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MAY 7 1944 




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PART 11. 

Vuiltfil^etr (or tte Jboctets 





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At a General Meeting of the Suhtees Societt, held in the 
Castle at Durham, on the 6th of June, 1854, it was 

Resolved, — '* That a Volume of Wills from the Registry of 
YoBK should be edited by the Rev. James Raine, Jun. M.A. as 
one of the Publications of the Society for the Year 1855." 



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The Council of the Surtees Society has much pleasure 
in adding a second volume of Wills from the Registry 
at York to its Testamentary publications. 

The present volume extends over a period of twenty- 
eight years, from 1429 to 1467, a generation fraught 
with stirring incidents, in which the county of York 
was especially concerned. Then it was that the houses 
of York and Lancaster strove together for the mastery, 
and the best and bravest of the chivalry of England 
were sacrificed to family hatred and personal ambition. 
In this disastrous contest Yorkshire lost some of her 
stoutest sons. So deeply, indeed, was this county 
affected by that sanguinary war that it was the in- 
tention of the Editor to have prefaced this volume 
with a short account of the local history of the time, 
as an introduction to the documents which are now 
presented to the public. The space, however, which 
this account would have required has been resigned in 
favour of an index to the volume of Wills from the 
Registry of York which the Society has already pub- 
lished. This index will be a valuable addition to that 
interesting volume. 

The reader may probably observe, in the present 
volume, many words and phrases which set at defiance 
all the ordinary rules of grammar. For these the 

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Editor cannot hold himself responsible. It has been 
his endeavour to give the documents as he found them, 
and he has only deviated from this rule in a few cases 
where the error has manifestly originated in the care- 
lessness of the scribe. 

The Editor may, perhaps, be blamed by some for 
making the notes, which illustrate the present volume, 
too genealogical. He has done, this advisedly. It 
is not the object of the Society to republish matter 
which has already seen the light, and the Editor is 
confident that almost all the points which seem to 
require illustration are satisfactorily explained in 
works which are within the reach of every antiquary. 
In the present volume the notes are, in many cases, 
supplementary to the text itself, as they contain curious 
details and information, which, although undeserving 
of a more prominent position, could not be entirely 

The Society is deeply indebted to the kindness of 
the Rev. L. G. Harcourt, the registrar of York, and to 
his deputies. Mess". Hudson and Buckle, for permit- 
ting the publication of the present volume. The 
Editor also, individually, has great pleasure in acknow- 
ledging the courtesy which he has experienced at the 
hands of Mess*^*. Hudson and Buckle, who readily 
aflPorded him every facility during his lengthened 
searches among the treasures under their charge. 

James Baine, Jun. 

Neville Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
May 16, 1855. 

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Feb. 12, 1426. Kobertus Lascy* de Gaitford — sep. in ecclesia 
de Bray ton. Johanni Strensall vicario ecclesipe de Bray ton, et 
Hugoni Sherley, cantariae presbitero de Haddelsay, duas acras 
terrse in quibus Willelmus Pace, vicarius ecclesiae de Ricall, et 
Johannes de Rycall, capellanus, sunt feoffati in campo vocato 
Preestland, et duas acras terrse adjacentes, ad solvendum uni 
capellano idoneo et bonesto divina in capella de Gaytford, duran- 
tibus nonaginta et novem annis post decessum meum, in augmen- 
tacionem salarii sui, pro anima Magistri Johannis Notyngham et 
animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum, celebraturo. — -Kicardo 
Lascy, fratri meo, unum equum precii xl s. vel xls., et omnem 
armaturam meam et unam togam cum furrura, videlicet, unam de 
skarlett. Willelmo Lascy, fratri meo, omnia terras et tenementa 
quae michi bereditarie descendebant post mortem Johannis Lascy 
patris mei, de perquisicione sua, in villa et campis de Selby, ad 
totam vitam suam, Johanni filio meo unam peciam argenti 
stantem super tres leones, coopertam, et sex cocliaria argenti, 
Willelmof nlio meo unam peciam argenti cum coopertorio argenti, 

* The testator may perhaps have been descended from a younger son of the great 
baronial family of Lacy. At all events, he was a gentleman of large estates and pro- 
perty. In 1584, Glover found the arms of the family in Selby Church, to which they 
had probably been benefactors. 

The meaning of the word domicellus, which is here applied to the testator, is not 
quite evident. In earlier times it appears to have been the name given to the eldest 
son of a king, nobleman, or gentleman, who was still in his minority. In a manu- 
script in the library of the Dean and Chapter of Durham, there is a Papal Brief in 
1356, ** Johanni de Hilton, domicello," \^i, e., as Rtid explains iif h&Ton^ de Hilton 
filio primogenito.] It is dated at Avignon. The word seems to have been afterwards 
applied to a household servant, one however who was in the confidence of his master, 
and apparently in a position superior to that of the other domestics. 

+ William Lascy of Gaitford makes his will at Selby, February 10, 1468-9, by 
which he desires to be buried in the church-yard of Brayton. He mentions his wife 
Margaret, his son John, and his brother John. 


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Johannae filiae meae iinam peciam argenti flatt, coopertam, et sex 
cocliaria argenti et xx^* marcas ad maritagium suum. Volo quod 
Willelmus nlius habeat omnia terras et tenements mea in Acome 
et Holgate post mortem Johannae uxoris meae. — Johannes filius 
mens junior — Johannae uxori meae ; Johanni Strensall, Hugoni 
Sherley, et Kicardo Lascy fratri meo, executoribus meis, omnia 
terras et tenementa mea in comitatibus Ebor. et Lincoln., durante 
minore aetate Johannis filii et heredis mei — filiae meae. — \^Proh, 

3 Dec. 1429.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. In festo S. Petri ad Vincula, A.D. 
M.CCCC.XXX., Ego Willehnus Wyvell,* armiger, de Slyngesby in 
Eydall, compos mentis — corpus meum ad sepeliendum in eccles. 
par. de Slyngby, in medio ejusdem ante crucem. Item lego op- 
timum equum meum sellatum cum armatura pro mortuario meo. 
Item lego iiij lb. cerae comburendae circa corpus meum in die 
sepulturae meae, cum uno torto. — Fabricae eccles. B. Petri Ebor. 
iij s. iiij d. — Cuilibet ordini Fratrum Ebor. ij s. — Lumini altari 
de Slyngby iij s. iiij d. — Cuilibet filio meo spirituali xij d. Lego 
Agneti uxori meae unam domum, quae vocatur Mason place, cum 
iiij. bovatis terrae, ad terminum vitae suae. Item lego Kicardo 
filio meo unam domum quae vocatur Dowfecote place, in australi 
parte villae de Slyngby. Lego Koberto filio meo unam domum 
m eadem villa juxta cimiterium. Johanni filio meo optimam 
bigam meam. Johanni Dowell alteram bigam meam. Kesiduum 
— Agnetem uxorem meam, dominum Willelmum Wyvell filium 
meum, dominum Edmundum rectorem de Foston et Bob. Barnard 
armigerum executores — supervisores dominum Ricardum Hastyng 
militem et Joh.f filium meum. — [Prob. 14 Aug. 1430.] 

* Slingesby in Rydale was the ancient seat of the family of Wyvill, which after- 
wards took up its head quarters at Constable Burton, in Richmondshire. The old 
pedigrees of this house carry it up through a long line of knights to Sir Humphrey 
Wyvill of Slingesby, who came into England with the Conqueror ; but I strongly 
suspect their accuracy. I am inclined to think that the Robert Wyvill who laid the 
foundation of the Richmondshire branch, by his marriage with an heiress of Pigot, was 
the son, or at all events a near relative, of the testator. The family 'of Wyvill of 
Osgodby, which is now connected with the house of Slingesby, was undoubtedly the 
elder and for some time the more vigorous branch. It maintained its position at 
Osgodby for a considerable time. 

t John Wyvill, of Osgodby, Esq. the testator's son, by his will, dated 17 December, 
1460, desires to be buried in the choir of the chapel of Cayton, near the body of 
Robert Barde, Esq. He leaves for his mortuary his best horse with all his armour for 
his body. To the fabric of the tower of the church of Slingesby he gives 20*. if it may 
be built within three years after the date of his will, but if the parishioners will not 
build it within that time, he leaves the 20*. to his brother Sir William Wyvill, rector 

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In Dei nomine, Amen, Ego Nicliolaus Strelley* miles, bonae 
mentis et sanae memoriae, die v eneris proximo post festum Apos- 
tolorum Petri et Pauli, anno Domini Millesimo quadringentesimo 
trigesimo, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. Inprimis, 
lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti et Beatae Mariae et omnibus 
Sanctis ejus ; et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia paro- 
chiali Omnium Sanctorum de Strelley. Item lego optimum 
averium, nomine principalis mei, rectori predictae eccleslae. Item 
lego XX libras cerae et quatuor tapers ad comburendum circa 
corpus meum a die sepulturae meae usque in diem meum septimum. 
Item volo quod executores mei ordinent septem capellanos statim 
post obitum meum ad faciendum officium de Placebo et Dirige 
circa corpus meum, et ad celebrandum pro animamea et animabus 
omnium fidelium defunctorum per septem dies proxime sequentes, 
in ecclesia predicta, videlicet, quolibet die tam Placebo et Dirige, 
quam alias missas, videlicet, unam missam de Kequiem cum nota, 
secundam de Sancta Maria cum nota, terciam de Sancta Trini- 
tate, quartam de Spiritu Sancto, quintam de Omnibus Sanctis, 
sextam de Omnibus Angelis, et septimam de die de quo dicunt 
suum servicium : et quod quilibet capellanorum predictorum 
habeat unam nigram (togam) cum capucio ejusdem sectae et 
vj s. viij d. in pecunia numerata, cum cibis et potibus de meo, 
predictis septem diebus durantibus. Item volo quod predict! 
capellani eligant quinque pauperes clericos maxime egentes ad 
ministrandum in ecclesia predicta per predictos septem dies : et 
quod quilibet eorum habeat quolibet die ij d. ; videlicet, unum 
denarium ad offerendum ad missam de Eequiem et j d. pro 
tencione tortarum et imam nigram togam cum capucio ejusdem 

of Dalby, to be spent on the fabric of his church there. To each order of the Mendi. 
cant Friars at Scarborough, 3«. id. To John Wyvill his son and heir 20 ewes. To 
Richard his son iOs. He appoints Isabel his wife, and Sir William Wyvill his 
brother, his executors. [Fr, 11 July, 1460.] 

Another John Wyvill of Osgodby, probably the son of the above, and the grandson 
of William Wyvill the testator, makes his will 31 March, 1466, and desires to be 
buried in the chapel of St. John the Baptist at Gaiton. He makes Agnes his wife 
and Sir William Wyvill rector of Dalby hie executors. 

♦ The testator, the head of a distinguished Nottinghamshire house, married, accord- 
ing to the recorded pedigree of his family, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Edward Pier- 
point, Knight, by whom he had two sons, (Sir) Robert and John. The number and 
variety of the charitable bequests render this wilk extremely interesting ; and the 
clauses against dicers and tavern-haunters, a rare denunciation . in those days, bear 
witness to the good sense and feeling of the testator. But how was the legacy to be 
recovered upon a breach of promise ? On August 1, 1441, Archbishop Kempe grants 
permission to Robert Strelley, Esq. and Alice his wife, to have divine service celebrated 
in ^eir house. 


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sectse et unum novum par sotularium, et sustentacionem in cibis 
at potibus, ut supra. Item volo quod predictae tortae non illumi- 
nentur nisi tantum ad levacionem sacramenti missas de Requiem ; 
et, predictis septem diebus completis, predictaB xij. tortae isto 
modo distribuantur, videlicet, quatuor tortae ecclesiae de Strelley 
predictae, et duo capellae Sanctae Marias in eadem ecclesia, duo 
ecclesiae de Bilburgh, duo ecclesiae de Trowell, et duo capellae de 
Shipley. Item volo quod predicti executores mei eligant quinque 
viduas maxime egentes vestibus albis indutas de meo, quae dictae 
viduflB quolibet cue efferent quaelibet iUarum j d. ad missam de 
Sancta Maria de meo ; et quaelibet earum teneat quolibet die 
imam candelam ad predictam missam de Sancta Maria de meo ; 
et quod quaelibet earum habeat in toto xx d., et sustentacionem 
in cibis et potibus, predictis septem diebus durantibus. Item 
lego pro expensis in die sepulturae meae, cum sex diebus proxime 
\ sequentibus, cum stauro domus meae, xx marcas. Item lego c s. 
ad distribuendum inter pauperes maxime egentes infra villatas de 
Strelle, Hymmesley, Nuthall, Bafford, Bilburgh, Chilwell, Aden- 
burgh, Stapulford, Trowell, Cessall et Ades worth secundum dis- 
crecciones predictorum executorum meorum ; ita semper quod 
nullus, qui utitur talis vel aliis jocis illicitis, aut tabernis nocturnis 
temporibus illicitis, habeat summam predictam, nisi voluerit facere 
sufEcientem securitatem meis predictis executoribus quod ea 
omittat ; et si compertum fuerit postea quod ea non omiserit tunc 
omnes summas predictas, sic receptas, meis prefatis executoribus 
restituat. Item lego x s. Fratribus Minoribus Notynghame, ad 
celebrandum unum trentale pro anima mea et animabus omnium 
fidelium defunctorum. Item lego xs. Fratribus Carmelitis 
Notjmgham, ad celebrandum unum trentale pro anima mea, ut 
supra. Item lego x s. Fratribus Predicatoribus Derb' ad cele- 
brandum unum trentale pro anima mea et animabus omnium 
fidelium defunctorum. — Executores meos facio Johannem Cokfeld* 
armigerum, Thomam Meres armigerum, Henricum Knyveton 
armigerum, Robertum Willughbyf rectorem ecclesiae Sancti Petri 
Notynghame, Nicholaum Pakker rectorem ecclesiae de Bilburgh, 

* John Cockfield, of Nuthall, co. Notts, Esq. the last male representative of his 
family, married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Foljambe, Esq. and left no issue. His 
estates passed to his sister Agnes, who married John Talboys, Esq. By his will, dated 
December 4, 1453, he directs his body to be buried in the church of St. Patrick at 
Nuthall. He constitutes Margaret his wife, Robert Clifton, and Richard WiUoughby, 
Esqs. William Foljambe, sen. William Ford, and William Glough, his executors, and 
makes William Babington, Esq. bis supervisor. His widow, the Lady Margaret, made 
her will at Wollaton, in 1462. It will be given in its proper place. 

"t Robert WiUoughby, a younger son perhaps of the house of Wollaton, was rector 
of St. Peter^s Nottingham, and orders himself to be buried in the chancel of. that 
church, by his will, dated March 2, 1438>9. Mr. Willia,m Clifton, and his brother Sir 
John, are the residuary legatees in his will, which was proved at York, April 30, 1439. 

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et Willelmum Bland ; et ordino Willelmum Babyngton militem 
supervisorem.* — Datum apud Strelley. \Prob, 2^ JSep, 1430.] 


Jan. 21, 1428-9. Ego Robertus Clyfford,t vicarius ecclesiae 
parochialis de Bossall, compos mentis, tamen sentiens michi 
mortis periculum appropinquare, condo testamentum meum in 
hunc modum. Inprimis commendo animam meam Deo Om- 
nipotenti, Beatas Marias Virgini gloriosaa, totique coUegio civium 
superionmi, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia predicta. 
Item, do et lego ecclesiae predictae duo vestimenta, unum, vide- 
licet, de viridi damasc', et alterum de tarteryn, coloris murray, 
unum Missale, unum Manuale, unum Psalterium feriatum et unum 
calicem argenti. Residuum Priori ecclesiae cathedralis Dunel- 
mensis et Henrico Helay J confratri et commonacho suo. [^Pr, 
12 Nov, 1430, and administration granted to brother Henry 
Helay, monk of Durham^] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Oliverus Woderow,§ in festo Sancti 
Martini in yeme, anno Domini millesimo cccc™** tricesimo, compos 

• liOrd Chief Justice of the King's Bench, and a member of an illustrious Notting- 
hamshire family. He married the rich heiress of Martell, who brought the estate of 
Chilwell into his family. His will is dated on 3 October, 1454, and in it he desires 
to be buried in the church of the Holy Trinity at Lenton (Monasterii de Lentona), in 
the chapel of St. Mary, " de novo ibidem constructa.^' He mentions his wife Margery, 
who is said by Thoroton to have died in 1442, and his sons William, Robert, and 
Robert. [Proh. 10 Oct 1454.] 

t The incumbent of one of the Yorkshire livings which were, in the gift of the 
prior and convent of Durham. His will is brief, but interesting ; and in it he leaves 
all his effects to the pious and antiquarian prior of Durham, John Wessington, who 
appears to have been his personal friend and patron, and to Henry Helagh, a Durham 
monk. As Helagh could not undertake the executorship without the permission of 
his superior, Clifford had previously obtained that permission, and in his licence, dated 
1 April, 1427, Wessington says that he makes the concession, "ad magnam instanciam 
amici nostri predilecti Domini Roberti Clyfford, vicarii de Bossill.** (Hist. Dunelm. 
Scriptores Tres, ccxv.) 

X Henry Helagh appears to have been a man of some ability. He was evidently 
a favourite monk : he was bursar of the monastery for two years. In 1437 he became 
Prior of Holy Island, where he continued till 1441 or 1442, when he was recalled to 
Durham at the request of Bishop Neville. In February, 1446-7, Prior Ebchester allows 
him to spend a month at Finchale (gracia spaciandi). His stay there must have been 
prolonged, as we find him at Finchale in the following year. 

§ A will with which Mr. Hunter appears to have been unacquainted when he com- 
piled his pedigree of WoodrufTe of WoUey. There is a great deal of confusion in the 
earlier genealogy of this family ; and it is extremely difficult to ascertain who are its 
present representatives. Richard Woodruffe, the last member of the family who is 

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mentis, condo testamentum raeum in hunc modum. Inprimis, 
lego Omnipotenti Deo, plasmatori meo, animam meam, quam 
scio cruore precioso redemit, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in 
ecclesia de WoUey. Item lego optimum equum meum appara- 
tum, prout decet, nomine mortuarii mei. Item volo quod quic- 
quid accident Deo vel sanctae ecclesiaB quoque modo de me in 
vita mea primo impleatur de bonis et catallis meis. Item lego 
Priori et Conventui de Munkbretton, pro decimis oblitis seu sub- 
tractis, xx s. Item lego ad summum altare ecclesiae de WoUay 
unam tabulam de passione Cbristi, qusB est in capella mea pre- 
dicta. Item lego fabricse ecclesiae Beati Petri Eboracensis dimi- 
diam marcam auri. Item lego fratribus de Tykhill unum nobile 
pro uno trentali. Item lego Fratribus de ordine Minorum de 
Doncastre pro alio trentali unum nobile. Item lego' Fratribus 
Carmelitis de Doncastre pro alio trentali vj s. viij d. Item lego 
Fratribus de Pontefracto pro alio trentali yj s. viij d. Item lego 
decem marcas auri ad exequias meas faciendum. Item lego 
decern marcas auri distribuendas pro anima mea pauperibus. 
Item lego xxj. marcas auri ad celebrandum pro anima mea per 
tres annos. Item lego Aliciae Skargill ad maritagium suum 
decem marcas auri. Item lego Agneti FlynthiU servienti meae 
xl s. auri. Item lego Johanni Laverok alteri servienti meo xl s. 
Item lego Willelmo Pynning seniori xls. de auro. Item lego 
Willelmo Pynnyng juniori xls. auri. Item lego Olivero Gaimt 
quinque marcas auri. Item lego MarjoriaB Pynnyng xl s. auri. 
Item lego Thomae Bank xiij s. iiij d. auri. Item lego Christoforo 
Pyncus, si expectaverit mecum in servicio, xlij s. iiij d. Item lego 
parvo Ricardo Pynnyng filio Aliciae xx s. auri. Item lego 
Willelmo Westenden nuper servo meo xx s. Item lego Willelmo 
Hynchcliff nuper servo meo xx s. Item lego Willelmo Mirfeld 
meum optimum ciphum argenti deauratimi cum coopertorio 
ejusdem. Item lego Jobanni Wodrow * unum ciphum argenti 

recorded by Mr. Hunter, married one of the coheirs of Thomas Percy, the attainted 
Earl of Northumberland, and left issue behind him, the history of which, from various 
causes, it is now almost impossible to trace. The testator was probably the son of 
John Woodruffe, who makes his will on the 2nd of August, 19 Richard II. In this 
will he is not mentioned by name, but, as the great family estates may have been pre* 
yiously settled upon him, his £a.ther may have thought that he was already sufficiently 
provided for : at all events, when Oliver Woodruffe died, he was in possession of John 
Woodruffe^s estates ; and the interval between his death and that of his supposed father 
is too short to admit of another generation. John Woodruffe in his will mentions his 
wife Catherine, his daughters, his daughter Margaret, and his son John. Oliver 
Woodruffe the testator died on 20 Nov. 1430, leaving John, son of John his brother, 
as his heir. 

* John Woodruffe, the nephew of the testator, was receiver of Edward IV. for the 
manors of Wakefield, Coningsbrough, and Hatfield. He married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Laurence Hamerton of Wigglesworth in Craven, Esq. and left issue by her. By his 
will, dated at " Wolnelay," Oct. 6, 1487, which was proved at York on the 20th of ^ 
November following, he makes Richard Woodruffe, his son and heir, his executor ; 

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signatum cum uno liberd in capite coopertorii. Item lego eidem 
Johanni decem cocliaria argenti signata cum Si. et U. Item lego 
eidem Johanni unum gladium hamysht cum argento, nuper 
fratris ejusdem Johannis, cum uno nowche cum le} perle}. Resi- 
duum executoribus meis, quos constituo Aliciam uxorem meam, 
Willelmum Mirfeld, Henricum Norththorp capellanum, Thomam 
Sutell * capellanimi, et Johannem Laverok. — Scriptum apud 
WoUay. [Fr. 12 Dec. 1430.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Johannes Neville,t dominus de 
Latymer, compos mentis, lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti et 
BeatsB Mariae et omnibus Sanctis ; et corpus meum ad sepeliendum 
in choro ecclesiae AbbathiaB Beatse Mariae Eboracensis, ubi sepul- 
turam meam elegi et lapidem meum apposui. Item lego summo 
altari predictae Abbathiae magnum meum Missale pro mortuario 
meo. Item lego duo candelabra de argento summo altari ejusdem 
ecclesiae. Item lego Bibliam meam Prioratui et Conventui de 
Gisbum. Item lego Prioratui de Byschmede vestimentum de 
rubio satyn integrum. Residuumque bonorum meorum non 
legatorum do et concedo Thomae LambtonJ armigero meo, simul 
cum omnibus debitis meis. In cujus rei testimonium presentibus 
sigillum meum apposui. Datum apud Popylton, in festo Concep- 
cionis Beatae Mariae Virginis, Anno Domini Millesimo cccc"***. 
xxx"»°. et Regis Henrici Sexti nono. Presentibus in sigillatione 
testament! hujusmodi discretis viris Stephano Ednam§ generoso, 
Johanne Frances, Alano Horselay. \_Prob, 14 Dec. 1430.] 

and he mentions Elizabeth Wentworth, his son Richard^ daughter. On October 4, 
1453, Archbishop Kempe grants an oratory to John Woderoff, Esq. and Elizabeth his 

* A Thomas Sutyll, vicar of South Kirkby, makes his will on Feb. 8, 1466-7, and 
directs his body to be buried in the churchyard, near the great door. He leaves to 
the church a gilt cross. Thomas Trigott of South Kirkby, Esq. and John Sutill, rector 
of Thornemanby, are his executors. 

f The only son of John Lord Neville of Raby, by his second wife Elizabeth, daughter 
and heir of William Lord Latimer. In 19 Ric. II. he was fourteen years of age; and in 
5 Hen. Y. he was summoned to Parliament as Lord Latimer. He married Matilda, 
daughter of Thomas Lord Glififord, and widow of Richard Earl of Cambridge, whose 
will is printed hereafter ; but he left no issue. His estates and title passed on to his 
great- nephew, Greorge Neville, third son of Ralph Earl of Westmerland. His will, 
it is to be observed, is dated at the little village of Poppleton, near York. 

X Most probably the son and heir of William Lambton of Lambton, Esq. and his 
master^s feivourite esquire. Two years after the date of the present will he became the 
head of his ancient house on the death of his father. His mother lived in York during 
her widowhood, and was buried in the church of St. Helen-on- the- Walls in 1439. 
Her will occurs under that year. 

§ Stephen Edniun of Appleton, by his will, dated March 13, 1450-1, desires to be 
buried in the church of Lastingham. He leaves Joan his wife as his executrix, and 

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In Dei nomine, Amen: xxvij. Dec. Ego Alicia* 
relicta Petri Upstall, nuper civis et mercatoris Ebor. — sepeliendum 
in choro Beatae Mariae juxta corpora puerorum meorum m ecclesia 
mea parochiali Sancti Martini in Conyngstrete, Ebor. — Fabricae 
ecclesiae meae parochialis pro sepultura mea xxs. Et pro ex- 

Einsis meis fimeralibus cvi s. viij d. Et Fratribus Carmelitis 
bor. ad recreationem Conventus sui in esculentis et poculentis 
XX s. Et XX s. ad emendum pannum album pro lodicibus inde 
faciendis et pauperibus in lectis suis jacentibus distribnendis. 
Et lego XX s. ad emendum panem, cervisiam, et cames bovinas 
et multonum dandas prisonanis in Castro Ebor., in les Kydcotes, et 
in prisona domini Archiepiscopi Ebor., ac pauperibus in lectis suis 
jacentibus in diversis locis in civitate Ebor. Et Fraternitati Cor- 
poris Christi in Ebor., ad fabricacionem feretri per eos conficiendi 
ad portandum Corpus Christi iij s. iiij d. Et magistro Johanni 
Carleton optimam mappam meam cum tuella et j pecten de ebore ; 
et magistro Johanni f filio suo unum aliud pecten de ebore, et 
Roberto Smeton yj s. viij d. et j pecten de busshe. Ricardo 
Russell fratri meo illos tres annulos aureos quos mihi dedit, et 
Johannae filiae suae zonam meam cum cathena argentea stipata cum 
aquilis argenteis, j coopertorium cum arboribus cum tapeto, j par 
lodicum, j par linthiaminum de optimis, ij pulvinaria cum nodis 
rotundis de serico de Inde, j lectum plumalem cum j pari cultel- 
lorum argento omatorum et deauratorum ; et Johanni Russell 
fratri meo j peciam argenti planam coopertam et j zonam argento 
paratam cum angelis volantibus. Isabellas sorori meae optimam 
gounam meam per eam eligendam preter mortuarium meum, 
Agneti Bowes j parvam peciam argenti pounsed. Johanni filio - 
meo totam partem meam omnium aliorum vasorum meorum 
argenti, duos optimas zonas meas argento paratas, optimum co- 
opertorium meum cum tapeto viridi cowched, ij optima paria 
linthiaminum, ij paria lodicum, partem meam lectorura plumalium, 
ij magna pulvinaria, ij pulvinaria ornata cum viridi, optimum 
dorsorium de viridi cowched, iij banquers, xij quysshyns cowched 
cum scutis de rubio et albo, j par precum de curall cum uno 
formali aureo, j Agnus Dei aureo et j corde aureo et cum j pari 
precum de aumbre. Johanni Tailour de Lepyngton j cooper- 
Sir Thomas le Neville, knight, as his supervisor : the will is proved June 23, 1451. 
He was evidently a retainer of the Nevilles. 

* The widow of a York merchant, whose will contains some interesting bequests. 
Her husband mentions her in his will, which is dated 20 April, 1430. In it he leaves 
all his lands and tenements at " Harsell," in Brabant, to his son John. 

f Some notices and wills of this family will be given hereafter. 

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' ^ "^ ' ' -• - ' .^ ^^' rliri 


torium de viridi cum signis, j par linthiaminum pro famulis ordi- 
natorum cum j matras, et uxori ejus gounam meam de viridi 
singularem lini, j oUam cruceam vocatam gyngyll fractam in 
labro, j patellam usualem et yj s. viij d. Et Agneti Laxton 
terciam togam meam cum uno capucio de violeto. Et Adas 
famulo meo sellas vocatas paksadyls, pakclathes, pakprykkes, j 
sellam cum freno, j materas, j coopertorium, j par lintniaminum 
pro famulis ordinatorum. Ricardo Stramige capellano xiij s. iiij d. 
et Johamii Spence capellano vjs. viijd. et Matildi Roderham 
optimum capucium meum de scarleto preter mortuarium. Et ad 
distribuendum inter mulieres quae fuerunt operariaB meae vj s. viij d. 
Et Aliciae Manby j goxmam de viridi liniatam cum carde, j gonam 
cum cathena de auricalco cum le tysshewe de serico, j aliam par- 
vam gonam argento paratam, j par precum de nigro gete cum j 
formali argenti. Et Margaretae Lamley armilansam meam de 
nigro, et Johannae Kyrkeby iij s. iiij d. et cuilibet famulorum et 
famularum predicti Ricardi Russell fratris mei xij d. et cuilibet 
famularum mearum xij d. Et Thomae Nype ad exliibendum 
ipsum ad scolas xx s. Et Aliciae Tutbatts minimum capucium 
meum de scarleto. Et Johanni Fysshelake de Ebor. xx s. Et 
uxori ejus gounam meam de russeto penulatam cum griseo. 
IProb. 5 Jan. 1430-1.] 


April 1, 1429. Ego Robertus Plays* — sep. in ecclesia mea 
parochiali de Lyth. Item lego optimum animal meum nomine 
mortuarii mei — Rectori de Croft pro decimis meis oblitis xxs. 

* Robert Place of Aton, in Pickering Lyth, was the ancestor of that house of Place 
which afterwards settled at Halnaby and Dinsdale. Of the early history of this family 
there is but little known, and the present document, therefore, will be especially 
welcome to the genealogist. The testator, by his marriage with the rich heiress of 
Halnaby, became possessed of large estates in the North Riding of Yorkshire and 
Durham, which, at the time when he makes his will, were probably encumbered with 
the jointure of his mother* in- law, who seems to have been in possession of the plate 
of her family, and perhaps also of the manor house at Halnaby. 

Four children are recorded in this will. Robert, the eldest son, who married Isabel 
one of the five-and-twenty children of Sir Ralph Pudsey of Bolton and Barford, by 
whom he left issue, William and Thomas, who died childless, and a daughter 

Sir William Place, Knight, the father of the testator, by a deed of gift, executed 
at Siggeston, '* die Jovis post festum Annuntiationis, 19 Richard II." conveyed all his 
property to Margaret his wife and her children. 

Margaret his wife, a daughter of Robert Lelom, died in the year 1400, and her 
will occurs in Testamenta Eboracensia, Part I. 

This Sir William was the first of the family who settled at Aton. He became 
located there in right of his mother Elizabeth, daughter and coheir of Sir William 
Aton. His father died before him, and his mother re- married Sir John Conyers of 
Sockbum, and died in York in 1402, having survived her second husband. 

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Rectori de Lythe pro decimis mels negllgenter oblitis xxs. 
Domino Johanni Cleseby,* rectori de Mersk in comitatu Rich- 
mondiae, optimum ciphura meum murram argento ligatam. Jo- 
hanni Trollop unum ciphum argenti altum et coopertum pounsed 
et chased, m custodia dominae JohannaB matris uxoris meae 
existentem, si bene poterit adquiri extra manus suas. Roberto 
Cleseby consanguineo meo et filiolo meo unum alium ciphum 
argenti ejusdem formae et staturae in custodia predictae dominae 
Jonannae existentem, si bene poterit adquiri de manibus suis, 
Agneti uxori predicti Johannis Trollopp sex cocliaria argenti in 
custodia predictae dominae existentia, si bene poterunt adquiri de 
manibus suis. Radulpho Pudsay unum ciphum argenti cooper- 
tum et unum salarium argenti coopertum et intus aeauratum, in 
custodia dictae dominae Johannis matris uxoris meae. Roberto 
filio meo et heredi totam armaturam meam cum duobus gladiis, 
unus principalis, et alius pro guerra. Willelmo filio meo unum 
gladium trenchand, et omnia terras et tenementa raea in Holme 
et Spaldyngmore et Santon juxta Wighton, de quibus feoffavi 
predictos Robertum Cleseby, Johannem Trollopp et alios, ad 
terminum vitae suae, et tunc remaneant rectis heredibus meis. 
Thomae filio meo unum gladium curtum cum capa argenti et 
omnia terras et tenementa mea in Cunselay, Sleghtes, Ogilwardby 
et Danby juxta Egton, ad terminum vitae suae et tunc remaneant 
rectis heredibus meis. Elizabethae filiae meae omnia terras et tene- 
menta mea in villa de Whitby, ad terminum vitae suae. Residuum 
Katarinae f uxori meae, quam cum domino Johanne Cleseby, 

gersona de Mersk in comitatu Richmondiae, domino Johanne 
tory rectore de Leysham, et Nicholao Clergenet de Richmund, 
executores meos constituo. \_Pr, 13 Jan, 1430-1.] 

* This family were owners of the estate of Marske, near Richmond. The repre- 
sentation of the family merged soon after this time in a younger son of the house of 
Conyers of Hornby, who in right of his wife became owner of Marske. The family of 
Cleasby of Marske was probably only a junior branch of the great house which 
flourished at Cleasby from the earliest times. 

+ Daughter and heiress of Halnath de Halnaby, her brother Acrisius de Halnaby, 
who had been betrothed to Elizabeth daughter of Sir John de Burgh in 19 Richard II. 
having died without issue, if the marriage ever took place at all. After the death of 
her husband, she appears to have passed her widowhood at Whitby, where her will is 
dated on the 13th of December, 1461. In it she is styled ** Lady Katherine Place." 
She directs her body to be buried in the Abbey church of Whitby, where the Lady 
mass is daily celebrated. To Hugh, the Lord Abbot of Whitby, she leaves 208. and 
a covered cup of silver, which, at his death, is to go to the use of the refectory of the 
monastery. To Richard Lelom, her cousin (her mother-in-law was a daughter of 
Robert Lelom), she leaves a covered salt- seller of silver. To her daughter Elizabeth, 
one cup (murram). To Margaret Plase, her saddle and bridle and a silver spoon. To 
Joan Plase, a spoon. She also leaves 6«. Sd. to keep up the chapel of Egton, and a 
similar sum to the church of Croft. The will was proved at York, 24 Feb. 1461-2. 

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August 8, 1426. Ego Petrus del Hay* de Spaldyngton — sep. 
in choro ecclesiae de EUerton juxta corpus Elizabethae nuper 
uxToris meae defunctse. Lego pro expensis funeralibus meis xx li. 
Lego ad distribuendum inter servientes meos xx li. Elizabethae 
jam uxori meae omnia bona de mea in maneriis de Gunby et 
Balne — duas pelves argenteas cum Salutacione Angelica in fiindo 
situata, et cum duobus layers argenti eisdem pertinentibus et duas 
oUas argenteas vocatas quart pottes — omnes vaccas meas, sive 
vitulos, stirks et juvencas cum stauro mortuo apud Spaldyngholme 
— ^unam peciam argenti cum cooperculo deaurato et cum aquario 
argenti et deaurato — et cum uno vestimento blodio pro capella 
sua — unum maser novum, et le steyned hallyng pertmentem ad 
aulam de Spaldyngton. Eoberto filio f nieo xij. discos argenti 
largos et xiij. discos argenti minores, et imam oUam argenti vo- 
catam potelpott, et duas pelves argenti cum ij. lavers argenti 
eisdem pertinentibus, et omnia bona, implementa, utensilia, mul- 
tones et hogastros apud Brantyngham. Willelmo Wetwange 
unam peciam argenti cum cooperculo. Domino Johanni Burton 
unam peciam argenti. Item lego cuidam capellano divina cele- 
branti m capella de Spaldyngton secundum disposicionem execu- 
torum meorum xiiij li. Jacobo Cresacre f unum equum. Eliza- 

* The head of a Yorkshire family of some eminence and distinction. This wiU 
makes several additions to the genealogy of the De la Hays. The testator, it appears, 
was twice married. His first wife Elizabeth, who was probably the mother of his 
children, was buried in the monastery at EUerton. To his second wife he took 
another Elizabeth, a daughter of John Woodruffe (of WoUey ?), and widow of James 
Cresacre of Bamborough, who survived him, and made her will in 1434, under which 
year it vdll be found. 

(Sir) Thomas De la Hay, the eldest son of the testator, married a daughter of Sir 
William Babthorpe of Babthorpe, by whom he left five (laughters and coheirs, who 
carried the representation of his house into the families of Vavasour, Hildyard, 
Knight, and Thwaites. From the date of his own will, and the absence of his name in 
the present document, he probably had died just before the date of his Other's will. 
By his will, dated July 1, 1426, in which he calls himself Thomas del Hay, son of 
Peter del Hay de Spaldyngton, he directs his body to be buried in the conventual 
church of EUerton, near Elizabeth his mother. He mentions his brother Robert del 
Hay, and Joan his own wife, and his children. The wills of several other members of 
this family may be found in Testamenta Eboracensia, Part I. to which I must refer 
my readers. 

f In all probability the same person who was made prebendary of Givendale, in the 
church of York, in 1420. He was also rector of Brantingham, where his father 
appears to have had considerable property, which he leaves to him in his will. Brant- 
ingham was a living in the gift of the prior and convent of Durham ; and he was 
probably indebted for his preferment to the kind offices of his father, who may perhaps 
have held some office there under the monastery. He died in 1448, and administra- 
tion of his effects was granted on the 8th of January, 1448-9, to Thomas EUerbek, 
rector of St. Martin's Conystreet, in York, and William Crosby of Cave. 

t Several notices of this family will occur under the will of Elizabeth del Hay, 
in 1434. 

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bethae uxori meae tres equos meos optimos, mortuario meo excepto. 
Willelmo Bowes * chr. unam peciam cum coopertorio argenti, et 
Percyvell Cresacre unam peciam argenti. Residuum executoribus 
meis, quos constituo Elizabetbam uxorem meam, Robertum del 
Hay filium meum, et Willebnum de Wetwange servientem meum. 
Datum apud Spaldyngton. [_Pr. 11 Aprils 1431.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. 14 Aug. 1430. Ego Willelmus 
Stowef de Ripon senior. — sep. ubicumque Deus disposuerit — 
Fabricae ecclesiae de Ripon iij s. iiij d. Item pro decimis oblitis 
xl d. Willelmo Fencotes unam zonam de rubeo in parte argenta- 
tam et unum loculum. Item Magistro Tbomae Clyveland unum 
equum album sive dappeldgray, qui est in custodia Ricardi 
Garthorne de Scoreburgh. Item lego eidem Ricardo pro custodia 
ejusdem equi unam togam stragulatam partiter penulatam cum 
nigro. Item lego Willelmo filio meo unam sigtemam plumbeara, 
unum brewlede, unum maskfatt, unum troghe, unum gilefatt, et 
optimam ollam meam aeneam cum optima patella, unam cistam de 
Flandria quae stat in le chapell chaumbre. Item unum lectum 
rubeum, qui est apud Warkworth, cum duobus paribus linthia- 
minum ibidem. Item alium lectum de nigro et rubeo cum 
fethirbed et bolstyr, unum par linthiaminum et unum par de 
blanketts, duo pulvinaria apud Ripon existencia. Item lego 
Matildas filiae meas unam togam quondam matris suae penulatam 
cum pellura. Item unam sellam, duas cistas de pruse, Anglice 
pruse coferys. Item unum lectum de blodio, quern habeo apud 
Eboracum, cum tribus curtinis et aliis dicto lecto pertinentiis. 
Item unam equam donned cum puUo suo. Item lego eidem 
unum fethirbed cum le bolstyre; item unum corse de cerico. 
Item lego Henrico Mauncell unum baslard argenti; item quinque 
virgas de panno viridi; item unam furruram de fychesse et de 

* Sir William Bowes of Streatlam, in the Bishopric of Durham, who married 
Joan, daughter of Ralph Lord Graystock. She died in the first year of their marriage ; 
'* thereon, he toke moche thoght, and passed into France," where he fought long and 
gallantly among the chivalry of England, under the Duke of Bedford. He was but 
A boy himself when he married the youthful daughter of the house of Graystock ; but 
neither lapse of time, nor change of scene, could banish from his recollection the 
memory of the bride whom he had lost, and the halls of Streatlam never saw a second 
mistress. He died at a great old age, full of years and honours. 

t Son of John de Stowe of Ripon, whose will (dated in 1390) haa been published 
in the first volume of the York Wills. The testator was a retainer in the household of 
the Earl of Northumberland, and his will, enumerating his curious and scattered goods 
and chattels, proves that he held some high office in that illustrious family. He had 
probably witnessed many a Border fray during his sojourn in Northumberland, and 
had often followed in the wake of the silver crescent. 

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laneo; item unam loricam de Milan apud Rypon. Item lego 
iinam fumiram, quae est in toga mea de veteri sangwjoie. Item 
lego domino Henrico Coke capellano de Rypon unam togam 
viridem penulatam apud Rypon. Item lego domino Petro Har- 
man capellano iij s. iiij d. Item lego Roberto Taverner de Ripon 
unam bursam cum annulo aureo. Item Priorissae de Monnkton 
unum parvum Psalterium. Item lego Ricardo Sadeler unam 
togam stragulatam furratam cum fox. Item Aliciae uxori ejusdem 
unum capucium de scarleto quondam uxoris meae. Item lego 
Jobanni Byrdsall de Ebor. unam togam de ray penulatam cum 
nigro. Item Johanni fratri ejusdem unum dublett defensorium, 
apud Ripon, et unam loricam apud Werkesworth, et unum stele 
bat. Item lego Jobannae sorori ejusdem, in relevamen et sub- 
sidium suum ad maritagium, prout executoribus meis melius 
videbitur expedire. Item pro imo capellano, si comode fieri 
poterit, per unum annum ad celebrandum pro anima mea et om- 
nium fidelium defunctorum apud Ripon. Item lego Jobannae 
Hovyngbam sorori meae unum bovem, qui est apud Byland, 
unam parvam zonam cum argento deaurato ornatam; item unum 
annulum aureum parvum cum uno parvo dyamant. Item lego 
domino meo Comiti Nortbumbriae on tablet de evore, et dominae 
meae Comitissae unum ramum de corall. Item lego Willelmo 
Harbum unam cistam et unam securim apud Werkwortb. Item 
Jobanni Folkton unum par precularium de lambre — uxori Wil- 
lelmi Fencotys unam bursam. Item uxori Magistri Tbomae Cleve- 
land unam bursam cum annulo aureo. Item lego liberaturam 
meam argenteam, Anglice cressaunt, et liberaturam meara, Anglice 
coller, ad feretrum Sancti Wilfridi. Item lego unum lace de 
cerico blodio ad summum altare Beati Wilfridi, dependendum ad 
pixidem Corporis Christi. Willelmo Huby servienti meo unum 
equum donned, qui est in Northumbria, unum dagar, x s. ad 
unam novam togam emendum. Ricardo Stowe gladium meum 
argento deauratum. Uxori domini Rogeri Ward unum speculum. 
Domino Tbomae Morton unum powder box de ligno. Uxori 
Johannis Merkyngfeld unum qwypp. Omnia terrae et tenementa 
mea in Stowcroft vulgariter nuncupato infra villam et dominium 
de Rypon Willelmo fiiio meo — rem. Matildae filiae meae. [Pr. 
21 April, 1431.] 


In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. . Ego 
Jobannes Morton,* armiger, in bona memoria existens, condo et 

* A will of great interest and curiosity. Little or nothing is known of the testator ; 
but we may be sure that he was a man of taste and Reaming. He was probably related 

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ordino testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego 
animam meam Deo et Beatissimae Manse Virgin! et Matri ac 
omni Curiae Celesti, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia 
parochiali Sancti Michaelis de Berefrido Ebor., secundum dispo- 
sicionem et ordinacionem rectoris ejusdem ac executorum meorum. 
Item volo quod duo cerei ponantur super corpus meum tempore 
exequiarum. Item quod uterque cereus sit de pondere x lb. cene. 
Item volo quod comburantur circa corpus meum sex torches de 
pura cera, ita quod quaelibet torch sit de pondere xv lb. cerae, 
quarum volo et ordino quod duo torches remaneant summo altari 
ecclesiae Sancti Michaelis predictae. Item sex pauperibus portan- 
tibus sex torches predictas, cuilibet unam togam de nigro panno 
cum capucio. Item lego fabricae ecclesiae Cathedralis Beati Petri 
Eboracensis xxs. Item lego domino Roberto Semer, rectori 
ecclesiae parochialis Sancti Michaelis predicti, unum librum de 
Latino, vocatum Policronica, ex compilacione Fratris Eanulphi 
Monachi Cestrise, et vj s. viij d. prosepultura mea in dicta ecclesia 
habenda. Item lego capellano parochiali ejusdem ecclesiae iij s. iiij d. 
Et cuilibet aliorum^ capellanorum continue ibidem celebrancium 
XX d. Item clerico parochiali ejusdem xij d. et subclerico vj d. 
Item lego Abbati de Jerovall xiij s. iiij d. Et cuilibet monacho 
ejusdem conventus ij s. ad bursam suam propriam. Item lego 
reverendissimae dominae Johannae Comitissae Westmerland* unum 
librum de Anglico, vocatum Gower, pro remembrancia. Item 
lego Magistro Johanni Carltonf Canonico Ecclesiae Cathedralis 

to Thomas Morton, prebendary of North Newbald, in the Church of York, who died 
in 1449, and a member of the great family of Morton of Bawtry. 

* Joan, daughter of John of Gaunt, and widow of Ralph Earl of Westmerland. 
She was probably residing in her widowhood at the castle of Sheriffhutton. If this 
were the case, the legacy of " Gower ** is an interesting one, as that poet is said to have 
been bom at Stittenham, which is in the parish of Sheriffhutton. At all events, the 
poetry which haa enrolled Gower among the first of our early English poets could not 
have been written a long time before the date of this will, and few manuscript copies 
of his works could at that time be in existence. The fact, tlierefore, of a York gentle- 
man bequeathing the book at so early a date to the owner of the castle of Sheriffhutton 
may perhaps be brought forward to confirm the tradition that Gower was connected 
with the ancient family of that name which was then seated at Stittenham. 

t John Carlton, or Charlton, probably a Westmerland man by birth, was pre- 
bendary of Riccall, in the Church of York. His curious will is dated July 18, 1436. 
He orders himself to be buried before the high altar in the choir of his church at 
Riccall, with a marble-stone inscribed with a legend, " ut est moris." He likewise 
desires that his funeral be celebrated, '* sine aliquali serie candelarum, Anglice herce, 
et sine pompa vel elacione.^* To the Paternoster gild in York, 13«. 4d. To my m' 
Mr. Robert Gilbert, dean of York, a gilt cup covered like a chalice, with an image of 
the Vii^in on the base, " de qua prse cseteris potare consueveram et dilectabar, ut 
intuitu ejusdem munusculi mei dignetur memorari." To master Thomas Wilton, doctor 
in medicine, for his labour betowed upon me gratuitously, my bible, which he has in 
his hands, and the best zone of two which I commonly used. To Elen Pykeryng a 
board or tabernacle for the altar, having on it the image of the blessed Virgin Mary, 
*• de lambre ;" to John Carleton, doctor of laws, the costers for my chapel in York, one 
vestment of '* burd alisaunder," '* unum osculatorium, Anglice paxbreyde," &c. 

Digitized by 



Beati Petri Eboracensis unum clphum argenti coopertum, quern 
nuper habui ex legato Johannis Petyclerk.* Item lego Elenae 
de Pykeryngt unum nigrum nott coopertum et deauratum cum 
una aquila in summitate cooperculi. Item lego Christoforo 
Boynton unam pipam vini rubii. Item lego pro expensis meis 
funeralibus boneste fiendis xli, sterlingorum. Item lego Roberto 
Gaytenby, consanguineo meo, unum coUok pece argenti cum 
scriptura in cooperculo ^* IS» <ff*, et decem marcas argenti. Item 
lego Thomas Yonge servienti meo unum cbales copp argenti et 
deaurati ad modum unius gripe egg cimi scriptura in cooperculo 
^tttttiittU^ iD^U0^ etc., et decem marcas argenti. Item lego 
Jobanni Charleton armigero unum flatt pece planum cum scriptura 
in cooperculo ^^t fi>A^^VtttWf etc. Item lego Margaretae uxori 
suae unum flatt pece cum scriptura in cooperculo jSt^ttft fttlJl 
fpll ^pttf etc. Item lego Willelmo Alne unum ciphum planum 
de argento cum uno wretb in cooperculo. Item lego Jobanni 
fratri suo unum librimi scriptum manu sua propria de Gestis 
Romanorum, et unum firmaculum auri. Item lego Roberto 
Mersk servienti meo unum equum album cum sella et freno, 
unam togam et unum dublet et xx s. Item lego Jobanni Cook 
unam oUam aeneam, unam patellam, imam duodenam parapsidum 
et unam duodenam discorum de pewter, et xl s. Jobanni So- 
mersete xiij s. iiij d. Residuum executoribus meis, quos constituo 
Magistrum Jobannem Carleton, Cbristoforum Boynton, Robertum 
Gaytenby, Tbomam Yonge et Willelraum Alne — et Magistrum 
Ricardum AmallJ clericum supervisorem, [Pr. 5 Oct, 1431.] 

* Citizen and vintner of York. By his will, dated 17 May, and proved 21 July, 
1426, he leaves to Simon Sprotley a goblet of silver gilt. To Mr. John Carleton, clerk, 
junior, a psalter and a pair of knives adorned with silver. To Margaret his daughter, 
a zone adorned with silver, another zone broken, and a ring of gold with one unicorn. 
To Richard Wandesford, his wife's son, his best zone adorned with silver, my dagger 
and my primer. To Mr. John Carleton, senior, a silver piece with a cover gilt with 
one rose. To John Morton a piece of silver, after the fashion " de buttercoppes,^^ 
and gilt at either end. 

+ In 1436, John Carleton, canon of York, leaves her " unum puff argenti pro aqua 
rosarum spargenda." He also mentions Mary, the wife of James Pickering, and 
Margaret her daughter, his god-daughter. James Pickering, Esq. is one of his 

I Richard Arnall, successively prebendary of Bamby and Langtoft, in the Church 
of York. He also held the office of Sub-dean from 1409 until he died. He was at the 
same time an official in the court at York, and held the office of auditor to the Dean and 
Chapter. At the visitation of the Chapter, in the year 1440, the Commissioners 
reported that he was unable to perform the duties of the last-mentioned office, and 
that he overlooked many faults and errors in the various officers in the Church. He 
died on the 9th of June, 1441, and was buried in the Minster. His will is dated in 
the same year. 

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Nov. 15, 1431. Ego Johannes Esyngwald* de Eboraco, 
monymakerr — sep. in ecclesia Cathedrali Beati Petri Eboracensis 
coram magno crucifixo — Domino Roberto Semerr, rectori ecelesiae 
meae parochialis Sancti Michaelis de Berefrido, pro decimis et 
oblacionibus meis oblitis, xxs. Lego inter Magistrum meum, 
Commissarium Curiae Eboracensis, et ceteros socios Consistorii, 
ad unum jantaculum xiij s. iiij d. Agneti Beverlay filiae meae xl s. 
Johanni Beverlay omnia instrumenta et necessaria shopae meae 
ad le meltyngbouse et ad countor meum spectantia, et togam 
meam bipartitam de albo et viridi. Thomae filio meo quinque 
marcas argenti et alias quinque marcas in utensilibus et denariatisf 
et unam togam viridem. 



Die Mercurii in vigilia Concepcionis Beatae Mariae Virginis 
1429. Ego Eobertus Hilton J miles, dominus de Swjme in 
Holdemes, videns me infra breve temporis spacium ab hoc saeculo 
transiturum — sep. in australi parte cancelli ecelesiae parochialis 
Beatae Mariae de Swyne, cum meliori cursario meo cum sibi per- 

* A monyer in the celebrated mint at York. The Archbishop's mint was always 
of considerable importance ; and it is much to be regretted that we possess no regular 
treatise upon the coinage of this and other episcopal cities. With the exception of a 
few scanty documents in Drake's Eboracum, and some scattered and meagre notices 
in our public records, we have no printed evidences which throw any light upon the 
history of the Archiepiscopal mint at York — a mint which dates from the very earliest 
times. John Beverley, who appears to have been the son-in-law of the testator, in- 
herited his office ; and his will occurs hereafter. 

+ Pennyworth. In denariis et denariatis may be rendered by the ordinary phrase, 
** in penny and pennyworth." 

J The head of the younger branch of the great family of Hilton of Hilton, which 
was seated at Swine, in Holdemess, a branch hardly less powerful and magnificent than 
the stately tree from which it sprang. The testator dying without male issue, the 
heirship general of his family vested in his two daughters and coheirs, of whom some 
notice will be found appended to the will of his wife, the Lady Joan, which occurs 
hereafter. Sir Robert's brother, Sir Godfrey Hilton, Knight, married a lady who 
eventually became the heiress of the rich family of Lutterel, in Lincolnshire; but this 
line also, in a couple of descents, ran into female representation. A most interesting 
account of the Hilton Chapel, in Swine Church, which is now, unhappily, in a most 
dilapidated condition, and of the rich tombs with which it was formerly crowded, will 
be found in Poulson's History of Holdemess. From their position, and Lady Joan's 
desire to be buried '' infra hostium chori ex parte boriali," it may be inferred that the 
cancellum which Sir Robert mentions is his own family choir, screened as it was from 
the remainder of the church. 

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tinentibus et adjacentibus, secundum laudabilem consuetudinem 
progenitorum meorura, nomine mortuarii mei. Priorissse et Con- 
ventui Monasterii de Swjme, ad orandum pro me et omnibus 
fidelibus vivis et defunctis, x marcas. Item lego Ij li. quinque 
presbiteris pro me divina per quinque annos celebraturis. Item 
lego XX li. pauperibus distribuendas, videlicet, cuilibet pauperi 
vj d. Item cuilibet generoso michi servienti xl s. Cuilibet 
valecto XX s. et cuilibet garcioni xiij s. iiij d. Jobanni Wale 
clerico xx marcas. Item do cuilibet homini, qui vel quae jam 
fuerit tenens mens, dimidium firmae suae annualis. Item volo 
quod spyyc plate vendatur et detur pauperibus ad orandum pro 
me et animaous omnium fidelium defunctorum. Residuum do et 
lego Jobannae uxori meae, quam ordino executricem meam prin- 
cipalem, magistrum Ricardum Hide rectorem de Wystede, domi- 
num Johannem Robynson vicarium de Swyne, et dominum 
Willelmum Wann executores. Item lego fabncae ecclesiae Ebora^ 
censis xx s. [Pr. 22 Dec. 1431.] 



Feb. 20, 1431-2. Ego Nicholaus Blakburn* senior, civis et 
mercator Eboracensis — sep. in ecclesia Catbedrali Beati Petri 
Eboracensis, in australi parte, coram ymagine Dominae nostras 

* Nicholas Blackburn senior, citizen of York, one of the wealthiest, and certainly 
the most munificent, of the merchants of that great commercial city. I am induced 
to think that he was a Lancashire man by birth, and that he resided for some length 
of time at Richmond before he settled in York. His arrival at York was the origin 
of his rapid increase in wealth and influence, an increase corresponding in size and 
strength to the flow of that fair river, the downward course of which he had been 
following. We find him holding the office of Lord Mayor of York in 1413 and 1429. 
He died in the beginning of the year 1432, and was buried in the cathedral church, 
on the south side, under a marble stone which he had previously prepared. Drake, 
in his list of the monuments in that once gorgeous temple, does not mention the tomb 
of the testator. In a window on the north side of the choir of All Saints, North-street, 
were the pictures of Blackburn and his wife in the attitude of prayer, with various 

The name of Blackbum^s vdfe has not been ascertained, but her most interesting 
will occurs after a lapse of a few years. He appears to have had by her three sons and 
two daughters. John, who died before him childless, Nicholas, who left a large family, 
and William. Of his two daughters, Isabella became the wife of Brian Sandford, of 
Thorp 8alvin, Esq., and Alice married John Bolton, a citizen of York. Some farther 
notices of each of these children and their families are appended to the present will. 
It is not improbable that the Blackbums returned into Richmondshire soon after the 
death of the present testator, as they disappear altogether from the municipal annals 
of York, and a respectable family of that name occurs shortly afterwards in the vicinity 
of Richmond. 

Few men have made a more pious or more charitable use of their wealth than 
Blackburn. He founded a chantry in the chapel of St. Anne in Fossegate, York, and 
he was probably connected with, if he was not the founder of, four others in York, of 
which, as he tells us in his will, he was the patron. He leaves the munificent sum of 

VOL. II. * O 

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ibidem, sub lapide meo marmorio ad hoc in eodem loco preparato. 
— Briano Sandford* armigero et Isabellse uxori suse, filise mese, omnes 
donaciones collaciones et presentaciones quatuor cantariarum, quas 
habeo in civitate Ebor., quanun una est in capella Sancti Willelmi 
super Pontem Use in Eboraco, alia vero in ecclesia Sancti Johannis 
Evangelistse ad finem ^ntis Use predicti, et duae earundem can- 
tariarum sunt in ecclesia Sancti Martini in Mykelgate in Eboraco. 
— Filiis et filiabus dictorum Briani et Isabellas centum marcas. — 
Margaretse uxori meae totum capitale raesuagium meum in Nortli- 
strete, &c. ad terminum vitae suae, et post decessum suum Nicholao 
Blakbum,t filio meo, ad terminum vitae suae, et post decessum 
Christoforo Blakbum filio suo — deinde Agneti Blakbum sorori 
suae — deinde Aliciae Blakbum sorori suae. — Domino Roberto 
Semerr, aliter vocato domino Roberto de Revestre, quinque 
marcas. — Nicholao Wyspjoigton et Willelmo Blakburn filio meo 
totum illud debitum quod Cowpyn cowperr de Aldwark et 
Johannes Cotell de eadem michi debent. — Aliciae Bolton filiae meae 
uxori Johannis Bolton, J et Margaretse, Johannae, Agneti, Isabellae, 
et Elenae, filiabus suis, centum marcas. — Lego ad taxacionem, quae 
concessa est domino nostro regi, solvendam nunc ad festum 
Paschae proximum futurum, in laudem et honorem gloriosissimae 
resurreccionis domini nostri Jhesu Christi, in auxilium et levamen 
tocius communitatis civium civitatis Ebor. xl s. Lego ad festum 
Paschae pro anima mea, &c., in focali et pannis lineis et laneis, 
caligis et sotularibus dandis pauperibus hominibus et mulieribus, 
&c., c li. Lego eisdem ad festum Omnium Sanctorum, c li. 
Lego eisdem ad purificacionem Beatae Mariae Virginis, Ix li. 
Lego ad distribuendimi pauperibus hominibus villae de Riche- 
mond, ad solucionem taxacionis suae domino nostro regi con- 
cessae, solvendam nunc ad festum Paschae, ac eciam ad fabri- 
cam ecclesiae suae parochialis ibidem, xli. Johanni Walton de 

2602. to be laid out in firewood, clothes, linen, and woollen, and boots and shoes, for 
the use of the poor of York. He gives 10/. also to the use of the poor people, and of 
the church at Richmond ; and, finally, he makes a most noble and unlimited bequest 
for the maintenance of four of the chief bridges in the north of England, a bequest 
in which all had a common benefit, and which all could not fail to appreciate. 

* Of Thorpe Salvin, Esq. The family of Sandford ended during the reign of 
Elizabeth, in the three daughters and coheirs of Hercy Sandford, Esq. For these I 
must refer my readers to the History of South Yorkshire, i. 310. Brian Sandford 
was probably the first of his name who came from Westmerland into Yorkshire. 
This change of residence was in all probability caused by his marriage. 

f Nicholas Blackburn was an alderman, citizen, and merchant of York. He was 
also sheriff for that city in 1438. In his will, dated 7th Feb. 1447-8, he desires to 
be buried in the church of All Saints, North-street. Margaret, his wife, is the only 
relative he mentions. 

t Citizen and merchant of York. Sheriff in 1420, and mayor in 1431, and M.P. 
for the city in the 6th and 7th Henry VI. In his will, dated on the 10th, and proved 
on the 16th of August, 1445, he desires to be buried in St. Saviour's, York. He 
leaves all his effects to Alice his wife, and his unmarried sons and daughters. 

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Richemond, mercer, vli. quas Willelmus Bedford, receptor 
domini mei Ducis Bedfordiae, habet in manu sua de feodo meo. 
Lego executoribus meis reversionem omnium tenementorum in 
1^ Flesshamelles, aliter dictis Nedellergate, in Eboraco, post 
mortem Johannae* Blakbum nuper uxoris Johannis Blakbumf 
filii mei, ad vendendum et moneta inde recepta ad disponendiim 
ad laudem Dei et genetricis suae et in piis operibus. — Executores 
meos constituo Margaretam uxorem meam, magistrum Johannem 
Carleton Canonicum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Beati Petri Eboracensis, 
Ricardum Russell, Willelmum Ormesheued,t Johannem Ald- 
stanemore,§ Nicholaum Blakbum filium meum, Johannem Bolton 
cives et mercatores Ebor. et Willelmum Revetor|| capellanum, 
et lego cuilibet eorum x li. Datura Ebor. 

Codicillus, — In Dei nomine, Amen. I Nicholas Blakbum, 
elder, citizeen and marchaund of York, besekes Almyghty Godd, 
als any erthly man kan or may, in saule and mjnide, to graunt 
me myght and grace so to dyspose and ordeyne with the resideu 
of y® gudes y* he has gyffen me here in j^ werlde, yat it may 
be pleasanns and lov3mg to hym soveranly, and his blissed moder 
SsLjnt Mary, and hir blissed moder Sancte Anne, and all y® 

* By her will, dated at York Ist August, 1446, she directs her body to be buried 
in the choir of All Saints, Peaseholme. To Sir Thomas Berwyk she leaves her best 
maser, with the image of the Holy Trinity. To her maid Joan Gray she bequeaths 
her primer, a St. John's head with all its appendages. To Sissote her maid she 
leaves ** unum febill kirtill et unam togam lynett cum bukasyn.'^ To Joan Bowes a 
pair of beads of coral and jet. 

*}< John Blackburn, the testator ^s son, was a citizen and merchant of York, and was 
M.P. for the city 5th Henry Y. His will was made on the Festival of St. Martin, in 
the winter 1426, and was proved on the 17th of March following. He desires to be 
buried in the church of the Blessed Mary in Castlegate, near his wife Catherine and his 
boys. He appoints Joan his wife, Nicholas Blackburn, and John Bolton, his brothers, 
his executors. To his brother Nicholas he leaves his sword, and to his brother-in-law, 
John Bolton, he bequeaths ''catastam suam depictatam.'^ The inscription on the 
monument, which was erected in the memory of him and of his first wife in the 
chancel of St. Mary*s, Castlegate, is recorded by Drake. 

t Citizen and alderman of York. Sheriff 1415, mayor in 1425 and 1 433, M.P. for 
the city, 9th Henry Y., 4th and 9th Henry YI. By his will, dated Oct. 31st, 1435, 
he directs his body to be buried in the church of the Holy Trinity in Curia Regis, 
before the altar of the Blessed Yirgin Mary, near the body of Joan his wife. He leaves 
to each of the unmarried children of Nicholas Blakbum, alderman of York, and of 
John and Alice Bolton, his cousins, 20s. By codicil, dated Sept. 16th, 1437, he 
leaves to Nicholas Blakbum, alderman of York, a zone adorned with silver, with a 
scripture in English. To Thomas Qare, alderman, a zone, worked with eight bars 
of silver enamelled. To John Karr, his son, a zone, and a baslard adorned with 
silver. To Nicholas Wyspyngton, alderman, a sword, with the pomel and hilt adorned 
with silver. To Thomas Karr, junior, a smaller baslard adorned with silver. To 
Nicholas, son of Nicholas Wyspyngton, a dagger, with a handle of bora adorned with 
silver. To John Fell, his cousin, a zone of black " tusshewe," adorned with certain 
round ban of silver, with a dagger. 

§ A citizen and merchant of York. Sheriff for the city in 1422, mayor in 1427; 
and M.P. in the 3rd and 7th of Henry YI. 

H His interesting will occurs hereafter. 


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Halowe8 in heven, and help and releve unto y* heel of my saule 
and Margrete my wyffe, our faders and our moders, our brethir 
and our sisters, our childer and all our irendes, and all y^ saules 
of yam, yat I have hadd of any thyng in yis werld undeserved, 
and all Crysten saules. In primis I wyll and I ordeyne yat if 
any chaunce or defaute in werkemanshyp fall, als God forebede 
yat it do, unto Catryk* brigg, Kexby brigg, Thornton brigg, or 
Skete brygg, wyth m iiij®"^. 3ere next folow3mg my decesse, m3me 
executours to sewe yaim yat be reconysannce er bon for to uphold 
yaim ; and if yai yat er bon do yair myght and power gudely 
to amend y« defawtes in y« said brigges, als ferr als yair gudes 
wyll extendd rather or y« brygges forsayde felle, I wyll y* myne 
executors of Goddes gudes andm3me by yair beste avyse and coun* 
seyll, y* yai kan gett unto yaim, mende y* fautes, y* y« brigges befor- 
sayde go noght doune on none wyse, wyth Goddes grace. Item 
I wyll yat Margrete, my wyfe, wyth outen y* I have avysed hyr 
in my testament, have for to fynde hyrre of a gentele woman lyfe- 
lade, whyls she lyffes, for hjrr and a preste and a servand. Item 
I wyll y* myne executours send for Sir Gilberd Gyghlay, knyffht,t 
for to be at myne enterjmge ; and for his gude labor I wyll he have 

* This is a yaluable addition to the information which we possess about the old 
bridge of Catterick, on one of the principal thoroughfEires in the north of England. 
The contract for the rebuilding of the old bridge in 1421 is in the possession of Sir 
William Lawson, of Brough, and has been printed in the proceedings of the Archaeo- 
logical Institute. In that document the name of Nicholas Blackburn appears at the 
head of the contracting parties, and it is stated that the proposed work was to be 
completed in three years. Whether this contract was acted upon or not I cannot 
ascertain ; but it seems probable that, at the date of the present will, the work had 
either not been executed at all, or left incomplete, probably firom want of funds. 
Margaret Blackburn, the widow of the testator, who died in 1435, mentions her hus- 
band's bequest towards Catterick Bridge, and sets apart the specific sum of 100/. for 
the fulfilment of it. Finally, on the 9th of June, 1446, the Archbishop of York 
grants an indulgence of 1 00 days ^* ad reparacionem seu novam constructionem pontis 
de Gatrik ultra aquam de Swale.** I am inclined to think that the original contract 
had not been completed. If the new bridge, which is generally supposed to have 
been built in 1421, had been carried away by some flood, it is probable, I think, that 
this circumstance would have been alluded to in the indulgence. Kexby and Thornton 
bridges were situated upon two most important thoroughfEffes, and crossed the Derwent 
and the Swale respectively. Kexby Bridge received 100/. out of the testator's 
bequest, as specified in the will of his widow. Sketebridge, or Skipbridge, crosses 
the Nid about eight miles distance from York. The oauseway from the bridge towards 
Hessay Moor is Uiree miles in length ; and Leland says of it in his Itinerary, ** The 
causeway by Skypbridge towards Yorke bathe nineteen small bridges in it, for avoiding 
and overpassinge carres cumming out of the mores therby. One Blackburn, who was 
twys mair of Yorke, made this cawsey; and another without the suburb of Yorke." 

f A member of the very respectable and ancient &mily of Kighley. By will, dated 
on the 9th of June, and proved on the 16th of October, 1432, Gilbert Kighley, of 
Gawod, knight, directs his body to be buried in the church of St. Andrew at Kighlay. 
To Thomas, his son, he leaves all his ordinary apparel, with two swords. The rest of 
his goods he leaves to his executors, John Paslewe, Hugh Kyghley, Walter Coupland, 
vicar of Stillingflete, John Wilde, and John Neman d. Sir John Kighley, knight, 
his brother, is the supervisor. 

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a pipe of wyne or els y® valewe. Item I wyte unto Crystofore 
Blakbum, and Agnes and Alyson, hys systers, to yair mariage, 
and yai will thryve, xl IL And to Nicholas Blakbum, my son, 
for to spend on his three sonnes, yat es to say, Kobert, Thomas, 
and Henry, and yai will be fals to fynde yaim wyth bonn by y* 
wall, whyls it wyll last, xl li. Item I wyte to Sir NichoU Clyffe* 
preest, xl s. And to Kendall wyfe, lyttester, xxvj s. viij d. Item 
I wyte unto NichoU my son servandes, y* es to say, John, 
Richard, and Isabel, to ilkone of yaim xx s. Item unto Sir John 
Chalkar, preeste, xl s. Item unto A^es Salkan xl s. Item to 
Symkyn and Watkjoi and Alison Meyke, servandes of John of 
Bolton, to ilk one of yaim xxvj s. viij d. Item to y® norciys of 
y® sayde John Bolton, xxs. Item to Margarete Horsleyxxs. 
Item to Syssote my servand, and sho byde wyth me still after hyr 
terme day, I wyll sho have hyr hyre and xx s. Item to Alyson of 
y« kychyn vj s. viij d. Item I wyte unto Alison Strynger, my 
cosyn, awellyng in Blakbum paryssh, cs. Item to Kichard 
Stowe, vyntner, xxvj s. viij d. Item I wyte unto my chauntry in 
y® chapell of Sancte Anne opon Fossebrigg in York my beste 
vestment, my best Missall, and my best chaleys, evermore for to 
serve to yat same chauntry. Item I wyte unto Wylliam Glover 
XX s. Item unto Alyson Walkerr my sister c s. Item I wyte 
unto John Eobynson some tyme my servand xx s. Item I wyte 
unto William Eevetor, preest, for hys gude labor yat he has done 
and bus (sic) do aboute me {blank). [Fr. 10 April, 1432.] 


March 9. 6 Henry VI. Ego Johannes Wyllynglayf pro- 
ponens transmeare, et certas peregrinaciones cum gratia divina 
visitare, et gressus meos dirigere, condo etc. [Pr. 14 May, 1432.] 

• Nicholas ClyflF, of York, chaplain, by his will, dated Srd Sept. 1466, desires to be 
buried in the church of AH Saints, North-street. He leayes a vestment of red silk, 
pictured with stars, to the altar of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the chapel of St. 
William, upon Ouse Bridge ; and to the same altar he gives another black vestment, 
and another vestment damaged "cum orphrais nigris.'' To Isabella his servant he 
leaves a zone of black silk adorned with silver ; and to the church of All Saints his 
Antiphonar. IProb. 7 Sept, 1456.] 

f An inhabitant of Tickhill, who tells us that he is about to become a pilgrim to 
foreign lands. He makes his will before he leaves his native village, to which, in all 
probability, he never returned. Pilgrimages were now of ordinary occurrence, and 
they are more than once mentioned in the present volume. In 1435, John Waynflete, 
vicar of Darthington, leaves all his goods to be spent -* pro salute animse mese et 
omnium benefactorum meorum ad Sanctam Terram, Anglice, y^ Haly Land.^' 

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In y* name of Godd, I Henry Wartre,* preste, xxv. day of 
Aprell, y* 3ere of oure Lorde Criste M* cccc™® xxxij. makes my 
testament in yis maner. First, I wyte my saule to Jhesu and to 
oure Lady Sancte Mary, and all blissedd company of heven ; and 
my body to be beryedd whare Godd will dispose for me, if I do 
noght. Also in wax to be brent about me ij. sereges. Also I wite 
to ilka preste at my mcsse and at my dirige beyng, iiij d. Item I 
wite to Sancte Petre werke of Yorke yj s. viij d. Also I wyte to 
Annas Drynge a rede docer w* a banquere, and all ye whisshyns. 
Item to y* forsaynde Annas I (wyte a) rede coverlett, with y* 
tapett of y* same. Item to y* same Annas j. gowne. Item to 
Annas Weston j. matres y* I lige on. Item to Alice Page j. 
litell kyste. Item to Eichard Drynge j. lange kyste y* standes in 
Sir John Pratt chaumbre. Item to Alice rage j. met bord w* 
j. pare trystes. Item to my sister j. gowne. Item to y* Goddes 
house in Paradise a rough felt, and y* to be in kepjnig of Agnes 
Weston whilles y* she liffes to lay on y* pore folke y* hafe 
mystre in y* wynter. Item to Agnes Drynge j. pare shetes. 
Isabelle WardeU and William Spicer I make myn executors, 
Wittnes Sir John Pratt, notary. [Pr. 12 Sep. 1432.] 


May 15, 1432. Isabella nuper uxor Alani Hamerton,t quondam 
civis et mercatoris Ebor. — Sep. infra ecclesiam parochialem Sancti 
Petri Eboracensis, juxta vel infra sepulcrum predicti Alani mariti 
mei, si contigerit me obire infra civitatem Ebor. Capellano parochiali 
ad orandum pro anima mea, animabus mariti mei et Johannis filii 
mei, iiij d. Lego ad comodum Abbathiae Sancti Germani de Selby 
unum craterem argenti coopertum cum leonibus in pedibus, sep- 
tem crateres pianos non coopertos de argento, duo salsaria ar- 
genti, pro sale, unam pixidem argenti pro pulvere, et unum doss. 

* An interesting specimen of the English of the day, and the composition, without 
doubt, of the testator himself. 

»t< A wealthy and pious citizen of York. By his will, dated 16 Feb. 1405-6, he 
directed his body to be buried in the church of St. Peter the Little. To Richard 
Gunays, his servant, he leaves a dagger and a baslard, fitted (paratum) with silver, 
and one zone, fitted with silver. To Mr. John de Appleton, a clerk of Oxford, one 
little baslard, fitted with silver, and his zone, gilt, with the letters GO. To John, his 
son, his best zone, with silver, with the letters AA. To Sir Peter de RouclyfT, 100 s. 
[Pr. 27 Feb, 9e^.] He founded two chantries in York; one in the chapel of St. Ann, 
in Walmgate, and the other in the church of All Saints, in North Street. 

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cocUarium argentL Et lego ad dividendum inter Abbatem et Con- 
ventum predictse Abbathiae c s. ad orandum pro anima mea et 
animabus supradictis. Et lego dompno Petro Kouclyffe, monacho 
ejusdem Abbatiae, optimum meum annulum aureumet unam Veroni- 
cam Eomae. Et dompno Thomae CruU, monacho ejusdem Abbathiae, 
unum parvum planum annulum aureum, et unum par tabellarum 
de y vore. Et lego dominae Christianae Poimtefreyt unum parvum 
annulum aureum cum uno parvo lapide impresso. Agneti 
Munkegate optimum meum par precularium de nigro gete et tria 
flammeola de filo. Willelmo Sygraa, marito Agnetis sororis meae, 
unum coclear argenti cum nomine Jhesu in dorso. Agneti sorori 
meae unum coverlecte rubeum, imum cofre pruce, optimum meum 

Sir precularium de argento et unum Agnus Dei deauratum. 
oberto Wystowe, marito Elenae sororis meae, unum cocliar 
argenti falden. Elenae sorori meae unimi par precularium argenti 
et optimum meum crucifixum argenti deauratum. Dompno 
Willelmo, filio ejus, monacho in Fontaunce, minimum meum 
ciphum murreum ligatimi cum argento, et unum parvum par 
precularium argenti cum uno crucinaco annexo. Willelmo fratri 
meo unum lavacrum cum le synkestane, unam latone pelvim. 
Elenae uxori suae unam albam pelliciam et duas plytes de wolas. 
Kicardo Gunnas spicer Ebor. unum par furcarum pro dependencia 
oUarum in le3 rakkes et cruks, imum instrumentum ferreum in 
camino aulae, vocatum balk, dimidium chaldre carbonum mari- 
norum, di. hascelwodd, vel valorem, etc. Domino Johanni 
Branthwate capellano duos chafours, unum pro mensa, et alterum 
pro camino, unum morter eneum cimi pestello ferreo, unum sarss 
pro pulvere, et unum lapidem alabastri, secundum formam capitis 
Sancti Johannis Baptistae. [Pr. 2 Jan, 1432-3.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Johanna,* nuper uxor Koberti 
Hilton de Swyne militis, compos mentis et in fide catholica 
existens, octavo die Augusti, Anno Domini 1432, condo testa- 

* The widow of Sir Robert Hilton, knight, whose will has already been given. 
She appears to have been the daughter of Sir Robert, and the sister of Sir Marmaduke 
Constable, of Flambrough, who married Catherine, daughter of Sir Robert Cumber- 
worth, of Lincolnshire, and heiress of her brother, Sir Thomas Cumberworth. There 
is some doubt, in the Visitation of 15S4, as to her maiden name, but this doubt is, I 
think, now removed. She could not be a Cumberworth, as her issue did not become 
heirs of that family. The testatrix did not long survive her husband, by whom she left 
two daughters and coheirs, both of them mentioned in the present will, — Isabel, who 
married into the family of Hildyard, and Elizabeth, who became the wife of Sir John 
Melton, knight. 

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mentum memn in hunc modum. Inprirais commendo animam 
meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatae Marise Virgini et omnibus Sanctis, 
et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia parochiali Beatse 
Marise de Swyne predicta, infira hostium chori ex parte boriali. 
Item lego pro mortuario meo optimum averium meum vel xl s. 
Item lego pro expensis meis funeralibus in omnibus expensis 
yj li. xiij s. iiij d. Item lego in distribucione pauperum Ixyj s. viij d. 
Item lego fabricsB ecclesiae Beatae Mariae predictae villas de Swyne 
XX 8. Item lego cuilibet ordini fratrum Beverlaci et villae Regiae 
de Kyngeston super Hull vj s. viij d. Item lego Johanni Eobyn- 
son, vicario ecclesiae predictae villae de Swyne, ad ordinandum pro 
anima mea, xls. Item lego filiae meae, cui contingat • habere 
manerium de Swyne, unum lectum rubeum de cerico enbrowded. 
Item lego ali filiae meae unum lectum de blod de tapsewark. 
Item lego Priorissae de Swyne vj s. viij d. Item lego cuilibet 
moniali predictae domus iij s. iiij d. Item lego Priorissae et Con- 
ventui de Killyng xl s. Item lego Elizabethae filiae meae unam 
togam de blodio fiirratam. Item lego Katerinae Comberworth,* 
sorori meae, unum librum de Romanse incipientem cum Decem 
Preceptis Alembes. Item lego Johanni Constable f de Halseham 
unum lectum de cerico de colore rubeo cum uno pale de nigro, 
videlicet, unum coveryng, selour, unimi tester, et tres qwyshyns. 
Item lego Margaretae uxori ejus unam crucem de auro. Item 
lego Isabellae et Elizabethae filiabus meis medietatem mapparum, 
towels, sanapes et napkjms, quae cotidie utuntur, omnibus aliis 
principalibus michi et executoribus meis reservatis. Item lego 
eisdem Isabellae et Elizabethae medietatem omnium vasorum 
meorum de pewter et messyng apud Swyne. Item lego eisdem 
Isabellae et Elizabethae medietatem omnium lectorum meorum su- 
perius et inferius non legatorum. Item lego Margaretae, filiae 
Koberti Constable fratris mei, xiij li. vj s. viij d. Item lego eidem 
Margaretae unam togam de sangw}^ furratam. Item lego eidem 
Margaretae unum lectum de rubeo et nigro cum curtims, unum 
matres, unum par linthiaminum, unum par blanketts, et unum 
canwas. Item lego eidem Margaretae unimi librum de Romanse 
de Septem Sages. Item lego Roberto Constable fratri meo, 
principali executori meo, Ixvj s. viij d. Item lego Johanni 
Benyngton, uni alio executori meo, pro labore suo xl s. Item 

* This lady was the daughter, and eventually (after the death of Thomas Cumber- 
worth, her brother, who was living in 1441) the heiress, of Sir Robert Gumberworth, 
of Lincolnshire, by Sibel, daughter and coheur of Sir William Erghum. She became 
the wife of Sir Marmaduke Constable, of Flambui^gh, and thus she was sister-in-law 
to the testatrix. After the death of her husband, in 1404, she appears to have 
resumed her maiden name. Other instances of this may be pointed out Her legacy 
is an extremely interesting one. 

f Sir John Constable, of Halsham, whose will occurs in 1449. 

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.., a'-^^u- 


lego eidem Johanni unam togam de skarlett. Item lego Marionae 
de Flete, uni executorum meorum, pro labore suo xls. Item 
lego eidem Marjoriae imum lectum de blod cum libardhedes, 
videlicet unum coopertorium, unam tapetem, unum selor cum 
duobus qwyrtyns de carde, unum matres, unum par linthiaminum. 
Item lego Thomae Eyffyn xxyj s. viij d. Item lego eidem 
Thomae unum coopertorium, unum tapetem cum rosis de nigro et 
albo, unum matres et imum par linthiaminum. Item lego Petro 
Coke XX s. Item lego Thomae Olyverr yj s. viij d. Item lego 
Thomae Synderby vj s. viij d. Item lego Thomae Bell vj s. viij d. 
Item lego Ricardo Qwyntyn vj s. viij d. Item lego Aliciae 
Colman vj s. viij d. Item lego Margaretae Halseham vj s. viij d. 
Item lego Thomae Aklyffe iij s. iiij d. Residuum executoribus 
meis ad disponendum pro anima mea et pro anima predicti Ro- 
berti Hilton, domini mei — Johannes Constable de Halseham su- 
pervisor. Datum apud Swyne. \_Prob, 10 Jan. 1432-3.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen, vij Ap., M.cccc.xxxiiij., Ego Ricardus 
Clynt, civis et bower Ebor. — Lego Johanni Webster et Willelmo 
Symson vestes meas usui meo aptatas* inter eos dividendas et 
eidem Willelmo Symson zonam meam de coreo. Thomae filio 
meo j zonam de serico, j baslard, j daggarium argento paratum et 
meum optimum flote, optimum gravour. Willelmo Scott, ser- 
vienti meo, j thik flote et j gravour. Roberto Hebum, servienti 
meo, j thyn flote and j gravour. [Pr. 20 April seq.'] 


April 20, 1433. Adam Wygan,t rector ecclesiae parochialis 
Sancti Salvatoris Ebor. — sep. in cimiterio dictae ecclesiae vel alibi, 
ubi Deus disposuerit. Item lego pro duobus cereis, sive candelis, 
arsuris circa corpus meum in die sepulturae meae, decem libras 
cerae. Item lego dictae ecclesiae meae unum Gradale. Item lego 
pro coopertura vestiarii et pro almariolo in dicto vestiario faciendo 
pro conservacione vestimentorum et librorum dictae ecclesiae, se- 
cundum inform acionem executorum meorum, quinque marcas, 

* Anglice, shaping apparel. This was a common term in the Cumberland and 
Westmerland wills. The will contains other curious words. 

t Master Wigan was Rector of St. Saviour's, York, for nearly 40 years. He had 
probably been educated at Balliol College, Oxford, to which society he bequeathed some 
of his books. 

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Item lego cuilibet capellano in dicta ecclesia indies celebranti ij s. 
exceptis quatuor capellanis qui mecum fiierent in mensa, quorum 
cuili bet lego iij s. iiij d. Item lego Willelmo clerico ij s. et Kicardo 
subclerico xij d. Item lego dompno Johanni de Wigane monacho 
unum Jannes de SermoniDus Dominicalibus et unum librum qui 
dicitur Stimulus Amoris, quem penes se habet. Item lego dompno 
TbomsB Lun monacho unum parvum librum continentem tres trac- 
t^tus, videlicet, De Ligna, de Oculo Morali^ et De Veneno. Item 
lego Magistro Eicardo Stapilton, Magistro sive Custodi in Col- 
legio Aulae Ballioli Universitatis Oxoniensis, Gregorium super 
Ezechielem, et volo quod idem Magister Ricardus habeat septem 
marcas ad celebrandum pro anima mea et pro animabus parentum, 
patronorum et omnium benefactorum meorum, et omnium fide- 
lium defunctorum, per imum annum. Item lego domino Johanni, 
commoranti in capella Sancti Martini infra parochiam dictse 
ecclesiae meae, iij s. iiij d. Item lego Johannae Gaunte, alias 
dictae Newlande,* optimam peciam meam de argento cum cooper- 
culo ejusdem. Item lego Margaretae Saltmarsh, filiae ejusdem 
Johannae, unum par precularium de geet cum gaudeis argenteis 
et deauratis cum uno broche de auro pendente ad easdem. Item 
lego Katerinae Kyrkeby xiij s. iiij d., unum coverlect de stellis 
et chaplecte de rosis, et unam parvam pelvim cimi lavacro, quae 
omnia habui ex dono dictas ICaterinaB. Item lego Aliciae, ancdlae 
dictae Katerinae, iij s. iiij d. Item l^o cuilibet domui quatuor 
ordinum Fratrum Mendicantium vj s. viij d. Item lego cuilibet 
domui quatuor domorum leprosorum iij s. iiij d. Item lego in- 
carceratis in Castello iij s, iiij d. Item lego incarceratis in carcere 
Episcopali iij s. iiij d. Item lego incarceratis in le Kydcote ij s. 
Item lego dominae Agneti inclusae apud ecclesiam parochialem de 
Thorgamby yj s. viij d. Item lego Anachoritae de Beston iij s. iiij d. 
Item lego Anachoritae inclusae apud Pontemfractum ij s. Item 
lego Anachoritae inclusae in Fysshergate ij s. Item lego Anacho- 
ritae inclusae juxta ecclesiam Sanctae Margaretae ij s. Item lego 
Anachoritae inclusae in Northstrete juxta ecclesiam Omnium 
Sanctorum ij s. Item lego decem marcas errogandas principaliter 
inter pauperes et magis indigentes in parochia mea et eciam inter 
paraliticos jacentes in Masendieuj, et alibi, secundum discrecionem 
executorum meorum. 

* In her will, dated at Newland, July 6, 1433, and proved at York on the 
28th of the same month, she styles herself Joan, widow of Wm. Newland, and she 
leaves for her mortuary her best cup of silver, covered and gilt. To the Vicar of 
Drax, 3*. id. To Thomas Saltmarsh, one pair of "andyrens," one mortar ** de 
brasen." To Margaret Saltmarsh her daughter, her best bed. To Edward and 
Robert Saltmarsh, two salts of silver. To Margaret Saltmarsh, junior, a pair of beads 
of coral, with a gold ring. To Agnes Saltmarsh, a black zone, gilt, and a gold ring. 
To Catherine Hanserd, her second-best bed and a round chest. To Alice Ward, a 

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Oct. 3, 1432. Georgiiis Darell* de Seszay — sep. in ec- 
clesia conventual! Fratrum Minorum in civitate Ebor. Item 
lego optimum pannum meum cum capucio pro corpore meo 
talliato nomine mortuarii mei. Rectori de Seszay pro decimis 
et oblacionibus meis oblitis vj s. viij d. Fabricae Ecclesiae 
Cathedralis Beatae Petri Eboracensis xxs. Item lego unam 
libram cerae in iij. cereis conficiendis et circa corpus meum 
Gomburendis die sepulturae meae. Item lego pro expensis meis 
funeralibus faciendis xvs. Item lego fratribus predictis ad in- 
veniendum quendam fratrem in ordine sacerdotali constitutum 
ad celebrandimi in ecclesia conventuali predicta pro anima mea 
per unum annum integrum proxime sequentem post decessum 
meum, et ad faciendum quendam solempnem obitum pro anima 
mea in fine dicti anni, v marcas. Item lego cuilibet fratri 
dictae domus interessenti ad exequias meas xij d. Et cuilibet alio 
jimiori firatri non sacerdoti interessenti ad exequias meas vj d. 
Item lego summo altari dictorum fratrum iiij. qwysshyns de albo 
rubio et unum banquer ejusdem sectae. Item do et lego eisdem 
fratribus, ad communem utilitatem ipsorum, unum lectimi viridem 
cum tapete cum signis albis, unum coopertorium sive tapetem de 
rubio et viridi cum quibusdam animalibus vocatis Grifons, unum 
par blanketts, duo paria linthiaminum, duo curtyns de rubio, 
unum qwilt, et unum materas. Item lego eisdem fratribus 
dimidiam duodenam vasorum de pewter garenyst. Item lego 
Fratri Johanni Belasys, ordinis predicti, ad orandum pro anima 
mea vj s. viijd. Fratri Johanni Shirlowe, ordinis predicti, ad 
orandum pro anima mea vj s. viij d. cum uno pare de quartilletts. 
Item lego Edmundo Darellf militi imum librum Statutorum 
continentem statuta Kegis Edwardi tercii, Eegis Ricardi secundi 
et Regis Henrici quarti. Item lego Willelmo Barry filio meo 
unum librum legis vocatum Natura Brevium, unum Portus, unum 

*' crispe kercheffe.^* To Richard de Gawodd, canon, a pix of silver. To Catherine 
Hanserd, her best zone of green gilt. The rest to John Topcliffe, John Hogard, 
Wm. de Croull, and John Clayton, her executors. 

* The family of Darell of Sessay was one of the most considerable of the Yorkshire 
houses. On the death of Sir Thomas Darell, who died childless in 1505, his great 
possessions passed to his sister Joan, the wife of Sir Guy Dawnay, of Cowick. In this 
ancient and illustrious family they still remain, and it is at present represented by the 
munificent Viscount Downe. 

i* The head of the house of Sessay. He married Isabella Etton, and his will, which 
is dated on the 6th of September, 1436, was proved at York, on the 5th of July, in 
the following year. In it he desires to be buried in the church of Sessay, and he 
appoints his wife Isabel and Sir Wm. Trafford, knight, his executors. The present 
bell at Sessay was given to the church by Sir Edmund and his wife. 

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Par Statutorum Yeterum, unum basenett, cum una lorica, et uno 
gladio. Item lego Elense uxori predicti Willelmi Bany, filias 
mese, et heredibus de corpore ipsius Elens legitime procreatis, 
unam peciam argcnti coopertam cum armis meis tarn in pecia 
quam m coopertorio ejusdem depictis, optimam mappam meam, 
duo manutergia de una secta^ unam peiyim cum uno lavatorio, 
uno doTSorio cum armis meis. Item lego Thomse Baxby unam 
zonam argenti cum scipis modo librae aperte confectis {sic), £t 
lego eidem Thomae secundam togam meam furruratam. Item lego 
Laurencio Baxbj fratri suo terciam togam meam fiirruratam. Item 
lego Michaeli Baxby confratri suo quartam to^m meam fiirrura- 
tam. Item lego Roberto Baxby, filio predicti Michaelis, quintam 
togam meam lined. Item lego Domino Nicholao fratri meo, 
Priori de Biland, ad orandam pro anima mea xxs. Item lego 
Petro Paton de Topcliffe et Johannae uxori ejus x s. Item lego 
unam cathedram cimi duobus scamnis camersB Magistro Fratrum 
Minorum predictorum. Item lego Michaeli Baxby praedicto 
imum lectum de blod cum sqwirrelles cum tapete ejusdem sectae. 
Item lego Johannae filiae Willelmi Barry predicti unam murram 
argenti paratam et deauratam. Item Hamundo Askham unum 
librum vocatum Mawndevile. Residuum executoribus meis, 
quos constituo Thomam Baxby, filium Johannis Baxby, et Lau- 
rencium Baxby fratrem suum. — Edmundus Darell miles dominus 
de Seszay supervisor. [JPr. 2 July, 1433.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. 26 Jan. 1432. Ego dominus Johannes 
Raventhorpe,* sacerdos de capella Sancti Martini in Aldwerk, 
incertus de hora mortis meae, condo testamentum meum in hunc 
modum. In primis, lego animam meam Deo et Beatae Mariae et 
Omnibus Sanctis ; et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia 
Sancti Salvatoris nostri. Item lego quinque libras cerae ad igni- 
endum circa corpus meum die sepulturae meae, et in eadem 
ecclesia offerendum. Item lego optimum vestimentum meum ad 
summum altare dictae ecclesiae. Item lego Psalterium meum 
predictae ecclesiae ad chori servicium ibidem imperpetuum reserv- 
andum, cum Martilegio, et ymagine Pietatis de alabastro. Item 
lego ecclesiae Sancti Johannis Baptistae in Marisco de Hundgate, 
et parochiae ejusdem, scilicet Bicardo Russell et omnibus aliis 

* The testator appears to have had an extensive collection of curiosities, and we are 
greatly indebted to him for the careful and admirable manner in which he details 
them. He makes an extremely sensible disposition of his property. 

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parochianis, presentibus sen futuris, magnum Portiforium meum 
cum duobus pannis sanctificatis et corporali et coopertorio ; ut 
ibi maneant ad altare Beatse Mariae ad servicium Ommpotentis Dei 
et matris ejus, et Sancti Jobannis, etemitaliter. Item lego 
TbomaB Bracebrigg* calicem sanctificatam cum patena et cocliari 
eidera calici pertmente. Item lego eidem Thomas tabulam de- 
pictam cum crucifixo, Beata Maria, et Sancto Johanne. Item 
lego eidem Thomae duos pannos sanctificatos ad altare cum super- 
altari et corporali cum coopertorio. Item lego eidem Thomae 
unum vestimentum cum angelis depictum et Missale. Post 
mortem predicti Thomae, voio, quod dicta calix cum patena, 
cocliari et Missali remaneat dicto altari Beatae Marie Virginia 
prefatae ecclesiae Sancti Johannis in Hundgate. Item lego Inetae, 
uxori predicti Thomae, ymaginem beatae Annae. Item lego aliud 
vestimentum cimi altari ligneo praedictae capellae Sancti Martini 
in Aldwerk, si ad usum sacerdotalem steterit et duraverit; sin 
autem, maneat dictum vestimentum ad altare Beatae Mariae 
ecclesiae Sancti Johannis in Hundgate praescriptae. Item lego 
Johanni West Donatum cum Bibliotheca et Primario. Item lego 
domino Johanni Clerk f libnmi Evangeliorum et Sermonum cum 
armilansa mea et optima toga mea. Item lego arbis {sic) Fra- 
tribus, preciosum librum Grammaticae secundum Alphabetum de 
Catholicon. Item lego Johanni Evenwodd clerico hbrum secun- 
dum Alphabetum de Hugucione. Item lego Manuale meum 
ecclesiae Omniimi Sanctorum in Fisshergate. Item lego domino 
WiUelmo Shipton librum Lucidarium cum omnibus pertinentiis 
in eodem libro existentibus. Item lego Agneti de Celayne, 
servient! michi per multos annos, libnmGL Angliae de Fabulis et 
Narracionibus, et omnia utensilia et vasa lignea terrea et aenea et 
omnia quae ad lectum pertinent, cum omnibus residuis vestibus et 
omnia ad ignem pertinentia, quae in domo mea sunt, cum tabula 
depicta cum coronacione Beatae Virginis Mariae. Eesiduum vero 
bonorum meorimi et librorum ex illis libris tractatis non lega- 
torum, do et lego disposicioni executorum meorum, ut ipsi eos 
dividant devotis sacerdotibus et clericis secimdum optimam dis- 
posicionem suam. \_Prob. 27 July, 1433.] 

* A York merchant, who was one of the sheriffs for the city in 1416 and Lord 
Mayor in 1424. His will is dated on Septemher 4, 1436, and in it he desires to he 
buried in St. Saviour's church before the image of the crucifixion of our Lord. It 
contains many charitable bequests, and is of a considerable length. 

t Chaplain of the chapel of St. Mary Magdalene, between Clifton and Boothom. 
His will, which has a curious inventory attached to it, occurs in 1451. 

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Feb. 2, 1429. Eadulphus Adirlay de Colwik Nowers:* sep. 
infra cimiterium vel ccclesiam parochialem de Colwyk, circa 
parentes meos ibidem ; uxor mea Elizabetha,t executrix. 

Codicillus, 7 Feb. 1429. Alano de Cranwell capellano parvum 
Missalc et alium librum quondam Johannis Frere infrascripti, 
cum Fety Caton et Graunt Catton, Equivox (sic), et cum diversis 
aliis scriptis. Item lego Elizabetbae uxori meae unum par de 
trussyng cofires, et unum annulum de auro duplicatum, et optimam 
bursam de cerico. Item lego Agneti Slore filiae meaB unum 
annulum de auro cum uno safer in dicto annulo, et unam bonam 
bursam de cerico. Item lego Thomae Slore unum longum cofforum 
bene cum ferro ligatum, et Primarium meum rubrum. Item 
lego Willelmo de Cranwell unum rubrum Psalterium ad orandum 

Ero anima mea. Item volo quod Fratres Minores de Notjmgham 
abeant xs. et Fratres Carmelitae de eadem vjs. viijd., sic quod 
ambo ordines veniant ad manerium meum de Colwik et ad 
ecclesiam parochialem ejusdem exequias meas ibidem implendo 
in vigiliis meis et missa, quousque corpus meum bumatum fiierit. 
Item volo quod Elizabeth uxor mea habeat calicem, vestimentum 
cum duobus candelabris de laton et parvum Missale, cum omnibus 
aliis ornamentis pertinentibus capellae meae. [Pr. IS Atig. 1433.] 


August 11, 1433. Thomas Palmes de Nabum, armiger;J 
corpus ad sepeliendum in ecclesia mea parochiali Sancti Georgii 
in Fisshergate in Eboraco, juxta corpus Francisci patris mei. — 

* The will of another Nottinghamshire gentleman, of whose family there is but 
little known. 

f Elizabeth, his widow, by her will, dated October 6, 1435, desires to be buried in 
the church of St. John Baptist de Colwyk, near her husband. She mentions her sons 
William and Sir Alan de Cranwell. [Proh. 26 Feb. seq.'] 

X Thomas Palmes, of Nabum, Esq., married Alice daughter of John Pickering, of 
Ellerton, Esq., and had issue by her William Palmes, of Nabum, Esq., who suc- 
ceeded his father. He married Ellen daughter of Guy Bocliffe, Baron of the Exchequer, 
and made his will December 8, 1478, in which he desires to be buried in the church 
of St George the Martyr in York. He directs his feoffees Brian and Thomas 
Rocliffe to give to Ellen, Elizabeth, and Catherine, his daughters, 20/. each; to Guy 
(his second son, afterwards a serjeant-at-law), 20s. a-year, to be increased to lOZ. if 
he be promoted to any ecclesiastical benefice ; to Brian his son (afterwards Chief 
Justice of the Common Pleas), all his array for war, "ad guerram;" to Brian 
Rocliffe, a gray colt, " puUum ;" to Thomas Rocliffe, a mare with her foal. The 
residue he leaves to Ellen his wife, and he makes Thomas Rocliffe and James Charleton 
his executors. IProb. 1478-9.] This ancient family, the history of which receives 
considerable additions from these two wills, is still flourishing in the male line. 

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Capellse Sancti Nicliolai in Naburn vjs. viijd. ; Georgio Palmes, 
fratri meo, unam vaccam nigram ; Nicholao Palmes, fratri meo, 
xls.; Nicholao Symson, servientl meo, unum dublett coopertum 
cum bukskynnes ; Nicholao Nelson unum pilium straminis ; 
Dominae Johannse Pykering,* moniali de Munkton, vjs. viijd. 
Eesiduimi, Aliciae uxori meae et liberis meis equaliter dividendum. 
Executores meos facio Aliciam uxorem meara, Robertum Kud- 
stane de Hayton armigerum, Petrum Cawodd de Cawod armi- 
gerum et Thomam Homey vicarium de Tycastre. 

Codicil, at Nabum 3 Sep. 1433. Considerans quod Alicia uxor 
mea viam universae carnis ante me est ingressa; liberi mei habeant 
residuum , — Priorissae et Conventui de Nonmonkton xx s. Georgio 
Palmes, fratri meo, unum pullanum grisii coloris depascentem 
in parco de Sna3rth, et Aliciae uxori ejus unam suem. [^Prob. 
17 Sep. seq.l 


Oct. 10, 1433. Ego Willelmus Elyott,t luter, serviens excel- 
lentissimi principis et domini Ducis Bedford, Regentis regni 
Franciae, coipus meum ecclesiasticae sepulturaB ubi Deus ex sua 
gratia speciali disposuerit. Fabricae ecclesiae parochialis Sancti 
Dionisii Bakchirche London, iijs. iiijd. sterlingorum. Item volo 
quod expensae funerales circa sepulturam meam faciendae fiant per 
ordinacionem et disposicionem executoris mei subscripti. Resi- 
duum omnium bonorum et catallorum ac debitorum meorum, 
ubicunque existencium, et tam in partibus transmarinis quam 
cismarinis, do et lego Willelmo Spenser, harpour, socio meo. 
\_Prob. ante Alan Kyrketon decretorum doctorem decanum capellce 
serenissimi principis, Domini Regentis Regni Francice^ Ducis Bed- 
ford, 20 Nov, 1433.] 

* Probably the testator's 8ister>in>law and own sister to Sir Richard Pickering, of 

f A musician in the household of John Duke of Bedford, the celebrated Regent of 
France. He seems to have had some property within the province of York, which 
obliged his executor to prove his will there. In Archbishop Kempe's register there are 
several denunciations against the King^s enemies in France on behalf of the Duke of 
Bedford. It also contains some indulgences for the ransom of Englishmen who had 
been made prisoners during the same war. A specimen or two may be interesting : — 
Jan. 20, 1443-4. An indulgence to Elizabeth wife of Sir John Holt, knight, who had 
been taken prisoner in Normandy and carried to Mount St. Michael, "Michell." 
Jan. 4, 1442-3. An indulgence for the relief of James Raynes, master of a ship called 
the Trinity; John Speton, of York, merchant; John Thomlynson and William Duram, 
mariners, who had been taken, wifli their ship, by pirates on the high seas and carried 
to Bologn, in Picardy: to raise 23^. for their ransom. Feb. 28, 1442-3. An in- 
dulgence of twenty-eight days to raise 60^., required for the "ransome of Bichard Botiler, 
of Shropshire, "^ho has been taken captive by the rebels in France, to be paid either 
to him or to Elizabeth his wife.^' 

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In Dei nomine, Amen. Ultimo die mensis Octobris, Anno 
Domini millesimo cccc^^jcxxiijo. Ego Johannes Shakespere* 
de Doncastre, chapman, condo testamentum meum in hunc 
modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatae 
Mariae Virgini, et omnibus Sanctis celi ; corpusque meum ad 
sepeliendum in cimiterio Sancti Georgii de Doncastre. Item lego 
optimum animal meum nomine mortuarii mei. Item lego iij lb. 
cerae ad comburendum circa corpus meum die s^pulturae meae. 
Item lego vicario meo iiij d. Et cuilibet capellano existenti ad 
exequias meas ij d. Et clericis parochialibus, utrique, j d. Item 
lego fabricae ecclesiae Cath. Ebor. xixd. ob. Item lego utrique 
domui Fratrum de Doncastre, xijd. Residuum vero omnium 
bonorum meorum superius non legatorum, debitis meis et expensis 
solutis, do Johannae uxori meae sine aliqua condicione ; et ipsam 
Johannam et Willelmimi Bramwith de Doncastre ordino et con- 
stituo executores meos, ad perimplendum voluntatem meam 
supradictam. Item lego eidem Willelmo pro labore suo vj s. viij d. 
si vobierit recipere administracionem. Hiis testibus, Roberto 
White de Tyknill, et Radulpho Glover de Doncastre, et aliis. 
Datum apud Doncastre die et anno Domini supradictis. [JProb, 
29 Nov. 1433.] 


Sep. 16, 1431. Ego Johannes Wyndhill,t rector ecclesiae de 
Arnecliffe in Craven — corpus meum ad sepeliendum infra eccle- 
siam monasterii Beatae Mariae de Alnewyk. Item do et lego 
xl. libras cerae in cereis conficiendis ad comburendum circa corpus 
meum in exequiis meis et missa die sepulturae meae. Item volo 
et lego ad distribuendum pauperibus et egenis die sepulturae meae 
c s. pro anima mea, parentum, et benefactorum meorum. Item 
do et lego Abbati de Alnewyk missam celebranti die sepulturae 

* A will which will excite some little interest and speculation. The testator 
appears to have been in humble circumstances, and, with the exception of his wife, he 
mentions no relations whatever. His profession, I may observe, was a migratory one, 
and it is curious that the name of the great dramatist's father was also John, and that 
his profession likewise was but little different from that of the testator. Yorkshire 
might indeed be proud, if, in addition to her long and honourable list of early poets, 
she could claim kinship with William Shakespere. 

t A vicar of Arndiffe, in Craven, to which he was presented by the Earl of North- 
umberland in 1394. His bequests to the churches in Alnwick prove. that he had not 
always lived among the wilds of Craven. 

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meae yj s. viij d. Item do et lego cuilibet capellano sive monacho, 
canonico seu fratri, interessenti ad exequias meas et ad missam 
die sepulturae meae, xij d. Item do et ordino unum capellanum 
celebraturum per duos annos post mortem meam ad ecclesiam 
meam de Amecliffe, divina officia in dicta ecclesia interessentem, 
et orantem pro anima mea, parentum et omnium benefactorum 
meorum, et pro quibus aliquo modo teneor orare. Item volo et 
ordino unum capellanum ydoneum celebraturum in capella Sancti 
Michaelis in Alnewyke per tres annos pro anima mea, ita vide- 
licet, quod dictus capellanus non absentabit se, sed erit presens in 
omnibus divinis serviciis factis in dicta capella, nisi necessitas se 
impediat. Item do et lego ad reparacionem ecclesiae meae de 
ArneclifFe, et ad distribuendum inter parochianos meos pauperes, 
per visum sex vel octo hominum fidedignorum de dicta parochia 
juratorum ad hoc electorum per ordinarium Archiepiscopi et 
parochianos ibidem, xxli. in moneta. Item do et lego Abbati et 
Conventui Beatae Mariae de Alnewyk imum vestimentum de 
cereco blodio et deauratum cum leonibus super le} orfrays. Item 
do et lego summo altari Beati Michaelis de Alnewyk predicta 
unum vestimentum de rubio cereco et unum magnum Missale. 
Item do et lego ecclesiae meae' de Arnecliffe unum vestimentum 
rubeum et deauratum. Item do et lego ecclesiae de Calverley 
infra Comitatum Ebor. unum vestimentum rubeum biss' cum vo- 
lucribus albis. Item do et lego Domino Comiti Northumbriae* 
unum ciphum argenti coopertum chasedd. Item do et lego 
Kadulpho Percy,t filio dicti Domini Comitis, omnia terras et te- 
nementa mea quae habeo infra comitatum Ebor. et Northumbriae. 
Item do et lego Agneti, filiae Eoberti de Nonwykthornes, unum 

* Henry second earl of Northumberland, the son of the famous Hotspur. He 
was killed at the battle of St. Alban's on the 22nd of May, 33 Henry VI., ex 
parte regis, and was buried in the abbey church there. William Essyngwald 
administered to his effects at York, to the use and at the request of the Lady 
Eleanor, the widow of the deceased earl. The house of Percy had no peer among 
the noble families of England for valour and magnificence, but it paid most dearly 
for that coveted pre-eminence. The famous crescent set, as it arose, in blood. 
Henry the first Earl of Northumberland was killed at Bramham Moor, 8 Henry IV. 
His brother, Thomas Percy Earl of Worcester, had been beheaded at Shrewsbury five 
years previously. Hotspur, the first earl's son, was killed at Shrewsbury, 3 Henry IV. ; 
and Sir Ralph Percy, his brother, was slain at Newcastle, 12 Richard II. Henry the 
second earl fell at the battle of St. Alban's, 33 Henry VI. Henry the third earl was 
slain at Towton Field in 38 Henry VI. ; and his brothers, Sir Thomas and Sir Ralph 
Percy, fell at Northampton and Hedgelymoor. Henry the fourth earl was murdered 
at Coxlodge, near Thirsk, in 1489. Henry the fifth earl died a natural death ; but 
his son. Sir Thomas Percy, was executed at Tyburn, 29 Henry VIII. for his share in 
Aske^s rebellion ; and his grandson, Thomas the seventh earl, one of the leaders of 
the rising in the North, died on the scaffold at York, in 1.572. Henry the eighth earl 
shot himself in the Tower, 29 Elizabeth. 

+ Sir Ralph Percy, the fourth son of the second Earl of Northumberland, adopted, 
with his father and brother, the cause of Henry VI., and was killed in the battle at 
Hedgelymoor, ** saving the bird in his bosom." 

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f)ar precularium de aumbre et unam zonam decereco de sangwyn, 
icrnasiatam cum argento et deauratain. Item do et lego Johanni 
Kendale unum librum Anglicanura de Pers Plugliman. Item do 
et lego Margaretae uxori dicti Johannis unam longam togam 
de viridi cum furrura de gray. Item do et lego Margaretae filiae 
suae unam togam de blewmelde cum furrura de byce. Item do 
et lego Willelmo Coucherr unam togam de murray penulatam 
cum lychons. Item do et lego Alicise uxori suae unam to^am de 
nigro russeto furratam cum nigro agno. Item do et lego Willelmo 
Morton optimum cingulum meum argentatum, in custodia Jo- 
hannis Kendale, et xx s. in pecunia. Item do et lego Agneti 
Sledmer de Bridlyngton unam togam de sangwyn penulatam cum 
agnis albis, unam parvam zonam argenti et deauratam cum le 
corse de viridi et albo. Item do et lego Johanni Morton unam 
togam de mellide penulatam cum fychons, unum coopertorium 
cum tapete rubii colons et in custodia Johannis Kendale. Item 
do et lego Roberto de Burne servienti meo decem marcas in pe- 
cunia, unum lectum, videlicet coopertorium cum tapeto, unum 
par de blanketts, unum par linthiammum, duos dubletts, tria paria 
caligarum cum omnibus sotularibus meis et unum par ocrearum. 
Item do et lego Johanni de Eyle signetum meum auri et par cul- 
tellorum cum manubrio de masserr* et argentato. Item do et 
lego Roberto Taillior, capellano, unum capucium de sangwyn et 
unum capucium nigri duplicatum. Item do et lego domino Jo- 
hanni Godeboure, capellano, unum capucium nigrum, et unum 
capucium blodii coloris et unum coUobum nigrum. Item do et 
lego domino Johanni Barker, capellano, vj s. viij d. sub condicione 
quod oret pro me. Item do et lego Priori et Conventui Fratrum 
de Hulme xl s. Ricardo Gierke, servienti meo, xiij s. iiij d. 
Willelmo Hornby, servienti meo, iij s. iiij d. Thomae Temple xij d. 
Item do et lego ecclesiae meae de Amecliffe predictae unum novum 
magnum Portowse. Item do et lego Johanni Forest unum bas- 
lard cum manubrio de evere et argento, unam togam certi coloris 
penulatam. Item do et lego Domino Gomiti Northumbriae unum 
jumentum cum suo pullo. Willelmo Gisburgh unam zonam de 
corio argentatam, unam togam viridis coloris penulatam cum 
mynkes et unam felle brasii coloris. Domino Johanni Tetworth 
unam zonam corei argentatam. Roberto Forest unum librum 
Anglicanum de Exposicione Evangeliorum. Agneti de Non- 
wykthornes unum coopertorium cum le tapete de ares werk. 
Nichalao Raper unum mantellum. Ecclesiae meae de Arnecliffe 
le3 alterclathes pertinentes uni vestimento de burde alexandree 
pulverisato cum volucribus albis et blodiis. Domino meo, Domino 
Henrico Percy,* unam crateram coopertam poimsed. Roberto 

* The celerated Hotspur. 

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de Bume, servienti meo, unum eqiium album. Dominae meae, Co- 
mitissae Northumbriae,* x li. in pecunia de summa michi debita 
die confeccionis presencium per Christoforum Spence armigerum. 
Decano et omnibus divina auxiliantibus in capella Domini Comitis 
Northumbriae, si contingat me mori dicta capella existente 
ibidem, sub tali condicione quod exequias meas et missara meam 
celebrarent prout consuetudo pro mortuis est, ita quod dividatur 
per discrecionem dicti decani, unicuique xiij s. iiij d. Residuum 
Willelmo Gisburgh, Domino Johanni Tetworth et Eoberto Forest. 
IFrob. 15 Jan. 1433-4.] 


March 12, 1432. Thomas Skargell de Leed,t armiger — cor- 
pus meum ad sepeliendum ubicunque Deus disposuerit. Item do 
et lego nomine mortuarii mei optimum animal meimi. Item lego 
in cera comburenda circa corpus meum in die sepulturae meae 
sexdecem libras cerae pro quinque ceris. Cuilibet capellano in- 
teressenti exequiis in tempore mortis meae xij d. In convocacione 
pauperum cecorum, claudorum, et vicinorum meorum in die 
sepulturae meae et in die octavarum mearum xiij li. vj s. viij d. 
In distribucione pauperum et debilium die sepulturae meae xl s. 
Fabricae capellae de Lede xx s. Fabricae ecclesiae de Saxton xx s. 
Fabricae ecclesiae Cathedralis Beati Petri vj s. viij d. Fratribus 
Sancti Roberti juxta Knaresburgh vj s. viij d. Fratribus Sancti 
Leonardi xl s. Pauperibus ejusdem domus vj s. viij d. ad oran- 
dum pro me. Fabricae ecclesiae Collegiatae Sancti Johannis 
Beverlaci xij d. Fabricae monasterii Bridlyngton xij d. Ordini 
Fratrum Praedicatorum de Pontefracto vj s. viij d. Fabricae sive 
reparacioni ecclesiae parochialis de Baddesworth vj s. viij d. 
Duobus capellanis ydoneis et honestis divina celebraturis apud 
Leede per unum annum integrum, xiiij.marcas, pro salute animae 
meae, omnium benefactorum meorum, et pro animabus omnium 
aliorum pro quibus aliquod bonum hie recepi, seu aliquod malum 

* Eleanor daughter of Ralph Earl of Westmerland, and widow of Richard Lord 

f The family of Scargill is one of great antiquity. It seems to have lived in con- 
siderable retirement, as we find it but rarely mentioned in local history. Lede Grange, 
where the Scargills resided, is in the parish of Ryther, and in the immediate vicinity 
of Towton Field. Joan Scargill, the wife of the testator, died in 1421, and I must 
refer my readers to the first volume of the York Wills for some extracts from her will. 
John Scargyll, of Ledys (probably the testator ^s son), by his will, dated 22nd Dec. 1472, 
and proved on the 3rd of January following, desires to be buried in the choir of the 
Holy Trinity, in the church of the blessed Peter at Leades. Alice, his wife, and Henry 
Rokelay are the executors as well as the residuary legatees mentioned in that 

D 2 

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perpeti'avi, videlicet, utrique septem marcas. Item lego Jo- 
nannaB filise meaj xxli., et unam murrain optimam, et unura 
craterem optimum cum opertura, et xij. cocliana optima argentea. 
Eogero* fratri meo decern marcas et imam murram et iinum 
craterem cum opertura, et vj. cocliaria argenti. Johanni, filio 
ejusdem Rogeri, quinque marcas; et sorori ejusdem Johannis 

Juinque marcas. Tribus pueris dicti Rogeri, cuilibet xls. Johanni 
lio meo decem marcas, unam murram, unum craterem cum vj. 
cocliaribus argenti. Dicto Johanni unam oUam aeneam per 
deliberacionem JohannaB filiae meae, et unum lectum cum uno 
tapeto de blewesay. Thomae, filio ejusdem Johannis, decem 
marcas. Eufemiae, filiae dicti Johannis, c s. Roberto, filio dicti 
Johannis, c s. Johannae Boswell de Abirford, filiae ejusdem Jo- 
hannis, quinque marcas. Katerinae et sorori suae, filiabus dicti 
Johannis Skargell, utrique earum quinque marcas. Johanni 
Rider, servienti meo, xx s. Ricardo Thwates decem marcas, 
unum lectum, et unam murram cum sex cocliaribus argenti. 
Aliciae, matri dicti Ricardi, decem marcas, et filiae unam marcam, 
et Willelmo filio dictae Aliciae c s. Johanni fratri suo c s. 
Willelmo Eland sex marcas, et Johannae Eland sorori suae decem 
marcas. Roberto de Ledys vj s. viij d. Johanni Bramhop ser- 
vienti meo iij s. iiij d. Thomae Graunt iij s. iiij d. Johannae 
filiae meae optimum plaustrum meum cum quatuor bobus optimis 
meis, et duas vaccas optimas. — Johanni Eland unam vaccam. 
Johannae filiae meae duas ollas optimas, optimam pelvem cum 
lavacro, unum par tabellarum, et unum almarium et unum 
copbord. Rogero fratri meo unum lectum de rede say enbrowded, 
et unum coverlect et unum tapetum de say et unam pelvem cum 
uno lavacro. Johannae filiae meae dimidium omnium granorum et 
bladorum meorum in campis et extra, cum dimidio brasio meo, 
et aliud dimidium lego Rogero fratri meo, Johanni filio meo, et 
Ricardo Thwates. — Executores constituo Johannam filiam meam, 
Rogerum fratrem meum, Johannem filium meum et Ricardum 
Thwates cognatum meum. [Pr. 1 Feb, 1433-4.] 


April 12, 1434. Johannes de Manthorp, perpetuus vicarius 
ecclesiae de Hayton — sep. in cancello ecclesiae praedictae, et cum 
corpore meo, nomine principalis, unum equum cum freno et sella ; 
et in cera ardenda circa corpus meum in prima die et septima die 
quatuor libras cerae. Item lego unum librum vocatum Ordinale 

* The Archbishop of York grants an oratory to Roger Scargill, of Batley, 16th 
October, 1446. 

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Missse predictae ecclesisB imperpetuum memoriale. Item lego 
unum librum Portiforium ad ecclesiam de Cokeryngton Sancti 
Leonard!, memoriale imperpetuum. Unum Psalterium parvum 
filiolo meo, filio Henrici Smyth mercatoris de Eettford. Domino 
Henrico Ketillthorp unum librum Devocionis cum Psalterio Jero- 
nirai. Item lego ad ecclesiam de Bekyngliam unam cistam cum 
ferro ligatam, memoriale imperpetuum. Campanili de Hay ton 
vj s. viij d. Domino Henrico Dyghton unum ciplmm de murra 
argenti, imum par cultellorum harrenest cum argento. Domino 
Johanni Brokholes, * magistro meo, domino de Bole, unum stil- 
latorium, et unum librum vocatum Antifonar', et unum Kalendar 
novum, et unum Astirlabyr. Domino Koberto Holme unam togam 
furratam cum bevyr*. 


Feb. 13, 1433-4. Ego Petrus Santon f — sep. in ecclesia Sancti 
Andreae in Holborn in London, coram capella Sanctae Katerinae 
in ecclesia predicta. Item lego fabricaB ecclesiae predictae Sancti 
Andreas xl s. ad orandum pro anima mea. Item lego fabricae 
ecclesiae Sancti Egidii extra Crepulgate London, vj s. viij d. 
Item lego fabricae ecclesiae de Northcave x li. Item lego^execu- 
toribus meis sexaginta libras sterlingorum ad sustentandum honeste 
et competenter Johannam matrem meam quamdiu vixerit. — 
Willelmo Hopton, gentilman, xxvj s. viij d. Willelmo Grene, 
gentilman, xxvj s. viij d. Johanni Feriby, yoman, unum equum 
vocatum Gresill cum sella et freno. Willelmo Daltonxxvjs. viijd. 
et meam togam de musterdevilers furratam cum fucheux. Volo 
quod feoffati Eicardi Santon patris mei defuncti faciant statum 
Henrico Bromflete militi in omnibus terris et tenementis meis 
infra Comitatum Ebor. cum reversione terrarum, etc. quae michi 
accidere debet post decessum Isabellae nuper uxoris Eicardi 

* John Brockholes became prebendary of Bole, in the cathedral church of York, 
13th July, 1424. In 1434 he exchanged his canonry in the church of Wells, his 
prebend of Combe Septima, and his rectory of '* Tenebegh " with Mr. John Blodewell 
for the rectory of Stretton in the Clay. In 1444 he resigns his canonry in the church 
of York, and in the following year the Archbishop of York allows him to resign his 
living of Stretton, granting him a retiring pension of 20/. a-year for life. He waa at 
that time, as he tells us himself, aged and infirm, and almost blind. 

f A Yorkshire gentleman, who makes his will in London. Of the family of Santon 
there is but little known. Richard Santon, of North Cave, Esq. the father of the 
testator, by his will, dated Dec. 10, 1432, and proved on the 29th of January following, 
desires to be buried in the church of All Saints at North Cave, before the altar 
of St. Thomas. He leaves money for a priest to pray for his soulj. and for those 
of Agnes and Isabel his wives, and Richard Santon his father. He makes Isabel 
his wife and Peter his son his executors, and John EUerker his supervisor. 

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Santon patris mei nuper defuncti. Robertas Wardrop et Ricardus 
Anson executores. Item lego fabricae campanilis ecclesiae Sancti 
Alphegi London iij s. iiij d. \_Prob. 21 Mat/y 1434.] 


July 9, 1434. Ego domina Elizabetba nuper uxor Petri del 
Hay*. — sep. in ecclesia de Bameburgh juxta Jacobum Cresacref 
quondam maritum meum, omnibus juribus funeralibus apud 
ecclesiam parochialem meam de Campsall antea completis. 
Cuilibet sacerdoti ad exequias ministranti vj d. Cuilibet clerico 
parochiali iiij d. Minoribus clericis, cuilibet ij d. Ad ceram 
circa corpus meum comburendam v lb., in v. cereis compositis. 
In convocatione pauperum et vicinorum meorum die sepulturse 
meae, tam apud Campsall quam apud Bameburgh, sufficientiam 
panis et casei et cerevisiae. Summo altari ecclesiae de Campsall 
meum novum Missale, et serviclo Beatae Mariae ibidem meum 
mantellum furratum cum gray. Fabricae ecclesiae Cathedralis 
Beati Petri Eboracensis vj s. viij d. Et quatuor ordinibus Fratrum 
xxvj s. viij d. eque divisos. Et monialibus de Hampole vj s. viijd. 
Et dominae Aliciae Mirfeld, moniali de Kyrkeles, vj s. viij d. Item 
lego Perse vallo, filio meo seniori,J unam pel vim et lavacrum 
argenti, xxiiij. vaccas cum tauro apud Tyls, optimam oUam meam 
aeream, unum yren spytt, duos yren rakkes, tres stone morters, 
omnia vasa liguea, cultellos et candelabra in le pantry, botre et 

* Elizabeth, daughter of John "Woodmffe (of Wolley), and successively widow of 
James Cresacre, of Bamebro\ and Peter de la Hay, of Spaldington. This will makes 
several additions to the pedigree of Cresacre, which is given in Mr. Hunter's " South 
Yorkshire,^' and suggests one or two alterations in it. The family of Cresacre had 
been seated at Barnborough from a very early date. The first will of any member of 
it that has as yet occurred to me is that of John Cresacre, the father-in-law of the testa- 
trix, which is made on the Wednesday after the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, in 1408. 
He directs himself to be buried at fiamborough, and mentions Sibil his wife and 
James his son. 

f The family of Cresacre seems to have had some connection with the parish of 
Campsall, where the testatrix appears to have passed her widowhood. An inscription, 
formerly in a window in the church, requested the prayers of the worshippers for the 
souls of John Cresacre and Elizabeth, his wife, who had piously erected the window 
which contained the request. 

:{: The eldest son of the testatrix. Mr. Hunter gives a most interesting account of 
his tomb in the church of Barnborough, and I rejoice to be able to give the date of 
its erection. By his will, dated on the 19th of January, 1476-7, and which was 
proved at York on the 2nd of February following, he desires to be buried in the 
church of St. Peter at Bameburgh, near the tomb of Alice Cresacre his wife. He 
leaves 40«. to inclose with a stone wall (cum petris) the cemetery of his parish church; 
and he also leaves five marks to repair the tower of the same edifice. To Catherine 
Cresacre he bequeaths 201. towards her marriage ; and he makes his sons John and 
Mr. Edward Cresacre (sub -dean of York,) with others, his executors. 

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coquina, et omnia utensilia in ley bakehouse et brewhouse, qua- 
tuor plumbeis vasis inde exceptis ; unam mensam replicatam et 
aliam mensam vocatam le copborde ; dimidium de qwysshyns^ 
costors et banquers de grene in le parlor, unum pendentem 
lectum cum costors et curtyns et aliis sibi pertinenciis in camera. 
Item in capella duo vestimenta de borde alysaundre et unum 
vestimentum de rede sylk cum suis pertinenciis, duo altarclothes, 
duo candelabra de laton, unam calicem, unum frontell, unum 
haly water fatt ibidem et unam cistam, plaustra, carucas et 
harpicas cum suis phaleris, et unum ventilabrum, unum cilicium 
cum cunctis saccis. Item lego Aliciae* uxori suae unum par de 
trussyngcoffres, unum Flaundres kyst. Item lego Isabellas filiae 
meae majorem craterem meum argenti deauratum et coopertum, 
unam pelvim argenti cum lavacro, optimum plumale meum, 
unum bolster, unum pane (sic) et dimidium de qwyssyns. Item 
lego Jacobo filio meo xx li. argenti, unum qwilt, unum matras de 
bokasyn, duais lodices de fustiane, duo lintliiamina de lake. 
Item lego Thomae filio meo xl. marcas argenti, unum lectum 
nigrum, duo lintliiamina, duas lodices, unam culcitram, unum 
matras de sylk et duos pylouse. Item lego Eicardo filio 
meo XX. marcas argenti et unum lectum cum pertinentiis ut 
supra Thomae fratri suo. Item lego Johanni Staynerode capellano 
meo unum Portiforium, unam pelvim cum lavacro de laton, 
unum lectum, videlicet unam culcitram, unum coopertorium, duas 
lodices, et duo linthiamina, unum chaffer, et unum craterem 
signatum cum litera p. Item lego Eicardo Wryght servienti 
meo octo marcas argenti, unum lectum cum pertinentiis, ut supra, 
et majorem murram meam. Item lego Dionisiae faraulae meae 
unum metecloth, duos sanoppes, unum to well, unum grete kyst, 
unum lectum, unum brassepott, majorem patellam de raeslyn, 
halfadosan garnyssht de peuter vessell. Willelmo Lassy unum 
lectum et unam boviculam. Eoberto Vyncent capellano xls. 
Eesiduum Jacobo filio meo, Eoberto Vyncent capellano, et 
Eicardo Wright servienti meo, quos facio executores meos. 
[Pro6. 3 Aug, 1434.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen, Die Lunae,in Festo Sanctae Annae Matris 
Mariae Virginis, anno Domini Millesimo cccc"'^ tricesimo quarto, 
Ego domina Johanna domina de Cromwell,t sanae mentis, condo 

* A daughter of Thomas Mountney. She died in 1450, and was buried in the 
church of Bamborough, where her mouumenty with its curiously rhyniing epitaph, 
may still be seen. 

f This lady, whose maiden name has not been ascertained, was the widow of Ralph 
Lord Cromwell, of Tatteshall, who died before the year 1420. By him she left two 

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testamentum meum in hunc modum. Inprimis lego animam 
meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatse Mariae Virgini ac Omnibus 
Sanctis ejus; corpusque meum ad sepeliendum in cancella ecclesiae 
de Lamley. Item lego nomine mei principalis meum optimum 
equum cum optima mea sella et freno. Item lego in cera ad 
faciendum xij. torches comburendos circa corpus in die sepulturae 
meae quatuor marcas argenti. Item volo quod executores mei 
solvant, seu solvi faciant, omnia debita mea sine dilacione post 
mortem meam. Item lego ecclesiae de Lamley unam aulam 
steynid cum duobus costerys de historia de Lebeus Disconeus. 
Item lego domino Radulpno filio meo, domino de' Cromwell, 
unam pelvim de argento cum imo lavacro una cum benediccione. 
Item lego domino Kicardo Stanop * militi unam pelvim cum uno 
lavacro, et duos crateres de argento et deauratos cum suis cooper- 
toriis, et unum maser deauratum cum coopertorio, et unum par 
de bedys de corall optimum. Item lego dominae Matildas, filiae 
meae, uxori dicti Ricardi, optimum meum mantellum penulatum 
cum ermyn et optimam meam togam penulatam. Item lego 
Thomae Hurrebat unum craterem argenti cum ymagine Sanctse 
Katerinae in medio. Item lego Ceciliae uxori dicti Tnomae unam 
togam. Item lego Emmae Draycote unam togam penulatam, et 
unum par de bedys. Item lego Doucae Draycote un^m togam. 
Item Aliciae Chamber unam togam. Item lego Kogero GomiSray 
de Notingham, sibimet, xiij s. iiij d. Item lego Fratribus Mi- 
noribus de Notingham xiij s. iiij d. Item lego Fratribus Carme- 
litis de dicta Notingham xiij s. iiij d. Item lego Normano 
Scharnels unura par de bedys. Item rectori de Lamley unum par 
de bedys. Residuum executoribus meis — quos constituo Domi- 

children, a son and a daughter. Ralph Lord Cromwell was found to be heir to his 
grandmother, at her death in 1420. He was then 16 years of age. He married 
Margaret, the daughter and coheiress of William, son of John Lord Deincourt, but he had 
no surviving issue by her. He died in 1455, and a full account of this great noble* 
man, and his pious and charitable works will be found appended to his will, which 
occurs hereafter. "^As he died without issue, the representation and the vast estates of 
his lordly house passed away to his only sister Maud, the second wife of Sir Richard 
Stanhope, of Rampton, to whom she was married in the 12th of Henry lY. 

* Sir Richard Stanhope of Rampton, eo. Notts, was twice married. By Elizabeth, 
his first wife, he left issue male. His second wife was the wealthy heiress of the 
noble house of Cromwell, by whom he had a son and two daughters. The son, Henry 
Stanhope, died without issue, 31 Henry VI., leaving his two sisters coheirs to their 
mother*s estates. Of these Joan, who appears to have been the elder sister, married 
Humphrey Bourchier. Maud, the younger sister, married into three illustrious houses. 
Her first husband was Robert Lord Willoughby of Eresby ; her second waa Sir 
Thomas Neville, to whom we find her married in 1446-7; and her third was Sir 
Gervaae Clifton of Clifton, knight. The licence for the last marriage was granted 
by the Archbishop of York 10th August, 1461. By none of these husbands did she 
leave any issue, and at her death, in the 13th of Henry VII., her estates reverted to 
Sir "William Knyvett and William Fitzwilliam, Esq. the representatives of two of her 
great aunts, Elizabeth Cromwell, who had married Sir John Clifton, and Maud Crom- 
well, the wife of Sir William Fitzwilliam. 

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num Richardum Stanop militem et Thomam Hurrebat, et super- 
visorem Dominum Radulphum fiKum meum, dominum de Crom- 
weU. [Prob, 10 Aug. 1434.] 


This es y« last will of Robert of Willughby,* y« xxvij. day of 
Maii, y® 3ere of Kynge Henry sext xj™®. The fyrst, I will yat 
all my dettes be payed, and also I will yat y® remlande of my 
gude be partid in thre: save onely myne aray for my body, 
armure, gownes, hodes, girdels, baslarde, chene and rynges gif I 
to Johne my Sonne, and of one parte to fulfill my will with ; yat 
es for to say, The first I wite my body to be beryed in the chirche 
of Whitgift, before y* Trinitee altar; and I wite to y« Trinitee 
gilde xl s. To y* kyrkewerke xl s. To y^ Messeboke for y* hegh 
alter xl s. To xxxiij. pore men xxxiij. grotes, and to ilk a preste 
beyng at my Dirige and Messe vj d. And to every clerk iij d. 
And also iiij. sergis of viij lb. to brjnane in y^ tyme of servyse. 
And I will and charge, yat alson as y® saule be out of y* boady, 
y^ y® body be putte in y« erthe. At my interment I will yat all 
pore men have mete and drynk enogh. And to ray sister Mar- 
grete of Bayne I wite xl s. And to my brother Sir William 
XX s. And to Robert Medycroft xl s. And to Thomas Smyth of 
Barton xxs. And to Thomas Busham my rede bald stagg. 
And to Johnet Clowte vj s. viij d. To Johne of stabill vj s. viij d. 
And also I will yat my wife, and my sister Margrete, Robert 
Medycroft, and Thomas Smyth, be my execu torus. And also I 
will yat my wife have one parte clerely, and one other parte to 
Johne of Willughby. And I will yat Norman of Babyngton haf 
1. marcs for y® place and y® lande yat was Wittyns in Usflete. 
And y* y® saide Norman of Babyngton make a stete to John of 
Willughby and to his hereys of his body begeten; and, if he dy 
with outen here of his body, I will yat my wife hafe it terme of 
hir life, and after his decesse I will yat it be solde and done for 
oure saules; and also if y« saide Johne of Willughby dy with 
inne age yan will I yat levyng of his parte and of myne begiffen 
to my wife, if sho liff ; and if sho be dede, I will yat it be done 
for our saules. And also I will yat my sister Margrate hafe y® 
governance of John of Willughby parte, and also 1 will yat my 
brother Sir William be surveyor of my will. [Prob, 4 Sep. 1434, 
and adm, to Margt Bayne,'] 

* This curious and valuable document will be read with great interest. May not 
the 83 poor men, to whom the testator leaves a groat a-piece, answer to the years of 
his own life ? 

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In Festo Conceptionis Sanctae Mariae Virginis, 1434. Ego 
Willclmus Alcok * de Kyngeston super Hull, mercator — sep. in 
cimiterio ecclesiae Sanctae Trinitatis ante crucem ibidem, cum 
optima toga mea nomine mortuarii mei. Fratribus Augustinianis 
Yillae praedictae, existentibus ad exequias et missas celebrandas pro 
anima mea, die sepulturae meae et septimo die, scilicet, vj s. viij d. 
Fratribus Carmelitis ejusdem villae vj s. viij d. existentibus ad 
exequias et missas praedictas diebus praedictis. Fabricae ecclesiae 
parochialis de Southmuskham prope Newerk vj s. viij d. Jo- 
nannae uxori meae omnia terras et teneraenta mea. Kesiduum 
dictae Johannae, ad acquietandum omnia debita mea ac eciam ad 
exhibendum et gubernandum omnes pueros meos. — Executores 
constituo uxorem meam et Thomam Alcok filium meum. \_Frob. 
13 Jan. 1434-5, by the widow.'] 

