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At a Meeting of the Council of the Surteks Society, 
held in the Castle of Durham^ on Friday, the Thirteenth of 
March, 1857— 

// ioae ordered " Ihat the Fabric BoUs of the Cathedral 
Church of York should be published by the Society for 
1868— /o be edited by the Secretary:' 

James Rains, Jun., 


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It is not my intention to lay before the members of the 
Surtees Sbciety, in the preface to the present volume, any- 
thing like a full historical description of the Cathedral Church 
of York. The length to which this work has already run 
must necessarily preclude the compilation of such an 
account, which has been already given by others.* My 

* I shall refer my readers to three works, all of which deserve a care- 
ful perusal. 

I. " The History of the Metropolitan Church of St. Peter, York ; 
illustrated by extracts from autheutio records, by plans, sections, and 
engravings of architectural and sculptural details. By John Browne.*' 
Two vols. Quarto. London, 1847. 

II. "The Architectural History of York Cathedral. By the Bev. B. 
Willis, M. A., F.B.S., etc." Published by the Archesological Institute, in 
the volume which contains the proceedings of their meeting at York, in 
1846. 8vo. 

III. " An Historical and Descriptive Onide to York Cathedral and its 
Antiquities. By Geo. Ayliffe Poole, H.A., Yicar of Welford,>nd J. W. 
Hugall, Esq., Architect." York. I860. 

Of these three works the earliest in date and in importance is that 
written by Mr. Browne. That gentleman was fortunate enough to dis- 
cover the existence of the Fabric Bolls which are now printed, and upon 
them he has very properly based his history of the Minster. It is neither 
my wish, nor is it in my power, to gainsay the industry and ability which 
Mr. Browne has brought to bear upon his work. He has, however, given 
meagre, and sometimes inaccurate, extracts from the Fabric EoUs, discard- 

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chief object, therefore, shall be to give a very brief sum- 
raary of the earlier history of the Minster. 

It is not known when the first Christian Church was 
erected among the temple aq4 altars of Eburacum. 
Doubtless, there was one there at a very early period, whilst 
the imperial eagles were still flying over the city. An 
attempt, indeed, has been made, with more ingenuity than 
success, to shew that the porch of the church of St. Mar* 
garet, in Walmgate, is a fragment of some heathen temple : 
the propounder of this curious theory has, evidently, been 
misled by the similarity between the Roman and Norman 
styles of architecture, as the doorway, to which he alludes, 
must certainly hi^ve been er^ted more than six centuries 
after the Romans deserted York. 

The annals of the Minster may be said to date from the 

ing, at the same time, the language in which they are written, and it is 
to supply these deficiencies that this yolume has been published. It con- 
tains, also, some documentary evidence which has hitherto been unnoticed. 
Tlicre is, however, in Mr. Browne's work, much novel and interesting in- 
formation, upon which this volume does not in any way trench. I have 
derived great assistance from it myself, and any one who is desirous of 
studying the history of the Minster will find it similariy useful. 

Professor Willis has written a most masterly paper on the architectural 
history of the Cathedral. He has assailed, and, as is generally thought, 
with complete success, Mr. Browne's theory of dates, which appears to be 
quite untenable. Professor Willis argues with great acuteness and in- 
genuity, and his essay must be the foundation for every future history of 
the Minster. 

The work of Messrs. Poole and Hugall is more perhaps in the form 
of a guide than a regular account of the Minster. They adopt the views 
of Professor Willis, and present them in a more popular form. The 
volume is most pleasingly illustrated, and reflects great credit upon the 
authors and upon Mr. Sunter. 

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year 627, when Edwin, the Saxon king of Northumbria, 
was baptized in that city by PaulinUs. That fceretoony 
took place in a church of wood, which, at the stkggestion of 
Paulinus, the monarch ordered to be surrounded with a 
basilica of stone, of a square form. Fifty years, however, 
had not elapsed, before the new church began to stand in 
need of repair. It had been constructed, in all probability, 
in a hasty and imperfect manner, and when Wilfred ascended 
the chair of Paulinus, in 669, he found the Windows Un- 
protected, and the roof unable to keep but the rain. To 
remedy these defects was his chief endeavour; the win^- 
dows which had formerly been filled with linen, or bdards 
pierced with holes, he how glazed ; he covered the roof With 
lead, atid purified and furnished anew the interior of the 

In the year 741) according to Roger Hbveden, there 
was a fire at York, in which a '' monasteriiim *^ was de^ 
stroyed. Now as the Cathedral was, in old time, frequently 
called the '' monasterium,'' or minster, I cannot but think 
that the chronicler intended to refer to that building* He 
was, probably^ a Yorkshireman by birth, and he, there- 
fore, applies to the Cathedral the name which was Usually 
assigned to it. HovedeU is, in general^ an accurate his-> 
torian, and I se6 no reason, in this instance, to question his 
authority. Now if this disastrous fire actually occurred, 
we must expect to find some record of the restoration of 
the temple which it destroyed. Accordingly, we have b 
statement made by Alcuin, who was ab eyewitness and an 
aider of the work, that Archbishop Albert, who came to the 
See in 767, did actually erect a most magnificent basilica. 

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Professor Willis is of opinion that this basilica is not the 
Minster, but some other church, either in York or in the 
diocese. From this opinion, however, I must be permitted 
to dissent. If the '' monasterium '' destroyed was actually 
the Minster, as I believe it to be, it is hardly conceivable 
that its restoration should be unrecorded, or that the Arch- 
bishop should erect a splendid edifice while his Cathedral 
was in ruins. Again, there is no church beyond the walls 
of the City of York which can possibly be identified with 
the basilica described by Alcuin, and within the City itself, 
which was then small, it is scarcely possible that there 
should exist at that early period, and at the same time, a 
Cathedral Church and a gorgeous basilica in which there 
were no less than thirty altars. But there is a statement 
on the table of the benefactors to the Minster which goes 
far to prove that these two buildings wer^ identical ; Albert 
is there placed among the five founders or builders of the 
Cathedral ; would his name stand there if the basilica which 
be undoubtedly erected were not the Minster, *' but some 
other church, either in York or elsewhere in the diocese ?" 
It is my impression, therefore, that Archbishop Albert 
was actually the builder of that church which was in exist- 
ence at the Norman Conquest. Of its shape and extent 
there is nothing now known. Among the fragments of 
early masonry which have been disclosed in the crypt there 
are one or two which have, in all probability, belonged to 
Albert's church, but there is nothing whatever in the fabric 
of the present Minster to connect it with the Saxon times ; 
except, perhaps, a mutilated image of the Virgin, which is 
imbedded in the eastern wall of the presbytery. 

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The Cathedral erected by Albert remained standing for 
more than two centuries. In the year 1069 it was acci- 
dentally destroyed by that scourge of York, a fire, which 
also consumed the celebrated library. Within twelve 
months, however, Thomas the Norman became Archbishop, 
and he, according to Stubbes, rebuilt the church from its 
foundations. Mr. Poole seems to think that Thomas merely 
repaired the choir to fit it for the due celebration of divine 
worship, and that it was not fully restored till Roger came 
to the see in the middle of the next century. This may, 
perhaps, have been the case, but if the choir erected by 
Thomas was only a temporary one, it must stUl, judging 
from the remains of it in the crypt, have been of a very 
substantial character. 

Thomas's Church, in all probability, consisted of nave, 
aisles, and transepts, the aisles and transepts ending, it may 
be presumed, in apses. There was a central tower of mag- 
nificent proportions and, probably, there were two towers 
at the west end of the Church. There is a sketch of what 
the Minster is then supposed to have been in the subjoined 

No alteration was made in Thomas's Church till the year 
1171, when Archbishop Roger began to build a new choir. 
This is said to have been necessitated by a fire which 
occurred in 1187, but there are some grave reasons for 
doubting the fact. It is quite enough to suppose that 
Roger, a new and active prelate, found the old choir to be 
inconveniently small, and that on that account he began to 
reconstruct it. The shape of this choir, which was without 
an apsidal termination, may be seen in plan No. 2. 

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The Cathedral waa now a complete specimeD of the 
Norman style of architecture. It did not long remain 
intact. A new style came into vogue with a new century, 
and it soon made an inroad upon the Minster. 

The innovator was that munificent prelate Walter Grey. 
To him the Church of York was indebted for the south 
transept with its noble and graceful proportions. This 
work was probably completed by the year 1240, and its 
erection was immediately followed by the building of the 
north transept, which, according to Stubbes, was reared 
at the sole expense of John Romanus the treasurer of the 
Minster. That officer is also said to have rebuilt the lan- 
tern tower ; as, however, there are still traces in it of Nor- 
man masonry, it is probable that Romanus merely re-faced 
it, putting in at the same time new windows to make it 
harmonize with the recently erected transepts. 

The tide of restoration had now begun to flow, and 
there was no desire to stop it. The noble transepts and 
the bell tower of John the Roman were a striking contrast 
to the nave and choir, which were still untouched. It was 
plain that they could not remain as they were. It was 
determined, therefore, to rebuild the nave. The credit of 
commencing this glorious work is given to another John 
the Roman, who was Archbishop of York. He was the 
son of the treasurer who had done so much to renovate the 
Church, and he inherited the taste and energy of his sire. 
The first stone of the new nave was laid by the Archbishop 
in the year 1291. 

The erection of a building so vast and so magnificent 
as the present nave was no ordinary undertaking. The 

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Chapter of York, however, were resolved to complete what 
they had begun, and they were tnost generously assisted 
by others. In 1296 they imposed upon th^ir prebends 
and dignities a tax of two-sevenths. In 1298 the Chapter 
sent their sub-chanter, Roger de Mar, to the court of Rome, 
and he was there directed to secure the permission of the 
Pope for the imposition of a tenth and a third upon the 
non-resident members of the Chapter. * 

Nor were the Archbishops unmindful of their metropo- 
litan church. John Romanus, as we have seen, laid the 
foundation-stone of the nave, and, in all probability, contri- 
buted largely to the fabric fund. Archbishop Corbridge 
granted ati indulgence of forty days on behalf of the same 
work.f His successor, William Greenfield, made a similar 
concession, and gave, among other donations, the munifi- 
cent sura of 600 marks to the Church. | Archbishop Mel- 
ton, who succeeded Greenfield, was a most generous bene- 

* Among hiB iiiBtnioiionB, which occur in Archbishop Newarke's 
Register, is the fpllpwing order *.-^*' Item cam navis eodesisB nosirsB Ebor. 
din est oornita, propter quod neoesse est no?am ecolesiam re-edificare 
opere sumptnoso, neo ad hoc habet Ecdesia aliquas facoltates ; petatur 
dedma et tercia non-residencium per triennium, vel alia quota, proui 
melius Tideritis expedire et fadlius poteritis impetrare." 

t Appendix No. XII. 

t This gift is recorded in MS. Cotton. Gkudius B. III. In the 
register of Archbishop Greenfield the following donations to the fabric are 
recorded : — " 1% kal., Sept. ?• Libera Willelmo de Langetoft, custodi 
fabrics, 100 mareas, quas Gapitulo nostro Ebor. promisimus et concessi- 
mus gradose. — 7 kaL Junii anno 9. Libera custodibus fabrics ecd* 
nostne B. Petri Ebor. 50 marcas quas eidem fabrics donavimus de grada 
nostra special!. — 28 May 10. Libera custodi fabriceo pro celeriori pro- 
roocione opens in instanti estate quinquaginta marcas.'* 

Digitized by 



£ictor to the Minster. He issued mote than one brief on 
behalf of the fiibric^ and gate 500 marks to further the 
progress of the works.* The liberafitj of the noble fiunOies 
of VaYasor and IVrcy will be afterwards allnded to. 

Thus assisted and prcmioted, the works in the nave, 
eJLtei»si>re though thej were» made coDsidetmble progrcas. 
lu 1$^ ther w^te Ux enough advanced to allow sereral of 
tLe wiiulows to be gUied. In that jear the great west 
wuidow was filled with gkss at the expense of Aichbkhop 
Meiton, who gaT« 100 marks for that purpose.f 

« I IX« Jun^ ISSS, ■«C»iro TVms SM^Hft «fc Ajkm 
^ik^^i^ J» Ai«ai«^ CMiMrn EVjt^ $M bhcu *1 opes ^bcicie. 

ia M^nlwa") K«^«Mt. S N«}»^ F«k« ISS^ «a«^3U« TVms Si-npw^ 
va trWow ^ Iirhi— oHMi iiiknt ^kL B. Fvftn £bar^ 1^4 siras 

)Lr. JfettWH ^.i«ft ;]W i:2».^ii^ t&tsKt (kk Tcctc's KSS^ vlj^rk 
* Cto )l<.*ibfii5 ftoX 4^^ tilt Saufi .dT S^ 4,ftgi< u« vicssL ^jagf^cBrtii 

A uittt C^bavAaoL vhuc^ vsi.^ «i «ft:^ »tt ^itt^ loi ^ :iW f^sK iir ;3a 
ttunt. »ia 7«« :a« vwunm u«nc "v^^pM xy ;ikt iui^sOai^ ;ii«:r9cc Fi%niBai 
ie l.ttxhiHk -anftM ^ sm Saon^. VeiaiaM Vnubi » m« ^j» t««iPi-<op« 

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In the year 1845 there was an enquiry into some 
alleged misdemeanours among the workmen who were em- 

lOOs. to the fabric. She idso says, ** Lego doysb fabricn chori tantam 
pecaniam pro quanta QQoa homo potent oondaci ad peregrinandum pro 
uno alio homine ad 8. Jacobum Apostolam ad oonstnietiotiem unius 
feneetne vitresB, et toIo quod in ono lominari diets fenestm ponatnr 
ymago 8. Jaoobi Apostoli, et in alio lominari cjosdem ymago 8. Kathe- 
rinsB yirginis." 

A notice of a oontraot for glazing the east window, which waa made 
in 1406, is given by Messrs. Browne and Poole. John Thornton, of 
Coventry, was the artist. 

Some of the glass-work in the Minster was executed by John Petty. 
He died in 1580, being at that time Lord Mayor of York. The follow- 
bg extracts from his will are interesting : — *' I bequeath to Sanct Peter 
werk fj tabyls of Normandy white gtase and x schafe of Benyshe glase. 
To Sanct Mary Abbay, to the wark, x shaffe Benyshe glase. To Fumes 
Abbay 18s. 4d., beseching thame of dere absolution, be cause I have 
wrought mych wark thare. To my broder Bobert all my toels and screes 
and a credill of Normandy glase, and a waw of glase." Petty*s name 
occurred in one of the windows of the Minster. 

The following notices are of a more recent date: — *' 1663, Paid for 
blewe glasse to Edward Spruce. 1670, for one firkin of glass which 
came from Newcastle, 17s. 6d. 1671, to Thos. Buckton for coloured 
glass 6s. For three tables of white glass and severall ptoes of coloured 
gUiss, lOs. 1688, to Mr. Giles for 120 foot of odd peces of thick glass, 
etc., IL 5s. For a peice of blew glass and a peice of green glass. Is. 2d. 
1698, to Charles Crosby for mending and setting anew a window in the 
Chapter-house, 18/. 16s. 1694, to Charles Crosby for glass work, 
19/. 4s. 1696, to Charles Crosby for setting a new window in the 
Chapter-house, etc., 28/. 6s. 2d. 1758, to Wm. Peckett for painted 
glass at south window, 11/. 14s. 1754, to Edw. Matterson for painted 
ghiss, 1/. 16s. 1768, to Wm. Peckitt for stain'd glass, 100/. For 
crown glass from London, 91/. 6s. 1 796, to Mrs. Peckett for three win- 
dows of painted glass, viz., Abraham, Solomon and Moses, 82/. Os. 4d.*' 

Mr. Torre has described at some length the painted glass in the 
Minster, but in a yery meagre and inaccurate manner. 

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ployed by the Chapter. From the evidence which was 
then produced it may be inferred that the stone-work of 
the nave was at that time complete, but that a ceUing of • 
wood was still wanting. This defect was not supplied till 
the year 1856, when the munificence of Archbishop 
Thoresby enabled the Chapter to complete their magnifi- 
cent nave. 

Simultaneously with the nave proceeded the building 
of the Chapter-house. Some very erroneous dates have 
been assigned to this beautiful work. As it is built in the 
flowing decorated style of architecture it could scarcely 
have been completed before the middle of the fourteenth 
century. On the parapet of that building appear several 
bears which, it may fairly be presumed, are the device of 
Francis Fitzurse, who became treasurer of the Minster in 
1337. It may, therefore, be inferred that Fitzurse took a 
considerable part in the erection of the Chapter-house. 

The nave and transepts being now completed, the dif- 
ference between them and the Norman choir would be 
painfully striking. The restoration of the choir was now 
the desideratum, and it was undertaken by a man of no 
ordinary energy. It is to Archbishop Thoresby that we 
are indebted for the conception and the commencement of 
that glorious work. The foundation stone was laid in 
1361 ; but, at least, thirty years elapsed before the whole 
was completed. From the Archbishop the Chapter re- 
ceived the most munificent aid. He gave up to them his 
manor-house at Sherburne, and his purse was always 

* The following giiU to the Minster are recorded in the Archbiahop'B 
register. ** 1360, 24 Nov. Johanni de Godyngham, custodi fabricsB £ccl. 

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The presbytery, or Lady Chapel, was finished before 
his death, which took place in 1872. His body was there 
interred before the altar of the Virgin, among the bones of 
several of his predecessors who had been re-interred in that 
place under monuments which were made for them at his 

Mr. Browne does not think that the presbytery was 
finished in Thoresby's lifetime. I have entered into the 
question at some length in the notes to the Fabric Rolls, 

Ebor. 98/. ad fabricam. Jan. 7. Pro eadem 20/. 1861, 14 Apr., pro 
eadem 80/. 1861, 1 Aug., 'qtua dedimus fabriciB Eccl. Cath. Ebor* 
nofiter inceptso 100 marcas sterling, ad pOBitionem primi lapidis ibidem 
per nos positi,' mandate to pay it. Oct. 8, fabricas ejasdem 60/. 186S, 
Apr. 6, Boberto de Eitbre, domino de Rithre, 20/. pro 84 qnercnbus quns 
ad fabricam Ecd. nostrn Ebor. ab eo eroimus. Apr. 18, Johanni de 
Codjngham, custodi fabricae, 100/. 1368, 16 Apr., Johanni de Sandnle, 
cnstodi fabricae 100/. Nov. 8, eidem 100/. 1864, 6 July, eidem 100/. 
and on Dec. 4, 100/. 1868, 18 June, eidem 100/. Oct. 16, eidem 
100/. 1866, 24 June, Adse de Ueneslay, oaatodi fabricee, 100/. Nov. 5, 
eidem 100/. 1867, May 7, eidem 100/. and another 100/. on Oct. 28. 
1868, March 8, 100/. Nov. 14, Johanni de Laghton, custodi fabricss, 
100/. 1869, 15 Aug., eidem 100/. 1869-70, Jan. 28, Johanni de 
Ferriby, custodi fabricse^ 100/., July 28, eidem 100/., 1870, 16 June, 
eidem 100/., and another 100/. on 26 Nov. 1871i 16 June, 100/., and 
on 1 Nov., eidem 100/» 1871^2, 10 Mar., fabricee 40 marks, and on 26 
— , 1872, 11 Feb., 1872-8, 12 June, and 24 July, 1878, sums of 
100/. were given." This will give my readers some idea of Archbishop 
Thoresby's munificence. 

e 1868-9, 18 Feb.,magistro Boberio de Patrington, magistro cementario 
fabrics chori eod. nostra Ebor. Super opere sex lapidum marmoreorum 
pro tumulis predeoessorum nostrorum parandis de quibus secum oonvenimus 
10/. 1869, 28 Aug., eidem 10 marcas in partem soluoionis 40/. pro factum 
quorundam lapidum marmoreorum. 1378^ 12 June, eidem 100s. argenti 
pro opere tumbarum. 

Digitized by 



and it is, therefore, unnecessary to re-open it here. The 
following cut, however, will be useful to shew that the 
tombs which were in the pavement before the altar of the 
Virgin were, as all the historians have stated, those of 
Thoresby and his predecessors. This once established, and 
Mr. Browne's theories are untenable. He assigns these 
tombs to various persons, laymen as well as canons, but no 
one who sees this cut,* which has been slightly reduced from 

* I am indebted to W. H. D. Longstaffe, Eaq., an active and valuable 
member of the Surtees Society, for the drawing. Mr. Longstaffe gives 
the following explanation of the drawing : — 

'* The annexed plan ia made up of Torre's separate drawings in fac- 
simile, and we may gather from the manner in which the stones fit each 
other and their proportions, that, rough as the representations are, they 
are not far from some scale adopted for the whole. The same remark 
does not apply to Torre's general plan, by which the relative places of the 
stones have, independently of his descriptions, been ascertained; the 
breadth of the stones in that place being too great in proportion. But, 
although the stones are thus uniform in size, and in Torre's general plan 
their beads form a connected line, yet in the latter the dimensions of N^ 
81 to 86 are contracted towards the east by a sort of projecting step, 
with some transverse object in the centre, and I cannot be certain whether 
this covered the feet of the stones (in which case Torre must either have 
restored the stones from the portions remaining in sight or have copied 
them while the step was raised upon some occasion or before it was con- 
structed) or whether N^ 81 to 86 projected more westward than N"*- 
80 and 37, notwithstanding the general plan. I prefer the former supposi- 
tion for the following reason, because N**' 86 is an addition to the series, 
and from its shortness, probably nearly ootemporaneous with the project- 
ing step, which must therefore have been an addition also, otherwise we 
would have to suppose that a space intervened between each stone. 

'* The piers and longer step are supplied from Torre's general plan. 
In Drake's phin the step is more to the west, in fact it clears the piers 
instead of abutting against them. I suspect that this alteration was 

Digitized by 



Torre's rude drawing of the stones, can fail to see that tliey 
can only be ascribed to Archbishops. 

made about ibe time tbat Dean Fincb was buried, whose monument is 
affixed to the south pier. Dnke's Bishop's stones are altogether to the 
south, with a blank stone (qu. 86 or 88 removed? — sod qu. his accuracy P) 
to the north. 

" The shorter step to which I have referred is given in dotted lines. 

"With the exception of the introduction of N^ 36, the stones lie as 
given in Leland*s lUnerar^f. Leland saw inscriptions commemorating, or 
ascertained the burial place of, six Archbishops, of whom Thoresby was 
one. But Thoresby provided six marble stones " pro tumulis predeceaorum 
nostrorum." N** 88 must, then, have been an Archbishop also. And who 
was commemorated by it P There was one man whose body would scarcely 
fail to rest here, who had preceded Thoresby in the character of founder 
of a choir, who had been ' honourably buried tn tAe middle of the choir — 
which he had constructed anew ;' and whose body Thoresby would scarcely 
degrade from its high position. That man was Archbishop Roger. 

" How his inscription came to be defaced or torn up when Lelnnd 
wrote is a difficult question, but it would equally apply to the to^nb of 
any other person, and in no way miUtates against my theory. 

'* The order of the Archbishops was probably much in that of their 
former burial. It is very observable that the styles of the tombs vaiy 
with their chronology, which is thus : — 

T n 1 1 inft *) ^^^ length figures of a more antique aspect, 

,* ' / , f and probably copied from old illumina- 

II. Thomas Jumor, 1118. \ ^. i t u i u 

) tions or seals. Labels above. 

III. Henry Murdak, 1163. i Inscriptions round the edges. Both pro- 

IV. Roger P / bably full-length figiures. 

V. Gisfart, 1277. I « i , i ■ i i 

,,* ^ ,^«^ f Heads only and labels. 

VI. Romanus, 1285. i 

"The last form the ends of the series, a circurostAUce probably guid- 
ing the artist. 

" I am surprised at the absence of Thomas Senior, builder of the first 
Norman church, who as well as Thomas Junior lay near Aldred."— Fufe 
WIUU, p. 6. I take it that N»- 83 was a Flemish brass of one great 


Digitized by 




Wall«nM UjnwT 0«wiM. Defalt iok« 

Torre gives the following descriptions of the stones : — 

29. Mon^ of Marm. GoDsiable of Wassand. 

30. Od n. side last lyes a blue marble about 4 y^ long, having had at the 

head a narrow square plate & under it the head of a B*. 

81. On n. side last lyes another blue marble, rough, about 8 y^& ^ long, 

having been very much plated & bom the image of an A^ in full 

82. On n. side last lyes another blue stone of the same bigness, veiy 

rough, & has been plated. 
88. On n. side last lyes another rough blue marble, of like dimensions, 
w^ has been plated. 

84. On n. side last lyes another rough blue marble, of the same bigness, 

w*^ has had a narrow plate at top k under it the full portrature of 

an A*». 

85. On n. side last lyes another blue rough marble (of the same bigness) 

w*^ has had a narrow inscription plate at the head. 

86. On n. side last lyes another A^ stone, plate at top. 

37. On n. side last lyes a smooth blue marble of the same bigness, w*^ has 
had at top an A^* head and under it a square plate. 
These 6 kst stones (probably) are those w*^ covered the bodyes of 
those A^ w** A^ Thoresby (a.d. 1862) removed hither out of the quire 
or elsewhere within the church. 

I shall not carry my brief notices of the history of the 

sheet. The others were cut out, but if in the style of the Wensley priest, 
how grand a series 1 And this is only wha^ one might expect in 
Thoresby's period. 

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Minster farther. The Fabric Rolls take up the subject 
where I leave it, and to them my readers must be referred. 
A few general observations may, perhaps, not be deemed out 
of place. 

It has been frequently asked, How is it that we know 
nothing of the mediaeval architects ? Did modesty con- 
strain them to conceal their names, or were the plans exe- 
cuted by several persons, so that it would be invidious, if 
not impossible, to particularise any one ?" It is by no 
means easy to give an answer to this question. I am in- 
clined to think that at York a great share of the responsi- 
bility fell upon the master mason, but he was probably 
assisted, to a certain extent, by the keeper of the fabric, 
and the treasurer.* The following list of the master- 
masons will be of some use. 

Thomas de Pakenham. 
William de Iloton. 
1351. William de Hoton, jun. 
1368—71. Robert de Patrington. 
1399—1401. Hugh de Hedon. 

1416. William Colchester. 
1421. John Long. 
1433. Thomas Pak. 
1442—3. John Bowde. 
1445 — 7. John Barton. 

* There was a traciDghouse at York, and if this signifies what we may 
fairly suppose it to be, a place for preparing the working drawings, it 
goes a great way to shew that the plans for the renovation of the Minster 
were prepared on the spot, under the superintendence of some resident 


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1466. John Porter. 
1406. llobert Spyllesby. 
1472. Wm. Hyndeley, p. m. Spyllesby. 
1505. Chr. Horner, p. m. Hyndeley 
1526. John Forman. 
Of these, Pakenham was a native of the South. Pat- 
rington and Hedon were probably born at the towns in 
Holderness which bear their names. The stately churches 
which grace those places are famous, not only in Yorkshire, 
but throughout England, and it is probable enough that 
the Chapter of York very gladly availed themselves of the 
services of men who assisted in erecting them, to superin- 
tend the building of their choir. Colchester, we may safely 
assume, was an Essex man, and his appointment to the 
office of master-mason was looked upon as an intrusion. 
Porter came from Lincoln, and Hyndeley from Norwich. 
To Hyndeley, the Minster of York is indebted for its 
splendid screen, and the presence of a hind lodged among 
the carving, would seem to shew that Hyndeley had had 
a hand in designing it as well as in executing the work. 
In looking over the lists of the workmen, many other 
names foreign to Yorkshire will be observed. Philip de 
Lincoln was master-carpenter for a long period in the 
fourteenth century. Hugh de Grantham was one of the 
masons. Foreigners, also, occasionally occur. On the very 
first page is the name of Begon Baions, who could scarcely 
have been an Englishman. James Dam worked the crockets, 
etc., for the screen. 

In 1470, the master-mason was absent from York for 
twenty-eight days, in quest of persons who could work in 

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marble. The bells were probably cast in York, where the 
founders were always an important craft, and, as a token 
of their gratitude, the Minster was, in all probability, 
adorned with what is still called the bell-founders' window. 
One of the Friar's Minors was generally sent for when the 
organs were out of repair. 

It is impossible, however, to enter the Minster or its 
precincts without finding, in the architectural features of 
the building, some traces of the treasiurers of the church^ 
The charge of overlooking the renovation of the fourth 
pillar of the lantern was, as we know, intrusted to Ilaxcy. 
The bears upon the chapter house carry w at once to 
Francis Fitzurse, and upon the exterior of the south- 
western tower of the nave, to which he was a munificent 
contributor, stands out in bold relief the name of treasurer 
Bermingham. The treasurers, I doubt not, took an impor- 
tant part in all the restorations that were made. The 
Archbishop, I should imagine, rather assented to the plans 
than originated them. It will be observed that when 
Archbishop Zouche wished to erect his chapel, the rights of 
the Chapter were most distinctly laid down, and that the 
work was placed under the control of their master-mason. 
The Chapter, however, must frequently have acted in 
conjunction with the Archbishop ; the most splendid por- 
tions of their Church were erected by the Metropolitan, 
and it is scarcely conceivable that the donor should have 
no voice in the application of his gift. Thoresby, we 
know, assisted the Chapter with his advice as well as 
with his purse. What share had he in the designing of 
that noble choir in which he is now sleeping ? Few men 

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were a>jre ricUj codoved with natonl gifU. fev men 
mttt TCjfJtt pious and CDergetic, and are we to suppose thai 
tLe Lt^der of the presbytery at York h^ do arcLhecturml 
taiUe or sLUl ? We can hardly think so whai ve koov 
tLa Waller Skirlav vas one of his chaplains, and that 
he gxre tvo stafls at York to William of Wjkeham. 
Did Wykcham gire him any assistance ? 

TUe funds available for the use of the fabric vere flue* 
tuating, and by no means large. There verc one or two 
estates regularly approfMiated to it, especially the tythes of 
Ti^pdjJTe, but the annual income deriTable from them was 
incon&iderable. Tb»i there were the sums reoei?ed by the 
penanoers, and the brief-bearers, which were generally 
large,* the mortuaries and legacies,! the offerings and alms. 
Still, after adding aD these sources of income together, the 
rerenues devoted to the fabric were never very large ; we 
may place the yearly average of them at 500/. ; this, wheu 
great works were going on, was but a small sum. 

But the church of York could always rely upon the 
generosity of individuals. When we look at the existing 
fabric, we cannot but see that if the Chapter had not beeu 
assisted by the Archbishops it could never have been erected, 
llie bendactions of Walter Grey, of John the Roman, of 

• In tbe commmrancnt of the fouitec&ili oeotuij. Sir Pticr de 
Mmukj WM ined 100 narks for sdulUty, sihI Uua wm gives to tLe 
MhuAer. Msnj oiker IntlaBCCs of this kind migbi be given. 

t On IS Ifsj, 1368, Bkfaard de Ricbmond, and tbe oCker execnton 
of Wm. fiL Uervid fil. Henrict, lector of Bomaldkirk, pay to tLe 
Chapter SO marks, which the ieeUtor had left to tbe &brie (G. c. 
86. a.). 

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Greenfield, and Melton, are not yet forgotten.' It was 
Thoresby who roofed the new nave, and he was, so to speak, 
the builder of the choir. His successors, Scrope and Bowet, 
nobly followed his example. And numberless other in- 
stances might be given in which the Archbishops of York 
have evinced their care for their Metropolitan Church. 

There were, also, many other benefactors less noted 
indeed in position, but hardly less distinguished in their 
liberality. The famous Skirlaw was a large contributor 
towards the renovation of the lantern; Haxey may be 
called the builder of the library, and to Dean Andrew the 
Church was indebted, amongst other things, for the battle- 
ments of the choir. Indeed, so widely diffused was the 
spirit of sacrifice, and the wish to decorate one of the 
noblest of God's temples; that there were few wills in which 
there was no bequest to the fabric ; the canons, especially, 
were lavish in their testamentary gifts. To the family of 
Scrope the Minster was under the greatest obligations. In 
1886, when their right to the golden bend, their famous 
bearing, was contested in a court of chivalry, the sub- 
treasurer of York gave his evidence in behalf of the Scropes, 
and produced some vestments which were charged vrith the 
disputed shield. After this they had a full right to be 
considered the patrons of the Church, if deeds of kindness 
and munificence could place them in that proud position. 
Many of them are laid in the presbytery, now unrecorded 
and forgotten ; but there is one sleeping there, a noble- 
hearted prelate, whose generosity and sufferings must for 
ever endear him to Yorkshire and to York. Nor must we 
forget two other houses, Percy and Vavasor, which strove 

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with each other in their endeavours to beautify God's house. 
Tlie Vavasors gave the Chapter free access to their quarries, 
and if we may believe tradition, and there seems to be no 
reason for doubting it, large quantities of stone.* The 
Percies were even more generous, giving stone, and par- 
ticularly timber, in profusion.f And to commemorate the 
good deeds of these two noble houses, the Chapter of York 
has honoured them with a noble monument. On either 
side of the west door of the Cathedral, which they assisted" 
to erect, stands a figure deftly carved after the image of a 
man. These are the Percy and the Vavasor, each bearing 
his offering in his arm, the wood and stone which they 
once gave. Bare-headed they stand, for they are suppliants 
before the Lord of all. Brothers in arms and in munifi- 
cence, you are not yet forgotten I ♦ Your gifts were indeed 
noble, but you could have no prouder monument 1 

To the Dean and Chapter of York the members of the 
Surtees Society are under great obligations. All the records 

• cf. Browne, 47, 48. 

t In 1362, when Archbishop Thoresby grants bis permisdion for the 
founding of the Percy chantry in York Minster for the souls of Hen. de 
Percy, etc., he says — '* Vellemus gratam considerationem habere ad pro- 
fusa beneficia quibus tarn dicti defuncti et progenitorum suorum recolenda 
prioritas quam filius et heres suus predictus ecclesiam nostram Ebor. 
liberaliter promoverunt, presertim appropriari procurando ecclesiam de 
Topdiif ejusdem nostne dioo., in qua jus patronatus habcbant, ad fabricaiu 
ecclesiaa nostras Ebor. emincncius construend' et perpetuo sustincnd', ac 
do lapidicinis suis lapidea quant, pro dicta fubrica opus esset sumendos 
et inde iibere cariandos muniftoe conoedendo, et ipsam graoiis aliis vnriis, 
ut in ooncessione viarum per districtus et loca sua pro cariadone lapi- 
dum predictorum et transitu minbtrorum ipsius ecclesius accomodis nssig- 

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belonging to the Minster have been thrown open to then! 
in the most generous manner, and the wishes of the Chap* 
tor have been most courteously carried out by their clerk, 
C. A. Thiselton, Esq. I am most happy to have this 
opportunity of thanking that gentleman for his most con- 
siderate kindness, which has been shewn to me upon all 

I am glad, also, to acknowledge the courtesy of Messrs. 
Hudson and Buckle, who have granted full access to the 
archiepiscopal registers. The Society is under obligations 
to Mr. Canon Harcourt and Professor Willis, and to Mr. 
J. H. Parker it is greatly indebted for the loan of the very 
useful plan of the Minster which was prepared by that 
eminent archaeologist Professor Willis, and used by him in 
his account of the Cathedral which was drawn up for the 
members of the Archaeological Institute. 

The members of the Surtees Society will be aware that 
there has been a great delay in the issuing of the present 
volume. I have already acquainted them with the causes 
of that delay, and I must throw myself again upon their 
generous indulgence. I do not regret the labour which 
has been spent upon this book, and that has not been 
slighti but there are associations connected with this 
volume which must always be most painful to myself. Its 
progress has been retarded by illness and affliction of no 
ordinaty kind. Two kinsmen very near and dear to me, 
who took great interest in this work, have not been per- 
mitted to witness its completion. One, the greatest church- 
restorer of modern times, was delighted with the novel in- 
formation that the Rolls contained, and I well remember 

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his pointing to the charges for painting the interior of the 
lantern at York, recorded at page 77, the last sheet that 
he saw, and saying — *^ This is just what we want to do at 
Ely/* Now, singularly enough, the lantern in that glorious 
temple, renovated and painted, is to be his monument. 
Another kinsman, nearer and dearer still, first suggested 
the publication of this volume, and frequently said that it 
would make quite a revolution in architectural archaeology. 
All the early sheets were submitted to his experienced eye, 
but, alas, he was not permitted to see many of them. That 
which ends with page 160 was the last that was sent to him. 
He kept it longer than usual, and I wondered at it ; at 
length it was returned, and I sooq saw that although it had 
been a labour of love to peruse it, it had been a labour 
stil}. Upon page 166 were the last words that he ever 
wrote in connexion with the favourite pursuits of his life ; 
there did that hand, so true to the Surtees Society, for the 
first time, waver. A fortnight afterwards and it was life- 
less. It may seem idle to record such trifles as these ; I 
mention them with a melancholy pleasure, and some will 
thank me for them. 

These things are now over, and this volume is at length 
completed. Several things have been omitted from want 
of space and time. The book, however, contains nearly all 
the evidences upon which an architectural account of the 
Church of York must be built. At some future time it 
may, perhaps, be in my ))ower to weave out of them a 
history of that Minster in a more popular form. 

J. R. 

rork. May 27, 186U. 

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NALr*PUN [ Hhlr PU^M 
or I OP 


hb. I, A^. tm. 

jBta. ]. A J). l^OL 


, Google 


This e^pIanaUon is given in Profemor Willis's own words. It will be well to 
study the Plans in connection with the Professor's description of the Minster. 

'^Beginning with No. 6, and reckoning backwards through the series, the 
black parts of each plan shew all the portions of the previous plan that have been 
retained, and the light parts shew the portions that have been changed. In No. 
1, however, as there is no previous plan, light tint is used to distinguish the 
omgectural portions f^m those which have still left traces of their existence and 
dimensions, and which are marked tvJi black. This light lint is, however, shaded 
in the opposite direction Arom the light tints previouu^ explained, so ihat there 
can be no ambiguity, and the same may be said of Uie tint E, in No. 2,. which is 
merdy empknred to desiffnate a space fflled with earth. 

"Again, beginning the series of plans from No. 1,' each plan has a dotted 
outline, which marks the extent of me additional budding in the next plan in 
order. Thus the relative dimensions of each new member of the cathedral to the 
one which it has superseded are brought into direct comparison. The gradual 
changes by which the Norman cathedral of No. 1 was converted inio the existing 
cathedral of No. 6, were worked out in the following order: 1st, a new choir; 
2nd, a pair of new transepts ; 8rd, a new nave ; 4th, a second new and still larger 
cho&. And these successive additions exceeded the former portions not merely 
in length but also in breadtii. 

** The date below each plan is merdy that of some one year in round numbers 
that occurred in the interval between the changes, so that the plan to which it is 
Impended represents tiie church as it existed in that year. I have purposely 
avoided the crowding of letters of reference into these plans. 

'* In No. 5 I have delineated the choir stalls, high-altar, and steps, and the 
double screen with tiie feretory, or mce T between them, on the authority of 
Torre's plan, which was taken before the western screen was removed. 

" In the nave K is the font, L the posiUon of Melton's tomb, and M the place 
where Brake found the supposed coffin of St. William.*' 

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I. Bxoerpta e rotuUs oamerariorum Eool Oath Ebor. 1340^1704 ... 120 

II. Eodesuo SohirburnensU utensUia , ... 142 

ni. Quatuor oartn gupor eodeida de TopoUffe 142 

lY. Litera pMwlis super oentum diebus oonoesaU aooedeniibus devote ad 

Eocleaiam Ebor. 1166 145 

y. Carta Willelmi fllii Hamelini de Bidera luper prato et terra Oi^i- 

tulo oonooMJi 146 

yi. Oarta domini Bob^rti le yavaMur deU^ididna apud Tadoaater 147 

YII. Blue oarttt super bovata terra in Sunderlimdwiok 148 

YIJI. Indulgentia pro ikbrioa Eool. Ebor. couoessa per Walterum Grey, 

anmiepisoopum Ebor. 1227 140 

IX. Beliquio) rooonditn in Eoolcsia Deati Petri Ebor 160 

X. litera domini Eoberti de Percy de Ubertate aqu» et terr» super 

ripam de Qwerf 153 

XI. Oasula et alba oum duobus baudekyns datn per dominum regem. 

1291 154 

XII. Indulgenoia pro iWbrioa EooL Ebor. 1804 154 

XIII. Indulgenoia pro Ikbrioa Eod. Ebor. 1818 155 

XIY. Testamentum domini Willelmi Lanoastre, capeUani. 1821 157 

XY . Ii^unotiones datso questoribus pro ikbrioa Ebor 1 58 

XYI. D^utatio breviatons pro ikbrioa. 1835 160 

XYII. Inquisitiodedefectibusfabricnetoustodumeiusdem. 1844 161 

XYIII. Ordinatio super hiis qu» sunt invenienda in Eoclesiis per prebenda- 
ries sen Armarios, ao per yioarios et parochianos 164 

XIX. Offldum Philippi de Linooln, oarpentarii. 1346 165 

XX. Indentura pro soriptura et luminatione oujufidam libri. 1346 ... 165 

XXI. Pensio Willelmi de Hoton oementarii. 151 166 

XXII. Litera questus pro fabrics. 1352 167 

XXIII. Licenda oonoessa per Capitulum domino Willelmo la Zouohe, ar- 

ohiepiscopo Ebor., ad oonstruendum ciq^eUam suam. 1851 ... 168 
XXiy. Litera missa J. arduepisoopo Ebor. pro meremio ad oduram ha- 

bendo. 1355 170 

XXY. Ordinado fiusta pro oemontariis et ceteris operariis Ikbrioa;. 1862. . . 171 
XXVI. Con vocudo pro nova Afcbrlca. 1860 178 

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XXvlI. Indentura oonoernens novum opuf ohori et dettruooioiiem ma- 

nerii do Sohirborn. 1861 174 

XXVIII. Litora iudul^enoiunim donuni arohiepisoopi oonoessa benefacio- 

libuB &bnon Dovi ohori 175 

XXIX. Litera pro &brioa 177 

XXX. Litera queetufl in oom. linooln. 1868 178 

XXXI. Indenttura oiun Johanne plnmbario. 1867 179 

XXXII. Penmo magifltri Boberti do Patryngion, oemontarli. 1368 ...180 

XXXIII. Ordinaoio oemeiitariorum. 1870 181 

XXXIV. Indentura plumbarii. 1870 182 

XXXV. Aoquiotanom oapoo et piUofHdi Davidis de Wollor. 1870 ... 184 

XXXVI. Dimiamo domorum Philippe carpentario. 1870 186 

XXXVII. Litera de oruoe arohiepisoopi. 1877 186 

XXXVIII. Gopia bulliD pro eoelesia de Miflterton 187 

XXXIX. Lioenoia Eioardi secundi de manu mortua 190 

XL. Onera legitima theeaurarii Eool. Ebor 191 

XLI. De adventu regis Henrid ad Eoolefliam Ebor. 1408 191 

XLII. Tres litene de Bicardo Sorope ardiiepiscopo Ebor 198 

XLIII. Indulgenoia pro Mrioa EooL Ebor. oum deoUuraoione privile- 

giorum aliorum. 1408 196 

XLIV. Oi^iinationee qusDdam de oementariis ot de quarta oolumna. 

1409 198 

XLV. Litera requisitoria oum oredenoia in fine 201 

XLVI. Capitulum soribit domino arohiepisoopo Ebor 202 

XLVII. Some aooount of Thomas Hazey. treasurer of York 208 

XL VIII. Teetamentum Willdmi Cotyngham dTis et oarpentarii Ebor. 

1466-7 207 

XLIX. Monitio facta quod aliquis sive ali^ui non yenerentur statuam 
sive imaginem Henrim nuper regis Angliss de jure et non de 

fcoto. 1479 208 

L. Beoepoio regis Eioardi teroii apud Ebor. oum regina et prinoipe. 

1488 210 

LI. Inventorium omnium jocalium, Tasorum auri et argenti, ao 
aliorum ornamentorum, vestimentorum, et librorum ad Eoole- 

siam Cathedralem Ebor. pertinontiiun 212 

LII. Ezoer^ta quiodam e registns arohiepisooporum Ebor. de eode- 

dis inftra proyindam Ebor. et alibi 285 

LIII. Deteota qusedam in Tisitationibus Eod Gath. Ebor., necnon 

eoolefliarum eidem pertinentium 242 

LFV. A list of the ohantriee within the Cathedral Churoh of Tork ... 274 

LV. An iuTontory of the pUite, eto., temp. Edw. VI 806 

LVI. Another inventory of the same 818 

LVII. Four inyentoriee of the plate, eto.^ belonging to the Cathedral... 815 

LVIII. The oontrsot and oharges for setting up the organ 819 

LIX. Two letters addressed by Charles I. to the Dean and Chapter ... 825 
LX. Letters flrom the Lord Keeper and the Arohbishop touching the 
Lord Maior his sytting in Uie stall of the Archdeaoon of York. 

1828 828 

LXI. Two letters on behalf of the rents attached to the fitbrio of the 

Minster 880 

LXII. A list of the things which were taken away ftrora the Minster 

during the Great Bebellion 888 

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Phili'lppo carpentano pro stipendio £t pro j tyler et 

j garciom sibi servienti per j sq>timanam. Summa 70s. 

. . • • ante festam Sancti Laurencii cementariis et carpen- 

tariisy videlicet^ Roberto de Thorp, per xv" 48. 8d Nicho- 

lao de Steresby per qaindenam 48. 4d. Willelmo de Blythe 

48. 4d. Johanm de Ottelei 48. 4d Bcgon Baiona 28. 

Johanni de Heton 48. 4d. Jobanni de Tarum • . . ; Philippo 
carpentario 48. Quinque laborantibua 98 Summa «... 

.... prox. poat festum Sancti Michaelis cementariis et car- 
pentarii8| videlicet, Willelmo de Hotonf 6s. Johanni de • . . . 
4d. Nicholas de Steresby 4s. 8d. Roberto de Thorp 4s. 8d. 

* A fragment of s hbrio roll which has heen hiUierto unnotioed. It ifl, un- 
fortunatelv, without s date, hut William de Uoton, the master mason, and Philip 
(de Lincoln^, the master carpenter, are well known persons, and I am inclined to 
think that this roll was made hetween 1860 and 1860. Tlie workmen, it will be 
observed, are few in number, and the outlay is so inconsiderable, as to lead us to 
suppose that no work of any magnitude was Boins on at this time. The roll con- 
tains the expenditure for twenl^-fiye weeks, but it is in a ver^ imperfect state. 

t Master mason. Several documents al)out him, and Philip de Lincoln, the 
master carpenter, will be found in the Appendix. He was appmnted to his ofllce 
in December, 1850. 


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Nicholao . . . . 4d. Willelmo de Oisburgh 48. 4d. Johanni de 
Hoton 48. 4d. Ricardo de .... 48. 8d. Hugoni de Halton, 

4a. 8d. Roberto de Horwyche 48. 8d grave 8d. Petro 

de Crisacre 3s. 8d. Begonet Bayons* 2s. Cuidam .... lOd. 
Fhilippo carpentariot pro stipendiis suis 4s. Et y laborantibus 
9s.^ et laboranti .... pro cariagio ix damplade de la Lendyng^ 
versus cymiterium 228. 6d. In potu^ 8d. Summa 4/. lis. lid. 

Pro tyn empto .... pro j laborante in Angusto per iiij sept. • 
48. Johanni de Norwode pro soldur 2s. Pro fraccione .... 
in quarera SOs. Pro cariagio ejusdem de quarrera versus aquam 
85s.^ etc. Summa 71. 5s. 5d. 

In emendadone et acuacione securium lOd. Pro ligatura 
unius pullccds 128. Pro xiiij damplade per aquam versus 
Ebor. 41s., etc. Summa 41. 17s. 5d. 

Pro ij plates pro le karre 3d. Pro j hespe et staple 2d. Pro 
cariagio xiiij damplade petrarum de la Lendyng versus cemi- 
terium 86s. Summa 4/. 78. 8d. 

Et in solucione facta contrarotulatori pro feodo suo 208. 
Magistro fabro 33s. 4d. Duobus capellanis celcbrantibus pro 
animabus Roberti de Pincbebek§ et Petri de Ros|| pro termino 
Sancti Martini 568. 8d. Et . . . . Pincbebek 838. 4d. Priori 
Sancti Andrese 16s. 8d. pro quodam redditu .... janitori pro 
stipendio suo per annum 10s. Et pro quodam redditu .... etc. 
Summa 22/. Ids. ll^d. 

Pro flekes emptis pro skaffald Pro factura ix. wegges 

et novo kevell et j melle fern .... Pro ix damplade petrarum in 
querera 22s. 7d. Et pro cariagio ejusdem ad aquam^ .... 
Summa 6/. 168. 9id. 

SoLUCio xxiiij. Pro duobus saghers 12d. Pro cariagio x 
damplade cum tunall' de Tadcastre usque Ebor. 88s. Summa 
4/. 68. 5d. 

* A foreignor, judging firom bis name. 

t The iame number of workmen, bearing, with an oooasional alteration, the 
game names, oocurs in each suooessiYe week. It is unneoessary to repeat the 
items. For the three preceding weeks the summaries shew the sums of 668. 8d., 
6ds. lid., and 586. 8d., respectively. The workmen are paid fortnightly. 

t The lending or Umding pUoe here mentioned is still used for Uie same pur- 
pose. It is the pUice on Uie York side of the Ouse, at whioh the ferry-boat 
touches. All the wood and stone whioh was used in the minster was dracKed up 
the narrow lane whioh leads from th^ river, and passed the hospital of St. Komurd 
on their way through Bhike-street to the cemetery. In the cemetery was the 
mason's yard, together with the workshops. 

§ Prebendary of South Newbald. He died in 1824, and was commemorated 
by a chantry. 

II Third son of Wm. Lord Boos, of Hamlake, and precentor of York flrom 
1290 to 1812. In 1291 he was present at the laying of the foundation-stone of 
the nave. He established a chantry in the minster. 

V The stone, we see, came from the quarry at Thevesdole. 

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Of YORK ltIN8t«E. S 

SoLuoio XXV. Pro clavis feirri, videlicet, spykynges et 
broddes et aliis I6s. Pro iij tunidl, emptis pro bretissin^e super 
portam de Ugelforde* . . . • 8d. Pro emendacione umus tene 
8d. Summa Sis. 8d. 

SuMMA TOTALIS soLUCtONtJM 142/. 16s. 8d. de quibus de- 
ductis de 161/. 4s. 6d. respondet ut supra. Remanent in manu 
dicti custodis 18/. 7s. lOd. 


[anno mccclxxi.] 

Dbbst caput ROTULi.f Et die Sabbati, x (xv) flie Octobris 
soluti XV cementaris operantibus ibidem per ^ sept., quolibet 

* Ugglefortti is ihe narrow skeel whioh leads ftrom the minster yard into 
Ooodnungate. There are now no sips of the existenoe of a gate. 

t A Tory Talnable dooument, with whioh Mr. Browne begins his series of 
rolls. A large portion of it, containing the receipts, together with the wages of 
the workmen up to the month of August, has becni lost, and the remainder is in 
a very tattered, condition. It is eight or nine feet in length. Mr. Browne assigns 
it to the year 1870; it belongs, however, to the year 1871. 

The easternmost part of fiie church was now being built. The first stone of 
this part of the minster was laid by Archbishop Thoresl^, in 1861. Every exertion 
was made bv the Cluster to hasten the consummation of the work, and they were 
ably assisted in their endeavours by the munificent Archbishop. Not only did 
that illustrious prekte contribute very largely from his own purse to the restora- 
tion of his Cathedral, but he also destroyed, for the same purpose, Us palace at 
SherbunL and induced the dergy and laity of his diocese to assist him in his 
pious undertaking. Oonslderable Ainds were by these means collected together, 
and the work was vi^rously carried on. 

The eastern portion of the church must be divided into two parts, the pres- 
bytery and the onoir proper. Of these two parts, the presbytery, or the eastem- 
moftv was begun first of alL To erect it, there was no necessity for disturbing 
the services of the old choir, or for interfering to any extent, with its proportions. 
It is probable, therefore, that only a small portion of that part of the church, 
immediately behind the altar, was removed, and that a tomporarv wall was erected 
which separated the choir trim the new work, and made it still available for the 
daily services. 

Archbishop Thoresby, as has been said above, laid the foundation-stone of the 
presbytery in July, 1861. The work, therefore, had been going on for ten years 
when this roll was compiled, and very considerable progress must necessarily 
have been made. There was no lack of ftinds, and no want of energy, while 
Thoresby presided over the see. and the presbytcory, after ten yean* labour, must 
have been nearbr completed. I must now bring before my readers the words of 
the chronicler otubbs, in which he describes some of the munificent acts of the 
prelate who has just been mentioned. " Idem vero Archiepiscopus," he sajrs, 
" ut verus amator Virginis, c^>ellam ^usdem Dm genetriois et VirginiB Marise 
mirabili artis soulptam, atque notabili pictura peregii Ibique plurimorum vene- 
rabilium pontificum. predeoessorum suorum, corpora a chore superius translata^ 
pn^riis expeusis femt tttmulari,-*sepultus est coram altari B.M.y. in novo opere 
ohori, anno ISTB." 

From this passage Mr. Browne, and every writer upon the minster, concludes 
that Thoresby finished a riehlj^ ornamented chapel to the Virgin, in which he 
laid his own bones and these of his predecessors. Now, at the east end of the 

» 2 

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capiente per aept. Ss Et soluti .... ment* op. ibidem per 

j sept, et y. dies sic cap. Et soluti j cementario op. ibidem per 

presbytery (the whole of which is still called the Lady ChiH[)el), we know that 
there was an altar to the Virffin, and many traces of painting may still be found 
there. .We know, also, that before or near that altar (exactly as described by the 
chronicler), Leland Tound the monuments of seven archbishops, with Thoresb^ 
in the middle. We know that Torre, who could never have seen Leland, identi- 
fies these tombs, and that Drake, and everjr other writer, follows in his wake. 
And within the memory of man seven similar stones, with efiiiced inscriptions, 
occupied the some position. We know, also, that Thoresbj began (at leastj the 

Sresbytery in which this altar is pkced, and there is no evidence to shew that ho 
id much in any other part of the church. We are brought, therefore, irresitfti- 
bly to the conclusion wnich every other writer has arrived at, that the great altar 
to the Virgin which Thoresby erected, is in the centre of the present presbytery, 
or Lady CnapeT. 

The position of the altar to the Virgin, "in novo opere chori," being thus 
ascertuned to be in the presbytery, we may gather, from the words of the chro- 
nicler, a pretty correct notion of Uie progress Uiat had been made in the building 
of that port of the church. We cannot believe that the Archbishop would begin 
to decorate his chantry with exquisite sculpture and pointing if the presbytery 
was without a roof. 

In the present roll, which records the expenditure of the year 1871, there is, 
I think, sufficient evidence to shew that the roof was actually j^laced upon the 
presbytery in that year. If this was the case, the Archbishop might safely pro- 
ceed with his decoiotion of the altar, and place before it the tombs of his prede- 
cessors, without any fear of accident. 

If the roof was thus erected, the walls must necessarily have been completed. 
It appears that some Huddleston stone has been used, and Arom the fact Uiat 
there is no evidence to shew that the Chapter had any right over that (hmous 
quarry before the year 1886, Hr. Browne argues that the preBbytery was not 
completed till after that ^eor. The presence of that stone, which oidy appears 
here and there, may easily be accounted for from the oircumstonco that the 
materials of the hall ot Sherbum, which is close to Huddleston, were granted to 
Uio luto of the fiibrio in 18G1. In 1386 the Chqiter toko a lease of the quarry 
fur eighty years, and wo cannot believe that tlioy would do so if they hod hud no 
oxjiorionce of Uie qiuility of the stone. 

I am sorry to differ so entirely ftt>m the conclusions of mv laborious pre- 
decessor, Mr. Browne, on the above-mentioned points. Archbishop Thoresby 
OTHoaks of the want of a place in the minster suitable for the daily moss of the 
Virgin, and he supplied that want, I am persuaded, by the altar which, according 
to Stubbs, he erected in the presbytery. Mr. Browne thinks that this daily cele- 
bration was reserved to the high altar, and yet the extracts which he gives from 
the wills of Robert Wolveden and several others, entirely contradict his theory. 
He also assigns the seven stones, which all the historians of the minster concur in 
ascribing to the Archbishops, to eix other persons, one of whom in his will desires 
merely to be buried at the east end of the church, and the other near the Percy 
Chapel. Again, he removes Archbishop Thoresby from the comi)any of his pre- 
decessors, and ascribes to him that tomb in the nave which has been too frequently 
given to Archbishop Boger : a tomb which must have been erected at least a 
century alter Thoresby's death. 

Mr. Browne considers that the chapel of the Virgin, which Thoresby built, is 
that dedicated to the Virgin and the holy angels, which was a4)aoent to the nave. 
There is no evidence whatever for this. He also thinks that Thoresby removed 
the bodies of his predecessors (mentioned by Stubbs) into the saros* place. There 
is, however, no record of aiiy burial in that chapel. Again, it is never called the 
chai>el of St. Mary, alone ; it occasionally is termed ** St. Sepulchre's,'* but in the 
majority of oases it is the chapel of St. Mary and the Holy Angels. I cannot, 

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ij sept. cap. per sept. 28. 6d Et soluti j cementario op. 

ibidem per dictam tempus cap. per sept. 2s. 6d., 5s. Et soluti 
iij cementaris op. ibidem per idem tempus, quolibet cap. per sept. 
2s. 4d., 14s. Et soluti j cementario operanti ibidem per j sept, 
iiij dies di. sic cap. 46. 8d. Et soluti v cementaris op. ibidem 
per idem tempus, quolibet cap. per sept. 2s., 20s. Et soluti iiij 
cementaris op. ibidem per dictum tempus, quolibet cap. per sept. 
20d., 13s. 4d. Summa 8/. 19s. 2d.* 

Stipbndia carpxjntariorum. Magistro Philippo,t magistro 
carpuntariorum fabricse, per In sept, capienti per sept. 8s., 
7/. 168. Johanni Couper op. ibidem per Iij sept. cap. per sept. 
Ss., 71. 1 6s. Willelmo de Walleby op. ibidem per 36 sept. cap. per 
sept. 3s., 108s. Willelmo de Dalton op. per 15 sept, et dimidium 
diem, 46s. 3d. Johanni de Oaltrjs op. per 10 sept. cap. 308. 
Boberto de Thoresby op. per 52 sept. cap. per sept. 2s. 6d.> 6/. 10s. 
Johanni de Wagby op. per 42 isept. cap. per sept. 2s. 6d., 105s. 
Johanni de Welles op. per 41 sept. cap. per sept. 28. 6d. 
132s. 6d. Summa 41/. 128. 9d. 

Communes operarii. Henrico de Chestre operario in fabrica 
per 50 sept. cap. per sept. 20d., et eidem pro tunica sua, 3s. 4d., 
41. 6s. 8d. Nicholao de Miton, op. ibidem per 33 sept. cap. per 
sept. 18d., et eidem pro tunica sua 3s. 4d., 52s. lOd. Johanni 
Lister op. per 52 sept. cap. per sept. 16d., et eidem pro tunica sua 
3s. 4d., 72s. 8d. Willelmo de Ooldesburgh op. per 52 sept. cap. 
16d., per sept., et eidem pro tunica sua 38. 4d., 728. 8d. Thomsa 
de Clyfton op. per 52 sept. cap. per sept. 16d., eidem pro tunica 
sua 3s. 4d., 72s. 8d. Johanni de Akum op. per 62 sept. cap. per 
sept. 16^., et eidem pro tunica sua 3s. 4d., 72s. 8d. Henrico 
Alan op. per 52 sept. cap. per sept. 16d., et eidem pro tunica 

therefore, renst the oondusion, tbftt the ohftpel to the Tlrjgin, built by Thoreslyy, 
and before which he reste. is in the presbytery, that there is an impropriate union 
with her divine Son and protector St. John, she was daily revered, and that 
Thoresby finished ihai noble portion of his scheme during his life. The roll 
before me seems to intimate that the roof was erected nearly two years before his 
death, and ho could, therefore, leisurely prepare his own sepulchre among the 
bones of his predecessors, a fitting resting-place for the most pious of the succes- 
sors of Paulinus. 

* The wages, it will be obeenred, were paid once a fortnight, and I have given 
a single fortnight's expenditure as a specimen of the rest On August 28th the 
sum of the fortnightly payment was Bl. 10s. 5d. On Sept 11, 8/. lis. 8d. On 
Sept. 25, Bl. 17s. 2d. On Oct 25 (^ven above), 8/. 19s. 2d. On Nov. 8, 
SI. 17s. lOd. On Nov. 22, SI. 19s. 4d. On Dec. 6, SI. 17s. lOd. On Dec. 20, 
SI. lOs. lOd. On Jan. 8, 8^. lis. lOd. The sum total of the expenditure on 
masons wages for tlie year, amounts to 2il6l. Ss. Od. From this wo ma^ conclude 
thai the year had been one of great activity in the masons' vards, ospecudlv in the 
the si>ring and summer. The number of masons employed is a considerable one, 
and, judging from the wages, l^ey may be divided into several dasees. The 
master mason was Robert de Patrington. 

t Philip de Lincoln, about whom some noUces will be given hereafter. 

Digitized by 



sua 8s. 4d.^ 72b. 8d. Boberto Lister op. per 52 wepL CBf., per 
sept. 16d.^ et eidem pro tunica sua 8s. 4i., 728. 8d. Johimni de 
Alnewyk operanti* ibidem per 8 sept. cap. per sept 16d., et 
per unam diem dim. 4^d., et eidem pro tunica sua 2s., 
43s. 8d|. Johanni Phylip operanti ibidem per 18 sept., cap. 
per sept. 16d., 178. 4d, Johanni de Byngbam operario ibidem 
per 13 sept., cap. oer sept. 16d., et per unum diem dim. 4|d., 
178. 8^^. Badulpho de Cundale o^anti ibidem ^ 9 sept, 
cap. per sept. 16d., 12s. David de Wallys operanti lUdem per 
52 sept. cap. per sqpt. 15d., d eidem pro tunica sua 88. 4d., 
68s. 4d. Willelmo Coke operanti ibidem per 6 sept., ci^. per 
wepL 16d., 8s« Johanni TVrcU operanti ibidon per 14 scut., 
csp. per sept. I5d., 17s. 6d. Bogero de Ottday operanti ibi- 
dem per 166 dies, cap. per diem S\d., et eidem pro tunica sua 
2s., 50b. 5d. Johanni Elysman operanti ibidem per 96 dies, 
ctip. per diem 8|d., 28s. Boberto de Ottday operanti ibidem 
in logio per 41 sept., cap. per sept lOd., 34s. 2d. Summa 
43/. 12s. 

Stifbnuium 7ABBI. Et soluti fiduo pro repsradone instru- 
mentorum cementariorum per totum annum per talliam super 
singulb soludonibus ostensam, 778. Summa 778. 

CusTua QUABBBJi BT CARiACio LAFiDUM. Et in 20 dsmlad 
lapidum cariandis de quarera de Thevedall usque Leonard lendyng 
per Willeknum DriflTdd et sodos suos cap. pro singulo dainhid 
168., ut patet per indenturam in anno piecedenti, 16/., et inde 
allocatur nobis pro mundadone quarere ct repsradone instru- 
mcutorum 61. Ids. 4d., et sic summa 9/. 68. 8d. Et in 8 doliis 
lapidum cariandis de Tadcastre uaquo Ebor. per Willdmum 
Driffdd, 128. Et in 40 damlad li^tidum remanentibus in anno 
preccdenti apud Leonard lendyng et carisndis ua(|ue dmiterium, 
4/. Et Willdmo Custson pro fractione, sinnilacione et munda- 
Clone quareree pro 80 damlad lapidum perquirendis 32/. Et in 
prcdictis 80 dfunlad la^dum cariandia de quarera usque Qwerf, 
pra^ter 268. 8d., datos eiadem in omnibus pro bonocate 14/. 188. 
4d. Et . . . • damlad lapidum cariandia de Tadcastre usque 
Leonard lendyng per aquam 20/. Et in 48 damlad lapidum de 
eiadcra cariandia do Leonard lendyng uaque ad dmiterium, 6/. 
Et in 26 carectatis lapidum carianSs de quarera, uaque Ebor. 
per Novell et Bosadl, 548. 2d. Et in expends pro denudadone 
nov» quarera in prindpio anni, vidilicet, 3 rodaa in groeao, 468. 
8d. Et in expenaia ibidem pro quarera digenda per compu- 
tantem et magiatrum cementariorum et alios miniatros per unum 

• Ililherto, tlie word operariut Km been uied, the word opermnt ii now inko- 
duood. Openuriui probably meMM a regular labourer who waa aUacbed to the 
fabric, wbitui <^)erans u iiaed of a person oaaually employed. 

Digitized by 



diem 6s. 4d. Et in 2 novis mall' emptis pro quarera frangenda 
de Johanne de Marschall^ 2l8. Et in 24 weggis ferri de novo 
fabricandis et aliis instrumentis emendis, 128. Et in potu dato 
quarratoribos ibidem ner diversas yices^ 46. Et in potu dato 
cariantibus lapides ibiaem per diversas vices^ 2s. Et in potu 
navigantibuBj per yices^ 2s. Od. Et in potu dato cariantibos 
lapides in Ebor.^ per vices^ 8d. Et dati forestar* domini de 
Vavasor* pro corialitate sua facta ministris quererse 6s. 8d. 
Summa 94/. 7s. 

Empcio calcis. Et in 206 mel' calcis emptis de Hugone 
• • • • 8/. Et in 144 mel' calcis cariandis^ dando pro la mel' 
2d.^ et 6d. ad potum.^ 80s. 6d. Et in 90 meV calcis remanent 
tibus in compoto precedent! cariandis^ dando ut supra, 18s. 9d. 
Summa 10/. 9s. 8d. 

Cariacio Sabuu. Et in 880 quartereis sabuli emptis et 
cariandis usque cimiterium^ 66s. Summa 66s. 

Empcio calibis. Et idem oomputat hie in ferro empto 
quia de stauro anni precedentis. Et m 8 garbis calibis emptis 
pro cementariis, 10s. 8d. Summa 10s. 8d. 

Empcio csbjs bt bostn. Et in vlb. cersB emptis pro cemen- 
tariis 2s. Id. Et in 10 lb. de rosyn emptis pro eisdem 20d. Et 
in 8 petris cepi emptis pro cables unguendis, 48. 6d. Summa 
8s. 8d. 

Empcio clavobum. Et in 100 brags emptis pro le schafitdd 
in fabrica, Ss. Et in lO.m de Scotsomnail emptis pro celura^ dando 
pro c. 6d.j 41s. 8d. Et in iiij.c grossis spikyn^ emptis, 2s. 8d. 
Et in i^.m midelspikynges emptis pro campanis et aliis neccs- 
sariis in fabrica hoc anno, 16s. Et m m. brods emptis pro domo 
scolarium cooperienda, 18d. Et in 8 ceruris emptis pro 8 hostiis 
in fabrica 8s. 4d. Summa 67s. 2d. 

CusTus PLXJMBARii BT viTBiABii. Et soluti Johanui Plum- 
mer pro feodo suo pro terminis de quibus fsiej scilicet de 
termino Martini ante principium compoti 208. per preceptum 
Capituli, ut patet per invehtarium, 60s. Et in 20 doliis vacuis 
emptis pro coopertura ccclesice in stauro habendis, cum cariario 
18s. 4d. Et m fynyng de cdvi petris de cineribus plumbi, 
dando pro petra l^d., 28s. Et in charcole empto pro cine- 
ribus liquendis 6s. Et in bollis, j sokeiren, j pari belowes, et cer- 
visia emptis, 48. 7d. Et in cc.x. petris plumbi operatis super 
campana orologii, et in aliis locis necessariis Ss. 9d. Et Willelmo 
de Aukland vitiiario per mensem operanti ibidem 98. 4d. Et in 

* The Vavafloun of Hadewood were the owners of the qvarrj it Theveedale, 
whence this stone for the minster was taken. An account of the nmilj, and a few 
notices of the quarries which were used for Uie erection of the minster, will he 
given afterwards. 

Digitized by 



c de vitro emptU de Edmundo Pictore^ 26e. 8d. Summa 
SI. 8d. 

CusTus MBEBiiit. £t in ij magnis arboribus emptis pro 
€clura, de JohamiQ de Ledes ISs. 4d. £t in Ixxx rigala emptjs 
pro cadcm cam cariagio, 40b. £t in cc de waynaoot bod emptis 
pro cadem, 488. Et in ccc de waynscot bod emptiB pro eadem, 688. 
£t in eiadem cariandia da. 4d. Et in v pipia Taenia pro palia 
juxta domnm Boberti de Neaton* emptis^ 128. 4d. Et in cc de 
firspars pro le acaSald et acalia et aliia neceaaaria pro fiibrica 
eraptia^ 368. Et in yj magma arboribna emptia pro jannia 
cccleaiae reparandia et operandUa de novo 25a. Id. Et in j magno 
dog empto pro bandea pro dictia jannia, 2a. Snmma 12/. 
5a. Id. 

Sarracio msrrmii. Et in v rodia j quart, aarrandia de 
meremio fiduicae pro celnra, dando pro roda da. 4d., ITa. 6d. 
Et in xij rigald aarrandia, dando pro peda l^d., 18d. Et in 
Ix waynaoot aarrandia pro orologio et aliia neeeaaaiiia in fiibrica, 
88. Od. Summa 228. 9d. 

Empcio canabi. Et in j magno cable em^ito apud Hull cum 
cariagio cjuadem uaque Ebor. 81a. Et in jolrapa, hauaora ct 
girapa et aliia cordia emptia, 198. Summa 50a. 

Cuarua tbgularum bt ariPBNDiA tbqillabiobum. Et in 
m.occcc tegulia emptia pro domo aoolarium oooperanda, cum 
cariagio, 15a. 9d. Et in teguladoue ejuadem domua ex con- 
vendone 168. 8d. Et in cooperadone et emendadone domua 
rcdditualia boc anno, 48. Summa 86a. 5d. 

ExPBNaJi PACTJB APUD Topcup. Et in emendadone et rc- 
vMiraciouo graugke de Skipton auper Swale 41a. Id. Et Jobanni 
rlummcr pro viij rodia di. cbori ecdeaiie de Topdif emendandia, 
dando eidem pro aingula roda 7a. 6d., 68a. lOd. Et aoluti ddem 
Johanni pro capella Beats Mariae in cimiterio codedaet P^^ 
diets de novo coopcrienda cum ig fothera et v) petria plumbi, 6d., 
ad potum 50a. 6d. Et in xx doliia vacuia emptia pro eadem per 
eundem Jobannem cum cariagio 148. 8d. Et in viiij.m de lednail 
emptia pro cboro et pro capdla, dando pro m. 88. 4d., 268. 8d. 
Et in iij.m de magnia apikyng emptia pro eiadem 20a. Et in m 
de Scotaemnail emptia pro dsdem 28. 6d. Et in j cerura empta 
pro bostio predictiB capdln 2a. Et in ligaminibua ferreia dicti 
bostii et aliia neceaaariia reparandia 18a. Et in emendadone 

• Chamborbin of the Churoh. 

t The ohuroh of TopoUffewM given to Uie Chapter of York at »nMrij period 

* bj the fiuuUy of Percy. It wm ettedied to the bitio, end e ooiuidenhle mud of 

money wee ennuelly reooived Arom it. lu the chapel of the Ulewed Yirgin waa a 

chauirv lor the Peroietf, the prieat being found and supported by the Chapter. 

The Church of Topdiflu has been recently restored. 

Digitized by 


or TORR MIN8T«B. 9 

fenesirarum vitriarum per Titriarium apud Topdif 8s. 4d. Et 
in curialitate data ij carpentariis pro esculentis per j mensem 
8s. 4d. Et . . . . clavis catiandis cum dimidio inther plumbi et 
instramentis plumbariomm per ij carectas conductas de Ebor. 
nsque Topclii 10s. Et in cineribus plnmbi et instrumentis 
cariandis de Topdif usque Ebor. per ij carectas ibidem conductas 
10s. Et in meremio empto cum sarracione et aliis expensis 
factis per dominum Willelinum de Norton* 13s. 4d. Et in 
eraendacione coopertursB chori per alium plumbarium in prin- 
cipio anni 2s. lid. Et in taxacione decimee domini Regis de 
termino Purificacionis 40s. Et in taxaoione subsidii dicti domini 
Begis de termino Sancti Martini cs. Et in expensis ipsius com- 
putantis Roberti de Newton et aliorum apudTopcliff pro ecclesia 
supervidenda et agnis et lanis decimalibus vendenais^ 8s. 4d. 
Et in expensis Cardinal' pro isto anno, 148. 7d. Summa^ 


magna campana per Johannem de Stufford ex convencione 
operanda, 6/. I3s. 4d. Et in xj.c turvis etnptis pro igne circa 
le mold^ lis. Et in ij schaldres de secole emptis pro eodem^ 10s. 
Et in Tj scheppis de charcole emptis pro eodem 7s. Et in j petra 
cepi empta 16a. Et in unguento empto 16d. Et in wort empto 
4d. Et in sa]^ empto 6d. Et in wengges emptis 4d. Et in 
cariacione luti pro le mold et aliis necessariis circa campanam 
lis. Et in stramine pis' empto 4i\A. Et in j stapill pro cam- 
pana empta 8d. Et in rosyn empto pro eodem 3d. Et in potu 
dato laborantibus circa dictam campanam fundendam 8s. lOJd. 
Et in TJ serzis emptis pro le mold IBd. Et in dicta campana 
cum ferro pendenda 20i. Et in j magno novo daper empto pro 
eadem 16s. 8d. Et in j alia campana vocata John de novo 
pendenda cum j novo claper empto 26s. Et in j alitt campana 

* A sdon of the house of Norton, of Norton Conjers, uid brother to Sir 
Bichard Norton, who was one of the justices of the King's Bench. He was 
rector of Tsnfield, and held other preferment in Bichmondshire. He made his 
will in 1406, desiring to be buried in St. John's Ohapel in Wath Church. To his 
brother Bichard he kayee a silver cup with a cover, a breast-plate with '* rerodos," 
a pair of "rerebraoes," and a pair of "sabatons," and his horse "Lyard," his 
porUphor, and his best seal. To John, son of his aunt. at Thirsk, chaplain, his 
book called DMa Sacra ScripiwnB, and a Utile book beginning QtiiJ tUnecuma, 
To little John de Norton three books of Justinian's Codex and Digest To Bo^or 
Crome, jun., a bow with twelve arrows "de pakok." "Tlie whole vestment which 
I have made to be given to TanReld Church, to the honour of Qod and St. Nicholos. 
An honest chaplain to celebrate for me in the chaoel of St. Cuthbert at Norton." 

t Great repairs, it will be seen, took place tJiis year in the belfty. Several 
new bells were made and put up. The great bell had fallen down in the year 
1860 through the carelessness of the treasurer, and it was now replaced. A new 
clock was also made. 

Digitized by 



Tocata Chamiader beU"^ peud&[ida per ij vices cam j noro daper 
20s. £t in m.xij lb. de ere et stagno emptis de Johanne de 
Kirkham dando pro o 26s. 8d.^ 19/. Os. 8d. £t in o de stagno 
emptis pro magna campana 80s. £t in campana pro le clok 
cum campana cementarioram de novo operandis 66s. 8d. £t in 
xxj lb. de messyng emptis de Ricardo Kyng 8s. 6d. £t in cam- 
pana in logio oementariorum pendenda 8s. 4d. £t in campana 
pro le dok in berefridof pendenda 6s. 6d. £t in yj rigald, 
emptis pro rotis campanamm cam sairacione 4s. 8d. £t in con- 
Tcncione &ct|i cum domino Jobanne Qareburgb pro j novo 
doke operando cum toto apparata prseter plumbum et campanam 
18/. 6s. 8d. £t in permutadone mcta cum Johanne de Kirk- 
ham pro alia magna campana pro le dok et habuit in emenda- 
done cum campana ecdesiae^ 20/. £t in putura, reward, et aliis 
necessariis pro le dok, 4s. 4d. £t in pendidone ejusdem magnie 
campanae pro eodem cum ferro empto, lis. Summa 66/. 
10s. Id. 

CusTUS NAVis« £t in emendadone navis fiibrictt per Will- 
dmnm Cawod. ex convendone fiicta cum eo^ 8/. 12d. Summa 
8/. 12d. 

CusTus molxnd' de Bboth(srton) carectatis lapi- 

dum emptis cum cuchyngs et cariagio in le brek, 66s. 8d. 

oe unius domus vocatsB le loge ex convendone (propter) quod 
domus ibidem prius edificata combusta fiiit, 46s. 8d. .... pro 
stagno ejusdem mdendini ^ le brek 82s. 4d. Summa 7L 
5s. 8d. 

Ofieacio operatis per magistrum Bobertum de 

Patryngton, dando d pro pecia 6s. 8d., 60b. Summa 60s. 

Opbbacio bb ebybs. (£t in xyj keycs) oporandis 

pro cdura dando pro peda qualibet 58., 4/. Summa 4/. 

£xENNL4 MISS .... CANONicis icis ct sliis mimstris 

super auditum compoti anni precedantis, 22s. Summa 22s. 

£Mrcio FBEOAMBNi ET rAPiEi. £t in porgameno et incausto 
ompto pro Uteris eundum in patria cum indulgeuda et scriptura 
earundem Ss. 8d. £t in . . . . eno et pi^^ro emptis pro aliis 
necessariis in &brica, 4s. £t in scriptiura indentune Jcdiannis 

Plummer et ordinadone cemoitariorum de novo{ 8s. 4d 

ra aliorum necessariorum per annum in &brica, 2s. 6d. Summa 
186. 6d. 

• TboBUM de VMnOawe wm «ft thu time (be cfaaoodlor of Um chnrdL Wat 
be the dooor of thk bdl r 

t Thk belfry wss in (be eoutb tniiee(4« and was oo^rered wi(b lead. It pro- 
bably ooDtaiiMd two belU. 

X Theaa doouweolt will be ibund in tbe AppeiMlix. 

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odurse supra magnum altare cum stellis per Bicardum Kyng> ex 
convencione, 47s. 8d. Summa 47s. 8d. 

Feoba ministrorum. Et in feodo cnstodis (thricse, cum 
scriptura compoti^ hoc anno^'8/. 18s. 4d. Et in feodo contiarotu- 
latoris sui, per aunum^ cum scriptura compoti sui^ 68s. 4d. Et 
in feodo janitoris^ per annum^ 10s. Et in feodo collectoris 
firmarum infra civitatem per annum^ cum scriptura compoti sui, 
7s. 8d. Et in feodo procuratoris fabrics apud Topdiff^ per 
annum^ 13s. 4d. Et in feodo custodis orologii^ per annum^ 
6s. 8d. Summa 13/. 48. 4d. 

Absolutio rbdditus. Et in redditu resolute Priori Sancti 
Andren de redditu inter portam Ecclesiee et Bouthomj per 
annum, 88s. 4d. Et in redditu soluto canonicis vicariis et 
aliis ministris Ecclesiee pro obitu Roberti de Pynchebek, 88s. 4d. 
Et in redditu soluto ij vicariis Ecclesi&s cdebrantibus pro ani- 
mabus^ Petri de Boos et Boberti de Pynchobek, G/. 18s. 4d. Et 
soluti j capdlano celebranti apud Topclif ^ro Domino de Percy, 
C.S. Et in redditu soluto ballivis Domini de Percy pro j tene- 
mento apud Tadcastre, per annum, 18d. ob. Summa 16/. 

CuRiALiTATEs. Et dati cementariis in le pleghdaif de curia- 
litate, ex consuetudine, 20s. Dati yj carpintariis in eodcm 
die, de curialitate, 2s. In potu dato super singulis solucionibus 
in uno .... 13s. In potu dato communibus operariis in fabrica 
et apud Usee, per annum, 858. 6d. Summa 70s. 6d. 

(Expense Minutjb). Et in mundacione unius magnse 
latrinse in redditu ex consuetudine, 88. 4d. In pakthred empto 
pro celura, 5d. In yj bollis et ii^ grossis discis emptis pro 
fabrica, 28. 6d. In eisdem reparandis et ligandis pro operariis 
ibidem, 6d. In \) ky well emptis de novo pro logis, 88. In iiij 
cultellis emptis pro predicto logio, IBd. In ... • davibus pro 
logic et magna latrina emptis, 6d. In ij aprons et cirotecis 

* The erection of the purtitioii-WBll, to seprnte the old choir from the new 
work, would prohably neoemtate Uie re-deooraUon of the ceiling of the roof above 
the high altar. Some (krther remarks upon the '* odura," mentioned in this roll, 
will be given immediately. An arohiteotural friend of mine suggoste that this 
painted ceiling was a flat roof which was put up in the great tower, to which place 
the high altar was probably removed dunne the buildinfjp of the choir. He thinks 
that the presbytery was now completed, and the re-builduiff of the choir going on, 
and that^ on that account, it was necessary to remove the high altar &> a more 
convenient place. It is, however, not very probable that the works in the choir 
were begun so early as 1871, and even if it were so, it would scarcely be necessary 
to remove the high altar for some time after their commencement 

t The pledgCKlay, when the workmen swore to observe the orders which the 
Chapter had ordained for their manaoement. The orders will be found in the 
Appendix, and the workmen swore to observe them at least once a year. 

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emptis pro oementariis in fabrica, 28. 4d. £t in operacione iij 
bnketta in astillar' et in vestiario^ 18d. £t in j boner empto pro 
domo Magiatri Roberti de Patryngton, 18d. & in emenaadone 
rotse in fabrica per ij vices .... fenro per Robertam Wanton 
88. 4d. £t in emendacione lectrinse in choro, Sa. 4d. Et in 
haspis et stapils emptis pro berefrido^ 12d. Et in viij rotis 
emptis pro polees in fabrica^ 8d. In visco empto pro tabulis 
firmandis dd. Et in besomns et wengges emptis pro mundadone 
Ecclesiae, 6d. In j rigald empto pro tebuJa in tesa(tirarto) 7d. 
In j wajrnacot pro eadem^ precii 8d., et j p . . . . semons, precii 
18d., 21d. In iij tignis in fabrica emendenda^ 8d. In emenda- 
cione paviamenti ante portam cimiterii Ss. Id. In emendacione 
domus redditnalis de diversis necessariis 10s. 2|d. Inj corda 
empta pro fonte astillar' lOd. In j maliot empto pro fabrica, 5d. 
In j muliere conducta per annum apud Usee pro instrumentis 
fabricse custodiendis, 12d. In prebenda empta (j equo, inter- 
lined) pro mortuario domini Willebni de Dalton'i' per ij dies et ij 
noctes, 8d. In xyiij lewors emptis pro fabrica, 18d. In turvis 
emptis pro vitriario 6d. Dati custodibus fabricse de curialitate 
Capituli pro anno precedente, cs. In drotcds datis carpentariis 
pro elevacione magnse celurset 4a. 6d. In rota de ere empta pro 
j polee 38. 4d. In j ladell empto pro le led hous Ss. 4d. £t dati 
ij apparatoribus portantibus literas excommunicationis in dvita- 
tcm, 2s. Summa, 8/. 10s. G^d. 


£t sic rbstant 177/. 198. 9id. 

* Probendary of Knsureflbro' at York, and oanoD of Linoofai, Lichfield, aud 
Uowdeo. He was alio rector of Uoughton-le-Spring, Durham. He died in the 
Biimmer of 1871. Mr. Browne is, therefore, wrong when he aflBtgna this roll to the 
year 1870, unlcat I>alton gave his own mortuary. 

t A most valuable and remarkable entry. There are several notices of the 
ceiling in thb roll. 10,000 Soot^em nails are bought *' pro celura^" at the cost of 
4l8. 8d. Two large trees, 80 rigalds, and 500 wainscots are purchased "pro 
oolura." Five roods and a qr. of timber are sawn for it, sixteen '* keyos " are 
wrought for it at tho cost of £4. Packthread is purchased for it, and, finally, we 
have tiie interesting item to which this note is appended. These items are 
gutliored from dilferont parts of the roll. There is also a charge of 47s. 3d. for 
]4unting tho coiling above tho high altar witli stars. Mr. Browne places all these 
notices together, and refers them to the reredos of the high altar. In this opinion 
I cannot agree wiUi him. The hi^ altar, it will be remembered, occupied its old 
position in the old choir. Its position, however, was merely a temporary one, as 
tho presbytery was now tkr advanced, and the gradual destruction of the old choir 
in which the high altar stood was now imminent. Is it, then, at all probable that 
the Chapter would waste a largo sum of money in constructinK "a large coiling" 
for a part of t^e church which was speedily to be destroyed ? Again, such a 
roredos, or coiling, or whatever it is called, if it was made for the old choir, would 
not be apitropriate for the new one. It would be too short, and in every way 
useless. The painting of the ceiUng above mentioned must, of course, 8i)eGially 
reUte to the high altar^ but we may refer it either, as has been before said, to the 

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Ybndicio STAURi.f Et de 28. 8d. de ij miell calcis yen- 
ditis Magistro Johanni Staynton. Et de 20d. de lapidibns 
venditis Eoberti Holme. Et de 28. de lapidibiisvenditis cc- 
clesin Sancti Johannis ultra Usam. Et de 88. 9d. de zv stellb 

decoration of the roof aboTo, or to the onuunentation of some old reredos, whioh, 
it may be supposed, existed. 

It is plain, therefore, that Uie "great oeiling" cannot with any propriety, bo 
applied to the paltrr decoration of the old high altar, neither can it have any con- 
nexion with the old choir, upon which the hand of the restorer had not yet been 
laid. No work was now going on in any portion of the church but one, and by an 
exhausliTe division, therefore, we must conclude that the " groat ceiling '' referred 
to was the firamework of wood which was placed upon the walls of the presbytery. 
We cannot, indeed, say that it was the whole of the roof; but the a^jecUve 
" magnus ** certunly ^yes us the notion of magnitude and extent. The quantity 
of timber purchased m the course of the year is but Jmiall, but there might be 
much more in the store-house, and a much greater part of the framework might 
be ready for use tlian could be wrought out of the few trees which were bought 
during the year. We cannot but think that the presbytery would be quite ready 
for its roof after the masons 4iad been employed u^n it for ten years, and if this 
was put upon it nearly two years before Archbishop Thoresby's death, Stubbs 
ma^ be entirely justified when ne says that that prelate " a^llam Virginis Marise 
miribili artis sculptnra atque notabiii pictura peregit.'' 

* Between the rolls II. and III. there is an unfortunate interval of twenty- 
eight years, and there is very little ooUateral information to tell us how the bbrio 
was prooeedinff . 

After the decease of Archbishop Thoresly in 1873. we are not surprised to 
hear that the work which was commenced by him languished for some time. 
The loM of his munificent donations deprived the bbric Amd of a large portion of 
its revenue, and Archbishop Neville did not follow the example of his predecessor. 
His many misfortunes, together with the commotions of the times, could not fiul 
to impede the progress of the new choir. Therefore it was that its erection ex- 
tended over a period of at least twenty-eeven vears, when, with ordinary means 
and activity, it could have beeti completed in eleven or twelve. 

The presbytery, as we have seen, was finished before Thoresby died, and its 
towering walls and roof would present a striking and painfull contrast to the 
humble choir of Archbishop Eoger, which was still standing. Several years after 
Thoresby's death, were spent, as we may believe, in comparative inactivity. In 
1877 the annual income of the ftibric was increased by the appropriation of the 
church of Misterton ; and it was, perhaps, after this, that the building of the 
choir really commenced in earnest. In 1885 the Chapter take a lease of the 
quarry of Huddleston for eighty years, a circumstance which proves that they 
were in want of stone. In 1890 a complaint is made that the progress of the 
work was delayed. The present roll, belonging to the year 1899, is the next do- 
cument that comes before us. The walls of the choir must have been now com- 
pleted and ready for the roof. Accordingly, we find great preparations for it in 
the gathering together of timber and other necessary materials. 

t Under the very comprehensive title of Old Stores, we occasionally meet 
with some very curious items. The old images which were sold to a painter pro- 
bably formed a portion of the painted woodwork of the old choir, and the stan of 
lead would probably be used at St. Sampson's, for decorating the roof. 

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de plumbo venditis ecdesisB Sancti Sampsonis. Et de 28. de 
veteribus ymaginibus venditis uni pictori. Et de 78. de malion 
yendito uni viro de villa vocata Kelfeld. Et de 4s. de lapidibus 
venditis Willelmo Hamate de Ebor. Et de 15s. de firstan vendito 
Johanni Usbum de Eoor. Summa 68s. 5d. 

SuBSiDiuu. Et de 64/. desubsidio fabricse concesso ut patet 
per capita. Summa 64/. 

Dbbita QUiB FABRIC jfi DBBBNTUR. Et de 20s. dc Katcrina 
Haxiholme in partem solncioniB 10/. solutis annuatim per de- 
cennium. Et de 20s. de Johanne Quwelewright in emendacione 
facta pro convene' fracta in cariagio meremii. Summa 408. 


Stipendia fabri."^ Et soluti , . • instrumentorum cemen- 
tariorum cum aliis diversis de ferro factis in fabrica. • . * . 
Summa 428. lOd. 

CusTUs FLUMBi. Et lu . . . . rcceptis pro ixlb. plumbi 
cmptis de Ricardo Flixburn. Et in . . . lb. de tyn emjitis pro 
soudvng foraminum. Et in iij. pelvibus emptis pro iij bollis 
parvi campanilis emptis. . . • Et in ij coddes de ere emntis pro 
J karr ... Et in emendacione magni campanilis per Johannem 
Plummerf per j mensem vij dies et di. • . . Et soluti servien- 
tibus ejusdem Johannis per xxij dies, cap. 4d. per diem. 

CusTus viTRi. Et in emendacione fenestrarum capituli et 
navis eccleaise per Johannem Burgh glasier et servientem suum 
per j mensem .... Summa 22s. 6d. 

CusTus QUARBRJi. Et in vj navibus lapidum emptis de quarera 
de Tevedall per .... Et in cariagio eorumdem lapidum a 
Lenardlendjrng usque cimiterium .... Et in • . . . fothers 
lapidum per Johannem Inggram quarior apud Stap • • . . Et 
in ... . eorumdem lapidum per eundem Johannem • • • • Et 

in ... . Johannis Bulmer per xii sept. cap. 28. per sept 

Et in . • . . per Johannem Iladilsajr per xlij sept. cap. ut supra 
. , . . Et in fractura lapidum per Willelmum Preston per xxxij 
sent. cap. ut supra . • • . Et in fractura lapidum per Willelmum 
del Hall per xij sept. cap. ut supra. Et in fractura lapidum per 

Bobertum Vynter per xlviij sept, cap Et in fractura 

lapidum per Johannem Clerk per xxij sept, cap., ut supra .... 
Et in fractura lapidum per Johannem Waryn per xv sept, et iij 
dies, cap. 18d. per sept Et in cariagio dxlij fothers 

• The waffOf of the masoni And ourpenten cannot be tnuiBcribed, aa they are 
nearly eflkoed by damp and decay. Hugh Hedon waa the master maaon, and 
Bobert Downam the master carpenter. 

t This shews that the great campanile, or bell-tower, was still standing, and 
that there was no immediate intention of removing it, as we find the plumber 
busily engaged upon its roof. 

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eorum lapidum per oarectas a quarera usque aquam apud Snayth- 
laude • • • . Et in cariagio ccc fothers eorumdem lapidum per 
navem a Snaythland usque Sayntlenardlendytig .... Et in 
cariagio xvj fothers lapidum cariatorum a Snajthland usque 
Ebor. per Willelmum Duffeld .... Et in cariagio xxii^ fothers 
lapidum a Snaythland usque Ebor. per .... Et in cariagio 
XXV] fothers yeterum lapidum a Snaythland usque Sayntlc- 
nardlendyng • •' • • Et in • . • • fothers lapidum a Saynt- 
lenardlendyng usque cimiterium per Ger. ..... fact' per 

Johannem Lang usque aquam extra aunreram 

de Stapilton* per Johannem Gierke ...» fothers lapidum per 
Johannem Martyn apud eandem quareram .... Et in . . . . 
unius lapidis extra ai]^uam apud Snaythland et ij lapidum apud 
Wielland .... Et m j midleo de ferro empto de novo .... 
Et in iiij securibus cementariorum emptis ibidem .... Et in 
acuacione instrumentorum fern cum emendacione malP apud 
quareram .... Et in ^ rotis emptis pro j barowe cum hga- 
done eorumdem cum ferro et iiij shovelles emptis .... Et in 
remuneradone data y\ laborariis de fabrica operantibus apud 
quareram cum cariagio hemas suorum .... Et in expensis 
Hugonis Hedon et Laurendi de Broghton versus quareram de 
Thevedall et Stapilton . • . « Et in remuneradone data Adee 
Smethlay existenti ibidem pro scorpiUyng lapidum per ijj qua- 
teria anni .... Willelmo Hudson pro aisiamcnto cariagii 
ibidem • • . • Et in remuneradone data dicto Roberto Yynter 
ex convendone facta . • • . Summa, 106/. lis. • . 

CusTUs cAtcis. Et in m. m m ccc waltiell (sum cariagio et 
xxxig sarcinis luti emptis pro factura .... Et in xviij chaudres 
de carbonibus marims emptis^ cum portagio pro eodem .... 
Et in evacuacione dicti toralis calds per operarios conductos cum 
iij terbarell emptis .... Et in expensis factis circa combustionem 
qusdem toralis per visum Hugonis Hedon .... Summa 
114s. 9d. 

CusTus sABULi. Et iu . . . . sabuli cariatis per Hngonem 
Carior hoc anno 9s. Summa 9s. 

CusTus FERRi. Et in m. ferri emptis per Hugonem Hedon 
40s. Et in seruris et davibus emptis de Johanne Lokesmy th^ per 
annum 8s. Et in ligaturis de ferro, hespes, stapels, cum davibus 
emptis de Roberto ae Feriby. 16s. Et in factura Unius claper 
per Thomam .... 8s. 4d. Et in calibre empta de dicto Roberto 
de .... 68. Et in Ix lb. ferri emptis de Willdmo . • • « Ss. 2d. 
Summa 71 s. 6d. 

* The qvuHiT at Stapleton ifl now, for the flnt time, mentioned. On 17 July, 
1400, Hennr Iv. allowed the Bean and Ohapter to carry stone from it to York 
toll-lree. A large quantity of stone was prooured in this year. 

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CusTus CLAYORUM. £t in xyj.c. duble spikynges emptU 
68. 8d. Et in x.c et di. midilspikyngs. £t in iiij.c Scotcsemnaylo 
cum cccc broddes. Ss. Et in viij.o lednayle emptis. 28. 

CusTus M£RBMii. (7W entries gone) Willehnum 

de Lynton et socios suoa per carectas U8que Ebor. in parte^ 198. 
Et in cariagio xx fothen ilicum a Knottynglay ii8que Ebor. per 
Hugonem Nabume. IBs. Et in expensis factis per eundem 
Hugonem circa tractacionem eorumdem fothero usque aquam de 
Knottjmglay et Hadilsay. 48. Et in caiiagio egusaem meremii 
a Sayntlenardlendyng usque cimiterium. 58. 8d. Et in j 
renvspipe empto pro reulor et sqwyrs oementariorum cum ij 
^adetons 28. 8d. Et in scar* empto de Ricardo Esingwald pro 
coopertura meremii 68. Et in Btramine empto pro coopertura 
ejusdem meremii 3s. 2d. Et in tbekyng ejusdem super dictum 
meremium. 28. lOd. . Summa 8/. IBs. lid. 

Sarracio heremii. Et in sarracione meremii righolts et 
waynscots^ per annum. SSs. lOd. 

CusTus . CANOfii. Et in j petra canobi cum j • • . . 12d. 
Summa 12d. 

ExpENSJB AFUD ToFFBCLTFF. Et in Qtraminc empto pi*o 
grangia decimali de Dalton cum coopertura ejusdem. 15s. 6d. 
Et in emendacione fenestrarum chori ecclesise de Toppecliff. 
8d. Et in expensis filii Ricardi del Gren procuratoris apud 
Toppecliff, portantis pecunias per vices cum remuneracione et 
datis. 28. 9d. Summa IBs. lid. 

CusTus EcGLBSiiB DB MisTBRTON. Et Cravcu uupcr 

vicario de Mistcrton ex precepto Capituli, in plena solucioiio 
sidarii sui de prcterito anno ministracionis suas ibidem. 768. 8d. 
Et . . . • per manus Tkomie de Denton civis London pro aspor- 
tacione bullarum de appropriacione ecclesisQ de Misterton.* 
ISs. 4d. Summa 4/. 10s. 

(CuRiALiTAS.) (Et in potu) dato cementariis, laborariia et 
nautis, per annum, 15s. 9d. (Et in potu) dato super singulis 
.... per annum, 4d. Summa 19s. 9d. 

Dotes. Et soluti Isabell ^e Burton nomine dotis suse, per 
annum, 688. 4d. et soluti Margarets relict® Johannis Cardoill, 
per annum, ISs. 4d. Summa 768. 8d. 

VARiiS EXFENSiB. Et in scriptura vij commissionum cum 
iiij literis Capituli, et xvij Uteris penitentiariorum pro fabrica, 
8s. Et in scriptura ij literarum penitentiariorum per clericoa 
archiepiscopi, 20d. Et in expensis domini Thomse de Gartou 
versus Cawod pro sigillacione dictarum commisionum ct litera. 

• This bull was granted by Urbui YI., in 1879. A long time, therefore,' 
elapsed boforo it reached York. 

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mm, lOd. Et in x pellibas pergameni emptis pro rotulis com- 
poti^ et aliis supencribendis, per annum, 28. 6d. Et in ij 
quatemis papiri, cum yiridi cera, emptis pro dicti^ Uteris et 
commissionibus sigillandis^ 22d. Et in ij lagenis olei ardendis 
ante cmoem, 28. 4d. £t in nattes emptis de Johanne de Fran- 
oia, 8d. Et in xviq rosyh emptis pro factura cementi 
cementariorun^ 12d. Et in gerthing tubbarum, per annum, 28d. 
Et in scutells et schovells emptis, per annum, 16d. Et in scrip- 
tura et feodo unius cartse regise de amortizadone certorum reddi- 
tti^um ad fabricam optentorum per magistrum Johdnnem Newtoii^ 
(thesaurarium) 246. Et in pulsacione organorum cum feodo 
custodis cersD ante cmcem, et in aliis locis ecclesin, per annum, 
7s. 4d. Et in remuneracione data Willelmo Harden de Tad- 
castre pro aidiamento ibidem habendo, 8s. 4d. Et in remunera- 
cione data WUlelmo Bradstanes, cementario, per annum, 78. 4d. 
Et in remuneracione data Johanni de Lincoln ot Bicardo Midil- 
ham, cementariis, 2s. Et in ii\j shcp do oharcole emptis pro 
desiccacione thesaUrarii, vestibuli et domus intns jacentis) 8s. 4d. 
Et in remuneracione data Willelmo Ireland et Thom^e Qrin- 
thorp jacentibuB infra novum opus pro custodia chori, 28. 6d.* 
Et in expensis faotis per dominum Tnoniam de Gkurton pro sub- 
sidio lerandoi 21s. 2d. Summa 4d. 12s. 7d. 


17s. 0|d. 

Et sic RBHANBNT BB CIiARO, lls. 4id. 

Mbmorandum. Staura fabricsB pertinentia remanentia super 
compotnm yij die Januarii, anno Domini m oco**^ nonagesimo. 
ix«, ut patet inferius.f 

In lb logb. In primis, in le loge apud Ebor, in dmi- 
terio, box stanexes, j magna kevell, xcyj chisielles ferri, xxii|| 
mallietes ferro U^ti, cccc fourmers felrri, j compas ferri, ij 
tracyngbordes, iiij chargeors plumbi pro mouldes, j parva 
hachett, j handsagh, j shovel, j whelebarwe et j rastrum ferri, 
ij boketts cum cordis ad fontem ibidem, j ma^a kerr cum ii^ 
rotis pro peto^ meremio, et hujusmodi^ cariandis, J| kerres cum 
rotis ^ro aliis petris extra le loge cariandis, et iiq weges ferri. 
Item j colrake ferric 

* An entry which thewB thai the new ohoir was very fiur advanoed. These 
men woold see that no mieohief was done to the fiibrio and would look after the 

t This valuable inventory giyee ua a list of the stores whioh were in Uie cus- 
tody of the keeper of the Mno at the dose of the year 1849. It is inscribed on 
the back of the roU whioh has just been given. Damp and decay have made great 


Digitized by 



Itbm in lib cRUDDva y| stane hamersj yj^ • • , • magnfe 
settyng chisiles, j • . • • ferro ligat' pro oemento ordiiiat*. Item 
iij creles ferro li^ti cam catbenis pro wyndyng petrarum • . • • 

fro piastre mensurando. Item ix fattes pro aqua et i|la8tro, 
tern j mensura pro calce mensurando. Item iij pykes, yj scho- 
velles et ij gavel . • • . ferri. Item x beringbarwes et ij whele- 
barwes. Item j magna rota pro wvndyng lapidum et cementi 
cum iiij magnia cabeU. Item ck H&Les. Item xij mele calcis. 

Instrumbnta Cabpbntariorum. Item iiij magnse pules 
de ere. Item j par de pulees cum yj shives. Item j parva pulee 
• • . . clyvea et y handrapes. Item j wrigbt ax. Item ^ dry- 
velles ferri. Item j magna scala et iiij alise panrse scalse debiles. 
Item ij bausours pro clwe8.t 

Item remanent v fotbers plumbi in stauro (28/. 68. 8d.) j 
magna balke ferri cum les scales et xxxij petrse et ix lb. plumbi 
in ponderibus. Item ij lb. de tyn (predi 6d.) Item j plane de 
ere^ precii 12d. Item ij soudyngirens et j helme ferri, precii 4d. 
Item j wod ax^ precii 6d., j soomor cum j podyngiren, p tyn- 
iren • . • • cum ij beftes et j cbixill, et j par tenell, precii 18d. 
Item ij coclearea novai j codear yetus, precii 8s. 4d. Item ij 
scalse de fyrr, precii 12d. Summa 24/. 4b. lOd. 

Rehanentia in Campanili.I j rota pro wyndyng plumbi 
et cementi. Item ccv lb. cupri pro campanisj precii 5l8. |d. Item 
j magna cable et j cable, precii 10s. 

Rbmanbntia in yiTRiARio. M y.c. iij quartron (precii del c. 
228.) yitri albi empti pro magnis fenestris noyi chori, precii 18/. 
Bs. 6d. Item yij cent' (precii del. c. 10s.) yitri colorati empt' 
pro eisdem 70b. Item .... vitri yeteris coloris, precii 12s. Item 
xl panell yitri parvi yaloris, precii 6d. 8d. Item xly barrea ferri 

hayoo with it, and it ¥riU> probably, never be deoyphered again. Bocuments of 
this desoription are rarely to be met with, and are valuable as well for tiie light 
whioh they throw upon the works which were then in progress, as for the ourious 
words whioh they contain. 

* Mr. Browne here inserts ''trowels," but the word is now eflhoed horn 
the M.S. 

t Mr. Browne, after this, has the following entry, " Iron. Item 619 stones, 
4 pounds of iron, price 26s. Od." No trace of this entry remains. 

X Were these stores on the ground, or above in the tower P It has been 
generally supposed that the high altar was temporarily placed under Uie bell 
tower during the ro-ediflcation of the choir; but if these heavy stores were on 
the ground we can hardly think that the altar could remain there conveniently. 
The great cross, however, was still under the tower ; and, probably, thereforci 
these stores were in the roob above. If we suppose that the altar was placed still 
fiurther westward, there would be no inconvenience Arom these things; and a tem- 
porary wall put up between the two westernmost pillars of the tower would confine 
the services to the nave, and protect it Anom the dust and noise caused by the 
repairs going on beyond it. The high altar could scarcely be placed in the pres- 
bytery, as the scaffolds and Utter in the choir would obstruct the approach to it. 

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debilis pro fenestris, precii 224d. Item ^ 'patell' pro eneljnig 
• . . • blinres ph> eadem> jtrecii 40; Item |j soudyiigirenes^ J par 
de dames et j par de tanges, predi 4d. Item n magn' • • • • 
Summa 221. 17b. ^d. 

Pbtrjb cum IN8TEUMINTI8 APVD Ebob. Item dzxij fothera 
petramm Hon opeiratarum^ per eatimacioiiem. 

Apud Stafilton. Itetii it weges pdndemlitM j < i < • lb. 
Item t "WegGB ferri pohderanteii 6 lb. Iteni .... piiljmffai'^ ix 
weges .... olb. Item ij mallea ferri, in gUvelbkto ferli> i\ 
kevelles ferri iiij . ; < . r pulyngiix . . < . cclbli^ StMmil fern 
appreciftta 28fl. 6d. 

. ; . . xij weffe^ ferri, q mall^ fcirri, ii^ puljriigitt) liij Wocheibt, 
iiy gavelokes, x^ ahoTeHed, prteii 28k. Item ibidem riij tbdsA 
quart. parataB ad fraogendmn, precii 41. Summa 271. 16s« 

Item nihil renidnet ckvorum bod totib. 

MBRBMttrlc. Item tetHatitot xii^ mctfnte arbMfea kmj^tBA ftpud 
Spofforth de Contiite Northunlbriee'*' pi*eou l2fi tfcitoir cofttfeicKtllh^ 
Item xxiiij tuignnarboreB emptfe dedotniiidWiUdibolMt^tHllidtii^t 
precii 10/. preter, ut Bupi'iL ttdni ckt iiiagnee sfieAfes emptie de 
Willelmo Wakefeld de Pohtefr^cto, ptefcii 18/. jSitftto^ ttt mibra. 
It^m ]xt liiagnn sperfes dkim peil dbidiiitini Nort^^t t^U 17/. 
Item ig magnn arboreii V^iiieUtbl dd Cftttbiibreki ^irecii ^i 
Item xvi^ magnse arboi^ pro a(iftffaldjfng, precii &ki Itetfl eti 
.... tdiiB parvse iurbords tfxm lilipplTngeiii {itedi 60A« Summa 

Nbcbbsaeia i^ iccLBdil. Item iretn' in ecidesia j teluid prd 
cruoe subtuB catidpahile, precii 26ii. 6d. Item j telum pro chusi 
in parte Austridi eodeitiee, ^if^ 6it. dd. Item i . i , plumbi pom 
dertmtis, xiij petMi pro velO qtiadrflgesimdi, precii 4«. 4d. Itend 
M pltimed pro orilogiGl poliderantM tt^ peiaras, pfedi Vh. 4d. 
Summa 48e. lOd. 

SummA totalifi statbi rem&nehtis itppreciati pi'teter instru- 
menta demtotariorum et clopenti^orum bt tdia nou appreciatit 
147/. 8b. 7d. 

* Henry, flnt Earl of NorihtGiKiberland» #lio wm aftei^irards killed $k Bnm- 
ham Moor. 

5 Sir Wmiam Biswilliam of Sprottwro*. 
This \b oonfinntttorv, to a certain extent, bt ih6 old tr^tlon that the 
Perdea gaTO the wood whioh waa uaed in the Minster. Sevoral dooumentB will 
be siTen in the Appendix whioh aet forth the Aiatiifloenoe of that illustrious 
ftonlly. There is little doubt but that this tiAiber was gathered together for the 
roof of ihe ohdr : the windows also of that part of the ohuroh seem to haTe been 
ready to reoeive their glass. 

c 2 

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Stifbndia Carfentariorum.'^ Samma 22/. lOs. 

STipfCND^A opRitARioRUM, Summa 41/. 9s. 2d, 

CusTVs FABRi. Jn reparacione instrumentorum cemeutario- 
rum cum aliis peoeasaiiis de ferro factia per Johannem Harpbam 
fabrum, per annig[n, 4/. 2a* Et in operacione cccc ferri in 
barrs pro fenestris per eundem Jobannem, 168. In operacione 
cocxxviij lb, feyri per WiUebnuo) Sfnytb in barres 128. 4d. Et in 
remuneracione datfi dipto Johanni ex oonvencione, 28. Summa 
1128. 4d. 

Cu8TU8 PLUMBi. St in 8tipendu8 Jobannia Plummer per 
zliiij sept. 4/* 8b, Et in i pulee de ere empto per dominum 
Bicardum Blakburp, 8s. 4d. Et in factura ij coddes de ere per 
Jobannem Bukler pro j carro 28. Id. Et in iij dos' tyn emptis 
pro soudre, 38. 8d. Summa 1028. Id. 

CusTUs yiTfii. Et in emendacione fenestrarum ecdesise per 
Jobannem Burgb^ glasier, per annum, 278. 5d. Et in stipendiis 
Bobertij glai^ier, nuper servientis ejusdem Jobannia eidem auxi- 
liantis per yicea, 258, Summa 628. 6d. 

CusTUs QDARiERARUM. Iq firactura lapidum per Robertum 
Yynter per Iij sept., et pro j toga 68. 8d., 4/. ISs. 4d. In firactura 
lapidum per Hugonem Wuliamson per xiiij sept. 28s. 4d. In 
firactura lapidum per Jobannem Bi^on per xiiij sept. 23s. 4d. 
In firactura lapidum per Christoforum Jobnson per xiiij scjpt. 
23s. 4d. Id firactura lapidum per Jobannem Burnom pe^r xiiij 
sept. 28s. 4d. Soluti Jobanni Sowerby per xiiij sept, evacuanti 
pidverem ex quarera, SSs. 8d. Soluti Jobanni Qreen per xiiij 
sept. IBs. 8d. Soluti Jobanni Coltbirde per In sept. 69s. 4d. 
Soluti Henrico Quareou^ per xx sept, 268. 8d. in cariagio 
xxxiiij damlad dictorum lapidum a quarera de Thevedale per 
carcctas us^ue Tadcastre per Ricardum de Stutton 6/. 6s. 8d. In 
cariagio xliij damlad eorumdem lapidum per navem de Tadcastre 

* A firagment of a fiibrio roll whioh was probably drawn up about the year 

It begins with the wfigea of Uie oarpentem. Eobert Downham la the master, 
and three others are employed with him. Their wages amount to 22^. 10s. The 
money paid to labourers is 411. 9s. 2d. 

The chohr was still incomplete, and we learn from this roll that a large quantity 
of iron was wrought into bars for the windows. The glass, as will be seen in the 
list of stores, was already provided. 

Mr. Browne assigns this roll to the year 1890, but the writing is that of a 
little later period. 

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or YORK MlNSTBR. 21 

iisque Ebor. per ^ndem Ricardum, 8/. 128. Et in sleddyng 
dictorum lapiaum a Saint Lenard lendyn^ usque cimiterium per 
Willelmum Lynton at sodos suos, 678. 8a. Et in acuacione et 
reparacione instrumentomm del quariottrs ibidem, ner annunii 
178. lid. In cariagio Izxx fothers lapidum qaarene de St^ilton 
a Snaithland usque Ebor. per Johannem Webster, 538. 4d. Et 
in cariagio xxx fother eorumdem lapidum ab eadem usque Ebor. 
per Edwardum Every, 21b. In sleddvng lapidum per Adam 
Vendilok usqud aquam apud Snaitheland per vices Ss. In 
cariagio i through-stane a quarera versus Snaithdand et abbinc 
usque Ebor. cum xii^ fother lapidum per W. Lemyng, Os. 8d. 
Et in sleddyng dictorum lapiduni ab Usa Usque cimiterium, 
238. 4d. Et in c fother lapiaum ^mptis de Wulelikio Barbour 
de Doncastre. Summa 9/. 8s. 4d. In cariagio eorumdem 
lapidum per navem usque Ebor. per Bobertum Tumbholme et 
llicardum Sprige, lOOs. 8d. In sleddyng eorumdem lapidum ab 
Usa usque cimiterium 16s. 8d. Et in expensis custodis fabricas^ 
domini Ricardi Blakbum, et Johannis Ebirston laborandum 
versus quareras de Thevedale, Stapilton et Doncastre, per vices) 
cum conductu equorum et potu dato operariis ibidem, per annum^ 
15s. 9d. Summa 59/. 2s. 

CusTus CALCis. Et in xv chaudre carbonum marinorum 
emptis cum portagio, 658. Et in expensis circa combustionem 
calcis, per annum, Ss. 7d. Et in ex miell calcis emptis de 
Thomss Terry et sociis suis ctim portagio, per vices, 7t. lOd. 
Summa 10/. 14s. 5d. 

CusTus sABuiit. Et in in.ccc . . • • sabuli emptis per Hu< 
gonera Cariour hoc anno 1188. 



Stipbndia cEMENTARfoRUM {Imp,) lu rcmuncradone data 
cementariis vocatis setters ad porietes cum drothecis, per annumi 
6s. 4d. Sunmia 246/. 8s. 8d. 

* Mr. Browne asoribeB ihis roll to the jear 1886 ; it seems io belonff to 
1401-2> or 8, prolMblpr to the Utter ^ear. The wriUni} is identical with that 
of No. VI. A auanti<7 of stone, it will be observed, is obtained from the quarry 
at Sti^leton. Now, Henry IV . allowed the Cluster to bring stone from that plaoe 
to York, without paying any toll, in 1400. It is hardly probable that they would 
make much use of tnat quany tUl this concession was made. 

It will be seen that a large nmnber of masons was still employed, although 
only a small quantity of stone comes into the mnsons' yards. There would be 
still much dehcate stone-work to be done for the choir, and the groining, pro* 

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CusTui^ p^yMBi* lit in in fothen plmnbi emptifi de Abbat^ 
de FontibuSi 18/. |i\ xxyiijjb. de tyn ^mptis pipo fK)u4eryng 
foramiuum, 78. In ij scbyveB de ere emptis de Thomi^ Sowcrby 
prop xnaguo pulee^ 16s. In stipendiis Jobannis piummer per 
xlviij sept, et iij di^, 4/. 17^. In stipendiis Tbomse Plummer 
per yj sept. 15s. In stipendiis seryientis fijusdem per idem 
tempus, 7s. IQd. S\^nma 20/. 2s, lOd* 

CusTys yiTB^. I^ ei^e^d^pione fenestrarum Ecdesise per 
^ohannem B^rgh, gl<^i^T> per annum, 4/. 7s. 9d. In stipendiis 
serviencium conductornpi in auxili^m fjusdem Jobannis per 
yices, 23s. l^umma 110s. lOd. 

CusTus QXJABBBABUM . De 'fhev^dq,^. In fractura lapidum 
per i^bei^tum Vynter, quareorj per Ij sept, et pro j toga ex con- 
yencione 6s. 8d., 4/. lis. 8d. In ^ictura lapidum p^ 'VV'illel- 
muin Huchbnson per xlvj sept et tiro j toga, ex <5onvencione, 
^s. Bd., U. 3a* 4d* la fractura laptdum per .Tobannem Burton 
per jUvij &ept. et pro j toga ex convenoiuue 6s. 8d.| 4/. 6s. In 
cariagio xl damlade qictpr um lapidum ^ quaren^ de Thevedale 
per carQctas viacjue Tadcasti'e per Ricardum de Stutton, 6/. 13s. 
4d. In cariagio xxxij damlade dictorum lapidum per oavem per 
eundem Hic;uduin de Tiidea^^tre u&quc Ebor.6/. 8s. In sl^dyng 
^ictorum lapidum a Sayntlenard lendyng usque pimiterium per 
Willelmum Lyntoi^ et socium suum 52s.' 6d. In reparacione et 
acuadone instrumento^m del quareoijurs ibidem 5s. 5d. 

De Siapilion. In ^xpensia Lau^renpii de Broghton cum oon- 
ductibne equorum versus eandem quareram, per vices, 2s. lOd. 
In fractjura b^ fpt|bers lapidum per Johannem Clerk quareor 
82s. 6d. In cariagio Ixix fotbers lapidum per carectas a quarera 
versus Wielland, 57s. 6d. In cariagio cxvj fotbers lapidum a 
Wielland usque Ebor. per navem per Jobannem Webster, 4/. 6s. 
Et in sleddyng lapidum per Adam Vpndilok usque aquam apud 
Wielland 8s. Od. Et in sleddyng dictorum lapidum a Saynt- 
lenardlend^mg usque pimiterium g8s. 8d. In emendacione et 
acuacione instrumentorum del quareours ibidem 14d. Summa 
89/. 6s. Bd. 

Cusxus CALOis. In xyiij chaudre carbonum marinorum 
emptis, cum portagio 4/. 9s. Bd. In cxxx miell calcis emptis 
cum portagio 7/. 7s. Id. Summa 11/. 16s. 9d. 

CusTus SABULI. In occ sarcinis sabuli cariatis per Hugonem 
Cariour, boo anno 27s. 

hMy, WM liill unflnished. On the outride, of ooune^ere wm much still to do. 
Eight dsrpenten were employed, of whom Bohert J>ownhftm wm the muster. 
Their wages oost the Chapter 19^. lis. That of the htbourers amounted to 
8S/. 18b. 8d. John Harpham, the smith, receives the sum of 698. 8d. for his work. 
The roU^ whioh is in a vei^ had state, presents few features of importance. 

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CusTUS FBRRi. In oc di ^j lb. ferri emptiSj ISs, In y petris 
calebis emptis 78. 9d. In v secnribus oementaiioruni emptis, 
88. 9d. In ligatnri8 ferrei8^ clayiba8 et aliis de ferro factia emptis 
de Roberto de Fer . • . per anniim^ 168. lOd. In seruris^ dayibusi 
hespesi stapils &cti8 per Henricum Loksmyth, per annum^ 58. 

• • • • Summa • • • • 

Cu8T08 CLAYORUM. Et in liij.m.cccc midel SfHtkyng emptia 

• . • • Et in yj.m Sootsemnayle emjptia . • • • Etinxiiij.mbroddea 
emptia .... Et in leonayll .... Summa .... 

CusTtra MBR8ifii« Et in ccdxxx waynscotes emplia de 
Jobanne Crayen .... Et in cariagio eorumdem uaque cimi- 
terinm .... Et in . . • . flekea emptia de Willelmo Denby. 
Et in cariagio eommdem ab aaoa usque cimiteriimi. Et in • . . • 

m.yj.o aaaerum emptia de Jobanne Cyton Et in t fira 

perrea emptia 

Sarracio. Et in aarracione meremii righoltes et waynacota, 
per annum SummA . . « • 

CuaTua RBDDiT^. Et in m.m.m.v ^ « . • aktieU emptia cum 

cariagio 89 Et in m.m aktiell emptia cum cariagio. 

.... In emendacione .... fabricse .... plaaterin^ per Oil- 
bertum Plasterer, per annum, .... lid. Et in canagio .... 
reddif et pariet^ noyi cbori. • • « • Et in payyng .... reddif 
vet annum. .... Et in reparacione redmt' .... fabricse 7a» 
Et in atramine empto .... Clyfton pro doubyng, 28. Et in 
atipendiia • • • • per xl aept. et y diea, 4d* 20d. Summa 8/. 
11a. 9id. 

CutiULiTAfl. Et in potu dato cemetitariia laborantibua et 

nautia, per annum, Ida Et in potu dato oommunibua 

Ebor. eyacuantibua lapidea et meremium magnum cooperantibua 
extra Eodeaiam 158. Summa 848. lOd. 

YARi A BXPBNas. {Inter alia.) In nattia emptia de Thoma 
Ghrymthorp, 8d. In pulaacione organorum, per annum, 8a. 4d. 
In feodo cuatodia cersB ante crucem et alia loca Ecdeaiie, per 
annum, 4e. In remuneracione data Jobanni Lepyngton clenco 
acaccarii Arcbiepiscopi pro labore suo fabricse preatito, 8a. 4d. 
In xxx^ achoyela emptia, 48. In baudrikea factia de telia 
equorum cum baata emptia pro portagio lapidum 58. l|d. In 
acutella et diacia emptia, per annum, 2a. 8d. In gartbyng tub- 
barum et emendacione earumdem, per annum, 2a. 8a. In ij 
lagenia et di. olei ardentia ante crucem in nayi Eccleaise, per 
annum^ 28. lOd. Summa 112/. 9a. O^d. 

Summa TOTALia bxpbn8Arum 553/. 12d. 

* From this imperfeot entry it seems probable thai the plasterers were busy 
with the walls of the new choir. The roof would, therefore, be complete. A 
similar entry occurs in No. VI. 

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. Et de lOOs. de palefrido domini Eoberti Paryndont 

prcbendarii prebendse de Laghton in Morthjmg. 

Leg ATA ET DONATA. {Inter alia). Et de 7/. 16s. de elemosina 
magistri Ricardi le Scrope^ Archiepiscopi Ebor. pro j cemeutario - 
invento in fabrica de anno jam elapso. Summa 19/. 68. Sd. 

* The date of UiIb roll may be fixed pretty aooorately, although the beginning 
has been lost. It oontaina, among Uie receipto, the mortuary of the prebendary 
of Laughton, who died in the winter of 1404, and it may safely be assigned to 
that year. It oertaiuly cannot be later, as the munifloent gift of Arobbishop 
Bcrope is recorded in it. He died in June, 1406, and seems to have been alive 
when this roll was compiled. 

Between the years 1400 and 1405, the period illustrated by this pur of rolls, 
it is probable tluit the roof was put upon the westom portion of the ohoir, or the 
choir proper. We have seen that at the close of the year 1899 the fabric posseieed 
considerable stores of timber, glass, and lead. Much iron work was also preiMurod 
for the windows of the choir. In the present roll there are fiurther purchases of 
lead and nails. I believe, therefore, that at the beginning of the year 1405 the 
roof of the choir (wood and lead) was completo. There is inteornal evidence^ I 
think, in these rolls, that this was the case. Tor instance, there is a charge for 
plastcoring the walls (f) and the altars in the new choir. Now this would not 
be done till the roof was safely upon the walls. In No. Y. there is a donation 
made to the Ck>mmons of the City of York for'dearing away the stones (no doubt 
the wasto and rubbish out of the church), and for covering the timber on the out- 
side. This timber was probably spared from tbe roof, and was stowed away under 
cover for (Uture tise. And in the present roll it i^ypears that, under the head of 
old stores, the Chapter sold a very large quantity of new timber, a proof, I 
imagine, that they had bought more wood for the roof than was aotui^ required. 

It is much to DO regretted that these early rolls are so imperfect. Tney are in 
a sad condition. The tities are, in each case, wanting, but the dates may be 
accurately fixed by the contents. What a pity it is that ^rr did not turn his atten- 
tion to thorn when he was forming his stupendous collections. lie had before him 
many documents which are now lost, and he and Du^dale record the existence of 
a regular register book of the fabric, which is now missing. A littie care on his 
part might have prevented much inaccuracy and doubt. 

t Faringdon died in the winter of 1404. An account of him, and of the other 
diKnitarios mentioned in this volume, will be found in the forthcoming ** JW^i 

X The munificence of this estimable prelate was only one of those peculiar 
cliaraotoristios of his which made him so popular and so beloved. The Church of 
York had good reason to remember him, and the ofierings at his tomb were for 
many years a considerable addition to the fUnds of the fabric. Mr. Browne is of 
opinion, that the principal events in the trac^edv which ended in the Archbishop's 
death, are recorded on the sculptured capitaJs of the piers in the north aisle of tne 
prcHbytery ; but there is no authority whatever for tiiis appropriation : it would 
be, to say the least, strange " to represent Judge Qascoigne as an old woman, and 
the Archbishop himself as a goose !" Atpin, it would be somewhat strange if 
these sculptures had any roforonoo to the Archbishop, considering tliat they were 
made long before he died. Other notices of the Archbishop and his family will 
occur afterwards. 

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Vbndicio ^TAum. {Inter alia.) De 6l8. de meremio tabul' 
Tendito magistro Johatim de Newton thefiaturario, cdm operacione, 
per annum. Et de 158. 4d. de tabulk et meremio yenditis 
magistro Thom» Walleworth. Et de 28. 8d. de culmes yenditis 
per Lanrencium de Broghton. Et de 7/. 8s. 7d. de noyo meremio 
yendito nuper empto in bosco de Louselound jnzta Faldjmton. 
Bumma 12/. 10s. 9d. ^ 

SUMMA TOTALIS RBCBlPTOlinM 464/. 19s. O^d. 

Stipbndu cbmbntariorum. tn remuneracione data cemen- 
tariis yocatis setters^ ad parietes cum naprons et cirotecisy per 
annum, 9s. lOd. Summa 158/. 9s 

ExPBNDiTio PBRRi. Johanui .... pliam fabro pro opera* 
oione ccc.i^ quart, ferri factis in barres et ligaturis, 158. In re- 
paracione instrumentorum cementariorum cum aliis neoessariis 
de ferro factis per annum per eundem Johannemi 87s. Summa 

CusTUS Plumbi. In yij fotbers (plumbi emptis^ de Henrico 
del Bakehouse de WenslawCi pro qualibet fother 4/. lOs., 81/. 10s. 
Et in y fotbers iiij lb. plumbi emptis de Willelmo Fallan de 
Bipon, pro qualibet fother 4/. lis. 8(1., 28/. 88. lOd. In cariagio 
ejuisdem plumbi |>er nayem a Burbrigg usque Sayntlenard- 
lendyng 98. In ii^ petris di. plumbi emptis de domino Ricardd 
Bakebam 2s. 8d. In 26 ... . udre emptis pro soudyng 6s. 9d. 
In 18 lb. de tyn .... pro soudyng, 46. 6d. In factura yj pules 
de . . . . 8s. 6d. In stipendio Jouannis Plu .... per lij sept, 
cap. 22nd per sept. 4/. 188. 4d. In ponderacione dicti plumbi 
eropti de dictis Henrico del Bakehouse et Willelmo Fallan per 
Bobortum Bipon cum yino dato eidem per yices, Ss. 4d. Summa 
61/. 8s. 6d. 

CusTtJS yiTRi. In emendacione fenestrarum EcdesisB per 
Johannem Burgh glasier et servientes suos, per annum, 68s. 8d. 

CusTus quarbr'. In fractura yj fother lapidum per Willel- 
mum Cusson, 48. . In fractura lapidum per Ilobertum Vynter 
quareor per lij sept, et pro j toga ex conyencione 6s. 8d., 4/. 18s. 4d. 
Et in fractura lapidum per WiUelmum Huchonson per 1^ sept, 
et pro j toga ex conyeilcione 68. 8d., 4/. 188. 4d. In fractura 
lapidum per dictum WiUelmum Cusson per xiyj sept. 80s. 4d. 

* An item, ooouning alfN> in the previouB roll, which shews that the niMons 
wore stUl bosv on the walls. Thejr were working on the outsida but in the side 
aisles, and other ports of the interior their sorvioos wore, probably, still reqitired. 
It will bo obsor? od, that I have ffiven but one oztroct from the i«rt of tno roll 
doToted to the masons. It would be tedious and unneoessary to give the whole 
of the MS. 

The roll records the employment of four oerpenters, of whom Robert ]X>wn- 
ham was the master, and they were paid the sum of 25Z. 2s. for their work. The 
sum of lot. 8s. 4d. waS spent upon labourers. 

Digitized by 



In cariagio ^orumdem lapidum a quarera de Theredale usque 
Tadcastre per carectas per Bieardum de Stutton, 100s. In 
cariagiq xx daI^lad dictorum lapidum per Thomam Porter de 
Tadeas^ usque Ebor. per nayemj 4^. In sleddyng dictorum 
lapidum a Sayutlenardlendyng usque cimiterium per Willelmum 
Lvnton et socium suum, 85s. In factura xx weggis ferri per 
Willelmum Marschall de Tadcastre^ 6s. 2d. In reparadone et 
acuadone instrumentorum del qwliariors ibidem^ per annum^ 
5s. 6d. In scovelles et barowes emptiS| }8d. In expensis oon- 
trarotulatoris fabricss, Hugonis Hedon^ et Laurencii Broghton 
versus eandem quareram^ per yioesi 6s. Id. In fraetura cxij 
fother lapidum per Jobannem Clerkj quarior^ pro qualibet fother, 
6id., 71s. 6d. In firactura xx fothers lapidum per Willelmum 
Stapilton, pro qualibet fotber, 6d., 10s. In eariagio cecxy fothers 
lapidum per earectas a quarera usque Weleland, pro qualibet 
fother lOd., 15/. 12s. 6d. In eariagio dxxxiiij fothers lapidum 
a Wdeland usque £bor. per navem per Johannem Webster^ cap. 
7\ pro qualibet fother, 6/. 7s. 6d. In eariagio .... xlij fothers 
lapidum ab eadem usque £bor. per navem per Willelmimi Sutton 
de Aeastre^ 12s. In eariagio xxv) fothers lapidum ab eadem 
usque Ebor. per navem per 'Willelmum Parkynson, 16s. 8d. In 
sleddyng dictorum lapidum a Sayutlenardlendyng usque cimi- 
terium 77s. In sleddyng lapidum per Adamam Vendylok usque 
aquam apud Wielland, 16s. 8d. In xij weggis ferri emptis de 
novo apud Pontemfractum 12s. In acuadone et emendacione 
instrumentorum dd quariors ibidem, 2s. lOd. In expensis 
custodis fabrics^ versus eandem quareram, cum potu dato 
opcrariis ibidemi Ss. 6d, ^ In ex]^nsis unius ccmontarii apud 
oaudom quarcram, pro eariagio lapidum 2s. 4d. In emendadone 
viarum pro eariagio dictorum lapidum versus aouam de Widland, 
3s. 4d. In remuneradone datavi^ operariis faoricse operantibus 
apud quareram de Thevedale ultra solita stipendia, 17s. 8d. 
Sumn^a 62/. 19d. 

CvsTUS Calcis. lEit in xiij chaudres carbonum marinorum 
emptis pro toral' calcis, cum portagio, 65s. 8d, Et in Ixvij miell 
calcis emptis, cum portagio, 4/. 16s. 9d, Summa 8/. 2s. Id. 

CusTUS SAQULi. lu cco summag* sabuli cariatis per Hugo- 
nem Carior hoc anno, 27s. Summa 27s. 

CusTUS FBBBi. In ligaturis ferri, hespes, stands, davis cum 
aliis de ferro factis, emptis de Roberto de Feriby, per annum, 
81s. 5id. In ... . uncis cum aliis de ferro factis per Johannem 
Loksmy th, per annum, 6s. 9d. In feruris, clavibus, hespes, stapds 
factis per Honricum Loksmyth, per annum, 68. 4d. Sununa 
44s. 6id. 

CusTUs CLAVORUM. In iiij.m duble spikyng emptis 13s. 5d. 

Digitized by 



In midlespikyn^ emptis^ 14s. 4d. In yj.m.y.o Sootsemnayle 
emptis 9s. 2\d. In yj.m.oooc broddes emptis, 78. 8d. In ii^.m.iz.o 
lednayle emptis^ 10s. 4d. Summa 54s. ll^d. 

CusTUs MERRMii. In c . . . . emptis de WiUelmo Leshamj 
27b. In xij righolts emptis de eodem^ 5s. 6d. In factnra xiiij.c 
assenim per Thomam Staynelay, 8s. lOd. Summa 86s. 4d. 

(Sarracio mbremii). Et m sarracione meremii, righolts et 
waynscotSy per annnm^ 4/. IBs. 7id. Et in sarracione meremii 
in bords, de Scalme per Bobertum Crepyn et socios suos, 228. 8d. 
Summa 61. 15 id. 

CusTUS rbddit'. In m.m.yiij.o thaktell emptis cum cariagio, 
28s. lOd. In Ix .... ell emptis cum cariagio^ 28. Id. Et in 
ix.m.yi^.c walletiell emptis cum cariagio 51s. Id. In xyj doliis 
de pi. . . . emptis de Jonanne Tchen^ 18s. Et in . , . . eorumdem 
doliorum (ab.) aqua usque dmiterium per Hugonem Carior^ 4s. 
In • . • • ryng • • . • rorum ct pariotum rodditus ot altorium uifra 
noyum chorum>i< per Giibcrtum Flastoror p6r xlix dies, 24«. Gd. 

• • . . seryientis ejusdem Qilberti per idem tempus, 16s. 4d. 

• • . . eo emptis^ 7s. 8d. .... cementi et lapidum pro reparacione 

reddif per annum lis. 5d morum nuper in tenura Ricardi 

Oiffon, m Loplane 10s Normanton tegulario per xly^ sept., 

cap. 2s. 4d yng yn yanell in panro camificio ner Johannem 

Crosseby 6s. In ij plankes de fraxmo emptis de Wulelmo Tanku- 
lay pro j shopa in paryo camificio 9s., 12d. In cordis emptis 
pro loners, lOd. Simima 16/. 10s. 5d. 

ExPENSJB AFUD TopcLiPPE. In plctura chori de Toppc . . • 
emendaoione rarietum ejusdem, 486. 4d. In emendacione 
grangie apud Dalton, 8d. In expensis Ricardi del Grene pro- 
curatoris apud Toppediff et filii sui portantium pecunias, per 
yices, 8s. 4a. Summa 52s. 4d. 

Varls ExPBNSils. {Tnier alia,) Et in cribris scutellis .... 
cistis et bush emptis pro maliots, per tonum, 2s. 8d. Et in i^ 
cadis emptis cum j metreta pro (mice et cum gerthyng tubbarum, 
per annum, 5s. 2d. Et in purificacione organorum, per annum, 
8s. 4d. Et in iig laffcnis olei ardentis^ante crucem in navi 
Ecclesi» per ^ annos dapsos, 48. 6d. Et in coriadone et emen- 
dadone duarum cathedrarum ckori, 15d. Summa 114e. lid. 


AOIVM 9s. 4id. ^ 

* Bee the note si the beginning of the roll 

Digitized by 




Arrbraoia. 06/. 14s. 


de redd, assisss infira Civitatem Ebor. De 2s. de redd, in Bither. 
De 16s. de redd, in Wharrom. De 26/. IBs. 9d. de redd, in Pe- 
tergate et cimiterio. De6/. 6s. 8d. de redd, in Joubretgate. De 
8/. 188. de redd, quondam JohannisBiystowein Lopelane et Jou- 
bretegate. De 28/. 5s, de redd, quondam Bicardi Barneby. De 
27s. de j domo in camifido nuper domini Willebni Strensall. 
De 9/. 8s. 8d, de redd, quondam Boberti Amplyforth. De 86s. 8d. 
de j domo nuper Johannis de Beverlaco juxta portam de Stayn- 
gate. De 46s. 8d. de certis tenementis in Bubwyth. De 2s. 
11 id. de uxore Willelmi Barkar pro j ten. in Tadcaster. De 
29s. de redd, nuper in tenura Bicardi Crompe de Ebor. Summa 
83/. 8s. 6id.« 

* This i» tbe first perfeot fbbrio roU that haa ooourred. Ab all of them have 
been deficient in the receipts, I give that part of the roll entire, to shew my 
readers what sources of income the &bric possessed. 

There is a gap of ten years between tins roll and its immediate predecessor. 
During this time many important alterations were effected. For the oonvenienoe 
of my readers I shall mention those, and at the same time give a brief reiume of 
the operations which had been carried on from the commencement of the series of 

In 1861 Arohbishop Thoresby laid the foundation stone of the new choir ; the 
eastern portion of which, called the presbytery or Lady-chapel, was substantially 
completed before he died. The building of the western portion of the choir occu- 
pies the space between 1878 and 1400; and before 1405 that port of the church 
Was roofod in, and considerable progress had been made with the internal decora- 
tions. Tliose are, goiierolly speaking, the conduMions arrived at by Professor 
'Willis, wliich are assented to by Mr. Poole. Mr. Browne, however, differs very 
widdv from them. lie thinks that the presbytery was not roofed in till 1400, 
and that the choir-proper was not in a condition to receive its roof till 1434 or 
1486. I must confess that a very careful examination of the documentary evi- 
dence upon whidi Mr. Browne relies leads me to give my opinion entirely against 
him. The architectural student will, I think, do the same, when he reviews the 
building and Mr. Browne's work, without the assistance of anv additional informa- 
tion. There are, however, seveial entries in these roUs which have been hitherto 
either altogether omitted or imperfectly noticed ; and these seem to militate alto- 
gether agaitut Mr. Browne's theories. 

The woitlern T>art of the choir, as has been said before, was completed before 
the your 1105. liotwouu it and the decorated nave stood the old Norman bell- 
tower, presenting a striking contrast to the rest of the church. We may be sure, 
therefore, that as soon as the choir was complete some alterations would be made 

Digitized by 



Valor db ToTcvm. De 4/. 12d. de finna ten. in TopcliflF. 
De 48/. de Abbate et Conv. de Fontibus pro decimis garbarum et 

in the iower to make it haimoniie with the new work. Aooordinfflj, in the year 
1409, we find that arrangements were made for altering thejbifr^itor south- 
western pillar of the tower. We may, therefore, reasonably infer that the other 
three pilkrs had been previously treMed in a similar way. The change that was 
made was, prindnally, reoasing the inner feces of the (SUars with perpendicular 
stone work. Of the outer feces, those towards ttie naTO were decorated, having 
become so when the nave was rebuilt ; and those towards the choir were piurt of 
the work which had pust been finished in that part of the church. The upper 
part of the tower which held the bolls wos built by John Romanus in the Early 
English style. Before this could be altered it was necessary to erect another 
bell-tower, imd therefore the present central tower did not assume its present 
appearance till the year 1470 or thereabouts. 

The whole of the choir, as fer as the roofli and walls are concerned, having 
been completed by the oommencement of the fifteenth century or shortly after- 
vrards, we musi expect to find some notices of the re-arrangement of the interior, 
Aocoi^ingly, in 1408 and 1404, wo find that the walls (?) and altars of the now 
ohoir (the choir-proper) were plastered over, probably to pronore thorn for the 
pointen. We have wso preparations for the fllfing of the windows with stained 
fflass, they having been temporarily filled with plain quarries or canvas. In 1405 
John Thornton or Coventry engaged to eteoute the great west vrindow, as it now 
stands, within three years, and many other windows were probably completed 
about the same time. In 1405 we hear of the first interments in the eastern part 
of the churdi since those of Thoresby and his predecessors. The mutilated 
oorpse of Archbishop Sorope vras laid in the presbytery, and near him was placed 
the body of his illustrious kinsman, Stephen Lord Sorope of Masham. In 1409 
Thomas Wallewortii, the brother of tne well known Lord Mayor of London, 
was interred near the same place, and burials became pretty frequent in that part 
of the church. Not that It was impossible for any one to (lave been interred 
there previously, but it was probably conridered inconvenient or inexpedient to 
open the earth in that part of the church, to any extent, at an earlier period. 
It is observable ihat these interments took place im novo open oAoW— words which 
Mr. Browne underlines as if they confirmed his theory that the presbvtery wos 
only roofed in a few years before. Of course it was the new work when com- 
pared with the nave or the chapter house t In 1415 the crypt was paved wiUi 
Flemish tiles, and the windows and doors were fitted up with the necessarv iron 
work. The stone work of the crypt however, was of an earlier date,' and must 
have been completed before the western part of the choir was begun. Between 
the years 1406 and 1415 most of the internal arrangements of the choir-end of 
the church would be completed. There was much to be done, and we cannot 
suppose either that the presbytery and its a^uncts vrere complete in 1878, or 
that the ohoir proper and its decorations were finished in 1405. Of course, on 
the outside, there vras work enough to monopolise the attention of the masons 
for many years. We must now turn our attention to the eye of the church, the 
high altar, to the decoration and erection of which the Chapter would be sure to 
devote themselves at the earliest possible opportunity. 

