Imiw«* \ all nuiir arnmt**. Item 1 gyur to AUimni 
Su lit lie my nece my be»t couiittT one clo*e i>re»Mir ail my baii|r» 
ingsi ^ hulling** elothi*i% in my Iiowmt at eroxilell oor matUt-* 
over M'a covering. Item I gvue to John {Kirter wyrte my 
XX* ill money one buwie of whete uiu* imutn-* ij blaiikrU ij ftbrfca 
one happiu ik my be^t cuvrrlett. Item I gyue to laurrloll par* 
ter iij' to Im' i>ut itito the ciLstiMlje ol* tlie ar«>re^aid lanmoCr 
horsiie my »aiii iie|>)io viito itiiche t\me the laid lancrlotc |iar« 
ter filial I come to lawfull aige & tlu-ii the mucI iij' to br drbu'ed 
vnt«> hym in moiM*y tog«*tlM*r w*^ all my Uiukft. AImd I g^ur to 
KoIkti bufiell of »herolt»ii lialf one buK«h«>ll 4>f wluntr. Itm I 
gyve ti) m' Jarrett %alveyne theUler my l>e*t Arke and aftrr lus 
<leath«* I will it »h.ill remavm- to iIm* heire^ of rruxdell. lt«flB 


I gyue to m'gt^rie gray iioMr uUfeof m' geiirge grayr <»iir mm 
chvniiii V AIm> I ch) remitte \ forgviie Ilt»U*rt AwirrMMi xx* 
w** he lu>wi-the me AIm> I giue x* tu hv be*t«>wrci A dntnb«C« 
tni emoiig^t the |ioore fi^^iple of the |ri%he of hiDchrtCrr 
emong^te ^uchv a« huitln* mo%t iiedt* thrr at the di«rrr*cp« of 
my ext'CutiH* Item I gyue to the |M»orr pecKile of croxdrll 
|i'i%lii* ij*. AUo I do remitt Kohrnii yalaiey of lainrkrvtrr x* 
w*" he owi-lh mt-. AImi I do torgyue g«*orge \aUleV of Iiiit»> 
gnne tither x* w*" Im* oweth me. AImi I do f\Qr to mr MMrr 
my l>e«t clothe gowne \ my round ciokr. 'Abo I p«r to 


ffrancis walker my peaced bowe. Also I gyiie to Jeffi'ay m'ky 
my booke called callapine. Also I gyue to Robert burnope 
my longe settle bedstocks & x" in money & my wo'ste bolster. 
The Resydewe of all my goods my debts paid & fun'all ex- 
penses deducted I gyue to my said nepho lancelote horsley 
elizabethe his mother & Alison Smith whome I maike my exe- 
cuto"^' of this my last will and testament Also I do maike the 
said Jerard Salvaine sup'visor of this my said laste will & he 
to see all things distributed imployed & bestowed according 
to thentent of this my last will & testament In Wytnesse 
whereof I the said nicholas burnope clerke to y* my last will 
& testa* haiue subscribed my naime the daye & yere Above 
written — Nicholas burnope. Wytnes of this will thorn's watson 
RobVt burnope and flFrances walker. * 



In the name of god amen the xiij^ day of June A® d'ni 1569 
I Jeanne Lewen ot y* p'ishe of alhallowes w'** in y* towne of 
newcastell vpon tyne wedoo lait wyffe to Robert Lewen of y* 
said towne esquier disseased hole of mynde & of good & p'fett 
memorye prayse be gyven to god althought I be vesited w*** 
sicknes in my bodye doith make this my testament contey'inge 
therin my last will in man' & fourme foUowinge ffyrst & pren- * 
cipallye I com'end & gyve my soule to almightye god & and to 
his Sonne Jesus Christ my onlye savio' my redemer and my 
bodye to be buryed in y* p'ishe churche off sanct nycholas in 
y* said towne of newcastell w^ my mortuarye dew & by lawe 
accustomed Also I gyve & bequithe to my sone xp'ofo' Luen 
two salts of sylver w*^ a cover gylt & a ringe of gold writhen 
Also I gyve & bequithe to Anne Lewen wyffe to y* said xp'ofor / 
Lewen my best gonne & my best Kirtle of sattan Also I gyve 
& bequithe to my sonne Robert Lewen on standinge cupe of 
sylver w"* a cover gylt and in money y* some of ten pounds 
Also I gyve & bequithe to my sone Edward Lewen a dosine 
sylver spones hauinge my husbands armes of them Also I 
gyve & bequithe to m'grat Barnes wedoo y* some of three 
pounds syx shillings & eight pence one cassick a gowne of brode 
clothe frynged w^** blake sylke my best cloke and my lynnyn 
clothes And to alles Barnes a gowne of worsted & a napron 
of worsted Also I gyve & bequithe to xp'ofor bartrara fortye 
shillings Also I gyve & bequitne to Jeanne Boys ten shillings 
Also I gyve & bequithe to m'gret bell ten shillings And also 


:k)G uii.i.s AMI 

I rlrailv arc|iiiii* \ for^rwi* w'' hri^hain all } ilrpu & M>nir« 
(if iii(»iH*\ y III* tltitlii* uui* int* A1m» I L!}^<* ^ lN*i|iii(lit* til 

Ji'ailllt* J.U'M)!! 1»\tli* to Jtilill JiK'kMlIl till MIlillilL'** A1m» I i:\\V 

to iiiv vir%4iiil Joliii ualM»ii <»\ \ ^iiilliii^*! t'lulii iHiiif \1m» I 
^\ur ^ lM*<|iiillir ((I rli/alM-tlii- hML'li>iin in^ l>rtiilitr% dtm^'litrr 
mil* f'a*>-ii*k of ^'r« u^runi aii«l tti Inr h\«i|it Aiiiii* «t«*ll iii\ M.iir 
lairaltif kirtli- AUt» I ^\%i' \ lM«|nith«* tci iii\ r«»«iiii;r niatlMi 
JtiiiMiii «iiir «ilil r\till Inr •! itiki II •iiiti (ti iii\ c-«i«i!it:i* Ji-.irinr hu 
u\irr oil* rin;;i' u'-' a (liaiiifniitl «t«iiii- in \t llu u' rii:;:f ««• 
llrr niolln'r^ ANo I ^l%«- \ lN'i|i:illir It) ll«alM*il Jar'Hiii H\tTc* 
lo Mr Juliii Jar«ion ot (i.ihiilx* oih* ijuliic <li)t kal Inr a ti>ki-n 
AIm) I ^Y^t* \ lK-(|iiiilif Co niv «-(i*>iiir 111 xpiifor iiixttoiini i»rkr 
diiimoiintli' Ntoiif M-tt ill a i\il«- |H-at'r ot {*ol<l aii«l to iii\ rii^irir 
Wis yk\i\v out* oiiM r\all tor tokrii And u1<m» I i;\\i* CV iMtontlir 
to mv ro'^iiii' nr u"* <«litr\^iNMl nm* likf (iiaiiiiino ^-it in trcld 
And t«> iiiv ro«»iiii:r lii% H\i]f iin< old r\ail A1m» I i:\\t' Sn hr« 

• « • • • 

fitiitlir t«i iii\ Mini* \|»*otor Liui n iii\ Ihmim* uIkti-iii I di> tM»«c 
flu I'll in \ lit' old tvnii* rall«'«i vorki-^ iilao* 2^ if v' «;iid xp'ofor 
<lvt* u'^itut v«!tr ot hit InmIw laMt'iiIKi' iH-L'nttcn 'llu-n I c^^c 
K iM'tJuitlu* \' Hjud iit>iist« to iiiv Miiii- IJilM.ird I^ wni \ if lie 
i\\v h'"oii( \o|i«> iif Ilio ImmIm* l.i\itiill\f lit'^'otlin tin ii I |:^%r 
K IkMiuitlii* V' oaid liouM' to KnlH-ri I^-ui n iiiv Min«'. AImi | 
|;y\t* N lNi|iiitlii' to iiiv ^iMxi Ml'* IMkiiitiiii nil lord of durluuiM 
wvfli' oiu- rin;;i* of colt I u*'' a nilM* o(«iim* in \t lor a tnk'-n. 
ANo 1 ^\\i- \ l)i*t|iii(li*' to 111' \trar iiT mark lira \i* fi>r in\ Utr 
p'tti'ii ti-ailii'^ lortu- sliiiliii^^ ANo I ^\\v \ lta-<|tiitlH- to 
IIIV cti^iiic 111' Joint liaf{lliro|i «it itilli-Uudrthi* ono old r\Ail 
\ to in\ rii«in;:«* li> uitU* «Mif oiImt old rx.ill fur tokf n% AI*«* 
1 K}'^*' ^ Ih-^uiiIii* tti Join I p\t)*>iin X la« w\tK' alhf*r om- fn-iuli 
cTouiit' It'll! I i:\\r S U-onitlii' t«i v' tour «*urat« of tli:« lownr 
en' i»f tlniii i«ii «liiliin;jo. A1m» I ^'\\i* ^ lN-f|iitih4* to fimr 
|KMiri* •^knlliTH of ('anihri;:f Immiil' Ixirn in tln^ to«kn«* i-urrv onr 
4>f llif'in trii sliilliiiL^H to«arcl<* \' In-lpH All %' Ki-«\du«* i<f all 
inv pNxU inoiraMi- ^: vnin(»\«-.ilili* niv drpt* Ir^aii-^ fuii'*ll 
f\)H-ni'i-« drdii('t«*ii \ |iaid I ]Z\\f S. lM-<|iiillif to iii\ Mi:*t i'A* 
uanl l.t'Ufii ulumn- I ortiaxiii* X inakr ni\ «-\rulii' \w In urdt-r 
X dt<»|Hiiic \' ^anu- a*> «Iii1Im- nio^t in \' |lr.L«iirr of phi ji him 
«>uni' |»'t'< riiKiit And aUi» I Mill \ |iitirl\ n-ot.ii'r \' Alori*%aid 
xp'ntor inidtord iir w--' N|iirwi»cN| X iiir Jnliu li.ii;tbrii|« in\ 
f-»|H I'i.iU tninlH III In* \' supxiMtr^ t>f thi^ ni\ U«t wiil \ tt-^t*- 
rni'iit ilii\ to ot ,i!l ilii!i j<« Im nil f iinti \ lu-d t'tf'i rTualUi- t-xivuti^ 
^ pttiiiMi fl oil iiixilif a« III till-Ill l\i llii* a« «»liall»i* int>«t to \* 
I'll .1^11! «•! ;/«><l X litMi till « nt ni\ rlitidrtn a« iti\ «|4« lall tnt«( 
1^ III till ct In uiipio mIhtoI I ham- put to my IuuhI hrfat 
tlu-« uiitm ->i H A d*iii I.Vi'J Jam- U«ra C'liruto|»tirr oiytlbrd 


w^ sherwood John magbraye witnes of y* sainge hear of y* 
xviij^** day of November y* year aboue written is. * 


In the name of god amen y* second of December A** d*ni 
1569 wytnessith y' I w*" Millner of y* towne of newcastell 
wever being sicke in my bodie but of good & p'fytt remebranc 
do maik y. my laste will & testam't in man, & fourme folowing 
ffirst I bequithe my soule into y* hands of almightie god hop- 
inge onlye to be saved by the death of Christ Jhesus my re- 
deamer & my bodie to be buried w'^'in y* churche yarde of 
St andrewes of y® said towne Imp'mis I make Jennet t mylne 
my wyffe my full and sole executrix It'm I gyve vnto Davye 
lecke y* gowne my broth' thomas gave me It'm I gyve vnto 
agues mylner my brothers doughter a counter. It'm I gyve 
cuthbert leeke my p'ntise a lynne lowme he workethe one and 
a harden gear And further I do charge my wyfFe Jennett 
myln' to pay my detts and so fuUie to discharge my fun'all & 
legacs and thus I comitt my sperit into y® hands of god and so 
I make an end being donne i'y* p'sence of John Ortonne minis- 
ter Robert Oegle Raufie wright John wilkinson and others. 
Also I will y^ if my wyffe put my worke gear away then I will 
my said p'ntise to haue all y* same for xiij' iiij*' and if she put 
not y* same awaye then he to have y* lynne lowme & y* ij* 
geirs, a lyn & a harden. * 


Aug. xxi. 1569 John bawfurthe of busshope Aukeland — To 
Isabell bawfurthe my doughter that is with Roland hodgson a 
sylver spoine a knyffe a laddie a Rowling pin — to Thomas baw- 
furthe my brother a swerde, a saddle, a paire of bootes & y* 

sworde not to be sold, but to go to y* next of the bloude 

S'm honor' xj* xiij". vj**. * 


Inventory 9 Nov 1569 Inter alia^ Eleuen dakers of dried 
vnderleathers xxvj*. ii daker of soles x' vij dakers of ou'le- 
thers xvj', x*. xl barke fatts xiij* vj*. viij*. Ixxx fudders of 

u 2 


barke xx\ In hi* pup»e ij old naU %J anc«'l n«»hl«^ and uilirr 
iiioiiv bf«»i«U iiij' %j*. viij^. For a barki'^l hitlc ijV rj*. * 

ii'XLV. RAKTKAM linll*it»N, i>l lit KM \^. 

In^KNTiirv. xwiij N<»v. \M\K In inoiir%- xliiij*. iiijV Xfra\n 
in inont'V ij*. In «>|mni^li«* nionrv wiij*. ro«i-r old r%aiU nj*. 
Chit* nt*w rial! ik iij anp-IU \1*. Ont* huttunrd ra|> xij . T»u 
ttravto capn of blak tIoiIh* iiii*. C>n«' mattrtHiM* oim* riMhi tif 
down roiiM w"* tu^iii«>n ij* iu)*, Ont* hhukc pown fortil w** 
blarkf* lanilx* %*. Om* otlirr pmn nf rriul ru«M*tt r«irf<i «** 
biakr lanilM* %j*. viij*. ()ii<* oiIhtccmM inj'. (huTovcrlrti and 
om* wliyte happing xx*. Onr |>air ot* nfw hlankt*tt% liij*. A 
pair of !»luMt^ j ixld ••lu-it ij*. A IhihcCI ij*. 'Hirr ft|iirtt-» ijV 
()iM» blarkf riokf iij". liij^. Two JiU'ki'ttH of rt-ail niMrtt ij*. 
iiij*. 'IVo diiblcttH w|ii*rt*of «>nr of fu^lion xx*. Oiu* |iairr of 
blaki* li«»Hi*n & tuo |>airc* of whui* iij*. ( )ni* |iairr of iM-«kt* *hnr« 
xij*. ()in» lillt* vWi^i onr rofiT xx*. A |»«Mr«' of rla^ironk ij'. 
Om* randli**»tiko iiij*. Sum ix*. ix*. viij*. Di.hita dicti cir. 

fumti vnaruni t'X|H*n«ki!« fun'alihiiH. T«> lliclif nl M'»hall fur a 
clianibrr for ix vrn** xviij'. I'\»r hi** f\fr for \* «|iairf of ii 
y«*rt*s ix'. For tlii' cM*rup\inp of our fi*tlMTlM-«i of hi* ftir fo«rr 
yrri*^ viij*. For a hnitlu* «ir hupping; in \' t\nii* of hi« «%knr« 
vj*. For a p\ntr of brint uynt* iiij*. 'i\> wrdo FIIimni f«ir a 
wrik«i Ixirdi* at bi% fir^t roni'np t«> Diirli'm w'^ dtM-tor «al*nii* 
whrii lit* wa!4 maid .\llmi-«<ima' w^*" wa^ l.'i.Vl j^ th«* fir*! \rrr ot 
qucni* marii*«» rri^n x\iij*. For w|ii-«Miif; Un rlotln-^ to wcclcn 
nrwtim for onv half vt*ri* ij*. To Kol>t*rt uhytrhrid f«ir makii^ 
of a piwn for h\m xx*. F«)r hi<» fun'all tfX|H»nM^ Al f^Ycti is 
Allnu'^M- xijV \j*. S'm liij\ \j*. Kemant't riar* tj' x*j*. ij*. — 
iX'Ct'aMrd mti*»laite. * 

(CXLVt. Ro«ii:R llL\XTON.' 

In y* name of ^cmI Ami*n 'Iln* xij day of Novrmber an tbr 

I Api«>irl<Hl l>r«n of Durham, bv Quern Marv, It Not.. |&M~ft«ct«r i/ 

North i'rawlrt, in llinkin^ainthtrr Mwirr ul Si. J«4in*f l*i4U|rr. Cmmkni§i 

— ilh»)i"t. «il l.iru-iiln in I^.^T'-Drilrfl frutn thr .*4or u( lancntn upoa tW accs^ 

»t..n ••! Kl faU'th— ^«>ntin«-d tirtt in the Tower *.*( IjiM^Um, and 
\Vi«ln*s.h i 4«tlr, ithrrr hr iliol in IM4. 

I S«in "f WiUiAni llUk:tt«>n, i»f i'utbow, V^t • anil ovnrr ci iUhmAf W ■ 
riaipr «iih K!.xj)irtii. •Uu|ehtrr anil tvlr hcu of KKbard Maflrv, li^f-— 
I'ril^rrr. Ni acti* II.. 2S^. 


yeare of o' lord god a thousand fyve hundrethe thresoore and 
iiyne. I Roger blaxston of Gybsyd w***in the County of Dur- 
ham esqnyer maketh this my last will and testament conteinying 
herein my last will in maner & forme folowing. ffirst I com'end 
my Soule vnto almighty god mv creator ana redemer and my 
body to be buried within my p'ishe churche of Whickham neighe 
vnto my staule. Fyrst I bequieth vnto y* poore & Impotent 
p*sons of y* said p'ishe xx' Also I bequie the vnto S', Bartho*. 
lomewe reasly curat vj". viij* Also I bequiethe vnto Edward 
fvlthropp my systers sonne xx* Also vnto John Fulthrope my Sys- 
ters Son xx*. Also vnto Grace Fulthrope my systers dowghtr 
xx'. Also vnto Nicholas fulthrop my systers sonne xx'. Also 
I bequieth vnto my son George Blaxtons daughter Elizabeth 
Blaxton iij* Also I bequiethe vnto my sonne m la we George 
lumleys thre Children every on of them xx*. Also I bequieth 
vnto will" marley sonne to Anthonye marley xx'. — Also to foure 
of his children everye one of them one yowe. Also I bequiethe 
vnto my sonne George blaxton x*. Also I bequiethe vnto my 
servant Gilbert laborne one whye stirke Also I bequiethe vnto 
Iloger colson my god sonne two yows Also I bequiethe vnto 
my servant Elizabeth marley one whye and foure yows Also I 
bequiethe vnto my sonne will" blaxton one pressure standinge 
in the perler Also I bequieth more vnto my said sonne will m 
blaxton one cawell two long racks thre speyts standing and be- 
inge in y' kytching Also I bequieth vnto him one steape lead 
one brewing lead one danske chist and a little chist with evi* 
dence Also I will & bequiethe that the standinge bed in y* per- 
ler w*** a trendell bed & a longsetle shall reraayne styll vnto nim 
as ayrlimes with the best fedder bed one payre of blanketts n 
paire of lyne shets two coverlets w'** a oversey covering being y* 
best, one bouster two cods w^ pelabers and w^ y* hangings be- 
longing & p*tayning to y* said bed Also I bequieth vnto my 
foresaid sonne Will'm one great pott of mylyone one coper caw- 
dron one great yetlynge of brasse Also I bequith vnto hyme 
my owne baye meare Also I bequieth vnto my foresaid sonne 
Wiirm blaxton more one fedder bed two raattarises w'** ther 
standing beds and a trendell bed that are in the chambers Also 
I bequieth vnto my wyfFe Elizabeth blaxton one cobert in the 
haule two fedder beds, one dansk chist one flanders chist foure 
paire of lyne shetts four paire of blanketts two paire of coverlets, 
two pots, one oversey covering next y* best Also I bequieth 
vnto Edward cokson y* younger my sisters sonne xx*. Also I 
bequieth vnto my sonne thomas blaxton v*. Also I bequieth 
vnto my donghter dorothy blaxton v'. Also to my dougbter 
grace blaxton v^ Also to my doughter mary blaxton v^ Also 


to inv (loiiclitiT alioiiiT hiaxton lik«*wiftr v'. Alvi rnto mr 
dotiffliter I«alN*ll Niixion v^ AImi vnto my ciou^litrr llorbftrv 
blaxtoii v'. in liko iimn*. Ati<l aUo I floo tinlyni^ ronntitutr and 
maikr niv afon'^Ai<i m»iuu* will* lilaxWiii my lull ami only «*\rrti- 
totir of all my other ^cmmU (ii*l)t% aiul credit^ tti c»nl«-r am] dU|MiM» 
at liin will ^ nU*a*»iiri*. AUo I do roiiMitiiU* unify m* and niaik 
my triiHty anu well>flovif| HroduT KtilnTt tcmix-^t of liolmr^yd 
eM|iiyrr and p^ir^i* liimlw* of t'\<»lii'lhou4-^'« pcMitli nu*n •itliia 
T* rotmtyc of Ihiririii Siip'%iM>rH of tlii^ my la^t will and tt-^la-> 
mt*nt. And I ^yuc to my hnitlicr an old r\all aiwl to gc^irfr 
lumlryi* om* old anp*ll f«»r llirr |<a\nf*%. In «ilni«% «lM*m^f lu 
ihit my pn M*nt will \ tc%tanuMit 1 havr <»iihMTilM-<i mv narmr 
and %rtt mv **raU* v' davc* ami \vrv alMuji* Miid iM'fon* th«* »ilnr«a 
who hath «uhMTilN>«l ihrr nam«*«. (ri*or^t* lumly h-irtlMilcunrw 
itHtlay anthony m'lry p*or^ hiaxton KanlT hiintir plhrrt U- 
boiiriK* Janu*s davyMin John ciMikman rhri»t«>|>hf*r wallon KasC 
mar lev w'* otlicn*. * 



Inwntory ir> Ang. \bl\*J. Imier aiia Hit* wain* m tlM^ Umfir 
%cx pain* «)f |MintohU*% & onr itairt* of )Mini|>t*» %j*. %i'. l*%o 
|uiiri* of hu«kin<» iij*. Kight diglit ralfTr «»kinn«-« v*. Ten gtnte 
tkinnrii vjV viij^. Might maid Jerk ins, a j^airr of Aleve* & vmt 
\HiiTv of hti«kin Irgg4 x%jV A ImmkI of l>i*ath(*r xiiij'. Thre 
^*t*rd(*^ of yrlowe r«>(tan xij'*. All tin* hoh* working gt-rt* ia the 
Oio|H- \*. x'. S*x krid fikiniM-^ ij*. xxx fiairt* of huts xx*, two 

rnttin^t* iMMirdn %iij'. lli't KaynM*nt xl*. (>iir iMiwr 

fkhaiffi* of Arrow I'* ij*. %j^. One «»wonh' & 4»ne daigrrr 
Sum total viij' xix' ij^. * 

icXl.viii. I i.i/AUl.Tii ci.\xTuN, wiinm.' 