* A wealthy merchant, and the father of the pious and munificent Bishop Alcock. 
John Alcock, Bishop of Ely, is said by Leland to have been bom at Beyerley. His 
father *s will, we may observe, b dated at Hull, but, in addition to the manifold con- 
tingencies to which traders are subject, there seems to have been a large migration 
from Beverley to Hull about this period, and Alcock may perhaps have shared in it. 
John Alcock appears to have been a younger son. He was admitted to the order of 
subdeacon by John Bishop of Philippolis, the suffragan of the Archbishop of York, 
on the 8th of March, 1448-9, the abbey of Thornton, in Lincolnshire, of which house 
he may perhaps have been an inmate, giving him a title. He became deacon on the 
29th of March, 1449, and priest on the 12th of April following. After this he 
probably began his residence at Cambridge, of which university he became so di» 
tinguished an ornament and patron. His first benefice was the rectory of St. Mar- 
garet's in Fish Street, London, to which he was presented by Thomas Kempe, Bishop 
of London, in 1461. Kempe was nephew to the Archbishop of York, and had 
himself held several lucijitive offices, to which his uncle had presented him, and he 
was probably acquainted with Alcock before he had removed to London. After this 
Alcock 's progress was rapid, but as it is so intimately connected with the history of 
the time it need not be recapitulated here. Suffice it to say, that he was successively 
Bishop of Rochester, Worcester, and Ely, whilst the important and responsible offices 
of Ambassador to the Court of Castillo, the Mastership of the Rolls, the Presidency of 
Wales, and the Lord High Chancellorship of England, were the rewards of his 
services to the state. But it is not on his civil and ecclesiastical preferments alone, 
great though they be, that the fame of John Alcock rests ; Jesus College, in Cam- 
bridge, is a living monument of his energy and munificence, and the Grammar 
School and the Chantry which he founded at Hull prove that he had not forgotten 
the scenes of his earlier days. He died at Wisbeach Castle on the 1st of October, 
1500, and was buried in a gorgeous chapel which he had himself erected at the east 
end of his Cathedral at Ely, which, like his brother^s plate, was resplendent with 
cocks, the punning arms of his family. Robert Alcock, the Bishop's brother, 
followed the profession of his father, and was a merchant at Hull. His will, which 
was made at Worcester on the 14th of August, 1483, probably at the instigation and 
under the superintendence of his brother, was proved at York on the 10th of July 
following. In it he mentions Thomas Alcock, his brother, and he bequeaths to John 
Alcock, his brother Thomas's son, the fourth part of a ship called the Geoi^ge. He 
leaves to his son-in-law John Dalton, the husband of his daughter Katharine, 69/. 
which was the marriage portion of his wife. To Robert Alcock his son he leaves 
his large cup " cum gallis consignatum," his own signet, and all his zones, ** qusB 
cum gallis consignantur." The residue is left to Catherine his wife. 

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In Dei nomine, Amen. Dum corpus viget sanitate et mens 

per langorem non est interius impedita, tunc homo pleniori utitur 

racione et ultimae voluntatis judicium, in quo tranquillae mentis 

racione usus exigitur, salubrius et prudencius ordinat et disponit. 

Hinc est quod Ego Johannes Dene,* Canonicus Ecclesiae Col- 

legiatae Beati Petri Eiponiae, ac Prebendarius prebendae de 

Sta3nawiggs in eadem, et rector medietatis ecclesiae parochial J s 

de Lynton in Craven, Eboracensis dioceseos, sanus mente et 

corpore in confeccione presencium existens, ac considerans quod 

morte nil cercius humanaB creaturae, quamque nil incertius ejus 

hora, volensque preterea, dum lucem habeo, in luce arabulare : 

In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, condo testamentum 

meum. In primis, lego animam meam Ipsi, qui precioso sanguine 

suo me redemit. Item lego corpus meum miserum ad sepeliendum 

in choro ecclesiae CoUegiatae Beati Petri Ripon. sine pompa aliqua 

seculari. Item lego pro mortuario meo optimum meum animal. 

Item lego xx libras cerae ad comburendum circa corpus meum in 

exequiis meis et in die sepulturae meae, vel in majori quantitate, 

secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego ad dis- 

tribuendum inter pauperes indigentes in die sepulturae meae iiij li. 

Item lego sexvicariis chori ecclesiae CoUegiatae Kiponiae, et novem 

capellanis cantarias ibidem optinentibus, et in exequiis interessen- 

tibus, videlicet dum cantatur Placebo et Dirige, m die sequenti 

Commendacio Mortuorum cum missa xxs., cuilibet vicario et 

cuilibet capellano cantariarum, ut supra, xvj d. Et tribus diaconis 

et tribus subdiaconis interessentibus, ut supra, iiij s., cuilibet viij d. 

Item lego sex thuribulariis et sex choristis interessentibus, ut 

supra, iiij s., cuilibet iiij d. Item lego cuilibet presbitero non 

promoto' et commoranti infra villam Ripon. interessenti in exequiis 

meis et in missa, ut supra, vj d. Item lego Sacristae Ecclesiae 

CoUegiatae Ripon. pro pulsacione campanarum in exequiis meis 

et missa ij s. Item lego le belman iiij d. Item lego quatuor 

ordinibus Fratrum Mendicancium Ebor. xxvj s. viij d. cuilibet 

ordini vj s. viij d. Item lego monialibus de Esshald vj s. viij d. 

Item lego dominae Aliciae Chelray, moniali ejusdem loci, vj s. viij d. 

si vixerit tempore mortis meae, sin autem, volo quod predicti 

vjs. viij d. distribuantur inter pauperes moniales de Esshald. Et 

* A dignitary of the Church of Ripon. His will is drawn up with remarkable care. 
He would seem to have been connected with the family of Arthington of Arthington. 
The pedigree of that ancient house is little more than a skeleton, hanging together in a 
most unsatisfactory way. The present will throws some light upon it. 

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monialibus de Arthyngton juxta Otley xiij s. iiij d. Item lego 
fabricae ecclesiae Collegiatae Eipon. xl s. Item lego ad distribu- 
endum inter pauperes parochianos meos apud Staynewyggs et in 
parochia ejusdem xx s. Item lego uni capellano ad celebrandum 
m ecclesia CoUegiata Beati Petri Kipon. pro anima mea et 
Agnetis de Balderby, sororis meae defiinctae, animabu8 parentum, 
benefactorum meorum et omnium fidelium defimctorum, per 
quatuor annos immediatos post mortem meam, xviij li. xiij s. iiij d., 
capiendop er annum iiij li. xiij s. iiij d. Et volo quod capellanus 

Sredictus dicat singulis diebus pro anima mea, sororis *me» ante- 
ictje, et animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum, Placebo cum 
Dirige et Commendacionem Mortuorum, nisi legitime fuerit 
impeditus. Item lego Johanni Arthington juniori, nlio et heredi 
Jonannis de Artliyngton, unam peciam argenti coopertam, stantem 
super pedem, annameld on le pomell, et xij cocliaria melioris 
sectae. Item lego Eoberto Arthington, filio dicti Johannis 
Arthyngton, unam peciam argenti coopertam cum uno flatt knopp 
et xij cocliaria minoris sectae. Item Johanni Wright servienti 
meo xiij s. iiij d. et unam togam cum tunica. Item lego domino 
Willelmo Scaryngton capellano xx s. et unum Portiforium, 
quondam domini Johannis Coke nuper vicarii Ecclesiae Collegiatae 
Kipon., quod quidem Portiforium modo habet. Item lego Johanni 
Scarry ngton, patri predicti domini Willelmi Scarry ngton, xl s. 
Et uxori dicti Johannis Scarryngton, xxs., cum duobus juvencis. 
Item lego Eoberto Scarry ngton, filio dicti Johannis Scarry ngton, 
xiij s. iiij d. Item lego Johanni Arthyngton seniori unum 
Portiforium quondam magistri Willelmi de Cawod* et unura 
Missale cum duobus knoppes argenti et desuper deauratis. Et 
volo quod predictum Portiforium et Missale remaneant rectis 
heredibus dicti Johannis Arthyngton, semper remanendo de 
herede in heredem in manerio de Arthyngton. Item lego Johanni 
Balderby f clerico unam peciam argenti coopertam cum uno small 
knopp. Item lego Johanni Arthyngton seniori unam peciam 
argenti coopertam cum uno rownde knopp, quondam magistri 
Willelmi de Cawod. Item lego Johanni Kipon, abbati de 
Fontibus, unam peciam argenti coopertam et deauratam cum 
uno flatt knopp in summitate coopertorii, si vixerit tempore 
mortis meae. Item lego domino Willelmo Tempest, domino de 
Stodley Magna, unam peciam argenti coopertam cum uno gemb 

* CaDon Residentiary of York, and a man of considerable learning and ability. He 
was frequently employed in the service of the State. Some interesting notices of him 
may be found appended to his will, from which some extracts are given in the Testa- 
menta Eboracensia, Part I. 

f Yicar of Kirkby Malzeard and Masham. In his will, dated 13th Nov. 1448, he 
desires to be buried in the church of Kirkby Malzeard. He leaves to John Hartlyngton 
his best gown '* penulatam.^^ 

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in pede peciae, Anglice vocatam Chales cop. Item lego Margaretae 
Arthyngton, uxori Johannis Arthyngton junioris, unam peciam 
argenteam et deauratam. Item quod predicta pecia cum cooper- 
torio semper remaneat de herede in heredem in manerio de 
Arthyngton. Item volo et ordino quod expedita sepultura mea 
absque pompa omni seculari, honeste tamen, propter obloquencium 
judicia inconsiJta. Residuum Johanni Balderby vicario perpetuo 
de Masham, Johanni Arth)mgton seniori et Elizabethae uxori dicti 
Johannis, executoribus meis. Presentibus discretis viris domino 
Johanne Shirebum, Rogero Wawyn capellano cantariae Beatae 
Mariae et Sanctae Trinitatis in ecclesia CoUegiata Beati Petri 
RiponiaB, Roberto Brompton, Willelmo Hunt vicario dictae 
ecclesiae, Willelmo Speton capellano cantariae in capella Beatae 
Mariae in Staynbriggate in iiipon. et aliis. Datum Riponiae 
15 March, 1433. IFrob. 11 April, 1435.] 


April 12, 1435. Ego Thomas Surteys,* miles — sep. in ecclesia 
Sancti Nicholai in Walmegate, in suburbiis Ebor. Rectori 
ejusdem ecclesiae pro mortuario meo optimam togam meam de 
nigro panno penulatam, cum optimo capucio meo. Et volo quod 
rector ecclesiae parochialis de Ditensale, pro decimis et obla- 
cionibus meis oblitis, sit remuneratus secundum discrecionem 
executorum meorum. Capellano parochiali ecclesiae Sancti 
Nicholai predict! unum par cultellorum argentp paratorum et 

* Sir Thomas Surtees, of Dinsdale, in the county of Durham, knight. He was 
20 weeks old at the death of Alexander Surtees, his fetther, in the 4th of Richard II. 
We find Wm sheriff of Northumberland, 10th Henry V., an office to which he was 
elected in right of the lands which he inherited from his mother, who appears to have 
been a Northumberland heiress. He seems to have been a man of considerable weight 
and position in the county. It would be curious to ascertain what induced the knight 
of Dinsdale to desert his fair inheritance on the Tees. He may have had a winter 
residence in York, of which he was the occupant when his last illness overtook him. 
He may, perhaps, have gone thither for change of air and medical advice ; but if he 
left health behind him on the fair isle of Dinsdale, he could scarcely expect to recover it 
beneath the shadow of St. Peter. He may perchance have been on a visit to his York- 
shire kinsmen, and have died ere he could return to his own home. He died on the 
same day on which his will is dated, and his bones rest not beside those of Goscelinus 
and his fore-elders in their small but picturesque church, which overhangs the Tees, 
but in that of St. Nicholas in Walmgate, in the suburbs of the city of York, which is 
now destroyed. His wife was a daughter of Sir Ralph Eure, of Wilton Castle. By 
her he left a daughter, Elizabeth, of whom we have no further notice, and a son, 
Thomas, who became his heir. He was 20 years of age at his father's death, and he 
died on Christmas Day, 22 Henry VI. For a full and ample account of this illustrious 
family I need only refer my readers to the great work of that distinguished antiquary 
who bore their name if he did not inherit their blood. The badge of the Society which 
was founded to do honour to his memory is an exact copy of the seal which was used 
by the testator. Sir Thomas Surtees. 

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deauratorum ; et clerico parochial! ibidem xij d. Johanni Rugh- 
hede famulo meo unum lectum, videlicet, unum coopertorium, 
tinum par linthiaminum, unum par lodicium, unam togam nigram 
linatam cum capucio, unam tunicam rubeam de rubeo corio. 
Willelmo Scott famulo meo unum lectum ut supra, unam togam 
de sangwyn penulatam cum capucio, et unam tunicam de nigro 
panno penulatam. AliciaB Rughede unam sellam cum freno pro 
muliere ordinatam, et Ceciliae Rughede unum lectum, ut supra, 
cum tribus parvis dorsoriis de blodio et rubeo. Et volo quod 
unus capellanus celebret pro anima mea in dicta ecclesia dicti 
Nicholai per unum annum proxime post decessum meam, si bona 
mea ad hoc sufficere poterunt. Residuum, Elizabethe filiae meae. 
Execu tores meos facio Robertum Constable fratrem meum, 
Thomam Surteys filium et heredem meum, et Henricum Tailboys 
de Hurworth. [Prob. 19 April, 1435.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Decimo die mensis Marcii, anno 
Domini Millesimo cccc"*®. tricesimo tercio, ego Margareta Blak- 
bum,* relicta Nicholai Blakburn civis et mercatoris Ebor. cor- 
poris et memoriae sana, condo et ordino ac facio testamentum 
meum in himc modum. In primis do et lego ac coramendo 
animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatissimaeque Virgini Mariae, 
ac Sanctissimae Matri suae Annae, et Omnibus Sanctis ; corpusque 
meum sepelienJum in ecclesia Cathedrali Beati Petri Eboracensis 
juxta corpus predicti Nicholai Blakburn nuper mariti mei, sub 
lapide marmorio coram ymagine Dominae nostras ex parte australi, 
inibi conquiescentis. Item lego rectori ecclesiae parochialis ubi 
me contingat diem claudere extremum optimum pannum pro 
corpore meo talliatum, cum capucio nomine mortuarii mei. Item 
lego octo tortis cerae, quilibet tortis ponderis xvj lb., ad combu- 
rendum circa corpus meum ad exequias meas et missam die sepul- 
turae meae; quorum quidem octo tortis, volo quod duo remaneant 
ecclesiae parochiali Omnium Sanctorum in Northstrete in Eboraco 
ad comburendum ibidem annuatim die Paschae tempore Resurrec- 
cionis Domini nostri Jhesu Christi dum durare poterunt. Et alii 
duo eorumdem tortis maneant ecclesiae parochiali Sancti Johannis 
Evangelistae ad finem pontis Use in Eboraco ad comburendum 

* The widow of Nicholas Blackburn senior, citizen and twice Lord Mayor of York. 
His will has been already printed, and the present document forms an appropriate 
sequel to it. I print it almost entire, and it will be read with great interest. I can 
add nothing to the genealogical and historical notices which are appended to Nicholas 
Blackburn's will. 

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ibidem tempore Resurreccionis Domini nostri Jhesu Christi in die 
Paschae, dum durare poterunt, annuatim. Et alii duo eorumdem 
tortis maneant ecclesise parochiali Sanctae Trinitatis in Curia Regis 
Ebor. ad comburendum inibi, modo et forma predictis. Et alii 
duo eorumdem tortis maneant ecclesiae parochiali Sanctae Mariae 
Virginis in Ricbemond ad comburendum ibidem die PaschaB 
tempore Resurrectionis Domini nostri Jhesu Cristi dum durare 
poterunt. Item lego pro expensis funeralibus circa me faciendis 
tempore exequiarum mearum xx li. Item lego ad distribuendum 
inter pauperes die sepulturae meae per disposicionem executorum 
meorum xli. Item cuilibet capellano divma continue celebranti 
in ecclesia Omnium Sanctorum in Northstrete predicta xij d. Et 
clerico parochiali ibidem viij d. Et subclerico iiij d. Et cuilibet 
capellano continue celebranti in ecclesia Sancti JohannisEvangelistae 
supradicta xij d. Item lego Priori et Conventui Abbatiae Sanctae 
Trinitatis in Mikelgate in Eboraco x s. Item lego Conventui 
Fratrum Praedicatorum Ebor* x s. Et aliis tribus ordinibus Fra- 
trum Mendicancium Ebor. xx s. equis porcionibus inter eos 
dividendos. Item lego tribus reclusis Ebor. x s. equis porcionibus 
dividendos. Item do et lego ydoneo et honeste capellano ad 
celebrandum pro anima Nicholai Blakburn nuper mariti mei, et 
anima mea ac aniraabus parentum nostrorum, necnon animabus 
quibus tenemur, animabusque omnium fidelium defunctorum, in 
ecclesia Sancti Johannis Evangelistae predicta, per duos annos 
integros, xiiij marcas. Item lego Willelmo Ormeshede, fratri 
meo, unum ewer argenti cum le spowte, in certis partibus 
deauratum. Et Elenae Ormshede, uxori suae, unam peciam 
planam coopertam argenti deauratam et pounced. Item lego 
Nicholao Blakburn filio meo unam oUam argenti aliquantulum 
minus le poteU. Et Margaretae uxori suae unam peciam argenti 
coopertam, s wared, signatam sub pede cum S. Item lego 
Isabellae Sandford, filiae meae, unam oUam argenti vocatam 
le quarte. Item lego Aliciae Bolton, filiae meae, unum spice- 
plate argenti, et duas oUas argenti vocatas potellpottes : 
quarum una signata cum scuto de septem barres, et cane et 
Ji et IS; altera signata sub pede cum tali ^ signo, et unam 
peciam argenti coopertam cum uno knopp et leone supersidente 
ejusdem deaurato. Item lego Johannae Wyspyngton unam 
peciam planam argenti coopertam cum uno chapellet de hawthorn 
et le knopp deaurato. Item lego Fratri Nicholao Wattre unum 
ciphum vocatum le nutt coopertum cum pede argenti stantem. 
Item lego Nicholao Blakburn, filio meo, x li. quas michi debet 
per scriptum suum obligatorium ; et Roberto Blakburn, filio suo, 
decern marcas. Et Thomae Blakburn decem marcas et unum 
coopertorium cum tapete de rubeo enbrowded cum chapellects et 

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stellis In eisdem ; unum par linthiaminum novum. Et Henrico 
Blakburn decern marcas. Et Christoforo Blakburn decern marcas. 
Et Affneti Blakburn decern marcas, et unam zonam ornatam cum 
octo barres et tribus teryngbarres argenti deauratis, et in le 
tusshewe swannes albas, unum lectum plumalem cum le bolster, 
unum par linthiaminum novum et unum lectum, videlicet, cooper- 
torium cum tapete de rubio saye cum papejaes enbrouded, et 
curtinis rubiis et le testor ejusdem cx)loris. Et Aliciae Blakburn, 
sorori suae, decem marcas, unam peciam planam argenti coopertam 
cum uno knopp rotundo, unum lectum plumalem cum le bolster, 
unum par linthiaminum novum. Item lego Isabellae Sandford, 
filiae meae, decem marcas quas michi debet. Et Johanni Sandford, 
filio suo, decem marcas. Et Katerinse, uxori suae, unam peciam 
planam coopertam argenti cum rotulo scripto ISif It btttiV' Et 
Edmundo Sandford decem marcas et unum gobbelet argenti. 
Et Nicholao Sandford decem marcas et unum gobbelet argenti. 
Et Henrico Sandford decem marcas et unum gobbelet argenti. 
Et Ricardo Sandford decem marcas. Et WiUelmo Sandford 
decem marcas. Et Johannae Sandford decem marcas et unam 
peciam planam argenti coopertam pounced, cum xij mensibus 
anni. Et Elizabethae Sandford decem marcas, unum candelabrum 
argenti. Et Agneti Sandford decem marcas et unam parvam 
zonam cum sex barres argenti deauratis et enameld. Et Isabellae 
Sandford decem marcas et unum monile vocatum Agnus Dei. 
Item lego Aliciae Bolton, filiae meae predictae, decem marcas. Et 
Johanni Bolton, filio suo, x li. et xij cocliaria argenti signata cum 
Id. et Wi" Et Margaretae Bolton x li. et unam peciam planam 
non coopertam ; unum coopertorium de blod del arraswerk cum 
ymaginibus in eodem cum tapete sibi pertinente et unum par 
linthiaminum de tribus webbes. Et Johannae Bolton x li. et sex 
cocliaria argenti cum acornez deaurata. Et Agneti Bolton unum 

fiouderbox argenti et unum monile auri ad modum rosae. Et 
sabellae Bolton x li. et unum maser flat cum singula liga argenti 
deauratum et unam zonam cum octo barres argenti deauratam, et 
ymagine Dominae nostrae in le pendaunt ejusdem. Et Elenae 
Bolton X li. et unum maser cum ymagine Sanctae Katerinae vocat* 
Fronnce in fundo, et unam parvam zonam cum sex barres argenti 
deauratam et le pendaunt similiter rosae. Item lego Johannae 
EsjTigwald unam peciam planam argenti non coopertam. Et 
Johanni Esyngwald, filio suo, xiij s. iiij d. Et Willelmo Esyng- 
wald, fratri suo, xiij s. iiij d. Elenae Wispyngton xiij s. iiij d. Et 
Elizabethae Wispyngton, sorori suae, xx s. Item lego Johannae 
Ormeshede, filiae Willelmi Ormeshede fratris mei, ad maritagium 
suum, decem marcas. Et duobus filiis Thomae Blakburn xl s. 
equis porcionibus inter eos dividendos. Dompnae Johannae Spe- 

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nyngthom yj s. viij d. et unum mantellum nigrum linatum cum 
bukeram, et unum capucium nigrum, et unum par precalium de 
jeete, Et Willelmo Blakburn xxvj s. viij d. Item lego Johanni 
Brandesby filio meo xiij s. iiij d. Monialibus Sancti Clementis in 
suburbiis Ebor. vj s. viijd. Monialibus de Essholt xs. Eesi- 
duum vero omnium bonorum et utensilium meorum do et lego 
disposicioni executorum meorum disponendum prout in quadam 
cedula plenius continetur. 

Codicillus, — In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Margareta Blakburn, 
relicta Nicholai Blakburn senioris, nuper civis et mercatoris Ebor. 
de utensilibus meis in testamento meo non legatis. Inprimis do 
et lego Nicholao Blakburn, filio meo, unam cistam circumligatam 
cum ferro in qua esse solebant argentea vasa mea, et unum 
quylte optimum. Item lego Briano Sandford unam cistam magnam 
planam cum rubeo pictam. Et Isabellas uxori suae aliam cistam 
minorem sculptam foris in modum fenestras, unum spruce coffre, 
et unam mappam optimam diaperd cum rosis, et unam tuellam 
latam de amys werke, et sex nova quysshyns de gryffonne}, et 
unam magnam pelvim rotundam. Item lego Jobanni Sandford 
unam parvam cistam cum viridi pictam, et unam pelvim vocatara 
counterfete cum lotorio. Et Katerinas uxori suae unam tuellam 
de twill cum nigris lyste3 , quatuor ulnas et unam q**. longitudinis, 
et unum par linthiaminum de duobus webbes et dimidio. Et 
Jobannae Sandford unam mappam de opere Flandreae et duas 
tuellas xviij ulnarum longitudinis, unum par linthiaminum, et 
unum coffer cum duobus claspe} ferri. Et Edmundo Sandford 
unam pelvim counterfete cum lotorio. Et Nicholao Sandford 
unam pelvim counterfete cum lotorio. Et Elizabethae Sandford 
unam mappam de twill, quinque ulnarum et unius q*". longitu- 
dinis, et unam tuellam quatuor ulnarum longitudinis minus le 
nale. Item lego Agneti Blakburn, filias Nicholai Blakburn filii 
mei, unam mappam planam quatuor ulnarum et dimidiae longi- 
tudinis, et duas tuellas cum planis egges. Et Aliciae Blakburn, 
sorori suas, unam mappam de twill quatuor ulnarum et dimidiae 
longitudinis, et unam tuellam quinque ulnarum et dimidiae longi- 
tudinis, et aliam tuellam trium ulnarum longitudinis. Et Chris- 
tofero Blakburn unam pelvim cum lotorio. Item lego Johanni 
Bolton seniori unam cistam circumligatam ferro stantem super 
quatuor rotas ferri. Et Aliciae Bolton, uxori suae, unam archam 
Flandrensem sculptam foris cum ymaginibus, unum parvum 
chaffor pro aqua, unum brasen morter, sex nova qwysshyns 
de gryffonnes, et sex qwysshynnes clathes de arraswerk. Item 
lego domino Johanni Fox capellano unum coopertorium de 
rubeo et albo cum tribus curtinis et testers eisdem pertinentibus, 
unam parvam pelvim rotundam et unum par linthiaminum. Item 


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lego Agneti Gudeale unam togam nigram furratam cum grey> 
Et Aliciae Kyrkeby, filiae Thomae Kirkeby nuper de Eboraco 
mason, aliam togam nigram furratam cum tibiis agninis, unum 
kirtell, unum coopertonum cum tapett de blod textum cum ar- 
boribus et leonibus ac avibuB, et unum par lodicium. Item lego 
JohannsB Escrik, servienti mese, unum curtum collobum nigrimi 
linatum, imum coopertorium de blodio et glauco, unum par lin- 
tbiaminum novum, unum par lodicium, duas ollas aeneas videlicet 
unam majorem at aliam minorem, unam patellam kilped, unam 
pelvim cum lotorio, et duas pelves parvas rotundas pro camera, 
sex qwysshyns de gaite}, imum kirtell optimum, unum frende 
furratum cum grey, et duo crispe covercheves et duo candelabra 
aenea. Item lego Johannae Geddesson unum coopertorium cum 
tapeto lysted cum rubeo et blod ; imum par linthiaminum, et 
unum par lodicium. Item lego domino Johanni Fox supradicto 
duo candelabra aenea. Et Willelmo Revetor capellano unum 
magnum chaufor pro aqua, et unam parvam pelvmi rotundam. 
Item leffo Aliciae Kirkeby predictae, unum par lintbiaminmu 
secimdanum, Et Margaretae Wilson imum coopertorium cum 
tapete de rubio et blodio pulveratum cum rosis, et unum par lin- 
thiaminum. Et Aliciae Meke unum coopertorium de murray 
et glauco, et aliud coopertorium de rubio enbrouded cum le bauke. 
Et Johannae Usbum unum coopertorium de rubio et blodio cum 
rosis intextis. Item lego cantariae in capella Sanctae Annae super 
pontem Fosse in Eboraco, fundatae per Nicholaum Blakbum nuper 
maritum meum, unum vestimentum de viridi, duos pannos pictos 
cum Salutacione et cortinis eisdem pertinentibus, et duos alios 
pannos adjaciendos inibi super summum altare. Item lego Jobanni 
Fox et Johannae Escrike predictis, tres pannos pictos de blodio et 
viridi cum avibus et rosis pictis in eisdem inter eos eque divi- 
dendos. 10 March, 1433. 

Codicillus alius ^ 5 April 1435. — In quadam alta camera ad 
superiorem partem aulae habitacionis Johannis Bolton civis et 
mercatoris Ebor. in Skeldergate. Volo quod executrices meae ad 
perficiendum voluntatem mariti mei solvant fabricae pontis de 
Kexby c^., et fiibricae pontis de Cateryk c*^, sub conaicionibus 
subscriptis; videlicet, quod si illi qui habent gubernacionem 
dictorum pontium voluerint invenire sufEcientem securitatem 
executricibus meis ac eciam quod hujusmodi pontes sint su£&cienter 
in omnibus facti et plenane fabricati infra terminum quatuor 
annorum proxime futurorum post mortem meam et sub istis con- 
dicionibus, volo quod dictae executrices meae solvant annuatim 
utrique fabricae dictorum pontium, durante termino dictorum 
quatuor annorum, de dictis cc", xxv^^ : proviso semper quod 
porcio bonorum mariti mei sufficiat perimplere opera dictorum 

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pontium. Isabella Sandford et Alice Bolton filiae meee execii- 
trices. \_Pr. 29 April, 1435.] 



Jan, 3, 1434-5. Ego Johannes Gylby,* rector ecclesias de 
Knesall — sep. in ecclesia de Kjiesale, in cancello ejusdem eccle- 
siae, sub lapide marmoreo, quern ibi posui vivens pro sepultura 
mea, ubi eligo sepulturam meam, licet alibi me mori contigerit. 
Ecclesiae de Knesale, praeter donata in vita mea, unum Porti- 
forium magnum et pulcrum de pleno usu Eboracensis ecclesiae, 
librum qui vocatur Pupilla Oculi, Legendam Auream, unum 
parvum Psalterium cum Ympnario, et multis devotis orationibus, 
et unum vestimentum viride pro aestate. Item volo quod redditus 
duorum solidorum mihi debitorum de tenemento Johannis Waryn 
in Knesale cedat post mortem meam in usum ecclesiae de Knesall ; 
videlicet, ad invencibnem lampadis in choro dictae ecclesiae, quo- 
libet anno, xij d. Et pro anniversario meo perpetuo et Dirige 
et oblacione iiij d. et pro invencione cordarum ad campanas viij d. 
singulis annis imperpetuum. Item lego ecclesiae de Harpeswell, 
ubi natus fiii, et ubi pater mens jacet humatus, librum qui voca- 
tur Johannes Beleth et xx s. ad orandum specialiter pro anima 
mea et pro anima patris mei et matris. Item lego ecclesiae paro- 
chiali de Chestirfeld, ubi dudum fiii vicarius, unam pixidem 
omatam cum argento deauratam et fretted cum pervy, cum 
cruce in capite et pede de argento deaurata, pro corpore Christi 
conservando xx s. Item nolo sed omnino prohibeo quod aliquod 
convivium fiat die sepulturae meae nee post, sed tantummodo ex- 
pendantur in pane et cervisia et caseo xxs. et nulla omnino 
pomposa solempnitas Abbatum, Priorum et generosonim die 
sepulturae meae nee alio tempore, sed dummodo, ut mortis est 
pactum, cedat cinis cineri, et anima mea in Dei manum; confidens 
ad celestem transeat mansionem. Item lego domino Eoberto 
Stanhopp militi, meum parvum Missale de usu Eboracensi. 

CodidlliLSj 24 Jan. 1434. — Domino Eicardo Stanhopp militi, 
quatuor quysshjms blodii coloris cum plumis, et novam cathedram 
quietis. Henrico Stanhopp meas trussyng coffers. Thomae Stan- 
hopp meam peciam meliorem de argento ; et meam aliam peciam 
debiliorem lego Jacobo fratri suo. Elizabethae Stanhopp, sorori 
suae, blodiam togam furratam cum byse, et meam nigram zonam 

* A Nottinghamshire clergyman, who makes a very senaible and interesting will. 
He appears to have been connected with the family of Stanhope, and was probably 
himself a scion of no mean house. 

£ 2 

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de serico cum barre} deauratis. Eaterinse, soroii suae, meam 
nigrara togam furratam cum pelour. DulciaB Draycote meum lectum 
viridis colons, coverlett, testor cum tribus curtinis et dimidio, 
meam cistam ferro liffatam, ij. pilous meliores et duos cultellos 
de cipres. Johanni Face, vicario de Kampton, meam zonam 
omatam cum argento. Domino Ricardo Reydon, cApellano 
domini Roberti Stanhopp militis, meum pilcbe de bever. Item 
lego X li. capellanis cantariae domini Thomae Haxey de Suthwell 
et XX li. quas dominus Henricus Perpoynt miles * debet michi per 
obligacionem. Datum apud Hognton. Item lego WiUelmo 
Gilby nepoti meo, v IL et Margaretae sorori suae v li. [Prob. 
12 May, 1435.] 


Oct. 31, 1435. Ego Johannes Beverley ,t ci vis Ebor. Agneti, 
uxori meae, unam peciam argenti cum coopertorio, cujus pedes 
factae sunt ad formam leonum. Roberto, filio meo, unum baslar- 
dum et unum brasoure omatum cum argento. Margaretae, filiae 
meae, unam peciam areenti coopertam liabentem in summitate 
ejus unam fawcon. Jonanni Beverley, consanguineo meo, dia- 
cono, unam togam colons viridis penulatam cum calabre, et unam 
zonam albam cum argento ornatam. Elenae Collom sorori meae 
XX s. et imam togam, precii vj s. viij d. WiUelmo Collom unam 
togam diversorum colorum, videlicet, de sangwyn et musterde- 
vilere}, penulatam cum pulanis, cum uno capucio stragulato cum 
panno rubio aptato. [^Prob. 27 Nov, 1435.] 


Decemb. 1, 1435. Ego Ricardus Russell, civis et mercator 
Eboracensis} — corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia mea paro- 

* Of Holme Pierrepoint, co. Notts, the head of a great and wealthy family, of which 
Thoroton gives a somewhat obscure pedigree. He died without a will, and on the 
8rd of November, 1453, Margaret his widow and John his son administered to his 

•f* Another money-maker. The will of his father-in-law, John Esyngwald, has been 
already given, and the testator in all probability succeeded him in his place. The 
family of Beverley arose to some wealth and eminence in York. The pieces of plate 
which the testator mentions were probably the work of his own hands. 

X The will of this great merchant gives us a fair, and at the same time a very 
favourable, picture of the wealth of Sie metropolitan city of the north at the time. 
Commerce, which has since enriched the towns of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, and 
Sheffield, at this time of comparatively little importance, was now seated at York, 

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cliiali Sancti Joliannis Baptista; in Hundgate in Eboraco. Rec- 
tori dictse eccle&Ia^ inese parochialia praBdictse pro niortuario inco 
optimum pannura meum cutti capucio pro eorpore mco talliato, 
Et eideiii rectori ad oraudum pro auima moa cs. Et volo quod 
campaDilc ecclcsm^ Sancti Juhannis Baptistse perficiaturj Beciindimi 
quod opus inde incipiatiir^ de expensis meisj p>er stiper visum 
Johannis Cotom cementarii. Et volo quod Jolianues Eolrou 
carpentariiis faciat unum ostium, unam scakm, at totura mere- 
mium pro campanis pcndcndis in campanili pra^dicto, et quod 
campaiiEe sint pendentes in campanili predicto. Et quod dict^i 
occlesia sit oruata inlra, secundum quod in icstate proxima futium 
coUYcnit ecclesiai pixedicta:. Et quod uuum altare fiat bene et 
effectual iter de tabulis, iii parte boriali dictse ecclesire, coram 
ymaginibua BeatK Jilariaa et Sanctsc Annae^ ct eubtus idem a 1 tare 
unum almarriolum pro libris et vestimentis eidem altari pcrti- 
nentibus fideliter conservandis. Et quod unum aliud altare fiat 
sufficienter ex parte australi die toe oeclesice, comm ymaginibug 
Sanctarum Ivaterinse et Marise Magdalenaa, secundum ibrmam 
alterius altaris supradicti, Et quod trcs fenestras novee Iapidea3 in 
ecclesia predicta sint vitriat^De et peiimplctae in a^state proxima 
futura, meliori modo quo poterint^ secundum discrocionem execu- 
tonim meorum* Et lego eustodibus fabricrc dictce ceelesiie et 
Bucccssoribus suis, ad deserviendum in dicta ecclesia Sancti 
Jobannis Baptista^ predictie imperpetuum, unum cbesable, unum 
alb de gris Rietiane steyned cum signis, ct unum ebcsable, duas 
tunaklis de nigro arras pulverizatas cum auro de Luke, et unam 
seetam cum Icj tunaklis, duos chesableSi et unam capara pul- 
verizatam cum stellis aureis cum uno frontello et uno panno pro 

Beverley, and HuU, and at no place perhaps was It in a more tUriving istate tlmn in 
York, Few aiiuient citits* coultl, at thia time, sliow a larger nuaiber of c^mpanit'Ji and 
gilds for the advancement of tradi*, and in few citifei was there a cliiser uu]mi hotween 
t'tjmmerce and religion. York in the olden daja Tftaa xich btyond description in 
ehurchefl and in religious and charitable ini^titutions, for which she was priocipally 
indghted to the piety and munificence of her mercijants. The testator, who appears to 
have taken a high plaj^e among the merchant princes of the city, waa brought up in 
his youth in the monaBtery at Durham, and the legacy which he leaves tti it in his will 
shows that he still remerahered the place of his nurture. Fmm one or two notices in 
hia will we may infer that his wealth waa derived from the sale of wool, and he was 
probably connected with that great company of merehanta who formed the ifstaple at 
Calais, and who were so intimately c^jnnected with the city of York. In 1412 he was 
one of the sheriffs for the dty^ and in the years 1121 and 1430 be was elected to the 
office of mayor. He lived in Hunj^ato, and was buried in the church of St. John in 
that street. The church of St. John, of which we have such valuable notices in the 
will before ua, is now entirely destroyed. It was probably pulled dowt] in 158tj, \^hen 
the Act of Demolition, which waa pasiaed in the first year of Edward VL, T^as carried 
into effect. The diatriet belonging to it, together with that of St. An drew *s, was then 
united to St, Savicur^s* The chantry, which was founded in this church by the 
testator, was afterwards augmented by the piety of another wealthy raerclmnt, who 
wa* apparently relattnl to its founder j John Thirsk. The yearly value of the chantry 
at the DisBolutioTi iK'aa ^L per annum » 

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altari ejusdem sectae, cum duobus aliis altarclothes et duobus 
meis corpraxis, et unum aliud nigrum vestimentum de rubio 
de auro de Cipres, videlicet, unum chesable, duos tunacles et 
unam capam c\mi pertinentiis ; et unam magnam Antipbonariam 
notatam, quae incipit tercio folio Seph nuncia; et unam Legendam 
in duobus libris secundum usum et ordinale Ecclesiae Catnedralis 
Beati Petri Eboracensis, quorum primus liber incipit secundo 
folio, per aliter fieri ; et secimdus fiber incipit tercio fofio mittit 
servicio: et duo Gradalia notata, quorum unum majus, quod 
incipit tercio foHo, Quern Joseph; et afiud minus, quod in- 
cipit tercio fofio Intende qui. Et unum afiud novum Gradale 
notatum quod incipit tercio folio potendam; et unum fibrum 
notatum de Invitatoriis cum Versibus et Collectis cum Proce&- 
sionario in eodem pro festis principalibus ; et unum magnimi 
Missale pro summo altari, quod incipit secundo fofio post ka- 
lendare, meits egressua ; et imum calicem cum patena, et unum 
cocfiar argentatum et deauratum cum duabus pbiofis argen- 
teis, sub nac condicione, videlicet, quod capeUanus parocbialis, 
qui pro tempore ibidem fuerit, oret speciafiter et oneret omnes 
parochianos ibidem singulis diebus dominicis, tempore precum, 
speciafiter ad orandum pro anima mea, ac anima Petronillae* 
nuper uxoris meae, parentum, benefactorum meorum, et omnium 
fidelium defunctorum, in pulpito dictae ecclesiae imperpetuum. 
Et lego custodibus fabricae ecclesiae parocbialis Sancti Salva- 
toris in Civitate predicta c s. Et lego xl lb. cerae in tribus cereis 
conficiendis et circa corpus meum comburendis die sepulturae 
meae tempore exequiarum mearum. Et xlviij s. ad emendmn 
duodecim torch, precii cujuslibet iiij s. ad ardendum ad hujus- 
modi exequias. Et volo quod octo eorum incombusti dentur 
summo altari, duo altari Beatae Mariae, et duo altari Sanctae 
Katerinae in ecclesia mea parochiali predicta, ad ardendum ibidem 
tempore elevacionis Corporis Christi. Et Ixs. ad emendum 
pannum pro pauperibus, tenentibus torch tempore exequiarum 
mearum. Et ad distribuendum pauperibus et egenis de tempore 
decessus mei antequam corpus meum fuerit humatum .xx marcas. 

* Petronilla, the wife of the testator, made her will 25th March, 1484, and ordered 
her body to be buried in the church of St. John in the Marsh (of Hungate). She 
leaves to the nuns of the house of Marrick, viz. to Dame Agnes Wensley, 20«. ; to the 
Prioress, 2s.; to Dame Joan Colvell, 6«. Sd.; to Dame Joan Blaxton, 6s, Sd.; and to 
the other sisters of the said house, 12d* each; to her cousin (consanguinete) De la 
Ryver, 6s, Sd,; to the church of Brompton, four torches of the value of 40^.; to 
Petronilla Thresk, her goddaughter, one chaplet " de perill " and her best beads of 
coral, with gaudes of gold. She also mentions her sister Elizabeth Birkhede, and 
makes her master and spouse, Richard Russell, her executor. [Prob. 12 JtUy, 1435.] 
From one or two notices in this will, as well as in that of her husband, the Russells 
seem to have been connected with Richmondshire, and it is rather singular that the 
Blackburns appear to have migrated to York from the same district. 

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Et ad distribuendum pauperibus caecis et languidis, in lectis suis 
jacentibus et exire non valentibus, in civitate et suburbiis Ebor. 
X li. Et ad distribuendum pauperibus bominibus et mulieribus 
larem tenentibus in parochia Sancti Johannis Baptistae, Sancti 
Salvatoris, et Omnium Sanctorum in Marisco, ubi major apparebit 
elemosina, secundum discrecionem executorum meorum, xx 
marcas. Et ad distribuendum pauperibus bominibus et mulieribus, 
larem tenentibus et habentibus, in omnibus aliis parocbiis in 
civitate et suburbiis Ebor., secundum discrecionem executorum 
meorum, xx li. Et pro expensis meis fiineralibus faciendis, tam 
die sepulturae meae quam octavo die. Hi. Et cuilibet capellano 
continue celebranti in ecclesia mea parocbiali predicta ad exequias 
meas interessenti ij s. Clerico meo parocbiali iij s. iiij d. Et 
Thomae nuper clerico parocbiali meo, iij s. iiij d. Et cuilibet 
capellano celebranti in ecclesiis parocbialibus, et in capellis in 
civitate Eboraci et suburbiis ejusdem, xij d. ; unde soluti 
cuilibet, iiij d. Et cuilibet clerico parocbiali in eisdem vj d. 
Et cuilibet subclerico iiij d. Ita quod capellani predicti cum 
clericis devote cantent vel dicant officium mortuorum in ecclesiis 
suis parocbialibus et capellis, pulsatis campanis suis, pro anima 
mea ac anima Petronillae nuper uxoris meae, parentum, benefac- 
torum nostrorum, et omnium fidelium defunctorum. Et cuilibet 
leproso in quatuor domibus leprosorum in suburbiis Ebor., v s. 
Et cuilibet Masendieu in civitate et suburbiis Ebor. x s. Et ad 
distribuendum pauperibus, continue in infirmaria bospitalis Sancti 
Leonardi Ebor. in noctibus jacentibus, quinque marcas. Et 
cuilibet ordini Fratrum Mendicancium Ebor., ad celebrandum et 
specialiter orandum pro anima mea, ac anima Petronillae predictae 
nuper uxoris meae, et omnibus animabus supradictis, x li. Et 
fabricae novae fenestrae vitriae super ostium vestibuli in monasterio 
Beati Petri Ebor. viij li., et monialibus de Marryk, ad orandum 
pro anima mea ac anima Petronillae nuper uxoris meae, et omnibus 
animabus supradictis, decem marcas. Et Priori et Conventui de 
Doresme, ad orandum pro anima mea ac anima Petronillae nuper 
ux:oris meae predictae, ac omnibus animabus predictis, et in plenam 
recompensacionem sustentacionis quam ibidem habui tempore 
juventutis meae, decem marcas. Et Abbati et Conventui de 
Newsom, ad celebrandum oiKcium mortuorum in ecclesia sua, 
pro anima mea ac anima Petronillae nuper uxoris meae, et omnibus 
animabus supradictis xl s. Et Conventui de Halystane c s. 
eadem condicione. Et fratri magistro Johanni Eikall, ordinis 
Fratrum Minorura Ebor., xls. Et magistro fratri Willelmo 
Neseham vj s. viij d. Et cuilibet alii fratri magistro in quatuor 
ordinibus in civitate Ebor. vj s. viij d. Et volo quod Henricus 
frater mens babeat annuatim quinque marcas, durante vita sua. 

Digitized by 



Eufemise Russell, filiae predict! Henrici fratris mei, xlli. Et 
cuilibet alio pueronim dicti Henrici fratris mei cs. Et volo 
quod Henricus filius suus junior sit sustentatus per executores 
meos, quousque pervenerit ad -aetatem octodecim annorum, si 
voluerit racionabiliter secundum discrecionem Johannis Threske 
gubernari. Roberto Russell, filio Johannis Russell* fratris mei, 
ad exliibendum ipsum ad scolas in universltate Oxoniensi, xxx li. 
Elizabethae Russell sorori dicti Roberti xxli. Petronillse filiae 
Johannis Threske ad ejus maritagium xx li. Elizabethae sorori 
Christianaef nuper uxoris Johannis Threske xx marcas. Et 
Roberto fratri Christianae nuper uxoris Johannis Threske xli, 
Johannae sorori raeae xl s. Ad distribuendum inter yconomos 
de Yorkes Walde de quibus emi lanam, xxli. Et simili modo 
inter yconomos de Lyndeshay x li. Dompnae Agneti Wensley, 
moniali de Marryk, xls. Willelmo Driffeld, militi, nuper de 
Ebor., taillior, xls. Reparacioni pontium et calcetorum ubi 
major apparebit elemosina infra decem leucas circa civitatem 
Ebor. XX marcas. Johanni MatesterJ de Ebor. capellano xls. 
Et Willelmo Horseley x li. Reclusae in cimiterio ecclesiae Sanctae 
Margaretae Ebor. quinque marcas, et reclusae in cimiterio Sanctae 
Elenae in Fisshergate in Ebor., quinque marcas. Et reclusae in 
cimiterio Omnium Sanctorum in Northstrete in Eboraco, xls. 
Priorissae et Conventui Sancti Clementis Ebor., quinque marcas. 
Priori et Conventui Sancti Andreae Ebor. c s. Monachis reclusis 
apud Hull quinque marcas. Monachis reclusis apud Montem 
Graciae quinque marcas. Cuilibet ordini Fratrum Mendicanciura 
infra Comitatum Ebor. xxvj s. viij d. Cuilibet domini monialium 
in eodem Comitatu xx s. Johanni Tumor capellano Ixx marcas, 
ad orandum et celebrandum pro anima mea ac anima Petronillae 
predictae, nuper uxoris meae, ac animabus parentum, benefactorum 
nostrorum, et omnium fidelium deftinctorum per decem annos 
integros proxime post decessum meum in ecclesia mea parochiali 
predicta. Et insuper volo et ordino quod idem dictus Johannes 
Tumor habeat et preferatur ad cantariam per me faciendam, si 

* John Russell, citizen and merchant, of York, makes his will 8rd October, 1443, and 
leaves his body to be buried in the church of St. Mary the Elder, near the tomb of 
Joan Russell, his mother. He leaves four marks to buy two large candlesticks of 
laton for the use of the said church ; to Margaret Gascogn, daughter of John Bolton, 
alderman, a new coverlet. He also gives full power to Philip Best, of Calais, mer- 
chant, and Richard Lematon, citizen and merchant of York, to sell all the goods and 
merchandise which he has at Calais. 

t Christiana wife of John Thresk, who was probably a sister of the testator, made 
her will 5th July, 1434. She leaves to her sister, Elizabeth Gamyll, her gown of 
murray, with fur " de grayn;" to Joan, her hnsband^s sister, her gown of ^'sadbukes- 
hom grene;^^ and to Emmot Sheffeld a kirtle of ** mustardevelers." 

X His will is dated die Veneris before the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel, 1446. 
He directs himself to be buried in the church of St. Saviour's, York, before the image 
of St. ThomaA the Martyr. 

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sit bene et honeste gubematus in fiituris, quandocumque ' fieri 
Qontigerit. Willelmo Yorke de Berwyke et uxori ejus filiae 
Johannis Barker, x li. Et volo quod omnia terra et tenementa 
mea, quae nuper babui ex dono et feoffamento Jobannis New land, 
civis et aurifabri Ebor., in Davy gate et super cornerium ejus 
versus Stanegate, amortizentur pro una cantaria de eis facienda in 
ecclesia mea parocbiali predicta, quod dictus Jobannes capellanus 
naeus preferatur ad cantariam eandem. Et volo quod executores 
mei emant micbi certa terras et tenementa ad valorem undecim 
vel duodecim marcarum per annum, vel quendam annualem red- 
ditum octo marcarum sterlingorum per annum, ad faciendum 
inde unam cantariam — ita omnino quod predictus dominus Jo- 
hannes eligat de cantariis supradictis, et quod celebret ad altare 
Beatae Mariae et Sanctae Annae in ecclesia mea parocbiali predicta. 
Gildae Corporis Cbristi in Eboraco xl s. Elizabetbae Eussell pre- 
dictae totum statum meum in quatuor tenementis in Walmegate. 
Johanni Tbreske predicto totum capitale mesuagium meum. 

Codicillus. — 1 Dec. 1435. Elenae uxori Jobannis Tbresk 
unam peciam argenti cum coopertorio deaurato ad modum calicis 
confectam. Volo quod executores mei emant unam petram mar- 
moriam ad ponendum supra corpus meum et corpus Petronillae 
nuper uxoris meae in ecclesia mea parocbiali, ubi corpora nostra 
sunt sepidta. Volo quod ex firmis, etc., capitalis mesuagii mei 
imus capellanus ydoneus et bonestus ad continue divina cele- 
brandum in ecclesia mea parocbiali predicta per triginta annos a 
tempore mortis meae inveniatur pro anima mea, anima Petronillae 
nup^r uxoris meae predictae, et animabus omnium fidelium de- 
functorum. [Pr. 10 Dec. 1435.] 


August 19, 1435. Ego Willelmus Hayton — sep. in ecclesia 
Prioratus de Cbarcumbe, in comitatu Northampton. Item lego 
ad distribuendum inter pauperes magis indigentes quinque marcas. 
Item lego libros meos, qui sunt materiae moralis, dividendos et 
tradendos ecclesiis in quibus fui beneficiatus. Item lego Ricardo 
Hayton xl li. Item volo quod quadraginta librae, quas mutuatus 
fui de Eoberto Wbityngbam, uno Aldermannorum civitatis Lon- 
don., persolvantur de bonis meis propriis, ita quod dictus Ricardus 
nullo modo cum precedente mutuo oneretur. Ricardo Bokeland 
unum sperver de serico cum pales viridibus. Item Jobannae uxori 
dicti Ricardi, Missale meum, et unum cipbum argenti stantem 
cum coopertura. Item lego Portiforium meum dandum cuidam 
sacerdoti pauperi idoneo et devoto ad orandum pro anima mea 

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etc. Johanni Shresbury xx marcas. Sesiduum — ad exhibendum 
pro termino octo annorum in iiniversitate Oxoniensi pauperes 
capellanos qui, antequam ad exhibicionem per executores meos 
admittantur, sint in artibus baccalarii, ad gnulum ulteriorem in 
eisdem ingressuri ; recipiatque eorum quilibet similiter annis ter- 
mini antedicti centum solidos ad 8uam annualem pensionem — 
Eicardus Hayton, Dominus Christoforus vicarius de Markham et 
Johannes Shrewsbury executores. Eicardus Bokeland supervisor. 
IProb, 31 May, 1436.] 


1436. Ego Johannis Nawton* armiger — sep. in ecclesia Sancti 
Nicholai de GrymSton, coram altari Beatae Mariae Virginis. Item 
lego optimum averium nomine mortuarii. Item lego xiij lb, cerae 
ad comburendum circa corpus meum in die sepulturae meae. Item 
lego fabricae ecclesiae Sancti Petri Eboracensis ijs. Item lego 
fratri Eicardo ordinis Carmelitarum vj s. viij d. pro trentali. Item 
lego Willelmo f filio meo seniori, unum ciphum coopertum cum 
argento, unam murram, quae vocatur cossjm, unum cornu cooper- 
tum de argento cum tribus cocliaribus argenti. Eciam lego Jo- 
hanni J fiuo meo unum cornu parvum argenti, unam crateram 
coopertam de argento pro dulci vino, et tria cocliaria de argento. 
Item lego Eoberto filio meo unum cornu de argento, et unam 
crateram coopertam de argento cum tribus cocliaribus de argento. 
Item le^o Eicardo filio meo duas crateras, unam parvam murram, 
tria cocliaria de argento cum uno parvo cornu de argento. Item 
lego Georgio filio meo duas singulas crateras, unum parvum cornu 
de argento cum tribus cocliaribus argenti. Insuper lego unum 
vestimentum integrum ad summum altare prefatae ecclesiae paro- 
chialis. Item lego pro anima Aliciae uxoris meae prefeto Eicardo 

* A Yorkshire fiunily of some antiquity and distinction. 

t William Nawton of Grimston, near Settrington, Esq., the son of the testator, by 
his will, dated March 19, 1453, desires to be buried before the altar of the Blessed 
Mary Virgin, in the chapel attached to the parish church of Grimston. To John 
Kendale, perpetual vicar of Grimston, as well for my forgotten tithes as to pray for 
me, my best oze; to John Nawton, my son and heir, all my goods which descended to 
me of inheritance, viz. my arms and warlike array, a covered cup of silver called the 
standing piece, with an image of the Blessed Virgin on the summit, a cup by name a 
masour, called from old time *^ cosyn,*^ one brass pott called ** bell,^^ one pan con- 
taining thirty-four gallons of water, two boards called " dormonds," one " masse&tt,^* 
and one " lead,^' to him and his heirs for ever; to Henry my son my coat of defence, 
called " le jakke;'' the rest* to Catherine my wife, Robert Nawton my brother. 
IProb. 22 June, 1454.] 

t John Navt^n, sen., makes his will on the 14th of October, 1446. He mentions 
his son Sir John de Nawton and his mother, his daughters Alice and Mazgaret, and 
his wife Margaret. To his son and heir Robert Nawton he leaves 10/. 

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Hay ton vj s. viij d., et hoc pro trentali. Item lego tribus ordinibus 
Fratrum de Scardeburgh pro trentali xxx s. Ac eciam Fratribus 
Carmelitis et Augustinianis Ebor. xx s. Eesiduum — Willelmo, 
Johanni, Eoberto, Georgio et Eicardo praedictis filiis meis, quos 
constituo executores meos. [Pr, 9 March, 1436-7.] 


Dec. 11, 1436. Ego Johannes Kilbum,* janitor Monasterii 
Beatas Mariae Ebor. — sep. infra Monasterium predictum. Item 
lego xij lb. cerae comburendas circa corpus meum in die sepulturse 
meae. Item lego meum optimum indumentum nomine mortuarii 
mei. Sacristae Monasterii predicti pro sepultura mea vj s. viij d. 
Fabricae ecclesiae Sancti Olavi xx a. Item lego xiij s. iiij d. ad 
distribuendum inter Conventum Monasterii predicti. Eesiduum 
Agneti uxori meae. [^Prob, 26 May, 1437.] 


In Dei nomine, Patris, Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Ego 
Thomas de Alta Eipa,t clericus Eboracensis, sanus composque • 
mentis et corporis, benedicto Altissimo, existens, ac perpendens 
statum condicionis htimanae fragilem et caducam, volensque prop- 
terea periculis et dispendiis verisimilibus instantis temporis 
plus solito imminentibus prout michi datum fuerit desuper caucius 
precavere, et animae meae saluti considtius providere ; et quamdiu 

* The porter at the gate of St. Mary^s Abbey. There is no show about his will, and 
nothing can be more simple than its arrangements. His piety dictates the bequest to 
the monastery, and the sacrist, who probably makes his will, receives 6s. Sd, for his 
burial fee. To the neighbouring church of St. Olave's he leaves 20d. ; the rest, with 
the exception of a friendly legacy to the convent, is left to his wife. The old gatehouse 
of the abbey is still standing: it retains its ancient form, but it is now occupied as a 
pnvat« dwelling-house. The present state of the ruins of the abbey does the greatest 
credit to the inhabitants of York. 

f Of the parentage of this learned and accomplished gentleman I am completely 
ignorant. He was evidently a lawyer by profession; but, in addition to that learning 
and research which are necessary to secure a high legal fame, he seems to have made 
some advance in the gentler, and then rarely trodden, paths of literature and taste. 
This will is, without doubt, the composition of the testator himself, and the whole 
document, especially the preamble, reflects the greatest credit upon his good feeling 
and piely. It must be read with the will of his son John Dautre, which was made in 
1458, and the two form a pair more really interesting and valuable than any perhaps 
that I have met with. Robert de Alta Ripa, a brother of the testator, was chantry 
priest at the altar of the Blessed Virgin in the church of the Holy Trinity, in G-ood- 
ramgate, York. By his will, dated on the 7th of May, and proved on the 5th of 
November, 1429, he desires to be buried at the threshold of the porch of his parish 
church. He mentions his brother Mr. Thomas De Alta Ripa (the testator). 

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in corpore meo viget quies, ac racio mentem gubemat, ineritabile 
mortis debitum prevenire, ct de bonis miclii a Deo collatis pro 
me et meorum salute et rcmedio animanim salubriter provi- 
dere, anteqiiam mors ipsa rabida, quae nemini mortalium parcit, 
me subtrahat ab hac luce; invocata Spiritus Sancti gratia, testa- 
mentum meum sive meam ultimam voiuntatem condo et &cio in 
hunc modum. Inprimis lego et commendo animam meam Deo 
Omnipotenti, Creatori et Redemptori meo, sub proteccione 
gloriosae Virginis Mariae ejusdem genetricis; corpusque sive ca- 
daver putriaum pulvere sepeliendum in ecclesia mea paro- 
cbiali coram altari Sanctse Trinitatis supra corpus Isabellae* uxoris 
mese. — Item lego imam peciam coopertam, vocatam le collok, 
ecclesias mese parocbiali, ad inde faciendum unam coupam sive 

Eixidem pro corpore Christi supra summum altare ponendam et 
onesto modo deaurandam. — Item lego Petronillaef sorori mesB 
optimam togam meam penulatam post mortuarium meum, et 
decem marcas argenti, et unam peciam coopertam debiliorem cimi 
armis meis in summitate ejusdem. Item lego unam peciam coo- 
pertam, dudum legatam per uxorem meam, in cujus summitate 
scribitur boc nomen |0il}<ff domui Cartusianae de Hull; et volo 
quod dicta pecia honestissimo modo mundetur et circa cooperculum 
ejusdem scribantur haec verba deaurata, ^VAtt ptO attilltlllbU0 

MASinvi Cfioniir Baxitve tt l0afieUir tonwxxi^ 0tiir« 

Item lego Hugoni Gill unam togam penulatam pro equitatura 
ordinatam, et coUobum meum. Item lego Agneti sorori meae 
unam togam meam mustardevilers penulatam, et xiij s. iiij d. 
Item lego Elizabethae nepti meae unam togam de nigro penu- 
latam. Item lego domino Johanni Midelton unum librum meum 
vocatum Cbebham. Item lego Johannae sorori meae unam togam 
viridem penulatam, ac unum bonum coverlectum, et xxs. Item 
lego domino Willelmo Betson capellano unum librum de Viciis 
et Virtutibus, et zonam meam stipatam, cum parvo ensiculo meo. 
Item lego eidem domino Willelmo xxs. ad disponendum pro 
salute animae meae, prout alias intencionem meam eidem plenius 
declaravi ; ac unam pixidem de cupro. Item lego altari 
Sanctae Trinitatis in ecclesia mea predicta unum vestimentum, 
quod de novo emi, una cum alba, amita, stolis, ac pannis quos 
alias de antiquo ordinavi pro dicto altari, pro animabus mei et 

* She died in the lifetime of her husband. Her son John administers to her effects 
on the 26th of May, 1437. 

f Wife of Hugh Gill, citizen and lately fuller of York. Her will is dated on 4th 
June, 1437, and in it she wishes to be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary the Elder, 
York. She leaves to Hugh her husband 10 marks, one covered piece of silver, and 
her best gown, *' penulatam," which Mr. Thomas Dawtree, clerk, her brother, be- 
queathed to her by his will. The will of her husband Hugh Gill was made on the 
26th of July following. In it he leaves his wife's bequest to Robert Belton, citizen 
and apothecary. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


uxoris meae ibidem pro perpetuo remansuris. Item lego Johanni 
Dautree filio meo dilecto, melius lectum meum, unam tapetem 
cum coopertorio in qua scripta est una aquila. Item lego eidem 
Johanni librum meum Bonaventurae, et librum meum de Gestis 
Trojanorum, meliorem librum de Gestis Alexandri, quatemam 
meam de Cronicis, librum parvum vocatum Scropp, librufh de 
Arte Kalendarii et Psalterium meum; cistam meam meliorem 
cum ferro ligatam et lectum meum cum sole, unam furruramy 
quae fuit uxoris meae, et quam ipsa rogabat me uti pro amore suo. 
Item lego Margaretae filiae meae unum ucbe de auro, et lectum 
meum de cerico, ac Primarium meum, et optimam murram meam 
coopertam. Item lego generoso Alexandro filio meo unum coUer 
deauratum de corrodio Domini Regis. Item lego tria maseria 
dividenda inter Willelmum, Eustachium et Isabellam, filios meos, 
ita quod Isabella babeat meliorem maser. Item Johanni Saxton 
clerico meo tria registra, videlicet iff* ]I9« ;ff^ et unum librum 
de Bello Trojanorum et imam parvam peciam planam. Item 
lego Willelmo Bernyngham, nuper clerico meo, unum registrum 
iD« et alium librum vocatum Francisci Petrarcae laureati, et 
unum par precularium de lambre, ac eidem remitto debitum quod 
michi debet. — Item volo quod liber mens vocatus Pupilla Oculi 
cum catliena ferrea fortiter affigatur in stallo quo sedere solebam 
pro expedicione omnium capellanorum. — Item volo et exhortor 
m visceribus Jhesu Christi et benediccione mea quod Johannes 
filius meus dilectus ilia tenementa, quae habui ex dono et feoffa- 
mento Johannis Dodyngton, vendat, et quod ilia pecunia dispo- 
natur discrete pro anima mea, et anima Isabellae uxoris meae, et 
aliorum quibus maxime teneor. — Johannes filius meus, dominus 
Robertus Semer camerarius, et magister Johannes Saxton clericus 
meus, executores. Datum Ebor. in festo Sancti Johannis Bever- 
laci Anno Domini 1437. {Proh. 6 June^ 1437.] 


Sep. 14, 1437. Elena Welles * — sep. in ecclesia Monasterii 
Beatae Mariae Ebor., vel ad disposicionem domini Willelmif Roffensis 
Episcopi, filii mei. Item lego nomine mortuarii mei unam togam 
nigram furratam de poleyngray. Item lego xiijlb. cerae pro 
candelis comburendis circa corpus meum die sepulturae meae. 
Item lego xxs. distribuendos pauperibus die sepulturae meae. 

* A York lady, who had a hishop for her son. Her will contains some interesting 

t William Wells was consecrated Bishop of Rochester on Palm Sunday, 1436. He 
did not hold his sacred oflBce for any length of time, as his will was proved on the 14th 
of May, 1444. It wu dated on the 7th of February preceding. 

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Domino Willelmo Roffensi episoopo, filio meo, unum coffir de 
spruce, duos crateres quorum unum cum coopertorio, duas murras 
argento ligatas et deauratas, sex cocliaria argenti, unum salsarium 
argenti, unum pouderbox argentic unum par precularium de 
laumbre, imam tabulam mensalem de pruce, unam mappam 
mensalem, cum duobus towels de diaper, unum coopertorium 
lecti viride cum uno tapette coucbedd cum uno leone et diversis 
avibus et foliis, unum par lodicium, duo paria linthiaminum, sex 
whysshins viridis colons couched et imum banquer de eadem 
secta, unum lectum et unum tapetem rubeum cum cervis em- 
browded et xx. marcas. Item do et lego domino Jobanni 
Belamy unam zonam argenti. Item presbitero parochiali ecclesiae 
Sancti Olavi iij s. iiij d. Item clerico parochiali ejusdem ecclesiae 
vj d. Item lego duos torches precii vj s. viij d. ecclesiae de Alne 
ad ardendum ibidem coram corpore Christi tempore celebradonis 
missae majoris ad majus altare ejusdem ecclesiae. Item Johannae 
Thorp de Basskell unum flammeolmn de lawne. Item fratri 
Thomae London monacho duas ulnas et dimidiam panni de lire. 
Item do et lego Aliciae Beverley unum coopertorium, unum par 
blanketts, unum par linthiaminum, et unum volet de lawne vel 
de renys. Item Elenae, filiae ejusdem, unum chargeor, tres 
dublers, tres discos de pultro, unum coopertorium, unum par 
blanketts, unum par linthiaminum, unam ollam aeream continen- 
tem tres lagenas et imam patellam ejusdem quantitatis. Et 
Agneti Yreshey unam togam duplicem de nigro de lire et 
unam archam sive cistam. Item Margaretae Lovell unum flam- 
meolum de lawne. Et Elizabethae Lamplogh unam pelvim de 
auricalco, et unum lavacrum. Item Aliciae Crosseby unam pelvem 
minorem et unum lavacrum de auricalco, unam ollam lagenariam 
aeream, et unam cistam. Item Roberto Grene unum annulum 
aureum cum ymagine Trinitatis et Beatae Mariae. Item Willelmo 
Midelton, clerico, unum tester blodii cum cervo couchedd et 
cum racione * ^UXiUum Ittrtttll a IDominO* Item Marionae 
Tymwyk unum flammeolum panni linei. Item Elenae filiae 
lotricis, imam novam togam de russeto. Item fratri Johanni 
Orwell monacho unum annulum aureum cum lapide viridi sive 
blodio. Residuum — pro salute animae meae. Exec. Dominus 
Willelmus Episcopus Roffensis filius mens. — Frater Thomas Lon- 
don monachus Ebor., Dominus Johannes Belamy vicarius de 
Homesee et Magister Willelmus Middelton clericus supervisores, 
[Pr. 2 Oct 1437.] 

* Racio, a motto, a descriptive inscription ; vide Wermouth Rolls. 

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£BOBAC£NS£A. 63 


Feb. 25, 1437-8. Robertus Gray,* civis et drapoure Ebor — 
Sep. Infra ecclesiam Sancti Michaelis Archangeli juxta pontem 
Use, juxta sepulcrum Aliciae nuper uxoris meae. — Roberto filio 
meo optimum meum gladium cum le chape de argento, optimum 
meum dagar cum argento omatum, unum archum, xxiiij. sagittas, 
unam zonam de donned serico cum argento omatam, optmium 
doblet meum et imum Carlele axe, unum salett. Ricardo filio 
meo unum gladium cum peltro, unum dagar ballokhefted cum 
argento omatum. Katerinae filiae meaB unam peciam argenti flatt 
coopertam rasid cum imo rotundo boll; et volo quod habeat de 
legato matris suse unam zonam cum argento per totum stipatum, 
duplicatum cum redelessh; optimum par precularium de curall 
cum uno anulo auri imprest cum una corona et cum duobus 
monilibus argenti annexis. Jobannae filiae meae unam peciam 
argenti ad modum calicis confectam coopertam stantem super tres 


June 3, 1436. Margareta relicta Johannis Bekwithf de 
Tolleston — sep. in ecclesia Beati Andreae de Newton Kyem. — Jo- 
hanni filio meo seniori unum craterem argenti et unam penulam 
de croppe}. Uxori dicti Jobannis unam zonam deauratam. 
Johannae filiae meae unimi craterem argenti, quae vocatur Garton, 
unam zonam blodii deauratam, imam murram^ unam sellam, 
unam crucem auream, unam penulam de putes, unum par precu- 
larium de aumber et unum Primarium. Agneti filiae meae unam 
coppam coopertam et unam zonam argenti, optimum lectum in 
domo mea, unum par precularium de curall, et unam penulam de 
byse. Roberto filio meo sex cocliaria argenti et unam zonam 
argenti et unum sparum. Johanni minori filio meo sex cocliaria 
argenti et unam pixidem argenti, Willelmo filio meo sex coc- 
liaria argentea et unum saltsaler de argento. Johannae Speny- 
thome unam murram de argento. Johanni Russell capellano 
meo unum Portatorium et melius vestimentum cum perti- 
nentiis, et unum cocliar de argento. Uxori Willelmi Thomson 
unam zonam argenti et imum par precularixmi de laumbre. 

* A tradesman of York, whose will contains some interesting bequests and words. 

f Margaret, widow of John Beckwith of Tolleston, in the parish of Newton Eyme. 
The widely branching family of Beckwith has had more than one kindred spirit to 
compile its annals, and few houses have had their genealogy more carefully elaborated 
than that of Beckwith. John Beckwith of Tolleston, the husband of the testatrix, by 
his wiU, dated October 6, 1434, left his wife Margaret his executrix, and Guy Fairfax 
(the lawyer) the supervisor of his will. 

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Katerinse Eocliff unum par precularium de gete. Ecclesiae de 
Newton Kyeme unum Missall et unam calicem, unum vesti- 
mentum cum pertinentiis. Kesiduum Guydoni Farefaxe et Jo- 
hanni Russell capellano, quos constituo executores meos. \^Pr. 
9 June, 1438.] 


June 2, 1438. Johannes Conyers de Ormesby* in Cliveland, 
miles — Sep. in ecclesia parochiali de Ormesby, juxta corpus patris 
mei. Item lego vicario ejusdem ecclesiae equum meum vocatum 
Lyarde Gisburn, nomine mortuarii mei. Item lego viij lb. cerae 
ad comburendum circa corpus meum die sepulturae meae. Item 
lego fabricae ecclesiae predictae xx s. ; et volo quod expensae meae 
funerales honestae fiant penes discretionem executorum meorum. 
Robert! filio et heredi meo armaturam meum corpus meum con- 
cernentem — Alienorae uxori ejusdem Roberti quatuor vaccas mul- 
serias. Item lego pueris meis non promotis racionabilem partem 
bonorum meorum secundum consuetudinem patriae. Item lego 
Fratribus de Yarome xx s. ad orandum pro anima mea. Item 
lego uni capellano idoneo et honesto ad celebrandum pro anima 
mea, parentum meorum, uxoris meae, et omnium fidelium de- 
functorum, ad altare Beatae Marias in ecclesia mea parochiali 
predicta, per unum annum proxime post decessum meum, septem 
marcas. Et volo quod executores mei reparari faciant altare et 
fenestras ibidem, et quod ymago Beatae Mariae, quae stat super 
summum altare, ponatur super altare Beatae Marias predictum. 
Residuum — pueris meis non promotis et Thomae filio meo bas- 
tardo. Executores meos facio Magistrum Willelmum Helmesley 
vicarium ecclesiae parochialis de Mersk, Christoforum Conyers f de 

* The connection of the house of Conyers of Ormesby with the two powerful families 
of that name at Sockbum and Hornby has never been correctly ascertained. This 
will, however, furnishes much interesting information to the genealogist. 

The testator, who administered to his feither Sir Robert Conyers's effects 18 July, 
1432, was the grandson of another Sir Robert Conyers of Ormesby, in right of his wife 
Juliana, the daughter and heiress of William Percy of Ormesby, Esq. He married, 
according to some memoranda in the handwriting of an early member of the Bowes 
family, Isabella, daughter of Sir Ralph Eure. His children were — Robert, who i«i m^i- 
tioned with his wife in the present will. He died soon after his father, and John 
Fentres of Gisburn has a grant of the administration of his goods 18 June, 1439. 
Anne, daughter and heiress of Robert Conyers of Ormesby became the wife of James 
Strangeways. The names of two other of Sir John^s children have occurred to me, 
Christopher and Henry. On the 10th of June, 1452, the administration of their 
effects is granted by the Archbishop of York to Sir William Eure, Knight, Robert 
Eure, Esq. Sir John Asfordby, master of the hospital in Bootham, and Hugh 
Forster of Witton in Weardale. 

+ Christopher Conyers of Hornby, the father of some twenty-five children who 
spread the name of Conyers through the counties of York and Durham, was, I am 

Digitized by 



Horneby et Johannem Moubray de Eseby. Hiis testibus, Cuth- 
berto vicario de Onnesby, etc \_Pr. 14 July, 1438.] 



July 17, 1438- Ego Alienora* Eoos — sep. in ecclesia conven- 
tuali Beatfls Mariae Virginia in Monte Gracise. Item lego Prio- 
rissse et Conventui ejusdem unam peciam argenti coopertam. 
Item lego Roberto Roosf chivalero unum Psalterium, et unum 
annulum auri, sub condicione quod ipse solvat, vel solvi faciat, 
executoribus meis illas sex marcas xj s. et ixd. quos michi debet; 
et lego de summa predicta septem domlbus Ordinis Cartusiani in 
Anglia septem noTbilia equis porcionibus. Item uxori predicti 
Roberti Boos, unum librum Anglicum vocatum librum primum 
Magistri Walteri. Item lego dompnas Elizabethas Wodcok unum 
annulum aureum sanctificatum. Item lego IsabellaB Roos unum 
Primarium de Sancto Spiritu. Item lego dompna& Agneti Roos 
unum par precularium de laumbre. Item Aliciae Laton unum 
par precularium de laumbre cum uno crucifixo argenti. Item 
lego Roberto Roos^ unum librum de Passione Domini* Item 
uxori ejusdem Roberti unum librum de Credo in Deum. Item 
Isabellas Man, famulas mese, lectum meum in quo jaceo cum om- 
nibus pertinenciis, quinque cocliaria argenti, unum annulum auri 

persuaded, the first cousin to the testator. His father Sir John, the founder of the 
lordly house of Hornby, was, I believe, a son of the elder Sir Robert Conyers of 
Ortnesby, the grandfather of the testator. The relationship between the houses at 
Sockbume and Hornby is still an open question. 

* A daughter of Sir Robert Roos of Ingmanthorp, who died in 1393. She is men- 
tioned in hia will, and in that of her brother Thomas. The house of Roos of Ing- 
manthorp is generally supposed to have been an o&hoot from the great baronial line 
of Hamlahe and Belvoir ; and, although this of&hoot grew into a powerful and dis- 
tinguished fanaily, we are but little acquainted with its history. The present will, 
however, with the notes appended to it, will to a certain extent supply this want. 

t Sir Robert Roos of Ingmanthorp, knight, the nephew of the testatrix, died in 
1451, and Robert, his son and heir, administers to his effects on the 30th of October 
in tiiat year. On the 8th of December, 1448, his daughter Alienor received licence 
from the Archbishop of York to marry Humphrey son of John Lord Dudley. They 
were related to each other in the fourth degree of consanguinity. 

t Robert Roos of Ingmanthorp, Esq. son of Sir Robert Roos. and great-nephew to the 
testatrix. I append a translation in full of his will : — " In the name of God, Amen. 
Jan. 26, 1474-5. I, Robert Roos of Ingmanthorp, Esq. — ^to be buried in the parish 
church of Sonthdighton, before the altar of the Blessed Mary the Virgin in the choir, 
on the north side of the church. Also I bequeath one horse or oxe for my mortuary. 
To my parish church 13<. id. To the high altar of the same church 20«. for forgotten 
tithes. To the gild or fraternity of Corpus Christi 3«. 4d. To the fraternity of St. 
Christopher 3«. 4d, To the bouse of St. Robert near Knaresbro 3«. 4d, To the friars 
of the order of Mendicants at York 6s, Sd. To the friars of the order of St. Francis 
3«. id. To the friars of the order of St. Augustine 3a. id. To the friars of the order 
of Carmelites 3«. id. The residue of my goods, if there be any, I bequeath to Margaret 
my wife." Dated at Ingmanthorp, and proved at York on the 2d of June following, 

Digitized by 



cum particula Sanctae Crucis, unum par tabellanim, unum an- 
nulum aureum nuper Bicardi ArcliiepisGopi Ebor., unam murram 
coopertam, cum una alia murra, unum oorsor cum banquer, aex 
qwyssliyns, xmum mortarium sereum, unum pestell de ferro, unam 
pelvim cum uno lavacro, unum chaufer, omnia cervicalia mea, 
unum Icctum plumalem, omnia vasa mea electrina, &c. Johanni 
Soos annigero unum annulum aureum. Item dompnse Johannae 
Courtenay unum librum vocatum Maulde buke. — Johannes Roos 
armiger, Isabella Man et Johannes Mortymer executores mei. 
Datum Ebor. [iV. 25 July, 1438.] . 


In Dei nomine, Amen. 1 Oct. 1438. Ego Matildis, Domina 
de Mauley,* compos mentis, condo, ordino et facio testamentum 
meum in hunc modum. Inprimis lego animam meam Deo Om- 
nipotenti, BeataB Marise et Omnibus Sanctis, corpusque meum 
sepeliri in ecclesia Fratrum Praedicatorum de Scardeburgh, ad 
finem australem summi altaris, ubi legunt Evangelia. Item 
lego pro cera emenda ad comburendum circa corpus meum in die 
sepulturae meae 1 s. Item lego pro una petra de marbill cum uno 
playte de copir vel de laton deaurato, secundum disposicionem 
executorum meorum, ad jacendum super sepulcrum meiun, xx 
marcas. Item lego ad tecturam ecclesiae dictae Fratrum de 
Scardeburgh cum plumbo c. marcas. Item lego dictis Fratribus 
unum par thuribulorum argenti et deauratum, unum par phiola- 
rum argenti, duo candelabra argenti et unum paxbrede argenti et 
deaurati, ad ministrandum in dicta ecclesia servicium divinum ad 
summum altare. Item lego dominae Custanciae Bigod f et domino 

* Daughter of Ralph first Earl of Westmorland, and widow of Peter Lord de Mau- 
ley the eighth. After his death she is said to have remarried Sir Francis CUkldard^ 
and to have had hy him a daughter Anne, who became the wife of Sir Brian Stapleton. 
Peter Lord Mauley the eighth was the last male representative of his illustrious funily. 
He died in 1414, leaving no issue behind him to inherit the lands and honours of the 
lordly house of Mauley. His will, which has been printed in the first volume of the 
Testamenta Eboracensia, is dated at Mulgrave Castle, on the 5th of September, 
3 Henry Y ., and in it he desires to be buried in the church of St. John at Bridlington. 
The vast possessions of his lankly passed away to his two aunts, Constance, who married 
Sir John Bigod of Settrington, and Elizabeth, the wife of Sir John Salvin of North 
Nuffield. A third co-heir, Isabel, is mentioned in the Visitation as the wife of Richard 
Lindsey, but she must have died childless before the date of the present will. The cruel 
death of the youthful Arthur will in all probability be a lasting blot upon the scutcheon 
of the Mauleys. Be the tradition true or feilse, it is a somewhat singular fact that the 
descendants of the so-called murderer allied themselves by marriage with the noblest 
baronial houses in England. It is hardly credible that those princely barons who had 
striven so vigorously against the tyranny of their master would give their daughters ta 
his minion, who was also the perpetrator of a crime which they regarded with so much 

f Wife of Sir John Bigod of Settrington. She survived her husband, and made 
her will on January 1, 1449-50, in which she directs herself to be buried in the 

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Johanni Salvajm duas pecias cum coopertoriis suk argenti et 
deauratis, et volo quod dicta domina Custancia habeat primam 
eleccionem et meliorem. Item lego fratri Johanni Chatbum, 
ad celebrandum pro anima mea per quinque annos, videlicet, pro 
quolibet aimo quinque marcas, annuatim sibi solvendas per exe- 
cutores meos. Et lego Willelmo Darell armigero meo c. marcas 
ciimunacupa argenti et deaurati habente unam aquilam albam in 
summitate ejusdem. Item lego Ricardo Plompton* armigero 
meo X li. cum una pecia argenti. Item lego Roberto Crosse ar- 
migero meo X li. cum una pecia argenti. Item lego Elenae Cross 
decem marcas cum cupa cooperta argenti et deaurati et cum coffris 
meis, cum toto le stuff infra eosdem, ad ordinandum et dispo- 
nendum prout sibi placuerit. Item lego Canonicis de Bridlyngton 
unam peciam vocatam le Rosecup coopertam de argento, et unam 
peciam damasci, coloris viridis. Item lego dictis Fratribus de 
Scardeburgh duas togas singulas de nigro velvett sine furrura. 
Item lego Matildi de Crosse, ad maritagium suum, xx li. et unam 
togam de nigro lyre cum una furrura de graye. Item lego Aliciae 
Exilby, ad maritagium suum, decem marcas et unam togam de 
nigro cum una furrura de martyns. Item lego Annae Crosse, ad 
maritagium suum, decem marcas. Item lego Matildi Wansford, 
ad maritagium suum; cs. Item lego Willelmo de Butery ser- 
vienti meo quinque marcas. Item lego Willelmo Edmundson 
servienti meo quinque marcas. Item lego Thomae Bronnefeld 
senescallo meo c s. Item lego Johanni Huthome f armigero meo 
unam peciam coopertorio argenti vocatam Chalispece. Item lego 

chancel of All Saints at Settrington. Her best animal (averium) for her mortuary to 
the rector of Birdaall. Another to the rector of Settrington. She leaves twenty 
pounds of wax to be burnt around her body. To the vicar of Grimston 20«. To the 
fabric of the Blessed Mary '* in Chamell de Maltone** one zone worked (stipatam) with 
silver gilt. Another zone worked (stipatam) with silver and gilt to the fabric of the 
Blessed Mary at Doncaster. To Matilda Holand her maid 20«. For trentals to be 
celebrated for her soul by the brothers of the several orders 46«. Sd, To the fiibric of 
Saint John at Bridlington 20«. The rest to Ralph Bigod her son. 

* A younger son of Sir William Plumpton of Plumpton, knight, who was put to 
death for his share in his uncle Archbishop Scrope*s rebellion. By his will, dated in 
1443, he leaves his body to be buried in the church of the house of Saint Robert. To 
Master Qeoi-ge Plumpton, his brother, he leaves a pyx of silver gilt, his little Psalter, a 
pair of knives called " karving knyves,*^ and a pair of silver forcipes. He then be- 
queaths his black cloak furred with martins and a coverlet of red satin, and a canopy 
of white silk, to be sold, and the price to be distributed ** pro salute venerabilia domince, 
domince MatUdii de Malolacu»** To Ellen Crosse his gold ring with a sapphire, a Primer 
covered with red satin, and ten beads, five of gold in the form of baskets, and five of 
agate. To Robert Crosse a silvered girdle. To Dame Elizabeth Plumpton his niece 
a gold crucifix. To Elizabeth Hothom a gold ring with an emerald. To Dame Isabel 
de Bukton a capital gold ring with two images. To Catherine his sister a gold cross. 
To Dame Elizabeth Hathom, recluse, 12(2.— Plumpton Correspondence, xxiii. xxxiv. 

f- The Hothams were descended from a second son of an early Lord de Mauley, who 
took his name from the place at which he had taken up his residence. The gentleman, 
therefore, whb is here mentioned, was probably a distant cousin of the family. 

F 2 

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cuilibet valecto, qui fecit mihi servidum per septem annos, zl & 
Et illi, qui non servierunt michi per septem annos, volo quod 
habeant remuiieiacionem secundum annos sues. Item lego cui- 
libet servienti meo de garcionibus meis, qui fecerunt micni ser- 
vicium per septem annos, xxs. Et qui non servierunt micbi per 
septem annos volo quod habeant remuneracionem secundum annos 
suos. Item leso Psalterium meum coopertum cum blodio velvett 
Willelmo Dar^. Item lego Bicardo Plompton Psalterium meum 
nigrum. Item lego Roberto Crosse Psalterium meum rubeum. 
Item leTO Magistro Geor^o Plompton * unum par precularium 
de coraU cum gaudiis aureis. Item lego imum broche auri et albi 
coloris capiti Sancti Willelmi Ebor, Item lego Henrico del 
Wardropp quinque marcas. Item lego Elense Crosse imam togam 
de nigro lyre cum ima forrura de menyvere. Item lego pro 
mortuario meo meum optimum equum cum una sella. Item le^o 
domino Symoni Strynger capellano meo xl s. Besiduum — Wil- 
lelmo Darell, Bicardo rlompton, Boberto del Crosse et Elenae del 
Crosse executoribus meis. L-^- ® ^^^* I^^-] 


Jan. 24, 1438-9. Beatrix nuper uxor WiUelmi Laswf de 
Hedon in Holdemes — sep. in capella Sancti Augustini de Hedon. 
Jobanni Benyngton de Hedon, willelmo Molsecrofl et Willelmo 
Henrison de eaaem, mesua^um in villa de Hedon in via Sancti 
Aumistini pro uno annuali obitu in capella Sancti Augustini 
predict! , pro anima mea et animabus Willelmi Lascy, nuper viri 
mei, Boberti Wyntryngham, nuper patris mei, et Eaterinae, 
nuper matris meae. — Eaterinae, filiae Adae Wjmtryngham de Hedon, 

* A younger son of Sir William Plumpton, and brother of Richard Plumpton, Lady 
de MauIey^s esquire. He was a baehelor-at-law, and was ordained sub-deacon by the 
Bishop of Ely in 1417. In 1438-9 he beoame rector of Grasmere in Cumberland, 
and in 1447 he wa^ presented by Sir Thomas Cha worth to the rectory of Bingham in 
Nottinghamshire, which he held for two or three years, and then resigned it on account 
of his age and increasing infirmities. The remainder of his life was passed in the fair 
and secluded monastery of Bolton, and in 1459 he obtained permission from the Arch- 
bishop of York to have serTioe celebrated for the use of himself and his servants within 
the walls of that monastery. 

t A family of some importance in the early history of the little corporate town of 
Hedon, in Holdemess. William Lacy, the husband of the testatrix, was for many 
years one of the bailiffs of that place, and his will is dated there, on the 20th of April, 
1438. He directs himself to be buried in the chapel of St. Augustine in Hedon. 
He mentions his cousins, John Sturmy, William son of William Vveson and Isabel 
Esthorp. To Richard Lascy, clerk, his brother (probably vicar of Kayingham, in 
Holderness, who died in 1464-5) he leaves his best zone, hamest with silver, and a 
covered cup of silver. To John, his brother, he leaves a gown '' de ray,^* striped 
'* penulatam,^* with a new hood *' de ray.** To John EUwyn, a goblet of silver, 
covered. To Beatrix, his wife, he leaves all his tenements in Hedon. IProb. 
16 Jub/, 1438]. 

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unum par precukrium argenti cum omnibus jocalibus per eas pen- 
dentibus. — Margarets, nuper &.mulsBRoberti Preston, unam zonam 
hamizatam cum argento nuper Johannis Preston, et unum par 
precularium de curall cum omnibus jocalibus per eas pendentibus. 
Beatrici filise Johannis Benyngton unum par precularium de gete 
cum annulis per eas pendentibus. — Willelmo Benyngton unum 
ouche de auro. [JfV. 28 Fth. 1438-9.] 


Die Lunae post Festum Sanctae Trinitatis, 1438. Ego Johannes 
Ellerker, senior.* — Item lego in expensis circa me faciendis 
xl marcas. Item lego ad distribuendum pauperibus xx marcas. 
Item lego xl li. presbiteris ad celebrandum pro anima mea et pro 
animabus Thomae nuper Ducis Clarenclae, Johannis Hothome 
militis senioris, Johannis Hothome militis junioris, patris et 
matris meae, Elenae Mar . . . sororis meae, Johannis Rosseljn et 
Johannis Waghen. — Item lego, post obitum IsabellaB uxoris meae, 
capellae de Ellerkerr imum vestimentum de albo serico et unam 
calicem argenti et deauratam. — Item lego xl marcas ad faciendum 
restitucionem illls qui sufficienter poterunt probare aliquam inju- 
riam sive extorcionem per me sibi esse factam et illatam. Item 
volo quod XX li. sint positas in Prioratu de Chartrehouse, juxta 
Kyngeston super Hull, et ibidem essendae per quinque annos 
proxmios post obitum meum, ad intencionem quod si aliquis 
filiorum meorum sit vexatus et implicitatus per aliquos, duran- 
tibus dictis quinque annis, de aliqua parcella terrarum et tene- 
mentorum meorum per me prius perquisitorum, quod tunc detur 
illi et illis, sic necessitatem habentibus, parcella dictarum xx li. 
secundum discrecionem Prioris Prioratus predicti et executorum 
meorum. — Eesiduum — Isabellas uxori meae, Johanni et Willelmo 
filiis meis, quos facio executores meos. — Testes, Johannes Port- 
yngtonf serviens ad legem, Thomas Santon, Edwardus Portyngton, 
Johannes Gowere, etc. \Froh. 24 March^ 1438-39.] 


In Festo Pentecostis, 1437. Ego Willelmus Bowes,J senior, 
civis et mercator Eboracensis — sep. in ecclesia mea parochiali 

* This ^11 adds another generation to the received pedigree of the family of 
Ellerker of Ellerker. The testator would seem to have been a lawyer, and the gen- 
tlemen who witness his will appear to have been of the same profession. He mentions 
some distinguished clients and patrons. 

f Afterwards Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. He is not infrequently 
mentioned as a supervisor, or friend, in the wills of the Yorkshire gentry. 

X A wealthy citizen of York. He was Sheriflf for the city in 1402, Lord Mayor 
in 1417 and 1428, and M.P. for the city in 8rd Henry V., and in the 1st, 4th, and 

Digitized by 


70 T£8TAM£NTA 

Sancti Cuthberti in Peseholme. — Lego zij torUs vulgariter vo- 
catos torches circa corpus mcum comburendos. — Willelmo Bowes,* 
filio meo, omnia mea utensilia mea in capitali mesuagio meo in 
Peseholme, exceptis qiUB do Willelmo filio dicti Willelmi. — 
Willelmo filio Willelmi filii mei unum gladium trenchand et 
unum baslardum argento omatum ac unam cincturam rubeam 
argento stipatam. Item lego preiato Willelmo Bowes duas in^ 
tegras armaturas de optimis, videlicet duos basjnettej, vmbras et 
rerebrace, gloves de plaite et pannce de plaite, cum le leggeharnes 
eisdem pertinente, unam loricam de optimis, et optimum batelax, 
ac unum gladium de Burdeux argento ornatum. — Agneti Hex- 
ham cognatae meae xx s. Eoberto Johnson, alias dicto Bowes, 
octo marcas. — Willelmo filio meo et Agneti uxori ejus, filiae 
Eoberti de Kyrkeby quondam civis et mercatoris Ebor., capitale 
mesuagium meum in Peseholme. Eaterinae filias meas, nuper 
uxori Koberti Louthe, duo tenementa in Thuresdaymarket. — 
Johanna filia mea, nuper uxor Johannis Blackburn quondam 
civis et mercatoris Ebor. — Willelmo, Johanni, Godefrido, Ro- 
gero, Isabellae et Johannae filiis predicti Willelmi Bowes filii 
mei, cuilibet eorum c s. — Isabellae filiae dicti Willelmi filii mei 
imum chaplette de perle, precii quinque marcarum. Eesiduum 
Willelmo Bowes filio meo ad disponendum pro anima mea et 
anima Isabellae matris suae, etc. [^Prob. 6 Aug. 1439.] 


July 11, 1439. Ego Thomas Lyndley de Lyndley juxta 
Otteley gentilmanf — sep. in cimiterio ecclesiae parochialis de 
Otteley, — Percivallo} fibo meo et heredi di versa jocalia mea sub- 
scripta, videlicet, duas pecias argenti standjmg de una secta cum 

dth years of Henry VI. He was buried, as be desired*, in the cbnrch of St. Cuthberti 
Peaseholme Green, and his epitaph may be found in Drake's Eboracum. His wife 
Isabel was buried in the same place, dying before her husband, 25 July, 1436. It 
would be difficult to connect him with the Durham family of Bowes, although it is by 
no means improbable that he had some connection with that ancient house. He had 
an illustrious descendant in Sir Martin Bowes, who was Lord Mayor of London, and 
jeweller to Queen Elizabeth. Sir Martin was born in York, and gave a most munifi- 
cent sum to charitable purposes in his native city. 

* William Bowes, junior, was Sheriflf for the city in 1432, Mayor in 1443, and 
M.P. 13 Henry VI. 

t The head of an ancient and very respectable Yorkshire &mily, of the hbtory of 
which there is but little known. He appears to have held some patent office at Hexham, 
under the Archbishop of York. A branch of his family was at this time settled at 
Scutterskelf in Cleveland, in right of an heiress of the family of Gower, who had 
married into the family. Some notices of them will be given hereafter. 

t Percival Lindley of Lindley, Esq., by his will, dated August 13, 1495, desires 
to be buried in the churchyard of Otley, at the east end of the choir. To Thomas 
Lindley, his son and heir, he leaves all the plate which his father had bequeathed to 

Digitized by 



uno coopertorio ad easdem, duas etiam pecias argenti planas et 
flatt neutra cooperta, duas murras argentatas et deauratas, duo 
salsaria argenti unius sectae standyng cum uno coopertorio ad 
eadem, unum powderboxx argenti et xij cocliaria argenti mea 
optima, necnon totam armaturam meam, quae jam exstat infra 
novam turrim de Hexham, cum imo boresperr ibidem existente. 
Item lego tribus filiabus meis, videlicet Johannse, Aliciae et Mar- 
garets, cuilibet earum ad maritagium suum xlli. Roberto 
Lyndley fratri meo decem marcas. — Item volo quod Johannes 
Brig capellanus celebret pro salute animas meas, antecessorum et 
amicoriun meorum, in capella de Harowgate per tres annos, per- 
cipiendo pro salario suo xij li. argenti— et quod Willelmus Wilson, 
capellanus cantari^B Beatae Manae Virginis in ecclesia parochiali 
de Otteley, habeat in subvencionem stipendii sui sex marcas. — 
Residuum Eaterinae uxori meae \Prob, 14 Aug, 1439.] 


Aug. 6, 1439. Ego Eicardus Torald * Armiger — sep, in ec* 
clesia mea parochiali Beatae Mariae Veteris super Bisshophill — 
Agneti Mirfeld, sorori meae, xx. marcas, sub hac tamen condicione, 
quod predicta Agnes expectaverit cum Elizabetha uxore mea, 
quamdiu ipsa Elizabetha prefatam Agnetem desideraverit. Volo 
quod Johannes Myrfeld et Johannes Hoberd, qui sunt feoffati in 
omnibus terris et tenementis meis in comitatibus Lincolne, 
Notinghame, seu alibi, faciant feoffamentum Elizabethae uxori 
meae et Willelmo Torald filio meo. Et volo quod quidam pannus 
vocatus cloth of gold, existens in ecclesia de Merston, ibidem 
permaneat inperpetuum. — Residuum Elizabethae uxori meae, quam 
cum Johanne Mirfeld fratre suo constituo executores meos. Da- 
tum Ebor. — Proviso semper quod, si Deus disposuerit me et 
Willelmum filium meum et heredem obire de ista nunc infirmitate, 
tunc volo quod prefeti Johannes Mirfeld et Johannes Hobard 
faciant feoffamentum Marionae sorori meae de manerio meo de 
Ryngesthorp. \Pr. 15 Aug. 1439.] 

him. To hu three daaghten he leaves 20*. each. To his sons, John, Richard, and 
Percival, 26*. 8rf. each. The residue he leaves to Isabel his wife, William Lindley 
his son, and William Lindley of Leithley. [Pro6. 28 May, 1499.] 

* A Lincolnshire gentleman, of large possessions and distinguished family, Hia 
will appears to have been made during the prevalence of one of those epidem-i^ 'which 
were then so numerous and fatal. He was then residing in York. His was a 
daughter of the Yorkshire house of Mirfield, an ancient and respectable family, ^hicti 
will be noticed in the present volume. 

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August 27, 1439. Ego Elizabeth Lambton * — sep. in ecclesia 
Sanctffi Elenae super Muros juxta font^m.— Boberto, filio meo, 
principalem meam peciam coopertam stantem cum pedibus longi* 
oribus. Thomae filio meo alteiam peciam meam argenti coopertam 
stantem cum pedibus, cum condicione ista quod si idem Thomas 
vendicet seu clamet unum goblett argenti cum coopertorio, tunc 
habeat Willelmus filius meus illam peciam stantem, quam prefato 
Thomae legavi. Item lego Johanni nlio meo, militi, unam peciam 
argenti largam et unam aliam peciam deauratam. Item lego 
predicto Willelmo filio meo duas pecias singidares argenti et 
gobblett predictum, unam murram et decem marcas argenti. 
Item lego Elizabethae filiae mese duas pecias argenti singidares. 
Item lego Aliciae filiae mese xz. marcas in pecunia cum zonis, 
preculis, clitellis, flammeolis, indumentis, superlectilibus, Primario 
et ceteris utensilibus sibi congruentibus, et duas oUas argenti pro 
vino, duo salsaria argenti, duas pixidcs pro speciebus, xij. cocliaria 
argenti et quatuor pecias argenti singulares cum duobus cooper- 
toriis et meam sellam. Item lego Elizabethae Wales juniori unam 
peciam singularem argenti, et decern marcas ad maritagium suum. 
Item lego uni capellano ydoneo et honesto pro amma mea et 
anima Willelmi Lambton, nuper mariti mei, celebraturo per 
imum annum integrum vli. Item lego predicto Thomae nlio 
meo sex cocliaria argenti de illis xij. codiaribus principalibus in 
custodia sua existentibus. Et lego predicto Willelmo filio meo 
alia sex cocliaria de eisdem xij. cocliaribus. Item remitto predicto 
Thomae filio meo xx. marcas de ilia majori summa quam michi 
debet. Et Roberto Lambton firatri suo x li. Et predicto Johanni 
Lambton militi xls. Et Elizabethae Wales senion xls. Kesiduum 
Aliciae filiae meae ad maritagium suum. —Willelmus Lambton filius 
meus et Alicia Lambton ulia mea executores, Robertus Lambton 
et Thomas Lambton filii mei supervisores. [Pr. 13 Oct 1439.] 

* The widow of William Lambton of Lambton, in the Bishoprick of Durham^ Esq., 
the head of the ancient and honourable house of Lambton. She surviTed her husband 
above six years, and she appears to have made York her chief place of residence 
during her widowhood. Thomas Lambton her son has been previously mentioned 
in the will of John Lord Latimer, whose esquire he was. I can add nothing to the 
admirable pedigree which Mr. Surtees has given of the family, and can only refer my 
readers to the third volume of his History of Durham, p. 174, where they will find a 
most interesting description of Lambton and its lords. 

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June 6, 1439. Ego Alveredus Manston,* Armiger — sep. in 
cancello Beatse Manae de Whitkirke. Item do et lego meum 
optimum animal nomine mortuarii mei cum apparatu meo, prout 
decet. Item volo quod imus capellanus celebret in capella de 
Manston, si contingat Elizabetham uxorem meam in vita existere 
et ibidem moram trahere, alioquin in ecclesia de Whitkirk. 
Item do et lego iiijli. ad inveniendum dictum capellanum ad 
divina pro anima mea et animabus Roberti patris mei et Aliciae 
matris mess et anima Johannis Tethford, nuper vicarii ecclesise 
predictas, et animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum, per unum 
annum integrum celebraturum. Item volo quod centum missae 
celebren.tur pro anima mea, Roberti patris et Aliciae matris mess, 
et Willdrai Gascoigne, et animabus omniimi fidelium defiincto- 
rum, su-b torma quas sequitur, videlicet xxv, de Benedicta Trini- 
tate, et xxv. de Spiritu Sancto, xxv* de gloriosa Yirgine Maria, 
matre Domini nostri Jhesu Christi, et xxv. de Requiem, cum tot 
Placebo et Dirige, et hoc cum festinacione qua post mortem meam 
racionabiliter fieri poterit, solvendo pro qualibet Missa et Placebo 
iiij d. Item do et lego Elizabethae uxori Ricardi Tempest, filiae 
meae, unum ciphum arsenti et deauratum vocatum le Tun. Item 
lego Elizabetnae Northfolk xiij s. iiij d. Item do et lego Johanni 
filio meo unum ciphum argenti et deauratum, et ei perdono iiij li. 
quas michi debet. Item do et lego cuilibet filiorum meorum, 
videlicet, Roberto, ThomaB, et Alexandro, unum ciphum argenti, 
et hoc per discrecionem Elizabethae uxoris meae, et cxdlibet eorum 
xls. Item lego summo altari ecclesiae predictae, pro decimis 
oblitis, si quae fuerint, vj s. viij d. Et fabricae ecclesiaB de Whit- 
kirk xl s. Et hoc per discrecionem Elizabethae uxoris meae ex- 
pendendum. Item volo et ordino quod quolibet die Passenae 
(Parasceues ?) in honore Domini nostn Jhesu Christi et quinque 
vulnerum ejus, ordinentur quinque librae cerae in candelis ad 
ardendum ante sepulcrum in ecclesia predicta, et xvd. ad sol- 
vendum eodem die pauperibus, et hoc pro termino quinque annorum 
proximo post mortem meam sequencium. Item lego Alveredo 
Northfolk xiij s. iiij d. Item lego Elizabethae Denny vj s. viij d. 

♦ Of the family of Manston there is but little known. The present will, however, 
throws some light upon its history. The testator was a near relative, probably a nephew, 
of Chief Justice Gascoigne ; and in the last will of that dignitaiy he has 40^ and 
a silver cup gilt bequeathed to him. He is also mentioned in the wiU of Richard 
Gascoigne of Hunslet, a younger brother of Sir William. According to Glover, there 
was in Harewood church a monument to the memory of Alfred Manston and Elizabeth 
his wife. 

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£t Roberto Northfolk xiij 8. iiij d. Henrico Thomlynson 
xiijs. iiijd. cum una toga. Item do et lego cuilibet saoerdoti 
venienti ad exequias meas vj d. Et cuilibet clerico ibidem minis- 
tranti i\ d. Item volo in die sepultuise mese quod distribuantur 
paupenbuB iiij ii. Residuum Elizabetbse uxori mese, utensilibus 
coquinae, et bruerii, necnon omamentis capelke onmino exceptis. 
Item do et lego Elizabetbas uxori meae medietatem omnium 
predictorum utendlium et omamentorum ad usum proprium, et, 
si ceperit virum, quod tunc proximus heres mens mamediate 
habeat medietatem et omnia omamenta capelLe et libros, piaster 
magnum Missale. — Henricus Thomlynson et Johannes Alesby 
executores— -Willelmus Gascoigne miles supervisor — His testibus, 
Johanne Gascoyne, Johanne Nevill, Johanne Grenefeld. [iV. 
26 Jan. 1439-40.] 


May 16, 1440. Alicia Catrik* nuper uxor ITiomae Catryk 
civis et merceri Ebor. — sep. in ecclesia mea parochiali Sancti 
Sampsonis in Ebor. sub iilo lapide marmorio predicti Thomae 
nuper mariti mei in eadem ecclesia jacente. Fabricae imius crucis 
argenti ad usum dictae ecclesiae de novo fabricandae xxs. Johanni 
Catryk filio meo sex cocliaria argenti de fradelett et unam peciam 
argenti et deaurati coopertam. Johannae uxori dicti Johannis 
Catryk optimam meam zonam argenti et deaurati et unum par 
precularium de laumbre. Willelmo Catryk filio meo unam 
peciam argenti coopertam cum ymagine Sancti Christofori in 
cooperculo ejusdem, unam nucem argenti et deaurati cum 
cooperculo. Johanni Catryk juniori, filio dicti Willelmi filii mei, 
unum saltsaler argenti et coopertum. Agneti uxori Willelmi 
Catryk filii mei unum par precularium de corall cum gaudiis de 
argento et deauratis et zonam meam argenti et deaurati secun- 
dariam. Johanni Catrik seniori, filio predicti Willelmi filii mei, 
sex cocliaria argenti cum acomes, unam murram ponderantem 
septem uncias ligatam cum argento et deauratam, optimam meam 
cistam, unam peciam argenti et coopertam cum ymagine Sancti 

* Widow of Thomas Catterick of York, mercer, who makes his will June 20, 1433. 
He orders his body to he buried in his parish church of St. Sampson's. He mentions 
Alice his wife, John, William, and Robert, his sons, John son of his son William, and 
Thomas Catterick his brother^s son. To Joan his daughter he leaves a silver piece, 
called " standard pece." 

Robert Catterick his son, by his will, dated at York December 3, 1438, directs his 
body to be buried at St. Sampson's. He leaves legacies to Alice his mother, John 
Catterick his cousin, Sissota Eland his cousin, and Margaret Burgh. The Cattericks, 
who were second-class merchants in York, were perhaps the ancestors of the family of 
that name which, in the next century, was seated at Stanwick and Carleton, in Rich- 

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Johannis Baptistae in cooperculo ejusdem et xli. argentL A^neti 
Eland togam meam nigram penulatam cum myse. Aliciae Maid* 
son unam togam de russeto penulatam cum rige} et coombes. 
Matildi Barton cognatae meae vj s. viij d. Besiduum Willelmo 
filio meo. IPr. 20 May, 1440.] 



In Dei nomine, Amen. Y« thirde day of y* moneth of Januer, 
in y^ yere of oure Lorde Gode Mlcccc»»<>.xxxvi***., I Eicherd 
Shirbum,* squyer, of hale mynde and seke of body, makes my 
testamen.t in yis manere. First and forthermoste I bewitt my 
saule to <jrode Allmighty, and to oure Lady Seyntt Mary, and to 
all y« Haloes ; and my body for to be berede in y® parysh kirke 
of Mitton before y« auter of Seynt Nicholas. Also 1 be wjrtt to 
y« auter before sayde a vestiment of blewe velewett, foure auter 
clothes, thre towels, a Missall, a chales, a corporax, a paxbrede, 
a feriall vestimentt, and a kyste for to kepe all yis gere in, with 
yfi appurtenance yat langes to y® same auter. "Also I will yat a 
closett be made honestly aut y* sayde auter of Seynt Nicholas 
opon my coste. Also I be wytt to a preste for to syng a yere aut 
y« sayde auter of Seynt Nicholas for my saule and for all Crysten 
saules sex marc and half of sterlinges, and he sail fynde hymselfe 
brede and wyne and wax. Also I gif and I witt to y« ornor- 
mente} of y« high auter of y® saide kidte of Mitton xl d. of silver. 
Also I gif and I be witt xx. white goimes to xx. pore men berand 
XX. torches before my cors and aboute my cors y® day of my 
beriall, to y« service be don, and yan, with y® leve of y® persons 
of y* saide kirke of Mitton, I will yat thirtene of y® sayde torches 
remayne to y« high auter of 3^ kirke of Mitton, and thre to oure 
Lady auter of y® saide kirke, and foure to y® auter of Seynt 
Nicholas beforesaide. Also I will yat fife serge} be sett upon my 
hers and be offerd up y® day of my beriall, ilk serge contenand 

* The fiunily of Sherburne of Stonyhurat, which u now extinct, wss for many 
generations one of the most diatinguidied in Lancashire. The testator, who was the 
head of that ancient house, was bom at Stonyhurst, on the feast of St. Wilfrid, 
5 Richard II. and was baptized at Mitton. His wife was Agnes daughter of Sir 
William Stanley of Hooton, co. Pal. Chester, Esq. and by her, whose will occurs 
hereafter, he left several children, some of whom are new to the genealogist. He was 
buried before the altar of St Nicholas at Mitton on Ascension Day, 1440. His will 
is a valuable addition to our old English documents. The Chapel of St. NichoUs, of 
which the testator appears to have been the founder, became the family burying place. 
It contains a most interesting series of monuments, several of which were erected at 
the same time by Sir Nicholas Sherburne, who, as his epitaph tells us, '* set his neigh- 
bourhood a spinning of Jersey wool, and did a vast deal of good to that north side of 
Ribble." He died in 1717. 

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two ponds of wax. Also I gif and I be wjrte to y« Freers of 
Loncastre xx s. of silver. And to y* Freres of Preston xiij s. iiij d. 
of silver. And to 3^* Freres of Weryngton xiij s. iiij d. of 
silver. And to y* Freres of Appilby xiij. iiij d. of silver. And 
all y* residewe of all my godes and my catell noght gevyn nor 
be witt I gyf and I be witt to Agnes my wyffe, vat she yerof 
ordejn and dispose os hir yinks best and most benufull to hir 
and to y« hele of my soule. And Robert of Haryngton, knyght, 
Thomas of Harington, squyer, brother of 3^* same Robert, my 
son James, and Richard Broune, of Chorley, I make myn ex- 
ecutors, yat yai, havand Gode before yer eghen, do trewe exe- 
cution of vis my presentt testament, and fulfill itt in dede, at ye 
syght of John Tempest, knyght. In witnes of whilk yinge to 
yis my present testament my seall I have set to, y« day and y« 
yere abofe saide. [Pr. 7 June, 1440.] 


April 16, 1440. Ego domina Aleisa Myton* — sep. ubi Deus 
disposuerit. Abbathiss de EUerton unam cuppam argenti cooper- 
tam et deauratam pro Sacramento altaris conservando. Do- 
mino Roberto Pall septem marcas annuatim ad celebrandum pro 
anima mea, quousque Ricardus Askef fecerit eum habere com- 

Sitens beneficium vel cantariam. Item lego ad fiibricam ecclesise 
mnium Sanctorum de Aghton quinque marcas argenti. Mar- 
garets Aske imum craterem argenti coopertum et deauratum, 
unum circulatum. Ricardo Aske unam cistam cum contentis, etc. 
Johanni Malton, vicario de Aghton, vj s. viij d. Johannae Hawn- 
serd,J sorori meae, unam mantilet cum quatuor barbys et duobus 
forhedes. Katerinae Thomyff unum mantilett. Domino Roberto 
Pall, Portiforium meum. Aleisse Thwaits unum Primarium cum 
signaculis deauratis. Matildi Ughtred § x marcas de debitis meis, 
quae sunt in manibus patris ejus. Matildi Landall unum par 
precaminum et xl s. , quae sunt in manibus viri sui. Executores meos 

* This lady, who aeema to have been a widow of the ancient houee of Myton of 
Myton, was, I belieye, a daughter of John Aske of Ousethorpe, Esq. the Seneschal of 
the Bishop of Durham for Howdenshire, who died in 1397. Of the fionily of Myton 
there is bnt little known, and the testatrix makes no additions to onr scanty stock of 
information. Her will ia made at Anghton, the then residence of the £amily of Aske. 

t Richard Aske of Anghton, Esq. was little more than 20 years of age at the dato 
of the present will. He died in 1460, leaving a large fiunily behind him. His wife, 
who is mentioned in the present will, was Maigaret, a daughter of Sir Robert Ughtred 
of Kexby. Her will is dated in the year 1466. It will occur in its proper place, and 
many other notices of the fitmily of Aske will be found appended to it. 

^ Joan, a daughter of John Aske of Ousethorpe, married, as the old pedigrees of 
the fiunily all^;e. Sir Richard Haunsard of Lincolnshire, by whom she had issue. 

§ There was a double connection between the families of Aske and Ughtred. 

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constituo Bicardum Aske, Johannem Salvayn, armi^eros, Ro- 
bertum Pall et Thomam Wilkjmson. Datum apud Aghton. 
[iV. 22 July, 1440.] 


Johanna Fitlyng — 2 Aug. M.cccc.xl. — sep. in choro australi 
coram altare S. Jacobi in capella Beatse Mariaa Virginia villae de 
Kyngeston super Hull — Volo quod unus pannus mens aureus cum 
nigro fimdamento imperpetuum custodiatur per custodes fabricae 
dictse capellss ad omamentum sepulcbri Domini in Festo Pascbali. 


In Festo Sancti Benedicti, 1436. Ego Willelmus Salvayne,* 
Armiger Monasterii de Whitby — sep. in Monasterio de Whitby 
in deambulatorio Sanctae Begae. FabricaB ejusdem ecclesiae xiij s. 
iiij d. ; et pro mortuario meo optimam togam meam. Fabricae 
Ecclesiae Cathedralis Ebor. iiij s. Et domino meo Abbati xiij s. 
iiij d. Item Conventui xl s. Item lego Johanni, fratri meo, par 
magnum precularium de gagate et aUud par Custanciae consan- 
guinese nostras, si consenciat predictus Johannes, frater meus. 
Item eidem Johanni lego unmn par linthiaminum de panno de 
lake et spatulam quam dedit michi, et annulum aureum cum 
diamaunte. Johanni Forster de Kyllome optimam togam meam 
post mortuarium meum; et uxori suae unum par precularium. 
bominae Johannae Salvayne, f uxori domini Johannis Salvayne % 
militis consanguinei mei, xij. cocliaria argenti, et Aliciae filiae 

* An unrecorded member of the fitmUy of SaWin of Newbiggin, in the yicinity of 
Whitby. Sir John SaWin, the then head of the house of Newbiggin, was his cousin. 
The testator held the office of ^ armiger ** in the wealthy monaa^ry of Whitby. For 
an account of the duties of this officer I must refer my readers to Dr. Rock^s *' Church 
of our Fathers,** a work worthy of the highest praise. 

t Joan, the wife of Sir John Salvin, was a daughter of Sir Thomas Grey of Heton, 
by Alice daughter of Ralph Lord Nerille of Raby. 

X Sir John Salvin, the head of a distinguished Yorkshire fieimny of Salvin which 
was seated at Newbiggin, near Whitby. His will is dated on the 2eth of April, 1469, 
and was proved at York on the 11th of January following. He desires to be buried 
in the choir of the monastery of St. Peter and St Hilda, at Whitby, before the high 
altar, in a place to be marked out by the Abbot. He gives his b(»t horse, with his 
saddle. bri<Ue,and arms, for a mortuary. To Thomas, his son (and heir), he bequeaths 
a basin and ewer of silver, and his best covered cup. To Joan his wife a goblet gilt, 
with a cover. To Margaret his daughter 200 marks for her marriage, if she stand or 
abide by the advice of his executors in getting her a husband. To William his son, 
and his heirs, all his lands and tenements within the lordship of Egton and the town 
of Whitby. He appoints as his executors Sir Thomas Pykeryng, Abbot of Whitby, 
and Sir John Snudlwood, Rector of Baynton. Henry Thwats, gentleman, is made 
the supervisor of his will, and is to have I00#. for his pains. William Salvyn of New- 
bygyng, Esq. occurs among the witnesses. 

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eonmdem annulum aureum cum lapide baljrs. Item Petro Sal- 
vajne armigero, conaanguineo meo, zonam sericam deargentatam. 
Item lego magistro Hugoni Ellerton, monacho, vjs. viijd.; et 
cistam Thomae Mason. Item domino Stenhano, capellano paro- 
chiali, iij s. iiij d. Item officio hostillariae Monasterii de Wnitby 
unum matrasse, unum par lodicium, unum par linthiaminum et 
tmum coverlett. — Et fitcio Johannem Salvajm armigerum, firatrem 
meum, heredem meum et principalem executorem. Sibillas Sal- 
vayn, sorori meas, xl s., et unum par precularium de corall cum 
gaudiisde^gate. His testibus, magistro Hugone Ellerton, Alicia 
Laison et Willelmo heremita. ^Pr. 9 Sep. 1440.] 


Dec. 24, 1440. Robertus Alne,* examinator generalis Curiae 
Eboraoensis, ac persona ad altare Sancti Nicholai in ecclesia Sancti 
Petri Ebor., senio ac infinnitate gravatus, cemens diem mortis 
meae imminere — sep. in ecclesia Omnium Sanctorum in North- 
strete in Eboraco, coram altare Sancti Nicholai ibidem. — Lego 
dictae ecclesiae unam Legend in duobus voluminibus ad orandum 
pro anima Magistri Tnomae Hebbedenf ac pro anima mea et 
parentum meorum. Et lego pro correccione librorum predic- 
torum TJ s. viij d. Lego librariae ecclesiae Cathedralis Eboracensis 
unum par Decretorum, quae fuerunt predicti Magistri Thomao 
Hebbeden, ad orandum pro anima ejusdem Thomas. Item lego 
eidem librariae Constituciones Othonis et Octobonis cum Johanne 
de Athona cum aliis Constitucionibus, et Omelias Beati Gregorii. 
Item Egidium de Eegimine Principum, et Azonam cum Summa. 
Item lego commxmi librariae Universitatis Cantibrigiae Archidia- 
conum in Bosario, Sanctum Thomam Secunda Secundae et librum 
cum Problematibus Artis et alium librum cum tabula super Boecio 
de Consolacione Philosophiae, et aliis Tractatibus, et Ricardum de 
HarapuU vocatum Melos, cum Orilogio Divinae Saplenciae, qui fuit 
antecucti Magistri Thomae Hebbeoen, ad orandum pro anima 

* An officer in the eocleBiastical court of York, and a permn of soine influence and 
importance. His library appears to have been a most valuable one. 

t A Yorkshireman by birth, who followed in the train of Dean Langley when he 
was promoted to the see of Durham. His advance in the diocese of Durham was 
rapid, and at his death in 1435 he was Rector of Meldon, Dean of the Collegiate 
Church of Auckland, Chancellor of the Diocese, and Examining Chaplain to his 
patron Cardinal Langley. His will is printed in the Durham Wills and Inventories, 
p. 82, to which several notices of him are appended. He was connected with some of 
the best of the Yorkshire feimilies, and he seems to have been a man of some learning 
and taste. Robert Alne, the testator, was a devisee in his will and also one of his 

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ejusdem ; et librum cum Francisco de Kemedio Utriusque For- 
tunae, cum aliis Tractatibus; ita quod magister Jolmnnes Otryng* 
ham, magister Sancti Michaelis Cantibrigiae, habeat usum dicti 
libri ad terminum vitae suae. Item lego eidem magistro Johanui 
Otringham unum par tabellarum de ebore habencmm ligaturam 
de albo et nigro serico. Item magistro Thomae Duffeld unum 
paryum librum cum rubia coopertura continentem Secundum 
Thomam de Visiositatibus, cum uno pari precularium de aiunbre. 
Item magistro (blank) Eilbume unum cocliar argenti cum longo 
brachio pro viridi zinzebro. Item lego magistro Ricardo Wet- 
wang j. Innoc' quem antea habuit ex mutuo,et alium librum papiro 
contmentem Tractatum de Ecclesiastico Metrodoro et Conclu- 
sionibus SotaB, cum aliis, et alium librum continentem Extrava- 
^ancias Johannis Papae 22 cum Gosselino super eisdem cum aliis 
Tractatibus, si ipse voluerit executoribus meis solvere illos Iviij s. 
quos micbi debet. Dompno Johanni Alne, monacho ordinis Car- 
tusiensis London., cognato meo, Orologium Divinas Sapienciae, 
cum coopertura de pargameno. Margaretae Belford, cognatas 
meae, dimidiam duodenam de quysshynnes cum capitibus leopar- 
dorum, duas togas blodias penulatas cum capuciis. — Domino 
Roberto Semer, rectori ecclesiae Sancti Martini m Conyngstrete, 
usum Egidii de Regimine Principxun, ad terminum vite suae, et 
post ejus mortem volo quod remaneat librariae Ecclesiae Cathe- 
dralis. Domui hospitalis Sancti Leonardi Ebor. Doctorem de 
Lira super Novum Testamentum, ita quod firatres dicti Hospitalis 
persolvant executoribus meis xl s. infra annum proxime post de- 
cessum meum — et Bartholomeum de Gasibus, cujus tamen usum 
volo quod Christoferus Dobley capellanus habeat ad terminum 
vitae suae, et in fine vitae suae quod ilium restitui &ciat ad locum 
predictum, et quod ponatur in loco publico, ut volentes in ma- 
teriis dicto libro contentis possint melius informari. Domui reli- 
giosorum de Drax unum librum largum vocatimi Bibliam, sub 
condicione quod solvant executoribus meis xls. infra annum 

iroxime post decessum meum, aliter non. Magistro Thomae 
.ondon, rectori ecclesiae de Crake, unum par cultellorum argenti 
et deauratorum cum imo pennario et cum comu insimili. yProb. 
26 Dec. 1440.] 


July 19, 1438. Ego Magister James Bagule* rector ecclesiae 
Omnium Sanctorum in Northstrete — sep. in ecclesia mea paro- 

* The will of a clergyman generally contains some curious notice or legacy. His 
extensive acquaintance and his varied labours would neceasarily throw many treasures 

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chiali, videlicet, in introitu chori sub lapide marmoreo. — L^^ 
Re^men Animarum ecclesisB de Stoppford in comitatu Cestriae. 
— Willelmo Hanke unum librum de Canticis cum glaspjrs argenti 
et unum librum rubium de Balads. Domino ThomsB Astell, 
capellano, unum parvimi baslardum cum una zona hamasiata 
cum argento et unum librum cum Motetes. £t lego eoclesiae 
meae parochiali prasdictae librum cujuB 2'' fo. diem dUeccionis^ et 
unum librum vocatum Medullam Gramaticae, et unum Proces- 
nonale 2* fo. ne dicta, ita quod sint cathenati in stallo ante 
rectorem in choro. [^Prob. 17 Marchy 1440-1.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen, ix Jan. M.cccc.xl.i. Ego Johannes 
Whitgifte civis et saucemaker* Ebor. — sep. in choro B. Mari^ 
Virginis in eocles. mea par. S. Trinitatis in Curia Regis in 
Ebor.— pro mortuario optimam togara — Fabricse eccleske pro 
sepultura vj s. viij d. Sectori pro decimis oblitis v s. Lego 
rj lb. cerae circa corpus meum. Fabricae ecclea Catb. B. Petri 
Ebor. V 8. Gildae S. Christofori iij s. iiij d. Grildae Corporis Christi 
Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Johannae uxori Roberti Hemmyng vj s. viij d. 
Eaterinae Warton coUobum meum et iij ulnas panni blodii mixti 
pro ima toga. Eaterinae, filiae predictae Eaterinae, j parvam 
zonam argento paratam et iij s. iiij d. Margaretae Calton, &mula& 
meae, ij s. Residuum Johanni Eilbum, famulo meo, ad disponen- 
dum pro me ad voluntatem suam propriam. \Prob. 29 JuTie^ 3e^.] 


May 23, 1441. Ego Robertus Constablef de Flaynburgh miles 
■—Sep. infra ecclesiam de Flaynburgh. Item lego optimum 
equum meimi pro mortuario. Item lego et ordino secundum 
disposicionem et ordinacionem executorum meorum competentem 
ceram in die sepidturas meae circa corpus meum comburendam. 
Item volo et ordino quod unus sacerdos idoneus et discretus ce- 
lebret pro anima mea et animabus omnium parentum meorum in 

and curioaitiefl in bis way, and, as he generally wrote his own will, we haTe the nniat. 
accurate description of them. The testator would seem to have sprung from Lancashire 
or Cheshire. A Humphrey Baguley, two centuries afterwards, was Domestic Chap- 
lain to the great Elarl of Derby. 

* The sauce-makers were rather a numerous fraternity in York about this time. 

f The head of the illustrious house of Constable, oif Flambrough. He manned 
Agnes, a daughter of Lord Chief Justice Chiscoigne, by whom he had a lai^e family. 
The wills of his father and grandfather have been printed in the first volume of the 
York Wills. 

Digitized by 



ecclesia de Flajnaburgh per duos annos integros post mortem 
meam immediate sequentes. Eesiduum executoribus meis, quos 
constituo dominam Agnetem Constable* uxorem meam, Ko- 
bertum Constable filium etheredem meum, et Thomam Pikering; 
tam ad solvendmn debita mea et sustentandum filium meum Wil- 
lelmum f et duas filias meas, quam ad omnia alia bona mea dispo- 
nendum quae ad salutem animae meae providerint expedienda. 
Thomas Cumberworthf miles, avunculus meus» supervisor. Tes- 
tibus, domino Roberto Storme capellano parochiali de Flaynburgh, 
Thoma Theobald gentilman, etc. [^Prob. 16 June, 1441.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen, xx Mar. M.ccccxl.L Ego Willelmiis 
Conesby de Eboraco, carpentar — sepeliendum in ecclesia mea par. 
S. Joh. Evang. in Mikelgate — vuj lb. ceras comburendae circa 
corpus meum duobus diebus meis. Rectori pro decimis et obla- 
cionibus meis oblitis vj s. viij d. Fabricae pro sepultura mea 
ij torchias precii xiij s. iiij d. — Lego iiij ordinibus Fratrum Men- 
dicancium Ebor., ad reparacionem ecclesiarum suarum, cuilibet 
vs. Lego inter monachos conventuales Mon. B. Marias juxta 
muros Civ. Ebor. vjs. viij d., ita quod specialiter adorent pro 
anima mea. Lego dompno Johanm filio meo, monacho ibidem, 
vj s. viij d., et eidem vj cocliaria argenti cum quodam signo, viz. 
hawethomleves. Margaretae filiae meae j. peciam argenti et ij qu. 
brasii. Remitto Willelmo Nanson, marito ejusdem Margaretae, 
XX s. quos michi debet. Lego Nicholao Nanson unum maserband, 

* Her will is dated at Beverley on the 7th of January, 1466-7, and it was proved 
at York on the 5th of February following. In it she directs her body to be buried in 
the choir of St. Edmund the King and Martyr, in Flamborough Church. She makes 
her son William Constable and Joan Welles her daughter her residuary legatees. 

f William Constable, a younger son of Sir Robert, became Sub-Dean of York, 
Prebendary of Norton in the church of Lincoln, and Archdeacon of Cleveland. He 
died in the month of September, 1485. 

% Sir Thomas Cumberworth was High Sheriff of Lincolnshire in the 3rd of Henry Y. 
and the 9th of Henry YI. He was also M.P. for the county in 1420, 1421, and 1424. 
In the Topographer and Genealogist there are a few extracts from his will, which is 
dated February 15th, 1450-1. He desires to be buried *'in a chitte with owte any 
kiste in the north yle of the parych kirke of Someresby be my wyfe/' He then makes 
the following most remarkable direction ; " I wylll my body ly still, my mowth opyn, 
untill xxiiij. owrys, and after laid on here with owtyn any thyng ther upon to cover it 
hot a ^eit and a blak cloth, with a white crose of cloth of gold; hot I wyl my kyste be 
made and stande by and at my bereall giff it to hym that iillis my grave/' I am sorry 
that the extracts go no further, as the will might have thrown some light upon the 
connection between the family of Cumberworth and several Yorkshire houses which at 
present is rather obscure. Catherine Cumberworth, the sister of Sir Thomas, was the 
testator's mother. Sir Thomas's will is taken from the registry at Lincoln. Few 
antiquaries have any idea of the testamentary treasures which are contained in the 
magnificent registers of the Bishops of Lincoln. 
VOL.. II. G 

Digitized by 



baslardum meum, cum zona mea argento hamesiata. Johanni 
Dunsforth gladium meum. Cuilibet famularom mearum exis- 
tencium die obitus mci vj d. Lego ad unum jantaculum inter 
pauperes faciendum die sepulturae meaB x 8. Lego inter yj maxima 

Eiuperes et egenos ij s., cuilibet iiij d. Willelmo filio Willelmi 
anson gestnmi meum argento hamasiatum. Johannae filiae meae 
zonam meam optimam cum argento omatam et xiij s. iiij d. 
Willelmo Clerk filio Willelmi Clerk mercatoris, filiolo meo, 
yj 8. viij d. Margaretae uxori meae vasa mea argentea et utensilia 
domus meae. Residuum uxori meae. \_Prob. 30 Jul. seq,'] 


Sep. 1, 1441. Ego Eicardus Pikeryng,* de Oswaldkirk, miles 
— sep. in ecclesia parochiali de Oswaldkirk, ante altare Beatae 
Marias in australi parte in eadem ecclesia. Item lego optimum 
meum averium nomine mortuarii mei. Item lego togam meam 
optimam de viridi velvett sine furrura ad faciendum unimi vesti- 
mentum ad altare Sancti Oswaldi. Dominae Johannae Pickeringe, 
moniali de Monkton, sorori meae, xls. Eoberto jfratri meo xls. 
Hugoni fratri meo xl s. Edmundo fratri meo xl s. Margaretae 
Sutton XX s. Matildae, uxori Johannis Dilcok, sorori meae, xx s. 
Marjoriae Horsman sorori meae xxs. Sicardo Thornton meam 
nigram togam furratam et \j s. viij d. Johanni Wenslawe legis- 
perito unum equum. CeciUse, uxori quondam Johannis fratris 
mei, unam marcam argenti. Roberto Thornton meam nigram 
togam furratam cimi foynes. Residuum Margaretae uxori meae» 
quam facio executorem et sibi coadjutores Robertum Thornton et 
Edmundum Pikeringe. [iV. 28 Sep, 1441.] 


Nov. 19, 1441. Ego dominus Johannes Bulmer,t rector ec- 
clesiae parochialis de Bulmer — sep. in choro ecclesiae Sancti Martini 

* A name of which there is but little known. The will of an earlier member of the 
family is printed in Test. Ebor. I. p. 63. The widow of the testator, by licence from 
the Archbishop of York, dated 2nd June, 1445, remarried Henry Banaster. There 
was a family of Pickering of some rank and consideration seated at EUerton at this 
time. Several notices of the name will occur hereafter. 

f A scion of the great honse of Bulmer of Wilton, and probably a son of Sir William 
Bulmer, by a daughter of the house of Eure. He held one of the livings which were 
in the gift of his wealthy family. The house of Bulmer wa« perhaps unrivalled for 
power and magnificence among the Yorkshire families ; yet this greatness was counter^ 
balanced by no small share of calamity. In Aske's rebellion Sir John Bulmer joined 

Digitized by 



de Bulmer. Ecclesiae parochial! de Bulmer unmn vestimentum 
integrum pro celebracione divinorum. Fabricae ecclesiae de 
Wilton vj s. viij d. Lego pro expensis funeralibus circa vicinos 
et amicos meos in die sepulturae mese liij s. iiij d. Item lego 
duobus capellanis ad celebrandum pro anima mea et omnium 
benefactorum meorum per unum annimi xiiij. marcas in pecunia 
numerata. Domino Radulpho Bulmer,* militi, unum craterem 
argenti planum et coopertum, quartae partis unius lagenaB, et 
alium craterem argenti coopertum deauratum in summitate, unam 
pixidem argenti cum uno salsario argenti. Johanni Gowsell 
unum craterem coopertum, optimum meimi garmamentum de 
sangwyn, etunum blodium lectum. Margaretae, sorori suae, unum 
craterem argenti, et unum Psalterium. Agneti, matri suae, unum 
par le gublets pouncet argenti. Domino Thomae Blaykman 
meum Portatorium, et unum librum qui vocatur Pupilla Oculi, 
et unam penulam de fezches. Roberto Malton unam togam 
nigram penulatam cum le gray. Item lego pro peregrinacione 
facienda versus Cantuariam xx s. Item lego Agneti Lawnd tria 
cocliaria argenti. Residuum cuidam capellano celebraturo pro 
anima mea et pro animabus patris et matris meorum in ecclesia 
Sancti Martini de Bulmer quamdiu duraverit. [Pn 26 Nov. 1441.] 


July 3, 1441. Ego Matilda Mounceux,* quondam uxor Jo- 
hannis Munceux de Bameston, armigeri — sep. infra ecclesiam 

the insargents, and was attainted, with the loss of all his lands. Sir Ralph his son 
regained his lather's position, but he left no male heirs to enjoy it. He seems to hare 
been a man of a peculiar disposition, as we find that, although he left behind him no 
less than seven reputed daughters and coheirs, three alone of these were acknowledged 
by him as his children. The younger branch of the family, which settled at Tursdale, 
in the County of Durham, was equally unfortunate. They were implicated in the 
Rifling in the North, and in the succeeding generation the family estates were squan- 
dered away by the reckless extravagance of Sir Bertram Bulmer and his family. 

* Sur Ralph Bulmer, Knight, whom I suppose to be a brother of the testator, died 
in 1444, and administration of his effects was granted to William Lambert, chaplain, 
Ist May, 1444. 

t One of the last of an ancient and powerful family, who were for several centuries 
the mesne Lords of Barmston in Holdemess. She was the daughter of . . . Manfield. 
John Monceux, of Barmston, Esq. her husband, by his will, dated on the 11th of 
August, 1426, which was proved at York on the 16th of the same month, desires to 
be buried in the church of All Saints, Bemston, in the aisle of the Blessed Mary, 
before her altar. The issue of this marriage were — a son, William Monceux, Esq. 
who married Margaret, daughter of Walter Fauconberge, Esq. by whom, at the date 
of the present will, he had a daughter Joan ; she, however, must have died in child- 
hood. His will is dated at Bameston on the 23rd of August, and it was proved at 
York on the 1st of September following ; he directs his body to be buried in the 
church of Bameston within the choir — a daughter, Matilda, who on the death of her 
brother became the sole heiress of her family. She married Brian de la See, of HoUym, 
Esq. and her granddaughter carried the rich estates of the Monceux into the fiimily of 
Boynton, in whose possession they still remain. 


Digitized by 



Omnium Sanctorum de Bameston, in parte australi^ juxta sepul- 
crum mariti mei. Willelmo Mounceux filio meo xl s. Roberto 
Thweyng xxs. Margaret© Mounceux meam optimam zonam 
argenteam, et Johannse Munceux filise suae unam triploidem, 
unam oUam aeneam, unam patellam, unam pelvim cum lavacro, 
sex cocliaria argenti, unum par linthiaminum de panno de laake, 
unum annulum auri, imam tabulam, di. dusane pewdr vessell et 
optimum meum Cowchur. Et Matildas del' See unam togam 
blodiam penulatam et sellam ; et Margaretae Thwejng unam zonam 
argenti, et unam togam nigram cum penula de cuniculis; et 
Jonannae filiae Roberti Thweyng xx. oves. Cuilibet Godebame 
infra dominium de Bameston unam ovem et cuilibet servient! 
Willelmi Mounceux filii mei iiij d. Fabricae ecclesiae de Lessett 
xiij s. iiij d. ; et duabus ancre} ij s. Residuum Willelmo Moun- 
ceux filio meo et Roberto Thweyng, ut ipsi ordinent et dis- 
ponant in piis operibus pro anima mea, animabus patris, matris, 
magistri Roberti fratris mei, mariti mei, filiorum meorum et 
omnium benefactorum et omnium fidelium defunctorum. [^Prob. 
1 March, 1441-2.] 


June 8, 1442. Ego Ricardus Cotingham,* civis Ebor.—- sep. 
in monasterio Beatae Mariae extra muros civitatis Ebor. Ymagini 
SanctaB Mariae in capella juxta monasterium zonam rubiam bene 
stipatam argento. Elenae filiae meae zonam russetam stipatam 
cum argento. Johanni Eskrik i&atri meo unam togam de meld 
bene penulatam cunl martjnrs, unam zonam blodiam argentatam 
cum uno gestro operate super caput cum argento. Ricardo 
Blakey unam togam stragulatam et penulatam cum pellibus de 
agnis nigris. . Stephano Palmer unam togam russetam et penula- 
tam cum otyrs. Thomse Abirson unam togam sanguineam 
penulatam cum croppes. Johanni Denom, merchand, unum 
gladium parvum vocatum a Burdeux blade, et j. blak stra cappe. 
Roberto servienti meo unam togam russetam, cum gladio. 
Nicholas Kirkby unum blak nodder. Domino Johanni Stirkland 
j. gipcian de silk. [Pr. 15 June, 1442.] 


