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Full text of "The public laws of the state of South-Carolina, from its first establishment as a British province down to the year 1790, inclusive, in which is comprehended such of the statutes of Great Britain as were made of force by the act of assembly of 1712, with an appendix containing such other statutes as have been enacted or declared to be of force in this state, either virtually or expressly, to which is added the titles of all the laws (with their respective dates) which have been passed in South-Carolina down to the present time, also the Constitution of the United States with the amendments thereto, and likewise the newly adopted constitution of the state of South-Carolina, together with a copious index to the whole"

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University of South Carolina 


Coleman Karesh Law Library 

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in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

H g 



S O U T H-C A R O L I N A, 




With an Appendix containing fuch other Statutes as have been enaded or 
declared to be of force in this State, either virtually or exprefsly, 


SOUTH-CAROLINA down to the present time, 


The Conftitution of the United States with the amendments thereto, 


together with a copious ixdkx to the whole. 

By tU HcnorabU JOHN FAUCHERAUD GRIMKE, Efq. A. B. & L. L. D. and one of tht 
ajfociate Jiidgts oj the Superior Courts in the State of South-Carolina. 

ej! Vagum mit Ino^nUuin. 4 IrJ!. 2/16,332: 

U LAW "r 

P H 1% BiQfe^%L^^!pf // / A ; 

^p ' f I ' '''^ 

''MwPCC.XC. ' 


C- ^^<^ Garoiina / 


'T^ H E operation of the fame principle which led me to encounter in your army, the various 
viciffitudes of fortune during the late glorious Revolution, induced me to undertake the- follow- 
ing ^A^ork. 

As no man who is acquainted with the nature of the army, can fuppofe that the citizen would em- 
brace the foldier'slife, through mercenary views; fo neither can any one who is familiar with the di.lance 
of our fettlements from each otlier, of the extreme barrennefs of great part of our country, and of the 
few inhabitants refiding in Carolina, in proportion to 'the extent of its territory, juftly fuppofe that a 
book intended merely for the fervice of the inhabitants of" this State, could command fuch a fale, as to- 
Tender it an objeft of lucrative advantage to the compiler. In older and fully peopled countries, there 
are feldom-l°fs than three thoufand copies of a book flruck off; in the prefent inftance, there is but one 
fixthof that number; fo that the trifling profit upon each volume, can be no recompence for the time and 
labour bellowed upon the work. 

Tlie compenfatlon that I flattered myfelf I fhould receive, was of a more laudablt nature, and more 
beneficial to myfelf: I mean that the citizen of South-Carolina, fliould no longer be degraded into 
the tonditix)n of a Have, by a total ignorance of what was the law of his country, but that he might be 
enabled to acquire at a mod^-rJite price, and in a comprehenfive view, the ftatutes by which his conduft 
was to be regulated: an objeft which had hitherto been unattainable, whilft wrapped up in the pro- 
foinid confufion, and Sibylline obfcurity to which they have been doomed for this lafl half century. 

3 he other gratification which was agreeable to my feelings, was that of rendering myfelf mafler of the 
Statute Law of my country, thereby becoming more adequate to the duties of the office, with which 
you haveieen pleafed honorably to entruft me. 

It is in vain to peclare to you the labour I have undergone, the repeated fatigue I have fupported in 
the toilfome execution of this work, and the frequent fits of fickncfs, occalioned by an unremitting in- 
dullry, which tended to bafBe and actually did delay the completion of my defign, if I have accomplifhed 
a work which fhall prove acceptable and fervireable to you, I {hall deem myfelf lully repaid. 

Wifhlng that you may hereafter as fuccefsfuUy e:iccl the nations of the old world, in ll.c arts of peace 
as you have already proved yourfelves their fuperior in arms, 

I am, my Friends and Countrymen, ' 

with the fincerefl efteem, 

and mofl affeftionate attachment, 

your moll obedient, 

and ever devoted Iiumhle fcrvant. 


B.lincnt, Eii6rc(, Soulh-Carollaa, July 30, 1750. 

R E F A C E. 

TH E obfcurky in which the hivfs of South-Carolina \ver« involved, and the impofTibility of obtaining-^ colltflion thereof 
to allift the citizen who was dcfirous of becoming acquainted with the legal rules prefcribed for his conau^i, or to 
facilitate the improvements of young praiftitioners at the bar, fuggclled to me the propriety of forming fuch a compilation. 
In future therefcrc the plea of ignorance what is the ftatute law of our country cannot be urged; and the ftudcnt will be no 
longer embarraffed in his readings to dil'cover the adls of our own Icgiflature, as well as thofe of the i3riti(h Parliament wliich 
arc now of force with us. 

1 have given at large all fuch afls parts and fedions of aiSs of affembly. as are of a public nature ; and have inferted all the 
Britilli Statutes vi'hich were made of force in 1712; a very few excepted, and which, the change of our political lituatioa 
renders no longer of any force or efficacy. Their titles however are mentioned. 

It was my intention to have completed this work laft year, but the bad flate of health with which I was affliifted durine 

the whole of the pad funimer incapacitated me from proceeding in my plan : finding therefore that 1 could not perlecl my 

original dcfign within the time I had limited myfclf, I determined to pullpone the publication of the index until my rctovury 

fhould enable me to render it as diflufive and beneficial as was my intention at firll, and to make fuch additions to the volume as 

might prove ufefah 1 compiled therefore feveral other Britilh flatutes (in an appendix N''. I) which are declared to be of force 

by fome aft of Affembly, either exprefsly or virtually; alfo fuch as have been determined in the courts of law to have 

an operation here, and likewife foir.e which may by parity of reafon, implication, or conttruftion or the uniform pradice of 

our courts be deemed and adjudged to be of force. 1 have excluded none that I thought could be extended to our country 

under the above mentioned rules, as 1 prefumed that it were better there fliould be half a dozen fupernun'.erury atfs in luili a 

collee^tion, than that a liiigle beneficial one Ihould be omitted. I'erhaps 1 may lay this down as a gcncial rule, that all thole 

Britilh Statutes which are Uiled " vt/oir /Ja.'u/n" isf " fahila inculi leKfcrit" are offeree in this State; but undoulitccly 

it muit be left to the courts of juflitc ultimately to dctcrinlne, whether many of the faid ftatutcs are not olifolcte or totally 

inapplicable to our preftiit independent government. Befides thele ftatutes contained in >i°. I, of which there are a coiifi- 

derable number, 1 have inferted in K°. 2, all the flatutcs relative to the retailers of fpiritous liquors, andinN^.j, iholc which 

declare the parliamentary privilege of the members of the houfe of Aflcmbly. 1 have alfo added the laws pafled at Columbia 

jn Jai eary I7yo; the New Conflitution of the United States, and the one lately adopted by the Convcntien of tiie Male of 

South-Carolina : And have prefixed a lifl of all the titles of the fcveral laws both public and private which have been palled 

in this country fince itslirfl eftablifhment. It isalnicll incredible that near i;co laws have been palTcd by the legii!ati;re 01 tliis 

country in fo Ihort afpace of time as little lefsthan a" century; Ei;d equally fo that there are only about 2CC of force of timic whicli 

wcrepaffed previous to the Jackfonhtirgh Affembly which, fat in the year 1782, ardnot more than Ijcfince that period, cxclulive of 

Britim Statutes which alfo amount to more than JCO. This is owing in a great nuafure to the alteration in our national Cir- 

cumftances, as well as to the method adopted by our l.egiflature whilll we were under tlie Briiilh Government, of palling 

the Afts for a limited time, to prevent thereby if pofilble any obnoNions rr prejudicial Aiil being fixed upon theii Coi;llituents, 

and which being once ratified, could not be repealed but by the Royal Confent. I'erhaps v/ere the fame n-.ethod adopted at 

the prefcnt day it would be equally feiviceable, though in another point of view, fincc it woidd contribute to bring the Ail.s 

into dilcuihon a fecond time, when they would be either re-cnafted with furh amendments as experience would luggell, 

or be totally rcjefted, inllead of being h-1't to increafe the fizc of our Statute book for years to come, and tlicn to receive 

a fentence of banifhment by the courts determining them to be ufelefs and obiolctc. The Legiflaturc ihould. give 

as little opporw.nity as poflible to the MagiBratcs of their Courts to put a Conflrudlion of this fort on their Statutes, 

as it inverts them with a ligiilative power, quoad thofe Ai!U, which may be faid to be virtually repealed by fuch adjudication; 

The propriety therefore of a Icgiflative revifal of the different A<Ss at certain periods, and of a declaration ol what A(5ls 

are or arc not of force, becomes apparent and indifjieiifibly neceffary. Either of the above mentioned means would anfwer 

the end and would exempt our Laws from obfcurity and confufion, and would lellen our Statute Volumr, which is increafing 

to the magnitude and perplexity of tlie I!ritifh.Xav.\8. 

I cannot conclude without returning my SInccreff Thanks to the Gentlemen who have honored me with the'r names at 
Subfcrihers, and who have Ibcwn by the ardor with which my papers weie circulated and f gncd throughout the Countiy, 
how heartily they approved of the difign of this work: And 1 have finally to requtft th;it this Compilation may Ic favouj 
with a liberal and indulgent reception from the public : the mere fo as a Series of Siclncfshas too frequently broke in lor nionthi 
upon the purfuil of n.y deC^n, and as th.c motive of niy undertaking it, is founded on the pureft and moll diCntcreP.eJ 

' Tbijijl aa-wasfajcdin if))!. 




O F T H E 


B Y T H E , 

Cegiflature of ^out!) Carolina. 

The Acts that are printed in this CoUeaion are marked 

JOSEPH WEST Esq. the fecond time of his 
being GovernBr. 

"Hi". 3[: 31 ® H CE. Datf. 

1682, May z6> 

^ 31 ® H «£. 

An Aft for the obfervaticn of the 
Lord's day, 

An AA for the fupprtffing of idle, 
drunken, and fwearin^ peifons 
inhabiting within this State, 

An A&. for High W^ays, 

An AcSt for fettling tl;c Militia, 

An A6t for raifinga tax of /^ 400 or 
the value thereof, for defraying 
the public charges of this Pro- 

An A61 to fufpend Profecution for 
foreign debts. 

An A& inhibiting the trading with 
fervants or fiavcs, 

An Aft for rarfing the value of fo- 
reign coin, 

An Aft for the trial of fmall and 
mean caufcs under 40s. 

An Aft for fervants arriving with- 
out indentures or contrafts, 

An Aft c.^cerning the liigh ways, 

An Ady for the raifing a tax of 
£5qe ftcrling for the defraying 
the public charges of this pro- 
vince, "^ 

An Aft for preventing the taking 
away»of boats or canoes. 

An Aft for marking all forts of cat- 

An Aft for damage of protefted 
bills of exchange. 

An Aft for regulating the Survey- 
or General's fees. 

An Aft for afcertaiuing public offi- 
cers fees. 
An Aft to prevent unlicenfed ta- 
vern;? :iiid, and for 
the afcertaining the rates and 

1682, Jun. 8. 

1683, Sep. 2j. 



l68j, April II. 

N*". 1: 31 ^ S, Of. Datt. 

prices of wine and other liquors, 1683, Nov. ; 

19. An Aft to prevent runaways, id. 

JOSEPH WEST, ^sQ. the third time of his betn. 

N". -s; 31 tc 1 c. 

40. An Aft for fettling the militia, 

ZI. An Aft for the raifmg of £510 
flerling befides the affcflbrs par- 
ticular afTeffments for defraying 
of the public charges of this pro- 
vince, id 

22. An Aft for the fettling of a pilot, id. 

23. An Aft afcertaiuing the govern- 

or's fees, id. 

24. An Aft for the afcertaining tlie 

fees of the fur%-ey or general, clerk 
of the peace and crown, coroner, 
and of the clerk of the parliament, id. 

25. An Aft for the clearing the lots 

and ftreetsof Charles-Town, and 
for the feftlement and regulation 
of anight watch in the faid town, id. 

JOSEPH MORTON, Esq. the Jecond time of 
his being Governor, 

N°. ^ 31 ■€ JL (JE. 

26. An Aft for the reftraining and 

punifhing privateers, 

27. An Aft for the better fecurity of 

that part iif the province of Caro- 
lina that lieihfouthward and well- 
ward of Cape Fear, agaiuft any 
hoftile invafionsand attcmpis by 
fea or land, which the neighbour- 
ing Spaniard or other enemy .may 
make upon the lame. 


ifi8j, Nov. 23. 



Cl)e Cities of tijc 

JOSEPH MORTON Esq. the fecond time of 
his being Governor. 

N°. ■C 31 i:^ IL ©. S>aK. 

2g. An A&. for tlie reviving of fe- 
vcral Ads of I'arliamcnt hereto- 
fore made in this part of the pro- 
vinre of Carolina, which heth 
fouth and weft from Cape Fear, 1 783, Nov. 23. 

19. An Aiit for the ri'-viving and af- 
certainiiig the fcesherctofore pay- 
able to the rcgiller of marriages 
births and burial?, belonging to 
that part of the province of Ca- 
rolina which licth fouth and weft 
from Cape Fear, id- 

jO. An A& of Parliament entitled 

An A& to levy and iniprefs men, 

arms, &c. for the defence of the 

Bovernment, and for afftlTing 

2joo, &c. 1686, o<a. 15. 

N°. 1, J ^ t «r. Dart. 

46. An AiSl to afcertain the damage 

upon prolefted bills of exchange, 17871 July 2,'- 

47. An Art for the better regulation 

of the militia, id. 

SETH SOT HELL, Esq. Governor. 

N°. % %% \.<£. Datt. 

MES CO LLE TON EiQ. Governor. 

'^ 3i % t <I£. 

An Ail for making and mending 
high ways and paths, and for cut- 
ting of creeks and water courfes. 
An A<ft for afccrtaining the go- 
vernor's fees. 
An A(ft for raifing a public dote 
of powder for the defence of this 
An AlI inhibiting the trading 

with fcrvants or flavet. 

An Aa for raifing £300, for 

building gallies, and providing 

ftore of provifion for the fame for 

the defence of the country. 

An Aft for the clearing the lots. 

and ftreets of Charles-Town, and 

for the fcttlemcnt and regulation 

of aniijht watch in the faid town, 

An A(ft for thcfupprellingand pu- 

nifhing privateers and pirates and 

to dircft and require the fpeedy 

oppofition of (hem, or any other 

enemies that fliall invade or mo- 

Icft this Province, 

An Art for the trial of fmall an i 

mean caufes, 
An Art for afcertain^ng the da- 
mage upon protcfted bills of ex- 
change, and to prevent the car- 
rying of money from this pro- 
'An Art for ferwnts hereafter ar- 
riving without indentures or con- 
An Art for. the preventnig fea- 

mcn contrafliile of great debts, 
An Art lor regulating the entries 
of vcjrds and giving out of tick- 
An Art for the trial of fmall and 

mean caufes. 
An Art entitled, An Art for the 

levying and afTeding /;8oo. 
An Art t.) afcertjin the prices of 
commodities, of the country's 


1686-7, Jan. 2i- 

1686-7 Feb. 28. 

16S7, April 7. 

July 23. 





An Art for afccrtaining the go- 
vernor's fees, 1690, Dec. 22- 
An Art for tlie better fettling and 

regulating of the militia, id. 

An Art for the fettling and conti- 
nuing a watch in Charles-Town, id. 
An Art for the raifing of a fund 
of money for the maintaining of 
a watch at .Sullivan's Illand, id. 
Ad Art for the raifing of a public 
ftore of powder for the defence of 
this Province, id. 
An Art to difable James Colleton 
Efq. late governor of this p.irt of 
the province, from bearing or cx- 
ercifing any authority, either mi- 
litar)' or civil, within this part of 
the Province and for his departing 
the fame, id> 
54. An Art to explain fevi;ral claufes 
and words of an Art of Parlia- 
ment entitled An Aa tc clifMe 
"Jamu edition, Efq. hte go-mrnor 
of this part of ,h. P,ovi,..t, from 
Ifiiriftg or exerciftng any authority 
eithir military or civil -ivilhin this 
part of the 'Pro-uincc, and for his 

departing the fame, 169O-I, Feb. 7. 

5 J. An Art for the trial of fmall and 

mean caufes, id. 

j6. An Art for making and mending 
high ways, paths, and for cutting 
of creeks and water courfes, id. 

57. An Art for the better ordering of 

(laves, 1690, Feb. 7. 

.58. An Art forthedifablingof thefe- 
veral perfons, that did fet up and 
a Jvifed the fetting up.and execut- 
ini; martial law, 1690-1, Mar. 5. 

59. An .\rt for the fettling of pilotage, 1691, Mar. 2j. 

60. An .\rt inhibiting the trading 

with fcrvants and flaves, id. 

61. An Art to prevent all evil difpnf- 

c .1 perfons from trufting all ma- 
riners and feamcn, ' itl. 

62. An Art for regulating of the In- trade, 1691, April 29. 

63. An additional Art, to an Art en- 

titled y«« Aa for rrgiituting the 
Imlian trailt, 1691, May I. 

64. An Art for the afccrtaining the 

"auge of barrcls,and for avoiding 
of oeccits, in felling and buying 
beef and pork, id. 

65. An Art for the better encourage- 

ment of the feltlement of that 
part of this Province, that lies 
.South and Weft of Cape Fear, id. 

66. An Art for the better fecuring the 

payments of debts due from any 
pcrfon inhabiting and refiding hc- 
vond fca or tlfewhcre, witli- 


m& of MmU^. 



\°. ■c 31 1; n e. 


1^91, May I. 

1691. Sept. 26. 

out the limits of this part of the 

67. An ASi for the entries of veflels. 

68. An Aft for r lifing a tax, 

69. An Adl for the deftroying of wild 

and unmarked cattie, 

70. An A<ft for making and mending 

high ways and paths, and for 
cutting of creeks and water 

71. An additional Aft to An A<9: 

entitled. An AB for tht bttttr fet- 
tling and regulating of the MHHla. 
7*. An Alii for the better encourage- 
ment of the making of engines for 
the propagating the llaplcs of this 

73. An Adt for laying a tax or duty 

on (kins and furrs, for the pubhc 
ufe of this Province, and regulat- 
ing I he Indian trade, 

74. An Art for the better obfervation 

of the' Lord's day commonly call- 
ed Sunday, 
7j. An Art to punifh perfons which 
divulge reports to the difhonor of 
the 8 honourable the Lords pro- 
prietofs, and the diHurbance of 
the peace of the prefent govern- 
ment, id. 

76. Aji Art to indemnify all officers, 

which have executed any orders. 

of Parliament, id. 

77. An Art to eftablifh and fettle the 

weight of Spanilh coin, id. 

PHILIP LU D W E L L, Esq. Gov-mor. 

1691, Dec. II. 

78. An A.&. to regulate the elertions 
of members of Aflembly, 

79. An- Art fordeftroying of unmarked 


80. An art to prohibit ingrolTing of fait 

and to afcertain weights and mea- 
fures, and to appoint a market- 
place in Charleftown, 

Si. An Art inhibiting the trading with 
fcrvants andflaves, 

%l. An Art to prevent mariners and 
feamen running into debt, 

83. An Art for the raifmg of a public 

flore of powder for the defence of 
this Province. 

84. An Art for the fettling of pilotage, 
8j. An Art for the better obfcr\'ation 

of the Lord's day commonly call- 
ed Sunday, 

S6. An Art to prevent fwine go- 
ing loofe or at large, in or about 
Charleftown and to prevent nu- 

87. An Art to empower the feveral 
Magiftrates, Juftices, Minifters 
and Oflicers within this part of 
this Province, to execute and put 
in force. An Art made in the 
kingdom of England, anno. 


1691, Ort. 15. 

31 Coroli 2 Regis commonly 
called the Habeas Corpus Ad. 

An Art for the trial of fmall and 
mean caiifes. 

An Art to provide indifferent jury- 
men in all caufes civil and crimi- 

An .-irt for fettling and continuing 
a watch in Charleilown and to 
clear the fame from under wood. 

An Art for making and mending 
High ways and paths and for cut- 
ting of creeks and water courfes. 

An Art to make current eftablifli 
and fettle the weight of foreign 


1692, Ort. 15- 

1692-3 Jan. 14. 

THOMAS SMITH, Esq. Gcvernor. 

^ 31 ^ !L <E. 

93. An Art for the entry of vefiels. 

94. An Art for the alccrtaining the 

gauge of barrels, and for avoiding 
of deceits in felling and buying 
beef and pork, 
9J. An Art for regulating public 
houies, and to afcertain the prices 
of liquors, 

96. An Art for raifmg money for the 

feveral ufes within mentioned, 

97. An Art for the better fettling and 

regulatinp- the militia, 

98. An Art for fettling and continuing 

a watch in Charleftown, and to 
clear the fame from under wood, 

99. An Art for afcertaining public of- 

ficers fees, 

100. An Art for the better fecuring 

the payment of debts due from 
any perfon inhabiting and refid- 
ing beyond fea or elfewhere 
without the limits of this part of 
the Province. 
loi. An Art for the better ordering of 

101. An Art for the poor, 

103. An Art to encourage the making of 

wine Indigo and fdt within this 

104. An Art to encourage the planting 

of wheat, 
loj. An Art for limitations of artions 
and for avoiding of fuits in law, 

106. An Art for the better and more 

certain keeping and preferving of 
all regifters and public writings 
of this part of this Province, 

107. An Art for the better fettlement of 

this Province, v 

108. An Art for the determinmon of 

General Affemblies, and for pre- 
venting of inconveniences hap- 
pening by long intermifTioa of 
General Affumblies, 

109. An Art to put in force the feveral- 

Arts of the kingdom of England 
therci.i particularly mentioned, 
HO. An Art to prevent the fea's further 
, incroachment upon the v/harf >it 

1693, May 20.. 

1693, Sept. 21. 

1694, June 20. 


T II M Ai 


1E:i;e titles of tijc 

J H M A 6 S M IT H, Esq, Goi.:rnv>: 
N". ® 31 ^ IL e. Dat€. 

in. • An A(5l for making fuflicient fen- 
ces & ktepiiig tlic fame in repair, 1694, June iO. 

112. An A<51 to riiifc n\oncy to be dil- 

pofcd of for the encour.igcmcnt of 
the produ<51ion, and manufactur- 
ing of divers forts of provifion, 
and commodities of the growth 
of this Province, id. 

JOSEPH BLA K £, Esq. ihe/nj) ilvit of las 
tieiiig Guvcrnor. 

K°. ■C 31 ■€: H ffi. 2>.itt. 

113. An A(5l for the ruifing of a public 

ftore of powder for the defence of 

this Province, 1694-5, Jan. 17. 

An Aift for regulating public houfcs, id. 

An Aifl for afcertaining public oBi- 

cers fees, jJ- 

An A6t for the fettling of pilotage, id. 

An A<a to revive the leveral ails 

within mentioned, 'J- 

An Aifttomake current, eftabHlli 
and Xettle, the weight of foreign 
coin, '*'• 

An Ait to provide indifferent jur)-- 
mcn in all caufes civil and cri- 
minal, 'J 

An Aifl for the afcertaining the 
gauge of barrels, aiid for avoiding 
deceits in felling and buying beef 
and pork, ">■ 

An Additional A&. for the better 
colleding and receiving the du- 
ticsnnd rates upon liquors, tobac- 
co and provifions, imported into 
this part of this Province, 1695, July 16. 

An Ail declaratory concerning in- 
different jury men in all cauies 
civil and criminal, i^- 

An A(ft to revive the feveril Ads 
within mentioned, 

^ 31 E 1 C 






■E 31 'E !L "E. 

An Aft to afccrtain the prices of 
land, the forms of conveyances, 
and the manner of recovering of 
rents for lands, and the prices of 
the feveral commodities the fame 
may be paid in, 
,125. An A& for remiffion of part of ar- 
rears of rents, and to afcertain the 
payment of the remainder, 

1 26. • An Ad to prevent the Healing 

and taking away of boats and ca- 

127. An Ad for the deftroying of un- 

marked cattle, 

1 28. An A&. for the deftroying heafts of 
prey, and for appointing magif- 
trat'es for the hearing and deter- 
mining of all caufe« and conrro- 
verlics between white men and 
Indian, and Indian and Indians, 

129. An Ai!f for laying an impofition up- 
on Ikins and furrs for the defence 








5-6, Mar. 16. 






and public ttfe of this country, i695-6,Mar. 16 

130. An Ad .for regulating public houfcs 

and to afcertain the prices of li- 
quors, id. 

131. An additional A<51 to prevent the 

fea's further encroachment upon 

the wharf at Charles-Town, id. 

132. An Ad for the poor, id. 

133. An Ad to appropriate the monies 

raifedand to beraifed by an impo- 
fition on liquors, &c. imported 
into, and Ikins and furrs exported 
out of this part of this Province 
to a fortihcation in Charlcs- 
I'own, id, 

134. An .Ad to continue and revive the 

feveral Ads within mentiontd, id. 

135. An Ad inhibiting the trading with 

fervants and flaves, id. 

136- • An Ad to prevent mariners and 

fcamen running into debt, id. 

137. An Ad for the regiftering births, 

marriages and burials, id. 

138. An Ad for the better fettling and 

regulating the militia, id. 

139. All Ad for the keeping and main- 

taining a watch and good orders 

in Charles-Town, id. 

140. An Ad for the cutting of feveral 

creeks and water paftages for the 
benefit of the inhabitants of this 
Province, id. 

141. An A& for the better ordering of 

ilavcs, id. 

JOSEPH BLAKE, E.sq. the fe.ond 
time of his icing Governor. 

N°. ■<£ 31 ■€ 1 <E. D.itt 

142. An Ad for making and mending 

hiiih ways and paths, and for cut- 
ting of creeks and water courfes, 1696, Dec. 5. 

An Ad to prevent abnfe-s by falfe 
weights and meafuresand to ap- 
point 3 fworn mcsfurer, id. 

An Ad to revive an Ad for the bet- 
ter fettling and regulating of the 
militia, id. 

An Ac'l for the encouragement of 
the better fettlcuunt of South- 
Carolina, id. 

An AA for the raifing of a public 
ftore of powder for the defence 
of this Province, id. 

An AA for the building a fortifica- 
tion at Chatles-'I'own, id. 

,\n Ad to continue the Ads within 
mentioned, id. 

An Ad for fettling of pilotage, id. 

An Ad to make current foreign 
coin, and to ellabhih and fettle the 
weight thereof, i&c. 
151. yl aWlui^iiory ,wd a.Uilhtial y\a to 
provide indiffcrentjurynien in all 
caufes civil and criminal, id. 

Ii;2. An Ad to regulate the elcdion of 

members of Alfembly, i'l- 

]!3. .An Ad for limitation of adions 
and for avoiding and preventing 
of fuils ill law, 'J- 


1696-7 March 10. 

Ms of mmU^. 



1696-7 March 10. 


time of his hiing Governor. 

■N". tit 31 is: I e. 

154 An AA Tor tlie making aliens free 
of this part of this Province, and 
for granting liberty of confcience 
to all Protcflants, 

155. An Aft to fettle the formofcon- 

veyai>ces, for thepurchafe of the 
quit rent» of lands, patented at 
one penny per acre, id. 

156. A declaratory and repealing A^y id. 

J J 7. An additional ASl for the better fet- 
tling and regulating of the mi- 
litia, id, 

158. An AiSl to fettle a maintenance 011 

a minifter of the church of En- 
gland in Charles-Town, 169S, OSt. 8. 

159. An additional Alii for the poor. id. 

160. Ari Aft for making and mending 

high ways and paths, and for cut- 
ting of creeks and water courfes, id. 

161. * An Aft to prevent deceits by dou- 

ble mortgages and conveyances 
of lands, ncgroesand chattels, &c. id. 

lii. An Aft for fettling a watch in 
Charlct-Town and for preventing 
of 6res, id. 

163. A Reviving coTttinuing and repealing 

Aa, id. 

164. An Aft for the entry of veffcls, id. 

165. An Aft for afcertaining public of- 

ficers fees, id. 

166. An Aft for raifing of a public ftore 

of powder for the defence of the 

167. An Aft for the encouragement of 

the importation of white fer- 

168. An Aft for the better ordering of 


169. An Aft to revive and continue fe- 

veral afts within mentioned, 

170. AJiJAftfor afcertaining the gauging 

of barrels and for the avoiding 
deceits in felling and buying beef 
and pork, 

J A U E S MOORE, Esq. 

N", 'a: 31 ^ !■ <^. 

171. An Aft for fecaring the provin- 

cial library at Charles-Town in 
■171. An Aft to make Sallivan's Iflanil 
more remarkable to mariners, 

173. An A(5t to prevent the leas further 

encroachment upon the wharf of 

174. A continuing and re^'iving A^, 

I7J. Ah Aft to lay an impofition oil li- 
quors and goods in^portcd into 
this part of "the Province for the 
defence and fupport of this go- 
vernment, ^ . *"• 

176. An Aft to raife the current coin of 

this Province, '"• 

177. An Aft to prevent horfes being 

brought hy kiid from die north- 
ern fettloment into this govem- 
Bieiit 1 700-1, Mar. I. 












1699, Aug. 16. 


1699, Oft. 9. 






1700, Nov. 16. 





An additional Aft fur making and 
nicndirrg higli wayt, 

A repealing A/ri, 

An Aft to prevent prifoners from 
making cfcapes and to appoint 
fclhons and gaol delivery twice 
every year, 

An Aft for the better regulating 
the proceedings of the rourt of 
admiralty in Carolina and the feet 
of the fame. 

An Aft for the better fettling of pi- 

An additional aft to an All for lay- 
ing on impofttion on liquors^ \5'c. 

An Aft to raife the current coiti 
and for the promoting of the cur- 
rency of heavy money, 

An additional aft to an aft for the 
afcertaining of gauging of barrels, 

An Aft for the encouragement of 
killing and deflroying beafts of 
prey and birds. 

An Aft for the prevention of run- 
awaysdeferting this government. 

An Aft for the better fettling and 
regulating the militia and ap- 
pointing look outs. 

An Aft for fctthng a watch in 
Charles-Town and for prevent- 
ing of fires and nuifances in the 
fame, and for fecuringtwentyfoot 
on each fide the half moon for 
public landing places, 

An Aft for the better ordering of 

An Aft for raifing money for the 
public ufe and defence of this 

An additional aft to provide indif- 
ferent jury men in all caufes civil 
and criminal, 

An Ordinance of the general afienT- 
bly direfting the manner how the 
juries fliall be drawn, 

An additional aft for the mending 
of high ways, &c. 

An Aft to revive the fcveral afts 
within mentioned, 

An Aft to prevent abufes by falfe 
weights andnieafures and to ap- 
point a fworn meafurer with a 
claufe to prevent the fcarcity of 

An Aft to ereft a general Poll-of- 

An Aft for raifng the fum of ^2000 
of and from the real and perfonal 
eftites, and of and from the pro- 
fits and revenues of the inhabit- 
ants of this Province, for the car- 
rying on this prefcnt expedition 
againft St. Auguftine, aiidfor ap- 
pointing the number of men and 
fhips to be made ufe of, and the 
manner and method of going a- 
gainft the faid place. 


1 700.1, Mar. I. 






i7or, Aug. 28. 




1 701-2, Feb. 3. 



T702, Sept. 10. 

J A ME % 

C|)e 'Cities of t{)c 

., J A M £ S MOOR E, Esq. Govemur. 
N°. ■ ■€ 31 "C t e. r>at:. 

vin^y and repealing 


Jp9. W £GHli/iut/r 
Ail, . ' 

200. An Ai5l for the betfj- fettling of pi- 

aOL A declaratory Act for the avoiding 
difputcs about the power of ihe 
government, ^'hilli the i reiint 
Goveraor is heading our forces a- 
gaiull St. Auguiline, 

1702, Sept. 10. 

Su N 






1703, May 6. 

1703, May 8. 

ATH AN I EL J H N S N, Km^ht. 

* An A& for the more efTeiflual 
fuppreirihgof blafphemyandpro- 

An AA for regulating taverns and 
punch houfes, 

An^^iil for the laying an impofiti- 
on on turrs, lluns, liquort^, and o- 
ther goods and merchandize im- 
ported into, and exported out of 
this part of this Province, for the 
raifmg of a fund of money to- 
wards defraying of the public 
charges and expenccs of this Pro- 
vince, andpaying the debts duefor 
the expedition againft St. Auguf- 

An Ai5l for raifing the fum of 
j{^40O0 on the real and perfonal 
ellatcs, and of and from the pro- 
fits and revenues of the inhabit- 
ants of this Province, and efta- 
blilhing of bills of credit for fatis- 
fying the debts due by the public 
on account of the late expedition 
againft St. Auguftine, 

An Ail for the better fettling and 
regulating tl;c militia and ap- 
pointing look-outs, 

An Ai5l for the keeping and main- 
taining a watch and good orders 
in Charlcj-Town, 

An Ai5l to revive and repeal the fe- 
veral A<5ls within mentioned. 

An Ail for the encouragement of 
killing and deftroying beafts of 

An A& for cutting a creek oul of 
the head of New-Town creek in- 
to Stono river, 

An A<ft for afcertaining the gauge 
of barrels, and for avoiding de- 
ceits in felling and buyhig beef 
and pork, pitch and tar. 

An Ail to erert a general Poft-of- 

• An Ail againft Baftardy, 

A continuing and attilitianat ASi to an 
additional Ail for making anil 
mending high ways. 

An txplanatary and additional ASi to 
an A<51 entitled an Ail for laying 
an impofitiun on furrs, fkins, li- 
quors, and other goods and mer- 
ihandize imported into and ex- 
(urtcd oul cf thii pace vl the 

1703, Sept. 17. 





•s; 31 "ii 1 <!, 


Province for raifing a fund of mo- 
ney towar.i? defiayingihc public 
charges and expences of this Pro- 
vince, and paying the debts due 
for the expedition againft St. Au- 
guftine, rati6ed in open Affem- 
bly the l6th day of May 170.1, 1703, Sept I". 

An Act for taking up and killing 
wild, unmarked, and out-lying 
cattle, id. 

An Ail to prevent the fale of lea- 
ther not fulficiently tanned, and 
the regulating tile prices of (hoes, id 

An Ail to make authentic the copy 
of an Ad entitled an AH agairjt 
Sajlardw the original being loft, I703, Dec. 23.. 

An Ait lor the cutinig and making 
a path out from the road on the 
north fide of Alhlcy river, to the 
town of Wilton in Colleton coun- 
ty, and appointing ferries on the 
road, id. 

An additional Aa to an Ail entitled 
An Ail to fircvcnt the fca' 1 further 
encroachment upon the tvharf of 
Charles'Toivn, and for the repair- 
ing and building more batteries 
and flankers on the laid wall to be 
built upon the laid wharf, and al- 
fo for the fortifying the remain- 
ing parts of Chailes-Town by in- 
trcnchmcnts, flankers and palifa- 
does, and appointing a garrilbn to 
the fouthward, id. 

An additional 3.Si to an ail en- 
titled an ail for raifmg tlie fum of 
;^4000 on the real and perfonal 
eftates &c. ratified in open alTem- 
bly the 8th day of May, 1703, id. 

An Ail for the better regulating 

the watch in Churles-Town, id, 

• An Ad for making mariners and 
failors more ufefui in time of a- 
larms, and for punilhing of vic- 
tuallers for cntertainmg of per* 
fons in time of alarms. id. 

An Ail for the more cffedual prc- 
fcrvation of the government of 
this Province, by requiring all 
perfons that ihall hereafter be 
chofcn members of tlie commons 
houfe of alTembly, and fit in the 
fame to take the oaths, and fub- 
fcribe the declaration appointed 
by this ail, and to conform to the 
religious worfliip in this Province 
according to the church of Eng- 
land, and to receive thcfacramcnt 
of the Lord's fuppcr according to 
the rites and ufagc of the laid 
church, 1704. May, fl. 

An Ail to make all goods import- 
ed and exported in any velTeU be- 
longing to this port to p.iy the 
fiime duticA as if importcu in vcf- 
fcls not belonging to the fame to 
encourage navigation, andtoim- 
power the governor to draw mo- 
ccy out of the treafury for da- 
mage done to the town luls by 
intrcncbuicuts, id. 

9li^s of memfjl^ 



% I'll t- as. 


1: 3! ^ H e. 

An A61 for the adjournment of the 
general fefllons to be holden on 
Wedncfday the l8th of this inf- 
tAnt Odober, and for the direct- 
ing how the general feffions may 
at any time be adjourned for the 
future, 1704. Od. 18. 

4J7. An Adl for eftabUfhment of religi- 
ous worlhip in this Provini-e ac- 
cording to the church of England 
and for the ereding of churches 
for the public worlhip of God, 
and alfo for tiie maintenance of 
minifters, andthebuilding conve- 
aient placesfor them, I704, Nov. 4th. 

228* An A6t to continue an ad entitled 
an ad for laying an impofition on 
furrs, &c, and for appropriating 
the fame, id. 

229. An Ad to regulate the eledions of 

the members of affembly, id. 

230. An Ad for the expeditious finifhing 

the front line in CUarles-Town, id. 

231. An. Ad for the better fecuring ^ 

of Charles-Town, by ftoppmg 
the north bar of Alhley riv- 
er in cafe of invafion, and to dif- 
band the military watch in Char- 
Its-Town, id.. 

232. An Ad to fettle a patrol, id. 

233. An Additional Adt to the ad to 

provide inditierent jury men, " id. 

234. An Ad for the making alliens free 

of this part of the Province, id. 

235. An Ordinance of the general af- 

fembly direding the manner 

how the juries Ihall be drawn, id. 

236. An Ad to prevent the breaking 

down and defacing the fortifica- 
tions in Charles-Town, id* 

237. An Ad againft killing of beads 

within the intrenchments of 
Charles-Town, id*. 

238. An Ad to prevent and fupprefs fire 

in Charles-Town, id. 

239. An Ad for raiCng and enlifting 

fuch Haves as fhaU be thought fcr- 
viceable to this Province in time 
of alarms, i(K 

240. An Ad to make good and valid 

what monies the receiver hath 
paid, by ordinance of the general 
aflembly, id, 

241. An Ad to aflcfs feveral perfons 

omitted in the laft affeffment, and 
to impowcr the receiver to gather 
in the taxes not yet paid with in- 
tereft, id. 

342. An Ad for raifing the fum of 
,£4000, on the real and perfonal 
eflates, and of and from the pro- 
fits and revenues of the inhabi- 
tants of this Province, to pay and 
cancel the bills of credit now out- 
ftanding, j^ 

a4o- ^" additional AB to an Ad entitled, 
an Ad for the eftabiilhment of 
religious worlhip in the Province 
according to the church of Eng- 
Und, and for the ereding of 

churches for the public worfhip 
of God, and alfo for the main- 
tenance of minifters and the 
building convtniept houfes for 

244. An Ad to prevent ftealing of horfes 

and neat tattle, 

245. An Ad for the making and mend- 

ing of roads and highways, and 
for the making a bridge over the 
Felhaw-creek in Craven county, 

246. An rxplanatory Aa to an Ad enti- 

tled an Ad for the raifmg the|fura 
of ){;4SOO on the real and perfonal 
ettates, and of and from the pro- 
fits and revenues of the inhabi- 
tants of this Province, to pay and 
cancel the bills of credit now out- 
ftanding, ratified in open Aflem- 
bly 4th day of November 1704, 

247. An adJitimuil Aa to an Ad entitled 

an Adfor afcertaining the guag- 
ing of barrels, and for avoiding de- 
ceits in felling and buying of 
beef and pork and tar, 

248. An additional AB for the making of 

high ways, and for- appointing a 
ferry over the weftern branch of 
Cooper river, and for continu- 
ing the Ad for killing bealls of 

249. An Ad for the continuing, meet- 

ing and fitting of this-prcfent Af- 
fembly for the time and fpace of 
2 years, and for the term and 
time of I'Sth months after the 
change of government, by the 
death of the prefent governor or 
the fuccefiion of another in his 
life time, 

250. An Ad to ercd the French fettle- 

ment on Santee into a parllh, 

251. An additional Aa to an Ad entitled, 

an Ad for the cutting and mak- 
ing a path out from the road on 
the north fide of Alhley river to 
the town of Wilhon in Colleton 
county, and appointing ferries on 
the faid road, 

232. An Ad to empower the right ho- 
norable the governor to reftrain 
perfons offending from going a- 
mong the Indians, 

253. An Ad for the fooner and more fe- 
cure payment of debts owing by 
the public and for continuing the 
currency of the bills of credit 
commonly called country bills, 

ij4. An Ad to revive the feveral Ads 
within mentioned, and to repeal 
a claufe in an Ad for the raifing 
a public llore of powder, ratified 
the 8th day of Odober 1698, 

3J3. * An Ad relating unto the office 
and duty of a coroner and for fet- 
tling and afcertaining the fees of 
the fame, 

2i6» An explanatory and additional AB to 
an Ad entitled, an Ad for laying 
an impofition on furrs, fltins, li- 
quors and other goods and mer- 


,1704-5. Feb. 17. 

1705-6, Mar. 23, 
1706, April 9. 






Sir N 

CJje Cities of tljc 

1 706, April 9. 
Not. 30. 

i;o6, 7 Feb. 8. 

AT HAN 1 E L JO H NSO A', Knight. 

IE a ^ 1 e. 04« 

chandire imported in andexport- 
edoutof this part of this Province, 
for the raiCng of a fund of mo- 
ney towards the defraying the 
public charges and expcnces of 
this Province, and paying the 
debts due for the expedition a- 
gainft St. Anguftine, ratified in 
open .AfTembly, the 6th day of 
May, 1703, 
157. An Acl to repeal the feveral Aits 

within mentioned, 
.iS%. * An Aft for the cftablifhment of 
religious worfhip in this Province 
according to the church of En- 
gland, and for the erc(fting of 
churches for the public worfhip 
of God, and alfo fcr the main- 
tenance of minirters, and the 
building convenient houfes for 
Sjc;. Anad.iitknatAcliom Act entitled, 
an Aft tocontinue an \A entitled 
an A(5l for laying on impofition 
on furrs, &c. and for appropriat- 
ing the fame. 
.260. An Aa to an A(5l entitled 
an AH for Ibc ttfccrlmning the giia^^- 
l„g of barrels, and for avoiding dt- 
critt in filing and buying b/ej and 
port, pilch iindlar, and to another 
KS. entitled, An addilionat Ail to 
an AH for the afcirtjining ibe gaug- 
ing of bar nil, and for avoiding Jt- 
ecit! in filing and buying, beef, and 
port, jiilcb and tar, 
a6l. An Ad declaring the right of the 
houfe of commons for the time 
being to nominate the public re- 
ceiver, &c, 
261. An Aft to revive and repeal the fe- 
veral afts within mentioned, 
26.5. An A& for the appointing look out* 
and providing ncccffaiiesfor the 
264. An Ac5l to maltc and cflablllh bills 
of credit for raifing the fum of 
£8000, for fatisfying the debts 
due by the public on account of 
the late invafion, for finifliing the 
fortification about Charlcs-'lown 
to revive the fcveral afls within 
mentioned, and to call in the 
former bills of credit, 
165. An Act for the encouraging the 

making pot alb and fait pctre, 
lC6. An Aa for repairing and expediti- 
ons finlfhing the fortifications ot 
267. An A& fcr the better regulating the 

watch in Charlc',-Town 
iCZ An A<ft to continue the impofition 
on liquors, &c, and for a fund and 
fecurity of the payment of t IE 
fum of yTRooc. for finking tlic biU» 
of -credit and for impowcring 
the public receiver for the time 
being to recover and get in all 
out AauJiog tales, 

17^7. J"'y 5- 


I ; 07 July l>. 


169. An Ac! for fettling of pilotage, 
270. An Ael for the railing a public ftore 
of powder for the defence of thi« 
871. An Ael to crcd » general poft- 

>7J. An Additional Aft to a continuing, 
and additional aft to An Additio- 
nal AOfor maiirtg and mending bigb 
*ways, and for impowering Jnc 
governor for the time being to 
appoint commiiTioners in the 
rooms of fuch as are dead or gone 
off,or may die or go off.and to af- 
certain the watch in Charles-Town 
373. An Aft for the regulating the In- 
dian trade, and making it fafc to 
the public, 
274. An Aft for the better fettling and 

regulating the militia, 
375. An Aft to limit the bounds of the 
Yamafcc fcttlcmcnt to prevent 
pertbns from difturhing of them 
with their T.jicks and to remove 
fuch as are fettled within the li- 
mitation hereafter mentioned, 
276. An Additional Aft to an aft en- 
titled An AD for repairing, andtx- 
fxedilioui fnifling of the fortiftcationt 
in Cbarles-To^in, ratified the lllh 
Jay of y illy anno domini, I707, and 
for making reparations to all pcr- 
fons for the damages they ftiall 
fudain by defending Charles- 
Town or any other place remote 
from the peoples refpeftive divi- 

277. An Additional Aft to »n aft en- 

titled An Aa ftr the moling 
and mending of roods and iigb 
va\i, and for the making a 
bridge over Jelhaw creek in Cra- 
ven county, 

278. An Additional Aft to an aft en- 

titled An Aitf/r the affointing loot 
outs, and providing nee.-Jpiriesfor the 

279. An .'\ft for the better enabling 

the right honorable the govern- 
or, or the governor for the time 
being, to raifc a force agaiiift our 
public enemies, and to raifc riio- 
nie» to dcfi-dv tlie charges of the 
fame, by cftakifhing new bills of 

2S0. An Aft for the better regulating 
the watch in Charles-'l'own, and 
for Ivtililig and mnintainrng a 
watch at the fort to be built on 
Windmill ,'oiiit, 

181. An Aft for raifing the fom of 

28z. An Aft for cnliftliig fuch trnOy 
flavcs as (hnll be thought fervice- 
alile to this Province in time of 

183. An Aft for the building a fortificn- 
lioir on Wini^mill point, and 10 
barr up and lay honhisacrols the 
channel of Aftiley river, and to 


1707, July 12. 

July !»• 

1707, Nov. al. 

1707-8, Feb. 14. 

1708, -Vpr. 14. 

Ms of ^ffemljlp* 





N". 'S; 31 C IL ®. £)ate. 

caft up trenches along the white 

point and other neceiVary places, 

and to provide a public ftorc of 

proviCon ammunition and fmall 

arms, and to draw money out of 

the public treafury to defray the 

charges of the fame, I708, April J4. 

*84. • Anadditional A(fttoana<3entitled 

an a(5l forthe eftabliihment of reli- 
gious worfhip in this Province ac- 

cordingto thechurch of England, 

and for the crctfting of churches 

for the public worfhip of God, 

and alfo for the maintenance of 

minifters and the building con- 
venient houfcs for them, 1708, Dec. 18. 
985. * An Ai5t forafcertaining the fees 

relating to the office and duty of 

a jullice of the peace, I709, May, 7. 

a86. An A6t for fettling a watch in 301. 

Charles-Town, id, 

^87. An A& to revive and continue the 

feveral Adls withiti mentioned, id, 

a88. An A(5l for cutting and clearing a 

creek out of the head of New- 

Tuwn erect into Stono river, id. 

389. An A& to fettle a gtiard in John- 303. 

fon's fort on Windmill point, id. 

390. An Ordinance of the General 

Affembly dirediing the man- 
ner how the juries Ihallbe drawn, id. 
apl. An additional A&. to an aft for 
makirg and metiditig high 'uays and 
paths, and for cutting of creeh and 
tvattr uurfes, I709, Nov. 5. 304. 

CcUml EDWARD TYNTE, Governor. 

31 ^ IC 

public fale of proviCons, and a- 
gainfl regrattirs, forellallers, and 


1710, Apr. 8. 

Colonel ROBERT G I £ £ E S, 






■E 3r ^ 1 <!f. 


An Aft for regulating taverns and 

punch houfcs, 1709-10, Jan. 14. 

Afurtbtr Additional ABKo^n aft en- 
titled An Aa for the eJlaHifhrmnt 

of riligioiii '.lorjhif in this Province 

accordinefto tlr church of 'England, and 

for the crraing of churches for the 

fiMic iLorfhip of God, and alfo for 

the maintenance of fnitvjicrt, and the 

buiUii~ ioni'enient h'.lfts for them. 

An Aft for fouiiH!r<: and erefting 

of a free fehotil for the ufe of the 

inhabJT.nnts o^ South-Carolina, 
An Ac: to prevent abufes by falfe 

weights and meafures and to ap- 
point a fwcrn meafurer with a 

claufe to prevent the fcarcity of 

An Aft for appointing a public 

vendue maimer for the rolling fuch 

goods and merchantlizes. as fhall 

be expofed to fale by public out- 

1710, Apr. 8. 



"T. ... 

An Aft for reviving and contmu- 
ing feveral r-fts therein menti- 
oned which are expired, or near 

An Aft to appoint and ereft a 
market in Charles-Town, for the 




■C 31 '3^ IL <E. Date. 

An Aft for the erefting of a new 
Brick Church at Charles-Town, 
to be the parilli church of bt. 
Philips, Charles-Tov.n, I7I0-II,Mar. I. 

An Aft for fettling a fallary on the 

public receiver, id. 

An Aft to encourage ftrangers to 
cometothis portbymaking Sulli- 
van's Ifland more remarkable by 
building a new look-out repairing 
the old houfe, and buoying the 
channel, ij. 

An Aft for raiOng the fum of 
£3000 in fmall bills for the fink- 
ing £1000 of the former bills, 
and^jcoc for and towards the 
payment of the debts due from 
the pubhc, and to appoint a fund 
for the fame, id. 

An Aft for reducing the watches 
and look-outs placed and appoint- 
ed on thefcacoaftof this Province 
to a leffer number, and regulating 
and providing convenient necef- 
faries and allowances for the fame, 
and alfo encouraging the taking 
up fervants and flaves, id. 

An Aft to oblige thofe traders 
that come from Virginia, and 
other neighbouring colonies 
to trade with the Indians and 
white pcrfons living within this 
Province and government, to 
come firft to Charles-Town and 
take out licence to trade, and to 
be fubeft to the like regulation, 
and to pay the f:ime duties of im- 
port and export with the inhabi- 
tants of this Province and gov- 
ernment, who trade with the In- 
dians living within the bounds 
of thefame~ 1711, JunciS. 

An Aft to make John Wright gen- 
tleman prefcnt agent according 
to an aft of Affembly entitled An 
ASIfor the tetter regulating the In- 
dian trade, isfc. fubjeft and liable 
to the penalty of a certain bond 
by him entered into for the due 
execution of his truft :nd office 
for any breach of the fame by him 
committed, notwitliltanding the 
faid bond be not to be found, id. 

* An Aft for regulating taverns and 

punch houfes, id. 

An Aft for reviving and continu- 
ing feveral Afts tlierein menti- 
oned, which are expired or near 
expiring. id. 

An Aft for the encouragement of 
trade and navigation, by build- 


%f)t CitlfS of tlje 



1711, June 28. 

171 1, Nov. 10. 

Colonel R B E ItT G I B B E S, 


N'. ^ .■© 3! ■a^ 1 <c. 

!ng and owning of flilps and vef- 
feUby tlieinhabitiinis of this Rro- 
vince, and others and encourag- 
ing artii:ctrs to coniC into and 
- f build the lame. 

J09. * All adJUioiul Ad to an additional 
act to an a<5l entitled, an ad for 
the ciiit'ing and niahing a path out 
Jram thi rtad an the north JiJr of 
.Alhlty «V '" '*' '<"''" "J l^>^^- 
tuu in Colleton county, and appointing 
firies on the fiid road ; and to 
repjalthrceciaufcs or paragraphs 
in the iUi.1 additional ai^, 

J 10. • An AiS for continaini; the high 
mad from .'^ouih-Kdillo river to 
the illands of Port-Royal, and 
Kt. Helena, and appointing 
bridges and ferries in the faid 
road, id. 

.UI. An A(S for the raifing the fum of 
yf40C0, current money by lay- 
ing fundiy additional duties on 
liquors and other goods and nier- 
chandifes for the carrying on an ^ 

tipedition agamft the northern 
Indians, enemies to the crown of 
Great IJritain, and for the aid- 
ing and aflifting the inhabitants 
of North-Carolina, who are now 
aflually invaded by the fald Indi- 
ans, id. 

312. An A(fl for the keeping and main- 
taining a watch and good orders 
in Charles-Town, id. 

CHARLES CRAVEN, Esq, Governor. 

;,1.1. • An additional Ad to the fcvcral 

ails relating to the cftabllhnicnt 
* of religious woiihip in this Pro- 
vince and now in force in the 

fame, and alfo tr> tlve a6l for fccur- 

ing the provincial hbrary at 

Charles-Town in Carolina. 
JI4. An Aft for the encouragement of 

3IJ. An additional aA to an ai5l entitled, 

an lid to provide iiidijfcreiit jttrymeH 

in alleai.fl civil and iriminal, 

316. An A& for the better ordering and 

holding the court of general fedi- 
ons.aliize and gaol deliveiy, and 
the court of common pleas in 
this Province, 

317. An Ad forbuilding a convenient 

State Houfe, for the holding of 

the General AlTcmblics, courts of 

juftice, and othtr public ufes, 
31S. An AA for purchalnig land, and 

building a houfc for the ufe of the 

rij^ht honorable the Governor, 

and the fucceeding Governors of 

this Province, 
319. An Aifl for regulating the Indian 

tiadc, and making it fafe and 

beneficial to the ^lublic, and fur 



3; 'S 1 «r. 



171a, JOne 7. 








the preventing the alnifcs cotn- 
niittcd by th: Indian traders a- 
mongll the Indians, 

* Ac Aifl for the better ordering 
and governing of negroes aod 

* An A& for the appointing a fcr^ 
ry over the eaftern branch of the 
'1'. i>f Cucper river, and for the 
making of caufeways, landings 
and bridges for the bettercoavcni- 
encyofthe faid ferry. 

An Aift for building and erefling a 
bridge and caufeways over the ri- 
verat thelandingof Mr. William 
Stanyarne and one other bridge 
and ciiufeway from the landing of 
Wr. 'I honiaa Ueabrooke to the 
land of M.idr.m Elizabeth Blake 
over Wadmelaw river. 

An additional aft to the feveralafts 
for making and repairing the high 

An Aft for the better (Irengthening 
of this Province, by encrcafmg 
the numbers of the Inhabitants 
thereof, and for encouraging 
the making of pot a(h, buiUiirig 
faw mills, and other mechanic 

An additional aft to an additional 
aft to an aft entitled an ad for 
repairing and expeditious Jinijhing of 
the fortifications of Charles- Tomi and 
'Jobnfim'sfort, and for putting the 
iaid fortifications in repair and 
good order, and fuftaining the 
lame, and for building a public 
magazine in Charles-Town, and 
for appointing a powder receiver 
anil gunner. 

An Ac'l for raifing the fum of 
£j2,oco, by (lamping and efta- 
blirtiing new bills of credit, and 
putting the fame out to Intereft 
in order to call in and fink the 
former in bills of credit, ind 
thereby give a further encourage- 
ment to trade and commerce. 

An Aft for the more efTcftual pre- 
venting the fpreading of conta- 
geous dillempers. 

An Aft forfoundingand erefting of 
a frccl'chool in Charles-Town for 
the nfe of the inhabitants of this 
Province of .South-Carolina, 

• An Aft for the better obfervatlon 
of the Lord's day commonly 
called .'^unday, 

• An Aft to empower, the right 
honorable the Governor of thii 
Province, the lords deputies, 
the chief juftice, or the iuftices 
of the peace, and other ofliccrs or 
minifters within this Province, 
to execute and put in force in the 
fame, an aft made in the king- 
dom of England, in the ,",lflyear 
of the reign of the late king 
Charles the 2d, entitled " An 
aft for the better fecurinj the 


1 712, June 7. 


1714 Dec. ij. 


m^ of laCfemblin 


CHARLES CRAVEN,. Esq. Governor. 

'H "S % ^ (S, 







liberty of tlie fubjeii, and for 
prevention of imprifonmcnts be- 
yond the feas commonly called 
the habeas corpus aifl, 

• An A(ft to put in force JD this Pro- 
vince the feveral ftatates of the 
kingdom of England or South- 
Britain therein particularly men- 

• An A61 for fettling the titles of 
the inhabitants of this Province 
tothcir pdirdVions in their eitatcs 
within the fame, and for iimitati-- 
ens 01 aiSicns and for avoiding 
fuits in law, 

An Aft for the better fecuring the 
payment of debts due from any 
perfon inhabiting and rcfidingbe- 
yond the lea orelfewhere without 
the limits of this Province of 
fjouth- Carolina, and to fubjeil a 
fe«ie covert, that is a fole trader 
to be arrcllcd and fued for. any 
debt contracted by her as a fofc 

■• An A&. for tfce better relief of 
the poor of this Province, 

• An A(S to. make perpetual the fe- 
veral ads therein mentioned. 

An Aa for feitUng the ifiand called 
Palawanna upon the Cufaboc Ii>- 
dians now living in Granville 
county, and upon their poflerity 
for ever. 

An A<ft for appointing an agent to 
folicit the aitairs of this Province 
in the kingdom of Great Britain, 

An A6t: for printing the laws of 
this Province, 

An Ad to afcertain a fund for can- 
celling the fum of £7566 4 2i 
in bills of credit that is to fay, 
the fum of £3566 4 84 the re- 
maining bills uncancelled of the 
jr4OO0, made by ad of AlTembly 
for the carrying on the northern 
expedition againft the Tulkoro- 
racs, and the fumof £4<x;omorc 
being fo much direcled to be paid 
to the public receiver by an ad 
entitled an ad for the making 
the fum of ;£j2000,&c. for which_ 
there has not been as yet any fund 
appointed, as alfo to nominate 
another commiffioner of tlie for- 
tifications and magazine in Char- 
lellown, and for the more fpeedy 
recovery of fmnll debts. 

An Ad for reviving and continuing 
tlic feveral =ids therein mention- 
ed, which are expired or near ex- 

An Ad for raifing the fum of£lIJ 
on thofe perfons who by an ad 
of Af.embly entitled an ad for 
making- and mending high ways, 
&c. ranfied in open AffcmHylhe 
Sth day of Od^iber iC;?, arc fpe- 
cially appointed to make a high- 


:7l3,Dec. j: 










way or common road upon Tho' 
ma5-Ifland and the north weft 
fide of Wando river, and aifd (In • 

thofe perfon s who by one other 
■ ad of Aflembly entitled an addi- 
tional ad to an ad for making 
and mending of high ways, &c. 
ratified in open Affembly, the « ' 

5th day of November, anno Do- 
mini 1709, are appointed to keep 
in good and fufticient repair the 
bridge over tlie creek on the iK>»th ^ 

Weil lide of 'Ihomas-Ifland, ccnir- 
m.only called the Wading'Placc, 
in orticr to pay 'ind reimburfc co- 
lonel Robert Daniel, Jun. who 
built and ercdcd the faid bridge, I712, Dec. II. 
A declaratory Ad concerning the 
feveral ads' of Affembly of this 
Province that are repealed, and 
alfo concerning the adjournments 
of the Crmntons Houfe of Af- 
fembly, ' 1713. Dec. li. 
" An additional Ad to air ad en- 
titled an ad for the better relief 
of the poor of this Province, id. 
• An additional Ad to an ad enti- 
tled an ad to prevent and fupprefs 
fire in Charleftown, _ id- 
An additional Ad to an ad enti- 
tled an ad for building and ered- 
ing a bi^idge and caufeways over 
the river at the landing of Mr. 
William .Stanyarne, and one o- 
thet br.dge and caulewjy from the 
landing of Mr. Thomas Sea- 
brooke to the land of Madam E- 
lizabeth Blake over Wadmelaw 
river, id- 

An Ad for appointing two fcout 
canoes and providing ncccllanes^ 
for the fame, ^d. 

An Ad to prevent wines of the 
<;rowth of the Wertern iCands to 
be imported into this Province as 
Wines of the growth of Madei- 
ra, and for leffcning the duty of 
lic;ht deer (kins not weighing fnt- 
teen ounces, *•- 

An Ad to encourage ftrangers to 
come to this port by making' Sul- 
livan's Idand more remarkabfe 
by building a new look-out, and 
buoying the channels, id. 

An Ad for the more fpeedy com- 
mencement and prol'ecution of 
fuits of law in the court of Com- 
mon Pleas in this Province, id. 

An A61 for the keeping and main- 
taining of a watch and good or- 
der9-in Charleftown, id. 

An Ad to fettle a guard in John- 

fon's fort on Windmill-Point, iJ. 

An Ad to revive and continue feve- 
ral laws and paragraphs of laws 
and for repealing and making 
voiS fonie daufesin another law, id. 

An Acl lor railing the fum of / zoco 
of andirom the i&Mi lesl aud 


%\)t Cities of ti)t 

CHARLES C RAV EA\ Esq. Governor. 

perfonal of the inhabitants of 
this Province, 

J54. An Aifl to crecS a parochial chap- 
pel of eafe, fcparate from the 
church of St. James, Santee in 
Craven county, in the pariih of 
St. James, 

J55. An Ail for continuing the road to 
Edifto Ifland and making abridge 
over Dawho creek, and finiihing 
the road to Port Royal, and mak- 
ing a bridge over South Edifto 

3j6. An additional Aft to an a<!l enti- 
tled yin Aa for the'bitUr orJerwg 
anti governing of negroes^ and all 
other Jl.'v.s, 

357. An additional Aft to an additional 
aft tn anaft cntitledanaft forpre- 
ventingthefea'bfurthcr encroach- 
ment on the wharf of Charles- 
Town, and for repairing the 
Baftions Half Moon and redoubts 
on the fame, 

3j8. An Aft for making a high road out 
of Alhley river road to the plan- 
tation of Mr. Thomas Ofgoods, 
near Pon Pon river, 

359. An Aft for cutting, clearing and 

making a convenient creek or wat- 
er courfc through the part of the 
land belonging to Mr. John Jones 
commonly called the Hall-over, 

360. An Aft for appointing an agent to 

folicit andtranfaft the public af- 
fairs of this Province in the king- 
dom of Great Britain, 

361. An Aft for avoiding deceits in fel- 

ling of beef and pork, pitch and 
tar, rofin and turpentine, by ap- 
pointing packers in feveral parts 
of this Province, 

362. An acL'ilional Aa to an aft entitled 

an aa/or raifrng thcfum of glOOO, 
of and from the efluta r ml and per- 
fonal of the inhabitants of this Pro- 
■vime, ratified in of en AJfemUy the 
iZth day cf December, I7I4; and 
for laying an additional duty on 
all Ncgroe flaves imported into 
this Province from any part of 

363. An Aft for the mending and keep- 

ing in repair the caufcway over the 
niarlhcs of Combee river in Col- 
leton county, 

364. An Aft to confirm and juftify the 

procccdlni;s of the ri)«ht hono- 
rable the Governor, the honora- 
ble the deputy Governor, and the 
reft of the members of the council 
in their afting for the fervice of 
liis majefly and the lordspropric- 
lors in defence of thii Province, 
363. An Aft to empower tlie right ho- 
nourable Charles Craven, Efq. 
Governor, and his council to 
carry on and profecute the w?r 
at;ainft our Indian enemies, and 
their conicdcratct, 


1713, Dec. 18 


% % % t, ^, 


An Aft to impower the right hon- 
orable Charles Craven, Efq. 
Governor, captain general with 
the confent of his council, to raile 
forces to carry on the war againft 
the Indian enemies and their con- 
federates and to eftablilh martial 
law in this Province, I715, May, IJ. 

I7I4, June. 12. 367. An Aft for the appointing agents to 
tranlaft the affairs of this Prov- 
ince, with the Governor of Vir- 
ginia, and the Governor of Mary- 
land, and to accommodate the ar- 
ticles ilrcady made with the gov- 

ta* ernmeut of Virginia, to the mu- 

tual fatisfaftion of all that are 
therein concerned, I7I5i Aug. 27. 

368. An Aft to raife forces to profecute 
1714, Dec. 18. the war againft our Indian ene- 

mies, andtoftamp bills of credit 
for the payment of the army and 
defraying the charges of the war, 
and to afcertain a fund for cancel- 
ling the fame bills, and to appoint 
courts martial, and to prohibit 

*Q- the exportation of all European- 

goods, and corn, and peas, and 
raw hides, and tanned leather and 
negroe flaves, id. 

'd- 369. An .'\ft to raife the fum of £30,000 

of and from tlie eftates real and 
pcrlonal of the inhabitants of this 
Province, m order to fink the like 
fum of £30,000, in bills of credit 

•"• ftampt for the more fpetdy carry- 

ing on and defraying the charges 
of the war againft our Indian 
enemies and their confederates, 

•"■ as alfo for raifing the fum of 

£30,000, towards difcharging 
the debts contrafted by the pub. 
lie fince the commencement of 
the war, id. 

'°' 370. An Aft for raifing forces to profe- 

cute the war againft our Indian 
enemies, and to ftamp bills of 
credit for payment of arrears due 
to the foldiersinlifted in the army 
by the late aft ratified the 17th 
of Auguft laft, and to prohibit 
the exportation of corn, and peas, 1 7 15-6, Mar. 14. 

1714-3, Feb. 18. 




1715, May, 10. 



■C 31 ^ IL OE. 

Au Aft to appropriate the Yamafee 
lands to the ule of fuch perfons as 
fhall come into and fettle ihem- 
felves in this Province, and to 
I'uch 01 her perfons qualified as 
therein mentioned. 

An Aft to encourage the iniporta- 
tion of white fervants into thi» 

An Aft for the better regulation 
of the Indian trade by empower- 
ing the commilTioners therein 


1 716, Jun. 30. 


ms of affcmljlp. 


ROBERT DANIEL, f.i(i. Deputy Governor. 

named to manage the fame for 

the folc life benefit and behoof of 

the public, 1716, Jun. 30. 

374. An Act for laying an impofition on - 

liquors goods and mer^handifes 

imported into and exported out of 

this province, for the raifinix of 

a fund of money, towards the 

defraying the public charges, and 

expences of the government, id. 

3JJ. An Ai5t to continue tlis currency of ■ 

£30,000, in bills ofcreJiiftamped 

and made by virtue of an a<3 of 

the late General AiTem'uiy i,f this 

Province, intitlcd an aiit to raife 

forces to prosecute the war againft 

our Indian enemies, and to uamp 

bills of credit for the payment of 

the army and defraying the 

charges of the war, and to afccr- 

tain a fund for cancelling thit 

fame bills, &c. ratified in open 

AiVembly, the 2-th day of Au- 

gull, 1715, as -alio to continue 

the currency of r$,ooa in bills 

of credit made by virtue of an 

afl of this prefent General Af- 

fembly, rutiffed the 24th d.iy of 
t March, 1 715 entitled an a<5t for , 

raifmg forces to proftcute the war 

againli our Indian enemies, and 

to ftanip bills of credit for pay- 
ment of arrears due to the fnldi- 

ers enlifted in the ai'my, &c._as 

alfo to ftamp the fum of £l5,(X)0 

in bills of credit for fupporting 

and carrying on the prelcnt war 

againft our Indian enemies and 

defraying the charges of thefame, 

and alfo to raife and levy the fum 

of £95,000, that is to fay, 

£,iS,ooo, for the prefent year 

1 7 16, and the fum of £30,000 

per annum for the two fucceed- 

ing years, of and from the lands 

and negroes of the inhabitants of 

this Province, for the paying off 

and difcharging the public debts 

already contracted, or to be con- 

traifled by reafon of the prefent 

Indian war, or otherwife and in 

order to fmk thefaid feveral funis 

ftamp'd and to be ftamped in bills 
of credit asaforefaid, andforother 
the purpofts herein-after menti- 
oned, and for apportioning the 
fum of £16,000 part of theafore- 
faid tax. on the merchants and 
other inhabitants living and reCd- 
ing within th« limits of the town 
Plat of Charles-Town, id. 

376. An Atl to appoint a prefs mafter 
and lay a penalty upon any perfon 
or perfons that fhall refufc upon 
oath to appraife fuch goods and 
all other neceffaries as fhall be 
jnipreffeJ for the fcivlte of the 
public, id. 


E 31 ^ It OF. 


377. An A(5l forrevivingand continuing 

theifever»la6hs therein mentioned 
which-are expired or near expir- 
ing:. 17 16, Jun. 30, 

378. An additional A& to an a<ft to pre- 

vent deceitsin lelling of rice, beef, 
pork, pitch, tar, rofin and tur- 
pentine, id, 

379. An Ad for the better fettling and 

regulating the militia, i^.. 

3S0. An Adl for the due encouragement 

of Dr. William Crook, of this 

Province, _in his preparing and. 

alfo vending and felling a certain. 

conrpofitionof his own. invention, 

one part of which is the oil or 

fpirit of tar which with other in-- 

gredicnts willpreferve the bot- 
toms of vcffels from the river 

AVorm, and alfo the plank from 

rotting, i"??. 

jSr. An Aift to impower the commif- 

fioncrs appointed to ftamp 

£15,000 in bills of credit to pay 

for tftirty two. white fcrvants pur- 
chafed by the honourable the 

Governor, to be employed in de- 
fending this Province againft our ■ 

enemies as alfo- to pay for their 

maintenance before they were 

delivered into theGovernor's pof- 

f":"'™. 1716, Aug. 4. 

3S2. An Act to keep inviolate and pre- 

fervethe freedoms of ele<5iionsaud 

appoint who fliall be deemed and 

adjudged capable of chuling or 

being choltn members of the 

commons houfe of Affembly, I716, Dec. 15. 

383. An AA for appointing rangers to 

guard (he frontiers of this Pro- 
vince againft the invnfion of our 
Indian enemies, and for makinof^ 
a further provifion for the garri- 
fons of Port-Royal and Savannah 
Town, ;j, 

384. An Additional Act to an act in- 

titled an ad for the better regu- 
lation of the Indian trade by im- 
powering the comniiflioners 
therein named, to manage the 
fame for the fole ufe benefit and 
behoof of the pubhc, ;4. 

385. An A6t for the payment of the fum. 

of £iOO current money unto Ma- 
zia the wife of John Charleton 
late of this Province vintner, in 
cafe file proci.res the Hoofpa 
King now at tit. Auguftlnc, and 
his people to return, and be fub- 
jed again to this governnient, id. 

386. An Ad to impower the honorable 

the deputy Governor or the com- 
mander in chief for the time be- " 
ing, to Tmprtfs neccflaries for the 
uie of the garrifon at Savannah 
Town, and to raife forces to join 
the Cherokee Indians to the further 
profecution of the war againft our 
Indian enemies, and to appoirt 
coinmiffioners to take, fettle, and 


%\jt Cities of rtje 

ROBERT DANIEL, Eso. Deputy Governor. 

adjufl fuch out ftandlng debts as 

are due from the public for feve- 

ral neccfl'aries in^prcffcd for the 

fervicc of the war from the in- 

bitants of this Province, 171^1 Dec. 30. 

387. An A(t for the better ordering and 

fettling the pilotage, id. 

i88. Au Aft to enable tlie honorable the 
' deputy Governor with the con- 

fcf.t of the council to carry on the 

prefcnt expedition againft our In- 
dian enemies, 1716-7, Jan. 26. 

389. An A& to grant feveral privileges 

exemptions and encouragements 
to fuch of his maj;:fty's protcftant 
fubjefts as arc defirous to come 
into and fettle in tliis Provir.ce, 1716-7. Feb. 16. 

390. An Aft for enlarging the nOlary of 

the public receiver, M^ 

S jl. ^1 AJJUionitl and ixplanatory Ali to 
an aft entitled an ail ta lirip iniio- 
latc andprtf!r-vc thcfneJam of elec- 
tions, and to appoint irho Jball U 
deemed and adjudged capable ofcbttfing 
or being chofen members (if the commoiu 
houfe ofAJcmbly, duly ratified in 
open Affemhly the 15th day of 
December, 1 7 16, 1717, June. 29. 