In thf* navnii* of CmmI Amrn. 'Ili«* TI dav of Marrbr et 
Ann" I>*ni IMi!). I Klvz-avbt-vtho Claxtonn «»f W%ttonn CHk 
h« rt in thf Counts i* of Ihirh'm Wftlowr lta*\iig «%rkc in m 
|>«h|\«*, hut ti'f\tt in mv n*nH'mhniunrt* thankt-% lie %n to A 
mxehiM* (iim|« dovtht* mak«* mv la»t nvll \ tf«tamcnt in SMBer 

• • • • • 

and forini* follow ini;. F\r»t I do ro*m\tt uiv ftowUe vw to 

•^ • • • 

I The Ucuav in tkU will arr mpfUtd fhMi tW 



Almyghtye God beshiching for the love of his sonn Jhessus 
Christe saycke to have marssye vppon me when so ever I shall 
depart fourthe of thys myssarablye worlde by whose merytts 
onlye I trust to be savyd. Furthermore I bequeathe my deade 
body to the eyrthe emong my trewe christen brethren & sisters 
beuryails wy the my dewtyes to God & holy churche accordinge 
to the laudablye custome of this Realm'. Also I bequeathe vn 
to Chuthbert Wvttwayne one fether bed, the tycke therof I dyd 
by, on bolster, iiij pewder dublers, iiij pewder dysshes, iiij salsers 
London wessell, vij silver spounes, a coveryng of a bed; 
emygj'rj'e woorcke ; a playne lyn towell ; one happyng with a 
coverled ; one cheaste Inndyworcke : Item one cunter wyth a 
coweryng neadlye woorcke. Item the curtyngs & teaster about 
the bed y' I lye in blawcke & reade. Item iij dyoper napkyns 
w'*' iiij playne napkyns one iron speat one shayving baysing 
It'm one payre of Iron Racks ij Candlestycks of latting boythe* 
of one fassyon one paire of ieron tongs. It'm one brasspott. 
It'm I bequeathe vnto Anthonye Braydfurthe one feyther bed 
of my awn mayking, w**^ a bolster, ij pillowes w^ ij pillowbers ; 
a paire of woollen blancketts. Item a paire of lynsheats, a 
blewe cov^ing of a bed, one borde cloy the, one happing w^ a 
coverled, one short lyn towell. It'm I geve and bequeath vn to 
Maister Docter Bennet the hyngyns in the lawe chambre where 
I lye, read & yallowe, in recompence of all his gentlynes tovards 
me. It'm I bequeathe vnto Henry Wyttwayn one paire of lyn- 
sheats, one happing w^^ a cou'led, ij pillowes w*** ij pyUowbers. 
It'm one brassepott w^ a bolster. It'm I bequeathe to Mag- 
gerye Swynboume my best goune, one paire of silver crucks 
gylt. Item I bequeathe vnto hir syster ysbell shawftow a goune 
that ys open vppon the breast. It'm I geve & bequeathe vn to 
Margarylt Swynbome a goune edgyd w'*» welwett It'm I be- 
queathe vnto Margerye Swynbome a demy gyrdill. It'm I geve 
& bequeathe vn to hir syster Jan Swynbome dawghter vnto 
M' Jhon Swynborne of Chopvell of paire of curell beads w*** a 
hart of golde at them, and also a Jy'mer of golde, w*'* Jimmer 
I do geve vn to my sonne Robert Claxtonn of the olde Parcke 
for a toking. I geve more vn to Margaryt Swynborne on lytlye 
pattlett sett w*** pearll on the forsyd. It'm I geve &* bequeathe 
vnto Tliomas Jaxsonn husband vn to An Wyttwayn iiij pundes 
in monye that Robert Wyttwaine doythe owe me of Dunston, the 
w«»» iiij punds I the saici Elyzaibeytlic Claxton doythe acknow- 
ledg myself to have receyvid fyften shillings, notw^standing I 
will that the said Robert Wyttwain of Dunston shall maycke 
vp a gain the forsaid sum of iiij punds for the forsaid Thomas 
Jaxsonn & liis wyfe. An Wyttwain in recompence of other detts, 


iHH^iiirxt ttu* lor^aiii KtylnTt \\\tlH«i\Ti i»t Dilution anci nic %* 
I'or^aifi KIi/iilH*tli rlaxloii. I il«i p*M* \iilo An Ja\%Minii cme 
uckcMif (*iM*a«( u*** liailhf a «>iii'rk liM'kr h\i|i a (miIKt Il'ni oiir 
otlit*r rlu'afct h*** iiaiihr a MappK & a lir«{»t alM> I fl«> f;\ur «iitu 
v' Miifi All JaxMHi on rhunili-t k\rlK* flu* u**^ I do Ufan* %|i«ia 
\' liollvciav. h*ni (l«N) ^\Hf \nto John liopiHT my man uo 
wliii* It*ni I inyuv \nio niar^t*r\4* «>M\iilM>unif om* tViK-ki- farici 
u*** ^rayi* ronny ITni I ^'mh* %nto in'^an-t »ift\iitiounM- %»( 
inu^^li«iHortli my lil.u'Li* maunlli* It'm fi\iiv %tito nr^an-t 
Kticirrfortlif mv hollvd.ix Lf«>i:ii«' It'm I <!•> ir\ii«- \nlo Will'iii 
C'lanvrrin^ mv |H*st«*ll ^ morti-r — \iito S%atho trottrr m) 
«»|nnninfr hIumIi* — vnto All\M>fi (lavrin^ om* worM^it k%rtlo 
wi-lli(l h'** \' %iui\v — - ■ \n(o KoImtI \VittHa\n llirldr^t MHine 
tme lVtli(*rlH*(i 'llu* y^**" I nil v* h<* an A\rt'[omt* to \* liuw^ 
— - more tt» CntiiftKTt Wittnaxm* a law rnhlNini m*^ li lra«r« 
A Im»u<*. 'Hh* H«**»t ot* all my gcMMN iMMn^ not iN-inn-^liil 1 do 
f{yiu* vnto mv rt»^in^ M' Jolm «iHuitNinu* ol'(*ho|itirIl \' \ouii|rrr 
Ami to Antfionv Hraxdfiirtlii* jC (*utli)N*rt HiiiuaMif vilMmir I 
do maiki* mv full (ArcutorH ot'tlii^ mv Lu»t will ~ wlirr^nlo 1 

•« lia\e M>tto mv s\anr — . iiroviiiiclt* aluaxi*^ \* Itaulfr 

Ad*»tayni' ^liall havi* ij kint*\.ti'n c^vntfiN shfa|*«* tiirtli of culh* 
Ik-rt i»itHa\ni* MTtor^ ' r\<'C'utor<» j |»art It'm I inyw to An Ja%- 
ikiii all \' U«"»t of my liu«»lio|(i p'iiri* u'^ i% not ;;<'\«*n & lM-t|iH*»l- 
t*d. \\itnr-«», \v. 

(CXtlX. JOHN liisTIR. I*\KM»N or i;nM<»XUIIICR!«.' 

In th<* iiaxnHMifffiMi anuMi In tiu* vrn* of our lonl fiml 1570 
niitl ili«* \iij*^ day ot' Aii^ti!»t I Joiin rttstiT rlark |i*M»fi uf 
l'UlMiondlfi«*r<» wlioir in mynd and in ^mmI rt*mt**hranmi* iluihr 
maik tni la*>t uill and irMani* in nianir \ tornif a.% toll«»mrlhr: 
tfip>t I i:\\f and lN'(|ulr(lif my Siwll to aliiu^rlitii* pMl my err* 
ato' and Kfdi'MiiT tni^tin;; in ln« ^«- and rn'ri** ti» )m> oim* off 
liifi Kl«Tl rlnltirrn. AUo I fi\\v ti» S' wilKni «trutlHT« «inr 
V(»«kr I ^\x<' ti» Mar^ar«-tt Su«>nn)Miurtir «mu* \o» lt'mg\%r 
to mt*«lo%i oli\<T tli«* motlnT ot' h)<l«arfi oli%rr vij* I jntr to 
W(*<|imi' uhitfidd ni|' I f!\\f t«> lMrl>«*raii* p>lling ludfla brrk 
ofrvr. I f;\vc to A^ni*?* dounr inj^. It'm I f^yw to HVilovc 
Moint-r u'** «ia« tin* viifrr ol' |H'ti*r hloinrr lialtl a |H-rkt* of Ilir 
I ^'\\i- t«i' «|M'fri' a ^liorl punu* that I «arr I g\%9 
to Janii « «i|i%rr a LunlN* I trivt* to HoU-rt oli%tT a Umbr I 

■ rrr^'i*!-! * t!.i- RtA *.fir^ .f F liii «'>l!iim tt« the IW«n ami 

l);trL4|i II. I '•'•7 


gyve to Isabell ellynson a lambe And the rest of my goods 
that I haue I gyve and bequiethe to John foster my sonn and 
to Kather}Ti Synipson my bootler whome I maike to be ray 
trewe and lawfull executo" to pay my debts and legacies w*** 
this p'viso I will that ylT the foresaid Katherin Sympson marie 
and taike a husband I gyve all my wholle goods (Debts and 
legacies being paid) to John foster my sonn And the said John 
foster my sonn w**^all his goods I gyve to the custodie and go- 
verning of s^ Tliomas bensone p'son at Mowglissworthe Also 
I maike supviso" of this my last will and testament my well- 
beloved m' xp'ofor Chartoure of Durh'm to whom I gyve a 
gold Ryng and the foresayd Sr Thomas benson p'son ofMow- 
glisswykts Witnessethe of the sayme Robert andro Edward 
Olyver and Robert Olyver Wythe other moo — Thomas ben- 
son. * 

The Inventarie of all the goods and cattell of John foster 
clarke p'son of Edmondbiers at the day of his deathe praised 
by thesse fouer sworne men Robert andro' Roland haver peter 
readshawe Robert Ellison the xxvij of Novembr 1570. 

Imp'mis a kowe & a calflFe xx" — lij old sheipe vj* xvj** — xlij 
sheii)e hoggs iij* iij* — in haie & come xxxiij* — in teinde haie 
xxxij* — in gees iij* — houshold stuflFe in the housse xx' — a fether 
& other bedding xl" — two chists vij" — two old gownes, a clok, a 
black Jaket, a pair of hoisse & a dublett xiij* iiij^ — in pookes, 
and seeks ij' — xij stones of wooll the price of eu'y stone iiij* iiij** 
S'm lij". S'mma supra xx* v* viij**. The Debts that was owing 
vnto the sayd John foster Clarke p'son of Ekim'ndbyers at the 
day of his deathe It'm Wedow car of peddomisshack vj* viij** 
— John snabawe xiiij** — Cuthb't ward al's blomer iij' viij** — 
Wedowe blomer iij' vj^ — that Symon elrington of hesper 
sheilles vij" — S'm of the debts xxj". Debts that he was owing 
at the day of his deathe. It'm to S' Thomas benson p*son of 
mugliswick v^ S'm to"* xxj* vj* viij**. * 


In the nayme of God amen. The xij day of August 1570 
Thomas Reedhead of po'telland yeoman being sick in bodie and 
so neare the tyme of deathe that he was not well able to abyde 
the writing of his will for want of necessaries therto belonging 
but yet being then of indifferent good memorie and reme'braunce 
praised be almightie god, did then by word of mouthe maik and 
ordayne his last will and testament nuncupatyve of all his goods 


K, ratli'lU ill iiiaruT ami fomii* fiillouliif^ tficiKy sliillin|»«. 

imi' t'Hi* &c. • 

(t'll.l. ANTHONY IM.AiK, fir inSSliAM.* l.l.NTl CMAJI. ' 

III tlir iiaiiir of i:tM\ aiiK'ii thr wiij'*^ iLiv of April iii ihi* % 
of Or loni pMl a thtiH«aiul i\\r hiiiiiirul ami M>a%vrit\r I 
Aiitiioiiv lMa«*«' ol* l)\ii««lall ill till* i*(iiiiil\«* tit* I)'iri-«iii«* ffriitU^ 
man In-iiip* o( f;<MM|i* aii«l p tUi* r«-iii«-iiil»r.iti«-i* I^ni iiiakt* aiwi 
onk'Viit* llii^ iiiv Uv^lv Will aii<l 'l\-<»taiiH'iit in inaiirr aii«i furmr 
follouinp*. flxr^lf I lM'ci«k«-.itli im\ miuU* \iito Alniiirhtv p«l 
nmi mv ImmIv tn hv l»iirii'<i at tin* iliM-rc^oion of ni\ I'Xt future in 

till* rhun'lii* of that p'\^lu* HJit-ri* \* «liiill |ilfUM' ^'imI to rail 
out of llii<» Ivl*. It*m (\r tlir rliild Hhtri-H''^ ni% uitr iiom i% he 
a soiinr) th«*n I uill tJiat my f^iiil uif %|iail liam* tlii* orniiiar'tia 
of niv I'cmu'liolfi at Dal ton uimui tiN'tM* in tin* count v of Ytirkc* 
for llu* «|Muv of tliirtic \vtv^ iirxi i-nM-win^t* tht* «Litf lirrof ( %f 
tiiv ^aid Wit* flo mi loiii: lv%r and do nniaxnt* all that t%nH* «n* 
niarrii'«l) And I will tlint («'*" thf |rtiit« ttnTof and of Iia» 
rliiItU |Hirtion of my ^cknI*») uln* «»liall hrinf;t* v|i|)e mv •^iid »oniM* 
in viTtiii and Ifrnin^r And shall at his full n^v of wf" vrm 
|myr vnto liini for i*u'rv \vtv that •»ht* or ht-r a.*k»i^ni'4*« nhail h^» 

fori* that t\uit* <»rrui»ir mv ^licl ffrmtlioM the* Mime* of fnrtie 

* * * 

^hillln^'4 ovrr and lK*»ydr hi a i;ud ihihU |Kirtion. Ami tluit Uie 
!»hall iikrHi*ic for «*u*y yc-ri' tluit ulu* nliall orf*u|Ui'my «aid fc- iim » 
hold liy fon*c of thi« my uill aft«'r my Miid mmiih** full a|tc pay 
%nlo hyni v«*n*lyv (yf lit* mi h>np* lyvi*) tlu* M»mo of k"\ |iouia 
c»f I^'iwt'iill Knulidi imtnrv And aftrr tho ^lid thirtit* Trrrs 
<*nd\d \f ni\ ^aid mhiih* Im* tlirn lv\iiii;i* 1 will that hr %li«ll 
luitic* thf <H-riipa«**on of my «aid f«*rm(-hold during; m» murhr of 
mv tiTnii- I if \<*rt-^ ^^** thi'ii »liaillH: to romr in tlw 
li^ h«* *»liall l\\«>. And vf mv «aid MUim* ^liall fortum* to dv 
fun* thf « iid i»f flu* «iaiil tliirtvi* \frr^ tht*n I ^iW that mv 
Hif «hall pax %iiti» iii\ i|«iu;;litfr Marp-ry at ihi- <Uy ot lM*r niar« 
riii^i* ftirtyc ohilIin^<i tor fuy \vw tliat my ^id Wit «»r Iht 
nc<k ^liail iKHUipir my j^aid tfriiit'liold l>ffort* tlu* vud 
and tor h*^ xi-n-^'khf »hall iH^forc tliat t%mo liavr |iaiNi m> 
\nt«» mv <^ud «ionni' And that mv said Wif alMi for ru'v !»lif t»r htr a^^i^iir^^ ^hall (H-cup\ my %aid frmM-hida bt 
f«irri- lit lhi« mv will aftrr my Niid dau^liti-r Marf*cry«*« niarria|pp 
itliall |*ay %iiti» iirr wTfly (\f my Mud do^ghtcr »o long lyvr) 

tlitf pctllfrrrr fd ihit bmilv. 5irBTlit 111, SSiw 


the some of foure pounds. And that at the end of the said 
thirtie yeres (my said sonne beinge deade as is aforesaid) my said 
dowghter M'gery shall have the resydewe of my yeres w*^** then 
shal be to come in my said fermehold. And yf the thild where- 
w^ my wif nowe is be a doughter and not a sonne, then I will 
that my said wif shall have the occupac'on of my said fermehold 
during the said terme of thirtye yeres (yf she doo so longe 
lyve) and doo remayne all that tyme vnmaryed And I will 
that w«h the profitts therof and of her childs portion of my goods 
she shall bringe vpp my said doughter M'gery well and vertu- 
ouslye And shall at such tyme as my said doughter IVTgery 
shalbe maryed pay vnto her fortye shillings (over and besyde 
her said childs portion for euery yere that she my said wif or 
her asslgnes shall before that tyme occupie my said fermehold 
And that my said wif lykewise (for eu'ry yere that she or her 
assignees shall occupye my said fermehold by force of this my 
will after my said doughter Margeryes marriage) shall pay 
vnto my said doughter margery verely (yf my said doughter 
M'gery so long lyve) the some of foure pounds. And at the 
end of the said thirtie yeres I will that my said doughter 
M'gery (j f she be then ly vinge) shall haue the occupac'on of my 
saiae fermehold during so much of my said terme of yeres w*^*» 
shall then be to come in my said fermehold as she shall lyve. 
And yf my said doughter Margery shall fortune to dye before 
the end of the said thirty yeres then I will that my said wif shall 
pay vnto my other doughter at the day of her marriage fortie 
shillings for eu'ry yere that she my said wif or her assignees shall 
occupie my said fermehold before the said marriage and for w<* 
yeres she shall before that tyme have paid no money vnto my 
said doughter M'gery Ancf that my said wif also for eu'ry yere 
that she or her assignees shall occupie my said fermehold by 
force of this my will after the mariage of my said other dough- 
ter yerely (yf she my said other doughter so long l)rve] the some 
of fowre pounds And that my saia other doughter at the end 
of the said thirtie yeres shall haue' the reste of my terme of 
yeres then to come in my said fermehold (my said doughter 
M'gery beinge deade as is aforesiud) And I will that my said 
wif so longe as she ly vyth and remanyth vnmaryed shall haue 
the government and bringing vppe of all my children and shall 
like wis duringe the same tyme haue the vse of there childs per- 
tions and legacyes puttinge in sufficient bonde to my father in 
Lawe M' Clarvaux and to my brother Roberte and John Place 
to pay vnto my said children and to eche of them all there se- 
verall portions of my goods and the legacyes of this my Will 
at there full ages or mariage or at the mariage or death of her 


niv Slid Hit*, w'** OA !»haU M>iii*<tt* ha|>|N*ii And ^f vt %hall I'or- 
tiiiit* iiiv '»aid Hil'tc» dv«* or to iiiarvi* diiriiiift* flu* %iu*l tliirtir 
it*ii I will from llit*ii«»riirtli«* inv ««iid h\%i*^ t-%ta(t- and ii>* 
IvTv^l in niv naid iVrnirlioltl •^liall cruM* & dott-rnnni' aiMi that 
%hv fihall n«) lonpT liaui* tin* (N*c*ii|Mi4'*«>n nf niv «aid iVrnirlHilil 
nor any prolytt or r«>n)niiM|yt\«* thrnd'or any |i;irt tliiTut' And 
that th«*n niv ^aid mmuu* (\t'an\ hIuUIn*) fthall hav«* ihr iM-ruiiar*t»n 
tht*rol' during' mi niurhc ol my trniif thm t«> conn* ni ni\ *aiil 
fcrini'hold a^ lit* ^liall \\\v And \t In* d\«* duriiii;t* n)\ %Aid 
tc*rin«* or that tin* child HhtTrH*-- niv «aitl y^\f iiowr i* Im- a 
dini|:litfr and no mmiih* tlif*ii I uiil ni\ <».iid dnw^diti-r Mar- 
gery unrcliatly at't« r tin* d«'atli«' or inarui^t* ol' ni\ ^ud «%f 
mliic'h its nhail tin* fiirnt lia|»|Hii •hall lia%t* tht* fM'rii|mc*«)n of my 
laid r«*riiu*hold durin^r mi nnirh tit my %4ud tfTnit* thf n tci 
conn* in tin* »amt* n% sUv %hiill l\%f* And \( «h«* d\c durinifr 
my %aiil ttriin* th«*ii I will that my ^aitl \onp*r dtni^htrr yntr^ 
diatcUt* altrr tin* dratln* or marriap* ot' my sjiid %»\lr w* a* 
f^hall ftir^t ha|»|H*n »hall havi* my <»aifl t'«*rnn*hold durin^c* all hit 
Irrnii* <if v<*ri-«» u'*" HhallN* thru to ronit* in tht* %amt-. Itm I 
uill that inn*diat(*ly v|miii tin* death or mariairc* ol' m\ *Aiii mf 
my %aid latlirr in \a^v M' i*lar%aii\ and my i^aid t«o hrt'th* 
tTin* or Ml niaiiit* ol'thrnH* an <«hallH* thi'ii Iwinp* %hall lia%r the 
ru^tcNJvi' |!o%«Tnnn*nt «*diiratioii and hrin^inp ^|^|'«' ^*f niy 
(-inldrt'ii to^fthfl'r u'^' all tln*n* rliild(*'» |Hirtii»n% U*pai-\f% aiMl «*\* 
<'rtit«ir« |»«irtt*« <it* my pNid** %ntill thry In' of ruli a^- or niar^c'd 
And «hall likrwiM* during tin* likr t\nn' hanr tin- tmh-r ruk* 
\M* di^|»o«ition and fM*rn|ia<*'on of my ftaid frrnn^liold to thr 
\M*« and lM*ho\«*<i of niv «»aid rhihlri-n amirilin^'f to tlir ir^ml 
l\ni\ttar'<»n^ afTorfMiici And that thfV »liall mnh-r atMl makr 
a triwi* arroiintc* and |)aymriit \ntoiny Miid rliildrfn •crordiQfv 
to tin* ini'aninp* «if thin my uill uhoii tht*v fthall rfHi>r to 
full ii^v «ir In* niarird a^ wrll of thtTo »anl rliildrt-ii% |)«irtioiM 
lf*pa('\t*<» and (*x«*rut<in» narti'ft <l« aUo ol all tin* |»ro(ittr and 

riimm<Ml\t\«*« of mv ^aid ft*rmi-hoId AImi all inv i^oimU and 

• • • • » 

rhattuN u'* arr not h«*ri't«i|or«* nor •^liall Inri-aftt-r in thi* mx 
will l>4* otln-rwiM* tli«|i«»H\t| I ^iv \iito ni\ smi %»if ami to roj 
dou^ht«-r Marjory and to tin* child Hhi*ri«'^ my %Mt*l «if nuvr 
i% wh«-rht*r yt \m* Miimcor dou^litrr Ami I do makr my »aad 
uif and two cliildrfii mvrn* r\«*4Mitor« of thi% mv latt «ill and 
tf^t.iitunt It'll! when a« I lia\c maiil ctTtain U*4m-* ol' d\urr«e 
iiari-tlU of in\ viid H\vr% io\nttiri* in (ircat Sta\ litem in the 
coinil\ of |)iir«-^in«* to ci*rtrii «if the trtn'iit^ th«Tt* 1 will ikal 
\f ni\ «.iii| uif or In-r a^^i^nc^ do c\|i«*ll or |nit o%»t<* anr of the 
said trirnt<» diirincc tin* trniic hy mt* ^'rauntyd \nto them chrtt 
mv N^ud wif ^hall neither Im* mine estH*ut'ir nor tak aiiT mI^ 


lage of any legacye in this my will And that then and from 
thensfurth all bequests and legacyes by me appointed and geven 
vnto her in this my will shall ceasse be voyde and determyned 
And that mv said children shall then be myne only executors 
any thinge herein conteyned to the contrary not withstandinge 
By me Anthonye Place Witnesses hereof Jo, Place Elsabeth 
Place Rychard Clervaux Robert Place Laurance Horsman. 

Legacies geven by the said Anthony Place after his will maid 
about the xv^*» day of January 1570. 

I geve to my father to my brother John and to my brother 
Robert Place eu'y one an old Angell. I geve to my Mother 
my Syster Elizabethe and to my syster Isabell euery one an old 
Angell. I geve to M'gery my doughter my bed that I bought 
at London w^ my blessinge both to her and to the rest of my 
children. I geve to Robert Wiclif one frenche crowne. I geve 
to George dodesworth one frenche crowne in remembrance of 
the faithfull frendship that hath been Betwext them and me. 
I geve to my sVants John Jackson and Thomas Kerton xiij* iiij** 
equallie to be devided. I geve to Grace Walker who haith 
taken great paynes aboute me, a why w*^** she haith goinge w^ 
me and her gresse till she shall sell her and ten shillings in 
money. I geve to all the rest of my sVants that is w^**in my 
howse xij** a pece. To Kent Brigge vj* viij**. To the Brigge 
at the Towne end in Crofte vj* viij**. To the power of Aclif 
Paryshe vj" viij<* — To Tliomas Kerton for his service don in the 
tyme of the rebellion xx" — I forgeve one pykebushe w^ was 
p'tner at my mear w<* was taken at Bamerdcastell xiij' iiij** — 
Robert Place. + 

An Inventorye of all the Goodes and Cattails of Anthony 
place late of dynsdall in the Countie of duresme gentlema' 
deceased praised by Rolland Dodesworth Lawerence Horsma' 
John Buck and Rycherd Morye the xxix*** and xxx^ day of 
Januarye in the xiij^ yere of the Reigne of our Sou'raigne 
Ladie Elizabethe by the grace of God Queue of England 
Fraunce and Ireland Defender of the Faithe &c. 