July 20, 1442. Ego Johannes Pudsejr,t civis et textor Ebor. — 
Sep. in cimiterio ecclesiae meae parochiahs Beatae Mariae in Castel- 

* A small tradeBman of York. Several interesting words occur in his will, 
t A respectable tradesman of York. His will contains one or two curious bequests; 
and that of Emma his widow is also interesting. Her will is dated on the 1st of June, 

Digitized by 



gate. Volo quod gestrum meum balokhefter hemasiatum cum 
argento vendatur, et quod pecunia de eadem recipienda detur 
Sibillse Whitlay matri mese. Johanni Beverlay, glover, meliorem 
cultellum meum argento hemasiatum, et alium cultellum Hugoni 
Beverlay, fratri suo. Volo quod dupletum meum de fense 
vendatur et pecunia detur Julianae Beverlay et Elenas Pbilipp 
sororibus meis. Thomae Hirste, skynner, arcum meum cum le 
grene batt et vij. sagittas pacockfederde. Hugoni Beverlay cog- 
nato meo baslardmn meum. [Pr. 25 Aug. 1442.] 


Augusti 6, 1442. Ego Alexander Blenkensop.* Volo (juod 
unus capellanus idoneus celebret divina pro anima mea, et anuna- 
bus quious teneor quovismodo, in ecclesia de Sherofhoton, ad 
altare ibidem ubi jacet Elizabetha quondam uxor mea, per unum 
annum integrum post obitum meum. Agneti Kendale unam 
pelvim de stagno, unum chawfir, et unum standing maser ligatum 
cum argento. Johanni Thomson unum lectum cum tapeto de 
viridi cum armis meis intextis. Thomae Blenkensop de Stillyng- 
ton unum lectum cum tapeto de rubio. Item volo quod quicquid 
habuero in vasis argenti, indumentis, vendatur et distribuatur in 
caecorum, claudorum et aliorum pauperum etdebilium pios usus. 
[Pr. 25 Oct 1442.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Cum omnis homo ad Dei voluntatem 
habet persolvere debitum naturae, idcirco, penultimo die mensis 
Maii, 1442, Ego Johannes Carleton,t legum doctor et advocatus 

1445. After directing herself to be buried in the churchyArd of the Blessed Mary in 
Gastl^;ate, she leaves to Agnes her daughter a ^ messyn basyn cum lavacro.*^ To the 
gild of the dyers one board cloth and a to well, to pray for and put the names of John 
Pudsay and Emma his wife in the book of the fi:^ternity of the said gild, otherwise 
not. To Thomas Hirste a little maser adorned with silver and gold. To her vicar 
"unum codd broudyd with ymyges." [Prob. 6 June, 1445.] 

* The testator, who bears a North-country name, was, I imagine, a retainer of the 
Nevilles at Sheriff button Castle: he was probably a member of the Westmerland family 
of his name. A Crackenthorpe of Newbiggin was at this time in the service of the 

t An advocate in the Consistory Court at York. Some extracts from the will of his 
kinsman, John Carleton, who was a canon in the Cathedral church of York, have 
been all^eady given. The testator was one of his executors. The preamble to the 
present document has been elaborately drawn up by the testator himself. A name- 

Digitized by 



curiae Eboracensis, in mese mentis sanitate perfecta notorie existens^ 
infirmitate tamen corporali graviter detentus, hujusmodi meae 
mortis horam disposicione saltern testamentaria deliberavi pre- 
veniendo, de bonis michi a Deo coUatis eulogium atque meam 
ultimam voluntatem condo, ordino et declaro in hunc modum. 
Imprimis, animam meam commendo in manus misericordissimi 
Redemptoris Domini nostri Jhesu Christi, Beatissimaeque Virginia 
Mariae, ac Omnium Sanctorum ; et lego corpus meum sepeliendum 
in navi Ecclesias Cathedralis Petri Eboracensis, infira processionem, 
cum una petra marmorea sculpta ad disposicionem executorum 
meorum. Item lego duos cerios ponderis decern librarum cerae 
comburendos circa corpus meum in exequiis meis. Item lego 
ecclesiae meae de Hoton Bussell unam calicem argenti et unum 
Missale. Item lego ecclesiae parochiali Sancti Johannis del Pike 
duas fiolas argenti et unum paxborde deauratum. — Roberto 
Smeton unum rsalterium per ipsum diu desideratum. Jacobo 
filio ejus unum parvum Primarium meum. Isabellse uxori ejus- 
dem unam togam de muterdevelers de liberatura Magistri Robert! 
Gilbert, dudum decani Ecclesiae Eboracensis. — Executores meos 
facio magistrum Johannem Marchall, canonicum Ecclesiae Ebora- 
censis, dominum Ricardum Ulneskelf et Thomam Farleton. Et 
lego magistro Johanni Marchall pro labore suo unam peciam de- 
auratam cum sole et rosa in coopertorio, vel, si voluerit, aliam 
peciam deauratara cum armis in cooperculo, ita quod de istis 
duabus peciis unam tantum eligat et quam spreverit ipsam lego 
domino Ricardo Ulneskelf. Item lego magistro Thomas Farleton 
unam peciam deauratam coopertam, Anglice, a chales cope. [Pr. 
3 Nov. 1442.] 


October 8, 1442. Ego Johannes de Rilleston,* armiger — sep. 
in ecclesia Beatae Mariae de Rillestom infra chorum ex parte aus- 

sake of the testator, John Carleton, of York, Esq. makes his will on the 22nd of 
January, 1438-9. In it he desires to be buried in the church of St. John in Marisco. 
To the fabric of the church of Riccal he leaves 10«. He mentions James and Thomas 
his sons, Ellen his daughter, and Margaret his wife. 

* The head of a very ancient Craven family, which had been seated at Rilston from 
Saxon times. The testator by Joan his wife had two sons. John, his son and heir, 
died before him, and his will, from which extracts have been given in The York 
Wills, Vol. I., is dated on April 6, 1418. Robert, the testator's second son, is men- 
tioned in his elder brother's will, and also in the present document. He would 
appear to have died without issue. The estates and representation of the family 
finally rested in Isabel, daughter and heiress of John de Rilleston (sister to the 
testator ?) who became the wife of Miles Radclyffe, of Threshfield, Esq. She was 

Digitized by 




trali ejusdem ecclesiae, coram ymagine Beatae Maris Pietatis 
ibidem. Item do et lego rectori ecclesiae de Burnesall optimum 
animal meum pro mortuario meo. Item do et lego Elizabethae 
filiae Willelmi Langdall unum ciphum argenti, nominatum 
Thoresby, et unmn librum vocatum Prymer, Item do et lego 
Johanni filio ejusdem Willelmi unum ciphum argenti vocatum 
nutt. Nicholao filio ejusdem Willelmi unam vaccam. Johannae 
filiae ejusdem Willelmi duo catalla biennia. Eoberto de Eilleston 
filio naeo unum ciphum argenteum cum coopertorio argenti, qui 

Suondam fuit Hugonis de Mitton, et unam placeam meam edi- 
catam infra civitatem Ebor. in quodam vico vocato Waterlane, 
quae quondam fuit Thomae de Mitton. Willelmo Rilleston fratri 
meo septem animalia vocata tW3nitemawt. Eanaldo Gibson 
servienti meo quatuor catalla nominata stirknawte, et unum 
equum subrufidum. Willelmo heredi meo unum ciphum 
argenti cum coopertorio ejusdem, et duo verna. [Pr. 30 March, 


April 6, 1443. Ego dominus Willelmus Duffeld, capellanus 
cantariae Sancti Thomae Cantuarensis in ecclesia parochiali Omnium 
Sanctorum super Pavimentum in Ebor. — sep. in choro predictae 
ecclesiae. Lego omnes libros, qui quondam fuerunt domini Thomae 
Corbrig,* Archiepiscopi Eboracensis, executoribus meis ad dis- 
ponendum pro salute aniraae meae et animae predicti domini 
Thomae. Altari ecclesiae meae unum longum manutergium de 
twill. Johannae Threpland meam zonam nigram argenteam. 
Uxori Eoberti Sallay unum candelabrum pendens de laton cum 
quatuor gargons. Domino Eicardo Kirkeby, subcantatori vica- 
rionun Ecclesiae Eboracensis, unam parvam peciam argenti 
pounesed sine coopertorio. Domino Johanni Crake, vicario 
ecclesiae predictae, unam bursam vocatam gipsiane. Domino 
Eoberto Crokelyne unam albam bursam de Burdeux. Domino 

peihaps a daughter of the testator, but it is somewhat singular, if it were so, that she is 
not mentioned either by her father or by her brother. The family of Rilston was for 
several generations most intimately connected with the great house of Clifford, under 
the shadow of whose lordly castle they were so long resident. The father of the 
testator was the *^ cher compagnon ^^ of Roger Lord Clifford, and in a document 
appended to the present will his son makes a deed of gift of all his lands to Thomas 
(son of Roger) Lord Clifford and Wm. de Rilleston, his brother. I need not refer to 
the beautiful legend which has graced this lonely spot, or to the equally beautiful 
verse in which that legend has been clothed. The White Doe of Rilston is too well 
known to require any advertisement here. 

* Thomas de Corbridge, Archbishop of York from 1299, died in 1303, and was 
buried in Southwell Minster. 

Digitized by 


88 T£8TAM£NTA 

Tbomae Mosse, capcUano, mcum optimum rubium capucium. 
Domino Willelrao Swerd, capellano, unum par cultellorum cum 
manubrio de evire. Domino Johanni Wotton, capellano, unum 

ex cultellorum cum manubrio de dugion. Domino Henrico 
obshort unum hawkebag de panno lineo. Nicbolao Duffeld 
meam togam penulatam cum croppes. Filise seniori dicti Nicholai 
unum par lintbiaminum cum uno cervicali cum cruce nigra 
existente in medio. Uxori Johannis Bridlyngton imam bursam 
rubiam de satan. Domino Thomae Sarle, capellano, meam zonam 
rubeam argentatam et meam togam penulatam cum bevers. 
Domino Willelmo Day, capellano parochiali de Catton, unum 
par hawkbag ryngges. [Pr. 24 April, 1443.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Johannis Rider, clericus, rector 
ecclesiae de Wyborton, Line. dioc. juxta Boston ac Prebendarius 
prebendae de Iseldon eccles. S. Pauli London, xix. Aug. M.cccc.xlij. 
— Lego ecclesisB de Wiborton duo Antiphonaria notata et j. calicem 
deauratum et j. vestimentum cheker colons albi et blanci cum 
dorsorio et frontellis ejusdem operis. [Prob, ult, Jul, 1443.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. xxix. Oct. M.ccccxliij. Ego Henricus 
Markett de Eboraco, marcator — sepeliend. in eccles. mea par. 
Omnium Sanctorum super Pavimentum Ebor. — Lego fratri meo 
constituto in ordine sacerdotali, moranti in Colonia, medietatem 
unius panni lanei integri blodii coloris de Ipresse. — Lego Johanni 
Edd worth spatulam meam argento paratam et j. bonum annulum 
aureum, et unum par preciun albarum. — Lego Willelmo Gaunte, 
marcatori, j. annulum aureum habentem ij. ymagines, quarum 
una est Beatae Marias Virginis et altera Sancti Johannis, et in 
pecunia xls. Henrico filio suo meum Primarium secundarium 
et XX s. — Christofero Bothe * meam spatulam argento paratam, 
meam optimam togam viridem cum penula, daggarium meum 
secundarium et in pecunia xli. — Lego Thomae Barton, spyser, 
meum optimum gestrura et zonam meam optimam argento para- 
tam. — Lego ad facturam uuius fenestrae in eccles. mea parochiali 

* Citizen and merchant of York, and Sheriff for the city in 1460. By his will, 
dated 6 Jan. 1648-9, he desires to be buried in the church of St. Peter the Little. 
To Alice his wife he leaves his lands in Sherburn in Elmet and Barston. To his son 
Tlios. Bothe his tenement in Ulsenape, — son Chr. Blakey. 

Digitized by 



et ad facturam unius batilmentt super eccles. predictam xli. 
IFrob. 6 Nov. 1443.] 


Die Jovis, 10 Oct 1443. Ego Walterus Gower,* sanus memoriae 
: — Sep. in ecclesia Sanctae Elenae de Sheryfhoton, coram altari 
Sancti Nicholai. Item lego optimum equum meum nomine mor- 
tuarii mei. Item lego ad fabricam dictae ecclesiae vj s. viij d. 
Item lego ad ecclesiam Cathedralem Sancti Petri Eboracensis 
xiij s. iiij d. Item dispono Johannam Gower uxorem meam et 
Thomam Gower filium meum executores meos. Sesiduum, 
dictis executoribus meis, ut disponant pro anima mea sicut eis 
melius videtur. 

Also my wyll jrs, that Jonett my wyfe have my chefe maner 

Elace and iiij*^^ oxgange of land langing therto in Stytnam, als 
mge as she kepis hir sole; and yf sho tak hir a husband than the 
sayde place and the iiijo'f oxgange land remane to Thomas my 
son, and to the ayres of his body commyng; and for defaute of 
issue of hym remane to the right a;p:es of mj body commyng. 
Also my wyll ys that my dette} be paide of x h. rentt, the whilk 
sail be assigned to my childer; and eftir ye dettez be paide, yan 
my wyll ys that Margarett my doghter, Annes my doghter and 
Ane my doghter, have of y® same rentt ilkone of thame x. marc 
to hir mariage, bot yf any of thame be maried before. Also my 
wiU ys yat George my son hafe efter tyme my dettes be paide a 
rent charge of xxyj s. viij d. issuand owte of my landes and 
tenementes in Stitnam, duringe y® lyfe of Jonett my wife; and 
efter hir decesse my will ys yat y® said George reles the saide rent- 
charge of xxvj s. viij d. to Thomas his brother, and than the saide 
George to entre in y^ place and iiij. oxganges land y' was som 
tyme Isabell of Craven, to have and to hald terme of his lyfe, 
and aftir his decese to remane to Thomas his brothir and y* ayres 
of his body commyng. Also my will ys that William my son, 
Richerd, Edward and Robert my sonnes, have ilkon of yame a 
rentcharge of xxvj s. viij d. 3erely be even porcions durynge yare 
lyves paide be ye handes of Thomas my son or his ayres. Also 
my will is y* if y® saide George, William, Richerd, Edward or 
Robertt my sonnes, on or any of thame, be preferred be mariage, 
office or benefice, to y« valewe of xli., than yai to cese of the 
saide rentcharge of xxvj s. viij d., and the saide Thomas be dis- 
charged thero^^ [Pr. 16 Nov. 1443.] 

* A younger son of the family of Gower, of Stittcnham, who has not been noticed 
in any of the genealogies of that ancient house. 

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In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Robertus Esyngwald,* clericus, 
Curiae Ebor. procurator generalis, compos mentis — primo die mensis 
Augusti, Anno Domini Millesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo 
tercio— -corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia Beati Petri Ebor. 
coram 3nnagine Beatse Marise situata ubi populi offerunt ad &,- 
bricam ejusdem ecclesiae, sub lapide marmoreo ibidem pro me posito. 
Item lego mortuarium meum debitum ecclesise Sancti Michaelis 
de Berefirid. Lego rectori ejusdem ecclesiae pro decimis meis 
omissis sive oblitis xx s. Lego fabricae ecclesiae Cath. Ebor. xx s. 
et pro sepultura mea in eadem habenda xxs. Lego decern lb. 
cerae in ij tapers conficiendae ad comburendum circa corpus meum 
tempore exequiarum mearum. — Item lego xx s. ad sustentandum 
duos cereos, unum, videlicet, coram crucifixo principali et alium 
in cboro S. Thomae coram ymagiae B. Mariae ibidem in ecclesia 
mea parochiali predicta, quamdiu dicta summa xx s. durare poterit. 
Item lego pro expensis meis funeralibus faciendis et pro convoca- 
cione amicorum meorum die sepulturae meae viij 1. Et lego ad 
distribuendiun pauperibus eodem die xls, Et capellano de 
Berefrido ijs. — et domino Thomae Goldhow rectori de Wyg- 
gington xiij s. iiij (i>r=»Lego Thomae Smyth de Esyngwald xx s. ac 
unam togam cum capucio meliori, unam pelvim cum lavacro, et 
unum arcum rotundum. — Lego Johanni Wyldon de Husthwate 
et Johannae uxori suae xxvj s. viij d., unam cellam cum freno 
et gladium meum secundarium. Lego domino Willelmo Bum, 
capellano, divina celebraturo pro anima mea, parentum meorum, 
ac Hawisiae quondam uxoris meae, in ecclesia mea parochiali de 
Berefrido per duos annos xl. sterlingorum. — Johanni Thweyng, 
generoso, vj s. viij d. — Lego magistro Wilelmo Langton,t quondam 

* Another proctor in the Court of York, and one who had evidently thriven in hia 
lucrative profession. Several notices of the family have previously occurred, and I 
only add another or two. The will of John Esyngwald, citizen and merchant of 
York, dated Feb. 19, 1439-40, who desires to be buried in the church of the Au- 
gustine Friars, at York, near the bodies of his father and his brothers. To Mr. 
Robert Esyngwald (the testator above) he leaves 20s. To Dame Alice E. of York, a 
ring of gold. To John his son his sword and baslard ornamented with silver. To 
Joan his wife his share of his three best silver standing pieces. [Pr. 26 Fd>. seq,] 
He was Sheriff for the city in 1432. The testator was probably indebted for his 
position to the good offices of Master Roger Esyngwald, who was Commissary General 
of the Court at York, and Vicar of Bumeston in Richmondshire. He died in 1438, 
and on the 16th of August in that year John Bolton, alderman of York, and Mr. 
William Langton, clerk, notary public, administer to his effects. 

t William Langton, rector of St. Michael, Ousebridge, made his vnll Dec. 13, 1464, 
and in it he desires to be buried in the choir of his parish church, between the high 
altar and the lavatory. He leaves to his church his Missal, Manual, chalice, and three 

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clerico meo, xl s. et omnes quatemos meos de Practicis Curiae, 
videlicet, Libellorum, Posicionum, Articulomm, Excepcionum, 
et aliorum, et eidem unum parvum lavacrum pendibile, j flatt 
bowe, et j defensorium argento omatum. Et magistro Boberto 
Stillington* legum doctori, filiolo meo, unum librum vocatum 
Clement, et alium librum vocatum Raymond, ac librum vocatum 
Innocenc'. Et lego filiolis meis, viz. Rogero filio Willelmi 
Bowes, Roberto Howson fleccber, et Roberto filio Roberta Bolton, 
ipsorum cuilibet xij d. — Et lego ofliciali Curiae Ebor. commis- 
sario suo, receptori scaccarii, advocatis, procuratoribus et aliis 
ejusdem Curiae ministris, pro uno jonkreyf eis faciendo, xx s. — 
Et magistro Johanni Marchall,J magistro meo, unam magnam 
peciam argenti flatte cum cooperculo scripto in eodem Vittttttt 
IttifiCM cot 9OUtint0« — Johanni Caldebeck, clerico, vs. et 
j lectum cum tapeto de rubio worsted ad deserviendmn in capella 
B. Mariae Magd. in Bowthom ibidem, deserviturum in festis 
B. M, Magd. quamdiu durare valeat. Et Priori et Conventui de 
Novo Burgo maximam meam oUam eneam. Et Priori ac Con- 
ventui Sanctae Trinitatis Ebor. j magnum ciphum murreum et 

vestments. To the making (ad fabricam) of the new bells in the said church 
100«. To Margaret Ecop, my cousin, ''craterem bassum,** covered and gilt and 
marked with swans. To Master William her son "librum Bartholomei super SS 
nono," the sixth book of Decretals, with the Three Doctors. To my brother Sir Thomas 
Langton my Portiforium. To Alice del Hay, my sister, a bed couched — my brother 
Richard — . To Simon del Hay my sword, to each of his daughters, towards their 
marriage, 100«. and to each of his sons five marks. To the ministers of the Court at 
York, for their entertainment, 269. Sd. To Sir John Knapton my beads of amber 
and one faulden spoon. The residue to Sir Thomas Holbren, of York, and my brother 
Thomas Langton, of Hesilwood. [Pr. 14 Aug, 1466.] 

* Master Robert Stillington, Doctor of Laws, the godson of the testator, was a dis- 
tinguished man. In 1448 he was appointed to the prebend of Givendale in the 
church of Ripon, to a prebend in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin and the Holy 
Angels at York, and to the rectory of the church of St. Michael on Ousebridge. In 
1450-1 he exchanged his canonry of St. Decumanus in the church of Wells with 
John Bradston for the stall of Fenton in the church of York. In 1469 he resigned 
aU these benefices, together with the stall of Oxton-cum-Crophill in the church of 
York, to which he had been presented in the interim, for the prebend of Wetwang. 
His advance was now rapid : he became successively Archdeacon of Taunton, Keeper 
of the Privy Seal, Bishop of Bath and Wells, and Lord High Chancellor of England. 
His political career, thou^ marked by considerable ability, was nevertheless an un- 
fortunate one. He took a leading part in the many intrigues of that eventful period, 
and he did not escape from the misfortunes which intriguers frequently entail upon 
themselves. He adopted the cause of Lambert Simnel, for which he was imprisoned 
at Windsor, and he died in captivity in 1491. 

f This word appears to be a clerical and Anglicized version of jentaculum. The 
clerks of the Court of York must frequently have held high festival in old times, as 
we not unfrequently meet with a bequest for their " recreation. ^^ May not jonkrey 
be the parent of our word junketing ? 

X John Marshall was registrar of the Court at York, as well as receiver to the Arch- 
bishop. In 1438 he was appointed to the prebend of Bamby, in the church of York, 
which he resigned in 1443 for that of Wighton. He was also prebendary of Normanton, 
in the church of Southwell, and vicar of Osbaldwicke. He died in 1461. 

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xl 8. sterl. Ita quod celebrent obitum meum die sepulturae cum 
debita pulsacione campanarum. — Gonstituo executores meos do- 
minos Georgium Thweng, Thomam Holbryn, et Will. Bum, 
capellanos. \_Prob. penult, die DecJ] 


April 28, 1444. Thomas Karr,* civis et draper Ebor. — Item 
lego c s. ad emendum duas cathenas aurias, unam, videlicet, ad 
ponendum circa coUum yemaginis Beatae Marise Virginis, stantis 
ad altare ejusdem Virginis Mariae, post summimi altare ecclesias 
Cathedralis Beati Petri Eboracensis ; et alteram ad ponendum 
circa coUum Filii yemaginis predictae, in brachiis ejusdem ex- 
istentis. Item lego unum annulum aureum, precii xiii s. iiij d.^ 
ad ponendum et cathenandum circa coUum jemaginis Beatas 
Manae predictae. — Item lego xx marcas ad edificacionem lateris 
borialis ecclesiae meae parocnialis Sancti Sampsonis in Ebor. cum 
gabulo ejusdem ; ita quod parochiani ejusdem ecclesiae illud edifi- 
cari faciant infira tres vel quatuor annos proximos post decessum 
meimi in forma qua latus australe ejusdem modo edificatur, se* 
cundum declaracionem executorum meorum eisdem parochianis 
viva voce inde notificandam. 


May 15, 1444. Ego Jobannes Radclyff,t civis et mercator 
Eboracensis — sep. in ecclesia mea parochiali Sanctae Crucis in 
Fossegate, in cnoro Beatae Mariae Virginis ibidem. — Item lego 
X li. dandas capellano ad proficiendum peregre' pro me ad Curiam 
Eomanam, et ad celebrandum in Scala Celi unum trentale mis- 
sarum pro anima mea et parentum meorum, et pro animabus 
KaterinaeJ uxoris meae, Johannis filii mei et Aliciae uxoris suae, 

* A wealthy tradesman of York, who was one of the sheriffs for the city in 142S. 
The architectural information that his will contains is valuable. 

f A rich and pious merchant of York. The friends and kinsmen for whom he 
desires the prayers of the faithful are numerous. A pilgrimage to Rome was at this 
time by no means uncommon. There were several colleges and hospices in Rome for 
the reception of the English pilgrims, and the registers of the Archbishops of York 
contain several most valuable briefb in English in their behalf. A list of the pilgrims 
from England for a short period has been printed in the Collectanea Topographica. 

X Catherine Radclyff, the widow of the testator, by her will dated 19 July, 1458« 
desires to be buried in the church of St. Crux in Fossegate, in the choir of the Blessed 
Virgin Mary, in the tomb of her husband. She mentions her daughter Agnes Holgate, 
deceased. She leaves to the high altar of the church '^ unum osculatorium vocatum 
paxbrede^* of silver and gilt. To the fabric of the chapel of Gosner, where she was 
born, she leaves 20*. 

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Nicholai filii mei et Agnetis uxoris suae, Hugonis fratris mel et 
Agnetis uxoris suae, et Thomse filii mei ; ac pro animabus Eo- 
berti Skinner, Thomse Skinner et Henrici Skinnir, ac Eicardi 
Eadclyf, Johannis Eadclyf et Eoberti Eadclif, filionim meorum, 
ac Katerinae Eadclyf, Elenae Eadclyf, Dionisiae Eadcl3rffe, Jo- 
bannae Eadclyff et Ceciliae Eadclyff^ filianim mearum, necnon pro 
animabus Eicardi Thoresby et Agnetis uxoris suae, Johannis 
Easkell et Aviciae^ uxoris suae, Nicholai Blakbum senioris, 
magistri Thomae Tesedale, Johannis Malton clerici, Willelmi 
Woderall senioris, Willelmi Woderall junioris, Thomae Loversall, 
et Eoberti Feriby ac omnium fidelium defunctorum. — Item lego 
fecturae octo fenestrarum vitrearum in ecclesia mea parochial! de 
novo faciendarum xv li. 


May 20, 1444. Ego Willelmus Girlyngton,* civis et draper 
Ebor. — corpus meum m ecclesiastica sepultura sepeliendum. Item 
lego pro mortuario meo optimam meam togam pro corpore meo 
talliatara. Item lego fabricae ecclesiae Cathedralis Eboracensis xl s. 
Item lego quatuor ordinibus Fratrum Mendicancium Ebor. viij li. 
argenti, videlicet cuilibet ordini xls. Item lego Fratemitati 
Sancti Johannis Baptistae Eboracensis xx s. Item lego quatuor 
domibus leprosorum in suburbiis Ebor. xxs., per equales por- 
ciones. Item lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes manentes in 
le} Measondieux civitatis Ebor. xl s. Item lego pauperibus 
Cremetts Hospitalis Sancti Leonard! Ebor. xiij s. iiij d. Item 
lego prisonariis domini Archiepiscopi Eboracensis, in victu- 
alibus sibi liberandis, xiij s. iiij d. Item lego prisonariis in 
les Kidcotes, modo consimili, x s. Item lego cmlibet anachoritsB 
Eboracensi xs. Item lego pro decimis et oblacionibus meis 

* A younger son of the fEimily of Girlington of Girlington, in Richmondshire. The 
Girlingtons had for some time been in the possession of property in York, ivhich 
appears to have been inherited by the testator. He seems to have realised a large 
fortune by his profession, and his shop probably supplied him v^ith the means of 
making some most useful and charitable legacies. He leaves 100 beds each furnished 
with a pair of sheets, a pair of blankets, and a coverlet, and 100 pairs of shoes to as 
many poor people. These liberal bequests show that the testator was a man of sub- 
stance. He was also of no little consideration in York, as we find him holding the 
office of sheriff for the City in 1427, mayor in 1440, and M.P. in 20 Henry VI. The 
new genealogical information which this will discloses does not tally with any pedigree 
of the family that I am acquainted with. 

Stephen de Gryllington (Girlington) of York, ** lyttester," an ancestor of the tes- 
tator, in his will dated June 18, 1394, desires to be buried in the church of St. John 
the Evangelist on Ousebridge. He leaves to Margaret Clarevaux three ells of linen 
doth, and to Agnes his wife, whom he appoints his executrix, all his lands in York. 
IPr. 21 Oct. 1394,] 

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oblitis XX B. Item lego ad salarium duorum capellanorum pro 
anima mea et anima Elenas, quondam uxoris meae, parentumque 
nostrorum, et omnium fidelium defunctorum, in ecclesia mea pa- 
rochiali Sancti Andreae Ebor. celebraturorum, in ecclesia Sancti 
Martini in Conyngstrete in Eboraco, per tres annos proxime post 
decessum meum, xxj. marcas, capientium per annum vij. marcas. 
Item lego et dispono ad v" lectos in forma sequenti ordinandos, 
videlicet, v" coverlettes, precii cujuslibet lij s. iiij d. , xxv. 
marcas; item v" paria lintniaminum, quolibet pari continente 
octo ulnas, precii cujuslibet paris ij s. iiij d., xx. marcas; et v" 
paria lodicium, quolibet pari continente quatuor ulnas, precii cujus- 
libet paris iij s. iiij d., xxv. marcas, et v" pauperibus personia 
penes discrecionem executorum meorum ministrandos et ero- 

?;andos, quam cito post mortem meam commodius fieri poterit. 
tern lego ad v" paria calciamentorum et caligarum emendum, 
et v". pauperibus personis erogandis pro anima mea et animabus 
antedictis vli. xvj s. viijd., precii cujuslibet paris xiiij d. Item 
lego Henrico Girlyngton consanguineo meo quatuor ulnas panni 
nigri ad unam togam. Item lego ad maritagium filiae dicti 
Henrici decem marcas, si ipse vixerit tempore mortis meae, aliter 
non. Item lego Willelmo et Jobannae, liberis Johannis Girlyng- 
ton, Jfratris mei defuncti, decem marcas equaliter dividendas. 
Item lego Koberto et Willelmo, filiis bastardis Johannis Girlyng- 
ton avunculi mei, quatuor libras inter eos equaliter dividendas. 
Item lego Aliciae, filiae ejusdem Johannis Girlyngton, xl s. Item 
lego uxori Nicholai Girlyngton,* consanguinei mei, unum ciphum 
argenti precii quatuor marcarum. Item lego Katerinae Dalton et 
Aliciae sorori suae, seu earum alteri superviventi, xx s. Item lego 
Willelmo Freman, clerico, xxs. Item lego Willelmo Blenkarn 
et Margaretae uxori suae quinque marcas. Item lego Eoberto 
Siggeswick, consanguineo meo, xl s. Item lego ad reparacionem 
pontis de Gaterik vjlL Item lego ad reparacionem pontis de 
Kirkham iiij li. Item remitto et condono omnibus pauperibus 
debitoribus meis, qui commode solvere non possint, omnia ilia 
debita quae michi debent. Item do et lego Johannaef uxori meae 

* Nicholas G-irlington of York, the testator ^s cousin, makes his will September 17, 
1464, and in it he desires to be buried either in St. Mary's Abbey or in the house of 
the Holy Trinity in York. He leaves 40^. to a chaplain to pray for his soul, and 
those of WilHam and Nicholas G-irlington, his parents, children, brothers, sisters, and 
benefactors' souls. He makes his wife Elizabeth his executrix and the guardian' of his 
children. {Pr. 22 Sept. 8eq.'\ 

+ After her husband's death she remarried . . . Deyne, whom she survived, and 
by her will, dated at York July 19, 1457, she directs her body to be buried in the 
high choir of the church of St. Andrew's, York, in the tomb of William Girlington, 
her late husband. To her cousin Nicholas Girlington she leaves a silver cup gilt in the 
shape of a nut. To Elizabeth his wife she gives a salt of silver, covered and parcel gilt. 
To Nicholas Girlington his son, and Elizabeth his wife, a great pair of iron andirons. 
To Margaret Girlington, sister of the said Nicholas Girlington junior, her best bowl. 

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totum statum meum in isto tenemento et gardino In Litill Seint 
Andrewgate in Eboraco quae et quos habui ex concessione Jo- 
hannis Forth et Johannis Dubber de Eboraco, mercers, adminis- 
tratorum bonorum quae fuerunt Johannis Bowland, nuper civis et 
marcatoris Ebor., et quae predictus Johannes Bowland nuper 
habuit ex dimissione Christofori Spencer armigeri — et volo quod 
post decessum suum remaneant Nicholao Girlyngton predicto, 
consanguineo mea Item do et lego predicto Nicholao Girlyng- 
ton, consanguineo meo, totum illud tenementum meum in Litdl 
Saynt Andrewgate, quod nuper habui ex dono et feoffamento 
Ricardi Arnall clerici et Johannis Spanyell capellani, quod quon- 
dam fuit Johannis Bowland. Eesiduum executoribus meis, quos 
constituo Johannam uxorem meam, Ricardum Warter civem et 
marcatorem Eboracensem, predictum Nicholaum Girljoigton con^ 
sanguineum meum, Willelmum Stillyngton, Johannem Marton 
et Kobertum Warderop. Datum Ebor. [Pr. 7 June^ 1444.] 



March 14, 1443-4. Ego Antonius de Sancto Quintino,* ar- 
miger, dominus de Harpham — sep. in ecclesia Sancti Johannis 
Beverlacensis de Harpham, coram altari Beatae Mariae ibidem. 
Item clo et lego optimum meum equum cum sella et freno ac 
totali apparatu pro eisdem cum armatura mea, ut moris est, pro 
mortuario meo. Item lego quatuordecim libras cerae operatas in 
cereis circa corpus meum comburendis die sepulturae meae. Item 
lego quinquaginta libras cerae et rosyn ad quatuor torcheas com- 
burendas ibidem eodem die. Item lego cuilibet sacerdoti exe- 
quiis meis interessenti eodem die xij d. Item cuilibet clerico 
ibidem existenti iiij d. Item lego fabricae ecclesiae Cathedralis 
Beati Petri Eboracensis vj s. viij d. Fabricae ecclesiae de Harp- 
ham pro anima mea et Elizabethae uxoris meae in memoria 
habenda xxs. Fabricae ecclesiae CoUegiatae Sancti Johannis 
Beverlaci vj s. viij. Item lego uni ydoneo et discreto capellano 
ad celebrandum (fivina in capella de Harpham pro anima mea 
per unum annum iiijli. Willelmo filio meo decem libras 

To William Goldyne, her brother, a silver piece covered '* cum le cardnall hatt, nnam 
marram cum uno fronnce," six silver spoons, and one bed of green, with a Hon 
couched. To the wife of Thomas Goldyng a gown of violet, " penulatam cum mynks.*' 
[Pr, 30 July wj.] 

* The head of the great house of St. Quintin of Harpham, in the East Riding. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Frank of Grimsby, by whom he left three 
sons and two daughters. The present will makes some alterations in the received 
pedigree of this family. 

Digitized by 



monetae Angliae. Antonio filio meo decern libras. Margaretse 
filia; mese quadraginta marcas. Joliannse filias mese decern 
marcas. Fratribus qiiatuor ordinum xxvj s. viij d. Johanni 
fratri meo, canonico, xx s. Item volo quod predict! filii et filise 
mese Willelmus, Antonius, Johannes, Margareta et Jolianna, 
sint sub tutela et custodia executorum meorum. Executores 
meos constituo Thomam de Sancto Quintino * armigerum, filium 
meum et heredem, Thomam Ardenf de Marton armigerum, 
et Willelmum Ward de Lowthorpp. Datum apud Beverlacum* 
[Pr. 3 July, 1444.] 



In Dei nomine, Amen. In nomine Summae et Individuae 
Trinitatis, Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Nono die 
mensis Julii, Anno Domini Millesimo quadnngentesimo quadra- 
gesimo quarto. Ego Johannes Brompton de Beverlaco, J mercator, 
compos mentis et in bona memoria mea existens, condo, ordino 
et dispono testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, 
transiturus ab hoc mundo, Pater, in manus tuas commendo spiritum 
meum, redimisti me, Domine Deus veritatis, et si non meiff 
meritis, qui homo peccator sum, spero tamen quod sinus Abrahae 
me suscipiet redempcione passionis Domini nostri Jhesu Christi, 
et meritis et sufiragiis precelsae Genetricis Dei Marias, Sanctorum 
Michaelis, Gabriehs, Eaphaelis, et omnium Angelorum et Arch- 
angelorum, Sanctorum Johannis Baptistae et Patriarcharum 
Omnium, Sanctorum Petri et PauH, Andreae, Jacobi, Johannis et 

* Thomas St Quintin , Esq. the eldest son and heir of the testator, married Elizabeth, 
or Agnes, daughter of Sir John Constable of Halsham, Knight Sir John Constable in 
his will mentions his daughter Elizabeth St Quintin ; but, on the 24th of July, 1445, 
the administration to the effects of Thomas St. Quintin, Esq. is granted to Agnes his 
widow. Sir John Constable being a bondsman. He died without issue, and his 
estates passed to his second brother William. His widow remarried Sir William 

f See his will under the year 1455. 

X The will of a most opulent merchant at Beverley, which gives us a striking picture 
of the wealth and commercial greatness which formerly centred in that place. Few 
towns have had a greater downfall ; but even now, in the midst of its decay, we may 
still meet with traces of its ancient prosperity. The stately Minster, which would be 
an ornament to any town in Europe, is a living witness of the munificence which bade 
it rise above the plain, and it answers more decisively than any words could do the 
assertions of those who would say that beauty and taste are in their very nature incom- 
patible with commerce, and that the merchant must necessarily make bis merchandize 
his God. The testator makes his bequests on a scale of princely magnificence, and 
there is hardly a church or a religious establishment in Beverley or its neighbourhood 
that is omitted by him. The preamble to his will is drawn up in a strain of earnest 
and touching piety. 

Digitized by 



TwTWgbir MWi^imm*^ 


Apostolorum, Omnium Sanctorum, Georgii, Dionisii, ThomaB, Al- 
bani et Omnium Sanctorum Martinim, oanctorum Edwardi, Re- 
migii, Nicholai, Johannis de Beverlaco, Johannis de Bridlyngton et 
omnium Confessorum, Sanctarum Annse, Magdalenae, et Brigidae, 
matronarum Venefridae, Katerinae, Barbaras, Etheldredse, Ursulae 
et Undecim Millium, ac omnium Sanctarum Virginum, et tocius 
celestis curiae. Item devote commendo Sum mi Salvatoris clemen- 
ciae summae fidem, spem et caritatem. Item lego corpus 
meum ad sepeliendum in ecclesia coUegiata Beati Johannis 
Beverlaci, juxta corpus Elenae uxoris meae. Item lego fabricae 
ejusdem ecclesiae xxs. Item fabricae ecclesiae Beati Petri 
Ebor. V s. [" Pro fabrica Peti^*" in margine.'] Item fabricae 
capellae Beatae Mariae Beverlaci x s. Item lego magistro Henrico 
Bowett, quondam rectori meo et prebendario prebendae Sancti 
Martini in dicta ecclesia coUegiata Beati Johannis Bever* 
laci, vj 8. viij d. Item utrique domui Fratrum de Kyngeston 
super Hull iij s. iiij d. Item cuilibet domui Fratrum de Scarde- 
burgh iij s. iiij d. Item lego Conventui monialium et sororum 
domus de Watton ad unam petanciam xx s. Item lego Priorissae 
de Swyn iij s. iiij A, cuilibet moniali dictae domus ij s., et vicario 
ibidem iij s. iiij d. Et cuilibet capellano ibidem divina celebraturo 
infra ecclesias dictae villae xij d. Item Hamond servienti ibidem 
xijd., et cuilibet mulieri servienti dictis raonialibus infra Abba- 
thiam predictam vj d. Item monialibus de Killyng x s. Item 
moniahbus de Burneham vs. Item lego in cera comburenda 
tempore exequiarum mearum v marcas. Item lego ad vestiendura 
tresdecim pauperes viros portaturos cereos in panno russeto xxxvj s. 
Item lego ad vestiendum iij " pauperes utriusque sexus in panno 
dicto Coventr' russet walshefresed x 1. Item lego distribuendas 
pauperibus tempore obitus mei xviij 1. Item leprosis extra 
barras boriales Beverlaci ijs. et dimidiam celdram carbonum. 
Item lego pauperibus domus elemosinae extra barras predictas, 
qjualibet septimana durante termino trium annorum, ad petanciam 
iiij d. Item cuilibet eorum tempore obitus mei vj d. et unam 
celdram carbonum. Item pauperibus Sanctae Trinitatis super le 
Crossebrig, qualibet septimana durante termino triu mannorum, 
ad unam petanciam iiij d. Item cuilibet eorum in die sepulturae 

* Nearly the whole of the early wills at York are neatly transcribed into registers, 
all of which have an ample margin. Whenever there is a bequest to the fabric of the 
Cathedral, there is a small cross in the margin, followed by ^'fabricse Petri.'' The 
representatives of the various testators probably paid the amount of this legacy into the 
hands of the registrar ; and he, for he was generally an officer of the church himself, found 
this notification of great service when he turned over his books before rendering up his 
accounts to the proper authorities. There are few wills which do not contain some 
bequest to the fabric of St. Peter. Gloriou^ indeed and vast though that temple be, it 
will rise still vaster and more glorious -before our eyes if we but remember that it is a 
monument of praise and adoration which has been raised by ten thousand hands. 


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mese vj d. et inter eosdem unara celdram carbonum. Item pau- 
peribus domus Sancti Johannis in Lathgate, qualibet septimana 
durante termino trium annorum, ij d. Item cuilibet soron domus 
Sancti Egidil vj d. et inter easdem dimidiam celdram carbonum. 
Item lego cuilibet pauperi ad numerum xv., qualibet septimana 
ad termmum iiij. annorum, j d. Item reclusae juxta ecclesiam 
Sancti Egidii iij s. iiij d. Item anachoritae ad Frariam Sancti 
Nicholai ^everlaci xviij d. Item lego vicario meo parochiali 
iij s. iiij d. Item lego clerico meo parochiali xij d. Item lego 
cuilibet capellano existenti in exequiis meis et missa iiij d. Item 
lego in cibacione pauperum et aliorum amicorum meorum ac in 
vestura fratrum et amicorum meorum xij 1. Item lego ad sol- 
vendum domino Regi unam taxam vel duas dimidias taxas pro in- 
habitantibus, scilicet, Langetofte et Cotom (sic). Item lego fabricse 
ecclesiae de Langetofte x s. Item lego cuilibet pauperi utriusque 
sexus in dictis villis de Langetofte et Cotom xij d. Item lego 
duobus capellanis pro me divina celebraturis per tres annos in le 
Charnell, capiente utroque per annum vij. marcas. Item lego 
Jobanni Burnard capellano pro me in ecclesia vocata Holme- 
kirke divina celebraturo per tres annos quolibet anno vij. marcas. 
Item do et lego dicto Johanni Burnard xls. Item lego nni 
capellano in ecclesia de Langetoft celebraturo pro animabus pa- 
rentum meorum et omnium benefactorum meorum per imum 
annum vj. marcas dimidiam. Item do et lego Nicholao Bromp- 
TON, FiLio MEO, cccc 1. Item lego eidem Nicholao unam ob- 
Hgacionem de Thoma Brompton et executoribus suis mihi 
factam de summa sexaginta duanmi marcarum sex solidorum 
et viij d. Item lego eidem Nicholao duas obligaciones per 
Comitem Northumbriae michi factas et unam literam per 
Comitissam Northumbriae michi directam de summa ciiijl. vjs. 
viij d. Item lego eidem Nicholao debita mea per Johannem 
Bedford pro iij. quarteriis de navi vocata Bartilmew, et aliis par- 
cellis debitis prout in parvo libro rubeo continentur ; summa 
Ixv 1. X d. Item do et lego Nicholao Brompton, filio meo, unum 
messuagium cum pertinentiis in Newbiggyng, quod habui de dono 
et feoffamento Thomas Rose, habendum — sibi et heredibus. 
Item lego predicto Nicholao quandam vastam terram juxta Mali- 
face mylne. Item do et lego predicto Nicholao unam peciara 
deauratam, viz. meam optimam, quam emi de Alicia Barton de 
Doncastre, ponderantem xlix uncias. Item lego eidem Nicholao 
unam peciam coopertam cum batelraent deauratam cum nodo 
azor ponderantem xxxiiij. uncias iij d. ob., j. flat pece coopertam 
pounced cum rosis et aquilis ponderantem xiij. uncias ; j. peciam 
planam ponderantem xij. unc, unam peciam planam, unde 
fuerunt quinque de eadem secta ; j. goblet coopertam cum ij. 

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bendis et poll' deauratam ponderantem xj. unc. vij d. ob.; unam 
ollam argenteam continentem j. quart ponderantem xix. unc. dim. 
vij d. ob. Item lego eidem, j. saltsaler argenti coopertum; 
j. novam murram cum dim. dos. cocliarium argenti cum nodis 
deauratis ponderantium vj. unc. dim. vij d. ob. ; j. lectum de arras 
werke cum yemagine Beatse Mariae et trium Regum, Item 
j. coverlet de blodio cum capitibus damarum viridibus cum alio 
coopertorio rubeo habente in lystyng volucres et albas ollas. 
Item j. par linthiaminum duplicum. Item lego eidem dimidium 
dos. de pewdre vessell de London, cum j. de liij. pelvibus coun- 
trefeetes cum lavacro de Brigges vel facto London, et cum secunda 
pelvi lat' de semfactura. Item do et lego eidem ollam meam 
enneam optimam ponderantem vj. dos. iij li. cum alia olla ennea 
ponderante xiiij li., meam optimam patellam enneam tripedem 
cum duabus auribus ponderantem xxli.; j. chawfer de auricalco 
cum lavacro pendente emptum de Willelmo Dighton. Item lego 
eidem dim. dos. qwissyngges clothes cum gaytes de arras werke 
cum duobus banqquers rubeis et nigris. Item lego eidem meam 
optimam togam d^ scarleto cum furrura de funes et j. nigram 
cnimbre furr' cum^ calaber. Item lego eidem duas togas de 
ultimis sectis mercatonim cum capucio meo optimo de scarlet et 
j. cappe de scarlet. Item lego eidem Nicholao j. mappam de 
twille continentem vj. ulnas cum j. manutergio de twille continente 
X ulnas. Item eidem j. veru ferreum optimum de iiij. majoribus 
et veru optimum de iiij. minoribus. Item j. cathedram magnam 
de Flaunders worke cum j. longa formula de firre cum duabus 
brevioribus. Item lego eidem j. cistemam ad ordium stantem 
in le stipehouse cum una nova arcba de Flaunderse factura stantem 
in magna camera. Item lego eidem Nicholao j. standjmg counter 
existentem in aula juxta introitum a le parlur. Omnia ista 

Erescripta et prelegata do et lego predicto Kicholao filio meo sub 
ac condicione quod predictus Nicholaus deliberet seu deliberari 
faciat michi vel alicui alio nomine meo assignato omnimodas 
obligaciones seu evidencias per me pro maritagio suo vel alias 
sigillatas in quibus obligatus sum, quae a me injuste detinentur. 
Item do et lego Johanni Bbompton filiolo meo, filio Thom^ 
Brompton, xl. marcas. Item lego eidem Johanni j. stantem peciam 
deauratam cum Michaell et Dracone ponderantem xxxj. unc dim« 
Item lego eidem j. peciam argenteam cum cooperculo surgente 
pounced cum rosis et aquilis ponderantem xiij. unc. Item lego 
eidem j. flatpece deauratam circa labia unde fuerunt quinque de 
secta. Item lego eidem j. goblet cum bende in medio deaurata 
ponder, v. unc. dim. vij d. ob. Item lego eidem j. ewer deaurat. 
ponder, xij. unc. viij d., j. ollam argenteam continentem j. quart 
ponder, xvij. unc. di. vij d. ob., j. pixidem argenteam pro 

H 2 

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Sulvere ciun nodo azer ponder, iij. unc. dim. Item lego eidem 
im. dos. cocliarium argenti cum nodis deauratis ponder, 
vj. unc, j. cistemam ad ordium stantem in le stepehouse, 
j. togam penulatam cum feches blodiam, j. dosour de blodio 
viridi pro superiore parte aulas cum duabus costers pro 
utroque latere aulae cum v. bangqweres ejusdem coloris et dim. 
dos. qwissengges ejusdem colons. Item lego eidem dim. dos! 
qwisshengges cum gajtes de arras werke; longam tabulam pro 
superiore parte aulae cum tribus kerven tristes eidem pertinentibus, 
cum alia tabula vocata dormoimt in aula et cum alia tabula et 
tristes in le parlour cotidiana. Item lego eidem j. mappam de 
twille continentem vij. ulnas iij. quart, dim. cum j. manutergio 
de twille continente vij. uln. iij. quart, dim. et cum alio manu- 
tergio de twill continente yj. ulnas iij. qu. Item lego eidem 
Jobanni j. mappam de plane cloth continentem viij. ulnas; dim. 
dos. de pewder vessell de London, j. de iiij. pelvibus counterfectis, 
lavacro de Brigges vel London factura cum optima pelvi lata 
cum semfactura et cum duabus basques coppes pro ponderacione 
j. dos. peper, existentibus in utraque tribus foraminibus. Itemt 
lego eidem j. chawffer de auricalco cum lavacro in aula pendente, 
j. pendens candelabrum de auricalco cum magno candelabro ferreo 
stante; j. ollam enneam cum brevibus pedibus ponder, iij. dos, 
X. lib. cum j. parva gotlyng pond. ij. lib. dim. Item lego eidem 
j. ketill enneum cum le klpe pond. ij. dos. iiij. lib. cum j. 
messyngpan non ligata pond. x. lib. Item lego eidem j. pateUam 
ferream vocatam rostyngpan habentem j. spout in utraque fine. 
Item lego eidem Johanni j. brewynglede, j. leke lede, ij. worte- 
ledes clausa in j. fomas, j. maskefatt cum j. par qwemes; j. 
bordeditbed in magna camera cum curtens pendentibus circa 
ibidem; j. lectum plumarum cum le bolster existente super idem 
lectum cum j. par linthiaminum et cum j. pulvinare laquiat' cum 
crules in fine grene tartarin subexistent' et cum j. pulvinare 
plane. Item lego eidem optimum meum lectum de arras werke 
cum ymaginibus aucupantium circa stagnum cum j. tapeto de 
steuen werke. Item lego eidem j. cathedram magnam de 
Flaundres werke cum alia cathedra rotunda et cum una longa 
formula de firre cum aliis tribus brevibus et omnibus aliis scabellis. 
Item lego eidem j. counter cum cupbord cum ij. stages et cum 
j. kerven lange satill cum ij. stages, stante in magna camera. 
Item lego eidem j. prese kiste in magna camera cum j. warre 
kiste habentem ij. stages. Item lego eidem j. par gaulous ferreas 
cum omnibus hyngles et klpes et j. ladill cum ij. scomeres de 
auricalco. Item lego eidem secundarium veru meum magnum et 
secundarium de minoribus, mortarium enneum cum pestell ferreo 
cum magno mortario lapideo. Item lego eidem j. pressur pro 

Digitized by 



pannis custodiendis existentem in le forchaumbre cum veteri cista 
in le "withdrawyngecliaumbre et cum alia sista de firre in le wyne 
saler. Item lego eidem omnia omamenta ad altaria pertinentia, 
viz. j. Missale cum signaculis argenteis et deauratis, j. calicem 
deauratum, j. vestimentum deblodio worsted, ij. plumaria steuend, 
j. frontellis ejusdem colons, ij. auterclothes, j. superaltare de 
marmore albo non consecrate, j. par curtens de serico rubeo, et 
viridi, j. haly water&tt de auricalco, cum una tabula cum ymagine 
crucifixi. Item do et lego Willelmo Brompton, felio Thom^b 
Brompton, xl. marcas si ipsum ad etatem sexdecim annorum 
vivere contigerit. Item lego eidem Willelmo j. flatt pece cooper- 
tam deauratam pounced cum j. wrethe circa coopertonum ponder. 
XXV. unc. dim. Item lego eidem j. peciam planam ponder, x 
unc. Item lego eidem j. collok argenteum pond. viij. unc. ixd. 
Item lego eidem j. goblett unde sunt vj. de secta. Item lego 
eidem j laver cum ij. spowtes deaurat. pond. vij. unc. et dim. 
vijd. ob. Item lego eidem j. pixidem argenteam pro pulvere 
cimi nodo azorant' pond. iij. unc. dim. Item lego eidem dim. 
dos. whyisshynges clotbes de mensibus anni of arras werke cum 
dim. dos. whissnens de viridi et blodio. Item lego eidem j. tabu- 
lam fulvam et nigram, quam habui de Petro Merflete de Hull. 
Item lego eidem j. mappam de twille continentem v. ulnas iij. qu. 
dim. cum. manutergio de twill cent. v. uln. dim. Item lego eidem 
j. mappam de playne clothe cont. vij. uln. dim. cum j. manutergio 
de playne clothe cont. vij. idnas. Item lego eidem dim. dos. de 
pewder wessell de majoribus pale de senibus cum j. de iiij. pel- 
vibus counterfets cum lavacro de Brigges vel London factura. 
Item lego eidem j. ollam enneam pond. xxij. lib. cum j. patella 
ennea vocata friyngpan pond. viij. lib. et cum uno goosse pan de 
ferro faurecornered. Item lego eidem ij. wortledc} clausa in 
j, fomas. Item lego eidem optimum bordetbed in le withdrawyng 
chaumbre cum curtens pendentibus circa idem. Item lego eidem 
j. lectum plumarium cum le bolster existentem in le forchaumbre. 
Item lego eidem j. par linthiaminum. Item lego eidem j. lectum 
blodium de arras worke cum duabus ymagimbus et racionibus 
finoi ^OU cum j. pulvinare de Prusewerke et cum alio pulvinare 
piano. Item lego eidem j. longe satill 3rrowne in magna camera 
cum j. cathedra rotunda et cum j. longa forma de firre cum duabus 
brevibus. Item lego eidem cistemam stantem in larderhouse. 
Item lego eidem j. rotundum veru ferreum cum j. de iiij. mi- 
noribus. Et si contingat predictum Willelmum infra etatem 
sexdecim annorum obire tunc volo quod omnia prescripta cedant 
usui Johannis et ThomsB fratrum et Helenae sororis ejusdem. Et si 
-—cedant usui Nicholai filii mei, filiorum et filiarum ejusdem. Item 
do et lego Thojie Brompton filio Troum Brompton xl. marcas si 

Digitized by 



venerit ad etatem xvj. annorum. Item do et lego predicto 
ThomsB unum meesuagium cum pertin. in Kyngeston super Hull. 
Et volo quod post decessum meum predictus Thomas exhibeatur 
ad scolas cum redditu ex predicto messuagio usque ad terminum 
xvj. annorum. Etsi — rem. Johanni filio Nicholai Brompton 
filiolo meo. Item lego predicto Thomae Brompton j. peciam flat 
deauratam pond. xij. unc. dim. v d, ob. Item lego eidem j. peciam 
argenteam coopertam stamped cum rosis pond. xix. unc. et dim. 
Item lego eidem j. flat peciam unde fiierunt quinque de secta, 
j. goblet unde sunt vj. de secta, dim. dos. cocliarium argenti 
pond. vj. unc vij d. obolo excepto. Item lego eidem j. tabulam 
cum tristis existentem in magna camera. Item lego eidem j. 
mappam continentem iiij. ulnas dim. et clavem, cum uno manu- 
tergio de twille continentem vij. ulnas et cum j. manutergio de 
playn clothe cont. vj. uln. dim. Item lego eidem j. de iiij. pelvi- 
bus counterfetts sine lavacro cum j. holbasyn. Item lego eidem 
j. oUam enneam pond. xvj. lib. cum alia olla ennea pond. x. lib. et 
cum j. rotunda patella ferrea vocata fryingpan. Item lego eidem j. 
veru majus et j. veru minus. Item lego eidem j. lectum plumarum 
cum le bolster existentem in le waterhous chaumbre, j. par linthia- 
minum cum duobus planis pulvinaribus. Item lego eidem j . burded- 
bedd in le withdrawynchambre. Item lego eidem imum lectum 
cum tapetto de blodio say cum olifaimte cum coopertorio albo cum 
fin et rose blodiis et rubeis. Item lego eidem j . loDge satill in le with- 
drawyngchaumbre cum j. longa formula de fyrre cum duabus 
breviorlbus. Item lego eidem j. standyng chountre in le water* 
house chaumbre cum j. pruce kiste in eadem. Et si contingat 
predictum Thomam infra etatem xvj. annor. obire — omnia predicta 
cedant in usum Johannis et Willelmi fratrum et Helense sororis 
ejusdem. — Et si — tunc usui Nicholai filii meL Item do et lego 
Helena Brompton filui Thomjb Brompton xl. marcas. Item 
lego predictae Elenae j. messuagium in Estgate in Beverlaco — 
Item lego predictae Helenae j. peciam coopertam cum batilment 
deauratam et nodo azor ponder, xxviij. unc, j. flat pece cum rosis 
in fundo ponder, viij. unc except, vij d., j. goblet undevj. sunt de 
secta, dim. dos. cocliarium argenti pond. vj. unc. except, vij d. ob., 
dim. dos. pewderwesell de London, j. oUam enneam pond. iij. 
dos. X. lib. cum j. messyngpan ligata pond, xiiij. lb. cum j. parva 
patella cum kilpis pond. iiij. lb., j. pelvem planam cum lavacro 
cum j. holow bassyn cum summa fracta, de auricalco, j. archam 
kervid cum Sancto Georgio et aliis ymaginibus, cum dim. dos. 
whyssyngclothes cum gaytes de arras werke, j. lectum plu- 
marium cum bolster super lecto in le parlour, cum j. lecto viridi 
et tapetis cum signis albis, et cum j. par linthiaminum et j. pul- 
vinare laquiato cum crules in fine grene tartarin super existente 

Digitized by 



et cum alils pulvinaribus consutis cum serico, j. mappam de 
twiUe cont. iiij. ulnas iij. quart, dim. cum. j. manutergio de 
twille cont. x. uln. iij. qu. cum j. costre de pruce werke, j. zonam 
blodiam de serico deaurato habentem cum vittis aliia operibus in- 
terfactis pond. vj. unc, cum j. par precum de corall cont. viij" x. 
cum XX. gaude) deauratis et j. annulum de auro cimi cruce auri 
et ymaffine crucifixi et ymagine Beatae Marias facta in cruce 
cum node de perell. Item do et lego Johanni Brompton filio 
NiCHOLAi FILIOLO MEO xl. marcas, si Vixerit ad etatem xvj. an- 
norum, j. stantem peciam coopertam cum bend in medio et 
batilment deaurato et aquila super nodum pond. xxxj. unc, j. 
saltsaler argenti cum dim. dos. cocliarium argenti pond, vj unc 
except vij a. ob., j. pelvem planam cum lavacro cum j. holow- 
bostbasen cum anulo, dim. dos. pewdre wessell de nimore pale de 
senibus cum olla ennea cum kilp summa existente paunnetell' 
pond. ij. dos. dim. et cum messingpan ligata pond, xiij lb., 
melius bordebed in le waterbouse chaumbre cum lecto rubio et 
tapeto cum lignis viridibus et leonibus coronatis cum j. matrice 
super lectum m le parlour et j. par linthiaminum cum ij. pulvi- 
naribus planis, j. mappam de twille cont. iiij. ulnas iij. qu. dim. 
cum manutergio de twille et j. pruce kiste in le menychaimabre. 
Et si contingat infra astatem xvj. annor. obire — remaneant suis 
fratribus et sororibus. .Item do et lego Tromm Brompton filio 
NiCHOLAi xl. marcas, si ad etatem venerit xvj. annor., j. peciam 
emptam de Helena Fauconer pond, xxxij. unc. cum dim. dos. 
cocliarium pond. vj. imc. except, vij d. ob. et cum pelvi et lavacro 
de Flaundreshap, j. lectum rubeum et blodium cum tapeto cum 
oUis liliis viridibus et stellis viridibus et albis cum j. matrice in 
withdrawyngchambre cum j. pari linthiaminum et ij. pulvinaribus, 
j. ollam enneam cum j. kilp pond, xv lb et dim. cum olla alia 
ennea pond, vij lb. dim., j. mappam de twille, j. manutergium de 
twille. — Et si — rem. fratribus et sororibus. Item do et lego 
EoBERTO Brompton, filio Nicholai, xl. marcas si ad etatem xvj. 
annor. &c j. flat peciam cum IS. et stella sub ftmdo. pond. xvj. 
unc, j. peciam factam pro cooperculo pounced cum rosis et aquilis 
pond. viij. unc et dim. iij d. ob. ann., j. saltsaler argenti, j. pelvem 
planum cum lavacro de Flaundresshapp cum olla ennea pond. 
XV lb. et dim. et cum alia olla ennea cum lavacro fracto, ij. 
coopertoria cum j. whilte, j. par linthiaminum cum ij. planis 
pulvinaribus, j. mappam de twille. Et si contingat, &c. tunc 
fratribus et sororibus suis. Item do et lego Helenas Brompton, 
Fnjo Nicholai Brompton, xl. marcas si vixerit ad etatem xv. 
annor. et unum messuagium in Blakefreer lane. Et si contingat — 
rem. MargaretaB sorori ejusdem — Thomae B. filio Nicholai filii 
mei. Item lego predictae Helenas j. stantem peciam coopertam 
cum batelment et poll' deaurat. pond, xiiij. unc, j. goblet cum 

Digitized by 



dim. dos. cocliarium, dim. dos. pewdre wesell de London cum dinl. 
dos. whisshons rubiis cum waterlefe, j. arcbam rubeam kerved in 
magna camera, &c. Et si — turn fratribus et sororibus. Item do 
et lego MABOAKETiE fills: Nicholai Brompton xl. marcas si 
vixerit ad etatem xv. annor., j. flat pece coopertam pouncede cum 
rosis et aquilis, j goblet, v. whisshons cum volucnbus, j. zonam 
nigram de serico deauratam operatam continuat' cum volucribus 
auri pond. vj. unc, j. par precum de argento et corall continens 
vj" absque gaude} et v. sunt de auro. — Et si contingat obire — 
tunc fratribus et sororibus. Item do et lego Agneti Bkompton 
FILLS Nicholai xl. marcas si vixerit ad etatem xv. annorum, 
j. peciam planam, j. coUok argenti, j. goblet, j. murram veterem, 
j. zonam nigram de serico deauratam cum vj. barris rotundis, 
j. bursam de welvet rubeo habentem cor aureum ex una parte 
et in aureum ex altera parte. Et si — tunc fratribus et so- 
roribus. — Item do et lego JoHANN-fi Bkompton fill® predicti 
Nicholai xl. marcas, si ad etatem xv. annor. &c. dim. dos. 
whisshenclothes de mensibus anni de arras werke, &c. Item do 
et lego Agneti Brompton cognatae mese et servienti xxli., vj. 
cocliaria argenti de veteri factura, j. coopertorium nigrum cum 
lignis et volucribus fulvis, j. par linthiaminum cum j. pulvinare 
de pr'ce worke et alium planum, cum j. pulvinare et le bolster 
super lectum secundarium in le parloure, &c. Item lego Johanni 
Brompton chapman filio Eicardi Brompton xl s. cum j. cooper- 
torio de draconblod. Thomae Brompton de Langetoft, husband- 
man, V. marcas. Eoberto Brompton, chapman, xls., j. cooper- 
torium nigrum cum pavonibus fiilvis et melius matres in le meny- 
chaumbre, j. singulo fres cum x. vittis argenti. — Tliomae Brompton, 
filio Thomae Brompton de Langetofte, husbandman, xl s., j. cooper- 
torium de blodio cum capucio mulierum coronat'. Johanni Bromp- 
ton chapman, filio pred. Tho., Simoni B. chapman, fil. pred. The, 
Isabellae filiae Tho. B. de Langetofte, — Johanni B. de Langetoft. 
Duabus filiis Johannis B. de Westheslerton, &c Item lego 
cuidam vocato fonde Robjm si vivat per iiij. annos post decessum 
meum quolibet anno ij s. Item do et lego Priori et Conventui 
de Wartre ad celebrandum divina pro anima mea et animabus 
parentura meorum et omnium benefactorum xls. Item do et 
lego certas summas ad fabricam et ornacionem omnium ecclesi- 
arum parochialium et capellarum, quarum nomina simt scripta in 
quadam cedula huic testamento annexa. Executores Nicnolaus 
Brompton filius mens, Willelmus Spenser, &c. 

CoDiciLLiTS. Item do et lego ad fabricam et ornacionem eccle- 
siae parochialis de Etton vj s. viij d. Cheriburton iij s. iiij d. 
Bisshopburton v s. Walkyngton vj s. viij d. Rowley iij s. iiij d. 
Cotyngham x s. Hesill v s. Cap. de Swanland iij s. iiij d. North- 
feriby iijs. iiijd. Cap. de Meleton iij s. iiij d. Ellyngton ys. 

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Brantjngliam iijs. iiijd. EUerker vs. Southcave vs. North- 
cave iij s. iiij d. Cap. de Hotham iij s. iiij d. Santon iij s. iiij d. 
&c. &C. 


In the name of God be it done. The xix day of November, 
yere of oure Lord M^cccc.xliiij. : I John Aldwyk, Alderman of 
Kyngeston upon Hull, hole in mynde, makes my testament and 
laste will in maner that folowes. Forst, I witt my saule to God 
Almyghty, oure Lady Saynt Marie and all y* hole company of 
heven; and my body to be beryd in the qwere of y* Trinite 
kirke in Hull. Also to the vicer of the same kirk for offeryng 
and forgetyn tendes x s. Also to the kirkwerk and for my beriall 
xl 8. Also for my mortuary my best gown ford. Also I witt to 
y« Mayre, Aldermen and Burges of y* Kyngeston opon Hull all 
my tere3 and tenemente} with in the said town, thai beryng a 
yerly charge to my son JeflSray, terme of his lyfe ; and also in 
almose for the saules of my fader, moder and me, and for those 
y* I am halden to, be swilk composicion and aviso as sail be made 
be twen y® said Maire, Aldermen and Burges of ther partie, and 
Hugh Cliderhowe of Hull in my name and for me, of y® tother 
partie. Also I witt my best coverd pece unto y^ Mare of Hull, 
and it to be deliverd to whome that next sail be chosjm Mare 
after hym, and so fro Mare to Mare whils it may indore. Also 
I witt to Geffray my son be yc avyce of y^ saide Hugh to be 
deliverid imto hym my best Prymer. And the residewe of all my 
gudes, my dettes firste paide, 1 putt to y^ disposicion of y^ sayde 
Hugh, for to be putt to wark of charitee he his gude avyse : 
whilk saide Hugh I orden and make myn executor to fulfill this 
my laste will. In wittnes herof I sett to my seall, beyng present 
and witnes of record, the Prior of yc Charterhowse be side Hull, 
Sir William Saunderson preste, Geflfray my son, William Reils, 
Sir John Roper prest, Sir John Bryg preste, and Eicherd Sta- 
viley preste, wyth many other. Writen day and yere aforesaide 
at ye Kyngeston apon Hull in presence aforesaide. [Proh, 
26 Nov. 1444.] 


In y« name of God, Amen. Ye iij. day of 3^ moneth of No- 
vember, ye yere of our Lord M°.cccc°^.xliiij. I Agnes,* ye 

* The testatrix was a daughter of Sir William Stanley of Hooton, Knight, and the 
widow of Richard Sherbume, Esq. whose will has been already printed. There 

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whilke was wyfe of Bichard of Shirbum sqwier, hale in mynde 
and seke in body, makes my testament in yis maner. Firste and 
formeste I beqwthe my same to (Jod Almyghty and to our Lady 
Sanct Mare and to Al Halos ; and my body to be berid in y« 

farich kirke of Mitton be for y« autor of Sanct Nicholas. And 
gyffe and bewhete to y« honorments of y« high autor of y® said 
kirke of Mitton xl s. And to y« Freers of Preston xx d. And 
to y^ Frers of Lancaster xx d. And to y« Frers of Weryngton 
XX d. And to y^ Frers of Apulby xx d. And to Sanct Petre 
werk xij d. And a towel to y« said autor of Sanct Nicholas. 
And to dame Elizabeth Staneley, my sister, a pare of golde 
bedes ; and to my daughter dame Alice Tempest* a broche of 
golde. And to my sone Eoberte a chene of gold with a crosse. 
And to my doghter Issabell a chene of gold w* ij girdils, y^ 
tone redde and tother sangvyn. And to my doghter Elizabeth 
a girdill of grene and ij. bedds and xxx. yerdds of lyn 
cloth shappyn in shetes. And to y^ vicar of Mitton a pare 
of get bedds for to myn my saule and mynde me in his 
prayers ; and William of Braaley prest a nother pare of gete 
beds in y^ same forme. And to William of Broghton, my 
preste, to syng for my saule a hale yere at my said autor of Sanct 
Nicholas TJ marc, iij s. iiij d. ; and he sal fynde hjrmselfe bred 
and wyne and wax. And to my sone John my singnet ; and to 
my son Nicholas and James auther a gold rigne. And to nay 
doghter Mabill a parr of coral bedds. And to my god doghter 
Agnes of Calverley a gold ryng. And to my son Sir John 
Tempest, knyght, a broche of golde. And to William of Bolton 
ij. key. And to my doghter Issabell my confer with all my 
array except ij. fiirres, y® tane of martyns, y® tother of blake 
lambes, y^ whilke I beqwet to my son John. And resideu of all 
my gode to be delte emang my childer noght gyffyn ne beqwette 
abofe. And John Tempest, knyght, Pers Gerard, sqwier, and 
John of Bruke I make my executors y* yai have God in mynde 
to do execucion of yis present testament and fulfil it trewly in 
dede at y® sight of Thomas Staneley, knyght, and Thomas Ha- 
rjmgton, esqwier. \Prob. 30 Nov, 1444.] 

is great doubt and coDfusion in the family genealogy about this period, but I 
imagine that these two wills will remove several difficulties. It has been affirmed by 
some that the testatrix was not a daughter of Sir William Stanley ; the present 
document however rather militates against this statement, and confirms the account 
in the visitation. It makes not only several additions to the received pedigrees of the 
family, but it is also a valuable specimen of the English of the period. 

* The wife of Sir John Tempest of Bracewell. Sir John's will occurs hereafter. 

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Dec. 25, 1444. Ego Margareta domina Pudsay* — sep. in navi 
ecclesiae sive capellae Beatae Mariag Virginis Beverlaci in loco 
decenciori secundum disposicionem executorum meorum. Item 
lego quatuor libras cerae circa corpus meum comburendas die 
sepultursB meae. Item lego eummo altari ecclesiae Sancti Nicholai 
Beverlacensis vj s. viij d. Item lego cuilibet duodecim capel- 
lanorum exequiis meis interessencium die sepulturse meae, ij d. 
Item lego fabricae dictae ecclesiae Beatae MariaB pro sepultura mea, 
X s. Item lego Aliciae, filiae meae, unum dorsorium rubium pro 
aula, unum anulum aureum cum parte columpnse Domini inpressa, 
unam parvam zonam argento omatam et deauratam, et unam 
magnam arcbam rubiam. Item lego Willelmo Kneton capellano 
unam crateram argenteam et deauratam coopertam. Item lego 
Stephano Johnson, vicario de Skeflyng, imam crateram argenteam 
et deauratam majorem coopertam, unam archam rubiam, unum 
lectum plumalem et unum bolstir. Item lego Elenae Gascoynge, 
servienti meae, unam togam nigram de lyre furratam cum gray, 
omnia mea velamina, unum lectum nigrum cum tapeto et cur- 
tains et sellam meam mulier' cum jfreno et toto harnes eidem 
pertinente. Item lego Henrico Pudsay unam crateram argenteam 
albam. Item lego Eoberto Pudsay unam zonam argenteam precii 
quatuor marcarum, unum lectum rubium et viridem cum tapeto 
operato cum papynjoys, unum par blankettes, unum par lintkia- 
minum. Item lego Henrico Corbett, servienti meo, omnes equos 
meos et omnes equas cum imo lecto optimo non praelegato. Item 
lego Roberto, filio Willelmi Pudsay, unum lectum blodium cum 
canibus albis. Item lego Gyrskholm, servienti meo, unum lectum 
bonum per voluntatem dictae Elenae eidem deliberandum. Item 
lego Jonannae, filiae dictae Elenae, unam vaccam nigram cum 
vitulo et unam parvam cistam. Item lego ecclesiae de Bolton 
unam casulam de viridi damasco. Item lego capellae de Bolton 
Hall imum vestimentum integrum de panno aureo cum uno 

* Margaret, daughter of Sir Wm. Eure, by Maud, daughter of Henry Lord Fitz- 
hugh, became the wife of Sir John Pudsey, of Bolton, Knight. She survived her 
husband, and seems to have retired to pass her widowhood at Beverley. Few families 
could boast of two such beautiful residences as Bolton and Barford. The first, 
although it is in the wild district of Craven, *' standeth,^* as Dodsworth tells us, ** very 
pleasantly, among sweet woods and fruitful hills. ^* The second, a later acquisition, 
lies in a sheltered position above the Tees, and it is still preserved from the destroyer^s 
hand. The ruins of a very picturesque chapel, crowning the hill which overhangs the 
mansion house, can be seen far into the Bishoprick. Barford was properly the 
dowager house of the family of Pudsey, but the testatrix seems to have preferred to 
pass the remainder of her days at Beverley, where she had some friends and kinsfolk. 

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calice argenteo et deaurato, et iino Missali veteri. Item lego 
Johannffi filise Isabellae Moiintnaj unum tabemaculum de auro. 
Item leso JoHanni Preston, capellano meo, unum lectum per 
visum (uctffi Elense deliberandum. Item lego Aliciae Medwod, 
iamulae mesB, unum lectum per visum dictse Elenae deliberandum. 
Item lego Christians^, famulse meae, unum lectum per visum dictas 
Elenae deliberandum. Item lego Agneti uxori Willebni Rad- 
clyff unam togam de murray mrratam, unam togam russet fur^ 
ratam cum cuniculis, et unam zonam de nigro cerico argentatam 
et deauratam. Eesiduum executoribus meis ad disponendum pro 
anima mea, Johannis Pudsay militis quondam mariti mei, 
parentum, benefactorum nostrorum et omnium fidelium defiinc- 
torum in celebracione divinorum et elemosinis et aliis operibus 
caritativis prout Omnipotenti Deo placencius et animse meae salu- 
brius viderint disponendum. Executores meos constituo Ste* 
phanum Johnson predictum, Johannem Sleford de Beverlaco 
tannatorem, et Willelmum Batirby servientem meum. Datum 
Beverlaci. [Pn 7 Jan, 1444-5.] 


Oct. 2, 1444. Ego Eobertus Strangwais,* armiger — sep. in 
choro ecclesiae Fratrum Predicatorum Ebor. juxta corpus Matildis 
quondam uxoris meae. Item do et lego summo altari ecclesiae de 
Stanedrope pro decimis meis oblitis xl s. Item do et lego fabricae 
Ecclesiae Cathedralis Eboracensis xiij s. iiij d. Item do et lego 
quinque marcas sterlingorum ad distribuendum pauperibus per 
discrecionem executorum meorum infra quindenam post decessum 
meum. Item do et lego sexaginta marcas sterlingorum ad 
solvendum sacerdotibus per executores meos conducendis ad cele- 
brandum pro anima mea et anima Matildis uxoris meae et pro 
animabus omnium benefactorum meorum. Item do et lego 
sexaginta marcas sterlingorum distribuendas per disposicionem 
executorum meorum inter pauperes et in aliis pietatis operibus. 
Item do et lego Conventui Fratrum Predicatorum Ebor., ad 
pietanciam, decem marcas sterlingorum. Thomae, filio meo 
primogenito, ducentas marcas sterlingorum ad sui status susten* 

* We have here a member of the illustrious house of Strangeways, whose matches 
with Darcy, Neville, Scrope, and Conyers, gave them a close connection with the best 
blood and nobility of the North, the Prince Bishop of Durham, and the Royal Housea 
of Lancaster and Plantagenet. The precise relationship does not appear, but he was 
a near enough kinsman to reckon on the head of the house as his executor, and ta 
secure his powerful interest. 

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tacionem et relevamen. Roberto,* filio meo, octoginta marcas. 
Kadulpho, filio meo, octoginta marcas. Georgio, filio meo, octo- 
ginta marcas. Johanni, filio meo, duas tacias argenti, quarum 
una est coopertoria {sic) alterius et imum equum, precii quinque 
marcarum. Alienorae, filiaB meae, quadraginta marcas. Jacobo 
Strangwaisf executori meo pro labore suo centum solidos. Fratri 
Thomae Bynham ad orandum pro anima mea et animabus omnium 
benefactorum meorum centum solidos. — Executores meos facio 
Jacobum Strangwais, Thomam Strangwais filium meum primo- 
genitum,FratremThomam Bynham, Ricardum Burton, Robertum, 
Kadulphum et Georgium nlios meos. His testibus, Johanne 
Acclom armigero, etc. Datum apud Sutton super Derwent. 
[Pr. 26 Feb. 1444-5.] 


Sep. 24, 1445. Ego Agnes, uxor nuper Willelmi Dalton,J 
nuper civis et marcatoris Ebor. — sep. in principali choro ecclesiae 
meae parochialis Sancti Martini in Conyngstrete. Agneti,§ uxori 
Johannis Bedford, de Kyngeston super Hull, unam peciam 
argenti coopertam cum tribus leonibus deauratis in ftindo et cum 
Bcriptura in fundo WjVttUt <ffiOllf mO0U OUVt M tbV^S t ^^ 
Johanni Dalton, filio ejusdem Agnetis, imam bursam de albo 
cerico contextam, cum nominibus JfflC et fiHSiViSi intextis. Et 
Johanni Hill, filio meo, optimam peciam meam argenti deauratam. 
Et Willelmo Wright de Eboraco^ tailior, unam zonam argenti 

* His will follows, in the year 1447. 

t Sir James Strangeways married Elizabeth daughter and co-heir of Philip Lord 
Darcy and Meinill, who died under age 1418, and in right of her held the manor of 
Whorlton of the Archbishops of York, ** by the tenure of serving the Archbishop with 
the cup in which he should drink on the day of his consecration/* His son Richard 
married a co-heiress of William Neville Lord Fauconberg, and his son James, Anne 
daughter and heir of Robert Conyers of Ormesby. Sir James was Speaker of the 
House of Commons in the Ist of Edward lY. and Chief Justice of the County Pala- 
tine of Durham under Bishops Langley and Neville. He was a man of great talent 
and ability* and he laid the foundation of that greatness in wealth and position for 
which the house of Strangeways was especially distinguished. 

t A respectable mercantile famUy in York, where they had been settled for some 
time. William Dalton, citizen of York, who was probably the father-in-law of the 
testatrix, died in 1400, and his wife Joan administers to his effects on the 21st of 
July in that year. I am inclined to) think that the Daltons of Hull, a Visitation 
&inily, migrated from York, but I shall have occasion to refer to this subject here- 
after. William Dalton, the husband of the testatrix, did not long survive her death. 
On the 5th of November, 1445, Mr. John Kirkby, Wm. Swayne, and Wm. Wright 
administer to his effects. 

§ Her will, together with some interesting extracts from that of her husband, will 
be given hereafter. 

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stipatam super unum blew corse de serico. Johannes Kirkby,* 
frater mens- [Pr. 26 Oct. 1445.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Tercio die Marcii, anno Domini 
Millesimo cccc™** quadragesimo quarto. Ego Egidius Daubeney,t 
miles, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, 
lego animam meam Deo et Beatae Mari^ ac Omnibus Sanctis, et 
corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia Sancti Petri Apostoli apud 
South Petirton, ante altare Sanctae Mariae. Item I ordeyne a cope 
of blew velvet with chisiple and ij. toniclis and the aubis therto. 
Item I wil yer be a blakke sute of vestimentis gevyn, and all to 
serve atte y^ aucter of our Lady. Item my best Messeboke with 
a chalis, a paxbrede of silver and overgilt, also ij. crewetts of 
silver, a corporas. Item to the said aucter I wol geve myn 
aucterclothe of reed tarteryn with y® corteyns. Item I ordeyne 

* John Eirkby was own brother to the testatrix. He was a son of John Eirkby» 
citizen and litster of York, who died in 1428. His will is dated in that year, in 
which he leaves to his daaghter Agnes 100 marks. 

t The head of an illustrious Lincolnshire &mily, the history of which, as is unfor- 
tunately the case with many other houses in that neglected county, is almost entirely 
unknown. The testator Sir Giles Daubeny was a son of another Sir Giles, who died 
in the 12th of Richard IL, and a grandson of Ralph Daubeny. He was in his 
minority when his father died, and as his son and heir he became the possessor of the 
large estates of his family, which were considerably extended by the accession of the 
fortune of his brother John Daubeny and by the wealth with which his wives were 
dowered. Sir Giles was thrice married. By Joan his first wife he had William his 
son and heir, who, at his father's death, in the 24th of Henry VI., was twenty-two 
years of age. Mary his second wife was the eldest of the three daughters and coheirs 
of Simon Leeke of Gotham, co. Notts, Esq. She brought, as her dower, the manors 
of Gotham and Houghton by Newark, which descended at her death to Joan her only 
daughter, who became the wife of Sir Robert Markham of Gotham, in right of his 
wife. Mary Leeke died on the 17th of February, 1442-3, and was buried in the 
church of Peverton, in Somerset. By his third wife, Alice, who survived him. 
Sir Giles had, I believe, three daughters — Amise, Inabell, and Alianor, who were 
heiresses to their mother. Sir Giles died at Barrington on the 11th of January, in 
the 24th of Henry VI., the same day on which the codicil to his will is dated. *' The 
Inquisition after his death was taken at the Gastle of Lincoln before John St. Paul, 
escheator, on the Friday next before the feast of St. Valentine, in the 24th of Henry 
VI. The jurors find that at his death he held the manor of South Ingleby, but the 
lands however were then of little worth, being at that time overfiowed with the water 
which is called Tylle ; and that he had lands dependent on that manor in Saxilby 
and Brodholme, which he held by knight^a service of the Lord Roos of Belvoir. They 
find also, that William Daubeny, who is of the age of twenty-two years and more, is 
the son and lawful heir to Sir Giles. The jurors also say that the said Sir Giles died 
seised of two bovates of land, as tenant per legem Anglise, at Stupton in the said 
county, in right of inheritance of Mary, late his wife, and two bovates of land in 
Gleypole, both held of Robert Elys, Esq. in socage, pertaining to the manor of Gottam 
CO. Notts, and that Joan, daughter of the said Giles and Mary, is next heir of the said 
Mary, and of the age of five years and more ; and that the said Sir Giles held no other 
lands or tenements in the said county." — J. H. 

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to the chirche of Baryngton my vestiments of blak velvet, w* an 
autirclothe of blak and grene. Item I wol, in as short tyme as 
goodly may be doo, be said for my soule M^ massis. Item I wil 
y' ther be delid x. marc at my terement amonge poremen. Item 
vij. goimis to vij. pore men. Item vij. beddis to vij. bedrede 
men, and every bedde a matras and a pair of blankettis, a pair of 
shetis, a coverlit. Item I wil y* the prisoners of Yevilchestre 
have a noble to parte amonge hem. Item I wil that y® Freris of 
Yeuilhestre have a quarter whete and a quarter malt. Item the 
Freris of Briggewatir a quarter whete and a quarter malt. Item 
to y® making of an hous for iiij. pouer men I wil ther be set 
X. marc. Item I wil ther be departid to iiij. pore clerks viij. 
marc, for to helpe hem to scole. Item I geve to the nonnys of Brood- 
holme XX s. Item to y® nonnys of Shoppewelle vj s. viij d. Item 
to the Chartir hous in Selwood, wherynne I am a brother,* I 
geve XX s. Item to the Chanons of Stanerdale in Selwood, 
wherynne^ I am a brothir, vj s. viij d. Item to y* vicary of 

* By letters, that is, of fraternity. This adoption, as it were, into the society of some 
monastic establishment, was especially sought after by pious and wealthy laymen. 
The letter of fraternity secured to the possessor "all the prayers, suffrages, and benefits*' 
of the religious house during his life, and, upon his death, the letter was returned to 
the house with which he had connected himself, and he was entitled ever afterwards 
to the prayers of the brotherhood. These letters of fraternity were granted with no 
sparing hand. Some of my readers may perhaps be interested by the following letter, 
which was granted by the prior and convent of Durham to the Earl of Northumberland 
and his Countess in 1527. I give it in its original form, as a specimen of its class. 

Litera fratemitatis concessa Comiti Northumbrise et consorti suae. 

Illustrissimo ac potentissimo domino Henrico, Northumbriaa Comiti, necnon excel- 
lentissimi ac invictissimi principis domini nostri Henrici Octavi, Dei gracia Anglise et 
Franciae Regis, fidei defensoris, et domini Hibernise, Orientalis et Mediae Marchiarum 
Anglise versus Scotiam gardiano meritissimo, ac perhonorandse meritoque preferendae 
dominse Mariae consorti, conthorali suae dignissimse, vestri humiles et devoti oratores 
Hugo permissione Divina Prior Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmensis et ejusdem loci 
Capitulum, salutem et omnimodas reverentias debitas cum honore. Quamvis Divinae 
charitatis lex generaliter omnibus Christi fidelibus nos obliget debitoresque efficiat, illis 
tamen maxime et fortius nos prse ceteris, constringit gratitudinis vicissitudinem 
rependere, quos constat ad nos nostrumque Monasterium Dunelmense majorem affec- 
tum benevolentiae ac devotionis gerere. Hinc est, ut, ob singularem vestrse charitatis 
affectum, necnon syncerse mentis et devotionis fervorem, quern erga gloriosissimum 
confessorem Sanctum Cuthbertum, nosque, ac Monasterium nostrum Dunelmense, vos 
habere comperimus, ac beneficiis indies magis magisque experimus, omnium suffiragi- 
Oram spiritualium, missarum, videlicet, vigiliarum, elimosinarum, jejuniorum, absti- 
nenciarum, predicacionum, ceterorumque quorumcumque pietatis operum, quae per 
nos et successores nostros tam in dicto nostro Monasterio Dunelmensi quam in locis 
singulis ab eadem dependentibus ex nunc perpetuis temporum revolucionibus operari 
dignabitur clemencia Salvatoris nostri Jhesu, plenam vobisin omnibus participacionem 
libere et integre concedimus, in vita etiam et in morte. At cum mors atrocissima 
tyrannidem telumque suum truculentissimum, quod nullum mortalium genus evadere 
posset, ejaculata fuerit, quo vos in Christo Jhesu hac mortali vita privaverit et de hoc 
nobis constiterit, eisdem spiritualibus beneficiis defunctos, Christo optimo maximoque 
opitnlante, imperpetuum donabimus, quibus nostros ipsorum fratres impartiri solemus. 
In cujus. — Datum Dunelm. in domo nostra Capitulari die mensis Januarii anno 
Domini Millesimo quingentesimo vicesimo septimo. [Beg* v. 222 b.] 

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Pederton, to pray for me, xiij s. iiij d. Item to y« parissh prest 
of Barington, to pray for me, I wil he have vj s. viij d. Item I 
wil ther be a prest singing iij. yere in the forsaid chapel of our 
Lady for my soule and Johanne my wife, and for y* soule of 
William Daubeney, whoos bones restith in y* same chapel. Item 
I wil ther be a prest singing at Kempston be a yer for my fedr 
Giles soule, and my modris Margarete, and my graunt dame 
Alianore, and myu, and for Thomas myn uncle. Item I ordeyne 
to Alice my wif a rjmg w* a dyamaunde, a gilt cuppe w* stonis in 
the knappe of y« covercle, my cuppe callid y« rose coveryd, a salt 
saler ypalest. Item an hanging bed of birdis with costris and 
curtayns of reed and white worstede. Item I wil she have a 
worsted hanging bed of blak bokeram, a fedirbed, iij. mattrassis, 
iij. peir of my best shetis w* iij. coverletis and iij. quiltis. Item 
I wil she have iij. next the beste brasyn pottis, iij. pannys, ij. 
squar ledis, a litil chafre, a caudron of latyn, ij. spitis, ij. best 
Bute of naprie, a dosen sponis, a pleyn basyn of silver w* an ewer, 
a doseyn of newe pewtr vessell garnisshed, a peyr of fustians, 
ij. peir of blanketts, a peir of the best gardevians, ij. of my beste 
ambulers. Item I wil y* she have half my corn being at Baring- 
ton and alle my kene. Item a poudre box of silver. And I wil 
she have a potel pot and a quart pot of silver playn. Item I wil 
y^ William my sone have ij. salers gilt w* vj. sponis gilt, a dosen 
ungilt, ij. standing cuppis of a sute gilt, ij. coveryd pecis callid 
rosis, a bed of aras w' costres, cusshons, and an halle reed and 
grene, w* a fedir bed, iij. the biggest mattrassis, iij. coverletis, 
J. peir of fustyans, iij. of my best brasyn pottis, a chafir to sethe 
fissh ynne, a greet panne, a util panne, a brasyn morter, al myn 
old pewtre vessell being in Barmgton, a chafour, ij. ledis in y^ 
newe bakhous, w^ alle brewing vessell. Item iij. pair of good 
shetis, my best sute of napry, an othr comune sute and al myn 
armour, and ij. of my best hors, and Goddis blessing and myn, 
w* a condicion yat he lette not my last wille; and, yi he trouble 
myn executouris, then I wille yat al y® place jr* which I have 
ordeynid to hym, be solde and doo for my soule. Item to Giles 
my son, I wol yat he have a dosen silver vessel garnisshed w* iiij. 
chargeours, a peir of basyns of silver, ij. eweris of silver, ij. potel 
pottis of Paris werk, with vj. boUis of silver half gilt, an high 
saler of silver, a dosen sponis, a sute of naperie, an othr comon 
sute, iiij. peir of good shetis, iiij. peir of comon shetis, a sparver w* 
coveryng of lynnyn clothe, a doublet of defense coverid w* velvet, 
an haberon, a swerd, a poUax, a salatte, a pair of trussing cofris, 
an hanging chaundeler of latjm, my standard to trusse inne this 
y* I have ordeyned to hym. And my wille is yat this standard 
w* these things above writen yerynue be put into some sure 

Digitized by 



abbay, in keping, and y^ keye in his moderis warde, that othr in 
his godfadris Sir William More, and so to abide in saaf garde til 
he come to ye age of xvj. yer. And if God do his wille of hym 
or he be of yat age, thenne I wil yese good aforesaid go to my 
next childe, if God send me any, and if noon be, I wil myn 
executouris sille al this to hym ordeynid, and to doo it for my 
soule. Item I wil y* Johan my doghter have al my stuffe being 
at Cotam in y« keping of Jonet Boteler, the whiche is writen in 
an endenture, with al yat is in my fermours endenture. Item I 
wil yat Thomas my brother have a bedde of rede, grene, and 
white, w* corteynis, costers, a matras, a peir of blanketts, a peir 
of shetis, a coverlite, a goune of myn furrid, w^ an hood, a 
doublet, a pleyn pece coveryd, a saler of silver, a masar, a poudre 
box. Item to John EoUer I ordeyne a bed of reed and grene, 
a gowne, an hood, a doublet of defense. Item to Thomas Dau- 
beneye I ordeyne a goune, an hood, a doublet of defense, a salat, 
an hors. Item to Giles Parker a goune, a doublet of defense, a 
salat, an hors, a sadil, alle my longe bowis, a bedde. Item to 
Hugh Parker I ordeyne my geobbis, my galon hotels, all my 
voide pipes, a playn pece of silver coveryd. Item I ordeyne to 
William Clerk a doublet of defense, a salat, a sheef of arwys. 
Item to Watir Champeneys a woodknyf harneisid, a sheef of 
arwis, an arblast of stele. Item to William Semer a pot, a panne, 
my wayn jokis and ropis. Item to Sir Robert Clake my blak 
Masse Book, my litil Sauter coveryd w* reed ledir, ij. chaundelers 
of laton for ye chapell. Item to John Peny a ringe of golde 
with a turkoys. Item to William Molayns a poudre box of maser 
gilt. Item to John Welweton a grete cofre yat shets lye inne, a 
peir of potel hotels, a flat pece covered. Item to John Downam 
my litil carte and iiij. barneys therto. Item to Stephan a doublet 
of defense, a salat, a shefe arwis, a woodknif. Item to Richard 
Fouler an arblast at Kempston, and all my brewing vessell. 
Item to Sir William More a peir of bedis of coralle w' a ringe. 
Item to every yoman in housnald not rewardid vj s. viij d. And 
to every grome iij s. iiij d. Item my wille ys y* my wif be my 
chief executrice. Sir Roger Houswif, Sir William More, John 
Witcombe, John RoUet, John Peny, these to be myn executoris, 
and to every of hem c s. yat takith administracion. Item I wille 
yat alle my purchasid landis, yat is to say, in Southpetirton, 
Compton, and Berington, to go to j^ issue of me on Alice my 
wif getyn, and if noon, I wil it goo to my doughtir Johan 
Markeham and to ye issue of hir body begete, and for defautc of 
issue of Johan to William my sone and heir, and to his heiris. 

Al be it so that the said Sir Giles Daubeney, knight, maad 
this said testament, wrote it w* his owen hand, and selid it w* his 


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seal of armis, the iij*« day of Marche, the yer of our Lord 
M.ccccxliiij. as it is abovewriten, in the which testament the 
residue of his goodis noght bequethid is not disposid, wherfor 
aftirward, y* is to say y* xj. day of Januar', the yer of our Lord 
M.cccc.xlv. at Barington, to y* said Sir Giles ligging in his 
sekenesse, wherof he died sone aftir the same day, Sir Robert 
Wilby prest, his goostly fedir, saide, " Sir, ye have maad a testa- 
ment and bequethid many things to diverse personis, making no 
mencion whoo sholde have y« residue of your goods y' be noght 
bequetid; wol y« vouche saaf to say who shal have it. ' Forthw* 
the said kni3t, wk>ut any taryyng, said, " My wif shal have it." 
This was his last wille. [^Prob. 4 March, 1445-6.] 


July 20, 1446. Ego Kogerus Eston,* rector ecclesiae paro- 
chialis de Richmond — sep. in ecclesia Sancti Salvatoris Civitatis 
Ebor. in sepulcro parentum meorum in choro ejusdem ecclesiae. 
Et lego pro sepultura mea vj s. viij d. Item do et lego x li. cerae 
pro duobus ceriis comburendis circa corpus meum die sepulturae 
meae. Item lego cuilibet capellano divina celebranti in eadem 
ecclesia ad orandum pro anima mea xij d. Item do et lego uni 
idoneo et devoto capellano ad orandum et celebrandum missas et 
alia divina officia pro anima mea et animabus parentum meorum, 
ac pro cunctis fidelibus defiinctis per unum annum integrum post 
mortem meam in eadem ecclesia Sancti Salvatoris ad summum 
altare, septem marcas. Item lego domino Thomae Lodryngton, 
capellano gildae Sanctae Mariae ecclesiae parochialis de Richemond, 
ut ipse memoriam meam faciat in missis et oracionibus suis quam- 
diu sibi placuerit vj s. viiij d. vel imam togam, aliis vero capel- 
lanis ejusdem ecclesiae et domino Ricardo Bennok, capellano, et 
Johanni Moriour, clerico parochiali, lego singulis eorundem xij d. 
Item do et lego quatuor ordinibus Fratrum Mendicancium Ebor. 
ad orandum pro anima mea xxyj s. viij d. equaliter dividendos. 
Item do et lego Fratribus de Richemond ad celebrandum unum 
trentale missarum pro anima mea et parochianis meis vivis et de- 
functis V s. Item do et lego ad fabricam ecclesiae Sancti Petri 
Eboracensis vj s. viij d. Item do et lego feritro fabricato pro 
Corpore Christi in Eboraco iij s iiij d. Item do et lego singulis 
reclusis in Civitate Ebor. et suburbiis ejusdem et annocoritaef in 

* Roger Eston was presented to the rectory of Richmond, in Yorkshire, in 1443; 
and he had but a short tenure of his living. He had relatives in York; and he 
appears to have died there whilst he was on a visit to them. 

f The Anchorage at Richmond was in the parish church. An interesting docu- 
ment has occurred to me, relating to it, of which I append a copy. It refers to a 

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paxochia mea de Richemond xij d. Item lego singulis incar* 
ceratis in Civitate Eboracensi singulis denarios. Item lego 
quatuor domibus leprosorum iiij s. Item lego xx s. ad Sciendum 
et celebrandum obitum meum in ecclesia mea parochiali Bicli- 
mondiae infra mensem post mortem meam. — Executores meos 
facio dominos Johannem Chaloner et Henricum Feme capel- 
lanos. IProb. 3 Aug. 1446.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. vij. Jul. M.cccxlvj. Ego Johannes 
Arnallf clericus, rector eccles. par. S. Salvatoris in Ebor. — sepe- 

dispnte between the Convent of Easby and the Grey Friars of Richmond with the 
Burgesses of that town, as to the right of presentation to the Anchorage. 

This indentur tripartited, made at Richmnnd the last day of Aprile, in the yere 
of our Lorde God M'.ocoalxxxxo, bitwixt William EUerton th*Abbot and Covent of 
Saynt Agath and William Billyngham Warden of y* Frers of Richmund and his 
brethir on that one partie, and William Ask, Richard Metkalf, John Wawton, and 
John Scaife, B&iliffe of y« Burgh of Richmund, w* consent and will of y^ xxiiij** Surges 
of y* greate inqueste, and al other Burges of y« seid Burgh on y* other partie : Wit- 
nessith that where a greate travers was dependyng bitwix y« seide parties after the deth 
of Margaret Richmund, late Ancores of y'^ same towne, for such goods as was the same 
Ancores, and who shulde have title or right to thayme : It was agreed by the consent 
and assent of all the saide parties to abide the dome, ordinaunce, and awarde of 
Maister William Potman, residenciary of y« Cathedrall Chirch of Yorke, Sir Thomas 
Wortley knight. Bailie and Steward of the Castell and Franohis of Richmundshire, 
and Richard Cholmeley, squyer of the king's counsaU and Generall Recey vor of Rich- 
mund and other Lordshipes ; who awardeth, ordeyned, and demyd that the seid 
goode shuld remayne w< y« seid Warden and his Brother to be emploied to such use 
as thayme thought most expedient and necessary, after that hir detts and reparacon 
convenient of y* seid place wes made by y* sight of foure prests of y* seid towne of 
Richmund ; for cause that the said Ancores tooke hir habbet of the said Frers. And 
moreover it is ordeiyned, demyd and awarded by y* seid Maister William Potman, Sir 
Thomas W^ortley knight, and Richard Cholmeley squyer, that th*abbot and Covent of 
Saynt Agath shall have y^ reale guydyng and disposicon of such goods as the Ancores, 
that now is called Alison Comeston, hath after hir decesse in forme as is above seid ; 
and so to contynue for evermore betwix y* said Abbot and Warden as it happynes the 
seid Ancores to tak her habbet of religion w*out intemipc'on, disturbaunce, or vexacion 
of y« seid Baillif and Burges of Richmund, or eny othir thair successours. And ou'er 
that it is agrede, ordeyned, and awarded by y**- seid Maister William Potman, Sir 
Thomas Wortley knight, and Richard Cholmeley squyer, that the Bailiffe and y« 
xxiiij'^ Burges of y« grete inqueste of Richmund shall have the nominacion and fre 
election of y« seid Ancores for euermore, fro tyme to tyme when it happyns to be void, 
as yei have had withouten tyme of mynde. And this finall agrement and concord for 
evermore to endure and to stand firme and stable as is above seid. In witness wherof 
to one parte of thies indentures, remanyng with the seid Bailiffe and Burges of Rich- 
mund in thaire tresour chiste, y* seid Abbot and Covent and the Warden and his 
brethir hath put y' comon scales ; and to the t^othir two parte of thies indenturs, 
remaynyng w* y« seid Abbot and Warden, the seid Bailiffe and Burges hath 
puty' comon saale. Thies witnes, Roger Ask, John Norton, William Burgh, Thomas 
Franke, John Caterike, and many other. Yevyn, day, yere, and place above seid. — 
Appended to this document are the Seals of the Abbey of Eastby, and of the house of 
Qrey Friars at Richmond, — W. S. 2). L. 

t A name which has occurred frequently in the course of this volume. The 


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licnd. juxta scpulcrum magistri Ricardi Araall, avunculi mei, in 
eccles. Cath. Ebor. — Lego stallo meo ex parte boriali capellae 
B. Mar. et Sanctorum Angelorum in eccles. Cath. Ebor., unuin 
Psalterium cum communi nota, cum omnibus commemoracionibus, 
ibidem cathenandum sumptibus meis propriis. Roberto Knaton, 
canonico in eadem capella, j. parvum rsalterium, in secundo 
folio brevi ira ejus. Lego magistro Willelmo Clifton, clerico, 
unum libnim vocatum Constituciones Octoni et Octoboni, quem 
habet prse manibus, et j. peciam planam argenti et coopertam. 
Willelmo Ireland seniori optimam meam peciam argenti et co- 
opertam, stantem super leones, et xl s. Domino Willelmo Mar- 
schall seniori de Peseholme capellano j. peciam argenti et cooper- 
tam ad modum calicis, stantem super leones, cum scriptura super 
pedem ejusdem xvij. et xij. et xxs. 


Aug. 4, 1445. Willelmus Routh de Eboraco, camsmyth — 
sep. coram altare Sanctse Annas in ecclesia Sanctae Mariae in Cas- 
telgate. Johanni Routh, filio meo, optimam zonam meam cum 
uno dagar ordinato cum argento, unum gladium cum pelta, unum 
salett de ferro, unum arcum cum sagittis meis omnibus et singulis. 
Johanni Routh, fratri meo, unam tunicam de geylskynnes. Jo- 
hanni Ulron unum stethy de ferro, vocato byghoni, unum 
slek trough, et unum forehamer. \Prob, 13 Aug. 1446.] 


Aug. ij. M.ccccxlvj. Ego Willelmus Revetour* de Ebor., 

testator^s uncle was an officer in the church of York, and several notices of him have 
been already given. 

• A will of the deepest interest and value. The testator has not infrequently been 
mentioned in the wills of the citizens of York. He was a man evidently possessed of 
great taste and accomplishments, and his will is little more than a splendid inventory 
of the choicest and the rarest treasures. The miracle plays which he mentions are worthy 
of our especial consideration. The Towneley Mysteries, one of the earliest publications 
of the Surtees Society, give us a fair specimen of these literary curiosities ; and it is a 
somewhat singular circumstance that the plays which that interesting volume contains 
are supposed to have been acted as well as written in Yorkshire. The city of York 
was always celebrated for its miracle plays, and many of them were in Drake^s time in 
existence among the municipal archives. It is much to be regretted that they are now 
lost. Drake in the Appendix to his Eboracum gives us a most curious and valuable 
account of the share which each craft was to take in the Corpus Christi play for 1415, 
prefaced by a commendatory letter in favour of that then popular pastime ; but 
the subject has been more amply illustrated in the Appendix to York Records 

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capellanusi — Lego fabricae feretri Corporis Christi Ebor. j. goblett 
argenti. — Alicise Bolton, seniori, j. librum de Oracione Dominica 
et Stimulus Conscientiae in Anglia. — Lego Aliciae sorori meae, 
uxori Johannis Haryngton, j. ouche auri cum quadam aquila in 
eodem, circumpositis certis lapidibus, et j. togam de vyolett fur- 
ratam, et j. par precularum de jeet, cum quadam cruce in eadem 
pendente, cum gaudiis in modum turris deauratis. Willelmo 
Haryngton, filio dicti Johannis et Aliciae, unum magnum Psal- 
terium cum Communi Sanctorum in eodem, notato, et alium 
librum de Evangeliis et Legendam Sanctorum in Anglia trac- 
tatam. — Lego Deo Omnipotenti, Beataeque Virgini Mariae, ac 
Sancto Willelmo et Sanctae Barbaras, ad deserviendum in capella 
S. Willelmi in festis eorundem, j. vestimentum album cum tuni- 
cellis ejusdem, pro diacono et subdiacono, et j. parvam Legendam. 
Lego cantariae Eicardi Toller, in eadem capella fundatae, j . ves- 
timentum de rubio et viridi, cum bestiis auri in eodem, et in le 
orfray ejusdem ^bf fiAHtiSL J et j. Gradale. Conventui Fratrum 
Minorum in Ebor. parvum librum Bibliae integrae cum interpreta- 
cione. Dompno Thomas Swynton, monacho de Fontibus, librum 
Johannis Crisostomi super Matheum de opere imperfecto. — Lego 
fratemitati Corporis Christi in Ebbraco quemdam librum vocatum 
Le Crede Play, cum libris et vexillis eidem pertinentibus. Et 
gildae Sancti Christoferi quemdam librum de Sancto Jacobo 
Apostolo in sex paginis compilatum. Domino Joharini Fox, 
capellano, unum librima Jannenc' de Opere Quadragesimali, et 
j. Psalterium glosatum, et vj s. viij d. Domino Thomas Thorp, 
capellano, unum librum de Prefacion' notatum cum Canone, 
et vj s. viij d. Thomas Tutbagg quemdam librum tractatum 
de Biblia in Anglic' et vj s. viij d. Willelmo Russell, filio 
Johannis Eussell nuper mercatoris Ebor., quemdam librum 
qui incipit Compotus est Scientia. — Katerinas Tutbag quemdam 
crucifixum in alabastro. Lego zonariis Civitatis Ebor., ad 
ludum suum in festo Corporis Christi, unam coronam aurical- 
cam deauratam, etj. zonam cum boses deauratis et enameld. 
Isabellas filias Johannis Bolton, filiolas meas, unum Primarium 
largum cum ymaginibus intus scriptis ad modum Flandr\ Lego 

of the Fifteenth Century, by Robert Davies, F.S.A., 1843, 8vo. The testator, who 
appears to have been much interested in these plays, has not only the manuscripts 
themselves, of which he was perhaps the author, but he had also in his keeping 
some of the banners and ornaments which accompanied them. The clergy no doubt 
thought that they were advancing their cause by popularizing as it were Christianity, 
and by bringing aa visible and actual incidents before their spectators the principal 
occurrences in Scripture and tradition. In 1456 Robert Lasingby * clericus paro- 
chialis S. Dionisii Ebor." leaves to the fabric of his parish church lor iis burial 
" unam mappam de twill et ludum oreginale (sic) Sancti Dionisii. Ihw play would 
be an important addition to the literature of the vestry, although the pariEiiioners were 
iu all probability well Acquainted with its subject. 

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feretro S< Willelmi Ebor. j. annulum auri modo pontificalis, cum 
lapide yiridi sive vitxio. Johanni Bolton quemdam magnum 
Eotulum tractatum de Biblia in Latin* cum ymaginibus ex una 
parte et de Tabula Oracionis Dominicae in Latin' ex altera parte. 
[Prob. 3 Sep. A\ mfT?[ 


4 Sep. 1446. Ego Bobertus Hunter* deEbor., scolaris — sepel. 
in cimiterio ecclesise mese S. Olavi. Le^o ad quindecim missas 
pro anima mea in eccles. S. Nicholai apud Novum Castrum super 
Tinam v s. et ad quinque alias missas. in ecclesia Omnium Sanc- 
torum ibidem xx d. — Thomae filio Boberti Elleryngton omnes 
libros meos. Executores retribuant Katerinae More de bonis meis 
pro suo assiduo labore tempore infirmitatis meae. — Besiduum 
Boberto Elleryngton et Elizabethae uxori suae, matri meae. Com- 
mission to Rolland Hardgill,^ Vicar of HautewesilL 



In Dei nomine, Amen. In Festo Assumpcionis Beatae Mariae 
Virginis, anno Domini Millesimo cccc"** xl*"® sexto. Ego Matill' 
de York, J comitissa Cantebrigiae, compos mentis et sanae me- 

* A young scholar, who in all probability was an offshoot from the family of Hunter 
of Medomsley. It is to the same family that we are indebted for one of the most 
industrious of our many northern antiquaries, Christopher Hunter. He was a phy- 
sician in Durham from the beginning to the middle of the eighteenth century, and he 
combined his taste for antiquities with an immoderate love of coffee. Several of his 
laborious volumes, which are in the possession of the Dean and Chapter of Durhami, 
still bear the stains which were caused by the favourite beverage of their compiler. 
The testator appears to have been of the same family, and this is rendered more pro- 
bable from his mother having married an Elrington, a family which lived in the 
immediate neighbourhood of Medomsley, and also from the fact that the commission 
for the administration of his goods is directed to Roland Hardgill, vicar of Haltwhistle 
in Northumberland. 

t Roland Hardgill afterwards became Dean of the Collegiate Church of Lanchester 
in the Bishoprick of Durham. 

X A will which throws some light upon national history as well as upon the 
annals of a princely house. The testatrix was the daughter of Thomas Lord Clifford, 
by Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Lord Roos of HamlaJce. She became the second 
wife of Richard Plantagenet, ordinarily known as Richard of Coningsbrough, Earl of 
Cambridge. He was grandson to Edward III. and his own grandchild sat upon the 
throne of England as Edward lY. His first wife became heiress in blood to Lionel 
Duke of Clarence, and hence arose the claim of the house of York to the throne of 
England. Soon after the accession of Henry Y. the animosity which Richard of 
Coningsbrough had been cherishing against the house of Lancaster broke out into a 
conspiracy against the ruling power. This was discovered, and before the king 

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morise, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. Inprimis, 
lego et commendo animam meam Deo et Beatae Marise et Omnibus 

departed to France, Richard, with the Lord Scrope of Masham, and Sir Thomas Grey 
of Heton, his brother-conspirators, had died upon the scaffold. This left the testatrix 
a widow, and there is no direct evidence to show that she ever took to herself a second 
husband. She is said by Dodsworth to have married John Neville Lord Latimer. I 
have stated this in a note to that nobleman^s will, which is dated in 1430 ; but it is a 
somewhat singular fact that in that document the name of the testatrix is never once 
mentioned. The omission is certainly a remarkable one. The testatrix had no children 
herself, and her affections seem to have been entirely alienated from the issue 
which her husband left by his former wife. She never mentions them in her will, and 
there is nothing to show that she ever had any intercourse with them. With the 
Cliffords, however, her own family, she maintained the closest intimacy. Her widow- 
hood was principally spent at the Castle of Coningsbrough, which she seems to have 
held in dower. She had also a residence at Turnham Hall, in the vicinity of Selby, 
and another at Sandal Castle. At Coningsbrough she appears to have maintained 
queen-like splendour, and Mr. Hunter gives us a specimen of her charters, beginning 
with the royal " Nos." The castle where she held her court was indeed worthy of a 
royal tenant; but it was perhaps more suited for a Harold or an Athelstan than for a 
granddaughter of Edward III. Here she had her train of esquires and yeomen ; yet, 
with all this grandeur, we cannot but think that she would willingly have resigned it 
all, and forgotten the past, for her maiden name and a quiet home in the halls of 
Skipton. The past was fraught with bitter recollections to her; she had worn her 
widow^s weeds for a long time. More than thirty years had elapsed since the violent 
death of her first husband; and, if she ever had a second, he had been dead for more 
than fifteen years. In the fortunes of her stepchildren she had no lot nor part, and her 
very dislike to the Duke of York tended to make her more favourably disposed towards 
the monarch of the day, who was still the son of him who had murdered her lord. It 
is easy therefore to conceive how bitterly in her declining years she would feel her 
loneliness and desolation, and we may then imagine what her pleasure would be in 
calling around her the youthful scions of the house of Clifford, and in reverting to 
earlier scenes and bygone days, in a home of which she might say, as Penelope did 
of the mansion of her absent, and as she feared departed. Lord — 

Tov TTore fifiAvrjtrsffOai dtofiai ivirkp 6v€ipt{}, 

The Countess did not long survive the making of her will. It is dated on the 15th of 
August, 1446, and the died on the 26th of the same month. She was buried in the 
monastery of Roche, to which she had been so munificent a benefactr^s. The tomb, 
however, which commemorated her is no longer to be found among the fair ruins of 
that once magnificent abbey. I append to my account of the testatrix two letters of 
hers to the Prior of Durham. They refer merely to a stall in the Collegiate Church 
of Hemingbrough, which was in the patronage of the Prior and Convent, but they 
are still interesting. 

1. Worshipfull and my well-beloved fadre in God, I grete yow well, and forasmuch 
as I am enfourmed that there is a vicary voide w^n your College of Hemmyngburgh, 
and I have a preste which that I desire were there in, and I undertake he is a well 
governed man, and a gode quere man. Wherefore I pray yow w* all myn hert that ye 
will graunte hym the seid vicary at the cause of my prayer, as I may do thing for yow 
that myght be to your plesire in case semblable a noyer time, and that ye will yife 
credence to my well-beloved servant Rawlyn Axe, the berer of this, what he sail dis- 
close yow on my behalfe in this mater. Beseching the Trinite have yow in his keping. 
Writen at my Castell of Connesburg, xxv. day of Januar. M^ York. The Countesse 
ofCamhrig, In dorso. To the worshipfull and to my well-beloved fader in God ye 
Priour of Durham. [Loc. 25, n. 142.] 

2. Worshipfull fadre in Godde, I grete yow welle, and I thonke yow herteley of all 
kyndenes that ye have done to me before this tyme, and in especiall that yow lyked ye 
last tyme that I wrote unto yow for a chapeleyn of myne, for a vicary of your Colage 
of Hemmyngburgh, to graunte me the next avoidance, as my servante, y^^^^ger of 
that lettre, reporteth me. Now late ther is one of the vicars there called fc»ir John 

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Sanctis ejus, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in Monasterio de 
Eupe, in capella Beatse Marise coram ymagine ejusdem, situata in 
parte australi ecclesia predicti Monasterii. Item volo quod jaceat 
super sepulcrum meum unus lapis de alabastro ex alto levatus, 
modo tumbae, cum una ymaffine, modo quo volo dicere execu- 
toribus meis. Item lego cuilibet capellano existenti in exequiis 
meis xij d., et cuilibet clerico parocniali vj d. Item quod execu- 
tores mei ordinent ceram ad comburendum circa corpus meum 
tempore exequiarum juxta discreciones suas. Item volo quod 
xiij.* pauperes in albis togis induantur^ quorum quilibet portet 
unam tortam ceream majorem in honore Domini nostri Jhesu Beatae Mariae et Omnium Sanctorum ejus, et ut tene- 
antur tempore exequiarum et tempore missae meae, et quilibet 
eorum habeat xijd. Item lego tribus capellanis honest^ con- 
versacionis xlij. marcas, ut ipsi celebrent et orent pro anima mea, 
et pro anima domini mei, et pro animabus parentum meorum, et 
quod unus eorum scolas exerceat, si voluerit. Item volo quod in 
quolibet anno quilibet eorum dicat unum trentale Beati Gregorii, 
ct cotidie dicent in missis hanc orationem Deus qui es summa 
nostroe redempdonis, cum earn comode dicere potuerit. Item lego 
Monasterio de Eupe imum vestimentum album, ita quod unus 
monachus ejusdem loci celebret pro anima mea per septimanam, 
et Habeat in die unum denarium, et alius monachus in alia sep- 
timana, et sic singuli celebrent et orent in Monasterio predicto 
divisim pro anima mea per spacium septem annorum completorum. 
Item lego Abbati de Eupe vj s. viij d., et cuilibet monacho ibidem 
XX d., in die sepulturae meae. Item lego Abbati et Conventui 
ejusdem loci xl. marcas, sub condicione quod, si voluerint suffi- 
cienter obligari fundatori suo, quod illi semel in anno imperpe- 
tuum celebrabunt obitum meum pro salute animse meae, in exequiis 
et missa, cum duobus cereis comburentibus supra corpus meum, 
durante eodem tempore. Item volo quod meum vestimentum 
integrum rubii coloris operatum cum auro, cum uno calice et 
duobus phiolis, duobus candelabris optimis argenteis, et uno tin- 
tinabulo argenteo cum corpore meo remaneant, ad usum perpetuum 
dictae ecclesiae. Item lego viris religiosis de Monte Graciae quinque 
marcas. Item lego ecclesiae de Connesburgb unum vestimentum 
integrum de welwett, et meum vetus Portiforium de usu Ebo- 

Hertte absent, and, as I suppose, will no more abide tbere. Wherfore I pray jow 
hertely that ye wold graunte me to my said chapeieyn, Sir William Lorymer, the berer 
of this lettre, the presentacion of the said vicarage, as my full trust is in yow, and as I 
may do thing for yow in tyme eomynge that myght be to your plesire. That knoweth 
our Lorde, who have yow allwais in his save kepynge. Written at Tumham hall, 
xxiij day of Januer. The CourUesse of Camhrige. [Loe. 25, n. 130.J 

* May not this number be symbolical of our Lord apd his twelve Apostles p It was 
0, number which was frequently selected. 

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racensi. Item lego Fratribus utriusque ordinis de Doncaster 
yj s. Tiij d. Item lego Fratribus de Tikhill vj s. viij d. Item 
lego ecclesiae Beati Petri Ebor. c s. Item lego quatuor ordinibus 
Fratrum Ebor. xxvj s. viij d. inter eos equaliter dividefados. Item 
lego Fratribus de Pontefiacto vj s. viij d. Item lego Monialibus 
de Hampole xx s. Item lego Monialibus de Wallenwellys xx s. 
Item lego Thomae domino de Clifford * et de Westmerland, con- 
sanguineo meo, unam auleam de aras, quam emi de Roberto 
Babthorpt millte. Item lego eidem domino et heredibus suis 
meum lectum blodium de aras cum tribus curtayns, unum trawas 
de tartren, quatuor quyssyns de cerico blodio, et duas longas quys- 
syns de panno, remanenda imperpetuum apud castrum de Skipton. 
Item lego Beatrici Watirton, consanguinea) meae, unam crucem 
auream, quae quondam fiierat matris meae, et meum Primariura 
viride, et unum diamond, et meam optimam togam furruratam cum 
martes. Item lego Johanni Clifford , J filiolo meo, xij. discos argenti , 
et sex salsaria argenti signata cum le} trayfuUes et le conch. Item 
lego Matildae Clifford, § filiolo meo, optimam meam zonam de auro; 
et voluntas mea est quod predicta bona dictis Johanni et Matildi 
filiolis meis superius legata teneantur et custodiantur in manibus 

* Thomas Lord ClifTord, the nephew of the testatrix, was bom on the Monday 
before the Assamption of the Virgin, in the 2nd of Henry V. He married Joan, 
daughter of Thomas Lord Dacre, by whom he had several children. Lord Clifford 
appears to have lived on terms of great intimacy with his aunt. His private accounts, 
which are preserved among the muniments at Skipton, tell us that in the year 1487, 
he and his fiunily lived for some time in Goningsbrough Castle, and paid too for their 
board. Two successive Masters of Clifford (I translate the roll literally) were bom 
there, and to the second of them, who was the survivor, the Countess herself stood 
godmother. Lord Clifford, although he was a wary and prudent man, was unable to 
remain neutral when that civil war arose which was so disastrous to Yorkshire and 
himself. Henry was probably made acquainted with the hatred with which Clifford 
and his aunt regarded the Duke of York, and a well-timed and munificent pension 
secured him their good wishes and co operation. Clifford therefore adopted the cause 
of the house of Lancaster, and fell at St. Alban^s, 33 Henry VL with his uncle, the 
powerful Earl of Northumberland. He was then in the 4l8t year of his age. 

i* Sir Robert Babthorpe of Babthorpe, Knight, one of the executors to King 
Henry V., died on the 22nd of August, 1486, and was buried in the Church of 
Hemingbrough. His first wife was Eleanor, daughter and heir of John de Waterton 
of Waterton in Lincolnshire, and after her death he remarried Bridget Pilkington, a 
daughter of the Lancashire family. Ralph Babthorpe his son and heir and his grand- 
son, another Ralph, were slain at the disastrous battle of St. Alban's, in 1455, 
fighting for the house of Lancaster. 

X John, afterwards Lord Clifford, the godson of the testatrix, was bom at Conings- 
brough Castle, in 1430. He is better knovm by the name of black -fieiced Clifford, 
from his many deeds of ferocious cruelty, as well as from his stem and uncompromising 
hostility to the house of York. He did not enjoy his title long, for he was slain near 
Ferrybridge, on the day before the sanguinary battle of Towton. His name has 
descended to us in no favourable light, and if we could now form any correct opinion 
of the part he took in the events of that troubled period, we probably should come to 
the conclusion that he disgraced the honour of his princely house by an inhuman thirst 
for blood, and by a spirit of revenge which have hardly ever been paralleled. 

§ Matilda Clifford, the goddaughter of the testatrix, was probably a sister of the 
John Clifford who has just been mentioned. 

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122 Testament A 

executorum meorum, donee dietus Johannes sit setatis xxj. an- 
norum, et dicta Matildis sit aetatis xiiij. annorum ; et si alter eorum 
decesserit in&a setates predictas, volo quod prius ei legatum dis- 
ponatur pro anima mea. Item lego Eaterinae Fitzwiliam * unum 
parvum nigrum Primarium, unum jocale vocatum Agnus Dei 
coopertum cum argento circumtextum cum lapidibus de perylls, 
unum broclie, quo utor cotidie, et meam optimam togam furru- 
ratam cum menyvere ; et volo quod omnes alise meae togae, exceptis 
quae furruratae sint cum martes et funes, dentur inter alias meas 
feminas secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego 
Alicias Bolton,t quae fuit nuper uxor Johannis Bolton, civis et 
aldermanni Civitatis Ebor., xx I. ad roaritagium imius filiarum 
suarum, secundum voluntatem dictae Aliciae. Item lego Thomse 
Wentworth xL Item lego Kicardo Farefiix cs. Item lego 
Johanni Stafford quinque marcas. Item lego Rogero Wynstanley 
xls. Item lego Kadulpho Bothe quinque marcas. Item lego 
Joni York c s. Item lego Johanni Kechyn quinque marcas. Item 
lego Willelmo Bichardson quinque marcas. Item lego Johanni 
Waller xl s., si non promotus fuerit ad aliquod officium. Item 
lego Willelmo Kynge xl s. Item lego Jolianni Placeden quinque 
marcas. Item lego Agneti Amyas J decem marcas, si ipsa ex- 
spectaverit in servicio meo et non maritatur. Item lego Jennyn 
quinque marcas, si non promotus fiierit ad aliquod corrodium vel 
per aliam viam. Item lego Michaell quinque marcas. Item lego 
Johanni Sharpe quinque nobil'. Item lego Willelmo Harwod 
xl s. Item lego Roberto Chaste xl s. Item Ricardo Todde quinque 
nobil*. Item Willelmo Wyott quinque nobil'. Item Thomae 
Hoton xl 8. Item Henrico fatuo xx s. Et volo quod si servientes 
mei hie in voluntate mea nominati de servicio meo recesserint, 
sive aliquis eorum recesserit, volo quod ipsi recedentes non habeat 

* A gentlewoman in the service of the Countess, who became the second wife of 
Edmund Fitzwilliam of Wadworth, Esq. Her maiden name was Welles, and her 
arms, which were impaled by her husband in the church at Coniogsbrough, were. 
Sable, three firebrands or. She died on the 11th March, 1477-8, and was buried, not 
under her husband's stately tomb in the church of Wadworth, but at Coningsbrough, 
near the home of her old mistress. Her will, dated on the 6th of March, in the year 
preceding her death, lies before me, but it must be given, as it deserves, at full length 
in its proper place. 

t A daughter of Nicholas Blackburn, Lord Mayor of York, She had probably 
been one of the Countesses gentlewomen, and this legacy is therefore an affectionate 
remembrance of her services. Some notices of her family have been already given. 

X No doubt one of the gentlewomen of the testatrix. She was probably a daughter 
of William Amyas of Sandal, where the Countess occasionally resided. In his will, 
dated on the day of St. Julian, 1434, he mentions his sons John and Robert, hie wife 
Joan, and his daughters Elizabeth, Agnes, and Margaret. To Margaret his daughter, 
he leaves a pair of gold beads, and to the high altar of his parish church *' unum 
gausipe." In 1469, John Amyas, the son of William, desires to be buried in the 
porch of St. Ellen at Sandal, and he leaves the residue of his goods to Catherine 
bis wife. 

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nec habeant titulum acclamandum aliqua bona sibi legata. Item 
volo quod bospicium meum teneatur post decessum meum, cum 
omnibus servientibus meis volentibus permanere, per quarterium 
unius anni. Item lego Elizabethas Garth* quinque marcas. 
Et si ego, ex oblivione aliquibus servientium meorum non remu- 
neravi, seu modice illis remunerasse (sic), volo quod executores 
mei largius remunerent, juxta eorum discreciones. Item volo 
quod, si messuagium meimi in Braythwell cum pertinentiis suis in 
vita mea non sit vendita, quod dictus Bicardus Farefax illud 
habeat, durante vita sua, ita quod bene et competenter reparabit 
in omnibus sibi pertinentiis. Et volo quod post decessum suum 
executores mei dictum messuagium cum pertinentiis suis dis* 
ponant et ordinent pro anima mea. Et ad istam execucionem 
bene et fideUter &ciendam ordino et c-onstituo meos executores 
subscriptos, videlicet illustrem dominam et cognatam meam 
Alesiamf Gomitissam Salisberise, et lego sibi unam crucem auream 
cum quatuor ma^is perills et cum uno rubye in medio, et meum 
magniun Primanum optimum, et duos libros Galileos vocatos 
Gyron le Curtasse, Willelmum Scargill,:^ et lego sibi c s., 
Edmundum Fitzwiliam,§ et lego sibi cs., et dominum Wil- 
lelmum Staffeld, rectorem ecclesiaB de Hoton Kobert, et lego sibi 
cs. Kesiduum vero omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum 
volo quod dicti executores mei ordinent et disponant pro salute 
animae meae, prout ipsi viderint melius expedire, et sicut volunt 
respondere Omnipotent! Deo in die judicii. In cujus rei testi- 
monium huic presenti testamento sigiUum meum apposui. Datum 
in Monasterio de Kupe, die et loco predictis. 

CodiciUus predicti testamenti, — This is ye will of me Maude, 
Countesse of Cambrige, made in y® utas|| of y^ Assumpcion of 

* The Garths were retainers of the ClifFords at Skipton. On the 10th of July, 
17 Henry VI. William del Ghurth, Esq. of Skipton, executes a deed of gift of all his 
effects to Thomas del Garth his grandson, Joan his wife, and Richard del Rane, 
rector of Marton in Craven. Thomas Garth became keeper of the King^s woods, at 
Bolton Canons, a patent office which he transmitted to his descendants. 

f Alesia, daughter and heiress of Thomaa Montacute, Earl of Salisbury, and wife of 
Richard Neville Earl of Warwick, the father of the Kingmaker. Lord Warwick*s will 
occurs hereafter. As the testatrix mentions her as her cousin, the relationship might 
poflflibly originate through Lord Latimer. 

X Can this be William Scargill, Esq. of Whitkirk, sen. who died in 1459 ? On the 
12th of May in that year Robert NevUle, Esq. and Robert Hall of Selby, administer to 
his effects. He seems to have been a retainer of the Countess. Other members of his 
family have occurred to me as located in the Deanery of Doncaster. 

§ Edward Fitzwilliam of Wadworth, Esq. a descendant of the house of Spotbrough. 
He was in the service of the testatrix, and he married, to his second wife, one of the 
gentlewomen of her train. He and his wife were benefactors to the church of 
Goningsboro'. He died on the 24th of December, 1465, and was buried under a 
splendid altar-tomb, which is still remaining in the church of Wadworth. Sir Richard 
Fitzwilliam of Aldwark, who married the wealthy heiress of Clarel, was his son. 

H t. e. the Octaves. 

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our Lady, after y« makjng of my testament in y® said Fest, at y« 
Abbey of Roche. First, I will yat dame Jahan my nece, y® lady 
Clifford, have my colar of gold. Also I will yat dame Beatrice 
Waterton, my nece, have xL, to be paid to her in y« yere next 
folowyng after my decesse, yerly xl s. Also I will yat Agnes 
Amyas have a pare of bedes of corall with gaudes of gete. Also 
I will yat Thomas off Wentworth* be one off myne executors 
both of my testament and of jds my will, so yat he and y® oyer 
thre, named executors in y« said testament, opon y« takyng of 
mynistracion of my will be sworn in y« fourme of lawe, befor y*^ 
ordinarie at y^ provyng of my testament, yat yei schall no gode 
occupye ner dispose but after my will and mjme intent, ne yat 
none of thame schall make relesse or acquitance unto any maner 
of persone be y^ whilk relesse or acquitance my will mowe be 
letted or hurt. And also my full will is yat ilk one of my four 
said executors named in yis will be in like wise in fourm of lawe 
sworn yat he schall no thing do singulerly be hymselfe, ne w' 
outen yassent of y^ mor party of all myne executours, yat schall 
be lettjm^, grefe or prejudice unto y^ remanent of myne executors 
in execucion of my will, and yies oyes to be dewely and trewely 
done and made after fourm of lawe I require and charg the con- 
science of y® said ordinary befor whome my testament schall be 
proved as he will answer befor God. And also I will yat Master 
fiobert Tatman, Frer Prechour, have vmarc. Also I will yat 
Hugh Cotes have v marc. [Pr*. 4 Sep, 1446.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Quinto die mensis Octobris, anno 
Domini Millesimo cccc quadragesimo sexto, Eeverendus et dis- 
cretus vir Guydo Fayrfaxf de VValton, armiger, compos mentis 

* Probably Thomas Wentworth, Esq. a younger son of the house of Wentworth, of 
North Elmsal. He lived at Doncaster, and by his will dated there on the 19th March, 
1449-50, he desires to be buried in the chancel of St. Lawrence, within the church of 
St. George at Doncaster. After the death of Catherine his wife, whom he appoints 
his executrix, he leaves his best gown of scarlet, his gold chain, his best zone and 
baslard, to be sold to make or finish a certain new work in the chancel of St. Lawrence, 
according to a plan and intention by him in his lifetime made and known. To Agnes 
wife of Robert Constable of Flambro' he bequeathes '* unum librum vocatum Lucidary 
scriptum in lingua Francisca." (This will was proved by an officer of the Court at 
Doncaster, 29 April, 1450, whilst he was on his way to the Synod at Southwell.) The 
testatrix was intimately connected with the Wentworths, and was a trustee for their 
lands. Richard Wentworth of Everton, to whom she conveyed a moiety of the manor 
of West Bretton, was a brother of Thomas. 

t A will short and concise as the emergency required. The testator was a younger 
son of an illustrious house-r-a house that for learning and valour had no peer among 

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et clarus memoriss suae, licet egrltudine sui corporis graviter 
detinebatur, ac sperans, ut asseruit, mortis periculum sibi penitus 
immiaere, idcirco suuin testamentum sive ultimam voluntatem 
niincupativam condidit in haec verba. In prim is leeavit animam 
— ^legavit omnia bona sua Agneti uxori su8b et liberis suis — 
audientibus Johanne Fayrefax et Rogero Clark servientibus 
dicti Guydonis. {Prob. xxij Octob. seq.j 


March 15, 1446-7. Robertus de Hoton* de Newton super 
Derwent, armiger. Sepel. in insula ecclesiae meae parochialis de 
Wilberfosse, de novo edificata. Lego ad empcionem quatuor 
torch' circa corpus meum comburend' ad exequias et missas meas 
xvj s., quarum volo quod duse remaneant in ecclesia mea paro- 
chiali, et duaB ecclesiae de Seton, videlicet in eisdem ecclesiis 
tempore elevacionis corporis Christi ardend*. Et lego pro unp,. 
vestimento pro vestimento ejusdem, et ecclesiae parochiali d6 
Middelham in Richemondshire, xx s. Et lego pro uno vesti- 
mento emendo et capellae de Neuton dando, xiij s. liij d. Et lego 
imi ecclesiarum de Herdeby, Plomgarth, Barkeston, et Redurell, 
maxime indigenti, j. librum Portiphorium notatum de usu Sar. 
Et lego Roberto filio Rogeri Pudesay, filiolo meo de sacro fonte 
levato, tmam vaccam, unum pullanum feminam biennalem, et 
iij s. iiij d. Et lego ad empcionem unius capae ecclesiae de Seton 
xiij s. iiij d. Et lego ad empcionem unius vestimenti ecclesiae de 
Sutton juxta Newton xiij s. iiij d. Et lego Katerinae Welles, uxori 
Edmundi Fitzwilliam, unum par precum longevarum de gegate 
gaudettum cum curallo. Et lego Johanni Hemelsey baslardum 
meum hemesiatum cum argento, unum pullanum triennalem, vel 
quatuor annorum masculini generis — Johanna uxor mea. 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Quinto die mensis Maii anno ejusdem 
Millesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo septimo. Ego Mar- 

the noble families of Yorkshire. I have reason to believe that he was a lawyer, and it 
was to him probably that his nephew. Sir Guy Fairfax, who became a justice of the 
King^s Bench, was indebted for his name and learning. Yorkshire may indeed be 
proud of the many and great lawyers that she produced during the 15th century — men 
who advanced the boundaries of the English law and were not afraid of vindicating its 

* A Yorkshire family, with the history of which I am unacquainted. Joan, the 
widow of the testator, did not long survive him. By her will, dated on the 3rd of 
April, 1447, she desires to be buried in the city of York, in the church of St. Mary 
Bishophill senior. To the fabric of the Cathedral church she leaves a pair of beads of 
coral. To Emmot Cavell of Wilberfosse, a black horse ambling. To the hospital of 
the Holy Trinity in Beverley a pair of beads of gold. 