Wheii the chohr of ArohbiAop Boger was removed, and of the period of its 
destruction, we have no accurate information, it would be necessary to erect a 
temporary high altar, and to set up stalls in some other part of the church. Mr. 
Browne seems to think that the old chdr was standing at least up to the year 
1405. and argues thai this was the case firom several documents m which the 
wmrds ekotr and hi^h aUar are mentioned. Now these words might be appliecL 
vritii perfect truth, to the Ufnporary ehoir and ^\ aUar, and to them, as I 
believe, ^ey refer. Where this tomporarjr choir was is a matter of some difii- 
oulbr and doubt. Mr. Browne thinks that the presbytery was the place selected 
for it. Professor Willis is in fevour of the nave and cenval tower. The presby* 

Digitized by 



fenipertinentibuseocledtedeTopclyffinByolimolidsbir^. I>e41/. 
ISs. 4A., de deoimis garbaram et feni in Bulmershire pertinen- 
tibus eidem eodeaiao. De SI. 6s. 8d. de decimis lan» et agnorum 
sic venditis boo anno. Do 8s. de perquisitis canvd ibidem^ |ioo 
anno. Summa 102/. 4s. 

PBBQVisiTiB Pbnitbntubiorum. Do 6/. 6s. Bd. de magistro 
Edmundo penitentiario in ecclesia Ebor. De 10/. 6s. de domino 
Jobanne Brygnall penitentiario in ecclesia predicta, De 11/. 
13s. lOd. de perquisitis infira Archidiaconatum Ebor. De 20/. 8s. 
d^d.y de perquisitis infra Arcbidiaconatum Eicbmondiss. De 20/. 
lO^d. de perquisitis infra Arcbidiaconatum Estriding. De 10/. 
19s. 7id. de perquisitis infm Arcbidiaconatum Clyveland. De 6/. 
Ids. 4d. de perquisitis infra Arcbidiaconatum Notyngbami». De 
104s. lO^d. de collectionibus rectorum et capellanorum Civitatis 
Ebor. in ecdesiis suis, ut patet per capita. De 16s. 8d. de 
perquisitis per dominum Jobamnem Jjangton penitentiarium. De 
74s. Id. de perquisitis infra jurisdictionem Capituli extra Ciyi- 
tatem flbor., ut patet per capita. Summa 96/. 8s. 2d. 

Oblacionbs. De 7/. 9s. 4d.j de truncis in die Parasceuce. 
De 8/. 5s. 6d. de oblacionibus in septimana Pentecostes. De 100s. 
8d. de oblacionibus in festo Corporis Cbristi. De 2s. lOd. de 
oblacionibus in festo Sancti WiUelmi. De 56s. 8d. de oblacioni- 
bus in festo Apostolorum Petri e(; Pauli. De 15s. 9d. de obla- 
cionibus in festo quod dicitur Advincula Sancti Petri. De 5s. O^d. 
de oblacionibus in festo Exaltacionis Sanctse Crucis. De 11/. 5s. 
6d. de truncis in Octabis Sancti Stephani. De 10s. 4d. de cera 

tory would, no doubt^ be quite ready for mioh s purpose; But ProfeMor Willis 
thinks that it could not be oonyeniently reached by the worshippers while the 
works of the ohoir were going on. The alter, as he thinks, might pofely be 
plaoed under the tower ; but it could not remain there when the feces of the pil- 
lars were being reoased between the years 1405 and 1410. Whichever theory be 
porrect, I belieye that the new choir would be quite ready to have the high altar 
returned to it between the years 1405 and 1415. Of course it would be &6 wish 
of the Chapter that the new altar should be of sumptuous and costly workman- 
ship. It certainly seems to haye oocupied a site close to ita proper position when 
the present roll was compiled (1415), for in it there is a charge for nzty-six yards 
of cloth called westwoll, ''pro le reredorce magni altaris." This was, I doubt 
not, hun^ immediately bemnd the high altar, to form an appropriate barrier 
between it and the incipient screen or reredos which was to seporate the altar 
from the presbytery. At the present thne in the Oathedrol at Ely a similar doth 
performs the like office till the magnificent reredos is complete. Between the 
years 1410 and 1480 a very large sum of money seems to naye been expended 
upon the reredos and the table or the high altar, whateyer that may haye been. 
Money, together with plate and jewels, were bequeathed to it; and on no other 
portion of the church was tressure so layishly bestowed. A new rood was also 
erected in 1415 before the high altar in the new choir. 

Of the testamentary benefiustions to the ftibrio, which were yery numerous, 
many will be found hi the two volumes of Tutamsnta JBhoraemma, which have 
been published by this Society. Others, and the larger portion, will occur in the 
forthcoming Fasti Sb&raeetues, 

Digitized by 



oblata ad craoem et alia loca Ecdeain. De 112ii. 7id. dd 
obladonibiia in feativalibus Natalia^ Ciroumciaionia, EpiphatiisB, 
Beaurrectionia, et Aac<niacioiiia Domini^ et ii^ featia B. V. M. De 
48. 4id. de obladonibua Fraternitatia textorum Ebor. in feato 
Aaaumpcionia B. M. ad tumbam« Smnma 66/. 12a. O^d. 

MoATUARiA Canonicorum. De 6/. 18a. 4A., de palefrido 
magiatii Jobannia Poole* nupet prebcmd&rii prebends de Wya- 

ELEMoaiNJB BT LSOATA.f De 8a. 4d. de exec. Jobannia 
Booae de Hudelaton in Holdemeaa. De 6a. 8d. de elemoaina 
domini Willebni Neuton capellani. De 8a. de exec. Willelmi 
Nyoolaon de parochia de Hebnealay. De 2a. de exeo« Boberti 
Caatre de Wlfflete. De 18d. de exec. Job. Thomaon de Colynff- 
bam. De IBd. de exec. Job. Symeaa de Boadale. De 2a. do 
elemoaina Willelmi Tailybour de Wylberfoaa. De 6a. 8d. dd 
exec. Willelmi Slefortb de Ebor. Do IBd. do eieo. Hugohia 
Sterenaon de Normanby. De 2a. de elemoainii Biclurdi Ireland 
de Catbwate. De 2a. exec. Job. Qwbittowe de Boynton. Dd 
6a. 8d. de exec. Domini Jobannia Bond de.Toutborp. De 8a. 4d. 
de exec. Henrid Brerelay de Malton. De 8a. 4d« de elemoaina 
Alidse Barlay de eadem. De 2a. de el. capellani de Retefortb« 
De 8a. 4d. de exec* Boberti Faalewe de Neutob. De 8a. 4A* de 
exec. Bob. Bateman, per manna receptoria. De 8a. 6d. de exec. 
Thom» Sampaon de Scarbnrgb. De 6a. 8d. de exec. Jobannia 
Bakater de Pontifract. De 6a. 8d. de exec. Agnetia Teadale dd 
Ebor. De 8a. de exec, ejnadem Agnetia pro j maae^. De 8a. 4d. 
de exec. Thomss Bakater de Scarbnrgb. De 8a. 4d. de exec. 
Henrici Bylton de Iiokyngton. De 8a. dd exed. Agnetia del 
More in j toga. De 2a. 6d. de exec. Boberti Wateaon de Appil- 
trewyk in j toga. De IBd. de exec. Job. Tantber de Barowe. 
De 6a. 8d. de exec. Margaratsa Foxbolea de Bicbmond in j toga 
blodia furrata cum convngea. De 8a. 4d. de exec. Job. dd wod 
de Meraton. De 6a. 8d. de exec. Bob. Kyng de Adyngflete. De 
10a. de exec. Inetsa Moisne de Heayll. De 8a. 4a. de elemoa. 
Jobannia de patria etc. qma nolnit dicere nomen aunm. De 20d. 
de exec. Wul. Fyacber de parocbia de Fyahelak. De 4a. 2d. 
de elemo. per manna domini Boberti Vincent de Metelay. De 
4a. de exec. Tyllot Tbomaon de Staynbum. De 15d. de exec. 
Agnetia TekyUi de Kylyyngton. De 8a. 4d. de exec, domini 

* A yoonfler ton of MiobAiel, flnt Barl of Suffblk, and probondMT of Wiitow. 
Ha died on 4lli February, 1415, and was buried al Wingfleld. He was only a 
boy when he beoime Canon of Y ork I 

t Theee lists of legacies hare onl^ ooourred onoe before this— in No. T. In 
the registers of wills, merever there is a bequest to the fkbrio, there is an entry 
in the margin— /aftriea P0M, The books were perused and the legacies trans^ 
ferred to these rolls. 

Digitized by 



WiU. Elmhirat capellani de Sbeffeld. De 68. 8d. de ezeo. domini 
WUlelmi vicarii de Bubwytb, De 58, de exec. Job. Qudeswane 
de Toutborp. De Ss. de exec. Job. Sotberay de Middilton super 
le wald. De 2s. de exeo. Job. Sylverye de Aymimderby, De 
8s. 4d. de exec. Tbomee Spcnytborn de Helperby. Pe 6s. 8d. de 
exec. Job. Brotberton^ spycer, de Ebor. De 6s. 8d. de exec. 
Will, del Stabyll de Brerton. De 2s. Id. de exec. Eliz. Cbap- 
man de Bratbwell. De 3s. de elemos. Abbatis del Bocb per 
manus Job. Sybson. De 6s. 8d. de exec. Job. CuUyng de Tcse- 
dale. De 12a. de exec. Aguetis Holtcby de Akome. De 66s. 
8d. de elemos. dominsa Margaret® de Swylyngton. De 40s. de 
elemos. pro anima Ricardo de Taunton per uxorem dusdem. 
De 6s. 8d. de exec. Rob. Talkan civis Ebor. De 20d. de exec. 
Job. Macroft de Spoffortb. De 2s. de exec. Job. Bald de Clap* 
bam. De 8s. de elemos. Job. de Raskall. De 2s. 8d. de exec. 
Job Foster de Ledes in 1 toga. De 20s. de exec. Margaretse 
Snard pro tumulacione sua in novo opere. De 3s. 4d. de exec. 
Rob. Bower pro tumulacione sua infra Berefred. De 6s. 8d. de 
exec. TbomsQ Crakall de Tbrysk. Summa 16/. 19s. 8d. 

Elvmosina xxbcutobum Maoistbi W. nufbb Episcopi 
DuNBLif . Et de 52/. de elemosina pro anima Magistri Walter!* 
nuper Episcopi Dunelm. pro stipendiis vj cementariorum per 
annum. Summa 52/. 


Lbscbopb pbo stipbndiis viij cbhbntabiobum pbb annum. De 
62/. 8s. de oblacionibus ad sepulturam magistri Ricardi Loscrope 
nuper Arcbiepiscopi Ebor. pro stipendiis viij cementariorum, per 
annum. De 11/. de eisdem oblacionibus pro c fotbir lapidum 
emptis defabrica pro eisdem cementariis, per annum. Summa 
78/. 88. 

MoLBNDiNUM DB Bbothbbton. Dc lOOs. dc molcudino de 
Brotberton boc anno. Summa 100s. 

EccLBsiA DB MisTBBTON. Dc 26/. 18s. 4d. de fructibus 
ecclesiss de Misterton et non plus boc anno quia bic condonantur 
vicario firmario ibidem per Capitulum 6/. 18s. 4d. Summa 
26/. 13s. 4d. 

Vbndicco staubi. De lOs. 4d. de meremio waneskott 

• Walter de SkirUw, the munifloent Bvdiop of Durbem, wm s great builder. He 
beoame a Canon of York in 1870, and from thftt time, till he died, we may be pretty 
Mire thftt he waa a great benefliotor to the fabria His arma occur in the aouth- 
eaitem transept of the choir, and also on the spandrel of the oentral tower. He 
is said to have contributed very hurffdy to the lantern tower, and to it this gift 
of 621. was probably applied. In his wi)l, dated in 1406. he left 100 marks to 
the tabno. To say more about his charity and libendity here, would be to 
trespain upon another work, in which his good deeds will be more appropriately 

Digitized by 



<nun t>lastr6 venditd Archidiaooiio RichmondisB. Be lOs. 2d. de 
meremio . et aaseribus venditis domikio Thomse Haxey^ ciim sti- 
pendiis ij carpentariorum per j sept: De 178. de c thakbord, 
000 as^enbiis yenditis magistro Willelmo Cawod, cum stipendiid 
q oaroentariorumy per j sept. In 146. lOd. de fyrestane yendito 
per Willelmam Waddeawyk oementarium, oeras yicibus^ per 
annum. De Ss. 8d. de veteri meremio yendito per yices per 
Johannem Askhami De 41. de Thoma Kanfe ad emtadacionem j 
ienementi fabriosd in quo idem Thomas modo inhabitat in Joubre- 
gate. Summa 71. 10s. 

Dbbita qujb dbbbntur fabric JB. De 40s. de Roberto Cundale 
et Ricardo fratre suo de legatiobe Johannis Cundale patris eomm 
in partem solucionis 4M. annuatim solyend. 40s. ad festum 
Natalia Domini quousque dicta summa persolvatur. Summa 

Summa totalis bbobptorum 615/. 6s. Id. 

Stipbndia CBMBNTARtoRUM. 40 Employed. Summa 246/. 
5s. 8d. Stipbndia carpbntariorum. 4. 29/. Is. 4d. StI* 
PBNDIA opbbariobum. 80/. 148. 4d. 

CusTUS FABRi. In repataoione instrumentorum oementa- 
riorum cum aliis necessaris de ferrb factis per Johannem Harp- 
ham^ fabrumi per annum^ 4/. 12d. Iii operacione ccc ferri in 
barres pro fenestris, 128. In remuneracione data eidem bx 
conyencione pro ij log^ per annum 46. Soliiti Hugoni Mannyng 
fabro in partem solucionis ferramentorum del cruddes^'i' 20s. 
Summa 1178. . * ^ 

CusTiTS Plitmbi. Et in stipendiis Johannis Plutnmar pci^ lij 
sept. I04s. In y duodenis et di. de tyne emptis de WiUelmo 
Wyllyngham pro souder, 168. 6d. Sumtna 6/. 6d. 

CustUs yiTRi. Soluti Johanni Buigh glasier per iiij^ sept, 
reparanti fenestrlus ecclesise^ 10s. Soluti Johanni senrienti ejus- 
dem Johannis per idem tempus, Bs. Summa IBs. 

CusTUS QUARBRJs. De Thevtdole. In fractura lapidum per 
Huffonem Williamson per xliiij Kept, et pro j toga 6s. 8d. 4/. 
In fractura l»pidum per Joh. Sowerby per xxyiii sept., et pro j 
toga^ 58s. 4a. Et in firacturit lApidum per Willelmum Bed- 
lyngton per scxxyj sept, et piro j toga, 608. 8d« In fractura 
lapidum per Robertum Ashl^ per idem tempus cap. 546. In 
cariagio ceo Ixxxyij tuhtight dictorum lapidum per carectas a 
quarera usque aquam apud Tadcastei^ per Robertum Hardy et 

* Thd orypt under the jkufAs^ wbioh wm now thoroughly oompleted. The 
mason work must ha^e heen fimahed long hefore this, as the ohoir oould make 
little progress till the or^t was securely made. In 1899 we find It used as a 
store-house for the fiihno. It is now (1416) paved, and fUmished with its' 

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Bicardum Blase^ 7/. 98. In cariagio eoromdem coc Ixxzvij tun- 
tigbt lapidum per navem a Tadcaater usque Ebor. 11/. 8a. 6d. 
In aleddyng eorumdem lapidum ab Uaa uaque cimiterium^ 
748. 6d. In j magno malleo ferri empto pro Hugone Williamson 
zx"* die AugusU, Ss. 8d. In acuaoipne et reparadone instru- 
mentorum del quareours ibidem^ 18s, 7d. De HudUleston. In 
V rodis quarer» emptis de Johanne liangton et Jobanne Neuton^ 
mason, apud HudiUeston, 10/. 8s. 4d. In disooopertura ij 
rodarum ejusdem quarens per Jobannem Bumom, ex eon- 
yencione, in grosso, 28s. od. In oariagio olx fotbir lapi^ 
dum a Cawod usque Ebor. per navem mllelmi Lemyng, de 
lapidibus ultimi anni precedentis ibidem dimissis, 758. In 
sleddyng eorumdem lapidum ab Usa usque dniiterium, 80s. In 
fractura lapidum per Hugonem Williainson per viij sept. 16s. 
In fractura lapidum per Jobannem Sowerby per xziiij sept. 48s. 
In fractura lapidum per Willelmum Bedlyngton per xvj sept. 
26s. 8d. In fractura lapidum per Bobertum Asbby per yj sept. 
10s. In ft*actura lapidum per Adam Acle per lij sept., et pro j 
toga 6s. 8d., 4/. 18s. 4d. In cariagio cclxxiv fotber eorumdem 
lapidum per carectas a quarera de Hudillestan usque aquam 
apud Cawod, 18/. 10s. lOd. In cariagio eorumdem cclxxxij 
fotber lapidum a Cawod usque Ebor. per navem per Jobannem 
Blakbum, sbipman, 108s. 4a. In sleddyng eorumdem lapidum 
ab Usa usque cimiterium, 54b. 2d. In sleddyng lapidum extra 

Suareram per Bogerum Serle et Tbomam Bvngbam per xxvj 
ies, 268. In sleldjmg lapidum apud Cawod a diversis stall- 
agiis usaue fit)ntem ripae per Willelmum Totty per xx dies, 20s. 
In acuacione et roparaoione instrumentorum del quaroors ibidem 

Ser annum, 48. 8d. De Doncastre* In xl fotber lapidum emptis 
e Jobanne Wyrsop de Doncastre, 66s. 8d. In cariagio eorum- 
dem per navem a Doncastre usque Ebor. per Jobannem EUerker 
de Fyshlake, 40s. In sleddyng eorumdem lapidum ab Usa usque 
oimiteriuin/6s. 8d. Soluti custodi dominii de Grvmeston juxta 
Tadcastre pro stallagio lapidum apud Ketilmyrebrygg, 8s. 4d. 
Summa92/. lOs. lid. 

CusTUS GALOIS. lu xiiij cbaudre carbonum marinorum 
emptis de Willelmo Lemyng, 74s. 3d. In portacione eorumdem 
carbonum ab Usa usque cimitarium, 9s. 4d. Et in m. ascel- 
wod empto de Jobanne Lemyng, 21s. 6d. In expensis factis 
circa combustionem j totalis calcis, 14d, Summa 106s. 8d. 

CusTUs SABULi. lu csriagio cccc. di. sarcinarum sabuli de j 
orto apud Clementborp usque Monasterium, 22s. 6d. In con- 
ductu ejusdem orti pro sabulo imponendo per ij annos elapses, 
4s. Summa 26s. 6d. 

CusTus PBRBi. In ix garbis calebis emptis pro acuacione 

Digitized by 


OP TOAK MltfSTSll. 85 

secoriom oetnentarionnn emptitf de Robeirto Ferybjr. 6b. 6d. In 
xiiy ]^biis ligaturarmn ferri cum tuicis tnro eiBdenii 8ei. 9d. In 
serons^ dms, hespes^ staples emptis de Henrico Loksmyth, pei^ 
annnm^ 278. 9d. In ligacione j trttnd^ cam facttura s^rte et 
davis ejuidem stantis juxta ymaginem Beatsd Manse in navi 
ecdesiie per eundem Henrioum, 4s. Snmma 47s. 

CusTVB clatorum. Ill ii^.m. di. dtiblespykyng; etnptit de 
Boberto Felryby^ I6s. 6d. Bt in tq.m. mvdibpykynfr, 16«. 2d. 
In x.m. di. Scotetem\ 17s. 6d. In y.m. di. ^tanbrode, 7s. 4d4 
In T.c. strabrod, 6d« In ni. ledenaile empto. preo* 2s. 2d« In 
iiij.m.cccc. tyngilnlnlli 4s. 4d. In cc shai^lyiigeft enlptis, prec. 
I6d. Summa64s. lOd. i 

CusTus MBREMii. In j magDa trabe empta de Peiro Wryght 
TOO cruce noyi chori, 15s. 6d. In xiij arboribns emptis de 
Willelmo Wynkbunii 46s. 6d. In c^agio eatttitideih usque 
Monasterium per Willelmtlni Lvnton et smdos suo0^ 46« In yij 
magnis arboribus emptis de Jonanne May de Topclyffi 408. 8d. 
In sleddyng earumdem ab Usa usque infra ortum paladi^t ^^Od. 
De idg geists emptis de Aghete GretUndj dd. In xl sperres 
emptis de Thoma Middilham^ 168. 8d. tn xx 8perre8 emptis de 
Bicardo Walker^ Ss. In ^ sappelyng^es emptis de Oilberto 
Walker pro gauntrees, 8s. 8d. In cariAgio dictorum gistes et 
sparres a diyersis partibus usque dmiterium pef Willelmum 
Lynton, 2s. 8d. In liij firsperres emptis pro scalis inde faciendis. 
12d. In c wansoottes emptis de Thoma Kyrkham, 28s. In ceo 
wanscottes emptis de Willelmo Brygg> 76i. In cajrlaffio earum* 
dem usque cimiteriukn^ 16di In xxx flekes emptis de Roberto 
Russell, lis. In m. ccc saplates emptis de Jonanne Bateman 
de TopclyfFi 5s. lOd. In m.c thakbura emptis de eodem, 66s. 
Summa 16/. IBs. 6d. 

SaabAcio. In siirracione meremii, rygbold, waynskott, per 
annum, ut patet per papirum fabricse, 100s. lOd. 

CusTUs rsddit'. Et in m. m tj.c thaktiell emptis de ma- 
ffistro Roberto Scroton, 25i. In caHagio eorumdemi 2s. 2d. 
in di. waltiell emptis de domino Willelmo Welwyk, 
828. 6d. In cariagio eorumdem, 6s. 5d. In Ix rygtiell emptis 
de eodem Willelmo, 20d. In pavrnff p^ Johannem Bygrygg et 
j servientem peir j diem et di. i5a. In xx doliis de plastro 
emptis de Johanne Sale de Morton, 50s. In cariagio ejusdem 
ab usa usque infra clausum ecdesise, 6s. 8d. In cariagio de 
plastro combusto versu8 reddit' mfra villam, per lrice8, 88. Id. 
In terricidiis emptis pro combustione del piastre, 20d. In sti- 
pendiis Johannis Asse tegularii per txx dies di. 15s. 8d. In 

* A twx for the reoeipi of almi. 

t Tho Arohbiflhop'B palsoe, on the liorth side of the minster. 

D 2 

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Btipepidii^ s^rvientis ejusdem per idem tempuB^ lOe. 2d. In 
stipendiia Robert! Tyler per 1 sept.^ lOOs. etc. Sundma 
141. 2b. 6d. 

Yarijb Ezpenbjb. {Inter alia). In d.c largU tegulis Flaund- 
renaibns emptia pro lea cruddea de Willelmo Neuland, SSa. 4d. 
In dc minofibua tegulis emptia de eodem^ Ss. 4d. In cariagio 
earumdem tegularum usque Monasterium^ 8d. In Iznj virgis 
panni linei yocati westwall emptis de Tboma del More. pro le 
rerdorce magni altaris, 228. 4A. In anulis, filo, et operadone 
ejusdem panni^ 28. 2d. Summa 6/, 17s. 8id. 


Remanent supra, 85/. 19s. 8d. 


A 22 D(B (H.ccccxyiii usque 22 Die, h.ccccxix) .... per 
VISUM DOMINI Petri Friston contrarotulatoris sui.* 

Mortuaria Canon icoruh. Et hoc anno respectuatur pale- 
fridus magiatri Roberti Appiltonf nuper prebendarii prebendse 
de Bylton quia remanet in manibus magistri WiUelmi Pelleson 
Archidiaconi Clyveland yendenduB : similiter, respectuatur pale- 
fridus magistri Stephani Lescrope nuper prebend, preb. de 

Elemosina Domini T. Haxet ad coopbrturam novi 
librarii. Et de 26/. 13s. 4d. de elemosina domini Thomse 
Haxeyl ad cooperturam noyi librarii cum plumbo. 

* A roll, iho dotoof wliioh i» a«oertainod firoin iho nomos moniionod amonff ibo 
mortuariM. Tbo olioir wm now oompleto, but firoin Moveral eniriee in thb and the 
suooeeding rolls it is probable that some work was going on in tiie centra) tower 
wbich was not thoroughly flmshed till 1476, or thereabouts. The Chapter had now 
time to give their attention to other works of minor importanoe, indeed, but still 
neoessary. " It is probable," says Mr. Browne, ** that about tlus period, not only 
the treasury, but the revestry and Arohbishop Zouch's chapel were completely 
rebuilt," to make them, in some degree, uniform with the new building. The 
treasury, however, and the revestry, were built twenty years before this. The 
library was now being made, as may be seen from the nresent roll. The works 
about the high altar were also progressing, vis., the rich reredos of wood, and, 
probably, also the stone screen behind St. William's shrine. 

William Colchester was the master-mason, as he was also in 1416, and thirty- 
nine masons were employed. To them the sum of 241/. 8s. 2d. was paid for wages. 
John Askam, the master-carpenter of 1416, held the same office now, and 
27/. 18s. 4d. were paid to the carpenters. 

t These notices fix precisely the date of this roU. All these persons died in 
1418. Appilton was one of those persons who were sent to the Council of Con- 
stance, and probably died on the journey. 

t Haxey was a great beneAMstor to the minster in several ways. In 1404 he 
became prebendary of Bamby. From 1418 to 1428 he was treasurer. It ispro- 
bable that he had a good deal to do with the fiibric during his residence at York. 
In 1409 the charge of the restoration of the fourth pier of the central tower was 

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BscBPCio OBLACioNUM. Et do 160/. de oblacionibus ad se- 
pulcrum magistri Bicardi Lesorope nuper Archiepiaoop iEbor. 
pro stipetidiia cementariorom. Summa'lSO/. 


CusTus PLUMBi. In V fother di. xxv petris plumbi, 26/. 68/ 
4d. In cariagio quadem a Borowbrig usqde plumbariam Ebor. 
4«. lOd. In atipendiis Bobetti Plummer per xxxvj aept. 728. 
In y duodenis di. de tyn emptis de Willelmo Wyllyngham pro 
Boudre, 168. 6d. Snmma 30/. ISa. 8d. 

Cu8TU8 TiTRi. Et in iijj aem' et in i\j paia' albi vitri emptis 
de Johanne Olasman de Buglay, prec. le seme^ 20s. Summa 
628. 6d. Johanni Burgb^ glasier, per iliiij sept. 110s. Bobertb 
Quarendon pet xxx sept. 768. Summa 12/. 78. 6d. 

CusTUs QUAR^RiB. In fractora lapidum per Huffonem Wil- 
liamson per lij sept, et pro j tog% 6s. 8d., 4/. 18s. 4d. Christo- 
foro Johnson^ similiter^^ 4/. 18s. 4d. In cariagio ccxz tontiglits 
lapidam per carectas a quarera nsqne aquam apud Tadcastro/ 
4d. 6s. 8d. In citriagio eorumdem per navem a Tadbastre nsqno 
Ebor. per Johannem Blakbum^ sliipmatl> 6/. 10a. ^tn sleddvn^ 
eorumdem ab Usa usque cimiterium, 408. 4d. In j malleo tern 
enapto de fabro de Thomour, 68. In firactura lapidum per Adam 
Acclee per lij sept, et pro j toga, 6s. 8d.^ 4/. I8s. 4d. Johanni 
Wilson^ simiUter, 4/. 10s. In cariagio^^ ccxxxvy fother lapidum 
per carecias a quarera de Hudilston usque aquam apud Cawod, 
11/. 10s. lOd. In cariagio cdxxxii^ tuntights eorumdem lapi- 
dum a Cawod usq^ue Ebor. 6/. 168. In sleddyng eorumdem ab 
Usa usque clausum Ecdesise^ 64s. In stipendiis j operarii con- 
ducti, et eracuantis pulverem de poste^ 4«. Thomn Boswell 
carianti lapides extra c^uareram cum carectis per ij dies^ 2s. In 
remuneracione data Bicardo Stutton yiridario de Hesilwod pro 
aisiamento ibidem habendo, 8s. 4d. ' Summa 64/. 22d. 

CtsTUs CALOis. In xxx miel calcis emptis de Boberto Spal- 
mon, 28s. 4d. In portacione ejusdem kh Usa usque clausum 
Ecclesise, 7s. 6d. In x chaudre carbonum marinorum, 60s. In 
portagio eorumdem^ 6s. 8d. In ix chaudro carbonum marinorum> 
46s. In portagio eorumdem ab Usa usque Mon. Os. 8d. In 
m.o ascelwod emptis de Boberto Crake, 28s. lOd. In expensis 

entnisied to him. In 1418 he gites a munifloent preseni to the new library, in 
one of the windows of whioh his arms were put up. The mine arms also ocour 
on the groining of one of the choir aislet, and in the clerestory windows of the 
choir. He died in 1424-6, leavinflr 100s. to the fabric, and twenty silver dishes, 
together with 20<. to the table of the hi^h altar. Of his monument and his other 
duttita^le deeds a Aill account will be given elsewhere. 

* Many of these entries have been considerably abbreviated, and some have 
been idtoffether omitted. My readers would not thank me for filling up these 
pages with useless repetitions and uninteresting information. 

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factis circa combuBtionem toralis calcb, Ss. 2d. Summa 8/. 
160. 2d. 

CusTus BABDLi. Et in cariagio oooczxx Baroinarum Baboli 
per Johannem Gaston ab uno orto in Clementborp uaque Mon. 
2l8. 4d. 

CusTUs FKBBi. In six garbis calebis emptb pro acuacione 
securium cementariorum de Roberto Feriby, 148. lOd. In zxiiij 
paribus ligaturarum^K ferri cum upciB^ et v stoklokB ab eodem 
eraptis^ Ite. 4d. Summa 598. 8d. 

Cu8TU8 CLAYOBUM. Et in Y.m.vj.c.di dublespikyng emptis 
de Roberto Feriby^ 198. Id. In v.m.ix.o middilspikyng, 158. 4d 
In viij.m.di. Sootaem'i 14b. 2d. In y,m stanebrod, 68. 8d. In 
vij.o strabrod, prec. lOd. Et in v.c tyngyUj preo. 8d. Et in v.c 
guletnailej preo. 5d. In m.m.c ledenailei prec. 88. 4d. Summa 
60s. 6d. 

CuBTUs MBBBMii. In zlij Brboribus emptis de Jobanne 
Plummer de Selby, 868. In xxj arboribus emptis de Jobanne 
Nicholson forestario de Ul^kelf^ 178. 6d. In ima porcione 
meremii empta de Roberto Selbyj 188. 4d. In una porcione 
mercmii empta de magistro Thoma Orei^ewod^ 4/. 68. 8d. In 
ix magnis clogges emptis de Jobanne Askbam^ 878. In i^ longis 
quercubus emptis de Prioriosa de Mokeby cum cariagio in ortum 
palacii^ 368. In succisione yij quercuum dataruia fabrics per 
Arcbiepiscopum in Scalm, 2a. 8d. In expensia iiij car^ien- 
tariorum squarrandum easdem querous^ 68. 8d. In sarracione 
earumdem quercutun per Henricum Sawer, lis. In sarradone 
iiij arborum datarum novo librario per Abbatem de Selby^ 6s. 8d. 
In cariagio earumdem arborum a bosco de Hamelton usque 
Usam apud Sdby nor Johannem Underwodj lOs., 2s. Jobanni 
Nanson de Spoffora pro succisione et squarracione xij arborum 
datarum fabricts per Comitem Northumbris, 15s. In sarra- 
cione earumdem arborum per Henricum Sawer^ 27s, 8d. In 
remuneradpne data Ricardo FairefiEix liberanti dictas arbores, 
68. 8d. In remuneracione data Rogero Blase ^t Johaomi Hanson, 
custodibus ibidem, 2s. In sucddone yij ouercuum datarum fabrics 
per Comitem Northuipbrise apud Topclyff, 16d. In expensis iiij 
carpentariorum postantivim easdem quercus, 8s. 4d. In factura 
earumdem arborum in j flete cum cariagio usque Ebor. 16s. 8d. 
In remuneradone data Willdmi Stowef liberanti dictas querous, 
68. 8d. Dati derico scribenti warantizadonem pro dsdem 

* These itemi were, probably, for Peter priion, which wm doee to the weft 
end of the minater. It waa itanding there within the memory of man. 

t Another proof of the munifloence of the Perdea, and of their right to be 
called the donors of the wood. The oaks were made into a raft and floated down 
the Swale into the Ouse. Stowe was one of the Earl's retainers, and his will may 
bo seen in Tut. Bhor,, vol. ii. 

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OF YORK llINBTBlt^ 89 

arboribu8| 20d. In o sappelyngs emDtis de domino Thoma 
Parkor apnd Bolton Percy^ 2s. Iii mi) finperrea emptis pro 
skaffiddyng^ Sa. 2d. In t righoltea etnptia de Johanne Brereton, 
6s. lOd. In iijj rygholts emptis pro nfbldesi 28. In ecc wane- 
soottes emptis de Johanne Lylljrng, 4/. 4a. In cd wanescotta 
emptis de eodem, 68s. 4d. In ij.cdi. thakbnrd emptis de magiatro 
Johanne Carleton, 82s. 6d. In ce thakbord emptis de tino viro 
de dpofford, 6s. Bd. In deddyng novi meremii ab orto palacii 
us^ne Pavimentttm pro r6dditn fabricse, ipd« Soluti Marcell^ 
carior, pro j yma^ne de ligno facta pro exemplari mittendo 
, London, ezecntonbus ArchiepiBCopi CantnariensiM^* 8s. 4d. 
Summa 88/. 6s. 2d. 

Sarracio. In sarradone meremii, righolta et wanescottes, 
per annumj 55s. 4d. 

Gustos OANO^i. In yj petris canobi emptis pro ij lynes 
iude faciendis^ 6s. In factura giisdem canobi in dictis ^ lynes, 
IBd. Summa 6s. 6d. 

CusTUS RiSDDitus. In iii|] thaktiel emptis de magistro 
Roberto Scmtod et domino Wiilelmo Welwyk, 88s. In v.m.Tiij.c 
waltiel emptis de eisdem, 29s.| 4a. In x doliis de plastro emptis ix 
die Aprilisj 26s. 8d.> etc. Summa 15/. Bs. 6d. 

Varijb bxpsnsjs. (Inter aHa.) In factura ij parium foUium 
pro organis, etc., 46s. 8a. In factura costarum foUmm eommdem 
organorum per Johannem Couper, 12d. In expensis breris 
capti versus Kobertum Grene de Neuby juxta Topcliff per Jo. 
Bekwt attomatum, 8s. 2d. Summa 71. 8s. 2d. 

SuHMA TOtALlS SXPflNSARUMj 661/. 8s. O^d. Et sio rb- 
MANBNT SVPRAj 186/. 88. Od. 



StiPBNDiA OARPBNTARiORUM, 7. 80/. 2s. 6d4 Et Johauni 
Grencj joynor, pro joynacione tabularum pro libraria et plana, 
cione et gropyng de waynscott^ per annum, 17s. 8d. 

^ A Tery remarkable entry. Arohbishop ArondeU, who had just died, had 
prsTioady presided dter th^ see of Tork. His exeoutdti are ^ing to erect a 
monument to him, and ther send to York, probably at the direction of the Arch- 
bishop, for a oopy of an effigy there. A oopy in wood is made, and sent up to 

t A roll in which there is HtUd worthy of notice. The same works are pro- 
ceeding which were mentioned in No. Ylll. The editor has struck out many 
items which are not of general interest, but eyerything of importance isgiven in 
f^ll. The sum of 2441. 14a. was paid to thirty-nine masons, of whom nm. Col- 
chester was the master ; and the labourers received 872. lOs. 

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CusTUs FABBi, In operacione oc ferri in boltes pro nova 
libraria per Johannem Harpbami fabrum, Ss. 

CcJSTUs PLXJUBi. In Btipendiis Boberti Flummer, per lij 
sept, 1048. In ij duodenis di. de tyn emptis 4e Willelmo Wyl- 
lyngham pro souder, 7a. 6d. In &ctura unius cod de ere pro 
magna rota ultra magnum campanile, 18d. Summa llSs. 

CusTUs YiTBi. Johanni Burgh, glasier per xvj sept, et per 
xxxyj sept. cap. 20d. per sept. IOO0. Soluti Johanni Coverham 
pro X sept, et iij diebus, 168. 8d. Summa 1168. 8d. 

CusTus QUABBBiB. De Thevedalc. In fractura lapidum per 
Hugonem WiUiamson per Ij sept, et pro j toga, fc. 8d, 4/. 
1 la. 8d. Cbriatoforo Johnson, similiter, 4/. 18s. 4d. In cariagio 
cc tuntight dictorum lapidum per carectas a quarera usque 
aquam apud Tadcastre per Rob^tum Hardy, 4/. In cariagio 
eorumdem per nayem a Tadcastre usque Ebor, 61. De HudiUes- 
ion. In fractura lapidum per Johannem Wilson per xlyiii sept, 
et 3s. 4d. in remuneracione, 41. 8s. 4d. Johanni Qhwitcneued, 
similiter, per xxxij sept. 68s. 4d. In Willelmo Kirkby, simi- 
liter, per xlviij sept. 72s. In cariagio ccxx fother lapidum per 
carectas a quarera de Huddston usque aquam apud Cawod, 10/. 
16s. 8d. In cariagio Dcxlviij tuntight eorumdem a Cawod usque 
Ebor. 18/. lOs. Willelmo Norton per xvn dies evacuanti pul- 
vcrem extra postem, 5s. 8d. Pro emendacione viarum inter 
quareram et Cawod, pro cariagio, 8s. 8d. In cariagio pulveris 
extra quareram per carectas per xxiij dies, 28s. De Bramham. 
In fractura lapidum {>er Johannem del Orene quareour apud 
quareram de Bramham pro xix sept. 81s. 8d. In cariagio cxl 
tuntight eorumdem lapidum per carectas a quarera de Bramham 
usque aquam apud Tadcastre, 106s. Bd. In cariagio eorumdem 
lapidum pernavem a Tadcastre usque Ebor. per Jonannem Blac- 
burn, shipman, 4/. Ab Usa usque cimiterium per Johaimem 
Bell, 26s. Bd. In cariagio \\ lapidum vocatorum thurghes per 
carectas a quarerfi de Bramham usque Ebor. IBs. Summa 
71/. 6s. 4id. 

CusTus CALCis. In xv] miel calcis emptis de yicario de 
Brogliton, lOs. Bd. In vj ch^udre carbonum marinorum emptis 
dc Johanne Hall, 26s. In portagio eorumdem usque cimiterium, 
8a. In viij chaudre carbo][ium marinorum emptis de dicto Jo- 
hanne, 82s. In m asoelwoa emptio de Johanne Bouland cum 
cariagio, 25s. 4d. In expeusis circa combustionem unius toralis 
calcis, IBd. Summa 109s. lOd. 

CuSTUS SABULi. lu cariagio oeo.di. sarcinar. sabuU per 
Johannem Oarton hoc antio, 28s. 4d. 

CusTUs FEBBi. lu ]Xi fcni empto de Johanne Lyllyng, 60s. 
In j plate ferri empto pro j rota stante supra magnum campa- 

Digitized by 


6f YORK lIlKSflSll. 4l 

nUe, 8d« In xiiij garbis tealebis ^mpHs dd Boberto il^mby, M. 
4d. In ix pftribnd ligatnranim, iij aeriSi et j pari jnnotnraram 
emptis dd eodem^ 4e. 8d. In Beinri^i davibusi nespes, cum 
aliis de ferro factis pet Henricam Loksmyth^ 86^. did. Snmi 
mallOs. 61d. 

CI78TU8 OLAVORUM. In Uij.m. di. dnpleepikyng emptis de 
Roberto Feriby, 16fl. 9d. In iiij.m. midilspikytiffi 86. 8di In 
ii^.m. di. Sootsem^ 6i. 9d. In iiq.m. di. stanebrbdi 68. Id 
mm. strabrodj 12d. In in. gulet naili lOd. In m. m. m. di. 
lode nail, 78. Snmma 468. 

Ctr8Tt;8 iiBRBMli. Ifli ti magnia queroubitt ^mj^tis de nxore 
Johanni8 May de Topdyff, 268. 8d. In ^ arbonbni^ cnm i^ 
doggee emptia de Johanne Haxbyi carpehtario, 88. 4d. Bogero 
Blaae pro tariagio Tiij bacona duercnum per Comitem Northam- 
brisB fabricse datamm a bosco de Spofibrd naqne in ortum palacii, 
228. 4d. In cariagio ii^ b^koona quercnum mbricsB dates per Ar- 
chiepiacopum^^ a Cawod naque Ebor. per havem^ lOa. In aled- 
djng eammdem ab Uaa uaque in ortnm j^alacii per Johannem 
Bell, 16d. In expenaia fiaurtia circa aucdaionem, ^tadonem et 
cariaginm ri^ magnamm qnercnnm datamm fabrics per Comi- 
tem NorthumbriflB annd Topdvff jj^r terram et a(|uam, 668i 4d. 
In sleddyng eammdem ab Uaa in ortum paladi, 88. In yiq 
^reaperrea emjptia pro acalia, 28. In ccc waynscotta emptis 
de Jobanne Skurmer et Thoma Kyrkham, 4/. lOa. In cc wayna- 
cotta emptia de dicto Johaniie SKyrmerj 668. 6^. In c wayna- 
cotta emptia de Thoma Oare, 408. In xi righoltea emptia de 
Thoma Oare, 78. 4d. In m. m. aaaeram emptarum de Thoma 
Palyaar de Sandhoton, 16a. In xx flekea emptia de Thoma Wel- 
bum, 68. 8d. In aleddyng meremii ab oito paladi usque in 
aulam ejuadem desiocanm, 2a. 4d. In atourea emptia pro emen- 
dadone uatrine Uoria Johannia Ormeaby^ 12di Summa 
17/. 17a. 

Sarbacio. In aaracione meremii, righolta et waynacotta per 
annum, 116a. 4d. 

MoLBNDiNUM DB Brotherton. Iu expcuaia droa facturam, 
erecdonem et conaummadonem uniua pontia ibidem facti, 19/. 
Sa. Id. In factura uniua fovesB ibidem pro j molendino fluviali 
per dictum Thomam inceptsB quam Bobertua Waterton fecit cea- 
aare, 268. Summa 28/. 16a. 8d. 

Cuarua canobi. In operadone xxij petrarum canobi in j 
cabell pro magna rota ultra magnum campanile per Johannem 
Kdyngwyk, 68. 6d. In expenaia operariorum auxiliandum 

* ArchUflhop Bowet gave a great ouantity of wood to the bbrio. Some 
notioes of bis muiiificenoe will be found aherwards. 

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42 run fabric rolui 

eundem Johannem^ 12d. In operadoue i^ petrarum di. canobi 
in cordas per eundem Joliannem> 6d. Summa 7b. 

Cu8TU8 HEDDiT*, Et in iiij.m. tbaktiell emptia de domino 
Thoma Tanfeld et magistro Roberto Scroton, 86b. In m. m. di. 
waltieU emptis de eisdem, 12b. 6d., 4b. 4d. In ii doliia de plastro 
emptis de Ricardo Plasterar^ 68. In v^ doliia di. piastre emptia 
de Jobanne Heggea^ 14b. 8d. In yj doliia de plastro emptia de 
Johanne Sale de Morton, 15b. In atipendiis Roberti l?yler per 
1 aept. et in remuneraoionej 89. 4d., 108s. 4d.j etc, Summa 
11/. 178. Id. 

ExPBNBiB APup MisTBBTON. Et in expenaia auper repara- 
done rectorial de Mistertou per firmarium ioidem, 44. 68. 

Yahijs BXPBNSiB. Et iu Bcriptura commisaion' cum literia 
jpenitentiariorum et copiis pro fabricft, per annum, 148. 4d. In 
liij lagenia di. olei emptia pro lampade ardeute ante crucifixum 
in navi ecdeaiae, per annum, 4a. 6d. In j ymagine Beats Maris 
empta cum factura tabemacuU aid et pictura qjuadem atantis 
auper lo pardoa ante altare Sanoti Stepbani,'*' 28a. 4d. Summa 
llOa. Id. 


Rbmanbnt auriLA* 181/. 168, 9d, 


BCCLBsiiB Cath. Bbati Pbtri Edor. A 28 Dbo. 1421 


Pbtri Fryston contrarotulatoris sui.f 


Summa TOTALia rbcbptobum. 502/. 178. 

Stipbndia opbrariorum. 28/. 14e. lO^d. ubi inter alia. 
Soluti diveraia operariia pro mundacione quarers apud Thcve- 
dale, 808. lOid. 

^ The altar of St. Stephen stood at the eait end of the north aiale of the choir. 
There the Soropes had their chantry, as will be seen herea(ter. Sir Stephen 
Sorope and the murdered Archbishop were laid there in 1406, and many of their 
kindred rest in the same pUioe. On the parolose of the chapel stood an image of 
the Virgin. In 1479 John de Oisburgh, a canon, requested to be buried " coram 
ymagine B. M. V. in insula borialL" In 1498 Bobort Este desired to be interred 
near the same place. 

t A perfect rolL The various items of the receipts are giyen by Mr. Browne. 
John Long was the master mason, and received 101. for his fee. Eighteen others 
were employed, a considerably smaller number than usual. The whole charge 
for the masons was 187/. 16s. Three carpenters, of whom John Aakam was the 
chief, received 22/. 19s. 4d. 

This roll shews that the works in the central tower were gdng on, and that 
the library was now finished. 

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Cu8TU8 FLI7MBI. Boberto Plumber operanti ibidem tarn in 
arte sua qnam in aliia laboribus per lii sept. 104a. Pro q doean 
^ lb. de tyn emptia de Willelmo WyllTnghami 6s. 6d. Pro tj 
petris plnmbi emptis de Jobanne Cooo> 8^. Prd pni^adone 
uxxTJ netramm de cineribus plumbi, 7s. 8d. Pro i^.m.di. de 
kyrkledenale^ 7s. S^A. Summa 61. 8s. O^d. 

CusTts viTRi. Jobanni Cbambre, glasier^ de Ebo^. pro 
emtindacione et emendaci6ne fenestrarum Titriarum in ecdesiai 
8s. 4d. 

CusTUS QuARBBiri. Thevedak* In fractora lapidum per 
Cbristoferain Jobnson per Ig sept, et pro j toga^ 6s. 8d.| 41. 18s. 
4d. In fractora lapidum et mondadone quarem per Henricum 
Warter per xl sept. 8/. 6s. 8d. Hugoni Williamson, similiter, 
per XX sept. 88s. 4d. Jobanni Gren, similiter, per xxviij sept. 
46s. 8d. In cariaeio cxxv timtygbt dictorum lapidum a quarera 
usque aquam de Tadcastre, 40s. In cariagio eorumdem lapidum 
per liarem a Tadcastre usque Ebor* 60s. In sleddynff eorumdem 
unacum xl timtygbt de Brambam, ut patet postea, ab Usa usque 
cimiterium, 26s. 8d. In cariagio ig ckrectarum lapidum a 
quarera de Tberedale, per terram, 6s. 6d. Pro g vangis emptis 
pro mimdadone quarera apud Tbevedale, lid. Pro j rota empta 
ro f quelebarrowe et j calatbo pro yictualibus custodiendis 
lominibus ibidem laborantibus, 9d. Pro j quelebarrowe empto 
to predicta mundadone, 18d. Pro ij biuckes de ferro emptis 
le uxore Thome Paver de Ebor. pro mundadone dictse quarene, 
]8d. (HuDDBtlyrbN ?) In'fractura lapidum per Job. Wilson 
per In sept, et 8s. 4d. in remuneradonCi 4/. lOs. Willelmo, 
Kyrkby, similiter, per Ig sept. 4/, 6s. 8d. In cariagio ccclxxv 
fother lapidum per carecta^ a quarera de Hudelston usque aquam 
apud Cawod, 16/. 18s. 4d. In cariagio xx fotber lapidum & 
Hudelston u^ue dmiteriuni per temlm pro defectu ftqQ»> 40s. 
In cariagio occclxxx tuntygbt lapidum a Cawod usqiie Ebor. per 
nayem per Job^ Blacbum, 9/., 41. In sleddyng lapidum apud 
Cawod a diversis lods usque navem, per annum, 12s. In cariagio 
pulveris ex quarera per carectas per Bic. Foxboles per xxq dies, 
27s. Bramham. In cariagio xl tuntygbt de pehdants a quarera 
de Bramham usque Tadcastre per Bobertum Hardy, 268. 8d. In 
cariagio a Tadcastre usque Ebor. per Job. Blacbum, shipman, 
208. Boberto Hardy, ex curialitate, 6s. 8d. In cariagio xlvj 
tuntygbt lapidum a Cawod mKjue Ebor. per aquam in valde 
magna siodtate per botes, per ii^ vices per Johannem Blacbum, 
27s. 2d. In cariagio xl tun^gbt lapidum a Cawod usque 
Byssboptborp per navem, 25s. in cariagio, diversis bominibus 
de ByMboptnorp usque dmiterium ecdesise infra clausum per 
carectas, 22s. 6d. In sleddyng eorumdem lapidum apud Cawod 

Digitized by 



Ser Willdmum Totty iisque naVem et le bote^ 28. 8d. Domino 
bhanni LaDgton militi et domino de Hudelston pro y rodis 
quareree ab eo emptis ibidem et j roda ab eo data fabricse, 10/. 
RicardQ Barlay de Cawod pro factnra uniuB staith de novo apud 
Cawod, in grosso^ 268. 8d. Pro amputadone vij fother de pylcs 
et ix fother de 8ubbo8oo datia per Arcbiepiscopum in bosoo de 
Cawod^ et '4d. ultra ad potacionem, 88. Pro cariagio de eisdem 
pylea et subbosco a bo8CO de Cawod usque aquam, 8s. Pro 
cariagio do cbyngell per navem a Hesill et Humbre pro pavi- 
mcnto cjusdem staitb, 168. Summa 81/. 5b. 2d. 

CusTus CALCis. In xIy miell calcis emptis de Johanne Saw- 
mon de Broghton^ cum portagio, 12d.j 458. In Ix quarteriis calcis 
emptis de Boberto Wodd et Adam Rvche de Shirbum, 25s. 
Johanni Newton^ Alano Couper^ Bicardo Foxholes et Ricardp 
Lumby pro cariagio dicti calcis a Shirbum usque lymehouse 
Beati Petri infra clausum, 26s. Summa 4/. 168. 

CusTUs SABULi. In cariagio ccc sarcinarum sabuli per Wil- 
ldmum Garton, 20s, 

CusTus FBBBi. lu m fcrri de Spa^ empto de Johanne 
Brounflete de Ebor. 48s. 4d. Et in x et di. garbis calebis emptis 
de Johanne Crispyn, 7s. In seruris^ dayibus, hespes^ stapds^ 
jonetors^ et aliis de ferro factis per Henricum Loksmyth^ 10s. 
lid. Summa 668. 8d. 

CusTus CLAYOBUH. Et iu vj.m dublespikynges emptis super 
Payimentum, 208. In m.m.m.m. midelspikyng^ 9s. In m.m.m. 
stanbrod emptis^ 3s. 6d. In m.m. Skotsemnalei 28. 6d. Summa 

CusTUS If BBBMii. In iij fyrspcrrps emptis pro j scala facicnda 

)ro caiiddis illuminandis iu choro de Willclmo Brcrton, 18d. 

n xlvj sperres emptis de Roberto Byrkhede pro j domo in 
Loplane et scaffaldyng^ 168. Id. In yjc thakburde emptis de 
Johanne Chatton^ 27s. In xl giestes et sperres emptis de Roberto 
Byrkhede/ 15s. {n m.m. standattes emptis^ cum cariagio de 
Bymand de Cattail, 14s. 8d. In m.m. saplattes emptis ab ^em, 
8s. In cariagio xiiij saplynges quse datae fuerunt custodi fabric» 
{>er uxorem Roberti Bilton de Dyghion a bosco de Dyghton 
usque cimiterium, 8s. 4d. In Ix spierres de quercu emptis apud 
Northdyghton de executoribus Roberti Bilton^ 12s. In amputa- 
cione earumdem, 16d. In ^ giests emptis de Willelmo Jaksou 
de Rybstane, 8s. In xxij flekes emptis pro scaffaldyng super 
campanile, 78. 4d. In m. thakborde emptis de Adam Bjrrnand 
cum cariagio, 45s. In yiij giests* et aliis arboribus emptis de 

* The maaona had oompleted thoir olterstiona in the ceiitr»l tower to a 
ooniiidoruble height, and a temporary roof was now set up. The rotito for Uio 
jeasU here mentioned may still be observed in the tower. Upon this roof scaffolds 


Digitized by 



Johanne Skdton pro le scaffaldynget le feme, 198. 8d. In Ix 
waynscottes emptis de WiUdmo Wynkbum de Ebor. 28b. 4d. 
In c waTnacottes emptia de WiUelmo Canthom de Ebor. 468. 8d; 
In x^ sparrea empti8 pro coopertura domomm restibuli, cum 
cariagio, 878. 4d. Pro ampntamone xij arbomin (in bosco de 
Caw^) datarum per Arcbiepi8copam ecclesise Ebor. pro scaffald- 
yngy ISd.y Sb,, 28. In expensis castodis fiibricse et Johannia 
ABRham equitanciuni yersus Cawod pro deliberacione dictanim 
xij arborum et pilamm et Bubbosci pro Bcaffaldyng cum con- 
ductu equorom, 48. Christoforo Foreatar de Cawod ex curialitate, 
88. Senro ejuBdem Christofori ad potandum, 6d. In xxiiij parvis 
spirea de finaino emptiB pro j oBtrina in Petergate, pertinente 
fabrics, 28. Smnma 16/. ISa. Id. 

Sarhacio. In Barracione meremii et waynsoottesj per an^ 
num, 17b. 2d. 

CtJBTUB RBDDiTua. In ix doliis de plastro oroptiB do Waltoro 
HaleB de Ghnrnesburgli, 27b, In fttipendiiB Job. Kyrkliam 
tegularii et plaBtrarii per kvi^ dieB di. 84a. 8d. In Btipendiia 
Jcmannis PalEme tegulatoris et plasterarii per Ixxv dieB, 28b. Ij^d. 
In Btipendiia Jobannis Clerk ' BOfvientiB ipBomm per Ixxr dies, 
188. M. In m.m.m. tbaktiell emptis de magiBtro Roberto 
Scraton, 808. In d.ccc waltiell emptis d^ eodem; 48. Soluti 
pro viij BarciniB de teleBcarthes a telehouse de Clifton usque 
eundem locum, 8d. Et in vj.c tbaktiell emptiB de Johanne 
Erkendone, 6b. 7d. Et Johanni Brigg, parer, de Ebor., pro 
emendacione pavimenti in Loplane pertinentiB fabricSB EcdeBise, 
4e. 4d. Et in bulders emptiB pro eodem payimento, 14d. 

ExPBNBJS APUD MisTBRTON. In plumbo eropto pro cooper- 
tura chori eoclesis de Misterton, viz., xij petris, 208. 6d. In 
soudre empto pro eodem, l2d. In cariagio plumbi predicti ab 
Ebor. usque Misterton, per navem, 18d. In cccc ledenaile emptis 
pro eodem, 9^. In uno ligno empto pi'o choro, 8d. In Ix 
thakburd emptis pro eodem, 8s. 4d., 18d. 9d. In duble spikyngs 
emptis^ eidem 18d. Summa 82b. 8d. 

Variji BXPBNBiB. {InteT^ aUa.) In j oUa de grenegynger 
empta et data domino Archiepiscopo,* 8b. 6d. Soluti pro 
cirothecis datis cementariis et aliis operariis, per annum, 16d. 
Johanni Upton pro supersoriptura librorum nuper magistri 

and oihor neoenariet would be plaoed (br the ootitinnMioe of the tower. It wm a 
lonff time before the work was flniflhed, as the Chapter were soon to begin the 
souui-westem tower, which was to serre as a belfrr, and until this was ereoted for 
the reception of the bells, the upper part of uie central tower oould not be 
meddled with. 

* A present not infreouentlv made to the Archbishop. The concession of 
indulgences and other like benefits secured it. 

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Johannis Neuton theeaurarii iatius eodeain legatorum librario,* 
Sa. Thomie Hornar de Fetergate pro bomyng et naiUyng super- 
Bcriptorum Ubrorum, 28. 6d. Badulpho Lorymar de Conyng- 
Btrete pro factura et emendacione zl cathenarum pro eiadem 
libris annexis in librario predicto/ 288. Id. In ij lagenia yini 
datis domino Johanni Langtoi^ militi et uxori suae, 2a. Soluti 
ij bominibuB vicecomitiB arestantibuB Tbomam Clerk de Bubw^ 
ad aeotam Bobeorti Waterton armigeri, 2a. Summa 41. ISa. 2d. 


09/. 88. 8d. 



Magna blbhosina. Et de 41. 16a. 6d. de elemoaina domini 
Arcbiepiacopit Ebor. reoeptis per manus Tbomie Farker| ca- 
nonid Eboraeenais eccleaisB. 

SUHHA TOTALIB^ 455/. 6a. 8|d. 

Stipbndia cbhbntariorum. Magiatro Jobanni Long pro 
feodo auo, 10/. Willelmo Waddeawyk gardiano per xlviij aept. 
cap. 88. per aept. 71, 4a. 19 others. Summa 189/. 8a. 8d. 

CusTua pluhbi. Boberto Flummer operanti ibidem tarn in 
arte plumbarii quam in arte laborarii per 1 aept, 100a. Jobanni 
Wrigbt et Tbom» Hoton de Ebor. de parochia Sancti Edwardi 
pro c.Ix petria plumbic 52a. Fro i\j duodenia di. iiij lb. di. tyn 
cmptia de Willelmo Wyllyngham^ 11a. 7^d. Pro \j.xa ledenalo 
emptia, 48. 2d. Summa 8/. 7a. 9id. 

* The library wm now finished, and iU fiimiture complete. The books wore 
aooordinglj pUoed in it. John de Newton, the irauurer, by wiU dated in 1414, 
left a large quantity of books to ttie Chapter for the library. Thev were now 
chained to the desks, and euarded with horn and studs, to prevent their being 
damaged hj the readers. Newton also eave three silver bowls, with wheels on the 
base, to maintain three torches before we high altar, together with twelve silver 
chargers and twelve dishes for the high altar. His will has been printed in fiUl 
in Test. JShitr,, L 864. My readers wiU there learn the titles of forty volumes here 

t Archbidiop Bowet still continues to encouraffe the work going on at York. 
We cannot tell to what this special gift was appUed, In 1428 t^e Archbishop 
died, and was buried under the stately tomb which he had erected for himself lU 
the east end of the minster. 

t Canon residentiary, and prebendary of Ampleford. An account of his 
beneiketions will be found elsewnere. He erected an altar in the minster, and 
probably was the donor of one of the windows in the north aisle, in the border of 
which are repeated the words, " Thomas Parker/' with a hound collared between 
thom. This must have been his bodge. 

Digitized by 


OF TORlC klKSTiR. 47 

Cu8TU8 TiTRi. Johaiint ChaUmbre^ glasier^ de Ebor. pro 
emendacione fenestrarmn vitri in ecclesiay per annam, 4a. 

CusTus QUARBRJs. Tkevcdale. In nractnra lapiduni per 
Christofomm Johnson per lij sept, et pro j toga, 6s. 8d.^ 4i. 13s. 
4d. Henrico Warter, similiter, per zf sept. 8i. 6s. 8d. Johanni 
Grene, similiter, per zx sept. 8ds. 4d. In cariagio oczl tnntight 
dictorum lapidum a q^narera de ThetrediJe nsque aqiiam de Tad- 
caster^ H. In cariagio eorumdem xx lapidnm a Tadcaster nsque 
Ebor. 6/. HudUsitm. In firactura lapidnm per Johannem 
Wylson per Ig sept, et 8s. 4d. in remnneracione, 4/. 10s. Wil- 
lelmo Kyrkby, similiter^ per ly sept. U. 6s. 8d. In cariagio 
ccckdx fother lapidum per carectas a quarera de Hudilston 
versus aquam apud Cawod, l5/. 7s. 6d. In cariagio dcczxxg 
tnntight dictorum lapidnm a Cawod usque Ebor. per navem cum 
aliis lapidibus ibidem dimissis ultimo anno per johannem Blac- 
bum, 18/. 148. lO^d. In cariagio pulveris extra quareram 
per carectas Bicardi Foxholes per xxj dies^ 21s. Summa 
68/. 7s. 7id. 

CusTus 0ALCI8. Johsuni Salmon et tloberto firatri suo pro 
dxix mele calcis emptis ab eisdem. Summa 8/. 9s. 

CusTUS sABULi. Bobcrto Salmon pro cariagio cc.xx sar- 
cinarum sabuli, 18s. 

CusTUS FBRRi. Johauui Brounflete de Ebon pro ferro de 
Spayn empto, 18s. 8d. Et in viii garbis di. calebis emptis de 
Thoma Aton de Ebor. Bs. 8d. Summit 19^. 4d. 

CixsTus cLATORUM. ThomsB Padewd pro m.ccc. duble spik- 
yng, 4s. 4d. Pro m.m.m. de middilspikyng emptis de eodem, 
68. 9d. Pro m.m.m.m Skotsemnale, 6s. 4d. Pro yjm biroddes, 
7s. 6d^ Pro m.m broddes emptis infesto Sancti Thomse, 2s. 6d. 
Summa 268. 6d. 

CusTus HERSMti. Johanui Skeltoil de Ebor. pro tj magnis 
saplyngs emptis pro scaffaldyng in le severy* Archiepiscopi, l4s. 
Pro cariaeio earumdem a capdla Sancti Jaoobif versus cimite- 
rium EcdesisSj I2d. Eidem Johanni pro ig magnis saplynges 
alia vice pro eadem cuin cariagio, Bs. 9d. Eidem Johanni pro 
xxxj ma^s saplynged et ' alrboribns emptis pro scaffaldyng in 
campanili, cum cariagio a loco predicto, 41s. Bd. Pro Ixxx 
spires emptis apud Northdighton jpro scaffaldyng, ctam cariagio^ 
19s. 2d. Pro j fraxino empta pro haxshafftes, 14d, Pro o 
wanescottes emptis de Willelmo Crathorn, 408. Pro i righold 
empto pro muldio' faciendo, 12d. Henrico Couper de Ebor. 

* The teTery or inoloiore of the Arohbiahop on the north ride of the Minster 
sorroundinff hif palace. 

t The ohapel of 8i Jamet was without Micklegaie bar, on what is now called 
the Mount Its position is now unknown. Each Archbishop at his enthronisa- 
tion walked from it to the Minister with bared feci 

Digitized by 



pro xxxq flekkes ^mpti^ prp scaffaldyngy lOs. 8d. Pro xij gists 
emptis pro j domo super Favimwtumi cum cariagio, Ss. 7d. 
Summa 71. 6s. 4d.... 

Sabbacio. In aanradone meremii et wanesoottes, per an- 
num, 22s. 9|d. 

CusTUs pANOBi. Pro Ixiij petris canobi de femell emptis 
apud Hull, emptis pro j novo cabill faciendo, 78s. 6d. Soluti j 
raper facienti dictum cabill, 5s. 8d. Soluti xij hominibus con- 
ductis et mulieribus ad adjuvandum predictum raper per j diem, 
4s. In conductu Ix personarum alio die cum pane et oereyisia 
emptis pro' eisdem, 28d. In expensis Jobannis flawartb cqui- 
tantis versus Hull et ibidem trabentis moram per v dies, 2s. 
Pro uno equo conducto pro dicto Johanne per y dies, 20d. In 
caria^o dicti cabill a Hull versus Ebor. per navem, 20d. Jo- 
banni Kyllvngwyk, rapar, de Ebor. pro factura vj bausors et x 
bandrapes metis de sti^uro, 2s, 8d. Summa 4/. 12s. 8d. 

Cu3TU8 BiDDiTU^. Et in ix.m waltiell emptis de domino 
Thoma Tanfeld vicario pro j severyn facto ex parte Arcbiepiscopi, 
46s., etc. Summa 8/. 12d. 

ExPBNSiB APUD BuBWiTH, Pro cc stours emptis pro doba- 
cione super kylnbouse et alias locos, 4s. Pro virgis pro templis 
et wetbis emptis, 16d. Summa 87s. 9d. 

YABiiB EXPBNSJB. {Inter alia.) In j oUa de grenegynger 
empta et data domino Arcbiepiscopo, 8s. 9d. Pro bruscis por- 
cinis pro bruscis faciendis ad dealbacionem le severyse in le yle 
ecclesise, 16d. Pro pictura armorum domini Arcbiepiscopi in Ic 
sutb ile, 4d.4K Pro cirothecis emptis et datis cementariis et aliis 
opcrariis, 2s. lOd. Suipma 10/. 2s. Od. 

ScJMHA 80}/. 6s. 9d. . 

Rbmanbnt supba, 68/. lOs. 6id. Indb uati Nicholao 
Kelu pbo bona diliqbncia pbb iij ANNos ultimo pbbtbbi- 

TOS, 4/. 


24 Dbc. Hccccxxxii. usqub bundbm dibh, anno bbvoluto. 
Abbbbaoia. Idem respondet in 8/. in partem de 16/. 16d. 

* The simi of Arohbighop Bowet ooour on the easternmoft keyitone of the 
south aide of the presbytery. It does not at all follow from this oiroumstanoe 
that the vault was at that time begun. The bays in that part of the ohurch seem 
to haye been whitewashed at the same time, a prooess which would frequently 
be repeated. The interior of the minster does not seem to have been generally 

t An undated roll, whioh Mr. Browne ascribes to the year 1483. It may, 
possibly, belong to 1 182. There is little information of interest in it except a 

Digitized by 



de arrdragiis domini Boberti Semer predecessoris sui ultitni 

Vbndicio 8TAURI. (IfUeT alia). De 2Si de Thoma Mix pro 
qaadam porcione de shyrers. De 20s. de precio iy lapidum pro 
sepultura vendiiorom WUlelmo Chestrefelde. De 238. 4d. de 
precio i^ lapidum pro sepultura venditorum majgistro Alano com- 
moranti cum Archiepiscopo. De Gs. de precio ij lapidum pro 
mortario inde fiendo venditorum pro Decano ecclesise Cath., cum 
factura. De 12s. de precio zxxy] lb. cene albn collectss de can- 
delis infra ecclesiam C3atli« De 8s. de precio yj lb. cersB mundie 
similiter oollectss infra Ecclesiam. Summa 28/. 2s. 7ld. 

MoRTUARiA CANONicoRuii. Dc mortuario magistri Johannis 
Prikelofe* nuper canonid, 40s. De mortuario domini Boberti 
Wolveden nuper thesaurariii 40s. Summa 4/. 

Dbbita. De 408. de executoribus Henrid Percjr^f militis^ 
domini de Catton, pro sepultura sua in ecdesia Cath. De 60s. 
de legato Job. Waddeswortb et dono Agnetis uxoris suss. 
Summa cs. 

Summa rbcbptorum, 846/. 18s. l^d. 

CusTUS QUARBRs. Jobauni Wilkynson pro fractura et ad- 
quisitione lapidum in quarera de Hudelston^ per Ij sept.^ ima 
cum 6s. 8d., pro roba, 4/. lis. 8d. WiUelmo Kirkeby pro con- 
simili opere per tempus predictum, 4/. 6s« Henrico Newton et 
i^ sociis suis pro cariagio Ixxj plastratarum lapidum de dicta 
quarora usq|ue Cawod^ 69s. 2d. Eisdem pro cariagio Ixii^ 
plaustr. lapidum a dicta quarera usque Ketilbarnbrij^ super 
aquam de Qwerff^ BSs. 4d. Thomm Bocher pro sleddaoione xxyj 
navium lapidum a ripa Ussb apud Cawod usque navem, 26s. 
Boberto Salmon pro batellagio dc^xiiij tontightes lapidum 
de dicta ripa Usee apud Cawod usque Ebor. apud Sayntlenard- 
lendynge, 16/. 8s. 9d. Jobanni Fomeux pro riddacione et cari- 
agio c^xx plaustr. lapidum de quarera usque ripam ejusdem 
quarerse, lis. 8d. In emendacione diversarum ruptarum super 
caucetum inter Schirburh et Cawod pro meliore cariagio per 

mention of the work in the bell-tower ; from which we maj gather that the 
building of the south-western tower of the nave had oommenoed, 

* John Priokloye or Pricklowe was prebendary of Buffth€ni)e, and died in 
1481-2. WoWeden was treasurer, and died in 1482-8. He left 201. to the 
fabric, A window in the north aisle of the choir has his natne repeated in the 

t It is difficult to say who this Sir Henry Percy was. Perhaps he was the 
ffrandson of the Earl of Northumberland, who was kiUed on Bramham Moor, by 
Sir Thoihas, one of his younger sons, and Elisabeth Strabolsy. He left two daugh- 
ters and co-heirs, both of whom made great alliances. v>n the 8rd of August, 
1484, adihinistration to the effects of Sir Henry Pehjy, late lord of Harthill, was 
granted to his noble relict, Elisabeth Scales. There is but little known of the 
younger children of our old baronial houses. 


Digitized by 



ibidem habendo oum lapidibua predictb, 20d. Summa 
89/. 28. 9d. 

Vadia cbmbntarioruh. Thomn Pak^ mAgistro oementari- 
orum^ pro feodo suo^ 10/. — 16 others. In rega^o facto Johanni 
Taillor et Johanni Bultflow^ cementariis vocatis settara^ 268. 8d. 
In ij pellibuB emptis et datis eiadem pro naporons inde habendis^ 
ex conauetudine^ 12d. In x paribus cirothecarum datis eisdem 
tempore settandi lapides, 18d. Summa 108/. 14s. 8d. 

CusTus CALCI8 8ABULI BT TBGULARUH. In mercedo Boberti 
Salmon cariantia cc^ iiij aarcinaa dieti calcia de diveraia locia^ 146. 
Bicardo Lymebimer de Tadcaatre pro xxvj carectatia calcia vivi^ 
41. Sa. 4d. Dicto Roberto pro cariagio d.xl.ix aarcinarum aabuli, 
27a. 6d. In ix.m. thaktill emptia de eodem^ 76a. 6d. In iiij doleis 
plaatri emptia de Johanne Mody^ Oa. 8d. Summa 11/. 78. 5d. 

Stipbndia opbrariorum^ 17/. 9a. lOd. 

Empcio hbrbmii cuh 8ARRA0I0NB. In 1 queroulia emptia de 
Johanne Skelton et Rioardo Clabroke de Ebor. una cum cariagio 
do ccclcaia Sancti Jacobi extra muroa civitatia uaquo cimiterium^ 
238. Id. In ij rodia de plaunchora emptia ad idem opua de 
Georrio Forater^ 12a. In pedibua de tabulia cum cariagio, 
8a. 2a. B.oberto Warner et aocio auo aarrantibua hoc anno vj 
rodaa et di. in quercuP pre-empt' aupra et in waynacottea emptia 
per dominum B. Semar, 21a. 6id. Summa 4/. 16a. S^d. 

Stipbndia carpbntarioruh. Johanni Aakham magiatro 
carp., 66a. 5d. Summa 16/. 12a. 2d. 

Stipbndia fabri cum bhpcionb clavoruh. Boberto 
Johanaon, fabro, pro acuicione et fabricacione diveraorum inatni- 
montorum ccmentariorum, 81a. Od. Et in rcgardo facto eidcm 
pro acuacione parvorum instrumentorum, 2a. In iij.m midelspi- 
kengea emptia, 8a. In yj.m atanebroddea, 78. 6d. In m.m.m 
atanebroddea, 2a. 9d. Inlj.mtynglenailea,22d. Inmledenailea, 
18d. Summa 4/. 6a. lO^d. 

CusTua plumbi. In xxx potria \j lb. plumbi emptia de Jo- 
hanne Oyaeburgh et Bicardo Bukloy, 168. 8d. In ij akeppea 
carbonum maritimorum emptia pro officio plumbarii, 2a. 2d. In 
atipendiia Boberti Plumber onerantia tam in opere plumbario 
quam in aliia operibua circa fabricam pro xxxvij aept. iij diea, 
74s. 8d. Willelmo Baynbrigg pro conductu j paria de belooa pro 
ameltura plumbi, etc., 12d. In cereviaia empta et data dicto 
Boberto et aociia auia tempore ameltacione plumbi, 6d. Summa 
4/. 148. 7d. 

Cu8TU8 TiTRi. Johauni Chambre^ glaaier, pro yitriacione et 
reparacione vitri diveraarum feneatrarum infra Eccleaiam per \j 
aept., 68. In xij lib. atanni empti pro aoderyng habendo pro 
firmacione fencstrarum yitriarum, Ss. Summa Oa. 

Digitized by 



CusTus oROANORUM ET CABBLL. SoL pro parte facturse no- 
vorum organorum hoc anno factomm ex precepto Capituli, 4/. 
In j nova maena corda canabea hoc anno empta pro Bursum 
tractacionelapidum super campanile'i' Monasterii cum portacione 
ejusdem usque Monasterium, 68b. lOd. Summa 6/. 18b. lOd. 

SUMICA BXPENSARUM, 809/. 168. 7d. 

Et bio remanent^ 86/. 18b. O^d. 


FADRicj! A 24 Dec.> 1488| ubqub eundeM diem anno eb- 


Vendicio 8TAURI. (IfUev Ma,) De 28. 6d.^ de Constantino 

Siro predo j pctne pro sepulcro. De 408.^ de majore civitatis 
ilbor. pro xxiiij dolois lapidum de asholor8.| Do 4d. de 
mngistro Bicordo Morton pro ramelstono sibi vetidito. Do 
domino Decano EcdesioB pro j roda di. de planchors sibi ven- 
ditia. De 88. de domino thesaurario pro occc asseribus. De 
8d. de eodem pro d stonbrodes. De 12d. de domino Roberto 
Semar^§ pro j porcione vitri. Summa 10/. 68. 6d. 

MoRTUARTA CANONicoRUM. Dc 408. dc cxec. magistri Wil- 
lelmi Felleson^ll pro palfrido nomine mortuarii sui. De 88. de 

* The south-west bell tower, tiierefore, had been begun. 

t The grettt work now in progress was the ereoSon of the south-western 
tower, in which the bells were to be pkoed. It is not known when it was 
finished. It was ereoted under the auspices of John Bemingham, the treasurer, 
and he has immortalised himself by having his name out in stone, under one of 
. the large windows on the outside. He was a munificent oontributor to the fiibric. 
Indeed, the treasurers of York seem to have held the pencil as well as the purse, 
and to thdr architectural skill the beauty of the n^nster is in a great measure to 
be ascribed. 

At the end of the roll is to inventory of the stores belonffing to the fabric, 
which were purchased during the year. They were valued at 1277. 98. B^d. As 
the purchase of them has been already recorded in this roll, it is unnecessary to 
give the inventory of the remnant. 

t The lord mayor and dtisens of York were now emulatiuff the spirit of the 
Chapter. They were erecthig the mMpiflcent guildhall, which u one of the prin- 
cipal ornaments of the oitv of York. Thev would, necessarily, have some difficulty 
in procuring stone, and they resorted to the old stores of the fabric. 

f Can this be the vicar of St. Martin's, in Coney Street, at whose expense the 
west window in that church was filled with such oeauUful gUss ? By his will, 
dated on New Year's Day, 14M, he left the residue of his estate to the flibric of 
St. Martin's, if the panstiioners will build it anew within seven years. To 
Bobert Steresakre he gives a book called BreUm^wA to the minster librarv 
another called OifUft de rtgUmme Brimsinum, To Whitbv Abbey he leaves Bolph 
Higden's PoUerwuea^ which John Morton. Esq., bequeathed to him in 1481. 

II William Pelleson was archdeacon of the East Biding, and canon residen- 
tiary. By his will, dated at Copmanthorpe, in 1484, he desired to be buried in 
the nave of the minster, at the head or feet of master William Ferriby. John Selow 

E 2 

Digitized by 



magistro Johanne Selow pro sella et freno cum apparatu ejusdem. 
Summa 48s. 


CusTus QUARBRjB. Iq vadio Thomse Goldesburgh et iiij 
sociorum suorum riddancium mundaucium et nudancium xv 
rodas quarerse apud Hodelston pro meliore adquisicione et 
lucracione petrarum pro fabrica eccl. Cath. Ebor.^ una cum por- 
tacione ramell' super ripam^ 13/. In yadio Job. Wilkynson ad- 
quirentis^ etc.| petras ibidem ad opus dictSQ Ecclesiae per lij sept.^ 
cum 68. 8d. pro roba sua, 41. 13s. 4d. In vadio Wiilelmi 
Kirkeby hujusmodi opus facientis^ per idem tempus^ cum 3s. 4d. 
pro roba sua^ 41. 10s. Willelmo Buriey et socio suo cariantibus 
cum plaustr' ncccxl plaustr' de ramell de dicta quarera usque 
ripam^ 53s. 5d. Pro batellagio xxiiij doliorum petrarum de 
Tadcastre, videlicet^ Roberto Salmon^ usque Ebor. ad lendyng 
Sancti Leonardi, 12s. Eidem pro batellagio novem batell' 

?etrarum de Cawod usque dictum Lendyng, 4/. 12d. In vadio 
Icnrici Newton, Ricardi Foxholes et sociorum suorum carian- 
cium de dicta quarera usque ripam Ussb apud Cawod cccc.xliiij 
plaustr' petrarum, 21/. 16s. 8d. In yadio Thomas Bocher sled- 
dantis predictas^ necnon batell' petrarum de diversis locis super 
ripam Us8e usque dictum batelP apud Cawod, 9s. Summa 
53/. 17s. 5d. 

Yadia CBMENTARiORUif. Thom» Fak, magistro cementa- 
riorum, pro feodo suo, 10/. — 14 others employed. In regardo 
facto ij cementariis supponentibus lapides super campanile hoc 
anno, 26s. 8d. Summa 47/. 19s. 2d. 

Stipbndia operabiobum. 19. — 15/. 19s. Id. 


plastri, 29s. lOd. In m.m.m.m viij.c waltiles emptis de Johanne 
Whitchestre, 21s. lOJtd. In xxiij plaustratis calcis vivi emptis 
apud Tadcaster cum cariagio, 70s. 9a. In yadio Roberti Salmon 
. cariantis cccxj saccos sabidi, 15. 6d. Summa 9/. 3s. 

Empcio merbmii. In iij quercubus scapulatis* et ij quer- 
cubus squararatis pro balkes et iiij peciis pro archebandes, et iiij 

was also a residentiary and precentor. In his will, made in 1488, he desires to be 
interred between the steps of the ohoir and the Testry door, on the south side of 
the minster, if he dies at x ork. 

* An extraordinary quantity of timber is purchased in this year. Mr. 
Browne thinks that it was procured for the roof of the choir, which we think was 
finislied thirty years before this time. We must remember that heavy timber 
would be required for the tower, which was being erected ; there is also no special 
record, at any time, of the appropriation of any wood for the stalls in the church ; 
these fittings may have been now completed. At all events it is evident that the 
carpenters were very busily employed. John Askham still presided over that de- 
partment, reoeivinff 66fl. 8d. for his fee ; and the carpenters in this year cost the 
Chapter the sum of 17^ 12s. 8d. 

Digitized by 



peciis pro Btahzones, et v quercubus rotundis empiis pro 
fabrica de Ricardo Stowe ill Northstret, 208. 4d. In ck quer- 
culis emptis de Roberto Brandesby^ 438. 6d. In Ixvij quercubus 
emptis apud Eshkirk^ 278. lid. In x?ij quercubus emptis ibi- 
dem^ hoc anno^ Sis. 2d. In lii quercubus emptis ibidem^ 4/. Ss^ 
In ix quercubus emptis pro sparris inde fiendis^ Ss. 9d. In ^ 
rodis^ i quarts et vij pedibiis de plaunchors emptis de WiUdmo 
Haye de Ebor. 146. In ig rodis xx pedibus de plaunchors emptis 
in aqua Usee, 19s. In m.ccxxv thakburdes emptis hoc anno, 
446. 8d. In sarracione quercuum hoc anno pro fabrica in j 
rodam di. et j quart. 6s. 9a. Et in v.m asserum emptarum hoc 
anno, ^rec. m. 7s. 4d. In divereis peciis meremii emptis de 
Johanni Sdaybroke, yidelicet, in ii^ magnis quercubus, v) duble 
postis, Tj thoregistes, i\] bailees, iiij stansons, vij banddogs, i^ 
soles, j quercu curva, xj gistis, j quercu curva, y bakons et diis, 
cum cariagio earumdem de ultra Use usque Monasterium^ 
41. 18s. 4d. Summa 21/. 28. &d. 


Boberto Johanson pro factura xy duod. di. magnorum braggs, 
6s. Id. In mercede ejusdem Boberti de novo facientis vectes 
ferri, tarn pro fenestris novis vitreis lul altare Sancti Willelmi et 
Sancti Nicholai quani pro dasura tumbn in qua Qrenfdde Ar- 
chiepiscopus jacet,* 6s. 8d. In m. xv petris ferri emptis tarn 
>ro dictis materiis inde fiendis quam pro Stauro fabricse, 62s. lOd* 
It x.m Ix dublespikynged empti6, 208. S^d. In xij.m mydd- 
spikynges, 20s. In vj. m de stonebrodes, 6s. 6d. In tij. m do 
stonebrodes, in v. m Scotesemnailes^ 6s. 6d. In vij.m.nccc 
Scotesemnailes, 9s. 2d. In xvij.m no ledenailes^ 29s. 4d. 
Summa 9/. 19s. 9id. 

Empcio plumbi. In stipendiis Boberti Plumbar operantis 
in opere plumbario per xxxvj. sept, j diem et dim., 72s. 6d. In 
^ fodris dxxiiy petris plumbi emptis de Thoma Sdater, 12/. 

The quaati<7 of iron and lead purohased in the course of the year is yery ob- 
servable, but we do not know to what purposes they were applied. I do not 
think that our builders, in old days, coyered their roob with lead as soon as the 
woodwork was completed. A temporary coyering of liles was, 1 belieye, fre- 
guently put upon them Wl the lead could be oonyeniently procured. The 
Chapter-house at York, which must haye been finished before 1870, only receiyed 
its lead roof about that year. It is quite possible that some of the rooft in the 
eastern portion of the church still required weir leaden coyering. 

* Archbishop Greenfield died in 1812, and was buried near the altar of St. 
Nicholas. His tomb, with its graoefiil oyerarohing canopy, and a portion of an 
effigy in brass, is still there. Greenfield was one of the earliest contributors to 


the mbrio ; and behind his tomb, in 1829, the fknatic. Jonathan Martin, concealed 
himself when he set fire to the minster. The windows here alluded to are close 
to the monument, feoiuff the east. As th^ bear the name and arms of treasurer 
Wolveden, it is probabto that the glass liad been executed before ttie ironwork 
was made. 

Digitized by 



28. 4d. In ij fodria plumbi emptU de Abbate de Fontibns^ 8/. 
In xcii petris plumbi emptis de Jobanne Donnyng pro stauro 
dictffl tabric£8^ 40s. lOd. In xlj petris plumbi emptis de Jobanne 
Littesteri 18s. O^d. . In viij petris et y lb. plumbi emptis boo 
anno de Roberto Plumber, 8$. 6d. In j fodre plumbi empto de 
rectore de Bedale hoc anno, 41. Summa 30/. lOs. lO^d. 

CusTus viTRi. In stipendiis Johannis glasier reparantis 
divprsos defeotus in fenestns vitreis per x sept. 80s. In ij semes 
vitri emptis boo anno pro stauro, 48s. In ij duodonis stanni 
emptis hoc anno pro stauro ejusdem fabrics, 6s. Summa 
4/. 4s. 

Rbparaoio rbdditus. CInter alia J Et in pardose de tabulis 
facto, empto in domo Thomas Bukeby in Petregate, 2s. 6d. In 
oxbose de lignis facto empto in domo Joh. Hoyyngham, 6s. 8d. 
In ij lodiis emptis pro ten. in tenura Job. Thornton, cum j fune 
canabi, lOd. Summa 6/. 198. 2iid. 

CusTUs APUD Dalton. In m.ccc strelattes emptis pro 
granffia decimali ibidem reparanda, 6s. 6d. In m.m.m stro- 
broddes emptis pro dictis strelattes inde firmandis, et ij gogions, 
et ij plates, 4s. lOd. Et in xxi plaustris de stramine emptis pro 
tectura, 80s. Summa 56s. lOd. 

CusTus APUB TopcLiPFB. In meremio empto pro repara- 
cione magnorum ostiorum grangiae ibidem, et in harretres et 
ligaturis pro eisdem, 16d. In ij petris ferri emptis cum fabri- 
cacione ejusdem in hopes gogions et plattes ac eciam in j beke 
ct ij staples ferri pro clausura eorumdem ostiorum dictss grangis, 
2s. 2d. Summa lis. 0|d. 

EicpBNSA MINUTE. (Inter aUa.J In Ixxx flokos do virgulis 
emptis apud Acaster Sdby, 408. In liiij (Ickcs de virgulis factis, 
emptis apud Cawod, 18s. In j magno cabell canabi empto pro 
tractacione petrarura supra campanile, cum cariagio, 548. 9d. 
In pinguedine empta pro les poles de la feme ungendis, 2d. In 
iiij paribus cirothecarum cor' emptis pro cementariis operantibus 
super campanile, 6d. Jn iij corais canabi emptis pro les skales 

Eonder' inde pendendis, 7a. In iij cordis canabi emptis pro 
ausors inde iiendis et ij cordis pro le credell plumbariorum 
inde pendendo, ij cordis pro scalis inde ligandis, et j corda pro 
ponderc plumbi horologii pendente, ponderis xiiij petrarum ij lb. 
lis. lOd. In ij brushis emptis de Willelmo Shawe pro stauro 
fubricse, 2d. Roberto Lokesmyth pro emendacione juncturarum 
ferri et serurse ad altare Sancti Nicholai, 16d. In vadio j ho- 
minis iirmantis ymagines Episcorum in petra coram altare B. 
M. 6s. 8d.* In mercede Willdmi Hakkyng cariantis ramell' 

* A very remarkable entry. It refers, without doubt, to the monnmento of 
the Arohbishopfl which Thoreeby pku^ed before the altar of the Virgin. Theie 

Digitized by 



et fimum de cimiterio usque fimarium extra barram de Bout- 
home^ 58. Id. In mercede j fabri reparantis ambonem ferri in 
choro cum ferro ab eodem empto^ 8d. Thomse Bocher custo- 
dieuti^ ^tras super ripam Usse^ pro rqgardo^ 12d. In factura 
j logii m quarera pro eisdem quarerariis pro instrumentis suis 
mserendis^ 28. lOd. In vi^j circulis ligneis emptis pro situlis et 
boll inde Ugandis^ d^A. In iiij cordis canabi emptis pro diversis 
lodiis in mversis tenementis iractandisi S^d. Summa 10/. 
IBs. 6^d. 

SUMMA ALIiOCACIONUMi 802/. Ss. 2|d. 

Et sic bxpbnsjs bxcbdunt rbcbptaj 10/. 18s. 6|d. 

XrV. — CoMPOTUs Domini J^ohannis Appilton oustodis 
PAJiRiojB A 24 Dbo.i 1434, usqub 24 Dec, 1485. 

. Vbndioio stavri. 10/. 8s. 5d. 

MoRTUARiA Canonico^vm. Et dc 18s. 4<1. do prccio pala- 
fridi nomine mortuarii magistri Job. Wodham.* Et de 20a. de 
fratre suo pro sella et freno. Summa 15s. 

SUMMA TOTALIS RBCBPTJS| 293/. 12s. lid. 

CusTUB QUARERiB. In vadio Job. Wilkynson adquirentis 
lucrantis et frangentis petras m quarera per lij sept.^ cum 6s. 8d. 
pro roba sua, 4/. ISs. 4d. In vadio Willelmi Kirkeby hujus- 
modi opus facientis ner idem tempus, cum Gs. 8d. pro roba sua^ 
4/. 18s. 4d. Willcdmo Burlej et socio suo cariantibus cum 
plaustriscccplaustr' de ramell (a) dicta quarpra usque ripam, 20s. 
Eidem pro batellagio xv batelr de Cawod, viddiicet, Boberto 
Salmon^ 6/. 15b. — cetera desunt. 

stones were inlaid with effigies, eto., of brtss. Does this entry mean that the 
brazen figures were now, for the first time, inserted in the stones f If it is so, 
it is certainiT most strange that there should have been so great a delay, as the 
monuments had been pla^ there more than rixty yean before, and the presbytery 
had begun to reoeive other tombs soon after the beginning of the fifteenth oon- 
tury. The sum paid is but smoll. Is it powible tliat some of the figures required 
re-setting f The fiistenings had probably beoome loose. 

* Arohdeaoon of the Eaat Bioing, canon residentiuy and prebendary of Stil- 
llngton. He died in 1485-6. Master Wm. Wodham, S. T. P., was the brother 
here alluded to. 

Digitized by 




PABRiCiB A 16 Dec, 1441, usque 16 Dec, 1442.* 

MoRTUARiA Canonicorum. Et do 6/, 138, 4d, do mogistro 
Willelmo Daffeld,t nomine mortuarii 8ui. 

SUMMA RECBPTifi, 808/. 188. 8d. 

Cu8TU8 QUBRRURiB. In vadio Job. Wylkyn8on, qwerior, ad- 
quirentis, etc., petras apud HuddeUton per lij 8ept., cum 68. 8d. 
pro roba 8ua, 44, 18s. 4d. In vadio Willelmi Kirkebj, c^uerrior, 
ut supra, 4/. 18s. 4d. In vadio Alani Jhonson, quemor, ope- 
rautis super eodem opere pro lij eept., 698. 4d. Pro cariagio 
v.c.xix piaustratarum petrarum a querrura usque stallagium de 
Cawod, 26/. 15s. lOd. Roberto Salmon de Ebor., 8chipman,pro 
batellagio viij batelP petrarum a Cawod usque ripam Sancti Leo- 
nardi Ebor., 72s. Johanni Farechylde sleddanti dictas batell' 
petrarum de diversis locis usque ripam Usse ad dictum batell' 
apud Cawod, Ss. Thomse Carter pro sleddacione dictarum pe- 
trarum a ripa Sancti Leonardi usque cimiterium Mon., 828. 
Pro cariagio iiij.c piaustratarum de ramcll extra querruram, 
268. 8d. Summa 45/. lOs. 6d. 

Empcio QUERRURiB. Pro V rodis et v ulnis querrursd petra- 
rum emptis hoc anno de domino Johanne Langton, 10/. In ij 
rodis querrurffi petrarum emptis de eodem, 668. 8d. Pro remo- 
cione et cariagio pulveris dictarum vij rodarum et v ulnarum a 
querrura, 6/. 168. Summa 20/. 28. 8d. 

Empcio m bremii cum sarracionb. Inl waynscottes emptis 
cum cariagio a Pavemento usque Mon., 21 s. 2d. In cxyj qucr- 
culis omptis apud Kcxbj do Tlioma Nikson ct sociis suis, 47s. 
In cariagio mercmii a Longwath usque moram de llcslyngton, 
8s. : et deinde usque Mon., 298. 4d. In m lattes emptis ad 
fabricam, 6s. 8d. In c flekes emptis, 45s. In xl flekes 
emptis, 18s. 4d. In xv flekes emptis, 68. In m thakburde 
emptis, 888. 4d. In plawnechir' empt', 68. In sarracione xxiij 
rodarum mercmii et tabularura, 6l8. 4d. In xiij magnis quercu- 
bus emptis apud Cawod, cum cariagio earumdem per aquam 
usque Ebor., 478. 7d. Summa 16/. 128. 9d. 

Stipendia carpbntariorum. 6. In stipendiis Willelmi 
Kerror pro factura de les lyntels pro horologio, 1 68. 8d. Summa 
80/, 16s. 8d. 

* An uninteresting roll. Ten maaonB were employed^ and their waffes 
amounted to 56/. 8s. 2d. The sum of 8/. 12s. 6d. was paid to the labourers. Jmn 
Bowde was master-mason and Wm. Cottingham master-oarpenter. 

t Archdeacon of Cleveknd. By will dated in 1462 he gave 201, to the gild- 
ing of the reredos at York ; to Chesham Church 6/. 18s. 4d., if the parishioners 
finish at their own cost the repiurs which are goinff on ; to the reparation of the 
tower of 8t John the B<^tist in Merton College, Oxford, l(H. 

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or YORK MINBTiR. 67 

Stipendu fabri cum empcionb nsRRi BT ctAtroRUM. In q.c 
et di ferri emptis boo anno ad fabricanii 168. Et in iij.m dobil- 
spykyni^es, iij.m midddspykyngeSi^iij^m et di. stanebrodea^ iij.m 

le nalesi ij.m. et di. Scotseme^ 268. 7d. Summa 4/. 128. Od. 

Cu8TU8 Plumbi. Pro j fother^ xxiij petria plumbi, 8/. 98. 7d. 
Pro cariagio dicti plumbi a Borbrygg per aquam uaque ripant 
Sancti Leonardi^ 20d. In ^ doesen Rtanni, 68. 8d. In ▼ skep 
carbonum pro fynnjng dicti plumbi^ 88. 4d. In mercede Chr. 
Plumber operantis in opere plumbario per xzxiij aept. et i diem^ 
1028. 6d. Snmma 14/. 88. 8d. 

Summa BXPBNaARUli, 887/. 148. 0|d. Bbmanbnt^ 28/. 168. 


BccL. Cath. EnoR. A 17 Dbc.| 1442^ uaqUB 17 Dbo.| 14i<8.^ 

MoRTUARiA cANONicoRUM. De 0.8. roceptia de yenerabili 
viro magiatro Job. CasteU^f nomine mortuarii 8ui, 8Uper palefrido 
de 668. 8d. De exec, magiatri Willekni Lassela, nomine mortuarii 
8ui, ut 8npra^ 8/. 68. 8d. Et de 858. 5d. receptia de Petro Wil- 
ton pro expen8i8 factis in priaona Sancti Petri. 

Summa totali8 RECBPTjBy 290/. 48. 8H* * 

Cu8TU8 QUBRRURJS. In vlulio Joh. Wilkynaon^ querrior^ apud 
Hnddelston per ly aept., 4/. 188. 4d. In vadio Willelmi Kyrkby, 
qucrrior^ operantia ut auprd^ 4/. ISs. 4d. In vadio Alani Jhonaon^ 
querrior, operantia super eodem opere per xlvij aept.^ 628. 8d. 
Johanni Fayrchilde pro cariagio yj plauatratarum petrarum a 
querrura uaque atallagium de Cawode^ 58. Roberto Peraoui 
achipman, pro batellagio iii) batellarum petrarUm a Cawode uaque 
lipam Sancti Leonardi Ebor.^ 868. Lemyng^ schipman, pro 
batellagio ij batellarum petrarum fut supraj, 128. 8d. Willelmo 
Jankyn^ achipman^ pro batellagio iij batellarum fut supraj, 
228. 6d. Johanni Fajrrchjlde aleddanti dictae batellaa de divcrais 
locia usque ripam Uase ad diet' batell' apud Cawode^ 98. Pro 

* The south-west tower was still going on, and some of the windows were 
ready for their ironwork. The sum of 662. 8s. 8d. was paid to masons, thirteen of 
whom were employed, and Preetwoode and Elwarde, setters, received lOs. Sd. " in 
remuneradone.^' The lahotnrers reoeiyed 122. 17s. 4d. for wages. Eight carpen- 
ters were employed, and were raid 42^. 2s. lOd. The master-mason and master • 
carpenter were the same as in r^o. xiv. 

t Oastell was canon of Wetwang and residentiary. He was afterwards pre- 
centor. In his will, made in 1466, he desires to be laid near the font in the 
Minster, " ut ubi saoramentum baptismatis aocepi de resurreooione oogitons sub 
spe sBoramenti et yenin coipus hymandum eoofesiso precibus me submittom." 
Lasoelles was prebendary of Weighton. It seems not to have been unusiuil for the 
Canons of York to p«y the dues of the Church in their life-time. 

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remodone et cariagio palveris unius rocbo apud querreram^ ultra 
vy rodaa et v ulnas allocatas m computQ prep^euti, 18s, Quioque 
virU pro cariaffio xxxj plaustratarum petrarum a querrera usque 
stalP do Cawodi 2Ss. lOd, Summa 20/. 18s, 4d. 

Eiircio HKttifiMii CUM SABBACIONK. lu Ix flckes emptis de 
Thoma Forester de Nonappiltouj 200. In xl flekes emptis de 
eodem^ 12s. 4d. In xl flekes de eodem^ )8s, 4d, In prostracione 
Ixxx querculorum in Langwatb^ 8s, In eariagio dictarum 
qucrculorum a Langwath usque moram HeslyngtoUi 8s. In 
cariagio a mora usque Monastcriunij 26s, 8d. In Ixxij wayns. 
cottcs cum cariagio a Jubergate usque Monasterium^ 27s. 8d. 
Et in Ixxx querculis emptis de Thoma Nykson et sociis suis^ 
cum cariagio^ 87s. 8d. In m thakeburde emptis, 40s. In ij.m. 
lattes emptis, 12s. 4d. In cariagio querculorum domini Ricardi 
Stortbwavte a Fratribus Prediqantibus usque Monasterium, 
3s. 5d. Nicholao sarratori pro aarracione x?ij rodarum meremii 
et tabularum, 45s. 4d. Summa 12/. 15s. 9d. 

Stipkniiia fadhi cuh bmfcionb fbubi bt clatobum. In 

3* * .m ferri emptis hoc anno ad fabricam oampanilis, 6/. In factura 
icti ferri in barris pro campanili, 45s. Fabro de Saxton pro 
diyersis instrumentis ferri ]pro quarrera, 2s. 5d, In j seve facto 
pro querrera, 9d. In iiij.m duplespikings, 12s, In iiij.m 
midilspiking, 7s. 4d. la ij.m Scotseme., 2s. 4d. In ij.m brodde 
et in ij.m tyngill et in j.m goletnaill, 4s. Fabro, Ricardo de 
Wolveskelfe, pro bandis, crokis ef; snekkes, lis. Id* In iij ladils 
ferri, 2s. 4d. Johanni Wyntringbam, fabro, pro acuacione et 
fabricacione diversorum instrumentorum fabrics^ pro cementariis 
et carpentariis et pro braggs, etc., 48s. 7d. Willelmo Kyam 
pro ij** ferri, 12s. Summa 18/. 2s. lOd. 

CusTUs FI.UMBI. In ij dosen et di. stanni, 7s, Id. In mer- 
cede Cbr. Plumber operantis in opere plmnbario per xyi sept. 488. 
In.mercede Willelmi Plumber operantis in opere plumbario per 
xvj dies, lOs. 8d. In mercede dicti Willelmi operantis in effu* 
sione )xxx petrarum plumbi, 6s. 8d. In mercede apprenticii sui 
per xvij dies, 8s. Summa 4/. 5d. 

CusTUS viTRi. In mercede ij scrviencium ThomsB Schirley 
vitriatoris operantium per iiij sept., 248. In mercede Willelmi 
yitriatoris operantis per vin sept., 249. Summa 48s. 

ExFBNSiB MiNUTJS. (futer aUaJ In expensis computantis 
versus Lekynfelde ad loquendum cum domino Comite Northum* 
brisB, 4b. In nattes emptis pro fenestris vitriis in Ecclesia, 7d. 
Summa, 61s. 7d. 

SUMH A BXFBNSARUM, 260/. 4b. S^d. 

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FABRICA ECCL. CaTH. EbOR. A 12 DbO. 1444^ UBQUB 12 

Dec. 1446.* 


Vbndicio Stauri. £t de 408. de majore civitatis Ebor. 
iro xxii\] doleis petraram.t pt de 488. de Priore et Conventn 
ie Kyrkham pro xjjiij doleia petrarum. Et de SSs. 4d. de 
majore ciyitatis Ebor. pro zx doleia i>etrarum. Et de 488. de 
Priore et Conventu de Kyrkham pro xxii\] doleis petraram. Et 
de 288. 4d. de cuatodibus fabrien ecdeBise Sancti SampaoniB Ebor. 
pro xy\j doleia petrarum. Summa 17 L Sa. 8d. 

Summa totalis rbcbptjs^ 810/. ISb. T^d. 

CuBTUB QUERRURiB. In vadio Johannis WilkynBon^ querrior^ 
in qncrrura do IIuddclBton per lij Bept.^ cum Gb. 8d. pro roba bur, 
4/. ISb. 4d. In vadio WiUelmi Kirkobj, qaerrior^ operantiB ut 
Bupra, 4/. 13b. 4d. In vadio Alani Johnson^ querrior, operantis 
super eodem opere per idem tempus, 698. 4d. Willelmo Jowkyn^ 
ahipman, pro batellaffio xv batdi petrarum de Cawod uaque ad 
ripam Sancti Leonardi Ebor. 6/. 16a. Diverais hominibua villa- 
tfurum de Barkeston, Shirebmm^ Milford^ Cawod et Wyatowe 
cariantibuspetrasaquerrura de Hodelaton juxta Shirbum usque 
ad ripam aive lituB aqusD de Ouae^ inter featum Penteooatis anno 
rcgm xxi^ et featum Micbaelis anno ejuadcm regia xxii^^ ultra 
XXX bisataa lapidum cariataa per dictoa tenentca de Shyrcbomo 
bt Mylforth pro quibua nicbil aolutum hic^ quia recompenaatur 
dictia tenentibua ut pro 1 plaustratia aive bigatia lapidum dictaa 
fabricsB liberatia fabricsB ecclesise de Shjrreborne ante xxviij diem 
Maii anno r^s. xxi\]. Summa 84/. 18s. 6d. 

Yadia cementariorum. 14. Et in remuneracione data 
Johanni Prestwod et Boberto Elward cementariis et setters super 
campanile^ 21s. Summa 01/. 12s. lOd. 

Empcio meremii et asserum cum sarracione. In Ixxx 

Suerculis emptis de Thoma Lctf cum cariagio, 69s. 6d. In xl 
ekes emptis de uno viro de Nonappilton^ ISs. 4d. In Ixxxx 
plaunchorsy lis. 8d. In Ix plauncbors^ lOs. In ii\].m asserum 
emptis^ 24b. In vadio Willelmi Walworth pro serracione xviy 
rooarum et di. rodse meremii et tabularumi 49s. 4d. In vadio 

* Another dull roll. John Bnrion was now msBter-miison and Wm. Cot- 
tingham master-oarpentor. Th« sum of 16^. was paid to the labourera, and 
ZH. 6(9. 4d. to six carpenters. 

t A similar entr^ has oocurred pre^iouslv. There are no remains at Kirkham 
to shew what was hmng now done. At St. Sampson's in York great alterations 
were going on. Severu bequests to this ohuroh about this time will be found in 
TbH, JBbor., ii. 

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Willelmi Waterbous serratori pro serracione sij rodarum meremii 
ct waynscotj 82s, Summa 10/. 98. 6d. 

Stipkndia fadbi cum vmpcionb ferhi bt clavorum. In 
vij.c et di. forri cmptis ad fabricam boo anuo^ 45s. Pro fuctura 
dicti ferri in barres pro campanili^ 258. Fabro de Saxton pro 
operaeione ij.c ferri in mailiia et cuniis et aliis instrumentis ferri 
pro querrura de Hodelston^ lis. 5d. Fro iiij.mdobyllspykyng^ 
128. Pro viij.m mydellspykyng^ 148. 8d. Fro vj.m Scotsemenayll^ 
78. Fro v.m broddes^ 78. Pro iiij.m tyngiU nayill^ 28. Pro m 
golett nayll^ 8d. Bicardo fabro de Ulskelfe pro bandes^ crukes et 
snekes^ lOs. 4d. Pro xi\ garbis calebis^ 78. Summa 10/. Ss. 9d. 

CusTus CANABi. Pro Ixxx petHs femyll pro magno cabyll 
et bausers faciendis^ 668. 8d. Willelmo Raper pro factura dic- 
torum cabyll et bausers^ 24s. Fro escu^entis et poculis xx et 
pluribus hominibus ibidem laborantibus per y dies, 68. 6d. 
Summa 4/. 168. 2d. 

CusTus Pluhbi. In in dosen et di. stanni de Willdmo 
Ricbo, Os. lid. In mcrccdo Will. Plummor oporantis per xxiij 
dies, ISs. 4d. In merccdo apprcnticii sui, ISs. 4d. In eilu- 
sione cc petrarum plumbi, 16s. 8d. In ignicione cinerum plumbi 
et pro le fyninge ccxl petrarum plumbi operant^, per iiij dies cum 
iiij sufflant' foUic', 41s. 3d. Summa 4/. 18s. 6d. 

CusTus vitriat\ In mercede Willelmi Cartmell vitriatoria 
operantis per unam mensem et iij sept. 21s. In j dosen stanni, 
28. lOd. Summa 23s. lOd. 

Summa bxpensarum, 306/. lis. 6\A.; remanent de claro, 
678. 0|d. 

XVIII. — CoMPOTUs DOMINI Thomje Bblbby custodis fa- 
brics A 12 Dec. 1445, usquB 10 Dec. 144<6.'I« 

CusTUs QUERRURJB. In vadiis Job. Wilkynson, querrior, in 
querrura de Huddclston per Iij sept, cum 6s. 8d. pro roba sua/ 
4/. 13s. 4d, In radio Willelmi Kirkeby, querrior, operantis 
super idem opus per idem tcmpus, 4/. 13s. 4d. Et in vadio 
Alani Jobiison, querrior, per idem tempus, 69s. 4d. Willelmo 
Jowkyn, sbipman, pro batellagio xij batelP petrarum de Cawod 
usque ad ripam Sancti Leonardi Ebor. 108s. Diversis hominibus 
villat' de Sbirbum, Milford, Fenton et Newthorp, Leverton, 
Wistowe et Cawodd cariantibus petras a querrura de Huddelston 

* There is nothing remarkable in this roll. It is, however, oiirioua to observe 
how the income and expenditure were gradually decreasing. The sources of the 
revenue of the Aibrio were drying up. 

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juxta Shirbum osque ad ripam sive litus aquse de Ouse^ 27/. 
ISs. 4d. Johanni Fayrecliilde carianti Ivi^ plaustratas petrarum 
a querrura de Huddelston usque ripam VtssB, 48s. 4d. Johanni 
Gierke carianti xxij plaustratas petrarum a dicta querrura de 
Huddelston usque ad ripam Usse^ IBs. 4d. Summa 61/. IQs. 
Vadia cbmbntariorum. 18. Johanni Prestwod^ Boberto 
Elward, Thomas Barton et Henrica Bydefare cementariis et set- 
ters super campanile, hoc anno 14s. 8d. Summa 78/. 8s. 8d. 


querculis emptis de Thoma Lettir et Johanne Clerk, cum 6s. 5d. 
pro cariagio, 43s. 4d. In xlyj flekys de uno viro de Nonappilton, 
17s. 8d. Et in lii^ plaunchors emptis ad fabricam hoc anno, 
88. 8d. In xl plaunchors emptis, 6s. In iiij.m et di. asserum, 
27s. In viij.c et di. thakbord, 28s. 9d. In vadio Willelmi 
Waterhous pro serracione xiij rodarum et di. rodae meremii et 
tabularum, 86s. Summa 8/. 6s. 

Stifbndia fabri cum bmpcionb fbrri. In c ferri, 6s. 6d. 
Fro factura dicti ferri in barres pro capitulo, 88. 4d. Fabro de 
Saxton pro operacione dictse centense ferri empti in malleis et 
cuniis et aliis instrumentis ferri pro querrura de Huddelston, 
168. 8d. Pro yj.nx dobyllspikyng, 18s. Soluti pro vig.m medil- 
sp^king,* 12s. lOd. Pro v.m Scotsemenayle, 6s. lOd. F(o 
viii.m broddes, 9s. 4d. Pro v.m tyngill nayle, 28. 6d. Pro ii.m 
golett nayle, 16d. Bicardo fabro de UlskeUe pro bandes, crukes 
et snekkes, 88. Pro vig garbis calebis, 40. 7d. Summa 7/. 
13s. 6d. 

CusTUS cANABt. Willdmo Baper pro reparacione magni 
cabelli et aliarum cordarum, hoc anno, 7s. 6d. 

CusTUs flumbj. In ij duodenis et di. stanni empti hoc anno, 
7s. Id. In mercede Willelmi Plumber operantis per novem dies, 
68. In mercede servientis ejusdem, 68. In effusione cczliiij 
petrarum plumbi, 20s. 4d. In mercede Christofori Plumber ope- 
rantis super le Belfray per Ig sept. 80s. In mercede servientis 
ejusdem, 246. Summa 4/. 188. 6d. 

CusTUs YiTRiATORii. lu merccde Willelmi Cattmell vitria- 
toris per ix sept. 298. 6d. In g dosen et di. stanni, 7s. Id. 
Summa 86s. 7d. 

ExPBNSJS MiNUTiB. fItUer alia.) Soluti factori horologii 
ex mandate magistri Willelmi Bufield, 18s. 4d. Eidcm factori 
alia vice pro emendacione dicti horologii, 6d. Pro cordulis ad 
dictum horologium, 6d. Pro j mola, 2s. Pro rosyn et pyk 
cum aliis necessariis ad emendacionem baptismatorii, lOd. 
Summa 110s. lOd. 

Summa omnium bxpbnsarum, 806/. 8s. ll^d. 

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BRICJS^ A 10 Dec. 1446^ usqub 9 Dbc. 1417.* 

' Vbndicio Stauri. {Inter aUa.) De 128. 7d. reoeptis de 
domino thesaurario pro ij doliis plastn^ iiij querculis^ plawnchors, 
clavis et iiij popes pro atallia infra canculam de Acorn. De 8s. 
receptis de magistro Johanne Sendyll pro quadam fenestra sibi 
vendita. De rod de predo cujosdam petrse marmoreas yenditae 
domino TbomsB Wardell yicario chorali Ecd. Ebor. Summa 
14/. 17s. 5d. 

SuifMA TOTALIS RBCBPTJS^ 209/. ISs. 6|d. 

CusTus QUBRRURJS. In vadio Job. Barton^ cementarii, 
scapuUtntis petras apud Huddylston per xviij sept, et iiij dies, 
56s. In vadio Job. Willybamson, qnerrior, in querrura pre- 
dicta per lij sept. 4/. 6s. 8d. In vadio Willelmi Eyrklej, qnerrior 
{ui stgara), 4/. 10s. In vadio Alani Jobnson, querrior {ui supra), 
728. 8d. Fro cariag^o ccczxxij plaustrat. petrarum a querrura 
de Huddylston usque stallagium de Cawod, 16/. 68. 8d. Jo- 
banni Farecbyld de Cawod pro careaffio ij throgbes et j lynteli 
a ^querrura usque Cawod per iij carectas, 6s. Willelmo Burley 
de Sbirbum pro cariagio dcc carect' de les ramell extra quer- 
ruram, boc anno, 468. 8d. Summa 89/. 15s. 8d. 

Empcio MBBBifii CUM SARRACioNB. Pro XXV qucrcuUs ad 
opus Eccl. emptis de Jobanne Bell de Ebor. et Tboma Lettus, 
cum cariagio, 12s. lOd. Jobanni Wrygtb de Esryke pro j 
carect' mereraii, 2s. 2d. Jobanni Kay do Orystwbate in paro- 
cliia de Topclyf pro m tbakbordes, 80s. Pro xix plawobors, 28. 
Jobanni Drynkaie inro xl plawucliors, lis. Od. Eidcm pro xlviij 
plawncbors, Ss. Eidem pro viij stauncyons, 12d. Jobanni 
Bell et Willelmo Parke pro xxyiij flekes, 10s. 6d. Jobanni 
Catryke de Ebor. pro liiij waynscott, 22s. Willebno Water- 
bows et socio suo pro sarracione ix rodarum et di. meremii et 
tubularum, 26s. 4d. Summa 6/. 6s. 8d. 

Stipendia fadri cum bmpcionb vbbri bt clavorum. 
Willelmo Lam pro cclj ferri Hispanici, prec. c. 68., ij petris 
ferri Hispanici emptis de Nicbolao Hoolgate (ISd.) et yj petris 
ferri (2s. 6d.) Pro diversis necessaris inde fiendis, 16s. Eidem 
pro di. c ferri Hispanici ab eo empto pro j malleo ferreo inde 

* A roll whioh shews that the bell tower was still in progress. It would take 
a long time to execute the delioate stonework on the outside. The sum of 18s. 4d. 
was paid to three masons who were employed in putting stones upon it (mppo^ 
neiuibut lanideM). Very few masons, however, were employed in this year. 

John Barton was the master-mason, and to him, toge&er with eight others, 
was paid the sum of 62/. iTs. 6d. Five oarpenters, presided over by Wm. Cot- 
y nghain, rocoivod 23/. iB. Od. The wagon of six labourorn amounted to 14/. IBs. 

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fiendo pro querrariis^ cnm fabricacione dusdem. 5b. lOd. Jo- 
hanni Ive de Ebor. pro fabridadone lea clapor ph> magna cam- 
pana^ Bs. Pro lea hoopes^ goions^ plated et aliia necessariiB 
ferri pro lea axiltre magnse i^tsB in campanili^ 2d. 8d. Fabro 
de Saxton pro fabricacione ii^ weggte ferri, etc., una cum j garba 
calebis, 6s. lOd. In ferro empto pro magno clapor cmn factnra 
ejusdem eo auod firangebatur post primam reparadonem, Ss. Od. 
Johanni Loksmyth pr6 qtiaaam magna sera ab bo emptapro 
porta daosi versus Hugleford^ 20d. Pro alia magna sera pro 
ostio communis dausi in dmiterio Mon., 16d. Pro vj.m clavorum 
Toc. dobilspikyng, 17s. Pro T.m davorum voc. mydylspikyng, 
8s. 4d. Pro ig.m davorum Voc. stone brodes^ 7s. Pro iig.m 
ledenales, 6s. 4a. Suihina 1198. l^d. 

CusTus CANABI. Willditio Bopcr de Drynghowse pro repa- 
radone magni ciibyll, lis. 6d. 

CusTus Plumbi. Vto ij duodenis yj lb. dtanni, Ss. 9d. In 
stipendiis Christofori Plumber operantis in op^re plumbario 
per xxiz sept. ii\) dite^ 4/. 9i. 8d. In stipendiid servientis sui, 
59s. 6d. In esculentis et poculis datis dictis pluihbariis et aliis 
operariis tempore quo emmdebant dheres plumbi, 2s. Bd. 
Summa 8/. 10s. 2d. 

CusTUs YiTRi. In stipendiis Mathei Fete, yitriatoris, 
emendantis et reparantis defecttts in fenestris vitrds in Ecclesia, 
per ^ Sept. 8s. 6d. In stipendiis Thomcb Mylett, yitriatoris, 
operantis, ut supra^ 8d. 6d. In stipendiis WiUdnii Cartmtilo 
vitriatotis operantis, tit supra, 7d. in sttono empto p)ro eodcm 
opere, 2s. 2d. Summa 268. 2d. 

Bbiparacio APun Misterton. Johanni Boger, nautse, pro 
cariagio per aquam x doliorum petraruni a stallagio de Cawod 
usque Misterton pro fine cancelli ibidem reparandd — pro cc di. 
davorum toc. ledenale pro raparadone ejusdem, etc.^ 19s. lid. 

CiJdTUS STALLAOlt i^B CAWOD. In reparacionibus factis 
super stallaffium apud C&wod — - Christoforo Batell careanti iiij 
carectas de les pyles a Mon. 8d. Pro j ferjm empto ad idem 
12d. Pro fagotts ligni emptis pro obturacione dicti stallagii, 
12d. Summa 12s. lOd. 

CusTUS DOMUS IN QUERRURA. In custibus appositis super 
quamdam domum in querrura de Hilddylston, hoc anno, de 
novo edificatfkm, pro ccttientaHis ibidem scnpulantbius pctrns, 
videlicet, in v plaustratis meremii empti ibidem de Johannc Meux 
de Mylford, mercede carpentarii una com iinduP, tectura stra- 
minea et mercede tectoris. Bis. 

ExPENSiB MiNUTiB {Itttet alia.) In circulis ligneis emptis 
pro magna rota in campanili et pro les tnbbes, 4s. 4d. Pro ix 
quarteriis carbonum silvestrium pro fusione cinemm plumbi. 

Digitized by 



58. 8d. In expensis computantis equitando yenos Mystertoii 

Ser vices et circum ad loquendum cum executoribus Dominse 
e Cambrygg'i^ pro legato suOj lOs. 8d. In fabricacione magni 
mallei pro carpentariis, 8d. Summa 4d. 98. 9d. 

SUMMA OMNIUM BXFRN8ARUM, 268/. 6s. 2|d« 



CusTUs FLUMBi. Jn merccde Cbristofori Plumber operantis 
.... 68s. In mercede servientis sui per zi sept. 28s. 

CusTUS yiTRi. Fro j seme iiij paae et di. yitri^ 2s. In j 
duodena et y) lb. stanni .... Nicbolao Ijowthe pro y lb. powdor^ 
ISd. In stipendiis Mathei Pete^ yitriatoris, emendantis^ etc., 
dcfoctus in fenestris, per xyj sept. 60s. 6d. In stipendiis Tliom» 
Mylett, yitriatoris, per yij sept. 228. Summa 106s. 

Dbpictio armorum. Johanni Payntor de Ebor. dcpingenti 
arma Begia et Johannis Jjangton, militis^ supra ostium australe 
ccd. Cath. Ebor., ima cum pictura les diall horelogii in dicta 
ecclesia, 13s. 4d. 

CusTUs QUBRRURJB. Pro j pipa yini rubii data domino 
Jobanni Langton^ roiliti, causa renovadonis cartarum abuttan- 
cium certas bundas in querrura de Huddylston, ex mandate do- 
minorum Capituli, una cum 6s. 8d. datis eidem pro expensis 
suis apud Ebor. tempore sigillacionis dictarum cartarum, 7Ss. 4d. 

• Matilda de Tork» widow of lUchsrd Plsntagene^ Earl of Oambridt^ died 
in 1 ViO. By hor will, wkioh waa priutod in 2M, Sbor,, iL. idio bequoaUied 100a. 
to York minuter. She waa, in more respects than one, a nunoua lady. 

t A fragment of a roll which Mr. Browne aacribes to the year 1466. This 
date is certainly incorrect, but T am unable to supply the proper one. There is 
a mention made in the roU of a oontract or agreement, for a certain portion of 
the Huddleston quarries, made by Sir John Langton. Now, as Sir John died in 
1460, and, as there woa no other knivht in the fkmily, this roll in which ho is 
mentioned could not have been made In 1466. I have placed it^ therefore, oirca 
1460, and it undoubtedlv lies between that vear and 1460. 

The Chapter, it will be seen, were stul in want of stone for the minster. 
What the spedal &vour granted by Sir John Langton was we cannot tell. The 
roll speaks of his renewing certain charters, and the &vour granted by him seems 
to have evoked the warmest acknowledgments on thepart of the Chapter. 

X Sir John Langton, who was the owner of the Huddleston quarries, resided 
at FiAmely, near Leeds. To him and to his fiunily the Chapter were under great 
obligations. They were the donors of large quantities of stone to the fiibric. The 
ndne, therefore, and the other presents which this roll records, were not without 
reason bestowed upon Sir John, and gratitude prompted the Chapter to put up 
his arms in the minster as a memorial of his munificence. Sir John died in 1469, 
and was buried at Leeds. The wills of his widow, Euphemia, and of their son 
and heir, John Langton, Esq., who was never knighted, are in 2W. JSbor., il ; 
that of John Langton, Esq., is a remarkably valuable document. 

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Pro V lagenis vini datis eidem per yices (8a. 4d.) cum Sa. in 

{>recio j dentricis datee eidem; ct cum 12d. in precio di. lb. 
es grenegyn^r datee nzori ejuadem Johannia^ 7s. 4d. Henrico 
Thwatea^ juris oonsnlto, formanti copiam dictarum cartarum cum 
literis attomati eisdem pertioentibuB, cum j lagena vini data 
eidem^ 7s. 4d. Cuidam clerico scribenti dictas cartas cum literis 
attomati^ 19d. In expensis ipsius compntantis equitantis cum 
ij e<|uiS| causa mensuracionis (]|uerrur8B per ij vicesi cum stipendiis 
equmis^ 2s. 2d. In expensis ejusdem etdomini Willdmi Bettson^ 
camerarii Capituli, equitancium versus dictam querruram^ causa 
capiendi seisinam in eadem querrura nomine dominorum Capituli, 
46. Summa 4/. 15b. 9d. 

Expense MiNUTiS. {Inter alia.) Johannt Farechyld de 
Cawod ponderanti xij batell'petrarum ibidem, 7s. 4d. Pro alis 
ancium fsicj, brosches et scopis emptis pro purgacione les reredoso 
in choro, stallorum et murorum Ecclesise^ una cum stipendiis iij 
opcrariorum muudancium Ecclesiam per ij dies^ 2s. 8a. Alano 
Johnson careanti magnum malleum ferri a querrura usque Ebor, 
ibidem fabricandum, et retro usque querruram, 4d. In expensis 
ipsius compntantis et Willdmi Nuttyng equitancium versus 
Lyncolne et retro pro Johannn Porter,'*' cementario, 2s. In 
expensis Willelmi Nuttyng equitantis alia vice pro predicto 
cementario per iiij dies usque Lincoln, 8s. 4d. In denanis datis 
dicto cementario pro expensis suis et regardo a Lincoln usque 
Ebor. et retro, 20s. Et sol. cuidam cuppatori pro ij novis sittdi^ 
ct diversis drculis pro vase, 20d. Fro reiiaracione follium 
organorum, 8^d. Jobanni Grene, ionor, de Ebor. pro x^ boxes 
pro literis penitentialibus importanms, lOd. 6/. 49. G^d. 

Summa expensarum, 3l8/. 18s. lO^d. 



Vendicio stauei. flnter alia.) De 10s. de . • i • 11 formulis 

* A TBluable en^. It is ourious to traoe the progress of muflons and arohi* 
teote ftx>m one oi^ to another, as they carry their mannerisms alonsr with ihem : 
and similaritiee of st^le, in great as well as in small points, may thus he aooounted 
for. Porter seems to have resided at Lincoln, and he is sent for to York by the 
Cha[>ter, who wish to avail themselves of his experience. Ue returns to Lincoln, 
but in a few years we find him regularly established at York, as master of the 
masons, an omce which he held for ten years. We cannot wonder at the wish of 
the Chapter to haye the assistance of a man who wm, in all probability, attached 
to the mCtot the fltbric of as fair a minster as their own, upon "the sovereign 
hiU of Lincoln." 

t An imperfect roll, which Mr. Browne assigns to the year 1466, and I see 


Digitized by 



Btannorum petr* cum operacione pro camino suo infra caroeram 
Buam, et pro operacione j lecti ex tabulis . • . . Decano. De . . . • 
emendacione fenestranim in aula, cum clayis^ byndjrns^ plumbo, 
et pro factura le liayll. De 78. de precio viij petrarum plumbi 
operati, cclx hartlates, davia et eaeburdes yenditis magistro 
Johanni Marshall. De 56s. de precio xxviij doliorum petrarum 
yenditarum custodibus ecdesise par. B. M. V. Beyerlaci.>i^ De 
668. 8d. de precio xl. doliorum petrarum yenditarum Gildae 
Sancti Christofori £bor. De 128. de precio yi. doliorum petrarum 
magnarum yenditarum uni bomini de Novo Castro. Summa 
13/. 6s. lid. 

Empcio mbremii. Johanni Key et Thom» Stakhow .... 
de parochia de Topclyff pro dc.lxxj plauncbors .... Willdmo 
Pawdon et Johanni Stenyor pro iij.m d.c hartlattes^ prec. m^ cum 
cariagio^ 68. 4d. Johanni Midilton pro prostracione xxiiij 
quercuum ultra aquam remanentium in silya de Marton .... 
Johanni Stenyor et Thomas Smyth pro Ixxiiij quercubus ab 
eisdem emptis .... Johanni Wrygth pro j feryn cum rota, 
ISs. 4d. Pro iij querculis et j fraxino emptis de Johanne Stenyor 
pro scalis fiendis, Ss. 4d. Summa 41/. 8s. 11 |d. 


elmo Jakson et socio suo pro diyersis dayis, yiz., yiij.c bragges, 

no reaaoQ to differ Arom him. The sum of 82Z. 19e. llcL wif jwid for stone and 
the oarriage : 252. for masons, of whom five were employed, John Porter helng 
the master : 28/. Id. for carpenters' wages, of whom there were seven. 

1%e roll records a gratuity to the workmen for erecting the scaffold within the 
minster. For what purpose was this scaffold required ? The south-west tower 
in the nave was, we may presume, now oompleted, and the hells were probably 
toon transforrod to it from the groat lantorn-towor. The Ohaptor, Uioreforo, 
would now bo ablo to commence operations in the lantern. The north-west tower 
in the nave, however, was still to be erected, and I am inclined to think that it 
was now first commenced. The absence of an appropriate companion to the 
south-western tower would be felt to be an eyesore to the unity of the minster, 
and we may be pretty sure that every exertion would be made to build it with the 
least possible delay. It must be remembered that the handsome lantern of 
treasurer Eomanus was still untouched, and although it was of a different style 
to the nave or the choir, it must still have been a great ornament to the church, 
and I believe that the Chapter would wish to see the wanting tower erected before 
they meddled, to any extent, with the less necessary restoration of the lantern. 
They began with that when they had made some progress with the north-west 
tower ; and accordingly we find, from some subsequent rolls, that the works in the 
two places were gomg on simultaneously. It would not be possible for the 
Chapter to carry on two distinct works of such magnitude and importance alto- 
gether at the same time, with the small number of artificers which their fiuling 
receipts had obliged them to employ. 

* Many alterations were going on about this time in that magnificent church. 
In 1463, Thos. White of Beverley, loaves 6/., " ad ftibricaturam sive constructuram 
de los ortiitKeyles de novo coustruendis." In 14^ John Uloeb^ leaves to the Aibrio 
of the cluuroh a shop with a chamber, in Uutcher-row. In 1411, Wm. Melbum 
of lleverloy, merchant, left as many Flanders tiles as would pave the north sisle 
of the chapel of the Virgin Arom the west end '' usque le hmgoetels." 

Digitized by 



oc sharplynges, xiiij.m dobyl spikynges. xy.m midilspikyn^, 
zxvij.m stanebrodes, x.m. Scoteemenaili^ xii^.m ledenaill, y).m 
tyDgylnail et vjj.m golettnaiU, 7L 6s. Sd. ThomsB Hemelsey in 

prec nailes et alioruin davoram cum vinculis ferreis, 

crokes pro ostiis, 58. 4d. Johanni Knoles ill prec. c ferri .... 
zviy paribus yinculorum ferri emptis de WiUelmo Maners pro 
ostiis et fenestris, et vj parium vinculonlitl etlth le^ Cfokte ehiptis 
de Johanne Preston, 146. HA, Johanni .... yth de Eboir. pro 

fabricacione vinculorum ferri cuni Ids Crokes, 6s. 4d. 

Summa 12/. 8s. 9d. 

CusTu8 cANABi. Ttiomse kylw^k^ dc Ebof., rapor, et 
Jobanni Ermett de Holme pro intxilj |>e{ris ^ di. canabi, 
27s. lid. Eidem pro opetkdione xv^ petrahM tkHthi in ij 
novos Ijmes et yi^ hawddrs, 13s. 5d. tn eipindh diversolrum 
opcrarionim m^jUvandum^ 16d. Siimma 42s. 8d. 

CusTus vhvuni. In stipendiis Clir. Plumber opcrantU iti 
opere plumbario per • . . sept. 12s. In stipendiis apprenticii sui, 
8s. In stipendiis Petri Plumbchr operantut ih eodem opere per 
V sept. 16s. In stipendiis sui serTientis operantis ibidem per ij 
sept. 48. Johanni Newland et exec, domim Joh. Appilton pro v 
de . . . . I2s. 6d. Summa 61s. 6d. 

CusTus TiTRi. In stipendiis Mathei iPety, vitriatoris, emen- 
dantis et reparantis diversos defectus in diversis fenestris vitreis 
infra Ecclesiam per xiiij sept, t dies et di. 446. 9d. 

CusTus suMMi ALTARis. Johauni Chawmber, Johanni Payn- 
tor et Wilelmo Nuttyng pro mundacione'i' les reredose summi 
altaris hoc annd, 6s. 

ExrsNSiB MiNUTJB. flfUer aUa.J CajrpeUtariis et aliis op^ariii 
fabricse tempore ereccionis les scafald infra Ecclesiam, modo 
regardi, 8d. Pro xxij cathenis ferreis pro libris cathenandis in 
librario, 14s. 8d. Cementariis ponentibus petras super fabricam 
duarum fenestrarum in ni^yif ecd. cath. Ebor., ex regardo, 10s. 
Summa 6/. 11 8. 7d. 

Summa jixrBNSARUM, 2dd/. lis. 6fd. 

* Mr. I^rowne b not joftifled in giving "mending" as the translstion of 

t Theoe are, nrohablv, the windows at the west end, under the towers. They 
were glazed, I helieye, aoout this time. 

P 2 

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Lboata bt slbmosinjv. De 488. receptis de domino J. Enap- 
U>n, subthesaurario, ex cista dimissa investibulo pro militibus dc 
Ilodea^t in partem solucionis x marearum. De xxs. ex legato 
Willebni Cotyngliam| nupcr carpcntarii Eed. Cath.; et de 18s. 
datia per WUledmum Snawsell ad edificacioncm unius novas 
shoppte juxta ostia Ecel. Catb. Ebor.& ete. 3umma 16/. 188. 8d. 

MoRTUARiA CANONicoRUH. De 838. 4d, de precio ij equorum, 
mortuarii yen. viri maeistri J. Bernyngham,|| nuper thea. et 
canon, res. De 838. 4a. de precio j equi, mortnarii magistri 
Stepbani Wilton,^ nuper Archidiaconi Cleveland. Summa 
4/. 6s. 8d. 

Summa totalis rbcbptjs, 275/. 148. Id. 

* An imperfeoi roll, Arom which we oan gather but little informatioii. It re- 
corcU, howeyer, the purohase of m large quantity of nails and lead, which were, 
probidily, procured for the south-weet^ tower. Six masons only were empbyed, 
one of whom, John YHiittylsey, came from Leicester, the Chapter paymg his 
trayelling expenses. There were also six carpenters, who receiyed the sum of 
251. lis. 2d. The wages of the Ubourers amounted to 16^. 68. 2d. 

t The military orders throughout Durope had many troubles to contend with 
in the course of inis century, and they were assisted by the contributions of the 
JRuthAil. It a|>peara that the Ghapter had granted a subsidy of ten marks for the 
knights of Bhodes. The chest in which the alms were deposited is probably that 
which still renukins in the yestry. It is caryed, in yery high relief, with the his- 
tory of St. George, and is, in some respects, one of tbe most interesting specimens 
of modia)val carving tliut is in existence. Mr. Poole, in his account of the 
miiiMtcr, gives an exoullont engraving of it. 

t Wm. de Gottingham, for a long time the master-carpenter of the minster, 
died in 1457. Some extracts from his will, which shew that he had thriven in the 
world, will be given in the Appendix. 

§ In old times there were but few vacant spaces around our Cathedrals. Com- 
merce aud traffic of every description were carried on at their very doors, as we 
may still see on the Continent. So it uras at York. A range of tenements, extend- 
ing trom the westnmd of Belfrey's Church to the comer of reterffate, was removed 
within the last thirty years, fnie burial-ground of the same church, which was 
adjacent to the minster, was frequently used for fiurs and other festivities, nor 
was the inside of the Cathedral itself tree trom gross neglect and profimation. 
There is more respect and consideration shewn at the present day to our CaUie- 
drals than was ever paid to them during the middle ages. 

II John Bemingfaam, who died in 1457, had been treasurer of York for 
twenty-five years. jOuring his tenure of office the south-west tower was begim, 
and to his exertions its erection is principally to be ascribed. He left 601, to the 
minster, and large sums of money to other charitable purposes. 

. Y A distinguished ecclesiastic and statesman, who died in 1457. He was in- 
troduced into public life by the Cardinal of En^and. He and Bamingham were 
most intimate friends, and were. beneficed together, both at York and Beverley. 
Wilton desired in his will to be interred in a chapel which he had built at 

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CusTus QUERRURiB. DiversiB hominibuB cariantibus co"* 
plaustratas petrarum remanentium in querura de Hudilston ultra 
.... usque stallagium apud Cawod .... In vadiis Nicholai 
Oraunte, T. Smyth et Alani Johnson, querriora, adquirencium 

etc. ccxxiij plaustratas Ricardo Clemetson carianti z.o 

plaustratas ramell extra querruram predictam, pro c. 5d 

Pro emendacione Tise communis inter querreram et stall' de 
Cawod ubi predictse petrse cariebantur, Ss. 4d. Summa 46/. 
6s. Id. 


K^lbum pro vclxxx tabulis staunsons, prec. pec. Id. Dicto 
Gilberto pro iiij.c thakburd, pro c Bs., et pro c long revyn burdes, 

prec. pece, 2d Willelmo Penrose pro ccclx tabulis, prec. 

pece. Id. AndresB Daresse, custodi silvse de Langweth, cananti 

liij plaustr' meremii ad Eccl. Cath. Ebor. cap. pro plans- 

trato, 8d. Thomse Helmylscy pro vy waynscotes, 4«. 8d. 
Johanni Savage de Stillington et Johanni Steynor de Ebor. pro 
yj.m hartlattes, prec. mil. 6s Summa 8/. 9s. 4d. 

CusTus PERRi ET . . . . Johauui Pese et socio suo pro diversis 
davis, viz., ix.c bragges, vij.c sherplyuffs, xx.m. dobilspiking, medilspikinges, xxj.m stonebrodes, xij.m s . . . . xij.ih 
Icdnaill, vij.m tyngilnaill, iiij.m goletnaill .... pro ix petris 
ii^lb. fern emptis de Thoma Helmylsey de Ebor., Johanni 
Smyth . . . . ac Roberto Smyth, fabro, de Topclyfe pro fabrica- 
cione dictarum ix petrarum, iiij lb. in bragges, ligaturis ferri et 
crokes et aliis .... Adsa Hudson, fabro, de Ebor. pro fabrica- 
cione ij magnarum ligaturarum ferri oppositarum super j ostio 
infra vestibulum, 14d. Roberto Fowdor pro factura xiiij lb. laton 
in . • ozons, et poles, 4s. Rogero Smyth, fabro super Pavement, 
pro emendacione j daper pro magna campana infra ecd. Cath. 
.... cuidam homini de Hemyngburgh pro xxvj petris canabi 
.... Thomas Kilwyke pro operacione xxi^ petris ejusdem in 
diversos hipes, cordes, haUsers et lynes .... 80s. 8d. Summa 
13/. 10s. 2d. 

CusttTs Phvunt. Henrico Lambcrtt et Johanni Wcsto de 
Lynton in Craven pro v fother plumbi, 16/. J. Wynton mona-^ 
cho de Fontibus pro c petris plumbi, prec. petrse, 4id. Uni 
faundor in Stanegate pro xiiij lb. stanm .... Margaretse Don- 
noko pro' xij lb. stanni • . i . In stipendiis Petri Plumbar operan- 
tis in opere plumbario per xx%^ sept, ct j diem, cap. per sept. 8«. 
In expensis diversorum operanorum circa pui^acionem cinerum 
plumbi . . . . Et sol. pro j pari foUium conducto pro eodem opere 
.... Summa 23/. 4«. 2d. 

CusTus viTRi. Petro Faudkent, Dochman, pro vitro diversi 
coloris ab eodem empto hoc anno apud Hull, cum careagio .... 

Digitized by 



Matheo Petty pro Yiij[ lb. stanni, 28. In stipendiis ejusdem 
Mathei Petty, yitriatonB, emendantia et reparantis diyeraoa de- 

feotus in feneatria yitreia infra Ecclesiam per v sept Eidem 

pro Yitriacione novn qapoll» apud Topdyffe infra cimiterinm 
ibidem, ex oonyendone, 568. 8d. Snmma 6/. 98. 

CusTUs suMMi ALTAais. Johanni Cbaumbre aacristse, et 
j payntor pro mundacione lea reredoses summi altaris et ante 
oatia chori, Ss. 4.t 

SUMMA BXPEN8. 877/. 188. S^d. SUPEBPLUSAGIUM, 102/. 

A 26 Noy. }457 usquB 25 Dsc. 1458.t 

Ybndicio STAUBi. Et de yjs. 9d. de precio vij iirawes yitri 
yenditorum domino D^cano, prec. waw. 12d. De 28. 8d. de 
precio j armarioli yenditi Willelmo Bosebery. 24/. lis. 5d. 


JSmpcio cLAyoBUM BT FXBBi. ThomsQ PosQ et Jobanni 
Maqbon pro diyersis ct^yia, yiz., d.Q braggs, d sberpplyngs, zy.m 
dobibpikynges, xij.m mydilspikyngesj xyj.m stonebr^des, x 
Scotsemenaillep^ yj.m ledenaiUs, y.m t^ngibiaiUs et iij.m golett- 
naill, 1158. 4d, Tbomie Maners de Fryston, fabro, et IBUcardo 
3myth de Fenton pro iij duodenis ligaturftrmn ferri cum lea 
crokes pro eisdem^ prec. duod. 46.^ ij duod. Ugaturarum ferri ad 
88., et ij duod. de les bespes, stapils ae snekkes ferri, 20a. Bogerp 
Smytb dp Ebor. pro o ferrij cum fiE^bricfusione in diyersis neces- 
sariiB infra Eccl., 88. Jobanni Jobnson de Ebor, funder, pro 
opcracione y duod. et yj lb. metall cris ex stauro fabric® in coddes 
et bolsters pro campanis infra Eccl., et j noyum polcy pro noyo 
campauili cum les coddes et bolsters pro eodem, lis. 

CusTus CANABi. Diyersis bominibus pro 1 petris canabi pro 
factura j magni cabill ad noyum campanile et aliis diyersis funi- 
bus ad opus fabricse, 48s. 9d. Tbomas Kylwyke, rapor, pro 
opcracione predictarum petrarum canabi in dictum cabill, cum 
vegardo, 208. lOd. Summa 64s. 7d. 

* A charge which fircauenUy occiin. It refers to the two hurge soreeus 
behind the high altar, and to another which occupied the ^ of the preeont 
inagniAcont rood screen. In the delicate tracery of these screens dust would yery 
soon acciunuh^te, and they were not always attended to with that attention which 
they deserved. 

t A roll containing little of importance. John Porter was the master- 
mason, and he, with nine others, received the sum of 86/. 6d. The labourers 
were but seven, and their wages amounted to 16/. 16d. 

There is a charge for a new pulley and other articles for the new bell tower, 
which shews that it was ready to receive the bells. 

Digitized by 


or YORK MIN8TBR. 7} 

CusTUs FLUMBi. Honrioo Lambert et Johanni West de 
Lynton pro ^ fothers plumhi^ 6/. 1O0« Pro x\j lb. stauni emptis 
de quodam homine in Stanegate^ Ss. In stipendiis Petri plum- 
barii operantis^ per xxx sept, et v dies, 41. 128. 6d. In stipendiis 
Job. Plumbar operantis per xyiij sept, et i^ dies, 65s. Gd. 
Summa 14/. 20d. 

Rbparacio rbddit*. Pro xxiiij doliis plastri emptis apnd 
(Janesbnrgb^ 64s. Pro v.m tbaktde, 50s. Pro yj.m walltele, 
80s. ThomiB Oodsaife car. ccclx pond, equin. <ilds, plastri^ 
tegularum, etc. ad opus fabrictt, 246. 6d. Thom» Deverell pro 
sarracione xxx rodarum et di. de les sarkyngbordes, stauncyonSi 
etc. ad opus fabrics, 76s. 8d. 