Dalton — Inp'mis — The leas of Dalton xx* — Sex Oxen xiiij* 
— A Bull xxvj* viij** — Fyve kyen vij* x' — Two calves x* — Fyve 
Tuppes xxij* vj** — In holdinge Yewes sex scoore and nyne at 
iiij* a pece xxv* xvj* — one hogge shepe iij" — A yonge nagge 
xxxiij* iiij** and a Ridden mare at xxvj* viij** — iiP — Fyve score 
threave of otes at viij** a threave iij* vj* viii** — Nyne Busshells 
of Pease ix* — one cawdron sex scuttles and seyves and certen 
oke bourd ends x* — One waynescott bed xl' — one fether bed 
two mattresses fower blanketts one bed cou'inge one coverlet 
one pyllowe thre coddes one quysshinge seaven sheits one bourd 


clothi* and onr litlr rh«*«ti* liij* liij' — Kou«*r hIu'Ih* «kvii* ajmI a 
Kii<»»li«>ll ij* — one bn*Hiii^«* |i-;ul and two |iih)K-% xwj' \nj'. - 
Two laddrnk ouv Iron h.irroHi* iu«) plrwc-^ tlm* \«M>kr^ onr »lt"d 
tHo roHlirni nnd ont* old iron Triun x*< (\irnr on iIh* ^rotiiMl 
und hay viij' — A litle WAv v*~(Vrtrn hi»I1 at Dullon \' 1)«nv. 
liALl^ -Conic on Uir ground irn arn*^ vj' — S-x C'alvt*% xx\*j* 
A Bull \x\' — 'lliirlrrn kyrn at xw* a \n-cv xi\' x' — a tnaiv 
in John J.u*kM»n^ ki-pin^r \\vj* vuj* - 'llin* niarf-K and thr<* 
folcs X*' — A duni' man* x\j' — I'owit oiIht ImrM-* iiij' \'— 
Twonlir hlii'|H' li«»j<>r^ xxxiij' lij^ - -A -• lU hard roriw roi>- 
tcvninp* MMVcn MMHiri* ihrravc^ xiij — Hay at IhnMlall my — 
viij o\i*n x\iij' xiij* iiij* — om- <«t(Miyd li«irM.* \j' xiij* inj — €»iic 
ftownd p'Idinp* vj' xiij' iiij*--iini' )>l.u*ki* man* nj' *j' \iij* — 
ut4*ii and |ii*«U4* at dynMl.ill liij' — Wauu*^ aiHl ^t-ar iM-KMi^is^r to 
thrni an«l |ilruc!t and gt-.u* iH'lon^ingr to tlit-ni iij' \j* \iij*— i- 
Twt*l\t» »wyni* xx\\j* — In a i.iim: c ii^MniiH h*"in tiii kK\D 
riiAMUK.K, twi> f«|>ynnyiiy^* wlit*li*% an<l a |iari* of ohl l>tMl fttiirkt 
ij* — A truokli* IhmI iuii\ han^in^n and oth«>r Ini|ih*ni«*ni% uf 
lKiw>holil »tufr w"*in in tht* nad rhaniln'r xl*— In TiiKii«f«u» 

c»ATL ( iiAMiii:u ri*rtc*n hou^<»liold ^tulF vj' In iht* ii«i«lt- 

IN<»L iiowsK c«Tt4*n tn))lY«-«t and otht*r HttifT xiij* inj'»lQ 
till* K^iiiDN iK*wth«*r %i"«vll \H»XU and othiT f^rar my — 
Lynin^* p*ar in the low e riKi.i.n \ij' --a l>t'd «r< fum\- 
tun* in thr «>anit* piirlcr xx'- — -In thi* LARnr.K iiovsr but* 
t«*rtuhlH-% M'uttlr^ and otliiT f^ttdV xx«:* \iij'*^ln tho Mtll* 
iidwm: f*frt«*ii ImiuIi*^ and <ithfr ^tutl' \* — In oiiv iiiA«caiR 
1 ALi.Kn C\)i.M\N ivrtcn WitUi'ii c'loth«-% tor runingf^ aiMl hi* ap- 

Iuirt'll iiij' — L\ninL'«' U«Mr in tlu-n* iit.i) c ii^miikk iuj' — lioff|rt«i 
wiuU and otluT »tutl' ui tin* Uittii\i. xx'^C*Iu-im% and yame 
in tlir i.ol'TI. o\i.i( nil. Hali. nj- — Two %*vant« kM*fldi*% vj* «uj' 
— In nil iiii.i.« Ikiurd^* li«iur«l clothi'<» char*-^ aiMi (|u\ft»in|pi 
x'^Onr »»4dt paro'll |;\ll anil iiyin* »»U\it »|K»oiif« iy' \y \iij*.* 
In ri'dy nuun-y \y- -(iiondov. 'Ilirt*M*«»rr and ii\iM*t(*t*n hif* 
fthr|H' xj' x\ij' — FoutT Htiu*k^ of lui\ x' — S*a«t'ntit*n »tirk.« at 
xvij' a \tfvv \iii) ix"— I'llur and mmxi-m ^\nmirr^ at nij* a f^^cr 
vj' \jij'— A ^Tviii tlarki* ^ravf mllf aniMin^i* xxxiij* inj*— A 
littli* d.irkf ^ray rolt«* aniblui^* xxxiij* nij' — A liti«* whitt* grtT 
roll anihlinp* x\*^A jrri'al ijlvrr p'ay roit hij" inj* — 'ihrr 
*l«>lt^ *'j'^j' ^"j* — -"^ '^**^1 xx\j" \nj*— -Twrntio l%»uittT» xxj'-^ 
KjlU-^-n ui'ihfrs and lliri' Tihhk*% at luj* nij* a ihhu* nj' k%mj'.^ 
St-avrn ?»hrjK» *>k\n*»antl a^^tirko^kwinj* nij*^ST\^NTi»%^F\lW 
and two thrfa\t"« of iMrd roriu* at xx^ a tlira^r iiij' %j* %itj'-» 
Svi\^M.'»ri»\ Two •itolt'* nij'— N\n«- twynlt*n» x' — Svx and 
tlurtit* wfthiT^. on«' and twrnta* %t'Wr« .uid thri* tu|»|irft \'<^ 
Sca\ciitvfn llo^g^ xxxaij' — FuwcrtciMi thravv o( hani 


xxviij* — Nyneteen threave of Otes xiij* iiij** — A bowle of pease 
ij* viij**— Come on the grounde two Acres and a roode xxiiij* — 
One oxe a cowe and a calf and the seaventh parte of an oxe iiij' 
— Certen Hay vj* viij** — One yonge horse and a fillye iiij* xiij* 
iiij^* — Debtes dewe to the Testator at the tvme of his 
death. By John Jackson viij*- — By the same Jolin Jackson 
for two whyes iv* — For the rent of Seton 1* — By Geoige 
Dodes worth x' — By Marmaduke Stevenson xiij' iiij** — By 
Gayles wedowe of Nesam xv* — By Pykebush w*^*' is forgeven 
hym by the will xiij" iiij'* — By Thomas Jackson of darne- 
ton for a mare xxxiij* iiij'* — By Thomas Kerton xij' ij** — 
Debtes dewe by the testator at the tyme of his death 
To Anne Lampton for her childs portion and executors p't of 
her Father M*^ lamptons goodes all things beinge discharged 
xlviij' vij* viij** — Owinge to the executors of the said M' 
lampton for the dischardge of certen Liegacyes and debts of the 
said m^ lampton not yet paid x* xiij' iiij** — To John place Ixxj* 
— To John Richerdson for half a yeres wages savinge yj* w** he 
haith receyved x" viij** — To grace Walker for arrerages of her 
wages xxx" ij^ — To the rest of liis servants for wages Ivj" ix**— 
To xp'ofer Johnson for the chardgs in Nurssinge of his dough- 
ter Joan place xv" — For the rent of gryndon to Mr Hedley xj* 
j** — For the rent of Dalton xviij' iiij^For the rent of Ihrns- 
dall V* xj* viij'* — For the rent of Swaynston viij" j** — To John 
Richerdson for Dalton tythes xix* ij** — To John farebarne iiij* 
— To John Jackson Iv" x^ — To Robert place xij" vj** — To xpo - 
fer Eland xlvj" viij** — To M' Conyers for two tres x* — In Fu- 
nerall chardges iiij* vij' iiij^. Legacies The Leas of 

Dalton xx' — To his father to his brother John and to his bro- 
ther Robert Place eu'y one an old Angell xxx* — To his mother 
to his Syster Elizabeth and to his Syster Isabell eu'y one an old 
Angell xxx' — To ftTgery his doughter his bed that he bou^t 
at London xl* — To Robert WicUf one French crowne vj*— To 
George dodesworth one French crowne vj' — To his s'vaots John 
Jackson and Thomys Kerton xiij* iiij** — to grace Walker a whye 
and tenne shillings in money xxvij' — To all the rest of his 
servants that was w^in his howse beinge nyne in number xij** a 
pece ix' — To Kent Brigge vj" viij** — to the bridge at the Towne 
end in Crofte vj" viij** — To the poore of Ayclif p*yche vj* viij** — 
To Thomas Kerton xx" — Chardges aboute p'vinge the will x". 
The some of the whole Inventory to be devyded in thre 
over and besydes the leas of Dalton w*^** is not to be devyded 
and over and besydes the debts dewe to the Testator amounts 
e the to 37 1 ^ 1 6". 1 0^. whereof is to be deducted for debts dewe 
by the testator as apperethe before 154". 18'.3'. So remaynethe 

:i\!(^ and 

tt) Imm|i>\ vdnl ill ilirr p'r*"* UWJ'. l^V 7*. Uliorruf i*i|rmc to the 
t«*<»talor^ uit' liir Imt u\flnur% parti' 7tf'. fiV ?'. 4|. AImi tn ihr 
tun flou^litri^ of tlir t«"»iatt»r fur tlitTi' fvliall |Nirti«>ii% t-wlNT «if 
ttii'in \\\\j' iij* j***!!* (|. wIiu'Im* aiiiotiiitftlii* tiN» 7*«!'. '**. ?'. <). So 
r«-nia\iii*lli fi»r tlir Tr^talnr to makr lii* mill v|niii Iwij vj*. ij*. 
(|. and tlir l«'a<» i»f l>.iItoii |trai<»«'i| at x\' %»'" in (In* »h«4r 
nin« unit «' tlir tiMi \r2\ UV 2'. i|. Whrn-of ih-ilurtr for Ifirarn-* 3fl*. 
11'. A\ Si rrnia\iii'tli to !)«• iltxnii-d Utwi-ii«- tli«* tf«iafor« mf 
ntid lii^ tHo (|oii^lili-r*« lN*iii;;i- all tlin- lii<« i-xt (utnr^ fil'. I4V |fH. 
c|. u|i\«'lii* i« fur f'\«Ty oiif of tlirin ^n'. 1 1'. 7'. (|. S» «liail t\^ 
*rt'^tali»rH uif liaih* fi»r Iht u\i|oui-* |»*if aiitl for \u*r fXtTiiton 
p'tr \V2\ 1 7'. i«^ «»l>. AI*o M'lrtrj- Plan- tin- rldiT doii^htrr %liaJI 
liatif* forlitT filliall |Mirtioii and i-xi-rnior^ p'tt* .V»'. 14*. k'.i| dim. 
ci. AIm) Ji»haii iMa(*«* ili«* otliiT doii^litiT iiiii^t liaiit- for Iwr likip 
jmrtion and p*tr .V>'. 14*.^*. (|.tliin.<|. AUtt tin* «aifi drhi^drnr tn 
thr testator ar to Ih* df^wlrd rnioiip*«tf llir wiid wif ainl rhil- 
drrii i\^ tli«* namr ^lial Im* r(-('o\rr\d and n-ri-wrd b«*infrr *• ap* 
IM-rrih Ufon* 17'. s*. 10*. 

Sipiiini Kli/al>«*tir piarr Si^ial' i-l Hi;»illat* fiiit «r f»t m-jw 
tini«» di«- inrii^iN apnliN ir>71 m prr*fntia Mai;i*lronifn Joliantii% 
blaxlon ft franri^'i )>aiiil)rii: arnii;!* Cnipliridi )»laxton llnhrrti 
plai-f p>iirr«>«4»rtiin U* lifblN>ni rl nii'i 'III. Kni^lilon n<»lani 

Ccl.ll. Ko|.\M) U %Tm»N\ o| IMItll\M, h\I)|.i:R. 

In\km(»h) ir>70. htrr aim. To tlif «iir^ioii %•. F,ir 
llic ( i»«t« an<i rliari;«'^ \' wa« niaitl ot Inin fro* tin* tiinr tlial hr 
».!« fir^t wotintli-il \iito till* tla\ of Iii« d«Mth %i/. trim <Ui\r« 
xiij'. ui|'. To III"** at tliat liini* x\j*. To tlir |»i»ur |*^>- 
pli- \f III- iNirrouid to i^riif III nio!i\ \ linsiri uImU Im- mA«» l^^in^ 
iij'. iiij*. lliH fiirtlilirin^Mii;: xuj*. inj'. Hi* lair «»tall :ij'. iiij*. 
Ti» till' pri««t Sk t'l.irk ij'. Ill* wa« omhil; to 'llioina* liall for « 
pairr \A lio*»M loth f wlntt- Iiom* u'* ndt l»iittoii«) mjV • 

((I 111. JOHN W||)|)KI.N(.ri>N. t>ft II.MI'llk Hi.I.\1. 

In tlir iiaiiii* ot i;(m| Aint-n the tourtlii' ila« of frlinianr antMi 
d'ni 1'>7<I I .lolin ^^nidriiiL'tiui ot r«iiiplf' lif la\ U-iiip* %4'kr m 
ImnIxi- \i t tliankn Im- to i:**<l P l« tt* in ni\ rtiiiri>raiM-f makrihr 
thiH in\ la^t Mill .I'ld tr^taimnt in ni.init a>id forttir foIlo«in|[. 
ffir^ti I do ^tipntlii* iii\ S»ul« iinin aliii:^ditt\ ^imI aiHi to all the 
l>l«'««id (-oniiMn\i> of hi*a\in : iiiv l>«»<ld\t to lie burii*<l «** in bit 


p'ishe churche of Bywell Peter w*** all things thervnto belong* 
inge It'm I doo geve unto James ShaSloo Wiirm Shaftoo 
graice Shaftoo & Vrssalay Shaftoo childringe unto Ranold 
Shaftoo my Sonne in law foure oxen and twoo kye w**» th' en- 
crease of the said twoo kyen untill this day all which said oxen 
& kyen are now already goinge w'*' the said Ranolde ther 
father. It'm I doo geve unto Robert Blaikden my Sonne in 
lawe one oxe whiche is at Blaikden now goinge w^ the said 
Robert and to itche one of his childeringe one yeve and a lame. 
It'm I doo geve unto John Lawson Sonne vnto Edward'e Law- 
son of Bywell my Sonne in lawe and to Jaune Annes Eliza^ 
bethe and Katrone Lawson his Sisters and to eu'y one of them 
vj\ viij**. in moonye. It'm I doo geve and bequithe vnto my 
three dougliters Elizabethe Margrete and Annesse Widdrington 
and to eu'y of theme xx marks in moonye out of my leasse of 
the p'sonige of Hartbume to be paid vnto theme at the dais of 
there maridge, and also eu'y one of theme three to have tene 
pounds paid at the said day of marriage for there childs porcion 
of my goods. It'm I will that annes Widdrington my WifTe 
have the thred parte of my land in Temple Helay and iiij*. in 
moonye yerely paid out of Leasse of Hartbume churche during 
hir wedow heaid and also the thride p'te of all my goods. And 
if it shall forton my said Wiffe to marrye any other man then I 
will that she shall have the thride p'te of all my goods moveable 
and xxvj*. viij**. yerely out of my lands in Temple Helay w^^'out 
any more. Item I doo geve and bequethe unto James Wid- 
drmgton my sone and to the heares of his boddye lawfully be- 
goittyn all my lands in Blaikden and also the third p'te of my 
leasse of Hartbume church w^ all my hoill intereste tytle and 
terme of yeares yet to come in my leasse of the manerr and 
Townshipe of Halliden w** I have already delivered into my 
said sone James hands and for wante of heares of his boddye 
lawfully begoittyn I will that all the saide landes and leasses 
shall come unto Roberte Widdrington my sonne and heaire and 
to the heares of his body lawfully begoittyne. It'm I doo geve 
vnto Roberte Widdrington my Sonne and heare and to the 
heares of his boddye lauffiilly begoittyne all my lands in Tem- 
ple helay and in Mytforthe and also my lease of Whitsidelaw 
and the other twoo p'ts of my lease of Hartbume churche w^ 
all my hoill interest tytle and terme of yeares expressed in the 
said twoo lesses and for lack of heares of his boddye laufuUy 
begoittyne I will that all my said lands Doo come and Dissend 
vnto my sonne James Widdnngton & to the heares of his boddye 
lawfully begoittyne and for wante of heares of boithe there 
boddis law^lly begoittyne I will that all my foresaid lands doo 


clUM*n<l ^ roint* iinlo my «i(iughti*r« and to ihrrr heare« for errr 
lt*iii I <itMi f;i-vc* until 'llioniuA Syiii|yMin uf X'Ifrluuii &« a tcikefli 
xV in iiUMinvi* It'tn I Wimi ftvw «iiit» Juliii UUikdrn %*. ia 
nMNHivt* It'iii I i»i)l lliiit 'l1iiMii«% C'liinlrn Simim* vnin Jtalui 
Shinlt*ii diAMTM-fi wImmi a% lit* %lmll rcmi^ to tlir full aidirr of 
xx\ yt*an*ft hr tiiirvul ift'^all for M-rtrn gooiii m** I hail of li» 
fatiH*r John (*hinhMi at hi^ fhatht*. It*in I will tliat my •ooar 
in law H«ilM*rt Blaikih*!! Ii«iv«* n pHMi CW %uffirirnt aMiiraunrr m 
Uwc maul unto hlni himI to lu» hrare^ for v\rr of otir fannoki 
or tcnnfmcMit in Hlaikdrn arronhnp- to my ffifti* & |in»fnr« maid 
Tnto hvm and tliat w*Nnit anvf drlav ll'm I mill that biv 
datightor Donithyc* SliaflcM) milfe unto HaiMiklr Shaficio have 
vrn*ly ditringc hir lifit* natural I onr |iraM* of a trithr in llart- 
bumt* |)*i%he for a n*M>tiable rrntt* |iainf^, or <*i« %he to have 
jeri'ly of my Minnr Kobrrt Wifldrinitton Sexr hf»wh-* cvT e ontr 
ami of mv Minnc Janu-» Widdrinffi«m vfr<>lr tlirrr bowl^ of 
come towanU the fvndin^* of hir hotiHe w*tMii anjr tbioipp 
paiiige thc*rfon». All iht* rt*i»t of my goods moveahir h Tninove. 
ahit* I diMi |t<*vr ft hf^iuithc* vnto mv twcm MNinet K«ihrnr WmI- 


drington and Januii Wi<ltlrin|rton & to Aniie* my Wiflr mhoa I 
doo maike my i*X(K*utor«H» rhairgingr ihrm as thry will %M»mw9fT 
befori- the faice of Aliniishttv CmmJ to ic ihe rr«tr of mr rhd- 
driiifrt* vcrtu^lT brought vp|) my legvi* fiaifl & my boddyr to be 
onit'rly brought to th«* eiirtlir aiMl to ili^tribut to the p«»orr far 
mv ftouU an thev ^hall thinke mralt. Wittir^M^ of thn WiM 
(w*orgf Ttf^dall — (teorgi* C'arr— Lyotirll Carr — Aiidrrwr Carr 
w«* olh... 

A!«B IsvBNTORr. xx*^ dav of februarve anilo d'nj 1570 Ib^ 
primifi xxj oxen price xxj' — xx kyen xij* xiij* iii/ — viij yo«mge 
■toit« K vj yonnge Quie^ vi^' — \ yerehnge ikleirk* xxxiij' iiv/^^ 
viij" ife vii nheiiie xvj' xiiij' — A gre*i*UI Mcare %%rj* viijf^m 
hyr«*< of iiei« x\' — \VlM*ate & Kyt* Miwne v|Hin the g nmw ir 

XXV acre^ vj'--\laiiie* IMowf* and Hlewe gere xl* — Fhute 
perye aikI i»there lyninge viij' x' — Rt*<iding«*« Ve««ell and 
StufTe w'Nn the Iiou%m* xx'. Sim'a t«»lali« liij^xvij'. xvij* 



In dei no'ie Amen the thrid day t^' fabruan in ihe yete af 
(rod ane thow«an<l five huiMicrith thre tcore and im yere% I 

•9(mg ftAturr in wvrt poiol 9^ rtrv. 


RaufF Collingwood of Titlington within the countie of Nortb- 
'mbrland holfof mynd and seike of my bodie Makes my testa- 
ment and last will in maner and forme as followith. First I 
geue my soull to god almightie and to all the hollye companie 
of Hevmg and my bodye to be buried in the qwer of Egling- 
hame my parich churche with my dewtes accostomed tharto. 
And I geue to my sone Roger CoQingwood the hoU rent of my 
land of Revelye for ten yeres and after ten yeres be endit & 
fully complet I geve one to my Wyff and to Roger and Raphe 
my sonnes and for the longest leuer. Of thos thre twentie 
shillings now being in the hands of John Modie xvi' x^ and iij' 
and two pence to be taking furth of the hands of Janet Col- 
lingwood Wedo : and the other twentie shillinge I geve to cum 
into Thomas Collingwood my son. And I geve on to my sone 
RaufT sex shillinge and viij' now being in the handes of Tfiomas 
Scot to hym and his hayers for Ever and failling bym and 
his hayers to my sone Rog|^nd his hsyers, and falling Roger 
and his hayers to come to Thomas my son and his hayers, Ai^d 
I geve one to my WyIP to bring vp my bames the howse that 
she sittes in and the land that I have in occuping in my owin^ 
hands with the tend of the towne so long as she is Wedo 
And yf Thomas cane provide hir of a leving as good that she 
be content with then he to haue it. Also I geve vnto my soik 
Thomas my Leace of Titlington with Hue silver epaaen ssm 
what crakitt Also I geue vnto my wjrff the graye nage and vj 
siluer spones. And I yeve onto my sone Roger the browne 
nage and on new stand bed. And I geve vnto my sone Rauff the 
foole (foal) and one other stand bed with the raekell pott and 
my sword and my stell rape. And I yeve vnto my dowghter 
Barbarie the best new Almeri. And I yeve to my dowghter 
agues the other new almerie. And I yeve vnto my two young- 
est dowghters iij tres in Shawdon wood as thay lye cute te 
mak them kists & almeries of Also I yeve vnto my dowghter 
Magret ij ould kists and the ould almerie And I leve to re- 
mane in this howse after my wyiF two spetts and one payer ef 
Rakes with the bourds formes lockes and dowres and the ould 
bedes that ar p'nt at this instant tyme And the rest of all my 
gere 8c goodes movable and vnmovabell I yeve vnto my wyff 
and hir childering and myne And my dowghter Margret to 
be one of tham, and to haue hir part amcmgest the Rest And 
I make myne executors my wyif and my sones Roger and Rauff 
CoUingwood And I mak Herri Collingwood my brother and 
Thomas Collingwood my son and Launcek>t Erington and Wm 
Graye supVisors of this my last will & testament to see tluit it 
be trewlye p'formed & keped Be for thes witnesses Thomas 



Ita'iu-t vii»r« Ko^t-r IVoklur \^llli1l C%»lliii|rKk(infi off Ifan 
'iliniim^ ColliiigutMHinl 'lliroiitofi Uilliii (•»%(' Luke l)te«iMm 
and Jaiiic» N«i>iiiit(* [Vr, ITiTO.j 

ciLv. JOHN iiAt'BLorki:, c»r nbw«. ajitkll, 

MI.Klll\t NT. 