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gareta Hansforde de Kingeston super Hull — sepeliendum in 
capella S. Trin. in Eyngeston juxta maritum meum. Do et lego 
fabricae capellse B. Mar. unum par precularum aureum cum uno 
monili aureo. Lego Johannse uxori Johannis Bamebow, unum 
par precularum argenteum cum quodam annulo aureo imagine 
Sanct» Trinitatis aepicto cum ima mappa optima et manutergio 
ac alium annulum aureum quem eidem propriis manibus meis 
dedi, unam viridem togam penulatam cum menyver. Lego 
Johanni Bamebow, juniori, unum coopertorium lecti cum tapeto 
intexto cum leone et sex novis quyschyns et unam peciam 
argenteam coopertam vocatam bellyd pece — ac unum novum 
struvium cum signeto aureo quondam mariti mei — et unam 
peciam argenteam vocatam le scnewir. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Anno Domini Millesimo quadrin- 

fentesimo quadragesimo quinto, octavo die mensis Augusti, Ego 
Idmundus de la Pole* de Eboraco, armiger, — Inpnmis com- 
mendo animam meam Deo Omnipotenti gloriosaeque Virgini 
Marias matri Domini nostri Jhesu Christi, Sanctae Annae, Sancto 
Antonio, Sancto Martino, Sancto Eicardo Scrope, et Omnibus 
Sanctis Dei, ad impetrandum graciam et misencordiam a Deo 
pro salvacione animae meae, corpusque meum terras, ut cadaver, 
ubicunque Deo placuerit; sed si potent esse in ecclesia Sancti 
Martini in Conyngstrete in Eboraco, ibidem sub petra marmorea 
ubi sepultus fuit Johannes Brathewayt. Item volo ut inveniatur 
unus capellanus idoneus ad celebrandum in eadem ecclesia per 
duos annos integros ad orandum pro animabus Johannis Brathwat 
et Marionae uxoris ejus, et pro anima mea et pro anima Aliciae f 

* A gentleman of honourable descent and a member of an ancient honse. He was, 
I believe, the youngest son of Sir John de la Pole of Newborough, Knight, by Cecily, 
sister and heir of Sir William de Wakebridge. His elder brother, Peter de la Pole, 
of Radbome, Esq. married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir John Lawtcm, by 
Alianore, sister and sole heir of the celebrated Sir John Chandos, K.G. From him 
descended the family of de la Pole of Hartington, co. Notts. Some account of this 
family may be found in the Topographer and Genealogist, II. 176. Another Edmund 
Pole, of the parish of Cramham, by his will, dated on the 31st of January, 1445-6, 
which was proved at York on the Ist of January following, desires to be buried 
in the monastery of Kirkham. He mentions his son Thomas. To his wife he 
leaves all his jewels. To John Pole, living with Sir Edmund Hastings, Knight, 
" sicoam argentatam y« pomell and hylts deperro." He mentions Robert Willoughby, 
his former servant, and his son Edmund Willoughby his godson. 

t Alice de la Pole» the widow of the testator, makes her will at York, Jan. 10, 
1451-2. In it she directs her body to be buried in the choir of St. Thomas of Can- 
terbury, in her parish church of St. Martin in Conyngstrete, York, near the bodies 
of her parents and of Edmund her husband. For her mortuary she leaves her best 
gown and hood taken by tally. To Thomas de la Pole her son she bequeaths a cup of 

Digitized by 



uxoris meae, accipiendo quolibet anno pro salario suo centum 
solidos argenti. item ad solvendum pro debitis Johannis Boghton, 
filii Aliciae uxoris mese, ne forte non ministravi sufficienter bona 
sua ubi majus necesse fiierit, xl s. Item ad distribuendum pro 
animabus Jobannis de la Pole militis, patris mei, et dommas 
Ceciliae, matris meae, et Radulpbi,* fratris mei, quinque marcas. 
Item Aliciae uxori meae, et Thomae f filio noBtro, meam partem de 
vasis argenteis. Item Ameti Stirtivaunt servienti meae vj s. viij d. 
Item Margaretae et Johannae Smyth, filiae meae («ic), cuilibet 
iij s. iiij d. Item ad emendum quatuor torcheas ad comburendum 
circa corpus meum in prima die obitus mei apud Dirige, et postea 
ad Missam, et postea secundo die in eadem forma, quarum volo 
ut tres remaneant summo altari et quarta altari ubi sepultus 
fuero, ad comburendum circa corpus Domini. Ad distribuendum 
pro anima mea die sepulturae meae et die octavo sequenti, ordi- 
nandum pro pauperibus in pane et cervisia et camibus, quolibet 
die, xls. Item ad emendum duos cerges, ponderis quilibetvlb., 
ad ardendum circa corpus meum. Item volo quod tres optimae 
togae post mortuarium meum vendantur ad perimplendum omnia 
antedicta, et omnes baslardi mei cum zonis eadem forma. Resi- 
duum — Aliciae uxori meae et Thomae filio nostro. — Lego magistro 
Gamethorp iij s. iiij d [^Prob, xv. Mar, 1447-8.] 



In Dei nomine. — Decimo die mensis Marcii, anno Domini 
Millesimocccc.quadragesimoseptimo, Ego Eobertus Strangways,J 
armiger, compos mentis — corpus memn sepeliendum in summo 
choro ecclesiae Conventualis Fratrum Predicatorum § Eboraci. Pro 

siWer and gilt, standing and cotered. To Agnes Stirtauut her maid she gives two 
coverlets, one pair of blankets, and 20s. in silver, to be paid to her in household 
ntensils. To Joan her maid 6s. 8d. in utensils. The residue she gives to have masses 
celebrated for the good of her sool. To Brian Metcalfe she bequeaths a long chest 
bound with iron. [Pr, 15 March, 1451-2.] 

* Ralph de la Pole, Esq. Sir John^s second son, was the ancestor of the de la Poles 
of Wakebridge, Syenton, Spinkhill, and Parkhail. 

f The will of Thomas Pole of York, tapeter, was proved 24 Nov. 1457, and ad- 
ministration was granted to Alice hb widow. 

X The testator, Robert Strangewajs the younger, was a son of Robert Strangeways, 
Esq. whose will has just been printed. Both father and son appear to have held some 
position in the Palatinate of Durham, for which they were indebted to the kind offices 
of the Prince Bishop, who was their kinsman. The testator was Master Forester 
under Cardinal Langley, and on the accession of Robert Neville to the see he became 
Chamberlain to the Bishop with a stipend of 20 marks a year. This office he held till 
his death. 

§ The establishment of the Friars Preachers was in Micklegate in York. There 
are no remains of it now in existence. The family of Strangeways evidently had some 

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mortuario meo optimam togam meam pro corpore meo talliatam. — 
Keverendissimo in Christi patri et domino, domino Eoberto 
Dunelmensi Episcopo,* domino meo, optimum meum equum et 
uuam peciam argenti coopertam in cista mea apud Houeden 
existentem. Thomas f Strangways fratxi meo omnia cataUa mea 
viva ad persolvendum inde et acquietandum debita Roberti Strang- 
ways patris mei quas non sunt modo soluta, excseptis equis inferius 
legatis. Eidem Thomas fratri meo optimam togam meam preter 
mortuarium meum, optimum meum dobletum de velvet fegory 
etunumjak. Henrico Strangways J cognato meo dobletum meum 
de nigro velvet fegory. Georgio Strangways § fratri meo do- 
bletum meum de fustyan cum colario et manicis de blodio vellvet 
fegory et duo dobleta, videlicet unum de albo damask et aliud de 
nigro damask. Prefatis Georgio et Henrico Strangways omnes 
togas meas superius non legatas. Henrico Strangways unum 
novum dobletum de fustyan. Isabellae Claxton v. marcas ad ma- 
ritagium suum. Hugoni Vicars famulo meo unum equum gresum 
ambulantem existentem in parco de Aukeland. Johanni Grene 
famulo meo unum equum dosin* in eodem parco. Octodecim ulnaa 
panni viridis ad equaliter dividendos inter predictum Hugonem 
Vicars, Eicardum et Willelmum servientes meos. Lego Kicardo 
Clowbek unum bay geldyng apud Stokton existentem. Christo- 
fero Boynton || totum illud debitum quod michi debet ea con- 
dicione quod ipse inveniat michi unum capellanum idoneum et 
honestum ad celebrandum pro anima mea et pro animabus pa- 
connection with this house, as in the year 1500 we find Joan widow of Sir Richard 
Strangeways making her wiU whilst she was residing in that monastery. She directs 
her body to be buried *' in the qwer of y« same Freires under the lettron wher as tlie 
rede theyr legand, and if it happen me to decesse within x myles of York yet I wyil 
y' my body be broght to y* said Freires.'* 

* Robert Neville, a son of Ralph Earl of Westmerland, by Joan Beaufort, daughter 
of John of Gaunt, was translated to the see of Durham from that of Salisbury upon 
the death of Cardinal Langley in 1437. He died in 1457, in the 20th year of his 
pontificate, and was buried in the chapel belonging to his family in the southern aisle 
of the Cathedral of Durham. A marble stone still marks his grave, but the rich brass 
which once adorned it is no longer there. The Bishop's will, dated on the 8th of 
July, 1467, is printed in the Appendix to the Three Historians, CCLV, but it does 
not appear that it was ever proved. 

f In 1446 Thomas Strangeways and Robert his brother (the testator) had a lease 
of the manor of Ketton under the Prior and Convent of Durham. A family of the 
same name lingered in the neighbourhood until the 17th century. 

J Henry Strangeways, Esq. a son probably of Sir James Strangeways, and, I 
believe, first cousin to the testator, was one of Bishop Neville's executors in 1457. 

§ On the 20th of January, 1452-3, the Archbishop of York issues a license to 
the rector of Middleham, empowering him to marry George Strangeways, E^q. and 
Roberta daughter of John Melton of Holdemess. The George Strangeways who was 
warden of Darcy^s chantry at Whorlton was in all probability his first cousin. 

II Christopher Boynton of Sedbury was the junior justice for the Palatinate of 
Durham during the episcopate of Bishop Neville. He was connected in many ways 
with the testator^s family, and his wife was Jane daughter of James Strangeways of 

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rentum meorum penes discrecionem et conscienciam suam. Lego 
eidem Christofero omnia terras et tenementa quae teneo In vifla 
de Novo Castro super Tynam in Com, NortnumbriaB durante 
minore aBtate Johannae Dolfanby* — ad plenam sstatem ejusdem 
JoliannsB. — Residuum Thomae Strangways fratri meo. [Prob. 2 
May, 1448.] 


In Dei nomine — xxiv. Sep. M.cccc.xlviij. Ego Bicardus 
Johnson, laborer, Ebor. — sepeliend. in ecclesia S. Elenae vel 
cimiterio ejusdem. Do optimum meum indumentum, quod habeo, 
nomine mortuarii mei. Lego ij. libras cerse ad comburendum 
circa corpus meum die sepulturae meas. Vicario meo parochiali 
iij s. iiij d. Ad opus fabricae ecclesiae meas xx s. Eidem ecclesiae vj s. 
viij d., pro ij. torchis emendis ad ministrandum coram sacramento. 
Lego domui Fratrum Augustinensium xls. Lego xx. fratribus 
ejusdem domus pro missis celebrandispro anima mea, cuilibet ij d. 
Domui Fratrum Carmelit. vs. Domui Fratrum Minorum iij s. iiij d. 
Domui Fratrum super les Tofts iij s. iiij d. Filiis et filiabus fratris 
mei quatuor marcas inter se dividendas. Lego fratri Willelmo 
Egremond, Augustin. vj s. viij d. Thomae Cuke vij s. vj d. Fratri 
Roberto Medelay iiij s. ix d. Willehno Baker v s. Thomae Cuke, 
nepoti meo, j. coopertorium j. mattresse cum j. par linthiaminum 
de hardyn. Residuum Thomae Cuke. [Prob. 26 Sep. 1448.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Vicesimo die mensis Septembris, a.d. 
Mill.cccc.xlvij., Ego Willelmus Sybthorpf de Sybthorp, armiger 
— sepeliend. in capella B. Annae in ecclesia B. Petri de Sybthorp. 
Optimum animal meum nomine principalis mei. Item lego quin- 
que libras cerae comburendae circa corpus meum . iu die sepulturae 
meae. Cuilibet presbitero qui interfuerit exequiis meis, iiijd. 
Cuilibet clerico existenti ibidem ij d. Fabricae ecclesiae B. Petri 

* '* Little Joan,'^ the only child and heir of Robert Dolphanby of Gateshead, was 
of the age of one year and nine months at the time of the inquisition upon her father's 
death on the 27th of July, in the second year of Bishop Neville's episcopate, and 
she became the ward of Robert Strangeways the younger, Esq. She was of full 
age on Dec. 17, 1457. She was afterwards, I believe, the wife of Conan Barton of 
Whenby, Esq. 

f A very ancient and most respectable Nottinghamshire house. The will which 
the testator makes is exceedingly short and simple. The families of Bingham and 
Laybom were intimately connected with Sibthorp and its lords. 

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130 T£STAlf£NTA 

de Sybthorp xxs. Johanni Barlaj unum quarterium ordiL Hen- 
rico Cosyn et Agneti uxori suae unum busshell ordii et unum 
stryke firumenti. Aliciae Dower dim. quart, ordii. Jacobo, ser- 
vienti meo, dim. quart ordiL Roberto Hillerton unam juvencam, 
Johanni Laybom imam juvencam, JohannaB Smyth unam ju- 
vencam. — Residuum lego Ricardo Bingham, justiciario, Johanni 
Horbery, capellano, et Willehno Layborn, quos constituo execu- 
tores meos. [Prob. 10 Oct 1448.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. The fiftene day of Septembre, the 
date of our Lord M.ccccxliij., I Hugh Willughby, knyght,* in 
good mynde beyng, seyng and felyng the frailures of mank3mde, 
make and ordeyn my testament in thys maner of wyse. First, 
I bequethe my soul to God Almighty, and to hys moder our 
Ladie Seint Marie, and till all the holy company of heven, and 
my bodye to be beried in the kirke of Willughby before the 
autre of the chaimtry of oure Ladie. Also I bequethe for my 
principall that is most approvate to lawe. Also I bequethe to the 
expense aboute the bereyng of my bodie c s. Also I bequethe 
and will that my dettys be payyd before alle oder thyngis. Also 
I bequethe and will that what somever that I have taken of ony 
man withouten rightwes title, or have done eny harme be rancour 
of hert or malice a gejms god conciens and reson, I will, and it 
may be proved before ij. iij. or iiij. of myn executoures and over- 
seers, I will that they make restitucion to them and a competent 
amendes with in a short tyme. Also I bequethe to the high 
awter of the parysch kirke of Woleaton ij. chaundelers of laton. 
Also xxs. to the repairyng of the omamentes of the foreseid 

* Sir Hugh Willoughby of Wollaton, the head of a celebrated NottiDghamshire 
family which has produced several distinguished men. He was twice married, first to 
Isabel, daughter of . , . Foljambe, by whom, among other children, he left Richard his 
son and heir, who made his will in 1469. His second wife was Margaret, daughter 
and co-heir of Sir Baldwin Freville, by whom he had several children. This will 
makes several additions to the family pedigree, and is in many respects an interesting 
and valuable document. We may safely say that it is the composition of the testator 
himself, and it does him the greatest credit Few houses in England could show a 
more splendid array of funily plate than that of Willoughby, and few, if any, of the 
English gentry could at that time draw up such a description as that for which we 
have to thank the testator. The will is followed by a long uninteresting codicil, which 
contains the settlement of the testator^s estate. The executors were released, accord- 
ing to a memorandum in the Register, without exhibiting any inventory. The will of 
the testator's mother, Isabella, daughter of Sir Hugh Annesley, has been printed in 
the first volume of the Testamenta Eboraoensia. It is dated in 1415. 

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autre. Also I bequeth to the autre of y« chauntre of Wilughby 
in repairyng of the omamentis xl s. Also I bequethe the Priour 
and the Convent of Beauvall xx s., with my letter of fratemite. 
Also I bequeth to the Priour and Convent of Witham xx s. with 
my letter of fratemite. Also I bequeth to the Priour and Con- 
vent of the Chartre hous of London xx s. Also I bequeth to the 
Frere Caroms (aie) of Notingham xiij s. iiij d. Also I bequeth to 
the Frere Minors of the same towne xiij s. iiij d. Also I bequethe 
to the Frere Augustines of Leycestre, for the soule of my fedre 
Edmund of Wilughby, xx s. Also I bequethe to the briggis of 
Notingham, that is to say of Brokestowe, Wapuntach, and Kusse- 
clyf, XX s. Also I bequethe to the Ancores of Notingham 
vj s. viij d. Also I bequethe to Molde Wilughby my doughtir, 
till her mariage, besyde a some of mony that is comprehended in 
my will, that I will that my feffes shall fulfill to the behove of 
ther (her) mariage, first xij spones of silver of ij. swortes, som- 
tyme Elizabethe Leke, also a saltsaler of silver covered, somtyme 
Thomas Beamount knyght, also a maser with a bande of guide, 
somtyme Jane Bassett, also a gilt pece pounced, som tyrae Thomas 
Beamount knyght, also a pece of silver covered with scripture 
about, somtyme William Burton, also iij. chales peces of silver of 
one swort, som tyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also a chales- 
pece of silver syngle, somtyme Edmund Pierpoint knyght, also 
a potelpot of silver, somtyme Thomas Gretton, also a quarte potte 
of silver, somtyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also ij. chargers 
of silver, bought be Calton, also xij. dysshys of silver with the 
touche of Parys, somtyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also vj. 
saucers of silver with armes, bought of Witham. Also I bequethe 
to John Wilughby my son, if it so be that he be noght pro- 
moted to no Denefice of holy chirche or I die, til hys mariage, 
beside a some of mony that is comprehendid in my wille, that I 
wyll that my feffes shall fiilfill to the behove of his mariage, 
first, xij. spones of silver marked with armyn, somtyme Ladie 
Basset,t also a pece of silver covered, of the bell shappe, somtyme 
Thomas Beamount knyght, also a basen of silver with a spoute, 
somtyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also a ewer of silver for the 
seid bason, sometyme the said Thomas, also ij . chargers of silver, 
somtyme Thomas Savage, also xij. gooddisshes of silver, somtyme 
Philipp Repyngton, also xij. saucers of silver. Also I bequethe 
to Alls Wilughby, my doghter, till her mariage, besyde a some 
of mony that is comprehendid in my will, that I will that my 
feffes fulfill to the behove of her mariage, first, xij. spones of 

* Joan, sister of John Duke of Britany, and wife to Ralph Lord Basset of Drayton. 
She was godmother to Joan Willoughby, the testator^s sister. A canton ermine was 
part of the bearing of the Duke of Richmond her father. 


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silver marked with Wi and 9^* also a square salar of silver single, 
sointyme Phelipp Repyngdon, also a maser, somtyme Thomas 
Elvenam, Priour of Lenton, also a flatte gilte pece, somtyme 
Lady Bardolfe, also a whit pece of silver covered with a rounde 
belle, somtyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also vj. gobelettes of 
silver, of one sworte, bought at London, also a potel pott of 
silver, somtyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also a quarte pot 
of silver, somtyme Henre Pierpount knyght, also a bason of silver, 
with a rose in the myddys gylt, somtyme Philipp Repyngdon, 
also a ewer of silver with a longe spoute, somtyme the said Phelip, 
also ij. fyne chargers of silver, somtyme the seid Phelip, also xij. 
dissh3rs of silver of iij. swortes, bought be Calton. Also I be- 
quethe to Baudewyne Wilughby, my sone, if it so be that he be 
not promoted til no benefice of holy chirche or I die, to hjs 
maryage, besyde a some of mone that is comprehended in my 
wille, that I will that mjni feffes shall fulfiUe, to the behove of 
hvs mariage, first, xij. spones of silver of ij. swortes, somtyme of 
Emmott Burton, also a gilt pece of the bell shapp, somtyme 
Thomas Beamount knyght, also a whit pece of silver covered 
with a traile of maple, also a pece of silver syngle of Parys, not 
gilte, somtyme the said Thomas Beamount, also a grete single 
pece of silver, somtyme Thomas Wirsop of Lenton, also ij. poudre 
boxes of silver, somtyme Richard Bonay of Notingham, also ij. 
forkes for grene gynger, of silver, also a quart pot of silver with 
the touche of Parys, somtyme the said Thomas Beamount, also a 
basyn of silver, the felowe of the foreseid, with the spoute, som- 
^me the said Thomas Beamount, also a ewer of silver to the 
forseid basyn, bought atte London, also ij. chargers of silver, 
somtyme Thomas Savage, also xij. goode dysshes of silver, som- 
tyme Phelip Repyngdon, also vj. saucers of silver, somtyme the 
said Thomas Beamount. Also I bequethe to Margery Wilughby, 
my doughter, to hir mariage, besyde a some of mone that is com- 
prehend in my wyll, that 1 will that my feffes shall fulfill to the 
behove of hir mariage, first, xij. spones of silver, of ij. swortes, 
somtyme Lady Basset and Hugh Hopwell, also a salar covered, 
somtyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also a flat pece of silver gilt, 
with the signe of the sonne, somtyme the said Thomas Bea- 
mount, also a white pece of silver covered pounced with roses, 
sometyme dame Margret Swelyngton, also a chalespece of silver 
round covered, somt3mQe Edmund Pierpount knyght, also vj. 
good Parys peces of silver of one sworte, somtyme Henry Pier- 
pount knyght, also a potelpot of silver, somtyme Thomas Bea- 
mount knyght, also a goode quart pot of silver, somtyme Phelip 

f Sir Hugh*s grandmother was a daughter of Sir Richard de la Pole, and these 
initials are probably his. 

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£BORAC£NSIA. ] 33 

Eepyngdon, also ij. good chargers of silver, somtyme the seid 
Phelip, also xij. disshes of silver with armes, bought of Whitham, 
also a basen of silver with |ilf)C0U0 in the bothom, gilt, somtyme 
Phelip Kepyngdon, also a ewer of silver for the same basyn, some 
tyme the said Phelip. Also I bequethe to Henre Willughby my 
sone, if it so be that he be not promoted to no benefice of holy 
chirche or I die, to his mariage, beside a some of mony that is 
comprehend in my will, that I will that my feffes shall fulfill to 
the behove of his mariage, first, xij. spones of silver of diverse 
swortys, of the whech v. are gelt, also a whit pece of silver 
covered with a rounde boll giltioe, made atte London, also a fyne 
gilt chalespece, somtyme Ladie Bardolfe, also a ewer of gilt for 
the cuppebord, somtyme Lady Bassett, also a quart pot of silver 
gilt, somtyme Richard Boney of Notingham, also iij. Parys peces 
of silver, somtyme the seid Thomas Beamount, also a single pece 
of silver, somtyme Witham, also a single pece of silver with a 
rose gilt, somtyme Henry Pierpount knyght, alsoij.poudre boxes 
of silver, somtyme Gratton, jeueler, also a chaffar of silver, for 
partrich mynced, somtyme the seyd Thomas Beamount, also iij. 
good chaundeliers of silver of one sworte, somtyme the jeueler of 
Warwick, also a pajrr covered basens of silver, somtyme the Lady 
Bassett, also ij. good chargers of silver markyd with ffH lettre, 
also a dysshe of silver flatte, somtyme Gratton, jeueller, also iiij. 
dysshes of silver of one sworte, somtyme William Sturmy knyght, 
also xij. goode saucers of silver, somtyme Phelip Kepyngdon. 
Also I bequethe til Alianore Willughby, my doughter, til hir 
mariage, besyde a some of mony that is comprehend in my wille, 
that I will my feffes fulfiUe to the behove of hir mariage, first, 
xij. spones of silver with the marke tt and |9^ also a salar of 
silver covered, sometyme dame Jane Bassett, also a maser, som- 
tyme Eobert Woldeyn clerk, also a gilt chales pece covered, 
somtyme Eobert Wodeford knyght, also a white pece of silver 
covered with a round boll, somtyme Elizabeth Leeke, also ij pecys 
of silver marked with SI and 19, also a potel pot of silver bought 
on London Brigge, also a quart pot of silver with armes, some- 
tyme Thomas Beamount knyght, also ij. chargers of silver marked 
(blank), also xij. disshes of silver, sometyme the said Thomas 
Beamount, also iij. disshys of silver for potage, of oon sworte, 
somtyme Thomas Gratton, also a holow basen of silver for shavyng, 
sometyme the said Thomas Gratton. [J. long provision with 
respect to the above legacies in case of death, settlement of rent" 
charges, SfcJ] Also I gif and be thys present testament bequethe 
the residue of all my gudes and catalles, as well qwyke as dede, 
nothir in thys testament ne in my will tofore rehersid, unto the 
said Margaret my wife, and to hir own use. Also I wille that a 

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speciall wille enceylyd with the seale of myn armes, in wheche I 
have bequothen and sette diverse thyngys to certenn persouns, be 
in registred and of as grete strength and auctorite as my present 
testament written at thys tyme for suche thyng as shall be con- 
teyned in the same — and for to execute — this my present 
testament and also my laste wille — I make and ordeyn my full 
honorable and worthy lord and fader in God John, Archebis- 
shop of Canterbury, my fiill noble lorddes Humfrey Erie of 
Stafford, Raf Lord Sudeley treserer of Englond, Lord Welles, 
John Lord Scrope of Upsall, myn overseers of the forseid 
testament; also I make and orden maistre William Scrope clerk, 
Margrete Wilughby my wife, Philip Boteler, Robert Aston, 
squyers, William Cumberford and Robert Stoke of Tameworth, 
myn executors. — Also I bequethe to Rauf Willughby my 
sone, til his mariage, besyde a some of money that is comprehend 
in my wille, that I wille that my feffes fulfill to the behove of hie 
mariag, first, xij. sponys of silver, that weyn a pound of troy, the 
wheche were somtyme John Fyneron, also a covered salar of 
silver, that weyeth ix. ounces and a quarteron, which was nuly 
Thomas Beamount knyght, also a covered maser boundon with 
silver and gilt, the weyght of troy a pounde and half and ij. unces, 
somtyme Robert Wolden clerk, also a gilt pece covered, that 
weyth a pounde two unces and iij quarterons of a unce, also a 
white pece covered with Annesley * armes, that weieth a pounde 
and half a imce and iij. quarterons of an unce, also vj. syngle 
peces of one seete, somtyme dame Margaret Swilljmgton, that 
weyn thre pounde and half thre unces and ij. quarterons, also a 
chales pece S3aigle, somtyme Richard Keryngton clerk, that weieth 
xj. unces, also a white ewer for the cuppebord, somtyme Thomas 
Reley, that weieth x. unces and half, also a galonpott of silver, 
that weieth iiij. pounde and a half iij. unces and a quarteron, also 
a potelpot of silver, that weieth iij. pounde and xj. unces, also a 
quart pot of silver, that weieth ij. punde vj. unces and a half, 
also xij. disshys of silver, of London makyng, that weien xiiij. 
pounde, also a basyn with an ewer of silver, somtyme Isabell 
Willughby my modre, that weyen iij. pounde and half ij. unces 
one quarteron and a half. [^Prob, 15 Dec, 1448.] 

* Isabella, the testator^s mother, was a daughter of Sir Hugh Annesley. Sir Hugh 
made his will at Rodington, die Jovis post festum S. Mat. Apostoli, and it was proved 
at York on the 13th of October, 1400. He desires to be buried in the chancel of St. 
Peter, at Flowforth. 

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Jan. iij. M.ccccxlviij. Ego Walterus Catrike de Ebor., bar- 
boure — sepeliend. In eccles. Fratrum Predic. Ebor. — Pro sepultura 
mea xiij s. iiij d. Eectori meo iij s. iiij d. Johanni Chalonere, 
capellano, iiij d. Domino Roberto Breyde iiij d. et singulis aliis 
presbiteris dictae ecclesiae ij d. Lego in cera comburerida circa 
corpus meum ij lb. ecclesiae meae par, et ij lb. eccles. Fratr. Fred. 
Domino Roberto Cattrike, fratri meo, xiij s. iiij d., viz. yj s. viij d. 
quos michi debet, et vj s, viij d. argenti. Lego ecclesiae S. Petri 
Ebor iij s. iiij d. Agneti Maunby, filiolae meae, iij. iiij d, Wil- 
lelmo Hogesone, servienti meo, j. filour omatum cum argento et 
ij. pelves concavas. Willelmo Mortone, apprenticio meo, ij. pelves 
concavas. Cuilibet filiaB meae vj. marcas argenti et cuilibet earum 
j. zonam argentatam etij. cocliaria argenti. Residuum Aliciae 
uxori meae. 


In Dei nomine. — In vig. S. Thomae Apostoli, a.d. M.ccccxlviij., 
Ego Nicholaus Wortley,* dominus de Wortley — sepeliend. in 
ecclesia par. de Hymesworth. Lego fabricae ejusdem ecclesiae 
XX s. et in pane et cervisia pauperibus in die sepulturae meae 
viij. marcas. — Rectori de Tankersley unum equum nomine mor- 
tuarii, vel xl s. Fabricae ecclesiae xx s. Fabricae eccles. de Wortlej 
XX s. Nicliolao,t filio et heredi meo, omnia instrumenta heredi- 
taria, prout pater meus mihi dimisit, ac eciara fabricas meas cum 
omnibus instrumentis. — Matildae, filiae meae, vj. boves et vj. vac- 
cas. — Dominae Katerinae Wortley, filiae meae, sex marcas, unam 
peciam argenti et unum cocliar argenti. Johanni filiae Nicholai 

* The head of the great family of Wortley of Wortley, which is now represented by 
Lord Wharncliffe. I can add nothing to the very admirable account of this ancient 
and talented family which has been given in Mr. Hunter's History of South Yorkshire. 
John Wortley, Esq. the father of the testator, by his will dated on the 6th of December, 
1436, and proved at York on the 3rd of September following, desires to be buried in 
the church of Hymmesworth. He makes John Womb well his executor. The whole 
document is of a singularly uninteresting nature, and he mentions none of his relations 
eo nomine. 

•f- Nicholas Wortley, the son and heir of the testator, married Isabel, daughter and 
heir of William Tunstall of Thurland. By her, among many other children, he became 
the father of the celebrated Sir Thomas Wortley, of whose public and private life Mr. 
Hunter gives us so many interesting details. Jtsabri Tunstall survived her husband and 
made her will at Newall on March 1, 1491-2, which was proved at York on the 21st 
of the same month. She desires to be buried in the church of St. Michael at Thom> 
hiU. To Nicholas her son she leaves 10/. ** Item voluntas mea est ut habeam 
unam petram de marbull vel alabastro super me positam cum scriptura circa petram.'^ 
Her son Thomas Wortley, Knight, is her executor. 

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136 T£8TAM£NTA 

Wortley, filii mei, xls. Johanni Wortley xls. Willelino 
Wortley, fratri suo, xls. Hesiduum Roberto et Thomae filiis 
meis. IProb. 22 Jan. 1448.] 


In Dei nomine — Vicesimo die mensis Aprilis a.d. M.ccccxlix. 
Ego Thomas Warter* de Sywardby, gentilman — sep. infra ec- 
clesiam par. S. Andreae de Bugthorpe coram altare B. Virginis, et 
in die sepulturae meae quinque libras cerae ad comburendum circa 
corpus meum. Vicario ejusdem ecclesiae unam togam nigrain 
penulatam pro mortuario meo cum ij. solidis, et clerico ejusdem 
parochiae xij d. Lego unum Gradale eidem ecclesiae. Item volo 
quod campanile ejusdem ecclesiae sit tectum cum plumbo de 
sumptibus meis propriis. — Item lego xl, uni capellaef edificandae 
in Siwardby si Prior et Conventus volant licenciare. Uni pres- 
bitero idoneo decem libras ad celebrandum in eadem capella pro 
decem annis in adjutorium et sustentacionem bominibus ejusdem 
villae. Willelmo fratri meo x 1. Johanni Siwardby xx s. Aliciae 
Siwardby vj s. viij d. — Eicardo, nuper servienti meo, xiij s. iiij d. 
et unam togam de murray, unum capuciuin, nigrum et duo dub- 
litec', iij. par de lynyn hose, coopertorium, unum par linthia- 
minum, unum par de blankettes et unum par de mattres. — 
Execu tores, Eic. Warter de Ebor. fratrem meum, et Elizabetham. 
Sywardby, uxorem Willelmi SywardbyJ armigeri. 

* A gentleman who was connected with the ancient family of Sywardby of Sywardby, 
near Bridlington. He was the son of William Wartre, and his family appears to 
have been engaged in commerce at York. The will of his brother Richard, an alderman 
of that city, occurs hereafter. Agnes Wattre of York, by her will dated at York on 
the 8th of June, 1435, bequeathed to Sir Thomas Barlay an altarcloth with A in the 
middle, and a ring of silver with unicorn horn. To Sir John Maltster, a cushion 
covered with "purseledyr." To the Rector of the church of St. Saviour*B, a ring of 
gold with unicorn horn. To Margaret le Smyth, an Agnus Dei. 

f This chapel was not built till several years had elapsed. On the 5th of August, 
1468, William Poteman licenses the chapel for the celebration of divine service, **a8 
it has not been consecrated, and considering the pious devotion of Elizabeth Sewardby, 
deceased, who left in her will the residue of her goods for the maintenance of a chap^ 
lain there, and because the said manor (of Siwardby) is situated at so great a distamoe 
from the parish church (Bridlington) that it is difficult for one dwelling in and near it 
to go to the said church to hear daily service." — Reg. Neville, fol. 102. 

X William Sywardby of Sywardby, Esq. makes his will on the 9th of April, 1450, 
which was proved at York on the 22nd of December following. He desires to be 
buried in the Conventual Church of Bridlington, where his ancestors rest in the Lord. 
He leaves for his mortuary his best horse, saddle, bridle, &c. and his armour, and 10 
pounds of wax for torches, to be burnt around his body on the day of his burial. To the 
Prior and Convent of Bridlington being at his burial, and that he may be received into 
their fraternity, 40«. To the chapel of St. Mary, at Melrose, and to the &brio of the 
church at Bridlington, 20«. For the bells, and for his burial within the said church, 
18*. id. To the fabric of the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, at York, 20*. To 
Geoffrey Pigot his son his best horse after his mortuary, his best furred gown, and a 

Digitized by 




In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Ricardus Wintworth* de Everton, 
armiger — ^vicesimo die Decembris, Anno Domini Millesimo cccc 
quadragesimo septimo — corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia 
Sanctae Trin. de Everton. Lego nomine mortuarii optimum 
meum equum cum cella et freno et gladio. Lego sex torticas 
et xl Kbras cerae ardendae circa corpus meum, et post obitum 
meum factum lego duas torticas de dictis sex torticis ecclesiae de 
Everton, unam ecclesiae par. de Mathirsay, aliam Prioratui de 
Mathirsay, aliam ecclesiae de Walkryngham, et aliam capellae de 
Stokhithe. — Cuilibet sacerdoti venienti ad exequias meas primas 
yj d. et cuilibet clerico ij d. Et ad secundas exequias cuilibet sacerdoti 
iiij d. et cuilibet clerico ij d. — Item volo in convocacione amicorum 
meorum x li. Pauperibus c s. Isabellas filiae meae ad maritagium 
suum XX. marcas. Lego xxvj s. viij d. ad facturam unius novae 
campanae in ecclesia de Everton. Cuilibet ordini limitatorum 
apud Everton iij s. iiij d. Eicardo f filio meo unum chien cum 
cruce de auro. Willelmo filio meo unum par precum de auro. 
Thomae filio meo unimi par precum de coralL Isabellas filiae meae 
unam peciam cum uno coopertorio de argento. Annae filiae meae 
unum broche cum uno diamond, Ceciliae uxori meae lectum 

cap '* puQced ** with a cover. To Margaret, his dearly beloved daughter, another cup, 
plain, a salt with a cover of silver, one red hanging bed with costers belonging to it of 
red and green, one hailing of red and green, and half of the stuff in the kitchen and 
brewhouse. To Juliana ^ sister 20«. and an annual rent of 40«. To John Sywardby 
bis brother, for his life, whatever he has in the vills of Rudstane, Swathorp, and 
Brigham. To Peter Sywardby his brother all he has in Mowthorp. To Henry 
Vavasour, j an. Esq. a heart of gold. To Robert Lowthorp of Bridlington 20«. The 
residue to Elizabeth Sywardby, his most beloved bedfellow (conthorali suse peraman- 
tiaaimapi,) for the health of his soul. The testator married a Vavasour of Haslewood, 
and appears to have left an only daughter who married into the family of Pigot of 
Clotherham. On the 28th of March, 1473. Lady Margaret and Ralph Pygott of 
Clotherham, with others, administer to the effects of Thomas Sywardby of Bridlington. 

* The testator was the third son of John Wentworth of North Elmsal, Esq. and the 
founder of the house of Wentworth of Bretton. He married Cecily daughter and 
heir of John Tansley of Everton, by whom he left several children. There is a 
tradition that he became the husband of Matilda of York, the widow of Richard Earl 
of Cambridge, but this appears to be more than improbable. The Countess was 
certainly connected as a feoffee with the Wentworth property, and the testator may 
periiaps have been a gentleman in her suite, and these very circumstances probably 
originated the tradition. Mr. Hunter is also incredulous on this subject. 

t Richard Wentworth of Bretton, Esq. the son and heir of the testator, made his 
will at Westbretton on the 8rd of October, 1488. He desires to be buried in the 
church of Silkeston. To each of his daughters, Cecily, Grace, and Alice he gives the 
sum of 40Z. as a marriage portion, and to each of his sons William, John, Robert, 
Amery, and Thomas he gives 40s. He mentions Isabel his wife (a daughter of Sir 
Wm. Fitzwilliam of Sprotborough). He appoints Richard Wodroue, Amery Burdhede, 
Mathew Wentworth his son and heir, Ralph Bumby, and John Page his executors, 
and William Fitzwilliam and Thomas Wortley, Knights, his supervisors. 

Digitized by 



meum de arras cum curtens de blodio, ad terminum vitae suas, et 
post decessum suum remaneant Ricardo filio meo. Fabricae ec- 
clesiae de Everton vj s. viij d. pro anima Willelmi Parker nuper 
vicarli ibidem. Cecilias uxori mese unum halywatirfatte et unum 
strynkyll de argento, ad terminum vitae suae — remaneant Ricardo 
filio meo. Lego Rogero Hudson xiij s. iiij d. et unam togam de 
raye. Summo altan ecclesiae de Everton unam calicem. Ni- 
cholao Fitzwilliam pro labore suo xls. Johanni Wombewell 
XX s. Thomae Wortley xxs. Residuum Ceciliae uxori meae. 
Executores Cecilia uxor mea, Nicholaus Fitzwilliam, Johannes 
Wombewell, et Tho. Wortley. Supervisor, Philippus Wentworth, 
axmiger. [Prob. 29 Ma^, 1449.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. x. Jun. M.cccc.xlix. Ego Willelmus 
Norman vile* de Kelyngwike, miles — sepeliend. in cnoro ecclesiae 
Omn. K. — Lego ecclesiae de Tadcaster j.vestimentum. 
Monialibus de Wattone xiij s. iiij d. Monialibus de Hampoule 
vj s. viij d. Utrique Fratrum Religiosorum Beverlaci ut eorum 
uterque celebret unum trentale — v s. Willelmo filio meo omnia 
terras — ^in Newtone sub Onesbargh in Clivelande — Thomae filio 
meo terras in Tadcastre. — Residuum Elizabethaef uxori meae, et 
Johanni filio meo. 


In nomine Summae et Individuae Trinitatis, Patris et Filii et 
Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Tanta est enim humanae condicionis 
miseria, etc. Ego Robertus Rolleston } clericus, 24 Dec. 1450. 

* A distinguished Yorkshire family, ixrhich wu long seated at Kilnwick. Of its 
history, however, there is but little known. 

t By her will, dated at Killingwick on the 20th of April, 1461, which was proved 
at York on the 10th of September following, she desires to be buried in the choir of 
the church of Killingwick. To Sir John Normanvill, Knight, her son, she leaves her 
best bowl of silver, her best cup with a cover gilt, and her best bed with one cistern 
at Smals, with a great brass cauldron there, and if it happen that Dame Maigaret the 
wife of the said Sir John be pregnant and have a son, the said bowl, &c. to go to him. 
To her son William, if he be alive, 20 marks. To her son Thomas Normanvill, if his 
brother Sir John be alive and not dead, 20/. To Margaret and Alice her daughters 
40/. each, on the condition that they many with the advice and consent of their 
brothers and her executors. She wills that all the ornaments and garments belonging^ 
to her body be given to her daughters, and she wills that William Eliott sing for her 
soul during three years. William Crosse, &c. executors. 

t An ecclesiastic of great wealth and influence. On the 7th of December, 1427, 
he was appointed Provost of the Collegiate Church of Beverley ; this office he held till 

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Corpusque meum eccleslasticas sepulturae in medio capellae Sanctds 
Katarinae Virginis infra Ecclesiam Collegiatam Sancti Johannis 
Beverlacensis tumnlandum et sepeliendum; et foveam sepulturae 
mese ibidem cooperiri cum lapide marmoreo. In qua quidem 
capella, videlicet in fine orientali ejusdem, volo unam fenestram 
lapideam fieri de novo et vitreari de bonis meis, cujus partem 
unam de miraculisBeatissimae Virginis Marise et aliam partem de 
historia predictae Virginis Katerinae volo memorari. Item lego 
altari ejusdem capellae unum par candelabrorum argenteorum 
cum parcellis deauratum, imum par fiolarum argenti cum par- 
cellis deauratum, unum osculatorium pro pace portanda de 
argento et in toto deaurata sculpta cum istis ymaginibus cum 
crucifixo, Maria et Johanne; unum vas argenti pro aqua bene- 
dicta imponenda cum isopo argenti, et unum vestimentum baulde- 
kyn de panno ad aurum. Ecclesiae parochiali de Malberthorp 
vestimentum meum rubium cum leonibus ad aurum cum le 
contrefrontel de eadem secta. Ecclesiae parochiali de Charryng 
unum vestimentum de panno ad aurum bauldekjm, ut parochiani 
ejusdem ecclesiae me suis oracionibus habeant spiritualiter recom- 
mendatum. Capellae de Egerton dictae ecclesiae parochiali de 
Charryng annexae, unum aliud vestimentum de panno ad aurum 
bauldekyn. Ecclesiae parochiali de Wiberton unum vestimentum 
de consimili panno, simili modo. Ecclesiae parochiali de Warton 
unum vestimentum de panno ad aurum ac unum Missale pro 
summo altari. Ecclesiae parochiali de Esington unum Missale de 
usu Sarum pro summo altari. Ecclesiae parochiali de Haxby 
juxta Ebor. unum vestimentum panni. Item volo quod distri- 
buantur pauperibus egenis et in lectis decubentibus viginti librae 
in pecunia, videlicet, in die sepulturae meae xx. marcae, et in die 
septima sepulturae meae decem marcae. Item volo insuper ^uod 
in qualibet parochia ubicunque fui aut sum in presenti beneficiatus 
quamcicius comode fieri potuerit inter pauperes languentes et 
egenos xl. marcae in toto erogentur et distribuantur. Kogero 
Rolieston * fratri meo, uni executorum meorum, pro labore suo, 

his death. On the 24th of Novemher, 1427, he became Prebendary of DriflReld, in the 
cbureh of York, on the resignation of Thomas Kempe, who afterwards filled the see 
of London. He held many other ecclesiastical preferments, and he was also an ofl&cer 
under the Bishop of Durham. In addition to these ecclesiastical distinctions Rolieston 
was in the service of the State. In 1421 he was Keeper of the Great Wardrobe, and 
we find also that he was present with the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishop of 
St. Asaph when it was determined to raise the sum of 2,000 marks by pawning the 
King^s •* ricbe color." A document in the Lansdowne MSS. in the British Museum 
would lead ns to infer that he was no longer Provost at the day of his death ; but, firom 
the feet that his successor, John Bamingham, the treasurer at York, did not receive 
his appointment till the early part of the year 1461, there is not much credit to be 
attached to it. 

* Roger Rolieston of Beverley, Esq. the brother and executor of the testator, makes 
his will on the 3rd of August, 1468, which was proved at York on the 18th of the 

Digitized by 



20 L et optimum ciphum meum stantem coopertiim et deauratum 
et chaceatum cum opere Damasci. Item lego Magistro Stephano 
Wilton,* uni executorum meorum, pro labore suo, 10 1. Roberto 
LediSjf nepoti meo, uni exec, meorum, pro labore suo, 10 1. et 
imum ciphum argenti et deaurat' stantem coopertum et chaceatum 
losengewise. Tnomae Wilton, uni executorum meorum, pro 
labore suo, 101. Margaretae uxori predicti Eogeri fratris mei, 
imum ciphiun argenteum et deauratum stantem coopertum et 
chaceatum cum opere Damasci. Edmundo Portington J ununi 
ciphum argenti et deaurati stantem coopertum et chaceatum 
writhen. Johanni Pykeryng 40 s. et unum equum cum cella et 
freno suo gradui competentem. Roberto Conyers tmum ciphum 
argenti coopertum et deauratum, unum equum cum sella et freno 
suo gradui competentem et c s. Johanni § filio predicti Rogeri 

same month. He desires to be buried in the church of St. John, before the image of 
the glorious Virgin above the red chest (supra rubiam cistam). He mentions his 
deceased wife Maigaret, and his sons William and John Rolleston. To his daughter 
Margaret (wife of William) Gunnas he leaves a silver piece chased like a rose. To 
Ellen Kelk his daughter another piece pounced with a chaplet ** de treyfolez*^ and 
three leopards at the base. To Elizabeth Ardern his daughter another piece with 
three lions at the base. 

* Stephen Wilton, Doctor of Laws, was appointed to the prebend of Tockerington, 
in the church of York, 17 Oct. 1434. On Nov. 10, 1441, he resigned this stall for 
that of Strensall in the same church. On the same day in the following year he was 
made Canon of St. Martin at Beverley ; and on 16 April, 1443, he was appointed 
Rector of Hugate on the resignation of Robert Wiot, and he exchanged his Arch- 
deaconiy of Middlesex with the same person for the Rectory of Baynton. This latter 
piece of preferment he resigns in 1446 in favour of Thomas Wilton. On the 10th of 
February, 1449, he succeeds Thomas Kempe, who had been promoted to the see of 
London, in his stall of South Cave, resigning for it that of Strensall, and on the 20th 
of the same month he was appointed to the prebend of South Muskham, in the church 
of Southwell, which had been vacated by Mr. Hugh Pakenham ; this he resigned in 
1463. Finally, on the 18th of August, 1453, on the death of William Duffield, he 
became Archdeacon of Cleveland : this office he held till his death. He was also 
prebendary of Empingham, in the Cathedral of Lincoln. By his will, dated on the 
4th of June, 1457, he desires that if he dies in any place within the realm of England 
he may be buried in the church of St. John at Beverley. 

t Of Mollescroft, near Beverley, gen. His father, William Ledes of Mollescroft, 
gen mentions him as his son and heir in his will, whieh is dated on the 4th of Sep> 
tember, 1436, and which was proved at York on the 7th of November foUovnng. He 
desires to be buried in the choir of the chapel of the Blessed Mary at Beverley, near 
his wife. He mentions Elizabeth his sister. 

X Edmund Portyngton by his will, dated Dec. 16, 1463, directs his body to be 
buried in the nave of the church of St. John at Beverley, near the tomb of the said 
St. John. '*! will that Ralph Heslarton, gentleman, my cousin, have five marks yearly 
tor three years towards his exhibition in the Court at London.^' 

§ His will was made on the 5th of September, 1458, and was proved at York on 
the 14th of the same month. He describes himself as John Rolleston (of Beverley, 
Esq.) son of Roger Rolleston, lately deceased. He directs his body to be buried in 
the Collegiate Church of the Blessed John of Beverley, near his father's tomb. To 
Margaret Gunnas his sister he leaves a silver cup covered, with this motto (racione) 
inscribed on the cover, drynke depe. To Ellen Kelk his sister he bequeaths a ailyer 
cup standing. To Elizabeth Ardern his sister a silver cup of the like size and make. 
To Margaret Gunnas his sister a certain woman ^s saddle which belonged to Margaret 

Digitized by 



fratris mei, unum ciphum argenti stantem coopertum deauratum 
et chaceatum losengewise.— Magistro Roberto Klrkeman unam 
togam lunatam cum capucio de blod, unum ciphum argenti cum 
cooperculo chaceato cum rosis, et unum equum ambulantem cum 
sella et freno. Magistro Roberto Qwyntyn unam togam linatam 
de violett ingranatam, cum capucio pro eadem. Domino Thomae 
Wencelagh unam togam nigram longam penulatam cum martrons 
cum capucio eidem pertinente, et unum ciphum argenti coopertum 
et chaceatum cum rosis et decem marcas argenti. Ricardo Gower 
40 B. et unum equum suo gradui competentem. Willelmo Nor- 
man vile 26 s. 8 d. et imum equum suo gradui competentem. Wil- 
lelmo Moulton c 8. et unam togam cum capucio pro eadem de violet 
ingranatam, toga videlicet penulata cum bisse et capucio cum 
puredgrey. Willelmo Cotton unum ciphum arsenti coopertum 
stantem deauratum et chaceatum writhen — volo quod omnes 
fiimiliares domus meae vestiantur nigro panno, et quod hospicium 
meam teneatur plene et integre per unum quarterium imius anni 
post obitum meum. Item voTo quod funeralia mea fiant absque 
pompse vanitate vel magna effusione expensarum et absque longa 
protelacione temporis, et quod duodecim pauperes vestiti sint 
nigris qui portent xij. torcheas mediocris ponderis — volo quod 
inter pauperes tenentes prepositurae meae, et maxime de South 
Dalton, Middleton, Cheriburton, Walkyngton, Ruston et Wel- 
wyke distribuantur 40 marks. Item volo quod Portiforium meum 
coopertum cum nigro panno de velvett vendatur, et quod de 
precio conducatur unus capellanus idoneus ad celebrandum pro 
anima Robert! Leversegge et pro anima mea et animabus omnium 
fidelium defunctorum. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Hawisia Aske de Eboraco,* 
compos mentis meae, condo et ordino testamentum meum in hunc 

his mother. To Sir Thomas Halitreholme, chaplain, a new Psalteri which lately 
belonged to Margaret Tirwhitt. To William RoUeston (probably his brother) an 
4»nniml rent of 40s. for life. To John Smyth, chaplain of the chantry founded in 
honour of St. John of Beverley and St. Katharine the Virgin in the aforesaid Collegiate 
Church, and to his successors, a croft called " Frary Close/* in Beverley, opposite to 
the Friary or Hospital of St. Nicholas, to the augmentation of his salary, that the 
same chaplain and his successors may pray devoutly for the soul of that venerable man 
fiobert RoUeston, clerk, late Provost of the aforesaid Collegiate Church, for the souls of 
the above mentioned Roger his &ther, Margaret his mother, for the souls of all his 
ancestors, and for his own. 

♦ This lady was evidently a daughter of the house of Mowbray of Eseby in Cleveland. 
She was twice married ; her first husband was William Selby, a wealthy citizen of 
York, who died before 1427. Her second husband was the head of an ancient and 
considerable family, Roger Aske of Aske, near Richmond. She survived him also, 

Digitized by 



modum. In primis lego et commendo animam meam Omnipo- 
tenti Deo, Creatori meo, corpusque meum in ecclesia Cathedral! 
Eboracensi in tumulo Willelmi Selby* quondam viri mei ibidem 
sepulti sepeliendum. Item lego fabricae ejusdem ecclesiae et pro 
sepultura mea in eadem habenda xl s. Item lego pro mortuario 
meo optimum meum pannum pro corpore meo aptatum. Item 
lego XXV lb. cerae in quinque cereis conficiendis, circa corpus 
meum die sepulturae meae comburendis. Item lego xiij torches, 
quaelibet ponderis vj lb. cerae, quarum quidem xiij torches pre- 
dictarum volo quod quatuor torches deserviant summo altari 
ecclesiae Sancti Michaelis le Belfray tempore elevacionis corporis 
Christi illuminandae, duae aliae torches altari Beatae Mariae in 
eadem ecclesia serviturae, una torch altari Sanctorum Thomae 
Cantuarensis Archiepiscopi et Beatae Mariae Magdalenae in eadem 
ecclesia servitura, duae alias torches summo altari ecclesiae de 
Langtofte, duae aliae torches capellae de Cotom, et duae aliae torches 
summo altari ecclesiae parochialis de Esebyf juxta Eichmound. 

and after his death she retired to York to spend the rest of her days. This is the only 
will in existence of any member of the family of Aske of Aske, and it throws very great 
light upon the history and genealogy of that time-honoured house. The furniture and 
the jewels which the testatrix leaves behind her give us some idea of her wealth and 
taste, and she enumerates them with a careful precision which no one probably who 
had not presided over more than one household could possibly attain to. 

* A wealthy citizen of York, who represented the city in parliament four several 
times. By his will, dated on the 20th of July, 1423, and proved on 3rd of August, 1427, 
he directs himself to be buried 'Mn majori ecclesia Beati Petri Eboracensis," i.e. the 
cathedral, near the bodies of his ancestors, under his marble stone. To George Mow- 
bray he leaves his tenement in Petergate, with its shops. To Hawisia his wife his 
tenements in Colyargate, &c. and the lands which he had by the bequest of William 
Mowbray her brother, with remainder to William son of the above mentioned George 
Mowbray, on condition that they and their heirs bear the surname of " Seleby." To 
Roger Selby his brother he bequeathes a plain silver cup covered, which formerly be- 
longed to the Master of St. Leonard's. To three chaplains, to perform service for his 
soul and for those of his benefactors at the altar of St. Mary the Virgin in Belfreys 
church, 15/. To George Mowbray '' optimum meum bacenet cum uno ventali et unam 
loricam optimam de calibe cum uno brestplate, leghemes, vaumbrace et rerebrace/* 
To his wife Hawise all the ornaments belonging to his body and head *' cum anulis, 
pirris et preculis.'* To his cousin Agnes a silver piece with a cover called flat. To 
Sir Thomas Housman, chaplain, a covered silver piece *' qua idem Thomas utatur 
maxime in potando.'* To John son of George Mowbray.a zone with a dagger of silver. 
To William Mowbray his best zone of silver, with his baslard. To Robert Bruse a 
breastplate of stele. To Hawise Wandisford 20s. He also mentions Hawisia daughter 
of his son Lawrence, his brother Roger Selby, his sister Agnes, and Robert Mowbray 
brother of William Mowbray. To Agnes daughter of Roger Selby his brother he gives 
10 marks towards her marriage portion. 

t Aske is in the parish of Easby. In that interesting old church, which nestles 
beneath the walls of the fair monastery of St. Agatha, there are no memorials of the 
Askes remaining, save a weather-beaten shield upon the outside of the porch. The 
earlier members of the family of Aske were probably buried in the nunnery of Marrick 
in Swaledale, which was founded by Roger de Aske the lord of Marrick in the twelfth 
century. In the prosperity of this little shrine in the wilderness his descendants took 
the deepest interest. The founder's choir was on the north side of the church ; it is 
now entirely destroyed, and exists only in that very valuable ground-plan of the nunnery 

Digitized by 



Capellano parochial! Sancti Michaelis predict! ilj s. iiij d. Cuillbet 
capellano ejusdem ecelesiae xx d. Clerico parochial! ejusdem 
ecclesise xx d. Subclerico ejusdem ecelesiae x d. Quatuor ordi- 
nibus Fratrum Mendicancium Ebor., cuilibet xiij s. iiij d. Domino 
Johann! Horsley capellano ad celebrandum pro anima mea et 
maritorum meorum in ecclesia Sancti Michaelis predicta per tres 
annos proximos post decessum meum, videlicet per annum, c s. 
Cuilibet domui leprosorum in Suburbiis Eboraci lij s. iiij d. Ad 
distribuendum inter pauperes die sepulturae meas et octavo die, 
penes discrecionem executorum meorum, sex marcas. Conano 
Aske* filio meo, quatuor bovettos quos sibi prestavi, tres vaccas 
cum tribus vitulis, imam equam ambulantem et unum lectum 
pendentem de rubio et viridi. Katerinae, uxori dicti Conani, 
unum par precularium de corall cum gaudiis argenteis et deau- 
ratis. Eogero Aske, filio et heredi Conani Aske, unum lectum 
pendentem de scewyne warke cum omnibus costeris ejusdem 
sectae eidem lecto pertinentibus, unam togam de cremesyn penu- 
.latam cum marts, unam togam de Scarlett singularem cum 
manicis fractillatis, Anglice jagges, unam Primarium quod 
quondam fuit Roger Aske f avi sui nuper viri mei, unam zonam 
de serico rubio argento paratam, et optimam oUam meam aeream. 
Johannae Lascels,} sorori predicti Eogeri Aske nuper viri mei, 
unam tablett argenteam et deauratam de Salutacione Beatae 
Marias Virginis ornatam cum margaritis. Thomae Aske filio 
meo, tres vaccas, tres vitulos et unam equara ambulantem. 
Isabellas uxori dicti Thomae, unum par precum aumbre et imum 
annulum auri cum viridi lapide in eodem posito. Johanni 
Moubray de Eseby in Cljrveland armigero, unum coverlet cum 
tapeto de rubio de opere de arrasse cum leonibus, duas tabulas 
mensales, duo paria trestellorum, unum hallyng de nigro et 
rubio, unum par andenarum ferri, duas cistas de Planner, unam 

vhich may be found in the Collectanea Topographica. The later lords of Aske deserted 
the bleak and storms^ept hill of Marrick, and found a fairer resting-place within the 
stately monastery of Easby. 

* Son and heir of Roger Aske, Esq. On the division of his grandfather Pert^s lands 
in 7 Henry VI. among the representatives of his three daughters and coheiresses, 
Gonan Aske obtains one share as the son and heir to his mother who was then dead. 
On 21 May, 1465, he obtains permission from the Archdeacon of Richmond to have 
service celebrated within his house at Aske. The maiden name of his wife is uncertain. 

t Roger Aske of Aske, Esq., the second husband of the testatrix, died 18 Henry VI. 
He was twice married ; his first wife was Elizabeth the youngest of the three daughters 
and coheirs of William Pert, by Isabella daughter and heir of Stephen Scrope. She 
died before the 7th of Henry VI. After her death he married the testatrix, who was 
then the rich widow of William Selby of York. He would probably become acquainted 
with her in her youth at her home in Cleveland, and his intercourse with his southern 
cousins the Askes of Aughton would give him many opportunities for renewing his 

X Wife of John Lascelles, Esq. of Soureby near Thirsk, by whom she had a large 
family. Her husband died in 1459-60. 

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archam, unum bord bed ; item in brasina unura plumbum, 
unum calderium, unum moldyng bord ; item in domo lardarii 
unum bultyngton, duos troghes ; item in le gylehous tres 
wortleds. Item lego eidem Johanni Mowbray unam zonam de 
serico argento paratam et deauratam cum ymagine trium Eegum 
de Colon sculpta in le bokyl ejusdem zonaB, sibi et heredibus suis 
successive imperpetuum. Margaretae uxori dicti Johannis Mou- 
bray, unum par precum de corall cum gaudiis argenteis et deau- 
ratis, unam mappam cum tuello de twyl, unum par linthiaminura 
de panno de layke, unum curtum tuellum de rejmes, tres vaccas, 
tres vitulos et unam equam ambulantem. Christoforo Moubray, 
filio dicti Johannis Moubray, unum lectum blodium de opere de 
arasse, unum par linthiaminum de panno de layke, unum par lodi- 
cum, unum materes, unam oUam aeream, et unam patellam. Alia- 
norae uxori dicti Christofori , unum coffre de jete ligatum cum argento. 
Isabellas sorori dicti Christofori, unum Primarium ctun uno clasp 
argento parato et deaurato, unam togam de scarlet singularem, cen- 
tum margaritas et decem raarcas argentL Margaretae sorori dictae. 
Isabellae, imum aliud Primarium, centum margaritas et decem mar- 
cas argenti. Hawisiae sorori dictae Margaretae, filiolae meae, unum 
aliud Primarium luminatum cum auro cum duobus clasps argento 
paratis etdeauratis, unum chaplet cum margaritis,et decem libras ad 
maritagium. Elizabethae Pudsay * unum parvum Primarium cum 
uno clasp argento parato quod quondam fuit patris sui, tres vaccas, 
tres vitulos et unam equam ambulantem. Hawisiae filiae predicti 
Conani Aske, filiolae meae, unum par precum cum gaudiis de 
peryll cum uno knop de peryll. Elenae sorori dictae Hawisiae, 
unum fillett de peryl. Johannae sorori dictae Elenae, unum par 
precum de aumbre et de corall. Isabellae uxori predicti Rogeri 
Aske, filii predicti Conani, unum par precum de corall cum 
gaudiis argenteis et deauratis. Isabellae Bruys f unum Northfolke 

* The wife of Sir William Pudsey, Knight, an unrecorded member of the family of 
Bolton. He and his wife were buried under an immense slab of blue marble in the 
church of Gainford, which, according to popular tradition, was removed from the little 
chapel of Barford on the opposite bank of the Tees. In 1499, Bishop Fox grants a 
pardon to Jakettus (or James) son and heir of Sir William Pudsey, Knight, for an 
entry without license into his late father^s lands in Darlington, Killerby, and Ingleton. 
In 1511 William, brother and heir of James Pudsey, Esq. has livery of the same 

+ Wife of Robert Bruce, Esq. and probably own sister to the testatrix. Her will is 
dated at York on the 30th of July, 1477. She styles herself as *' Isabella nuper uxor 
Robert! Bruce arm.^* and she desires to be buried in the cloisters of the Nunnery of St. 
Clement, in the suburbs of York, near the place of sepulture of Joan her sister, under 
the images of the blessed Mary and St. William there. She then bequeaths " feretro 
Corporis Christi in Eboraco unum tusshew nigrum cum pusculis, xxxj stipis et pen- 
dentibus argenti, et unum annulum auri cum lapide in eodem cum flagellis ex utraque 
parte, et unum annulum auri cum lapide in eodem vocato unum diamant capiti 
Ricardi Scrope.** To Dame Margaret Delarever, Prioress of the said nunnery, a 
brazen pot and 20s. in money, and to each nun of the same house 12d. To Dame 

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bedd cum tapeto, quatuor paria linthiarainum, unum par lodiciiim, 
tres coverletts, unam pelvem cum lavacro, duas oUas aereas cum 
duobus patellis, dimidiam duodenara vasorum de peltro gami- 
satam^ sex cocliaria argentea, tres idnas panni nigri de Ijrre ad 
imam togam, imum par precum de auro, unura monile auri, unam 
cistam rubiam, unum candelabrum duplum de laton, et unum aliud 
candelabrum de laton singulum. Johannae sorori dictae Isabellae 
Bruys unum coUobium de panno nigro, unam togam panni nigri 
penulatam, unum coverlett, unum par lodiciimi, unum par hn- 
thiaminum, unum parvum lectum plumalem, unam ollam seream 
trium lagenarum, unam parvam patellam cum uno stert, et quin- 
que marcas argenti. Agneti Selby* tres coverletts cum tapetis 
de rubeo vel de viridi utrum eligere voluerit, unum lectum 
plumalem, unum par linthiaminum de panno de lake, duo alia 
paria linthiaminum, unam mappam cum tuello de twyl, unam 
pelvem cum lavacro, dimidiam auodenam vasorum de peltro, duas 
oUas aereas, duas patellas, unum candelabrum de laton duplum, et 
unum aliud candelabrum de laton singulum, et unum mantellum 
penulatum. Willelmo Moubray imum lectum plumalem de rubio 
et viridi, unum par linthiaminum de panno de reynes, unum par 
lodicium, tmum materesse, duos pillowes, unam mappam, duas 
tuellas, duas ollas aereas, unum pelvem cum lavacro, dimidiam 

Alice Darby, anchorite in the same place, 16^. To John Mowbray, a ring of gold 
with the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary. To Christopher Mowbray, a silver spoon. 
To William, her brother, a bed called a Northfolk bed, with a coverlet, one pair of 
the best sheets and blankets, one mattress and one bolster. To God and St. Clement, 
six cushions of ^' aras warke/* and one banquer of the same work, to serve in the same 
charch for covers. For her funeral expenses she leaves 40«., and the residue is given 
to the Prioress of St Clement's- IProb, 1 Sept, 1477.] 

* By her will dated at York, Dec. 12, 1464, and proved there on the 22nd of May 
in the following year, she directs her body to be buried in the choir of the Blessed 
Virgin in the church of St. Michael de Belfrey, between the lavatory and the altar. 
To Margaret, wife of John Mowbray, Esq., her cousin, she leaves a chest '* cum duobus 
stagez.'' To Chr. their son, a silver spoon, and to Hawise, his sister, a zone of black 
ffllk ** paratam argento ** and gilt. To Elizabeth, wife of Sir William Pudsey, Knight, 
** unum serkelet continens quinque werkes." To Isabella Bruys, sister of the said 
John Mowbray, a hailing, six cushions and a banquer, all of arras work. To Roger 
Aske, two silver spoons. To William Selby, her cousin, three cushions "cum wer- 
wolfes." To Robert Mowbray, brother of the said Willliam, all her "chaumberyng " 
of red and green, three cushions with weirwolves, curtains of red card, a coverlet 
'^ de viridi et glauco '' with birds. To George, son of the said Robert, her best iron 
pot, and to Alice, his sister, her best pan. To William, son of Joan Mowbray, deceased, 
sister of the said John Mowbray, her best zone "argento paratam " and gilt. To 
Alice, wife of William Freman, scribe, her best pair of coral beads with gaudes of silver 
gilt, a crucifix of silver and gilt, and a gold clasp hanging to the said pair of beads. 
To Ellen, daughter of the said William, a pair of coral beads with gaudes of silver 
gilt, and a little posnet. To Agnes Hastyngs, her cousin, a black gown " penulatam " 
vdth gray, and another gown of green lined with card. To Richard Hastyngs, son 
to the said Agnes, a pair of knives *' argento paratum " and gilt, and to Joan, his 
sister, her second best gown of green " penulatam." To the chaplain of the chantry 
in the church of St. Michael de Belfrey, called Selby Chantry, an annual rent issuing 
out of her tenements in Fossegate, for the term of eight years. 


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duodenam vasorum de peltro garnisatam, et unam zonam de 
russett argento paratam. Item lego Eoberto Moubray unum 
coverlet cum tapeto cum tribus curtens de rubio say, unum par 
linthiaminum, unum par lodicium, tres pillowes, unam mappam, 
duas tuellas, duas oUas aereas, et unam pelvem cum lavacro. Prio- 
rissae et Conventui de Marryke quinque marcas argenti. Item 
lego Patton, famulo meo, vj s. viij d. Willelmo Rasebek, famulo 
meo, vj s. viij d. MargerisB famulse meae unam furruram de puts, 
unum coUobum singularem de scarlet, unum flameolum de la wen 
de optimis, unum nigrum kvrtill, et xx s. argenti. Emotae famulae 
meae imam vaccam, unum vitulum, et imum flameolorum meorum 
de filo. Johannae Hopper famulae meae tres ulnas panni blodii et 
unam vestem dictam frend inde sibi fiendam et vj s. viij d. argenti. 
Johannae Chery famulae meae sex vaccas et xl s. ad suum mari- 
tagium. MargaretaeLegett famulae meae unam vaccam. Marionae, 
famulae meae, x s. Cuilibet vicario in choro ecclesiae Cathedralis 
Eboracensis predictae qui missam celebrare poterit xij d., ita quod 
eorum quilibet die sepulturae meae celebret unam missam de Re- 
quiem pro anima mea et animabus Willelmi Selby et Rogeri 
Aske quondam maritorum meorum. Pro expensis meis fune- 
ralibus die sepulturae meae et octavo die circa corpus meum honeste 
fiendis, decem marcas. Predicto Willelmo Moubray totum illud 
tenementum meum cum suis pertinentiis in Nessegate in Eboraco 
quod nuper perquisivi de domino Willelmo Moreby capellano, 
deinde Roberto Moubray fratri suo. Residuum — predictis Wil- 
lelmo et Roberto Moubray. Executores meos facio predictum 
Isabellam Bruys, Agnetem Selby ac dominos Johannem Noyre, 
Willelmum Bruys et predictum Johannem Horseley capellanos — 
et magistrum Robertum Dobbes* supervisorem, cui dono unam 
peciam argenti coopertam et deauratam. Datum Ebor. [Pr. 
11 Jan, 1450-1.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Y^ first day of Decembre, y® yere of 
our Lorde M^ccccxlix. I John Nevill,t knyght, sone and here 

* Robert Dobbes appears to have been high in the favour of the Archbishop of York» 
as there are few of his ecclesiastical proceedings in which he did not take a part. He 
was appointed to the office of Precentor in the cbarch of York in 1489, which he held 
till 1447, when he resigned it for the rectory of Cottingham. In that year he was 
made Prebendary of Givendale, in the church of Ripon, which he held for barely 
eleven months. In 1450-1 he became Canon of South Newbald, in the Cathedral of 
York, which he held till his death in 1459. He was also Keeper of the Spiritualties, 
and Official of the Court at York. 

t The testator, the hope of a princely house, was the eldest and only son of Ralph 

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to Rauf Erie of Westmerland, be3aig in good hele and good 
mynde, remembryug y® uncertante of this worlde and as it due to 
every creatur to dispose and ordeyne for the helthe of his saule, 
as wele when he is in goode heie as when he is visited by the 
bond of Gode; thus I ordeyne and mak my testament: First, I 
bequeth my soule to Gode Fadere Allmyghty, therewyth to do 
his blissyde will ; and as for my body, to be buriede in the chirch 
in Hautenprice with in the quere in the mydds of the chauncell, 
and that I ly honestly as it is acordyng for myn estat, be the 
advise and discrecione of them that I sail mak myn executours. 
Also I bequeth to the sam place whar my body shall rist for my 
eors presant a coursour cala Lyard Nevile. Also I will yat myn 
executours ordayn an honest and a kunnyng prest to synge for 
my soule a twelmoneth, and yat he have for his sallary x. marc. 
Also I bequeth to the same place for to mak of vestyments 
a gowne of cloth of gold blew, a dowblett of the same, a gowne of 
blak velvett and all my doublets of velvett. Also I bequeth to the 
same place a standyng cuppe silver and giltt callide y® Kataryne 
and thar of to mak a chalis. Also I bequeth to my wife Anne 
all the remannt of my goods mevable and unmevable and sche to 
be myn executrice of my testament, and w' the said good to pay 
my detts well and trewly, as my servants wages yat they be 
behynd, as all myn other creditours, that I be in no perill yerfore. 
Also I bequeth to my seid wiffe Anne to helpe also towarde the 
paymentts of my said detts c. marc due to me be my lord hir 
fadir of hir mariage, if sche can recure y^, and if sche can not yat 
be non impedimentt to the paymentt of my saide detts. Also I 
bequeth my said wiff all y® money that is due to me by my said 
lorde hir fadir. Also I bequeth all my fiirrs to my wiflPe Anne. 
Also I will that my said wiff have holly all the lynode yat sche 
was indued inne even like as I have itt. Also I will yat the 
servantts yat I have feed by my lettres patents that they have y* 
still lik as y® patents make mencon. And I will that my said 
wiff mak Thomas Prowtfott sure of x. marc yerly terme of his 
lyfe. Also as for my servants yat be not feede, I wull y* they 
be rewardyd by discrecon of my said wiff. These I ordajnae to 

NeviUe second Earl of Westmerland, by his first wife Elizabeth, daughter of Henry 
Lord Pen^ (Hotspur), and widow of John Lord Clifford. In the civil wars, he 
adopted the cause of the House of Lancaster, and was slain at the battle of St. Alban's, 
in 1451. His wife was Anne, daughter of John Holland, Duke of Exeter, by whom 
he left no issue. After his death she re-married Sir John Neville, her first husband's 
uncle, who was killed at Towton, in 1461, ex parte regis. It is a somewhat singular 
fact, that the dispensation for the marriage of the Earl of Westmerland with Lady 
Clifford was not issued until the 28th of November, 1436. The contracting parties 
were related to each other in the third and fourth degrees of consanguinity. I'he 
marriage, therefore, must have taken place before this dispensation was granted; 
otherwise the testator could not have been more than fifteen years of age when he was 
killed. Lord Clifford died in the ninth of Henry V. 


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be myn executours, first myn wiff Anne principall, and than 
John Crakanthorp,* Thomas Prowtfott, Sir Nicholas Mawchell f 
my chapelleyn, and they MfiU this my will. \_Pr. 5 Aprils 1451.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Tercio die mensis Januarii, a.d. Mil- 
lesimo cccclj. Ego Johannes Maleverer,J compos mentis — 
Lego corpus meum sepeliendum in ecclesia Sancti Francisci. 
Lego vj lb. cerae ad comburendum circa corpus meum in die sepul- 
turse meae. Presbiteris et clericis existentibus ad exequias meas 
pro anima mea. Fratribus Minoribus Doncastrise ubi corpus 
meum erit sepultum vj marcas. Fratribus Carmelitis Doncastr' 
vj 8. viij d. Fabricae eccles. B. Mar. de Sprotburgh vj s, viij d. 
Fabricae eccles. B. Petri Ebor. vj s. viij d. Ricardo Kawlyn capel- 
lano ad celebrandum pro anima mea per tres annos xxj. marcas. 
Item volo quod dictus Eicardus habeat in custodia sua calicem 
meum deauratum, dum celebret pro anima mea, et deinde rema- 
neat Aluredo§ filio meo apud Cusseworth. Lego Edmundo 
Dajrvell || j. pece argenti cum coopertorio. Willelmo Mawleverer 
j. pece argenti. Alueredo Mawleverer j. pece argenti, j. hallyng 

* John Crackenthorpe of Newbiggin in Westmerland, Esq., was the receiver to 
Lady Clifford of her revenues in Westmerland. His will is dated at York, on the 
7th of November, 1462. In it he desires to be buried in the church of the Friars 
Preachers at York, near the grave of Anastasia his wife. He mentions John Crack- 
enthorpe, his sons Edmund and Richard Crackenthorpe, and his daughter Alice. To 
John Crackenthorpe, of Holgill, Esq., he leaves his best covered cup of silver save 
one. To Joan wife of George Swale, his late wife's sister, he bequeathes a red bed. 
His deceased wife, Anastasia, was a Vavasour, of Weston, and Thomas Vavasour was 
one of his executors. Thomas and James Crackenthorpe, two of the testator^s 
brothers, were killed at the disastrous battle of Towton, in 1461, fighting for the 
House of Lancaster. 

t Probably a member of the family of Machel, of Crackenthorpe, near Appleby, in 
Westmerland, who was in the service of the family of Clifford. 

X The testator, a scion in all probability of the great family of Mauleverer, was con- 
nected with one of its flouriBhing branches, which was settled at Letwell. In the year 
1403 John Mauleverer (the father of the testator?) and Joan his wife obtain the manor 
of Cusworth from Richard Leeds. This manor was now in his possession, and 
descended to Alured, his son. Cusworth passed from the Mauleverers in the reign of 
Edward V. 

§ Alured Mauleverer, the testator's son, to whom the manor of Cusworth descended, 
died in 1455. On the 5th of July in that year, the administration to the effects of 
Alured Malyverer, of Cusworth, was granted to Walter Calverley, of Calverley, Esq. 

II The family of Davell, or D'Eyvile. was for a long time in possession of the 
manor of Warmesworth. On the 7th of November, 1466, Sir Edmund Mountford, 
rector of Warmesworth, administers to the effects of Edmund Davell of Warmesworth, 
gen. Mountford was presented to the rectory in 1432, by Thomas D'Eyville, the 
patron of the living; and he held it until his death, in 1471. There was a family of 
Davell, at Hilton, and another at Coxswold, in this century. From the latter descended 
the Davells, of Kirkby Fletham, in Richmondshire. 

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£BORAC£NSlA. 149 

pantyd, j. contjmgburde, pewd3rr wessell. Isabellae Dayvell 
unum equum nigrum, Edinundo Dayvell unam togam optimam 
penulatam, Laurentio Holy ng worth unam togam penulatam et 
unum equum. Residuum distribuendum inter filios juniores et 
filias Gerardi Salven ac inter Johannem et Elizabetham Dey veil. — 
Edmundus Dajrvell, Isabella uxor ejus et Ric. Rawlyn executores 
mei, et quiscunque contradixerit voluntati meae anathema sit. 
[Proh.SMar/, 1451.] 


In the name of oure Lord God Almighti, Amen. The xxviij 
day of the moneth of June in the yere of oure Lorde M.cccc.lj, 
I dame Heleyn Gilson of Gysburn in Cliveland, some tyme the 
wife of William Gilson of Gysburn aforesaid, hole in witt and 
mynde — my bodie to be beried in the Conventuale kirke of 
Gysburn vndre the marbil stone ordeinede and arraied for my 
husband and me. Also I will unto my cors presant my stepe 
lede. Also to the lightes in the parishe kirke iij s. iiij d. Also 
to the preste of Holmeswath chapel iij s. iiij d. Also to S'" Nichol 
Ripon , yf he go to Seinte James, x s. Also to Cristiane Esby 
my brodre daughtir ij. kie ij. beddes j. bras pott j. ketill and 
ij. silver spones. Also to William Grome wife j. coverlet, j. par 
blankettes and par shetes. Also j. posnet to Anne, the daughter of 
the saide William. And the residue I will to Thomas Laysyngby 
the son of my daughter. 


In Dei nomine. Amen. xij. die mensis Septembris, Anno Domini 
Millesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo nono. Ego Johannes 
Gierke capellanus capellae Beatae Mariae Magdalenae inter Clifton 
et Bothom in suburbiis Eboraci situatae, compos mentis meae, 
condo et ordino testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis 
lego et commendo animam meam Omnipotenti Deo, Creatori meo, 
corpusque meum in ecclesiastica sepultura sepeliendum. Item 
lego quinque libras cerae in duobus cereis conficiendas circa corpus 
meum die sepulturae meae comburendis. Capellano parochiali 
Sancti Olavi in suburbiis Eboraci xij d. Utrique duorum capella- 
norum ejusdem ecclesiae in exequiis meis et missa existenti iiij d. 
Clerico parochiali ejusdem ecclesiae iiij d. Subclerico ejusdem 
ecclesiae ij d. Inter parvos pueros ejusdem ecclesiae super- 
pellicia portantes iiij d. equaliter distribuendos. Lego fabricae 
ejusdem ecclesiae Sancti Olavi xij d. Lego fabricae ecclesiae 

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Cath. Ebor. xij d. Item volo ordino et dispono quod sub certis 
modis et condicionibus inferius specificatis nonuUa omamenta 
ac res bonaque utensilia mea quae in cedula huic present! tes- 
tamento meo annexa plenius expressantur integre remaneant 
in capella ecclesiae B. Mariae predictae et in custodia domini 
Willelmi Burgh capellani quamdiu ipsius capellae capellanus fuerit. 
.Ita quod idem dominus Willelmus ea de supradictis omamentis 
rebus et bonis quae ad honorem Dei et cultum Divinum ac duorum 
altarium ipsius capellae omatum et ejusdem capellae decus destinavi 
ad ilium usum duntaxat applicet temporibus oportunis. Eeliqua vero 
de eisdem bonis, rebus et utensilibus quae {sic) michi privatus uti 
consuevi ad ipsius quoque domini Willelmi privatum usum juxta 
suum arbitrium toto suo tempore disponantur; Proviso omnino 
quod idem dominus Willelmus circa indempnitatem ornamen- 
torum rerumque bonorum et utensilium supradictorum suo tem- 
pore custodiam adhibeat diligentem. Item volo et ordino quod 
post obitum dicti domini Willelmi vel post ipsius discessum a 
capella memorata, supradicta omamenta res bona et utensilia im- 
perpetuum integre remaneant Capellae B. Mariae Magd. supradictae 
et custodiae capellanorum ipsius capellae de tempore in tempus 
futurorum ad usum superius annotatum convertenda. Ita quod 

Suilibet capellanus, successor dicti domini Willelmi Burgh in 
Icta capella, omamenta res bona et utensilia memorata ad manus 
officialis Curiae Eboracensis ac subthesaurarii ecclesiae Ebor. et 
sacristae Monasterii Beatae Mariae Ebor. pro tempore existenti, vel 
eorum deputatorum, per cedulam inter eos indentatam et eorum 
sigillis alternatim sigillatam recipiat, quodque eisdem officiali, sub- 
thesaurario ac sacristae super deliberacione omamentorum rerum 
bonorum et utensilium predictorum ydoneam caucionem et suffi- 
cientem securitatem per ipsos approbandas de indempnitate dic- 
torum omamentorum rerum bonorum et utensilium suo tempore 
prestanda atque de eisdem ornamentis — post ipsius mortem seu 
discessum a capella predicta prefatis oflBciali — vel eorum deputatis 
integre reliberandis exhibere lideliter teneantur.^ Et si contingat 
in futurum, quod absit, dictam c-apellam B. Mar. Magd. per sep- 
tennium continuum capellano destitui extunc omnia omamenta — 
integre do et lego altari B. Mar. Magd. in ecclesia Conventuali 
. Fratrum Predicatorum Ebor. ad honorem Dei et Divini cultus 
augmentum atque omatum et usum ejusdem altaris inibi perpetuo 
remansura. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum in hoc 
testamento meo non legata do et lego executoribus meis ad 
disponendum inde pro salute animae meae prout eis melius videbitur 
expedire. Hujus autem testamenti mei facio et ordino Johannem 
Apilton clericum et dominum Willelmum Burgh capellanum 
executores meos ad omnia premissa fideliter perimplenda. Dat. 
Eboraci die et anno Domini supradictis. 

Digitized by 



In Primis unum Missale. Item unus calix argenteus et 
deauratus. Item imum Portiforium. Item unum Psalterium 
feriatum. Item unum Psalterium cum Placebo et Dirige, Com- 
mendac' cum vij. Psalmis Penitencialibus in eodem contentis. 
Item unus liber vocatus Gracia Dei et de Vitis Patrum in Anglico 
scriptus in pergameno. Item imum crucifixum de cupro 
deaurato. Item una pixis lignea cum quantitate capillorum 
Beatae Mariae Magdalenae in eadem inclusa. Item ima alia pixis 
cum jojnt Sancti Laurencii in eadem incluso. Item una quantitas 
capillorum Sanctae Cithae virginis in birall inclusa posito super 
lignum cum j. crucifixo argenteo et deaurato in capite dictae birall 
posito. Item una ymago beatae Mariae Magdalenae in ligno 
lormata et deaurata. Item ima alia ymago Sancti Maximini 
episcopi. Itam una ymago Sancti Nicholai, una ym&go Sancti 
Johannis Evangelistae, una ymago Sancti Moises, una ymago 
Sanctarum Annas et Elizabethae, Sanctae Annae, Beatae Mariae et 
Sancti Christofori situat' ex utraque parte ymaginis beatae Mariae 
Magdalenae. Item una ymago Beatae Mariae Virginis de lapide 
formata cum suo filio lactante super mamilla dextra. Item unus 
pannus steyned de resurrectione Domini. Item unus alius pannus 
lineus steyned cum Veronica cum ij. rediles depannolineo stejmed 
cum Uteris rubeis scilicet IjSf^ interius et exterius. Item iiij. 
panni linei cum crucibus in rubeo bokasjm operati. Item j. par 
ridels de rubeo tarteryno et viridi. Item iiij. peciae de light blew 
and sade blew operatae. Item una Trinitas de alabastro facta. 
Item j. ymago Beatae Mariae de Pietate in alabastro facta. Item 
una ymago Beatae Annae in alabastro facta. Item una ymago 
Beatae Cithae virginis in ligno facta. Item una ymago Beatae 
Marthae in ligno facta. Item xij. alter clothes. Item iij. panni 
cum ymaginibus crucifixi et agnellis et sacratis et stellis operatis in 
eisdem. Item iiij. peciae panni albi et blodii cum una pecia panni 
rubei super dictas iiij. pecias panni suta. Item j. armariolum 
cum Uteris sculptis in eodem. Item j. cista ferro ligata cum una 
Ugatura ferri et j . hyng lok ad eandem cistam pertinentem. Item 
V. vestimenta debilia. Item vj. sanaps. Item iiij. mappae men- 
sales. Item (blank) tuelles. Item unum par lodicium. Item ij. 
paria linthiaminum. Item iij. coddes. Item j. lectus de murray 
cumtapeta ejusdem coloris. Item j. lectus de blodio cum quer- 
cubus in eodem operatis. Item ij. coopertoria de rubio sago por- 
tantia arma domini Ricardi le Scrop et claves Sancti Petri* super 
eadem operata. Item unus pannus steyned de Sancta Trinitate, 
Johanne Evangelista et Johanne Baptista. Item una oUa aerea 
magna. Item ij. superaltaria. Item j. tabula mensalis cum j. par 
tristellorum. Item tma tabula plicabilis. Item duae cathedrae. 

* The arms of Archbishop Sorope, impaled with those of the see of York. 

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Item una pelvis cum lavacro. Item una craticula. Item unum 
magnum veru cum j. cobyrjm. Item j. tripos ferri cimi quatuor 
peoibus. Item j. cobyren. Item j. cista ferro ligata. Item 
unum gardevyant. Hiis testibus Eoberto Bugtrott, Ricardo 
Kirkby personis in eccles. Cath. Ebor., Thoma Laverok ejusdem 
eccles. vicario, Willelmo Mortimer et aliis. \_Prob, 24 July, 145 1 J 


Aug. XX. Mcccc.lj. Ego Eobertus Birdsay de Kyngeston super 
Hull — sepeliendum in capella S. Marias de K. juxta sepulcrum 
Johannis Kyghley* quondam magistri raei. Lego fabncae ejus- 
dem capellae j. fridkyn mellis — Lego Thomae Brandelyng, con- 
sanguineo meo, iiij. barells de osmundes and j. fudir plumbi. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesirao quinto die mensis Julii, 
Anno Domini Millesimo cccc.lj. Ego Thomas de la Kyver,t 
dominus de Brandesby — corpus sepeliendum in eccles. par. de 
Brandesby — ^volo etordinounumcapellanumad celebrandumdivina 
pro salute animae mea per unum annum integrum. Willelmo de 
la River fratri duos boves et duas vaccas. Dominae MargaretaeJ 
sorori meae vaccam. Ricardo § filias meo et uxori suae duas ollas 

* He was laid there about six months before the date of the present will. In 1459, 
James Kighley, a merchant of Calais, died, leaving Richard Wenslaw, Esq., his 
brother Sir Richard Kighley, Vicar of Mitford, in the diocese of Durham, and Alan 
Bird, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, his executors. 

t Thomas De la River, of Brandesby, in Bulmershire, the head of an ancient York- 
shire family. Of its early history there has been but little ascertained : the following 
will however adds materially to the information which we possess. Elizabeth De la 
River, of Brandesby, the testator's grandmother, made her will on the 10th of February, 
1404-5, in which she desires to be buried at Brandesby. To Marmaduke her son she 
leaves a silver cup with a cover. To Thomas her son she bequeaths another silver cup. 
She mentions Elizabeth, her son Marmaduke's wife, and Catherine his daughter, and 
she leaves to Sibil Cannsfeld a ring of gold, with a sapphire. The testator appears to 
have married a daughter of the house of Monkton, and he left by her several children. 
His son Richard did not long survive him, and I give some extracts from his will. 
John De la River, who seems to have been a younger son of the testator, carried on 
the family. By his will, dated " quarto nonas Aprilis, 1468," and proved in the 
month of August in the same year, he directs his body to be buried in the chancel 
of the church of Brandesby. He leaves to his son Brian the lands which William De 
la River, his (the testator's) uncle, holds for his life. He also mentions his wife 
Elizabeth, his children, and his son Robert, and he makes Thomas Witham his super- 
visor. Marmaduke De la River, his son, whose will is dated in 1484, heads the 
pedigree of the family in the visitation of 1684. 

t Dame Margaret De la River, the testator's sister, was at this time a nun at 
Clementhorp, near York, and she afterwards became Prioress of that house. 

§ Richard de la River, Esq., makes his will oq the festival of the Assumption of the 

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aereas, duo vasa plumbea, unam pelvim laton, optimam cistam 
meam, unum magnum fatt, et unum porr ferri. ElizabethsB 
Awnger unam equam cimi puUo sugente, colons badii. Jobanni 
Fell servienti mea unam vaccam. Jobanni Hoode iij s. iiij d. 
Tbomae Coveryngbam iij s. iiij d. Tbomae Dobson iij s. iiij d. 
Thomae Coke iij s. iiij d. Aliciae Darell iij s. iiij d. Elenae famulae 
meae iij s. iiij d. — Efizabetbae * uxori meae medietatem omnium 
bonorum. Executores Elizabetba uxor mea, Tbomas Witbam, 
Will. De la Ryver, Tbo. Maners, Jobannes Monkton,t Tbomas 
Monkton, et Dom. Hugo vicarius de Braferton. [^Prob. 2 Sept 


Sept. xxviij. Mcccc.lj. Ego Jobannes Galby — sepeliendum in 
eccles. mea par. Micbaelis juxta pontem Use — Lego pro j. secta 
vestimentorum blodii coloris iij s. iiij d. — Lego vj s. viiij d. ad 
custodiendum in manibus Roberti Walton ad reddendum annuatim 
capellano parocbiali eccles. predict, pro reputacione et memoria 
nominis mei et uxoris meae in pulpito iiij d. per spacium xx. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. 6 Oct. 1449. Ego MargaretaJ nuper 
uxor domini mei Jobannis la Zoucbe militis, in sana et integra 
memoria, cemens periculum mortis imminere, condo testamentum 

Blessed Virgin, 1455. He desires to be buried in a certain chapel, situated within 
the parish church of Brandesby, which was newly built by Thomas De la River his 
&tber. He leaves to his most dear consort Alianor the share of his goods which 
reasonably belongs to her. To his brother John, a counter, a large pair of iron 
andirons, and all the implements which belong to him as heir-looms. To dame Mar« 
garet De la River, his aunt, a nun at Clementhorpe, 20<. He also desires that, after 
the payment of his debts, a priest may be found to pray for his soul, in the said chapel, 
during one year. He appoints as his executors his uncles John and Wm. De la River, 
and Sir Wm. Wyvill, parson of Dalby, Sir Alexander Neville, and Thomas Witham 
are his supervisors. [Pr. 29 Aug. seq.'} 

* Elizabeth, the widow of the testator, died in 1454. She was then residing with 
her sister-in-law in the nunnery of Clementhorp. Her will occurs shortly. 

"f* Of the parish of Hinderwell, near Scarborough. His will is dated in 1464 ; and 
some notices of his family will be appended to it. 

X Margaret, daughter and co-heir of John de Burgh, of Kirtlington, co. Notts, 
became the wife of Sir John De la Zouch, a younger son of William Lord Zouch, of 
Totness. By him she left an only child, Elizabeth De la Zouch, who married Sir 
Nicholas Bowett, of Ripingale, the father by her of two daughters and co-heirs, both 
of whom married into the family of Chaworth. After the death of her first husband. 
Lady De la Zouch became the second wife of Sir John Loudham, of Loudham, co. 
Notts, but she had no children by him. The codicil, which is appended to the will, 
contains the settlement of the estates of the testatrix. 

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meum in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo Om- 
nipotenti et Beatee Mariae Virgin! ac Omnibus Sanctis, corpusque 
meum in ecclesia Collegia ta Beatae Mariae Suthwell juxta tumulum 
sive sepulcrum dicti domini nuper viri mei sepeliendum. Item 
lego optimum animal meum nomine principalis mei, et volo quod 
hercia mea fiat secundum voluntatem et discrecionem executorum 
meorum. Item lego xij . torticios adcomburendum circa corpus meum 
die sepulturae meae, quos xij. pauperes homines, togis et capuciis, 
de albo panno laneo ex costagiis et sumptibus meis induti, teneant, 
quorum quilibet predictorum pauperum ultra togam et capicium 
suum habeant sex denarios. Item lego cuilibet sacerdoti predicti 
CoUegii qui exequiis meis interesse contigerit xij d. Item cuilibet 
fratri presbitero qui interesse eisdem contigerit xij d. Et cuilibet 
alteri sacerdoti qui eisdem obsequiis interesse contigerit iiij d. Et 
cuilibet clerico ibidem servienti ij d. Executores ordino Eicar- 
dum Byngham* Justiciarium Domini Eegis et Willelmum Grave 
canonicum ecclesiae CoUegiatae Beatae Mariae Suthwell. Et Johan- 
nem Cardinalem et Archiepiscopum Ebor., Nicholaum Fitz- 
william,t Eicardum Sutton J et Thomam Wombewell armigeros, 

Codicillits ejusdem. — This is the last will of me dame Margaret 
late the wyff of my lord Sir John Zouch knight, late of Kirtlyng- 
ton, now dede, whoos soule God assoile, made the vj day of 
Octobr the yere of our Lord a M^cccc™®.xlv. and the yere of the 
reigne of kyng Harry sext after the conquest xxviij., for the dis- 
posicion of my landes and tenementes, goodes and catellis ; of 
the which landes and tenementes certeyn feffe} am seysed by 
fines arraised in the kynges court by twene the said Sir John and 
me and the said feffes. First, I beseche and require the said 
feffe3 that they graunt by dede unto Eobert Burne my cosyn a 

* Sir Richard Bingham, a very eminent lawyer, was a Justice of the King^s Bench. 
He was much concerned in all the legal proceedings in his native county. He married 
Margaret, relict of Sir Hugh Willoughby, of Wollaton, by whom he had many 

f A younger son of Sir John Fitzwilliam, of Sprotborough, and the founder of the 
family of Fitzwilliam, of Adwick. He is said to have married Margery, daughter and 
CO heir of John Tansley, of Tansley, co. Notts. In 1459 he had a license from the Arch- 
bishop of York to make an oratory in his house at Adwick. He must have died soon after 
this, as the same register contains a commission, dated on the 29th of August, in the 
following year, to veil Margery, widow of Nicholas Fitzwilliam. And on the 2nd of 
July, 1474, dame Margery Fitzwilliam, of Atwyk, widow, makes her will, which was 
proved at York on the 3rd of November, in the same year. She desires to be buried 
in the chancel of the church of St. Lawrence, at Adwick, before the image of St. 
Lawrence. For her mortuary, she leaves a horse of the value of 40^., with her saddle 
and bridle. She also gives the sum of 100 marks to be spent in services for her soul 
within the chapel of the Church of St. Lawrence, by William Gilliott, chaplain, at the 
discretion of John Fitzwilliam her son. 

J Of Averham, co. Notts, Esq. His wife was a Fitzwilliam of Aldwark. The will 
of Thomas Womb well, Esq. the remaining executor, occurs almost immediately. 

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annuall rent of xxvj s. viij d. yerly, to be taken att iiij. tymes in 
the yere of the maner of Bolton, terme of his lif, with a clause 
of distresse in the same dede for the said rent. Also I beseche 
and require the said feffe} that thei of the issues and profettis of 
al the maners and lande} and .tenementes that thei ar enfefFed in 
be my seid Lord and me to our use, the maners of Wyldethorp 
and xl s. of rent in Misthorp only except, suffur our executors to 
to pay to Johanne Boteler a c s. of silver ; and that thei of the 
issues and profittes of the maners of Bolton upon Deme and Bame- 
burgh to fynd iij. able prestis in the Monasterie of oure Lady 
Sejmt Marie of Suthwell to do their divine service in a chapell 
of Saynt Petir where the body of my seid Lord lie}, for the 
saules of my said Lord and myne and the saules of our auncestres 
and frinde} and all Cristen soule}, duryng viij. yeres next aftur 
my deth folowyng. Also I beseche my seid feffes that certeyn 
land which my seid lord toke fro Meth Chaunterie of Bolton 
aforesaid may be restored to the prest, and the patronage therof 
also to be restored to the heires of Annesleys, yf Richard Byng- 
ham, Nicholas Fitzwilliam and Thomas Nevill, or to of the3rm, 
semen that the title of the seid heirs be gode yerto. And I be- 
seche my seid feffe} that they nor noon of theym sue, vexe ne 
perturbe the title nor the possession of William Dedik and Jo- 
hanne his wif, in no maner wise, for the maner of Wildethorpe, 
and xls. of rent in Mensthorp, nor of noo parcell of theym, 
duryng the lyves of the said William and Johanne, nor that thei 
be not impeched of waste. And yf it so shal happyn that the 
heirs of my seid Lord recovere the maners lande} and tenementes 
that wem my said Lord, I requyre and pray the feffes that am 
enfeffed in tho landis maners and tenementes of myn inheritannce, 
that of the issues and profittes of theym my seid will be per- 
formed, for they arn all fee symple, but if it be the maner of 
Kirklyngton, the which is to me unknowyn. And if so be that it 
be tayled, I beseche my feffe} to suffre my heirs to take the 
proffittes yerof and performe my will of the remenanct of my 
landes. Also I require my seid feffes, that after this my wille 
performed, that they make a state of the maner of Kirklyngton 
unto Elizabeth Chaworth, oon of myn heires, and the heires of 
her body begoten, for defaute of such issue y^ rem* y*of to Mar- 
garete sister to the seid Elizabeth and oy' of mj^n heirs and the 
heirs of her body begotyn, for defaute of such issue y« rem. y'of 
to y« right heirs of Sir John Burgh knyght and their heirs for 
evermore. And in recompensacion herof I beseche my said feffe3 
to make in a semblably wise a state to y« seid Margarete sister to 
Elizabeth, of other lande} and tenementes in the value of the 
maner of Kirklyngton, the rem* thereof to the seid Elizabethe in 

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maner and forme above to Margaret; the rem' thereof to the 
right heirs of the seid Sir John Burgh. And after such estate 
made to the said Elizabeth and Margarete, I beseche my said 
feffes that all other maners landes and tenementes in the which 
thei am infeffid or stand seisid to my use may be evenly de- 
parted, and estate severally to be made to the said Elizabeth and 
Margarete in tayle, and the rem' thereof as is aboven writen. 
And I beseche and charge my seid feffes that thei nor noon of 
theym sue vexe nor distroble the title nor the possession of my 
welbeloved servannt Richard Tikhill, in noo maner wise, of the 
annuite of xls. in Bameburgh aforesaid, granted to the seid 
Eichard, terme of his lyfe. Ibequeth to Elizabeth Chaworth,* 
doghter to Elizabeth my doghter, my best Primer, a Franssh 
boke, a devise of gold, a girdill of purpull silk harnest with golde, 
a horde cloth, ij. draght twoels of a suet of Parissh werke, my 
best peir shetys, a cotur of evere bounden with selver and over 
ffilt, and a fair sprews cofur. Item I bequeth to Margarete 
Chaworthf sister to the seid Elizabeth, a blewe girdil of silk 
chekkidwerk harnest with silver and gilt, a sprews cofiir that 
sum tyme was my said Lordes my husband, a bord cloth, ij. draght 
towels next best aforesaid bequeth ed. Item I bequeth to WUliam 
Dedik a peir of awbur bedis. Item I bequeth to Johanne Dedik 
all the bed in the chapell chambr with the testur, selur, curtyn 
and custurs of the same chaumbr of stayned werk, and a chair that 
I had of the parson of Hokurton, a cupe of silver coverd that 
my Lord used most to drinke of with a lowe fote, the which cupe I 
have deliverd to her. Item I bequeth to Eobert Bume a coverled 
and a testur of a suyt, a peir of blanketts, ij. peir of gentilmenshets 
and a gode matres. Item I bequeth to Johanne Boteler a coverled, 
a testur, a pair of blanketts, a pair of gentilmenshets and a matres, 
a c s. declared in the will above. Item I bequeth all the reme- 
nant of my beddjmff to my pore and nedy servannts to be departed 
among theym by tn* avise and discression of myn executors, all 
my hyngyng beddes and iij. matres only except. Item I bequeth 
to Johanne Knyston if she abide with me to my deth all my 
kerchieffs and array that longes to my hede. Item I have geven 

* Elizabeth, one of the two daughters and co-hehti of Sir Nicholas Bowett, of Ripin- 
gale, and granddaughter to the testatrix, was the wife of Sir William Chaworth, who 
had by her two children. After Sir William's death she remarried John Dynham, 

t Mai^garet Bowett, the sister of Elizabeth, married John, a younger brother of Sir 
William Chaworth. He had by her an only son Thomas, who died without issue, 
25th Dec., 2 Henry VII. John Chaworth, who lived at Kirtlington, makes his will 
there, Nov. 8, 1462, which was proved at York on the 14th of January following. 
Margaret his wife is the residuary legatee, and Richard Willoughby, Esq., Thomas 
Alestre gent. William Goland rector of Hokerton, and Richard Page are the executors 
appointed in his will. 

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to Thomas Nevile of Darlton my fair gret Sawter. Item I have 

bequeth to the Priour and Covent of Bradsall parke to do myn 

obbet in the seid Prone immediately after my deth and for the 

saule of my Lord xx s. Item I bequeth to the Abbot and Covent 

of Ruflford to do an obbet for my Lordes saule and for myn saule 

yj s. viij d. Item to Priour and Covent of Bevall for an obbet in 

semblable wise yj s. viij d. Item to Priour and Convent of Neu- 

stede in semblable wise vj s. viij d. Item to the Freres Minors of 

Notingham for a semblable obet yj s. viij d. Item I bequeth a 

box of silver the which hynges in my chapell to y® chirch of 

Kyrklyngton y* God Almyghty in yc forme of bred may lie in 

oyer y« high auter in the same chirche. Also I bequeth to Sir 

John Leysyng iij. of my best silver spones. Also to Sir William, 

parson of y« chirch of Hokirton, iij. silver spones next to y« 

best. Also I bequeth to Richard Tikil ij. silver spones. Also to 

Johanne Boteler, yonger, a matres, a pair shetis and a pair 

blanketts. Item I will that all the ledes in forme within my 

place stand still, to the use of the seid Elizabeth myn heir. Item 

I will that (if) my bequest may not be performed of my meveable 

godes that it be performed of the issue and profitts of my lande} 

and tenements. And I beseche and charge my seid feffes that yf 

myn said heirs or any of theym will lett or disturbe this my will 

in any part thereof that thei shall sell als moche of my lande} of 

fee symple as may performe my seid will, and the heirs or heir 

that letts it shall have so moche losse of the said maners lande} and 

tenementes in their part in the particion makjmg as shall happyn 

to be sold for the performing of my seid will. Also I will that 

ich of my executors have for his labor v marc. In witness of al 

the premisses, people beyng present, I have put to my seal. 

Writen day and place aforsaid. Also I bequeth to Eichard 

Byngham Justice the best standyng cup covered that I have. 

[/Vo6. 2 Dec, 1451. Adm. Ricardo Byngham uni Jiistidariorum 

Domini nostri Regis, domino Willelmo Grave coexecutore suo viam 

universcB carnis ingresso.'l 


Jan. ^. M.CCCC.1J. Ego Ricardus Patryngton de Beverlaco 
mercator — sepel. in ecclesia sive capella B. Mar. Virg. — Lego 
ad facturam sive constructionem de le} crosse yles ejusdem ec- 
clesiaB de novo construendas, ita quod hujusmodi opus infra tres 
annos proxime et immediate sequentes obitum meum inceptum 
sit sive finitum, x. libras argenti. Et si magistri sive custodes 
dictae fabricae infra predictos tres annos predictas crosse yle} non 

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faciant fieri, turn volo quod dictae x. librae pauperibus distribuantur 
— Lego ad reparacionem omnium omamentorum summi altaris et 
libronim eccles. par. de Patryngton xij 1. 


In nomine Summae et Individuae Trinitatis, Patris et Filii et 
Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Vicesimo tercio die mensis Novembris, 
Anno Domini Millesimo cccc. quadragesimo nono. Ego Jo- 
hannes Constable,* miles, licet dirae mortis morsum micbi senciens 
graviter iraminere, sanae tamen et bonae memoriae existens ac 
onmes (sic) hujus caduci seculi penitus spemens et relinquens, 
testamentum meum condere censui in hunc modum. In primis 
lego et commendo animam meam gloriosissimae Trinitati ejusque 
infinitae misericordiae, Beatissimae Virgini Mariae et Omnibus 
Sanctis, corpusque meum ecclesiasticae sepulturae in ecclesia paro- 
chiali de Halsham sub lapide marmoreo, videlicet in capella 
ibidem ubi progenitores mei suam habent sepulturam. Et lego 
nomine mortuarii mei prout moris est. Matildi filiae meae ducentas 
libras usualis monetae Angliae ad maritagium suum, sub condicione 
quod de porcione sua bonorum meorum sibi de jure accidente 
SIC contenta existat et non aliter. Elizabethae Seynct Quyntyn 
filiae meae unam peciam argenteam secundum discrecionem 
Johannisf filii et executoris mei subscripti. Agneti filiae meae 

* Sir John Constable, of Halsham, in Holdemeas, the head of one of the most 
powerful branches of the great house of Constable, married Margaret, daughter and 
co-heir of Sir Thomas Umfreville. He had by her a son, Sir John , and three daughters ; 

Agnes, who married St. Quintin, and afterwards Sir William Skip with, Elizabeth 

the wife of Sir William St. Quintin, and Maud, who became the wife of John Routfa, 
Esq. The will of Sir John Constable of Halsham, the father of the testator, occurs in 
the Testamenta Ebor. Part I. The present representative of this ancient house is 
Sir CliiTord Constable, of Burton Constable, who, in addition to the immense estates 
and influence of his family, inherits some of the most gentle blood in Yorkshire. 

t Sir John Constable, of Halsham, the son and heir of the testator, made his will 
nuncupatively on the 20th of December, 1472, which was proved 18th March, 1477. 
He orders his body to be buried in the church of Halsham, and two of his best horses 
to be given to the churches of Swine and Halsham for his mortuary. The residue of 
his goods he left to John, his son and heir, whom, together with Elen his wife, and 
John Dalkyn, he made his executors. At the making of the will he was " corporis 
aegritudine depressus.'' To the will is appended a long settlement, in English, which 
was written at Burton Constable May 20, 1469. It refers to lands in West Halsham, 
Dodington, Corneryngton, Rihill, in Holdemes, and Mawneby and Thimetoft, in 
Richmondshire. The feoffees are Richard Pitzhugh, son and heir to Henry Lord 
Fitzhugh, Robert Graistok, son and heir to Rawfe Lord of Graistok, Majori Melton, 
William Skipwith knyght, Robert Rither knyght, John Melton esquyer, William 
Sprotlay, parson of the kirke of Sprotlay, John Dalkyn and Robert Ingram, of 
Otryngham In this document the names of Ralph, William, John, Jonet, Margaret, 
and Isabel, his children, are mentioned, and he directs that ** Jonett, my doughter. 

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unam peciam argenteam secundum ejusdem Johannis filii mei 
discrecionem. Predictae Matildi filiae meae unam peciam argen- 
team ad voluntatem ipsius Johannis filii mei. Item volo quod 
unus capellanus ydoneus ordinetur et habeat salarium competens 
de bonis meis ad celebrandum pro anima mea et anima Marga- 
retae consortis meae ac animabus omnium fidelium defunctorum 
in capella predicta per quatuor annos mortem meam immediate 
sequentes. Item volo et onero predictum Johannem filium et 
executorem meum in visceribus Jhesu Christi quod sic remuneret 
omnes et singulos familiares servientes meos, viz. quemlibet in 
sue gradu et secundum tempus servicii sui michi impensi, ut 
causam et materiam habeant intime orandi pro anima mea et 
suum servicium effectualiter teneant remuneratum. Item volo 
quod omnes tenentes mei in Halsham, Constable Burton, Newton, 
Marton, Thurlesthorp, Dudyndon, Mawneby, Thirnetofte, et 
Kirkby-under-knolle exonerentur cum bonis meis de prima parte 
medietatis quindecimae per laicos concessae Domino Kegi, viz. pro 
termino S. Martini ultimo preterito. Item moneo et exortor 
Johannem filium et heredem meum, prout coram Altissimo in 
die Judicii, ubi omnia nuda et aperta erunt, respondere voluerit, 
quatenus quocicius fieri potest plenarie solvat omnia debita mea. 
Quibus integraliter satisfactis, residuum do et lego ejusdem Jo- 
hannis disposicioni, quem ordino executorem meum. Hiis tes- 
tibus, domino Willelmo Sprotely rectore de Sproteley, Thoma 
Dysney, Thoma Constable juniore, Briano Constable, Johanne 
Boswell domicelHs, Thoma Halton et aliis. [Prob. 17 Jan, 1451.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. In festo S. Martini a.d. M.cccc.lj. 
Ego Johannes Eoos* de Eouth, armiger — sepeliend. in ecclesia 
Omn. Sanct. de Routh, Lego optimum averium meum pro mor- 
tuario. Lego v. lib^as cerae — Ceciliae uxori meae omnia et singula 
utensilia domus meae infra manerium meum de Routh, viz. in 
aula, cameris, promptuario, coquina, et in omnibus aliis domibus 
meis infira predictum manerium meum. Willelmo Roos, filio 
meo et heredi, optimam meam togam de violet furratam cum 
pellibus martrinis. Iviloni filio meo unam togam meam de 
murray fiirratam cum pellibus martrinis. Lego Elizabethae 

be made a woman of religion.'^ Sir John, in the pedigree of his family , is said to have 
married Lora, daughter of Henry Lord Fitzbugh. 

* A family of some consideration at Routh, in Holderness. On the 26th of March, 
H61, Thomas Boose, of Routh, Esq. makes his will, in which he appoints as his 
executors his wife Margaret and John his son, *'et volo quod Johannes filius meus 
et heres predilectissimus quanto tempore parvulus est sit sub gubernatione matris suse.^^ 

Digitized by 



Newton, famulae meae, vj s. viij d. Lego Agneti Smyth, famulae 
meae, iijs. iiij d. Willelmo Eandalle, famulo meo, yj. marcas. 
Eoberto Thomson de Routh xxs, Fratribus Pred. Beverlac. 
iij s. iiij d. Abbati et Conventui de Melsa iij s. iiij d. \_Prob. 
18 Ap, 1452.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. a.d. M.cccc.lij. Ego Jacobus Floure, 
armiger — sepel. ante altare B. Virg. Mar. in Eccles. Cath. Ebor. 
Lego matri meae j. annulum quod vocatur singnet, et unam ca- 
thenam de auro. Willelmo filio meo x. marcas, j. craterem ar- 
genti coopertum et vj, cocliaria argentea. Margaretae Blenkynsope 
XX s. et j. lectum. Cuilibet personae in Eccles. Cath. Ebor. et vicariis 
ejusdem iiij d. Cuilibet diacono iij d. Cuilibet turibulario ij d. 
Cuilibet choristae j d. Johanni Mawlmer j. annulum de optimis. 
Elizabethae Gray j. annulum. Nutrici alium annulum. Eliza- 
bethae uxori Boberti fratris mei, j. -par precum de pomoder. 
Willelmo Northfolke j. par precum de gette. Johanni Kyrkby 
capellano j. par precum de misty Utyn. Capellano de Brasby 
yj. ulnas panni linei, et j. lectum album cum pertinentiis Willelmo 
filio meo. Nomine mortuarii mei j. togam blodeam penulatam. 
Willelmo Turnour j. togam de sangwjm. Nicholao Fewlard 
j. togam penulatam. Besiduum — domino Johanni Thornes rec- 
tori de Carleton Line. dioc. \_Prob, 23 June, 1452.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Johannes Lescrop,* filius et 
heres Johannis domini Lescrop, eger corpus et sanus memoriaB, 
die Dominica decimo septimo die Septembris, Anno Domini 
Millesimo cccc. quinquagesirao secundo, condo testaraentum 
meumin hunc modum. Videlicet lego animam meam Deo Om- 
nipotenti et Beatee Mariae Virgini, et corpus meum ad sepelien- 
dum in ecclesia Cathedrali Sancti Petri, secundum disposicionem 
patris mei. Item lego rectori ecclesiae de Kylvyngton unum pa- 
lefridum, vocatum Lyard Gib et Lyerd Lounde, ac duas boves, 

* Second and eldest surviving son of Sir John Scrope, fourth Baron Scrope of 
Masham, to whose will, which occurs hereafter, will be appended other genealogical 
notices of the family. The testator, who died on the following day after the date of 
his will, married Margaret, daughter of Thomas sixth Lord Dacre, who, with her father 
and mother, are mentioned in his will. He left no issue, and Thomas, his younger 
bcother, became the next Lord Scrope of Masham. 

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nomine mortuarli mei. Item lego Margaretse uxori meae duas 
pecias argenti, quas emebam de Snaweshill de Eboraco. Item 
lego patn meo preces meas de gete. Item lego domino de Dacres 
curser meum^ colons gray. Item lego dominae Lescrop duo sal- 
saria argenti cum rbsis deauratis. Item lego Thomae fratri meo 
sorqllum curser meum, imum par de breganders et unum launch- 
gay cum uno batillaxe. Item lego Magistrici* sorori meae sex 
cocliaria argenti de Parysh. Item lego Alexandro Twyer unam 
togam de cremesyn penulatam cum marters. Item lego Willelmo 
capellano meo rorteforeum meum, et unum librum Precum. 
Item lego fabricae ecclesiae de Kyrkby vj s. viij d. Item lego 
Hugoni Graye yj s. viij d. et unum equum ambulantem, coloris 
gray. Item lego Willelmo Torker vj s. viij d. et unum hakf . 
Item lego Willelmo famulo brasinaB vj s. viij d. Item lego Was 
famulo Alexandri Twyer unam togam talarem de rosett. Resi- 
duum vero omnium bonorum et catallorum meorum, non lega- 
torum, parti meae contingentium, do et lego predictae Margaretae 
uxori meae. Et ad istud testamentum fideliter exequendum facio 
ordino et constituo executores meos Johannem dominum Lescrop 
patrem meum, et Elizabetham Lescrop raatrem meam, et domi- 
num Thomam Dacres et Philippam dominam de Dacres, et Mar- 
garetam uxorem meam, ita quod pro me disponent prout eis et 
animae meae sakiti pocius expediret. Hiis testibus, Roberto Twyer, 
Thoma Ward, Thoma Stabler, et multis aliis. [Proft — day not 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Die Ven. prox. post Fest. Assump. 
B. M. V. A.D» M.cccc.lij. Robertus Holme de Gyrston in Craven, 
videns eminens periculum pestilenciae inter famulos et proles suos 
infra domum habitacionis suae regnantis et duos proles ejusdem 
Eoberti interficientis, ordinavit testamentum suum in hunc modum. 
— Legavit Abbati et Conventui de Fontibus xl s. petri de plumbo 
pro absolucione. [Prob. 3 Oct. 1452.] 

* In all probability, the lady who is mentioned in this respectful manner was 
Eleanor Scrope, the testator *& sister, and the widow of Richard Darcy, Esq. son 
and heir of Sir John Darcy of Hirst, Knight. Her husband had just died, leaving 
behind him an in£ant son and heir, William Darcy. She passed her widowhood in 
her fiither*s house, but it was not of a long duration, as she remarried William 
Claxton, Esq. in 1460. Sir Harris Nicolas, in his invaluable publication the Scrope 
and Grosvenor Roll, adds Magistrix to the pedigree of Scrope of Upsal, as a lady's 
name, but in this he must certainly be mistaken. 


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In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo octavo die mensis Octob. 
A.D. M.cccc.lij. Ego Elizabetha Gower uxor Johannis Gower de 
Scardburgh — sep. m eccles. par. B. M. de Scardeburgh — optimam 
togam meam pro mortuario — Johanni Gower marito meo capitale 
messuagium meum in quo inhabito cum tribus tenementis eidem 
annexis, pro tempore vitae suae — unum craterem argenteum planum 
et dimidiam duodenam coclearium argenti, unum lectum novum 
de viridi cum tapeto ejusdem, unum lectum plumalem et unum 
par linthianrinum optimum et iij. paria linthiaminum, j. par de 
blanketts, unam magnam ollam de ere, j. magnum yetlyng de ere 
cum uno brandreth ferri et dim. dos. vasorum de pewtre gamess*, 
j. cupbord, j. mappam optimam, j. magnum plumbum optimum, 
unam pelvim cum j. lavacro et ij. candelabra de latton. Wil- 
lelmo Forster filio meo unum ciphum murreum et dim. dos. 
cocliar. argenti, j. lectum de blodio worsted cum j. tapeto ejusdem 
cum celour et tribus cortinis de blodio, j. lectum plumalem et 
iij. paria linthiaminum et j. par de blanketts, j. cupbord, unam 
ollam de ere optimam et j. yetlyng optimum et unam pelvim, 
j. lavacrum et ij. candelabra de latton, j. brandreth ferri et dim. 
dos. vasorum de pewtre gamess', j. plumbum medfum, j. wortlede 
et j. cistemam de plumbo. Agneti nliaB meae j. ciphum murreimi, 
j. lectum rubium cum tapeto, ij. paria linthiaminum, j. ollam, 
j. yetlyng de ere, j. pelvim et. ij. candelabra de latton, j. wortled 
et j. tawe pro piscaria. Roberto Forster filio meo j. coverlet 
novum de rubio, ij. paria linthiaminum, j. par de towailles, 
j. cistam, j. ollam, j. yetlynff de ere, j. lavacrum, ij. candelabra 
de latton, j. cisternam de plumbo, j. wortled. Elizabethae filiaB 
meae j. lectum de blodio, ij. paria linthiaminum, j. mappam, 
j. lavacrum, ij. candelabra de latton, j. ollam, j. yetlyng de ere, 
j. wortled, j. coffire, j. archam, j. tawe pro piscacione. \_Prob. 
15 Dec. 1452.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesimo die mensis Novembris Anno 
Domini M.coccxlvij. Ego Henricus Vavasour* armiger — sep. in 

* The chief of a very ancient and distinguished house. He was the son of Sir 
Henry Vavasour of Haslewood, Knight, by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Skip- 
with, Chief Justice of England. The wills of his fSeither and mother occur in Testa- 
menta Ebor., Vol. I. There is but little, unfortunately, known of the family of 
Vavasour, a family distinguished alike for its antiquity and for its princely munificence. 

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capella Sancti Leonard! de Hesilwod in Com. Ebor. ^Uesiduum 

vero bonorum meorum do et lego Elizabethan Seywardby sorori 
mese, Willelmo Vavasour filiomeo, Laurencio Kyghlayet WiUelmo 
Milford clerico, quos facio et constituo meos executores ad dis- 

S>nendum pro salute animae meae. Testibus, JoLanne Welles et 
oberto Derkyn servientibus meis. Dat. apud Ponte/ract die et 
anno supradictis. [^Prob, 15 Jan. 1452.] 


In nomine S. Trin,, Amen. Quartodecimo die mensis Feb. 
A.D. M.cccclij. Ego Thomas Wombewell* de Wombewell com- 
pos mentis meae licet egritudine corporali per mei Creatoris visi- 
tacionem potentissime premunitus — sepeliend. in ecclesia Omn. 
Sanctor. de Derfeld. Optimum averium meum nomine mortuarii 
mei. — Lego servicio Beatae Mariae in eadem ecclesia iij 1. Fa- 
bricae capellae Sanctorum Jacobi et Johannis Evang. in eadem 
ecclesia x. marcas. Lego unum Missale quod nuper habui ab 
executoribus testamenti Johannis Eokleyf summo altari predictae 
ecclesiae de Derfeld, ad intencionem quod illud missale quod 
modo ad idem altare pertinet imposterum sacerdoti ad altare pre- 
dictaB capellae Sanctorum Jacobi et Johannis Evangelistae cele- 
branti deserviet et pertinebit. Johannae consorti meae xlL, una 
cum omnibus jocahbus et omnibus aliis utensilibus domus quae 
fiierunt ejusdem Johannae ante disponsalia inter nos celebrata. 
Lego eciam eidem Johannae octo boves et xij . vaccas cum duobus 
lectis pendentibus cum toto apparatu, ut curtynes, costers, bank- 
queres et fultris in duabus cameris usualiter existentibus, viz. in 
ladichaumbre et newchaimibre. Thoraae Wombewell filio meo 
c. marcas, unde xl 1. erunt de pecunia maritagii Thomae Preston. 
Et similiter lego eidem Thomae unum lectum pendentem cum 

* Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell, Esq. a gentleman of some rank and con- 
sequence, and the ancestor of a family which is still in possession of his estates. He 
vns twice married. His first wife was (according to Mr. Hunter) Joan, a daughter 
of John Troutbeck. His second was Joan, daughter of Sir William Pitzwilliam. His 
widow did not long survive him, and her will occurs shortly. On the 12tb of June, 
1430, the Archbishop of York issues a licence for the marriage of Thomas Wombwell, 
Esq. and Joan Bosevyle. If this be the testator, some alterations in the pedigree of 
Womb weU are necessary. 

t John Rockley, of Darfleld, Esq. the head of the ancient foroily of Bockley of Rockley 
made his will on the octaves of the feast of St. Agnes. 1461. He desirea to ^ J>^eA 
in the chapel of the Blessed Mary of Wyresburgh ; and he leaves to ^^^J^"^^^"^^ 
461. 13*. id, which John Waren owes him for the marriage °\^^^]^^« ^^^ 
Robert Rockley of Wirsbui^h, Esq. his father, by his will ^^*^^ ^f WirabiirgVi. H© 
Christmas day, 1448, directs his body to be buried in the *'**'*'* j^tii^ ftookley married 
mentions bis daughter Grace and his sons Roger and John. 
Isabel, daughter of Sir John Ashton. 

M 2 

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curtinis et costeris in camera vocata parlour chambre, simul cum 
omnibus aliis utensilibus et necessariis suis in duabus cameris 
usualiter existentibus quibus utitur. Agneti Wombwell neptae 
me» XX I. Willelmo Carter capellano meo xl s. Sustentacioni 
et reparacioni calceti viae ducentis a villa de Wombewell usque 
Derfeld xx s. CapellaB B. Mariae de Wombwell xiij s. iiij d. 
Cuilibet domui Fratrum subscriptorum viz. domui S. Augustini 
de Tikhill, domibus Fratrum Minorum et Carmelitarum de Don- 
castre et domui Fratrum Predicatorum de Pontefracto xiij s. iiij d. 
Item lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes die sepulturae meae 
V. marcas. Cuilibet quinque viduarum pauperum in elemosi- 
nario meo juxta capellam existenti vj s. viij d. Johanni Womb* 
well bastardo xiij s. iiij d. Cuilibet servientium meorum sub^ 
scriptorum, viz. Johanni Wadelove, Johanni Scameden, Roberto 
Marshall et Thomae Carlhill xiij s. iiij d. Cuilibet servientium 
meorum subscriptorum, viz. Thomae Spark, Johannae Mane, Aliciae 
Spark, Roberto Grene, Willelmo Sandall, Johanni Clerk et Ro- 
berto Dyghton iij s. iiij d. Roberto Derley xiij s. iiij d. Johanni 
Wombewell* filio meo iiij. juga boum et eciam omamenta ca- 
pellae meae una cum calice et libris et aliis vestimentis eidem 
capellae pertinentibus. Similiter lego eidem Johanni omnia dor- 
soria, banqueras et omnia alia necessaria aulae meae, simul cum 
dimidia parte omnium vasorum et instrumentorum coquinae meae 
et dimidia parte omnium vasorum et instrumentorum pandoxa- 
torii mei. Lego eciam eidem Johanni filio meo totum lectura 
meimi cum toto apparatu in camera mea propria quam occupo, 
ima cum integro lecto pendente cum costeris et banqueris et toto 
apparatu in camera vocata Heghtour, et eciam cum costeris et 
banquers et toto apparatu in parloria. Et eundem Johannem 
filium meum, in quo prae ceteris specialiter confido, ac Johannam 
uxorem meam, Johannem Bosville rectorem de Derfeld et 
Thomam Wombewell fitcio executores meos — ut disponant pro 
salute animae meae, [Prob, 14 Mar, 1452.] 


20 July, 1453. Elena Fulford— sep. in cem. eccl. B. Wilfridi 
Ripon. Johannae Thakwra j. cofre cum jocalibus in eadem et le 

* John Wombwell, Esq., the son and heir of the testator, married Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Bosvile of Ordsley. By his will, dated on the 15th of June, 1481, and proved 
at York on the Slst of July, 1487, he desires to be buried in the church of Darfield. 
To Roger Wombwell he leaves a missal, a chalice of siWer gilt, " duo philatoria et 
deosculatorinm,'* with all the other ornaments of his chapel. John Wombwell his 
son is his residuary legatee, and among the witnesses of his will occur the names of 
Hugh Wombwell, gen., OUver Grofte, Yicar of Darfield, and Richard Hopkynson, 
Vicar of Bolton. 

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furfillingtlired, crule3 et suyngthred. Johannae Grafton j. rakand. 
Margaretae Grafton j. whitebred et j. cocliar. de argento. Feretro 
Beati Wilfridi unum annulum de auro cum scriptura de HOtlt 
0UtF« Uxori David Payntor de Ebor. unum annulum de auro 
cum j. ymagine Sanctae ElenaB enamaled- Johannae Thakwra 
j. faudencopstole et j. bofetstole et totum cerecimi cum filo aureo. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. M** y* I Eoffer Warde,* knyght, in 
hole mynd, y® xix day of y« moneth of Marce, y« yere of our 
Lord M.cccc.lij. make my testament in y** maner. I will and 
orden Jenetf Ward my wife, Roger Ward my eldist sone and 
Nich. Waid my son to be my ftiU executurs, and thay to have my 
gudes movable and immovable, and thay to dispose thaym for the 
wel of my saule and pay my dettes and to fulfyll my will ; that 
is to say, I bequeth my saule to God All myghty and to our 
Lady Sanct Mary and to y© hole compane of hevven, and my 
body and be beryd at y® Abbay of Esshehold in Ayredale ; and 
thay to fulfyll thes and all othir thynges as God and I and thay 
knawes, as thay will answer to God. iProb. 10 Aug, 1453.] 

* Sir Roger Warde of Givendale, near Ripon, Knight. He and his descendants 
were retainers under the Earls of Northumberland. His wife was a daughter of Sir 
Thomas Markenfield of Markenfield. I give below some extracts from her will. Roger 
Ward, the testator ^s eldest son, had a son, Sir Christopher Ward, who died on the 
30th of December, 1521. He left behind him by his wife Mai^garet, daughter of Sir 
William Gascoigne of Gaukthorpe, one daughter and three granddaughters as his 
eo-heirs. His daughter was Joan, wife of Sir Edward Musgrave of Hartley Castle, 
eo. Westmerland, who was then of the age of 34 years. His three granddaughters 
were Catharine, Joan, and Clara, daughters and co-heirs of Ralph Neville, Esq. of 
Thornton Bridge, by his deceased daughter Anne Ward. Of these Catharine, Uien 
aged 22 years, was then the wife of Walter Strickland of Sizergh, Esq.; Joan, aged 
21, was the wife of John Constable, Esq. of Burton Constable ; and Clara, aged 14, 
was unmarried. 

t Joan Lady Warde, the widow of Sir Roger Warde, senior, of Givendale, makes 
her will on the 14th of November, 1473, which was proved at York on the 20th of 
March, 1474-5. She describes herself as "in lecto egritudinis posita,^* and she desires 
to be buried within the Abbey of Esholt. To the fabric of the Collegiate Church of 
the Blessed Wilfrid at Ripon she gives 20«. To the Prioress and Convent of Esholt, 
to the profit of their establishment, she leaves 20s, and to the Nuns she bequeaths 10s. 
To the Abbey of Fountains 20s. To the fabric of the church of Kirkby-super-Moram 
6«. Sd. To the fabric of the church of Knaresborough 6s. Sd. She then directs a 
jewel, called ** an nowche,^^ of gold, adorned with a precious stone, to be sold, and 
the money obtained for it to be given to a priest, who shall perform service for her 
soul, her husband^ and that of her brother Thomas Markenfield. To Christopher 
Warde, son of Sir Roger Warde, she gives a cup of silver with a cover called a *' plane 
pece.^* For her funeral expenses she lays aside the sum of 10/., and the residue of 
her estate she leaves to Nicholas and William Warde, her sons. 

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Sept. j. M.ccccliij. Ego Eobertus Goldyng de Kyngeston 
super Hidl — sep. in eccles. S. Mich. Archang. domus Ord. Cartus. 
juxta Kyngeston. Lego Priori et Conventui dictae domus Cartus. 
ad fabricam unius honestas fenestras de frestone et vitro in capella 
inter capellam S. Trin. ibidem et capellam S. Hugonis quatuor 
libras. Et volo quod fenestra predicta fiat decenter ad minus 
cum tribus luminibus, in quorum medio fiat ymago B. Mar. Virg. 
et in alio a dextris ejusdem Virginis ymago S. Johannis Baptistae 
et in alio a sinistris ymago Sancti Tnomae Cantuariensis Archie- 
piscopi. Et si contingat me ex hac infirmitate convalescere volo 
tamen quod xl s. ad minus cedant et dentur ad usum predictae 
fenestras. Et in medio sub pedibus ymaginis B. Mariae Virg. ob 
memoriam mei et devocionem fiat ymago mea genuflectendo — 
Lego quinque nobilia quinque pauperibus virginibus ad emendum 
v. vaccas, postquam fuerint nuptae, in honorem B. Marias Virginis. 
Et lego pro emendis carbonibus distribuendis in elemosina maxime 
egenis et pauperibus xls. [jProft. 17 Nov, 1453,] 


In Dei nomine, Amen, Decimo nono die mensis Julii Anno 
Domini M.ccccliij. Ego Alicia Burgh* relicta Willelmi Burgh 
armigeri, compos mentis — sepeliend. in ecclesia Prioratus Sanctse 
Trinitatis in Mekilgate in Eboraco ante capellam in honore Sancti 
Martini ibidem fimdatam. Et lego Priori et Conventui ejusdem 
Prioratus pro sepultura mea ibidem fienda xl s., et volo quod ex- 
pensas meas funerales fiant secundum voluntatem et discrecionem 
executorum meorum. Necnon lego ydoneo et discrete capellano 
pro anima mea et animabus benefactorum meorum divina cele- 
braturo per unum annum integrum in capella predicta vij. marcas. 
Et lego cuilibet capellano qui intererit exequiis meis et missas die 
sepulturas meas iiij d. Et cuilibet clerico in eadem forma interes- 
senti ij d. Eliza*betliaB Aiscogh filias meas unam pictam tabulam 
mensalem, unam capsulam pictam, unum par preculanmi de 
auro cum peerle gaudet', j. lectum, j. celur et ij. curtinas de 
serico, j. lectum et j. tapet de tapestre warke. Elizabethas Aiscogh 
juniori unam latam zonam serici argento stipatam et deauratam. 
Johanni Hungate consanguineo meo, sex cocliaria argenti. Et 

* A lady probably of the family of Burgh of Cowthorp. The name of Roger, how- 
ever, was common to that family and to that seated at Burgh, near Catterick. There 
is a will of a Richard Burgh of Cowthorp in the Testamenta Eboracensia, Vol. I. No. ccl. 

Digitized by 



Willelmo Hungate fratri meo unum ciphum murreum coopertum 
vocatum j. nott. Rogero Burgh* filio meo unum centonem, 
j. par lodicum, j. par linthiaminum et j. novum coopertorium. 
Willelmo Burgh filio meo unam peciam argenti vocatam j. boll. 
Fabricae ecclesiae Cath. S. Petri Ebor. xij d. Prlorissae et Con- 
ventui S. Clementis in suburbio Eboraci vj s. viij d. Elizabethae 
Cowell j. coopertorium, j, par linthiaminum, j, togam penulatam 
optimam preter unam, j, subtunicam, j. coopertorium, j. par 
lodicum, j. par linthiaminum et in pecunia xls. Residuum — 
executoribus — quos constituo Will. Cowell, Ricardum Yotton 
vicarium de Poklington, et Eogerum Burgh filium meum — 
cuilibet eorum xx s. Supervisor Will. Hungate frater mens. 
[Prob. 20 Nov, 1453.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo die mensis Sept. Anno Domini 
M.cccc.liij. Ego Thomas White de Beverlaco pannarius — sep. 
in ecclesia sive capella B. M. Virginis in Beverlaco ex parte 
australi chori juxta sepulcrum Allciae quondam uxoris meae. Item 
lego ad fabricaturam sive constructuram de le} crosseyle} ejusdem 
B. M. de novo construendis yj 1. — Lego xiij. pauperibus viris 
xiij. togas albas, xiij. capucia alba et xiij. paria sotularium, sub 
condicione quod ipsi xiij. pauperes simul eenibus flexis circa 
corpus meum die sepulturae meant, et quilibet eorum dicat 
psalterium BeataB Manas Virginis, et sic circa sepulcrum meum 
sedeant vel stent per octo dies post diem obitus mei proxime et 
immediate sequentes suis oracionibus intendentes ac psalterium 
predictum singulariter dicentes. — Dau. Isabel Crake f and Agnes 
Medilton her dau. Son-in-law Alexander Crake.J [Prob, ult. 
Nov. 1453.] 

* May Dot this be Roger Burgh who was rector of Marston, and who made his will 
on the last day of December, 1457 ? In it he desired to be buried in the choir of 
Marston. He left his Portiphor to Roger Roudyff if he should chance to become a 
priest. He appointed as his esecutors Guy Rouclyff, Joan his wife, and Brian his son. 

t Isabel, wife of Alexander Creyke of Beyerley. She survlTed her husband, by 
whom she had a large family; and her will, which is dated on the 22nd of May, 1480, 
was proved at York on the 13th of November, 1488. She desires to be buried in the 
church of the Blessed Mary of Beverley, near the burial-place of her parents. To 
Thomas Creyke her son she leaves a silver piece covered, with an eagle on the cover. 
To her daughter Agnes Hildyard her zone of silver gilt *' cum stipite nigro,'^ and a 
covered cup bound with silver and gilt. To Joan wife of Thomas Creyke a pair of 
beads of coral. To Robert son of Thomas Creyke a silver piece which she had lately from 
Henry Hohne and twelve silver spoons. To Anthony son of the said Thomas Creyke 
a silver piece. To Agnes daughter of the said Thomas Creyke a zone of silver gilt, a 
cup (murram) and six sUver spoons. To Joan wife of Thomas Creyke a zone of silver 
gilt. The residue she bequeaths to Thomas her son and Agnes Hildyard her d^ghter. 

+ Alexander Creyke of Beverley, the ancestor of the Creykes of Marten. He made 

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In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo die mensis Novembris 
A.D. M.ccccJiii. Ego Thomas Everyngham* de Staynburgh 
armiger — sepeliendum ubicunque Deo placuerit. Lego optimum 
animal ecclesiae parochiali de Silkeston nomine mortuarii. Lego 
summo altari ecclesiae predictae superiorem partem collobii mei de 
russett damask in unimi vestimentmn componendum ibidem pro 
perpetuo remansuram. Jobanni Ledes capellano meo meam 
togam talarem de albo russet penulatam ciun martes. Eesidutun 
do et lego Margaretae uxori meae— disponendum pro salute animae 
meae. [Frob, 10 Jan. 1453-4.] 


In Dei nomine — Decimo die mens. Octobr. A.©. M.cccc.liij. 
Ego Johanna relicta Roberti Litsterf de Eoderham — scenciens 

his will at London in 1465, in which he directed his hody to be buried in the church 
of the Friars Minors in that City, before the cross in the body of the church ; if, how- 
ever, he should die '^ in partibus ricinis patrisB ** he desires to be buried in the church 
of the Blessed Mary at Beverley. To his daughter Margaret he gives 40 marks 
towards her marriage. To his son Roger Creyke he leaves lands in Beverley of the 
value of four marks per annum. He also mentions Thomaa Creyke his son and heir 
and Isabella his wife. 