CusTVs QUBRRURJB. Divcrsis hominibus careantibus cc"* 
xlvi^j plaustratas petrarum a qaerrura de Huddilston usque 
stallaffium de Cawod| 12/« In yadio Nicholai Graunte, Jolu 
Smythe et Alani Johnson, querryors, adquirencium, etc. pre- 
dictas i\j plaustratas, 6/. Ricardo Clementson careanti cc plaus«> 
tratas les ramel^ extra querruram, 10s* Roberto Bethom de 
Cawod sleddanti petras a diversis locis circa stallagium ibidem 
ad V. batell ibidem onerand', 7s. Johanni Jowkyn de Acastre, 
nautse^ pro careagio predictorum v batell per aquam a dicto 
stallaffio de Cawod usc^ue ripam Sancti Leonardi Ebor. 45s. Pro 
emendacione communis vied inter querruram et stallagium de 
Cawod, 8s. 4d« In yadio Joh. Smyth et sociorum suorum ad- 
quirencium et scapulancium iiij throwestones in querrura, 6s. 4d. 

Emi^cio mbrbmii bt tabularum. GUberto Johnson pro 
Ixxxi longis tabulis, oclx tabulis ad sectam, xlvj longis tabdis, 
cc thaktordes et xxviij stauncyons, 45s. 6id. Willelmo Pen- 
rose et Gilberto Johnson juxto Eylbom pro ii^.c tabulis et 
stauncyons, 40s. Eisdem pro y].c thakbordes, 18s. 6d. Johanni 
Savage et Willelmo Wrigth de Stillyngflete pro xx flekes 8s. 4d. 
Eidem Johanni et Johtoni Clerke piro iij.m hertlattes, 18s. 
Pro xlij lonffis tabulisi 22d. Summa 6/. 7s. 2id. Pro scafis, 
discis, scuteUs, busshds et cribris, 2s. 8d« Adse Smyth de Ebor. 
pro j nova sarra ad opus fabricse, 14d. Summa 20/. 4s. 8d. 

ExpBNSiB MiNUTJB. Johauui Roose, fratri ordinis Predica- 
torum, civitatis Ebor., emendanti et reparanti organa ad altare 
B. M. V. in Ecd. Cath., cum j pari folliuni pro eisdem, 86s. 8d. 
71. 4«. 2d. 

Summa bxpbnsaruMi 849/. 7s. 2id. 

Digitized by 




29 Nov. 1470 * 

SOMMA RBCBPTORUM, 261/. 48. 2^d. 

CusTUB QUBRRURiB. Thomffi lisngton^ armigero, pro firma 
querrurse hoc anno, SSs. 4d. In yadiis Johannis Smyth, Willdmi 
Smyibi et aliorum lea queryours, adciuirenciam, etc.j cc plaos- 
tratas petrarum, 41. Sa. 4a. Divems hominibus de Wyatow^ 
Cawod et Shirbum cariantibua cxxx et di. plauatratas petrarum 
a querrura de Hudelston usque Cawod, 108s. 4d. Thomse 
Orenebank et aliis cariantibua iiij.c plauatratas de les raroell 
extra (juerruram, 20s. Ricardo Smyth de Ulleskelf pro opera- 
cione ij.c ferri et di. in les weges pro quernira| 6s. Johanni 
Jowkyn, nautse, pro cariagio viij batelV petris onust^ a Cawod 
usque ripam Sancti Leonard! Ebor. 64s. Summa 18/. 2s. 

CusTUs PLASTRi. Willekuo Byther, de Gaynesburgh, pro 
XX dolcis plastrij 68s. 4d. 

Yadia cbmbnta riorum. In vadio Boberti Spillesby magistri 
cementariorum per xlvj sept. 71. 15s. lOd. 22 others. 48/. 
48. 7d. 

Yadia carpbntariorum. Et in vadio Jacobi Dam^f car- 
ver, et sui servientis operancium in fabrica per ix sept. 458. 
11/. 28. 6d. 

Empcio mbremii bt tabularum. ReliotsB Johannis Kent 
pro xij les waynscottes, 9s. Johanni Bawdon de Wystow et 

* Ten yowra have olapsed dnoe the last roll, but little, in all probability, took 
place in the interval with which we are unacquainted. The work m the two towen 
woH now progressing simultaneously, and drawing n^idly towards its oondusion. 

In 1465 an eighty years' lease of certain quarries at Huddleston expired. The 
Chapter, however, were still in want of stone, and the lease was renewed for the 
farther term of nineteen years ; it seems to have been on somewhat different 
terms, as we find oertain annual payments regularly made to the owners of the 
property for the stone which was required. 

The number of the masons is also burger, twenty-throe being now employed. 
Itobort Spillcsby is the master, having been appointed to that office, vio0 Jfohn 
Porter, in 1460. The sum of 4AI. 4s. 7d. was expended upon this department. 
Six labourers were employed, who received 12i. 8s. 4d. for wages. 

About this time tne CoUetfe of St. William was being erected. I find the 
following notice of it in the will of John Marshall, parson in the minster, which 
was made in March, 1466-7: — ^"Lego ad ediflcaoionem Colleni per personas, 
oonsocios meos Bcclesioe Cath. prediota), infra dousum eiusdem Ecoiesin noviter 
inceptam, 20a. Item lego ad usum capelljQ dicti OoUegii, cum ipsa ibidem 
Dlenorie fuerit constructa, meum poHiferium cum hoses et unum librum de 
Morolibus in dicta cMiella cathenandum." An account of the College and its 
position may be found in Drake's Sboraoum, 570-1, but the date of the com- 
nieiiuomont of the buiMiiig wftf never discovered by him. 

t A iKsrsou who wom probably oui^»lo>ud on thu roof of the tower. Ilis name 
leads us to supiMwe that be was a foreigner. 

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Adse Walker pro xlv quercubns, 41. Willdmo Welles pro xx 
vaynscottes, ISs. 4d. Roberto Stokes pro yj.c thftkburdes, 248. 
Eidem Roberto pro iiij.m hertlattes, S^. Thomse Shirwod de 
Topclyf pro ij.c tabulis serratis^ 17s. Jobanni Wrigbt de Sagby 
pro Ixxx tabmis serratis, 5s. 6d. Pro j querca magna empta de 
Ada Walker de UUeskdf, 48. Jobanni Jowkyn pro cariagio jJ^ 

Snercunm ab aqtta de Wherf usque Ebor. 82s. ThomsB Littister 
e Topclyf pro lx¥i|j tabulis serratis, 48. 8d. Pro meremio empto 
apud Aldwerk, SOs. Pro x les fleakes cum cariagio^ 8s. 8d. 
Summa 13/. 8s. 2d. 

Empcio clavorum bt psrri. Jobanni Macbon pro xiiig.m 
stonebrodesy yj.m duplespykynge^, 81s. 4d. Jobanni Maunsell 
pro Tj.m middspykyng^ vj.m Scotsem^^ et ij.m guletnail, IBs. 
Rdictse Jobannis Kent pro cccciij quart et di. Espanes irene^ 20s. 
Adoe Hudson pro j les dapir pro nova campanai IBs. Eidem 

Jro factura i^ mtdloreum ferri magnorum, 68. 8d. Thomse 
enkyn pro factura candelabri in choro ecdesise Ebor. coram 
ymagine Beatas Maris, 4b. Roberto Spillesby pro pictura dicti 
candelabri et deauradone ejusdem, 8s. 4d. Ricardo Smvtb de 
Ulleskelf pro ij dos' vinculorUm ferri, iij doe*, et ij dos' alterius 
sect®, 19s. Summa 6/. 20d. 

CusTus canAbi. Thomse Kildwyk, roper> pro j petra et di. 
canabi cum factura j cordulte, 21d. Pro j cordula pro fonte 
infra vestibulum empta, 6d. Diversis cotdulis emptis pro les 
loverbandes, I2d. Summa 8s. 8d. 

CusTus PLUMdi. Jobanni Turnor pro x?^ potris et viijj lb. 
plumbi, Ss. 6d. Willelmo Plommer et servienti suo operantibus 
m fabrica pro y^ sept, et j diem, 89s. 6d. Thomse Wildon de 
Craven pro j le^ fother plumbi, 41. Eidem pro xxyj petris 
plumb]. Ids. Pro vj lb. stanni, 2s. Summa, 7/. 2s. lld^ 

CusTUs viTRi. In vadiis Mathei Pety et servientis sui 
oporantium in fabrica per r sept. 800. Pro j les wysp vitri 
Tubii, 16d. Summa 81s. 4d. 


factis circa majorem campanam apud Laretborp, 846. 

ExPENSJs minutA. {Inter alia.) iDiversis scriptoribus scri- 
bentibus xxyj dos' literarum tndulgencise tnissarum in Arcbidia- 
conatus eccl. Ebor. I7s. 4d. Prolesgreas empto pro pooles, 4d. 
Domino Ricardo Cryspyn cap. customenti oblaciones ad rubiam 
archam, 6s. Jobanni Andrew pro emendacione y les hol^- 
waterfattes, ij candelabrorum et j reliquice, 8s. Roberto Spil- 
lesby, ex mandate dominorum, equitanti cum serviente pro les 
merblers'l' per xxviij dies, 87s. 4d. Eidem pro suis expensis 

• Persons who could work in marble. The master-mnson is sent in quest of 
ihem» and ho probably went to London. The masons would be wanted for the tower. 

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equitan^o m^pae Junii pro oementariis ad diver9a loca, 48. Fratri 
Johanni — pro factura duorum foliorum pro magnis organis et 
emepdacione eoramdem, 158. 2d. 3uiQina 8/. Os. 8d. 

SuMMA sxPEN8Aftuifj 235/. T^d. Et aio remanent, 20/. 
88. 7d. De quibu9 sol. pro emendacione magnae crueis fractae 
per casum in festo Sanctorum Innocencium, emendacione la- 
minis Sancti Stephani et pro emendacione fUversarum reliquia- 
rum, 6s. 24* 


£CCL. FAR. Sancti Laurkncii in Walmbgatb, custodis 
FABRicjs, A 29 Nov. 1470 ysQvi 29 Nov. 1471.* 

SUMMA T0CIU8 0NSRI8, 818/. 148. 7d. 

CusTus QusRRURJi. Thom® I^angton, farmigero, pro firma 
querruraB, boc anno 83s. 4d. In vadiis Johannis Smyth, 
Willelmi Smyth et aliorum adquirencium, etc., c plaustratas 
pctrarum, 4/. 89. 4d. Piversis hominibus cariantibus odiv 

Slanstratas petranim ft querrura de Hudelston usque stallagium 
e Cawod, 10/. lis. 8d. Thomse Cutteler carianti viij.c plaus- 
tratas de ramell extra querruram, 408. Summa 18/. 15s. 2d. 

CusTUS PLASTRi. Johanni Smyth de Buttercram pro uno 
quart, et ij bus. plastri, 2s. 6d. 

Yadia CARPENTARiORUM. Soluti David Carver pro les carv- 
yng nodorum| certorum, 17s. 4d. 49/. 198. 5id. 

CusTus sARRACioNis. In vadiis Johannis Allan sarrantis 
X rodas et cxx pedes, 30s. 9d. In vadiis Johannis Skvrmyn 
sarrantis xxv roclas et cxx ^cs, 68s. 4d. In vadiis Johannis 
Dcverill, sarratoris, sarrantis ccc pedes, 22id. Summa 4/. 
15s. lOid. 

Yadia operariorum. In vadiis trium virorum laborandum 
apud Cawod circa succisionem lignorum pro nodis emptorum, 
6s. Summa 12/. 9s. lOd. 

* The great reBtoration of the Minster was 4rawing to its dose, and the glo- 
rioui structure was soon to be completed. We find firom this roU that the central 
tower was nearly finished. A large quantity of wood is sawn and purchased in 
this and the precedinf year for the roof, and the carver is busy preparing the 
bosses. The iron work for the windows is made ready and the glass procured. In 
the course of another year the whole was completed. 

Bobert S^illesby, the master-mason, has nine men under him, and they receiye 
291, 2s. lid. in waees. Fifteen carpenters, a very large number, were employed, 
over whom was John Forster. There were, also, eleven labourers. 

t A younser ion of Sir John Langton, who has been already mentioned. 
Uis elder brother, John, was now dead, leaving an only daughter, who carried 
the estate of Farneloy into the fiunily of Danby. 

{ These bosses were probably intended for the roof of the central tower. 

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Empcio MERSMii BT TABULARUM. Johaimi Polyiigton de 
Ebor. pro Ixxx lea waynscotes^ cum cariagio, 638. 9d. Roberto 
Ouateby de Ebor. pro zlix liffnia, 498. Jobanni Jowkyn, nautse, 
pro carii^no* meremii a Sdby usque ripam Saucti Leonard!, 
68. 2d. Diversis hominibuB de Dygbton cariantibuB meremium 
pro nodis a silva de Dygbton nsque dausum ecd. Catb. 78. 4d. 
Diversis viriB cariantibas meremium infira clauBum existenB ad 
ortum carpentariorum, 28. lid. Roberto Bate pro vj magnis 
lignifl cum cariagio a Bilva de Scam UBque Selby^ ISs. 4d. I)o- 
mino Willelmo Bytber, militi, pro yj lignia emptiB in Bilva de 
Rjrtber pro stallagio apud Cawodj cum cariagio, 168.4d. Do* 
mmo Willelmo Laverok pro iij lignis emptia in cimiterio ecdesise 
8anct» TrinitatiB Ebor., cum cariasio UBque clauBum, lOs. lOd. 
Johanni Clerk de Wystow pro zl leB Bbydes de firaxino emptiB 
pro haatiB et manubriiB instrumentorum caniontariorum et ce- 
montariorum, 16d. Jobanni Iluathwato do Tbrysk pro clxzxv^ 
tabulis Barratis, cum cariagio ab Usa uaque clauBum, ISs. Jo- 
banni Wildon de Brandesby pro cccoc thakburd, 178. 6d. 
Eidem pro vij.c hartlattes, 4b. Id. Summa 10/. Ss. 7d. 

Empcio fbbri et clavorum cum btipbndiib fabrorum. 
Johanni Machon pro y^.m.ccc duplespykyng,'!' y.m.iiij.c midel- 
spykyng, i^.m Scotseam., ix.m stonebroddcB, ix Bbarplynffcs, c 
di. bragCB, 49b. 8d. Roberto CamBall pro ij.m duplespykyng, 
iiij.m midelBp^kyng, iij.m et di. Scotseam., v.m tynglenaile, 
iin.m guUetnade, iq.m Btonebroddes, 268. 7id. Jacobo Whyn- 
feld pro m duplespykyng et m Scotseam. Johanni Gylyot pro 
j dolio Espaynes iren cs. Pro cariagio ejusdem a Pavimento 
usque dausum ecd. Cath. Ebor. 6d. Marionse Kent pro j quart, 
fern, vis xxvi^ lb. 16d. Thomee Loksmyth pro xij sens et daviB pro 
armariolo ad altare Sanctorum Stephani et Johannis, ac pro 
xxii^ yinculis ferreis et anulis ferreis, 78. 6d. Ad» Hudson, 
fabro, pro factura duorum flabellorum de ligno et factura lea 
tyrea de novo campanarum et emendadone uniua dolabri perti- 
nentia ad fabricam, dSa. 4d. Johanni Hoton, potter, pro 
factura v] bolatira de ere pro iij campania niinoribua de novo, 
19s. 8d. Oeorgio Redeahaw, fabro, pro operadone di. dolii 
ferri in lea barrea pro feneatria majoria campanilia, 80s. 2d. 
Summa 14/. ISa. S^d. 

CuBTUs CANABi. Thom» Kildwik pro cordulia emptia pro 
loverbandea et iiij cordulia vocatia hawasera, 2a. 8d. Eidom pro 
xlvpetria canabi emptia pro j lea cable, cum operadone, 628. 6d. 
In vadiia laborariorum qperancium circa facturam ejusdem cum 
pane et cerevisia, 6s. 4d. Pro factura x^ hawssers, ij gyeropes 

* A Urge quantity of nails is purohasod for the roof. 

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et unius small lyne de j cable lacerato, 58. 2d. Summa 
668. 8d. 


Sanctffi Trinitatis Ebor. pro j fodre pliunbi^ cum cariagio, 74s. 
Johamii Lam pro 1 Detris et x lb. plumbi ; magistro Henrico 
DavYSon pro vjcxij lb. plumbi, 428. S^i, Johamii Esbdale de 
Ileslyn^n pro xxxviij petris, xj lb. plumbi, 158. 2d. Eidem 
Johanni pro ix lb. electn, 22id. Jobanni Gill pro xxiij dosen 
Btanni, 41. 128. Willelmo Plommer operant! in fabrica per iiij 
sept, et iiij dies, 12s. Roberto Humfray operanti in eadem 
fabrica per iiij sept, et v dies, 14s. 6d. Johanni Plommer, ap- 
prenticio, operanti per vi sept. 12s. Summa 18/. 4s. Id. 


de Ebor. pro Ix. wysp vitri, cum cariagio, 508. 4d. Roberto 
Glasman pro j lea seam et di. vitri Anglicani, 898. 6d. Johanni 
Polyngton de Ebor. pro j wawe et di. ac xxviij wysp vitri, 76s. 
In vadiis Thomse Clerk et Thom» Shirwynd, vitriatorum, ope- 
rancium in fabrica per vij dic8 ct di. 7s. 6d. In vadiis Matlici 
Pcty, vitriatoris, operantis in opcre magnarum fenestrarum per 
xxij sept, et di. 758.. In vadiis Thomse Coverham, vitriatoris, 
operantis in eodem opere per xxx sept, unum diem, 41, lOs. 9d. 
In vadiis Thomse Clerk operantis circa idem opus per x sept, ij 
dies et di. 81s. 8d. Thomse Shirwynd operanti ibidem per xxiiij 
sept, et ij dies, 788. Willelmo Franklan operanti per xxiiij 
sept, et di. diei, 72s. 2d. In vadio Johannis Pety operantis 
ibidem per j sept, et j diem. 8s. 6d. Roberto Hudson operanti 
ibidem per xv sept, et i diem, 45s. 6d. Willelmo Cartmell 
oix3ranti ibidem per iiij dies et di. 2s. 8d. Dicto Mathco Pety 
pro factura xxiiij lea peynes'i' de vitro, ultra 20s solutos eidem 
per dominum Decanum pro factura aliorum xx paynes, 24s. 
Willelmo Teele de Ebor. pro xl. paribus precularium de yalow 
glas pro coloribus eorumdem peynes, 12d. Dicto Matheo Pety 
pro xl paribus precularium ejusdem coloris pro dictis peynes, 
12d. in regardo dato eisdem vitriatoribus, diversia vicibus, 
2s. 4d. Summa 29/. 15s. 2d. 

ExvBN&fi MiNUTiB. (Inter alia.) Pro candelis, butiro, j 
pari foUium pro vitriatoribus, iiij lb. glew pro nodis, j molari 
pro acuacione instrumentorum carpentariorum et v les fleakes, 
7s. 9d. Georgio Gaunte pro emendacione organorum chori ct 
duobus hominiDus pro mundacione fontis juxta capitulum, 15s. 
8d. Johanni Andrew, aurifabro, pro emendacione thur*, imius 

• A large and unusual quantity of gUm ia procured. Much of it, without 
doubt, was placed in the windows of the lantern. They are still adorned with 
the cross-keys, surrounded by wreaths, the handywork, in all probability, of 
Matthew Pety, who is now recorded. 

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ymaginis B.M. uniusisopi, etmundacione feretri Sancti Willdmi^ 
8s. Waltero Ondstok pro factura duorum lea baldrygs pro cam- 
panisy 21d. Summa 118s. 8d. 

SUMMA BXPBNSARUM^ 296/. 4s. 8d. 




Summa onbris, 278/. 17s. 8d. 

CusTus QUBRRBRA. ThomsB LangtoD pro Ix ptaustratis pe- 
trnrum ob oodem emptis. ... In vadio Johannia Smyth ct 
aliorum scapulancinm oictas plaostratas. . . . Divorsis honiinibus 
cariantibus Ixi^j plaustratas petrarum a querrcra usque stallagium 
de Cawod, 62s. 6d. Summa 10/. 198. 6d. 


sonis pro necessariis ad picturam magni carapanilis^ viz. pro 
xxig.c^lb. auri malliatii c. ad Gs: 8d.y cum vectura ejusdem, 
duobus cadis de semine lini ^78s. 8d.)^ x\j lib. vertgreas^ ^ lb. 
blew ynde, ij lb. vermeyon^ yj lb. plurobi rubei, frescd leder, y 
lb. ocor« fatole, duobus lapidibus pro molicione colorum, j pixide 
empta pro instrumentis pictoris custodiendis^ blaunche mome, 
vermythi ii\j lb. masticote, xxyj dos. yij lb. et di. plumbi aibi 
cum yectura corumdcm a Loudon usque Ebor. Et in fcodo . • • 
operantis ibidem per xxyj sept, ij dies et di. capt. per sop. 8s. cum 
regardo, 408. 28/. 48. 5d. 

• A document of the greatoii importanoe, although it is unfortunately imper- 
fect. Its date, howeyer, may be settlod by the foot that the death of Spilleeby, 
the master-mason, is recorded in it, and the i^pointment of William Hendeley in 
his room. Spillesby died in 1472. 

This roU affordspositiye eyidence that the roof of the central tower wos at 
length complete. We haye the charges for painting it detailed in the most ampio 
manner. More glass is also purchased. 

The interior of the church being uow thoroughly finished ihe Chapter deter- 
mined that it should be consecrated. This was done on the 8rd of J uly, 1472. 
The act of consecration was yenr frequently deferrod, for years, or eyen oonturios, 
till the whole of a church was mlly erected. When the sound of the axe and the 
hammer was stilled then that solemn rite took place. 

It will be seen that for some time the Cfai^ter had been busily employed in 
putting the ftirniture of the minster into proper order. Fractures were repaired, 
missing articles replaced, and new acquisitions made. Still, alter all, it is la- 
mentable to turn to the reyelations which may be found in the yisitations of the 
Church which are giyen in the Appendix — to see how so fair a shrine was neg- 
lected, and to mark the many faulto of the ministers of the re-edified sanctuary. 

Seyenteen masons were employed this year, haying for their wages 51^. Os. 
There were fourteen carpenters, who receiyed 17/. 6s. 4d. The sum of 28s. 9d. 
was paid to two sawyers. Seyen labourers receiyed 16/. 6s. 4d. 

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Empcio MSRBMif ET TABULARUM, Thomse Dowsoii de 
Thurkilby pro c.xy tabulb sarratis^ }98. 2d. Willelmo Dobson 
de Topdif pro c. tabulia sarratis^ 128. Johanni Bdl de Carleton 
pro ij.c tabulis aarratis^ 14s. 6d. Dompno Johanni Kirkebv, 
monacho, pro v m hartlat, SOs. 5d. Roberto Bawlynson de 
Elvyngton pro duobus lignis^ cum cariagio, 3s. 4d. Roberto 
Ousteby pro ij.c. tabulis vocatis thakburdesi lOs. Domino 
Willelmo Plaifare deTopclif pro ij.c etdi. tabularum serratarum, 
2Gs. 8d. Summa llGs. Id. 

Empcio pbrri bt clavorum. Roberto Camsall pro z.m viij.c 
duplespykyng, xij.m etdi midelspykyng^ ix.m Scotseam, ix.m le^ 
nail^ v.c. brages, viij.c sharpljmges^ xj.m stanebrod, iiij.m tangle- 
nail, Y.m guUetnaiC lOSs. lid. Johanni Fattyng profiictura 
ligaminum ferreorum pro fenestris vitriis tarn in eccl. cath. 
Ebor. quam in Berefridoi 6s. 8d. Ricardo Smyth de Ulleakelf 
pro y dos. magnorum yinculorum* ferri prec. dos. 3s. 4d. et y 
dos. yinculorum minorum prec. dos. 2s., ij dos. yinculorum 
roinimorum prec. dos. Od., iij dos. hespes et yj spadymes ct iij 
dos. snekes, 848. 6d. Nicholao Smyth de Ebor. pro scafula 
magna de ferro empto pro vitriatoribus, 12d. Thomae Loksmyth 
pro factura de noyo cathenarum ad horelogium, tempore remo- 
cionis campanae .... 2d. Summa 10/. 6s. 6d. 

CusTUs CANABi. ThomsB Kildwyk pro duobus cordulis et 
quinque hawssers, 6s. lid. Pro emendacione unius cable et pro 
cordulis emptis pro loyerbandes, 16d. Summa 8s. 8d. 


pro y dos. stanni .... Johanni Mowbray pro xxij petris plumbi, 
lOs. 2d. In yadio Willelmi Plomor ojierantis per xj sept, et iij 
dies^ 38s. 4d. In yadio Roberti Umfray operantis per xij sept, 
et y dies, 38s. 6d. In yadio Johannis Middelton, apprenticii, 
per xj sept, et iiij dies, 28s. 9d. Summa 61. 14s. 9a. 

CusTus viTRi, ETC. Johauui Pety de Ebor. pro xxx wyspes 
yitri, 21s. Johanni Ekworth de Bridlyngton pro j wawe yitri, 
338. 9d. In yadio Mathei Pety operantis in fabnca per yiij sept, 
et iiij dies, 28s. 8d. In yadiis Job. Pety, jun., operantis per yiij 
sept, et di. 258. 9d. In yadiis Thomas Shirwynd operantis per 
xij sept, et ij dies, 378. In yadiis Roberti Petfr apprenticii, 2l8. 
Summa 8/. 7s. 2d. 

CusTUs PLASTRi. Willelmo Clerk de Buttercram pro y quart, 
et ij modiis plastri, 10s. 6d. 

MiNUTiB BXPBNSiB. Pto discis yocatis puty disches et scopis 
emptis pro cementariis, pro tallow, chalk, et candelis emptis pro 
yitriatoribus et scafis, 3s. 6d. Johanni Eay carianti plumbum 

* These fetters were required for Peter Prfioii P 

Digitized by 


or YORK MINSTSk. 79 

ab Ebor. usque yillam de Topclif pro tectura cancelli, 20d. 
Roberto Founder de Ebor. pro xiiij candelabris de cnpro de novo 
factis pendendis coram summo altari in choro ecd. Ebor. 246. 
lOd. Johanni Symson de Ebor. pro x lb. wyre de auricalco, et 
vij lb. wyre de ferro, 7b. lOd. Eidem pro factura cathenarum de 
auricalco pro dictis candelabris^ Ss. Yicario de KiUom pro 
duabus pelvibus de auricalco fractis, pond. Vj lb. l2id. Pro 
ij lb. masticote pro pictura supradictortim Candelabrorum, 14d. 
Johanni Andrew, aurifabro, pro emendacione tburtbulorutn et 
phiolarum infra vestibulum, 28. In denariis a dicto computante 
per vicecomitea civitatia Ebor. pro placito contra ipsum per eos 
malidose agitato extortis et surreptis,* 268. 
SUMIIA SX^BNSiBtH, 274d. 28. lOid. 




MoRTUARiAi 168. 8d. dc precio equi magiatri Rogeri Radclif^ 
nuper preb. de Masham. 

* Into whtt trouble the boor fabrio-keeper had follen we oannot tell. lie 
fipookfl hifl mind in Terr round temui— flur more boldly than he would have von- 
iured to do in the Guildhall There were many bickerings between the Chi^ter 
and the Corporation. 

t An imperfect roll, which may fiurW be imgned to the year 1478, although, 
poanUj, it may belong to 1472. It contains much taluable information. 

The central and western towers were now flhished, and in this jettr the battle- 
ments and pinnacles on the south side of the choir were erected by Bean 
Andrew. The next great work, for a great work it certainly is, that was taken 
in hand, was the rood-screen. We cannot tell, eiactly, when it was begun or 
when it ended, for a work so elabotate and sd difficult could not be completed in 
a short time. We may, howerer, safely place its construction between 14/76 and 
1506. William Hynddey was the master-mason who presided over the work, and 
among the rich decorations of that most daborate termination of the choir, his 
device, tk hind lodged, may be obsenred. 

The screen is ornamented with a long series of regal efflgie^ terminating in 
Henry VI. It is not unreasonable, therefore, to suppose that Uiis arrangement 
of the flgtures was fixed br Dead Andrew, who, having been secretary to Henry 
YI., was Wishftil to place his ill-used master in that prominent position. Within 
the memory of man that niche was empty, the figure having, in aU probability, 
been removed to prevent the tribute of adoration being paid to it by manv a pious 
Lancastrian. It seems, however, to have been there in 1515, when there is a 
charge of 20b. for paintinff and gilding the image of king Henry — an item which, 
probably, refers to that ill-fated monarch. Wo may conclude, therefore, that in 
spite of archiepiscopal itgunctions and regal prohibitions, the effigy continued to 

t naddiflTe was a Lancashire man, of considenible rank and preferment. He 
died in 1471. 

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Cu8TU8 QUKRBERJB. Thom» Langtou pro cciiij plaustratis 
pctrarum ab eo emptisi 4/. Ss. In yuAxo Johannis AUansou ct 
aliorum Bcapulancium, etc., dictas plaustrataa, 4/. 6b. Divorsia 
bominibua diotas plaustrataa cariantiqus aquerrera de Huddclstoa 
usque staUagium de Cawod^ 8/. 10s, Suiuma 241. 18s. 

Vadia cementariorum. In regardo dato Willelmo HyndleOj 
ex gratia dominorumi in subsidium et recompensacionem cx- 
pcnsarum suarum tarn circa vecturam uxoris^ libcrorum, et bono- 
rum suorum a ciyitate Norwic^'*' usque Ebor.^ quam circa defcn- 
sionem sectffi contra eum ex adversarib suis maliciose absque 

justa causa London, prosecute^ 100s. 24/. 9s. S^d. 

Batelmbnt. Diversis cementaris facientibus ij batelmentes^f 
unum superius et aliud inferius^ cum finyall, ex parte australi 
cbori eccl. Cath. Ebor.^ ultra c marcas per venerabilem virum 
magistrum Ricardum Andre w^ Decanum eccl. Ebor., ad idem 
opus ex sua devocione concessas et collatas, 24/. 18s. 5d. 

Empcio campanarum. Johanni Hoton de Ebor. pro una 
campana^ prima^ viz., quatuor campanarum minimarum in cam- 
occupy ita poBition in the rood-Boreen till the Beformation. It may, perhaps, 
have been then remoyed, when every saintly effigy and altar was destroyed. 

About the beauty of the workmanship of the screen and its most elaborate 
ornamentation, there cannot be two opimons ; of the propriety of its occupying 
its present position there may be grave doubts. The eiOToot of the transept is not 
improved by this heavy mass of stonework, and the proportions of the nave, which 
ought to be much longer than it ia, are very much marred by this ponderous 
barrier to its extent. 

William Hyndeley was the master-mason, haviiu; two others under him. Six 
carnontors wore employed, and roooived 11/. IGs. 4d. The sum of 27s. B)d. was 
IMiiu to the sawyers, and 00s. 4d. to the labourers, of whom there wore but throo. 
* The new master-mason, it will be seen, oaiue firom Norwich. What was the 
cause of the suit being brought against him P Gould he have thrown up a situa- 
tion contrary to agreement, or did he leave Norwich in debt P 

t The choir had been completed for at least seventy years, and still the battle- 
ment and pinnacles on the south side, which were necessary for the decoration of 
the exterior, had never been set up. This omission was now supplied by the 
munificence of the Dean. 

X Bichard Andrew, Dean of York for twenty-six years, was a most distin- 
guished man. His posts in the church were very numerous, and he was freouently 
employed in the service of the State. In 1461-2 the deanery of York became 
vacant, and there were two competitors for it, the treasurer, Bemingham, and 
Andrew. The latter carried the day, as Gascoigne tells us^ by bribery, xlis career 
as Dean, although he was frequently non-resident, and in the latter part of his 
life very infirm, was a memond)le one. The restoration of the minster made rapid 
progress under his rule, and he had the gratification of witnessing the completion 
of Uiat glorious undertaking. This roU records a munificent donation which he 
made towiurds the completion of the choir. To the college of the Vicars Choral 
he gave the living of Nether Wallop, in Hampshire, which they still possess. He 
also established a chantry in the minster, and in his will left several splendid 
legacies to the church. In 1477 he resigned the deanery, and died shortly 

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or YORK MINSTltt. 81 

panili boriali,'*' ponderis vij.c di. ^ lb. 11/. 6s. 7\A. Eidem prb 
alia campana empta pro hoirologio, pondeiis XTij.c di. 26/. Bs. 
Thonise Smyth a^uyanti Johannem Newbald circa facthram 
tyres pro dictis campanis et j clapper pro una earumdem, 28. 

CusTiTs CIRCA FACTUBAH CHYME. Johaimi Birdssll de Ebor.^ 
pro v.c lb. ferri einpti prb chyme^ 2l8. 8d. MarioneB Kent pro 
▼^ garbis calebis emptis pro eodem^ 88. 2 id.. Fro vino vicariis 
cnori pro probacione campanarum et composicioiie cantus pro 
dicto chyme, I6d. Willefmo Lambe de Ebor. pro j toveime 
empto pro foUiis fabri, l6d. Pro viij quart, et j bus. carbonum 
Toc. ralycole emptorum ad opu8 dicti chyme, 10s. lOd. Johanni 
Newbald, chyme maker, in partem solucionis stipendii sui, 
28s. 4d. 

Eifpoio MRRiMii BT TABULARUM. MarionsB Kent pro vin 
waynscottos, 68. 8d. Johanni Nyghtgato do Lynton pro iig 
lignis magnis emptis ad ripam Sancti I^Doiiardi Ebor., 10s. Wal- 
tero Bryi&erde & Bawtre pro ^.c thakbtirdes, 20s. Eidem prb 
ix.m hartlattes, 868. Johanni Galverd, shipman, carianti dicta 
thakburdes et hartlattes a Stokwith nsque ripam Sancti Leonardi 
Ebor., Ss. 8d. 

Empcio fbrri et clatorum. Johanni Fattyng pro factura 
barres de ferro pro fenestris in campanili boriali JBcclesiee, unius 
axiltre pro curru oementariorum, et barres pro aliis fenesbiB, 6s. 
Boberto Smyth pro hedyng incudis pro fiabro, 14s. Johanni 
Maunsell pro ii^.m c^ duplespykyng, yj.m midUspykyng, xij.m 
stanebrodes, ix.m Scoiseme, m tyngUnaile, vii.m oc"^ l^kdnaile, 
iy.c~ sharplynges, c di. brages, 698. 2d. Johanni Birdsall de 
Ebor. prt> xT.c ferri, cum cariagio usque dausum, 648. ld« 
MarionsB Kent pro v garbis calebis, 2s. 8id. 

Cu8TU8 cANABi. ThotnsB Kildwyk pro duabus cordis vocatis 
halsers, una magna corda pond, ix petr., et alia corda ad stateras 
plumbaria {sic) 18s. Od. 

CusTus PLUM^i, Etc. Bobcrto QUI de Ebor. pro y dos. di. 
stanni, emptis pro les sowder pro vitriatoribusi 228. Pro xxj 
fodir plumbi, preo. fodir, 78s. 4d., 76/. 18s. 4d. Pro ponder- 
acione et cariacione dictii plumbi a crane Ebot., usque cimi- 
terium, 10s. 6d. In yadiis Willelmi Plommer operands per 
XV sept. SOs. In vadiis Johannis Midilton operantis per cxiij 
dies, 66s. 6d. In vadiis Boberti Burton operantis per Ixxxvj 
dies, 48s. In vadiis Boberti Newton, apprentidi, per xvj dies 
et di. 6s. 6d. 

ExPBNSJB MiNUTjB. {Inter aUa.) In expensis magistri Wil- 

* Ab the two weeiem towers were completed, we find that additions were 
made to the bells. The chimes were now made, which were still in existence 
in 1762. 

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lelmi Poteman'i' et Johannia Oysburgh ac aliorun^ equitanciam 
ab Ebor. usque villam de ^egooiis. Eoclesise^ 
eundo^ stando^ et redeundo per ires dies et di. 44b. 5d. In 
expen&is eorumdem equitaiiciuiii usque Stanuforth brig^ 8p. lOd. 
Magistro Willelmo Poteman^ ex mandate dominorum^ mense 
Decembrisi anno Domini 1475| equitanti London, in negociis 
EcclesiaB, 6/. 18s. 4d. Ricardo Soureby. pro emendacione fpl- 
liorum organorum ad altare B.M. et Ricardo OloYcr pro ^lew ad 
idem opus, 12d. Johanni ligatura j libn vocati 
aiitiphonarii, emendacione defectuum ^usdem, coopertura ejus- 
dom, custodibus et correo rubeo, 129.. Johanni Park pro munda- 
cione ruderum et gradiium super et infra Ecclesiam per yj dies, 2s. 
Pro greas, tallow, et pakthrea pro carpentariis, ac metroddes, et 
pro j situla pro fonte cementariorum, 16d. : Pro acopis, ^ yangis, 
cum ferrura earumdem, jpro scafis emptis pro cementariis, 19d. 
Johanni Copper carianti meremium a parte australi Ecdesise 
Cath. usque partem borialem, 2s. Henrico Ward, pictori, pro 
mundacione reredos super summum altare, 8s. 4d. Johanni 
Andrew, aurifabro, pro pmendacione turibulorum, calicum et 

Shiolarum, ac feretri Sancti Willelmi, 7s. 6d. In retribpcione 
ata magistro Ricardo Latomer pro laboribus suis impositis circa 
scripturam deposicionum certorum personarum coram ymagine 
regis Henrici sextif in Ecdesia Cath. Ebor. offerencium, ^. 

SUMMA BXPBNSABUM, 868/. 8s. lid* . 

.a . , t . » 

^ This journey to Ifid^leham wi^ probably ^ viat the Buke ofQlouoester, 
who had his residence at that place, fte was pow meditating the foundation of 
the college at Middleham, which was soon after carried into effect. In the tiUo 
deeds of that institution, which was thwarted in its commencement, the names of 
Potcman and Qisburgh arc to be found. The duke was alio a great benefactor to 
York minster, as will be seen shortly. 

t Althou^^h Henry VI. was never canonised, he was still regarded as a saint 
by many of his adherents. His many virtues, his gentleness of character, and his 
many misfortunes, endeared him to a great portion of his subjects, who oareAiUy 
treasured up any Uttle relic of their injured sovereign. In z orkshire the Lan- 
castrians were a very numerous body. Henry had spent some time in that 
county in the course of his wanderings, and he was not yet forgotten. In the 
minsters of Itipou and York I find wat there were images of him erected, to 
which adoration was, doubtless, paid. Dean Andrew had been his private secre- 
tary, and we cannot wonder, therefore, that a statue of his patron was erected in 
the cathedral. Where this statue stood is not known, but, judging from this 
roll, it was probably removed before it had been lon^ erected. The feelinff of 
veneration towards the royal sufferer was not extinguished, as in 1479 we find 
an order from Archbishop Booth, that no worship would be paid to bis image. 
I am inclined to think that this image was that on the rood screen. On account 
of the adoration that was paid to it, it was probably removed, as the niche was 
empty till it was filled by a new effigy, the handiwork of a skiUUl workman 
on the staff of the fiibric, within the memory of man. 

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IT8QUR 29 Nov. 1479.* ' 

SUMMA TOCIU8 Ol^RRIS, 848/. 28. 8d. ^ 

CusTUs QURRRRRJi. ThomsB Langton pro clx platutratis 
petraram apud Hadel8ton> 66e. 8d.' Johanni Alanfeon'et aodis 
snis adquirentibaSy etc. dictas petras, 66e. 8d. Johanni Brown 
et sociis suis cariantibfui dictas petras a querrera de Hud^kton 
usque staliagium de Cawod^ 6/. 18si 4d. Willelmo Jonk^ et 
sociis suis cariantibos ccxc dolia petrarum a Cawod usque ripam 
Sancti Leonard!^ 4f. lOs. Summa 20/. 18s.' lid. ' 

Vadia crmrntariorum. Hyndlc, moiier, dnd 12 othern^ 
inter quo$f Jacobo Dam/ carvoTi operanti pisr xi\] sept. 89s. ' Et 
cidem pro intailyng dxxY crokettes^ 14s. 7d. ^ 66/. 8b. Id. 

Emfcio tabularum. WiUelmo Render de Husthwait ^ro c 
tabuUs sarratis^ cum cariaeioi 9s. 8d. Johanni Husthwait de 
Grysthwait pro Izyij tabtuis sarratiSi cum cariagio, 8s. S^d. 
Laurencio Shipton de ToUerton pro dig tabulis sarratis, 7s. 2d. 
Johanni Bolland pro y.m hartlattes^ 24s. 2d. Summa 44s. 8id; 

Empcio frrri rt clatorum. Johanni Maunsell pro xij.m 
duplespykyng, xj.m midelspykyng^ xx.m stonebrodes^ vi^.m 
Scotsem, y.m leadnail^ c brages, q.csharplynges^ m tyuglei 
m gullet^ 41. 7s. 6d. 

CusTus cANABi. Johanui Bold et Thomse Kylnwyk prb 
factura xlix petrarum canabij unius maghi cable ceteris in unum 
novum cable^ et in esculentis et poculentis datis hominibus 
adjuvantibus circa focturam qjusdem, et pro fiEUstura xvii petr. 
canabi veteris in novos haussers et v handiopesi et pro factura 
iiij petr. canabi veteris in twichyngropes pro les scaffcuid, 27s. 2d. 

Empcio stanni^ tlvubi, rto. Roberto Oill de Ebor. pro 
ij dos. di. stanni, lOs. In vadio Willelmi Plomber operailtis per 
xxxvj dies, 18s. In vadiis Willelmi Midelton operantis ibidem 
per xxxvj dies et di. 18s. 8d« Summa 46s. 8d. 

CusTus viTRi CUM vADiis viTRiATORUM. Edmuudo Bsrdale 
deBramley buttes pro xyj tabulis vitri An^licani, 14s. 8d. Wil- 
lelmo Meing de Ebor. pro imo wawe vitn, cont. Ix wyspe, 40s. 
In vadio Johannis Pety et Willelmi Pety, vitriatorumi per Iviij 
dies, 18s. Summa 72s. 8d; ' 

* A roll from which we may nfely gather thai the work of the toreen was 
going on. There is a charge for making a great numher of orookete, and if the 
foreen was ready to hear them in the present year, it must haTe Iwen fixushed 
long hefore 1605, the year in whioh Hyndeley died. 

Six carpenters reoeiYe lOf. 7s. 0)4 ; fourteen labourers are ^d 191. l^e. 4d., 
and a single sawyer 10s. 

o 2 

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CusTus PLA8TRI. Johanni Ryther de Oaynesbur^h pro yj 
doliia plastri emptis ad staUagium Usae^ 16a. Johauni Forman 
^e 3elby pro ix doliia plastri, 22s. 6d. Et Johanni Botrell de 
Buttercram pro ij quart, plastri, 3s. 8d. Summa 469. lid. 

ExPBNSJB MiNUTjB. {Inter alia.) Thomas Loksmyth pro 
xiij seris et davibus cum xxxyj juncturis, iij staples et j barre 
de ferro pro cista choristarum, pro consenradone pecuniarum 
suarum, 98. 2d. Thomas Bukeby pro factura ejusdem cistce et 
Boberto Scalyng de Bulmer pro xxxiiij fleakes pro scaffaldyng, 
18s. 4d. In expensis unius servientis magistri Henrici Qillow 
equitantis ad communicandum cum Oervasio Clyfton pro ex- 
cusacione cementariorum operancium in fabrica Sancti Petri et 
per ofBciarios domini Begis requisitorum et captorum ad opus 
regium apud Nptingham,''^ 2s. 4d. Johauni Qorras pro emeuda- 
cione capitis Sancti Willelmi, ymaginis Sanctas Appolonise, 
thuribulorum, textorum et fiolarum, 6s. 6d. 

SUMHA fiXPENSARUM, 240/. 19s. l^d. 


IN EccL. Cath. Ebor.j custodis fabricjBi a 28 Nov. 1481, 
U8QUB 28 Nov. 1482.t 

Vbndicio btauri. De 17s. 5d. de domino Johanne Hert, sub- 
thesaurario^ pro ij.c duplespykyng, vj.c midelspykyng^ v.c Scot- 
sem^ c stonbrodes, iij waynscottes, xiij wyspes albi vitri, di. wyspe 
vitri colorati, yiij petris et v lb. plumbi. De 5s., pro les mason 
chippes hoc anno venditis. , 

Summa tocius oneris, 875/. 18s. O^d. 


Petri. In auro veteri tunso pro tabemaculo pro ymagine Sancti 
Petri infira chorum Eccl. Cath./ 8/. 4b. 8d. In auro de novo 

^ A ouriouB entry. There had been m defldenoy of hands at the royal oaatio 
of Nottingham, and the adtjaoent countries were in all probability awept of their 
artiAoers. A similar ooourronoe took place about this time at Oxford, where the 
workmen employed upon the new schools were carried off to Windsor. 

t There ia no special mention of the screen in this roll, nor of any delicate 
work that could form part of it. There were elcYcn masons employed in the 
course of the year, receiving the sum of S9J. 16s. 2d. 

The great work of the year was the tiU)eruaole and figure of St Peter, which 
stood in the choir. Great pains seem to have been taken that it should be worthy 
of the ohui^h and its patron saint. It is not known where this tabernacle stood. 

There were but two carpenters working this year, and thoy were paid 41. Bd. 
There were seven labourers who received 81. 14a,, one of them, John Newbald, 
received 53i}. 4d. for keeping the cluck and the cliime. The paltry sum of 16d. 
was \md to the sawyers. John and llobert Poty, the ghsiers, received IGs. 6d. 

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ctmeo tunao ad idem opus ; et pro tunsione dicii auri in iij.m. di. 
c. et di. quart.^ 438. Francisco Forster pro cccc aori tunsi. 
Nicholas Vicaris pro c di. auri tunsi.^ 868. 2d. Pro xyj uncis et 
i quarterio de les byce., 17s. 8d. In vadiis dicti Francisci Fors- 
ter et sodorum suorum operancium circa picturanii deiuracione 
dicti tabemaculij et pro ynde, bole^ gum^ redlead^ whitlead^ sina- 
per^ et aliis necessams pro dicto opere, 4/. 6s. 9id. In reg^rdo 
dato dicto Francisco, ex mandato dominorum Dccatii et Capituli| 
20s. Johanni Connyng, carrcri operonti super dicto tabcmaculd 
per xxxiij sept, v dies et di., 101s. 8d.. Johanni CJowpcr, carpen- 
tario, operanti circa dictum tabemaculum per xix sept., iiij dies 
et di., 698. 8d. Henrico Connyng, carver, operanti circa idem 
tabemaculum per vij sept, et iij dies, 22s. 6d. Summa 
271, lis. 84d, 


GAT Edor. Pro CCCC i quart., di ferri, et Thomse Loksmyth pro 
j plate lok, j pyn de ferro, uno mallio et uno anulo de ferro pro 
eisdem januis, 288. 6d. In vadio Jacobi Whynfeld, carpentarii, 
per Ixyj dies et di., 8Ss. 8d. In vadio Thomse Hall^ carpentarii, 
per idem tempus, 838. 3d. Johanni Connyng, apprenticio, 38. 4d. 
Thomse Hilton pro sarracione meremii et tabularum pro dictis 

f'anuis, Ss. 4d. In regardo dato Bicardo Porter et aUis vigilanti- 
ms ad dictas januas tempore quo fuerunt aperteo in nocte., 28. 
Summa 1168. 8d. 

CusTus QUERRERJi. Thomfo Langton pro octogintn plans* 
tratis petrarum, 83s. 4d. Johanni Smyth et sociis suis franffou- 
tibus et scapulantibus dicta plaustrata, 33b. 4d. Roberto Clerk 
et sociis suis cariantibus dicta plaustrata a querrera de Hudelston 
usque Cawod, 668. 8d. Willelmo Jonkyn carianti ^r aquam 
Usee sex batell' petrarum a Cawod usque ripam Sancti Leonardi 
Ebor., batell' cont. 27 dolia, 646. Summa 11/. 2s. Id. 

Empcio ilBREilii ET TABtJLARVM. Johautii Bullok dc Top- 
clif pro ccc et di. tabulis sarratis emptis apud staUagium Usae, 
cum cariagio ad cimiterium, 43s. Wilielmo Wright de Filiskirk 
pro occ di. et xxvij tabulis sarratis, 8 Is. Willelmo Johnson de 
eadem pro c tabulis sarratis, 6s. Pro cc les waynscottes 
emptis apud Hidl, pro les shyppyng earumdem apud Hull, cum 
cariagio usque Ebor., 4/. lOd. Thomse Parke de Peke pro ix.c 
thakburdes, cum cariagio, 33s. 9d. Willelmo Wright de Hun- 
tyngton pro c lignis, cum cariagio, emptis apud Brandesby, 
9/. 6s. 8d. Domino Johanni Dove, capellano, pro uno magno 
ligno, 6s. Summa 24/. 16s. 3d. 

Empcio ferri Rt clavorum. Johanni Batell pro cc ferri, 
Willelmo Tuk pro cc ferri, l6s. 6d. Marionn Kent pro una 
garba calebis, 6d. Johanni Maunsell pro vj.m duplespykyng, 

Digitized by 



vj.m midilspykyng, v.m di. stonebrodesj yj.m Sootseme^ m di. 
tvn^l nail, co Bharplynges, m gulet nail, iij m lead nail, c bragea, 
Johanni ^myth pro yj.o stonbrodes, 628. 8d. Siunma 698. 8d. 

CusTUB 8TANNI cuH PLUHBi, ETC. . Boberto Gyll pro iij dos. 
Btanni ; Johanni Patryk pro xxij petiia et ix lb. plumbi, 20b. 8d. 
In yadiis WiUelmi Plomber operantia per xxx diea, 15b. 8d. In 
vadiis Chr. Tomlynson operantia, per xxxvj diea et di., 15b. 2id. 
In vadiia WiUelmi BvsBbop operantia per xx diea et di., 6a. l^d. 
Dicto Willelmo Plomber et Bociia auis pro les fynyng de plumbo, 
6b. Bd. Somma 62b. 6d, 

ExPBN&« HiNUTji. (Inter alia). Pro pelle cervi empta pro 
j gradali in choro, ac duabus pelliboa rubii colons pro eodem, ac . 
coopertura ejusdem. 4s. 4d. Jobanl^ Oirdler pro j zona pro 
magno comu* et j quart, et di. velyeti pro eodem comu, et pro 
factura ejusdem zonae, 7a. Pro resina, empta ad faciendum ci- 
meptum pro cementariia, 8d. Johanni Oorras, goldsmytb, pro 
emendadone calicis de auro, pixidis 4^ argento, thuribulorum, 

1' crucis de auro, capitis Sancti WiUelmi, pro dcauracione j coc- 
earis, et fixura ejusdem foretro Sancti WiUelmi ct cmoudaciono 
unius texti, eo^endacione comu Sancti WiUelmi, deauracione 
clavorum pro zona facta) pro eodem comu, emendacione mitrsa 
capitis Sancti WiUelmi, 208. 

SUMHA . SX?BN9ARUH, 251/. 8a. 6d, .. 



De 6/. 18s. 4d, re(»ptis de magistro f ohanne Hert ad fEictu- 
ram altarium in eccl^ia Qath. pro qapeUfMiiii domini Regis. 

Lbgata £T 9LBMOSINA, (inter alia). Pe 188. 4d. de ele- 
mosina cujupdam ;de Sonderland in Episcopatu.^ De 48. pro 
sepul^ura cujusdaQ^ Scotti et uxoris suae in Berefrido. De 20s. 
pro i^pultura domini Johannis Danby, pen^pse in eod. Cath. 
Ebor., prope tumbam Ricardi Lesprope. 

* This is, I presume, the great horn of Ulphus, m most intei^eetmg retio of 
Saxon timeow ana the noblest ntle deed that the Chapter of York have ever pos- 
sesMd. It has beep frisquently engraved and may be stiU seen in the vestry. 

t A rol), whioh is now incomplete. When Mr. Browne saw it it bore the 
date of I486, and the name of WilUam Ward, as keeper of the fiibric. We see 
from it that the soreen was still progresdng, and that the masons, in Uie oourse 
of the year, were employed upon a different kind of work. Six oarpenters re- 
ceived 17^. 17s. lid : twelve labourers 16^. 2s. 10| ; and the sawyers 26s. 6d. 
The sum of 29s. Sd. was paid to two glaziers, John Pefy and Wm. Caldbeke. 

t The oounty of Durham, then, par excdUtM, oalled the Bishopriok, a name 
whioh it still bears in some parts of Yorkshire. 

Digitized by 



SummA Todius 6NBBI8, 866/. 178. ll^d. 


DOMINI Regis.'*' Pro Ivj waynsootes pro dictis altaribus^ mere- 
mioj Barradone dictorum meremii et wayncotes, et |>ro operacione 
les crestes pro dictis altaribui)^ teris; davibus; les tyers et slotes 
pro eisdem altaribus, 41. 178. 4d. In^vadio Jacobi Whynfeld^ 
carpentariii operantis/ dtca faciturani) dictorum altarium per 
sezaginta diefty 808. In vadiis set alioram carpentarioruiiii 
6/. 78. 6d. Et petit allocacionem pro xxyj waynscotes^ meremio^ 
et davis pro duobus de dictis altanbtis oiieratui in ultimo com- 
poto^ titulo^ vendicio iiauri, in dorso cgusdem^ et non allocatis/ 
248. 8d. Summa 13/. 198. 6d. 

Cu8TU8 QtBAEEEiB. ThomSB Langtou pro cxx plaustratis 

* In the beginniiig of his reign Biobard III. gave orders for the esiabliflh" 
ment of m ooUege of m hundred ohi^Udns hi the church of York. This order 
appoon in Archbishop Botheram's register •• well as in MS. Harl, No. 469^,7% 
which contains many similar documents. Mr. Browne, thinks that the college 
here mentioned is that at Middleham, but in this he is manifestly wrong : all the 
deeds connected with the foundation at Middleham haV^ been siven to tne if orld» 
and in them the number of priests who were to be located in that village is very 
dearly defined. It seems to have been the object of the kinar to found a grand col- 
lege at York on a large scale, but he was prevented by his disasters trtm carrving 
hiii designs fhllv into execution. We have, howeVer, a notice in this roll of the 
erection of no less than six altars in the minster, wnich were intended for the 
king's ohi^lains. In the will of William Poteman, canon residentiary and arch- 
deacon of the East Biding^ who died soon after the king, we find a bequest of 
certaiit timber which had been taken down from the nouse which was being 
erected Ibr the king*!! chantry priests. We see, therefore, that not only had a 
certain number of altars beeU erected hi accordance with the khig's desire, but 
that a college had been begun in which the chantry priests, were to be located. 
By the battle of Bosworth all the pious Ihtenlions of BichaM were thrown over, 
the college at York wte pulled down, and we heai^ nothihg more about the altars 
or the chantry priests. • r • » . . • ,, 

Barely, if ever, has there been a prince in the north so universally beloved as 
Bichard III. The ties that bound hmi to the noble house of Neville and his own 
regal muniflM^o6 endearM him to the people of the north. Th^ stood by him 
in every danger, and on everr, occasion, and even after his fall, when their help 
was of no avail, his memory lay at the bottom of theur hearts, ever springing up 
again to be cherished and lamented. 

Policy as well as aflbction would induce Bichard to win the regard of that 
people, and he knew well how to sain them. > He resided much among them, and 
dassled them bv his grandeur and afikbilify. Patents and places were showered 
among them with a uvish hand. His piety won the favour of the clergy, and 
all, ftsoinated alike, bowed before the common idol. 

He was at York, in great state, in 1488, goin^ to the minster in all the pomp 
of rojralW. At a solemn banquet in the city, which took pbM3e shortlv afterwards, 
the king's youthful son was created Prince of Wales. It was probably on one 
of thoM occasions that the coUege of the hundred chi4)laini was ordered to be 

He also save to the minster a very precious orosi. which is described in the 
inventory of the jewels of the church, to be found in the i^pendix. To the 
vicars dioral he was a behelkctor and a patron, prevailing upon the chapter to 
advance them to thehr original number. It was a dark day for the north when 
its sun set upon the field of Bosworth. 

Digitized by 



petrarum emptis apiid Hudekton, SOs. Henrico Smyth et 
BOciU Buis frangentibus et scapulantibus dictas plaustratas 50s. 
Heurico Svssiver et sociis suis cariantibus dictas plaustratas 
a querera de Hudelston usque Cawod^ 100s. Willekno Jonkyu 
carianti les crossbaftes et mautil trees a Cawod usque Ebor^ 
ISs. 4d. Summa 16/. 2s. Id. 

Yadia cbhbntariorum. Wm. Hyndle^ master, and 11 
others. Summa 42/. 5s. lOd. — inter guo$ Wilidmo Bussbelli 
entayler^ facienti coxl crokittesi xx ad 16d.^ et xxzij gargilles, 
unum Ics gargill ad 12d.^ 60s. 8d. 

Eifpcio HBRBMii BT TABULABUM. Oeorgio Syre de Sesay 
pro ccc tabulis sarratis^ 27s. Od. Johanni Hekes de Doncastre^ 
pro ij.m hartlattea^ ix.c et di. thakeburdes, 40s. 8d. Johamii 
Hekes pro yj.c tbakeburd^ cum cariagio^ 20s. Willemo Wright 
de Huntyngton pro septem lignis^ 16s. 4d. Pro zxzv peciis 
meremii^ 26s. Summa 6/. lis. 4d. 

Ehfcio olavorum. Et Johanni Mawnsell pro yij.m duple- 
spykyngi xij myddspyking, xiij.m stonbrodes^ ix.m et di. Scot- 
scm^ iiij.m tyngilnailli ccc sharplynges/ cdi. bragcs. Johanni 
Pereson pro clavis. Marionse Kent pro duabus garbis de calebc. 
Et Bicardo Symeson pro xiij lb. les wyre pro les chyme, 5s. 6d. 
Summa 76s. 2d. 

CusTUs STANNI CUM PLUMBO, BTo. Pro xij lb. stauni, pro 
y petris et iij lb. plumbi 6s. lid. In yadiis Willehni Plomber 
operantis per Ixyhj dies, 34b. In yadiis Thom» Bobson oper- 
antis per xlvij dies, 23s. 6d. In yadiis Boberti Neles, appren- 
ticii, per Iviij dies, 19s. 4d. Summa 4/. 2s. 9d. 

ExpBNSJS MiNUTiB, {Inter alia). Pro xix yirgis de bukasyn 
emptis pro ymagino Sancti Petri in choro cccl. Catli. ct tabcr- 
naculo ejusdem, 10s. 2d. Pro scafis pro cementariis et met- 
roddes pro carpcntariis, etc. etc., 7s. 4d. ThomsB Ora^ pro j 
magna pelye et ij aliis peciis pelyium pro les faydes m uoyo 
campanili in fine occidentali dictas Eccl. 6s. lOd. Johanni 
Cohm pro factum les faydes pro dicto campanili, pro j quart, auri 
tunsi pro eisdem, Willelmo Webbe pro deauracione eorumdem 
et pro les staples de ferro pro dictis les faydes, 8s. 8d. Pro les 
cherkcole pro cementariis, 4 lb. resina pro eisdem, et loyerbandes 
pro tenementia, 22d. Thomse Messyngham pro ligatura unius 
gradalis pro choro ecd. Cath., custodibus, bosses, clavis et duabus 
pellibus pro eodem gradali, et uno libro de novo hcto empto pro 
choristia, 23s. l^d. Johanni Hewe pro emendacione orsan- 
orum ad altare B.M.V. in dicta ecclcsia Cath., et portacione 
eorumdem usque domum Fratrum Minorum, et reportacione ad 
qccl. Cath., 138. Dd. Pro mundacione stallorum in choro: et 
Jolianui Danycll pro ligamiuibus emptis, cupris, ct ij magnis 

Digitized by 



ligaminibas pro rota ina^na in campanili noYO^ les greas pro 
oementariis et les femes in dicto campanUi, 6s. 6d. Johannl 
Gorras^ anrifabro, pro emendadone nnins phiolsB de lirgento^ 
unins calicis pro summo altari, thuribolomm^ nnins navis pro 
thure^ nnius textus, deanracione onins codearis et aflSxione 
cgnsdem feretro Sancti Willehni^ emendacione nnius signacnli et 
bordones pro magno mis8ali> capitis unius yma^isi qtihtuor 
calicum pcaiinenciam capellanis dotnini Regis^ unius crucis^ et 
factura duorum les pynnes pro emendacione uniu^ mitree^ Ss. 
Pro mundacione ambonis in aomo capitulari, et pro diversiii leii 
tules pro oementariis, 28. 8d. Johanni Golan pro emendacione 
hastsB magnsB crucis deauratse^ 20d. 
SUMMA sxpbnsAbum^ 227/. 198. Id, 

FABRICJB^ A 1497 USQUB 1498.'!' 

SuMMA ONBRIS^ 270/. 198. G^d. 

CnsTUS qubrrbbjB. Thomte Langton de Huddelston pro c 
plaustratis petrarum emptis apud Huddelston, 60s. Johanni 
Smyth et sociis suis scapulantibus et adquirentibus dicta plaus- 
trata^ 60s. Bicardo Barton et sociis suis cariantibus dicta 
plaustrata a querrera usque Cawod, 100s. Bicardo Farechild 
sleddanti 160 dolia petrarum a stallagio de Cawod usque navem 
ibidem, 66. 8d. Summa 14/. 8s. 4a. 

Empcio mbbbmii Bt TABUtARUM. Johanuse Lowther de 
Alne pro xj lignis, cum Cariagio, 168. Johanni Sagood de 
Esjmewald pro cxv tabulis serratis, 9s. 8d., 88s. 6d. Johanni 
Bi^iu de Topcliff pro c tabulis sarratis, cum cariagio, et domino 
Wmelmo Shaw de Topcliff, capellano, pro c tabulis serratis, 
188. 8d. Summa 62s. 8d. , 

Emfcio fbrri bt clatorum. Johanni Symson pro iij 
libris de wvre, Johanni MaunseU pro xviij.m duplesnykyng, 
▼i^.m midcJsOTkyng, x.m Scotseam, xxx.m stonebroddes, v.m 
tpigilnailes, liij.m guletnailes, v.o sharplyng, i^.m leadnailes, 
iiij.c brages, et Johanni Fubrig pro cc petris fern et sex garbis 
decalabe., 61. lis. 9d. 

Empcio flumbi cum yauiis plumbartorum. Pro ix petris 
plumbi, vij libris stanni, 68. 4d. In yadio WiUelmi Middlcton, 
plumber, operantis in fabrica, 668. 9d. Summa 628. id. 

^ Ten niMoiis, ftmong whom is John Fothergill, intaUer, ooomr this year, 
and reoeiye 86^. 16e. 6d. The wages of ihe oarpeniera are 9/. 19s. 8d. ; and of 
the hbourers, who are twdve in numher, 162. 2s. The sum of 2l8. is paid to the 
sawyers, and 87s. to two glaziers. 

Digitized by 



CuBTUs OANABi ST PLA8TBI. Bicardo DenOj roper^ pro 
handlyn empto pro vdo quadragesimali in choro, et uno lea 
cablq pro wydal^ 98. Thom» Clerk de Buttercram pro iiij quar- 
tenia plaatn, 7^.44., i 

ExFBNSiB MiNVTJB. Pro Bcafis^ disoia de ligno^ ligaminibua 

Sro oupisi et ij aituUsj oleo et lea greace pro lea fern et pulyea. 
uobus cribria^ Sa. Id. , Pro xy\ lb. cupn pro lea faynea pro 
novo campanilii^ pro ai^ro et .deauriKdone eorumdem^ duobua 
Umatibua, et \] paribus cirotbecfur^m pro cen^entania, 80a. 6d. 
In regardo dato cementariia pro lea aettyng, etc., 9a. 6d. Sa- 
criatia pro rete ad capiendum columbaaf in ecd. Cath., Sa. 8d. 
Pro xxvj aaccia carbonum aduatorum pro lea fynyng leadaah, 
cariagio dicti Icadaah, etc., 20a. .6d. Pro yj maaon axia de novo 
factia, Harmanno Gbldamyth pro (emendacione) vj tburibulorum, 
argento pro eisdem, emendacione unius lea stothe in zona pro 
cornu Sancti Willelmi, et emendacione uniua al^ 9A caput Sancti 
Willdmi cum deauracione partia ejuadem et affixione anulorum 
ac emendacione uniua reliquia Sancti Petri, 10s. 8d. 

SuifHA EXPENSAUVM, 280/. )0s. lid. 


PADBicJi, A Nov. 1498, USQUE Noy. 1499.$ 

SUMMA ONERIS, 271/. Ss. SJd. 

CusTUS QUERERJS. Thom8d Langton de Huddelaton pro cdx 

Elauatratia petraruni emptia ap^d Iluddelaton, 108a. 4d. Jo- 
lanni Smytn et Henrico Newton, cum aociis suia, acapulantibua 
ot adquircntibua dicta plauatrata pctrarum, 108a. 4d. Ricurdo 
Barton et sociis suis cariantibua dicta plauatrata a querrera usque 
Cawod, 10/. 168. 8d. Bicardo Farediild aleddanti ccl dolia 
petrarum a atallagio de Cawod usque navem ibidem, 18a. 9d. 
Summa 88/. 198. Id. 

Yapia ladoratorum. In vadiia Hugonia Newbold, fabri, 
quatodientis bovologium et lea cbym, aq facipntia instrumouta 

* The Ames upon the pinnaoles of the new tower. ' There S« a similar entrj in 
the preceding roll. 

T The doves were a ^reat nuisance, as they got into the church through the 
ui>per windows. There is a special order about them in Archbishop Hoigate's 
injunctions to the Ohapter. 

X The interest of these documents is now grtduall j on the wane. Every work 
of any maffnitu^e was flnished; and, aocordmgly, we find greater attention paid 
to the smaller items. Amonff Uie minute expenses many most curious items will 
be observed. William Uyndeley was still master-mason : thifteen others were 
under him, and the sum paid to them amounts to 40^. lis. 9d. The wages of 
threo carp^ters were 161, 16s. Sd. Tlie sum of 45s. was paid for sawing 22) 
roods of Umber. 

Digitized by 



iierrea ad fabricam, SSs. 4d< Roberto Bead^ smyth, pro lea 
gryndyng lea axea et tulea pro fJEibrica, 208. 4d« Sttmma 18/. 
68. 9d. 

Empcio tabularum. Johanni Wilson de Ponteburg pro 
centum tabulis serratiai pro cariagio eammdem ab Usa usque 
dausum Willelmi Newton de Doncastre, pro iiq.m hartlattes^ 
cum cariagio ab Usa usque dausum ; Willelmo Clerk de Top- 
diff pro ccc tabulis scrratis^ cum cariagio> 668. 2d. Johanni 
Grystnwait par. Topcliff pro co tabulis serratis, et cariagio^ 198. 
4d. Summa 76s. Id. ' 

Empcio fbrri et clayorum. Thome Spycer pro 1 dolio 
ferri et Henrico Flomber pro c libris ferri^ 4f. Ss. 4d. Johanni 
Mansell pro yj.m duplespykyn^, in.m midilsp^kynges, vi^.m 
Scotscme, yj.m stonbroddes, ii\).m leadnailes, ii^.c brages, ig.c 
sharplynges, et pro septem garbis de calabe^ 648. 2d. Summa 
6/. 178. lOd. 

Empcio pjlumbi cum vadiis plumbariorum. Pro septem 
petris et di. plumbi emptis de Johanne Isake. Pro xix lib. 
stanui^ ad usum fabricse^ Ss. lOd. In vadio Willdmi Plumber 
operantis in fJEtbrica per dxx dies, 4/. Ss. 8d. Summa 41. 

Vadia yitriatorum. In Yadio Johannis Petty, yitriatoris, 
operantis in fabrica inter festa Purif. et Omnium Sanctorum per 
Ixxvij dies, 488. 6d. In yadio Johannis Cook| operantis, ui 
9Upra, 488. Summa 4/. Os. Id. 

CusTUs OANADf. Bicardo iDeane pro una oorda pro fonte 
in crippis, et uno les lyne pro illuminadone cerei paschalis, 9d. 


SUPRA CAPUT Sanoti WiiLELMt.* Vt6 factiiTa unius campame 
de noYO pendentis in campanili boriali ultra metallum fractse 
campante, 738. 4d. Pro scriptura et ligatura ac lymmyng unius 
libri Yocati atitephaner prd medio choi'o Cath Ebor., U. 98. 6ld. ^ 
Pro zin ulnis del canyasse emptis pro les panno ddato suprd 
caput Siancti Willelmi in proo^ssione, 48i 4d. Pro tinctura xx\] 
yirgatarum panni deferendi supra capiat Sancti Willelmi, pro 
duabus libris et di. de crules pro les frenges pro dicto panno, 
pro oorreo, lyre, et suidone dicti panni, et Thomas Drawswerd pro 

fictura dicti panni cum auro et coloribus, 82s. lid. Summa 
0/. IJd. 

EzpENSJB MiNUTJB. {IfUer alia.) Pro xij quarteriis car- 
bonum subtcrrenorum, 149., et pro bleo et les greac pro fern et 
puUeys, et pro xxii^ libris eris emptis pro les carres et j les sbyye 

* Many notioes of St. William and his shrine haye already occurred, and more 
fiill will be giTen. Many rich gifta were made to his feretory, hut St. Cuthbert 
of Durham bad a far greater reputation and a nobler shrine. 

Digitized by 



pro pullyea. Thomse Saddeler pro correo pro cathedra in medio 
chori^ EC Thomae Drawswerd pro emeudadoue columbsB pro cereo 
paschali^ 28a. 8d. Domino Johanni Symoou pro emeudacione 
organorum parvorum cum correo ad idem o^xxs, Bobcrto Readi 
pro uno hausorio de ferro pro leadhoos^ et xxiiij shoveles, 58. 4<1. 
rro carbonibus adustis pro cementariis, xviij lb. resinse pro 
cementariis^ pro sigillacione sentenciae generalis cum monicione 
fto rebus subtractis pertinentibus fabric»^ 4b. Fro ij limatibus et 
n paribus cirotbecarum pro cementariis pro les settyng, Jobaniii 
Lutton pro ij les parsers pro cementariis^ et Jobanni Loksmytb 
pro quinque seris et vij clavibus^ 4s. lOd. Predicto Jobanni 
Loksmytb pro emendacione seres et yinculi portarum clausi, et 
Henrico Kendale pro les byndyng cum ferro iiij rotarum pro les 
Carres, 6s. 2d. Hermanno Ooldsmyth pro aflixione unius zones 
et clipii de les perle feretro minori Sancti Willebni, emendacione 
sex tburibulorum et pro argento ad emend, eorumdem et in auro 
pro deauracione dictorum tburibulorum, emendacione unius les 
poUe super majori feretro Sancti Willelmi, emendacione isopi 
majoris cum argento, emendacione narvss pixidis de argento, 
emendacione baculi pastoralis, emendacione pontificalis episcopi 
puerorum et pro argento et deauracione ejusdem, 17s. lid. 
Summa 71. 6s. Id. 

SUHMA SXPRNSARUH, 260/. 8s. 64d. 




Palbfridi. Palefridi magistri Humfridi Fetzwilliam,t ma- 
gistri Robcrti Willyngton,:^ et magistri Edwardi, Crisacre,§ 
8/. 8s. 

* An imperfeot roll, which may safely he given to the year 1604. Hyndeley 
is still mastor-maaon, and has twelve maaons under him, to whom the sum of 
45/. 17a. 8d. is piud. Bohert the " intoler/' and his servant, receive 1/. 16a. for 
six weeka work: the glaaiers receive 446.; the sawyers, 22s. 6d.; and eight 
labourers, 16/. 168. 4d. 

t Son of Sir Richard FitzwiUiam of Aldwark, and prebendary of Qivendale. 

t Prebenduy of Ulleskelf and rector of Qilling. I desire, he says, in his 
will made in 1508-4, " to be buried in the pariah church of the Holy Crosse of 
GKllyng, within the ^were. I wit to the said ohurche a portous, price x marks, 
with a bell yt I promised theym at the makyng up of the stople. The said bell 
to be delyvered when the stople is performed and maid. I will that a marbill 
stone be bought and layd upon my grave, and I wyll that myne executors make a 
wyndow in the south side of the qwere, in the pariah church of Qillyng, where 
my body Uth." 

§ Canon of Dunuington and subdoan. A younger son of Perdval Crosaoro, of 
Barnbro'j Esq. 

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or TOBK MIN8TSR. 08 

SUMMA RBCSPTA, 296/. 178 

CvsTUB QUSRBBUjB.. ThomsB Langtou de Huddelsione pro 
dx plaufltriitis petraram etnpiis apud Hudddbtoii .... Johanni 
Smyth et Henrico Newton cum sociis suis scapulantibus et 
acquirentibus dicta planstrata .... Bicardo Barton et sociis 
suis cariantibus dicta nlaustrata a querrera usque Cawodi 6/. 
18s. 4d. Bicardo Farecnild slcddanti cc dolia petrarum a stagno 
de Cawod usque ad navim ibidem . . . • Summa 8/. 18s. 4d. 

Empcio mbrBmii et tabulArum. Johanni Dallyng de Alne 
pro c tabulis, 7s. lOd. Johanni Orene de Topdiff pro cc tabulis^ 
12s. 9id. Executoribus magistri Edwardi Crisacre pro meremio 
empto de eisdem, 26s. 8d. ThomsB Terton de Doncastre pro yj m 
lattes, 40s. Eidem pro iiijc • • • • thakburdes, cum cariagio^ 
16s. Id. Summa 6/. 3s. 4id. 

Empcio clatorum cum pbrro. Johanni Whitehead pro 
factura'et emendadone chtvium et ccrarum, 6s. 8d. Pro vi.m 
duplespykyng, 16s., singlespikyng, 68., yj.m stanebroddesi 
6s., c bragges, 16d., ii^i.c sharplynges, 2s. 8d., andi^.m Scotseme, 
8s. Summa 40s. 8d. 

Empcio plumbi, bto. Thomte Custance pro Iz^ petris 
plumbi, 268. l^d. Eidem pro Ivp ^tris, 21s. S^d. Pro xvg lb* 
stanni empti, 68. 4d. In vadio WilleUid Middilton, plumbarii, 
operantis per c et de • . • dies, 47s. 4d. In vadio Johanlii Oleff, 
plumbarii, per Iviij dies, 178. Summa 6/. 18s. 8^A. 

CusTus oanabi bt plAstri. Bicardo Dean pro ij les caplcs 
pond, xlvj petras, 688. 8d. Eidem pro uno caple pro coopertura 
magni le . . . . 62s. 6d. Pro duobus quarteriis plaustri, %i. 4d. 

Bbparacionbs. Et dati in elemosina parochianis de Topclif 
pro edificadone ecdesise ejusdem villa, 3/. 6s. 8d. 

ExPBNSJB MINUTE. (ifUer aUa.) Pro ligatura ij librorum, 
quorum imus didtur martilegiaim, et alter in oflScio clerid Capi- 
tuli, I6d. Pro uno grynstoue, 20d. Pro ij le aprons de correo 
pro les setters per spadum n mensium, 12d. Pro tmo stone 
parcere, 12d. Hermanno Gtoldsmyth pro emendadone certorum 
localium infira yestibulum, Ss. 6d. Pro xj skepe carbonum 
ligneorum pro le fynyng plumbi a cineribus ejusdem, 8s. 8d. 

Summa BxpbnsArum, 286/. 6id. 

Digitized by 




28 Nov. 1508.'«« 

SUMHA ONBBIS^ 296/. 198. S^d. . _ M * < . i 

CusTUB QUBRBBiLS. ThoinsB LangtoQ de Huddilston pro 
cclx planstratis petrarum emptis apud Huddilston, 5/. 88. 4d. 
Bogero Biland et Heorioo Nionolaon scapulantibus et acquiren- 
tibus dicta plaustrata, 5/. Ss. 4d. Bicardo Fairocbilde cum sociis 
suis cariantibus dicta de querrera usque Cawod^ 10/. 166. 8d. 
Summa 80/. 148. 2d..' i 

Empcio hbbbmii BT.ffABULAi^uM. . . Potro* Man de Tborp 
Underwod pro xiij lignis, 268. 8d., et pro cariagio, 88. Thomss 
Dicson, parochisQ de Hustwhaitt, pro ij.c tabulis serratis, 188., et 
pro cariagio, 8d. Jobanni Bycberdson de Topcliff pro Ai bturd- 
lattes, 88. 6d. Pro y.c saplattes, Ss. 4d. . Thomie Sdsson ,de 
AmpUforth pro zj boncbe lattes, 22d. Jobanni IJefdd pro ij.c 
tabulis serratis, cum cariagio, 2(>s. 8d. Summa 4/. Ss. 8d. 

Emfcio CLAYOBUM BT cuH PBBBO. Willelmo Bocbc pro cc 
fern, 8s. 8d. Jobanni Wbitbed pro ij bus. cer^ pro clavibus 
ad vestibulum, 6d., et pro ceris et clavibus to ye yles, et ad 
di versa tenementa, Ss; . Jobanni Mansell pro xj.m dubillspykng, 
ix.m singillspikyng, xvij.m stanebrodes, iiij.m Scotsevme, iij.m 
Icid naill, c et di. braggqs, m tvngyll naill, m eolytt nail, vj.c et xl 
sbarplyngcs, et pro j cera ad bostium propo domum capitularcm, 
cum antedictis, 4/. 66. 4id. . . ;< 

Empcio pluhbi. Willdmo Bocbe pro iij.c plumbi, lOs. 
IJd. . . 

CxjSTUS CANADi BT PLAUSTBi.- BicardoDcnc pro sex hawser^ 
5s. Jobanni Bendand pro ij doliis plaister, 5s. 4d., et pro 
cariagio a Use usque cimiterium, 8d. Pro gipso alias dicto litura, 
Anglic^ plaister, Ss. 9d. • . . 

ExPBNSJi MiNUTJS. (Inter alia J Boberto Sutton,, cum 
servo, pro faccione j spyndill for remevyng of ye bamers of ye 
cbyme, and for puttyng — n metall in tham, IC^. For approns 
and glovys for settvng to tbe masons, 16d. Pro pictura scabclli 
ad bostium capituli» 12d. For bolls, disbes, gres, seiffes and 1 
say, 28. 2d. Amaldo, aurifabro, pro emendacione magna crucis 
et alterius crucis, 78. 4d. For reid for payntyng of ye bowses, 
2s. 2d. 

Summa bxpbnsabum, 278/. 28. lOd. 

* Chr. Horndr it now master-mason, with nine others undor him, who reoeiTe 
43/. 166. lOd. Ten carpenters receive, 24/. 15s. 2d. ; tbe Utbourers, 12/. 6d. ; 
throe glaaiers, 41. Ss. Gd. 

Digitized by 


OF TOftH lilKBtlill. d5 


28 Nov. 1510.* ' 

SlTMMA ONBRIS^ 280/. 78. Id. 

Emfcio MBRBMti BT TABVLARUM. WiUclmd Fredf ph) j 
ligno, 28. 8d. Johanni Smyth de Athpleford piro ^.o fet di. 
brodde8^ 2l8. 3d. Johanni Per^aon pro ^.m lattes^ 10b. 

Empoio CLAvoRtTM CUM FBRRO. Pro t.m et di. dnblespikyng, 
278. 8d. Pro v.m singlespikynge, 78* 8d. Pro xv.m Scoot* 
Bejrme, 168. Pro v.c Bharplinges^ 4b. Id. Pro x.m et di. brodd68 
et8 tone broddes^ llni 7d. Pro j.C braggeSy 18d.^ et j.m tyUgill 
naill^ 12d. Pro j petra les wjete, 48. Snmtna 3/. ISa. Id. 

Empcio PLtTMiiti BTO, Joha&ni Johnfton pro v\h. do los 
8owder, 20d. Pro iiiij lb. Bowder^ Sb. 8d. Roberto Bekwith 

}>ro X lb. Bowder^ 8b. 4d. lit tadio ^Petri Plumair operantiri in 
abrica per xxvj Bept. 688. 'Suinma3/.i7A. 8d» . « < 

Yadia TITRIATOR0M. Eoberto Pety^ ^r xxxij diesi I 6b. 
Willelmo HutchonBon, p^r xliiij dies^ 228. Bicturdo Awger^ 
per xlvij dicB, 23b; ' Pro lib. Bowder, 88. 4d. 

Yadia bbrratorumi btci DiversiB BarratoribuB in fabrica^ 
4d, 18b. 4d. Pro una corda pro horologio empto de Bidardo 
Deene et pro corda candelse yocatse Sanct Peter ee>t 6b. lOd. 
DiyerBiB hominiboB pro xxj quart, et iij buB. plauBtrii 42b. 9d. 

Rbparacionbb. Pro xl^.m thaketeill> 6/. 8ii. 6{A. Pro vj.m.o 
hardwalteil, 868. 7d. In baaterdwaUtiel,, 428. ' Ih Bingle- 
wallteill^ ig.m, 16b. In rige teill> cxxx, 46. Pro cariagio lyme^ 
plaster^ Band^ maBon chippcB and fier erth, and for filling of 
the erth at the north doore of the MyuBter^ 8/. I4d« Pro jone- 
terB, hoBtiiB et BtalliB apud Topclif, 2b. • . > 

ExPBNBiB MtNUTJB. flnieT olia.) Pro j boo, * ^ BkottelB and 
chalk and roBene, 12d* < Pro it hiddcB to the atnvth bdowB; atld 
for dightynffe of yamo^ 8b. Pro les bynding liWrtim Johnnni 
HurBon et Johanni FranokinOi 16b. 4d. Altialdo, auHfabro, pro 
emendacione diversarum rermn et jocaliuin Teatibulo pertinen** 
tium, 48. lOd. 

SUMMA BXPBNBARUMi 247/. 16b. 4id. ' 

^ No stone is bought this yetr. Eight mtaont, with IXorner for their mMtor, 
reoeiyo 802. 8t. 4d. ; nx corpentm, 211. 40. Id. ; the hibourern, 261. IBs. Od. 

t St. Peter's eye, m nanie eiTen to some ta^ or corona of spooial site and 
importance in the minstor. It probably was erected before the image of St. 
Peter, in the choir. In the choir of Durham there was one taper at least, so tall 
that the monks were obliged to let down an extinguisher from the roof to ^ut it 
oni Was the rope here mentioned intonded to support a similar extingtusher, 
or to raise the tapsr P The taper might perhaps be Uie paschal candle. 

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XXXYI. — CoMPOTUB DOMINI Chbistophobi Sbbll, SUCCBN- 


U8QUB 28 Nov., 1516.« 

SUMMA TOCIU8 ONBEI8, 823/. G^d. 

Cu8TU8 QUBEBBBJt. Magistro — ^ Langton, seniori^ pro c 
plaostratis petrarum, SOs. Johanni Atkynaon pro aoquiaicione 
et scapulacione dictarom petranun, 60b. Pro yeocione earam- 
dem peirarum a quarmra usquae ad Cawod, 6/. Willelmo Acastre 
aledanti easdem petras a Cawod usque naviculas ibidem, viz., 
clxx dolia, 78. Id. In regardo dato ad querruram pro yino m. 
Langton, 12d. Johanni Atkynson firangenti et scapulanii pre- 
dicttti petras pro suo favore, 2s. Johanni Robynson pro xl. 
carucatis petrarum ad querruram de Newton et Hesmlwod, 838. 4d. 
Eidem Johanni Robson pro xx carucatis petrarum ad quarreram 
predictam, IGs. 8d. Summa 19/. 15s. Id. 

Empcio mbebmii bt tabulabum. Cuidam homini pro y.c 
difo burddos, Nichoko^PuUan pro di. m. hartlatt, cum vecoiono, 
22s. 2d. Eidem pro di. m. saplatt, et yeccione. Bichardo 
Story pro c et di. dife burde, 78. 8d. Cuidam homini de 
Hemelsay pro ij m hartlatt. et Christofero Kytchman de Carlton 
Hustwhat pro c tabulis, 17s. Eidem, et alteri de eadem villa, 
pro ij.c tabulis. Roberto Wild pro di. c wavnscot, 67s. 4d. Et 
pro veccione earumdem et labore circa vadia pro carpentariis, 
8d. Summa 6/. 48. lOd. 

Empcio fbbbi et clavobum. Pro j sera pendente pro oom- 
inuni cista, 2s. 4d. Pro alia sera cum ij clavibua et pro ij seris 
cum clavibus et j mana (sic) clavi, 6s. 2d. Willdmo Maunsdl 
pro ij.m et di. dublespykyng^ ij.c brakes, j.c sharplinges, ii.m 
et di dublespyking, xj.m et di Scoteseyme et ij.m stone broddes, 
25s. 8d. Prd j.m et di. duble spykyng, iiij.m single spykyng, 
j.m tindiU naill, j.c bragges, iij.c et di. sharpUnges, j.m shurpUng, 
iiij.qi leid naill, 288. 4a. Pro j.c ferri, iiij sheiffes de calabe, di. 
m. magn. play, pro Berfrido et j.m minoris form» pro Monasterio, 
14s. Pro ij.m duble spykyng^ ij.m single spylung^ v.m stone 
broddes et Scotseym, 18s. Summa, 4/. 8s. 6d. 

Factura novi uobbolooii. liBurendo Water, £abro, ultra 
8/., in ultimo compoto pro fecdone novi horologii, 7/. 


ropis, 18s. 8d. Roberto Bawmebrugh pro di. quart, pliwtri, yj 

^ Ten maMni, with Ohr. Horner ibr master, are employed, md reoelTe 
SSI. 16a. One of them ia Boht. Waterton, *'enteUer." Three oarpentera have 
61 7a. lOd.; eight UOiourera, 9L ISJd. ; the aawyera, 80a. 14d. ; three plumbera, 
86a. lid. ; two glasiera, SSa. 8d. 

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modiis et di. quart, et y^j boa. gipsij Gs. 4d. Nioholao Pullaii 
pro viij q^uart. ceJcIb; Qni homim de Tadcastre pro j plaostTi 
calcis ; Nicholao Pullan pro iig quart, calcis et ij quart, 178« 

£xpBN8iB MiNUTiB. {Inter aUa.) Laurentio Water, fabrOi 
pro faocione et emendacioue ii^ dappers pro magnia eampanis^ 
166. 8d. Et pro j lea thurgh de marmore pro aepulcro domini 
Decani Harington^'i' et pro epitmhio ejuadein de metallo ereo^ et 
aculptura gu^enii 46s. 8d. Pro j lauide de freiatone, cum 
aculptdra epitaj^hii, pro aepultura domini Earoli, ultimi cuatodia 
fabncae, et pro i\] petlibua pei^ameni de veil' pro emendacioue 
librorum in choro, 7a. 4d. Pro yj pellibua albia pro lea l^nyuffea 
librorum in choro, etc., 3a. 4d. Pro emendacione umua, libri 
yeraiculorum pro choriatia, pro j petra lea great wier ph) lea 
chyme, etc., 148. Pro j lea great ferrco pro guttiira in muro 
necnon domua veatibuli, et in regardo aervientibua magistri Dr^w^ 
awerd fiftcientibua cruoifixum in preaencia magiatri .Ajrchidiacoiii 
Richmond, 28. 8d. Pro j bowd ahaift pro plumbariia et pro j 
akomer, 8d. Johanni Beyat de Bepoii pro ij pellibua celrvinia, 
q pellibua de ataggea, duodena de pellibua ovinia, et acx pellibua 
vitulinia, 19a. 8d. Uraino Mylner pro ligacione librorum in 
choro et pictione rubise archsef aub ymagine B. M. pro elemosinia 
ad fabricam recipiendia, 49a. 4d. Pro in quart, lee auri pro 
deauradone j atelln auper ymaginem B. M. et cuidam ptctdri 
pro pictiono ot doauracioho ojusdcm atdlro, 6a. 8d. lloborto 
Waterton pro facdone acabelh pro roctoribua chori et pro ij lb. 
oker et lea brown of Spiagne ad pingcndum caminum in- Icid 
howa 28. 2d. Johanni Paynter de Ebor. pro picdone j ymaginia 
Henrid regia,| 208. 

SukMA ExPBNaARUii, 287/. 8a. S^d. 


Nov. 1B19.§ 

Palbprious. De. 40a. pro mortuario magistri Job. Perot, || 

* James Harrington, Dean of York, was s son of Sir Robert Harrington of 
Badsworth. He was one of the last of that unfortunate ftunily. 

t The red ark or chest was a large ahns-box, which stood against the south- 
eastern piUar of the hmtem tower. There was a simibr chest, bearing the same 
name, at Bevorley. 

t The image of kins Henry was probably that of Henry YI. upon the rood- 
screen. Some notices of it haTe been already giTcn. 

{ Ghr. Homer is still master of the masons, and he, with eight others, reoeiyos 
88^. 8s.; to the carpenters there is paid 91. 19s.; to the sawyers, 40i. 8d.; to three 
plumbers, 61. 6s. 4d. ; to glasiers, 88s. ; to tylers, 81. 9s. 9d. 

II John Perrot^ precentor of York, died in 1618, desiring to be buried in the 


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nuper preoentoris, vis.^ uno equo cum sella et freno ac falariis 
• . . • capiido ejusdem et alio capucio del chamelet^ et uno 
galeo cum pileo vel virrete nigro, et cinctorio de cruyls cum bursa, 
Ics bag de welwit et les ringges vel bagyrnes de argeuto, cum 
decern magnis preculis de cbore. 

ELEMosiNiB. De 20b. per manua Thomse Water, registrarii 
dominorum Decani et Capituli, ad picturam Dominse Yirginis 
Mari» in eadem Ecclesia, ex parte boriali cbori. 

Vbndicio stauri. De lOd. pro oc saplattes. De 15s. de re- 
paratore Bedemsd* pro j petra plumbi et iij.m mensillis. 

SUMMA ONSRIS, 842/. 88. 2}d. 

CusTus QUERRBRiB. Thomas Langton de Huddilstone pro c 
xz plaustratis petrarum, 68s. 4d. Pro acquisicione et scapula- 
cione earum, 58s. 4d. Pro xx plaustratis ad eandem querruram, 
ciun yeccione, 86s. 8d. Pro aliis xx plaustratis ad querruram 
de Huddilston, 16s. 8d. Juniori Wilk}m8on pro yeccione clx 
plaustr. petrarum a Cawod usque ad les lendding Sancti Leonardi, 
4/. Pro Yeccione dictarum a Huddilston usque ad Cawod, 
0/. 18s. 4d. Summa 28/. 4d. 

Eaipcio mbrbmii bt tabularum. Pro j grnud ligno, 6s. 
Thom» Chambre de Topdif pro ij.o tabulis, cum yeoc'one, 12s. 
De uno extraneo pro c tabulis, 87s. Uni homini de Ilustwhait 
pro ij.c tabulis, 8s. Cuidam extraneo pro m hart lattes, 4s. 8d. 
Et Willelmo Freer pro fote eseburdes, 2s. Pro xl tabulis 
ligneis, 268. 8d. Summa 8/. 8s. 8d. 

Eifpcio PLAU8TRI, CALCis, CUM GIP80. Bsmardo Payar pro ij 
plaustratis calcis, 8s. 4d. Alii pro iij plaustratis calds, 9s. 6d. 
Pro ij plaustr. calcis emptis apud Tadcaster, 15s. 6d. Pro iig 
quart, gipsi emptis de Roberto Bawmcburgh, 8s. Pro ij doliis 
gipsi non adusti, 6s. 4d. Pro uno dolio, 8s. Summa 88s. 6d. 

Empcio clavoruh cum pbrro. Pro yij.c bragges, iij.m 
sharplinges, ix.m dublespykyng, 668. 6d. Pro y.m sin^lespykyng, 
xxiij.m stonebroddes et Scotseyme, et pro y.m et di. leidnaUl, 448. 
8d. Pro iiij.m Icidnaill, m great leidnaill et pro una magna sera 
ferrea cum claye pro stipite ad tumbam Sancti Willelmi, 17s. 8d. 
Pro alia sera et juncturis ferreis pro hostio noy» domus infira 
clausum, juxta domiun Amaldi, et pro xij aliis sens, 6s. Pro ij 
tewems pro domo fabrics pro follibus, et pro una magna sera pro 
hostio ecclesise de Bercfrido, 4s. 4d. Pro yj seris pendentibus 

oburch of Sanot Peter of York, " If it pleoa God Uiat I departe my lyffe in tbeii 
porteis. I leave to a preet eghi marks, every yere, for three yeree, to syng for my 
sauU in ibe cbappell over the bodie of my but lord, the bushop Savage, and for my 
•aid lordis saull, and all Chrbten taulliB.'' 

^ The anoient residenoe of the vicars choral. Torre gives a full description 
of the place, which has now been allowed to (kll into great decay, the chapel, 
espedally, having been robbed of its glass. 

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or rORK MIN8TBR. 99 

pro stipitibus infra Ecdeaiam^ eic.^ 98. 4d. Summa 6/. 17ft. Id. 

RbpaHACionss. Pro emendacione fenestrarum yitriarum in 
ohoro ecdesin de Topdif et in capella^ 68. 

E»BK8iB. {Inter alia.) Rob^toReeidet alii8facientibu8dao 
le8 clappirs pro oampanis^et emendantibus alia,et pro davis magnis 

Sro cmcifixo, 128. 8d. Badnlpho Pollan, anrifabro, pro faccione 
e novo dnorum nrceomm pro 8ummo altarii et pro emendacione 
▼asorom pro aqna benedicta^ et pro 808orii8 pro ei8dem, et prd 
argento et anro^ et pro faccione et emendacione aliorum joca- 
Itom et rerum^ 4/. 98. Pro coloribns ad pingcndum caminos de 
novo factos^ et pro c fawthoms cordarum pro 8n8pen8ione pan- 
norum qnadragesimalium ante novum crucifixum^ 48. Pro 
pictione unius panni pendentis coram novo cmcifixo in tempore 
quadrage8imali^ et pro les curtayn ringes, et pro les laic^ ac pro 
8uicionc alteriu8 panni, 12s. Afagistro Johanni Edon executori 
maffistri precentoris, pro i^.c les grat wode, 9s.- In regardo 
cuidam &bro et factori horilogii inspicienti horologium quod 
fecisset Laurencius ndper cnstoa horologii, pro labore et concilio, 
20d. Pro dimidia nlna nigri velvet! pro coopericione corii per 
qnod pendet oornu ballivi Sancti Petri, et pro snicione ejusdem, 
6b. 8d. Pro mundadone tabulsB deauratee ad magnum altare, 
et pro pictione magni panni cooperientis eandem tabulam, 408. 
Pro una duodena de pellibus vitminis et di. duodena de pdlibud 
ovinis et natale moris {$ic,) pro ligacione librorum de Berifrido, 
268. 4d. Duobus pictoribus pingontibus duas ymagincs Bcates 
Marise cum ipsarum tabemaculis et historiis, unam ad rubeam 
archam, et alteram ad hostium insulse aquilonaris chori> inveni- 
entibus aurum, bice et alios colore8, 10/. Pro uno calice pond, 
vi^ unc. deliberato capelln in cemiterio eccl. de Topdif, 84s. 8d. 
Pro faodone et emenaadone iiij scabellorum pro choro, et pic- 
toribus pingentibns dicta scabella, pro corio et teguminibus pro 
eisdem scabellis, 98. Thomse Bakar pro cooperdone duorum 
librorum Epistolarum et Evangelistarum, et pro cooperdone iiij 
les whiashinges cum les damask pro choro, et pro plumis et aliis, 
88s. 8d. Pro aliis iiij les whisshinges, vi2., pro coopertoriis et 
pellibus et edam pro plumis et factione, etc., 16s. 8d. 
SUMHA BXPBNSAatJli, 268/. 16s. Id. 

XXXVIII. — CoHPOTUs MAoistRi Thomjb Marsab, custodis 
YABRicAS, A 29 Nov. 1626, tJSQUB 29 Nov. 1626.'*' 

Summa onbris, 480/. iSe. 6id. 

* Jobn Forman is now master-maaon. He and aixteon oihera rooelve 10/. IOIp., 
s largo mm when it is compared with the expondituro of the proviouK yoara. 

II 2 

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CusTUS QUBRRURJS. Thom» I^angton de Huddilston pro cc 
plaustratis petrarum et scrapulacione^ 10/. In regardo dato per 
eundem ad fabricam Sancti Petri xl plaustratn petxaruio^ cum 
scrapulacione. Willelmo Acastre et aliis pro vectura dictarum 
cc.xl plaustr. petrarum a querrura psque Cawod^ 11/. Ids. 4d. 
Decano de Darrington* pro Ix plaustr. petrarum cum scrapula* 
oione ad querruram de Smeton, SOs. Pro cariagio earumdem ad 
les wberff de Newland et inde ad cimiterium^ 6/. Summa 
42/. 168. 8d. 

Empcio MBRiMii BT TABULARUM. Pro cco tabuli^^ 88s, 
Jobanui Waterton pro lueremio et tabulis^ 8s. 8d, Iloberto 
Watson de Thrisk pro iij.o tabulis yocatis dapburdes^ 14b. 8d. 
Johanni Pereson de Selby pro yj.m les hartlattes^ 25s. 6d. 
Willelmo Prestman de Brandisby pro c tabulis et iiij les plankes, 
Os. 8d. Thomse Hutcbonson de Ebor. pro xxj quercubus, cum 
les §qwaring, et vectura earumdem a Coupmanthorp usque 
Ebor. 6/. 16s. 8d. Magistro Edmundo Sheffeld de Hidl pro 
c.xx les waynscot^ cum vectura a Hu)l^ 4/. 168. 8d. Jobaiini 
llobynson pro viij les loveres, 4s. Christofcro Fenton de Craik 
pro yj.m tabulis^ 3/. 12d. Johanni Cook de Popleton pro yj 
quarcubus^ ISs. Summa 19/. 12s. lOd. 

Emfcio pluiibi. Jobanni CoUyer pro xxxlb. les sowder, 
12s. 6d. Pro xxiiij lb. sowder, lOs. 

CusTUs CANABi, BTC. Ricardo Short pro xxvj dos. canabi^ 
2s. 2d. Pro yj halsers^ 2s. Od. Pro parvis cordis, 14d. Pro 
una parva corda ad faorologium et pro magna corda, 8s. lOd. 
Matbeo Oarston pro gibsi veteris xx pond, equinis, 2s. 6d. 

Emfcio clavorum cum fbrro. Pro xij.m dublcspik^, x.m 
synglcnpiliing, xvj.m stoncbrod ct seym, 8/. 12d. Pro ij.m tyu- 
glouail vj.c sharplingcs, yj.m ct di. Icidnayll de magna assisa 
emptis de Johanne Mauncell, 208. 8d. Johanni Shaw pro cc 
ferri de Yspannia, 12s. Johanni Mancell pro vij.c sharpling^ 
4s. 8d., et pro iij.m doblespiking, 12s., et m singlespiking. Pro 

Three oarpenteri reoeiTe 81. l^d. : two glaaien, 4Z. 12d. : four plumbers, 11, 
168. 4d. : a sawyer, 87s. 2d. : three tylers, 61. 12s. l^d. : ha>ourers, 60^. lis. 

The minster b^ng now complete, the attention of the Cfhapter was turned to 
the grievously n^leoted ohuroh of St. Miohael, whioh was adjacent to their 
cathedral. It had been in a disgraceAil state for many years, as will be seen in 
some documents in the appendix. It wss now pulled down, and the present 
edifice was begun in the year 1526. It was probably built, to a certain extent, 
out of the spare stores of the minster. It is curious to note the tradition, that 
the extremely graceful little church of Skelton was built by Archbishop Qrey with 
the stone which was spared from the south transept of the cathedral. The belfry 
from which the church of St. Michael takes its name, is very graceful and deh- 
cate in its proportions. 

^ The dean of the collegiate church of Darlington, in the bishopric of 

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or TOE& MINST8B. 101 

cbragesj o et di. sharpUngeSj ij.m dublespiking, ij.m single- 
Bpiking, iij.m lattnaill, ii^ c tenter hakes, 15b. 4d. Pro ig.m 
dublespiking, ij.m singlespiking, y.m stonebrodes, c and di. brages^ 
T.c sharj^linges, xiij.m stonebnKles, 328. 4d. Pro iiij.m duble- 
Bpiking, i^.m singlespiking, et Johanni Shaw pro i) bturden Bteill 
et c ferri Yspann et c ferri Amias', 3l8. lOd. Johanni Mauncell 
pro viiim dobleBpikyn, iiij.m singlespiking, x.c sharplinges, xvj.m 
stone brodes et Scotseym, 48s. 8d. Johanni Loksmith pro ceris^ 
ckvibus, etc. 19s. lld« Summa 12/. 18s. 5d. 

Expense MiNUTiS. {Inter alia.) Domino Edward Huby pro 
xy^ antiphonariis de les ▼ partis, 20s. Pro les ringes ad velum 
qnadra^esimale, 12d. Pro j stone wyer, 2s. 8d. Johanni Aj^- 
plyn, pictori, pro deauracione coopertur» feretri Sancti Willdmi, 
7L 8s. 4d. WiUehno Harington pro viij uhiis panni ad eundem 
fcrctrum, Ss. 8d. Willelmo Drawswcrdo pro los carving wark 
qjusdem feretri, 21s. 8d. Leonardo Mason, cantatori, ex man* 
dato domini Decani, 10s., et pro \j libris de iiij partibus cum 
Kyrreallay et missis, 26s. 8d. Johanni Gibbons pro les prikking 
diversorum ymnomm et Te Deum in diversis libris inchoro, 
3s. 4d. 

SukMA BXPBNSARUM, 412/. 16s. 7d. 


PABBiciB, A 29 Nov. 1527, tJsauB 28 Nov. 1528."^ 

Ybkbicio STAtJRi. Dc 49s. 7id. de domino Decano pro 
plumbo, calce, davis, plaustro, in tegulis, in les fre stone, in 
evis hordes, sevems et \ soletre. De 38s. reparatori apud Bedren 
in plumbo, calce, ig tabulis. 

Summa onbbis, 426/. 12s. 8d. 

CusTUS QUBBRtJRJS. Johanui Anderson de Hamphall^ pro 
o.xx plaustratis petramm de querrura de Hamphall, 5/. Eidem 
Johanni et aliis vicinis suispro vectura earumdcm a querrura ad 
Doncastre, 6/. Johanni Wilkynson pro vectura earumdem a 
Doncastre ad ripam Sancti Leonardi, 8/. 10s. Roberto Home- 
clif pro vectura earumdem a ripa usque cimiterium^ 40s. Ma- 
gistro ThomsB Langton de Huddelston pro cc.xl plaustratis 
petramm, 10/., unde c.xx plaustratie remanent in querrura. 
Willelmo Acastre et aliis de Cawod pro vectura predictarum ad 
Cawod, 40s. Johanni Wilkynson pro vectura predictarum a 
Cawod ad ripam Sancti Leonardi, 71. 10s. Roberto HomecUf 

* A year^ in ifhioh the re-edifioation of the oharoh of St. )iiohael-le-belfVey, 
ocoasions a Terv large expenditure. Four carpenters are employed, and receive 
10/. 158. 8d. : the glasiers, 8/. lOd. : the plumbem, 72. I60. 8d. 

A considerable sum is also spent upon the dock. 

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pro vectura prediotarum a ripa usque cimiterium^ 408. Thomse 
Lynley deTadcastre pro cxx plaustratia petrarum^ 6/, Willelmo 
Borkar et aliia pro vectura earumdem a querrura ad ripam de 
Wbarffe, 40s. Johanni Wilkynson pro yectura a ripa WharflTe 
ad ripam Sancti Leonardi, 41. lOs. Roberto Homdiff pro yec- 
tura a ripa eadem usque cimiterium^ 208. Willelmo Nelson et 
Willelmo Laurence pro lapidibus emptis, una cum vectura^ 42s. 
Summa 662. 12s. 

Vadia cbmbntabiorum. Joh, Forman, Mr. and 19 others, 
inter quoa^ Willelmo Kecbjm^ inteylar |)er xzxiij sept. 8/. IGs. 
8d. Gylberto Johnson^ intaylyer, per xij sept. 408. In remune- 
racione data Jacobo Sympcock et Roberto Harbert^ cementariis 
et setters^ super ecdesia Sancti Micbaelis de Berefrido^ 16s. 8d. 
Summa 104/. 4d. 

Vadia sbbratobum. In vadio Johannis Kitson cum socio 
suo serranti in fabrica per y sept, et iiij dies^ 34b. 6d. In yadio 
Johannis Hall cum socio suo serranti in fabrica per yj sept, et j 
diem, 87s. Summa 8/. lis. 6d. 

Emfcio hbbemii bt tabularuh. Johanni Wayt pro yiij.o 
les thakbordes, 82s. Abbati do Fontibus pro xl quarcubus 
apud Wheldraik, 8/. Johanni Pereson pro cc tabulis sarratis. 
22s. 8d. Johanni Seell de Bagby pro iij.c tabulis sarratis, 54s. 
8d. Abbati de Fontibus pro Ix quarcubus emptis apud Thorp 
Underwod, et pro les swayring earumdem quarcuum, et pro yec- 
tura earumdem ad aquam Usse, et ad cimiterium, 12/. 12b. 6d. 
Pro yj.m hertlattes, 82s. Pro prostradone suprascriptarum xl 
quarcuum apud Wheldrayk, 6s. 8d. Pro faccione ij.m les kides 
ibidem, 12s. 6d. Pro les s waring earumdem, 20s. Pro cariagio 
liiij oarrucatarum mcremii usque Ebor. 64s. Pro yectiura ij.m 
et di. kiddes usque Ebor. 8ds. 4d. Pro yectura xxij plastra- 
tarum meremii a Colthorp usque ad cimiterium, 82s. Summa 
84/. 10s. 8d. 

Emfcio flumbi, canabi, etc. Karolo Plumbre pro xxx lb. 
les sowder, 12s. 6d. Pro xlyiijlb. les sowder, 20s. Ricardo 
Short pro magna corda ad les chyme, et pro viij halsars, 16s. 
Matheo Oarston pro xxx ponderibus equinis gipsi, cum yectione, 
8s. 9d. Thomn Kiddall de Fulfiirth pro Ixxx ponderibus, cum 
yectura, 10s. Magistro Thomae Water pro xxyj pond. 16d. 

Emfcio cLAyoRUM cum fbrbo. Johanni Mauncell pro ccc 
bragges, 6s. Pro ij.m iij.c sharplinges, 16s. 4d. Pro xvj.m 
dublespikinges, 40s. Pro x.m singlespiking, 16s. Pro xxxiij.m 
Scottseyme et stonebrodes, 88s. Pro iiij.m leidnaill, 6s. 8d. 
Pro ij.m tinglenaile, 20d. Johanni Shaw pro yj burden steill, 
18s. Pro cc Spayneshe yron, 12s. Pro y.c fcrri de Amy as, 88s. 
4d. Summa 0/. 12d. 

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ExpBNSJB MiNUTiB. (Inter alia.) Pro stratnine ad cbopei^* 
andum muros ecclesin Sancti Michaelis de Berefrido, ds. rt6 
scobis^ sportisi drculis lineis^ discisj lea tabgirthis et scottek, eic.| 
ad utilitatem fabricsBy IBs. Id. Pro diVersis saccis carbonunti 
de Waikfeld, et saccis carbonum vocatonim charcool^ et chawders 
carbonam de Newcastell^ 5/. 58. 8d. Edwardb Huby pro xiij 
libris de les priksongi 408. Pro yj pellibiu eervihi8 ad cooperan- 
dum libros in choro^ et ligatura eorumdem, ac diirersis hi8torii8 
Bcriptis de no70, 8/. 168. Pro j ulna de lea 8attan in bui^^ea^ 
una cum factura ejoadem, pro capite Sancti Willelmi, 88. 


Johanni Steven8on pro j qoarca pro factione leii barrek ad horo- 
logium^ 48. Pro v petria lea wier ad horolo^um et lea obyme, 
268. Edmnndo Maahroder pro lea caating q canipanaruin pro 
lea watch de novo factOi una cum 12a. 6d., pro lea tyn, 828. 6d. 
Jobanni Newland^ fabro. pro emendaoiono horologii ct factura 
de novo lea watch ad norologium, 10/. Ricardo Carver pro 
factura ij ymaginum pro lea watch, ISa. 4d. Summa 18/. 
140. lOd. 

Summa bxpbn8arum, 441/. 18d. 


Nov. 1529, U8QUB 28 Nov. 1580.* 

Summa Tociua ONBRia, 812/. 68. 

CuaTua QUBRRURA. Jobanni Anderaon de Hampoll pro ccxl 

tonne petrarum una cum adopcione Pro vectura 

earumdem a querrura de Hampoll ad ripam aqusB de Donne 
.... Domino Willelmo Fentyman et Antonio Hawmonnd pro 
Ixxx doliia petrarum de Huddilaton .... Summa 50/. 6a. 8d. 

Yadia laboratorum, btc. (IfUer alia.) Willelmo Lawrence 
pro v.m et v.c lea breikci 88a. Jobanni Magham pro aeria, 
clavibua, et aliia ferramentia, lOa. 6d. Pro una cera ad atipitem 
Sancti WiUelmi, 18d. Roberto Hall pro punctia aericia ad idem 
canapeum et pro lea threid cordea ad idem opua^ 2a. 4d. Thomn 
Jarrot emendanti unam pel vim in choro, 6d. ThomsB Williamaon 
pro pictione de lea watche, 18a. 4d. 

Empcio mbrbmii bt tabularum. Gregorio Maine de Thorp- 
underwod pro x magnia quercubua una cum vectura .... Pro 

* A lomewbftt dainiged roll. John Forman is muter-mason and has fourteen 
others under him, including one " intaler." They reoeiTe 78/. 16«. 4d. : sii 
aui>enters, 6/. 88. 2d. : two glasiers, U, 7s. Sd. : plumbers, 8/. 6s. 2d. : sawjers, 
6/. 6s. 6d. : two tylors, 8/. Ss. 6d. 

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ij.m hartlattes, 108.| c mensulis^ lOs. 6d. Et pro lea wanescott, 
6s. Summa 41. 5s. 6d. 

Empcio plumbi, btc. Carolo Clarke pro x lb. les sowder, 
4b. 2d. Eidem pro ?iij lb. tyne expend' in macello, 8s. 4d. 
Magistro Coilyer pro xij lb. tyne, 6b. Et pro yj lb. de les Wn^ 
9s. 6d. Pro retha nro bostio boriali j«xta choruni, 20d. ri*o 
una magna retha ad custodiendum columbas extra «... 12s. 
Ricardo Clarke pro j magna corda cum yj les halsers . • • • 
JTobanni Bobjmson pro iiij quart, et yj bus. plaustri^ 9s. 6d. Et 
pro ii plaustratis calcis^ Gs. 

Empcio clavorum cum fbrro. Jobanni Maunsell^ xviij* die 
Decembris, pro ij.o bragges^ 4s. Pro iij.m dublespikenges, 7s, 
6d. Pro y.c sbarplin^es^ 8s. 4d.^ iiij.c stonebrodes^ 4s.^ et eidem, 
iiij^ die Junii, pro iiij.m dublespikinges, lOs. Pro iiij.m single- 
spikinges^ 68. Pro c bragges^ 2s. Pro iiij.m Scotseyme, 4s. 
Pro 'T.m stonebrodes^ 6s. Eidero, xyij die Augusti^ pro iiij.m 
stonebrodes^^ 4s. Pro ij.m Scotseyme, 2s. Pro ii.m dublespik- 
ing, 6s. Eidem, iiij"* dei Octobris, pro iiij.m dublespiking, 10s. 
Pro vj.m stonebrodes, 68. Pro y.c sharpling, 8s. 4d. Jobanni 
Shawe pro uno burden de les steill, 8s. Eidem, xij* Marcio, pro 
j.c et di. ferri, 9s. Et j burden de les steill, 8s. Jobanni Sbad- 
loke, xxj die Januarii, pro cc et di. fern, 14s. 2d. Summa 
6/. 15s. 

Empcio vitri. Ricardo Tailyor pro ij cistis yitri Rennyshe, 
88s. 4d. 

ExFBNSiB MiNUTAS. ClfUer alia J Pro les damask et cbam- 
let, 68. 2d. Pro yj libris scriptis de les quaris pro choro, 2s. 
Et pro emendacione ij librorum pro organizante, cum ligatura 
eorumdcm, 163.- 

Summa solucionum, 843/, 2s. 4|d. 

XLI. — Compotus maoistri Thomji Marsar in dbcretis 


Nov. 1580, usQUB 29 Noy. 1581.* 

Summa tocius onbris, 294/. 7s. 9d. 

CusTUs QUBRRURiB. Jobauni Forman pro c doliis petrarum 

• The roUi have been decreasing in interest for some time, but they still 
every now and then, contain entries of great interest and ?alue. The extracts, 
that I shall give will be but short. 

Eleven masons are employed, including an " intailer/' and two setters, pre- 
sided over by John Forman. The sum of 68/. 14s. 8d. is paid to them, ^ur 
carpenters receive 9/. 17s. : two gUuders, 40s. : four plumbers, 4/. 8s. Id. : two 
sawyers, 4/. 8s. : two tylers, 4/. Os. 

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or TOEK MINSTBft* 106 

emptis ad qaerraram de Httdddston • . • • Pro yectora earam- 
dem ad ripam de Cawod . • . . Et inde Ad riplim Sancti Leonard! 
• • • • other stone from Thdeoiter and Hany^hatt, Samma 
81/. 88« 4d. 


finter alia.) Pro emendacione hostii de lea crudes .... Pro 
ij sarris ad sarrandam lapidea. . . • Pro Flanders teyle et bryke to 
Mr. Kirbye bowse, 28s. Summa 28/. 18d. 

Empcio HBRBMii BT tabularuh. Jobanni Waite pro iij.m 
bartlattes, IBs. Pro ig.o dapbourdes, 12s. Pro xx waynskotes, 
16s. 8d» Pro j.o mensulis sarratis^ lOs. Summa 68s. 8d. 

CusTUs PLtJMBi, BTC. Magistro Colyer pro xxv tt). sowdeTj 
10s. 6d. Pro ]q lb. sowder, 4s. 7d. Pro uno magno eapall • . • 
Pro iij doean trasis, 8d. Pro iiij les nettes, 8s. €Sl. Pro y toii 
plaustri cum Tocturay 12s. Od. 

Empcio clavorum cum fbrro. Jobanni Manssell, xu* Jan.^ 
|>ro ii^.m doblespikynges, lOs. Pro t.c sbarplinges, 88. 4d.^ Pro 
q.c bragges, 4s. Pro in.m stonebrodes, 6s.. et n.m single- 
spikingesj Ss. Jobanni Sbawe pro ^.o ferri^ lOs. 8a. Jobanni 
Manodl, xy* Aprilis, pro iiij.m doblespikynges, lOs. Pro ii^j.m 
singlespykynges, 6s. Pro xy.o sbarpunges, 10s., i^.o bragges, 
66., stonebrodes, 6s., i^.m Scotseme, 88., y* die Julii, pro 
y.c sbarplinges, 8s. 4d., c bragges, 28., iij.m stonebrode, 88., ^.m 
Skotseme, !^., ^.m doblespikynges, Ss. Pro nnb borden steill, 
88. 2d. Fro j les barr ferri, 20d. Tercio Sept., pro x.o sbarp- 
linges, 68. 8d. Pro i\].m doblespikynges, 7s. 6d., iij.m single, 
4s. 6d., vj.m stonebrodes, 6s., et Scote^yme. l* Noyembris, pro 
j.m doble8pikynges> 2s. 6d. Pro j les m single, 18d. Pro i\j 
quart, et di. ferri empti per Bolandum, 4s. 4d. Summa 
6/. lis. 8d. 

ExPBNSA MiNUTiB. (Inter alia,) Pro cera, resina, yisoo, 
anxagia, bromes, cordes, paktiurede, circulis, sportis pro tubbis, 
pro tul^rritbis, oleo, loyers et hairo • . « • rro raundacione 
ambonum, Ss. Pro n les toyme tar barely ad oomburendum cal« 
oem, 8d. Roberto lioksmytb emendanti yelum quadragesithale, 
12d. Pro i) loodes pooli^ cum Veotura, 88. 8d. In reg&rdo dato 
Jobanni How de Iiondon, organe makar, pro intronisacione 
organorum iii cboi^, 208. Pro \j les wispis yitri, 18d. 

Summa bxpbnsArum, 822/. 19}d. 

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Nov. 1531, U8QUB 29 Nov. 1582.* 

SUICMA TOTIUB ONBBI8, 868/. , • • . 

Cu8TU8 QUBRRUEJi. Jobanni Annder8on de Hampoll pro 
czx doliiB peti^arum, • • • . Pro vectura ad iron laith auper Done. 
. • . • Wilhelmo Alan de Fishlaike carianti dicta doka ab iron 
laith ad ripam Sancti Leonardi, et inde ad cimiterium. Magiatro 
Antonio Dreland de Huddleaton pro ozxviij doliia . . . . Ix aliia 
doliia ab eodem. Snmma 48/. 08. 8d. 

Yadia LABOBATOBUMy BTC. Johanni Magbam pro oertia 
ferramentis ad tumbam Sancti WiUelmi, 28. 2d. Pro v iron 

barria pond, xiij petraa pro occidentali parte EcclcBias Pro 

diversis ferramentis vocatia claapis, vis., xviij do8. pro lea trelyaia 
in campanilibua, 78. 6d. Pro x doa, de lea iron daapia, 4a. 4d. 
Pro ferramentia ad lea feme, 16d* Pro xj doa. iron factia in lea 
barria pro fencatria, 16a. 7d. Pro x doa. forri fiu^tia in lea barria 
ad feneatraa, lla. 2d. Pro j aera et clave ad hoatium lea vice 
doore novas eccleaise, 20d. Bartbolomeo Darragon, iabro, pro 
^ diveraia ferramentia factia de novo circa lea chv • . « • Willekno 
Wilaon emendanti ambonem in cboro, 6d. Pro xxij curteyn 
ringes, 22d. Et pro x virgia panni ad emendandum pannum 
blodium ante altare, 22d. 

Empcio mbbbmii bt tabulabum. Johanni Wait, xxiiij 
die Feb., pro v.m lea hartlattea pro trelyaia ad ... • Thom® 
Flemvnge ]pro iiij waynacottea, 4a. Johanni Wait, x Auguati, 
pro nj.m et iiij.c lattea, 82a. Johanni Batmanaon pro ij wayn- 
acottea, 2a. 8d. Summa 6/. lla. 8d. 

Empcio plumbi, btc. Pro xxxiij lb. aowder, 18a. lOd. 
Ricardo Coilyor pro xj lb. aowder, 4a. 7d. Bicardo Clarck pro 
j corda, 4a. 4d., et pro una parva. . . • Pro corda pond, xij lb., 12d. 
Fro hastea et travea, ISd. Pro una oqrdfi, 88. 8d. Pro viij bua. 
gipsi, 22d. Johanni Anderson de Tadcaatre pro viij plauatr* . . • 
Pro viij bus. gipsi, 22d. Pro ij quart, gipsi emptia apud Butter- 
crame, 88. 8d. 

Empcio clavobum cum fbbbo. Pro yj.c bragea, 12a. Pro 
iij.m iij.c et Ix ahaplingea, 228. 4d. Pro xij.m single spykyng, 

* A roll somewhat injured by damp. There are eleTen maaona employed, 
Fonnan being still the msister, induding one intaaler and three setters. Their 
wages amount to 65^ 4a. lOd. There are four carpenters, who reoeive SI. 12s. 6d. ; 
four glaaiers receive 8^. 68. 4d. ; four plumbers, 71, 8s. 6d. ; the sawyers, 6/. 18s. ; 
the tvlers, 6/. 4s. 

The re-building of the Belfrey Church was still going on, as will be seen from 
several entries in this roll. 

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188. Pro xxvj.m Scottseyme et stanebrodes, 260. Pro \j.m 
gullet nailles, 16d. Et ^.m leid nailles, Ss. 8d. Leonardo 
Shaw pro cciiij lb. ferri, lis. 4d. Johanni Shawe pro c et quart, 
ferri, 6s. 2d. et eidem pro dxxx steiU gadeSj 8s. 4d. Summa 
8/. 7s. 

ExPBNSA MiNUTJs. fliUeT oUa.) Magistro Yavisor pro r 
planstratis les pooUes pro skaffolaes^ 8s. In regardo dato 
magistro Boberto Philipps de capella domini Beeis^ lis. 8d. 
Jomtnni Bagman, 2s. for densing the diche wber uie leid adiis 
war weshid. Badulpho PuUane emendanti jocalia per ij annos 
elapsos, 42s. Pro emendacione antiphonar' pro organis, 16s. 2d. 
Pro emendacione unius gradalis pro organis, Ss. Id. Pro 
emendacione ci\jusdem panni vocati les doth of estaite .... 

Johanni Syekes, carpentario, ex convendone facta in grossoj 
pro factura les ... . Sancti Michaelis de Bcrefirido do novo 
erecf et fundaf . 8/. 8s. 4d. 


A 29 Not. 1586, usqub 29 Nov. 1686.'!' 

Vbndicio stauri. De 82s. pro cacuminibus xvj arborum, 
Tiz., toppis off xvj treis. De 58s. 9d. pro j calice fracto, et ^ les 
crewites pond, xv unc. Et de 408. pro j pari veterum organorum. 

Summa onbris, 241/. 17s. 4d. 

Yadia laboratorum cum rbparacionibus inprA civita- 
TBM. — XXV* Decembris, Johanni Maugham for v dos. small barris 
in the great wvndow in the west-end of Bdfiray church, 58., and 
for a dogge of iron and for a loke ande a keye, lOd. Eidem, 
ij* Sep., for jointers to side dores in Bdfra^ church, 68. For 
great crokes to the new office dore .... xxviy die Octobris for 
ii^ dos. pownd of iron wroght in barres for wyndoos in the new 
office, 6s. Thomn Flemyng et Thomse Williamson pro factura 
duarum particionum in novo choro in ecdesia de Berifrido . . • 
Pro cariagio xxx carrucatarum meremii a silvis usque ad Cawod 
wharff et — ad dmiterium .... Pro emendadone les guttre 
currentis per dmiterium Sancti Johannis del Pyke, 88. lid. 

* The workmen were sUU employed in the BelArey Ohuroh, but ih«t edifice 
mm. nearly fininhed, and no stone was nurobased by the Chapter during this year. 
Five masons only are named in the roll, prended oyer by John Forman, and they 
reoeiye 891. 6e. 6d. Eight carpenters are mentioned^ among whom are four 
oairers who work for five weeks; their wages amount to 61. lOs. 2d. Two 
glasiers receive 28b. 4d. ; three plumbers, 828. 6d. ; the sawyers, 87s. ; two 
tylers, 42s. 

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BelictsD Butter pro ^.m payving tyle^ SSs. 4d. Summa 
27/. 14fi. 4d. 

Empcio mebbmii bt TABUtARUM. Willolmo Robynson de 
Ebor. pro iiij arboribus meremii^ 168. WiUelmo Medelton de 
Hamelton pro xx.m lattes^ 61. IGs. 8d. Pro x.c thakburdes^ 
lea c. 48. 8d. Pro yiij wa7ne8Cotte8 .... Jobanni Sykea pro 
kxx 8eiling burdes, 188. 4a. Pro j.c 8awen burdea, 88. 8d. 
Summa 9/. 48. lid. 

Emfoio vlumbi, etc. Johauni Colyer de Ebor. pro xx lb. 
stagni, 88. 4d. Thome Parking pro j quart. plau8tri9 28. Pro 
y bushels^ 15d. Pro vj bus.^ 18d. Pro iij carrucati8 calci8, 98. 
Pro j quart. plau8tri^ 28. et pro iij quart. calci8^ 38. Bicardo 
Shoiion pro ij doa. Ie8 trase8j 12d. Pro ij roopes^ 58. 4d. Pro 
ij parvis tea roopea^ 28. lOd. Bicardo Shorten pro j magna le8 
roope pro horologio^ 88. 6d. 

Empcio clavorum cum pbrro. Willelmo Mansel pro ccco 
bragges^ 88. Pro m et di. 8harplinges^ 108. Pro xvj.m dubble« 
spikingj 408. Pro xiii.m 8inglo 8pikin|(f 198. Gd. Pro xij.m 
Scotseym et stonebrodeB^ 128. Pro iiij.m gullet nailli 88. 4d. 
Pro m tingle naill^ lOd. Pro iiij.m buding naill, 20d. Fro vj.m 
latt naill^ 68. Jobanni Shawe pro xliiij lb. of Spaynysh iron, 
28. 8d. Summa 6/. 48. 

Empcio yitri. Willelmo Matthew8on de Hull pro xxij 
wispis coloriB Borgandie vitri, 82. 68. Eidem pro yiij wyspiB 
vitri albi Borgandie^ 128. Summa, SL ISs. 

ExpBN8JS MiNUTiB. CltUer alia.) Pro cirotheci8 dati8 cemen- 
tariiB in tempore le8 Betting, 12d. Pro iij lb. glew, 9d. Pro j 
8kcppe, 5d. Pro lea wier et oleo pro horologio, 6id. Pro lea 
Byeff et riddill, 2id. Jobanni Howe emendanti organa, 12d. 
Pro j cart loid of turweia, 16d. 

Summa bxpbn8arum, 279/. 188. ll^d. 


TODis PABttiCjB, A 29 Nov. 1587, U8QUB 29 Nov. 1588.* 

Summa tociu8 ONBata, 216/. 188. 4d. 

CusTus quBRRURiB. Pro XXX doliia petrarum emptia ad 
quarruram de Huddelaton, 258. Willelmo Acastre et aliia 
cariantibu8 eadem a querrura ad ripam de Cawod, 258. Johanni 
Thorneton carianti eadem per a^uam a ripa Cawode ad ripam 

^ The expensM beoome lower and lower, and the staff of workmen is now 
•mailer every year. Fito maaoni, with Forman for their master, two carpenters, 
four glasiers, two plumbers, and four tylers are employed, and the sum disbursed 
to them on account of wages is but small. 

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or YORK MIN8T811. 109 

Sancti Leonard!^ IBs. 9d. Boberto Hornediffe deddanti eadem 
a ripa Sancti Leonard! ad rimiierium^ 58. Summa SL IBs. 9d. 

Vaoia LABORATORtTM, BTc. flfUeT oUa.J For twoo keyes 
to the clerkes of the revestre, lOd. Oct., for making of twoo 
barres of jrron, and mending of thre barres to the glaase wvn- 
dowea in the Mynstre, 8d. Aug. 8*, for making of banddesi 
slottea, barres and staples to the new church and the offices, 
14s. lOd. Junii nono, for staples, banddes, crokkes and other 
farramentes, 14d. 4^ Nov., for twoo lokcs, ij keyes, iig 
gemoures, q slottes, 20d. For making of yron barres to the 
glase wyndowes in the Mynster, 16d. 

Empcio merbmii bt tabularum. xix* Aprilis, pro cc.xj 
tabulis, 19s. 6d. Pro c tabulis et iij waynescottes, I2s. Summa 
8l8. 6d. 

Empcio plumbi, btc. v^* Julii, pro v fowder et di. lede, Ics 
fowder 4s. 20d., 22/. 9s. 2d. ix Augnsti, Johanni Colyer pro 
xiij les li. souder, Ss. 6d. Eidem, yij"* Oct., pro viijlb. les 
sowder, Ss. 4d. Eidem, xrin* Novembris, pro yj lb les soder, 
28. 6d. Thomn Parkyn pro ▼ lb. les plaustri, 16d. yj* Aug., eidem 
yj pro bus. plaustri, 18a. Pro v chalder, \j bus. gibsi, 17s. •4d. 
xig* Augusti, pro ^ doliis novi plaustri, 6s. 8d. Octobris vij*, 
DionisisB Cowpar pro j chawder gibsi, 4s. 

Eifpcio CLAYORUM CUM PBRRo. XV* Marcii, WiUelmo Man- 
sell pro iiij.m duble spikrng, 16s. Pro ii\].m single spiking, 6s. 
Fro T.m latt nayll. 6s. Fro yj.m shaplyng, 4<i. : ^.o bragges, 4«. : 
\.m led nayll, 20cl. xiij* Junii, pro v.o ponnye nayll, 2s. 6d. t 
ii\j.c sex penny nayll, 2s. yj* Novembris, pro m lait nayll, 12d. s 
m brodes, 12d. : cc bragges, 2s. : c shaplmges, 8d. t ^.m duble 
spiking, 6s. : m single spiking, 18d. Summa 46s. 4d. 

Empcio vitri. xij* Augusti, pro j cradle de Normandie 
glase, 16s. Et pro j chist de wispe glase, 20s. 

Expbnsjs minutjs. {Inter alia.) Fro i novo les basing 
pendente coram sacramento, Ss. 8d. Pro poUes pro steys, lOd. 
Pro j les table habente oradonem Dominicam et salutadonem 
angelicam et dmbolum apostolorum super ea fixa, 6d. 

Summa bxpbnsarum, 221/. 6s. 6d. 

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20 Nov. 1544.* 

Pro sepultura domini Edwardi nuper Archiepiscopi Ebor.^ 

SUMMA T0CIU8 ONBRIS^ 254/. 16s. 6d. 

Empcio tabularum bt LB8 LATTB8. Pro x.m herUattes^ 
Edwardo Thewe do Cawodo, ot pro vectura^ 4^. 8d. Pro j.m 
hert lattes^ Thomso Parkyn^ 68. Pro zxiiij sawen bordcs^ 88. 
^ro x.c thack hordes 4l8. 8d. Summa 5/. 28. 4d. 

Empcio mbremiorum. Jacobo Harryngton for one tymber 
tre, 68. 8d. Johanni Post for one tymber tree, Ts. Thomse 
Turner for two shorte tymber trees, 48. 2d. Pro tbre shorte 
tymber trees, 8s. 8d. : carriage, 12d, Pro yiij loodes of new 
tymber, to William Tempili, 86b. 8d. Pro ij long tymber trees 
l>ought of John LeadiU and Wm. Mell, 6s. Sd. — other trees. 
Pro cxx sawno hordes^ 8s. Summa 7i 10s. 6d. 

Empcio Plumbi, etc. Pro xij lb. one quarteron of sawder 
4s. lid. Pro y hundreth xxx and iuj stones and ij.c.xxy 
poundes, 4/. 9s. 8d. Pro xxxi loodes de les lyme et y quart., 
6/. 2s. 4d. Pro ix tonne et di. de gipsu and two quart., and 
yj bus., 85s. l^d. 

Empcio pbtrarum. Pro xx les loodes of firee stonnes, 
magistro Oeorgio Gaile, 10s. Pro Ix tonn petrarum apud 
Hudleston quarell, 60s. Pro petris, magistro Johanni Hogeson, 
to grounde soole of Vincent Roosse kitchinge super Payimento, 
6d. Pro campanili Sancti Leonardi ciyitatis Ebor.^ 18s. 4d. 
Pro ocoxx slednill of stones from Sanct Leonardes to the Min- 
ster garth, 208. 4d. Pro Ixx rig tile, Willelmo Laurens de 
Ebor., 2s. lOd. Pro yj m et iiij.c thack tile, 31. Us. lOd. Pro 
xiiij m y.c brick tile, magistro Georgeo Gaile et Marmaduco 
Walker, 8/. 18s. Pro j.m wall tile, 6s. Pro iiij loodes of cobles, 
4d. Pro mclxxxix loodes of tile, bricke, sande and fere erth, 
49s. 4id. Summa 14/. 17s. 6id. 

* The last roll that oooun before the Befonnation came on. The change of 
things is ai^parent. The Dean« Biohard Lajton, was oonnected with the Court, 
and gsTe his assistance to the proceedings of the king. Some of his acts were 
sorely against the will of the Ghi^pter. 

Three masons, Forman being still master, receiTO 20/. Ss. Id. : six carpenters, 
121. 12s. 7d. : two gUuners, 80s. lOd. : two plumbers, 89s. : four sawyers, 8/. 48. 6d.: 
four tylers, 10/. ISs. 6d. : nine labourers, 21/. Ss. 6d. : and one "pavier," Ss. 9d. 

t Edward Lee, Archbishop of York, died in this year, and was interred in the 
mintftor. Ho was a distinguished writer and statesman, and a great patron 
of literary men. There was, however, but little friendship between him and 

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Empcio 8BRJK BT cLAvoiiuM. Pro j.m yj.o sharplingesi 
lOs. 8d. .*; ccxx bragetf, 40., in.m leade nailes. 78. Fro j.m y.c 
sex penne nail .... 68. lOd. Pro xii].m double spykynges, 
828. 6d. Pro T.ra single spykynges, 78. 6d. Pro ij.m tingle 

nailes, 16d. Pro iiij.m Scotaeme, 48. Pro yj.m th Pro 

j.m gollit nailes, 60., xix.m stone broddes, 198., xii^j.m latt 
nailes, 148., j.m teutre houkes nailes, 16d. Pro ferro, calebe, 
ere, and other irene gere, SOs. Samma totalis, 7L 48. 6d. 

Empcio vitbi. Maii xxxj, for thre wispys of glasse, 2s. 6d. 

ExPBNSjB MiNUTjB. (IfUer alia.) For scowring of the let- 
teron fyve tymes, 6s. For wier to mende the chyme with, 6d. 
For thre proceasioners in Englishe, 12d. For q bellstringes for 
Belfra church, 16d. A bucket to the maiion well> lid. 

SUMMA EXPBNSARUM, 261/. 128. 2\A. 


A 1 Jan. 1647, usqub 1 Jan. 1548.'*' 

Cementariorum, 1. Forman, m'. 11/. IGs. 8d. 

Carpentariorum, 5. 84e. Bd. 

Vitriatorum, 8. 18s. 6d. 

Plumbariorum, 8. 8/. ISs. 

Sarratorum, 6. 168. 6d. 

Teffulatorum, 8. 8/. Gs. 4d. 

Laboratorum, 0. 8/. IBs. 4d. 

Pavers, 1. 48. 


Empcio tabularum bt lbs lattbs. Pro iiij.m lattes, 
16s. 8d. Pro iiij plankes and x\j bourdes, 8s. 4d. Summa 208. 

Empcio plumbi, btc. For x stones, 78. 6d. For xt lb. les 
sowder, Ss. 9d. For vi^j loodes les lyme, 228. 8d. Pro ij quar- 
terns plaustri, 48. Marmaduco Walker for three thousand et 
di. wale teyle, 178. 6d. Pro yeotura sabuli, petrarum, teylo ot 

* The great religious reTolution whioh had been lo long impending had now 
taken place, and thifl is the first roll that ooours under the new state of things. 
Archbishop Holgate now presided oyer the see, and his ioonoolastio injunctions 
will be found in tiie Appendix. 

The Beformation found the minster of York complete. It interrupted no work 
of any consequence, as ererything had been most fortunately finished. The 
genius of Gouiic architecture dro(^ed beneath the new sjstem, and CTerything 
was jriTen up to the purifier or the destroyer. 

The present roll presents a painful contrast to its predecessors. It is dirty ana 
carelessly kept, and there is no attempt at order or arrangement in it. I place 
before my naders every item that it contains. For the future, it will not be 
neoesRory to lay many extracts before them ; a few only of the more interesting 
will be selected. 

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lattes, 98. Pro^.othaoketeyle^l28 6d. For ij.m duble Bpykyns^ 
68. 4d. : ij.m single spykyns, 8b. 4d. : ij.m broddes^ 2h. 6d. : 
ij.m . . . . A ID penny navies^ Ss. : ij.m latt payles^ 88. 8d. : 
M.c aharpl^nges, 18d. Qalmdo FuddergiU pro ceris et diYersi8 
iorramentiB, 198. 6d. Francisco Lokesmithe pro emendacione 
horologii, 88. 

ExPBNSiB MiNUTJB. (Inter alia.) Pro one Bibill to (he 
parishe churche of TopcUf^ 78. And for one halfe of Para^ 
phrasiBs to the samCi Gs. 

XLVII. — ^Thb Accomftbs op Bichard Gawthropb, clerkb 

OP THB WORKBS^ 1549—50.* 

To Thomas Kettilwell of Topclif for a roode and a half of 
boardes^ lis. 4d. To Thomas PuUayne for viij cople spares^ 8s. 
Bought at Saynct .... Abbaie boardes for xiiij doores^ lls.t 
Bought a fodder and iiij.c of leade for the chapiter house, and 
other places, 9/. 12s. For brasse and canvesse for wethercocks, 
48. For twoo loodes of Ivme, 9s. For iij thowsand teyle, 548. 
For a thowsand breke teyle, 5s. For ij thowsande duble spykyns, 
lOs. For braggea, 8d. A thousande sharplinges, 8s. 4d. A 
thousande leade nayles, 6s. For single spykins .... To Rolland 
Cragges for nayles, Ss. For alle at hinging of the wethercoke, 
and at other tymos, 2s. lid. For a table to Belfiraie church, 8s. 

XLVIII. — Account op ^ clbrkb op tub works, 

Circa 1556.^ 


To John Halle for olde glasse, 4s. 8d. To ^r. Apleyerde 
.... glasse, 28. 4d. To John Acclome for maMnge of one 

• I give the whole of the purohaaes which are made in the course of ihia 
year. Forman is still master-masoo, with two men under him, and very few 
artificers are employed. The receipts for the year amount to 147 J. 16s. 6d.. and 
the expenditure to IGCX. 10s. lOid. 

t The work of destruction was going on at St. Mary's Ahboy. This mag- 
nificent ruin has been the quarry of ttie neighbourhood for three centuries, 
and but a small portion of it now remains. The remnant, however, is oareAiUy 
preserved by the Yorkshire Philosophical Society. It is a pity that so little is 
known of its histonr and foundation. Several ohartularies of the house are still 
in existence, and it is the intention of the Council of the Surtees Society, at 
some future period, to turn their attention to the records of this once-&inoui 
house. The chronicle of Simon de Warwick will form a most appropriate intro- 
duction to the work. 

X We now come to the period of the temporary revival of the Boman Gtetholio 

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of YORK MtKSTKtl. 117 

fdtare, the spAce of thre Asye^, 18d. To Thomto Doiinyngtoii 
and George Halle for iq.c of yron, 868. To Roberte Reede for 
bandes to the Minster doores and xxxj barres for glasse windowes^ 
6s. Id. To Roberte Reede for makinge'a barre of yron to oure 
Ladye, 4d. Paid for settinge uppe of an ymage^ 4d. Paide by 
Thomas Eettilwell for lyinge downe of leades upon the quere 

of Topdif^ and fore naylles and mendinge of one glasse 

For pavinge of the Minster g^itd and for cobble stones, 98. Id. 

Painters. To Wylliam Freer for paihtinge of the hye 
altare, 80/. To the saide Wylliam Freer for paintinge oure 

Ladye To Rycharde Thickpenny for a weeke horde of the 

saide Wylliam Freer and two painters with him^ 12s. For .... 
painters for anothere weke's horde, 128. To Wylliam Oreate-J 
heade for makinge of Mary and John^ 8/. For makingo of a 
tabcrnacloi 268. Bd. 

Small Expbnsrs. For thre bell bawtrigges, Bs. Gd. For 
wyer to the chyme, 6d. To Thomas Newell for mending and 
bindinge of bookes, 7s. For skowringe of candlestickes^ 12d. 