Ill (lei null* Amen 'llie xxvj*** of Jiilij 1570 & of llir Itripir 
of Of SHi'tiif; luily Kli/nlK*tlie «^** \' xij**^ veare I Julin luur- 
IcN'ke of V* ttiHiie of neHr«i.Nl«'ll \|>4>n Uiie MVIiauiit tikr in 
btxlve «k of p'fvtte reaiMMi \ nieniorve <lo niaike v** niv la»C mil 
& te«ta* in nian' & fournie follow iu^e ffir»t & }friiici|iallir I friir 
& frelye be4|uitlie my M>ule to (;iNi & my b(Mi\e to be buryrd 
w^ ill V* churelie of aillialli>ii<-% iivkIiv to inv iiM»tlier in la«e 
It'm I gyue & lH*<{iiitli vnio the |iaore w^ in NemhoTDr p'lUir 
ill* liij^ And to y' |K>ore of Newca^tell }i'M>iM*r« K cHhm Drdjne 
vj* viij^ It'm I ff^ue & bt*qnillie vnto mv M' AimIto gviftoo 
my gold ringe i^r siignette. It'm more to him a ffohlr hrulche 
m'*^ I haue of one |{okM*rt (*<»alt of loiiiKieii fi^lirnMHigrr to 
\^ my m, dcH.* |uiyc vnto y' Miide Coalte at hi«» C'omti.p* fruoar 
1%'arde Iioum* xv chaliU*t% of C\ialeii I'* I liyav & hrquilhe 
to my lie oviie mother xl*. Item I ^'Ue & h(*<)uilhc to my m»- 
ter Margari«*% Childrinfre iij' vj* viij* It'm I |ryue to my %Mrr 
Alice vj' xiij* iii/ It'm I ffytie k l>equithe vnto my M' iij dbil- 
dreii iij Angel U fiK tokeiu. It'm I gyur vnto my bn>(lirr 
ve^ DuviMiiien fkit*«te M»niie name<l Amiro one angrll & to 
etehe «»f liit 4)tlier childringr \' a |ieace It'm I fr}'ue h br* 
i|iiithe \nto my brother xpVifor C*4N>ktt donghter x%* & vdl 
iiiori*ou' y' »he ^IuiUh* brought v|>|) one my gcMMb «ntill tlar 
eimie tt) laiifull aidge in v' cuMiMiv of niv myffe hir Aunt aod 
t4> eethf of hi^ 4»ther childringe iij* iiij' a peace It'm I gyiw 
\ kM-«|iiitlie \iito my iii«»ter m'garette lyttle% mhiim* «hooi 1 
chri^tneil bv \' name of Aiilh«»n\e v*. It'm I ffvue to mx 
tiler Ml liiiie Jame^ golu»nei» diHighter xx*. It'm 1 g^'ur ti 
ijnithe \iito my brothfr in laue %»^ datilMin my kienl gownc & 
ti> lii<» wyfl'e my ringe w*^ the l4i|iact* & in caiM- god cauir aij 
t4i my loiig«* re%te I for grue him all »ucIm« duytie% & Mimra m 
mofiye an ht* (IoiiIk* owe vnto my It'm I ptrue & bequithr 
%-nto my ct)%«»inge (rtnirge my M-ciHuie gowne & at ihia 

|i*M'nt all Kyrknuig» cU'are lH*ti»i\te hiin \ me It'm I Croe 
^ lHf|uithe vnto mv brt»lher xp'olor ctmke mv tMiwe clookrlMt 
uuudr w'-' u iktaiMling C4»ller. Ii*m I gyue & brquilhr valo 
Cietirgi* whittfedde my «|iannyiihe ca|>|K* or chiakp It'm I 
Ai be<|uithe vnto 'llMinia.« ^Im'wcII m% br»ttf capiir 


oswolde freere my beste cappe It'm I gyue & bequlthe vnto 
Klizabethe briggh'm yfshe cotyneve in lyfe a olde angellyf she 
die shortlie then yt to rema3me to mpie executors It'm 1 gyue 
& bequithe vnto my M' iij childringe my beste coalte beste 
diiblett & best hossen to be parted amongst theym as my Mr. 
shall thinke beste It'm I gyue & beq: vnto my father in laue 
Aiithonye Coxson my blake hefted dagger & my neue botts. 
It'm I gyve & beq : vnto my brother leanord Johnsonn my ch>the 
coale It'm I gyue & beq: vnto my vncle Roger Chickin in gayts- 
hede A load of ryghte It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my s'unt Ilo- 
bert chickin on this codic' y^ he s've my wyfFe for meat drinke 
& rameint vj full yeares aft' his coming home frome warde 
house tlire vj* viij** It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my sister 
M*^ garett ij'' stones of lynte It'm I bequithe & gyue vnto my 
sister Anna cooke one olde angell It'm I gyue & bequitlie 
vnto y' childe yt my wiffe is w'*' all at this p'sente fortie 
to bye paide & deUvered vnto him when he shall come to lau- 
full aidge by the hands of his ovne mother or hir execut' or 
assignat And in caise the saide childe shall not come to laufull 
aidge or enjoyinge of the said fortie then & in yt caise I 

will v' to my wyffe whome I doe maike cos'titute & ordevne 
my AiU & soale executrix of y^ my laste will & testmente shall 
paye vnto my mother or my ij" sisters or longest lyveste of 
theym y' some of x pounds good & laufull monye of englande 
to be p'ted amongest theym It'm I gyue vnto Thomas thom- 
son habberda in london an angell a token. It'm to my frende 
Edwarde dirricke my nyght govne It'm I Gyue & bequithe 
to John magbray an olde angell. It'm I gyue & beq: vnto my 
cosinge Agnes styll v". It'm to Roger Rawe bearbrewer v* 
It'm I gyue & bequ: vnto my cosinge xp'ofor bridg'm my nexte 
beaste hoase all suche recknyngs as remayne 

betuixte my m' master gofton & me irome the begyinge of y* 
worlde vnto y^ p'sent daye aswell somes of monye due vnto my 
of a fore my mariadge as also fo' my voyadge to warde housse 
et ct' I refere it hoallie vnto his own conscience nothinge dout- 
tinge but yt he in y** feare of god & co'science will declaire him 
selfe no lesse frinde to my wyfFe & childer then I in y* sighte 
of god wolde declair my werye beste towards him & his chil- 
dren. It'm I will yt my sup'uisor shall to gether reade viewe 
& caste all myne acco'pts ryrtings & billes of debtes & see 
y' euery credetor be freelye paid & no ma' by me hurte or hvn- 
dred as also my dettes discretlye craued & recaued All other 
my goods movayble & vnmovayble not heare aboue bequethed 
& also my dettes & funerall expencs paide & discharged I gyue 
& bequithe vnto my wyffe & childe equallie Sc portion licke to 



Im.* |tartc*<l aiDonfrst tliarm. lji%i cjT all I doe apinnrnt rfNMtituffp 
& (mlayiu* my ni' niattrr g^fton Ik my co»iDfre (•i^oqjr SirU 
or faiitiKt* ativ "f thrym my fritide 'Iliiima.* tin* will jk KtiftvT 
Itawr bc*«*n* (irrwrr thr fttip'viMiri of y* my lakt will 6l tr^'* 
me*tt* y** dnyr & yoaro a Imui* writtiii|;r In wyttnrft whrarr of 
I haur HiikukcrilM^fl m\ name w'* mviir own hamir tc» thu bv 
Uftte will in t* |)'M*nre of iIm-^ wy(tiM*«M-« Ufurirr »tyll Lrmmvd 
Juliiuun Antlionyi* ccickMiii Ac John magiMnye ^ utiim. Nota 
y* I lorpym* all utiriie niunyi* a» vnilVayt* lincifth'ni wa* owinipr 
>nto nil* fo* wyiM* jk oiImt* dralin^n. h*m }-* (ft-ur|;r %i\\\ thall 
liauf y* dai^fCtT w'*^ \mlruy hnd^'li'm in lu* will d«d itnfmlW 
vntfi nic* on this rcMliru* y* he y' M&ide Geor|ce diall in lin laaCr 
will UM{iiiclie it to K4»liert hrigirni \f \ur% lyut* %o hnifrr. ll'ai 
I he<|uitlir & gyue tu I»abi'll my wyfir a peace u( guide ul* aa* 
I'ur a token. * 

rcl.VI. AMIMIN L%WBS, or lUTinilEO, WCDOV. 

In ihr name of (riMl aim*n. 'llie v dair of CVtotirr l.SiO. I 
AliMin law<-» of the towne ol' ftatuhrd wrflnw brmc suited 
iIh* plaice I thank go<l cil* the Miyiii yet betiifr in p*t>tc 

braunct* praised be fsod niaikd thi«niy la»t will ffinc Irooi'in 

my »owll to Ahniffhtie gml who m*atrd me into thit wnridr 
to JeikU» rhri»t mv Savi*« who hath n*<lrmrd mr w* h«i 
pn*tioiiii blonde Andyf it tliall |iira»e almi^tie ^imI of h» |g n t 
ftoiMlnenH & mVie to call nie and all my rhildnrn in y* TtMiac'oa 
\ntf» hi» p^*at mVie 'Hen I will that my biMlie' and aU ■; 
rliilfin*ni Ktiallie buried in the cliurche yani of (lalMhead * 
hoiiM* »hall come after the death** of me aihI all mT ri 
my »i>teni mmi 'lliomas amitlie — I lM-«yelN* pwl nf hu great 
eie tliat ihti my preivnl will ma\ be to Im glorie and my 
iK-idthe •' 

«ri*II. W1M.|%M IIAm-KK^lBI, o» MWi \STfcll, fUOKc' 

In del niHiniir Amen 15 die febnianj A" dni 1670 1 
liawke^ley of y* p'ifthe of all Muict% w*^in j* towne of ivi 

Whrthrr hc-r rhiUlr^ wrTind her «r kao* nU. Tltf P^^^u*' W thfw 
in thr N«>rtli iif Kn|(UfitL 

» A i^uu4 who h»l hirnt in thr Um.U «f Sir Rt4wff1 Bwilnf. %m 
m^inm he br«|ur«ih« hit hmtUt mmd |w«lir. Hr ttrSM akm !• h»w 
«rrTi»r tU thr ('«UUi ^ cwii>4i iiT FMu^mL Hw k«^ if ilM^fTT M 
to hive hftil impurtAiicc allAched tu A. 

INVENTOltlES. ^27 

vpon tvne cooke hole & pTytt of memprie althoughe I be fticke 
in bodie makith this my last will & testa^ in man*^ & foumie fo- 
lowinge ffirst I gyve & oequithe my soule to almightie god & my 
bodie to be buried in my p'ishe church besyde my two wyfes. 
It'm I gyve to thomas sympson of tynemothe shells an old an- 
gell & to his sone John sympson v* in money. It'm I gyve to 
James Dalton of gaitshed vj' viij^. It'm I gyve to Isabell 
dickeson xx^ It'm I gyve to dame coolie & hir ij'' doughters 
xxx' It'm I gyve to w'" dalton my father in lawe a (ranch 
crowne. I'tm I gyve to Isabell dalton my mother in lawe v*. 
It'm I gyve to Agnes dalton my mother in lawes dought' a syl- 
u^ belt vr^^ was my second wyffes It'm I gyve to grace dalton 
a silke rybben. It'm I gyve to m'gett harbotle a womans cape. 
It'm I gyve to John dalton v'. It'm I gyve to my lands ladie 
vj* viij**. It'm I gyve to will'm white v\ It'm I gyve to luce 
myeborne half a crowne in gold It'm I gyve to henrye light* 
foot xx' & my gowne It'm I gyve to be distributed to y* poore 
xxvj' viij*. & fill y' money y^ my m' S' Robert brandhnge was 
behynde w** me w** is fo' my wags xx". and xx* w** he gave me 
by his will & xiij" iiij** w^ he gave me by yere w«** is ij** yew be- 
hynd at y^ discretion of sr. george gray my Curat, henrye light- 
foot & John hodgson whome I make superviso" of this my laste 
will & testa' It'm I gyve to dame Atcheson y* mvdwyffe v'. 
It'm I gyve to marion hawkesley xx'. & a read kirtJe. It'm I 
gyve to m'gett atcheson my s'unt xxxiij' iiij' & a worsett kirtle. 
It'm I gyve to george mtye clarke a franche crowne. It'm I 
gyve to w*" cowkson half a crowne. It'm I gyve to helyn myln' 
ij' vj'. It'm I gyve to my m" brandlinge my marble mortle 
w*** y* pestell. It'm I gyve to my s'unt bartheram shotton iiij* 
calfes skynes dressed in whytt lether a blewe leu'y cote & a 
booke of kouckerye in prent & to his mother xx'. It'm I gjrve 
to elsabeth dynnyng x'. It'm I gyve to agnes morlya a pewUier 
platter & a yeard of lynynge clouie of x^ price & to Jane morlia 
a puder platter & a yeard of lyn clothe of y* same p'ce. It'm I 
gyve to m'garett ryshe ij* vj**. It'm I gyve to heppe hynche ij" 
vj** & to hir sone Robert a gynger bread prente. It'm I gyve to 
John robison ij'' gylle (j^^^y) pokes It'm I gyv6 to John hodg- 
son a gold rynge & a gylte s^luer ringe It'm I gyve to m" col- 
lingwood of haslington half a crowne in gold. It'm I gyve to 
katheryn bames ij' vj'^. It'm I gyve to uiomeis hynde v^ was 
ny p'ntice an apron & a new fyshe knyfte It'm I gyve to thomas 
capstone a napron. It'm I gyve to thomas boswell a napron. 
It'm I gyve to luke hanynge a napron & a fyshe borde. It'm 
y* ryste of my workin gear not bequested I gyve vnto my p'ntice 
Robert dalton a blew Jackett & v". in money {t'm I gyve to 


tli«mias Miiiwdnii \\* viij'. Ir'm thr r\%le o( «ll mv irniHU my 
(letu jb lt*^'ii4-4 imimI I ^yvo vtit(» tlioma« rriifhraii »^ r«*firlii*ad 
Kc aiii* liuxlfv mv hav^t lM*tfotti*ii 4loiii:liC«-r mhoni I nuiiki* m\ f «• 

^vhMMi mVliaiit w*** otlu*P» ^t-orp* ffray rlrrkt'. I mill y all mv 
cimkIh nl't' iiiv lioathf siiailM* caiit«r<l & m)I(1 at inv lon*«i«>rr Ac th«-n 
to hi* cli«»trihutf<l in iiuiricv bv r\('n iNirticnu to inv rxct-utu"* 

ulHiut-Tkaul at \' clii^rrtioii ofiiiv •^iiia iii/* ol'tliU mv mill. * 

• ■ ■ • 


In I lit* name t)f gen I Amt*n on \' xw** of Jiilye \blit mh\ «»I 
\' rci^iir i»\\iP Miiriii^t* liulir c|tit*iit' rliAalM'tli In y' gracr otgod 
Xr till* xij'^ ytTf I Vnlrny Uri^irm ol* j* tomrn ol' tM*mr&«trll 
\\Hn\ tyut* mVliant M*rki* in tMMiic lint lioll in niynfir & p*f>tt n^ 
nit**liniiir pravMMl Ik* my lonl«* ^itnl do make* my la»t mill h. trw 
tanir't ill man* jk fcMirmt* ficilomin^tr tfir^t and afon* all thiii|r» I 
do lH*<|uiliii* ^k romvtt my MUilt* into tliainU of y' »anM* irml our 
lit*iiv(*iilit* falluT into mhri^ liand<» Jr^\\% c*liri<»t my onUv Imi|v 
hla\r riMlfam' & sa\ryo' liaii^iiipr v|^uii \' rn^nM* dKlnmirrMl hit 
h|H*rii«* fc my iMMlii* to In* Iniriiil in aili«dlou«*% rliiirrhr. It'm I 
l>t'c|uillu* Ac fvyvr vnto |{t)lM*rt hri^'li'm my miiu* y* lull tlurri |i*ir 
of all my phmK in drfaiilt of mh<imt* I mill y' Mimt* tliini |>*lr to 
Im* p*t(M| f<|tialli<* |Nin-ioii & |Min'ion like lM*tmi\t my hrnclirr 
xp'otor \ my tmo Mi«»l(*rH. It'm I frvut- \ Ui|uiilif vntn my 
lioii^htr An lit* till* otlit*r third y\v <il my f;iMKU in drfaukl a( 
mlittmt* I cyvi* & iM-eiiiiihi* y* saiiM* thinl p'li* to Anne my myflr 
It'm I i;y\(* i^ lH*<|uiilu* vnto my miuI vk\tfv i\\ a token y* piblrll 
y' m*** hir moth' did lM*i{uilht* vnto me. It'm I ff}'%r \ hef|UitKe 
tinio my M»iie IUilM*rt my fjoiild r\nf;e m'* liailli \* hnrw head 
\jmn It mryin^t* one vnrt* of ^itiKi. It'm I mill y my hr i iiher 
p*ori;«- sty II «hall haiir \' rtisitMlie of my vaid Mine h of hi« frcxidt 
viitil he rcitiM* to law full aidp* and in drfault «if my toid wont 
HoU-rt I fi\\e fk l>ff|iiiih«* my i^iid rtnpr to my hrotht-r x|i'«ill<v 
hri|;irni. lt*ui I gyv«* \ l>f<|nitht> \Mt«» y* \HniTv \ {i*Min* u^ 
iiij'. It'm I ^y^e & kM*4|uitht* \iiio my hr«>th' xy'|i£ii' hnf»h'a 
my U'^^tr rlokf. It'm I ^yve & iNMiuitht* «nto my fnmie andrm 
pitVtfHi tu\ hiake Uif*^ m'"^ I haii of Jorom heiiett. It'm I ^^9 
in l>4*4|iiitht* vnto mv roNinp* John lui^t-Iokf my i;\ltt'ci dafcvr. 
It 'ill I ^y\e ^^ U-(|Uitlit* vnto my mvfc-s tlirr hrotlier« miU'm di- 
eoii«on Aiidro IWmirke \ xp'tifu' riMiki* to etrlie of them v*. 
Il'iii I IhiiiiiiIii* 1(1 Kitpr lN*rehri*mt*r \*. It'm to m\ tm«i toi^ 
ler% I mil .l«*w«*lU «»f |»reeioiis ftioiii*<i and to Aime y* \tutonm 
horiif. It'm to m'part'tt iitle y' umc-ll of em'aiide. It'm to li»» 


hell gefton als' haveloke one old grote. It'in all my detts & 
fiin'sJl expencs discharged I do gyve & bequithe vnto my sonne 
Robert all others my goods moveable & vnmoveable not hear 
above bequithed and hym my sone Robert I do constitute or- 
daine & appoynt my full & sole executo' of this my last will & 
testament In Witness wherofF I haue sett w*** myne hand myne 
owne name to this my p'sent will in y* p'sence of my brother 
«tyll my cosing John haveloke & of John magbray mynister y* 
day and year above written; * 


In the name of god amen The xxv^ daye of Maye et Anno 
d'ni 1570 I Mychaell tompson in y* p'ish of Sanct Margreats 
Beinge visited by y* hands of god seake in my bodye But p'fytt 
& sunde in my remembranc thanks be vnto almightie god doithe 
maike this my last will & testament in man' & fourme folowinge 
ifyrst I do comytt my soule vnto my saueo' Jhesus Christe my 
only redemer By whos merrits I trust to be saved And my bodye 
to be buryed in Sanct IVTgreats churche yeard upon y* sourthe 
Syd wharas my childe was buryed It'm I do gyve & bequiethe 
vnto my sone John tompson my best stewdy w^ the leasse off 
my howsse y^ I dwell in payinge yearely to my doughter An 
tompson Sexten pence dewringe y* said leasse It'm I do gyve 
and bequiethe vnto my (jodsonn mychiell tompson one pair of 
bellowis an vice a great hamer w^ a great naill tull & a straicke 
naill tull It'm I do gyue more to my sonne John tompson an 
Singnett of sylver It'm I do gyue & bequiethe vnto my dough- 
ter m'greatt dychboume a brasse pan vnbanded It'm I do gyve 
& bequiethe vnto will'm more a studye a pair of bellowis atrew 
4eron w'^ a lesser great hamer & a nailUng hamer. It'm I do 
gyve vnto John Dychebome a pair of bellowis w*** a tewe Ireon 
It'm I do gyye vnto mychul tompson my godson thre pair *of 
tongs provided always if y^ shall chaunce y^ said mycheill to dye 
then I will y' all y^ gear y^ I haue gyven vnto hym shall come 
vnto y* rest of his bretherin It'm I do gyve & bequiethe vnto 
my welbeloved doughto' An tompsonn one hawket cowe It'm 
I will y^ mergreat Dychbome shall haue the house in Alu' tonn 
gait w'** y • gressings belonginge to yt pajr'ng therfor to An tomp- 
son my daughter two shillings in the yeare duringe the leasse 
provided always y^ when soeu' y* said m'great shall dep'te & dye 
w^out childrin I will then y^ y* said house aforesaid snail come 
to my doughter An tompson & she to inioe yt It'm I do {nrve & 
bequiethe vnto xp'or Tompsonn on^ great candlestike It'm I 

3'iO WtLU AND 

fin gy^v vnto my umtw John tompMMi my b^i gntHs li'm I do 
uy vi* viico an nuire a m*w whytt cotr »** a chi»C t«> krur hir 
in. ALm) I will & b«qui«*are m' Anthony mydlrUMi c»l' krpr« 
to lie tlie tupViflor of tliis my U»t will & testament in coomiJ 
c'on thert'ol' I do gyve vnto y' said Mr Antlioiiv mydleUNi a 
gyltrd akvlviT reinf(e for a tucking hutt* of all 1 do gjvr II h^ 
<|uirih vnto my wflbt^loved doughttT An tom|Monn all my goodft 
nioveal>lv«* & vnmoveablvr wlumM* I onla\ii and make* mv SuU 
fX(*riitrix my clclit^ rliM>liarg & |iaicl In wytne* wlM-rrof I the 
Miid niirliifll Tomi^on Imut* M-tto my Syng a» followithr Wut. 
nm^i^of this will Si tenlamant lirnry fjiin*halle|M llobeft UraMle- 
kliawc John farbvk (lilwanl wrytCrr. * 


Aog« *20. 1570. ■ ■ my bodye t<» be burie<i in the ehurrW 
veard of the iMMrthe balev on the e»t kT<le of the thome trra 

m • 

Inventory 25 Jul 1571. Inter oita One cupboni 
viiij' One gowne of london blew fujrre«l lk fared w* 
ccMiye xxvj'. viij^. One gown face«I w** fox xxvj\ viij*- 
gown faced w*^ fewne^ xx*. One <»ld g«»wn fare«l w** blaht 
c«Miey X*. One gowne facetl with Shanks xvj*. Ooe dnhhtt 
«if cliaiiigable »airrtMiett iijV iiij' he. One ctiTehnge of faflil» 
kyn lynid w**^ blew buckeron xiij*. iiij^. One iairg coveroM 
w*^ Image* vij*. One chtfit cou'd %r*^ hiake ley' x\ Otoe but 
coftvT c«Hi*d w** blake lev' &bande«i w** vron iiij'. Otoe 
liatt xx^ (Vrteyn old book» ij*.--»One old ryalU two old 
ble«k & V* in gold liij* xvj*. H'. In cheike a »ydi xj'. 1 
hole grot» In i^paiiiftlie nionev xxxiti'. %j'. S'm tol. 
nor. xxvij*. iij*. viij''. />r&fj 'lo hi* lM»te« baker far oh 
ciuartem iMinl xxvj'. viij^. To hi* I^iiderer riij'. Tke faa'« 
rail expencc*ft xxxv'. Item* clarv xxj* uij*. * 

mxi. iioNfM. <iN\vnos-, or BatDrrxTii, i.%BORta. 

llio Inventarie of all AcMiigler lh«* good* ami callalk 
& vnmovi'al>le w^ lioiirll Snawdon late of Uradfurtlw ui y* 
coiintye of Yorki* laborer deceaMHl hail 4(. wa* owner v|iOto w*a 
tlie Dior* of Durh'm at tluf flav of his dt*athe 

flmi at (*olt|>'ke in North u'berlaiMl a» ffolow**. Itefli ij| 
kye w*'' yi calvt** iiij' — vj yowr» Ic lanikH."» xx«'\ viij' — wbrtlMr 
Uieipvuj* — liij dvnmonl iiiet*i> xij*^-a hmng Uieite \f vj^-^A 
sioct that ye saiii lioncU lent John Urown xvj'. S*ni vg* ▼^•f*. 


John Snawdon Alderma' of morpethe ow^ y* sakl lionell for 
one fatt oxe xxiij' — wydgit ffenwicke of Sta'ton for one speir 
staff ij' viij** — Roger nenwicke of Stainton haithe a sword of 
y* said lionells wortbe v' — Richard ffenwike of the same owethe 
the said lionell in borrowed money vj\ S'm xxxvii\ ▼iij*. 
S m to»»« ix» ij^ • 


The Inventarie of thomas nevells goods quike and dead 
laite of Rabie gent sene & plsed the xij^ of februarie An? 1570 
by thes iiij^ honest me' henrie thompson wiil'm Crawfurthe John 
1 odd and John Bailes. 

Imp'mts ij kye iij* & one meyre xx'— tig* — tierd come & 
oits vnberied xlvj' viij' — certen brasse vessell & certen pu- 
der vessel! w^ij latten candlestiks xij' — one reckin croke, j 
speie j cressett one kettle, ij cawdrons, one rostlng yro', one 
paire of tongs viij* — one cupbord xiiij' — one kime, one scuttle, 
iij aile poM, ii barrellsone busshell, one meat table, w^ij skeillp 
& vij bounds liij' vj**. All his rayment, j lyn sheit, one harden 
sheity one codwaire xx' — one old bedd clothes, two bourds, one 
secke & one poike iij' vj**— one harden paist sheit, one harden 
leven clothe painted clothes j arke, one lode saddle, one tonne, 
iij old tubbs and A kytt xv' viij** — A gann' & ij henns xxj*. — 
One bed clotiies in rabie miU ij' iiij'. — A morter to braye spice 
in one haye spaid, one pottinger,& one ledder flackett w**^ certen 
wood vessell iiij' iiij^^one litle hatcfaett one axe yj^ — sex acres 
of herd come in cleatlam feild iiij^ S'm xiiij| xij' x'. Dbttb 
that he was owing the said daye and yeare ffyrste to John tod 
and w'" tod of Rabye for two children por'cons of goods as moie 
plainlie shall appeare by one di>iigac'on iiij' iij' iig^ & fior rent 
of the saime vnpaid xxx' — cxiij' iiij^ — for the <|aenes rent in r»- 
bie iiij*. vj**. — for the qoenes rent in shotton iiij' ij' — ibr rent in 
cleatrm to the dean of Durh*m & the chapiter y xxxiii' iiij' — for 
y* rent of Rabie myln xliij' viij** — ^to John wodm's nuln' of the 
same for iij q'res waigs xvj' — to edward wedderell for his waigs 
x' — to lancelot em son for h's waigs iij*«-^o ailes litle finr hir q're 
waigs ij* vj' to mr John Killinghall for A whye xv' — to John 

1 Unquestionablj of the fiunilj of the Earl of Weftmorelaiid, wbo, in the 
jear before the date of thk lav^itQiy, had Ibdeitod hiaeiUtei. Tinea with 
the deceased must have been greatly changed, when inatead of ptjing hia rent 
to the head of Ma bouae, the Queen became ma Umdkfd. The InrenlOTj aeema 
to prore that at the ihne of hia death* which waa prabab^ hartened hj the aoif- 
forlunta of hia iiuuil/, he was CMcUng (he humUe Tocaikm gf a nuUer. 