302. An Aft to repeal the firft chufe of 
an aft of Afltmbly of this Pro- 
vince entitled an additional aB t„\in 
aa entitled an ait ta prc'Jcnt andfup- 
■pr,f,fre in Cbarles-Town, and to 
repeal feveral other afts herein 
393. An Additional Aft to an aft cnti. 
tied an additional acH to the feve- 
ral afts for making and repairing 
of high ways, ratified the 7th 
June, 1712, 
394. An Aft for repairing the road from 
the plantation of the late Daniel 
Hugcr deccafcd, in the pariOt of 
St. James, Santec, to the planta- 
tion of Captain Bartholomew 
Gaillard, and for making a road 
from thcfaid Bartholomew Gail- 
lard's plantation, to the plantati- 
on of Mr. Francis Williams, 
and alfo for bnilding a bridge 
over Itchaw creek, and other 
fmall bridges over the creeks, ly- 
jng in the faid roadi, 
305. An AiJI to impower cominiflioncra 
to makconc orniore cutsor ciccks 
in the parifh of Clirift Church for 
the more convenient tranfporting 
of the goods, &c. by water to 
Charlillown, of tlie perftinswiih- 
in the liniiu herein mentioned, id. 

-96. All Aft for making a road from 
■* Mr. Richard Woodwrrd's ):lan- 

tation on James Idand, to the 
jilontation of Mr. RicharJ God- 
fr(y, and building a bridge over 
Wappoo-crick, 'd. 

397. An Aft to iippropriatc to fuch par- 
ticular ufcs a> are hcicin menti- 
oned, what raoiiic fl.all ien:iiin 

■^ J '3: 1 (2E. 




of the £7500 which by an aft ef 
Afiembly for appointing ran- 
gers ratified December 15, 1716, 
was put into a box, and lodged 
in the hands of Ralph Izard, Efq. 
after the fum of £4036 10, due 
for the fervice of the rangers, to 
be appointed by an aft to be 
palled in this felTion of the Affem- 

bly and to the officers and foldiers 
belonging to Port-Royal and Sa- 

vannaii-town garrifons until the 

ift day of November, 1717, 
(hall be talcen out of the faid box, 

and fecurcd to be paid toihera or 

their afiigns, 1717, June tj. 

398. An Aft to revive and continue an 

afi fcr appilntinv rangers to guard ■ 

the frontiers of ibis Prmtinee, 

againjitie incurfions of our Indian 

enemies, and for making farther 

provifion fur the garrifons at Port- 
Royal and Savannah-town, ii. 

ROBERT JO H KSO N, E.sq. ikejirfl turn 
of his biing Governor. 

N'. tE 31 •91: t (E. JDatf. 

39;. * An Aft to ereft the upper part of 

the parilh of -St. Andrcwscn Alh-. 

ley liver into a ibftrift parifii.fe- 

parate from the lower part of the 

parifh, I7I7,Dec. II. 

400. An Aft for the further encourage- 
ment of the clergy of this Pro- 
vince,by advancing their falaries, 
and for empowering the com- 
milTioners appointed by the aft 
commonly called the Church Aft 
to take up from the lords propri- 
etors, a grant for part of the 
land belonging to Beaufort, for a 
Glebe for the ufe of the reftor,or 
niinifterof the pariCi of ."it. Helena id. 

401. An A& for the belter governing and 

regulating white fcrvants, id. 

402. An Aft to continue two certain 

afts of AlTemhly of this Pro- 
vince therein mentioned, id, 

403. An Aft to empower the right ho- 

nnrable the governf)r to raife and 
inlift foldi«r> for tlie defence of 
this Province, and alfo to pro- 
vide a fund for dcfr.iyiiig the 
charges arifing thereby, i<l. 

404. An additinnalaft toaii aft riititlcdan 

aB for laying an impojitionoii liquors, 
and exported out cf tUs hrvninciftr 
the raijing a fund of money to^r.irds 
ilK defraying the fmldii cbaiges and 
expe-ves'/ tie governiKenl, ralified 
in o]vn An'eniMy the JOtli day 
of June J 7 rfi, id. 

4CJ. An additional aft to an aft enti- 
tled, an ai'l to continue tie currency 
of £30,000, in nils (ifm-JitflanJi- 
edandiKclde ly virtue of ,m a^ of 
tie late Genera! Affcinbly of Ihii 
J'ruviuiC, ti.lilUd an ail to raife 


Ms of arfcmbl^* 

ROBERT JOHNSON, Esq. t/ic firjl time 
of his icing Govtrnor. 

fhrees to profecute the ivur againfi 
cur Ind' enetnies, aitii to Jiamp billt 
cfci-editfortbe payment of the army 
and defraying the charges of the ivar 
<and to afcertain a fund fur canceli' 
ing the fume hill/, is'c. ratified in 
open Affembly the a7th day of 
Aug. 1 715, as alfo to continue 
the cuiTency of £_s ,000 in bills of 
credit made by virtue of an adl 
of this prefent General AITcmbly 
"ratified the 24th day of March 
I715-6 entitled, an aa for raiftng 
forces to frofeute the ii-ar a-^ainjl 
-our Indian enemies, and to fiamp 
hills if credit for payment of ar' 
rears due to the fddiers, intijlcd in 
the army, &c. as alfo to flanip the 
fum of £15,000, in bills of cre- 
dit, for fupportijig and carry- 
ing on the prefent war againft 
X)ur Indian enemies and defray- 
ing the charges of the fame, and 
alfo to raife and levy the fum of 
£95,000 (that is to fay) £35,000 
for this prefent year, 1 7 16, and 
the fum of £30,000 per. annum 
for the two fucceeding years, of 
and from the landsand negroes of 

the inhabitants of this Province 
for the paying* off and dlf^h.vrging 

the puMic debts already contra(5t- 

ed, by reafon of the prcfi.-nt In- 
dian war or otherwife, and in 
order to fink the feveral funis of 
£30,000, £5000, and £15,000, 

flamped and to be ftampcd in 

bills of credit as aforefaid, and for 

other the purpofes herein-after 

mentioned, and for apportioning 

the fum of £16,000 part of the 

aforefaid tax on the merchants 

and other inhabitants living and 

refiding within ^Ive limits of the 

Town Plut ofCliarlts-Tovvn, ra- 
tified the 3crh day of June 1716. 1717, Dec. II. 
■406. A further additional afi to an a>ft en- 
titled an all for the hetter otderiitg 

and tro'vernirg negroes and ali other 

Paves and to an additional a6t to 
"an a<a entitled, an alt for the Uf- 

ter ordering ard governing negroes 

and nil other Jlavcs, id. 

407. An Ad to empower the honorable 

the Govtrnor to raife forces to be 
fen; to the ailidance of the Chc- 
rokeesaeainft their enemies, and 
for providing for the fubfiftence 
and payment- of the, 1 718, July 5. 

408. An c\A to continue the garrifon at 

5\avannah-Tov/n, and the two 
fcout boats appointed to be placed 
to the iouthward, -.^nd todifcharge 
the cfF.ters and foldiers who were 
employed in the late expe lition 
to the Creek Indians, and to 
make provifion fcr the charge 61 
the fame, '''' 

409. An A& for reviving and continu- 

ing the feveral aiils therein men- 
tioned which are expired or near 
expiring, alfo to repeal one other 
adl thei-ein named, 

410. An Aft for the more fpeedy and re- 

gular trial of pirates, 

411. An Adl for building a bridge over 

the weftern branch of Cooper-ri- 
ver at or near Child[bury-Town, 
alias the Strawberry, 
411. An AcSl for continuing this prefent 
AU'embly one month longer, 

413. An Ad for raifing the fum of 

£ 70,000 on lands ano negroes for 
defraying the public debts, fink. 
ing the public orders, ami for the 
calling in, cancelling and finking 
the fum of £30,000, which is 
now (landing out in bills of cre- 
dit, over and befides the Bank 

414. An Aft for reviving and continuing 

the feveral afts tf.erein mention- 
ed which are expired or near ex- 

415. An additional Aft to the feveral 

afts now of force relating to the 
payment of the lords' rents and 
the fale of their lands in tliis Pro- 

416. An Aft to afcertain the manner and 

form of elefting members to re- 
prefent the inhabitants of thii 
Province in the Commons Houfe 
of AiTembly, and to appoint v/ho 
ihall be deemed and adjudged ca- 
pable of chuHng or being chofen 
members of the faid Houfc, 

417. An Aft for laying an impofition 

on negroes, liquors, and o*her 
goods and merchandizes import- 
ed into and exported out of this 
Province, for the raifing of a fund 
of money towards the defraying 
the public charges and cxpcnccs 
cf this government as alfo to re- 
peal feveral duty Afts,and claufes 
andparagraphs of afts as is herein 

418. An additional Aft to the aft now 

in force relating to the fortificati- 
ons in Charlefiown, 

419. An Aft to fettle and regulate the 

Indian trade, 

i7i2> July J- 

1718, Ofto. 17. 

1718-9, Feb. JO.' 

17-18-9, M»r. t*. 

Colonel JAMES MOORE, Govnnor. 
N", C 31 '3D X ©. S)au, 

-420. An Aft for removing and prevent- . • 

ing allqueflions and difputes con- 
cerning the afTembling zrA fit- 
ting of this prefent AiTembly cf 
the fettlemontiaSouth-Ca-.olina, 1719, Dec. 2^, 

421. An Ordinance for the repayment 
of thofe pcrfons who had fub- 
fcribcd and agreed to pay Capt. 
John Gi-ndron icyr rice f'-r »'ie 
ufe of the agent in Great Britaiir, l7i;,-',o, Jan. 30. 

42a. An Ordinance for adjournmg the 

next General Seflions, 1719-ao, Feb. rt. 



'€\)z Cities of tljt 



Cclcntl JAMES MOORE, Governor. N°. 

N", ® 31 C t ©. Date. 

413. An AiS for preventing the em- 

bezlemcntof the public recordsof .,- 

this fettlemcnt and for obtainir^ 

the fame out of the hands of fucli 

pcrfoni as now have the cuftody 

thereof, 1715-20, Feb. 12. 

424. An Acl for the better regulating 

the courts of juftice, id. 

42J. An A& for the fpeedy recovery of 

fmall debts out of court before a 

lingle juftice of the peace, id. 

426. An Act for preferving the arms, 

animuuition and other warlike 

fiorcs belonging to the public of 

this fettlenieut, id^ 

417. An Aft for keeping and maintain-, ,0 

ing a watch and good orders ia 

Charles-'l'own, id. 

428. An Ai5l for cutting and clearing a 

creek from the head of Jiack ri- 
ver, overagaiiirt the landing of 

major David Durham to the 

bridge.near the plantation of capt 

Roger Moore in the parifli of bt, 

James Goofc-crtelt, id. 

a:'). An Aft for the making of a road or 

higli way from Johnfon's fort on 

James-lfland to the weft end of 

the caufevvay leading to Wappoo- 

bridge, and from the laid caufe- 

v.'ay into the high road leading 

from the plantation of William ^* ' 

fzibbes to the church of St. An- 
drew on the fou;h fide of A(h- 

ley river, and for explaining the 

firft chufe of an act of AlTtmbly 

cf this fcttlejnent, ratified the 

loth day of Ni>veniber 171 1, re» 

lating to the cutting and making 

a path, out from the road on tlte 

nor th.fide of Afhley rivtr to the 

town of Willton in Colleton 

county, id. ^''*' 

4J0. An Aft for the continuing the road 

on the foulh fide of Afhley river 

from. the creek commonly called 

Jacobs or Wail's creek, to Wcfto 

Sdvannuh inclufivc, id. 

4;;i. An A6). for reviving and continuinj ^^3' 

the fcvcral th-rein mentioned 

which arc cipired or near expir- 
ing, and likcwife for repealing *^^' 

one claufc of another aft therein 

named, and alfo for declaring 

fmtie other laws heretofore paffod 

in thisfetllcment of South-Caro- ^^^' 

Ijna to be of full force witliin the , 

fame, id. I4O. 

431. An Aft againrt excelTive ufury, 1719-ao, I'eb. IJ. 

433. An additional .'\ft to an aft for ri> 

gulating taverns and punch 

Koules, id. 

434. An additional Aft to an aft entitled ^*'" 

an aJJitionat ml to the a^ tltiio 
nf /„ree rilalin)( la the forlijcilkni 
in Clyrlet-rown, id. 

435. An Aft for the encouragtmcnt of ^^^' 

plantin;', and relief of debtors, id. 

436. An Additional Aft to an aft enti- 

tled aa aft for raificg the lum of 

■2t 31 1: 1 e. 

;£ 70,000 on lands and negroes, 
&c. and for difcharging the pub- 
lic debts. 

An Aft for the cnlifling fuch trufty 
Haves as fhall be thought fervice- 
able to the fettlemcnt in time of 
alarms and for encouragement of 
iailors to ferve the fame againil 
our enemies, and for impowering 
the commillioners for ftamping 
rice, orders to pay the fame, and 
declaring how the forfeitures 
ihall be recovered of perfons of- 
fending againft the additional aft 
« to the aft commonly called the 
tax aft, palTed February the 13th, 

An Aft lor fupporting the prcfent 
government under the admini- 
uration of the honorable James 
Moore, Efq. the prefent Govern- 
or of the fame or any fuecccding 

An Aft for the better fupporting of 
the pdbiic credit of this fettle- 

An Aft for carrying on the building 
and for finifhing and compleat- 
ing the new brick church in 
Charles-'l'own, and declaring it 
to be the parifh church of St. 
Philip's Charles-'l'own, 

An Aft for fupporting and paying 
of the arrears now due to the 
feveral garrifons fcout boats look- 
outs Johnfon's fort Charles-Town 
watch for making good the defi- 
ciency of this laft year's tax aft, 
and for difcliarging of all the pub- 
lic orders, accounts,, and other 
debts now due, for which no fuf- 
ficient provifion has been hereto- 
fore made. 

An Aft for the more fpeedy reco- 
vcrii>g, obtaining and getting in 
fuch funis of money as are now 
in arrear and unpaid of the taxes 
appointed to be paid in April, 
1720, and in the former taxes. 
An Aft to prohibit the exportation 
of prnvilions, and encourage the 
inip>rtation of the fame. 

An Aft for reviving and continu- 
ing the fever.U afts therein men- 
tioned which arc expired or near 

• An Aft for the amendment of 
the l«w. 

An additional aft to an aft entitled 
an aJililioiiill alt to an afl for raif- 
ing thefum of £, ;O,00O on lanils ami 
negroes, and for liifibarging the public 

An Aftfor reviving and continuing 
the feveral aels therein mention- 
ed which are expired or near cx- 

An Aft for re»ivingand continume 
the feveral aft« within mentioned 
•which arc U£ired or near txpir- 


1719-20, Feb. Ij 

1720, June 17. 

1720, Dec. 10. 

1720, Dec. 10". 

1720, Dec. 


17JO-1, Feb. 17. 


M^ of OTemblP- 


FRANCIS NIC II LSO N,Ei(i. Governor. N° 

N°. %:r '€ iL as. 

441;. An A(Slfor a moftjojful and jaftre- 
cognition of tlie immediate law- 
ful and undoubted fucccflion of his 
moil I'acred majeily King George 
to tile crown of Great Britain, 
France and Ireland, of trie Ito- 
vince of South-Carolina, and all 
his Majefty's dominions, &c. 

450, Aft AH forefta'ilifliing the tranquil- 

lity of his Majefty's Province of 

451, An A61 for confirming and conti- 

nuing the feveral a<Ss therein 
mentioned, and for colieifting 
the arrears of taxes, and confirm- 
ing judicial proceedings in the 
courts of law, 
451, An ordinance paffed by the Gene- 
ral Aficmbly, Auguil; the 24th 

453. An A(5t for preventing as much as 

may be, the fpreading of contagi- 
ous diftenipers, 

454. An Ail for the fpeedy recovery of 

fmall debts, 

455. An Aft for the better fettling and 

regulating the militia, 

456. • An Aft for eflablilhing a court 

of chancery in this his Majclly's 
Province of South-Carolina, 

457. * An Aft to empower the feveral 

coraniifljoners of the high roads, 
private paths, bridges, creeks, 
caufeways, and cleanfing of water 
paffagesin this Province of South- 
Carolina, to alter and lay out the 
fame for the more direft and bet- 
ter con veniency of tile inhabitants 
4j8. * An Aft againft exceOive ufury, 

459. * An Aft to alter the bounds of 

St. Geor>;e's porift, 

460. An Aft for the maintaining a 

watch and keeping good orders 
in CharSes-'lown, 

461. * An Aft toafcertain the manner and 

form of elefting members to re- 
prefcnt the iithabitants of this 
Province in the Commons Houfe 
of AfTembly, and to appoint who 
fhall be deemed and adjudgedca- 
pable of chilling or being chofen 
members of the f.iid Houfe, 
4fil. An Aft for eb.e better regulation of 
the Indian trade by appointing 
commilfioners for that purpofe, 
and to furvcy and fupervifc the 
garrifons, and to fettle the bounds 
of the Indians, 

463. An Aft for appointing agents to go 

to England to folicit the affairs of 
this Province, 

464. * An Aft f'r eflablilhing county 

and precinfts courts, 

465. An Aft for appointing a public trea- 

furcr and c public officers, 

466. An Aft fur raifing the fum of 

£17,248 o 6 on lands and Caves 
for defraying the charges of the 


17BI, Aug. 18. 


•1741, Aug. 25. 

1 721, Sept. I. 

1 721, Sept. 4. 




172J, Sept. 9. ^^^^ 



1721, Sept. IJ. 









172I, Sept. 19. 




1721, Sept. 20. 


C 31 ^ 1 <S. 

feveral forts and garrifon.>, dif- 
charging the public debts, and 
providing for the other emergen- 
cies and contingent charges of 
the government. 
An Ordinance of the General Af- 
fcmbly appointing the committee 
cf corrcipondence, &c. 
An Ordinance of the General Af. 
femlily appointing commiliioners 
for deiraymg the charges of Indi- 
ans, &c. 
An Ordinance of the General Af- 
fembly for appointing a commit- 
tee for revifing the la\^s, &c. 
An Aft for granting to his Majefty 
a duty and impofition on negroes, 
liquors, and other goods and mer- 
chandizes imported nnto and ex- 
ported out of this Province, 
An Ordinance to empower and di- 
reft the commiliioners of the tas 
to pay the feveral funis therein 
An Aft for repairing the caufeway 
leading to Ashley river ferry, and 
tlic road from the foutli fide of 
Aflilq- river, to the bridge of the 
north cad branch of Stono river, 
andforinvefling the ferry incapt. 
Edmund Bellinger, 

* An Aft f<ir erefting the fettle- 
ment at Winyaw in Craven coun- 
ty into a diHindl parifli of St. 
James, Santee, in the faid county, 

An Aft for the relief of the poor 

* An Aft for the advancing the fa- 
laries of the clergy. 

An Aft for preventing the deferti- 
onofinfol vent debtors, and for the 
better fettling the frontiers of this 

* An Aft to confirm and cftablifh 
two bridges now Handing over 
the liead of Afiiley river, and for 
biilding another Bridge from the 
■fiiuth fide of the faid river to Dor- 

* An Aft for building bridges in 
the parilh of Santee, 

An Aft for the good govenmient 
of Charles-Town, 

An Aft to revive and continue an 
aft entitled an Aa for carrying on 
thl huiUlng and for fimfi'ing and 
completing the brick Church in Cbar- 
lei-T<rfn, anj declaring it to he the 
farijh church of St. Philips, Char- 

An additional Aft to an aft enti- 
tled an Aa for ejlahlifhing county 

An Aft for the better (Irengthcn- 
ing and fecuringthc frontiers of 
this Province by continuing the 
garrifon at Fort Moore, ertftnig 
the garrifon at the Palackacjola 
old town on the Savannah river, 
repairing the fort at Beaufort and 


1721, Sept, 2r. 

1721-2, Mar. 10. 

1722, June 23. 


1722, Dec. 7. 

1722-3, Feb. sjv 



%ijt Cities of t]^ 

I BANC J S J & il A' A~ N, Es<i. Gmcrnor. 
N'o. ^ 3i ^ t <e. D3tt. 

continuing two fcout-boats, and 

limiting the bounds ot the Indi- 
an Hunt by the Savannah river, 1722-3, Feb. 23. 
^23. An Ai5l for continuing Francis 

Vounge, Efcj. a»ent for trar.fucl- 

ing the affairs ot this Province in 

Great Britain, id-. 

484. All Ac't to encourage the makiEg 

of hemp, id. 

4S5. An A(ft for the amendment of an 

ad of this j-refent General Af- 

fembiy entitled an Aa for the 

idler rtguLu'tcn of the Indian tr^idc 

ty appohithig iim:miJ;Mcrs fir that 

purpaf', and to furvey and fuper- 

■uife Ibe garrifoi,^, and to fettle the 

hounds of the Indians, id. 

486. An ordinance of the General Af- 

ftmbly for appointing two coun- 
try waiters, id. 

487. All elHinate of the charges of the 

Government, that is and will be 
due on the 2jth of March next, 
1723, to be provided for the Ge,- 
neral Airembly, and agreed to. 
by the committee of iioth houies 
appointed for that purpofe, id'._ 

488. An Aift for reprinting the prcfent 

current paper bills of credit, and 
for printing the additional fum 
of £40,000, in bills of credit 
for paying of the public debts, de- 
fraying the contingent charges 
and other emergencies of the Go- 
vernment to 23th of September 
next, id.. 

489. * An \& for authorifing the Ge-. 

neral Court in Charles-City, and 
Port to exercifc fevcral powers 
and privileges allowed to the 
county and precinci courts, in 
this Province, and fome other re- 
gulations, id. 

490. An Acfl cftablilhing a ferry over 

Santee river, and for vetting the 

privileges and advantages of the 

fame in Ralph Jcrman, id, 

An Aifl fcr the better fettling ai)d 

regulating the militia, id. 

An Aft for afccrtaiiiing of public 

officer's fees, &c. id. 

An A(5l for the better ordering and 

governing of negroes and other 

flaves. id. 

An AiJl for gninting to his Ma- 

jedy, a duty and impofition on 

negroes, iiquori, and other goods 

ajid incrr handizes, for the ufe of 

the public of this Province, id.. 

An ordinance of the General Af- 

fcmbly for appointing John Crof- 

key'-icoimry waiter, 1723, June 23. 

An .\A for fettling a fair and mar- 
kets in Childflmrry-Town, in St. 

John's parilh in B.rkley county, 17^3-4 Feb. 1$. 
An A<3 for railing the fum of 
£M,ff;i on lan<ls and flaves, for 

defraying the contingent charges 

of the government from jyib- 






day of September laft part, unto 
the 29th day of September, 
which (hall be in the year of our 
Lord 1724, 

498. An Aii for keeping and maintain- 

ing a watch and good orders in 

499. An AA for fettling a fair and mar- 

kets in the town of Dorchelfcr 
in Berkley county, being a fron- 
tier in that part of the country 

500. An Ael for fetthng a fair and mar- 

kets in .\lhley river, Ferry-town 
in Berkley county, for the better 
improvement of the faid ferry, 
it being a principal ferry leading 
to Charlcs-T«wn, 

301. An AA for calling in and Gnking 

the paper bills, 

302. An Act to revive and continue the 

feveral a<5ls therein metrtioned-, 
503. ' An Ail for joining and annexing 
the inhabitants of the ferry path 
to the fame divifion with the in- 
habitants of the fouth fide of 
Alhley river, from Hooper's 
bridge, to the line that divides 
the Parifli of St. Andrews and 
St. George's, andfomeotlier pow- 
ers given to the commiflioners ot 
the high ways, 
304. An AA lor fettling and regulating 
the pilotage of this Province, 

303. An additional ai5l to an a(S enti- 

tled, an ait for the belter regulation 
of the InJitHt trade^ by appointing 
commiffwners for that purpofe, pall- 
ed lyth of .September, 1721, 
506. An Ail to appoint the commiflion- 
crs to receive the feveral fums of 
money due on Bonds for money 
taken up on intereft from the 

307. An A<Jl for the better fecurity of 

his Majefty's Province, by put- 
ting the inhabitants thereof into 
a better pofture of defence. 

308. An Act fi.r regulating the guard at 

Johnfon's fort, and for the keep- 
ing goixl orders in the feveral 
forts and garrifons under the pay 
and cftablifhment of the govern- 
ment of this Province, 

309. An ordinance for adjournment of 

the General Sellions, 

310. An K&. for the lounding .ind ercd- 

ing, governing, ordering and 
vihting a free fchool at the town 
of Dorchcftcr in the parifh of St. 
George in Berkley county, for the 
ufe of the inhabitants of the Pro- 
vince of South-Carolina, 

311. An s\&. to empower the church 

wardens of St. George's parifli, 
to fell and dHpofe of the prcfent 
glebe, and to purchafe another 
tor the ufe of the reilors of the 
faid parifli, 

312. An Alii for raifing the fum of 

£16,638, :8, I for defraying the 
coutingentcliargcsof the govctii- 


1723-4, Feb. 15. 

1724, March 12. 

1724, March 34. 


^af0 of ^ffeintili?* 

1724 March 24. 

1724, Mar. 28. 

l72j,Apr. 17. 

FRANCIS JOHNSON, E^q. Governor. 
K°. ■€-Ji%%(S. Date. 

ment for one year, commeuclng. 
the 29th September, L724, and 
ending tlie a9tii of ijeptemher, 


513. An additional A6i to an 3^&./or the keep' 

ing and maintLimin^ u ivatcb and 
good or^itrrs in Cbarlcs-Toivn^ 

514. An aiditionai A3 to an aiS to appoint 

the CQmmiJJloners to recci've tbefiveral 
finns of- money due on bonds for money\ 
taien up at intcrefi from the public^. 
JI5, An A^ for appointing a commif- 
fioncr for managing the affairs of 
the Indians, and for fupervifing 
the garrifons in the room of tha 
honorable James Moore, Ef(^ 

516. An Atfl for the encouragement of 

making fait in the i-'rovince of 

517. An Ad for veiling the fole right of 

making liilt in this l^roviiice in 
Williaoi McUchump, his heirs- 
alligns, fcr 14 years, id. 

518. AnAdfor velting the fole right of 

holding and keeping a ferry over 
Elack river, in Prince George's 
Parilh, in Alexander Montgo-- 
mery his heirs and alBgns, for 10. 
years, Td. 

519. An A(5l to im power the commif-- 

fioners of the new brick church in 
Charles-Town or any three of 
them to purchafe convenient lot 
or lots, or part of lots in the faJd 
town for a church yard, id.. 

^20. An Ad for eftablifhing a ferry from 
the plantation of James W'rixham 
deceafed, in Colleton county, a 
crofs Pon Pnn river, and for api- 
pointing a fcout at Pon Pon, and 
for exempting the inhabitants of 
WalTamfaw, from working on a 
road from William Smith's plan- 
tation to the chapel at Goofer* 
creek, id. 

5ai.. An Ad to revive and ccjitinuethe 

feveral ads therein mentioned, id. 

522. An Ad for the better regulation of 
the Indian trade, and for appoint- 
ing a comn^iflioner for that pur- - 
pofe and to furvcry and fupervife 
the garrifons, id. 

323. An Ad for appointing an agent to 
folicit the affairs of this Province, 
in Great Britain, id. 

514. An Ad for preventing the feai 
further encroachment upon the 
wharf or ftrcet commonly called, 
thcbay inCharlcs-Town, and for 
the expeditious repairing and 
finilhing the front wall thereof, id. 


525. An Aifl toraife and appropriate a 
fund of nioney to ercit a building 



1: 31 Ifc 1 (E. 








J 40. 



in Cliarks-Town, to hold and 
contain the public arms of this 

An Adl for founding and eftablifh- 
ing two parochial chapels ofeafe, 
the one at Willtown to the pariih 
church of St. Paul, and the other 
at or near Captain Cox's planta- 
tion to the paridi church of St. 

An Ad for founding and eftabhfti- 
ing a Parochial chapel of eafe at 
CliildiT>ury, to tire parilK church 
of St. John's pariih. 

An A(5l to encourage perft>ns to be- 
come futtlers in the Province 
of South-Carolina, 

An ACf for removing the ferry now- 
at James M^risam's plantation, 
and eftablidiing the fame at Mr. 
John Jackfon's plantation crofs 
Pon Pon river. 

An Aft to fettle patrols in conve- 
nient parts of this Province, 

An .-ief for the better fettling and 
ftrengthening of this Province, 

An -Act for raifmg the fum of 
.^20,260. r8s, lod^for defiaying 
the concingent charges of the go- 
vernment, for one year, com- 
mencing the 29rhday of Septem- 
ber, 1726, and for making good 
the de6ciency of the laft year's 

.\n Ordinance of the General .4f- 
fembly, ordering that Alexander 
Parris, F.fq. treafurer, out of the- 
money now being in his hands to 
he burnt, ihall pay unto the ho- 
noralile Arthur Middletown,Efq. 
the fum of /^ 2,000, as a loan to 
be applied towards providing for 
his niajefty's ofHcers, and foidiers 
at fort King George, 

An A(ff to revive and continue the 
feveral at5ls therein mentioned. 

An Adt for appointing an agent to 
folicit the aftairs of this Province, 
in Great Britain 

An aitJhiuiul Ail to an aft entitled 
an additional ali ta an aSi fur tic 
keeping ajid mair:faining a ivatcb and 
good orders in ChatL-s-'Iozvn, 

* An Aft for malting a new road 
between the north and middle 
branch of Stono river. 

An additional .Aft to an i& Jor ill 

trial of faall and mean caufes. 
An Aft for cutting and clearing a 

creclc commonly called Biggon. 

An Ordinance for the adjournment 

of the General Seflions, 

• An Aft to preferve the navigati- 
on and fifhery in the feveral ri- 
vers and creeks in this Province, 

An Aft for appointing an agent to 
folicit tlie affairs of this Province 
in Great Britain, 

An Aft to revive and continue the 
feveral laws therein mention- 



1725, Jan. I. 

1725, D«.y. 




1725, Dec. 18. 

1726, Feb. 4. 
1726, Apr. 30. 

1726, May 21. 

1726, Mar. II. 







%fft Cttles of tl)e 

ART HU R MIDD LETO \\ Esq, Prcytnt . N°. 




E 3 ■€; t ffi. 

An \A for the encdumgement of 
killing and dcftioying bcalls of 

• An A& to inipower conimifTion- 
crs to lay out and keep in repair 
a road from WeRo-Savannah in- 
to Pon Pon road, 

An Ad for tlie better fecuring this 
rrovlncc from ncyroe infurreiSii- 
ons, and for encouraging of poor 
people by employing ihem in 

An Adl for raifing the fum of 
£27,452 3 25 for defraying the 
charges of the govei nmcnt for 
one ycr.r, commencing the 29th 
day of Sept. 1 716, and ending the 
l^th day of Sept. 1727. 

An A& for the better fettling of the 
courts of juftice. 

An A(5t for eflablifliing a forry from 
the landing of Mr. John Godfrey 
crof^ Pon Pon river, 
550. An A(5l for carrying on feveral ex- 
peditions aeainft our Indian and 
other enemies, and for defraying 
the charge thereof, 
5JI. An AiS for appointing a fommiffi- 
oncr for managing the affairs cf 
tlie Indians, and for fupervifuig 
of the garrifon in the room of 
col. George Chicken deceafcd, 


ihne of his bang Governor, 

■E 31 ■E S. ®. 

* An Ad confirm ingandeftablifiilng 
the ancient and approved method 
of drawing juries by ballot in this 
)'rovince, and for the better ad- 
ininiftration of juflicc in criminal 
caufes, and for appointing of ipe- 
cial courtsfor the trial of llie cau- 
fc'iof tranfient perl'ons declaring 
the power of the Provoft-marftial 
for allowing the proof of deeds be- 
yond thc^fcas af evidence, and for 
repealing the feveral a<Ss of the 
CJeneral Ad'embly therein menti- 

' An A<51 forrcmininn of arrears of 
quh rents, and for rcgiiliring of 
patents, grants or mtmorials of 
patents and grants, and memori- 
als of title deeds, for the better 
afcertaininp and regulating the 
payment of his niajefty's quit 
rents for the future, and for lup- 
plyingtlic defrftof thofe patents 
and grants where any lands have 
been muafurcd out and afccr- 
taincd to the patcniecs or gran- 
tees, and of the titles of perfons 
claiming tmdcr the fame patents 
and gr.mts, and fur conhnning 
and ellabliniiiig the title and pol- 
feflions of the icveral inhabitants 


1726, Mar. II. 



1726-7, Mar. n. 


1727, Sept. 30. 


the fccond 


1731, A"e- ^°- 


of this Province to their refpec 
. live laiuls, tenements and heredi- 
taments within the fame, and 

for keeping the oflice of public 

regilter of this Province, from 

being united to other office, or 

offices appointed, or to be ap- 
pointed, by his majefty for rc- 

giftering enrolling, or recording: 

of grants, or deeds, and for fui- 

pending the a6l for calling in and 

finking the paper bills, and for 

appropriating the monies arifen 

and to arife by virtue of an aA 

entitled an aift for granting to liii 

majefty, a duty and impofitiou 

on negroes, liquors and other 

goods, and merchandilcs, for the 

ufe of the public of this Province 

and for repealing of an adl to af- 

certain the prices of lands, the 

fkirm of conveyances, and the 

manner of recovering of rent* 

for lands, and the prices of the 

feveral commodities the fame 

may be paid in, palTcd the l6th of 

March, 1695, and for repealing 

part of an acl of the General Af- 

fembly, entitled a declaratory atft, 

concerning feveral aifls of the 

General AlTembly of this Pro- 
vince that are repealed, and alfo 

concerning the ailjournnient of 
• the Commons Houfe of.Affembly, 

paffed the 1 8th of September, 

171.^. 1731, Aug. to. 

An A(Jl to repeal an aft for ap- 
pointing a chapel at lichaw in 

the parilh of St. James Santec ill 

Craven county, and for ere<5fing 

two other chapels in the bid 

parilh, and to provide that the 

redlorfor the time being of the 

laid parilh do preach and perform 

divine fefvicc in the Englifh 

tongue, id. 

An Ail for calling in, reprinting, 

and exchanging the paiurbilUof 

credit, id, 

. An Afl for appointing an agent to 

folicit the atlairsof this Province 

in Great Britain, id. 

An Ai5l to revive and continue the 

feveral at'.ls therein mentioned, id. 

* An A(5l for obliging nerions liv- 
ing and refidiiig in ilie counties 
and precjn<5ls of this Province to 
fcrveasjurymciiinCharlcs-l own, 
and for rqicaling of u certain 

■ claufe in an ail entitled an a6l 
for fettling the titles of the 
inhahitKiits of this Province 
to their poffellions in their 
eftalcs within the fame, and 
for limitations of a(Mion«, and 
for avoiding fuits in law, id. 

• ,\n yV<5l for laifing the fum of 
/|27,905, for defiaying the 
charges of tbe government foi' 
one year, ccmnuiuing the ijth 

ms of ^ffmtbn 


ROBERT JOHNSON, Esq. the Jecond N ", 
time of his being Governor, 

day of March, 1731, and ending 570. 

the 25th day of March I7,J2, 173') -Aug. so. 

S^o. An A& for cftabhlhing five ferries, 
one over Winyaw river, two over 

Santee river, one over Sampit 57I. 

creek, and one over Cooper ri- 
ver, id. 

561. An A(S for the better regulating 
of the Indian trade, and for ap- 
pointing a commiffioncr for that 571. 
purpofe, id. 

56a. An A(ft for appropriating the fum 

of £104775 i;i towards the pay- 573. 

ment of the pubhc debts, id. 

563. All Act -tofupply thedefeiSs in the 

execution of an a6l entitled, an 

acft forraifingthe fum of £"27,905 574. 

for defraying the charges of the 
government for one year com- 
mencing, 25th day of March, 

1731, and ending the 25th day 
of- March 1732, and to give a 
further time to the inquirers and 
affeffors named and appointed in 
thei\iidaftto make their returns, 1731, Nov. 20. 

564. An Ad further to fupply thede- 575. 

fe^ls in the execution of an a<Sl 
entitled, an adt for raifing the 
fum of £27905, for the defray- 
ing the charges of the govern- 
nicnt'for one year, comniencing 
the 25th day of March 1 731, and 
ending the 25th day of March, 576. 

1732, and to give a further time 

to the inquireis andaflelTors nani- 577- 

ed and appointed iri the laid art, 

who have not yet made their re- 578. 

turns, 173^1 F<=t). 26. 

^$(>$. An A(5t to prevent any delay of 
juflice that may he occafioned by 
not drawing the juries which are 
to ferve at the next enfuing court 

of Common Pleas, Generjl Sef- 579. 

fionsof the peace, Oyer and Ter- 
miner, Affize and General Gaol 
Delivery, on the days appointed 
for that purpofe, and for the re- 
gulating of the feveral courts 5S0. 
therein mentioned, 'id. 

566. An ACl for the encouragement of 

Mr. Peter Villepontoux in his 
projection -of ?. new inftrument 
for cleaning of rice, 1732, Mar. 17. 

567. An Aft for continuing Peregrine 

Fury, Efq. agent to folicit the af- 
fairs of this Province in Great 581. 
Britain, id. 

568. * An Aft for laying out a public 

road from the ferry at Mr. John 
Parker's plantation on the weft 
fide of Pon Pon river in the pa- 

riih of St. Bartiiolomew to the jSl. 

' Round O Savannah, 1/33, April 13. 

569. An Aft lo afcertain the fees of the 

' Surveyor grneral for the time be- 
ing and his depurier, and to pre- 
vent airy irregulariticsbcing con> 

■E 31 'E t d, 

mitted in the office of the faixl 
Surveyor general or by any of hi» 
An Aft to fupply the dcfefts in the 
execution of an aft entitled an 
A^ for culling /«, rcprinthig and ex^ 
changing 'the paper bills oj credity 
An A€t for the prevention of fuits 
and dlllurbances to his Majcfty's 
judges and magiflrates in this 
Province on account of the Ha- 
beas corpus Aft, 
An Aft for building the parochial 
church <jf St. George's parilh in 
An Aft for the encouragement of 
Richard Hall, Gentleman, to for- 
ward the improvement of flaxand 
hemp in this Province, 
An Aft for raifing the fum of 
£40,160 12 6, and for appro- 
priating the fum of £4,190 10 10 
now in the treafury unapplied 
for defraying the charges of the 
government for one year, com- 
mencing the 25th day of March 
1732, and ending the 25th day 
of March 1733, 
• An Aft for laying out a public 
road from Peter Lieubrey's ferry 
oppofite to Jonathan Skriue's 
landing to Mr. Robert Scriven's 
plantation oppofite George- Town 
in the parilh of Prince George, 
An Aft to encourage the defttoy- 

ing of beafts of prey, 
An Aft for erefting a free fchool 

at Childbury, 
An Aft for the encouragement of 
Francis Gracia of Charles-Town 
in South-Carolina, in projefting 
and making an engine for tiie 
more expeditious beating or 
pounding rice, 
An Aft to encourage Charles 
Lowndes, Efq. to make a new 
machine to pound and beat rice 
and to appropriate the benefit 
thereof to himfclf. 
An Aft for the fpeedier, better and 
more effeftual relief of his Ma- 
jefty's fubjcfts of Georgia, and 
for continuing the duty of three 
pence per gallon on rum for the 
ufe of tJie brick church in Charles- 
Town for the time thf^rein nren- 
* An Aft foi' eafe in pleading in 
troablefome and contentious fuits 
profecuted againft juHices of the 
peace, conftables and certain o- 
ther his Majefty's officers for the 
lawful execution of their cliice. 
An Aft to encourage the fettling 
his Majtfty's townfliips on San- 
tee and Wateree rivers, and alfo 
Savannah Town and the town- 
ihip on the head of Pon Pon ri- 

1733. April rj. 
1733, May 4. 



1733. June 7, 



1733. June 9. 

1733, Sept. 15. 


R 0£.ERr 


Cj^e Citlts of ti)t 

ROBERT JOHNSON, Esq. thejirji timt 
of his being Governor. 


■2: 31 ■€ 1 ©. 




J 87. 




An Ac9 to empower his excellency 
the Governor to nominate a com- 
miflioner in the room of the hon. 
Francis Yonge, Efq. for execut- 
ing the powers granted to him, 
with other commiflioners ap- 
pointed in and by an adl of the 
General Affenibly entitled an aA 
for calling in, reprinting and ex- 
changing the paper bills of cre- 
dit, and for making good and 
current thofe bills reprinted by 
virtue of the faid aft which are 
Cgued by John Hammcrton, Efq. 
in the room of the faid Francis 
Yonge, Fl'tjuire, 
• An A& to empower his excel- 
lency Robert Johnfon, lifq. Go- 
vernor to appoint commifTioncrs 
and furvcyors for running the 
bounds of the feveral counties in 
this Province, 
An Alii to revive and continue the 
feveral ads of the General Af- 
fcmbly of this Province herein 
An X& for veiling the ferry over 
Santcc river, in the pariili of St. 
James, .Saiitee in Craven county, 
in Jolcph bpcncer of the laid pa- 
ri(h and county, his executors ad- 
miniftrators and aOigns for a 
number of years therein menti- 
* An A<ft for cflablilhing a ferry at 
the plantation of WiUiara What- 
fon in Chrift Church parilh, com- 
monly called Hobcaw to Charles- 
'I'own, and for making a public 
road ftom the faid plantation, di- 
revflly to the high road in the faid 
parifli, and alio for the making 
a navigable cut near the palTage, 
called the Breach nowfloppedup 
by the fca, 

• An A<51 for the eftablifliment and 
regulation of two ferries at the 
particular places herein men- 

An Ail for vefiing the ferry over 
Afliley river, in Edmund Bel- 
linger, Kfq. for a number of years 
therein mentioned. 

• Ao •'Vet fur cllablilhing a ferry 
from the plantation of Colonel 
Samuel Prcolcau, called Pattcr- 
fon's point on Port Royal Uland, 
to the land of Thomas Jones, F.fq. 
on the IndUin land, and alio a 
ferry over Combabce river, and 
appointing commillioncrs to lay 
out roads from thence to Puryo- 
burgh and Port-Royal ferry, 

An Acl for the keeping and main- 
taining a watch and good orders 
in Charles- Town, 

An Aft for the furtl.ei- regulation 
of the Indian trade, ;;nd to rc- 

1733, Sept. 22. 

vivc and continue the act therein 

593. • An Ail for dividing the parilhcs 

of St. Paul's in Charles, and 
Prince George Winyaw in Cra- 
ven county, 

594. An Acl for repairing, enlarging 

and pewing rhe Parochial church 
of St. George's purifli in Dor- 

595. An Ad for fettling the falaries of 

the nialiJers of the free fchool in 
Charles-Town, for the ufe of the 
inhabitants of the Province of 

596. An Acl for founding and ereding, 

governing, ordering and viliting 
a free fchool, at the town of Dor- 
cheflcrin the pariih of St. George 
in Berkley county, for the ufe of 
tile inhabitants of the Province 
of South-Carolina, 

597. * An ."^d for making more elTciflual 

wilU and tellaments, and for 
making valid all former wills in 
this Province, according to the 
tenor of the fame, and tor put- 
ting in force feveral ufcfui mat- 
ters herein comprifed, 

598. An Acl for the better regulating 

tjie port and h.-irbour of Charlcs- 
'J'ovvn, and the (hipping fre- 
quenting the fame. 

An Ad for the better and more 
certain regulating and adjulting 
tlie metesand boundaries of Queen 
ilrect, formerly called Dock- 
fireet in Charles-Town, and tor 
appropriating fuch walle or va- 
cant lands as ihall be found on 
the north fide of the faid Ilreet, 

An Ad for the clearing and cL'anf- 
ing and making navigable the 
head of Aftiley river, from the 
bridge commonly called War- 
ring's bridge, to the bridee com- 
monly carted Stevens' Lridge ; 
and from the faid bridge to Dor- 
chefler bridge; andfroni thence 
to the plantation of Samuel 
Wragg, Efq. inclufivc, 

601. * An Ad for tile rebuilding abridge 

over Poll Poll river, and to ap- 
point comiuifiioDcrs to lay out 
a road from thence to tlieferty 
on C'ambahec river, 

602. An Ad for the better fettling and 

regulating of ])ilots, and for cred- 
iiig and fupporting, of beacons 

near the bar and harbour of 


603. An Ad for the better regulating 

tJie courts of jullicc in this Pro- 
vince and for altering the time 
of holding courts, 

604. * An Ac'l for ellabliftiing a ferry 

ut north Ediilo river, frfim a 
place called the Point of I'iiies, 
belonging to Mr. Paul Grindiall 
on Editlo liland, to Mr Bryan's 
landing iitai Lcadcnwaw treck 




1733. Sept. M. 

1734, Apr. 9. 


Ms of mtmU^. 

of his dang Governor. 

on WadmeUw IflanJ, or as near 
thereto as may be in the panfh of 
St. Paul's in Colleton County, 

605. An Aift to provide for the better 

fecurity of this Province againft 
the infurre(5lions of the Indian 

606. An Aift for giving further encou- 

ragement to the foldiers ferving 
in the feveral garrifons and fcouts 
in this Province, 
An Acl for regulating patrols ia 

tl.Is Province 

An iiift for granting to his Majefly, 

an additional duty on madeira 

wine, rum, melailes, flour, muf- 

covadoandclayL-dfugar, for the 

ule of the publiv. of this Province, 

An Act lor rjifing tiie fum 

;^4I5IJ 9 loi for defraying the 

charges of this Government for 

one year commencing the 251!^ 

day of March I 733, ;.nd ending 

the 25th day of March 17.^4, 

An A61 to fupply the dcfeets in the 

execution of tlie tax adt for the 

year 1733, 

An Acil for the better regulating the 

An AA for the better ordering 
and governing of negroes and 
otlier flaves, 
* An AA to appoint comniifTioners 
to lay out and mend roads and 
appoint ferries for the pari(hes 
cf Prince George Winyaw, and- 
Prince Frederick, and to explain 
part of an a(£h entitled an a<it for 
dividing the parifhes of St. Paul 
in Colleton county, and Prince 
George Winyaw in Craven 
county, and fo appoint a ferry 
over Santee river, 
614. An Aift for finking a drain in broad 

flreet, &c. 
Jjr. » An AA to appoint and enable 
certain colnmiflioners to keep iu 
repair the road leading from Ba- 
con's bridge in Berkley county to 
theparifh line near Jackfon's fer- 
r\', and alfo commiuioners to lay, 
out a road from thence to the 
road on the caft fide of a fwamp 
at a place called Mr. Drayton's 

616. An Act further to impower the 

comm-iHioncrs of the high roads 
in the parifiies of St. Philip, St. 
Andrew, and St. James Goofe 
creek to complete .ind finilh the 
roads in the laid pariflics refpcc- 

617. An A(ft for laying out a road from 

the round O Savannah, &c. to 
to the Horfe Shoe Savannah, 

618. An AA for laying of buoys and 

erctUflg, and fupporting beacons 





l/ie ftrjl time 

1734, Apr. 9. 


31 ^ 1 ®. 



or land marks near the bar of the 
harbour of George-Town Win- 
yaw, I735i Apr. aS. 
O19. An Afl for raifing the fum of ■ 
^{^42,292 13 6 for defraying the 
charges of this government for 
one year commencing the 25th 
March, 1734, and ending the 
2jth March, 1735, id. 

THOMAS BROUGHTON, Esq. Lieutenant 

1734, May 3c. 

1 735, Mar. 29. 

i735rApr. «8. 

N". 1; 31 1; H ®. 

6*0. An Atfl to provide a full fupply for 
fubiilHng poor proteftants com- 
ing from Europe, and fettling 
in his majcfty's new townlliips 
in this Province, and for eilabliifi- 
ing a fund ly on annual tax on 
the inhabitants of this Province, 
for piiying off, and cancelling the 
rcuiaijiing public orders which 
were ifl'ucd in the year 1731, 

621. An Ad tor the more elfeiflual pre- 

vcntma: the counterfeiting the 
bills of credit of this Province, 
and ior cahing in and reifliiing 
li.cli of tlie denoniinatioas of the 
current bills of this Province, as 
are or (hall be I'uppofed to be 

622. An Ordinance impowering the pub- 

lic treafurtr and compiroUer to 
appoint deputies for Port-Royal 
and George Town Wiuyaw, 

623. An Ad for afcertaiuing public of- 

ficers fees, 

624. All .^d for flamplng, emitting and 

making ccrrent, the fum of 
jTiicocC in paper bills of credit 
and for afcer:uining and prelerv- 
ing the future value thereof to be 
Ut out at intcreft on good iecii- 
rities at £8 percent, per annum, 
and for applying the faid intereft 
to the purpofcs herein-after men- 
tioned and for exchanging the 
paper bills of credit in this Pro- 
vince, and making them lefs fub- 
jecl to be counterfeited and alfo 
to encourage the importation of 
filvcr and gold coin into this 

625. An A&. for regulating the markets 

in the pariih of St. Philip's 
Charies-lown, and for prevent- 
ing furellalling ingroffing regrat- 
ing and unjult exatSlions in the 
faid town and market, 

626. An A(51 for preventing as much as 

may be, accidents which may 
happen by fire in Charles-Town 
in the Province of South-Caro- 

627. An Ac! for the better relief and 

employment of the poor of the 
paiilh of St. Philip's Charles- 
Town, and for fupprefTing ar.d 
punifliing rogues, v-igaboiids and 


1735, June 7. 

1736, May i6. 
1736, May 29. 



%\)t Zitlt^ ciC i^t 

THO MAS BROUG UTO A',. Esq. lieutenant 


IJ 3! "JB^ t C 









■a 31 ■€ H C. 

other lewd idle and diforucrJy 
An A& further to inipowcr the 
comniifiioiitrs .of the high roads 
in the parifli of St. 'Phihp.'s 
Charles-Town, St. James Goofe 
creek, and St. Andrews, 
An Ai3 for incorporating the veflry 
of the parifli of St. Thomas in 
13crlilcy county, and to enable 
the faid veftryniore'cft"e<i^ually to 
put in execution the trufts repofed 
in tlitm hy the laft will and tef- 
tament, of Richard Beresford, 
Efq. dcccafcd, according to the 
charitable and pious intentions of 
the faid teftator, and to fettle and 
adjufl. the fevcral accounts of thofe 
perfonswhohavc acted veltrymen 
in and for the faid parifli of St. 
Thomas, fince the deccaie of the 
faid Richard Beresford, 
*An Acl for appointing couiminion- 
ersto lay out a road fronithe road 
that leads from Will Town to 
Charles-Town to the road that 
leads from Smith's ferry, other- 
wife called Parker's ferry to 
Charles-Town, and to keep the 
fame in repair, and to divide the 
road from Combaliee ferry to 
Purryfburgh into two diftricls. 
An Kil for repairing the old and 
building of new fortifications for 
tlie fccurity and defence of this 
Province, from attacks by fea 
and for appointing commiflion- 
ers for carrying on fuch works, 
and for continuing new Church- 
ftreet, and Little ftreet to Aflilcy 
An Ai5l for encouraging the raifing 
of hemp, flax, and filk, within 
the Province of South-Carolina, 
An Art for fettling an allowance 
or fallary, of £50 Iterling money 
of Great Britain per annum on 
an alliflant to the reftor of the 
par.m of St. Philip's Charles- 
'Inwn for the time being in the 
niiniUerial olllces in the faid 
An Ai\ for creiting and building a 
chapel for divine fcrvicc on the 
fouth fide of Combahee river 
near Hoofpa neck in the parifli 
of St. Helena, 
An Aft for raifing the fum of 
£30,387 3 7 for dcfniyhig the 
charges of the government lor 
one year commencing the 2.tth 
M.irch, 173.5, and ending the 
itth March, 1736, and for -^y- 
plyinc the fum of jClc-oonow in 
the hands of the public treafurer, 
that being the furplus of tlie 
couiitr)- tax raifed iu the general 
tax for the year 1 734. 


1736, May 29. 637. 







An .\i5l for the further encourage, 
men* of Mr. Peter VilUpontoux 
in his projection of a new inftru- 
mcnt for cleaning of Rice, 
An Ordinance for afcerting and 
maintaining the rights and liber- 
ties of his niajefty's fubjciSs of 
the Province of South-Carolina 
to a free open and uninterrupted 
trade with the creek Cherokee 
and other Indians in amity and 
friendlhip with his majefty's fub- 
jeiSs, and for the better preferving 
thofe Indians in the intereft of 
An Ordinance for appointing Cap- 
tain John Hixt comptroller of 
the duties granted to his majefty 
by any art of the General Af- 
fcmbly of this Province, and ap- 
propriated by fuch art to the ufc 
of this Province, 
An Art to fupply the deferts in 
execution of an art entitled an ii(l 
for rmjhig /, 30,38 7 3 7 /or ic- 
fraying the cbttrgm tfth: govcrnvwit 
for one year, lommendiig the Z$th day 
of March, 1735, and ending the 
ISth day of Mareh, 1736, and 
for applying the fum of £1000 
now in the hands of the public 
treafurer being the furp'us of the 
county tax railed in the general 
tax for the year 1734, and in the 
execution of another art intitlcd 
an aei to provide a full fiijiply for 
fubfijling ppor protejtiititj coming from 
Europe and fettling in hii majejiy'i 
ne^u teivnjhip, in this Prmince and 
for eftablifliing a fund by an an- 
nual tax on the inhabitants of this 
Province for paying off and can- 
celling the remainmg public or- 
ders %vhich were ilfued in the 
year 1 731, 
* An Art for fettling a ferry on 
Santee river, and for veiling the 
fame in John Colleton of Fair 
I, awn Borony, I- fq. andhisadigns 
for the term of fe veil yearn, 
An Art for taking off certain du- 
ties and im}»ofitionson the Indian 
tra<ie, and for indemnifying the 
Indian tradets from certain lines, 
penalties, and forfeitures. 
An Art for founding and enablilh. 
ing a parochial cha)«.l of cafe at 
•• Beach hill in the parilh of St. 

Paul's in Colleton county. 
An Art to inipowcr the honorable 
Thomas Broughton, Efq. his ma- 
jefty's Lieutenant Gowtnor and 
commander in chief, in and over 
his Majelly's Province of Sonth- 
C':irolina, ar.d the con:mander in 
chief for the time being, by and 
with the adviic and confcnt of 
his Majefty's Honorable Council 
of the lame to lay an embargo on, 
and lopr<>it and ft on from fail- 
ing, any llii|i or vtflels row in 


1736, May 2 J. 

1736, June t6. 

1736, Dec. 9. 

1736, Dec. 10. 

'73fi-7,*'eb. 5. 

Mq of mmU^. 

THOMAS BROUO HTON, Esq. Lieutenant 


% % %t, ^, 

j*j». «D 31 ^ Ji' <e. 

any port or place or which at any 
time or times during the prefent 
feflion of the General Affembly 
fhall be in any port or place 
within this Province and to im- 
f refs at any time during the faid 
time, any {hips, veffels, men, 
mariners, and labourers, horfes, 
guns and ammunition, and to 
prohibit the exportation ofprovi- 
Cons therein mentioned, 

644. An Ad for eflablifhing and regu- 

lating patrols, 

645. An Ad for continuing broad ftreet 

in Charles-Town to Alhley river 
and for appointing and impower- 
ing commiflioners to execute the 
fame, and to receive voluntary 
contributions for that purpofe, 

<46. An A<S to enable the commilTiocers 
herein named to ftamp and Cgn 
certain orders to the amount of 
£35,010 current money of this 
Province, for the putting this 
Province in a pofture of defence 
the better to enable tlicm to fup- 
port and defend the colony of 
Georgia againft any attacks from 
Tiis majeily's enemies and for tlie 
fpeedy finilhing the curtain line, 
before Charles-Town, 

<47. An Aft entitled an additional ad to 
an ad entitled an ail for keeping 
and maintaining a ivat^h and good 
order, in Charlc-Toun, 

648. An Ad for regulating the guard at 
Johnfon's fort, and for keeping 
good orders in the feveral forts, 
and garrifons, and the pay and 
eftabliftment of thisgovcnimeiK, 
and for encouraging the feveral 
officers and foldicrs therein, 

'649. 'An Ad for the better regulating 
the court of common pleas to be 
holden on every fecond Tuefday 
in February, May, Auguil, and 
November yearly and every year, 
being the ancient times hereto- 
fore appointed, for liolding the 
faid court, 
'6^0. • An Ad for putting in force in 
this Frovince, part of an ad of 
the narlijmcntof England, made 
in the jth and 6th years of the 
reign of King Edward the 6th, 
agaiml buying, and felling of 
offices, and alio part of an ad ul 
the parliament of Great Britain 
made in the fecond year of the 
reign of our preient mofl graci- 
ous fovoreii^n lord King George 
the fecond, entitled an ad for 
the more cffedual preventing and 
further punilhment of forgery 
and perjury, and fubornation of 
perjury, and alio to make it fel- 
ony to fteal bonds, notes, or 
«ith«r fecurities for payment of 


I7J6-7, Feb. 5. 
l7i6-7. Feb.M. 

money, and alfo part of one other 
ad of the parliament of Great 
Britain made in the fcventh year 
of the reign of his faid prefect 
majefty, entitled an ad for the 
more effedual preventing the 
forging the acceptance of bills- of 
exchange , or the numbers or prin- 
cipal funis of accountable receipts 
for notes, bills, or other fecuri- 
ties for payment of money or 
warrants for payment of money, 
or delivery of goods, and for the 
more effedual putting in execu- 
tion the faid feveral ads in this 
6jl. * An Ad for cftablifhing a road 
from the head of the path that 
leads from Dorcheller to Ca]itnin 
Izard's Cowpen to the townlhip 
of Orangeburgh, 
id- bsi. An Ad for building a bridge over 

Afliepoo river, 
6jJ. * AnAd formakingandkeepingin 
repair the road which leads from 
Wefto-Savannah to the planta- 
tion of Captain Peter Taylor, in 
St. i'aurspariih commonly called 
War-hall, and for continuing the 
faid road to the moft convenient 
road leading to Pon Pon river, 
6j4- * An Ad to impower the comniif- 
fioners of the high roads for the 
1737, Mar. J. parilh of St. John in Berkley 

county, and the feveral parlfhes 
of St. Thomas, and St. Dennifi, 
to rebuild and keep in repair a 
•"• bridge commonly called Huger's 

bridge on the eaftem branch of 
Cooper river running between 
the faid parifli of St. John, and 
the faid pariihes of St. Thomas 
and St. Dennis, and for altering 
the bounds of the faid pariihes of 
*"• St. Thomas, and St. Dennis, 

655. An Ad: for raifing the fum of 

£34,108 16 6 current money of - 
this Province, for defraying the 
charges of the government for 
one year, commencing the 35th 
day of March, 1736, and ending 
the 25th day of March, 1737, 
id. and for applying the fum of 

£1000, now in the hands of the 
public treafurer, that being the 
iurplus of the country tax raifed 
in the general tax for the year 
6j6. An Ad for prohibiting and pre- 
venting the exportation of corn, 
peas, fmall rice, flour, end bif- 
cuit from this Province, to any 
other place, except the colony of 
Georgia, and for encouraging 
the importation of thofe com- 
■6/7. AnAd lor continuing a duty and 
impofition of 3d. per gallon on 
rum imported, and for raifing a 
fund to fmilh and keep in repair 
the new brick church in Charles- 
Town, and for the more effedual 



1737, Mar. J. 

1737, Od. J. 



Cf)e Cities; of tijs 

ntinl Governor^ 


I7J7, oa. 8. 

carrying on and maintaining the 
fortifications in this Province, 
6,; 8. • An aiUitknal an J explanatory Acl to 
an s^&for advancing the fallarui of 
t be tierg'i ^anJ for .a further and more 
equal and ejfe^tial frovlfion for tbt 
relief of the poor. id. 

WILLIAM BULL, Esq. Prtfidmt. 



66 J. 





IE 3! ^ IL ®. 


An Ai5l further to impowcr the 

commifTioncrs for regulating 
pilots for t)ic port and harbour of 

Charl»s-To\vn, 1737-8, Feb. 4. 

An Art for eafin;; th.- tax of the 

current year to the itibubitunts of 

this Province by appropriating 

certain furplus money in aid of 

the fame, id. 

An Acl for fettling a fair and mar- 
kets in Radnor, in the parilh of 

St. Helena iij (Sranvillc county, 1737-8, Mar. II. 
An A&. for making and keeping 

in repair the road wiiith leads 

from Wello Savannah road on the 

eaft fide of Pon Pon river to 

Mufgrovc's ferry, and from. 

thence to Parker's ferry road in 

St. Paul's parilh, and to appoint 

commilTioners for the fame, id. 

An Ai5l for making a new lift of 

the names of perfons fit to ferve as 

jurors to be drawn by ballot in 

this Province, id. 

An A(5l for the better regulating the 

militia of this Province, id. 

An Ad for encouraging the manu- » 

farture of filk in this Province 

under the dirciJlion of Mr. John 

Lewis Poyas for 7 years, id. 

• An A&. for licenfing hawkers, 
pedlars and petty -chapmen, and 
to prevent their tradlni; with in- 
dented fervants, overfcers, ne- 
groes and other Haves, id. 

An Ai51 for appointing an agent to 
folicit the alfairs of this Province 
in Great Mritain, id. 

• An A(5l for eftablilhing, a ferry 
at a point on the main land be- 
longing to Mr. Hugh Br)an o- 
ver agalnft Cochran's-point on 
Port-Royal Illand, and for vcft- 
ing the fame in the faid Hugh 
Bryan and his heirs for the fpacc 

of 7 years, id. 

• .An AA for appointing commif- 
fioncrs to lay (»ut a road or caufe- 
way over Lynclie's (Hand fituate 
on Santfe river, and for eftablilh- 
ing the ferries therein mentioned, id. 

An A<51 for vcfting the ferry over 
Sonth-Kdifto river, known by the 
name of Parker's ferry, in Jane 
Parker, widow, and her ailigns 
for ibe term of 7 years, i<i. 

N". 'is: 3; ® It <E. 

671. • An AiSl for eafing the port char- 

ges to coalling velfeis enrering 
into an<l clearing out from part 
to port within thia Province, and 
to prevent any impotent, lame 
or infirm perfon or perfons being 
imported, brought to or landed 
in any part within this Province, 
who ftiall be likely to become 
burtlienfome, or to be a charge to 
the parilh, 

672. An Aef for the immediate build- 

ing up a Curtain line before 
Charles- Vowji bay, and piling in 
tlie front lots on Afhley river and 
from Wbjte-Point to Vander- 
iiorft's creek, 
67 J. • An Art lor clearing and opening 
the feveral creeks, cut-offs or wa- 
ter p.ifiages therein mentioned, 
and for regulating the boats and 
pettiuugers going through the 

674. * An Art for clearing, cleanfing 

and making navigable HIack ri- 
ver, and foi^ keeping the fame 
open and navigable from the nar- 
rows inclufive to the vveftem ■ 
boundary of WiUianifburgh town- 

675. An Art to prevent frauds and de- 

ceits in felling rice, pitch, tar, ro- 
Cn, turpentine, beef, pork, Ihin- 
gles, and fire-wood, 

676. An Art for the better fccuring the 

fumof ^■'7,171 4 .5^, duetothc 
public from the eliate of Alexan- 
der Parris, F.hq. dcccafed, late 
public trcafurcr and receiver of 
this Province, 

677. An Art for railing and granting to 

his Majefty the fum'of £8,357 
a 7, and lor applying the fum of 
£19,139 7 8, being certain fur- 
plus now in the hands of the pub- 
lic treafurer of this Province for 
defraying the charges of the go- 
vernment for one year, commen- 
cing the z.sthday of March 1737, 
and ending the ijth day of Mar. 

678. An Art for the better preventing 

the fpreading of the infertion of 
the fmall-pox in Charles-Town, 

679. An Art for the further fccurity and 

better defence of this Province, 

680. An aJJitional anJ explanal.-ry AH tO 

an Art for the britrr reguLting Iht 
iniWa of thit Province, 

681. • An Art for vcfting the ferry al- 

ready cftabliflicd on the fouth fide 
of Saiitee river, on the land of 
the honorable Jamis Kiiiloih, 
Wq. in the faid James Kinloch, 
his executors, adminiftrators and 
alfigns, for the term of 7 years, 
and for cUabliftiing another ferry 
on the north fide of the fame ri- 
ver op)Kifite to the above ferry, 
and for vcfting the fame in 
Abraliam Micbcau,his citecuiors, 


1738, Mar. »5. 

1738, Sept. l8. 

1739, April , 

WJ 111 A AX 

m^ of ^ffemblin 

WILL LAM BULL, Esq. Prefident. 

adminillrators and alfigns for the 

term of feven years, 1739, Apr. 3. 

682. * An A& for ertablifhing a ferry 

over Savannah river at the garri- , 

fon of Fort Moore in Newr Wiiid- 

for, and for verting the fame in 

capt. Danie IPepjier for tlic term 

of three years, 1739* Apr. 11^ 

68j. An A(5t for eftablifhi.ig of a mar- 
ket in the parifli of St. Philips, 

Charles-Town, and for prevent- - 

ing, ingrofling, foreftalling rc- 

grating and ucjult exadions, in ■ 

the faid town and market, id 

WILLIAM BULL, Esq. Lieutenant 

N". 'E 31 ■E 1 ®. Datj. 

6?4. An AS to explain and amend an aft 

entitled an a^for incorhorathi'i the 
■ucltry of the far':Jb t,f St. Thornui 
in Beriley county, am! tojnMttlt 
fail! ■vejhy more effiaually t-i put in 
execution the truji repofii in thetn 
by the lajl ivill and tejljment ofRicb- 
atJ B.rei/orJ, Efq. deceaf^d accord- 
ing to the charitable, and pious intent 
tiom of the faid tcfator and to fet- 
tle and adjuft the feveral ac- 
counts of thofe perfons who have . 
afted as veftry men, in and for 
the faid parifh of St. Thomas 
f:nce the deceafe of the faid Rich,i 
ard Beresford, and to give liber-, 
ty to t!ie faid veftry to take out 
of their capital ftock, ami inter- 
ell, a fum fuCficient for building 
a fchool, id. 

685. An ACl for preferving peaces and ' 

for continuing a good correfpond- 
ence with the Indians who are 
in friendlhip with the govern- 
ment of South-Carolina, and for 
regulating the trade with the 
faid Indians, i<J; 

686. Aa .\&. for the better fecurity of 

the inhabitants of this Province 
againft the infurre<flions and . 
other wicked attempts of negroes 
and otlier Haves, id. ' 

687. * An A& to reftrain and prevent 

the purchaCng lands from In- 

688. An additional and explanatory aB, to 

an aft for the entry of veflels, 

689. * An Aft for eftabliihing a ferry 

over the* river Savannah, near 
Pallachuchellas on the land of the 
honorable General James Ogel- 
thorpe, and for veiling the fame 
in the faid General James Ogel- 
thorpe, his heirs andaflignsforthc 
fpate of 14 years, id. 

690. An Aft for granting to his majefty 

the fum of £35,^33 6 11^ for 
defraying the charges of govern- 







1739, Dec. 18. 






ment for 

■C 3f ^ t (ZC, 

: year, cojnmencing . 

the 25th day of March, 1 738, 
iaduilve, and en^jing the 2jth 

day of March, 1739, incKifivc, 
and for taxing tranlient perfoBS 
towards fupport ing andmaintain- 
ing the watch and guard iii 
An Ad to enable certain com- 
mlffionexs therein named, to bor- 
row and take upon loan a fum, 
not exceeding ^'2000 fterling, 
and to enable certain other coni,- 
milfiouers therein named, to 
rtanip and lign, certain orders 
to the amount of ^C^i*^^^^ 
current money of this Province, 
for defraying the expence of cer- 
tain fuccours and for<es to aflifl 
General Ogelthorpe, in an expe- 
dition againft his majefty's ene- 
mies at Auguftine and other 
places in Florida, and for the 
better preventing of mutiny and 

* Au Acl to prsvejit the delay of 
jullice by the non appearance of 
grand and petit Jurors at the 
Courts of General ijefllons of 
the Peace, Oyer and Terminer 
Airize.and Gcnral Gaol Delivery 
hereafter to be holden in this Pro- 
vince, and to enable the faid 
courts to proceed upon buii- 
ncls in the ablence of the Chief 
JuUicc, and for the better ap- 
puintment of conftables in this 

An Aot for making more ufeful 
fort Johnfon and fort Frederick, 
and the feveral look-outs that 
now are, or (hall hereafter be 
kept or eitablifiied near anyofthe 
inlets in this Province, 

An A(i"t for the better ftrength cning 
of thi' Province by granting to his 
Majefty, certain taxes and im- 
pofitions on the purchafcrs of ne- 
groes imported, and for appropri- 
ating the fame to the ufes therein 
mentioned, and for granting to 
his Majefty, a duty and . impoli- - 
tion on liijuors and other goods 
and merchandizes for the ufe of 
the public of this Province, 

* An Aifl for the better ordering 
and governing negroes and other 
flavesin this Province, 

An A(5l for the better eftabliihing 
and regulating patrols, 

An A(fl to encourage the better fet- 
tling and improvement of the 
town of Beaufort or Port-Royal 
Ifland in Granville county. 

An A<it to cut and fink drains into 
the north and weft branches of- 
Stono river, 

An At5l for granting tol^is majefty, 
the fum of ^^40082 3 7 cur- 
rent money for defraying the 
charges of the government 
for one year commencing the 
25th dayofjSMarch 1739, i^-i^lu- 
fivc and ending the 25th day of 
March 1740, escluiivc, 



1739, Dec. iS 

1740, .-^pr. 5, 

1740, May 10;' 






■B^ 3! ^ t C 

%\)t Cities oC tl)e 

Esq, Lieutenant 



An Ai5l to enable the public treafu- 
rer of this Province, to iffue the 
Aim of £15,000, currency out of 
any funds now lying in the hands 
of the faid treafurer, in Uou of a 
loan of £3,300 ilerling which 
certain conimiQioners are enabled 
to borrow, by virtue of an aft of 
the General AircniblyiatLlypaCcd 
far defraying the cxptnce of 
certain I'uccouri and forces to af- 
fift general 0?elthorpe in an 
expedition againft his majeHy'j 
enemies at Augultine, &c. 
and alfo to enable certain eom- 
jninioners therein n\entioni;d, to 
ftamp and fign a further fam in 
orders to the amount of £11,508 
curi.;nt money for fupplying the 
additional cxpcnces of the faid ex- 
expedition, ajid which by the faid 
a<ii are not provided for, 

/in aJJiliontil ami exflanalory Alt tO 
an ai5l entitled an act to emoura^e 
the hiltlr fettling and imprm-cment of 
Bcmifurt Totvn on Port Royal 
JJlanJ in Granville co:inty^ 

An Atft for regulating the buildings 
hereafter to be eredied or built in 
Charles-Town, and for prevent- 
ing encroachments on the ftrcets, 
lanes and public alleys within 
the faid town, as the faidftrcets, 
lanes and public alleys ftood, on 
the 17th day of November laft. 

An A<51 to appoint pcrfons to fer\'e 
in juries purfuant to thedireiiliims 
ofanai^ of the General Affcmbly, 
paffcd the 2cth day of Augul>, 
1731, entitled an nA confirming 
and eflablilhinp the ancient and 
approved method ofdrawjnir juries 
liy ballot in this I'rovince, and 
for the better adminillratiou of 
juflice in criminal caufes, and 
for appointing of fpecial courts 
for the trial of the caufes 
of tranfitnt perfons, declaring the 
power of the provoll marihal for 
allowing the proof of deeds be- 
yond the feas as evidence, and for 
repealing the feveral a<5Vsof the Ge- 
neral AfTembly therein nuiition- 
cd,and for appointing a fernion 
to be preached on the firft day of 
every court of General Scdion^ of 
the I'eace Oyer and 'JVrminer 
Ailize, and General Gaol Deli- 

An At'l ctmccrning niafters and ap- 

An A<51 for granting to his majefty 
the funi of £44,9.^1 17 44 cur- 
rent money, for defraying the 
charges of the government for 
one year cmmcncirg the 35 ih 
day of March, 1740 inilufivc, 


1740, Sept. 19. 

• 1740, Dec. ao. 

1746-I, Jan. 2i. 
1740-I, Feb. 28. 