XLIX. — Account of Richard Oawthorpb, clarkb of 

tHB WORKS, CIRCA 1559.* 

For c of clapborde, 8s. A thowsande broddes, 20d 

and workmanshippe of the crowche and staf, 16s akingo 

of a lettron, 12d. For ij peeces of buckram to Mr. Harrington, 

lOs hardson for mendinge of bookes, 28. To Mr. doctor 

Palmesf for a grayll, 26s. To Jeffery Calverd for ij candle- 
stickes, 2s. 7d. 

L. — ^The Accomptb o^ John Thorns, clbrrb of thiI 
woRKEs, FRoit 1 Jan. 1667^ TO 1 Jan. 1668. | 

To £dmonde ibacres for i|) daycs worke bestowed aboute 
tayking downe Certeyne almeryes. To John Lawrence for xj 

religion hj Philip and Maiy. It wne but short-liTed, but much was done in a 
■hort time. A very large sum is spent in decorating the minster and in orna- 
menting the walls, whieh wore soon to be stripped bore again. A very small number 
of workmen is employed, and they are hired trom day to day. The receipts of 
the year amount to 1547. 17s. 7|d, and the expenditure to 166/. 18s. 0{d. 

* An imperfect and meapje roll, which Mr. Browne assigns to the year 1559. 
The queen is mentioned in it, and the roll was probably compiled in the first or 
second year of the reim of Elizabeth. 

t Archdeacon of York and Prebendary of Wetwang. He was confessor to 
Cardinal Wolsey; 

t A roll firom which we learn how the Marian decorations were swept away. 


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114 TB9 VAP»IG R0LL9 

dayea worke in atryking downe the Satlutaoon of th* altera^ 7a. 4d. 
To • • • . for making playne and waabvng oyer with wbyte the 

Slaeea where the fdter atood .... To John Jjawrence for ix 
ayea worke in poynting over and getting furth ntdea furthe of 
the wa . . . • For amending and repayring the grea^ea or ateppea 
before the southe doore, 68. For , • . . and daape of iron to 
holde up a pece of the aealing, 2d. To Tbomaa !paynb^g for 
poating the atie cvena^ 28. 8d. To twoo kborera for caryeing the 
myer furthe of the Mynster . . • • For evesbord to Wm. 
Skarrowe, Sa. 4d. To a Ducheman for xx wiapea of liaaa* ghia, 
158. To the aaid Ducheman for iiii • • • . For the paynted 
clothe over the communion table, 7d. To John Gowethwavt 
for the Salme bookea, 8a., and for a Byble to the churche bought 

by Mr 268. 8d. To Richard Fox^U for making a newe 

bawderycke to the greate bell, 7a. Paid to EUia to paye for 
ayle .... downe of the almeriea in the highe quere, 4d. To 
Mr. Wataon for a great long stie, Ba. For beaomea to awepe 
the ledca, 8d. To Annyeon for paynting in the highe quere 
before the communion table, and fynding .... For bringing 
xij botea full of 8ande to the launden, 9s. 4d. For in shovella to 
dreaae and putt downe anowe of the leadea .... For frankyn- 
aenae, 2d. For brymstone, 2d. For whyte inde. Id., to make 
synea in bookea. 

SUMMA BXPBN8ARUM, 117/. Ba. 6d. 

Remanent, 82/. 

LI. — Thb accomptk op John Thobnb, clbrk op thb 
W0RK8, 16G8— 1669. 

To Edmonde Dakera for makinge a 8wape to the Minater 
gatea, 16d. For work upon Mr. Gargrave'a chamber, 4a. 2d. 
For reparinge of the decayed placeia of the glasae windowea, 
148. Sd. To John Lowrannce layenge and coveringe of the 
^ravea, 2a. To John liawrance and bia man for ij daya beatowcd 
m takinge downe free stone at the Manor, 2a. 4d. To Brian 
Daragon for making ii stayea to beare and stay uppe a gutter, 
4d. For makinge a keye to the dore that goeth uppe to the 
organes, 4id. For makinge an iron pynne to the mason well 

Nearly ton yoan had elapsod sinoo Eliaabeih asoondod the throne, yet, strance to 
M^, litUe change leems to have been mode in the internal arrangemonta of the 
uinster. The progrets of the Beformation in the North was very dow, and it 
was only a work of time and oare. In 1667 Matthew Hutton beoame Beau of 
York, and he, probably, made the alterations in the minster which are now re- 
corded. He was somewhat of a Puritan, and would brook nothing that savoured 
in any way of Roman Catholic forms and ceremonies. 

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Bwape, 16d. For makinge a dodget of iron to the prisoiii 28. 
For a bume with crosse keyes, 12d. To Christofer Glanndera 
for a pece of tymber to make the swape on^ 14d. To Mr. Per- 
cyvall Crawfurth for vij peceis of timber to lyme the ftparres upon 
Peter's Prisodi 4d. To Nicholas Richerdson for a r^ to the 
roorne bell, Ss. For a paire of waiskaill bandes, lOd. To George 
Allylande to paye for my L of Salesbury's booke, 6s. To Marshe 
the boke bynder for thre Psalme bokes, Ss. To Henry Lythe, 
of London, for priekinge songes to be songe in the quere, lOs. 
For a skonce, 8d. To Thomas Nebon for chargeis bestowed 
about dighting the leafle asheis, 8s. Paid in rewarde to the 
clerkes for helpinge to singe in the quere when the L. James 
laye in York, 6/. 

Rbcbipts 147/. 14s. 6d. Expenses 125/. 16s. lOd. 

LII. — ^Thb accomptjb of John Thorne, clarkb of the 
woRKEs, FROM 1 Jan. 1670, TO 1 Jan. 1671. 

To Thos. Sawghell for two dayes worke bestowed upon the 
rooffe over the consistory, 16d. To Michaell Stedeman for xvj 
dayes worke upon mendinge the pynnades and other places of 
the batylments, 21s. 4d. For dighting ftirth wedes and making 
cleane the wyndowes of ... . For mendinge the welle in the 
Tcstry, 14d. For iij pcccs of timber occupied about Sir Thomas 
Gargrave's* howse, Cs. 8d. For a quartron of Danesk iron, 2s. 
lOd. For a reame of fine paper, 6s. 8d. Deliyered to Mr. 
Stevenson, of Durham,t to pay for the pricking forth of songes 
at London, lOd. To Mr. Thomas Huttoii to pay for popting of 
the tymber at Langwath, 6s. 8d. 

Rbceifts 147/. 46. 6d. Expenses 116/. 2s. lOd. 

LIII. — Tnm Accompte of Steven Strbte, cLarrb of tns 
woRRES, FROM 1 Jan. 1678, TO 1 Jan. 1674. 

To Roberto Sawghell^ carpenter, for amendinge the little 
bell whele, 6d. For makinge a cotterell to the little bell. Id. 
For \j hoopes, \j gudyons, and ^plates, and a chcyne to the 
bucket for the mason well, 2s. ¥ot mendinge the kilpe and 

* A most interesting aooount of the tinhappy family of Gargnve may be 
found, under Noetell, in Mr. Hunter's History of Sottth YorhsUre. Sir Thomas 
was oonnected with the Coundl in the north, and resided in York. 

t Prebendanr of the ninth stall at Durham, and vioar of Hartburn and 
Gainfor4. He £ed in 1676. 

I 2 

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the eares of the bucket, 6d. For makinge a pair of crepers, 2d. 
For two keyes to the choristers closettea, 6d. For shootinge and 
mendinge certeyne barres to the glasse wyndowes^ 4d. For an 
iron spyddeU to dresse the church with, 16d. For pavinge the 
Minster garthe, 18s. 4d. To John Oell, t^ier, and his man, for 
vij dayes worke in laienge the tbroughes and gravestones upon 
iiij graves, and for workinge over the librarye, 9s. 4d. For di. 
m leade nailes bestowed upon the roofe of the northe crosse ile, 
etc., 2s. 6d. For two service bookes with Genevaie's Psahoaes, 
4s. 8d. For a pintt of sallet oile to the clocke, 12d. 
Bbcbipts 147/. 4s. 6d. Expense^ 104/. 148. 2d. 

LIV. — ^The accomfte of Stephen St&ete, cj^erkb of the 

WOREES, FROM JaN. 1, 1676, TO Jan. 1, 1576. 

For xliiij daies worke on the glasse wyndows about the allcs 
of the Mynstcr, and on the lanthorne, 20s. 4<1. For x nair of 
joynters to a shopo stall, 8s. 4<d. For a dogg of yron nimud on 
the joynvnge of two pannes in the new house, 20d. To Chr. 
Walker for xx quarells, 8s. 4<d. For two bushells of cannerashcs 
for the harth of the new house, etc., 14d. 

Becbipts 14&L 9s. 6d. Expenses 186/. 6s. 2d. 

LV. — ^The accompte of Stephen Streatb, clerke of tub 
woRKEs, FROM Jan. 1, 1577^ TO Jan. 1, 1578. 

For mendinge the hordes of the chapter howse steple, 4s. 4d. 
For mendinge the fete of the table in the chapter house and the 
fete of the formes in the quere, 14<l. For mendinge the whele 
of Jesus bell, etc., 16d. For making three ncwc bosses to the 
belles, 12d. For a great hespe, two staples, an iron pynne with 
a chaine for hinginge over the great iron barr at the Minster 
gate, 2s. 6d. For a hinginge locke to the stockes in the Mynstcr 
yearde, lOd. To Mr. Beckewvth for four whispe of Burgoine 
glasse, 7s. Bd. To Mr. Harberte for six whispe of coloured 
glasse, 20s. For sharplinges for naylinge the clowtes on. the 
table feete in the chapter hous, 8d. To William Bawneson for 
olde sylver for the glosyer to gylte with, 5d. For candles at the 
^linge of the glasse, 2d. To Sir John for edginge certayn clothes 
in the vestry, 4d. For gunne and callybcr tayles for the glasycr, 
2d. For a ^eard and a nayle of duble woorsted for bothomynge 
quyshinges m the vestry, 6s. 8d. 

Becbipts 147/. 14fl. 6d. Expenses 140/. 17s. 9d. 

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LVI. — ^Thb accommptb of Ssephbn StreatBi clbrkb of 

THE W0RRE8, FROM JaN. 1^ 1676, TO JaN. 1, 1679. 

For mending the wheales and heades of the pew bell, the 2d 
and 8d bells in the great steple, 40. For making a trapp doore 
in the Peter prison, 20d. For mending the low rowte on the 
east side of the clocke, 6s. For makinethe litle hous for the 
chime, 8s. 4d. For layenffe the gutters of the high rowfo on the 
easte side the clocke, 20d. In mending the low rowfe toward 
the mason's well, 8s. 8d. For mending the chyme wheale and 
for stuff therto, 12d. For sawing of restes for planckes and 
lynnges for certeine old sparres, 8s. 4d. For mendinge the low 
glasse windowes in the yles, 16s. lOd. For making six iron 
chaines and six daspes for six bookcs in the librane, 6s. 8d. 
For repairing the rest of the leades of the chauncell at Topdiff, 
not finished the last yeare, 8/. 10s. 8d. To Anthony, Mr* 
Marshe his man, for a Communvon boke, &s. To a catchman 
for caryinge two webbes of leade m his catche to Burrowe brygge 
for the repayrynge of Topcliffe chauncell, 2s. For a cuttinge 
knyfe and a thixtell for the plumber to dresse the leade webbes 
withe, ISd. For an yron gavelocke, 8s. 8d. For a pece of short 
woode to make seamynge melles with for the plumber, 8d. For 
rossell to thd plumber, 88. For an jrrori to stryke fyer with in 
the rcvestric, 8d. For bcsomcs for Sir John in the reyestrie, 8d, 

llECEiPTs 149/. 4s. Gd. Expenses 189/. 8s. 4d. 

LVII. — ^The account of clerr of the worrs, 



For layinge furth certayne powles at Langewythe for the 
mason's scaffaldes, 28. 6d. For postinge and squarynge syp- 
linees for the mason's scaffaldes, 16d. For makinge a payre of 
tackelles for wyndinge and housinge the tyrobre trees .... For 
worke on the greate lanthome wyndowe over the vestrie in 
takmge some of the elasse thereof downe, and in settinge the 
same agayne in newe leade, 86s. lOd. For castinge the gutters 
. and menoinge the leades of the high roofe on the north syde the 
quere, 246. 8d. For mendinge the mason's towles in ther worke 
and for style to them, 4s. 8d. For xvn iron claspes for the 
pynaclcs and wyndowes, 8s. For mendinge and styling four 
chesells .... For makinge a tyrret and a rynge of yron to 

Digitized by 



the masons well buckett, lOd. For helpinse to carry into the 
wrygbto bousse standerdes, powles and Doordes • . • • For 
lyme for the masons to sett the wyndowe sole with^ 16d. For a 
Psalter with Geneva Psalmes for Sir Howkes^ Ss. 4d., and for 
another for Sir £dwarde Barton^ 8s. 

I^YXn. — ^Thb Accoicm ov Stk?hbn Strbatb, clbrk of 
THB woii|^a9i FROM 1 ^Tan. 1680, TQ I JTan, 1681 • 

For a dosen and f^ half of cotreUes to the glasse windowes, 
2s. For two longe yron gaddcs for stayinge of a pynnade of the 
churche, lis. For mendinge a pvimacle on the north side the 
quere, 8s. 4d. To John Oell, iTier, in payinge the grounde 
imder the table in the quere, lOd. To two labourers belpinge 
to carie into the wright hous the greate standerdes from the 
glasse windowes, 4d. For sleckinge, beatinge, and siftinge of 
lime, 9d. For iiij loades of ellerwood to the plumber, 12s. 8d. 
To Anthonie Foster &r xxxiiij queres pf recall paper at 12d. the 
quoro, and for bindingo the same into xyiy bookes for j^rickiuge 
of songes for the quere, 44s. To Thos. Richardson for ij Geneva 
Psalters for the choristers, 2s. 4d. Gteven to the L. Presidente^ 
his musicions for settinge of songes for the quere^ 4/. 

Bbcjsifts 147/. 14s. 6d. Exfbnsbs 125/. 10s. 9d. 

LIX. — ^Thb ACcoifPTB of Stefhbn Strbatb, clbrkb of 

THB WORKBS^ FROM 1 JaN., 1581, TO JaN. 1, 1582. 

For mendinge the frame of the litle bell, and in making the 
barell for the chime, 8s. 4d. In layinge the gutters and in 
sarkinge about the clnme, etc., 8s. 8d. For xxiij daies worke on 
the greate glasse windowe at the east ende the quere, 19s. 2d. 
For xj daies worke on the leades over the tracinge hows, etc., 
10s. 8d. For one Ratdiffe for transposinge the chime, 6/, For 
making two yron candlestickes for the quere, Sd. For makinge 
tlie deske ana barre for the attumeyes, and other charges on the 
hall of the Peter prison, Gs. 8d. For ij newe soes, 14d. To 
Anthonie Fosterf for two Psalters with Psalmes, 8s. To him 
for a Ck>mmunion booke, 8s. 

124/. 8b. Rbmanent, 27/. 10s. lOfd. 

• The iMmMd and pioui B«ri of Huntingdoa wbo waaiiow rwiding in Tork 
M Lord PrMidenl of the CounoU in the north. 

t The name of Anthony Pbster is in the hook of the minstreOB of Beverley, 
M Mr. Hunter oeila it, in the Linooki's Inn Lihrary. The Chn^ter of Tork 
huy meny hooks of liim. 

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THB woRKBs^ PROM Jan. 1, 1683^ TO Jan. 1^ 1684. 

For bording and latysidge the windowes in the northe and 
the other steple, 78. 6d. For makinge the petre for the choristers 
in the quere to synge in^ 8s. 4d. For mendinge the stayres of 
the Peter pmon^ etc.> lOd. For makinge the litle pewe in the 
middest of the quere^ 15s. For ynkle strynges to the Bible and 
Communyon boke^ €kl. For a gryndle-stonoi 2s. 4d. 

Rbcbipts, 151/. lis. 6|d. ExPBNSBrf, 128/. 2s. 8d. 


TUB woRKBSi PROM Jan. 1, 1580^ TO Jan. 1^ 16874 

For makinge and mendinge the glasse wyndowes in Belfraye 
churchy 41. ISs. 4d. ; in parte of payment of 18/. 6s. 8d. . For 
making a btmie for the baylie of the libertes of St. Peter to 
marke waife and stndes With^ 20d« For a new buckeli for the 
three a dock bell dapper^ 4d. For a lowpe for the mason well 
bnckett, 4d. For mendinge the six a docke bell, 8d« To buy 
stringes with for the choristers instrumentes, 20s. Oyven in 
reward to Hewyt for certaine songes for the quearci 10s« 

Bbobipts, 158/. 14s. 2d. ExpsniBSi 110/. 2d« 

LXII. — ^Trb accomptb op Thomas Hitchmouohb, clbarb 

OP TttB WOitKBS. 1607. 

To Valentine Storicj one of the singingmen, for prickinge 
bookes for the quire, 40s. To Anthonie R>ster for a Communion 
booke for the quire, 8s. For a quire of gilted paper, 8s. For a 
bull hide to make bdl bawtries, 82s. To a jovncr for a grcato 
casement for one of the longe slitts, 3s. 4d. To Mr. Barton for 
daying on the organs in the absence of Mr. Browne, 20b. 

To Mr for his journey to Durham for the organist 

there, 86s. 

LXIII.— Thb ACCOMPTB OP Thomas Hitchmououe, clerkb 


To Leonard Swane for eight dozen of iron chalnes which he 
delivered to Francis Lyster for the bookes in the lybrary, 49s. 

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To one Warde for vyaU stringes^ 7s. 7d. To the waits of Yorko 
for playinge in the quire 2 several tymes, 18s. 4d. 

LXIV. — ^Thr accomptr of Baipub Hindmarsh^ clbrkb 


For mending the three a clocke bell^ ISd. For takeing upp 
two bells, 8s. Gd. To some gentlemen of the guard for there 
.... ections and helpe, 6s. 18 Apr., for 64 foote of faced 
stone for the pace at the west doore, 21s. 4d. To Marmaduko 
Crosby for cornered glasse, 6s. For white glasse, 6s. 6d. To 
Jasper Kettlewell for getting the chancdl of TopcUffe washt and 
beautified,'^ 68. Bd. To Thomas Haggas for seaven score foot of 
paveing for the buttresses on the topp of the lanteme, 62s. To 
Mr. Horsley for strikeing my Lord Deputyesf coate on the 
organs, 48. For term service bookes for t^e Coronation-dayi 6s. 

* An item which if 6Mily oomprehended. The word " beAuUAed " is still 
uaed, and is hest undemtood hy yillage churchwirdens. 

t The Lord Deputy was the odebrated Earl of Strafford. The church of 
York was much indebted to the Wentworths^ several of whom are interred there. 

Edward ^orBl6y was a painter-stainer of some note in York. In 1688 Sir 
Henry SUngsby says, "Edward Horseley, a painter in York, is now painting 
the lodging-chamber above the new parlour in colours suitable to those hangings 
I have brought to hang it with all. The chimne;^-peioe is painted answeraUe m 
blew odours."— ^i>tafy6J Horsley made his will pn Feb. 26, 20 (kir. ii. He 
leaves to his grandson, Wm. Horsley, " A book of armory, being a copy of the 
same booke I bought of Mr. Thos. Harrison, which cost 16/. To my gnmdchild, 
Edward Horsley, all my buokos, comonly called Quaker's books. To my suune 
William all my iwokes of armory, written, drawne, or printed, and all my boakoa 
of history and divinitio, the painted pictures in the house, all my ooulora, working 
toolos. and gryndiuK stones and uyle boluudpng to mv trade, my podiott watch» 
etc. To M^jor Wiutor Bethell my maise ring of gold." 

From this person the antiquary, John Hmley, in all inx)bability descended. 

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McccxL. (Circa.) Pro factura tinius pixidis pendentis supra 
magnum altaro, 8s. Pro factura unius salarii argentei pro aqua 
benedicta, 2s. 6d. Pro emcndaciotie tnagni feretri, 12d. Pro 
emendacione parvi feretri^ 128. Pro suiciotie pannorum ante 
altare positorum^ 16d. Pro &ctura vi^ codes pro portacione 
Sancti Willelmi, 20d. 

McccLxxi.t Pars prima 71. de arreragiis ballivi^ ut 

Cktet in predicto compoto^ de die Sancti Martini anno vero 
Item respondet de 688. 8d. de redditibus assisie infra civita- 
tem de tcrmmo Sancti Martini in principio hujus compoti. 

De 648. respondet de firma quinque tencmentorum Capituli 

* I now proceed to lay before mr readers a series of extracts from the rolls of 
the obambenaiiis of the minster, whioh illustrate the oompoti of the keepers of 
&brio, and throw much light upon the services and the internal arrangements of 
the church of York. 

It was the business of this officer to attend to the services and the servants of 
the church. He paid the commons of the canons in residence, the stipends of the 
vicars and officers of the minster, together with aU pensions and casual charges 
connected with the church and its liMrties. He provided the wafers, wax, eta, 
which were required, and out of the cope-mon^ which he received from each 
canon he kept the vestments, etc., in proper repair. Certain estates and payments 
were appropriated to the office, including the great farms ; and the rendue, after 
the payment of all expenses, was dividedequally among the residentiaries. 

The chamberlain sent in two rolls for each year ; one extending from the feast 
of St. Martin in the winter to Pentecost, and the second frtim rentecost to the 
first-mentioned feost. It is much to be regretted that this series of rolls is so 
very imperfect : they are pretty numerous between 1870 and 1400 ; in the fifteenth 
century but few have been preserved, and in those of a subsequent date, whioh 
are far more regular, there are few notices of sufficient interest and importance 
to be recorded here. 

t I give this roU entire as a specimen of the rest, as it is the first perfect one 
that has occurred to me. It ^ves us an accurate account of the revenues belong- 
ing to the office of chamberlain, and tells us how they were distributed. 

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in Petirgate de dioio termino. De 80b. receptis*pro firma unius 
tenementi Capituli in Stangate. De 8b. de finna iij buttarum 
tome Capituli in Hundegate. De 58. de finna uniuB porcionia 
terrae Capituli in Munkegate. Summa 1028. 

De 17/. 8b. 9id. de redditibuB assissQ extra ciyitatem de 
termino S. Martini predieto. De 42b. 4d. de redditibus aaaisso 
de termino Pentecostis in fine istius compoti, aolutis per magiB- 
trum hospitaliB del Horsfayre^ currentis annuatim cum redditibus 
termini S. Martini. Summa 19/. 128. l^d. 

Extra civitatrm. De 4/. 6s. 8d. de firma omnium tenen- 
tium Capituli in llelperby^ de termino S. Martini predieto. De 
2s. 6d. de firma unius bovatse terraa dominicse Capituli in Brod- 
desworth. De 2s. 6d. de firma unius tenementi Capituli in 
Northnewbald. Summa 4d. lOs. 8d. 

Ybndicio prati. De 46s. 8d. pro secunda solucione pra- 
torum Capituli apud Cave venditorum in anno precedenti pro 
4/. 18s. 4d. Summa 46s. 8d. 

Firma molrndinorum. De firma molendinornm juxta 
Knottynglaye nicbil hoc anno^ quia Capitulum assignaverit oa 
fubricao pro tempore. Summa nichil. 

. • . . De 86/. 158. 8d. de pensionibus omnium ecclesiarum 
Capitulo pensionariarum de termiuo Pentecostis instanti, ut patet 
per Capitulum in Domesday. 

Firma infra civitatbm ecclesiarum. De 24/. pro firma 
omnium ecclesiarum Capituli infra civitatem Ebor.^ de termino 
Pentecostis predieto. De 18/. 6s. 8d. pro firma ecclesise de 
Pydceburton de dicto termino Pentecostis. Summa 87/. 6s. 8d. 

Vendicio garbarum decimalium. Do 18/. 6s. 8d. pro 
prima medietate solucionis garbarum decimalium de Brodes- 
worth de ultimo autumpno. De lOOst 8d. pro prima medietate 
solucionis garbarum decimalium de Weston de eodem autumpno. 
Summa 18/. 18s. 4d. 

Yacaciones dbneficiorum. De 87s. 6d. de vacacione pre- 
centorice Ecd. Ebor. De 898. de term. Mich, ultimo rec. de 
oblacionibus ecclesitt Bcyerlaci dictas precentoriss pertinentibus 
et Capitulo tempore racacionis (per magistrum R. de Thome, 
eraseaj. Et de 80s. rec. pro pratis in Tadcastre precentorias 
pertinentibus anni precedentis. De 78s. 4d. pro decima garba- 
rum de Usbum. De 58s. 4d. pro decima garbarum de Wyting- 
ton de eodem. De 7/. 16s. 8d. de vacacione prebenda^ de New- 
bald roc. per manus vicarii ibidem. De 10/. lis. reo. pro lana, 
ultra expensas de vacacione ejusdem. De 4/. 18s. 4d. rec. pro 
decima garbarum de Gothemundeham pertin. prebend» de 
Frydaythorp pro tempore vacacionis. Summa 84/. 198. lOd. 

MoRTUARiA. De mortuariis nicliil hoc termino. 

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Pbrquibicio oaYoljs bt cuRljB. De perqmsicione curin 
nichil hoc termino. 

Catalla foribfacta. De SSs. 4d. de catalliB forisfactis 
Thomse Fanring de Salion fugitiyis. De llOs. rec. de catallia 
forisfactis Tnom» Mous de Heslyngton snspendentis seipeum* 
pe 66. pro stota wayf apnd Henwyk. De 18d. pro j oto com 
j agno wayf apud StrensBall. Summa 71. lOs. 10a. 

INORBS810NB8 tid' oRBttsunB. De 608. reo. pro ingressu 
duorum tenenciara in tielperby tempore Johannis de Leghton. 
De 40s. rec. pro ingressn aniuB ten. ibidem. Snmma lOOs. 

Data maono altari bt fbrbtro Sancti Willblmi. De 
9s. 7d. pro j siffillo, j pare de bedes et j quilte venditis per pre« 
ceptum CapituU. De 20s. de domino Johaime Sumerby. De 
lis. 4d. rec. per dominmn Thomam Castel. Summa 40s. lid. 

Pbrquibicio jurisdictionis. De 41. iSs. 4d. rec. de ma- 
gistro Johaimc de Stauntoni clerico Capituli^ ut patet per com- 
potum dicti derici. 

Magnjb firma. De 83/. rec. de domino Willelmo de Feribi 
pro magnis firmis Capituli in manibus suis existentibus de term, 
rent.^ in fine istius compoti. De 103/. 168. de domino Henrico 
de Ingelby pro hujns firma de dicto term. Summa 186/. 168. 

Summa omnium dbnariorum rbcbftorum^ 375/. lis. S^A4 

CoMlfUNiJB Canonicorum. Do quibus computat in com^ 
muniis domini WiUelmi de Feribi, reaidentis boo termino per 
kviij diesi qui sunt ix septimanss ▼ dies, unde xt) dies duplices 
et xvi^ dies ix lect. 118s. In communiis domini Henrici de 
Ingelbi, residentis hoc termino per cxxy dies, qui sunt xtIj septi- 
mansB v] dies, unde xiiij. dies duplices, et xxxij dies ix lect., 
9/. 6s. In communiis domini Johannis de Helwell residentis 
hoc termino per Ixxx dies, qui sunt xij septimanse iiij dies^ 
unde xiij dies duplices et xxi^ dies ix lect., 6/. 17s. * In commu- 
niis magistri Humfridi de Cherleton residentis hoc term, per 
xlii\j dies, qui sunt vi sept, y dies, unde ix dies duplices et xiij 
dies ix lect.| 76s. In communiis magistri Johannis Branktre 
residentis hoc termino ]^r Ixxxvii. dies, qui sunt xij sept, iij dies, 
de quibus xiij dies duphces et xxv dies ix lect, 6/. 188. In com- 
muniis magistri Ad» de Thorp residentis hoc term, per cxliii 
dies, qui sunt xx sept, et i^ dies, unde xis dies duplices et xlviiy 
dies ix lect., 11/. 9s. In communiis magistri Ricardi de Thorn 
residentis hoc term, per dii dies, qui sunt xxi sept, v dies, 
unde xxv. dies duplices et xiij dies ix lect., 12/. 6s. Summa 
66/. 78. 

Dbcasus reddituum. In decasu redditus assiste infra civi- 
tatem, de termino S. Mart, superius computato, ut patet per 

Digitized by 



capita in dorso iatins oompoti^ Ss. 8d. In decasn redditua i 
extra civitatem^ ut patet in dorao per capita de dicto tenn.^ 
2 la. Id. De 808. in decasn de domibna Ciqiituli in Stangate 
hoc anno. De 58. in decasn de nna mansione CapituU in Munk- 
gate, hoc term. Snmma 646. 9d. 

Pbnsionbs pebpbtua. Domino prebendario de Boterant, 
10/. £t ▼ canonicia presentibus in obitu Ulfi* lOs. £t xxxy 
▼icariis pro pensione de Pydceburton, cuiqne 66. M., III. Ids. 4d, 
Et ij vicariis celebrantibus pro anima domini Willelmi de Hamel- 
ton^t 666. 8d. Et j capellano celebranti pro anima ejnsdem 
apud Hamelton, 666. 8d. Custodi altaris S. Nicholai, 86. Et 
j vicario celebranti pro anima Jordani^ canonici, et aliorum 
canonioorum ecdedae, SSs. 4d., pro eo qnod cantaria ilia fnndata 
fiiit de shopiB in Stayngate et adjacent* ten' Capituli, et nunc de 
novo edificatis cum eisdem per Capitulum, et eidem Capitulo 
perpetuo permansuris. Summa 30/. 18a. 

Pbnsiones ad tseminum YiTM. Heurico de Mdbum, 
666. 8d. Auditori Capituli, SOs. Camerario Capituli, 40b. Clerico 
Capituli, 13a. 4d. Diccuti procca, Sa. Custodibua magni alturia, 
ferctri, et tumbse, 20b. vij choristis per xxviij septimanaa, pro 
communiis suis, singuliB septimanis 4s. Id., 1148. 4d. Magistro 
Johanni de Burton, 26s. 8d. Domino Thomse de Ingelby, 50s. 
Senescallo, 50s. ij attomatia in communi Banco et Banco 
domini regis, 138. 4d. Et j attomato in scaccario domini regis, 
138. 4d. Illuminatori cerse, 5s. Cursori pro vadiis suis pro 
tempore compoti, capienti in die l^d., 246. 6d. Eidem laboranti 
per liij dies, per diem, ^d., 28. 2{i., et pro calciamentiB ejnsdem, 
8s. 4d. Willehno de Meryngton, 20s. Summa 25/. 17s. S\i. 

Vaeijb EXPBNSJi. Bcccptori decimse triennalia regis nostri, 
18/. pro secunda solucione primi anni. Pro firma ecdeaise de 
Lyssington, 248. Pro ecclesia de Usbum, 10b. Ministrallis in 
festo translacionis S. Willelmi, 38. 4d. Eisdem pro ii^ diebua 
Penteoostis, 13s. 4d. Sacrist® pro oleo lampadum, 18d. Mihi, 
camerario, pro pokettia, 9d. In pergameno et papiro, 8d. Pro- 
curatori domini Papae cum aquitanda, Ts. 2d. In iiij.m wafiis, 
78. 4d. Mihi pro iij.m.v.c de fagottis operandia in bosco de Lang- 

* The great bene&ctor of the church of York, whose horn is still preeerved. 
His obit was always observed, as the Chapter had good reason to remember his 
munificence. -^ 

t Dean of York, Lord High Chancellor, and a distinguished statesman and 
ecclesiastic. He died in 1814. In 1807 He gave (he iohurdi of Broddesworth to 
the Chapter, and they agreed to find a chaplain to sing for the donor and his 
parents m the chapel of Hamilton, in the parish of Brayton, which he had re- 
cently built. He was also the founder of another chantry in Uie minster. 

X All record of the foundation of this chantiy has been lost Even in the 
fourteenth century this had been forgotten, and no notice of Jordan has ever 
occurred to me. 

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wath pro viij cahonicis residentibuB^ 178. 6d*, et eidem^ de donO| 
68. 8d. Thom» Hamund per vices, 12d. pro Uteris portandis; 
Summa 17/. ISs. 8d. 

Oblacionbs MiNisTRORUM. In oblacionibus xij personaiiim 
choriy cuique 4d.| 4b. Custodi magni altaris^ 28. Succentori 
vicariordm, 12d. Sabcancellario, 12d. £t xxviij vicariis pro 
ministracione sua ad magnum altare pel* xxTi\j sepiimanas, cuique 
8d.^ 188. 8d. Aliia vin yicariia, cuique 4d., 28. 8d. Diaconis 
et subdiaconia pro miniatraciono ad magnum altare per dictum 
tempua, per sept. 5d., lis. 8d. Et vj diaconis et subdiaconis^ 
cuique 2a., 12a. Clericis vestibuli, 28. et t thuribidariis, 6d. 
Et vij cboristis, 7d. Apparitori, 6d. SacristsBi 28. Portanti 
vexillum, 12d. Portanti pannum ultra feretrum, 4s. Summa 
628. 6d. 

Expense CBRiB. Et in v.c lb. cerse emptis pro summo altari, 
feretro, et tumba, dant. ^ro duabus centenis, 6/. 4»., sic per c. 
628. Pro tribus centenis, per c. OOs.^ 9/. In xl lb. cerse emptis 
pro coopertura torcheorum contra festum natale, 21s. Bd. In 
xxxTJ lb. de rosyn emptis pro eisdem torcheisi 4s. 6d. In lichino, 
et in omnibus aliis necessatis, ac stipendio operatorum, ex con-t 
vencione facta, in grosso, 20s. Summa 17). lOs. 2d. 

DoNACioNES CAPiTULi BT BLBMosiNiB. Dati domiuo Jolianni 
CodelyUg, 20s., per preceptum Capituli. Petro Segcrstan pro 
tempore istius compoti, IBs. 4d. Domino ElisB de WalkvnArton 
pro prebend' de Ampulford, 208. Johanni de Clifton, Dalliyo, 
Ids. 4d., de dono. Summa G9s. 8d. 

Summa oi^nium bxpbnsarum bt ttsBRATioKuM, 157/« 
18s. O^d., et sic remanent de daro distribuendi inter vij cano- 
nicos, 217/. ISs. 8d., et est porcio cujuslibet, 81/. 2s. 8d. 

Computat siipradictus catnerarius de denariis remanentibus 
in manu sua super ultimo compoto precedente, et de compoto S. 
Martini anno, etc., Ixix. 

Dbnarii cAPARtM. Idem respondct do GBs. 2d. de arrc- 
ragiis de 88/. 2s. 2d., tempore Johannis de Leghton. Et sic 
eque hie de omnibus arreragiis uuius indenturse factsei inter pre- 
dictoe Johannem et Robertum computahtem. Et de 18/. 6s. 8d. 
pro capa prebendarii de Ampilforth (WiUelmio Wykewane,* 
erased). Et de 26/. 18s. 4d., per Capitulum in thesaurario, 
videlicet, de capis cancellarii et prebendarii de Thokeryngton. 
Summa 48/. Ss. 2d. 

Expense. De quibus idem computat in expensis pro factura 
xijj caparum^ vj tunicarum ac unius casulee cum parura de lecto 
doroinas Philippas reginse,t imde \j tunicsB non sunt fact®, 17/. 

* A clerical error. It should be Courienaj instead of Wickwaine. 

t The bed of the oelobratod oonsort of Edward III. It was, doubtless, 

Digitized by 



2s. lld.| ut patet per parccllaa infcrius florintai, in primis, pro ij 
pannia aureis, emptis per magistrum Bicardum Thome^i' 8/. 13it. 
4d. Pro uno panno aureo empto de Thoma Setter^ 4/. Ids. 4d. 
Pro ii^ peces de bokeram pro tunicis^ 848. Pro viij lintheami- 
nibus, 7s. 6d. Pro tribus dosayn et vij peces de tavse, 25s. Id. 
Pro j pece et x ulnis de freynes emptis^ 148. 8d. Pro ij lb. fili, 
28. 8d. In iiij lb. cers^ 2s. 4d. Pro factura v tuniculorum de 
yeteribuB vestimentis^ lOs. 6d. Pro j pece de oardelumbard pro 
eisdem^ 6s. 8d. Pro xj peces de fr^nes et tayse, scilicet pro j 
pece 7d.| 6s. 6d. Pro ligacione ij librorum^ 2s. 6d. Pro emen- 
dacione ij parium de inics pro eucarista^ Ss. 4d. Pro reparacione 
ij candelabrorum in vestibulo, 88. Pro emendacione iij parium 
phiolarum, ij pixidum^ 12d. Pro reparacione et mundacione 
lij parium thuribulorum, 48. Pro emendacione unius angeli 
supportantis capud S. Willekni^ 8s. 4d. Pro j ribano empto de 
Johanne Settere pro capa magistri Tbomse NcTill^f 6s. 8d. 
Operatoribus pro ij dorsers, 6s. 8d. Pro xij ulnis de canevas 
emptis pro oelura, 68. 

SuMMA OMNIUM BXFBNSA&UMi 20/. Ss. Et sio rcstaut in 
maiiibus dicti camerariii 28/. Ss. 2d.^ de quibus pendent in 
manibua Hugonis de Burton^ 18s. 4d. 

MCCCLXXi.j: De 1198. lid. de catallis forisfactis TbomsB 
Mouse de Heselyngton suspendentis seipsum ibidem. De 198. 
pro carecta cum tribus equis forisfactis supe^cadente hominem in 
Hustwayt. De 9s. receptis pro tribus equis debilibus Johannis 
Martin fugitivi quia interfecit unum bominem felonice. 

Pro una orfra empta per thesaurarium pro principali capa 
facta de lecto dominss Pbilippse reginsei 4/. 68. 8d. Pro factura 
unius casulffi datse altari B.M.V. ISs. Pro iij dosan pergameni 
emptis pro compilacione imius registri^ xj.s. Pro scriptura 

radiant with gold and embroidery. How it came into the poflseflBion of the 
Chapter we oannot tell. It is probable enough that it had oome into the hands 
of Archbishop Thoresby, who devoted it, with his usual munificence, to the 
church in which he took so deep on interest. Jt must be remembered, also, that 
several persons who were closely connected with the royal (kmily, Wykeham, 
Packington, etc., held stalls in the church of York. 

* A^bendary of Holme and canon residentiary. In 1860 he had letters of pro- 
tection to cross the seas in the train of the king, and it is quite possible that 
he may have brought the queen's bed to York. Thorn died in 1891, desiring 
to be interred in Uie minster, at the head of the tomb of Adam de Thorp. He 
leaves ten pounds to build and restore the houses, etc., of the chapel of Thorn, 
together with the timber, laths, and tiles, which he had provided. 

t A younger son of Ralph Lord Neville of Baby, and prebendary of 
Knaresbro*, at York. He died in 1868, and his will may be seen in 2M. Hbor,^ 
i. 74. 

X The date, 1871, occurs on the back, in a modem hand, and this is doubtless 
the date of the roll. See p. 128 above. 

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ejosdeiii^ IGs. Pro scriptnra unina indentiine in quA cilpee et 
alia omamenta acribmitur, 6s. 8d. Pro factura unius caiiabsB 
pendentis supra corpus Christie 20d. Pro ij nattes in thesaurario, 
12d. Pro scripcione unius rentalis, 8d. Pro y|j paruris ponendis 
ad albas^ 6d. Pro ligadone trium libiorum, 8s. 4d. Pro j 
dosan singrulomm pro ministris^ 8s. Pro ij ulnis panni stragu- 
lati pro mensa oomputali in thesaurario^ 28. Pro sigillacione q 
literamm de appropriacione ecclesise de Leke, 2s. 8d. Pro 
factura ij alarum unius angeli supportantis capud SaHcti Willelmi 
et pro deauratione ejusdem^ 41. 
SUKMA 11/. lOs. 

McccLxxiiii. Pars prima. In xlb. cerse pro coopertura 
torcheorum contra fcstum natalis Domini^ 28s. 4a. In lichinis^ 
etc., 208. ThotniB Daunay,* ex' gratia Capituli, 18s. 4<l. Pro 
ligadone unius antiphonarii, 2s. Pro ij duodenis ciugulorum 
pro vestimentis, Gs. 

McccLxxv. Pars prima. De 48. receptis pro una cruce, 
octo bottones et pro uno panno debili in vestibulo datis magno 

Ministrallis die translacionis Sancti Willelmi, 88. 4d. Eisdem 
per ii^ dies Pentecostis, 18s. 4d. Sacristse pro oleo lampadum, 
ISd. Pro iiij.m wafers emptis pro clioro, 7s. 4d. Prociufatori 
dotnini Papee ad partes Flandrise deputato, 28s. Gd. 

In expensis pro factura octo caparum, 248. Pro factura 
dilarum casularum, et pro linine aUarum duarum, Ss. Pro tac- 
tura TJ tunicnlorum. 128. Pro ^ tunicuHs minutis^ 12d. Pro 
XXV ulnis de cardelombard, Ss. 6d. Pro uno pece de tavse et 
dimidio, lOd. Pro ^ lace, Bd. Pro iiij ulnis et dimidia ornrayes, 
22id. Pro X paruns et xx manipulis, et sex stolis cum faninis, 
88. Pro una Id. de filo, 2s. Pro panno cooled, 2s. Pro paruris 
ponendis ad albas, 2s. Pro j lb. cero^ 8d. Summa 67s. lO^d. 

Pro factura unius imaginis auri m cruce preciosa, 28. Pro 
factura uniu8 pedis in alia cruce, 12d. Pro &ctuni ii junctura- 
rum unius pixidis, cum emendadone unius candelabri, et pro 
emendadone et mundadone yj sensurarum, Ss. Pro emenda- 
done unius fioli auri preciosi, 12d. Pro factura ij juncturarum 
mitne preciosse cum pede, 8s. 4d. Summa 15s. 4d. 

McccLXXvi. Pars sbcunda. Pro ij centenis de thakeburds 
emptis pro coopertura chori ecclesise de Weston, 10s. Pro iiij 

* The anoMtor of the present Lord Downe. 

Digitized by 



centenis de chyngyl, 98. 4d. Pro yj.c de dobilspikyngea^ Ss. 
Pro iiij.c de midilspikyngs^ 20d. Operatoribas, 9s. 8d. 

MCccLXxxvii. Pars prima. De 28. de domino Johanne de 
Queldryk, clerico, quia traxit ^ladium infra ecclesiam Beati 
Petri. ExPBNSiB hinutjs. In liij.m wafyrs pro choro^ 78. 4d. 
Willelmo de Cbestre scribenti litteras oomiti Notyngbam, trina 
vice, 58. Eidem scribenti unam billam Gallic^ domino regi des- 
tinatam, 20d. Pro iiij equis conductis per x sept, et unum diem 
pro magistro Nicholao de Periby et Willelmo de Cawod* labo- 
rantibus London, pro parliamento, 4/. IGs. Willelmo de Buston, 
mercer, pro marshalna unius eaui conducti ab eodem, 6s. 8d. 
Domino Johanni de Molscroft laboranti versus Be?erlacum, pro 
Capitulo, ad convocacionem ibidem tentam T Januarii, 7s. 7d. 
Pro transgressione facta per equ^m suum qui percussit bomi- 
nem, 8s. 

MCccLxxxviii. Pars prima. Pro ij bre?ibus contra Jo- 
hannem Vavasor, Petrum de Marton et Jobannem Jakson de 
Weston, 18d. Yicecomiti Ebor. pro j panell bonorum hominum* 
facto versus dictum Jobannem Vavasor et alios, 6s. 8d. Magistro 
Alano de Newerkf laboranti versus parliamentum, 10/. Domino 
Johanni de Molscroft laboranti versus Bevcrlacum pro Capitulo 
ad convocacionem ibidem tentam die Lun» in secunda ebdo- 
mada .... Duci Olowcestriae^ ex curialitate Capituli, 40/., etc. 
Summa 92/. 7s. 6d. 

Denarii caparum. Summa 43/. 9d. Et de c.s 

panni blodii samet pro capis faciendis. De 15s. 6d. pro uno 

vexillo novo empto. Pe 2s et reparacione unius mitrae 

episoopalis. Do 12d. pro roparaciono uuiua rcgistri do novo 
ligati. De XX • . . . emptis pro albis faciendis, 8s. 4d. 

McccLxxxix. Pars prima. Pro Ixxyj ulnis panni linei 
empti pro x albis cum amictis pro summo altari, sicut per 
ulnam, 5d. De 15d. so), pro iij ulnis panni linei emptis pro 
altari Sancti Willelmi. Pro factura predictarum albamm, 7s. 
De 44s. 6d. sol. Thomss Setter pro rosis aurcis factis pro rubio 
vestimento. De 106s. 8d. sol. Ricardo Storor pro ij pannis aureis 
emptis pro summo altari. De vij marcis sol. dicto Ricardo pro 

• Two oanons who were sent to represent their Chapter in parliament. 
Cawod was a great benefootor to the ohuroh of York. 

t Arohdeaoon of Durham, Master of Sherbum Hospital, and a person of great 
eminence and ability. His will, dated in 1411, oocurs in WiU* and Inven- 
iorU», 51. 

X All religions establishments were obliged to conciliate the favours of the 
great men of the day ; and ixt secure their patronage they ftreuueutly make pre- 
ients, to which, in these days, a somewhat harsher name would be given. 

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n panms baudkyns yiridig colons emptifl^ j^recepto Capitnli. De 
46. Id. sol. pro cathents novis eniptis pro ig pelvibns ^drgenti 
pendcntibns coram sumino altari. De SSs. 4d. soL pro ii\] 
Sudanis emptis pro sutnmo altari. De 28s. sol. Roberto de 
Howme pro i^ idnis de vehett emptis pro blodio vestimento. 
De 146. 2d. sol. Willelmo Selere. De 26s. 8d. sbL domind 
Johanni de Thomor pro libro o^g&nicd empto pro cfaoro. 

Mcccxc. Pari^ iprika. ' Willelmo de Cra^ke^ armigero 
domini Papee^ 40s. Domiiio Johanni Thomor, vicario in choro^ 
pro j libro organico, 13s. 4d. Pro reparacione viij coddes factis 
pro 8up|>ortacione feretri Sancti Willelmi. Domino Archiepis* 
copo visitanti Capitnlum in cra6tino Aeceneioiiis Domini, pro 
procuracione sua, 1008. Pro \j paribus de fettyrs factis in gaola 
per ballivum et pro emeudaeione uniua fcne6tm ibidem, 28. lOd, 

MCCCXC. — Pars sscunda. De 65s. receptis de bonis ei 
catallis ^n» fuerunt Johannis Homchild de Donjmgton foris- 
factis quia interfecii hominem apud Baynton et fugam fecit. De 
Os. 6d. de certis bonis qnn faerant Johannis de Hurworth de 
Popilton notorii latronis. 

Hngoni Salkeld clerico judicis de forestis, et Willelmo derico 
sno, ex corialitate Capitnli, Bs. Hugoni de Grantham, cemen- 
tario, pro reparacione chori eoclesise Sancti Andrei, in partem 
solncionis, 10/. 

Dbnarii caparum. De 18/. 68. 8d. receptis de executdribus 
testamenti domini Willelmi de Waltham nuper ptebendarii de 
Ampylford pro una capa preciosa, 18/. 68. 8d. 

De quibus oomputat de 28. solutis pro y ulnis panni linei 
pro towedles Summo altari^ Thomss Setter piro reparacione rubii 
Testimenti, videlicet, pro ix jpeces, iiij ulnis de laces, precii del 
pece 16d., lis. lid. Pro j pece de orfrays, 2s. 4d. Pro xij 
ulnis de bukram, 12s. Pro v unciis de freynges, lOs. lOd. Pro 
j lace, 2d« Eidem pro operdcione dicti Tcstiihenti, 268. 8d. 
AUcise Sarsyne pro aquilis aureis ad diclum vestimentum, 68« 8d. 

ifcccxcii. (Circa.) Hiigoni Grantham, cementario, pro 
reparacione novi chori ecclesise S. Andreee, 18/; Thom^ Setter 

Sro reparacione de iiij sudariis, 6s. 2d. De 9s. pro j uncia et di. 
e fireuges. Willelmo de Kendall diacono, pro oorreccione uniu8 
libri Catholicon, 206. Pro reparacione de ii^ skbnses fractis in 
vestiario, 12d. Pro x ulnis panni de lak^ emptis pro summo 
altari, 9s. 2d. Pro Ix ulnis panni linei pro albis faciendis in 
choro, 25s. Willelmo Selar pro factura et emendacione calicis 
de auro cum factura unius cocliaris de aurd, 15s. Pro emenda* 


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Clone uniiiB monua de auro, 12d. Pro emendacione duorum 
superaltarium cuia c davis de argento, 4s. Fro factura de j 
selor in cboro snper caput Sancti Willelmi^ 12d. 

Moocxoiii. — Pars sbcunda. Willelmo Pynder de Qncl- 
dryk et Johanni Alio suo laborantibus in Longwatli amputando 
et cariando les ryse^ 8s. 6d. Johanni Baker pro succisione xx 
quercuum in Lanffwath, 20d. Eidem Johanni et socio suo pro 
byrtynjng de predictis quercubus ibidem, 20d. Domino Johanni 
de Kavenser et Symoni de Gauntstede, dericis del petibag; pro 
duabus cartis regiis concessis CapitulOi 11/. 19s. I^ uno novo 
ostio facto infra Mon', 4s. 7d. Willelmo Bernard et sociis suis 
pro cariagio ciiij.m teriddiorum de Langwath, 79s. 4d. 

Soluti, 18s. 4d. pro Ixiiij ulnis panni linei pro albis factis 
summo altari, sicut per ulnam, 5d. Et pro factura de ix albis, 
4s. 8d. De 41. 6s. 8d. sol. hoc anno fratri Willelmo Ellerker pro 
scriptura duorum gradalium pro choro. De 40s. solutis domino 
Bicardo de Styrton pro duminacione dictorum duorum grada- 
lium. De 228. 7 id. solutis dicto Willelmo pro pergamino cmpto 
per ipsum Willelmum. Pro superpdlicio pro custodiendis qua- 
temis, 4d. Pro j pari de cruets pro uno altari, 6d. 

ifcccxciy. — Pars prima. Pro iiij.m wafyrs emptis pro 
choro, 7s. 4d. Johanni Hildyard pro escambio suo facto de 6/. 
transmissis magistro Bartholomco de Naverra pro ij terminis 
elapsis, 8s. 4d. Pro emendacione pannorum ponendorum coram 
summo altari, 20d. B^berto de Haldenby pro pabulo imius 
equsB venientis de vago apud Clifton, 2s. Dominis Thomse de 
Lan^n et Willelmo de Essyngton, yicariis in choro, pro cx- 

Esnsis suis versus Ilattefdd, et ibidem persistontibus in natali 
omini cum duce Eboraci ex curialitate Capituli, 20s. 

Mcccxciv. — Pars sxcunda. De 11/. 18s. 8d. sol. fratri 
Willdmo Ellerker in plenam solucionem pro scriptura et per- 
gameno pro iiij libris pro^ choro. 

Hcccxcv. — ^Pars seounda. Roberto Bukebynder pro liga- 
tura unius magni gradalis pro choro, ex convendone facta, 10s. 
Eidem pro iiij pdlibus pei^ameni pro eodem custodiendo, 20d. 
Eidem pro j pdle cervi pro coopertura dicti libri, 8s. 2d. Fratri 
Willelmo Ellerker pro pergameno, 4s. Domino Ricardo de 
Styrton in plenam solucionem pro alumpnyng trium gradalium, 
408. De 3s. 4d. solutis domino Johanni Brignale pro viij 
pdlibus pergameni emptis pro magno gradali predicto. Do 
88s. 6d. solutis Willdmo Sdar, aurifabro, pro operacione sua. 

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Mcccxcvi. — Pars prima* In oleo pro lampade^ 18d. Pro 
iiij.m wafyrs emptis pro choro^ 78. 4d. Pro tactura de viij.iil 
fagots apud Ijanffwath, 46s. 8d. Pro fossatis^ et siccandis c 
carrectatis de flaghtes ibidem, 258. Thomse Kjnge, carpentario 
pro factura de j carre apud Langwath, 28. lOd. Allocacionbs. 
De 78. solutis Kicardo Browester pro factura et corio erapto pro 
yj coddes in vestiario. Et de 88« solutis Roberto Bukebynder 
pro ligatura albi psalterii in choro. 

MCCCXCVI.. — Pars secunda. Cuidam servienti domini 
Episcopi Dunolm.^ qui presentavit literam Capitulo transmissam 
de London, 6s. 8d. Cementariis Ecclesiee, precepto Capituli, ex 
ourialitate, 6s. 8d. Johanni Chadsden, cursori de castelloi pro 
labore suo versus London, pro Capitulo, lOs. Pro ij skyppetes 
emptis^ 6d. Pro toctura chori do Brcraswortli cum chyngyli^ 
8s. 8d. Pro pabulo equino rectoris de Briffbam qui fuit oaptus 
ex parte Capituli, 21d. De 100/. solutis 18 Aprilis, transmit- 
tendis per Johannem Hildyilrd pro negociis Ecclesise versus 
curiam Bomanam. Di 117s. solutis dicto Johanni pro expensiii 
factis per ipsam itinerando lib Ebor. versus London. De 66L 
188. 4a. solutis, 18 Augusti^ magistro Alano de Newerk trans^ 
mittendis versus curiam Romanam causa predicta. De 6L 19s. 
solutis dicto Alano pro exjbensis 8uis« Summa 228/« 188. 
Allocacionbs. Fratri Willelmo de EUerker pro scripturA 
duorum gradalium in choro, 40s. 

Mcccxcvii. — ^Pars PRIMA (?]. Nuucio domiui Dunelm.i 
ex curialitate Capituli, 6s. 8d. Magistro Alano de Newark pro 
expensis factis per ij^um laborando versus London, pro Capitulo, 
10/. 8d. In expensis factis per camerarium laborantem versus 
London, bina vice, pro oruce archiepiscopali presentanda domino 
Archiepiscopo,^ una cum duobus equis emptis^ 18/. Ss. lOd. 
Et de 4/« 188. 4d. de exec, domini Henrici de Bartonf nuper 
rebendarii de Osbaldwyke, pro capa, ultra 6/. ISs. 4d. receptis 
e dictis executoribus. 


MCCCXCVII. — Pars secunda. Pro ij li. et di. li. de wyre 
emptis pro choto pro subportandis cereis ibidem, 19d. De 
6s. Sd. solutis pro \| corporalibus pro summo altari de panno do 

* On the death of the Arohbishop the l>ean and Chapter always took pos- 
sessioii of hifl crom, with other things ; iheee thej surrendered to his suooessor 
when he was regularly appointed. Arohbl<ihop Arundel had just been removed 
to Ganterbury, and Robert Waldby was placed in his room. 

t SuooessiveW treasurer and prebendary of Biccall and Osbaldwick. tie was 
also reotor of Bolton Percy. 

K 2 

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reyns. De 6s. pro v ulnis panni de lake pro corporalibus. De 
258. 2d. pro Iviij ulnis panni linei pro albis in choro^ per ulnam, 
6d. Et de Ss. 6d. Emmse Semster pro factora de vij albis pro 

ucccxcviii. — Pars prima. Johannae SkargyU^ dominss de 
Stapylton, precepto Capituli^ 10/. 

Hcccxcviii. — ^Pars srcunda. Pro j eabyll empto pro magno 
ferctro^ 8$, lOd. Jolianni de Bekwyth, attomato Capituli in com- 
muni BaneOi pro brcvibns captis versus Johannem Vavasor et 
alios^ 6b. 8d. Domino Roberto de Ottclaye^ ex curialitate 
Capi|;uli^ in partem solucionis deeem librarum pro reparacione 
eeclesisB B. M. in Layrthorpe, 100s. Pro factura eaparum pueri- 
lium cum novis orfariis emptis pro cboro^ 208. 8d. Pro tectura 
del luge in Langwath^ 2s. 6d. 

Mcccxcix. — Pars ?rima. Pro xxj rodis de hegyng circa 
le spring in Langwatbj 21d. Roberto Bukebiuder pro ligatura 
unius magni ffraualis nro cboro^ 10s. Pro iiij pcUibus vituliuis 
pro oustodia oicti graaalis^ 2s. Pro corio magni cervi pro dicto 
gradali oooperiendo^ 48. Fratri Willelmo EUerker pro scriptura 
gradalis in clioro^ ex curialitate, 188. 4d. Pro uno bawdkyn 
^cto de novo portando ultra feretrum, 21s. lOd. 

ifcooxcix. — ^Pars sbcunda. Johanni Bone de Brounflete 
pro emendacione riparum Humbre et fossatorum circa prata de 
Cave, 588. 4d. Roberto Oare pro iij brevibus captis pro Capitulo 
contra vicarips chori, 6s. Domino Ricardo de Styrton pro 
alumpnacione imiua magni gradalis novi in choro, 20s. 

Mccccii. — Pars prima. In expensis in alumpniacione 
' magni gradalis in choro per dominum Ricardum de Stretton, 208. 
Pro xlvj ulnis panni linei emptis pro albis faciendis pro choro, 
19s. 2d. 

Mccccv. Pars secunda. Prnsionbs ad terminum \itm.* 
Auditori Capituli, d8s. 4d. Camerario, 408. Clerico Capituli, 
Ids. 4d. Dicenti preces, 5s. Custodibus altaris, feretri et 

* A Alii list of the annual penaionars of tha Chapter. Several of them 
beoame men of note, and rose to high plaoea and prwermenta. Norton and 
l^rwhitt were, after thia, dignitariee in the law ; Oonyert waa the progenitor of 
the lordly house of Hombv, and is known in an old pedigree of the fanuly by the 
soubriquet of "Justice John .-" Appilton died a canon of York on his road to or 
trom the great Council of Constance. I shall not burthen my readers in a work 
of this kind with genealogical details. 

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tnmlMe^ 208. Et vq choristis pro cominimiiB stiis per 22 septi- 
manas et 8 dies^ 41. lis. 7i., capientibds per sept. 46. Id. Et 
eisdem pro robis suis, 40s. Senescallo Capitnli, SOs. Roberto 
de Ottelayei BOs. Magistro Alano de Newerk, 668. 8d. Johanni 
Hildyard, 20s. Ij attornatis in commani Banco et Banco 
domini regis, Ids. 4d. Uni attomato in scaccario domini 
iregisi 18s. 4d. Magistro Bartbolomeo de NaVerria advocato 
in curia Bomana, 60s. Johanni Convers^ 18S. 4d. Magistro 
Roberto de Appilton, BOs. Maffistro Johanni de Staynton^ lOs; 
Roberto Tyrqwhitt, ISs. 4d. WUlelmo de Wandesforth, 18s. 4d; 
Ricardo de Norton, 18s. 4d. Illuminanti cereos, Bs. Cursori 
pro vadiis suis, ^er sept. lO^d., 19s. 7|d. Eidem laboranti per 
clx dies, capienti per diem ob., 78. 2d. Eidem pro calciamentis 
suis, 8s. 4d. Smnma 88/. 5s. O^d. 

MiNUTiB IBT YARIJB BXPBNSJB. Uni clcrico domini Dunol- 
mensis qui attulit preciosum vestimentum de rubio Tclvet 
datum Ecclesiss per prrfatum dominum, 68. Sd.'i' Clerico 
ludenti super organa, precepto Capituli, 6s. 8d. Pro tectura 
et reparacione chori de Broddesworth, lis. 4di Fro choro de 
Weston, 9s. 

Cedula (Jenjm ^oldesmyght de Stayngate de factura cathe- 
narum et deauraaone cum operacione iij turibulorum. ^ Pro 
XXV] Unciis. di. argehti acceptis ad dicta turibula, ultra antiquas 
cathcnas, precium uncin 2s. 8d., 668. lOd. Pro factura fcnestra- 
rum dictorum turibulorum cum cathenis et dausuris pro fencs- 
tris eorumdem una cum auro et deauradone eorumdem, 4/. 
8s. 6d. Summa 7L 8d. 

uccccx. (Circa.) In expensis Willelmi Segirstane laborantis 
versus Flete ad loquendum cum domino Thoma Haxay per iij 
dies, 21d. Uni portanti literas de domino Thoma duce de 
Clarans ad Capitulum^ 6s. 8d. In v libris de wyr pro candelis 
in novo choro. 

Mccccxxx. (Circa.) Magistro Senobio Naufer, 20s. Ma- 

f'lstro Johanni Aisshton versus curiam Roroanam, 668. 8d. 
amulo Roberti Gare portatoris unius littero versus Cales, 
2s. 4d. Quatuor diaconis portantibus pannum ultra pharetrum 
Sancti Willelmi in diebus Fentecostea, 48. Thomn Grymthorp 
portanti vexillum Sancti Petri in diebus rogationum, 12d. 

* The munifioent and renowned Walter Skirlaw, one of the greatest huilders 
of hifl day, and unrivalled for his prince-like liherality. Notioet of his s{>lendid 
gifts will be found elsewhere, and my readers will find a treasure in his will, 
which has been printed at fioll length in TeH. Ehor,, L, 806. 

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uccocLX, (Circa.J In regardo dato Ghiidom RowcUf^'i' de 
mandato Decani et Capituli^ pro extraocione indicamenti apud 
Hoyeden^ 208. Pro reparadone facta super choro de Lanom, 
20/. lOs. 8d. Pro factura novi palacii pro dausnra rectoriffi de 
Bubwyth, cum aliis reparacionibus, 4/. 4b. 

ifccccLxii.f (?) Pro vexillo de novo facto in signum festi 
dedicacionis Ecd. Ebor. hoc termino^ 18d. Pro notacione his- 
torite predicti festi in quatuor libris^ una cum aliis scriptis in 

frocessionariis, hoc termino, 2s. 2d. Summa expensarum 
06/. 2 Id. De quibus sol. pro iiij Ubris ceno oousumptis in 
festo Sancti Edwardi regis mmistris capelke domini regis et in 
festo et octavis dedicacionis Eoclesin liberatis^ 2s. 

MccccLXiii. In expensis tumvicecomitis tenti hoc termino, 
6s. 8d. Pro vestura ballivi libertatis Ecd. Ebor.^ hoc termino 
tantum, 18s. 4d. Pro expensis magistri Boberti Wilson equi- 
taudo usque Doncastre ad conyocadonem nuper ibidem cdebnu 
tam^ ut procurator Capitulii una cum conducciono duorum 
equorum per iij dies 68. 

Rbparacio molbnd^ db Brothbrton. j: Johanni MicheU, car- 

rtario, laboranti drca faccionem rot»^ 4<s. 2d. Tkomse Spenoe 
Pontesfracto pro j stoke pro le tryndiles^ 20d. WiUelmo 
Elliot de Ferebry pro le byndynge eorumdem tryndiles^ 68. 8d. 

BuBWiTH. For a newe stowpe to ye grate yates^ lOd. To 
a wrygth for ye warkmanchipe of ve said yates^ 6d. For v laid 
of h^the^ 6d. For mendyng oi faltes in ye qwher, as for 
dobyng^ 12d. Rbparacio pacta apud Hblpbrby supbr lbs 
WBRBS iBiDBM. Anno LxiiiJ. Psyd to Joku Xlobyuson berand 
grayell fro ye sandbed in ye ball garth thare unto ye banks of 
Swale be iij days, takyn^ on a day 4d., 12d. To Elyn ye dogh- 
ter of ye sayd John wirkyne thar half a day, |d. To John 
Tirpin of Raynton for stanes boght of hym, in groce, 2s. To 
ij men serchand for ye same stanes^ 8d. To John Robynson for 
ij caryg^of cobles firo Disforth to Hdperby, takyne for j laid 6d., 
lOd. Payd to Ric. Dowse for yiij wayns w^ cobles gyddyrt in 
ye feldes thar, to ye wark of ye said bankes, 16d. 

McccoLXxy. (drca.) In reparadone imius ruderis de plumbi 
supra cancellum ecclcsi» S. Jon. ad poutem Uss, 6s. Id. 

* The reoorder of York, who is employod upon some legal husineH at 

t Mr. Brown aitigiiB this roll to 1462. 

X Taken from the original youober which is appended to the roll. Similar 
documents occur now and then. 

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MccccLxxvii. ("Circa f) In regardo dato histrionibiii inter- 
essentibus in festo translacionis 8. WUlelmi, quatuor diebus in 
sept. Penteoostes, et deposidone S. Willelmi^ prout tisitaium est 
annis precedentibus^ 26s. 8d. Quatuor diaconis portantibus 
pannum supra caput S. WiUelmi in translacione ejtusdem, qua- 
tuor diebuB PentcKXMtes et deposicione S. Willelmi, 46. Biciurdo 
Porter, janitori portarum dausi, portauti texillum S. Petri coram 
proccssione in diebds rogadonum, 12d. 

MccccLxxxii. Pars prima. Pro factura de novo stallorum 
in cancello de Stretton, cum meremio, tabulis, etc»> 65s« S^d. 
Pro emeiidadone fenestne vitrise in cancello de Broddesworth, 6d» 

. MccccLxxxiv. Paus sbcunda. tn reparadone facta de 
stailis infra canccUum de Weston, IBs. 4d. Pro dcdicacione 
altaris de Kirkby Irelithj 8s. lOd. Pro iirma camerce suura 
portas clausi ubi dominus Decanus et Capitulum cum domino 
Archiepiscopo ludum corporis Cbristi audierunt, 5s. 

Mcdccxc. Pars prima. Pro cariagio Tij fother plumbi a 
Strctton usque stallagium Use, Ebor., 8s. 2d. Pro factura 
fenestrsB vitriae in cancello de Stretton, 46s. 8d. In tectura 
cancelU de Stretton, 26s. lOd. lleremitse et aliis apud Brother- 
ton, 6d. 

mccccxoii. PArs prima. Pro tencmentis in Plctestrct, 
London, resenratis pro hospicio dominorum residenciariorum 
ecd. Cath. Ebor. hoc termino tantum, 408. 


80NNTOB of Pydset Burton. To two maysous, two weykes, 
12s. For a senryer to ye said maysons, 2s. 8d. To Jone Alman, 
scrvand, for warkmansdno of ye glaysse weyndow above ye liyo 
alter, and if noder wyndaowe by, 2s. lOd. For two weyspes of 

Slayse, 14d. For two honddreyth dobbyll speykvnges to layth 
owers and yates, and oder dowers, 8d. For a thowrowgest to 
ye layth poryche, 12d. BbpratIons maid at the parsonao of 
Sttrton, anno DOMINI 1530. (trder alia.) For ij bunchys 
of lattes, 6d. For fetchyng the lattes at Retford, 2d. For the 
fereley at Lytilburgh, 18d. For his chyldes burd for ix days, 
21d. For T hundreth spykynges, 18d. To hym that bowght 
them at Blyth fair, 5d. To ^ slaters and yer servers in cros- 
weke, 128. 8d. For hemptreise .... For a thowsand lattnells 
and ij peny worth pennels, lOd. For mendyng a glase wyndow 
in the quere, 16d. For feyng the howse, and bcryng in of brokyn 

Digitized by 



wode^ 8d. For iij lode kyddes^ 28. 6d. For heggyng of the 
said kyddes^ 12d. For ij pair of grett treise yt wer lost in ye 
wark, 8d. For a ledder that was brokyn, 4d. 

MDXLV. {Circa.J For a vestymente for our Lady aultare, 
4s. For a yerde and a (joarter of red russell^ 2s. 6d. For 
serecloth for ... . For silke rybben^ IQs. For ij peeces of 
buckerham, 12s. For ij do. of white unekle for girdles and 
tabes, 7d. For beringe the banner these crosse dayes, 12d. 

UDL. {Circa.J For mending one glasse wyndowe in the 

?uere at Bubwitb^ 2s. For mending of the quere at Kirkbie 
re ... . BooKBS. For one Paraphrass^ to the Mynster, 12s. 
For one booke of service to the same, 4s. 4d. For half a Para- 
phrase .... For half a Paraphrasis to Lanome and Brotherton 
and Bushoppe hill« Gs. each. For the first parte of a Paraphrasis 
to Bubwith, 88. To Mr. doctor Scottf for reading the divinitie 
lecture, 5/. To Mr. Boyes, preacher for the Chapter, 5/. For 
wasshing of the clothes of the hiehe aulter, 8d. For ij thow- 
saund singingbreade spent this half yeare, 16d. 

ifDL. fCircaJ For frakynsense, 7s. For white inkle for 
girdles of albes, 16d. For seredothe, 8a. For breade spente at 
the maundye upon sherethursdaie,| 2s. For breade spent at the 
bone fyre, 2s. For a hoggeshede of beare, 12s., and for thre 
gallons of wyne, 2s. 

UDL. (Circa.J For a banner clothe boughte for Belfrey 
churche, 18s. 4d. For makinge of a seale to the auditor of the 
Chapitor and the sylver goinge to the same, 16s. 8d. For white 
ynkle for girdles to albes, 16d. 

HDLi. To Sir Edwarde Warde for singinge at the Lady 
masse alter for|| .... 

• The celebrated work of Brasmui upon the New TesUment, which waa pub- 
liBhed in 1648, and waa appointed to be placed in every church. It may still 
be leen in lome churches^ together with the works of Bishop Jewel and the 
Book of Martyrs. 

t Outhbert Soot, D J)., rector of Beeford, and Master of Christ's College, 
Cunbridffe. In 1666 he was made Bishop of Chester, and in 1666 he died in 
exile at LouTaine. There is an account of him in Athma Cantah, l, 288. 

% An explanation of such words as these will be reserved for the Glossary at 
the end of this volume. 

J I From entries like this we may see how slow the progress of the Keformation 
10 North really was. In 1661 we have a mass-priest still ainging at one of 
the altars in the minster. 

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1B78, To Mr, George Eowe* for i-eadinge of the lector 
this halfe yeare^ 4/. 

1575. For furringe of the choristers gownes^ 46. To the 
poore folke within the cittie of Yorke^ 40s.t 

1576. Given to my L. tVerle of Essex his men players^ 
208. To Mr. Payler for his oounsttUe against Sir Ingram Clifford 
kty 10b.§ To a porsuivannte, Bs. 

1679. To Wm. Bawnson, goldsmithe^ for markinge a new 
boUe of silver^ on a old silver boUe^ 20b. 8d. For mendinge iij 
silver pottes^ 8s. 

1680. To be alowid for the sotting forth of light horsmcn 
into Yrelond with thcr fumitori with aU expenses in the jorncy 
to Westchester, 12/. 8s. 5d.|| 

1685. To Sir Hugh Hook, clerk, for saying morenynge 
praiers latelie nsid in the bodie of the church this half yere,^ 
88s. 4d. 

1698. To Bic. Owtlaw, pursyvaunt, for arestinge Mr. Arch- 
deacon of York in the churcu of York upon a tachment,** 12d. 

1602. To Mr. Leonard Pottes, sometimes a prebendarie att 

• Beotor of Wheldnke ind Prebendarr of StiDingtoiL He wm institated to 
his sUU in 1672-8, at the preeentaiioii of Geo. Webster of Waltham Cron, Esq., 
heed oook to Queen EliaoeUi, to whom the Archbishop hid given (?) the next 

t These two char^ ooour annuaUj. 

t Would that their names had been presenred. Similar entries ooossionaUy 
ooour. In 1576 we find 20b. giren "to my L. Stafford men players. To Lan- 
oeshyre men players, lOs. To the soollers of Horsfidre players fih^ hetfi ^f ik^ 
chofUr tchoolj, 20b. 1681. To my L. Strange his men players, 20b. 1682. To 
my L. Stafford men plaiers, 208. 1698. To hir Mat^ men players, 200. 
1($98. To pbtyers at Mr. doctor Bennittes, ISs. 1602. To the Lo. Sudders men 
playen, 208." The Dean and Cluster were evidently fond of a snow. 

€ Unde to the then Earl of Cumberiand. 

H A rate upon the oountij, which seems to have been very oppressive. In 
1699 there is a payment of 61. "to Mr. doctor Bennitt towerdes the settinge 
fourthe of horsmen to Trlond. Upon my Lo. of Imnerick fthe Dean of Tork)^ 
tickett, 102. 1602. To the leight horse sent into Ireiande with his (Umiture, and 
the man and his fUmiture, with 6Z. given him in his purse, 26/. 6s." 

T It appears, therefore^ that the present system of having special services in 
the nave of our cathednls is not without precedent. 

** A singular incident. The Archdeacon of York, Bobert Ramsden, a 
notorious person, has a writ served upon him in the minster at the suit of 
the Chapter. In 1627 Dr. Cradook, a canon of Durham, was arrested in that 

Digitized by 



Lymricke m Ireland,^ 208, To an Italion that was robbed^f 
10s. To Mr. Pickering, 14 June 1601, for chardges by him 
disbursed in the suit commenced against the Deane and Chaptor 
about the man which was slaine with the bell, 68s. To Mr. 
BoUande, sometimes a semiuarie, when he made his rocantatiou4 
408. For 6 gallons of wine, yiz. two of sacke, 2 of clared, one 
of Baynesh, and one of white, given to Earle Mar and his com- 
panies beinge Lo. Imbasitor out of Scotlande,§ 16s. To the 
waites for their musickc att service to the same Lo. Imbasiator, 
13s. 4d. For his grace and his companie's dinner, 6/.|| 

1617. To Francis Lister for gunpowther and shott, 12d. 
12 Apr. for wax lightes att the kinges oomjmge, Ss.^ 

cburoh in a similar manner, bnt the offenders were brought before the Oourt of 
Hiffh Commission. In 1674 Dennis QrenyiUe, Arohdeaoon of Durham, and a 
weU-known man, was also arrested at the door of Durham Cathedral, when he 
was coming from a fiineral and had his surplice on, for debt. Fortunately for him 
he was one of the king's chaplains in ordinary, and the wrath of the Privy Council 
foil heavily u]>on the offenders. The uudor-shoriff lost his oflice, but, so fickle are 
tlio changes of fortune, ho was knighted by Jamos II., and iSooamo High Sheriff 
of Northumberland. 

* Ho came, probably, to see his Bishop, John Thomburgfa, who was allowed 
to hold the Deanery of York in commendam. 

t Similar donations to travellers who were in trouble, and to decayed gentle- 
men, are not infir(X[uent. "1595. To a Scottishe man, a scoUer, 5s. To Mr. 
Walter Gray, a singinge mynister, 5s. 1598. Qiven to a Hungarian, 6s. 
1672. To Mr. Wm. Name of ye University of St. Andrew in Scotland, by 
Mr. Deane's order. Is. 1674. To a poore Scotchman who was a scholler, 2s. 
To Mr. James Moore, minister of Cawood, being prisoner in York Castle, 10s. 
1676. To a Chaldean priest, 21. 1677. To 2 Qra>tians who came oomended by 
Uie king, 10s. 1680. To Mr. Stephen Zadari, an Hungarian, 5s. 1682. To two 
jN)amcn who esoaned when the Qlouoester firigatt was sunk and lost, 5s." These 
men, many of whom were impostors, travelled through the country with a brief, 
and realized, very frequently, lar^ sums of money. 

% York castle was filled at this time with Boman Catholio gentry and priests. 
Every endeavour was made to bring them over ; in some few instances, with suc- 
cess. A most interesting account of their treatment may be found in Chaloner's 
MiMiomary PristU, In 1678 " Mr. Bownes, a convert from Popery," received a 
present of 11, " 1678. To Mr. Sedgewick, sometime a Popish priest, who was 
turned Protestant, 22." 

§ It was usual to give an Ambassador a hearty welcome. The cause of the 
ooming of the Earl of Marr is pretty well known. 

II Whenever the Archbishop came to the minster on a state occasion, there 
was alwavs a " banquet" prepared for him, and the advent of other prelates was 
marked by some n>ecial entertainment. '* 1617, 24 Nov. For bread and wyne 
att the coming of the Bishop of Carliell, 6s. 2d. For wyne, byskett bread, and 
sugar bestowed of my Lo. Archbbhop in the vestrie, 80 Nov., 4s. 6d. 1618, 
6 Apr. For 7 quartos clared wyne, 4s. 8d. For a pottle of mudcet wyne, ^ 
1674. For a treat for the Archbishoi) on St. Jameses day, 14s. 5d. 1670. To 
Mr. Bell for sweetmeates for entertaining the Bishop of Durham, 2Z. 14s." 

T James I. spent several days at York in 1617, on his way to Scotland. He 
was nobly entertained by the authorities. The gunpowder and shot were pro- 
bably used for a salute. 

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1671. For bindinge one vol. of ye Polyglott Lexicon* for 
ye library, 78. 

1672. For carrying of bookes belonging to ye library att 
York from Carleton, where Mr. Newcombe had left them, Bs.f 

1678. To Mr. Samuell ClarkJ towards ye funerall of Mr. 
Jo. Jackson, a minister, lOs. For the tnusick in the church on 
ye 2 assize Sundayes and on Easter day, 8/. Spent at the 
Georee, when some of the residentiaryes went to discourse Mr. 
Bland§ about pensions, 4fl. 4d. 

1678. To Mr. Mangey|| for platinge ye vergers silver rods, 
besides yo old silver, 41. 2s. 6d. To George Ilayncs for yo irons 
for them, 6s. To Mr. Mangy for tipping, gilding, and engraving 
the hom,Y 4d. 6s. 

1677. To a mason who came to view ye window vt was 
fallen, and to advise about it, 2s. 6d. To Mr. Conyers for Mr. 
Mathe Wilkinson for getting notice of our plate putt into ye 
gazette,** 1/. To ye town dark and ye officers of ye Ld. Mayor 
for theire trouble about ye church plate, 1/. To Robert Greaves 
for green baggs for ye sacrament plate and making them, 4s. 

1678. To Mr. Beckeford for pasteinge together and repaire- 
ing an old record touching kn old visitacion of the diocese of 

• Probably the hmovm Bible compiled by tartan Walton. "letB. To Mr. 
Lambert for binding ye 2nd volume of ye PoljfgloH Lexicon, 78. 1678. For 
oarrvage of % box with the PoUfglott Lexicon in it fW>m London. 18s. 8d. 
1674. To Dr. Samways for s box and for poetoge of ye Pol^gloH BihU,^ and as 
given to Dr. Busby's servant, 6s. 4d." 

t Mr. Newoombe had been permitted to oimry sohie of the books out of thb 
minster library into the oountrv, A privilege tery trarely tecorded. The nsmo of 
Newoombe kl not nnknowti to am^, 

t Probablv the oelebrated non-<x>nfonhiflt, who wss now drawihg towards the 
close of his hM)ours. Jackson held, I believe, the same religious opinions, and 
the Chapter contribute towards the expenses of his ftineral. 

§ Henry BUmd was the agent and recmver fot the Government. We do not 
know what theresidentiaries wished to "discourse" him upon. 

|l Arthur Mangey of Leeds, goldsmith, the llikther of Thomas Mangey, pre- 
bendary of Durham and % writer 6f some utile note, liangey ventured to forge 
the row mint mark, and was hansed i^ York for his offence. 

T The celebrated h.6tn of TJlphui, which had been rescued from destruction 
hy Thomas, Lord Eairfiuc, snd which he restored to the minster. A brass plate, 
the work of Mangey, bears an inscription which gives an account of its fortunes. 

— The sacramental plate belotiging to the minster was stolen about this time. 
Ten years afterwards a man was arrested for the offence, but I am not aWare that 
it was ever brought home to him. 

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Durfaam'i' by tlie Archbishop of York dureing the yacancy of 
the 866^ 68. 6d. 

1679. To Mr. Dean for money laid out to Mr. Belwood for 
advice about L^ Erwin'a candles^f !'• ^^^ bindeing a manu- 
script^ 6s. To Joseph Oeorgizing, Archbishop of Samoa, to- 
wards the building of the Greek church in London, 44.% ^^ 
Edward Hindle for new paveing and levelling the chancell of 
Belfreys church, 6/. 6d. 

1682. To Mr. Wm. York, as library-keepcr, 8/. for half a 
year. More by way of augmentation for extraordinary paincs, 
21. To Mr. John Thompson, goldsmith, for 2 silver flaggous 
for the cathedrall, 87/. Ss. 

1683. To ye late Lord Archbi8hop's§ derk of ye chappell 
upon delivery of ye gilt plate left by las grace's will for ye use 
of ye Cathedrall, IDs. For a firre box wherein to preserve the 
old chambcrlaine's aceompte, 28. 6d. 

1686. To Wm. Sympson when he went to Justice Blyth- 
man with informacions against Daniell Awty|| in rdacion to 
his stealing the Minster plate, lOs. To Mr. Benjamin Bryon 
for binding, bossing, and pasting the great Bible for the quire, 
17s. 6d. To Mr. John Boiling for frame for preaching-table 
carver, 2/. Os. 4d. To Mr. John Jackson, writeing m', for 
writeing ye preaching table,^ 1/. lOs. 

1689. To Mr. Richard Hawson, agent for the Earl of 

• This dooament ij now, I believe, in the ArohbiBhop'i registry. It is a very 
long roU, oontaininff an aooount of a ttioroueh Yisitation of the oiooese of Bur- 
ham, made bv the Archbishop of York after the death of Bishop KeUawe in 1816. 
The right of the see of York to interfere in the PaUtinate was always disputed, 
and even now the question is not thoroughly at rest. 

t One of the Ingrams had left a certain sum of money to assist in lighting 
the minster. It ^poars that the payment had been refused, unon which, legal 
proceedings had been begun. The church, I belieYe, (iuled ia their cause. Mr. 
Belwood was a native of lork, and a lawyer of great repute. 

t The Greek Church was just being erected in London. An account of it 
may readily be found elsewhere. 

§ To supply the plate which had been stolen in 1676, Archbishop Sterne 
bequei^ed to the minster the gilt communion nlate used in the chi^ at Bishop- 
thorpe, " that b to say, one gilt bason, two gilt flagons, one gilt paton, one gilt 
chalice with cover, together with the cases wherein they are commonly lavd up." 

II I am not aware that this man was ever convicted. Ten years, it will be seen, 
had elapsed since the perpetration of the offence. 

T The board on which the names of the different preachers in the minster 
throughout the rear were placed in their proper order. This custom is still 
generally adhered to. 

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Danby^ upon the delivery of the silver pastorall staffe^ sometime 
belonging to the popish Bishop Smiih^'i^ nnto Mr. Dean for the 
use of the Cathedrall^ 1/. Is. 8d. To Mr. Stainforth for coach 
hire for residentiaries when they went to meet Archbishop 
Lamplough att his first ooming^f 18s. 6d. 

1693. For rebuilding the gallows in the Horse-faire| and the 
stocks in the Minster yard| 6/. 6s. lOd. For matting the Arch-^ 
bishop's throne^ 21. lis. 

1699. To Heneaee Derinff, Esq.,§ secretary to the L^ 
Archbishop^ upon his delivery of Bishop Smith's crosier staffe 
to ye clarke of the vestry, 1/. Is. 6d. 

1700. To Mr. Oswald Langwith, which hee was directed to 
pay to my sister Squire (or to her son) on account of two old 
act books estrayed out of the Dean and Chapter's registry, || 
21. 8s. 

1704. To Mr. Dean for Dr. Hick's^ 2 folios about the 
Saxon Antiquities, to be kept in the library, 8/. 

* A eihrer mstoral staff of very elegant workmaosliip, and more than six feci 
in lenffth. It is itill preeerred ii^ the vestfy, and has oeen more than once en* 
graTod. tt was taken in that tear of oommotion, 1G88, tnm James Smith, 
Utukr Bishop of Oallipolis, l^ the Barl of Banbv. The Fope had made Smith 
his Vioar Apostolio for the northern district, and ne was soon pounced upon. 

t The advent of a new Arohbishop was always the occasion of much festiTity. 
As Lamplough was the first Bishop appointed by king Wiiliun, there would be a 
great politioal demonstration when he came to Ms see. 

t The Dean and Chi^ter had the power of life and death within their juris- 
diction. Peter prison was their gaol, and we now learn the site of the gallows. 
The criminals for the city and county were executed on Knavesmire. 

§ Heneaffe Bering was a gentleman of a Rood Kentish ftunily. He afterwards 
married Aronbishop Sharp's daughter, and, entering into orders, he became 
Canon of Tork and Bean of Eipon. 

II Several act books and registers of the Bean and Chapter disappeared, I 
fear, about this time. Torre gives extracts from several which are now ndssing. 
The Ices of one, a register, devoted to the ikbric, is greatly to be deplored. 

% The magnificent Thesaurus of Br. George Hiokes. Bean <}ale was his inti- 
mate friend, imd secured, no doubt, these volumes for the library. 

Digitized by 




This syndon tha cyrican madmas on Scirbuman. Thfer 
synd twa Cristes bee ^ ij rodan & j aspiciens, kj ad Te levavi, & 
ij pistol bcc & j maesse lioe^ & j ymener & j Salter & j calic & j 
aisc and twa msesse reaf & iij msesse bakelan & ij weoved sceatas 
& ij over brsedels & iiij hand bellan & yj hangende bellan. 


a. — Carta domini Willblmi db Pbrcy supbr bcclesia 


Cotton. Claudius, B. III. 78a.) f 

Willelmus de Percy omnibus bfino cartam visuris vcl audi* 
turis salutem. Sciatis me donasse, eoneessisse, et presenti scripto 
confirmasse eeelesise Sancti Petri Eboracensis eeclesiam de 
Topecliva, cum omnibus pertineneiis suis, in perpetuam elemo- 
sinam, ad reficiendum, edificandum, per diapositionem domini 
Archiepiscopi et successorum suorum et Capituli Eboracensis, 

* An inventory of the church goodB at Sherbum in Elmet of % yery early 
date, and in the Saxon character. It is extracted ftrom a fly-leaf at the end of a 
manuBoript of the Oospeln in the custody of the Chapter clerk. The book itself 
in written in a flne bold hand, circa 000, and is of the auarto iiiae. Preflxed ia the 
canon, on eight leaves, arranged in compartmenta in which a good deal of archi- 
tectunJ skill is manifested. At the end of the volume are several charters and 
ftucon documents, which have been hitherto unnoticed, including a list of the 
relics belonging to the Minster, and some very early deeds connected with land 
and its measures. At the beginning, on the fly-leaves, are several forms of oaths 
to be administered to the canons and other officers of the church. In fiict, I 
should say that this is the very copy of the Evangelists upon which every new 
oflioer of the church took his oath from the year 900 downwards. 

I ippend a translation of the document— 

" These are the churches' goods in Sherbum. There are two Christ's books 
(gospels), two roods, one cupioiens, and one ad Te levavi (aerviee books beginning 
wUh thate wordtj, two books of epistles, one mass book, one hymnarium, one 
psalter, one chalice, and one dish, two mass vestments, three mass mantles (P), 
two woven sheets, twt> upper coverings, four hand bells, and six hanging bells." 

t From tliCHO charters we learu how the church of Toixilitfe came into the 

riMsuHsiun of the Doim and Chapter of York. The exact date of the grant is nut 
iiown, but it must have been made between the years 1154 and 1181, the period 
diuring which Archbishop Roger presided over the see of York. 

The donor was one of the most poworfiil and munificent barons in the north 
of EugUuid. He did good service at the battle of the Standard, and was the 

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qnse in ea edificanda cognoverint tea reficienda^ precedente 
tameu domini Archiepiscopi auctoritate et assensui sine quo pre* 
dictum Capitulum nichil inde statuere possit. Neque de eo quod 
iesaurarius Eboracensis ad re-edificacionem et reparndonem Ec- 
clesise solet exhibere quicquam propter hoc detrahatur. Si vero 
Archiepiscopus et Capitulum aliquaudo ab edificacione et re- 
paracione ecclesiee cessandum duxerint necessarium, redditus 
predictse ecclesise omnes^ nichilomitiua, ad vasa sacra et ea oma- 
menta quserenda, qua3 tesaurarirls inyenir^ non debet, assicnentur 
ct expendantur. Ita quod nee Archiepiscopo yel Capittuo, post 
decessum R. de Alneto personse nunc iilius ecclesise, liceat red- 
ditus exinde ad alios quam predictos usus transferre. Hanc 
autem donacionem et ooncessionem feci pro salute animse mese 
et uxoris mese Sibillffiy patris mei et matris mese, filiorum quoque 
et filiarum mearum, omniumque antccessorum mcorum, ut inter- 
cedat pro nobis ad dominum Beatum Petrum clavi^ertiro regni 
celorum. Hiis testibus B. Archiepiscopo Eboracensi, Sibilla de 
Yalloniis, Nicholao priore dd Fontibus^ Petro de Ros, Alano 
canonico Ebor., Marmeduc Darel, Baldewino de Bramhopa, 
Waltero de Bonvent, Badul^ho de Helleya et Joelino fratre ejus, 
Johanne hostiario Archiepiscopi, Adam derico de Tomeuia 
Bicardo derico de Kirkeby Mafghum. 

p. — Carta AacniBPisooPi super badbm* (Ibid« 78a.) 

nogerus, Dd gratia Eboracensis ArchiepiscopuSi apostolica) 
sedis legatus, omnibus sanctse matris ecdesise filiis, ad quos 
carta isto pervenerit, salutem. Universitati vestro notum fadmu^ 
quod dedimus et concessimtis Badulpho de Alne ecclesiam de 
TopecUve, cum omnibus pertinendis suis, ipsutnque ad presenta- 
donem nobilis viri Willelmi de Percy, ea vacante, imp^rsonavi- 
mus. Yerum ipse Willelmus postmodum eandem ecdesiam, 
interveniente voluntate et auctoritate nostra, dedit et concessit ad 

founder of the abbers of Hampoll and Sallej. He is said to have died in Palestine. 
The name of Sibill his wife has never yet appeared in the pedigree of the Perciee. 

From the Tillage of Topdiffe the fabric derived a very considerable revenue. 
The church of VbaX little village has been recently re-built ; the original structure 
possessed several features of great interest, and many notices illustrative of the 
nistory of iho building have already been ^ven. 

These charters are to be found in the great white register at York. These 
transcripts, however, were made from a chartulary among the Cottonian M88., a 
most beautifully written and preserved volume of the deepest interest to any 
York historian. It contains many charters which arc to be found in the great 
book at York, and many otliers which are missing in that nfible volume ; but the 
greater part of tliom are authenticated by the names of tlio wituesses being 
inserted, which may bo looked for in vain in many parts of the MS. at York. 

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opus et omamenta eoclcsise Beati Petri Eboraoensis^ prefato 
Kadulpho assensum prebente : ita quod ipse R.^ quamdiu vixerit, 
earn quiete et pacifice^ cum pertinenciis et libertatibus suis, 
tenebit, et annuatim memorat» ecdesiss Beati Petri unam 
marcam argeuti^ nomine pensionis^ persoWet. Et ne ista in 
dubium possint in posterum re?ocari presentis cartn munimine 
duximus ea confirmare. Hiis testibus Willelmo cantore Ebor.^ 
Radulpho capellano, Alano Hamon^ Nicholao canonico Ebor.^ 
Magistro Augot^ Nicholao capellano^ WiUelmo de Percy, Ma- 
gistro AJano, Symone derico. 


Omnibus ad quos presens scriptum penrenerit dominus 
RicarduB de Percy* etemam in Domino salutem. NoYcrit 
uniYcrsitas vestra me, DiYini amoris intuitu, dedisse, concessisse 
et hac presenti carta confirmasse, quantum ad patronum spectat, 
pro anima mea, et antecessorum et successorum meorum, Deo 
et Beato Petro, principi Apostolorum et claYigero regni oelorum, 
ecclesiam de ToppecliYC, cum capellis et omnibus pertinenciis, 
libertatibus et aysiamentis ejusdem, ad fabricam et ornamenta 
Eboracensis ecclesiae, secundum quod in carta Willelmi de 
Percy, aYi mei, pontinetur, et in carta etiam Ycnerandie memorise 
Rogeri, quondam Eboracensis Archiepiscopi, super eadem ec- 
clesia oonfecta. Et ut haec mea donacio, concessio et confirmacio 
rata et illibata permaneat, cam presenti scripto si^llo meo 
signatam autentice roboraYi. Actum anno incamacionis Domini 
m* cd" Yiccsimo, y\. Id. Aprilis. Iliis testibus Rogoro Docano, 
Johanno Jlomano, Oodardo, Mauricio, Serlone canonicis, Waltero 
de rcYcst' Magistro Laone, Nicholao, Serlone, Willelmo capeU 
lanis, Waltero de Caiton, Gknlefrido de AJta Ripa, Willelmo de 
Wancy militibus, Roberto de Schegnes, Johanne de A?ell, 
Roberto de Feriby, Henrico de Percy, Henrico de Davill, 
Ricardo de AJta Ripa. 

* The grandflon of the orinnal donor of TopcUffe, sod himself % man of re- 
nown. He was one of the onief of the great barons who secured the Ma^:na 
Oharta, and on that aooount he was ezoommunioated by the Pope. There is a 
short aooount of him in Collins, which may be referred to. 

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libro voc. Domesday book> penes Dec. et Cap. Ebor. 99 a.)* 

Omnibus ad quos presens scripium pervenerit Bogerus De- 
canus et Capitulum Eoor. ecdesiee, cternam in Dominb salutem* 
Noverit universitas vesira qiiod cum nobilis vir^ dominus Ricar- 
dus de Jfercy, Divines pietatis intuitu^ confirmaYerit Ecdesifld 
nostra^ ad fabricam et ornamenta cjusdem Ecdesise, ecclesiam 
de Topdif^ cum omnibus capellis et pertinenciis suis^ juitil quod 
in carta felicis recordacionis Willelmi de Vercy, tm ejus, con- 
tinetur, qui eandem ecdesiam in ustis contulit memoratos, nos 
▼oluntate spontanea provisisse eidetn et successoribus suis, here- 
dibus videkcet gusdem, quod in defenso boscortim suorum et 
bestiis silvagium ejusdem nicbil exigemuSi salva nobis in com- 
muni bosoo et pastura communia, sicut homines ejusdem Tilled 
habent, et in accretis, nisi decimas garbarum et minutas decimas* 
Promisimus, eciam, eidem quod in capella Beates Mariee, quam 
ipse edificavit in cimiterio Beatee Columbee de Topclif, capella- 
num ydoneum oroni tempore inyeniemus, ad cujus sustenta- 
cionem centum solidos de bonis ejusdem ecdesiee bene assisos 
assignabimus, quia missam de Domina ibi iu perpetuum oele- 
brabit. Hiis testibus Rogero Decano, Johanne Romano. 



(MSS. Cotton. Claudius, B. III. 72 b.)t 

Alexander Episcopus, servus servorum Dei, universis Cbristi 
fidelibils pr^sentes literas insi)ecturis salutem et apostolicam 
benedictionem. Yitee perbennis gloria quam mira benignitas 
Conditoris omnium beatam coronat acies civium supemorum a 
redemptis predo sanguinis fusi de precioso corpore Bedemptoris 

* A deed reoordinff the foundation of the ohantrj it Topdiffe in a oha{)el 
built in the churohjrardf by Biohard de Feroy. Not a trace of this chapel is now 

t An indulgence granted by Pope Alexander III., as I beUeve, in 1166. 
Mr. Browne, however, dates it a century later, and makes the writer Alexander IV. 
Among the corresponden<)e, which has been printed by Labbe in his Concilia, 
there are sereral fetters addressed to Archbu^op Boger. In the Regintrum 
Magnum Album, part iii., p. 03, is the following letter, which I give at length :— 

"Alexander Episcopus, sorvus servorum Dei, venerabill fhttri U. £bor. 
Archiepiscopo et ^xMtolioe sedis legato salutem et apostolicam benedictionem. 


Digitized by 




meritorum debent acquitari virtute, inter quae illud esse per- 
grande dinoscitur quod ubique^ set precipue in sanctorum eccle- 
siis, magestas Altissimi ooUaudetur. Eogamus itaque universi- 
tatem vestram et bortamur in Domino^ in remissione vobis 
peccaminun) injungentes, quatinus ad cathedralem ecclesiam 
Eboracensem quae in bonore Beati Petri, principis Apostolorum, 
constructa esse dicitur, imploraturi a Pomino delictorum yeniam 
in bumilitate Spiritus aocedatis. Nos enim, ut Cbristi fideles, 

Juasi per premia salubriter ad merita movemus de Omnipotentis 
)ei misencordifi ac Beati Pauli et dicti principis Apostolorum, 
cjiis auotoritate copfisii omnibus yere penitentibus et oonfessis 
qui ad eandem Ecclesiam in omnibus fcstivitatibus ejusdem 
principis et die anniyersario dedicacionis ejusdem Ecclesias 
causa deyocionis accesserint annuatim, centum dies de injuncta 
sibi penitencia misericorditer relaxamus. Datum Anagniae, Idus 
FebP, pontificatus nostri anno sexto. 

y. — Carta Willelhi vilii Hamblini de Ridbra super 
PRATo KT TERRA Capitulo concbssis.* (MSS. Ck)tton, Claudius^ 
B. III., 107, a.) 

Sciant omnes qui litteraa bas yiderint yel audierint quod 
ego, Willelmus filius Hamelin de Ridera, consensu et assensu 

Oum Ecclesia tibi commissa multa dignitote preminoat, deoet te dilisenter ao 
solUoite providorc ut ojus digiiitas in orouibiis qun ad lionestatom EocloBin) por- 
tiiioant ot dooorom cjiisdom eliiooscat, itn (}uo4 8iudium iuiD Bollioitudiuii} in hu8 
apiNireat prooipue oummendandum. Cepimus autom quod cum in quibusdam 
oaihedralibus ecoleaiis qutc Eodesia tua longe inferiorea existunt ea prero^ativa 
et dighitas observetur, iit in majoribus earum altaribus nulU, nisi sint Episoopi 
vol earumdem eoolesiarum oanonioi, miBsam audeant oelebrare, ad oelebrandum 
luissam in mi^ori altari Eoclesin tu» passim presbiieri quilibet admittuntur, et 
8io ejusdem Bcolesia} dignitaa quodamodo ininuitur et yilesoit. Qimndoque igitur 
tuam prudenoiam docet ad omnia diligenter intendere qu» dignitatem ejusdem 
augoant et decorem fraternitati tuaa, p«r apoetolida scripta, mandamus quatinus 
cum Canitulo ipeius Eoclesio), vel m^ris et sanibris ipsius partis statuas ut in 
miyori altari ipsius Ecclesisa nemo nisi E^iscopus yel canonicus ejusdem Eoclesin 
celebnure audoat, neo aliqui in missa quso m presoripto altari oelebratur evangelium 
vel epistolam, nui ^usdem Eodesin smt cauonioi, legere presumant, quia quod 
super hiis juxta mandatum nostrum statueris nos auotore Domino ratum et 
flrmum habebimus. Batum Anagni» iij kal. ApriUs. 

^ Tbe same charter may be found in the Begistrum Magnum Album at York. 
There are but few of these early grants to the fabric in existence, and I give 
them entire. The charter is without date and witnesses, but it may be ascribed 
to the middle of the twelfth century, and I put it among the other grants which 
we know to have been made about that time. The concluding condition of the 
charter is curious. 

Digitized by 



fraiiis mei jtmiorid Willdmi, concessit et presenti carta confir- 
mtm, Deo et Sancto Petro, ad reedificacionem eoclesise suse^ 
donacionem illius acne prati juxta Aesefeld quam pater mens 
pro salute aniroee suse et uxoris busb et Uberonim suonim Beato 
retro ita concesserat. Accrevi^ inmiper, cum consensu ejusdem 
fratris mei W., unam mansuram term in Litdehili quae contineat 
zv perticatas in longitudine et iiij perticatas in latitudine, ita ut 
Beatus Petrus et homo quem ibi habebit^ habeat in commimi 
pastura ii^ yaccas cum fetibus earum^ et iiij equas cum pullis 
earum^ et iiij sues cum toto nutrimento suo. £t si in tempore 
pannagii xx poroos su^raniiatos habuerit acquietabit se homo 
per XX denarios. Et si plures porcos superanuatos ibi habere 
Toluerit habeat per licenciam domini^ et habebit in boscO ad 
edificaoioncm suam et ad proprium igncm quantum ibidem fucrit 
neccssarium. IIcc omnia ego Willdmus ct frater raous Wil- 
lelmus junior manutenobimus et warantissabimus legitime Beato 
Petro ad ecdesiam suam reedificandam^ et homini suo^ tenenda 
libere et quiete^ sine omni-consuetudine vel exaccione, sicut 
puram et perpetuam elemosinam, et sicut habent omnia, super 
altare Beati Petri, in perpetuum, a nobis et heredibus nostris 
fideliter observanda optulimus. Et si qui fideics pietatis intuitu 
ad opus ecclesisB Beati Petri reformandn e^uum vol taurum vel 
bovem vel alia animalia macilentia contulermt licenciam habeant 
ibi morandi donee reformentur. 

VI. — Carta domini Boberti lb Vavasour db lafidicina 
APUD Tadcastbr.* (Monastioon Vet. Edit. III. 162.) 

Uniyends Christi fidelibusi ad quos preesons scriptum per* 
voucriti Ilol)ortus lo Vavasour, lotomam in Uomino salutomi 
Noverit uuiversitas vestra mo dcdissci oonccssissoi et hac pred- 
senti carta mea confirmassei in puram et perpetuam elemosinam 
et liberam ab omni seculari servicio et exactione, Deo et Bi 
Petro et ecclesiae Ebor., pro salute animse meee et uxoris meee 

* This ohftiier WM found^ by the compiler of the MonaHieom, in s register of 
the fabric which is now missing. There is no date to it, but it may be, in all 
probability, ascribed to 1226, or thereabouts, the period at which Archbishop 
Grey began the building of the south transept. It speaks, it wUl be obsenred, of 
a grant, not of a quarry, but merely of a right of road on an andent and custo- 
mary way. It is probiwle, therefore, that the Chapter had obtained stone from 
the quarry at Thevesdale for many years before this time, and it is likdy that this 
is the same quarry that was given to the minster by WiUiam de Percy. Some 
notices of the Yafasors, and of their gifts to the church of York, wUl occur shortly. 

L 2 

Digitized by 



JoliansB, et antecessorum meorum; et ut pariicipes simus 
omnium bonorum qun in eadem Eodesia fient in perpetuum^ 
plenum et liberum transitum per antiquaa et consuetas viaa et 
Bemitas^ sine omni impedimento et contradictione in eimdo et 
redcundo^ in Tbevedale, quod est de Ubero tenemento moo^ ad 
Bufficientiam fabric» ejusdem Eodesise^ quotiescumque opus 
fuerit dictam Ecclesiam emendare^ re»dificare yel ampUare. Et 
ad majorem securitatem hujua concessionis prsesentem paginam 
sigilli mei appositione dignam duxi commimire. Ego vero et 
hseredes mei warantizabimus banc donationem nostram in per- 
petuum contra omnes bomines. Hiia testibus^ Rogero decano^ 
Galfrido de Norwico prsecentore^ Willelmo tbesaurario^ magistro 
Waltero Arcbidiacono. 


a. — Carta Enoblrami bb Muncbaub bupbr tbrra in Sun- 
DERLANQWiK. (MSS. Ck)tton^ ClaudiuB, B. III. 52^ b.) 

Engelr* de Munceaus^* omnibus baa literas yisuris yel audi- 
turis, salutem. Uniyersitati yestrss notum fieri yolo me concessiBse 
et ratam habere donacionem illam quam Henricus Foliot fecit 
Deo et Sancto Petro de una boyata teme in Sunderlangwic^ 
quam dedit ad reedificacionem ecclesisB Sancti Petri EboraceniBiB^ 
in puram et perpetuam elemosinam, liberam et quietam ab omni 
seryicio seculan. Et ne ipsius donacio yel nostra concessio ab 
aliquo beredum meorum decetero possit perturbari, eandem 
boyatam cum omnibus pertinentiis suis, inira yillam et extra^ 
sicut prefatus Henricus cam dedit et concessit, liberam et quie- 
tam concede et presenti carta confirmo Deo et Sancto Petro, in 
puram et perpetuam elemosinam. Hoc autem feci consilio 
et assensu uxoris me» et beredum meorum et, nominatim, 
Roberti filii mei, qui hoc idem concessit et sigillo suo confir- 
mayit. Hiis testibus C. abbate Beat» Marias Ebor., H. cantore 
Ebor., Stophano canonico, Waltero Paghan, Serlone derico, 
Thoma presbitoro, magistro Roberto de Oauut. 

* Bngelnun. or Inmrn de Munooaui, wm lord of the manor of Bami«ton. in 
HolderuQM, and was tiying in the year 1225. His desoendanta were seated at 
Barmston till the middle of the fifteenth oentury. A pedigree of the family, 
prepared with some oare, is to he found in Poulson^ ffoldemeu, i,, 186. 

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Robertus de Manceilus omnibas banc cartam vistiris yel 
andituris salutem. Univeraitati vestrte notum fieri volo me con- 
cessisse et ratam habere donacionem illam quam Henricus Foliot 
fecit Deo et Saacto Petro de una bovata terra in Sunderlang- 
wik quam dedit ad reedificacionem eoclesiee Sancti Petri Ebor. 
in purani et pcnrpetuam elemoeinam, Uberam et quietam ab omni 
seculari servicio. Et ne ipsins donacio vel nostra concessio ab 
aliqno possitin postemm perturbari, eandem bovatam cum omni^ 
bus pertinenciis suis infra villam et extra concedo et presenti 
carta confirmo Deo et Sancto Petro in puram et perpetuam ele* 
mofiinam, liberam et quietam ab omni secuiari servicio, pro salute 
anim» meas et patris et matris mese et antecesck)rum meorum, 
Hiis^ etc. 

YIII. — ^Indulobntia pro vabrica Eccl. Ebor. ooncessa 
PER Walterum Qrbt, Archibpiscopum Ebor.'I' (Rot. major.) 

Omnibus^ etc. Cum inter opera caritatis pium sit et rneri* 
torium ad constructionem et fabricam ecclesiarum opem im- 
penderci in quibus ju^ter Domino prestatur obsequium, ac ec- 
desia nostra Beati Petri Ebor. nostro mdigeat sufiragio, cui^ tam- 
quam matrici ecdesise, precipue tenemini subvenire ; devotionem 
yestram rogamus^ et exhortarour in Domino, quatinus ad fabri- 
cam ipsius de bonis yestris impendere curetis, ao parochianos 

* The flrft Arohiepiaoopil Indulgenoe for the church of York that in on 
record. It occurs upon the roll of uie acts of Archbishop Walter Qrey, dated 
18th of July, 1227. in the month of March, in the same year, the same prelate 
issued a somewhat similar instrument, hut that part of the roll on which it occurs 
has been so much iigured that it cannot be now deciphered. 

The munificent prelate was probably beginning the south transept, in which 
his own tomb is placed. The charter of Robert de YaTasour would afford him 
great Utilities for carrying on the work, to which he wished the ftdthAil to 

The Archiepiscopal acts of Walter Grey are recorded on two rolls, called 
Mijor and Minor. The Mi^or begins in 1227, the eleventh year of his rule, and 
extends to the twenty -first. The other roU contains his acts during the remainder 
of his long episcopate. They are, really, parts of one continuous roll, which for 
exactness and extent is perhi^ unequalled. It is written on both sides, and 
contains many entries of yerj great interest and importance. Qrey may be called 
the great organixer of the diocese of Torl^ and the number of ordinations, eta^ 
of benefices made during his episcopate is mdeed remarkable. 

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vestros ut de bonis sibi a Deo collatis partem aliquam, secundum 
quod Doipinus eis ipspiraverit, cpnferant^ efficadter inducere 
studeatis^ magistrum Adam^ latorem presendum^ quem hujus 
rei procuratorem deputavimus^ et ejusdem dericos benigne 
rccipientes ac bonorifice portractanteSi eidomquo consilium ct 
auxilium eiScacitcr impendcntes. Nos autem^ ctc.« pretcr in- 
dulgeuciaiQ domini Paps et relaxacionem a.fratribus nostris 
coepiscopii^indultam^ xldies, etc.: atque ipsos missarum, oracio- 
num^ et beneficiorum omnium participes constituimus : qu» 
omnia per dictum magistrum plcnius exponentur. lu cujus 
rci testimonium, etc., has litteras nostras patentes ipsi duximus 
committendas. Datum apud Sirebum xx. kal. Augusti Anno xi. 



In nomine Domini Amen. Istm sunt rcliquiin reoonditio in 
ccclcsia Bcati Petri Ebor. Scilicet in magna cruce, quae stat 
ultra pulpitum in introitu chori, quam Rogerus Archiepiscopus 
fecit parari & postmodum dedicavit, continentur in corpore 
imaginis crucifixi reliquise sanctorum Apostolorum Petri & Pauli 
& Mathei et sanctorum martirum Mauricii, sociorumque ejus, 
Sebastiani, et Calixti papse, Cipriani episcopi, Justinae matris 
Felicis Treverensis episcopi, S. Rustid Treverensis episcopi & 
Sanctse Fellidtatis. In alia cruco quae stat retro majus altaro, 

3 nam idem Rogerus Archiepiscopus fecit parari & postmodum 
cdicavit, continentur in corpore imaginis crucifixi reliquiae de 
Sancto Luca Evangelista. De Sanctis martiribus Marcelliano et 
Petro. De Sancto Ciriaco martire, de Sancta Eufemia virgine, 
de Sancto Tiburtio martire. De Sancto Nereo martire. In 
magno feretro retro majus altare in majori pixide alba conti- 
nentur hae rdiquisB. Junctura una digiti S. Johannis Baptistae, 
lapis de sepulcro Domini, de sepulcro S. Macharii Archicpiscopi 

* A most viluable ftnd interesting dooument. It ooours on % fly-leaf of the 
MS. oopy of the Qospels, in the office of the Dean and Ghiq»ter, which haa heen 
already mentioned. On the whole, it is not in a satiafiictory condition, and some 
words oannot now he supplied. The handwriting is that of the middle of the 
thirteenth century. It wul be seen that Archbishop Boger was the donor of 
many of tho relics, and that he arranged and dedicated others. It appears, also, 
that a portion of these valuables had been pledged to raise a oertain sum of money 
for the ransom of the king, Bichard I. An inventory of the relics belonging to 
the monastery of Durham may be found in Hist. Dunelm. Scripiores TWt., and 
other documents, of a similar nature, occur in the Monastioon and other works. 

Digitized by 



Antiochise. Dens S. Stephani prothomartiris ; Dens S. Bri^dse 
▼irginis. De pctra super qaam sedit Sanctus Johannes Baptista. 
De ossibus . . . martins. In una alia pixide viridi in eodem 
feretro continentiir reliquiee de ossibus S. Ciriaci martiris. De 
sarcophago S. Macharii Archiepiscopi Antiochise. De ossibus S. 
Fergussani episcopi. De ossibus 8. Edwardi martiris & Sanctse 
Etheldridee virginis. Digitus S. Pancracii martiris. De manna 
quee pluit de edo populo Israel. De S. Dione episcopo. Lapis de 
sepulcro Domini nostri Jhesu Cbristi. Et petrse super quibus 
scriptse sunt petrse ciss». Costa S. Cassiani episcopi. De 
ossibus S. Patuani episcopi. De presepe Domini, item de 
sepulcro Domini et ae reliquiis S. Lazarii^ S. Eustachii^ S. 
Urbani, Sanctorum Gervasii & Prothalii majrtiruro^ S. Bemigii 
confessoris, Sanctae Katerinee virginiS;, S. Gregorii papse. De 
brachio S. Sebastiani, Sanctorum Felicia & Adaucti, S. Yincentii 
martiris^ Sanctorum Primi et Feliciani,. Sancti Ililarii Picta- 
Tensis episcopi. Sanctorum Gbrdiani & Epimachi, S. Julitto 
virginis, S. Marin Ma^alenee, S. Innocenc^, S. IpoHti martiris, 
S. Tiburcii. De vestibus Sanctorum Apostolorum Symonis & 
Jud». Item in eodem feretro in una rubea pixide continentur 
reliquise de capite S. Christoferi martiris. Duse dentes S. Paulini 
Eboracensis Archiepiscopi et idia ossa c^usdem. De S. Oeaddone 
confessore. De virga Moysi. De lapide quadragesimali in*qua 
sedit Dominus Jhcsus quando jcjunavit. De S. Folewmo 
q)iscopo dt confessore. Do dalmatica S» Ambrosii. Do ossibus 
S. PefagiiB. De casula S« Peregrini martiris, Autissiodorensis 
episcopi primi. De capite S. Bartholomei Apostoli. De capite 
S. Susannee. De veste S. Agathee virpnis. Item de maxilla 
S. Susannse. De sepulcro S. Marise virginis. De S. Martino 
Archiepisco]X). De ossibus S. Laurenoii martiris, rcliquiie 
Sanctorum ligor coronatorum. De lapide super quem sedit an* 

felus. De S. Dunstano Archiepiscopo. De S. Cedda episcopo. 
tern in eodem feretro in minon alba pixide continentur reliquies 
De ossibus S. Mauricii martiris, S. Dionisii. De vestimentis S. 
Etheldredse virginis. De manna quae pluit de celo. S. Sebas- 
tian! martiris. S. Birini episcopi. Do tumulo (? tuniculo) S. 
Cuthberti episcopi, & de sepulchro Lazari. De S. Christofero. 
De S. Oswafdo rege. De cruce Domini. De veste S. Marise 
virginis. De capite S. Nicholai episcopi & confessoris. De S. 
Elphego. De vestimento angelico S. Agnetis virginis. Item 
in eodem feretro est caput S. Everildis virginis involutum in \xn6 
pannb lineo. In fet'etro ad altare S. Jacobi sunt ossa corporis 
S. Everildis virginis et qusedam vestcs ejusdem. In feretro retro 
altare S. Andrcee sunt ossa & alise reliquiro mult . « . . nomina 
ignorantur, quia qusedam scripta ibi sunt quee propter vetustatem 

Digitized by 



& inutilitatem scriptursB • . . , In cruce facta do auro quani 
dedit PogeruB Archiepiscopus & quae data fiiit ad redempdonem 
regis .... thesauris Ecclesise & postmodum redempta per 
Capitulum continentur h» reliquiae. De cruce Domini S. 
Jo . . . , & Pauli, Andr^e, Matthei^ Bartholomei^ Svaionis, 
JudsB^ Marias Magdalenas, Lazari^ .... martirum Steph. . . , 
Johannis, Laurencii, Vinoentii^ Innocencium, Coami, Damiani 

.... Sebastiani^ Ipoliti, Comelii, Cipriani^ Mau 

sanctorum confessorum Oregorii papss^ Jeronimi, Nicholai 
Archiepiscopi, sanctarum virginum Agathas, Kateriuas & Helenas 
regiuas. In feretro ooopcrto laminis lurgcnteis positas sunt 
reliquias, quarum haeo autem nomina, Unum de ossibus Saucti 
Petri Apostoli quod venerabilis Bogerus Eboraoensis Archiepis* 
copus attu}it de domo domini. Item reliquiae qnas appor* 

tavit Beatus Willelmus, & Henricus Archiepiscopus^ et Thursti- 
nus Archiepiscopus^ scilicet de ossibus Apostolorum Simonis et 
Judae. De sanguine Beati Stephani prothomartiris. De sanguine 
S. Laurencii martiris. Reliquiae Sanctorum Felicis & Adaucti. 
Digitus S. Dionisii martiris. De ossibus capitis S. Bencdicti 
abbatis. De cruce in qua Beatus Andreas cruciiixus est. Re* 
liquiae sanctorum martirum Largi et Smaragdi. De ossibus 
Sancti Januarii martiris. De ossibus S. Lazari & sororis ejus 
Martae. De ossibus S. Comelii papae. Reliquiae S. Nicholai^ 

Sanctorum Crisanti & Dar'. De ossibus S Kalixti papse. 

De sanguine S. Sebastiani martiris. De ossibus Beati Bonefacii 
martiris. De ossibus S. Matthei Apostoli. De petra s. sepulcri 
Domini. In feretro cooperto folio argenteo positae sunt has 
reliquiae. De ossibus S. Jobannis Baptistae. Unum de ossibus 
S. Pauli Apostoli in quadam ampulla cristallina. Unum do 
ossibus S. Quin .... martiris. Unum do ossibus S. Comelii 
papse. Unum de ossibus Sancti dementis papae martiris. 
Quatuor ossa Sanctorum Mariae & , . . thae Audifax et Abacuc. 
De vestimentis Apostolorum Petri et Pauli. Unum de ossibus 
S. Fdicitatis .... sanctorum martirum Rustici & Eleutlierii. 
Unum do ossibus S. Cipriani martiris. De ossibus S. Mauricii 
so ... . ejus. Unum de ossibus S. Kalixti papae & martiris. 
De ossibus Sancti Sebastiani martiris. De ossibus S. Mathei 
Apostoli. De mento & costa cujusdam Sancti cujus nomen non 
potuit legi propter scripturae vetustatem. Dp ossibus Justinae 
martiris^ Sancti Felicis Treverensis episcopi. De sandaliis S. 
Petri Apostoli. Omnia supradicta posita in feretro coo^rto folio 
argenteo attulit dominus Rogerus venerabilis memoriae Archi- 
episcopus Ebor. de domo domini papae. Et preterea in predicto 
feretro est lignum quoddam cupro coopertum in quo beata 
Brigida solcbat tcuerc In altare S. Audrcae sunt reliquiae 

Digitized by 



de S. Dionisio. De Sancto Albino Audegavensi. De virga 
Aaron. De monte Synay. De S. Jnliano martire. De brachio 
S. Kalixti papse. De S. Marco & Marcelliano. Beliquin S. 
Ore^rii papee. De sepulcro Domini. De sepulcro Lazari. 
Lapis de Jordane. De ligno Domini. In altare S. Jacobi 
sunt reliquiee de S. Dionisio. De S. Lenfrede abbate. De 
corpore S. Helense^ S. Felicis filii S. Felidtatis. De S. Stephano. 
De S. Etheldreda virgine. Dens S. Juliani Coiomaiensis epis- 
copi. De sepulcro Domini & de S. Bricio episcopo. 

III. 168.) 

Bobertus de Percy^ dominus de Bonlton^ uniyersis baliiyis, 
servientibos et tninistris suis^ salutem. Sciatis me conceteisse 
▼enerabili in Christo patri^ domino Johanni, Dei gratia Ebor. 
Archiepiscopo, Angliee Primati, quod marinarii ducentes seu 
cariantes petram in navibus suis de Tadcaster, usque Ebor. ad 
fabricam Ecdesise B. Petri^ tarn in aqua quam super terram 
prope aquam^ liberum halx^nt transitum absque imped iracuto 
roei etiam, vel meorum. Yolens et vobis it^ungens quod illis 
nullam inferatis molestiam, nee inferri ab aliis permittatis^ quo« 
minus liberum habeant transitum, ut pr»dixi. Yolo etiam et 
concedOy quod quoties dioti marinarii pro se, vel petra sUa, ad 
dictam fabricam per longum terrse mes super Querf, quantum- 
cunque duraverit terra mea in pratis et aliis terris meis in- 
diguerint, et ad trabendum naves tam vacuas quam cum petra in 
eiracm pratis et terris meis, ad utilitatem predictoe fabricae, boc 
libero faciant, absque mco vel meorum impodimcnto quocmiquo. 
In cujus rei testimonium sigillum meum pnesontibus est ap« 
pensum. Datum apud Ebor. 

* Another grant for the benefit of the fabrio which I have extracted from the 
Monasticon. The document was found at York in a regiater specially appro- 
priated to the llftbric which is now missing. 

The charter is, unfortunately, without a date, but we find a Bobert de Percy 
liying at Bolton Percy in the year 1276. This person is, I doubt not, the framer 
of the present grant. The Archbistiop mentioned is John Bomanus, under whose 
auspices the foundation-stone of .the present nave was laid in 1291. Pensy's 
grant would be a great assistance to the progress of the new work. 

Digitized by 




BOHiNUH RBQBH> (Lib. T. 8 R, penes Dec & Cap. Ebor.) 

1291. Item >]* idus Julii misit dominus rex de Scocia, per 
domiaum ArchiepiscopuTn, ad Ecclesiam Ebor., unam casulam 
yiridem de baudekino, cum quadam alba, cujus panirse erant de 
opcre brudato, cum amicto de eadcm secta, pro regina uiore sua 
defuncta. Item dominus rex in quadragesima precedente optulit 
duos baudekinos, et filius suus, unum, ad magnum altare. 

XII. — ^Inbulgbncia pro fabrica ecclbsij! Bbati Petri 
EBOR.t (Reg. Corbridge 74 a.) 

Thomas, Dei gratia Ebor. Archiepiscopus, Angliss Primas, 
vonerabilibus in Christo fratribus co-episcopis uoatris, et dilcctis 
in Christo filiis, univcrsis abbatibus, prioribus, dccauis, prepositis, 
archidiaconis et eorupi ofljcialibus, decanis ruralibus, rectoribus, 
vicariis, capellanis parochialibus, in capellis divina celebrantibus 
per civitatem, diocesim et provinciam Ebor. tam in locis ex- 
cmptis quam non exemptis constitutis, salutem, gratiam, et 
benedictionem. Cum ecclesiam Deo construere et cam imper* 
fcctam reparare, in qua hostia yiya Christi pro salute populi 

• An interesting ontrv. It was the privilege of the Arohbisbop of York to 
orown the queens of finguuid, and when a queon died a mortuary sooros to liave 
boon due to the iuotro|K)iitim oburob. When Queen IMiilimja died her rioh bod 
wus Hont to fork, and was out up into vestments for tbe Ohurob. Perhaps the 
bed of Queon Eleanor was put to a simiUr use. 

Queen Eleanor, aooording to a contemporary entry on the books of the Dean 
and Chapter of York, died on the 4th of the kalends of December, 1290. The 
story of her death, and of the affeotionate sorrow of her husband, is well known. 
There are several excellent napers about her to be found in tbe Arohawlogia. As 
soon as the Chapter of x ork heard of her deooase they ordered a mil peal 
(ghisoum) to be rung by the Minster bells : for this the sacrist received 6s. from 
the king.— Clf^ardrobe Book, 29J. 

Edward I. was present at the solemn translation of the remains of St. William 
in 1284. In his Jrardrohe Book there are several notices of oflbrings which he 
made at his shrine, including two clasps of gold. 

t The second Archiepiscopal Indulgence for the &brio that is recorded in the 
registers at York. It was issued in 1804 by Thomas Corbridge, who was raised 
to the see in 1299. Drake says that he died in 1803, whereas we find him living 
in the middle of the following year, another instance of the singular inaccuracy 
of tlie author of Sburaonm. Corbridge had been oonneoted wiUi the church of 
York for many years, and was, therefore, fuUy alive to the requirements of the 
fobrio. The present magnificent nave was then rlHing from the ground, and the 
alms of all the fiuUifUl would be Ciqieoially needed. 

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jiigiter immolatar^ inter opera oaritatis opus eximium reputetur : 
et Ecclesia nostra Beati Petri metropolitica sit adeo in presenti 
diruta et prostrata, ac structora tarn nobilis sit incepta ut earn 
cupiamus feliciter consummari, ad quod novimus fidelium sub- 
sidium oportununi, universitatem vestram rogamus^ monemus^ 
et in Domino attentius exhortamur, vobis omnibus et singulis 
▼estrum^ in remissione peccaminum^ et in virtute sanctse obe- 
dienciie, firmiter iniungentes, quatinus quociensque procura- 
tores et nuucii Ecclesise nostne Beati Petri precuctsd ad vos 
accesserint, fidelium suffragia ad hi:gus fabricam petituri^ ipsos in 
proximis capitulis vestris celebrandis^ post inspeccioncm pre- 
sencium, necuon in ecclesiis et capellis vobis subditis, omnibus 
aliis neffociis consimilibus et indulgenciis quibuscunque interim 
cessantibus et semotis^ quousque negotium Ecclesise nostras 
supradictse plene et plenius fucrit expeditumi benigne et sine 
impediment^ quolibet admittatis; ao parochianos et subditos 
vestros^ Dei et nostri intuitu, b^ignius inducatis ut de bonis 
sibi a Deo collatis ad filndacionem, refeccionem, et fabricam 
Ecclesise nostrse predictse larga oonferant subsidia caritatis. In 
quibus eternale premium mereri poterunt accepcius coram Deo. 
Nos autem, de Dei Omnipotentis misericordia, et gloriosse Vir- 
ginis Matris suse, etc. ; qui juxta exhortacionem nostram pre* 
dictam Ecclesiam relevaverint memoratam, et ad fabricam 
ejnsdem de bonis suis sibi a Deo collatis manus porrexerint 
adjutriccsi xl dies de injuncta sibi ponitcnciay Deo propicio, 
miscricorditer relaxamus. Indulgcncias a vcncrabilibus patribus, 
co-episcopis nostris oatholioiSi ad id conccssas, ratas nabcntes 
pariter et acceptas. Quicquid autem nomine dictse Ecdesiee 
nostras collectum fuerit per quoscunque, sine diminucione aut 
retencione aliqua eisdem procuratoribus et nunciis faciatis in- 
tegriter liberari, presentibus, donee eas duxerimus revocaiidas, 
tantummodo duraturis. Data Ebor., iij id. Junii, anno gratiro 
ra* ccc* quarto, et pontificatus nostri quinto. 

XIII. — Indulobncia fro fabrica ecclesijb Beati Petri 
l&BOR.^ (Reg. Kellawe 66 b.) 

Bicardus, permissioue divina Dunelmensis episcopus, dilcctis 
in Christo filiis, abbatibus, prioribus, arcbidiaconis et officialibus 

* Another Indulgence for the fabric, taken from the register of Bichard 
Kellawe, Bishop of Durham, and dated in the year 1812. The works of the naye 

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Punelmeiisibus^ ab decania raralibu8, rectoribus^ yioariis^ presbi- 
teris parochialibuB et in capellis divina celebrantibus^ necnon aliis 
universis ecclesiarum prelatis^ tarn exemptis quam non exemptia, 
per civitatem et diocesim Dunelm. oonstitutis, salutem in am- 
plexibus Salvatoris. Inter cetera pi» devodonis onera, id in 
conspectu Altissimi credimus fere gratum, quod ad oonstruc- 
cionem^ sustentacionem et reparacionem ecclesiarum gratiose 
oontribuitur^ qusB tanquam sanota^ et salubria in terris habita- 
cula fideles ad orandum recipiunt, et ad impetrandum in fide 
sacramenti altaris quod pro salute credencium in ara dominica 
sacrorum cotidiano ministerio sacerdotum offertur, sj^ratam 
yeniam placato Domino de peccatis. Cum^ itaque, fksdesia 
Beati Petri Ebor. metropolitica sit adeo in presenti diruta et 

!>rostrata, ac structura tarn nobilis sit inoepta^ ut earn affectemus 
eliciter consummari^ ad quod novimus fidelium subsidium 
oportunum ; Universitatem vestram studiose rogamus^ monemus, 
et in Domino exiiortamur, yobis omnibus et singulis nichilominus 
in remissione peccaminum^ et in virtute sanctse obediencisB 
firmiter injungentes^ auatinus quodenscumque procuratores seu 
nuncii fabricss Ecclesiad Beati Petri^ per Capitulum Ebor. de- 
putati, cum eiusdem Capituli Uteris ad yos accesserint^^ fideliimi 
elemosinas ad tam sumptuosi operis fabricam petituri^ ipsos in 
hoc pio negotio^ (]|uestoribu8 ecclesiae Dunelmensis. duntaxat 
exceptis, quos in his yolumus anteferri aliis omnibus negociis 
consimilibus, quousque predictum Ecclesiss Ebor. negocium 
expeditum fuerit^ interim cessantibus, sine impedimento quo- 
libet cum fayore beneyolo admittatis : yestros et parochianos et 

were still prooeoding, •and great exertioiu were being made to secure fUnds for the 
oontinuance of the undertaking. 

Amon^ the sets of the Bishops of Durham that have been presenred there is 
no other indul^noe for the church of York. There was, in general, so much 
ill-feeling and jealousy between the two sees, that the absence of documents of 
this character among the munimentu at Durham need excite no surprise. Eel- 
lawe, I believe, had taken the oath of submission to the Archbishop, a circum- 
stance which at once accounts for the appearance of this indulgence among his acts. 
Skirlawe and Longley were exceptions to the general rule, but their connection 
with the minster of York, before their elevation to the see, made them remember 
it in after-years. 

Bishop Kellawe's register is a very fine volume on parchment, closely written, 
and containing an immense collection of miscellaneous documents and entries. 
It had been taken out of its proper custody, and had found its way into the 
Bodleian library : it was restored to its original position through the mediation 
of Bishop Bamngton. KeUawe was buried in the chapter-house at Durham, 
under a stone richly inlaid with brass, which was iterfect till the olcse of the last 
century, when it was destroyed with that magnificent room which it helped to 

In 1806, Archbishop Greenfield issued an indulgence which, with the ex- 
ception of a very few words, is identical with that issued by Kellawe. It is not 
n ecessary, therefore, to print it. 

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subditosy Dei et noetri intoitUi tarn in celebrandis capitulisj qnam . 
in eoclesiis ct capellis, quando et quooiens expedire yideritisi per 
VO0 et alios inducatis ut ad memoratsB fabricam larga conferant 
snbsidia caritatis, illaque fideliter oolligi faciatis. Et quicquid 
nomine predictsB EcdesisB coUectum fuerit per vos, archidia- 
conos^ officialese et alios inferiores prelates superius noroinatos^ 
seu alios deputandos a yobis^ sine diminucibne et retencione 
quomodolibet eisdem procuratoribus sen nunciis persolvatis sub 
pena exconimunicacionis mqoris^ quam contravenientes poterunt^ 
nee immerito^ formidare. Nos atitem> de Omnipotentis Dei 
misericordia, et gloriosse Yirginis matris susb^ Beatorum Aposto- 
lorum Petri et JPauli^ necnon sanctissimi confessoris^ WiUelmi^ 

Satroni ejnsdem EcdesisBy omniumqae Sanctorum meritis confix 
entes^ omnibus parochianis nostns et aliis quorum diocesani 
banc nostram indulffenciam ratam habuerint^ de pcccatis suis 
yere contritis et confessis qui juxta exhortacionem nostram pro- 
dictam Eodesiam relevayerint memoratam, et de bonis sibi a Deo 
collatis ad fabricam ejusdein Ecclesi» manus adjutrices por- 
rexerint^ sen ad id alios induxerint xl dies de injuncta sibi peni- 
tencia^ Deo propicio^ misericorditer relaxamus. In cujus rei 
testimonium sigillum nostrum presentibus appenditur^ tantum- 
modo duratumm donee eas dnxerimus reyocandas. Datum, etc.^ 
ultimo die Septembris anno Domini m* coc* xij*. Et pontifi- 
catus nostri secundo. 


In festo Sancti Mich. Archangeli, 1821. Willelmus de 
Langecestre, capellanus, et penitenciarius ecclesin B. Petri 
Ebor. — Sep. juxta altare B. Thom» martyris in Ecclesia pre^ 

* The first will thai ooours imong the tetUmeniMy dooumento in tho offioe 
of the I>eao sod Chapter of York. It is ihat of one of the penancers of the 
bhuroh, and, as a specimen, it is inserted here. The flibrio derived a considerable 
sum of mon^ eyery year, as will be seen in the earlier Ikbrio rolls, from their 
penanoers. Ofibnoee were punished bv the infliotion of a certain fine, and when 
this was paid the culprit reoeiTed absolution, and was restored to favour. It was 
the dufy of the penancers to determine the sum, and to hand it oyer to the 
keeper of the hbno. Some ihrther notices of these persons will be given afler- 

The testator, it will be seen, makes a very interestinff will. I give some of th^ 
most remarkable bequests thai it contains. He had thriven in the world, and the 
disposition thai he makes of his wealth shews thai he was a person of piety and 

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dicta. Lego ad altare predictumj unum superaltarCj j calicem 
argentic ij paria vestimentorum^ j par pannorum oorporalium 
cum casula de secta unius vestimeutorum predictorum^ j parvum 
missalei manuale, et diyersaa nugas meas in yase honesto cum 
pede argenteo inclusas. Officio et statui Episcopi lunocencium 
perpetuo remansurum in Eccleaia predicta unum auulum cum 
magno lapide. Altari B. M. in eccleaia Sanctse Trinitatis in 
Ootherumgate ymaginem B. M. eburneam cum tabemaculo. 
Fabric® Ecclesiffi Oath. Ebor. debita in quibus Nicbolaus de 
Menyly et domiua Christiana soror ejus, et Thomas de Clifton, 
mihi tcneutur, viz., iiij marcas'per dictum Nicholaum, 28s. 7d. 
do dicta Christiana, etc., et 71. in quibus Thos. de Clifton mihi 
tenetur. Cecilise, sorori me», robam meam de cendre, et unam 
clamidem rubiam qu» dicitur corket. Presbitcro per j annum 
pro me celebraturo robara meam de blueto, quam habui de 
dono Archiepiscopi. Johannse Bustard psalterium meum 
magnum non glosatum. Alano de Cotum j psalterium modice 
glosatum, et j parvum librum rubeum, quse ambo sunt apud 
altare Sancti Willelmi. Domino Willelmo de Waider firmacu- 
lum aureum cum j annulo aureo, et librum meum qui dicitur 
Brutus. Domino Johanni de Brotherton librum qui dicitur 
Veritas Theologise. Domino Hugoni Etton librum qui dicitur 
Parabolse Salamonis. 

XV. — Injunctionbs data qubstobibus pro farrica Eror. 
(Melton, 618, b.)« 

Injunctum est nobis presbiteris a superioribus nostris in 
virtute sanctse obedienciae, ut nos exponamus parochianis nostris 
distincte et aperte omnibus diebus dominicis et interim festivis, 
infra missarum solempnia, indulgencias omnibus benefactoribus 
matris ecclesiae Ebor. concessas, videlicet in festis Purificacionis, 
Annunciacionis, Assumpcionis, Nativitatis et Apostolorum Petri 
et Pauli, et Beat! Willelmi cujus corpus in eadem ecclesia re- 

Suiescit, ac eciam in die anniversarii dedicacionis ecclesiae pre- 
ictsB, necnon per octos dies festivales ipsos mediate sequentes, 

* We have now a oopy of the brief wbioh was fdraLihed to the regularly 
c^tpointed beggam in behalf of the fiibric, to be published by the parochid clergy 
in their ohurohes. No leas than twelve of these persons are mentioned in it 
by name. By them the whole diooeso of York and other districts were poriodi- 
oally visited, and large sums of money were gathered together througn their 
importunity. I am tempted to insert an extract from the Sompnoure's story 

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fricj, devote yisitent et honorent, de bonis sibi a Deo collatis, pia 
devocione nf^uvent^ ut per hujusmodi pias elemosinarum suarum 
largiciones in terris thesaumm sibi indeficientem faciant in cclis^ 
et mereantur habere largas peccatorum suorum et penitentia- 
rum sibi injunctarum indulgencias et remissiones^ per sanctte 
Roman» ecclesisB pontifices, et alios pios super hoc concessas. 
et hoc subsoriptas. In primis^ yidelicet^ conierentibus ad fabri" 
cam ecdesise predicts a Johanne Archiepiscopo Ebor., xl dies. 
Item a Willelmo Archiepiscopo xl dies. Item omnes Archiepis* 
copi qui interfueront a prima fundacione diet® Ecclesi» usque 

amonff the Caaierlmry Tales whioh describes the operatians of one of these 
traTeUera in Hdderness. Had Ghauoer heard of the fiane of these Yorkshire 

"liordinsB, ther is in Yorkshire, ns I gesso, 
A mersh oontree jroalled Holdernesse, 
In whioh iher went a limitour aboute 
To preohe, and tke to beg, it is no doute. 
And so befell that on a day this frere 
Had preched at a ohurohe in his manere, 
And speoiallT aboyen every thing 
Bxoitod he the people in his jprediing 
To trentals, and to geve for Ooddes nke. 
Wherewith men mighten holy houses make. 
• ••••• 

Gove me than of thy gold to make our oloistre, 
Quod he, for many a musde and many an oistre, 
Whan other men ban ben ful wel at eee, 
Hath been our food, our oloistre for to rese : 
And yet, God wot, uneth the fUndament 
Parfourmed is, ne of our pavement 
N'is not a tile yet within our wones : 
"By Qod we owen fourty j^und for stones. 
Now help, Thomas, for hmi that harwed belle. 
For elles mote we oure bokes selle, 
And if ye laoke oure predication. 
Than goth this world all to destruction.*' 

As may easily be conceived, the privilege of seeking alms for any religioun 
purpose was froquentiv abused. Forged seals and licenses were common. Tlie 
couniay was overrun bv idle fellows, who imposed upon tlie fiuthful in many 
ways, and wasted upon their own pleasures the numerous ^fts that they received. 
In 1824, Archbishop Melton warns his spiritual subjects m strong terms against 
these impostors. " Ii^jungimus volns omnibus et singulis in virtute obedienciis 
supradictiD, et sub pena ezcommunicaoionis nujoris ne ad presens negocium 
exponendum aliquoe admittatis questores preter eoe qui nominatim in oedula 
annexa presentibus continentur. Et ne ipsos sen eorum aliqUem .... (Usa, 
errores, sen aliquid aliud excessivum permittalis in populo exponere, sen eoiank 
predicare .... oculoe seu libros depiotos, sou falsas reliquias ostendere nee in 
fraudem seu elusionem catholicorum aliua predicare seu exponere contra quod in 
brevetto seu dicta cedula continetur sub penis superius annotatis." CJRea. Mel* 
ion, 618, b.} 

Arohbiuiop Melton issued two Indulgences for the fabric, one in 1820, and 
the other in 1824. As they are, in words, identical with No. xiii., they need not 
bo recorded here. 