ImilU ol*i»li(»tton iij* — to tlioniN |>iTt-4<in cif llahyr ij* x* tn cild 
|H*rt*«i>ii wvfivi* (>r Halm- xxix'. to John riu(liwli«tr fiir % kv« 
jt*a«iC XX* — Co will'm cokrfrhi lor a nifvrr >\xl)* 4' -to ukd 
f;t*«>^i* Iwili'K tor j |iuLc' «acl(ilr ^ v iKMinct* « on li of rKi«t ItiImt 
ij' x^ - Co rtilHiicl |>hillo|H* iiij* viij^ — to 'nicmw* liirLcif-ll x*«-iq 

biirU^ru* iifvrll for tht* Irriiitr ol* v voHm j>^ %* nVi* ol* \* name 

..." • • 

xxiiij*-- Co IkTiMi iiACtri*»M* xviij' — Co Jami-« Iuhmiii for ilrrMioK 
ofa ^a«lcllf xij* — Co liriirvi* 'nioin|K4iii xij* iiij* Co v\' «**lir»» 
banc for a clu*aM* xij^ — to Arthur %iiNhir% wit' hiiIo %iij'_co liic 
|Mrki*rin lor ▼ b/ol'r%f %j* xi' — Cojohu Kni'Mui of «hotCi»ii iij* — 


Co John fi*<r»toiM* for \\ \H*cki*T\viy ix' — Cov*«aifi John for* 
hi. hi^f; xvj' — to John Kwliankrfor ^iruwi* iij'> to clir ^aiti Jt 
for ij 1)7. of oCe» 9i half A hi rvi- iij* ij' — Co C'uchh'rt \vdr% far 
c»nt* arkt* «^ one hNhl of nmic xiiij* \iij' — lM)ro«r«i of «* hrriMa 
iij' viij' — iMirowtnl of nichola^ InitIkt iiij' — Co xp'offir drnl siiij* 
iiij*— Co llionutH \VilM>n xij' — for Cin* fiin*all rxi^rii** %ij' — Iq 
lUlf WaCMMi for hi<i hand laltor K (\\v UhM of ilon^; x«j' — far 
rt*|)a&''on of y* Iiowm? vj' viij*--for ij* of hi% »i*Crr* rhiliirr" pu^ 
r'ons of i^immU i»ho»o iiain«-<ft art* Kh/ Ion* &l Marfrari>ct hm* xx* 
a |»ficc ey' of tlioin xlV S'm Co*** I>-hicor xxvj' xij* j*. * 



Invkstoky 20 Nov ir)70. Imier aiia^ In moiM*y xtiij*. t|*. 
In fliM iiij flail iHli*r( rrowiu*^ x ohl anpri-U Ac t«o iirw r%*aJk mf 
xiiij'. A »ilvrr »alt, a mIii' |H*ai*i* «ir\ing xiiijonnrr h lij qoar- 
Xvr* aC inj' chr omnrt* lix*. ix ^ilu* »|)oni»%, a ^ilii' nhi^orU, • 
tahlrt, a mIii* hart, iij ^ilu' piuilii**, ImimU, a crucifix, ij |«arr of 
criK»k«« a tai*h. ij ftniall k«*|H*r«, x%j ohi |H*niic all co*Cr%niiift m 
Wright 17 owncc* & a (|'trr iij* ix*. ij wonH*n lM*lt« «'* ij 
tc ihv XwrvT^ 17 o«inc«H»;t a(|uarti*r iij' ix*. A Kilihi*n of 
»ilk a purM' \ A Im*Ic of fn-nch wvi-r x\j*. —a cluilch-r »ancl 
XX*. a hlai!k hill Ac ij nCaflt*^ \iij'. ij «ti»iii*% ofi occain to» xii* 
— IMrdiff^ iN'iii^ in hiH haml. CM* will'm %iaui;hi « wife a frtickt 
w'^ lyrlh in |mi«iiii* of xviii*. A pairi* of anilM*r% bt-aiU m^ iz 
mIu' piuilii*% III |ilf<lg at \iij*.— ij lalc fi«h Jk an half xir*. * 

(11\I\. «lt.l.l\M n\iMi, ol UATI^^MKD, !^ft KRILR. 

Ill thr iiainr of ^inI anirii chr x^nj'*^ of IVcrnihn* I57U I 
wilTni IV.i^'|; of tht* tfiwin* of (taCi«%h<ii Hpurrirr litMn|c uckr m 
my b«Miy but vt-i I prai»o goil being p'fit in remrmbrancp 


this my last will 8c testament after this man' & forme folowing, 
first oi all I co*mit my soull to almightie god who hath created 
me in to this word and to Jesus Christ my holy savio' and re- 
dem' who hath redemed me w'^ his most p'cious bloud & if shall 
please almightie god of his m'cy and goodnes to take me vnto 
his m'cy from this p'sent world Uien I will that my body shalbe 
buried in the church yard of Gatished. Item I geue to y* poore 
mans box ij*. It*m yt Gerard fennicke of haterton is owen vnto 
me for one bay horse xx*. John Retterforth of Morpeth is 
owing me xxxvj* viij*. John coupr of angherton xx*. Gerard 
Cutler of Angherton xiiij*. thomas tailer of Alnwick xvj*. viij'. 
John Neilson of berington xxv'. Richard heworth of hartley 
for one horse xvj' and one sevmond Robert Jackson of Duel- 
daue for one maire xx*. Thomas selby of gryndon for one 
saddill iiij'. Rob't Du'ne of owes vnto me iiij*. 

Item Wiirm Johnson of Burston viij*. Edward humble of 
chirton xiii'. iiij^. Item tho' pu'shon of Pelay xiij*. & iiij^. It* 
Will'm neilson of hartborne xx*. Jeffrey Reyne of Darlington 
xl*. John Richardson of kirkley vj*. viij^. Roger blythman 
of Newcastle xxiij'. iiij**. Anthony Stappleton oweth me as 
co'ceming one reckning liij*. iiij^. the lord of Newton in Glen- 
dall^ x'. these be the debts that I will'm Dagg doth owe as 
foloweth. It'm to Rohard Rea dark xxxiij*. iiij'. Also I 
giue my house y^ I dwell in af ' my death vnto my wife Alleson 
dag during her wedowhed and if she chaunce to mary then the 
said house to come to my sonne Andrewe Dagge & his heires 
lawfully begotten of his body failing that he haue no ishcwe of 
his body then the said house to come to the rest of my men 
children All the rest of my goodes movable and vnmovable 
I geue to Allison Dagg my wife and all my children whom I 
make my holl and full executors of this my last will & testament 
& they to see all things truly discharged to the trew meaning 
therof w^ I pray god it may be to his glory & my soulles helth 
witnesses & recordes of this my last will and testament Nicho- 
las Allen, Thomas hobson, Robert Black, John hutchinson 

The Inventory of all the goods movable & vnmovable of 
Will'm Dagg prased by iiij men will'm Donkin laurence stampe 
John Becke Will'm potts y* yong' y* viij of february 1570. 

Imp'mis one Iron chymney ij rost Irons, one spete, one por, 
one paire of tonges one recken crooke vj' — one kettill, iiij pannes 
viij' — iiij brasse potts, a frying pan vj* viij* — iij pottell pottes, j 

1 The Strothen were tt this period owners of Kirknewton, or Newton in 
Glendide. The deceued tppetn to have had verj extensive dealings firom the 
Tees to the Tweed. 


c|*rt |»ol & pint |>ot ix' — xv |N*ar<* ii( puthrr vewll, iij «a1i#« 
ij |MittiiiKrn xij' — ^j ublt% i bamng, «ij ra'cllrvtiikv onr lu^ 
M*illi% ij foiimitik ^*--j Anions jk a driiikt* amlirv vnj'- \aii| 
|Miin' iif Ihim» vj'— one riokr, Ik one p«ii»iie »tj'— ij dabketft »/■— 
ii JackfCn ami one (lirkine M*--j »liarl, j ca|i« j lial« iij* %nj^ — tf 
tc'llier ciNkit*!!, iiij A(M*kr riNiilnv %j' — iij co^erleu Ik iij ok I ha^ 
|)in% %iij'— xx*^ yanlt-^ of mollrn cicffh xx* — in piuml of liappa 
varn«» iij'-'(»ne c-lmt, Ac one rotfrr v'u* ij' — «ioe |iaire ol' b«U Ik 
an old ftweni ij* %iij' — ^j imire ot' ImiI »tock» jl^ j old p*«rr iaij* — 
V okl c|ui!i»ionH viij-* — ij |iaire nl* br«klock» h ike haii|nQtfi ^ — 
xx'" KloiH* of oki Inifter xxxiij' iiij' — ij l>uwrlU of Kv v* liijf'— li 
|»eeke^ of maJle xij*-> vj Uiitn one lillk* M*a iij ikeaU-i« iij ktlv 
tubk iij*^-uii« old ronC, j rlii^t, j |wck h a fredle uij* — iuj oM 
ikkeak*^ jk j |iakrlotk Xx' — ij {wire of wood ftki:lrft one hilataflk 
iiij*— <ine triMtic in hay ij' — «>ni* Imit!^ ti one niarr xl* — 
xviij*->.ij park «addirH & ctu-r fci*re iij' — the iiork f(ere bekn 
In y' ^hopp & one little of Iron xiij* inj* — j old hauling 5l 
forme viij* — fouer lynnc*ti »heat* ix hanir* »hett» xx* — ruj ptl- 
kiwern iiij rnddei» v' iiij' — one hourd rkKh. ij toweN nij iia|«kiaa 
ij' — ij fkvM'n trencher*, ij rnvM>4 \j di»h«*«, one paire ol' te^tmea 
viij'. Siim'a xv' vtij' \iij^. DxHTb owax to wiirm da|r|r w 
fokiwelh Cterani fennicke of lialerlon xx' — John Kiitt^HioffTli 
of Mor|M*ih xxx^V* vj' — John of Angrrtoa sx' — 

<ferani Culler ni An^frlfm xiiij* — I ho* laik*r of Alnairke \%f 
▼iij'— (fefTniy Heine tif IWlin^ton xl' — J<*ha Kirbankoa it 
Kirkk*y vj' viij' — llo^^er Hlythnian of Newra»tle xiiy* iiijf' — 
AnfhiMiy «l applet on lii' iiij' — will'ni tt roller the Ion! of ati 
in (tkMulall x'— John NeiUcni of liehn^ttm xxv* Kich' hc« 
tff luirtely xvj'— Kob't Dune of Kl«*U iitj'^wiirra Jirfii 
liiir<ftti»n viij'-^Kilwanl humble of chirtim xiij' inj' — 'I 
Pun Jmhiu c»f Pi4ay xiij' iiij' — will'm wikon ot' liwtbai 
Sum*a xvi' x* ij'. DxBTs v' y* taid will'm I)^K i*v^t^ 
Kieliani ll«*a xxxiij' iiij' — 'Vo MaqFarci Kaiind xx*— fur 
fenne iiij* — to Uielianl wliilfetld oneyerd it iij tfuarter* of h 
cUkIi iij' %j— I III una* wigh'm ij' — To Nichoiat TetMlrb 
etiVrniiii^ one ^ruv iiuu'i' \j' \iij' -t«i liirluni Ai rii; for j 
and a half of while iij' — FeCer liell fur a diildet n/— llni 
howr^ for !i)ieriiif( xx'. Suni'a iij* x«'ij'. vj'. * 



XX vj'" die Januarve anno do. 1570. The Inventorye of all 
the goods and cattell of late Will'm heron of Crawleye gentle- 
man deceased praysed by Roger procto' and luke ogle Esquiers 
John Kirspe Rob*t harrigart and Edwarde Kirspe. 

Imprimis x oxen price ix' — one cowe w*** a calf price xx' — 
one stirke iiij' — xij Eues and lambes xl' — xiiij hogges v ewes & 
ij toopes xl* — vij milke gotes and iiij*' mynches xx*— xx* Bisb- 
elles of rj'e sowen xxxiiij* iiij*^ — vj Bowles of whete sowen xxviij* 
^ xxvj Bowles of ots sowen xliij' iiij^. Come in the Vaird and 
in the Barne : — ^x Bowles of whete price xlvj* viij^- xiiij bowles 
of rj'e xlvj* viij* — ^x Bowles of Big price xxxiij* iig* — xx^ 
Bowles of ots price xxxiij* iiij* — the long and short wajmes 
pleughesand pleughe eere xiij* iiij^ — the housbold stuf v)^ xiij* 
liij*. Sume tot. xxxv*. x¥*. iiij^. The debts of bite will'm 
h^on as doithe appeare By his testamente and last will 
amountithe to xliij* xix' iij^. 



Inventarium omniam et stngulorum bonomm et catallorum 
mobilium et immobilium mm fuerunt Bartrami Aiidarson nu- 
per villse novicastri super tmam mereatoris Ald'maDni ten^Kire 
mortis suae appreciatum per W. dent generomim per Rogenmi 
Nicolson et Edwardnm Bartra' mercatorem et Johaiuiem 
Doddes shipwright xvij die marcii A^ d'ni 1570. 

In The hall. Inp'mis — One Iron Chymneye w* the Im« 
plementes xxvj* viij* — Two tablet w*^ the Carpettes iiij*— -Thre 
K>rmes vj* viij*' — One dossen Coshynes xP — halfe a dossen of 
erene cosshynes xij* — One Conntere w^ the Carpett xl' — Twoo 
Basinges & two covers xij* — One Chayre XT)*-»One fitell 

I Cnwlej Tower, now in ruin8» ttuidB upon t most eammmmdiog litiiatioB ki 
an old Roman camiH on tlie north side of the vale of Whittingfaam, in NortJb* 
umberUnd. The deceased was son of John Heron, who ia known bv the 
name of ^ the Baetard Heron,** in the hiatonr ef the battle of Floddon F&eU, 
and who was eyentuallv slain bj tl)e Soots. Ht was an iUcgltbnale son of Star 
Soger Heron, of Ford CMtle, Knight.. Thomas Heron, the son of William 
Heron, the deceased, was a Newcastle merchant, and died in 1582. 

s Alderman and Merchant Adventurer of Newcastle— Sheriff of Newcastle 
1543— Major 1661, 1567, 1563, M.P. fbr Newcastle 1554, 1557, and 15ga,— 
Married Alice, daughter of Aalph Girr, of Newetitle, merobant, and also of 
Cocken Ca PaL 

:i3ti WILLI AND 

C'lmin* xij"*. Sum' \* xi\' \iij*. In tiik Hirriir. (hir 
^alliiii |M)tl, iiij |Hittrll |Ni(tf^ of the bi*«t MirC xiij' iiij'— -Tvo 
|K'iillK*r raiiiu*% ij* — ^'llin* Biiiit\ii |>«»lif% nj' Hi Mir nittirrii 
plali'tk iiij' viij^ — (>fii* l*iartlM*ii platrr ^ilc ij* — I hit* hmm-i fif 
|N*«i<lrr xij^ — Oik* Kiiigi* of Km»M* fltir a C'lia«t\iMjH-lir «/— 
S(*x |>lalt*i> of loiifion nirlrll w^ a haniii^i* of iKHidrr «iij'.^ 
Oiu* loiiiion iH>ltrll |mlt xij' — ih\r |miC li«ilcirn llirr p\iiii-« \iij* 
Oiif |H)t lioliliii^ llirc* Qtiarli*^ viij* — 'Hirt* |M>cit*ll |Hiiir» nj' — 
Two c|iiartt* |H»ltf^ ij' — T^fi p%ii(e |Niltt*^ x\y* — i}nr |;alii«i 
|Hitt iij* liij' — (>ii«- C'litT^tT ij*— OiH* lilfll iiiurtrr ami a |ir%trU 
j' — fl'oiirlfnf l>ra«M* raiiilcUlirLr^ xvj* — Two loiiiiiio |M>iit-* of 
HtoiK* Ik lliri't* otiirr |M»iii-« ol «toiir M**^ t*oir« x%j*— >(>iM* f:rral 
iitoiii* |N»l w"^ a roil* vj'— One raiitlrUlH-kt- liiiipii|;r imr ibe 
wall vj' — (>iif Tn-iH*lM*r fat( of |Niw(irr w** Two Inillowr b««]ii» 
iiij' — Twriitvi* Trciiclii-r |»Ut% \j* — One ('u»tarfl pUir w*^ m 
ciMftcn xvj"* — Oiif pn*<i^T of wa\ii»ki*tt xiij* iiij*. Sum' iiij' 
xiij' vj^ In Till: Kikuhni.e. A Iron Chvmnrvr w^ ikp 
Ini|ilt'mtMiU-<» iij' — I wo fryrnge |taiuii*« ij' — S'X |Kiiyn(iirlir« uj* 

Ki^lit litt'll fli*lii**\' — 'Ilirr ^ri*al ili«»lii"» iij* — Nym* Sit 

liij'-KlrVrn «iiihK*pi xiij* iiij*. Kijjlit hirll iliiblrr«» %iij' -( 

^rali' xij^ - Two ^ku'nwnk viij* - S'*rn i»|H'atf'» x* — ffxw h 

|Hitti*<» xP.- -iHo |H»«»nrttf!» \iij' - 'lliri- ro|)«*rki'tl«-li<-« wy^ 

TniM> Krttflli'ii of li;itlr\f x' - S\ |iarinr% xx" — (hn- «rtlin^ 

wj"* Thrt' litrll |miihi'^ iij' iiij* Oiir paiiiu* »'* a ^lakc ij* — 

Ohr lintoM* rJialFiT ij' -Ont* ittTyt* iiannt- x\j' — tFy%t* |Mrt li«ldr« 

IJ* One lalCfn l«iii«*ll %j* — '1 «<n» ciro|»\n }iann«*% of Inm ij' — 

Thri* (Iropin panni % of wh\lf plaii* xx^ — Thrt* |Hur of rr«t- 

yron« ij' — Two |mir of rl.inw'% xij** Two |wur of |ti>lrli|i|i«« 

\iij*- Onr tli«*»lii- cTiMiki* *j* -On«* pT<*al IVasmiri* iij' iiij*— 

Slim* x' xi\' iiij'. Tiic rii\MiirK \iio\i. the Hirriiift-^A 

frihiT iM'fi oil inattn-^ w"* that that U'lon^ \nlo llirin xx* — 

Our rlii^C w"* iiii|i|i«Ty roiiti*\ii\n XX*— (Jrvt'n L\nialilt* ckHlirtt 

xU'j* %iij' Ilin* twrlii tal>u* rloilit*^ xxx' flfoiir TowrlU uf 

kalli* raw rloilii* xij* — Two lvnn%iip* rowlyn towrlU-« x* — 

Kti;lil wi'hIii-11 iDWrJlt-^ xxiiij' - Ilin* «ioV ran\i-« iiapkitM xxx* 

— IVit tii»«* )\iiii\n lahU* iia|tkiii« xxx'- (hi<- iii*«' of olil nap. 

kins ij'^Two lw«')f| towfllf^ x'-— iwii fiama«k liorri rlolki*« xx&* 

fti%r iwflfi lt«»ni<-l<itlii*<k xx%j' %iij' - On«* (im* ^ of fUinr»k» 

napkin* xx\j* %iij* — 'Ilirr tU**' twrld napk^ii^ x\j* - 'Ilirr do** 

cianii-«ki* towi 11«*« XX* -Two twiUI lowrlli'^ \j* Twtio kaml* 

ttiWrlJcH of |\ii iij'- TwiNi rliittr^ xi:j* iiij'^-(hir prrtt* rhttf 

w'" l\iinon t'liitlif TwiMi |M'rr for napkin^ k a nitl |i«*c«- xi* — 

Oiif hriNi«i |H'( I- of i-an\i'% for tabli- rK»tlii-^ xxxiij* iiij' — One 

narrow r |n*«*«* fur napkiiir'* xiij' iiij'- S-x inrcv of ror« Ira 

f-loili«- iij' — Oni- |H*cf & a rrnilaiMl of IiuIUimI cloilir xl* — Srs 


pece of strakens xl* — One Remland of tweld for napkins viij* 
— seven peces of canves iij' — Thre peces of vnbleched lynne 
XXX* — One cunter v*— ffive chists xx* — a wainskott presser xx* 
— Sex twelts for Beddes xviij* — ffive coverlettes xiij* — Thre 
cou'inge of beddes iij* Sum' 41*. 9'. 0^. The good mans 
Apperell. a gowne faced with m'tren & waited w'** velvett 
iij' — a gowne faced withe velvet xl" — a gowne faced w'** bouge 
waited w^ velvett xxxvj" — one old night gowne xx* — one vel- 
vett Jackett iij* vj* viij** — One Eldren velvett Jackett xl" — one 
Uidinge Jackett xx' — One Rydinge Cloke xxvj* viij** — One 
blacke satten dublett xxx' — Three old satten dubieties xx*. 
Sum' xvij* xix* iiij"*. In the hye p'lour. One cubbord 

iiij* — Two fether beddes w**» app'tenncs iii* — One fetherbed w*** 
the app'tenncs xx" — One chymney xiij* uij** — One longe settell 
x'. Sum V*. vii' iiij<*. In the news chamber. On Iron 
Chymney xiij* iiij** — One bed w'** a father bed & a raattres & all 
things belongynge to it iiij* — One bed w«»» a fether bed & all y^ 
belongs to It iij' vj' viij^ — One danske chiste & a polke of wain-' 
skottv' — One wayneskotte table xx" — Twoo formes i iij* — Twelve 
Chargers xl* — Twoo dos' doblers xl* — Twoo do«' doblers of the 
silu' sort xxvj* viij** — One dos' of the Siluer so' xvj*— One dos* 
litell doblers xij* — Twelfe newe dishes of the greater sort viij* 
— One dos' of the lessere sorte vj* — One dos' littell banket ten 
diches iiij* — One dos' litell banketen sawcers ij*~ One dos' ^ 
of potendiches xviij* — Twoo dos' ^ of plattrenchers x* — One 
dos' Sawsers v' — Seven Great dublers viij* — One dos* tynne 
Candelstickes xiij* iiij** Sum' xxiiij' xiij*. A chamber w"jn 
THE NEWE chamber. One bed w^** the app'tenncs yj* viij^ — 
Two old oversee beddes xxvj* viij** — One Chiste banded w"* 
Iron x* — Two beddes w**^ twoo fether beddes & all y' belonges 
vnto them xl* — Sum iilj* iij* iiij** The lowe p'lor'. on 
Iron chymnaye w^ the app'tencs xiij* iiij** One bed w*** a mat- 
tres, an ou'sc cou'inge and the hingers and all other Things 
Belongynge to yt iij' vj* viij**. One litell bed w^** a fether bed 
& all y* belongs to it xx* One cou'ynge Taptere worke for a 
bed iij' One carpett of tapestayre worke iij* — half a dos* of 
Newcusshens xx* — half a dos' of old cusshens x* — two Twilts 
for beddes iiij* — two silke cusshens for to set in a wyndowe xx* 
— One payre of fusshion blanket tes xx* — One pair of Cortjus 
of sarsnett of the Cord iij* - One chair ij* — One chist banded 
w**» Iron vj* viij**. — One CoflFere ij* vj** — One table of wainskott 
XX* — Sex Htell stolles vj*. Sum* xx*. xj*. ij**. The good 
WIPES apperrel.' a skarlett gowne lyned w^** black sattajme 

> Who died before her husband^ and was buried in the Church of St Nicholas. 