N°. « 31 ^ t «. 

and ending the 25th day of 
March, 1 741, cxclufive, 

706. An AtSl for vcfting the ferry over 

Afhley river in Eliz:-betn Bel- 
lenger Widow her executors ad- 
minii^rators, and aHigns, for a 
term of years therein mentioned, 

707. An adJitional end explanatory a£i to 

an atfl entitled an a£l to empo^ier 
thefc'-jcral commiffioncr: of tic Ugb 
roaili private paths y liridgesy creekt, 
caufezvays, and cleanfing of tvater 

fajfaits inthii PriKiinie af South- 
Carolina to jxlter and lay out the 

fjmfc.T the more Jirell and better 
(onvcnience of the inhabitavlf thereof 

708. • An A-il to appoint coiumiHioners 

to lay out a road from the comer 
of Captain Thomas Johnfon's 
plantation fence, north utfiv^-ard 
to .Stead's creek, and from thence 
wcftward, fo as may beft fuit the 
lands lying on I'diUo river, and 
to impower the faid commiflion- 
era to continue the faid toad to 
the line of Orangeburgh town- 
Jbip or to lay out any by*e road, or 
ro^ds into the faid road, 

709. An Aift for further fecuring his ma- 

jcfly's Province of South-Caro- 
lina by encouraging protcftants 
to become fettlers therein, 

710. An A(Sl to encourage and induce 

Handicraft, tradefmen, (hop- 
keepers, and others to fttle in 
Towns and villages, upon the 
paflcs over rivers and other places 
in this Province, 

711. An A(il for raifing apublic ftore of 

gun powder for the defence of 
the Province of South-Carolina, 

712. * An A<51 for fettling a ferry on 

ibantee river in the way leading 
from Charles-Town to Williams- 
burgU and for vcfting the faid 
ferr)' in Jofeph Murray, his exe- 
cutors, adminiftrators, anduftigns 
for the term, of 7 years, and to 
enable the commilhuncrs of the 
public roads near the faid ferry, 
to lay out make and keep in re- 

Eair a road on each fide of the 
liil river leading towards the faid 
ferry, and for declaring the 
leading from Wndboo bridge to 
.PuUner's ferry, to be a private 
roud,andfor ccntinuitig the roadi 
in (he parifli of St. Jiilm, in 
Berkley county 10 the placet 
therein mentioned, 
71 J. * An additional adl to an afij^nti- 
titled, an aafr the letter rrgulat- 
Ing taveret and pi-nib-koufr!, 

714. * An Ad forrenilering and mak- 

ing the office of a conftable more 
cafyand IcfscxpenGvc (0 tJie pcr- 
fons appointed, 

715. An Aei for building a bridge over 

Cnmbahec river from the emife- 
way to tlic town vl Radnor, 


1 741, Mar. »4, 


I74i, Mar. S. 

tr I I.I.I AM 

m^ of ^ffemtilj)* 



anH declaring the Fifli Pond 
Bridge in the parifh of St. Bar- 
tholomew to be a public bridge, 
and for repairing or rebuilding a 
bridge now ftanding in the up- 
per part of the pariihes of St, 
Thomas and St. Dennis, com- 
monly called Alhby's bridge, 
and for the other purpofes here- 
in mentioned 
71^, An AA to enable George Paw 
ley, Daniel Laroche, and Wil- 
liam WhiteGdes, Efqs. commif- 
fioners appointed for building a 
parilh church and parfonagc 
houfe in George-Town, to car- 
ry on and complete the fame, and 
for repealing part of <jn ail entitled 
an a£i to repeal an a^ for appointing 
aibapelat Echuiv, intbe parifi of Si. 
'James Santee in Craven county, and 
for ereijbing two other chapels in 
the fame parifh, and to provide 
thatthe redior for the time being of 
the faid parilh do preach and per- 
form Divine Service in the En- 
glilh tongue, 

717. * An Aft for difcharging the com- 

miflioners appointed by an aifl; of 
the General Aflembly of this Pro- 
vince, to lay out a road or caufe- 
way over Lynch's Ifland, from 
any further duty, and for tlie bet- 
ter and more eafy repairing of 
and keeping the fame in repair 
for the futiu-e, 

718. An Aft to revive and continue the 

feveral ails therein mentioned 
and to oblige the commanders of 
the watch in Charles-Town, to 
do equal duty, and for fettling 
their falaries, 

JI9. An Aift for railing and granting 
to his Majcily, the fum of 
£38,953 3 ^i and for applying 
the fum of £?■(><)% 13 8^ being 
the furplus of feveral funds now 
lying in the hands of the trcafu- 
rer, for defraying the charges of 
the government for one year, 
commencing the zj day of March 
1741, inclulive, and ending the 
ajth day of March, 1742, ex- 

7 JO. An ordinance for appointing Robert 
Auften, Efq. Comptroller of 
the country duties of this Pro- 

721. * An Acl to amend and fupply 

certain defeds in the laws now 
in being, for cutting, cleanfing, 
clearing and making navigable 
the feveral creeks, cut-offs and 
water paflagcs in this Province, 

722. An Act for the immediate relief of 

the colony of Georgia, and for 
the defence of this Province, 




1742, Mar. X. 

'H %%^W. 



An Ai5l to afcertain and rcgukte 
public officers fees, and to repeal 
an a(ft of the General Aflembly 
of this Province, entitled an a(ft 
for afcertainiiig public officers 
fees, i;43, May ■ 

■724. An A& for making fatisfaiflion to 
proprietors, whofe lands are in 
any wife damnified by the works 
lately erefted and now ereding 
and carrj'ingon, orwhich may be 
thought neceflary to be ereded 
and provided for by the General 
Affembly, for the defence of 
Charles-Town, and for veiling 
the lands on which the faid works 
ftand or may ftand in the public 
forever, {j. 

725. An additional and explanatory acl 10 

an d.& entitled, an ail to prevent 
mariners and feamen running int9 
deity and to prevent the defertion of 

726. * An A(ft for the better fecurity of 

this Province, againft the infur- 
reftions and other wicked at- 
tempts of negroes and other 
flaves, and for reviving and con- 
tinuing an aift of the General 
Aflembly of this Province, en- 
titled an 3(3: for the better or- 
dering and governing negroes 
and other flaves in this Province, id. 

727. An A.&. to prevent ftcaling of 

horfes and neat cattle, and for 
the more effeftual difcovery and 
punifliment of fuch perfons as 
fhall unlawfully brand, mark, or 
kill the fame, ii. 

7»8. An Aift for raifing and granting to 
his Majefty the fum of £51,195 
II 6 and for applying'the fum of 
£4178 6 Oj being the furplus of 
the tax railed in the year of our 
Lord 1741, for defraying the 
charges of the government for 
one year, commencing the 25th 
day of March 1742, inclufive, 
and ending the 25th day of 
March 1743, excluCve, id. 

THOMAS GLEN, Esq. Governor. 

1742, May 25. 

1742, June 3. 
1742, July 10. 

An A(5t for confirming and efta- 
blilhing a public ftreet from the 
north bounds of Charles-Town, 
to the north end of the bay of 
the faid town, and for building a 
bridge over the marfh, at the 
north end of the faid bay, and 
aflelTmg the lands and improve- 
ments of the feveral perfons 
therein named towards defray- 
ing the expence of the fame, 

' An Adl for the better fecuring 
the payment and more eafy reco- 
very of debts due from any per- 
fou or perfons inhabiting, refiJ- 


1744, May 29. 



CJe Cities of tlje 

THOMAS CLE X, Esq. Governor 

N«, ■€ 31 ^ !t ®. 

ing or being beyond the feas, 
or ellewhire wiiliout the limits 
of this Province by attaching the 
monies, goods, chattels, debts 
and books of account of fuch 
perfon or Pcrfons if any, he Ihe 
or they (hall have within this 
Province, and to impower and 
enable a feme covert, that is a 
fole trader to fue for and recover 
fiich debts as fliall be contracted 
with her as a fole trader, and to 
fubject fuch feme covert to be 
arrellcd and fucd for any debt 
contrartedl'yhcr asafole trader, 

J^I. * An Acl for allowing the plaintiif 
or demandant in eje<^^nicnt to 
bring more than one a<5lion for 
the recovery of any lands or te- 
nements claimed within this Pro- 
vince and for repealing the fourth 
paragraph ofanaiil, entitled an a(5l 
for fettling the titles of the in- 
habitants of this Province to their 
poll'effipns in their eftates within 
the fame and for limitation of 
actions and for avoiding fuits 
in law, 

73a. An Act for regulating the making 
of dams or banks, for referving 
water where the fame niay al!c(5t 
the properties of other pcrfons, 

733. * An Ad for the better govern- 
ingand regulating white fervants, 
and to repeal a former a(S enti- 
titled an ail for the better go- 
verning and rcgulatfng white 

7J4. * An A(5l for the raifing and levying 
the charges of conveying malefac- 
tors and offenders to gaol and for 
defraying the charges of criminal 
ptofecutions, and for repealing 
the laft paragraph of an ^t\ of the 
General AITcmbly of this Pro- 
vince, entitled an aifl,for authorif- 
ingthe General Court of Charles- 
City and port, to exercife feveral 
powers and privileges allowed in 
the county and prcciiiiSl courts in 
this Province 

735. An A(Sl to remedy fomc defefts 

in his Majefty's rent-roll, and to 
enable the ofllcers of the revenue 
to make a mure perfe<!l roll of his 
Majefty's quit-rents in this Pro- 
vince, and to difcharge from the 
payment of future quit-rents all 
iuch perfons as upon transferring 
their property fhall enter mcmo- 
tials of iuch transfer in the audi- 
tor's (>Hice,pay the quit-rents due, 
and comply with the other direc- 
tions of this a<51, 

736. • An A<ft for building a bridge over 

the north branch of Black river 
oppofitc to the landing of 
ValJis, lifq. dcccaicJ, in the pa- 


1 744, May 19- 

NO. 's 31 ■a; t c. 

riili of Prince George, Winyaw, 
and for btilding a bridge between 
Lady's- Ifland and St. HclenaV 
liland in Granville county from 
the caufcways already begun to 
be made over the marihes on the 
fald Illand, 

737. • An Acl declaring DortUefter 

bridge. Bacon's bridge, Mr. CuU 
lom's bridge. Eaglet bridge. Ba- 
ker's bridge, and Waring'sbridge 
in the parifh of St. George, Uor- 
cheller, to be parifli bridges, and 
appointing the manner in which 
tlie fame ihall hereafter be kept 
in repair, and for reviving and 
continuing an afl of the General 
Affembly of this Province enti- 
tled an additional and explanato- 
ry a<5l to an aii entitled, an a^ 
to impower the feveral commif- 
fioners nf the high roads, private 
paths, bridges, creeks, caufeways, 
and cleaning of water paflages 
in this Provmce of Soiith-Caro- alter and by out the fame 
for the more diredl and better 
convenience of the inhabiunts 

738. * An A(5l impowcring commifli- 

oncrs to linifii and continue cer- 
tain roads already laid out for the 
convenience of the inhabitants 
between Saltcatcher and Pocota- 
laga rivers, 

739. An A(5l for the further improve- 

ment and encouraging the pro- 
duce of Clk and other manufac- 
tures in this Province, and to re- 
peal an a<5l of the General Af- 
fembly entitled jIn Ai) to riiccu^ 
rjf f tic making 0/ iem[> pafftd the 
231/ Fikruary 1 723, and ior re- 
peahng fuch part of an acft of the 
General Affcmbly entitled An 
AS! for the btlUr rtgtilatinr the 

port and barbour 0/ Cbarlei-Tozvn, 
and the Jhipping frijumt'mg the 

fame at is therein menlionedy 

740. An Ad to encourage the dcftroy- 

ing healls of prey, 

741. An Ad for the further preventing 

the fpreading of contagious or 
malignant dillcnipcrs in this Pro- 

741. An Ad for allowing mutual debts 
to be difcounted, and for explain- 
ing tlie Cjlh paragraph of an aA 
entitled an ad for making more 
elFcdual wills and tellanients, and 
for making vahd all former wills 
in this Province according to the 
tenor of the fame, and \nt put- 
ting in force feveral ufeful mat- 
ters herein comprifcd, 

743. 'An Ad to appoint perfons to ferve 
in juries purfuant to the diredi- 
ons of an ad of the General Af- 
lembly paffcd the 20th day of Au- 
guft, in the year of our Lord 



Ms of 9iffemt)Ij?« 

THOMAS G L E lY, Eso. Governor. 


% I '€ t as. 




1 731, entitled ;m ad confirming 
and eftablifliing the ancient and 
approved method of drawing ju- 
ries by ballot in this Province, and 
for the better adniinil^ration of 
juflice in criminal caufes, and for 
appointing of fpecial courts for 
the trial of the caufes of tranfient 
perlbns, declaring the power of 
the Provoil IMarfl^alforallowzng 
the proof of deeds beyond the 
the fc as as iviience, and for re- 
peahng the f^v^ral ads of the Ge- 
neral Aaembly therein mention- 
ed, 1744, May 29. 

An Ad for the more effedual re- 
lief of infolvent debtors, and for 
that purpofe putting m force and 
effcdually carrying into executi- 
on in this Province fuch part of 
aH ad made in the Purhamcntof 
Great Britain, in thefecond year 
of his prcfent Majeliy's reign, 
entitled an ad for rebel of debt- 
ors with refped to the impiiCon- 
ment of their perfons as is herein- 
after mentioned, id* . 

An Ad for railing and granting to 
his Majtlly the fum of £5l,20S 
12. 2^, and for applying the funi 
of ^^8,056 4 3 (^bcing the fur- 
plus of fevcral ta\es and the bal- 
lance of feveral funds in the pub- 
lic treafury of this Province) for 
defraying the charges of the go- 
vernment for one year, commen- 
cing the zsih day of Mar. 1743 
inclufive, and ending the 25th 
day of March 1 744 excluiive, id. 

An Ad to prevent the further 
fpreading of the infedious dif- 
temper amongll the cattle of this 
Province, 1744-5* Mar. 2 2. 

An Ad to revive and continue the 

feveral ads therein mentioned, id. 

• An Ad to dired executors and 
adminiftrators in the manner of 
returning inventories and ac- 
counts of their teftatorand intef- 
tates eftatcs, and to reftrain the 
ufual charges and commiflions 
of'fuch executors, and adminis- 
trators, and all other perfons 
who Ihall be intrufted with the 
adminiftration, and management 

of minors eftates, I74J» May 2j» 

An Ad for continuing the truft of 
a lot and buildings in Charles- 
Tov.'n for the ufe of the antipedo 
Baptiil congregation, meeting 
there for divine fervice, id. 

• An Ad to divide St. Helena 
parjih, and to ered a feperate 
and diftind parifli in Granville 
county by the name of Prince 
William, and to afcertain the 

bounds thereof, id. 

An Ad for founding and eflablifh- 
jng a parodiial chapd of cafe, at 

-e: 3! ^ 1 «?♦ 

tlietown of Kdmonibury in the 
piiriih of St. Bartliolomew in 
Collctou county, and to impowcr 
certain conimilfioners therein 
named, to receive fiibfcriptiona 
and therewith to build the faid 

An Art to fupply the defeats in the 
execution of an ad entitled a.t 
acl for ih.- cfraU;jhm^,:t of rMglou. 
ivorfhilJ hi this Froviitce, according 
to the churclj of Englcnd, and for 
erecting churches for the public 
worfliip of God, and alio for the 
maintenance of miiiiftera, and 
the building convenient houl'es 
for them fo far as relates to the 
nominating, and from time to 
time, keeping up the number of 
commiffioners therein mentioned, 

* An Act to impower the commif- 
fioners of the high roads for the 
parifn of St. John in Berkley- 
county, tomal<ea new caul'evvay 
leading to Childfbury ferry in 
the laid p-irilli, and for cutting a 
water palTage through certain 
Lakefat the head of 131ack Min- 
go creek in the parifli of Prince 
Fredeiick Winyaw, and to rectify 
a millake in an a<3 of the Gene- 
ral Affcmbly of this Province 
entitled an aafor biii:dii!g a Iridge 
oi/er tie mrlli branch of Blact river 
oppo/uc totlje landing of fohn Wal- 
iu, Efi. dcaaftd, in tlie parijh of 
Pri,:., Ciorgc Winyaiv, and for 
building a bridge between Lady's 
Ifland, and St. Helena's Ifland,in 
Granville county from the caufe- 
ways ;ilready begun to be made 
over tlie marflies on the faid if- 

An A.& for impowering an additi- 
onal duty of 6d. per gallon, on 
rum imported, and for granting 
the fame to his Majcfly for the 
ufe of the foi-tifications in this 
Province, and for allowing a dif- 
count of ten per cent, out of the 
duties on fugars imported for 
waflage, and to dired the man- 
ner of making entries of goods 
or merchandize imported, which 
are liable to pay more than one 
duty with the country comj^trol- 
ler and public trcafurer, and for 
repeaUng an aft of the General 
Afl'embly of this Province entit- 
led an ad for continuing a duty 
and impofition of 3d. per gallon 
on rum imported, and for raifing 
a fund to finilh and keep in repair 
the new brick church in Charles- 
Town, and for the more effedual 
carrying on and maintaining the 
fortifications of this Province, 
and for enlarging the num.ber of 
the commiflioners of the fortifica- 
tions, and to impower the com- 
Biiflioncrs of the fortifications to 



i74i ^f=y ^s- 



'Eijt %itltsi of tje 

T H V M A S CLE N, Eso. Co 

ftamp orders for defraying the 
expence of the works by tliis aiS 
direfted to be immediately car- 
ried on for the defence of Charles- 

755. An A& for enlarging the qualifica- 

tions of the elc(Sors, as well as of 
the pcrfonsto be cle<!led to fcrve 
as members of the General Af- 
fcmbly of this Province, 

756. ^n AJMtioitiil a^ and explanatory a£1 

to an adl of the General Af- 
fembly of this Province entitled 

an aa/or the mor, effcclual rdief of 

infr,l'jcnt debtiti, and for that pur- 
pofe putting in force and effeiflu- 
ally carrying into execution in 
this Province fuch part of an ait 
made in the parliament of Great 
Britain in the id year of his 
prefcnt Majifty's reign entitled 
an aa/or the •elie/of Mior, -.iHb 
rcfpeH to the imprifinment of their 
perfons as it therein after mentioned^ 

75;. An Acl for veiling the ferry over 
South-Ediflo river, known by the 
name of Parker's fcrrj' in Jane 
Grainge and her alligns, for 
the ul'es and during the term 
therein mentioned, and to im- 
power the conimiffioners ap- 
pointed by an 3(51 of the General 
Aflembly to lay out a road from 
the corner of Captain Johnfun's 
plantation fence to Stead's creek 
inftead thereof to make and keep 
in repair, a road from Stead's 
creek to the plantation of Jere- 
m^iah Knott, 

7j8. An A& for continuance of proccfs 
and judicial proceedings, and for 
enabling the Chief Jufiicc of this 
Province, the public treafurer, 
and coroner for Berl.lcy county 
to draw grand jury men and 
petit jury men to fervc at the 
next cnfuin^ court of General 
Stflions of the peace, oyer and 
terminer, alTizc and general gaol 
delivery, to be holden at Charles- 
'J'ownin the Province aforcfuid 
on the third Wcdndday in 
March ncjtt, 

7^9. An Ael for raffing and- granting 
to his Majeily the fum of 
£4J.r,93 .5 Of anJ f"' api'ly'"!? 
the fum of £8,393 17 I '"^"'ii 
the furnlus of taxes and the bal- 
lance ol ftveral funds in the )inb- 
lic treafury of this Province mak- 
ing together £53,787 » 'il f".>" 
defraying the cliargcj of this 
government for one year cuni- 
mencingthe 15th March, 174 I, 
inclullve, and ending the ijih 
March, 1745 exclufivc, 

760. An ACl for continuing and amend- 
ing of an af^ entitled an »&. m 
prevent the further fprc.iding of 
Uic iufcdious dilltmper amonjilk 



I74i, May jj. 



I74i'<', ]■">• »3- 





1745 -6, Jan. ij. -M- 

I la: t «. 

the cattle in this Province, and 
for the amending and continuing 
fuch part of an a<5l entitled an 
aift for the better ordering and 
governing negroes and other 
Haves in this Province as is not 
amended, altered, or repealed 
by this prefent a<5t. 

An A(ft to revive and continue the 
feveral aifts therein mentioned, 
and to repeal that part of an ait 
whichgivesabountyupon Indigo, 
entitled an oB for the further im- 
provement aiid encoura^inp the pro* 
duce of ftlky and jther manufaauret 
in this Province, and to repeal an 
adl of the General Afl'embly en- 
titled an aa to encourage the tnaiing 
of hemp, pajed the l^d Jay of Feb- 
ruary 1723, and for repealing 
fuch part of an i& of the General 
Affembly entitled an aa for the 
letter regulating the port and har- 
lour of Charlet-Toiun and the flip- 
ping frequenting the fame as is therein 

An A(ft for ftamping, emitting, 
and making current the fum of 
£210,000 in paper bills of credit 
anil for afccrtaining and prefcrv- 
ing the future value thereof to be 
let out at intcrefl on good fe- 
curitics at 8 per cent, per annum, 
and for applying the laid intcrcft 
tothe purpofes therein after men- 
tioned, and for exchanging the 
paper bills of credit in this Pro- 
vince, and making them lefs 
fubjeil to be counterfeited, 

• An Aifl for the belter cftablilliing 
and regulating of patrols in thi» 

• An AiS to prevent fraut"? and 
deceits in felling rice, pitch, tar, 
rofin, turpentine, beef, pork, 
lliingles, ftaves, and fire wood, 
and to regulate the wiighingof 
the feveral commodities and mer- 
chandize in this Province, 

• An A<a for prefcrving the fortifi- 
cations and tor appropriating cer- 
tain furplus laud ni Charlo- 

An Ac! for the appointment of a 
powdiT receiver and for the bet- 
ter regulating of that oflice, 

An Aa for layiiighuoys, ami crtfl- 
ing and fu]>portine beacons, or 
lands marks near inc bar of the 
harbour of Gcorgc-'lown -Win- 
yaw, and for building and re- 
pairing one or more pilot boats, 
to attend the bar of the faid har- 
bour and for the better fettling 
and regulating Uic pilotage for 
Uie faid h:>iboiir. 

An Ae'lfor railinj; and granting 
to his Majeily the fum of 
£50,121 10 1 and for applying 
the fum of £8067 14 » btitig 
the furplHj of taxes and the bal- 


1745-6, Mar. M. 

1746, Apr. iS, 

1746, June 17. 

7H0 MAt> 

aats of acfcmtJi?. 

THOMAS GLEN, Esq. Governor. 

lance orfeverai funds in the pub- 
lic trcalury of this Province 
making together the fum of 
£^8,189 4 10 for defraying the 
charges of the government for 
one year, commencing the 25th 
day of March, 1745 incluiive 
and coding the 25th day of 
March, 1746, exclufive, and for 
-railing the fiini of £1174 on the 
inhabitants, and owners of lands 
in the parifli of St. Philips 
Charles-Town for the ufe of the 
watch in the fiid town, 1746, June ly. 

jCp. * An Aifl to empower his excel- 
lency the Governor or the conT- 
mander in chief of this Province 
for the time being, and a majo- 
rity of the members of his Ma- 
jefly's honorable council, who 
fhall be in this Province to hold 
a court of chancery for repealing 
the ill an^ 9th paragraphs of an 
aft of the General Aflembly of 
this Province, entitled an a£i far 
tJiahUJl'in^ a court of cbancery in this 
bii Majifiy's Province of South-Ca- 
rolina, and for preventing the dif- 
continuanceof procefs and abate- 
ment of fuits in the courts of 
juftice, 1746-7, ^eb. I7. 

770. * An Aft for erefting the townfliip 

of Purr) (burgh and parts ad- 
jacent into afeperate and difunft 
parifh, id. 

771. An Ordinance for appointing major 

AVilham Pickney commiflioner 
of the Indian trade, 1 747, June 1 1. 

77a. * An Aft for the trial of fmall and 
mean caufes, and for repealing 
the feveral afts now in force 
which relate to the recovery of 
fmall debts, id. 

773. An Aft for the better regulating 

the militia of this Province, and 
for repealing the former afts for 
regulating the militia, and for 
repealing an aft entitled an a& 
for the further fecutity and better 
defence of this Province, id. 

774. * An Aft to amend the fixth >para- 

graph of an aft of the General 
Affembly of this Province, enti- 
tled an aft for the better govern- 
ing and regulatirg white kr- 
vants and to repeal a former aft 
entitled an a6t for the better go- 
verning anJrcgulating white fer- 
vants and to prevent the embez- 
zlementsof overfoers, 1747,Junel3. 

77J. An Aft for eftablifhing the chapel 
at Pompion Jiill in the parifh of 
St. Thomas, as a parochial chapel 
of eafe for thefaid pari{h for ever, 
and for repealing fuch part of the 
2d paragraph of an aft of the 
General ACembly of this Pro- 
vince, paffed the i8th day of De- 
cember, 1 70S, entitled an addi- 


■a: a ^ L ©, 



tional aft to an aft entitled an aft 
'for the cft«bli(hment of religious 
worlhip in this Province, accord- 
ing to the church of England, 
and for the erefting of churchej 
for the public worlhip of God, 
and akb for the maintenance of 
minifters, and the -building con- 
venient houfes for them as is 
therein mentioned, and for ap- 
pointing commilTioners for the 
building a chapel of eafe at 
Echaw in the parifli of St. James 
Santee, 1747, June 13. 

'776. An Aft for giving freedom to a ne- 
groe man named Arrah late a 
flave belonging to Mr. Hugh 

Cartwright, and to confirm the 
freedom of all negroes, and others 

who have been or fnall be fiaves 

to any of the inhabitants of this 

Province, that already have or 

Ihall hereafter having been taken 

make their efcape from his Ma- 
jelly's enemies, and return to this 

Province, id 

777' An Aft to nominate, and appoint 

commiffioners of the high ways 

in the upper fettlement Pedee, 

Waccamaw, and Black rivers, 

with power to eftablifli ferries at 

fuch convenient places within 

the feveral diflrifts therein men- 
tioned as the majority of the 

commiDioners of the faid refpcc- 

tive diftrifts ihall direft, and to 

appoint high way, and bridge 

commiflioners for Saxegotha 

townfliip, id, 

778. An Aft for appointing an agent to 

folicit the affairs of this Province 

in Great Britain, H, 

779. An Aft for finking a drain in Queen 

ilreet in Charles-Town, and for 
filling up the faid ftrcct at the 
eafl end thereof, and for alTefline 
the lands bounding on the faid 
ftreet which will be benefited 
thereby for the defraying the ei- 
pence thereof, id. 

780. An Aft to impower two juftices 

and three freeholders, or a ma- 
jority of them to determine in all 
aftions of debt where the mat- 
ter in difpute doth exceed £10 
currant money which is now 
equal to £5 proclamation money 
and is not more than £75 cur- 
rent money which is equal to 
£ij proclamation money, id. 

7&I. An additional Aft to an aft of the 
General Affembly of this Pro- 
vince, entitled an off for preventing 
es much at may be the ff reading of 
contagious dijieinpers and to revive 
and continue an aft entitled an 
aflfor the efablijhingof amarket in 
the (larijb of St. Philif's Charles. 
To-tun, andfor fre-ventingengroffing, 
forfalling, regrating, and unjuji ex- 
a^igns in thefaid toifn and market, id. 



Cfje Cities of t!)e 

THOMAS G L E \\ Esq. Governor. 

■E s ■<& i' e. 







^ 3i ■E 1 e. 

' An A(54 for eOilliTliJng a ferry 
over Savaunah rivtr at the gar- 
rifon of fort Moore in New 
Windfor, and for vefting the 
fume m Cornelius Cook, fui the 
term of 7 years, and for eftabliih- 
ing a ferity over titono river, at 
the place where the bridge ftands, 
and for' vcftins; the fants in 
Margaret Williams widow, her 
executors aduiiniiirators, and 
afligns, for the term of three 
An AlI for raifmg and granting to 
hii Majefty the fum of 
£52,817 o 5 and for applying 
the fumof£^67J I 7 bcingthe 
ballauce of fevetal funds in the 
public treafury making together 
the lum of £5J.50t o i for de- 
fraying the charges of the govcm- 
iiunt for one year commencing 
the 2Jth day of March, 1746, 
inclufive, and ending the J.^th 
day of March, 1747, cxclufivt, 
An additional ail to an ad of the 
General AflVmbly of this Pro- 
■vince entitled, an aii for enLuj^- 
inp tbe qutjl'Jit.itiotit of tht eUcicrt 
.zj ■trrll oftUfirfins to h cl.rUJ, 
,0 frr^e „, mcmb^n of tU Q.,urul 
AjJ.mbh of this Py;-vincc, 
' An Ad limitinj; the time for 
commencing profccutionsfor the 
recovery of penalties and for- 
feitures impoftd by ads of the 
General Affembly of this Pro- 
vince, the time not limited by 
fuch a(9s. 
An Kd to revive and continue the 
feveral ads of the General Af- 
fembly of this Province therein 
. An Adforilampinijandiiruingthe 
fum of £lo6,Joo, being the 
amount of the prefent lawful pa- 
per bills of credit in this Pro- 
vince, and for calling in and ex- 
changing the paper bills of cre- 
dit now outllanding, which are 
a tender by law in all payment, 
• An Afl for empowering perfons 
to appoint guardians 10 tneir chil- 
dren and for the cafier obtaining 
partitions of lands in Coparcenary 
Joint-Tenancy, and Tenancy in 
Common in this Province, 
An Ad for reducing of intcreft 
from ten to eight by the hundred. 
An Ad for prohibiting and pre- 
venting the exportation of corn, 
pc»», Imall rice, flour and bif- 
cuit from thi« Province for the 
term therein mentioned, 
•An Ad for eftabliniinga ferry over 
Cooper river Irom the plantati- 
on of Henry Gray in Chrill 
Church pariih to Charles-l'own, 
tad for veiling the faiU ferry ii 


1747, June 13. 

1747-8, May li. 

1748, May 10. 


id. ■ 

1748, June II. 

the faid Henry Gray, his execu- 
tors, adminillrators and alTigns 
for the term of 7 years, and for 
fettling the rate of terriage at the 
ferry, eilablilhed over the \4'eft- 
ern Branch of the faid Cooper 
river at a place commonly called 
the Strawberry, and for vciting 
the faid ferry in I.ydia Bali, her 
executor?, adn;iniltrators and al- 
figns, for the term of 7 years and 
for building a bridge over Black 
river at or near tiie place called 
the king's Tree in the parifll of 
Prince l-'rederick, 
79Z. An Ad for building and keeping 
in repair a pili-t Doat to attend 
the bar of the harbour of Beau- 
fort, Port-Royal, and for the 
better fettling and regulating the 
pilotage of the faid h^irbour, 

793. An ACi for raifing and graniiag to 

his majefty the fum of £59,447 
18 3^ for dciraying the charges 
of the Government for one year, 
commencing the 25 th day of 
March, 1747, incluCvc, and end- 
ing the 2jth of March, 1748, 

794. An Art to prevent frauds inmaking, 

packing, and exporting indigo, 

795. An Ad to prevent the fpreadiiig 

of infcdions, and contagious dil- 
tempcrs in Charles-Town, 

796. An Ad for appointing a Comp- 

troller of the country duties, and 
trcafurer for the port of George- 
Town, Winyaw, and a Comp- 
trolkr of the country duties and 
trcafurer for the port of Beaufort, 
Port Royal, 

797. An ordinance for appointing James 

Grockalt, Efq. agent to folicit 
the affairs of this Province in 
Great Britain, 

798. An Ad for raifing and granting to 

his Majefty the fum of £48408, 
1 1 and applying the fum of 
£3,536 15 4 being tlic balance 
in the fund ajipropriated for pay- 
ment of the fabrics of the clergy, 
making together the fum of 
£51,944 16 6 for defraying the 
charges of the government for 
ono year, commencing the t5th 
day of March 1 748, inclufive, 
an.l ending the 15th day of 
March 1749, cxclufivc and for 
difcharging one moiety of the 
debt incurred for the defence of 
the coafts '"d protedion of the 
trade of this Province, 

799. • An Ad for regulating the ifiiie 

of bread, 

800. • An Ad for vefling the ferry efta- 

blifhcd over Stono river at the 
place where the bridge flood, in 
Thomas Rofe and Francis Rofe, 
their executors, adminiUratort 
and alTigns in trull for the ufc of 
the chjldreu of iicnry WiUiam- 


1748, June 71. 

1748, June 29. 


1749, June ti. 

I749-io>Mir. 16. 


Ms of 9lffemljlin 


THOMAS GLEN, E.q. Governor. 


E 31 ^ 1^ «. 



■E 3! ^ IL ©. 


fon deceafed for the term of 7 
years atid for fufpenrling thepow- 
er of the commiffioncrs for build- 
ing a bridge at the faid place, diit* 
ingthefaid term, and forafteitain- 
ing the boundaries of the diflridt 
liable to work on the cut com» 
monly called New-Town cut, 
and for appointing commilHoners 
to build a bridge over Coofa- 
whatchie creek, lying between 
the parifhes of St. Helena and 
Prince William, and for keeping 
the fame in repair, I7J0, May^I. 

8oi. An AA for keeping the flreets in 
Charles-Town clean, and efta- 
blifliing fuch other regulations for 
the fecurity, health and conveni- 
ence of the inhabitants of the fiid 
town as. are therein mentioned, 
and for eftablifliing a new market 
in the laid town, id] 

So». * An A& for eltablifhing a ferry 
over Santee river, in the pariih 
of Str James, Santee, from the 
plantation commonly called Cou- 
rage's plantation on the north 
fide of the fjid river, to the place 
commonly called Jonathan Skri- 
oifon, the fouth fide of the faid 
river, and for- vefting the faid 
ferry in Alexander Dupont his 
executors, adminiftrators and af- 
iigns for the term of 7 years, and 
for appointing commifTioncrs fer 
tht: public road leading from the 
plantation late of William Wal- 
fon deceafcd in Chrrft Church pa- 
riih., comniotily called Hobcaw, 
te the high road leading to ■ 
Church in the faid parifh, idi 

Sdj. An A(S for the ereiSing and fup- 
porting of a beacon near the bar- 
and harbour of Charles-Town, 
anil for placing buoys on or near 
the faid bar for the uie of ihips 
and other veffels coming to the 
port of Charles-Town, i^. 

804. An A<ft for vefting the ferry over 
Afliley river in Edmund Bellin- - 
ger and George Bellinger, Efqs. 
their executors, adminiftrators, 
and aCigns for 7 years in truft for 
and to the ufe and appointment 
of Mrs. Elizabeth Elliot wife of 
Thomas Elliot, Efquire, id. 

%0S. An additional A& to the atfts of 
the General Affembly of this Pro- 
vince concerning irjhh'cnt dcitorSj_ 
and for the continuance of the 
faid ads, id- 

to6. An Af): for raifing and granting 
to his Majefty the fum of 
£60,358 14 loi for defraying 
the charges of the government 
for one year, commencing the 
J5th March 1749 inclufive, and 
ending the 15th March 1750, ex- 
clufive, for difcharging the re- 
fidue of the debt incurred lor the 

defence of the coafls and protec- 
tions of the trade of this Pro- 
vince, , I7J0, lAIay 51. 
807. ' An Aft for appointing commif- 
fioners to build a new bridge over * 

Pon Pon river near the place 

where the old bridge flood, and 

for making caufev/ays leading to 

the faid bridge, and for appoint- 
ing commiilioners to linifii and 

colli plt'tc a road already laid out 

from the Hoi"fe-Shtie road to Po- 

catalitpio caufeway in the parifli 

of St. Bartholomew and to keep 

the laid road in repair, and for 

appointing commiilioners to cut 

a creek from Aihepoo river to 

I*on pon river, at the uoper end 

of the Goofe Marih between the 

faid rivers, and alfo to cut ano- 
ther creel; through the marlh be- 
tween Chchaw and Aihepoo ri- 
vers, iJ'Sl, Apr. 2^, 
&38. * An Aa for eftabliftiing a ferry 

from the plantation of colonel 

Samuel Priolean, called Patter- 

foii's-Point, on Port-Royal Ifland 

to the land late of Thomas Innes 

deceafed on the Indian land, and 

for veiling the faid ferry in the 

faid col. Samuel Prioleau, his 
executors, adminiftrators and af- 
f;^-ns, for the term of ten years, 
and fur eftabliihing one other fer- 
ry from the (aid land, late of the 
faidThomas I nries deceafed, to the 
faid plantation of the faid colonel 
Samuel Prioleau, and for vefting 
the fame in John Greene, his ex- 
ecutors, adminiftrators and af- 
ligns for the like term, id. 

809. • An Aft to appoint and eftahlifh 

new lifts of jurymen to be drawn 
by ballot in this Province and to - 
to empower the courts of law to 
draw jurors in cafes therein men- 
tioned, I/Jlj M[ij 4. ■ 

810. An Aft for fupprefling and prevent- 

ing of private lotteries, icL 

811. An Additional Aft to the feveral 

afts of the General Affembly 
now of force in this Province 
which relate to infolvent debtors, 
and for impowering the chief juf- 
tice, public treafurer,and coroner, 
of Berkley county to fet afide 
infolvent debtors that may hap- 
pen to be drawn as jurors, and 
for obliging the plaintiffs to pay 
the fees for infolvent debtors com- 
mitted to the cuftody of the pro- 
voftmarlhal, jj, . 

8ll. An Aft to reftrain and prevent the 
too frequent falcs of goods, and 
wares, and merchandize, by pub- 
lic auftion or out cry in Charles- 
Town, and for the better regu- 
lating of fuch falcs, id. 

813. Jn adjitiond! and explanatory afi to an 
aft of the General Affembly of 
this Province, entitled an af) for 
h'ping th:flrccti in Charlts-Tfun 


XL W\)t %itlt^ of tl)e 

THOMAS CLE N, Esq. Govnnor. N". '^ 31 'S t C. Patr. 

vo •!»• * 15" * (TP i^att. any former a(5l or ails of the Ge- 

^- •© 3 ''S t ®. ^at«* neLlAfTen.bly of this Province, Jr^l.JuneU. 

(han, and f(.r eJIMlfiir.jr fuch other glO. ' An Ad dividing the parifh of St. 

rtguiaiiomffrtbcfci-uriiyleaUband Philips Charles-'J'owii, and for 

convenience of the inhaUtanIs of the cftabliihing anotlier parifli in the 

/aid tozvn at are therein mentioned, Jaid town by tlie name of the 

andfor tJIMiJhing a nc-w marLit in jiarifh of St. Michael, and for 

thefjidloicn, I751i^'*y^- ajipointing commiiiioners for the 

814. 'An A<£1 for amending an a(£l en- building of a church and a parfon- 

titkdan additional and explanatory age houfe in the faid parifii, anJ 

act to an all entitled an aB to itr.- for appointing one member more 

poiver tbefcveral conimijponeri of to reprefent the inhabitants of 

the hirh roads, frivatefathsyhriJ^i, the faid tovi'n in the Genial Af- 

creeh caufe^vays, and cltmnfing of fembly of 4Jiis Province, and for 

'^oatcr faffa^es in this Province of afcertaining the numbcrof mem- 

Soutl-Carolina, to alter and lay out bers to reprefent the inhabitants 

the fame for the more dired and tetter of the faid pariftics rtfpeiflively 

convenience of the inhabitants there- in the faid aflembly, and provid- 

^r I75I1 ^^^y '"• ing an addition to tJie faiary of 

git. • An AiSl for the better reftraining the prefent reflur of the parilb 

Xiamen from abfenting from their • of St. Philips during his incuni- 

fcrvice, and for the encouraging bency, iii. 

the apprehending and fecuring of S2I. An A61 to revive and continue the 

fugitive feamen, and to difcour- fcvcral ads of the General Af- 

age frivolous and vexatious ac- fembly of this Province therein 

tions at I.1W, being brought by mentioned, and for amending 

fsamen agaiiift malTers and com- one of the faid aiSs entitled an 

manders of fhips and other vcf- additional ad to an afl entitled 

j(>ls 'J. an a<3 for the better regulating 

816. * An additional and explanatory nH to taverns, and punch houfes, and 

an a<Sl of the General Aflembly for applying the monies arifing 
of this Province entitled an ae} by the faid additional afl inflead 
for the better ordering and governing of )iaying the Watch and guard 
negroes and otberflaves in this Pru- in Charlcs-Town towards dil- 
'iiincc and for continuing fuch charging the additional pay 
part of the faid aft as is not al- granted by this government \a 
tcred or amended by this prefent his Majefty's indepcndant corn- 
oil for the term therein menti- panics doing duty in this Pro- 
oned, . '^- ■vince, id. 

817. An Aft to incorporate the fociety Jjs. An Aft granting to his Majefty the 

commonly called and known by fum of ^^jj, 000 for the building 

the name of the South-Caroliua of a State Houfe in Chariei.- 

fociety, '" Town, for the fcrvicc of this 

%l%. An Aft for raifing and granting to government, and for appointinj;; 

hisM-ijefty the fum of (^39,441 and impowering cummiflioners 

o oi and for applying the iuni of to execute the fame, id. 

fjidt'i II I being the balance 823. An Ordinance fur impowering the 

of fevcrtl funds in the public Governor of this Province, for 

treafury of this Province, making the time beme, with the advice 

together the fum of £46,130 and confent ofhis Majefty's ho- 

Ji lifordefrayingthe charges of norable council, and the other 

the government for one year, jierfuns therein named 

commencing the Ijth Marth members of the prefent General 

1750, inclufivc, and ending the Aficniblj, to make inch bye law» 

•jjth March 1751, exclufive, id. ordinances, ruhs, and orde/^s, for 

819. An Aft for the better fticngthen- preferving peace and continuing 

ing this Province, by granting to a good coriefpondencc with the 

hij M.iji fly certain taxes and im- Indians in aniiiy with liiis };o- 

pofitions on the purchafcts of ne- vernment, and for nguljliiig the 

groes and other flavcs imported, trade with the faid Indians as 1 hey 

and for appropriating the f.ime to (hall think nneffsry for the term 

the ufestherein mentioned, and therein mentioned, I7jI,Aug. ji. 

for granting to his Majefty a Jl^. An Ordinance for appointing a 

duty on liquors and other goods, Comptroller and a receiver eftlie 

and merchandizes for the ufe« couiiiry duties for tl:c port of 

therein mentioned, and for ex- G<:«r^e-1 own Vkiyaw, 17J1, May ?. 

empting the purchafcrs of negroes Jlj. An Aft for appropriating the duties 

and other flaves imported, from impofed by law on goods, wares, 

and merchandizes, impcTtcd into 



and other naves importea, irom impoled I>y law on goous, w 

payment of the tax and the liquors apd merchandizes, impcTtcd 

and other goods and mcrchan- and exported out nf the rm 

dizc from the duties impofed by Ueaofoit, Purt-Hoyalfor ihci 

Wd^ <d mUmUh 

T no M AS C L E N, Esq, Gcvemor. 
N". ■a 31 'C It <C. 'Vm, 

therein mentioned, town rdsbuild- 

ing and keeping in repair a pilot 

boat, oi' boats, to attend the bar 

of the harbour of tJie iaid port, 

»nd for the better fettling, and 

regulating the pilotage of the 

faid harbour, and for appointing 

a comptroller, and a receiver of 

the country duties for the faid 

port, and for obliging all {hips, 

and other velTeh trading to the 

faid port, to^ay powder duty, 1 75 2, May 16. 

326. An A61 for laying buoys, and erect- 
ing and fupporting beacons or 

land marks near the bar of the 

harbour of George-Town Win- 
yaw, and for building and repair- 

jngoncormore pilot boator boats, 

to attend the bar of the faid har- 
bour, and for obliging fuch vef- 

fcls as go to the faid port of 

George-I'own, to pay powder 

duty, id, 

827. An A<3 for appropriating the duties 

impofed by law on goods, wares, 

and merchandize imported into, 

and exported out of the port of 

George-Town Winyaw for the 

term therein mentioned towards 

finifhing the church in the faid 

town, id. 

818. An Ail for prefcrving peace, and 

for concinuingia good corrcfpond- 
ence wkh the Indians who arc 
in friendlhip with the govern- 
ment of tiouth-Carolina, and for 
regulating the trade with the faid 
Indians, id. 

819. An additional Afttoan aift of the 

General Aflembjy of this Pro- 
vince entitled an ail far preventing 
as much as ma: U the fpreadh^ i7f 
ennia^ious ffijljmperj, id, 

830. All Afl to revive and continue the 

icerdl :;cls of the General Af- 
(eiuhly of this Province therein 
mentioned, id. 

831. An A(ft for appointing commifllon- 

ersto (lamp, and-fign the fum of 
£20,000 in paper bills of credit 
to be exchanged for lucli cf the 
bills of credit as were lately 
flampe J upon had paper, and are 
become obliterated torn and de- 
faced, id, 

832. An Ordinance for appointinganother 

country v .liter for the port 
of Charles-'i'ovyn, and for ap- 
pointing a country waiter for the 
port of Beaufort Port-Royal, and 
country waiter for tlie port of 
George-Town Winyaw, id. 

833. An Adlfor the better preventing 

of exceftivc gaming, id. 

834. An ACl for raifmg and i/ianting' 

to hii M-jcfly the linn of 
£43,945 I& ;|in.Hcrapp!)ini;the 
fum of £6,875 i& 6 Ijcing the 

furplus of taxes, and the balance 
of fcvcral funds in the public 
treafury making together the 
fum of£55,8!I 16 I^ for de- 
fraying the charges of this go- 
vernment for one year commenc- 
ing the a^th day of March, in 
the year of our Lord 1751 incluf- 
ive, and ending the ajth day of 
March, I7_52exclufive, 

835. Ad A(S for prohibiting and prevent- 
ing the exportation of corn, peas, 
and fmall rice, from this Pro- 
'vince for the term therein men- 

8j6. An Adl for altering, and amending 
the 6th and 7th paragraphs of the 
-ad entitled yi/j AH fir the htller 
Jlrengthening cf this Proinnce hy 
granting to bis I^^ajejiy cei tain taxes 
and imjiojitionj on the purJjafers of 
negrots, and other faves imptrled, 
and for approfriating the fame to the 
ufcs therein mentioned^ and for grant- 
ing to hit MaJFJly a duty on liquor i^ 
and other goodsy and merchandize for 
the ufes therein mentioned^ and for ex- 
empting the purehaferj of negroes y and 
other Jfuves imported, from payment 
of the tax, and the liquors, and other 
goods, and merchandize from the 
duties impofed, lii any former ad or 
aas of the General AJfemUy of this 

837. An Ordinance for enabling and em- 

powering the perfons therein 
named, to import into this Pro- 
vince, from tlie northern or other 
colonies a quantity of Indian corn 
not exceeding 50,000 buibels for 
the ufe and confumption of the 
inhabitants by borrowing the 
fum of £2513 14 now lying into 
the hands of the powder receiver, 
and the monies in the public trea- 
fury appropriated to the ufe of 
the fortiiicxitions, and for replace 
ing the fame in the maimer 
therein appointed, 

838. An Ad: to -impower the commif- 

fioners who were appointed for 
building a church in the parilh of 
Prince William in Granville 
county, and the commiirioncrs 
who were appointed for building 
a church in George-Town, and 
the commilfioners who were ap- 
pointed for building a ch:jpcl of 
ejfe in the parilh of St. James 
fSantei, in Craven county, to 
ereiS and fet up pews in the fume 
and to difpofe of the faid pews to 
enable them to raife money for 
the finiihing of the faid churches 
and chapel refpeifivcly, 
SjJ. * An Adl for making Black river 
navigable from the weflcni 
boundary of the townfhip of 
WilliamfburghTown to the tide 
way as far as the place commonly 
called the Narrowi,, 


I75>, M»yrS, 

175.3. oa. 7. 

1753, Mar. 5. 

1753. Apr. 21, 



Cf)e Cities of tlje 

THOMAS CLE X, Esq. Governor. 
NO. C 31 ^ 1 <E. Date. 

840. An A(fl for appfintinj,' and empow- 
ering comnulliontrs to make the 
Wateree river navigable, and for 
laying out, and making a road 
from the upper fettUnients, near 
the Cauwba nation on the north 
eaft fide of the faid Wateree 
rivcr,to the place on Santec river,_ 
commonly called Btard's ferry, 
and from thence to the road lead- 
ing from the Congarees, to 
Charles-'J'own, 1753, -*pr- 2I> 

I41. An AA to exempt the inhabitants 
of the lower diilri.51 of the pariih 
of St James Santee in Craven 
county, from working on or con- 
tributing towards any repairs to 
be made to the road or caufe- 
way leading over Lyiicli'slfland, id. 

842. An AA for appointing commiffioii-. 
crs to build a bridge over the 
pond in the Four Holes fwamp 
commonly called Oibbc's Pond, 
and to lay ojt, make, and keep 
in re|)alr, a road to and from the 
faid bridjic. as convenient as may 
he into the Orangeburgh old road 
from the head ol the path leading 

from Ucrchcftcrto Izard's Cow-, 
pen, id. 

S43. An Ai5l to continue an a^ entitled 
a'l aafor th: brtUr rfgUulhig the 
niililh vf this I'rovinci, and for 
repealing the former ails for re- 
gulating the militia, and for re- 
pealing an ad entitled, dn all for 
ibcfurlbtrficurlty ai:d btltn- dtjaice 
tf !l.h Prmm^c, id. 

1^4. An A(£l for fecuring the payment 
of the fum of £x,500 to the ho- 
r.orablc Heclor Uerenger de 
lieaufiln, I'.fq. and the fum of 
£3500, to Gabriel Mauigault, 
Inquire, their rcfjieiSive exe- 
cutors, adminiflrators, or af- 

figns, w ith intercft at the rate of 

fcpercer.t. per annum out of the 

fund appropriated to the ufe of 

poor proieftants coming from Eu- 
rope, to fettle in this Province, 

the faid lumi having been lent by 

them to fupply the deficiency in 

the faid fund, id. 

S45. An Aft for raifing, and grantinp 

to lii« Mijerty the fum of 

/;43,I02 2 o| for defraying the 

charges of this govtrnmcnt for 

ore year, commeiu ing the 15th 

of Match, I7.?!l, old llilc inclu- 

fivc, and ending the 2.( , cf March, 

1753, new llileexclufivc, 1753, Aug. 1$, 

J46. An k&. for incorporating the Char- 

k«-Town library focicty, '754> May 8. 

g.17. An AA for repealing fu> li parts of 

an AA entitled, an aH la ttl and 
fi,\k arJin, nnil pajfigct ii:li> lie njith 

itiJ "U'ejl branthe.' of Slanf> rt-^try a&« 

relate to the weft branch of Sinno 

river, and 10 empower the Com- 

QulGoncts thcrcm nr.mtd to cut 

and fink drains and water paf- 
fa^es into the faid will branch 
of Stono river, and to cut aud 
fink a drain or water paffage in 
the fwampcalled Basl'ord'sfwamp 
in the parifh of bt. Bartholo- 

848. • An A(ft for building a draw bridge 

acrofs Alhley river in the pariih 
of St. Andrew from fome place, 
at or near Stony-l'oint, on the 
eaft fide of the niarfh oppoCte 
to the faid Point on the weft fide 
of the faid river, and for making 
a caufeway upon the faid marih 
leading to the faid bridge, and 
for making a road to the faid 
bridge and caufeway, and for vefl-. 
ing the laid bridge when built in 
fuch pcrfon aud perfons, his and 
iheir heirs and alligns for evcras 
Ihall be at the cvpence of build- 
ing the faid bridge, and making 
the faid caufeway, and keeping 
the fame at a!! times hereafter 
in repair, 

849. * An A&. to prevent the inveigling, 

lleaUngandcarrying away negroes 
and other flaves in this Province, 
and to prevent the carrying away 
of fchooncrs or pettiaugers, and al- 
io for repealing fu much of an ^A 
entitled, an ail for the better or- 
dering and goveniing negroes 
and other flaves in this Province, 
as relates to the time within 
which oflTenders that are appre- 
hended, (hall be tried and giving 
the jullices and freeholders a 
power to poflpone the trial of 
iueh oifenders, 

8/0. * An Ai5l for afcertaining the dif- 
trii5l for tutting, clcanfiiig and 
keeping in repair, the creek or 
cut commonly called the Hawl- 

851. * An AiS to divide thcparifh of St. 
James Santee in Craven county, 
and fur eflablilhitjg another pa- 
riih in the laid county, by the 
name of the pariih of St. Stephen, 
and appointing die ch.ipcl of cafe 
in the laid pariih of St. Stephen 
to be the pariih church, and de- 
(daring the ch:ipel of eafe at li- 
chaw, in the parifli of St., 
Santec, to be the pariih cliurch, 
and for appoitiliog cunnriiTioncra 
to ereifl a chapel of tafe near 
V/aml aw bridge in the faid pa- 
riih of St. Jauies, Santee, aud 
for afcertaining the nun\l)cr of 
members to icprifent the ini:abi. 
t;.iitsof the laid paiiflui refpcc- 
lively in the General Alfembly of 
this Province, and for appoir^tioi; 
conmiiilioners for the high roads 
in the faid p:.ri(he»relpeC(ively, 

85», • An AA appointing eoinmiillon- 
crs for repairing and keeping in 
repair the LriJgc uvcr cuoibalicc 


1754. May g. 

I7C4, May li 

7 no MAS 

ms of ^fremm^, 

THOMAS G L E K, Esq. Governor. 

river, from the caul'cway to tlie 
town of Radnor, and commiin- 
oners for rebuilding.^d keeping 
in repair the bridge over Wap- 
poo creels in the parilli of St. 
Andrew, and dcclaiing the faid 
bridge and Hooper's bridge in the 
faid parifli of St. Andrew, to be 
pariih bridges, and appointing 
commiflioners for the faid bridge, I7J4, Myy II. 
8j3. An A<ft for a;'plying that fifth part 
of the tax inipofed by the general 
duty law on the fint purchaliirs 
of negroes and other flaves iru' 
l>orted, which was applyed as a 
bounty to be given for the build- 
ing of fhips, and as an encou- 
ragement to lliip Wrights and 
caulkers to become fettlersin this 
Province to the ufes therein mcn- 
- tioned, and for building a peft 
houfe and creifling a beacon, and 
for appointing and en-.powtriug 
commiinoners to execute the fame 
and to purchafe, a piece of land 
convenient for thofe pui-pofes,and 
forjiurchafingof pieceof laud in 
Charles-Town, and for building 
anothci-jowder magazine thcre- 

854. * An Afl for vetting the ferry over 
Savannah river, at the Garrifon 
of Fort Moore in New-Windfor 
in John Stewart of New-Wind- 
for, his executors, adniiuiflrators. 
and afiigns for the term therein 
mentioned, and for cllablifhiiig a 
ferry over Santee river, in the 
lownfhip of Saxe Gotha, fron\ 
the laiid nf Martin Fridig on 
the fouth fide to the oppofite land- 
ing on the north fide of the laid 
river, and for veiling thtf fame in 
tile f?.id Martin Fridig, his exe- 
cutors, admlniftrators and ailigns 
for the term therein mentioned, id. 

855. An A(5l to revive and continue the 
fevcral a61:s of the General Af- 
fembly of this Province therein 
m.entioned, id. 

Sj6. An AlI for raifmg and granting to 
his Majefty the fimi of £37,898 
1 6J, and for applying the fura 
of £i,ac6 II o, being the ba- 
lance of feveral funds in the pub- 
lic treafury of this Province mak- 
ing together jf 42 154 12 6^ for 
defraying the charges of this go- 
vernment for one year, conmien- 
cingthe 25th day of March 175^ 
inclufive, and ending the 25th 
day of March 1754 excluGve, id. 

t57' An Ordinance appointing a comp- 
troller of the country duties .ind 
a country waiter for the port of 
Charles-Town, and a comptrol- 
ler and receiver of the country 
duties for the port of Beaufort, 

8 J 8. 

'is, 31 'S:. It-ffi. 

I75J, Feb. I. 

Mi A& for empowering the church 
w.irdens and vcfiry of the pariih 
of St. Bjrtholom. \v to diipofe of 
the pews in the thapel lately e- 
reitcd in the laid purilh, 
* An Ad for laying out, making 
and keepingin repair a road from 
Purryfburgh to Bee's creek in 
Grauville county, and fordifcon- 
tinuing fuch part of the prcfent 
high road as leads from Day's 
creeks to Purrylburgh, 
An Act for reviving and continuing 
leveral atts of the General Al- 
fembly of this Province therein 
mentioned, and lor amending 
one of the faid atls entitled au act 
lor the better reguiating of the 
militia of this Province, and for 
repealing the former ads for re- 
gulating the militia, and for re- 
pealing an acl entitled an adl for 
the further lecurity and better de- 
fence of this Province, 
An A(5l to relirain the exportation 
of proviCons and warlike ftores 
from this Province fur the time 
therein limiicd, 
•■Vn Aiit for raifmg and granting to 
his j'vljjeily the lam of 2^62,134 
16 104, and for applying the 
fum of jC.)>02I 3 5>, being the 
balance in the general duty fund, 
making- together £65,156 o 64-, 
for defraying the charges of the 
goveinment for one year, ending 
the 24th day of March lafl, and 
toward repairing the old, and 
building new fortifications in this 
Province, and for other fervices 
mentioned in thefchedulc to this 
adi: annexed, and alio to enable 
the public tieid'urer for the time 
being to iflue certificates p-jyable 
out of the fortification fund for 
the more immediate repairing 
and building the faid fortifications 
and alfo for railing ;.nd granting 
toiiisMajefly the further fum of 
£33,600 current money which, 
with the fum of £8,400 provided 
for this ftrviceiirthe fchedulcafore- 
faid, isenual to£6,ocxDllerling,as 
the contribution of this Province 
to a common fund to be employed 
proviiionally for the general ler- 
vice in defending his Majelly's 
jull rights and dominion in N.)rth 
America, and appointii g com- 
millioners for {lamping and fign- 
ing publicorders for tlie more im- 
mediate and expeditious iiluing of 
the faid fum of £33.600, and 
providing a fund for liniciiig the 
faid public orders in five years by 
a general tax and aliefiment on 
the eftates, real and perlonal, of 
the inhabitants of, -i.d others 
interclled in this Province, 
An Ordinance enipowcrir.f. the go- 
vernor, his AlaicUy's council and 



^~S5t Apr. 12. 

1755, Mayr4.- 



iriK titles of fi)t 

T n -0 M A S a L E X, E.-.Q, Governor. 

■c 3: ;£ 1 c. 




^ 31 1 1 e. 






1755, Sept. 23. 

1756, Mar. 19. 

the other perfons tlierein named 
to Icttle anil regulate the trade to 
be carriid on from the Province 
of .South-Carolina with the 
Creek Iiulians, 
An AA for paying the fum o{ £30 
ilcrlinjj per annum, pr the ^•alue 
thereof in the currency of this 
Province, to the redors or niinif- 
ters of fuch parifhes in this Pro- 
vince as do not or fliuU not re- 
ceive a falary or niifiion money 
from the fociety for propagating 
tlie gofpel in foreign parts, and 
providing falaries for fuch mmif- 
tcrsof the gofpel as fhall preach 
or perform divine fervice at the 
Congarecs and at the Watcrees, i'S^'t J^"- *" 

An Ad for huilding a new church 
in the parifli of St. Paul in Colle- 
ton county, 'J' 
An Acl for huilding a new church 
in the parifli of St. John in Berk- 
Icy county. 
An Ai5l for making more cfTeiftual 
an acl of the General Aflcmbly 
of this Province entitled an aiS 
ior founding and ere<9ing go- 
verning, ordering and vifiting a 
free fchool at the town of Dor- 
cheftcr, in the the jrarirh of St. 
George in Berkley county, for 
the life of the inhabitants of the 
Pnivincc of South-Carolina, 
All Acl eftablifhing the chapel on 
James Ifland in the patifh of St. 
Andrew, a chapel of cafe, and 
for the due performance of divine 
worfhip in the feveral chapels of 
cafe ellabliflicd by law in this 
* An Ad for making a road acrofs 
Hillton head, from Port-Royal 
Inlet, to Calltbogy Inlet, and a 
road from the Fording Idands to 
the head of Okatlc creek in Graii- 
-ville county, and appointing 
coniminionerii for the faid roads. 
An A(5l cftablifhing ferries over 
Vaccamaw, and Pedee rivers, 
and vcfling the fame ill the pcr- 
fons thorein mentioned, and ap- 
pointing and empowering com- 
milTioners for making roadi lead- 
ing to the faid ferries, 
•An Acl for cleanfing, clearing, and 
making navigable the head of 
Afhcpoo river, from AlhrpiHj 
bridge, to the Fifli Pond bridce, 
and for cleanfing, clearing, and 
making navigable ChcchclTiy 
creek, from the mouth of the 
fame to the public landing known 
by the name of ChccheflVy land- 
ini% and for appointing commif- 
fioners for clearing the Horfc 
Shoe creek, in the room of thofe 
who are dead, 

871. An Ordinance for appointing Wil- 
liam Middleton late of this Pro- 
vince, liiq. agent to folicit the 
afiairsof the inhabitants of this 
Province in Great Britain, 

873. An additional A<3to an ad enti- 

tled ^11 /liJfor fynttithig at muib 
a: maybe accidents -^ ivhicb mayhap^ 
pm by^re hi CbarUj-Tmrn in the 
Province of Soutb'-Carotina, ar.dfar 
prefef-jing the f re engines in the faid 
to'.tn^ and for rendering the fame as 
ufcful as may be in cafe offre, 

874. • An Ad toreviveard continue the 

feveral ads of the General Af- 
fcmbly of this Province therein 
mentioned, and for amending 
one of the faid ads entitled, an 
ail for the belter rrfitaining feamen 
from abfenting from their ferviktt 
and for the encouraging the appre* 
bending^ and fecuring of fugitive 
feamen and to dtfoiirage friviloiu and 
vexatious anions at laiv being brought 
by feamen againft mafiersy and coeft' 
mandcii of fkibs and otbtr veffels, 
and alfo . another of the faid ads 
for preventing as much as may 
be the fpreading of contagious 

875. An Acl to encourage the making 

of flax and hemn in the Province 
of South-Carolina, 

876. An .•\d for laying out, makingand 

keeping in repair a road from the 
bridge commonly called Mill- 
nick's bridge, to the 15 miles 
pod, on the road leading from 
Orangcburgh towiilhip to Char- 
les-Town, and for rebuilding the 
faid bridge and keeping the fame 
in repair, 

877. An Ad for cftablidiing a ferry over 

Santce river at the place com- 
. monly called Beard's ferry, and 
verting tlic fame in Janus Bcaid 
his executors, adminiflraiors and 
afligns for th« term therein men- 
tioned, and applying part of tlie 
furplus of the money which was 
granted for making the M'aterce 
river navigable toward making 
a road or ca\ifeway over the 
fwamp on .^antce river, leading 
to the faid ferry, and appointing 
commiHioners for making and 
keeping in repair, a road from 
the faid ferry, to the moil conve- 
nient part of the road leading 
from tile Congarrcs (u Cliurlcs- 
87S. * An Ad rllablifliing a ferry from 
the plantaiion of Ilieodorc Gil- 
lard, on the foiilh fide of Saniee 
river, to Muri7'« landing on the 
north fide of the river, .ind vert- 
ing the fame in the faid 'I'heodore 
Cillurd, his executors, adniini- 
flralois and afTigns for the term 
therein nuntioned, and for clean- 


1756, Mar. I). 

1756, Apr. IJ. 

m& of affembl^^ 



1756, July 6. 

THOMAS GLEN, Esq. Governor. 

N°. ■a: 31 ^ i e. s^att. 

fing and clearing the creeks 

tlierein mentioned, for the more 

convenient puflmg the faid fer- 

r)', 1 7i 6, Apr. 13. 

S79. An Acl for the encouragement of 

Adam Pedington in his projetition , 

of a new machine for cleaning 

office, id. 

880. An additional Atfl to an aift entitled, 

an ad for the better regulating the 

port and harbour of Charles-To-wn , 

and the Jhipping frequenting tbefame, id, 

Esq, Governor. 

^ 31 ■<£ 1- ffi, ©att. 

An Adl for difpofing of the Acadi- 
ans, now in Charlts-Town, by 
fettling one fifth part of their 
number in the pariflies of St. 
Philip, and St. Michael, and the 
other four parts of them in the 
fcvtral other parifhes within this 

An Ad for raifmg and granting 
to his Majeify the ium of 
£91,157 II 3^ and for applying 
/,"a,47I 18 9 being the balance 
uf feveral funds in the public 
treafury of this Province making, 
together jCy3,6l9 10 oj for de- 
fraying the charges of tliis go- 
vernment for one year, commenc- 
ing the 25th of March, I755, 
inclufive, and ending the 2jth 
March, I7j6 exclufive, and for 
other fervices therein mentioned. 

An Ai5l appointing James Wright 
£fq. agent, to folicit the afiairs 
of the inhabitants of this Pro- 
vince in Great Britain, 

* An A&. dividing the parifli of 
Prince Frederick in Craven 
county, and efiabliftiing another 
parifh in the faid county by the 
name of the parifh of St. Mark, 
and appointing commiffioners for 
builuing a church and parfonage 
houfc therein, and afcertaining 
the number of members to rc- 
prcfent the inhabitants of the faid 
parifhes refpc<5*iYely in the Ge- 
neral *\fremblyof this Province, 

* An Ad for making, and keeping 
in repair a road acrofs the parifh 
of St. Paul, from the fouth to 
tlie north boundary thereof, and a 
bridge acrofs the north branch of 
Edifid river, and a road and 
caufeway leading thereto, and 
appointing commiffioners to exe- 
cute the fame. 

An Aft for incorporating the Win- 
yaw Indigo focicty, 

An A€t for ccntinuing part of an 
ail entitled. An Atlfir the ercfiing 
and ful porting cf a Be^cm near tic 


1756, Nov. 19. 

%%%% ^, 

bar and harbour of CharUs'Toivn , 
and fur placing buoys on or neat the 
faid bar, for the ufeofjbips and other 
ivjfcli can:ing to the port of CharUt. 
ToiLm, and for continuing and 
amending another aft commonly 
called the general duty lazt', for the 
term therein mentioned, and for fup- 
plying the defefts imhe execution 
of aft entitled, an aa for making 
more effeaual an aB of the General 
AJfembly of this Province entitled an 
iiig, ordeiing, and •vijiting a free 
fchoal at the toivn of Dorchefler, in 
the parifh of St. George in Berkley 
county, for the ufc of the inhabitants 
of the Frovince of South-Carolina, 
8S8. An Aft to impower certain com- 
miffioners therein mentioned t<3 
keep clean and in good repair 
the llreets of Charles-Town, 

889. An Aft to appoint and effabhfh 

new lifts of jury men to be drawn 
by ballot in this Province, 

890. An Ordinance appointing a comp- 

troller of the country duties for 
the port of George-Town Win- 

891. An Aft for raifing, and granting 

to his Majefiy the fum of 
£100,431 13 10^ and for apply- 
ing )Cl.i>l°^ II 9 beingthe fur- 
plus of taxes, and the balance 
of feveral funds in the public 
treafury of this Province, making 
together £113,540 5 7^ for de- 
fraying the charges of this go- 
vernment for one year, commenc- 
ing the 25 th day of March 1756, 
inclufive, and ending the 25th 
day of March 1757, cxcluCve, 
and for other fervices therein 
891. An Aft for granting to his Majcfly 
an aid of £ 1 60,000 current money, 
to defray the expence of raifing, 
cloathing, and maintaining for 
one year, a regiment to confift: of 
7 companies cf folJiers, each to 
be compofed of 100 men befides 
cfEcers, five of which companies 
to be employed as well in the im- 
mediate defence of South-Caro- 
lina, as in the general fervice of 
North America, and the other 
two companies, to be employed 
wholly in the fervice of this go- 
vernment, and to difcharge the 
arrears due to the Provincials 
garrifoned at Fort Louden, and 
to pay for 6 months provifions 
for the faid Provincials, and 
granting his Majefiy the further 
fum of £44,300 for fortifying 
Charles-Town, and repairing 
and flrengthcning of Fortjohn- 
fon, and for flamping orders for 
the more expeditious iHiiing of 
the faid funis, together witii the 


1757, May 21. 




C{)e Citlesi of t\)t 








Esq. Governor. 
% J, H "L ar, E>att.. 


^ 31 'E 1 (^^; 

further fum of £25,000 hereto- 
fore granted to his Majclly for 
the life of the fortifications -nd 
prcvi<iing lunds to call in and 
fink the l;>id orders within the 
times herein limited. 
An Ordinance appointing Morton 
Brailsforil Efq. comptroller of the 
country dutits in the Province of 
South-Carolina, the ports of 
George-Town, Winyaw, and 
Bcautort, Port -Royal excepted, 

• An additional A& to the feveral 
ads for the bitter relief of the 
poor of this Prc.vince, 

• An Aft a road lately 

laid out from Tippir'-it law old 
fitld in iJt. John's parifh, to Mur- 
ray's ferry road in St. Stephen's 
parilh, and for difcontinuing part of Murray's ferry 
road, as is therein nientioned, 

• An A<ft for cllablifning a ferry 
from Hoopinj; Ifland, to Boon's 
inand,and to open a communica- 
tion, fiom thence to the high 
road on Edifto lllard. 

An AH inipowering magifiratesto 
cnlift vagrrnts in the South-Caro- 
lina regiment, .; 
An Ordina-ncc to appoint Mr. 
Henry Bedon country waiter^ 
for the port of Charles-Town, 
An Ai5l for raifing and granting 
to his Majcfty the fum of 
£lM.4:-,Z 14 /i and applying 
^8,c69 3 (> being the furplus of 
taxes, and balance of a fund in 
the public treafury, making to- 
gether £l74,.^o7 18 li to defray 
the charges of this government, 
from the 25th day of March, 
X757, to the 25th day of March 
I75S, and for other ferviccs 
therein nientioned, 
An Ordinance for rcflifying mif- 
takesin the n;im06of two of the 
inquirers afl'cffors and colle<2ors, 
for the townfhip of Saxegotha 
and the Forks between the Con- 
garec, and Wattrie rivers, and 
adjacent pKiics appointed by the 
tax aia, paffcd the 19th day of 
May, 17.';8, 
An A<S for toxing franfienl perfons, 
• An Ail for allowing of difcounis 
and for repealing all former aiSs, 
and paragraphs ufadlsof thcCJc- 
ncral Aflembly o: this Krovincc, 
relating to difcounts. 
An A& for vetting the ferry over 
.Santce river, in the way leadirig 
from Charlci-'I own, to WiU 
Kamfhurgh commonly called 
Murray'* fcrr)-, in tames Hun- 
ter executor of the laft will and 
tenamcnt of Jofcph Murray late 
ef Craven county planter deceal- 
ed, in trua for and to the only 

l7J7,July 6. 

1757, Nov. 24. 

1758, May 19. 