* A family of rank and consequence, which had been seated at Stainbro% in the 
Deanery of Doncaster, from the reign of Henry III. It continued there until the 
latter part of the reign of Elizabeth, when the estate began to be gradually alienated 
by the £veringhams to the family of Cutler. Sir Gervase Cutler, a scion of this 
distinguished though short lived house, was one of the staunchest supporters of 
Charles I. He armed a large number of men at his own charge ; he gave up the 
plate of his family, which was valued at 1,000^., to feed the royal mint, and his estates 
during his lifetime and after his death were overburdened with fines and compositions. 
He died in Pontefract Castle in 1645. His will, which was made in 1638, when the 
testator was on his way to the wars in Scotland, and which was not proved till after 
the Restoration, is a peculiarly interesting one. It runs as follows :— 

" March 23, 1638. I, Sir Gervase Cutler, of Stainburgh, Co. York, Knight, captaine 
and liefetenant coUonell of this regiment here, beinge in my perfect good health, 
strengh, and memory, God be praysed, but beinge withall to goe to the warrs in 
Scotland, or to make defence against the Scotts, wherein yet God heipe, and then fiat 
Dei voluntas. To be buried in my St. James' quyre at AUhallowes churche in Silke- 
stone. To honest Jo. Swinden 20s. for a memoriall ringe for me. To Tho. Denton 
my ayntient, true, and lo. servant for his sone Gervase use towards his education in 
learning at the University, if it may be, 1002., and I do acquitt him of the 100/. for 
iron taken out of his keepinge at the iron workes. To every one of my servants halfe 
a yeare waige, but to him that goeth and serveth with my horse in the warrs for me 
101. To him that serveth in the warrs for me with my footearmes in the North 10^ 
I doe make my vertuous good wife my sole executrix, desiringe her care to my 
children, and I humbly beseeche God to blesse her and them all, and I hope Dominus 
providebit ; and I desire my wife to use noe funerall pompe or cerimonie, but decent 
and Christian buryall for me onely, and noe tombe but a plaine stone with this 
word onely upon it, Christo Mesurgam.'*'^ 

f A fcimily of some respectability at Rotherham. Richard Lister, the father-in-law 

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mortis in januis astare meque debitum non evadere naturale, ac 
eciam hujus seculi incumbencia pericula evitare — Lego summo 
altari xiij s. iiij d. Item pro reparacione et pictura magni crucifixi 
xiij s. iiij d. Luminari B. Marise iij s. iiij d. Servicio Beatae 
Eaterinae iij s. iiij d. In factura scabeUorum in ecclesia xiij s. iiij d. 
Item in pavimento ecclesiae xiij s. iiij d. Johanni filio meo 
j. maser, iiij. cocliaria argenti. Bicardo filio meo j. maser, 
iiij. cocliaria argenti, ij. pelves cum lavacris, ij. oUas eneas, 
ij. patellas, dim. gamych de vasibus putr', j. lectum rubeum, 
ij. coverletts, j. materys, ij. blanketts, iiij. paria linthiaminum, 
ij. pulvinaria omata cum serico. Roberto fiUo meo j. maser, 
iiij. cocliaria argenti, ij. pelves cum lavacris, ij. ollas eneas, 
ij. patellas, dim. garnych de vasibus putr', j. lectum rubeum, 
ij. coverletts, ij. olanketts, i. materys. — Daughters Agnes and 
Cath. ; brother John ; son Tnos. \_Prob. 10 Jan. 1453-4.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Vicesimo sexto die mensis Novembris, 
Anno Domini Millesimo cccc. quinquagesimo tercio. Ego 
Garvasius Clyfeton* dominus de Hodesake, miles, compos mentis 

of the testatrix, by his will dated June 12, 1442, desires to be buried in the church 
of Rotherham. He mentions his wife Agnes, and John, son of Robert Dolphyn, his 
brother. To his son William he leaves *' unam sicam aigentatam et unum sicar* 
Anglice dagger.^* To his son Robert (his executor) ''duas yasas plumbeas tunc 
Anglice wudiattes.'* Robert Litster of Rotheram, the husband of the testatrix, makes 
his will 23 August, 1450, which is proved at York on November 5 in the following 
year. He directs his body to be buried in the chancel of the Holy Cross. To John 
bis son he leaves ^* ij wadfetttes, optimum mortiferum et dociam zonam." To his son 
Thomas he bequeaths ''mortiferum feriale, unum led quod stat extra domum 
ferialem.*^ To his mother he gives five marks. To his uncle Robert Dolfyn (who 
died in 1466) 13«. 4(2. He also mentions his wife Joan and his son Robei't 

* The chief of a very ancient and illustrious family. He bears the favourite 
name of bis house, Gervase, a name which was adopted from the Cliftons by many 
of the Nottinghamshire families. The testator was the lineal ancestor of Sir Gervase 
Clifton, one of the brightest stars of the Court of Elizabeth, whose courtesy won for 
him the title of " Gentle Sir Gervase." His grandson, another Sir Gervase, was the 
husband of seven wives, and we are indebted to Thoroton the antiquary, who was his 
fiunily physician, for a very pleasing character of his friend and patron. " This Gervase," 
lays the antiquary, " was certainly more gentle than his grandfather, being generally 
the most noted person of his time for courtesie. He was very prosperous and beloved of 
all. He generously, hospitably, and charitably entertained all, from the king to the 
poorest beggar. He was an extraordinary kind landlord and good master. His port 
and hospitality exceeded very many of the nobility, and his continuance in it most men, 
being almost fourscore years lord of this place, of a sound body and a chearful and 
£Ew*etious spirit, yet in his latter time timerous, so that his latter part was miracle 
enough to convert an atheist, to see his Christianity so far prevail over bis nature that 
without the least shadow of fear, unwearied with pain, grief, or sickness, he left the 
choicest things of this world with as great pleasure as others enjoy fhem. He received 
from me the certain notice of his near approaching death as he was wont to do an 
invitation of good friends to his own bowling green, one of the most pleasant 

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et sanse memorue, Deum prae oculis habens et mortem timens, 
sciens nichil certius morte et nichil incertius hora mortis, condo 
testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego animam 
meam Omnipotenti Deo Creatori et Kedemptori meo, Beatae 
MariaB semper Virgini et Omnibus Sanctis ; corpusque meum 
ecclesiasticae sepulturae coram summo altari Monasterii Beatae 
Mariae de Blida juxta sepulcrum dominae Katerinae Clyfeton* 
matris meae. Item lego liij. ordinibus Fratrum de Doncastria, 
PontisP et Tykbill xiij s. iiij d. inter dictas domus equaliter 
dividendos. Item lego ad sustentacionem unius capellani per 
unum annum pro anima mea celebraturi septem marcas, qui 
quidem capellanus in singulis missis suis durante anno predicto 
dicet devote pro anima mea banc coUectam Deus qui in terra 
promissionis etc. cum Secreto et Post Corti ad dictam coUectam 
pertinentibus. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum non 
legatorum do et lego Isabellas t uxori meae, ut ipsa predicta bona 
disponat pro salute animae meae prout sibi melius videbitur expe- 
dire, quam hujus testamenti mei meam facio et ordino execu- 
tricem. In cujus, etc. \Proh, 16 Jan, 1453-4.] 


Hoc est testamentum ThomaB Lynehous nuper de Leventhorp 
in Clyveland qui oblit die Jovis proxime post Fest. S. Mien. 
Archang. M.cccc.liij. In primis legavit et commendavit animam 
suam Deo, corpusque suum in cimiterio eccles. par. Sanctae Hildae 
de Middelburgh sepeliendum. Legavit j. bovem nomine raor- 
tuarii. Ad sustentacionem luminum Sanctae Crucis, B. Mariae et 

imaginable, and thereupon immediately called for his old chaplain, Mr. Robert 
Thirleby, to do the office of his confessor, as if it had been to attend him to that 
recreation he often used and loved, and when he had done with him, for his children, 
whom, patriarch like, he particularly blessed and admonished with tiie smartness and 
ingenuity of an excellent and well studyed orator." Sir Gervase died on the 28th of 
June, 1666, and was buried with all the pomp of heraldry in the choir of Southwell 
Minster. In his will, dated on the 2nd of October, 1662, he had directed himself to 
be buried in the yault near the chancel at Clifton. To his wife Lady Alice he left 
his coach and horses, his gold watch, and his house in St. Gyles near London, in 
Little Queen Street. To his son Sir Clifford Clifton he left his '* gold broche haveing 
<^ '^ggo^^ oi^ one side and mother-of-pearle wrought and engraven, and my gold ring 
with a turcas stone in it, which was given me by my grandfather. To the right 
hon^'^c the Marquesse of Dorchester my pretious stone, bequeathed to me by my deare 
and honored kinsman his father the Earl of Kingston." 

* Catherine, daughter of Sir John, and sister and co-heir of Sir Hugh Cressy of 
Hodsock. Her first husband was Sir John Clifton, the father of the testator, who was 
slain at Shrewsbury. After his death she remarried Ralph Makerel. The parish 
church of Clifton is rich in monuments of the Cliftons, but the early memorials of that 
family are no longer to be found among the remains of the Abbey Church of Blyth. 

f Isabella daughter of Sir Robert Francis, Knight, died on the 13th of June, 
1457, and was buried in the church of Clifton. 

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S. Katerinse in eccles. predict, j. jak deffence. Lumini S. Hildae 
in eadem ecclesia j. togam de blodio quae fuit Johannse nuper 
uxoris suae. Alexandre Grenacres j. togam russet, j. tunicam de 
russet, j tying cote, j. camisiam, j. par braccarum, j. par caligarum 
de russet, j. par sotularium, j. pilleum, et iij s. iiij d. argenti. 
Thomae Johnson j. qu. frumenti. Cassotae HeniTSon ij. qu. de 
ralicole. Thomae Avelynson xx. oves matrices. ThomaB Smyth 
de Ormesby j. qu. ordei et x d. Liuninibus S. Crucis et B. Marias 
in eccles. de Acclom xvj.d. Item disposuit et legavit j. bovem, 
j. qu. frumenti et j. qu. brasii pro convocacione amicorum et 
vicinorum suorum ad obitum suum preparanda. Residuum Johanni 
Wilkynson ad sustentationem sex liberorum suorum durante 
eorum minore etate. [Prob. 16 Jan. 1453-4.] 


In Dei nomine — Apr. j. M.cccc.liilj. I William Clyderhowe of 
Kyngeston opon Hull, marchand, myghty of mynd and of hayll 
Witt — I witt my sawle to God All myghty, and my body to be 
beryd in the kyrk of Sayntt Mary of Kyngeston opon Hull be syd 
my fadyr. Also I wyll that my best gown go to my cors present. 
To the kyrk wark for my beriall xx s. To the makyng of a 
presour for the capys to be kepyd in iij 1. To owr Lady gyld 
yj 8. viij d. To the parysh prest iij s. iiij d. To ylke a prest of 
our Lady kyrk xij d. Also to the parson of Saynt Sampson kyrk 
of York for fogotten tendes xiij s. iiij d. I wyll bedon for my 
sawle iij. trentawls of 3^* Fadyr and Son and Holy Gost, iij. of 
owr Lady, and iij. of Requiem, and iij. I wyll be don at Charter- 
hows be syd Hull, and vj. at Frers. To my wyfe* halff my 
sylver wessell for to take at hir wyll, whilk scho lykes. Also I 
wyll scho have the hole howshowld as it standys. Also I witt to 
Ric' my son the todyr half of my sylver wessell, ij. of my best 
gowns next my cors presentt, my gyrdels, a cownter, a grett kyst 
and my hoU harnes, and yf the saide Richerd dy with in age, I 
wyll that his partt of the sylver wessell be seld and donne for my 
sawle, dame Elles Essyngwald, and all our gude doers. To the 
Priowr of Ferybe xx s. the whilk he gate to halowyng of the 
kyrkffarth. I wyll that the Massyndeu at Beverley yats have 
iijs . iiij d. and ylk a Massyndeu in the towne aftyr , xij d. I wyll that 
Robert Sawnderson have the kepyng of the harnes to Rye. my 
son com to age and yf he dye— Robertr— to have the saide harnes 

* Christiana Clederow. By her will, dated at Hull, October 4 1468, she d^ires to 
be buried in the chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Hull, near her husband WiUiam 

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to his own be howe. I wit to an honest prest for to syng for me 
a yere in owr Lady kyrke v 1. — my wjrfe and John Gower myn 
executores. [Prob, 2 May, 1454.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Willelmus Halyfax de Notyng- 
ham, quarto die Augusti, M.cccc.liiij. — sepeliendum in ec- 
clesia B. Marise Virginis. Lego nomine principalis unam 
vaccam. — Item lego altari ecclesiae B. Mariae unum Missale. 
Item lego j. cofer tnat standes by my bed syde to be sett at my 
cost in Saynt Mary Chapell. Item lego j. steyned cloth of white 
and blow that is writyn on S^Oli StO ^OtlOt it glorill to Seynt 
Maiy auter to hynge in tyme of Lent3m before y« auter. Ponti de 
Hethbeth c s. Gildae Sancti Georgii unam ollam eneam et unam 
patellam, unam pelvem cum lavacro counterfact'. Priori et Con- 
ventui de Newsted unam crateram coopertam. Priori et Con- 
ventui de Bevall xl s. GildaB S. Trinitatis unam murram, unam 
crateram coopertam, sex coclearia, ij. pelves, ij. lavacra coun- 
terfet, optimam ollam, optimam patellam, ij. rackes, j. iren spytt, 
Willelmo Wright vicario B. Mar. Virg., j. coverlett, j. peyre 
blankettes,j.payre shetes optimas infra domum. Johanni Horce- 
pole seniori unam togam de rede et sangueyne fiirred. Ecclesiae 
Sancti Johannis Bapt. apud Halifax j. chesabyll of cloth of golde 
and silke with y® amyce and the aube, a chalys with the patent 
and a corporas, a coveryng of a bede with the holy lame in it. 
Agneti Elowe sex cocliaria, dim. dossen of peutre vessell gar- 
nysshed, a basyn and a laver counterfet, j. new hole basin, the 
thride potte, y© thrid panne, a coverlett, j. peyre of blanketts, 
j. peire shetes, ij. pelewes, a bordcloth, a peire towelles, a mete 
borde, a feyre trestelles that standys in the parlour, a materys, a 
bordbed, ij. kandlestykes, a brandyren, a peutre potte of a 
potell, j. peyre tonges, j. gridell, vj. quysshins of leddyr, j. cofer 
for korchefes, j. scarlet hode, a spruce kyst, a verguce barrell, an 
ale (aid?) lome, a whele, a peyr of cades, a cheyer, a axe, a peire of 
sheres, a hekyll, a knedyng trought, a sykhill, a persour, a 
kychen knife, a spite, a ladyll, a pannyer, a wyndocloth, a stone 
morter, a grete kyte, the croper of my wyves sadel, the wolle 
heme and the stoles, the testour and the selour and the curteyns 
of sylke, a skepe, a wyndull, a strick, a pikforke, a spade, a peire 
cobardes, a fire panne, a cherine, a seke, a peire pjmsons. Eliza- 
bethae Neteham the v. potte, the v. panne, a coverlett, a peire 
blanketts, a peire shetes, ij. pylewes, ij. sylver spones, iij. platers, 
iij. disshes, iij. saucers of peutre, a candelstik of lateyne, a spyn- 

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nyngwhele, a peyre cardes, a crosse trestell, a matras, a costerell 
for ale, a bordeclothe, ij. towels, an axe, a kychen knyfe, a spytt, 
a mylke kytt, a skeppe, a windyll, a peke, a grett arke lydles, a 
pikeforke, a seke. Henrico Lancok wever, a blake salett, a 
Karlyll axe. To the mansion of y* gyld prestes of the Trinite a 
coppebord, a countre, vj. bofetts of waynescote, a brasen morter, 
a pestell, the iren to hinge pottes on y« hokes, the grippes, y* 
docers, the bankers, vj. quysshins of lyons in y^ parlour, and y® 
borden bed that I lye in, a grete stone morter, a brace potte, a 
ketell, a spite, a peyre of cobardes, a soo, an hyngyng laver, a 
grideU, a gret chaufer for mete, a candy Istike with ij. floures, a 
peire aund3rrens, an almary, a grett corne arke. Koberto Aver- 
ham capellano, a fetherbed, the selour and the testour, with the 
curteyns and the cod at the hede, a peire of valons closed in the 
loker, with the weyghtes, and a peire of gold weyghtes, a hande 
sawe. To Margrett Jentle my sadyll, the peytrell with the 
bridyll and Seynt John hede, a ale botell of a potell. Willyam 
Joly an hamest daggar of yvery, a matras, a grett arke with a 
1yd, a long byll, a pikeforke, a peire gloves of plate. Thomae 
Trewe a sadyll, a cuttyng sawe, a lytill hande sawe, my swerd, 
my bokeler, a peire of gold weyghtes, a pikeforke, a hande 
spade, a hode of russet and scarlet and a Carlyle axe. Aliciae 
Mellours the masse fatte, the gylefate, the ledes in the fourme, 
ij. sylver spones. [^Prob. «. d. 1454.] 



In Dei nomine, Amen. I Elizabeth de la Ryver,* in my 
trewe and lege powste, y« xj. day of the moneth of Juli, the 
yere of oure Lorde Jhesu Crist M.ccccliiij., make my testament 
in this maner. First, I bequeyth my sawle to Gode Almyghty 
and all his Sayntis, and my body to be beried before oure Lady 
in Saynt Clement at York. Also for my mortuare, where I 
hapyn for to dy, my beste mantyll furryd. Also in this testa- 
ment I make myne executores my brodyr Johan Monkton 
sqwyer, myne vnkyll Thomas Maners sawyer, and my son George 
Delaryver, y* thies dispose for my saule eftyr myne entent as 
thay wyll awnswer before Gode at y« last day of dome. That is 
to say, first, I wyll that my son George have j. standyng cope of 

* Widow of Thomas De la Ryver of Braudeeby, Esq. whose will has but recently 
occurred, appended to which several notices of his family may be found. The testatrix 
desires to be buried in the little nunnery at Clementhorp, near York, where she was 
JB all probability residing. A sister-in-law of hers, Dame Margaret De la Ryver, was, 
at that timB, a nun in that small sisterhood, over which she afterwards presided. 

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silver coveryd with ane egill in the tope, also ane other cope of 
silver coveryd, and j. powdyr box of silver, and xij. sylver spones, 
and j. cownter of Prouse warke, and viij. payr shetis, iiij. payr 
of the beste and iiij payr of othir. Also j. payr bedis of corall 
gawditt with golde with j. rownde broch of golde at the same 
bedis, and ij. othir brochis of ffolde, ane with stonys, ane othir 
with hangeris of perle. Also all my pewd3rr vesell. Also to the 
saide George my Premyr and my Koulys. Also to the saide 
George iij. brasse potts and iij. spettis of the best Also j. white 
hinging bede with the cowrtyn, and j. blake bede with the chaw- 
mering of the same. Also to the said George iij. rede tapettes. 
Also I gife to my son Johan Delaryver j. pownsyd pece and j. 
white bede with the courtynes, j. pajo* shetis, j. payr blankettes 
and j. aide rede hawlyng. Also I gyf to my brothir Johnj. 
playne pece and j. spone of silver, and to his wife j. gowne of 
murray. Also I gife to dame Margarett Delarever my sister 
j, Sawter for terme of hir life, and after hir dissese to the house 
of Saynt Clement in mjmde of me to be praid fore. Also to 
the saide Margrett j, blake mantill and j. blake gowne. Also 
to my sister Ezabell Auger j. payr shetis and j. payr blankets. 
Also to my sister Christiane j. payr shetis and j. payr blankets 
and j. coverlett and j. wome kyrtill of blake. Also to my 
syster Margrett j. blake gown. Also to my dowghter Alionore 
j. long kyst. Also I gyf to my onkill Thomas Maners in re- 
memeranse of me j. broch of golde, and to my brothir John 
j. broch of gold, and to my brothir Thomas j. broch of gold. 
Also I will that myne executores ger syng messes for me with 
iij. prestis j. yere, and if it may nott be so, hire as it comes to be 
iij. yere (sic). Also I will that Thomas Maners and John Monkton 
my executores beg to maistre Thomas Richmond frere minore 
ane abitt of russet. Also I will that Thomas Maners and John 
Monkton my executores have to rewarde iiij. mark and ther cost 
when thai ride for my materis. And as for the residew of my 
gudes, I will that my executores dispose it for my sawle as thai 
will awnswer before Gode. Also I gife to the house of Saynt 
Clement of Yorke xx s. \_Prob. 1 Oct. 1464.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. I Kobert Constable,* squier, hale of 
mynde and wyte, makes my testament in this weyse. First 

* This curious document is in all probability the composition of the testator himself, 
and he has given us a valuable contribution to the English of the period. The testator. 

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I devyse my saule to God Almyghty and to his modir Blyssid 
Sant Marie and to Sant Botulphe and to the holy courte of 
hevyn, and my body to be bered in y« quere afore y® place where 
my seth is, opon y« north party of my parish kirk of Bossall, 
afore y^ hy altar; iff God vesete Johnet* ray wife, when he wyll, 
I wil sho ly by me yare. Also I wyll that my executores gife 
in almuse to pure men and women at my beryenge iij 1. vj s. viij d. 
Also I wite Robert my son and myn heyre my hole armure 
that longes to my selfe, for yc which I will the vicar hafe 
iij 1. vj s. viij d. and a hors and sadell and brydell. Also I wyll 
yare be payd to sich men as of treuth may be funden treue detts 
of Sir Robert Frendes iiij 1. for his saule and myn and all at he 
and I ar halden to. Also I witt to Robert my son viij. oxen, a 
wayn, a plogh, a hunge bed of blew card and thei costers yare to, 
a covered pece with a trele of roses opon y® coverynge and the 
lesse silver pote and a covered pece callyd my boUe. Also I wite 
Margrett my doghter a covered pece with a gilted knop of acorns 
leves. Also I wite my doghter Agnes a playn pece with a rose 
in the bothome. Also I witt my doghter Johanet a nother pece 
of the same sorte. Also I wytt Anne Gower xiij s. iiij d. Also 
I witt everee yoman in my house vj s. viij d. Also I witt everee 
ffTome and hyen iij s. iiij d. ; and to the two women ather 
iij s. iiij d. Also I will lytill Nanne a mylke cowe. Also I wite 
William Thomell on of my aid gownes furred. Also I wit my 
most noble lord the Erie of Salesbury a gylted cop called a fate 
covered. Also I witte my lady Salesbury a ryng of gold with 
y« more diamaunt. Also I wit to a honest prest to syng for me 
a yere after my deth in Bossall kirk vij. marc of mone. Also 
I wite to Robert my son after dessese of my wyfe a golde rynge 
with a safer yare in and a cristall hyngyng yare by, which Anne 
Gower hath in kepjmg, and my Portatyve which I say opon my 
selfe and my rede Salter, and two payre of gude shetes for my 
aun bed, and y® best materes after my wyfe dissese. Also I witt 
to Kirkby kirke in Cly veland my blew damask goun to make a 

or his father, probably the latter, was a younger son of Sir Robert, and brother of Sir 
Marmaduke Constable of Flambrough ; and he appears to have been connected with 
inore than one great Yorkshire family. What would we now give for the journal 
which he carried in his sleeve ! On the fourth of May, previous to the date of the 
present document, the testator, by a deed of gift, made over to Robert his son, and 
Robert Constable of Flambrough, and Beatrix his wife, all his lands in Bamby Herton, 
Barton, Sandhoton, and Sutton, and in Dromondby, Kirkby, Bushby, and Broughton- 
in-Cleveland, Sturmy Hall in Danby, and Bamby- near Mulgrave, together with 
the rest of his goods. The testator was an officer in the Palatinate of Durham, under 
Bishop Neville, and held the lucrative post of Chancellor and Receiver- General, with 
an annual stipend of 40/. He was buried in the church of Bossal, with his effigy 
wrought in brass upon his tombstone. 

* A long time elapsed before she was laid beside her lord. On the 31st July, 1488, 
Robert Gower of Acclome, gentleman, administers to her effects. 

Digitized by 



vestement of. Also I witt to Bossall kirke a vcstement of rede 
cloth of gold and the awter cloth yare to of the same cloth of 
gold and rede cape with stames of gold. Also to Kirkby kirke 
a round box of silver and gilted with a crosse opon y® led gilted 
fer the sacrament. Also I wite to Robert my son my new 
sangw}^! goun and y« fure that is left yare for, alswell y* fiirr y* 
is left in y^ damask gown as y® remanaunt y* is left in my 
gardevyaunce of martes. Also I will y* the Priour of Sant 
f Andrews of York be agreed for y® house and land that I boght 
of Wyllestropp evere yere v s. sen I occupied it. Also I wyll 
that it be payd to Sant John of Jertm for evere yere for Flaxton 
house xij d. And yf it may be puir of treuth that the chapell at 
the Castell mylnes of York haw to have ij s. yerly of Sandhoton, 
I wald than thai ware agreed for ye tyme that I have occupy ed ; 
and for alsmekyll as I garte seese Codirston lande in the lordes 
handes of Bottercrame, I wald thai were gevyn as mych as of 
reson myght be boght ij s. rent with alL And I make, will, and 
ordan Johanet my wyfe, Robert my son, Robert Constable squier 
of Flaynburth myn executours to fulfill and execute this my wyll 
and my testament, so that thai fiilfiU my will above wryttyn be 
y® over syght of the Prior of Kirkham and Thomas Wythame,* 
which Prior I devyse xx s. to pray for me. Also I wyte to y« 
said Thomas my jomenall that I here in my slefe dayly. Also 
it is my will that thei childer of George of Dale be holpen with 
my gudes tyll thai be of age to help thame selfe. Also I witt 
Robert my son the old Portos aftre dissese of my wyfe. Also 
I wyte to y® pure nonnes of Rosshedale vj s. viij d. Also I wyte 
to my doghter Beatrice vj s. viij d. Also I wyte to the chapell 
of Sandhoton iij s. iiij d. Also I wite to my son Pers Salvan 
a nouch with a emeraul with v. perle. Also I wite to Anne 
Gower to increse for hir gud service vj s. viij d. The resydew of 
my gudes I gyf to myn executores to dispose for my saule as thai 
will answer a fore God opon day dome. In (witnesse) to this 
my present wyll and testament I set to my seele with thes 
witnes. Sir John Alote vicar of Bossall, Sir Ric. Tod parish, 
prest, Sir Thomas Swaynson prest, Pers Salevan gentilman, 
Robert Dautre gentilman, John Taliour of Whenby yoman, and 
many other. Geven at Bamby juxta Bossall xxv. day of moneth 

* Thomas Wytham, the fortunate devisee of the diurnal of the testator, lived at 
Gomburgh, near Sberifhhutton, an estate which he became possessed of in right of his 
wife, the heiress of the family of Thweng. He was high in the fetvour of the Earl of 
Warwick, who seems to to have placed the greatest conSdence in him, and his name 
not unfrequently occurs in the wills of the neighbouring gentry. He built a chapel ia 
Sherifhhutton Church, in which he was interred *' sub lapide marmoreo per me din 
poAito,*^ which is still remaining. His will occurs hereafter, and some more particulars 
respecting him will then be given. 

Digitized by 



of Septembre, y^ yere of kyng Henry sext aftre Conquest xxxiij. 
[Prob. 10 Nov. 1454.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo die mensis Julii A. D. 
M.cccc.liiij. Ego domina Johanna Wombwell,* sanae memoriae 
— sepeliendum in ecclesia de Whitekirk infra quandam capellam 
constructam in honore Sanctae Trinitatis et Johannis Baptistae. 
Lego factnrae campanarum de Whitekirk xls. Lego facturae 
cujusdam domus ibidem constituendae vocatae le Beydhous v. mar- 
cas. Lego servicio B. Marias de Derfeld pertinenti quarterio 
vocato Wombwell quarterio xilj s. iiij d. Lego servicio B. Mar. 
in Ruston xiij s. iiij d. Lego servicio B. Mar. eccles, de Sandall 
xiij s. iiij d. Lego Priori et Fratribus de Pownfrett ad edifica- 
cionem suam xiij s. iiij d. Lego cuilibet fratri et sacerdoti ejus- 
dem loci xij d. Lego cuilibet novyse iiij d. Lego Willelmo 
Scargill de Thorp armigero unum par precarum cum gawdis de 
auro, unum par de lodicibus de fustian, et x. marcas monetae. 
Lego Willelmo Mirfeld fratri meo unum ciphum argenteum cum 
coopertorio, unum lectum de plumis cum le bolstir, et cum suo 
pylw et dawne et x. marcas. Lego Elizabethae Arundall imum 
mantellum absque le lynyng, quod quidem lynjug lego ecclesiae 
de Batley pro vestimento, et xiij s. iiij d. Lego Johannae Fitz 
Willy am meam parvam crucem deauratam. Lego Margaretae 
Popilwell unam togam nigram. Lego Aliciae Mirfeld sorori meae 
unam zonam nigram deauratam. Lego Margaretae Salley unam 
zonam le cors de veridi cerico. Lego Ceciliae Bemond j. zonam 
le cors de blodio cerico. Lego domino Johanni Boswell rectori 
ecclesiae de Darfeld j. zonam nigram. Lego Johanni Scargill de 
Roche xiij s. iiij d. Lego Johanni Scargill de Deyn xl s. Lego 
Agneti Amyas una'm togam de sadgrene penulatam cum menever 
et vij. marcas. Lego Olivero Mirfeld f octo cocliaria argentea. 
Lego Johannae filiae Johannis Abnay vj s. viij d. Lego dominae 
Johannae Lacy unam armilansam, unum capicium, j. kirchiff de 
Paryss cum omnibus meis barbis. Lego Willelmo Sallay juniori 
j. ciphum argenteum cum coopertorio habente ij. liberdhedis in 
le knop. Lego Elizabethae Burgoyne j. togam nigram linatam 

* The testatrix, a daughter of Sir William Fitzwilliam of Sprotbrough, was the 
second -wife of Thomas Wombwell of Wombwell, Esq. whose will has been printed 
above. She left no issue. I must refer my readers to her husband's will. 

+ Oliver Mirfield, Esq. died in 1462. His will was proved in that year, and some 
notices of his family will be appended to it. 

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cum nigro bokasyn. Lego Isabellae BoUyng xiij s. iiij d. Lego 
Ceciliae Popelay xx s. Lego domino Henrico Northorp capellano 
viij. marcas celebrando et alia divina servicia dicendo per j. an- 
num pro anima mea. Lego Priorissae de Kirkleys iij s. iiij d. 
Dominae CeciliaB Sanbarbe iiis. iiij d. Cuilibet moniali ejusdem 
domus xiid. Ankaristae de Beyston xxd. Ambrosio Holme 
xiij s. iiij d. Johannae Scargill servienti meae ij. coverieta, ij. lo- 
dices, totum meum lyngarne et iij. marcas argenti. Residuum 
Willelmo Scargill de Thorp et Willelmo Mirfeld armigeris — pro 
anima mea. [Proft, 18 Nov, 1454.] 


Jan. viij, M.cccc.liiij. Ego Johannes Watton de Eboraco 
capellanus — Rectori ecclesiae meas parochialis S. Crucis in Fosegate 
in Eboraco. — Lego ad usum cantariae meae j. vestimentum nigrum 
cum una cruce alba in dorso ejusdem cum rosis, et j. aliud vesti- 
mentum rubeum cum ymagine crucifixi super dorsum ejusdem, 
cum ij. manutergiis, et iiij. alterclothes, et j. calicem argenti et 
deaurat. prec. v. marcarum ; ita quod capellanus, quicunque 
fuerit successor mens in dicta cantaria mea, nuUas reparaciones 
nee aliquid racione reparacionis ejusdem exigat ; quod si fecerit 
— sint ad disposicionem executorum meorum. 


Feb. 6, 1454-5. Robertus Low* de Newerk — sep. in ecclesia 
Sanctae Mariae Madelenas de Newerk in cancello Sancti Nicholai. 
Et lego meam optiraam peciam argenteam cum coopertorio ar- 
genteo, nomine principalis mortuarii mei. Et lego unum orna- 
jnentum cericum et aureum altari SanctaB Trinitatis in eadem 
ecclesia. Aliciae Legate sorori monialium domus de Henyngej, 
singulis annis durante vita sua, duas ulnas et dimidiam de blanket. 
Et singulis monialibus ejusdem loci vj d. Et fabricae calcetae 
inter Newerk et Kellum xl s. Et fabricae ecclesiae de Claxton 
unum calicem. Residuum maglstro Johanni Lowe filio meo &c. 

Codicillus Volo quod magister Johannes filius mens habeat 
pro maritagio Margaretae filiae meae decem libras, ac eciam quod 

* Beatrix, the testator's wife, died in 1461. By her will, dated in 1449, she desired 
to he buried in the chapel of St. Nicholas, within the church of the Blessed Mary 
Magdalene at Newark. To the high altar she left an altarcloth and a frontel. The 
residue of her effects she bequeathed to Mr. John Low her son, Alexander WilliamsoD 
and William Mychaell. 

Digitized by 



liberentur eidem Margaretae parcellaj bonorum subscriptonim , 
videlicet, unus lectus cum tapeto texto cum floribus viridibus 
vineis, tria paria lintbiaminum, unum bortecloth, duo towellc} 
de twill, sex cocliaria argentea, uiium maser harnaslatum cum 
argento et deaurat' cum uno rose prynte, una pelvis cum lavacro, 
una oUa aerea continens per estimacionem tres lagenas, unum 
possenet continens unam lagenam et ultra, mea optima patena, 
unum album coopertorium lecti consuetum cum stellis rubeis, 
unum par prec* argenti, unum par furcarum ferri vocatarum ga- 
lous, unum par dc curteyns cum le teesteris et sillour, dimidium 
dos* de wbisshyns, unum lavacnim pendens, una parva zona har- 
naziata cum argento de cerico viridi, et una cista videlicet una 
pruys kist ; ac eciam quod dictus magister Johannes habeat 
unum coopertorium blodii coloris textum cum liliis cum tapeto 
eidem, unam magnam cistam existentem in le parlor, unum 
whilt, et duo coopertoria de melioribus, unum gardviaunc, unum 
lavacrum fabricatum ad similitudinem viri equitantis,* unam 
ollam aeream cum pendulis ferri, unam pelvim cum annulis, unum 
bortecloth, unum towell de melioribus, unum dos* cocliarium ar- 
genti de melioribus, unam peciam argenti de melioribus, unam 
maseram harnasiatam, unum countor, et unam cathedram. Et 
quod Alexander Williamson habeat meam togam penulatam cum 
beaver et meam optimam zonam. Et Margareta uxor Johannis 
Willughby habeat unum par prec' de corall, et Johannes Wil- 
lughby meam togam de musterdvile} penulatam. [Pro6. 1 L Apr, 



In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesimo die Marcii a.d. M.cccc.liiij. 
Ego Johannes Alott vicarius ecclesiae de Bossall — sepeliend. in 
chore ecclesiae predictae. Lego pro mortuario meo optimum 
animal meum. Lego ydoneo Eicardo Tode capellano pro anima 
mea <5elebraturo per unum annum in eccles. predicta cs, ita 
quod dicat quolibet die exequias defimctorum. Fabricae eccles. 
pred. vel pro uno Aufenar, xl s. Fabricae eccles, S. Petri Ebor. 
vs. Fabricae eccles. B. Mar. Suthwell iij s. iiij d. Fabricae eccles. 
B. Joh. Beverlac. iij s. iiij d. Eccles. S. Wilfridi de Rypon 
iij s. iiij d. Fabricae eccles. de Wylton vj s. viij d. Fabricae 
eccles. de Awne iij s. iiij d. Lego Gildae B. Mar. de Awne iiij s. 

* In 1580, John Cusson of West Newbigging, in the parish of Bishopton, and in 
the Bishoprick of Durharo, leaves to his eldest son " a brasyne laver lyke unto a 


N 2 

Digitized by 



Gildae S. Michaelis de ToUerton iiij s. Lego iiij. ordinibus 
Fratrum Mendicant'. Ebor, xxvj s. iiij d. Lego iiij libras cerae 
comburendas circa corpus meum. Ad distribuendum pauperibus 
XX s. Domui S. Roberti juxta Knaresburgh iij s. iiij d. Cuilibet 
presbitero existenti ad exequias et missam die sepulturae meaB xij d, 
Fratri Willielmo Barnby Predicatori Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Jobannae 
Marshall sorori domus S. Nicb. Ebor. ij s. Thomae Otes quondam 
cissori Ebor. ij s. Johanni Wall servienti meo yj s. viij d, et 
unam togam viridem linatam. Roberto Alott de Wylton j. 
dublett de geat skynnys, j. colobium duplicem, unum par ocrearum 
et j. metburd. Johannse uxori suae ij. coopertoria meliora, ij. 
blanketts, ij. shetys, j. matrice, vj. parapsides, v. disbes, iij. 
sawsars, j. singulura rubio stipatum, iij. yerdis of blew cloth, et 
alia utensilia, viz. standes et oUas terreas. Jobannae Westeby alias 
Godfra cognatae meae uxori clerici de Saint Tulis in London 
yj s. viij d. Aliciae Morland famulae meae vj s. viij d., vj. yerdis 
panni linii, ij. coopertoria, ij. blanketts, ij. linthiamina, j. matrice, 
j. brace pott continentem iij. lagenas, j. arke meliorem, unam 
vaccam nigram, et iiij. oves. Johanni Wright servienti meoj. 
coopertorium, j. qwilt, j. brace pott. cont. ij. lagenas, ij. linthi- 
amina, j. vaccam rubeam, iiij. oves et in moneta ij s. Agneti 
Alott filiae sororis meae, j. ollam eneam meliorem, j. blake qwy et 
j . almory . Willelmo filio sororis meae j . arke, j. cellam, j . gladium , 
j. coopertorium, j. qwy It et par shetys. Margaretae Bigryge j. 
cistam, j. par shetis, j. qwilt rubeum optimum, j. coopertorium, 
j. par blankits, unam ollam eneam cont. j. lagenam et dim. et j. 
patellam. Jobannae quae fuit uxor Roberti Constable ij. 
aundyrens ferri. Cuilibet hospitali Masendew aut domui lepro- 
sorum in Ebor. xiij d. Roberto Constable filio predicti Roberti 
Constable ij. worte ledis, iij. qwirteyns paled cum j. testour et j. 
coveryng paled, j. parr qwerens. Residuum lego executoribus. 
IProb. 15 Apr. 1455.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. viij. Feb. M.cccc.liiij. Ego RIcardus 
Plane rector medietatis eccles. par. de Gedelyng Ebor. dioc. — 
Sep. in eccles. mea parochiali ibidem. Lego unum librum voca- 
tum Antiphonarium eccles. de Willoby North, Line. dioc. 
Ricardo Chaunes j. Portiforium de usu Sar. et j. librimi vocatum 
Pupilla Oculi. Ricardo Twycrose j. librum grammaticalem 
vocatum Medulla Grammaticae. Ecclesiae de W elbum Line, 
dioc. j. Legendam secundum usum Sar. continentem in se Tem- 
porale et Sanctorum, sub hac condicione quod parochiani de 

Digitized by 



Welbum reddant et liberent duas antiquas Legendas, iinam de 
Temporali, alteram de Sanctorum ecclesiae parocniali de Longele 
Denhara, et quod incolae de Ledenham predicta liberent et red- 
dant unum antiquum Missale, illud viz. super quod ego Eicardus 
Plane celebravi quando eram capellanus parochiae dictae eccles. 
de Ledenham, capellae de Stoke infra parochiam de Gedelyng. 
Lego eccles. par. de Gedelyng unum Missale, unum Proces- 
sionale et unum Manuale secundum usum Sarum et unum novum 
Gradale. Residuum Johanni Plane fratri meo et Margaretae 
uxori suae. Job. Whatton de Stoke armiger supervisor. Testi- 
bus dom. Ricardo Willoby vicario perpetuo medietatis eccles. de 
Gedelyng, etc. [Prob, 1 Mat/y 1455.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesimo primo die mensis Februarii, 
Anno Domini Millesimo cccc quinquagesimo quarto. Ego Jo- 
hannes Stapilton* de Wighall miles. In primis lego et commendo 
animam meam Deo Omnipotenti et Beatae Manae Virgini Glo- 
riosae ac Omnibus Sanctis curiae celestis, corpusque meum 
sepeliendum ubicunque Deus disposuerit me ab hac luce migrare. 
Item do et lego quinque m areas ad emendum unum vestimentum 
in ecclesia parochiali de Wighall predicta deserviendum quam- 
diu durare poterit, super quod vestimentum volo quod forma de 
armis meis fabricetur. Et lego ad fabricam dictae ecclesiae xx s. 
Vicario ejusdem ecclesiae pro decimis et oblacionibus meis oblitis 
xls. Priori de Helayparkf xxs., et cuilibet canonico capellano 
existent! ibidem xiij s. iiij d. Et cuilibet novicio non capel- 
lano existenti ibidem iij s. iiij d. Ad fabricam ecclesiae dictae 
domus de Helaypark xl. marcas. Priorissae de Synnynffthwate 
xiij 8. iiij d., et cuilibet moniali ibidem vj s. viij d., et ad fabricam 
ejusdem domus c s. Item lego cuilibet ordini Fratrum Mendi- 
cancium Ebor. xiij s. iiij d. Fabricae ecclesiae B. Petri Ebor. xx s., 
Gildae S. Christofori Ebor. vj s. viij d. Priori domus S. Trinitatis 

* The head of one of the sister houses of the knightly fitmily of Stapleton. He was 
the eldest son of Sir Miles Stapleton of Wighill, in right of his wife, a co-heir of Sir 
Gerard Usiiete. Sir John married a daughter of Mr. Justice Norton of Norton 
Conyers, by whom he had a large family. She survived him, and her will occurs 
hereafter. After her husband^s death she took the veil. The Archbishop's commission 
to receive her is dated on the 9th of June, 1455. These two wills make considerable 
additions to the received pedigree of the Stapletons. By a licence dated 7th February, 
U46-7, the Archbishop of York grants an oratory to John Stapleton, Esq. and 
Margaret his wife. 

t The Priory of Helagh Park in the Ainsty is in the immediate vicinity of Wighill. 
Several of the Stapletons were buried there, and the family took great interest in the 

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Ebor. XX s. Conventui ejusdem domus xx s. ad fabricam ecclesiai 
dictai domus xl s. Cuilibet domui Leprosorum Ebor. vj s. viij d. 
Distribuendum inter pauperes homines et mulieres jacentes in 
lecto Ebor. xl s. Lego uni capellano ydoneo et honesto divina 
celebraturo in ecclesia ubi corpus meum sepultum fuerit pro 
anima mea et animabus parentum meorum et omnium de quibus 
imerito aliqua bona habui ac omnium fidelium defimctorum, per 
tres annos integros proxime sequentes post decessum meum, 
salarium competens. Et si contingat me sepeliri infra aliquam 
Abbathiam vel locum religiosorum tum volo quod dictus capel- 
lanus assignetur per executores meos ad celebrandum in ecclesia 
ubi corpus meum sepultum fuerit, ut prefertur. Lego ad distri- 
buendum pro aniraa mea pauperibus cecis claudis et impotentibus 
die sepulturae meae octo et viginti marcas. Elizabethae filiae meae 
ad maritagium suum c. marcas. Isabellae filiae meae c. marcas et 
Katerinae* filiae meae c. marcas. Item lego Briano filio meo xx. 
libras sterlingorum, Willelmof filio meo unam cistam ligatara 
cum ferro quam habui de Roberto Col3mson, unum armario- 
lum pruciae quod quondam fuit Johannis Wade de Eboraco, unam 
magnam pressuram de wa3mscott, unum lectum de rubio say cum 
j. tapeto and iij. quyrtyns de eodem, j. fedir bed, ij. coverletts, 
ij. blanketts, j. par linthiaminum cum ij. pilows, j. lectum de- 
pictum cum j. tapeto et textura et iij. quyrtyns, j. fedirbed, 
ij. coverletts, ij. blanketts, j. par linthiaminum cum ij. pilows et 
unum alium lectum cum j. tapeto et iij. quyrtjms depictis, 
j. matras, ij. coverletts, ij. blanketts, j. par linthiaminum cum 
ij. pilows et unam peciam vocatam Grypeg J deauratam et aliara 
peciam pounsatam et in parte deauratam quas habui de Thoma 
Brockett, xij. coclearia argenti, j. saltselar argenti et cooper tum 
et alium saltselar argenti non coopertum, j. oUam argenteam et 
unam murram argentatam et deauratam et duas magnas oUas 
eneas, ij. magnas patellas, j. dosane de pewtre vessell gameshte, 

* Catherine Stapleton became the first wife of Thomas Roos of Ingmanthorp, Esq. 
She left issue by him, and was buried in the high choir of the church of Kirkdighton, 
on the north side near the wall, under the image of St. George. Her husband took 
to himself a second wife, and died in 1505, leaving a large family behind him. 

f Afterwards Sir William Stapleton of Wighill, knight. He was twice married. 
His first wife was Margaret, daughter of Sir James Pickering After her death he 
re-married Joan, widow of Sir Roger Warde of Givendale. The Archbishop allows 
William Stapleton of Wighill, Esq. and Margaret his wife, to have an oratory, by his 
licence dated 27th January, 1458-9. Sir William died in the month of December, 
1603. His will is recorded in the registry at York. 

X A cup made of the egg of the gripe. It was probably merely the egg of an 
ostrich, which was set in silver ; but it was referred by our ancestors to the griffon. 
This piece was an heirloom in the family of Stapleton, and it is entailed as such in the 
wills of several generations. In 1538 Christopher Stapleton of Wighill, Esq. leaves to 
Robert his son and heir "a cuppe covered of the facyoneof an nutte called grypeege." 
Cf. Prompt. Parv. ed. Way, pp. 212, 213. 

Digitized by 



j. cisternum plumbeum, j. brewled cum duobus wortleds et mash- 
fate, j. magnum vera et unum magnum par de aundyryns pro 
aula. Item do et lego Margaretae uxori dicti Willelmi unam 
peciam argenti coopertam. Margaretae uxori meaj unam peciam 
argenti stantem coopertam et deauratara, et unam aliam peciam 
argenti flatt coopertam et deauratam, et duas alias pecias argenti 
stantes coopertas, tres pecias argenti de una secta pounsatas cum 
rosis, unum saltsaler argenti coopertum et aliud saltsaler argenti 
non coopertum et xij. cocliaria argenti, unum lectum de albo et 
viridi worset cum j. tapeto et iij. quyrtyns de eadcm, j. fedirbed, 
ij. coverletts, ij. fustianes, j. par linthiaminum cum ij. pllows 
optimis, vj. qwisshyns de viridi et albo worsett et vj. qwysshins 
de viridi et rubeo worsett, et j. lectum de rubio et nigro worsett 
cum tapeto et iij. quyrtyns de codcm, j. fedirbed, ij. coverletts, 
j. par Imthiaminum, ij. blanketts cum ij. pilows. Agneti filise 
meae unam peciam argenti coopertam. Isabellas sorori meas j. 
peciam argenti coopertam. Elenae sorori meae unum annulum 
aureum. Margaretae sorori meae unum annulum aureum. Johanni 
sorori meae unum annulum aureum. Cuilibet anachoritarum infra 
Ebor. xiij s. iiij d. Conventui Abbatliiae Beatae Mariae Ebor. pro 
lino obitu viz. Placebo et Dirige et Missa de Requiem dicendo 
pro anima mea et animabus parentura meorum et omnium fidelium 
defunctorum xl s. Lego predictae Margaretae uxori meai unum 
annulum aureum cum uno rubeo impresso et unam cistam ligatam 
cum ferro in Abbathia Beatae Mariae existentem. Et predicto 
Willelmo filio meo duos alios annulos aureos vocatos sygnetts. 
Et dicto Briano filio meo duos alios annulos aureos nuper factos 
apud London, tres optimas togas meas furratas et duas alias togas 
non furratas, duo optima capucia mea et duas optimas dublitecas 
meas et unam cistam pruciae. Lego Conventui monialium de 
MoUsby XX s. Item volo quod mortuarium meum sit dispositum 
secundum discrecionem executorum meorum et quod jus ecclesiae 
omnino servetur. Item lego Willelmo Norton armigero xls. 
Eadulpho Reresby* xl s. pro labore suo. Willielmo Castley ser- 
vienti meo xx s. Johanni Roueslay servienti meo xx s. Roberto 
Dalby servienti meo x s. Residuum — executoribus meis ad dis- 
ponendum pro anima mea prout — Executores eonstituo Margare- 
tam uxorem meam, Willelmum Norton armigerum et Brianum 
filium meum, et Radulphum Reresby supervisorem. His testibus, 
Willelmo Bramham vicario de Helay, Willelmo Barwyke vicario 
de Wighall. [Prob, 3 June, 1455.] 

* Ralph Reresby of Thribergh, Esq. was the testator's son-in-law. He took to wife 
his daughter Agnes. 

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Jul. j. Ego Thomas Marshall capellanus de Eboraco 
— sepeliend. in choro eccles. S. Andreae ecclesiae meae par. inter 
summum altare et presbiterium. Lego ad summum altare eccles. 
Cath. B. Petri Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Item ad inveniendum in dicta 
fabrica unum cementarium per unum quarterium anni xxxs. — 
Lego ad cantariam meam fundatam pro anima Ricardi Bameby 
j. librum Portat' cum novis addicionibus et vestimentum, precii xxs. 


In Dei nomine — j. Apr. Ego Johannes Melton* 
miles, senior — corpus meum tumulandum in choro Trinitatis 
eccles. par. de Aston — Lego uni honesto sacerdoti — Lego servicio 
B. Mariae in predicta ecclesia per vij. annos continues pro quolibet 
anno iiij. marcas. Lego pro mille missis — Abbathiae de Rupe 
XX s. Abb. de Welbek xx s. Prioratui de Wirsopp xx s. Quatuor 
ordinibus Fratrum — Fabricas cancelli ecclesiae de Aston c s. 
Rectori ejusdem, sc. Thomae Barry, c s. Doctori Sutton c s* 
Thomas Everyngham nepoti meo de Nova Aida x marcas. 
Executores Johannem Melton f filium meum et heredem, Anto- 
nium Melton filium meum juniorem. Testibus, Johanne Abbate 
de Rupe, Johanne Sandford armigero. [Pr. 8 Sep* 1455.] 


Ego Johannes vulgariter nuncupatus dominus le Scrop,f 
senex aetate, debilis corpore, sanus tamen mente, et firmiter 

* Sir John Melton, of Aston, a collateral descendant of William de Melton, Arch- 
bishop of York. The Meltons were in possession of Aston for many generations, and 
the magnificent alliances which some of them contracted are a sufficient proof of the 
high consideration of the family. Dorothy, the sole heiress of Melton, who came into 
the world in the same year that Henry VIII. came to the throne, married George Lord 
Darcy, and carried the large estates of her house into that illustrious family. The 
testator was born in the first year of the reign of Richard II. He married Margaret, 
daughter of Roger Lord Clifford, by whom he had two sons. Appended to this wUl 
is a settlement of his estates in the vills and territories of Aston, Aghton, Hardwik, 
UUey Walis, and Walls Wood. The trustees are, Thomas Everingham, Esq., Thomas 
Bany, rector of Aston, Thomas Fox, and Anthony Melton, the testator's son. 

t John Melton the younger, Esq., was 40 years of age at his fatber^s death. In 
the same year he was sheriff of Yorkshire. He married Elizabeth, one of the coheirs 
of Sir Robert Hylton, of Swine. 

X The testator, Sir John Scrope, fourth Lord Scrope of Masham and Upsal, was 
the fourth son of Stephen second Lord Scrope of Masham, by Margery, daughter of 
John Lord Welles. The commanding position which the house of Scrope occupied in 

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sperans quod paucitas dierum meorum finietur brevi, condo 
testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis, lego animam 
meam misericordiae Dei Omnipotentis, Beatissimae Alariae matri 
suae, Omnibus Sanctis et Angelis ejus, corpusque meum ad sepe- 
liendum in sepulcro meo per me de novo facto, pro me et 
Elizabetha uxore mea, in boriali parte in capella Sancti Stephani, 
vulgariter vocata Scrop Chapell,* infra ecclesiam Cathedralem 

the North was of itself sufficient to win for the testator a high place among the officers 
of the State, and he appears, also, to have inherited all that energy and decision of cha- 
racter, as well as those administrative talents, which had long been the goodly heritage 
of his princely family. He was sworn a member of the Privy Council, February 28, 
1424 ; and was summoned to Parliament from 7th January, 1426, until the 26th of 
May, 1455. In July, 1428, he was appointed ambassador to the King of Spain and 
the King of the Romans ; and, in the following year, he went to Scotland on a similar 
mission. He was engaged in many other embassies, on different occasions. On 26th 
February, 1432, he was appointed Treasurer of England, a post which had been occu- 
pied by many of his ancestors and kinsmen. This office he held for two years. Lord 
Scrope died on the 15th of November, 1455, and was buried, as he desired, in the 
chapel of his family, in the minster at York. A small portion of this will has been 
given by Dugdale, in his Baronage, and has been reprinted by Sir Harris Nicolas, in 
his illustrations of that most interesting document, the Scrope and Grosvenor Roll, 
The wills of several of the Scropes have been printed in the Test. Ebor. Vol. I., 
and I am glad to have it in my power to add to the memorials of that lordly house. 
The document before us was evidently drawn up with the greatest care, under the 
directions of the testator himself, and it will be read with considerable interest. Lord 
Scrope, according to Sir Harris Nicolas, was twice married. His first consort is said 
to have been Elizabeth, a daughter of Ralph Lord Greystock. She died without issue. 
His (second) wife, and the mother of his children, was the daughter of the head of a 
great Nottinghamshire house, Sir Thomas Chaworth, of Wiverton. She survived her 
lord some eleven years, and died in 1466- After her husband's death, she retired 
from the world and took the veil. The commission to receive her was addressed by 
the Archbishop of York to his suffragan, John Bishop of Philippolis, on the 18th of 
December, 1455. The register in which this document is recorded contains, also, a 
copy of the oath which was to be administered to the illustrious " vowess." It runs 
as follows : " In the name of God, Amen. I, Elizabeth Scrop, late wife to my wor- 
shipfuU Lord, John newly Lord Scrop and of Masham, avow to be chaste fro this 
tyme forward, and I bihote to lefe stably in yis avow duryng my life. And in wittenes 
hereof, I with myne owne hand make this subscripcion ^y 

* The Scrope Chapel was at the east end of the north aisle of the choir in York 
Cathedral. Leland gives us several memorials of the Scropes, which he observed in 
this chapel. These, in his time, were in a most dilapidated condition, and they have 
now disappeared altogether. The monument of Richard Scrope, the martyred Arch- 
bishop, is the only record which the minster contains of a family to which it was so 
much indebted. The Scropes seem to have stood in the same position with respect to 
York, as the Nevilles did to Durham. The Nevilles, however, were not always on 
good terms with the Monastery of St. Cuthbert. The following singular letter will 
throw some light upon the connection which existed between the church of York and 
the family of Scrope. It appears from it, that in an affray which had taken place in 
the Minster at York, one Richard Hemingburgh, a cousin of the Prior of Durham, had 
been maltreated and wounded by Richard Lord Scrope of Bolton and his men. For 
this act of violence Lord Scrope conferred upon the sufferer an annuity of 40a., and 
the letter which I subjoin was vn-itten by the Prior of Durhana, to his Bishop, upon 
the subject. It is without a date, but it was probably written in 1423. 
" Litera missa domino Episcopo pro Ricardo Hemyngburgh. 

«* Reverendissime pater et domine, humiUima recomnaendacione premissa. omni 
subjectione et obedientia filiali. Pro vestris magnificis solatus et benevolenciis pater- 

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Beati Petri Eboraci. Item, circa funeralia mea post mortem 
meam iraediate fienda, volo et ordino quod subsequens ordo 
observetur. In primis, quod corpus meum portetur per filios et 
servos meos domi interessentes ad dictam capellam, precedentibus 
corpus meum a domo mea usque ad dictam capellam xxiiij. paupe- 
ribus vestitis in togis albis cum capuciis, quilibet eorum habens 
in manu sua novum par precarum lignearum de novo emptum 
consimile, absque aliquo luminis portacione, et quod dicti 
xxiiij. pauperes stant, sedent, vel genuflectunt, ut illis melius 
videbitur, m insula ante dictam capellam seriatim, et quod 
quilibet eorum dicat tarn ad Dirige quam ad Missam Psalterium 
Beatse Mariae Virginis, (et) oret Deum ut concedat animae meae 
lumen etemum. Et volo quod unusquisque habeat post finem 
Miss3B de Requiem pro labore suo vj d. Item volo quod corpus 
meum ponatur super sepulcrum meum cum uno coopertorio 
panni nigri lanei, cum magna alba cruce panni linei, quam volo 
ut remaneat, corpore meo sepulto, sacristis dictae ecclesiae, ad 
eorum usum. Item volo quod ponantur super tumbam meam, 
ubi corpus meum sepelietur, duo candelabra argentea et deaurata 
cum armis meis, quae ego nuper dedi summo altari, cum duobus 
ceriis, uterque iiij. librarum cerae, ibidem ardentibus tempore 
exequiarum et missae predictae. Item volo et ordino quod exequiae 
mese solempniter fiant, ad autenticum altare in magno choro 
dictae ecclesiae. Et quod quilibet canonichus ejusdem ecclesiae 
personaliter existens ad dictas exequias meas ac Missam habeat 
ij s. Et canonichus dictas exequias et Missam de Requiem cele- 
brans iij s. iiij d. Et (]^uilibet persona ejusdem ecclesiae, amisiam 
calebriam portans ad dictas exequias et missam interessens, xij d. 
Et quilibet vicarius ejusdem ecclesiae ad dictas exequias et missam 
interessens xij d. Et quilibet diaconus, subdiaconus ac thuribu- 

nalibus, michi a vestra patemitate reverendiasima nuper London* et antea multipli- 
citer cumulatis, quaacunque suffieio gratianim intimas refero actiones, et specialissime 
pro vestro prudentissimo et sanissimo consilio in meis ad vestram venerabillimam pre- 
senciam accessu pariter et recessu ab eadem personaliter michi dato, memorise mese 
tanquam consilio suavissimo patris ad filium merito inserendo. Reverendissime pater, 
quia Ricardus H(emmyngburgh), later presencium, et consanguineus nuper Jobknnis 
H(emmyngburgh) patris mei Prioris defuncti, habet certa negocia expedienda penes 
v(estram) r(everendissimam) p(aternitatem), Jacobum S(trangeways?), et alios, ut 
dicit, infeoffatos domini Ricardi le Scrope, domini de Bolton, defuncti, pro quodam 
annuo redditu xls., sibi ad termiuum vitae per dictum dominum R(icardum) le 
S(crope) conceaao, eo quod per eundem dominum et suos in ecclesia Cathedrali 
Eboraci fuerat graviter vulneratus, sicut idem R(icardus) v(estraB) r(everendis8im8e) 
p(aternitati) noverit apertius informare, vestrse r(everend8B) p(aternitati) supplico pro 
voto, quatinus prefato R(icardo) H(emmyngburgh), tanquam necessitatem patienti, 
per vestrum promptissimum consilium et auxilium caritatis intuitu gratiose dignemini 
subvenire, et eo favorabilius quo patris mei, ultimi Prioris defuncti, sanguinis propin- 
quitas et precum mearum exilitas interveniunt pro eodem. Ad consolacionem pau- 
perum et ecclesiae catholicae fulcimentum Altissimus vobis multiplicet letos dies. 
Script. Dunelm." [Reg. II. parv. 29.] 

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larius ejusdem ecclesise ad dictas exequias et missam interessens 
vjd. Et quilibet chorista ejusdem ecclesiae similiter ad dictas 
exequias et missam interessens iiij d. Et volo quod non servietur 
alicui de speciebus neque de vino ad dictas exequias meas. Item 
volo et ordino quod in die obitus mei non fiat aliqua distribucio 
pauperibus, si prius facta fuerit in vita mea; sin antem, fiat dis- 
tribucio cuilibet pauperi ij d., absque aliquo prandio, solummodo 
dictis xxiiij. pauperibus in albis togis vestitis. Item lego altari 
Sanctae Mariae Abbathiae Ebor. unum jocale cum osse Sanctae 
Margaretae et xl s., pro exequiis raeis solempniter fiendis, cum 
pulsacione campanarum, si non prius fuerint dati et exequiae meae 
factas in vita mea. Item lego domui Sancti Leonardi pro exequiis 
meis solempniter fiendis cum pulsacione campanarum xx s., si 
non prius fuerint factae in vita mea. Item lego domui Sancti 
Andreae, ac domui Monialium Sancti Clementis, et unicuique 
domui iiij®^ Ordinum Fratrum Civitatis Eboraci, videlicet cuilibet 
eorum xiij s. iiij d. pro exequiis raeis solempniter fiendis cum 
pulsacione campanarum, si non prius fuerint factae in vita mea. 
Item lego cuilibet ecclesiae parochiali dictae Civitatis, tam infra 
muros quam in suburbiis dictae Civitatis, pro dictis exequiis 
meis solempniter fiendis cum pulsacione campanarum vj s. viij d. 
vel iij s. iiij d., secundum discrecionem executorum meorum, 
si non prius fuerint factae in vita mea. Item volo et ordino 
quod omnia debita mea aliquibus personis debita prae omnibus 
legacionibus meis sint plenarie soluta et contenta, quorum 
nomina cum parcellis in quodam codicello inter alias meas 
voluntates specificantur, et propria manuali mea signata, et 
posita in uno pixide longo, unacum isto testamento meo ac 
cum inventariis meis, sigillatis cum signeto meo de Crabb,* 
in uno pixide relictis. Item do et lego Elizabethae uxori meae 
totam stuffuram domus habitacionis meae in Eboraco, in omnibus 
ofEciis infra hospicium meum, quibus cotidie in dicto hospicio 
raichi servitur, vasis argenteis deauratis et non deauratis dun- 
taxat exceptis, quia legantur in codicello meo predicto, unacum 
omnibus legacionibus meis tam sibi, filiis, quam servis meis datis 
et legatis. Item lego Gildae Corporis Christi, et Gildae Sancti 
Christofori, quarum ego sum frater, utrique eorum iij s. iiij d., 
absque aliquo lumine portato eorundem circa corpus meum tem- 
pore exequiarum mearum, si non prius fuerint dati in vita mea. 
Item lego cuilibet domui leprosorum, et cuilibet domui pauperum 
vocatae Masjndeuxe, in dicta Civitate, quam in suburbiis ejus- 

* The crest of the Scropes of Bolton was a plume of feathers ; that of the Scropes 
of Masham a crab. Crabs are called scraps, in the Jarrow Rolls published by this 
Society; and there is probably an affinity between this term and Le Scrop, the original 
surname of this great family. An impression of this identical seal has just occuiTed 
to me, and I hope to be able to append an engraving of it to this present volume. 

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dem, xij d. Item lego cuilibet sorori domus Sancti Leonard! 
XX d. et cuilibet sorori domus Sancti Nicholai xij d., si non prius 
fiierint dati in vita mea. Item lego ecclesiae parochiali S. Jo- 
hannis de le Pyke unam capam de blewe satyn cum operibus de 
velvet, orfraid cum chekty velvet, una cum mortuario de jure 
debito. Item lego ecclesiae parochiali Sancti Martini in Mikel- 
gate, de patronatu mea, imum vestimentum integriun de rubio 
damask, viz. pro presbitero, diacono et subdiacono, cum casula et 
tunicis, cum duobus capis de rubio damask. Item do et lego 
Annacoritae ad ecclesiam Omnium Sanctorum in Fishergate, ac 
Annacoritae ad domum Monialium Sancti Clementis, et Annacoritae 
ad ecclesiam Sanctae Margaretae in Walmegate, cuilibet earum 
iij s. iiij d., si non prius fuerint dati in vita mea. Item lego et 
ordino pro implecione hujus testamenti mei, si non inveniantur 
in cofferis meis monetae sufficientes, volo ut xij. disci largi de 
argento, ponderis de Troye xxj lb. iiij unc, vendantur ad com- 
plendum istam dictam meam voluntatem. Et, si aliquid inde 
remaneat, volo quod uterque duorum capellanorum meorimi, qui 
celebrant ad altare Sancti Stephani, habeat xl s. Hujus autem 
testamenti mei executores ordino et constituo Elizabetham uxorem 
meam, Johannem filium et heredem* meum, magistrum Wil- 
lelmum le Scrop fratrem meum,t Thomam le Scrop filium meum, J 
dominum Willelmum Caleys§ et Willelmum Newsom. Datum 
sub sigillo armorum meorum, primo die Julii, Anno Domini 
Milesimo cccc. quadragesimo primo, et anno regni Regis Henrici 
sexti vicesimo nono. 

Sequitur scriptiira intitulata Codicillus super ultima Volunfate 
Domini le Scrop. — This ensyng is the Codicell of me John, the 
Lord Scrop, rehersid in generall termes in my testament, of myne 
uttermost will and disposicyon for payments of my dettis bequeest 
and giftis to my wife, childer, broder, and to all other, made y^ 
xiiij. day of March, ye yeer of oure lord M.cccc.liij., and of y^ 
reign of Kyng Henre vj. xxxij., to be fulfilled by myne executours 
named in my testament in this my Codicell, and in my utter 
most wyll. Debita cum paecellis peo solucione eoeundem m 
VITA mea non soluta. In primis, I will and ordeyn that xx. marc. 

* Who did not, however, survive his father. His will has been printed above. 

f Fifth son of Stephen Lord Scrope of Masham, and younger brother to the tes- 
tator. He was canon residentiary in the churches of Ripon and Beverley, and Arch- 
deacon of Durham. He died on the 22nd of May, 1463, and was interred in York 
Minster. On the 17th of December, 1463, Archbishop Booth issues an order for the 
sequestration of his goods, to repair the dilapidations of his stall at- the altar of St. 
Michael the Archangel, in the church of Beverley. 

X Third son of the testator, and eventually fifth Baron Scrope of Masham. He 
was summoned to Parliament from 1459 to 1472, and died in 1475. 

§ He became vicar of Ainderby Steeple in 1437, upon the presentation of the 

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be kept and reservid for all my small dettis, to be payde if ther 
ony be dewe and askid, and if ther be ony mo dettes claymed of 
me and proved, than this my ordynaunce woU and may content, 
I will thei be taken and payed of y® dettes of my enfeffed londis, 
obligacyons, or of what oder gudes movables, yat em myn, and 
dewe to me in ony wise at my deth day. Pakcellis datis et 
LEGATis Eltzabethje uxori MEM. Item I yeve and bequeeth to 
my wyfe, over my bequeest in my testament, ij. dosen disshes of 
silver, xij. salsers of silver and v. chargeours of silver, weyng of 
Troy (blank). Item j. fayre pile of coppis conteynjmg xij. coppis 
gilt, with crabbis in y^ myddis, and ij. coverjnngis to yame, with 
crabb. Item vj. peces of silver playne, with j. copp covered. 
Item ij. pottis of silver potellers, parcel! gilt, weying of Troye 
xj lb. xj imc. Item ij. coppis of silver playne with Jtl and ^ * 
in ye grounde, weying of Troye j lb. iiij unc. Item j. copp of 
sanopir, foted and covered, with j. coveryng of silver. Item 
j. copp of silver and gilt, foted, covered and graven with yve 
leves, weying of Troy j lb. viij imc. dim. Item j. copp of silver 
and gilt, foted, covered and pounced with sheppherdis, weying of 
Troy ij lb. iij quaterons. Item j. rounde ewer of silver and gilt, 
weying of Troy xunc. dim. Item j. par basyns of silver and 
parcell gilt, with Scrop armes in y® ground, weying of Troy 
vjlb. xunc. Item j. rounde basyn of silver with gilt boses, 
weying of Troy iij lb. ixunc. Item j. ewer of silver, weying of 
Troy j lb. V unc. Item j. ewer of silver, weying of Troy 
jib. vij unc. dim. Item ij. candilsticks of silver for qwerios 
parcell gilt, weying of Troy ij lb. vij oz. Item viij. spones of 
silver, weying of Troy viij unc. Item j. salt saler of silver and 
gilt, covered, playne, weying of Troy jib. xj unc. Item ij. salt 
salers of silver, uncovered, parcell gilted, weying of Troy xj unc. 
Item of naperye and shetis as mich as is necessarie for hir. Item 
j. Portas covered in blew cloyth of damask of silver. Item j. olde 
Messe Boke with Scrope armes in y^ begynnyng. Item j. litill 
cofre bounden with yme, lengh of ij. fote, with all my small 
jewellis in it. Item all ornaments and vestments longyng to my 
closett in y^ Monastre of York, with j. crose of silver and gilt, 
with Marie Mawdeleyn abowte it, weying of Troy ij lb. Item 
j. chalis of silver and gilt playne, with j. lambe graven in y® 
patyn, weying of Troy j lb. Item j. par of cruettis of silver, 
weying of Troy viij unc. Item j. litill basyn of silver, weying of 
Troy j lb. j unc. j quateron. Item j. paxbred of silver and gilt, 
with j. crucifix of Mary and John, weying of Troy ix unc. j quar- 
teron. Item j. long candilstik of silver with j. handill, weying 

* The initials, in all probability, of his mother, Margery daughter of John Lord 
Welles, and widow of John Lord Huntingfield. 

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of Troy ix unc. Item j. candilstik of silver, stondyng, weying of 
Troy vij unc. Item j. box of silver covered, for syngyngbrede, 
weying of Troy v unc. dim. Item j. par cruettis of silver, w^eying 
of Troy vj unc Item j. litill holy water fatt with j. strenkill of 
silver, weying of Troy weght xunc. Item j. litill paxbrede of 
silver and gilt, weying of Troy ij unc. iij quarterons. Item 
j. chalis of silver, with j. patyn, parcell gilt ; and all the orna- 
mentis to remayne still ther to the use of my wyfe and myne 
heyris. And all y^ ornamentis and vestimentis, loyeing now to 
my chapell in ray dewellyng place in Yorke, I yeve my wyfe, 


Henrico (sic) domino le Scrop de Bolton. Item I ordeyne and 
yeve and bequeeth yat Alianor, my doghter, shall have terme of 
hir lyfe xx marcs, goying oute of my maner of Driffeld, in my 
lyfe, and xl marcs aftre my decesse, of y® same maner and lord- 
ship, duryng hir life, it to be taken at two termes of y^ yeer, 
aftre the forme of my lettres patents by me graunted to hir, 
under my seall, afore y® dat of yis my codicell. Item I yeve 
and bequeeth to my saide doghter ane Englissh boke of y^ Pater 
Noster, glosid, with Matynes of y® Passion, and j. par of tables 
enlymned with Seyntis and Scrop armes in yame, case of 
querbole, wroght with ane hede and ane holy lame. Item 
I yeve and bequeth to John, son and heyr to Henry y^ lord 
Scrop of Bolton, j. nete broch of gold of tow aungell, y® 
gise of a man's herte. Item I yeve and bequeeth to mayster 
William Scrop, my broder, j. crosse uppon a fote of silver and 

filt, with Mary and John and iiij. Evangelistis aboute it. Item 
yeve and bequeth to Sir William Caleys, to lefe to his chirch 
of Ajmderby, j. cope of sangwayne satyn, with werk of velvet, 
orfrayed, palyd with clothe of golde. Item I bequeth to y® saide 
Sir William Caleys j. par bedis of laumb3rr lacyd, with mony 
hyngeris knopped of rede silk. Item I yeve and bequeeth to y^ 
howse of Seynt Austjms in York, of which I am founder, yei 
keping and fulfiUyng y^ indentur betwixe yaime and me made 
and y® condicions yerin, xxl. or iij 1. and xij d. yeerly, for xij. 
yeer, enduryng at y^ fredome of myne executours. Parcellis 
DATIS ET LEGATIS Thom^ filio meo ET HEBEDi. Item I yeve and 

* Eleanor Scrope, the daughter of the testator, was twice married. Her first hus- 
band was Richard son and heir apparent of Sir John Darcy, who died in the lifetime 
of his father. From this marriage descended the barons Darcy and Conyers. Her 
second husband was William Claxton, of East Bridgeford, co. Notts, who died in 
1496. Some account of her is appended to the will of her brother John le Scrope, 
who calls her " Magistrix, soror mea." 

t John son of Henry fourth Baron Scrope of Bolton, and the fifth baron upon the 
death of his father. He died on the 17th August, 1498, after an active life, spent in 
public employments. His mother was own daughter to the testator. 

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bequeth to Thomas, my son and heyr, j. grete playne boll of 
silver covered, yat was my lordis my faders. Item ij. pottis 
quarttelettis of silver covered. Item j. basyn of silver with j. 
rose in y^ bothome, and j. ewer of silver yerto. Item ij. salers 
broken, of silver gilted and foted, y® gise of maskill. Item I 
yeve and bequeth to my saide son all yc stuffe in y® maner of 
Upsall in evere place and office yare in, as is conteyned in ane 
Inventary made of y« same stuffe in y« morow next after Ascen- 
cyon of our lord, the year of the reigne of king Henry vj. xxxj., 
and residews of all my gudis unbequeth and ungifen I gife to my 
wife and to myn executores, to do yer with at yare fredome and 
will, as yei woll aimswer afore Gode, w* all y^ dett owght unto 
(me) in obligacyons or other wyse, w* all yarrages of my londis 
or lyfelode to me dewe at my dethe, my will afore fully per- 
formed. The arrages of y^ londis, that perteneth to y® lordship 
of my wife dower, if she content hir with the saide dower y* I 
have endowed hir in ever, I excep, and to hir yame I yeve and 
bequeeth [in] yis my saide wyll writen and yeven under my seall, 
y« day and y^ yeer above writen. Item I gyfe my saide son j. 
bede of grene and white silke with coverled and testour. Item 
j. dosen disshes of silver, after ye decesse of my wife. 

Sequitur scriptura intitulata Ultima Voluntas domini Johannis 
domini U Scrop. — In Dei Patris potencia. In Dei Filii sapicntia, 
et in Dei Spiritus providencia. Ego Johannes dominus le Scrop 
reformo testamentum meum prefactum et omnes voluntates meas 
pre&ctas in modo qui sequitur, pro ultima mea volimtate. First 
yat my testament afore made and seald be hole kept thorgh, in 
forme as it is made, and all thingis yare in comprehended, except 
yat yer where John, y^t was my son, whom God assoile, was 
writen for one of myne executores, yare to be understonde Sir 
John Bemyngham, tresorer of York mynster, and Maister John 
Marsshall, resedenter of the same mynster, with y^ remanent of 
myn executores comprehended in my testament, and in yis my 
last will. And if it happen me to make mariage with Thomas 
my son and y^ Baron doghter of Graystok,* and receyve yat gude, 
then myne exequyes to be done as solempnely in all thingis as 
my testament rehersith yat terme in myn saide testament, yf it 
be not done before noght withstondyng. And my codicell uppon 

* It did " happen" the testator, to ** make marriage" with Thomas (his son) " and 
the Baron doghter of Graystok." The nuptials were celebrated almost immediately 
after this codicil was made, and the result was, a family of four sons and three daughters. 
The sons, Thomas, Henry, Ralph, and Geoffrey, were each of them, in succession. 
Barons Scrope of Masham. The eldest son alone left issue a daughter, who by her 
marriage with her cousin Henry Scrope again united the houses of Masham and 
Bolton. The '* Baron's doghter" survived her husband, and became the wife of Sir 
Gilbert Talbot of Grafton, co. Wore. Knt., by whom also she had issue. 

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192 TESTAMEirrA 

my testament to be kept in y® same forme as it is made. And as 
touching yc giftis and bequeething in y« same codicell compre- 
bendid, to stonde for forme and stabill all my will yare in. Also 
I will yat my wife have, yf she overlife me, my crosse and my 
cheyne, yat I here abowte my nek. And also I will yat Thomas 
my son have my parlement robe, yf he will have it, gevyng Colyn 
my servaunt x 1. for his parte, and Robert Cowrtby my servaunt 
v. marcs for his parte.* And ellis to late yarae two have it. 
And I will yat John Mendfawte have my embrowded clothe of 
ymagerye, uppon lesse van my wife or Thomas my son will gife 
him yerfore c s. Also 1 will yat y« house of Walsyngham have 
X. marcs, for forgeten avowes and beheestes by me made to our 
Lady yer. Moreover yf the manage stonde concluded, as afore, 
I will cl. be made of yat, and of all my gudis unbequeethed, 
ungifen or unsold at y^ time of my dethe, by yavise oi all myn 
executours, and remayne unto my doghter Alianor with y® 
mariage of hir son Darcy,t over yat y* I have bequethed hir 
in my Codicell, so yat she be rowled by hir moder, my wife. 
Also I will yat Newsom, my receyvour, and all my officeres 
accomptaunts, be none oder wise charged nor compelled bot 
uppon yare troweth, and y* all my servaunts, and everychone 
of yaime, stond be yis my last will acquyt and discharged of 
ony dett yat yei, or ony of yaime, owe me, except foreyne 
accomptaunts and servaunts accomptaunts. Also 1 will and 
bequeth yat William Manfeld, my secretar, be paide by y« 
handis of m}Tie executours x. marcs of money. And I will yat 
ye saide Manfeld have v. marcs yeerly payde, enduryng his lyfe, 
of and in my lordship of Boxstede in Essex^ as (by) my lettres 
patents to him afore graunted appereth, and yat Maistre William 
Smertt have xl s. to attende and helpe to performe yis my wyll 
and testament in all matters touching y® chirch and will of m3mLe 
executours. And to performe yis my last will I make, name, and 
orde3me myne executours Elizabetn my wife, Maistre William 
Scrop, my broder, Sir John Bernyngham, Tresorer of Yorke 

* It would appear finom this, that the Parliament robe of a peer became, upon his 
death, the perquisite of his servants, and that if his family wished to retain it, money 
was to be paid for its redemption. 

f This little boy did not long remain unmarried. There is a licence at York, dated 
on the 23rd of January, 1460-1, authorising the marriage of William Darcy, son of 
Richard Darcy, the late son and heir of the Lord Darcy, with Eufemia, daughter of 
John Langton of Fameley, Esq. The marriage was to be celebrated in the chapel 
of Fameley. Young Darcy, at this time, was but eleyen years of age. His mother 
had but a few months before taken to herself a second husband. When he grew up 
to man^s estate, he recovered the honours and most of the lands of his family, which 
were his by inheritance, and which had been wrongfully detained from him by Lord 
Conyers and Sir James Strangeways, who had married the coheirs of his uncle, Philip 
Lord Darcy and Meinell. 

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niynster, Maistre John Marshall, Sir William Caleys, my con- 
fessour, William Tancsard, serveyour of my londis, and William 
Manfeld, my secretar ; thei takyng such rewards for yeir labour, 
as yei awe of right to have, for to dispose yiQ my last will and all 
my oder will for me founde with my testament, seald or unseald, 
as yei wold I dyd for yeir soules, yf I wer yare executours, for yc 
love of God and by y^ waye of charite. Writen, made, and 
seald y« xviij. day of March, y® yeer of the Incariiacyon of our 
Lord God M.cccc.liij. 

Sequitur billa de diverais legatia per dominum fe Scrop factia 
diversis personis in eadem nominatis, — Johannae Malleverer xls. 
Willelmo Herryson xl s. xx marcas. Norfolk xl s. Joh. Shilton 
xl s. Nurysse xx s. W. Tumour xx s. Georg. xl s. or x marcs 
if it may be. Adam Wilson xx s. W. Newson acq. post comp. 
Lylton XX s. per pat. ad term, vitae. Ric. Chambre xls. K. Kechyix 
XX s. Elizabeth Gray xls. Domino Thomas Smyth capellano 
X marcs. Wyman xl s. Hanath xl s. Manfeld x marc. Eic. 
Home XX s. Somerscales xiij s. iiij d. E. Abbott acq. post comp. 
Joh. Godebame xx s. Ascowgh xx s. Joh. Thornenyff xx marc 
Key xl s. Alison Chambre xl s. Mendfawte xl s. E. Newsom 
xl s. €01301 XX s. E. Cowrteby xx s. Wodburae xx s. Crokey 
xl s. E. Aynderby xx s.* \_Prob. test codicilli ult, voluntatis et 
billw suprascript 18 Nov. 1455.] 



In Dei nomine, Amen. Duodecimo die mensis Maii, Anno 
Domini M.cccc.liiij. Ego Margareta Daunayf vidua — corpus 
sepeliendum ubi Deus disposuerit. Lego smnmo altari de Snayth J 

* The above are chiefly domestics. In some instances the precise nature of their 
occupation is stated, as nurysse, chambre, or chamberlain, &c. 

+ Margaret, daughter of Sir Alexander Lound, and widow of Sir John Dawney of 
Escrick, who died in 1424. Her family, which acquired additional wealth and 
consequence by the marriage of the grandson of the testatrix with the wealthy heiress 
of Darell of Sessay, is at present represented by Viscount Downe. 

X The parish church of Snaith is an extremely interesting one in its architecture, 
as well as its associations. It was originally appropriated to the Monastery of Selby, 
and within the altar-rails there is laid the grave-stone of one of the Abbats of that 
wealthy establishment The stone is of magnificent proportions, but it is unfortunately 
despoiled of the brass with which it was once adorned. The Dawney Chapel is an 
addition to the south aisle of the church, and it contains some memorials of the family 
which erected it. In addition to the fine altar-tomb of Sir John Dawney, who died 
in 1493, there are in the windows of the chapel the arms of his grandson, another Sir 
John, impaling the bearing of his wife Dorothy, daughter of Richard Neville, Lord 
Latimer. There is also to be seen a surcoat painted with the arms of Newton of 
Snaith, Darell of Sessay, and Percy of Kildale, quarterly, with a crest of wood, gloves, 
and spurs suspended to the wall. The arms of Dawney, cut in stone, appear above 

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pro decimis oblitis yj s. viii d. Fratribus Minoribus de Doncastre 
pro uno trentali missarum pro anima mea vj s. viiid. Lego ad 
empcionera omamentorum altaris S. Thomae Cantuariensis in 
Snayth pro animabus filionim meonmi lij s. iiij d. Lego Johanni 
Daunay* filio meo j. blod tysshewe de serico cum argento harne- 
siatum et deauratum habendum sibi et heredibus suis successive 
imperpetuum. Katerinaet filiae meae ad ejus maritagium xlL, 
quarum xxxv L restant in manibus Alexandri Lounde armigeri, 
et V 1. in manibus predicti Johannis Daunay filii mei. Et lego 
eidem Katerinae unam peciam argenteam coopertam cum uno 
pakcio in superficie depicto cum j. singula pecia argentea et 
j. latum cors de serico roset cum argento hamesiata et deaurata 
et anameled, j. cor aureum pendens super j. par precum de corall 
anameled, ij. annulos aureos cum duobus lapidibus preciosis in 
eisdem infixis, quorum unus lapis nominatur a saferstone, et alter 
nominatur a perile, cum j. par tyres de perle ac j. par de trussing 
coffers, magnam arcam meam rubeam, et j. cistam vocatam a 
pruce kyste cum omnibus reliquiis meis, j. folium aureum vocatum 
a mappill leffe, et unum cathenam auream cum j. monile aureo 
ornato cum perle cumj. Primario, j. monile aureum cum foliis 
anameled, j. pruce coffre, j. lectum pendentem coloris rubei et vi- 
ridis et ij. lectos plumales, ij. bolsters et j. matriciam, iij. paria 
linthiaminum latitudinis ij. webbes et dim., cum ij. paribus lin- 
tbiaminum, ij. paria lodicum, iiij. pillous, j. tabulam mensalem 
densam, j. par tristillis, ac j. ollam eneam meam secundariam 
vocatam a geteljmgpotte, patellam meam secundariam, j. ollam 
enneam magnam, j. posnett continentem lagenam cum j. starte, 
ac unam aliam ollam vocatam a posnett cont. j. quarte, cumj. starte, 
de ferro, ij. patellas minores, quarum una continet ij. lagenas 
et altera unam, cum una patella habente ene starte, ij.verua ferrea 
cum j. parvo veru pro anguillis assandis, j. craticula ferrea, j. par 
tanges de ferro, ij. crassetes et j. rekand de ferro, dim. dos. de 

each of the pillars in the nave. On the tower is a shield chained with three swans. 
The church contains many other interesting monuments, including a very fine one by 
Chantrey, to the memory of John-Christopher Viscount Downe. There are also 
several early slabs, from which the brasses have been torn away. On the north side of 
the church, opposite to the chapel of the Dawneys, is another chapel, which is appro^ 
priated to the illustrious family of Stapleton of Carlton. There^ among the ashes of 
his ancestors, rest the remains of Thomas Stapleton, F.S.A. a gentle scion of a 
noble house, and an antiquary of whom Yorkshire may well be proud. 

* Sir John Dawney married Agnes daughter of Guy Rocliffe of Rodiffe, by whom 
he had Sir Guy Dawney of Cowick, the husband of the heiress of the Darells of Seaaay. 
Sir John died on the 20th of October, 1493, and was buried in the Dawney Chapel, 
in the south aisle of Snaith Church, where a fine altar-tomb, which still remains, was 
erected to his memory. This tomb is adorned with shields of arms, among which 
that of Dawney impaling RoclifTe is still conspicuous in its original colours. 

t Catherine Dawney, one of the daughters of the testatrix, became the wife of 
Thomas Aunger, Esq. Her sister Joan married William Dallison. 

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games vessell de peltro. Et lego Johanni Daunay filio meo 
j. lavacrum pendens cum le synkstone. Et predictae Katerinae 
xij. cocliaria argentea, j. pel vim de auricalco cum lavatorio et 
ij pelves de peudour, j. coopertorlum album cum aquilis depictis, 
ac j. aliud coopertorium cum rubeis ceris depictis. Et lego Ag- 
neti Percy unam arcam, j. lectum viz. j. coopertorium, unum par 
lodicum, j. par linthiaminum, j. pillowe, j. matriciam, j. parvum 
posnet cum le starte. Item lego Johanni Daunay filio meo 
j. Portiforium, unum vestimentum cum toto apparatu eidem per- 
tinente, j. calicem cum omnibus ornamentis uni altari pertinen- 
tibus. Executores facio Johannem Daunay filium meum et 
Henricum Grascoigne armigeros — Et lego Alexandro Loimde 
j. linguam serpentmam, et eidem Henrico Gascoigne j. superaltare. 
Item lego prefatee Katerinae unum brase morter cum j. pestell 
ferrio, j. cistam vocatam sprusse coffer, ij. patellas meas enneas 
optimas. [Prob. 9 Dec, 1445.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. I Thomas Ardern* of Marton, Squyer, 
beyng in my right and helefuU mynde, ordeyns and disposis this 
my last will in fourme sewyng. First, I gyfe and dispose my 
saule to our Lorde Jhesu, to oure Lady Saynt Mary, to Sa3nit 
John of Bridlyngton and to all y® Sayntis in heven ; and my body 
to be beryid in y^ parish kirke of Bridlyngton. Also I gyfe my 
hors and harnes for my mortuary. Also I gyfe for my forgetyn 
tendis and offerandis to y^ hye awter of my parishe kirke ij s. 
Also I commyt the disposicion of myne exequies and of all myne 
othir gudis moveable and unmovable to my wife Margaret, to 
Robert Thorpp of Scardeburgh and to Robert Warde of Besinby, 
gentilmen, whome I make myne executoures, requiryng thame 
on Groddis behalve that thai, als fer as any parte of my gudis 
may strech, myne exequies done and avyce afore writen, those 
gudis distribute and devyde to y« helping of my son Nicholas and 

* Thomas Arden of Marton, near Bridlington, Esq., married Margaret daughter of 
Nicholas Gascoigne of Lasingcroft, by whom he had several children. His widow made 
her will on June 16, 1458, in which she desired to be buried at Bridlington, near her 
husband. To Anthony, her dearly beloved son, she left a gold ring with a diamond. 
To Nicholas, her son, all the arrears of her rents. To her daughter Elizabeth she 
bequeathed 40 marks and two gilt zones, one white and the other red. To her 
daughter Cecily 20^. and two gilt zones, one blood colour and the other black, and 
she desires that her said daughter may be advised and governed by Lady Anne 
Constable or Lady Isabel Greystock. To her daughter Margaret 20 marks. To her 
daughter Joan, a nun (monacse), 40«. She leaves the residue of her property to her 
(laughter Elizabeth, and she appoints as one of her executors Robert Constable of 
Flamburgh. [Pr. 8 JvXy, 1458.] 


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of Elizabeth, Margaret, and Cecill my doghters. Also I gife to 
ich on of myne executours for thare labour xx s. , thame requiryng, 
that yf my eldest sone thame distourbe in y« perfourmyng of this 
my will, that thai thane aske help of my fadir y« Priour of Brid- 
lyngton and Robert Constable of Flaynburgh, beschyng thame 
on Goddis behalve and in the way of chantee to helpe to the 
perfourmyng thar of, and to be gude and tendre mastres to my 
wife, my childir, and to myne executours, whome I require as 
thai will ansswere to Grod at the day of dome to execute this my 
last will — made y^ xiiij. day of Decembre y® yere of our Lord 
M.cccc.liij. [ProJ. 16 Jan. 1455.] 


In nomine Sanctissimae et IndividujE Trinitatis, et Patris et 
Filii et Spiritus Sancti, gloriosissimae Dei Grenetricis semper 
Virginis Marias, ac Beatissimorum Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, 
Michaelis Archangeli ac Sanctorum Fabiani et Sebastiani et 
tocius celestis curiae, Amen. Lacrimosae semper mutabilis humanae 
vitae condicio in hac valle miseriae statum firmum et permanentera 
non agnoscit, sed in perpetuo motu consistens occulto quodam 
et considerato cursu dierum ad finem naturaliter preordinatum 
continue labitur, non reverUens ; et qui visibilem pretendunt 
essenciam invisibiliter tendunt ad non esse, testante propheta, 
** quia homo vanitati JiUus foetus, utjlos egrediens, dto conteritur, 
et velud umbra pertransiunt dies ejus^ Premissa perpendens, 
Ego Kadulphus dominus Cromwell,* miles, et ad recentem 

* Ralph, last Lord Cromwell of Tateshall, in Lincolnshire, an illustrious statesman 
and a distinguished man. He was sixteen years of age at his grandmother^s death, in 
the 7th of Henry V. He was then found to be her heir, his father Ralph Cromwell 
having died previously. In 1434 Lord Cromwell was appointed to the responsible 
post of Lord High Treasurer of England : this office he held for ten years. In 1437 
he became Master of the King^s Mews and Falcons, and, in the same year, he was 
retained by the king to serve for the relief of the siege of Calais. 8o great and so 
numerous were his services to the State that, in addition to the annuity of 40/. which 
had previously been granted to him out of the Manor of Washingbro* in Lincoln- 
shire, the king, in 1446, made a grant to him and his heirs of the office of Constable 
of Nottingham Castle and Steward, as well as of the Wardenship of the Forest of 
Sherwood with the parks of Beskwood and Clipston, to be held by fealty alone. After 
a long life spent in the highest honours of the State and in the possession of a princely 
fortune, of which he made a princely use, Lord Cromwell died on the 4th of 
January, 1454-5, and was buried, according to his wish, in the collegiate church of 
Tateshall, which he had himself erected. The brasses which were placed above 
him and his lady are still preserved, but the noble temple which he raised has been 
miserably desecrated. Lord Cromwell married Elizabeth daughter of John Lord 
Deincourt by the heiress of the Greys of Rotherfield, and co-heir of her brother William 
Lord Deincourt. She died before her lord on the 15th of September, 1454, and was 
buried in the church of Tateshall. As there was no issue from this match, the estates 
and representation of the family of Cromwell passed away to the three co-heirs of Sir 

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memoriam yeducens et Intra se mentis egrltudo assistens, de 
bonis Divina clementisslma bonitate inichi collatis ad Ipsius 
laudem et dispensacionis meae meritoriam racionem reddendum 
disponere et ordinare, ac mese mortis indubiae horam incertam 
testamentaria faccione pre venire decrevi, et de eis ordino et 
dispone in eum qui sequitur modum. Inprimis, si quidem in 
puritate et sinceritate fidei Catholicae existens, Omnipotenti Deo 
et Domino nostro Jhesu Christo, per quem accessum nabemus ad 
Deum, animam meam quam suo precioso cruore redemit lego, et 
eciam sibi humiliori et intenciori devocione qua possum omni- 
modis desideriis commendo ; et corpus meum sepeliendum in 
medio chori ecclesiae CoUegiatae de Tatteshall,* quousque dicta 
ecclesia CoUegiata de Tatteshall de novo sit edificata et con- 
stnicta ; et tunc, postea meum corpus sit remotum et in medio 
chori ecclesiae, de novo construendae sit, sepeliendum ; ita quod 
impedimentum in aliquo non fiat eundo et redeundo mmis- 
trantibus circa divina oflSicia in. choro predicto. Item volo et 
ordino primo et principaliter persoluta absque dilacione quibus- 
cumque omnia debita mea cognita et probabilia, et ulterius cum 
debitis meis volo et ordino omnimodam restitucionem et reforma- 
cionem fieri ex omnibus injuriis seu gravaminibus quibuscumque 
scientur per ine aut meos nomine meo sive proficuo meo in aliquo 
perpetratis. Proviso tamen, quod non propter inoportunitatem 
alicujus gravidam seu avidius insequentis acclamantis nuUi fiat 
restitucio nisi ubi per venerabiles et credibiles personas injuriaB 
seu gravamina, ut predicitur, clare et veraciter probari possunt. 
Item lego custodi sive gardiano CoUegii de Tatteshall predicti 
pro decimis meis obHtis quadraginta libras ad usum Collegii 
predicti distribuendas- Item lego cuilibet domui Fratrum quatuor 
ordinum infra villas de Lincoln et Boston decem marcas monetae 
Angliae. Summo altari ecclesiae Cathedralis Beatae Mariae Lin- 
coln, duas pelves argenteas et deauratas ibidem semper serviend'. 

Richard Stanhope of Rampton, the hushand of Maud, the only sister of the testator. 
Some account of them is appended to the will of Joan Lady <Dromwell, No. xxxii. 

* The church of Tateshall found a constant and zealous patron in Lord Cromwell, 
and it was raised by his piety and munificence to a state of splendour and magnificence 
which has deserved a better fate. In 1440 he obtained a licence from the king to 
make it collegiate. It was to contain seven prints, six secular clerks, and six cho- 
risters ; and at the same time he obtained permission to found an hospital near the 
churchyard for thirteen poor people. This church was rebuilt at the testator's 
expense, and must have been a magnificent structure. The tombs of the Cromwells, 
which still remain, are very fine, and the windows blazed with the armorial insignia 
of that illustrious family and its connections. A sad tale of plunder must now be 
told : the greater part of this beautiful glass was removed from the windows by a 
Lord Fortescue, the lord of the manor, and was sent to St. Martin's Church, in 
Stamford Baron, as a present to the Earl of Exeter, who generously undertook to 
supply its place with plain giants ! In the Topographer, vol. I. p. 826, there is an 
interesting description of the church and castle of Tateshall. 

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Abbathiae de Loco Christi quadraginta libras monetae Angliae pro 
edificacione Abbathiae predictae. Predictae Abbathiae de Loco 
Christi unum vestimentum panni aurei rubei coloris cum tribus 
capis, opera ejusdem cum cervis albis. Ecclesiae Prioratus de 
Markeby unum vestimentum panni aurei rubei colons cum tribus 
capis et opera ejusdem sunt cum volucribus parvis. Abbathiae 
de Welbek unum vestimentum viride et blodii coloris, opera sunt 
cum parvis volucribus. Prioratui de Novo Loco in Shirewode 
unum vestimentum de vellewet nigri et viridis coloris cum una 
capa, opera ejusdem sunt cum ramis. Prioratui de Kirkeby 
ViUers m Comitatu Leicestrensi unum vestimentum de vellwet 
figulae blodii et viridis coloris cum una capa et cum rubeis oflBris. 
Prioratui de Beauvale ordinis Cartusiensis in Comitatu Notyng- 
hamiae unum vestimentum albi coloris precii quadraginta librarum 
monetae Angliae. Item vole quod die sepulturae meae celebrentur 
pro anima mea in ecelesia Monasterii de Loco Christi predicti 
tres missae cum nota, et fiat cum nota in ecelesia CoUegiata de 
Tatteshall, una videlicet de Trinitate, alia de Sancta Maria, et 
tercia de Requiem ; et eodem die sepulturae meae disponatur per 
executores meos pro solempnitate circa corpus meum secundimi 
eorum discreciones et ordinaciones, prout eis melius videbitur 
ordinare ; ita quod non sit nimia vanitas in gubemacione 
ejusdem. Item volo cum omni festinacione immediate post 
mortem meam celebrentur pro anima mea tria millia missarum 
in Comitatibus Lincoln, Notinghame et Derby, quarum volo 
quod mille sint de Trinitate, miUe de Sancta Maria, et mille de 
Requiem. Hujusmodi autem testament! mei facio et constituo 
executores meos reverendum in Christo patrem Willelmum 
Episcopum Wintoniensem. Johannem Fortescu militem, Capitalem 
Justiciarium de Banco Regis, Johannem Portyngton imum Jus- 
ticiariorum de Communi jBanco, Thomam Tirell militem, Ro- 
bertum Beaumont clericum, Willelmum Guile clericum, Johan- 
nem Tailboys seniorem armigerum, Willelmum Venor, Johannem 
Saucheverell armigerum, Willelmum Stanlow et Johannem 
Leynton. Item facio et ordino reverendissimiun in Christo 
patrem Johannem Archiepiscopum Eboracensem et Cardinalem, 
supervisorem hujusmodi testamenti mei. — Volo eciam quod statim 
post mortem meam infra tres menses, si possibile sit, omnia 
bona mea et catalla tam infra regnum Angliae quam alibi in uno 
loco tuto et secure ponantur et custodiantur. — Et volo quod pre- 
dictus Episcopus Winton. habeat unum ciphum auri precii qua- 
draginta marcarum ; Johannes Fortescu miles, Johannes Portyng- 
ton justiciarius, Thomas Tirell miles, RobertuS Beaumont clericus, 
Johannes Tailbois senior et Willelmus Venour habeant, quilibet, 
unum ciphum argenti et deaurati precii viginti librarum monetae 

Digitized by 



Angliae; Johannes Saucheverell armiger, Willelnms Stanlow et 
Johannes Leynton habeant, quilibet, unum ciphum argenti precii 
decern librarum. Item volo quod predictus Cardinalis habeat 
pro supervisione testament! mei predict! unum ciphum auri precii 
quadraginta marcarum. Item lego omnia alia ornamenta capella^ 
meae superius non legata predicto Collegio de Tatteshall, excepta 
talia {m) ornamenta qua3 in quodam codicello voluntatis meae 
ultiraae sigillo meo sigiUato sunt ibidem ordinata et disposita. 
Besiduum — in dicto codicello non distributura, illud expend! volo 
in reparacionibus pontium et viarum in Comitatibus Lincoln, 
Notingham et Derbiae magis usitatorum et ruinosorum ac rele- 
vamine magis indigencium, liberacione sive redempcione merca- 
tomm in dictis Comitatibus, — necnon in relevamen pauperum 
tenenciura meorum. Datum apud Coly weston * 18 Dec. 1451. 

Codidllus. — In Festo Sancti Michaelis Archangel! 1454. — 
Volo et ordino quod ecclesia Collegiata de Tatteshall et omnes 
mansiones et domus ejusdem Collegi! necessarian, cum clausuris 
ejusdem necessariis et convenientibus, de novo sint edificatae et 
sufficienter ac decenter constructae de* bonis meis. — Et volo et 
ordino quod ecclesia parochialis de Lamleyf cum cancello ejusdem 

* A favoiirite residence of the testator. Lord Cromwell, who was a great builder, 
began to erect a stately mansion at Coly-Weston, which was afterwards completed by 
Mai^ret Countess of Richmond, the mother of Henry VII. It, as well as all the 
buildings which he erected, was adorned with " divers baggs or purses cutt on the 
stone- work of the chapel and other places/* This was an allusion to his office of 
Lord High Treasurer. I subjoin a letter which was written from this place by Lord 
Cromwell to the Prior of Durham respecting an exchange of some ecclesiastical pre- 
ferment : — 

" Right worshipfull Sir and myn entierly betrusted frend, I recomaunde me to you. 
And in asmuch as Lambton and also Rodes have labored unto you as for yeschaunge 
of y« patronage of y« church of Kyrkeby upon Bayne in Lincolnshyre, though y« which 
messagez and wryttyngis at diverse tymez yf well conceyved, yS if so were, y myght 
accorde yerof w' your brother Pryor of Seynt Leonardis in Staunford ye were well 
assented and agreed yerto, accordynge to y« which messagez y have comoned w* your 
said broyere, y« Pryour of Seynt Leonards ; and foyermore have shewed onto hym 
certayn lande to y« valewe of vj marc yerely, liggynge nere his lyflode in Leycestr' 
shyre which y* he shall have of me in eschaunge of y* patronage of y® said church 
w^ ye xl s. of pencion, in so moch yat he and y bey upon y* poynt of a full agrement 
w* yat, yat he may have y« good will and assente of you and of your house; wherfore 
y pray you, if so be y' ye kan yink y"^ self agreable herto, y* ye will, in all y® goodly 
haste ye kan, sende yo' wryttyng agayn of yo"* entent, and what ye wold yink y 
shulde do yerin, or ellez let hit be lefte of. And if ye will accorde and gree herto, 
y shall do my part to make hit sewre unto y« house as ferforth as lawe woll. And 
any ying y* y kan do for you in good faith ye shall fynde me redy to performe your 
entente to my power. Yat knoweth God, who for his gret mercy have you ever in his 
blissed govemaunce. Wreten at Coly Weston, ye xvij. day of Novembr. 

** Rauf Lord Cromwell. 

"7»i <i<ww.— To y« right worshipfull Sir and my right trusty frend the Pryour of 
Dorham." [Loc. 25 n. 136.] 

t Lamley, in Nottinghamshire, had been in the possession of the Cromwells for many 
generations. The mother of the testator, who died in 1434, was interred in that 
cbui«h. The estate after Lord Cromwell's decease passed away to the family of 

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de novo sit edificata et constnicta de bonis meis ; et quod unus 
lapis marmorius cum duabus ymaginibus de auricalco ordinetur 
et super sepulcrum patris ac matris meorum ibidem decenter 
ponatur. Item volo quod tumba mea sit facta de petra marmorea, 
cum ymagine mea et ymagine Margaretse nuper uxoris meae 
desuper impressat' de auricalco decenter ornat* in cancello dictae 
ecclesiae CoUegiatse de TatteshaU, videlicet, in boriali parte 
ejusdem cancelli juxta summum altare ibidem, sicut inde in vita 
mea appunctavi, et quod tumba ilia fiat et construatur equaliter 
cum pavimento ibidem. [Pr. 21 Feb. 1455-6.] 


Feb. xxij. Ego Johannes Garton* de Kyngeston 
super Hull — sep. in capella S. Trin. sub lapide marmoreo juxta 
Margaretam uxorem meam. — Lego xij d. ad quodlibet luminum 
candelarum coram imaginibus ejusdem capellae — Lego reparacioni 
pavimenti inter Hull et Anlaby x 1. — inter Hull et Beverlacum 
X 1. — inter Dripole et Bilton v 1. — Lego ad maritagium pauperum 
puellarum xxl. Lego fabricaa ecclesiae de Brystweke in Hol- 
dernes v 1. et j. plaustratum plumbi. Lego novae construction! 
campanilis ejusdem ecclesiae xv 1. solvendas per executores meos 
cum opus hujusmodi inchoatura fuerit cum effectu. Lego ec- 
clesiae de Wellweke in Holdernes v 1. ad emend um capam, ita 
quod vicarius ejusdem ecclesiae faciat suos parochianos in omnibus 
Dominicis specialiter orare pro me et uxore mea, Reparacioni viae 
inter Hedon et Brystwekegarth xL — ^inter Hedon et Thorne- 
gombold vl. Fabricae capellae de Thomegombold vl. \^Prob. 
17 Mar. 1455-6.] 


August 21, 1455. Ego Hugo Hercy de Grove,t senior, ar- 
miger — sep. in ecclesia Sanctae Elenae de Grove. Rectori ejusdem 

* The testator was probably connected with the Grartons of Garton in Holderness. 
On the 6th of August, 1468, Thomas Garton of Garton, Esq. makes his will, in 
which he desires to be buried in the church of St. Michael the Archangel, at Garton. 
He mentions his brother, William Garton. Agnes, sister and co-heir of William 
Garton, married into the family of Gower, who thus became possessed of the manor. 

+ The &mily of Hercy of Grove was equalled in antiquity and distinction by few of 
the great Nottinghamshire houses. The testator married Elizabeth, one of the 
daughters and co-heirs of Simon Leeke, of Gotham, Esq. by whom he had issue. The 
will of Sir Thomas Hercy, the father of the testator, has been printed in the first 
volume of the York Wills. His widow Catherine is said by Thoroton to have re- 
married Sir John Constable of Flambrough. He calls her a daughter of Sir Thomas 

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ecclesiae meum optimum equum cum araya sua conveniente gra- 
dui meo, nomine principalis mei. Item lego sex libras cerae 
ardendas ad exequias meas in die sepulturae meae. Summo altari 
ejusdem pro decimis oblitis vj s. viij d. Et fabricae dictae ecclesiae 
iij s. iiij a. Hugoni * filio meo — unum lectum integrum, unum 
salarium optimum de argento pro sale imponendo, unum craterem 
coopertum de argento et deaurat' et unum alium craterem coo- 
pertum de argento, duodecim cocliaria argenti, imam mappam 
cum manutergiis de clothe of warke, unum calicem, unum Mis- 
sale, unum Portuse de usu Eboracensi cum uno corporax et araya 
altaris in capella infra manerium de Grove situata, duas oUas 
aeneas in coquina, videlicet, ffrete gybbe et aliam meliorem — 
Elizabethae Crecy filiae Hugonis Crecy armigeri duodecim oves 
matrices — Eesiduum Elizabethae uxori meae, quam cum Ricardo 
Willuby armigero, Roberto Badeley rectore de Gamilton et 
Willelmo Spencer facio executores meos. Datmn apud Grove. 
[Prob. 9 April, 1456-7.] 


23 March, 1455-6. Margaretae Kirketonf de Ebor. vidua — 
sep. in choro Beatae Mariae Virginis infra ecclesiam meam paro- 
chialem Sanctae Crucis Ebor., juxta corpus Ricardi Knyght$ 
quondam viri mei- — Nicholao Danby chandiller illas duas hersias 
cum le karoU ad artificium de chandiller craft pertinent' in ma- 
nibus ejusdem Nicholai, Aliciae Barton famulae Johannis Catrik 
civis et mercatoris Ebor., filii mei, unam togam de violet penu- 
latam cum popill, unum lectum de sago browdered. Willelmo 
Blysse capellano unam murram cum uno browne shell. Margaretae 
Paulyn famulae meae quinque oUas aeneas, exceptis uno parvo 

Comberford. Her real name, however, was Cumberworth, and her second husband 
was Sir Marmaduke, not Sir John, Constable. Sir Marmaduke died in 1404. 
According to the Visitation of 1584, Catherine Cumberworth became the wife of Sir 
Thomas Hercy, after the death of Sir Marmaduke Constable. 

* Hugh Hercy, Esq., the testator's heir, married Margery daughter of Mr. Justice 
Bingham. He left children by her, but the main line of his family ended in co-heirs 
in his great grandchildren, in the reign of Elizabeth. 

t Widow of Richard Kirkton of York, merchant. Her husband, by his will, dated 
June 6, 1445, left to John Cateryk, citizen and merchant of York, ** unum plocke, 
videlicet, baslardum, et unum nodder de scarleto." To Margaret his wife, the 
testatrix, he bequeathed his lands and tenements in Hull, "cum uno wedrecote 
ibidem.^' Richard Knight was the first husband of the testatrix. 

t Richard Knight, citizen and chandler of York, made his will Sept. 10, 1435. By 
it he bequeathed to his daughter Agnes a zone with a chain of silver, a zone with 
letters, a pair of beads of silver with a crucifix and ring of silver, a pair of beads of 
chrystal, a pair of beads of amber with a crucifix gilt, two pair of bea<^of jet with 
gaudes of silver, and another pair of beads of coral with silver gaudes. He mentions 
his daughter Joan, wife of John Catterick, and Wm. Couper pynner. 

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posnet, una patella stante cum sera et resuia cum auribus plica- 
bilibus dictis Mden eeres— Eesiduum Johanni Catrik et Johannae 
uxori suae filiaB meae. [JProb. 25 May^ 1456.] 


In Dei nomine — Ult. Mail M.cccclyj. Ego Johannes 
Teryngton rector eccles. de Bameston — sepeL m eccles. de 
Bameston. Legosummo altari ejusdem ecclesiae j. liniam albam 
cum amita et parowres illi oonsutis. Lego ad emendum j. ches- 
able cum stola et fanone xiij s. iiij d. Lego ad fabricam S. Petri 
Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Eubiae archae Sancti Johannis Beverlaci 
iij & iiij d. Agneti sorori meae iij s. iiij d., togam meam cum 
cuniculis penulatam. Thomae Monceaux vj s. viij d. \Prob. 
24 June, 1456.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo die mensis Julii, Anno Do- 
mini Ego Johannes Clyff capellanus cantariae ad 
altare B. Mariae in ecclesia Omnium Sanctorum in Northstrett 
Ebor. — ^in ecclesia Omn. Sanct. predicta juxta sepulcrum matris 
meae sepeliendum. Lego domino Nicholao Cljrff capellano fratri 
meo liberum usum Missalis et Portiphorii meorum ad terminum 
vitae suae. Et post ejus mortem volo quod vendantur, et quod 
pecunia pro anima mea disponatur et ministretur. Item lego 
eidem domino Nicholao fratri meo usura vestimenti mei de albo 
fustian cum rubeis orfrayes ad termimun vitae suae, et post ejus 
decessum volo quod remaneat et liberetur altari cantariae meae 
predictae. Lego ad usum altaris cantariae meae unum vestimentum 
rubeum de panno auri, cum condicione, quod successor mens 
scribat aut scribere faciat nomen meum in Missali ibidem cito 
post mortem meam et oret devote pro anima mea. Lego ad 
usum altaris S. Jacobi in eadem ecclesia unum vestimentum 
glaucum cum nigris orfrayes pulverizatis cum auro, et unum 
aliud vestimentum cum rubeis orfrayes pulverizatis les garters, ac 
totum apparatum sive ornamentum altaris de motlay, ut capellani 
celebrantes ad idem altare continue orent pro anima mea. — Lego 
Johanni Burton barbar zonam meam de serico argento ornatam, 
ita quod sol vat executoribus meis xx s. Volo quod omnia jocalia 
mea et libri mei non legati vendantur cuicunque vel quibuscunque 
ilia carius vendi poterint, et quod pecunia pro anima mea et ani- 
mabus etc. fideliter disponatur. [Proh, 9 Jul, 1456.] 

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In Dei nomine, Amen. xiij. die mensis Augusti, Anno Dom. 
M.cccc.lvj. Ego Thomas Fulthorp,* miles, unus Justiciariorum 
domini Eegis de Communi Banco — corpus sepeliendura in ce- 
des. Cath. B. Petri Ebor. Lego rectori eccles. par. S. Cuth- 
berti in Peseholme in Civ. Ebor. optimam meam togam cum 
capicio, nomine et pro mortuario meo, prout moris est in Civitate 
predicta. Priori et Conventui Fratrum Carm. in Civ. Ebor. xx s. 
Cuilibet ordini Fratrum Mend, in Civ. pred. vj s. viij d. Priori 
et Conv. Fr. Mend, de AUerton xiij s. iiij d. Priori et Conventui 
de Yarom xx s. Priori et Conv. de Hertilpole xx s. Cuilibet 
ordini Fratr. Mend, in Novo Castro super Tynam vj s. viij d. 
Nicholao Sayer servienti meo xxs. Kicardo Thorneff xxs. 
Willelmo Artas xxs. Johanni Smyth xxs. Henrico Coke 
iij s. iiij d. Johannae Aggleson vj s. viij d. Facio executores 
Willelmum Bulmer armigerum, Johannem Paghayne — debita 
mea cum recepta fuerint, deliberentur Margaretae Soureby ad 
ejus usum et Kogeri, Isabellae et Annas filii et filiarum ejusdem. 
IProb. 3 Man, 1457.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. 29 March, 1457. Ego Johannes 
Barnyngham,t thesaurarius ecclesiae Cathedralis Eboracensis, com- 

* Son of Sir William Fulthorp of Tunstall, in the Bishopric of Durham, by 
Isabella, daughter of Balph Lord Lumley. On the 8th of November, 1439, he was 
appointed one of the Justices of the Court of Common Pleas. This office he held till 
his death. 

•f* The aged treasurer of York, a man of no ordinary ability and energy of character. 
On the 25th of October, 1426, soon after the accession of his patron Archbishop 
Eempe to the see of York, John Bemingham was appointed to the prebendal stall of 
Wetwang. He succeeded Robert Wolveden in the office of treasurer on the 17th of 
September, 1432. On the 26th of March, 1435, he was chosen a canon of Beverley 
in the place of John Wodham, and on the 8th of February, 1449-50, he became rector 
of the rich living of Bolton Percy. The last office to which he was preferred was the 
Provostship of the College of St. John of Beverley, which was vacated by the death of 
Robert Rolleston, whose will has previously occurred. He received his appointment 
on the 14th of January, 1450-1. In addition to these offices Bemingham held many 
other benefices. Bemingham was now growing old, and the remainder of his days 
seems to have been spent in comparative retirement. His will, which is drawn up 
with the greatest care, is evidently the result of many an hour of thought and deli- 
beration, and it is a fitting termination to the career of its pious and energetic writer. 
He died shortly after the making of his will, and was buried, as he desired, among his 
brother treasurers in the Minster at York. His executors were not released from their 
duty till the 22nd of August, 1469. The testator left a legacy of 60/. to the fabric of 
the cathedral, and the south-west tower, in which the bells are hung, probably owes 
its erection in a considerable degree to his munificent bequest. His name is inscribed 

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pos mentis et sanus corpore, oemens occulata fide varies eventus 
qui indies accidunt humanae miseriae, advertensque senectutem 
meam grandem ac alia multa signa mortis vitae mese imminencia, 
et nolens decedere intestatus, set volens de bonis miclii a Deo 
coUatis ad exoneracionem consciencise pro salute animae meae 
disponere, facio, ordino et condo testamentum meum, ultimam 
meam voluntatem continens, in hunc modum. Inprimis do, 
lego et commendo animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Creatori 
meo, ejusque ineffabili et infinitae misericordiae, Beatissimae Marias 
Virgini, ac gloriosissimis Apostolis, Petro, Paulo et Andreas, Pa- 
tronis meis, et Omnibus Sanctis ; cadaverque meum infirmum 
sepeliendum juxta tumbam Sancti Willelmi in ecclesia Cathedrali 
Ebor. predicta, videlicet ex parte australi predictae tumbae prope 
predecessores meos thesaurarios ipsius ecclesiae ibidem sepultos. 
Item volo quod expensae meae mnerales non fiant secundum 
inanem et secularem pompam mundi, set secundum piam, mode- 
ratam et honestam executorum meorum discrecionem ; videlicet, 
in celebracione missarum, refeccione pauperum, et elemosinarum 
largicione. Item volo quod mille missae de Requiem cum Pla- 
cebo, Dirige et Commendacione, cicius quo fieri poterit post 
mortem meam, celebrentur pro salute animae meae, et animarum 
Johannis et Agnetis parentum meorum, ac eciam pro anima Jo- 
hannis nuper Cardinalis Eboracensis Archiepiscopi, necnon bene- 
factormn meorum et omnium fidelium defunctorum : et quod 
quilibet presbiter secularis vel regularis, ut predicitur, dicens 
Placebo, Dirige cum Commendacione et missa habeat iiij d. 
Summa xvj li. xiij s. iiij d. Item lego 1 li. ad usum ecclesiae 
Eboracensis reponendas in thesaurario, levandas et solvendas de 
porcionibus et communibus meis debitis et debendis miclii pro 
anno proxime post mortem meam. Item lego cuilibet canonico 
in ecclesia Eboracensi interessenti in exequiis meis et missa de 
Eequiem in die obitus mei vj s. viij d. Item cuilibet personae et 
vicario dictae ecclesiae consimiliter ut supra interessenti iij s. iiij d. 
Item cuilibet diacono et subdiacono dictae ecclesiae dicenti Placebo 
et Dirige et interessenti ut supra xx d. Item cuilibet thuribulario 
et cborist^ interessenti ut supra xij d. Item utrique clerico de 
vestibulo iij s. iiij d. Item cuilibet sacristae ij s. Item lego ad 
usum ecclesiae Cathedralis Londinensis unam capam de panno 
aureo per executores meos emendam, valoris xli. Item lego ad 
usum ecclesiae Beverlaci unam crucem argenteam deauratam 

in large characters upon the upper part of the tower. I may here be permitted to 
state tiiat a history of the officers of the church of York, which was commenced by a 
late dignitary of that cathedral, is now being completed, and need hardly say that it 
will contain much novel and interesting information, the fruit of a long and laborious 

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quam nuper emi ab executrice Domini de le Scrop.* Item volo 
quod unus honestus et bonsB conversacionis capellanus absque 
aliqua affeccione carnali, assumendus juxta conscienscias execu- 
toram meonim, celebret in ecclesia Ebor. per viginti annos prox- 
ime post mortem meam pro salute animse meae, ac Johannis et 
Agnetis parentum meorum, ac eciam Johannis quondam Cardinalis 
Eboracensis Arcbiepiscopi, necnon Tbomae fratris mei, capellani, 
defuncti, habeat annuatim pro salario suo octo marcas, et dicat 
cotidie pro animabus supradictis Placebo et Dirige cum ix. Lec- 
cionibus et Commendacione. Summa cvj li. xiij s. iiij d. Item 
lego ecclesisB parocbiali de Frekenham juxta Mildenale infra dio- 
cesim Norvicensem, ubi quondam fiii rector, Ixvj s. viij d. ; pro 
calice, libro vel aliquo alio omamento in dicta ecclesia pro ser- 
vicio Divino necesssario, et xxs. distribuendos inter antiquos 
pauperes parochianos ibidem. Item ad usum ecclesiae parochialis 
de Lymmesfeld juxta Croydon in diocesi Wintoniensi, ubi quon- 
dam fui rector, decem marcas, pro calice, libro vel aliquo alio 
ornamento in dicta ecclesia pro servicio Divino necessario. Item 
lego ad fabricam navis ecclesiae de Wolverhampton cs. Item 
lego xls. pro obitumeo celebrando in ecclesia preaicta de Wolver- 
hampton, Ixvj s. viij d. distribuendos ibidem inter pauperes et 
f)resertim inter pauperes tenentes meos ejusdem dommii. Item 
ego venerabili confratri meo Magistro Stephano Wilton, t Arch- 
diacono Clyveland, unam peciam altam deauratam chased legatara 
michi in testamento Magistri Johannis Selow, ponderantem xxj, 
uncias vel circiter. Item venerabili confratri meo Magistro Jo- 
hanni Marshall imam peciam altam coopertam et deauratam ad 
modum campanae fabricatam cum chapelett sculpto in cooperculo 
et alio chapelett sculpto in pede, ponderantem circiter xxj. uncias. 
Item Maffistro Willelmo Langton rectori ecclesiae parochialis 
Sancti Michaelis juxta pontem Use in Eboraco, unum librum 
vocatum Bamardum super Cantica, 3** fo. mul etc. Item domino 
Johanni Knapton, subthesaurario ecclesiae Eboracensis, unam 
crucempro altari, stantem, deauratam, ponderis xij. unc' iij. quar- 
trons. Item domino Willelmo Betson rectori ecclesiae parochialis 
de Patryngton unam calicem deauratam nuper emptam ab execu- 
toribus domini Johannis Appilton,J pond xiij. unc. Item Ma- 

* Elizabeth, widow and executrix of John Lord Scrope of Maaham, who was 
buried in York Minster in 1455. His widow appears to have parted with some of the 
family plate, some of which came into the possession of her father Sir Thomas 
Chaworth of Wiverton, co. Notts. He mentions it in his will, which will soon occur. 
Bemingham, the testator, was one of the executors appointed in Lord Scrope^s will. 

t A full account of Master Stephen Wilton has already been g^ven. Some notices 
also of John Marshall have occurred previously. 

X Sub-treasurer of York, canon in the Chapel of the Blessed Mary and of the 
Holy Angels in that city, and rector of Stokesley. He died in the cafJiedral close, 
and was buried, as he desired, in the Minster at the foot of the tomb of Sir William 
Garland, chaplain. He died in 1453-4. 

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gistro Thomse Minskep clerico, de Beverlaco, unam peciam altam 
argenti in parte deauratam chased cum aquila in summitate coo- 
perculi, pond* circiter xviij. nnc. Item domino Willelmo Cok 
rectori ecclesise parochialis de Brandesburton unam calicem de- 
auratam, sed cum divereis ymaginibus in pede et scriptura 
in patena, ^pt^ ItIM in MtO ^0tt pond' xiij. unc. di. ; et 
unum salarium argenti cum circumferenciis deauratis, pond' 
XV. unc, ac eciam xij. cocliaria argenti cum knoppe3 deauratis, 
pond' X. unc. di. Item domino Abello Lyvermer capellano 
unum cipbum argenti deauratum chased cum pomello in summi- 
tate cooperculi ad modum alborum (sic) filiorum fabricato, pond' 
circiter ij li. Item domino Willelmo Bulkyn rectori ecclesiae 
parochialis de Kirkby in Hundendale, unam peciam argenti in 
pede deauratam chased cum aquila in summitate cooperculi, pond' 
xvij. unc. di. vel circiter, ac Portiforium quod nuper emi ab ex- 
ecutoribus domini Johannis Warter, 2© fo. cenam domini. Item 
vicariis meis in ecclesia Eboracensi iiij li., videlicet, utrique eorum 
xls. Item domino Johanni Mathew xls. Johanni EUerkar 
remitto xl s. quos michi debet ex causa mutui per me sibi traditi 
xijo die Marcii, anno regni Henrici sexti etc. xvij** ; et eciam 
iiij li. per ipsum michi debitas de arreragiis suis, ut patet in com- 
poto thesaurarise. Edwardo Gower Ixvij s. viij d. Koberto Thwing 
iiij li. — Willelmo Belacis Ixvj s. viij d. Koberto Marshall ser- 
vitori meo apud Wilton xl s. — Vicariis ecclesiae Cathedralis Ebor. 
ad reparacionem tenementorum suorum xli. Item lego distri- 
buend' inter pauperes die obitus mei celebrandi in ecclesia Ebor. 
XX li. Item cuilibet ordinum Fratrum Mendicancium in Eboraco 
XX s. Item monialibus de Clementhorp xxs. Item lego vesti- 
mentum meum de panno aureo rubeo videlicet albam, amictam, 
stolam, manipulum, casulam et duos alterclothes ejusdem panni 
ad usum ecclesiae de Shirburn in Elmett. Item lego ecclesiae 
de Alne magnum Missale meum, 2** fo. Deo exercitum. Item 
ecclesiae de Acom vestimentum meum de viridi damask cum 
toto apparatu, duos alterclothe} ejusdem panni, et magnum 
Portiforium meum notatum, 2° fo. memento cell, ut servicium 
Divinum ibidem honestius fieri valeat. Item lego librariae Ebo- 
racensi unum librum cum Sermonibus Dominicalibus per totum 
annum editis per Jacobum de Voragine Archiepiscopum Jannen- 
sem, 2° fo. sicut pelles, et librum vocatum Compendium Morale, 
2° fo. in nobis verijlcetur. Item xxli, distribuendas juxta dis- 
crecionem executorum meorum inter pauperes infra thesaura- 
riam ecclesiae Eboracensis et presertim inter pauperes tenentes 
meos infra dictam thesaurariam commorantes. — xli. infra pau- 
peres tenentes meos infra preposituram Beverlacensem. Et lego 
c s. pro obitu meo in ecclesia CoUegiata Sancti Johannis Beverlaci 

Digitized by 



celebrando et xl s. inter pauperes in eadem villa die obitus mei. 
Item volo quod tenementa mea qiia3 nuper emi apud Shirbum et 
AIne vendantur, et precium eorundem disponatur pro salute 
animae meae. — Executores magistrum Stephanum Wilton, 
raagistrum Willelmum Langton, dominum Jonannem Knapton, 
dominum Willelmum Betson et dominum Willelmum Cok, et 
lego cuilibet eorum c s. [Prob, 28 May^ 1457.] 


In the name of Jhesus Crist, Amen. Be it knawne to al men 
yat seis or heris yis present writing, that on Michelmesday, the 
yere of King Henri the sext eftir the conquest xxxij, I Alex* 
Nevile,* knyght, in hole mynde and hele of bode, settis and 
ordandis my testamentt in y^ maner that folous : That is to say, 
I wite my saule to Jhesus Criste, besehing hym thorou the 
mediacion of oure Lade Saynt Mare and all the Sayntis in hevyn 
and the praiers and the sufferagis of all holi kirk, and the vertue 
of his passion he suiFerd for me un the crosse, to recey ve my saule 
to the blice he bough it to ; and my body to be berid in Saynt 
Mare kirke the Old att Saynt Nicholas auter before the stall quer 
I sitt at mese, and thane I witt a corse present to be takyn of my 
gudis, silke as the custom of the kirk of the cite of York requires, 
to be gifen to God and kirk ; and than I will my dettis be paid 
withoute delay of y® first penies that may be rerid of my hole 

fude. Also I will that the Coventt of the house of Newburght 
ave vj 1. xiij s. iiij d. to do a Dirige and a Mese the tyme and 
the day of myn enterment. Also I will that the Covent of Saynt 
Mare Abbay to do the same have xl s. Also I will the Covent 
of the Trinitis house at Yorke have for the same iij 1. Also the 
Covent of Saynt Andrews have xxs. for the same. Also the 
Covent of the house of Clementhorp have for the same xx s. 
Also the Covett of the house of Biland have for the same xx s. 
Also the Covent of the house of Fountans have for the same xx s. 
Also the Covent of Saynt Robertis of Knaresburgh for the same 
xxs. Also to the iiij. Coventis of the Freris at Yorke ilkone 

* Sir Alexander Neville of Thornton Bridge, son of Sir Ralph Neville of Cundal, in 
Richmondshire, and grandson of Ralph Lord Neville of Raby. This branch of the 
great family of Neville, about which there is but little known, did not fl^"sh long. 
It ended in the early part of the reign of Henry VIII. in three co-heirs. Ibe testator 
appears to have kept up some state in his household, but the ^^""^^^^ ^^^^^^ 
executors does not impress us with any high notion of his P^°^ *'®* -_t_- ^j ^a^{ 
the Lady Catherine Neville, whose maiden name has not yet been ^^^";'"®^'^^ 
not long surviveher husband. On the 31st of August, U59, Richard Percy, son of 
the E^l of Northumberland, administers to her effects. 

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XX 8. iiij d. Also to the Covent of the Freris of Allerton for the 
same to have xiij s. iiij d. Also to the Covent of the Freris of 
Eichmond for the same xiij s. iiij d. Also the Covent of the 
Freris of Hertilpole have for the same xiij s. iiij d. Also to 

Erestis and clerkis in the parich kirkis in York, that lij. parich 
irkis, ilkone for y® same, have iij s. iiij d., surama viij 1. xiij s. iiij d. 
Also I will the prestis and clerkis at Condale kirk have iij s. iiij d. 
for the same. Also the prestis and clerkis of Braferton kirk have 
iij 8. iiij d. for the same. Also the prestis and clerkis of Saynt 
Mary kirk the Olde have xiij s. iiij d. for the same. Also the 
prestis and clerkis at Kirkby on the More have iij s. iiij d. for the 
same. Also the prestis and clerkis of the Colleg of Ripon have 
XX s. for the same. Also prestis and clerkis of Aldburgh have 
iij s. iiij d. for the same. Also prestis and clerkis of Awnekirk 
have iij s. iiij d. for the same. Also I will that thare be gyfen to 
the kirke warke of Cundale xx s. Also to the kirk wark of Bra- 
ferton XX 8. Also to Saynt Peter wark at York xl s. Also to 
Sa3mt Antonye wark there xiij s. iiij d. Also I will that ilke a 
gentilman my servand have beside his hire xl s. and ilke a yoman 
xxvj s. viij d., and ilke a grome xx s. : this is my estimacion xij 1. 
Also I will that ilkone of myn executours that ministres have to 
his reward for his travell iij 1. vj s. viij d., sum x 1. Also I will 
that the day of myn enterment be giffyn to pure men, women and 
childir x 1., to ilkone j d. Also I will that Saynt Christofor gild 
have of my gude xl s., and Saynt Mary gild xiij s. iiij d. Also 
I will that thare be spendid at myn enterment in mete and drinke, 
wax torchis and odir thingis necessar xx 1. Also I will that all 
the residue of all my gude that remanys over my legate, as it is 
wrytyn abowne, I will and ordayne that it be spendid in hiring 
of prestis to syng in Saynt Mare kirk the Old, as far as it the said 
residue will perfourme. And to fulfill and execute this my testa- 
ment and will I ordane and constitut my executours Eicherd, 
parson of Saynt Mary kirk the Olde, John Dawtre the esquier, to 
fuUfiU, ministre and execute my said will, whome I pray and 
requires on Godis behalfe to take on thaime the occupacion trewly 
to fulfill my said will and ilk a parcell thare of as it is abowne 
writyn at your pure, (sic) and that at reverence of God in the 
vertue of charite. In the witnes that this is my will and my 
testament I have sete my seele. Writyn the day and yere abowne 
said with my aune hand writyn. [^Probatum fuit presens testa- 
mentum xxv, die mensis Junii a.d. M.cccc.foiy. Et postea, xxiiij, 
die Septembris Anno Dom. supradictOj executores prenominati com- 
parentes et considerantes dictum defunctum ere alieno multipliciter 
gravatum ac varia facta et acta per eum in vita sua multiformiter 
intricataj non audentes se immiscere administracioni bonorum 

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suo7nim, onics dicti testamenti admittere recusarunt Et incontinenti 
eodem die commissafuit administracio omnium bonorum ipsius, ut 
ah intestato defuncti^ racio7ie recusacionis executorum predictorum, 
WUlelmo Nevile* armigero Jllio et heredi ipsius defunci% magistro 
Willelmo JEure clerico, et Henrico JEure armigero, administratoribus 
in bonis ejusdem auctoritat'e ordinarii deputatis^juratis, etc."] 


Jul. xij. M.cccc.lvij. Ego Robertus Wardall burgensis villae de 
Scardeburgh — sepel. in eccles. par. de Scardeburgh prope foutem, 
ubi Hugo Easen quondam magister scolarum grammaticalium 
sepultus fuit. 


Sep. j. M.cccclvij. Ego Johannes Rodes de Eboraco fissh- 
manger — sep. infra eccles. meam *par. S. Mich. Archangeli juxta 
pontem Use. — Lego Willelmo Rodes fratri meo, commoranti 
apud Blythe, j. togam coloris blodii penulatam, j. capucium coloris 
nigri, j. zonam argentatam cum argento, j. gestrum argentatum, 
ij. cocliaria argenti, j. tunicam vocatam le jak, j. salett, j. arcura 
cum sagittis, et xx s. Agneti Monkton servienti meas j. zonam 
argentatam cum argento cum j. chyne eidem zonae pertinente. — - 
Lego Thomae Dauson apprenticio meo j. naviculam vocatam le 
Showte. Margaretae uxori meae, de parte mea michi divisa post 
appreciacionem factam xl. sterL, j. cogship et terminos meos in 
domo de le stathe juxta le salt hole sub pontem Use. 


Die Lunae proxime post exaltacionem Sanctae Crucis 1457. 
Ego Adam Tyldesleyf Alius Thomae Tyldesley de Hilton, 
Coventriae et Lich' diocesios — sep. in ecclesia Collegiata Beat« 
Mariae Suthwell — Benjamyn Worsley unam togam talarem quae 
est Londoniis. Laurencio Hilton meam optimam togam blodii 
coloris. Agneti sorori meae septem cocliaria argentea quae fuerunt 
patris mei, modo in custodia Domini Hugonis Wrightyngton de 

* William Neville of Thornton Bridge, Esq. Sir Alexander's eldest son, died in 
1468-9. By his will he desires to be buried in the cboir of St. Mary Bishophill 
senior in York, the church in which his father had been buried. 

f The Tyldesleys were a Lancashire family of some eminence and consideration. 


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Maincestre. Georgio fratri meo et matri ejusdem xxvj s. viij d. 
Item lego yj s. viij d. pro uno lapide reponendo super sepulcrum 
patris mei in Ecclesia de Deven. Item volo quod testamentum 
domini Eandal fratris mei impleatur. Johannae filiae Johannis 
Hilton de Manncestre vj s. viij d. in maritagium suum. Adae 
Prestall gladium meum cum pelta. Item volo quod Robertus 
Holyns famulus in coquina domini mei habeat de utensilibus 
meis existentibus in bogez meis ad valorem xij d, Eicardo 
Worsley arcum meum et sagittas meas pennatas cum albis 

?lumis. Gilberto Asshton sellam meam cum freno. Item lego 
^ortiforium meum existens in custodia Galfridi Partyngton 
ecclesiae de Dene. Item Tliomae Boton clerico unam togam 
presbiteralem quae est in custodia Hawkyn Hylton apud Main- 
cestre. Roberto Cressy imam virgatam de kersey nigri colons, 
[Pr. 10 Jan. 1457-8.] 


Feb. V. Cal. M.cccc.lvij. Ego Thomas Aleby* rector eccles. 
par. S. Augustini Episcopi de Kirkby in Clyveland — sep. infra 
chorum. — Lego ad distribuendum pauperibus in die sepulturae 
meae, viz. in frumento et siligine viij. quarteria. Item in car- 
feonibus simili modo viij. qu. Item lego fabricae cujusdam reves- 
tarii edificandi juxta chorum xxvj s. viij d. sub condicione quod 
si parochiani predictum revestarium edificent, aliter non. Item 
lego sub eadem condicione cooperturae ejusdem revestarii quoddam 
plumbum in fornace cum quodam webbe de plumbo. Item lego 
fabricaB cujusdam sepulcri noviter faciendi vj s. viij d. Item lego 
pro coopertura ejusdem sepulcri quemdard pannum de serico. 
Item fabricaB cujusdam feretri noviter faciendi pro corporibus im- 
portandis vj s. viij d. — Lego ecclesiae predictae j. Missale. Ricardo 
Mildenall vicario ejusdem ecclesiae consanguineo meo j. librum 
vocatum Portus. Capellae de Cokemanthorpp j. librum cum 
Placebo et Dirige et Sanctificacione Aquae notatum. — Willelmo 
Aleby consanguineo meo j. librum Grammaticalem, j. Primarium, 
j. librum de Placebo et Dirige. \ProK 25 Feb, 1457-8.] 

* A member of a respectable Cleveland family. Thomas Aleby of Little Broughton, 
in the parish of Kirkby in Cleveland, gen. by his will, dated on the 9th of August, 
1456, desired to be buried in the choir of the church of St. Augustine the Bishop. 
He makes his mother Emmot, William Aleby, Ellen his wife, and Sir Thomas 
Aleby, vicar of Kirkby (the testator), his executors. 