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nunc, quilibet per se xl dies. Item vintantibus et honorantibua 
ecclesiam Ebor. in prediciis a Nicholao papa iiij^ j annum et xl 
dies. Item ab eodem Nicholao j annum xl dies. Item a papa 
Alexandro c dies. Item ab Honorio papa xl dies. Item ab 
Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi xx dies. Item ab episcopo London 
XX dies. Item ab episcopo Lincoln xxx dies. Item ab epis- 
copo Bofonensi x dies. Item ab episcopo Hereford vii dies. 
Item ab episcopo Dunelm. xx dies. Item a duobus Archiepis- 
copis et octo episcopis^^ a singulis, singulos dies quadragenos. 
Item a Berardo, domini papae legato, xl dies. Item a domino 
Antonio Dunolm. episcopo xl dies. Item a ^uolibet episcopo 
qui solempnitati translacionis Beati Willelmi interfuit, cum 
essent xj de numero ; xl dies. Item omnes benefactores dictas 
EcdesisB partidpea erunt omnium missarum et omnium aliorum 
benefactorum quse ootidie sunt aut iient in perpetuum in sancta 
ecdesia predicta, ao in omnibus aliis ecclesiis et capdlis per 
Ebor. diocesim sibi subjectis. Item omnibus diebus dominids 
per annum infra missarum solempnia, yel ante panis benedicti 
distribucionem, in qualibct ecclesia parodiiali omnia populus 
oradonem dominicam flexis genibus ad Domiuum«fundant, cum 
salutadone Beatse Mari» Virginia, pro cunctis fratribus et soro- 
ribus vivis et defunctis qui eleqaosinas suas contulerint, yd 
aliquid in ipsorum ultima voluntate legayerint in subsidium 
fabricsB ecclesisB memoratse. Item dominus papa Johannes, qui 
nunc est, ratificat et confirmat omnes indulgendas supradictas 
istud negodum a die recepcionis usque ad diem reportacionis in 
yisitacionibus infirmorum et in confessionibus parochianorum 
nostrorum nuUo modo sub pena qua decet omittamus. Nomina 
questorum per dictum procuratorem nominatorum, Johannes 
Storkes, Andreas Scot, Bobertus de Duffeld, Alanus Scriveyn, 
Ricardus de Altoftes, Eadulphus de Pokelington, Andreas de 
Cundale, Alanas de Thornton, Willelmus de Clif, Johannes 
Lyne, Willdmus Pebles, Johannes Pebles. 


sub anno 1886, 24, b. 7.)* 

Pateat universis quod ego, Ricardus de Qrymeston, perpetuus 
vicarius ecclesiae de Ledesham, venerabilium virorum dominorum 

* The last dooument oonUined a list of the intiruotions wbioh were ittued to 
the bearer of a brief for the Ikbrio : I now give the formal lioenoe empowering 

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Decani et Capituli ecclesisB Cath. Beati Petri Ebor. deputatua 
hac forma. Universis 8anct» matriB ecdesi» filiis ad quoram 
noticiam penrenerit hec scriptura^ notum per presentes quod noB, 
Willelmus Decanus^ et Capitulum Eccl. Cath. B. Petri Ebor.^ ad 
peainias colligendum^ et recipiendum nomine nostro fidelium 
elemosinas, nobis ac fabricse Eoclesise noetrse predict® devocione 
datas et dandas^ asaignatas et assignandaa, per totam diocesim et 
provinciam Ebor.; necnon ad impetrandum literas a quibua- 
cunque ordinariia dicta diocesios et provinci»^ quorum est in 
hac parte^ et ad revocandum omnes et singulos questores a nobis 
ante diem confeocionis presencium qualitercumque constitutos 
et substitutos ab eisdem^ non obstantibus literis nostris quibus- 
libet, quas de cetero nullius momenti esse volumus et vigoris, et 
ad so substancius procuratorcm sou procurntorcSi nuncium vol 
nuncios^ coadjutorcm Vel coadjutores^ ct eosdcm et corura 
omnem revocaudum^ et ad faciendum omnia et singula quse ad 
oflScium questoris pertinent quovismodo, et, si mandatum exigant 
speciale, dilectura nobis in Christo^ Ricardum de Orymeston^ 
perpetuum vicarium ecclesiee de Ledesham^ exhibitorem presen- 
cium^ procuratorem nostrum et nuncium specialem tarn in locis 
ezemptis^ quam non exemptis^ ordinamus, facimus^ et constitui* 
mus per presentes^ ratum nabentes, habituri et firmum, quicquid 
a pr^cto Ricardo et ejus substituto et substitutis^ substituendo 
vel substituendis^ actum, gestum, sen procuratum in . . . elquoli- 
bet premissorum : presentibus per unum annum int^um a ix. 
kal. Februarii ultimo preterito tantummodo duraturis. In quorum 
omnium testimonium sigillum nostrum presentibus est appensura. 
Data Ebor. ix. kal. Feb. Anno Domini m* ccc"* tricessimp 
quinto. Dilectum mihi in Christo Simonem del Saran de Pont^ 
nracto secundum formam, vim, et effectum procuratorem meum 
principalem mihi a dictis dominis meis concessi, etc. 


BJUSDBM.^i^ (From a book marked L. penes Dec. et Cap., fol. 
12, b.) 

Nono die Januarii, 1344, comparuit dominus W qui 

juravit ad dicendum veritatem de defectibus fabricse, et de re- 

that person to sci It is granted, it will be obeerye^ by the I>ean and Chapter, 
and ui re^iistered among their acts. 

* This is one of the most iniJuable documents connected with the history of 
the fabric that has occurred to me, and it is one thai has eea^ the attention of 
every writer on that sutrjeoi 

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ceptis camerarii. Prius dixit de reoeptis istud. Dixit etiam qnod 
de oblaciouibus provenientibus ad sepulcrum bonsB memoriffi do- 
mini Willelmi quondam Archiepiscopi (sic). Item de xx marcis 
debitis de domino Nicholao de Hugate^'i^ nuper hujus ecclesise 
canonico. Item, de expensis fabricae, dixit quod credit cemen- 
tarios ultra quam debita fuerint et nimis exceasiva salaria re- 
cepisse, et idem de aliis operariisi prout Nicholaus de Pykering 
plus debito recepit, ut dicitur. Item in solucione stipendiariorum 
ubi videlicet quod quum solct fieri solucio pro xv*, modo diflTertur 
usque in mensem, et aliquando ultra. Et aliquaiido contrarotula- 
torcs, in absoncia corumdcm. Ordindtum est quod de csctero 
non diflbratur solucio ultra quindcnam ad jilus. Item dicit quod 
solvit semcl Rogero de Ilirton, ejusdem fabricss cementario, 
stipendium suum fere per qnindenam, qui toto tempore illo 
absens fuit, et nichil operabatur. Item de pecunia soluta pro 
potacione. Item, memorandum, quod, quoad fabricamEcdesiae, 
dicit quod sepius facta fuerit alienacio meremii, lapidum et calcis, 
et nescitur ubi. Item dicit quod coopertura Ecclesise et opus 
ccclesitu lapideum deteriorantur propter defcctus cures et custo- 
dite commdem. Item fabrica oneratur in pensione c.s, pro Ro- 
berto de Pynchebek, nuper canonico Ecclesise, et camerarius non 
pcrcipit emolumentum ultra xl.s. Item dicit quod custodes 
opcris ct eciam opcrarii, licet videbantur ydonei, tameu scpissime 

In the beginning of the year 1S45, an offloer, whose name and office have 
been lost, is summoned before the Chapter to give an aooount of his stewardship, 
and, ^neralW, to inform the Chapter how the works of the minster were pro- 
gressing, lie gives by no means a favourable report, in consequence of which 
the master-mason and master-carpenter are also called before the Chapter to 
answer for themselves. The information that they give is at once novel and 
interesting, and throws very great light upon the architectural history of the 

Pifty years had now elapsed since the foundations of the nave were laid, and, 
under ordinary circumstances, we should expect that that part of the church 
was complete. There seems, however, to have been some delay in the work, 
by which the fobric had received much injury. There was a " coopertura" to the 
nave, but there was no lead upon it, and the rain broke into the church through 
the imperfect covering so violently as to endanger the life of one of the servants 
of the church. The buttresses, also, hod sustained much injury Arom their having 
been left unprotected at the top, the wet thereby getting into the joints of the 
stones and loosening them bv degrees. The wheels for winding up stones and 
wood were still at the west end of the church, but they had fallen mto decay, pro- 
bably from not being used, and there were many peculations among the stores. 
AH this tends to shew that the nave, with the eiception of the lead roof, had, 
in point of fact, been complete for some time, long enough for it to fiUl into 
decay, and that, through negligence or want of fiincU, the Chapter had been un- 
able thoroughly to finish the work. Thus the masons became idle, and idleness 
generated strife and plunder. When men are well employed Uiey have no Umo 
to waste upon such matters. 

• Prebendary of Barneby, Provost of Beverley, and Archdeacon of Qlouoetter. 
He died in 1328. 

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dissenserunt adinvicemi ita qiiod opus fabricse multociens tar^ 
dabatur et peiiet hits de causis. Item dipit quod columpnulse 
exteriores, qun botraoes vocantnr, peiierunt, pro majori parte, 
pro defectu cooperturse. Item dicit quod W. carpentarius senex 
est, et non potest laborare in altis. Ordihatum est quod alius 
juvenis loco suo subrogetur, et quod alius senex supervideat de- 
fectus. Magister cementariorum comparuit xj die Januarii Anno, 
etc., xliiii**. Dicit quod sunt plurcs cementariorum qui, contra 
suam Yoluntatem, et eciam operarii, qui non sunt habiles aut 
ydonei ad laborandum, ac quod (juidam ita rebelles sunt, quod 
nequit eos corripere et debite castigare. Item dicit quod alienata 
septus erant ligna, lapides, calx, cement' et hujusmodi, et dicit 
quod de quarrura plura mala provenerunt quoad alienacionem 
lapidum, et quod domi nihil afiertur quasi fabricse ydoneum. 
Item dicit quod pro defectu curse et coopertune tanta est a(|use 
habundancia quod nuper quidam famulus fere submersus extite- 
rat, qui quidem defectus provenerunt, ut supra, pro defectu plum- 
bate cooperturee, etc., et dicit quod non potest habere curam 
operis, operariorum, et aliorum, sicui habere debet, quia impedi- 
tur per migorem, et non potest supervidere defectus quia dominus 
Thomas de Ludham habet claves ostiorum fabric® solus, xij die 
mensis Januarii ordinatum fuit per dominos meos canonicos 
supradictos (viz., J. de Warren, ft. de Cestre, T. Sampson . T. de 
la Mare, J. Qiffard. et J. Wodhouse), quod nuUus intromittat se 
do cementariis tiisi magister cementariorum, videlicet do perfl- 
ciendis vel amovendis. Item quod niagister cementariorum 
denunciet Capitulo de illis qui rebelles tnventi fuerint et incor- 
rigibiles. Item quod predictus magister cementariorum diligenter 
intendat ne quis cementariorum suorum, quid accipiat ultra in- 
dustiiam et diligenciam quam fecerint in operando. Item quod 
dominus Thomas de Ludham supervideat omhes alios operarios, 
vel quiscunque pro tempore fueiit principalis magister operis, 
quominus, ut supradictum est, idem magister cementariorum 
Capitulo denunciare debeat defectus discipulorum et excessus. 
Item quod magister sepius denunciet Capitulo* et saltiin de 
XV* in quindenam excessus discipulorum predictorum. Item 
quod de cetero nullus cementariua vendicet aliquid privilegium 
ultra communia salaria eis per consuetudinem vel habere 
.... vel quonam alio modo debita. xj die Januarii, ut supra, 
comnaruit Willelmus de Wrsal, submagister operis fabricse 
ejusdem, et, examinatus, dicit. quod major defectus, quern ipse 
scit, est quod rot« existentes in occidentali parte Ecclesise sunt 
putridee et nichil valetit. Item ^ehi die compkmit magister 
carpet! tariorum, qui eciam janitor clausi fuit eo tempore, juratus 
et examinatus, dicit quod nescit de mala adrainistracione camerarii 


Digitized by 



plus quam quod solet unum lapidem per vices aliter dare^ ut 
credit^ et creclit quod^ valorem recepit pro hujus dacione. 

Item dicit quod credit camerara quam Ricardus de Melton 
fecit juxta Eoclesiam inutilem et operi valde dampnosam et quod 
expedit amovere eandem. 

XVIII. — Ordinacio supbr hub qua sunt inv3NIBNda in 


bt PARocHiANos.^ (Libcr Statutorum penes Dec. & Cap. Ebor. 
23, a. b.) 

Memorandum quod ex ordinacione canonica Decani et Ca- 
pituli ecclesise Ebor. antiquitus facta et diucius observata, ad 
prebendaries et firmarios perpetuos in eadem Ecclesia de novo 
facienda et facta^ reficienda et sustentanda, pertinent infra- 
scripta. Videlicet, cancellus. Item fcnestrse vitriis in eodem. 
Item omncs libri propter missale. Item omnia vestimenta prseter 
festivale, quod ad parochianos pertinet, una cum capa chori, 
tunica et dalmatica, ut infra patet. Item pertinent ad eosdem 
corporalia et superpellicia cum rochetis. Item pall® altaris et 
sacramenti. Item candelabra oenea vel stagnea pro cereis depor- 
tandis. Item velum quadragesimale cum ceteris ornamentis, 
prseter ea qusB vicarius et parochiani invenient, prout inferius 

Ad vicarios vero pertinet pixis pro conservando corpore 
Cliristi et pro oblatis reponendis. Item crisroatorium. Item 
iialse pro vino et aqua. Item navicula pro tbure. Item tinna- 
bulum cum lucerna. Item cathense thuribulorum cum fuerint 
reparandse. Item ?exillum pro cruce processionali de syndone 
radiato. Item ligatura et coopeirtura omnium librorum cum 
indiguerint. Item formulae in cancello cum deschis. Item stola 
quae cum corpore Christi ad mortuos defertur quae utitur fsicj in 
exequiis mortuorum. Item canopeum ultra corpus Christi. 

Item candelabrum pro cereo paschali. Item cratis tenebra- 
rum. Item fulcimentum pro libro. Item tabida pro pace. 

Ad parochianos pertinet vestimentum festivale cum capa 
chori, tunica, dalmatica. Item missale. Item calix. Item 
fons baptismalis. Item campanae et campanulae manuales, et 

* An ordinmtion respecting the prebendal ohurches, giving to e«oh of the 
parties interested in them his share in the (khric and the fiimiture. The date 
of this arrangement is not known. In 1817 there was a visitation at South Cave 
and similar orders were laid down. 

Digitized by 



crux ad mbriaod deferenda. Item feretrunl pto mortuis cuni 
vase pro aqua benediefca, et &cturik et reparacio tocius navis 
eodesisB cum dausura dmiterii. 

XIX. — Officium Philipfi db Lincoln carpentarii.^ 
(Acta Capit. 1343-68, 27, a.) 

Univenis sanctse matris ecklesise filiis ad quos t)re8ente8 
liters pervenerint Capitulum ecclesise Beati tetri TShor., Decano 
ejusdem in remotis agente, salutem in ftinceris amplexibus Salva- 
toris. Noveritis no8 ooncessisae Philippo de Lincoln supervi- 
sionem carpcntarise fabricte dictie ecclestse Beati Petri Ebor. ad 
terminifm vxUb sues, pro laudabili servicio suo nobis impenso et 
imposterum impendendo, dum tamen in dicto servicio bene se 
habuerit, et fidelitur laboraverit; capiendo inde annuatim de 
fabrica per scptimanam yi^inti denarios ot omnes alias coroodi- 
tates, prout predecessores ipsius Philippi in temporibus preteritis 
melius habuerint et perceperint. Concessimus eciam eidem 
Philippo, ad termiuUm vitse suse, modo et forma predictis, offi- 
cium janitoris clausi diets ecclesise Sancti Petri Ebor., capiendo 
inde annuatim de fabrica dntedicta decern solidos sterlin^orum, 
ad duos anni terminos, viz., ad fcsta Pentecostcs et Sancti Mar- 
tini in yeme, per equales porciotles. In cujus rei testimonium 
sigillom nostrum presentibus est appensum. Data Ebor. prime 
die mensis Augusti anno Domini mulesimo ccc"* xlvj**. 

XX.— Indbntura pro scktrtuRA bt lvminationbcujusuam 
LiBRi.f (Acta Capit. 1343-68, f. 30.) 

Aug. 26, 1346. Comparuit Robertus Brekeling, scriptor, et 
juravit se observare condicionem factam inteir ipsum et dominum 
Johannem Forbor, viz., quod idem Robertus scriljet unum psal- 

* t^hilip de Lincoln has been mentioned aeveral timoe in the rolls of the 
fabric. On 21 Bee., 1350, the Bean and Chapter gave him a weekly pension of 
2s., and the office of janitor during his life. 

t A document which is, I belieTe, entirely unioue. It gives us the history of 
the writiDg and illumination of a senrice book. From its occurring among the 
formal acts of the Bean and Chapter, it is probable that ihe volume was intended 
for the use of the minster. A considerable sum, in denariis et denariaiis, is paid 
to the scribe, and the book was, probably, of more than ordinary value. 

Digitized by 



torium cum kalendario ad opus dicti domini Jobanuis pro Ss. et 
6d. : ct iu eodom psalterio^ de eadom litcra^ uuum placebo et dirige 
cum ympnario et coUectario pi*o ^. 8d. Et idem Bobertus 
luminabit omnea psalmos de grossis Uteris aureis positis iu 
coloribus^ et omnes grossas literas de ympnario et coUectario 
limiiDabit de auro et vermiUone prseter grossas Uteras dupUcium 
fcstorum^ quae erunt sicut grossse Utterse aureae sunt in psalterio. 
Et omnes Uterae in principiis versuum erunt luminatae de azuro 
et vermiUone bonis^ et omnes literal in inceptione nocturnorum 
crmit grossas Utene unciales (?) continentes v Uneas, set beaius 
vir, et dixU Dominui, oontinebout yj vel vij lineas; et pro lumi- 
natione predicta dabit 5s. 6d.^ et ad colores^ dabit pro auro ISd.^ 
et 28. pro una cloca et furura. Item in unam robam et unum 
chalonem et unum Unthiamen et unum auriculare fHcJ. 


Cap. 1813—68. Ux. b.) 

Universis^ etc. Capitulum Ebor. — ^Noverit universitas yestra 
nos pro artificiosa industria et labore Willelmi de Hoton cemeu- 
tarii^ fiUi magistri WiUelmi de Hoton* cementarii^ circa fabricam 
ecclesiae nostrae Ebor. impensis^ et impostenun perpetuo fideUter 
impendendis, decem libraa arg^nti annuas pensionis, una cum ha- 
bitacione infra clausum ecclesiae Ebor. predictae quam magister 
Thomas de Pacenham^ dum vixit, inhabitabat^ predicto Willclmo, 
post decessiun prodicti magistri Willelmi patris sui^ ad terminum 
vitas suae, in quacumque statu fuerit, dum tamen, cum aliis so 
intendat operibus, idem nostrum non omittatur, negligatur, sen 
aliqualiter retardetmr, dedisse concessisse et assignasse ad duos 
anni terminos, viz.^ ad festa Pentecostes et Sancti Martini in 
^eme, per equates porcipnes, sibi annuatim per manus custodis 
ipaius fabricae percipiendas. Qui quidem Willelmus, filius pre- 
dicti Willdmi, . . . , et conccdit quod si contingat ipsum 
cecitate, seu aliquo alio morbo incurabilii prepediri quominus 
laborare potuerit, ac dictum opus, ut cementarius, gubemare, 
quod extunc solvet annuatim subcementario, ^ui erit magister 
secundarius cementariorum, medietatem salarii predicti subce- 
mentarii de sua pensione predicta decem librarum, impedimento 
hujusmodi |>erdurante. Et si contingat per negUgenciam ipsius 
Willelmi fiki Willelmi laborare et dictam fabricam supervidere 

* The indenture with ft magter-carpenter has been already given ; I now 
lay before my roadem one whioh was made with a master-mason. 

Digitized by 



valentis^ aut omissionem voluntariam, vel circa aliomm operum 
occupacionem opus Ecclesise nostras negligi> omitti^ aut quovis 
alio modo retardari^ extunc omnino cesset predicta pensio, in qua 
sibi nolumns ultra aliquo modo teneri, et prcsens scriptum 
viribus Careat totaliter et effectu. In cujus rei testimonium 
sigilluin nostrum parti petles dictum Willelmum remaneuti, 
alteri vero parti sigillum bjusdem Wiiielmi penes nos remanenti 
sunt appensa. Data £bor. primo die mensis Octobris, anno 
Domini miiiedmo ccc"^ quinquttgesimo primo. 


Dec. et Capit. Ebor.) 

Capitulum ecclesise B. Petri Ebor.^ Decano in remotis agente, 
universis rectoribus, vicariis, capcllanis parochialibus et in 
capellis divina celebrantibus^ et procuratonbus per prebendas^ 
dignitates et comunias nostrse Ebor. ecclesise constitutis, salutem 
in Auctore salutis. Yobis omnibus et singulis in virtute sanctse 
obediencisB^ et sub pena excommimicacionis majoris, quam 
exnunc prout extunc in personas vestras^ si non feceritis quss 
mandamus, ferimus, in hiis scriptis firmiter injungendo manda- 
mus^ quatinus quocienscumque procuratorcs ct nuncii ecclesiss 
nostrse Beati Petri Ebor. predictse, prescntibus nostris Uteris^ ct 
non aliis, ad yos aiccesserint, Christi fidelium su£Eragia ad fabri* 
cam ejusdem Ecclesise nostrse petituri^ ipsos in ecclesiis paro* 
chialibus et in capellis vobis subditis, omnibus aliis sufiragiis 
consimilibus et indulgenciis quibuscumque admissis vel admit- 
tendis interim cessantibus setnotis et suspensis quousque Ecclesise 
nostrse predictse negocium plene et plenius fiierit expeditum, 
benigno et sine impcdimento quolibct admittatis^ et parocliianos 
et subditos vestros^ Dei et nostri intuitu^ benignius iuducatis, ut 
de bonis sibi a Deo collatis 4d fabricam Ecclesise hostrse predictse 
larga conferant subsidia caritatis^ in quibus etemale premium pro- 
mereri poterunt accepcius coram Deo. Mandamus insuper vobis 
rectoribus^ ViCariis, capcllanis omnibus et singulis supradictis^ fir- 
miter injungentes sub pena faiajoris excommunicaciouis in vos ct 
vestrum quemlibet, exnUnc prout extunc latse, ut prefertur^ si 
non observaveritis quae SequuntUr, quatinus omnibus et singulis 
parochianis vestris^ tociens et quociens dicti procuratorcs et nuncii 

* Another lotier of mfliructiona for a breviger. In the same MS., at pa^ 
16, a., 19 a nmUar form, dated on the festiyal of St. Miohael the Ajrchangol, in 
1366, to stand in foroe for three years. 

Digitized by 



0(1 YOt vestrurovo ali^uem oocesserint^ •eriose et exprease inhi- 
beatifl ne ipsonim quifquam obladones ecdesie nostre B. Petri 
Ebor. debitas et consuetas, legatave aeu res donataa, in quibus- 
cunque rebus consistant, EccIesiaB predict® relicta vel relin- 
quenda, douata seu donanda, dictis procuratoribus vel nunciis 
sic questum quserentibus ad vos declinantibus aliqualiteroflTerant, 
Hberent sive solvant^ cum eisdem talia ad usum noatram recipiend' 
nullam omnino concedimus potestatem, sed negamus expresse 
et adjungimus per presentes. Volumus eciam quod vos capellani 
parochiales^ et in capellis divina celebrantes^ collectam ipsam ad 
usum fabricse predictse duntaxat concessam^ seu ooncedendam 
personaliter faciatis in albis sub pena predict^ cum dicti nostri 
procuratores et nuncii personaliter non poterint interesse. Et 
auicquid collectum fuent in hac parte^ tarn per vos quam per 
dictos procuratores^ seu nuncios^ latores presencium^ sine dila- 
clone vel diminucione aliqua inteeraliter liberetis^ scituri pro certo 
quod si quis vcstrum hujusmodi coUectionis detentor fucrit vel 
subtracter pro tanto excessu condcmpnabitur. Prescntibus per 
unum annum a die dati oarumdom tautummodo duraturis. Data 
Ebor. die Sabbati in vigilio Pcntccostes anno Domini millesimo 
ccc"* lij**. 



CAPBLLAH suAH.^i^ (G. c. 5 9L, pcucs Dcc. ct Capit. Ebor.) 

Universis sanctie matris ecclesise iiliis, ad quorum noticiam 
presentes literse pervenerint^ Capitulum ecclesise Cath. B. Petri 

* When the life of ArohbUbop Zouob wm drawing to a close, that dis- 
tin^uiflbed prolate, who had been long connected with the church of York, 
desired to evince his piety to God and his regard for the minster, by founding a 
ohapd in that place. The aaaent of the Dean and Chapter was, therefore, asl^ed 
and obtained. 


B0CLB8IJB MKHOBATJi. (Beg. Zoucho, 288, a, b.) 

Venerabili in Ghristo patri et domino, dcmiino Willelmo Dei gratia Ebor. 
Arohiepisoopo, Anglis primati, sedis apostolicn legato, Oapitulum eocleain Beati 
Petri KhoT., Deoano in remotis agonto, omnimodam reverenciam et honinros 
dobitos tanto patri. Literas yestras rooopimus tenoris infiraacripti. " 8alutem, 
gratiam ot bonediotionom. Carissimi, quia quaudam capeUam juxta latus australo 
ohori eodesiflo nostra Gathedralis Ebor., abaque tamen deformitate seu impedi- 
meuto quibusoumque chori et eodesin prediotonun, erigere disposuerimus. Domino 
oonoedente, ad eflbctum ut in c^tella hujusmodi sic construct^ in Divini cultus 

Digitized by 



Ebor.^ Becano ejnsdem in remotis agente, salutem in sinceris 
amplcxibus Salvatoris. Noverit univelvitaB vestra quod cum 
venerabilis in Christo pater et dominus^ dominus Willelnius la 
Ziouche Dei gratia Ebor. Archiepiscopus; AnglisB primas, sedis 
apo8tolic8B legatus^ salubri ducens proposito quandatn capellam 
in honore Sanctarum Marin MacdalensB et Marthse^ hoepicso 
Domini^ juxta latus austnde chon ecclesise Cath. predictse^ ad 
Divini cmtus augmentum et roinistrorum in dicta capella labo-* 
rancium snstentacionem uberiorem^ erigere ct construere pro- 
posuerit^ suis Buroptibus et expenais, m effectum ut c^ueaam 
cantaria perpetaa certorum capellanorum divina perpetuts tern- 
poribus in dicta capella sub certa forma celebraturorum constitu- 
atur^ et etiam ordinetur ; nos laudabile propositum dicti yenera-> 
bilis patris attendentes, ac volentes etiam^ quoad ad nos attinet, 
propriis viribus promovere dict» capelln ereccioni et construc- 

augmentum ao ministrorum dioUo eoclesiffi ampUfloaoionem, qusodam oantaria 
perpetua ordinetur, nosiris in omnibus sumptibus et expenns, yestram sinoeri- 
tatem atteniius requirimua et rojgamus, quaiinus ut nostra hiiyusmodi intendo, 
quam piam fore orodimus, celerius oompleatur, permittere yelitis quod magister 
oementariorum eoolesifB vestro memoratie, oonstruocionem ci^)eluB hi^jusmodi 
intendens, fkbrioam, noetris, ut prediximus, sumptibus et expendi^ regere yaleai 
et ordinare ; significantes nobis vestris Uteris quia ftKxnre decreyeritis in premissis. 
Bin et felioiter in Domino yaleatis I Soripta Ripon. ix« die Apriiis." Quibus 
quidem Uteris yestris per nos reoensitis, habitaque deliberadone suner premissis 
placet nobis ut fkoiatis^ et fleri fiMnatis, prout in literis yestris supradiotis plenius 
oontinetur. Yeetra yaleat patomitas royorenda ad ocolosiio regimen salubre per 
tompora longiora. Soripta Ebor. xj die Apriiis. (1860 P) 

What a pleadng picture this nyes us of the r^ations which existed between 
the Archbishop and the Chapter. It eyinces much kindly feeling and affectionate 

Soon after this letter was written the work must haye been begun. Among 
the miscellaneous expenses of the ArohHshop, recorded in his register, there is an 
order made on the 16th of Noy., 1850, for the payment of 20^ to Bobert de 
Swetmouth, rector of the altar of St. Laurence in the minster, " pro diyersis 
expensis droa construotionem capello noetrsp ibidem." On the 25th of April 
following a simUar order is made in behalf of John de Acome, oanon of the ohimel 
of the Yirffin and the Holy Anjpels, for the sum of 40/. On Noy. 18, a fkrUier 
sum of 401, is ordered to be paid td Aoome and Swetmoqth ; and on the lOth of 
May foUowingj two sums of 261, 9s. Id. and 27/., are paid to them, and they haye 
a general acquittance. The work was. probably, finished about this Hme. and as 
the formal assent of the Chapter had not as yet been regularly entered among 
their acts, we find the document which is now giyen. 

This chantry chapel was dedicated to S. Mary Maodalene and S. Martha. In 
the wiU of the founder, dated in Ju&e, 1840, ms intentions with resard to the 
dedication and the chantry are declared, and the sum of 800 marks is bequeathed 
to carry them out. Before the mye dosed upon the beneyolent prelate he was 
able to witness the completion of his undertaking. 

The management of the work was wisely enmisted to the superintendence of 
the master-mason, and the site of the chapel is laid down for us. Of that build- 
ing, howeyer, there are now no remains, it was an appendage to the old Norman 
choir, and when that portion of the church was removed the ohrael fell with it 
Another buUding took lia place, and rose up dose to its old site, and it is in it that 
the Chapter-derk has his office. 

Digitized by 



oioui, ac dictas cantaris ordinacioni cuicumque inde factse sea 
faciendo)^ suL^ tamen sumptibus et expensis, consentimus ex- 
presses ac yolumus^ et concedimu^ per presentes, pro nobis et 
successoribus uostrisi ut dietus venerabilis pater^ heredes vel exe- 
cutores sui^ parietem dictso ecclesie Cathedralis eidem capellao, in 
capite videlicet occidentali ejusdem^ contiguam, unum vel duos 
arcum vel arcus construendo facere valeant^ Ucite perforari ac 
inter clausuras hostia ibidem poi^ere^ liberumque ingressum et 
egressum per medium ejusdem parietis et arcuum et hostiorum 
liujusmodi^ pro cementariis etaliis operariis circa fabricam diet® 
capollie insistentibus, necnon pro capellanis et ministris in dicta 
capella in eventu juxta ordinacionem inde, ut premittitur, faci- 
eudam, perpetuis futuris temporibus ministrantibus^ ac eciam 
divina inibi audire yolentibus^ temporibus debitis et oportunis, 
facere et habere ; ao dictam capellam jam laudabili opere in- 
choatam libere erigere^ construere^ et consummare valeat, suis 
sumptibus^ ut prefertur; ac quandam cantariam certorum ca- 
pellanorum in cadem divina celcbraturorum juxta ordinacionem 
suam inde faciendam fundare, construcre et ordinare, perpetuis 
futuris tomnoribus duraturaro. Proviso quod dicti venerabilis 
pater, bereacs et executorcs 'sui, dictam capellam, cum crecta 
fuerit et constructa, in parietibus, fenestris, yerruris, ^ostiis, 
tecto et coopertura ejusdem faciant suis sumptibus, perpetuis 
temporibus, ut convenit, susteutari ; ad quorum sustentacionem 
nos et successores nostri per premissa non intendimus nee 
volumus aliquando obligari. In cujus rei testimonium sigillum 
commune dicti Capituli nostri presentibus est appensum. Data 
in domo nostra Capitulari, quarto decimo die mensis Julii, anno 
Domini millesimo trocentesimo quinquagesimo accundo. 

XXXIV. — LiTERA MissA J. Archibpiscopo Ebor. pro 


Revcrentissime pater I optenta nuper concessione vestra libe- 
rali, vestrorum predecessorum vestigiis oonformata, quod ad 
decorem et ornatum ecclesise vestrse Cathedralis meremium pro 

* After the death of Zouoh, which took plaoe in 1852, John Thorethy was 
promoted to the Arohiepiseopol ohuir, the greateHt benefiMtor that the ohurch of 
York ever poMoeeed. In 1858 he granted an indidgenoe on behalf of the fiibrio, 
which it ia unneoemary to print here, at it is identical with the dooumenta of that 
kind which have been already given. 

The nave of the miujiter woe now complete, with the exception of the ceiling. 
For this the Archbishop is requested to contribute the wood. 

Digitized by 



celura ejusdem necessarium de boecis vestris, prout indiguerit, 
Bumeretur^ in expedidone felici et festiva dicti operis, instantibuii 
nobis et ejus custodibus yigilantibus^ adeo prospere et celeriter 
est processum^ quod totum meremium adhue habitum qu6d pro 
longiori tempore sufficere putabatur in tnanibus est carpenta- 
riorum instructum^ favente Domino^ in proximo erigeiidum^ et 
nisi novum meremium isto tempore hiemali succidatur, quod 
per tompus estivale potent exsiccari^ carpentarii^ et alii operarii 
nostri, ad construncionem dicti operis conducti deficiente me- 
remio stabunt penitus ociosi per totum tempu^ hiemale proximo 
jam futurum. Dignetur ergo vestra patemitas reverenda senes- 
callo et aliis vestris miuistris injungere^ et precipere graciose, ut 
meremium competens^ quod magis in arboribus tortis quam in 
atiis mdjoris preeii et valoris ques in altum se protendunt 
consistity instante isto tempore hiemali liberent, si placeat^ 
succidendum^ et omnem diligenciam quam possimus apponend' 
quod ad consummacionem ipsius operis valeatis^ ut speramusi 
disponente Domino^ propHis oculis intuerii In prosperis feliciter 
Tos consenret Altissimus incolumes ad sun ecclesiss regimen et 
tniinimen. Scripta Ebor. xit** die Januarii, anho Domini mil- 
lesimo cecT Iv**. 


oPfiRARiis PADRicjB.* (Acta Cap. 1343 — 1368, 77, a.) 

Ordinatum est per venerabile Capitulum eoclesi» Beati Petri 
Ebor. quod consuetudines antiquse, quibus oementarii et car- 
pentarii et &teri operarii operantes in fabrica Ecclesise predictse 
uti solebant, per singula iempora anni, de cetero, more solito, 
obscrventur. Ad quarum oosorvacionem principalis et scoun- 
darius ccmontarius, qui vocantur magistri eorumdem, ac carpen- 
tarius fabricse predictse, qui sunt reccpti per Capitulum, et im- 
posterum recipiendi, jurent coram Capitulo quod consuetudines 
antiquaa infrascriptas faciani per ceteros cementarios, carpen- 
tarios, et ceteros operarios ibidem operantes, de cetero fidditer 
observari, videlicet. 

* A very usefbl set of rules to be obserred by tbe mamns and the other 
workmen connected with the fabric. They continued in force for about twenty 
yeMTS. The restoration of the choir, a serious and extensive undertaking, would 
oblige the Chi^ter to take care that their staff of workmen and officers was of 
the most efficient description, and the observance of the rules now dvon would 
ensure punctuality and order, and bd of great assistance to the regiu&l* progreni 
of the work. Their exact date k not given, but it was probably in June, 1852. . 

Digitized by 



Quod ipsi cementarii^ carpentarii, et ceteri operarii^ incipere 
dc1)eant operari^ singulis diebus operalibus in estate^ usque ad 
pulsacionem campanas B. M. Y., et tunc sedeant ad jantaculum 
mfra logium fabncae^ cum non jejunayerint^ per spacium dimidise 
Lente : et tunc predicti magistri^ vd unus eorum^ pulsabit super 
ostium logii^ et omnes statim accedent ad opera sua; et sic 
officia sua diligenter complebunt^ usque ad horam nonam^ et 
tunc ad prandia sua ibunt. Item in yeme^ videlicet^ a festo 
Sancti Michaedis usque ad festum Paschse^ lucescente die^ ad 
opus suum venient^ et statim unusquisque^ cum venerit^ incipiet 
oporari, et sic continuare in forma predicta usque ad horam 
nonam. Post prandiura voro^ a festo Invcnciouis Sanctte Crucis 
usque ad festum Beati Petri ad viucula^ dormire debent infra 
logium. Et cum yicarii venerint de mensa canonicorum post 
prandium^ magister cementarius^ vel ejus substitutus^ faciet eos 
de sompno surgere^ et ad opus suum accedere ; et sic debent 
operari usque ad primam pidsacionem ad vesperas^ et tunc in 
logic ad potandum sedebunt a dicta prima pulsacione usque ad 
terciam pulsacionem propulsutam^ tarn in estate quam in yeme. 
Item a festo Beati Petri ad vincula predicto usque ad festum 
Invencionis Sanctae Crucis^ statim post prandium suum propalam 
bora competenti sumptum^ ad opus suum redibunt non eipec- 
tautes recessum vicariorum de mensa canonicorum^ et uuus- 
quisque^ cum redierit^ incipiet operari ; et sic operabuntur usque 
ad primam pulsacionem vesperarumj et tunc potabunt infra 
logium usque ad terciam pulsacionem propulsatam^ et redibunt 
ad opera sua^ et sic operabuntur usque ad pulsacionem campanas 
abbathite Bcat» Marias quae vocntur le LangebcU^ videlicet, 
singulis diebus opcrulibus,^ a festo Sancti Petri in Cathedra usque 
ad festum Sancti Michaelis, et a festo Sancti Michaelis usque ad 
dictum festum Sancti Petri, quamdiu per lucem diei videre pote- 
runt, opera sua continuabunt annuatim. Item quilibet cemeu- 
tarius minus capiet per septimanam in yeme quam in estate, ad 
valorem unius dietae, videlicet a festo Sancti Michaelis usque ad 
festum Paschae. Item quando duo festa accederint infra septi- 
manam, amittat unusquisque unam dietam, et, cum tria 
evenerint, medietatem illius septimanae. Item in vigiliis et in 
sabbatis, quando post nonam requieverint, propter solempnitatem 
diei subscciuentis, tunc operabuntur usque ad pulsacionem horas 
nonae. Item predicti duo magistri cementarii et carpentarius 
fabricae intcrerint in qualibet pacacione, et ibi notificabunt custodi 
fabricsD et contrarotulutori ejusdcm defectus et absencias cemon- 
tariorum, carpentariorum, et cetcrorum operariorum, et secun- 
dum moram et absencias cujuslibet deducatur de salario suo, 
tam pro dieta integra, quam pro dimidia, pi*out justum fuerit in 

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hac parte. Item prefati duo maffistri cementarii^ ao carpen- 
tariusy qui pro tempore Aierint^ debent ptedictaa consuetudines 
fideliter observare in virtute juramenti prestiti^ ac per ceteros 
cementarioB et operarios ibidem operantes facient, sub pena 
amodoniSy observari. Et si quis operari noluerit in forma pre- 
dicta, statim amovcatur nee postmodo ad dictam &bricam recipi- 
atur quoadusque eas voluerit in omnibus et singulis suis pericidis 


Capitulum, etc., Becano in remotis agente, dilecto confratri 
nostro domino prebendario de Grendall i^utem et fratemam in 
Domino oaritatem. Cum nos ad laudem Dei ao ob quedam 
ardua negocia no9, Capitulum nostrum, et Ecclesiam nostram 
contingencia, ac pro necessaria reparacione evidencium et paten- 
cium defectuum m campanili, choro, et aliis locis fabricae ipsius 
EcclesisB nostra non modicam ruinam minantibus, imminencium, 
quorum reparaciones, et emendacio, nonnullas graves sumptus et 
expensas necessario exigunt celeriter apponendas, ac pro sus- 
tentacione diet® fabricse, ctgtts redditus et proventus ad dictas 
reparaciones et emendaciones, ac alia onera diet® fabricse in- 
cumbencia, notorie propter eorum exilitatem non sufficiunt biis 
diebus, nee sufficere poterunt absque auxilio oportuno extrinseco 
adbibeudo, convocacionem nostrorum absencium ad diem LunsB 
proximum post Dominicam qua cantatur officium Misericordia 
Domini post festum PaschsB proximo futurum fore decrevimiu^ 
faciendam. Vestram fraternitatem reverendam tenore presen- 
cium requirimus et rogamus, nolumus peremptorie vos citando, 
quod dicto die Lunsd cum continuacione et prorogacioiie dicrum 
sequencium, si oporteat, interfueris nobiscum in domo nostra 
Capitulari Ebon super premissis . . . . tur ac super imposicione 
et contribucione ob premissa, et ad ea per nos ex causis neces- 
sariis, ut premittitur, fadenda vestrum sanum et salubre con- 
silium impensuri : facturi idterius • . , < quod de communi oon- 
silio et assensu confratrum nostrorum tunc presendum, Divina 
favente clemenda, salubriter contigerit ordinari, ut ipsius negotii 

Sualitas et natura exigant et requirant. Vale. Data Ebor. ii^]*** 
ie Januarii anno Domini, etc., Ix** . 

* A letter to the prebendary of Grendal, inviting his attendance at a meeting 
of the Chapter to rarther the progress of the choir and other parts of the 

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(G. c. 52.) 

Hec indentura testatur quod reverendus in Cbristo pater et 
dominus^ domiuua Johannes^ Dei gnitia Ebpr. Arcbiepiscopus^ 
Angliffi primas^ et apostolicse sedis legatus^ et venerabiles viri^ 
Capitulum Ecclesise suse Ebor.^ Decano ejusdem in remotis 
ogente, redueentcs in debitso conaideracionis examen^ quam sit 
conveniens quod ccclcsia quclibct in singulis sui imrtibus eon- 
formi deeorc eoncordet^ quodquo eborus qui ad oflbrendum sacri- 
ficia^ pise placacionis o£Bcia salubriter exercendum^ divinumque 
cultum explendum^ est x>eculiariter deputatus, structura deeenti 
potissime deceret ornari, ac quod in Eedesia Ebor. predicta non 
fiierat aliquis locus consruus ubi missa gloriosse Dei genetricis 
et Yirginis Marias cotidie in ipsa Ecclesia celebrauda decentcr 
poterat celebrari; ex certis rationabilibus^justis^ utilibus^ urgen- 
tibus, probabilibus et legitimis'de causis ipsos ad id moventibus^ 
pio proposito Divini Spiritus gratia^^ sicut pie creditur^ inspirati^ 
tarn dictus dominus Arcbiepiscopus^ quam Capitulum supra- 
dictum, de caritativis devotorum subsidiis confidentes, ex mutuo 
et deliberato consilio^ prebabita super boc convocacione^ ac dili- 
gent! et solempni tractatu> et aliis solempnibus^ quse in bujus- 
modi arduis negociis fieri et observari debent^ de consuctudinc^ 
vel de jure^ consenserunt^ et imanimiter concordarunt, quod 
ibidem fabricare inciperent chorum talem^ et quod antiquus 
eborus^ qui respectu pulcritudinis nayis Ecclesias videbatur 
pluribus nimis rudis^ jpcr partes dissolveretur, nrout unanimi 
consensu ipsorum Archiepiscopi et Capituli videoitur expedirci 
ct convertetur in auxilium complecionis novi cbori sunradicti. 
Nolentes^ ymmo, expresse renuentes ipsos dominos Johannem 
Ebor. Archiepiscopum^ canonicos ipsius Ecclesise^ vel eorum 
aliquem^ heredes vel executores eorum, aut eorum bona sive 
catalla quecunque, in aliquo occasione preroissa ad consumma- 
cionem hujus, sic incboati, operis obligan ; sed, tarn tacite quam 
expresse/ consenserunt, quod iidem dominus Johannes Ebor. 
Arcbiepiscopus, et canonici, ultra ea quae ex caritate et devocione 
ad fabncam dicti operis dare voluerint, nullatenus astringantur, 

* The re-building of the ohoir being now determined upon, the Arobbisbop 
ninkes a most munificent gift to enoourage the new work. He makes over to the 
Chapter the materials of his manor-house at Sherbum in Elmet, which had fallen 
into decay. A liu^ quantity of stone, hewn and squared, would, therefore, come 
to the Chapter. Tnis was used in the presbytery. 

The information that this document contains with respect to the progress of 
the work, present and fUture, wiU be read with great interest. 

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neo in eventom obligenttur ad hseo ; auia in manerio eju^fem 
domini Archiepisoopi apud Shirbum habetur quedam aula cum 
camera annexa^ qnse in proximo minatur hiinam^ in quo manerio 
domuB^ singulsB offidnse necessarin pro mora Archiepisoopi iuibi 
facienda^ predecessorum suorum temporibus dirrutse fuerant et 
collapsse^ quaSi prout commimis habc^ ass^rcio^ re-edificari dis- 
suadet utilitaa; tamen quia dignitati Archiepisoopali annexa 
stmt alia maneria satis propinqua, et pro mora Archiepiscoporum^ 
qui pro tempore erunt^ magis apta^ eis in siistentacionem edifi- 
diorum valae onerosa^ , tam propter' causas alias varias^ quHs 
propter earum notorietatem expnmere non oportet, consensum 
est per Archiepiscopum et Capituliim predictos, et unanimiter 
concordatum^ quod aula et camera supradictse dissolvantur et 
dirruantiir^ et quod lapides earumdem> auia multum accelerare 
possunt consummacionem fabricse supraoictcei ad ipsam per Dei 
gratiam complendam cderius applicentur. In quorum omnium 
testimonium sigillum prefati domini Archiepisoopi Ebor., ao 
etiam sigillum yenerabilium virorum Capituli ^upradicti pre- 
senti indenture sunt appensa. Data Ebor. vicesimo die mensis 
Julii anno Domini millesimo ccc"* sexagesimo primo. 


43, b.) 

Johannes, permissione Divina, etc., dilectis filiis dero et 
populo decanatus de Fontesfr', nostree diocesios, salutem, gratiam 
et benedictioncm. Lex gratitudinis id exigit, et sanccio canonis 
hoc iiijungit, ut divorsi catholici sanctm matris ecdesiso filii 
matres suas spirituales, cathcdrales yidelioet ecclcsias, quibus 
subsint, frequenter et devote visitent et honorent t sane cum nos 
et dilecti fllii Capitulum Ebor. ecdesise desiderante^ ad laudem 
Dei et devocionem vestram et aliorum Cbristi fidelium pro- 
pensius excitandam, ipsam Ecclesiam, spbnsam nostram et 
matrem suam atque vestram, favente Domino, decorare, et 
chorum novum aptie magnitudinis et pulcritudinis eminentis 
ibidem cepimus fabricare, cujus fabrica si debcat expedite pro- 
cedere, ut optamns, magnum requirit expensarum fluvium, et 
nobis importabilem, nisi per Dei gratiam eidem proveniat uberius 

* Another document shewing the anxiety to press on the work of the new 

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aubfiidium aliunde; devocionem vestram attente rogamus et 
hortamur in Christo^ quatinua^ premissia in pratioan conaidera- 
cionia examinacione debite recenaitia^ velitia dictam matrem 
veatram^ aicut decet filioa bumilea^ protinua viaitare^ vel aaltim 
81 id focere commode non poteritia^ de bonia vobia a Deo creditia^ 
ad dictam fabricam, feliciter per Dei gratiam et veatrum aubai- 
dium conaummandam^ manua extendere miaericorditer adjutricea, 
ut defectum viaitacionia corporalia veatra aupleat munificencia 
liberalia; et cum honore matria aic pociua honorem et aola- 
oium in hoc proaequamini veatrum proprium^ et augebitia, non 
mediocritcr^ vcatrorum cumulum meritorum. Et ut vcatraa ac 
aliorum Chriati fidclium voluntatea ad hoc per coUacionem api- 
ritualium munerum fervenciua excitemua^ de Dei Omnipotentia 
miaericordia, glorioaseque Virginia Mariae matria au», Beatorum- 
que Petri et Pauli Apoatolorum, necnon aanctiaaimi confeaaoris 
Willelmi^ omniumque Sanctorum meritia et precibua confidentea, 
vobia omnibus^ et aliia quorum dioceaani banc noatram indulgen- 
ciam ratam habuerint^ do pcccatia verc contritia et confeaaia^ qui 
dictam Eoclcaiam noatram Ebor. devote viaitavorint, ut prefcrtur, 
vol ad ipaiua chori fabricam de bonia aibt a Deo oollatia grata 
contulerint aubaidia caritatia^ vel ad id faciendum^ verbo vel 
operc, alioa induxerint^ quadraginta dica indulgencise miaericor- 
diter concedimua per preaentea. Et^ cum expedicio dictse fabrics 
inaideat^ prout debet, prae cseteria nobia cordi, ad petendum et re- 
cipiendum a vobia et aliia Chriati fidelibua caritativum aubaidium 
aa fabricam mcmoratam, dilectoa iilioa, et eorum quemlibet^ 

f)rocui*atorea et nuncios nostroa, ac Capituli noatri predicti, in 
lac parte deputamua apecialca ; voa omnea, et veatrum quemlibet, 
in Domino aevociua exhortantea^ vobiaque de clero^ m virtute 
obediencise firmiter injungcntea^ quatinua quocienacunque pre- 
dicti procuratorea aeu nuncii noatri^ vel eorum aliquia, ad voa 
acceaaerint, ex hac cauaa, ipaos et eorum aing^os cum prero- 
gativa favoria et gratise^ prout tenemini, benigniua adroittatia, et 
ipaorum et eorum quemlibet negocia dictse &bric» in aingulia 
ecclesiia coUegiatia^ conventualibua, parochialibus, et capitulia 
ejuadem decanatua, libere dicere et exponere pemittatis; ac 
ipaud uegocium penea parochianoa veatroa prse omnibua aliia 
queatibua premonere effectualiter atudeatia^ ac populum vobia 
aubjectum cum debita diligencia inducatia^ ut^ in remiaaione 
pcccaminum auonin)| ad mcrooratam fabricam grata conferant 
aubaidia caritatia. Vobia inaui^or firmiter injungimuSi ut quic- 
quid ad opus prcdiotin fabricus collatum fiicrit prciatia procurato- 
ribus sive nunciis nostria aine difficultate quacunque integraliter 
fedatis (liberari?). In cujus rei^ etc. 

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XXIX. — LlTBRA PRO FABRICA> (O. C. 81, b.) 

Capiiulum ecclesm Beati Petri Ebor., Decano ejusdem in 
remotiB affente, univeraiB et sinetdis rectoribtw, vicariis, capd- 
lanis et wis per prebendas et dimitates jurisdictionis noetr» 
infra Archidiaconatnm Estriding nbilibet constitntis, salntem in 
sinceris amplexibna Salvatoris. Inter alia caritatis munera id 
in conspectu Altissimi gratum fore credimuB et aoceptum, quod 
ad laudem Dei et decus ecclesise, necnon ad excitandum erga 
sanctam eccleaiam devociones fidelium pie contulerit ordinata 
liberalitas deTotomm. Cum itaque felicia rccordacionia Inno- 
cencius papa sextus, audito clementer et intellecto quod chonui 
Ebor. eccleaisB antiquus, et ipsius ecclesisD de novo edificatce, 
tarn in amplitudine qnam pulcritudiue incongmus et impropor- 
donatuB eiistit, et quod reverenduB in Cbristo pater et dominus, 
dominuB Johannes Dei gratia Ebor. ArchiepiscopuB, Angliss 

Srimas, et Apostolicse sedis legatuB, et nos chorum ibidem facere 
e novo incepimuB, opere non modicum sumptuoso, ad ctgus 
operis consummadonem nostrse non suffidunt facultates, de 
decore domus Dei pie solutus, et proinde desiderans mentes 
fidelium ad impendendum ddem fabricsB caritativum subsidium 
per concessionem ^uffiragiorum spiritualium indinare, omnibus 
Tcre penitentibus et confessis, qui ad id manus porrexerint ad- 
jutrices, duos annos et duas quadragenas de injuueta sibi 

Senitenda misericorditer relaxaverit per literas apostolicas, per 
ecennium tantomodo duraturas. Et jam succedens sibi, tam in 
habundanda pietatis et ^atiee, quam in speculo celsitudinis 
apostolicse, sanctissimus m Christo pater, domiiius Urbanus 
Divina providenda sacrosanctse Bomanse et universalis ccdcsiro 
summus pontifex, cupiens ut opus ipsud celerius et felicius com- 
pleatur, et ut Christi fiddes eo libendus confluant ad eandem, 
et ut ad fabricam dicti chori manus porrigant prompcius a4ju- 
trices, quo ibidem celerius dono oelestis gratisB consp^xerint sc 
refectoB, omnibus Christi fidelibus vere penitentibus et contritis 
qui in Nativitatis, Circumdsionis, Epiphanise, Besurrexionis, 
Assensionis, et corporis Domini nostri Jhesu Christi, ac Pentc- 
costes, et in Nativitatis, Annundacionis, et Purificacionis, et 
Assumpdonis B. M. V., ao Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, sub 
quorum nomine ecclesia ipsa dodicata existit, et in Sanctt Wil- 
Iclmi confessoris, cujus corpus in eadem ecclesia honorificc est 
translatum, festivitatibus, necnon per Nativitatis, Epiphaniic, 
Rcsurrecdonis, Assensionis, et corporis Domini nostri Jhc^u 

* A doonmeni oonneoied with the fame piouii work. 


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Cbriati^ Nativitatis quoquo ot AsaainpsioniB B. M., ac dictonim 
Petri et Fauli Apostolorumi fettivitatum predictanim^ octalms, ct 
per sex dies dictum festum Pontecostes immediate sequentes, 
ecclesiam ipsftm devote yisitaverint et maniui ad hoc porrexerint 
adjutrices^ unum annum^ etc. 

XXX. — .... FABRICA COM. LiNCOLN.'l' (O. c. 62, a.) 

Noyerint universi quod cum fclicis recordacionis Innocencius 
papa sextus^ et sanctissimus in Christo pater et dominus nostcr, 
domiuus Urbanus^ Divina providencia^ sacrosanctse Romans ao 
universalis ecclesise summus pontifeX| audito quod nos Johannes 
permissione Divina Ebor. Archiepiscopus, Anglise primas^ et 
apostolicffi sedis legatus^ et Capitulum ecdesise Ebor.^ novum 
chorum ibidem^ sub spe cdestis auxilii et subsidii fidclium fabri- 
care ceperimus opere sumptuoso^ magnas et graciosas indulgencias 
ac piaa remissiones onmibus oonferentibus ad dictam fitbricam con- 
cesserit graciose. Nos^ Archiepisconus et Capitulum supradictum^ 
desiderantes dictam fabricam expeaicius procedere, aa publican- 
dum et exponendum clero et populo civitatis et diocesios Lincoln, 
dictas indulgencias^ et alias tam per sanctissimos in Christo patres^ 
summos pontifices^ ^uam alias in hac parte concessas^ temporibus 
et locis quibus videbitur expedire, dictosque derum et populum 
movendum et salubriter excitandum^ ut sub spe hujus spintualis 
premii^ ad dictam fabricam conferendum^ ac ad faciendum^ exer- 
oendum et expediendum omnia et singula quse in premissis et ea 
contingentibas necessaria fuerint sen eciam optima^ eciam si 
mandatum exigant speciale^ dilectum nobis in Christo dominum 
Robertum Nayron^ vicarium chori ecclesi» nostrse Ebor.^ nostrum 
verum ordinamus et constituimus procuratorem^ negociorum 
questorem, et nuncium specialem; promittentes nos ratum, 
gratupa^ et perpetno firmum habituros quicquid dictus procu- 
rator noster fecerit in premissis^ seu aliquo premissorum. In 
quorum omnium testimonium sigilla nostra presentibus simt 
appensa. Data Ebor. iiij*^ die mensis Marcii anno Domini 
mUlesimo ccc^ lxiii% et translacionis nostrae Archiepiscopatui 
predicts anno duodecimo. 

t This form hat partly occurred before. So great was the deiiian4 for addi- 
tional fundi to lupport the fabric that the brief-bearers wore sent into other 

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85, b.) 

Heo indentura testatur quod Johannes Plomer, de Blayke- 
stret, operabitur in opere nltimbarii, propriis suis manibus, et non 
pef substitam personam, in coojpertnra ecdesiffi B. Petri Ebor. 
oampanilis, berefridi, chori, capituli, et pinniculorum sive tur- 
rium ejusdem Ecdesieei quocienscumque et quandocumque de 
cetero necesse fuerit, aut defectus apparuerit in eisdem aut aliqua 
parte ipsarum, et per magistrum fabriese ejusdem £cclesi» aut 
alium ex parte sua fuerit requisitus ; capiendo, ebdomada qua- 
libet qua m opere predicto laboraverit, a dicto magistro operis 
duos solidos sex denarios argenti pro stipendio et pro labore 
suo, sine a]i(]^uo alio amplius exieendo, nisi forsan cum de 
Capitulo predicto, considerata operis sui quautitate, ubcriorcm 
remuneracionem sibi de gratia facere voluerint. Et si dictus 
Johannes per dietas vel vices in opere predicto laboravcrit, 
recipiet pro dieta secundum ratam sive porcionein summse pre- 
dictae taliter limitatse, nee amplius idem Johannes quocumque 
anni tempore poterit vendicare. Sin tamen aliquo tempore anni 
intermedio faorica predicta ejus labor^ vel emendacione non 
indigeat, petita prius lioencia a Capitulo, sive magistro operis, et 
obtenta, licite poterit alibi operan, et oommodum suum facere, 
prout sibi videbitur expedire : ita tamen quod ad rCparacionem 
et emendacionem dictse fabric® statim et sine difflcultate redeat, 
quandocumque opus eo faerit, et per magistrum operis, sicut 
premittitur, fuerit requisitus. Supraoictum eciam opus, (]^uociens- 
cumque necesse fiient> bene et fideliter et absque omni dolo et 
fraude faciet diligenter, et expediet; ac plumbum et stagnum 
EcdesisB, et quicquid ad opUS predictum pertinuerit, cbnservabit, 
et non alibi quam in ipso opere vel cihui illud aliquo tempore 
distrahet et expendet. Si vero aliquo famulo sive servicnte ad 
opus predictum indiguerit> ex cbnsensu et concordia dicti ma- 
gistri, qui pactum secum faciet pro ebdotnada vel dieta, assigna- 
bitur sibi uimulus hvgusmodi in subsidium operis supradicti. Et 

Sro predictis omnibus faciendis et fideliter adimplendis idem 
ohannes, coram dictis dominis Capitulo, corporale prcstitit 
juramentum. Preterea licet dictus Johannes Plomer teneatur 
per suum scriptum obligatorium Decano et Capitulo ecclesise 
Beati Petri Ebor. supr»)ictiB in quadraginta marcis argenti, 
solvcndis dictis Decano et Capitulo vel eorum succcssoribus 

* Any document of this Idnd is of roro ocoiirrenod and of great value. I oni 
not aware that any regular oontraot with a plumber has ever been printed 

N 2 

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certisdie et loco, ut in scripto obligatorio suo plenius continetur, 
predict! tamen Decanus et Capitulom volunt et conccduht, pro se 
et successoribus suis, quod si dictus Johannes Plomer omnes con- 
venciones in officio suo plumbarii predicto bene et fideliter fecerit 
et adimpleverit, nee in eis vel aliqua dictanim oonvencionum 
particula defecerit, quamdiu in suo dicto officio steterit, dictum 
scriptum obligatorium quadraginta marcarum nullius sit valoris 
yel eflTectus : alioquin, in suo robore permaneat, et virtute plena, 
jure valituris. In cujus rei testimonium sigillum dicti Capituli 
parti hujus indenturad, penes dictum Johannem remanenti, est 
aj)|)enBum : alteri vero parti, penes dictum Capitulum romanonti, 
sigillum dicti Joliannis est appositum. Data apud Ebor. die 
Veneris in festo Sancti Mathise, anno Domini millesimo ccc*** 
sexagesimo septimo. 

MBNTARII.'I' (G. c. 89, a.) 

Omnibus, etc. Capitulum Ebor., etc. Sciatis quod pro bono 
scrvicio magistri Roberti de Patry ngton, cementarii, nobis ct cccle- 
sise nostrse predict® impenso, et imposterum ad terminum yitse 
suae impendendo, concessimus ei decem libras sterlingorum, reci- 
piendas, singulis annis, per manus magistri operis dictse ecclesie 
nostras, qui pro tempore fuerit, ad terminos Pentecostes et Sancti 
Martini in yeme, per equales porciones, una cum domibus infra 
clausum dictas ecclcsias quas Willelmus de Uoton oementarius, 
dum vixit, inbabitavit ; ita tamcn quod dictus Robcrtus operibus 
dictaD ecclcsias nostras bene et fideliter intendat, et nuUis aliis 
opei*acionibus, in retardacionem sen impedimentum dictorum 
opcrum nostrorum, vacet. Et si forte dictus Robertus admiserit 
operaciones alibi, et circa easdem intenderit, operibus ecclesias 
nostras neglectis, retardatis sen omissis, et dictus Robertus, ex 
parte nostra premonitus tertio, non redicrit ad eadem opera 
nostra ut circa ea diligenter intendat, tunc cesset pensio sua 
predicta quousque ad opera nostra r^ierit, et defectus hujus- 
modi debite emendaverit. Et si forte, quod absit, dictus Ro- 
bertus cecitate vel alia infirmitate corporis percussus fuerit quo- 
minus circa opera nostra predicta corporaliter poterit laborare, 

* A patont, made in nearly the same words, to William de Uoton, has 
already been given. Whibt Patrington presided over the masons a great part of 
the new ohoir was ereoted, and this document informs us when he entered upon 
his office. 

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tunc, durante infirmitate predictai recipiat decern marcas per 
annum duntaxat ad terminos supradictos, una cum domibus pre- 
dictis, impendendo consilium et avisamentum suum, pro posse 
suo, in hac parte. Et in eventu quo idem Robertus, laborare 
valens, se omnino a dictis operibus subtraxerit, tunc conccssio 
nostra predicta extunc cesset quousque satis redierit, et operibus 
nostris intenderit, ut prefertur. In cujus rei testimonium 
sigillum nostrum preseutibus est appensum. Data Ebor., in 
domo nostra capitmari, quinto die mensis Januarii anno Domini 
miUesimo ccc** lxviy». 

XXXIII. — ^Ordinacio oeiiBNTARioRUM.'i' (G. c. loo, b.) 

Itte es ordayned by ye Chapitre of ye kirk of Saint Petyr of 
York yat all ye masonns yt sail wyrke till ye werkes of ye same 
kyrk of Saynte Petyr, saU fra Mighdmesse day untill ye firste 
Sonday of Lentyn, be ilka day atte morne atte yare werke, in 
ve loee, yat es ordayned to the masonnes at wyrk in with ye close 
bysyde ye forsayde kirk, als erly als yai mliy see skilfully by day 
lyghte for till wyrke ; and yai sail stande yar trewly wyrkande 
atte yair werke all ye day aftyr, als lang als yai may se skilfully 
for tUl wyrke, yf y t bo alio wcrkday : outher, cUcs, till itte be 
hegh none smytyn by ye docke, when halyday falles atte none, 
sauf ^t in with yt forsayde tyme bytwyx Mighelmes and Lentyne ; 
and m all other tyme of ye yer yai may dyne byfore none, yf yai 
wille, and, alswa, ette atte none whar yaim likes, swa yt yai sail 
iioghte dwell &a yaiir werkes in ye forsayde loge natyme of ye 
yer in dyner tyme, bote swa schort tyme yat na skilful tnan sail 
iynde defaute in yairo dWoUynge} and in tyrtiQ of meto, atte 
none, yui sail, na tyme of ye yer, dwell fra the logos, ne fra 
yaire werke forsayde, ovyr ye space of ye tyme of an noure, and 
aftyr none yai may drynk in ye loge : ande for yaire drynkyug 
tyme bytwyx Mighelmes & Lentyn yai sail noghte cese no lefe 

* A dooumeni of very great interest. It is valuable not only for the insight 
thot it gives us into the rules and government of the masons, but also for the 
language in whioh they are made. A similar order, made twenty years before 
this, has already been printed. 

On the 81st of October, 1870, master Bobert de Fatrington, and twelve other 
masons, came before the Chapter, and swore to observe these rules, in the follow- 
ing terms : " Lordes, if it be vour wyles, we grant for to stand at our werkes 
truly at our power," etc. This ciroumstanoe is recorded bv the autiquary, 
MaUhew Hutton, among his extracts fVodi some of the books at York, whioh are 
now missing. They may be found in MS. Harl. 6971. 

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yare werk passand ye tvme of half a mileway : ande fira ye firste 
Souday of Lentyn untill Migliclmcsse yai sail be in ye foroayde 
loge atte vaire werke atte ye son risyngi and stande yare trewely 
ande bysily wyrkande upon ye forsayde werke of ye kyrk all ye 
day, untill itte be namare space yan tyme of a mileway byfore 
ye sone sette, yf itte be werkday ; outher elles untill tyme of 
none, als itte es sayde byfore, saf yt yai sail, bytwix ye firste 
Sonday of Lentyne ande Mighelmes, dyne and ette, als es byfore 
sayde, ande slepe ande drynke aftyr none in ^e forsayde loge; 
and yai sail noghte cese no lefe yair werke m slepyng tyme, 
passando ye tyme of a mileway, no in drynkyng tyme after none, 
passandc ye tymo of a mileway. And yai sail noghto slope cftyre 
none na tyme botte bytwene Saynte Elenmes and Lammes; tfnd 
yf any mane dwell fra ye loge ande fra ye werk forsayde, outher 
make defaute any tyme of ye yer agayn yis forsaide ordinance, he 
sail be chastvde with abatyng of his payment, atte ye loking 
ande deyys of ve maistyr masonn ; and all yer tymes and houres 
sail by reweled hi a bell ordayned yare fore. Ande, alswa^ it es 
ordayncd yt na masonn sail be receavyde atte wyrkc, to ye work 
of yo forsayde kyrke, bot ho be firste provede a weke or mare 
opon his well wyrkyng ; and, aftyr yt he es foundyn souffissant 
of his werke, be receavyde of ye commune assente of ye mayster 
and ye kepers of ye werk, ande of ve maystyr masonn, and swere 
upon ye boke yt he sail trewly ande bysyli at his power, for oute 
any maner gylyrv, fayntys, outher desayte, bald and kepe haly 
all ye poyntes of yis forsayde ordinance, in all thynges yt hym 
touches, or may touches, fira tyme yt he be receavyde till ye 
forsayde werke als lang als he sail dwell masonn hyryd atte wyrk 
till y t forsayde werke of ye kyrk of Sanct Petyr, ande noght ga 
away fira yt forsayde werke bote ye maystyrs gyf hym lefe atte 
parte fra yt fersayde werk : and wha sum evyr cum agayne yis 
ordinance and brekes itte agayn ye will o ye forsayde Chapitro 
have be Goddy's malyson and Saynt Petirs. 

XXXIV. — Indbntura plumbarii. (G. c. 97, a).* 

Hec indentura facta inter venerabile Capitulum Ebor., De- 
cano cjusdem in remotis agente, ex una parte, et Johannem 
filium Ad» le Plummer do Beverlaco, ex altera parte, testatur, 

* Another indenture with a plumber, similar in some respeoto to the one that 
has been already printed. It relbrs, however, mure to extensive works than to 
mere repairs. 

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qnod idem Capitalum retinuit dictum Jotiannem tA servietidum 
Ecdesise Ebor. in oflScio pltimbftrii, ltd termtntim vito bu^, in 
forma ({nee sequitur. Primo, qttod idem Johannes teheatur ad 
cooperiendnm Ecdesiam predictam ac berefridum, et domum 
capitalarem ejoadem in ooopertora plumbi, ac defectus ibidem 
contingentes congrue emendai^^ qnocienscumque opus fuerit. 
Et habebit dictus JohanneH pro quolibet foiher plumbic eon- 
tinente centum et quateir viginti petras, de novo fiindendo, ei 
in cooperttiira dic^tsB Ecclesis^ sen berefridi^ et ddtnuii capitularis, 
debite apponenda, septem Sotidos sex dcnarios^ per miinus ina- 
gistri fabricse^ qui pro tempore fuerit* Item habebit pro qualibet 
roda oooperienda super dicta Ecclesia, berefrido^ et domo capittt- 
lari^ continente yiginti pedes mensurandas per ulnam usualem in 
longitudine et latitudine^ amovenda et de novo (ponenda?) supra 
eandem Ecclesiam sive berefridum^ et domum capitularem septem 
solidos et sex denarios. Et cum contigerit quod plumbum de novo 
operatus fuerit, ad cooperiendum campanile^ vel illam pttrtem 
berefridi vocatam broche, tunc percipiet pro siiigulis fothel^, et 
rodis secundum formam predictam operkndisj tresdecim solidos 
et qnatuor denarios. Item iquandocunque defcctus in Eoclesia^ 
campanili, berefrido, sen domo capitulari eminuerint, et de 
minore pondere plumbi quam de fother sen rodis sive rodamm 
quarterns emendari poterunt, ita ut videatur magistro fabricse 
expcdiro magis ad computandum per dietas quam aliter^ tunc 
dictus Johannes^ si presens operatus fuerit^ percipiet per diem 
pro scipso sex denarios, et pro quolibet serviencium suorum 
operaticiuin ibidem quinque denarios, diim tamen iidem servientes 
habiles et necessarii fuerint. Itekn predictus Johannes tenebituTi 
quociens opus fuerit, cineres plumbi fundendaa in dicto officio 
suo bene et fideliter purgare et Custodire, percipiendo pro qualibet 

Jetr^ xij librarum, unuth denarium et obolum. It^m dictus 
ohanncs toncbitur operaciohes ^lumboaS Ecclesisei campatiilis, 
bcrcfridii ac domus capituloris, quociens opus fuerit, supcrvidere, 
ac circa reparacionem defectuum contingenciuin fideliter cou^ 
sulere, et diligenciam suam apponere, et ulterius, cum per 
Capitulum sive magistrura fabricse requisitus fuerit, fideliter 
laboraro. Et si forte dictus Johannes infirmus fuerit, quominus 
circa premissa potcrit in propria persona sua intendere, tunc 
inveniet loco suo alium plumbarium sufficientcm ad suplendum 
vices suas pro quo tenebitur respondere. Item tenetur idem 
Johannes plumbum, stannum, et omnia alia officium suum con- 
cemencia, fideliter custodire, ac comodum Ecclesise Eboraccnsis, 
quatinus conccmerit suum officium, fideliter procurarc. Et si 
per defectum alicujus serviencium dicti Johannis dampnum con- 
tigerit fieri EcdcsisB Ebor., quovis modo, tunc tenebitnr dictus 

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Johannes de dampno hujus dcbite repondere, Et omnia pre- 
dicta tenetur prefatua Joliannca facere^ suia aomptibua in omni- 
bua^ percipiendo^ sicut predictum est, hoc exceptor Capitulum 
^ibi iuveniet focale necessarium ad omnia premissa, ac stannum 
pro soldura, cum opus fuerit. Et predictus Johannes tactis 
sacrosanct is evangeliiSi corporale prestitit juramentum quod Ec- 
desise et Capitulo Ebor, fidelitatem conservabit, ac officium in 
forma predicta bene et fideliter, pro posse suo, adimplebit. Pre- 
fatum autem Capitulum pro bono servicio suo iis et Ecclesias 
Ebor. impendendo^ ut premittitur, dedit et concessit predicto Jo- 
hanni^ ultra stipendia sua pretacta, quadraginta solidos, nomine 
feodij pcrcipiendos annuatim ])er manus custodis fabricse Ecclesise^ 
qui pro tempore fuerit, ad terminos Pentecostes et Sancti Mar- 
tini per equates porciones, primo tcrmino incipiente ad terminum 
Pentecostes proximo futurum : ita tamcn quod idem Johannes 
fidcliter servet premissa pro parte sua. In cujus rei testimonium 
parti hujus indentursB penes dictum Capitulum remanent! pre- 
dictus Johannes filius Ad» le Plummer sigillum suum apposuit, 
et alteri parti ejusdem indenturse penes eundem Johannem 
residenti sigillum dicti Capituli est appensum. Data Ebor. 
terdo die mensis Januarii anno Domini millesimo ccc^ septua- 


WoLLOB.* (Acta Cap., G. c. 96, a.) 

Noverint universi nos, Capitulum ecdesise Beati Petri Ebor.^ 
Pecano ejusdem in r^motis agente, recepisse de Ycnerabili et 
discrete yuto domino Henrico de Ingdby, ipsius Ebor. Ecdesias 
concanonico et confiratre nostro, ex legato sive donacione domini 
David de WoUore, canonici Ebor. defuncti, ad opus dictas Ec- 

\ Aooording to ancient oustom the Dean and Chapter of York oould dalm, 
as a mortuary, Arom each canon, a cope and a palfrey of a certain value, or a money 

Eayment in Ueu of them. Many of Uie canons naid their mortuaries tiiemselyes, 
ut, in some oases, the Chapter nad great difficulty in procuring theoL A notice 
of the receipt of them is duly recorded in the register of the Chapter. On 
Nov. 16, 1871, the executors or Wm. de Dalton pay 20 marks "pro capa;" on 
Nov. 1, 1872, the Chapter give an acquittance to John de Forihy, for " unam 
capam prociosom de alho senco et unum morsum ad eandem capam auadrangulum 
0(miiK>U>iiU>in ot argcnto dosupor doaiirato artifiuioso oonfoctum." 11m) copo was 
always added U> Uio stores in the treasury, and if a money jNiyment was received 
it was devoted to the repairs of the vestments. In the present instance we have a 
record of a very splendid gift. 

David de Wooller was a noted pluralist in his day, and acquired a large 

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clesisB Ebor.j jocalia sabscripta^ videliceti nnam oapam de yetyetto 
niffro frettatatn frectis atireis cum etellis aureis intcnertis bene 
BpiBse^ una cmm uno moratt itrgenti bene deanrato et anelato 
cum ymagine Beatse Malice, ac eciam cnm lapidibus de corallo 
circumporitis : item unam casam pro corporali magni altaris 
auro t^tam et ymaginibns bene sutis : item duaa pelves argenti 
deaoratas bene apissaa cum armia Anglias et Francise in fmidis 
bipartitis, quarum una habet bibonam (sic) : item unum codear 
argenti deauratum ad proporcionandum vinum aive aquam pro 
cafice ma^ altaris : item duas pallas lar^ pro magnq altari : 
item viginti libraa araenti loco palefhdi debiti pro fabrica 
EcdesisB supradicts : de quibus quidem jocalibus et palefrido 
fatemur nobis fore plenarie satisiactum, et tam prefatum David, 

3 nam dominum Henricum, ac eciam executores quoscunque 
icti domini David acqnietomus per presentes. In ci^yus rei 
testimonium sigillum nostrum presentibus est appensum. Data 
Ebor. xxi^j** die mensis Decembris anno Domini, miUesimo 
ccc"* Ixx"*. 


(O.c. n7,b.) 

Universis, etc. Capitulum Ebor., Decano in remotis agente, 
salntem in sinceris amplexibus Salvatoris. Noveritis nos con- 
cessisse Philippe de Lyncoln servicium carpentariad fabricae Eccl. 
fi. Petri Ebor., ad terminum vitse sun, pro laudabili servicio 
nobis impenso et imposterum impendenoo, capiendo inde an- 
nuatim de fabrica per septimanam tres solidos argenti, et omncs 
alias commoditatcs, pront predecessores ipsius Philippi in tem- 
poribus preteritis melius habuerint et receperint. Concessimus 
eciam eidem Philippe offidum janitoris clansi, ad totam vitam 
suam, cum domibus quas nunc habet, buttantibus super gabulum 

fortune. His eooleriasiioal prefeimentB were very nnmeroufl. He was also oon- 
neoted wiih the Couri, and was, for many vears of his life, master of the rolls. 

Henry de Ingleby, Wooler's friend and executor, was a distinguished states- 
man and eoolesiairtio. On Feb. 16, 1809-70 he, in his turn, gave to the ohuroh of 
York " capam preciosam de velewett, bruni ooloris, desuper clavibus ex auro oon- 
textie, et unum morsum quadrangulum oompetentem ex puro aiuro et argento 
ao genmiis artifidose oonfeotum." 

* A grant which shews how well the Chapter appreciated the labours of an 
old servant. Philip de Lincoln must have been connected with the church of 
York for more than twenty years. A document relaUiig to him has been already 

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chori Berefridi, cum Btallagio in porta et cimiterio, certis diebus 
consuetis^ extra shopas ibidem nunc edificatas^ quod alicui alii 
poet eum concedi totaliter inhibemus. Ymmo illud extunc 
fabricaB applicari decrevimus^ percipiendo nichilomiuus de dicta 
fabrica ad totam vitam suam annuatim decem Bolidos argenti ad 
terminos Pentecostes et S. Martini in yeme^ per equales por- 
ciones^ dumtamen operibus fabric® predictse oene et fideUter 
intendat^ et portas ac dausum predictum secure^ prout ad ipsum 
spectat^ pro posse suo custodiat; commodum^ insuper, quod in 
primis magnis residenciis habere consuevit in similious facicndis 
ab eo nullatenus auferre intendimus. In cujus rei testimonium 
sigillum nostrum presentibus est appensum. Data in domo 
nostra capitulari Ebor. xxix* die mensis Januarii anno Domini 
m ccc** Ixxiiij*. 

Et memorandum quod predictum Capitulum expresse con- 
cessit dicto Philippo de Lincoln^ quod ipse construere in cimiterio 
dictsB Ecclesise juxta cistemam prope murum domini Decani 
Ecclesiie prcdictas^ duas shopas licite posset^ et emolumentum 
indo proveniens ad totam vitam suam libore pcrcipere et habere. 
Et est secundum quod tempore daUe scripti prcdicti fieri dicto 
PhilipjK) erant duntaxat in cimiterio dictse Ecclcsise sex shopae 
edificatse^ videlicet una contra gabulum chori Berefridi et quinque 

ad Ecd. Ebor. juxta hostium australe ipsius Ecdesise, de 

quibus emolumentum ad fabricam pertinebit. 

XXXYII. — LiTBEA Dfi ORUCB Archibpiscopi.* (G. c. 184. a.) 

Universis sanctn matris ccclesise filiis^ presentes litcras in- 
specturis^ Capitulum ecdesise B. Petri Ebor.^ Decano ejusdem 
in remotis agente^ salutem in omnium Salvatore. Noveritis 
nos recepisse de executoribus testamenti bonse memorise domini 

* Another proof of the munifioenoe of ArohbiBhop Thored>y. At bis en- 
throniiatioii in the min«ter be solemnly lays upon the alter ts im oflforinff a gilt 
croM oonteining a preoioas relia Tim orooi it re-deliyered to the ArohbidQop by 
the Chapter for hU own uae, and in the following dooumeni he promiaea to have 
it restored after hit deoeaae : — 

Promissio oujitsdam oruois Eocubub Ebor. rbmahburb. (Beg. 
'Riorettby, 18.a.) 

Univcrida preaentoa literas insDectuns, Johannes, etc., salutem in Domino. 
Novoritis quod, cum ootavo die Ootobris anno Domini millesimo ooc^ liij*, in 
manerio nostro juxta Westmonasterium, recepimus do Capitulo nostro 'Ebor. per 
manus magistri WiUt4mi do la Mare, canonici Eodosias nostra predictaa, ex 

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Johannis, nuper Ebor. Archiepisoopi^ nnam crucem precioeam 
cum partioula Dominicas crucia inclusa^ per onndom nnpor 
Arcbiq>iscopam^ tempore intronisacionia sun, ad aummntn altare 
oblatam, et per noe ei^ pro tempore vitn sun, comodatam ; qnam 
quidem eruoem fatemur nobis per prefatoa executores restitntam 
esse^ et eos inde acquietamus per presentes : et si quid teriptuDci 
obligatorium proinde cujuscumque summss per quemcamqne 
factum in thesausaria nostra seu alibi reperiatuTi in fdturum 
▼olumus quod omni careat robore et virtute^ et pro nullo omnino 
habeatur. In cujus rei testimonium presentibus sigillum nostrum 
commune est ap|>ensum. Data in capitulo nostro Ebor. xv^ 
die mensis Januani anno Domini millesimo ccc" Izx"* septimo. 


(G. c. 146, b.) 

Urbanus episcopus, serrus senrorum Dei, venerabili fratri 
Alexandro Ardiiepuscopo Ebor., salutem et apostolicam bene- 

sooommodAto, qtumdam ornoeiii rairain AetantAtan, oonttneniem reliquiae de 
oruoe Bominioa et Alias, quam die mtroninoioiiis nostra ad nu^num altare ipsius 
Eoolomn optulimus in eadem perpetno remanmuram ; nos prefatam oruoom oum 
rolimiiifl prodiotis per nop toI oxectitoros nostrof diotio Boolosifo reRtituore pro- 
mittiniitii intomm, sub pena centum Ubronim preliitio Eoolofifio, ri rettitudo ilia 
llftota non tnmi ^r nos vol diotoi exeoutores nofitro^ soWendarum. In ciyuB rd 
testimoniiun sigillum nostrum feoimus hiis appom. Data die, looo> et domo 

• A papal bull, which throws some light upon the works in the ohoir. After 
Thoresby's death, the progress of that Murt of the churoh was impeded. The 
large sums of money which came, periodically, from his purse as adoitions to the 
fiibrio fUnd, were stayed, and the work, in consequence, advanced more slowly. 
Besides this, the troubled state of the longdom, the "nudida temporum," as ihe 
Pope calls i^ would necessarily lessen the revenues of the churoh and retard the 
alms of the faithAil. To sunply this deficiency, the Archbishop is allowed to 
appropriate the church of Misterton to the fabric for ten years. The sum to be 
denveil frmn this concession was but small, but it would stdl be a welcome addi« 
tion to the ftdling rent-roll of the master of the fkbrio. 

We can, in general, infer but little from the wording of such a document as 
this. It n)eakiL however, of the incomplete state of a larae portion of the choir. 
It might, therefore, be reasonably concluded from tiiis that tome part of it was 
finished and here then we have another confirmation of the statement of the 
chronicler that the presbytery was complete when ArchbiBhop Thoresby died. 

I append the permission from Archbishop Neville, and the licence from the 
king to appropriaro the church. Both documents occur in NwiU^9 RegUUr^ 
fol. 85 :— 


Capitulo Edor. pbb Albxakdbuh Abcuibptsoopuii. 

Universis Sanctn matris ecdesiK filiis ad quos presentee litene pervenerint. 

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dictionem. Ad ea quae eodeoarum^ presertim CEthednUam, 
oomodum et utilitatcm reBpidnnt, libentcr intendimiu, illaqoe 
proaequiiiiar fitToribus €qp(Mtimi8. Exhibitay aiqnidein, nolns 
nuper, pro parte tua et dilectoram filioram Ca^tuli Ecdesue 
Ebor., petido continebat qaod <diiii boii» memoris Johannes 
Alrchiepiacopna Ebor.^ predeceMor tans, et prefiiti Capitoliun, 
attendentes quod corpus diets EcdesuB, qvue <dim fuorat parra 
in amplitndme, magna et formositate aeccHa, ad landem et 
honorem Dei per ipsonun devotos antecessores fberat con* 
structum, dioio ejoadem EodesUe in antiqoa praTitate et de- 
fonnitate relicto; idqoe moleste ferentes, et cnpieutes, in eadem 

A Inlander penniMinne Ditum Ebor. Arobiepbeopoi^ ete^ titntiM in 
■■p to TilHi i Sdvaiork. Kotwitb nos pro nobtt «4 wccoMoribiM 

«l» ■wlimnte liooioia regk^ nonii inaii, 

Bodftsic BQstnB OOh. BmH Petri Ebor. 

not^rm diooesios : babeodam ei teneodoB 

pertuMotm e i^ iei Beoeno ei Otpitolo e( toooenoribiie auie in mmm ei per- 

<4eBwv^nMW hnperpetaiun, mbeque nnpeiirione noetri 
noilranni, neundom fiiiBW cute super boencn predkte 
Alexander, Arcbie|>««opiM supredicUa^ ei iiioeeMorei nodtri diotoBftdT 
euM flut periinenlue uniTenis prefiUas Beoeno ei Ckpitulo wmnnUabimui inn 
perpeioinn. In otgue rei teitimoniam bea titerM nortrae patentee ei^flli noeiri 
appenaione foctmuf oommnmri. Hue taitibiia, domiDo Boberto da Nerill da 
Homebj, milile, ewwinallo nQiira» magiatro Jobanne da Wahbeai offic* noslrav 
Johanna de CtiEord eanoeUario noatro, ao domino Jobanne da Clone decano 
caprihs nostni ei aluL Data apud Oawoda, nono die mmum F^abnaarii anno 
Domini rnHbiBmo oocP* aeptaagesimo ootaTO. St nostra oonaeeracionia qoinlOL 

Outa regia domino Alexandro Aidii^kisooDO ronrfaa qaod 
'^dairtftertoaadfooaaonemBecano eiOHMtnloBbor^ae qnifaleant 

Bkardus Bei gratia im Angtia ei Franda ei doaainoa HIberaia» < 
qnospraenteelitoraperfenerint Sciatis qood de gratia noatra apeciali c 
et lirfwnani dedimua pro nobis ei ber«dibus noatrift. quantum in nobis eat^ i 
bib in Cbiiato patri Alexandro Ebor. Arobiepiaoopo qood ipea ndf 
%p ek'mm de lliaterton, qnae advocaoao de nobis tenetur nt paroeOa tei 
Arcbiepampatna sni ^redicti, et qua quidem eookaia ad Tiginti at tree bbraa aax 
eohdoa et octo '***>^t*^ per annum taxator, nt didtnr, dare poaait et aangnnra 
dikctia nobb Baeano at Ckpitulo Eodane Beati Petri Bbor. bahmdam et 
teckeodam eiadem Beoano et Cauiulo et aoooeaaoribus ania imparpctuvm. St 
easkkm Beoano at Okfitulo qood ipai advocncionem pcedictam a prefiuo Arcbia- 
piscnpo reci|)<ra» et dKtam ei- w lfittam appropriaia, et earn aie appropriatam in 
prt»f noe ustts toiera poannt dictit Baeano et Oapitulo c« anooaaaonbiM ania pro 
awtcctaciooa Cabncarum et huninarium predicta^ nrriMiMi Beati Petri juxtn 
erduuKaotwrn p<«^ta Arcbie{4aoopi impefpetaun^ atatulo de tenia et tencaneatia 
nd awniii nwrtuftm nan ponemin ediia, aeu eo qoud prc£&U advooacw de nobis 
teiMatur. nt p<«dictam art. noa obdtanubnaL NoAentea quod pre^a 
eo(.tts,Tal anoeeaaorea ani, aen predkctnaBeeannaat Capttulum.aeni 
rauooe pnenuawomm per noa Tel bec«idainaduoa^justicaau-»oa»e«caecocna»i 
ant abua ballivoa sen mini^trQa noitraa qiaoacnm«)oe inde aDnotkcntnr, aa 
aeu m ab^^ao aeu ^rmvciitur. Sakrii semper nobts et beredibus nostris s e nkiis da 
aohiacta aivocatr^fM aoles debtti* et ooasue^u. In cuju* net «*^''*'-«-'"tu baa 
L'.«rM naiQna» jkn £cxi=itt* imicciCL T^esU bm ipso a(-ttd WrtHnxniragi^niim xzt. 
die Juiu azuw re^ciu Wwartfi 6«oiunii secuo^o. 

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Ecdema chomm correspondentem hujosmodi corpori dictse Ec- 
clesis oonstmi et edificari ftcere^ dum tempora essent fertilia, 
cepenmt edificari facere in eadem Ecdesia novum chorum con- 
venientem spesioeitati gusdem EcclesisB, opere plurimmn sump- 
tuoBo ; quodqae htgus chori| sic inoepti^ tton magha pare adhuo 
restat perficienda^ quod reddiius et provenius ad fabricam et 
luminaria dictse EcclesisB deputati^ qui propter malidam tem- 
porum sunt plurimum diminuti^ ad oonsummacionem dicti chori 
nuUatenus sufficere possunt : quare^ pro parte tua et ipsorum 
Capituli^ nobis fuit humiliter supplicatum^ ut tibi appropriandi 
et assignandi auctoritate Apostohca Decano ejusdem Eodesiaej 
qui nunc est, pro tempore^ et dicto Capitulo, parrochialem ec- 
clesiam de Misterton, Ebor. diooesios, qu» ad colladonem 
Archiopiscopi Ebor. pro tempore ezistentis pertinet ; ctgusque 
fructus^ redditus et proventus triginta quinque marcarum ster- 
lingorum, secundum taxacionem decimal valorem annuum, ut 
asseritur, non exoedunti licenciam concedere de speciali gracia 
dignaremur. Nos, igitur^ hvgus supplicacionibus inclinati, frater- 
nitiEiti tusB appropriandi et flssignandi dictam paroohialem ec- 
desiam eisdem Decano et Capitulo, usque ad decennium a tem- 
pore quo dilectus filius rector qusdem eodesiee, qui nunc est^ 
ddem eodesiss cedit vd decedet, aut alias ecdesiam ipsam quo- 
modolibet dimittet^ computandum duntaxat. Ita quod^ ipso rectore 
cedente vd decedente, aut eandem parochialem ecdesiam alias 
quon^odolibet dimittente, liceat dsdem Decano ct Capitulo ipsam 

Earocbialem ecdesiam et ejus possessionem auctoritate propria 
bere apprehendore, et usque ad hiyusmodi decennium licite re- 
tinere, ipsiusque fructus^ redditus et proventus ad fabricam cgus- 
dem chori dictn Ebor. Ecdesise applicare : reservata, tamen, de 
fructibus, redditibus et proventibus nigusmodi congrua porcione 
pro vicario interim ibidem instituendo, ex qua idem ricarius possit 
congrue sustentari ; episcopalia jura solvere, et alia incumbonda 
sibi onera supportare ; contradicentes per censuram ecdosiasticami 
appdlacione postposita, compescendo : Hon obstantibus si aliquis 
super provisionibus sibi fadendis de parochialibus ecdesiis et tdiis 
beneficiis ecclesiastids in illis partibus spedales vd generales 
aposto1ic8B sedis vd le^torum nostrorum literas impetraverit; 
eciam si per eas ad inhibicionem, reservadonem, et decretum vel 
alias quomodolibet sit processum : quas quidcm literas et pro* 
cessus nabitos per eosdem infra dictum decennium ad predictam 
ecdesiam volumus non extendi, sed nullum per hoc eis, quoad 
assecucionem parocbialium ecclesiarum aut bcnefidonun aliorum 
prejudicium, generari, et ^uibuscunque privilcgiis^ indulgcndis 
et Uteris apostolicis specialibus vel ^neralibus, quorumcumque 
tenorum existant per quee presentibus non expressa vel taliter 

Digitized by 



non inserta efieotuB earam impediri valeat quomodolibet vel 
diffeni^ et de quibus cjuorumque totis tenoribus habenda csset in 
nostris Uteris monicio specialise plenara et liberam concedimus 
tenore presendnm facultatem fsicj. Data Romse apud Sanctum 
Petrum kal. Augusti Pontifioatus nostri anno secundo. 


llicardus Dei gratia rox Anglite ot Francite et dominus 
Hibemise, omnibus ad quos presentes literse pervenerint salutero. 
Licet de oommuni consilio regni nostri Anglise statutum sit quod 
non liceat yiris religiosis seu aliis ingredi fe<^um alicujus, ita quod 
ad manum mortuam deveniat^ sine licencia nostra et capitalis 
domini, de quo res immediate tenetur, de gratia tamen nostra 
spedali^ et pro quinque marcis quas dilecti nobis in Christo De- 
canus et Capitulum ecclesise Beati Petri Ebor. nobis solvcrunt, 
concessimus et liccnciam dcdimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris, 
quantum in nobis est^ Blcardo Trumper de Ebor.^ bocher, quod 
ipse unum mesuagium cum pertinonciis in Ebor.^ quod de nobis 
tcnetur in burgngio^ dare possit et assignare prefatis Dccano ct 
Capitulo^ habendum et tenendum eisdem Decano et Capitulo et 
successoribus suis ad opus fabric® Ecclesise predicts imper- 
petuum : et eisdem Decano et Capitulo, quod ipsi mesuagium 
predictum cum pertinenciis a prefato Ricardo recipere possint ot 
tenore sibi et successoribus suis prediotis in forma predicta im- 
pcrpetuum^ sicut predictum est, tenore presencium similiter 
licenciam dedimus specialem; statuto prcdicto seu eo quod 
dictum mesuagium de nobis tenetur in burgagio, ut predictum 
est, non obstante. Nolentes quod predictus Ricardus vel heredes 
sui, aut prefati Decanus et Capitulum seu successores sui, ratione 
premissorum per nos yd heroes nostros justiciaries, escaetores, 
vicecomites, seu alios balUvos seu ministros nostros, yel bercdum 
nostrorum quoscumque, inde accionentur, molestentur in aliquo 
seu graventur : salvo tamen nobis et heredibus nostris servidis 
inde debitis et consuetis. In cujus rei testimonium has literas 
nostras fieri fedmus patentes. Teste me ipso apud Ebor. vice- 
simo die Novembris, anno regni nostri sexto decimo. — Burton. 

* The permiation of Biohard 11. enabling a dtifen of York to ^propriate 
certain propertjr to the fiU>rio. The king was at that time in tlie oity^ and the 
Chapter beg this fiivor at hit hands. Almost every royal visit to York is marked 
by some similar trrant. The document is dated on the 20th of November, 18U8, 
and the original is still in the possession of the Doan and Chapter. 

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XL. — Onbra lboitima thbbaubarii Ecclbsiji Ebor. (Lib. 
Statut.* 47, b., 48, a.) 

Memorandum, quod inferius compendiose diBtribuuntor vera 
onera thesaararisB Scdesiae Ebor. et tnesaorario ejusdem incum- 
bencil^ et verm snmmsB ad quas ipsa onera ejosdem tiiesaurariss, 
singulis annis, uno anno cum alio compntato, secundum ipsorum 
▼eram et communem estimacionem, se extendunt et ab antiquo 
se extendebant. 

In primis subthesaurario dictse Ecdesis pro officio suo, et 
quinque ministris suis sub se, debet dictus thesaurarius solvere, 
88/. 6s. 8d. Item duobus dericis de vestibulo pro C^mUs suis 
de terminis Sancti Martini et Pentecostis, 208. Item tribus 
sacristis pro feodis suis ad dictos terminos, 24m. Item mundatori 
dictas EcclcsisB pro mundadone Eccl. predictn, 8s. Item lotrici 
ejusdem Eccl. pro vestimentis lavandis, 86. Item in stipendio 
duorum vicariorum, c[uou8que, etc., prout in statutis, 4/. ^Item 
diaconis et aliis mimstris aicte Eccl. pro ministradone sua ad 
magnum altare, 6s. Summa 40/. 12s. 8d. 

Item in triginta mille oblect^ pro celebradone divinorum in 
Ecdesia, 25s. Item in dibanis emptis pro die Paschoe, 12d. 
Item in vino empto, viz., per diem uno potdl, dx^ lagenis et 
dimidia, ^rec. lagenss 8d., 6/. 20d. Item in vino pro die 
Paschse, vis., vj lagenis, 4s. Item in xxiiij libris thuris, prcc. 
librse 20d., 40s. Item in quingentis libris et dimidia cerce, prec. 
c libr. 58s. 4d., 14/. 188. 4a. Item in factura cersB per annum 
cum cereo PaschaU, 40s. Item in expensis campanarum in cordis 
et aliis necessariis circa eas, 20s. Item in factura nattarum pro 
choro, 8s. Item in charcole empto, 8s. Item in quinine petris 
cepi emptis pro stellis in noctibus Nativitatis Domini et Epi- 
plianiie, os. Summa 20/. I2d. 

Summa totalis 60/. 18s. 8d. 


(Reg. Scrope. 8, b.) 

Memorandum, quod 10 Aug. 1403. Bicardus permissione 
Bivina Ebor. Archiepiscopus, Angli» primas, et Apostolicse sedis 

* A document inserted in the book of Ststntee in a hand of the earlier part 
of the fifteenth oentury. It enumerates the burdens whioh foU upon tlie 

t A document whioh records an unnottoed visit of Henrj IV. to York. 

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logatus, in presentia illustrisrimi in Christo principii et domini^ 
domiui Henrioi Dei gratia reg^s Anfflise et Francise^ in ecclcsia 
sua Cathedrali et metropolitica Ebor., magnam missam ad 
Bummum altare ejusdem Ecdesise solempniter celebravit; in qua 
qnidem missa, hora consueta, dictus illuatrisaimuB princeps ob- 
tulit in auro ad summam^ 68. 8d., ad manus ejusdem patris, 

3uam summam idem pater^ ut jure suo et tanquam sibi debitam 
e facto recepit; quam summam turn quidam yiearius dictse 
Ecclesise per ipsum patrem super altare dimissam tenebat, et 
domino Thomse Longlay,* Decano ejusdem Ecdesise^ tradidit; et 

There is bai little in it of importance, aa it merely rofera to a queaMon of privi- 
lege. Arohbuhop Sorope waa now, probably, the king'a boat; two years after 
this his mutilated oorpse waa laid among his anoestors in the presbytery at York. 
Henry FV. had but little oonnezion with the dty of York. In Archbishop 
Bowet's register^owever, there is a document which must have had reference to 
his interment. That prelate waa one of the king's executora, and on that account 
Uie subjoined form is inserted among his official acts. It has been already printed 
by Mr. Bloxam in ]m Momtmenial ArokUeoiure, page 69, firom the "liiber 
Ilegalia" at Westminster, but some of my readers will thank me for inserting 
it here. 

86, b.) 

Cum rex inunctus migrayit ab hao luce, prime a suis oubiculariia oorpua 
ejusdem aqua calida sive tepida lavari debet, deinde balsamo et • aromatibua 
unguetur per totum, et postea in panno lineo cerato invoWetur, ita tamen quod 
fiusies et barba illius tontum pateant. Et circa manus et digitos ipslus dictus 
pannus ceratus ita erit dispositus, ut quilibet dip;itus cum fNoUice utriusque 
manus ringUUUim insuatur per se, ao si manus ejus cirothecis lineis essent opert«. 
De cerebro tamen et visceribus caveant cubicularii prodictL Deinde corpus in- 
duetur tunica usque ^d talcs longa, et desuper paUio regali adomabitur. Barba 
vero ipsius deoenter oomponetur super pectus illius, et postmodum caput cum 
fiicie ipsius sndario oerico oooperietur : ac demum corona regia aut diadcma c^[>iti 
ejus anponetur. Postea induentur manus cirothecis cum aurofragiis omi^. 
In medio degito dextrn manus imponetur annulus aureus aut deauratus, et in 
dextra mann sua ponetur pila rotunda deaurata, in qua virga deaurata erit ftxa a 
manu ipsius usque ad pectus pretensa, in ci^us yirgie summitate erit signum 
orucis, quod super pectus ejusdem principis honeste debet ooUocarL In sinistra 
yero manu ceptrum aureum habebit usque ad aurem sinistram deoenter pre- 
tensum : ac, postremo, tibin et pedes ipsius caligis cericis et sandaliis induantur. 
Tidi yero mode dic<Ais princeps adomatus, cum regni sui pontiflcibus et magna- 
tibqs ad locum, quem pro sua sepultura elegerit, cum omm reyerencia deferetur, 
et cum exequiis re^ibus honestusimn tradetur sepultiine. 

* An ecclesiastic of the greatest ability and disiinciioa. His senrices to the 
state wore yery numerous. After the death of Archbishop Sorope the canons 
elected him in that prelate's room, but their choice was neyer conftrmed. Soon 
after this he was made Bishop of Durham, and before his death he obtained a 
soat in the sacred college. In 1436 he made his will, by which he left to the 
church of York *' unum yestimentum do baudekyn idbo, cum toto apparatu, 
vidolicot cum una casula, diiabus tuniculis, tribus capis, duabus stolis, tribus 
ntaninuUs. tribus vAUb et tribus amittis unius soctn, ooto capis de baudekyn 
simplioo albo habeute orfhiys de satvn ruboo operate cum arboribus et ayibiis aiiri 
do ci])ro." To the Archbishop a silver cup and Augustine de Givitate Dei. He 
sleeps in the QalUee at Dturham, under a stately tomb. 

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subsequenter, missa finita, ad monitionem dicti patria ideiii 
Decanus prefatani surnmam^ Btatim ante reccasum ipsius patris a 
revestario ejusdem Ecclesise, in aurO| ut offerebatnr, de mandato 
dicti patris^ magistro Ricardo CoDyngstoiii''*' ipsius patris cancel- 
lario^ ratione oblaiionis babitam, nomine dicti patrii realiter 
restitni fecit; quam sammam idem magister Bicardua eidcm 
patri eflfectoaliter restituit et Uberavit. 


EBOR.t [Act. Cap. 1410—29, fol. 43.] 


In Christo filii, fratren, et amici carisaimi I Quia excelleutis- 
simns in ChiiBto prinoeps, domintia tioster rex, juste et religiose 

* Canon of York and a great pluralift. He died in 1418, desiring in hifi will 
to be interred at Southwell. 

t Three documents of great interest and iralue relating to Arohbishop Scrope. 
The legalised murder of t&t prelate took plaoe in the year 1405, in spite of the 
remonstrances of the Chief Justice and the entreaties of the friends of law and 
equity. The consequences were hardly expected by the king, The popular love 
and resard for the family of Scrope, and for the Archbishop in particular, mani- 
fMed themselyes in the most remarkable way. The English people have alway^ 
resented any mat indignity that his been shewn to their prelates. Becket by 
his death shomi the throne of England to its foundations, and won for himself a 
phM)e in the calendar : Laud, too, who somewhat resembled Becket in spirit, by 
nis magnanimity at his end. redeemed his fbme, and cast into the shade the 
haughty indiscretion which had brousfat him to the soaflbld. So it was with 
Scrope. He was a man, if we can at tnis day properly estimate his character, of 
no great vigour of mind orpudffment, but these defects were forgotten when men 
were influenced by the fiucinalion of his manner, or were won over by the kindli- 
ness of his heart 

His violent end evoked the sympatliy of the people of the North to an oxtra- 
ordlnanr degree. His fluilts wore forgotten in his siiflbrings, and ho became the 
idol of the populace. His name, indeed, was never insoHed in the calendar, but 
bjr the crowds who flocked to tiie stately minster at York he was worshippea as a 
saini There, in the chapel of St. Stephen, near the remains of his illustrious 
ancestor, his mutilated remains were laid. Before that simple monument which 
commemorated him thousands kndt in silent adoration, and prayed for their 
martyred Archbishop. The ofTerinffs which they made were devoted to the fkbric, 
and thus, even in ms death, the iU-fiikted prelate contributed to the upraising of 
that glorious edifice which he had never neglected during his life. 

It was not to be expected that such demonstrations of popular feeling should 
escape the notice of the sovereign and his officers. The riew which Uiey took of 
tiie matter is embodied in these letters, which are now, for the first lime, printed. 
The Archbishop of Canterbury who remonstrated with the Chapter was Arundell, 
who had filled si Peter's chair at Totk before Scrope was raised to it. Longloy 
signs the document in his official character as Chancellor. He was also Bean of 
the body which he was addressing, and thus he could speak to them with even 
greater effect. The incident must have placed him in rather an awkwird position, 


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in Iiao parte precogitona^ audiena et adveriens quod gardianus 
civitatis ElK>r. ministros ejusdcm Ecclesise sic aliquando turbat^ 
ut pretenditur^ et turbavit^ quod Divinum officium in eadem 
extat aliqualiter diminutum^ scripsit eidem gardiano, quod ab 
omui turbacione hujusmodi cessaret totaliter in futurum^ prout, 
ex Uteris eidem gardiano transmissis^ vobis luculencius appa- 
rebit ; voliiit insuper et vult idem dominus noster rex quod vos 
et alii miiiistri Ecclesiae nostrum imitaremini consilium harum 
literarum serie exprimendum; et nos, igitur^ Deum habentes 
prse oculis^ ac Suum et sanctce matris ecclesise commodum et 
honorem omni tereno desidcrio nrceponentes^ vobis consulimus 
ac in visccribus Jhesu Cbristi ardentcr requirimus, ut ab omni 
materia dissencionis inter vos et ministros vestros^ dictum gar- 
dianum sen ministros suos^ omnimodo cessetis, omnem sintillam 
et incentum rixarum^ contencionis^ et discidii realiter amo- 
ventes: et quia magnus consiliarius^ Dominus noster Jhesus, 
mirabilis in omnibus operibus suis^ nobis ad sciendum secreta 
quie Pater in sua (posuUj potcstate indignis suam voluntatcm 
non statim manifestat^ vcstne discrccioui nro firmo damns con- 
silio ut clcioim sive [Kipulum in lionorcm domini llicardi ultimi 
Ebor. Archiepiscopi ad ipsam Ecclesiam confluentes minime 
invitetis, sen ad sic confluendum solicitetis^ opere aut sermone^ 
nee aliqua miracula pretensa ipsi clero aut populo adkuc pro- 
palari curetis; venientes tamen nuUo impediatis eventu^ donee 
sciatur an bee res a Deo proveniat, sciturique si ex Deo fuerit, 
manebit durabile nee bominum impedietur occursu; sin autem 
ex violenta^ vana^ et supersticiosa bominum invencione procedit^ 
ipsa senescente volubili volimtate^ res sic generata cessabit; 
sicque unde descendit bujusmodi confluencia finalis docebit 
eventus qui est et esse debet cujuscumque rei denominacio 
principalis. Yestram amicitiam confortet, dirigat et disponat 
Qui omni infortuniorum solUs et insolidus extat et extitit 
reparator. Scripta London, tercio die mensis Decembris. 

T. ABCUIBPI8COPU8 Oantuabibnbis, bt Thomas Lanolby Dboakus Ebob., 
BT Amelia Oanobllabiub. 

In^)rimis quod Decanus, Capitulum, singuli canonici et minis- 
tri quieunque ecclesise Ebor. a quacumque publicadone mira- 

biit he waa tax too olever s politician to adopt the views of his Chapter, or to 
oppose, in any way, the feelings and the taotios of his royal master. 

The orders issued in the following letters, wore, in all probabiUty, attended 
to, as they could not, evidently, be trifled with. They could not, however, allay 
the feeliug that had been aroused. Oflerings and prayers were still made at the 
tomb of the Archbishop, and when the Iteformation swept away both shrine and 
altar, the treasures of St. Stephen's chapel held a conspicuous place among the 
magnificent furniture of the church of York. 

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culoram per doihiniitn Ridtrddm ntiper Ebor* Archiepiscdpuin 
factorum se abstiuc^tit. 

Item quod nullum ad adorandam prefatum Archiepiscopum 
iavitetit quoquomodo vel inducant. 

Item quod nullum quoroinus ad sepulcruih ejusdem accedat 
caufta orationnm fiendkrum pro anima cgusdem defunct! im- 

Item quod deputentur magi^ter Johanties Harewod^^ Thomas 
Gattoil^t et Robertus Feriby^ V^ Yenientibiis exponant ut 
oblacione^ qilas in ipAvm hotiore fiicere intendunt non ad sepuU 
crum^ sed ad tumbam Sancti Willelmi, aut alio loco deyoto 
ejusdem Ecdesise reponantj dtusam hujus rei ez^nentes, quod 
expectabitur determinacid eoclesi» antequam hujusmodi adora- 
cione dependencise, cerae^ ye\ alianlm rerum^ seu aliqua luiora^ 
done solenni^ honoretur. 

Item si quis exposicioni dictorum custodum non obediens 
coram aut res alias temeraria Voluntat^ ad sepulcrum suum 
dimittat^ seu oblaciones forsan in auro rel argento, sine mora 
dicti custodes illud auferant et ill alio loco^ prout eis videbitur^ 
ad usum Ecclesiee resenrent. 

Db par lb Roy. 

Treschiers en Dieu I Nous desirantes que I'abusion que a cste 

I)ar long temps sustenue touchant le concours de notro poeplo n 
cc Parccvesquo d'euerwVk, qui darotil mortlst, et Ics oflVcfidrcs 
{ait6s ft mesme le (x)rps gisant ensctolci deniit Peglisc d^cuerwyk 
soit oustes en le plus noneste et covenable manere que faire poura 
ordenne avoHs de Vassent et avys de notre treschier et tresame 
cousin I'aroevesquci de Catiterbirs et de notre Chanceller certeine 
infolmacion cotiipriuse en une cedule quelle nous voub tovoion^ 
closee denis cest^s ; vuillfttits et vous matdans fcrinelnent enchnr- 

!;caht que toils vous gouvemes eti celle pal*tie selon le susdite itl- 
brmabion^ qtie contieilt cynk articles tant soulettietit jusques d 
tant que Vous en aies autre mandement de nous et ce he lesses. 
Donne sous notre signet a notre palays de Westmonster, le 
quint jour d'avrill. 

* John de Hare#od was a native of Harwood, in Teesdale. He was an advocate 
in the once (kmous Court of York, and was connected, at the same time, with 
the treasury of the Minster. S6ine extracts front his Will are given in Test. 
Ebor., L, 841. 

t Thomas de Garton was sub-treasurer from 1404 to 1418. He was also 
parson at the altar of St. Thomas the Martyr. Bv his will, dated in 1419, he left 
10^. towards the ornaments of the high altar which was to bo constructed anew. 

t Robert Forriby was sub-oliantm* of the vicars. Whilst he presided over the 
Beddem the vicars came into violent collision with the Chikpter, and Ferribr was 
deprived of his office. After a violent altercation the vicars were compelled to 
submit, and were restored to their places. 

o 2 

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A noa treflchien en Dieu les Dean & Cbapetre de noire 
eglise d'euerwyk. ^ 


Chier et bien ame I Pour diverses causes nous et noire con- 
seill mouvanies TouUons, ei de par )e Roy mon soverain seignur 
ei pier, voua mandons fermemeni enchargeanies que iosi venes 
ces presenies, ious excusacions cessanies, faces abaire ioui la 
dausure de charpenirie faii eniour le sepidiure de Richard nad< 
garres Erchevcsque d'euerwyk, qui mori esi, ei v faces meiirc 
Bur la icrro eniro les pilers ei par bonne espace de hors vcilles 
fuysies ei grosses piers de bonne hautesse ei lacure iffini qils i 
soyeni coniinuelmeui pour fare esioppoill a les faux foles que y 
Ycignoni par colour de devocion faisani en cesie cas ensy Yoire 
parie come bons desires de faver yoire esiai ei eschiner indigna- 
cion ei co ne vuilles lesser. Donnes sous noire signei a noire 
manoir de Senier le xxj jour de Scpiembre. 

A noire chier ei bicn ame, Thomas Qarion, clerk del esglise 
Caihedraill d'euerwyk. 

XLIII. — Indulgbncia pro pabrica Ecclesijb Ebor. cum 


Henricus, cic., dileciis iiliis archidiaconis nosiris ei eorum 
officialibus, ac univcrsis ei singulis abbaiibus, prioribus, prc- 
posiiis, decanis, recioribus, yicariis ei capellanis parocbialibus, ac 
aliis quibuscumque Divina celebraniibus per nosiras ciyiiaiem, 
diocesim ei provinciam ubilibei consiiiuiis, iam locis exempiis 
quam non exempiis, saluiem, graiiam ei benediciionem. Diviuse 
miseracionis ineffabiliias, nullis indusa limiiibus, nuUis ierminis 
comprehensa, de cujus dulcediue ac suaviiaie mirifica egiis 
medicamenia, langucniibus solamen ei reis culparum remissio 
habundantissimo diuoscuuiur emanare, diversis mdulgenciarum 
muneribus quasi quibusdam alliciendo muneribus quoscumque 
ejus graiiam devoie imploranies inviiai, recipii, fovei ei efficii 

** The last indulgenoo on behalf of the fobrio that has ooourred to me» and as 
it is drawn up in a somewhat ori|(inal form, I give it entire. There was at tiiis 
time not so muoh need of these documents as there had been. The more oostly 
portions of the minster had been completed, and the many offerinss that were 
made at the tomb of Archbishop Scrope, supplied the Chapter of York with lar^ 
sums of money. The Capitular body dso began to make uurge grants out of their 
own fUnds to complete the decorations of the Cathedral. 

Digitized by 



celestis patrisd possessores. Cum^ itaque, sacrosancta Ebor. Ec-^ 
desia, mater vestra et metropolitica cui^ disponente Altissimo^ 
presidemus et medullatis affectionibus inseperabiliter dispensa- 
mur^ quie inter alias preeclaras et celebres mundi metropoles in- 
sigiiis habetur^ quae eciam non solum per antiquissimos sacro- 
sanctae Romans ecclesise pontifices aliosque sanctos patres^ 
▼erum eciam per sanctissimum in Christo patrem et dominum 
nostrum Oregorium Diviua providencia papam dnodecimum 
modemum, multis et largis ap<Mtolicis privilefi^is et indulgenciis^ 
yidelicet^ undecim annorum et centum et vigmti dierum perpe- 
tuis temporibus duratur*, per predictos sanctissimos patnss, ac 
septem annorum et septem quadragenarum indulgenc* per de- 
cennium valatur'^ omnibus ejusdem Ecclesis bcnefactoribus 
caritative in Domino concessis^ deoorata tutilat et coruscat : quas 
quidem indulgencias per discretum virum dominum Thomam 
Semar^ rectorem meduetatis ecclesise de Thweng nostrum et 
dictse Ecclesise nostrse in hac parte nuncium et procuratorem 
specialiter deputatum^ ac alios ipsius domini Thom» substitutos, 
quocienscumque et quibuscumque yidebitur expedire, declarari 
YolumuSy et patenter publican, et ad ^uam, jpropterea, proceres 
et populares devocionem habent non immento singularem; ac 
ipsa Ecclesia juxta gus exceUenciam et dignitatem pro sua 
structura valde splendida et plurimum sumptuosa, Deo propicio, 
debite et conformiter ac ccleriter confirmanda necessario exigat 
ct iucvitabilitcr rcquirat Cbristi fidelium et prccipuo gratuitorum 
' filiorum suSragia, quse ad hoc sunt summe necessaria, et multi- 
pliciter o^rtuna. Nos cupientes ut in diebus nostris, conce- 
dente Altissimo, Ecclesia nostra predicta decenter et magnifice 
reparetur, universitatem vestram rogamus et in Christi visceribns, 
ac aspersione sanguinis Ejusdem pro sacrosanctae ecclesise suss 
redempcione immolati, exbortamur yobis nichilominus in remis- 
siono pcccamtnum, firmitel* ihjungentcs^ ^uatinus circa restaura- 
cionem et reparacionem Ecclesise supradictse vos reddatis afieo- 
cione filiali munificos, liberales et paratos. Nos, enim, et dilecti 
filii nostri et confratres, Decanus et canonici ejusdem Ecclesise, 
manus anponimus efficaciter adjutrices de Dei insuper misericor- 
dia, et gloriosse Virginis Marise matris suae, ac Beatorum Petri et 
Pauli Apostolorum Ejus, ac sanctorum presulum dictse Ecclesise, 
et nostrorum utique patronorum quorum nomina in Ecclesia mi- 
litante pariter et triumphanti satis nota fore constat, et evidencia 
sanctitatis eorumdem manifestat esse gloriosam, auctoritate et 
concessione confisi, omnibus vcre peniteutibus et confessis pre- 
fatse Ecclesise ct fabricse bcnefactoribus, juxta arbitrii sui modn- 
lum et devocionem conferentibus, quocienscumque hoc duiceriut 
pia mente faciendum, pro vice quwbet, quadraginta dies iudul* 

Digitized by 



pcnciaB oonoedimu^ per preeentes. Yolumus autem^ firmiterque 
injungimus, ct manuRinus^ quatinua litcne nostrae prescntes iicr 
nuncios supradictosj ubi, et qua qi^dem expediens videbitur^ scu 
eciam quomodolibet optimum expopaptur^ publicentur et execu- 
cioni debitsB in omnibus et singulis articuUs contingentibus^ con- 
scquentibus seu easdem concernentibus^ integraliter demanden- 
tur^ non obstantibus aliis literis nostris imposterum faciepdis 
bujus continenciie seu teporis : yobi^ insuper omnibus ^t singulis 
supradiotb^ quibus pr^sentes Uterse nostras dirigantur> et qui eas 
receperint exequendos^ in yirtute pbedienciaQ et sub excommu- 
nicacionis pena iirmiter iujungimus ^t mandamus, quatinus vos 
omnes ^t singulis nrout ox dubitp gratitudipi^ iilialis tcnomini, 
ncgocium prefatse utbricae penos parocbianosyestfXM prae omnibus 
questoribus studeatis diligenter et effeciualite^ promoy^^e; et 
quicquid ad opus dict^ fabric«D inter yos coUeotum fuerit prefato 
proouratori siye nuncio ejus yel substitutp, sine difiicultate qua- 
libet, persolyi et liberari mtegre faciatid. Pata in castro nostra 
de Cawod xxyj die mensis Januarii, am^o Domini ¥n* Qec"*^ octayo, 
et nostrse translacionis secundo« 

Memorandum quod, eisdem die Iqpo et ^no Domini supra- 
dictis, emaparunt consimiles commi^siones dominis Willclmo 
Stalmyn yicario ecclesise parpchialis de Gygleswyk, Johanni 
Abell et Jobanni Seggefeld, de (jysbum, et Yarum, capellaqis, ao 
domino WiUelmo Hyne, capellano, et facts^ fiier^pt in forma 

XLIV. — Ordinationbs QUiSnAM ns cbmbntariis et pk 
QUARTA COLUMN A.* (Acta, Cap. 1410 — 29, XXV., b.) 

Acta in Capitulo xxix die mensis Maii anno Domini m"" cccc* 
viij, coram vcnerabilibus viris magistro J. de Neuton, Tlioma 
Walleworth, et Willelmum Waltbam. 

* On the whole, this is the most remarkiible document comieoted with the 
history of the fahric that has heen discoyered. Mr. Browne had not seen it when 
he compiled his account of the minster, against which it militates in no small 
do^ee. It was laid before Professor yyillis bv Mr. Canon Ilaroourt, and that 
acute and aooomplishcd master of architectural fore draws some oouulusious from 
it in his description of the Cathedral, which appear to me to be irresistible. 

Its principal value is, that if all other evidence were wanting, it settles Uie date 
of the completion of the stone-work of the choir. I shall quote the Professor's 
owu wonls: ''As the fourth pier is mentioned, Uiroe others must have been 
ali'uiuly completed, and as the eastern onus would probably bo flrst o|)eratod upon 
HH nearest to the choir, and as the jKMition of the workshop is in the north tran- 
sept, it may be concluded that the pier in question b the north-west pier. How- 
ever, the principal point to the purpose is, that according to the argument I have 

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In primis onliiiatum est de oonsonsu Capituli miod providea- 
tiir Willclmo Wadcswyk^ mutilato latomo, quod babeat vadia sua 
ad terminum vitsB suee, ita tamen quod fidelem diligenciam ad- 
hibeat circa fabricam Ecclesis predicts. 

Item ordinatum est quod non fiat mutacio in forma alicujus 
operis in fabrica sine consensu expresso Capituli. 

Item ordinatum est quod serventur statuta Ecdesise quantum 
ad latomos^ et declarentur dubia, quum videbitur expedire, per 

Item quod ordinetur supervisor qui continue sit presens in 
logio, quantum poterit, et notet defectus exeuncium et ingre- 
diencium^ et ad excitandum diligenciam latomorum : et ordina- 
tum est per Capitulum quod donutius Robertus Appilton^ vicarius^ 
sit supervisor latomorum. 

Item quod negligencise puniantur in diminucione vadiorum 
et qui incorrigibiles expellantur. Item quod nuUus admittatur 
in logio ad operaudum nisi de consensu canonicorum, si presentcs 
fuerint, et magistri operis. Item quod roagistcr latamus et mr- 
diani ct mtyorcs latomi prestent juramentum cofpohde de fideli- 
tate et diligencia^ et quod, si concreverint aliquas Iconsignatione^ 
sou conspiracionem inter latamos, fideliter revelent dominis de 
Capitulo. Item ordinatum est quod omnis latomus juret cor- 
poraliter de servando fideliter statuta coucementia latomos. 
Item communicandum est cum roagistro latomorum super im- 
poricia latomorum. Item quod ordinetur de libris existentibus 
m manibus domini cancellarii. (Dicit dominus precentor quod 
cancellarius habet unum portiphorium magnum non notatum 
concernens dignitatem cancellarii.) 

Item ordinatum est quod veteres lapides non vendantur. 
Item quod statutum Ecdcsias de latomis duplicctur et rcscribatur 
in scriptura legibili. 

Ordinacio, xv Novembris, 1409. 

In primis ordinatur quod dominus Tbomas de Ilaxey sit 

employed above, the mason-work of the choir must have been oompleted before 
the date of this document (namely, 1409), and long enough before to give time 
for the casing of the other three piers.'* I have already said that, in aU pro- 
bability, the western part of the onoir was oompleted before the year 1406, and 
this date seems to be correct. 

The work which was entrusted to Haxey was merely the re-casing of the 
cnstermost face of the north-west pier. It was of Norman masonry, and had 
been erected by Archbishop Thomas. The work of that prelate was now con- 
cealed with masonry in the perpendicular style, to give as much uniformity as 
was possible to the whole structure. The coynes, also, on the outside of the 
tower, were removed or sc^uarod, and the wall at the comers of the tower was 
carried up smooth and i>lain. 

The document oonUins some other provisions of importance, especially with 
reference to the masons. The whole is written in a very bad and unequal hand. 

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supervisor operis iiij'* columpnn. Item quod oblaciones pro- 
venientes ct proventuree ad sepulcrum Ricardi ultimi Archiepis- 
copi convertantur ad usus operis quartse columpnse. Item omnia 
donata et legata ad fabricam ejusdem quartss columpnss con- 
vertantur ad usum columpnee predictse. Item logium pro 
ccmeutariis construendum pro oolumpna hujusmodi . sit inter 
consistorium et ostium domus capitularis. Item quod in eodem 
logio sint^ ad minus^ latomi duodecim. Item ordinatum est quod 
in antiquo logio sint xx, ad minus, latomi. Item provisio lapidum 
est concessa domino Thomse Ilaxey de consensu ejusdem. Item 
provideatur de calce carianda ad magnam quantitatem, ad minus, 
videlicet ij vcl iiij kylnes. Item provideatur de sabulo in aqua 
Use cum carecta et equis et navicula, et, si fieri possit, cum navi- 
cula Sancti Lconardi ad quantitatem magnam. Item ordinatum 
est quod le coynes in angulis campanilis ad extra subducantur 
et pro piano modo ascendat murus in angulis campanilis. Item 
ascensus graduum de Ecclesia ad campanile fiat ex parte boriali 
vcl alse ad ordinacionem domini Thomse Haxey, magistri Alani,'*' 
dominorum T. Garton et Ricardi Blakburn. Item quod dominus 
Thomas de Garton fieri transmittat absque mora sporrcs ct 
mcremium a Cawod ad fabricam. Memorandum ad communi- 
candum cum justiciariis pro furcis de novo construendis et de 
loco. Item de concordando cum procuratore domini R. Crull 
pro domibus in le Tange situatis et ad fabricam cimiterii sanctw 
Margaretse applicandis. Item capiantur gistes et sparres in 
Langwath pro cimiterio S. Margaret®. Item fiat ibi pandoxatria 
in cimiterio predicto. 

Ordinacio, 9 Apr., 1412. 

Concessum est per Capitulum quod dominus thes. habeat 
lompstanes ad murum lapideum suum construendum infra dausu- 
ram. Item quod Ileynton, monachus, habeat xx carectas lapidum, 
exceptis pavyngstones, pendantes, ascbeleres et flagges. Item 
ordinatum est, de consensu Capituli, quod quia dominus Thomas 
Haxe agit in negociis Ecclesise et Capituli £bor. quod residencia 
sua sibi allocetur tanauam personaliter presens fuisset. Item 
consensimus quod capdla de Schupton dedicetur. 

* Alan de Newark, an officer in the Court of York, and Archdeacon of Dur- 
liam. Hit) coa4Jutor8 are well known. 

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(Reg. Alex. NeviUe ii. 10, b.) 

Reyerende domine ei confrater merito honorandel Pro 
vcsjbra benigna, grata et mattura commuBicacione cum domino 
Ricardo de B. flackbumj, camerario nostro, habita, consiliisque 
et auxiliis eidem prtidentisrime preatitis, vestrce fratemitati quas 
possumus refferimus graciarum acciones ; sinceriter Bupplicantes 
quatinus opportunitate captata laborare Telitis^ 8i et quatenus 
Tobis yidebitur expedire et decere, ut ad finem honestum dedu- 
catur negocium supratactum. Insuper scire relit vestra rever- 
encia quod certi lathomi sen cementarii nephaudissimo invidiee 
spiritu coDcitati in mortem et nltimam destruccionem magistri 
Willelmi Colchester, nobis et fabric® Ecclesise nosirse per 
metaendissimum dominum nostrum regem pro regimine ejus- 
dem fabricsB per literas patentes ejusdem domini regis assig- 
nati, et in proteccione ejusdem specialiter recepti, nequiter 
conspirantes, dictum Willelmutn per insidias aggressi, enor- 
mity Tulneraverunt ; alium etiam eidem assist^tem truci- 
darunt, adeo quod de ejus vita yerisimiliter desperatur. Qua- 
propter attentissiroe supplicamus quatinus predictorum maliciam 
prefato domino nostro regi ac aliis, quibus ct quando expedire 
Tidcbitur, clarius intimctis, et si forsan aliqui veritatis et sanctse 
Ecclcsire emuli, seu minus sinistre informati prcdictis malefac- 
toribus vol eorum complicibus favcre presumpserint, eisdcm 
facto et verbo resistere velit Tcstra reverencia fratemalis, in quo 
merito residet omnis nostra confidencia singularis, latori pre- 
sencium in hiis fidem credulam adhibentes, Vestri utriusque 
hominis incrementum semper regat et dirigat nostri demencia 
Redemptoris I Scripta, etc. 

* A ourioufl letter, which hu found ite way into the register of Arohbiahop 
Alexander NeviUe, in which many dooumente of a like nature have been inserted. 
It is addressed by the Chapter to some unknown persons. We may assume, how- 
ever, that it was written to the Bean, John Prophete, whose avocs^dons as Keeper 
of the privy seal, would necessarily oblige him to spend the greater part of his 
time at Court. It may, perhaps, have been sent to Thomas Haxey, who was 
frecmently in London. 

The Chapter mention an assault which had been made upon William Col- 
chester, the master-mason, and one of his party, by mne of his discontented 
brethren. The exact date of Colchester's appointanent is not known, but we 
find 1dm presiding over the masons between the years 1415 and 1419. He had 
been selected for that office by the king, in all probability over the heads of the 
senior masons. The master-mason had generally, if not always, been selected 
from the staff of the ftibrio, and the masons, indignant at this encroachment upon 
their privileges, had fiillen upon their new master and had grievously maltreated 
him. The Chapter desire their representative to acquaint the king with the 
circumstances of the cose. 

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XLY^.-^Capitulum 8crib|t pohinq JJ. Aiichibpiscopo 
Ebor.* (Domesday Book, 127, a.) 

Beverendissime pater et doinine I Premissis omni rev^repcia 
et lionore, Pecanu^ et Capitulmu ^SoclesiaB vestrae Ebor., atteu- 
dentes opera gravia yestrse patemitati^ humeris ipcumbencia, 
prependentes, insuper, necessitudineip inevitabilem et sumptuo- 
sitatem quasi importabilem fabricse Ecqlesise yestne predictee, 
considerautes eciam auam grato ^nimo in yestrss promocionis 
exordio in magnuip relev^roen fabricte predicts^ arborcs et merc- 
mium in bono numcro contulistis, B|)erant08quo indubie dietam 
fabrioam vcstris temporibus non solun^ prosperari, sed, gratia 
Piyina fayente et yestri, feliciter ao celeriter consummari, con- 
senciunt quod obligacionei^ super et de summa eel. libramm 
eertis personis amiei? magistri Roberti Halomit nunc episoopi 
Sarum., mutuata confectae, yestne paternit^ti realiter libereutur : 
ita tamen quod actus iste non trabatur in consequenciam, cou- 
suctudinem, seu exempluip, qni ex yestra libcralitato duntaxat 

1>rQcedit, quodqqe Decanus et Capitubim predieti contra onuies 
lac occasione ipsos inquietare seu yexare presumentes per yestram 
paternitatem actualiter defendantur. Scripta Ebor. xi!" die 
mensis Augusti. 

* An undated letter, which oocura, among other important documents, in the 
Domesday book of the Chapter. It was probably written between 1414 and 1418. 
We Icom Arora it that Archbishop Bowet hm made a present of wood to the 
Chapter soon after his aoceesiofi to the see. More is now required, and the 
authorities of the minster do not scruple ^ apply to their diocesan for a fiurther 
donation. In the l^bric rolls for 1418 and 1419 donations of wood ftrom the 
Archbishop are recorded, and they, perhaiw, were evoked by tliis letter trom the 
Chapter. A new Ubrary vma now being built, and there were other works con- 
nected with the fabric upon which the car])enters were emnloyed. 

t Uobert Hullam, the celebrated statesman, became prebendarjr of Osbaldwick 
in 1400. In 1407 he was promoted to the see of Salisbury, which he held till 
the autumn of 1417. He died at Constance whilst he was attending the Council 
as one of the representatives of the English Court. He was interred with great 
state in the Cathedral in that place, and a magnificent brass was placed over his 
remains, which is still in existence. It is engraved and described in the Archao- 
logia, XXX., 480-7. It apT>ears that HalUun, before his consecration, had induced 
some of his friends to lend the sum of 250/. to the Chapter of York. 

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XLVII. — SoHB Account of Thomas Haxbt^ treasurer 
OF York.* 

Thomas Haxbt, an ecclesiastic who is stiU remembered in 
York for his piety and munificence^ although there is little 
known about him.^ 

In 1884 he became rector of Pulham, in Norfolk^ which he 
exchanged, in the same year, for the living of St. Nicholas, Cole 
Abbey, in the diocese of London.' On 31 Jan., 1385-6, the 
king presented him to the rectory of Toppsfield, in the same 
diocese. This he held for six months,' ana on 9 Aug., 1387, he 
was pres** by John Lord Roos to the rectory of Denge, which 
ho resigned in May, 1388.^ On 23 Aug., 1386, he became 
rector of Crawley, Bucks.* On 31 Jan., 1380-90, he was col- 
lated to the stall at Tarrin, at Lichfield, which he held till he 
died.* On Oct. 2, 1390, he was inducted to the church of St« 
Andrew, at Histon, in the diocese of Ely, at the pres"** of Sir 
Wm. Thorp, etc.^ On Nov. 3, in the same year, he was pres** 
to the rectory of Great Linford, Bucks, which he resigned in 
i391.» In 1395 (23 Aue.), he was coll^ to the stall of 
Scamlesby, at Lincoln,' which he gave up when he became 
preb^' of Farrendon cum Balderston, in the same church on 
21 Not., 1402. This stall he filled till he died.^o He was also 
rector of Brington, Northants.^* 

In the diocese of Durham, Haxcy held a stall at Howden.^' 
On 23 Oct., 1423, Cardinal Langley empowered him, together 
with John Notynffham, treasurer, and Wm. Cawod, canon res'* 
of York, Wm. Dalton, prior S. M. Ebor. and Stephen Percy, 
parson in Eccl. Ebor., to visit St. Nicholas^ hospitaJ, in York.^' 
When Haxev died, in 1424-6, he was master of Lasenby hospital, 
near Northallerton.^* 

Haxcy^s first connection with the diocese q{ York appears to 
have been his institution to the rectory of Laxton^ Notts, at the 

* Some apology is due for the insertioii of this memoir of Hazej. It is taken 
from the Ftati Bboraoenses, whioh, with God*8 blessing, I trust to be able to com- 
plete before long. Haxe^ was so great a benefiustor to the Ihbrio that this noUoe 
of him may, perhi^)s, not be deemed out of place in this yolume. 

> Qent (bUUny qf York, 142), calls him John Haxby, oliancellor, and says 
that he died in 1482. Brake also (Shortteum, 601), foils into a like errw. but 
gives him his proper office. Mr. Poole follows Brake. Ai the present day Haxey 
IS generally called Haxby in York. ' Blomefleld's Norfolk, ?., 800. * New- 
court's Repertorium, ii., 608. ^ Ibid., ii., 211. ' Lipsoombe's Bucks, It., 128. 
• Ijc Nctc, ii., 131, and Ormerod's Cheshire, ii., 107. ' Baker*s MSB. apud 
Cantab., xxzi., 210. ' Lipscombe's Bucks, It., 224. * Le Neve, n. e., ii., 
203. *• Ibid., ii., 160. " Willis's Cathedrals, iii., 284. » Hutchinson's 
Burham, iii. 451. " Beg. Langley, at Durham, 101, b. ^* Ibid., 125, a. 

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I)re8** of Sir Reginald de Everingham, on May 17> 1393. This 
iving he resigned in Jan., 1407-8. In 1404-6, be became pre- 
bendary of Barnby, at York. He was also a canon residentiary. 
On Dec. 18, 1405, the see being then vacant, the Dean and 
Chapter of York admitted him to the stall of Rampton, at 
Southwell, at the presentation of the king: This he gave up in 
1418. In 1415 he was made an executor, and had a legacy of 
20/. in the futile will of Henry Lord Scrope, of Masham, ^' and 
three years after this he took an active part in requiring repara- 
tion at the hands of another member of the same noble house, 
for an outrage which had boon committed in York miiistcr.i* In 
1418 he became treasurer of York, giving up his stall of Darnby. 
On Oct. 1, 1419, he was inducted to the prebend of Monkton, 
at Bipon, exchanging for it, with John Brommesgrave, his 
prebend of Bedminster, at Salisbury, and this, on Nov. 16, 1423, 
he again exchanged -with Thos. Bryan, for the stall of St. 
Catharine, at Beverley. Twice, on 6 Nov. 1423, and on the 
20th of March following, did the Dean and Chapter of York 
make him keeper of the spiritualities during the vacancy of 
the see. 

During his residence at York, Haxey took an especial in- 
terest ill the works of the Minster, indeed he was by far the 
most active member of the Capitular body. In 1409 he was 
desired to superintend the alteration of the fourth pier of the 
lantern tower. In 1418 he gave 26/. 13s. 4d. to cover the new 
library with lead, and on that account his arms, or, three buckles 
in fess, sable,^^ ^ere placed in the windows of that room.^® The 
same bearing occurs on one of the key-stones of the vaulting in 
the north aisle of the choir. Ilaxey was also the donor of certain 
plate to the Minster, as will be seen in the Inventory. We have 
seen that Haxey was a man of more than ordinanr munificence 
and administrative talent. He was also distinguished for his in- 
dependence of character, and dared to speak what he thought 
when freedom of speech or opinion was menaced by our kings. 
In the parliament of 1397 he was one of the representatives of 
the clergy in the Commons, and in that capacity suggested tlie 
propriety of a reform in the king's household, which was at that 
time more than ordinarily extravagant. The indignant monarch 
caused Haxey to be condemned to die as a traitor by an tx post 
facto law I Then came the bishops, '' £t prieront a roy humble- 
ment, q' lui plerroit de sa grace avoir pity & mercie del dit 
Thomas, ct luy ottroier & donir sa vic.^'^' Their petition was 

>• Foedera, is., 288. ^ Browne, ii., 212, and Test. Ebor., ii., 185-6. 

»y Browne, 226. » Brake, 482. >• Eot. Pari., Ui., 841. 

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Buccessiul, and Haxey's life was spared. We cannot but admire 
his firmness, for he was a man 

" Qui libera posset 
Verba animi proferre et vitam impendere Tero."** 

Haxey's will, which is undated, was proved at York on the 
23rd of Jan., 1424-6. He desires to be buried in York Minster, 
** Ubi sepulcrum^ meum ordinatum est.^' He remembers the 
poor at Laxton, Tarvin, Bedminster, Bampton, Melton Boos, 
Scamelby, Brington, Bythem and Weston, Crawley and Howden. 
To his poor tenants in the Isle of Axholme, and, specially, in 
the parish of Haxey,** he gives ten marks. Five marks are left 
to the fabric of Southwell minster to repair the bells, the belfrey 
and the church, if he die within a year. To the use of Lincoln 
Cathedral he gives a precious chalice, which is in the treasury at 
Southwell, with a paten, full gilt, and bearing upon the foot: the 
five joys of the Blessed Virgin. To Salisburv Cathedral he 
leaves a precious cross, which is also at Southwell, of silver gilt, 
with Mary and John.^ To John Bekyngham, otherwise called 
John of the Botery, he gives his lands and tenements in Beck- 
iiigham and Hampton, ^hich arc held of the Duke of Lancaster. 
To Thos. Haythorp, Esq., John Bekyngham, his cousin, and 
Thos. Takell, mason, his nephew, he leaves ten marks each. To 
the fabric of York Minster, lOOs. To the table •* (a$ it 19 called) 
of the high altar there, he gives 20 silver dishes and 20/. To 
the Abbot and Convent of Selby 20 marks. To the Prioress 
and Convent of Brodholme, 10/. To repair the tower of Ramp- 
ten church, 10/., and for the repairs of the church of Ilowden, 
and the chapel of Lasenby, two sums of 10/. are bequeathed. 

Haxey is said te have died on Jan. 21,'^^ 1424-6. He took 
eood care that his name should be remembered. At Southwell 
he was the founder of a chantry, which he endowed with a 

* Juvenal Bat., iv., 01. *' I have not translated this, «s 1 have some 
doubts as to the meaning of " sepulofum/' It sometimes signifies a monument^ 
at other times, simplj a place of interment. " This bequest, probably, gives 
us the teslator*s birth-place. Haxbj would give him a verv diflTerent jpofna. 
» The usual aooomnanmients of the crucifix. A tradesman m Durham has, at 
the present time, in his possession a beautiful cross of this description, complete. 
It is of bronse, and has been rich with enamel. The story goes that it came fh>m 
York. ^ Mr. Browne makes some interesting remarks upon the Uihula altarit. 
We must not imagine that it was merely a flat surface. The high altar at York 
must have been gorgeously decorated. Haxey's silver dishes would be a great 
boon to the Chapter, and we can well imagine that they would be speedily melted 
down and converted, Uke the misused censers of old, " into bnxMl platM for a 
covering to the altar." * Brake's Eboracum, 602. This date, however, is 
incorrect Brake is'miserably inaccurate, and has acquired a far greater reputa- 
tion than he deserves. In the Archbishop's register on, Jan. 8, is the following 
sentence : " Hio moriebatur dominus Haxey oustos spiritualitatis." 

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biirgoffo in that town, and lands at Beckingham, BolC| Batbelcy, 
and Normanton.^ At York, also, bis executors establislicd a 
chantry and a yearly obit to commemorate bim at the altar of 
St. Thomas of Canterbury. This was munificently endowed 
with an annual rent charge of 18 marks, to be paid by the Lord 
Mayor and the citizens of York. At the Reformation, the City 
begged to be released from this payment, and to convert it, 
according to the custom of the day, to other purposes.^ 

Chantry and altar are now gone, but in the north aisle of the 
nave in York Minster is still a monument called ^^Ilaxby^s 
tomb/' It lies north and south, and is placed against the 
onstormost pillar in that aisle. It formerly lay east and wcst,^ 
but was removed to its present position in 1735.^ It represents, 
to use Torre's words, '^ the effigies of a man in his winding- 
sheet, and raised in solid white stone, inclosed on both sides and 
at the head with iron grates about a yard high, which support an 
altar-stone of black marble about 8 yards lonff.''^ WiUis, in 
his description, speaks of Haxe^'s tomb as having ** at top 
his skeleton, and under it his effigies;'''^ but in this he appears 
to be incorrect* Our ancestors were fond of depicting the form 
of a skeleton. The general notion about such memorials, and 
it obtains in this case, is that rents and offerings were paid upon 
the stone, the very sight of which was calculated to inspire a 

f roper fedinsr of devotion, and to drive away deceit and fraud, 
t IS probable enough that a treasurer would put up such a 
memorial, and therefore the tradition that Haxey erected it, is, 
perhaps^* correct. It is not, however, his tomb, although even 
in Torre's time it was ^^ commonly mistaken'' for it. Haxc^'s 
bones were laid a little to the south of it under *' a blue marble 
about 5 yards long, which has been esoocheoned at corners, and 
on a plate at the head bears the inscription"^ recorded bv 
Drake. Drake and Mr. Poole engrave the skeleton-tomb which 
is placed, appropriately enougb> against the fourth pillar of the 
lantern, the renovation of which was placed under Haley's 
charge in 1409. 

» Thorotoa't NoUi, 316. v Browne*! York Minrter, 230. » Br. 

WIIUa'i (>UhedraU, L » Browne, 314. ** Torre't Hbitory of York MiiMtor. 
1G5, » WUlii't CathednOa, L, 4. » Torre, ut aupnL 

Digitized by 




Jan. 2, 1466-7* Willeltnud CotytighRm-— «ep in cimitetio 
eccl. S. Michaelis de Berefrido, inter corpora Wilieltni et 
Johannis, qaondam filiorum meorum. Lego UHUm palhaim 

* The will of » penon who wu tot many yein the maflter-cwpenter at the 
minster. Although there it little pertaining to the testator's orail in the docu- 
ment, it is not deroid of interest Out of the teetiunentarj registers of the Dean 
and Chapter I have gathered ttie following tioUoes of some of tneir workmeii and 
offioers : — 

Die deooll. 8. Joh., 1822. Magisier Simon le Masonn, oementarius. Sep. in 
navi mi^oris Eccl. Ebor. Lego 20s. ad opus dictn tlccl^iie. Yolo qUod porous 
expendatur die sepultura mese in oonvocaoione Tidnohml. Lego t maroas 
ajrgenti ad oelebrandum pro anima mea, eto. Lego Omnibus oementariis cmornn- 

tibufl in Alstar* dimidium Volo quod Willelmus de Dolby vendat liu)itlos 

monnoreos pro tumbis. Alicia*, uxor! meto, aoram terms in Boutham, redoendo 
inde unam rosam tempore rosarum. 