1758, Sep. 14- 
1759, Apr. 7. 


ufeand behoof of James \furray 
an infant only fon and heir at 
law of the faid Jufeph Murray, 
his executors, adminillrators, and 
alligiiS, for a term of years therein 

904. An Ael to reftrain and prevent the 

too frequent fales of goods, wares 
and nierchandize by public au^i- 
on, or out-cry in Charles-Town, 
and for the better regulation of 
fucli fales, 

905. An Acl to empower the commifll- 

oners for building a church and 
parfonagc houfe in the parilh of 
St. Michael, Chailes-Town, to- 
purchdfe a lot of land, and houfe 
for a parfonage for the fjid pa- 
rilh, and to difpofe of, and con- 
vey in fee limple, fuch pews aj- 
ftiall be built in <he faid church 
and for repealing feveral para- 
gniphsof the a<3 of the General 
Aflembly of this Province, for 
dividing the parilh of St. Philip 
and for ereiling the faid parilh 
of St. Michael, and a parfonage 
for the fame, 

906. An A61 for preventing as much as 

may be the fpreading of malig- 
nant or contagious dillcmpirs in 
this Province, and for repealing 
the former aiSs and paragraphs of 
acts heretofore made for that 
purpofe, ♦ 

907. * An Ail for the more effei51ual re- 

lief of infolvent debtors, and for 
that purpofe putting in force and 
cffediually carrying into executi- 
on in this Province, fuch part of 
an ad made in the parliament of 
Great Britain, in the ad year of 
his prcfcnt Majelty's reign, enti- 
tled an AH lor the relief of debt- 
ors with refped to the impri- 
fonment of their perfons, as is 
herein after mentioned, and to re- 
peal t!ic feveral afls of .MTembly 
now of force in this Province 
for the relief of infolvent debt- 

908. An AA for empowering the church 

wardens, and of the parilh of 
St. Bartholomew to (lifiiofc of 
thepewsinthe chapellately crcd- 
cd at lidmonlbury in the faid 

909. An Ai3 to revive and continue fe- 

veral ads and claufes of ads of 
the General AlTenibly of this 
Province and for anientliiig fome 
of the faid ads in the manner 
herein mentioned, 

910. An additional ad to an ad entitled 

an ad to afcertiiin the manner 
and form of eleding members to 
rcprcfent the inhabitants of this 
Province in the commons houfe 
of .^nembly, and to appoint who 
fltall be deemed and adjudecd 
eapable of i hoofing or being ciio- 


l7J9i April 7- 

in J.LJ.IM 

M^ of 9[ffcml)lin 


Esq. Governor, 

N?. '^ %%^ <S, Cate. 

fen members of the fald houfe, 
palTert the 2l(l day of September 
17ZI,and for repealing feveral 
clauIVs in the faid aiS, I7J9i Apr. 7. 

looi. An Ai5l to fupply the def^-i^s in evi- 
dence, where original wills can- 
not be produced, and to make 
the proceedings upon quel^ions 
arifing upon inch wills more eafy 
and effedlual, ardfor repealing fo 
much of the fecond claufe of an 
. a(S, for makiif;- more effediual 
laft wills and tefir.mcnts, as con- 
tradiels the ninth cUufe of the 
a<S againfl baftai-dy, id. 

lOoz. An Acl for allowing a further time 
to the alTefforsand coli»'i5lor3 for 
the parifiies of St. Philip ai;d St. 
Michaelj for carrying into exe- 
cution, en aft of the General 
Aflembly of this Province, en- 
titled an aft for miling and 
granting to his Mdjc£y, thefuhi 
£ 166, diS 14 73 and applying 
£ 8.069 3 * 'J'-'-'^g the furplm 
of taxes, and 'balance of a fund 
in the public trcifury, making to- 
gether / 1 74,50- iS I* to defray 
the chnrifcs of this government, 
frcmthe ?_uh day 01 .March 17J7 
to the i^&t day IV! jrch 1 758, and 
for other fervices tlierein men- 
« tioncd, id, 

ICC3. An Ail for raiiirg acd granting to 
his Majefty the ium of £ 97,360 
14 4^ and for applying £ 18,109 
12 5 being the furpius of tases 
and balance of feveral funds in 
the public freafury, making to- 
gether £, 115,470 6 94 to defray 
the ch&rges of ti;is govercment 
from the acth day of March 
1758, to the V'ft day of Decem- 
ber 1758, ii;clufii-e, and for ci- 
ther I'er vices therein mentioned, id. 

WIL LI AM BULL, Esg. Lieutenant 


■E 1 ® 1 ff. 



® 31 ^ IL (K, 


1004. An Ordinance to authorife the im- 

prefling-, regulating the hire, and 
alcertainirg the v;i.lue of waggons, 
carts, horfes and drivers to be 
employed in his Majefty 's fer- 
'ice, 1760, Apr. 19. 

1005. An Ordinance to appoint James 

Reed Efq. powder receiver of 

this Province, lj6o, May 16. 

1006. An Act to enforce a due fubordina- 

tion and obfervance of military 
difcipline among the forces cm- 
ployed in the fervice of this Pro- 
vince, id. 
10D7. AnAdlfor preventing, as much as 
may be, the continuance of the 
iiuall pox in Charles-Town, and 

the further fpreading of that dif- 

temper in this Province, I760, May 3*. 

1008. An Aft to prevent the exportation 

of grain and other provifions, and 
arms, ammunition, ftrouds, duf- 
fils and plains, from the Province 
of .South-Carolina for the term 
therein mentioned, 1 7 60, June 10. 

1009. An Aft for cllablifhing and regu- 

lating the artillery company 
which was formed out of the mi- 
litia in Charles-Town, id. 

1010. An Aft for finifhing, enlarging, 

repairing,-, cleanfing and keeping 
clean and in repair, the common 
drain or fewer in Elliot ftreet in, 1760, July 31. 

loil. An AcT; empowering the perfons 
therein named to receive in Great 
Britain on behalf of the Province 
of South-Carolina, the fum of 
money therein mentioned, id* 

1012. An A(^L for raifing and granting to 

hisMajeflythcfum of'^T 246,693 
2 5, which with £, 70,000 grant- 
ed for this fervice by the tax aft, 
mrdceS;^ 316,693 2 5, to defray 
the expence of the late expediti- , 
on againft the Cherokee Indians, 
and other charges fince incurred 
by profecuting the v.'ar againft 
the laid Indians, and proteftinj 
the back fcttleiiier.ts of this Pro- 
vince, and appointing commiiii- 
tjnera for ftamping and ligning 
pi-.biic orders for the more eafy 
and expeditious iiTuing of the 
faid fum, and providing a fund 
forf.nlcing the laid pi.ljilic orders 
in 5 years by a general tax and af- 
feffnicnts on the eftates, real and 
perfonal, of the inhabitants and 
others intereftedin this Province, id. 

1013. An Aft for raifing and granting to 

his ?.'Iajefty the ium of £163,710 
(' r-J, andappiying £i7,/<8oii5, 
being furplus of taxes and the ba- 
lance of feveral funds in the pub- 
lic trtafury, making together 
£ 181,190 t^ 6|, to defray the 
chitrgesof this government, from 
the li't day of January to the 3lil 
day of December 1 759, both days 
intlunve, and for other fervices 
therein r:entioncd, id. 

1014. An .Art granting to Iiis Majefty an 

aid of £ IZ5,CC0 current money, 
and applying other money there- 
in mentioned to defray tiie ex- 
pence of railing, paying, and 
cloiiiing for 6 innnlhs a regiment 
to confift of ten companies o fol- 
diers, each tobe compofed of 100 
men, bcfites officers to be em- 
ployed in the iervice of this go- 
vernment, in profecuting the war 
againft the Cherokee Indians and 
their abettors, and for ftamping 
orders tor the more expeditious 
iffuiiig of the faid fum, and for 



%\)t Cities of tje 

WILLIAM BULL. Esq. Lieutenant 


10 1 6. 


providing a fund to call in and 
CDk thu faid orders within the 
time therein limited, 
An OrditiaiKC to aiiihorife the im- 
prefiing, rejiiilatina: the hire and 
al'certaining the value of wag- 
gons, catts, horlos and drivirs 
to be cnij)loy..d in his Majelly's 
An AiSl for the conti:iuing, mcet- 
infc, and fetting, of the Gcncr,J 
AlTL-mbly of this Province in cafe 
cf cWl dt-niift of his Majcfty, hi» 
hciri and fmcufTori, 
An Ad for imj'i'nng and continu- 
irg an addition:-.! f'.iity on all 
wines, ram, bifcuit and Hour, to 
be hereafter imported during the 
term herein mentioned, and for 
applying part of the laid dutiet 
to the payment of the South-Ca- 
rolina regiment, 
All Ad for reviving and conlinii- 
ing part of ad iii of the Griicral 
Alfembly of this Province, enti- 
tled .;« ua/or hy'ng bu^ys a,:d,r,a- 
ing and fafiptjrIiHg her cam or land 
marls near lae bar if the harUur 
tf G»rjrc-To^n Wmya-u,, and fir 
tuiliing axJ refairiiig or More 
boat or hoaU to allcnd the hur of /it 
/aid harbour, trjfor lb: btllcr f:t- 
tlinz and regiJaling tic {iUitJg: of 
the fald barioar, and fir oldhjng 
fuch vcJlJi as go to tic /aid /K.I I of 
Georgc-Tof.n to fay pcr.vicr duty, 
andfirapprtpriating Ibt duties on all 
goods, nvarct and merchaAjize :m- 
/sorted and exported into or out oftbt 
port of Ceorge-Totnit Winyavi, 
fince the expiration of the f aid nil, 
to and for the purpofes therein mem- 
. An Ai5l enabling the rciSor and 
church ^vanlen^ of St. Bartbiilo- 
intw'sparifh, to fell and convey 
the old Glebe land at Chchaw in 
the laid parifti, and with the 
money to arife from the fale 
thereof, to purchafe (laves, and 
for veiling fuch flavcs with their 
future iluic and increafc in the 
prcfcnt rc(5lor or miniller, and 
his fueccflbrs in tlic faid parilh, 
>. An A(51 for the eftablilhing, keep- 
ing, and maintaining a watch 
company for nrefcrviiig good 
orders, and regulations in Charles- 
t An A<3 for repealing anaiS, pafTed 
the -th day of Oaobcr, 1751, 
for altering and amending the 
6th and 7th paragraphs of the 
»<a commonly called the general 
duty a<a, and for appropriating 
and applying three fifths of the 
tat appropriated, and applicil by 
the faid 0th and 7th paragraph! 


1760, Aug. 10. 

1761, Jan. 34. 

i;6i, June a. 


1761, July 1^. 

of the faid laft mentioned afl ai 
is herein after mentioned. 

An OrdiiiinLC appointing William 
Hope, Gentleman, comptroller of 
the country duties for the port 
of Beaufort Port Royal, in the 
Province of South-Carolina, id. 

An Atl appointing commiflioners 
to (lamp and Cgn, the fum of 
£ao,ooo in lawful paper bills of 
credit lor exchanging fuch lawful 
paper hills of credit as arc now 
omftanding and arc become ob- 
literated, torn and defaced, id. 

An A<51 for railing and granting 
to his Majtfty the fum of 
£2?4,757 17 a,\ and applying 
^ 24,070 19 8:; being furplus of 
taxes and tlie balincc o\ lisveral 
funds in the public treafury, nuk- 
ing together ^jo8,8i!S 17( Is to 
delray the charges of this govern- 
ment, from the iftdayof Jniiiary, 
to the 3 III day of December, 
1760, both days inclt'.fivc, and 
for other fcrviceslbetcin nicnti- 
oncj, i7f>i, July n- 


1761, July *i. 1017. 

1015. An Aift for building and keeping 
in repair a pilot l>oat to attend 
the bar and harbour of Ueau- 
for;, Port-Royal, and for the 
better fettling and regulating the 
pilotage of the faid harbour, 
J046. An A<51 for the better preventing 
of excedivcand dcceitfid gaming, 
and to prevent occupiers of li- 
cenl'cd public houlcs, and other 
houfcs wherein liquors are fold, 
from faffering apprentices, orer- 
fccrs, journeymen labourers and 
fciA MUts from gaming therein, 
.■\n Adforcrei9inga new church 
in the parilh ol St. Stephen, and 
for cftablilhing a road m the faid 
parifh intiea<l of part oi the road 
leading from Palmer's ferry to 
Watboo bridge, and for aj'point- 
jng coniminioners for building a 
chai'cl of cale near Wamlaw 
bri.lge in the parilh of St. James, 
1018. An ACi appointing Charles Garth, 
Xfq. agent to folicit and tranfad 
the anairs of this Province 
in Great Britain, 
IOJ9. An Alii for veiling the ferry over 
Alhley river, in Edward l.eggc, 
his executors, adminidraturs and 
afligusfor 14 years, 
lojo. An Ordinance for appointing Mr. 
Jofeph Hutdiins country waiter 
for the port of Charles-Town, and 
Mr. Richard Stevens country 
waiter for the port of Beaufort, 
I03I. * An Ad for dividing the road 
leading from the upper ftttlt- 


1762, May I>. 





ms of mumu^. 


THOMAS BOONE, Esq. Governor. 
NO. 'C 31 m IL (2. Date, 

ments near the Catawlia nation 

to Nelfon's (late Ecard's) Lrry 

into two ililtribts, and apji.'int- 

ing a greater number of Com-- 

niiirioiicrj for the faid road, and 

for Iriying out a road irom Saun- 

dcr's LTcek to Pedee river, ano-- 

ther from Murray's ferry to Nel- 
fon's (late Beard's) ferry, andano- 

thertrom the plantation of Den- 
nis Hagen in Craven county to 

Murray's ferry, and for empow- 
ering the commiflioners of the 

high roads in St. James San- 
tee to build a new bridge over 

Wambaw creek, in the laid pa" 

rifh, and alfo empowering the 

coniniiffioncis of the high roads 

for the parifii of St. CJeorge, to 

alter the road leading through 

the village of Dorchelter, 1761, May 29. 

1033. An .^ct for Cnilhmg, completing, 

and keeping in repair a road al- 
ready laid out from Day's creek 

bridge in Granville county to 

the plantation of Jerniyn and 

Chai'les Wright called Rochefter, 

fituaLed on Savainiah river in 

the faid county, and for eftabliih- 

ing a ferry over the faid river, 

from the faid plantation of the 

faid Jermyn and Charles Wright 

to the plantation of Jonathan 

Bryan in Georgia, id. 

An Ordinance for appointing a 

con)ptroller of the country duties 

for tjie port of Charles-Town, id. 

An additional Act to an ad entitled 

an a^ io encourage the >fjaiitJ<r of 

Imp, id. 

An Ad to regulate the trade with 

the Cherokee Indians, by taking 

the fame into the hands of the 

public of this Province, id.- 

* An Act for eilabUfhing a ferry 

from the plantation of George 

Roupell, tiq. called Patterlon's 

point on Port-Royal to 

the land now of Jolhua A'lorgan, 

on the Indian land, and for vell- 

jng the faid ferry in the faid 

George Roupell, his executors, 

adminiftrators, and affigns, for 

the term of IO years, and for 

cftalilill'ing one other ferry from 

the laid land of Jofhua Morgan, 

to tlie faid plantation of George 

Roup.ll, Elq. and for vefting the 

fame in the laid Jofhua Morgan, 

his executors, adminiftrators and 

affigns for the like term, id. 

1037. An Ael to regulate the coafling 

trade of this Province, and for 

empowering the Governor to ap- 
point officers for preventing 

frauds and abufcs therein, and 

to afcertaiu the places and time 

for fhipping, and difcharging 




1038. An Ad empowering the Governor 

or commander in chief ior the 
time being to authorife the im- 
))refiing of horfes by perlons car- 
rying expreffcs, 

1039. An Ad to prevent flealing of 

horfes and cattle, and for the 
more effectual difcovcry and ^u- 
nifhment of Inch perlons as fhall 
unlawfully brand, mark, or kill 
the fame, 

1040. An Ad for raifmg and granting 

to his Majefty the lum of 
^ 162,120 II 3^ and applying 
j^' 38,226 14 7 being lurplus of 
taxes, and the balance of I'everal 
funds in the public trcafury mak- 
ing together £ 200,347 5 lO^to 
defray the charges of tliis govern- 
ment from the ill; day of Janu- 
ary, to the 3lfi December 1761, 
both days inclufive, and for other 
fervices therein mentioned, 

1041. * An Ad for lupprcflTing and pre- 

venting of private lotteries, 


1762, May 29, 


W I L L I A M 





1762, Sep. 13. 

1042. An Ad to empower certain com- 

mlilioners therein mentioned to 

keep clean, and in good order 

and repair the ftreets of Charles- 
Town, and for eftabUfhing otlier 

regulations in the faid town, 1 764) Aug. 10. 

1045. An Ad for allowing an afliftant to 

the redor or minifter of St. 

Michael's parilh Charles-Town, 

for the time beit)g, for fettling an 

allowance or falary of £ 200 

fVerling per annum on the faid 

alliftant, and for fettling the fame 

allowance on the alfiftant of St. 

Philip's parilh for the time being 

in lieu of the former falary of 

^,50 ilerling, and'fubfcriptions 

allowed fuch afTiftant, for allow- 
ing £ 20O currency per annum, 

for the repairs of St. Michael's 

church, and for enabling the 

church wardens and veftry for 

the time being, of .St. Michael's 

parilh to fell the old, and to pur- 
chafe a new paifonage for the 

faid pariih of St. Michael, id. 

1044. An Ad for enabling the Church 
wardens, and vellry of St. An- 
drev^'s parifli to difpofe of the 
pews in the church of the faid 
parifli, id, 

1045. An .Aol: for preventing as much as 
may be the fj>reading of the Imall 
pox, id.. 

1046. An Ordinance to appoint Mr. Wil- 
liam Maffey, country waiter for 
the port of Charles-Town, id. 

1047. * An Ad for building a church, nn 
the new Glebe land, in St. Paul's 
parilh, and for iiniibing, and 


Zijt stilts of t\)t 

WILLIAM BULL, Esq. Lieutenant Governor. 
N°. IS. Ji '€'t <£. £>m, 

keeping in repair, the road lead- 

irg out from Beach hill, to 

Slann's Ifland, and from thence 

to Dawlioo river, and appointing 

commilTioners for the purpole 

^iforefaid, 1764, Aug. !£. 

IC48. An Ad for laying an adi'.itional 

duty upon all negroes hereafter 

to be imported into this Province 

for the time therein mentioned to 

be paid by the firft purchafcrs of 

fuch negroes, ii- 

■ 1049. An Ordinance to repeal part of an 

ad entitled an ad to regulate the 

trade with the Cherokee Indians 

by taking the fame into the hands 

of the public of this Province, 

and to empower the fomniifli on- 
er* to full and,difpofe of fueh 

gn.ids asare in their hands by »ir- 

tiie of the faid ad, 1764, Od. 6. 

rojo. An Ad for raifing and granting to 

his Miijcfty the Aim of £ 220,307 

7 3 an'l applying {. 34,614 13 7 

being the balance offeveral funds 

in the public trcafury, making 

together £ a54,93i o 10 to de- 

; fray the charges of this govern- 
ment, from tlic Tft January, 

1762, to the 31II December, 

1763, both days inclufive, and 
for other fervices therein menti- 
oned, i<3. 

135I. An Ad to revive and continue for 

the term therein limited, feveral 

ads, and claufes of ads of the 

Genera! Affembly of this Pro- 
1032. An Ad for allowing further time 

to the inquirers, afieirors, and 

collcdors of the f.;vcral parifhes, 

and diftrids- in this Province, 

for carrying into execution, the 

general ad, palTtd the 6tli of 

Odober, 1764, in the 4th year 

of his Majcfty's reign, 1765, Feb. 1. 

1053. An Ad to c'hipowcr the perfons 

therein named, to fell, and dif- 
pofc of a trad of land on Wad- 
melaw Ifland therein mentioned, 
and to purthafe another trad for 
the ufe of the miniHer, or paftor 
of the meeting houfc on John's 
inaiid, 1765, Apr. 6. 

1054. An Ad to promote, and carry 

more iully into execution an ail 

10 incirbnrale the Wmyatv InJigo 
J,n.,,Lp.o.incr, id. 

loss- An Ad for railing and granting to 
hisMajefly tbcfumof £ 102,927 

11 3 an<l applying £30,17085 
being the haUncc of feveral 
funds in the public treafury mak- 
ing together £ 133,198 I todc- 
fr;'y the charges of this govern- 
n-.cnt, from the ill day of Ji- 
nuary, to the 31(1 day of De- 
cember, 1764, both daysintlufivc, 
and for other fervicci therein, «^ 

1763, Jan. 33. ic6o. 


N°. ts: 31 ^ L ©, Datt, 

1036. • An Ad for laying out a public road 

from the niufter field of God- 
frey's Svannah, inthepririfh of 

St. Bartholomew, North Weft- 

wardly acrofs Black creek, and 

the great fwatrp being the Eaft- 

ernmoft Branch of Salt Catcher 

river, and into the Fork, and 

to the German fcttlemtnts, and 

fcr appointing cominiOioners for 

the fame, ITfii; Aug. 9. 

1057. " An Ad to eftablifli a ferry from 

Lady's to St Helena Ifland, alio 

from Hobcaw to Charlcs-Yown, 

from Daniel's Iflftnd to Charles- 
Tow:!, from South-Edi.'to to 

the land of AViilium Drayton, 

Efq. from New WiiiJior to 

Augufta, and from the ferry of 

Kiul'i.< Kirkland on Saludy river 

to the oppolite fhore, and for 

eftablifaing a road leading to the 

faid lafl mentioned ferry, and for 

making Parker's ferry a public 

ferry, and for ell.iblilhing a fcrfy 

from Mair's Bluff to the oppofite 

fhore, and to appoint new com- 

milfioners for removing obftruc- . 

tions in the Wateree river, I'A* 

1058. An Ac't lor the encouragement of 

John Cuthbert in his projedion 
of certain implements for the bet- 
ter cultivation of rice and oth^r 
grain, i<l. 

1059. An Ad for eftaWiflling a parilh 

in BerUey county by the name of 
St. Matthew, and for defljring 
the rcid therein mentioned, to 
be a public ro:id, id. 

An Ad for appointing an additional 
number of infpedors who may 
judge and detenninc what hemp 
is entitled to the premiums or 
bounty given by the laws of this 
Province, ><•• 

An Act for reftraining the expor- 
tatfon of Indi.m corn, and peas, 
fo- the time therein mentioned, 1766, Mar. II. 

An Ad for j;ranting and allowing 
to the feveral inhabitants of this 
Province and others intcretled 
therein, a funher time for the 
payment of the taxes iinpofed in 
and by an ad of the General Af- 
fembly of this Province, com- 
monly called the tax ad, palTed 
the 6th day of April. 176.;, 1 766, Mar. X5. 

1063. An Ordinance to prohibit the ex- 
portation of rice, and for fupply- 
mg the inhabitants of this Pro- 
vince, who are in want thereof 
at the price, and for the time 
therein limited, I?'''', June S. 




An Ad for eftablifliing a public 
road 10 lead from the ferry coni- 
oiiouly called John M'Cord's fci^ 


^^0 nf MmU^. 



MONTAGU, Esq. N°, 

■E 31 itt 3t or. 



%!%% ^, 


ry on the Congarce river to Fidi- 
ing Creek, or. the Catawba ri- 
ver; and hkewife for eftablifliing 
and making- pubhc a road com- 
monly called Lee's road, which 
leads I'rora the extreme parts of 
this Province to Howell's ferry 
on the Congarce river, thence to 
Beaver creek, and thence to Con- 
g^arec road; and alfo for making 
public and veiling in John 
M'Cord the proprietor of the 
land on the oppofite fide of the 
faid John M'Cord, Zebulon 
Gaunt, Samuel Wyly, and Grace 
Pwuffel refpe»5lively, the feveral 
ferries herein Mentioned, I766) July -• 

1065. An A(£l for erefling a bridge over 

Saltkctcher river, and for ella- 
blilhing a ferry over Coaibahee 
river, and veiling the faid ferry 
in Stephen Bull, of Sheldon, Efq. 
and his heirs and aliigr.s, for the 
term of 14 years, id, 

1066. An Atl for railing and granting to 

his Majcfiy the fum of 33,529!. 
17s. id. and applying- the fum of 
35,6751. 8s. 7"^ beino; the balances 
of the feveral funds in tlje public 
treafi'iry, making together the 
funiof 71,2051. 5s. 8f. to defray 
the charges of this government 
from the ift day of January to 
the ;iil cay of December I7«5, 
both djys inclufive, and for 
fcrvices therein mentioned, id, 

1067. An Ordinanee for appointing Ben- 

jamin Simmons, Efq. Comraif- 

fary fjJeneral of this Province, 1/66, Dec. II. 

Ic63. ' An Au for creding a bridge 
• over '.\''appetarv' creel;, eftabliih- 

iog a new road to and from the 

faid bridge, and for difcontinuiug 

the old bridge over the faid creek 

and part of the old road leading 

to and from the faid old bridge, 

and for putting the road leading 

from the plr.p.tation of Clement 

Lempriere, Efq. at Hobcaw to 

the public road leading to the pa- 

rilh chfjch of Chrift Church un- 
der the dircfliort of the board of 

commiiTioncrs of the faid parifli, 17671 Apr. 1.8. 
J069. An Art for cmpovverirg the cora- 

mifiioners of the ftreets in Char- 
les-Town to luy out and continue 

old Church Street to George 

ftreet in Anfonborough, and for 

building a Ivridge and caufcwhy 

at 'the north end of the bay of 

Chari;s-To\vn. Id. 

I .-c. * An A<5 for eftabliihing a ferry 

over Port Royal river from 

Beaufort to White -Haii on La- 
dy's Ifland, id. ■ 
ioyi. An Aol for erefling a chapel of 

eafe in the upper part of Saint 

George's pariih, and for obliging 



the reftor or minifter of the faid 
parilh to perform divine fervice 
therein, and for repealing the 
7th paragraph of an art of the 
General AlTembly, palled the 
15th May, 1745, and an art paf- 
fcdthe 13th day of April, 1756, 
and for appointing certain com- 
millioncrs in the upper part of 
the faid parifh to be added to the 
prefent board of commiiVioners, 
and alfo for appointing certain 
commifTioners for carrying in- 
to execution an art of the Gene- 
ral Affembly, paffed the 9th day 
of April, 1734, 1767, Apr. 1?. 

An Art for granting to his Majefty 
the fum of 6o,ocol. for the build- 
ing an exchange, and cuftom 
houfe, and new watch houfe in 
Charles-Town, for the fervice of 
this government, and for other 
fervicos therein mentioned, and 
for appointing, and empowering 
commifTioners toexecute the fame, 1^. 

* An Art for the more frequent 
holding of the courts of General 
Sellions of the Peace, Oyer and 
Terminer, AlTize, and General 
Gaol deliver)', and to appoint 
and eftablifh a new lift of jury- 
men, and to authoiife and em- 
power the alliftant judges, to 
take renunciations of dower from 
feme coverts, id. 

An Art for granting to his Majefty 
the fum of 18, cool, current 
money, t« be paid for a general 
furvey of this Province, and for 
a";iointing commillioners to en- 
ter into a written agreement 
with Facitus Gaiilard, Ei'q. and 
Mr. James CoOt for that purpofe, Id, 

An Art to revive and continue for 
the term tlicrein limited, feveral 
arts, and clau.''es of arts of the 
General AlTembly of this Pro- 
vince, and repealing part of the 
general duty art, and for ap- 
pointing infpertors of hemp, for 
the ports of George-Town, and 
Beaufort Port-Royal, 1767, May 23. 

An Art for cftabliflimg a parilh in 
Granville county by the name 
of St. Lul-e, and alfo for efta- 
biilhing a parilh in Craven coun- 
ty-, by the name of All Saints, 
and for ererting a chapel of eafe 
in the parifh of Prince Frederick, . I767, May 2?. 
An Art for raifing and granting to 
hii Majefty the fum of 85,950!. 
2s. 5d. and applying the fum of 
13,5x9!. 6s. 6d. being the balance 
of feveral funds in the public trea- 
fury, making togctlier the fum of 
99,4691. 8s. lid. to defray the 
■charges of this government from 
the ift cay of January, to the 
31ft day (if December 1766, both 
days inclufive, and for other fer- 
vices therein mentioned, id. 



Cije Cities of tfjc 




"C 31 S l- (K. 


1078. An ASl to prevent ftcaling of horlci 

and tattle, and lor the cfi'ecflual dileovtry and pu- 
nifhment of fucli pciluns as Ciall 
unlawfully brand, uiaik or kill 
the fume, 1767, May 18, 

1079. * Au A(ft tor regiilating and afcer- 

taining the raies of wharfigc of 
(hips and ratrchandife, and alfo 
f()r afcertaining the rates of flo- 
ragc in Charles-'I'own, id. 

IcSo. An A(il to appoint and authorife 
toniminioiicrs to cut a canal from 
the upper end of Broad-llreet 
into Afliley river, and to referve 
the vacant marfli on e.'ch lide of 
the faid canal, for the ufe of a 
Convmon for Ch..rles-'I'own, and 
to empower the commlilioncrs of 
the ftreetb in Chavlo-'Jown, to 
remove a certain nuifance in the 
flreet commonly called Alleu't 
ftreet, id. 

2oSr. *An Aft for appropriating the pre- 
fent work lioufc lor a place of 
corrc6ion, for building a poor 
'houfcandhofpital.for eilablifhing 
furtlier regulations refpeding the 
poor; and for appoiuti;ig a burial 
ground for tranfient perfons who 
Siall h;;ppeii to die in Charles- 
lown, ii- 

io8j. An A.S. for altering and amend- 
ing An A&. palTed the 7th day of 
May 1743. entitled tin acl for 
making fatiifa^iion to prtprietors 
■uhcfi lamli art in any ■wife iltmni- 
fuJ by the tuorls Itiiely erected and 
tarrying &«, er ivhich m,iy be thought 
nuejfar^ to be ereiied and prw^ided 
for by the General AJfembly, for th, 
defence of Charter--To-iin, and for 
■uejlii'g the land, on '.ibich tbe'faid 
iforh Jland in the fablic for ever, J768, Ap». 12. 

loSj. An AS. to revive and continue for 
the term therein limited feveral 
aiSls and daufes of afts of the 
General AITembly of this Pro- 
vince, id. 
1084. • An A(ft to appoint commiirumeri 
to lay out, cut, Cnk, maintain ;ind 
keep in repair I'everal drains or 
V ater palTagcs to tarry off ihc wa- 
ters falling into, and liir draii>- 
ing the fwamp commonly called 
t'acaw fwamp, «nJ the lands ac 
the head thereof, alfo to appoint 
comminioners to lay out, make 
sind keep in repair the roads 
therein nientionen in the {uriflies 
of St. Luke and St. I'cter, and 
for making and keeping in re- 
pair, a <lrijn on the Cyprcff 
fwamp from Bacon's hridee 
to the plantation of Robert Eck- 
lc», id. 
1085. An Afl f<ir building a new church 
in the piriih of £t. Jamc> Saotec, 

K". -C 3 ■£ 1 C. rati, 

and for convertiiig the prefent 
church in the parifli into a 
chapel of eafc, and for build- 
ing another chapel of ealc at 
or near the 7 mile poll on tl;; 
road leading from Cochrau'i 
fftiy to Charlcs-To«n, and lor 
felling the prefent, and purthaf- 
ing a nuw glebe in the fud pa- 
rifli, 1768, Apr. li. 

1086. • An A& for eflaWiftiIng a parift 

in Etiklcy county, by tlie name 
of .'■I. Matthew, and .'or declar- 
ing the load therein nicutioued 
to be a pub!> road, id. 

1087. * An Atl (or edabliiblng a parifh 

in CnivcR county, by the name 
of bt. David, nud for appoiming 
coren iniontis for the high road« 
in the faidpaiiih, id- 

108S. • An A(5l for eSab!ifi-.;ng and mak- 
ing puBlic a rojd to lead from 
Oiaiigtburgh to Saludy; and 
from thence to Bufh and R.iy- 
burn's erecks, ^-i.d forapptii.iiag 
comminioners lor the fame, aud 
alfo U>r eiiablilhing and making 
publi. a ferry over Sdudy ri- 
ver, and veiling the 1".. ne in S.i. 
mu'f Kelly and John f.iilU.ous, 
thtir executors, adniinidrators 
and 5nCj;ns for the term theicin 
nientiouf'l, id- 

1089. * An Al'I 111.- cftablithinga ferry at 
the lands of James James, in the 
Vtlih Traet in ihc Parilh of 
I'rincc George, oppofiic Cedar 
creek in the I'arifh of St. Mr.rk, 
and alfo for eiiablilhing and 
making public a road to le^d Mom 
the north eaft fide of the faid fer- 
ry down the country, into the 
public road, and likewife a road 
to lead from the upper fide- of 
Cedar creek, and alio a road 10 
lead from the lower lide iit ilie 
faid creek into the public ruad 
U:.ding down the country, id. 

1090. • An All for altering a private path 
or road forr..eriy laid out by the 
board of roinniillioners In the 
pavifh of .St Thoiinii, ard St. 
V< i-nif. throuj.h the pb'iuation 
of the K jvcnc.l Alexander Gar^ 
den to till pliiitatiiin of 'rhumas 
Akin, and f r ellahlilhing one 
other pn%-l« T'ath or riiad to the 
plantati(in of the faid Thomas 
Altin, and f.T veiling the l.ind» 
and cfjCi'. ! itcly bclongin;; to the 
lirncl- ihurrh in tlu faid patilh 
in i! c ihurih uardeus and vcllry 
of r <• laid parilh, id. 

1091. An O.'ii.nnte to appoint Mr. 
Jjf-ph Jenkins, jun. rounlry wai- 
ter f' r the port of Beaufort, 
1 •..-! koyal, id. 

109a. An .'iiH for cranting a loan of 
j.(cxl. to the vrftry of .St. Mi- 
rh;u i's parilh Charles-Town, for 
Ut term uf 3 years without iu- 

Mq of 91frcml3l))* 




tereft, to pay parifh churges and 
for providing a Iccurity (or there- 
payment of the fame to the pub- 
lic, ?n(3 lor other purpoies therein 
meiiti' ned, 

1093. * An Act for eftablifliiiig courts, 

building ^,aols, and appointing 
fhcrirfs and other oiiiccrs for the 
more convcnieut atlmiaillrai.ion 
of jurtice in this Province, 

1094. An Acl for rrlfing and granting to 

hisMajefty,thefuinof£iOj;, 773 
9 6, and for applying tiie fum of 
^44,673 4 7 being the balance 
of feveral fundn in the pub, 
lie treafury mailing together 
;f!_'-c,4.t6 14 I to defray th* 
ihar^es of this government, from 
the 111 day of January, to 
3 ill day of December, 176;, both 
days inclufivc, and for other fcr- 
vices tlierein mentioned, 
I09J. * An Aft for cftalillding tourts, 
building gaols, and appointing 
fheriffs and other officers, for the 
more conveiiitnt admmillratioij 
of juiiice in this Province, 



N°. ■a: 31 c L e. 

1396. * An Aft to encourage the difco- 
very and appriher.ung ofhoufc 
breakers, and buyers, ai.d receiv- 
ers of ftokn goods, 

1097. An additional Aft to an aft for 
ellubliihing, keeping and main- 
tairiiiig a watch eonipaiiy for 
prtfei ving good order? and regu- 
l^iliotis in Chiu-les-'i'ov\ii, 

Io;8. * An Aftfor ellaWiroing a ferry at 
the tYvoSifcers Bluft'on Savannah 
river, and for laying out, luaUing 
and keeping in repair, a public 
road, from the faid Lhifl' to tne 
main road leading from Coofa- 
hatehie to Purryfturgii, 

IC99. An Act to incorporate the focicty 
commonly known by the name 
of the fellowOiip fociety, 

1100. An Aft for laying out a llrcet in 

Anfonburgh and the parts adja- 
ceiir thereto by the name of 
Boundary flreet, 

1101, AnOidinance appointing commif^ 

Concrs fct rep^iiring the bridges 
over Vappoc creek in the parifh 
of St. Anircwand Ci;oI..h.itchie 
creek, lyins: between thepaiifhes 
of Prince William and .*t. l.uke, 
IIOl. An Act for reviving and .ontinuing 
an aft entitled an aft to etopowcr 
certain cominilTroners tiierein 
mentioned, to keep cle:',Ii and in. 
goodorder, theltreels in Charles- 
'lowr., and for eftallifliing ter- 


Apr. iz. 

iih> July 29- 


1769, Aug. aj. 


% %'^^ <s£. 

tain regulations in the laid town, 
and for rtjiealing the Sth and part 
of the 17111 claufes of an aft, 
commonly called the general 
du;y aft, 

• An Aft for the prefcrvation of 

deer, atid to prevent the mif- 
chiefs ariGng liom hunting at 
uiifeafonible times. 
An Aft for ilanipint- and ifluing 
the fum of ;{^ic6._^oo being the 
amount of the preient lawful 
paper bills of credit iu this Pro- 
vince, andfor cailii:^ in and ex- 
changing the paper bills of credit 
now outiianJirig, which arc a 
tender by law in all payments. 
An Aft for raifing and granting to 
his MajeUy the fum of £70,326 
7 2 and applying the fum of 
£36,581 13 1 being the balance 
of fcvctal funds in the public 
trcifury, making together the 
fum of £106,90904 to defray 
chaigesof thisgivtrr.mciit, from 
the lit day of January, to 31ft of 
December 1768, both da-ys in- 
clufn'e, and lev other feivices 
therein mentioned, 
* All Ae't for layii>g out and efta- 
bliftiing feveral new llrects in 
the north welt parts of Charles- 
Town, and for building a new 
pailonagc houfc, for the parifh of 
i>£. Philip Charles-Town, and 
for empowering th.e veflry and 
church Wardens of the fr.idjiarilh 
• for the time lieinr;, to lay cut 
p.irt of the Glebe land of the 
iaidpariih in lets, a;id to let the 
fame out, on building, leafc^, and 
for Other pui'p'Meb th-.rein men- 
An Aft foreflablifning a ferry over 
Saludy river at the lands of 
Robert Caiinlnpham, and alfo 
another ferry over Savannah ri- 
ver opp'ofite to Augufta io Geor- 
gia, and ap|>ointing commit:! )n^ 
ers to lay out, make and keep in 
repair ftveral roads leading there- 
An Aft for a fi{h market, and for 
prcierving the lujiips in Chcries- 

* An Aft to encourage the making 

of flax, hnens and fhreaJ, in 
this Prov'iice, 
An .\& for ellubliihing a road from 
kjrangebur^h bridge, to In- 
d!?n Hci 1, a road from the In- 
dian Head, to the road whicK 
leads from the ridge to Augufta, 
another road from the Ridge 
road to Cane creek, an- 
other ro.'.d from Long Cane 
creel-, to Great Rocky creek, and 
ancthcr road fron-L Greet Rocky 
to Mountain ftcek near Cufite- 
Town, and for decl.iring the 
road fiuBi Kobert Coudy's 


1769, Aug. aj. 


1770, Apr. 7. 



%ijt Cities o! tfie 

ir ILL I AM B U L L, E i q. Luutoutut 

N". 'E 31 'E IL <E. 

at Ninety-Six to the ridge, and 
from thence to tlic loml to le;'.d 
froir. the Indian-Head to Lon^- 
Caiic, a pui>lic road« 

Uir. • An A a for eftablifhing a chaprl 
f of eafe on Edifto Ifland, in the 
parifh of St. John Colleton coun- 
ty, and aUo a chapel of eafe in 
the upper part of the parifh of 
St. John Berkley county, and for 
oMi;.;iog tlie rci5lor or miniAers 
of the relpc<5live pariflies to per- 
form divine wormip in the faid 

nil. * An Adl for building a powder 
magazine at Hobtaw point, and 
anotii-r in Charles-Town neck, 
and for otlier purpofet therein 

IIIJ. All Ail for veiling a ferry from 
Charles-Town to Hobcaw and 
Scott's ferries in Andrew Hibben 
foi the time therein mentioned, 

IIIJ. ' An Art for revivinj; ami continu- 
ing the feveral atls therein men- 
tioned, and for n (lealing part of 
the I/th clauf« of an uA coni- 
nioiily called the general duty aifl 
which impofcs a duty on all mc- 
blTe!, imported into this Pro- 

III'5. * An Aift for repealing an aft en- 
titled an ae^ for appointing coni- 
milTloncrs to build a bridge over 
the Pond in the Four Hole 
fwump commonly called Gibbes's 
Pond, and to lay out and 
make and keep in repair, a 
Toad to and from the faid bridge 
a^ convenient as may be into the 
Orangeburgh old road from the 
hea<l of tJie faid path leading from 
Porchcfter to li.ird's Cowpen, 
and for authoriCng, and empow- 
ering the board ofconimiliioncrs 
of the roads for the parifliofSt. 
George Dorchcftcr, to lay out 
and make, and keep in repair, the 
road mentioned in the faid a(5l, 

1116. An A<9 for cftabliihing a feny 

over Broad river, at the lands of 
Mjrtin Schurer, alfo a f .Tiy over 
Saludy river at the lands of 
Charles Ci.ifan, and appointing 
commilFi incrs to lay out, make 
and keep in repair i'cveral road* 
therein mentioned, 

111 7. An A<ft for vefting a ferry over 

Sampit river, from George-Town 
to the road on the opiiofitc fhorc 
leading towards Charles -Tow n, 
in W^iUiam AllftoD, hi* execu- 
tors, adminiftrators and alfigns, 
for a term of years, 

11 18. An Ordinance to appoint Mr. 

Jacob Dcveau, coijntry >vui:cr 
for the port of Beaufort Purt- 


70 Apr. 

1 1 19. An 'Afl for ftampbg and iffuinj 
the fiim of £70,000 for defraying 
the expenceof buildinglhe feveral 
court l.cnfesand gaols, appointed 
to be built in the feveral diftrifis 
in this Province, and for other 
purpol'es- therein mentioned, 

.1I30* An Ordinance for appointing 
Henry Peranneau and Benjamin 
Dart, Efq. joint public trcafurcrs 
of this Province, 

II2T. An A<fl for regulating the infpec- 
tion and exportation of tobacco, 
and flciur, and for granting a 
bounty on flour, 

lJi2. ' An A ifl for empowering the com- 
millioncrs of the high roads for 
the parifh of Prince George, to 
lay out, and make a new caui'c- 
way over I^ynch Iflanri, and to 
cOablifh a ferry from the planta- 
tion of Jolm Cogdell on Wac- 
camaw, to George-Town, and 
alfo to the fouth fide of Sampit 
river, and for declaring the road 
leading from Pacotaligo bridge, 
to the nine mile }>ofl to be a pub- 
lic road, and for continuing the 
fame to Matthew's Blufl' on Sa- 
vannah river, 

11:3. An Ordinance to appoint George 
Shjcd, Efq. conr.iniflary Gene- 
ral of this Province, 

1124. An Ad to revive and continue for 
the terii! therein limited, feveral 
ads and claufes of adls of ilic 
General Aflen-.bly of this Co- 

ri»5. An Ad to prevent counterfeiting 
the paper money of otlier Colo- 


1770, Apr. 7. 

I77I, Feb. t^. 

i",X, 7«Iar. 2». 

1775, Mar. 4. 

JOHN RUT LE DG E, Esq. Pnjidnit. 

II s6. 



■5: 3: 'S i, C 

An Ordinance, making difpofition 
of monies for die fupport of j.o- 
vernnv.nt and to enable his ei^ 
celkncy the prefidcnt aiu' rom- 
mmder in chief of Souih-Caro- 
lina, for the time being, to exe- 
cute certain powers in manner 
therein mentioned. 

An Ordinance for eftablilhing an 
oath of ofTiccto be taU.n in man- 
ner therein mentioned, 
• An Act to punifh tiiofc who fliall 
counteifeit or uiier, knowing 
them to becuiit'crfei:, tbt cer- 
tificates ilfucj by the laic houfcs 
of AfTei.ibly, oi the continental 
or colonial currency, which 
hath been already or ihall be 

An Ad for the more cflTedual pre- 
vention of tlic dcfcriicn of the 
foldicrsand failors in llie fcr\lcc 
ofthis colony and for the punifh- 
mrnt of thofe who flioll harbour 
and conceal titcm, or v.ho Hull 


1776, Apr. (i. 

1776, Apr* 9. 

J H W 

Ms of mmxhlP. 


JOHN RUTLEDCE, Esq. Prcfident. 



piirchafe, receive or conceal the 
arms doathing cr accoutrements 
of del'erttrs, 

An A(S: to increafe the niimher of 
lire matters in Charlcs-Towu, 
and to empower any three of 
them, to pull down any fuch 
houfes nr other buildings as they 
fliall adjudge necelTary for the 
i'toppiiig ami preventing the 
fpreading of fire, and altering 
and repealing fuch parts of an 
ad. as is therein mentioned, 

An Ordinance to repeal part of an 
ordinance of the General Affem- 
bly paded February 1777, 
af^ointhig Hinry F.-ronnecu and 
Benjanrin Dart, Rf(^s. johtt public 
treafi'rers , and to apjioint com- 
miuioners to tate a ilatc of the 
treafury, and to the 
faid. comnilfTioners to fettle the 
accounts of the late powder re- 

* An AiSl to prevent fedition and 
punilh infu'.-gcnts, and diilurb- 

■ era ol the public peace. 

An" Onlirance to afcertam iTie du- 
ties of a ir.uflor matter general of 
the land and naval forces in the 
fervice of this Colony, 

An .\&. to empower the court of 
adn.iralty to have jurifdidlion in 
all cafes of capture of the Ihips 
and other veficls of the inhabi- 
tants of Great Britain, Ireland, 
the Eritilh Weit-Irdirs, Nova- 
Scotia, Kait and Wcfv Florida, 

* to edabllfa the trial hy jury, in 
the court 01 admiralty, in cafes 
of cjr'.ure, and for the other pur- 
pofes therein mentioned, 

An Ac^ to revive and continue for 
the time therein rue:.tiouea the 
feveral aS.s and claufes of afis of 
the Gciicial Aflemb'y of this 
Colony iheren-i particularly i;ien- 
tioned'and to appropriate certain 
penalties and to confirm the pow- 
ers of coti'iiulTioners of roads, 
prths, paffr.ges, creeks, caufc- 
v/ay5 and water pafiagts. 

An Ornii.iuce foralterii-p the time 
of holding the eniuing circuit 
courts ai;d the courts of com- 
mon plras and tff iieral fefli- ' 
ons in Charles-Tcwn, and for 
o'her puvpofesiherein n-.entioiied, 

An Ordinati'-e for ajipoiiniiig com- 
niiiEoners for tjlu.g certain Eaft- 
In<''ia teas inipctred into the 
Stite of Soiith-Carolina fiom 
Great Britain, »c<i for a;ply:ng 
the monies arifirjr thtrcirom to 
the life of thflcid Siite, 

An A& for ellaliliihing a board of 
commifiioncrs to fuj)erintend ind 
diriiM the raval sPaiis of the 
State of South-Carolina, 

1776, Apr. 9. 




■a: 3i tE !L c. 


1776, Apr. II. 

An Ordinance for providing jur'^'s 
for Beaufort diftriii: at tl.e next 
rJovenibcr courts, 

An Ordinance to diretfl the manner 
of procuring negroes to be em- 
ployed in the public fervice. 

An Ad; eitablifliing a proper oath 
of qualification to he taken by 
the members of the General Af- 
fenibly, direding the method of 
choofing parothial and diftrid: 
committees for aulhorifmg the 
returning officers of the parifh of 
St. David to hold tlieir eleitions 
one day at the Cliurch and one 
day ai the Court-Houfe, and for 
other purpufcs therein mention- 

An Ad forellablilliingandlteepii-.g 
tliree watch companies in Char- 

An Ordinance for allowing and 
keeping in repair a pilot boat to 
attend the bar and harbour of 
Beaufort, and for fettling and re- 
gulating the .pilotage of the faid 

An Ordinance for appointing com- 
miiriuntrs to ftamp and ftgn 
JjOjCoo!. cuirency in dollars, 
and lor empowering the prelidenC 
and commander in chief for the 
time being, with the advice of 
the Pri\7 Coum il, to borrow on 
loan a::y lum or fums not exceed- 
ing £ joOjOoo currency, at the 
rate of fix pounds per cent, per 


177C, Od. !. 

1776, oa. 5, 

1776, oa. li. 

I'ii^, oa. 18. 

.1776, oa. 19, 



H N R U T L F. D G E, Eso. the Jaond tirin 



1776, Sep. 27. 114'; 

J77C, oa. 8. 

52; 31 C L ®. 

An Ad for appointing comr.illi- 
oners to ftanip and iign bills to 
the aiiiotint and vahie of 3o:?30co 
Spanilh milled dolhrs immedi- 
ate.^', and for (-.rinting or flamp- 
ir,g and f-fning anoilic-r funi of 
3v^'',34?. t.pan:ih milled .dollars 
in four mouths, if the iiime or 
the value thereof cannot be bor- 
rowed b)' the commiffioners of 
the tveafury hy that tine, 

' An rtd lor the reduc'lion of in- 
tereft from eight to fevcn pounds 
in ejch hundred pounds, 

♦ An Ad for eftablifliing a ferry 
over Saludy river at the lands of 
Benjamin Cook on both fides of 
the faid river. 

An Ad for veiling the ferry over 
Afldey river in -Kdv.-nrd Legge, 
his^jSecutors, adminidrators and 
alliens for fevcn years, 

An y\cl for raifing and paying into 
tl'.c public treafury of th;.^. State, 
the tax therein mentioned for the 
ufc and fervice thereof, 


1776, Dec. 23, 

J7". Jan- 2. 

1777. Jan. 16. 

J // .V 


Clje Cities of tlje 

J n N R U T L E D G E, Esq. tlie fxond N° 
timi Prcjicioit. 

N°. 'E 3! ^ 5L ©. £>att. 

II jO. Ad Ordinance for making difpofition 
of monit-s for the fupport of go- 
vernment and to enable his excel- 
lency the pr^Qdcnt f»r the time 
being to cxcrcife eertain powers 
therein mentioned, J777> !•"'• !*• 

II51. An Ordinance to prevent tlic ex- 
portation of raw hidc5 and tan- 
ned leather lor tlie time there- 
in limited, !<!• 
Ilj2. An Ordinance for altering indfet- 
tlijig the divilioD and diftrilniti- 
on of ihares amongll the captures 
of prizes t.^ken hy veffels of war 
fitted out by this btaie, id. 
US J- ^" '^'^ '° •''^"^ ^'"' amend an aA 
of the General Alfenibly of this 
State jialTed the 2.?d day of Ue- 
ccmher 1776, entitled, ji acl for 
(ippehitmg comtniffonirs tc, print or 
[tump and Jign bilU to ibr amount 
,7nd 'j,i!nr of 308,000 Spaniji. 
rnillcd JulLirt immMtatrJy ; and 
for printing or flaniping and 
Cgning aniV.hcr fum to the a- 
amount and value of 307,348, 
Spanifit milled dollars in four 
months, if the fame or the value 
thereof, cannot be borrowed by 
the comniillioners of the treafury 
by that time, 1777. J^"- ^2. 
Ilj4, An AA to empower the court of 
admiralty of this State, to have 
jurifdidlion in all cafes of capture 
of the (hips and other vcflels of 
the inhahiunts and fiibjcds of 
Great Britain, to eftabliih the 
trial by jury in the faid court, in 
cafes of capture, and for other 
purpofes therein' mentioned, I777i ^^^' ^i- 
J 155. An Act for empowering the com- 
mifiioners therein named, to pur- 
chafe certain lands in Chrifc 
Church parifli at or near the 
place called Haddrcll's point, and 
veiling the fame in the commifli- 
oners of tlie treafury fr>r the ufe 
of this State and for other pur- 
pofes therein mentioned, id. 
T156. An A&. for clearing and making 
navigable Kdifto river and the 
forks or branches thereof, id, 
1 13 7. An Ail to incorporate the Mount 

Sion fociety, id- 

II j3. An Ai3 to revive and continue for 
the time therein limited, the 
' feveral a(Jl» and claufcs of a<3s nf 
the General Affembly. of this 
State therein particularly men- 
tioned, and to appropriate cer- 
tain penalties and to confirm the 
powers of commifiloncrs of ri>ads, 
paths, bridges, crecka, caufcwayt 
and water pafTagei, it- 

IJSO- An A<51 for the more cafy and (i- 
peditious obtaining the admca- 
lurcment* of dower to widows of 
the land) ol tlicir Uctcafcd huf- 
biinds, til'. 

z. I z t as. 


Il6y. An A(5l to appoint commifi'ioacrs 
for opening and enlarging the 
communication between Afhlcy 
and atonu rivers, and for clearing 
and deepening New Cut, I777> fi^t- 'a- 

1161. An Ail lot repealing certain parts 
of an acl palled Uie 9th day of 
ApriK, 1734, entitled, an ,ic} fir 
the icltir JcttUng end rtguliittng of 
pilots, and/or ereiiin^ andfuppcrUn^ 
bcacom mar the her and harUur of 
Charlts' Tcwn, and for altering the 
rale: of pilotage, and ef.ablijhing pro- 
per pilots, and pilot htiuls, for tit 
faid i)ar and hjrhour, ilL 

1162. An Ordinance to amend an ordi- 
nance, pafl'ed the ijthof Oflober 
laft, entitled an ordinance for ap- 
pointing cou;millioners to llamp^ 
and fign 130,000!. currency m 
tio.lars, and for empowcriiig the 
preHdent and commander in chief 
lor the time being, witli the ad- 
vice of the Privy Council, to bor- 
row on loan any luin or fums, not 
exceeding 500,000!. currency at 
the rate of IJX pounds like money 
per cent. i>er annum, id. 

iXCj. An Ordinance to repeal a rcfolu- 
tiun, palled by Congrefs en the 
nth of, I7"j, and to 
prefcribc a moue for the lecover- 
ing and leeiuing of d;bts, id. 

1164. An Ordinance lor appointing, and 
empowering certain ti'uftees 
therein named, to manage the 
funds of the congregation of par- 
ticular baptiftsin Charles-Town, id. 

1165. An Ordinance appointing tommif- 
Concrs in manner therein men- 
tioned, to conclude a peace with 
the Cherokee nation, id. 

1166. An Ordijiaiice for cilablifliing an 
oath of abjuration and allegi- 
ance, ill. 

J167. An Ordinance for borrowing the 
fuin or value of 500,0001. and 
for printing, or (lamping, and 
figning the vaUie of 500,000!. in 
dollar hills in manner therein 
mentioned, J777. ^'^- '<• 

1 168. An Ordinance to carry into eflVft 
an ordinance entitled an ordinance 
to direct tlie maimer of procuring 
nc!;roc» to be employed in tlic 
public fcrvicc, >^h 

ll6j. An Ordinance impofine penalties 

on fuch pcrfonsaslhallviiilati tl-.c 

riintimnlal alTociation by horic 

racii.g, id. 

II ;o. An Act to prohibit the falc of 

goods, wares and merchandifcs, 

by pubfic vendue in this State, 1777, Aug. 2». 

II ;i. 'An Acl lor laying out, ir.ikirg 

and keeping in repair a public 

road in that part of St. l'cicr'» 

p.irilh, from King crerk to the 

plantation of John .Vlkn in the 

(aid parilh, and from thence to 

Cuclawbstthi* bridge, alio aa- 

f // .y 

9[£!s of 9ifrcml)li>v 

JONNRUTLEDGE, Eaq. the Second' N", 

tiim Prcjident, 

JO. ts: 31 i; L (Z£. ©ate, 

other road from iUid Allen's to I181. 

the Two Sifters ferry, 1777, Aug. 27. 

1%. All Ordinance for anjiointing a new 

lift of jury men, tor the diftriiil 1182. 

of Ninety Six, and to inr.power 

and direift the judges out of the 

fame, to draw a i;rand and petit 

jury, to fervc at tlie next tourt of 

general fcilions to be holden for 1183. ' 

the fcid diftriif, on the ijili day 

ol November next, id; 

73. An Ordinance to empower the 

commiftionors of the treafury to 

borrow upon'tlie credit of the 11 84. 

State, the fum of live hundred 

thoufand po'jnds, 1777i Aug. 23. 

74. An Ordinance to prohibit the im- 

portation of Briti:h g(iods for dif- I185. 

tribution of monies arlCng from 

the fale of forfeited goods antl I186. 

merchandifcs, and other pur- 
pol'cs, id. 

r-j. ♦ An Aift to alter and amend an aft I187. 

of the General AfTembly of this 
State, pjffed the 13d day of De- 
cember, 1776, entitled an ail for 
uM,jwlii,g cimmljfmnm, to print or 
^amp <jrjigii litis to the amoant and 

■ of 3^8,000 Sfanifi milled hS8. 

doll tri immediately^ and for print- 
ing and ttanipingandCgniug, an- 
other fum to tl'.e amoutit and 
value of 307,384 Spanifli milled 
dollars, in 4 months if the fame 
or the value thereof, cannot hi 
borrowed by the commiflioners 
of the treafury by that time, 177?) J^n- *8. 

An Ordinance for the more fpeedy 
and cife>3ual manniog the 

navy, id. 

An Ordinance to enable the com- 

miffiontrs of the treafury, to bor- 
row 500,000 dollars, 1778, Feb. 6. 
An Acl to repeal an act enticled ap 

aft to proiibit the fciles of goods, 

luares and mercbandifes y by public 

vendue in this State, pafj'e.i 22.7 Au- 
guf, 1777, and to regulate in 

future, the fales of goods, wares' 

and merchandifes by public ven- 
due, id. 1189. 
* An AA. to make and keep in re- 
pair, a road from Ninety Six 

court houfe to the mill of George II90, 

Keed, on Long Cane creek, and 

from then, e to Pratt's Mill, on 

the north weft fork of Long 

Cane, and alfo from Jofeph 

Wardlaw's, to John Calhoun's I'X-91. 

Mill on Coronoka, and from 

thence to Rofcwood's Mill, on 
« Sahidy river, 1778, A'larch, 5. 

An Aft for vefting 600 acres of 

land whereon the iron works of II92. 

Jofeph Bufiington are in the trea. 

furerbof this'b'tate for and upon 

certain ulca and trufts acd al^a- 

^ 3[ ^ L (T. 



vefting another parcel of land in 
the faid treafury, for the ufc of this 

An Aft for incoqiorating a fociety 
commonly called the Cathohc 

An Ordinance to prevent the opera- 
tion of the limitation aft, until 
the fifteenth day of February, 
1779, in manner therein men- 

* An Aft for cleiririg and making 
navigable Tuhfinny creek from 
the bridge known by the name 
of 'I'uliiinny bridge, to the mill- 
dam of Baraaruiilhott, Efq. 

An Aft for opening the navigation 
of Lynch'* and Clark's creeks; 
and appointing commiifioners 
for luperiiitending- the fame. 

An Aft for incorporating the Sa ■ 
lem foL'it ty, i 

* An Aft for eftabliftiing a parifh 
in Craven county, by the name 
of all Saints, 

* An Aft for dividing the townihip 
of Orangeburgh, from the pa- 
rifh of St. Matthew into a fepa- 
ratejiarlfh by the name of Orange 
parifli, and for other purpofes 
tlierein mentioned, • 

* An Aft for eftablilhing a ferry" 
over' the Waterce river, at the 
plantation of Jofeph Mickle, and 
vefting the fame in the faid Jc 
feph Mickle, his heirs, executors, 
adminifirators, and afiigns, for' 
tlie term of fourteen years, and 
alfo for dividing the great road, 
on the north eaft fide of the faid- 
river beginning at Rafton creek, 
and runnirig to the boundary 
line between this State and 
North-Carolina, and appointing 
commillioners fortlie fame, and 
alfo for appointing a board ef 
commiirioners, foe clearing the 
Waterec river, and keeping the 
fame navigable, by anaireflment 
on the inhabitants and lands un- 
inhabited within the di.^lrift 
herein mentioned, in lieu of per- 
foiial labour, 

An Acl for eftablifliing the confti- 
tiition of the State of South- 

An Aft for compleating the quota 
of troops to be raifed by ti'.e State 
for the continental fervice, and' 
for other purpofes therein men 



1778, March. 5. 


778, March. 16. 

177S, Mar. 19. 

An Aft for the regulatiort of the 
militia of this State, and for re- 
pealing furh laws as have hither- 
to been enafted, for the govern- 
ment cf the militia. 

An Aft lor railing snd paying into 
the public treafury of this State 
the ta}£ therein mentioned, for 

1778, March. 28, 



Cfjr 'Citltfi cf ti;:- 

JOHN RUTLEDGE,Y.$o. tkif.cond 
time Prejident, 

the ufe and ffrvice thereof, 177S, March, 

1193. An Ail hr etlablini;!)^ a new lift 

of jur)' men, for the diftricfJs cf 
Clurles-Town, George-Tcwn, 
Cheraws, Catndcn, Beaufort, 
and Oraoo;fliurj,^h, id. 

1194. An Afl to oblice every free n-.ale 

inhabitant of this State, above a 
certain agf to give aSurance of 
fidelity and allegiance to the 
fame, and for other purpofes 
therein mentioned, ill. 

1195. An Actto indemnify Cnloncls John 

Thomas, and EzckicI- Polk, and 
for other purpofes therein men- 
tioned, id- 
J 196. An ASi for the better fecurity of 
Charlcs-Town, from the acci- 
dent of fire, and for regulating 
thebuildings hcreafterto he erect- 
ed or built in the fuidtown, id. 

1197. An A(Jt for the regulation of the 

pail ofiiccs within this State, id. 

1 198. An Act to repeal fevcral aiSsofthe 

General AiTcmbly, and refolu- 
tions of the Provincial Congrefa 
of South Carolina, granting 
bounties on the culture of ma- 
jiufaotures of hemp, flax, linen, 
thread and cotton, id. 

1199. * An Afl for reviving and amending 

fevcral aiSs and urdinan'es of the 

General Aflcnibly of this State, id. 

J200. An Ac! for the better regulating of 
pilots Jor the ports and harbours 
of Charles-Town, George-Town, 
Beaufort, and Slono, and for 
other purpofes therein mention- 
ed, id. 

I20I. An A& for incorporatipg the Saint 

David's fociely, id. 

1201. * An A& for eftablifhing fevcral 
ferries, and alfo for reviving fe- 
vcral lav/s for the ellablillunent 
of fcveral other ferries and for 
other purpofes tliercin mention- 
ed, _ id. 

1203. • An Afl for laying out a road bc^ 

tween Catawba river, and broad 
river, and for e!labllihioga ferry 
on the lands of Matthew JJigf 
>rcr, id. 

1204. An Aft for appointing cnmnn(Tion- 

ers, to talvC down (lie church in 
the parifli of St. Paul, and to 
build a new church on or near 
the place where the preftnt 
church now (lands, and for other 
purpofes thcr:*in mentioned, id. 

1205. * An Acl araendiiig an afl enti- 

tled an aft for regulating and .if- 
c rtaining the rates of wharfaye 
of ihips, and mcrcharlifc, and 
alfo for afccrtainlng the rates of 
floragc in Charlc-i-Town, and 
for repealing the firft claufe of 
Ihefaidaft, id. 

An A ft to incorporate the veHry 


N°. •E 31 ^ 5L ®. 

of thcpariih of St. James Goofe 
creel: , and to enable the faid 
vcftry ef5"eftually to put in execu- 
tion, the trail rcpofed in the fo- 
ciety, for propagating the gofpel 
in forei^'in parta, by tlie lult will 
and te.latiient, of the Reverend 
Richard Ludhni deceafed, ac- 
cording to the pious intentions of 
the tckator, and to fettle the ac- 
counts of tile Reverend James 

1207. An Ad to allow the commodore of 
thib State a ihare in all prizes 
taken by veffels of war, fitted out 
hy and at ihc expence of this 
State, and failing unJer his or- 
ders, a!id to alter an act entitled 
an a£ to empower the court of 
adm-iaicy of thisStati;, to have in all rafcsof espture 
of the fhips, and other vefie!«, of 
the inhabic:tn;s and fubjefts of 
Great Uriiai.i, to cftablifh the 
trial by juiy, in the faidtpurt ia 
cafes of capture, and for other 
purpofes tlierein mentioned, 

IIo8. An Ordii'.ance for procnring la- 
bourers for the pub:i'. v^orks, 

I20J. An Ordinance for appcinting a rc-- 
ceivcj, auditor, and acconpiant ol the public aecoinpts, 

I2I0. An Orciiioiice fur fi.\ing the fala- 
ries of the diftercnt public oHi- 
cers o. this State, ai:d the times 
an ' manner of paying the feme, 

Jill. • An Oidinanrt; for rtpeJirg an 
ordirance entitled an ordinance 
for cilabrfliing an oath of oilice 
to be taken in majimr (herein 
mentioned, and citablifliing a 
new oath to be tal-en by ilie com- 
mander in ihief and members of 
tJie Privy Council of this State 
upon their entering into oflicc, 

IJII. An Ort' for fiamjiing ano if- 
luingthe fum cf £loc,ooo, and 
for enabling the commifiifiier- of 
the treafury to borrow on loan 
the Aim of 2,coo,occ of dollars, 
and in cafe the faid fum cannot 
be borrov.'cd in iluc time to fup- 
ply the exigencies of the State, to 
enable the Pitlldent, with the 
adiite of the Frivy Ctuucil, to 
flamp and iiiue the (uin of 
1,000,000 of dollars and for other 
purpofes therein nirntiorcil, 

J213. An Ort"inante to prohibit the-tt- 
porlatii.n of all kinds rf prcvili- 
cns himp. and cord ij^e from 
thir State to certain tlr.irs dercin 
I who (hill vio- 
h'tc any endiarco whu:h may be 
hereafter laid by his c ;c. llcnty 
the governor or commander in 
chiel of (his .«(atc, agri cable to 
the conftifutlon, 
An Am to en, power the erecutrrj, 
Iiined in the laft will ii.l (elia- 
mcnt uf Ihomas Lougliton 

liioiti-d, and for inflicHnp penal- 
lies on all piriii 


177S, Mar. it. 

177S, Sept. if. 

7 II <v 

ms of mm¥v^. 


JOHN RUTLEDQf., Esq. the fecond time 

Smith, Efq. deccafed, to fell and 
difpofe of his real eftate for the 
ufe therein mentioned, 
Iftlj. * An Acl for cftabiifhing a ferry 
over Saviinnah river from tlie 
town of Purryfburgh in this 
State to Abercorn or Jofeph- 
Town in the State of Georg:a, 
and for veiling the iame in Jolm 
Vauchier, his executors, admi- 
niftrators and afligns for the term 
therein mentioned, 
iai6. An Acl for enlarging the time for 
taking the o£:th of ali'-^riance and 
lideHty, and for other purpofes 
therein nxentioned, 
%%1'J- An Acl for incorporating divers re- 
ligious focicties therein named, 
iai8. * An Acl to amend an aift entitled 
an art for completing the quo- 
ta of troops to h-z raifed by this 
State for the continental fcrvice, 
and for other purpofes thereia 
Xaio. An At5t to oblige all male inhabit- 
ants from fifteen co fixty years of 
age, reiiding on or near Wacca- 
maw river, to work on and lay 
open the navigation of the faid 
river, and for appointing com- 
inilHoners i'or carrying this aCl: 
into execution, 
1120. * An Acl for eflablifliing a road 
from Slann'-;, Dorchefteror Bacon 
bridge to Wort's ferry, and Irom 
thence to divers other places un- 
til it fhall interfe6l-the road lead- 
ing from the ferry near Fort 
Jy.Ioore to Charles-Town, 
JUT. An Ai5l to revive and continue an 
a(5t for ertablifhing a board of 
commiflioners to fiiperintend and 
direA the naval aflairs of this 
State, and for authorifmg the 
commiifioners mentioned in the 
faid 3i5t to purchafe negroes for 
the ufc of the public ihip yard 
and rope walk, and to pay tfce 
wages due to the officers and fea- 
men during the time they ar? 
|:rirTincrswith the enemy, 
>i22. • An Ordinance for appointing an 
ordn:mce flore-keeper, and a 
powder Teceiver for the port of 
(S*23. * An Ordinance to oblige every 
perfon who fhall be hereafter c- 
ieflcd to fcrve as a member in 
the fenate orhoufe of reiirefenta- 
tives, tc take and fubfcribe the 
oath herein prefcribed, previous 
to the taking of his feat therein, 
■T224. An Ordinance to empower the pre- 
Tdent or commander in chief for 
the tim-f being, v/ith the advice 
of the Privy Council, to take up 
and conHne all perfons whofc 
;2oing at large may endanger the 


1778, Sept. aS. 

1778, oa. 9. 

1778, 0*5t. 17. 

fafety of this State, 

12 y. An Ordinance authorifinff tin 
courts of Camden, and Ninety 
Six diftrids, at the enfuing cir- 
cuit to continue fitting until all 
the bufinefs is finifhed, 

12j6. * An Ordinance to oblige ail perfoni 
nominated us m:it;iftrates before 
tiiey taite upon them, the execu- 
tion of the faid office, to qualify 
before his excellency the prelident 
or governor, and commander 
in chief as the cafe may be, or 
before comniifiioncrs ditiy autho- 
riled hy him for that purpofe, 

1227. An Ordinance for printing or ftamp- 
ingand ilTuing I,ooo,cooof dol- 
lars for the public i'crvice im- 
mediately, and for empowering 
the commiHioners of the treafury 
to borrow on loan, any fum not 
exceeding 4,cx;o,ooo of dollars, 
and in cafe (he faid fum cannot 
be borrowed in due time to fup- 
ply the exigencies of the State, to 
enable the governor or command- 
er in chief with the advice of 
the Privy Council, to print or 
ft.imp and ifTue any fum not ex- 
cceding4,CiOO,coo of dollars, 

I2l8. An A& for the alteration and 
amendment of an adl entitled, 
an aa/or the regulatkn of the rrtili- 
th of ihh State, and for repealing 
fuch laws as have hitherto been 
enacted for the government of 

11J9. An Ordinance to prevent perfons 
withdrawing from the defence 
of ihis State to join the enemies 

1230. An Alii to give further time for tak- 

ing the oath or affirmation of ii- 
delity and allegiance to this State 
February 17, 1779, 

1231. An Ordinance for laying on a ge- 

neral embargo for the time 
'therein limited, 

1232. An Ordinance for completing the 

fix continental regiments railed 
in this State, 

1233. An Ordinance for confirming cer- 

tain powers of a French coiiful 
within this State, in manner as is 
therein particularly declared, 

1334. An Ordinance for railing and fup- 
portiog a regiment of light dra- 
goons for the public fervice, 

l-iS- * An Ordinance for appointing a 
new jury lift for the diftridt of 
Ninety-Six, and to empower and 
dircdl the judges out of the fame, 
to draw a grand and petit jury to 
fcrve at the next Court of Ge- 
neral Sefllons, to be holden for 
the faid i!iilrI6t, next after the 
palling of this ordinance, and for 
other pin*j)ofes therein r.tention- 

1236. An Aft to revive and continue for 
the time therein mentioned, the 
ieveral ads and claufus of aclsof 

1778, oa. 17. 


1779, J^st. 8. 

1779. Feb. 13, 

1779, Feb. 20. 

1779. I'-^b. 17. 
1779, Fell. IJ. 
1779, Jan. 29. 

1779, Feb. 20. 
1779, Feb. ly- 

irr?, I'cb. 20. 

%\)t Cities of tje 

//iV RL'T LE DC, E, Esq. the fee and time 

® 31 iE S. ®. Datj. 

the General Afitii.ljly of this 
State therein particulUrly men- 
tioned, and to appropriate cer- 
tain penalties aud to confirm tlic 
power of commillioncrs of roads, 
patiis, bridges, creeks, cauleways 
and water paflTages, 1779. Feb. 19. 

1137. An Ordinance for the better de- 
fence and fecurity ot iliis State 
during tlic recefs of tile General 
AiVcnibly, id. 

1238.' An Ordaiance to empower the go- 
vernor i^r connnander in chief of 
this State for the time bei.ig to 
iffue commillions for holding 
fpccial Courts of Oyer and Ter- 
miner, for the I'picdy trial of 
futh perlons a9 (hall be charged 
witli fcdition, inlurrcclion or re- 
bellion againft tiiis State, and for 
other purpufca tliercin mention- 
ed, -_ 1779, Feb. 13. 

f 239. An Ordinance for authorillng the 
governor or conini;.nder in ciiief 
for the time being, tn embody 
foreigners refident in this State, 
and to form the fame into i'epa- 
rate independent toinpanies, or a 
battalion for the pculic fervice, 

1440. An Ordinance for prohibiting the 
exportation of all kinds of pro- 

1241. An Ordinance empowering the go- 

vernor witJi the advice of coun- 
cil to take up fiifpeded perfons, 

1242. * An Ordinance for a new jury liil 

in the diilricl of Chcraws and 
for other purpofes, 

a 243. An Ad for incorporating the John's 
IHand fociety, 

1244. An Ordinance to impowcr Alexan- 
der Gurdncr, to fell the ellate of 
Henry Peronneau, 

i24J. An Ordinance to empower the go- 
vernor with advice of Privy 
Council to borrow 6,000,000 of 

1246. An Ad lor raifing and paying into 

the treafury of this State, a tax for 
the ufes therein mentioned, 

1247. An Ordinance for continuing and 

renewing an ordin.ince pafTed 
the 20th February I77y, and to 

?revcnt perfons withdrawing 
roni the defence of the State to 

join the enemies thereof, 
J14S. An Ordinance impofing a tax of a 

and \ per cent, on goods, &c. ex- 

pofed to fale, '&c. 
1249. * '^" Ordinance for cftablifliing a 

firry over Santee river, at ihe 

plantation of the late Piter 

jVIaniganlt, Efij. laying out fevc- 

ral roads, and for eftablilhing 

another ferry over Santec river, 

ai the planutiou of Jaicd Nl'l- 

1779, Feb. 17. 


779, I'eb. 20. 







1230. An Ordinance ior regulating the 

foes of office of the fccretury, 
clerk of the crown pleas, &c. 