.i38 WIM.S AND 

N pinli-fi u"' \rl\i'i nj'- Oiif ^karli-t jfowiir IjihmI m** Mvntira' 
liii* 4' Oiif Ur«l«' iri.uiu- |\iiff| H*'' liiiflL'«* \l' — One Ctiiwnr of 
hiak piiki* l\iii'(| \k"' •*.itlrii ^ ^'aril<M| m**^ \il\ft lij'— (>tif (ffuwnr 
IviU'd w*'' itlak (laiiii-'^kr j\. ^'arili il w"* %fl\«-l liij' iiij' — 'llirr 
(if»Hni'!i iiij'-Oiw w«»i^M'tl l'a«M>kc* iranKil h*'' viUrl \l*-— 
OiH* wonla\r ^ti^Kiii* \\%i* — OnniaiiK^kr kirlvll \1* — ihir tkjv* 
lat Kirtrll xl' — Oiu- iHlymlr \\ Sum* xx%' ij' \'uj*. Iv 

Di^t'.llH iinw^i:. It Mir 'rtiiit' i>f \\iM*^ar \ij' — clirr dciarti 
fla<*ki'll<k \*. Siiiir\ii'%*. In 111! K^TiiiiM.t. <>nr»iuall 

Inin ('li\iiiiir\r \* 'i*|iirt\r Ha\ii«ki»U iiij'. Sum* iiij' s*. 
In Till*. ii\ii.. OiK' Iron ('li\iiiiii-\ x\%* — Inrtv*- l\%f i»arQ»- 
kott \j'— fi^t* liiiiiilrrilit* «liiil^'cii \\\*— Ti'ii «ii»M-ii flrinkitiKr 
^la>M'*t \' — Tori \ I- «»iiiin' «il"l*aiUiwi» \' — Sum' \iii' x\*. The 
i.iiK\T l** i>L 111*1:% THY I . 'Hirr liuiifiri-tli \ xij ^wifi^ clalr* 
X* — lliFf C'riMlrllr* ol' ^la«oo ijj' l''.i^liti*ni> tlrit-tip- |iannr« *«* 
—OIU' ''iiiall In-rrrl >Xv\v and Ioum* ^Xv\v iij' — om- |iun*hi'n uf al- 
luiiu* vj* X*— lialtr a liarri-11 of altiiiiii* xx\*-- half' a luimln-tk of 
rlo\iii^'r IkiriU \x'. Sum' x\v* %*. Tin •»! i i:h in the inwi 
Col'KTii^N. On«* luiii* and a lialtr of w%ni- x\ij' \*. Sun' 
x>ij' x\ Thk I.\wk hHiik. lifljr waxn^kutt *ij — t 

liunflrt'tlir daliurdf xx\* — iwrllr ^^touf of iiim|i xx*. 
ix' X*. In I hi* lofir doHui* in x\w t-nlrrvr at lioim*. fourr 
uavn**ko(t x' xiij* iiij*. Sum' x' xiij' iiij*. Till •»! i.kb ry. 

DI.K 1111 ( ll\i'l'.ll . two four nf rlaii^ki* Iron XX' 4IIIC l«inr of 
«'ii^li«»hr Iron xij' — thn- mthllf* of ^In^M- iij* — fnur hrrrrik It 
thri* frrkiiiL't' «tf <>uiH* ix' x' — d* (half a) loin- of \\ti%|*cr xx\*— 
Sum' xl\j'. Th«' lialf of tin* ^iiii* ralli-d ihr Nl.w Joh!« r'— 
iiu»ri* in liiT lurntxt' wr\i' <>f «all xP — lialfr of Tiir BARliAavi 
l\xx'— halfi- of M'. Mort" rrair xx'- - Sum* ij' xT. Ctmii 

IN II Mini iitii -iiiri'tN iN'in;.*!- in iionihr fiMT M-ont* |>«*Cf* ^'«« 
iiinn- mil- iMittoiii tri'\fl- xx* — in Ih'II** liai^i* fmirt* M'on* |iLuikt*a 
x\j' — mi in- III till' *tiiiu' wa««lr ilin* M-or** ••luli IW } \M%rd rj* — 
nil III* in till- «aiiii* uaotr fift%4* |hm-« of «hi|i tindM-r iij' \*-* 
111 a -I II I K 111 Mil a liiindnth dali-« and lM»rih'<» iij* imirp 
fill- ^aiiir ^rlitT lui'iii\i* ('lo\«'n Imnl xiii* ini*— nM»rr ft 

Imr^r^ Xlj — llli*rr fl\r warki* lic}r^«*« %j' XU|* ill)*.- I'lio kriLLBS 

anil ih.iiTNiKs iii*«\j' xiij* iiii* Sum* j' xxj' x'. Is mt 

Hi»w Nsi: \T 1 * « I ns|. X \i 1 I 1) M* i.i»l HI H lln» sf, '| 


xij* — lilt in- fiHirr small nia«»!i« \j'— m«»n* «mall niaMr^ U 
y\. Slim* xxiiij'. I\ Tin. 4.\hiii in-xt to thfim^c 

r.ilird Kii iiiHiiNH i;\Kiiii:. Turnl\f trf\« x- <Mif hunclrrtkr 
|>l.i!ikt<» \x\ . Sum* xl . Tin: ( III > <>. At ihr M>uth»r»i pit 

III ii;.'r ;i)H*Mr ili«- ^rouiid I- tHiiitv \'\ w tinnt-^-^ at tho nr%x pit 
.ihiixi- tlif );r«Mind i« trii l«'mi«-'«(»f (*olt-H — ihr ('oU'% a( ike «i 
nil hT |iit III dl'i- al>i»vi* the irrouiid i« four %r(»re tt*nne«- the Ci 


at the next pit to y^ lyenge aboue the groand is forty tennes— 
the Coles at the estmest |>it Hence aboue the ground Is vij*' 
tennes — the Coles at the pitt in ^verwood above the ground 
is foure tennes — the Coles iienge on the west syde of brokes 
borne is xx tennes aboue y* ground. Sum' ijciiij*' xv' x*. The 
Coles lyenge p'sently vpon the steyth by the wat' side ys xxiiij*^ 
Tennes at xxvj* viij^ everye Tenne vj«xl* — ^the Coles Ivenge 
p'sentlye vpon the steyth by the water side in darwand thirtve 
Tennes at xl* eveiy Tenne iij*** — the coles p'sently vpon. the 
meilmedowe stay th by the water side is fiftye Tennes at Thirtye 
sliillings a tenne iij^xxv^ Sum' vij^ij^^xv^ Ttmbbre at 
BLADONN. Eighte great treys iij* vj' — more f(Nly one spurthes 
iij* vj* viij*. Sum vj* xij* viij*. Colles. On y* cros more 
at the pytt. At the northe pyt of the eu'coll fourtene tens at 
thirtene shillings and four pence a ten ix^ vj' viij' — more at the 
wester pit of the best coles v*» tens at xxiiij*. 4*. a ten cxyj' 
xiij' iiij^ — more at the south pit of the best coles twelf tens at 
xxiiij' 4^ a ten XJiij^ Sum' cxl^ The prasell of the 
PLATE. One basen & one ever p'sell gilt xx* — more one basen 
& ewer p'sell gilt w^ the Armes enameld xviij'— one great stand- 
ing pece w^^ one cover duble gilt weyeth iij*^v ounces at sex 
shillmgs and eiffht pence an once xxv* — two great saltes w^ one 
cover doble gylt weith iiij"xj onces xxix* xiij* iiij** — A nest of 
white goblettes w^ one cover weith liij ones at iiij* vj' a onz xj' 
xviij' vj' — a standinge pece w^ one cover duble gelt weith xxxij 
ounces x^ xiij' iiij' — one nest of bouUes w^ a cover dnUe gek 
weith i*^vn ones xxxv* xiij* iiij* — four potts w* two covers duUe 
gelt weith Ij onces xvij^ — ^two ston pottes w^ covers & bands 
doble gilt & one pot coverd w''* silu' vj* xiij' iiij' — One maser 
w^ one cover duble gilt weyth xxix onces ix' xiij' iiij' — thre 
standen peces w^ one cover doble gelt weyth Iviij onces xix' — 
two goblettes w^ one cover doble gelt weyth Iviij onces xix' vi* 
viij* — One nest of whyte bowles w**" one cover weing iiij**vuj 
onces xix* xvj' — Two whyte sponged peaces w^out a cou'weing 
xxxj onces vj* xix' vj** — five litell gobletts w^ut a coaj>'cell gilt 
weing xxxij ones viij* x*. viij' — Thre saltes w^ a cov p'cell gilt 
weynge iij"^ij onces xvj* x*. viij' — a Htell salt w^ a cou' and one 
pepper box duble gilt weing tenne ounces iij* vj' viij^— -foure 
dossen silu' spones weyng iij^xix ouncs xix* xv'— A wh]rte peee 
for butter weinge xvij ouncs iii* xnj' y}^ — One waterpot duble 
gilt weing xiij ouncs iiij* vj'. viij' — one potendiche of silu' weing 
V ones xxij* v]** — one cover fcur a bladce pot weing iiy ones xxj' 
iin<* — six silv' spones weinge vj ouncs xxvij'— Two white peacs. 
of silu' weinge xxv ounes v* xij' yj'— -one nest oobletls w^ a co« 
ver duble gilt weinge iiij^ix ouncs xxix' xiij' iii)* — one nvt duble 


:HO UI1.L.S A\U 

f'ili wi'iiip- WW ciuiioh xj' \ii|' liij'^a |H-(*r ciIIihI a l*jur«»u m^ 
iHiM) lii*a(U ilulilf yriU wrvii^t' xlvij iMiiir^ x%''. xiij*. iiij'. Si»jnA 
iij* iij**xi' x%ij' x^. Tiir. «,imiii% at iia^wlli- * |»*^r<l tkr 

xix*** ill* NiVli A'' 1570 l)\ Nirli'a« i'lM'krMiii Julm S»al«rll And 

|tfU*r piiwirMiii. Is nil. ii\i.l. ij" IiiIk-I1i>, \j butfi*:! fttt41rs 

iiij hiilU't iroriiH**!, u oik* litrll touriiu- w*'* IrU* xwj' vnj' — « f^rrr 

('ii|)lM»r«lf a i>koiirf» iil xxx'^Oii Iron C'li\miK-\, a |i«ir iil' ififfi|^ 

a |Mirr, a |Niir nt' ricLt*** nt' Iron, iij %|K*ai%, a IVm'Ii^ |«nDr, m 

<lru|>iii |miu ij.. pain* of |Hiit r)i|)|N-». a rimiuigr Iron xx\y \iij*.^ 

four laiit'i* iklavt-'t \' %iij' — li\t- (|ittH%lKMi», a ii«rt»rh riolh ts m 

viAAnrril cloth vj' \ iij' — (Ik* liiiii^in^?! in clu* hail \)* %iij* — ««oc 

tht*cu|thoni, un«' Im^tU'ii^f, oiu* fHt*r i>l* |N»i»di'r. \j raiiiiU-*iK*lLc% 

III' liranM.*, ij ftultcn ol'iKiwdiT, and oiii* of hra^M*, aiMl a liaml b^ 

ftin^ce XX*— a caM* li'** (rrni'htT^ ofwiKMl h'^ a %.ilt mil \ a prce 

to driiiki* in «'** a UKtrttT & |K*^tt'U of WimmIc ti*r muMrnlr «*. 

Sum* «'j' vij' iiij'. Is riii: Kkn iiim.i: — iij hrsMt- |miCU, if 

llTvai caldrons, iij kt'tlflU, iiij |ijiiiiu*«, a lir«fc«%aipc* m«*rti-r ^ a 

|K-«t(*ll ol' vroii, a rluifliiip' dirhc* iiij' a l'.iir rawi-11 Anibr% uj 

Miyc*<i ol' hrt'ad a hraikc y^*^ a drt-i^MT h«ir<l, iiij l'onnr«, a Uolir 

nlto^i'thtT H'^a nd(rii cTiNiki' \ a Molh* of €••%»«■ ttf hra^*r wxiij' 

iiij-^ — xiiij diil)li*r«, liij di^h<*'», v |itat.v uj SavkoT^ all ihrw id 

yKUid', vj |K»(tMidi<»ht'^ \ xij t \ niii* »|>oik*n of t\iiiu* xxxiii* mj'^ 

Sii 111 \ ij ' V j * \ i ij ' . I N 1 1I t: r \ h r k m. — A fair ^rt*al tlaiHr* chrO, 

ij lN'd<»l<K'kt'H, a Uiwliii^ loiiir ij lrV<Mi^r tohlMr^, ij knifSieUirj 

ij Hhfl\r<( \x'. Slim XX*. In thi: hi ttk)k> iij Ini|(Jm-j 

iiij liarrrllf^ a coi^trfll, a ^taiul iiij fro«i-«, ij 'l'«»hhr^ mud m 

'lVaiiK*«i xiij* iiij*— III rAii>t*« \** X x%j \ranlt-% «uj' — '11m 

Kaiiihlandi*^ of Wdlloii rlodit* xwj* \iij' Sum' \'. Thk 

f'l.oK u"*iN- Tilt; li\l.i.-oiK* fair %(iiitd IhmI, a frtlirrbrd. ft 

iMiu^t'a piiir of hlaiikrlti's n |k*iir4tf Iwiwtp' «ht*ts a ro%rffirtt«a 

iHrli, a |N'llow \, |K,*llol»«Ti' w**^ t«*%t' of ^ri'iK- X \rallti«r luj'^ 

II iioihi-r fi'lhi-rlN'd. a lMi%ii«t', a C'lMhs a ru'%fip- Al a t^rlt ailc^ 

^'fthiT liij* iii|* — Sun \j' XIIJ* ng'. I\ iiiR Inok p'ior. A 

fur <>t.iii(| U-d y^^*" a ti**tl* of »imm1, mi niattrt-i^, %j l»ii«i%t*«, mj pt 

lor«, >ij pair ol hlaiikctt^, ix rou'lr(t<», x |>*kir of hanlin^r 

inj p-ivr of loii^ «hi-(« and a (hi-Ii x' uj' \i\\'. !«•> i'hiftlr% 

AiiiKTW', oiii' I li.iin*, on tnindclt* InmIiI. Iht* Inii^ini^ ao li 

(hamlN'r x%j* x\ \i>ardi'» of M*<-ki- rloili for making ol but 

jv. ctNidr^ atni Thrr |iillahir« x\*-- oii«* dK-|i' lahli* chrtli, w^ 1^ 

Mf ii:i|ikin«, IJ ilraHini; lowi-lli*«, ij l«»np- lianil l<*«tdi<*^. iiij fttr^ 

ki-n li.intl fomtllf^ xliij* — \\ «ii«i'r •|h»iii-« xxiiij*. Sum \«' «^ 

^lli^ I\ THI. MiLkK iiowhi. — tlin- «hi*l\f«lor cIh* 

> lluvfll ftn.1 llmrl! ItranKr, in ih^ |ariih ••!' I'.tun^Mii. «*rv efl 
1 t*fnn|{ tw Ihr lU^rAMtl. 


inge iiij' — Ixxxxiiij chcases iij* — a call and vj Chearnes xx* — 
Ixxxx mylke bowlles iij' — x mylke skelves v* — a castar for lyinge 
cheases of ij' — viij skelles iij pynnes for caryage of drenk a feld, 
a Cheasse Trowe, ix trye clublersy xxx chese fattes, ij chese 
presses, a Tubb w^ sake, a credell for a chese & a through xl' 
— Sum ix* xj*. In the wark howse. xvj wayn Asle treys, 
viij pie we beiames, fourscore plewe heads, xx mold mordes, xx 
plewe shethes, xviij plew stilts, j parr of stings spades and shoUes 
viij xxxj". Sum xxxj*. The Corns In the barns. In 
otes buried eight lode xx* — ^in vnberied whete xiiij thraves xx* 
— vj pair of coope wayne soUes xv* — ix hordes of oke ix* — ij 
tubbes and a leape for caryadge of come iiij' — Sum iii^ viij*. 
In the stack garth. One stake of otes estemed to 1 tnraves 
xl* — two wheat stacks c'tenyng by estemac'on v** thraves viij* — 
in pease vnberied iij quarters xxxvj' — ^five pair of longe wayne 
blaids xxvj* — xij hordes, xvj ox Arrowe buUes vj* viij^^— one 
empty butt ij*— in come of the ground, in wheat otes and pease 
in duble Akers iij^xP — more in otes in the Reflfte four akers 
xx*. Sum liiij' x' viij^. At haswell orandos — in the hall 
howse two standinge tables, a litle cupbord in the p'lor and ij 
pair of bedstockes xiij* iiij' — In the bame ij Great oije fatts, ij 
buttes, ij hogesheades, one sea two knocke tubbes, iiij costrel- 
les, ij standes a leap x* — iij hogesheades of wyne vij* — In wheat 
in the staggarth ij mckes by estymac'on flSftye thraves v* — xxx 
drawght oxen iij]^'— *In waynes plewghes and harrowes w^** all 
the gere vnto Them belonginge w**» yokes and somes xvj* — 
twelve stirkes iiij* — ^x swyne xxxiiii* — viij" and xv yowes xxvj* 
— wethers and tubes iij"xvj, xiij* yj*. viij*. — in hc^;gs v" and 
X, xiiij* xiij* iiij* — in pease xij bushelles xvj* — in otes a <}uarter v* 
iiij* — two leades, a stepe lede and another lead v* vj* viij* — ^xxxj 
kye xlvj* — Som'a ijc* v* iiij*. The goods at owston * — ^first 
X drawght oxen the p'ce xv* — fyve kye vj* xiij* Uij* — fyve 
thrwnter stotts at v* xiij* iiij* — ^iiij thrwenter whyes at -iiij* — 
xxiij twenters stotts and whies at xiij* xiij* iiij* — one mear p'ce 
xx' — ij wheat stacks estemed thre score thraves v*— one stack 
of otes estemed xxxiiii thraves xxvj* viij* — come of the ground 
ix doble akers p'ce vj*-— one stack of hay iij* vj* viij*— ij longe 
waynes & ij coope waynes xxxiij* iiii* — ij plewes m^ eowters & 
socks & all to y^ belonging x* — viij drawght voks & all to y** 
belonginge iij' iiij* — v somes ij croks, and ij shakelles at xs— -one 
oxe harrow w**> Iron teth & ij horse harrowes x* — y\ newe plew 
beames, & ij newe axell trees iij* — ^vj cope wayne soles vij* vj* — 

I Otutrni. in the parish of Chesttr-le-StrMt, tnolher ctUie wluch Um deeass- 
ed had purchased. 



Olio 9»|iacli\ iij fthi>HlK»« at viij^ — one nivck luK^ke, a ffrape h u§ 
lorki'M vii^'*- iVve fi)u*|H* huf^gr^ at x* — tour Iron I'orket at viij' 
—Sum' iij*" K vj' ij* vj*. The uohdh at tiii: white h*ll — 
viij** and xviij old iklu*|H* at &xj* vj* %itj'. — fvvc' M*orc and l«rUe 
f»lu'|)f lio^^fkaC xiij' — Sunrxxxiiij' \j' %iij^. It'm it* monve xx'. 

<( i.x^ii. RoncRT r.NTinE, i i rat oi* diinto.x. 

In (Ik* nam«* of (mkI anu-n. 'Hu* xij dav of dt-rrnilMT l.%70 
I Il«>lM.*rt I>tl)y riarkt* curat ol* iK'iiton «*^iii tin* |>ari%h of fpaii^ 
font of |MTtit nii-iiiory {^ ri'aM»ii praiM* ^ tlurk^ In* |*ivrn to gnd 
Alnii^li(i«* do niaki* \ onlriiic- tliin my («'^tanivn( and last «ill la 
man' aiHl fonnr folowin^ : finiC and |»riiu*i|»ally I ^v\v h ht*«|uitli 
my Miull li> gtMi o'i|Kitrnt inv nipkrr ... rrd«i-infr my Imdy to he 
buricMl in tlu* cluin'li van! of fjfiiton iiripli to iIm* crcmM-« thrr 
^.ih |„y niortuaric*<k a*« by tliv la«ic*N arcu«toni<*d. It'm 1 ffiur to 
John l{iH|flli'iii till* Miniiiu'ii' our ^mariiK* of Im'i** Aim! 1 «d] v* 
my maid (*inli<- Mttlralf liavi* by Ir^acy \xx* «'^ I o«r voto 
luT. Tilt* rt'Nt aiKl n*%idiu' of all my ^nmU Si. rattrlU iiiovabir 
anil \nnK)val)U* mv d<*bt(« & hini-raU |»aid and diM-luu'iri**! 1 irr«c 
and l>«M|ui(li (o mtli <»(iHldi'rt my brollii-r lii^ dou^htcr wliucn I 
onU'iiii* and niaki* mv full \ lioK* i*\iTii(rix «>f tlu« mv la«t «iU 
& lc**«(«unrnt (o di«|M>M- my pnnK a( \wr «iiM-rcM**on to tlir 
of (umI j^ lu*Uh of my miuII & to giuc tlirr«if to iIk* |Miur 
may : nitm*!* Iirrof Hill'm carter, Cu(lib(*rt ktoddiTt Klixdbetk 
burnt* & JaiM't Hunit*. 

Invkntokii: Tho k%nt* xlvj'.^iij^ v buM»lit*U <»f «heal x*. 
Oik* t|uarttT <ifoti*!» \\ Hay xxiij*. iiij*. Oih* iiiiarttT of CXm 
v'. vj »toiic* of woll xxvj', \j di<»<»lit*% t»f iiutm*r ii* iij old 
di^nlii*^ and a «awMT viV viiH. ij |h»(|«, ij tilti kfltiU «** ockr 
fitT %f<»M'll xiij*. iiij*. AVcMMtt* vt>^M-ll iiij*. An t»l<i ft*atlM*r hr^A 
aixl A mattrt*^ «k*'* titiuT bttiiiing \>*. An olii %\ilr gowiir h % 
clokt* w"- odiiT t»f lii« raynifiit xxxiij'. iiij*. Nt'Hi* wbnUrnrlock 
\j*. viij*. A rubbiini, a lit (It* ambrt*y, a rtiuntt*r \ a bed «* 
olbt*r im|tli*nR-ntH uf liu^lioltl xx%'. iiij'. (n-M* aiwl h«*iiiir» ij*. 
Dkiith «ii»«*n to (lit* saitl Kob'c t^dn. WilPm Wutklrft far Vf 
»(onf t«f 1ft till iij'. Tti(ali> »»umnui xiiV. xvij*. iiij'. I>cari ihit 
tbt* viitt lUtb't iUtliy tlotli tiiit*. Tti Ultima^ Sitiilti«*rt for c u r— 
\j'. To (III- Hiunt' U'lit mimt-y ij\ — lor ttmlt*^ x%iij*. To • 

I '1 he jl'-'^r lnvif.ti*rf i* raluahir, a« «ir>r*tir;^ a t*4»|4rfr ilnrfipCtia if 
tr.r lunuiiiri-. vfi^k in irailct Ac. fitm uf unc i«l tlic bkmI flminakicy Ncvi 
itit n* ill hii itj«. 


Butclier of Pearcebridg x*. To wedowe tomson ix*. To 
sissell medcalf his s'vant xxx". To a yong maid viii**. To Bur- 
don of houghton vj'. To M'. Stephenson vj«. viij'*. To W"» 
Morton iiij'*. Ais funerall expenses vij". So reniaineth clere 
xj'. xiij^ ♦ 


In dei no'ie amen 24*** die Augiistie Anno D'ni 1570 I Ma- 
rione Randell Singlewoma' hole of mynde and of good Remem- 
brau*ce althoughe I be sycke in bodye maikethe this my last 
will and testamente in maner and ffourme folowinge. ffirste I 
give and bequiethe my souU to God almyghtie and my bodye 
to the eai'the from whence it came Item I gyue & bequiethe 
to my vncle Will™ Huntley one syluer belte to be wome of the 
same fassione that it is now in, w^^ belte is in value iiij^ or 
abowe and is in the hands and custodye of Will'm Galightlie 
plu'ber It'm I give and bequiethe to my said vncle Will" 
Huntlye a copper kytle w*=*» is in valew of xl* or better being 
in the hands of y* a foresaid Will'm galightlie More I gyve 
& bequiethe to my said vncle Will'm Huntley xl* in money to 
be recayed at y* hands of Volantyne Baker golde smythe 
Also I gyve & bequiethe to Will™ galightlie other xl* in money 
of the w*=*^ xxx" to be receyved at the hands of the foresaid 
Volyntyne Baker & x' to be receyved of my house rente It'm 
I gyve & bequiethe to John Gaymsbye my house w***out the 
newe gait lyinge & being in a streate called Sydegaytt accords 
inge to the tenor of my mothers will. It'm I gyve to Helenor 
Huntley iiij**' blake patletts iiij* cherches a blewe apron & 
yo velvett pattletts to be receyved at the hands of Edward 
Hixon wyffe It'm the rest of all my goods not bequested 
my debts and legaces beinge paid I gyve to my vncle Will" 
Huntlie whome I maike my full executo' he to dispone my 
goods to the honor of God & the healthe of my soule & all 
christen soulles Witnesses & records heare of George Gybson 
m^ maryn' Agnes Bowell wedoo Elizabethe lelye & Elsabethe 
Blake w*^ others Elsabeth Estman. 

An Inuintorye of the goods of Maryan Randall deseassed. 
Remanynge in the custodye of Will'm golyghtlye on selver 
belt — Mor remanynge in his costodye on copper kettell — 
In the hands of Volantyn Baker gold Smythe remanynge in 
monnye the sume of iij^ x* Mor in Andre we nyxsons hand for 
the Rent of hir house dewe at Martenraas last x*. Monnye 
laid furthe for the charges and feunrall expenses of the said 


Maryan Ramiall Paid for beritif(«r lier to ilie rliiirrlir & makiufc 
hir gra%'(* xxj* — For a nhetc tliat waiMl hir iij* inj^ I'kiii to t«o 
wonHui that waiui hir xii^ Paul fur t)ir |irt-*l% j^ rlark« flr«l%r 
ft lor ryn^i*nge the belles ij' vj'— Paiil to JInid Prar«no /or 
goiii^* lor w* Cfolvfchtlye xij^ — Pakl abiHit hir rliargr* lo ihe 
tyini* *hf lavf «»yki* ij". Smih* xj*. ij*. 