Die Dom. ante fcstum Epijph., 1827. Bicardns de Drigges, carpontar. Sep. 
in Eodesia S. Petri juxta WiUebaium Fle^he, si custodes fabricn hoc permittere 
▼oluerint, una cum o thakebordes ad fabricam : sin autem, in oemiteno eoclesiae 
S. WilfridL Johanni, filio meo, j tabard meiun de parseto. Domino Willdmo 
de Brigges, capellano. j haohet et j wymbell oum meliori meo grophime. 

Oct 6, 1861. Johannes Alban, payntoui*, Ebor. 8et>. in Oath. Ebor., inter 
fontem et hostium occidentale. EnbriosB, 20i. 

Dec. 8, 1861. Alida Alban, relicta ejusdem. Sep. in Oath., juxta virum 
meum. Gilberto meliorem li^idem pro oolore molando cumj molour.^ Willelmo, 
servienti meo, unum lapidem pro coloribus oum j molour. F^retroSancti Hioma) 
O&ntiiar. unum anulum aureum sine lapide. iPeretro Sanoti Willelmi Ebor. 
unum anulum auri oum kwide rubeo. 

March 12, 1872-8. Johannes de Cotyngfaam, rector dodesiis de Northcave. 
Sep. ibidem, vel coram altari S. Willelmi in Eodesia Ebor. F^ricn Eccl. Ebor., 
Iw. DiTersis Oapellanis post diem meum extremuni Divina oelebraturis pro 
anima mea ill Northcave 40 miircatf. Abbati et Conventui de Melsa xl. taooas 
Mscentes apud fiayholm. Lego melius ooopertorium meum paroohianis de 
Northecave ad oooperiendum feretrum pauptorum mortuorum. Leg6 tapetum 
ooopertorii predicU ad pendendum coram magno altaH. 

Oct. 22, 1406. WUlelmus Barkar, de Tadcastre. Sop. in ccd. de Tadoastre 
in o^lla Beati Nicholai. Lego in convooaoione amlcorum meorum tres boves, 
quatuor yitttlos, x^ oves, quatuor poroos. Fabricfe Ecd. Oath, carvyng unius 
shyppfull petrvrum per aauam. Johanni Saltmarch togam quie nut corrodii 
domini Walter! Talboyfl. Johantii Gray togam de oorrodiO gifd« S. Oatherinie. 
Boberto Mauleverer comu meum. 

March 10, 1407-8. Johannes Awstyn, oarpentarius, de Ebor. Sep. in eccl. 
S. Michaelis de BellefHdo juxta tumulum Katerin» fllin me». Novo opcri 
Eccl. Ebor. omnia mea polys de ere. Petro, apprenticio meo, j ohirax, j fhuner, 
j blokker, j twybvU, j mortas wymbyll,j bandwymbyll, j hoke, y planes, j swyer, 
et j treangiU. ^abncn Oath., 8s. 4d. 

June 14, 1414. Johannes de Brompton de Ebor., sementarius. Sep. in 
cimiterio Oath. Ebor. inter duo pinnaoula stanoia ad ostium australe dictn Eo- 
desisD. IVd)ric8B, 12d. 

1487. Job. Chambre, dvis et glasyer Ebor. Sep. in eccl. 8. Elone in Stayn- 
gate. Fabricn Oath. 6s. 8d.— March, 1450-1. Job. Chaumbre de Stabegate, 
glasyer. Sep. in nave eccl. S. Elenio ante orudflxum. F^ricn Oath., 12d. 

June 11, 1460. Joh. Wittoil de Ebor., glasyer. Ad faotUram taberniouli ad 

Digitized by 



torche comburendum iu eadem ecclesia temDore elevacionis 
cukoristite. Fabnco) ISccl. Cath., 208. Willelmo Isabell, do 
NorthowB projie Cotyngham, unum dagarium harnesiatum, cum 
lokittes, chape, et rose argenti. Isabellse, film dicti Willelmi, 
togam mixti coloris atragiilatam quondam liberaturam magistii 
Willelmi Duffeld^ meam aubtuniculam do harden cloth, cum 
stokkes de corrco. Johanuse, sorori suse, unum culcitrum. An- 
glicg a quilt, conteztum cum nodis et torquibus, unum cande- 
labrum cum duobuB pediculis, Anglic^ flowres, meam sonam 
pelliceam cum lea bokell et pendant de argento, duo auperpellec- 
tilia, unum blodii et aibi coloris cum ymaginibus volucrum, duas 
lodices blaklisted. Thomn iilio Johannis Qollc unum Karlcl 
axe. Roberto Gk>lle gladium meum cum scuto. Stephano Isa* 
bell arcum meum cum sagittis. Julianse Clerk unum supellec- 
tile textum cum lea estrichfedyrs. (Pr. 13 July, 14>57). 

ANQLliK DB FACTO, ET NON DB JURB, BTC^ (1^- Laur. Booth, 

113, a.) 

liaui^ncius, etc., dilecto nobis in Christo magistro Willelmo 
Poteman, legum doctori, ac nostra curisd consistorialis Ebor. 

vmaginem S. £leD» in eod. S. Elemo de novo fkbrioandi, IScL FabriosD Cath. 
Ebor., 8s. 4d. Johanni Chaumbre, magistro meo, 10s. 

Nov. 21, 1462. Job. Pjrkering, uaus trium saoristarum Eod. Ebor. Sep. in 
cimiterio S. Miob de Bercmdo juxtA murum libraria) Eocl. Ebor. Lego ad iisum 
fabricw j oordam oont. xliiij (kwdom ad usum oonsooiorum meorum saorbiarum, 
j magnum pik, j vangam, j masson az, j cbesell, j trowell et j craw de ferro ibidem 
pro uictura sepulororum deservienda^ et usum unius oiste juxta ostium librarise 
pro eiidem doserviendo). 

Nov. 10, 1466. Job. Wryght, carpeniarius. Sep. in eocl. 8. Mich, de Bere- 
frido. Fabrics) Cath., 18d. Jobanno Wilson, servienti meo, unum dolobrium 
et j blokker. 

June 24, 1605. Willehnus Hyndelejr de Ebor. latamus— sep. in Eod. Cath. 
Ebor. sub novo campanile juzta tumulum uxoris mee. Lego meam optimam 
togam pro meo mortuario, cum feltro et leri^peo meo. Lego ad omamenta 
emenda pro altari B. M. in eodesia mea paroobiau per ciintodes gild» ejusdem, 
8s. 4d. Lego iabriccD Beati Petri Ebor. omnia et singula instrumonta mea ad 
artificium cementariorum spectancia. Lego insirumenta mea pertinentia ad les 
gravyng in plaite Willelmo Qilmyn derioo meo paroohiali. Le^o pro sepultura 
mea et pulsacione (oampanarum, IDs. Residuum Margaretw uxon men et Henrico 
Plomer Dlio meo. 

Feb. 12, 1622-8. Christoror Ilomer, mason, mygbtie of mynd and of a hooll 
myndftilnoss. To Sanct Petur work all mv tuvllis williin the mason lughe. 

* A document of historical as well as local value. It records the veneration 
iliat was felt and shewn for the memory and sufferings of Henry VI. 

Some of the greatest battles between the rival houses of York and Lancaster 

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• • • 

official! salutein^ otc. Ex utnus^ue juris pagina^ ihter alia^ 
didicimus quod iion debemus abqaem detuncttiin tanquam 
Sanctam, quantumcumaue bonee vitm fuerit, pnblioe venerari^ 
ant eidem palam et publice offerrey donee idem defonctus ab 
ecdesia et a Romano pontifioe fnerit approbatus, ac ejUsdem 
defuncti nomen in eathalogo Bomani pontificis fuerit aicriptum : 
si qui8 Tel qui contrafacere preaumpserit vel presumpserint^ 
secundum canonum inatituta pnnietur et punientur, cum eccleaia 
roilitaria aepe fallit et fallitur. Nonnlfi tamen nostrse Ebor. 
diocesios Chriati fideles^ premisaorum canonum scioli, ipsis cano- 
nibua splretia et neglectis^ auctoritate propria, et auctoritate 
ecclesise sive Bomani pontificis minime sufiiilti^ locum^ nbi 
atatua sive ymago Henrici sexti quondam de facto regis Angliee 
in Ecclesia nostra metropolitica Ebor. situabatur, yenerari, et 
ibidem publice ofiere presumpscrunt, quamquam ipsius corpus 
non ibiacm sed aliunde sit humatum, in contemptum ecclesiic 
universalisi et in vilipendium domini nostri Edwardi^ Anglorum 
regis quarti, aliorumque Christi fidelium exemplum perniciosum. 
Quare Tobis firmiter injungendo mandamus quaienus moneatis 

bad taken place in the oounty of York, and in no part of England had the 
stni^le excited greater interest We need not be surprifled, therefore, when we 
read of the honours that were paid to the weak but gontie-minded chief of the 
house of Lancaster after his decease. Many attempts were made to procure the 
insertion of his name in the cataloffue of the saints, but without success ; his 
merits were not deemed worthy of so high an honour, and he was merely 

There were few towns of any consequence in England in which an image of 
the king was not erected in the principal church. There was one at Bipon and 
another at Durham. At York the deceased king received peculiar honours. 
The Bean, Richard Andrew, had been his private secretary, and the minster, 
therefore, was not long without some memorial of his master. In the screen, 
which owed its origin to Andrew, there was a statue of Henry in the lost niche, 
and it is probable enough that this was the image to which the Archbishop refers. 
Within tne memoir of man that niche was vacant and it is quite possible that 
the figure of the king might have been taken out of it in obedience to the order 
which is now printed. In 1516 a sum of money was paid by the Chapter for 
paintinff an image of Ring Henry. Bid this occupy the niche in the screen f 
If it dicC it was removed at &e dissolution, when altars and efilgies were destroyed. 
In the great inventory of the church furniture we find sevend things recorded 
which belonged to an altar dedicated to Henry YL 

I have, in another place, given some notices of the king in connection with 
his sojourn in Craven in the household of the Pudsay's of Bolton. An old 
service-book, which belonfled to that ancient house, contains several prayers and 
a long hvmn to the beatified monarch. A roll of prayers, in a contemporary 
hand, and addressed to the same personage, is now in my possession. I Wust, at 
some futnre time, to be able to give an aooount of Henry's wanderings in the 
North of England, and of the respect which was there paid to him. 

Archbishop Booth issued this order, as we may supposo, in obodionoe to the 
wishes of Edward IV. In the groat struggle which was now over, that prelate 
hod changed sides more than once, and it is not probable, therefore, that this 
expression of his opinion would have much weight either with the Chapter of 
York or with the crowds of Lancastrians who visited tile minster. 

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omnibue «t singulis decanis totios nostne Ebor. diocesios, qua- 
tinus decani ot eorum auilibet, omnes et singulos in ipsius scu 
il>sorum dccanatu yel decanatibus moneat seu moneant cum 
effectu, quos eciam nos presentium tenore monemus quod ipsi 
et eorum singuU de cetero ab hujusmodi veneracione dicti loci in 
prediota nostra Ecclesia Metropolitica Ebor. se abstineant, sub 
pena juris. Intiraantes omnibus et singulis Christi fidelibus 
dictse nostras diocesios si preseps contra prius nostrum manda- 
tum aliquid attemptare presumpserint seu presumpserit aliquis 
eoruradem, quod nos taliter puuiemus quod ceteri exemplo pre- 
teriti consimilia perpetrare formidabunt. Data, etc., apud 
Scroby, 27 Oct., 1479. (Reg. 118, 1.) 

L. — Beckpcio regis Bicardi tsrcii apud Ebor. cum 


(Ex libro penes Dec. et Cap. Ebor. X. 70, a.) 

Memorandum quod xxix die mensis Augusti, scilicet,^ in 
festo decoUacionis S. Johannis Baptistas anno Domini m.cccc. 

* An inYaluable document, giving an aooount of a visit made to the oitjr of 
York by Richard III. Feeling, as well as policy, attached that monarch to the 
county of York, and one of hig earliest aotn after he aaoended the throne, was to 
make a royal progress into the North. It ia much to be regretted that the 
account of this progress is so brief, but we can well ima^ne what the scene 
would be when we read the account of the reception which was given by the 
city of York to the daughter of Henry YII., when she was on her way to join 
her husband-elect in Scotland. Few pictures have ever been so vividly painted, 
and none leave a more striking impression. 

So much has been said about this visit by mr friend, Mr. Davies, in his very 
UfloAil and excellent work. Extract$ firom the MuiMpal Records of the OUy of 
Yorkt that I need not dwell upon the subject here. I may, perliara, bo excused 
for pUioin^ before mv readers the account which t^e chronicler Hall gives of the 
visit. It IS an excellent commentary upon the document that I now ffive : — 

*' He toke his jorney toward the countie of York, where the people, abuayng 
his lawfiiU favoure (as he bothe fkvoured and trusted them in his hart), had of 
late presiuned to attempte divers routes and riottes oontrarie to his lawes and 
enfryngvng of his peace, and uppon hope of his'mayntenaunce, were so elated 
that no lora, were he never of so great power, could either pacific or rule them 
tvU the kyng hymselfe came personally thether to set a concorde and an unitie in 
that countree, and to bridell and rule the rude and rustioall and bluster^rnge 
bolde people of that region, and so he by long joumeyinge came to the citie of 
Yorke, where the citesens reoeyved hym with great pompe and triumphe, accord- 
vng to ye aualities of their oducadon and quantitie of their substounce and 
habilitie, and made divers doles plaves and pageantes in token of joy and solace. 
Wherefore kyng Richard magnified and applauded of the northe nacion, & also 
to shewe hymseif apparantlie before them m habyte royal with sceptre in hande 
and diademe on his bed, made prodamacion that all personee should resorte to 

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octogerimo tercio^ Ricardus terciuB, rex Angliee et Francise venit 
ad civitatem Ebor. cum regina et principe attendentibus j cum 
aliis pluribus magnatibns tam spintualibus quam temporalibus^ 
scilicet, quinque episcopis, Dunelmensi, Wigomensi, AaBaphensi, 
Carliolenai, Menuevensi et Sancti David (BtcJ^ comitibus, North- 
umbriee, SuninetLincolUi dominis Lovell, Fetishugh, Stanley, 
Strawyng, Lile, Orastok et aliis multis, et receptiM a civitate 
cum processione solempniter ad capellam Sancti Jacobi extra 
niuros. Et sic intravit in civitatem honorifice, per diversas 
visiones et ornamenta civitatis, usq^ue ad Ecclesiam Metropoli- 
tanam Sancti Petri. Et ibi hononfice receptus est cum pro- 
cessione et domino Decano et canonicis, cum omnibus ministris 
dictae Ecclesise in capis sericis blodii colons ad hostium Ecclesiee 
occidentale: aqua benedicta aspersus et thurificatus, scabello 
ordinato ad fontem dixit Pater Nosier. Et sic succeutor vica- 
riorum-incipicbat responsorium de Trinitate, scilicet, Honor, 
Virtus, et nnitur a cnoro ante gradum magni altaris. Et ibi 
fuit pausacio quasi unius Pater Nosier et Ave Maria. Tunc 
Decanus indpiebat preces, scilicet, et ne nos inducas, etc., pro 
rege. Hoc facto, Decanus et canonici cum ministris recesserunt 
in stallas dum finiatur Amen cum organo. Et tunc incipiunt 
spalmum TV, Deum, laudamus, a prelato executore officii, et 
finitur a choro et organo* Et immediate incipitur anthema de 
Trinitate a sucoentore, scilicet, Oracias iibi, Deus, etc., cum 
versiculis et oracione de Trinitate. Et sic processit in palacium 
domini Archicpiscopi. Et in festo Nativitatis B. M. proximo 
sequente venerunt rex et regina coronati ad processionem in 
Ecclesiam predictam, principe et omnibus dominis antedictis 
tam spiritualibus quam temporalibus, Episcopo Dunelm. execu- 
tore officii, magno altarc ornato cum xij Apostolis argenteis et 
deauratis cum multis aliis reUquiis domini regis, quse ibi stete- 

Tork on the dale of the MBonoion of oure Lordo, where all men dhoulde boihe 
beholde and se hym, his quene and prinoe in there high estates and degrees, and 
also for their good wyUes, shoulde reoeyre manj thankes, large benefttes and 
muniftoente rewardes. At the daye apoinoted the hole olergie assembled in oopes 
richely revested, and so with a reverente oeremonie went aboute the dtie in 
procession ; after whome folowed the king with his oroune and soepter, appareilled 
in his oiroot robe roTS^, aocompaip^ed with no smaU nomber of ye nobilitie of 
his reabne : after wnom marohed m order auene Anne, his wife, likewyse orouned 
ledinge on her lefte hande prynoe Edward ner sonne, havyng on his bed a demy 
crowne a^poynoted for the degree of a prinoe. The kvng was had in thai 
triumphe in suche honour, and to oommon people of the Noithe so rejoysed that 
they extolled and praysed nym far above the starres." 

I have already spoken of Eiohard's munifioent gifle to the oity and minster 
of York, and of his proposed college for a hundred priests. " which foundaoion," 
as the chronicler says, "with the founder shortelve toie an ende." In the 
inventory thore is a record of the treasures that he bestowed upon the high 

p 2 

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runt usque horam aextam in nocte. Et post roissanl omneB 
redic^nt in palacium et ibi creatus est princeps a domino rcgc 
ante prandium in aula eoram omriibus^ et sedebant coronati ad 
prandium per spacium quatuor borarum. Et ibi erant Decanus, 
Robertus Both ; canonici, scilicet, thesaurarius Portingtoii, Pote- 
man archidiaconus Ebqr., ac subdecanus^ et quatuor idii prebeu^ 
darii ; decem personos Ecclesise Ebor. ; xij vicarii chorales cum 
aliis ministris Ecclesiae. 

LI. — Invbntorium omnium jooalium, vasorum auri bt 


MiTRiB. In primis una niitra bona ex dono domini Walter! 

* I need not, I am sure, apologise for placing before my readers, in a work of 
this nature, the valuable inventory which is now given. It has been already 
printed in the Uonastioon, but a oareftil examination of the original, which is still 
preserved among the muniments of the Dean and ChiH)ter of York, has enabled 
me to correct many blunders and omissions in that laborious work. 

Few inventories of this description are to be met with, and too great a value 
cannot be set upon them. They give us a very vivid picture of the great wealth 
of our churches, and of the height to which the goldnnith and the embroiderer 
had carried their respective arts. Nor must we forget the piet^ of the donors 
which is duly recorded. Each gift, we may believe, had its pecuhac interest, and 
when it was unfolded or taken out of its case to be gased at and admired, we can 
weU imagine how the exhibitor would descant upon its beauties and enumerate 
the good deeds of each bene&otor to the treasurv. Each and all of these splendid 
ornaments are now gone, and of the B|)lendia church-Aimiture of the middle 
%^ there are now but few remnants. 

I must refer my readers, especially, to two other magnificent inventories of 
the same character, detailing the treasures which formerly adorned the churches 
of Lincoln and St. Wul's. They are to be found in the Rittary <^ St, PauVt and 
in the Motuutioon. 

Tlie York inventorv was compiled soon after the year 1600. In the year 
1610 it was revised by Uobert Langton, the then treasurer, who has made many 
additions to it in his own hand. Above the title he has written, ** Comprntrnt I'li- 
^raaoripiomm kahUui xy JanmarU, 1610, per me Eobertmm Langton, theetmrarmm,** 
A thin quarto book is entirely devoted to it. 

Robert Langton became treasurer of York in 1609. and prebendary of 
Weiffhtou in 1614. In 1611 the Dean and Chapter allowed him to absent him- 
self m>m York during his residence, on account of ill health, that he might visit 
the Umina ApoetolorUm, 

Langton was also a oanon at Lincoln, Southwell, and Salisbunr, and Arch- 
deacon of Dorset. He was nephew to Thomas Langton, Bishop of Winchester, 
and was boru at Appleby, in Westmorland, lie was a member of Queen's 

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Oyffard,^ cam appendiciis suis. Item una mitra predosa cum 
appendiciis, ex douo domini Walieri Gray.f Una mitra cum 
appendiciis bene ponderans, ex dono domini Johannis Thoresby.^ 
Una mitra novse fbrmee empta nuper per Capitulum ab execu- 
toribus domini Walteri Skyrlow,|| dudum Episcopi Dunelmensis^ 
cum iiij lea owches, ig lapidibus preciosia et multis le perles. 
Una mitra parva cum petris pro Episcopo puerorum. Unii 
mitra frectata cum argento et riban de auro, ex dono domini 
Johannis Thoresby. Una mitra de albo serioo cum riban de 
auro. Una mitra de albo serico ornata cum argento deaurato in 
circumferenciis^ cum preciosis lapidibus et auatuor rods penden- 
tibus super ramos de pcryll antea, et totiaem retro, cum lapi- 
dibus preciosis in dictis rosis, excepta una rosa quae caret lapiae, 
ex dono domini Boberti Cl7fton§ militis, executoris testamenti 
bonse memorise domini Willelmi Bothe, nuper Eboracensis Archie- 
piscopi. Una preciosissima et tna^a mitra cum duabus pendulis 
auro circumdatis et lapidibus preciosis, saphiris et rubeis, yaloris 
septingentarum marcarum, per estimacionem, ex dono domini 
Thomas Botherham^ Eboracensis Archiepiscopi. Una mitrii 

College, in Oxford. In June, 1624, he died in London, »nd wm buried tX the 
Charterhouse, leftving, by will, 200^ to found a school at Appleby. 

• Walter Giffiurd, Uurty-sixth Arohbishcm of York, died m 1279. 

t Walter Grey, 4 most munifloent bene&ctor to the Churoh of York« died 
in 1266. 

t Archbishop Thoresby died in 1878. In his will he makes no bequest to 
the Churoh of Tork. During his life he made many splendid donaUons to Uie 

II The prtnoe-like Bishop of Durham, who died hi 1406, the supporter of 
eyery publio work in the rforth of EngUmd. Longler. Dean of Tork, and 
sevml of the canons, were among hiff executors, and had the choice, I doubt not, 
of his treasures. He gave, by will, to the minster, " Unum vtatimenium de 
▼elTcto rubeo, brodatum de coronis et stellis auri, continens j casulam, iiy tunicas 
cum yj stolis i\j manipuUs et iy amittis cum paruris, et i^j sonis pertinentibus, et 
cum fhmtali et subfh>ntali habentibus ymaginem crudflri, U. M. et 8. Johannis, 
et panno pro lectrino, cum t oapis habenttbus orftreias auri cum ymaginibus stan- 
tibus in tabemaouli^ et omnes de eadem seota: item unam casam pro corporali 
cperatam cum salutadone B. V. ex una parte, et cum coronacione ^usdem ex 
altera : item duas curtinas de tartarino rubeo cum coronis et stellis aureis super- 
positis, et j tualiam cum frontali stricto de eodem opere." The advent of this 
predous bequest is duly recorded on the contemporary roll of the chamberlain. 

§ Sir Robert Clifton was not really the donor of tnis precious mitre. It was 
bequeathed to the minster, in 1464, by his brother-in-law. Archbishop William 
Booth, who savs of it, " Item do et lego Ecdesiae Cathedrali Eboracensi, sponsie 
mesD, unam mttram cum baculo pastonU." l%e mitre, it appears, reached York 
as the ^ of Sir Bobt Clifton, but w6 have no record whateyer of the arrival of 
the pastoral staff. The testamentary arrangements of both of the Booths were 
grievously neglected by their executors. 

T Archbishop Botheram, in his will, dated in 1408, speaks of this mitre in 
the following terms : " Do et lego Ecdesia) men Ebor., ultra mitram digniorem 
eis datam et liberatam, quam emi pro ooocc mards, ymaginem S. Margaretso 
deauratam, stantem super draoonem, habentem in una manu crucem, in altera 
librum, et in o^ite coronam, pond, in toto cxv unc. Troy.'' {Liher Nigtr. 678.) 

Digitized by 



cum y\ foliis et le treyfoyles, cum ij pendulis et iiij le perls in 
sex foliis et aliis lapidibus. 

Baculub Pabtoralib. UnuB baculuB paBtoraliB argenteua 
et deauratiis, ex dono domini ThomaB Arundall^'i' nuper Ebora- 
cenaiB ArchiepiBcopi. 

Annuli. — Unua magnus ai^nuluB pontificalia cum lapide 
Yocato emered in medio^ et in circumferenciis aunt quatuor 
rubuae^ iiij magnad margaritea^ ex dono domini Willelmi Gren- 
feld^t.QUO^^A^ Eboracensia Archiepiacopi. Ilnua annulos pon- 
tificalia cum uno le perited in medio, et parvia lapidiboa pre- 
ciosis, et le perles in circumferenciis. Unua annulus pontificalia 
cum qiagno sapbiro ^t xij le perles, dudum domini Ricardi 
Scrope Archiepiacopi Ebor., datus Eccleaise per viam con8cientise4 
Unua annulua aureua cum uno le balace olim domini Walteri 
Oyfibrd. Trea annuli pontificaiea cum aaphiris magnia. Duo 
annuli minorea, quorum unuB cum lapide aaphiro, et alter cum 
lapide vocato emered. Trea annuli aurei, unua cum lapide 
vocato emered, et duo alii cum le balace, unus quadratrua, alter 
rotundus. Sex annuli aurei, unua, videlicet, cum imaginibus 
Adee et Evse, duo habentea lapidea vocatoa le balace, unus alius 
cum sapbiro, alter de emered, sextus parvus cum lapide le 

[Unus annulua pro Episcopo puerorum et duo owchys, imns 
in medio ad modum crucis cum lapidibus in circumferenciis cum 
alio parvo cum uno lapide in medio vocato turchas. In Lang^ 
ion* 9 hand!] 

Chismatoriuh. Unum crismatorium argento omatum ct 
deauratum dudum domini Ricardi Scrope. 

Spintr'. Quatuor (interlined by Langion, who has struck 

* Arohbishop of York from 1888 to 1897, in which year he wts transkted to 
Canterbury. He died in 1414. He made soTeral splendid sifta to the church of 
York, which are enumerated in this inventory. At nis death he was posseased of 
two mitres valued at 1882. 6s. 8d. The vestments of his chapel were worth 
460;. Is. 7d. ; the jewels belonging to the same, 465^, and the books, 207^ Ids. 2d. 
The fittings of his oratory and books were priced at 8622. 8s. 6d. {Sommm^M 
Camierhury, Appw, 88, 84.) 

t This bequest is mentioned in Act. Gap. T. 22, b., in the following words : 
** Memorandum quod vij Id. Januarii Anno Domini m« coo^ quintodedmo 
liberatus fiiit anulus, quem dominus Willelmus de Grenefeld quondam Archie- 
pisoopus Ebor. legavit feretro S. WUlelmi, Decano et Capitulo. Item eodem die 
fuit unus annulus, quem Gomes Gomubi» dedit perpetuo Archiepiscopis Bbor. 
qui pro tempore fderint, liberatus domino W. de Craven, subthesaunrio, sub 
sigillo domini Decani.'* 

A gold ring, with a ruby, taken off Arohbbhop Greenfield's finger, when his 
t4>mb was o|)ened, is now preserved in the vestry. The ring of Archtashop Sewal 
itf in the some place. 

t I witih wat the name of the donor of this ring could be discovered. It 
may have been one of those who took an active part in the arrest and execution 
of the Archbishop. 

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out triaj spintr' do auro, tria fduo itruck outj cum lapidibus 
preciosis. Duo spinctra argentea et duo alia monilio argentea 
super quorum vost's Johannes Baptists, et super alio S. Jo- 
hannes Evangelista, in una panra pixide de ebore. fin Lanffion^i 
hand.) . 

Calioss. Unus calit preciosus cum pateiia de auro et lapi- 
dibus preciosis tam in pede quam in nodo cum quatuor lapidibus 
preciosis in patena, ex dono domini Walteri Gray^ ponderans 
lij lb.| xj uncias. Unus calix de auro cum patena de novo facf^ 
cum ymagine in pede inscul^ta, et enamelyd in circumferenciis^ 
ponderans iij Ib.^ viij uncias, j quarteron. Unus calix cum patena 
de auro nove formse, cum armis dominse le Rosse,* et scnptura. 
Jhe9U fill Dei, etc., in patena, ex dono dominse de Kosse, 
ponderans ^ lb., iij unc. di. Unus calix cum patena argenteus 
et dcauratus, ex dono domini CardinaUs Palestinarf quondam 
prebendarii de Masham, ponderans ij lb., ▼ und. di. cum armii 
m pede et tribus le sodeppes et uno leone. Unus calix cum 
patena argenteus et deauratus ponderans xvij uncias, iij quar- 
terons, ex dono Nicholai Keld executoris testamenti domini 
Thome Oarton^ quondam subthesaurarii, qui auidem calix re- 
manet ad altare Beatse Maries. Item unus calix, cum patena, 
argenteus et deauratus, ex dono magistri Thomas Haxey|| olini 
thesaurarii, ponderans iiij lb., x uncias, cum Scnptura in patena 
bi, . ., an judicium. Unus calix noTus bum patena argenteus non 
deauratus ex dono Ducisste Bukyn^ham,§ ponderans j lb., vij 
uncias, iij quarteroti, cum vemaculo in patena. 

[Unus c^lix argenteus et deauratus cum ymagine crusifixi 
in pede et agno in patena. Unus calix argenteus et deauratus 
cum ymagine Trinitatis in patena. Unus calix de argento cum 

* 1%is ladj WM, t promime, Beatrix, wife of Thomas Lord Root, of Hamlake 
and BeWoir, who died in 1414. Her wUl, oontaining many ourioua hequests, ia 
in 2>H. Sbor. i. S76. 

t Palestrinie is eridenUy an error for Pranesirime. Praneste was a dace 
Arom which a member of ihe Saored^ College took his title. 1 find two Caroinals 
oanons of Masham, Andoinus Alberti, who died in 1S68, and William de Agrifolio. 
who died in 1809. Neither of these two, however, if Oiaoonius is to be relied 
upon, was Bishop of Praneste. 

t In 1414. John de Newton, treasurer, leaves to Thos. de Ckrton, sub- 
treasurer, "unam ollam argenteam, et duas pecias ooopertas, unam, scilicet^ 
deauraiam, ao aliam albam, ao eoiam unum oiphum murreum cum pede et 
ooperoulo deauratis.*' (2M. Sbar. I, 867.) 

In 1419. Thos. de Garton leaves to dan. Niohobs Keld a covered maser, 
which he had by bequest from Mr. John de Newton. 

I Some account of Haxev has been already given. 
This lady was, in all probability, Anne, daughter of Ilalnli, Earl of 
Westmoreland, the wife of Humphrey Stafford, Buke of Buckingham. After 
her husband's unlimdy death she re-married Sir Walter Blount, Kt., Lord 

Digitized by 



manu Salvatorii in patena in modum benediotioniB et benedi- 
cendo. In Langton's hand.'] 

PniALiB. Item duse pbiolse preciosae argenteas et deanratae 
ex opere aubtili cum lapidibus preciosia annexkj ex done domini 
Walter! Gy Sard Arcbiepiscopi Ebor.^ponderantes iiij Ib.^ ij uncias. 
Tres magnsa pbiolaa ex argento^ quarum duae sunt pro oleo 
saucto et infirmorum^ et tercia deaurata pro crismate. Doas 
phiolaa argenteae deaurataa^ factae ad piodum liguorum^ stantes 
super castrum in parte enameled^ ex dono Thomae Arundell 
quondam Arcbiepiscopi Ebor.^ ponderantes ij lb., xj uncias^ j 
quarteron. Duas phiolao argentcaa deauratae^ cum ymaginibus 
Beatorum Petri et Pauli sculptis circa corpora earumdem^ pon- 
derantes ij Ib.^ unam unciam^ dimidiam. Dua^ pbiolae largas 
argenteas et in circumferenciis olim deauratas cotidie occupataa 
ad summum altare. Una pbiala argentea et deaurata cum 
eimea in summitate legente super librum. Alia pbiala argentea 
et deaurata ejusdem sectaSj scilicet^ minoris^ cum ij le spowtes. 
[Item duae pnialae argenteae cum Uteris M. R. deauratis. In 
Lanfftm's hand.] 

Oll^. Item una oUa argentea deaurata, cum scutis Apglias 
enamelatis^ ponderans iij Ib.j j unciam. Duas magnao oUae ar- 
genteas deauratae coopertae, continentes in summitate stellas 
blodias, ponderantes. folk.J Duae ollae argenteae deauratae ponder- 
antes. fblkj [Duae ollae ftrgenteae ponderantes Ixxv uncias ba« 
bentes super coopcrtoria utrius earum arma bonae memoriae Mar- 
tini Colyns^ quondam thesaurarii Ecclesiae Eboracensis, canonici 
rcsidentiarii in eadem, positae in cistam communem in vcstibulo 
Ecclesiae Ebor. predictae pro salute animae ejusdem Martini ad 
^&um Ecclesiae Eboracensis et canonicorum residenciariorum in 
eadem, et presertim canonici illius Ecclesiae rcsidentiarii junioris 
pro tempore existentis et suae indigenciaei nuUo modo in posterum 
vendendae sen alienandae, sed pro perpetuo ad usum, ut premittitur, 
occupandae et conservandae, et post suam hujusmodi indigenciam 
in prefatam cistam communem reponendae.] 

Pblves. Duae magnae pelves argenteae deauratae cum rosis 
albis infra le garter in medio. Duae pelves argenteae deauratae 
cum rosis emboced et radiis. Duae parvae pelves de auro ex dono 
domini Walteri Oyffard, ponderantes iij lb., vj uncias, di. Duae 

• An eooledastio who held many offices in the church of York. He wm 
treaaurer firom 1608 to 1608. In his will, dated Aug. 18, 1608, he says, "volo 
quod exeoutores mei emant unam oapam albi colons, preoii. ad minus, viginti 
nianmrum, qiuun dobeo Eodesin Ebor. juxta statuta ; ot, ultra, do et lego duo 
•oota proHbitoratus, diaconutus ot subdiaoonatus, ejuMlem ooloris, ad doscrviondum 
suiiimo aliari iu Koolonia Cuthedrali in festb B. M. Volo quod oentiun libra: bonai 
ct logalis monettt Anglio ponantur in ciula oommuni m thesaurario Ebor. pro 
divenus consideraoionibus me moventibus." 

Digitized by 



polvee argontcffi et deaurato cnm armis regis AnglisB et Franchise 
in fundo^ ex dono David WoUor,* ponderantes t lb., i unciam di. 
quart. Dose pelves parvss argentece et deauratse habentes riosaa 
in fundis, et in m^io rosarum scuta de blodio et auro^ pon- 
derantes xxv] unciasj ex dono inagistri Willelmi Poteman.f 
Du8B parvsB pelves argentess cum rosis deauTatis ac clavibus et 
mitra in medio rosarum ponderantes fblkj [Una pelvis argentea 
cum rosis albis in fundo. In Langion's hand.'] 

Candelabra. Duo candelabra magna argentea et deaurata 
cum ollis et rosis sculptis in pedibus, ex dono domini Alexandri 
Nevyll^ dudum Arcfaiepisoopi Ebor., ponderantia vj lb., ix uncias 
di. Duo candelabra argentea deaurata in drcumrerenciis, batil- 
lata in summitate, ex dono magistri Johannis Newton || thesau- 
rarii, ponderantia v lb., ij uncias, j quart. Duo candelabra, 
magna et alta, ar^ntea et deaurata, cum armis domini le Scrope, 
ex dono Johannis domini le Scrope,§ ponderantia viiig lb., liij 
uncias. Duo candelabra cotidiana, quadrata, ponderantia v lb., 
ij uncias. Duo candelabra de cristallo cum nodis et pedibus 
argenteis, ponderantia vj lb, ii^ uncias, di. [Unum candelabrum 
bassum argenteum in parte deauratum cum manubrio. In Lang- 
ion's hand.] 

Naves. Una navis argentea pro thure deferendo, deaurata, 
cum uno cocliari argenteo deaurato, ponderans, ij lb. di. unciee. 
Una navis porva argentea, cum uno cocliari argenteo, ponderans 
vj uncias et di. 

ScoNSJs. Una sconsa argentea, deaurata pro mqori parte, 
quadrata, ponderans ij lb. di« uncise. Una sconsa argentea 
rotunda non deaurata ponderans j lb., v uncias. 

Thuribula. Unum thuribulum aureum ponderans vij lb., 
V uncias, di. Duo magna thuribula argentea, deaurata, cum 
fenestris superioiibus enameled, ac capitibus leopardorum fumum 

* A notice of this gift has been akeady ffiven. 

f Arohdeooon of York. He died shorUj before 1600, lesving nothing in his 
will to ihe minster. 

t This unfortunate man died in exile in LouTaine, in 1892. He was Arch* 
bishop firom 1874 to 1888. 

II This donation is not mentioned in Newton's will, which is printed at 
length in Teti, Shor., i., 864. It is dated in 1414. The dying treasurer leaves 
in it, " Deo et Gapitulo JBcolesiK Metropoliticie Bbor. tres peWes argenteas cum 
roUs in (Undo deauratis, ad ustun et supportadonem trium ceroorum coram 
summo altari cjusdem. Item — x^ chargiours argenti et x\j discos argenteos in 
fiibrioam et omaoionem summi altaris ejusdem Eccleein solummodo convertendos.'* 
His munificent gifts to the library will be mentioned afterwards. 

'{ Mentioned in his will made in 1441, and printed in IM. Shor,, ii., 184. 
He desires to be buried in St Stephen's Chapel, in the minster : " Item volo quod 
ponantur super tumbam meam, ubi corpus meum sepelietur, duo candelabra 
argentea et deaurata cum armis meis, qum ego nuper dedi summo altari cum 
duobus cereis." 

Digitized by 



emittentibus^ ex dono domini Thomae Arundell Arcbiepiscopi 
Ebor., pondorautia xvj Ib.^ vj unoias^ di. Uuum noTum tbun- 
bulum argenteum deauratum cum parvis rosis argenteia in 
circumferenciis conchse superioris^ ex dono domini Stephani 
Scrope^'^ ponderans iiij Ib.^ viij uncias di. Duo thuribula argentea 
uniua secto cum fenestria apertis super concbas superiores^ cum 
concbis de ferro clavatis^ ponderantia x Ib.^ j unciam di. Duo 
thuribula argentea, plena fenestris aliquantulum fractis^ una cum 
concbis de ferro, ponderantia viij Ib.^ ix uncias. Novum tburi- 
bulum argenteum deauratum, cum parvis rosis argenteis in 
circumferenciis concb» supcrioris, ex dono executorum domini 
Roberti Wolden,t quondam thesaurarii bujus Ecclesise, pon- 
derans iiij lb., X uncias di. [20 Decembris, 1609. Manu R. L.] 

CuNAi. Una magna cuna pro aqua benedicta cum ysopo de 
argento, ponderans ix lb., iij uncias. Una minor cuna pro aqua 
benedicta cum ysopo de argento, ponderans iij lb., v imcias. 
Una cuna cum ysopo argenteo in parte deaurato, ponderans (bikj 
Unum salarium argenteum intus deauratum pro sale in Dominicis 
benedicendo, ponderans iij uncias di. Uuus ysopus do argento. 
[20 Decembris, 1509. Mam R. L.] 

CaucBs. Una crux aurea cum reliquiis, videlicet, de colump- 
na ad quam Cliristus ligatus fuit, ex dono magistri Stephani 
Scrope,! quondam archidiaconi Richmondiensis, cum pede, pon- 
derans j lb. (non est inventus. Manu R. L.J Una magna crux 
aurea cum pede argenteo, et in eodem pede una imago aurea 
cum manibus ligatis ad modum Christi, ponderans viij lb., vj 
uncias. Una parva crux aurea cum porcione crucis Domini in 
medio, cum pede argenteo deaurato, ponderans ij lb., yj uncias. 
Una crux processionalis cum ymagine crucifixi de auro, iij pulcris 
saphires in comeriis infixis, et j balace in summitate, ponderans 
iij lb., iiij uncias di. Una crux aurea cum uno magno dyamaund 
in pede et iij magnis dyamaundes finj pedibus crucifixi, ex dono 
domini Stephani Scrope,|| ponderans yj uncias. Una magna 
crux argentea deaurata cum ymagine Beatse Maris in uno 
tabemaculo in inferiore parte, et ymagine crucifixi cum Maria 

• This gift U not reoorded in the will of Sir Stephen Scrope, dated in 1406, 
nor in that of Stephen Scrqpe, Archdeaoon of Eichmond. 

t Treasurer of York from 1426 to 1482, and a munificent benefiustor to the 
fltbrio. His arms oocur, as has been said before, in more than one window in the 
minster. He desires to be buried "in nova fiibrioa^ ex porUcu. ooram sltari 
B. M. y." To the fabric he leaves 2M. 

I In 1418 Archdeacon Scrope leaves '* unum oruoifixum de auro " to t^e table 
of the high altar. Was this the cross here alluded to P If so it had probably 
beon sold for the use of the hi^h altar. 

II Mentioned, as follows, in the will of Sir Stephen Scrope, of Hasham, 
proved in 1406-7 : " Item lego parvam crucem meam de auro, ut offeratur die 
sopultuno mea} ibidem (hc. in Cath. Ebor.) pro remoranoia." 

Digitized by 



et Johanne in superiore parte stantibus super quatuor angelos^ 
ex dono magistri Johannui Newton^* olim tnesaurarii, ponderans 
viij Ib.y X uncias. Dusb cruoes cum vmagine crucifixi argentea 
deaurata unius sectsBj cum quatuor EvaHgelistis in comeriis de 
albo argento, et duabus ymaginibus Beate Marin in tabema- 
culis super pedem, stantibus super quatuor leones^ ex dono dicti 
magistn Johannis Newton^ ponderans y lb., iij uncias. Una 
crux argentea deaurata cum ymagine crucifixi, Marise et Johannis, 
cum pede rotundo, et rotundo nodo inter pedem et crudfixum, 
ponderans, ij lb., yij uncias. Una crux processionalis pro hasta 
argentea deaurata pro diebus ferialibus, ponderans j lb., t uncias> 
j quart. Una crux de rubio jaspide omata cum argento deaurato, 
cum petris infixis in pede Ugneo depicto, ex dono magistri Jo- 
hannis Newton. Una crux de cristwo cum pulcro pede bene 
sculpto, ponderans ii^ lb., v uncias, di. Item j crux magna pro 
hasta argentea deaurata, cum le flour de lyce in comenis, (j[Usb 
crux plena est cum ligno j ex dono dotnini Johannis, domim le 
Scrope de Upsall,t ponderans vj lb. Item j magna crux stans 
super sex bases, habentes sex angelos in pmnadis earumdem 
basium, et duos angelos super bases tenentes in manibus reli- 
quias casuloe et sotiSarium jSeati Petri Apostoli : habet, autem^ 
albas ymagines crucifixi et duorum latronum, cum aliis ymagi- 
nibus juxta pedem et multis lapidibus preciosis rubeis et saphires, 
ex dono regis Ricardi tercii.^ Una magna crux cum ymagi- 
nibus crucifixi. Beat® Marise, et Sancti Johannis, stans super 
pede cum armis domini le Scrope, ponderans ("blkj Alia crux 
cum crucifixo et ymagine Beat® Marise et Sancti Johannis, ac 
tribus an^lis subtus, ponderans fblk.J Una parva crux de auro 
cum crucifixo et ymagme Beatse Marise et Sancti Johannis cum 
leone albo ac uno le cressauntjl cum corona in medio, ponderans 
Cblk.J Item j panra crux cum reliquiis et lapidibus preciosis. ^ (|Una 
crux cum anteriori parte de auro, et truius magnis saphins, ot 
longa porcione ligni crucis Domine, cum pede argenti deaurati, 

* Not mentioned in his will, nuther are the oroMes alluded to in the next 
entnr mentioned in that document 

f Not mentioned in his will. 

t This gift was probaUj made in 1488, when Richard was at York in great 

II For this crudfiz the Ohapter were probably indebted to some member of 
the fiunil J of Perqy, 

" The half-moon shining all so fitir," 

was their fibvourite badge. In 1480 Wm. Stow, of Ripon, a servant of the 
house, loa?es to the feretory of St Wilfrid, "liberaturam meam argenteam, 
Anglic^ cremaunt. et liberaturam, meam, Anglic^ coUer." In 1642 Catherine, 
Countess of Northumberiand, leaves to Mary Perqy "a cope of aasey gilte with 
a cresande sett on the bodome." 

Digitized by 



poaderans ij Ib.^ yj unoias. Una crux auadrata stans super 
montem Cnlvarife cum ymagine Beatse Mariie Magdalense in 
nigro. Manu R. X.] ** 

Ymaoinbs. Ymagines Beats Marias^ quarum una argentea 
deaurata sedet in cathedra^ ponderans xix Ib.^ altera argentea 
deaurata portans Puerum cum lapide saphiro in manu sua^ quam 
ebdomedarius portat cotidie ad missam ad aummum altare^ pon- 
derans y Ib.^ xj uncias. Ymago B. M. Y. de^ auro^ ponderans iij 
imcias di. et xxd.^ ex legato magistri Thomee Ebden^ ad depo- 
nendum in fine oriental! feretri domini Ricardi Scrope quondam 
ArcUiepiscopi Ebor. Ymago ma^na B. M. Y. argentea deaurata 
cum Puero m manu dextra, et liliis in sinistra^ ponderans fblk.J 
Ymago Sancti Pauli cum libro in dextra manu et gladio in 
sinistra^ ponderans ("blkj Ymago Beati Petri al*gentea deaurata^ 
cum dayibus in manu dextra^ et libro in sinistra^ ponderans 
(blk.J Ymago Sancti Johannis Baptist®^ cum agno et cruce^ 
ponderans (blk.J Caput Sanct» Eyerilds stans super auatuor 
leoncs de cupro^ auratum^ quod remanet ad rubeam cistam.* 
Ymago Beat» Marim Yirginis cum libro in manu sinistra et 
arrais domini le Scrope in fundo^ ponderans fblk.J Ymago 
Sancti Gabridis cum armis domini le Scropef in fiindo. Am- 
pulla argentea cum lilio in eadem ponderans fblkj Assumpcio 
B. M. Y. cum jocalii stans super quatuor columpnias^ cum armis 
domini le Scrope^ ponderans fblk.J [Imago Sanct» Margaretss 
argentea deaurata, cum cruce in manu dextra et libro in sinistra^ 
stans super dracone yeridi jacente super viridem montem^ cum 
pede argenti deaurati^ cum armis domini Thomae Rotherham^ 
nuper Archiepiscopi Ebor, super humerum draconis. IManu 
R. L.] 

Hastjs. Una liasta longa argentea deaurata pro prooes- 
sionibus^ ex dono executorum magistri Willdmi Waltham^|] quon- 
dam Uujus ecclcsiae canonici^ pro anima ejusdem. Una hasta 

* The red chest, or alms-box, hiis been already mentioned. 

t After the death of John Lord Scrope of Masham a large quantity of his 
plate was sold. Some of it came into the possession of John Biurningham, the 

X This gift is mentioned in his will, which is printed in the Liber Niger, 678. 
See p^ 213. 

II Prebendaiy of Dunnington from 1893 to 1416. He was also oanon of Lin- 
coln, and held many other preferments. He desires, in his will, to be buried at 
Lincoln, near his uncle, John de Bavenser, " neo super cadaver meum ponatur 
aliquis lapis pnoter i)aYimentum insius eoclesiso. Epitaphium voro mourn intitu- 
letur — ^in kpide ipnus Johannis de BaYcnser. hoc modo. Bio Jaoeni domimu 
Johtmmes Maventer H WUUlmne nepoi efus, etc. To the .AU)rio of Lincoln 
cathedral 100 marks. To that of York minster 401. " Fiabricn ecd. Deverlaoi 

Cconstructione fenestr* oriental' in ohoro 40/." He was rich in pUte and 
ks ; but I must stop hero. 

Digitized by 



argentea deaturata cum nodis rotundis. Una haata argents 
quam dominus Robertus Semar* fieri fecit. 

RcLiQuiiE. Unoin feretrum de berill omatom cum argento 
deaurato cum preciosiB lapidibus infitis^ contineiis crines Sancti 
Willelmi cum aliis. Magnum rottmdum berill ornatum cum 
argento deaurato ac enamelato, fttans ^ super ij dracones cum 
capitibus duplicatis ac diyersis leliquiis iiicIuiBiSi ex dono ThomaB 
Sampson^t ponderans iiij lb.| v uncias. Unum berill ornatum 
cum argento deaurato ad inoNliim cuppn^ ooopertum, cum cruce 
in Bummitate cooperctdi^ pro corpore Christi portahdo^ ex dono 
domini Ricardi Scrope Ardiiepisoopii ponderatLS i\j Ib.^ vi^ uncias. 
Unum brachium de argento deaurato cum manu et anulo in 
majori dinto^ continens brachium Wilfndi> ponderans t lb., x 
uncias. Duse spins coronse Domini, super uno stipite, incluss 
in auro, positse m capsula de coreo orhato cum argento deaurato; 
cum cathena argentea ac sera et davi, ex dono domini Thbro» 
Arundell Archiepiscopi Ebor., pond, ij unc, } qimrt. auri. Dus 
spinas coronse Domini in uno berill induso in eadam capsular 
Item y^ reliquiae de berill diversae formae cum reliquiis, ornatce 
cum argento deaurato, ordinatae pro procuratoribus fabricae col- 
ligentibus Christi fiddium elemosinas in patria, qiiarum una est 
liberata custodi fabricae Sancti Petri de pilis Sancti Willelmi et 
alius. Una pixis argenti cuin scriptura circa eandem, Elige de 
cpiimis, pro pane portanda diebus ferialibus, pond, x unc. di. 
Una reliquia de novo empta cum crucifixo in summitate et 
yroagine B. M. subtus, cum berill in medio, pond, unius lb., v 
unc. di. Una pixis argenti deaurati cum rotundo nodo pro pane 
portanda ad summum altare iii festis duplidbus, pond j lb. Una 
reliquia cum rotundo berill in medio, cum uno le botres ex titra- 
que parte, et cruce cum crudfixo in summitate stante super uno 
paryo berill rotundo, ex dono magistri Thomas Haxey pond, xrig 
uno. Duas rdiquiaQ cum berill in medio ot oruco in summitate 
dcaurata, unius sectae, ex dono ejusdem magistri Thomao, iM>nd. 
XT unc. Unum una pixts de ebore omata cum argento 

• Subtreasurer of York from 1418 to 1482. He wi§ interred before the 
▼estry-door. He bequeathed to the Mric all the debts specifled in his red paper 
book. He ffare his silver [* powdre-boz " to Nicholas Kelde. He was the owner 
of books ouled Brigida^ Peritoi Thwlogim, HorologUm DiviiuB 8€^neiUUB, 8, 
Miehard ihe SermU. and 8umma Summturum, 

t Prebendanr of Holme from 1882 to 1849. He was a munifioent benefactor 
to the church of York, and took much interest in the rebuilding of the nave. 
To the altar of the Trinity, newly erected over the treasury at York, he left ah 
image of the Yurgin in alabaster. His missal was bequeathed to the high altar of 
the minster, and s set of ornaments to the altar of St. John the Evangelist. To 
the high altar of Llandaff he gave " calicem cum ymaginibus et stellis annelatis." 
Sampson was elected dean by the canons in 1842, but lus election was set aside 
by the Pope. 

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deaurato. Una vagina auri cum lapidibus preciosis positis in 
una pixide longa. Una reliquia contineus in berill unum dentem 
Sanctffi AppolinsB^ cum ymagine Sancti Oeorgii in summitate, 
cum alia reliquia argenti deaurata continens manna (sic.) ApcMS- 
tolorum Petri et PauU^ ex dono domini Roberti Clyfton, militis, 
executoris testamenti bonse memorias domini Willelmi Boihe 
Ebor. Archiepiscopi. Una reliquia continens de cranio S. Ste- 

Shanij cum cruce parva in aummitate. Una reliquia continens 
e panno cum sanguine Sancti Ricardi cum cruce in summitate 
habens ymaginem Archiepiscopi e tergo. Unum monstrum cum 
ossibus Sancti Petri in berill et crucifixo in summitate ac ymagine 
B. M. [Una pixis argenti cooperta pro hostiis. Una campana 
arjgentea. Beli(|uia antiqua cum imagine Sanctee Trinitatis^ et 
alia parva imagine Sancti Georgii subtus pedes Sanct» Trini- 
tatis. Ymago Sancti Petri cum una reliquia in manu sinistra.'*'] 
MoRSUs. Unus morsus de auro factus ad modum rosse cum 
uno magno rubeo in medio, magni vaJoris^ cum aliis petris pre- 
ciosis, ox dono domini Walteri Oray dudum Ebor. Archiepis- 
copi, pond, unius lb. ij unc. Unus morsus de argento cum 
circumfercnciis, et ymagiue B. M< V. de auro in medio, ymagiue 
B. Job. Baptistse ex dextra parte ejusdem Yirginis, et Johannis 
Evangelistse ex sinistra parte, de auro, ex dono magistri Willelmi 
Waltham, pond, j lb., viij unc. di. Unus morsus argenteus 
deauratus quadratus cum magna petra in medio vocata emerond, 
et aliis petris circumstantibus fixis in auro, pond, xj unc, in quo 
deficiunt iiij"^ lapides cum suo apparatu. Magnus morsus argenti 
deauratus fixus super lignum, cum ymagine Salvatoris in medio, 
et Petri et Pauli astantium ac iiij^ Evangelistis in comeriis, 
pond, ij lb. Unum le typytte de auro ornatum cum lapidibus 
preciosis, ex dono domini Walteri Gray, serviens pro rubia capa 
ejusdem domini Walteri, pond, x unc; et [aliud auri cum multis 
lapidibus preciosis.] Unus morsus cum passione S. Thomse 
Cant^ar. depicta sub berill cum diversis lapidibus preciosis, ex 
dono domini regis Ricardi tertii, valoris per estimacionem xx 
marke. [Unus morsus de cuprp deauratus cum ima^^ne B. M. 
in medio. Unus morsus de cupro deauratus cum imaginibus 
Petri et Pauli. Unus morsus de cupro deauratus cum imagi- 
ginibua Sancti Salvatoris et Apostolorum Petri et Pauli. Unus 
morsus de cupro deauratus cum crucifixo et imag^ supra.] 

Califactoria. Unum califactorium argenti deauratum cum 
nodis curiosis insculptis, pond, unius lb., iiij unc. Unum cali- 
factorium de cupro deauratum cum nodis insculptis, pond, x 
unc. di. 

• Wherever any brackets are placed, it must be understood that the words 
which they enclose have been added by Bobert Lang^n, the treasurer. 

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CRATHBBiB. Una orathera magna argenti deanrati stans^ 
cooperta^ nond. viij Ib.^ n unc. di. Una crathera argenti ex dono 
domini Thomse Arundell quondam Archiepiscopi Ebor. pond, 
xviij lb. [Unum le goblett^ cam coopertorio, deauratum^ cum rosa 
in fimdo^ ex dono Johannia Rawcliffe pro usu canonicorum resi- 
dencium in suis primis residendis continuo utendum, et po8tea> 
cum voluerint, ex mutuo.] 

Sallina. Duo salina argenti deaurata cum uno cooperculo 

CoRNU. Unum magnum cornu de ebore ornatum cum argento 
deaurato et dono Ulphi filii Thoraldi,* cum zona annexa ex dono 
magistri Johannia Newton^ thesaurarii. [Unum cornu unicornis 
BtanSi fixum in magno lapide.] 

Manubrium. Unum manubrium flabelli ar^nti deaurati ex 
dono ejusdem thesaurarii cum ymagine Episcopi m fine^ (1 gryffyn 
— erastd) enamelyd, pond. v. unc. 

Tabula. Una tabula argenti deaurati cum ymagine B. M. 
enamelyd^ pond. ix. Ib.^ vij unc. di. 

SupBRALTARTA. Uuum supcraltarc preciosum de laspide or- 
natum in circumferenciis cum argento et auro ac lapidibus pre- 
ciosis opens subtilis. Unum superaltare de rubio jaspide ornatum 
in circumferenciis cum cupro deaurato. Duo superaltaria de 
rubio marmore omata cum argento, Quorum unum stat super 
ii\]* pedes argenti, et alterum sine pedibus, sujxsr quae Sanctus 
Johannes col^ravit quum sibi apparuit Spiritus Sanctus, ut in 
sua Icgenda patet. 

Tbxtus Evanoblici. Tres textus Evangelici omati cum 
argento deaurato, cum magnis saphiris et aliis lapidibus infixis 
in circumferenciis eorumdem, quorum duo continent ymagines 
crucifixi, Manse et Johannis : et tercius continet ymaginem Sal- 
vatoris sen ejus majestatis. Duo textus Sancti Wilfridif omati 
cum argento et auro, quorum unus continet ymaginem crucifixi, 
Marise et Johannis in inferiori parte et ymagmem Sanctse Trini- 
tatis et duorum angelorum in superiore parte, de ebore; et alius 
continet ymaginem crucifixi in parte inferiore et Salvatoris sive 
majestatis ejus, cum Petro et Paulo in parte superiore. Unus 
textus omatus cum argento non bene deaurato, super quern 
juramenta Decani et aliarum dignitatum ac canonicorum in prin- 
cipio inseruntur.} Unus textus omatus cum argento deaurato 

* Some noiioeB of this splendid horn have been already given. It Ib still pre- 
served in the veetrj of the minsier. 

t Probably personal reliques of the Saint, who, as we know, had many things 
of this kind. 

1 This Tolume, despoiled of its ornamentation, is still in the possession of 
the Dean and Chapter. Some aooount of it, and its adventures, wiu be found at 
the end of this work. 

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cum Tmagine coronacionis B. M. V. Unus textus EpiBtolarum 
omatus cum argento deauratOj cum vmaginibus TrinitatU et 
iiij~ liivangelistarum in corneriis insculptis. Unus textus con- 
tineuB ymagines Apostolorum aspicientes ascencionem Domini. 
Unus textus cum crucifixo^ ac ymaginibus Manse et Jobannis 
cum lapide montis Calvarise: Ad arcbam rubiam remanet. 
[Unum osculatorium argenti et deaurati. Unus textus Episto- 
laris, secundo folio, Spiritus 8anctu$. Alius textus Evangeliorum, 
secundo folio^ na inperar*. Unus textus cum Epistolis^ et Evan- 
gdiis, secundo folio^ tit illo temporeJ] 

YiRQA MoYSi CUM ALUS. Una yirga Moisi ornata in utroque 
fine cum argento deaurato. Una tabda ornata cum argento et 
cupro^ deaurata ad modum textusj cum cruce duplici medio 
continente reliquias et iiij*"berill in corneriis continentibus scrip- 
turas reliquiarum incliisas. [Item iij virgae pro sacristis^ ex 
argento, ponderis xviij unc] 

Circa fbrbtrum Sancti Willblmi fortabilb. Quinque 
ymagines argenti deaurati. Quatuor zonse le hameysshed. 
Duo paria precularium argenti deaurati. Duo paria de le corall 
cum le gaudeys argenti deaurati. Par precularium del calcedon, 
cum le gaudeys argenti deaurati. Uuum par del pomaunder 
cum le gaudeys argenti deaurati. Quatuor cocliaria argenti 
deaurati. Unum cocliar cum le steel de corall. Quatuordecim 
peciffi de corall. Duo corda argenti deaurati. [Alia zona argenti 
deaurati ex dono dominae Chymnay.*] Una mamilla argeuti 
deaurati. Tres parvi cruciiixi. Quatuor le owches cum lani- 
dibus. Una ymago B. M. in tabernaculo. Unum par sotula- 
rium argenti deaurati. Una manus argenti deaurati cum uno 
septro. Quinque annuli cum lapidibus. [Trcs annuli absque 
lapidibus.] Unum le chelander argenti deaurati. [Unum pece 
de moder perl.] Una pluscula auri cum viij lapidibus. Unum 
le tach argenti deaurati cum uno lapide. Una zona de serico 
auro iutexta, ac les bukill et |)ennant oblong. [Item iij ryallea 
et j old nobill. A tacbe w^ iiij stonys and iiij perylles.] 

Circa caput Sancti Willelmi. Unum par precularium 
argenti cum le gaudeys deauratis. Tria paria precularium del 
corall, cum le gaudeys argenti deaurati. Unum par precularium 
de albo awmbre cum le gaudeys argenti deaurati. Unum vetus 
nobill^ et iij nobilia vocata angels et vs de auro. Unum le pen- 
daunt zonse de auro [Yeneto] cum lapidibus et perles [levis 
ponderisl. Item xj annuli argenti deaurati. Unus annulus 
argenti [auamclletus^ Domini Fons,"] Item ij nobilia. Item ij 
vs in auro. Duo regalia de auro, Item j crossadus do auro. A 

* William Ohymnay, draper, waa sheriff of York in 1476 and lord mayor in 
1486. This lady was, in all prohability, his wife. 

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A broche of gold^ anamellid. Una crux de auro cam lapidibus 
preciosis of margarits. Unum par precularium de coral cum le 
gaudis deauratis xxiij. Unum par precularium de auro magn» 
longitudinia. Unua nasus ex auro. Item xvj annuli ex auro in 
uno ]e wyre. Tres annuli argeuii dcaurati. Item ix agnns Dei. 
Item ix Sancti Qeorgii. Imago Sancti Michaelis. Item vij crucea. 
A pomander argenti deanrati. Una aquila argenti. A fywe- 
lewys flowr anamellid. A qwyte here cum rubeo in medio. 
TJnus arcus argenti. Una zona gamychyt cum argento deaurato 
pro ponendo capite Sancti Willelmi. 

Afpixa ad fbretrum Sancti Willelmi. Unum cor areenti 
deaurati. Mamilla mulieris argenti deaurati. Unum le cheT . . • 
argenti deaurati. Item \] sotulares argenti deaurati dim lapi- 
dibus preciosis. Manus cum scriptura argenti deaurati [all 
erased], Una zona parva de serico purpureo cum pluscula et le 

EHidaunt de auro. Una zona vocata dymycent argenti deaurati. 
un pecise de corall in fine omatn cum argento deaurato. Dute 
pecise de corall non oniat«. 

Ista proximo superius scripta affixa sunt feretro portabili 
Sancti Willelmi quae fuerunt circa tumbam domini le Scrope. 


yirga signata cum litera A^ super quam sunt duae ymagines viri^ 
de argento, major et minor. Caput viri. Cor viri. Dute 
ymagines bovis, major et minor. Decern naves de argento. 
Item super virga signata cum liteta B, du» ymagines viri. . Ma- 
milla mulieris cum xiiij navibus de argento. Super virga signata 
cum litera C, duae ymagines virij una mulieris, et duse convicti 
viri et mulieris, magnum cor hominis ciim catbena deaurata. 
Aliud cor minus, et decem naves argenti cum ima anchora 
argenti. Super virga signata cum litera D. caput presbiteri, 
duse zonae, una viridis omata cum ramis et volucribus, alia rubia 
cum lapidibus preciosis in le bokle, tma navis magna cum quiu- 

Jue mmoribus de argento. Super virg^a sifftiata cum litera E, 
use ymagines major mulieris, minor viri> ' dimidia ymago viri, 
tibia viri, duo cordtt et xij naves de argento. Super virga signata 
cum litera F, una zona de serico nigro cum pluscula et le pen- 
daunt deauratis, cum vj navibus. 

* In this list we have quite » pioture of the ArohbiBhopIs shrine. Eaoh offer- 
ing had its history. The snipe and the oars were, probably, the preeentB of some 
seafaring men who had promised them in some hour of peril. The hands, feotu 
eyes, etc., were placed there by thoee who had had thoee pariii of the body affeoted 
br some disease, and who owed their cure, as thev thoi^ht, to the Archbishop. 
The virge, or rods, may have been placed round the tomb, and may have formed 
a kind of barrier before the rich cloths, so lavishly decorated with oi^naments, with 
which the tomb would be covered. The continental churches, at the present day, 
present many similar examples of ornamented shrines. 


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EiDBM TUMBA. Item xxvij remi pro nautiB cupi una sagitta 
de argento. Unum par preoularium de gagat cum sex de le 
gaudeys argenti. Unus agnus cum reliquiis Sancii Stephani 
[non est inventui] . Una ymago Sancti Stephani argenti deaurati ; 
pouitur ad feretrum Sancti Willelmi. Una pelvis argenti cum 
rosis et vadiis in fundo, circumferenciis deauratis. 

PiCTA TUMBiB DOMINI LB ScROF. Item Yij navcs argenti 
deaurati quse sunt affix® fcretro magno Sancti Willelmi. Una 
ssona rubii serici omata cuo) argento deaurato^ quse remanet non 
fixa ad aliquod feretrum adliue. Duo annuli de auro^ et duo 
gawdys do auro involuti in serico rubeo, remanontcs in pixide 
eburnoa contincuto plures Inpidcs preciosos pcrtincntcs cidcm 
tumbas^ infra^ fo. secundo. ^sic.J 


Affixa primo panno. In primis imagines argentese in primo 
panno xiij. Item viij crucifixis de argento. Item iiij* capita 
ar^cntea. Item ankers and hukes^ xyij argenti. Item xvij 
bukylle§ argenti. Item iij agnus and ij tabilles ar^nti. Item 
j arcus argenti. Item vij leges and lutes argenti. Item iiij 
tethe and iiij herttes argenti. Item viij eyn and ij handes argenti. 
Item ij girdeUes garnyshid w* letters of silver. Item xv peces 
of gold. Item a ryng of gold w'owte a stone. 

Affixa secundo panno. Item ymagies and heides argenti vj. 
Item iiij crucifixis. Item iiij agnus. Item xviij ankers and 
hukes. Item ij shipes. Item vij leges and feittes. Item iiij 
bukilles and pennandes. Item a Dukill of gold. Item x teithe. 
Item a chapill argenti. Item a par beides of silver w* gilt gaudes. 
Item V ees of silver and ij of gold. Item ij beltes garnysked 
w' silver. Item xj rynges of gold. Item on arow bed of gold. 
Item viij peces of gold. 

Affijca iercio panno. Item viij ymages and heides. Sanct 
George of horsbak of silver. A horse of silver. Item iiij hartes. 
Item iij crucifixis. Item vj handes and leges. Item xxv bukilles. 
Item iiij ankers and hukes. A pap and a tun. Item ij peces 
of hemes for horse heides. Item lij een and ij agnus. A oruche 
of gold w' a angell and stone in itt. A hart of gold enameld 
TV* whit and grene. Item ij tethe. Item a box for a mesynger. 
A tabill of silver. Item on old nobill. On ryng of gold w' a 
stone. On old girdill garnyshed, w' iij rynges of gold in it. A 
girdill throw gamyshed, w' knottes of silver and gilt. 

Pro summo altari. In primis iij peciae de albo bawdekyn 
opcratse cum floribus aurcis iutextis in eisdem^ cum duabus 
curtinis. Item iij peciss de rubio bawdekyn^ cum floribus in 
* TkiM lUt ii in Langton's handwriting. 

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eisdem intextis, ac duabns curtinis del sarcynet. Item iij pccise 
de panno le tyssue blodii coloris, cum armis^ et doabus curtinis de 
sarcynet. Item i^ pecioe de tyssue palyd cum duabus curtinis de 
rubio sarcynet palyd. Item ij peciie albi welwet, una cum crucifixo^ 
altera cum salutacione B. M.^ cum duabus curtinis de sarcynet. 
Item ^ pecioe de blodio bawdekyn cum floribus de auro intextis 
absque curtinis. Du8b pecise de rubio welwete cum coronis et stellis, 
ac duabus curtinis. Duse pecise de welwete palid, cum literis M. R. 
coronatis, remanentes in vestibulo. Una peda de blodio serico 
cum ymaginibus et stellis de auro operatis (erased). Una pecia 
de blodio sarcjmet, cum ymaginibus cruciflxi MarisBi et Johannis^ 
le steyned^ cum duabus curtinis. Duee pecite do albo panno lineo 
cum cruce rubea pro qttadragesima^ et duabus curtinis. Una 
magna palla pro festo ParaMceues. Item xij palioe de diapeh Unfi 
palla de panno (blk,) cum frontello operato cum auro. Duie 
pallse de pAnno lineo siiie frontellis. Item xij manutergia de 
dyaper^ et iij parva de dyaper pro capite Sancti Willelmi. 

Panni pbndbntbs pro choro. Item xij pecice albse cum 
mbiis rosis. Item xij pecise rubise cum armis domini le Scrope. 
Item Tiij pecioe blodioe cum armis magistri Johannis Pakenham.'i' 
Unus pannus longus et largus ad ponendum in choro die Sanctse 
Parasceues : unus pannus operis le arays, ad pendendum pone 
altare nuper r^is Henrici sexti. Unus pannus operis le tapstrye 
ex dono magistri Thomoe Pereson^f suodecani^ ad pendendum 
ibidem. Item iij le banqweres^ unum alburn^ aliud rubium^ 
tercium blodium. Item i^ panni cum armis Anglioe. Velum 
quadragesimale operatum cum serico. Duo panni de sago albo^ 
cum uno le banqwer ejusdem panni. Unus pannus del bokeram 
colons blodii pro coopertura Sancti Petri in quadragesima. 
[Unus pannus de bokerani^ colons blodii^ pro coopertura 
ymaginis B. M.] 

PuLviNARiA IN YESTifiULo CUM ALUS. Longum pulvinar de 
blodio damask. Unum longum pulvinar do blodio serico cuni 
ramis. Sex pulvinaria de viridi sateyn flgurata cum le trefoyles* 

* Tretsurer of York firom 1469 to 1477, in which year he died. 

t Subdeaa firotn 1484 to 1480, and rector of Bolton Percy. In his will he 
desired to he huried in the nave of the minster, near St. William's tomb. " Lego 
unum lectum couched ad pendendum ad Istus ohori ecclesin Cath. Ebor. juxta 
oa^ut 8. Willelmi in hoiiore ejusdem. Succentori et vicariis chori unum counter 
et g saltes de argento cum uno ooopertorio, ita quodperimpleant quamdam con- 
suetudinem inter se vocatam hagilgagle. Magistro Ueorgio Evers unam murrain 
cum soripturain yinculo, Jhent$ eti amor meu», et sex cocliaria argenti cum fret- 
letteH. Ad usum aulie rectorie de Bolton Percy tres peoeas de hangynga depictas 
oiun arboribus et bestiis. Domino Johanni Sympson, vicario ohorali, pro labore 
suo circa depictionem ad altare meum in ecclesia Ebor. 40i." Pereson founded 
the chantry of St. Fridiswide close to St. William's tomb. He was, probably, an 
Oxford num. 

q 2 

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Tres pulvinaria de bawdekyn serico. Item iiij^ Vetera pulvinaria 
(Ic blodio sorico^ ex uno latere^ ct viridi le ivelwcte ex alio. 
Uimm pulvinar de rubio Ic worsted [longum et aliud minus.] 
Uiium pulvinar de le bawdekyn. Item iiij^ pulvinaria de scarlet. 

Unum le carpett largum^ ponendum coram summo altari in 
diebus festivalibus. Unum parvum le carpett. Duo magna 
coopertoria rubia ad ponendum super gradus summi altaris^ 
quorum unum habet garbas, alind arma domini le Scrope, bene 
duplioata cum le canvas. Coopertorium album cum rosis dupli* 
catum. Tria coopertoria bloaia cum armis magistri Johannis 
Pakenham nuper thesaurarii. 

[Memorandum do xxviij virgatis de nigro damask pro capis 
inde fiendis emptis. Una virga di. quart, panni auri rubii tyssue. 
Item j le jaket de panno aureo viridi. Item j virga j quart/aibi le 

Caym alba. In primis una capa de albo panno auri habens 
Assumpcionem B. M. Y. in le mo^ce ejusdem. Item iij cap» 
de albo ruceto velwet tyssue^ quehbet earum cum tribus capiti- 
bus avium in le moyoes earum. Una capa de ruceto velwcte 
tyssue, cum flore aquatico in le moyce ejusdem. Una capa de 
albo damask, cum angelis ac Sancto Andrea in le moyce. Una 
capa de albo velwete, cum stellis aureis ac crucifixo in le moyce. 
Item xxj capse albae develwete, ex una secta, cum diversitate del 
orfreys et le moyces. Item xj capee albse de damask, ex una 
secta, cum diversitate del orfreys et le moyces. Una capa alba 
de damask cum floribus aureis in le moyce, ex dono magistri 
Johannis Tapton.* Item vij vetcres capee albs de velwet ope- 
raUe cum le gryffeth ac sole plurim' de auro, ex dono magistri 
Tliomae ArundcU Ebor. Arduepiscopi. Item viij caps, uuius 
sectse, operatae cum nigris stellis. Item iij veteres capoe, quarum 
una cum Sancto Paulo, alia cum una Stella, tercia cum leonibus 
in auro in le moyce earumdem. Duas capae albae de damask cum 
le orfreys blodii colons. Item xj capas albae del bawdekyn cum 
le estrigefederes. [Una capa pro accolito. Item ix capae pro 

Eueris. Una capa vetiis de damasco, cum le orfrey de rubio 
awdkyn. Una capa alba cum Assumpcione B. Y., et capucio 
dorsi ex panno aurco albo, ex dono domini Galfridi Simeon, f 
decani capellae regias, tunc temporis tradita et deliberata per 
roanus domini Thomas Dalbe,| archidiaconi Richemundiae, die 
Assumpcionis B. Y. 1510.] 

^ Probendary of Holme lh>in 1467 to 1486. Canon of linooln and Jiondon, 
Doaii of 81*. Aniph, and Matitor of OaUioriiio llall, CombridKO. 

t Vn)1>oiidiiry of Boiillioavo fVoiu 160-i-6 to 16()8 , in whidi voar lio diod. 
Ho bold many otbor boiiudooH, and wiw a man of bigb poidlion. 11 i« gift to tbo 
Obapter ib duly recorded in tboir reinator. 

f IHdby became archdeacon of Uiclimond in 1606. He wia interred in York 

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Cap AS Runiiis. Itom iij oapn rubire^ opens ocus^ opctatse cum 
bistoriis Biblioo. Una capa rubia dc tyssuc cum lo orfrcys do 
perle. Una capa rubia de tyssue in le moyce^ ex dono M. 
Barow,* Una capa rubia de tyssue, cum Sancto Petro in le 
moyce. Una capa de eodem, cum Sancto Petro et clavibiis in 
moduin crucis, in le moyce. Una capa de tyssue cum angelo in 
le moyce. Una capa de tyssue cum Sancto Paulo in le moyce. 
Una capa de tyssue cum Sanoto Petro in le moyce habento 
unam clavem in manu. Una capa de panho aureo cum cigho in 
le moyce. Una capa auri cum cruce ael lynkkes catbehanim in 
le moyce. Una capa de panno auri cum coronacione B. M. in le 
moyce. Una capa opefata cum ymaginibus aureis, in le moyce 
bestiae ferw. Una caba del bawdekyti cum le barrys de auro. 
Una capa cum yibaffinibus auTeis, ac in le moyce una pecia panni 
aurci. Una capa de tyssue pro episcopo puerili. Una capa do 

}»anno auri ctim martirio Sancti Thomse in capicio ejusdem, 
)ufe capro de aureo panno cum armis Anglise in le moyces 
earumdem. Una capa operata cum K. Uteris de perle. Duse 
caps operatse cum aquilis dut)licibus auri. Tres cap» de panno 
aureo ae damask cum armis Anglias in le moyces earumdem. 
Una capa rubia de velwete cum floribus aureis ex dono magistri 
Lepeyate.f Una capa rubia de sateyn operata cum floribus 
aureis de luce, ex dono Sancti Thomse Hereiord.} Una capa de 
sateyn operata cum Apostolis et cruciflio in dorso, Quatuor capes 
rubies de le bawdekyn cum leonibus aureis et le dayses. Octo 
capes del bawdekyn cum leonibus le rawmpyng§ de auro. Sex 
capes del bawdekyn cum libertis passaunt de auro ac floribus 
operatis. Una capa del bawdekyn operata cum leonibus ao 
mauibus auri. Quatuor capes de sateyn operates cum ramusculis 
ct ymaginibus, cum le orfrevs de viridi panno aureo. Sex capes 
cum ymaginibus et ramusculis, ac le orfreys cum albo panno auri; 
Una capa rubia de damask cum pavonibus, quorum capita, pec* 
tora et pedes aurea sunt. Una capa del bawdekyn cum le pales 

minster, under s meet magnifloent brass, of which Brake nves an engraving. 
Within the hist few weeks t have discovered the inventory of nis effects, shewing 
him to have been a person of great wealth and substance. Cardinal Wolsej 
amonghis treasures had divers pieces of plate bearing " master Dalbye's arms." 

• Probably Thomas Barrow, who became prebendary of Luigtofb in 1477. He 
was also Master of the Rolk. 

t Philip Lepeyate, canon of Buffthorpo from 1 181 to 1488. He was also sub- 
aean of Lincoln. In 1487 he asked the pennission of the chanter of Lincoln to 
choose the place of his interment in that church, and obtaincu it upon the pay- 
ment of 20^. to the fabric. He was probably born at Lypiat, a little hamlet nwt 

X Thomas de Cantilupe, the sainted bishop of Hereford. He died in Italy in 
1183, and was buried near Florence. His remains were afterwards brought to 
England and interred at Hereford. He was, I believe, a canon of York. 

§ " A ruddy lion ramped in gold." 

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aureU. Una capa del saroynet operata cum yroagiuibus, ao in Ic 
moyce Salvator. Una capa operata cum Btcllis et rosis aureis. 
Qumque capse dc vclwete cum floribu^ et stellia aureis. Novem 
oapiB dd bawdekvn cum Ic orfreya blodiis. [Una capa del 
bawdekyn cum arboribus aureis. Una capa operis acus cum le 
orfrey yitis currentis. Duse capse veterea obm pro episcopo 
puerorum. Una capa rubia de panno aureo cum Salutacione 
B. M. in capite. Duse pallse rubise palyd cum viridi et blodio.] 
CAFiB BLODiJs. Una capa blodia de tyssue cum Sancto 
Symone in le moyce. Sex capse de tyssue cum armis magiatri 
Andne Huls^ in le moces earum. Una capa de tyssue cum 
arrois magistri Clyftonf in le moyce. Una capa de tyssue ex 
dono magistri Gysburn^^ cum Sancto Petro catbenato in le 
moyce. Una capa de tyssue cum S. Petro in le moyce. Una 
capa de tyssue cum S. Jacobo in le moyce. Una capa de 
tyssue cum S. Jobanne Evangclista in le moyce ejusdem. Una 
capa de panno aureo operata cum leonibus ac armis Angliae et 
Francio) in le moyce. Una capa blodia de velwet cum floribua 
de luce aureis. Una capa blodia de sateyn operata cum angclis 
et stellis aureis. Una capa blodia de velwet cum torcbiis et 
clavibna aureis. Tresdecim capss blodise de damask operatse cum 
floribus ac le orfreys cum opere acus. Una capa blodia de 
damask operata cum floribus de luce auri. Octodecim capas 
blodiae de damask cum le orfreys de panno rubio auri. Una 
capa blodia de velwet cum una rosa de perle in le moyce. Una 
capa blodia de velwet operata cum le garteres militum Saneti 
Gcorgii. Una capa de sateyu fygury^ cum ymagine B. M. Y. 
in capucio. Una capa blodia de velwet cum davibus^ ad modum 
cnicis fixis^ de auro. Una capa blodia de sateyn operata cnm 
angelis aureis. Octo capse blodis de sateyn cum leonibus le 
passaunt de auro. Una capa blodia de velwet cum le orfrey de 
tyssue rusceto. Una capa blodia de panno argenteo cum M. R. 
coronatis in le moyce. Una capa levis blodii colons de sateyn 
cum M. R. coronatis in le moyce. Duae capse blodiss de 
bawdekyn cum floribus aureis ac stellis in le moyces. Tres cap® 
blodise de bawdekyn operatse cum avibus. Una capa de blodio 
velvet cum floribus de auro cum tribus rubeis capitibus leopar- 
dorum in les mose. 

* SuooMsively oanon of Grindale, Osbaldwiok, and Stdllington, between 1431 
and 1470. He was a son of Sir Hugh Halse or Holes, Lord Chief Justice of the 
Ck>mmon Pleas, and was a wealthy eocledastic. 

t Two or three members of the great house of Clifton held proferment at York. 
Kolwrt Clifton, Arolihisluip Wm. U<M)th's nephew, was archdciu)on of tlio Viasi 
liiding in 144H. Another Uobort ClifU>n iMscaroe prebendary of Wistow in 1470, 
in which stoll lie was succeeded by Gamaliel Clifton in 1600. 
X William Gisburne became prebendary of Ulleskelf in 1479. 

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Capjb YIRIDB8. Una capa yiridis de tissue cum armis 
domiDi Georgii Nevil in le mo^cei qui liuper fuit hujus Ecclesise 
Archiepiscopus. Una capa viridis de tyssue cUm una aquila 
stante super librum in le moyce^ ex dono magistri Johannis 
Ojsburgh.^ Una capa de tyssue cum aquila in le moyce> ex 
dono maeistri Willelmi Brand .f Una capa de tyssue cum 
aquila in le moyce, ex dono magistri Boberti Stillyhgton4 Una 
capa qusdem formes^ ex dono magistri Johannis Pakenham 
nuper thesaurarii. Una capa de tyssue^ ex dono ijiagistri 
Kooerti Batclyf. Una capa de tyssue cum Sancto Petro in le 
moyce, ex dono magistri Ricardi Andrew, || Decani. Una capa 
de tyssue cum Sancto Bartholomeo in le moyce ejusdem. Una 
capa de tyssue cum S. Paulo in le moyce, ex dono magistri 
Johannis Mewe8.§ Una capa de tyssue cum cigno in le movce. 
Una capa de tyssue cum Sancto Petro in le moyce, ex dono 
maeistn Willelmi Poteman. Una capa de tyssue cum S. Bar- 
tholomeo in le moyce, ac Trinitate super dorsum dusdem. Una 
capa del bawdekyn cum cruce in le moyce. Una capa del 
bawdekyn cum avibus aureis et S. Petro in le moyce. Una 
capa viridis de velwet cum capitibus taurorum.^ Una capa 
viridis de velwet cum stellis. Quatuor caps del bawdekyn, cum 
le orfreys, cum panno nigro de tyssue. Una capa de serico cum 
ymaginibus Apostolorum et armis. Una capa de opere acus 

* He beoune precentor in 1466-7, Mid osnon of Bngthorp in 1460. In his 
will, dated in 1479, he orders bis body to be buried in the minster, in the north 
aisle, before the image of Uie Virgin. Twdve torches are to be burned around 
his hearse, "toIo quod antiquus usus eiusdem Ecolesin quoad distribuoiones 
speoierum et jpsalter oandeles ao aliorum obeerretur." 

t SuooessiTelj archdeacon of Cleveland and prebendary of Holme, Bambjr, 
and Weighton. He died rector of Settrington in 1476, " corpus meum prius in- 
dutum alDo et reetimento meo sacerdotali proprio diversi colons de horde Alex- 
andre sepeliendum sub ambone in cancello eoclesift de Seteryngton. Leso pro 
mortuano meo meum optimum equum cum cells et aliis prout equiUure soiebom 
ad sinodum indutus." His books were numerous, and his will abounds with 
interesting bequests. 

t Prebendary of Fenton and Wetwanff. Bishop of Bath and Wells from 
1466 to 1401. He was a very distinguished but unfortunate statesman, and died 
in confinement. Leland says that "at Wells there is set td the est ende of the 
doystre an exceding eoodly chapel in trantepto of Bushop Stillington and King." 

II Dean of York from 1464 to 1477, a great promoter of the restorations, and 
a fturnous statesinan and ecclesiastic. Le^ " utari S. Salyatoris ante crucem in 
Oath. Bbor. missale meum noviter scriptun) cum duobus vestimontis, unum de 
Tiridi serico omakmi cum floribus. et aliud de panno de baldkyn nuper factum, 
una cum uno calice et apparatibus altaris oratorii mei." Gascoigne savs that he 
obUinod the Deanery through bribery, still he made a very good onioer, and it 
was his privilege to witness the oomplotion of the works in which lie had taken 
so great an interest. 

S Prebendary of Osbaldwick trom 1467 to 1408. 

H This was probably a sift from some member of the noble house of Neville. 
" God save the bull of Wesnnerland ** was the motto of one of their admirers. 

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cum ymagimbus et Bcripturis. Una capa de opere acQ8 ouin 
ramiBi soutis ot armia. Una capa do opere acus cum ramin et 
ymaginibiis. Una capa de opere acua cum multis ymagmibuB 
ac Salvatore in dorso. Duae capae virides del bawdekyn operate 
cum avibus. Duae capae del bawdekyn cum le orfreys de blodio 
de bawdekyn cum leonibua in le moyces. Duae capae de badekyn 
operatae cum bestiis et floribus, ac cum le orfres de blodio cum 
bawdekyn. Una capa viridis de velwet operata cum duplicibus 
aquilis de auro. Una capa viridis del bawdekyn cum paronibua 
quarum capita rostrata ac corpora aunt auri. Una capa del 
bawdekyn cum le orfiraya cum albia floribua extraneia. [Una 
capa viridia pro accolito. Novem capse yiridea pro pueria. Una 
capa del bawdkyn cum pavonibua, pedibua et capitibua deauratia^ 
cum nodia quadratia deauratia.] 

Capa purpurbas. Una capa purpurea de velwet cum del- 
pliinia aureia. Treadecim capae purpureae de velwet operatae cum 
armia Angliae ac le aquyrellea aureia. Duae capae purpureae de 
velwet cum M. R. in le moycea ooronatia carumdem. Quatuor 
capae purpurea) do velwet cum Ic orfreya cum pauno nigro auri. 
[Uiin capa purpurea panni argentei cum duplicibua M. 11 .in le 
moyce cjusdem. 

CAPiB NiGRiB. Una capa nigra de panno auri cum M. B. in 
le moyce coronatia. Una capa nigra ae velwete le period cum 
auro^ ac M. R. in capucio et le moyce. Una capa nigra de 
velwet cum atellia et le barrea de auro. Una capa nigra del 
bawdekyn operata cum ymaginibua et floribua de luce de auro. 
Undecim capae nigrae del bawdekyn operatae cum albia floribua 
et avibus auri. Duse capae del tawncy damaak cum le orfreya 
de purpyll aateyn. Sex capse de worsted nigro cum le orfreya 
de crymysyn worsted. Tres pallae nigrae del bawdekyn operatae 
cum avibus aureis : duplicatur cum viridi bokeram. [Una capa 
de pauno auri nigro cum le orfrey de viridi panno auri ac M. U. 
coronatis in le moyce.] 

Yestimbnta alba. Una secta, viz.^ pro presbitero, diacono 
et subdiacono^ de albo panno auri absque albis stolis et le fanons. 
Una secta alba de panno ruceto auri le tyssue. Una secta alba 
de velwet operata cum floribua. Una aecta alba de velwet cum 
le eryffethea in le orfreya coronatia, Una aecta alba de |>anno 
le bawdekyn operata cum floribua de luce et avibua aun cum 

In that glorioui old ballad, '<The Rising in the North/' whan the head of the 
Noville'i was itruck down, we read how 

** Lord Weatmorelaiid hia anoyent raiade. 
The duu bull he rays'd on hve. 
And three doga with golden ooflars. 
Were there (tett out most royallyo." 

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orfreys de rulb' (ric) l6 b^wdekyn. Una secta de alba bawdekyn 
operata cum nigris stillia absque albis. Una secta- de albo 
bawdekyn operata cum floribus auri absque albis. Una secta de 
albo bawdekyn operata cum stellis auri cum stola et le pbanon^ 
Una casula de albo bawdekyti absque albis. [Quatuor tunicee 
cum thuribulariis et choristis. Dues dalnlaticee pro domino 

Archiepiscopo unde habet una secta de bawdekyne 

cum floribus aureis orreyde over tyssew.] 

Yestimenta rubia. Una secta rubia de tyssue cum le 
orfreys operatis cum le perle. Una secta de panno rubio auri 
cum armis domini Fitzhugh. Una secta de panno auri operata 
cum floribus et yerbis Francis. Una secta de velwet cum coronis 
et stellis aureis. Una secta de rubio bawdekyn cum roaguis leoni- 
bus auri. ' Una secta de bawdekyn cum bestiis auri. Una secta 
de sateyn orfired cum panno aureo de tyssue. Una secta de 
sateyn cum maenis ymaginibus^ y\%,, Domini nostri et B. M. in 
dorso, absque albis. Una secta cutn coronis et le barres de auro, 
sine albis. Una secta de rubio bawdekyn operata cum floribus j 
stellse auri in le orfreys. Una secta de rubio serico cujus casula 
extat le garnesshed cum lapidibus^ absque albis. Una secta de 
historia Jesse [et aquilis^ sine albis] . Una secta del bawdekyn 
operata cum le popyngeose sed sine albis. Una secta de senco 
absque albis. Una casula cum Sancto Andrea in dorso. Una 
secta operata cum leonibus et floribus de luce de auro absque 
albis. Duie tunicuiro opcris acus cum armis ct diversis opcribus, 
[Una scctn de rubio sateyn cum aquilis aui^cis. Quatuor 
tuniclse pro thuribulariis et choristis. Duas dalmaticsD rubies 
pro Archiepiscopo. Vestimentum integrum de panno aureo cum 
cruce panni aurei viridis ac armis.] 

Yestimenta blodia. Una secta blodia de tyssue. Una 
secta blodia de velwet cum le skaloppes de auro. Una secta de 
velwet cum floribus auri. Alia secta de vclwct cum floribus^ 
ac floribus de luce, cum albis. Alia secta de velwet cum le 
garterres et esses de atiro. Alia secta de velwet cum le orfreys 
de panno nigro tyssue. Una secta blodia del bawdekyn cum 
dracouibus aureis absque albis. Una secta blodia de sateyn cum 
le popyngees de auro. Una secta blodia del bawdekyn pro 
adventu et septuagesima. [Quatuor tuniculae pro thuribulariis 
et choristis. Dues dalmaticse pro Archiepiscopo.] 

Yestimenta viRintA. Una secta viridis de brssue. Una 
secta viridis de velwete operata cum aquilis et floribus auri. 
Una secta viridis del bawdekyn cum pcrdicibus auri absque 
stolis et manipulis. Una secta viridis de serico cum scutis et 
armis, sed absque albis. Una secta viridis del bawdekyn operata 
cum pavonibus absqiie albis. Una secta del bawdekyn operata 

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cum albis gallis et albis leonibus sed Bine albis. [Quatuor 
tuniculsa cum armis S. Willelmi. Quatuor tunioulce pro thuri- 
bulariis et choristis. Unum vestimentum viride del bawdekyn. 
Una casula pro festo reliquiarum absque albis.] 

In cista communi.* Unum dimicent de auro impignoratum 
per Robertum Bothe, nuper Decanum, pro 20/. Item xxviij di. 
et iij q' antiqua nobilia, quorum quodlibet valet Ss. lOd. 
Summa 18/. 16b. O^d. In regalibua 72/. 128. 6d. In angelis 
auri in grossis, 65/. lOs. In grossia ad summam, 19/. 6b. (S^d. 
In manibus Willelmi Wardef et Ricardi Godson^ pro operibus 
S. Petri^ ex mutuo^ per indenturam^ 40/. [Item dominus Ricardus 
Oodson oustoB fabricae^ mutuatus est de communi cista^ viij** die 
Januarii Anno Domini 1601^ 20/.] 

[Memorandum yt I Thomas Dalby, chanon residenciary, 
have borowd owt off ye common chest a hunderethe pund, ye 

Zhe I bynd me to repay at Martynmes next commyng ferasedj,] 
i cathena auri cum crucifixo et v lapidibus preciosis vocatis 
saphyres. Una cathena auri parva. Unum colare cum le esses 
auri. Item xvij annuli aurci cum annul' tract' et j annulus 

Memorandum quod ego Robertus Langton> thesaurarius 
Ebor., inposui in cista S, Petri vj Parycboll^s, cum coopertorio^ 

Emderis cxl unc. Item duas ollas argenti parce gylt, ponderis 
ij unc, die xxv Augusti, 1510, pro quibus quidem ciphis et 
oUis recepi nomine de eadem cista, cum consensu domini Decani 
et domini archidiaconi Richemondise tunc canonicorum residen- 
cium, super 83/. ISs. 4d., capiendo pro uncia, 3s. 4d. Per me 
Robertum Langton, thesavrarium, manu propria. 

In cista communi. Memorandum, quod decimo nono die 
mensis Novembris anno Domini 1517, inventie fuerunt in cista 
communi in iuferiori domo vestiarii Ecdesise Ebor., in pecunia, 
viz., in grossis 70/., unde dicto xix die Novembris positse fuerunt 
in una baga, 32/., et in alia baga, 38/. In di. grossis, alias dictis 
denariis de duobus, 3/. 15s. 4d. In denariis, 4/. 7s. 4d. In 
vetcribus nobilibus 3/. et quarta pars unius nobilis ejusdem 
imaginis sive numismatis. Item iij rialles, iij nobils, fyve v.s. et 
iij xl.d. Item xvij annuli et unus annulus fractus, de quibus 
unus annulus de argento. Sex holies cum uno coopertorio, 
pond, cxxxix unc. de argento parcil gilt. Duo pottes silver, 
pond. Ixj unce et di unce. Una cathena aurea cum crucifixo et 

* The reft of the Inventory is in Langton*! hand, which is by no meant a 
good Olio. 

t This penon waa tUo keeper of the fobric for tome time. Hui will, whioh is 
interofiting, will be printed in Testofnenla Ebor., vol. iii. 

t Sub- treasurer Aroni 1508 to 1516, and keeper of the tehrio for several years. 

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lapidibns preciosis v vocatis saphires^ pond, vij unce di. unce. 
A bawdrike of gold w' bellis pond, xix unc. et di. unc. Una 
cathena aurea cum le esses^ pond, j unc. quart, et di. quart., ex 
dono domini Nicholai Bowet* de Com. Lincoln^ militis, ad 
feretrum Bicardi Scrope. Una cathena aurea pond, j unc. et j 
quart. Unum magnum pontificate, vis., annulus cum lapide 
emered^ pond, ij unc. j quart, et di. quart. Alius annulus ponti- 
ficalia magnus cum perited alias crisolid, pond, j unc. et di. Item 
xiijj anuk pontificfdes super duos rotulos. Item in auro 78/. 
In grossis, 68/. In di. grossis, 141. 

1623. AUocantur, 8s. 4d. pro les badgis datis hominibus ad 
guerram tendentibus. 


Eboracensium db bcclesiis infra provinciam Ebor. et 


May 29, 1226. Indulgentia ad constructionem novi pontis 
de Elvet apud Dunolm. Alia, pro eodem ponle, Feb. 14, 1228. 

Jan. 11^ 1228. Indulgentia pro hospitali B. M. in pratis de 

July 16, 1232. Indulgentia pro ecclesia de Kendal — ''miscra- 
bili ruiha dcformata.^' 

May 10, 1281. Licentia Episcopo Candidse Casse dedicar^ 
capellam de Loueswatel*, cum cemiterio, in parochia de 8. Bega, 
ad instanciam Prioris presidentis de Sancta Bega. 

1286. Indulgentia pro ecclesia Dunelm. et alia pro monas-^ 
tcrio de Humberstan dioc. Lincoln. '' igne consumpto.'^ 

Feb. 16, 1288. Indulgehtia xl dierum pro ecclesia Bipoii. 
" ruinosa et reparacione indiget.'' 

1297. Mandatum Capitido Bipon, to pay the debt they have 
incurred in building their new chancel. 

Dec. 20, 1297. Mandate to the Prior and Convent of Brid- 
lington to receiye into their house the Prior and Convent of 
Hexham, their monastery having been burned by the Scots. 

June 17, 1300. Indulgentia pro ecclesia Ripon. 

Feb. 16, 1300-1. Mandates to the rector of Wath t6 

* Cousin and hoir to the Archbishop, and a portion of rank and wealth. 

t I now lay before my readers a few architectural noteiL which, with very 
few exoeptioniL.ha?e been taken from the registers at Torlc. Many will deem 
them more valuable than anything that has i^peared in this work. In some 
cases we have the exact date of the building of a church. 

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admonish his parishioners to contribute to the tower of the 
church ; to the rectors of Darfield for the repairs of their church 
and tower, and to Eustace, vicar of Rotherham for the church 
aud tower of Rotherham. 

March 30, 1304. Commissio ad dedicandum cemiterium 
Fratrum B. M. de Monte Carmeli qui infra limites ecclesise S. 
Salvatoris Ebor. jam habitare ceperunt. 

Sep. 4, 1304. Licence to the Abbot of Selby to re-build the 
chapel of Whitgift which John Francigena, rector of Atheling* 
flet, " solo tenus destruxit et lapides ipsius sanctuarii dispergens 
cos apud Athelingflct asportari et abduci fecit, et camcram sibi de 
cisdeni coustruxit, nichil rclicto nisi nuda area et cimitcrio con- 
scrvato quod adhuc clausum rcmanet, in quo scpulcra notoric 

Julv 17, 1307. Inveniraus campanile de Silkeston ruinosum 
— quaedam tigna putrifica corruerunt j opus eciam ipaud totum 
creditur in vicino verisimiliter ruiturufn — ordinatio refectionis. 

Nov. 16, 1310. Licence to the Friars Minors, of Notting- 
ham, to have their church and its altars consecrated. 

Dec. 26, 1310. Mandate to the bailiff of Ripon to provide 
the necessary materials for the construction of a chapel in our 
manor at Ripon. ' 

May 17, 1311. Licence to the Carmelites of Hull to build 
a place there, and to have it consecrated. 

July 8, 1311. Libera pecuniam sufScientem pro construc- 
tione studii nostri ad cameram nostram de Cawode, nccnon ad 
reparacionem frontis capellss nostra de Burton. 

7 Kal. Aug., 1311, Indulg. pro eccl. B. M. de Giseburgh 
per repcntini incendii voraginem una cum libris, vestimcntis et 
calicibus fere in cineres redacta. (Re^. Kellawe at DurJiam). 

Nov. 13, 1311. Monitio parochianis de Wirksop super re- 
paratione campanilis navi ipsius ecclesisa ex parte occidentali 
aunexi et in angulo versus boream annexi. 

Feb. 24, 1311-12. Licence to the parishioners of Newark 
to remove the chapel in the churchyard of Newark, built by H., 
our predecessor, and to use the materials in the diurcli. It is 
useless, and the ground is required. 

June 17, 1328. Cemiterium de Ilaxby dedicatum fuit. 

May 16, 1320. Indulgentia pro coustructione et reparationc 
cajiella^ de Thorn. 

Oct. 5, 1328. Archiepiscopus dedicavit altare Fratrum 
Carmclitarum Ebor. 

Aug. 10, 1329. The feast of St. Laurence: the Archbishop 
consecrated the church of Wakefield and the great altar in honor 
of All Saints, the altar of the Virgin, '' ex parte australi/' the 

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altar of St. Nicholas^ " ex parte boriali/* and that of St. Peter 
" in medietate ccclesMe.'* 

Jan. 21^ 1317-18. Lioence to John de Hotham, Bp. of Ely^ 
''ad celebrandum divina in honesta capella in loco vestres 
originis apud Threhoiises noviter constructa.'' 

Feb. 28, 1318. Indulgence for Carlisle Cath"*, burnt down 
by the Scots. 

Dec. 7, 1318. Licence to the Bp. of Ely to dedicate the 
church of North Cave ''de novo constructa." 

July 23, 1320. Indulgence for the fabric and tower of the 
church of St. Leonard of Torksey. 

July 8, 1322. Licence to "Thos. de Wake doinino de Lydel 
ad construendum monasterium Sancti Augustini in villa sua de 
Cotyn^ham, auctoriiate apbstolica.'' 

July 29, 1328. Indulgence of 40 days for the church of 

1349. 10 July, Commission to Hugh, Archbishop of Da- 
mascus, to dedicate the chapel and yard of St. Oswald at Fulford. 
15 July, to dedicate the chapel and burial-ground of Clesfeby 
par. Staynwegges. 17 July, to dedicate the chapel and ground 
of Wilton. July 23, the chapel, &c., of Semer, par. Rudby, & 
the chapel of Brotton. 1 August, the chapel-ground of Barton 
par. Qilling "durante pestilencia.'^ 7 August, the chapel of 
Eseby par. Stokesley. 

May 21, 1354. Emanavit licencia ad celebrandum in capella 
ubi bones memorise Thomas dudum Lane* erat decollatus, pro 
tempore domini duratura. 

Jan. 16, 1397-8. Litera concessa procuratoribus novi operis 
S. Johannis Beverlaci. 

June 80, 1403. Commission to Wm. Bp. of Pharos to con- 
secrate tlie chapel and burial-ground of Lowcswatro. 

Apr. 18, 1409. Indulgentia 40 dierum pro Mon. do Lnnor- 
cost — injured by the Scots. 

June 14, 1409. Indulgentia 40 dierum pro campanili ec- 
clesise de Ledes. 

June 16, 1409. Indulgentia 40 dierum pro fabrica cam- 
panilis ecclesiee de Rotherham. 

Apr. 20, 1424. Commissio Episcopo Dunelm, ad conse« 
crandum tria vel quatuor altaria in capella infra manerium de 
Wereton Com. Notts. 

May 17, 1424. Comm. to Nich. Bp. of Dromore dedicare 
eccl. convent, sive mon. B. Agathie juxta Richmond, ordinis 
Premonstr., et aream pro bemiterio ejusdem. 

June 26, 1424. Comm. eidem dedicare eccl. S. Elense in 
Warkdyke, civitatis Ebor., cum cemiterio. 

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July 11^ 1424. Comm. to Wm. Bp. of Dromore to dedicate 
the church and churchyard of Wigginton and the church of 
Bolton Percy with the chief altar^ newly built and constructed, 
and also the churchyard, and, on Sept. 1, comm. to him to 
dedicate the church of St. Crux and the high altar. 

Oct. 16, 1424. Comm. to Bp. of Dromore to dedicate the 
chapel and altar in the manor of the Earl of Northumberland at 

Nov, 14, 1424. Licentia majori et civibua Ebor. ad cele- 
brandum tres missaa peculiares cotidie per capellanos idoneoa 
submissa voce in capella vestra quae in honorem S. Annas, matris 
V. M. gloriosae, super pontem de Fosse, de novo, ut asseritis, 

Feb. 11, 1425-6. Mandatum Episco^ Dromorensi ad con- 
secrandum majus altare in capella S. Trinitatis, Hull, de novo 
reparatum et constructum. 

July 22, 1441. Comm. to Nic. Bp. of Dromore to conse- 
crate and dedicate the chapel and chapelyard of St. Michael at 
Bempton, par. Bridlington. 

Mar. 27, 1442. Comm. to John Bp. of Philippolis to conse- 
crate the church of Pidseburton, which has been entirely re- 
built, together with the churchyard, and also to dedicate an 
altar erected in the south part of the priory church at Ponte* 

May 12, 1444. Comm. to the same prelate to dedicate and 
consecrate the parish church and churchyard at Monkfriston. 

Sep. 4, 1444. Comm. to the same prelate to dedicate and 
re-consecrate the chapel in honour of St. John the Baptist at 
Ilibstane, par. Huusingore, which has been built anew. Oct. 
80. Comm. to him to consecrate the church or chapel at Paul, 
which has been rebuilt. 

Nov. 8, 1444. Comm. to Mr. {lobt. Beverlay, Mr. Robt. 
Warde, and Mr. Thos. Sprotley, can. of Beverley, to discover a 
suitable place to erect a new church upon at Wythomse. The 
old church is hard by the sea, and is in danger of being washed 
away. The greater part of the parishioners have recommended 
the chapel of St. Kath., in the middle of the parish, the rest 
wish for a place called Presthill, near the sea. A similar com- 
mission was directed to Mr. Thos. Tanfcld, 8 Dec., 1445. On 
1 Dec., 1446, Tanfield writes to the Archbishop firom Beverley, 
to sav that he has examined the parishioners, who say, one and 
all, that Priesthill is the best site for the church. It is far from 
the sea and convenient for the parishioners, and, be^iides this, if 
the church were erected elsewhere, it would be greatly to the de- 
triment of the lord of the manor, Humphrey Duke of Bucking- 

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ham^ and the rector^ the abbat and convent of Kirkstall. Priest- 
hill is the best site for the new village of Wvthornse, as the sea 
will swallow up the greater part of the lordship before it reaches 
this place. It is, therefore, chosen. 

Dec. 9, 1446. Comm. to John Bp. of Philippolis to conse- 
crate a moderately sized piece of ground, belonging '' ad commen- 
dariam de Ossington/' near the town of Nottingham, as a burial- 
ground for the brethren and sisters of the hospital of St. John 
of Jerusalem, at the instance of Aobt. Boothil, the prior. Feb. 
6, 1446. Licence to have divine service performed in a chapel 
in the town of Bradford, in honour of the Holy Trinity and of 
St. Sith the virgin. 

Dec. 8, 1447. Comm. to Thos. Bp. of Dromore to dedicate 
the church of Dent, built anew, and to reconcile the churchyard^ 
which has been polluted with blood. 

Aue. 18, 1460. Licence to the brothers and sisters of the 
hospital of the Blessed Virgin and St. Martin in York, newly 
built^ to have mass said in the chapel of the said house for a 

Oct. 81, 1462. Indulgence, lasting for 8 years, " pro capella 
B. M. in parco de Irel^^.'* 

Jan. 24, 1462-3. Comm. to John Bp. of Philippolis to con- 
secrate ** ca^llam gildffi B. M. et S. Martini ad priucipale altare 
infra parochiam S. Cuthberti, Ebor. noviter constructam.^' 

Feb. 24, 1462-8. Indul^nce, for a year, ''ad construc- 
tionem coU^i B. M. Magd. in le batelfelde juxta Salopiam pro 
animabus eorum quorum corpora ibi requiescunt.'' 

July 19, 1453. Indulgentia, 40 dierum, pro eccl. conven- 
tual! S. Leonardi de Torkeseye, dioc. Lincoln, ruinosa, necnon 
.quia portio corporis beatissimi confessoris Leonardi, pes vide- 
licet, m dicta ecdesia inter ceteras reliquias contiueri perhibetur^ 
inclusa in quadam ymagine ejusdein satis decenter ornata. 

"Mar. 16, 1468-4. Indulgentia, 40 dierum, pro capella in le 
Qyll par. Wirkyngton in honore B. M. V. 

May 6, 1464. Licentia incolis in le Tripett in par. ecd. sive 
capella B. Y. M. apud Hull ad celebrandum divina in capella 
ibidem nuper constructa. 

Sep. 26, 1464. Commissio Johanni Assavensi Episcopo ad 
consecrandum altare de novo edificatum in capella ex parte 
boriali ecclesia; sive prioratus de Syna. 

June 4, 1465. Commissio Johanni Philippolonsi Episcoiio 
ad consecrandum quandam parcellam terrse et parte boriali 
cemiterii ecclesiee parochialis S. Crucis in Fossegate. 

Sep. 16, 1466. Comm. to ThoS. Bp. of Hereford to dedicate 
an altar " in honore B. V. M., S. Annae^ SS. Joh. Evangelistee 

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et Baptiatae^ Beati Benedict!, S. Katherins, Omniumque Sanc- 
torum infra iufirmariam monasteri B. M. extra muroa dvitatii 
Ebor. noviter constructum/' 

Feb. 3. 1455-6. '< Certificatio inquiaitionis facta pro trans- 
latione ecclesise de Colthorp in alium locum ad requisitionem 
Dominic Briani Bocliflfe, et parochianorum.'' The church is far 
from the Tillage, and the roads veiy bad. The Archbishop con- 
sents to the change. 

Feb. 15, 1455-6. Indulgentia, 40 dierum, ad relevameu 
Fratrum Predicatorum civitatis Ebor. Their goods and build- 
ings have been destroyed by fire. 

Aug. 17, 1458. Comm. to John Bp. of Philippolis ad con- 
secrandum basilicam infra villam de Colthorp in honore S. Tri- 
nitatis et S. Michaelis cum dmiterio, et indulgentia 40 dierum 

Aug. 24, 1458. Indulgence oC40 days, ad placitum, interes- 
sentibus missis et antemate de nomine Jhesu coram ymagine 
crucifixi prope ostium australe in ecdesia Cath. Ebor. cantandis, 
pro salute regis et regni, etc. 

Feb. 4, 1459-60. Indulgentia, 40 dierum, pro campanili 
eccl. coll. Ripon quod ab inicio sumptuose fiierat constructum, 
tarn propter mcuriam negligenciam et inscienciam artificum illud 
de novo fabricancium, tam propter tonitrua et aeris flatus im- 
pctuosoa, ingenciumque procellarum turbines '' — is so split and 
shaken that a great part of it is thrown to the ground, and the 
rest daily threatens to follow it. 

June 16, 1462. Monitio ad reparandum defectus in ecclesia 
Beverlacensi et campanili ejusdem eedesisB. 

June 20, 1470. Comm. to Wm. Bp. of Dromore ad dedi- 
candum eccl. de Sheftlyng alias Bristall, cum cemiterio, de novo 

Apr. 8, 1477. Indulgentia 40 dierum, ad placitum, from 
Luurouce Abp. of York, Wm. Bp. of Durham, and Edward 
Bp. of Carlisle, visitantibus ymaginem ct veram stutuam Domini 
Jhesu, Salvatoris nostri, prope reretrum S. Cuthberti in ecclesia 
Dunelm, in quadam tabula super murum ibidem pendentem. 

Jan. 12, 1477-8. Indulgentia 40 dierum, pro reparacione 
capelke de Burton in Kendale. 

Mar. 29, 1479. Confirmatio convendonis super erectione 
novi campanilis ecclesiae de Silkeston. 

Julv 1, 1479. Indulgentia 40 dierum, pro constructionadi 
pontis juxta villam de Weryngton super le Merse. 

Aug. 13, 1479. Licentia Priori et fratribus de Lethum ad 
celcbrandum divina in capella noviter edificata, quia monaste- 
rium vehementibus ventorura turbinibus totaliter destructa est. 

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Oct: S0| 1479. Indulgentia 40 dierunii &d placitnnii od 
constructionem et re-cdificacionem potitis super aqoam do Wyre 
in Wardale> Tocaii Wolsyngham brigge, de novo consiructi. 

Mar. 9, 1479-80. Indolgentia 40 dierutn, pro reparatione 
capellee B. M. infra parochiam de Bamby super moram^ sive ad 
emendacionem calcetorum inter Bamby et Hayton^ et inter 
Podvngton et SLilwyk. 

Apr. 29, 1480. Comm. to Wm. Bp. of Dromore to conse-^ 
crate " basilicanii et cemiterium^ in villa in Lamley de novo con- 
structam^ necnon capellam S. Jacobi de Hoghton par. Walesby.'' 

Oct. 1^ 1481. Licence to Hios. Uskhill and Bic. Roper, 
vicars choral of Southwell, and Bic. Barrett, to build a chapel " in 
campo vocato Westhorpfeld juxta fontem vocatum Seynt Kate- 
ryne well, in honore S. Katherinse Yirginis, et indulgentia quin- 
que annorum conferentibus.'' 

Nov. 18, 1482. Indulgentia 40 dierum, pro eccl. Eipon. — 
Same form as before. 

Dec. 13, 1483. Commission to Wm. Bp. of Dromore to re** 
consecrate the church of Wynandirmir, rebuilt, having been 
burnt to the ground. 

Oct. 2, 1486. Licence for an oratory for three years in 
capella de novo construota per Episcopum de Bath and WeUs, at 
Acastre Selby. 

Nov. 16, 1484. Comm. to Wm. Bp. of Dromore to conse- 
crate ''capellam et cemiterium in valle de Mydlesmore infra 
drcuitum de Niddirdale.'' 

Oct. 13, 1484. Indulgence of 40 days, for the new chapel 
at Abirforth, which John Brown of Abirforth intends to erect. 

July 22, 1486. Indulgentia 40 dierum, for 2 years, " ad spe- 
ciosam capellam in villa de Toughton par. Saxton de novo a 
fundamentis sumptuose et nobilit^ erectam, super quodam solo 
sen fundo ubi corpora procerum et magnatum ac aliorum 
hominum multitudine copiosa in quodam bcllo in campis cir- 
cumjacentibus inito intcrfectorum sepeliut|tur.'' 

July 28, 1488. Comm. to Wm. Bp. of Dromore to conse- 
crate '* ecclesiam de Withomse de novo edificatam.^' 

Sep. 6, 1488. Indulgentia 40 dierum, for two years, " ad 
fabricam ecclesiee de Sibthorp in opere lapideo, ligneo, in cooper- 
tura et fenestris, defectivse.^' 

Feb. 16, 1488-9. Indulgentia 40 dierum, ad fabricam capellee 
S. Clcmentis et B. M. Magd. infra fatagnum Conv. de Vallc 
Regali, Ortlinis Cisterc., Coventr. et Licnf. dioc., novitcr edi- 

Aug. 20, 1490. Indulgentia 40 dierum, ''ad relevamen 
Fratrum Carmelitarum de Lincoln.'^ Their place has been 

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struck bv lightnings and tbe tower, dormitory, and a great part, 
of tlioir lxK)ks, have been bunit. 

Jan. 28, 14-08-4. ludulgentia 40 dierum, ad rcparacioncm 
trium campanilium ecclesisQ Southwell. 

Dec. 22, 1602. Indulgentia 40 dierum, pro capella do 
Toughton noviter edificata. 

Feb. 18, 1602-8. Indulgen^a pro capella de Wynkeal^y per 
Abbatem de Fontibus constructa. 

Aug. 10, 1611. Indulg. c dierum, perpetuis temporibus, 
pro quadam speciosa capella quam Thos. Birkehede de Hugill 
in Kendall fundavit in houore B. Annas. 

June 1, 1612. ''Indulgentia pro ecclesia dcBipon^' — the 
whole nave has been blown down. 

June 1, 1627. Indulgentia pro reparatione pontium super 
Usam et Fosse jam inceptorum. 

Oct. 1, 1537. *' Sequestratio fructuum cccl. Ripon/' for the 
repairs of the Chapter-house, which is in a very ruinous state. 
Marm. Abbat of Fountains, and Chr. Seall, canon of Bipon, 
made sequestrators. 

LIII. — Dbtbcta qujsdah in visitationibus Eccl. Cath. 
Ebob., nbcnon bcclbsiabum bideh fbbtinenciuh infra pro- 
viNCiAM Ebob.* 

mccolxii. — EccL. Cath. Ebob. Yicarii pausam rectam et 
debitam in ))salmodiis non observant. Item cautant simbolum, 
non particulatim, sed sub involucro. Licet quilibet vicarius, 
cum incedere debeat per civitatem, incedero debet in habitu 
honesto, ad modum presbiterorum, saltu clauso, nee cum sotu- 

* I need, I am sure, offer no apology for printing these extracts. They 
oomprise a number of the presentments made at the visitations of the minster 
and of the churches dependent upon it. So large and so interesting a collection 
has neyer yet been made public, and many will thank me for placing before them 
a dass of documents which throw a new light upon the arrangements of our 
churches ; and, generally, upon ecclesiastacal historr. The presentments are very 
numerous, and out of them 1 haye selected those which give us some insight into 
the services and the architecture of the minster and i& churches. Others are 
added as illuiftrative of the manners of the times. I have not thought it neces- 
sary to bring forward any of the oases of immorality viriUi which every olass was 
chwrged, especially Uie dergy in the minster. It is a punftil subject to dweU 
upon, and it can serve no good purpose to introduce it here. 

Asa general rule, I have not added any foot-notes to those presentments. Any 
curious term that occurs in them I shall endeavour to explain in the Glossary. 

Some of the earlier presentments are to be found among the Chapter Aots, 
and to them I have given rofercuoos. The rest occur in the Visitation books. 

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laribos rosiraiis^ vel alitor defonnatis^ quidam tamen vicarii 
incedtmt in tunicis curtisy duplicatis et consutis^ ad modam 
armi^rorumi cam cultellis et bastardis inter tibias pendentibns, 
per civitatem, in scandalum ordinis atque status. [O. c. 51.] 

MCCCLxiT-v. — Alns. Ploit in choro supra summum altare» 
et celatura cancelli est rupta et ruinosa. Deficit unum gradale, 
et aliud est insufficiens'. Non est nisi unum antiphonarium. 
Non est nisi unum psalterium^ ddntaxat^ et est contentum in 
antiphonario. Deficit unum manuale. Defidunt capa et ^ 
tuniculce. Ostium cancelli est fractura. Johannes Belle, ca> 
pcllanuB, defert eukaristiam per parochiam ad infirmos absque 
iumine oerei tcI candelce precedentis. Ostium revestiarii est 

Akums. Pluit in choro, et sunt ibidem plurcs defectus: 
pluit eciam in navi in diversis locis. Fenestras vitrias franguntur. 
Deficit serura eucharistise. Deficiunt tunicula, dalmatica et 
una capa. Portiforium est insufficiens. Deficit unum gradale. 
Deficiunt, — restimentum dominicale, lucema pro deferendo 
lumen ad infirmos, tabula super altare, una phiala. Rector qui 
deberet invenire stramina ecdesiae ter in anno, ea subtraxit per 
biennium. Bector subtraxit luminare circa elevacionem corporis 

Skblton. Cancellus patitur defectum maximum in cooper- 
tura. Fcncstne vitriee cancelli franguntur. Calix est fractus. 
Eucharistia non consenratur boneste noc habet seruram. Oris- 
matorium caret fons. Carcnt serura. Portiforium est dofec- 
tivilm et disligatum. Omnes libri indigent reparacione et liga- 
tura. Navis patitur defectus complures in coopertura, et fenestras 
ibidem vitriae franguntur. Cimiterium non clauditur. Willclmus 
Assheton, rector, non residet nee aliquid boni facit infra paro- 
chiam, nee est aliquis capellanus cclebrans Divina ncc ministrans 
sacramcnta et sacramentalia p&rochianis. [O. c. 71, b.] 

McccLxxv. — Oath. Ebor. Ordinale est omnino insufficiens, 
et libri in notis et toms discordant. Vicarii in diebus solemp- 
nibus nolunt orffanum cantare in pulpito nisi canonici dictss 
Ecclesias eis conterant yinum, quod vendicant ex consuetudine. 
to. c. 120, b.] 

ifcccxc. — Omnes ministri Ecclesise, pro majori parte, utuntur 
in Ecclesia et in processione patens et clogges contra honcstatero 
Ecdcsias et antiquam consuetudinem et ordinacionem Capituli. 

ifcccc. — (Circa,) — Catu. Edor. Dbtecta peh ticarios. 
Pars Bibliae et libri Sermonum, super quibus legend legitur in 
choro, in partibus suis ubi lectiones leguntur, sunt caduci ct 
defectivi. Pueri, addiscentes, psalteria chori et alios libros Ecd. 
conculcant et denigrant. Fuit ex autiqua consuetudine Eccl. 

R 2 

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Ebor. quod esset unum luminare ad oatiam veatibuli^ tempore 
matutinalii pro veraibua in choro cantandis^ inspiciendis^ et re- 
cordandis^ super librum vocatum standardi yiz., in festis duplicibus 
et novem leccionum. Duo libri^ tonarii Tocati, sunt valde 
necessarii pro cboro^ unus ex parte Decani et alter ex parte 
thesaurarii, quia librorum bujusmodi defectus in tonizacione 
psalmodise inter psallentes in choro frequenter discordantias 
disseminant inhonestas. 

Mocccviii. — Cath. Ebor. Ordinatum est ^uod de cetcro 
vicarii mantellis involuti non sedeant in tabula pnncipali canoni- 
corum, sed in alia tabula inter alios. Item quod non ministretur 
vinum vicariis in prandio nee post^ nisi ex speciali mandato 

Mccccix. — Cath. Ebor. .Sacristse Eccles. Ebor. sunt nimis 
negligentes in impediendo tumuUus & clamores hominum & 
puerorum tumultuancium 8c ludencium in Ecclesia^ & presertim, 
tempore celebracionis missarum. Et non castigant furiosos canes 
& alios facientes turpitudines & utilitates in Ecclesia predicta. 
Jnferiores ministri Ecclesise, & alii, ludunt cum pilis & aliis super 
domum scaccarii & eciam alibi infra dausum. Cantantes ad 
missam de Beata Yirgine non sunt in habitibus : nimis frequenter 
se absentant. In vestibulo, tempore celebracionis Divinorum^ 
ministri Ecclesise & alii tumultum fadunt & clamores importa- 
biles. Porta versus Bedemam est nimis patens subtus eandem^ 
& nimis aperta tempore prandii, ac in crepusculo noctis^ per quam 
ingrediuntur mulierculffi temporibus supradictis. Sunt alii in- 
gressus preterquam per portas contra securitatem clausi. Dif- 
ficile est pluribus celebraro propter defectum olericorum. 

DsTRCTA rsR viCARios. In primis pixis in qua pendet sacra^ 
mentum super altare in Eccles. Catb. Ebor. pendet sine canopeOi 
^ minus h'onorifice agitur ipsius publica revocacio diebus Domini- 
cis modernis^ propter defectum luminis & incensi aliarumque 
graciarum accionum, ad excitacionem devodonis popuU circum- 
stantis tempore illo devote faciend® sacramento predicto. Lnm- 
maria drca magnum altare nimis tarde accenduntur & nimis 
tempestive in festis duplicibus et ix lectionum extinguuntur. 
Luminaria non ardent m choro in missis pro anniversariis de- 
functorum, ut debent. Dictse Eccles. Ebor. antiqua friit con- 

• Hereby bangs a tale. Tbis order produced a rebellion among tbe vioara, 
wbiob ended in tbe sub-cbanter being expelled, and many of tbe yioars suspended. 
At lengtb tber made tbeir submission to tbe Cbapter, in tbe presence of Uie 
Buke of Bedford, and were restored to tbeir offices, tbe king interceding in tbeir 
bolialf. Robert Ferriby wm tbe sub-cbantor, and tbe Cbapter complain bitterly 
of bis obliging tbem to nog[leot tbe restoration of tbe minstor to pay attention to 
bis demands, "minding bis belly," as tbey say, "more tban Uie good of tbo 
cburob in wbiob be officiated." 

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suetado at aliquis ministrancium in choro in habita choii ac- 
cendcrct lamina circa magnara altare. Panni ante magnam al- 
tare jaceates non annt mnndati, at solebant, & egent renova- 
done et emendacione. Habentes cantarias in Ecclesia non cele- 
brant missas^ at tenentar, secundum ordinaciones ipsarum can- 
tariaruro. Quamplures missse sunt dimisssB non Celebrates prop- 
ter defectum dericorum ministrandum. Personss non veniunt 
ad chorum in festis duplidbus & ix lectionum at deberent. 
Diaooni & thuribularii non veniunt ad chorum^ ut deberent^ 8c 
tempore quo sunt in choro confabulantur, nee se habent at 
deberent. Choristse non sunt informatii ut deberent, in cantn, 
nee incedunt morose & honeste, ut deberent, in processionibus. 
Tam personse quam vicarii ac alii ministri Ecclesise nimis et 
communiter vagantur in Ecdesia asquequaque tempore quo 
Divina celebrantur in choro. Libri in choro, viz., duo vocati 
standerdes, ac edam libri processionales, propter corum vetus- 
tatcm, discordandam, nimiamque paucitatem, sunt nimis dcfcc- 
tivi, & varies & plures causantur defcctus & discordancias inter 
sallentes in choro. Pars Bibliae & libri Sermotium super quibus 
legenda l^tur in choro, in partibus suis ubi lecciones leguntur, 
sunt caduci & defectivi. Infra vestibulum silendnm debitum et 
morosum non observatur, at deberet, a ministris Ecclesise, sed 
ibidem sunt communitur insoleucise damorosce, tempore quo 
Divina cdebrantur in choro, et predpue temporibus iUis quibus 
ebdomarius se preparat ad cdebracionem misses majoris; ques 
quidem insolenciee frequenter impediunt &perturbant devodonem 
oelebrantis. Canonici prependati male solvunt stipendia perti- 
nenda ad communam vicariorum, 8c presertim prebendarius de 
Thokeryiigton. Fuit ex antiqua consuetudine Ecclesiee quod 
esset unum luminare ad ostium vestibuli tempore matutinali pro 
versibus in choro cantandii inspidendis & recordandis, super 
librum qui vocatur standard, viz., in festis dnplicibus ft ix 
lectionum. Plura vestimenta ft omamenta ft jocalia diversa- 
rum cantariarum dictee Ecdesiee quamplures paciuntur defectus, 
ft forsan queedam sunt alienata, tam ex defectu custodis quam 
inquisidonis in hac parte debite faciendee. Omamenta per- 
tinencia ad altare annuale sunt debilia ft inconvenienda statui 
& honori presentis Ecdesiee recolendee. Secundum statuta 
& antiquas consuetudines Ecdesiee ministri ejusdem ad quas- 
cunque personatuum, vicariatuum, ac cantariarum promodones 
mentis ft eorum habilitatibus intcrcedentibus preferri debe- 
rent ft gratuite promoveri. Feoda ex laudabili consuetudine 
succentori vicariorum ft aliis ministris Ecdesiee debita, ft solvi 
consueta, minus, in installadone canonicorum, male ac indebite 
subtrahuntur. Feodum succentoris vicariorum de scoP cantus 

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rd a prcooitore EodesiaB debitam — miniiB dd>tte est aolutmn. 
Non coDveiiit quod oorrcociouibua criminalibos saltem occtdtis 
& priratiB, alicujus gradus, dictse EoclfiwaB intcrsiDt aliqiii niai 
in gradu presbitcrali coostituti at oocasio acandali penitoa evite- 
tar. Duo libri Tocati toiiarii 8uut valde neoessarii pro choro, 
unua ex parte Decani, & alter ex parte thetaurarii^ quia librorum 
hujosmodi defectos in intonizacione psaknodiae inter pgallentea 
in cboro freqoenter diseordanciat diaseminant inhoncstaa. Qu»- 
dam cantaria ad altare S. Bbuii ab • antiqoo ordiuata, per quam- 
plura inoommoda in redditibus suis freouenter contingencia ex 
indcbita gubemacione posseaaonim ejusacm, adco ad nicliilum 
est re<lacta quod rcaurgere non valeat niai rcverondi domini de 
Capitulo inanus adliib^nt adjutrices. Infra Ecclcsiam & portas 
ejittdem & preaertim in majoribua & aolempnioribua tociua anni 
solempnitatiboa, fiunt publica mercimonia, non sine domua Dei 

Sublica k euormi dehoneatacione notoria contra evangelicam 
iadplinam. [£. 6—8.] 
Vicarii aunt nimia vagantea in Eccleaia in habitibna auia 
tempore celcbracionia Diviuorum. Divcrai yicarii aunt nimia 
garrulantea et confabulautea in choro tempore odebracioiiis 
Divini obaequii. 

St. Michael-lb-Belprbt. Deficiunt nnnm ordinale, unum 
manaale, una legenda, et unum Rradale. Omnea libri ibidem, 
via., miaaalia, antiphonaria, et gradalia aunt valde debilea et con- 
fracti in tabulia et foliia, caduci in literia, et valde diaoordantea in 
notia, exceptia miasali novo, j antiphonario novo et bono, uno 
gradali novo, et ij bonia paalteriia, uno novo et altero antiquo, 
quoa libroa habent ex dono domini Boberti Otteley. Item ij 
veatimeuta aunt valde debilia. Dicunt parochiani ibidem quod, 
ex oonsuotudine eccleaise, Capitulum Ebor. tenetur pro minia- 
tracione Divinorum in eccleaia predicta, in octo featia duplicibua 
aolempnibua per annum, vidclicet,in featia natalia Domini, PaachsB, 
Pcntecoatea, Apoatolorum Petri et Pauli, Aaaumpcionia B. Y. M., 
Sancti Michaelia et Omnium Sanctorum, capaa et vcatimenta ad 
aummum altare et in choro pro rectoribua chori, diaconia, et 
aubdiaconis bonorifice cxbibere, conaiderato atatu eccleaise* pre- 
dictae: et ipaorum occaaione capellanua par. ejuadem dat an- 
iiuatim clericia de veatibulo eccleaise Ebor. vij pannoa criamalea. 
Deficiunt ibidem aupcrpellicia, tam pro capellano parochiali quam 
pro clerico ecclcaite par. ibidem. Non habent parodiiani 

* Thu baa generally boon oonaidored to be tbe prindpal ohurob In the dty, 
and Uio iiariitbionon, at Uiia iiino, Hoom to bave boen fully awaro of ibo fiiot. It 
if raollv Mul to road tlio proaenlDionU tbat iilways ooiuo from tliia oliurob. litUo 
or nothing was done to naivtty tbe inurUbionors till tbe middle of tbo reign of 
Uenry Yul., wben tbe oburou waa rebuilt. 

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pixidem pro corpore Christi, nisi nnam de cnpro et dcaurato, ex 
matao aari&bri et absque serora. Criamatorium est absque 
serura. Non habent panras cruces ad jacendum super feretra 
mortuoruiDy prout moris est civitatis. Thuribulum est valde 
debile. Crux processionalis est valde debilis^ considerato statu 
ecclesisB. Juxta vestibulum ejusdem ecdesin, videlicet, in domo 
Johanuis Porter, est una latrina summo altari ejusdem ecclesisB 
contigua, nociva valde, in tautum quod tempore estivali vix 
potest aliquis in choro exprecari, propter fetoris abhominacionem 
ejusdem latrinse. Navis et campanile ecclesiss predicts, viz., 
Berefridi, tarn in meremio quam coopertura ejusdem paciunt 
defectus importabiles, in tautum quod singulis tempestatum, 
ventorum et pluviarum tbmporibus, propter incursus aouarum 
et campanilis commocionem, vix audcnt parochiani ejusdem ad 
atidiendum Divina inibi exprecari, et quod sufficienter sunt 
docti ex relacione carpentariorum et aliorum artificum noticiam 
habencium, quod campanile patitur notorios defectum in defectum 
ministrorum Capituli ; in tantum quod parochiani minantur 
quod nisi remedium pro hujusmodi periculo apponatur, necessario 
oportet ipsos aocedere ad alia loca pro Divinis officiis audiendis. 
Sunt defectus notorii in fenestris, tam in vitro quam ligaminibus 
ferreis, in singulis fenestris, navis ecdesiss predictse. Porticua 
eodesis parochialis predicto est nimis debilis et minans ad 
ruinam. Dicunt parochiani quod habent in ecd. par. unum 
vestimentum integrum nigrum honestum, cum capa ejusdem 
sectce, unum vestimentum integrum de panno baudekvn cum j 
capa serica de alia secta : i^ capas de altx) bustian pulverizatas 
cum rosis: i^ calices argenti et deaurati: iig corporalia cum 
casulis honestis, et j velum quadragesimale : quss quidem orna* 
menta et calices habent ex devocione et donacione parochia- 
norum ecclesiss supradicte, et sunt sub salva custodia paro- 

St. Martin lU Contnostrstb. Deficit ibidem ordinale. 
Dicunt capellani et parochiani q^noA, omnes domus super com- 
muni vendla, ex parte australi edificatae, habent suos introitus in 

St. Andrbw. Pons baptismalis erat sine cera. Dicunt quod 
illud tenementum de novo constructum ex parte boriali ecclesia>, 
pertinens ad Hospitall Sancti Leonardi Ebor*, totaliter situatmr 
et consthiitur super cimiterium. Magister et fratres domus 
Sancti Leonardi Ebor. fecerunt ibidem fieri unam novam latri- 
nam super cimiterium, contra honestatem ecclcsise et abhomina- 
donem parochianorum. 

St. Mauricb. Cancellus, minatur ruinam tam in meremio 
quam coopertura ejusdem. Non habent luminaria sufiiciencia 

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m ^esiA. T^bulu menmlia spper •ummum fdtare est fir^to ^t 
roiiiuA, ydonw, P^fioit ftntipbooarium, et superpellicium pro 
caiielUuQ parocbiali. Pons liaptiBmuUs est ia parte ruptus neo 
tenet oquam. 

Mcc(;gxy|, — Osqai.pwy|(. Libri^ etc., lionesta wut et suffix 
ciencia^ponsiderata estate etpauportftteparochianorum. Dicunt 
quod m feue^tria yitreit in cWo capellffi aunt notorii defectua 
p^tinentea ad emendacionem prebendarii di StrensaU. 

St. MicwABt PiB BsaKvi^ino. — The same compP- agst. the 
nav^ ^ tower f Item aunt defeqtua notorii in f^neatria, tarn in 
yitro quam U^minibua, in aingulia fenostris navia ecdeaias. 
Picunt paroebiani quod in cimiterio ecc}, diebua Pominicia et 
fqativia commune forum rerum vepalium tenetur, et diyers«a rea 
et bona ac cirpi y^ndicioni ibidem eiponuntur; ^ui auper 
porpora mortuorum ibidem ae^^ulta atantea ateroorant, in ma^i- 
mam dehpneataeionem ap Pivini pultua impedimpntum maui- 
festum, propter plamorea pircumatantium. Jobannpa Maaon, 
taylor^ tractat pxorpm auam attrociter, yerberando et male trap- 
tando. Picunt quod Alicia Wytbe, Sobertua Curtaa et Elena 
01ia Jobannia Wbyto, gloyeri qualibet die Dominica, aperuprunt 
apbopas Buaa infra plausum* 

St. Ma^Yi P18HOPHILL. Tbomaa Purtas, clpricus par. paro* 
chiania eccl. B. M. Arcbiepisoopi, impediyit^ pt impedit clericum 
parophialem B. M* ecpleaise suse domum auam cum uxore intrarp 
diebua Domipipis pum f^ua benedictay ut eat moria piyitatia. 
IdemThomaa Pt uxor ejuadem recuaarpnt accedere ad audiendum 
Pivina in eccl. par., et apbtraxerunt et lubtri^Uunt objapiopca, 

St. Mauricp. Pefipiunt imtipbonarium et unum manualc 
pro aacramentia parocbiania miniatrandia, pt incontinenter domi-^ 
iius coromisaariua suapendidit unum antipbonarium et unum 
mapuale yetustate maxima conaumpta. Picunt quod deaki in 
choro^ tam ex una parte quam ex alia, ubi aaltcm capellanua 
parocbialis et plpripu^ parocnialia fsederp uai ^unt^ uimi9 deformca 
et indigent reparacipne. 

St. John I)apt. in MA^iaco. Dicunt parochiani quod ex 
parte australi eccl. par.^ super murum cimiterii, jacet unum 
magnum et abhominabile sterquilinium pro macellaria ciyitatis 
Ebor., ubi inteatina et fetores animalium aparguntur^ ad quod 
poryi^ avpsque immundi necnon magni canes — confluunt. £t 
08sa animalium^ asaerunt, et in cimiterio aparguntur, et exinde 
BfiDjie coiitigit fractura tegularum et oooperturse ecdeaiee: nec- 
non ayea et canea ex dicto aterauilinio tantoa fetorea excitant 
quod vix poteat capellanua par. celcbrare. 

Wadbwortu. Nayia ecd. patitur magnum defectum in 
coopertura et in parietibua. 

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B6LB. Defectas est iti coopertbra oancolli. Tiiribtdum 
eccL est vetus et debile. 

Lanum. Enormis defectas patet in cancello eccl. de Lantmii 
vk.^ in maris lapideis et maxime in parte orientaU et in tectora 
ejusdem. Cimiterinm indiget clausora. 

Drayton. Defectus stint in domate cahcelli. 

WABTttTLL. Dicunt qnod tdcarius secuni tenet in familia 
Menam Haworthy et ^nod ipsa equitatpublicd secum ad dorsum 
versus Ebor., et in aliis locis. Hugo Wartbyll dicit qiiod dictus 
Ticarius denegayit tihi audenciam eonfessioliis nvod, eciam et 
nxoris, ac sacramentiun eucaristisey ex ciilpd et malicia vicarii. 

AccLOM. Chorus patitur defectas in parietibus et in fenestris 
▼itrets. Non habent ordinale. 

BuoTHORP. Navis eccl. patitur defectds in meremio et 
lectura una cum mrticu ad hostiam diets ecclesi». 

Wbtwano. Fenestra yitrea ex parte bbriali cancelli prin- 
cipalis est defectiva. 

Drtffbld. Altare principale in choro eccl. in Magna l^ryf- 
feld non est sanctificatumi et chorus ejuisdem est defectiTUs in 
tectura. Tabula a retro altaHs in choro ecd. de Parva Dryf- 
feld est defectiyus* 

Burton Lbnarb. Yicarios hoc anno^ sui expensis propriiSi 
de novo funditus^ per omnia, construxit magnam aulath et 
cameras pro sua habitacione et suorum successorum juxta anti- 
quum mansum. 

Masbam. Mr. Wm. Cljmt, vicariusi in concilio generali 
Constanciensi est» Commissariiis inspexit chorum et cancellum 
ecd.) et fuerunt comperta honesta et congrua, completis fenestris 
chori in edificando per dominum preb^ndarium, suis propriis 
expensis. Dominus Johannes Wath, cap. de Masham, et 
in ecclesia ejusdem et alibi, male r^^atus inter parochianos, 
et multociens frequentat publidas tabernas, et^ ad minus, per 
tres vel duos dies septimanatim est ebrius, ct proTOcat paro- 
chianos ad pugnandum secum. Capellani parochiales de Masham 
recusant faoere aut celebrane exequias infaiicium et pauperum 
^uorumcunque defunctorum, ni primitus per amicos et parentes 
sit eis satisfactum pro qualibet nygwake, 7d., quos multociens 
extorserunt. Capellani redpiunt in qualibet solempnisacione 
matrimonii, 8d., de pecunia posita super librum, contra antiquos 
usus suos, et petunt parocliiani silencium eisdem capellanis. 

Bramham. Sunt magni defectus in libris, vesttmentis, etc. 
llogerus de Skellcsthorp, scrviens et minister Prions de Sancto 
Oswaldo, subtraxit et asportavit a dmiterio, ad manerium pro- 
bendse de Bramham, meremium et plaunchors, ad summam 
13s. 4d., empta per parochianos pro reparadone caropanilis ; et 

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poauit hujusmodi meremiam et plaunchors in edificacionem 
munerii dictae prcbendso. Diount quod dominus Job. Done, 
exco. magistri Joli. ClyfTord, subtraxit plumbum ordinatum pro 
coopertura cantarise apud Bramham, et in usua buob proprioa 
apud Ryi>on convertebat. Fiat mencio contra garrulatorea tem- 
pore Divinorum. Dominua Job. Derlyng^ cap. est publicus 
carectariua et laborarius conductus per diyersoa parochianos 
eciam ad opera ruralia^ contra honestatem presbiteratus. Sunt 
defectus in coopertura navis. 

Kyh&bbt supka Qubrf. Chorus ecd. est defectivus in 
coopertura et muris lapideis, et bemefillyng, et quod pluit mul- 
tociens super altare tempore missae et super stalla in choro. 

Rykall. Missale ct manuale sunt defectiva. Defectus 
enormes sunt in dausura cimiterii. Lucema pro corpore Christi 
insufficiens est. 

Newbald. Johannes Mason operatus est die dedicacionis 
ecclesise su» in artificio suo de mason craft. Purgavit se 
graciose cum iiii manu propinquorum suorum^ ad rogatum et 
ob revercncium domini Thomm lirownflcte, militia. 

uccccxi. — St. Michael lb Bmlfeby. Capellanus par. et 
clcricus par. non habent aliquam habitacionem illis assignatam. 
Sunt delectus in meremio camersepro crucifixo. 