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In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesimo die mensis Novembris Anno 
Domini M.cccc.lvij. Ego domina Elena* nuper uxor Johannis 
Portyngton f nuper unius Justiciariorum Domini Eegis de Banco, 
condo testamentum meum — corpus ecclesiasticae sepulturae in ec- 
clesia Sancti MichaeKs de Estrington juxta Houeden. Lego in 
cera circa corpus meum comburenda die sepulturae meae tantum 
et presbiteris — et in distribucione ecclesiis et pauperibus, xx mar- 
cas. Lego Johanni Portyngton filio meo primogenito duos 
boviculos, duas vaccas et ij. strikkis de stauro meo in Holmecarr. 
Et do et condono eidem Johanni omnia debita, transgressiones, 
sive contemptus michi debita, sive facta per eundem Johannem. 
Et lego Alasiae uxori ejusdem Johannis, j. par precularum de 
argento et deaurato. Et do et lego iiij. presbiteris idoneis et 
honestis in ecclesia de Estryngton per quinque annos, cuilibet 
per annum iiij 1. vel minus. Et do et lego maglstro Thomae Por- 
tyngton J j. fedirbed super quod jacet, vj. coopertoria et tria paria 
linthiaminum. Lego Julianae Portyngton j. par precularum de 
auro, j. annulum aureum cum una petra viridi. Lego Roberto 
Portyngton § filio meo unum plaustrum, iiij. boves, ij. equos 
optimos apud Eisseby in Com. Line, cum toto harnasio eidem 

* This lady was a sister of Thomas Crosse, and in her earlier years was connected 
with the estahlishment of the last Lady de Mauley. She became the last of the 
many wives of Sir John Portington of Portington, one of the Justices of the Court of 
Common Pleas. No other will of any member of this family has as yet occurred. The 
present document makes many alterations in the pedigree which is given by Thoresby. 
After Sir John Portington's death the testatrix took the veil. The Archbishop of 
York sanctions her resolution by his licence, dated 20th July, 1464. 

i* Sir John Portington was an eminent lawyer. He is stated in his will to have 
been a Justice of the King^s Bench. He appears however in the printed list as a 
Justice in the Court of Common Pleas. Sir John was intimately connected with the 
Prior and Convent of Durham, who were eager to avail themselves of his patronage 
and legal knowledge. He held several offices under them in Howdenshire, and the 
treasury at Durham contains his correspondence with the oflBcers of that church. 

J Thomas Portington, M.A. received the licence of the Archbishop of York to take 
orders Feb. 11, 1453-4. He did not remain long without preferment, for which he 
was probably indebted to the patronage of Sir John Portington. On the 7th of 
March, 1457-8, we find him resigning the rectory of Bliburgh, in Lincolnshire, and 
the chaplaincy of the free chapel of " Sheryng," near London, for the provostship of 
the College of Hemmingbro'. On the 29th of July, 1470, he was made Canon of 
Apesthorpe in the Church of York, and in 1477 he became treasurer of that church. 
He died in 1485. 

§ Robert Portington, Esq. of Bamby Don, in right of his wife Elizabeth, daughter 
and heir of Robert Paslew. He was a warm partizan of the house of York, and was 
killed in his own house at Barnby in an attack which was made upon it by the officers 
of the county, who had been commissioned to arrest him after the battle of Stoke. 
His widow Margaret Portington, a second wife, strove in vain to obtain redress. Mr. 
Hunter gives an interesting account of this incident, which the reader will find 
detailed in the History of South Yorkshire, i. 202. 


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plaustro pertinente. Et do eidem unam carucam, iiij. equos 
ibidem de optimis et totum hamaslum. Et omnes multones et 
agnos meos apud Portyngton, exceptis c. ovibus matricibus sicut 
currunt, Johanni Bemetby inferius legatis. Et eidem Roberto 
unam ollam eneam apud Newland, ij. oUas eneas apud Anlaby 
de optimis oUis juxta oUas Kicholao Portyngton legatas, j. lectum 
rubeum pendentem integrum, j. fedirbed, vj. coopertoria, vj. paria 
linthiaminura, j. par blankettis cum coveryng de rubeo, j. gar- 
nyssh de pewdyr wessell apud Newland, xij. cocliaria argentea. 
Et lego Elizabethae uxori dicti Roberti unum mantill nigri coloris 
penulatum cum boges. Et lego Nicholao Portyngton ij. carectas 
apud Anlaby, ij. carucas ibidem, omnes equos et equas et omnia 
harnas eisdem pertinentia. Lego eidem Nicholao iiij". agnos 
vocatos hoggis apud Anlaby, vj. vaccas ad lac, j. lectum inte- 
grum pendentem de viridi et rubeo, j. fedirbed, viij. coopertoria, 
vj. paria linthiaminum, j. par blanketts, maximam ollam eneam, 
secundam ollam et terciam ollam eneas, optimam patenam, ga- 
lows, mkkis, spittls de ferro in coquina ibidem, j. gamyssh de 
pewder wessell, omnia vasa pertinentia ad brasionem, xij. cocli- 
aria argentea, viij. quarteria frumenti, si tanta remaneant ultra 
expensa» necessarias, xx quarteria ordei. Et lego Elizabethae 
uxori dicti Nicholai unam togam coloris blodii penulatam cum 
menever, j. novam zonam argenteam et deauratam ejusdem co- 
loris, j. kirtyll de Scarlett, et j. cellam rubeam cum harnasio de 
factura London, EtTolo quod idem Nicholaus ex sua bona gu- 
bernacione habeat meliora regard' secundum voluntatem execu- 
torum meorum. Et lego ad maritagium Elenae filiae Johannis 
Hawdenby cs. Et lego Isabellas* uxori Johannis Hawdenby 
j. togam de murray penulatam cum martis. Et Johanni Bar- 
netby c. oves matrices apud Portyngton depascentes sicut currunt, 
iij. vaccas ad lac apud Anlaby. Et Margaretae uxori dicti Jo- 
hannis j. togam de cremesyn penulatam cum grey. Et Edwardo 
Saltmershf j. fedirbed, vj. coopertoria, iij. paria linthiaminum, et 
uxori ejusdem j. togam de Scarlett penulatam cum martis. Et 
Waltero Grymston J pro pueris suis ad scolas sustentandis vj 1. ar- 
genti solvendas infra iij. annos a dato obitus mei. Et Elizabethae 
Grymston j. togam de Scarlett penulatam cum menever. Et lego 
Thomae Crosse iratri meo iiij. libras recipiendas ad manus Eoberti 

♦ Daughter of Mr. Justice Portington and wife of John Haldanby of Haldanby, by 
whom she had issue. 

t Edward Saltmarsh, of Thorgamby, Esq. He was intimately connected with the 
Portingtons, and his will, which is dated 1481, was made in the Close of York, in the 
house of Mr. Treasurer Portington. His wife was Anne Portington, Sir John's 
daughter, by whom he had many children. 

X Walter Grimston of Grimston Garth, married Elizabeth, one of the daughters of 
Sir John Portington, and the legacy which the testatrix bequeaths to him is to educate 
the issue of this match. 

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Crosse * de debito michi per ipsuin debito. Et volo quod centum 
librae sint bene securae et discrete custoditae in quodam loco secreto 
ad defendendum quaecunque placita terrae versus Ricardum Por- 
t3mgton, Robertum Portyngton, sive Nicolaum Portyngton acci- 
dencia. Et lego Elizabethae Forster servienti meae pro bono 
servicio suo michi facto et imposterum faciendo, ultra x. marcas 
per Johannem Portyngton virum meum legatas, x. marcas et 
melius, et j. parvam zonam argenteam deauratam coloris nigri 
cum omnibus omamentis capiti meo pertinentibus. Residuum 
Edmundo Portyngton, f Edwardo Saltemersh, et Roberto Por- 
tyngton armigeris. Et lego cuilibet executorum meorum pro 
labore suo c s. Item do et lego Ricardo Portyngton iiij 1. et 
totum meremium meum apud Portyngton. \Prob. 22 Ap. 1458.] 


Aug. iiij. M.cccc.lviij. Ego Johannes Tidman capellanus — 
sepeliend. in eccles. par. Omn. Sanctor. in Northstrete in cancello 
cantariae S. Nicholai et B. Kat. Virg. — Lego Aliciae uxori Wil- 
lelmi Philipp unum pannum depictum cum historia de quinque 
Gaudiis Beatae Mariae Virginis, j. togam de violett. — Lego Jacobo 
Philipp clerico unum pannum depictum cum historia Sancti Jo- 
hannis Baptistae et Johannis E vangelistae — et j . librum secunda- 
rium vocatum unum Portatyve, siib hac condicione quod pro- 
moveat se ad ordinem sacerdotalem fieri bono animo, et esse 
conetur, sin.autem — vendantur. Lego Roberto Haxbyj. togam 
coloris le meld, j. par de clarecordes, et j. librum vocatum unum 
BalettbokeJ — Isabellas filiae Johannae Byddus — j. pannum de- 
pictum cum magna ymagine B. Mariae Virginis. 



Aug. xiij. M.cccc.lviij. Ego Johannes Luneburgh de Eboraco 
goldsmyth — sepeliendum in eccles. S. Elenae in Staynegate juxta 
corpus Elizabethae uxoris meae. — Lego summo altari pro sepultura 
mea j. calicem pr. xl s. — Lego Jacobo servienti meo xx d. in pe- 

* Robert Crosse was one of the Esquires in the household of the last Lady de 
Mauley. He is mentioned in her will with the testatrix and others of the name. 

f An extract from the will of Edmund Portington of Beverley has been given as a 
note to the will of Robert Rolleston. No. cxi. 

X Probably the same book of ballads which has been mentioned previously in the 
will of James Baguley, who was rector of the church of All Saints, North- street i 
York, and who died in 1440. See No. Ixii. 

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cunia, et incudem meam secundarlam, et j. malleum vocatum 
j. forchyngamer, sex limas vocatas files, et vj. gravers. Eoberto 
Splcer aurifabro xx d. et incudem meam minimi valoris in opella 
mea et j. forchyngliamer, Johanni Pudsay goldsmyth j. planys- 
shing stithy et j. planysshing hamer. Lego aurifabrorum arti 
vj s. viij d. ea tamen coudicione quod eadem pecunia expendatur 
circa novam coronam * argenteam fabricandam. 


Sep. 5, 1457. Isabella Kerr vidua — sep. in ecclesia Sanctae 
Elenae in Staynegate sub lapide Willelmi Lee quondam viri mei 
ad finera australem surami altaris. Priorissae et Conventui de 
Molsby pro absolucione corporis mei et corporum Willielmi Lee, 
Ricardi Russell et Roberti Graunte quondam maritorum meorum 
iij s. iiij d. — Domino Ricardo Sabram capellano unam parvam 
murram argentatam, unum vestimentum sacerdotale et unum 
Missale fere novum. Johanni Caudell meam torch de corpore 
Christi. Eidem Johanni Caudell et Johannae filiae meae uxori 
suae unam peciam argenti coopertam cum scriptura stantem super 
tres leones, et unum hallyng cum pertinentiis steyned cum yma- 
ginibus. Item lego eidem Johannae filiae meae optimam meam 
murram, unam zonam de nigro serico argento paratam et 
deauratam, unum tusshewe cum operibus intextis cum serico et 
mixtum cum argento et deaurat', unum annul um auri cum 
ij. diamaunts. Willelmo filio dictorum Johannis et Johannae 
sex cocliaria argenti, unam zonam de blodio serico cum Stella 
argentea parato. Isabellae sorori dicti Willelmi unam albam peciam 
coopertam cum j. pike, unum par precum de curell cum uno 
anulo sive munusculo auri annexo. Johanni Karr unum quylt de 
viridi serico. Thomae filio dicti Johannis Karr unam bursam 
de panno auri et literis de argento deauratis appendentibus. 
Isabellae moniali, sorori dicti Thomae, unam zonam de nigro 
serico paratam cum argento et deaurat'. Aliciae nuper uxori 
Johannis Upstall unum cor auri. Fratri Thomae Russell canonico 
sex quyshjnags cum leopard*. Willelmus Gaunte unam peciam 
argenti cum cooperculo et cervo in fundo ejusdem. [JPr. 
18 Aug, 1458.] 

* This crown was probably intended for the miracle play which the craft exhibited 
every year. Some notices of these plays have been already given. 

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In the name of Gode, Amen. The x, day of Auguste, the 
jere of oure Lorde, I Eichard Barton,* sqwyere, beyng 
in gude mynde, makes my testamente on this maner. Firste 
I wytte my saule to Gode Almyghty, and to his Moder oure 
Lady Saynte Mary, and to all y® halous in heven, and my body 
to be beride in y« Lady porch with in the kirk of Kirkeby 
Fletham, with a corse presante as custome wyll. Firste, I sete 
vij. marcs to a preste to syng a yere for me and my wyff and all 
my gude doars. Item I wite to the kirkwark of Kirkby Fletham 
vj s. viij d. To oure Lady light iij s. iiij d. Item I will that my 
moder dame Jane of Boyntonf have the reule and gubemaunce 
of all my landes, tenements — in the Counte of Yorkshire and in 
the Cite of York, duryng hire lyve, for the sustentacion and 
mareyng of my childre. Item I wite for my sone Cristofere J 
that he have the principalles of my gudes as the custome of the 
countree is, and no more of my gudes. Item I will that the 
money of the mareage silver or my sone Cristofor unepaide at 
my deth I will at it be yeffin to my moder and othere of my 
executours to be keped to y® mareage of my doghtter Elizabeth. § 

* Richard Barton of Whenby, Esq. the head of a respectable Yorkshire family, 
which records its pedigree in the Visitation of 1585. His wife was Isabel, a daughter 
of Sir John Norton of Norton Conyers, by whom he had several children, one or two 
of whom are new to the genealogist. The testator desires to be buried at Kirkby 
Fletham, in Richmondshire, in which parish he was probably residing. 

t The mother of the testator, and a daughter of James Strangeways of Skelton. 
After the death of her first husband, Gonan Barton of Whenby, she remarried 
Christopher Boynton of Sedbury, Esq. the junior justice for the palatinate of Durham 
during the episcopate of Bishop Neville. By each of these husbands she had issue. 
She survived her second husband and spent the latter part of her life in retirement at 
Yarm, where she makes her will in I486. She desires to be buried in the choir of 
the church of the Friars in that town. 

J Christopher Barton of Whenby, Esq. the testator's eldest son, married Margaret, 
a daughter of Robert Danby of Fameley, Esq. By his will, dated on the Feast of the 
Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 19 Edw. IV. he desires, ''to be beryd in the 
church of Quenby if it fortone me ther to decesse. To the hallowyng of the said 
chirch 40«. To my wife during the nonage of John Barton, my son and heire, the 
yssues of Qwenby and the profetts of an house called Temple House in Qwenby whiche 
I have of my brothir James Danby, the annual rent of 26s, Sd. which I have of 
certane lands of my granndame, Dame Jane of Boynton, in Grynston. — An indentor 
of mariage made betwix Sir John Pykering, knyght, and me of the mariage of his 
doghter and my son. — My feffes to make a state to Robert, Thomas, and Christopher 
Barton my sonnys in lands of the yerely valowe of x li. . The residew to my doghters. 
— My wiffe to se my yonger childre be honestly keped and put to lemyng. My wyffe, 
John Norton, knyght, Thomas Witham, James Danby, Christofer Boynton, and 
Thomas Gower, esquiers, my brother Richard Danby, and Thomas Danby, executors." 
[Pr. 17 April 1480, and adm. granted to Margaret his widow.'] In ike Visitation 
three other children are assigned to this. Christopher, Richard, Philip, and Anne. 

§ According to the Visitation she became the wife of William Denham. 

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I will and yeffe all my other gudes, whike and dede, movable 
and on movable, to yc sustentacion and houlpyn of myn other 
childre, yat is to say, my doghter Elizabeth, John, and Thomas. 
Item I will that myn executours fyude Agnes my doghtter gettyn 
on playnff with parte of my gudis to she come to the age of xiiij. 
yere, and yf she be not mared be myn executours with in 
xiiij. yere of age, than I will myn executours yeffe hire x. marcs 
to hire mareage, and so be my gudes will suffice yare to. Item 
I wille that my doghtter Elizabeth have the gudes that longed to 
hire moder.* Item I gyff to my moder dame Jane of Boynton 
iiij. marcs, and so be she will take administracion. Item I gyve 
to my broder John of Norton xxvj s. viij d., and so be he will 
take administracion — I gife to my broder Conand Barton f a blew 
gowne furred with bever and the horse whilke was his aune, and 
so be he will take administracion — I gyffe to Jonett Richardson 
ij. key, j. mare and a fole, x. shepe, ij. litill bestes, iij. qu. of 
whete, iij. qu. of rye, iiij. qu. of malte, a coveryng of a bede of 
blew, and I gife her terme of hire lyfe, tenement in Whenby w* 
a garth and a croft next vicarage. To John of Holme a lytill 
grecelled nage. I make myn executours my moder Dame Jane 
of Boynton, John of Norton and Conand Barton for y® grett 
treuth and affiance yat I have in yame. 

Feoffment — I have in feffite John of Norton, Thos. Go were 
squyere, Conande Barton and Thos. Kelcy in my manere of 
Whenby and my lands in Yorkeshire and in the Cite of York, 
and haife also relesede and white clamed all y® reghte yat I have 
in y® forsaide landes to Jane my moder, yat she haulde} for 
terme of hire lyffe of my gifte or of John of Barton J my grannce- 
sire. — I require them to infeffe Rob* Danby one of y® Keng 
Justice in x. marce for my sone and my doghtter, and if it 
happyn me for to dy, they to have v. marce more as it is more 
playnly writen in one indenture of mareage between y® saide 
Robert and me — my son Chr. a minor — my broder John Norton 
—my father Conand Barton. § \_Prob, 9 Sep, 1458.] 

* It seems probable from this that the testator had had more than one wife. 

f Conan Barton, one of the younger brothers of the testator, married Joan, only 
child and heir of Robert Dolphanby of Gateshead. Through this marriage the family 
of Barton became possessed of extensive property in the counties of Durham and 
Northumberland, which they long retained. Joan Dolphanby was left fatherless at a 
very early age, and she became ward to Robert Strangeways the younger, Esq. She 
did not attain her majority till Dec. 17, 1457. 

X John de Barton, the testator^s grandfather, married Christian, daughter of ... . 
Aske of Aske, and it was from her family that the Bartons adopted the baptismal name 
of Conan. The visitation of 1584 gives two sons as the issue of this match, Thomas, 
who died without issue, and Conan, the testator's father. 

§ Conan de Barton, of Whenby, Esq. by his will dated on the 8th of April, 1436, 
which was proved at York on the 24th of the same month, desires to be buried in the 
church of Whenby. He leaves to the vicar for his mortuary his best horse and 

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This is the will of Robert Coljrnson* of York mercer, made 
the ix. day of the moneth of Aprile, M.cccc.xxxvj. That thare 
be deltt and geven to xiij. pure folke in ilke parisshyn under- 
wretyn xiij d. ; prayng thame hertly the hole parisshyns to for 
gefe hym if he hadde ever any gude of thayres be bying or selling 
or any other wyse. And if any of thame hade evir any grete 
losse by him thay sail have amendis and asseth for thare losse 
and thaie will ask it, and if noon aske it, he prayes thame for 
Goddis lufe hertly to forge fe hym and pray for hym at the 
reverence of Gode. The whilke parisshins are thes : The parissh 
of Tadcastre, of Kirkby, of Saxton, of Shirburn, of Brotherton, 
of Pountfrett, of Leddesham, of Kypas, of Swillington, of White- 
kirk, of Barwyke in Elmett, of Bramham, of Dyghton, of Spof- 
ford, of Harwode, of Knaresburgh, of Riplay, oi Hampsthwait, 
of Stanlay, the chapell of Patheleybrigg, the parissh of Kipon, of 


Sep. 14, 1458. Ego Willelmus Banks,t gentilman — sep. in 
ecclesia parochiali Sancti Johannis Baptistae infra clausum eccle- 
siae Cathedralis Eboracensis, sepeliendum inter chorum et fontem, 
ubi magis conveniens est. Henrico Fitzhenry cognato meo 
Ixx s. quos michi debet ex mutuo. Willelmo Fitzhenry cognato 
meo unam cathenam argenteam et deauratam cum ad aitatem 
octodecim annorum pervenerit. Conano Fitzhenry cognato meo 
imum cor de auro majus innameled, et Galfrido Blake cognato 
meo iinum aliud cor de auro minor (sic) innamelld. Agneti 
Broghton unam togam de musterdevelesse penulatam cum mart- 
armour. To Richard, William, and Christian, his children, 101, To the church of 
Whenby 6L 13«. id. To Joan his wife a silver cup, covered. He gives another 
similar cup to his son Conan, and a third to Elizabeth his daughter. The residue is 
left to his executors, Robert Strange ways and Richard Barton. The Visitation of 
1584 gives to this Conan a son John, who died without children ; Richard, the 
testator; a daughter, Elizabeth, the wife of . . . Tailbois; and a daughter (Christian) 
who married Gerard Widdrington. 

* A curious and affecting document. It is appended as a codicil to a will, which 
is dated on the 26th of October, 1450, and both were proved on the 3rd of October, 

f A Yorkshire gentleman, who married a Fitzhenry of Kelfield. John Fitzhenry 
of Kelfield, Esq. in his will, dated on the 17th of Sept. 1440, mentions his brother 
William Banke, his son Henry, his daughter Alice, and his brother Conan. He 
desires to be buried in the church of St. Ellen at Stillingfleet. 

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poUe}. Elenae Marshall iinum librum Anglicum vocatum Trolias 
in manibus J. Manfeld existentem. Domino Johanni Wellesper- 
sonae in ecclesia Cathedrali Eboracensi unum Psalterium. Item 
volo quod Prior et Conventus de Monte Graciae nihil habeant 
de predictis xxs. si aliquod clameum faciant pro libro vocato 
Florarimn Bartholomei. [Pr. 4 Oct 1458.] 


Octobr. penult. M.cccclviij. Ego Thomas Haukyn de Wake- 
feld — sepeliendum in eccles. Omn. Sanctor. Lego fabricae can- 
celli B. Marias predictae ecclesiae xls., sub tali condicione, quod 
fiat usque ostium chori in longitudine, aliter lego nisi xxs. — 
Lego Ricardo Haukyn fratri meo imum daykyr de overiedder et 
unum daykyr de soleledder. — Lego facturae angeportae ducentis a 
villa de Wakefeld ad les outewode x s. 


Dec. 31, 1458. Johannes Snayth* de Doncastre, bower — sep. 
in ecclesia parochiali de Doncastre — Ricardo Duci Ebor. ij. 
balistas, j. tellerd, et alta intellerd. Johanni Nevell filio Ricardi 
Comitis Sarr' j. balistam vocatam Perowe in custodia Johannis 
Michell de London grosor, et j. dubbull wyndealas in manu sua 
propria. — Ricardo de la Stede apprenticio meo xls., j. flote, 
ij. gravors etij. cultellos pro arte sua. 


Jan. ij. M.cccclviij. Ego Johannes Hajnison, Aldermannus 
et burgensis villae de Kyugeston super Hull — Fabricae campanilis 
capellae S. Mariae xxs. — Ita quod capellanus et successores sui 
faciat et faciant meum obitum et uxoris meae insimul annuatim 
celebrari in eccles. S. Trin., cum vicario seu capellanis par. et 
duodecim sacerdotibus de tabula, et cum maxima campana pri- 
mitus, ut moris est, pulsata, et le belman per villam transeimte, 
et cum cereis eidem obitui optimo modo inveniendis, prout aliis 
nobilibus defunctis in memoriam ipsorum, solempniter peragi 
est consuetum. 

* A Doncaster tradesman, who appears to have had some distinguished debtors. 
It may however have been his love for the house of York that prompted the bequest 
of the formidable weapons of war which he leaves. 

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Jan. xviij. M.cccc.lviij. Ego Johannes Bell, civis Ebor. — sep, 
in ecclesia mea S. Dionisii versus hostium vestibuli. — Isabella 
uxor mea vendat tenementum, et quod v. marcae de pecunia 
dentur custodibus fabricae eccles. S. Dionisii pro tempore exist., 
ad augmentacionem chori Sanctse Katerinae in eadem ecclesia, si 
contingat dictum chorum ante finem v. annorum prox. post 
decessum meum fore decenter augmentatum ad longitudinera 
ecclesise S. Dionisii.— Isabella uxor mea, durante vita sua, inveniat 
et sustineat unam lampadem continue tempore divinorum tan- 
tummodo arsuram in summo choro ad perpetuam veneracionem 
dignissimi Sacramenti Corporis Christi et post decessum suum, 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Nicholaus Holme* canonicus 
Eccles. CoUeg. Riponiae — Lego Nicholao Hulme filio Jacobi 
Hulme magnum Missale meum, unum Jomale, unum librum 
cum Placebo et Dirige, unum librum de Tractatu Officii Missae, 
et j. parvum Psalterium in una casa. Magistro Olivero Blakwell 
Missale meum parvum, Martilogium meum, unum librum de 
Trinitate, unum librum qui vocatur Pars Oculi, et unum librum 
de Medicinis. Nicholao Blakwell Portiforium meum et unum 
librum in quo continent ur xij. capitula Ricardi Hampole. — 
Ecclesiae par. de Eedmeshill unum librum qui vocatur Pupilla 
Oculi. — Galfrido Col3mson rectori ecclesiae de Brandesby unum 
librum de Epistolis Pauli et lectum in quo jaceo. Domino 
Roberto Grene de Dunelmo unum librum qui vocatur Aurora. — 
Supervisorem hujus testamenti ordino et constituo honorabilem 
dominam meam Alesiam comitissam Sarum, cui lego unam 
parvam tabulatam de auro cum ymaginibus intus. Dat. in 
Abbathia B. Marias Ebor. ult, Sep. M.cccc.lviij. \_Prob. 12 Mar. 

* An eminent ecclesiastic, who had a goodly share of church preferment. In 
addition to his Yorkshire livings he was also beneficed in the diocese of Durham. He 
was Rector of Redmarshall, a Prebendary of the Collegiate Church at Darlington, and 
Afaster of Greatham Hospital, from 1427 till 1483. The testator, who died in 
St Mary's Abbey, appears to have been connected in some way with the Countess of 

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Jan. 16, 1458. Ego Thomas Chaworth,* miles — sep. in 
ecclesia Sancti Johannis Baptistae in Prioratu de Landa, ubi ego 
dictus Thomas alias disposuL Item lego Priori et Conventui 
Prioratus predicti viginti marcas in pecunia numerata, nomine 
principalis mei. Item lego viginti libras vel plus, secundum 
quod per executores meos melius videbitur per eorum sanas dis- 
creciones, ad disponendum circa sepidturam meam. Et decern 
libras vel plus ad distribuendum inter pauperes die sepulturae 
meae vel obitus mei. Item viginti libras distribuendas inter 
servientes familiares meos. Residuum dedi certis personis per 
quoddam factum meum inde eis factum et sigillo armorum 
meorum signatum. Supervisores testamenti mei facio reveren- 
dissimum in Christo patrem permissione divina Archiepiscopum 
Eboracensem f qui pro tempore fuerit ad mortem ejusdem Thomae 
Cha worth, Eicardum Byngham J unum Justiciariorum Domini 
Regis, et Magistrum Willelmum Gull § rectorem ecclesiae Sancti 
Petri Notingham. Executoresque meos facio Willelmum Fitz- 

* Sir Thomas Chaworth of Wiverton, co. Notts, the head of a most ancient and 
illustrious family. He was twice married. By his first wife, Nichola, daughter of 
Sir Reginald Braybrook, he had an only child, Elizabeth, who married John Lord 
Scrope of Upsal. His second consort was the heiress of a wealthy and distinguished 
house, Isabel daughter of Sir Thomas, and co-heir to her nephew Hugh, Aylesbury. 
The testator in the 24th of Henry VI. had the King^s licence to make the park of 
Wiverton, and he was probably the builder of the princely mansion at that place 
which was unhappily dismantled during the Great Rebellion. The Chawdrths adopted 
the royal cause, and their house at Wiverton was made a garrison for the King. By 
his second wife Sir Thomas Chaworth had several children, who will be noticed as 
they are mentioned in his will. Sir Thomas was the son and heir of Sir William 
Chaworth, who died in 1398, and whose will occurs in the Test. Ebor. I. No. CLXXX. 
Alice his mother was the daughter and heiress of Sir John Caltoft, and her will, 
which was made at Wiverton on the Monday after the feast of the Epiphany, 1 Henry 
IV. was proved at York on the 12th of July, 1400. She desires to be buried in the 
Abbey of Beauchief (in Derbyshire, where her husband was buried). To Thomas her 
son (the testator) she leaves an ouche of gold set with pearls and diamonds, a bed of 
blue and its costers with her arms, and a book called Placebo and Dirige (a book 
which Sir Thomas mentions hereafter). To Nichola, the wife of her son Thomas, she 
bequeaths a ring of gold with two diamonds " cum meliori fyleto meo et perill.'* To 
the altar " de novo yle " in the church of Estbrig a vestment of cloth of gold. 

f In the Archbishop of York Sir Thomas found a friendly adviser and assistant. 
Archbishop Boothe was connected with Nottinghamshire in several ways, and was 
buried in the Abbey Church of Southwell in that county. His will occurs shortly. 

X Sir Richard Bingham was appointed one of the Justices of the Court of King'*s 
Bench on the 9th of May, 1457. He married Margaret, one of the daughters and co- 
heirs of Sir Baldwin Freville, and the widow of Sir Hugh Willoughby of WoUaton. 
By her he had a large family. One of his children, Sir Richard Bingham, was made 
a Justice of the King^s Bench on the 9th of October, 1471. 

§ The name of Master Gull is constantly occurring in the legal proceedings of his 
county. His position was one of importance, and it was generally filled by men of 
worth and ability. 

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william * de Sprotburg armigerum, Robertum Clifton f armi- 
gerum, Ricardum Willughby $ armigerum, Magistrum Willel- 
mum Gull rectorem ecclesiae Sancti Petri Notinghame, Radul- 
phum Riresby§ armigerum, Thomam Staunton || de Sutton et 
Bonyngton armigerum, et Thomam NevillT de Darleton. — [JPr. 
27 March, 1459!] 

This Indentur wittnesseth that Sir Thomas Cha worth, knyght, 
hath opened and declared his wille unto alle his feffe3 that arn 
enfeeflPed to his use, joyntly or severally, inne and of all his 
maners, londe3 and tenemente3 with the appurtenance, wher- 
somever yei be, with inne the realme of Ingland ; and tenderly 
besichith and praith them of y^ grete truste and cordiall affeccon 
that he hath in thaim, yat thei wille vochsafe to perfourme and 
execute his wille in forme yat foloith : First y^ said Sir Thomas 
besechith his said feeffes to graunte unto Richard Barsse an 
annuite of xx s., and un to John of Cote3 an other annuitie of 
XX s., ij. olde servante3 of y® said Sir Thomas, in such wise as 
thei may be sure yerof, for the gode service that thei have doon 
un to the said Sir Thomas in his lyfe, and shall doo un to his 

* William Fitzwilliam of Sprotborongh, Esq. the husband of Elizabeth Chaworth, 
one of the daughters of the testator. She had a sister Elizabeth, wife of John Lord 
Scrope of Upsal, who took the veil at her husband's death. Fitzwilliam died at 
Haddlesay on the 1st of December, 1474, and was buried with his wife in the church 
of Sprotborough, where a brass to their memory is still remaining. His will was dated 
a short time before his death. 

t Robert, afterwards Sir Robert, Clifton of Clifton, the husband of Alice Boothe, 
sister of William Boothe Archbishop of York, and the father of Sir Gervase Clifton, 
who was married, by licence dated Nov. 7, 1456, to Alice, widow of Richard 
Thurland of Nottingham. He began to build the college at Clifton, which was com- 
pleted by his son, and, dying on the 9th of April, 1478, was buried in the north aisle 
of the church at Clifton. 

J Of Wollaton, Esq. the eldest son of Sir Hugh Willoughby, whose will has been 
already printed, by his first wife Isabel Foljambe. He died in 1469, in which year 
his will was dated, leaving no issue by his wife Anne one of the co-heirs of Simon 
Leke of Cotham. 

§ Of Thribergh, co. Ebor, Esq. the husband of Agnes, one of the daughters of Sir 
John Stapleton of Wighill, and the ancestor of a long line of Knights and Baronets. 
Sir William Reresby, the third Baronet, squandered away the estates of his family in 
gambling and dissipation, and was reduced to the low estate of tapster in the Fleet 

II The head of the family of Staunton of Staunton. He died on the 9th of January, 
1617-18, and was buried with Anne his wife in the choir of St. Laurence in the 
church of Staunton. His will, which is dated on the 30th of December, 1517, was 
proved at York on the 28th of April following. He mentions his daughters Millicent, 
Elce, and Annas, his wife Anne, and his son John. He leaves to the church of 
Staunton 26«. Sd. to buy a cross with, 40«. to make the desks, and to "the battlelyng 
of the same " 20«. He bequeaths to the chapel of Staunton to buy a cross cloth with, 
68. Sd. His father Thomas Staunton in his will dated on the 29th of March, 1447, 
mentions his wife Margaret and Thomas his eldest son. He desires to be buried in 
the chapel of St. Laurence at Staunton. 

^ Thomas Neville of Darleton, Co. Notts, the head of one of the numerous houses 
of Neville. 

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seid feeffe} and executours after his decesse, in executyng and 
perfourmyng of his said wille; y® said annuitc} yerly to be paied 
un to thaym for terme of thair lyves, goyng oute of the issuej 
and profectes of alle suche lande) and tenemente} with the 
appurtenance as y« said Sir Thomas late purchased in Riddyngs 
in the shir of Derby: and over this to allowe the said Richard 
and John thair resonable cooste} yat thei spenden in rydyng, 
goyng or executyng the commandment of his said feffes or 
executors, forsene alway that the said annuites be not graunted in 
the lyve of the said Sir Thomas. And y* said Sir Thomas 
besechitt his said feffe3 y* if hit happen hym att the tyme of his 
dethe to have issue male of the age of xxij. yer or mor, that then 
the said feffes, after his decesse and after y^ said annuitez graunted 
and certayn mannumissions made to divers persones, as in this 
wille afterward more playnly shall appere, do make astate un to 
the eldest soon * of the said Sir Thomas, than beyng of the said 
age of xxij. yere or a boon, of and in the manoirs of Alfreton 
and Norton with the appurtenance, and alle the said landes and 
tenemente3 in Riddyngs beforesaid with in the shire of Derby, 
the said maner of Wyverton with the appurtenance, and of other 
lands and tenemente} that thei ar enfeffed inne to his use in 
Wyverton, Langar, Barnston, Tathby, Crophill, Bisshopcropphill 
Butler, Colston, Basset and Whatton; the which londes and 
tenements the seid Sir Thomas desirith to be alway appurtenance 
un to the said maner of Wyverton for ever more; and of the 
advouson of the chirch of Estbriggeford in the said schir of 
Notyngham, and the advouson of the chirch of Saxby in y^ shire 
of Leicester — forsene alway that out of certeyn landes, &c. in 
Crophill Butler, ye which the said Sir Thomas purchesed of 
Thomas Curson, squyer, the said feffe} make an estate un to 
Thomas Chaworth the son of George Chaworth f and his heires 
male3. Also the said Sir Thomas besechith his said feffe} yat 
thei of alle the mevable goodes in this present wille non legat nor 
other wise disposed, and of the issues and profectes comyng of the 
maners of Mernaham, Edwalton, Pygot halle in Kirtlyngton, 

* William, afterwards Sir William, Chaworth, the testator's eldest son, married 
Elizabeth, one of the two daughters and co-heirs of Sir Nicholas Bowett of Ripingale, 
by Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir John de la Zouch. Sir William had two 
children by her : Thomas, who married Margaret, daughter of John Earl of Shrews- 
bury, a lunatic, by whom he had no issue; and Joan the wife of John Ormond. Joan 
Ormond left three daughters and co-heirs, Elizabeth, the wife of Sir Anthony Babing- 
ton of Dethick, Anne married William Meering, and Joan the wife of Thomas Denham 
of Eythorp, co. Bucks. The will of Lady De la Zouch, which has already occurred, 
contains some interesting notices of the family of Chaworth. 

't' George Chaworth married Alice daughter and heiress of John Annesley, and it 
was through his son Thomas Chaworth of Crophill Butler that the Viscounts of 
Armagh descended. On the 10th of October, 1466, Richard Woodwards of 
Annesley Woodhouse administered to the eflfects of George Chaworth of Annesley, Esq. 

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South Clifk)n beside Memaham with the appurtenance, and of 
certaigne lande3 and tenements in Este Briggeford late purchesed be 
the said Sir Thomas in the shir of Notyngham, Toynton, and of all 
the landes, &c. in Tjonberlond, and of certayn lands in Alyngton 
late purchesed be the said Sir Thomas in the shir of Lyncoln, 
Saxby in the shire of Leicestre, and of the issuej of the revercion 
of ye maner of Osbarton in the shire of Notingham, when hit 
fallith after the decesse of Richard Byngham, justice, the which 
hath the seid maner for terme of his lyve of the graunte of the 
saide Sir Thomas; and of the revercon of certayn lands, &c. in 
Hesyngheld in the shir of Warwick, when hit fallith, the which 
Thomas Babyngton of Dedyk, squyer, hath for terme of his live 
of the graunte of the said Sir Thomas, to paie all the dettes of 
the said Sir Thomas and to make pla3m restitucon and dieu 
satisfaccon of any extorcion or injurie} doone by the said Sir 
Thomas in his live. An annuitie to Thomas * soon of the said 
Sir Thomas of c s. of the maner of Willyn thorp in the shire of 
Derby, and a state of all manner landes and tenementej in 
Hynkersell, Walton, WoUey, and Calall — and after the dethe of the 
saide Sir Thomas, and also of Thomas Babyngton of Dedik, an 
astate of the maner of Hesyngheld in the shir of Warwick — and 
if the maner of Hesynheld be not tailed to him of the landes of 
Clifton — iij®. marc in and fore a competent mariage to be hadde 
for Robert Chaworth,t one of y® sones of the said Sir Thomas; 
and in semblable wise ij°. marc be their discrecon in and for a 
competent mariage to be hadde for Laurence Chaworth, another 
of the sone3 of the said Sir Thomas, uppon condicon yat they 
will be mared and demeaned by y® aviso and counsell of his saide 
feeffes, and in the meane time to be founden competently to their 
lyvyng in mete and drynk and clothyng un to the tyme that thai 
come to y® age of xxij, yer; and after y® said age of xxij. yer, 
the said Robert to have yerly xli., and Laurence vli. unto 
thay come to the age of xxviij. yer, or be maried. And 
. also the said Sir Thomas besechith his said feffe} and exe- 
cutours, and requirith theim on Godds behalve, y* as for xviij. 
marc that the Abbot of Darley askith of hym as for iij. 
foder of leed yat the said Sir Thomas shulde have of oon John 
Ladd of Pentrich, as the said Abbot saith, the which xviij marc 
John Ladde shulde gitfe unto the house of Darley for divers 
tTespase3 *bat he shulde doo unto the howse of Darley, the said 
Sir Thomas seith playnly he owith theym nor hym noon, ner 

• A hitherto unrecorded son. On the 6th of January, 1485-6, Thomas Denton of 
Wyverton and John Webster of Theby administered to the estate of Thomas Chaworth 
of Wyverthorp, Esq. 

t Robert and Laurence Chaworth are new to the Chaworth pedigree. 

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non will he paie thayme, and tharfore, if any suet thyng be asked 
after his decesse, he preith his said feffe3 and execu tours, and 
chargith them bothe on Goddis behalfe, that thei paie them noon. 
And also as for xx. marc that a man of Leicestre or a woman of 
Leicestre, he wot not whether, toke the said Sir Thomas and 
William Rempston late person of Byngham, to delyvere hit unto 
Dame Margaret Rempston,* so that she woulde delyvere thayin 
an obligacon that thai were boundon inne unto Sir Thomas 
Rempston,t late husbond unto the same dame Margaret Remp- 
ston, or ellys he to kepe stille the xx. marc in his handes; and 
William Rempston come to the said Sir Thomas Chaworth after 
for this XX. marc, and seide hym by his trowthe that his moder 
hadde delivered hym the obligacon and hit was hir wille yt he 

* Margaret, daughter of Sir Simon Leeke. She was twice married. Her first 
husband was Sir Godfrey Foljambe of Kinalton, co. Notts, who died on the 2nd of 
December, 1888, aged 21. By him she had a daughter and heiress, Alice, the wife 
of Sir Robert Plumpton of Plumpton. After Sir Godfrey's death his widow remarried 
the celebrated Sir Thomas Rempston, K.G. by whom she had several children. Sir 
Thomas died in 1406> but his widow survived him for nearly half a century. At her 
death, on the 21st of April, 1454, she must have been extremely aged. Her will, 
which is dated at Nottingham, Nov. 14, 1453, was proved at York on the 5th of May, 
1464. She desires to be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Bingham, 
under the tomb in which her late husband Thomas Rempston was buried. She left 
the residue of her estate to Sir William Plumpton, Nicholas Wymbish, clerk, Robert 
Rempston, Esq. her son, John Leek of Holom, Geoffrey Knyveton of Nottingham, and 
Gregory Lovet her servant, whom she appoints her executors. The supervisors are 
Archbishop Boothe and William Lord Roos of Hamlake. 

+ Sir Thomas Rempston of Rempston, co. Notts, a very distinguished and illustrious 
statesman. In the year 1400 he was made steward of the king^s household. On 
20th April, 1401, he was appointed Admiral of the Fleet in the west and south parts of 
England. In July, 1401, he was made a conservator of the truce with France, and 
constable of the Tower. On 1st November, 1401, he was selected with several 
others to settle the ransom of John, late king of France. In the month of April, 
1406, he was one of the ambassadors by whom a peace with France was concluded. 
In 1404 he was sworn a member of the Privy Council, and in the same year the 
House of Commons recommended to the consideration of the king the services which 
Rempston with others had rendered at his accession, he having landed with Henry lY. 
at Ravenspur, previously to the dethronement of Richard II. In the first year of the 
reign of the new monarch he was made K.G. He did not however live long to enjoy 
his many honours, as his death occurred shortly afterwards. It was an accidental one, 
and we are indebted to the inquest of the city coroner for a very graphic description 
of the mishap which was the cause of it. It appears that on Sunday the 31st of 
October, 1406, Sir Thomas, with his servants, entered into a boat at Paul's Wharf, in 
the ward of Baynard, intending to row under London Bridge to the Tower ; as the 
tide was strong and against them the boatmen told him they dared not row under the 
bridge, when he commanded them to proceed on pain of l(»ing their heads. This 
threat made them try to shoot the bridge, but in the attempt the boat ran against one 
of the piles. Sir Thomas tried to catch hold of it; but in so doing he upset the boat, 
and was thrown into the water and drowned. The coroner sat upon the body on the 
following day, and it was found that the accident had been caused by the recklessness 
of the deceased. His remains were hurried down into Nottinghamshire, and buried 
in the chancel of the church of Bingham. His tomb was opened after the lapse of 
nearly half a century to receive the remains of his aged widow, who was laid by the 
side of her lord. 

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shulde have the money for hit, for hit should go to his brother 
Sir Thomas Eempston,* and Richard Wakefeld of Newark the 
elder come with n3rm and bare Gode recorde y* hit was Dame 
Margaretts Eempston wille that he shulde have hit ; and opon 
yat the said Sir Thomas Chaworth delyvered hym the xx. marc, 
and whether the man or woman have their obligacion or noght 
the said Sir Thomas Chaworth wotith never ; neverthelesse he 

Eromised theym yat the mon shulde not be delyvered or thai 
adde thair obligacon of Dame Margaret Rempston. And for as 
myche as he made such promyse un to thaym, if suche thyng 
falle herafter, yat they or any executors for thaym shulde be sued 
or hurt for the obligacon, the said Sir Thomas Chaworth praith 
his said executors, at the reverence of Grod, rather paie hit of bis 
owne gode, notwithstandyng he hath paied hit here to fore, in 
savyng of the trawth and promyse that he made theym before. 
And also the said Sir Thomas desireth and praith his said ex- 
ecutours that yai after his decesse, without any delay e, giffe and 
delyvere with the body of the said Sir Thomas un to the Prior 
and the Covent of ye Priore of the Lande, for the tyme beyng, 
and yaire suc^essours for ever more, for ye ornamentes of the 
Chapell of ye Trinite in the said Priore, bigged and made be the 
said Sir Thomas, wher as he hath disposed his sepultur, a veste- 
ment with ij. tunycles of reede damaske with the awter and the 
awter clothes yat longith to the same sorte, another hoUe veste- 
mente of reede sateyn with sterre}, yat is a chesepull, ij. tynncles 
with all that longith to thaym, and iij. copes of ye same sute, 
an other holl vestemente of white damaske with iij. copes of 
white damaske late boght be ye same Sir Thomas of the Lady 
Scropef his doghter, for to serve on our Lady dayes in lovyng 
and worshippyng of hir, and to pray for the same Lady Scropp ; 
and also a fair Mesboke late boght of the same Lady Scrope, a 
crosse of silver overgilt with a foote, ij. basyns of silver that 

* The eldest son of Sir Thomas Rempston, K.G. and a famous warrior. In 1415 
he served in the expedition to France, with 8 men-at-arms and 24 foot archers He 
was present at the capture of Harfleur and at the battle of Agincourt. In 1418 he 
was at the siege of Rouen, and he took a part in most of the sieges and battles in 
France daring the reign of Henry VI. He was taken prisoner by Mons. Tanguy de 
Chastell about the year 1435. He died on the 15th of October, 1458, leaving by his 
wife Alice, the daughter and heiress of Thomas Bekering, Esq. by Isabel, daughter 
and co-heir of Sir John Loudham, three daughters and co-heirs, Elizabeth, the wife 
of John Cheyney, Esq. Isabel, who married Sir Brian Stapleton of Carlton, and 
Margaret, the wife of Richard Bingham, Esq. jun. 

+ Elizabeth, daughter of the testator by his first wife, and widow of John fourth 
Lord Scrope of Upsal. Her husband^s will has but recently occurred, and in the 
notes which are appended to it several notices of this lady will be found. After her 
lord''s death she retired from the world, and spent the rest of her days in religious 
seclusion. She seems to have disposed of some of the plate and chapel ornaments of 
her family to her father, as well as to the treasurer of the Minster at York. 

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serven for his cliapell in Wyverton, and a pair of candelstykke3 
of silver yat stonden dayly on the hiegh awter at Wyverton, the 
better box of silver for the sacrament, the better sensures and the 
shippe of silver, the better sacryng belle of silver, the better paire 
of cruetts of silver, the more* pax brede of silver that is anameled. 
Andyat his executors straitly charge the Prior and the Covent 
of ye said place, as thai wille answer to fore Gode, and to take of 
them resonable suertie as can be devised, that thei putte not away 
non of the said juelles nyther of the said ornaments, in noo kjnis- 
wise, but yat thai may alway serve for ornaments of the said 
chapell, as is befor said ; forsene alway that hit happen hereafter 
in tyme comyng that thai may purchese any kirke or elles tem- 
poral lyvyng, be the which the place may yerly be imperpetuite 
be encressed, yat than hit be lefull to the Prior, for the tyme 
beyng, and Covent, to selle them, or parcel of theim, in so re- 
levyng of thaym ; and elle} not. Also the said Sir Thomas 
praith his seid executors that after his decesse thai delyvere to 
William Chaworth his aldest soon, or any oyer of his brether, 
the which of theim Gode ordeynith to be his heir, ij. new basyns 
with ij. ewers of silver with his armes and the Basset armes and 
Ayllesbury's t armes together, and ij. grett potts of silver of the 
grettest sorte and ij. chargers of y^ medill sorte, xij. ouches of 
silver of the new soorte, vj. salsers of silver of the same soorte, 
xij. spones of silver of. the best soorte, vj. new spone} gilte, a 
covered white pece with an estregge in the bothom, pounsed, 
vj. new peces of silver of oon sorte, iij. peces of silver of an other 
sorte, the which oon of thaym coveryth, another with a flatt 
knoppe and with a Moresk yeron, a rounde basyn with knoppe} 
with an ewer therfore, ij. gilte peces with ij. coverkills with treiles 
of eglentefs, ij. rounde channdelers of silver w* pyke3 and noses, 
viij. peyr of shete}, that is to say, ij. peyre of y® best shete} of 
reynes and ij. peyr of clothe of lake and iiij. peyr of gode gentil- 
mens shetes of ij. webbe5 and di. ; also ij. pair of fustiannes, 
iiij. pair of blanketts, vj. coverletts and xviij. pelose, yat is to say, 
iiij. of yc grettest and longest of doune, and viij. other doune 
pelose, and vj. peloes of scaped fedlrs ; and also al the stuff that 
longeth to y® pantre, botre, kechyn, bakhows, and brewhouse, to 
his owne use : except al maner plate of silver, and also alle y^ 
hyngyng of worsted in the chapell and closets. And over that 
ye said Sir Thomas desireth and praith his seid executours that 
thai delyver to the forsaid William his son, or to which of his 

* An Anglicised form of the Latin major, the greater or larger. 

t Sir Thomas Chaworth's second wife was one of the heiresses of the family of 
Aylesbury. Alice his mother, the only child of Sir John Caltoft, was one of the 
heiresses of the lordly house of Bassett of Drayton. 

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Other soones that God ordejniyth to be his heir, a grete salte salar 

gilte with banars and fanes, a grete rose boUe with a coverkill 

pounsed with his armes in the bothom, a boke of Englissh ye 

which is called Policonicon, another boke of Notes of Fynes, all 

the beddes and costirs for chaumber, hengyng for ye halle and 

parlor of tapisserwerk, and alle the kuchyns of tapisserwerk with 

alamite}, and certeyn ornaments of the chapell as foloith, yat is 

to say : a box of silver for our Lord's body of the lesse price, a 

gilte chale}, the less paxe brede of silver, a sakeryng belle of 

silver, ij. cruetts of silver, ij. candelstykks of silver, the best Mes 

boke, another olde Messe boke with a boke of Placebo and Dirige 

liggyng in his seid closed at the chapell, in the which ar titled of 

olde tyme the Obitts of the auncetors as welle of the faders of 

the said Sir Thomas as of his moder, the lesce Antiphoner of 

iiij., a Graile, a Manuell, a litel Portose, the which the saide Sir 

Thomas toke w' hym alway when he rode, a Sawter with Placebo 

and Dirige and an Hympner in the same, lyggynge in- his saide 

closet, alle the rayment of the awters of the birds of velvet with 

the vestement of the same sorte, a vestement of rede damaske 

with tabernacles and images in theym with ij. tunycles of the 

same suete ; to have and to holde unto hym or to thaim and to 

their heires males of thar bodies begoton, be succession from oon 

till another, with oute any alienacon or fraude to be done to yis 

my present wille, as my suffrayn trust is in you. And over this 

the said Sir Thomas Cha worth chargith the said William and 

alle his brother, as thai wille eschewe his indignacion, and have 

Godd's blessjnig and his, to perfourme and execute y® same wille, 

as is abofe specified, an in noon other wise. Also the said Sir 

Thomas praith his said executors y* thei delyvere un to William 

Fitzwilliam my son in la we y^ grettest roose pece of silver next 

the roose boUe ; and also yat thai delyvere unto George Chaworth 

his soon alle his stuff yat he hath at Alfireton, except ij. fournayes 

in fourme, he to remove them at his awne wille after ye decesse of 

the said Sir Thomas un to any place yat he purpose hym to 

dwelle at ; but if so be yat William Chaworth his brother or his 

heir male be the aviso of ij. or of iij. of the executours of the said 

Sir Thomas will bye hit, or accorde w*^ hym therfore, but in 

noon other entente but yat the said George shulde have the 

forsaid stuff to go to howsehold with. And to my cosyn Eobert 

Clifton squyer a newe boke of Inglisse, ye which begynnyth 

with ys lyffe of Seynt Albon and Amphiabell and other mony 

dyvers lyfe} and thynges in y® same boke, and unto my cosyn 

Eichard Willughby squyer an Englisse boke called Grace de 

Dieu. And also the said Sir Thomas praith his saide feeffe}, y* if 

hit happen hym to dye without issue male, yat thei ordeyne, founde 


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and stable a cliauntre with in the maner of Wvverton, aflter the 
forme and effecte as is contejmed in a paire of Indentures writen in 
Latyn, sealed with the same seall oi armes that yis present wille 
is sealed with; and yat than alle the saide maners, &c., except 
those yat are disposed for y® said chauntre and also yat ben tailed, 
shalbe sole to the most availe, and y« mone to be disposed in 
warkes of mercy for his sowle and alle Cristens. — Alle his juellys 
and other mevable godes, alswell in accon as in possession, the 
which ar not in this present wille otherwise legate or disposed, to 
be soldo for the complishment of this will. — Also y® said Sir 
Thomas will and desirith his seid feeflFees y* thai will after his 
decesse make general manumissions to certeyne persones, bandmen 
and whamen unto the said Sir Thomas, y* have doone hym long 
service in his lyve, yat is to sey, to Richard Barsse and to Margery 
Baker, Margerie Shakesper and to John of the halle. Also the 
said Sir Thomas Chaworth besechith, praith and requirith his 
seid feffe5 and executors yat yai will vouchesafe to make prevay 
for the executyns of his testament and yis his wille, Robert 
Clifton, Richard Willoughby esquyeres, and Thomas Nevill of 
Darlton, or ij. of thaym; and to have thair avise and assent yerto 
in every thing of charge yerto perteyning, be cawse yai have 
been moost ripe ther ine, and oft tymes have ben labored and 
enfourmed be y® said Sir Thomas of mony of y^ circumstaunce 
for y® executyng and perfourmyng of the said testament and 
wille. And also the said Sir Thomas besechith his said ieffe} 
and execu tours, of the grete cordiall affeccon that he hath in 
thaym before alle other creatures, that this present will be per- 
formed in every poynte in als mykell as thei may, as thai ther of 
wille answar be fore the hye Juge in the moost dredefull juge- 
ment. And to oversee the said supplicacons and wille, the said 
Sir Thomas hath ordeyned y® most reverende fader in God 
William, now be y^ grace of God Archebisshopp of York, or any 
of his successours that shall happen to be Archbisshop of York at 
the dyeing of y® said Sir Thomas, Richard Byngham Justice of 
the Kynges Benke, and Maister William Guile of Notingham 
doctour of divinitie, surviars ; and will y* the said most reverend 
fader or his successours at the dethe of the said Sir Thomas have 
his best gilte pece called the roose boll, and Richard Byngham 
an Englissh booke called Orilogium Sapienciae, and Maister Gull 
have a boke writen in Latyn called Policonicon, or ellys a rose 
peece with a coverkill of the sorte. Also the said Sir Thomas 
mekely besechith the said moost reverend fader and his suc- 
cesssours that the executours of the testament of the said Sir 
Thomas be rewarded competently, everych after the quantite of 
his labor, be the hye discrecion and avise of the said moost 

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reverend fader or his successours.* And if soo be yat be manne^ 
witte ther may be founden in this saide wille any contrariand 
thyngg or double rehersall or writyng, that than hit be taken to 
the beest entent and to the comon understandyng and entent, and 
not after the doublenesse, inconvenience or repugnance in any 
maner wise. In wittenesse of alle the which promises, the said Sir 
Thomas be goode deliberacon and avise hath sette to his seal of 
armes. GiflPen the xvj. day of Januar, the yere of kyng Henry 
the sext the xxxvij. 

Also the said Sir Thomas praith his said feffe} — that they 
graunte a rente charge imto Margere Baker of iiij. marc be yere, 
goyng out of the maner of Edwalton, and unto Jonet Butteler 
another rent charge of iiij. marc by yer, goyng out of the same 
maner, opon condicion that thei and aither of thaym kepe them 
selfe soole, un wedded, and in clennesse of thair bodye} from 
feliship of man, and in good name and fame; for scene alway, 
that if the forsaid Sir Thomas in his lyve, or elle) his executors 
after his decesse, bye thaym a lyveray in an abbay, that they may 
have ther in for terme of thair lyve) howsyng to dwelle ine and 
mete and drynk competent for thair degre, that than xl s. be yer 
of the said iiij. marc in aither of their partie} cesse and be noo 
longur paied. And also the the said Sir Thomas praith his said 
executours that thai after his decesse paie of his mevable goodes 
unto Marger' Shaksper for hir gode servyce vj. marc to hir 


Mar. xxviij. M.cccc.lix. Ego Alicia Dalby de Notingham — 
Lego fabricae Sanctse Crucis in le rodeloft ecclesiae predictaB xx s. 
Et eidem cruci in le rodeloft duos lapides de byrrall et v s. in 
auro fracto. Lego ecclesiae Sancti Petri predict® xxxj. uncias, 
dimidiam unce, et dimidiam quarterii unius unce argenti 
sigillatas in panno lineo ad faccionem unius censurae, 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Vicesimo die mensis Aprilis A.i). 
M.cccclviij. Ego Eobertus Flemmyngf — sepeliend. in Abba- 

* By his letters testimonial dated on the 22nd of September, 1461, the Archbishop 
of York remunerates the execntors of this will in the following manner ; — To Robert 
Clifton he allows 40 marks ; to William Fitzwilliam 40 marks ; to Richard Willoughby 
(who appears to have had all the work) 40^ ; to Ralph Reresby 20 marks ; and to 
Thomas Neville 40 marks. [Reff. Boothe, 281 -2.] 

t The family of Fleming had been seated at Wath from the reign of Henry I. The 

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£30 TE8TAM1 

thia Sancti Oswaldi. Item meam i 
palis. Item in cera viij d., in pan* 
viij d., pro pulsacione vj d. Ricard 
garetae servienti meae xxs. Conveii 
Item vij. marcas ad inveniendum un. 
Residuum Magistro Roberto Flemr- 
dominae Beatrioi Waterton,t et facio if 
[Prob. 18 Jul 1459.] 


In nomine Patris et Filii et Spinrus Sancti, Amen. Ego 
Johannes Dautre,t sanus. Lego et commendo animam meam 
Deo Omnipotenti, Creatori meo, adjuvante et mediante glorio- 
sissima Maria, regina coeli, domina et matre misericordiae ; et 
corpus meimi, verius cadaver putridum, sepeliendum coram 
altari Sanctae Trinitatis in ecclesia mea par. S. Michaelis juxta 
pontem Use, coram ymagine Sanctissimi Johannis Baptistae, 

founder of the honfle is a certain Reginald Flandrensia, a name which plainly telb us 
of the origin of its bearer. The testator does not appear in any of the recorded 
pedigrees of the family. On the 17th of September, in the 38th of Henry VI. 
William Fleming of Wath, Esq. makes his will, which was proved at York on the 
4th of May,. 1461. In it he left. 10/. for the jointure of William Fleming, his son 
and heir, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter of John Wombwell, Esq. together with a 
rent of 66«. Sd. after his decease out of his farms of Croston and Mawdesley in Lan. 
cashire. To his daughter Eu&me he left the sum of 80/. He likewise mentions 
his son John Fleming, his son John Caterall, hi9 wife Anne, and his brother John 
Wombwell. William Fleming, who is mentioned in the will which has just occurred, 
and who became Lord of Wath after his father^s death, left two daughters and co- 
heirs. He was killed at Wath, but we are unacquainted with the cause of his death. 

* Robert Fleming, Dean of Lincoln, in all probability a near relative of the 
testator. His brother Richard Fleming was Bishop of Lincoln, and was translated 
to the see of York, but the King refused to sanction the appointment which the Pope 
had made. He was the munificent founder of Lincoln College, Oxford. The two 
brothers were scholars of no ordinary ability, and they ranked among the most learned 
men of the day. 

f There is some little uncertainty as to the maiden name of this lady. According 
to Glover, she was the daughter and heiress of Robert . Fleming of Woodhall, in 
Methley, the testator, and the wife of Sir Robert Waterton of Methley, a distinguished 
warrior and statesman. If this be true, and the prominent position which Dame 
Beatrix occupies in the present will makes it extremely probable, Sir Robert was 
twice married, as he mentions his wife Cecily in his will. The Countess of Cambridge 
in her will, which has already occurred, mentions her niece Dame Beatrix Waterton. 
Sir Robert's sister-in-law was a daughter of John Lord Cli£fbrd, the brother of 
the Countess. 

X A gentleman of high legal attainments and extensive practice. The will of his 
father, Thomas Dautre, has been already given (No. XLiv.). That document has 
much in it to interest the reader, but it is greatly inferior in value and curiosity to the 
•will which is now before us. The testator whilst he followed the profession of his 
father at the same time inherited his taste, and this will, the last perhaps that he was 
l>ermitted to draw out, gives us a very pleasing picture of its compiler. 

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quern prae ceteris Sanctis a juventute mea in maximo ardoris 
amore nabuissem ; ut ipse Beatissimus Johannes, pro me misero 
Johanne, apud suum misericordem nepotem interveniat precibus 
suis sacris. Item lego rectori ecclesisB meae parochialis optimum 
indumentum meum, nomine mortuarii mei, et eidem pro decimis 
oblitis yj s. viij d. Item lego magistro Willelmo Langton,* spi- 
rituali patri raeo, cui maxime teneor amore, usum unius libri, pro 
termino vitae suae, quem librum Beatus Kicardus le Scrop f 
habuit et gerebat in sinu suo tempore suae decoUacionis, suppli- 
cando eidem magistro Willelmo ut ipse predictum librum post 
mortem suam catnenandum liberet et dimittat juxta locum ubi 
corpus ejusdem Ricardi requiescit, ibidem pro remanere. Lego 
duos cereos ponderis viij lb. cerae comburendos circa corpus meum 
tempore exequiarum mearum. Lego quatuor torchias combu- 
rendas circa corpus meum, precii cujuslibet ij s., quorum (sic) duo 
volo remanere summo altari, et unum altari ubi corpus meum 
requiescit, et quartum capellae domini Eicardi le Scrop extra 
muros. Lego fabricae novae tabulae summi altaris eccles. Cath. 
Ebor. vj s. viiij d. Lego Alexandro filio meo et heredi m^im 
optimam peciam deauratam cum armis meis et matris suae. Et si 
— remaneat Willelmo filio meo. Lego eidem Alexandro J unum. 

X William Langton, who was evidently on terms of great intimacy with the testator, 
was rector of St. Michaers Ousebridge, in York. Some extracts from his will have 
been already given in a note to No. Lxxx. 

t A personal relic of one of the most popular prelates that ever sat upon the bench, 
It is probably the same book which was bequeathed to the testator in his father^s will as 
** librum parvum vocatum Scropp." The murdered Archbishop is here spoken of inr 
such reverent and afifectionate terms that we may be sure that there had been some 
intimate connection between the Archbishop and the testator !s family. His fieither, 
Thomas^Dautre, probably owed his success in life to the kind offices of .that prelate^ 
and had many opportunities of experiencing that courtesy of demeanour and that 
&8cinating affability of manner for which the deceased Archbishop was so especially 
distinguished. The book which is here bequeathed may have been taken from the 
bosom of the sufferer by the father himself, and we cannot, therefore wonder at the son 
inheriting with the precious relique all his father*8 feelings of affectionate regard for 
the patron he had lost. He may perhaps have witnessed that act of cruelty, and the 
strong feelings of the boy still clung to the gray- haired man. The memory of th& 
Archbishop was held in the greatest veneration in his native county, and we cannot 
be surprised at it. Although he was himself a Yorkshireman, and a member of a 
powerful family which generally enforced rather than required respect, he did not 
owe his popularity to the splendour of his birth or the greatness of his position* The 
courtesy and kindness which he showed alike to all won for him the love and esteem 
of all, and when he, the common idol, died a martyr to a popular cause, almost before 
the gates of his own palace, we can readily understand how greatly the veneration of 
his admirers would be increased. After his death he was considered and worshipped 
as a Saint, and so great was the number of persons that flocked to his tomb that the 
King ordered the place to be covered over with logs of wood. The body of the Arch- 
bishop was interred in St. Stephen's Chapel in the Minster at York, where a plain 
altar tomb still marks his grave. Many were the honours which were paid to his 
memory, but I shall have occasion to refer again to the subject ere the volume closes« 
The will of a custodier of his sepulchre will soon occur. . . ... 

X If the son was intended to follow tbe example of that great commander whose 


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librum de Gestis Alexandri et gladium tneum, j. pel vim de 
peudir cum lavacro. Willelmo filio meo unam peciam deauratam 
quam habui ex legato domini Thoraae Morton,* et librum meum 
!BonaventuraB, ac librum Devocionimi qui fuit patris raei, ac 
omnes libros concernentes legem Angliae, prseter Magnum Eegis- 
trum ; et unam cistam ligatam cum ferro in bassa camera et j, 
parvam murram et j. pel vim de peudir. Lego Guydoni filio meo 
unam peciam argenti cum le Antelop in summitate, j. parvam 
mappam, unam cistam in studio meo, et unum librum de Vita 
Sancti Tliomae Martiris. Johanni filio meo unam peciam argenti 
cum una aquila deaurata in summitate ejusdem, unam murram 
vocatam Crumpuldud, unum librum de Bello Trojanorum, et 
unum librum Catonis et Solempnia Pharaoris in eadem, et j. 
cistam in qua linthia mea jacent. Lego Eicardo filio meo j. 
peciam argenti per medium deauratam cum armis meis et murram 
meam coopertam quam habui ex dono domini Alexandri Nevill f 
militis, ac meum Psalterium elomned cum auro, ac librum voca- 
tum Brito, et j. cistam in longa camera. Lego Eustachiae filiae 
meae j. peciam argenti ad modum calicis cum ymagine Sancti 
Johannis Baptistae et optimum Primarium quod fuit matris suae, 
j. zonam deauratam cum le corse de purpiU, unum lectum de 
cerico cum tapeto, j. archam in bassa camera super quam feci 
altare meum, j. coffre de pruce et j. magnam oUam eneam. Lego 
Isabellae filiae meae j. peciam argenti ad formam campani per 
medium deauratam, j. zonam deauratam cum le corse diversia 

name he bore, his mission was, to say the least, an ambitious one. The father of the 
testator, to whom this book belonged, had a son who bore the same name. He appears 
to have been an officer in the royal household, and he has a bequest in his father *a 
will of " unum coUer deauratum de corrodio Domini Regis/* 

* Thomas Morton, canon residentiary of York and prebendary of North Newbald 
in that church, to which he was appointed on the 23rd of August, 1423. This office 
he held till his death. He was also prebendary of Howden, rector of Settrington and 
of St. Peter's in the Willows. By his will, dated on the 10th of Jan. 1448-9, he 
desires to be buried in the Minster near the burial place of Master Robert Wolveden, 
late treasurer of the church, on the south-side. To his brother Robert Morton, parson 
of Bedale, he leaves a red bed, with curtains and costers, his best piece covered and 
gilt, for sweet wine, his Portiphor, which he has in his own keeping, and a little 
covered cup with a small foot standing upon three lions, with a cover gilt and Mai-ia, 
inscribed on the top. To Master Robert Morton, his cousin, ** togam penulatam cum 
capucio penulato, de corrodio yemali Domini Regis, et unam togam cum capicio 
ejusdem de corrodio estivali Domini Regis.'** To John Marshall, chaplain, a little 
Portiphor and a silver piece. To Simon Sutton a silver piece covered, which belonged 
to Master John Garleton. To Thomas Donn, his clerk, a silver piece covered and 
pounced, which he used in travelling. To Joan, wife of Thomas Donn, a gilt piece 
covered for sweet wine " ad modum unius bykyr." To the building or repairing of 
the great bell-tower of Ripon 40«. To John Dautree (the testator) a gilt piece 
covered, the gift of Master William Cawod. To the mending or keeping up of the 
banks, gutters, and sewers of the Derwent, by which the fields of Bamby and Askilby 
are very often inundated and injured, 20«. 

t Sir Alexander Neville of Thornton Bridge, whose will has been recently printed, 


Digitized by 



coloribus ex utraque parte, unum parvum Primarium, j. lectum 
cum sole cum tapeto, j. archam juxta altare in bassa camera^ 
j. coffre de pruce, et j, magnam oUam enneam. Et volo et ordino 
quod in casu quod predictae filiai meae sint gubernatae per volun- 
tatem, consensum et assensum Guydonis Fayrefax * fratris mei in 
lege de suis maritagiis, tunc omnia legata per me superius facta 
habeant; si noluerint, predicta legata pro nullo habeantur, sed ad 
usum et commodum aliorum liberorum meorum integre conver- 
tantur. Guydoni Fayrefax supradicto optimam meam murram 
coopertam deauratam et unum Registrum Magnum quod fuit 
Willelmi Gascoigne f Justiciarii Angliae. Isabellse uxori dicti 
Guydonis unum annulum auri cum duabus ymaginibus in eodem 
scidptis, et Agneti sorori suae unum par precarum de gette cum 
gaudiis argenti et deaurati, et Margaretae filiae suae unam parvam 
zonam deauratam le corse de theker russet. Martino Youle 
antiquo servienti meo pro suo servicio michi et parentibus meis 
impenso, domum habitacionis in qua modo inhabitat, habendam, 
ad terminum vitae suae, libere et quiete. Et ad hoc moneo filium 
heredem meum, quemcunque pro tempore suo, sub pena male- 
diccionis mese habendae, si ipsum molestaverit pro domo predicta, 
durante vita ipsius Martini. Lego eidem Martino j. lectum, viz. 
unum coverlett, unum par lintbiaminum. Lego Johannae Cres- 
well consanguinese meae xs. Lego Glorioso Confessori Sancto 
Willelmo t unum monile de auro cum perels, ita quod sit ordina- 
tum et fixum super parvum feretrum quocj geritur in Civitate 
cum Sanctis reliquiis corporis sui. Item lego Beatissimo dilecto 
meo Sancto Ricardo Scrop unum par precarum de currall de 
numero quinquaginta cum gaudiis deauratis, ad juvamen suae 
canonizacionis, quod Deus concedat pro sua magna gracia. Lego 
uni capellano ydoneo ad celebrandum pro anima mea et animabus 
parentum meorum, uxorum mearum, per duos annos ad altare 
ubi corpus meum requiescit ix 1. vj s. viij d. — terrae meae in 

* Guy Fairfax of Steeton, the testator's brother in the law, was made a Justice of 
the King's Bench on the 29th of September, 1478. From him descended a long line 
of illustrious Uwyers and distinguished statesmen. The testator's son Guy was 
probably called after him. 

t The Register which belonged to the celebrated Chief Justice Gascoigne, with his 
reports of cases and opinions. The fortunate devisee of this volume profited by his 
legacy, as he was subsequently raised to the bench. 

t St. WUliam, the canonized Archbishop of York, died in 1154. After hia decease 
miracles are said to have been performed at his tomb. When he v^ canonized his 
bones were removed from their old resting place by Archbishop ^ickwane in the 
presence of Edward I. his Queen and Court, and were deposited in ^^^^^^J^L 
Minster. A splendid shrine was erected over the tomb, J^^^^J^'^iv^TLtlr^^. 
costly bequests and gifts of plate and jewels. Drake (p ^20) gi^*° U J™^ 
account of the opening of the Saint's tomb which he ^^"^^i^^'^^onaUy t^rS. 
from the present will that the reliques of the saint were carried processionaiiy i^nroiigli 

the city in a shrine. 

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Boutham — vendantur — ■pecunia accrescat, et detur ad mari- 
tagium Eustacliiae et Isabellae filiarum mearum. — Executores Guy- 
donem Fayrefax, Alexaundrum Dautre et Willielmum Dautre 
filios meos et dom. Robertum Pudsay* capellanum consangm^ 
neum meum. Lego dicto Roberto unum parvum librum cum 
ymaglnibus in coopertorlo et icx s. pro labore suo. Dat. Ebor. 
XX. Mali, A.D. M.cccc.lviij. [Prob. 14 Aug. 1459.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Agnes Bedford f de Kyngeston 
super Hull vidua, xiiij. Sep. M.cccc.lix. — sepeliend. in capella 
S. Trin. infra dictam villam, ante ymaginem Sanctae Mariae de 
Pyte. Mortuarium meum viz. meam togam nigram cum gray 
penulatam, curatis meis, juxta ritum villae predictae; et pro decimis 
meis oblitis xls., et fabricse capellae pro sepultura mea xls. 
Summo altari j. burdcloith et j. to well de twill. Johanni Dalton $ 

*• Robert Pudsay of York was admitted to the order of Subdeacon by the sufi&agan 
of the Archbishop on the last of February, 1449-50. There was a respectable £uiiily 
of that name engaged in commerce in York in the 15th century, an o&hoot probably 
from the house of Pudsay of Bolton. 

i* Agnes, successively widow of John Strother, Richard Dalton, and John Bedford. 
Her last husband was a wealthy merchant at Hull, and the testatrix herself died 
there, although she appears to have had some property in Newcastle, where, no doubt, 
she had previously resided. She died in affluent circumstances, and makes a valuable 
will. Her last husband, John Bedford, was a wealthy merchant at Hull. By his 
will, dated on the 23rd of December, 1450, which was proved at York on the 14th of 
May in the following year, he desires to be buried in the choir of the chapel of the 
Blessed Trinity, near the body of Elizabeth his wife. He leaves for his mortuary, 
" coUobium penulatum cum martors.''^ He bequeathes to Agnes his wife two 
covered silver pieces, twelve silver spoons with lions for knops, gilt, in recoihpense of 
a certain sum «f money belonging to John Dalton, which the said Agnes his wife, the 
mother of the said John, lent to him. He also leaves to her his best cup, called, ** le 
nutte," of silver and gilt, " unum hallyng paly grene et light grene,'' with three banquers 
of the same pattern. To his son Nicholas Bedford he gives a silver piece covered 
and gilt. To Master Thomas Bedford his son a silver piece covered and gilt, called 
''flat peece.'* To Richard Bedford his son he leaves a blood-red vestment for a 
priest, a silver chalice, a book called **^ le Portus,*' and a Missal. To John Dalton he 
gives another cup of silver and gilt, called " le nutte/* To Helen Gare his daughter 
he gives a colored silver piece, called " flat pece," chased '* cum signo vocato fonne^." 
He mentions Elizabeth and Anne the daughters of Richard, and John and Nicholas 
the sons of Nicholas, Bedford, his sons. He then makes provisions for the foundation 
of a chantry of the value of lOOs, a-year together with eight marks for his yearly obit 
for his soul, the souls of Elizabeth and Agnes his Wives, those of John late Duke of 
Bedford, John Tutbury, merchant, deceased, and for those of all his benefactors, for 
ever, in Trinity Church, Hull, and he desires that the priests who officiate may be 
taken from the roll (or table, as it is generally called) of the chapel of the Blessed 

X John Dalton of Hull the son of the testatrix by her second husband. He is 
mentioned with his mother in the will of Agnes widow of William Dalton of York, 
in. 1445 (No. xc). There was^ certainly a connection between his family and that of 
his namesake John Dalton of Hull, the ancestor of the Daltons of Haux^ell in 

Digitized by 



filio meo ij. mea pecia argenti operta et coopertorium, meum 

optimum bolpece, meum optimum dusann cocliarium, meum 

optimum nutt, meum optimum lectum cum uno tapett de aryss 

warke, meum optimum pece deauratum, imum alium pece deau- 

latum quondam Johamiis Dalton* presbit^ri, meum optimum 

salt selar cum coopertorio, unum maser quondam patris ejus, 

meum optimum broche, meum optimum oucne de auro; j, par de 

linthiaminibus meis optimis, j . par blannketts de fustiane, j . annulum 

cum j. turchas, ij\ alios annulos signatorios, quorum unus habet 

crucem, meum optimum pewderbox, ij. crewettes argentL Eliza- 

bethae uxori ejus j. par templeyrs cum peryll ornatum, j. par 

precum de auro cum j. broche eidem annexo, j. par precum de 

corall cum gaudes de gold, meam optimam zonam nigram, brode, 

unum de maximis de proys cofers. Item Agneti Swan meam 

zonam nigram vocatam Cristenynge gyrdill barred throgh oute 

et deauratam, j. de meis peciis optimis argenti et deauratam, 

dim. dos. cocliarium cum akehomes, j. parvum maser novum, 

j.par de templeyrs cum peryll ornatum, j. par corall bedes langest 

cum j. broche de auro et j. knop de peryll, j. de meis optimis 

cofers, meum optimum sadell, hamas de worsted, meas duas 

Bellas cum hames pertinente ad easdem, meum novum Primarium, 

j. librum cum Precibus quondam Johannis Dalton f capellani, 

meum secundum ouche de auro, j. par precum argenti quondam 

matris meae. Predictae Elizabethae uxori dicti Johannis Dalton 

duos optimos meos annulos de auro. Johanni Swan seniori duas 

pecias argenti et coopertas vocatas bell peces, meum lees nutt, dim. 

dos. cocliarium argenti, j, bolpece powncett coopertum, j. parvum 

par precum de curallcum j. broche de auro ad easdem annexo, 

Richmondshire, but I have not hitherto been able to unite them. I believe that both 
of them sprang from York, where there was a respectable family of merchants of that 
name. These two Johns cannot be identical, as the ancestor of the Hauxwell line 
died in 1458, but if more evidence be attained, it will probably be found that they 
were cousins. It will perhaps be discovered that John Dalton, the son of the testatrix, 
was the ancestor of a family of that name, which lived in the neighbourhood of New- 
castle, where the siecond husband of the testatrix seems to have died. 

* Probably John Dalton, who was vicar of All Saints on Peaseholme Green, in 
York. His nuncupative will, dated 16 April, 1433, was proved at York, two days 
afterwards. Robert Dalton his brother was his executon 

f Sir John Dalton of York, chaplain, died in 1438. He occurs in a matrimonial 
suit in ihe year 1432. It appears that his sister Margaret Dalton, whom all the 
witnesses flatteringly describe as " virgo juvenis, pulcra et formosa,** was, in the year 
1432, a ward of Robert Clenyng of Burneby, and Margery his wife, who was her 
godmother. The fair damsel had been contracted to one John Warde of Burneby, 
who had been faithless, and had deserted her for one Alice Skelton. This desertion 
begets a suit for breach of promise of marriage, in which it is stated j I presume as a 
proof of the respectability of the complainant, that Sir- John Dalton of York, chaplain, 
was her brother. Her brothers, Richard Dalton of Burneby, then of the age of 30 
years, and Robert Dalton, of the age of 28, appear as witnesses for their sister. She 
had another sister, who bore the curious name of Ibbota ; she was then wife to Robert 
Pirles of Hayton. 

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j. pruce cofer, j. zonam nigram argenti cum KAteren wKeyls et 
deauratam, j. lectum cum j. tapeto de owched warke, meura lees 
salt seler pale argenti, j. pewderbox argenti, j. burdecloth, j. shete 
wit white silke, j. towell de plajra cloith. Willelmo Sanderson 
capellano j. peciam playn et flatt argenti deauratam et coopertam. 
Bicardo Staneley capellano unam peciam flatt argenti deauratam 
coopertam, j. par linthiaminum de optimis. Nicholao Wetwange 
j. broche de auro cum uno pawtener de auro, et uxori ejus j. an- 
nulum de auro. Johanni Marcer dim. dos. cocliarium argenti 
quibus cotidie utor, j. gobelett argenti deauratmn et coopertum. 
Koberto Marcer fratri ejusdem dim. dos. cocliarium argenti quibus 
cotidie utor, j. bolpece flatt argenti et coopertam quondam Johannis 
Dalton, j. par linthiaminum. Johanni Marcer j . par linthiaminum. 
Johannae Strother dim. dos. cocliarimn argenti cum akehoms, 
meum lectum rubium cum uno tapett de chalon warke, meam 
zonam viridem argenteam et deauratam cum xiiij. barris, j. parvam 
murram cum uno band argenti et deaurati, j. federbede cum uno 
bouster, j. par linthiaminum, j. metecloth, j. towell de playne- 
cloth et liij s. iiij d. Johanni Strother fiKo pred. Johannae j. pew- 
derbox et yj 8. viij d. Agneti Eodes j. zonam viridem, brode, 
argenteam et deauratam. Agneti Albright j. grenbede cum 
j. tapett quondam matris meae, j. olde pruce cofer et xx s. Elenae 
Marche j. burdecloith, j. towell de lynnyncloith et xiij s. iiij d. 
Ivero meo servienti j. blew coverlett, j. par linthiaminum de 
hardencloith et xx s. Isabellas ELalytreholme j. coverlett de grene 
et xiij s. iiij d., j. grettest braspott, j. litill pott cum j. startt, 
j. old pruce cofer. Thomae EUey capellano celebranti — ^per tres 
annos — quolibet anno c s. Lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes 
infra villam Novi Castri super Tynam iij 1. vj s. viij d. Adomaro 
Heryng xxvj s. viij d. et j. par linthiaminum sewed with white 
silke. Isabellae Halytreholme j. candilstike. Johanni Gray 
j. gobelett argenti et deauratum set non coopertum. Johanni 
Swan juniori meum Primerium quo cotidie utor. Volo quod 
obitus virorum meorum Johannis Strother* et Ricardi Dalton f 

* John Strother, the first husband of the testatrix, bears the name of a good 
Northumberland family. He was probably a merchant at Newcastle, where he seems 
to have been interred. 

t Richard Dalton, the second husband of the testatrix, and the father of her son 
John Dalton. We may perhaps infer that he had died in Newcastle, from the &ct 
that his obit was to be celebrated in the church of the Friars Minors in that town. 
There was also a &mily of Dalton in the vicinity of Newcastle during the sixteenth 
century. But, supposing that Richard Dalton did live and die in Newcastle, I am 
still inclined to believe that he was of Southern extraction, and connected with the 
York family to which I have already alluded. There was always an intimate connec- 
tion between the great commercial towns; and the family of Bird, which attained to 
such wealth in Newcastle, is known to have migrated from Hull. In 1436, Beatrix, 
wife of Richard Dalton of York, tanner, died and was interred in the church of All 
Saints, North Street. Her husband was then surviving. 

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annuatim fiat imperpetuum apud Fratres Minores Novi Castri 
super Tinam — Lego Johanni Dalton filio meo ad sustentacionem 
ejusdem octo solidatas redditus jacentis apud Saynt Nicholas 
Style Nov, Castr., ut ipse provideat. Lego eidem omnia terras 
et tenementa — in le Hygate infra villana de Kjmgeston super 
Hull — sibi et heredibus — rem. Agneti Swan ad term, vitae — rem. 
Johanni Swan juniori filio predicti Johannis Swan senioris et 
Agnetis — rem. executoribus meis. Lego Thomae Heryng patri 
predicti Adomari xxvj s. viij d. — Lego Elenae Hemelsay parvum 
tabelett de auro. Johannae Strother naeam togam nigram. 
Johanjiae Mold meam aliam togam nigram non penulatam. — 
Eesiduum Johanni Dalton filio meo. yProb. 18 Oct 1459.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. I Elyn Gilliott* of Kyngeston opon 
Hull wedowe. The first day of the moneth of Januar, the yere 
of oure Lord M.cccc.lix., beyng in hole mynd — my body to be 
beryde in the capell of the holy Trinite be side my husband. 
Item for my corse present my best goune. I forgife feertyn my 
son all that he awes me. — I wit to the kirkwark of the chapell of 
oure Lady in Kyngeston opon Hull iij s. iiij d. I witt to the 
house of Feryby for to pray for my saule my long tabill and 
j. yetteling with the eres. Then I witt to the house of Newsom 
for to pray for my saule j. houle basyn for to whessh thare cor- 
poraxes in. To Sir John my son the chanon of Newsom j. payre 
of bedes gete with gawdes of silver, and j. crucifix and j. Saynt 
James shell hang3aig at the same bedes. To Bertyn my signet 
of gold that was his faders. I will that Janet Everingham my 
doghter, if so be that sho be with j. doghter, that it nave my 
felett of perill, and if she be with j. son I will that Jenet the 
doghtter of Bertyn my son have the same felett of perell. To 
William y® son of Bertyn one blake girdill harnest with silver. 
To John Dysmy one pot of brace with one brode mouth. \_Prob, 
18 Jan. 1459-60.] 

* 'Widow of William Gelyot of Hull, roper. He made his will on the Feast of the 
Epiphany, 1448, in which he desired to buried in the chapel of the Blessed Trinity. 
To his son John, the canon. Abbot of Newsom, he left his white zone, adorned with 
silver. To Joan his daughter he bequeathed a red bed, with swans and leopards* 
heads. To Margaret, the wife of Bertin his son, he left his black zone of leather, with 
heads of angels of silver. He mentions his wife Ellen, the testatrix. 

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In Dei nomine, Amen, xx Apr. a.d. M.cccc.lix. Effo Jo- 
hannes Say veil * de Copley, armiger — sepeliend. in ecclesia vel 
cimiterio de Halifax. Lego fabricae ejusdem campanilis xxs. 
Lego campanis ejusdem ecclesise vj s. viij d. Lego pauperibus 
V 8. distribuendos inter eos in bonore quinque vulnerum Christi. 
Ordino Matild. uxorem meam, Nicholaum Say veil f fratrem meum, 
Johannem Sayvell filium meum et Thomam Strenger capellanum 
meos executoies — supervisorem Johannem Lacy J armigerum. 
Residuum Johannae, Annae et Margaretae filiabus meis. \_Proh, 
21 Jan. 1459-60.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Ego Guido Rouclyff§ — sep. in eccles. 
par. de Escrike. — Lego fabricae campanilis eccles. par. de Escrik 
xl s. et quandam veterem plumbeam confractam. Willelmo 
Palmes || xx marcas. Magistro Johanni Eouclyff filio meo Por- 
tiforium meum cum benedictione mea patema. Cuilibet aliorum 
filiorum et filiarum meorum xl s., cum benedictione, vel valorem 
per avisiamentum Johannae uxoris meae matris eorum. Residuum 
Johannae uxori meae, ad disponendum. Executores constituo 
Johannam ux., Brianum Rouclyff,T Willelmum RouclyfF, ma- 
gistrum Johannem Rouclyff, Thomam Rouclyff filios meos, et 
Willelmum Palmes. Dat. xxij. Oct. A. Regn. H. vj. xxxviij. 
IProh. 28 Mar. 1460.] 

* John Saville, of Copley, Esq. married Maud Trafford, by whom he had several 
children. His fatiier, Henry Saviile, acquired the estate by his marriage with Eleanor, 
daughter and heiress of Thomas Copley. His will, dated on the 21st of November, 
1437, was proved at York on the 26th of November, in the same year. He desired 
to be buried in the church of Halifax, and he left the residue of his estate to John, 
Thomas, and Nicholas Saviile, and Richard Littester, draper. 

t Nicholas Saviile of the Bank married Joan, daughter of John Lacy of Cromwell- 

X John Lacy, of Cromwellbotham, Esq. was connected by marriage with the fomily 
of Saviile. On the 5th of April, 1474, he makes his will, in which he desires to be 
buried in the church at Halifax. He mentions the children of his sons and daughters — 
his sons Richard and Gilbert Lacy, Joan daughter of Gilbert, and John son of 
Richard Lacy. 

§ Guy Rocliffe, Esq., was made recorder of York in the 4th of Henry VI. He 
married Joan, daughter of Thomas de Burgh, of Kirtlington, co. Notts, by whom he 
had a large family. 

II William Palmes of Nabume, Esq. the husband of Ellen Rocliffe, the testator^'s 
daughter. For some notices of him I must refer my readers to a note appended to his 
father^s will (No. xxiv.) Another of the daughters of the testator married Sir John 
Dawney, and carried her father's name to her son Sir Guy Dawney of Cowick, who 
married the heiress of the Darrels of Sessay. 

^ A Baron of the Exchequer, to which office he was appointed Nov. 2, 1458. He 
was a very eminent lav^er and a distinguished man. His will is a very valuable one. 

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Ju. XXV. M.cccc.lx. Ego Johannes Ulceby de Beverlaco 
bocher — sep. coram ymagine Sancti Cristoferi in navi ecclesiae 
B. Joh. Beverlaci, juxta corpora Ellzabethae et Annae dudum iix- 
orum mearum — Lego ad fabricam eccles. par. B. Mariae Beverlaci 
j. shopam cum una camera in rangia vocata Boucher Rawe, pro 
obitu ibidem annuatim faciendo — cum quatuor campanis pul- 
sandis ad eundem. Lego Edwardo Gower armigero pro una 
sella sibi emenda xx s. 

CLxxxvrn. testamentum thom^ ntkson. 

Ap. j. M.cccclxj. Ego Thomas Niksone * de Welberfosse — 
Sep. in eccles. mea par. de W. juxta sepulcrum Eoberti Hoton, 
ex parte boriali — Item volo quod executores mei edificent, seu 
edincari faciant, unum campanile de masoncrafte, ad occidentalem 
partem de Welberfosse ecclesiae, et finiant, prout opus est incep- 
tum, de bonis meis ad summitatem xvij. ulnarum subtus le 
batelment, si parochiani cariagium fecerint seu fieri faciant ad 
dictum opus perficiendum. 


In nomine Sanctae Trinitatis, ejusdemque Individuae Unitatis, 
Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen. Ego Ricardus Comes 
Sarum,t sciens me viam universae camis ingressurum, condo et 

* This will contains an interesting bequest to the church of Wilberforce. I have 
always extracted with great care any notices which bear upon the architectural history 
of the period. 

f Richard Earl of Salisbury, one of the many scions of the princely family of 
Neville, and the founder of a short-lived house, which was fairer even than the mother 
from which it sprang. He was the eldest son of Ralph Neville, first Earl of West- 
merland, by his second wife Joan Beaufort, daughter of John of Graunt. The 
immense influence of his father secured for him an illustrious consort. She was the 
sole heiress of the great house of Montacute, with the queenly dower of the ancient 
Baronies of Montacute and Monthermer. The title of her sire was revived in the 
person of her lord by letters patent dated on the 4th of May, 1442. Richard Neville 
was now in right of his position one of the greatest nobles in the realm, and the 
restless energy of the Neville made him maintain it well. His honours were numerous 
and great. In the Ist and 2nd of Henry VI. he was Warden of the West Marches, 
and a commissioner to treat for peace with Scotland. In the 11th of Henry VI. he 
^as Warden of the West Marches, and in the following year he was made Warden of 
both the East and West Marches. In the 14th of Henry VI. he was retained by the 
King to serve in his army in France and Normandy with 3 bannerets, 7 knights, 
249 men-at-arms, and 1040 archers. In 26 Henry VI. he was again Warden of 
the West Marches and Governor of Carlisle. In 29 Henry VI. he was once more 
appointed a commissioner to treat for peace with Scotland. In 32 Henry VI. he, 
in conjunction with several other nobles, undertook the guardianship of the seas. The 
wars of the Roses now broke out, and the immense influence of the Earl of Salisbury 
was one of the main supports of the house of York. To this side he uniformly 
adhered, and he gave to it the warmest and the strongest assistance. At the great 

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facio istud testamentum meum sive hanc ultimam voliiiitateni 
meam in hunc modum. Inprimis commendo animam meam Deo 

?lasmatori meo, gloriosaeque Virgin! Mariae, matri suas, atque 
Omnibus Sanctis ejus ; corpusque meum sepeliendum in Monasterio 
de Bustelsham,* patronatus mei et carissimsB uxoris meae Alesiae f 
Comitissae Sarum in jure suo, in quodam loco ibidem per me 
avisato Priori domus illius, et aliis ae consilio meo satis cognito, 
inter nobiles Dominos nuper Comites Sarum antecessores ejusdem 
uxoris meae; ad cujus quidem loci sepulturae meae et tumbae meae 
ibidem fabricam, modo et forma per me antea avisatis, si non per- 
ficiantur in vita mea, do et lego de bonis meis cc. marcas, vel 
plufl aut minus, secundum discrecionem executorum meorum 
mfrascriptorum. Item do et lego pro expensis funeralibus die 
sepulturae meae ibi fiendis c. marcas, velmajus aut minus secundum 
eandem discrecionem, ultra xl. marcas. time inter pauperes et 
indigentes pro anima mea per executores meos distribuendas 

battles at St. Alban^s and Blore Heath he contributed greatly to the success of the 
Yorkists. In the 38th of Henry YI. there was a strong reaction in fayour of the 
House of Lancaster, and the Earl of Salisbury was obliged to cross the seas. He was 
attainted in his absence. In the following year he returned to England, and was 
present at the great battle of Northampton. He was now constituted Lord Great 
Chamberlain of England, in reward for his services to his party. In the very next 
engagement, however, the fortunes of the contending parties were reversed. It was 
the fatal fight at Wakefield, so disastrous to the Yorkists and their adherents. The 
Duke of York himself was slain, and the Earl of Salisbury was taken prisoner and 
beheaded. His head was afterwards fixed upon one of the gates of the city of York — a 
mournful termination of the career of one of the greatest and most able of our English 
Barons. He fell in December, 1460, and on the 13th of April in the following year 
the permission to administer to his effects was granted to his widow the Lady Alesia, 
to Richard Earl of Warwick, John Lord Montacute, Sir James Strangeways, Kt., 
Thomas Witham, William Ireland, and Sir John Middleton, chaplain. In the Wills 
and Inventories, published by the Surtees Society, p. 69, several of the letters of this 
great nobleman have been printed, and a specimen of his autograph has been given. 

* The monastery of Bustlesham or Bysham Montague, now Bisham, in Berkshire, 
was originally a Preceptory of the Knights Templars. It afterwards came into the 
possession of William Montacute Earl of Salisbury, who in 1338 built a Priory here for 
Austin Canons. Many of the family of Montacute were interred there. The founder ^s 
son William was buried there, and his widow Elizabeth de Mohun desires to be laid 
beside her lord in 1414. John de Montacute the next Earl was buried at Cirencester, 
but his remains were removed to Bustlesham by royal licence in the 6th Henry V, 
The last of the old Earls of Salisbury, the father-in-law of the testator, desires to be 
interred among his ancestors at Bustlesham. The testator and his wife were buried 
there, and their son the kingmaker laid his bones beside theirs. At the Dissolution, 
the abbey, with its buildings, was converted into the mansion of the fBunily of Hoby. 

t Alesia, the only child and heir of Thomas Lord Montacute, Earl of Salisbury, and 
Lord Monthermer, by Alianora, daughter of Thomas, and sister and coheir of Edmund 
Earl of Kent. Her father, a famous warrior and a distinguished man, was killed at the 
Siege of Orleans on the 3rd of November, 7 Henry VI. His daughter was now one of 
the wealthiest heiresses in England, and she was wooed and won by a man who was 
well fitted by his birth and talents to fill the loftiest position that the realm could offer. 
She had a large family by the testator, whom she survived. Her own dignity and 
power were not extinguished by the titles of her Lord, and we can easily understand 
how so many of the Yorkshire gentry were desirous of securing the patronage of the 
lady of Middleham and Sheriff button for the fulfilment of their wills. 

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ibidem. Item volo et ordino et super hoc deprecor et exhortor 
dictam. uxorem meam et heredes meos, quod ipsi quandam con- 
yencionem in quodam scripto indentato inter me ex parte una, et 
Priorem et Conventum loci predicti ex altera factam, contentam, 
super a{>propriacione ipsis ecclesiae de Stokeham, fitciant et com- 
pellant ipsos ex parte sua in omnibus bene et fideliter tenere et 
perimplere secundimi veram intencionem meam in eodem scripto 
plenius declaratam. Item volo et ordino quod de bonis meis 
distribuantur inter pauperes puellas non babentes unde maritentur 
xl. marcas ad maritagia earundem per discrecionem dictae uxoris 
meae et aliorum executorum meorum. Item volo et ordino quod 
cli. de bonis meis distribuantur pro missis, elemosinis et aliis 
operibus caritatis per executores meos omni festinacione pro 
animabus illorum a quibus aliquid immerito negligenter aut 
ignoranter habui vel cepi. Item do et lego religiosis cujuslibet 
domus Fratrum et Monialium in Comitatu Ebor. xx s. ; ita quod 
iidem reKgiosi et reli^osse cujuslibet hujusmodi domus dicant et 
dici faciant Placebo, Dirige, et Commendacionem ac Missam de 
Bequiem pro anima mea. Item do et lego ecclesise de Midelliam 
unum vestimentum integrum de baudek3m cum capa, tunicles, 
chesible, albis et jparuris. Et consimile vestimentum integrum 
ecclesiae de Sbirrefnoton. Item do et lego Monasterio de Bustel- 
ham predicta die sepulturse mesB ibidem oblandos duos coursours, 
unum hernesium de armaturis meis completum cum meis coet- 
armor, vexlllo, standard et alio apparatu, prout moris est pro 
dominis status mei oblando, et secundum discrecionem executorum 
meorum. Item volo et ordino quod fideliter computetur inter 
executores testamenti dominae et matris meae, Johannae* nuper 
comitissaB Westmerland, et executores meos, de omnibus rebus 
quae fuerint dictae matris meae ad usimi meum faabitis seu captis, 
ac de omnibus solucionibus per me pro domino et patre meo 
Eadulpbo t nuper comite Westmerland et dicta domina mea et 
matre pro terris suis solutis et factis, et super hoc fiat debita satis- 
factio, ubi fieri debeat, secundum sanas consciencias executorum 
utriusque partis. Item do et lego dictae uxori meae quendam 
lectum integrum de purple baudekyn auri cum omnibus tapetis 

* Joan, daughter of John of Gaunt. Her first huaband was Sir Robert Ferrers, and 
after his death she became the second wife of Ralph Earl of WestmerUnd, to whom 
she l>ore the testator, &c. After the death of her lord, who died in 1425, she seems to 
have spent the greater part of the remaining years of her life at Sheriffhutton Castle. 
She died on the 18th NoTcmber, 1440, and was buried in Lincoln Cathedral. Her 
will, dated 10 May, 1440, is given in the Appendix to the Hist. Dunelm. Scriptores 
Tres, No. ccxz. 

f Ralph, first Earl of Westmerland, the father of the testator, died in 1425, and was 
buried under a splendid altar-tomb in Staindrop Church. His will, to which an 
interesting account of him is appended, occurs in the " Wills and Inventories,** one of 
the earliest of the publications of the Surtees Society, No. 21. 

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dc airice de pirro lecto illi pertinentibus, unum ciphum auri ad 
electionem suam, xij. discos et ij. chareeoiirs argenti, ij. potte3 

Sotellers pianos deauratos, ij. potte} aibos et j. par de basyns 
eauratum, quae fuerunt Thomae nuper Episcopi Dunelmensis,* 
necnon partem omnium bonorum meorum ipsam de jure contin- 
gentem. Item volo et ordino quodfeoffati mei in castro, manerio 
et villa de Sherrifhoton, EstliUyng, Westlillyng et Easkell cum 
pertinentiis, inde faciant statum dictse uxori meae habendum ad 
terminum vitce susb, remansurum inde Bicardo f filio meo primo- 
genito, etc in tallia secundum finem de Shirrifhoton in curia 
Domini Kegis levatum. Item volo et ordino quod feoffati in 
omnibus dominiis, castris, maneriis, terris et tenementis de here* 
ditate dictse uxoris mese faciant statum inde immediate post 
mortem meam, talem qualem ipsa habuerit in eisdem ante finem 
per ipsam eisdem feoffatis levatum, manerio de Shenley cum 
pertinentiis excepto unde ex assensu dictae uxoris mesB aliter est 
provisum inferius declaratum. Item volo quod feoffati in 
maneriis, terris et tenementis quae habui de Domino Bege pro 
ecclesia de Eyngwod, preter ea quae data sunt Thomae } fiho meo 

* Robert Neville, Bkhop of Durham, was the testator *s brother. Thomas Langley, 
who died Bishop of Durham in 1437, is here spoken of. Robert Neville died in 
1457, and was interred in the Neville Chapel in the Cathedral of Durham. His will 
is given in the Appendix to the Hist. Dunelm. Seriptores Tres, No. cclv» 

t Richard Neville, Earl of Salisbury and Warwick, the eldest son of the testator, the 
greatest subject tliac ever lived, upon whose exploits and grandeur the historian and 
the novelist have alike dwelt vnth pleasure. His marriage with the heiress of the 
Beauchamps added to the splendour of his inheritance, and his valour and ex- 
traordinary energy, combined with his profuse liberality and fescinating manners, 
rendered him the idol of the nation. He was, in good truth, the setter up and the 
putter down of kings. The brilliant career of the kingmaker is too well known to be 
detailed here. Suffice it to say that he fell on the field of Barnet in 1471, fighting not 
for the cause for which his fkther died, but for the House of Lancaster. In the 
Auditors* Office at Durham, singularly enough, there is preserved one of the rolls 
which was annually made out by the keeper of the live stock of the great Earl. It is 
a valuable document, and fully confirms the accounts which we have received of the 
magnificence of his establishment. I add a document of a different nature which 
occurs in * the contemporary register of the Archbishop of York. It tells its own 
tale, and will be read with interest. 

Most Reverent Fader in God, right worshippAill and my gode Lorde. After due 
reoommendacion to yo' gode Lordship, please hit the same to witte, y' I knowe tar 
certain that the Sootte^, the kynges auncien grete enemyes, with his traitours and 
rebelle^, have entred this lande w' grete puissance, entendyng to do therto and to the 
inhabitante^ of y« same all the hurt and damage that thay can ymagine ; wherfore I, 
as the kings lieutenant, charge you on his behalfe, and beseche and require yow on 
myn own, that ye doo ordeine y« clergie of yo"^ diocise and province of York to come 
forth in sdl hast possible in thair moost defensible arraie, in as grete nombre as thai 
godely may be, to assiste me to the resistence of the malice of the saide enemye^, 
traitours and rebelles, so that thai be with me at Duresme on Friday next comyng, as 
ye well ansuer to the Kyngs Highnesse, and upon all perill that ther of may fall. And 
cure Lorde have yow in his blessid kepyng. Writen at my Castell of Midelham the 
xith day of J\u\\,—[Recd, 12 Jttly, 1463, and Monicion sent on the same day, — Booihe. 

t Sir Thomas Neville, the testator *s second son, took to wife Maud, the widow of 
Lord Willoughby. He fell on the field of Wakefield. 

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et Matildas uxori suae, et certis heredibtis suis ex assensu predicted 
uxoris mese, per finem feciant eidem uxori mese inde statum, et 
quod ipsa de aliis maneriis, castris, dominiis, terris et tenementis 
de Hereditate mea habeat racionabilem dotem suam unde dotabilis 
existit. Item volo quod feoflfati mei de omnibus aliis maneriis, 
dominiis, terris et tenementis cum suis pertinentiis michi talliatis 
in Comitatu Ebor., exceptis terris et tenementis in Eichemund- 
shire sic talliatis, permittant executores meos habere et percipere 
omnia exitus et proficua donee omnia debita mea plenane persol- 
vantur. Item volo et ordino quod in omnibus Comitatibus Angliae 
omnia terrae et tenementa in feodo simplice in quibus diversi 
personae per me sunt feoffati, necnon omnia terras et tenementa in 
Civitate Ebor., per executores meos ad solucionem debitorum 
meorum et voluntatis meae perimplendum vendantur, omni festi- 
nacione possibili, si bona mea non sufficiant ad hujusmodi solu- 
cionem debitorum meonmi, et voluntatis meae perimplecionem ; 
ac eciam omnia ilia terras, tenementa, messuagia et possessiones 
quaeconque in Civitate London per me posita in feoffamento, quae- 
cunque ibidem, vendantur per executores meos ad hujusmodi 
solucionem debitorum meorum et voluntatis meae perimplecionem. 
Item do et lego eidem Ricardo filio meo, comiti Warr*. ij. 
chargeours, xij. discos, yj. salsers argenti, ij. pottes quasi potellers 
deauratos chaced, ij, pottes albos, j. oiphum auri coopertum cum 
perles in le knop, et ij. pelves deauratas cum le fenix quas de me 
mutuatus est. Item volo et ordino quod quaedam convencio de 
maritagio dicti Thomae filii mei cum uxore sua domina de 
Willughby omnino fiat et perimpleatur secundum veram inten- 
cionem aggregacionis inde inter me et Radulphum dominum de 
Cromwell lactae ; et eciam convencio de maritagio Katerinae * filiae 
meae cum consanguineo et herede apparenti domini de Harington 
et Willelmi dommi de Boneville nat et perimpleatur secundum 
veram intencionem cujusdam scripti indentati inde confectL 
Item do et lego eidem Thomae filio meo unum ciphum argenti 
deauratum coopertum cum j. ewer deaurato, j. basyn cum j. ewer 
argenti albi, et unum lectum de blod baudekyn auri cum liez 
tapetis de herbis et herboribus quae empta fuerunt de Roberto Craw- 
ford. Item do et lego Johannif filio meo xij. discos argenti, j. 
ciphum argenti coopertum deauratum cum j. ewer, j. basjni, et j. 
ewer album et imum lectum de tapisterie sine auro vel serico 
emptum de dicto Crawforth, cum iiij. tapetis de viridi worsted. 
Item do et lego Georgio J filio meo xij. discos argenti et j. ciphum 

* Katharine, the fifth daughter of the testator, married William Lord Bonville. 

+ Sir John Neville, third son of the testator, successively Lord Montagu, Earl of 
Northumberland, and Marquess of Montagu. He fell with his brother at the battle of 
Bamet in 1471. 

t George Neville, successively Bishop of Exeter, Archbishop of York, and Lord 
High Chancellor of England. 


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deauratum coopertum. Item leso Alesise* filiae meae unum 
ciphum deauratum cum j. ewer. Item do et lego Alianorae f filiae 
mese unum ciphum argenti coopertum. Item do et lego Katerina& 
filiae meas unum ciphum argenti deauratum coopertum. Item do 
et lego Margaretae:^ filiae meae ad maritagium suum per idem 
avisamentimi fiendum, si non maritetur in vita mea, mille marcas 
et unum ciphum argenti deauratum coopertum. Item do et lego 
filiae meae comitissae Arundell § unum ciphum auri minoris 
ponderis per discrecionem dictae uxoris meae. Item volo et ordina 
quod quilibet armigerorum et generosorum meorum mecum in 
hospicio meo die obitus mei commorans, per me vel per progenitores 
meos non promotus per feodum vel officimn ad terminum vitae, 
habeat de regardo v. marcas; et quilibet valectus taliter commo- 
rans, non promotus, xl s., et quilibet garcio taliter commorans, non 
promotus, xxs. — et quod alterius quilibet armigerorum, genero- 
sorum, valectorum et garcionum in hospicio meo die obitus mei 
predicti existens, habeat omnia feoda et vadia sibi debita et non 
soluta per executores meos plenarie persolvenda. Item do et lego 
Thomae Wytham|| unum ciphum argenti deauratum coopertum 
et xli. Et Ricardo Rooslf xli. et invencionem suam ad ter- 
minum vitae suae honeste per dictam uxorem meam {e£) executores 
meos gradui suo competentem. Et Christoforo Conyers** ciphum 
argenti deauratum coopertum. Et Jacobo Strang ways ft militi 

* Alesia, the testator's third daughter, married Henry Lord Fitzhugh of Ravens- 

t Eleanor, fourth daughter, became the wife of Thomas Stanley, the first Earl of 

t Margaret, the sixth and youngest daughter of the testator, married John Vere, 
Earl of Oxford. 

§ Joan, Lord Salisbury's eldest daughter, the wife of William Fitzalan, Earl of 

II Thomas Wytham of Comburgh, near Sheriffhutton, was a confidential agent and 
adviser of the testator. He looked after his stock, farms, and leases, and transacted 
most of his legal business. His connections appear to have been very extensive. He 
married the heiress of the Thweogs of Combuigh, but he had no children. From his 
brother the Withams of Cliffe, and through them the present Mr. Witham of Lar- 
tington , are descended. Thomas Wytham founded a chauntry in Sheriff button Church , 
near the burial-place of his patron's fetmily. He is interred in it himself, and a brass 
plate still commemorates him. Some notices of him have been already given. 

^ Richard Roos, a retainer of the testator, was a member of the family of Roos of 

** Sir Christopher Conyers of Hornby, the head of a powerful house, and the father, 
by two wives, of between twenty-jive and thiHy children. His eldest son. Sir John 
Conyers, K.G., married one of the co-heirs of Philip Lord Darcy. There vi^as always 
an intimate connection between the families of Conyers and Neville. There^^were 
several intermarriages between them. Ralph, the third Earl of Westmerland, died at 
Hornby Castle, of grief for the loss of his eldest son, in 1523. 

tf Sir James Strangeways of Harlesey Castle in Cleveland, a zealous partizan of the 
house of Neville. He married Elizabeth one of the co-heirs of Philip Lord Darcy, in 
right of whom among other large possessions he obtained the castle of Whorlton. He 
was made a Justice of the Court of Common Pleas 6th Feb. 1426, and Speaker of the 
House of Commons 1st Edward IV. He also held several patent oflSces under the 

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j. ciphum argenti deauratum coopertum. Et Eoberto Danbi* 
Justiciario de Communi Banco iinuin ciphum argenti deauratum 
coopertum. £t Johanni Irland y marcas. Et Johanni Midelton 
V marcas. Et Johanni Wode c s. Et volo et ordino quod per 
unum annum post obitum meum capella mea cum presbiteris et 
clericis in eadem teneatur in presencia dictse uxoris meas, ad 
exorandum pro anima mea. Et quod hospicium meum teneatur 
per dimidium annum vel minus secimdum discrecionem execu- 
torum meorum ; ita quod interim servientes hospicii mei poterint 
pro ipsis disponere m aliis serviciis vel aliter. Item volo et 
ordino quod dicta uxor mea et Ricardus filius mens emant de 
bonis meis ante omnes alios, ita quod solvant pro eisdem precium 
verum eorumdem vel tantum quantum alii solvere volunt, in 

Srompta pecunia vel sufficienti securitate ad exoneracionem tanti 
ebitorum vel legatorum meorum ad quantum hujusmodi bona 
sic per eos emenda se extendent : et hoc ex assensu creditorum 
meorum vel eorum quibus, ut premittitur, legavi, absque coher- 
cione aliquali eis inde fienda. Et volo et ordino quod predicta 
uxor mea et Ricardus filius meus prosequantur locis et temporibus 
oportunis pro dominio de Sutton in Galtres et aliis terris et tene- 
mentis, ut dicitur, alienatis per Willelmum dominum de Faucora- 
bergef fratrem meum contra formam talliae inde per feoffatos 
dicti domini mei et patris nuper comitis Westmerland factas. Et 
volo quod omnia animaHa mea et cetera bona mea, quantocicius 
potuerit, vendantur, et per executores meos pro celeri solucione 
debitorum meorum. Et prohibeo quod aliquis executorum 
meorum aliquid vendat de bonis meis ad vile precium propter 
aliquem favorem vel amorem alicujus personse sed ad majus 
comodum. Et rogo quod veteres et pauperes servientes et labo- 
ratores mei admittahtur in senectute, debilitate et paupertate 
suis, in hospitalitate de Well prae aliquibus aliis, per dis- 
crecionem dictae uxoris meae et executorum meorum. Item volo 
quod ista voluntas mea quod manerium predictum de Shenley 
cum pertinenciis non deroget alicui servientium meorum aut 

Prince Palatines of Durham. His son, Sir Richard, married to his first wife one of 
the co-heirs of William Neville, Earl of Kent. 

* Sir Robert Danby of Yafford, a distinguished lawyer, was made a Justice of the 
Court of Common Pleas June 28, 1452. On the 11th of May, 1462, he was appointed 
Lord Chief Justice of that court. 

f William Lord Fauconberg, the youngest brother of the testator, espoused the 
heiress of the house of Fauconberg and assumed the title in right of his wife. He was 
a famous warrior and statesman. On the accession of Edward IV. whom he had 
constantly and zealously supported, as a reward for his services, he was made K.G. 
Earl of Kent and Lord Admiral of England. He did not enjoy his hardly won 
honours long, as he died in 1462, leaving three daughters and co-hebs — Joan, the 
wife of Sir Edward Bedhowing, Kt. ; Elizabeth, who married Sir Richard Strange- 
ways ; and Alice, the wife of Sir John Conyers of Hornby. 

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aliorum, cui vel quibus feci aut fieri feci aliquam concessionem 
per cartas meas vel per cartas feoffatorum meorum. Item voio et 
ordino quod quoddam donum bonorum meorum predicto Roberto 
Danby et aliis factum non deroget huic testamento meo in aliquo 
in eodem contento. Item volo quod Monasterio de Bustelsham 
ubi corpus meum, ut supradictum est, sepeliri ordinavi, detur 
yestimentum meum integrum de albo et blodio baudekyn cum 
xij. capis de una secta eorundem colorum et de eodem baudekyn. 
Et volo quod omnia et singula in presenti testamento sive ultima 
voluntate mea contenta perimpleantur, intelligantur et constru- 
antur ad meliorem intencionem meam, difficultate, sive aliqua 
materia sen re in eodem testamento sive in eadem ultima volun- 
tate specificata non obstante : et intime quo possum deprecor 
dictam uxorem meam, quod sicut in vita mea me dilexerat, et 
pro dulcissimo et continuo amore inter nos babito, sic diligat 
animam meam et liberos nostros et disponat pro salute animae 
meaB et liberis nostris, ut vellem disponere pro anima sua et pro 
liberis illis si ipsam supervixerim. Item volo et ordino quod si 
aliquis filiorum vel filiarum meorum supradictorum moriatur non 
maritatus quod pecunia superius legata illi sic non maritato, de- 
functo, disponatur per executores meos, quantocicius fieri potuerit 
post hujusmodi mortem, ad solucionem debitorum meorum. Re- 
siduum autem omnium bonorum meorum superius non legatorum 
do et lego executoribus meis, ut ipsi inde disponant pro salute 
aniraae meae per avisamentum predictorum uxoris meae et Ricardi 
filii mei, prout coram summo Judice voluerint respondere. Ex- 
ecutores autem hujus testamenti mei sive hujus ultimas meas 
voluntatis facio et constituo, prefatam carissimam uxorem meam 
Alesiam comitissam Sarum, Jacobum Strangwais militem, 
Robertum Danby justiciariimi de Communi Banco, Christoforum 
Conyers de Homeby armigerum, Thomam Witham, Johannem 
Irland et Johannem Midelton. In cujus rei testimonium tuic 
testamento meo sive ultimas voluntati meae sigillum meum appo- 
sui et in illo seu ilia manu mea propria subscripsi. Datum 
decimo die Maii anno Regni Regis Henrici sexti post conquestum 
tricesimo septimo, et anno graciae Millesimo cccc"*® quinqua- 
gesimo nono. Item do et leffo Collegio do Stayndrop illud 
integrum vestimentum meum de blodio velwet enbrauded cum 
iij. capis de eadem secta ; ita quod annuatim imperpetuum in 
eodem Collegio solempniter cum nota die obitus mei dicatur 
Placebo et Dirige; et in die sequente Missa de Requiem, per suffi- 
cientem indenturam inde inter idem Collegium et executores meos 
conficiendam. \Proh, 23 June, 1461, and adm, to his tddow,'] 

Digitized by 


£BOaAOSN8IA. 247 


In the name of God, Amen. The xxyj. day of the moneth of 
Marce, the vere of oure Lord M.cccc.lxj. I John Hedlam* of 
Nunthorp, knight In the first, I remitt my saule to the dis" 
posicion of Grod, his blissed moder Seynt Mary, and to all the 
Seyntis of Hevyn. Furthermore I putt the rewie and disposicion 
of all my gudis to the rewle of S' William Bulmer knyght,t 
Kicherd Clarvaux $ of Croft, souyer, John Killinghall § of Medilton 
Greorge, Richard Lambton, || John Hewyk and Nycolas Morlay, 
and over this, my woishipftdl maistre and trusty frend Sir 
Thomas Dernton rriour of Gisbum, to se that my will be ful- 
filled, beseching you maisters and my most trusty firendis yat ye 
will att reverence of God, and for Goddes sake, ao this for me, 
and for the welfare of my saule, and my childer, whiche is most 
in my mynde of any erthly thing, whiche I putt at my pouer 
unto the rewle of God and his disposicion and to your rewle ; 
which childer I gife hertly Goddis blessing and myn as ferr as 
Gode will graunte me power. Item as for my lyvelode, I will 
my neldest son have it. And as for my nother guddes, I will be 
soke you, as my trust is ia you, to se my dettia be paide, and 
I hertly beseke you to se. my gudis that leves, aftir my dettis paid, 
to tender my childer ther witn, and to helpe to holde tham to the 
scule with the said gudis, als ferr as thai will suffice, for thai 
have no nother gudes to keep tham with, bot if God will of his 
mercy prefer tham, in comyng to the which I beseke God in- 
cresse thame. And as for gounes and girdils that was my 

* Sir John Heftdlam of Nunthorpe in Cleveland, the husband of Agnes, daughter 
of Sir John Clervaux of Croft. The Headlams possessed extensive estates in the 
Bishoprick of Durham, and their first seat was at Staintou in that county. All these 
estates passed away with the heiress of the Headlams into the family of Bowes in the 
reign of Elizabeth. This will is probably the composition of the testator himsell It 
is a very oharacterislic document, and will be read with much interest. 

f Sir William Bulmer of Wilton in Cleveland, the head of the noble house of 
Bulmer, married Elizabeth Eure. He died in 1463, and his widow was allowed to 
administer to his effects on the 1 4th of November in that year. 

t Richard Clervaux of Croft, Esq. brother-in-law to the testator, Escheator of 
Yorkshire in 1447. He was esquire of the body to Henry VI., and was knighted by 
Henry VII. He died in 1490 and was buried under a stately altar-tomb in Croft 
church, which is still remaining. He married a daughter of Sir Henry Vavasor of 
Haselwood. I must refer my readers to Mr. Longstaffe^s excellent pedigree of the 
house of Clervaux in his History of Darlington. 

§ John Killinghall, Esq. of Middleton George in the county of Durham, the testator's 
first cousin. His mother was Beatrix sister of Sir John Clervaux. Killinghall was 
30 years of age at his father's death in 1442, and he died himself m 1488. 

II One of the Lambtons of Nunthorpe. In 1 436 Robert Lambton of Nunthorpe was 
in possession of the Unds of the testator, who was then a minor. Hewyk and Morlay 
are the names of two good Cleveland fiimiUee. 

Digitized by 



wifes, I will my doghter have. Item I will the iiij. ordoures of 
Freres have ichon of thame v s. Item to the kirke of Staynton 
vj s. viij d. To the kirke of Aton yj s. viij d. ; of Wjrnston be 
side Standrop vj s. viij d. To the Prioresse of Basdale yj s. viij d. 
To Levynbng yj s. viij d. To Stanebriff be yonde Stokeslay 
vj 8. viij d. To the brig be twene Aton and Nunthorp yj s. viij a. 
To two prestos to be fundon to syng for my wife same and myn, 
and oure auncestres and gude frendes saules, wher my said execu- 
tours think most convenient. \^Prob. 24 Aug. 1461. J 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Be it knawen to all maner of men 
that the v. day of Jule, in the yere of Kjmg Henry the sext 
xxxviij., I Robert Yarwith of Semer makes my testament in 
this maner. In the first, I bewitte my saull unto Allmyghty 
God ; my body to be beryed in Crystyn mannes beryall, and 
my yong gray hors to be my corspresent, and to the kirkewarke 
of Saynt Martyn at Semer yj s. viii d., and to the crose iij s. iiij d.; 
and the remenent and residue of all my gudis, both whike and 
deed, I gyfe holy unto my wife Annas, to pay my dettis, and 
dispose for me as sho wold I did for her, be the syght of the 
vicare of Semer, as hym semes most necessary for the helle of my 
saule ; and to giffe unto William my brodir my best gowne, the 
sylver home, and ij. silver spones ; my sustir Annas j. syd gowne 
and iij s. iiij d. in money; my suster Kateryn iij. yerdis of coUerd 
cloyth to a gowne, ij. spones of hir awne, as my right especiall 
and intierly best belovyd wife knawes. And all the land and 
rent that I hafe I gife it fi^ly unto my wife, as it is afore geven, 
and it were a cl. worth more, I am halden therto duryng hir 
liffe ; and aftir hir discesse to tome to my next heyres, my brother 
William, and so furth to next of my kyn : and I witte unto my 
two emes William and Thomas vj s. viij d. \_Prob, uU. Aug. 1461.] 


Oct. j. M.cccc.lxj. Ego Ricardus Wetwang rector eccles. 
par. de Stokesley in Clyveland — sep. in eccles. Cath. Ebor., 
juxta inferiorem partem sepulcri magistri mei magistri Willelmi 
Pelleson. — Lego summo altari j. ymaginem Sanctae Trinitatis ex 
auro et argento fabricatam, quam de domino Thoma Laverok 
comparavi. Et volo quod super locum sepulturae me« ponatur 
j. petra marmoria quae stat juxta latus ecclesise Cath. predicts? 

Digitized by 



Et volo quod liber Clementis quern liabui et liabeo ex inutuo de 
domo Sancti Joliannis Colcestre, mittatur London* ad Hospicium 
Abbatis dicti Monasterii in London' meis expensis. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. xxv. Jan. a.d. M.gccc.1x. Ego 
Thomas Boynton* de Aclom in Archid. Clyveland. Lego Eliza- 
bethae et -Aliciae sororibus meis c s. annuatim de terris meis in 
Boynton super le Wold, post decessum matris meae, donee Hen- 
licus filius meus vel heredes mei reddant utrique earum xxl. ad 
maritagia sua. Lego Isabellas uxori meae et Henrico filio meo 
omnia bona mea — et constituo ipsos executores meos. \_^Prob. 
15 Oct 146L] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. xxyj. Mar. A.D. M.cccclxi. Ego 
Eicardus de Ley, husbandman, de Hugate — sepeliendum ubi 
Deus deposuerit. Lego optimum equum meum nomine mor- 
tuarii. Lego ad fabncam Cath. Ecdes. Ebor. xij d. Ecclesiae 
de Hugate duos arietes. Fabricae ecclesiae de Wettewange tres 
arietes. Ad fabricam ecclesiae de Frydaytborp xij d. Item lego 
Margaretae sorori meae iij. petras lanae et j. quarterium ordei. 
Thomae Bigcroft j. qu. ordei. Johannae soron meae iij. petras 
lanae et ij. qu. ordei. Lego Jobanni Preston avunculo meo j. qu. 
et tres arietes. Lego Eicardo Bigcroft compatri meo j. qu. ordei. 
Jobanni Gage dim. qu. ordei et j. togam de murray. Lego do- 
mino Jobanni Bigcroft capellano de Hugate j. equum vocatum 
Bosse et j. buculum. Lego Elizabethae uxori meae unam doraum 
in Wettewange. Lego Kicardo servienti meo ij, modios ordei. 
Thomae servienti meo j. tunicam de corio omnino. [^Prob. 
12 Nov. 1461.] 


Sep. 14, 1459. Ego Thomas Harjmgton,! miles, compos 
mentis et corporis, timens tamen fragilitatem humanae naturae, 

* I presnme that this is the Sir Thomas Boynton who married a daughter of Sir 
William Normanville of Kilnwick. Hardly one of the Yorkshire pedigrees is more 
confused and more inaccurate in its earlier descents than that of Boynton. 

t Sir Thomas Harrington of Hornby Castle, in Lancashire, the head of a gallant, 

Digitized by 



condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. Corpus meum ad 
sepeliendum in eoclesia Fratrum Predicatorum Lancastriae, si 
contingat me in Comitatu Lancastriae diem meum claudere extre- 
mum; et si contingat me diem meum claudere extremum in aliis 
partibus Angliae, tunc lego corpus meum ad sepeliendum in 
ecclesia Beatae Mariae Magdalense de Monkeburton, si servientes 
mei possint comode corpus meum illuc portare. Et si comode 
non poterint, tunc ubi me contingat ex disposicicme Divina mori. 
Item lego viginti marcas ad distribuendum inter pauperes die 
sepulturae meae si opus fiierit. Item lego Abbati de Crokeston 
optimum animal meum, nomine mortuarii mei. It^oai lego 
Abbati et ejusdem loci Conventui ids. pro decimis et oblacionibus 
oblitis. Item lego vicario de Mellyng xx s. pro decimis et obla*- 
cionibus oblitis. Item lego rectori de Thatbam eadem forma xls* 
Item lego vicario ecclesiae de Felkirke similiter pro decimis et 
oblacionibus oblitis xls. Item lego tricentas marcas per exe- 
cutores meos subscriptos cuidam Abbati vel Priori infra Comita- 
tum Lancastrias solvendas, et ponendas sub suflSiciente securitate 
inde habenda, ad solvendum annuatim cuidam capellano ydoneo 
vij. marcas ad celebrandum missas et alia divina omcia pro anima 
mea, et animabus patris mei, matris meae, et animabus ante- 
though unhappy, family. His father Sir William Harrington , a famous warrior, bore 
the royal standard at the field of Agincourt. His mother was Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Robert Neville of Hornby, and co-heir of her niece Margaret Duchess of £xeter. 
Sir Thomas was 40 years of age in the 19th of Henry VI. when we may presume his 
father died. He was high sheriff of Yorkshire in the 26th of Henry VI. As he held 
so prominent a position in the North, Sir Thomas could not hope to be allowed to 
remain neutral in the civil wars of the time. He seems to have been closely connected 
with the great Earl of Salisbury, and it was his powerful influence that induced Sir 
Thomas to draw his sword for Uie house of York. Soon after All Saints^ Day, 1468, 
the Earl of Salisbury sent for him to his castle at Middleham ; there he met a large 
number of influential men, who resolved to take the side of the Yorkists. Sir Thomas 
Harrington, on his return Irom Middleham to Hornby, adroitly conveyed his estates 
to the Archbishop of York, the Earl of Shrewsbury, John Lord Clifford, and others, 
all of whom were stout partizans of the house of Lancaster. His vrill is dated in the 
autumn of 1459. At the end of the following year the sanguinary conflict at Wakefield 
took place, which was indeed a disastrous day for the house of Harrington. Sir John 
Harrington, the testator *s eldest son, was slain upon the field, and his father, the 
testator, was so severely wounded that he died on the following day. By Elizabeth, 
daughter of ... . Dacre. Sir Thomas Harrington left several children, but none of 
them retrieved the fortunes of the falling house. Sir James Harrington, his second 
son, was attainted for his adherence to the house of York, upon the accession of 
Henry VII. and his only son John Harrington died by poison. Sir Robert, the third 
son of Sir Thomas Harrington, was attainted with his brother after the battle of 
Bos worth. So much misery did the civil wars entail upon one family within a very 
short space of time. The cloud which had settled over the house never deserted it, 
and the very name of Harrington became soon extinct. The immense possessions of 
the family, most of which were derived from the Duchess of Exeter, passed away to 
the noble house of Stanley. Dr. Whitaker gives a most interesting account of this 
illustrious family, which he compiled from their records at Hornby Castle, and to 
this account Mr. Hunter has made some valuable additions in his Hbtory of South 
Yorkshire, ii. 402. 

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cessorum et benefiu^torum meorum, et pro animabus omnium 
fidelium defunctorum, in ecclesia ubi corpus meum contingit 
sepeliri; quousque tricentaB marcae, ut prefertur, plenarie persol- 
vantur. Item volo quod executores mei solvant seu solvi &ciant 
annuatim et septimanatim, per ties annos proximos post mortem 
meam, sex solidos et octo denarios in patria ubi habeo terras et 
tenementa, pauperibus et indigentibus, ad exorandum pro anima 
mea et animabus omnium pro quibus orare teneor, quousque lij. 
librae plenarie solvantur. Item lego quod executores mei solvant 
seu solvi faciant 1. libras in&a tres annos ad distribuendum inter 
triginta puellas vel plures secundum disposicionem executorum 
meorum. Item lego Fratribus de Lancastria xls. et cuilibet 
Conventui Fratrum infia Comitatum Lancastriae et Westmor- 
landiae vj s, viij d. Item lego ponti Lancastriae xx li. pro anima 
Nicholay Croft* et Elenae uxoris suae. Item lego cuilibet 
generoso existenti tempore mortis meae vel in familia mea (yel) in 
servicio meo xl s. Et cuilibet valecto xx s. Et cuilibet garcioni 
X s. ultra stipendias suas, et ut habitent et maneant in domo mea 
per dimidium unius anni, si voluerint, post mortem meam. Item 
volo ut si bona mea mobilia extendant se ad omnia supradicta, 
tunc volo quod Elizabetha uxor mea habeat omnia vasa mea de 
auro et deaurata et de argento et deargentata ad terminum vitae 
suae; et post mortem predictae Elizabetnae, volo quod omnia vasa 
predicta filio meo Jonanni f integre remaneant; ita quod pre- 
dictus Johannes inveniet sufficientem securitatem Johanni Hodil- 
ston et Alexandre Radcliff, si vixerint; si non vixerint, aliis 
duobus executonun meorum, perimplere voluntatem meam. 
Item lego Johanni Hodilston $ debita quae Henricus Fenewike, 
nuper defunctus, michi debet. Item lego Isabellae filiae Alexandri 
Badcliff et Agnetis § sororis meae xl. marcas ultra xl. libras quas 
Alexander Badcliff michi debet, ad maritagium predictae Isabellae, 

* Probably one of the Crofts of Glaughton in Lancashire. 

f Sir John Harrington, the eldest son of the testator, fell with his father at Wake- 
field. He married Maud, daughter of Thomas Lord Clifford, by whom he had two 
daughters and oo-heirs. These two children, who were very young when their father 
and grandfather fell, were put under the guardianship of Lord Stanley. He soon 
found husbands for the wealthy heiresses in one of his own younger children Edward 
Stanley, Lord Mouteagle, and in his nephew John Stanley of Honford. Lord Mon- 
teagle has been charged with poisoning his cousin John, son of Sir James Harrington, 
but there appears to be no ground whatever for this suspicion. It was a deed contrary 
both to his honour and interest. 

X Sir John Huddlestone, together with Sir James Harrington assumed to themselves 
the guardianship of the two heiresses of Sir John Harrington. This act seems to have 
been an encroachment upon the rights and privileges of the crown, and we find that 
in the 8th of Edward IV. the two self-constituted guardians were committed to the 
Fleet. Lord Stanley immediately succeeded them in their office. 

§ Agnes, daughter of Sir William Harrington, and sister to the testator, married 
Alexander Radcliffe of Ordesall. 

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si ad volimtatem matris suae fuerit maritata. Item volo et precipio 
super benedicione mea filio meo Johanni quod sit bonus filius 
matri suae, ut de precepto Divino et de jure tenetur, ac eciam ut 
sit bonus frater et gratus firatribus suis ad maritagia illorum. 
Item volo ut voluntas Petri Talbot perimpleatur, secundum quod 
bona sua in mea custodia existencia se extendant. Item volo ut 
si Conventus de Ergham et Cawode inveniant presbiterum cele- 
braturum in capella de Ergham, videlicet Johannem Girsyngbam 
capellanum, tunc volo quod execu tores mei solvant vel solvi 
£iciant predicto Jobanni quinque nobilia quolibet anno pro sex 
annis proxime futuris, si vixerit. Item volo quod presbiteri mei 
jam existentes in domo mea non promoti maneant et celebrent 
cum Elizabetha uxore mea et Johanne filio meo quousque promoti 
fuerint ut melius pro me orare poterint. Residuum prefatae 
Elizabethan, Thomas Nevile * militi, Johanni Hodilston, Johanni 
Harjmgton filio meo, Alexandro RaddcUff armigero, Edmundo 
Sothworth,t Olivero Bland clericis, quos facio executores meos; 
et Dominam Aliciam comitissam Sarum et Johannem Nevile 
militem filium ejus supervisores. Et volo quod si predicta 
comitissa, Thomas Nevile miles, Johannes Nevile miles, Ed- 
mundus Sothworth, Oliverus Bland subiant aliquos labores in 
premissis, ut bene et honorifice remunerentur. Et quod executores 
mei memorentur de domina Margareta Haryngton moniali de 
Hampull, et de Isabella Curson, secimdum discrecionem executo- 
rum predictorum. [Pr. 21 Nov, 1461.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. Octavo die mensis Septembris, anno 
domini Millesimo quadringentesimo quadragesimo sexto. Ego 
Johannes Talbot, miles, J filius et heres Johannis Comitis Salopiae, 

* Sir Thomas Neville did not live to execute this trust. He fell with his friend at 
Wakefield, a field which was so disastrous to the house of York. 

i* Edmund Southworth was rector of Halton, in Lancashire, and Oliver Bland was 
rector of Claughton in the same county. They were two of the feoffees of Sir Thomas 

X One of the noblest among the chivalry of England. He was the eldest surviving 
son and heir of the famous warrior John Talbot, the great Earl of Shrewsbury, and he 
proved himself to be by no means unworthy of his illustrious sire. He was bom 
about th^ year 1413, and on Whit-Sunday, 1426, he was knighted at Leicester, on 
which day the king himself received that honour at the hands of his uncle, John Duke 
of Bedford. In 1444 he was in the wars in France, and in 1446 his father made him 
Lord Chancellor of Ireland. In 1457 he was made Knight of the Garter and Lord 
Treasurer of England. In 1460 he received a grant of an annual pension of 100 
marks as a reward for his loyalty to his unfortunate master. This pension, however, 
he did not long enjoy, for on the 10th of July in the same year he, with his brother 
Sir Christopher, was killed at the battle of Northampton, *' ante signa strenue pugnans,**^ 

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proponens iter facere versus partes HibemisB, condo testamentum 
meum in hunc modum. In primis comendo animam meam Deo, 
Beatae Marine et Omnibus Sanctis, corpusque meum sepeliendum 
in capella Beatae Mariae Monasterii Sancti Cudberti de Wirkesop, 
inter altare et tumbam Matildae * matris meae ; et quod executores 
mei faciant ibidem unam tumbam secundum status mei exigen- 
ciam. Item lego Monasterio Sancti Cudberti predicti post deces- 
sum meum omnia terras et tenementa mea quae quondam fuerunt 
Johannis de Whiston in Comitatu Ebor. Item lego fabricae 
ecclesiae de Sheffeld quadraginta solidos. Residuum vero omnium 
bonorum meorum superius non legatorum do et lego Elizabetliae 
uxori meae, ipsamque Elizabetliam,t Thomam dominum de 
Cliflrord,$ Thomam Harington § militem, Jobannem Preston vica- 
rium ecclesiae de Wakefeld, Jobannem Barnby et Johannem 
Kersford ordino, facio et constituo meos executores ; et Eadulphum 
dominum de Cromwell || istius testamenti supervisorem. In cujus 
rei testimonium huic testamento meo sigillum meum apposui. Hiis 
testibus, Thoma Everyngbam ,ir Willelmo Oxspring, Willelmo 

as his epitaph proudly tells us, but even his strong arm could not save the fair white 
rose from the spoiler^s hand. His remains were brought, as he desired, to Worksop 
Abbey, and were interred there amongst his maternal ancestors. His epitaph will be 
found in Thoroton^s Nottinghamshire. His will was evidently made when he was 
setting out for Ireland to take possession of his chancellorship It is dated at Sheffield, 
which, amongst other vast possessions, he inherited through his mother from the 
Fumivals, the ancient Lords of Hallamshire. When the will was made, in 1448, he 
was heir apparent to his father ; at the date however of the probate he had succeeded 
to the earldom, his father having fiillen at Chatillon, in 1453. 