1231. An .Ac'; to cinpower ihc governor 

with the advice of the Privy 
Council to ilTue fpccial commif- 
Cons, for the trial of perfons in 
any diurift, where the fame can- 
nut be liad in the diftriel where 
the offence was committed, 
I2J2. • An AiSl for the more effectual de- 
fence of this State, 

1233. * An A.'l for raiGng the rates here- 

tofore alloT\cd by iaw to the pro- 
prietors of Alhley firi-y,Com- 
bdl'ie, and kveral other ferries, 

1234. An Ac^ to appoint .'.nd empower 

cummiirioneis to lay out, m&ke, 
&c. a cut from Alhepoo river, to 
Chehaw river, &c. i;c. 
I23J. An Ordinance for kying on a gene- 
ral embargo for the time therein 
1236. An Ordinance to entitle fnch per- 
fons as fhall place any funi of 
money in the public treafury of 
this State, or who fli.ll fupydy the 
public with any provilinns or 
other neceflary articles in part 
payinentof his or her next tax, to 
an interell, at the rale of live per 
cent, per annum of the fame, 

An Act for the better defence and 
fecurity of this Stale, during the 
recefs of the General Aflembly, 

* An Ad for repealing the hiws 
which make paper currency, or 
bills of credit a legal tender for 
payment of debts in tliis State, 

An AS. to fufpcnd the operation of 
the limitation a<5l. 

An All to revive and continue fuch 
laws as have expired fince the 
fitting of the lall General /^ITem- 
bly or will expire within the prc- 
fent fellion, 

1261. An AH for fettling the qualifica- 

tion of the eledors and eledled 
in the General Affemhly, 

1262. An AA for holding the circuit 

courts, of Oyer and Terminer, in 
the feveral diftric'ls of this State, 
and for making out a new jury 

1263. An Aift to veft in the Congrefs of 

the United States a power to 
levy duties of five per centum 
ad valorem, on certain goods and 
merchandife imported into this 
State, and on prizes and prize 
goods condemned in the court of 
admiralty, of this State, and for 
appropri.iting the fame, 

1264. An Art to prevent the commence- 

ment of luits for the recovery of 
debts, for the time, and on the 
conditions therein mentioned, 
1263. An .Vc'l to procure recruits and pre- 
vent dclv.'tion, 


1779, Teb. so. 

1782, Feb. 6, 


1782, Feb. 26. 

J a n N 

Ms of ^ffemtiM 


JOHN RUTLEDGE, Eso. the fuond 
time Pultdeiit. 

^"'. 'e; 31 ^ 1. Gc. "ZiAtt. 

ls66. An Acl to empower Thomas Fer- ■ 

gufon. Morion Wilkiulbn, unci 

Jolin Ward, ffqrs. to puichale 

;in eilati: nl Cac value of ten 

thoulauJ guineas in trult,and for 

the ul'e of the honorable Major 

General Greene, 1783, Feb. s6. 

1:67. An A(5l for the regulation of the 

militia of this State, id.. 

1263. * An Act for ilifpofing of certain 

el'taces, and banifliing certain 

ped'ons therein mentioned, id. 

1269*. An Act for amercing certain per- 

foud therein mentioned, iii. 

1270. An A^ for furniiliing fupplies for 

the army, to the value of three 
hundred and feventy tliree thou- 
faud live hundred and ninety 
eight Mexican dollars, being the 
quotaafligned to this State of the 
continental eftimate, for the pre- 
fent year, id. 

1271. An Aft for pardoning the p^rfons 

therein defcribcd on the condi-- 

tions therein mentioned, id. 

1272. An Ordinance for repealing an a(51: 

of the General Affembly of this 
State, commonly called the ad- 
miralty ait, and for empowering 
the court of admiralty of this 
State to proceed to a final fen-* 
tence and decree in all cafes, in 
the faiJ court without the intci- ■ 
vention 01 a jury, 

1273. An A& for raifmg and paying into 

the public trealury of this State 
the tax therein mentioned, for 
the ufe and fervice thereof, 
1574. * An Adl to oblige perfons having 
negroes or otlier efi'c(5ts not their 
own property in their poffcifion 
to render an account thereof, and 
to punl.Ti fuch as (hall enibczzic, 
conceal, or negleft, to render 
an account \i( the fame, id. 

1275. * An A& for revivingand amending 

feveral acts of the General Al- 

fembly of this State, id. 

1276. * An Ad to afcertain the weight 

and value of the feveral gold and 
Clvcr coins in circulation in this 
State, and to punifh perfons wlio 
fliall counterfeit, or utter or at- 
tempt to pafs the fame, knowing 
them to be counterfeit, id. 

1277. • An Ail for the amendment of 

an ail commonly called the at- 
tachment ail, id. 

12/8. An Ail to regulate the eleiiion and 
appointment of commifficners of 
the high roads in tlie I'evcral pa- 
riflies and dillriils of this State, 
and alfo to regulate the rates of 
ferriage at fuch ferries which are 
not eflablifhed by law, id. 

1279. An Ail for appointing fire mailers, 

and other purpofes, id. 

J280. An Atl lor incoqiorating the Cal- 








. 12. 




■E 31 It t e. 

viniftic church of French pro- 

* An Ait for eflablifiiing the ferry 
therein mentioned. 

An Ordinance for cnfranchifing a 
negro woman and her cliild, 
late the property of Mr. John 

* An Ordinance to oblige the male 
inhabitants from lixtccn to lixty 
years of age, rcfiding in the up- 
per dillriits of All Saints and 
Prince George's pariflits on or 
near Waccumaw river, to work 
on, and lay open the navigation 
of the faid river, and for ap- . 
pointing commiihoners for carry- 
ing the faid ordinance into exe- 

* An Ordinance to divide the judges 

fees in the court of Common 
fleas and General Seffions of 
the Peace equally among all the 
judges, and to prevent any judge 
who may be hereafter appointed 
a delegate to Congrel's, from re- 
ceiving the emoluments of both 
' An Ordinance for afcertaining 
and regulating the office of re- 
ceiver, auditor, and accountant 
general, of the ptibiic accounts, 
and for other purpofes therein 

* Ail Ail for continuance of pro- 
cefs, and judicial proceedmgs in 
this State, 

* An Ait for regulating trials in 
courts of juUice in this State be-- 
tween fubjecls of foreign nations 
in alliance or neutrality with 
the United States and the citi- 
zens thereof, and for other pur- 
pofes .;herein mentioned, 

* An Ail for procuring recruits for 
the continental line of the State 
of South-Carolina, 

* AnAilforpreventingthe plunder- 

ing and deflroyhig veffels in dif- 
trcfs, and for tile more cffeitually 
fecuring Hiipwrecked, and ftrand- 
ed property, 

* An Ail to alter and amend an 
ait entitled an ait for difpofmg 
of certain ellates, and banilhing 
certain perfons therein mentioned, 
pafied at Jackfonbui-^h in the 
State of South-Carohna, on the 
twenty fixth day of I'ebruary, in 
the year of our I^ord one thou- 
fand feven 'hundred and eighty 
An Ac^ to amend an ail entitled 
an ait for difpofiiig of certain 
eftates, andtanilliing certain per- 
fons therein mentioned. 

An Act for eflablifhing a fair, and 
markets in the town of Belleville 
on the Congarcc river, in this 


1783, Mar. J2. 



178J, Mar. l6- 





Cfje Citlts erf t!)e 

//■ iV R U T L F. D G E, Esq. the Jicond 
time Prejtdent. 

■E 31 tE iL e. 








An A& to repeal an 3(51 entitled an 
ad, to velt in tilt CoDgrelsof the 
United iitittes a power to levy 
duties of five JHT centum ad val- 
orem, on certain goods at:d mcr- 
• diandifc impcirttd into this State, 
and on prizes and prize goods 
condemned in tlie court of admi- 
ralty of this Stntc, and for ajipro- 
Jiriuting the fame, 

An Act rtfpeding fiiits for the re- 
covery of debtf, 

• An Acl for cllablifliinfcf(.veral fer- 

ries therein nuntioned, 

• AnOriliiianctto empower commif- 

fioncrs therein named, to cut and 
fmk drains and water paflages, 
in the fwamp' and favannahs 
formed by the north eall branch 
of Stono river. 

An Ordinance for appointing com^ 
miliioners in each of the circuit 
court dirtri(5ls, for dividing the 
fame into counties. 

An Ordinance for regulating all 
vendues within this State, and 
for raifing fupplies to govern- 
ment therein mentioned, 

• An Ordinance for fettling a depre- 

ciation table. 

An Ordinance for repairing or re- 
buildmg the court houfes and 
gaols in the fcvcral dillriiSs of 
this State, 

An Ordinance for laying and levy- 
ing certain impofls and duties 
therein mentioned, in aid of the 
public revenue. 

An Ordinance for the better de- 
fence and ficurity of this State 
during 'the rcctfs of the General 

An Ordinance ' for difpofing of 

the eftates of certain ptrfons fub- 

jccls and adherents of the Britifh 

government, and for other pur- 

■ pofes therein mentioned. 

An Ai5l to inipole certain duties 
on goods to be imported mto this 

• An A& to incorporate Charlcllon, 

• An Adl to oblige ail public of- 

ficers of this state, wlio have 
been intruded with public monies, 
public (lores of a;iy kind, or 
other projicrty whole accounisare 
yet unleitled, to have their ac- 
counts maileup. 

An A(5k for the temporary regula- 
tion of the militia of this State, 

An A& loT reviving and amending 
an a5 for preventing the fprcad- 
ing of malignant and ^otitagious 
dillcmpers, pafTcd the fceiith 
day of^April, Seventeen hundred 
and 6fiy nine, 

An A(3 to veft one hundred and 
eighty acxes of land, late the pro* 

1783, Mar. r6.. 



i7R3, Mar. 17 


1783, Aug. 13 

pcrty of James Holmes in certain 
j'erji ns in truli, tor the benefit 
of a public fchuolor feminary of 
learning to be eliablifhed at the 
town of Mnety-Siie, and for lay- 
ing out "the faid town and dif- of the lots, 

J3IC. An Aei lor le\ying and coUefting 
certain dutier aid imports thtrtiu 
mentioned in aid of the public 

1311. An OrdiLaiice for la^-ing an impoft 
on the tonnage of Ihipping, re- 
gulating; tlie cullom iioufe, ap- 
pointing certain oflicers and af- 
certainiiig their ialaries, 

13II. An Ad for empowering the vefiry 
and chtrth wardens cf theintor- 
porated Churili ofJtnghiDdof the 
pariih of St. ' and St. 
Dennis to fell the two glebes be- 
long ing to the laid church, and 
foi veiling tlie powers of the faid 
coqioration in the vertry and 
church wardens for the time be- 
ing, and their fucccffors, 

1313. An Ad for incorporating the St. 

Cecilia focitty, 

1314. • .An -Vci to alter and amend an 

aelofthe General Airembly paf- 
fcd the gth day of May, 17.54, 
entitled an ad for buiMii^g a 
ili.iw-bridgc acrofs .Afiiley river, 

1315. • .-^n Afl to alter and amend an aA 

entitled an ad to oblige pel foils 
having negroes, &c. palTedllih 
Alareh, 1783, 

1316. An Ad for repealing part of:n aft 

entitled an ad for the better fe- 
curity of Charlet-'lown from 
fire, &c. 

1317. An Ordinance for appointing bri- 

gadier general Irancis Marion 
commandantof Fott Johnllon, 

1318. * An Ordinance for laying out a 

road iVom the public road to 
New river hriJge Giinville 
county, to May river he-ad, 

1319. An Ordinance for conftituting a 

board of naval oflicers for the tri- 
al (if captain John Joyncr, and 
cn(iuiring into the caufc of the 
Jofs of the frigate called the 

J3JC. • An Ad for eflablifhing the 
nujde and conditionsof furveying 
and granting the vacant lands 
within iliis State, 

1311. An Ad lor iiivelling the United 
States in Congrtl's aflVniblcd 
with a power to levy for the iil'e 
of the United States certain du- 
ties uiMin goods imported irjto 
this State from any foreign port, 
iOand or plantation, 

1311. An Ad to authonle the United 
States in C.onf,refs alleml:l'd to 
rrgulite trade from tlie liiitilh 


I7?3. Aug. 13. 

1784, M.a 

1784, Mar. 21. 

3 ojfx 

sifts; of MmU^. 


JOHN RUTLEDG E, ZsQ. the fecond N"'. 
time Prefident. 

N". C 31 ^ 5L ®. Oatf. 

i: 3f ® t ®. 


I! 26. 

I J 15. 






* An A(ft far eftablidiing a coart 

of Chancery, 1734, Mar. tl. 

An A&. to inveft in Richard Bo- 
hun Baker the real cftat-e of tl« 
late Richard Pendarvis deceafed, id. 

* An Aifl to appoint coniminion- 
ers of Piloiage for tlie port of 
George-Town, \\^inyaw, &c. id. 

An A6t to indemnify brigadier ge- 
neral Andrew Pickens and fuch 
pcrfons as have at5led under him, 
ti'om vexatious fuits on account 
of the tranfaiHIons fpeclficd in 
this a<51: during the Britiih ufur- 
pation in this .State, id. 

Ad Ordinance to indemnify briga- 
dier general Sumpter and the of- 
ficers a>fting under his command 
during the Britifh invafton, id. 

* An Ai9: to 'confer the rights of 

citizeniliip on aliens, I784, Mar. j6. 

An A& for the more eflecSually ef- 

treating. forfeited recognizances 

into the public treafury of this 

State, id. 

An A&. for leTj'ing and colleifling 

an impcflon traiifient pcrfons, &c. id. 

An Aft to regulate tlie infpedion 

and exportation of tobacco of tlie 

growth and produce of this State, 

&c. id. 

* An A& for levying and collefl- 
ing certain duties and impofls 
therein mentioned in aid of the 
public revenue, and for repeal- 
ing an 2l& entitled an aft for le- 
vying and coUefting certain du- 
ties, "&.c. pafTed the 13th of Au- 

guft, 1783, id, 

* An Aft to prevent the fpreading 
of contagious diftempers in this 

State, id. 

An A A toeftabHfli a feriy over Sa- 
Tannsh river, oppoCte Aagufta 
in Georgia, id. 

* An Aft for the encouragement 

cf arts and fciences, . id. 

* An Aft ior allowing a further time 

to render in a llaty and proofs of 
any demands againil the conlil- 
cated ellates, id. 

* An Acl to appoint commillioners 
nf pikitage for the port of Be'ju- 
fort, Port-Royal, and to enable 
them to improve the navigation 

of theiame, id. 

An Aft for reviving and amending 

an aft entitled an aft to prevent 

the dealing hor-fes and neat cat- 

tlcj &c. id. 

' An Aft to alter and amend the 

3^>;h claufe cf an aft of this 

Slate commonly called the jury 

law, and for altering the time of 

holding the courts ofSeffions and 

Common Pleas, Jd. 

• An Aft to prevent the damming 








135 6. 


up Broad, Saludy, Pacolet, Ty- 
ger and Enoree rivers, and Ste- 
vten's creek, &c. 
An Aft for incorporating divers re- 
ligious focieties therein named, 

* An Aft to explain and amend an 
aft entitled an aft to incorporate 
Charles-Town, and to enlarge the 
powers of the city council, 

' An Aft for reftoring to certain 
pcrfons therein mentioned their 
eftates, &c. 

* An Aft to amend an nft entitled 
an aft to oblige all public officers 
of this State to have their accounts 
made up, 

« An Aft for eftabllihing a road 
from Slann's Dorchefter or Ba- 
con's bridge to Wort's ferry, ^c, 

* A.n Aft for eftabhfiiing public 

An Aft for the regulation of the 
militia of this State, 

* An Aft for raiCng and paying 
into the public treafury of this 
State, the tax therein mentioned, 
for the ufe and f&rvice thereof, 

* An Ordinance to authorife and 
empower the governor and privy 
council, finally to adjuft and fettle 
all accounts where difputes arife, 

* An Ordinance for amending and 
explaining the confilcation aft. 

An Ordinance refpeccing fuits for 
the recoveiy of debts, 

* An Ordinance to encourage fub- 
jefts of foreign States, to lend 
money at intercfl on real eftates 
within this Stare, 

* An Ordinance to amend an Ordi- 
nance, entitled an Ordinance for 
eftabliiliing fevcral ferries. 

An Ordinance to amend an Ordi- 
nance for repairing or rebuilding 
the court houfes and gaols in the 
fcveral dillrifts of this State, 

An Ordinance for cftabliniing a 
public ferrv to and from Port- 
Royal Ifla'nd, 

An Ordinance to amend an Ordi- 
nance, entitled r.n Ordinance for 
couftituting a board of naval of- 
ficers for the trial of Capt. John 
Joyncr, &c. 

An Ordmance to appoint commidi- 
omis for clearing AValfs cut and 
Ediflo, Watcrec, Great and Lit- 
tle Pedec rivers, 

* An Ordinance to empower com- 
miffioners to cut and link drains 
and water paffages in Cacaw 
fwamp, St. Paul's parilh. 

An Ordinance to empower his ex- 
cellency the governor, v.'ith the 
advice and confent of the privy 
council to appoint commiffioners 
of the high roads in fuch parifhes 
and diftrifts where the freehold- 
ers negleft to eleft them. 


1784, Mar. 26, 


J H A"- 


Cfje 'Cities of tijt 

J H N R U T L E D G E, Esq. llu fccmd time N". 

N<'. 'C 31 ^ H <I?. Date. , , 

1360. • An Ordinance to fix a period for 

tlie comminccment of the opera- 
tion of the ad of limitations, 1784, Mar. a6. 1377. 

1361. An Ordinance- to autliorife the fevc- 

ral perfons therein nuniionedto 

olnain j;r;ints of landiin this State, J3. 

1362. An Ordinance to amend an Ordi- 137B. 

nance entitled an Ordinance for 

appointing an Ordnance llorc- 

keepcr and a powder rceeTvcr for 

the port of Charlcfton, fo far as 1379- 

relates to tlie I'alaries of the liiid 

oflicers, « id. 13S0. 

1363. • An Ordinance to oblige the male 

inhabitants from fixteei; to fisty 13S1. 

years of age, refiding within four 
miles of Jiiack river in George- 
Town diftriifl, <o work on and 

lay open the navigation of the 1381. 

faiil rivtr and for appointing com- 
nijflioners for carrying the fame 
into execution, id. 

1364. 1 An Ordinance for fcciiriug to the 
uiiicers and foldiers of tlie South- 
Carolina continental line, &c. the IjSj- 
lands proniifed to them by tl>« 
< Congrefi and tlie Icgiilature of 1384. 
this State, id." 

1365. An Ordinance to empower the tre;v- 
furers to refund all funis of mo- 
ney paid, &c. for duties paid on 
goods, Bs.c. imported of tlie 
growtli, &c. of any of the Uni- 
ted States, id. 

J366. An Ordmance for the fale of the 1383. 

pullic liiidi whereon the forti 
were erected, &c. . i4 

1367. An Aft for eftablilhing a fair and 
markets in the town of Gren- 

ville at the Long Bluff on Pedee 1386. 

river, I78J, Mar. 8, 

1368^ * A\i A& for rep;ulatirig the toll 1387. 

to he taken at lUc fcveral griil 
mills throughout the State, id. 

1363. An Alii for eftablilhing fairs and 
niarlicts in the town of Winds- 
borough, V<L 

1370. An A(S for raifing a tax on all fliip- " 

ping lor defraymg the cxpence of 
flying buovs and trciSiiig a light 
houfe and beacons as leading 
marks into the harbour of Char- 
les-'J"own, alid alfo for crediiig 
bc^Lons as leading marks Mito the 
harbours of Keaufort and Chatle»- 
Town, iO. 1388. 

1371. * An Ael to oblige perfons intcr- 

cfted in marriage deeds and con- 
trai'^bto record the fame in the 
fecrctary's ollicc of this State, id. 

^372. An Acl for raifiiig a fund for the 
fupport of an infirp'^ary or hofjii- 
tal in the lity of Charlcfton for 
feanien, id. 1389. 

1373. An Ai\ to cftablini a ferry overSa. 

Iiidy river, on the lanii of Kuflcl 

Wilfon and Andrew I,ce, id. J390. 

1374. An Ai5l to explain and amend the 

tax act of 17X4, id. J391. 

ij 75. An AH to cffccl a rcvlfal digcft and 

■C 31 S t C. 


publication of the la>vs of this 
State, id. 

Au Ael for prcferving the privileges 
of public miniftcrs of foreign 
princes and States, I78J, Feb. aa. 

• An AH for laying off the feveral 
counties' therein mentioned, and 
appointing commidioners to erccl 

the public buildings, I/Sj, Mar. is, 

• An Ad for the more fpeedy and 
eliedual enforcing the execution 
of decrees in the court of chan- 

chery, Id. 

An Ad to afford a maintenance to 

the perfons therein mentioned, l7St, Mar. 19. 

An Ad for incorporating divers re- 
ligious focietics therein named, id. 

• An Ad.authorillng perfons ap- 

pointed by the tinitcd States to 
maintain adions within this 
State, ' ,id. 

• An A& to repeal part of an ad 
of the General Affcnibly, en- 
titled an ad to prevent the 
fprcading of contagious dilttni- 
pers in this State, pafii.d the 26th 

day of Mar^h, 1724, id. 

• -An Ac. to. regulate the adiuiffion 

of attornics at hiw, id. 

• An Ordinance for rogrlating the 
public venfiucs in this St.ite, and 
for repealing part of an ordinance 
entitled an nrdmunec for regi.l:.t- 
ing all veiuiuLS in this State, and 
for railing fupplics to govern- 
ment, palfed the i6th day of 

March, 1783, 17S5, Mar. i;. 

An Ordinance to prohibit the keep- 
ing or 'raifing hogs at large, 
in the towns of £eaufort unci 
George-Town, and for other 
purpofes therein mentioned, 1785, Mar. ly. 

An Ordinance for raiGne the rates 

of ferriage at Aftilcy ferry, id. 

• An Ordinance to amend an ordi- 
nance entitled, an oriiitunce tu cm- 
foivcr ctimmiJftLnert therein ' namtti 
to cut andftiik drains and vatrr p^if- 

ffageSf in the Stvamp and Jjvannjlj^ 
/orKcd by the mrth eaft branch of 

Slono river, fajfcj She j6th d.ry of 

Manb, 1783, alio to amend an 

ordinance entitled, an ordinanct 

to emptrwer eonttr'^jjiotttrt therein 

naaiedy t> lut and Jtt.L drain J and 

luater /'.^;« in L. i:,;ti' ftijntp 

St. Paul 1 jarijb, palTcd the jC-th 

d.iy of March, 1784, • 17S5, Mar. i,-. 

An Ad for crcding and cftablidi- 

ing a college at the village of 

Vinnfliorough in the diftrid of 

Canidi il, a college in or near the 

city of L harks-'l'own, and a col- 

Icj e at Nincty-SlXj in the cKftriil 

of Ninety-Six in the State of 

Soutli-Carolina, iJ. 

An Oidinance for iijcorporating 

l:ch:iw Church in St. James p.f 

rifii Sanlce, id. 

An Oniluauce for the fpcetJy feitlt- 

nunt of the public accountt, id. 

Jin Oriiin.'uice to appoint additional 

couuuiUiwin lor the narilb 


m^ of MmUv. 




1784, March 14. 
• id. 


March 17. 

17S5, Match 24. 

JO HN RUT LEDGE, Esq, thcfxond 
tinw Prcjulenl. 

N°. ■a: 31 ■S: E. ®, 2)JtC. 

church of St. James S.intee, I/Sj, Mar. 17. 

ITi^. An Art to incorporate the vef- 

trles and cUurch wardens of the 

epilcopal churches in the pariihes 

of rit. Philip and St. Michscl 

Charles-Town, andfor other pur- 

1303. An Act for regiilatins; the infpec- 

tion and exportation of tobacco, 
1394. An A& for rcpeahng an ad; enti- 
tled, an aiil for difpofing of 

certain eftatcs, and baiiiihiiig 

certain perfons tlicrein mentioned 

fo far as rclr.tes to the eAate of 

Edward Feuwiclte, 
1313. * An A6lto eltablifh county courts 

and for regulating the proceed- 
ings therein, 
I3j6. * An AiSt for keeping in repair the 

feveral high roads and bridges 

throughout thisStatc, and for lay- 
ing out feveral new roads and 

fcirics therein mentioned, l;Bj, March 

1397. * Au.^iSt for vefciiiginAartn Giilet 

and hii heirs for ever, a traiS of' 

huul near Boggy Gut, and lor 

other purpofts therein mention- 

An Aift for raifing fupplics for 

the year i;8j, 

An .Act to alter and amend an r.(il 

entitled, an adl^lor cf-ahlifiiing 

the mode and conditions of fur- 

veying and granting the vacant 

lands ivitliin this State, and for 

other purpofestherein mentioned, 

1400. An Ai5t to fecure the payment of 

the amercements inipcfcd by the 
legiflature of this Stute, and fi- 
nally to clofe the bufmefs of con- 
fifcation and amercement, 

1401. An Ordinance to appoint commifii,- 

oners to )'el! the public land on 

Port Royal Ifland, 
I.}0I. An Ordinance to incorporate the 

mafter taylors Ibciety, 
14C3. An Ordinance for veiling powers in 

the refpeii'tiveveftriesond church 

wardens of theepifcopal ciiurcuos 

in the puriflies of St. Paul and 

St. Andrew and their fticcelTors 

for the time being, for the bene- 
fit of the faid re'fpecSive chu£i:hes 

and congregations, 

1404, An Ordinance to .■jfcertain the du- 

ties of the ofiiccrs of tl;e cultoms, 
and to veil: them with nccefTary 

1405. * .-\n Ordinance for clearingEdiflo, 

' Water^e, Great and Little Pedce, 
Broad and Saltcatcher rivers, 
J^o6. * An A6<: to cflablifh a medium of 
circuhtion by way of loan, and 
to.fccurc discredit and utility, 

1407. An Aft for regulating fales under 

execution, and for other purpofes 
therein ntcutioned, 

1408. • Aa Ordinauce for preventing the 









141 7. 

1785, Mar. zz 

i;S3, oa. i;. 14:1. 


dipping and filing of the coin 
palling within tliis State by au- 
thority of the General AfTembly, 
An Ordinance for the more fpeedy 
lettlement of the accounts of this 
State with the United States, 

* An Adl to explain and amend the 
arts for incorporating the city of 
Cliarlcs-'l"own,and enlarging tiie 
powers of the city council, and 
to prevent aclafhing of jurifdic- 
tion within the fame. 

An Ordinance to authorife and re- 
quire Colopel .\nderlbn to col- 
iert afecondfet of vouchers from 
the regiments of Waters, Bran- 
don and Roebuck, for the relief 
of tlioi'e public creditors, the 
vouchers of whofe accounts have 
been defiroyed by Colonel An- 

* An Art to alter and amend an a6l 
entitled, " An art for eilablifh- 
ing the mode and conditions of 
furvcying and granting tlie va- 
cant lands within this State," and 
an other art entitled, aii art to 
alter and amend an, art entitled 
" an art for eflablifhing the mode 
and conditions of furvcying and 
granting the vacant lands with- 
in this State," and foi other pur- 
poles therein mentioned, 

An Ordinance for the prefervation 
of deer, and to prevent the niif- 

, chiefs arifing from fire hunting. 

An Art to authorife the United 
States in Congrtfs afTimbled to 
regulate th.e trade of the United 
States with foreign nations, 

An Art to empower the Rev. Ro- 
bert Smith, the Hen. John Lew- 
is Gtrvais, Iki. and Charles 
Cotcfworth riiiAney, Elq. to 
difpofe of a lot of laud in King 
flrtet late belonging to iVir. 
John Price, cccealed, 

An Art to exempt Lachlan Mack- 
intofh from the ainei cement of 
twelve per cent. 

An Art to admit Dr. Alexander 
Baron to the rights, privileges 
and iiiimunities of a citizen o£ 
this State, | 

* A.n Art for appointing regifters 
of mefne conveyances for the dll- 
tricTi 01 BeaUiort and George- 

* An .'irt to amend an art enti- 
tled an art for eftablifhing cotin- 
ty courts, and '.'or regulating the 

. proceedings therein, 

* An Art to regulate the oncniug 
of dams acroii rice grouncis, and 
the making and keeping up dams 
for reft rvoirs of v.'ai ei-, 

* An Art to amend an art entitled 

an ail to eftabiiih a medium of 
circulation by v.'ay of loan, and 
to fecure its iicdic and utility, 


J785, ort. II. 

17SO, Mar. II. 




Cfje 'titles of tlje 

JOHN R U T L E D G E, Esq. the faond 
thn: PrefJcnt, 

N°. '^ Ji HL t <S. Date. 

I41Z. • An A(5l to encourage tiie dcf- 

troylng btails of prey, 1786, Mar. II. 

I42J. An Ad for alrciiug the tbnc of 

hoKlir.g tlic c&uiu of Gcm-ral 

SilVions and Common Picas in 

CharJtfton Jittrifi, id. 

1424. ' An Aft to preclude all further 

accounts due, previous to the eva- 
cuation of Charlrfton from be- 
ing brouijht in agjinfcthis State, 
or againli perfons whofc ellatcs 
liave been conijlcated after the 
time therein mentioned, id. 

1425. An Act to alter and amend an a6l 

for the more effeflual relief of 
infnlvcr.t debtors, id. 

I4j6. An Aci for raiCng fupplics for the 

year I;W, I7S6, S2. 

1417. An Ail for incorporating the foci- 
c:y for t}>c relief of the widows 
and orphans of the clergy of the 
Proteltant F.pifccpal church in 
thoTjtate of South-Carolina, id. 

1428. An AA to autborife the conimif- 
Aonersof thc-treafury to srugii 
over the fum of ^462 17 7 out 
of the bonds, payable in fpccie, 
<if the eflate of Gideon Dupont, 
Jun. fold by the commillioners of 
confifcated eftates, id. 

1429- * An A<a lor giving to the magif- 
trates.of the county courts the I'e- 
vcral powers and authorities of 
tl-.e commilTioners of the high 
reads, and to repeal the feventh 
chufc and the Trovifo of the 
(ii;lith clauli: of an a.£l cmitied 
an acT: for keeping in repair the 
fcvtral high roads and bridges 
«irhinthis .State, and for laying 
outth*: fevcral new roads and fer- 
ries therein mentioned, padcd 
the 22d day of March, 1785, id. 

14:0. • An jKSl to cftabl.fli a company 
for the inland navigation from 
Santce to Cooper rivers, id. 

14^1. * An Acl to feeure the credit of 

bills of exchange, id. 

1432. * An A& for the more eafy and ex- 
peditious obtaining the adniea- 
furemcnt of dower to widows of 
the lands of (tliich their decc.ifcd 
hufliands were fcizcd in fee at 
any time during their marriage, id. 

1453. An (Ordinance icfpcfling filvcr and 

copper coin, ■''. 

1434. An Ordinance to enable rtic attor- 
ney of Baron de Berengcr de 
Beaufain to fell and difpofe for 
his benefit certain lands which 
belonged to Hct^or Bcrengcr de 
Beaufain, <J. 

J435. • An Ordinance for preventing of 
indents being made a fet oil' ar 
gainft duties and taxes due the 
public, id. 

1436. An Ad for incorporating diver* 




religious focieties therein named, 1786, Mar. tl, 

1437. An Acl for incorporating the 
Beaufort fociety, and the Saint 
Hel.-na frclety, id. 

143S. " An Act for laying out fjvcral new 
roadf, and for divers 
public ftrrijs therein mentioned, id. 

1439. * An Ordinance for cllabliftiing a 
county and countrj- courts in the ceded lands on the north 
fide of Saluda river, id. 

J440. • An Act to confer certain rightt 
and privileges on aliens, and for 
repealing the ads tiiercin nieiiti- 
oiied, -i^. 

1441. 'An Ad referving certain land* 

for the prcfcnt ufc ^u'.ri occupation 
of the Cherokee Indians, .and to 
c.'ctend the time of payment for 
new granted lands in the manner 
therein mentioned, id. 

1442. An Ad to facilitate the iffuing the 

paper medium of circulatic.n pro- 
vided to be iffucd by an ad palTcd 
the I2rh day of Odolw r, 1 785, id. 

I44J. An Ordinance for rcpi aling an or- 
dinance, palTcd the 12th of Oc- 
tober 178.!, entitled flu ofrfMii't 
to autborife and nqmre coimtl A::' 
dc-fin to ciUeil a Jet of wjcbai 
from the regimtiiti of Watms, 
BiuiicLn, and lijtbuci, for the re- 
lief of tbofe pnhlii: creditors, the 
^ouebtri of ik-hvfe aetour.ts have be*n 
dtJ!rc\eJ by colonel AnJirfcit, and 
Jor /ixlnji tie mode of fettling tie 
luciu/iU of tie falj renimexti by 
tie utditor ^cntral of fublic ae- 
count I, >4« 

1444. An Ocdmance for edahlilliing a 

ware houfe or ware lioufei, for 
the infpcdion and floragcof to- 
bacco at iVIafon's ferry on Savan- 
nah river, and the jtra iron 
works in York county, id. 

1445. An Ad to authotife ihc furveyor 

general and regiftcr of nicfne 
ccnve yanccs to occui>y two rooms 
in the Hate houfe, M- 

1,546. An Ordinance to empower the 
company ior cjicning the inland 
navigation between Santee ; rd 
Cooler rivers to inport irto 
this .Stale three hnndrfd negroes 
jind for other purpofce tlitrcin 
mentioned, id. 

1447. * An AC) to appoint ctimminion- 

crs to purchafe lard for the pur- 
pofe of building a town, and for 
removing the feat of government 
. thcrejo, ' i>i. 

1448. An Ordinance for improving the 

navigation- of Coofc ctcek in 
Charleflon dillrid, ami for the 
better draining the low lanJs in 
if: vicinity, JJl 

1449. An Oidinancc to appoin" comniilli- 

oners to afccnain ami fettle the 
boundaries of this Stale with the 
.Stales of Georgia and Noith-Cii- 


mis of mtniu^. 








787, Mar. 


JOHN RUT LEDGE, Esq. the Second 
time Prefident. 

N", %%%^^, Da«, 

rollna, and to autliorife his ey- 
cellency the goVLrnor to appoint 
agents to ad in behalf of fhis 
Statii at the Federal court, in the 
controverfy between this State 
and the State of Georgia rela- 
tive to boundary, 17S6, Jilar. J3 

1450. An A(ft for repealing the thirty 

fixth claufc of the jury law, and 
for other purpofes therein men- 
tioned, . id, 

1451. An Aft to inveft in Peter Belin and 

hi-, affigns the extlulive right of 
conftrudling and vending Tundry 
ufeful water machines during the 
time limited, 
r4ji. An A6b to amend the confifcation 
afl, and for other purpofes there- 
in mentioned, 

1453. An Ac'; to incorporate the veftrie-s 

zv.\ ciiurch wardens of the efpif- 
cr:.pal churches in the parifbes of 
St. Bar^Iiolomew' fit. Helena and 
St. John's Colleton county Re- 

1454. * An A&. to eflablifli the legality 

of notices which may be given in 
the itate gazette, 
I45j. • An A&. to authorife the delegates 
of this State in Congrefs, to con- 
vey to the United States in Con- 
grefs aflemhled all the right of 
this State to the territory herein 
defcribed, iiL 

1456. An AcT: to amend an acft entitled, 

an aa io authurifi tit United State, 
in Cmigrefs aJJenMed, to regulate 
the trade of the United Stales il/iti 
Jhrfr^n natiouiy id, 

1457. * An AA for procuring the more 

puniSlual and regular attendance 
of perfons clcfted members of the 
Senate and houfs of reprefen- 

J458. An Act to augment the truJlees of 
the college of Cambridge, 

1459. *AnAclto alter the name of the 
town of Ninety-Six, 

J460. An Adt for appointing deputies 
fri^m the State of South-Carolina 
to a convention^of the United 
States of Americr,, proposed to be 
held in the city of Philadelphia in 
the month of May, 1787, for the 
jiurpofe cf reviCng the federal 
conltitution, id. 

I46r. An Ordirancc to fi.fpend all fales 
by execution for the fpace of 
twenty days, id. 

HCi, * An Adl to ellablifh a company for 
clearing and improving the navi- 
gation of Ediito, and Afhlty ri- 
vers, ?nd for forming a commu- 
nication by a canal and locks be- 
tween the former and the latter, I787, Mar. 27. 

S463. *An Act for levying and coIitiSt- 
ing certain duties and inipoits 



14 7o. 




tC 31 ^ IL <£. 

therein mentioned in aid of the 
public revenue, and for repealing 
fundry claufes of an acft entitled, 
an aajor lei'^ing and colkBing c;r- 
tain duties and imfojls fajfed the xktb 
day of March, 1784, the fecond 
claule of an aiSt, forcollcdling an 
impoft of tranfient perfons, paff- 
ed the 26th day ,of March 1784, 
and the third and f.fih claufes of 
an ordinance for regulating ven- 
dues, pafTed the 17th day of 
March, 1785, 

An A& for enlarging the town of 
Winnfborough, authorifmg the 
inhabitants thereof, to chuf^ 
three commiflioners, and for o • 
ther purpofes therein mentioned, 

An A(5l concerning cflr.iys. 

An A&. for granting to Congrefs 
the fupplcmcntarylunds ftatcd in 
their revenue fyftem of April tlie 
l8th, 1783, 

• An Act for recovering fines and 

forfeited recognizances into the 
public trealiiry, 

• An Oidinance for appointing 
commilTioners for cleaniing, clear- 
ing and making navigable Che- 
ci^fey creek, in the room of 
thofc who are dead, with autho- 
rity and powers Contained in the 
aa of the General Affcmbly, for 
cle.anfing, clearing and making 
navigable the faid creek, paffed 
the 19th day of March, I7?6, 

• An Ad toellablifli a company for 

the opening of the navigation of 
the Catawba and Waterec rivers, 

• An A& to authorife executors to 

fell and convey landsof their tes- 
tator, where no perfon or per- 
fons is or are cxprefsly named for 
that purpofc, and in cafe fuch 
executor or executors Ihould die 
or refufe to qualify, ^ autliorife 
the adminiHrator or adminiflra- 
trix, with the will annexed, to 
fell the real eft.-ite of the faid 
deceafed, as direfied in and by 
the will, 

An Aft for incorporah'ng diversre- 
hgious focieties therein named, 

An AA for naniralizing Richard 
Champion and his dcfcendants 
and Hugh Alexander Nixon, 

An Ad to authorife conimifiioners 
for continuing Eaft Bay flreet to 
Afhlcy river, to make a new af- 
fefiment for completing the fame 
and to repeal fuch claufes of the 
high read ad, paffed the 2 2d day 
of March, 1785, as relates to I'le 
faid ftreet, 

An Ad to alter the places of hold- 
ing the eledions fur members of 
the Icgillaturc, for the parifbes 
therein mentioned, 

• An Ordinance to empower com- 
minioners therein named to cut 


1787, Mar. 27. 




Cfje Cities of t|)e 





//.Y RUTLE DC, E, Esq. the fuuiid tin 

C 3 ^ t C 


C 3; ^ t e. 

and fink drains and water paffajet 
ill the fwanips and Ikvanii dis 
formed by WanneU's, othcrwile 
called C'u>;kold'b creek, u blanch 
of Combahec river, 
An Ad to regulate ilie future electi- 
ons of delegates to rcprefcnt the 
titate of iuuth-Caroliiia, in the 
Coiigrcfs of the United States of 
America ,_ 
An AA^to incorporate the veftry 
and church wardens of the cpif- 
copal church of the parifli of 
Chrift church, 

• An Ordinatice for repealing part 
cf an ordinance pafi'ed the 26ih, 
day of March, 1784 relative tj 
Port-Koyal caulcway, 

• An UrdiJ-.aiice toeiiable the courts of 
George-Town diftrld to p.;ocure 
a jury for the next feflions and 
for providing a new jury lift. 

An Ac± for repealing luch aci< of 
affcmbly as regulate and '•■.ilrict 
the erection ol' houi'es I elow the 
curtain line on the bay of Charles- 
Town, to widen Bay flreet, and 
topermithouftsof any lize to be 
ercStd to the eallward of the 

An Act; for rcftoring unto Mrs. 
Margaret Orde fueli part of her 
cftate as has been coiitifcuted by 
an aift entitled an act for difpoling 
of cerU'.in eilates, and for banifh- 
ing certain pcrfons therein nam- 
ed paffcd at Jackfoiiiburyh th« 
26th, day of lebruary 1 78 J, 

• Au Ael lor regulating and fixing 
the falaries of leveral oKiceis, and 
lur otlier purpolcs therein men- 

Ad Aft for eftaBB&ing a market 
in ibe town of Ceorge-Towo 
and for empowering the conimif- 
fioncrs therein named to fell and 
•jlifpot: of a lot of land in the 
•faidtown, and for appointing and 
authoriling comniiflioncrs for 
.the town and market of Cam- 
den, and for other purpofes thero- 
in mentioned, 

1484. -^n Aclforraifing fupplics for the 
" year one thouland fevcn hundred 

and eighty feven, 

1485. An Ael to re^iulatc the recovery and 

payment of debts and for prohi- 
biting the importation of negroes 
for the time therein mcniionid, 

148(1. An Ordinance to inipofe a pi.nil- 
ty on any pcrfon who lliall im- 
port into llus State any negroc 
contrary to the inllalment ait, 

1487 • An Aa to re.lrain particular jier- 
fons therein defcribcd from ob- 
taining grants of lands to make 

puU and vuid ccruui £'°aats ul 

1787, Mar. 17. ,^82. 

id. ''''■ 







1787, Mar. j8. 


ilig in their fAilTclfion, or taking 
up riin-aw.iy P.-vi.. to Itnd them 
to the gaoh ol '..u '. rlA where 
they may U an- . J..uUcd, aud 

furplus lands to prevent located 

lands from being pafled iutu 

grants until the purchafe (hall be 

paid, to compel ptrfons who have 

obtained grants to pay lor the 

fun-.e witjun Cx montlis, and for 

other purpofes therein mentioned, 17S;, Mar. 28 
An Afl to alter and amend an att 

entitled an aCt for Inyin^ a Ji. ty 

1,71 fiipping /ur an iijt.maij /Ir 

All Ordinance to prevent the 

figningofexceQlvc grants of lands, 

• An .-iA to appoint efchcators and 

to regulate elcheatore, 

• An.^ctforthe pron.otionof indnf- 

try and for the fupprefnon of va- 
grants and other idle and difor- 
derly perfons, 

• An Ad to alter end amend an adl 

entitled an a&jor ijianiijirij.-g futili- 
ty c:uits and rtgitiiitiiig tie pro- 
CicJingi Ibiltin fajjtj lie l^to, J,iy 
o/Miarcb, fJiSt •'"d for otiiir pur- 
pofes therein uicntioned, 
Au Act to exempt V\'iiiiam EuU 
from the pains and penalties to 
v.Mch he is liable by feveral ac'.s 
of the general aileiiibly, 

• An Ordinance for opening the na- 

vigation of L.ynih's and Clark's 
cneke as alio of lilaek creek, 
and appointing commifnoners 
for ruperintindiug the fame, 

• An» Ad to revile, amend and 
ripciJ the leveral aiflsur cIaule^ cf 
:'.e^'LS of the general ailenibly 
herein mentioned, 

• All .■id declaring the powers and 

duties of the enquirers afltiiors 
and tollec^ort ot the taxes, aird 
other peribns therein concerned. 
An Ad for rajliiig fupplics for 
thcycjr 1788, 

• An .Id to alter the plate of hold- 
ing elcelions for members of the 
Icgiflaturc and parilh olfuers for 
the pariih of St. John's Colleton 
county, ■ 

All Ad to amend an ad entitled, 
or. cSfir rf.Mllhiirga market in tic 
tinin 0/ Onrs^r,,tv«, 

• An Ad authorifni!; juftices of the 

peace, where there are no county 
eourtseftablilhed, to ifl'ue attaeh- 
mer.ts againft the property of 
perfons who are aboiit to abicond 
tr remove privately out of the 
State or diHrid, 
An Ad to empower Philip Porthcr 
to pay his annrcement by a dif- 
coiint on the genual indii.u 
paid to him by thl^ ilatc for .110- 
nies lent by hnn to th.- public. 
An Ad auihcrifinr pcrfoni hav- 



7 JI 

Ms of ^ffcinBlm 



N'. -a: 31 c£ ii (c. 

not to the workhoufc of Charles- 

jjCj. An AC^ to exempt the efiateof Hen- 
ry Peronueau de*:ci.iL-d from the- 
payment of the amercement im- 
polcd thereon, 

1^504. * An Act to appropriate the in- 
tereft arifmg from the paper me- 
dium to the difeharne of the fo- 
reign debt, 

1505. An A(ft for naturalizing James 
Akins ar.d John Simpion, 

1_;g6. An A(ft fjr granting the funi of 
_){^3,5CO, for the buiidinj a cuurt- 
houl^and ji.ry room?, twr the oil™ 
trici of Charies-ToAn, and for 
appointing and empowering 
commiiriouers to c^iecute llii: 

1^07. * An A6t to oblige all perfo:* who 
have become citizens oltijB bt-ie 
fince the revolution, and taiten 
the oathsprefcribed by the ace en- 
titled an ail to confer tlie riglits 
of citizenlhip, oh aliens puJei 
tiie 26th March J704, and .lifo 
an a^ entitled an acl to confer 
Certain rights and priviieges'ou 
aliens, and for repealing tjie aic 
thereiji mentioned, paifeJ the 
22d March 1786, to enter their 
lumes in the feoretary's office, 
and obtain certilicates u'omtha 
fecretary of their being admitted 

ijcS. * An Act to alter end amend the 
Ecl rcfpeifting the highroads and 
bridges, paffed tile iid day of 
•March, 1 705, a!!U for laying out 
feveral new roads, and cilauliih- 
ing fundry ferries therein menti- 

I50J. * An A£t to carry into eiFecl the 
ordinances of Congrels, for cfta- 
bliihing courts lor the trial of pi- 
racy and ittonies comniirttd on 
the high feas; 

1510. An AiS to incorporate the Cam- 

den Orphan fociety and the 
Friendly Cambridge fociety in 
Ninety-Six diiiri^, 

1511. An AiSt for repealing an ad enti- 

tled An Ml for dijbcf.n^ if cer- 
tain ifiaUi, and iiMiiJb'ing ccrUia- 
perfotis ihsrsln mciitioaejjjhfar ai 
the fame rilaiei to the tjhtci r:al 
and perfmal of fcremich Ki.^tt 
dcccafcJ^ and to his beirs and di^ 


Ijia. An A<51 to aathorile the auditor 
general to receive and audit the 
claims and demands of James 
Cooke againft the confifcated ef- 
tutsof John Champneys and the 
clai.iis of Lewis Eottntr agaiuil 

J513. An Act to invcft in Samuel Knight 
and liU affigns tile eiclaCverij^ht 

nd u^m N'^. ta: 31 s 1 <e. 

of conftrucling and vending a 
^-.j-,, machine for the ]-(Junding oi rice 

for the term therein njentioned, 
IJI-I. An Ordinance appointing proper 
1733, fcb. 27. placcsfor the temporary holding 

of the offices of tlie fecretary of 
State^ prothonotary of the court 
of Common Pleas, clerk of the 
id. General Sefiior-s, furveyor gene- 

ral, antr" regifter of mefne ccc-- 
veyances, a'tid for other purpofes, 
1515. * An Ordinance to appoint com- 
id. miffioncrs for opening W'all'a- 

id. 1516. _ * An Ordinsnce for opening the 

navigation of a creek caliea the 
* Stave L.anding creek, and to dig 

a canal fronvthe upper end of the 
laid crcTik to the main road lead- 
ing from.Ciiarks-rovva to Cam- 
id. lil". An Ordinance to fccure to Samuel 

Briggs jnd William l.angUreet, 
for (lie term of 14 years the fole 
and exdufive privilege of ufing 
ti;e newly confirucled lleam eu- 
' ' gine invented by them, 

1518. An Ordinance for appointing and 

Milhorifmg commiilionerc to re-- ' 
furvey and lay out the town of 
Wiliiamlburgh in the dillrid of 
George-Town, - 

1519. * An Ordinance for the better ef- • 

tajhfhing of Huger's ferry on 
the Congaree river, 
l_c2o. • An Ordinance for eflabliihing a 
fcriy near Rocky, creek on iije 

i,d. Catawba and Wa;eres rivers, 

IJ2I. ' An Oriiinance to repeal an ordi. 
nance for appointing brigadier 
general PrancifMarion command* 
er ol tort Johnfton, palled the 
icth-of March, 178.;, and for 
other purpofes therein mcntioo- 

id. cd, ■ 

1522. ' An Ail to declare void and of 
none elfeiSl a grant of lands in 
the fork of Bread and Saluda ri- 
vers unlawfully obtained, 

id, 15.2 J. An AiS. to procure a ccnfus of the 

ffte wiiite inhabitants of liiis 
IJ24. * AiiAdtb alter and amend tli» 

id. fevunil county court ads, 

1525. An Ac! to atnend an ad entitled 

An AB to authorfe ammiffiamri 
for co/iti/iuirg £^f Bay fheet to 
AfbU'j rii.\r, and to maie a nccy 
aj&fmiitfor comf.kalinr tbefm.; 

1526. * AuAd for building U gaol with- 

in one mile of Cool'awhatchic 
id. bridge, and for removing the 

court of Ueaufort diitrid frcni 
Eeaiifort to the faid place, 

1527. An Ad for incorporating tnvers re- 

ligious fo;ict:csth.ercin na.i:ed, 

1528. An .-^d to incorporate the veiirics 

and church.w jdtus cf iho Epii'- 

iJ, copal churches in the pariCiCii of 

St. I.uke, St. Ivlat.hew, Prince 

George \Viryuvv, St. Stephens, 


1788, Ttb. 27. 

1788, Feb. 29. 

f u:-r 


Cf)c Cities of tijt 

J H N RUT L£DG E, Esq. the fecond time 

N'. ta: 3! ■C t €-. Datf. 






antl St. James Goole creek, and 
allu the v^-ftriesanil church wcrd- 
cns of the cpifci.pal cht.rches 
of Claremont and of St. Helena 
An Ordinance authorifirg his excel- 
lency the gDVcrnor 10 appoint 
commlirioners to coiurad with 
proper perfonsto repairor rchiiild 
where neceffary tlic court hou.i s 
an-i g.-K)ls in the feveral diftricls 
t^this State, &c. 

* An Acl to fufpend the operation 
of the limitation acl for the time 
therein mentioned, snd to alter 

. and amend the faid nc^, 

* All Ad to eftablifh the bounds of 
ll'.c prifons or common gaols in 
the leveral diiirids and counties 
of this State, 

* An A&. to eftaijlidi a company 
for opening Broad and Facolet 

An Ordinance to empov/cr the 
heirs of Ifaac MazycK to pay to 
the eiders of the I'rcnch Proteft- 
ant church in Charles-Town fuch 
fum as (hall be agreed on by 
them in lieu of a legacy bequeath- 
ed trf the faid church by the faid 
Ifaac Mazyck, 

* An Ordinance to repeal fo much 
oi the ordinances of the i6th of 
March, 17S3, and i"th of 
March, 1785, as impcfed a duty 
on the falc of lands and negroes 
at public audicn, and for remit- 
ting the vcnjluc duty on the fale 
of the glebe land bclongini; to 
the Independent church in Uhrift 
church parifh, 

An Ordinance to entitle the elec- 
tors and members of the State 
Convention, to privileges during 
their attendance, 

* An Ordinance to remove cl'flruifii- 

onstothepaningof fi(h up R.x'Jy 
rivcrasfarasthc VumblingShiials, 

• An Ordinance for ratifying and 
toiifirniing a Convention be- 
tween the StatcH of 
lina and Georgia, concluded at 
Beaufort in the State of .'•"outh- 
Carolina the iSth day of .'Vpril, 


An Ordinanccforholdin'jthe courts 
of Common Pleas, General 
Sedions and Chancery at fomc 

J cnnvcnient place in Charles- 
Town, or the vicinage thereof, 
untiUhe court houfc for Charles- 
Town diftricS is finilhed. 

An AA for veiling in Robert He- 
riot,]. a certain funi cf mo- 
ney for the fon of JohnCaflcls a 

• An Acl prefiribingon tbcpart of 
this Sutc, the tia.cs, place) and 

1788, Feb. 29. 

I7S8, Oil. J.t. 

1733, Nov. 4. 

manner of holding elcfllons for 
Reprcfiniatives in Congrefs and 
the maurcr of appointing cleifl- 
ors cf a prcfidcnt of the tJn;ted 

1541. ♦ An Acl for the relief of certain 
perfons, citizens of this State, 
who are creditors on fimple coD- 
traiJl of foreigners who are dead, 

154;. • An AS for preventing the tranl- 
portation of eonvidlcd nialefartots 
from foreign countries into this 

IJ43. • An Act to authorife Mr. Liver- 
man to cre<ft bridges over Suit- 
catcher river, at or near Wil- 
liam's ford, and to vcft a toll 
to be colIe(fted at the faid bridge 
inthifaid Matthew Livermanicr 
a term therein mentioned, 

1544. • An .\& to regulate the recovery 

and payment of debts, and to 
prohibit iS e importation of nc- 
groesfor tlic time therein limit- 

1545. An A& for naturalizing the Rev. 

I'hcnias Froll, and the Rev. 
Thomas Mills and thcirdefceud- 

1546. An A&. to authorife the commiffi. 

onirsijthe treafury to pcy the 
nicnibi-rs, feerctary, nuilingcr 
and door keepers of the late State 
convention, and the n:erobcrs of 
tlie Icgillaturc for tlieir attend- 
ance during tile prefent and for- 
mer fcfTions, and alio Mr. Pliilip 

1547. • An Ordinance to remove any 

obfiruiilion to the paflage of fiDi 
up Roekcy river, as far isjofeph 
Culion's mill, 

154". An AA for incorporating the Cla- 
remont focicty, for the pnrjxife 
of endowing a feminary of learn- 
ing in Statefburgh, 

1549. An Ai\ to empower the veftry and 
church wardens of the epii'copal 
church of Claremont, to fell and 
difpofe of a trai'l of land, 

I 550. An Ad to authorife the comniilli- 
cners for continuing EaU Day 
ftreet, to .-Vdiley river, to make a 
new aflellment for completing 
the fame, and to repeal the loth 
claufe of an .ii'i entitled " An aft 
for kctfiug in rcp.-iir the fcvcral 
Iiigh roads and bri<lgcs through- 
out this State, puffed M;irch 
?.id, in the year cf <air Lord 
1785," and an a<5l entitled, " an 
ad to auihoiifc the cnmnullion- 
ers for continuing Kaft iiay 
firect'to All'.lcy river," to maJie 
a new Hfl'tflnicnt fur toni^leting 
the fame, 

1551. * An Ait lot ff.iblilh a fcunty and 
county ccurrs between Savjnnah 
and .'^.il'iila livcrs above l)ie old 
Indian toundaiy, 


178S, Nov. 4. 

1739, Mar. 7. 

J7S9, Mar. iS. 


-J n .\ 

Ms of ^ffem!)Ig. 





1789, Mir. 






■ 7- 


JO HX RUTLEDG E, Esq. the fecond 
titne Prefident. 

N". 'a: 31 S H e. JDat?. 

J'SJ^f * An A(ft to reyive and continue' 
the audiority, acls and judicial 
piocecJings of the court of Com- 
mon Pl.^a to be held in Charles- - 
Town, and for other purpofcs 
therein mentioned, 

1353. . * An Ad to prevent fuits for the 
recover)' of real eftates being bar- 
red by the a<5l of limitations until 
the i6thtlayof March, 1790, 

Jj54... An Ael for incoiporating the fcci- 
ety for the relief of eluerly and 
dilablcd niinifters, and of the- 
widows and orphans of the cler- 
g7 of theindependant, or congre- 
gational church in the Stale of 

IjSS- * An A& to entitle the. counties of 
Grenville and Pendleton to a re- 
prefcjitation in the General Af- 
fenihly of this State, 

1356. • An Aift to authorife the auditor 

general, to receive and audit the 
claims and demands of fuch per- 
fons as have delivered in their ac- 
counts againft the St.^te, and 
which have been lofl or miflaid, id. 

1357. * An Ac'l to remedy the defcds of 

the ctiu-ts of ordi]:ary in the fe- 
veral diftriels v/here there are 
no county courts as to matters 
and cafes in which t!ie ordinaries 
of thofe diflrifls may be refpcc- 
tively interefled, id. 

I5j8. An Act to exempt John Champ- 
neys from tiie pains and penalties 
of tlie acl of tonfilcaticn, id. 

1559. An Ai5l to incorporate the Prcfty- 

teriin congregation in the town 

of Furryfburgh, id. 

1560. * An Ortfinaiice to remove the ob- 

ftru(51ions to the paiTage of fifh. - 

up Little river and Long Cane 

cree';, in Ninety-Six dil>ri<51, »}, 

1561. An Ait to confirm the title of the 

company fur opening the navi- 
gariun of the Catawba and Wate- 
, ree rivers, to land purthafed by 
them of Richard Ellis, and to 
veft in the faid company the ■ 
lan.H therein mentioned. id* 

I51I4, * An Ae-i. -or tlie removal of the pub- 
lic records oi.t of Charleflon, and 
for other purpofes therein men- 
tioned, id. 

1563. An A(51 to incorpcrate the veflry 
a;.d parlfh of St. George's Dor- 
cheOer, id, 

J364. An Ad TO confirm the fale of a 
cercam trad of land therein mea-- 
tioncd, id, 

1565. An Ad to enable Mr. Gumming 
to fell and convey certain lands 
in the diftrids of Charleflon and 
Beaufort, y. 

J566. An Ad for vefting in Daniel Com- 
ber, his heirs and afligns, fuch 
part of the eftaie real and periou- 

%'S\'€t ©.' 

al, of Thomas Fletchall as have 
not yet been fold by the com.TiiiTi- 
oners of confifcated eflates, and 
for other purpofcs therein menti- 
1567. • An Ad to alter the places of 
holding eledions for the mem- 
bers of the Icgiflature for the 
pariilies of St. James, Santee; 
Chrift-Church, Prince Frede- 
rick's, St. Helena, Ali Saints, and 
St. George's D-jfcIiefter, and for 
other purpofcs therein mention- 
An Ad for granting fupplies for 

the year 1789, 
An Ad for veiling in Robert 
M'Kelvcy all the real eftate which 
James MKelvey, Efq. of Eu- 
taw, died legally feized and pof ■ 
felfcd of, 
• An AC^ to prevent perfons hold- • 
ing certain offices of emolument 
from leaving the State, 
• An Ad for laying out -certain 
roads, eflablifhing certain ferries, 
and for other purpofcs theteia. 
157a. An Ad for btiilding a drawbridg« 
acrofs Wappoo creek, 

1573. • An Ad concerning eflrays. 

1574. * An Acl for regulating tjie infpecJ- 

tion and exportation of tobacco, 
and for other purpofes therein 

15 75. Aa Ad to authorife the auditor ge- 
neral, to receive and audit the 
accounts of the feveral perfons 
therein named, 

1576. • An AA to enlarge the time for 
recording of mortgages, and 
other conveyances, 

IJ77. • An Ad to prevent the dealing of 
horfss, -affes and mules, and for 
the more effcdua! prevention of 
Healing blackorneat cattle, faecp, 
goats and hogs, and for the pu- 
niihtncnt of tliofe perfons wlio 
Ihall imlawfully mark, brand or 
keep the fame, and for repealing 
the ads relative to the fanie, 

1378. * An Ad for granting to the cir- 
cuit courts conipiete, original,' 
and final jurifdidion, and for 
regulating the fame, 

J57y. * An Ad to veil in Mary Henni- 
2cn and her heirs in fee fimple, a 
certain trad ol land late the pro- 
perty of Pliilip C.-.lp, deceafed, 

1580. * An Ad to veft fn the juflices 

of the county conrts the pow;;rs 
and authorities of the vellries and 
church-wardens of pariflies, fo 
far as' the fame relates to the 
poor of the refpedive counties 
•n-here county courts arc ella- 

1581. • An Ad for building a bridge a- 

crofs Afhlcy ferry, 
IJ-Sj. * An Ad dirrding the inanncr of 
granting probates of wills .ujd 


1.789, Mar. %, 

1789, Mar. 14. 

id. ■ 




7 (^ ^ S 


Clje Cities of tijc 

jOHN RUTLEDG E, Esq. the Jccond 
time Frefident. 

Ko, •£ 3! ^ IL <E. iOatt. 

letters of adminiitrr.tiou, and for 
other purpolci therein mcntioa- 
"i. 1789, Mit.^lj. 

1583. An A<3 for naturalizing Richard 

Wrainrh, l^itrick Byrne, Ed- 
ward !.utler, George Harding, 
Andrew Smith, Paul Smith, 
James Burgcfe, John litzpatrick, 
John Harlcy Harris, James 
13own, and their ddcendants, id. 

1584, An Ordinance for providing pay- 

ment fur the attendance of tilt 
^memlicrs of the legiilainre, id. 

J585. • An Orjinancd for funding and 
vliimately ddcharging the fo- 
reign dAit of this St;ite, id. 

Jj85. * An Orninaiice for the preferva- 
tion nf drtr, to prevent the mi f- 
chiefsariOn^ from fire hunting, 
and fcttiug tire to the woods, id. 

4587, An Ordinance to entitle the elec- 
tors and members of the State 
convention to privileges diu'ing 
their attendance, id* 

i^88. • An Ordinance for the fale of fun- 
dr)" lands belonging to the public 
attd for appointing commiOioners 
to purch:ife other lands for the 
purpofe of ercfting flore houfcs, 
«nd having tobacco infpe<!ied in 
or near Charlenun, id. 

Ij8g. An Act for raifing fupplies for 

the year of g^ur Lord 1790, '753, Jan. so. 

'XJ9*. • An A<51 to prevent fuits for the 
recovery of real cftalcs being 
barred by the acl of limitation 
untilthe I^thdayof March, 1791, id. 

1591. • An A(S to authorife the feere- 
tai7 of State to deliver to Robert 

Harris the will of Sampfon Har- 

1592. * An Acl for ceding to apd veiling 

in the United States the hglit 
huule on Middle Bay ICand with- 
in the bar of Lharlel.'on harbour, 

1593. An Ordinance to do jullice to James 

Jj94. • An Ordinance for clearing Black 

Mingo creek, 
1505. An Ordinance for incorporating 

tlic Baptilt church on Home's 
fKA, in Edgclield coi;nty, in 

the State of South-Carolina, 
1596. • An Ordinance for prefcribing on 

the part of this State the tiii-.cs, 

place, and manner of holding 

IJ97. All Ordinance for adding another 

infpctlor of tobacco for the in- 

fptii^ions of Cair.pbsU's V.'arc- 

houfe, Falmouth and Adam's fer- 


1598. * An Ordinanc," to prolong the time 
of holding ;l.e court of Common 
piers next November, at Cam- 
bridjjc, and to oblige HieriHs and 
gacL-rs of the feveral counties 
where courts arc held, to receive 
aiiy prifoners that may be com- 
mitted to their charge, 

S599. An Ordinance to amend and carry 
iutoelToS an acl entitled, " All 
Ai5l to procure a ccnfus of the. 
free white inhabitants of this 
State, and for afcertaining the 
taxable property in thia State, 

1600. An Ordinance to incorporate a fo- 
ciety for the purpofe k>f raifing 
and fecuring a fund for the relief 
of the widows and children of 
the deceafed Preibyteriau minif- 
ters belonging thereto. 


179c, Jan. 2c. 




B D E N D A. 

■a: 31 ■5: 1 c £):;tt. 

An Acl to enable the ptriiins there. 

in mentioned to make fale ot a 

town lot in Charleilon, 1694-J, Mar. 5. 

An Ai5l to confirm the title of 1649 

acres of land to Jacob AI!Ln,Efq. 1698,01a. 8. 

Ad A& to enable Catharine Snell 

the only daughter ol Jolhua Snell 

planter dcccafed to (ell and alien 

lands for her maintenance, and 

for the payment of debts and le- 
gacies, id. 
An Aifl to entitle Benjamin Schcn- 

kiiigh, to two town lots in 

Cliarlcs-Town, id. 

An Aft to confirm to AfTra Cum- 

mii'g k\\&. and executrix of John 

Cumming, f fq. dcccafed, afl the 

lands and real cilate of the faid 

John Cumming, 1698, Kov. I9. 

An A<S to tcnfirmthc decree of the 

cuuri of chancery fur jUIe ui a 

lioufc and lot, by Mrs. Mary 
Want to Captain .(Ucxander I'ar- 

An A& to enable Mrs. Elizabeth 
Courtis widow of Daniel Courtis 
ulumer dcccafed, to fell and ahea 
lands for the payment of debts,. 

An Aa to enable Mrs S.irah Rhett 
adrainillratrix, with the will .in- 
nesied of the cllate of Jonathan 
Amory, late of Carolina mer- 
chant deceafed, to fell and alien 
the lands and tenements which 
did belong to the faid Jonathan 
Amory, and not particularly dit- 
]»)fed of in his faid \vill, 

An Ad to ft-itle the eftstc and title 
of Bcii)aniin Schciihingli 
1,1 lis jWilcliions in the f.vcral 
)>l,'.Tit;iiii>ii' and tOWU k/U herein 


1700, Nov. \(>. 

17&&-1, Mar. I. 

^ V D £ y D A 

Ms of ^{Temtl^. 



K". 'C 3! ^ ?L e. DAtf. 

10. ^n Aft to cnal)le Rachel Cillla- 

beuf widow re]it9; of Ifaac Cail- 
kbeuf late of Carolina merthaiit 
dcccaft^H, and executrix of hia 
laft will and teftamcnt, to fell and 
alien the lands and tenements 
which did belong to the faid 
Ifaac Caillabeuf, 1700-1, Mar. I. 

11. An A<!i: to fettle one half of the 

three eight parts of a town lot 
formerly belonging unto John 
WiUianifon dcceafed, upon Char- 
les Burnham gentleman, and 
his heirs, and the other half 
upon Thomas Rofe planter and 
Elizabeth his wife and the heirs 
of their two bodies lawfully be- 
gotten or to be begotten, and for 
■want of fuch ilTue then to the 
heirs of the faid Elizabeth lawful- 
ly begotten or to be begotten on 
her body, and for want of fuch if- 
fue then to the right heirs of the 
faid Thomas Rofe forever, id. 

IS. An Ail to enable tJeorge Deariley 
Efq. the only furviving executor 
of Humphry Primate late of this 
Trovinte merchant deceafed, to 
fell and alien all and fingular the 
lands tenements and heredita- 
ments of which thefaidHumphry 
Primate died feized and pofleffed 
of within thii Province, 1701-2, Feb. 3. 

13. An Acl for making good the will 

of Jofeph Pendarvis late of this 
Province deceafed, and for veiling 
feveral of lands and tenements in 
tlie devifecs and in f.veral mefne 
purchafers under them, 17C3, May. 8 

14. An AS, to confirm and make valid 

and fubftantial in law, the right 
and title of Capt. David Davis 
to the feveral plantations and 
parcels of land herein mentioned 
and compriftd, id. 

15. An additional Atft to an a(fc for raif- 

ingapu'-iic Here of powder, 1703, May 8. 

l6' An A61 to fettle a piece of land ly- 
ing in the neck of Charles-Town 
on William Allen Cooper his 
heirs and afligns for ever devifed 
to him by Jofeph Pendarvis in 
his lad will and teftament, 1703, Sept. 17. 

17. An Acl to im'powei Stifanna 

F'junds to make i^ile of one hun- 
dred acres of land, id. 

18. An A£l for ftttll.g the edate and 

title of Capt. John Fiavell to his 
pofTcflion in one half quarter part 
of a town 'ot in Charles-Town 
N°. If , formerly c.rinted to Ro- 
bert Mayo and the buildings 
cret^ed thereon, 170^>i Apr. o. 

19. An Ad for feltiing the eftate and 

title of Jaceb LittL-n mariner, to 
his pofTedic n in a qui.rter part of 
a town lot in Charks-Tour N°. 
19, formerly grantcl unto David 
Maybank the younger, id. <, 

2C. An Acl to enable Cjpt. Edward 

Loughton to make a public dock 

in Charles-Town fur the lying 

up of boats and canoes, 1 706, .^pr- 9- 

21. An Adl for fettling the eftr.te and 

title of Capt. John Jones to his 
pofTcflion in a plantation of 280 

acres of land in Colleton county, 
, formerly granted to Jofeph Coo- 

per deceafed and the buildings 

ere6led thereupon, 'J' 

42. An additional aft to an aft entitled 

an aa/orfctiliiicr the cf.ati and title 

./ Caft. JoU FUvM to hhpojcjf.on 

ill one half quarter part oj a toiun 

lot in CharUs-ro%v„ N°. II, for- 

merly granted to Robert Alayo and 

thebmU,f<gs erca.J thereupon, I7O7, July I;. 

43. An Afl to enable Richard Nixon and 

Dorothy his wife, late Dorothy 

Low adminillratrix of Richard 

Low deceafed, to fell a town lot 

in Charles-Town N". 54, late- 
ly belonging to the faid Richard 

IjOW for payment of his debts, 1707, July I9. 

24. An Adl for making good the lail will 

of Jofeph Crofkey's deceafed, and 

inipowering two of his executors 

to fell two thirds or to purchafe 

one third of a houfe and part 

of a town lot in Charles-Town, 

larc of the faid Jofeph Crof- 

key's for the better provihon 

of John Crolkeys an infant, and 

for the eafier dividing the faid 

houfe and lands, id. 

25. An Aift for fettling the eftate and 

title of John June planter, to his 
polfelTion in 200 acres of land in 
Berkley county, formerly grant- 
ed unto Patrick Stewart, 1709, May 7; 

26. An Afl to enable Ralph Izard, Efq. 

and Dorothy his wife, late Do- 
rothy Smith, reli(5l and executrix 
"of Chriflopher Smith deceafed, to 
fell the real eftate of the faid Chrif- 
topher, for payment of jufc debts, id. 

27. An A61 for veiling a houfe and part 

of a town lot in Charles-Town, 
late belonging to John Wallbank 
deceafed, m truftees for payment 
of his debts, 

28. An Additional A(5l to an z& enti- 

tled, an aa to enable Mrs. Sarah 
Rhett, adminifratrix, tcith the ii'itt 
annexed of Junathan Amory late of 
Cat olina merchant deceafd, to fell 
and alien the lands and tenements 
lihich did belong to the f lid 'Jonathan 
Amory, and not particularly difpof- 

29. An Ail for making good the lafl 

will and teilament of James 
Moore, Efq. deceafed, and veil- 
ing of his lands in truilees to be 
fold for the payment of his debts, 
and making provifion for his un- 
prefcrred children, by preferving 
the perfonal edate, id. 

30. An Ail to enable Henry Noble 

Lewis Pafquereau, and Peter ."^t. 

Julieu, executors of the lait will AD D E N D A- 

1 709, Nov. 5. 




C!)e Cities of t!;e 


•E 3! 11. IL ®, 


and teftament of Peter Girard, 
late of this Province planter dc- 
ceafcd, to fell and alien part of 
the real eftate of the faid Peter 
Girard, to pay his juft debts, 1705, Nov. 5. 

31. An Aift for veiling a piece of ground 
or part of a town lot in Charles- 
Town, No. 73, late belonging 
to William Fulhvood of faid 
town inariner in truftees, to be 
fold for payment of his debts, id. 

3a. An A(51 for making good the lad 
will and teftament of Alexander 
Carfon, late of South-Carolina, 
Chirurgeon deceafed, and veil- 
ing of part of his real eftate in 
Uuftees to he fold for payment of 
his debts, 1710, Apr. 8. 

33. An Adl to fettle the eftate and title 

of James Rifbee, Efq. to his pof- 
fefiion in part of a town lot in 
Charles-'l'own, No. 4. id. 

34. An A&. to enable Roger Saunders, 

adminiftrator of all the goods 
chattels and pcrfonal eftate of 
William SauTiders, Elq. deceafed 
to fell a plantation or trad of 
land on the fouth weft fide of 
Alhley river, late belonging to 
the faid William Saunders for 
payment of his debts, 1710-II, Mar. I. 

35. An Aa to enable Ifaac Mottc m-.r- 

chant adminiftrator, with tlie 
vi'ill annexed of the goods and 
chattels and perfonal eftate of 
John Abraham jMottc, late of 
this Province merchant deceafed, 
to fell all or any part of the real 
eftate of the faid John Abraham 
Mottc for payment of hU debts, 1711, Nov. 10. 