St. Martin^ Cony street, rarochiani multum formidant 
de ruina campanilis quia ruinosum est valde. 

St. Mary, Bishophill, Junior. Yicariua et par. dicunt 
quod est una capdla yocata le Tempyll,^ juxta Coupemanthorp^ 
in qua Andreas Payntor celebrayit missaa per plurea annos 
contra honestatem. Parochiani dicunt quod est defectus muri 
lapidei campanilis ecdesise, ex parte occidentali^ et in cooper- 
tura, et multum indiget reparacione. 

Hccccxiii. — Cath. Ebor. Dominus Willelmua Baynton est 
nimie garrulans in choro, et abstinet se in choro a cantacione 
cum sociis si^is. Willelmus Esyngton tenetur invenire oma- 
menta cantariss susb^ a quibus so abstinet, et cdebrat cum 
ornamentis Ecclesi». Item inpignoravit domino Henrico Ra- 
venswath unam calicem pertinentem ad cantariam quam ultimo 
occupavit, et eciam spoliavit ipsam cantariam de j missali. Item 
Merton, Burton, Hunter et Cawardly non curant laborare pro 
Bciencia historiarum suarum. 

mcccclxxii. — Cath. Ebor. In |>rimis precentor, cancel- 
larius, snbdecanus, & succentor canomcorum, tenentur residere 
& non resident, & presertim cancellarius, qui juxta Eccleaiam 
actualitcr legere & scholas ibidem exercero tenetur. Item, in 

• Tbo Knights Templars had a residence and a chi^ in this village. Some 
traces of their mansion may still he seen. 

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absencia canonicornm rcsidcntiariorum, Eoclesia totaliter est des- 
tituta, quod in fcstis duplicibus noti'cst in Ecclesia canonicus 
ant aliquia alius de Ecdesia prcter personaa & yicarios ad minis- 
trandum ad summutn altare, nee in ptoeessionibus generalibus^ 
81 quse fuerint^ in magnum dedecus hujua alm» Eeelesise Ebor. 
Diyersse personoe Eeelesise predietsB qui nedum juxta formam 
ordinaeionum eantariarum suarum, verum eeiam statutorum 
super hae ediiorum, tenentur inieresse Divinis obsequiis in 
omnibus festis duplicibus & ix lect., non observant ordinaciones 
predictas, sed quandoqne in habitibus^ quandoque illis depositis, 
ut laici essenty in Ecdesia vagantur : Ut puta, Haymer, Longe, 
Helton & flowre. Quidam vicarii chorales qui strictius tenentur 
Divinis officiis interesse, liunc malum habent usum in con- 
suetudine, viz.^ quod ad matutinas chorum non ingrediuntur ante 
finem |psalmi Veniie, et paulo post psalmum^ Benedicius, exeunt^ 
suffragiis laudibus & animabus^ si quse fuerint^ penitus omissis. 
Ad primam vero similiter nimis tarde veniunt in chorum, et cito 
post incepcionem psalmi, Quicunque VuU, a choro recedunt^ 
vagantes m Ecclesia, parietes salutantes, usque finetn evangelii 
in missis obituum, cum acciderint, et post elevacionem exeunt ; 
et etiam post elevacionem magnoe missse coverte a choro rece- 
dunt. Et in vesperis post psalmum, Moffnificai, chorum dese- 
runt, vesperis Beat® Mari» et completorio diei totaliter omissis, 
ct prescrtim Dovanbv, Holbek, Esyngwdd, Hulofo, Paynter, 
Ilalton, & Fell. Vicarii dicti chori anti^uam Eccles Ebcr. 
consuetudinem, absentibus dominis residentiariis, post ultimum 
dassicum, tam ad matutinas quam primam & obittis post nonam, 
cum accidcrint, magnam moram faciunt antequam Divina in- 
cipiunt. Dicti vicani pretendunt omni die impune se absentare 
a magna hora seu duabus horis minoribus, et eciam absentant se 
a matutinis, uno die vel duobus in qualibet septimana, pretextu 
cujusdam ordinacionis super hoc, ut asserunt, edito cujus auctor 
ignoratur; et specialiter, Preston, Derby, fe Dernbruk. Thomas 
Forsett succentor canonicorum habet concubinam. fS otherM 
similiter), Dom. WiQ. Hawn, persona, officium exercens 
penitenciarii in Eccles. Ebor., recepit & indies recipit diversa 
pecunias & legata fabricse Eccles. Ebor., coUata & concessa, 
et nescitur in quorum usus ea convertit. Sacrist® Ecdesise 
sunt maxime negligented in impediendo tumultus & clamores 
puerorum in Ecclesia, b nresertim tempore celebracionis mis- 
sarum. Diaconi & thurilbularii non veniunt ad chorum, ut 
deberent, ct cum in choro fuerint, confabulautur & ffarrulaoiones 
faciunt, Divinis nullatenus attendcntes. Infra vestiDulum silen- 
citim debitum & morosum a ministris Ecclesise non obscrvatur, 
ut deberet. Juniores vicarii jurati ut faciant diligcnciam ad 

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sciendum sine libro offlcia Divina — ^non faciunt. Ordinacio alias 
facta quod duodecim yioarii esseat in cboro, ex parte domini 
Decani^ & totidom ex parte tbosaurariii omni die foriali^ et vix 
inveniuntur ad matutinos ex una parte quatuor, & sic similiter ad 
horas & vesperas^ non solum diebus ferialibus^ sed edam ma- 
joribus & festis duplicibus^ in magnum dedecus Ecdesiae. 

Mansuh supdeoanatus infra clausuh. Una aria parv» 
camerse in manso est qnodamodo firacta. Aria capellffi est quo- 
damodo defectiva. 

AHPiLFORTn. Unum aulodium defectiyum et tectnra ooqiune 
est defectiva. 

Ullbskklf. Portions aulas ruinosus. Capellaet camera sunt 

DsTBCTA ?BR PBR80NAS. (Inter alia.J Dominus Job. Hunter^ 
persona in choro^ sepius inebriatus est^ et ultra modum fre- 
quentat tabernas^ in pemiciosum exemplum consociorum suorum^ 
ob quam causam Diyina celebrare multociens omittit. Erat 
quoddam yestimentum poUatum altari B. M. textum cum dro- 
grillis^ quod dominus Willelmus Hoton non bene servat^ et time- 
tur de consumpcione ejusdem bumiditate, quia jacens per longum 
tempus subtus altare. 

Dbtbcta pbr vicarios. Portse Bedemae vicariorum in noctibua 
minus tarde clausas sunt^ sed fere usaue horam decimam^ qualibet 
nocte, sunt apertss^ in magnum periculum vicariorum. Orcunatum 
erat quod esset una lucema infra januam Bedemse pendens 
cum candela in eadem accensa tempore yemali^ qualibet nocte^ 
et ilia ordinado non observatur. Dominus Johannes Fell vix 
celebrat missam semel in quindena, et quasi noctanter deam- 
bulat per vices civitatis in magnum scandalum vicariorum, raro 
Bedemam intrans ad horam dedmam. 

Wansforth, etc., non fi^ciunt diligendam in sciendo sine libro 
historias, ut juramento astricti. Bepetat quolibet die inter 
Pasch. & Pent, unam hiatoriam. Cum celebrata fuerit historia S. 
Bapbaelis muUi vicarii, tam seniores quam juniores, absentarunt 
se a choro Sc recusant de ilia historia dicere vel cdebrare. Pro- 
cessionarii in choro sunt maxime discordantes in nota. Canes 
taliter in EcoJesia ululant & latrant, quod vicarii in choro exis- 
tentes legendam audire nequeunt. Libri vocati couchers sunt 
discordantes in responsis. Jocalia vicariorum non ostenduntur 
visui. Vicarii oui cdebrant psalmos se nimis festinant & inde- 
vote celebrant. Non reddent in persona singulari, sed in omnibus. 
Diaconi, thuribularii & choristss, tales fadunt in choro damores 
quod legenda non potest per vicarios & alios audiri. Vicarii & 
alii utuntur calapodiis ligneis in choro contra consuetudinarium. 
Canonid residentiarii secundum antiquam consuetudinem. 

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tenentur missam oelebrare ad summuin altare quatuor diebtui in 
septiinania Natalis Domini^ PaachsBy & Pentecostes, bI tot fuerint 
presentes^ quod factum non est. Diaconi, & thuribularii non 
attendunt lecturse lectionum snarum^ nee illuminacioni torcharum 
tempore elevacionis coiporis Christi in migori missa. Dominus 
Johannes Fell, & alii vicarii, non vacant Divino obsequio^ cum 
in choro presentes fuerint, sed magis garulacionibus^ cacchina- 
cionibus & aliis insolenciis attendunt. Dominus Johannes Fell, 
cum fnerit in aula communi yicariorum, habet multiplices com- 
municadones de dominis temporalibus, excitando alios conso- 
cios suos ad rixas & discordias. Personn in choro non intendunt 
processionibiis ut deberent, sed quandoque obviant procession! 
extra hostium chori, quandoqtle in insulis^ & quandoque in nave 
Ecclesi», in magnum Ecdesies dedecus. Pannus jacens coram 
summo altare diebus ferialibus est in diversis ejus partibus dila- 
ceratus. Cap» occupatss in commemoracionibus Beatce Marise, 
Sanctorum WiUelmi, & Ap. Petri & Pauli sunt defectiyse et lace- 
ratce. Casulse & alia omamenta eisdem pertinentia, in qtdbus 
ministri celebrant ad summum altare diebus ferialibus, forent 
de serico, et jam fiunt de worsted & alio panno. Fell, Oillow, 
& alii yicarii, non attente audiunt Bibliam m aula communi, sed 
per ignem sedentes garulant tempore lecturse ejusdem. 

St. Michael lb Bblfbt. Vestimenta sunt debilia et lace- 
rata. Libri ecclesise, viz., antiphonaria, gradalia et alii libri 
Tcrsuum cantandoruni, sunt yalde debiles et confiracti in tabulis 
et folliis, ac caduci in Uteris et notis. Velum quadragesimale est 
maxime defectiyum. Thuribula sunt debilia et firacta. Albse, 
et panni altaris ac manutergia et superpellida, non sunt lota 
neque mundata, ut deberent, neo sciunt quis ea lavare debeat. 
Berefridum est defectivum in tectura, in tantum quod singulis 
tempestatum et pluviarum temporibus pluit in ecclesia, quod 
parochiani vix ibidem possunt permanere. Fenestra vitrite sunt 
defectiyflB, tam in vitro quam in ligaminibus ferreis. Johannes 
Fattyng et Johannes Lillv habent inira situm mansionnm suarUm 
q bulscars, ac illi, et diversi parochiani, et alii, ibidem ludunt 
tempore Divinorum. Willelmus Par et Johanna uxor sua, 
absentant se diebus Dominicis et tempore celebracionis missss 
parochialis, in domo habitacionis suae, condamaciones intollera- 
oiles faciunt, sen saltem per alios permittunt, necnon potadoni- 
bus, et commensadonibus ac aliis insolenciis prohibitis insistunt. 
Bobertus Corbryg, talyor, et uxor cgusdem, negligunt ecclesiam 
— ^vir didt ^uod non audet ecclesiam adire nee intrare libcrtatem 
Sancti Petn, propter metum incarceracionis per Ballivum liber>^ 
tatis, CO quod erat certis viris indebitatus. 

St. John del Ptkb. Bobertus Parke absentat se a Divino 

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obsequio. Dicit quod soUicitus est diebus et festis dupUcibus 
ciroa flacionem foUiorum in choro ecclesie Cath. Ebor. 

St. Maubicb. Cancellus est ruinosus in muris^ tectum et 
fenestris vitreis. Stalla chori sunt fracta et indecencia. Caput 
yraaginis principalis est quodamodo deformatum. Dominus 
Edm. Palmer, cap. par., fomicatur cum Alicia Huet : vir sub* 
latus est e medio. 

Skelton. Navis ecclesise est defectivus in fenestris vitreis. 

AcoM. Inhabitantes yillae de Dryngkous Divina audiunt in 
quadam capella in Dryugbous situata et noviter constructa, in 
prcjudiciiim eccl. par. lidem inhabitantes tenentur exbibere certa 
luminaria vocata rudlyght. in cccl. de Acorn, quse subtrahuut. 

Labbthobp. Missale non est do usu Ebor. Deficit porti- 
pborium ; dicunt quod parocbia est tam exilis quod non possunt 
emere portiphorium. 

St. Ellbn supbb hubos. Johannes Somersete, histrio, 
absentat se ab ecclesia. 

Heslyngton. Fons baptismalis non est sub sera custoditus. 

Stillynoton. Vicarius vendicat de parochianis decimam 
cerevisise contra consuetudinem, et qudibet die Dominica, 
obolum, vocatum halybi*edhal(peny, quem dericus par. haberet. 

Stbbnsall. Fenestra vitria in cancello est quodamodo fracta. 
Unum seller in choro est defectivum. Hostium navis est ali- 
qualiter fractum. 

Haxdy. — (On a loose sheet.J* Compleynes lamentablie to 
Ood Almyghti, and to yowre tendre compassion and pities under 
Uvm our ordinarees here, the poure inhabitantes oi the town- 
ship of Haxby ; whcroflf the tooue half er parishe^ns unto tho 
parischo chirche of Drcffeld uppon the Wold, xvj myle frome 
them, and the tother half er parisheyns to the parishe chirche of 
Strensale, ij mvle frome them. That, where the saide inhabi- 
tantes er inhabit so unresonablie fer from ther saide parisch 
chirches that the substaunce of the said inhabitauntes for im- 
potenscye and feblenes, farrenes of the long way, and also for 
grete aboundance of waters and perlouse passages at small 
brigges for peple in age and unweldye, bethwix them and ther 
next parishe chirche, thei may not come with ease, ne in season- 
able tyme, to there said parish chirches, as Cristcn peple shuld, 
and as thei wold ; wherefore the saide inhabitantes, of long 
tyme past, be a hole assent, at there awne costes, hath fonne a 
prest to ministre unto them Divine ser>'ices and other sacra- 
mentes ,as thei er licenced and indued w^ to there chapell there, 
uppon discrete considerations, of the resonable lettyugs of there 

f The original prosontmeut in the quaint English of the day. 

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comynge to there parishe cUrches afore aaid^ witheoute any help 
socor or releve toward the fyndyng of the said prest of the pre- 
bendaries or of there vicars of the chirches afore said : and the 
saide prebendaries haith the rentes an fermes, t^he^ come, 
woule, and lame, and there ricares hath al maner of mortuaries, 
the ty thes of cow, calf, and fole, hemp, lyne, pig, gose & hennes : 
and now the saide inhabitantes er so constreyned wt. grete 
poverte thei may noo lenger bere the charge of fyndynge of a 
prest, w* oute help, socor and releve of the prebendaries and 
vicares ; wherefore we beseche lowly, for the love of God, and of 
youre devoute charitie, that we mvght have a prest fonne at our 
chapeUe, to ministre unto us divine services and other sacra- 
mentes, accordyng to our licence aforesaid, be the prebendaries 
and there vicares ; so that we may have and be as Cristen men : 
and we to doo oure duetie largely to cure said parishe chirches, 
as we have doone, and we ever more to pray Almyghti Qodo for 
the gude hole of body and soules of our saide prebendares, 
vicares, and of yowe. 

HusTHWAiT. Deficiunt unutn gradale et j prooessionarium. 
Summum altarenonestdedicatum. Non habent lavacrum pro aqua 
benedicta ferenda. Canapeum super sacramentum est dilaceratum. 

Amfilfobth. Dicunt parochiani quod eTat queedam con- 
vencio inter ipsos et quemdam Bobertum Mason de faciendo 
unum campamle ibidem, quod non perficitur — ^fiendum citra 
festum PaschsB 1474 sub ptoa, 40s. Navis Eccl. patitur defectus 
in tectura, 

8 ALTON. Cancellus est ruinosus in muris et tecturis, ac 
stalla in choro deficiunt. Di6unt parochiani quod prebendarius 
tenetur stemere ecclesiam cum stramine, bis annuatim, viz., in 
festis Natalia Domini, et Paschse; quod non factum erat per 
duos annos. Ordinatum est, de consensu parochianorum, quod 
nullus de cctcro utctur ludis inhoncstis ot inhibitis infra cimi- 
tcrium, ut puta, pilo pcdali vel manuali, aut luctacione, sub nena 
forisfacturse ij.d. Et quod nullus . . . « litigare, aut cultellum, 
gestrum vel aliud defensibile trahere infra ecclesiam aut cimi« 

BiLTON. Navis ecdesise est defectivus in tectura. 

Masham. Cancellus est defectivus in sillyng. Gustos juris- 
dictionis vendicat de executoribus mortuorum testamenta con- 
dencium unum anulum signetum, cum testator nullum habeat, 
contra antiquam consuetudinem. 

UsBUliNB, Navis ecclesise est defectivus in tectura. 

RicALL. Gancellus est quodamodo defectivus in muris et 

Wystow. Parochiani dicunt quod est prope cimiterium eccl. 

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256 YORK f AQ^IO nohjM. 

de Wystowe una capdla Sanct» Hildtt constructa^ quad est 
maxime ruinosa, quam prebendarius de Wystow solebat Bup- 

B)rtare. Non est in ecclcaia de W^stowe principalis ymago. 
icunt quod ex sumptibus prebendarii ecdesia esset strata cum 
stramine^ prout per tempus cujus contrarii memoria hominum 
non existit^ — ^nunc recusat. 

Cawod. Cancellus capellse est defectivus in tectura, 

OsBALDWYK. Canccllus est defectivus in tectura. Missale 
est defectinun. Lumen coram crucifixo non exhibetur. 

Hemklsat et Staunforthbrio. Cancellus ibidem est in 
omni parte ruinosus tarn in muris, fenestris et tectura. Dicunt 
quod omnes parocliiani ibidem tenent plebisitum, et alias ordi- 
naciones temporales, in ecclesia et cimiterio — moniti^ etc. Mar- 
joria More nuper de Hemelsay legavit fabricse eodesisB ibidem 
imum anulum auri prec., 6s., et liberatus erat Boberto Thweyng 
nuper defuncto; quem quidem anulum uxor ejusdem Eoberti 

DoNNYNOTON. Erat in manso prebepdali quoddam vas 

Slumbeum quod erat implementum ejusdem roansii ^t prebon- 
arius nunc existens contuUt idem plumbum fabrioe ecclesiae de 

W ABTHiu. Cancellus est defectivus in tectura, tegulis. 

Deippbld. Cancellus est defectivus in tectura plumbea. 
Est materia ^uestionis et disoordi® inter prebendarium et vicii- 
rium pro decimis lini, et canabi, et signorum. 

Deippbld faeva. Cancellus est defectivus in tectura tabu- 
larum. Navis defectivus est in tectura. 

Wbttbwano. Cancellus patitur defectus in tectura, hostiis, 
ac stallis retro. Parochiani dicunt quod dominus archiepiscopus^ 
eo quod liabet denarios Sancti Petri ejusdem vill», tenetur oon- 
ferre cereum paschale annuatim, et jam subtrahitur. 

Feidaithoep. CanceUuB est ruinosus in tignis et tectura 

Whaeeom in steata. Cancellus patitur defectus in tectura 

Langtopt. Stalla in choro sunt debilia ao fenestrss vitriss 
sunt fractsQ, et hostium chori non habet seram. 

Geyubston. Cancellus est valde ruinosus in omni parte 
ejusdem. Carent vestimento pro duobus ferialibus et uno proces- 

AcLOH. Una fenestra vitrea in cancello est firacta. Non 
est ibidem calix nisi ex mutuo. Missale est quodamodo defecti« 
vum et eciam gradale. 

TuNSTALL. Cancellus est maxime ruinosus in muris et tignis 
ac tectura. 

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Mapfilton. Cancellus est defcctivns in tectura, plumbo, ct 
fencstris vitreis. Stalla in cancello ndn snnt decenter facta. 

Btsshopburton. Calix furtive abstractus erat. 

Wyohton. Fenestra vitrea in navi ecclesise est fracta. Pons 
baptismalis non est seratus. Clericos parochialis non exercet 
officium suuniy ut deberet, quia cum vicanns infirmum visitaverit^ 
clericus se absentat, et puerum cum vicario inittit. Ordinatum 
est quo^ nullus ludat in cimiterio ad pilum pedale sive manuale, 
sub pena 12d. Johimnes Holt, histrio vagabundus, fomicatur 
cum Marjoria Semester. 

Shtpton. Navis capell» est defectivus in fenestiis. 

Bramham. Cancellus edt in tectura plumbea defectivus. 

KiRKBBT SUPBR WHBRP. Noii cst ibidem antiphonarium, et 
campanile est defectivum in tectura. Navis est defectivus in 

SniRBURN IN JSlmbtt. Canccllus patitur dcfectus in tectum, 
nccnon portions ecclesise. 

Brothbrton. Cancellus non sufficienter tectus. 

Fenton. Portions est defectivus in tectura, et coopertorium 
super summum altare cst ruinosnm. 

Laghton. Non est coopertura supra altare. Panni altaris 
sunt debiles, et carent portipnorio et processionari. Portions est 
in tectura defectivus. 

Hannbswobtr. Ecclesia est ruinoea ; jam tamen est in edi- 
ficacione.' Tectura cancelli est defectiva. 

Dtnnington bt Thwait et Thobpen. Non habent velum 

Walbs. Portiphorium est in Uteris caducum et defectivum. 

Waddbsworth. Cancellus est defectivus in tectura, et non 
est coopertura super altare. Stalla in choro non sunt dccencia 
scd fracta et dcbilia. Rectoria cst valdc ruinosa. Non habent 
do propriis calicem ibidem, eo quod nuper fuit calix suus furtive 
subtractus, et infra breve dicunt, quod erant ix calicos subtracti 
et furati. 

Draiton. Mums cancelli est ruinosus et hostium ejusdem 
fractum. Dicunt quod Ricardus^ Stroyland de Draiton habet 
unum tenementum ibidem, pro quo tenetur exhibere tria lumi- 
naria in eccl. par. de Draiton, unum, viz., coram crucifixo, aliud 
coram ymagine Sanctss Kateriu^e et tercium coram sepulcro, et 
omnia ista luminaria per eundem Ricardum subtrahuntur. 

Asrham bt Stocom. Cancelli defcctivi. 

Lanom. Non habent velum quadragesimale. 

Bole. Ordinatum est de (Consensu parochianomm quod si 
contingat aliquem in ecclesia vel cimiteno deinccps litigare, ilte 
vel ilia sic litigans forisfaciet et liberabit custodibus fabriae 

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dictie ecclesiiB untm libram cetm, oombmen^se coram ymagino 
B. M. iliidcm, si per quatuor viros invoniantar cidpabil^ 

Btmiiop-Wkxton. Fons baptismalis noii est sub sera custo- 
ditus. Alicia Thombui^h dc Baniby utitur sortilcgiis et incau- 
tacionibus contra catholicam fidein. 

BuoTBORP. Presentant parocbiani quod campanile est 
maxime minosam e( 4cbile^ eo quod de meremio oonficitttr; 
dicunt^ tamen, ^uod nitontur aliud campanile constraere de opeie 
li^ideo, quod mceptum est. Moniti eciam sunt onod^ propter 
pericula qose evenire^potemnt^ dictum campanile debile deponi 
&ciant, ne ad terram prostematur et cadat, intra festum Sancti 
Micbaelis quod erit anno 1474^ sub pena 40s. Ilia pars muri 
cimiterii pertinens ad Priorem Sancti AndhresB Ebor. est de- 

MccccLXXxi. Tbynges necessarye to be reparyled within the 
parysh church of our Lady Bushophyll ye new by ye church- 
wardeynes of the same church. Imprimis, all ye westments in 
ye vcstrye and awbs and boyks necessarve to be amcndyt. Item^ 
not one gud altcrdoth in all yo churdi. Item, ye bdls in yo 
bell frame and wantyng of rojips is ircroy far owt of fraymo and 
necessarye to be mendyd, and also ye starys and lathers and 
florys to ye same stepyll. Ye churchwyndowes is also brokyn, 
and byrdes cummys in and doth fyele all ye church. Ye church 
is not well kept in pavyng and in stallyng. Ye fown hayth no 
loykk. Ye sayd churchwardenes doyth not wasse ye albs^ alter- 
cloyths and surplesses skarsly once in a yere. Mych jangyllyng 
and talkyn within ye sayd church and spccyally in ye servyoe 
tyme. When ye word of God ys dedaryd in ye sayd church, and 
yc sayd parochyners hayth wamypg to cum here yt^ the most 
part of theme cummyth not at all, and, specyally, thoys yt be in 
ye cowntrye, and y^ ys ye cause yt yey be so few sermons as ys, 
vcrfore this ys verey necessarye and expedyent for manis sail to 
be amcndyt. Yt doyth rayne in ye sftyd church in v or vj 
placys and spccyally in one place jonyng to ye qwhere which 
sliold do harme to ye sayd qwhero hei*eafter yff it be not 

EccLES. Catu. Magister Johannes Plaskit exercens peuiteu- 
ciarii ofRcium in eccles. Cath. Ebor. pecunias & alias res fabricse 
dictse Ecclesiffi per confitentes, in dicta Ecclesia coUatas&legatas^ 
per ipsum receptas^ non confert ad usnm Ecdesise, sed convertit 
easdem in alios usus pro suo placito^ quia yix confert custodi 
fabncic in anno iij s. 

Sacristie sunt negligentes in impediendo tumultus et clamores 

puerorum & juvenum in Ecclesia tempore celebracionis missarum. 

Dominus Wilt. Walter frcqucntat spurulas & alios ludos in- 

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Iionestos. ChoiistsB sunt in choi^ fnaXithe insoleht^s & garu- 

StiLLynoton. Solebant eligere inter 6e miaih de parochi- 
anis ftuis pro conservacioue bosci domini ^Hi vocatur wodwardc. 

StrensalL. Fenestra yitred in naVi eod. est quodatnodo 

HAxby. Johanna Otav^ nuper defuneta legavit fabHcss 
capellse ibidem unam zonam de serieo argcnto jpaTatain, bnam 
togam blodii colorilf et ordium cresoens super dim. acr. terra; 
ct quidam WillelihuB Flaxtoii de Strensall detinet omhia |>re- 

HusTHWAiT. Non habent lueemaM pro communione paro- 
chiatiorum. Moniti sunt quod emant unkm lucemam sive lan- 
temnm citra festum ascensionid Domini^ slib pena 12ii 

Massham. Deest sellura supnl Idtare in cancello. Cancellus 
est defectiyus in j trabe et in tectura^ in fenestris vitreis. Tres 
rodse terrse pertinentes od ecdesiam de Masham pro sustenta- 
cione unius larapadis subtrahuntur per Ricardum Py^ot sieriri- 
entem ad legem. 

KmKBBT MAtLBSBRTn. Caucellus patitur defectus in tectnra 
plumbea et fenestris vitreis. Navis e^t defectivus iti tectura. 

Waddbsworth. Stallain cancello sunt confracta. Cancellus 
est defectivus in tectura plumbea. Cnjiit in cimiterio est fracfait. 

KNARBsnuRon. Cancellus est roaitimc ruinoHus in tcttura ct 
mcrcmio. Johannes Sljmgesby de Skryvcn subtrahit unam 
acram tertse ad valorem 28. per ann., qtlse data ci'at ad sustcnta- 
cionem unius lampadis corani ftltari Sandti Nicholai in ecclesia 
de Knaresburgh. 

UsBURN FARVA. Yicaria e^ infortnnio ignis devastatur. Fons 
baptisroalis confringitur et non seratur. Crismatorium non 
habet seram. PorticUs ccclesice est defectivtis in tectura. Can- 
cellus est defectivus in tectura plumbea. 

Burton. Non, est sellura super altars. 

Shirburn. Navis est defectivus in tectura. 

Brotherton. Navis est defectivtis in tecttu*a plumbea ct 

Ullcsrblp. Non habent ^portiphorium nee manualo ncque 
superpeilicium. Fons baptismalis et crismatorium non custo- 
diuntur sub scris. Fenestm vitri® in navi sunt fractie. Navi^ 
patitur defectus no cciam campanile in tccturin. 

Laohton. Ilostium cancclU noti est suflicicns, ncc est sel- 
lura stipcr nltare. Lampiis |)endet in cancello coram altarc^ ct 
non est lumen in eadem^ nee sciunt quis onus luminis in eadcm 
lampade exhibcret. 

Hannbsworth. Johannes Parkyn utitur incantaclonibus. 


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Saint Johnbstown cum Dynnynoton. MuruB capdlse est 

Mekbbburgu. Yestibulum est ruinosum post mojus altaro 
in defcetu domiiii orcludiaconi. CanccUus est defcctivus iu 
tectura plumbea. Navis ecclesise patitur defectus in teetura, et 
velum quadragesimale est nimis debile. 

BoLB. Cancellus est valde ruinosus in muris^ fenestris et 
tectura lapidea. 

Lanom. Fenestras vitrise in navi sunt fractse. 

Pbayton. Cancellus est defectivus in tectura et meremio. 
(So at Askham). 

WiSTow. Non est scllura super altaro in cancdlo de Wistow. 
Idem cancellus patitur defectus in tectura plumbea et fenestris 
vitreis. Capella Sanct» Hildse ibidem pene ad terram prostemitur. 

Nbwbald^ North and South. Cancellus caret sellura super 
altare: non est ordinale. Fons baptismalis non habet scram. 
Ordinatum est quod non fiat tumultus iu ecclesia tempore divin- 
orum^ sub pena 2s. 

Southcave. Dciiciunt duo supcrpcllicia ct duo rocbcti^ duo 
libri vocati processiouales^ unum par thuribulorum^ ct unum porti- 
phorium^ quod prebendarius inveniret. Ornamenta altaris non 
sunt boneste lota. Fenestra vitrea super altare est defectiva et 
hostium cancelli est insufficiens. Duo candelabra de auricalco et 
alia duo de stanno sunt fracta. 

Preston. Dicunt quod solebant pertransire cum processione 
in diebus rogationum per calcetum vocatum Maldleyneallyj et 
per precinctum camporum ad villam de Preston pertinencium^ et 
m diebus rogacionum a.d. mcccc. Ixzvij, inhabitantes villam de 
Hedon ipsos ab ca via vi expulerunt et eosdem bac via transiro 
impedierunt et permittere noluerunt. 

Pitsbburton. Parochiani nonulli faciunt clamores et garni- 
laciones tempore Divinorum in ecclesia par. et tenent in eadem 
plcbiscitum in magnum dedccus ecclesise. 

Drivfbld parva. Una campana est firacta quae de novo fieri 
oportet. Agnes Marshall^ alias Saunder^ de Emeswell^ cxercet 
officium obstetricis, et non habet usum neque sciencian ostritri- 
candi ; utitur etiam incantationibus. 

Wyvbrthorp, etc. Thomas Wansford de Est Lutton sua pro- 
pria temeritate capellam ibidem Deo dedicatam ad terram 
Sro^ecit^ et plumbum ac petras cjusdem^ prout sibi placuit^ ven- 
idit^ in utihtatem propriam premissa couvertendo. 
Lanotoft. Non sunt stdla in canccllo et fencstne vitrin in 
canccllo sunt iractie^ ct cnucollus est defcctivus in tectum. Vi- 
caria non est sufficienter dotata quia vix valet in anno^ ut asserunt^ 
vij marcas. 

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Wharrom in Strata. Cancellus est defectivus in mcremioi 
iectura, tabulis et fenestris. 

Salton cum Brawbt. Jacobus Hird de Shirefhoton cum 
complicibus suis intravit libertatem Sancti Petri in Salton in 
profesto exaltacionis Sanctse Cmcis, et fregit domum liabita- 
cionis Thome Brown ibidem^ ac vi et armis cepit 'Willelmum 
Brown, et ab eadem eum duxit ad castrum de Uoton, libertatem^ 
Sancti Petri violandoi et sententiam excommunicacionis majoris 
dampnabiliter incurrendo. Cancellus est defectivus in muris et 
tectura plurabea. 

Ampilforth. Una campana est fracta. 

AcLOM, btc. Missale et gradale sunt defectiva et caduca in 
Uteris. Cancellus patitur defectus in tectura et fencstree vitri» 
sunt debiles et firacte. Dicunt parochiani quod vicarius tenetui^ 
exhibere parochianis unum taurum et unum aprum. Vicarius 
dicit quoa non est certus an sibi pertinet. 

Barnbt. Cancellus et navis sunt defectivi in muris et tectura 

Grtmbston. Portiphorium non est ligatum, nee habent pixi- 
dem pro sacramento in villam deferendo. Non est scUura super 
altare et fenestrse vitrise sunt fractae. 

Warthill.' Cancellus est defectivus in tectura et tegulis. 
Portions est ruinosus. 

Coupmanthorp. Cancellus capcllseest defectivus in fenestris. 

Mccccxcv. — Sowto Cavb. Thes cr the thytige rcuwns to 
the pariche of Sowth Cave. First, the parish complcnes them of 
ther bokes. Item ij half bokes er boith on cowcher and ther 
both be renaus & er notte abyll to seryff the cyrk. Item iiij** sur- 
plices defaltes to the seid kyrk. Alsoij* processioneres defaltes to 
the seid kyrk. Also j dor pertenyng to the seid chancell is 
defalteyn. Also the principall wyndow is rowinous in ston & 
glas. Also the cvrk is defaltyne of on grail, all thes pertenyng 
to the parson. — Also ther wanttes the ymage of Allhalowcs, our 
hed hadow, to whome itte longes we knaw nott, praying your 
lordschip to sett the seid image to some of us, owdir to the person, 
or the vecar, or to the pariche. Also the bokes wantcs in 
byndyng and coveryng. Also ther wanttes the shjrppe for 
relykys. In defalt of the vekar. — Also the stepyll is defaltine 
in temre & led. Also some glas wvndowes is defaltine. In de- 
fault of the pariche. Also the panche complenes them for i boll 
& on bor^ that to whom the seid bol & bor bclongys we knaw 
notte j after your resons shall be decernet. 

MM. — Thes er defectes foundon by inquisicion of inquisitors 
swome of the parich of Saint Michell Belfra. 

In primis the said inquisitors fyndes and presentcs that the 

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body of \hq said c)iurph of Sappt Mi<^h&6U is npt convenient for 
dy vyne serves to be doone in^ and fcrcfuU to the pariebyugo to syt 
^n^ excpp^ tbar be many ii\ the churchy and, in especially to such 
parishynges as daily abydes longe in the church wd loves to say 
thar devocions. Also the said church is so rewynous and the tym- 
bre tharof in diverse partes of the stepuU rotton^and defectyve in 
this, that it ran^s in thar stalUs and upon thame being at devyne 
service, in trebling thame in thar devocions, and in gret wynaes, 
as hath bevue of late, f^preid thame to f^byde to h^re d^vyne ser- 
vice. Willelinus Waux nuper servieus magistri I^icardi Latomer, 
in ultima sua voluntate voluit, ut unus capeUanus cclobrarct ^icr 
f^nnum pro i^nima snai ^t Hcnr. Wanx, frator suus, occupat bona 
sua & non perimplet. M. Ilauk in ultima vojuntate sua, et 
etiam domina Hauk uxor ejus voluerunt, ut quoddara candelabrum 

Jenden^ remaneret iv\ ecclesia in honore Sancti Michaelis. M. 
ohes Ranald dedit unum vestimentum ad altare S. Mich, de Ics 
greyn sattan, et executor liberavit vestimentum de greyn tutt, 
contra voluntatcm dcfuncti. Item that John Bell, portor, what 
tymo as any fall seke upon the nyght, wooU not upon the yattes 
that the dark ma^ Tygi^c the holy bell when oon lyes in passinge, 
bot at his plesor, in so myche as when M. George Euers wyiF lay 
in extremis, S'. Peers Knot to have fechid a messe buke to have 
rede the passions over hir, wold not let hyme in to of longe, and 
when he had let hyme in and ij servaundes w* hyme, keipt thame 
thar frome a xj of the clok after mednyght unto fyyeof the clok 
in the mornynge. Item, thar, wher of end custome it hath beyne 
used that ev^re yere at the festes of Whitsonday and Sanct Pctir 
day the kirk was wonnt to be strewed wt ryshes by the chawm- 
berluuo of the mynstcr and now it is not soe. Item that almcrys 
chistes ordeynd for the anormcnts haitb no lokkes nor keys, nor 
the kirk doores nor rode loft dore haith no sufficiaunt lokkes, bot 
that every man may upon the kirk dooro lok with thar fyng6r, 
and tharby many thinges and anormentes ar amys. Item the body 
of the kirk is fawtv both in tymer, glas windowes and roost 
specially in thak of lede, so that it rsynes in in many places 
that the parishens may not sit in thar stallis to here divine service 
when any rayn is. And also likewise it rayns in the wher, and 
the glas winddowes they er so drak glas, that oppon the suthsyd 
of the wher in winter season the ministres may not see opon thar 
bookes of tvmes w^owt candillyght on the daylight. Item that John 
Haster, goldsmyth, at the mynster gresses, haith suspect persons 
drawinge to thar company in thar shoppes at unconvenient tymes, 
and specially oon y9nge grille servaunt to a cowper in Fosgait. 
Item William Pa3mter in Petirgait commys bot scldomo appon 
the halydais and Soudais to tlie kirk to divine service when he 

Digitized by 



myght come. Item we fynde that the parich dark haith not 
doone his dewte in attending oppon divine service on Sondais and 
halydais nor yit dooth. Item we fynd that mesbookkes^ gralles^ 
antiphonarSy portous and oyer bookkes er fawtie, rywen and 
gretty hurt for fawt of bineinge, and divers of thame like to be 
lost except thay be shortly emendyd. Item like wise vestimentes 
coopes, tunacles^ albes^ auter clothes and other diver anqrmentes 
are gretlv fawtie, some wome full of holies, some etfcvn w rattons, 
so that they er not able to doo service w^ owt they be helped. 

St. John. Item yat Belamy wieiF, executrix of ye testament 
of Thomas Glover hir husband^ debet 8s. 4d.^ which yay say hath 
been haskd and not paid. i 

St. Laurvncb. Janet Nobill and Beatrice hyr fellow^ and 
Janett Skeldyng, for flytydg and for ill rewU kepyng, both of ye 
nyght and also of ye day. And also yav will pay no maner of 
dcwtis y* belongis to God and to the kirk. Also yay was ogrcid 
at Ester lost past a peyn of 12d, whether yt it bayk on first 
afor ye prest and ye parichyng, which is forfet to Sanct Andrew 

Knarbsbubght. xij men saith apon yr othes yt ye mansion 
place w* other howssis yerto belongyg, is ruynouse in thekyng^ 
unto the valow of v dais thekyng. Also yay say y* when any 
gret rayn fallys it commes thoro ye mayn wall in ye qweer in to 
distruccion of ye said wall. Also yt is ordeynd roscbandes and 
fillcttes and other carrifying (carving) wark for to be sett in ye 
rooflF of ye qwher, which lyth in ye revestre, and yer decais in 
defalt of ye prebendarie^ and also the hie qwer is as yit unselyd. 

Masham. The parishyng thynkes yay had cret wrong by 
cause yay wantid a parish prest iij quarters of a yer. Also 
neghbui^ thynkes yay have wrong j yay may not have ye tend 
eafes and lames, hot oyelr mene withowt of ye paryshyng byse 
yame. Also yfty 4;hynk yay have wrong y^ an a power mano sd 
on of ye warst calfes at yay taik ye best to tend. Also we de- 
ftyre to knaw what a servadt shuld pay to tend for his hier, for 
as myche as drawse 10s. for pewr servantes yt hath hot a small 
wage to fynd yam, it is soor for yam to taik so my kill. Also ye 
parsonage & ye howsys yt longes to it gose downe & is uure- 
parild. Also yay complene yt yer is no sellirryng over ye hie 
altei'. Also yay thyuk yt light is not kepit in ye qwher as it 
shuld be. AJso yay thynk yay wold have ye hie masse done on 
ye warkday bytwix ix and x of ye clok, and of yo holiday, be- 
gone at X of cloke. 

KiRRBT Malshbrd. Lcs scleryug over yo hy alter wanttes, 
ye which was presentid at last visitacion, in so mytcli yt ye prest 
will say no masse hot if it be mendid. Also ye queer wanttes 

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1^64 YOaiC P4BEIC ttOLLS. 

reparaciona of stawtles and thekvpg. Also we desire to kiiaw 
qwhat a servant shuld pav to tena for xs wage. Also we dealer 
to haye our beleff shewed iiij tvmea in ye yer os ye say we 
shuld have. Also we desire to knaw of a bell yt was boght of 
dovocion & giffen to ye kirk^ ye which bell is fautid, wheyer ye 
hoU parish shall mend it or ye biars may sell it agane. Also a 
glase wyndow and all oyer anowrmentes boght to the kirk of 

Nydderdaill. M' yt we of Nydderdayle has commend to- 
goyer & we fynd no thyng to shewe. Item j schalas yt is rewyn 
in ye hedge. Item y* canope. Item j box for ye sacrament. 

MiDDYLSMOuK. Prescutantur ut defectiva^ calix revyn in ye 
edgc^ una pixis pro sacramento, uuimi canopeum. 

Horn B BY. Presentant chorum ruinosum et defectivum in 
fenestris vitriis^ in mason wark, in plumbo, in hostiis chori, item 
uuum redose ex parte australi^ et eciam in pavimento et celura 
supra summum altare. Inveniunt magnos defectus de libris, as a 
legend and j antiphoner^ for w* owt vay be had, yav cane syng 
nother matvns ncr evenssong. Capella de Hakford non bene 
reparatur ob earenciam plumbi. Navis ecclesise est defectiva in 
thekyng. Porticus ante hostium ecclesiie oportet de novo tegi^ 
Anglic^ tbekyd, 

AuDuuROHT. Pro reparacionibus ehori, Inprimis for ranyng 
in ye qwere & also for ye glasse wyndowys ye which ar broken. 

HusTHWAiTT. Deficiunt j surples^ j rochet. Item in wod to 
ye nowmer of four hundreth treis, w* better, sold to owt mene. 
Item we want our freleges of Sanct Peter in marcattes qwer we 

Amflepord. Fonestm vitriie cum coopertura, sive tegmine 
ehori, non sunt sufficientes, viz.^ abill. Item quod ye mansion 
plais is hole dekayd. Item the tend laith is blawne downe ij 

irers syne. Item ye lege bush ys many cache sparrys feld doune 
atcly under ye occupying of Mr. John Pykcryng and dekeyd 
for fawt of kepyng. item ye said prebendaiye resavid, when he 
euteryd, for delapidacions 40/. and bath not layde on penny. 

NouTUGRYMSTON, CanccUus, una celura, cum fenestris vitriis 
sunt defectiva. Carent gradale cum processionali, Carent stallis 
et hostiis in navi. 

Magna Driffbld. Inprimis it is fownd yt on Sir Cutbert 
Rogg, prest, {is) nyghtly inhabitant at Driflfeld aforsaid, aganst ye 
will of all ye parishoners ther, to ther greate noyance, & to ye 
occasione of mych treble, & in a suspiciouse place ; and hath yer 
no sty^iend or wages but only for his plesor. Item yt maistcr 
prebendary of Driifcld, hath not made his stalles in the qwere, so 
y t yer is no sufficient restyng place to ye myuysters yer. 

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Parva Driffbld. Porticos borialis non est sufficiens pro 
presbitero ad aquam bencdictam parochianis dandam in dcfectu 
domini vocati Nicholai Cowtbeytson. 

Wbverthorpb. Plumbum super Chorum^ tres fenestrse 
yitriae et hostium chori debent emendari. A gret tend laith in 
ye parsonage fallyn down; ye tenand had gret hurt yerby. 
Anover grett laith will down bot if it be helpe vera sone w^ oyer 

Waohbn. Mastyrs, to have in remembrance yt we thynk yt 
m' vicar abydes not emange us, as a curette awght to do, for if 
he wald, we wald be content yerw*, qwher throught he wald do 
his dewte whilk longes to his charges and abyd w* hus ; and also 
we fynd a faute w* hym enens a paschall & fraukensense, ye 
whilk his predecessors have fown afor^me, by ye way of a welfuU 
debet of his, it was laid by in woden of more troble ; ye which we 
have fown this iij yere to ye tyme ye mater myght be tried, as we 
trist may be now ; & also we have gret faut of a bull & a bore 
whilk we thynk m' vicar suld fynd, by gud reason, for why he 
basse ye profett. 

Maplbton. Coopertura chori est defectiva in subtili distilla- 
ciono circa presbiteri stallum. Carent tribus les alterclothes et 
una cera pro fonte. 

TuNSTALL. Les ruflF chori et vitrum et stalla sunt defectiva. 
Ye parsonase is downe and oyer tenementes yt longes to yt. 
Also yt wo have bene in fawt of serves of a curct afortyme. 

Burton Pidsb. Fenestra supra summum altare non est suf- 
ficiens in vitro nee in les stonewark, for when ye wynd is in ye 
est part, it is liek to fall downe. Also anoyer in ye north parte 
of ye qwher which is so dyme yt no mane may see on yt sied y t 
syng in ye qwher. 

Hedon. M* yt ve chirch yerd of ye chapell of Sanct Austyn 
of Iledoui in ye qwilk ye bonys, and yo holy sacrament is my- 
nysterid, is not sufficiently reparillid for to hold out unresonable 
bestes. And also ye glas wyndow of ye hie awter is nowght 
reparillid, by the qwilk unreparillyng dovys enter in to ye qwcr 
and makes undene the qwher. 

WiQHTON. It is so yt yer is a bok fawty and it is in makyng 
half maid & half unmaid ; and a faut yt our parish clerk y t he 
hath not done his dewtie to ye kirk, yt is to say, ryngyng of ye 
mome bell and ye evyn bell, and also a noyer mwt^ he fyndes yt 
powr mene pays hym not his wages. 

Nbwbald, North and Sowth. Sir, our prebends and chirch 
is well. Also our obittes is brought ne doyu throght ye folkes 
yt is dcpartid to God, wherfor we desire couusell of your 

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And alleao ycr is a womano yt bath dcmeyd hir marvdousl)^ ; 
for bUo haytli takyno ye covoryng of ye bore and layd it on bir 
kow, and a plewygb stayfe yt bi^ kyld a mcnsse, and a clothe 
ondyr a corsse to cast over ye kow ; do os it plea ye. 

BuDwiTH. Wantyng a chancell key. Ye antipbenarie is 
corrupt and wantis ye communion Sanctorum. The procession- 
aris be decayd & defectiff^ and every part fro oder. 

Ca WOD. We ye parishyng of Cawod^ for defens of ye church 
.of ye water, lyis in gret cost, and charges w* owt aide &helpe of 
parson, which we thynk he aght to beire part of the charges for 
defens of bis chaunsell & dose not. And for ye parich prest & 
clerk, we fynd w* yam no faut, so yay do yer serves at dew 
tymes. And ye clerk to keipe ye clok and ryng corfor at dew 
tymys apontid by ye parresh & also to ryng ye day bell. We 
fynd yt Jenet Trotter wiff to Ric. Trotter aw to ye parich of 
Cawod XV wanskott or else 6s. silver by legacie. 

Sherburne. Presentant quod dominus Thomas Bawme et 
Ric. Bawmp acceperunt contra voluntatem parochianorum ab 
altaro Sancti Thomtc infra cccl. j missale prec. 4/. 18s. 4d., unum 
calioem preo. 63s. 4d., j corporalo prcc. 68. 8<1., ij vcstimcnta 
pi*ec 8/., ij altercloth 66. 8d. Portions est defcctivus. Dcfcctus 
sunt in portis cimiterii. Inveniuntur defectus in presbiterio ad 
altare et in pavyng of ye qwer. 

Fenton. Presentant quod cancellus est defcctivus in tec- 
tura, in stramine et les tymbre, & all ye beildyng yt long yerto 
excepe stone. Propter negligenciam prebendarii Law Riddynges 
et Law Paradise clauduntur infra aliud dominium. 

Brotherton. Thes er defautes yt we fynd pertyndyng ye 
kirk of Brotherton. First, ye persone for scUcryng over ye alter. 
Also for ve stalles in the qwer & for ye glaa wyndos & for ye 
pavyng of ye qwer. Also ye paryshyng, frist, ye coveryng of ye 
funte, ye lok & ye keye & reparillyng of the kirk walles. Can- 
cellus m celura, pavimento et fenestris est defcctivus. 

Brahqam. M^ yt yes is ye grett fawt yt we fynd in ye 
parishyng of Bramham. Ye chauntre which is not occupied nor 
servyd as it aght to be by parson Oglesthorpe, & also we have ij 
albes w* all perteneyng yerto att halowyng. We bcsck yow to be 
good Lord on to hus and giff bus respitt yis v weik day and we 
shall maik all thynges abill, w^ ye grace of Ood. Also the vicar 
of Bramham hays beyne absent fro his benefys a yer and more. 

Est Draiton. Defectus. Unum superpellicium. Item 
stallyng of ye kirk. Item stallyng of ye qwher and pavyng. 

AsKHAU. The formers of ye personage for makyng of a 
hcgh of ye clausur of ye church ycrd. It raines in to ye qwher 
over ye hce alter. 

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Lanum. Fencstns cancelli be not sufficient. Ye chancell 
is not sufficient, for it reynes by twix ye church and ye chaun^ 
cell, so that it hurttes ye qwer and ye bookes. Ye voile for 
LentOQ is not sufficient. Ye surples is not sufficient. Yer is 
uowther pye nor ordinall nor no processionary and no candiU- 
stikes for ye alter. Periinencia parochianis. Yer is some holys 
in the coveryng of the church in leid. Ye west sied of ye 
batdlyment of ye stepill is sumwhatt impeyret. Our sanctus 
bell is not henget upe. Ye west end of ye north yll is ye 
coveryng brokyn of ye walL Ye vicar can not dy vers tymes have 
audiens to say his service for chidyng and flityng, & yt ys ner 
hand evere haliday, besechyng your lordshipe of remedy. 

MDXix. — EccLEs. Catb. Ebob. luprimis at the renewynge 
of the sacrament there wantethe a torche, and a clerke of ye 
vestre in his surples for the renovation of the same. Item we 
fynde grcte neclygense of ye decons and clerkis of ye vestre yt 
the mcsbuke is not clasps, wherby a fayre boke is nye lost. 
Item how one ve basyns afor the neghauter w* i|) candelse afor 
our Lady, of the southesyde, should be lighte all tymes of 
serves, which is sum tyme not done. Item the goodly reyre* 
dewse is so full of dust and copwebbes that by lyklyode it shalbe 
shortly lost w*oute it be densed & better keppte than it hathe 
bene. Item the Utile awterse is so ragged and tome that it 
were grete shame to so suche in any uplandyshe towne. Item 
the sudarv that the colet holdes the patan in is to shamefull to 
be sene about the holy sacrament in suche a pldce* Item the 
cof hynae in the where, as rectors of ye where sitte, the folkes yt 
be pylgrams and straungers wonderse to se suche in yt place & 
yet yer wantes one. Item all the hangynges of ye where lyeth 
opynly in the presbitory, dogges pysses of tharae, wax droppys of 
thamci & the myilysters put furthe of yer rowmes. Item yo 
clothe yt coverse ye reyreaewse is of party colors, whiche is not 
honeste for straungers to luke upon. Item the bokes of the 
where be caduke & yll, & so false yt oftyn tymes makethe the 
vycars to make grete dyscorde in the where. Item if the lettron 
in the chapitor were skowred & set in royddys of the hye where, 
and the roste yeme in the same where set in ye chapitour, we 
thynke shulde do well. 

The Vestry. luprimis there wantethe towelse for the ebdo- 
madory to wype of daly. Item the lavitory in the vestry, where 
we resayve oiir water, it is stopped, & evenr mane, on efter an 
other, puttethe and wasshethe there crowet in a bukket w^ water, 
whiche by ye same maner is corrupped, and so usethe we w^ the 
same> and all in defawte of dressyng of ye puUye & stoppyuge 
of the synke whiche were sone. amendyd. Item a goodly well 

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iu the crowdes^ whiche hotlie bene lued in dd tyme k dydc 
grete goode whafc tvme aa the churche was homed, whiche 
waiitethe no thvnge hot a pidly & a rope, & the dore of the same 
IB kepte lokkya & no man nor woman can do there devotion in 
that pkce to our Lady. Item the vestiary, there is a chest foil 
of suspent stuffe yt will make parores, amettes, coahyns, & to 
amende many nsnall thynges in ye where, & such as ye secunde 
forme weres nowe is idl so tome whiche tha walde amend well 
for every day. Item the albvs for preists, many of thame be 
tome & made so straite both m the bodes and slevys, that men 
cannot get thame on hot w^ grete payne. Item the beghe awt^ 
is nowe served both ix lessons and dowbill fests all in lyke, thore 
is ordande chaunge for bothe bot tha will not be had. Item the 
chylder cummethe abowte the awter sum in one colour k sum 
in an other, w* vyle and undenly albys nothynge sortynge ac- 
oordynge to ye day. Item the cause this is not amendid, in 
amendynge of copes, chysables, tunakles and such othere, it is 
not knawne who shvdde pay for thame, where John Loksmythe 
is unpaid for the same amendynge, of his awn proper use, & not 
of the churdie coste : if it were knowne whethere ye derk of 
▼e warke or the chaumberlane shuld do it we trust tha shulde 
be better looked on. Item the amendynge of the dalmatykes 
for ye Advent & Septuagesym myghte be done w^ a Utile cost, 
whiche nowe mosters away & not occupied. Item the lettron 
wherupon the gospell is red is moisterd away & feuillyn downe, 
whiche specially wold be amendid by cause it is in opyn sighte. 
Item, specially, we beseche youe, that ye revestre may be keppte 
after ye old feicion, that the dure may be kepte opyn as hathe 
bene firome the b^ynnvnge of matens unto xj of ye doke. 
Nowe, oftyn tymes, the dure is stokked, and we parsons & vicars 
cannot get biede, wyne nor water, when we be redy k makethe 
us to say no masse for watvnge of the where. Item we find 
grete faute the churche wailcs be full of oopwebbys k all the 
pylourcs of the same, whiche dothe full yll. Item we thynke it 
were convenient that whene we fetche a corse to the Churche 
that we shulde be in our blak abbettes momyngly, w* our hodes 
of the same of our hedes, as is used in many othere places. Item 
we desyre and beseche youe that all the abbet may use there 
surples & ames wH>wt blake abbet feriall, and othere firome 
Pasche to our latter Lady day, & generall processions, as tha do 
in other cathedrall churches, & this we desire for a special cause : 
oftyn it happs that the seound forme k othere that be nedigent 
oftyn tymes cummethe iu there blak abbetts, when thay shulde 
cum in surples, & when thay shulde cum in surples thay will 
cum in abbet, whiche wolde not be so if we did as tha do in other 

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places cathedral!. Item we fynde tbe Bcgistahs gevethe not 
suclic attendaunce of the Charche as hathc bene, for it hathe 
bene that one of them hathe gevyn attendaunce all ye day when 
there wek fel, and sawe there were no dogges nor bryborse in 
ye Churche^ hot tha wolde rewarde thame; and also a resonable 
tyme betwene ye fvrst pele and the secund^ and also they 
wolde have m6 plokkes^ as we thynke, than tha giff tham, for ye 
pelys be veray shorte. Item^ touchynge sighte of annome- 
mentes of chauntres, the q)de custom hathe bene that ye clerk 
of ye Chapitour who hath a perfite boke maid^ an on w* hyrae^ 
shulde soneste see all suche thyngs. As for dekaynge of 
chauntriesi tha be many of thame so far furthe of Yorke & many 
of them in Yorke. 

Chauntrvs. Item of ye Sonday, we have done matyns at 
halfe cure to vij of the dok^ and we have done messe by halfo 
oure to a xj wherfor we thynke it were more convenient to ryng 
to matyns at evere dale, ezcepte Palme Sonday at halfe oure 
to V ; and prime bell to seice a quarter after ix, and yan myght 
ye pareshe messes be done afore our procession. 

Sir Myles Coltn's chauntrb in Clifton. His bowses 
wantes thak & morter in diverse place^ which ho hath promyscd 
to amend as shortly as ye weder brakes. 

The Tanohawlb. The lathis^ the kecchyn, the hawll^ par- 
lor and chaumbersc in gret dekye & very ruyne. 

St. John's in Hunbgaitt. FarcelloB remotss et ablates 

Eir dom. Rio. York et deliberates ad eccl. Sancti Job. in Mc^ 
Igaitt^ ut putatur. 

Duo calices, unus deaur.^ et unus parcell. deaur. Duo 
roissalia^ unum cum firmaculis sive signiculis argenteis. Duo 
libri vocati cutcherSi unus no^atus, alius non. Duse legendee de 
di. annis. Duo magna gradalia. Unum parvum graddc. Duo 
manualia. Unus liber pro venite. Unum vestimentum in cus- 
todia domini Thomee Gribthorpe. 

St. John's ad pontbm Usjb. Cancellus est dcfectivus in 
reparacione et in magno dubio verisimilis tendons ad casum. 
Meremium sic corrumpitur, cum humiditnte, in tantum quod 
capcUanuS parochialis cum clcricis timuit in hac parte quotidie. 
Brotherton. Emendetur lucema pro sacramento infra pa- 
rochiam ferendo. 

Bramham. Defectus supra summum altarc. Stalla in choro 
dofcctiva. Capella in cimitcrio est defcotiva. Navis est dcfec-^ 
tivus. Cancellus est defcctivus in velaciono^ vias., celeryng. 

Masham. Ordinacio pro servicio Divino cclebrando tempore 
estivali & hiemali in ecclesia de Masham. 

Die Sabbati^ viz.^ xiij die Aug. a.d. 1519. Assignatur quod 

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a festo Annuuciacionis B. MariaB Virg. usque ad fest. Nat. ejus- 
dem pro pulsacioue prima ad matutinas ad horam sextam fienda, 
ct quod mcipiant matutinas ad lioram septimam. Et a festo 
Nativ. usque ad festum Annuno. B. M. fiat prima pulsacio ad 
mediam horam ad septimam^ & habeut incipere matutinas ad 
mediam horam ad octavam; et assignatur pro vesperis cele- 
brandia quod pulsetur prima pulsacio ad horam primam et quod 
incipiant vesperas ad horam secundam pro tempore hiemali ; & 
pro tempore estivali predict' fiat j^ltima pulsacio ad horam 
secundam & incipiant vesperas ad horam terciam. This order 
made in consequence of a rt guest from the parish. " Item deside- 
rant ccrtum tempus pro scrvicio Divino celebrando assignari^ 
parochia extendouto se ad quinque miliaria/' 

KiRKBY (Malzabd.) FeucstrsB vitrise sunt fractse et lumin- 
aria sua vastantur in cancello. Laici sedent in choro sine super- 

Dalton super Teas. Contra capellanum parochialem de 
Croft presentatur quod si ita sit quod uxor alicujus viri enixa 
fuerit & capellanus parochialis pro evangelio dicendo eidem uxori 
desidcretur^ idem capellanus vult dicere se venturum ad placitum 
proprium duobus vel tribus diebus postea. 

Salton cum Brawbb. Usi sunt infra cimiterium ludi in- 
houesti prout pililudus pedalis & manualis^ viz. tutts & handball 
ac penyston. Desistant sub pena excom. Fenestr» vitriae in 
navi sunt defectivi et fracti per ventum^ item in choro. Parvi 
infantes portati ad eccles. in eadem clamant & turbant Divinum 
ofiicium & alios orantcs. Porticus est defectivus. 

Wilton. Will. Rclff stetit fodiendo, viz. dikkeng^ in dicB. 
Mar. Virg. Cancellus est defectivus in tecturaet vitro. 

BoLLTON. Ematur una palla altaris^ viz., an altercloth. 
Emendentur stalla ex una parte capellse. 

YoLTHORPE. Capella non sufficienter reparatur ut celebre- 
tur in eadem. 

Bahneby. FenestriB yitrm sunt defcctivie in vitro in choro. 
Vicarius ibidem detinet unum lez thraune chaire pertincntem 
ecclesise. Presentatur ^uod vicarius inveniret quatuor cereos, 
viz. iiij ad festa principalia et alia festa, duos, super quibus ponit 
lez imppes, quse cadunt et ardent vestes super altare. Emende- 
tur cancellus in tectura plumbi. 

BuQTHORPE. Cancellus et navis defectivi in plumbo. 

Warthill. Reparetur cancellus tam in tectura quam vitriis 
fenestris et in stallis. Carent lucerna portanda ante corpus 
Domini. Frontale ad mapus altare non vtdet. 

Morton. Fons baptismalis est defectivus in lez stapill et 
caret sera et clavi, ac coopertorio de panno. 

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OsDALDWicR. Stalli in navi sunt fracti. Navis est defectiva 
in tectura tegnlarum et in lattes. Cancellus est defectivus in 
duobus tegulis lapsis per ventum. Fons baptismalis est de- 
fectivus in iez stopell. 

Stokton. Cancellus capellse est defectivus in tectura tabu- 
larum, Emendentur stalli in navi. Ne quis sedeat super 
fontem, sub pena Ss. 4d. 

DoNNYNOTON. Thcs ar they that commjrs not to God and 
Sanct Peter to do ther offerand, as custom has beyn in tyms 
past. In primis Master Drawswerd, Edivard Salmarche {and 
rix others). 

Driffeld. On Esabell Slee which will not use hir husband 
acordyng to ye lawes of QoA and holy church. She will not lat 
hym come in hir hows nor taik hym for hir maik. 

Parva Driffeld. It ranys in at ye rowff of ye qwere in 
diverse places. In yo stcpyll a glasse wyndow is downo. 

WivERTUORpB. Ye lede a lK)fe ye hy alter^ wherby yo sclcr 
over ye hy alter wilbo mostorde & loste w^ owt it have shortly 
helpe. Ye stalles w* in ye said where is so sore dccayd y^ no 
mane cane sitt in ye said where. The where dore a grette de- 
fawtte, it is noght. Ye laith w^ in ye manchion is noght^ hot a 
downe hows. 

BoRTON Ptdsee. Thyes be ye defautes pertenyng ye chan- 
cyll. The qwer wyndowe owr the hye aulter both in stone & 
classe and the qwere in thakyng. 

Preston. Habent monere communicantes seu fabulantes 
tempore Divini servicii ut desistent^ et^ quoad exdatnaciones pucr- 
orum, habent monere patres & matres ut provideant pro eisdem. 
BusHoPBURTON. Qranarium est defectivum in tabulis^ viz., 
Iez burddes & postes tic grecis. Unum magnum orrium. Lez 
hiles standis stayd w* proppes haldyns up ye pannes. Unum 
ovilO| a shopecoit^ is defective in sparns. 

RiCALL. Presentatur quod it haith beyne accustomyd yt ye 
vicar at ye tyme off Cristynmas^ at Ester k ye Assumption off 
our Lady shuld gyve on dynner on to ye qwer^ the which is not 
now occupied. Item quod calatharii^ Anglic^ pedlers^ veniunt 
diebus festivis in porticum ecclesiss et ibidem vendunt merci- 
monium suum. Item yong peple^in Itkwys^ makyth ther sportis 
& gammes in ye same plays & also in ye church yerd. Item we 
fynde a gret innormyte off ye hool parich for talkyng & pays- 
syng ytf* m ye church at servisse tyine. 

BuBWtTii. Velum quadragesimale laceratum & putridura. 
Item to cherge churchmasters to prevent janglers & talkers ^n 
service tyme & sitters in ayle houses at un resanable & service 
Divine tyme. 

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WisTow. Contra rectorem : bis mansion plas is done & led 
the tembrc away to Cawod. The seller over ye sacrament is 
broken in ye wher. The glasse wynders ar brokyn & patchit 
w lyme & sand. Ye pascball. Our wber stallyng is dcfectiflf 
in gronsoU. Our wber pavyng is fawty in stone. 

Cawod. Plesse it your lordsbipe that our kerk standdes in 
gret danger off ye water off Owes, & is like for to be lost wtowt 
hclpe off my lord grace, & yt it wold pless your good lordshepe 
to instances maister parson, for ye water is as lik to hurt the 
chauncell as the church. 

Strensall. Porticus ccclesise est defectivus in tegulis. Less 
holywater stane sipis. Fons baptismalis habet neque seraro, 
neque clavcm, ne will not halde. 

Alnb. Provideatur de uno libro vocato manuell. Provideatur 
de libris pro festis Visit. B. Marise, De nomine Jhesu & de trans- 
figuracione Domini & pro omnibus commemorationibus per 
totum annum. Item moneantur laici ne de cetero scdeant infira 
cancellum ncc perturbent Divina. Ricardus Ilall, capellanus 
ibidem, est communis adulter et specialitcr cum — . Item tenet 
plures alias mulicres in amplexibus adulterinis. Item contra 
monicionem vicarii intrusit & occupat ac ministrat curam & 
Divina capellarum de Aldwark & Tholthorpe infra eand. par. 
Item ministrat poccula amatoria sive medic' Agneti Hobson de 
Alne servienti suae, per quod destruit puerum in utero sue et 
eciam mulierem, & dicta pocula ministravit aliis quampluribus 
mulieribus. Purgavit se ij Jul. 

TnoRP Salvanb. Cancellus est defectivus in tectura tabula- 
rum ubi pendet benedictum sacramentum. It ranys in. 

Lannum. Carcut sera pro fonto bapt. Item una alba & 
tribus araictis carent. Item coopertorium manuelis ex una parte 
frangitur. Item feretrum ecclesise. Item fenestrsD vitrise in 
cancello non sunt sufficientcs. Item unum deske in cancello non 
est habilis & sic fenestra cancelli caret threfote of glasse. Item 
carent supcrpellicio. Item j vestimentum de satino & glauci 
coloris frangitur in partibus anterioribus. Presentatur per 
Petrum Fox de Laumm quod Job. Hill de ead. percussit ad 
vicarium ipsius villse in orto Hug. Holand circ. ij vel iij ann. 
elapses: et quod Job. Hill pugnabat cum Johanne Duckar, 
clerico par. ibidem, in chore, estate ult. elaps. & extraxit san- 
guinem super eodem percuciendo labia ipsius derici cum suo 
pugno, Anglic^ bis nieff. 

Lanoford. Cancellus is not apareld nether coveryd w' leid 
nor ye wynddows her not apareld w* glas nor stone wark. 

Boole alias Bolum. Chorus ecclesite est defectivus in tec- 
tura in Icz thakburddis. 

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Afflsstrorp. Quidam Holino de Cotes isto die comparens 
fatetur quod carnaliter cognovit sororem uxoris su® ; qui habet 
ad peragendura petiitentiam pet ires dies circa ecclesiam suam 
par. & per duos aies circa fomm Retford^ & per duos circa forum 
Blidae, dicens iu foro orationem Dominicani^ & salutationem 
angelicam dum recipit disciplinas diversis locis fori genuflec- 
teudo. Emendatur dausura dmiterii sub. pena iijs. iiijd. appli- 
cand. ad picturam Div® Marise in Ecdes. Ebor. Emendatur 
chorus eo quod pluit ibidem^ et in fenestris titreis. Emen- 
datur porticusi et fenestrse vitrise in uavi. 

ilDxxviii. — BtsnoFWiLTON. Isabel Mure presented. Slice 
took fier and ij yong women w^ hir and went to a rynnyng water, 
& light a wyspe of straw & sett it on the water, and saide thus, 
"Benedicite, Se ye what I see; I se the fier bume and water 
rynne and the gryse grew^ and see flew and nyght fevers and all 
unkowth evils Uiat enl flee, and all other, God will,^' and after 
theis wordes sais xv Pater noster, xv Ave Maria & thre credes. 

MDXLiT-T. — Cath. Ebor. Item, monumenta terrarum et 
possessionum dictss Ecd. non bene et diliffcnter custodiuntur. 
Item, that the prebendaries, not one but atl, use to muche con- 
fabulacion in the tyme of Goddes service : and also some tyme 
they ar absent frome the processions. Item, that the chauncell 
of the parishe church of Amplefurth is in great decaye. Item, that 
the qwere is evill servid because the nowmbre of vicars ar so fewe, 
& so manye of theyme are so sickle : and thoes that are in 
heilthe woll not take the more paynes in doyng theire dewties, 
but take theire hole seven dais, as they did when they were in 
nowmbre xxxy]*^^ Item, that boith canons, persons, and vicars 
do not theire dueties in commyng to the divyne service within 
the said Metropolitane Church of Yorke, and, when they comme^ 
they use much confabulacion. Item, that the chauntre prestos 
and the vicars having chaimtrcs within the said Church do not 
convcnicntlie kepe thceire howers in sajring of masses, and spo- 
ciallie betwene the hourcs of viij*^ and tcnne. It^m, that there 
be manye copes, vestmentes and other anournements of the said 
Churche in greate decave. Item, that the said Metropolitane 
Churche of Torke nedith necessarie reparacions in dyvers and 
sundrie places. Item, that there be certeane prebendaries of the 
of the said Church, having benifices w* cure in the countrie abrode, 
do lie continuallie within the citie of Yorke, by the coulour of 
theire prebendes, & do not resorte to theire benefices according 
to theire bounden duetie. Item, that theire is oft and manye 
tymes not sufficient nowmbre of vicars within the qwere of the 
said Churche for servynge of the same, tempore Divinorum. 
Item, that the house belonging to the treasorie and within the 

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clause of the cudd Churcbe is muche in dekaie in dyvers places of 
the same. 

M DL. — IliOALL. The vicaredge in decaie for lack of thacke. 
We present Richard Wynd not to receyve the blessed commu- 
nion charitablie^ as we thinke. 

KiRKBBiB QwARF. Thc chuTche is owte of reparell^ so that 
no man can well abyde in the bodie of the churcbe for rayne 
when it is fowle wether, and the parishioners will not amena it 
onlesse they be straitlie commandid to doo the same. The 
chancell of the churcbe lackethe reparell & also the glasse wyn- 
dowes^ and we cannot tell whether Edward Hungate^ being the 
fcrmeri shoulde doo it, or the kynges grace coUedge in Oxforthe 
which be ye parsons. Also that the saide parsons did never 
give as yeate one pennye accordyng to the kynges injunctions to 
the poore folkes in the saide parishing. Also the saide parsons 
haithe bought no paraphrase of Erasmi as ^eate, and so we did 

i)re&ent bothe in the kynges grace visitaaon and also in my 
orders grace of Yorke visitacion, and no reformation we have as 


Church of York.* 

All Saints. 

This chantry was on the south side of the presbjrtery, dose 
to Archbishop Bowett's tomb. It was founded by that prelate 
24 Oct. 1413, for two chaplains, who were to pray, specially, for 
the souls of Uie Archbishop, Henrv IV., Henry Bishop of Win- 
chester, and Richard Pittes, archdeacon of CleveUmd. The 
endowment was half a rood of land, and the advowson of thc 
chiurch of Waltou-upon> Thames. 

MDXUii. — A chalcsse and patten, sylvcr and well gylto. A 
written masse booke wyth twoo silver daspes. Twoo crewcttcs 

* I now fpwB a list of the ofaaotries in the niingter, with inTentoriei of the Air- 
niture belonging to them »tTariouflperiodi. IdonotoonaderUuslisttobebjany 
meena complete. Chantries were oooMionaUj removed firom one altar to another, 
and sometimes they fUl entirely into deoay. Many changes took place at th« 
rebuildinff of the choir, especiairy among the altars in the crypt I haye taken 
considerable nains to make the list as accurate as possible. The inyentories haya 
been gathered out of the Chapter books, and are given in chronological crder. 
Those made in 1680 and 1643 are to be ftmnd in a yolume appropriated to the 
chantries, and to it, therefore, I haye given no references. Tom gives lists of the 
chaiitry |*rieste,but they are so imperlect and inaccurate that I do not venture to 
iudcri tiicm here. 

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and a lettome. A boxe for singring breade and an eyill paxe. 
Thre old reven aolter dothes and a short towell. A vestement 
of blacke velvet ry ven and old^ w* the albe^ aumys, stoole and 
phannelL A good vestement of vhyte syUce, w^ aU belonging 
therto. An oold vestement of blewe seroenet w* a crosse of read 
velvet havinff nothing to hy t belonging. A olde ry ven vestement 
of blewe sylke, w* white birdes and branches, and all thjmges 
themnto apperteaning. Another of rede sylke old w^ a blew 
crosse and all things, &c. An other of rede worsted w* a blew 
crosse and all things, &c. An other of gren^ Alexandre w* all 
things, &c. An other of white Aistiane w* a black crosse & all 
things, &c. An other for Lent, of white fustiane, w^ a read crosse 
and all things, vj corpraxes & yj cases of dyvers sortes. A clothe 
for coveryng of Sanctes in Lent. A old curten & a fronte doth 
of blewe jmrtie sylke. An other of the same soworte w* a 
firenge. Twoo Lenten dothes for the aulter. Twoo pryck can- 
dylstyckes of latten. 

St. AoATttA, St. Luct akd St. Scholastica* 

This altar was on the south side of the crypt. In 1364 the 
service was stopped '' propter novam fabricam."* 

There were two chantries at it. 

I. Founded in 1287, by Eudo de Funchardon, son of Sir 
Roger de Punchardon, for two chaplains and endowed with the 
manor of Orimston, near York. The presentation was kith the 

McccLX (?). — tJnum missale de pergameno ovino; ununi 
manuale ; unus calix deauratus pond. 6s. ; unum vestimentum 
bonum pro diebus festis et duphdbus; aliud vestimentum pro 
diebus ferialibus j iij pallse pro altare ; unum bonum manuter* 
gium pro sacrario et tria debiliora pro eodem j duse phiolse de 

McccLxiv. — Missale; dalix; duo vestimenta; unum missale 
de pergameno ovino j unum manuale; j calix pond. 16s. ; j ves- 
timentum bonum pro diebus festivis; aliud vestitnentum pro 
feriis ; iij paUee pro altari ; j bonum manutergium pro sacrario 
et tria debiliora pro eodem; ij fiol8e.§ 

MDxx-i. — ^A missale in pei^ameiio script. 2* folio, locuatas ; a 
vestment w^ gryiFyns and alba and amita; a vestment de veridi 
worsitt cum rubia cruce; Sailctus Erasitnus; Sanctus Antonius; 
ordinac. cantar. ; a calex parvus cum patena parcell. deaurat. in 

• T. 87, b. t Domcsdaj Book, 66, %. b. 

1 T. 81, a. It is here called the altar of St. Agatha and St. Lucy. 
{ T. 86, b. 

T 2 

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fronte haben. cruoem ; j oorporax w* cro^. Idem altare per 
Batcly ffe— j missale Bcripturo, aecundo foho^ qui ductus ; j porte- 
forium scriptum^ seoundo folio^ coram ie. ; v] alterclathes. 

II. Founded for the soul of Mr. Tbos de Dalby, arebdeaoon 
of Biebmond^ and tbe souls of Arcbbisbop Arundell^ Biebard Asty 
and Isabel^ bis wife, and Sir Pbilip de Beauohamp, by tbe 
Chapter, 20 Jan., 1409-10, in consideration of tbe sum of j£480, 
wbicb was left by tbe said Tbos. Palby in 1390 to purchase 
lands for that purpose. Tbe lands were in tbe cburcb-yard of 
St. Margaret, in Walmgate, and in Fleet-street, London. Tbe 
chantry was in tbe gift of the Chapter and was worth 12 marks 
per annum.^ 

KDXX-i. — Unus calix cum patena et ij pbiolis de argento; a 
vestment de panno ad aurum rubium cum galP auri operatis, vis., 
casula, alba & parur*, cum capsa de eodem panno pro ij corpora- 
libus ; aliud vestimentum de panno olasterio cum totis pedis & 
capsa & alba; a vestment de nigro cum aurifriciis panni rubii ad 
aurum, cum capsa alterius panni ex dono S. Percy; aliud vesti- 
mentum album pro xl*^ de fustian cum capsa et corporale ; aliud 
vestimentum fcrialo do Alysandcr uaitatum ; ij irontiaria, j do 
panno rubio cered radiat', et ij vela pendencia in capitibus 
altaris, et aliud de tract^ panno pulverizato cum stellis aureis, et ij 
vela de tart' piano bianco, ex dono S. Percy ; iiij tovalia; j pul- 
vinar de panno lanio operis tapistre, datum per dictum Stepb. 
de Percv ; j missale & 1 portiferium ; j martilogium ; j sequen- 
cia in litera curiali ; j nront' de panno serico ; coopertoria cum 
gryflfyns albis data per diet. S. Percy; ij ymagines depictse, j de 
S. Job. Bapt., alia de S. Job. Evang., datse per eundem; tabula 
depicta cum Trinitate and aliis ymaginibus et ij pbiolis parvis de 
stanno per eundem ; ij candelabra per eundem. 

St. Andrew. 

Against tbe north-west pillar of the lantern, near St. Wil- 
liam's tomb. At this altar there were two chantries. 

I. Founded between 1240 — 1250, by John Bomanus, arch- 
deacon of York, for the souls of Biebard I., John and Mary his 
parents, and Cincius bis priest, and endowed with rents in 
Bootbam and Walmgate in York.f 

HCccLXiv. — Unum missale insufficiens, quia non plenarium ; 
est unus calix suffidens ; v vestimenta sufficiencia, viz., pro dup- 
plicibus, pro novem lectionibus etpro feriis; ii\j linthiamina pro 
altari sumcienda, quorum duo cum frontali.| 

Mccccxxiv. — Js^ legato Johannii Redness, cantaristtB ibidem. 

• DomefldAj Book, 127-8. f Domeaday Book, 62, ». { T. 40, a. 

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Dno panni de blodio tartan pnlverizati stellis aureis, imus pen- 
dens snper altare cum crucifixo in medio^ et alius pendens ante 
altare, sine crucifixo, cum n curtinis ejusdem sectee; j tualla 
panni linei cum j {h)ntell de yelvett pulverizata Cum J.H.C. 
coronatis de auro; j par phiolarum argenti et deauratum in 
circumferendis; j paxbrede argenti et deaurati; j vestimentum 
de albo sateyn cum orfrario blodio et archtegelis de auro in- 
textis; aliud vestimentuni de panno Coloniss cum brfrar* rubii 
enbrowded cum agnis argehteis, et cntcibus in dorso. 

II. For the soul of John Bemingham, treasuifer of York, 
John and Agnes his parents, Edward IV. and Archbishop 
Kempe. Founded in 1466, and endowed with lands in Clifton 
and ToUerton. The treasurer, for the time being, to present.^ 

St. Anne, St. Anthony, and St. Crux. 

On the south side of the choir near the vestry door, *' pro- 
pinqua ostio vestibulse noviter factse: fundata erat ad altare 
juxta et ante novum crucifixum in australi parte Eoclesisef— * 
sub pedibus novi crucifixi.''| 

At this altar there were two chantries. 

I. For the soul of William de Hamelton, dean of York, 
founded 12 Apr. 1307, and endowdi with the advowson of the 
church of Broddsworth. There were two chaplains, each of 
whom was selected by the Chapter and received 6 marks per ann. 

McccLX (?). — Unus calix pond. 16s., pro parte deauratusj 
unum bonum vestimentum habens paruras consutas et stolam 
et fanonem brudatas cum imaeinibus de filo aurato et casulam 
colons crocei de serico ; aliud vestimentum bonum cum per- 
tinentiis: una alba cum arnica pro diebua ferialibua: imum 
missale de usu monachorum sufficiens: ig pallse pro altari, 
una videlicet cum orfrario : y manutergia pro sacrario : y phialse 
do peudre : unum superaltare.§ 

KccccLxxxiTi. — Unum missale; unus calix in pfrte deaura- 
tus; yj vestimenta cum albis et j casula sine alba; i^ corporalia; 
V pallse cum iij frontellis; iij manutergia parva; ij pmolse; j 
candelabrum de auricaico ; j parva tabula depicta ; unum tabor- 
naculum cum crucifixo; duo panni pro quadragesima ; j pillow; 
duo panni depicti pro altari. || 

MDXX-i. — j missale in pergameno cum claspis de argento ; j 
psalterium in pergameno, secundo folio un^ : j calex deauratus 
cum Cristo in patena et crucifixe in pede ^ j vestimentum de niffro 
velvet cum corporale de panno aureo ; j vestimentum de rubio 

• Domesday Book, 147, a. tT.86,b. t T»88,b. 

§ T. 81, b. II X. 10, a. The altar is here called St Cruz. 

Digitized by 



velvet cum oorporale de panno aureo ; j vestimentum de blodio 
damaske; j vestimeiitum de nigro serico cum rubiis floribus; j 
vestimentum de blodio damaskc; j vestimentum do alba bus- 
tian) j vestimentum de veridi cum rubia cruce; f vestimentum 
de panno aureo; j vestimentum de Alexandre; j vestimentum 
de alba bustian, caret alba & eorporale; j qwysehyu de twyll 
operat' ; ij candelabra super altare ; iiij plumbi super altare ; j 
altercloth de twyll cum j firontell de blodio; j altercloth de 

Sanno cum j firontell; j altercloth de panno cum j frontell; j 
e panno; j altercloth de panno cum alba firontell; j alterdotb 
de twyll cum j frontell de rubio bisso. 

II. Founded for the soul of Wm. Felter^ Dean of York, in 
1454, by bis executors, and for the souls of John and Lucy, bis 
parents; Wm., his brother, and Edith, his sister. Archbishop 
Kempe, Bishop Hallam, and others. For two priests, to be 
chosen by the Chapter, who are to receive £12 per ann."*^ In 
1483 this chantry is said to be at the altar of St. Jerome and 
All Saints.f It was then worth 6 marks. Under St. Jerome's 
altar will be found the lists of furniture. 

St. Blass. 

Under the dock. 

Founded in 1263 for the soul of Robert de Wynton, formerly 
precentor of York, and endowed with certain houses, etc., in 
Coney-street. The vicars have the presentation.! 

ncccLX. (?) — Unum vestimentum pro diebus festivis, viz., 
casula, dalmatica, amica, fanula, stola et cingulum, et una palla 
cum firontali de secta vestimenti, et ij alise pall» pro altari : unum 
vestimentum pro feriis cum totidem gamiamentis, exoepta palla 
cum frontali; ij corporalia cum uno ealice deaurato; unum 
tueale duplex vetus ; unum missale cum un6 auriculari et uno 
desco; una tabula depicta; ij fialse de peudre; ij candelabra 
longa de ligno cum uno candelabro minori de ligno ; una pixia 
lignea pro oblatis; j armariolum ligneum ferro ligatum; unum 

HDxx-i. — ^A chalis w^ a patan parcyll gilt w* a hand of ye 

Satan ; ij mes bowkes, on of parchment, & ye oder of prynt ex 
ono M. Martini Colyns; iiij oorporax casis & iij corporax 
clothis ; a vestment of why t w^ orfiray of clothe of golde complet ; 
a vestment of blake velvet w^ orfiray of gren vcdvet complet; a 
vestment of gren w^ orfiray of red and gren complet ; a vestment 
of tawny w* orfiray of whyt barys ; iiij awter clothes and a fron- 

• Domowlny Uook, ISl, eto. f X. 19, b. 

X Doniooday Uook, 08. b. 

§ T. 31, b. In 1364 Uie ohAoUry poiMMod the mmo fUrniiure. 

Digitized by 



tyll and a clotho payntyd to hyng afor the alter; ij eandilU 
stykcs of latton; a cloth with yeTrcnite, Sanct Dlate^ aud Sanct 
Agnes of y tt ; a tabyll of ix partes ; a pax ; ig cruettis of peudcr ; 
a towell for lavatore; a sanctus bell ; a letteron for on oowke; 
curtyng; a stall w^ a coffer in ytt; j vestment ex dono domini 
Johannis Howe complet; j towell ex dono domini Johannis 

St. Cecily. 

In the crypts^ on the north side. In 1364 there was no 
service there '^ propter novam fabricam/' bat it was performed 
" ad altare juxta feretrum, ex parte boriali/'^ at which altar it 
remained in 148d.t 

The altar was founded^ in very remote times, for the sonl of 
Jordan, a canon of York, and was endowed with five houses in 
Stonegate. It was in the gifk of the Chapter.| In 1870> every 
record of its foundation being lost, the Chapter made another 
ordination of the chantry which was to be erected denovo.& Up 
to this time it was dedicated to SS. Agnes, Cecilia, and Petro* 
nilla, henceforward it was under the patronage of St. Cecily 
alone. II 

MCccLX. (?) — Unum missale vetus; unus calix argenti intns 
deauratus ; unum vestimentum cum jpertinentiis pro diebus fes- 
tivis; unum vestimentum cum pertinentiis pro diebus feriali- 
bus; vj .pallse pro altare; ij tnanutergia; iij corporalia cum 
totidem casulis pro eisdem; ij fialse de stagno; una cista pro 
vestimentis et ceteris omamentis; est ibi lumen suffidens de 
cera pro altare.1[ 

MccoLxiv. — ^Missale sed nullius valoris; calix; duo vesti- 
menta; iij tuallia; linthiamen j^ro altari; y fialss; ima antiqua 
cista; unum tuallium pro sacrario.** 

McocoLXxxiii. — Unum missale; j calix in parte deauratus; 
f corporale; ii\j vestimenta; ^ pallse; u phiolse; j frontellum; 
liij panni pendentes drca altare cum steUis 

St. Christophbb. 

In the south aisle of the nave. 

Founded in 1426 bv the warden and brethren of St. Chris- 
topher's guild in York, for the souls of Richard II. and his 
queen, Archbishop Arundel, Ilcnrv, late Earl of Northumber- 
land, Ralph^ late Earl of Westmorland, and for themselves, and 
endowed with lands in North-street and Mickle-gate. The 

• T. 88, a. t X. 19, a. t T. 88, a. $ Bonuwday Book, 75, a.b. 
II T. 81, a. T Ibid. •• T. 88, a. ft X. 19, a. 

Digitized by 



Chapter present to it.'*' In 1483 St. George's guild is said to 
have founded it.t 

KOcccLXXYii.— £47 kffato Roberti Ette. Uuum yestimen- 
turn do rubio worsted, habens in sua orfra, ex parte dorsali, 
orucifixum, et duas literas 11. et E., ct aliud viride vestimentum 
de burd Alexander, habens orfra de fulvo colore et ij pallia cum 
frontali consecrate et ij corporalia consecrata et unum par 

HDxx-i. — In primis a mes buke of parchement 2* folio omnii ; 
a chalys ungilt with J.H.C. in the patane, and a crucifix in the 
futte; a vestment of whyte damaske w* a crose of blake velvet 
w' all things belougyng to ye same vestment ; a vestment of red 
velvet w^ all things; a vestment of blew damaske with a crose of 
damaske ; a vestment of gren worsyt w' staruys and red crose ; 
a nold vestment wroghte with brydis and a red crose; a vestment 
of checard dornex ; a vestment of why te bustian w* a blake crose 
w* red Hans ; a vestment of red worset w^ a gren crose ; a vestment 
of gren w' a yalow crose ; a vestment of blake w* red byrdis & a 
gren crose ; a corporax w^ a case of blew velvet w^ letters of gold ; 
a corporax w^ a gren case ; a coriK)rax with a case w' holy lames 
to ytt ; a nolde corporax case w^ a corporax to y tt ; a corporax w* 
a case w* a red case to yt ; a corporax, w' a case to halflfe, of 
tawny damaske with Saint Christofer upon the one side ; a cor- 
porax with a case of red and birdis of gold ; a corporax w' a 
whyte case; a tabyll withe our Lady of yt ; a tabvll w^ J.H.C, 
Mare and John of y t ; a tabyll w* Sanct Peter & on w^ Sanct 
George ; a tabyll w' Sanct Christofer of y t ; a tabyll w* Sanct 
John of y t ; ij paxis ; iij towels of playne clothe & ij of diaper ; 
ij cruettes of pewder ; a sanctus bell w^ a chyne at it ; a hyngyng 
afore the altar of our Lady, Sanct John and Sanct Cristofer ; 
a hyngyng abowne the alter of the lyffe of Sanct Cristofer of 
it; a Utyll payntid clothe w^ Gabriell & oiur Lady of yt; a 
payntit dothe w^ a crucifix and Sanct John and Sanct Cristofer 
of ytt; ij dotliis of Lentyn with crosis of thame; on awter 
clothe w* a fron^yll of whvte; on awter cloth w' a frontyll of 
yalow w' gren flowyrs and a crose in ytt ; on awter clothe w^ a 
frontyll of blake w* red byrd of it; on awter cloth w* a frontyll 
of dyyers colers ; on awter doth w' a frontyll of blew vdvet & red 
Vdvet ; on awter cloth w* a frontyll of chekard domyx of y t ; on 
awter cloth w^ no frontyll & a crose & (a T. ?) & S. ; on awter 
cloth w* no frontyll and a crose & B. & J. of it ; on awter cloth 
of diaper w^ no frontyll and blew bars in the end ; on awter 
cloth of diaper w* no frontyll ; on awter cloth of diaper w* a red 

• Torro** York Minster, 1551. f X. 21, a. 

X Ex ro(piitro ioBlomentorum iienoH Dooanuia ei Capitulum. 

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crose and a T. and a S. of ytt ; on awter cloth of playne cloth 
w' a blake crose i on tonell of twyll checard w^ blew ; on iiwter 
clothe of rownd cloth w* a frontyll ; on awter cloth w* a frontyll ; 
on covering of blew to the altar ; on box for syngyng bred ; on 
letteron for to ly a bowke of. 


Founded for the aonl of Walter Skirlaw, Bishop of Durham, 
who died in 1406. In 1483 the altar is said to be dedicated to 
St. Andrew and St. Cuthbert, but it was usually called St. 
Cuthbert's altar. I have found no record of its foundation. 

MccccLXiv.— Unum missale bonum et honestum cum g 
claspes afffentatis et deauratis; unus caliz bonus argenti et 
deaurati; duo corporalia, unum de rubio et nigro serico, et aliud 
de nigro in tbto cum rubiis arboribus impressatis; duse fialse de 

Eiltit) j duo servicalia, unum de blodio et rubio serico et aliud de 
lodio serico; quinque vestimenta, quortlm duo de viridi serico, 
unum de blodio cum garters, aliud vestimentum de albo serico, 
et quintum de rubio serico cum albis, amictis, stolis, et manipulis 
eisdem pertinentibus; tres panni pro altari; unum manuter- 
gium; unus pannus de rubio stevened cum uno crucifixo et 
ymaginibus Sanctorum Andreee et Cuthberti, ac alius pannus 
linens cum crucibus rubiis tempore quadragesimali loco predicti 
panni ibidem pendendus.* 

MDxx-i. — In primis ij portifers writtyn, of y halfe veres ; j 
hyngyng afore the alter, of Alexander; vj altcrclothcs w* a fron-* 
tell ; ij curtans ; ^ clothes for Lentyn ; j pavntyd clothe w* a 
crucifix of Mare and John ; ^ littill paxes ; j missale bonum & 
honestum w^ ij daspes of silver, 2* folio va9 (Deest unum claspum 
in mar^,)', j chalis silver and gilt; ij corporalia, unum de panno 
aureo, a noder of blak silke wroght with beestis^ ft ij corporaxis 
in yt, j of whyte silke, i of blow velvet w* flowers of gold ; j 
vcstiment of blew velvet w* floris of gold ft red orfra, j crucifix in 
y t ; j of white damask w* j red orfra, with flowrs ft stems ; j of 
grene damaske ft orfra of red with crucifix ; j of red Alexander : 
j of red with flowers and birdis ; j of blake worsit w' red orfra ; 
ij cruceis ft ^ candelstyks ; j blew worsit w* gartarrs of gold ; j 
of gren Alexander w^ floures ; j of white silk ; j of violett damaske 
w' red orfra ft j cruc* ; j of white bustian w* crucifix. 

MDXLiii. — One mcssall well tcxcd with twoo sylvor cla8j[)i8; 
one chales of sylvcr with a paten both gilte ; two corporax caiscs, 
one with some clothe of golde in yt, ft an other of blacko sylke 
nvrought with beestes, and twoo corporax kircheffes; one corpo- 

• T. 96, B. 

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rax of white sylke with one curchif therin ; one corporax of blewe 
velvet with flowers of gold. 

Ybstmbnts. One vestment of blewe velvet with flowers of 
golde witli a read orpha & one crucifix in yt ; one vestment of 
wliite damaske with one read orpha with flowers and stemes ; 
one vestment of grene damaske and one orpha of read with a 
crucyfix of sylke ; one vestment of read Alizander ; one vestment 
of red with flowers & birdes ; one vestment of blacke worssed 
with one read orpha ; one vestment of blewe worssed with gar< 
tarrs of gold i one vestment of grene AUxander with flowers ; 
one vestment of why te sylke ; one vestment of violet damaske 
with one read orpha and j crucifixe; one vestment of white 
bustian with one crucifixe ; twoo cruettes and one sakring bell ; 
two writin halff portices for two halfi^ yeares ; one hanging afore 
th'alter of Alixander; yj alter clothes, one with a frontell ; two 
litle curtans ; twoo clothes for Lent ; one paynted clothe with a 
crucifix of Marie and John ; twoo litle paxis. Thees parcellea 
was awaye long afore that I entered to my said chauntre, viz., 
one of the claspes of the mcssale, one alter cloyth and a litle 
ring goyng abowt the patten of the chalcs. 

St. Edmund kino and mabtyb. 

On the south-west side of the south-west lantern pillar, to 
the south of the tomb of St. William.* 

Founded by the Chapter, May 81, 1326, for the soul of 
Robert de Pinchbeck, canon of York, and those of Alan de 
Thornton, Henry Lestre, cook to Pope Clement V. and others, 
in consideration of the sum of 240/. given to the fabric by 
Pinchbeck's executors. The chantry priest was appointed by 
the Chapter, and received 5/. per ann. from the keeper of the 
fabric. The Chapter, also, bind themselves to keep Pinchbeck's 
obit on Dec. 8, ringing the bells, etc., in the usual manner, and 
paying 2d. " communi scrvitori civitatis Ebor. pro parva campaua 
portanda per dictam civitatcm die obitus,'' exhorting all to pray 
for his soul.f 

McccLX. (?) — Unum missale sine nota, precii, 10s.; unus 
calix cum patena argenti deaurati, prec., 20s. ; duo vestimenta 
sufficiencia, prec., 208. ; duo corporalia cum duabus cboperturis 
sericis; tres pallsB solempnes fimbriatse cum serico; quatuor 
altae paike sumcientes, cum uno sudario; duo manutergia; duo 
phialse de stagno; unum lectrinum; unum rochetum; unus 
pannus de serico albo deaurato; unus pannus linens de albo 
serico contextus; duo cilicia; unus paimus vetus de serico pen« 

• T. 89, b. t BomeBday Book, 67, a. b. 

Digitized by 



dens coram altare; nnnm candelabrum ligneum cum uno tezto; 
unum hanaperium cum xij litcris Episcopalibus de indulgenciis 
concessis pro anima magistri Boberti de Pinchebek ; unum 
armariolum magnum.* 

St. Edward. 

Founded in 1292 for the soul of Wm. de Langton, late Dean 
of York^t and endowed with certain rents in Petergatct 

McccLX. (?) — V pallse bonss cum uno canevasio pro altari; 
unum missale bonum; unus calix deauratus^ ponderis, 40s.; 
unum vestimentum pro festis duplicibus ; unum vestimentum pro 
ix lectionibus; tercium feriale; dusd phialse de peudre; unum 
manutergium cum uno canevasio pro sacrario.§ 

McccLXiv. — Tria vestimenta integra; missale; calix; fiolse; 
iii|j Untheamina pro altari, ut infra; v pallse bonae cum uno 
canevasio pro altari ; unum missale bonum ; unus calix deauratus 
pondcris, 40s. ; unum vestimentum pro festis duplicibus ; unum 
vestimentum pro ix lectionibus ; tercium feriale ; duse fialse de 
peudre; unum manutergium cum uno canevasio pro saorario.|| 

MccccLXXXiii. — Unum missale, j calix, v vestimenta, iij cor- 

Soralia, iij pallse cum ^ frontellis, i^ manutergia, iij panni 
epicti, ij phialse et j deosculatorium.^ 

MDXLiii. — ^Tres magnse cistae ; j chales parciU gilt w^ j patan 
having j lame in the mvds of the patan; j missale: j corporax 
w* J case chaungcble svfke; j vestimont w^ blak velvet; j oder 
vestiment of tawny silke w^ j grene crose ; j chckerd vestimeiit 
w* j gren crose ; j old gren vestiment w* j red silke crose ; j vesti- 
ment of caddeas w* red birds & gren crose w* J. H. C. in, wantyng 
the aibe; j old yalow vestiment w* lyons ft j gren crosse; j 
whyte stole) j gren stole withe fanon; j fronte clothe w* faschys 
of red and whyte ; j pavntid clothe w* Sanct Eadward of yt; j 
corporax case w^ lyons of y t ft signum Tau : j old towell of twyll ; 
j old short towell of playne clothe ; j old alter clothe of twyll 
w^ blew warke in the ton end. Inventa super altare, j coveryng 
w^ iiij pecis of leed lyin^ of the alter ; j alterdothe of ly ne clothe ; 
j alterdothe w* j firontell of whyte and yalow ; j payntyd dothe 
afore the alter w* j ymag ; j pax of evere w* our Lady ; j noder 
payntyd dothe afor ye alter ; j whyte clothe w* v red crosses ; ij 
cruetts & j noder chyst. 

St. FaiDEswiDE. 

In the nave near St. William's tomb. 

Founded in 1490 for the lK)ul of Thomas Pearson, subdeau of 

• T. 82, a. t Domesday Book, 75. t *• 89, a- 

f T. 81, b. II T. 89, a. If X. 19, b. 

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York. In that year Pearson leaves 408. in bis will to John 
Simpson^ vicar-choral^ ''pro labore suq circa depictionem ad altare 
meuni in Eocl. Ebor/'l' 

KDXx-i. — Missale de pergameno cum daspis de argento j on 
portaa scriptum in pergameno cum claspis oe argento ; a vest- 
ment dc blodio velvet cum orfra de panno aureo ; a vestment de 
blodio bawdkyn de panno aureo ; a vestment de blodio bawdkyn 
sylke; a vestment de blodio worsit, a vestment de blodio worsit 
. cum orfra de rubio cum floribus ; j do rubio worsit cum orfra de 
verede sarsnett ; j de alba worsit cum orfra de rubio worsit ; j 
de flavo and rubio; viij lintheamina^ duo de twyll, una cum 
frontela de alba damaskcj vj de panno cum nullis {it>ntells ; iij 
manutergia^ duo de panno & j de twyll ; iiij corporalis cum iiij 
coopertoriis^ uno cum agno^ altero cum uno wulffe^ altero de 
domyz ; j calix argenteus & deauratus cum duobus frangnabs, 
& in patena j agno; ij phiolse de argento & j de plumbo; j 
campana ; j hyngyng supra altare de veridi & rubio sarsanet ; j 
alter de senex bisso cnm uno cruoifixo^ iij parvis pannis de albo 
cum rubiis crucibus, i coopertorio altaris de panno J paynttid cloth 
ante altare^ j quyschyn de carpit opere cum uno locar & cum j 
bowett, j parva tabula de Marise, Saneti Francisci, et Sancti 
Antonii (sic) ; ij candelabra de latou; j emag BeataeMarise; j 
pannus paynttyd de opere damaske ; j vestment of blew sylke ; j 
missale de priss' ex dono M. Martini Colyns. 

MDXLiii. — One chalice of sylver and gilte weing xyj unces ; 
twoo cruettes ; iij corporaxis and thre cases for the say me ; one 
blewe vestement cum pertin.^ of velvet ; twoo blew vestementes 
of worstedde & one albe; one vestement of blacke saye cum 
pertin. ; one vestement of blewe damaske with albe ; a stole & 
the frunnell : one vestment of whyte say cum pertin. ; j veste- 
ment of yalow and read sylke cum pertin. ; v alter clothes 
verye shorte ; and a coveryng for th'alter of canves ; two candil- 
styckes of latton ; one paxe of woode with a glasse ; one hanging 
above th'alter with the imago of Christens resurrection of canves 
paynted ; one other hanging for to her above th^alter^ of grene 
yelowe sylke^ with the pyctour of Christe in the mydle of it ; 
one messall of porchement; one portasse of parchement; one 
image of our Ladye with her Son in her armes^ sette in case of 

St. Okkqory. 

For the soul of William de Newport, canon of York, founded 
by his executors in 1866. They pay the sum of 200 marks to 
the vicars, they engaging to pay 6 marks iior anu. to a chantry 

• Bog. Test, penes Doo. and Cap. 

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priest. The Chapter present,^ but in 1483 the ehantry was in 
the gift of the vicars. In 1483, it appears that there was a 
certain chantry at this altar called Biltongs chantry^ belonging 
to the Chapter, and endowed with property in Stonegate, but I 
know nothing of it.t 

McccLxvi (7). — Unum missale sufficiens pro toto anno; unus 
calix argenti infra deauratus, pond., ISs. ; unum yestimentum 
integrum pro festis ix leccionum ; unum yestimentum pro diebus 
fericdibus ) duo corporalia cum casulis ; ij pallse pro altari ; ij 
manutergia pro sacrario.| 

MccccLXXxiii. — Duo missalia; unus calix argenteus non 
deauratus; y yestimenta; vj corporalia; tres pallse; sex panni 
depicti pendentes circa altare; iv phiolss de electro; duo cande- 
labra de plumbo et unum de f^uricalco.§ 

MDXX-1. — Unum missale ; j calix magnus cum patena argenti 
deaurati ex dono domini Johannis Festherbert; j yestimentum 
album completum, ft aliud yestimentum rubium yelyet com- 
pletum ex dono dicti domini Johannis ; aliud yestimentum com- 
pletum senex serici diversorum colorum| aliud yestimentum 
olew sylk, completum ; aliud yestimentum whyte sylk cum flori- 
bus, completum; aliud yestimentum album sericum w* rayes 
w* j gridill, iiij alter clothes, and ij hyngyngeft for the alter for 
Wynter and w* flowyrs of gold, if for Lentyn ; iiij corporaxys and 
y casis; iiij phiolse de plumbo; iij candelabra de plumbo; j pax- 
bred ; j chyst ligat' cum ferro ft on odir chyst. 

Tbb Holt Innocbnts. 

In the south aisle. 

At this altar there were seyeral chantries.' 

I. For the souls of Wm. and Robert Pickering, formerly 
Deans of York, endowed with 10/. per ann., to be paid by the 
master of Boothatn hospital. The Chapter present. || There 
were two chantry priests. Torre places this chantry at the altar 
of St. Blase and the Holy Innocents, but there is little known 
about it.^ 

II. Two chantries for the soul of Sir Henry Vayasour, each 
endowed with 6 marks per ann. out of the church of Fryston, 
the Chapter presenting. In 1364 there were no goods or yest- 
ments belonging to these chantries, and the priests officiated at 
no particular altar : they used to celebrate at the altar of St. 
John, at the cast end, but they now generally do so at this.'*'* In 
1488 these chantries were at the altar of St. Blase. ft 

• Bomesday-book, 19, b. f X. 19. a. t T. 82, a. § X. 19, a. 

H T. 86, a. T Torre's York Minster, 1001. *• T. 86, b. 

tt X. 19, a. 

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III. Founded 1 Feb., 1854-6, by Wm. de Ferriby, canon of 
York, for the souls of Edward of Carnarvon, late king of England, 
Arcbbisbop Molton, and others, and endowed with 6 marks per 
ann. out of lands in Hotham, Northcave, Melton, Ferriby, 
Swauland, and Elveley. The Chapter present. There were two 
chantry priests.'*' This was usually called Melton's chantry. 

HcccLziv. — Tria vestinienta iutegra, et una casula de dono 
domini Willelmi de Feriby, executoris Willelmi de Melton, de 
bonis W. de Melton, et unum bonum missale de dono domini 
Johannis Qyfford, pro quo tamen dictus dominus Willelmus de 
Feriby solvitj xx s.f 

KcccoLXXXiii. — ^Unum missale j j calix argenti et deaurati; 
viij yestimenta; iij corporalia; yiij pallse cum ij frontellis; iij 
manutergia; ij phiolaB; yj panni depicti; duo candelabra de 
auricalco stancia ; duo deosculatoria, et j tabula parva.| 

Moxxi. — Unum senex missale in pergameno, notyd ; j calix 
cum uno crucifixo in pede & J. H. C. in patena; unus parvus 
liber de paupiro cum sequenciis ; ij corporalia cum coopertoriis, 
uno de panno de gold ; v lintbiamina, unum cum frontello de 
rubio; ij hyngyngs ante altare de panno; j manutergium de 
panno; j vestimentum de alba damaske cum cruce de panno 
auri ; ij whyte vestmentes of fusteon, j w^ crose of blake worsit, 
and the oder of blew silke w* flowyrs ; j vestment of blew w* 
whyte flowrs and the orfra of reed ; j vestment of yawlow 
w^ orfra of gren velvet ; i vestment of gren w* orfra of reed ; i 
vestment of clpth of gold w* whyte oiAa ; j vestment of reea 
and gren & orfra of doth of gold ; j pax of wodc ; iiii cruettes 
of Iced; j coopertoriam altaris dc bloaio; j kystw* iij lokis (one 
vestment of black fusteon onely, of the gift of M'* Thomas Farrc- 
here, in a later hand). 

St. Jambs and St. Kathebins. 

At this altar there were two chantries. 

I. For the soul of Nicholas do Ungate, canon of York, 
founded by his executors in 1357. They give certain houses - 
near the Bedem to the vicars, who pay 5 marks per. ann. to the 
chantry-priest. The Chapter present.§ In 1488 there were 
two chantries here.|| 

McccLX (?). — Unum missale notatum; unus calix intua 
deauratus ponderis, 16s. ; ij phialae argentese pond., 16s. ; uniun 
vestimentum novum integrum; aliud vestimentum deterius; 
du» palte pro altari ; unum corporale ; unus pannus pro altari 
brudatus ; unum manutergium pro sacrario.^ 

» DouiiMduy-book, 55. f T. 36, a. t X § Domesday-book, 71. 

II T. 19, a, ir T. 82, a. 

Digitized by 



MccccLXXxiii. — Unum missalej j calix intus deauratus; 
T] yestimenta ; j oorporale ; iij pallse cum j frontello ; iiij panni 
depicti pendentes circa altare; ij phiolse; j candelabrum de 
auricalco; j pillowe de serico; ymago B. M. V.; quinque pecise 
plumbi pro altari.* 

MDXLiii. — One chalis ungilt w*^ the image of our Lady in 
the fotci & upon the payten one crosse ; two masse bokes, one 
wrytten & tne other prented; foure westmentesj iiij alter 
clothes ; too cruettes ; iJ corporaxys w*^ the case, the one side 
of blak welvet^ of the gyftof Sir Robert Johnson; one corporax 
& the case w^ thre images & gold abowt theyme; too hyn- 
gyngesi one above the alter & the other under^ of redde and 
grene say ; one hyngyng above the alter paynted w^ images ; 
iij leade plumbys upon the alter. 

' II. For the soul of Thomas de Nevill, canon of York. 
Founded in 18G8 by his executors, who pay 800 marks to the 
vicars, & they promise to pay 6 marks per annum to the chantry 
priest. The vicars present. 

St. Jbromb. 

For the soul of William Felter, Dean of York. This chantry 
was originally founded at the altar of St. Anne, St. Anthony, 
and St. Crux, but it was removed to this altar before 1483. 
Some account of its foundation has been already given. 

MCCCCLXXXIII. — Unum missale; j calix argenti et deaurati ; 
viij vestimenta ; iij corporalia ; viij pallse cum ij frontellis ; iij 
manutergia; ^ phiolse; vj panm depicti; duo candelabra de 
auricalco stancia ; duo deosculatoria, et j tabula parva.t 

Muxx-i. — j missale ^recii iiij/. with claspys of silver & gylt; 
j calix deauratus pondens xyj unc, prec. iij/., with a crucifix in 
pede ', \ vestment de blodio welwet pr. xljs. viiyd. ; j vestment de 
veridi aamaske et orfra Cypri velvet prec. iiij marc. ; j vestmentt 
6f whyte worsyt w* flowers omat., pr. ij marc, j j vestment de 
rubio serico prec. ^ marc. ; j vestmentt de blodio worsytt prec. 
ij mar; j vestment de rubio worsit prec. xvjs. ; j vestment de 
albo busiian prec. vjs. vii^d. ; j vestment de nigro worsitt for 
requiem pr. xs., ex dono W. Barton, personse, et Johannis 
Lunnysdayl, vie. ; j vestment de albo bustian pr. vjd.; j vestment 
de nigra velvet et orfra de veridi velvet cum coronis regis Bi^ 
cardi, ex dono Johannis Symson, personse ; iiij mappoe pro altar' 
pr. iiijs. ; j corporale cum coopertorio de veridi pr. iijs. iiyd. ; j 
frontell de rubio balkyn pr. ijs. ; j frontell of whvte pr. vjd. ; ij 
mappse pro altar* iijs. ii^d. ; j corporax w^ case of gren pr. vjd. ; 

• X. 19, %, t X. 19, b. 

Digitized by 



j corporale de rubio velvet ex dono WUlelmi Bordclever, quon- 
dam personse ; j corporale de latton ex dono Johannis Lunnya- 
doll^ vie. ; j corporale de cloth of gold ex dono Johannis Sym- 
son ; ij osoulatoria pr. ijs. ; j coopertura pro quodrogesima alba 
pr. vs. ; ij velamina alba de (blankj colore pro emog* pr. ijs. ; 
J coopertoriucn ad hosttum capellse cantarise pr. vs. ; j cooperto- 
rium pro altare pr. iiijd. ; j tintinnabulum iiijd. ; i capsulum ; 
j candelabrum pro altare pr. xjd. ; ij phiolas pr. iiijd. ; j cooper- 
torium pr. iiijs.; ij deskis in capella cantarue^ quarum major^ 
vias ex parte boriali personse sic limitand'j et altera vicarii ex 
parte (blank) suis usibus conservand' : una parte indenturo- 
rum cum persona, altera cum vicario et tercia cum capellano. 
Item ij magna candelabra stantia super altare; j sequenc' 2* folio 
discurrunt, scriptum in pergameno et j oltorcloth paynted w* our 
Lady, Sanct Laurence and Sanct Sythe ; a altardothe cum dua- 
bus yma^nibus Chriati & Mariss ; ^ payntyd clothes payntyd 
with dessis ; j psalterium 2* folio inania. 

St. John of Bbveblet. 

This altar, according to Torre, stood against the south door 
of the church, or else, on the south-west side of the north-west 
lantern pillar.* 

At it there were (wo chantries. 

I. — For the soul of Roger de Insula, Dean of York, founds 
circa 1245, and endowed with rents, &c., in Stonegate, Peter- 
gate, and other parts of York. The Chapter present.f 

MCccLX (?). Unum missale bonum; unus calix bonus inius 
deauratus, — corporalia bona cum casula de serico ; duse pallse 
sufiBcientes pro altari ; unum manutergium pro sacrorio ; unum 
vestimentum bonum ; una parva tabula depicta pro pace danda ; 
duaB phiolaB novse; una cista pro vestimentis reponendis; unum 
baudekyn de serico. | 

KccccLxxxiii. Unum missale; unus calix intus deauratus; 
duo vcatimenta ; duo corporalia ; una pallea.§ 

II. — Founded in 1301 by Richard de Taunton, canon of 
York, for the souls of himself, Richard and Joan his parents, 
and John de Craucomb, archdeacon p{ the East Riding, and 
endowed with a messuage in Stonegate. The Chapter present. || 
On 2 June, 1472, in consideration of the good deeds of John 
Danby, vicar choral, one of the executors of Stephen Wilton, 
archdeacon of Cleveland, he having bestowed upon this chantry 
certain rents and gardens in Fishergate, the chantry priest was 
ordered to pray for the said John Danby .^ 

• Torre's York Miiister, 1481. t T. 89, ». b. t T. 81, b. § X. 19, b. 
II Domegday>book, 70, a. b. r ^ Torre, 1481. 

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^ MCCOLX (?). Unu8 liber, pro parte portiforiatn et pro parte 
missale, de usa monach\ Unus calix intus deailratus, ponderans 
circa, lis. ; unum vestimentam tunc satis bonum cam corporal!, 
cvyna casula quia invenit debilem Johannes Fulford, custos ibidem, 
aliam casulam eidem vestimento de suo proprio adhibuit saffi- 
cientem ; unum yestimeutum feriale sufficiens, sine corporali, de 
quo cum nichil pr»ter casulam et amitam per eundem Johannem 
fuisset inventum, totum residuum dicti vestimenti de suo proprio 
adhibuit; dusB pallsB pro altari quas idem invenit; alisB dun 
pallse quas idem dicto altari contulit; tria manutergia pro 
sacrario, quorum unum invenit et duo contulit; una pixis de 
ebore ligata cum argento; duss phialss bonse in communi; 
unum cilicium pro altari commuiie.''^ 

McccLxiv. Sunt ad illud altare pro illo capellano, ex una 
pftrte altaris, duo vestimefata Integra cum iiij linthiaminibus ; 
missale, sed est insufflciens, quia non de usu ; calix, fialss et una 
cista pro dictis reponendis; unus calix intus deauratus; duo 
corporalia bona cum casula de serico ; duse pallsB sufficientes pro 
altari; unum manutergium pro sacrario; unum vestimentum 
' bonum ; una parva tabula depicta pro pace ; duee fialsB novae i 
una cista ; tmum baudekyn de serico. Sunt ibi pro alio capel- 
lano, calix, duo vestimenta et alia omamenta in cista.t 

MccccLxxxiii. Unum missale ; duo vestimenta; unum cor- 

Eorale; duo firontella et unum vetus portiphorium. Subtra- 
untur hie unus calix argenteus, unum corporale, unum vesti- 
mentum et duse phiolse de electro4 

Moxx-i. Unum missale in pergameno scripture, cum daspis 
de coper et deaurat', 2* folio citav' ; j calix cum J.H.C. in patan et 
J.H.C. in pede; j corporale cum coopertorio de veridi ; j corporale 
cum uno coopertorio de rubia sarsanett ; j corporale cum coo- 

Sertorio de bustyan ; j vestment de emaginis fsic.J ; j vestment 
e nigro cum floribus et knottis ; j vestment de senex panno de 
auro cum animalibus; j vestment de rubio cum animalibus de 
auro & uno blodio orfra cum floribus ; j linthiamen ad altare 
cum j frontello et uno freng de albo & blodio ; j linthiamen ad 
altare cum una firontella cum scideris fsic.J et lionis ; duo lin- 
thiamina sen. de panno ; j hyngynp^ ante altare cum rubiis cru- 
cibus a tergo; ij cortans de blodio; j coopertorium ad altare 
de blodio ; ij phiolsB de plumbo cum nuUis coopertoriis ; j pax 
de wood cum uno angelo ; j letteron. 

St. John thb Baptist. 

In the north aisle behind the stalls of the choir, near the 
door on the south side.§ 
• T. 81, b. t T. S9, a. b. J X. 19, b. § Torre, 1518 and T. 8 . . . 

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There were here two chantries. 

I.— Founded for the soul of Robert de la Ford, canon of York, 
by the college of vicars, in consideration of the sum of 100/. 
paid to them by the said Robert, for the souls of himsdf, John 
and Lucy his parents, Henry de Osaingtou, late prior, and 
Henry de Somerset, late dean of Exeter, Robert de la Porde, 
sen., and Thos. de Adburbiri, late canon of York. It was 
endowed with seven marks per ann., and the vicars pi'esented to 
it."!" In 1864 it had no furniture, and was not appropriated to 
any particular altar. 

MccccLXxxiii. Unum missale; unus calix argenteus intus 
deauratus; iij vestimenta; iij corporalia; Ante pall» cum tribus 
frontellis ; ij phiolae de electro.f 

II. — For the so\ik of William de Langton, Dean, and John 
de Langton, archdeacon of York. Endowed with rents in St. 
Andrew-gate, Bretgate, etc., and in the gift of the vicars.| By 
an undated charter, Wm., Prior of Marton, grants to this altar, 
'' ex parte boriali chori in novo opere, pro anima Johannis de 
Langton, archidiaconi Ebor., qui ibi requiescit,^' a rent of SOa. 
8d. m York.& 

HcccLX (r). Unum missale, prec. 4 marcarum et di. ; unus 
calix, prec. 80s.; tres phialae; duo vestimenta; iiij tuealia, 
quorum unum cum frontali; unus pannus de serico pendens 
ante altare ; duo corporalia ; ij manutergia pro sacrario ; unum 
armariolum pro ornamentis reponendis; una pixis; unum 
hanaperium cum cartis contingentibus domes et redditus pre- 
dicti altaris, quod est in communi cista vicariorum; unum 
velum de novo factum pendens ante tabulam depictam ; unus 
pannus depictus extensus dcsuper altare ; unum cilicium novum 
pro altari.jl 

MCCCLXiv. Unum missale, prec. 60$. ; unus calix, prec. 808. ; 
tres phialse; unum vestimentum; iiij tuallia, unum cum frontali; 
unus panmis de serico ante altare; duo corporalia; unum cili- 
cium pro altari ; duo paanutergia pro sacrano ; unum armario- 
lum ; una pixis ; unum hanaperium cum cartis in communi 
cista vicariorum ; unum velum de novo factum pendens ante 
tablamentum ; unus pannus depictus extensus desuper altare.^ 

III. — For the soul of John de Staynegate, of York, sadler, and 
the souls of Joan and Emma his wives, and Robert de Durham. 
Founded 81 Oct., 1368, and endowed with houses and rents in 
York.** In 1488 the position of this chantry was "retro 
summum altare.''tt If ^i it was distinct from the two chan- 

• Dome«lay-book, 70, b. f X. 19, %, t T. 40, b. 

§ fix oartis vio. oluir. Ebor. T. 82, ». T. 40, b. || T. 82, a. T T. 40, b. 

•• Domesday-book, 68, a. b. ff X. 19, a. 

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tries just mentioned. Was it at the altar of St. John the 

MCCCCLXXX11I. Unum missale) iij vestimenta; viij pallse 
cam iij frontellis; iij corporaliaj j pillow j j candelabrum de 
auricaloo; j paxbreid; una tabida depicla cum ymagine 8. 
Trinitatis. Subtrahuntur a dicto altari j calix deauratus, q 
phiolse de argento, q matiutergia.* 

St. JdfiN THE EyANGEtlst. 

At the east-end of the churchy behind the high altar.f 

At this altar there were several chantries. 

I. — For the soid of Simon de Evesham, archdeacon of Ricn- 
mond, ordained for two chaplains in crastino S. Mich. Arch- 
augeli, 1272, and endowed with 10 marks per ann. out of the 
manor of Thorp Mautcbj.l ^^^ Chapter presented. In 1364 
the service there was suspended *' pro tempore novee fabricse/' 
but it was performed at the altar of St. Oregor7.§ 

MCccLxiY. Unum missale sufficiens pro toto annoj unus 
calix argenti infra deauratus^ pond. 15s.; unum vestimentum 
integrum pro festis ix lectionum ; unum vestimentum pro diebus 
ferifdibus ; duo corporalia cum casula ; duo panni pro altare ; 
duo manutergia pro sacrario } unum vestimentum integrum de 
bandekyn cum j orpherav in dorso de nigro panno serico pul- 
vorisato cum rosis et lucis deauratis datum per dominum 
Bobertum OtteleyiH 

MCCCCLXXXiiii Unum missale; j calix in toto deauratus; ij 
corporalia ; iiij vestimenta ; iij pallse cum ij frontellis ; ij phioke ; 
j auricalco; ij paiini pendentes circa altare.^f 

MBXxi. — Unus vetus calix argenteus et deauratus ; iij cor- 

Gndia cum duobus cooportoriis; missale impressum ex dono 
. Martini Colyns; iij altaris linthiamina, unum eorum de 
twyil, aliud de pannis lineis; j cloth hyngyns befor the altar de 
flavo bisso cum duobus curtans; vj vestimenta, unum de 
blodio velvet, aliud de nigra velvet, aliud de rubio & flavo bisso, 
aliud de ni^a say, aliud de domyi divet^orum colorum; ^ 
phiolse; j tintinnabulum ; unum candelabrum; duo frontella, 
unum de albo serico, alterum de damaske; missale in perga- 
meno, 2"* folio ei erai. 

MBXLiii. — A mcs bowke pryntid in parchment; a chalys 
with a giltyd patan ; vi altei^ clothes of playn cloth ; a corporax 
case of grcn damask tr the corporax to yt ; a corporax w* k case 
of blew damaske and whyte ; iij awter clothes of twyll ; iy 

• X. 19, a. . t T. 86, a. . J Domesday-book, 66, b. 
§ T. 86, a. II T. 41, b. If X. 19, b. 

u 2 

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frontyU to byng a fore the alter, on of gold, one oyer gren, 
anoyer gren & blak ; on corporax w* one case of dotbo of golde 
with o^r Lady and Saint Peter; on corporax of blak & blew w* 
a itorue, w* on corporax ; on corporax case of blew the on sydc, 
and the oder syde baryd, w* corporax; on corporax case all 
grcne, w* owt corporax ; on vestment of blew velvet hemmyd w^ 
cloth of golde; on vestment of blew velvet; on vestment of red 
worsyt with gartars; on vestment of red worsyt with sters; on 
vestment of whyte fustian w* flowyrs; on vestment of blake 
fustyan ; on vestment of sylke gren and red, lackyng on amyt- 
clothe ; j carpet that lyse of ye stall ; on vestment of blew 
damaske w' a gren orfrav; ij crewettes of pewder; on sacryng 
bell; on vestment of whyte worsytt; ij candilstykes standyng 
of ye alter ; the composition of this chauntrie ; the ordinaunce of 
this chauntre. 

II. — For the soul of Adam de Thoipe, canon of York, who 
died in 1831.'!' In 1483 the archbishop presented to this 
chantry, which was then at the altar of St. John and the 


ill. — ^For the soul of John Cartmell^ canon in St. Sepul- 
chre's chapel in 1475.| 

St. Kathsrine. 

In the crypts. 

Founded in the 13th century for the soul of Gilbert de 
Sarum, subdean of York, and endowed with lands, etc., in 
Acomb. The Chapter present. § In 1864 it was suspended 
''propter no?am fabricam.''|| I believe that subsequently it 
was united to another chantry, perhaps that of St. James.^ 

McccLX. (7) — XJnum missale in omni parte abbreviatum; 
unus calix interius deauratus, pond. 12s.; duie fialae de novo 
fi^tfls ; unum vestimentum festivale cum casula rubia de samito ; 
pars alterius vestimenti festivalis, viz., una alba, una amita cum 
stola et fanula; unum vestimentum feriale antiquum cum casula 
alba, et unum corporale; iiij palla pro altari; unum parvum 
pallum pro sacrario; una antiqua cista cum serura. 

St. Lawrbncb. 

There were two chantries at this altar. 
I. For the soul of Laurence de Lincoln, archdeacon of York, 
founded according to an order in his will which was made in 

• Torro'n York Miiuitor, 1639. f X. fiO, b. 

t Torre, 1548. f ]>om6sday Book, 63, b. || T. 87. b. 

f T. 81, a., there b the lame ftimiiure in 1864. T. 88, a. 

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1249. It was endowed with Iionses in Low Ousceate^ Fossgntei 
etc., and was in the gift of the archdeacons of YoA.* 

MDXx. — j calix deauratus (est unus calix sed non est idem) ; 
j missale impressum ex dono M. Martini Colyns ; j vestimentum 
de rubio biase cum cmce de veridi & albo; j vestimentum de 
albo bustian cum cmce de blew (cum angelo de auro struck out) ; 
one of whit silke w*** flowre de ly" ; a vestment of silke diversis 
coloribus; one of yowlo silke; i tabemaculum pro ymagine; ig 
codes super altare ; ij. phioloe de plumbo ; j tabill, i^ partis w* 
omages ; j tabill of the vernakyll ; ^ hyngrngs of payntyd clothe ; 
j pax of wode ; iij alterdothes w^ j frontell ; j coveryng of blewe ; 
one corporax w* a case of grene. 

II. For the soul of Roger de Chesterfield, canon of York. 
Founded in 1368 by the vicars, in consideration of the sum of 
200 marks paid to them by Chesterfield's executors, and endowed 
with 6 marks per ann. 

MCCccLxxxiii. — ^Unum missale cum duobus signdculis argenti; 
unus calix argenteus et deauratus ; duo vestimenta; unum cor- 
porate; dueepallee; unum manutergium et duoe phiol8e.t 

MDxx-i. — -j missale; j calix gylted cum patena, ij corporax & 
ij casis ; j vestimentum grene chaunegable w* j whyte, complete 
crose ; j white vestiment. complet, bustian ; j vestiment red silk, 
ne Wome, complet ; litill messall, 2* fo. kerieleson. 

St. Mart and St. John. 

Juxta cameram sacristarum, 1364.^ 

For the soul of Thos. de Ludham, canon of York, & those 
of Richard & tide his parents, and Archbishop Ludham, &< 
endowed with lands in Skelton & Middleton, for three chap- 
lains. § The Chapter present. 

McccLX. (?) — Unum missale bohum notatum; unus calix 
bonus deauratus, pond. Cblk.) Corporate bonum cum casula ; 

J[uatuor pallse pro idtari sufficientes ; quinque palla pro altari cum 
rontello; ij manutergia bona pro sacrario; unum vestimentum 
bonum et sufficiens pro diebus duplicibus et festis ; unum vesti- 
mentum su£Sciens pro diebus ferialibus ; una alba fere nova sine 
paruris; firontale super altare pro tabula cooperienda debile; 
irontale dependens subtus ante altare similiter debile ; una tabula 
depicta pro pace danda sufficiens : duo candelabra ferrea fixa in 
postibus panetis; ij fialse bonae; unum lectriniim novum pro 
missali portando super altare: una cista pro vcstimentis to^ 
nendis modici vel nmlius valon^; Unum baudckyn.|| 

• Domesdaj Book, 67, a., and T. 16, a. f X. 19, a. 

t T. 40, a. S Torre, 1624, and T. 18, a. 

II T. 81, a. : in 1864 there Is the same furniture. 

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MccccLxxxiii. — Unum missale; j calix deauratos; ij vesti^ 
menta; ij corporalia; iij pallffi cum uno froutello; i^ panni 
dcpicti ; ij phiolte et ymago B. M. V.* 


In the crypts. 

Founded circa 1940 — ^for the soul of Galfrid de Norwich, 
late Dean of York, by Richard abbat of Roche, Simon precentor 
of York, Pet^r de ^unkegate & Robert de St. Paul, bis exe- 
cutors, Sc endowed with the rents which be had obtained from 
Thomas de BosseviH & John his son, in York and Rotherham. 
The precentor had the patronage. f Tu 18G4 there was no service 
'^ propter novam fabncam,'' & the chaplain celebrated at St. 
Andrew's altar. | 

ifcccLx. (?) — Unum vestifnentum pro diebus Dominicis et 
festis ; unum yestimentum pro ferialibus ; duo corporalia ; unus 
ca|ix pond. 18s. 4d. ; unum lx)num missale ; iiij pallse pro altari ; 
ij max^utergii^ valde debilia ; ij phialse de stagno ; una tabula 
pro pace; ij candelabra parva de ligno.§ The same in 1864|| 

Moxx-f. — j vestimentum complctum; ij candelabra de laton 
pro altari ; j missale scriptum, parvum et bonum, ut cantarista 
dicit ; j candelabrum ligneum ; j tintinnabulum ; iij altar clothis ; 
missale impressum, ex dono M. Trotter quondam thesaurarii; 
ij cruettis de puter; ij corporax with cruce. 

MO. . . . — A mes buke, secundo folio incipit sed ecclesiam ; Item 
a noder mes buke pryntid, incipit sti ; a nold buke of exnosi- 
cions, secundo fo). sti; a vestment of whyte damaake and all 
thinges for dekyn and subdekyn of the same; a vestment of 
why to bustyan w* a red orfra longyuff to it; a pax of coper and 
gilt w' golde; a hyngyng of whyte damaske afore the alter; a 
corporax w' a case w' ij emygis of it ; a noder corporax w^ a case 
of sylk w' a swane; a hyngyng payntted w' emagry afore ye 
alter; a chalys gilt w* a crucifyx in the fut, and in the paton an 
cmag of our Lady; a case doth of whyte silk and ^Ide; iij 
alter clothis of twyll and ij of playne clothe; one whitte west- 
ment onely, saving one albe & stoUe ; Item one pax of wemykill 
covered with glase, of the gyft of sir Christofer Bentley. 

St. Mary thb Virgin. 

The most distinguished chantry in the minster. It was ori- 
ginally in the crypts, but it was, I believe, altogether transferred 
to the central compartment of the presbytery, right under the 
east window. 

• X. so, a. t Diimesday Book, 68, b. 

t T. 87. a, b. S T. 82, b. II T. 87, b. 

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There is no record of the orisinal foundation. In 1864 it 
was founded de novo, and endowed with lOOs. per ann., out of 
the church of Kirkby Overblows, for the soul of Henry de 
Percy. Archbishop Thoresby had also an interest in it, so 
much so tliat the chantry was called Thoresby Percy, or, singly, 
Thoresby : and service was performed there daily '' cum nota et 

MCCCLX. (?) — Unum missale sufficiens pro toto anno; unus 
calix argentatus deauratus cum patena deaurata intus et extra 
pond. 83s. ; una casula nova de rubio et viridi colore do scrico; 
una amica de perles ; una stola et una fanona cum spaulers et 
paruris sutis de eadem secta cum alba pro duplicibus festis; una 
casula alba de serico cum stola, fanona^ amita de eodem colore, 
cum paruris et spaulers de aliis ooloribus diversis, cum alba pro 
Dommicis dtcbus ; una casula do baudckyn cum stola, fanona^ 
spaulers et paruris do eadem secta, cum amica do serico altcrius 
coloris, iij frontellis novis de serico, q tuealiis de panno de lak, 
iiij tuealliis de panno lineo, iij corporalibus cum totidem casulis 
pro eisdem de serico ; una corona argentea deaurata cum lapidi- 
bus pro imagine B. V. ; alia parva corona argentea pro imagine 
Filii ejusdem Yirginis deaurata; ij fialse argenti pon. 18s. lOd.; 
ij flammeolse de serico pro imagine B. V.; ^ indumenta de 
serico pro eadem imagine; unum cervical de serico; unum 
baudekyn ante altare; unum chaufour deauratum; duae platos 
argeuti pro pedibus B. V.f 

McccLxiv. — Pertinent ad idem altare tria vestimenta integra 
et vj linthiamina ; unum missale ; calix ; ij fiolsB et una cathedra 
lignea ct ij cistse ligatse cum ferro, ut infra. CoUacio pertinet ad 
Capitulum. Tenetur ootidie celebrare cum taota vel tacere cele- 
brari. Unum missale sufficiens; unus calix ai^enti totaliter 
deauratus cum patena deaurata intus et extra, ponderansi 83s. 
st. ; item una casula nova de rubeo et viridi colore de serico ; 
una amita de perles ; una stola et fanona cum spaulers et paruris 
latis de eadetn secta cum alba |>ro duplicibus testis ; una casula 
alba pro Dominicis diebus; Una casula de baudekyn cum stola, 
fanona, spaulers et paruris de eadem^ cum amita de serico altcrius 
coloris ; 1^ frontalia nova de terico, ii tuallia de panno de laak, 
iiij tuallia de panno lineo ; iij corponJia cum totidem capsispro 
eisdem de senco ; una corona argentea de auro cum lapidious 
pro ymngine B. M. V. ; idia parva corona argentea pro ymagine 
Filii ejuraem Yirginis deaurata; ij fialie dr^nfci pond. 18s. 10d« 
sterling ; n flammeolro de serico pro ymagine B. Y. M. ; ^ in- 
dumenta de serico pro eadem ymagine; unum . . . de cerico; 

• Bomeiday Book, 69, etc, 66, a. X. 20, b. f T. 81, a. 

Digitized by 



unum baudekjm ante altare; item unura chaffour deauratum ; 
duffi platsB ai^enteffi pro pedibus B. Y. 

Mccooix. (?) — Unum missale cum calice bono deaurato et 
unuB quatemus continens totum scrvicium pertinena ad missam 
BeatiB Marine, cum comfnemoraciono Sanctte Trinitatis et Sancti 
Spiritus. Unum vestimentum integrum de lecto dominse Phi- 
lippsB reginsB (cum ii tuuiculis yeteribus de sendall factis de uno 
curtvn ejusdem lecti erased) cum ij tuellis et vij frontells ; unum 
vestimentum integrum de serico albo cum ij tuuiculis et iij albis^ 
ex dono domiui Henrici de Ingilby, et j nrontell ; unum vesti- 
mentum integrum, viz., do serico rubii et viridis ooloris et una 
amicta de pcrell cum ij tuellis, cum uno frouteU pro altari; 
tualleum ; unum vestimentum cum serico albo cum ij tuellis pro 
diebus ferialibus ; quinque corporalia cum totidem casulis et jj 
manutergiis et ij nolis de argento; una ymago B. M. sedentis 
cum Filio suo de alabaustro, et ij servicalia, j de sindoue et aliud 
de serico, cum scutis, et unum baudkyn valde debile; unus 
chaufor de cupro deauratus; una tabula alba picta cum coronacione 
B. M. ; una corona argentea super qua pendet anulus bonus de 
auro cum uno diamant, quae corona pertinet ad ymaginem B. M., 
et parva corona argenti deaurata pro Filio ejusdem ymaginis; 
unum vestimentum de syndone pro dicta ymagine, super quod 
pendent octo monilia et sex annuli, viz., de monilibus predictis, 
unum monile de trifor* werk, ponderis iijs. argenti novi, et iij 
alia monilia ponderis xviijd., et alia iiij* parva monilia ponderis 
8d., et de predictis annvdis, unus de auro parvi precii, et alius 
anuulus circumpositus iiij"* lapidibus parvis et iiij"^ perels parvis, 
et iiij** annuli de argento; unus lapis de cristallo clausus in 
argento ponderis xijd. ; aliud indumentum pro predicta ymagine 
de serico et ij plates de argento pro pedibus ymaginis B. M. ; 
unum sudarium de syndone ; unum vestimentum novum inte- 
grum albi colons de serico cum ij tuuiculis, cum orfrayse de 
blodio serico florisP cum coronis aurcis> 

ucoccxxxvi. — Ex legato dom. Joh. BrygnaU, cafUaristm 
ibidem. Unum magnum portiferium, videlicet, cowcher, ind- 
piens in sccundo folio, noatri fiat misericordia, ad unum scabel- 
lum ad hoc ordinandum de retrodorso summi altaris ex opposito 
dicti altaris B. V. M., clavis flrmiter afSgendum, in usum kones- 
torum capellanorum, pro salute animss mess ; unum vestimentum 
panni aurei rubii coloris, viz., una casula, j alba, j amicta, j stola 
cum manipulo, ij casidse pro corporalibus et unum corporale. 

MDXX. — Omamenta cantariae de Thursby Percie. In primis 
a mcse buke of partcbment; item a cbalys of silver gilt with a 

• From a book marked Condempnationet, 

Digitized by 



J. II. C. in the paton and a crucifix in the foit ; item a grcne 
ment with a lyon; a vestment of chamlyt w* a red crossej 

a vestment checard w* gren and blake and a red orfra; item a 
vestment of blew baudkyn silke ; item ij crewettes of pewder of 
the gvft of Sir John Aske; thre olde silk codds; ij alter clothis, 
on of diaper and a noder of playn cloth ; a corporax case of 
blake velvet and the corporax belongyng to the same corporax ; a 
casCi chekerid, w* the corporax belonging to the same corporax ; a 
corporax case set w* rosis of gold and the corporax bdongyng to 
y t ; on case of white dotho of gold w^ ho corporax belongyng to it ; 
a corporax w* nothing in it ; ij paxis, one of Sanct Boke^ ye oder of 
our Lady ; a westment of whit silke w^ a redde crosse & all that 
belongs to hit *, one pax of whitte venere^ of the gyft of Sir John 
Aske chantre prest of the same; one westment of damecks 
w*^ a whit crosse 8c all thyngis yt belongs hit, of the gyf of the 
naid Sir John Aske. 

St. Michael. 

In the south transept, close to Archbishop Grey's tomb. 

Founded 11 Kal. Apr. 1241, by Archbp. Grey, for himself, 
his predecessors and successors, for one priest, with two chaplains 
and one clerk under him. He endowed it with 80 marks per 
ann. out of the church of Milium, and 4 marks besides, for 
lights, etc. The canons to present. In 1862, the abbat and 
convent of Fumess having ceased to pay the 84 marks. Arch- 
bishop Thoresby makes a fresh ordination of the chantry, and re- 
endows it with 28 marks out of Milium, and absolves the custos 
of the chantry from the necessity of finding lights, etc.* 

McccLXiv. — Unum missale ; calix; duovestimentaintegra; et 
alia omamenta sufiiciencia. • 

St. NicnoLAs. 

Originally in the crypts, afterwards in the north transept, 
near Archbishop Greenfield's tomb. 

At this altar there were several chantries. 

I. For the soul of John Lombard; endowed with houses and 
shops in Petergate, and lands in South Burton and Cottam, the 
Chapter being patrons. Circa 1240 S., Dean of York, and the 
Chapter granted to John, called the Ix)mbard, their clerk, the 
chantry of the altar of SS. Nicholas and Gregory in the crypts, 
on condition that he re-founds and endows it.f 

* Bomeeday Book, 47, b. Torre, 1486. 
t Domeeday Book, 68, a.b. T. 40, 6. 

Digitized by 



]tfccoL3C. (?) — Hcec aunt omamenta tempore doimni Willelmide 
Wirthorp, videlicet^ unum missalc ; UQum antipbonarium non do 
usu Ebor. ; uniia calix argeiiti ; duo) pbialio argeuti suiBoientes ; 
duo cor|)oralia; tria vcBtimeuta intc^ra Vetera et debilia; trca 
pallie pro altare^ quarum una Bufficiens cum frontali et reliquse 
debilea ; unum manutergium pro sacrario debile ; aeptem baude- 
kins multum usitata ; una parva tabubi super altare pulcra et 
decora ; una pUis cum vj munimeutia de redditibus dicti altaria ; 
duo candelabra de peudre ; una bursa de serico cum reliquiis ; 
unum rocbetum; unum lavacbnim eneura; una archa pro 
vcstimentis reponendis; ad bsec dictus Willelmus procuravit 
dicto altari res et ornamenta subscripta, unum vestimeutum 
bouum precii cs^ aliud vestimeutum cotidianum precii 5s.^ cum 
ij corporalibus in una casula^ unum calicem precii ICs., unum 
superaltare precii 6s. 8d., unum portiforium notatum bonum 
precii 66s. 8d.; duo tabernacula cum imaginibua B. M. et S. 
Katerinse de ebore, unam tabulam cum imaginibua ebumeis 
precii 30s. per estimacionero. 