* Maud, the first wife of the great Earl of Shrewsbury, was the only child and heir 
of Sir Thomas Neville, by Joan his first wife, only daughter and heir of William Lord 
Fumival. By this match the rich lordship of Hallamshire and the castle of Sheffield 
came into the family of the Talbots. When the editor of the present volume was at 
Worksop some time ago he regretted much to see that the marble effigies of the ancient 
lords and ladies of Hallamshire were lying exposed in the churchyard in a most neg^ 
lected condition. The church was then being restored, and they have not been replaced. 

t A daughter of James Earl of Ormonde. The testator left by her a large family. 
After the death of her husband she took the veil, and on the 19th of July, 1460, nine 
days only after the death of her lord, Archbishop Boothe issues his commission to his 
suffragan, John Bishop of the Isles, to receive her. She died on Sept. 11th, 1473. 

X Thomas Lord Clifford of Skipton, the friend and executor of the testator, died also 
in battle. He took up the cause of the house of Lancaster, and was killed with his 
uncle, the Earl of Northumberland, at the battle of St. Alban^s, in 1455. The testator 
therefore could not avail himself of his services, as he survived him five years. 

§ Sir Thomas Harrington of Hornby, the head of an ill-fated house, was another 
victim to the violence of the times. He fought for the Duke of York, although his 
interests and connections ought to have inclined him to the other side. He was at the 
battle of Wakefield in 1460, and was so severely wounded that he died on the follow- 
ing day. His son and heir Sir John Harrington was left dead upon the field. Truly 
these were troublous times for our Northern chivalry. The will of Sir Thomas has 
just occurred. 

II Lord Cromwell did not live to fulfil the trust imposed upon him. He died in 
1 455-6, and his will has been already printed in No. cliy. 

^ The families of Everingham and Swift were closely connected with the history of 

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Barkar, Roberto Rejsyn capellano, Willelmode Barley, Willelmo 
Swyft et multis aliis. Datum apud Sheffeld die et anno supradictis. 
To all that this writing cummes to, I John Talbot, knyght, 
Sonne and heire of th'erl of Shrowsbery, gretes wele in God. 
Knowes y® me uppon my passage in to the parties of Irlond for 
to have ordined and made mjr will in the forme undrewritten : 
that is to say, that my feoffes m fee and in the reversione of all 
the londis and tenementis in the which thai ar enfeoffed to myn use 
and [God] visite me, that thenne after my decees the saide feoffes 
make astate unto Elizabeth my wyf to have, terme of hir lif ; the 
remayner to the right heires of me, except lands and tenements 
late Johnes of Whistan, with in the Counte of York, the which 
I will, after my deces, my feoffes yive to the Prior and Covent of 
the howse of Saint Cudberds of W irkesop and to thair successours 
there, thei for to do devyne service for me, my brothir * and 
myn auncestours. Also I will that the said Elizabeth my wif 
have all my godes after my decees, wheresoevir thei may be found, 
palng my detts. In witnesse wherof I have set my seal. These 
witnesse: Sir John Preston vicar of Wakeffeld, John Bamby, 
John Kersford, William Swyft and many othir. Made at Sheffeld 
the viij. day of Septembre, the xxv. yere of the regne of Kyng 
Henry the Sixt. [^Prob, 24 Nov. 1461, and adm, given to Eliz. 
Countess of Salop j his executor^ 


Die Veneris proxime post festum Philippi et Jacobi Apostoli 
1462. Ego Thomas Stanhop f de Hoghton, armiger — sep. in 
ecclesia parochiali Omnium Sanctorum de Hampton coram cruce. 
Et nomine principalis lego vicario de Walesby optimum equum 
meum et omnia averia eidem pertinencia, prout equitare solebam. 
Willelmo Wilbram unam togam penulatam. Johanni Tunstall 
unum equum coloris le blak gray. Katerinae sorori meae unam 
equam cum pullo, Elizabethae sorori meae unum equum vocatima 
gray geldvng. Johanni filio meo unum yrne bonden wayn, et 
XXX. bull stirkus. Johanni Stanhop armigero unum cornu 
garnest. Executores meos fecio Euzabetham et Katerinam 
sorores meas, Johannem Tunstall armigerum et Johannem filium 
meum, Johannem que Stanhop de Bampton armigerum super- 

* John Talbot Viscount Lisle, and half-brother to the testator, was killed with hid 
father at Chatillon in 1453. He refused to desert his wounded sire, and lost his life 
in consequence. 

t An unrecorded scion of the house of Stanhope of Rampton in Nottinghamshire, 
who seems to have settled in Lancashire. 

Digitized by 



visorem. Johanni filio meo sex cocliaria argenti. Johannae 
Stanhop filiae Johannis Stanhop armigeri duas togas penulatas 
cum martis et menyver. [Pr. 10 May^ 1462.] 


Dec. xvj. M.cccc.lxj. Ego Johannes Wylson de Hornse. — 
Sep. in parte australi eccles. par. de Hornse ante ostium clausurae 
BeataB MarisB Virgiais. Lego ad fabricam partis australis ecclesiaB 
antedictae juxta campanile ibidem confirmandam parti boriali ex 
opposito, totalem mercedem latami et xxs. pro lapidibus ad 
prefatum opus ordinandis. — Lego fabricae ecclesiae parochialis de 
Nunkilling unum cbalder carbonum. — Jacobo filio meo meam 
ditnidietatem unius navis. — Lego ad sustentacionem unius lam- 
padis in eccles. de Hornse un^m domum in qua inhabitat 
Willelmus filius mens — volo quod predicta lampas accendatur in 
diebus feriatis in tempore altae missae et in diebus festivis pro 
toto tempore celebracionis Divinorum. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. viij. die mensis Januarii, a.d. M.cccc.lxi. 
Ego Willelmus Lassels, capellanus de Bolton Percy — sep. in choro 
eccles, par. de Bolton rercy ante stallum rectoris. Et lego 
iiij. libras cerse comburendas circa corpus meum. Et lego octo 
presbiteris interessentibus exequiis meis et Missae de Requiem in 
die sepulturae meae, cuilibet iiij d. Rectori ecclesiae de Rither 
unum librum, Speculum Ecclesiae vulgariter nuncupatum : Ricardo 
Asper duos pannos pictos. Thomae Wynslaw j. cistam cum j. pari 
linthiaminum. Gildae Corporis Christi x d. Willelmo Holyng- 
worth j. spruce coffer. Fabricae eccles. Coll. S. Joh. Beverlaci 
xij d. Fabricae capellae S. Thom. Cantuar. in villa Beverlaci xij d. 
Priorissae de Appleton meam meliorem zonam harnesiatam. 
Dominae Margaretae Drax j. hyngyng de j. panno lineo albo cum 
curtinis et j. zonam albam argento ornatam, cum j. pari linthia- 
minum et iij s. iiij d, Ricardo Hemet j. togam viridem et melius 
meum matresse et ij s. in pecunia. Johannae Fewesdale meam 
optimam togam cum capucio. — Ricardo Tone filio magistri 
Thomae Tone de Beverlaco unum librum continentem Dubia 
Sacrae Scripturae et alios tractatus. Lego ad omandum summi 
altaris (sic) eccles. par. de Bolton Percy duos pannos depictos et 
ij s. in pecunia. Lego omnes libros meos Grammaticales Michaeli 

Digitized by 



Asper filio Ricardi Asper de Eboraco. Lego uxori Ricardi Asper 
j. gown clothe. Executores Ma^. Ricardum Tone* decxetonun 
doctorem Rectorem eccles. de Benton Percy, magistrum Thomam 
Tone, etc. 


In the name of God, Amen. I Oliver Mirfeld,t squier, hole of 
mynde, in the vij. day of Januar, makis my wille in this fourme 
folowing. First I be wite my saule unto God Almighty, to our 
Lady, and to all the Santes in heven &c. Also I wille as touching 
al the lordeshippes, landes and tenenementis, rentis and service — 
which I have within the Counte of Yorke, or in thos that any 
men be enfeffed unto my use by me or any other persone or 
persones to performe my will. First I wille that my feffis that 
air enfeffed m al my lordschippes — ^in the townes of Mirfeld, 
Dighton, Egerton, Gleydholte, Heyton, Hopton, Batley, Holey, 
Morley, Gildosome, Bolton, Chekynlay, Leede, Newstede, Halyfex, 
Wakefelde, Westerton, with al theire appurtenaunces, make a state 
of theim — ^to William Mirfeld my son and to his eyeres of his 
body — accordinge unto the dede of feffement afore made. Also 
I will that haly kirk have all his diutes that hym ought for to 
have. Also I wille that I be brought forthe at the day of beriall 
as my degre askis withouten any seventday, and my dettis to be 
payed of my goodes. Also I wille that William my sone have 
the peces with covertour that my fader gave me, also the ohym- 
neth, a hangyng laver with the hailing, a cesterne, the ledes 
with other brewiDg vessel!. Also I wille that my wife have all 
the array of my chapell til my sone come to ful age, and to be 
delivered to William Mirfeld my sone. And also I wille that 
my wife have ij. of the best beddes and al hir arayment hole 
withouten interrupcion of any man. Also I wille that my wife 
have xl. marcs in the name of hir dower for to be takin in the 
formes aforesaide, excepte the maner of Holay, whiche I wille 
my sone have whan he comes to fiiU age. Also I will that my 
doughters have eider c marcs imto their manage of the dettis and 
goodes and catell also, ferre as thei wille stiricne, and ther as thei 
wilnot I wille that myn executours have xx 1. of the revenous of 

* Richard Tone, rector of Bolton Percy, under whom the testator was a curate, 
held many ecclesiastical benefices within the diocese of York. He became archdeacon 
of the East Riding, and died in 1468. 

f Of the family of Mirfield, one of considerable rank and consequence in its day, 
there is but little known. One or two notices of the family have already occurred. 
The Mirfields were connected with the Wombwells. Whitaker gives a very meagro 
account of them under the parish of Mirfield. 

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the livelode, unto the tyine that the som of cc marcs be ronne. 
Also I wille that myn executours have the reule of my sone and 
surplus of my livelode during the nonage of my said sone, and 
also the surplus of the saide xx 1. whan the yeres of cc marc are 
ronne. Also I wille that my wife, my cosyn Robert Nevell, my 
brother John Sothell the elder, be myn executours — either of 
them to have xx s. for theire labour and their costage of the 
revenous of the landes. Also I wille that the residu of my 
goodes be demened aftir the discrecion of mjoi executours for 
hele of my saule. Also I wille that myn exeoutours finde a 
prest vj. yere at my parishe kirke to sing for my saule, myne 
elder, for al Cristen saules. [^Prob, 8, cL 1462.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. xx. Oct. A.D. M.cccc.lxiij. Ego Thomas 
Homeby rector ecclesiae Beatorum Petri et Pauli de Stokesley in 
Clyveland — corpus sepeliendum infra Monasterium B. Mariae 
juxta muros Civitatis Ebor., coram ymagine Beatissimae Mariae 
Virginis cum alto tabemaculo cum radice Jesse juxta altare 
B. Annas ibidem. Lego optimam meam togam cum capicio pro 
corpore meo talliatam, nomine mortuarii mei. — Lego suramo 
altari dicti Monasterii unum pannum continentem in longitudine 
v. ulnas cum uno tuello operis Vienn'. Lego domino Abbati 
ejusdem Monasterii exequiis meis et missa interessenti, si potens 
fuerit, vj s. viij d. Priori iij s. iiij d. Cuilibet monacho xx d. 
Lego Abbati et Conventui Monasterii predicti murram meam 
argenteam stantem et coopertam, et j. ewer argenti in parte deau- 
ratam cum sex gobettis argenti in dicto ewer existentibus. Lego 
sacristae ejusdem Mon. pro pulsacione campanarum iij s. iiij d. 
Lego Priori et Conventui Prioratus de Helay prope Tadcaster 
xij. cocliaria argenti operis Paris' de una secta cum f^ litera 
signata, iij. pelves cum pryntis et boses argenti et enameld in 
medio earundem, et iij. lavacra dictis pelvibus pertinencia. — Lego 
cuidam honesto presbitero divina celebraturo in ecclesia S. Olavi 
prope portas Monasterii B. Mariae predicti pro anima mea et 
animabus Johannis et Margaretae parentum meorum, ac pro 
animabus recolendae memoriae dominorum Ducum de Bedforde et 
Glocestre, necnon — ^specialiter pro hiis quibus in vita mea maxime 
obhgatus eram, capiendo singulis annis durante termino x. annorum 
vij. marcas, nomine salarii sui, Ixx. marcas, quam cito ab hac luce 
subtractus fuero. Lego fabricae navis dictae eccles. S. Olavi 
V. marcas argenti, si parochiani ejusdem ecclesiae illam navem 


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velint de novo edificare et incipere infra duos annos — aliter non. 
Lego ad usum summi altaris ejusdem ecclesise S. Olavi j. alter- 
clatn de opeie Yienn'. — Lego ad usum altaris in capella B. MariaB 
scituata juxta predictam ecclesiam S. Olavi j. altercloth de opere 
Vienn'. Lego usui Fratnun in eccles. Hosp. S. Leonardi Ebor. 
j. altarcloth cum j. tuello ejusdem operis. Ad usum summi 
altaris eccles. meae de Stokeslay j. alterclotli ejusdem operis. 
Cuilibet ordini — Lego ad distribuendum inter pauperes homines 
et mulieres indigentes in die sepulturae meae pro anima mea in 
Civ. Ebor. iiij. marcas. Domino Thomae Dobson capellano togam 
meam talarem de blodio tonsi coloris penulatam cum bever et 
j. capucium de eodem. 


In Die nomine, Amen. Ego Eufemia * relicta Johannis Lang- 
ton militis. xxvj. die mensis AuOTsti a.d. M.cccclxiij. — corpus 
sepeliendum in eccles, par. de Ledes juxta sepiilcrum mariti mei, 
cujus animae propicietur Deus, Amen. Et lego fabricaB ejusdem 
ecclesiae pro sepultura mea xx s. Item lego meum chaplett de 
perle ad le canape supra corpus Christi in summo altare ejusdem 
ecclesiflB ibidem deserviturum ad honorem Domini nostri Jhesu 
Christi imperpetuum. Item lego ymagini Beatae Mariae Virginis 
in capella sua juxta Monasterium B. Mariae Ebor. imum monile 
de perle cum unum balas in eodem fixo. Item lego altari B. 
Manae Virginis infra cimiterium ecclesiae parochialis de Schirburn 
in Elmett unam ymaginem B. Mariae Virginis de alablastro, cum 
unum coler de S deauratis in parte argenti et in parte auri, ac 
unum monile auri cum tribus peerles et unum rube in eodem 
monile dicto colori annexum cum duobus filettis de peerle, et quod 
nunquam a prefata ymagine capiatur set cum eadem ymagine 
ibidem remaneat imperpetuum. Item lego cuilibet ordini Fra- 
trum Mendicancium Civitatis Ebor. vj s. viij d. Item lego Eu- 
femiae Darcy f j. peciam argenti deauratam cum coopertorio. Item 
lego dominae Nevile j. mantellum linatam cum sercenet. Marga- 
retae Mering J filiae meae unum quartelett argenti, unam cincturam 
argenti hamesiatam et deauratam super unum rubio tisshew et j. 

* Euphemia, widow of Sir John Langton of Fameley, near Leeds, by whom she 
had a large family. Her maiden name has not been ascertained. Her husband died 
on the 25th of February, 1469, and was buried at Leeds. 

■f* Euphemia Langton, daughter of the testatrix, was married to William, afterwards 
Sir William Darcy, the grandson and heir of Sir John Darey, Kt. The Archbishop 
of York granted his licence for their marriage, which was to be celebrated in the 
chapel of Fameley, on the 23rd of January, 1460-1. 

t She was probably the wife of a member of the family of Mering, co. Notts. The 
-match is new to the pedigree. 

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annulum auri cum j. saphiro in eadem fixo. Item lego Johanni 
Langton * filio meo unam peciam stantem cum coopertorio cum 
le Moreslettris deauratis. Lego Agneti Langton miae Johannis 
Langton filii mei j. blod tisshew argento paratam et deauriatam. 
Henrico Langton f filio meo sex cocliana argenti, j. peciam 
argenti cum coopertorio le boced cum rosis, unam murram cum 
uno fronte de nomine JTiesu, j. aliam murram coopertam habentem 
in summitate castellum deauratum, j. pixidem argenti cum yma- 
gine Beatse Marise in summitate, j. aliam murram stantem super 
tribus leonibus cum pede argenti et coopertorio argenteo deaurato, 
j. aliam peciam cum coopertorio argenteam deauratam sculptam 
cum floribus et foliis, j. ciphum vocatum j. nott argenteum liga- 
tum cum coopertorio deaurato, j. quylt de serico, et unum Missale 
vocatum Bissnop [S]crope boke.J Item lego Willelmo Langton filio 
meo unam bassam peciam argenti cum coopertorio stantem super 
tribus leonibus deauratis et unum dolium argenti cum coopertorio 
deauratum. Item lego ThomaB Langton filio meo unum punced 
pece cum coopertorio argenteo. Thomae Langton filio Johannis 
Langton filii mei unum salt argenti 'Cum coopertorio in parte 
deaurato. Nicholao Langton filio ejusdem Johannis Langton unam 
cincturam argenti super unum tisshew de nigro vellvett. Lego 
Ricardo Langton et Henrico Langton filiis prefati Johannis 
Langton j. rope de corall inter eos dividendum. Willelmo Va- 
vasour j. parvum Psalterium. Johanni Hemeslay unum emeraud- 
ston auro infixura. Eufemias Flemmyng sex cocliaria argenti 
cum knoppes, j. peciam argenti pounced cum le splentis, j. chaufyng 
pece argenti cum coopertorio, j. creche ( ? broche or ouche) auri 
cum tribus trewloves de pearl in eodem broch, j. parvam cistam 
vocatam le wartrecofyr cum omnibus rebus in eodem contentis, 
j. togam penulatam cum menevere, j. zonam nigram argento 
paratam et deauratam, j. par de wafryiryns, j. stellatory et j. oUam 
eneam. Item lego Eufemiae Watirton j. parvam peciam argenti 
pounced cum le werthes. Isabellae Vavasour uxori Johannis 
Vavasour j. zonam argenti paratam cum octo barres. Fratri 
Johanni Multon doctori sacras sciencise j. parvam peciam argenti 
pounced. Thomae Clarell § vicario de Ledes j. par precularum 
de aumbyr. Eoberto Calbeck capellano j. peciam argenti cum 

* John Langton, Esq. the eldest son and heir of the testatrix, did not long survive 
his mother. His will is dated in 1466, the 6th of Edward IV. and will occur shortly. 

t On the 4th of August, 1476, William Hasard of Sherburne, received permission 
to administer to the effects of Henry Langton of Sherburne, Esq. The testatrix, it 
will be observed, leaves a legacy to the church of Sherburne in Elmet 

X Here is another book which from its name had belonged to the beheaded Arch- 
bishop Scrope, bequeathed with a careful mention of his name, 

§ Thomas Clarell was vicar of Leeds for many years, and was a great benefactor to 
his church and parish. He is mentioned in the will of Thomas Clarell, senior, of 
Aldwarke, Esq. who died in 1442. 


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coopertorio cum suprascripcione UttttXttttW etc., j. zonam ar- 
gento hemesiatam et deauratam cum nigro corse. Eidem j. Porti- 
forium habendum sibi ad term, vitas suae — post mortem — vendatur 
pro salute animarum dictae Eufemiae et Roberti. Roberto Ledes in 
pecunia xx s. Margaretae Bolton j. togam penulatam et perfura- 
tam cum bever, j. coverlett et j. par linthiaminum. Thomae Fell 
j. peciam argenti deauratam, j. murram stantem deauratam infra 
et extra, et j. togam nigram pennulatam cum buggisbauke. 
Henrico Langton alias dicto Henrico Shottesbroke filio Henrici 
Langton j, aliud Psalterium. Residuum — do et lego Henrico 
Langton filio meo ad disponendum pro salute animae meae — Testi- 
bus Johanne Langton armigero, Jobanne Hemesley gentilman. 
Item lego Margaretae Meyrjmg filiae meaB unam togam pennulatam 
cum meniver, j. crucem argenteam et deauratam, unum Agnum 
Dei, unum per de EgylT et zonam Beatae Mariae Virginis. 
WiUelmo Langton filio meo j. lectum. Eufemiae Waterton, filiae 
Bicardi Waterton, j. oUam argenteam. [^Prob. 24 Nov. 1463.] 


XovemW 29, 1463. Ego Johannes Tempest * miles, languens 
in extremis, composque mentis licet eger corpore, previdens 
michi mortis periculum imminere, condo testamentum meum in 
hunc modum — sep. in ecclesia Sancti Michaelis de Bracewell, 
optimumque avenum meum vicario ejusdem eqclesiae precedere 
corpus meum ad sepulturam meam. Item lego idoneo capellano 
celebraturo divina pro anima mea et animabus omnium fidelium 
defunctorum, per unum annum integrum post diem obitus mei, 
sex marcas argenti. Preterea volo, do et lego, Thomae, Nicholao, 
Roberto et WiUelmo Tempest filiis meis quadraginta marcas 
argenti annuatim recipiendas de terris et tenementis meis, durante 
termino vitae cujuslibet eorum; ita quod quilibet eorum habeat 
per se annuatim decem marcas argenti secundum veram et debi- 
tam deliberacionem Ricardi Tempest militis filii et heredis mei. 
Et insuper lego Johanni Tempest dilecto filio meo sex marcas 
argenti de terris et tenementis meis in Lynecolnsh3rre. — Item si 
Deus disposuerit Aliciam Tempest uxorem meam obire, filiabus 
Gracia, Johanna, Alicia et Johanna non maritatis, dictus Ricardus 
Tempest miles filius et heres mens vult et concedit quod habeant 

* Sir John Tempest of Bracewell, in Craven, was high sheriff of the county of York 
in the 18th and STth of Henry YI. He was a zealous supporter of the house of Lan- 
caster, and Henry YI. was entertained by him at Bracewell during his sojourn in 
Craven. This will make several alterations in the pedigree of the family. Whitaker 
in his History of Craven gives an engraving of the remains of the mansion of the 
Tempests at Bracewell. 

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ultra bona sua propria certa terras et tenementa eis competenter 
provisa maritagiis suis. — Residuum Aliciae* uxori meae, quam 
cum Thoma Tempest filio meo constituo executricem ; Eichardus 
Bank f armiger et Willelmus Wadyngton rector de Thometon 
supervisores. Hiis testibus, Eicardo Hamerton milite, Johanne 
Pudesay milite, Johanne Tonelay armigero, Eicardo Shyreburn 
juniore armigero, etc. [Pr. 8 Feb. 1463-4.] 


Aug. 24, 1462. Codicillus. — Coram Deo et hominibus, etc 
It is my will yat my sister have ij. kye, j. qwye, xl. yerds of 
lyncloth, xl. yerds of herden cloth, vj. codds, lij. par shetes, 
j. bolster, a federbed, j, par blanketts, iiij. coverletts, v. bi-asse 
potts, j. led, ij. caldrons, ij. wirt pannes, j. basyn pan, j. litill 
pan, j. gret frying pan, j. basyn, j. laver, j. spit, ij. cobyrens, all 
e old pewtr vesell w^ all y^ tre vessell, a gilt maser; and after 
ir disces to remayn to y^ gild, so y * yai sell it never : j. almery in 
y« somerhall, a spere in y« sam, a par qwemes, j. par of gallows 
w* hingils, tongs, a scomer, a brandreth, ij. mete clothes, iiij. 
towelles, a copstole, a falding burd, y^ chekir, a chayer w* 
fourmes, stoles and burds to hir plesyng, the helm, y« hay, all y« 
wodd, coUes, turves y* langs to y« place, all ye malt yat is in y® 
new hous chaumbre and all y® whete y* tenes, after my disces, 
iiij. bakon fliks, ij. beffe fliks, ij. haldyng swyne, a kymenay, a 
serene of yren, and all my sylver spones. Also y® new hows w* 
all ye commodities longyng yer to, during hir Ijrve, and after hir 
disces to reman unto Eobert Baxter and his assyners, and y® seid 
Eobert shall make one obbitt for my soule Xx. yere, every yer ij s., 
and yer to witnes Eobert Fobit, Thomas Hoton, Eobert Bate and 
John Bate. Also I gyve to Elyn my servant a cow, a calf, a matrysse, 
ij. par shetes, a par harden, a par lyn, a par blanketts, a bolster, 
ij. codds, ij. brasse potts a more and a lesse, a pan and ij. cover- 
letts. Also to Agnes my servant and to hir moder a cow, a 
posnett. To Sir John Eos xx s. my Jorenall, a litill almery, a 
cheyr, my best gown. To Sir John Horton xx s. for a quarter 
sold', a cheyr. To Sir William xx s. for a quarter sowd*. To 
Sir Simond Freher a maser, a cheyr, a grene hallyng, a noble to 
receave of Thomas Dower, x. yerds of lyn cloth to Eichard Met- 

* Alice, daughter of Richard Sherburne, Esq. of Mitton in Craven. She is men- 
tioned in the wills of her father and mother, which have already occurred (Nos. lis. 
Ixxxvii ) 

t Richard Banke of Banke Newton in Craven, Esq. was connected by marriage 
with the family of the testator. 

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calf. To my Maister Chauncelor j. borden bed, a feder bed, a 
par blanketts, a par of best shetes, ij. coverletts, a bolster, ij- 
codds, a selor, iij. curtynes, a litill maser, vj. pewtre doblers, vj. 
disches, yj. salsers, a gret pot, a gret pan. Also I will y* y® leve 
in y« place, unto y« vicars behove, a burden bed, a feder bed, a 
par blanketts, a par shetes, a bolster, a cod, a coverlet, a dosser, 
a lang bord, a par trists, a chair, a led, a mask fatt, a gyle fatt, a 
salt &tt, uppon y« condicion y* he will tak it in y« reparacion, 
and if he will not, it to be sold tmto y® seid reparacion. Also to 
y« Prioress of Swyne xx s. To y* vicar and parich prest of y^ 
same vj s. viij d. To y^ kirk of Eowth yj s.' viij d. To y® 
chapell of Sutton vj s. viij d. To y© kirk of Merflet vj s. viij d. 
To y« chapell of Seynt Jame} xij d. [Pr. 25 May, 1464.] 


July 19, 1464. Johannes Burton capellanus parochialis infir- 
mariae pauperum infra hospitale Sancti Leonardi* Eboracensis — 
sep. infra ecclesiam hospitalis predicti. Aliciae sorori meae unam 
togam de musterdevilers penulatam, j. stevened cloth cum arbori- 
bus et vj. imaginibus. Elense sorori meae unam togam blodii 
coloris penulatam et j. parvum stevened cloth cum j. ymagine 
Beatae Virginis et scriptura fiAattV filf i fiHiWVtVt tltei. 


15 kal. Julii, 1462. Ego domina Margareta Cokefeld f — sep. 
in capella Beatae Maria* infra ecclesiam Beati Patricii de Nuthall 

* The hospital of St. Leonard's, a wealthy establishment in its daj, was one of the 
oldest institutions of the kind in England. Some time after the dissolution of the 
religious houses it passed into the hands of the Lord Mayor and the Commonalty of 
the City of York. It was applied by them to ordinary purposes, and the cellars were 
used as common wine vaults. Little else was supposed to be in existence, but a few 
years ago, when the house which occupied the site was being removed, a large portion 
of the hospital was recovered, as it was merely concealed in the walls of the modem 
dwelling-house. The site has been carefully opened out and the remains of this once 
flourishing establishment are now one of the many ornaments of the gardens of the 
Yorkshire Philosophical Society. 

f Margaret daughter of . . . Foljambe, and widow of Ralph Monboucher, Esq. 
married John Cockfield of Nuthall, Esq. by whom she had no issue. An extract 
from the will of her husband John Cockfield, Esq. who died in 1453, has been already 
given. The representation of the ancient family of Cockfield now centred in the issue 
of Agnes Cockfield, who married John Talboys, and Margaret Ascough, who is men- 
tioned by the testatrix, was her great-niece through this match. Lady Maigaret, 
when she made her will, must have been well stricken in years. She was probably 
staying with the Willoughbies at Wollaton, and the bequest of the remainder of her 
substance to Richard Willoughby was no doubt an acknowledgment of the kindness 
and attention of his family. 

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Juxta Johannem Cokfelde nuper virum meum. Item lego duo- 
decim iibras cetse ad comburendum in cereis in die defiinccionis 
meae apud Wollaton. Et alias duodecim circa sepulturam meam 
apud NuthalL Margaretae Ascowgh unam crateram stantem 
coopertam argenteam et deauratam vocatam y« cony, et unum 
Primarinm cum uno signaculo argenteo habente duas tales literas 
c c Fratemitati Sanctse Trinitatis Notynghame iinam cistam cum 
ferro coopertam et ligatam, pro anima mea et animabus bene&cto- 
rum meorum. — Ecclesiae de Nuthall unum Missale nuper emptum 
de domino Thoma Chaworth et unum calicem emptum ad nundi- 
nas de Lenton. Eesiduum — Ricardo Willughby armigero, Jo- 
banni Ingulby capellano et Willelmo Foorth, quos facio executores 
meos, ut ipsi disponant dicta bona pro anima mea et animabus 
Radulphi Mowbeger et Johannis Cokefelde armigerorum nuper 
virorum meorum ac animabus omnium bene&ctorum meorum. 
Datum apud Wollaton, [Pr. 2 Aug, 1464.] 


August 1 , 1464. Alicia Croull de Ebor. vidua — sep. in 
ecdesia Fratrum Minorum Civitatis Ebor. juxta Ricardum Croull 
nuper maritum meum. Agneti uxori Johannis Tanfeld unam 
crucem argenti et deauratam et imum annulum auri. Uxori 
Johannis Henrison, marsshall, unum annulum auri. Uxori 
Johannis Elyson unum parvum anulum auri et unum par 
precum de nigro gete cum gaudys ejusdem. Uxori Roberti* 
Pirdowe unum anulum argenti et deauratum cum uno trew lyfe. 
[Pr. 14 Aug, 1464.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. xv. Sep. A. Dom. M.cccc.lxiiij. Ego 
Henricus Salvan* armiger et civis Eboracensis — sepeliend. m 
eccles. Conventuali Fratrum Minorum Eboraci in choro ubi f rater 
meus Johannes miles jacet. Item lego unum lapidem precii 
iiij. marcarum subscriptum nomine fratris mei et mei ibidem 

* It is difRcult to discover the parentage of the testator. He was, I believe, a 
younger son of the house of Salvin of Heroewell, who had settled in York as a merchant. 
Sir John Salvin of North Duffield, a brother of Sir Roger Salvin of Hersewell, died 
about thirty years before the date of the present wilL If the testator was a brother of 
this Sir John he must have been of a considerable age when he made the present wilt 
In the Test. Ebor. I. cccv. is the will of Isabella Salvin, who was probably the testator^s 
sister. On the Ist of April, 1440, Henry Oascoigne, Esq. administeis to the effects of 
Roger Salvin of York, Esq. 

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super nos jacendutn. Lego optimum meum indumentum cum 
capicio nomine mortuarii meit — Lego fratri Snawball pro cele- 
bracione unius trental missarum v s. Lego iiij lb. cerae in iiij cereis 
Gonficiendae ad comburendum in choro coram ymagine B. Mariae 
Virginis in ecclesia Sanctae Trinitatis in Gotheromgate Ebor. — 
Lego Margaretae uxori meae duos annulos meos aureos. Jobanni 
filio meo secundum meliorem meam togam, et Thomae filio meo 
aliam togam meam optiraam juxta illam, et Johannae filiae meae 
aliam togam optimam post illam. Jobanni Harryson capellano 
unam togam viridem. Henrico Temple servienti domini de 
Graystok unam togam de russet cum pellibus agninis albis penu- 
latam et j. camisiam. Gonano Jossep coco dicti domini j. togam 
blodiam curtam duplicatam cum les frees russett. Willelmo 
Malton servo dicti domini unam togam talarem de murray dupli- 
catam. Eicardo Bank servo meo j. tunicam debilem de panno 
nigro, j. par ocrearum, j. par caligarum veterum et xij d. argenti. 
Lego iiij. mulieribus servientibus meis cuilibet unum flam- 
meolum precii viij d. — Residuum Margaretae uxori meae. [Prob. 
19 Oct 1464.] 


In nomine Summae et Indlviduae Trinitatis, Patris, Filii, et 
Spiritus Sancti, precelsaeque Dei genetricis Mariae, ac omniimi 
celestium civium. Ego Willelmus Both* permissione divina 

* William Boothe, fifty-first archbishop of York, was the third son of John Boothe, 
Esq. of Barton, in Lancashire. In his earlier years he began to study the common 
law at Gray^s Inn, but having the chancellorship of St. Paulas offered to him he 
accepted it and took orders. In 1447 he was elevated to the see of Lichfield and 
Coventry, and in 1452, upon the translation of Cardinal Kempe to the archiepiscopal 
see of Canterbury, Boothe was removed from Lichfield to York. The papal bull 
authorising his translation was dated at Rome, 12th August, 1452, and the primate 
elect received the pall at Fulham on the 24th of September in the same year. Boothe 
was Archbishop of York for twelve years, but his career was not distingaished by any 
very remarkable acts. He appears to have been of a quiet and peaceful disposition. 
In the wars of the Roses, which occurred during his primacy, he adopted the cause of 
the house of Lancaster, and although he took no active part in the politics of the time 
he still felt severely the reverses of the party to which he had attached himself. It 
must have been a mournful sight to the peaceful prelate to see his diocese rent by the 
civil convulsions of the time and deluged with the best and noblest blood of which 
England could boast. Yet even in the midst of war and commotion he did not 
neglect the arts of peace. His liberality was profuse, and he spent large sums of money 
upon his palaces at York and Southwell. At Southwell he had his favourite residence. 
It was at Southwell that the present will was made, and there he died on the 12th of 
September, 1464. His remains were interred in the chapel of St. John Baptist in 
Southwell Minster, where a plain and unpretending monument was placed to com- 
memorate him. 

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Archiepiscopus Eboracensis, Angliae Primas, et Apostolicss sedis 
Legatus indignus; in mentis acie considerans quam fragilis et 
infirma est kumana natura, quam breves dies horainis, tamen 
.... niis et miseriis pleni; quam certa mortis preoccupacio, 

quam incerta bora ejus; quse omnes disc rapit divitem 

sicuti et pauperem, juvenera ac senem, nee etati sexui parcit aut 
honori, et volens propterea, Ego Willehnus Arcbiepiscopus, pre- 

dicens secimdum doctri operari dum lucem nabuero, 

ne superveniente nocte ulterius non possit operari*. In . . . . cia 
et misericordia, atque intercessione BeatissimaB Virginis Mariae 
matris suae ac Beatissimi Petri Apostoli patroni mei, insimulque 
Omnium Sanctorum mentis et precibus, ac tocius universseque 
ecclesiae suffiragiis confisus, solique Deo laudes reddens, sanus 
memoria, condo testamentum meum in bunc modum. Inprimis 
lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, et corpus meum, si moriar 
infra Comitatum Notingbam. ad sepeliendum in ecclesia Col- 
legiata Beatae Mariae Sutbwell,* in cancella Sancti Jobannis 
Baptistae, in parte australi dictae ecclesiae. Et si moriar infra 
Comitatum Eboracensem, ad sepeliendum corpus meum in 
ecclesia Catbedrali Eboracensi. Et in exequiis meis die sepul- 
turae meae cuilibet canonico presenti in exequiis die sepulturae 
meae vj s. viij d. Et cuilibet vicario et capellano dictae ecclesiae 
presentibus in dictis exequiis [die] in quo corpus meum sepelietur 
iij s. iiij d. Et cuilibet clerico et ministro ecclesiae circa corpus 
meum supradictum xxd. Item do et lego (juatuor filiabus 
Kicholai Byron f militis defuncti maritandis, videlicet cuilibet 
earundem ccl. marcas. Summa M marcas, quae quidem mille 
marcae volo ut custodiantur in aliquo loco certo et securo per 
avisamentum executorum meorum ad custodiendum pro mari- 
tagiis dictarum filiarum et non ad aliquem alium usum. Et si 
aliqua vel aliquae dictarum quatuor filiarum moriatur vel mori- 
antur antequam maritetur vel maritentur, tunc volo quod dictae 
col. marcae pro maritagio illius sic mortuae legatae dividantur 
equaliter ad maritagia iJlarum non ad tunc maritatarum. Item do 
et lego Seth de Worseley J quingentas marcas argenti. Item do et 

* The palace at Southwell was a favourite residence of the archbishops of York, and 
several of them rest in the adjacent minster. Laurence Boothe, Archbishop of York, 
was also interred at Southwell. It is a very remarkable circumstance that two brothers 
of this distinguished feunily rose to the Primacy, whilst several other members of the 
family were promoted to high offices in the church. 

f Sir Nicholas Byron of Clayton, co. Lancaster, the ancestor of the Byrons of 
Newstead, co. Notts, married a Lancashire lady, Alice, daughter of John Boteler of 
Beausey. These four daughters are new to the Byron pedigree. Sir Nicholas was a 
kinsman of the Archbishop. Margaret, the sister of the testator, is^ said to have 
married John Byron of Clayton, co. Lancaster. 

J The family of Worsley appears to have been intimately connected with the Arch- 
bishop. Seth Worsley, although he seems to have held no distinguished office under 

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lego Radulpho Radclyf * centum marcas argenti. Item do et lego 
Roberto Ciyftont militi, uni executorum meorum, pro execu- 
cione facienda testamenti mei xl. libras argenti, ulterius expensas 
suas circa dictum testamentum. Item do et lego Ricardo Bothe 
armigero, uni executorum meorum, xUi. argenti ultra expensas 
circa dictum testamentum. Item volo quod executores mei faciant 
mansionem pro capellanis per me ordinatis in ecclesia parochiali 
de Eccles cum omamentis pro capellania predictis ad celebrandum 
divina in dicta ecclesia parochiali de Eccles. Item do et lego 
capeUanis cantariae Sanctae Eaterinse in dicta ecclesia parochiali 
de Eccles xl li. Item do et leffo capellanis cantariae de Jhesu in 
dicta ecclesia parochiali de Ecdes xl li. Item do et lego vicariis 
choralibus ecclesiae Collegiatas Beatse Marias Suthwell xl li. Item 
do et lego Johanni Byron ccc. marcas ad maritagium suum. 
Item do et lego Willelmo Both militi pro maritagio filiarum xl li. 
Item ordino, lacio et constituo executores meos Robertum Clyfton 
militem, Ricardum Bothe et Seth de Worseley ad perimplendum 
et exequendum dictum testamentum et ultimam voluntatem meam. 
Item do et lego ecclesiae parochiali de Leght unum Manuale et 
unum Missale. Item ecclesiae parochiali de Prestcote unimi Ma- 
nuale et imum Missale. Item do et lego ecclesiae Cathedrali 
Eboracensi, sponsae meae, unam mitram cum baculo meo pas- 
torali. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum non legatorum 
do et lego executoribus meis supradictis, ut illi disponant omnia 
predicta bona in operibus pietatis, prout eis pro salute animas 

the see of York, was evidently in the confidence of the testator, and his name appears 
in many of his acts and proceedings. 

* Ralph Badclyffe, a Lancashire gentleman, was connected hy marriage with the 
Archhishop. That prelate^s sister Catherine was the wife of Thomas BadclyfTe of 
Wymersley, in Lancashire. 

t Sir Robt. Clifton of Clifton, Co. Notts, the testator^s brother-in-law and the head of 
an ancient and illustrious family. He was the eldest son of Sir Gervase Clifton of 
Hodsack, whose will has already occurred (No. cxxxvii.) At his father's death, in 
1453-4, he was 30 years of age. He married Alice, daughter of John Boothe, Esq. 
and sister to the Archbishop, by whom he had several children. He died on the 
9th of April, 1478, and was buried in the church of Clifton, near his wife, who died 
on the 9th of September, 1470. Sir Robert had several children. Gervase, his eldest 
son, was one of the witnesses of the testator^'s will ; his younger brother, Robert 
Clifton, was more immediately under the patronage of the Archbishop. On May 13, 
1454, the Archbishop presents him to the stall of North Muskham, in the church of 
Southwell, which was vacant by the resignation of Robert Clifton his father, who was 
the guardian of Gervase Clifton, the last canon. On the 13th of March, 1463-4, the 
Primate raises his nephew Robert Clifton to the Archdeaconry of the East Riding, and 
on the 28th of May following he was appointed canon of the stall of St. Michael in the 
church of Beverley, which was vacant by the death of William Scrope. Clifton all 
this time was merely an accolite, but twelve days before his patron'*s death, on the 
12th of Sept. 1464, he received his permission to proceed to the more advanced 
sacerdotal degrees. Whether he did so or not cannot be now ascertained, but we 
know that he did not survive the Archbishop long, as the permission to administer to 
the effects of Master Robert Clifton, Archdeacon of the East Riding, was granted on 
27th August, 1467, to Robert Hill and William Heseham. 

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meas melius videbitur expedire. Hiis testibus, magistro Willebno 
Worsley,* maffistro Willelmo Brande,t domino Thoma Byrom, 
Kadulpno Eadclyff armigero, Gervasio Clyfton armigero et domino 
Johanne Averell capellano. In cujus rei testimonium presentibus 
sigillum meum apposni. Datum apud Suthwell xxvj^o die Au- 
gusti Anno Domini Millesimo cccc™® sexagesimo quarto. [Pn 
24 Nov. 1464,1 


In Dei nomine, Amen. iiij. die mensis Dec. A.D. M.cccc.lxiiij. 
Ego Johannes Monkton,} armiger — sepeliendum in ecclesia par. 
de Hynderwell. Lego pro mortuario meo optimum meum equum 
cum certis pertinenciis, ac uno apparatu armorum, ut moris est. 
Lego cuilibet capellano ad exequias et missam existenti viij d. 
Et cuilibet clerico ministranti ij d. Item lego duobus capellanis 
celebraturis incontinenti post decessum meum per unum annum 
integrum pro anima mea et animabus benefactorum meorum, ac 
pro bono statu Isabellse uxoris meae, alteri eonma yj. marcas; ea 
condicione, quod unus eorum celebret continue, cum dispositus 
fiierit, in ecclesia de Hynderwell, et alter permaneat in loco quo 
Isabella uxor mea moram traxerit, si velit, vel in alio loco ubi 
magis videbitur expedire. Lego fabricae ecclesiae de Hynderwell 
unam togam penulatam de cremycyn et ij. pannos viridis coloris 
de novo preparandos secundum modum pannorum pertinencium 
ad altare de Synnyngton, et hoc ex sumptu bonorum meorum. 
Lego fabricae ecclesiae de Esyngton unam togam penulatam blodii 
coloris. Lego fabricae ecclesiae de Lofthous j. togam penulatam 
de musterdevilers. Hospitali S. Thomae Martiris in Urbe Eomana 
xij d. Gildae B. Christofori Ebor. iij s. Johanni Delarever j. 
cistam remanentem apud Synnygton. Georgio Delarever j . bursam 
de panno auri. Lego Koberto Monkton j. corres complet. 

* William Worsley was made Prebendary of Overhall de Northwell in the church of 
Southwell, 30 March, 1463. On the 27th of July, 1457, he became Canon of South 
Caye in the church of York. In 1476 he was removed to the archdeaconry of Not* 
tingham ; and when he died in 1499 he was Dean of St. Paul's, London, in which 
cathedral he was interred. 

f William Brande, domiestic chaplain and registrar to the archbishop, was promoted 
by him on 12 Aug. 1457, to the archdeaconry of Cleveland, resigning his prebend 
of Oxton-cum-Crophill in the church of Southwell, to which he had been appointed 
3 Nov. 1454. On the 30th of Jan. 1460-1, he became Canon of Holme in the church 
of York, which he resigned on the 10th of March in the following year for the stall of 
Bamby in the same church. On the 26th of Sept. 1470, he was made Prebendary 
of Wighton in York Cathedral. He died in 1475. 

X The testator has been already mentioned in the will of Thomas and Margaret De 
la River of Brandesby (Nos. cxviii. and cxli.), to whom he was related. The present 
will is unfortunately imperfect. 

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Thomae Monkton firatri meo j . galeam. Christianae uxori Willelmi 
Delarever sorori mese j. vaccam et j. vitulum. Lego Thomae 
Delarever j. armillam de auro. Johanni Delarever j. zonam 
argento paratam et deanratam. Roberto Wardell j. equum album 
etatis iiij. annorum. Eesiduum Isabellas uxori meae. Volo quod 
Elizabetha filia Thomae fratris mei recipiat in propria persona, ne 
molestentur executores mei, certa debita quae micni debentur per 
dictum Thomam fratrem meum. 


Maii xxviij, a.d. M.CCCC.lxiiij. Ego Willelmus Downham de 
Eboraco capellanus — sep. in eccles. S. Elenae in Stanegat in medio 
ambulatorii coram crucifixo — Volo quod Thomas Crisaker clericus 
habeat vj. cocliaria argenti, j. peciam argenti et optimam meam 
murram ; et volo quod ipse sol vat executoribus meis pro eisdem 
tantum quantum ponderant et non ultra, Aliciae uxon Willelmi 
Cleveland drapour j. par precum mixtum cum corallis et whyte 
bone cum gaudiis argenti et deaurati, unam bursam lineam serico 
operatam et j. annulum auri. Codicillus, — Lego Willelmo Clyve- 
land j. pruce chayer. Johanni Marshall j. Inglish chayer. Lego 
filio predicti Will. Cleveland omnes libros meos de Miractdis 
Beatae Marias. Lego domino Roberto Traumer capellano j. librum 
scriptum cum Pater Noster et alium librum de Intencione Bib- 
lioticae cum aliis quaternis. Nicholao Kirke Primarium meum et 
predicto Roberto j. alium librum in eodem Hgatum. Lego 
Willelmo Ball omnes libros meos de Ludo de Pater Noster. 
\_Prob. 12 Jan. 1464.] 



{JDeest caput Test) — sepeliendum in summo choro ecclesiae B. 
Mar. — Lego emendacioni librorum et ornamentorum ecclesiae 
predictae iij s. iiij d. Lego fratri Johanni Hamerton monacho 
domus S. Trin. Ebor. iij s. iiij d. Joannas filiae Willelmi Nevyll f 

* A York clergyman who bears the name of a distinguished family in Graven, with 
which he was probably connected. Some extracts from the will of Alan Hammerton 
of York, merchant, who died in the year 1405-6, and from that of his wife Isabel, 
who died in 1432, may be found at No. xvii. The name of the testator does not occur 
in the list of the rectors of St. Mary Bishophill Senior, which is given in Drako^a 

t William Neville, of Thornton Bridge, Esq. He had a house in York in the testa- 
tor's parish. He died in York in the early part of 1469, and was buried in the choir 
of St. Mary's, near his father, Sir Alexander Neville. 

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armigeri filiolae mese unam murrain sine (sive ?) frounce. — Thomae 
Dalton clerico sicam meam argento paratam, optimam meam 
zonam de correo argento paratam, iij. cocliaria argenti de optimis 
et TJ s. viij d. Lego Jonanni Dalton capellano fratri ejusdem 
magistri Thomae Dalton meum countor cum omnibus bilanc' 
meis cum suis ponderibus, meam zonam de albo filo operatam 
argento paratam, iij. cocliaria, meum Psalterium optimum cum 
omnibus^ libris meis in paupiro scriptis, optimam togam meam 
cum capicio optimo, et omnia instrumenta mea, scilicet secures, 
serras et malleos cum aliis parvis rebus ad carpentriam pertinenti- 
bus, meum nigrum pawtener et yj s. viij d. Johanni Dalton 
marito Aliciae Dalton mecum morantis. [Pro6. 27 Feb. 1464-5.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. viij. Mar. M.cccc.lxiv. Ego Eobertus 
Crathom * de Ebor. generosus — Volo quod unus obitus in ecclesia 
de Crathom pro anima mea et animabus — fiat, et alius obitus 
apud Fratres de Yarom. — Lego xij. liberis Eadulphi Crathom f 
militis inter eos equaliter dividendos xl s. Lego filiae dicti Ea- 
. dulphi, filiolae meae, meum Primarium et vj s. viij d. [Pr. 18 
March, 1464-5.] 


Sep. xij. M.cccc.lxv. Ego Johannes Warthill J de Civ. Ebor. 
clericus. — Do et lego Matildae uxori Johannis Eadclyff § gen til- 
man et Johanni filio eorumdem, sub condicione quod idem 
Johannes filius portet cognomen meum et parentum meorum, ut 
vocetur Johannes Warthill, totum capitale messuagium meum in 
quo inhabito in Walmegate. 

* A younger son of the family of Grathome of Crathome in Cleveland. The head 
of the house, whom he mentions in his will, was probably his nephew. On the 5th of 
July, 1395, Thomas Crathome administers to his brother Nicholas de Crathome. A 
Nicholas Crathome, whe was a chauntry priest in St. George's Church in York, died 
in 1482-3. Thomas Crathome was one of the Sheriffs of the City of York in 1442, and 
Lord Mayor in 1445. He was also one of the representatives of the city in the parlia- 
ment held at Cambridge 25 Hen. VI. 

t Sir Ralph Crathorne of Crathome in Cleveland married Isabel daughter of Sir 
Thomas Mountford. He seems to ha^e had by her a veiy lai^e family, veiy few of 
whom are recorded in the pedigrees of his house. Sir Ralph died intestate, and his 
widow Isabel administered to his effects, March 17, 1489-90. 

t John Warthill was rector of St. Margaret's in Walmegate for many years. His 
ikmily had been connected with York for several centuries, and the testator was 
evidently wishful to perpetuate the name. 

§ The family of Radcliffe, which was settled at York, was of Lancashire extraction. 
Some extracts from the will of the father of this gentleman, John Radcliffe, who was 
a citizen and merchant of York, have been already given, No. lxxxii. 

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XXV. Sep. M.cccc.lxv. Ego Willelmus Eiche civis et pewterer 
Ebor. — Sep. coram ymagine B. Mariae Virg. in eccles. mea par. 
S. Elenae in Stayngate, — Lego ad picturam ymaginis Beatae 
Mariae Virginia stantis infra chorum Sancti Johannis xx s. Item 
volo quod omnes denariorum summae captae sen capiendae pro 
locacione et conductione diversorum instrumentorum artificio meo 
pertinencium, viz. trium sectarum dictarum braese moldes, duobus 
chargeour moldes, de un' hoU basyn molde, de un' holl disshe 
molde, de j. parvo dissh molde, de j. parv' sals'- molde, ad quorum- 
cunque manus imposterum devenire contingunt, ad usum et 
sustentacionem capellanis cantariae donativae in ecclesia mea par. 
et successorum suorum — redundent et fideliter persolvantur — ita 
quod — unum obitum in dicta ecclesia pro anima mea — 


Nov. xxiiij. M.cccc.lxv. Ego Johannes Elwyn* de Hedon 
in Holdernes. — Lego fabricae capellae S. Augustini de Hedon, 
tarn pro sepultura mea, quam pro ornacione picturae del reredose 
supra summura altare infra dictam capellam, xs. — Lego ad hono- 
vl rem Dei, Beatae Mariae Virginis et Omnium Sanctorum, cantariae 
B. Mar. Virg. de Preston, post decessum meum et Johannae 
, . uxoris meae, magnum meum Portiforium. Capellae S. Aug. de 

Hedon unum librum vocatum Legenda Sanctorum. Lego capellae 
de Hedon predictae omnes libros meos Grammaticales, tam in 
gubernacione Willelmi Paynetour capellani, quam in cista mea 
existentes, pro doctrina et reformacione puerorum ibidem ad- 
discentium in scola grammaticali ibidem. iProb, 7 Nov, 1465.] 


In Dei nomine. Amen. vij. Jan. M.cccclxv. Ego Margaretaf 
nuper uxor Johannis Stapilton militis — corpus sepeliendum in 

* A family of some little consequence in the town of Hedon in Holderness. In 
1498, Peter Elwyn, of Hedon, desires to be buried in the cemetery of the chapel of 
St. Augustine at Hedon. He leaves the residue of his estate to John Elwyn, and he 
makes Sir John Normanville, knight, and Sir Thomas Hobson, the chantry priest of 
the church of All Saints at Preston, the supervisors of his will. 

t Margaret, daughter of Mr. Justice Norton of Norton Conyers, and widow of Sir 
John Stapleton ofWighill, knight. Her husband's will hsA already occurred (No. 
cxLYiii.), and to it several notices of the family of Stapleton have been appended, which 
need not be repeated here. The testatrix, when she made her will, appears to have 
been residing in the little nunnery of Glementhorp near York, one of the most &voured 

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ecclesia Conventxiali Priorissae et Conventus S. Clementis Ebor., 
si ibidem me mori contigerit, aliter, ubi Deus disposuerit. Lego 
pro mortuario meo meum mantellum pro corpore talliatimi. Lego 
liij. cereos cerae, quolibet continente iijlb. cerae, comburendos 
circa corpus meum die sepulturse meae. — Leso v. torchias purae 
cersB, precium cujuslibet viij s., comburenoum similiter circa 
corpus meum ; et post humacionem meam completam volo ut 
deserviant summo altari illius ecclesias ubi corpus meum sepelitur, 
ad ardendum tempore elevacionis Corporis Christie Lego v. pau- 
peribus hominibus dictas quinque torcheas tenentibus et portan- 
tibus ad exequias meas et missam die sepulturae meae, cuilibet 
j. togam cum capucio de panno laneo albo. Volo quod quinque 
denarii liberentur dictis quinque pauperibus hominibus ad oflfer- 
endum ad missam meam tempore oblacionis die sepulturas meae 
vel octavo. Lego fabricae illius ecclesiae in qua ero sepulta pro 
sepultura mea vj & viij d. Lego fratri (blanlc) Rothom pro cele- 
bracione missae meae et pro sermone dicendo eodem die vj s. viij d. 
Lego xiij. capellanis ad exequias meas et missam cuilibet xij d. 
Novem clericis, cuilibet iiij d. Uni capellano ad celebrandum 
pro anima mea et pro anima dicti Johannis nuper mariti mei — 
per unum annum — vij. marcas. Fabricae eccles. Cath. Ebor. 
lij s. iiij d. Cuilibet moniali domus S. Clementis predictae ad 
faciendum exequias meas et missam die octavo — cum nota 
iij s. iiij d. Anachoritae ejusdem loci ad orandum devote pro anima 
mea xx d. Priori et Conventui S. Trin. in Mike^ate pro uno 
obitu die sepulturae meae xiij s. iiij d. Fratribus §. Roberti de 
Knaresburgh pro imo obitu xiij s. iiij d. Priori et Conventui 
de Helay parke pro imo obitu vj s. viij d. Priorissae et Conv. 
domus Monialium de Senyngthwat pro uno obitu xx s. Fabricae 
ecclesiae de Withall, vj s. viij d, Anachoritis in Walmgate et 
Fisshergate in suburb. Ebor, iij s. iiij d. Hospitali S. Tbomae in 
Urbe Eomana, xx d. Ad distribuendum pauperibus die sepul- 
turse meae xiij s. iiij d., cuilibet j d. Lego annulum meum 
aureum optimum dedicatum, quo utor super digitum meum, ad 
pendendum super laqueum olosericum circa coUum ymaginis Sancti 
Salvatoris apud Novum Burgum. Lege Willelmo filio meo j. 
peciam stantem argenti et deauratam et j. oUam argenti, et j. 
Missale, et calicem cum uno vestimento ocupandum infra ca- 
pellam manerii de Withall. Briano* filio dicti Willelmi j. ewer 

sanctuariea of the widow and the orphan. Her will makes leveral additions to the 
genealogy of the house of Stapleton. 

* Afterwards Sir Brian Stapleton of WighiU, the husband of Jane daughter of Sir 
Lancelot Thirkeld. and the father by her of a large family of children. He died in 
1518, and was buried in the chapel of Our Lady in the north aisle of the church of 
WiehUL His wife died before him, and the widower leaves to his daughter Jane 
(wife of Robert Conyers of Button) - a ryng of golde graved with fedders, whicU 

Digitized by 



argenti et j. parvam pcciam argenti punsatam. Briano filio meo 
j. peciam argenti flatt coopertam, j. oUam argenti, j. murrain 
magnam, xij. cocliaria argenti, et z. marcas argenti, si bona mea 
ad noc duraverint. Lego Miloni, Thomae, Johanni et Christoforo 
filiis meis cuilibet eorum x. marcas argenti, si bona mea, Eliza- 
bethae filiae j. peciam argenti stantem cum uno bretis. Isabellae 
filiae meae j. peciam argenti flatt punsatam et coopertam. Kate- 
rinae filiae meae j. peciam argenti stantem et coopertam cum 
ymagine Sanctae Katerinae. Willelmo Norton fratri meo c s. 
Johanni Norton filio et heredi dicti Will, xx s. Johanni Norton 
militi consanguineo meo j. peciam argenti flatt coopertam et 
duplicatam deauratam quam pater meus michi legavit in testa- 
mento suo. Lego dominae Isabellae Vavasour moniali de Senyng- 
thwatt* predicta mantellum meum penulatum cum gray. Lego 
ad unum jentaculum Priorissae, monialibus, mulieribus generosis 
et aliis servientibus dictae domus Sancti Clementis fiendimi die 
sepulturae meae xx s. Lego pro pane, servicia, speciebus et vino 
emendis pro capellanis, monialibus et mulieribus generosis, ejus- 
dem loci S. Clementis, et clericis ad exequias meas existentibus 
xiij s. iiij d. Lego Priorissae dictae domus S. Clem. j. saltseler 
argenti coopertum et in parte deauratum pro tempore quo ipsa 
ent Priorissa ejusdem loci, et volo quod remaneat successive de 
Priorissa ad Priorissam ejusdem domus pro eorum tabula. Kesi- 
duum bonorum meorum infra Prioratum S. Clem, et alibi pono 
ad discrecionem executorum meorum. Executores Willelmum 
Stapilton filios meos (*«tc). Item lego cuilibet ordini Fratrum 
infra Ebor. pro exequiis et missa fiendis cito post decessum meum 
xiijs. iiij d. [Pro*. 8 Jan. 1465-6.1 



A.D. M.cccc.lxv. Ego Thomas Thomolmf de Harsthorp, 
armiger — sepeliendum in eccles. par. Sancti Martini in Burton 

was the last token betwixt my wyffe and me.'** The wills of the Stapletons are all 
of them interesting. There were many splendid heirlooms in the family, which are 
often carefully described. 

* The little house of Sinningthwaite was, if I may be allowed to use the term, the 
most aristocratic of the Yorkshire nunneries. Ladies who had in their veins some of 
the best blood in the north of England were always to be found within its walls. The 
nunnery of Clementhorp near York was also similarly favoured. 

t The head of a family of some consideration in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 
which ended during the reign of Elizabeth in two co-heirs, who married into the 
families of Calverley and Saltmarsh. The testator, according to the Visitation of 1585, 
was the husband of Elizabeth daughter of John Ellerker of Moretowne. This does not 
tally with the present will. 

Digitized by 



Anneys. — Lego ad emendum quoddam ornamentum pro summo 
altari ibidem ij s. Lego sustentacioni cujusdam luminis vocati 
torches quae ponuntur super les Judasses ibidem ij s. Residuum 
Gonstanciae uxori meae, Walter© filio meo et AmisB filiae meae. 
IFrob. 14 Feb. 1465-6.] 

In Dei nomine, Amen. Fest. Pentec. M.cccc.lviij. Ego 
Bicardus Wartere, aldermannus, civis et mercator Ebor. — ^sepe- 
liend. infra eccles. par. S. Salvatoris in Maresco, Civitat. Ebor., 
in insula australi, juxta corpus Aliciae uxoris meae nuper defunctae, 
sub quodam sarcophago de expensis meis ibidem parato. — Lego 
XX. marcas distribuendas et dividendas inter omnes illos ad quos 
de rectitudine et jure Johannes Moreton,t pater Aliciae nuper 
uxoris meae defunctae, in debito erat die mortis suae, videlicet, 
cuilibet eorum secundum quantitatem debiti sui. Volo quod 
executores mei feciant c. togas de nigro panno vel de nigro 
russett duplicatas cum albo lodice seu aibo panno pro pauperibus 
et mulieribus, cum c, camisiis pro hominibus et pauperibus mu- 
lieribus in dicta Civitate Ebor., ac etiam in patria, ubi maxima 
necessitas paupertatis erit, secundum discrecionem ex. meorum. 
Ac etiam volo quod omnes literati pauperes dictas togas seu 
camisias recipientes, qui exequias mortuorum dicere sciunt, 
dicant tribus vicibus Placebo et Dirige devote cum ix. Lectionibus 
et Commendacione pro anima mea. Et volo quod executores 

The father, or perhaps the grandfather, of the testator, John Thomholme of Has- 
thorpe, Esq. made his will May 2, 1431. Proh. 19 March, 1434-5. He desired to 
be buried in the church of Burton Annas, and he left the sum of 14^. to have services 
performed for his soul, and for those of^Margaret his wife, and his boys. To John 
Thomholme, his younger son, he bequeathed his lands in Wakefield. To John 
Thomholme, his elder son, he left his lands in Dri£Beld, Baynton, Foston, and Brig- 
ham. His brother, William Thomholme, is indebted to him in the sum of 20/. He 
mentions his daughter Isabel and his wife Margaret. 

Margaret Thomholme of Hasthorpe made her will at Hasthorpe 14 April, 1445. 
Prob. 7 Dec. 1446. She desired to be buried in the church of All Saints at Annas 
Burton. The residue of her estate she left to her son Thomas Thomholme (the 

* Richard, son of William and Alice Wartre, an alderman and citizen of York. 
He was one of the sheriffs for the city in the year 1431, and Lord Mayor in 1436 and 
1451. He also was one of the representatives of the city in the Parliament holden at 
Cambridge, 13 Hen. VI. The will of his broUier, Thomas Wartre, has been given 
(No. cviii). 

f The Moretons were a wealthy family of merchants in York. On the 20th of 
July, 1434, John de Moreton, son and heir of Roger de Moreton, late of Moreton, 
citizen and alderman of York, desires to be buried in the church of St. Martinis in 
Micklegate, in the choir of St. Nicholas, near Margaret his wife. To his daughter 
Ellen he leaves 100 marks for her marriage, *^ et totum perle quod habeo." His 
son John de Moreton is his executor. 


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mei emant seu emere faciant et ordinent j. capam de rubio 
velwet comodantem ad «ectam optimam in eccles. par. S. Salv., 
quia ibidem est unum vestimentum cum ij. dalmaticis ejusdem 
sectae. £t volo quod executores mei faciant scutum cum armis 
meis, sicut factum est super sarcophagum sepulcri mei, sculptum 
super libellum dictae capae, ea intencione ut populus specialiter 
oret pro anima mea. Lego ad texturam australis partis dictas 
ecclesiae cum plumbo xl 1. Veiling, et plus si necesse fnerit. Et 
volo quod executores mei emant j. Missale et alios libros maxime 
necessaries ad sustentacionem Divini servidi in ecclesia de Bug- 
thoip ad valorem x. librarum. Et volo quod quandocunque 
parochiani dictas ecclesiae faciant novum campanile * ibidem 
executores mei solvant parochianis dictis x 1. quas Thomas firater 
mens legavit ad tecturam dicti campanilis. Item volo, ordino 
et firmissime precipio quod una cista fortis et secura ponatur et 
stet in vestiario eccles* Cath. B. Petri Ebor. ad conservandum 
salve et secure bona mea, viz., aurum meum et argentum et 
thesaurum atque omnes obligaciones et evidencias meas per quas 
aliqua bona michi debentur. Et volo quod dicta cista firmissime 
atque tutissime sit serata, et quilibet executorum meorum babeat 
clavem dictae cistae, et quod intersint unanimiter cum aliqua bona 
fuerint in illam posita seu ab ilia recipienda. Et si omnes pre- 
sentes esse non poterint volo quod iiij. illorum vel tres ad minus. 
Item volo et ex parte Dei firmiter precipio dictis executoribus 
meis ut ipsi conducant tales bonos sacerdotes ydoneos et honestos 
atque virtuosos, qui maxime Deo placere et saluti animaB meae 
animarumque predictarum proficere. Item volo quod dicti ex- 
ecutores mei scribant seu scribi faciant multas sedulas seu billas 
proprii nominis mei Eicardi Wartere, prefati Willelmi Wartere 
patris mei et Johannae Wartere matris meae, Aliciae et Aliciae 
Wartere quondam uxorum mearum, omniumque fratrum atque 
aororum mearum, sicque animarum omnium fidelium defunctorum, 
ita ut omnes predicti capellani mei qui pro anima mea— con- 
celebrabunt habeant seu babeat unusquisque eorundem unam 
billam ad altaria sua, ea intencione, ut habeant me in memoria 
et specialiter et devote orent. Et volo quod dictas sedulaB dentur 
onmibus aliis personis tarn laicis quam clericis cui seu quibus 
aliquod est legatum — ut et ipsi similiter possint habere me in 
memoria et devote orent pro anima mea. [Prob. Mar. 1465.] 

* The sum of 10/. was bequeathed by the testator^s brother to build thia belfry or 
tower, as may be seen in his will (No. cviii.). 

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Sep. j. M.cccalxvj. Ego Johannes Femell capellanus — Lego 
ecclesiae Omn. Sanctor. de Peseholme imurn Pealterium cum 
porticu Sancti Johannis Baptistae cathenandum. Ecclesiae B. 
Mar. de Bolton in Craven ad serviendum ibidem cuilibet sacristae 
pro tempore suo unum librum vocatum Berengarius Cardinalifl. 
Ecclesiae S. Wilfridi de Brensall in Craven unum librum voca- 
tum PuplUam Oculi — Roberto filio Willelmi fratris mei iij s. iiijd. 
ad exhibicionem suam in scolls, et unum librum Grammaticalem, 
unum librum de Placebo et Dirige cum Commendacione et cum 
uno Ympnario non completo. Kicardo Warde librum vocatum 
MeduUam Grammaticas cum aliis libris Grrammaticalibus, unum 
librum vocatum Placebo et Dirige. Willelmo Couper filio Ro- 
berti Couper unum Primarium. Uni capellano honesto celebra- 
turo per unum annum integrum pro salario suo precium Portiforii 
sui quatenus sufficere potent, et residuum salarii sui de bonis. 


In Dei nomine, Amen. Septimo die mensis Augusti a.d. 
M.cccclxv. Ego Margareta Aske* relicta Ricardi Aske de 
Aghton armigeri — sepeliendum in choro Prioratus B. Mariae de 
Ellerton. Lego Johanni f A^ke filio meo et heredi optimum 
meum par precum de corall, annulum meum nupcialem, et meam 
peciam argenti et deaurati coopertam. Condono eidem omnia 
debita quae michi debet, c s. exceptis. Elizabethae uxori dicti Jo- 
hannis filii mei meum par precum de corall minimum. Margaretae 

* a daughter of Sir Robert Ughtred of Kexby, knight, by Margaret, daughter and 
coheir of Sir John Goddard, knight She married Biehard Aske of Augbton, Esq. 
-who died in 1460, aged forty, and was buried in the priory of Ellerton. In the chancel 
of Aughton Church portions of a brass and of an inscription to commemorate the 
testatrix and her husband are still remaining. The family of Aske of Aughton 
sprang from a younger son of the house of Aske of Aske, who came into Howdensbire 
as seneschal of that district under the Bishop of Durham. The family soon took a 
firm root at Aughton, and acquired great wealth and distinction by allying itself with 
fiome of the noblest of the Yorkshire houses. Robert Aske, the illfated leader of the 
Pilgrimage of Grace, was the great>grandson of the testatrix; and Richard Aske of 
Aughton, the last of the family of whom we have any record, disgraced himself and 
the honour of his house by standing counsel to the legieides at the trial of Charles I. 

f Sir John Aske of Aughton, knight, was seventeen years old at his Other's death 
in 1460, and he then became a ward of his mother. By his will, dated on 8th of 
April, 1497, and proved on the 6th of June following, he desired to be buried in the 
chancel of the Monastery of Ellerton, before the image of the Blessed Mary, where 
the Gospel is wont to be read by the deacon. His wife Elizabeth was a daughter of 
the distinguished house of Bigod of Settrington, and by her he left a large family. 

T 2 

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filiae mese cxx. mkrcas. Elizabethse* filise mese cxx. marcas. 
Lego prefatis Margaretae et Elizabethae filiabus meis omnes togas 
meas cum cofFris meis. Lego eidem Margaretae optiraam meam 
zonam de viridi serico argento paratam et deauratara. Lego pre- 
dictaB Elizabethae secundam zonam meam de blodio serico argento 
paratam et deauratam. Lego predictae Margaretae optimum Ma- 
tutinum librura meum. Elizabethae filiae meae secundum librum 
meum et meum novum saltsaler argenti et deaurati. Elizabethae 
Kirkby j. lectum bonum, ij. vaccas, et v. marcas argenti. Johanni 
Vavasour cognato meo xl s. Lego vicario eccles. de Aghton xx s. 
Johanni Redeshawe xxs., et eidem pro levacione debitorum 
meonim xls. Fratri Willelmi Bewyk domus ordinis Fratrum 
Augustin. Ebor. xiij s. iiij d. et eidem pro factura unius fenestrae 
vitreae cum armis meis et filii mei ix s. Lego unam crucem auri 
cum perillis positis ymagini Beatae Mariae de Scardeburgh. Lego 
Roberto Aske f filio et heredi predicti Johannis Aske nlii mei ij. 
cocliaria argenti. Johannae Ughtred filiolae meae ij. coclearia 
argenti. Item volo quod unus nomo conducatur ad peregrinan- 
dum usque Sanctum Ninianum in Scocia ad expensas meas, et 
ibidem oflFerendum pro me unum annulum auri cum uno dyamant 
in eodem. Item lego uni homini ituro usque Beatum Thomam 
Cantuariae Archiepiscopum et ibidem offerat pro me j. 8alu3 (sic) 
auri. Lego ad orandum pro anima Johannis Stillingstell vd. 
Lego in oblacione Sanctae Annae j d. Lego ad distribuendum 

Eauperibus pro anima mea vj s. viij d. Lego cuilibet pauperi 
omini de Aghton j. bus. frumenti et j. bus. siliginis. Volo quod 
tres capellani conducantur ad celebrandum pro anima mea per 
unum annum integrum. Lego ad empcionem unius lapidis super 
sepulcrum meum et mariti mei ponendum et jacendum x 1. Ri- 
cardo et Thomae filiis meis — Ordino dictum Johannem Aske 
filium meum et heredem, Johannem Vavasour cognatum meum, 
predictum fratrem Will. Hoveden vicarium de Aghton, et Jo- 
hannem Redeshawe executores meos — Residuum Margaretae et 
Elizabethae filiabus meis. [Proft. 20 Nov. 1466.] 

* Elizabeth Aske took the veil, and when her brother, Sir John, makes his will in 
1497, she was a nun at Watton. 

f Afterwards Sir Robert Aske of Aughton, who had livery of his estates in 1498. 
His will is dated the 10th of March, 1529.30, and was not proved till the 16th of 
March, 1541-2, as his children had other things to think of in the interval, which vras 
indeed disastrous to the house of Aske. He desires to be buried in die choir of 
Augbton, near his wife, who was a daughter of John Lord Clifford. He was fortu- 
nately spared from witnessing the loss of his son Robert, for he died on the 2l8t of 
February, 1530-1. 

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In Dei nomine. Fest. S. BarthoL a.d. M.cccclxvj. Ego 
Willelmua Twayte * de Marston, anniger — sepel. in eccles. par. 
Omn. Sanctor. de Marston coram altare B. M. Virg. Volo quod 
tria quarteria bladi disponantur inter pauperes tenentes meos ad 
orandum pro anima mea. — Lego Nicholao Twayte j. equum badii 
coloris cum albo capite, iiij. oves matrices et iiij. agnos. Lego ad 
reparacionem torticiorum ijs., ut sex vel quatuor ardentes de- 
ferantur coram corpore meo a domo mea ad ecclesiam. Lego 
Thomas Twayte f Alio meo, et eciam causa sustentacionis Agnetis 
sororis suae, meae filiae, omnia vestimenta et omamenta capellae 
meae et orologium meum cum campana, j. cistam cum evidentiis 
meis et j. aliam cistam de Flandria, unum le hallyng rubium, ij. 
cathedras, mensas, formulas et tristellis in aula, j. pelvim de auri- 
calco cum rosa et j. aquarium eidem, les tubbes, troghes et standes 
pertinencia pandoxatorise, brasiatoriae et botellariae, preter j. trogh 
plumbiam ; item cistemam plumbiam pro brasio cum le maskefet, 
priorem bigam ferro ligatam cum jugis et teemes ferreis ac 
nemesiis pro equis trahendis pertinentibus illaebigae, et j. aratrum. 
Do et lego Aliciae et Johannae filiabus meis xl. marcas in pecunia 
vel bona et catalla ad valorem, viz. xx. marcas utrique aa earum 
maritagium: ita quod se maritabunt per avisamentum et agrea- 
mentum Isabellae uxoris meae, Briani Eouclyff,^ Willelmi Hun- 
gate et Thomae Kowclyff vel unius eorum. Residuum — [^Prob. 
1 Dec. 1466.] 


This is the last will of me John Langton,§ squyer, son and 
heir of John Langton, knyght, made the xxij. day of December, 

* William Thwaite of Marston, in the Ainsty of York, Esq. the head of a family 
which afterwards rose to some eminence. This will makes considerable additions to 
the pedigree of the family, of the early history of which there is but little known. 
The will of William Thwaite of Marston, the testator's father, adds another generation 
to the pedigree. It was proved ^t York 10 Feb. 1434-6. In it he desires to be buried 
in the choir of the church of Marston, with the permission of the rector. He then 
orders Sir Thomas Marshall to make an estate to his son William Thwaite (the tes- 
tator), of all his lands in Bikertou, and another to his son Robert, of his lands in 
Hoton, together with the chapel croft. He appoints as his executors Agnes his wife 
and William his son, and he makes Guy Rocliffe the supervisor of his will. Marston 
is at a short distance from York, and it is there that that fatal fight occurred which 
was so ruinous to the hopes of the Royalists, and so disastrous to Charles I. 

+ Thomas Thwaite, the eldest son of the testator, married a Middleton of Stokeld, 
and was the progenitor of the family at Marston. 

t There was evidently some connection between the families of Thwaite and Rocliffe, 
but where it was I have been unable to ascertain. 

§ John, son and heir of Sir John Langton of Fameley, near Leeds. The will of 

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in the sext yere of the reign of kync Edward fourt, and I the 
same John beyng in hele of body and of hole mynde, will and 
ordenyng, in the forme ensuyng : First, I beqweth my soule to 
God Almyghty, and to our Lady his blessid modir, and to all the 
Seyntes of heyyn; and my body to be beried in the parissh chirch 
of Ledes in the same place where Agnes late wyfe to me the 
said John is beried, with a stone of marbill to be laid upon us 
both,* with a grete skochon of myn armes and of the armes of 
my said wife to be sett in the mydis of the ston, with all my 
doffhtirs in armes with thair husbandis apon my right syde, and 
ana with all my sones and thair wifes in armes apon my left side, 
and with all my fadir, graunsir, and auncestres in small skochons 
at my hede, under the scriptur towarde departed, in lyke wise as 

{e sail fynd thame at Yorke whare myn auncestre is ther. Also 
will that the vicar of Ledes have to nay corspresand my best 
hors and also my seconde hames. Also I bequeyth to the high 
auter of the chirch of Ledes yj s. viij d. in recompence of all my 
other dewtis if I have ony. And also to the warke of the same 
chirch xx s., which I will be delivered to the kirkmaisterys for the 
tyme beyng. Also I will that every prest syngyng messe in the 
chirch of Ledes the day of my beryall have vj d., and every other 
prest iiij d., and every clerk reding lessons ij A, and every child 
syngyng in the quere j d. To every pore man, woman and child 
j d. or the walow of j d., and no almos to be gjrven tothos childre 
of whome the fadirs have godes to the value of xL or more. 
Also I will and charge myn executours to shewe openly emang 
the peple that it is my will that no vij. day be made for me. 
And if I have sufficient of godes to performe this my last will 
the day of my beriall and over them, I will that of the resydue 
therof iiij 1. of my mony be distribute and given be myn exe- 
cutours to the pore parishyns of Ledes by the avise of the vicar 
and of ij. wele trustyd men to be chose of every town of the 
same parissh. Also 1 bequith to Seynt Petir warke of Yorke 
vj s. viij d. And to every ordir of y« iiij. ordirs of Freres at 

his mother Euphemia has occurred (No. ecu.). The pedigree of the family in 
Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis is full of such glaring inconsistencies, that even Wfait- 
aker turns aside to notice them. In it the testator is said to have married Eleanor, 
daughter of William Saltmarsh, of Saltmarsh, Esq. The name of his wife, as we 
gather from her monument and the present will, was Agnes. This will is unfortunately 

* Whitaker alludes to this monument in his History of Leeds. He describes it as a 
large black marble stone, with the efiSgies of a male and female figure upon it, which 
have been originally surrounded by twelve escutcheons. At the feet of the figures is 
the inscription of which he professes to give a copy. His version must be an incorrect 
one, as he makes both husband and wife to die on one day, '* probably,*^ as he says, 
** of some pestilential disorder.^* This by no means tallies with the present will, which 
is dated some years after Langton and his wife are said to have died. WhitiUceir faati 
evidently read the inscription incorrectly. 

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York yj s. viij d. I have made a state to Sir Henry Vavasour 
knyght and to other in and of my maners of Farneley, Gargrave, 
MulthorpandClakheton and of othirlandes and tenements in Fame- 
lay, Galrgrave, Multhorp, Clakheton, Okenshagh, Scoles, Wyksay, 
Lutton upon the Wolde and Lillyng, and also of certeyn landes 
in Tange and in the Cite of York, and of certyne rent in the 
county of Lancastre — I will that if naythir Sir Rohert Danby 
knyght, James* his son, nor Annes doghtir to John Langtonf 
my son newe dede and wife to the same James — Also I will that 
the said Annes have astate in like wise of the revercion of an 
annuite of xx. marcs going out of the maner of Hoton Longvilers, 
after y^ decese of Thomas Lang ton and William Langton bredir 
to me the seid John, or elles of the same maner, yf it may be 
goten for as much as it is taild of olde tyme to me be endenture 
of marige made betwix S^ Robert NevillJ and Margaret his 
wyfe doghtir to Sir William Pole. — bro^ Henry Langton. 


Feb. ix. M.cccc.lxvj. Ego Willelmus Holme vicarius eccles. 
de Mathersay. Lego ad picturam tabemaculi in quo pendet 
pixis altaris, et ad picturam ymaginis Omnium Sanctorum ex 
parte sinistra summi altaris situatae xiij s. iiij d. Lego ad usum 
dictsB ecclesiae unum librum vocatum Pupilla, et volo quod ligetur 
in choro cum cathena ferri ex parte boriali. Lego ad usum 
dictse ecclesiae j. capam de wirsted cum stellis aureis undique 
textam, unam infulam cum dalmaticis et ornamentis aliis eisdem 
spectantibus. Item ad usum dictse ecclesiae optimum cooperto- 
rium, ij. optimarum linthiaminum et ij. optima manutergia, 
necnon j. servicale cerico viridi coopertam, j. pel vim cum lavacro; 
et volo quod hujusmodi pelvis et lavacrum deserviant temporibus 
baptizacionis infancium et ad ilium usum duntaxat custodiantur. 

* Sir James, eldest son of Sir Robert Danby, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of 
Common Pleas. He married the testator's granddaughter, Agnes^ daughter and heir 
of his eldest son John Langton, Esq. From this match descended the knightly family 
of Danby of Farneley, an estate which Sir James received with his wife. Sir James 
Danby, by his will dated on the 6th of March, 1496-7, which was proved "at York on 
the 28th of June following, desired to be buried in the church of Leeds. His wife, 
the heiress of Farneley, survived him, and is mentioned in her husband's will. 

f John Langton, Esq. the testator's eldest son, whom he speaks of as "newe dead,** 
had been gathered to his fathers some ten years before the date of the present docu- 
ment. By his will, dated Dec. 4, 1452, he ordered himself to be buried in the church 
of All Saints in the Marsh, in the city of York. He left to Joan his sister three milch 
kine, and to a midwife {sic) of Stockton 3«. The residue of his estate he bequeathed 
to John Langton his father. 

X The heiress of the Nevilles brought the estate of Farneley into the family of 

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Lego ad faciendum pavimentmn ante chorum Sancti Johannis 
BaptistaB in eadem ecclesia vj s. viij d. Lego Priori et Conventui 
de Mathirsay ad edificacionem domorum ignitarum xs. 


Dec. 9, 1466. Thomas Senowes,* gentilman — sep. in cimiterio 
ecclesise Sancti Olavi Ebor. Residuum Margarets uxori meae et 
liberis meis. [Pr. 10 Feb. 1466-7.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. yj. Apr. A.D. M.cccc.lxvj. Ego 
Walterus Calverleyf ^^ Calverley in Com. Ebor. armiger — sepe- 
liend. in ecclesia mea parochiali de Calveriey, Lego optimum 
meum animal vicario dictsB ecclesiae, nomine mortuarii. Lego 
Katerinae $ uxori meae optimum meum equum album ambulantem. 
Lego Beatrici§ filiae meae xxl. sterlingorum, et xl. oves cum 
totidem agnellis, vj vaccas cum vj. vitulis, iiij. bucculos, iiij. 
equos vel equas, et ij. lectos. Et lego ciddam capellano ydoneo et 
honesto ad celebrandum pro anima mea per j. annum in eccles. 
mea par. vj. marcas. Et lego quatuor ordinibus Fratrum Mendic' 
in Civ. Ebor. viij s. inter eos dividendos. Et Fratribus Pred. de 

* A York gentleman, and in all probability the fether of William Senows, Bishop 
of Durham. That prelate is said to have been the son of a sieve- maker, and to have 
been bom at the little village of Shincliffe, near Durham. It may, perhaps, seem 
ungenerous for a native to subtract even one name from the scanty list of local worthies 
of whom the County Palatine of Durham can boast ; but I should like to see this state- 
ment of the bishop^s origin and birthplace rest upon some other authority than Browne 
Willis. We have probably before us the will of the prelate's father. Senowes (his 
name has been written in many ways) began life as a monk of St. Mary's Abbey, York. 
His rise must have been a rapid one, as he was successively Warden of Merton College, 
Oxford, Provost of Eton, Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Abbat of St. Mary's 
Abbey, York, and Bishop of Carlisle. His last piece of preferment was the bishoprick 
of Durham. He died in 1505, having held the see of Durham for three years, and 
was buried in St. Mary's Abbey in York. 

t Walter Calverley, of Calverley, Esq. the .head of a distinguished and ancient 
house. He is said to have married Elizabeth, one of the daughters of Sir Thomas 
Markenfield, of Markenfield, 2 Henry V. In his will he mentions his wife Catherine. 
The testator appears to have discarded the name of Scott« the ancient patronymic of 
his fSeimily, which for some time waged war with Calverley. In the Test. Ebor. I. 
ccxxxiii. the will of Sir Walter Calverley, the father, or perhaps the grandfather, of 
the testator, may be found. 

J A Catherine Calverley, whom I believe to be the widow of the testator, made 
her will in 1481, which was proved at York three years afterwards. She appears 
to have lived at Milford, and she desires to be buried on the north side of the church 
of Sherburne, before the image of St. Mary Magdalene. There is nothing in her will 
to identify her with any degree of certainty as the widow of the testator. 

§ Beatrix, the testator's daughter, became the wife of Tristram Boiling of Boiling. 

Digitized by 



Pontefract ij a. et Fratribus Minor, de Doncastre ij s. Item lego 
cuilibet filio meo iiij. vaccas. Item lego Annas filise Willelmi 
Calverley xx. marcas. Et Thomae filio Thomae Calverley iiij. 
bucculos et ij. juvencas. Et lego Katerinae uxori meae xx. oves 
et XX. agnellos. Item volo quod Eaterina uxor mea habeat 
omnes crateras et jocalia sua quae fuerunt sua propria tempore 
nupciarum nostrarum, Et lego Willelmo Calverly* filio meo 
optimam crateram meam argenti. Et Thomas filio meo secundam 
peciam meam argenti. Etlego Roberto f filio meo aliam peciam 
argenti. Et Willelmo filio meo et filiis suis optimam crucem 
meam auri. Et lego Thomas filio meo xl. oves et predicto Roberto 
filio meo xl. oves. Et lego Radulpho Wentworth J ij. bucculos 
et ij. juvencas biennes. Ricardo Sanderson j. bestiam biennem. 
Johanni Thorp j. bestiam biennem. Residuum — Executores 
facio Willelmum Calverley, Laurencium Kyghelay,§ et Thomam 
Clapam|| armigeros. [^Prob. 5 Mar. 1466-7. J 


In Dei nomine, Amen. x. Sep. M.ccccxlvj, (sic). Ego Jo- 
hannes FitzwilliamlT de Waddesworth — sepeliendium ubicunque 
Deus disposuerit. Lego nomine mortuarii mei optimum meum 
animal vicario eccles. de Waddesworth. Lego eidem vicario pro 
decimis meis oblitis iij s. iiij d. Lego idoneo et honesto capellano 
ad celebrandum pro anima mea et anima uxoris meas, ac anima- 
bus omniimi pro quibus orare teneor, xiiij, marcas. Lego Aliciae 
filiae Margaretas uxoris meae unam oUam eneam, j. pel vim cum 
lavacro. Elizabethae Stirlay unam oUam enneam, j. pelvim cum 
lavacro. Item lego fabricae ecclesiae de Waddesworth vj s. viij d. 

* William CaWerley, Esq. the testator's son and heir, married Agnes, a daughter 
of Sir John Tempest of Brace well. His marriage articles are dated 20 Henry VI. 
On the 12th of April, 1488, he made his will, which was proved at York on the Slst 
of January following. He desires to be buried in the church of Calverley. He men* 
tions his wife Agnes, his brother Robert, his sons William, John, Richard, Robert, 
Thomas, and Nicholas, his daughter Alice, and his sister Elizabeth, both of whom 
were then nuns at Esholt. He calls himself *< senior ** in his will. 

t Robert Calverley (the elder) of Calverley, Esq. one of the younger sons of the 
testator, survived till 1498-9. He then made his will, in which he desired to be 
buried in the choir of the church of Calverley, under his stone. He mentions his 
daughters Catherine and Alison, with the children of his brother Thomas, and Sir 
William Calverley and his lady. His wife had died before him. 

J Ralph Wentworth was probably a kinsman of the testator. Elizabeth, the tes- 
tator's daughter, married John Wentworth of North Elmsal. 

§ One of the testator's daughters was the wife of Richard ^ighley. 

Ij Margaret Calverley, a daughter of the testator, married Thorny uiapnam 

^ The testator does not appear in the pedigree of Fitz^nHiam of ^aaworth virluch 
i8 given by Mr. Hunter. From the date he might perhaps be a son of tbat Ed. 
mund Fitzwilham who died in 1430. 

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Sesiduum Aliciae uxori meae, Amaldo Reresby* et Willelmo 
Wynsterlay vicario de Cunesburghu Lego utrique dictorum 
Arnaldi Reresby et WilL Wynsterlay pro eorum laboribus xiij s. 
iiij d. IProb. 1 Ap. 1467.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. xxj. die mensis Mar. A.i>. M.cccclxvj. 
Ego Willelmus Boston, de Newarke, capellanus — sepeliendura 
coram altare S. Stephani in ecdes. par. de Newarke. Et volo 
quod sepulcrum meum tegatur cum lapide marmoreo. Et volo 
quod sit super ilium lapidem ymago ad similitudinem patris mei 
et altera ymago ad similitudmem raei, filii sui, in memoriam 
utriusque. Lego vicario parochiali eccles. predictae nomine 
mortuarii mei optimum jocale meum. Cuilibet filiorum et 
filiarum ThomaB Boston de Lincoln yj s. viij d. Lego Thomas 
Herte j. lectum integrum viz. coopertorium, tapetum cum rosis 
contextum, etc. et sex cocliaria argenti, j. marcipium cum zona 
hamesiata, coloris blodii, anamelata. Lego predicto Thomae et 
Jobannse sorori suae gardinum plantatum cum croco prout jaoet 
ad orientalem finem adjunctum cantle de Newerk, et omnia 
capita croci plantata in orto meo ad finem le Appilton gate, ex- 
ceptis dumtaxat sex quarteriis. Lego communi stipiti cantariae 
predictae xl s. Lego communi tati ejusdem loci meum jurinale, 
ita quod sit in custodia senescalli ejusdem loci, et lego eidem 

* Araald Reresby of Rotherbam, Esq. was probably a younger son of Sir Thomas 
Reresby of Thribergh, who died in 1439. His will, which is dated on 28 Nov. 1485, 
was proved at York on the 4th of January following. He desires to be buried in the 
church of Thribergh. He leaves 24 marks to a suitable priest who shall do service 
and pray specially for his sonl, and for those of William Reresby his brother, and 
Isabella his sister, for the space of four years. To the making or glazing of a window 
in the chapel of the Blessed Mary upon Rotherham Bridge, 6s, Sd, To Elizabeth, 
Margaret, and Alianor Reresby 6 marks each. To Thomas Reresby 20«. To Isabel 
Westby 10s, To Elizabeth Fitzwilliam 13«. id. To Arnald Wardrop, 13*. 4d, To 
Richard Reresby Ids. id. To Arnald Tak 6s. Sd, To the Abbot and Convent of 
Roche 13*. id. To John Greenwood, Vicar of Rotherham, 10*. To John Treyton 
20s. He appoints his cousin Ralph Reresby his executor. Arnald Reresby died 
2 Dec. 1486, and was buried in Thribergh Church, where his monument is still re- 
maining. His name was formerly recorded in one of the windows in Rotherham 

Of Sir Thomas Reresby, the father of Arnald, there is but little known. He 
married Maud Bosvile of Chevet, and, dying 28 March, 1439, was buried near his 
wife in Thribergh Church. His wife died in June, 1430. Sir Thomas made his will 
7 Dec. 1431, which was not proved till April 28, 1439. He orders himself to be 
buried in the church of St. Leonard at Thribergh, and he desires that a chaplain may 
be found to do service for his soul, as well as for that of Matilda his wife, with others. 
His sons Ralph and Arnald Reresby are his residuary legatees and executors, and his 
cousin Peter De la Pole is the supervisor of his will. His father, another Sir Thomas 
Reresby, died in 1394. 

Digitized by 



loco unum librum vocatum Medulla Grammatiae. Lego Willelmo 
Banaster capellano meum optimum superpellicium et optimam 
cicam meam. — Thomae Padlay capellano meum a mashode et 
secundum superpellicium meum. Lego capellano cuidam celebra- 
tuTO per tres annos integros ad altare S. Laurencii pro anima mea, 
Mrentum meorum, magistri Johannis Lawe, Eoberti Lawe et 
Beatricis uxoris ejus xvj 1. Et volo quod intersit choro in ecclesia 
predicta quolibet festo ix. Lectionum, et quod cotidie dicat 
Placebo, Dirige et Commendaciones pro animabus predictis. 
Lego Johannae Ra3me8 j. coopertorium cum leone contextum, 
XX s. et j. togam talarem blodiam cum capucio ejusdem coloris. 
Roberto Crecy j. par precularum de mystiltyne. Johanni 
Willingham capellano meum bever hatt. Henrico Eaynes unum 

furdinum in Coddington lane plantatum cum croco. Magistro 
oberto Dey unum librum vocatum Bartilmey Theologiae. Lego 
uni sacerdoti peregre prefecture pro me ad Bridlington, Walsing- 
ham, Cauntirbery et Hayles xxi^ s. viij d. Altari S. Trlnitatis 
xls. — et volo quod ista summa expendatur in honesta clausura 
biforali circa tabulam ad altare predict. Item volo quod tota mea 
pecunia numerata ponatur in una cista cum tribus clavibus diver- 
sis, ita quod unusquisque executorum meorum habeat unam, et 
volo quod predicta cista ponatur in una camera infra predictam 
cantariam vel in vestibule ecclesiae parochialis de Newarke. Et 
volo quod nullus executorum meorum occupet — nee faciat absque 
concilio aliorum duorum. Thomse Burgh militi unum annulum 

Bona legata ore tenus post sigillacionem testamenti. — Emmae 
uxori Johannis Colcroft j. ymaginem S. Johannis Baptistae — 
ymaginem B. Mar. Virginis cantariae de Newarke. Dim. uln. 
damask legat summo altari et altari S. Laurentii. \_Prob, 24 Ap. 


Mali XX. M.cccc.lxvij. Ego Hugo Smyth rector eccles. par. 
de Saundeby — sep. in cimiterio eccles. S. Martini de Saundeby. 
Lego Willelmo Smyth fratri meo unum librum vocatum le 
Byblem, usque clausum vitae suae, et post decessum ejusdem 
Willelmi lego predictum librum ecclesiae de Saundeby, ita quod 
non alienetur ab inde, non per dominum nee per rectorem, neque 
per ecclesiaB prepositos nullo modo vendatur, sed extat in choro 
ad scabellum cathenatus, ac ibidem sine fine permansurus ad 
utilitatem ac profectum in posterum legencium. 





March 19, 1466-7. Johannes Laton* de Saxhowe armlger — 
Sep. in navl ecclesiae meae parochialis de Kudby. Elizabethan 
filiBS meae ad maritagium suum viginti libras. Besiduum Eliza- 
bethaB f uxori meae, Georgio et Rogero filiis meis, quos constituo 
executores meos. Et Christoferum Conyers J militem superviso- 
rem. Hiis testibus, Christofero Conyers § rectore ecclesiae de 
Rudby, Domino Eicardo Mansfelde dictae ecclesiae capellano 
parochiali, etc. [Pr. 25 May^ 1467.] 


In Dei nomine, Amen. I Malde Euer, || late the wyfe of Sir 
William Euer knyght, stondyng in my pure wydowhode, the 
xij. day of February, in the yere of oure Lorde Jhesu 
IP. cccc. Ixvj, beyng hole of mynde and discrecion, maks, or- 
dans and setts my testament in this wyse. Fyrst I gyfe and 
witts my saule to Almyghty God and to his gloriouse modyr 
and wirgin Sanct Marie and to all the Sancts of heven, and my 
body to be beryd in the abbay of Aide Malton in the where by 
syde my husband. Also I wite to ylkon of my sonnes v. twynters 

* The fitmily of Laton took up its abode at Sexhoe in Cleveland, at the close of the 
14th century, in right of Elizabeth, one of the coheirs of Nicholas Gower, who became 
the wife of Thomas Laton of Laton in Richmond8hire,'the father of the testator. 
On the 20th of June, 1431, the testator had a grant of lands in Bra with made to him 
by his father and mother. The maiden name of his wife has not yet been ascertained. 
He had by her a lai^e family. His eldest son, Robert Laton of Melsonby and Sexhoe, 
Esq. died in 1480, and his widow Eleanor in 1503. The main line of the family 
became extinct towards the close of the 17th century. 

t On May 11, 1480, Roger Laton, Esq. was allowed to administer to the effects of 
Elizabeth Laton of the city of York, widow, and of Sir Robert Laton, late Rector of 
St. Saviour's in that city, both of whom had died intestate. 

X Sir Christopher Conyers of Hornby, about whom much has been already said. 

§ Christopher Conyers, Rector of Hutton Rudby in Cleveland, and the parish 
priest of the testator, was one of the younger children of Sir Christopher Conyers of 
Hornby. He died in 1483 ; and his will, which is dated in that year, throws con- 
siderable light upon the much -disputed genealogy of the house of Conyers of Hornby. 
He was instituted to the rectory of Rudby penult. Feb. 1456-7, on the presentation 
of Sir John Conyers, Knight The living was then vacant by the death of John Castell. 

11 Maud daughter of Henry Lord Fitzhugh of Ravenswath Castle, by Elizabeth 
heiress of Sir Robert Grey of Rotherfield and the widow of Sir "William Euro of 
Witton Castle in the bishoprick of Durham. Her mother Elizabeth, th^ Lady of 
Ravenswath, mentions her in her will, which was dated in 1427, and leaves to her "•* a 
Primer covered in blew.** (Wills and Inv. 211.) By Sir "William Euro the testatrix 
had a large family. The manor house of Old Malton was the favourite residence of 
the Eures, and many of them were interred in the adjacent monastery. Her eldest 
son. Sir Ralph Eure, was killed at Towton in 1461. 

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and two threnter stotts. Also I wite to every one of my saide 
Bonnes xx. jowes and two oxen yat ar at Wotton. Also I witt 
to my doghter dame Marjory Conyers* j, standynff pece gilted. 
Also to my doghter Kateryn Owthredef j. pece of silver coverte. 
Also I witt to my doghter dame Johan Ogle J j. pece of silver 
coverde and also xx** 30WS. Also I witt to my son Herre j. salt- 
saler of silver covert. Also I witt to Eufeme Spenser xx s. anid 
a bede. Also to Agnes Dalton xx s. and a bede. Also to Mar- 

f arete nures xiij s. iiij d. Also to Eobert Melott xx s. Also to 
ir Thomas Slake to syng for me a twelmonth xl s, with his 
borde. Also to William Bady y^ elder xx s. Also to William 
Bady his son xiij s. iiij d. Also to John Cuke x s. Also to 
John Flesshewer vj s. viij d. Also to William Aide x s. Also 
to John Coll X s. Also I witt to Herre my son al my hus- 
bandery at Malton, that his to say, vj. oxen with the ploght and 
wayne and all odyr gere thar to belonging, with two staggs that 
ar at Wotton. Also I witt to the kirke of Wotton iij. shepe. 
Also I witt to Sir Thomas Slake to his rewarde xxs. Also 
I witt to the kirke of Sant Andrew Awkland in the Bishoprike 
of Durham a draght ox for my corse present. Also I witt to the 
Prior of Malton vj s. viij d. to pray for my saule. Also to evere 
chanon xx d., and to the nonyes xij d. to pray for me. Also 
T witt to the howse of Hertilpole vj s. viij d. to say a trentall of 
messes for me. Also I witt to Dane Eobert Harlesay xx d. by 
side his leget before. Also I witt a westement of red velowet to 
Sant John of Baptiste awter in the Abbay of Malton to be 
abiding yer. Also I wit to Sir Thomas Slake j. bede at Wotton. 
Also to Janet Dykson vj s, with a bede. The residue of all my 
godees moveable and unmevable a boun not legate, my detts 
payed, and the costes of my beryall fulfilled, I gyfe to my sonnes 
Herre Eure, § Maister William Eure || and John Eure, that yai 

* Margery wife of Sir Christopher Conyers of Sockbum, Kt. by whom she had 
many children. 

f Catherine married Sir Robert Ughtred of Kexby, Kt. 

t About this lady there is some little obscurity. She may, perhaps, have been the 
wife of Sir John Ogle, a younger son of the house of Bothal, who took the name of 
Bertram. He had a wife Jane, about whom Mr. Hodgson in his History of Northum- 
berland can give no information. She remarried a Pennington. 

§ Henry Eure of Old Malton, Esq. the second son of the testatrix, took to wife 
Catherine Danby the widow of Robert Lascelles, Esq. of Sowerby near Thirsk. By 
her he left a daughter Margery. In his will, dated at Old Malton, 17 Oct. 1476, he 
desires to be buried in the '* Monastery of our Lady in Olde Malton before the medys 
of the alter of Seynt John of Baptist, where the prest usith to saye ConjUeor.''^ The 
will is too interesting to be compressed within the narrow compass of a note. 

II William Eure, S T.B. one of the younger children of the testatrix, occurs as 
rector of Brompton in Pickering Lyth in August 4, 1453. He then obtains a licence 
to preach from the Archbishop of York. On Sept. 20, 1460, he exchanges his living 
of Brompton with John Gisburn for the precentorship in York Minster, and on the 
28th of July, in the following year the Archbishop grants him a dispensatioii for non- 

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dispose yerwith as semes yam most expedient for the wele and 
kele of my saule. And of this my last will and testament to be 
fulfiUede, I make myn executoures my saide sonnes Herre Eure, 
Maister William Eure and John Eure. Also I ordan and mak 
surviors of my saide will and testament, that my will aforesaid 
may be fulfilled, my especiall good lord my lorae of Graystoke 
and my lorde Fytheughe.* Yeven the day and the yere above- 
said. Theys wittenes, Prior of Malton, Sir William Tumor, Sir 
Thomas Slake and William Bady the elder. [Pr. 30 May, 1467.] 


Jun. V). M.cccc.lxvij. Ego Johannes Smyth de Newarke 
capellanus — sepeliend. in eccles. par. B. Mar. de Newarke coram 
ymagine Beati Nicholai, more presbiteri cantar. ejusdem loci. 
Quatuor capellanis portantibus funus meum ad ecclesiam, 
cuilibet vd., in honore quinque vulnerum Domini nostri Jhesu 
Christi. Et volo quod quilibet sacerdos veniens ad sepulcrum 
meum procumbens sub stola in tempore absolucionis habeat ij d. 
Lego ad altare S. Nicholai unum vestimentum de damask et 
unum crucifixum de argento ibidem imperpetuum permansura in 
memoriam mei et omnium benefactorum meorum, 

residence, as, in obedience to the King^s mandat^, he was unable to be far distant from 
the city of London. Eure was yicar of Leeds for some time, and he founded the 
chantry of St. Mary Magdalen in that to^-n. He was living in 1476, when he is 
mentioned in his brother Henry^s wiU. 

* The nephews of the testatrix. To illustrate the relationship which existed be- 
tween these two noble houses, I append a document which may be found in the 
Register of John Kempe, Cardinal Archbishop of York, fol. 158-9. It appears that 
Ralph the eldest son and heir of John, Baron of Greystock, was desirous of contracting 
an alliance with Elizabeth one of the daughters of William Lord Fitzhugh of Ravens- 
wath. He finds that she is his cousin, a relationship which in those days was fatal to 
matrimony if no dispensation from some ecclesiastical authority could be obtained, and 
accordingly he obtained a dispensation from Pope Eugenius IV. Armed with this instru- 
ment young Greystock goes at once to the Archbishop of York and obtains an audience 
of that prelate in the Hospital of St. James, near Westminster, on the 22d of 
November, 1434. He was accompanied by John Catterick, who acted as proctor for 
his betrothed. The Archbishop, who was perhaps annoyed at Greystock *s going to the 
Papal court for a dispensation which he could have granted himself, requires the pro- 
duction of witnesses to prove the exact relationship between the two parties. The 
witnesses who are produced were all of them Yorkshiremen by birth, and one of them 
at least was a distinguished man. They were, William Ayscough, gentleman, learned 
in the law, Richard Burgh (domicellus), and Richard Seggeswyk. The witnesses 
assert that Henry Fizherry, knight, was the father of Henry Fizhugh and Joan, that 
Henry Fizhugh was the father of another Henry who was the father of William 
Lord Fizhugh, whose daughter Elizabeth was the wife of the said Ralph Greystock. 
(It does not follow from this that the marriage had already taken place). The 
witnesses now proceed to give the pedigree of the lady. Joan the daughter of Henry 
Fizherry, knight, was the wife, as they say, of William Baron Greystock, and the 
mother by him of Ralph, the father of John the petitioner's sire. The Archbishop 
confirmed the papal dispensation, and we are indebted to his scruples for the pre- 
servation of an interesting record, a curious specimen of a kind of documentary 
evidence, which is very rarely to be met with. 

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Adirlbt, Rao. 1429 23 
Alcok, William. 1434 34 
Aldwyk, John. 1444 86 
Aleby, Thomas. 1457 166 
Alne, Robert. 1440 63 
Alott, John. 1454 146 
Ardern, Thomas. 1455 153 
Aniall, John. 1446 93 
Aske, Hawisia. 1450—1 112 
Dom. Margaret. 1465 221 


Bagule, Jacobus. 1438 64 

Banks, William. 1458 173 

Barnyngham, John. 1457 161 

Barton, Richard. 1465 171 

Bedford, Agnes. 1459 183 

Bekwith, Margaret. 1436 47 

Bell, John. 1458 177 

Beverley, John. 1435 39 

Blakburn, Margaret. 1433 37 

Nicholas. 1431—2 14 

Blenkinsop, Alexander. 1442 73 

Boston, William. 1466 228 

Both, Wm. Arch. Ebor. 1464 209 

Bowes, William. 1437 53 

Boynton, Thomas, miles. 1460 193 

Brompton, John. 1444 85 

Bulmer, John. 1441 69 

Burton, John. 1464 204 

Burgh, Alice. 1453 133 

Byrdsay, Robert. 1 457 117 


Calverley, Walter. 1466 226 
Cambridge, Matild. Comitissa de. 

1446 37 

Carleton, John. 1442 74 

Carr, Thomas. 1444 
Catryk, Alice. 1440 
., Walter. 1448 



Chaworth, Thomas, miles. 
Clark, John. 1449. 
Clvfeton, Gervase, miles. 
Clyflf, John. 1455 
Clyfford, Robert. 1428-9 
Clyderhowe, William. 1454 
Clynt, Richard. 1434 
Cokefeld, Domina Margaret 1462 
Conesbye, William. 1440-1 
Constable, John, miles. 1449 

Robert, miles. 1441 

Robert. 1454 

Conyers, John, miles. 1438 
Cotingham. Richard. 1442 
Crathorn, Robert. 1464 




















Cromwell, Johanna, Domina de. 

1434 32 

Rad., Dominus de. 1455-6 1.'54 

Croull, Alice. 1464 207 

Dalby, Alicia. 1495 180 

Dalton, Agnes. 1445 90 

Darell, George. 1432 21 

Daunay, Margaret. 1454 152 

Dautree, John. 1458 182 

Thomas. 1437 44 

Dawbeny, Egidius, miles. 1444 91 

De la Ryver, Margaret. 1454 141 

Thomas. 1451 118 

Dene, John. 1433 35 

Do wnham, William. 1464 211 

Duffeld, William. 1443 76 


EUerker, John. 1438 52 

Digitized by 





Clwyn, Johannes* 1466 216 

Elyott, William. 1433 25 

Eaton, Roger. 1446 92 

Esyngwald, John. 1431 12 

Robert. 1443 80 

Eure, Dame Malde. 1466 231 

Everingham, Thomas. 1453 135 

Fayrfax, Guydo. 1446 98 

FerneU, John. 1466 220 

Fitlyng, John. 1440 61 

Fitzwilliam, John. 1446 227 

Flemmyng, Robert. 1458 181 

Floure, Jac. 1452 124 

Fulford, Elen. 1453 130 
Fulthorp, Thomas, miles. 1456 160 

Galby, Jolin. 1451 119 

Garton, John. 1455—6 165 

Gilliott, Ellen. 1459 184 

Gilson, Heleyn. 1451 115 

Girlyngton, William. 1444 83 

Goldyng. Robert. 1463 133 

Gower, Elizabeth. 1452 127 

Walter. 1443 79 

Gray, Robert. 1437—8 46 

Gylby, John. 1434—5 38 


Halifax, William. 1453 140 

Hamerton, Richard. 1464—5 212 

Isabella. 1432 17 

Hansford, Margaret. 1447 100 
Haryngton, Thomas, miles. 1459 195 

Haukyn, Thomas. 1458 174 

Hay, Eliz. del. 1434 31 

Peter del. 1426 9 

Haynson, John. 1458 176 

Hayton, William. 1435 41 

Hedlam, John, knight. 146] 190 

Hercy, Hugo. J455 156 

Hilton, Johanna. 1432 18 

Robertas, miles. 1429 13 

Holme, Nicholas. 1458 178 

Robert. 1452 126 

William. 1466 ' 224 

Horneby, Thomas. 1464 201 

Hoton, Robert de. 1446—7 99 

Hunter, Robert. 1446 

Johnson, Richard. 1448 


Kerr, Isabella. 1457 
Kilburn, John. 1436 
Kirketon, Margaret. 1455 — 6 


Lambton, Domina Eliz. 1439 
Langton, Eufemia. 1463 

John. 6 Edw. IV. 

Lascv, Beatrix. 1438-9 
Robert. 1426-7 

Lassells, William. 1461 
Laton, John. 1466-7 
Ley, Richard de. 1461 
Lister, John. 1453 
Low, Robert. 1454 5 
Luneburgh, John. 1458 
Lyndley, Thomas. 1439 
Lynehouse, Thomas. 1453 










Maleverer, John. 1451 


Malolacu, Matild. Domina de. 

1438 50 

Manston, Alv. 1439 


Manthrop, John. 1434 


Markett, Henry. 1443 


Marshall, Thomas. 1455 


Melton, John, miles. 1455 


Merflet, Simon. 1462 


Mirfeld, Oliver 


Monketon, Johannes. 1464 


Morton, John. 1431 


Mouncex, Matilda. 1441 


Myton, Domina Alesia. 1440 



Nawton, John. 1436 
Neville, Alex, knyght. 1457 

John, knyght. 1449 

John, Dominus Latymer. 


Nicksone, Thomas. 1461 
Normanville, WiUiam, miles. 





Digitized by 




Palmes, Thomas. 1433 24 
Patryngton, Richard. 1451 121 
Pikeryng, Richard, miles. 1441 68 
Plane, Richard. 1454 147 
Plays, Robert. 1429 8 
Pole, Edmund. 1445 101 
Portyngton, Domina Elen. 1457 167 
Pudsey, John. 1442 72 
Domina Margareta. 1444 88 


Radclyff, John. 1444 82 

Raventhorp, John. 1432 22 

Revetour, William. 1446 95 

Riche, William. 1465. 215 

Rider, John. 1443 77 

Rilleston, John. 1442. 75 

Rodes, John. 1457. 164 

RoUeston, Robert. 1450 111 

Hoos, Alienors. 1438 49 

John. 1451 123 

Roucly^, Guido. 1460 186 

Routh,. William. 1445 95 

Russell, Richard. 1435 40 


Salvayne, Henry. 1464 208 

William. 1436 62 

Santon, Peter. 1433-4. 30 

Sarum, Richard. Comes de. 1461. 189 

Sayvell, John. 1459 185 

Scargill, Thomas. 1432 28 

Scrope, John le. 1452 125 

■ John, Dominus de. 1453 161 

Senowes, Thomas. 1466 225 

Shakespere, John. 1433 26 

Sbirbam, Agnes. 1444 87 

Richard. 1436 59 

Sibthorp, William. 1447 104 

Smyth, Hugh. 1467 229 

John. 1467 232 

Stanhop, Thomas. 1462 197 

Stapilton, John, miles. 1454 148 

Margaret. 1465 217 

Stowe, WiUiam. 1430 10 
St. Quintin, Antonius. 1443—4 84 
Strelley, Nicholas, miles. 1430 3 
Strangwais, Robert. 1444 89 
Robert. 1447 102 


Talbbt, Joh. Comes Salop. 1446 
Tempest, John, miles. 1463 
Thomolm, Thomas. 1465 
Tidman, John. 1458 
Torald, Richard. 1439 
Twaite, William. 1466 
Tyldesiey. Adam. 1457 


Ulceby, John. 1460 
Upsuil, Alice. 1430 


Vavasour, Henry. 1447 


Ward, Roger, knyght. 1452 
Wardall, Robert. 1457 
Warier, Henry. 1432 

Richard. 1458 

Thomas. 1449 

Warthill, Johannes. 1465 
Watton, John. 1454 
Welles, Elena. 1437 
Wetwang, Richard. 1461 
White, Thomas. 1453 
Whitgifte, John. 1440-1 
Willoughby, Hugh, knyght. 1443 

Robert of. 1 1 H. VL 

Wintworth, Richard. 1447 
Woderow, Oliver. 1430 
Wombewell, Johanna.- 1454 

Thomas. 1452 

Wortlay, Nicholas. 1448 
Wygan, Adam. 1433 
Wyllynglay, John. 6 H. VI. 
Wylson, John. 1461 
Wyndhill, John. 1431 
Wyvell, William. 1430 


Yarwith, Robert 38 H. VI. 
















Zouch, Domina Margaret. 1449 ,20 

Digitized by 



P. 10. — For " this family were owners of," read " this family possessed." 

P. 30. — ^Note. Guy Rocliffe was Recorder of York : his sod Brian was made a 
Baron of the Exchequer in 1458. 

P. 40. — Note, line 3. For "daughter and coheiress/* read "sister and coheiress." 

P. 67.— Note, line 4 from foot of the page. For " Hatham," read " Hotham." 

P. 79.— Line 12. For '*Metrodoro," read "interdict©." 

P. 85. — ^No. Ixxiii. In 1390 the Prior and Convent of Durham borrow 100 marks 
of Thomas de Blenkensop, knight, Dame Margaret, his wife, and John, their: son. 
On Nov. 17, 1397, they borrow 50 marks of Alexander, son BlenkeDSop, 
knight, who waB then living at Semer, near Scarbrough. 

P. 105. — Note. This lady appears, after all, to have been a Hamerton of Hamer- 
ton. Dr. Whitaker, in his History of Craven, p. 127, gives her monumental in- 

P. 110. — Note. The first wife of Sir Giles Daubeny was a daughter of Philip I-iord 
Darcy. His grandson, another Giles, was created Lord Daubeny in 1486, and his 
great-grandson Earl of Bridgewater in 1538. 

P. 121. — Line 3 from foot of the page. For **filiolo meo" read "filiolse meae." 
This lady was a daughter of Thomas Lord Clififord, and she afterwards became the 
wife of Sir John Harrington of Hornby. 

P. 170. — Note. SirGervase Clifton was buried in the chance] of his own church, 
at Clifton, and not in Southwell Minster. 

P. 187. — I am glad to have it in my power to add an engraving of the signet of 
John Lord Scrope. 

Digitized by 



N.B. T%e letter n after the page muet be underetood to rffer to the note. 


Abbat, Abt, Alic. DSL, 127, 247 

Tho. 127 

Abberbury, Nich. 232 
Abel, Juliana, 155 

Rob. 155 

Acastre, Job. de, 320 

Rob. 327 

Ackeld, Acckeld, Nich. 367, 368 
Adorn, Acclom, Acclome, Agn. de, 354 

Marg. 279, 354 

Rog. 279 

Acworth, Job. 304 
Acy, Christiana, 332 
Adam, Simon, 246 
Adamman, Joh. 301 
AdeU, Adhel, Joh. de, 35 

Tho. 156 

Adelard, Adlarde, Joh. 98, 99 
Adenet, Ada, 190 
Addison, Joh. 331 

Ake, Akke, Wil. de,;100, 117, 205 
Aldeburgb, Aldburgb, Eliz. de, 138 

Margerie, 138, 149 

Rich. 15 

Wil. 99, 138, 149, 151, 152 n, 

252 n 
Aldfeld, Joh. de, 56 
Aldgate, Aldegat, Agn. ux. Wil. 181 

Agn. fil, Wil. 181 

Wiri81, 1«2 

Aleyn, Wil. 27 

Aleynchels, Alvnchels, Wil. de, 61 

AJibon, Wil. 48 

Allerton, Matild. de, 289 

Ric. 289 

Alne, Kat. de, 220, 221 

Nich. 17 

Rob. 220 

Wil. 220, 221 

Alnewyk, Alan de, 91 

' Emma, mater Al. 92 

MatUd. 92, 93 

Alnewyk, Wil. 92, 388 

Alta Ripa, Tho. de, 264 

Alwy, Iveta, 143 

Amerlay, Eliz. 293 

Ampilford, Rob. 220 

Amstyrlay, Joh. 420 

Amy, Rob. 364 

Andrewe, Andrews, Ibote, 404 

Angowe, Joh. 282 

Angus, Earl of, see Umframville 

Annesley, Anneslay, Sir Hugh de, 381 n 

Isab. 247 

Anthorp, Anthorpp, Wil. de, 178, 180, 

361, 364 
Apilgarth, Rob. de, 164 
Appelby, Appilby, Tho. de, 341 
Wil. 5 

Arches, Alanus de'l, or des, 61 

Joh. 66, 67 

Walter, 67 

Ardem, Arderun, Erden, Henr. de, 284 

Hugo, 117, 202 

Joh. 162 

Arkell, Tho. 334 
Wil. 65 

Annyn, Joh. 388, 389 
Amald, Arneald, Joh. 378 

Kat. 30« 

Tho. 153 

Arthington, Arthyngton, Arthyngtoun, 
Matild. 153 

Ric. 153 

Rob. 153 

Arundel, Aroundell, Anindele, Arundell, 
Comes de, 58, 115, 275 

Comitissa de, 81 

Joh. de, 350 n 

Tho. Ebor. Archiep. 262, 310, 360 


Ascherford, Joh. 83 
Ascull, Joh. 93 
Asheby, Wil. de, 203 
Askalby, Joh. 284 

Ask, Aske, Joh. de, 1 13, 200, 338, 378, 393 
— Johanna, 393 
Ric. 81, 82 

Digitized by 




Ask, Tho. S83 

Askeby, Wil. de, 25 

Aftham, Askhame, Askame, Agn. de, 130 

Job. 173 

Wil. 129,130 

Aston, Job. 255 

Asturias, Hen. Prince of, 224' 

Asty, Isab. 262 

Ric. 262 

Athereston, J. de, 318 
Atbol, the Earl of, see Strabolgi 
Attehill, Aiic. 268 
Attehoo, Ric. 373 
Attestball, Wil. 101 
Aitevikera, Rob. 77 
AtteWelle, Ric. 193 

Walter, 264 

Atthewall, Job. 22 
Atwod ,Wil. 264 
Aubry, And. 9 

Alice 72 n 

Audley, Sir Hugh de, 72 o 
Aumarie, Duke of, tee Plantagenet 
Aunsard, Laura, 30 
Austan, Tho. de, 127 
Austanes, Wil . de, 74 
Auston, Wil. de, 51 
Awstyn, Job. 347 

Marg. 347 

Avenell, Dion. 50 
Awne, Job. de, 289, 290 
Awtborp, Wil. 253 
Axe, Job. 334 
Aynderby, Job. 206 
Ayton, Aton, Alice, 62 

Eliz. 63, 294 n 

Job. 389 

Sir Gill. 11, 57 n, 69, 62 

Wil. 11, 57, 59, 62, 294 


Babthorp, Eliz. 258 
Babyngton, Norman, 398 
Bacon, Job. 89 
Bagatt, Nich. 123 
Bagot, Petr. 21 
Baillef, Agn. 291 


Baker, Job. 33, 80 

Martyn, 44 

The. 247 

Bakester, Bakster, Tho. 56 

Wil. 328 

Bakhowse, Rob. de, 246 
Bakscholf, Laur. de, 205 
Baldirston, Baldyrston, Wil. de,. 340 
Baleynge, Agn. 182 

Baliol, Balleyoclyff, Edw. 151 

Balle, Isalda, 5 

Baly, Wil. 176 

Bamburgh, Baumburgb, Bawmburgh^ 

Adam de, 126 
Job. 383 

Wil. 387 

Bank, Wil. del. 126 
Job. del. 127 

Bankewell, Banguell Job. 112 
Rog de, 82 

Barberior, Hen. 61 
Barbour, Hugo, 316 

Johanna, 177 

Job. 104 

Kat. 291 

Marg. 291 

Ric. 291 

Rob. 284 

Barde, Tho. 354 

Bardolfe, Bardolph, Eliz. 338 

Helen, 123 

Wil. Ld. 338 n 

Baret. Barett, Ada, 212 
Job. 251 

Barker, Barkar, Agn. 328 

Elena, 290, 291 

Isab. 206 

Johanna, 178 

Job. 206, 290, 291 

Tho. 206 

Wil. 178, 206, 246, 327 

Barkyndale, Tho. de, 35 
Barlay, Kat. de, 189 
Barleburgb, Job. de, 144 

Petr. de, 143 

Bamby, Bameby, Isab. 220 

Job. de, 83 

Marg. de, 345 

^— — Symo de, 15 

WU. 301 

Barneston, Tho. 361 n 
Barow, Job. 104 

Marg. 104 

Barr, Joan, d. of Hen. Earl of, 41 n 
Barry, Eliz. 237 
Barston, Job. 404 
Barton, Elena de, 155 

Hen. de, 90, 91 

Isab. 188 

Johanna, 344 

Job. de, 82, 83, 89, 200, 269 

Patr. 154 

Rad. de, 188 

Basille, Johanna, 21 
Basily, Johanna, 51 
Basket, Agn., 18 
Basset, Joan Lady, 33 i, 382 

Rad. 9 

Ralph Lord, 381 n 

Digitized by 




Bassingbouni, Warinus de, 26 
Bastrik, Hen. 305 
Basy, Basye, Eliz. 193 

Ric. 86, 192,201 

Wil. 69 

^syngS* Johanna de, 43 
Bate, Agn. 286 

Cecilia, 286 

Marg. 286 

Ric. 285 

Bawtre, Bautre, Adam, 240 

Ric. 177 

Rob. 177 

Baxster, Petr. 404 
Bayldon,Tho. 328 
Baylok, Tho. 300 
Baynse, Tho. 302 
Bayser, Nich. 113 

Beal, Rob. 193 

Beatrix, Sor. Mat. 181 

Beaachamp, le Bello Campo, Phil. 262, 

see Warwick 
Beaufort, Hen. 223, 224 n 
Joan, 224 n 

— John, Marquis of Dorset, 224 n, 
231, 236, 237, 239 

Tho. 224 n, 231, 232, 237, 239 

Beaumont, Tho. Wentworth, Esq. 344 
Beck, Beek, Ant. Bp. of Durh., 24 n 

Hen. 25 

Joh. 26 

Marg. 25, 27 

— Tho. Episc. Line. 25, 27 
Beckwith, Bekewith, Johanna, 298 
Wil. 298, 299 

Bedell, Joh. 211 

Rosa, 211 

Bedlyngton, Johanna de, 289 <> 

Rob. de, 289 

Bedford, John Duke of, 231 
Bekingham, Bekyngham, Joh. de, 86, 
87, 256 

Maria de, 87 

Ric. de, 69, 86 

Rob. de, 86, 87 

Simon de, 13 

Bekeryng, Alic. 247 
Belhovfs, Joh. S09 
Belgrafe, Isab. 280 
— — Johanna, 280 

Wil. 280 

Bell, Belle, Atte Belle, Alic. 268 

Elena, 205 

Joh. 41, 83, 177 

Kat. 268 

Wil. 18 

Bellerby, Hen. de, 277 
Bello Campo, see Beauchamp 
Belman, Joh. 177 
Belvas, Joh. 401 

Belyngham, Johanna de, 20^ 
Benetson, Agn. 182 

Elena, fll.B. 181 

Joh. 182 

Matild. 180 

Wil. 180, 182 

Benham, Wil. de, 94 

Bentlay, Bentelay, Joh. de, 83, 260 

Benygton. Joh. 153 

Benyngholme, .loh. de, 3 

Beobank, Sibilla, 22 

Bercaiius, Rob. 66 

Berewhy, Joh. 268 

Berewill, Joh. 3( 5 

Berghe, Walt. 333 

Berghthorp, Walt, de, 15, 16 

Berlay, Wil. de, 18 

Bernard, Alic. 284 

Kat. 383 

Bernardcastell, Joh. 342 

Bernesby, Joh. de, 46 

Bemewell, Joh. de, 56 

Beron, Tho. 43 

Berry, Agn. del. 134 

Berryngton, Joh. de, 277 

Bertram, Sir Tho. 45 

Berwys, Joh. le, 5 

Besewick, Besewyk, Beswyk, Hen. 317, 

319, 322 
Bestan, Beston, Edm. 296 

., 183,348 

Betson, Ric. 132 
Bever, Joh. 284 

Tho. 98 

Beverlaco, Beverlay Agn. de, 49 
' Emmade, 18 

Helwysia de, 49 

Joh. 49, 93, 140 

Nich. de, 49 

Rob. de, 13, 49, 175 

Tho. de, 49 

Wil. de, 49 

Bigod, Bygod, Bygot, Bart. 379 

Hugh, 128 n 

Isab., 129 

Joan, 305 n 

Job., 79, 128, 150 n, 282 n, 305, 

397 n 

Ralph, 45, 128, 129, 379 

Rog. E. of Norfolk, 128 n 

Bilburgh, Bilbrok, Bylburgh, Elena de, 3 

Isab. de, 4 

Juliana de, 3 

Margeria de, 3 

Ric. de, 47 

Tho. 4 

Bildesale, Bildesall, Joh. 255, 357 
Bilton, Bylton, Agn. de, 54 

Johanna de, 54 

Joh. de, 105 

Digitized by 




Bilton, Ric. de, 190 

Rob. de, 107, 54 

Bingham, Rich, de, S81 n 
Bird, Agn. 241 

Elena, 241 


Birdesall, Job. de, 79 

Birewill, Job. 305 

Birken, Birkyn, Byrkyn, Tbo. de, 138, 

175, 185, 334 
Birkwod, Job. de, 376 
Birt, WU. 155 
Biry,, 313, 319, 323 
Bisett, Rob. 148 
Bisbopton, Byscbopton, Byssbope- 

ston, Byssbopton, Byssbupton, 

Job. de, 160, 209, 334 
Blak, Blake, Wil. 29 
Blakburn, Ric. 264, 354, 355, 368 

Tbo. de, 267 

Blakestone, Blaykestone, Hugo, 95 

Rob. de, 65, 69 

Blase, Ric. 328 

Bleburgb, Wil. de, 63 

Blencowe, Wil. 60 

Blere, Wil. 18 

Blome, Hen. 3 

Blount, Walt. 232, 234 

Blundell, Rob. 311, 312, 319, 322 

BIytbe, Blida, Blitbe, Beatrix de, 75, 76 

— ' Hen. de, 74 

Job. de, 120 

Marg. de, 75, 76 

MatUd. de, 75, 76 

Rog. de, 75, 76 

Tbo. de, 75, 76 

Wil. de, 301 

BIyton, Jobanna de, 25 

Wil. de, 25 

Bocom, Job. sen. 210 
Bodulgate, Rob. 401 
Bokwhit, WU. de, 297 
Bobun, Eleanor de, 121 
— Humph, de, 121 

Bolron, Job. 269 
Bolteby, Job. 214 
Bolton, Adam de, 214 

Hawysia de, 18 

Johanna, 175 

Marg. 175 

Peter de, 371 

Rob. de, 115, 116, 314, 373 

Tbo. de, 174, 173, 175 

Bolyngbrok, Bolyngbroke, Henr. de, 67 

Isab. de, 67 

Johanna de, 67 

Job. de, 66 

> Rob. de, 67 

Bolyngbrok, Tbo. de, 67 
Bond, WU. 98 
Bonfay, Bonefaye, GUb. 385 
WiL, 284 

BoneviU, Simon, 209 
Borealle, Wil. de, 65 
BoseUngtborp, Mat. 37| 
Bossal, Bossale, Rob. de, 64 

WU. de, 64 

BosviUe, Bosevile, Bosewyll, Bosvile, 
Bosyyll, BoswyU, Art. 98 

Isab. 344 n 

Job. 84, 162, 344 n 

Tbo. 84 

Boteler, Botelar, Job. 74, 178, 180 
Rob. 363 

Botemounde, Ric. 61 

Boterwyk, Walt. 368 

Botbelom, Rad. 216 

Botra, WU. de, 126 

Botteley, Rob. 199 

Bourbon, the Duke of, 77 n 

Bourt, Ric. 44 

Boutbom, Boutbum, Tbo. de, 64, 65, 66 

Bowe, WU. 262 

Bowes, Alic. 352 

Ric. de, 218 

Tbo. Esq. 80 n 

r Wil. 313, 352 

Bowet, Bouet, Ada, 401 

Hen. Archbishop of York, 398, 


Hen. Archdeacon of Richmond, 

398 n, 400, 401 
Rog. 398 n, 400 

Rowland, Bouland, Job. de, 204, 290 

Rob. de, 187 

Tbo. de, 204 

Wil. 108, 110 

Bowyk, Hen. 366 

Boynton, Christof. de, 285, 404 

Hen. 285 

Job. 285 

Marg. 285 

Sir Tho. 284 

Walt. 142 

Boyow, Tbo. 340 n 
Box, Elena, 131 
Bradford, Wil. de, 167 
Brade, Rob. 265 
WU. 265 

Bradley, Bradlay, Bradle, Job. 206, 219, 

WU. de, 78 

Brak, Job., 209 
Brampton, Job. de, 84 

Simon, 175 

Bramthwayt, Bramthwayte, Job, 220, 221 
Branktr', Job. 169 
Brantyngham, MatUd. 104 

Digitized by 




Brantyngham, Wil. 1 04 
Brathwate, Brathawet, Alic, 148 

Rob. 148 

Brawby. Job. de, 182, 367 
Braybroke, Rob., Bp. of London, 3 10, 3 1 1 
Bray toft, Johanna de, 202. 203 
Brerelay, Brarelaye, Brerely, Job. de, 1 1 

Matild. de, 297 

Brerhagh, Job. 327 
Breton, Jakeys, 338 
Brickenall, Buckenall, Job. de, 66 

Ric. de, 66 

Brid, Bridde, Rob. 343 

Wil. 298 

Bridenale, WU. 72 
BridesalK Kat. 174, 175 

Ric. 174 

Bridlyngton, Briddelyngton, Bridelyng- 

ton. Job. 388 

Rob. de, 27 

Wil. de, 148 

Brie, Petr. de, 267 

Brigg, Brigge, Brigges, Marg. 148 

Wil. del, 148.331 

Briggeste, Hen. de, 131 

Brighty, Wil. 99 

Brillayour, Johanna, 374 

Brimstone, Job. de, 334 

Britany, John Duke of, 381 n. 

Brod, Job. 387 

Broddesworth, Brodswortb, Job. de, 70, 

76, 93, 102, 172 
Broghton, Hen. de, 267, 288 
Brokelsby, Brokeleby, Wil. de, 60, 61 
Broket, Brokett, Ric. 189 

. Tho. 328 

Brokhof, Ada de, 19 
■ Agn. de, 19 

Custancia de, 18 

Job. de, 19 

Brokstowe, Job. 382 

Bromflet, Bromflete, Sir Tho. 893 n. 

Wil. de, 69 

Browne, Broune, Job. 52, 401 

Mariona, 268 

Rob. 252, 253 

Wil. 157 

Brugge, Bruge, Felicia de, 208 

Johanna de, 208 

Marg. de, 208 

Walter de, 207 

Brumpton, Rob. de, 2 
Brunby, Joh. de, 303, 303 

Brunnom, Idonea de, 90 

Bms, Bruse, Breouse, Agn. de, 292 n. 

Joh. de, 43 

Petr. de, 292 n. 

Rob. de, 11, 292 n. 