Ill ihf iianuMif (hmI niiifii. lh<* x\ tUv ofJuhi in %* <rir tif CkhI 
M. v< I lire liTor him I ten /rri» I J horn* Si»\niM> in mirk, haiU 
in i^prit MMk in UnIv niaikiH my tei»laiiie*t Ik last will in manrr 
form j^ efTet^t a« Htir tollo«ii<». In y' ffin»t I g\f[ my m>«U to 
Ahiiygiiiy (mhI laiht-r ^ ^iiif ^ ImiU' goft* my hiidy lo bt 
bureifi in I(«H*k Kirk« inviic* ex<t*utoun» inv UMithir & llnm 
Sw%-nno inv hrolinr vat vait* (ie»iNiiie \* n**l of mv |tud» •• 
vail* Hiil nii«ii€*r lM*rore CicnI 4»iie v' lant dav. 

lii%i**tarin* \v\ a<l* lM»iu>rn* gniiilaiHl nit* to liaiie ftea oxro y* 
|>ryr<* xiiij iiohU*%, tn«> imigi*« y* | »ry rr iiij iM>hles« am* fodi i* 
pryn* x grottn. howtihald geir xx'. It' Mi«iiM* a|MMir y* couad 
»«*x ImiIU onheil m*x IhiIU nit in iiimI ^'X Ih>I1i^ brir. IlMlia 
awund im*, rhitnu* AndirMUie \ M-hilhiigi*. And ol' \\% awaad 
furtli in firtt tn \' I«oni v \hA\\% i|tilK-il Ik f\i»r Itolli* brtr H 
aitt<». It' to Jlione hr«iun«* in a*i»irk x'. Item to %* 
nN*k M-x '. ir t<i M-nnaiidft lein x*. 

y\x \A*y^hirs\ Item tc» nn' mother & niv ci»trr mv 
cluihiH & my part of y' come in I>iiii<ktoiin« to my ct»€rr 
fi>k of oxcMi, aiifl laid ol* (|iiheit, aiM* laMi of beir, an 
aittfc. It* ade my brothir y' gra naig ane ox. lo Itmwtfia 
y* t'oitl, to lb*nre my bmlhir thre of y* lM**t oxotir* J* graf 
nieir, uiifi y tlirid i>l* y* roriH* tin \* griHind. to Utu or g w 
Ztui^ u In»1I t>r t|tilieitl. to euthbert fern Mir aiie buirhrU of 
Immf. Ill my i^'Haii<l litiman ane (mil nf tjulieit, aiir bcdl of brir 
ane IhiII cif ailtH. lM*fi»r \er %biiiif% (tt^tirg* «r«hl^li« llwaHa 
Si'hi|)|mrt H* others diu*ii lit s\v finit'. Ik-«> gr*a». ^ P. I570.| 

1 'I'lir S«ifilifir« h«S brm ovncnof Kick fur niMiy v««n^ 
vtih till- %rrv iir«t Ciniiiic* in the Nurth itf Ki^UimL Tbr 
yr%r% htfi.rr ihr fUl<* of thr alMtrc m\\\, |««w! l>« jn i w irt^ lo IW fcallv if 
lavMm. Ilnv i« inie of thr old linr vith thr •itut-ftlkpa of • fftmHammm {w 
hi* «iil i« 111 )ii« u«n bAiMl.«ntin||. ami !«*« |CrfitU-o»m ai Ibal fvnffl i wi M fca— 
hritrr Aft-iiuitUtl throMrUr* ill • MniiUr taU,) prrmiiud U» 
t*«t«tr ••f hi« rrrCilhrrt aa a Cannrr, «ilh ii«»lhlM to \emrr but lut vdb'a cl 
anil hi« •I'kl atiil rr«>|«. Th# tmninalii*n Mf bit will la prrfr^llt 
rB|irr««ivr •*! »tr«iii|* lrvllti(| simS rrai|pialimi. 



In the name of God Amen I Gerrerd Sslvejrn th'elder of 
Croxdaill in the countye of Dureh'm esquyer beinge in good 
and p*fyte memory knowing this worlde to De tranfiytorye and 
vncerten makyth this my last will and testament this Eleventh 
day of february 1570 And in the thirtene yere of the Reigneof 
oure Sou'eigne ladye Elizabethe by the grace of god Quene of 
England ffirance and Ireland Defender of the faythe &c. in man' 
and forme folowing fiyrst X gyve and bequeathe my Sowle 
vnto Alm'ghty god my maker and Redemer And my body to 
be buryed w**in my p'yshe churche of S*. Oswoldes in Dure- 
h'm aforsayd y( I shall fortune to dye w^in the same p'yshe or 
nere thereunto so that my bodye may be convenyentlve caryed 
thether It'm I will that suche funerall expencis be had mayd 
and doon the day and tyme of Iny buryaU as shalbe thought 
mete and co'venyent by my Sones in lawe Rob't Rookbye and 
George Gray my sup'vysores or so many of them as shalbe p'nte 
at my bury^all And I will that there shalbe Sexe poundes 
thirtene shillings foure pence in money or other vytalls whiche 
Sexe poundes thirtene shillings foure pence to be distrrbutyd 
and gy ven in Almesse to the poure peple the day of my buryall 
It'm I gyve and bequeathe to the p'son's in the gayle of Dure- 
h'm Sixe shillings Eight pence to be bestowed m vytells as 
shortlye aft' my deathe as co'venyentlye may be doone It'm I 
gyve and bequeathe to the poure folkes being housholders in 
Sonderlande and hett Sexe shillings Eight pence to be taken of 
the said S'm of y}^ xiij*. iiij^. before gyven to the poure and to 
be bestowed Emongest theme by the discretyons of my sayd 
Sup'vysors It'm I gyve and bequeathe to my nece Anne Clu- 
ton Sexe shillings Edght pence to pray for me yf she lyst to 
take yt It'm I gyve and bequeathe to my Syster Issabell 
byrkehead one angell to pray for me It'm I gyve and be- 
queathe to Every one of the ciiildren of the said ImbeU Birk* 
heads Sexe shillings eight pence It'm I gyve and bequeathe 
to my Su'nt Thomas Watson Sexe shillings eight pence fo' A 
token to pray for me It'm I gyve and bequeathe to Elynor 
P'kynson nowe wyff of Fraunc^ Pkynson 'T enne poundes to 
pray for me It'm I gyve and bequeathe to my ione in lawe 

1 The SalTins, of Croxdale^ have ibr nuuij eenturisi ruiked aiiioiig the ddaf 
gentrj of the Pdatinate. The deceased appears to have oocopled eoosidmble 
portions of his estate, but so did almost 9tmj grsat landed pnmdetor of the 
lieriod. With the excepUon of the fte siianle of Us estates, tie wndlii «f a 
penon of this rank consisted chiefl/ In Us stoa and crops. 


g«*4>r^* pray my dark pray fi^rldiiij; frniii^ in brancf*|irtlM' |>*kc 

AihI I f!yv«» aikI kM*<|iu'atlii* uiilo Nlarf^fn: gray wyfTof llir %mM 

pHirg pray Aiid U> hir rhilclrrti iwrtityr |KiuiHlr% l'U|iiAlIy tu br 

<lc'vyd«>fi FjiuHi|{^t thorn It 'in I pyvr ami kM-iiiifUllir to uy 

tifce Aniir liolav dcHiplitr to my Sy^tor niurpofft In-Iav fcirtre 

»liiilinp« It*m I pyvc* and kNi|ni*allH* to my bnitlN*r Jtilin SaU 

Vfvn (if london tuci oltl UyalU otpoldc lii' A token AihI to 

hi*i Witr Olio old Kynll tc» pray tor mr It*m I py^e aufl br^ 

niii*atht» to mv (\i*ivn<* ii«>lt«*r niaildvMin and Ivoih II nuidd\««iii 

A\tlirr of tlu*ni fyvo •>hillinp« to* A token It*ni I p\%r and 

lKH{ntsi!li«' to my Ni-pluH- uill'm urt*n .Suit* of JrlTray mrro 

tc*niu* i^liilliiipH To' A token It*iii 1 nill p\\e and lM*«|uralli« to 

my Su'nt Koh*t mehunu* tir«M'(*ii|»iitvoii ol' liri-iplil p'le or t 

halir quarter of tin* hiplie telde and the I'tippri-lde fTor iIh* tc 

ut* hifk lyirnaturall ik the Miid lloh*t niehiinie \<-hhiig an«i |miv* 

ini; therefore verelve to inv hevre^ and a«<'\iie^ the S'm of t'ort^-c 

Hhilliiig^ at the day«*^ and tenner therefore ch-we aiui Amt»» 

toniyd It*m I Hill py%e aiifl iHMpieathe %nto my Su'nt 'Ultimo 

WatMin tiroeeii|)iiiyon of ail the nii*4»u«ipe teii'te aiHi teniN-liuM 

w*** tirappurtetriiee in Croxdaill uhirli he <ltN>tht* lume <H-eui>%Y 

for the t«*rni<* of' hin l\trnaturall \rl«liii>; ainl |Miyinp tlK-rrh4^ 

verelve viito inv h«*ire^ and iL*>*»ipiie« f'o%re tionnde^ of lawfull 

Kiii!lv*>he nioiN'v at the da\(*^ and t«Tnit*<i A«*eu*»tt»m\d IVi>» 

vvdvtl aUo and I nill that \f vt **\in\\ turtniie the said 'Hkioum 
t * * * 

Watson to dye that then aiifl Imm<*diatl\ aft' the deatln* uf thr 

Niid 'Ilioina** WatMiii tin* «»aid It^ih't Nielninie %hall eiitrr and 

liave tirtH*eu|»«ityon of tin* Miid fernie of thi* mii«1 'Ilioma* Wa|. 

94>ii iht* «;i\d llohl Mi'huriii* yeltliiip paunp the ArruMoinvti 

Kent to' the MUiie \f the Miifl llnht Mehnriu* shall fortune to 

tyke thr ferineh«»ld i»f tin* ^lid 'llioniits iN-tler then \it% Fupbl 

p'tf of the hiphe tVlde and f«>pu vUr^v and py ve ovrr iIm* «MBr 

Mji;ht p*l to in\ ht*yrfH lt*m I pjk\«* ainl iM-tiueatlir to Kvrry 

of niv ni4-iiiie Su'iit^ that I sliail fortune to haue in m\ liiiu«r al 

till* tynie iif my di-athi* thn- %hillinp« lour |HMiri- u* pni\ for mr 

I'lxi'cpt Xp'ofor tl'a\rfallcrs uhirh I Hill and UHpii-ath fy«e 

i^hilhiip^ \nto to pray for me Il'm I p\«i* and li«t|ueatlir to 

mv Su'nt Dorothe luNlpohoiie %j*. %iij\ to prM\ for nn*. Aiwi I 

pyve ami lM*t|ueatlH* to Marpi*re hiNUhoin* Sexe *)ullin|r* I^^HK^' 

iHMice t4» pray IW hh* And to ev^ry otln-r niHiuin Su'nt in bij 
iohm* \\*. to pray for nie It'm I py^e an<i l>r4iiH-all»r to nj 
i'«»^\fi Anni* l^k\iiM»ii HidoHe la\l «i\fTof one lOlHanle l^k%n» 
«oii<-M|u\er tlerexsyii my Hh\ti* peltlinp ptMiip in thi* highr frklr 
at ('ro\da\lr fo' A token. It'm I l!\^< and Ui|nealK«* Cu nnr 
%i\i*\ Situ* ni laHr lloli't KtN»kh\<- |h«* |m «t hon>r iImI \w UuJI 


rlit»^r Kmoiipst all the re>l c»f m% liorM'» m4 lieiiu^lhrd Ii'm I 


gyve and bequeathe to my Doughters Meryall Rookebye and 
Margere gray Ay ther of theme one gamyshe of london vessell 
one dosson of potyndysshes and one dosson of plate trenchers. 
And I bequeathe to my said dought' Meryall Rookebye two old 
Ryalls fo"" A token It'm I gyve and bequeathe to every one of 
my doughtf Meryall Rookebye children lyve marks fo' A token. 
It'm I gyve and bequeathe to Xp'ofor fenne for his paynes the 
fylle foole of the darke gray maire or fortye shillings in money 
It'm I gyve and bequeathe unto Robt Skepper my fylle ffoole 
going at haruerton w^ M' John Hedwo''the. The Resydewe 
of all my goodes and cattails my detts and legacys deductyd 
and payd I gyve and bequeathe vnto my two yonger Sones An- 
tony Salveyn and thomas Salveyn whome I make Joyntlye my 
full and soole executo' of this my last will and testament Ana 
I make my said two sones in lawe Rob't Rookbye and georg 
gray my sup'vysors to se this my last will and testament 
p'formyd according as my trust ys in theme these witnesses 
Robert Rokebye JeiTerd Salven th'yonger — George Gray — 
Signe Xp'ofori fF fFenne — ^xp'ofor fayreallers And Robt Skepper 
w^^ other mo. [Pr. 1572.] 

The Inventory of all the goods & cattails w*^ layt were Jer- 
rerd Salveyn layt of Croxdayll Esquier decessyd at the tyme of 
hys Deathe, praysyd by four indyferent p'sons vid^ Hewjghe 
Dawson Henry Richardson Thomas Watson & Anthony Gebon 
Yom' the sixten day of Februarij in the thirtenthe yere of the 
Reigne of o' Sov'eigne Ladye Elizabethe by the grace of God 
Quene of England iiraunce & Ireland Defender of the Faythe 

Croxdayll. In the Hall. Lnprimis one Cupbord, one 
table, two boffet stoles, p'sid to xxvij' One Chare praysed to 
vj^ S'm xxvij' vj* In the Cha'br above the Hall. It'm 
ij fether bedds ij mattresses ij boylst"- & iiij codds ij paire of 
blankets iij Cov'letts one cov'ing one test' of Rede & grene 
sayes & fy ve courtings to the same prasyd to v'. vj*. viij<*. Four 
Cov'letts prasyd to xx* One over se cov'ing & one countv 
cloche praysd to xP One Dosen quishings of fucion ables xx* 
Nine carpet quishings & vij thrumd quishings vj* viij** iiij car- 
pet clothes XX* Two Mattresses one boylst' one paire of blaik- 
kets one happing & one cov'let xxiij' Two payre of blankeits 
& viij codds xxxij* vj boffet stoles vj* y Chares ij* iiij* iiJ 
Chysts & one Counf xl' The hingyngs of sayes & bonters in 
the"^ gret chamber xxx* Foure gonnes viij* One clothe cotte 
& one cloke xP vij Sherts viij napkin^ & ij Kirches xvij* 
One velvet cotte one grogerye cote one Russet satten jurking 
one worsett cotte, ij fucion Dubletts, one whit canvyse Dublet, 


oru* Kfilt* pi*iic(itt*, niio signet, ij |»airo of hc»e« one p^ijre of 
fn^i ii»lo|)C4t one cIocIm* wt eleven fnctfi »■• bUke rouyr, ij Make 
roti*^, one fren code, xl' Kyve cliamb' |M>tu of |NHitlirr x* — 
Iv TUB C'liAPrRLl. C*llAMn". It*m iij malin'%i^% ij futlier hedik 
iij hoyUteni iij anh ij pain* of blanketsi iij rov'leln ij lia|»|»in|^ h, 
ont* «i|(l cov*ing iiij' ij Ih*c| tt^itcrA w* duniix xij' C>iir rup> 
boni pranycl to iij' S'lii iiij' iij' Is tub i.TTTi-r ('ti%VB*. 
Il*m ij mattr<»sM*«», ij fotlicr ImmU, ij IxiyUter^ ij <-tMi% ij |iairr t/ 
blankrtH ij rov*U»t% i^ one rtn'rin^ one ivsV lioiini; «* blc*«e 5c 
yalowe miyr^ Ik iij courting to the »ame 9c }' ne<Ulork« «j'. 
One mattrt*M* ii anU vj happing;* ij |iaire of blanket* ami cme 
eouVlet xx%*j'. Ilie payntid rlotlie^ in the ftanie eluV xij' C>ne 
chare xij*. iij briinhen iij'. S'm viij'. ij'. Im tub ChV»* 

ov' TIIR Mri.xc Ilornr. One niattre%%e one bcnUt' one pair* 
of blanket 4 one hapin^; h om* rov'let one |taire of berf«tnelu 
one t«*^tf «)f dtirnix one pre<»M*r \ one %tole of e^e pra»ed to 
XX'. S*ni XX'. Iv TUB (*ii.%MB* ov* TUB KiTCHF.x n mat* 
tre«k»eH one fether b«Mle ij lMi\Utei% one e<Ml one |taJre of blan* 
ketA one happing ij rover let ?» om* cov'in^ on<» te«l' of ble»e k 
yalowe Haven Ac ij roiirtinf^ to ih«* <wimt* one iruM* be<l<i tc one 
whele IuhI iiij'. 'Ilie |mynty(l rlotlii*^ in the vune rhaV «mj*. 
One lytlle fauden table iij rharfH vij*. One lymbt*eke iiij*. Ooe 
lytle elii%t viij'. S*m iiij'. xi\*. iuj*. Is* TUB Nca Stablb 
Loi'T. ij MattrevM*^ ij b<iyUti*n» om* r«Ml ij paire of blanketi iiij 
happing^ & ij c«>v*li*tA xiij'. iiij*. S*in xiij'. iiij*. Ix TNB WhU 
St\hi.b i.nrr, iij |myre of iMnUtock^ iij'. S'm iij'. Ix thb 
LAW I low SB. One avnu-rye one lyrtle Ixmi jfe all the ehM» 
bonis alxnit the hon^e \'. It*in iiij tolM*«i & one arke fitr groc* 
iiij*. S'm xiiij'. Ir*M wnll Iw*. One gray c^uilt Mage ml*. 

ij U*iU prasifi to xxxiij'. iiii*. iij ItMie of bigg mall & iij hide of 
hav nialte K one bus* xlij*. One rhainir of hav xxi*. Ooe 
IimM of |H*sM* v*. Y«*arn«* iij*. iiij*. xj STk« ^ij'. Sex ttune 
of I alow xij'. Om* pn*sM*r x*. iiij iM-flt* flirke* bihI ij barkea 
flirks \vj'. S'm Ixxiiii'. ix'. viij*. It'm xj jMure of hncftheU 
iiij*. xj'. viij |iair«> ofhanien shet« xxvj*. vitj'. xij eiMle pillcw 
vers ij lyne towelU x^j*. ii diap' Ixini rlotlM*^ Ac %ii diafv iiap> 
kings xviii*. S*\ |»ayre of lyne shels xxviij*. iiij \myrt of 
M raking shets xiij'. iiij*. xiij |»ayre of hardt*n sIm*!* xxvj*. vui*. 
XX cimI pilUnen xiiij*. xxijt yanK of lyne clothe xiii*. ug*. 
xxvj yanis of hanlen rl«»the xij*. iiij yanU t»f fn** & ij yanli 
of raresy iiij'. viij*. One lyttle chist viij*. Om* coffer in*, nij*. 
xiiij yanU of vnwaukid can^M-y \ x%j yardu «»f pla\ne v nit %!»• 
waukid xxiij*. iiij*. ij candle chists \ th«* candles in the« two 
cht*st% xxx*. S'm x%j'. \ij*. In tub Hittbiii. It'ni xij 

Drinking (iUsm's \j*. %iijV Om* lyne boni cIcHhe one fttrakiag 


bord clothe iiij long bord clothes & ij short bord clothes xj*. xx 
napking3 ij l^nie towells one lyne cupbord clothe & vj harden 
towells x*. xij cruses ij*. iiij I)osen trenshers xij^. S'm xxx*. 
viij"*. Fogg Close. It'ni xxij Kye & a bull ij sucking calves 

gret heads [itaj xiiij, xxxvij*. In yowes v^ xvj*. xiij*. iiij*. 
S'm xlvij^ y*. hij*. Crtmbles. In oxen iiij, in stots ij, x^ 

xviij wethers & ij yowes xlvj' 
xlvj*. viij<*. It'm viij Swine xxiij*. iiij*. ix" & ii cheses iij'. 
One gray gelding x^ One whit gelding nage v*. iij mares and 
iij foyles vj^ ij meres & one nage vj*. ij fyllyes & one coulte 
stagge iij^ x*. iij meires vij*. x*. One done gelding Iiij*. iiij*. 
iij horses xl*. S'm xxxviij^ xvj*. viij*. In the far House 
BBSiDE THE Stablb. i\j" & ij stouc of Salt butt' V*. x*. XXV newe 
wood boyles, ij mylke siles, xvij wood dublers one wood potlyd, 
XXX wood Dishes & iiij chesfats vij*. vij butt' toubesyone fyshe 
toube, one salt toube, & one old candle case iiij*. vj*. S'm vp. 
xviij*. In thb boulting house. It'm ij leaving tobies one boult- 
ing arke, one bred brake iij*. S'm iii*. In the brewe house* 
One maske fatt & iij worte tobbes iii*. One malt arke & one 
other arke viij'. xv lyng fyshes xuj*. iiij*. xvij bere barrels 
vij*. x ayle potts xx*. iij orink stands xij*. TyMB^ Wood 
tyiub' for buylding, bords sawen & vnsawen xl*. One old caw- 
ell viij*. fellowes for wheles v*. In the milke house . It'm 
Iij mylke boules x*. xxiij chesefats iiij fblank in orig.) v*. ij 
woll spinning wheles ij*. ij chimes ij*. iin*. One butt'skero ij 
hattyd kitts xxxix buW Dishes xx*. In the kitchino One 
Rakingcroke, one Iron por, one pele, one iro' coulrake ij*. viij*. 
One cawell, one standing bord, xij*. ij payre of Rakencrokes 
one paire of tongs & ij iro' racks v*. x brassen potts xl*. One 
brassen pan & viij other panes xiiij*. iij caudrons xvij*. One 
standing iron, ij broyle irons, one cokle pan, one frying pane,& 
one fleshe croke, one Droping pane, one Dressing knife & one 
brandrothe vij*. One chaufer of brasse, one chaffing dish, one 
pestell & one morter & ij latten ladles vj*. viij*. Sex spets iiij*. 
ix skeles v Cannes \n Dishes one boule & one iron Ddble' & ij 
water tobes iiij* iiij*. S'm iiij'. xvij* viij*. Shepe seines* 

It'm xxix slaughtr skines xix*. xlij more skines ^*. S'm xzv*« 
In the p'lor. Itm iij Mattresses iy father bedds iij boybten 
iij cods iij paire of blankets ij happings iij Qov^eUM ij cov'ings 
one testr of blewe & yalow sayes & v courtings to the same, one 