36. An A<5t to enable the cxecutoi-s of 

the laft will and teftament of 

Jofeph Crofltcys late of this Pro- 
vince mariner deceafed, to fell 

and alien a plantation, town lots, 

and all other the real eftate of 

the faid Jofeph Coflceys, in order 

to difpofo of and make diftribu- 

llon of the money received for 

the fale of fuch real eftate, to the 

benefit and advantage of fuchper- 
fons as the faid real eftate is gi- 
ven unto by the laft will and tef- 
tament of the faid Jofeph Crof- 

kcys, 171*1 June 7- 

37 An A<a to confirm the right ami 
title of William CattcU, Benja- 
min Cattell and Peter Caltell, 
fons of John Cattell the elder de • 
ceafed, and of John Cattell a mi- 
nor and grindfon of the faid de- 
ceafed, to their fcveral pofTeflionj 
in fundry tr-ie'ln of land, and to 
make divifion and partition of o- 
ther lands equally an lorigft tlieni, 
asalfotoconfirmthcrlght and title 
of John William«,fon in Uw of the 
faid ill ie:.(i d John Cattell to his 
jHilT^iiion in 1.00 acres of land 
jivcn 10 him by the {aid John 

Catlell in his life time, 171a, June 7. 

38. An Ad to enable tlizabeth Burtell 

widow, Henry Noble, Peter de 
St. Julien, and Ralph Izard gen- 
tlemen, to fell and dfifpofe of 
fundr)' lands and tenements in 
the faid Province, late belonging 
to Alexander Chaiftaigner de- 
ceafed, for the preferment of 
Catharine Chaiftaigner, a minor 
only daughter and heir of the faid 
Alexander, and for applying the 
money raifed or to be raifed from 
and by the fale thereof to fuch 
ufes as the lands ihemfclves 
Ihould have gone had they not 
been fold, id. 

39. An AA to enable Captain Arthur 

Hall, Captain John Whitmaifti 
and Mr. Robert Scabrooke, and 
thel'urvivorsofthem, adminiftra- 
torsof John Seabrooke, late of this 
Province of Carolina planter de- 
ceafed, with his will annexed to 
fell and alien the lamls of the faid 
John Seabrooke, for payment 
of his debts and legacies accord- 
ing to the feveral trulls in the 
laid will contained, 

40. An Ad for vefting the right, title 

and inheritance of a plantation 
belonging to Jofeph Hatchman 
planter decealcd, containing 300 
acres of land in Bcikley county, 
in John Guerard of Charles- 
Town merchant folc truftec, to 
be fold for payment of the debts 
of the laid Jofeph Hatchman, 

41. An Ad to impower James Kin- 

lock and Sufanna his wife, late 

Sulanua Stroiieexecutrix Colonel 

George Logan and Captain 

George Chicken executors of 

the nuncupative will of John 

Strode deceafed, to fell and alien 

his lands goods and chattels for 

payment of his debts and lega- 
cies according to the declaration 

of the faid will, id. 

4J. An Ai51 for vefting of the right, title, 

and inheritance of part of a 
town lot in Charles-Town, 
N° and the buildings there- 
upon in William I.ivingftonc 
Clerk and Mary his wife, for the 
p.iyment of a bond, for the fe- 
curity of which the faid prcmifcs 
were niiirlgagcd, and arc become 
forfeited, id- 

43, An Ad to enable William Living- 

ftone Clerk, to fell part of a town 
lot with the buildings thereon 
and to confirm any deed and 
deeds he has already executed for 
the fale thereof, iiotwilhftanding 
his v/ifc Mary lately deceafed, 
hath not joined with him ac- 
cording to an ad of Affcmbly in 
tbat cafe provided, 1712, Dec. 1» 

44. An Ad for vefting a Manfion houfe 

and lands thereupon adjoining 

in Berkley county, ihc cllatc of ADDENDA. 



ms of mmu^. 




tj 31 ^ 5L e. 




Daniel Chaftaigncr, late of the 
faid Province deceafcd, in truf- 
tees to be forthwith fold for the 
better maintenance and prcfent 
provifion of three fiiiall children 
of the faid Daniel Chaftaigner to 
redeem the mortgage of the faid 
' premifes and pnyn.fnt of debts, 1/12, Dee. 12. 

45. An A& to enable Jol n Fulliani 

the only acling executor of John 
Bourn deceafcd, to fell 500 acres 
cf -land for payment of debts, id. 

46. An AA to cor-tlrm and make good 

a certain agreement made by 
Richard Harris, late of Granvilie 
county cooper deceafcd, with 

George Rivers of Berkley county 

planter, for the felling and convey- 
ing of 100 acres of land, on James 

Ifland to the faid George Rivers, 

and to enable Captain Jonathan 

Drake and Mr. William Wilkins, 

or the furvivor of them to make 

a g<;od and abfolutc tliate of the 

faid ICO acres of land unto the faid 

George RivtrSj id. 

47.. An AiSl to coniirni and make good 

a , certain agreement made by 

Richard V.'ilioa, late of this Pro- 
vince deceafcd, with '] homas Hill 

of the faid Province for the felling 

and conveying of zco acres of 

land in Colleton county to the 

faid Thomas Hill, and to enable 

Captain Jonathan Drake and 

Mary Wilfon reiid of the faid 

Richard Wilfon, or cither of 

them, to make a good and abfolutc 

eftate of the 200 acres of land 

unto the faid Thomas Hill, id. 

4S. An Aiftto enable Margaret Lynch 

widow reliil, and adminiflratrix 

of Johnfon Lynch deceafcd, and 

Mr. Thomas Lynch and the fur- 
vivor, to fell and alien 100 acres 

of land at Kainhoy, late belong- 
ing to the faid Johnfon Lynch, 
for payment of his debts and for 
felling another plantation of 1000 

acres of land on Cooper river for 
the better maintenance cf the 
faid Magaret and the children 
of the faid Johnfon Lynch, id, 

49. An Aft to enable Sarah Norton re- 
lift and executrix of John Nor- 
ton deceafcd, Colonel John Fen- 
wicke and John Cowen Senior, 
and the furvivor to fell and alien 
a certain plantation on Stono- 
Tiver late belonging to the faid 
John Norton for the benefit of 
the faid Sarah and of iiie children 
of the faid John Norton, id. 

JO. An Aft for veiling a certain plan- 
tation and the buildings thereon, 
late belongin;; to the eilate of 
Stephen Bullock ihipwright de- 
ceafcd, in tiufttcs to be fonhwith 
fold for payment of iiis debts and 

better maintenance and prefcnt 

p: vilioa for his children, I7I3j Dec. 18. 

51. An Aei ro enable truflecs to fell and 
diipofe of two Icvera! plantations 
in Granville and Colleton coun- 
ties, late belonging to George 
Kcratchbull of Colieion county 
carpenter deceafcd, for pay- 
ment of his debts anil better pro- 
viHon or his children, id, 

51. An Aft to in. power John Guerard 
and Eci janiinGodin of Charics- 
Town li.crchant^, to grant and 
convey a tract of land in Berkley 
county unto John Lucas of inti- 
gua,h.;q. according to a trull in him 
the faia John Guerard,atid Lewis 
Pafqucreau merchant deceafed, 
repc.i'cil ly the faiii John Lucas, I7I4f June II. 

}3, An Act licclarmgthe real eilate of 
Dominic Arthur lately dc.;eafcd, 
to belciig to Chrillopher Arthur 
his coufin and heir, and for vert- 
ing thcfaid real eilate in the faid 
Ch:ii''.upher Arthur and his heirs, id, 

54. An Acl to contiim the title of Wil- 
liam Adams a minor to a traft of 
land of 400 acres in Colleton 
county, notwuhllanding the pur- 
chafe grant is lolt, and alciiough 
171 acres thereof hath been fmcc 
granted to William Wells plan- 
ter, ceceafed, id. 

SS- An Aft to entitle Thomas Chin- 
ncrs planter to a traft of bnd of 
413 acres, late belonging to John 
Mtdon, deceafed, purluant to a 
written agreement between the 
faid John iViidon and Thomas 
Chinncrs for the iale thereof, id. 

56, An Aft to enable Robert Wi&art 

and Jane his wife, &c. id, 

57. Ad Afttoimpowcr Ralph Izard, 

Efq. and Benjamin Godin mer- 
chant, and the lurviver of them 
to fell and convey a plantation, 
containing 523 acres of land, un- 
to Alexander Parris and Charles 
Hill, Efq. and the furvivor in 
truft to and for John Lucas of 
the ifland of Antigua Efq. and 
further to authoriic and impower 
the faid Alexandtr Parris and 
Charles Hill, Elq. and the fur- 
vivor, truftees for the felling fun- 
dry negroes belonging to the faid 
John Lucas of this Province, for 
the payment of a debt due from 
the laid John Lucas to the feveral 
eflates of Lewis Pafquereau and 
John Guerard, partners, deceaf- 
ed, 1714, E'ee. iSJ, 

58. An .^ft to enable Hanna White 

widow, the relift and executrix 
of John White late of this Pro- 
vince mariner deceafed, to fell 
and alien 700 acres of land, part • 
of the real eftate of the faid John 
White, to pay his juil debts, id. 

59. An Aft to impower (Sharks f ran- 

A D D £ y^ J) ji 



Clje Cities of ti)e 

A D D E K D A. 

•5: 3: ^ t e. 

c I c "1 c. 


D.Uf, and Samuel Pcronneau 
• merchants, ciders of the French 

cliuri.h in Chark»-TowD or their 

fucccnbrs, elders of the faid 

church for the time being, to fell 

and alien a certain lra<5l of land 

in Berkley county devifcd to tire 

poor »)f the faid church by Miry 

De I.onguemcrc, alias, Aunant, 

to and for the ufe, benefit and 

advantage of the pcrfons afoFe- 

faid, i:i4'5. Tcb. :S. 

60. An Ai5l to vcft the freehold and fee 

finiple eftate hte belonging to 

William Hide merchant in thi» 

Province, in trullees to be fold 

for payment of his debts and the 

better maintenance of his widow 

and child, '''• 

it. An Aft to veft the cftate of two 

trafls of land in this Province 

fold by Hugh King late of this 

Province deccifed,- to E^i^abeth 

Akin widow, hat no cpuveyancc 

by him executed before his death, 

in the f^d Elizabeth and her af- 

figns for ever, 'd. 

62. An A<ft to veil the freehold and 

fee fimple eftate late belonging to 
John Greaton of Granville comi- 
ty in this Province planter, in 
truftees to be fold for payment of 
his debts and the better mainte- 
nance of this widow, 17l<), June 30. 

63. An Alii to make good and confirm 

the title of Henry Toomcr of 
Berkley county planter, to a cerr 
tain plantation of 411 acres of 
land granted and conveyed by 
Arthur Langhornc late of Char- 
les-Town merchant deceafed,and 
Rebecca his wife to the faid Hen- 
ry Toomcr, '"• 

64. An AH to enable Mary Magdalen 

Fouchard folc dealer, to grant aud 
convey certain lands and tene- 
ments in her name notwilhftand- 
ing her coverture, 'd. 

65. An A& lor the further confirming 

the title of William lullcr of 
Berkley county in the Province 
of South-Carolina planter, to .->. 
certain plantation ortr;:Cl of 5 10 
acres of land in Berkley county 
aforefaid tlie eftate of James 
Piercpoint, and late of Arthur 
Langhornc late of Charles-Town 
merchant deeeafcd, and to veft 
the fee fimple and inheritance of 
the faid plantation or 1 rail "f ! I O 
acres in the faid Ejllcr 
and his heirs, i;!^;, Dec. 15. 

66. An A(5l for fettling the cfttfe and 

title of Captain Mailhew Porter 
in hi- polTclIion in hj'.f part of a 
t..wn lot in Charles-l'own, 
N". 104 formerly fold unto Mr. 
John Vandcrhorlt, and by him 

fold to Pcartrce late of this 
Province fiiipwrigV.t dcccjftd, i;i6-ir,Fcb. i(: 

An A& to make good aiid 
the title of Richard Goeifrty of 
Berkley county planter, to a cer- 
tain plantation or trail of 200 
acres of land in the faid county, 
late belonging to James Stan- 
yarne of the fime county planter 
deecU'cd, 1:17, June. 19. 

An Act to forcclofe the etjifity of 
redemption of the heirs of John 
Wiight, Ittte of CMiarlts-Tuwn 
dcccafed, of in and to a certain 
plantation or irad of ^i)6 acres 
of fituate at Goofe creek in 
Birkley county, and to veft the 
fame in Samuel Wraggand Jacob 
Satur of Charles-Town mer- 
chants, in fee fimple, towards fa- 
tisiying the fum of £icoo and 
intcrell fecured to them by a 
mortgage made of the fairt pre- 
oilisby the faid John Wtight, 
for the term of icco years, I7i:.Dcc. II. 

An Ad to enable Major Pcrcival 
Pawiey and Captain Jonathan 
Drake, esecutors of the laftivill 
and teflament of Benjamin 
bolt late of this Province dcceafed, 
to fell the real eftate of the faid 
Benjamin I.ambolt, in order to 
make a diviCon of the lame 
amongft his four children pur- 
fuant to the intent and meaning 
of the will of the fai.i tcftator, id. 

An A(S to veft the frediold and fee 
fimple eftate of one half part bf 
a town lot in Charles-'l'own, 
N°. ic6 late belonging to Elia« 
Cliffordcf Chatles-Town in this 
Province, in .\nn Clifford wiikiw 
and adminiftr.iirix of the faid 
Elias Clifford for the payjneut 
of hisjufl debts, id. 

An Ail to prohibit all indirect 
Trade and commerce with our 
Indian enemies living in and about 
St. Auguftine, Penfacola, Mo- 
bille, and the river MiflilTippi, 
and for laying a duty on all In- 
dian corn and pcafe, exported 
from this Province, when the 
fame exceeds the prices therein 
mentioned, 1 7 17, Dec. II. 

An .'Vfl to inipowcr William Scott 
and Ralph Bayley executors to 
John Kenncway deeeafcd, to 
grant and convey a pl.intation 
containing loao acres of land 
lately belonging to the fiid John 
Kenneway, to William M.iggot 
his heir* and afiign* for e\.Tin 
purfuance of an agreemcnf made 
between the faid John Kriine- 
way in hi? life tulle and the fiid 
William Maggot, 171S-J9, Apr. 20. 

3. An Atl for veiling a trafl of land 
containing 2 .100 acres, in bcinga 
cowpen lately belonging to John 

A D D £ K D A 

m§ of ^(fcintiij^o 



E 31 ^ 1 ffi. 




bin deceafed, in John Felbin his 

cldcii; fon and heir, 171S-19, Apr. 20. 

74. An AH to impower the executors 
of Bernard Chiiftian Cooper, to 

fell and diipofe of feveral tnili 

of land, late belonging to the faij 

Bernard Chriftian Cooper deceal- 

ed for the payment of the tefta- " 

tor's debts, id, 

7J. An Adl for making the lad will 

and teftament of John Afliby, 

late of Berkley county gentle- 
man deceafed, good and authen- 
tic, id. 
;6. An .4(51 for veiling the fee fimplc 

of certain tracts of land and 

houfes, Gtuate in Eeikley county 

in this Province in Tobias Fitch, 

fon of Jonathan Fitch, late of 

of the county and Province afore- 

faid deceafed, which were given 

to him, in and by th; laft will 

and teftament of the fsid Jona- 
than Fitth, and for fupplying the 

omilGon and dcfei5ts of tho faiJ 

will, id. 

57. An AiS for paying and fatisfying 

Thomas Waring, Efq. Edward 

Arder agent and manager 

on the plantation of Andrew 

Perclval, £fq, and Williani Way 

jun. feveral fums of money out 

of the public treafuiy, for feveral 

negroe and Indian flaves executed 

and killed in taking, 1720, Dec. 10. 

78. An Ai5l for the relief of John Par- 

ker of Berkley county planter, 
and for making good and effec- 
tual the laPc will and teftament 
of Thomas Parker deceafed, 17-1, Sep. 19. 

79. An Ail for the veiling the fee iim- 

ple of a certain plantation and 
houfe commonly called the go- 
veinor's houfe in the honorabl: 
Robert Johnfon Efq. 1/21-1) Mar. 10. 

80. An Acl to enable .\marent a Gibbej 

widow executrix of the laft will 
and teftament of Benjamin 
Gibbes late of this Province 
planter deceafed, to fell certain 
lands for the payment of his 
debts, 1722-3, Ftb. 23. 

81. An A(5l to enable Edw.ird Braih- 

ford and Solomon Tozcr admi- 
niftralorsof John Stocks deceafed, 
and William Elliot and 1 honu^s 
Smith, Jun. Efq. truftees, to fell 
" the lands of the faid ftocks for 
the payment of his debts, id. 

it. An Aa for difpoling of a trafl of 
land containing jco acreilate of 

ppomting certain per- 
in named to make an 

Stephen Gibbes deceafed, for the 
payment of the debts of the faid 
Stephen Gibbes, I7»a-3, Feb. 23, 

S3. An A<;t fin- fettling the eftate of 

Richard Bercjford, Efq. deceafed, 1723-24, Feb. 15. 

84. An A(5t for vefting a houfe on 

the bay in Charles-Town, com- 
monly called the new market 
houfe, in .\ndrevv Allen and his 
affigns for the fuacc of twelve 
years, id. 

85. AnAclfora 
fons there 
equal partition and aUotment of two 
feveral plantations or trafls of lOQ 
acres and 1 80 acres of land com- 
inoidy called Walfamfiw between 
William Adau'-sof Berkley county 
planter and Rcbcrt Edghill a 
minor fon and lu-ir of Richard 
Edi^hiU late of Berkley county 
Yeoman dec-afed itL 

Zi). An A>51 for impowering certain pcr- 
fons therein named to make a 
partition of the lands and tcne- 
mentbof Thomas Pinckney late of 
Charles-Town merchant deceaf- 
ed, between the vvidov/ and Chil- 
dren of the faid Thomas Pinck- 
ney, id. 

87. An AiSl tor vefting the fee fim- 
pleandinheritanreof a plantation 
and traft of land in Berkley coun- 
ty, containing 100 acres in John 
Evans his heirs and afligns for e- 
ver, id. 

85. An Ai'tfcrvcftingthefteftmpleofcer- 

tain tracils of land and plantati- 
ons refpeiflivcly in Tobias Fitch, 

and Jcfrph Fitch, two of the fons 

of Jonathan Fitch deceafed, and 

Sufanna F'it^.h widow, id. 

89, An Ac^ for the encouragement of 

Mr. George I'immons in his 

proj-jiflion of a new inftrument 

for cleaning rice, l743,Ma7 7' 

90 An Ordinance to revive and amend 

" yi« Oi-iJtnance to impoiuer his ex- 

eelUncy the PreJiJetit or ^cvernor or 

commaiiJtr in chic/ of ihisjljte for 

till time being with 'the ad-vicc of tht 

privy council^ to imprfs fhooners^ 

lojlj, and other vrj[d;, '.vaxgom, 

earttj korfes, and drivers for tht 

fuhlicfr-oice, and for other furtfcs 

therein mtr.licr.ed." and aifo " Ari 

Ordinance to impower the Prc- 

fidcnt or commaniler in chieffor 

the time being with the advice of 

the privy council, to take up and 

crnfine all perfons whofc going 

at large may endanger the fafety 

ofthisftate." ' 1779, Jan. *!?• 



3^nUit HabJg 

O F 


9in M for making fufftcient Fences, anlr jkeeping 

ttit fame in 3acpair» "^n^. nu' 

WHEREAS divers of the inhabitants of this province, by keeping low and ill fences, That any per- 
where corn and other provifions are planted, have inticed horfes, neat cattle, and fon that (hall 
other ftock, their coming into the faid corn and other provifions, which faid inhabitants be- p'ant any thing 
ing evilly minded, do fet canes, and ufe other dangerous and indireft means, which have de- ^^^ ^^^y ■nould 
ftroycd many horfes and other cattle; for prevention thereof, Be it EnaEUd, That all planters fhaii keep a fence 
and others of the inhabitants of this province who do plant corn and other provifions, or fix feet hieh a. 
any other thing which thev would have fecured from damage or damages of norles, neat cat- bout the fame. 
tie, or any other ftock, fhall make, have and keep a good ftiong and fufficient fence 6 feet 
high, about all forts of provifions, and fhall from time to time lo maintain and keep the 
fame. No <;^"f' " 

II. No planter or other perfon fhall have in any of his enclofures any canes or flakes, or '^^'^es that may 
any other thing that may damnify or mifchief any horfe, neat beaft or cattle, under the for- or cattle to be in 
fciture for every fuch fault of the fum of 40s. to be levied as is appointed by the aft of fmall any inclofures. 
and mean caufes, and paid to the commiffioners or truftees for the poor, for the poor's ufe. Penalty. 

III. If any horfe, neat beaft or cattle fhall be found breaking into, or found in any man's 
plantation that hath fufficient fences, according to this aft, the owner or owners of fuch plan- . "tattle break 
tation fhall by warrant from any juftice of the peace, direfted to the next conftable where fence is fufficient 
the faid injury is committed, fummons 3 neighbouring freeholders, which freeholders, or any how the perfon 
2 of them, are hereby impowered and appointed to make a true and juftappraifement of any damnified jhaU 
fuch damage or injury, which faid appraifement the appraifers fhall give under their hands havefatisfafticn. 
and on their oaths, and on which appraifement any juftice of the peace is hereby impowered 

and required to give execution, if demanded, for the firft damages on the owner or owners 

of fuch horfes, neat beaft or cattle, as much as the faid damage flial! be praifed to, according , or t e irft 

to this aft. And for the fecond fault of the fame horfes or neat cattle in the lame plantation, Fortliefecoud 

the faid juftice is required to give execution double what the damages fliall be appraifed as damage. 

aforefaid, in the fame way and manner as in the aft intituled, an aft for fmall and mean caufes, 

is direfted for fmall debts in the like cafe: But what fhall amount to more than 40s. to be re- Ifthedarrrres 

covered by a due courfe of law, as any other aftion of trefpaCs according to the proportion eitceed 4?;. hew 

aforefaid*. B recovered. 

Perpetuated by A. A. 12th December, I7I». 


2 Cfje ^ut)ltc ^ate 

'^N- 1^r^^^ 9[a to prebcitt tijc 5^^^% anti Caking atuap o£ 

i^o^aiii auti Canoes. 

WHEREAS divers perfons heretofore have, and now do ufe to take awav and letloofe 
other mens boats and canoes, and to Iteal grapplings, boat -ropes, fails and oars, to the 
Enaaed ' 6''^'" 'o*^ ^"'^ damage of the owners ; for the prcvcntior\ whereof. Be it F.naEled and it is F.nac- , 
ted by the authority of the fame, That any pcrlon or porfons which at any time alter the rati- 
fication of this aft, fhall (leal, take away or let loofc any boat, perriagucr or canoe, or fleal 
Any perfon or take away any grappling, painter, rope, fail or oar Irom anv landing or plate whatlbver, 
that iliall Ileal or where the owners or perfons in whofe lervice or employ they were laft in, had made fall or 
let loofe any jjjj jj,g fame (except all boats or canoes as are let loofe from another boat, canoe or vclfel) 
oat.pemaguer, Qj^jj j,g liable to corporal punifhment, or to fuch fine or fines as the jiiftices at the fclTions 
puiiilhcd. fhall in ticir difcretion think fit, if the matter offaft be felony or larceny, and make good to 

the perion or perfons injured all damages thev (hall fullain, and in cafe the matterof fiitt be a 
tredpafs only, the perloii or perfons committing fuch offence, fliall make good to the pcilon 
injured all damages that may accrue thereby, and moreover forfeit and pay for eviMy time he 
or thev fhall be found guilty thereof, the fum o( £ . 4 one moiety thereof lobe paid to the pub- 
lic leceivcr for the ulc, tlic other moiety to him or them tliat will lue and prolecute tortiie lame 
in any court of record in this province, befides his charges therein expended. 
Damages not II. When and as often as damages demanded exceed not the lum of 40s. any one or more 
excecdiiie; 40s. juftice or juflices fhall have power and are hereby impowered hear, examine, try andditcrmmc 
how recovere.4. tjje fame, as by an aft, entituled, an aft for the tiyal ol fmall and mean caufes, isdirefted. 

III. If any flave or Indian at any time after the ratification of this aft, fhall take away or 
Indian corrimit't- let loofe any boat or canoe, or (leal any grappling, painter, rope, fail or oars from any land- 
inf the hke of- ing or place whatfoever, where the owners or perfons in whofe fervice and employmenLthcy 
fence how to be were lad in. had made faft or laid the fame, fhall for the 1 (I offence he or they fhall be convift- 
piniflicd. g(^| Qf^ receive on his or their bare backs 39 lafhes, and for the fecond offence, fhall forfeit 

and have cut off from his or their heads one ear. 

IV. Upon complaint made to anyjuflice or juflices of the peace, of any offence commit- 
b t ^ d W *" ted by any negro or Indian as aforefaid, the faidjuflicc or juflices fhall ilfue his or their war- 
any iufUce of rants for apprehending the offenders, and for all perfons to come before him or them that 
peace. can give evidence, and if upon examination it appears that the a])piehcnded are guilty, the 

faidjuflice or jullices fliall give fentence that the offender fhall receive fuch puniflinient as is 
by tiiis aft direfted, and forth v. ith by his or their warrant caule immediate execution to be 
done by any con liable or his deputy, in fuch manner as he or they fhall think fit. 

V. If any white fcrvant offend contrary to this aft, he fhall be liable to the fame penalties 
1( any white jj,^ punifhments as any white free perion, and if themafler or miflrcfs, or in cafe of his or 

r'^j'"|,*^"'f °*" thcirrefufal fome other perion do not in 2odays after he iscommitted, pay the forfeiture and 
fafiion irto'be damages as aforefaid, in default thereof the laid white fcrvant or fervants fhall be awarded 
made. by any two jufticcs of the peace, to make fati>faCllon in fervice (not exceeding 4 years) after 

the complement of his fci vice be fulfilled to his or their mailer, to fuch perfon or perfons 

as are injured, and to the informer or profecutor. 
March 16th, 1695-6. 


9lU act to pre\)Ent Mariners aut) Seamen VUUUtntj; lUtO 


ornLknct.'"'^'" I. THE I fl part of this claufe altered by A. A. 1751. 

If any mariners or I'camcn belonging to any vclTcl or vcffels fhall be vifited with fickncfs, 
then it (liall and may be lawful for any one juRicc of peace by an order under his hand, to 
licence themafler or miflrcfs of any public houfe or ordinary, or any private lioule, to give 
him or them, being fitk as aforefaid, credit for any fum or fiimsof money as the laid mailer 
and mifkiefsof any houfe is willing to truff for their necelfary relief. 
II. Altered by 12 claufe of A. A. palfcd 17. May. 1751. 

^ Any 

of g)outf)^Carolina* 3 

III. Anv nublic houfc-kcepcrs that entertains any fcamen or mariners that belong to anv fnip A. D. 1695-6. 
in the harbour, after 8 of the clock in the winter at night, and g of the clock in lumnier at N°. 136. 
■night, which hath not leave from his mafter or commander in writma to be on fiiore, fhj.ll Penaltyonpub- 
forfeit 20s. for each default, and the captain of the night-watch is hereby required to obferve 1"^ !'""<« keepTs 
in his rounds, and ice the himc be duly obfervcd and kept. '^"r ''°"="'V" 

IV. And whereas many times dilputes have nlen about executing th? warrants of juflicesof y o'clock at 
the peace upon the water within the barr of Afhley River, which is within the body of Berk- nigtit in winter. 
ley County, It is therefore Enacted ihst all fuch warrants or fubpcenaes given by any juftice of aQd9infumnier, 
the peace, in order to profccute and fue for any penalty by this aft made, againfh any perfon ■""'""" J-^f"^ 
or perfonson board any fhip or veifel, be dircfted to the'provoft maiflial, or marflial of the le^^e"'''' " " 
admiralty, or their lawful deputies, or any of the lawful conftables of Charles-Town, ac- Warrants a- 
cording to the tenor of the laid warrant, who are hereby required and impowered to execute gainilpeifonson 
the faid warrant and fubpcenaes, and to receive for the fame 2s. & 6d. and no more. board any vcff-.-l 

V. All the penalties and forfeitures by this aft made and impofed, fliall be to him or them ^uted'^"™ '^^'^" 
that will fue for the fame, before any 2 juflices of the peace, if tlie whole forfeiture or fum The penalties 
exceed 40s. and one juftice of the peace if it exceed not 40s. and all juflices are hereby re- andforfeituresin 
quired and impowered to try, judge and determine the fame, and award execution on Body ''''* *'^ '^"^^ '" 
or goods, any law, cuftom or ufage to the contrary in any wife nothwithftanding.* be recovered. 

9in 9ift t to pre\3ettt Deceits t)^ double Mortgages autl Con- a. p. .693. 

veyances of S^atttis, Jiegrocs autr CJjattels, &c. 

WHEREAS the want or negleft of regiftering and recording of fales, conveyances and 
mortgages of lands and other goods and chattels, hath encouraged and given opportu- p .■ 
nity to feveral knavifh and neceffitous perfons to make two or more fales, conveyances and '^'^"^ "' 
mortgages of the fame plantation, negroes and other goods and chattels, the firft fale, convey- 
ance and mortgage being in force and not difcharged, to feveral perfons for conliderable furns 
of money more than the fame is worth, whereby buyers of plantations, and lenders of mo- 
ney upon fecond or after-mortgages, do often loofe their money, and are put to great charges Enaaed. 
infuits of law andotherwife; for remedy whereof. Be it Enabled, That that fale, conveyance That fale or 
or mortgage of lands and tenements, except original grants, which (hall be firft regiftered in mortgage which 
the regifter's office in Charles-Town, fliall be taken, deemed, adjudged, allqwed of and held ^^}] j* ^^\''l' 
to be the firft fale, conveyance and mortgage, and to be good, firm, iubftantial and lawful in adiudeed to be 
all courts of judicature whithin South-Carolina, any former or other fale, conveyance or the firft fale. 
mortgage of the fame land not before regiftered notwithftanding; and that that fale or mort- 
gage of negroes, goods or chattels which fliall be firft recorded in the fecretary's office in 
Charles-Town, fliall be taken, deemed, adjudged, allowed of and held to be the firft mort- 
gage, and good, firm, fubftantial and lawful in all courts of judicature within South-Carolina, 
any former or other iale or mortgage for the fame negroes, goods and chattels not recorded in 
the faid office notwithftanding. 

II. Provided, That neverthelefs if it fo happen there be more than one mortgagee at the p 

fame time, by any perfon or perfons toany perfon or perfons of the fame lands and tenements, gages rcn-;ftcred 
negroes, goods and chattels, the feveral mortgagees which have not regiftered or recorded their may be rede,;ni- 
mortgages, their heirs, executors, adminiftrators or affigns fliall have power to redeem any '^'^ ''^ ffcond 
farmer Mortgage or mortgages regiftered, upon payment of the principal debt, intereft and mortgages, and 
coft of fuit, to prior mortgagee or mortgagees, their heirs, executors, adminiftrators or affigns. "'^' 
And every perfon or perfons which ihall mortgage the fame lands, tenements, negroes, goods 
or chattels, a fecond time, former mor'gage being in force and not difcharged, flfall have no 
power or liberty or redemption in equity or otherwife. 

III. Provided alfo. That nothing in this aft contained fliall be conftrued, deemed or ex- Dowerfavedto 
tended to bar any widow, of any mortgage of any lands or tenements, from her dowry and any widow who 
right in or to the faid lands, who did not legally join with her hufband in fuch mortgage or ^"^ °°'. '«g''lJy 
otherwife bar or exclude herfelf from fuch her dowry or richt. ' '"" ''^'"^'^ ^" 

' ° hufband in fuch 

• Perpetuated by A. A. ij. December 1713. ' ^^ therwhfbar'her- 

t See 4 & J W & M. c. 16. made offeree here by A. A. Ij. December 1711. fclf. 

CJe Ij^nUit ilatus 

A. D. 1698. IV. Evfry prior buyer or mortgageeof any lands, tenements, negroes, goods or chattels before 
N". i6i. this aft, which fhall not at fome time beforethe ifl day of June, 1699, rcgifter or record his title 
Mortgaeesnot and mortgage as alorcfaid, (if after that timeafecond lale, orconveyance, ormongagebe regifter- 
recorded before g^j ^j. recorded as aforefaid before the priori fhall be deemed, taken and held as a lecond buy- 
the ift lit lune, . r / ' j 

1600 How ^'' °'' "lottgagce. 

(leenied. V. If the regifter or his deputy, or the fecretary or his deputy fhall certify unc^er his hand, 

Penaltyonthe or their hands, that no fale, conveyance or mortgage of any particular parcels of laml or te- 

regifter orfecre- nements, or of any particular negro, goods or chattels by any particular perfon, is regiftered 

'■"T^" in their refpeftive oilice, when at the fame time there is fuch a regillry or record in their rc- 

fjpeftive office, fuch regifler or his deputy, or fecretary or his deputy fhall forfeit and pay to 

fuch pel fon who made enquiry, and isdamaged bv reafonol fuch falfe certificate by him made as 

aforefaid, all his damages and cofti of fuit, which he lliall lullain by reafon of any fccond 


JoJephBiih, (L.S) 

Stephen Bull, (L.S) 

OSlder 8. i6g&, Thomas Cary, (L.S) 

James Moore, \ L.S) 
William Hazvett. (L.S) 

' "^V"^^ ^n^ift * for tije more t^t^dXJuppreffm^ (yfBlafphemy 


aut) Prophanenefs. 


'HERE AS fome perfons have of late years openly avowed and publifhed man^r 

blafphemous and impious opinions, contrary to the doctrines and principles of the 

chriftian religion, greatly tending to the difhonourof Almighly God, and may prove deftruc- 

.luiaifled. live to the peace and welfare of this province : Wherefore, for the more effeftual fupprelling 

I'crroDs deny- ^f ,},g f^jj detcftable crimes. Be it Enacted That if any perfon or perfons, having been edu- 

iiig rhc UiviDi- ^3jej i],^ or j( any time having made profelfionof che ihriftian religion within this province, 

'' Ihall, by writing, printing, teaching, or advifed fpcaking, deny any one of the perfons of the 

Holy Trinity to be God, or !>.all affcrt or maintain there arc more Gods than one, or fhall 

deny the chriftian religion lobe true, or the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Tedament 

to be of divine authority, and Ihall, upon indiftment or information in any of the courts ot 

'rhci.- rcr.alty record within this part of the province, be thereof lawfully conviftcd, by the oath of two or 

for the (irlt of- more credible witnefTes, fuch perlon or perluus for tlie iirft ofFonce, iliall be adjudged inca- 

i:r.'.t pable and difablcd in law, to all intents and purpofcs whatfocver, to have or enjoy any office 

or offices, be member of the alfembly, or have or enjoy any employment or employments, 

ecclefiaftical, civil or military, or any part in them, or any profit or advantage appertaining 

to them, or any of them; and if any perfon or perfons fo convitled as aforefaid, fhall at the 

time of his or their convidlion, enjoy or poiiefs any office, place of trufl, or employment, 

fuch office, place of traflor eniployment fhall be void, ami is hereby declared void : And if 

fuch perfon or perfons fliall be a fccond lime lawfully convifted as aforefaid, of all or any of 

the aforefaid crimes, that then he or t'icy fliall from thencelorth be difablcd to luc, profecute, 

plead or ufe any aitionor information inany court of law or equity or to be guardian of any child, 

or executor or adminiftrator of any perfon, or capable of any legacy or deed of gilt, orbear 

any office, civil or military, or benefice ccdeliadical, or be capable of being member of alfem- 

bly for ever within this part of the province; and fhall alio lufl'er imprifoiimcnt for the fpacc 

of tliree years without bail or tnainprizc, from the time of fuch convirtion. 

No profcruti- jj Provided, 'J'hat no perfon ffiall he prolccuted by virtue of ihisatt for any words fpokcn, 

n?ation be eivcn unlcfs the information of luch words fhall be given upon oath before one or more juflice or 

in 4 d.iys after juftices of the peace wiiiiin 4 days alter l>ich words l))oken, and the profccution ol fuch offence be within 3 months after fuch information: Frnnded AUi, Tiiat any perlon or perfons 

For the firll of- foi^vitled of all or any of the aforefaid crime or crimes in manner aforclaid, fliall for the firft 

Unce .^ .cr re- _||'m^,. „,)y„ hji, her or their acknovlede mcnt and renunciation of Inch ofteiuc or erronc- 

■llluaatiOll tlie .' . 1 . l ,. 1 r 1 r r r\ 1 r 

perlon to be dii- f^"'' opinions, in llic lame court where luch perlon or perlons was or were t onvicted as alorc- 
:h.-Tged. faid, within tiie fpacc of 4 months after his, her or their convitlions, be difcharged from all 

•Sec 9 & 10. W. 3.*c. 31. From which this is copied. 

of §)OUtf)^Carolina> 

penalties and difabiljties incurred by fuch conviftions, anything in this aft contained to the A. D, 1703, 
contrary thereof in any wife notwithflanding. N°, 202. 

A'. Johnfcn, (L-S) 

Tko. Brcughton, (L.S) 

,/■ c lamts Moore, (L.S) 

Af^;.6.i703. Robtrt Gibbes, (L.S) 

Edmd. Bellinger, (L.S) 
Henry Noble. (L.S) 

%x 91ft asainft 3Baftartr^* 

N°. 213. 

WHEREAS great charges arifelh upon many places in this province by reafon of baf- 
tardy, befides the great difhonour to Alraighty God, and the evil encouragement of Preamble, 
lewd life; for remedy whereof, Beit EnaSed, That any time after the ratification of this aft, £.? 
if any woman in this province be with child of a baftard child: It fhall be lawful for any Jnesof a -uftice 
jullice of the peace, and he is hereby required to iifue out his warrant, direfted to any of the of peace againft 
conftables of this province, to convene fuch woman before him, and examine her upon oath a woman with 
who is the father of fuch ballard child; and iflhejuftice of the peace doth believe the childofabaftard. 
woman to be with child of a baftardchild, he fhall bind the woman by recognizance in the fum of 
£'.!?o with 2 fufficientfureties in^'.io each, that fhe fliall appear at the next general fefhons 
and for want of fuch fecurity fhall commit her to prifon, and at the next general feffions, if 
the woman be not then delivered, the Chief Judge of the general feffions may order the 
continuance or renewal of her recognizance, or in cafe no recognizance hath been given, 
that fhe fhall give fufficient fecurity, that fhe fhall appear at the next general feffions after 
txie child is born, for want of fuch fecurity to be remanded lo prifon; at which ieHions, or 
any other ieffions whatfoever, if the vyoman be prefented or indifted for having had a baltard ^-t cun'fli- 
child, and fliall be convifted thereof by confcffion or verdift of the jury, fuch woman fo mentfortheCrll 
offending, fortheift offence fhall be fined not exceeding£ and not lefs than £'.5 to be ofl'ence, 
paid within 20 days after judgment given, and in cafe of failure of payment fhall be publicly 
whipped on the bare back, in the ufual places in Charles-Town, not exceeding ji (Iripes, and 
for the 2d offence, upon conviilion thereof, fliall be fined not exceeding /'. 15 and not For tfie fecond, 
lefs than/". 10 to be paid in 20 days after judgment given, and in cafe of failure of payment h !>■ t 

ill all be publicly whipped as aforefaid. not exceeding 39 flripes, and for the 3d offence fhall ' 

be tied to the tail of a cart, and publicly whipped as aforefaid, through Charles- Town, 
through lb many ftreets as fhall be ordered by the Chief Judge of the general feffions, and . And for every 
the like punifhment fhall be for every time fhe ffiall again offend in the like kind. "™^ * ^"' 

IL Upon the examination of any woman before a jufticc of the peace, touching the father of -j-l^, proceed- 
her baftard child, as is before direfted by this aft, in cafe fhe doth accufe any perion upon ings of a jufticc 
oath to be the father thereof, the juftice of the peace ffiall iffue out his warrant, directed to againft a perfoii 
any of the conftables of this province to convene fuch perfon before him and ffiall bind him accufed to be the 
by recognizance in the penal fumof£'.2o with twofufficient lureties in £ .\o each, that he fliall Fx "/j* " 
appear at the next general feffions and in cafe he ffiall not give fuch fecurity, the juftice of the 
peace ffiall commit him to prifon, and upon his appearance at the general feffions, if the woman 
be not deliveied. the Chief Judge of the feffions may order the continuance or renewal of his 
recognizance, or in cafe no recognizance hath been given, that he ffiall give fecurity to appear 
at the next general feffions after the child is born, and for want of fuch fecurity, to be com- 
mitted or remanded to prifon till fuch fecurity be given for his appearance as above direfted, 

IlL He that is accufed by any woman to be the father of a baftard child begotten of her "What perfta 
bodv, ffie continuing conftant in fuch accufation bein? examined upon oath and put upon '° , adjudged 

1 J ■ r r 1 1 • 1 r 1 ■ i n . i i i • i "^ i i 1 , ' ,. to be the tatller, 

the difcovery or the truth in the time of her travail, ffiall be adjudged the reputed father of andliis fine. 
fuch child, notwithftanding his denial, unlcfs the pleas and proofs made and produced on 
the behalf of the man accufed, and other circumftances be fuch as the Chief Judge of ihe Ge- 
neral feffions ffiall fee reafon to judge him innocent, and acquit him thereof, but if the laid 
Chief fudge of the general feffiions fliall adjudge him to be the reputed father of the baftard 
child, then the faid judge fliall fet a fine upon him not exceeding £ .10 and not lefsthan £ .-^ to 
be paid widiin 20 days after judgment given, and in cafe of failure of payment, ffiall be 
publicly whipped as aforefaid, not exceeding 31 ftripes. 

IV. If 

Hijt IMWt ilalDfi 

A. D. 1703. IV. If any woman being with child of a baftard child, fhall rcfnfe to difcovcr to the juf- 
N". 213. tice of the peace who fliall examine her upon oath, who is the father ot her child, then ilie 
I'enalty upon fajd jufticc of the peace fliall commit fuch woman to prifon, there to continue without bail 
a won-.aii r«ful- jju jj.g {hall difcovcr to the juftice of the peace, who is the father o> the child, and upon 
ing le cove- f^^y^ difcovery and not before, (hail be difcharged out of prifon upon giving fecurity to ap- 
pear at the next general leffions as before direfled by this aft, and in tale (he (hall continue 
obftinatc. and notdilcovcr the lather before the general lefTion^. flic iliAl then be publicly 
examined bv the judge of the lefiions touching the father of her baftard child, and in caleof 
her then refufil to difcover the father, (he fhall be iincd /". 40 and be continued in prilon till 
payment thereof; and in cafe (he fliall continue^in prifon for the non-pavment of the fine 
impofed upon her for not difcovcring the father of her baftard child, till rhe next general 
fefiions after her being delivered of her child then the judge of tlie fcfRons fhall order her 
to be fold as a fcrvant to any pcrfon that will pay the laid tine lor hor, lor any term rot exceed- 
ing 4 years, and tlie provoft marflial is hereby impowered to fell her purliiant to fuch order 
of court, and fhall pay the monies received for her to the public receiver of this province, 
to be difpofed of as hereafter direfted by this att. 
Or not difco- V. Any woman being examined by any juflice of the peace touching the difcovery of the 
vfringtillthefa- father of her baftard child, in cafe flie fliall then relufe to tell who is the father thereof, if af- 
ther 1.-, epne otf (pr^^.a^ds flie fhall difcover the father, in cafe the perfon flie accuielh to he the father of her 
vince child fhall be then gone out of this pro\'^rce, and flial! not return again at or before the next 

general feffions aft r the woman isdelivered of her baffard child, then the woman (hall be 
fined fo much as flie fhould have been in cafe (he had not at all difcovcred the father, "and 
for non-payment be proceeded againft as before direfted. 
Or charging VI. If any woman fhall accufe a perfon of being the fa'hcr of her baftard cliild, and in 
any one falfly. faff j,g denieth the fame, if the pleas and proofs made and produced on the behalf of l)ie man 
accufed, and other circumflanccs be fuch as the Chief [ud;,'e of ihe general leffions fliall fee 
reafon to judge him innocent, then it fliall be lawful for ilic faid judge of the leffions, as a 
punifhment of the woman for fucli her falfe accufatioii, to fine the woman any turn not ex- 
ceeding £. 20 or to order her to be publicly whipped, at the difcrction of the laid judge. 
The reputed VII. Upon any woman being conviftcd of having a baftard child, befides llic fines im- 
father to main- pofed upon the mother and reputed father of fuch baftard child, in cafe the laid baftard child 
tain the child to be living, it fliall be lawful for the judge of the feffions to order the reputed father, if difco- 
fhe age of ten vered, to pay weekly to the commiffioiiers of the poor, or the church wardens of Charles- 
jc^R, to e opt -pQ^vn^ fo much as he (hall think lufiicieut for the maintenance of the faid baftard child, until 
the moiher. ^^^ ^^^^ baftard child (hall attain unto the age of 10 years, and fhall further order that the laid 

baftard child fhall be nurfed and kept by the mother until the faid baftard child fliall attain to 
the age aforelaid, and that the mother and reputed father fhall jointly and Icverallv diltharge 
the faid parifli of and from all charges whatfbcver, lor, touching or concerning the keeping 
or relieving the fame, excepting the mother or reputed father of fuch baftard child fhall give 
fufficienl fecurity before the judge of the feffions, to ind«mnify the parifh or province from 
any charges whatfoever, for, touching or concerning the keeping the fame baftard child; 
and in cafe the order fo made by the judge of the feffions as above direfted, (hall not be ob- 
Icrved and performed, upon breach thereof cither by the mother or reputed father of fuch 
baftard child, and complaint thereof made either to the faid judge or to any 2 juftices of the 
peace, it fliall be lawful for the faid judge or any 2 juftices of the peace to commit the offend- 
ing perfon or perfons to prifon, there to abide till he or (he (hall give fecurity to obey the 
faid order. 
Conviflion of VIII. If any woman (hall be conviftcd at the general feffions of having a baftard child, a 
a woman the tif- certificate of the record of fuch convi6lion of the moiher, (hall be fufficicnt teftimony of 
t^dchili'^^'' fu'-Ji'ti'lJ bcinga baftard, and fuch child fliall be liable to all thofe difabilitics that by the 
law of England baftards are liable to. 
Settlement IX. II any perfon that is an inhabitant of this province, or that hath .nny eftatc in this 

madcuponabal- province, (hall have already begotten or hereafter (hall beget any baftaid child, the faid per- 
tatd child to tl.L- Ion having lawful iffue ol his own, cither chiUI, chihlrcn or grand-children living, and (nail 
JTV^*! ^h' fettle or convey either in Iruft or by deed of gift. 01 by legacy, <ir dcvife, or by any other way 
^,jj_ or means whatfoever, for the ufe and benefit ol that baflard thild, the whole or any part ol 

his cftale real or perfonal, to the difinhcriting his lawful illue, all fuch 1 onvcyances, legacies 
Xrovifc. and dcvifes made or lobe made, are hereby declared to be null and void in law. Provided 

fuch fettleincnt, gill, legacy or dc\'ife made to luch baftard child do not exceed one tenth 


of §)OUt{)^CaroIitta, 

part of the real and perfonal cftate of the perfon that makes fuch fettlemcnt, gift, legacy or 
devife; and further provided, That fuch tenth part do not exceed the valae of / . lOO current 
money of South-Carolina, which if it doth, then to be void ior all but/". lOO* 

X. The fines arifing by this aft {hall be paid to the public receiver, to and for the fup- 
port of the government of this province, and the contingent charges thereof. 

XI. In cafe any woman hath had a baftard child bv any perfon in this province, in cafe 
Ihe fhall at any time after the ratification of this att, cohabit with the perlon by whom (he 
hath had fuch baftard child, for every month Ihe (hall fo cohabit with fuch perfon, excepting 
they are married, fhe fliall forfeit the fum oi £ . 5 to be recovered by atlion of debt, luit, bill, 
plaint or information in any court of record in this province, wherein no elToign, protettion, 
priviledge, injunftion, wager of law, or (lay of profecution by Nonvult ulttrius prnfequi, or 
otherwiie, (hall be admitted or allowed. 

XII. If any free-man of this province, fhall at any time hereafter beget a woman-fervant 
with child, he fhall over and above the forfeitures, pains and penalties by this aft provided 
and appointed, forfeit and pay unto the mafter or millrefs of fuch fervant, the full lum of 
£. 5 current money of this province, to be recovered bv aftion of debt in any court of record 
m this province; and in cafe of failure therein, fliall ferve the mafter or miftrefs of fuch 
fervant doable the time that flie had to ferve at the time of the oflence committed, or (hall 
procure one in his or their (lead that fhall be obliged fo to do : Provided the laid double time 
cloth not exceed one year. And in cafe one fervant fhall beget another with child, then the 
man-fervant fhall after the expiration of his term, ferve the mafter or miftrefs of the woman- 
fervant double the time fhe had to ierve at the time of the offence committed : Provided alfo, 
that the double time do not exceed one vear. 

A^ Johnjon, (L.S) 

Tho. Broughton, (L.S) 

n .-ff J o !_. 1 ■ James Moore, (L-S) 

Ratified Scptcmkr 1 7. 1 703. -^^^^^^ ^^.^^^^^ |l.S) 

Nicholas Trott, (L.S) 
Henry Nobk. (L.S) 

A.D. 1703. 
N°. 213. 

Fines to he 
paid to ttie pub- 
lic receiver; 

Forfeiture of a 
woman cohabit- 
ing with the 
lame perfon by 
whom fhe had a 
baftard child. 

Forfeiture of a 
freeman that 
fhall beget a wo- 
man fervant 
with child. 

9ln 9lft for making Mariners anti Sailors more ufeful n^ 
in %imz of Alarms, antr for punifijtng of Vidual- 
lers for Cntertamins of ^erfons in Ctme of ^? 


WHEREAS in time of alarms there is no poft nor place of rendezvous appointed for 
all fuch mariners and failors, which belong to the veffels which may be at that time in 
the port of Charles-Town, or in Cooper or Afhley River, for want whereof, and of a due 
regulation therein, the faid men are not fo ufeful as they may be made, if there was good or- 
ders and direftions given them ; for remedy whereof, Be it EnaSled, That from and alter the 
ratification of this aft, all mafters or commanders of any fliip or veffel which fhall come and 
arrive in the port of Charles-Town, fhall at the fame time when he enters his veiTel with the 
comptroller, give him a fair lift or account of the number of men he hath brought with him, 
with their names and qualifications, diftinguifhing in the faid account or lift, which are fai- 
lors and which are palTengers, the which lift the faid comptroller is hereby ordered to file and 
keep, or the fame fairly to enter in a book) to be reprefented to the governour at all times 
when his honour (hall want the fame. 

II. As foon as the alarm guns are fired, and the drum beats, all mafters or commanders of 
veffels which fhall then be in this port or any where near the fame, in Afhley or Cooper ri- 
ver (hall with their men (excepting one hand which they may leave on board to look after 
their veffel) come on (horc and repair on the main-guard with their arms, there to receive 


* See 2d cl. of A. A. of 9 April 1 734 which appearing to the leglflature to counteraifl this claufc, they pafTcd 
»naft on the Jth. April 1759 to remedy the fame; which laft ad was however afterwards repealed. 



'I hat all maf- 
ters of veffels 
fhall give a fair 
lift of the men 
brought with 

The mafter & 
men to rtpair 
to the main- 
guard upon an 


Cijc IBxiUit iLalDfi, 

And otey the 

A. D. 1703. the right honourable the governor's or commander in chief's order; and if any one of the 
N". 223. maftcrs or commanders fhall negleft fo to do, he fhall forfeit £.g to the ufe of the poor of 
this provinc.-. And whereas the lailors may not be on board at the time of alarms, thev are 
hereby enjoined and commanded, under the penaky of 50s. to i>e difpoled to the ufe of the 
poor as above, wherever they are, as ft)on as ever thev hear the guns fired and drum beat, to 
repair to the main-guard to their refpcftive commander: and if anv failor fhall forfeit and be 
flnril forany default by this aft, if he hath no money to pay it, l"hall fuflcr fuch corporal pu- 
nifhment as the commander in chief fhall adjudge, (life and limb excepted.) 

III. All mafter:"., commandcrsof vedels. mariners or failors fhall punttually obe\' fuch or- 
ders and commands as fhall be given to them by the commander in chief, and fhall keep the 
pofl wherein they fliall be placed, be the lame on fliore or on board, and if any mafter, ma- 
riner or failors fhall negleft or rcfufc to obey the orders given unto them, and cvcrv of them 
as above, he or thev fo offending, fliall forfeit for each and every default, if a mailer, /^. 5 if 
a failor, 50s. and on his orlhcir infufhciency, luch corporal punifhment (life and limb excep- 
ted) as aforefaid. for the ufe above-mentioned, to be recovered in luch manner and form by 
the commilhoners of the poor, as fines and forfeitures in the like cafe in the a6t. cntituled, 
faj An aft for the better fettling and rcgularir^ the militia, and appointing look-outs, is or- 
dained and appointed. 

IV. Whereas in the aft fbj for the better fettling and regulating the militia and appointing 
look-outs, among other things therein cnafted, it is provided no tavern or punch-houfe keeper 
fhall fell to any perfon any ftrong drink in time of alarms, from and alter the beat of the taptow 
until the b:at of the r;vcllie, under the penalty of 20s. and forafmuch as the laid penalty is 
not lufficicnt to d-tcr the laid houfe-kecpers from felling the laid liquors at the limes, afore- 
faid, Br it ihfreforc Enatled that if anv tavern or public houfc-keeper fliall in time of alarms, 
entertain any perfon in their houfes, or give them drink from and after the beat of the tjptow 

Irink to be fold bclore and until the beat of the revellie, or whilft othcrwilc the laid perfon ought to be upon 
upon penalty. his main-guard or other duty, fliall over and above the penalty of the afore recited aft, fuffer 
fuch imprilonmcnt on the main-guard as the general lliall think fit, and fhall not from thence 
be difcharged till he hath paid his fine appointed in the faid afcl, any thing in the faid aft con- 
tained to the contraiy nothwithftanding. 

N. John/on, (L.S) 

Tkn.^Broughlon, (L.S) 
Nichala.i Trotf, (L.S) 
Jofeph Morton. (L.S) 
'Robert Gibbes, (L.S) 
Henry NubU. (L.S) 

In time of 
alarms no ftrong 

December 2^, 1703. 

%?;[lf ^tt M ISlelating unto tljt (Bffitt anti But|> of a 
Coroner, auti fot fettUiis auti afcertaiuincj: tfje ^ees 
of t!)f fame. 

I'reamble. TXTHEREAS the office of a coroner is an office of great antiquity, tni ft and authority, 
V V and upon the faithful dilcharge thereol the prefervalion of the peace of this province 
doth ill a great mcafure depend; to the intent therefore that the fevcral coroners ot this pro- 
vince may be fully dircftcd in the due adminiftration of their offices, and he encouraged in 
EnaiSlcd. the faithful and tliligcnt execution of the fame, Be it EnaCied that every coroner within the 

1 hat every county for which he is appointed, ftiall be and hereby is impowcrcd to take inquefts of fclo- 
powtrcd to take "''^^ and other violent and cafual deaths commitl. <1 or happening within his prccinfts, and 
jnqutfls of felo- before he undertake the execution of his faid office, fhall take the following oath for his due 
rlc5 and other and faithful performance thereof, before the governor, deputy povcinor. « liicf juftirc, (or 
T'"["^"' V"^ '^"" *nny two or more of I he lords depiilies,) or fuch other perfon or jicrlons as ftiall be thereto ap- 
'■ pointed by the governor, that is to fay. 

(a) Expired. 
(i) Itxplrcd. 
• 'I'licle words obfoletr. 

of g>out1)^Cai'0lina» 

The form 
tlie warraut. 

'V'' OU fwear that well and truly you (hall fervethe flafe of South-Carolina in the office of a A. D. 1 706. 

X coroner, and as one of the coroner's for county, and therein you fhall truly and N". 255. 

diligently do and accomplifh all and every thing and things appertaining to your office, after Coroner'soatb/ 
the bed of your cunning, wit and power, for the profit and good of the inhabitants within 
the faid coantyj taking fuch fees as you ought to tjke by law. and not otherwife. So help 
you God. 

II. When and fo foon as any coroner fhall be certified of the dead body of any pe^fon 

fuppofed to have come to a violent and untimely death, found or lying within his county or ■* J'^H' »' i4 
precinft, hefliall make out his warrant diretted unto all or any of the conftables of the fame ^lons'd 
county where fuch dead bodies lies, requiring them foi'thwith to fummons a jury of 14 good 
and lawful men of the fame county, to appear before him at the time and place in the faid 
warrant exprcfi'd which warrant Ihall be made in this form, viz. 

To any of the Conftables of County, Greeting. 

THESE are to require you immediately upon the receipt and fight hereof, to fummons 
and warn 14 good and lawful men of the faid county to be and appear before me 

the coroner of the faid countv, at within the faid county, betwixt the hours of — 

and — of the clock in the day of then and there to enquire upon the view of a 

body of a ceitain -perlon there lying dead, how and in what manner he came to his death : 
Fail not herein as you will anlwer the contraiy at your peril, given under my hand and feal 

at the day of in the year of our Lord by me coroner for — 


III. And every conftable unto whom any fuch warrant (hall come, fhall forthwith execute .r-i n 

r 1 • 11 1 ■ 1 ■ -111 r 1 "lie conlta- 

the fame, and repair unto the place at the tune therein mentioned, and make return of the i,le to exccutt 

warrant, with his doings therein, unto the coroner that granted the fame ; And every con- the J'anie, and 
ftable failing of performing his duty by fuch warrant required of him, or returning the fame Kiake return on 
asaforefaid, fhall forfeit the fum of 40s. alfo every perfon fummoned and warned to be a juror P^n^lty of 40s. 
failing to appear accordingly, fhall alio forfeit the fum of 40s. without reafonable excufc for The jurors 
the fame, to be made unto and allowed of by the coroner and tho nextjufticeof the peace; fummon'd, and 
and the coroner fhall fwear 12 or more of the jurors that appear, and give the fore-man (to nicking default 
be by him anpointed) his oath upon view of the body, in this form, that is to fay. You ^ "f =■* 409. 
/ ■ I r 1 1 1 ir r 1 n r ^ i ^ i- i i ^ '^^ coroner 

fhall enquire and true prelentment make on behalf of the itate of vSouth-Carohna how and ftall fwear 12 or 
in what manner A. B. here lying dead came to his death, and you fhall deliver up to me a more of the ju- 
trueverdift thereof, according to fuch evidence as fhall be given you, and according to your rors that appear.^ 
knowledge: So help you God. And then fhall fwear the reft of the jurors by three or four at 1,'' i, "^ °' 
once in this form, viz. All fuch oath as I. M. the fore-man of this inqueft for his part hath 
taken, you and evei-y one of you fhall well and truly obferve and keep on your parts. So 
help you God. 

IV. The jury being fworn the coroner fhall give them a charge upon their oath to declare 

of the death of the perfon, whether he died of felony or bymifchance and accident, and if ^^he. or n ' 
of felony, whether of his own or another, and if by mifchance and misfortune, whether by charge to the ju- 
the aft of God or of man, and if he died of another's felony, who are principals and who ry. 
accelfaries, who threatened him of his life or members, with what inftrument he was ftruck 
or wounded, and fo of all jirevailing circumftances that can come by prefumption : And if 
by mifchance or accident, by the aft of God or man, whether by hurt, fall, ftroke, drowning 
or otherwife, to enquire of the perfons that were prefent, the finders of the body, his rela- 
tions or neighbours, whether he was killed in the fame place or elfewhere, and if elfewhere, 
by whom and how he was then brought, and of all other circumftances : And if he died of his 
ownfelony, then toenquire of the manner, means and inftrument, andcircumftances concurring. 

V. And the jury being charged, they muft ftand togetlier and let proclamation be made, n,auT'^"j"''" 
for any that can give evidence to draw near and they fhall be heard. ;^p evidence '" 

VI. And every coroner is hereby further impowered to fend out his warrant for witneflcs, Andwitnelfcs 
commanding them to come to be examined before them, and to declare their kno\\ledffe con- fummoned. 
cerningthe matter in queftion, and every perfon fummoned or warned to be a witnefs fail- whofailingto 
ing to appear accordingly fhall forfeit the fum of 40s. without a reafonable cxcufe for the fame fe^i^Tos'^''" '^°'^' 
be made unto and allowed of by the coroner and nextjufticeof the peace, and if the evi- The evidence 
dencc be not ready, the coroner may adjourn until another day and place to receive their evi- not 1 eing ready 
dence, binding the jury by a recognizance in £"5. a piece for their appearance, and to fuch the coroner may 

■ rr 1 ., «,.,..„ , . . . _ . - -"•"'irn to ano- 

time and 

fuch place. 

A. D. 1 706. Inch cviticncc as you fliaU give to this inqueft concerning the deaih of A. B. hcvc tying dead^ 

N°' 255. {hall be the truth, the whole truili, and notliing but the truth, So help you God: The cx.imi- 

nation of luch witncircs to be taken in writing under their hands, and if they relate to the 

trial of any perfon concerned in the death of the party found dead, then (hall the coroner 

■' he jur>- (hall bind over luch witnclTes by recognizance in a reafonable fum not lefs than £'. 20 a piece, per- 

d^aTTn' wHtine fo""*'!)' 'o appear at the next court of general fcflions 10 be hoiden for this Province, then and 

indented under there to teflify their knowledge concerning the death of the laid A. B. And the jury having 

their hands and viewed the body, heard the evidence, and made wliat enquiry they can into the manner and 

feals. caufcsof the death of the pc.fon, they fhall draw up and deliver unto the coroner their ver- 

dift thereupon, in writing under their hands and fcals in manner following, which (hall pafs 

by indenture, interchangeably between the coroner and the jury, that is to fay. 

A N inquifttion indented taken at in the faid county the day of in' 

The form of ^X. the year of our Lord before Gent. thecoronerof county aforefaid, 

the inquifition. upon view of the body of A. B. of aforcfaid, then and there being dead, by th« 

oaths of I. W. R. W. II. P. &c. [liie names of the jurorsj good and lawful men of 

aforefaid who being charged and fworn to enquire for the laid State when and by what 

means and how the faid A. B. came to his death, upon their oaths do fay, &c. then in- 

fert how, where, at what time, by what means, with what inftrument, and in what manner 
the party was killed or came to his death. 
If the perfon And if it fltall appear the perfon to have been killed and murdered by another that is 
is murdered by known, tlie inqullition mult be concluded after this manner, viz. 

another that s j^^^ ^^ j]^g jurors aforcfaid upon their oaths aforefaid, fay, that the aforefaid R. S. in man- 
ner and form aforefaid, the aforefaid A. B. then and there felonioufly did kill and murder, 
againft the peace of this State. 
If fcLf murder If it appear to be felf-murder, the inquifition muft conclude after this manner, viz. 

And lo the jurors aforcfaid fay upon their oaths, that the faid A. B. in manner and form 
aforehiid, then and there voluntarily and felonioufly as a felon, of himfclf did kill and mur- 
der himlelf, againlt the peace of this State. 
iT b ir'sfor- ^^ '' •'PP'^'"' ''^^ perfon to be llain by misfortune, the inquifition muft conclude after this 
tune. manner, viz. 

And fo the jurors aforcfaid fay upon their oaths, that the aforefaid, A. B. in manner and 
form aforcfaid, was killed or came to his death by misfortune. 
.(., , , , If by the hands or means of any other pcrfons, tjius, viz. 
rf another per- The aforcfaid R. I", the aforcfaid A. B. by misfortune and contrary to his will, in manner 
fon. and form aforefaid, did kill and flay. In witnefs wiiereof as well I the coroner aforcfaid, as 

the jurors aforefaid, to the inquifition have interchangeably put our hands and lealstheday 
and year abovelaid. 
The coroner VII. And the coroner fhall make return of all fuch inquifition taken before him, into the 
to make returns next court of general fcflions to be hoiden for this Province, and upon any vcrdi6f found of 
• f fuch inquifiti- the death of a perfon by the felony or misfortune of another, fhall fpecdily inform one or 
ons to the next f^f,,-,. of the next jufticesof the peace of the county, to tiic intent that fuch perfon killing or 
-^nd"ucon V -rdldl being any wavs inllrumcntal to the death of any other, may be apprehended, examined and 
found of the fecured in Older to a trial. 

death of a per- Vlll. And for the better encoumgcmcnt of coroners to be faithful and diligent inlheex- 
fon by felony of eculion of their fevcral offices, the coroners fhall have and receive for the execution of tlicii 
another, fliall In- „n:-„ . 
f • n- otiicc; 

lorm a lur.icc, .,- ■ , • •, r 1 , r 1 /- 

that the perfon If Within lomilcsot the coroner srefidciicc, £ .2 
accufcd may be If within 15 miles, £.2 10s. 
apprehended. If within 20 miles, / .3 

Coroner- Jtci. I( within 30 miles. £.'3 10s. 
If more than 30 miles, £.,\ 
And no other fcc& or demands whatfocver ; which allowance [lull be paid out of the public 
How the <^°- .- . r .„ 
cafe any perfon I .X. Incafeany pcrfon fliall burv, or caufc tobc buried, any pcrfon fuppoled to cometoa vio- 
fuppofedtocome lent and untimely dealli, before timely I'oticc is given lo iIk- coroner to view tltc body, and 
toa violent deal h to make enquiry into the in.mncr anci caiifes of tlie death of the parly as is before dircilcd by 
IS buried with- tliis a£t, fuch pcrfon fo ollcndiug fhall forfeit the fum ol £.5 and llic coroner is liereby im- 
him"to view the powered to orilcr fuch body fo buried to be taken up, murder to his making an enquiry 
body. j'lto 

of g>J3ut|)=CaroUna» 

1 1 

into the manner and the caufes of the death of the perfon fo buried, and in cafe the body A. D. 1 706. 
hath beenfo long deceafed and endamaged by ill keeping, or lain ib long buried tliat it can- W^. 25^, 
not be known how it came by his death, the coroner fhall then make a record of the fame, 
together with the names of the perfons that buried and caufed to be buried the dead body, 
and fhall return the fame into the next court of general feffions to be holden for this Pi evince, 
that fo the perfons offending in burying the dead body without firft fending for the coroner to 
view the fame, may be fined at the faid court over and above the forfeitures of the _£ .5 as 
above mentioned. 

X. If any perfon in this Province fhnll be bit with a rattle-fnake, and fhall die fuddenly and A perfon dy- 
immedjately of fuch bite, fuch death fhall be deemed a violent and\intimely death, and the ing by the bite 
coroner fhall have a view of fuch bodv. and make enquiry thereon as of any other body that °} * R-itilifnakr, 

... ,-11-^ ^ the coroner illall 

came to any other violent or calual death. view the Body. 

XI. Every coroner of this Province, forthat county for which he is appointed, fhall be and 

is hereby impowcrcd to ferve and execute all writs and proceffes direfted unto him againft ^"'-' coroner 
the marfhal of this Province, in that county wherein the marffial dwelleth, and alfo in all ^vrits aeaind the 
caufes wherein the marfhal is plaintiff, in that county where the plaintiff dwelleth, againfl marlhal, and a- 
whom fuch writs or other procefs is direfted, and the coroner (hall have the like fees for gainfl; others 
fervine of writs or other procefs in civil cafes, as is allowed by the laws of this Province ^^here the mar- 
unto the marfhal. fl>al .3 plaintiff. 

XII. All the fines and forfeitures mentioned in this aft not exceeding the fum of 40s. fhall The lines and 
be recovered, profecuted, adjudged, levied and diftrained by warrant from any one juflice of forftituresinthis 
the peace of this Province, as in the aft for the trial of fmall and mean caufes, is diretled, ^^' ""'" '° ''^ 
and the fame being fo recovered, flrall be paid to the Lords receiver-general, and all the fines 

and forfeitures mentioned in this aft exceeding the fum of 40s. (hall be fued for and recovered 
by the refpeftive coroner of the county, or any other perfon by adlion of debt, fuit, bill, 
plaint or information in any court of record in this Province, wherein no effoign, proteftion, 
privilege, injunftion or wager of law, or flay of profecution fhall be admitted and allowed, 
one half to the informer, and the other to be paid to the Lords proprietors receiver general. 

XIII. If any aftion, plaint, fuit or information flrall be commenced or profecuted againfl 

any perfon or perfons for what they (hall do in purfuance or execution of this aft, fuch per- Perfoni! fted 
fon or perfons fo fued, may plead the general iftue of not guiltv, and upon ilTue joined may f"^y plead the 
give this aft and the fpecial matter in evidence, and if the plaintiff or profecutor fliall become t"^g="'^"l '"ue> 
nonfuit, or fuffer difcontinuance, or if a verditt pafs againft him, the defendant fliall recover treble, cofit. 
their treble cofb, for which they Ihall have the like remedy as in any cafe where cofls by law 
are given to the defendants. 

N. Johnfon, (L.S) 

Robert Gibbcs, (L.S) 

James Moore, (L-S) 

April g,ijo6. Nicholas Trott, (L.S) 

i^f«ry Noble. (L.S) 

Benj. Barons. (L.S) 

A. D. 170G, 
N°.. 258.. 

^n ^a for tf)e cftat)lif|)ittent of Eeltgious ^Mor- 
f|)ipinti)ts J^robtnce, accortJingto tje Cf)urci) of 
€nglantj ; aiiU fov tije ercfting of Cijurcjes fot 
ti)e puijltc IHorfj^tp of (^otj; anti alfofor tijtmmu 
tenaitce of iHinifters. anti ttjt tjuiltiins conbeni-- 
Ettt floufes for tijtm. 

I. Obfolete. 

II. Whereas it is neceflary, and for the better accommodation and conveniency of the in- „,„.._ 
habitants of this Province, that the fame be divided into the paiifhes, and> the bounds of the divid'-d imrtta- 

feveral pariftcs.. 


%f)t H^xMit ila\ys 

A, D. 1706. feveral pariflies afccitained. Beit thcrtjore Ena3id\hi\. CViarlcs-Toun, and ilic neck between 

N°. »',8. Cooj)crancl Aflilcy River, as far up the nack as the plantation of John liird Cicnt. on Cooper 

Charles-Tovvn River inclulive, and the plantation of Chilftophcr Smith £iq; on Aflilcy River iiiclulive, 

Nlc^T .iiilina '^ """^ '^^" '*"^ ^'"'" ^^ * <l'ft'ni^ parifli of it fclf, and be called by the name of the pariih of 

parith. ' ^'- Pbilip's in Charles-Town. 

Called St. Phi- III. And Berkly county fliall be divided into fix inore pariflies befidcs Charles-Town, that is 

li;)"> Lliarkf- to fay, One upon the Soulh-Eafl of Wandoe River, which fliall he called Iiy the name of 

'°p"V. ^ thepanfh of Chrifl-Church; one upon that neck of land lying on the North- Weft of V\an- 

(livWcd'imo^ix '^'"""' "^ Soiith-Kall of Cooper River, which fnall be culled by the name of St. Thomas; One 

niorr pariihcs. upon the weft, ni branch of Cooper River, which fliall be called by the name of St. John's; 

iC:>: ill Church, one upon Goolc-Creek, which fliall be called by the name of St. James Goofe-Crcek; one 

1 Sr. 'Ihomas. upon Afliley River, which fliall be calle<l by the name of St. Andrew's; and one in the 

3 St. John 6. Orange quarter, for the ule of the French fettlemcnt there, which fliall be called by the name 

4i>t. James. r .1 ■" n ■■ i i^ ■ ' 

5 St. Andrew's. °^ the parifli ot St. Dennis. 

6 St. Dennis, the IV. And Colleton county fliall be divided into two pariflies, that is to fay one on the South 
French fettle- fide of Stono River, to extend to the North lide of South Kdiilu, which fliall be called by 

"'■■'If- thenatneof St. Paul's; and the other on the North of St. Helen's, which fliall be called by 

Collctcni-ouiity .t r e. n .u 1 

divided into two '^'-:"*'"<="f St. Bartholomew. .. ,. 

pjriflics. ^ • And one parifli fliall he erected in Craven county, in that part of it which is commonly 

L.'-t. Paul's. known by the name of llie French fettlemcnt on Santce river, and the church which is now 
i. St. Bariholo- huilt in James 1 own in ihefaid fettlemcnt, or any new church hereafter to be built or erctted in 
^*.^' '■ the laid place inllcad thereof, is hereby made, enafted and declared to be the pariih church 

one Purifti. "'^ '^'" James on Santce river, and fliall be and continue fo for ever, in all things as the other 

Called Jit. pariflies eretled in this Province are or ought to be : 
James's on San- XXVI. And to prevent all illegal and unlawfii! marriages, not allowed by the church of 
tee river. England, but forbidden by the tabic of marriage: Be it Liiadedthal noMiniilcrin ihi.-i Pro- 

No Minmer to • ° , ■ .1 1 n II r • ■ . .u ■ I L .r 

marrv contrary ^'"'-'•'> knowing the lame, ihall prclume to join together in mairiagc, any jiorlons whallo- 
to the tabic of ever, contrary to the table of marriages, by this aft appointed to be fet up in every parifli 
marriagej. church within this Province, under the penalty of £". 100 nor fliall any pei Ion forbidden to 

many by fuch table of marriage, prefume to be joined in marriage, under the penalty of ^'. 50 

or 12 months imprisonment. 