Bryane, Tho., 401 

Bryd, Agn. 246 
Hen. 246 

Brydekyrke, Job. 218 
Bryg, Hen. 401 

Wil. 401 

Brynnand, Alic. de, 220 
Brysbank, Agn. 104 
Rob. 104 

Bubbewitb, Nicb. 385 n 

Petr. de, 360 

Rad. de, 361 

Buckton, Bucton, Bukton, Tho. de, 77, 


Wil. de, 361 

Budulgate, Tho. 401 
Bugaleys, Wil. 43 
Bugden, Bugdeyn, Wil. 371, 372 
Bugtborpe, Tho. de, 279 

Walt, de, 266 

Bukland, Job. 184 
Bukley, Hen. 247 
Bukyngham, Bokyngbam, Job. de, Episc. 

line. 69, 110, 113, 166,211 

Comes de, tee Woodstock 

Bulmer, Bulmere, Bouhnere, Agnes de, 

344 n 

Albreda, 350 n 

Bertram, 344 n 

Geo. 344 

Hugo de, 78, 79 

— ■ — Johanna, 355 

Joh. 344 n 

Rad. de, 20, 1 17 n 

Rob. 335 

Wil. de, 66, 335 

Burdet, Burdett,. Joh. 199, 296, 299 
Burdon, Joh. 153 
Burgeys, Tho. 209, 210 
Burgh, Eliz. 348 

Isab. 383 

Johanna, 348 

Joh. 312, 347, 348 

Marg. 347, 348 

Petr. 347 

Ric. 347 

Rob. 348 

Rog. 348, 384 

Tho. 318, 347 

•Wil. de, 212, 213 

Burghbryg, Tho. de, 89 
Burgbersh, Sir Bart. 77 n 
Burgoigne, Steph. de, 277 
Burley, Sir Rich, de, 202 n, 375 n 
Bum, Bume, Alic. 378 

Job. 378 

■ Marg. de, 23 

Tho. de, 83 

Burnegill, Hugo, 381 
Burton, Adam, 153 
Agn. de, 36 

Digitized by 




Burton, Elena de, 289 

Isab. de, 271 

Joh. de, 79. 181, 284, 349, 392, 155 

Nich. de, 78 

Rob. de, 6J, 190, 241, 334 

Rog. 36, 116, 173 

., 27 

Bury, Joh. de, 39 
Bustard, Eliz. 155 

Ric. 155 

Bateler, Butteler, Ada, 348 

Walt. 401 

Butercrambe, Joh. de, 64 
Buttery, Butrye, Marjoria de, 298 

WU. 245 

Buxton, Joh. de, 68 

Walt, de, 68 

Bychyngdon, Ric. de, 166 
Byrkdale, Tho. 371 
Byrley, Joh. 213 
Byron, Johanna, 222 
. Ric- 222 

ByrtweU, Joh. 305 
Bysshop, Joh. 401 


Caldebek, Ada de, 93 
Call, Calle, Rob. 96, 97 
Calthorp, Joh. 345 

Rob. 346 

Caltoft, Alic. de. 247 

Sir John de, 247 n 

Calton, Alic. de, 171 

Calverleyy Calverlay, Johanna de» 305, 


John de, 305 

— — Larderina de, 305 n 

Walt, de, 305, 333 

Camber, Agn. 260 

Joh. 260 

Cambridge, the Earl of, 270 n, 377 n, 

385 n 
Camera, Amb. de, 10 

Gilb. de. 10 

Candeler, Ric. 72 

Wil. 175 

Candide Cass, Osw. Episc. 310, 322 
Canner, Henr, 189 

Joh. 189 

Tho. 189 

Canon, Wil. 105 
Canoys, Tho. 1 15 

Canterbury, the Archbp. of, 43, 358 
■ tee Arundel 

Rog. Archbp. of, 235 

tee Stratford 

Cantilupe, CantUupo, Nich. de, 16, 17 
SirWm. 178 

Canynges, Tho. 38 
Capon, Cuthb. 30 

Joh. 30 

Marm. 30 

Rob. 29, 30, 171 

Wil. 30 

Capsi, Alic. 48 

Joh. 48 


Carbonell, Joh. 348 

Cardoil, Joh. de, 65 

Careway, Rog. 247 

Carlele, Karleie, Karliolo, Hugo de, 94 

Joh. 140 

Matild. 141 

Rog. 302 

Carlton, Carleton, Joh. de, 26, 27, 77 n, 

78, 130 
Camaby, Ric. 279 
Cametby, Petr. de, 93 
Carp, Joh. 105 
Carpenter, Rob. 27 
Carreeke, Gil. 352 
Carter, Cartere, Ada, 204 

Avicia, 301 

Job le, 56 

MatUd. 181 

Rad. 222 

' ■ Sabina, 301 

Tho. 256 

WU. 63, 194, 301, 346 

Castello, Edm. de, 29 
Eliz. de, 29 

Castile and Leon, John K. of, 226, 233 
Peter, K. of, 223 n, 224 n, 232 

Castro, Thom. de, 132 
Catall, Magot, 196 
Catclough, Agn. 291 

Isab. 291 

Joh. 291 

Catrall, Joh. 389 
Catton, Joh. 323 
Cave, Nich. de, 196 

Rob. 177, 178 

Wil. de, 189 

Cawdray, Rob. de, 156 
Cawnsfeld, Wil. 363 
Cawod, Cawode,, 106 
Wil. 264, 395 

Caworth, Sir Tho. 388 
Cayscr, Alic. 220 

Joh. 220 

Nich. 318 

Cayvell, Joh. 41 
Ceriband, Caeriband, Wil. 40 
Cestria, Ric. de, 69 
Wil. de, 73 

Chamberlayu, Chamberlayne, Chambil^ 

Digitized by 




lane, Chaumberlayo, Cbaumber- 
layne, Agn. 382 

. Job. 178, 180 

Ric. 142, 344 

Rob. 107 

Tho. 305 

Wil. 136 

Cbamber, Chambre, Cbaumber, 

Chaumbre, Cbawmbyr, Hen. del, 
172, 202, 402, 403 

Job. del, 212, 393 

Ric. del. 199 

Chaney, Marg. 302 
Chapman, Chepman, Alio. 101 


Rob. 153 

Wil. 123 

Chaumont, Chaumon, Chawmont, Ja- 
bane, 160 

Job. 144n, 158 

Marg. 144 n, 158, 166 

Wil. 166 

Cbauncy, Cbauncey, Johanna, 79, 129 
Cbaundeler, £dm. 89 

Job. 44 

ChauntereU, Tho. 209, 210 
Chaworth, Cheworth, Alic. de, 47, 48, 
247, 248 

Job. de, 48 

Sir Geo. 247 n 

Tho. de, 47, 48, 248 

Wil. de, 247 

Cherleton, Cherelton, Alan de, 96 

Anne, 96 n 

— — Helen, 96 n 

Humph, de, 95 

Jenanus de, 96, 97 

m Johanna de, 96 

Lewis, 95 n, 96 

— Ouwenus de, 96 

Tho. de, 96 

Wil. de, 96, 97 

Cbery, Wil. 148, 176 

Cheseman, Petr. 65 

Chesterfeld, Ric. de, 112, 113 

Chestbunt, Job. de, 277 

Cheston, Job.377,378 

Chetwyn, Chetwynd, Johanna, 202, 271 

Maria, 202 

Wil. de, 81, 304. 379 

Chiltenham, Walt, de, 120, 127, 130 

Chilton, Johanna de, 259 

Job. de, 259, 285 

Rob. de, 259 

I Wil. de, 259 

Chull, Rob. 284 

Chymney, Job. 218, 219 

Rad. 218 

Ric. 218 

Cissor, Rad. 35 
Clapbam, Tho. de, 73 
Clareburgb, J. de, 69 
Ciarell, Job. 401 
■ Marg. 338 n 

Tho. de, 338 

Clavering, Clevering, Eufemia de, 74 n 

Job. de, 74n, 376 

Clay, Eliz. de, 143 

Marg. de, 375 

Claybruk, Ajn. de, 280 

Tho. de, 280 

Clerc, Clcrke, Clerke, Galf. 1 1 

Job. de, 11, 127, 194, 218. 246, 


Petr. 213 

Ric. 194, 328, 389 

Rob. 343 

Clervaux, Isab. 21n 
John, 21 n 

Cleveland, Wil. de, 95 

Cliff, Clyfe, Elena, 84 

Tho. 360 

CUfford. Clyfford, Clyfforth, Alic. de, l7l 

Catb. 304 

Eliz. de, 202 n, 377 n, 389 

Esotade, 169 

Imania, 57 n 

Isab. 170 

— : Job. 126, 166, 170, 171, 200 

Marg. de, 117 n 

Matild. de, 270, 377 

Ric. de, 170 

Rob. de, 57, 117. 133, 343, 117, 304 

Tho. de, 202 n, 270 n, 348, 377 n 

Clifton, Clyfton, Job. de, 303 

Ric. de, 25, 406 

Rob. de, 15 

Clitherow, Cliderowe, Clythrowe, Alic. 
de, 280 

Henr, de, 271 

Rob. de, 280 

Clogh, Rob. 401 
Clone, Cloune, Clune, Job. de, 89, 9), 

Hog. de, 96 

Wil. 355 

Clopton, Job. 208 
Clowdesdal, Ric. de, 95 
Clynt, Agn. 75 

Wil. de, 331, 341, 348 

Cobbebam, Job. de, 78 
Cobildyke, Marg. 363 
Cokayn, Cokin, Joh. 234, 322 
Cokeryngton, AJ. de, 34 
Coldon, Job. de, 322 
Colbome, Ric. 401 
I Colier, Alic. 85, 86 
Isab. 85, 86 

Digitized by 




CoUer, Mar. 85, 86 

Ric. 85, 86 

Tho. 85 

^— — — Wil. 86 
Col, CoU, Joh. 335 

WU. 189 

CoUett, WU. 328 
Colmane, Ric. 52 
Colne. Nich. 21 1 
Coltebay, Rob. 5 
C!oltemui, Ric. 51 
Colthorp, Elena de, 72 

Rob. de, 72 

ColYille, Colyyll, Custanda, 189 


- Jobanna, 135 

Job., 135 

Sir Pbil. 135 n 

Tho. 253 

Wil. de, 129, 135 n, 332 

Colwick, Joan de, 222 n 

Tho. de, 222 n 

Wil. de, 222 n 

Colynaon, Wil. 301 
Comberworth, Rob. 337 n 
Comyn, Eliz. 65 

— Marg. 65 

Rog. 65 

Conani, Hen. fil. 69 

Constable, Conestable, ConBtabill le, 
Counstable, Cunstabell, Cunstabill, 
Cunstable, Earl of Dunbar, 351 n 

Eliz., 97, 99, 337 


Joh. 99, 100, 105, 360, 396 

Kat. 97, 98, 338 

Marg. 100, 265 

Marg. 106 

Marm. le, 56, 68, 97, 265, 337 

Matild. 100, 176, 350, 396 

Rob. 99, 100, 175, 337, 338, 

Tho. 100,264, 265, 273 n, 351, 

396, 397 
WU, 100, 244, 245, 264 n, 351, 

Conyers, Coyniers, Cunyera, Alic. de, 

14, 15 

Eliz. 294 

Rob. 310 

Sir John, 63 n, 284, 285, 294 n, 


Rob. 310 

Conyngston, Jacobus, 400 

Cook, Cooke. Coike, Cok, Coke, Cuk, 

Agn. 178, 184 

Alan, 98, 104 

Edm. 204 

Gilb. 35 

Isab. de, 62 

Cook, Johanna, 104, 214, 355 

Joh. 89, 819, 404 

Nich. 110 

Peryn, 271 

■ Petr. 212, 405 

Rad. 218 

Ric. 35, 378 

— : Rob. 214 

Tho. 203, 214, 244, 354 

Walt. 246, 310 

Corbrig, Hugo de, 1 03 

Corby, Joh. de, 25 

Corff, Rob. 345 

Comeburgh, Isab. de, 35 

Comewayl, Galf. de, 18 

Coniwallis, Sir John, 224 n 

Corry, Correy, Adam, 148, 149 

Cote, Tho. 5 

Coupeland, Rob. 104, 298 

Cotam, Cotom, Job. de, 35, 61, 259 

Marg. de, 189, 147 

Cotyngham, Joh. de, 70, 74, 89 
Couper, Joh. 15, 129, 289 

Marg. 290 

Ric. 289 

Rob. 262 

Coupmanthorp, Agn. 3 
Henr. 3 

Courcy, Joh. 20 
Courte, Steph. del, 387 
CoushUl, Joh. de, 29 
Coyyntre, Agn. 221 
Cracali, CrakhaU, Nich. de, 89 

Rob. 290 

Craddoke, Paulyn, 199 
Crathome, Isab. de, 21 
WU. 21 

Craven, Joh. de, 126, 127 

Rob. de, 126 

Cressy, Hugo, 2 13 

Johanna, 213 

Creton, Walt, de, 16, 17 
Creyk, Crak. Crake, Crayk, Crayke, Joh. 
de, 34,60, 61,219 

MatUd. 113 

Rob. de, 144 

Walt, de, 59 

Crieir, Alic. 177 
Crofton, Juliana de, 382 
Croke, Joh. 346 
Crome, Joh. de, 125, 354 
Crosse, Rob. de, 207 

WU. 314, 316, 323, 324 

Crouder, Tho. le, 60 
Crouland, Ric. de, 9 
Crowde, Ric. 268 
Croyser, Eliz. 237 
Crozton, Alison, 185 
Joh. 184, 185 

Digitized by 




Croxton, Rich. 185 

Symkyn, 186 

CruU, Rob. 115 

Cundal, Cundall, Tho. 189, 204 

Currour, Tho. 203 

Curtays, Rob. 285 

Cusays. Job. 154, 155 

Custeby, Rob. 308 n. 3 J 5, 316 

Cuyxlay, Simon, 161 


D'abruggecourt, Dawebriggecourte, Job. 

de, 23t, 255 
Daget. WU. 189 
Dagworth, Thomasine, 125 n 
Dalby,Tho. de, 261 

., 2 

Dalden, Wil. de, 81, 82 
Dalingrige, Walt. 144 n 
Dalton, Alic de, 302 
Job. 322, 324 

Ric. de, 65, 183, 184 

Rob. 302 

Tho. 302 

WU. de, 94 

Dam, Damme, Constantine del, 245 

Tho. del, 343 

Danby, Job. 334 

Wil. 360 

Daniell, Danyell, Job. 69 

Tho. 331 

Elena, 255 

Dannok, Agn. 298 

Darcy, Eliz. 254 n, 255, 357 

Geo. Ld. 246 n 

Henr. 9 

Johanna, 255 

Job. 117 n, 254 n, 356 

Marg. 356, 357 

Marg. 357 

Matild. 357 

Phil. 254, 255, 356 

Ric. 255 

Tho. 255 

Wil. 254 

Darell, Alic. 283 

Christiana, 283 n 

-^ Eliz. 283 n 284 n 

Joh. 200 

Marm. 36 

-WU. 144, 165, 253,381 

Dargb, Job. 130 
Daunce, Tho. 35 
Dautri, Rob. 78, 79 
Dawe, Joh. 343 
Dedemore, Steph. 260 
Dekyn, Job. 128 
De la Mare, Tho. 68 

De la Mare, Wil. 68 
Denby, Tho. 199 
Dene, Constantia, 104 

Joh. 170 172 

Wil. de, 104 

Denenys, Petr. 5 

Tho. 5 

Dengayne, Johanna, 25 
Job. 25 

253, 294, 

Denison, Sir Tho. 390 n 

Denton, Nicb. de, 26, 28 

Depden, Depedene, Eliz. de, 295, 296, 

298 299 
Job. de, 200, 252, 

295, 299 

Marg. de, 297 

Matild. de, 297 

Depbam, Rog. de, 9 
Derby, Hugo de, 184 

Joh. 397 

Symo, de, 72 

Dcrley, Rob. de, 84 
Derlyngton, Ada de, 109 
Demyngton, Job. 220 
Derthyngton, Job. de, 134 
Derwentwater, Wil. 401 
Desmond, Maurice, Earl of, 375 n 
Despenser, Margery le, 359 n 
Phil, le, 359 

Devenschyr, Wil. 401 

Dex, John, 199 

Dey, Joh. 124 

Deynecourt, Deincourt, Eliz. 378 n 

Joh. 51 

Wil. 51 

Diconson, Evota, 342 

^ — Joh. 342 

Disford, Disseford, Joh. de, 72 
Wil. de, 67, 87 

Dissy, Walt. 159 
Dobes,Joh. 118 
DobereU, Ric. 131 
Doncaster, Doncastre, Alic. de, 175 
Steph. de, 51 

Wil. de, 271 

Dorset, Marquis of, see Beaufort 
Douks, Godf. 69 
Doure, Johanna, 280 
Dowber, Wil. 258 
Dowse, Ric 304 
Dowson, Agn. 220 

Job. 163 

Dralton, Simon de, 9 
Drakelowe,Job. 218 

Tho. 218 

Driffeld, Dryffeld, Rob. de, 328 

Wil. de, 22, 23, 73 

Dronsfeld, Gracia, 345 

Joh. 345 

Ric. 345 

Digitized by 




Dronsfeld, Wil. 344 
Dniry, Edm. 373 
Duffeld, Isab. de, 173 

Ric. 220, 298 

Dunham I Joh. de, 30 

Walt. 260 

Dunelm. Ric. Epiec. 1 

Tho. Episc. 361 

Dunsford, Joh. de, 173 

Duraont, Wil. 192 

Durham, Dureham, Durem, Tho. 298 

Wil. 142, 404 

— Bishop of, see Beck 

•— Hatfield 

— — Langley 

— — — Pudsey 

— — — Skirlawe 

Dyker, Symon, 204 
Dymmok, Wil. 202 
Dynbrok, Rob. 235 
Dynlcye, Joh. de, 43, 45 
Dynyant, Dynyinte, Martin de, 159 

Ebor.Agn. de, 15 

Tho. de, 65 

see York 

Ecop, Hugode, 156 
Ecton, Tho. de, 186 
Edelyngton, Edlyngton, Joh. de, 60 

Rob. 162 

Edolf, Margery, 378n 
Edward I. 229 n 

II. 281 

III. 3, 41 n, 121, 223 n, 226 n 

Eghton, Tho. de, 218, 219 
Egmanton, Agn. 56 
Eland, Joh. de, 43, 45 
Ellerbek, Rob. 129 

Tho. de, 94, 277 

Ellerkar, Joh. de, 104 
Ellerton, Joh. de, 33 
Ellis, Elys, Beatrix, 403 

• Hawisia, 162 

Dr. Bp. of Kildare, 248 

Hen. 403 

Johanna, 162, 248, 249 

Joh. 248, 249 

Ric. 162 

Rob. 162, 249 n 

Steph. 162 

Welbore, 248 n 

Wil. 162, 248 

Elmeden, Elmedon, Wil. de. 108 n, 110 
Elmesale, Elmeshall, Hugo de, 52 
Elvelay, Steph. de. 155 
Elynham, Eliz., 348 
Emblay, Christiana, 193 

Emson, Tho. 284 
Engagne, Engain, Joh. 9. 332 
Erghum, Erghun, Erghome, Ancherus 
de, 35 

GUb. de, 35 

— — Joh. de, 35 

Rad. de, 25, 35 

Rob. de, 35 

Sibilla dc, 35, 337 n 

Wil. de, 34, 35, 337 

Ermyn, Joh. 387 
Ernold, Joh. de, 44 
Esedike, AUc. 342 

Wil. 342 

Esingwald, Esyngwald, Emma de, 1 84 

Ric. de, 184 

Rob. 388, 389, 162 

Walt, de, 4 

Eslyngton, Tho. de, 93 
Essche, Mauld. of, 185 
Esschewold, Joh. 370 
Estebye, Rob. de, 1 1 
Eston, Joh. de, 80, 162, 163 
WU. de, 290 

Estwode, Joh. de, 246 
Eton, Alic. de, 178 

Joh. de, 64 

Ettom, Johanna, 35 
Elton, Isab. de, 189, 104, 188 

Tho. de, 189 

Wil. de, 132, 189 

Euer, Ewer, Nich. le, 56 

Rad. 316,324 

Evenwod, Wil. 200 

Everingham, Everyngham, Adam de, 37 
■ Sir John, 403 n 

Tho. de, 96 

Evers, Joh. 205 
Everton, Rog. de, 69 
Evynton, Rog. de, 13 
Exeter, the Earl of, see Holland 

Eliz. Duch. of, 231 

Eyton, Joh. de, 60, 61 


Fancourt, Fanacourt, Bart., 32, 3a 

Job., 12 

Kat., 12 

Lucia, 32, 33 

Rob., 12 

Fanhop, Ld. see CornwalJis 
Fairfax, Fairefaxe, Fayrefax, Fayrfa 
Alic. 137 

Brian, 187, 190 n, 204. 

Elena, 204 

Eliz. 187 

Digitized by 




Fairfax, Greg. 70 

Job. 186, 188, 190 n. 

Marg. 187, 188, 189, 190, 264 

Margeria, 204 

Mar. 187 

Ric. 204 

Tho. 187, 188, 190, 203 

Wil. 150 n, 190 n, 203, 379 n 

Farewagh, Farewath, Mar. de, 31 
Famdale, Famedale, Famedall, Job. 6& 
Ric. 219 

WU. 219 

Fame, Ric. de, 108 
Famylawe, Job. de, 103, 101, 102 

Farynton, Rob. 205 

Fauconberg, Fauconberge, Faconberge, 
Faconbergb, Faucounberge, Faw- 
conberg, Fawcounburge, Alianor, 

Constancia de, 292 

Isab. de, 79, 128 n., 129, 203, 147, 

282, 2K3 

Johanna de, 135 n, 293 

- Joh. de, 40, 135 n, 292 n, 293, 147 

Matild. de, 40 

- Tho. de, 292 n. 

— — Walter Lord, 40 n, 128 n, 147, 

218, 282 n, 292 n 
Faudon, Juliana de, 103 

Wil. de, 101, 102 

Faukes, Johanna, 5 1 

Wil. 51 

Fawcuner, Wil. 118 
Fayrebame, Steph. 49, 50 
FellescUf, Fellescliff, Rob. 243 
Felmersham, Joh. de, 25 
Felton, Alic. 291 
Fendard, Ric. 245 
Fenne, Elena, 157 
Fenrother, Ada, 244, 246 
Fenton, Ric. de, 301 
Fereswell, Joh. de, 177 
Ferrour, Ferour, Joh. le, 44, 258 

Rob. le, 44 

Ferrers, Rob. 224 n, 362 n, 383 

Wil. Ld. 57 n. 

Ferriby, Fereby, Feriby, Feryby, Agn. 1 19 

Alic. de, 104 

Cecil, de, 104 

Constancia de, 104 

— — Johanna de, 104 

- Joh. de, 104, 105, 135, 171, 184, 


• Juliana de, 266, 271 

• Marg. de, 104 
Matild. de, 120 

- Nich. de, 104 
Ric. 119 

Ferriby, Simon de, 271 

Tho. de, 104 

Wil. de, 32, 66, 103, 105 

Fibbethorpe, Andr. de, 298 
Filer, Eliz. 75 

Fiszcheburne, Fyschebum, Fysshebume, 
Rog. de, 60 
Tho. 309, 313 

Fitzalan, Agn. or Maud, 88 n 

Brian. 88 n 

Eliz. 362 n 

Tho. Earl of Arundel, 362 n 

Fitz Berry, Hugo, 210 
Fitz Henry, Anastasia, 258, 259 
Tho. 258. 259 

Fitzhugh, Eleanor, 356 n 

Hen. 277, 3.30, 356 n 

Ld. 264 n 

Fitzmaurice, Maurice, 202 n 
Fitz Meldred. Rob. 132 n 
Fitz Richard, Eliz. 297 

Joh. 296 

Fitzwalter, John Ld. 57 n 
Fitzwiiliam, Agn. 51 

Isab. 50, 51, 52 

Johanna, 50, 51 

Joh. 50, 51,52 

Marg. 50 

SirWil. 50, 51..52 

Flasceby, Flascheby, Hen. de, 143 
Wil. 199 

Flaxton, Wil. de, 189, 271, 296, 299, 

344, 367, 370 
Flecher, Elena, 221 
Nich. 221 

Flechman. Wil. 420 
Flemyng, Joh. 145 
Flestchewer, Flexhewer, Ric. 118 
Wil. 148 

Flete, Flett, Flette, Walt. 374. 376, 387, 

388, 389 
Fletham, Hugo de, 69 
Flint, Wil. 69 
Flixburgh. Ric. de, 136 
Floberton, Rob. de, 52 
Flour, Hen. 247 
Flysch, Hen. 52 
Foljambe, Isab. 381 n 
Ford. Forde, Wil. 208, 210 
Fordham, Bp. 306 n 
Fordon, Joh. de, 153 
Fordyane, Rog. 300 
Forester. Ric. 189 

Tho. 17 

Fome, Isota, 332 

Marg. 332 

Forster. Idonia. 109, 110 

Rob. 298, 299 

Tho. 214, 277 

Wil. 109, 110 

Digitized by 




Fotton, AUc. de, 64, 192, 193 

Tho. de, 63, 64, 65 

Wil. de, 64 

Fothate, Joh. 332 
Fougheler. Wil. 166 
Fouler, Joh. 218 
Fountnay, Tho. 131 
Fourbour, Rob. 44 
Fouxheler, Isab. de, 166, 166 

Fox, Rob. 220 

. Tho. 220 

Fozton, Wil. de, 33 
Frampton, Tho. 373 
France3r8» Frankis, Frankys, Fraunceys, 

Agn. 18 

Johanna, 62 

Joh. 161 

Rob. 13, 161, 189 

Tho. 13 

Wil. 11, 52, 109, 161 

Frank, Fraunk, Agn. 391 n 

Nich. 249. 391n 

Wil. 30, 249 

Franks, Alan, 30 

Wil. 30 

Fraunce, Joh. 218 
Frecheville, Angaerus, 29 
Freman, Rob. 176 

Tho. 162 

Freres, Christiana de, 280 
Frese, Alic. 270 

Hen. 270 

Freston, Wil. de, 83 

Freville, Frevyll, Baldwin, 381 n 

— — Eliz. 388 

Marg. 38) n 

Friskeneye, Wil. de, 43 
Friston, Isab. de, 396 

Joh. 203 n 

' Marg. 203 n 

Rich. 203 n 

Froise, Wil. 199 
Frome, Wil. de, 246 
Frost, Wil. 388 
Frysel, Joh. 103 
Frythby, Wil. de, 184 
Fulford, Fulfurth, Hen. de, 71 

Joh. 331 

Fulthorp, Wil. de, 147 
Funteyns, Rob. 189 
Furlefe, Ric. 221 
Furnour, Alic. 334 

Wil. 153 

Famival, Foumyvall, Farnevall, Furni^ 

vale, Fumyvall, Ada de, 69, 133 

Bertha de, 128 

^-^— Gerard, 341 n 
Joan, 125 n 

Fumival, Lora, 341 n 

Tho. de, 125 n, 128 

■ Thomasine, 124, 125 

Wil. Ld. 124,125 

Fymmer, Wil. de, 61 
Fynche, Joh. 199 
Fysscher, EmmoU, 280 
Fysshewik, Joh. 205 


Graloii, Amicia, 158 

Isab. 158 

Rob. 158 

Gardener, Gardiner, Hugo, 204 
— Ric. 298 

Wil. 200, 244 

Gare, Alic. 310 

Kat. 181, 271 

Rob. 310 

Tho. 181 

Garland, Wil. 146 
Garresdale, Ric. 401 
Garth, Tho. atte, 95 
Garton, Cec. de, 93 

Joh. de, 326, 355, 356, 357 

Tho. de, 183, 184. 355, 367, 368 

Gascoigne, Gascoygne, Gascoynge, Gas- 

coyngne, Gasquyn, Agn. 337 n 
Alic. 403 

■■ Beatrix, 403 
Chief Justice, 1 60 n, 252 n, 358 d, 

363 n, 378 n, 390, 391 n, 402 a 

Eliz. 160, 394, 403 n 

Johanna, 391, 393, 394, 403 

Joh. 392 n, 394 

Marg. 132 n 

Nich. 363, 392, 393, 394, 395 

Ric. 249, 352, ?53, 378, 391 n, 

392, 393, 403 

Tho. 403 

Wil. 84, 132 n, 238, ^48, 24», 

295n, 297, 337 n, 346.391,393, 394, 

Gaunsted, Simon, 310 
Gayte, Joh. le, 44 
Gayteford, Gaytford, Johanna de, 213 

Joh. de, 125 
Gelle, Wil. 200 
Gellesthorp, Rob. 402 
, Gemelyng, Gemlyng, Joh. 332 

■ Rob. de, 61 

Genno, Tho. 267 
Gerard, Joh. 189 

Matild. 188 

Tho. 188, 190 

Wil. 51,52 

Grerman, Grermane, Germeyn. Agn. 300 
Avic. 300 

Digitized by 




Grerman, Joh. 99 

Rob. 300 

Tho. 300 

Gremoam» Joh, 27 
Grervaux, Joh. 87 
Gerven, Emma, 25 
Gilby, Joh. de, 367, 368 
GUdford, Alianora de, 27 1 
Gilet, Wil. 123 
Giliot, Joh. 65 
GUle, Joh. 320, 323 
Gillowe (or Duraunt), Wil. 192 
Gilson, Wil. 138 
Girdeler, Bart. 72 

Gisbome, Gisbum, Gisbarne, Gysburn, 
Alic. de, 387 n 

Joh. de, 66, 387 n 

Tho. de, 384 

Glendower, Ol^en, 217 n 
Glentworth, Rog. de, 27 
Gloucester, Hugh, Earl of, 72 n, 375 n 

Tho. of Woodstock, Duke of, 230 

the Duke of, 273 n 

Gobet, Nich. 35 

God, Gode,Gude, Agn. 218 

Joh. 336 

Godard, Goddard, Francis, 379 n 

Joh. 241 

Marg. 241 n 

Tho. 153 

Wil. 61 

Godewyn, Godewjmne, Joh. de, 222 
Godsard, Wil. 61 * 
Goion, Hen. 257 
Goldale, Joh. de. 111 
Goldbeter, Joh. 173,174 

Marg. 173 

Goldesburgh, Ant. 78 


Rad. de, 262, 297, 299 

Goldesmith, Goldsmyth, Glaus, 298 

Joh. 185 

Worm. 298 

Gomer8aU,Agn. 282 
Goodelad, WiL 204 
Gorwell, Joh. 209 
Goahauk, Wil. 277 
GowseU, Joh. 240 
Gote, Joh. de la. 43, 45 
Goulde, Wil. 364 
Go we, Johanna, 301 

Joh. 301 

Gower, Gouer, Cec. 15 

Kat. 15 

Marg. 15, 16 

Matild. 15 

Tho. 338 

WU. 15, 16,219 

Grandisson, Joh. de, 319 
Grantham, Joh. de, 9 

Graundesden, W. 330, 323 
Graveson, Joh. 363 
Gray, Graa, Emma, 103 

Joh. 328 

Matild. 339 

Tho. 339 

WU. 339 

Graystock, Graystok, Graystoke, Grey- 
stock, Greystok, Alic. de, 205 

Baronissa de, 166, 304 

Joh. de. 205 

Rad. Varo de, 72 n, 148, 165 n, 

' Tho. de, 205 

Green, Grene, Elena de, 361, 363 

Joh. del. 204 

Rob. 373 

Tho. de, 83 

Wil. 83 

Grenehowe, Joh. de, 123 

Grenelane, Greneland, Greneleyne, Joh. 

277, 278. 330 
Greneshagh, Agn. 27 1 
Grenwik, Grenewyk, Walt, de, 26, 7 
Grenesshy, Wil. 388 
Greteheved, Rog. 21 
Gretewell, Huchoune de, 44 
Gretham, Joh. de, 212 
Grey, Eliz. 254 n 

Hen. de, 330, 356 n 

Marg. 356 n 

Ric. 330 

Sir Tho. 254 n, 385 n 

Grinell, Alic. 22 
Grome, Walt. 22 
Grose, Isab. 88 n 

Sir Tho. 88 n 

Grosvenor, Sir Rob. 272 n 
Greynsley, Hon. de, 89 
Grymesby, Greymesby, Hen. de, 90 
Joh. de, 293, 326 

Grymston, Grymeston, Grympston, Alic. 
de, 37, 160 

Rog. de, 37, 

Wil. de, 37. 72 

Gryngley, Eliz. 357 
Grysthwayt, Tho. de, 81 
Gudbarn, Agn. 135 

Rob. 134 

Guer, Eliz. 293 
Gunnas, Agn. 220 

^Joh. 220 

Matild. 220 

Rob. 220, 221 

Gunthorp, Joh. 255 
Gunwardby, Joh. de, 277, 278 
Gurmunchester, Joh. de, 25 
Gyldforth, Alianora de, 266 

Digitized by 




Habelmt, Job. 9 
Habthorpe, Rob. de, 89 
Hacbett, Hackett, £dm. 346 
Haddeworth, Tho. 3:^8 
Hadelay, Hen. de, 80 
Hagon, Job. 364 
Hagtborpe, Job. de, 165 
Hakford, Walt, de, 60 
Haktborp, Agn. de 109, 110, Cec. 
109, 109, 110 

Marg. 109 

Rob. de, 78, 90, 91 

Haldeles, Wil. 204 

Halden, Haldon, Tbo. de, 162 

Haldenby, Francis, 240 n 

Rob. 240 n 

Hale, Wil. del, 191 
Hales, Rob. 115 
Hall, Job. del, 81 

Ric. de, 279 

WU. 284 

Halliday, Isab. 246 
Halsam, Job. de, 351 
Halton, Wil. de, 65 
Halugbton, Wil. de, 49 
Hambald, Rob. 370 
Hamerton, Job. 297 
Hamond, Job. 9 
Haropole, Rob. 252 d 
Hampton, Wil. de, 281 
Hamstbwayt, Hen. 244 

Hugo, 343 

Hanley, Tbo. 1 25 
Hanwardby, Rog. de, 177 
Harbargb, Hen. 360 
Harden, Tbo. 328 
Hardy, Jobanna, 189 

-I r- Job. 189 

Hare, Job. 51 

Ric. 52 

Harlam, Johanna, 282 

Wermbolt, 282 

Harlesay, Petr. de, 284 
Harlyngton., 213 
Harpeden, Wil. 235, 236 
Harpham, Agn. de, 3, 49 

■ Anabilla de, 49 

■ Isab. de, 49 

■ Johanna de, 49 

Job. de, 3, 25, 49 

Kat. de, 3 


- Maij. 3 

• Tbo. de, 2, 49 

• Wil. de, 3, 49, 298 

Harpbowe, Kat. 334 
Harton, Jobanna, 335 

Harwedon, Job. de, 9 
Harwood, Harewode, Harwod, Harworth, 
Agn. de, 142, 143 

Cec. sor. Agn. de, 143 

Hugo de, 142, 143, 211, 213 

Joh. de, 277, 341, 395 

Matild. sor. Agn. de, 143 

Rob. de, 35 

Tbo. de, 143 

Haryngton, Wil. de, 27 
Hascule, Alic. 75 
Hasbbury, Wil. 346 
Hastborp, Hastorp, Matild. de, 216 
Wil. 68 

Hastings, Hasting, Hastinges, Hastyng, 
Hastynges, Hastyngs, Alio. 20. 

Bart. 217, 218 

Edna, de, 20, 293 

Eliz. 258, 293, 338 

Hen. de, 39 

Hugo de, 38 

Job. de, 79, 219 

— — Leonard, 216 n 

Marg. 20, 217 

Margeria, 39 

Matild. 203, 217 n, 218, 219 

Nicb. 19 n. 21 6 n, 217 n 

Rad. de, 19, 20, 203, 216, 217^ 

273 n, 338 n 

Rich. 338 n 

-Wil. 219 H 

Hatfield, Hatefeld, Haytefeld, Haytfeld^ 

Haytefelde, Knt. 182 

Marg. 288 

Rob. 288 

Tho. de. Bishop of Durham, 1 08 n^ 

121,2l6n, 353n 

Wil. de, 83, 182, 387. 288 

Hatton, Hattoun, Rob. de, 156 
Haukeswell, Joh. de, 337 
Haunsard. Haunserd, Gilb. 132 n 

Job. 132 

Marg. 132 

Marg. 132 

Sir Rob. 132 

Tho. 33 

Wil. 132 

Hauthorp, Wil. de. 348 
Hauton prise, Rob. 128 
Hawteyn, Alic. 288 
Marg. 288 

Haxby, Hen. de, 22, 335 

Job. de, 22 

Wil. de, 102 

Haxey, Tbo. 367. 368, 388 
Hay, Cec. del, 12 

Dionisia del, 302 * 

Dor. 155 n 

Eliz. 12, 310, 313 

Hen. del, 302 

Digitized by 




Hay, Hugh del, 403 n . 

Isab. del, 155 

Johanna del, 12, 155 

Joh. del, 12, 155 

Kat. del, 12, 325 

Petr. de la, 309, 310 n, 312, 313, 

315, 317, 325 

Rob. del, 155, 166 

Tho. del, 12, 155 n, 313 

Wil. del, 12, 166 

Haydok, GUb. 372 

Joh. 371 

Ha3rnton, Cec. de, 67 

— Rad. de, 67 

Wil. de, 67, 90 

Hayton. Joh. de, 95, 348 
Heath, Joh. del, 300 
Hedilham, Wil. 373 
Hedon, Joh. de, 101 
Hedworth, Ric. de, 81 
Heghfeld, Joh 326 

Wil. 325, 326 

Hekilton, Hekilston, Marg. de. 334 
Helagh, Wil. de, 252 
Helmeslay, Wil. de, 296 
Helmessall, Rob. 340 
Helper by, Joh. 384 
Hemyneburgh, Wil. de, 398 
Henilay, Joh. de, 32 
Henriman, Jak. 33 
Henriot, Agn. 46 

Alic. 46 

Joh. 46 

Rob. 46 

Henry IV. 233 n, 392 n 

V. 231,392n, 397n, 402n 

Henry, Job. 248 
Henry son, Ric. 189 
Hephate, Eliz. de, 103 
Herburgh, Hen. 360 
Hercy, Tho. 356 
Herdeby, Joh. de, 29, 120 
Hereford, Lord Ep. de, 96 

Herell, Rob. de, 217 

Heriz, Joh. de, 69, 79 
Herle, Marg. de, 19 n 

Rob. de, 20 

Wil. de, 19n 

HerlottjAgn. 72 
Herlsey, Wil. de, 404, 405 
Hermesthorp, Joh. de, 200 
Heron, Emmeline de, 19 n 

Walt, de, 19 n 

Herpscottes, Walt, de, 137 

Hertford, Joh. de, 184 

Hervy, Tho. 112, 113 

Hesham, Joh. 240 

Hesilrig, Hesilrigg, Hesilrigge, Donald 

de, 265 
— - Johanna de, 265, 270 n, 271 


Hesilrig, Joh. 296 
Hesilwod, Alic. de, 364 

Joh. de, 363 

Heslarton, Eufemia de, 333, 334 
Hessewell, Tho. de, 2 
Heston, Hekston, Wil. 302 

Hesyll, Wil de, 155 

Heth, Wil. 387 
Heton, Wil. 360 
Hewett, Joh. 387 
Hexham, Tho. de, 323, 324 
HiU, Hyl, Ada del, 401 

Joh. 175 

Magota del, 110 

-i Matild. del, 84 

Mich, de, 60 

Rad. de, 397 

Ric. del, 110 

Rob. del, 83 

Rog. del, 147 

Tho. del. 84 

Wil. del, 84 

Hildyard, Hildeyerd, Hyldyard, Chris. 
155 n 

Joh. de, 96, 133, 264, 312, 


Hiltoft, Alic. 363 n 
■ Joh. de, 39 

Wil. de, 25, 28, 363 n 

Hilton, Marg. 344 n 

Maud, 350 n 

Rob. de, 173, 259, 288, 325, 

326, 350 n 
■, 344 n 

Hippy, Ada, 246 

Wil. 246 

Rog. 204 

Hird, Tho. 204 
Histon, Joh. de, 27 
Hode, Wil. 218 
Hogeson, Hodgson, Tho. 404 
Hoghton, Rob. de, 162 
WU. de, 205 

Hoghwyk, Wil. 375 
Holbek, Joh. 331 
Matild. 331 

Holdirnes, Galf. 142 
Johanna, 142 

Holgate, Archbp. 214 n 
Holinson, Rob. de, 40 
HoU, Joh. 115 

Holland, Holand, Holande, Holla nde, 
Isab. de, 44 

John, Earl of Exeter, 224 n 

Marg. 224 n 

Maude de, 43, 45 

Otes de, 43 

Rob. de, 43 

Tho. de, 45 

Holm, Holme, Joh. de, 200, 351 

Digitized by 




Holm, Ric. de, 311,313»314,315,316 
324, 181,220 

Tho. 220 

Wil. de, 120, 128, 161, 200 

Holott, Hulott, Tho. 299 
Holt, Joh. 112, 113 

Tho. 268 

Holtby, Joh. 130 
Holthorp, Wil. 387 
Holwell, Rob. de, 9 
Hop, Hen. 44 
.Hopewell, Rog. de, 85 
Hopton, Joh. 196 

Horbeling, Alic. 247 ^ 

Hordon,, 112 
Hornby, Johanna, 174. 175 
Home, Joh. 302 
Homer, Isab. 374 

Joh. 214, 374 

Horsley, Herselay, Horeslay, Horslay,, 196,266,271, 339 
Horworth, Joh. de, 147 
Hoseer, Rog. 177 
Hothum, Joh. de, 117 
Hoton, Agn. de, 64 

Alan de, 64, 65, 66 

Alic. de, 64, 65 

Joh. de, 60, 64, 143 

Matild. de. 64 

Petr. de, 283 n 

Rob. de, 64, 377, 378 

Tho. de. 63, 64 

Wil. de. 64 

Hoveden, Joh. de, 156 

Margeria de, 166 

Houmfray, Walt. 30 
Housom, Petr. de, 15, 16 
Hovyngham, Joh. de, 197 
Howme, Kat. 271 

Rob. 284 

Tho. 133, 174 

Howtswath, Ada, 218 
Hoyom, Johanna, 268 
Hoyworth, Joh. de, 1 63 
Huby, Hubert de, 154 
Hudson, Ric. 101 
Hugate, Alic. de, 16 

Wil. 331 

Hugson, Joh. 218 
Hulert, Joh. 190 
Hughthwayt, Joh. 159 

Steph. de, 155 

Hull, W. 318, 324 
HuUour, Ric. 246 
Hundeby, Nich. de, 80 
Hunteman, Chris, de, 326 

Rob. de, 326 

Hunkelby, Rob. de, 60 
Hunt, Rob. 202 

Hunterman, Phil. 35 
Hunter, Wil. 130, 297, 299, 388 
Galf. 21 

Hunlingfield, Joh. 385 n 
Huntingdon, Ric. de, 277 
Husband,Joh. 290, 291 
Hussee, Agn. 352 
Hugo, 352 

Husthwait, Husthwayte, W. 323 
Huton, Joh. de, 51 

Simon, 357 

Tho. 301 

Hyde^ Alic. 305 

Rob. 205 

Hyklyng. Wil. 356 
Hyne, Joh. 345 
Hyperon, Joh. 162 


He, Joh. del, 126 
Ingland. Joh. 52 

Ingleby, Ingelby, Ingilby, Inggelbi, Ing- 
gelby, Edelina, 94 

— Hen. 94 

— Joh. de, 94. 253, 254, 255 

— Sir Tho. 94 n, 144 n, 158 
Wa. de, 287 

Ingmanthorp, Agn. de. 17 
Irford, Irforth, Joh. de, 69 
Ran. de, 89 

Irton, Joh. 381 
Isle, Warinus del, 41 
Islep, Ric. de, 9 
Iveson, Joh. 333 

Jackson, Ric 298 
Jamesson, Rob. 336 
Jardyne, Tho. de, 44 
JoU, Alic. 288 
Ric. 288 

Joynour, Agn. 374 
Jurdan, Joh. 60, 61 


Katterall, Marj. 363 

Kedale, Keddale, Joh. 216, 332 

Kelk, Kelke, Beatrix, 335 

Joh. de, 154, 155, 216, 326, 

Kellawe, Kellowe, Pat. de, 2 

Rich. 1 

Kelom, Hugo, 193 
Joh. 143 

Keldholme, Tho. del, 277 

Digitized by 




Kel3rnghale, Agn. 373 

Rob. 373 

Kendale, Edw. de, 237 

Job. 366, 19 

Rog. de, 102 

Kent, Job. de, 84 

Sibilla de, 87 

Tbo. Earl of, 224 n. 

Kepwyk, Wil. de, 253 
Kerdyngton, Tbo. de, 115 
Kereby, Job. de, 118 
Keryngton, Ric. 382 
Kesburgb, Ric. 345 
Kesteven, Tbo. 330 
Keteryng, Keteryn, Wil. 234, J38 
Kexby, Kexeby, Agn. de, 221 

Alic. 130 

Job. 130 

Juliana de, 821 

Wil. de, 221, 271 

Kilburn, Job. de, 126 

Wil. de, 63 

Kilkenny, Ricb. 200 
Klllerby, Jobannade, 173 
Killyngall. Job. 343 
Kilwardby, Tbo. 12 
Kirk, Alan del, 5 

Isab. del, 5 

Kirkebird, Mat. de, 37 
Kirkby, Kirkeby, Kyrkliy, Kyrkeby, Adda 
de, 60 

Alic. dc, 145 

Job. de, 311, 326 

Matild. de, 189 

Rob. de, 134, 206 

Tbo. 127, 128 

Wil. de, 145, 260 

Kirkscruise, Alic. 18 
Kirkton, Alan de, 311, 313 
Kitcbin, Job. del, 118 
Kitcbyner, Wil. del, 136 
Knapton, Cnapton, Nich. 175 

Ric. de, 173, 174, 251 

Rob. de, 35 

Knaresburgb, Marg. de, 219 
Knight, Knygbt, Agn. 191 

Job. 155 n, 191 

Kat. 191 

Stepb. 191 

Tbo. 191 

Knyvett, Ric. 9 
Kullayne, Job. 118 
Knigbtley, Ric. 96 n. 

Wil. 96 n. 

Knout, Ingelram, 16 

Job. 16 

Marg. 17 

Marm. 17 

Kylburn, Wil. de, 66 

X 2 

Kylbam, Kyllom, Beatrix de, 188 

Job. de, 188 

Paulina de, 10 

Simon de, 10 

Kyllegg, Ricb. 145 
Kyllynge, Wil. 286 
Kylnewik, Job. de, 297 
Kylvyngton, Job. 381 
Rob. de, 245 

Kyneton, Jac. de, 93, 212, 213 

Job. de, 93 

Nicb. de, 93 

Kyng, Marg. 65 

Wil. 400, 401 

Kyngesbery, Tbo. 213 
Kyngeston, Job. 376 
Kyningbam, Job. 235 

LAcere, Rob. 70 
Lacbene, Job. 301 
Lacy, Edm.37 

Ric. de, 60 

LAmbe, Agn. 258 

Lampert, Wil. 401 

Lancaster, Blancbe Duchess of, 106n, 

223 n, 224, 226, 237 

Constance Duchess of, 223 n, 

224 n, 226, 232,233 

the Earl of, 258 n, 332 

-»- Henry Earl of, 39 

and Hereford, Henry Duke of, 

201 n, 216 n, 223, 224, 226, 238 

John of Gaunt, Duke of, 106 n, 

223, 224, 226, 236, 273 n, 362 n, 
381 n 
- Katb. Duchess of, 229, 230> 231, 


— Philippa, d. of Job. of G. 224 n 
-Tbo. Earl of, 281 

Landeford, Landeforth, Job. de, 190 
Lane, Hen. 123 
Langele, Esmon de, 43 
Job. de, 46 

Langley, Langeley, Longley, Hen. 75 

Muriella, 75 

Tbo. de, Dunelm. Episc. 234, 238, 

277, 309 n, 314, 325, 378 
Langetoft, Langtoft, Job. de, 264, 354, 

Langton, Langeton, Joan, 361 n 

Job. de, 70, 138, 361 n, 404, 405 

Marg. de, 69 

Rob. 405 

Wil. de, 69 

Lanneir, Launeir, Nicb. de, 38, 39 
Lardiner, Hen. 44 

Digitized by 




Lascelles, Lascels, Lassels, Lasselles, Anne 
de, 409 

Eliz. 384 

Johanna, 384 

Joh. 294 

Nich. de, 409 

Wil. 384 

Had. de, 409 

Rob. de, 409 

Lastyngham, Alice of, 186, 

Sir Symond of, 185 

Lathum, Elena de, 19 

Laton, Joh. de. 331 

Latimer, Latymer, Eliz. 113, 114, 270 

— Lady, 270 n t 

Wil. Lord, 113, 167, 270 n 

Laverok, Agn. 189 

Joh. 189 

Lavington, Rob. de, 246 

Lawler, Marg. 246 

Layburn. Laburn, Custancia de, 109> 110 

Johanna, 196 

Joh de. 109, 110, 196 

— —, 109, 110 
Ledea, Ledys, Emma de, 331 n 

Johanna de, 106 

Joh. de, 106 

Rob. 256 

Rog. de, 331 n. 

Wil. 341 

Lee, Amicia de, 67 

Beatrix de, 75 

Leek, Leeke, Leyk, Galf. de, 29 

Joh. de, 29, 248 

Marg. de, 29 

• Simon de, 360 

Wil. de, 29 

Legat, Legett, Joh. 88 

Kat. 256, 257, 

Wil. 256, 257 

Lellay. Rob. 218 
Lelom, Tho. de, 60 
Lely, Avic. 113 

Ric. 113 

Lemyng, Joh. 298 
Lerymer, Marm. de, 168 
Leven, Levyng, Isab. 352 

Joh. de, 40, 271, 351 

Levenyng, Wil. 338 
Leverick, Ric. 18 
Leverton, Laur. de, 142 

Ric. de, 177 

Wil. de, 27 

Leresham, Joh. 378 
Lewen, Rosa de, 98 
Lewte, Wil. 177 
Leybourne, Joh, 234 
Leycestre, Laycestyr, Alic. 371 

Hen. 6 

— Joh. de, 38 

Limbergh, Rob. de, 35 
Lincoln, the Bishop of, 231 
Henry, see Beaufort 

Lincolne, Wil. 311,315, 316 
Lindeby, Lyndeby, Rob. de, 85, 191 
Lindsey, Lyndesay, Rich. 379 n 
Tho. de, 89 

Lisle, Rob. Ld. 138 
Lokeby, Hen. de> 61 
Lokton, Agn. de, 165, 166, 166 

Mar. de, 165 

Lokyngton, Alic. de, 181 

Loncaster, Loncastre, Agn. 280 

Lonte. Eliz. Rog. de, 250, 298 

Londham, Tho. de, 54 

London, Rob. Bp. of, 317, 318, 319 

Long. Nich. 112, 113 

Longespee, dame Maude, 1 15 

Lorimer, Rob. 101 

Louth, Joh. de, 89 

Lowell, Joh. 92 

Lowson, Ric. 244 

Lowther, Rob. 370 

Lucy, Ant. 246 n 

Eliz. Lady, 347 n 

Joan, 246 n 

Lumbard, Wil. 3 

Lumley, Lumly, Isab. de, 98 

Marg. de, 98 

Marm, 74 

Lunderthorp, Johanna de, 29 
Lutton, Joh. de, 192, 193, 115,219 

Lychfeld, Ada de, 271 
Lydeby, Tho. de, 173 
Lydgate, Alic. de, 211, 211, 211 

Wil. de, 211 

Lygeard, Joh. 176 
Lyghtfote, Tho. 89 
Lyland, Ada, 271 
Lylliard, Joh 171 
Lyllyng, Ric. 164 
Lyndale, Ric. 402 
Lyndeby, Matild. de, 173, 173 

Lynne,Wil. 387 
Lynnertoun, Joh. de, 153 
Lyola, Job. 78, 79 
Lyseurs, Job. de, 48 
Lythegrayns, Joh. 159 


Malbys, Ric. 188,204 
Male, Joh. del, 60 

Digitized by 




Mallom, Marg. 221 

Wil. 221 

Mallore, Malore, Anketil, 56 

Chris. 56 

-^-^— Wil. 388 
Maltby, Wil. de. 246 
Malton, Joh. de, 60 

Rob. de, 50, 310, 133 

Tho. de, 73, 267 

Malpas, Wil. 106 
Malyn, Steph. 277 
Manby, Tho. de. 240 
Manfeld, Joh. 161 
Manipeni, Tho. 206 
Mannyne, Johanna, 298 
Mansfield, Mainsfeld, Hen. de, 27 

Ld. 390 n 

Mansion, Alfred de, 392, 393, 394, 395, 

Manton, Wil. de, 178 
Mapils, Joh. 337 
Mapilton, Mappilton, Joh. de, 271 

Wil. 304, 377, 378 

Marcell, Hugo, 85 

March, Earl of, 210, see Mortimer 

Marcham, Joh. 177 

Mareham, Joh. 177 

Margery. Rog 397 

Marimhill. Marumlmll, W. 320, 322 

Markham, Hugo, 213 

Job. de, 212 

Marmyon, Eliz. 199 

Marshall, Mareschall, Marschall, Merchall, 
Ada, 221 

Alic. 181 

Avic. 338 

Isab. 334 

Joh. 125, 298, 299 

Marj. 129 

Matild. 221 

Tho. 181 

Martin, Martyn, Rob. 48, 154, 155 
Marton, Joh. de, 143 

Tho. de, 53 

Wil. de, 4 

Mason, Masoun, Alic. 342 

Joh. 335 

Simon le, 2 

Massam, Wil. de, 60 
Matilda the Empress, 305 n 
Mathirsay, Maij. de, 143 
Mauduyt, Mawdit, Mawedite, Johanna, 

Rog. 170 

Wil. 44, 45 

Mauleverer, Maleverer, Mauliverer, Maw- 
vorere, Aleth. 361 

Joh. 403 

Rob. 297, 328, 345 

Mauley, Mauly, Constance de, 1 17, 1 28 n, 
150, 151, 152, 203 n, 379 116, 117, 150, 379 n 

Joh. de, 150, 151 

Marg. de, 117 n, 351 n 

Matild. de, 379, 380 

Petr. de (5th), 241 n 

(6th). 116, 117, 254 tt 

(7th), 149 n, 203 n 

(8th), 151, 162 n, 379, 380 

•Sir Tho. 35 In 

Maulovell. Alic. 29 
Steph. 29 

Maulyray, Edm., 161 
Maunby, Matild. 204 

Tho. 204 

Maunford, Marg. de, 98 
Mawer, Joh. 190 
Mawson, Joh. 310 
Maxse, Joh. 277 
Maynard, Rob. 203 
Mayr, Mayre, Meyre, Agn. 155 
Wil. 277, 301 

Meaux, Meux, {de Melsa,) Godf. de, 
100 n 

Joh. de, 100, 100 n, 101 

Scholastica de, lOOn 

. Tho. de, 101 

Medbourne, Medburn, Medeburne, Hen. 
de, 115 

Hugo de, 13 

Idonea de, 48 

Joh. de, 48 

Rob. de, 48 

Megson, Wil. 286 
Meinell, Menell, Menyll, Eliz. de, 117 n, 
254 n 

Mar. 383, 117 n, 254 n 

- Ric. 202, 203 

Meland, Petr. 387 
Melburc* Hen. de, 167 
Melburn, Piers, 234 
Melsanby, WU. de, 189 
Melton, Dorothy, 246 n 

Hen. 363, 364, 69, 125 

Kat. de, 246 n 

Wil. de, Archiepisc. Ebor. 68, 

246 n 
- Wil. de, 68, 69, 105, 125, 246 n, 

273 n 
Mensk, Joh. 192 
Merdelay, Tho. de, 303 
Merington, Meryngton, Johanna de, 1 64, 164 

Wil. de, 109 

Merkenfeld, Tho. de, 138 
Mershston, Joh. de, 73 

Digitized by 




Mertke, Ric. 293 
MertOD, Hen. de, 386 

Tho. de, 386 

Messager, Messanger, Joh. 98 

Rob. 378 

Metham,, 315 
Methelay, Hugo de, 81 

Joh. de, 81,246 

Michell, Rob. 218 
Midelham, Agn. 110 

Alic. 110 

Emma, 110 

Ran. 110 

Middleton, Middelton, Medilton, MideL 

ton, Midilton, Agn. de, 284 

Aniste de, 199 

Johanna de, 336 

Joh. de, 68, 404. 405 

Nich. de, 200, 201 

Rog. de, 138 

Tho. de, 89. 186 

Wil. de, 101 

Midly. Joh. de, 89 

Milnnerr, And. 148 

Mirescugh, Joh. 376 

Mirfeld, Wil. 345 

Mirfyn, Myrfyn, Myrfyne, Tho. 246, 247 

Wil. 212,213 

Miri, Ric. 48 

Mitton, Mytton, Ric. de, 189 

Rog. de, 89 

Mody, Wil. 189 
Mogh, Rob. 257 
Monboucher, Mountburghcher, Mount- 

burgchier, Bertram, 356 
Eliz. 356 

Geo. 356 

Isab. 347 n 

Sir Nich. 356 n 

Montford. Marg. 272 n 

Sir John, 272 n 

Morcote, de, 37 

More, Joh. de. 39, 189, 298 

Matild. de, 282 

Rob. 320, 323 

SibUla del, 333 

Tho. del, 245 

Morele. Sir Johan of. 185 
Moreton, Agn. de. 134 

Beatrix de, 133 

Hen. de, 389 

Isab. de, 134 

— — Johanna de, 134 

Rog. de, 133, 134 

Tho. 134 

Wil. de, 134 

Morley, Christiana, 148 

Mortayn, Mortayne, Rob. 164,296, 299 
Mortimer, Mortemer (de Mortuo Mari), 
Edm. E. of March. 203, 207 n 

Mortimer, Kat. 73 

Rog. E. of March, 73 

Tho. de, 208, 210 

Morton, Johanna. 143, 212, 213, 142 n, 143, 210,212, 213 

Rosa de, 143 

Wil. de, 219 

Mosecroft, Tho. de. 126 

Mosse, Rob. 246 

Mounceux. Mownseus, Alex. 398 

Johanna, 334, 398 

Joh. 398 

Rob. 398 

Wil. 277 

Mowbray, Moubray, Alex, de, 160 n, 

256 n, 391 n 

Edm. 144, 145 

Eleanor, 144n, 158 n, 159, 161 

Eliz. 391 n, 392, 402 n 

Geo. 144 

John, Earl Marshall, 347 n, 382 n 

Joh. 144, 145, 158 n, 159, 160 

Marg. 159,160 

Rob. 144 

Tho. Ld. 363 n 

Sir Will. 144 n, 145, 158, 159, 

294 n 
MolgryfF, Tho. 305 
Multon, Tho. 258 

Mungate, Joh. de, 172, 354, 355, 368 
Munkton, Wil. de, 75 
Murton, Agn. de, 282 

Isab. de, 282 

Mustardmaker, Alic. 221 
Tho. 221 

Musters, Eliz. de, 256 n 

Sir H. de, 266 

Muston, Marg. 390 
Wil. 390 

Mydwyf, AHc. 177 
Myre, Rob. del, 387 
Mysterton, Tho. de, 184 


Nabelson, Wil. 204 
Naflferton, Wil. de, 60 
Nassington, Joh. de, 14 
Nele, Tho 404, 405 
Nerys, StepH. del, 161 
Nesfeld, Nessefeld, Hen. de, 404 

Joh. de, 189 

Kat. de, 189 

Tho. de, 81 

Neville, Nevell, Nevill, Nevyle, Nevyll, 
Nevylle, Alex. Archbp. of York, 72 

Anastatia de, 31 

Constance, 382 

Eliz. 113 n, 199 

Digitized by 




Neville, Johanna de, 31 

Joh. de, 193 

John Ld. 57 n, 270 d 

John, Lord Latimer, 377 n 

■ Lord, 55 n, 115, 188, 199, 275 

Marg. 76 n, 224 n, 382 

Matild. 379n 

Rad. de. 56, 59 

Ralph, Earl of Westmerland, 65, 

72, 74, 125 n, 224, 234, 238, 293 n, 

362, 379 n, 381 n, 382n 
Rob. 76 n, 238. 253 

Sir H. 293 n 

Tho. de, 69, 72, 74, 94, 224 n, 

403 n 

Sir Wil. 293 n, 294 n 

Newaim, Joh. 129 

Newark, Newerk, Alan de, 170, 172, 279, 

311, 315, 317, 356, 395 n 
Newburgh, Wil. 151 
Newby, Neuby, Fran, de, 363, 118 

Newenham, Nich. de, 5 

Rob. de, 5 

Newhouse, Neuhouse, Job. 388, 389 
Newmarche, Newemarche» Ada de, 51 

Eliz. 303 n 

Sir Hugh, 303 n 

Newport, Neuport, Joh. de, 9 
Kat. de, 9 

Wil. de, 60, 61, 81, 82 

Newsom, Ric. 221 

Newton, Neuton, Hen. de, 247, 248 

Johanna de, 368 

Joh. de, 164, 165, 168, 182, 235, 

296, 310, 322, 339, 341, 368 

Marger. de, 182 

Ric. de, 168 

Rob. de, 182, 264 

Tho. de, 368, 369, 152 

Wil. de, 79, 196, 367 

Norfolk, Northfolk, Northfolke, Tho. 

Duke of, 362 n 

Wil. de, 281 

Normanby, Joh. 145 

Normanville, Normanvile, Normanvyle, 
Agn. 352 

Alic. 352 

Brian, 352 

Eliz. 352 

Johanna, 65 

Joh. de, 103, 352, 364 

Rog. 64, 65, 66 

Tho. 352 n 

WU. 387, 388, 389 

Northumberland, Comitissa de, 282. 

Maud, CountesB of, 246 n 

the Earl of, 241 n 

Henry Earl of, 201 n, 202, 293, 

395 n 

North Well, Jordan, 13 
Ric. 13 

Norton, Eliz. de, 98 

Joh. de, 63, 95, 97, 105, 290, 

389 n 

Mann, de, 98, 99, 265 

Ric. de, 297, 299, 364 n, 367, 

368, 370, 389 
Wil. 175 

Norwich, De Norwyco, Episc. de, tee 

Galf. de, 167 

Kat. 76 n 

Sir John, 76 n, 119 

Norys, Elena, 346 
Notyngham, Alic. de, 182 
Novi Castri, Nich. 103 
Nowett, Godefr. 61 
Nunnes, Wil. de, 153 
Nuresse, Agn. 204 
Nuttil, Petr. de, 129 
Nuttehak, Walt, de, 136 

Ogaston, Hen. de, 248 
Oghtrygth, Tho. 201 
Ogle, Rob. 378 
Oke, Tho. 199, 201 
Oliver, Olyver, Joh. 60 

Ric. 95 

Wil. 61 

Ordesale, Tho. de, 67 
Oreby, Orrby, Joane, 201 n 

John, Baron of, 201 n 

Marg. de, 201 

Osbom, Petr. 299 
Oston, Wil. de, 48 
Oswaldwyk, Joh. de, 134 
Othesey, Otescy, Joh. 268 
Ottelay, Otteley, Joh. de, 162 

Rich. 200, 

Rob. de, 182, 342, 343 

Ottrington, Otryngton, Joh. de, 348 

Wil. de. 86 

Ottyr, Wil. 393 

Ouxton, Elena mater Marg.'de, 289 

Joh. de, 288, 289 

Marg. de, 288, 289 

Overton, Rog. de, 263 

Tho. 110 

Wil. de, 263 

Oxhird, Petr. 246 


Pacok, Galf. 204 
Hugo, 14, 16 

Digitized by 




Pafute, Wil. 250 
Pageden, Wil. 16 
Pakenham, Isolda de, 39 
Pakyngton, Wil. de. 130 
Palfrayman, Tho. 118 
Pape, Job. 104, 105 

Wil. 105 

Papenham, Agn. 87 

Tho. 87 

Pappeworth, Joh. de, 26, 27 
Wil. de, 25 

Par, Wil. 232, 234 
Parant, Agn. 282 
Paiieson, Elias, 143 

Emma, 143 

Parische, Paryssh, Joh. de, 138, 163 
Parker, Parkour, Adam, 146 

Agn. 346 

Emma le, 48. 76 

Joh. 75, 257, 342, 343 

Ric, 112 

Rob. 75, 76 

Tho. 213 

Parour, Wil. 286 
Parson. Tho. 328 

Wil. 328 

Partryk, Chris. 130 
Parvyng, Eva, 145, 146 

Joh. 145 

Parys, Joh. de, 64 
Passelew, Isab. 69 

Joh. 69 

Patenham. Tho. de, 54 
Pateswick, Walt. 401 

Patrington, Patryngton, Steph. 313, 314, 

315, 318 
Patryk, Wil. 328 
Paule, Joh. 241 

Tho. de, 131, 

Pawes, Marger. 354 

Payn, Payne, Christiana, 38 

Joh. 277 

Paynot, Alic. 23 
Cec. 23 

Elisota, 22 

Emma, 21, 22, 23 

— Johanna, 22, 23 

Joh.'22, 23 

Rob. 22, 23 

Sibilla, 23 

Wil. 22 

Percy, Albreda de, 34 

Alex. 144 n, 158 

Alic de, 7, 123 

Domina de, 81 

—, 19 

Edm. de. 33, 34 

Eleanor, 67 n 

Ellz. 6, 334 

Geo. 6, 41, 64 

Hen. Ld. 57, 58, 


61 n, 62, 80, 

Hen. 60, 61, 62, 117, 123, 202, 

294, 338 n, 339, 347 n 

Hugh, Ld. 80 n 

Isab. de, 57 n, 61 n, 62, 184, 185, 

266, 270, 299 n, 334 

Johanna, 6, 64 

Joh. 6, 53, 64, 123, 164, 344, 


Pek, Joh. 96, 97 

Ric. 124 

Pellam, Joh. 245 

Pembroke, the Earl of, 1 78 

Penlyn, Dav. de, 210 

Penreth, Rob. 400, 401 

Penygode, Joh. 244 

Percy, Percehay, Percehaye, Perchay, 

Persay, Perskhay, Agn. de, 6, 7, 53, 

54, 166 

Marg. de, 57 n, 81, 144 n, 158 

Mar. de, 81 

Maud de, 57 n 

Rob. 54, 334 

Rog. 61 

Steph. 368 

Tho. 6, 54, 61, 117, 338 n 

Tho. Bp. of Norwich, 57 n 

Walter de, 6, 53, 54, 123 

Wil. de, 6, 7, 53, 54, 57 n, 69, 

60, 61, 123. 165 n, 170 
Perers, Alic, 121 
Perisson, Joh. 166 
Peron, Wil. 163 
Perot, Perotts, Joh. 86 
Rob. 335 

Pert, Joh. 53 
Perwyche, Rog. 112, 113 
Pescod, Rob. 197 
Petit, Joh. 284 
Phehew, Hen. 338 
Philip, Hugo, 248 

Philippa, Queen of England, 43, 323 n 
Pickering, Pikering, Pikeryng, Pykering, 
Pykereyng, Alice, 391 n 

Joh. de, 11, 188, 194. 195 

Marg. de, 62, 63, 187 

— : Ric. 52, 53 

Tho. 62, 53 

Wil. 391 n 

Piers, Walt. 235, 236 

Pigot, Pygot, Pygott, Galf. 331 

Isab. 34 

Johanna, 331 

Joh. 34, 209,331 

Ran. 331 

Rob. 213 

Pilley, Elena de, 52. 
Pirefeld, Wil. 219, 210 
Pirler, Wil. 374 

Pisthorn, Wil. 312, 313, 315, 316, 317, 

Digitized by 




Place, Haitz, Playce, Plays, Eliz. 63 n, 11 

Marg. de, 11, 67, 68, 258 

Ric. de, 11 

-. Rob. de, 9, 11 

Tho. de, 1 1, 67 

Wil. de, 16, 66,67, 63, 67, 268, 

294 n, 363 
Plantagenet, Edm. Duke of York, 226 n 
Edw. Duke of Aumarle, 236 

Joan, 362 n, 381 n 

Lady Marg. 201 

Marg. Duchesa of Norfolk, «29 

Plattes, Ric. 300 
Plesey, Joh. 45 
Plummer, Emmota, 257 

Joh. 256, 257 

Plumpton, Plumton, Plomton, Alio. 388 

Brian de, 387, 388, 389 

Ric. 389 

Rob. de, 201, 276 n, 334 

Wil. 387 n, 388 

Plumptre, Plumtre,, 300 

Wil. «22 

Pokelyngton, Greg, de, 49 
Polayn, Polayne. Joh. 245 

Rob. 370 

Pole, Blanch de la, 76, 272 n la, 77, 119 

Eliz. de la, 9 

Johanna, 8, 9 

Joh. de la, 8, 372 

Kat. de la, 76, 77, 119 

Marg. de la, 8, 76 

Mich, de la. Earl of Sufifolk, 76, 

77, 119,272, 275 n, 373 n 

Ric. de la, 7, 9 

Wil. de la, 7, 8, 9. 76, 119, 272 n 

Politer, Piers, 44 

PoUand, Joh. 286 

PoUard, Pollerd, Tho. 209, 210, 277 

Polworth, Pat. de, 33 n 

Popfaam, Joh. de, 121, 122 

Porter, Portar, Porterr, And. 35 

Hen. 200 

Johanna, 173, 291 

Petr. 291 

Reg. 108 n, 110 

Rob. 218 

Rog. 52 

Portugal, John I. King of, 224 n 
Portyngale,, 162 
Potter, Petr. le, 5 
Pouch, Joh. 89 
Pouchemaker, Agn. 374 
Pontefract, Pountefrete, Pountfrait, Avic. 
de, 388 

Wil. 199, 277, 388 

Poynton,Tho. de,3dl 
Agn. de, 270 

Preston, Alic. de, 269 
Idonea de, 269 

— Joh. de, 269 

— Matild. de, 270 

— Rich, de, 71 
• Wil. de, 104, 290 

Prince, Wil. 126 
Prophet, Joh. 378 
Provenna, Petr. de, 27 
Pudsey, Hugh, Bp. of Durham, 135 n 
Ric. 337 

Pulesdon, Joh. de, 44 

Pulter. Johanna, 203 

Punde, Kat. 314 

Pykdon, Joh. de, 66 

Pyndre, Joh. 397 

Pyngill, Joh. 290 

Pynkeston, Pynkestone, Wil. de, 252, 253 

Pypyn, Sho. 301 


Queldrik, Sym. de, 14 
Quelpdal), Qwelpdale, Alicia, 130 

Joh. 130 

Mariota de, 5 

Quenby, Qwenby, Alice de, 197 

Joh. de, 197 

Tho. de, 197 


RadecllTe, Radeclyff, Rob. de, 48 
Tho. de, 238 

Rafnthorp, Wil. 146 

Ragenhill, Ragenhyll, Ragonhall, Joh. 372 
Rob. 262, 264, 371,372, 388, 389 

Rammsay, Rob. 299 
Rampton, Elionora de, 177 
Rasay, Johanna, 298 
Rob. 298 

Raskett, Avic. 338 
Joh. 338 

Ratheby, Joh. de, 44 

Ravenser, Ric. de, 112, 113, 115, 117 

Ravenswath, Ravens waht. Hen. de, 183, 

Rayner, Rob. 331 
Raynyng, Alic. 257 
Reabum, Joh. de, 8 
Redlay, Petr. 30,31 
Redman, Redeman, Eliz. de, 252, 361 

Mat. de, 348 

Sir Rich. 252 n 

Redness, Redenes, Redenesse, Rednes, 
Alic. 349 

Gerard, 246, 247 

Joh. 170, 172,216 

Digitized by 




Redness, Kat. 349 

Tho. 349 

Wil. de, 39 

Regate, Job. de, 39 

Reigne. Job. 208 

Relasise, Alic. 166 

Relleston, Rog. 290 

Retford, Retbeford, Retforth, Hen. de, 255 

Rad. 398 

Ric. de. 26, 27 

Retherby, Rob. de, 29 
Reym, Job. de, 44 
Reyneresson, Ric. 141 
Ricall, Job. 250 

Rlcbard II. 115, 121, 223 n, 348 
Riell, Ryell, Job. de, 194 

- Marg. de, 194 

Wa. de, 317, 319, 322 

Riggeway, Job. 397 

Ripon, Alic. de, 221 

Risceby, Riscebi, Rischeby, Wil. de, 113 

Rissbeton, Wil. 343 

Ritber, Isab. de, 15 

Rivere, Elenna de la, 73 

Roaldus, Constable of Ricbmond, 273 n 

Robsthalf, Lamb, de, 205 

Rodum, Hen. de, 137 

Jobanna de, 137 

Job. de, 137 

Wil. de, 137 

Roet, Katb, 223 n, 224 n 

Sir Payn, 223 n, 224 n 

Rokeby, Rokesby, Rob. de, 84, 371 

Tbo. de, 60 

Rokesbergh, Job. de, 192 
Rokley, Rob. de, 125 
Roland, Rob. de, 100 
Rolleston, Tho. de, 377, 378 
. Wil. de, 377, 378 

Roos, Ros, Rose, Rous, Alice de, 254 n 
Alienora de, 253, 263 

Amicia de, 5, 17 

Beatrix, domina de, 202, 266, 

282 n, 284, 360, 373, 375. 379 n, 

' Christiana de, 5 

domina de, 202, 270 n, 271 

Eliz. de, 360 

Eva de, 17 

Isab. de, 40 n, 202, 252 

Jobanna de, 179 

Joh. de, 5, 201, 202 n, 252, 314, 

358 n, 359 

John, Ld. 164, 375 n, 377 

Kat. de, 179, 375 

Marg. de, 347 n, 359, 377 

Mar. de, 201, 203 

Rad de, 203 

Ric de, 252, 360 

Roos, Rob. de, 99, 138, 152, 178, 179, 
197n, 251,252, 273 n, 360 

Tbo.,Lord,164n, 179, 201,251, 

252, 270 n, 347 n, 358 n, 359, 360, 
375 n. 403 

Wil., Lord, 201 n, 252, 254 n. 

357, 358»359, 360, 375 n, 377, 378 
Roskamp, Joh. de, 25 
RotbeweU, Wil. de, 25 
Rotbley, Tbo. de, 102 
RoudoD, Rich. 248, 249 
Wil. 202 

Rouloc, Wil. 35 
Rounil, Ric. 48 
Routh,, 216 

Rowcliffe, Roucliff, Roucliffe, Rouclyff, 
Brian, 118 

Cec. de, 5 

EUen, 190 

Guido de, 1 18, 384, 118, 190 

Marg. de, 118, 118, 118, 203 n, 118, 347 n 

Rowlay, Reulay, Roulay, Wil, de, 145, 

146, 374 
Rudstane, Rudstan, Agn. 153 

Tbo. 153 

Walt. 245 

Rugbforde, Joh. 126 
Rugthorp, Joh. de, 100 
Rumlay, Joh. 158 
Wil. 158 

Russel, Joh. 21 n 

Marg. 21 n 

Ruston, Isab. de, 169 

Nich. de, 169 

Ry, Tho. 404 
Rybston, Hen. de, 82 
Rydefawe, Joh. 262 
Rydkar, Joh. de, 259 
Rygton, Joh. de, 168 
Rykhale, Petr. de, 17 
Rylay, Nich. 298 
Rylleston, Johanna, 389 

Joh. 389 

Rob. 389 

Ryllyngton, Rob. de, 167 
Ryppeley, Ric. de, 190 
Ryst, Wil. 301 
Ryvauze, Ric. 127 
Ryyer, Joh. de la, 218 


Sadington, Sadyngton, 216 n, 217 

Sir Rob. 216 n, 217 

Sadleyr, Sadelar, Rob. 75 

Digitized by 




Sadleyr, Walt. 76 
Sakerston, Rob. de, 156 
Salisbury, Salisbrio, Dame de, 200 

Rich. Bishop of, 233 

Sire de, 199 

Sallay, Joh. 271 
Salter, Ida, 23 
Saitmarsh Joh. 328 

Salvin, Salvan, Saivayn, Salvayne, Geo. 
68, 150 n 

Rog. 397, 398 

Sir John, 379 n 

Sampson, Johanna, 189 

Tho. 16, 32, M, 297 

Wil. 191 

Sancto Neotho, Bart, de, 32 
Sandale, Sandall, Hugo de, 51 

Joh. de, 69, 70, 183 

Tho. de, 83 

Sandford, Sandeford, Joh. 400, 401 

Kat, de, 244 

Santon, Rob. de, 294 
Sar, Matild. 143 
Sarazin, Alec. 33 
Sarle, Annica de, 5 
Sarton, Rob. de, 202 
Saul, Symo, 92 
Saundby, Rob. 372 
SauDderson, Joh. 271, 298 
Savage, Sauvage, Rad. 157 

Rob. 137. 157, 161 

Tho. 157 

Wil. 157 

Sawer, Joh. 190 
Sazton, Nicb. 298 

Rog. de, 2 

Saytford^Joh. de, 177 
Sayton, Hugo de, 145 

Say veil, Sayvyll, Joh. 84, 201 
Scarbugrh, Scardebourgh, Scardeburgh, 

Scarreburgb,, 374 
Galf. de, 384, 385 

Joh. de, 89, 164 

Scarghili, Skargell, Skargill, Johanna, 

Tbo. de, 361, 402 

Wil. 403 

Scbaw, Ric. 349 
Schefford, Joh. 146 
ScheUey, Tho. 248 
Scheref, Rob. 301 
Schipirde, Wil. de, 66 
Scherewode, Rob. de, 26 
Schropschir, Tho. 202 
Schupton, Marg. de, 181 
Schurby, Joh. 210 
Schuttynton, Alan, 167 
Schute, Wil. 343 
Scolesmaystre, Alic. 164 
Ric. 164 

Scorthode, Nich. 126 
Scot, Scotte, Skot, Joh. 84, 136, 305 n, 
346, 419 
Wil. 393 

Scoteney, Joh. de, 25 
Scotland, David King of, 395 n 
Scotton, Joh. de, 343 
Scrope, Lescrop, Scroop, Scroope, 

Eliz. 338 n, 339 

Domink, 386 

Galf. de, 17, 70 

Hen. 77n, 272 n, 277, 338 n, 339 

Hen. Lord (of Upsal), 277 

Isab. 276 

Johanna, 17, 277, 338 n, 339 

Joh. 277, 388, 389 

Marg. 276, 330, 338 n 

Matild. 330, 387 n 

MiUicent, 276 

Ric. 90, 199, 200 

Ric. Archbp. of York, 235, 272 n, 

276, 310, 338 n, 340 n, 347 n, 353, 
385, 388 

Rich. Ld. 76 n, 229 n, 272, 338 n, 

339, 382 n 

Rog. 275, 276, 277, 328 

Steph. 276, 278, 339, 385 

WU. 272 ni 387,-389 

Wil. Earl of WUtshire, 229 n 

Scroby, Joh. de, 143 

Scrottom, Ada, 83 

Hen. 83 

Nich. 83 

Scryven, Agn. 400 

Segriv, Simon, 41 

Sekyngton, Tho. 209 

Selar, Selare, Dulceta, 282 

— — — Wil. 282 

Selby, Seleby, Agn. de, 70. 71. 182 

Elena mat. Agn. 71, 72 

8or. Agn. 71 

-Job. de, 44, 311 
-Kat. de,7l 

Rob. de, 310, 313, 335, 70. 71 

Wil. de, 70, 71, 161 

Semar, Semer, Ada de, 60 

Agn. 389 

Alic. de, 259 

Joh. 290, 387 

Ric. 368 

Rob. 171,389 

Walt, de, 259 

Wil. 404 

Sergeaunt, Joh. 192 

Serleson, Wil. 328 

Setter, Dulcia, 93 

Setrington, Seterington, Setiryngton, 

Phil, de, 129 
Rad. de, 66 

Digitized by 




Setrington, Rog. de, 35 
Sevier, Tho. 136 
Sewarby, Job. 361 n 
SewBter, Kat. 268 

Mariona, 268 

Seynpoull, WU. 125 
Seyvor, Job. 218 
Sharpe, Scharp. Job. 126 


Sbefeld, Scbeffeld, Elena, 315 
— — - Rob. de, 51 
■ Wil. de, 199, 200 

Shelforth, Schelford, Wil. 414, 405 
Sbene, Job. de, 136 

Sbirburn, Scbirban, Scbirborn, Schir- 
burn, Sbirebume, Alan, 404, 404 

Gilb. de, 56 

• Mat. de, 56, 172 

Wa. de, 56 

Shirley, Schirlay, Ada, 298 

Sir Hugh, 232 

Shreton, Marg. 258 

Siglton, Siglyston, Kat. de, 105 

Walt, de, 253 

Simeon, Rob. 235, 236 
Siwardthorp, Sywardthorp, Ric. 346 
Skardeclyve, Skardclyve, Rog. 78, 79 
Skeffington, Simo de, 48. 
Skelton, Skalton, Job. dei 204 

Rob. de, 189, 161,234 

Wil. de, 291 

Skipwitb, Skypwith, Alic. de, 361, 363 

Job. de, 109, 361 

Marg. 361 n 

Patr. de, 363 

— — Tho. de, 363 

Wil. 265 n, 285, 361 n 

Skirlaw, Skirlawe, Sklrlow, Skyrlagb, 

Skyrlowe, Elena, 308, 318, 322 

Johanna, 308, 314, 317, 324 

Walt de, Dunelm. Episc. 112, 

113, 306, 307, 312, 313, 354, 395 n, 

Wil. de, 308, 318, 322 

Skrike, Wii: 11 

Skrington, Skrinington, Job. 128 
Skyrtynbek, Ric. 2^8 
Sledmer, Sledmere, Job. de, 89 
Sleford, Beatrix de, 183 
SlegiU, Tho. 164 

Walt. 304 

Sleyne, Eliz. 284 
Smalbane, Alison, 185 
Smelt, Job. 253 
Smert, Wil. 401 
Smetbeton, Rob. de, 92 
Smeton, Elena de, 288 
Joh. de, 288, 289 

Smeton, Bfatild. de, 288 
Smothyng, Wil. 166 
Smyngton, Petr. de, 284 
Smyth, Uab. 328 

Job. 155 

Nicb. 404 

Snaynton, Agn. 65 
Snayth, Hen. Ul 
Tho. 165 

Sokbum, Rog. de, 110 
Solas, Rob. 35 
Somerdeby, Wil. de, 25, 28 
Somersete, Joh. 262 
Sotyll, Gerard de, 132 
Souche, Yvo, 387 
Soubolf, Rob. 98 
Soulby, Hen. 400 
Sourby, Job. de, 171 
Spaldyng, Johanna, 349 
Spanneby, Ant. lOOn 
Spark, Sperk, Tbo. 214 
Wil. 39 

Specon, Rob. 128 


Spencer, Spenser, Spincer, Hugh, 281 

Rob. 29, 176, 37, 51 

Speton, Marg. 284 
Sir Tbo. 284 

Spink, Wil. 52 

Spitell, SpitlU, Spytell, Joh. de, 143 

Rob. del, 81, 82 

Spondon, Rob. de, 300 
Spring, Matild. 23 
Rog. 23 

Sprotle, Joh. 40 
Sprotton, Joh. de, 17 
Sproxton, Joh. de, 163 

Rob. de, 203 

Spurn, Tbo. 204 
Squyer, Skwyer, Job. 162 

Rob. 300 

Stafford, Hugh Earl of, 358 n, 382 n 

Beatrix, d. of, 358 n 

Marg. d. of, 382 n 

Ralph Earl of, 375 n 

Sir Rich. 77 n 

Stafley, Joh. de, 202 
Staineburgh, Iyo de, 34 
Rob. de, 34 

Stalingburgh, Walt, de, 30, 30 

Stall, Marg. 14 
Stanford, Tbo. de, 175 

Wil. de, 175 

Stanbopp, Wil. de, 81 
Staple, Kat. del, 227, 237, 238 
Stapilton, Stapleton, Anne de, 379 n 

Brian de, 88, 179, 180, 198, 252 n. 

273, 277, 379 n 

Digitized by 




Stapilton, Eliz. de, 152, 179, 199 

Gilb. de, 88 n 

Joh. de, 296, 405 

Milo de, 88, 199, 200, 252, 253, 

295, 296 

Nich. 200 

Sibilla de, 88 

Tho. de, 88 

Stark, Wil. de, 19 
Staunford, Joh. de, 44 
Staunton, Stanton, Agn. de, 28 

Galf. de, 28, 29 

Johanna de, 28 

Joh. de, 28, 29, 372 

Rob. de. 29 

Sim. de, 28 

Wil. de, 29 

Stauren, Walt. 27 
Stayngate, Emma, 87 

Joh. 87 

Stayngreve, Joh. de, 163 
Staynly, Staynley, Ada de, 17 

Wil. de, 189 

Staynton, Joh. de, 147, 345 

Wil. de, 70 

Stayrlay, Agn. de, 221 

Joh. de, 221 

Stele, Joh. 256 

Rad. 110 

Steller, Petr. 120 
Stevens, Wil. 48 

Stiendby, Stiendeby, Rog. de, 32, 56 
StilbotUI, Joh. 164 

Stilyngton, Styllington, Styllyngton, Bea- 
trix de, 130 

Joh. de. 284 

Wil. de, 89 

Stirap, Stirep, Joh. 76 

Rob. 76 

Wil. 75 

Stobes, Joh. 305 
Stoiour, Ric. 130 
Stokbrygg, Wil. of, 186 

Stokeslay, Stokalay, Joh. de, 60, 61, 123, 

Stokketon, Stokton, Joh. de, 61 

Ric. de, 297 

Stook, And. de, 95 
Stow, Joh. de, 137 

Marj, 137 

Ric. 137 

St. Quintin, Seyntquintyn, Agn. de, 215, 
216, 332 

Alic. de, 216 

Ant. 135 n, 216 

Eliz. 79 

Herbert, 40, 215 n 

Joan, 25, 135 n, 332 n 

Joh. 215, 216, 332 

Lora, 215 

St. Quintin, Maij. de, 41 

Ric. de, 41 

Wil. de, 25, 41,79 

Strabolgi, David de. Earl of Atholl, 338 n 
StrangwayB, Strangwyss, Matild. 382 

Sir Tho. 382 

Stratford, Joh. de, Cantuar. Archiepisc. 

Strayngham, Ric. de, 102 
Strech, Joh. 310 
Strete, Rob. Ld. 194 
Strode, Wil. de, 72 
Strylley, Nich. de, 330 
Strynger, Agn. 280 " 
Sturgon, Marg. 245 
Sturmy, Ric. de, 37 
Stutton, Ric. de, 364 
Stybane, Warinus, 72 
Suetman, Marg. 127 
Suffolk, Earl of, see Pole 
Suppriour, Beatrix de, S2 
Surrey, see Warenne 
SuthiU, Gerard de, 255 
Suthwell, Joh. de, 283 n, 284 n 
Sutton, Alic. de, 196 

Constance de, ll7n 

Hamon de, 361 n 

Hen. de, 341, 353 

Joh. de, 98, 99 

Marg. de, 181, 290 

Maud de, 203 n, 216 n 

Rob. de, 367 

Tho. de, 117 n, 149 n, 203 n, 

216 n, 290 n, 341 

Wil. de, 260, 334, 397 

Suture, Rog. 69 
Swafeld, Agn. 71 

Joh. de. 70, 71, 72, 79 

Laurencia, 71 

Marg. 71 

Rob. 71 

•Wil. 71 

Swan, Wil. 22 
Swerde, Wil. 220, 221 
Swillington, Swillyngton, Swilyngton, 
Swylyngton, Alic. 107 

Christiana, 107 

Isab. 107 

Johanna, 107 

Rob. de, 107 

Wil. de, 107 

Swinflete, Swinflet, Swynflet, Tho. de, 

Wil. de, 39 

Swinford, Swynford, Sir Otes, 223 n 

Tho. 232. 256 n 

Swyer, Wil. 244 

i Swynesheved, Rich. 186 
' Swynherd, Joh. 204 
' Swynstede, Joh. de, 25 

Digitized by 




Swynton, Job. de, 164, 165 

Symnet, Joh. 246 

Symson, Joh. 258 

Symundtton, Symundstone, Rog. de, 18, 

Wa. de, 18, 250, 251 
— ~ Joh. de, 250 

Sywardby, Suardby, Suwardby, Joh. de, 

Tho. 218 

Wil. 41. 

Tadcastre, Ago. 374 

CibiUa, 374 

MatUd. 374 

Wil. 388 

Taillour, Tailour, Taliour, Taylioar, 
Tayllour, Agn. 376 

Joh. 118 

Matild 282 

Tho. 328 

. Wil. 60, 127, 173, 268 

Tancard, Rob. 374 
Tavemer, Christiana, 5 

Hugo, 5 

Joh. 289, 290 

Tayewell, Joh. 326 

Taylboys, Walt. 328 

Tayt, Wil. 103 

Tebald, Teobald« Rob. 98, 99 

Teesdale, Johanna de, 181 

Tempest, Tempeste, £Iiz 364 n 

Ric. 60, 61 

Sir John, 364 n 

Thesewyk, Thesewyke, Rob. 404, 405 
Thomdoghter, Alic. 405 > 
Thomlynson, Joh. 182 
Thoppyng, Rob. 404 
Thoresby, Thorsby, Agn. de, 89 

FJias de, 89, 90, 91 

Galf. de, 91 

■■ Hugh. 88 D, 89 n 

Joh. de, Archiepisc. Ebor. 88 n, 

89 n 

Joh. de, 90, 91 

Marg. 89 

Ralph, 88, 89 n 

- Rob. de, 89. 91 

Thorlethorp, Hen. 367 
Thome, Rob. 304 
Thorneff, Rob. 248 
Thomhill, Brian de, 52 
Thornton, Tbometon, Agn. de, 18 

Alan de, 192 

Eliz. de, 284 

Matild. de, 76 

Rad. de, 64 

Thornton, Ric. de, 32 

Rob. de, 170, 141.260 

Wil. de, 260, 284, 361, 363 

Thomyngton, Joh. de, 274 
Thorp, Alic. de, 31 

Elena de, 32 

Eliz. de, 281 

Hugo de, 281 

Isab. de, 31 

Joh. de, 31, 32, 161, 168, 

175, 202, 203, 253 

Kat. de, 281 

Marg. de, 36, 37, 281 

Matild. de, 253 

Rob. de, 9, 31, 32, 349 

Stepb. de, 106, 326 

■ Wil. de, 36, 37, 259 


Toth, Tboth, AUc. 14 

Rob. 175, 327 

Tho. 175 

Thrapston, Joh. de, 25 
Thrustanland, Joh. de, 286 
Thryston, Marg. 177 
Ric. 177 

Thurkleby, Tho. de, 131 
Thurkyll, Tho. de, 128 
Thweng, Twheng, Elena, 146 

Marm. 146, 147, 16, 17 

Wil. de, 98 

Tibbay, Joh. de. 278, 330 
Tilnay, Gracia de, 363 
Marg. de, 363 

Tilson, Johanna, 240 

Joh, 240 

Tiptoft, Marg. 275 

Rob. Ld. 275 

Tirwhit, Tirwhite, Tyrwtiit, Adar 


Marj. 240 
Rob. 358 n 

Titlot, Johanna, 139, 140 

Rob. 139 

Wil. 139, 140 

Tityng, Juliana, 38 
Tod, Todd, Todde, Joh. 302, 326, 327 
Tollerton, Joh. 269 
Tony, Ada, 48 
Topcliflf, Joh. de, 60 
Walt, de, 61 

Toppyng, Rob. 404. 405 
Topsam, Joh. de, 89 
Tomour, Hen. 327, 328 
Torpenne, Wil. 285 
Totehill, Alic. de, 345 
Toucotes, Tocotes, Touwecote, Jacobus 
de, 123, 259 
Ric. de, 37 

Toures, Joh. de, 99 

Digitized by 




ToutOD, Joh. de, 332 

Tho. de, 246 

Towthorp, Touthorp, Joh. de, 15 

Marg. de, 155 

Trailweng, Joh. 19 

Trastamare, Hen. Count of, 224 n 

Trent, Marg. 247 

Trew, Trewe, Joh. 256, 257 
Trewyk, Tho. de, 103 
Treys, Agn. del, 342 

Tho. del, 342 

Trigge, Wil. 298, 299 
Trunhill, Johanna de, 54 
Trussebust, Trussebat, Johanna, 51 
Wil. 51,52 

Trussel, Laur. 116 
Tuchett, Joh. 130 
Tudewe, Tudow, Joh. 318, 323 
Tughale, Wil. de, 60 
Tunstede, Hugo de, 17, 18 

Joh. de, 18. 19 

Rob. de, 18, 19 

Tumbill, Joh. 51 
Tuxforth, Alison de, 200 
Twyer, Rob. de, 216, 244 

Wil. 194 

Twyselyngton, Ada de, 79 
TwywelU, Rob. de, 82 
Tyas, Raudo. 60 


Ughtred, Ughtrede. Kat. 242, 243 

Marg. 243, 244. 

Sir Tho. 241, 243, 245 

Wil. 242, 243 

Ydonea, 243 

Ulram, Marg. de, 216 
Umframyille, Umfravall, Umfravell, Um- 
fravill, Umfreville, Avora de, 294 n 

Gilb. de, 57 n 

Gilb. de. Earl of Angus, 216 n 

Ingramus de, 60 

Joh. de, 60 

Rob. de, 57, 137, 294 n 

Tho. de, 137 

TJpsale, Joh. 145 
Upton, Rad. 147 

Tho. de, 43 

Urlo, Joh. 100 
Urry, Mariota, 5 
Usflete, Anna, 340 

Gerard, 340, 397 

Isab. 340 

John, 340 

Leo, 340 

Marg. 397 

Usher, Ussher, Marj. 178 

Rob. 176 

Rog. 60 

Vaux, Johanna, 29 

Joh. 29 

Marg. 29 

Vavasour, Alic. 361 n 

Anne, 392 n 

Eliz. 36ln, 362 

Johanna, 362 

Joh. 155 n, 362, 392 ft 

Kat. 361 

Marg. 361 n, 362 

Sir Henr. 298, 348, 361, 362, 363, 

392 n 

Sir Rob. 327 n 

Verdesows, Ric. 300 
Vescy, Joh. 89 
Veyl, Joh. 155 
Virlay, Joh. 60 


Waddesworth, Joh. de, 95 
Wade, Joh. 397 

Walt. 22 

Wil. f 5 

Waferer, Rob. 52 
Waghen, Gilb. de, 104 
Rob. de, 104 

Wal, Mirabella, 29 
Walays, Waleys, Alice. 47 

Eliz. 47, 294 n 

Johanna. 47, 296 

Joh. 205 

Sir Steph. 47, 294 n 

Walden, Editha de, 38 
Wales, the Prince of, 231 
Walforde, Joh. de, 43 
Walker, Joh. 338, 345 
Walkyngbam, Anna de, 16 
Eliz. de, 17, 16,17 

Walkyngton, Rob. 73 
Wallcotes, Joh. de, 50 
Walpole, Galf. de, 16, 17 
Waltham, Joh. de, 78, 90, 95 
Wil. de, 310, 367, 368 

Walton, Eda de, 189, 81, 204 

Rob. 387 

Wil. de, 61 

Walworth, Walleworth, Agn. 353 
Joh. 279 

— Tho. 353, 279 
• Wil. 278, 354 

Wandesford, Galf. 256, 257, 256,401 

Rog. 256 

Tho. de, 103 

Digitized by 




Wandesford, Walt, de, 103 
Wannervile, Adam de, 123 
WappeJyngton, Alison of, 185 
Ward, Warde, Joh. 69 
Tho. 104 


Wardrop, Ric. 89 
Warent, Joh. 349 
Warner, Joh. 176 
Warrenne, Edw. de, 43 

Isab. de, 43 

Johan Counte de, 41, 42 

- Johanne de, 43 

Kat. de, 43, 43 

Warter, Wartre, Agn. 383 
Joh de, 18, 190 

Wil. 383 

Warthill, Wil. de, 18 
Warton, Joh. of. 185 
Warwick, Comitissa de, 73, 216 n 

the Earl of, 73 n, 224 n 

Wassand, Joh. de, 332 
Wastell, Joh. de, 344 
Wastness, Rob. de, 67 

Water, Wil. atte, 89 

Waterton, Watterton, Hagh, 234 

Rob. 246, 346, 367 

Wath, Joh. de, 128, 131 
Watson, Wil. 246 
Walton, Joh. de, 173 

Rich, de, 63 

Wawne, Wawan, Agn. 374 

Alic. 374 

Isab. 240 

■ Johanna, 374 

Joh. 239, 374 

Wawton, Gilb. de, 383 

Wil. de, 381, 382, 382 

Waxand, Steph. 220 

Wayte, Hen. 61 

Webbester, Webstere, Gilb. 72 

Johanna, 221 

Rob. 221 

Wefdale, Ada de, 19 
Wegewod, Wil. 388 

AVells, Welles, Christiana de, 166 

Isolda de, 304 

- John, Ld. 385 n 
— — Marg. de, 136 

Wil. 304 

Wellisse, Isab. de, 363 

WeUom, WeUome, Petr. de, 81, 82 

Welton, Gilb. de, 26, 56 

Hen. de, 1«5 

Joh. 164 

Wil. de, 180 

Wenslay, Tho. 176 

Wentworth, Wynteworth, Agn. 344 n 

Joh. 344 n 

Wentworth, Tho. 345 
West, CissoU, 364 

Joh. de, 246, 404 

Rad. 300 

Westhorp, Tho. de, 11 

Westmerland, Countess of, 231, 237, 362 

Earl of, 67 n 

Weston, Joh. de, 177, 382 

Tho. de, 219. 311 n, 313, 314, 

316, 316. 317, 325 
Walt, de, 294 

What, Joh. 301 
Whettlay, Joh. de, 134 

Marg. de, 134, 135 

Matild. de, 134 

Whilcok.Rob. 165, 166 

Whitby. Rob. 234 

White, Whitte, Mich. 193, 194 

Ric. 193 

Rob. 157 

Whiteakyr, WU. 250 
Whithede, Tho. 357 
Whithull, Eadm. de, 138 
Whixlay, Cec. de. 173. 174 
Joh. de, 173, 174 

Whyteweli, Elena de, 109 

Wil. de, 109 

Wickham. Wil. of, 121 

Wiclyf, Wyclif, WycUflf, Wyclyf. Wyclyflf. 
Joh. de, 404 

Rob. de, 138, 152. 255, 296, 297, 


Wighton, Wyghton, Joh. de, 135, 146 
Wilkynson, Joh. 404 

Willoughby, Wilughby, Wyleby, Alic. de, 

Edm. 381 

Hugo, 381, 383 

Isab. 381 

Johanna, 383 

Marg. 381 

Steph. de, 32 

Wil. de. 32 

Wilson, Joh. 406 
Wilsthorp. Wylsthorp, Wil. 174, 175 
Wilton, Wylton, Alice de, 374 
Tho. de, 301 

Wil. de, 142, 259 

Wiltshire, Earl of, tee Scrope 
Wingfield, Kat. 372n 

Sir John, 372 n 

Wirsale, Joh. de, 344 
Wode, Wil. del, 32 

Wodecok, Wodecoke, Wodkok, Alic. de, 

Edm. de, 204 

Hen. 204 

Johanna, 336. 337 

Joh. 336, 337 

Marion, 336 

Digitized by 




Wodecok, Tho. 335, 336, 337 
Wodehous, Wodhous, Woudhous, Job. 

de, 14 

Marg. de, 14 

Rob. de, 13 

Walt, de, 14 

Wodelward, Wil. 57 

Woderof, Woderofe, Job. 84, 162 

Wil. de. 78 

Wodestoke, Tho. de, 121, 122 

Wodham, Job. 401 

Wodwand, Rob. 126 

Wolborn, Alban, 60 

WolflF, Wil. 176 

WoUour, DaYid de, 94 

Wombweli, Wombewell, Hugo de, 84, 

Worcester, Hen. ev. de, 115 

Job. ev. de, 234 

Wordelworth, Adam, 345 
WormyngtoD, Job. 209 

Wortlcy, Wortelay, Worteleye, Agn. 124 

Alan de, 38 

Eliz. 123 

Jobanna, 124 

Kat. 38 

Nicb. de, 38, 123, 124 

Wil. 124 

Wraa, Agn. in le, 22 
Wrboston, Job. 52 
Wresell, Ric. 81 
Wrigght, Job. 189, 298 

Rog. 192 

Wil. 177 

Wurmeley, Wil. 213 
Wygan, Wil. de, 19 
Wygam, Marg. de, 120 
Wyghtblod, WU. 182 
Wygbtman, Wil. 401 
Wyk,Wyke, Job. 209, 210 
Wykerslay, Tbo de, 346 
Wylde, Alic. 22 

Wyliewyf, Jobanna, 345 
Wyllyngbam, Job. 197 
Wymau, Joan, 402 n 
r— Sir Hen. 402 n 

Wyndesore, Wil. de, 121 
Wynkeslay, Agn. de, 137 
Wyntringbam, Wyntryngham, Job. de, 

63, 381 

Rob. de, 20 

Rog. de, 117 

Wyot. Wyott, Tho. 312, 314, 315, 320, 

323, 400, 401 
Wyrsopp, Joh. de, 17 
Wyspyngton, Job. 381 
Wyvell, Weyvill, Ric. 387 

Tho. de, 145 

Wyvertborpe, Tho. de, 99 

Yafford, Ric. de, 33 
Yarom, Yarum, Alic. de, 4 

Tbo. de, 4 

Walt, de, 4 

Yeland, Rob. de, 218 
Ybairwell, Rob. de, 29 
Ybokeflete, Rob. de, 196 
Yolton, Job. 189 
York, Arcbbp. of, tee Arundell 


Yoxball, WU. 401 

Zong, Eliz. 357 

Zork, Tbo. de, 260 

Zoucb, Rog. de la, 56 

Wil. de la, Arcbbp. of York, 56 

Digitized by 




Abbrford, 2 

Acdum, Aclam, 102, 103, 286 n 

Accomberry, 376 

Acome, Akom, 168, 170, 343, 366 

Adill, Adell, Adyll, 156, 327 

Aghton, 302, 378 n 

Agincourt, 235 n 

Aldeburgh, 100, 101 

Aldmalton, 412 

Aldwark, Aldewark, near Tickhill, 254, 

328 n 
Alfirton, 49 

Allerton, AlUrton, 80, 123, 199, 394 
Alne, 167, 169, 170, 366 
Alnwick, Alnwyk, 57 n, 58, 60, 61, 91 n, 

Alnyngham, 363 
Alstar, 2 

Alverton, 266, 282, 308 
Anlaby, 176 
Apelton, Apilton, Appelton, Appylton, 

15,56, 115, 116, 189,297 
Appelby, Appelbi, 274 
Apley, 95, 95 n 
Arden, Erden, 283 
Ardington, 58 
Ardsley, Ardesly, 84, 344 n 
Arlakden, Arlecden, 261, 386 
Armagh, 247 n 
Arncliff, Amcliffe, Arneclyf, Ameclyffe, 

Arthington, Arthyngton, 153, 156, 296, 

Aston, 246 
Attyngwyke, 380 
Auckland, Aukland (2), 303 n, 305 n, 306, 

Avignon, 55, 55 n 
Aymunderby, 53 


Babworth, 213 

Badesworth, Badsworth, 84, 340 

Bamburgh, Baumburgh, 58 

Bam worth, 211 

dankewell, 83 

Barneburgh, 213 

Barton, 105 

Barton in RidaU, 98, 105 

Basedale, Bassedale, 133, 266 

Bath, 306, 398 n 

Bathle, 407 

Bawtry, Bautre, 142 n, 262, 203, 204, 

210, 408 
Baynton, 380 
Beauchief, 24, 47 
Beau Yale, Beavale, 151 n 
Bedale, 88, 88 n 
BeUand, 118 

Bello Capiti, Abbathia de, tee Beauchief 
Belvoir, Belver, Bieiver, 178 n, 357, 358, 

359, 360, 375 
Benyngworth, 26 
Bentley, 276n, 303 n 
Bukyng, 297 
Bernard Castill, 342 
Beraeston, 398 
Bemolzwyk, 238 
Bernyng, 336 
Berwick in Elmet, Barwick, 248 n, 249, 

392 n 
Bewick, Bewyk, Bewick, 100 
Beverlacura, Beverlay, Beverle, Beuerle, 

3, 58, 69, 78, 98, HI, 112, 113, 114, 

122, 128, 147, 148, 154, 155, 199, 

215, 240, 257, 260, 274, 308, 321, 

Bilburgh, Bylburgh, 192 
Billingsley. 352 n 
Bilton, 105 
Birkin, 246 
Bischopburton, 367 
Bishopmede, 114 
Bishopthorpe, 385 n 
Bishopwearmouth, 80 
Blauncheland, 217 
Blyth, Blithe, Blyda, Blyd, Blye, 46, 142, 

143, 193, 212, 213 
Boldon, Boudon, 28, 310 
BoUeby, Bollebye, 10, 17 
Bolton, Boltonn, 76, 76 n, 148, 261, 275, 

276, 328, 329, 338, 372, 382, 386, 


Digitized by 




Bolton Percy, 56 

in Wensleydale, 239 n 

Bordeaux, I78n 

Bordesdale, 292 

Bossall, 155 

Boston, 76, 76 n 

Bouthom» 181 

Bowes, 336 

Boyneton, 332 

Bracewell, Braswell, 412 n, 413 

Bradley, 80 d, 274 

Bradford, 333 

Bramham, Bramhame, 168, 171 

Braocepath, 344 n 

Brandsburton, Brandesburton, 215, 216, 

Brandesby, 172 
Brantingham, 72 n 
Braunceholme, 380 
Brayton, 372 
Brengston, 274 
Breragh, 157 
Bretton, 38 
Bridlington, Bridelyngton, Brydlyngton, 

34, 100, 101, 143, 257, 273 n, 331, 

360, 379 
Brigham, 67 
Brighton, Bryghton, 156 
Brisleie, Bresleye, 39 
Bristol, Bristall, Bristoll, 41, 272 n 
Brodhoim, 143 
Brompton, Bromton, Brumton, 9, 10, 26, 

Brotberton, 69 
Brotton, 33 
Broughton, 412 n 
Brunhulm, 98 
Brupton, 62 
Bniton, 73 

Brytby, Brytteby, 95, 314 
Bubwytb, 155, 156 
Bukden, 27 
Buld, 189 

Burgb, Berg, Bergb, 60, 117, 380 
Burghwalays, 295, 297 
Burbach, 235, 236 
Burcliff, 35 

Burford (Shropshire) 224 n 
Bumom, 296 
Burstowe, 106 
Burton, 116, 169, 171 

Conestable, 175 n, 350, 397 

Buttercram, Buttercrame, 335 
Bykerton, 347 
Byland, 412 

Cadney, Cadenay, Gadenay, 222 

Caen, 418 n 

Calais, Calays, Cales, 121, 230, 347, 

Caldwell, 154 

Calverlay, Cawverley, 305, 333 

Candida Casa, 310 

Cantabrigia, 406 

Cantabrigiae, Aula b. M. 387 

Coll. Regis, 407 

Coll. S. Petri, 370 

Canterbury, 211 n, 224 n, 358, 360 

Carleol, Karliol, 74, 148 

Carleton, 116 

in Lindrick, 70 

Castlecomb, 276 n 

Castre, 94 

Castrum Bertucy, 59 

Castyllforth, 394 

Cat Beeston, 403 n 

Catfoss, Catefoss, Cattefosse, 40, 104 n, 
105. 245 

Catton, 17. 19, 61 

Catwyk, 154, 155 

Cauleton, 189 

Cautongrange, 159 

Cauwedon, 346 

Cawood, Cawod, Cawode, 21, 23, 31, 
32, 104, 372, 395, 398, 400 

Cayngham, 106 

Cestria in Strata, 81, 312, 321, 323, 324 

Chesthunt, 106 

Chesturfield, 83 

Cirencester, 224 n 

Clapham, 261, 386 

Clareburgh, 70 

Clarworth, 26 

Clementhorp, 296 

Clifton, Clyfton, 26, 169 

Clynt, Clyntt, 342, 343 

Cokersand, 205 

Colthorp, 16, 17, 72, 347, 348 

Colton, 144, 145, 158, 343 

Col wick, CoUwyk, Collwyke, 222 

Conesburgh, 45, 47 

Comeburgb, 146, 412 

Cotham, Cotom, 29, 363, 409 n 

Cotherom, 416 

Cothyngham, Cotyngham, 267, 268 

Coukewald, 253 n 

Couseby, 347 

Coverdale, 148 

Coverham, 273 n, 274, 275 

Cowthorp, 364 

Cramburn, 154 

Crathorne, 21 

Criskeld, 156 

Cristall, 413 

Croft, 21 n 

Crosshill, 94 

Croxdale, 418n 


Digitized by 




Dagworth, 125 n 

Dalden, 80 n 

DaltoD, 169 

— — Percy, 57 n 

Danby super Wisk, 159 

Darlington, Derlyngton, 74 n, 94, 321 

Dartmouth, Dretmoutb, 175 n, 176 

Denny, 117 

Derby, Derbia, Derbeye, 25, 48, 83 

Dightun. Dyghton, 178. 180, 251, 252. 

253, 348, 361, 363, 364 
Dokeby, 30 

Doncaster, Dancastre. Doncastre, Don- 
cestre, 17. 38, 50, 51. 58, 82, 83, 117, 

124. 143. 151, 177, 199, 211, 274. 

346, 379 n, 380 
Donyngton, 61, 104 
Dorchester, 25 
Dover, 72 
Draz, 88 
Drayton, 381 n 
Driffeld, 117 
Dronfield, 82 
Dublin, 207, 208 
Duffield (North), 150 n. 155 n, 379 n, 

418 n 
Durham, Duresme, Dunelm, 1, 43, 108, 

268, 274 
— ecc. b. M. in Ballio Boriali in. 

108, 109 

ecc. b. Nich. in, 108. 267, 268 

ecc. S. Oswaldi in, 108, 109 


Easby, Abbey, 272 n, 273, 274, 328, 

330, 338 
Eboracum, Eberwyk, Everwyk, Evorwyk, 

York, passim 
— — ~ eccl. b. M. adportam Castri, 194 
— — eccl. b. Petri parva in, 164, 250 

eccl. S. Clementis in, 33, 34 

eccl. Fratrum Minorum in, 130, 

eccl. Fratrum Ordinis S. Augus- 

tini in 74 
— — eccl. Fratrum Predicatorum in, 

36, 258 
— — eccl. Omnium Sanctorum in 

Northstrete apud, 136, 138, 266, 271, 

eccl. Omnium Sanctorum super 

Pavimentum in, 219 
— eccl. S. Denis in Walmgate in, 

201 n 
eccl. S. Edw. in Suburbio in, 164 

Eboracum, eccl. S. Elens juxta Muros in, 
145, 180, 181,182, 183 

- ecd. S. Elense in vico de Aldwerk, 
197, 349, 350 

eccl. S. Georgii in, 334 

eccl. S. Gregorii in, 258 

— — ^> eccl. S. Johannis ad pontem Use 
in, 174, 280 

eccl. S. Johannis del Pike in, 2, 

180, 181, 371 

ecd. S. Marg. in, 142, 334 

eccl. S. Mariie in Castelgate in, 

270, 271 

eccl. S. Marise veteris in, 63, 64, 

65,66, 192 

eccl. S. Martini in Conyng-Strete 

in, 73, 132n, 146,342,343 
— eccl. S. Martini in Mikelgate in, 

134. 135 
-— eccl. S. Mauricii, in, 414 

eccl. S. Mich, ad pontem Use, 


— eccl. S. Mich, de Berefrido, 3, 4, 

— eccl. S. Mich, in Mikelgate, 192 

— eccl. S. Olavi in, 140, 141 
eccl. S. Salvatoris in Marisco in. 



eccl. S. Sampsonis in, 134, 135 
eccl. S.Trin, Gotheromgate, 196, 

eccl. S. Trin. in Mikelgate. 183 

— hosp. S. Andreae in, 266, 271 

— hosp. S. Clementis in, 133, 183, 
tee Clementhorp 

— hosp. S. Leonard! in, 75, 91, 98, 
133. 141, 155, 181, 184, 342, 386 

hosp. de Munkbrig, 414 

• hosp. S. Nich. de Walmegate in. 

75, 267 

S. Tho. Cantuar. extra 

portam de Mikelgate in, 133, 135, 

141, 220 
• hosp. S. Trin. in Fossegate, 4, 

75, 141, 220 
— — hosp. super pontem Use, 75, 133, 

141, 175, 220, 269 
Monast. b. Marise in, 140, 141, 

280, 291, 336, 342, 343, 370, 386, 

Ecoss, 156 
Edithorp. 163 
Edwalton, 247. 248 
Egleston, 261, 274, 275 
Ekyngton, 254 
Ellerton, 156, 261. 274 
Elmley, Emeley, 50, 52, 408 n 
Elmsal (North), 344 n 
Elsyng, 38 
Eltham, 116 

Digitized by 




Elyyngton, 61 

Ely, 306 n 

Embleton, Emeldon, 101, 102 

Erghum, 34, 35 

Eresby, 24 n 

Erynton, 103 

Escheald, 296 

Escryke, 294 

Esingwald, Esyngwald, 21, 22, 95, 261, 

Eslington, 360 n 

Esthaytfeld, 298 

Esthom, 116 

Estkyrk, 409 

Eaton, 116,344 

Estretford, Estredford, 177, 178 

Esthorp, 100 

Estwicke, 347 n 

Eton juxta vUlam S. Neotti, 136 

EYerton, 213 

Everyngham, 168, 173 

Fawsley, 96 

Fenton» 207, 306 n 

Ferburn, 394 

Feriby (North), 34, 40, 397 

Fcry, Pons de, 69 

Flamborough, Flaynburgh, Flayneburgh, 

97, 98, 99, 264, 265, 337 
Flasseby, 389 
Flirttham, 352 
Folketon, 37 
Folton, 312 
Forlaton, 300 
Fosse, 254 

Foston, Fosceton, 58, 339 
Fotheringhay, 235 n 
Fontaynes, Fontayns, Funtayns, 58, 137, 

159, 161 
Foxholes, 65 
Frasthorp, 398 
Fresemarch, Frysmersk, Frysmerske, 

Fyrsmersk, 105, 106 
Fryston. 372 
Fry ton, Frytan, 188, 189, 190 


Gainsbrough, 347 n 

Gamelston, Gamelleston, 356 

Gateshead, 108 n 

Grauteby, 13 

Gawkthorp, Gawthrop, Gowkthorp, 39 n, 

Gauteby, 13 
Gedelyng, 190, 191 
Gedney, 359 
Gisburgh, Gysburgh, 254, 266, 273 n 

Gisburn.Gisburne, Goseburn, Gyseburne, 
Gysbum, 33, 94, 113, 114, 128. 147, 
163, 173, 259, 288, 292, 357 

Godemundbam, 198 

Greenwich (East), 224 n 

Gretham, 185 

Gretton. 112 

Groby, 57 n 

Grove in Notts, 409 n 

Grymesby, 30 

Grymston Garth in Holderness, 37 n 

Grypthorp, 156 

Guthmundam, 32, 72 


Hadenham, HI 

Hakford, 416 

Hakworth, 106 

Haldenby, 340 n 

Halghton, Halughton, 94, 217. 276, 346 

Halikeld, 238 

Hamelake, Hamelai, Hamlake, 40 n, 164, 

178, 201 n, 254, 357, 358. 375 n 
Hampole, AmpuU, Hampoll, Hampul. 

HampiiU, HamppoU, 56, 82, 89, 186, 

199, 226, 349, 382 
Hamsthwayt, 343, 344 
Handale, Handall, 266, 292 
Haringworth, 178 n 
Harom, 218 
Harpham, 215 n 
Harraton, 80 n 
Hart. 314 n 
Harthelsay, 88 
Hartlepool, Herterpull, Hertilpole, Her- 

tilpoll. 58, 80, 109, 123, 126, 274. 

Harewood. Harwod. Harwode, 138, 149 n. 

152. 252 n. 342, 346, 392, 393, 394, 

Haslerigg, 265 
Haslewood, Hesilwod. Hesilwood, 360, 

362, 392 
Hasseby, 221 

Haughton-le-Skerne. 314 n 
Hautemprise, 100 n, 267 
Haxby, 134 
Hayton, 220 
Hedyngham, Yedingham, Yedngham, 

Yedyngham, Yhedyngham, Yed- 

dyngham, Yedvngham, 6, 10, 11, 

154, 216,296.411 
Hedon, Eden, 67, 70. 101, 161, 194, 213 
Helagh, Helaugh, Helay, 47, 198, 295, 

296, 297, 298, 299. 380 
Helmeslay, Helmesla. 213, 376. 377. 378 
Helperby, 118. 119 
Helpringham, 114 
Hemynburgh, Hemmynburgh, Hemyng. 

burgh, 353, 354, 378 

Digitized by 




Henyngei , 254 

Hereford, 95, 96 

Herpiswell, 27 

Herswell, 418n,419n 

Hesilden, 32C n 

HesyU, 163 

Heton in Norhamshire, 254 n, 345, 385 n, 

Heyersham, 105 

Hevore, 303 

Heworth, 414 

Heham, Hexteldesham, HextUdesham, 

214 n, 333, 399 
Hexthorpe, 380 
Hilderskelfe, 304 
Hilderwdl, 116 

Hildinglaye, Hildingleye, Hilingle, 6 
Hilton, 344 n 
— ^— Beacon, 415 n 

near Staindrop, 415 n 

on the Wear, 414 n 

Hoghton, 364 

Holgate, 169 

Holm, Holme, 98. 99, 337 

Holme in Spaldyngmore, 97, 99, 410 

Holmekirke, 98 

Holmside, 412 n 

Hornby, Homeby, 76 n, 125, 386 

Homesbell, 139 

Homese, Homesee, Hornse, 139» 140, 

Horsley Minor in decanatu de Croydon, 

HotoD, 165 
Howden, Houdon, Houedon, 74 n, HI, 

120, 306 n, 310, 313, 321, 327 
Hoyton, 245 

Huddersfield, Hoderesfeld, 222 
Huddleston, 361 n 
Hugat, 16 
Huland, 345 
Hundegate, 186 

Hundemanby, Hundmanby, 61, 380 
Hunslet, 403 

Huntyngdon, Huntyngton, 26, 185 
Hurst, 254 

Hutonbuscell, Huttonbusell, 126 
Hutton Rudby, 77, 78. 152 n, 254, 296, 

Hymeswrth, 124 

Ingemantborp, Ingmanthorp, Ingman- 
tborpp, 138, 152, 178, 179, 251 

Jervaulx, Jervaz, Jorevall, 94, 273 n, 
274, 275 ^ 


Keldholm, Keldholme» 133, 186, 266, 

Kendall, 347 n 

Kepier, Kepyer, Hospital, 405 
Kemeby, 398 
Kesewick, 413 
KetUwell, 148 
Ketylby, 222 
Kexby, 242, 244 
KiddaU, KydaU, 248 n, 249 
Kildale, Kildall, 123, 156, 344 
Kilnwick, 352 n 
Kingston, Kyngeston super-Hull, 8, 35* 

37, 58, 76 ,77, 98, 119, 120, 127, 128, 

131, 148, 154, 163, 176, 176, 207, 

215, 267, 274, 325, 326, 339, 350, 

Kirkham, 79.304, 359 
Kirby, Kyrkeby, 54, 66, 187, 254, 284, 

Kirkby, Kirkeby, Kyrckby, Kyrkeby, 

Kyrkesby, Kendale, 347 

Mispertou, 53, 63, 377, 378 

Moresheved, Moreshevyd, 152 

— — Orblowers, 152 

Raveneswath, RaTenswath, 90, 


Stephan, 343, 398 n, 400 
super Moram, 64 
Wisk, 274 

Kirkleys, Kyrkyleys, Kyrkleghes, Kyrk- 

les,296, 34b, 346 
Kirklevington, 57 n 
Kirklington, 144, 158 n 
Kirkstall, Kyrkstall. 153 n, 156, 157 
Knapton, 116 
Knaresborough, 221, 297, 305, 386, 411, 

Knayth, Kneth, 254 
Knesale, 368 

Knowesly, Nouesly, Nowesley, 217, 218 
Kylbarrok, 209 
Kyllyng, 283, 332 
Kyllingwike, 380 
Kyrkly, 420 


Lakynby, 338 

Lakyngfeld, 60 

Lambton, 80 

Lancastre, Lancastria, 58, 413 

LAnercost, 273 n 

Langchestre, 312 

Langetoft, Langtoft, 125, 196, 204 n, 

Lartington, Lertyngton, 336, 412 n 
Lasingcroft, Lasingecrofte, 392 n 
Lastingham, 185 

Digitized by 




JLawden, 883 

Leeds, Lede, Ledes, 163 n, 402, 403 

Leek, Leeke, 284, 376 

Leicester, Leycester, Leycestre* 48, 224 n, 

228, 232, 236, 238, 248, 381 
Lekeyngfeld, Lekyngfeld, Leykingfeld, 

Leykyngfeld, 68, 59, 60, 61 
Lenton, 86 
LeYens, 252 n 
Lewes, 42 

Lichfield, Lychfeld, 73, 306 n, 381 n 
Lincoln, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30, 34, 60, 

94, HI, 117, 177, 211,224, 362 n, 

398 n 
Lithe, 380 
LiTersedge, 403 n 
Lochmaben Castle, 241 n 
Lokyngton, 117, 380 
London, 8, 9, 36 n, 38, 41, 61, 111, 114, 

116, 120, 206, 210, 224, 227, 237, 

312, 313, 375 n 
Lyngesburne, 23 
Lyons, 77 
Lythington, 169 


Malberthorp, 39 

Malpas, 417 

Malton, 6, 11, 53, 62, 63, 164, 166, 304, 

Manfeld, 34 
Marrigg, Marrik, Marryk, 189, 260, 274, 

Marske, Merske, 259, 293 
Marston, 203 
Marton, 163, 271,408 
Masham, 276 n, 338 n, 341, 385 n, 389 n 
Matfen, 103 
Mathirsay, 143, 193 
Meaux, 402 n 
Medeburne, 48, 247 
Medeley, 249 
Melburn Seton, 376 
Meldon, 108 n, 320 
Melseby, 188 
Melshamby, 88 
Melton, 69 

Roos, 358 n 

Merington, 109 

Mesyne, Misin, Misne, 194, 212, 417 

Metheley, Methley. 1(>6 

Midelham, 109 

Middleham Castle, 1 

' near Ledgefield, 1 n 

Milton in Com. de Northampton, 9 

Milton, 206 

Mistertou, 67 

Modenham, 43 

Molseby, Molsby, 118, 154 

Monketon, Muncton, Munkton, 11, 31» 
32, 187, 188, 190, 298, 386, 419 

Mons Graciae, «m Mountgrace 

Moreton, 134 

Moselby, 296 

Mount Grace, Monte Grace, 283, 298> 
361, 363 

Mulgrave, 116, 149 n, 379, 380 

Murnby, 363 

Munkwyk, 376 

Murton, 164 

Muskham, 366, 367 

Myddylton, 334 

Mvlford, 256 


Nafiferton, 58, 61, 98 

Nesham, Neceham, Nesame, Neusom, 80, 
94, 109, 254 

Netelham, 24, 28 

Nethirhoton, 165 

Neville's Cross, 19 n, 21 n, 33 n, 53 n, 
56 n, 395 n 

Newark, Neuwerk, Newerk, 361, 351, 

Newbald, 111, 112 

Newburgh, 273 n, 305, tee Novum Bur- 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 37 n, see Novum 

Newstead, Neustede, 85, 222 n 

Newthorp, 169 

Newton, Neuton, 198 

juxta Wyntringham, 68 

Valas, 394 

Norford, 360 

Normanby, 26 

Northalverton, Northleverton, 257, 274 

Northampton, 114, 116 

North Well, 13 

Norton, 322 

Conyers, 322 

NosteU, 210 n, 346 

Notingham, Notyngham, 28, 48, 68, 82, 

83, 85, 86, 211, 248, 300, 383 
Notton, 254 
Nottonhawe, 357 
Novum Burgum, 19, 384 
Novum Castrum super Tynam, 68, 80, 

109, 110, 137,264, 383 
Novum Monasterium, 137 
Nunapilton, 292, 376 
Nuncotom, 94 
Nunmunkton, Nonmunkton, 118,204 

Ocholte, 116 
Oldford, 121 

Digitized by 




Onneby, 27 

Ordesale, 66. 67 

Ormesby, Ormysby, 301, 302, 363 

Ormeston, 302 

Oswaldkyrk, 53 

Ottelay, 131 

Outhoroe, Outthorne, 99 

Overheton, 166 

Ovenley, 382 n 

Oxford, Oxonia, 88 d, 311, 463 n 

Aula Regis in, 103 

Balliol Coll. in, 101 n, 103 

Durham Coll. in, 306, 318 

Merton Coll. in, 101 n 

Univ. Coll. in, 307 n, 324 

Oxton, 94 


Papwyth, 32 

Parke, le priourie de le, 198 

Patrington, Patryngton. 106 

PauleFlete, 120 

Penrith, Penreth, 274, 398 n, 400 

Pesholme, Pesseholme, 125, 175 

Petterworth, 58, 60, 61 

Pickering, Pikeryng, Pykeryng, 195, 216, 

Pishoo, 273, 277 
Pittington, 108 n 
Plessy, 121 

Plumpton, 276 n, 387 n 
Pokelyngton, 61 
Polcrop, 14 
Polehouse, 116 
Pontefract, Pons fracta, Pontefrait, 

Pountfreet, 58, 107, 124, 199,211, 

249, 281,296, 375, 402 n 
Ponteland, Pontheland, 101 n, 102. 
Popilton, 371 
Pothewe, 6 

Prestcote, Prestecote, 186, 1*7, 189 
Preston, 281,413 

in Aundemesse, 58 

in Kent, 116 

Pyekirke, 79 

Queldryke, 183. 



Raby, 55 n, 56 n, 72 n, 73 n, 74, 113, 

132 n, 383 
Rainton, Rainpton, 134 
Rasclef, 22 

Ravenswath, 215 n, 277, 330, 356 n, 

406 n 
RaYensthorp, Ravonsthorpp, 16, 360 
Rawdon, Raudon, 343 
Redenesse, 120 
Ree. 380 
Regate, 43 
Richmond, Richemond, Richemonde, 

Richemund, Richmund,Rychemond, 

80. 95,99, 159, 189,261,266, 272 n, 

273, 274, 275, 398 n 
Rilston, 389 n 

Ripley, Ryppelhay, 94 n, 158 n, 159 
Ripon, Rypon, 118, 137, 168, 169, 170, 

221, 341, 395, 396 
Rise in Holderness, 292 n 
Rither. Ryther, 402 
Rivaux, Rievall. RiYaulx,.Ryevall, Ryras, 

Ryvaux, 94, 133, 201, 202, 203, 

273 n, 358 n 
Roche Abbey, 212, 213, 417 n, 418 
Rocklay, 37 
Roddam, 137 n 
Roding, 307 n 
Rodington, 51 
Rokesburgh, 112 
Roos, 376 
Rosedale, Rosedall, Rossedale, 98, 126, 

133, 186,283 
Rosyngton, 380 
Rotherfield, 215 n 
Rothewell, 27 
Rouclif, Roucliff, Rouclifife, 120, 190, 

Rouseby, 20 
Rowes, 116 

Rudby, Ruddeby, see Hutton Rudby 
Rudstane, 100 
Rungton, 6 


Sallay, SalJey, 57, 80, 153,413 

Sandall, 345 

Sandhoton, 65 

Sarcroft, 31 

Sarum, 24 

Saundon, 58. 

Sawaldall, 159 

Saxton, 402 u 

Scarborough, Scadeburgh, Scarburgh, 
Scardebourgh, Scardeburgh, Scare- 
burgh, Schardburg, Schardeburgh, 
Scoreburgh, Shardebourgh, 10, 35, 
58. 61, 62, 98, 114, 118, 157, 158, 
163, 199, 218. 239, 240, 242, 270, 
274. 332 n, 379,411,416 

Scarbotill, 61 

Scrayngham, Scrayngeham, 371 

Digitized by 




Scroby, 45 

Scrottom, 83 

Sedbury, 404n 

Sedgefield, Seggefelde. 1, 2 

Seint Esmonde Bury, 228, 232 

Selby, Selbi, 111, 273 n, 327, 348, 357, 

Semer, 58, 60, 61 
Sempryngham, 43, 155, 187 
Seton, 101,380 
Setryngton, 79 
Settrington, Seterington, Setryngton, 78, 

128, 129, 305, 379 n 
Sfaarowe, 221 
Sheffield, 125 n 
Shelford, Schelford, Schelforth, 85, 190, 

Sherburne, Schirburn,Schirbume, Schye- 

bume, 116, 168, 169, 171, 298 

Hosp. 312 n 

— in Elmet, 366 
Shincliffe, 306 n 
Shirlond, 330 

Sheriffhutton, Scherefhoton, Schiref- 
hoton, Scbvrifhoton» Schyryfhoton, 

Shrewsbury, 303, 305 n 

Sidelbergh, 6 

Sigglestorn, Siglestom, Syghlesthome, 
Syghlestom, Syglesthorn, Syghes- 
thome, 40, 155, 215, 216, 326, 332 

Silkeston, 345 

Sinningthwaite, Swynyngthwayte, Syn- 
nyngthwayt, Synyngthwayt, Sy- 
nyngthwayte, 187, 198, 204, 295, 

Sixsill, Syxhill, 58, 363 

Skelton, 292, 293, 294 

Skirlawe, 309, 320 

Skyrpenbek, 188, 204 

.Slingsby, Slyngesby, 19 n, 219 

Smawes, 352 

Smeton, 155 n 

Snayth, 111, 112 

Sockburne, 63 n, 286 d, 294 n, 310 n 

Somertby, 34, 35 

Sourby, 206 

Southampton, 385 n, 

Southcave, 94 

Southwell, Suthwell, 94, 366 

Spaldington, Spaldyngton, Spaldynton, 
12, 155, 156 

Spaldynmore, 99 

S. Petri burgum, 7 

Spofford, 57, 58, 60, 80, 81 

Spretburgh, 334 

Sprotborough, Sprotburgh, 50 n, 52, 408 

Stamfordia, Stanford, 13, 48 

Stanewyges, 396 

Stanhopp, 314 

SUnowkeld, 336 
Stanwyk, 16 
SUunton, 28, 29, 41 
SUynfeld, 58, 215, 216 
Staynton, 417 
Steteryngton, 410 
Stikeswald, 215,216 
Stillingfiete, 259 
Stokeslay, 123, 136 
Storthwayt, 376 
Stowe, 25, 36 
Studley, 364 n 
Sulby, 20, 116, 217 
Sutton, 303, 304, 417 

in Holderness, 117 n, 149 n. 

203n, 216n, 301, 379, 380 

— in Spaldyngmore, 378 

— juxta Scroby, 400 
super Derwent, 14, 160, 334 

Swanland, 120, 340, 397 

Swarland, 265 

Swylyngton, 107 

Swyn, Swyna, Swyne, 12, 155, 215, 216, 
306 n, 308, 309, 314, 319, 322, 
324, 325, 326, 332, 337, 345, 350 n, 

Swynton, 164 ^. 

Syevardby, 67 


Tadcaster, Tadecastre, Tadcaster, 198, 

201 n, 246, 327, 328, 352, 361, 362 
Tallaghane, 386 
Tankersley, 38 n 
Tempilhurst, 356 
Tereswell, Tireswell, Tyreswell, 178, 256, 

257, 356 
Thefford, 43 
Thikhence, 186 
Thikheved, Thykhede, Thykheved, 243, 

296, 333 
Thirsk, Thresk, Threske, Treske, 206, 

253, 305 
Thorelthorp, 188 
Thorkelby, Thurkylby, 304, 305 
Thornton, 161 

in Craven, 360 

Steward or Sty ward, 94 n, 95, 

97, 386 
Thorp, Thorpe, 32, 36, 37, 90, 204, 222, 

280, 396, 401 
Thorpaldlay, 394 
Thorparch, Thorparche, 198, 295, 299 

Basset, 74 n 

juxta Newerk, 281 

underlene, 253 

Thrynston, 363 
Thurgranby, 186 

Digitized by 




TickhiU, TikhUl, Tikhull. Tiklild, Thyk- 
hull, Tykhill, TykhuU, 50, 58, 82, 
124, 141, 143, 194, 211, 274, 346, 
400 n, 409 n, 418 n 

TiktoD, 372 

Topclifife, Topclif, Topdiff, Topclyif, 19 n, 
58, 80, 81, 253, 254, 298 

Tournay, 178 n 

Towton, Touton, 201 n, 379 d, 402 n ^ 

Tupholm, Tupeholme, 398 d, 399 

Tyme, 207 

Tynmui, 137 

U£fyDg:ton, 359 
Ugthorp, 1 14 
Ulfskelf, 81, 82 
Ulrame, 398 
Uplithom, 30 
Upsal, Upsale, 277 
Usflete, 397 


Waddesworth, 247 

Waghen, 99, 101, 102. 103 

Wakefeld, 84, 285, 28C, 345 

Waleaby, 222 

Walkryngham, 87 

Wallandwelles, Wallanwelles, Weland- 

wel8, 82, 143, 345 
Walton, 69, 150 n, 187, 190, 203, 204 
Walworth, 132 n 
Ware. 1 14 

Wartrc, 99, 273 n, 376, 378, 395 
Wath, 180, 274 
Watton, 6, 16, 54, 62, 63, 98. 100. 112, 

Weldon, 9 

Welehale, Welehall, Wellehall, 314, 315 
Wells, 306 n, 321. 398 n. 399 
Welwik, Welwyk, 106, 326 
Wenaley, Wenslaw, Wenslawe, 272 n, 

274, 277, 278 
Wentbrigg, Wentbrygg. 290, 394 
Wermoth, Wermouth, 82, 311, 406 
Westbretton, 344, 345 
Westharlesay, 285 
Westbeton, 186 
Westminster, 273 n 
Weston, 90, 91 

Wetheringsete, Witheringsete, 31, 32 
Whallesgrave, 379 

Whatton, Qwatton, 303 

Wheatley, 151 n 

Wheldale, 394 

Whitby, Wittby, Whytby, Whyteby, 

Wytby, 58, 290, 381 
Whitgift, Whytgyft, 348, 349 
Whitheme, 310 n 
Whorleton, Wherlton, 254, 255 n 
Wicham, Wycham, 10, 11 
Wighton, Wyghton, 87, 68, 77, 78 
Wilberfosse, Welberfosse, Wilbifosse, 

Wilbirfosae, Wilburfosse, Wylber- 

fosse, 18, 19, 58, 128, 154, 296, 

WUby, 116 
WUlardeby, 100 n 
WiUeyHaye, 151 n 
WUton, Wylton, 104, ll7n, 167, 169, 

172, 253, 330, 344, 356 n, 366 
Wisk, 186 

Wistow, Wistowe, 372 n 
WithUsee, 30 
Witton Castle, 310 n 
Wodeton, 115 
Wollaton,381 n 
Womersley, 303 n 
Worcester, Wircestre, 1 1 5 
Worksop, Wirkesop, Wyrksop, Wyrsop, 

125 n, 202, 211, 213, 214, 408 
Worsborough, Wirsburgh, 84 
Wortley, Worteleye, 38 
Wranby, 6 
Wrawby, 28 
Wycllfife, 405 n 
Wyghall, 198, 199, 298 
Wykham, Wykam, 58, 62 
Wyleghtofte, 156 
Wymondham, 235, 236 
Wyngfeld, 372. 373 
Wynston, 95 
Wyntringbam, Wynteringham, 10, 11, 

63, 68 
Wythestall, 120 
Wyttawe, 103 

Wyrethorp, Wyrthorp. 169, 171 
Wyverthorp, 125, 367 
Wyverton, 247, 248 


Yarm, Jarum. Yarum, 68, 114, 123, 199, 

266. 288, 306 n 
Yngoldmelis, 24 

Digitized by 



Abbott, R. 193 
Aberson, Tho. 84 
Abnay, Johanna, 177 

Job. 177 

Acastre, Johanna, 409 
Adirlay, Adirley, Eliz. 30 

. Rad. 30 

Aggleson, Johanna, 203 
Aklyff, Tho. 25 
Albright, Agn. 236 
Alcok, Johanna, 42 

Job. Bp. of Ely, 42 n 

Job. 42 n 


Rob. 42 n 

Tho. 42 

Wil. 42 

Aide, Wil. 285 
Aldstanemore, Joh. 19 
Aldwyk, Geff. 105 

Job. 105 

Aleby, Ellen, 210 n 

Emmot, 210 n 

Tho. 210 

Wil. 210 

Aleaby, Job. 74 
Alestre, Tho. 156 n 
Alne, Job. 9, 15 

Rob. 78 

Wil. 15 

Alote, Alott, Agn, 180 

Johanna, 180 

Job. 176, 179, 180 

Rob. 180 

Wil. 180 

Alta Ripa» see Dautre 
Amyas, Agn. 122,124, 177 

Catb. 122 n 

Eliz. 122 n 

Joan, 122 n 

John, 122 n 

Marg. 122 n 

Rob. 122 n 

Wil. 122 n 

Annesley, Anne, 222 n 

Isab. 130 n, 134 

Sir Hugh, 130 n, 134 n 

Anson, Ric. 38 

Appleton, Apilton, Appilton, Job. de, 22, 

150, 205 
Arden, Tho. 96 
Ardern, Ant. 196 n 

Cecily, 195 n, 196 

EUz. 140 n, 195 n. 196 

Joan, 195n 

Marg. 195, 196 

Nich. 195 

Tho. 195 

Arnall, Job. 115 

Ric. 95, 116 

Artas, Wil. 203 

Artbington, Arthyngton, Eliz. 45 

Job. de, jun. 44, 45 

Job. de, sen. 44 

■ Marg. de, 45 

Rob. de, 44 

Arundall, Eliz. 177 
Asfordby, Sir John, 64 n 
Asheton, Ashton, Gilb. 210 

Isab. I63n 

■ Sir John, 163n 
Ask, Aske, Christian, 216 n 

Conan, 143, 144 n 

Elena, 144 

Eliz. 275, 276 

Hawisia, 141, 144 

Isab. 143, 144 

Johanna, 76 n, 144 

Job. 76 n, 275, 276 

Kat. 143 

Marg. 76, 275, 276 

Ric. 76, 77, 275, 276 

Rob. 275 n, 276 

Rog. 142 n, 143, 144, 145 n, 146 

Tho. 143, 276 

Wil. 115n 

Askham Harnundus, 28 

Digitized by 




Asper, Mich. 155 

Ric. 255, 256 

Astell, Tho. 80 

Aston, Rob. 134 
Aton, Sir Wil. 9 n 
Attegatc, Marg. 413 
Wil. 413 

Aunger, Awnger, £liz. 153, 174 
Isab. 174 

Tho. 194 n 

Aulom, Job. 109 
Averell, Joh. 267