MccccLxxxiii. — Unum missale, quinque vestimenta et qim- 
tuor casube absque albis ; dum puUse cum duobus frontellis ; qua- 
tuor corporalia; unum baldkyn; unus paxbrey; unum ^rti- 
phorium; unum antipbonare; una bursa cum xvj reliquii3 in 
panno lineo ligatis. Subtrahuntur ij phialse argenteee^ una 
pelvis de auricalco ante tempus T. Bekley^ et subtrabitur unus 
calix tempore Bekley.f 

MDXXVi. — j missale impressum ex dono M. Martini Colyns; 
ij missalia ; j cidex cum j crucifixo in pede & J.H.C. in patena ; ij 
coopertoria de corporal\ unum de rubio cum roses, et alterum cum 
uno spang de panno aureo de j syde ; ij corporedia cum cooper- 
toriis, unum cum armis & alterum cum j sircle de andsyde ; j vest- 
ment de nigra velvet cum ci-uce de veridi velvet cum I K et 
J E crown vd ; j vestment de rubeo serico cum veridi cruce ; a 
vestment de alba bustian cum rubia cruce cum floribus ; a vest- 
ment de nigro & rubip cum veridi crnce cum J. II.C. ; a vestment 
de water damaske de nigra, caret alb, or manekyll, or stoyll ; a 
alb at the fovtt doth of gold and sylke; a vestment de alba 
twyll, caret alb, manekvU or stole; a vestment cum cruce de 
veridi; a vestment de blodio serico, caret alb, manekyll or stol; 
a vestment de canvas cum veridi cruce, caret, etc. ; v stolis & vij 
favnellis, better & worse ; one boll vestment of grene dameoks 
w*^ a redde crosse ; one vestment w*^ albe & fanell, the mydwarde 
grene; one vestment of redde & blew, the crosse yewlow & 
redde with pouses and nothing belongyng to hit; a stole of 

• T. a2, b. In isei Uie Altar posseaiM the fame (Urniiure. 

Digitized by 



why te pawle ; a stole of jiarpyll red w* a fabell ; \] oruettiB w* oat 
lyds ; ] pax) a towell; ij awterclothes with a freng and a cloth 
to cover the awter w* ; ij leeds to ly of Jr t ; a chyst to lay thd 
anorroenta in ; a bell ; a box for bred ; a aid cloth of twyll ; a 
freug ; a case for a oorporax of tawny sylke ; a candilstyk in the 
wall; a letteron; a payntvd cloth to hyng afor the alter; a 
awtercloth w^ a red croee j ij clothes for to hyng oti the letteron 
w' redd crossis ; a old alter cloth w* hawlows. Reliquiee ^unt 
etiam ad idem altare in quodam lez pookit de viridi serico, reli- 
q\xm, viz.j De assumpcione. Pro petra in basi'ca. Baptistee. 
Marise Magdalene. Trans^. Mariee. De oleo B. Nicholai tdtra 
Komam. De sepulcro Domini. De lapide' ab hostio mo'ni. 
Verba Magdalenoe pet"* Pent. Ubi fecit cenam. De sepulcro 
Mari8B Magdalense. De oleo S, Nicholai. Os Mariee Magda- 
lene. Captus fuit.* {ric) 

II. For the souls of John de Crancombei archdeacon of the 
East tUdingy and Richard de Taunton, canon of York. En- 
dowed with 6 marks per annum to be paid by the vicars who 

McccLX (?). — XJnum missale; unus calix ponderans' 26s. 
monetse, deauratus; duo vestimenta; duse palUe pro altare; dun 
phioloB et tlnum manutergium.f 

MccccLxxxiik. — Duo inissfdia; duo vestimenta ; unum cor- 
porale $ quatuor palln cum Iribus frontatellis ; panni pro qilad* 
ragcsima; dcflciunt ibi tria manutcrgia^ unus calix et ij ptiioliD 
de argento quce substracta erant tempore domini Johannis 
Payntor nuper capellani ejusdem cantarise.l 

III. Greenfield's chantry. Founded by Richard de Cestria, 
canon of York, by his will dated 28 April, 1346, for the souls 
of Archbishop Greenfield, himself, and Vivian and Margery his 
parents, and endowed with a house in Over Ousegate. The 
Chapter present. On 16 Nov. 1412 the chantry was augmented 
by the gift of a messuage near Micklegate, given by a person of 
the name of Segebroke, with the proviso that the chantry priest 
should also celebrate for the souls of Nicholas de Ferribv, canon 
of York, John Segebroke the donor's brother, and Robert and 
Alice his parents.§ 

Mccccxxiv. — Inprimis, j cista vetus ; ij vestimenta de cerico 
cum apparat. preter^ stolam, quorum, unum est glauci colons pul- 
verisatum cum albis floribus, aliud rubii colons cum avibus ; j 
corporate magnum ; j superaltare parvum ; iij panni pro altari ; ij 
frontalia debilia ; j pixia cum monumentis pertiuentibus ad can- 

* This inventory probably oontainf the effeoti of the oihor chAntriei. 
t T. 81^ b. The oune fiumiture in 1864. t 2L 19, a 

§ Bomeeday Book, 68, etc. Torre, 1478. 

Digitized by 


800 YORK paHric rolls. 

tariam predictam ; j aliud yestimentum cum alba et arnica. Alia 
fuerunt qu£e substracta fuerunt per necgligenciam domini Wil- 
lolmi Malton^ viz.^ yestimentum, ij corporidia, j calix, j missale.* 

St. Paulinus and St. Cuad. 

According to Torre^ behind the high altar. 

Founded 11 Dec. 1864, by the vicars, for the soul of John de 
Burton, rector of Ungate, and Richard and Alice his parents, in 
consideration of the sum of 889 marks which he has paid to 
them. They endow it with 5 marks per ann.f The original 
foundation was at .the altar of St. John Baptist : in 1483 it was 
at the altar of St. Paulinus and St. Chad4 

McccLxxy|ii. — XJnum missale, precii 4/. 17s. lid. ; unus calix, 
precii 4/. ; duse phialse argenti, precii 80s. ; unum vestimentum 
pro festis duplicibus de rubeo sateyn pulyerizato cum rosis albis 
de serico, precii 4/. 16s. lid.; unum yestimentum de yude 
camaka pro Pominicis diebus et aliis festis minoribus, precii 
67s. ; unum yestimentum de horde Alisaundre pro diebus feriali- 
bus, precii 23s. ; unum aliud yestimentum similiter pro dibcus 
ferialibus, precii, 19s. ; sex pallse pro altare, precii lOs. 6d. ; tria 
corporalia de panno de reynes, precii 98. 6d. ; tres cris\ de serico 
pro corporalibus, precii 6s, 8d. ; tria frontella pro altari, precii 
13s.; unum manutergium pro manibus sacerdotum tergendis, 
precii 18d. ; una archa de Flaundres pro vestimentis reponendis 
m eadem, precii 13s. 4d. ; unum armariolum ligneum similiter 
pro eisdera, precii 4s. ; una pixis pro pace, precii 3d. ; unus alius 
pannus steyned pro altare, precii 7s. 10d.§ 

UDXLiii. — Unus calix non deauratus cum cruce in pede; 
thre corporax & on coveryng of dyyers colers; two messe bokes, 
one printed & the other of old parchement wry tten ; one west- 
ment of blew silke & flowers w*^ a narrow orfeu ; a westment of 
red silke w*^ all y t belouges to hit, & a narrow corse or orfeu ; 
one olde westment of yowle darncck w**" a black orfeu ; an old 
blow westment w**" nothing beloneyng to hit ; thre alter dothes 
upon the alter, one of theyme w*^ a frontlett ; iiij other alter 
clothes w**^ one frontlet ; ij cruetts & old towellea ; one clothe 
abowfe the alter & the other under the alter ; a pax & a sacrayng 
bell ; a nold laten candell styck. 

St. SAyiouR. 

*' In solario coram ymagyne S. Salyatoris ex parte australi 

• T. 84, 6. t Torre's York Minster. 1619. J X. SO, a. 

§ Q. 0. 136, a. The original fUrniture given by the executors of the founder. 

Digitized by 



Founded 20 March^ 1475-6, by Richard Andrew^ Bean of 
York, for two chaplains, for the souls of Henir YI. and his 
queen. Archbishop Neville, himself, John Pakenham, William 
Poteman, John Gisburgh, and Richard Pygot, John and Lucy, 
the donor's parents, and Archbishop Chicheley; It was endowed 
with the manor of Weaverthorpe and the Chapter present.'*' 

MDXLiii. — ^Altare nominis Jhesu in the mdde loft. One 
chalis of silver with li paton *, one messe boke ; ij corporaxes ; 
^ cmettes ; i^ altar clothes ; sex westementes, one of blake 
welwct, one of greane saysenet, one of changeable silke, one of 
whytt bushean, one blacke worsett, one of blacke silke; one 
hangyng of silke, w* lyons of gold before the idter. 

St. Stephbn. 

In the north-eastern comer of the presbytery, behind the 
high altar. At it there were three chantries. 

I. Founded by William de Langton, nephew and heir of 
William de Langton, dean of York, for the souls of Archbishop 
Orey and his uncle, and endowed with lands in Rilham.f ''Non 
sunt ibi ornamenta.'^ The vicars present.^ 

II. For the soul of John Alkbarrow, vicar choral, who con- 
veyed certain houses in York, for that purpose, to the vicars, in 

MccccLxxxiii. — Omamenta nuper erant combusta proetcr 
unum vestimentum cum litera B.|l 

II. Founded in 1449, by Sir Thos. de Scrop, Lord le Scrop 
of Masham, for two chaplains, to prav for the good estate of 
himself, Elisabeth his mother, Elizabeth his wife, and his uncle 
Mr. Wm. le Scrop, and also for the souls of John, late Lord le 
Scrop, and Marjory his wife, Richard late Archbidhop of York, 
Henry late Lord le Scrop, and Mr. Stephen le Scrop, formerly 
archdeacon of Richmond, his uncles, Philippa le Scrop, late wire 
of the said Henry Lord le Scrop, and others. The endowment 
was 20 marks per ann., and the presentation was to rest in the 
founder and his family.^ 

MDXX. — Portiferium in pargameno scriptum 2*' folio operos; 
unum salterium lumyd in pergameno 2* fo. voce mea; missale 
scriptum 2"" folio ma; missale pressum, ex dono M. Martini 
Colyns 2* folio mine ; sequeticia script in pcrgnmcno 2* folio 
l/ratulans; j corporate cum coopertorio de velvet; unum corpo- 
ralo cum coopertorio blew velvet; unum oorponde cum cooper- 
torio de balkyn; j vestment of clothe of gold; j vestment of 

* Bomeeday Book, 160^ a. f Bx oartis vio. obor. Ebor. t T. 96, b. 

S Bx oartifl vio. obor. || X. 19, s. f X. 28, s., eto. 

Digitized by 



blew velvet; j vestment of blake velvet; j vestment vbyte 
balkjm w* lyons of gold; j vestment of bleve woryst; j vestment 
of zalow and blew w^ garturs, caret alba ; a vestment of reade 
balkyn w* a crosse of grene satten in byrges; one vestment of 
white damask; one vestment of reade velvit with a crosse of 
grene satten in birges ; ij chalises with patans^ on w^ scriptur 
abowte the cupe, Cape calicem $alutarii, and the oder w' crucifix 
in the fofe and J. H. C* in the patan in the same (Caret unum 
calicem cum scriptura in marg,) ; x awter dothea ; ij cruettes of 
leed ; a sacryng bell. 

St. Thomas op Cantrrbury. 

On the north side of the north-west pillar of the lantern. 
At this altar were six chantries. 

I. For the soul of Thomas de Why ten, canon of York. 
Founded in 1280, and endowed with the sum of 5 marks per 
ann.> to be paid by the Abbat and Convent of Byland. The 
Dean and Chapter present.^ 

McccLxiv. — Unum missale; duo vestimenta integra et iiij 
pallsB pro altari cum duobus frontalibus; una cista et unus 
pannus depictus ; {in a later hand) unum manutergium debile et 
ij phialsB argenti.f 

MCCccLXXXiii. — Duo missalia; iij vestimenta. Subtrahun- 
tur unum missale, j calix et iij corporalia per dominum Johan- 
nem Thorneton occupatorem ejusdem4 

MDxx-i. — j misscde impressum; j vestment of blew w' red 
birdis & j orfra of red w* hartis of gold; ij cprporax in on 
case of old clothe of gold; ij alter clothes w* no frontell; j 
liynsyng aforo the alter of Oabriell & our Lady ; j bovo the altar 
of the Trenite & Sanct Martyn; cortaius payntyd; j code of 
silke w' flowrs ; j coveryng of harden for the alter ; i letteron ; 
iij cruettis; ij tabils of the alter giltyd & of ymagery.§ 

II. For the soul of Peter de "Ros, precentor of York. Ordi- 
nation dated 7 kal. June, 1813. The endowment was 6 marks 
per ann. from the keeper of the fabric. The Chapter present. 
In 1483 this chantry is said to be at the altar of St. John of 
Beverley, and Torre also places it there. || 

MCCCLXIV. — Unus calix argenti intus deauratus, ponderis 
14s. 6d. monette; unum missale; ij phialse de stangno; du» 
casulse; una alba, amita, stola, manipula, zona; duse pallae pro 
altari, quarum una cum frontali ; unum corporale ; unus pannus 

• Torre, 1418. f T. 42, a. t X. 20. a. 

S I mniiot appropriato thU inventory to any of thoso cbanirios : it bolongH, 
howevor, to one or tliom. 

II £x cart, via ohor. Ebor. Torre, 1498. 

Digitized by 



stragnlattts pendens ante altare; tinum manutergiuni pro 

MccccLXXxiii. — Unum missale; unus calix in parte deaura- 
tus ; quatuor casulse et ij albe^ cum pertinentiis ; quinque pallsB 
cum j frontello; dnse phiolse; unum deoeculatoriuro ; unum 
manutergium cum iiij pannis pendentibus ; tres pecise plumbi pro 

III. Founded in 1321 by Williatn de Langtoft, chaplain, 
and endowed with three messuages in York4 The vicarspresent^ 

MCCCLXiv. — Missale debile ; duo paria vestimentorum ; unus 
calix argenteus, ponderis^ 10s. et duo palla.§ 

MDXX-i. — Unum missale impressum, secundo folio^ Virtuie. 
Unum corporace cum les case. Unum vestimentum of diverse 
colors with birds with j cressent complet with suche colors as ya 
be. Unum vestimentum of white clothe wantyng all things but 
the stole, j vestment of bustian. j pec for to be put on the 

IV. For the soul of Richard Tunnok^ citizen of York, and 
endowed with 4 marks per ann. out of the house in which he 
lived in Stonemte. The vicar of tlie stall of Bilton celebrates 
at it daily, and he is presented by his prebendary. || 

Mcccxxxix. — Una casula de fustian, cum una alba ct amicta 
habentibus paruras de bukerham omatas imaginibus argentic 
videlicet de fuyl, precii, 10s. ; una casula de taffata, precii, 5d. ; 
unum corporale cunl capsa serica^ preciii 12d. ; duo phialse de 
stagno^ precti, 4d. ; duo tuealia pro altari cum uno frontali 
paleato ae bukerham, et uno manutergio> precii predictorum^ 
88. 4d. ; armariolum pro vestimentis.^ 

V. For the souls of Alan de Alnwick, of York, goldsmith^ 
and Maude his wife. Maude de Alnwick, in her will, proved 
20 June, 1876, gave directions for the foundation of the chantry, 
which were carried into effect on March 19, 1376-7, by John de 
Beverley, draper, Imd her other executors. The chantry was 
endowed with two tenements in Peter^ate and Stohegate, and 
the Chapter presented to it. In 1483 it is said that there were 
two chantries at this stall for Alice de Alnwick.'^^ 

liDXX-t. — Ununi missale sectindum usum Ebor., secundo 
folio, mundabuni, in persameno; unus calix deauratus; uhum 
vestimentum optimum album de serico cum toto apparatu; 
unum vestimentum del fustian ; unum vestimentum do blodio 
serico $ corporale cum . . . . ct J.II.C. opcratis ; unum altcrcloth 
cum j frontell de optima secta vestimenti. 

• T. 42, a. t X. 19, b. t Sx oariis tIo. ohor. Ebor. f T. 42, a. 
II T. 42, a. If The founder's own gilt, Claudius B. III., 166, MSS. Harl. 
•• X. 20, b., eto. 

Digitized by 



YI. For the soul of Thomas Haxey^ treasurer of York, who 
died in 1426, and endowed by his executors, together with an 
obit, with the sum of 20/. to be paid, annually, by the Lord 
Mayor of York. In 1403 it is said that there were two chan- 

Ths Name of Jesus. 

In the presbytery, at the east end of the minster, next to the 
great altar of the Virgin. 

Founded by Henij Cambull, archdeacon of York, who died 
in 1512, and in the gift of the provost of Botherham coUege.t 
Mr. Hunter thinks that the foundation was never completed ; ho 
is, however, in error, as I have seen several appointments to the 
chantry at York, although the deeds themselves have never 
occurred to me. 

HDXX-i. — On mese bowke, secundo folio. In illo tempore; On 
mese bowke sec. folio qua, covered, with gren velvet of y*** ; On 
mese bowk of ye gyfte of M. Martyn Colyns; On chales all gilt 
w* paten, J. H. C. in ye foy tt ; ij vestmentes of velvet violett orfray 
cloth of gold, the other blew sarcanet with red orfray ; ij cruettes 
of sylver, on ye 1yd of ye on A, yeoder V.; a silver pax w* Sanct 
Cristofer of ye bake ; iij alterclothes lyne ; ij hyngyngs abofe 
and beneythe ye awter, blew and zalow damaake warke lynyd 
w^ canves ; ij hyngynges abofe and beney th the awter of gren 
and whyte ; ij cruettes of pewder and a sakamig bell ; ij tow- 
elles; ij tabyls; a candilstyk; a crucifix w^ Mare & John of 
cloth pay n ty d ; a corporax w* a case blew velvet w^ J . H . C. of gold ; 
a corporax w^ a case of whyte damaske. 

St. Wilfrid. 

On the south side of the choir. 

Founded 2 March, 1419—20, by William Cawood, canon 
of York, for himself and John and Alice his parents, and 
endowed with ten marks par. ann. to be paid by the vicars. 
The Chapter present.^ 

MDXLiii. — One chales w*^ a paten parcell gilt ; ij cruettes of 
silver, one w*** cover and the other w***owt cover ; one vestment 
of whitt satten w^ floures; one westement of whitt damaske 
with birdes; one vestement of redde damaske w**^ flowres and 
branches ; a vestement of redde sarsanet ; a vestement wrought 
w^ black and redde and birdes upon the backe ; ij alter clothes ; 
a blew coverying for the alter; ij corporaxes w^ cassis; one 

• X. 31, a. t Torre'n York Miiwter, 1600. 

t Turn's York Miiutor, 1693. 

Digitized by 



wrytten portesse w^ claspes of silver; it curteti of silke at the 
alter ende; ij litill quyssens to ly upon the altar; a Lent cloth 
of blacke and tawne sarsenet; one doth hyngyng above the 
alter of whit sylk with crucifix^ our Lade and Sancte John in y t^ 
with flowers; one hyngyng before the alter of bawdekyn; one 
lettoren standing upon the alter. 

St. William. 

On the north-west side of the south-west pillar of the 

At this altar there were two chantries. 

I. For the soul of Elias Bernard, canon of York. Founded 
by himself in 1230 and endowed with land and houses in Stone- 
gate, Micklegate, etc. The vicars present.* 

McccLXiv. — Missale ; calix ; tna vestimenta-t 
MDXX-i. — On chalys w^ a paten giltid & Jhesus in ye paten ; 
on nold mese bowyke of parchment wryttyn ; ij corporaxs, on 
of red fustyon w* a crucifix, and the oder of rede & grene sylkc, 
w*^ corporax in theyme ; one vestment of blacke worsett with 
Saint William armes; one vestment of barret silke with barrs 
of whitt and grene ; on vestment of yallow sylke, the orfray of 
red Alexander, with all things to y t of red ; on vestment of blew 
sylke w^ a red orfray w* all; on vestment of red sylk and gold w* 
orfray of yalow sylke and gold; on vestment of whyte bustyan 
w* orfray of gren silke and rosys; iiy awter clothes, ar.d on 
frontyll of r^, whyte, and gren; one albe of whitte sarsanet 
w* barres of gold ; one westment w*** a crosse of darnacks w*^ 
nothing to by t } one westment w** a grene orfray & Sanct Wil- 
liam armes ; on payr of cruettes and on pax ; on candy Istyke ; 
item, ordinacio ; candelabrum ; one corporax case wm a rose & 
a corporax in hyt ; too corporax casis w'** one corporax in hit, 
the one w^ a moone, & the other of clothe of tusshcw blnke 
of the owt side; one frontlett of satten w*^ frontellett w*^ iij lyons 
& a fringe of redde & grene.l 

II. Founded 5 Oct. 1366, by John de Cottingham, rector 
of Northcave, who gives 200 marks to the vicars, in return for 
which they foimd this chantry for the souls of the fonnderi 

• Domeiday Book, 47, s,b. t T. 88, b. 

t In addition to iliose ohantriofl, I And irnccn of oibora, Aome of wliioli I 
believe were but of short continuance. In 1483 there was an altar to St. Ninian 
witli a chantry for — Ferriby. There was aim an altar dedicated to the 
Trinity. The chantry founded by Archbishop Zouch was under the patronage of 
88. Mary Magdalene and Martha. The erection of it has been a1r«idy noticed, 
but with its subsequent history I am entirely unacquainted. There was also a 
chantry founded by Adam de Acorabe, and, in all probability, seyeral others. 


Digitized by 



Edward III. and Tkos de la Mare^ late canon of York.'*' The 
vicars prcscnt.f 

MCCCLXXI1I. — Unum missalo; unus calix in parte deauratus; 
tria vostimonta; tria corporalia; duto pallcc cum uno fontcllo; 
unum manutergium; duse pkioloe ai*gentesB; duo panni depicti; 
unum deosculatorium.^ 

LV. — An inventory of all the jewels^ plate, coupes, 


Plate. A chalice of golde with a pattaine, weight 47 oz. 
A chalice of golde, with a pattaine of gold, dayly used, 23 oz. 

• X 19, b. t £x oartis vio. ohor. Ebor. J T. 88, b. 

Lriiis iiiventorv oooura in a litllo work callod Ejweroia AiUiqua, wbioh wan 
bed at York, by Mr. J. Croft, F.A.S., in 1797. I bave boon unable to di«- 
oover tbo original, nor does Mr. Crofl state wbere be met witb it. I bave, tbore- 
fore, given tbo dooument as it is i)rinted, making a few oorreotions wbere tbey are 
manifestly required. 

The cbief value of tbis inventory ia tbat it tells us tbe ftimiture of the Church 
of York at tbe time of tbe Reformation. No subsequent list was made or 
required, for, 

Abrepto thesauro deficit thesaurarii munus. 

When Marv was on tbe throne several gifts were made to the minster. By 
will dated 11 June 1656, Qeorge Gale, alderman of York, bequeathed "to tbe 
Catbedrall Cliurche of York one (h>ntclotbe of purple, redde and blowe velvet, 
witb the Besurreotion opon it wrougbte in golde, for tbe highe altore, to be 
prayd for." By will dated 16 Apr., 1667, Sir Leonard Beokwith of York, knight, 
leaves " to the Catbedrall Churche one canapee of grene and reade sarcenet under 
whiche tbe blessed Sacrament was wont to be borne." 

In the reign of Elizabeth tbe final dispersion of the treasures of the Church of 
York, in all probability, took place. 

Tbe use of coiies was strictly forbidden in tbe Arcbiepisoopal ii\junction8 during 
that reign, and these orders were probably attended to. In 1G91 there was a 
single " white cope " in tbe vestry. Torre, however, has left us a description of 
some hangings for tbe quire which were in existence in his day. 

*' Hangings belonging to the quire. 

Eight pieces of blod [i.e. blew] Witb the arms of John Pakenham, treasurer, 
and Archbishop Kemp, at equall distances. 

1. Quarterly. 1 and 4, Quarterly ffuUi and or, in first a oressant argent, — 
2^ and 8^ , a, 8 oronells of a tilt spear eable, all encompassed yrith a border 
ingrailed, eahU. 

a. York see, impaling Kemp, vix., ou. 8 garbs, and border ingrailed. 

Also there are 12 pieces of rod, with tbe arms of tbo Lord Sorope of Massam 
wrought thoroon at equall distances. 

1. ature a bend, or, k ty\c of three poynts argent, 

2. A Uke coat [with tbe field, apparently, powdered ¥rith Cornish choughs, one 
of which is a^ the head of tbe shield J. 

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A chalice of silver and guilty 68 oz. A chalice of silver guilt> 
with a Ijron and 4 scallop sheUs on the foot^ 29 oz. A chalice of 
silver guilt with a crucifix on the foot^ and patten^ 22oz. 
A round-footed chalice of silver and guilty 13 oz. A round 
chalice, parcell guilt, 9oz. A chalice of silver and guilt, 
with a crucifix on the foot, 19 oz. A pair of censors of gold, 
17 oz. A shell of silver for the same censors, 1 oz. A box for 
singing bread, silver guilt, 1 1 oz. A box for singing bread, silver, 
10 oz. A box for singing bread, of silver, 6 oz. A pair of great 
censors, of silver and guilt, 100 oz. A pair of great censors, 
of silver, 64 oz. Another pair of great censors, 64 oz. A pair 
of old censors, silver and guilt, 46 oz. Another pair of old cen- 
sors, silver and guilt, 88 oz. Another pair of censors, silver and 
guilt, 44 oz. Two basond of golde for the high altar, 42 oz. 
Two little basons of silver, parcell guilt, with kcvs upon them, 
80 oz. A sconce of silver, parcell guilt, 27 oz. Another sconce 
of silver, 18 oz. A ship, with a spoon, of silver and guilt, 21 oz. 
A ship, of silver, 7 oz. Two little crewitts of silver, parcell guilt, 
7 oz. A shell of silver guilt, for salt, 2 oz. A bell of silver, 
6 oz. A hat piece of silver, 8 oz. A pax of silver and guilt. 

Moreover ^ere were 18 other pieoee of white with red roeee charged in Uie 
midst with ui eeoooheon of the Lord Sorope's arms [at» a hend, or, over all a file 
of three points, araeiU], 

On a cushion in the quire is emhroyderod tlieso coats, vis. 

1. OM, three left hand gauntletts, or, imi«]ing, iahle, 8 loaves In hend, argeni, 

between 8 cotises, or, 

2. Aryemi, a lyon passant, gules, inter 2 barrs, $a,, thereon 2 bisants and 8 

bucks' heads caboflsed in chief, m., (Parker) impaling, # a. 8 leaves in bend 
argeiU, between two ootises, or. 
8. Loiengee, gtUes & varge, (Tregox) impaling ea., 8 leaves in bend, argent, 

between 2 cotizes, or. 
4. io., 8 leaves in bend, argent, between 2 ootises, or, impaUng, argent, a lyon 

rampant, edble, debruised by 8 barrs gemells, gnlee, {Fairfax) 
6. Fairnx (irf enpra) impaling Strelley, paly of 6 argent k aeure, a canton 

All ^ese things have now disappeared. Two of the old wooden cases for Tost- 
ments are, however still preserved m the minster. They are especiaUy valuable 
for the very beautinil ironwork with which they are decorated. 

In the Cathedral at Durham the use of COT>es was retained till a very late period. 
In 1628 the virulent Peter Smart attacked Cbsin for using them in that church. 
They were not thrown aside till the vear 1760, when their rejection is thus men- 
tioned by a local antiquary : " At the latter end of July or beginning of August^ 
the old copes, those raggs of Popery, which had been used in tlie Communion 
service at the Abbey ever since the time of the Roformation, were ordered by the 
]>ean & Chapter to be totally disused and hiid aside. Dr. Vvarbu]:ton, one of the 

Srebendaries and liishpp of Qlouoestor, was very zealous to have tliom laid osid6, 
) so was Dr. Cowper Uie Dean." I have heard my fttther mj that Dr. Warbur- 
. ton objected to them because they were always puuiing his wig awry. They are 
stin preserved in the library of the Dean and Chapter. Among them is one pre- 
sented bv Charles I., upon which, curiously enough, is represented the decapita- 
tion of St. John the Bi^tist. 

x 2 

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9 oz. Three ampulles of silver, 40 os. A tablet^ of silver and 
giiilt^ unmclted, to sett on the altar^ 110 oz. A pectoral of golde, 
with a rich stone in the middest, 18 oz. A pectoral of golde, 
with a great stone in themiddest, and perfect rubys, all weigh- 
ing 1 4 oz. A pectoral of silver and guilt, with a stone sexte (texte) 
of silver and guilt, with the Ascension, 80 oz. Two candlesticks of 
borau [beryll ?] — A superalter garnished about with silver, guilt, 
and with stones, — A handle of silver and guilt, 5 oz. A super- 
alter, with a black stone, garnished with silver and guilt — ^A 
chrystmatory of silver and guilt, 8 oz. A standyng cupp, with 
a cover, silver and guilt, with a berryl in the middest, 43 oz. A 
paire of crewitts silver and guilt, with 4 great precious stones in 
the middest, 51 oz. A paire of crewitts silver and guilt with 
swannes, 35 oz. A pair of crewitts silver and guilt, 27 oz. A 
paire of candlesticks with the Lord Scrope's armes, 100 oz. A 
paire of little crewitts silver and guilt, 25 oz. A paire of silver 
candlesticks, parcell guilt, 80 oz. A paire of candlesticks of sil- 
ver, 60 oz. A holy water pott with a sprinkle of silver, 101 oz. 
A holy water pott of silver witli a sprinkle, 30 oz. A holy water 
pott with a sprinkle of silver, 40 oz. 

Platb belonoing to the bbsidbntaryss. a bason of sil- 
ver guilte, with a garter, 80 oz. A bason of silver guilte, with a 
rose, 56 oz. A silver ewer with the cross keyes, 57 oz. A greate 
ewer of silver, with divers armes on yt, 437 oz. A greate guilt 
pott with armes on yt, 104 oz. Two lesse guilte pottes, 164 oz. 
Another greate pott without armes on yt, 95 oz. Two lesse 

guilte pottes, 164 oz. Two flatt guilte with one cover, 

68 oz. Two flatt guilte holies, 57 oz. One flatt guilt peere 
(peece), 18 oz. Two guilte gobletts, 80 oz. A bason and ewer of 
silver grell (parcell) guilte, the bason saveing (haveing) a flower 
enamelled with four combes, 78 oz. Another bason and ewer 
grell (parcell) guilte, the bason having a crucifix on the bottom 
of yt, 75 oz. A pott of silver grell (parcell) guilte, with five 
combes upon the cover of yt, 51 oz. Six ale pottes of silver with 
one cover, 47 oz. 

In the inner vestry. 

Bed copes. A reade cope of clothe of tishewe with orphry 
of pearl. Another reade cope of clothe of tishewe with orphry 
of needlework, with the five woundes. A cope of clothe of tis- 
hewe having our Lady on the backe, with orpfarej. A cope of 
raised clothe of goulde, of the Lord Darcye's^^ giu. A cope of 

• ThU b, probably, Thomai Lord Daroy, who wai beheaded in 16SS. His 
aon, George Lord Baroy, died in 1658. By bis will he left <* to the ohurche of 

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fine red cloathe of tishewe with 21 apples, [with /] orphrey. A 
cope of clothe of gonlde of the gift of Martin Collins.* Two rich 
copes of cloth of goulde, one having St. Oswalde on the hoode, 
the other the Assumption of our Lady. A cope of cloth of 
goulde> ex dono Prions de Bradforde. Two copes of clothe of 
goulde, one having the Assumption, the other the Purification of 
our Lady. Two copes of sanguine purple clothe of goulde. Two 
copes with daisies. Two copes of red velvett with eagles. Two 
red copes with images of needlework upon them, one cope of red 
clothe of goulde, ex dono Thomas AruudcU. One red coi)e with 
arches sett with pearle. One cope of red sattin with pcarle. 
One cope of clothe of tishewe, ex dono Richardi Layton, deacon 
Decani] .f A cope of clothe of goulde, ex dono Oulielmi Hobyill 
'Holffilf] .| A cope of clothe of tishewe, ex dono Thomas Magus, 
[Maffnus],^ archdeacon. Two copes of red velvett with angclls, 
one with Trinity, the other with our Liidy, with orphrcys on the 
backe. Four copes of crimson velvett, plaine, with orphreys of 
clothe of goulde, for standers. 

Whitb cofbs. Two copes of clothe of tishewe, one having 
the Resurrection, the other St Peter, on the backe. A cope of 
damaske clothe of goulde with St John Baptiste on the backe 
Three copes of damaske, one given bv Martin Collins, and one 
other by Doctor Simeon, and the third by Mr Newman. A 
cope of white velvett, of Mr Molton's guifte. The two damaske 
white copes with angells. A white velvett cope with a broad 
orfrey on the back, and starrs on the cape. A cope of white 
clothe of goulde of Mr Carver'sy guifte ; more, 8cc., one of white 
velvett with starres all of one sute. 

Blub copes. A principall with goodly cope, all with needle- 
worke, the orfrey of pearle with birdes. Another of the same 
making, the orfrey with pearle and goulde connected. A cope 
of needlework, with orfrey of the old fashion, the cell couched 

Brayton my blacke velvett gowne fUrred wiih blaoke oonve, to make a oo^ and 
TeeUnente withe. I syYe my gowne of blaoke wrought velvet and the jerkvn 
of the same, edged witlTgolde lasinge, to the churohe of Aston, to make thereof a 
cope and vestment." 

* Notices of some of these presents inay be found in the earlier 

t An active and unscrupulous man, who became Dean of York in 1639. He 
was one of the visitors of tne Northern Monasteries, and *' did much to please 
tlie unlimited dosiro of the king/' to whom ho was clinplain. Ho appropriated 
to the use of the minster the jewels obout Si WiUhun's hond. He died, beyond 
sea, in 15 ii. 

t Canon of York, and prebendary of Soutlioave, in 153^. lie was, also, 
archdeacon of Carlisle and master of the Savoy hospital. 

§ A well-known statesman and ecclesiastic. A long account of him will bo 
given in another work, upon which I must not now troipass. 

II He became archdeacon of York in 1604. 

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yfith pearle. Two copes of clothe imperialle^ of Deane Higdon's'*' 
guifte^ and Mr John WithePs.f Four blew copesj one with the 
Resurrection^ one with the Assumption^ thethii^ with the Trini- 
tyo, and the fourthe [wiih] the Salutation in the backe^ with 
orphrey. Sex copes of blew clothe of tissewe of Mr Andrew 
Ilollis, archdeacon of York, his guifte. A cope of clothe of 
goulde, ex done Ilugonis Ashton.^ A blew cope. A blew cope 
of goulde, needlework, with angells and images on it. A blew 
cope of velvet with flowers upon it. A blew cope of velvet with 
toi*che8. A cope of clothe of goulde ex dono Edm. Lee, 

Grknb copes. Four riche copes of fine clothe of tissewe, 
one with the image of our Saviour, the second with the Concep- 
tion of our Lady, the third with our Lady and her Sonne in her 
arines, and the fourth with the Assumption of our Lady on the 
oriVeye. Two copes of clothe of tissewe grene, with eagles on 
the mose afore. A oope of clothe of tissewe with swannea on the 
orfreye, needlework. A cope of grene clothe of goulde, ex dono 
Thomas Dalby . Six copes of clothe [of] goulde, of divers men ['s] 
guiftes. A cope of grpene velvett with flowers, and Salutation of 
our Lady on the backe. 

Copes in the chamber above. Four grene copes of 
damaske with orfreye of clothe of soulde. One grene cope with 
partriche. One grene cope of vdvett with buUs' heads. One 
grene cope of velvett with starres of goulde. 

Blew copes there. A cope of blew tinsell sattin. A 
cope of blew sattin with kinge Richard's bodye|| [bad^e?] A 
cope of blew velvet, orfreye, clothe of tissewe. A blew cope 
of velvett with garter and esses. A blew sattin cope with angells. 

Redd copes. A riche cope for the Bishope. Another for 
his chaplaine. A cope with dolphins and pearls in the orfreys. 
A cope of purshed velvet with the orfreys of clothe of goulde. 
A cope of imagery worke with starres of goulde. 

Vlacr. One oope of black clothe of goulde for obites. Six 
blacke damaske copes with red orfreys. A black velvet cope, ex 

• Dean of York firom 1616 to 1689. He wm a great benefkotor to Braaenoee 
College, Oxford. Where U the *' goodly houae " which he built at UUedceU; and 
the "goodly orchard with walki oper§ topiario V* 

t Prebendary of South Cave and Knaresborough at York. He died in 

X The maniSoent co-founder of St. John's College, in Cambridge, in whose 
praises Baker and Cole are so eloquent. 

§ Archbishop of York ftrom 1681 to 1644. 

I| The badge would probably be the boar. To the church of Durham ** kyng 
Kichard did geve his parlamento robe of blewe velvet, wrowght with great 
lyons of pure gould, a marveilouso rich cope." [JJ»<e* of Durham, 9d. SurUu 

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dono Mr. Whiat.* A chaire of purple velvet. Two cushions of 
of clothe of goulde. A clothe of estate with coverall of clothe of 
goulde. A traius [iraine?'} of red sarcinett. A cannopie of red 
and greene sattin^ to be borne over S' William heade. A Turkey 
carpett. A riche sudarye imbrothred with goulde. A yearde of 
riche clothe of tissewe. Certaine yeardes of firinges for the 
sepulchree. A greene cushion of raised velvet. One vale of 
diaper for Lent. Another onlde vale wrought with silk. 

Vkstkmknts ahovb [?1 tor cnAifORB. A goodlye vestment 
with stookcs [stoles] nn(l fannclls of cloth of blow tissowo. 
Another sute of blow sett with pcnrle^ called Branktrccf 
Another sute of plaino blew velvett. Another vestment of blew 
velvett with garters. Another blew velvett vestment with starres. 
Another vestment of blew velvett with scallop shells of goulde. 

Rbd testmbnts. a riche siite of red clothe of goulde with 
orphreys couched with pearle. A sute of tissewe red^ set with 
pearle. Another sute of the same. A sute of purple damaske 
clothe of goulde. A sute of purple velvett for pnest^ deacon and 
subdeacon. A red vestment oi sattin, crownes and starres of 
goulde. A vestment of squerrell. Two tunicles of libards. A 
red vestment with lyons of goulde. Two tunicles of red sarcinett. 

Orenb vestments, a vestment of grene clothe of tissewe. 
Another of the same with partridges^ needleworke. A vestment 
of grene velvet with eagles. 

Black vestments. A sute of black velvet with images and 
starres of goulde. Another sute of black with birds of goulde. 
Another of velvet, given by Mr. Martin Collins. 

Corpora. Two corporas cases of clothe of goulde with three 
cloths. Two dalmitickes of blew damaske. Two dalmitickcs of 
changeable damaske lyned with red sarcenet. A pair of house (?) 
of crimson velvet. 

In the oreat cheste in the inner house. A riche 
vestment from the relique of bawdkin. A vestment with lions 
and flowrs de luces for Michaelmas daye. A vestment of riche 
satten with the images of Peter and Paul sett with pearle. A 
vestment of red satten sett with crownes of goulde. — TYmicles. 
Two tunicles with crownes & armcs. Two tunicles of red velvet 
with starres. Two tunicles of red bawdkin. One vestment of 
changeable taflfety for Good Friday. 

MoTSEs. A richo^loseye ofgoulde with rubv in the middest. 

Another with the image of our Ladye. Another with divers 

flowers. Another with a great riche stone. Two ould Moyses. 

A ball of silver, another of copper. 

• Precentor of York from 1519 to 1522. 
t A cinon of York in the 14th oentury. 

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Vestbmbnts in thb upper house, a blacke yestemeut of 
veWet with a grene crosei of Kiuge Richard's. A sute of blacke 
damoske^ and orfrcys of red clothe of tissewe with white flowers. 
A white vestemeiit with starres of goulde. A grene vestement 
with birds of necdieworke upon the same. A vestement with 
two tunicles with arroes. A red vestement with blew gardes and 
roses of goulde. A blew vestement with two dalmatickcs for 
Lente. Another vestement of blew with tunicles for funerall 
dayes. Foure tunicles of grene damaske with S^ William's armes 
bearing the shrine. 

Copes in the upper house. Twelve white damaske copes 
with flowers of goulde and silk. A white coi)e of damaske with 
St Peter's keyes of needleworke. Three white copes with griffins 
of goulde upon them. Three white copes with estridge feathers 
wrought on the orphreys. Three oula white copes of clothe of 
goulde. One ould white cope with blacke orfreys. Two white 
copes with blacke spotts and red orfreys. Two ould copes of red 

Red copes there. Foure red copes with daises. A cope 
of changeable silk with grene orfreys. Another of changeable 
silk with images. A red cope with garlands of goulde. A red 
cope with hands of silk and goulde. Foure copes with crownes 
of goulde. Five copes of red bawdkin with grene flowers. Eighte 
copes of bawdkin with flowers and blew orfreys. Two red copes 
with lions. One ould red cope with angells. 

Blew copes. Fifteene damaske copes with riche orfreys with 
flowers upon them. Thirteeue copes of the same sute with 
bordered oifreys. Three ould blew copes with lions. One cope^ 
ex dono Richardi Laiton^ Decani. Two copes of blew bawdkin. 
Qrene copes. Foure copes for double feasts for standers. 
Two grene copes with flower de luces of goulde on the orfreys. 
Two other grene copes with grene orfreys. One ould cope of 
needleworke^ the orfrey clothe of goulde. Three ould grene copes 
of several sutes. 

White copes for queristers. Eleaven white copes for 

Blacke copes. Twoblacke damaske copes with sattin orfreys. 
One blacke damaske cope with feathers of goulde. Two worsted 
copes with red orfreys. Nine copes for queristers. A red cope 
and a yellow for queristers. Five ould oopes for collet. One 
ould cope of black velvet. A vestement of crimson velvet with a 
crosse of damaske goulde. Two tunicles of grene damaske 
bordered with angcUs and flowers. A double altar clothe of fine 
diaper. Two other of necdieworke, fine linen. Foure other 
clothes of diaper. A pair of curtaines of white sarcenett. A 

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pair more^ of blew sarcenett. A pair of erene, red and blew. 
Three fringes of blew^ grene> yellow and red. Two altar doths 
of red and blew yelvet with crosaes. Two other alter clothes of 
red silk with flowers of goulde. Two other alter clothes of cloth 
of tissewe. Two other of cloth of gonlde. Two other of white 
damaske. One alter cloth of red yelvet with crownes of goulde. 
Three spreading cloathes afore the table. Two red and one white 
with red crosses. Five blew^ one red, and one carpet worke. 

Mttbrs. The best myters in the cape onlyi beside the 
labell, 62 pointed diamonds; more in the same, 61 saphires, 62 
labesses (?); greate pearles sett in goulde about the cape 882. 
Two fimalls (?) of goulde with two great saphires and foure great 
pearles ; two labelles couched, all with pearle, with five and twenty 
saphires, 14 labesses (?), 26 pointed diamonds, and 119 great 
pearles. A mjrter sett with pearles and stones with two labelles. 
A riche myter given by Bishop Rotherame. A myter of white 

LYI. — Invbntory op thb platb within the Church op 
York, temp. Edw. VI. (MSS. Harl. 691. 84-6.) 

This inventorie indented and made the xx*^ daie of May, in 
the seconde ye^e of the reiene of our sovereigne lorde kinge 
Edwarde the sixte, conteynetn the homber and qtiantatie of all 
the plate and juelles of all the colleges, chantries, vree chappelles, 
fraternities, brotherhedds and glides, beinpe comme to thf) 
kinges majestic, by acte of parliament, withm the survey and 
circuite of Mathewe White, j^articular survejror of all the kinges 
majesties landes and possessions as well within the Cathedrall 
Chnrche and the citie of Yorke, beinge within the governance 
and survey of the court of th^augmentacods, and the revenues of 
the kings crowne, and howe remaigninge in th'ands and custody 
of the said Mathewe White, to the use of the kinges highnes.^ 

Saint Sepulchres Chappell within the Metropolitane Churche 
of Yorke ;t fi"t, one chalice all guiite, pond., xxii oz, di; item, 
one pixe guiite, weinge xvii oz ; item, one broken texte parcell 

* An inventory which shews us ho# lifcUe of the furniture belonging to the 
altars in the minster was now remaining. Mr. Stevens, in his supplement to the 
Monastioon, prints the returns of Uie endowments of the several chantries in the 

t In my list of the chantries in the minster St. Sepulchre's Chapel has not 
been inserted. It had a separate foundation and stalls of its own, and on that 
account, I ^d not meddle with it. The chantry in the Beddem was, also, distinct 
from tlie minster. 

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814 YORK FABRIC RO|.|<8. 

guilte, pond, x oz ; item, one othe^r chalice parcell guilte, pond. 
XV oz; item, one paier of sensers parcell guilte, xx oz; item, one 
olde bason unguiltej pond, xv oz, di. 

Diverse cliauntriea within tlie said Metropolitano Cburche of 
Yorke, th' incumbentes whereof were of (he fellowshippe of the 
collcdge of Saint William, commonlie called the parsonage there, 
founded at diverse alters in the said churche, viz. 

The ''two chantries at th'alter of All Saintes in the said 
churche — ther is but one chalice ther, guilte, weing xv oz, di. 
Saint Savior'^ in the litle rode lofte; one chalice ther parcell 
guilte, pond, xii oz. Saint Williams chauntries; one chalice 
ther, parcell guilte, pond, x oz. iij quarters. Saint Savior's and 
Saint Annes ; a chalice parcell guilte, pond, ix oz, di. Saynt 
Andrewe ; a qhallice parcell guilte, pond, ix oz. Saynt Agathe, 
Saynte Lucye & Saynte Soolastica; a cliallice parcel! guilte, 
pond, xii oz. Seynt John the Evangeliste ; a challice all guilte, 
pond, xii oz. Saynte Cutberte; a challice all guilte, pond. 
XV oz, di. St. Fridiswyde; a challice guilte, weinge xvi oz. 
Saynte Thomas th' Appostell; a challice parcell guilte, pond. 
ix oz. The chauutrie of Jesus and our Ladie; a challice parcell 
guilte, pond, xvii oz. St. MichelPs alter; a challice guilte, pond. 
XV oz. Twoo chauntries at th' alter of our Ladye; twoo chalices 
ther parcell guilte, pond, xvii oz. 

Diverse chauntries with in the saide churche founded at 
diverse alters there, th' incombentes whereof were of the college 
called the vicars choralles, otherwise the Bedderone. 

Th' alter of the Hollye Crosse; a challice ther parcell guilte, 
pond, vii oz. St. Agathe, ij chauntries ; one challice note guilte, 
pond, viii oz. Saynte Laurence ; one challice guilte, pond. xioz. 
St. James the More ; a challice parcell guilte, pond, viii oz. St. 
Paulyne ; a challice parcell guilte, pond, viii oz. di. St. George; 
a challice guilte, pond, xxviii oz. St. Edmonde ; a challice 
parcell guilte, pond, ix oz. St. John Evangeliste; a challice 
parcell guilte, pond, xxxif oz. Saynt John of Bcverlayc; a challice 
parcell guilte, pond, viu oz. St. John Evangelist b^de ou Ladie 
alter; a challice there parcell guilte, pond, x oz. The Trinitie 
in Bederne; a challice guilte, pond, xii oz. St. Blase alter; a 
challice parcell guilte, pond, viii oz. The Trinitie & the Ilollio 
Crosse; a challice guilte, pond, xv oz. St. Stephcyn's alter; a 
challice there guilte, pond, xvi oz. 

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TO THB Cathedral Church op York. 

MDcxYi.'*' — One Bilv^ bason, in the keeping of doctor 
Brooke,t changed for a bason and ewre guilt. Two standinge 
double ffuilt cuppes with covers. One double guilt plate. 
Eleaven long cushions made of old vestments and copes. Eight 
square lease cushions, sixe onely left. Two longe cushions of 
gold tissue, not filled : they are How filled. One lon^ cushion 
of velvet not filled. One canopye of cloath of gold with a redd 
and yellow silke fringe. Two silver flagons in the keeping of 
Mr. Deane. Sixe curtaines of crimson iaSetve : Mrs. Meriton^ 
hath them. Two longe doathes of gold and watched silke, to 
b^ laid before the high commissioners. § One cloath of gold 
to bee lud under the king^s cushion. One canopye of redd aud 
greene satten with a redd, ereene and yellow fnnge. Another 
cloath of silke with buckes heads tipon itt. Two coapes of gold. 
One cope of white satten. One pulpit cloath of velvet imbro- 
dered. A Communion death of damaske. One velvet chaire 
with a cushion laid therein. Three sutes of hangings for the 
quire, the one of white, and the other of redd, and another of 
blew. One Communion table cloath of diaper. One Com- 
munion booke with silke strings. One carpett over the table in 
the vestnre. Three little cushions. Two silver crownes guilt. 
Two napkins for the Commuiiion table. A black hood. 


Church bY Mr. Bunnt.|| Three silver plates for bread for the 
Communion, parcell guilt, and a blacke boxe for them. A Com- 
munion table cloath of linnen, with a firing about itt. Two pew- 

* This inventory was made on the 19ih of May, 1616, when Fnuicifl Lister 
beoame dork. 

f Precentor and prebendary of Bugthorpe and canon residenUiury. fie died 
on the 28rd of March, 1616-17, aged 49, and was buried in the minster. His 
books were valued at £48. 

t A mnddauffhter of Bishop Bande of Lincoln, and wife of Qeorge Meriton, 
Bean of York. From her deecended the Meritons of Castle LeTinfl:ton. The 
good lady left a great store of plate behind her. The " ScotUsh bowl '^ was given 
to her son Thomas. From him descended Oeorge Meriton, the author of Thd 
JSnglith Mogue and sereral other works. 

!The noblemen and gentlemen who oonstitnted the celebrated court at York. 
Bdmund Bunner, uie celebrated controyersialist, who according to Wood 
" was troubled with we diTinitv squirt." He was sub-dean of York and pre^ 
bendary of Wistow. In his curious will dated in February, 1612-18, he says 
"my bookes, the cheife of them or such as are meetest to that purpose, I give to 
the librarie of the Church of York, if ^e residensaries there shall tliinke good 
soe to make that use of Ihem; Ihe others to be soulde. To the Church of York 

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ther bottles with chaines. Three ewers of pewther. One fun- 
nell of pewther. Three writteu bookes. 

Things lately provided for tub Church. Sixe high 
stoolca with grccue cloath and fringed. Elcavcn satten cushions, 
redd and 5 grccue. Fower pewther candlestickes. 

MDcxxxiii-iv.^' — One guilt bason weighing 03 ounces and a 
quarter, price 31/. Is. Sd, Two flagon potts, guilt, weighing 
122 oz. dim. & dim. q., price 40/. 17t. 2a. One paire of guilt 
candlesticks, weighing 98} oz., price 82/. 18t. 44, Two chal- 
lices & 3 pattens, guilt, weighing 97^ oz. all bought at 6t. Sd. 
the ounce, price 82/. lO^.f Item, more plate, three litle silver 
boats. Two guilt challices w^ covers. One guilt plate. Two 
white canes and one great salt with three scroules on the topp 
of it, which Cannes and salt are used by the residentiaries at 
their owne houses. One great Bible imbossed w*^ silver & guilt 
covered with redd velvett. One Communion booke, with the 
like. One pall of doth of gould with fringe of silke, silver & 
gold, length three yards quarter & halfe quarter. One long 
doth of gould and silk, rose coloured and greene, foure vards 
long and one yeard broade. One other cloth of gold with the 
same coloured silke, length four yards, breadth one yarde & a 
halfe, with silke and gould fringe. One large Turkey carpet, 
breadth three yards, length five yards & halfe a quarter. Twelve 
long quishons made of old vestments & coupes. Two long 
quishons of gold tissue. Five quishons of redd sattan, & five of 
greene, and foure of white, and one olive coloured flowered, all 
of them square. One chaire and a quishon of purple velvett 
given by Mr. Swinburne.^ One velvet chaire and a quishon 
therein. Three old quishons. One carpet over the table in the 
vestrio. One canopy of cloth of gold, and one doth of gold for 
lyeing under the king's quishon, with redd greene and yealow 
silke fringe. § Two lone clothes of gold & watchet silke. One 
parte of a canouye of redd & ffreeue sattan. An other cloth silk 
with buck heaus upon it to be layd before the high commis- 

I give tho«6 dotliot and TetteUn that I use at a Communion for a table, but my 
Communion cuppei to the ohuroh of Wistowe." Many of his books are now in 
the minster library : in one of thorn tliere is the autoKraph of Queen Elisabeth. 

* This inventory was drawn up when Wm. Ambler entered upon the offioe 
of clerk of the vestry, on Jan. 16, 1683-4. It is written on a roU of pardunent, 
and has, also, been registered among the leases of the Dean and Chapter. 

t In this year, as will be seen hereafter, Charles I. i^^propriated to the use of 
the minster a fine of £1000 which had been imposed in the High Commission 
court at York. Part of this sum was laid out in London in providing books, 
plate and decorations for the altar. 

I Henry Swinburne, the c^brated author and Uwyer. 

, ThcHO were given bv the City in honour of James I. when he came to York 
on his way Arom Scotland (Draks, 65). 

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sioners. Two coapes of gould^ one of white sattan. One pulpet 
doth of velvett imbrodered. One Communion table cloth of 
damaske. One of lynn & a diaper napkin all fiinged. One 
table doth of purple fringed with nlke firinge. Six stooles of 
greene carsy fringed. Fowre pewter candlesticks. One clothe 
of damaske branched with stripes. 3 ewers of pewter & cases 
of leather for them. 8 lynn clothes for rubbing the plate. 2 
suits of hangeinges for the quire, th'one of blew, th'other of redd. 
Nine peices of old hangings, white. Two old Communion 
books. One blacke hoode. Two guilt crownes.^ 

HDCLXxxi.f — For the alter table, two sutes of hangings and 
a footte doth of tapestry, and two litle formes with two carpits 
for them. Pulpitt cloth and cushing. 2 cushings and 1 cloth 
for ye Bishop's throne. 14 ttrest cushings. 26 Uttle cushings. 
2 rowlcs of bass and 6 short bases. 8 brass branshes with six 
sokets a pece, and 8 cords to hang them in. 1 Bible and Com- 
mon Prayer book for ye alter table host with silver and gilt. 8 
Common Prayer books. 1 cantoapy of doth of gould. 1 white 
satton cope. 1 little Tclvitt cushing for ye alter table. 1 little 
red satton cloth. 2 Communion cloths, linn, and 1 diaper, and 1 
little doth to 1^ over the plate. 1 little silver plate gilt. 2 
silver candle sticks. Ulphus home. 2 brass crownes. 2 sutes 
of hangings for ye quire, red & blue. 1 sute of hangings white 
with roses. The Bishop's chare. 1 carpitt cloth of the vestry 
table. In the iner vestrr 1 great chare, 6 stooles, 1 carpitt, 
fireshovell & tongs. A buckett att the Vestry well. 4puter 
candle sticks. 8 lb. of wax candle called tapers. 2 bands of 
wax candles called sices. 8 dozen and | of candles for ye 
branches coted with wax. 2 dozen & 1 lb. of small tallow 

There are also belonging to the said church 2 large silver 

* These bad been presented to James I. by the City. 

f This inventory was taken Nov. 11, 1681, when Nicholas Procter became 
vestry derk. Shortly before this the church had sustained a grei^ loss. On the 
night of Feb. 6, 1676, the vestry was broken into and the plate in the closets was 
carried off. The offender was never discovered. To supply the deficiency, Arch- 
bishop Sterne gave to the minster bv will, in 1688, a ^t bason, two gilt flagons, 
one giH paten and agilt chalice with cov^ all weighing 218 ounces. His suc- 
cessor. Archbishop iSolben, according to Qont, gave 196 ounces of plate to the 
ohurcii. Archbishop Lamplugh was also a groat bonofkotor. Mr. Browne says 
that he ^ve to the minster '* a covering for the communion table, of crimson 
velvet, nobly adorned with gold and (Huge, with a velvet hanging for the beck of 
the altar ; three pieces of fine tapestry for the same use, namely, one containing 
Moses found by rharaoh's daughter ; one representing God sending manna from 
heaven to the Israelites ; and the thvrd shewing Moses smiting the rock." It is 
to be observed that, after the robbery, no plate was kept in the vestry under the 
care of the derk. 

Digitized by 



challicca for the communion & 2 patina of silver which are in 
the custody of the residentiaries. 

UDcxci.* — Bblonqinq to yb altab : Inprimisi one peice of 
crimson velvety fringed with gold placed at the back of ye said 
altar; one covering or cloth for ye table of crimson velvet im- 
broidered and fringed with gold; two crimson velvet quishions; 
one Bible and one Common Prayer booke embossed with silver 
and guilded with gold; one other Bible and Common Prayer 
booke with silver glasps; more, two Common Prayer bookes 
bound in redd Turkey leather; two dozen of greene quishons 
bottomed with red leather used before ye railes of ye altar; 
eight quishions used within ye railes ; more, used in the chapter 
house, six ; more, in the vestry, foure ; two damask table cloths 
and one plaine table cloth fringed, with four cloths to lye over 
ye bread and wine, and two napkins. 

In the Cuubch. — Item, three large quishions placed before 
the archdeacon^s seates on the north side of ye said Church; 
three other large cushions placed on the precentor's side with 
foure litlo quishions to sitt on, and, alsoe, three large quishions 
on ye Dean's side with foure litle ones there. 

In thb innbb vbstby. — Item, one great chaire and six 
stooles covered with greene, with table and carpett cloth, to- 
gether with fire shovell, tongs and bellows, and alsoe foure 
pewter candlesticks and a chamber pott. 

In the outeb yestby. — Item, two setts of hangings for the 
quire, the one redd and ye other blew ; two sutes of old hangings 
for the altar ; five litle quishions, and three larger of velvett, 
and two large Irish stitcht quishions lyeing in a cope chest 
there; two large Common Prayer bookes guilt; one white sattin 
cope ; one canopy cloth of gold ; two cooper crowns guilded, 
with Ulphus home; one old pulpitt clotn and quishiou; one 
hanging for the Archbishop's throne with two quishions to lye 
before him ; one Scarlett hood and capp ; a chaire wherein ye 
Archbishop is inthroncd and an old carpett over ye tabic there. 

Shaken when Oswald Langwith became derk of the vestry 
e suspension of Nicholas Proctor.) 

• This lift was made Deo. 22, 1691, when Oswald Lang^with became derk of 
the Testry, Nicholas Proctor having been suspended. 

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LVIII. — ^Thb contract and charo^s for setting up thb 


Artides of agreement indented^ made, concluded and agreedj 
upon the one and twentieth day of March, anno Domini 1632^ 
betweene the right worshippful John Scot, doctor of diyinitie> 

* We haTe now the oontraot and the ohargee for setting up the organ in the 
minster in ^e earlier part of the reign of Charlee I. They occor in the register 
of the leoses of the Bean and Chapter hetween the years 1624 tod 1640. Mr. 
Croese has aheady given them, hut hv no means aoourately, in his account of the 
groat musioal festiviy in the minster in 1826. 

a {tears that on the 26th of July, 1681, a fine of £1000 was Tery properly 
in the oourt of the high oonmiission at York on Bdward Paler of Thoraldbyi 
iiire esquire, for the crime of inoeet which he had committed with ma 
sister's daughter, Blisabeth wife of Francis Bulmer. The Bean and residentiaries 
ask the king to crant this fine to them for " repeireing th^ mines of the said 
Gathedrall Church, for setting up a new orgui, for fUmishing and adorning the 
altar, and enhabling them to mainteyne a library keeper.*' Their request was 
granted on the 28 I^ot., 1682, and in the following document we see how ^e 
money was laid out 

In 1684 two travelling parties paid a visit to York : each of them has left us aU 
account of their journey and a deecription of the York organ. Sir Wul Brereton 
speaks of a very stately organ lately erected in the minster-quire, under which is 
written, " Denedictus Deus patrum nostrum. Qui dedit in conle regis ut adomaret 
domum suam." 

In the extetusts from the journal of the three Norwich ^ntlemen which are 
given in the Oraphie IttuHraior there is the following descnption of the minster 
on a Sunday. 

" We heard a domestical chaplain of the Lord Archbishop's preach, ^e pulpit 
standing in the midst betweene tne quire, high altar, Archbiwop's seat and organ* 
of which we are able to give an account, as we are bound. There we saw and heara 
a (kire, large, high organ, newly built, richly guilt, carv'd and painted ; a deep and 
sweet snowy robe of quiristers, a Paul's creese auditory : the Lord Mavor in his 
golde ohaine, with his 12 grave brethren, 2 sheriflb, 2 Esqrs., vizi, the sword 
bearer, and his left hand marcher with the great mace, ^e recorder, many seijeants 
with small maces, etc. The gentile vice-president^ with his grave and learned 
counselle. discreet knights, his mace and guard, representing (next under the Lord 
President, now Lord Lieutenant of IreUnd) a prince : many other worthy knishts 
and gallant ladies that reside in that old ci^ beiuff most there present, with their 
han<uome retinue, did represent a second Ix>ndon.^' 

There is anotner description of the organ and minster, under verv diflbrent 
circumstances, which I cannot reArain fh>m giving. It is to be found in a very 
curious and scarce volume called MuncVt MotmmmU, written by Thomas Mace, 
one of the lay-clerks in the chapel of Trinity College in Cambridge, and published 
in 1676, in folio. It is very picturesque and interesting, and shews, among other 
things, the antiquity of the custom which still prevails of singinff a psalm before 
the sermon. The author is speaking of the best psalm singing that he nad heard — 
" The time when was in ^e year 1644, the place where was in the stateW Cathedral 
Church of the loyal cify York. The occasion of it was the great and close siogo 
which was then bud to that oitv and strictly maintained for eleven weeks' space 
by three v^ notable and considerable great armies. By this occasion, there were 
shut up within that cit^ abundance of people of the best rank and ouality, vis., 
lords, knights and gentlemen of the countries round about, besides the souldiers 
and citiiens, who all, or most of them, came constantly every Sunday to hear publick 
prayers and sermon in that spadous Church. And indeed their number vras so 
etceedingly great, that the Church was (I may say) even cramming or squeesing 

Digitized by 



Peane of the Cathedrall and M^tropoliticall Chiurch of St. Peter 
of Yorke ; Pkinees Hodaon^ doctor of divinitie, chancellor and 
canon resident!^ of the said Church ; George Stanhope, doctor 
of dtviuityj precentor and canon residentiary of the same Chnrch, 
and Henry Wickham, doctor of divinitie, archdeacon of Yorke 
and canon residentiary of the said Chnrch, of the one party, and 
Rohert Dallam, citizen and blacksmith of London, of the other 
party, touchinge the makeinge of a great organ for the said 
Church, as followeth. 

The names and number of the stoppes or setts of pipes for the 
said great organ to be new made, every stopp oontaineinge fiftie 
one pipes, the said great organ oontaineinge eight stoppes. 

In primis, two open diapasons of tynn to stand in sight, many 
of them to be chased, 80/. Item, one diapason stopp of wood, 
10/. Item, two principalis of tynn, 2il. Item, one twelfl to the 
diapason, 8/. Item, one small principall of tynn, 6/. Item, one 
recorder unison to the said small principall, 6/. Item, one two 
and twentieth 5/. Item, the great sound board with conveyances, 
windchestcs, carryages and conduits of lead, 40/. Item, the 
rowlcr board, carryages and kcyes, 20/. 

full. Now here you must take notice, that Uiey then had a custom in that Ohurch 
(which I hear not of in any other Cathedral) which was that always^ hefore the 
sermon, the whole congregation sang a psalm, together with the quire and the 
organ ; and vou must also know, that there was then a most excellent large- 
plump-lusty-mU-speaking-organ, which cost (as I am credibly informed) a 
thousand pounds. This organ, I say (when the Psalm was set before the sermon) 
being let out into all its Ailness of stops, together with the quire, began the psalm. 
But when that Tast oonohording unify of the whole congregational chorus- came 
(as I may say) Uiundering in. even so as it made the very ground shake under 
us ; (oh tlie unutterable raYishing soul's delight !) in the whiuh I was so trana- 
ported and wrapt up into high contempUUions, that there was no room left in my 
whole man, vis. body, soul and spirit, for anything below divine and heavenly 
rapture. If at any time or place, such a congregated number could perform such an 
outward service to the Ahnighfy, with true-ardent-inward-devoiion, fervency and 
affoctionate>aeal, in expectation to have it accepted by Uim ; doubtless it ought to 
be believ'd, that it might be and was done there and Uion. Because that at that 
time, the desperateness and dismaidness of Uieir danger oould not but draw them 
hito it, in regard the enemy was so very near, and fierce upon tliom, eqicoially on 
that side the city where the Church stood, who had planted their great guns so 
mischievously against the Church, and with whiioh constantly in prayers' time they 
would not 5ul to make their hellish disturbance, by shooting against and battering 
the Church, in so much that sometimes a canon bullet has come in at the windows 
and bounc'd about from pillar to pillar, (even like some fjirious fiend or evil spirit) 
backwards and forwards, and all manner of dde-ways, as it has happened to meet 
with square or round opposition amongst the pillars, in its returns or .rebounds, 
untill Its foroe has been quite spent. And here there is one thing most eminently 
remarkable, and well worth noting, which was, that in all the whole time of the 
siege, there was not any one person (that I could hear of) did (in the Church) 
receive the least harm by any of their devilliah canon shot : and I verily believe, 
Uiere wsre constantly many more then a tliousand persons at thai service every 
Sunday, during the whole tune of that siege." 

Digitized by 



The names and numbers of stoppes of pipes for the chaire 
organ, every stopp containeinge fifty one pipes, the said chaire 
organ containeinge five stoppes. 

In primis, one diapason of wood, 10/. Item, one prindpall 
of tynn to stand in siffht, many of them to be chased, 12/. Item, 
one flute of wood, 81. Item, one small priiicipall of tynn, 6/. 
Item, one recorder of tynn unison to the voice, 8/. Item, the 
sound board, windchest, draweinge stoppes, convevances and 
conduits, 80/. Item, the rowler board, carriages, and keyes, 10/. 
Item, the three bellowes with winde trunckes and iron workes 
and other thinffes thereto, 16/. Summe totall 207/. 

It is agreed by and betweene the parties above said, and the 
said Robert Dallam doth covenant, promise, and grant, for him, 
his executors and administrators, to and with the saide Deane and 
canons residentiary above named, by these presents, that he the 
said Robert Dallam, his executors and administrators, shall and 
will well and sufficiently, and workemanlike, new make and 
finislie the said organs in every the particulars before mencionedi 
acoordinge to the true intent and meaninge hereof, before the 
feast of the nativitie of Saint John Baptist which shall be in the 
yeare of our Lord Ood 1684. In consideracion of which worke 
undertaken to be done, as aforesaid, the said Deane and canons 
residentiary above named have paid unto the said Robert Dallam, 
in hand, 100/; and doe promise to pay unto him the residue of 
the said surome of 297/| as soone as the said worke shall be 
finished ; and for the more speedy finisheinffc of the said worke, 
the said Deane and residentiaries are pleased to appointe the said 
Robert Dallam some convenient roome neare unto the said 
Cathedrall Church to worke in : and, further, the said Deane and 
residentiaries, doe promise to pay to the said Robert Dallam, 
toward the chatgeA of himselfe and servants in comminge from 
London hither aboute the said worke, the summe of 6/. In witnes 
whereof the parties above said to these present articles indented 
have interchangeably sett their hands ana scales the day and yeare 
first above written. 

Anno Domini 1684. The accompt of John Ranson^ chambcr- 
laine of the Cathedrall and Metropoliticall' Church of St. Peter 
of Yorke, for the summe of £1000 given by our most gracious 
soveraigne lord Charles by the grace of God kingo of Bngland, 
etc., for the makeinge of an organ, and provision of othe^ 
ornaments for the said Church. 

Received the said summe of m.l. 

Paid as foUoweth. 

To Sir George Radclifie, knight, his ma**" atturucy, in the 
Northe, which he disbursed at London^ in fees and guiftes to 

Digitized by 



officers aboute the oourte for passinge of his miyesties letters 
patents^ under the great seale^ for the grant of the said summe 
of 1000/., 50/. Paid to Thomas Mottershed, gent., receive^ of 
bis roa^ fynes in the high commission courtCi by composicion 
with him for liis narte of the said summe of 1000/., it beinge a 
fine imposed by that oourte, 100/. Paid to the most reverend 
father in Ood Kichard by God's providence Lord Archbishop of 
Yorke, etc, which his grace disbursed at London for plate, bookes, 
vestments and other thinges bought by him at London and sent 
downe hither for the Church, the particulars whereof are set 
downe in his graces accompt under his hand,^ the summe of 

* A bill of moneys reoeivod and disbursed for ye Aimiture sent downe for 
Torke Churobe. 

Bbobivbd. 1682. 

Jan 25. 1001. 

. 01 
. 0} 
. oj 

Feb. 9. 60 . . V 210/. . 

Mar. 22. 60 


Feb. 25. Mar. 15, for 5 m. of leafe gold, sent to Torke, 201. 16s. 9d. 1638, 
Apr. 1. J^ y# J\ronU9, For 8 yards of greene oloib of gold and 10 yards dL of 
rose colour doib of gold ; at 28s. ye yard, 21 J. 6s. 6d. For 15 yards of fine buck- 
rom, at 16d. ye yard, to liue ye frontes, \h For 28 os. & qr. of gold fringe, at 5s. 
lOd. tbe 02., and 4 os. qr. of silk fringe, at 2s. ye os., and for silk and workman- 
ship of making them up, 20s. 8<. 8s. lOd. F6r a large Turky oarpet, 9<. To ye 
upholsters man 8d. 

TIU book*. For a yard and di. of orimsin TelTet to ooTer them, II. 16b. For 
ye booke of Common prayer and ordinacion, in sheets^ 4s. 6d. For binding of ye 
2 bookes 1^. For ye goldsmith's worke, silver and guilding about ve two bookes, 
weighing 62 os., for which he demanded 8s. ye os., but he was made to take lease, 
Tis. 201. 

The plats JifT y# Oowmnnion tabU. For guilt plate weighing 412 oi. dL qr. at 
6s. 8d. ye os., 1871. 7s. 6d. For graving ye armes etc. upon ye pUOe, 6s. 8d. For 
cases for ye plate, 40s. For ye trunke they were sent downe in, 12s. The porter 
and paper to pack it up, 8s. 6d., which comes to 140/. 98. 8d., of which was paid 
189/. 16s. Od. Bote hire and going about his businesse, 6s. 


So rests due more than was received, 18/. 8s. Sd. 

B. Ebob: 

80 Maii 1688. Beceived 18/. 8s. 8d, the remaynder of this bill, laid out by 
mv Lord Archb* of Yorke, as above said, I say received for his grace use 18/. 8s. 
Sd. Bdw. LiTBunr. 

Speaking of this plate. Sir Wm. Brereton says that the verger '< shewed us a 
rich gilt baAn k ewer, and two fkir bowls with plates to cover them, gilt ; these 
be made use of when the sacrament of the Lord's supper is administered, and, as 
he said, they cost the king 800/. or 400/." This, we see, was an exaggeration. 

The three Norwich p^ntlemen tell us ** The sumptuous ornaments A vest- 
ments belonging to this Cathedrall are careftilly kept in the vestry ; vis*> the 
gorgeous canopie, the rich communion table cloths, the coapesof embroider'd vel- 
vet, cloth of gold, silver and tissue, of great worth and value. There m'* verger 
show'd St. Peter's diaire fw*^ we made bold to rest in] wherein all the Arch- 
bishops arc instaird : two double-gilt coronets, the tops with globes and crosses to 

Digitized by 



228/. 8s. 4d. whereof this accomptant had received for some of 
the Churches old plate sold 60/.^ soe there was sold out of the 
money given by his mat^, 1741. Paid to William Slater and 
Daniell Beacbcke, painters^ upon agreement^ by articles^ for 
couloureinge and guildinge the screene behinde the alter^ 24/. 
To Edward Horsley for joyninge in the same worke atid supply- 
inge the wants of the first undertakers^ 6/. To Doctor Stanhope^ 
June 8, 1688^ which he had paid to Edward Horsley for wonce 
by him done in the quier^ 20b. More^ paid to the said Edward 
Horsley, Nov. 4, 1683, upon his note, for worke done aboute the 
screene and the alter, 61s. Paid, March 2, 1682, for eight 
bookes oontaineinge 200 leaves of gold for guildinge the screene, 
at 8s. an hundred, 16s. For five bookes, 10s. Paid the 14th of 
March, 1682, foure bookes of gold, at 2s. 6d. a booke, 8s. 8d. 
Paid, March 81, 1688, to Mr. Ralph Hindmars, derko of the 
workes, which he had paid to a joyner upon his note, for worke 
done aboute the tables for the commanudements and the screene, 
and for boards and other inkterialls used aboute the same worke, 
6/. 10s. 6d. Paid to Robert Metcalfe, joyner, 20 Feb. 1682 for 
worke done aboute the said tables and screene, 2s. 6d. More to 
him. May 11th, 1688, upoii his note, 9s. 8d. Paid, Aprill 18th, 
1688, to William Wilson, joyner, for worke doh6 at the screen^, 
29s. 8d. Paid, May 10th, 1688, to Mr. Ralph Hindmars, for 
Worke done at the screene by the joyner. plummer k smith, for 
deales etc., 16/. 18s. lid. Paid 11th May, 1688, to Mr doctor 
Stanhope which he gave to one of my Lord's Grace's servants 
tot his paines in riveinge some directions for the doathes aboute 
the alter, 6s. Paid, May dOth, 1688, foi' six pounds of flurry for 
couloureinge the screene> 8s. — Summa 69/. 46. 6d. — Paid to Mr. 
Robert Bwom of London, blacksmith, upon articles with him 
for makeinee the organ, 802/. Paid more to him when the organ 
was fihished, 6/. Paid to Richard Feilder, carpenter, upon arti- 
cles with him, for makingb the organ loft, 80/. Paid to hini 
which he disbuhicd for leiSihge ti loadd of timber to the Church 
for the said loft, 29s. 6d. Paid Jan^ 2^ 1688 to ihi said Richard 
Feilder, by Mr doctor Stanhope's appointment, for worke done 
at the organ loft, more then was covenanted by hinl, vis., for 
carveinge the arches and bendants, 40s. More, paid 29th March, 
1684, for worke done by hini at the organ loft, more than cove- 
set on oithor lide of liiii moe, upon lib myd innttlment, when bo iakos lib oaUi : 
tlieso aro oslled his dignltiefl. in this oonseorated place Is a daintlo, sweet, clooro 
well, called St. Peter's well, of w**" Wee tested for the Saint's sake. But heero 1 
must not forget to tell jrou what rich plate wee saw w^ is kept also in the 
vestry, A. was given by our now most gracious soveraigne, in his progresse into 
Scotland, worthy of a royall marginall observation.*^ The pUit« is now gone, 
but the richly ornamented books are still preserved in the minster. 

Y 2 

Digitized by 



nant, 4/. Ss. 4d. Paid, August 1, 1688, to two labourers for 
bringinge furdeales from Mr. Becke's iu Thursdaymarkett to the 
Minster, 8s. 4d. Paid to Richard Feilder which be disbursed 
for loadinge throe wayne loads of tymber from Langwitli, 7s. Od. 

Paid, 25 Sop. 1083, to Mr. Dallom for of dcales bought 

of Mr Becke, 5/. lOs. To Ch'* Richardson, carver, for himsdfe 
find his man, for their charges in comeinge from Durham hither, 
and bringinge their tooles with them, \Qs, 4d. Paid to the said 
Ch*' for himselfe & his man, for workein^ at the organ case, at 
the rate of 20s a weeke for 52 weekes, viz, the first beginninge 
the 2^ of September, 1688, and the last endinge the 18th of 
October, 1684, 52/. To him, more, for worke, 20s. 8d. Given to 
him, at his goeinge away the 20th of November, 1684, by Mr 
doctor Stanhope^s appointment, 40s. To Francis Harrison, 
joyner, for makeinge the canopy over the organ, 61. Paid to him 
for mflJceinge the gallery aboute the chaire organ, 5/. Paid to 
him for workeinge by day about the organ loft and the font, vis 
for cxxxix dayes & halfe a day^ 18/. 19s. Paid to him for sawe- 
inge two deales for the organists cupbord, 6d. Given to him at 
his goeinge away, 20s. To William Wilson, joyner, upon agree- 
ment, for worke and stuflfe aboute the organ case, 46/. Paid 
July 26th, 1684 to the said William Wilson, for nailes etc. used 
aboute the gallery, 53s. 4d. Paid to him forsealinge hordes and 
other thin^es used aboute the*organ loft, 8/. 10s. Paid to him 
for latt nailes, 2s. Paid to him for boards, etc, and worke done 
at the funt and the canopie over the organ, 22s. 4d. Paid to him 
for makeinge pyramides for the toppes of the organ, and for other 
worke aboute the same, 9s. Paid, 8 May 1684, to Paull Eller- 
becke, carpenter, for one dayes worke, 14d. Paid, 10 May 1684, 
to two joyners for worke done aboute one of the pillars under the 
organ, 12s. 6d. Paid to Mr Becke, marchant, for 60 deales for 
the canopy over the organ (whereof 40 were whole and 20 slitt) 
8/. 5s. Paid, 11th Feb. 1688, to Mr Robert Dallom which he 
disbursed for planckes, stoothes and railes for the canopie over 
the organ, 8/. 58. 8d. Paid, 81 ;ruly 1684, to him for deales for 
the canopie, vis, for tenn slitt deales & two whole deales, 148. 6d. 
Paid to Thomas Haggas & Michaell Hindle, masons, for worke- 
inge at severall tymes at the pillars adjoyneinffe about the organ, 
and other worke aboute the same, 5/. 8s. Paid, 27th Dec' 1684, 
to Henry Mangy, locksmith, for worke done aboute the organ, 
85s. Paid, May 9 1634, to Ch'- Mangy, locksmith, for iron 
worke aboute the scaifolds and the canopy over the organ, 17s. 
8d. Paid, Oct. 31 1634, to the said Henry Mangy, for worke 
aboute the organ, 12s. 6d. Paid to Edward Turner, labourer, 
for workeinge 92 days, 8/. Is. 4d. To Wm Mason, labourer. 

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for three dayes^ 18d. Paid, Dec. 11 1688, for the loane of two 
pulleyes for the organ worke, ISd. Paid, 8th March 1688, for 
800 of tenn penny nailea used abonte the canopy, 2s. 6d. For 
two seckes of lyme, 16d. For half a hundred of tenn penny 
nales for scaffoldinge, 5d. For a secke of lyme, 8d. For nailes, 
15d. For 12b. of candles bought for the use of Ch'* Richardson 
the carver, 5b. 7d. Paid, 8th Oct' 1684, for borroweinge of cer- 
taine powles at the Manner and carryeinge them home againe, 
68. 8d. To Wm Davy, pinner, for nailes, 2s. 9d. To Mr Babb, 
painter, for worke done aboute the organ, 100/. Paid, Slst 
Dec. 1688, to Mr Robertt Dallom which he disbursed foroollors, 
callicoe and other thinges used by Mr. Babb and the carvet, 268. 
6d. To John Powell, servant to Mr Babb, at his goeing upp 
to London, 208. Paid to Mr Babb for worke done at the font 
and the dyall of the clocke, 10/. Paid, Dec. 24 1684, to the said 
John Powell for painteinge the railes aboute the font, 408. To 
Wm Wilson, ioyner, for worke done aboute the font & stuflTe 
used aboute the same worke, 6/. 168. 7d. Paid, Jan. 9 1684, to 
Edward Mangy for iron worke about the font, 2/. Is. Summe 
of all payments and allowances aforesaid 1016/. 6s. lid. 


Dean and Chapter op York.* [Register of Leases, 1624 — 
1640. 114. b.] 

Charles R. 
Trusty and welbeloved, wee greet you well. When wee 
were lately in our Cathedral Church of St. Peter's in Vorke, 

* In tilie monUi of May, 1688, ChMrles I. visitod York on hif wsjr to Scotland. 
Brake givw a long account of his splendid reception in the city. There is, how- 
eyer, an offidal description of the visit with which Drake was unacquainted and 
which I now give. It occurs at the commencement of the first of the iwen 
Tolumee of annotations on the liturgies which were compiled by that most learned 
and little-known scholar, Marmaduke Fotherffill. These Tolumes are worthy of 
a careful examination. Fothergill transcribed this account into his book from 
the acts of the Dean and Chapter. 

1688. The king's reception at York Minster. Before tilie king's ooming to 
Yorl^ ill the digni&ries and prebendaries of the Church were summoned to 
appear in a genml Chwpter on the 22nd dftv of May, 1688, and none then (ex- 
cepting D* Cosens, arohdoaoon of the East Riding) appearing, they were pro- 
nounced and dedared €6 be contumacious, etc. ; and tne act upon his coming is 

Die Veneris 24^, tIs., die mensis Mail, anno Domini 1688, illustrifisimus in 
Christo princeps, dominus noster Carolus, Dei gratia etc., cum n lurimis prooeri- 
bus et magnatibus hi:gus regni comitatus, et pompa regia pnenilgens, ad hano 

Digitized by 



there to give God thanks for our safety thus farr onward of our 
journey towards Scotland, wee observed at the west end of that 
Church, where wee entred, certaine houses built on either side 
close upon the woll^ and one within the very cross isle, which 
wee conceive tend much to the detriment of the Church, and 
altogether to the disgrace of that goodly fabricke. After this^ 
lookeinge aside, wee sawe the like meane tenementes in many 
places erected upon the south side of the Church, which gave us 
cause to enforme our selfe of that great abuse in buildeing houses 
and stables with their uncleane passages a great deale too neare 
to the house of God. Wee likewise observed, when wee came 
up into the quire, that there had been a removeing of divers 
seates, which, wee after understood, were placed there for the 
use of the wy ves of the Deaue and prebends and other woemen 
of quality, and, particularly one seat remayneing which indoseth 
three or fower stalls belonseing to the archdeacons and pre- 
bends; all which seates, and that especially, cannot but bee a 
great trouble to the service in the Church, and a great blemish 
to soe goodly a auire, as wee found yt to bee, and doe utterly 
dislyke that such seats as they should any way be continued 
there. Our expresse will and pleasure, therefore, is, and soe 
wee will and commaund, that neither you, the D^ne and Chapter 
*for the time being, nor any other Deane and Chapter that shall 
hereafter bee, doe either cause or suffer any dwelling house, 
stable, or other edyfice to be built within or against any part of 
that our Cathedral Church aforesaid, or the quire or chapter 
house of the same, and, further, that neither you nor they 

oivitatem, £bor., (Deo duoe,) avdntavit ; ei per portam aiue vulgo dioitur Hiode- 
gate Bar, civiiatem ingrefisus, ad hano eodesiam CatUedralem et MetropoUtioam 
Sanoti Petri Ebor. recta, devenit; qui, ut primum peryeniBset, diaoendebat e 
curru, <^em ad vitandam pluviam oonaoendiflset, et (ad P) ostiiini ocoidentale 
ejusdem Eodesie, flexia gembui, Deum Omnipotentem, per Quern reges regnant 
et prindpes dominantur, adoravit. Et deinae in Ecolesiam paulo progreaus, 
oonftitttubat proiK) laviorum aou bi^tinterium, ubi vonorabilii vir Qonrioua Wiok* 
bam 6.T.P. orobidiaotmus Ebor. et oaiumious renidotitiariui Ui^us Eodosiv, 
(douiino rogo in oaUiodra ibidem parata priui diaoiuiibouto), oratione Latina 
advuntum rogium gratulatur: qua oratione Anita, amurgent rex ]^rooe«it in 
cborum, venerabilibui viria Jouanne Soot 8.T.P., Dooano dioUo Ecdefie, Georgio 
Stanhope S.T.P., pnooontore, Phinia Hodgion, oanoeUario, ao pre&to Hennoo 
Wickham, S.T.P., et aliis oanoniois diot» Eoolesiio veUunen aeu oanopeum baoulie 
dear^ntatia impoaitum, auper dominnm regem atantibua : et peraotia aolemniter 
divinia reoeaait in navem Bcdeaiio, et oanopcNo, ut prefertur, elato, ambukvit in 
domum oapitularem, et inde reveraua oum in medio ambulaoro pauliaper ambu- 
laasot, profeotua ad manerium aeu palatium Sanotn Mari» Ebor. 

The firuita of thia ?iait were aome yery proper ordera to the Bean and Ohapter 
about their Cathedral. Charlea, at the aame time, took the opportunity orad- 
minUfcering a aharp rebuke to the Ohapter and the Arc'.hbiahop for waating their 
revenuea and aggrandising themaelvea by luug leaaea in whioh their (He^ and 
kinamen had an Odpeoial interoat. 

Digitized by 



renew any lease or leases of any of the houses, stables or other 
edifyces whatsoever, which are already built against the wallei 
of the said Church, quire or chapter house, for any yeare oi^ 
term of yeares whatsoever, but that yee suffer the leases now 
running to expire, and then pull downe the houses, or sooner if 
any shidl be soe well minded to the Church as to relinquish their 
dwelling, but wee will that the house within the cross isle be 
forthwith pulled downe. And our further express will and com- 
mand is, that the seate which incloseth the stalles aforesidd bd 
presently taken downe, and set upp noe inore, as alsoe that 
all the seats which were now taken downe against our conieing 
(the Lord Archbishop's throne excepted^ be never sett up againe, 
that soe the quire may ever remaine in its auncyent beauty : and 
yet that woemen of Quality may hdve fayre and free iuscess 
thither to performe their service to God, our expresse will and 
pleasure is, that there be a fayre seate left or made upon th^ 
north side of the quire, above the stalls, for the Lord President's 
lady and her company and noe other : and, likewise, that there 
be moveable benches or chajrres for other woemen of quallity, 
when they come to church, which may be putt into the vestry 
or some other convenient place, at all such tymes as they are 
not used. And, lastly, our express command is that these our 
lettres be kept safe by you the Deane and Chapter in the place 
where you keepe your evydehces; and, further, that a copie be 
likewise transcribed by your officer and delivered to our right 
trusty and wellbeloved counsellor, the most reverend father in 
Gk>d, Richard now L' Archbishop of Y6rk, and soe to every 
Archbishopp from tyme td tyme, that he and they, succe8sivelv> 
mav have care of die perforhiance of this our wiU and commana ; 
and all this wee stricUy etajoyne yow, the Dean^ and Chapter, 
carefully to obey and putt in execucion in every part, accoraing 
to our roTall intencion before expressed, to the honor of (}oa 
and His house, as yow or any of you wiU answere the neglect 
hereof in any particuler at your utmost perill. Given at our 
palace in Yorke, May the 27th, and in the ninth yeare of our 

To our trusty and wellbeloved the Deane and Chapter of our 
Cathedrall Church of Sanct PeteFs in our cittie of Yorke. 

II. Trusty and wellbeloved, wee greet you well. At our late 
being in Yorke wee tooke order bv our letters that noe seat or 
seats should be sett above the stalls on either side of the quire, 

Digitized by 



save onely the Archbishop's throne on the one side^ where the 
Ix)rd President sitts with the Lord Archbishop, and one seat on 
the othqr syde for the Lord President's lady and her company : 
and this woo did command that the quire might be kept in its 
auncient beauty and not be fill^ up with so many seates. 
How, for this buisines, though wee tooke all the care wee could, 
yet because the time of our stay was but short, wee cold not 
enforme ourselfe so throughly of eveiy circumstance as wee in- 
tended to have done, for since, wee nnde that the seate which 
was lately appointed for the counsell of fee in ordinary, and 
stood just berore the place where the Lord President sitts, may 
well be sett up againe, without any disgrace to the quire, because 
it doth not goe further into the breadth then the stalles and 
seats before them doe, and wee further fynde that if they have 
not a seat by themselves the company is many tymes so great 
that they can have litle oir noe roome m the stalls ; but the reason 
that moves ua most is to take of all dislikes which were like to 
arise about choyce of places in the Church between barronets, 
knights and our counsell of fee, which might perhaps breed 
differences amongst them, to the great disturbance of the country 
and of our service there especially. Our express will and 
pleasure, therefore, is, in this perticuler, to dispense with our for- 
mer letters; and wee doe hereby commaund you, the Deane and 
Chapter, to see this seat sett up againe, in decent manner, before 
the place where the Lord President pitts, but to take care that the 
seat be not too high, and that it extend not into the breadth be- 
yond the auncyeut stalles and seats, and for your soe doeing this 
shall bee your sufficient warrant, but for all other perticulers 
whatsoever wee will have our former letters fully obeyed. Given 
at our court at Edinburgh this two and twentieth of June in the 
niueth yearc of our raigne, 1638. 

To our trusty and wdlbeloved the Deane and Chapter of 

LX. Lkttubs prom the Lord Kkkfkr and tub Lord 
Ahcubyshop op Yorkb toucuing tub loud maior his syt- 
ting in thb stall op thb archobacon op yorkb, 1688.^ 

[Register book 1624—1640. 116. b.] 

After our very hartie commendacions; whereas some question 

• Thu leitor relaton to a froquonUy disputed point, the right of the Lord 
Mayor to occupy a particular seat in the Minster. Few suhjects have occasioned 

Digitized by 



tiath lateley arisen betweene you oonceming a place or seat in 
the quyer of the Cathedrall dhurch of Tbrke^ which out of on^ 
well wishing to the Church and cyttie we have been desirous to 
compose; for which purpose I, the keeper of the seale^ have for- 
merly written lettres to you, the lord mayor and the aldermen 
your brethren, and I, the Archbishop of Torke, to you doctor 
Wickham, to which you have severally returned your answears, 
and you the lord mayor and your brethren, have sent upp cer- 
tificates from twenty Beverall persons testifyeing that long oefore 
the erection of th^ pow or particion for the Lord President's 
ladie, the lord mayor of Yorke did ustkally sitt in the stall in 

Question, and did give onelv place to accomodate the Lord 
^resident's lady ; but, with all, you did by' your lettre to me the 
keeper of the seal^ declare that you did not desire, neyther was 
it ever iii your thoughts, to challenge any place their of right; 
but only that doctor Wickham womd be pleased to yeild that 
iaire respect to the lord mayor of that cytty which his prede- 
cessors, hrme out of mind, had formerlie done: we being 
perswaded that this controversie hath growne by some misunder- 
standing of each other's intendon, or by some miscarriage of 

more oontentioiL I i4)pend a rojal mandate to the Lord Ma^or, relating to the 
use of his insigiiia of office in the Minster. It is printed in the appendix to 
Brake's Wtwrwmm^ Ixxii. 

"The king's letter that iheL* MaiorshaU not bear his ensigns in the Ohuroh, 
ana for rooeinng the Communion etc. 
Gharlib E. 

Bight trustie and f^elbelored, and trustie and welbelored, we ^reet you well. 
Whereas for the preserration of the solemnitie of divine senrioe in some of our 
Gatiiedral ohurches, and for the good of the inhabitants of those oities, we have 
required the maior^aldermen and their oompanies to frequent those holv ph^es 
upon Sundays and Holjrdajs with all due reverence; and that thev be there at 
toe begining of divine service, and at their going out and coming in and whilst 
tiliev are there, carnr themselves so as beoometh them in obedience to the canons 
of the church and the customs of those Cathedrals ; requiring also the maiors of 
those cities that they shall not use the ensiji^ of their authority within our said 
Cathedral churches, that hereafter the distinct liberties and privileges granted by 
our royal progenitors to those several bodies be inviolably km>t ; We, therefore, 
casting the same gradous e^e upon our Gatiiedral and Metropolitioal Church 
of St. Feter in our dtie of York, to have it regulated in like manner, doe hereby 
require you aocordinff to your several duties to take care for the due performance 
of an the said orders m that Church. And, fkrtiier. that as well you, the Lord 
Maior, as also the recorder k aldermen| at some solemn times every year, shall 
receive the Holv Conununion in the said Cathedral Church of York, to manifest 
your confonnitie to the orders established in the said Church. Given under our 
signet at our Court at Greenwich the second day of July in the thirteenth year of 
our reign isrs?]. 

To our r&ht trustie and welbeloved the, Lord Maior of ouroitie of York, 
and to our trustie and welbeloved the Becorder and Aldermen of our said 

The Lord Mayor k Aldermen still pav an occasional visit to the Minster, with 
the sword k mace borne in state before them. When he passes the stall of the 
residentiary the Lord Mayor bows to him, in deference to his authority in that plaoe4 

Digitized by 



some message betweene you, for that we are confident that you, 
Poctor Wickbam, would willingly have afibrded as much respect 
as any your predecessors did to the lord mayor, and magistrates 
of that cittie, soe as it might not tend in derogation of the right 
belonging to you, and to your successors^ we have thought fitt 
to address these our joynt lettres to yow both, praying you for 
avoyding all further mistakeings to meete and treat together, 
and we do advise you the lord mayor to make noe other chal- 
longe, but accordinge to the said lettre, and you. Doctor Wick- 
ham, without prejudice to the right of your place or succession, 
to give way unto it in that manner as a respect to the civill 
magistrate. And to prevent all misunderstanding hereafter, 
that a trew copie of this our lettre may be registred as well in 
the chapiter booke of that Church, as alsoe amongst the recordes 
of the cytty, which wil be a meanes that the cytty wilbe care* 
full not to presse too farr on the Church in future tymes ; and the 
Church will have noe cause to feare that there performance of 
any respect to the cytty should endanger their ryght. This we 
wish as a fitt accommodacion in this busines, which we are con- 
fident you will willingly barken to on both sides, and shall never 
have cause to repent it, and soe we rest. 

Your Lordship's and your verie loveing freindes, 
XXV. Novembr' 1633. Tho. Coybntrib, Bichard Ebor. 

To the right honorable our verie good lord, the Lord Mayor 
of Yorke, and to the right worshipfull our verie good fireind 
doctor Wickham. 


I. — ^To the right honorable William Earle of Newcastle, his ex- 
ccUcncio, generaUof all his Ma^ forces in the North, the humble 

• From a draft of the original petition which ii preserved among the muni- 
ments of the Bean and Chapter. The fkbric fUnd at York has always heen 
inconsiderable, and the abstraction of the rents mentioned in this petition would 
be seriously felt. Towards the close of the century the Aind reoeiveda oonsideraUe 
addition in a gift of £1000 which was made hv the Earl of StraObrd. It was laid 
out in the purchase of lands at Barrowby and LitUe Leak in the North Biding. 
The Earl announces his intended gift to the Dean in the following letter. 

<* W. Woodhouse, 80th Aug: 87. 

'< I had lonff since a letter w«^ yourselfe A ye prebends were pleas'd to 
write mee, w*^ ill health A severall accidents has kept mee fh>m acknowledging 
sooner, k I bogg your pardons for. Things are in so ill a condition in Irland, 
where ye greatest part of my estate now is, and my debts are so great, as X cannot 

Digitized by 



petition of the residentiaries of the Cathednill and MetropoliticaU 
Church of St. Fetter's in Yorke. 

Humbly sheweth, that whereas for the necessary upholding 
and repaireing of the goodly structure of the Cathedral and 
MetropoliticaU Church of St. Peter's in Yorke, the revenues, 
considering the certaine payments issmnse' yearly out of them, 
are verie small : and that the sum of fortie eight poundes, parte 
of these revenues, hath a longe tyme bin paid out of the lands 
Ivinge in Kirkby Hall^ Thorp Underwood and Wyddinjg;ton in 
the parish of Little Usbumei within the North Rvdingeof Yorke^ 
till the beginninge of this Parliament ; but hath ever since bin 
arreare^ whereby divers parts of the Church are fallen into great 
mine. May it therefore please your excellende, that whereas 
all legall courses (for releUe in this kinde) are now taken away, 
you would vouchsafe to cast a gracious eye of compassion upon 
the fabricke of this Church, and cause Thomas Dickinson,t 
mercheant of Yorke, William Dickinson of Kirkby HaU, tad 
John Weddalll of Widdington, or anie other tennants in whose 

}>resent possession the aforesaid lands are in, to pay such summs 
brthwith as are now behinde, and alsoe suche, as shall from 

doe whmt I desire ; bat, besids » deoent tombe I intend for mj (kther, w^ thaU 
not be unbeooming ye minster of Yorke, I will, hj ye graoe of Ood, give » 
ihotis' p' to TO Cburoh. I hope I may live to see this done, but, if I doe not, it 
shall be proTided for in my will, k I shsll shortly send and adTise ftirther with you 
about it : in the meane time I oould not longer omitt writeing to you haTeing so 
good an oportunity, as by this gentleman, Mon^ Sequeville, whom I should be 
Tery glad likewiBe to senre, it beinff ft ^nenQ duty to endeavour it in ye deplorable 
case of ye French Protestants, k I being obligd to him for particular relations, A 
I should be exceeding glad (if) any of my friends could help mee uppon y* account. 
Sir, I shall now only adde my humble senrice, Sl rest, 

" Tour alTeoiionatflL fidUifull friend k servant, 

" For Doctor Wiokham, Deane of Yorke." 

The pious Earl died in 1685 and the sum of mon^, which he mentions, came 
into the nands of the Chapter as a legacy in his will He was the son of a noble- 
hearted gentleman who is wdl known to nistory and to fkme. The fkther lies among 
his ancestors in the humble church at Wentworth: the son sleeps in the stately 
Minster, which he enriched, among the illustrious aead. His wifo is resting by 
his side, a worthy daughter of the house of Stanley and it was to commemorate 
her that the affectionate husband made this splendid gift to the Cathedral, " the 
place for the worship of God," as he himself says, "being fittest foi^ the memoriall 
of a Saint and the oanghter of a Saint." They had, unfortunately, no children, 
and the second Earl of Strafford was the last 

t Thomas Dickenson, merchant, was Sheriff of York in 1640 and Lord Mayor 
in 1647 and 1667. He was also one of the members for the dty between 1654 
and 1660. He was kniffhted by Cromwell and was the norus homo of a family 
which acquired some litUe wealUi and position. In 1657 he was instrumental in 
obtaininff some new bells for the minster. Drake tells us that he was " a mighty 
man ftgsjfnst his royal master." 

t The WeddelJs of Widdington and Earswick were a fiunily of some conse- 
quence. Their wealth was deriTcd Arom trade in York. They are now represented 
by Earl de Qrey. 

Digitized by 



tyme to tyme be due, that soe the present decayes may be 
repaired, and the future prevented. 

II. — My Lord Maior for fabrick rents."*^ 

We understand that the surveyors of the Deane and Chap- 
ter's lands intend to retome parte of the fabrick lands by this 
post, and other parte thereof by the next, distinctly, b^ them- 
selves. Yow know what an ornament and of what publiquc use 
the Minster is to this cittie, we have therefore writt to Mr. 
Bowlesf to gett a petioion drawne for continuance of those rents 
to the use for which they were given, and doe earnestly desire 
your care and assistance therein ; and upon Mr. Bowie's retome 
hither that you thinke fitt, and we are assured he will be care- 
fiill to observe your directions : soe in assurance of your care 
herein we remayne 

Your assured frindes, 

Lbon. Thomson, Maior.{ 
Yorke, the 22nd of Hb. Thomson. 

January, 1649. Rodt. Horneb. 

In dorso. For the right worshipfuU Sir William AUanson, 
Knt., and Thomas Hoyle, £sq.,§ members of the Parliament at 
Westminster. Seal oval — arms of York in bold relief with 
the legend Signaculum Eboracensium. 

• This letter has also been printed by Drake. I give it from a copy among 
the reoorda of the Chapter. It evinces the aolicitude which Uie Corporation felt 
for the welfare of the Minster, a feeling which is not yet extinct 

t An excellent ieind pioua Puritan divine whose name ii wdl known to every 
one who is aoquaintod with the ocolosiastioal history of Uiat period. It is said 
tliat the Deanery of York was offered to him after the EestoraUon, if he woi^ld 
conform, but he would not accept it on those conditions. 

I Each of the three gentlemen who sisn this letter was a person of wealth 
and consequence in York and the founder of a fiunily whidkiy in one case, is still 
flourishing in affluence. 

S Members for the city for a lon^ period. Both of them were citiaens of 
York and had passed through the civic offices. Allenson was a draper and lived 
in the Pavement. In 1633 he received the honour of knighthood from the hands 
of Charles I., who dined with him at his house when he was Lord Mayor. Thomas 
Hoyle was a merchant of some consequence. Eight days after this letter was 
written he hanged himself in his warden at Westminster, on an i^ple tree, on the 
first anniversarv of the murder of King Charles I., against whom, according to 
Drake, " he liad been an active man." Tlie royalists did not neglect to '^im- 
prove " the occasion, and celebrated his death m a satirical baUad. 

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LXII. — ^A List of the things which wskb taksn awat 
FROM TBI Minster of York durino the Gkbat Bbbbl- 


Two guilt candlesticks, and three little plates were sold by 
Mr. DoBsey, by order from the Lord Maior. There was three 

* A very valuable dooumeni whioh makw ua aoquainiod with the greaior 
part of the iigariw whioh the Minster reoeiTed during the mat rebellion. I 
lay, " the greater part^" beoanae the Minster, aooording to Maoe, did aotually 
reoeiTe some itgunr from the artillery during the siege in 16i4, whioh is not 
here alluded to. Themisohief; it wm be oMMured, was by no means inoonsider- 
able. The injury done to the splendid organ, wl^oh had been reoentlj ereoted, 
would be sewely felt, and we learn, wiUi sorrow and regret, the fate of the many 
and in)lendid brasses " whioh formerly shone like embroidery." 

Hie Chapter house, aooordins to the York historians, had a ?ery narrow 
escape. It is stated that the Parlutfnent actually made a mnt of it to a native of 
York who intended to destroy it and buOd hmiself stables with the materials f 
By some happy ohanoe this oatastrophe was ATorted. Drake, also, tells us that 
there was a sword, in his time, in the vestry, whioh had been "taken Arom » 
buff-ooated OUTenan, who, equi&ly drunk wiUi liquor and spleen, had irreverently 
entered the Churoh with his drawn blade." 

It is most surprising that Uie painted gbss in the Minster is still so complete. 
Drake acoounts for it by saying that Thomas Lord Fairfax directed it to be taken 
down and oareftilly stowed away during the days of turbulenoe and oonunotion. 
Torre, indeed, hints that some of it was not restored. It is probable enough that 
lUrfiui did really take oare of it and on that account he is entitled to the grati- 
tude of the Oounty and Oity of York. The great charter-horn of the Minster 
oame into his possession, but it was duly restored by his sucooasor io the title, 
HeniT Lord lUr&z, in 1678. 

There is no fiunily in Yorkshire in which talent, energy and valour have been 
so conspicuous as in ttiat of Fairfax. The star of that greMhouse was undoubtedly 
the Parliamentary QeneraL To him Oromwell was mdebted for his throne and 
if it had pleased mm to have held up but » finger against Monk, Oharles U. would 
never have returned to England. He deaerted his party when violent oounsds 
carried the day affainst his, comparatively speakinff, temperate opposition to regal 
domination. In his retirement ne was not forgetful of the duties of religion and 
of those gentle tastes whioh have mide his name illustrious. It was a high 
distinction to be the patron of such men as John Rushworth, Matthew Poole and 
Roger Dodsworth. With a few extracts trom the will of this distinguished man I 
am tempted to close the text of this vrork. It is almost unknown, and some of my 
readers will be gted to know how the victorious general could make his preparations 
for death. That solemn document was drawn up about four years before his 
decease, on the 8th of November, 1677. He was "somethins inflrme in body" 
when he made it and he says " I oommitt my soule unto Almi^tie Ood who 
created itt, butt it being by originall oorrupoon made an unfltt onerinffe for His 
pure and divine mijestte. f hope through the merpyes ft by the meritts of the 
nreoious blood of Jesus Curist my onely Saviour ft Iledoomer, (in whome I trust) 
Hoe will make mee a fltt partaker of that glorious inheritance which Hoe hath 
prepared for all those that beleive in Him ; and I desire with all humble and 
nearty acknowledgments, to ex^resse my grest thancklldlness unto Ood for thd 
many preservacons I have had in those haardous imployments and daingerous 
encounters I have mett with in Uie course of my pilgrimage in this troublesome 
world, which I ouffht and desire for ever to praise him for : and my body I 
oommitt to the eartib, and desire (it itt cann conveniently bee) that it may bee 

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copes taken away by order of the committee by the aequestra- 
tours, Mr. Seamor, Frfmcis Cimdall^ George Peckett and William 
Wawdby. The organ pipes^ and the braase deake^ in the quire^ 
and a atatuto of brasaCi which lav without the cloeett where six 
of docke prayers ia> and all the brasse which was taken of the 
grave stones, was sold by Mr. Dossey. There was one greate 
iron chestt in the yestir was sold by Alderman Topham and 
Alderman Dawson to Thomas Squire and James Jolly. There 
was fower little pewter candlesticks, and three little ewers sold 
by them, but to whome I know nott. — Jambs Scruton. 

buryed neare unto the body of my moii honoured and deare wife in the paruh 
oburoh of Bilbrough, in such a numner at may bee oonvenient, and decent rather 
tlian pompous. To my coiens, Mr. Bryan Fairfax A Mr. John Buahworth £10 
each to buy mourning. To Mr. Biohard Slaretton, my domestioke ohaplaine, my 
trthes at Bilbrough for 60 years, 4 bee to supply the oJS&oe of a preaohing minister 
there : I give him one sett of the mat PoUygtott Bibles. To Mr. Matthew Poole 
£10, towards the carrying on of his Sjrnopais of the Oretioks. To John Hill, sonne 
of Robert Hill of Oxton, £10 towards his maintenanoe at the UniTersitie. To my 
late servant, John Denonley, who reoeiTcd a maime in my service disableing him 
to eame hii living, a Ikrme of 40s per ann. in Boulton Percy. Item my will is 
that my executors shall have mv bookes at Appleton (excent those mauuscri]^ts of 
Mr. Bodsworth's coUecting, and other manuscripts at Appleton aforesaid wmoh I 
ffive to the University of Oxford to be kept in the University Library there) the 
better to enable them to pay mv legacies & Amerall exi^nces, A I give each of 
them a horse or mare, after me Duke or Dutches of Buckingham have chosen out 
six horses." 

How sad it is to turn from the fiither to the son-in-law, and to find the name 
and wealth of a noble house dis^^raoed and disnersed by the reckless debauchery of 
the profligate Yilliera. That singular and illfiited man was greatly addicted to 
the study of chemistry and, as Drake humorously observes, ^if he did not find 
out the philosoDher*8 stone by it, it is certain he knew a way of dissolving, or 
evaporating gold and other metals, quicker than any man of that age." 

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AiBiAidnmrv. 17. An €Memeni A 
legal tenn of Apeaaent oocitrrenoe. 

Alba. The tlb. The mediiBTal Teet- 
menti and terrioe books hate been 
■0 ftreqnentlj deeoribed that it if un- 
neoQManr to mention them here. An 
ezoellent and fidthful aoooimt of 
them will be found in Dr. Eook'i 
Ckmroh pf fimt Fatkeri, a work to 
whioh I am under great obligations. 

Allst, 116. An aisle or any oom- 
partaient of a ohuroh, a word in 
oommon use in the North of Eng- 
land, espedally at Durham (J!tUs$ of 
DmrhttmS. In 1358 Sir Bobert M- , 
ton, of Swine, in Holdeme«, obtains ' 
nermission "ad animas lii^dn et 
MargeriiB, flliarum suarum, in pos- 
teriori parte portions sIto atUa S. 
Trin. in eooL par. de Swyna sepuHa- 
rum in looo eminenoiori et dendtiori 
dioti jportious sive aim, in quo quidem 
looo idem miles intendit sepeuo oum 
aliis amioii et propinqnis suis trans- 
ferendum" (&y. Tkor^iby). The 
word is also i4>plied to the central 
division of a ohurch. In 1665 
Biohard Binks, of Biohmond, desires 
to be buried^n theii^ aUie^h^ 
fore the qner^ dar^" Cmekmckd9Ur§ 
WUU, 180). Mr. Hunter ^q^es 
it to any passage between the pe#s, 
and this is the modem use of the 
word in South Durham. 

ALMABiOLtJM, 75. '* A lyteU ahnarr 
or a oobborde" {Prommi. Part,) of. 
7W#. JffSor. iL 58. " f^r locks, etc., 
for six doors of an dtmarioU in the 
▼estry for keeping the Tsstments in" 
J^rayl^s WethiiinHer SaU, 167). 
Two of the old cases of wood for 
vestments, which firam their shi^ 
are generally called triangles, are s^ 
preserved in York Biinster. They 
are covered with the most beautiful 

iron-work. In the appendix to tho 
Eiti. 2hm$lm, 8eriptor§$ IVst., 445, 
are the expenses incurred in making 
an almariwe. 

AlMBET, 118. A closet or press of 
any kind. Ficttf Prompt Pmrv. imh, 
voce. The word is technically ^>- 
plied to the recess by the side of an 
altar to contain plate or vestments. 
There is little difference between 
this and the preceding^ word. A 
perfect range of almenes, with all 
their fittings, may still be seen in the 
office of the Chapter clerk at York. 
The onlv perfect specimen of a 
ohurch-ahnery that I nave seen was 
in the old church at Biohmond in 
Yorkshire, of. OI099. tf AreJUtee- 

Alttmpvtho, 18Q. 2. Limning or 
iliuminating. *'Pro al m mp n yn^ mum 
gradalinm, 40s. Pro tummpn a eione 
mapi Adalis, ^Ob.** At p. 165 
will be found an unique contract for 
writing and illumimiting a service 

Ambo. a kind of pulpit tttua which 
sermons were preached, and the 
epistle and gospel read (Ckmrek of 
omr AMsrt, L, 211, etc.) At Yo^ 
there wae one in the ohmr (89), and 
another in the Chapter-house (881) ; 
the livbter was probabiT used as a 
rostrum. In 1601, Ellas Casse, of 
Beverley, leaves 5 marks for the buy- 
ing ** €mho m i9 sdtuandn ad fincnn 
borialem summi altari^ eccL B.M. 
ubi legitur sanctum Dei evange- 

kmvuM, 808. A Utile bottle or cruse 
which contained the fkmous Can- 
terbury water, or the oil and water 
which was connected, in a miraculous 
way, with some shrine or Saint. They 
were made of lead, pewter, or other 
substances. Dr. Book gives an en- 
graving of one which is in the mu- 

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seum of Tork. I have Men another 
wbioh is in private bands in the 
same oity. 

Anobmbntb, 209. Ornaments. In 
1640, Pr. Morley, Esq., loaves " to the 
roparaoion of and aHnoumenameni 
of the quere of Sajnt Katryne in 

' Mellyng church, 6s. 8d."— i^icA- 
mondshir^ WilU, 21. 

Anxaoia, 106. Oooso-grease, or, sim- 
ply, lard. In 1846-7 the monks of 
Holy Island buy axwraia porcina, 
i, 0., hoe's lard for the wheels of their 
carts (Raine's North Durham, 80). 


AscBLWOD. Uasels, used in b;irninff 
lime, 8i, 87, etc., of. 2W. Hbor, ii. 
28. In 1428, at his death, Arohbishop 
Bowet had 2000 " asoelwood," worth 

Abhblbbs. Squared stones for build- 
ing, of. aiost of ArchiUetmr^, In 
1488 the Chapter of Tork sell 28 
dolea of ashelers to the mayor and 
oitixens of Tork, who were then 
erecting their guild-hall. 

Absbbbs, 28. Laths, of., Olotsofy to 
the Priory ofFinchaU, mb voce, 

AsTiLLAB', 12. " Inj oorda pro fonte 
astUlar*." Messrs. Britton and Bray- 
ley make it equivalent to howHUaria 
or hostelry, **For working about 
that pent-house which is for the 
lodgings of the masons in ho$Uery,i.e,, 
astellaria." Siit. qf WttmUuter, 
122. Anno 1819. An astell is a 
shide or board, and sstellaria may be 
nothing more than a shed or bar- 
rack for the temporary aooommoda- 
tion of the masons. 

AuLODimc, ^2. In 1472 "unum 
aulodium," is out of repair in the 
prebendal house of Ampleford, but 
it is by no means dear ^t this is. 
The word lodimn will occur in its 
proper pUoe. 

AuBiCALCDM, 79. Brass. Pro&otura 
cathenarum de amricalco pro cande- 
labris. In 1496, William Ward, of 
Tork, derk, leaves to the college at 
Lowthorp "unum par magnorum 
candelabrorum de anrioaleoJ' 

AuBiouLABB, 166. A pillow or cushion. 
Pulvinar (J>ucaMe). There were 
several of them in the treasury at 
Wmdsor Pugdale's Mon.), and the 
monks of Wearmouth iKMseraed ouo 
which was hiid under their book of 

the goq>els on great dm—Cbsipo^. 
domui de Weniouth, 1&8. 
AuBiFBiciUM. An orphiay, q. v. 


Baoon, Bakon, 41, the same as batten P 
Mr. Wright says of the word batten, 
that it is "a rail fh>m 8 to 6 inches 
broad and 1 or more thick." Batte, 
staffe. Prompt. Parv, of. Boucher. 
Batten, in the North, means a bundle. 

Baotbnbs, 98. "Les bag de welwit 
et les ringges vol hagvm^e de ar- 
gento,"-~a passage which requires no 
explanation. In 1496, Dame Mar- 
^rv Salvin leaves to "my gosip 
Kicnard Potear of London a pair oif 
hagyrone of sylver and enameled." 

Balaob, 214. A ruby— "emus rubor 
et Ailffor dilutiores sunt" DucAKai. 
Gallioi Balais. In 1607, Lady Sta- 
nleton, of Wighill, leaves to her 
daughter Norton "a ryne w* a 
6a^#." oS.Ba/peneeeofiheFrineeee 
Mary, 209. 

Balk. A beam of wood, and, also, of 
iron. Among the stores in 1899 was 
" j halke ferri cum les scales et pon- 
deribus." Inl488, "yquercussqua- 
raratie" were bought "pro haikee,'* 
62. of. J2w#. Ihmelm, Scr. 2V«t., 
app., czc, and Boucher's Qloeearu. 
In 1482, Isabel Hamerton leaves 
" instrumentum ferreum pro camino 
aulA, vocatum ^oOr,"— this, in the 
North, is generally called the rannal- 
balk. Circa 1600, the receiver al 
Howden pays 2s. lid. "pro hatk- 
hookea infra orreum," 

Bands, cross bars,— or flUets^— for a 
door. ''Injmagnodog proAomiM 
pro januis," 8. In 1488, "vj band- 
oline" are bought, 68. "Pro fiio- 
tura xy handeee," 8s. Oomp. Thoe. 
Ayer, apud Dunelm. 1488. 

Bandwtmbyll, 207. An auger for 
making bands. 

Bahi^ubb, 227. A covering for a table, 
bench or altar. Of frequent occur- 

Babtbbowalltibll, 96. 

Batblla, 67, etc. A boat Oymba. 

Batbllaoiuic. The charge of con- 
veyance by boat, in English called 
ferOay, of. ITearmoua BolU, 249. 

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40, 68, oto. Quod pro batello neii 
naTO floMtur — Nauhim. Dueange, 
of. Swpentn ofSliM, of York, 286. 

Baudkin, 120, eto. '* A rich and pre- 
cious tiiifL nid to haye been oom- 
poeed of silk interwoyen with threads 
of gold in a most sumptuous man- 
ner." JFriffki, of. BoHoher, Roek, 
ii., 29, and JBspensm of EU», of York, 

Bawdbic. a thong or strap with 
which the chipper of a bell is sus- 
pended. SaUejf, 28, eto. See also, 
especially, Boueher^i Glotsatry, " For 
trossynff con offe ye belles in ye ste- 
pul, 16d. For the belle chipper, ISd. 
For the hawdrye of leder to die same 
belle, 4d." i!spentM at Durham 
Some, London, 22 Hen. YIII. 

Bbautifibd. 120. " For oettinff the 
chanoell of Topdiffe washt and beau- 
tified, 6s. 8d.^' "When a country 
church has been heamt\fi$d, to use 
the technical phrase on tnis occasion, 
it is customary for the grateAil topo- 
grapher minutely to display the judi- 
mous application of some late pious 
legacy, and to dwell with singular 
satisiaotion on the modem decora- 
tions of the communion table, con- 
sisting of semiciroular groupes of 
bloated cherubs, tawdry festoons, 
ginger-bread pilasters, flaming urns, 
and a newly-gilded decalogue ilankea 
by a magmfioent Moses and Aaron in 
scarlet and purple, the work of some 
capital artist who unites the ceilings 
of painter, plumber and dasier in the 
next dirty market-town.'* (Warton'i 
HiHorf qf Kiddingion, 18.) Any 
one who is still more curious, will 
find the process most nioturesquely 
dcnDicted in an amusing little ydume, 
called Htntt to Chmrekmardem. 

Bbeb. An iron for a door. The iron 
on which the pot is hung oyer the 
fire is also called a heake. In 1866, 
there was at Holy Island '*j hee 
fern." . North Durham, 107. 

Bbmbfilliho, 250. Filling up the 
wall phte. " To Ralph de Fntheby 
for hiufflmnge J* NoHh Durham, 270. 

Brbibobabwbs, 18. Handbarrows. 

Blaklistbd, 208. With a black edge 
or border. In 1444, John Brompton, 
of Beyerley, leayes a red coyerlet 
haying " in UfHung yolucres et albas 
olhw.'^ (Tett. Ehor., iL, 99.) 

llr.ArifCCTB VLOMB. Whito lend. cf. 
Prompt, Parv, 

Blodius. Blue and not red or purple, 
of. Dr. Bock, ii., 260. 

Blokkbb, 207-8. A broad axe. 

Bod, 8, 64. In waynsoot hod emptis, 
eta Boards. 

BoLLia. In i\j pelyibus pro i\j hoUU 
naryi campanuis, 14. "For two 
ooUU for the use of the masons and 
tUers, 1819." (JTottminHer HaU.) 
Pro iiy de bollis et y disois liffneis et 
J oribro emptis, 10)d. Crej/h Bott, 
4, 6. Neyille. 

BoHOCATB, 6. A banquet. 

BoNBB, 12. " In j honsr pro dome 
B. de Patrington, 18d." 

BowD, 97. Crooked or bent. "The 
said Manwell toke a rose noble of 
gold out of his purse and bowed ii." 
(JEoelJProe, Durham, 2S2). "I will 
that suche howod golde as I haye, 
beinge bowed of one silke lase be 
giyen for my sowle," 1648. 

Bbbk. I. The race of a mill, 10. II. 
A brake. 'M\) magnie arbores de 
Gatton brek/' 19. 

BBBTI88HIKOB, 8. "A general term 
for the upper finishing or parapet of 
a wall." fWiUie, ArehUeetural No- 
menetainre, 88.) of. Prompt Parv., 
Bitee ^f Durham, 4 and 86. Hiet 
Dunelm, 8er, Tree., App., cUxz. 

Bbochb, 188. Any spire of a church. 
The spire at Darhnglon is at this day 
called "Bamton broach." Archi- 
tects now use the word technically 
for a spire springing from the tower 
wiUiout an intenremng battlement. 

Bbochb AX, 19. To broach stone, ac- 
cording to the Oloeearg of ArehiteO' 
ture, is to cut it in the form of yous- 
soirs. " For brochyn of stone." CDur- 
ham CaHie, 1548). 

Bboddbs. 8, etc. Prods. Slate pins 
of wood or bone, but more frequently 
of the latter. Nora Durham, 87. 
" Paid for stone brodds, 8s." fMow- 
den AeeounU, 4-6 Edward VI.) 

BuLDBBS, 46. Boulders, large round 
pobbles or cobles used in paying. 

BoLHOARS, 262. Boscnr is a stable or 
stall for oxen. of. Prompt, Parv. 

BuNCRBS, 186. " Bunchys of Uttes," 
i,e., bundles. 

BuNDAS, 64. Boundaries or limits. 
The metse and bund^ of the forest of 
Qaltres are mentioned in a pcrambu- 

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lotion at Durham, 29 Edward I. So 
ahio in an early perambulation of 
Mickleton in Toesaale penes Gom. 

BuKuALUXANPiut. An OMtem fabric, 
froquontly utfod in ohurohes. North 
Durham, In 1802, Riohard Bride- 
nail, of York, leaved ''dimidiam peoiac 
hurd Alyiomnder ad omationem 
summi altaria." (TeH, JSbor,, 1. 174.) 

BuBDONBS, 89. Proemendacioneiifr- 
dones pro miflsali. Are these the 
knobs to prevent the sideB of a book 
from being rubbed ? Bordomu ib a 
wand of alver ending in a knob. 
Dr, Mock, ii., 116. cf. 2>uoange and 
Prompt. Parv, 

BuBGBS, 802. Probably qloth, eto., 
manudiotured at Bruges. In 1502, 
Klis. of York buys " saten of Bruges, 
blake." (Exp., 11) « Pro j amuc* 
de Bryga, 14d.'* (WhUakm^a Oranen, 
398.) In 1444, John Brompton, of 
Beverley, leaves vessells of pewter 
"cum lavacro de Bridget vet fiicto 
liondon." (2W. Mor., ii, 99.) 

BuuNM, 115, 119. A marking iron. 
Tliat belonging to the Chapter of 
York had the stamp of the oroas keys. 
In 1862, there were at Hol^ Island 
"duo hremigMmiM pro anmialibus 
signandis." (North Durham, 102.) 
So also at Jarrow and at Finchale. 

Bush, 27. " Pro huah pro maliots." 
The bush of a wheel is the inner 
cirole which inoloees the axletree. 

Bot. a measure of land of Arequent 
occurrence, cl Beat* $ Farming Book, 
Prompt, Parv., eto. 

Bycb, 85. "A preparation of caifre, 
of a dim and brownish cast of colour, 
in comparison with the brilliancy of 
the true aiure." (Ih^Hupt, Parv.J 
In 1423, at his death. Archbishop 
Bowet had ** i roba de sangwyn, vii., 
j mantill, j chemour cum ^ capiciis 
penulatis cum menyver et j garnyche 
penulatus cum bgsi^.'* mien the 
grave of Gregory the Great was 
opened, he was found enveloped in a 
pall "buMo candente contextum." 
(Rock, u., 127.) 

Byndtns, 66. ttopes saturated with 
tallow, etc., used for securing the de- 
cayed iNiris of the leaden piping by 
which water was conveyed, cf. Fin- 
ohals atou,, and Durham Mouaehold 

Btbttntng, 180. Lopping? Pro 
hyrtgnwig quercuum, 1398. "In 
meroede WaJteri Gulyght lUndantis 
et brittinantis diversas quorcus, 82s. 
6d." (Aooount BoU of St, Leonart^s 
Ifomtal, York, 10 llichard 11.) It 
is iifentioal, I believe, with the word 
snagging in the following poasage, 
" Payd to Robert Wayneman and his 
felloys for cuttyng, tnaggynge, and 
helpyng to loyde waynis in Uovedon 
Parke, 10s. 8d." (Howden Account, 

Gadobas. " Flocks of silk, cotton, tow 
or wool, used for stuffing gamboised 
garments." {Prompt. Parv., q. v.) 

Oalapodia lionba, 262. Clogs or 
pattens. Dr. Bock, ii., 241. 

Calatuabius, 271. A pedUw. "Qui- 
dam calatharii, Anglic^ pedlers," — 
f . 0., a carrier of the calathus. " Quo- 
ruin oopliinus (bnuniquo supollox." 

CAI.ATUU8, 48. A basket or covered 
vessel for carrying provisions. " In 
ij calathiM pro victualibus magistri 
usque Lemyng custodiendis, 12d." 
(Aooountt of 8t, Leonard* 9 Kospitai, 
York, 44-6 Edward III.) iWli 
genus. Ducange. A basket or wallet. 

Calcbdon, 224. A sort of agate or 
onyx stone. BaUeg. In 1463, John 
Baret, of Bury, leaves to John 
Croftys his "bedys of calcydony." 
(Burg WiUM, 41.) 

Calbds. Steel. 

Calbfactobium, 222. A metal ball 
filled with burning charcoal or hoi 
water to warm the hands of the 
bishop in the time of service. Dr. 
Book, ii., 163. 

Calltbbb, 116. For gunne and eo/- 
Ighor taylee for the glasyer, 2d.— >A 
small gun used at sea. Baiieg, 

Calx. Lime. 

Gamaka, 800. Panni serid vel pre- 
tiosoris species. Dueange, In the 
treasury of Windsor was an alb "de 

Canaba, 127. A canopy. Pro iko- 
tura j eanabm pendentis supra corpus 
Christi, 20d. 

Gamnbuasubs, 110. Fur two bushelhi 
of eanmerashea for the liarth of the 
new house, 14d. (P) cannal ooal. 

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Capsula, 221. A oase or baff. 

Cabdk Lombabd, 126, 127. Probmbly 
some kind of woolleii doth nuide in 

Cabbotata, 6, 10. A oari or wain 

Cabucata, 96. A oari load. 

Catchmait. a keelman. Caiek, a 
keel. " Pro y magnis oordia yocatifl 
heued rapes, j haiisour el j stay pro 
le eacht, Se. 4d. Divenris hominibus 
auxiliantibus qnandam nsvioulam 
Honpitaiis yocatam le eaehe ad aqitam 
traotandam, 4d." fAeeoumit of 8i, 
Leonard^ 9 RotpUal, York, 44-6 Edw. 
III.) Arohbisbop Bowet had when 
he died % eatcke valued at 46s. 8d., 
and another, out of repair, worUi 
18s. 4d. Catch, navioula. Skinner. 
In 1624, Robert Clark, of York, ma- 
riner, leaves to his brother aU his 
"goodes, catUes and diattles, koales, 
eatehsi, boats and oreditts." 

Cbh DBB, 168. of. Sendoll. 

Cbpum, 16. Fat or drinping. 

Cbbuba, 7. Serura. A look. 

Chalon, 166. Pannus depiotus. Dm- 
fr€9n€. The painted or embroidered 
coverlet of a bed. In 1848, there 
were at Holy Island "u ekalonei 
bonl." /iVbrai)arA<im, 98, iii.) In 
1808, Wm. Asham loaves a ekalon. 
TeH. JShor., i., 180. of. PiympL 
Parv, Chauoer has the word in the 

" And in hli nwen ehftrabre hem tnftde ft bedde 
With fhetet and with chalen$ falr« yspredde.** 

Chapb, 206. Vagime muoro ferreus. 
Skinner, of. JPtvmpi. Parv. 

Chblandeb, 224. Skinner explains 
ohelMidri sou ohelaundre as a gold- 
finch. Chylandre— a water serpent. 
Prompt. Parv. The "unum le eke- 
lander auri** mentioned in the In- 
ventory, may perhaps be a ring 
wreathed like a serpent There was 
also a jewel called a serpentine. In 
1496, John Hert, canon of York, 
leaves to the Archbishop " preoiosis- 
simum meum locale, oooperliim, vo- 
oatura ierpenttne, argento et auro in- 
dusiun, pro servlsia bibenda, quod 

3uidcm jooale Kioardus rex seoundus 
edit llioardo oomiti Sarum, ^ui de- 
dit illud domino Georgio, Alio suo, 
postea Ebor. Archiepisoopo." 
Chinoil, I. Shingle from the coast. 

used in paving, 44. 11. Light boards 
used for roofing houses, 128—81. 
Cldngil nails, or, as they may be 
pronounced according to Yorkshire 
dialect, t*ingil nails, were for liMten- 
inff these boards down. Latini dn- 
diuus. of. BrayUjfe Weetmimtter, 
199; Haifield*$ Snrtey, 202—4; 
Finehale Oloeeaiy, ete. 

Chippbs, 84. The waste from the 
mason's yard. 

CaniLL, 18. A chisel. 

CiLiciUM, 276, etc. A doth of hair 
used for various purposes, espedally 
to mortiiy Uie ficMi. of. Duean^e. 

CiMKA, 216. Simi% an ape or monkey. 
A ftivourite device among the me- 
dittval artists. In 1397 John de 
Sandall, rector of Whddrake, leaves 
behind him "unum maser cum 
babun in fiindo." 

CiKOULUM, 127. The girdle with 
which the alb was tied round the 
waist Dr.Moek,i.,4»a. 

OiBPi. Soirpi, rushes, used for strew- 
ing churches, of. FUtekale Oloeear^f, 
" In eirpie empUs pro aula et par- 
lura et cameris magistri, 2d," Ac^. 
Soil, qf St. Leonard'e Sotp. York, 
10-11. Ren. IV. 

Clambb, 19. Iron damps or cramps 
to bind stonework togeUier. Pro 
operaoione, xviy petrarura in oxv 
elammg^i, etc., 6s. 9d. Finchale Bolls, 

Clap-bubdbs, 100, 106. Halliwell ex- 
plains clapboard as "board cut in 
order to make casks," with an 
alias of elaphoU, quoting Brit. Bibl.t 
ii., 401, 610; Book ofMale», p. 82. 

Clibaivis, 191. According to Duoange 
the dibanus is a kind of moveable 
oven. If so they must have been 
used inmakingthe sacramental bread. 
In elibtms emptis pro die paschn, 

Clifb-bubddbs, 96. Cleft-boards. In 
Bee^e Farming Book, "Quarter 
oliflb" boards are mentioned. The 
young tree, to obtain these, is 
olofk Into four parts, and then each 
part is rotmdod. 

Cloo, 8, 88, etc. llough crooked pieces 
of timber, or stumps of trees. "In 
sarradone unius clog pro tabulis, 
8d." Comp. Tko. Ager, apud JDunelm, 

Clowtbs, 116. Clouts or plates of 

Digitized by 




iron. of. FinchaU JtoUs, Exp, of 
ElU, of York, Wardrobe Account qf 
JBdw, L, eta 

O0DDB8, 20, 40. Pillows or cushions. 
In 1402 Matilda Smoton, of York, 
loaves to the liigh altar '* unum 
oenrioal, Anglioi, a kode, de panuo 
serioo." Tut, Ehor,, I, 288. 

CoLBT, 267, 812. The aooolyte. 

CoLUifPKULJi, 163. Cfolumpwulm ex- 
teriores qu» vooantur botraces. The 
pilasters around St. Ciithbert's shrine 
were called colmmpneUa. Eain^$ 
8t. Cfuthbert, 182; of. WUHs* AroJU' 
Uctwral NomenolatMrCt 41. 

C0NTNOB8, 81, 809. Gunies or rab- 
bits. Qowns were often fiurred with 
their dcins. In 1415, Isabella de 
yfj\Qhy leaves '* fiirruram oum 
oumoulii:* Tut Ebor,, i.. 888. 
• Ck>OLSD, 127. Pannus cooied f 

CopnYNSB, 267. Cophini, cistie or 
chests. "Pro ii^ eophtnis pro reliquiis, 
21d." (Saine't St. Outhbert, 144.) 

GoBiACio, 27. Coyerinpf with leather. 

GosTJB, 89. Latera or sides. Ducange, 
who does not explain the word satis- 

Ck>TTBRBLL, 115, 118. An iron pin to 
secure a ferol or bolt. Craven Oloteary, 

CououBBS. Books that wore kept 
couched or lying upon a desk or lec- 
tern. A ooucher is also a register 
book. In 1477 Bean Andrew leaves 
to the church of St. Asaph *' unum 
nwgnum couckerJ' 

CoTNBS, 200. Quoins. The stones at 
the comer or angle of a building. 

Gratis tbnbbbabum, 164. The can- 
dlestick or hearse on which the lights 

% were set during the tenebne or ser- 
vice on the three last days in Lent. 
The word oratis is a new one. Dr, 
Rock, iii., pt. ii. 288. 

Ghkdbll, 54, 109. Thoftramoofwood 
which is still used by glujeiors for 
carrying their glass, of. North 
Jhirham, 282. In 1508 Sir John 
Petty, of York, leaves to his brother 
Eobert '*a crediii of Normandy 

Gbblbs, 18. A covered basket or pan- 
nier. The word is still in use for a 
fishing basket. In 1846 there were 
at Holy Isbuid three jmirs creles. 
North bmrham, 90. " 'fbe keaohe i' 
the creel" is a well-known Scotch 

Gbbstbs, 87. A general term for any 
ornamental upper finishing. Willie, 
81. Prompt Pare. Tree, 8cr, 
Dunelm Appa, ocoxxvi. 

Gbibbib, 27. Sieves, of. North Dwr- 
ham, 276. ** Pro j erihro pro oalco, 
8d." Durham Cloieter MoU, 1408. 

Gbibha, 216. The eucharist for the 

Gbismatobium, 208. The vessel or 
pix in which the chrism was carried. 
Dr, Bock, 1, 188. In 1488 Arch- 
bishop Bowet had in his chapel 
** unum criematorimn deauratum et 
de passioneS. Margarete," worth 5l8., 
and another of silver standing on 
four lions worth 5ds. 4d. In 1498 
Bishop Martin leaves his ehryematoty 
of silver to the grey friu*s at Gauter- 
bury. Tut Vet,, 457. 

Gbockbtts, 88, 88. *' Projecting 
leaves, flowers, etc., used to decorate 
the angles or spiree, canopies, etc." 
Qloee,Arch.,q.Y, Theearlieststrongly 
resemble pastoral staves or crochee, 
vide oiroMfch, 

Gbossadub, 224. A orusado, a Portu- 
guese coin, worth about four shil- 

GB068DATBS, 186. The perambulation 
or gangdays in Ascension week. See 
a note in the beginning of Beetle 
Earming Book. 

Gbosshaftbs, 88. Willebno Jonkyn 
carianti les croeehaftee usque Ebor. 

Gbowch, 118. A pastoral staff. In 
the treasury at Fountains was the 
head of a "orouche," sUver and gilt, 
weighing 100 os., and valued at 
21/. 13s. 4d. Prior Berrington, of 
Durham, "dyd first opteyne the use 
of the my ter with the crutch or staff." 
Bitee of Durham, 46. 

Gbudobs, 18, 36, oto. The orypts. of. 
Oloee. Arch., oto. 

Gbalb8,01,08. Two-threaded worstod. 
Bailey. Pine worsted. Wright, cf. 
Exp. ofEliz. of York, 190, etc. 

GULGITBUM, 208. Unum culcitrum, 
Anglic^ a quilt, of. Ducange, sub 
voce culcita. cf. Teet Ebor. iL 89. 
In 1479 Sir Peter Legh had in the 
knight's chamber at Wollaton "} 
culoitral" worth 6d. 

GuLMBS, 25. Gulmeisatop. In this 
caee it is applied to some kind of 

GuMA. A vat or fat for holy water. 

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CuH Eirs, 60, 86. A wedge, q. t. 

CUPPATOB, 66. A oooper. 

CUPBUM, 18, 79. A 1mm metal which 

DiHmnge oaDs ** Bf qyprium yel etiiiii 

quodlibet mm" 

Dampladk, 2-6, etc. Anew word of 
which I can give no ozpUumlion. It 
is iMod to exprom the loads of stones 
that wore carried to the Minster, and 
prohahly has reference to the bearer. 

Dbmbtd, 266. Demeaned. 

Dbntbiz, 66. A tooth-pick, an ordi- 
nanr present. " In j amdruf empt' 
et oar domino deMontaou et doming 
nzori sun prandentihus infra Hosp. 
zx. Jan.,2s.4d.*' Si.Leonard^gffatp., 
1, Edward IV. 

Dbosculatobium, 806. A paxbread, 

DiOHTiNO, 96, 116. Dressing, clear- 
ing away. " For on eeyff for d^A- 
tjfM of the lyme, 2d. In <^y%fi^ 
and castyng forUi of stones and 
mbishe,28s.2d." RowdemikireAeet,, 
1666-7. A dooskyn newe d^^ki," 
" A sUver tU^ki dagar." Miofmond 
WUls, 81, 87. 

DoDOBT, 116. An iron implement. 

Dooo, 107, 116. An iron band or stay 
to support old walls, wood, eta "For 
puttyng in of d4MO€ for staying of 
the panne peoe,8s.^'^ SowdenAoeU., 

DoLBOM, 69, etc. A tub. Here a 
certain quantify of stone, a tub-Ml. 

DoLOBBiVM, 206. Dolabrnm, an ax. 

DoBKiz, 279. A kind of stuiT which 
takes its name (h>m Doomick or 
Toumay in Flanders, where it was 
first made. 

DoBSBBS. Hanffinfls for the wall of a 
room. of. linokale Oloftarj^ amd 
Prompt. Patrv, At Archbishop Bow- 
et*s death, in 1428, there was in the 
hall " j dorsorium" of red and green 
say, paled, with costers, banquers, 
cushions, etc., to match. 


DouoTNO. DoBAOio, 28. Pkstering 
or pointing, cf. Prompt Part. <nm 
yarih Durham^. In 1899 Sir 
John Saville of Eland, leaves 6 marks 
to the fabric of the ehxpA of Eland, 
*'ad(2M^ii<jifMeandem." In 1414 

818. 2d. are mud pro d^albacione pari- 
etum." Ihtrhtm Chigter Moll. 
^Damhod with untempered mortar." 
Dealbo occasionally means to white- 
Dbttbllbs, 18. Instruments used 
by carpenters for hollowing. A 
gouge or perhims an adse. A dribble, 
according to Wright, is an iron pin. 


Ebdomabiitb, 246, 267. Hebdomoda- 
rius. the priest who has the charge 
of the services for a week. " Erant 
in ecdesiis Gathedralibus quibus 
nu^us sacrum oanera omniumque 
horarum ofBcium inchoare incum- 
bebat." Dmeamge. 

Ellbbwood, 118. Allers or alder- 
wood, usuallv called so in the North. 
** Witness did buve seaven score birk- 
trees and aUtra:^ Ckmrt Paper$, Dnr- 
ham, 1616. 

Enbltno, 19. Enamellinff. "^ pa- 
tella pro enefyn^." of. Prompt 

Esbbubdbs. Eyesbobdbs, 66, 98, 101, 
114. The timbers of the roof which 
overhang the wall and constitute the ' 

E88B8, 226, 810. The device of 888., 
which bias pussled so many anti- 
quaries. Dr. Bock conjectures, with 
some probability, that these are the 
initials of the words 8anctus, 8ano- 
tus, Sanctus, as thev occur in the Te 
Deum. Mr. J. O. Nichols has made 
some valuable remariu on the subject 
in the ChnUemam^t Magatim and 
Nol9$amd Qtieriet. 

E8TBI0BPBDBB8,228. Ostrioh feathers. 
A common derioe in embroidery. 
Carding Wolsey was the owner of 
'* twoo standing peces, with covers, 
gilt, of the fiMshon of the oHreao 
JMd0r." (ColUei CW-., U., 828.) At 
Lincoln there was a cope with a 
trail of ostrioh feathers, and in 1618 
Sir Brian Stapleton, of Wighill, 
leaves to his daughters '* a iprng of 
golde graved with/NMsrt, which was 
the last token betwixt my wyfl*e and 
me." In 1296 Thomas deBiohmond, 
lord of Constable Burton, sealed with 
a very beautifUl device. Six ostrich 
feathers radiate, in the fashbn of a 

Digitized by 




hozftpeialous floir^r, in the oentre of 
which a lion is deeping. 
ExKNMiA. Presente. of. FinekaU 

Palabiis, 08. Phftleris, trappinffii for 
a hone. In 1426 Sir Thomas Heroy 
leaves to his son four horses ** oum 
phallerU." Test, Sbor., i, 409. 

Pabramsntbs, 109, 112. Ferramenta, 
iron-work, or instruments of iron. 
In 1429 the central tower of Dur- 
ham Oathedral was humed and fell 
to the ground ''cum grossioribus 
firrametUuV 8cr, 2Wf. Ajtpx. 
ooxvii. ''Sol. ouidam imemonger 
Ebor. pro. x petris et yi lb. ferri pro 
les axes oomentariorum, pokes, bands, 
et aliis ftrrommtHa inde flendis." 
CreykroU, 4-6, NtviUe, "Pro/rr- 
rawi4tUi9 pro aula de Southwell." 
Mot. Kemp, 

Patolb, 77. Pkit oil, used by painters. 

Pattbs, 18. Large vesseUi or vats. 

Paydil Patmb, 88, 9