C4*^t' of KihIo & vnlow of Hoiim* of liii<»-vr«ik iiiakiM h t 
coiirciiiKH Co tlio nanir vij^ ij gartiUlii* of \f%M»l| «i ij 1>iMra 
plate trtMtOuTH & ij I)ii>^yii |MitiiiK I>i*»lN'ik \\ (Hm* Uhlr. tnte 
rii|ilK)nl oiu* rhUt, one rotlvr, oiu* <*liarf, ij yntw fomit-« Ac ij 
boAi*t kloUti xxij*. OiH* iron chiiiiiK'V & oim- |i«in*cir t«His« i*. 
S*ni xiij*. vtj*. Is the iirmiRv. h'lii OrM* fmnrn^Ur ul* 

vc»Hi»l xlvj*. viij**. xij Doiihlfis x\j I>i«ilM*» xiiij Saurrr* xim 
Potiiif^ojH & four SaltH of immiiImt liij*. iiij^. ij lMi»infrs ij «rn« 
ij liaiici lui«kiii» of |ioiitlit*r j^ oiu* cliari;* xiiij*. ij Uttfo Ka^inf* 
iiij laltrii lavopi ij |Mnilhi*r |h>u« xvij ramti-UliA-kt x\*. CIim* 
nliirv and om* i'liplHinl xxnIj*. S*x \tIv' >|»um*« xxx'. S'm 

tX*. XJ*. Is Tlir. (11 AMU* (»V* Till. F*l^»IC. OlM* llUlttl 

ij fi*lluT hi^U ij lNiyUu*Pi oiir (hmI«* ij |»;iire «»f blaiikrU ij 
pin^, ij C4iv*li'lt-*( «>ii«* li-<kt' of ^ffiH- Ac vaUiw jk \ roiinni^ to 
thr ••amc* iij*. y* paytitid rlotli«-« in tin* ^ann* (Itonib* xiij'. luj'. 
S*ni iiij*. xiii* iiij"*. In tiii. m\ios cii.iKiitH It'm ij tmtlrr^M"* 
ij pain* of hlank«*(H & iiij liapin^'H \*. SiMy* l\nd. In live 

in Slacks xxxvij tlinivi-«> iij'. \j\ \ii|''. In Wliral in %t;M'Lr 
Ixxiij tliruv«*s vj'. xj*. iiij^. Mon- in i»lii*at in Mot-ki* c ihravr* 
xj'. iij'. iiij'*. In oyt«*f» tlira%'<>^ xj*\ \ij'. xiij*. iiij*. In omm 
x\j, xxxij'. ij loii^ way lit** w* ilit* app*lt*iiiic« ij n«*w roiir ma^iir%, 
on<* fiirniHii4.fl, tliotli«*r larky I lu* lync pynita-«, x yok«*«, ix mh 
iiij plfH«»?», iij rowtf rs vNi iiij MH*kr« iij'. xj*. ij wonikiU^, onr 
ij Iron iaimI;;*., ij uxv<», oiir hay ^i^dt*, ij MtiM*«, a murk iorkr. ij 
f»|M«ii*H, iij ■'liiilcft, a pVrll, oiii* ii(»>;f, thri*t> ^liakrlU iij Im^vIu 
n niiirki* hai*kc iij pay n* of piim-r^, iiij*. inj kyr iij r«l«i-« t*. 
in lio^^^ xxix, I*. In yowc^ Ixxij, xij*. S-x lim|tc« ^^j'* U 
oxt'ii liarn»viH of Iron, ij ii>n^ uaviii* lihuU, xij*. In Kve la 
ftarn* xiiij Ini/' old inra-oiir x%j*. viij*. in Wht-al lli'old mi^af 
xiij iH'rk^ ij*. viij**. A hii/' a pfkr a ri*\\r X a *liuU» X%j^. A 
hii/* i>f ulitMl lu'w nu*a«iirf ij*. In ihr iKiriu* xx tlinivr« ct 
hIumi xx^j*. \iij'. A ini.irtfr of {hsim- ix*. A wymtiNB clolli, 
a li*|»i* \j'. \j Msivfs \ KicJtlli'H ij iuIm*^ titu* M*utllt* ij*. uij'. 
xx^iij aiTf*. of lianlc'oriH* m»u<-ii of tin* ^rouiNl xiiij\ S*m uij" 
%ij-. ix*. iiij'. Ihii. Hill s>:. In \oHt-«k xij, «'. x*. In hujg^ 

p-* xxviij, l(*. iiij'. \\i\ * w^iliiTH xx%'. X i»M n x*ij'. XJ Uotm 
K .1 ImiII xix'. S*in iij*^ ix'. x\')*. (iiiiMNtN. It*in Bun 

\oiip* iionic* xj'. iij*. inj^. ij \oii^r inarc*^ iij'. \j*. liij^. iu| 
ox«*ii *'. xiij*. iiij*. X ralv«-* iiij', x\ xxj wftlirr* lij*. vi*.%iuj*. 
ix wftli«T>» ;k oii«* toii|H? XXX*. S*in xxix' x*. Hr!«04rr 

(tR\*N(.. It*ni Mii StotlH ix'. On<* roiilt «t.u;|pe xx«i*. %ujf'. 
iij*" ui'iluT-* i\ . *j*. viij*. S'ni xix'. xiij*. mj*, UiiMirw 

It'in %ij** wftluTH j^ xiij and ij kv«* xxiiij'. S*ni xxiiij*. It'm 
in liu |MitirM* xj'. %iij*. iiij*. It*m oim* biisfthi^l of aaIi %mj^. 
ij kry^HT ij*. Two ^tcMHi^ of frtlH*r» iiij*. Ljnnc xvi^. |Uw 


mailing in the House at the Day off his Deathe in money xxx'. 
S'm XXX*. viij". vj*. Detts owbk to Jerrerd Salven at the 
tyme of his deathe. Will'm Lee xxx'. The execoton of 
Will'm Walton vK » Georgje Winter xl«. Will'm Claxton of 
\^myerd viij^ v'* James Raire iij'. Anne p'kingson of Bel- 
mont hill Widow xviij^ Roger Barker vK Pet*^ Maddeson 
XV'. Rob't Smeton xiij*. 5&. Antony Preston vj'. y|'. viij* 
In GOLD in the custodie of Ann Pkingson widow ccclxiiij'. x". 
X*. S'm iiij*^ xliij*. x*. x*. S*m of the goodes and detts of the 
testato' m.liijl. xvj'. x*. Dbtts owbn by Gerrerd Salven at 
the tyme of his deathe. To George Gray xx'. To Thom's 
Watson xij>. To Rob't Rokebye Wyffe xx\ To Hewghe 
Whitfeild \j*. To the household s'vants fo^ th» wags lix". x*. 
To Margery Gray viij*. iiij**. To Gerrerd Salven vii'. S'm 
xxxvij*. xiiij**. The funbralls and legacs iiij" xvij*. And 
so Remanythe cler' ixc xix'. xv*. viij*. Signed Amthonib Sal- 
vine Thomas Salvinb* 

This p'nt obligac'on sealed & Delvv'' the xiijo off Octob* 
1571 in the p'senc* off M' SwyfRt Gdbert Spenc & me Th. 


In the nayme of god Ame' The fifte daye of november Id 
the yeare of o' lord god 1571 I John heworthe of gatisheid in 
the Countye of Durh'm Quarelma' having my bowse visited 
and my wyffe dep'ted to the m'cye of god being my self p'tlie 
craised yet of good & p'fitt remembr'unce thwks be to All* 
mightye god Do maike this my last will and testament m maa* 
& forme folowing ffjrrste I gyve and bequeste my Soule into 
the hands of Allmightye god my onelie savioure tBoA redemer, 
and my bodye to be buried in the churche yeard of gatidieid. 
Secondlie I gyve and bequest vnto the poore mans box of this 
p'ishe x' I will that my executo" shall trulye co'tent and paye 
all suche debts as I shalbe owing vnto any person at the tyme 
of my deathe And I do remitt & Clearlie forgyve aU poore 
wedowes all suche debts as they or any of them do owe vnto 
me and all other my debtes hereafter named I will shall paye 
vnto my executors or to suche as I shall put In trust for my 

1 QuarrTman. The wife of tht decetted had died of IIm fili^pM^ 
self had been seized with the same dnadfiil Abordec 


NViftl>rlt m' & mariner xl\ Ilcni Kaif waUirll i.fT %lK*U(Hmll 
«>t* li'iit iiHiiiVf xxxij* Itriii Ji»liii C'li-rLr «|iiiirt*lnui* Uw ntitnr 
rnit xiij* iiij'* Itfin uill'm I(ox«li\r v( Hhilh\rii«* xSv* llt-ni 
'HioiiiiiA Huikt* nl' *>ufl<l\ki* xxxj* Itfiii miirni Utix^lnr u«rthr 
iiu* llirt* Imk>K*<( t»f hifi^ iiiici a ImniU* of «ili«*iu* Item Jcihii 
wriglic of Hhvthariir ii ImkiU* of uIumI Item 'llioma* Ktix»b^« 
u( hus^lidiH* ucniitiiillu* llirr lHNilf!% i>f l>if;>; Ilfm l(i»hrrt fm^ 
iiion* (»r tlu* saint* n loiil til* mliriu*. Itnii KoImtI Scirrll €if 
tht' !»tinif lounc a luid of uhfit Itt'in Simonil (*li*rkr of lh» 
toHiir xj' iiij"*. Itfm Joliii i'oiktr of thin ioi»nt* xij* Iim 
llif fXrcnto" oil KolNTt \U-\\ i^ o\iiii^ \nl4> nw a b«H»lr vt 
wlicit. It4*ni w '" Kartnini of •lUiMxki* nioii%r iij' liij'. and a 
hu^'slicll k>i^^ Iti-in uiirni nnlm*** of iiiwIU-ton owciIm- nir of 
Irnt ni«invi* xwj* \iij' Itrni wiirai hri*«i-ll o«i€-tlie nu- a huolr 
of Hli«'itt* i^ a InkiU- of malt K I am ownif^ for «ork at tli^ 
i|nam'li \* uial t«i llt.ln-rt N|ii|'|>'tlMiii of mt-rnuiutlir for a biiui# 
of Hli<*it lij*. A <lrt-lanu''(»ii of rt-rrrn of mv ^mmU. fr%r»tr I 
liaiur ij kvr Itfiti 1 liaiiit* \\x*' cluiMrr of |{r\n«i%it»n«-» «hrrr» 
t>f M-x ihaldrr arr in Tlionia*! Ma<Mi«on ImimI Itrm I liaiur 
xw'*^ hiiU's of maiil mall Im-Iii^ lialtf l>l.iiii|. Itrni I liaiiir ^*»$^ 
to Im- maltt^fl X lMNilir« Iti'm I liaiin* in Kc»lMTt nitiiri'tl% IuumI 
xxj*'' vcanU (»f ^ra\r lluHM'tt. Ilrm in hi* haiMl xij rlU^ of 
uhvti* Itrni 1 haiiit* in the- haiul of John Sidh*r will'm Iirr«* 
rll ma' of n-ad rusM-lt Itt'in in hi« hand xnj'^ rile* of f^nr 
mlivtc Il«*m 1 haiiu* in tht* litiH^i- ^punn and %n*>|i(>nnf xj kltmr 
of Unt H*** titliiT h<»w*>fhotd %tnflt* and na|f|H-ri(' »'* m» Mmr at 
it ina\r Im* w**' !»a«<>t\i' ^halh*' |iraiM*«i ftir tht- lM*iH*fitt t»f mj 
child AImi I haiiii* |)*ntlu* in p'ld rh'vi'ii |>ound tc in rradie 
nu»nry turnl\i' M*a\fn |Kinn«U xiij' liij' in'** ftir the* u»r t»f mj 
thilfl I haiuf put i^ fh'hu't-d inlti thi* t-ii«tiMi\i* tif mv nrii'Mioarr 
Jam«"» Ctih* AImi I haiiir in %iimfra\f AnhhaliU hoiiM* « fir- 
dai!«'*> Itrin I pv««* iht-tM* h'^ant-^ fohiwin^ fr\r«l I ^wr to 
Acnin Stf^rnMin %ii* t»\rr anti U'^ith* hir <hil<N |i«»rr*iin m mj 
hand« Ih'Iiii; in mt»ni'\ unti ctTtt'ii htiHi^htilil ^tiifT I izwv %iito 
hir aUti iii\ u\f1i*H In-^t hrtMl rvivl Kirtlt* it<-ni I ^^r «nto 
r.iluani ^tt \t !i«(in ni\ f.itht-r in lawi* m\ Im-«k ht^rM*, A «h\tv 
ri]««rtt ('(•!! \ a ft-aii riioM-! < Itiki* ^ a Hiiih* Ifiht-r <liihlc*tt and 
ni\ Ita'^t ^htTt Itftn I i:\\v \fitti niv I'lthnothrr hi* n^flV m? 
i»\tlt-« fri»kr ami a rt-ati |i<ttit'iitt> and a sniokt* Itrm I jrvvr 
\iitti I'jilwartl ArthlKild \y \iij' I ^v^t* \nto UifhiTii .\rrhl>aM 
a t'titt tif |»l.ut a «!fli' tM|i w"* a rti\«Tiii^ antl a KVitird. Ifrm I 
^\%r ttt Jt>hii Ntf|ihi*ti in mt>iu-\ \\\v m'kt-\ all m\ ciuarnrll 
Lfi-ari- a hiakt* ^k\n tt> ninikr li\m a it-rk^n \ mv »lH»lr iiilr 
and ^tNMl Hitl tit m\ Cjuarndl i| dt KHtii kn\ll »Coih-« \ mj Ik 
nh^ttinc* Itt-m I ^\^«* to Kdwanl ArcliKald iij Knjr tk 


Item more I gyve to the said John Stephens a tawnye Jaekc^c 
& a blake fusmon dublett Item I gyve to Agnes Stevnson 
my wyfTes sister a petticote of small whyte Item I gyve to 
Eliz tayler a worcett kirtle a courcber a raile Item I gyve to 
peter hghtons wyffe a russett petticote Item to Isabell bell a 
blake Kirtle. Item to Symond Clerks wyffe a courcher and 
a raile Item to Edward Jhonsons sone a russett cote & a 
harden shert. Item to Jererd watsons wyffe a peticote of whyte 
russett and all the rest of the whyt Russett to be delt to poore 
wedowes so far as it will go. Item I gyve to Isabell bell iij 
yerds & a half of whyte russett to maike hir a gown Item 1 
gyve vnto Richerd Archbald x" in money & do declaire hereby 
that I haiue in my custodye his evidence & writings & more I 
do gyve unto hym my purse dagger and belt. Item more I 

fyve to Agnes Stevenson a creusado Item I gyve more to 
sabell bell a pistolate Item I gyve vnto Richerd Rand a 
frenche crowne Item I gyve to tdward heworthe a nother 
frenche crowne Item I gyve to my ffrend John sleighe of bar- 
wicke x*. The resydewe of all my goods moveable & unmove- 
able my debts legacs & fun'alls discharged I gyve them holie 
vnto my doughter Jenett heworthe whom I mmke & constitute 
my onelie & sole executrix to execute this my last will and tes- 
tament as I haiue before devised & for the better pTormance 
therof I require and also aucthorishe my trustye frend James 
cole to travell w^ my said doughter about the p'bac'on of this 
my will and to paye all suche legaces as I haiue therin bequested 
And also I appoint and aucthorishe hym to call for and receyve 
to my doughters vse all suche debts & somes of money as is ' 
owing vnto me And also I co'mitt and put into his custodye 
all my doughters goods & porc'ons and be to haiue the educa^ 
c'on of hir & custodye of all hir goods till she come to lawfiill 
aige or tyme of hir mariage. And yf it fortune that my said 
doughter dye before she be maried or before she be able to 
maike & declare a will of hir goods then I will v* all my said 
doughters goods (James Cole being satisfied and nillie paid and 
recompensed of all suche chairgs & costs as be shall maike & 
bestowe vpon my doughter and hir cause) shalbe equallie p'ted 
and gyven emongs my nerest Kynsme' at the sight of nicnolas 
heworthe humfray hewo'th will*m Brewell & John sleighe my 
loving frends & kinsme' whom I maike the sup'viso" of this my 
said last will & testament to se it executed & trulie p'formed 
according to my trew intent & meaning aswell for the comody- 
tye of my doughter payment of my debts leffacs as in all other 
respects & for y* paines to be taken herem i gyve vnto eu'ye 


.i.H WII I s AMI 

tlit-ni \' Uvih.-*. .it t}.i !.ir ii 'oil IhI'iI nn'iii'- riniit <tii««iri 

^I'tlt. nil lllli.l« ait.llt. .1 illlr^ (nil' |.ti>«.iri| oIi'Xi'TI^hII. Np i:l»i«« 

Coll* :iii<l l.i^^ii'iiii* D-hIi'^m III till- (it-ik. 

M' it..i! JkIiii lii-uci :iii- li- :iii/ iiiti'x <I till til ri if\r tin- |^Mirr 

& Hl'lkf Mllll'tl .l.lllll*« ( Til lli->:i. • .It Mil' I :| t-|:H*li|*« li.-« 

ptMiri* <»l iKt X lli-«lli-'»l !: 1l::.'>*i" M \. .|« t!i !••' t l.f 17 i!.|\<' ll 


'I'm IwiNIMi'P •■! .:II !' •■ L'"« •!" "'•»^« l^»l^• il'.'l 1 nliii.»f.i"»ii»- 
lait ()t Jiiliti lirMiiilii i<l u'<'-i*'i* i'l 1 jc.irii-inia' )■ i>i 'I iht* %..*' 
cla\«* nt ti'Uni.irif l*i7"l*\ .ii>l.ii >mii| "nii tiiflinl.i* \i..ri Ji h:i 

111 pnmi* iW'i K\i- ^l^j' ^iii \ ••»»• .lU'l .1 i^\\: \ * — \\\'^ 
InmiIi'n mI lilaii'l Ml. lit \| \\ ]'t ill- III c'.iri: \i' — \\\" « L,i.«i»-r 
III i'riiKUtnii-' \' — .HI \ii ll < l)\::.i. \ .1 r.n kin i mkt . .1 «i« .:, n 
|Mir*, a |»'ri' tm.;:* \ .1 |Mi* «ii.k« \i.'' *f\ |ir..-*i- j tiM* ^y' 
iiij"* ii k»"ltli' k\ II |ii:in* \ri' \m r.ji.'iif-ti'k- X .1 J».'.' n *'i '- \ 
|>ii(|i*r l)\^-*lp« I iIm! it i« .itifl ilip' -.lii* X* .1 |«>!:a- }4ici. nj 

t|TMirt I nil*. Ii.i.t :i L'lil |iiit \' ( )li« \lir:»r;f *»' *:-|* .'j 
I'lii*!* a ii'lli r \ .1 I '*^t'i ^ i' - .1 « I'i.f.?. I. .1 •.! ii- t. !'!••, j !• ri: t^. 
it a ••tuh- i\' — a ll :liir''i ll \ i\ n lU x' — i:ii n.i. !• •?•. \ \,\^^ 

J>llll»^. .11x1 \ M.lhkf !* Wiij'. X *tnni- nt I.tlit \l* 1 .1 i\i. •)»■.!•. 
\j liaiillll *Iiil!*, V I^ .iiir*. i| lu'l'ij I liitlif-^ \iiii'— .1 i L iJTf \* 

A ImIImil: ij *kilxi*. i| I'tr I I ji! I'' i|i.«iiif«. a i:r.ii:i- ij* — \ 
Kiliii' li.iin- x' ll iM- \' - \ ii'Wi ll*. :| -iH *. a lirakc -. a Ki.^'Jh .1, 

m m 

a luii'ki'il, a Kirn*', a iitlf i-'^^^ot A. 11 oIat.<U \m* w^r Ixii- !:r- 

I m m ^ 

<lati-« lilt* \|' .1 um T^Iniii- CV .1 t.iliii iti Jnliii ( ll rk« ii.j' — llttr 

InmUti .i-* \i\' ij i>\' III iUlii'l« CV a t.Jili- \v|' ill ^*»'A \l , .11 

• • • • • 

iiiiHiv \\ xnj*. II :* I)m:in «i\» iNi. \Mi» inM. In i''mi% •"■ 
. • ■ 1 

liri'Uill 1* hwiiil; nn- r; ll'ilu'i* i.i .-Si-t iii' \ rn'iruT ul'-^ 
Kalli' wa.-t« 1! \\\i,' Ji li:i 1 !# iki- lui Ih'Wm- niif xin'. »».;* »* 

Ki»\fi.r ft uIi.'Ih'I l.i- x'v* — iIiiIm'* Wi.ikr iif' «llf!iilkf \m*.^ 
%% ' Kii\^>!*- iiUi^ln- IM- .ij-ii III 1m.i If « i.t liti* \ a l««i!f* «hril 

\i\\* .ll liii \m:l'I>: I t vOi':lM.r:i a In • li nt' u|)> ii nn* 'nnicnai 
UiixIm- I't uiin.iMisii nuitli it:i- ii] liiii|f« i.f tu^' ix* — r«»fi'rt 
1.1*1111 ll- nt \' «.iiiii a l«i<i<l lit Mliiiti- \iii* — Hi h't NtfTrf 
nt \' ".iliii- a !t"!i- I't wliiiti" ^i.i' S\Mii :.•! ( !rrk«< X|' III* 
— Jnliii K:ik)i\i- \i\' til' i\iii:li>'* nt linU rt U 11 a hiit>lr 


it'uliril Mil* u' li.tllra' nt ^Uiiij.k 111 llln;:i \ |<i* 4' 111* ti«rlb 

I uiri* a li/ I»:l'l; Wi]' « ' nt iMXil'iifinii n| ll M mcvnrT 
\\\\* ** . a lil.iki- I Inki . .1 • nti- i| .lrrk;i> a |»'ir«- Im»m" \* — 
w'" liri »i 11 .1 III.' ll M 111 it \ .1 IhiIi- lit ;i!,il( % Lii' Mil'— a r«»«ii 
t\ a' ll XX I* ^ii|' Ij Km lii'tf«. iLi] rai'i « ix tahlt* iiapkiii*, • 

*lii-:f. a l\ii .i| I'rnii. i| rii • kkiri ):•■%•*« mj* ■ \ rraii 
fii««t!; uiMi I mIiMi* Uflili a l!^-<^|' Kn*«i-t( ift«l»lN* ail fp im 
tnili* |tt:i. ^ ni nt l.i. i;ihm!, •»■! 7*. x'. Ill** I i:i*%('l.%. la 


priniis to Agnes sleveiison vij* — to hir my wyfles best read Kirtle 
iiij* — I gyve unto Edward Stevnson my father in law my best 
hoise, a whit russett cote, a read russett cloke, a white ley' 
dublett my best shert vj* 8"* — I gyve unto my moy' my wyffe 
froke a read peticote, a smoke v" — I gyve unto edward arch- 
bald 6* 8** — I gyve vnto Ric' Archbald a cote of plaite, a steale 
cap w^*' a covering and a sword vj*. viij — I gyve vnto John 
stevnson v m'ks and all my qnarrell gear a blake skyn, ij dosen 
knyffe stones & iiij^' dosen Robestones xviij* ij* — to edward 
archbald iij roo skins ij" — I gyve more to y® said John Stevens 
a tawnye Jackett a blake fuslien dublett ij* — I gyve vnto Agnes 
stevnson my wyfFes sisf a peticot small whit iiij* viij** — I gyve 
vnto Elizabethe Taylor a worsett Kirtle & Kircheve, a rayle 
V* — I gyve to peter lightons wyff'a russett peticote — to Isabel! 
bell a blake Kirtle ij* viij** — to Symond Clerks wyff a Kircheve 
and a raile ij' vj^ — to Edward Johnsons sone a russett cote & 
a harden shert vj* — Jerrie watsons w iff a peticote of whyte rus- 
sett — I gyve to Isabell bell iij yeards & a half white russett, 
and all y® rest of the white russett to y* poore wedoes so farr 
as ytt will goo I gyve vnto Ric' Archbald x* more I g}'ve 
vnto him my purse dagger & belt 16** more vnto Ag- 
nes Stevenson a creusado vj' iiij** — to Isabell bell a pistolate 5* 
iiij** — to Ric Rand a frenche crowne — to Edwarde heworthe 
XX* — to w'"^ browell x" — to nich' heworthe x* — umfrej heworthe 
x' S'm of his legaces xj' vj* vj**. His Debts. In 

p'mis for worke at y* quarrel I v*— to Rob'rt shep'son of 
wermothe iiij' So his debts ix* — Expencs maid by James Cole. 
In p'mis to the potticarie for triacle and certen other things iij* 
X** — for Draff to y* swyne xiij** — for strawe & candles iiij** — for 
sope and coles xvj** — paid to peter lighton & John Browne for 
dressing y^ quarrell ij' — paid to y^ bird for going to myddleton 
in Northumberland viij** — paid for the bering of John & his 
wyffe for the Chnrche and for making ther grave v*. iiij* — to 
the p'ste & the clerke for the buriall knoling & rynging y* bells 
iij'' — for frankincense Jennp*" & brom for smokin the howse xij* 
— for clensing the howse & for meat & drinke to hym & hir in 
the tyme of seiknes & to two sr'unts a child & ij dressers of y* 
howse xlj* j** whereof y' dresser & clensers had. . Item delt to 
y* poore at y^ first tyme 8* 8**. At another tyme delt to the 
poore in bread & money xiij' iiij**. Paid to Half henrie & 
Jenett myddleton for keping hym in his raige of sicknesse iiij* 
ij**. Paid to the p'son making the will & writing it ou* thrise 
vj» viij** : For bird hyer & Clerke hier viij** — for workin of iiij 
peic of wollen clothe vi* — to w'°* mylnes for fetching John 
heworthe frends x' — to Edward stobbs for worke xiij^^paid to 


•'<>(» WILLS \SU 

Ifftirffr 111*1 wii> iij* - piriti lor (lir f;ra«M* ol l»t> L\r iiij'— »|«m{ 10 
John hUm^Iu* for liow^i* rent xwiij* 4^ |mii«I tor «|uaim'li rrtti 
\* — paicl lor a |»*ir of shot'* \ij' — |i«ii(l to w'" lin'Wt'll fwr bard 
Hai^R lor J(*nt*t liruortlii* lor wiij »i*uL« \\*- for nmkiii thv 
iiivnitaru* ...' — Kaiuat' yvx Uiij' x* \^. Sioiv |i«icl 1^ Uid 
fiirtli hy Jaiiii*!» ('olc*...<>rlii*r rliair^^ to l»v iit-«iiictrfl. flitr |in^ 
lNU'*on ol' tlir »ill — lor in^rim«iii|; it ui |iVli«'iiiriil— >Cur tW 
inorluarit* x* — lor (lit* ol)lipu''oii« — lo \* MiBiumirr t ri » fcir «* 
rliairg*! ol* y' wi(iii'<»%' ol' \'' will and s»urvtic'^...Si rrnui%-tarfhr 
to Jf'iU'tt lu*Hortli \' iit»ii^liUr ol' Joliii lii-»orlhi' * 

Ctl.XXIl. Wll LJ \.M iRcMtkE. 

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