., , XXVII. And no jullice or magifl.rate, being a layman, fliall nrcfumc to join any perfons 

No layman to . . •'. , °r .- ^ . ' r .u- u • . u j 

' in marriage, under the penalty oi £. 100 current money 01 this Irovincc, to be recovered 

and dilpolcd ot, as hereafter in this aft is dirctted. 
Tahle of Mar- XXXIV. The refpcftive veftries of each parifh, with all convenient fpecd, and witjiin 11 
riages to be pro- months at moll, alter the ratification of this aft, Ihall procure a fair table of marriages, tranf- 
rided andfct up. cribed, and let i.p in their refpcftive churches, and the fame keep continually in the laid 
church, tliat pcrlons being ihcrebv informed what mairiagcs are forbidden, may avoid the 
contracting of any fuch unlawful marriages. 
_, - , XLI. All the fines and forfeitures mentioned in this aft, that do not exceed the fum of 

furfelturtsiiithis 40S. fliall be recovered, prolecuted adjudged, levied and diftrained by any one julfice of the 
att how to be re- peace in this Province, as in the a6t for the trial of Imall and mean caules is direftcd; and 
xovcrcd. thj fame being lb recovered, fliall be paid to the church-wardens of that parifh where the per- 

fon inhabits, againfl whom the forfeiture is recovered, U) be dilpolcd ol toward the defray- 
ing the jiublic charges of the laid parifli. And all the fiius and forfeitures mentioned in 
.this aft, exceeding the fum of 403. the half of fuch lines and forfeitures fliall be paid into 
the hands of the church-wardcn.s of the parifli where the peifon inhabits againfl whom the 
forfeiture is recovered, to be dilpoled of towards the defray ing the jiublic charges of the 
laid parifli, as the commilHoners above named, or the major part of them, that fliall meet 
upon public lummons, fliall order and direft; and the other hall to him or thcra that will 
fue for the fame, by ailion of debt, fuit, bill, plaint or information, in any court of record in 
this Province, wherein no elfoign, proteftion, privilege, injunftion, or wager ol law, or flay 
of priifecuticm by von vult idurius proffqui, or otherwilc, fliall be admitted or allowed. 
Perfons may Xl.II. Ifanyattion plaint, fuit or infomidiiou fliall be commenced or piolccutrd againfl 

plead the gene- any perlon or pel Ions, for what he or ihcv Ih.ill do in purfuance or extcution of this aft, 
ral iflue ""*"■ fuch perlon or pcrlons lo fued, may plead the general iffuc of not guilty, and upon ilfiic 
eoft" '"^ ' joined, give this aft and the fpccial malterin evidence; and if the plainlifl or prolecutor fliall 
become nouluit, or fuller difcontinuancc, orifaverdift pals againfl him, the delendanl or 


of g>outi)=Cavoltna. 

oefendantsfhall recover his or their treble cofts, for which they fliall have the like remedy A. D. 1706. 
as ia any cafe where cofts by law are given to the defendants, * N". 258. 

Novemb. 30, 1 706. 

^tt atitiittonal M to an 9ift entitleb, t an 9[n for rtje 
Cftaljlifljment of religious Mlorfl^ip in tj^is Jiro- 
\)ince, accortiing to t|)e Ci)uit]^ of CnglantJ, anti for 
^refting of Cf)urc!)cs for tfje putjlic ^Horfljip of 
<§oti, antj alfo for t{)e iHaintenance of ;0linifter0 
anti tj)e 33uiltJins conbentent ©oufes for X\^tm. 

WHEREAS by an aft of aflembly of t'his Province duly ratified in open affembly the 
the 30 day of November in the year of our Lord 1 706, entitled, an aft for the e(la- 
blilhinent of religious worfhip in this Province, &c. among other things it was enafted, that 
Berkley county {hall be divided into fix more pariflics, befidcs Charles-Town; that is to fay, 
one upon the South-Eaft of Wando river, which fliall be called by the name of Chrift church ; 
one upon the neck of land lying on the North-Weft of Wando, and South-Eaft of Cooper 
river, which fhall be called by the name of St. Thomas; one upon the Weftern branch of 
Cooper river, which {hall be called by the name of St. John's; one upon Goofe creek, which 
{hall be called by the name of St. James goofe-creek ; one upon Aflilcy river, which fhall 
be called by the name of St. Andrews; and one in the Orange quarter, for theufeof the 
French fettlement there, which {hall be called by the name of the parifli of St. Dennis. 
And alfo, that Colleton county fhall be divided into two parifhes; that is to fay, one on the 
South fide of Stono river, to extend to the North fide of South Edifto, which (liall be called 
by the name of St. Paul's; and the other on the North fide of St. Helen's, which fhall be 
called by the name of St. Bartholomew. And alfo, that one pari{h flTall be erefted in Craven 
county, in that part of it which is called by the name of St. James on Santee river : As bv 
the faid recited aft, reference being thereunto had, will more fully appear. But in the faid 
recited aft, the limits and bounds of the faid feveral pari{hes are not particularly expreffed, 
wherei>y differences, difputes and contentions have already rifen, and more may hereafter 
arife, concerning the fame : For the prevention of which evils and inconveniencies, Be it 
EnaEled, that the above-mentioned parifh, on the South-Eaft part of Wando river, called the 
pari{h of Chrift Church, {hall be, and is hereby bounded to the North-Eaft by a large creek, 
or river, commonly called Awindaw creek, or Seawee river, being the bounds of Craven 
county, to the South-Eaft by the fea, to the Weft by Wando river, and to the North-Weft, 
partly by the faid river, and partly by a line drawn from the Cowpen of Capt. Robert Daniel, 
or the fwamp of tlve head of Wando river exclufive, to the Cowpen of Jofeph Wigfal, on 
the head of the faid Awindaw creek or Seawee river inclufive. And the laid parifhes on the 
neck of land lying on the North- Weft of M^'^ando, and South-Eaft of Cooper river, called 
St. Thomas and St. Dennis, fhall be and is hereby bounded, to the North-Eaft bv the bounds 
of Craven county; to the South by the bounds of Chrift-Church parifh and Wando river ; 
to the Weft by Cooper river; to that traft of land, commonly called the Hagin inclufive, 
and to the North by the Eaftern branch of the faid Cooper river, to the jjlantation of the 
Right Honourable Sir Nathaniel Johnfon, Knight, Governor, e.'cclufive, and then, by an Eaft 
line from the Northerraoft part of the faid plantation to the bounds of Craven county. And 
the faid parifh on the Weftern branch of Cooper river, called St. John's, fhall be, and is 
hereby bounded to the North-Eaft by the bounds of Craven county, to the South by the 


* All the reft cf the Claures of this ad, are either private or obfoletc. 

r No 260. 

A. D. 1708. 
N°. 284. 

the feveral par- 
ifhes be bounded 
as follovi's : 

The bounds of 

St. Thomas 
parifh, and 

St. Deunis 

St. John'sparidi, 

14 Ci)e \MUit iCa\Dfi 

A. D. 1708. bounds of the faid parifhcs of St. Tliomas and St. Dennis, and by the Eaftern branch of 
N°. 284. Cooper river, then down Cooper river to the mouth of the back river to the Soulh-W'cU, 
partly by the faid Back river, to the plantation of David Durham inclufive, and partly by a 
North-Weft, line from the Weft part of the laid Durham's plantation, to the North-Weft 
bound of Berkley county, and to the North Eaft by the faid bounds of the faid county. And 
"^'' J^""" that the faid parifti upon Goofe-creek, called St. James Goofe-creek, fliall be, and is hereby 
puriln.' bounded, to the North- Eaft by the bounds of St. John's parifti aforefaid, and to the Back 

river to the Eaft, by Cooper river, to the bounds of the parifh of St. Philip's Charles-Town, 
to tlic South by the bounds of the faid St. Philip's and to the South-Well by a North-Weft 
line, from the northermoft corner of the plantation or traft of land, formerly belonging to 
Mr. Chriftopher Smith, decealed, the bounds of St. Philip's parifh unto the North-Weft 
bounds of Berkley county, and to the North-Weft by the faid bounds of the faid county. 
St. Andrew's And the faid parifh upon Afhiey river, called St. Andrew fhall be, and is hereby bounded to 
parifn. jj^g North-Eaftby the faid North- Weft line from the North bounds of the plantation of the 

laid Chriftopher Smith aforefaid, to the North- Weft bounds of Berkley county the bounds of 
the faid parifti of St. James Goole creek, to the South-Eaft by the fea, to the South- Weft by 
Stono river, and the bounds of Colleton county, and to the North-Weft, by the North- 
Weft bounds of Berkley county. 
11. Obfolete. 
Theboundscf III. And the faid parifli in Colleton County, on the South fide of Stono River, to extend to 
the parilhcs in the North tide of South Edifto, called St. Paul's, ftiall be, and is hereby bounded to the 
■St PaursTilh! North-Eaft by the laid Stono River, and the bounds of Berkley county, to the South-Eaft by 
the fea, and to the Weft by South Edifto River. And that other parifh in the faid Colleton 
St. Bartholo- county, on the North of St. Helen's called St. Bartholomew, ftiall, and is hereby bound- 
mow parifti. ed to the Eaft by the faid South Edifto River, to the South-Eaft by the fea, to the North-Welt 
by St. HcUcnah (bund, Canibahec River, and the bounds of Granville county, and to the 
North- Weft by tbo North-Weft bounds of Colleton county. 
Thcboundsof IV. And the faid parilh in Craven County, called St. James Santee (hall be and is hereby 
tlic piirilhof St. bounded to the North-Eaft by Santee River, to the South-Eaft by the fea, and to the South- 
JamcsSaHtec in VV'^ft by Berkley couniy*. 
Cr.vcn count)-. y. & VI. Obfolete. 

December 18, 1708. 

A. D. 1709. 
N". 28^; 

9in M for afcertamins tlje fees rdattng to tlje <BU 
fitt auti ©tit^ of a Jtifiice of tijt ^race. 

PrtamMc. TX 7^ H ER E A S the office of a jufticc of ilic peace isan office of great antiquity, truft and 

V V authority and u])on the faithful and diligent dlfchargc whereof the prefervation of 

the peace, tranquiliiy and good order of this Province doth in a great mcalurL- depend : And 

forafmuch as moil of the fees incident to the laid oflice are not as ycl regulated and alccrtain- 

cd: Therefore in order to regulate andafcerlain the lame, and to the intent as well to obviate 

all cxa6lions and extortions, which are and ought to be odious and jirohibitcd in all well 

governed Kingdoms, Commonwealths and Provinces, as to encourage the feveral jufticcs of 

Nojufticefliall the peace of this Province in the faitliful and diligent difcliarge of their duly and oHicc: Be it 

di'tnand any o- Ena^dl, That no juftice of the peace in this Province, fliall demand or rctjuiic any fiiin of 

thcr fees than money, fee or reward for any nialtcr, bnlincis, or tliitiL', beloncini; to his office of juftice o\ 

fiich as arc here- .1 ., 1 r 1 i r 1 r- 1 r ■ 1 111 c c #• 

in unpointed. peace, other tlian lucli and lo much Ices as are hercaltcr m the annexed table of tees fet 

Ptnahy. down, limited and appointed, upon the forfeiture of is. f(}r every penny he ftiall take or rc- 

c live for any bufincfs, thing or matter, relating to the office of juftice of the peace more than 
is by this a£l fet down and appointed, the one moiety of the faid forfeiluirs to be paid to the 
commiffioncrs of the poor for the ufe of the poor of the parifti where fiich juftice oi the peace 
doth dwell, and the other moiety to tlie parly grieved, which ftiall fuc for the fame within fix 
itiOnths after the receipt of fuch money or thing. All which lorleituics under .;os. ftiall be 

• The red i)f this afloWolctt. 

of ^outfj Caroluta* 15 

recovered before any one juftice of the peace, as is direfted by an aft, entitled, an aft for the A. D. lyog. 
trial of fmall and mean caufes ; all above 40s. to be recovered by original writ, bill, plaint N°. 285. 
or information in any of the courts of record within this Province, in which fuit no wager 
of law, elfoign, privilege, proteftionor any other delay fhall be allowed or admitted of. 

II. If it do happen that any juftice of the peace fhall in the due execution of his faid office Any juftice of 
do any bufinefs, thing or matter relating to his faid office for which a certain fee is not limit- '""^ 'Jf^'r'' !?°'?^ 
cd and appointed in the table of fees hereunto annexed, in fuch cafe the juftice of the peace vvif; -lA'flt ^ °l 
fhall take Inch and fo much fee as fliall be thought reafonable and limited and appointed by appointed, in 
the chief juftice of this Province for the time being, who is hereby authorized to appoint and fuch cafe the 
limit the fame, which fees fo limited and appointed by the chief juftice fhall continue to be chief juftice is to 
good and lawful until dlfapproved of by the General Alfembly. ''"'' ^^"^ ''^"'^• 

III. And no juftice of the peace fliall take or receive any or greater fee or thing for any Andno juftice 
bufinefs or matter for which a certain fee is not appointed in the table of fees hereunto annex- "''"': peace ftiall 
ed, before the fame be appointed and limited as aforefaid, upon the pain of the forfeiture of f^^.^ ^-^J ^^^^^ ^^ 
18 pence for every penny he fhall fo demand and take, the faid forfeiture to be to the fame appointed as a- 
ufe and recovered in the fame manner as the forfeitures before by this aft are ordained and forefaid. 

appointed. + 

The Juftice of the Peace his Fees. 

£. s. d. 

For a warrant of the peace, -.._..-- 31J 

For a recognizance, --........ ^ o 

For adminiftering an oath, ..-_..-.- 1 g 

For a common warrant, .-....-_. 1 g 

F"or a fpecial warrant, --...---.. o 5 

For a mittimus, ..-....,.-- 2 6 

For a liberate, -.....-.._. 2 6 

For a warrant of hue and cry, .._..--. 2 6 

For taking a depofition, ..-..-.-- -2 6 

For attefting the return for an appraifment, -..--. 2 6 

For a probate to any writing. --.--.-..2 6 

May 7. 1709. 

A. D. 1711. 
N". 306. 

%\X 9lft for Xt^\dXin% Taverns auU J^UUCfj^f^OUfcS* 

I. Repealed. 

II. For the prevention, fupprcftion and punifliment of fuch vices as are commonly prac- Anyijuftices 
tifed in fuch public houfes. Be it Enatted, that any two jufticesof the peace fhall have power, of the peace im- 
and they are hereby impowered, to put in execution all laws both ftatute and common, of the P"™''^''^^ f" P"' 
Kingdom of Great-Britain, which have been provided and iifed, and now of force, for or tlie laws and fta- 
concerning the abufes or diforders of taverns, ale-houfes or viftualling-houfcs, and retailing tutes in England 
any fort of ftrong liquors whatfoever, and the owners or mafters thereof, and all perfo"S in force, con- 
which contrary to the faid laws do haunt and frequent the fame as fully and eft'ettuallv, to all cerning abufes & 
intents and purpofes, as the fame ought or could be within the Kingdom aforefaid, hy any or "''''™"* °' ^^- 
every perfon or perfons thereunto impowered by the (aid laws, and every pcrfon which fhall 

offend contrary to the faid laws, or any of them, arc declared to be, and are liertby made 
liable to the fame forfeitures and penalties to be levied and infliftcd, as the fame is accuftomed , 
and appointed in the Kingdom of Great-Britain. 

III. Repealed. 

IV. The firft part of this claufe is repealed. Any planters may fell liquors to his neigh- planters may 
bours. to be drank and expended in the buyer's refpeftive plantation, without a licence from fell liquors to 
the receiver for fo doing, and every planter or perfon not inhabiting Charles Town, who fhall their neighbours 
iell liquors to any perfons and fuffer the fame to be expended and drank in his own houfe or [j^,^ buyf s"plan- 

plantation, tation. 
t Perjietuatedby A. A. palTed u December, 1712. 

i6 Cf)t l^xMit Cabs 

A. D. 1711. plantation, 01 «iiliin the prccinfts thereof, without licence from the faid receiver for fo 

N°. 306. doing, (hall be liable to the penalties herein before mentioned and cxprefTed. 

No pcdon to V And whereas fevcral perlbns of late, have ufcd, in boats and canoes, to carry liquors 

f"m phmation ^''9^ plantation to ])lantation. and to retail and fell the lame, which is obfcrvcd to be very 

to plantation. milchievous, and to impovcrilh the otherwife fober planters, It n tlifrefort EnaEled, That 

eveiy perlon that fliall hcieaftcr carrv any Tcrong liquors from houfe to houfe, either by land 

or water, to fell or retail the fame, (hall Ibreveiy time he (lie or they fluU be convifted 

thereof by , his or their own confelTion, or proof of one evidence upon oath beforeany one 

juftice of the peace, forfeit the fum of 403. to be recovered in fuch manner and form as in 

the aft for the trial of fmall and mean caufes, is appointed. * 

June '.iS, 1711. 

N". 309. 

^n additional ^ft» tO * atl additional 9[ft tO aiX ^ft» 

mtitleti, t ^H ^ft for tlje cuttiitg ant5 makins a 
^3atf) out from tlje Eoati on t\)t North ftue of 

AJJiley 3Ui\)er, to t!)e Cotun of IVilton in Colleton 

Countp> auti appointing J^erries on tlje faiti 
Eoati* 9lnti to repeal t!)ree claufes or para^ 
grapijs in tlje faiti abbitional M, 

Manly Willi- 
amfon appointed 
folc conimifTion- 
er for making 

andmcndingthe . t> . i j 
faid highway & »• ^fpfaUd. 

pathonthcnorth II. MANLY W'lLLI AMSON fliall be fole CommilTioncr, and he is hereby made, ^ 
fideof Aflilcy ri- nominated, conftitutcd and appointed lole CommifTioner, for the MiaAtw/r, mending, clearing 
vcr.withthcfer- ^^^ repairing a good fujficitnt and convenient road or highway from the broad path on the North 
river andVo to f"^^ of Afdey river, through his own pluntatton, late John Field's plantation, with a ferry over AJfi- 
thc bridge over '^V river, and fo to the Bridge over the north-cafl branch of St on river, as it is nozu laid out, which 
the North Fai\ Jliall be and continue a common road forever hereafter, unlejs otherwife direBed by aEl of affembly. 
branch of the \T _ l'l,e faij CommifTioner fhall from and immcdialcly after the ratification of this aft, at 
laid Stoiio river, y^j Qy^n proper cod and charccs, keep and prcfcrvc the caufeway thrown up in ihe marfh, 

rhe faid com- , ,. T . r t> . : I t ,, _ .' j . 11 • j • 

milTioner at his """^ adjoming to his own plantation, late John r icld s. Iromtimc tolimc. and atalltimes, during 
own coft and his being iole Commillioner as aforcfaid, in, by and with good and fufhcicnt reparations 
charges fhall and amendments, for the convenient, quick and fafe travelling of man and horle, and farther 
^^*!^^'"^'^(•'"' ^^^^ ^^ '^^ '^''"' CommifTioner, fhall, and he is hereby obliged fiom time to lime, and at all 
claidcau way. jjjjjgj^ during his being CommifTioner (which he fhall not ceafe lo be but by an aft of llie Ge- 
neral AfTembly) at his like cofls and charges, make, mend, repair, and clear, and keep mend- 
ed, repaired and cleared with good, fufficicnl and conftant reparations, a common road or 
path from the broad path on the north fide of Aflilcy river, to the bridge over the nortii-cafl 
\ d male & branch of Stono river, at lead 16 feet wide, (except caufeways, which fliall be 6 feet wide) 
keep repaired a for the fafe, quick and conxcnicnt travelling of man and horle. in huh places, and through 
common road or and by fuch lands as the faid CommifTioner fhall think fit, and thai the now landing place, 
rath, from the q,, i^g fouth fide of Adiley river, and the road through the land of Mr. Shem Jiuller, in the 
broad path on po(]-|;{^jon gf David Fciftufon cordwaincr, Hiall be and continue the load and landing place 
the North lide {; o ' 01 

of Afhley river 'orcvtr. 

to the bridge o- VI. And if any pcrfon or perfons whatfoever, by thcmfclves, (laves, or fcrvarfs, fhall by 
vcr the North any ways or means ftop up, or obdruft the pafTage on the road aforcfaiil, or hinder, forbid, 
I'aft branch of ^ tlircaten the faid Commiffioncr, or any traveller or padengcr, from travelling the road, 
A:ono river. ^ -/it. 

• The reft obfolclr. 

+ No. 2.?.). J No. all. 5 Thcfc wordsof force in Italic 

of ^mitlj^Caroltna* 

cr lanrlins; at the place aforefjid, or {hail hinder, forbid, or oppofe the faid Coniiniffioner, A. D. 1711. 
himfelF, forvants, or workman, from cutting down, falling, or making ufe of any timber or N°. 309. 
trees, in or near the laid road, for mending, making, or repairing the fame, as aforcfaid, or ''' a"y \>erion 
for making life of any earth of their refpeftive lands, for the purpolesaforcfud, fliall for each ,,|,'(i[.„^JJ''^;".''f„ij 
and every fuch offence, forfeit the fum ot/'go, to be recovered by the faid Commilfioner, by j.^^^ ^^ hirdcr 
information, in any court of record, and the monies fo recovered, to be by him dii])ofed of, for any perfon from 
the reparations of the faid road*. travelling tlic 

* The reft ohfolete. ' f™f' ""■ "''\'l 

,, , J J hiiifler the faid 

hovmierio, 1711. Comn,iflioue,\ 

_______^_^_^_^_^^^^^_____^_^________^^_______^_^_^^^_^_^^____^__^_^^__________^__^____^^^___ cutting (io^vn 

any tiniiier or 

^n m for continuing tfje i^ijil) BXoatJ from §>outi)^ larr^r or '^ 

making ufe of 

CDifto i\i\3cr to tijf fflantis of J^ort-ilopal antJ ^'Ju r[«";o 
^t |^elena» anti appointing ^Britiges anti jTcr^ '"no. 3.0. 
ries in tl)t faiti EoatJ* 

V. Every perfon * T/tat ftiall molejt. hiiuler or dijiurh the commijfioners, in perfnrming any ^"^ pcrfon.s 
thing which they are impowercd tu do 6/ this aB, or which fhall after the paths laid out, hinder i •" i ,1 „„,°1. 
perfons to make ufe of, or that Ihall prejudice orfpoil any part of the fame, fhall forfeit the niifiloners, or 
fum of jTzo to be recovered by bill, plaint or information, in any court of record within hinder any per- 
this part of the Province, 1 moiety to be paid into the hands of thx receiver, for the ufe ^['" '™"^ v{in% 
of the public, and the other half for him or them that fhall fue for the fame, wherein no '["^ PjS'l" <'r fp'"] 

HI- r 1 n 11 L 11 J 1 • 'he lliail 

protection or wager ot law Ihall be allowed or admitted. forfeit 2' ' 

VI. Altered by 27 CI. of Road Aft 22 March 1785. 
X. Allpartsof the high road, appointed by this aft, are hereby ordained to be made clear Howtheroad 

be made, done, kept clear and in repair by the equal charges and indifferent labour of the 
perfons before appointed to make and do the fame+ 

of all [landing or lying trees, brufh and under-wood, and over all creeks and brooks, Itrong is to be cleared, 
fubftantial bridges are to be made, and that the bridges, water-courfes, caufwavs and hitrhways, ^"^ *''^ bndj;c; 

di ,1 , -' - , , ^ . . . '. ,. — - . . ^ ^ -i ' to hi- niadi-. 

one, kept clear ai 

;fore appointed to rr 
November 10, 1711. 

• The words in Italic obfolete. 

t AH the reft obfolete or repealed. 

^n atiliitional m to tf)e federal afts relating to tje 
eftatjlifjment of religious ISMorfijip in t^i% ^ro^ 
bince. anti noto in force in ttje fame, anti alfo to 
tt)e aft for fecuring tJ)e ^robincial %x%xm^ at 
Cfjarles^CotDu in Carolina. 

D "^V?A "^^'^'^•■"S feveral perfons are fettled to the Southward of Colleton county on Port- 
Koyal llland St. Hellena's Hland, and on feveral adjacnt IQands, ^^•hich together are com- 
monly called by the name of Granville county, which perfons are not only out of the 
bounas, but are alfo fo far diftant from either of 'the parifhes in Colleton county, that thcv 
can receive no benefit by any of thofe churches, and feveral of the faid inhabitants bcir'<r 
dehrousto have divine worfhip eftablifhed amongft them, according to the Church of En- 
gland, are willing to contribute towards the building a church, and afterwards for the build- 
.ngarettorsor minifter's houfe, without any charge to the public, provided that the faid 

E Granville 

A.D. 1712 

NO. 3,3. 

A. D. 1712. Granville county iiiay 1)0 erctted into a parilli, and the reclor or miniflcr of the faid parifb, 
N". 313. may have the fame falary paid him out of the puhllc Ircafury, as ii^iven to other rcilors or 
minidcis ol the other country parifhcs belonging to this Province. Therefore for the gra- 
tifying fo real'onable a requcft and defire of the faid inhabitants, and for the promoting the 
knowledge of the chriilian religion, as profclfcd in the Church of England, and the wor{hip 
of God in all paits of this Province, that lb no perfons, inhabitants thereof, may be defli- 
Granville tute of enjoying the ordinances of God, appointed fur their f.ilvation, B( itjurtntr Enaclid 
county d«larcd by the authority aforcfaid, that the laid Granville county Ihall be and is hereby declared, to 
Urlfh by the ^^ f'Om heniefoi th for ever, a diilinCl parifh bv ilfclf, and it fhall be called by the name of St. 
niime of St. He- Helena, and tlic faid parilh fliall be, and is hereby bounded to the North Eaft by Combehce 
Una. river and St. Helena Ibund, to the North Wefl by a line drawn from the head of Combehce 

'1 he boundsof yiverto the Savano river, and to the South Ead on the Ocean*. 
:he l^id pumi. 

Jun: 7.1712 

• All the reft of this aft obfolete. 

N". 320. 


^n M for t1)e Ijetter ortietms anti gobernittjs of 

Negroes ai^tl Slaves, 

XXXIV. SIX^CE chf.rityand the Chriftian religion which wc profcfs, obligesiisto wi(h 
well to the fouls of all men, and that religion may not be made a pretence, to alter any man's 
property and right, and that no perfons may negleft to baptize their negroes or Haves, or fuffer 
them to be baptized, for fear that thereby they fhould be manumitted and fet free : £( it there- 
fore enaBed, 1 hat it ihall be, and is hereby declared, lawful for anv negro or Indian (lave, 
or any other (lave or ftaves whatloever, to receive and prolels the Chriftian faith, and be there- 
unto baptized. But that notwithftanding futh flave or Haves fhall receive and pivfcfs the 
Chriftian religion, and be baptized, he or they fliall not thereby be manumitted or fet free, 
or his or their owner, mafter or miftrefs loofe his or their civil right, property and authority 
Aflavtbvbc- °v'' ^^"^^ Have or flavcs, but that the flave or (laves, with refpefl to his or their (ervitude, 

ine baptized fhall remain and continue in the fame Hate and condition, that he or they was in before the 

(ha!! HOI bt made making of this a6l*. 

Jh <7, 1712. * All the rejl obfJete. 

^o. 3„. 9ln ^ct for tf)e appointnta; a jTcirp obcr i^t Caft^ 
em Brandj of ti)e t of Cooper ribcr. aiiU for tf)e 
making of Caufcluaps, i.antiingfli anU JSritigcs, 
for tijc tjcttcr coiitirutejuj? of tijc faiti Snx\K 

f"'OR the more cafy conjmiilion ol the loiceti ol this Colony in tunes ol war and danger, 
and for the convcnicnrv of buf.ncis and commerce, Be it eiiaflrd, Iliat with all conve- 
nient fpced, after the ratificalion of this atl, there be laid out, made and kept clear, one com- 
Tliat a high- mon highway, in the neareil and inoft convenient place, from the broad path that leads 
«ny he laid out from the plantation commonlv called Cloulcr's ))lantalion, to the Honourable Sir Nathaniel 
the neareil way Johnlon's plantation called Silk Hope, the faid path or highway to lead thiough Captain 
from the broad j„h,)|on's Lynch his fwamp, lying on the Kaftern branch of the T of Cooper river, over to the 
crnbranchofihe landing of Anthony Boneju, that plantation being the moll convenient for ciolfing the faid 
T of C'ooper-ri- river in the road to the ferrv on the Wellcrn Branih of the faid T ol Cooper river, and that 
ver. ■ tiic laid liloh road be laid out by the advice and direction of the Commiftioners hereafter nam- 

ed, or anv three ol them. 

V. 'I'lial every pcrfon which fliall moleft, hinder or diftiirbthe CommifTioners, or any o- 
thtr pcrfon with whom they ftiall agree to make and mend the laid ways, and performing 

of ^i3iitl)'Cai*oltna» ^9 

any thing which they arc impowered to do bv this aft, or wliich fliall, after the path is laid A. D. 1712. 

■ out, hinder perfons to make uie of, or that (hall prejudice or fpoil any part of the Ijme, fhall N**. 321. 

forfeit the fum of £"20, to be recovered bv bill, plaint or information, in any court of record If any pcrfon 

within this part of the Province, i moiety to be paid into the hands of the receiver for the J^"'- "'■"'•" "^ 

-. r ;.^ , .■' ,* , -i,,r r ir t ■ ninGer the com- 

ule of the public, and the other half to him or them that ihall fue ror the lame, wherein no „,iix,„ner», «c. 

proteftion or wager of law fhall be allowed or admitted*. or fpoil the path, 

„ ^ , „' 1 rt I r t 'l^"-'y II'*'' forfeit 

June 7, 1712. * All the rejt objoLete. jcA 

%x 9iafc for tl&e tjetter otjferbatton of i^z 2.orti's Ba^> n°. 329. 
commonly caileti g)untjaj,n 

WH ERE AS there is nothing more acceptable to God than the true and fincere fervice Preamble 
and worfhip of him, according to his holy will, and that the holy keeping of the 
Lord's-Day is a principal part of the true fervice of God, which in many places of this Pro- ^ r. , 
vince is lo much prophaned and negletled by diforderly perfons : Be it therefore EnaEled * -j^i^^j. .{ 
that all and every pcrfon and perfons whatfoever, fliall on every Lord's-Day apply them- iuui on (he Lord' i 
felvesto the obfervation of the fame, by excercifing thcmlelves thereon in the duties of piety Jay fli3ll apply 
and true religion, publicly and privately, and having no reafonahle or lawful excufe on every themfclvestothe 
Lord's-Day fhall refort to their parifh-church, or fome other parifh-church, or fome meeting 0D'e"^''0f o' 
or alTembly of religious worfhip, tolerated and allowed by the laws of this Province, and 
fliall there abide orderly and fobcrly during the time of prayer and preaching, on pain and 
forfeiture for every negleft the fum of 5s. + current money of this Province. j^j^ perfon to 

:j: IL No tradefman, artificer, workman, labourer or other perfon whatfoever, fhall do exercife any 
or exercife any wordly labour, bufinefs or work of their ordinary callings upon the Lord's- worldly labcut 
Dav, or any parts thereof (works of neceffity or charity only excepted) and that every per- °" ''^^ Lords 
fon being of the age of 15 years or upwards, offending in the premifes (hall for every I'uch ^^' 
offence forfeit the fum of 5s. 

X III. And that no perfon or perfons whatfoever fhall publicly cry,fhew forth or expofe Penalty on pcr- 
to fale any wares, merchandizes, fruit, herbs, goods or chatties whatfoever, upon the Lord's- '"'"sleUniggooJs 
Dav, or any part thereof, that upon pain that every perfon fo offending fhall forfeit the f;>me j^y 
goods fo cried, or flicwed forth orexpofed to fale. 

I IV. No drover, waggoner, butcher, higgler, they or any of their fervants, or any No perfon to 
other traveller or perfon whatfoever, fliall travel on the Lord's-Day by land, neither fliall travel on tlic 
any perfon or perlons whatfoever, travel on the Lord's-Day by water in any barge, lighter. Lord's day. 
wherry, boat, canoe or periauger, excepting it be to go to the place of religious worlhip and to 
return again, or to vilit or relieve any hck perfon, or unlel's the pcrfon or perfons were belat- 
ed the night before, and then to travel no further than to fome convenient inn or place of 
fhelter for that day, or upon fome extraordinary occalion, for which he, file or they fliall be 
allowed to travel under the hand of fome juflice of peace of this Province. 

^ V. No public fports or pallimes, as bear-baiting, bull-baiting, foot-ball playing, horfc- No fpufts cr 
racing, int-rludes or common plays, or other unlawfuU games, exercifes, fports or paRiines P""''"'^^ '° ^^ 
whatfoever fliall be uled on the Lord's-Day by any perfon or perfons whatfoever, and tiiat ^"'^"','-''' ''" '•>* 
every perfon or perfons offending in any of the premifes fliall forfeit for every oflence, the "'^ *'^^' 
fum of ,5s. current money. 

VL No vintner, innholder, or other perfon keeping any public houfe of entertainment. No public 
fliall entertain or fufler any perfon or perfons whatfoever, excepting iliangers or lodgers in houfc to ente.-- 
fuch hojfes, to abide or remain in their houfes or out-houfes, yards, or orchard or fields, tain anyguefton 
drinking or idly fpending their time on the Lord's-Day, upon the pains and penalties of 5s. ^^^ Lord's day, 
for every perfon offending, payable by themfclves, refpcftively, that fliall be found lb drink- and Tod'cr"""' 
ing or abiding in any fuch public houfe or dependencies thereof as aforefaid, and the like fum ° 

ofjs. to be paid by the keeper of fuch houfc for every perfon entertained by them. 

Vn. And 
" Copied nearly from i Elizabeth c. 2. 

t At the time this a(£t was pafled proclaraation money was the current money. 
\ Copied nearly from the 29 C. ^. c. 7. 
5 Copied nearly from the I C. I. c. i, 


Clje J13ut)Uc ^ate 

A. D. 1712. \ II. And lor tiic belter keeping of good orders on the LoiJ'iDay the church wai<j..iii 

N . 320. and conftdblcs of Charlcs-Towri, or anyone or more of then*, fliall once in the foreooo.. 

of* cVarrcrt o«'n ^""^ °"^'^ '" '''^ afternoon, in the time of divine lervice, walk through the laid town, 

lowalk th.ouoh '° o'^'erve, fupprefs and apprehend all offenders whatfoevcr, contrary to the true intent 

tlKtmvnintiir.e j'"'^ meaning of this aft, and thiy fliall have power, and are h.cjcby authorized and 

uf diviRc fcrvicc impowered to enter into any public houfe, or fufpeited houJcs, to fcarch lor any futh 

Tl'' ^fPr^'^"'' oflenucrs. and in cafe they are denied entrance, fliall have power and are hereby authoriz- 

' caiPill this irt '" ^^ ^■"'' '"M"^" <-''':d 'o bicak open, or caufe to be broke open, any of th; -doors of the laid 

houlc. and enter tlierein ; and all peilons whalfocver arc lliidly commanded and required to 

be aiding and aOiRing to any conflables or other officers in their execution of this act on tlic 

penalty of 10s. current money for every negleft*. 

Penaltyforni;ik- V'lll. If any mader, niillrefs or overfcer fliall command, and caufe and encourage any 

ii.g a lirvant fcrvjnt, iUyc or Haves to work on the Lord's-Day, he, flie or they Ihall forfeit for ever\ 

wiirk on the fuch offence the lum of ^^s. current money. 

"lullicM of ihc ^'^' i'"'" ''i'^ better execution of all and every the foregoing orders, ever)' juflice of the 
peace impowcr- pcace-within his county, fliall have power and authority to convene before him any perfon or 
cd to convene pcrlons whatlocver, who Ihall oflend in any of the particulars before mentioned, and upon 
any P'-""''''" ''f- his own view, or confelhon of the party, or proof of any one or more witnelles, upon oath, 
fore hini offend- which the faidjuftices are by this aft authorized to adminiller. the faid iiidicc or iullices fliall 
^J. give a warrant under his or their hands and leals, to the conltablcs or church-wardens, or 

cither or any of them, of the parifli or parifhes where fuch olfence fliall be committed, to 
feize the laid goods cried, flicwed lorth, or put to fale as aforclaid, and to fell the fame; and 
as to the other penalties and forfeitures, to impofe the fine and penally for the fame, and to 
levy the faid lorfeiturcs and penalties by way of dillrcls and fale of the goods of every fuch 
offender, returning the overplus (if any bcj after rcafoiiable charges allowed, for the diflrels 
and lale, and in default of fuch diflrefs, or in cafe of inlufliciencv or inability of the faid 
delcndcr to pay the laid forfeiture or penalties, that then the party oii'ending be let publicly in 
the (locks for the fpaceof 2 hours. And all and lingular the forfeitures or penalties aforclaid, 
fhall be employed and converted to the ufc of the poor of the parifli where the laid cfTences 
fhall be committed, and to be delivered into the hands of the overfeers of the poor for that 
end, faving only that it ihall and may be lawful to and for any fuch judicc or jullice.s, out of 
the laid forfeitures or penalties, to reward any perfon or perlbns that fhall inform of any of- 
fence againft this aft, according to his or their dircftions, fo as that fuch reward exceed not 
the 3d part of the forfeitures or penalties. 
Thisa(Snotto ''" ■^' ^''^'-'^^'d, That nothing in this aft contained fliall extend to the prohibiting of J.: l"" 
prohibit dreflini; ing of meat in families, or drdhng or Idling of meat in inns, viftualliiig-houles or ■ ■.'• 
meat in families, public houfes, for fuch as cannot be otherwife provided; nor to the buying and felling . 
nor felling milk, milk before 9 of the clock in the morning, or after 4 of the clock in the afternoon. 

Perfonsto be + XI. /"rcJfJi^ffi a//i^, that no perfon nor perfons fhall be impeached, profccuted or moleflccl 
j.rcfented within for any offence before-mentioned in this aft, unlcis he or they be profecuted for the laine 
fuice^' within 10 days after the offence committed. 

No writ, pro- + ^^I- ^operjon or pcrfom upan tht Lord's-Day JliaU. ferve or execute, or caufe lo be Jened and 

ccfs, or warrant executed any writ, procejs, warrant, order, judgnient or decree, except in cafes of treafon, felony, or 

to be fcryed on breach of the peace; but that thcfervice of every fuch writ, procefs, warrant, order, judntunt or 

the Lord «-Day, decree, Jhall be void to all intents and purpofcs whalfocver : And tlu perfon or perfons fofcrving or 

fon felony or executing the fame, fliall be liable to the fuit of the party grieved, and to anfwer damages to him for 

breach of the doing thereof, as if he or tlicy had done the fame without any nrrit, proccfs, warrant, order, judg- 

pcate. ment or decree at all, and in cafe any perfon or pcrfons fhall be imjjrifoncd or detained in cufto- 

dy by any writ, procefs, warrant, order, judgment or decree fb ftrved or executed on the 

Lord's-Day, upon motion or petition made to the chief juftice of the Province, it fliall be 

lawful for the faid chief juftice, and he is hereby authorized and required immediately lo order 

fuch perfon or pcrfons to be difcharccd out of prifon and cuftody, and to be clear not only 

from luch writ, proccfs, warrant, order, judgment or decree fo fervcd on tlie Lord's-Day, 

but alio Irom all or any other writs, procefs, warrant, order, judgment or decree Icrvcd or 

executed upon any perfon during the lime of the laid jierfons being impriloncd or dclaincd, 

ujion the acounl of any luch writ, proccfs, warrant, order, judgment or decree, fo fervcd or 


* Q^lf thisclaufe has not become obfolctc fincc the incorporation of the city of Charlci- flown in 1783. 
•ft'opied from the 19. C. 1. c. 7. 
i '1 lie woiiia 111 Italics II j>ittl from the J9. C. 1, c. 7. 

of ^outJ'Carolitta* 

2 r 

executed on the Lord's-Day, and fuch pcrfon fhall be allowed by the faid chief juftice, fuch rea- A. D. 171s. 
ronablctime as he fhall think fitting, to return to his home or habitation free from any arreft N . 3c t. 
or hinderance whatfoever, in any civil matter. 

XIII. Ifanyaftion, fait or information fhall be commenced againfl any perfon or perfons Perfons ftted 
for what he or they (hall do in purfuance or execution of this aft, fuch perfon or perfons fo may pl«d^ the 
fued, may plead the general iffue not guilty, and upon iflTue joined give this aft and the E'"-'"'' """• 
fpccial matter in evidence, and if the plaintiff or profecutor Ihall become non-fuit. or fufFer 
difcontinuance, orifaverdift. pafs againft him the defendant or defendants Hiall recover his 
or their treble cofls, for which he or they fliall have the like remedy, as in any cafe where 
cods by law are given to the defendant. 

Becemier 12, 1712. 

N". 330- 

^n M to empo\Met tjje 2Xigi)t ?|onouvable t|)e 00^ 
liernor of tljts ^^obince, tlje ilortis Beputtes. 
tj)e C{)ief Juftice, or t|)efufttcfS of tlje Peace, 
antj otj)ev (!^iiim& or JHinifters luttfjin tijis ^Sro^ 
bince, to ejcecute antr put in jporce in ti)e fame, 
an M matje m tf)e liingtrom of CnglantJ, in tfje 
C{)irt2>^firft lear of tj)e l^d^n of tije late Mn^ 
CfjatlcjS tf)e ^econti, entitled, * An Aa for the 

better fecuring the Liberty of the Subje^, and for the Pre- 
vention of Imprifonments beyond the Seas, commonly called 
the Habeas Corpus A6t. 

WHEREAS no law or ftatute hath hitherto been made or cnafted, which better fecures preaTiblc 
the liberty of the fubjeft than an aft made in the kingdom of England, in the 31ft year of 
the reign of the late King Charles the Second, entitled, Ayi AB for the better fecuring the Liberty of 
the Subjeti, andjor the Prevention of Imprifonment beyond the Seas, commonly called the Habeas 
Corpus AEi: but becaufe the faid aft cannot fully, wholly and effeftually be put in piaftice and 

F execution 

■* An aQ for the b:Her fecuring the Liberty of the SvhjeB, and for Prevention of Imprifonments be- 
yond the Seas. 

WHEREAS great delays have been ufed by (heriffs, gaolers and other officers, to whofe cuftody any of 
the King's fubjeiSts have been committed for criminal or fuppofcd criminal matters, in making returns 
of writs of N./t,L\ii Corpus to them direcfted, by ftaiidiiig out on Atiji d^ni-PturUs Huhjs Corbus, and fometimes 
more, and by other fliifts to avoid their yielding obedience to fuch writs, contrary to their dijty and the known 
laws of the land, whereby many of the King's lubjetfts have been and hereafter may be long detained iu priibn, 
in fuch cafes where by law tlicy are bailable, to their great charges and vexation :' IT'riti ef '.Hibc^n 

II. For the prevention whereof, and the more fpeedy relief of all perfons imprifoned for any fuch criminal or Corpus tvhhiii 1 
fuppofed criminal matters; (z) Jie it e/iaS<rf, That whenfoever any perfon or pcrfons.fhail bring ?.ny Habeas days after frrviu 
Corpus direetcd onto any Ihcriff or (heriffs, gaoler, miniftcr or other perfon whatfoever, for any perfon in his or to it rttume/ anl 
their ciillody, and the faid writ Iball be ferved upon the faid officer, or left at the gaol or prifon with any of //„ iojy brLolA 
the under-ufficers, under-kcepers. or deputy of the faid officers or keepers, that the faid officer or officers, his or ifiviihni 20 imie's 
their under-oflicers, under-keepers, or deputies, ffiall within three days after the fcrvice thereof as aforefaid (un- fs'r. 
U-lk tlie commitraciit aforefaid were for trcafon or felony, plainly and fpucially exprefied in the warrant of com- yi„, 

mitment) 409, t5*i 


2 2 lEfje i^utjlic %ms 

A. D. 1712. cxecaiion in this Fiovincc, for want of fuch rtiiigiilritcs, juftiecs.^ntl officers fo impowcrcd 

■^"- 3l°- *"<i qualiSeu, as is dircfted and required by the fiidacl, ir. order to put the fame in cyecuiionj, 

Enacled. therefore for the efFtftnal fupplyint; the faid defect, and that the people oF ibis Province may 

That the with- not loofe the benefit of l"o ufeful an aft, £c it enaclcd, Tliat the Right Honourable Charles Crauen, 

in mentioned Elquire. Governor of this Province, or the Governor for the time beii)g, or any two oF the 

psronsarcim- Lords Proprietors Dejjuties, or the Cliief Juflite of this Province, .my o;ic of the Lprdi 

in ijccution the Proprietors Deputies and any one Jiidice of the Peace, or any twp juft;ce:> of the Peace, 

Habeas Corpui whereof one to be of the Quotum, within this part of the Province that lies South and Weft 

ac^. of Cajje Fear, (hall have power, and they are hereby authorifed and impowered and required 

to do, aft and put in execution the faid a£k, commonly called the Huieas Corpus AH, and every 

matter, claule, or thing therein contained, accoi"ding to their true intent and meaning, as 


mitment) upon payment or tender of the charges of bringing the faid prifoDcr, to be aftcrtaincd by the Judge 
or Court that awarded the fame, and cndorfed upon the faid writ, not exceeding 12 pence />ir mile, and 
upon fccurity given by J\is own bond to pay the charges of carrying back the prifoner, ii he fiiall be remanded by 
the Court or Judge to which he Ciall be brought according to the tnic imcot of thif prefcnt acl, and that he win 
not make any cl'eape by the way, make return of fuch writ ; ^ ;;) and bring or caufe to be brought the bccy of "the 
p.arty Jo corainitted or rcftraincU, unto or before the Lord Chancellor, or Lord Keeper of the Gicat iial of 
Ra^land for the time being, ot the Judges or Baronj of tlic faid Court from whence the faid writ (hall iffue, or 
unto and before fucli (Jthcr per(on irperfcns before whom the faid writ is made returnable, according to the com- 
mand thereof; (4) and (hall then likewU'c certify the true caufcs of hi> detainer or imprifoomcni, onleisthe com- 
mitment of the laid party be in any place beyond the diftancc of 10 miles from the place or places where fuch 
court orpcrUmis orihall be refiding; and if beyond the diftance of 20 miles, and not aboTC JCXD miles, then within 
the fpace of 10 days, and if beyond the diftance of 100 miles, then within the fpace of 20 days, afti:r fuch deli- 
very aforelaid, and nut hmgcr. ■ ' ' 
Su^b '.unit low III. .And to the intent that no Ihertff, gaoler or other ofF.cer may pretend ignorance of the import of any fuch 
totcmarhil. writ; (2) Be it enaiilcJ, I' all fuch writs ihall be marked in this manner, ftr Sialntuif tiictfimfrimo Carali 
SnunJi /if^^ij, and Ihall be ii;.;ncd bv the perfon that awards the fame; (.;) .mel if any perfon or pcrlons fiiall be 
tVriltof Habeas oc (land committed or detailed as alorefaid, for auy crime, unlefs for feluty 01; trir»foi> plainly exprefl'ed in the 
Ccrput, and the warrant of commitment, in t'le Tac;Uion-time, and out of term, it (haltami may b«: liwfulto and (or the perfon 
froiitJingitbrrnn or pcrfons I'o committed tr .jtt.i ned (ot iier than pcrjbns convict or in e\ccuti'>i! liy legal proecfs) or anyone on his 
•n vacation time, or their bclialf, to ai)pcal(or complain to tlje Lord Ctifnccllof,«r Lord ifelper, or any v'^ "^ '''» Nlajelly's 
Jufttces; either of the one bench or «f the othtr, or the Bartftis of lYit f.xciKqBef df the Degree of the Coif ; 
(4) and ihc faid Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper, JulUces or Barons, or any of them, upon view of the: copy or 
copies of the wai raut or warrant? of ccnvnltraent and detainer, or otlurwife up6)i oath made that fuch copy or 
copies were denied to be given by ti^h perfon or perfons in whi.fe'euAody tlie prifoner or prifoners is or are de- 
tained, arc hereby authorifed, and required, j upon rcqueft made in writing by fuch perfon or perfons, or any on 
hii, her or their hehal/', attellcd and fuMvWKd by two wiUeffes who were- prefrnt at tluf drliTciy of the lanu, to 
award and grant an Rabrat V.urput iindffr the f^al of fuch CoUrt whereof he lliall thtn be cne of the Jud; 
(jj (o be directed to the officer or oJicers i^ i^holV ciJlv4>' ^^ party lo committiulpcdiiairtal I'lallhoj return., 
iwirrryra/c before- the faid Lord Chantrllbr tirLord Kff|ikrJ or fuffc Jtifticc, ^arbn, rr itiy other Jii(hct? or )!..: 
of the Degree of the Coif of any of ihe faid courts; (6) and uron fervicc thereof as aforelaid, the officer ,cr . 
cers, hisortheirunder-oHiecr or undcr-olliccrs, under-kee'perio^ iA\deip.kayp«5, /r^heir dcpiityi Iji wh«fe i 
tody the party is lo committed or detained, (hall within the trnfcs rerpei^rvelylpofoie limited, bring fuch pril. 1 
or prifoners before the faid Lord CJianccllor, or ]..ord Kcepi r, or lueh Ji.iliees, Barons or one of them, bet. 
whotn the faid writ is made rcturn.ible, and in cafe of hiHabfence before any other of them, with iht re-tun ■ 
fuch writ, and the true caufes of the. comniitiuent and detainer; (7) and thcrrupoii «iihin two days after :! 
.• .party Ihall be lirought before them, the faiei Lord Cbancellor or Lord Keeper, or Inch jul'tice or E.-.ron bei. : 
" wlioni tlie prifon.r (hall be brought as aforcfai I, Iliall difeharge the faid prifoner fnmi liis im)irifonment, tal; 
hisor their recognizance, with one or more fnrcty or furcties, in any fum according to their difcrctions, hav 
■ ' regard to the qiulity of the prifoner and nature of the ofTtiice, for hi«or the-ir appearance in the Court of Krti. 
Bench the term following, or at the nest alTires, fefiions or general g.iol-delivery of and for fuch county, city . 
place where the coinn^itnicnt was, or where the otfence wa^ committed, or in lueh other court where the I 
offence is proprrjy cognizable, at the cafe ftwll require, and ilini (hall certify the laid w rit wiih the retiini :hi r 
of, and lilt laid recognizance, or recctnizances into the faid. court where Jiieh appearance is to be nia. 
(8) unlefsit Ihall appear unto thcfaidi.ord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, or Juftice or Julliccs, or Baron or Ban 1 
that the party fo committed in detained upon a legal prorefs, order or warrant, out of fomc court that hath ju; 
didlion of criminal matters, or by fome wanant figned and fralcd wiih the hand and fealof any of the faid J: 
tices or Barons, orfnnie JuPJcc or Jiiiliccsof the Peace, for fuch matters or olTences for the which by the law i- 
.' prifontr is not haiUhle. 

IV. I'rovide-d nlway-i, and be it enacflcJ, That if any perfon (hall have wilfully neglcfl-cd by the fpace li - 
whole terms afier bi. iiiiprifonment, to prt.y a //.i/.n// Carjm for I.I5 erbrgcnicnt, fuch perfon fo wilfully regie. - 
ing (hall not have any fial'tat Ccrtni t6 ne rranted in vacation-tin r, in purfnance of rhii aft. 

V. And be it furtlier cnadle-d, That if any officer or ofllcers, his or their under-oflie'er or nnder-offid : 
, under-keeptr or undcr-1 eejie-rs, of deputy, (hull negleift or refnfe to make the returns aforrfaid, or |o br^ 

fuifu.intr <•/ tl'it the body or bodies of :he prifoner or prifoiicrsaceordinp to iheeonunand of the faid ^VTit, within thercfpeC' 
times aforefaid, or upon demand made by the prifoner or perfon in his behalf, (hall refufe to deliver, or wi'i 
the fpace of fix hours after demand (hall not deliver, to the perfon fo demanding, a true copy of the warrant ■ 
warrt.nts of commitment and detainer of fuch prifoner, whicli lie and they arc hereby required to deliver accr- 




la fruy a 




ve ^toitt in 


-limt, in 

^ontlj Carolina. 

lull)', efFeftualiy and lawfully, as any Lord Chancellor, Lord Keeper, oranvof iur F.ij|e- A. )3. 1712. 
fly's Juftices, either of the one bench or the other, or the Barons of the Exchctjucr of the ^"."330. 
degree of the Coif, may, can or ought to do within the kingdom of England. 

n. Every provoft-martial, gaoler, or other perfon whatloevcr, by what name foever Tlie provoft- 
called or known; which hath the keeping of any gaol orprifon wii Inn the South-weft part mjrfiuil or gaol- 
of this Province, fliall have power, and are hereby impowered, authorifed, required and com- " '° S'^': ^"'^ 
manded to give due obedience in the execution of every writ of Habeas Corpus, made or ""'^''^'"^^ ■" '"= 
figned by any perfon or perfons whatfoever by this aft impowered to make, iign and grant the writ,cu, 
fame, and to do and perform eveiy other matter or thing which any IhcrifF. under-flieriff, Cirp^i. 

ingly ; all and every the head gaolers and keepers of fuch prifons, and fuch other perfon in whnfe cuftody the Q^icert boiu to lie 
pnloncr iliall be detained, (hall for die firft ottcnce forfeit to the prifoner or party grieved the lum of £100; t^'acadcd aniinll ' 
(l) and for the 2d ofi'cnce the fum of £.200, and fhall and is hereby made incapable to hold or j-^^ not ctefitir 
execute his faid office; (3) the faid penalties to be recovered by the prifoner or party grieved, his e\ccu- /:,-/, _^,. ■, 
tors or adminiftrators, againd fuch offender, his executors or adminiftrators, by any adlion of debt, fuit, bill, ' 
plaint, or ii\furmation, in any of the King's Courts at ^j/te//?/7«-, wherein no effoin, protedion, privilege, in- 
jundtion, wager of law, or ftay of profccution by iVb// •viiU ultfritis profcjui^ orotherwife, fhall be admitted or 
allowed, or any more than one imparlance ; (4) and any recovery or judgment at the fuit of any party grieved, 
fhall be a fufficient conviiSlion for the firft offence; and any after recovery or judgment at the fuit of a party 
grieved for any offence after the firft judgment, fliall be a fufficient convidion to bring the officers or perfon 
within the faid penalty for the fecond offence. 

VI. And for the prevention of unjuft vexation by reiterated commitments for the fame offence; (2) Be it Perfonsfctat Ursn 
inalial. That no perfon or perfons which fhall be delivered or let at large upon any Habeaa Corptu, fhall at not la he recom- 
any time hereafter be again imprifoned or committed for the fame offence by any perfon or perfons whatfoever, mhtedbut by order 
other than by the legal order and procefs of fuch court wherein he or they fhall be bound by recognizance to ap- 0/ court. 

pear, or other court having jurifdiiftion of the cauf'e ; (3) and if any otlier perfon or perfons fhall knowingly con- 
trary to this a<£l recommit or imptifon, or knowingly procure or caufe tn be recommitted or imprifoned, for the 
fame offence or pretended offence, any perfon or perfons delivered or fet at large as aforefaid, or be knowingly 
aiding or alTifting therein, then he or they fhall forfeit to the prifoner or party grieved the fum of £500; any co- 
lourable pretence or variation in the warrant or warrants of commitment not withftanding, tube recovered as 

VII. Provided, That if any perfon or perfons fliall be committed for high treafon or felony, plainly and fpe- p,,nj!u commiiiid 
cially exprefled in the warrant of commitment, upon his prayer or petition in open court the firft week of the tirtrcalm or fJo- 
terni, or firft day of the feflions of 0_v<;-and TfrmWr and General Gaol-delivery, to be brought to his trial, fhall „,, tkall be india- 
not be indiifled fome time in the next term, Seffions of Otr/- and Ti-;otiV/«- or General Goal-delivery, after fuch cd\he next term or 
commitment; it fhall and maybe lawful to and for the Judges of the Court of King's Bench and Juflicesof littobail ' 
Oyer and Terminer or General Gaol-delivery, and they are hereby required, upon motion to them made in open 

court the laft day of the term, Seffions or Goal-delivery, either by the prifoner or any one in his behalf, to fet 

at liberty the prifoner upon bail, unlefs it appear to the Judges and Juftices upon oath made, that the witneifes 

for the Kingcould not lie produced thef.ime Term, Seftions, or General Gaol-delivery; (2) and if any perfon or j j- ■ 1 r , 

jierfons committed as aforefaid, upon his prayer or petition in open Court the firft week of the Term or firft day ■'yj^*''"^'"''"^^; 

of the Seflions of Oj^r and ■J^ra.'/'/irr and General Goal-delivery, to be brought to his trial, fhall not be indided Z' "J'"' '"' '^'J' 

and tried the fecond Term, Seffions of Oyer and Terminer or General Goal-delivery, after his commitment, or "^S^""' ^ , 

upon his trial fhall be acquitted, he fhall be difcharged from his imprifonment. ^ '"'' -'"* 

VIII. Provided always, That nothing in this ad fhall extend to difcharge out of prifon any perfon charged in 
debt, or other aiilion, or with procefs in any civil caufe, but that after he fhall be difcharged of his imprilon- 
ment for fuch his criminal offence, he fhall be kept in cuftody according to the law, for fuch other fuit. 

IX. Provided always. That if any perfon or perfons, fubjefls of this realm, fhall be committed to any prifon 
or ill cuftody of any officer or officers whatfoever, for any criminal or fuppofed criminai matter, that the faid 
perfon fhall not be removed fro.m the faid prifon and cuftody into the cuftody of any other officer or officers; (2) 
unlefs it be by Haleas Carp,:i or fome other legal writ; or where the prifoner is delivered to the conftableor other 
inferior officer to carry fuch prifoner to fome common gaol; (jj or where any perfon is lent by order of any 
Judge of Aflize or Juftice of the Peace, to any common work-houfe or houfe of correfiion; (4) or where tne 
prifoner is removed from one prifon or place to another within the fame county, in order to his or her trial or dif- 
charge in due courfe of law ; (5) or in cafe of fudden fire or infeftion, or other iiecefTity;- (6) and if any perfon 
or i>erfons fhall after futii commitment aforefaid make out and fign, or countcrfign any warrant or warrants for 
fuch removal aforefaid, contrary to this 3(51; as well he that makes or figns, or counterfigns fuch v.-arraut or war- 
rants as the olficer or oificers that obey or execute the fame, fhall fuffer and incur the pains and fcufcituresin this 
zil before mentioned, both for the firft and fecond offence refpedively, to be recovered in manner aforefaid by 
t'-.e r-'.rty grieved. 

X. Provided alfo, That it fhall and may be lawful to and for any prifoner and prifoners as. aforefaid, to move 
and obtain his or their Hilecu Ccrpits as well out of the Kigh Court of Chancery or Court of Exchequer, as out of ' 

tlie Coiuts of King's Bench or Common Pleas, or either of them; (2) and if the faid Lord Ch-ncellor <.r JLord The f exalt t fir 
Keeper, or any Judge or Judges, Baron or Barons for the time being, of the Dj^jree of the Coif, of any of the >'• lyin^ a H.:be.ii ■ 
Courts aforefaid, in ihc vacation-time, upon view of tlic copy or copies of the warrant or warrant? of com- Ccrj :.,. 
mitment or detainer, or upon oath made that fuch copy or copies were denied as afoiefai<l, fliall deny any writ 
of Hjbeai Corfu: by this aft required to be granted, being moved for as aforef.iid, they fliall f» verally forfeit to 
the prifoner or party grieved the fum of £.500, to be recovered in mannc.- aforefaid. 

XII. And . 

^4 Cije l^xMit iCatos 

A. D. 171 2. gaoler, ininifter, or other perfon vvhatfoever, wliicli liath the keeping of any gaol or prifoti, 

N". 330. by virtue of the ("aid aft ought, may or can do within the kingdom of England. 

Pcnaltyonof- HI. Every perfon whatlbevcr to wliom any power is given, eithcrjudicial or minillerial 

thr*duiics re- ^^' '"'* ''^' *""" which by virtue of this aft he is requiied and commanded to do, and (hall 

quired of them w''f^''lv neglcft, rcfufe or omit to do the fame, when ths fume fhall be legally rcqueRed and 

1.) tills ait. demanded, according to the dircfcUon of the faid /fa/^frtt CorftKf ^-Jfl; and when the perfon or 

pcrlons fo rcquelling and demanding the fame, arc legally ctitilled to rcqueft or demand by 

the faid aft, and arc within the benefit of the fame, according to the true intent and meaning 

thereof, that then and in fiich cafe, fuch perfon. whether magifhate or officer, wilfully fo 

refufing, ncgli.-6ting or omitting what this aft recjuireth and commandeth him or them, for 


Ki fuhjtlii Jhall XII. And for preventing illegal imprifonments in prifons beyond the fcas, (i) Be it further enacSed, That h» 
br fiat lo foreign fubjefl of this realm that now is, or Iifrcafter (hall be an inhabitant (ir reCant of tliis kingdom of England, do- 
fiifini. minion oi'Wal^s, or town of i?<-rTO#"4* upon TiuirJ, (hall or may be fent prifoner into 5i:oj/.jnrf, /r<-/j»</, ycr/ij, 

2 Vrnl. JI4. Giirrnfcy, Tangier, or into (xirts, garrifons, iflands or places beyond the feas, which arc or at any time hereafter 

(hall be within or without the dominions of his Majcfty, his heirs or fuccellors; (j) and that every fuch impri- 
fonmciit is hereby en;ii3cd and adjudged to be illegal; (4) and that if any of the laid fubjcds now is or here- 
after (liall l)e fo imprifoiied, every fuch perfon and porfons fo impriloned, (hall ai'.d may for ever)' fuch imprifon- 
ment maintain by virtue of this aiJl an aiSion ora.3ions of falfe imprifonment, in any of his Majcfty's Courts of 
Record, againft the p^rion or perfons by whom he or (lie (hall be fo committed, detained, imprifoned, fcntpri- 
foner or tranlported, contrary to the true meaning of this adt, and againlt all or any perfon or perlbns that (nail 
frame, contrive, wTitc, feal or counterfign any warrant or writing for fuch commitment, detainer, imprifon- 
Tbepenali- . mcnt or tranfportation, or (hall be advifing, aiding or alTifting in the fame, or any of them ; (^) ajul the plain- 

tiff in every fuch atftion (hall have judgment to recover his treble cotts, beCdes damages, which damages fo to 
be given, (hall not be lefs than £.Jco; (6) in which adlion no delay, ftay or (lop of proceeding by rule, order 
or command, nor no injundlion, prote<5lion or privilege whatfoever, nor any more than one imparlance (hall be 
allowed, excepting fuch rule of the Court wherein the a<flion (hall depend, made in open Court, as (liall be 
thought in jtiOice necefl'ary, for fpecial caufe to be cxprcfl'eJ in the faid rule ; (7) and the perfon or perfons who 
(hall knowingly frame, contrive, write, feal or counterfign any warrant for fuch commitment, detainer or 
tranfportation, or (hall fo commit, detain, imprtlon or tranfport any perfon or perfons contrary to this acl, or 
be any ways advifing, aiding or afilfting therein being lawfully convitiled thereof, fiiall be difabled from thence- 
forth to bear any oflice of truit or profit within the faid realm oi EngUnJ, doniinmn of Iftiies, or town o( JSeruul 
upon Tivccd, or any of the iflands, territories or dominions thereunto belonging; (8) and (hall incur and fuftaiu 
ly R. 2. c. 5. jhj. pains, penalties and forfeitures limited, ordained and provided in and by the flatute of provifion and * Pra- 
muni re matle in the fixteenth year of K\n^ Rishurd t\\£ Second; (9) and be incapable of any pardon from the King, 
his heirs an 1 fucccffors, of the faid forfeitures, loITes or difabilities or any of them. 
Ftrfint rticmihg XIII. Provided always, That nothing in tliis ad (hall extend to give benefit to any perfon who (hall by con- 
carncjt upon ccn- traiS in writing agree with any merchant or owner of any plantation, or other perfon whatfocver, to be tranf- 
trai/j to be tranf- parted to any parts beyond the feas, and receive earneli upon fuch agreement, although that afterwards fuch 
fcrlrJ, eyapuJ. p^^f^^ (j^^n renounce fuch contraa. 

Perfms cmviClcd XIV. Provided always, and be it enaiflcd, That if any perfon or perfons lawfully convicted of any felony, 
cffeUnyfindpra-j- (jj^jj -^^ ^p .„ court pray to be tranf|>ortcd beyond the fcas, and the court fliall tliink fit to leave him or them in 
inglnuifforlalian, p^ifon for that purpofc, fuch perfon or perfons may be tranfported into any parts beyond the feas; this a<3, or 

erirplid. jjijy t|,i„g therein contained to the contrary notw ithftanding. St^ IfavnilaliU here. 

OJendtri may be XVI. Provided alfo. That if any perfon or perfons at any time refiant in this realm, (hall have committed 
fentta be tried ^^^. fjpjjaj olfence in Seallat:d or Ireland, or any of the ifiands, or foreign plantations of the King, his heirs or 

ivlaretbeiroffences fuJc,.flors, where he or (he ought to be tried for fuch olTcnce, fuch perfon or perfons may be fent to fuch place, 
•acre committed. xhne to receive fuch trial, in fuch manner as the fame might have been ufed before tlic making of this act ; any 

thing herein connined to the contrary notwithftanding. 
Prtfecuttom for XVII. Provided alfo. That no perfon or perfons (liall be fued, impleaded, molefted or troubled for any of- 

oj'incei ■uitbin fence a^ainft this zA, unlef? the party ofTemling be fued or impleaded for the fame within two years at the moft 
It hat lime to be afier fuch time wherein the oficnce (hall be committed, in cafe the p.arty grieved (liall not be then in prifon ; and 
made. if he (hall be in prifon, then within the fpace of two years after the decealc of the pcilon impriJbned, or his or 

her delivery out of prilbn, which (hall firit happen. 
After the ajfi::.ei XVIII. And to the intent no perfon may avoid his trial at the AITizes or General Gaol-delivery, by procuring 

I roelatmed , nopri- his removal before the Allizes, at fuch time as he cannot be brought back to receive his trial there; (j) Re it 
fouertoberemoved, rnaSled, That after the Aflizcs proclaimed for that county where the prifoner is detained, no perfon (hall be re- 
h!.lheforelkeJiid^t moved from the common gaol upon any Habeas 0,rpui granted in purfuance of this afl, but upon any fuch Hahai 
of ajjize. Ccrpui (hall be brought before the Judge of AlTize in open court, who is thereupon to do what to jufli.e (hall 


XIX. Provided ncvcrihclefs, That after the Afiizcs are ended, any perfon or pirfons detained, may have hi» 
or her IJahtai Corpus according to the diredinn and intention of this aCl. 

XX And be it alfo enadtcd. That if any information, fuit or afiion fliall be brought or exhibited againft 
nny perfon or perfons for any ofT-ncc committed or 10 be committed againft flic form of iliisjaw, it (hall be law- 
ful for fuch defendants to plead the general ilTuc, that they arc Not Guilty, or that they owe nothing, and to 


wlo incur thofeliainiy plHalliei, t^c are put out of the Kiiig'i /•mlSlifi, ll<e!r hude and gcoJ, forfeited, 
■I allaiheJ to auf-uer to the King and Lit Cwmili or froeefi of iitxmvmtc liciit Jiall be made out againjl 
'her eafe. f,f pr^'if.r,. 

' P.rf. 
nnd their i)odU. ^ 

'.ihem, at in other cafc^ of pr^vifr. 

of %»otit!>Caroltna, - 25 

each wilful neglect, lefufal or ox.iffion, (hall forfeit the fum of jf'.sco, current ir.oney of A. D. 1712. 
this Province, lofs of places or ofHce, and undergo I'uch penalties as by the faid aft is ap- N". 330. 
pointed for every reJ'peftlve magiftrate, officer, miniflcr or perfon whatfoever, within the 
kingdom of England, to be r.-coversd in any of the courts of record in this provnice, in luth 
mjnaer ami form as bv the faid Habeas Carpus Act is appointed to be recovered in any of her 
Majefty's Courts at Weflminflcr. 

I'V. All and every perlon which now is, or hereafter (hall be within any part of this Pro- ^1 P^^^"'^J"_j 
vince, (hall have to all intents, conftruftions and purpofes whatfoever, and in all things ^^,^'^^''^^^-^^ 
whatfoever, as large, ample and etfeftual right to and benefit of the faid aft, commonly benefit ȣ tin; 
called the Habeas Corpus A£l, as if he were perfonally in the faid Kingdom of England. H^Uas Carpm 

Act as if in Eng- 
D cemb:r 11, 1712. land. 

A. D. 1712, 
N". 331. 


9in ^la to put in force ixi tfjis JBrot^tnce ti)z ftlirral 
Statutes of tfje Mn% tiom of Cncjlanti or ^outj^- 
Britain, tljerem particularly mcntionetj* 

WHEREAS many of the ftatute-laws of the kingdom of England or South-Britain, 
by reafon of the different way of agriculture, "and the differing productions of the rrear.ibl 
earth of this Province from that of Enj;land, are altogether ufelefs, and many others, which 
otherwile are very apt and good, either bv realon of their limitation to particular places, or 
becaufe in themfelves they are only executive by inch nominal officers as are not in nor fuita- 
ble for the conftitution of this government, are hereby become imprafticable here; Be it Ena(51cc 
Etiaded, that the feveral ftatutes and the feveral paragraphs and fcrlions, or numbers of the rp, , f, 
paragraphs of the feveral ftatutes of the kingdom of England, entiluled as follov/eth, and hereafter enu- 
made and enafled in fuch years alter the reigns of the Kings and Qacens of England, as be- r.iaatcd fhall be 
fore the titles of the feveral ftatutes is in this aft fet down, and as the fame are diftinguiflied of the fame force 
and divided into paragraphs and feftions or numbers by Jofeph Kelile of Grav's-inn, Efq; >n this Province, 
in his ftatutes at large, from magna charta to the end of the reign of King Charles the 2. d been ena^t-d* ir 
and continuing v/ith the addition of all the ftatutes made in the reign of King James the 2. d (be fame.' ' 
and King William and Queen Mary, to the end of the laft feffions of pailiament. May the 
3d 1695 in the 7th. year of the reign of his late majefty King William the 3d in 2 volumes, 
printed at London in the year of our Lord 1695 and as the fame is further continued in a 3d 
volume of the ftatutes at large, beginning with the 7th and 8th years of the reign of the 
late King William the 3d and continued to the end of the laft feffion of parliament, March 
the 14th 1704 irf the 4th year of the reign of her prefent majefty Queen Anne, printed at 
London in theyearof our Lord 1706 together with an addendo to the faid 3d volume begin- 
ning with the 4th year of the reign of her prefent majefty Queen Anne, and continued to 
the end of the laft feffion of parliament, April the ift, 1708 in the 7th. year of her faid prefent 
Majefty 's reign, printed at London in the year of our Lord 1708 and the ftatutes printed fince 
the faid 3d volume and the addendo being ftatutes made in the 7th and 8th years of her prefent 
majsfty's reign, at the parliament fummonedto be held at weftminfter the 8th. day of July, 

G Anna 

give flioh fpecial matter in evidence to the jurj' that (hall xxy the fame, which matter being pleaded had been good j r- r a- 
and fuilicient matter in law to have difcharged the faid defendant or defendants againft the faid information, fuit "■'."' '/'"yfrr..! 
or aflion, and the faid matter (hall be then as available to him or them, to all intents and purpofe, as if he or If'^r j "' 
they had fuSiciently pleaded, fet forth or alleJged the fame matter in bar or difcharee of fuch information, fuit ''',' "'P'f'"''' "^"y 
oradion. ^ ^ S . pUad tb^gcn^rA 

'XXI. And becaufe many times perfons charged with petty treafon or felony, or as acce(raries thereunto, are 'II"'''-'-- 
' committed upon fufpicion only, whereupon they are bailable, or not, according as the circumftances making crjonscommi 
' out that fufpicion are more or lefs weighty, which are beft known to the Juftices of the Peace that committed '""'"Jl'"'"' y"" 
' the perfons, and have the examinations before them., or to other Juftices of the Peace in the county ;' (2) Be if" - /'u''"','^i 
it tlierefore enacted, That where any perfon (hall appear to be committed by any Judge or Juftice of the Peace, •'' °'0'>y'"'''"° ' 
and charged as acceflary before the fa(5t, to any petty treafon or felony, or upon fufpicion thereof, or with fufpi- remove or ate 
cion of petr)' treafon or felony, which petty treafon or felony (hall be plainly and fpecially exprelTed in the war- ^ erttije mn e- 
rant of commitment, that fuch perfon (hall not be removed or bailed by Tirtue of this ai:t, or in any other man- -' "^ ' ""' '' 
ner than they might have been before the making of this ad. 


A. D. 17J2. 
N". 331. 

Cfje public 2.alDs 

Anno Dom. 1708 in the 7th. yearef her majefty's reign, and by fevcral writs of prorogation, 
begun and hoUicn on tlic 16th. day of November, 1708 being the ift. fetTion of the faid 
parliament, and Irom thence continued by feveral prorogations to the 15th. day of November, 
1709 being the 2d. fcffion of the faid parliament, which ftatuteswcrc ])rinted at London by 
her majcfty's printers in the year 1708, 1709, and 1710, are, and are hcrebv to be in as full 
force, power and virtue, as if the fame had been fpecially enafted and made for this Pro- 
vince, or as ifihe fame had been made and enafted therein by any General Affembly thereof. 
(That is to (ay.) 

A. D. 1225. 
9 H. 3. .. r. 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. 

The great CHARTER. 

A Confirmation of Liberties. Obfolete. 

Phivil. 440. 
1 Ufi. 18. 
R,gi]i. 158. 
'Orig. Tbr Ddt. 
t AJJ Primipal. 

9 H- 3. '• 18 

Co. Ent.f. 564. 
/■"//a. Detinue, 
52, j6, 58, 6c. 
£ro. Jiutio/l, 2. 

5. 6. 

2 InJI. 32. 

9 //• i, '■ 2?. 


How Sureties fhall be charged to the King. 

E or our Bailiffs Ihall not feife any land or rent for any debt, as long as the prefent Goods and Chattels 
of the debtor do fuffice to pay the debt, and the debtor himfelf be ready to latisfy therefore. (2) Nei- 
' ther (hall the pledges of the debtor be dillrained, as long as the principal debtor is fulhcicnt for the payment of 
' the debt. (3) And if the principal debtor fail in payment of the debt, having nothing whcrewitli to p.iy, or 
' will not pay where he is able, the pledges (hall anfwcr for the debt. (4) And if they will, they (hall have the 
' lands and rents of the debtor, until they be Satisfied of * that which tlicy before payed for him, except that the 

* I debtor can fliew himfelf to be acquitted againll the faid furctiea.' 

The King's Debtor dying, the King fhall be firft paid. 

' TF any that holdcth of us Lay-fcc do die, and our Sheriff or Bailiff do (hew our Letters Patents of our fum- 
' A mon for debt, which the dead man did owe to us ; it (hall be lawful to our Sheriff or Bailiff to attach and 

* inroU all the goods and chattels of the dead, being found in the faid f fee, to the value of the fame debt, by the 
' fight t and ttpmnny of lawful men, fo that nothing thereof (liall be taken away, until we be clearly paid off 
'the debt; (2) and the refiduc (hall remain to the Executors to perform the tcHament of the dead; (3) and if 

* nothing be owing unto us, all the ciuttelt (hall go to the ufc uf the dead (faving 10 his wife and children their 
' reafonable parts.'} 

I Add La^. } Nut III Orig. Supra, cap. 8. 

Wager of Law fhall not be without Witnefs. 

FitK. Ley, 78. '"VJO Bailiff from h: 
Br.. Ley, 37. 'IN 
2 I.1J). 44. 

9 /f. 3..-. 29. 

5 Co. 64. 

10 Co. TA- 

11 Co. 99. 
zhij!. 45. 

forth flin'.l put any man to his open Law, nor to an oath, upon his own bare faying, 
without faithful WitnefTcs brought in for the fame.' 

None fhall be condemned without Trial. Juflice fliall not be fold or 


' TVTO Freeinan (hall be taken, or imprifoned, or be dilTeifcd of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Cuftoms, 
' JlN or be outlawed, or exiled, or any othrrwifc dollroycd ; noriii/l ve notf^fi ufnit him, nor ecmJemn tim', but 
' by lawful Judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the Land. (2) We will fell to no man, we will not deny 
' or defer to any Man cither JuAice or right.' 

XegiJ/.jZb. Mirror 314. \ An.'eif. 1^%. i B:!f.r. ^iZ. jBulfr.AT. M'kJ' 1 Ii,f . (>l%, (>H. Enforced ty 
lF.ll. i.e. i. Confirmed h $ F.d l. c. <). I4. iV. 3./.;/. I. i. I4. ConfrmeJ and amended hy iS E''- i-f"'- i- '■ *• 
18 Ed. 3. c. 3. 37 EJ. 3'. i. 18. 42 El. 3. c. 3. II JJ. a. e. 10. See 4 H. 7. c. 12, giving Direilionj to Jyfliiti 
of the Peace. I Roll. I08, 2C9, 225. 12 C». 50, 63, 93. 

' The Wordi ahwe, maried in Italici, do ty no mrani exfref, the Senfr if the Oiiginal. The t-.vo r,rhi, Ibimus and 
hVMemMi evidently fland in Ccntradifliliftion In each other, and are indeed mveb eafier en foumfeJ than tranJIatiJ: therefore 

ve cannot da ketter than recur to LordCoVe'i Exfofition, lihiihliaifoltinui: ' No Manual! le condemned .it the King'i 

.">.«■/, either before the King in his Bench, nvhrre lie Pleai are ' Coram Rcge, /andfo are the IVorJs nec fliper euro ibi- 
' mns, to he underf.nodj nor brfure any other Commijloiier or Jud^e ivlalever ( and fo aU lie l^oidi nec fupcr cum mit- 
tcmus, tote undirjiood.' J 


Englifh Statutes made of Force. 
in. what only Cafe a Woman fhall have an Appeal of Death. 

A.D. 1712 
N°. 33^- 

A. D. I22f. 

9 «• 3- 

» XTO Man (hall be taken or imprifoned upon the Appeal of a Woman for the Death of any otlier, than of her „ 

-JN Hufband.- 17. 60, 68, 104, lli. ^"- ^Z'/"'. S- 

He is a Baftard that is born before the Marriage of his Parents. ad. 1235. 

° 20 H. 3. c. 9. 

* '"T'O the King's Writ of Baftardy, Whether one being born before Matrimony may inherit in like manner as Merlon 

' X he that is born after Matrimony, all the Bifhopsanlwered, That tliey would not, nor could not, anfwcr to fits. Bafiardy, 

' it; becaufe it was lUreclly againft the common Order of the Church. (2) And all the Bifhops inftantcd the 21, 22, 25, '37, 

' Lords, that they would corfent, that all fuch as were born afore Matrimony fhould be hgitiniate, as well as 28, 30, 33, 

' tney that be born " ivitb'm Matrimony, as to the fucceflion of inheritance, for fo much as the Church accepteth I H. 6. 3. 

' fuch for legitimate. And all the Earls and Barons with one voice anfwered, that they would not change the 1 1 //. 4. 84 

' Laws of the Realm, which hitherto have been ufed and approved.' 39 . Ed. 3 14, 

44£.^. 3. 12. 12.^0.72. • For it/;Vi/n read a/>fr. xlvjt.fjk. 

A Diftrefs ihall not be driven out of the County. And it fhall be rea- ^'h\ "4'' 

fonable. M.rusnd,,. 

' "K T ONE from henceforth Ciall caufe any Diftrefs that he hath taken, to be driven out of the County where Fhz. Bar. 120. 
' _l\| it was taken; (2) and if one Neighbour do fo to another of Iiisown Authority, and without Judg- 275. 

* ment, he ihall make Fine (as above isfaid) as for a Thing doue againft the Peace; (3) Neverthelefs, if the 29 Ed. 3. c. 23. 
' Lord prefume fo to do againft his Tenant, he fhall be grievoufly punifhed by Amerciament. (4) Moreover, i^^ This fcems to 
' Diftrefl'es fhall be reafonable, and not too great. (5 ) And he that taketh great and unrcafonable Diflreffes, Ihall /v a mijlahn Re- 
' be grievoufly amerced for the Excefs of fuch Piftreffes.' /"enit, theicUiiig 
TtaStat. ill Ztjd of Ed. 3. Kel. 50. Enjlrud hy J, Ed. I. c. 16. Enforced and amindtd by I tS* 2 P. &. M. C. 12. Dif- 

trelTes fhall be reafonable. Enforced iy 18 Ed. I. flat. 3. c. 12. 2 Inft. I06. 

A Remedy againft Accomptants. Fermors fhall make no Wafte. sih.^.c.i^. 

' TT is provided alfo, That if Bailiffs, which ought to make account to their Lords, do withdraw themfelves, Fitz, Brief , 

' A and have no Lands nor Tenements whereby they may be diftrained; tlien they (hall be attached by their Bo- 791, 806. 

' dies, fo that the Sheriff, in whofe Bailiwick they be found, fhall caufe them to come to make their account. Fitz.Proce/s,20i. 

Eitz. Exigent, 12. iRoll.iZz. %Infi.\a,i- 

MI. Alfo Fermors, during their Terms, Ihal! not make Wafte, * Sale, nor Exile of Houfe, Woods, and Men, * NctintieOri 
' nor of any thing belonging to the Tenements that they have to ferm, without fpecial Licence had by Writing of gi'ia!. 
'Covenant, making mention, that they may do it; which Thing if tliey do, and thereof be tonvicl, they ihall Mirror ^lo. 
' yii. Id full Damage, and fhall be punilhed by Amerciament grievoufly.' .5 ''°* '°- ^y't 

I. i8l. Fitz. !VaJl, 12. 22, 30, 32, 37, 41, 43, 46, 47,48, .■;3, 68, 69, 76, 78, 82, 88. 4 Co. 63. Raj!. 6S9. 
2 Injl. 144. Enforced by 6 Ed. l.fat. I. e. 5. ■which gri'ei treble Da 


What kind of Man-flaughter fhall be adjudged Murther. s^h.^. 0.25. 

U RTHER from henceforth ftial] not be judged before our Juftices, where it is found Misfortune only, Keyling, 123; 
but it (hall take pla^e in fuch as are fiain by felony, and not otherwife.' Co. Ent. 354. 

2 Inji. 148. 
2R0!. 120. 

No Penalty for an Efcape before it be adjudged. ^iFi.c^l^" 

IT is provided alfo, That nothing be demanded nor taken from henceforth, nor levied by the Sheriff, nor Li'""'}' 

by any other, for the Efcape of a Thief or a Felon, until it be judged for an Efcape by the Juftices in Eyre. ^''."T' ^'-' ' •'''■ 

' (2) And he that otherwife doth, fhall reftore to him or themihat have payed it, asmuchashc or they have ^ ^"J'- ^°S- 
' taken or received, and as much alfo unto the King.' 

What fhall be adjudged Wreck of the Sea, and what not. 

3£i. I... 4- 

CONCERNING R' recks of the Sea, it is agreed, that where a Man, a Dog, or a Cat efcape quick out of 5 Co. 106. 
the Ship, that fuch Ship nor Barge, nor any Thing within them, fhall be adjudged Wreck : (2) but the 5 Ed. 3. 3. 
' Goods fhall be favcd and kept by View cf the Sheriff, Coroner, or the King's Bailiff, • and delivered.-^ into the Bro. ll're.l-, _i. 
' Hands of fuch as are of the Town where the Goods were found; (3) fo that if any fiic for thofe Goods, and * iVo» in t'x Ori- 
' after prove that they were hii, J or ferijhed la his Keeping, within a Year and a Day, they fhall be rcftoied to gina!. 
• him without Delay; and if not, they Ihall remain to the King, and be feifed by the Sheriffs, Coroners, and f Rtadiv... 
' Bailiffs, and Ihall be delivered to them of the Town, which fitall anfwer before the Juliiccs of the Wreck ^ For that they 
' belonging to the King. (4) And where Wreck belongcth to another than to the King, he Ihall have it in like were his, orpe- 
. nianatr. (5) And he that otherwife doth, and thereof L« attainted, Ihall be awarded to Prifon, and make rilhed, &c. read 

' I ine that _ 

2 8 Cljc 33ul)lic 3La\us 

Eiiglijli Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1-12. 
N". 33'- 

that they were ' Fine at tin: Kinjj'sWill, and (hall yiilj Damages alfo. (6) And if a Bailiff do it, and it be dilallowcd by the 

hisorhisl.orJ's, 'Lord, and the l.nrd will not pretend any litle thereunto, the Bjiliff (hall anlwcr, if he have whereof; and il' 

or pcri(hcd, &c. 'lie have nut whereof, the Lord (liall deliver his Bailitrs Body to the King." 

i:n/o,icJbyl:EJ. i.J},ft. I. c:. I 1. S,, A. A. idlh Murcb, 1783. 

3£v. I. r. 6. Amerciaments lliall be reafonable, and according to the Offence. 

' A ND that no City, Borough, nor Town, nor any nianbe amerced, witliout reafonable Caiile, ^nd accord - 
' -iV ing to the quantity of his Trefpafs ; that is to fay, every Free-man, Caving his Freehold, a Merchant 
' faving his ISIerchandll'e, a ^'illai[l ("aving his Waynage, and that by his or their Peer..' 

2 /«/?. 169. 
Regijl. 187, 

The Punifliment of Felons refufing lawful Trial. 

A. D. 12-5. 

iEJ. I. c. II. 

liyir 005. ' TT is provided alfo. That notorious Felons, and which openly be of evil Name, and will not pot themfelves in 

Kcl. la. ' X Imjucfts of Felonies, that Men (liall charge them with before the JuiUcts at the King's Suit (liall have (Irong 

8 H. 4. 1. ' and hard Imprilbnmtnt, as they which refufe to ftand to the Common Law of the Land. But this is not to be 
4 £J. 4. 1 1. ' underilood of fuch I'rifoners as lie taken of light Sufpicion." 

I4£rf. 4. 7. iliV. 3. 8. /■.••■i. Cv/wi. 233, 283, 359. xlnjl.lT}. 

iEi.i.c.\i,. Appeal againft the Principal and Acceffary. . 

Co. /. 9-/- 119. "AND foiafniuch as it hath been ufed in fonie Counties to outlaw Pcrfons being appealed of Commandment, 

flmitl. 97. " ±\. Force, Aid, or Receipt within the fame Time that he which is appealed for the Deed, isoutlawedj" ' It 

a R. 3. 21. * is provided and ' commanittJhy the King, That none be outlawed upon Appeal of Commandment, Force, Aid, 

9 H. 7. 19. ' or Receipt, until he that is appealed of the Deed be attainted, fo that one like Law be ufed therein through the 
20 F.I. 4. 7- ' Realm: (2) Neverthclefshe that will fo appeal, iliall not by RcaCun of this, intermit or leive o(f tocom- 
7 H. 4. 36. ' mence his Appeal at the next County againil them, no more than agaiull their Principals, which he appealed 

• For (.tmmaiiJrd ' of the Deed; but their Exigent (hall remain, until fuch as be appealed of the Deed be attainted by Outlawry, 
read granted. ' or othenvifc.' 

fiU. Conn. IQ, 12,33. Jil/I.fl"./. 41, 47, A^.lln^^. 182. 

3 £</. I. <r. 23. None fhall be diftrained for a Debt that he oweth not. 

jl f ranger Jha'.l ' TT is provided alfo, That in no City, Borough, Town, Market, or 1-air, there be no Foreign Perfon (which 
notbtdiRralncdfor ' X is of this realm) dillrained for any Debt wherefore he is not Debtor or Pledge; and wholocver doth it, 
Dtbt. ' (hall be grievoufly punifhcd, and without Delay the Diftrefs (hall be delivered unto him by the BaiUfTs of the 

a InJI. 204. ' Place, or by the King's BailiiTs, if need be.' 

3 Ed. 1. 1. 29. The Penalty of a Serjeant or Pleader committing Deceit. 

ilnP. 212, 213. ' TT is provided alio. That if any .Serjeant, Pleader, or other, do any Manner of Deceit or CoUufion in the 

Enf'irced and en- ' A King's Court, or confent unto it, in Deceit of the Court, or to beguile the Court, or the party, and therc- 

lar^cd bv 8 J?. 2. ' "' ^^ attainted, he (hall be iniprifoncd for a Year and a Day, and from thenceforth fhall not be heard to plead 

4 Raft. 2. ' '" '''^' Court for any man; (2) and if he be no Pleader, he fhall be imprifoned in like Manner by the .Space 

II EJ. A- i-b. ' of a Year and a Day at leaft; and if the Trefpafs retjuirc greater Punifhment, it (hall be at the King's Plealurc' 

Sali.Sl?- Palmer lZ%. 

A. D. 1278. One Perfon killing another in his own Defence, or by Misfortune. 

* ^-^ '• '• '• An Appeal of Murther. 

(jH 3/f. !.<:. 26. ' T^HE King commandeth that no Writ (hall be granted out of the Chancery for the Death of a Man to cn- 
3 Ed. I.e. II. ' A quire whether a Man did kill another by Misfortune, or in his own Defence, or in other Manner witli- 
2 In/I. 114. ' °"' Felony; (2) but he (hall be put in prifon until the coming of the Tuftices in F.yre, or Juflicesatrigned to die 

Kel. fa. 53, 108. ' Goal-Delivery, and fliall put hinifclf upon the Country before them for Good and Evil: (3) In Cafe it be found 
IVt^el'i Inft.di. ' by the Country, that he did it in his Defence, or by Misfortune, then by the Report of the JuOices to the Kinj^, ' the King (hall take him to his Grace, if it pleafe him. (4) It is provided alfo, that no Appeal (hall be abated lo 

See i Ed. 3. c. 2. ' foon as they have been heretofore; hut if the Appellor declare the Deed, the Year, the D.iy, the Hour, the 
and 14 Ed 3. ' Time of the King, and the Town where the Deed was done • and tiitt ^vbai IVrafon be .tut fain, tlic Appeal 
fiat. I. e. 13. in ' "lall (land in EHce't, (5) and (hall not be abated for Default of frelh Suit, if the Party (lull lue within the Year 
\ubat eqjii tb€ ' and the Day after the Deed <lone.' 

JC/w'j Rardon 7*"" i' granted. And fee tbe 28 Ed. 3, c. 9. luhUb orderi that nt IVritfbaU be dire^ed te a Sbtrifftt tiarge an Jnjuejl 
la India any. * Net in til Original. Regi/I. 134, JOO. 


of ^outlj^Carolina. -^9 

Engii/h Statutes made of Force. %?'^'^'"- 

The Mafters remedy againft their Servants, and other Accomptants. jj^-f, 


D. 128, 

CONCERNING Servants, Bailiffs, Chamberlains, and all Manner of Receivers, which are hound to yield . ^ .'J Tr^r' j 
Accompt, it is agreed and ordained, That when the Mailers of fuch Servants do afijn Auditors to take " ''' " ^"J-'^-'- 
' their Accomnt, and they be found in Arrearages upon the Accompt, all Things allowed which ought to be al- ' "^ '^^y ">"""'t 

■ lowed, their Bodies Ihall be arreilcd, and by the TelUmony of the Auditors of the fame Accompt, (hall be fent ^^^""/""n" '" 

■ or delivered unto the next Gaol of the King's in thofe Parts; (2) and fhallbe received of the Sheriff or Gaoler, / r"-, 

and imprifoned in Iron under fafe Cuftody, and Ihall remain in the lame Prifon at their own Coft. until they °- „ Z!"?.^' "' 
have fatisiicd their Mafter fully of tlic Arrearages. (3) Neverthclefs if any Perfon being fo committed to Pri- 'i' 'P 

fon, do complain, that the Auditors of his Accompt have grieved him unjuftly, charging him with Receipts Jr'',""""' 

that he hath not received, or not allowing him Hxpences, or reafonable Difburfcments, and can find Friends ' ' "'.9" 

■ that will undertake to bring him before the Barons of the ExchecjueJ, he ihall be delivered unto thcjn; (4) and 'Z'''^''"'^'"'^'' 
the Sheriff (in whofe Prifon he is kept) (hall give Knowledge unto his Mafter, that he appear before the Ba- " :. _ 
ronsofthe Exchequer at a certain Day, with the Rolls and 'lallics by which he made his Accompt ; and in the p^lj"j'j"{^ 
Prefence of the Barons, or the Auditors that they ihall afllgn him, the Accompt fhall be rehearL-d, and Juftice J!J ' •' ^^- 

■ (hall be done to the Parties, fo that if he be found in Arrearages, lie (ball be committed to the /V-W, as above is „''.''. '""/"■"" ' 
faid ^"^ i r,^ :f li*. O^^ onr! ^i-;!! n.^f oivr* Ai-mmnf willino-Iv a^ is ronrained elfewhere in olhtrr Statutes. _ •^' 

■ he (ha 

■ (6) A 

■ be found in Arrearages, and cannot pay the Arrearages forth wuh, he (ball be committed to the Gaol to be kept ^/l^jr 

1 be done to the Parties, fo that if he be found in Arrearages, lie (hall be committed to the /V-W, as above "3 „ ,. „ ^ 

.. (0 Andifheflee, and will not give Accompt willingly, as is contained elfewhcre in other Statutes, r'.'J'\ 
(hall be dilirained to come before the Juflices to make his Accompt, if he have whereof to be diflrained. ''~' f ""^/'-^ 

And when he cometh to the Court, Auditors (hail be alllgned to take his Accompt, before whom if he .I'e '*''' ''' 
ound in Arrearages, and cannot pay the Arrearages forthwith, he (ball be committed to the Gaol to be kept ^ }t . 

,' in Manner afctfefaid. (7) And if he tlee, and it be returned to the Sheriif that he cafjiiot be found. Exigents -J <?/''' "^'^ 

• fhall go againft him from County to County, until he be outlawed, andfuch Prilbner fliall not be replcvifable. "^ 'r^-^'^' 

* (g) AndlettheSherifrorK^eperof fuch Goal take Heed, if it bewithin al-ranchife, or without, that he do not " *T'''. |'" 
' fuifer him to go out of Prifon by the common V\'iit called K./ileyiare, or by other Means, without AflTent of ^'^'^ '"'■"•'''"'!':- 
' his Mafter; (9) and if he do, and thereof be convid ; he iltall be anl'wtrable to his Mailer of the Damages "" V , , , 

' done to him by fuch his Servant, according as it may be found by the Country, and (hall have his Recovery by r/- ^ ' "V ■'' '2' 

• Writ of Debt. ( 10) And if the Keeper of the Gaol have not wherewith he may he juftlfied. or not able to pay, f' °-f ""j^''' 
' bis Superior that committed the Cuftody of the Gaol unto him, iliall be anfwcrablc by t'le iame Writ." '""^ ''" ' )> 

lie. J. IT. 12. i icon. 9. PUz. Dct.iTi. filz. Ifj. 160. Bro. l)sl. 10^. 1 h'u!/!i. t,zi . 

The Appellant being acquitted, the Appellor and Abetters fliall be 13^;/. i.,. i,' 
punifhed. There fhall be no Eflbin for the Appellor. i 

' 1T"OR-\SMUCH as many, tlirough Malice intending to grieve other, do procure falfe Appeals to be made of flcPun'ifima^lnf 

• J? Homicides and other Felonies by Appellors, having nothing to fatisfy the King for their falfe Appeal, nor "" Appellor fir a 
' to the Parties appealed for their Damages;' (2) ' it is ordained, That when any, being appealed of Felony filfi Appeal. 

' furmifed upon him, doth acquit himfelf in the King's Court in due Manner, either at the Suit of tlu: Appellor, 12 Co. 126. 

' or of our Lord the King, the Juftices, before whom the Appeal (hall be heard and determined, (hall punifli the ^'^^ 9'~'- 

' Appellor by a Year's Imprifonment, and the Appellors (hall neverthelefs reftore to the Parties appealed their f'tz.Djmare,'^-_ 

' Damages, according to the Difcretion of the Juilices, having Refpecl to the Impiilonmcnt or Arreftment ■'^''*. Ccron. 12, 

' that the Party appealed hath fuftained by Reafon of fuch Appeals, and to the Infamy that they have incurred "7. 9^> 3^6- 

' by the Imprifonment or otherwife, and fhall nevertlielefs make a grievous Fine unto the King. (3) And if H Co. 77. 

.' peradventure fuch Appellor be not able to recompence the Damages, it (hall be inquired by whofe Abetment or ^« I ^'l- j-J^J'- 

'Malice the Appeal was commenced, if the party appealed deCre it; (4) and if it be found by the fame In- I- '• 7' "'Met Ji- 

' queft, that any Man is Abettor through Malice, at the Suit of the Party appealed, he (liall be diiVained by a '''^' Ixquiry to be 

•judicial Writ to come before the Juftices; (5) and if he be lawfully convift of fuch malicious Abetment, he fliall """^^ "f Gaolers 

* be puniibed by Imprifonment and Reftitution of Damages, as before is faid of the Appellor. (6) And from '^'^^^ compel Prifo- 
' lienceforth in Appeal of the Death of 4 Man there (hall no EfToin lie for the Appellor, in whatfoever Court the ""'' '" "ppeal, and 
' Appeal (hall hap to be determined-' . ' 14 -E^- J-f-^'- I- 
t. 10. rvhlehmahi it Feloityin fuch Gaoler. Rcgif.^d. Inquiry of Abettors. 11 Co. 11$. Cro. £1. il^,'!. I4iy. 7.2. 

i6//. 8. 3. il)<T, 120, 131. ZH.S.t. gfi. 4. 3. No Effoin for the Appellor. Regijl.l^^. 2/^.383. 

The Ordinary chargeable to pay Debts as Executors. i3£j. i.<. 19. 

See A. A. 1789. 

Dyer, 232. 

* "^TrHEREAS after theDeath of a Perfon dying inteftate, which isboundentofome other forDebt, the Goods 5 Co. 83. 

' VV come to the Ordinary to be difpofed; (2) the Ordinary from henceforth ihall be bound to anfwcr the Fiiz. Brief ,Sli. 

' Debts as far forth as the Goods of the Dead will extend, in fuch Sort as the Executors of the fame Party (hould fifx. Execut. 77. 

' have been bounded, if he had made a Tcftament.' j I„Jl. 39-. 
By 2,1 £J- 3- fict. I. c. II. The Ordinary ftall commit Adminiftration. And for the Duty of Ordinary ar.d AdminiJlraUr, 
fee 43. El. c. 8.. Ji 15" 23 Car. Z. c. 10. 39 Car. S. f. 3. §. 25. and I Jac. 2. f. I7. 

H It 

J^EJ. I. c. 34. 

7/ K />/o/iy tc ra- 
vijh a Woman. 

ivilb an Ad-vdu- 
Jeit her Dotver. 
1 /«/?. 32. 

S,t l%Eliz. c. 7 

13 £</. I. <. 3;. 
; /»,?.44i. 

J3 £1/. I. c. 40. 
/;<z. yjff, 47, 
76, 116, 138. 
^;/:. Vc'uchcr, 
180, 183, 2a6, 
2 hcnn, 14S. 

A. D. 1300. 
28 Ed. I. £. II. 
Sla. 3. Art.fiipir 
13/f. 4./. 17- 

/((z. Charr.firty, 
3,4,6, 12, 14, 

3/"/. 118. 
Enforced *y 33 
.Irf. I./a!. 3. 
4frf. 3.*. II. 
J 19, 417, IT".. 

s8 £</. I. c. i6. 

1 /,y?. j68. 

13 Ed.l.jlal. I. 

A. D. 130J. 

33 Av. i.yi./. 2. 

20 i/. 7/- 1 1- 
/•i/i. /iJ<-r. , 4. 

Xt/. 8r. 

Fill. Confp. 1, 4, 

5, 10, 13, 14, 

t;, 16, 19, 21, 

22, 25. 

K'.V 37. 

y. N. B. ib. 


Jijfl. 122. 

2 /«/ j62. 

3 ■'"/■ 143- 

Englijh Statutes made of Force, 

It is Felony to commit Rape, A married Woman elopeth with an 


' TT IS provided. That if a Mau from henceforth do ravilh a Woman married. Maid, or other, where (he did 
'A not confent, neither before nor after, he fhall have Judgment of Life and of Member. ( 2) And likcwife 
' where a Man ravifheth a Woman married. Lady, Damofcl, or other, with Force, althouph (he confent after, 
' he Ihall have fuch judgment as before ii> faid, if he be attainted at the King's Suit, and there the King (hall have 
' the Suit. (3) And of Women cairiedaway with the Goods of their Hufbands, the King (hall have the Suit for 
' the Goods fo taken away. (4) And if a Wife willingly leave her Hufband, and go away, and continue with her 

• Advouterer, fhe fliall be barred forever of Afiion to demand her Dower, that (he ought to have of her Hufband's 
' Lands, if (he be convi<ft thereupon, except that her Hulband willingly, and without Coercion of the Church, 
' reconcile her, andfuffer her to dwell with him; in which Cafe ihe (hall be rcftorcd to her Adion. 

ll'bUb lain amiy C.'ergy from Ofaius of Rafc. Likcivif: the 4/i>/«7. cf the fame flat. -j.bicb males it Felony tuilbouf 
Cler<ry, to bave carnal kno'jL.leJse of a IVcman Child under the Age of ten Yean, Ke^ifi. 57- 2 RoU. 247. 9 ■£''• 4- 
/. 26'. Bro. Coron. 103. Dyer,is(>- /■'"::. iJsiwr, 4I, 72, 94, II9, I53. FiU. Aa.fur lejiat. ii, iT. 

No Diftrels fhall be taken but by Bailiffs known and fworn. 

" "IT'ORASMUCH alfo as Bailiffs, to whofe Office it bclongeth to take DiftrelTes, intending to grieve their In- 
" Y. feriors, that they may cxaift Money of them, do fend Strangers to take dillrelTes, to the intent that they 
" might grieve their Inferiors, by reafon that the Parties fo diftrained, not knowing fuch Perfons, will not fuller 
*' the DiftrefTes to be taken; ' (2) it is provided. That no Diftrefs (hall be taken, but by Bailifls fworn and 

• known. (3) And if they which do didrain do otherwife, and thereof be convifl (if the Parlies grieved will 

• piirchafe a Writ of Trefpafs) they (hall rcftore Damages to the Parties grieved, and befidcs, (hall be grievoufly 
' punilhcd towards the King." 

A Woman's Suit fhall not be deferred by the Minority of the Heir. 

'■C-TTHERE any doth aliene the Right of his Wife, it is agreed. That from henceforth the Suit of the Wo- 
' W man, or her Heir, after the Death of her Hulband, (hall not be delayed by the Nonage of the Heir that 
' ought to warrantife, but let the Purchafer tarry, which ought not to have been ignorant that he bought the 
' Right of another, until tlie age of his Warrantor, to have his Warranty." 

30J. Rafl. 139. 2 InJI. 4SS- 

Nothing fliall be taken to maintain any Matter in Suit. 

'« \ ND further, bccaufe the King hath heretofore oidaintd by .Statute, that none of his Miniftcrslhalttakeno 

• • _f\ Pica for Maintjinance, by which Statute other Otliccrs were not bounden before this 'lime;" (2) ' The 

• King w ill, that no Officer nor any other (for to have Part of the Thing in Plea) (hall not take upon him the 
' Bulinefs that is in Suit; ( j) nor none upon any fuch Covenant (hall give up hi^ Right to another; (4) and if any 
' do, and he be attainted thereof, the Taker (liall forfeit unto the King fo much of his Lands and Goods as doth 

• amount to the Value of the Part that he hath purchafed for fuch Maintenance. (.?)And for this Attaindre, who- 
' foevcr will, (hall be received to fue for the King before the Jufticcs, before whom the Plea hangcth, and the 

• Judgment fhall be given by them. (6) But it may not be underilood hereby, that any Perfoo (hall be prohibit to 
' have Counfel of Pleaders, or of learned Men in the Law for his Fee, or of his Parentsand next Friends.' 
ioEJ.J.i.A. and iZ H. %. c. <). a^y.njl buying of Titles, \Sfe. %\Ed.yfSl. Bro. Chamferly, 11. Raf. 

What fliall be done with them that make falfe Returns of Writs. 

• r-piH.vr (liall be done with them that make falfe Returns (whereby Right is deferred) as it is ord-ined in 
' X tlicfccond Statute of Afj^m//-/??/-, with like Pain.' 

Who be Confpirators, and who be Champcrtors. 

• ^-^ONSPIRA'IORS be they that doconfeder or bind themfclves by Oaih, Covenant, or other Alliance, that 
' V> every cf them (hall aiil and bcir the otlier falfely and malicioudy to indite, or caufe to indite, (2) orfalfe- 
•ly to move or maintain Pleas; (3) apd alfo fuch as caufe Children within Age to appeal Men of Felony, whcre- 
' by they arc imprift.ned and fore grieved; (4) and fuch as retain Men in the Couutry with Liveries or Fees for 

• to maintain their malicious Enterprifes; and this cxtcndcth as will to the Takers, as to the Givers. (5) And 
' Stewards and BaililTs of great Lords, which by their Scignory Office, i>r Power, undertake to bear or maintain 
' Q'larrels, Picas, or Debates, that concern other Panics than fuch as touch the Eflate of their t^rds or 
' thenfelves. (6) This Ordinance and final Definition of Confpinitors was made ami accorded by the King and 
•his Council In his I'arllament the 33d Year of his Reign. (?) And it was tXirrher ordained, 'Ihat Juf- 
' tices alTigned to the hearing and determining of Felonies and TrefpaiTci, (hould have the Tranfcripi hereof, 
' (8) ' Clv.mpirlori te ttey that mo\e Pleas and Suits, or eaife le be snovrd either by their o^tn fmi^teSKeM, or bylhers, and 
' fue them at their proper Cofl'for to bare Pust of the Ltfd ill yarianer, tr farl of the Gaint.' 
IVbo it Ctairfertori. ' Net in Orlg. 


Engiifh Statutes made of Force. ^N^'asi'f* 

The Punifliment of fuch as commit Champerty. a. d. 1505- 

" TTT HERE it is contained in our Statute, that none of our Court fhall take any Pica to Champerty by 

" W Craft nor by Engine; (l) and that no Pleaders, Apprentifcs, Attornies, Stewards of great Men, Bai- 28 £J. I. /. 3. 

•' lifTs, norany other of the Realm, (hall take for Maintenance, or the like Bargain, any Manner of Suitor c. II. 

" Plea againil other, whereby all the realm is much grieved, a<id both Rich and Poor troubled in divers Man- Jiajl. 119. 

" ners;" (3) 'it is provided by a common Accord, That all fuch as from henceforth Ihall be attainted of fuch 20 H. b.f. 33. 

• Emprifes, Suits, or Bargains, and fuch as confent thereunto, (hall have Iniprifonment of 3 Years, and Ihall <)H.T.f. 18. 
' make fine at the King's Plealurc.' 15 ^- !■/• 2- 
Rcgift. 183. Enforced by 4 Ed. 3. c. II. lO Ed. 3. c. 4. and 32 H. 8. c. 9. againji buying of Titles, life, -which farther 

infarcet the Statutes againji Maintenance, tS'e. 

The King or his Heirs JhaJl have no Tallage or Aid -without Confent 34 ^J- 1/ 4- 
of Parliament. Obfolete. 

All Laivs^ Liberties^ and Cujioitis coyifirmed. Obfolete. c,4. 

In what Cafe it is Felony to break Prifon, in what not. i Ed. 2.J1. 2." 

CONCERNING Prifoners which break Prifon, our Lord the King willeth and commandeth. That none . . , 

from henceforth that breaketh Prifonfhallhave Judgment of Lifeor Member for breaking of Prifon only, j^^ 9. 

" except the Caufe for which he was taken and imprifoned did require fuch Judgment, if he had been convicft ^.'^^ Coron 114 

' thereupon according to the Law and Cuftom of the Reaim, albeit in Times pall it hath been ufed otherwife.' ^ j' ' •'4- 

Inquiry fliall be made of Gaolers, which by Durefs compel Prifoners a. d 1327. 

^ •^ ' '■ -LEd.-K.ji.l.c.T. 

to appeal. 

ITEM, To efchew the Damage and Deftrudion that often doth happen by SherifTs, Gaolers, and Keepers of 22 tj" 23 Car. 2. 
Prifons, within Franchife and without, which have pained their Prifoners, and by fuch evil Means compel c. 20. 
' and procure them to become Appealers, and to appeal harmlcfs and guiltlefs People, to the Intent to have Ran- EelansandPrifcn- 
' fom of fuch appealed Perfons,forfear of Iniprifonment or other Caufe; (2) the Juftices of theone Bench and of the ers far Debt am 
'other, and Juftices of Affize and Gaol Delivery, fhall by Force of this Statute enquire of fuch CompulCons, not to be lodged ti- 

* Punifhments, and Procurements, and hear the Complaints of all them that will complain in fuch Cafes by Bill, gether. 

' and fhall hear and determine fuch Plaints, as well at the Suit of the Party, as at the King's Suit." I'iEd.l.Ji l.c.12. 

In what Cafes only Pardon of Felony fhall be granted. a£rf. 3.^.2. 

' TTEM, Whereas Offenders have been greatly encouraged.becaufe the Charters of Pardon have been foeafily la-whatCafesonly 
' •*■ granted in Times part, of Manflaughters, Robberies, Felonies, and other TrefpalTes againft the Peace;" the King' t Pardon 

• (2) it is ordained and enaded. That fuch Charter fhall not be granted , but only where the King .uay do it by j^,^ii ),; granted. 
'iiisOath, thatistofay, where a Man flayeth another in his own Defence, or by Misfortune." Chart, de Fard. 
499. 6EJ.l.J)at.l.c.i). Confirmed by 10 Ed. :i. flat. I.e. Z. Enforced by H Ed. i. flat. 1. c. 1$. Jlegijl. SOg. Br. lO. %SaH. 

Juftices (hall have Authority to punifh Breakers of the Peace. a. d. 1328. 

2 Ed. 3. c. 6. 
' TTEM, As to the keeping of the Peace in Time to come, it is ordained and enaded, That the Statutes 
' ■•■ made in Time pafi, with the Statute of /P'/mAf^fr, fhall be obferved and kept in every Point: (2) And 
' where it is contained in the End of the faid Statute of Winchtfer, that the Juftices affigned fiiall have Power 
' to enquire of Defaults, and to report to the King in his Parliament, ^and the King to remedy it, which no Man 
' hath yet feen, the fame Juftices (hall have Power to punifh the Dilobeyers and Refifters.' 
• Not in the Original. 

The Authority of Juftices of Aflife, Goal-delivery, and of the Peace, a. d. 1330. 

• TTEM it is ordained. That good and difcrect Perfons, other than of the Places, if they may be found fuffi- 4//^. 168. 

' ■•■ cicnt, Ihall be afligned in all the Shires of £nf/a/i</, to take Affifes, Juries, and Certifications, and deliver the E'forceJuyzoEiL 

'Goals; {2) and that the faid Juftices fh-.ill take the Aflifes, Juries, and Certifications, and deliver tlie Goals, at 3. <-. 6. 

'the leaft 3 times a Year, and more often, if need be. (3) Alfo there ftiall be aftigned good and lawful Men Seeithivife for 

' in every County to keep the Peace. (4) And at the Time of the AClgnmejits, Mention fhall be made that the ^atifcations 

' fuch as fhall be iniiifteJ or taken by the faid Keepers of the Peace, fliall not be let to Mainprile by the Sheiiffs, and Duty of "jfnf-. 

' nor by none other Miniftcrs, if they be not mainpernable by the Law; (!)nor that fuch as ftiail be indicted, tices of the Peace. 
'(hall not be delivered but at the common Law. (6) And the Juftices afTigned to deliver the Gaols, fliall have 
' Pov/cr to dclivcrthc fame Gaolsoftliofe thatihallbeindided before the Kccperjof the Peace; (?) and that the 


32 Cije ^ulJlic iiaUis 

'^N?'33u'' Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

1 /?■ 3- ■■• 3- ' ^^"^ Kicjxrs (li.;ll L-ml their InJiAinents before tlic Jiiftices, and they fliall hare Power to enquire of Sheriffs, 

4 H. 7. c. 12. ' tJaolcrs, and other, in whofe Ward Inch indi<9ed Pcrl'ons Ihall be, if they make Delivcranie, or let to Main- 

I'Jf 2 M. ' prize, anyfoindiiilcd, which be not mainpernable, and to puniiU the laid bhcriffi, Gaolers, and others, if they 

c. 13. ' do any 'I'hing againll this Act." 

4 EJ. i.e. 7. Executors fliall have an Adion of Trefpais for a Wrong done to their 

Teftator. See A. A. 1789. 

Rij.. °40- " TTEM, Whireas in 'J Inuf paft Executors have nothaii Aifliiins for aTrcfpafs done to their Tcftators, a» of the 

' Ir"'*^'/ X " <^"°<'« '"•J Chattels of l!ic Time Tcflators carried away in their Life, and fo fuch TrefpaDcs have hitlicrto re- 

7 "-A-f- lo- " ' niained unpuniflud;" ' it is enaiSed, That the Executors in fuch Cafes fhall have an Adion againll theTrel- 
''■"■.*■ J' ' paffcrs, and recover tlicir Damages in like Manner as they, whofe £xecutors tlicybe, Ihould have had if they 

F< 'wereinUfe.- 
fjtz. £x(.„l. Si, 106. Cro. £/. 377, 384. i<,«i. 167. S«W/ 118, 133. I i«n. 193, 194. R^ IsEJ.i.ftat.S.c.S. 

txUnd, tic Rrmedy H Exmitcriof Executor,; and fee farther II H. %.c. A. feil. I. 43 Elii. c. S. fed. 2. JO Cjr. 

2jh/. 1 . c. J.fe/!. 2. j,W4 ts" 5 IF. UJ" M. c. 24. fee'?. 12. 

4£/3c-9- Sheriffs, Bailiffs of Hundreds, and Efcheators, iliall have fufficient 
9 EJ. i.j>ai. 2. in the County. Obfolete. 

I' tJ" M^Ciir. 2. ' TTEM, it is accorded, That no SherifT, Bailiff of Hundred, Wapentake, nor of Franchife, nor Undcr- 
cfil.ivho Ihallhc ' J^fcheators, ili.iU be from henceforth, except he iiave Lands fufficient in the Place where they be Minifters, 
Sheriff', and of ' "hereof to aiil'wer the King and his People, in Cafe that any Man complain aguinft them, as it was ordained at 
luhat E/lale ihn ' ^"*"''^'' ' 'f"e at the Parliament liolden at Lincol/i, in the Time of the King's Father that now is, that is to fay, 
Jiall be. ' '" ^^'^ '•'^ '^'"'^ °f l^'* Reisn." 

A. D. 1330. Sheriffs and Gaolers fhall receive Offenders without taking any Thing. 

4 EJ. 3. t. 10. 

" TTEM, Whereas in Times paft. Sheriffs and Gaolers of Gaols would not receive Thieves, Perfons appealed, 
" •*■ indiiiled, or found with the Manner, taken and attached by the Conftablcs and Townlliips, without taking 
" great Fines and Ranfoms of them for their Receit, whereby the faid Couftables and Tow nlhips have been im- 
" willingtotakcThicvesandFelons, becaufeof fuchextrcam Charges, and tl:e 'I'hicvea and the Felons the more en- 
" couraged to offend;" ' (2) itis cnai5led. That the Sheriffs and Gaolers lliall receive and fafelvkeepin Prifon- 
' from hence forth fuch Thieves and Felons, by the Delivery of the Conftables and Town(hi])s, without taking any 
' Thing for the Receit. And the Jufticesaffigned to deliver the Gaol, lliall huve Power to hear their Comjilaints 
' that will complain upon the Sheriffs and Gaolers in fuch Cafe, aud moreover to punifh the Sheriffs and Gaoler* 
' if they be found guilty.' 

^ Ed. i.e. 11. Juftices of Affifes, 6<^- fhall enquire of Maintainers, Confpirators, 

and Champertors. 

18 Ed. l.Jlal. 3. <, jTj7T^/[_ Where in 'Fimes pad divers People of the Realm, aswell great Men as other, have made Alliances, 
f- II- iiEJ. 1. ■, J. t;onfe..cracie5, and Confpiracies, to maintain. Parties, Pleas, and Quarrels, whereby divers have been 
Put. 3. Enforced '< ^yrongfully difinherited, jind fomc ranfomed and dellroyed, and fonic for fear to be maimed and beaten, durft 
iv 20£</. 3.J. 4. '.„(,( fuc for their Rij;ht, nor complain, nor the Jurors of Intjueils give their Verdiels, to the great Murt of the 
Andfeej,2 H. 8. ., pfoj,|c_ .^nj flander of the Law, and common Right;" ' (2) it is accorded. That the Juflices of the one 
c.().ivh,chfarth,r . u^n,.], a„d of the other, and the Juftices of Affifes, whenfoevcr they come to hold their Seffions, or to t«ke In- 
enforce, the Sla- , ^y^j^j ypQ,, \!j; Priu,, (hall enquire, hear, and determine, as well at the King's Suit, as at the Suit of the 
'"'" 'V"''^ . Party, of fuch Maintainers, Eearers and Confpirators, and alfo of them that commit Champerty, aud_ of all 

Mamlenance. , ^^.^^^ Things contained in the forefaid Article, as well as Juftices in Eyre ftiould do if they were in the fame 

AdpurmnenI of , j-Qun; , ,> ^^j ,i,jt „hich cannot be determined before the Juftices of the one Bench or the other upon the 
!!'% n^'l^' ,; ' Niji Pri„,, for Shortncfs of I'ime, ftiall be adjourned into the Place whereof they be Juftices, and there be dc- 
D ««"■'■ ' termined as Right and Rcafon fhall require.' 

'A^D''ij3i. None fliall be attached or forejudged contrary to the Great Charter, 
sEJ-i-cg. or the Law. ' 

9 //. i.Jlal. 1. • ¥ TEM it is enacted. That no Man from henceforth (hall be att.iched by any Accufation, nor forejudged 01 
'■ 29. . 1 Life or Limb, nor his Lands, Tenements, Goods, nor Chattels feifed into tile King's Hands, againft the 

3 Bulftr. 47. , jTorn, of the Great Charter, and the Law of the Land." 

5 A/ 3- '• >o- The Punifhment of a Juror that is ambidexter, and taketh Money. 

Ai Ed 1 / «o . TTEM it isaccorded, Thatif any Juror in Affifes, Juries, or Inqucfts,takcoftlicoiiePartyorcrtheothcr, 
Uix De'cie,' .' ■•■ and be thereof dulv attainted, that hereafter he (hall iiqt be put in any Affifes, Junes, or Inquefts and 

' iicverthcled 

Evglijh Statutes made of Force^ ^'^j^P- '"'=• 

' neverthelefs he fhall be commanded to Prifon, and further ranfomed at the King's Will. (2) And the Jufliccs A. D. 1331. 
' before whom fuch Aflifes, Juries and Inquells fhall paCs, (hall have Power to enquire and determine accord- R"]!- I45. 
« ing to this Statute." R'g'J^- 188. 

Enforced and amcndid hy 34 Ed. 3. c. 8. l%Ed. i-fat. I. c. 12. the latter emiSthig that Jurar tulw^ Money JhallfirfcU ten tlmeithefumtah'.r, 

Proccfs againfl: thofe that be appealed, indi(fted, or outlawed in one J ^''- 3-^" 
County, and remain in another. 

" TTEM, Where in Times pafl fome Perfons appealed or indided of divers I'elonies in one County, or out- 
** •*■ lawed in the fame County, have l)ecn dwelling or received in another County, whereby fuch felonious Pcr- 
" fons indided and outlawed have been encouraged in their Mifchief, becaufe they maynot be attached in another 
" County;" ' (2) it is enaeted. That the JiilHces afligned to hear and determine fuch Felonies, (hall direift 
' their Writs to all the Counties of England, where Need fhall be, to take fuch Perfons indided." 

Night-Walkers and fufpeded Perfons fliall be fafelykept. ^icj. 3.^.1+ 

" TTEM, Whereas in the Statute made at IVinchefler in the Time of King Edward, Grandfither to the King 
" ■*- that now is, it is contained. That if any Stranger pafs by the Country in the Night, of whom any have 
' Sufpicion, he fliall prefcntly be arrefted and delivered to the Shcrifi, and remain in Ward till he he duly de- 

* livered. ( -) And becaufe there have been divers Man-flaughters, Felonies, and Robberies done in Times pafl, 

* by People that be called P.oberdefmen, Wailors, and Draw-latches;'* * (3) it is accorded, That if any may 
' have any evil Sufpicion of fuch, be it by Day or by Night, they (hall be incontinently arrefted by the Conftables 

* of the Towns. (4)Andif they be arrefted within Fmnchifes, they iliall be delivered to the BaiiilTs of the Frarn 

' chlfc, and if in Guildable, they (hall be delivered to the Sheriffs, and kept in Prifon till the coming down of 3 J"P- 197- 
' the Juftices afligned to deliver the Gaol. (5) And in the nicanTinie the .ShcriflFs or Bailiffs of the Franchifcs 

* Ihall enquire of fuch Arrcfts, and at the coming of the Juftices return their Inquefts before them, with 
' which they have found, and the Caufe of the Takings, with the Bodies, and the Juftices fliall proceed to the Deli- 

* verance of fuch Perfons arrefted according to the Law. (6) And in cafe that the Sheriffs or Bailiffs of the Fran- 

* chifes have not enquired of fuch Arrefts, they ftiall be amerced, and neverthelefs the Juftices Oiall make Eii- 

* quiry, and further proceed to the Deliverance, as before is faid. 

Pardons fhall not be granted contrary to the Statute of 2 Ed. 3. cap. 1. io'Ed.\^fl]i'i 

"TTEM, Wliereas Murderers, Robbers, and other Felons, be greatly encouraged to offend, byreafonthat '■ *• 

** ^ Charters of Pardon of Man-flaughter, Robbery, Felonies, and other Trefpaffcs againft the Peace, have - cj -^ ^ ^ 

" been fo lightly granted before this Time;" ' (i) it is accorded and eftabliftied by our Lord the King, by the (;/,^,.) ^je Pard 

' Aflent of his Prelates, Earls, Barons, and at the Requefl: of the faid Knights and Commons, That no fuch jj^ j^ j^^^r , 

' Charters, from henceforth ftiall be granted by our Lord the King, againft the Form of a Statute late made at ; j r- > , 7; , j 

' Nortbamftcnthc Second Year of his Reign.' /_ j^ ^'-^ 

A. D. 1340. 

No Pardon for Felony, but where the King may do it faving his Oath. uEd.^fat. i. 

" TTEM, Becaufe by divers Satutes made before this Time in divers Parliaments it was affented, That no b Ed. I.e. 9. 

" ■^ Charter of Pardon of the Death of a Man fliould be granted by the King, but in cafe where he may do it 2 Ed, 3. c. 2. 

" keeping the Oath of his Crown; which Statutes have not been holden, but Charters have been granted with- 

** out Number to divers Felons and Manfiaycrs, 10 the evil Example and Fear of good People and lawful, where- 5 Co 11 

** by Thieves, Felons, and Offenders be comforted to do their Robberies and Man-flaughter, and the fame do jq £j , n^^ j 

" from Day to Day, and the more be encouraged to do the fame, becaufe nf Hope eafily to have tljeir Charters c. 2. 

" of Pardon;"' '(2) it is aflcHted, el>ablifhe«l, and accorded, That no Chaiter of Pardon of the Death of a ' ' 

' Man, nor of other Felony, fliall be from henceforth granted to any Man, but in Cafe where thr King may 

' the fame do, faving the Oath of his Crown, as it is contained in tlic .Statutes made before this Time; (3) and if 

' any Chai'ter be from henceforth granted againfl the faid Statutes, the fame fliall be holden for none.' 

None fhall maintain any Quarrels but their own. joiv. 3.^c.'4. 

•TTEM, We have ciimmanded and utterly defended, that none of our Houfe, nor of them that be about us, „ 

' •'• norother, which be towards our beloved Companion the Queen, or our Son Prince of IValet, or to- J .' ''„■>' '^'„ 

' wards our Courts, nor Prelates, Earls, Barons, nor other great nor fmall of the Land, of what Eftate or Con- ''^'^'' ^^^' ■'' 

' dition they be, fliall not take in Hand Quarrels other than their own, nor the fame maintain by them nor by 

'other, privily norapcrtly, for CJift, Promiie, Amity, Favour, Doubt, nor Fear, nor for none other Caufe, 

' in Difturbance of Law and Hinderance of Right, upon the Pains aforefaid; but that every Man may be free 

' tofue for and defend his Right in our Courts and elfewhere, according to the law. (2) And we Iiave ftraitly Hjjl. 119, 427. 

* commanded our faid Son, and divers Earls and other great Men, being before us, that they on their Behalf IsTe. ■ 

' (hall do to be kept this Ordinance without Default, and that they fuffer none which be towards them to attempt 28 £/. l.f.-'t. 3. 
' againft this Ordinance by any Way." > c. 11. z^Ed.i. 

fat. 3. 4 Ed. 3. c. II. and ^2 H. 8. e. 9. iihkh i.ifia Penalt'i^s as Mainlinanu. 

I Juftices 

A. D. IJ46 
20 EJ. 3. c. 6. 

34 tCfje ^tjlic i.a\jDS 

\^.' ^lu' Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

Juftices of Aflife fhall enquire of and punifh the Mifdemeanour or 
Officers and other Offenders. 

' TTF, M, W'e will and have ordaineil, That the Juftices alTigned to take AITifes (hall h»\-e Ciimmiflions fuffi- 
' L cient to en<iuire in their Scllions <.f She rifft, Efchcators, Bailiffi of Franchifes, and their Under Minifters, 
' and alio of IVlaintainors, comnton Enibratcort, and Jurors in the Cotintr)-, and of the Gifts, Rewards, anii 
• other Profits, which the faid Miniftcrs do take of the People to execute their Office, and that which pertainetli 
' to their Office, and for making the Array of Panncls, putting in the fame fufpeft Jurors, and of evil Fame, 
' and of that Maintainors, Embraceori, and Jurors do take Gifts and Rewards of the Parties, whereby LolTes 
' and Damages do very gricvoully come daily to the People, in Subverfion of the Law, and Difkurbance of com- 
' mon Right, and to punifh all them which thereof fball be found guilty, according at Law and Kcafon re- 
' quircth, as well at our Suit as at the Parties." 

A. D. I3JO. 

A Declaration ivhich Offences Jhall be adjudged Treafon. Obfolete. 

iVf SrJitien AH, llth A/iril, 1 7 76. 

^sEJ.3-f-5-'-3- No Indi£lor fhall be put upon the Inqueft of the Party indidted. 

Bro. Chall. 42, . TTEM it is accorded, That no Indiflor (hall be put in Inquefts upon Deliverance of the Indi<5lees of Felonies 
166 °' or Trcfpafs, ifhebechallengcdforthatfameCaufeby him which isfoindided." 

:.',Ej.i.ji.s.:s- Executors of Executors fhall have the Benefit and Charge of the firft 


Src A. A. 1789- 
fteu,!. 286. • Tj'XrCUTORS of Executors ihall have Anions of Debts, Accompts, and of Goods carried away of tlie 

JttzCcvritanli4. • _l2j firft Tcftators, (2) and Execution of Statutes Merchants and Recognizances made in Court of Record to 
J-ilz. Exccut.i^t, ' the firft Teftator, in the funic Manner as the firft Teftator (hould have had if he were in Life, as well of Adioiu 
103, no, 120. ' of the Time paft, as of the Time to come, in all Cafes where Judgment isnot yet given betwixt fuch Executors* ; 
^AJJi/Executcri « (3) and that the fame Executors of Executors ftiall anfwcr to other of as much as they have recovered of the 
ftiz Extiut. 10, < Goods of the firft Tcftators, as the firft Executors ftiould do of they were in full Life." 

^^P. 70. 95> !*<'• 30 (^'r- 2. flat. 1. c. 7, mct.s Exiculon of Executor, M ihcir ctun iLroiig anJ-wirabU. 4 U" S li^. iS" M. i. M-/"- It- 
maiij Extntert of Exautors anfivcraUrfor -wajling AJfcrti. Rjjl. 323. 

tsEj.i.ji.s.c.ij. Procefs of Exigent fhall be awarded in Debt, Detinue and Replevin* 

21 H.6.f. 42. ' TTE M it is accorded. That fuch Proccfi ftiall he made in a Writ of Debt and Detinue of Chattels, and tak- 
3c Ed. 3.y; 9. • •*• ing of Beafts, by Writ of Cufhi, and by Procefs -.f Exigcnd by the ShcrifTs Return, as i« uled in a Wiit 
7 EJ. n.f. 9. ' of Aciompt.' 

fiU. Prufs, 72. m, 121, 216. Rivifl. 81, Es'<r. 1 Biiljlr. 63. iSaU. 18. K<iJI. I49. 2 /,»/!. 8j. Bf I9 H. 7. c. 9. lUt 


25i:rf.3/.5.f.i9 By the King's ProtecDiion the Parties Suit fhall not be hindered, but 

his Execution. 

Cro. fa:. 477. " TTEM, Forafmuih as our Lord the King hath made before this Time Prote<9ions to divers People, which 

ilohb. 115. " ■* we bounden to him in fnme Manner of Debt, that they fliould not be impleaded of the Debts which they 

" owed tc ..ther, till they had made Gree to our Lord the King of that which to him was due by them, by rca- 

" fon of his Prerogative ; and fo during fuch Protefliuns no Man hath ufcd, nor durft implead fuch Debtors ;" 

' (2j it is accorded and affenied. That notwithftanding fuch Prolcelions, the Partiis which have Aiftions againft 

Cc. Lit. 131. i. ' their Delitiirs, (IkiM beanfwendin the King's Court by their Debtors; (3) and if Judgment be thereupon given 

■ for the Plainti/Tor Diman.Lmt, the Execution of the fame Judgement fhall be put in Sufpcnce till (irte be 

The Credit'ri un- ' ""adc to the King of his Debt. (4) And if the Creditors will undertake for the King's Debt, they (hall be 

diriakmi for tie ' thereunto received, and ftiall have Execution againft the Debtors of the Debt due and adjudged to them, and 

Kin/i Delrt. ' •'Ifo ""'" recov" againft them as much as they (hall pay to the King for them.' 

None fhall lofe his Goods by his Servant's Offence. Speedy Juflice 
fhall be done from Day to Day, and from Hour to Hour. 

IT E M que nul Marchaunt nautre, de quel conciition qil foil, pcrdc ne forface fe» bicnz re Marchaundlfez pur et forf.iiturc de fon fervaunt, fil ne le lace per Comaimdemenl nu abctte de fon mciftre, no qil eit mef- 
pris en lollue en quel fou ineiftre luy ad mys, ou m autre mancre qc le maiftre foil tenuz a rcfpondic pur Ic fait 

oC §>outf)^Caroltna. 35 

A. D. 1712. 

Engli/h Statutes made of Force. %c 

A. D. 135:,. 

foivfcrTauntpsrleley Marchaunt, come per aillours ad efte ufee. Etjurce que Marchauntz ne pont foyent ^jEJ.j.Jt.z.c.ifi 
ioiigement demurere en un lieu, pur cntreleffer lour Marchaundilcs, Si voloms. que haflive droit lour foitfaitde MerebantiSlmn- 
jour en jour et de hure en hure, folounqe lez leys ufeez en autre eftaples tenuz avaunt ccz hurcs per aillours, tout gcrs'jhatl ba-je 
les foitzsquiles les voidrount pleindre de nuUi, ou que nul ic voidra pleindrc de eux, illint que lez Marchauntz prrfmt Remedy for 
ne foient per malice taries pur defaut de haftive remedie. any grievance: done to them. 

A. D. I3J7, 

To whom the Ordinary may commit the Adminiftration of the Goods 3i-£.'-3/i'"- 
of him that dieth inteftate. The Benefit and Charge of an Ad- 

See A. A. 1789. 

' TN cafe where a Man dieth inteftate, the Ordinaries fhall depute the next and moft lawful Friends of the dead 13 £,/. \.jiat. r. 

' -* Perfon inteftate to adminifter his Goods ; (2) which Deputies Ihall have an Adion to demand and recover as c. 19. 

' Executors the Debts due to the faid Perfon inteftate in the King's Court, for to adminifter and difpend for the Cartheiu 376. 

• Soul of the Dead; (3) and fliall anfwer alio in the King's Court to other to whom the faid dead Perfon was 1 ShoT^er 40-;. 
' holden and bound, in the fame Manner as Exeaitors ftiall aufwer. (4) And tliey ftial! be accountable to the i Roll 105. 
'Ordinaries, as Executors be in the Cafe of Teftament, as well of the Time paft as the Time to come.' Faugh, (^(y. 

57 H. d.f. 15. Dyir 256. 5 Co. 9. 9 Co. 38. Co. Lit. 133. t. Cro. El. 409. Cro. Car. 63, I06. 29 Car. Z.c. 3. 41 £J. 3./. 2. 
Jiegiji. 141. Raf.ilO. 1 Buljir. ^1$. See farther for the duty of Ordinary and Adminifrator, 43 £/. c. 8. 22 iS" 23 
Car. 2. c. 10. I Jac. 2. c. 1%. 

A. D. 1360. 

The Penalty of a Juror taking Reward to give his Verdia. m£J.3-c.%. 

' T T E M, That in every Pka, whereof the Inqueft or ADife doth pafs, if any nf the Parties will fue againft any fitz. Damage, 

' ■*■ of the Jurors, that they have taken of his Adverfary, or of him, for to give their Verdid, he ftiall be heard, 76. 

' and fliall have his Plaint by Bill prefently before the Jufticcs before whom they did fwear, and that the Juror be J^ii~. J)ecies taa- 

• put to anfwer without any Delay ; (2) and if they plead to the Country, the Inqueft ftiall be taken prefently. turn, I, 2, 3, 4, 
» ( -,) And if any Man other than the Party will fue for the King againft the Juror, it ftiall be heard and deter- 5, 6, 9, 11. 

' niined as afore is faid. (4) And if the Juror be attainted at theSuit of other than the Party, and niaketh Fine, R^J}. 145. 
' the Party that fucth ftiall have half the Fine; {$) and that the Parties to the Plea fliall recover their Damages 5 £J. 3. c. 10. 
« by the Afleflment of the Inqueft; (6"i and that the Juror fo attainted have Imprifonnient for one Year, which E forced iy 
' Imprifonment the King granteth that it ftiall not be pardoned for any Fine. (7) And if the Party will fue by 38 Ed. i.flat. I- 
' Writ before other Juftices, he fliall have the Suit in the Form aforefaid." c. 12. enaaing. 

RegiJI. 1S8. that juron fating Money fkall forfeit ten times the Sum taken. 

There fhall be no Forfeiture of Lands for Treafon of dead Perfons not 2>AEd.z.c.x%. 
attainted. — Obfolete. See Efcheat Ad, -zSth March, 1788. 

An Idemptitate Nom'mis fhall be granted upon the wrongful Seizure ^fikd.'^^.i I'.. 
of another's Perfon, Lands, or Goods. 

«• T T E M, For the great Mifchiefs which often have happened, and daily do come, becaufe that Efcheators, ^ ^ 
. « A Sheriffs, and other the King's Minifters, do feife the Lands, Goods and Chattels of many, furmifing that j;:,'^_ I'demltitale 

• they be outlawed, where they be not outlawed, becaufe that they bear fuch Names as thofe whicli be outlawed, „cminisj I 2, 3, 7. - 
' for Default of good Declaration of the Surname;" ' (l)it is ordained, That if any complain him in fuch Cafe, he „ H.6. c'. ^'.^n/es 

' ftiall have a Writ o( Idemptitate Nominis, ill the Manner as hath been ufed in Times paft; ' (3) and if any Man's ^;„-^ -.rritto £xe- 

' Lands, Goods, or Chattels be feifed in fuch Cafe by Efcheator, bheriff, or other Minifter of the King's, he ^„,^^^_ 

ftiall find Surety before the Minifter which hath the Warrant to feife, to arfwer to the King of the Value of fuch ;p^,yj j^^ jy>^._ 

• Lands, Goods and Chattels, in Cafe that he cannot difcharge him, without taking any thing of the Party; jf^/_ '^^^_ ' 
' (4') and if fuch Minifter do not the fame, and thereof be attainted, the Party ftiall have the Suit againft fuch 

' Minifter, and recover his double Damages, and neverthclefs he fliall be grievoufly puni&ed to the Kip.g.' 

A Ship (hall not be loft for a fmall Thing therein not cuftomed. 38^^.3 

IT E M, Whereas the Ships of divers People of the Realm be arrefted and holden forfeit, becaufe of a little 
Thing put in their Ship not cuftomed, whereof the Owners of the fame Ships be ignorant ;" ' (i; it is ac- 
corded and aflented. That no Owner ftiall lo.'e his Ship from tht ' JfteentiDd,)' of feiruary next cor.\ing{orth, 
•or fuch a Ihiall Thing put within the Ship no; cuftomed, without his Knowledge." 


A. D. 1363. 

A. D. 1712. 
N°. 33'. 

A. D. I36,^ 
38 EJ.i.c. ii. 

A Jvror tu^Kg 

Jieiuard tagnf 

his VerJia Jball 

pay ten timet Jh 

much as be hath 


J-'itz, Decies tari- 

<i/OT, 1,2, 3, 4,5, 

6,9. II. 

r/..- PviiiJhmenI 

of Emhroceors. 

Konejlall inquire 

e,f office of this fj- 

tute but ,:t the Suit 


A. D. 1368. 
4J Ed. 3. e. 10. 

Evglifh Statutes made of Force. 

The Punllhment of a Juror taking Reward to give Verdidl, and of 


" TTEM, as to the Article of Jurors in the 34th Year;" 'it is sflcntcd and joined to the fame, 
" •*• that if any Juror in AlTifes fworn, and other Inquefts to be taken between the King and Party, or Party 
' and Party, do any thing take by them or other of the Party, Plaintiff, or Defendant, to give their VerdiiS, and 
' thereof be attainted by Protcfs contained in the fame Article, be it at the Suit of the Party that will fue for 
'himfelf, or for the King, or any other Perfon, every of the faid Jurors (hall pay 10 times as much as he hath 
• taken; (2) and he that will fue ihall have the one H.iif, and the King the other Half. (3) And that all the Em- 
' braceors that bring or procure fuch Inquefts in the Country to take Gain or Profit, lliaU be punifbcd in the fame 
' Manner and Form ;is the Jurors; f 4) and if the Juror or Embraceor fo attainted have not whereof to make 
' Gree in the Manner aforefaid, he ftiaU have the Imprifonment of one Year. (5) And the Intent of the King, 
' of the Great Men, and of the Commons is, that no Tuliice nor other Minifter ftiall inquire of Office upon any 
' of the Points of this. -Vrticle, but only at the Suit of the Party, or of other, as afore is faid." 
5 EJ. 3. c. 10. Rcgiji. 18S. R.,f,. 145. 

Children born beyond the Sea, if inheritable in England. 

AUSSINT fur la petition mis en parlcineut par la conimunalte fuppliant qe les enfantz neez pardela dienz 
les S;igiiuric5 de C'aleys, Guynes & Gafcoigne & aillours dienz les terres & Seignores qe appartiegnent a 
noftre Seignur le Roi pardela foient fi avant ablcs & inheritaVlesde leur heritages en Englctcrre come autrescn- 
fpntz neez deinz le Uoialnie dEngleterre eft acccrde & affentu qe la commune leye & Icllatut fur cc point autre- 
foiz faitz foient tenuz Jc gardez. 

tR.%.l^\l' A Prifoner by Judgement (hall not be let at large. Confeflion of a 
Debt to the King to Delay another's Execution. 

See 37thSei5lion of Jury Law, JCth .'Vuguft, I7U. — 9th Sei51ion of Circuit Court A<51, a9th July, 1769. 
And A. A. 29th February, 1789. 

3 BulJIr.ijT. " TTEM, Whereas divers People at the .Suit of the Party commanded to the Prifon of the /■/«/, by Judge- 

PlmuJ. iS- " *■ mcnt given in Courts of our Lord the King, be oftentimes fuffered to go at large by the Warden of the 

Dyertd, 162, " Prifon, fometinie by Mainprife or by Bail, and fometimcs without any Mainprife with a Bafton of the ^/^rf, 

471, 278, 297, " and to go from thence into the Country about their Merchandifes and other their Bufmefs, and be there long 

306, 322. " out of Prifon Nights and Days, without their Affent at whofe Suit they be judged, and without their Gree 

Ktl. 2. " thereof made, whereby a Man cannot tome to his Right, and recovery againft fuch Prifoners, to the great 

3 Co. 52, 71. '< Mifchief and Undoing of many People :" ' (2) It is ordained and affentcd. That from henceforth no Warden 

5 Co. 89. « of the Flat ftiall fuffer any Prifonrr there being by Judgment at the Suit of the Party, to go out of Prifon by 

8 Co. 142. ' Mainprife, Bail, nor by Ballon, without making Gree to the faid Parties of that whereof they were judged, 

/('/=. Vette, 53, ' unlefs it be by Writ or other Commandment of the King, upon Pain to lofc hus Ofiice, and the Keeping of 

67.110, 130, ' the laid Prifon. (3) And moreover, if any fuch Warden from henceforth be attainted by due Proccfs, that 

162. • he hath fuffered or let fuch Prifoner to go at large againft this Ordinance, then the Plaintiffs Ihall have their 

Fitx. Executor^ « Recovery againft the fame Warden by Writ of Debt.' 

74, 100. I Roll 205, 241. 275. The Penally of the IVarden of the Fleet, if be fuffer a Prifoner, being there by Judgment, to goat' 

lartie. JJ, f.J. l.Jlal. I.e. II. I. Sumid. 38. 

%R f/'l^"*' The Penalty if a Judge or Clerk make a falfe Entry, rafe a Roll, or 

change a Verdi«fl:. 

" ITEM, At the Complaint of the faid Commonalty made to our Lord the King in the Parliament, for that 
" 1 great Difherifon in Times part was done of the People, and may be done by the falfe entering of Pleas, 
" rafing of Rolls, and changing of Verdidls;" ' (2)it is accorded ami affented,That if any Judge or Clerk be of 
' fuch Default (fo that by the fame Default there enfueth Dilherifon of any of the Parties) fuffieiently convia bc- 
' fore the King and his Council, by the Manner and Form which to the fame our Lord the King and his Coun- 
' til Ihall feem reafonable, and within 2 years after fuch Default made, if the part>' grieved he of full Age, and 
if he be within Age, then within 2 Years after that he ftiall come to his full Age, he ftl»ll he punilhed by Pine 
and Ranfom at the King's Will, and fatisfy the Party. (3) And as to the Rcftitution of the Inheritance dr- 
defireil by the faid Ccmmionn, the Party grieved ftiall fue by Writ of Error, or otherwife, according to the 
Law, if he fee it espedient for him." 

IVlel Defaulh 
may br amended, 
and rtbal nr,l, f.-e 

8 //. <>. c. 12 U" 
15. and ^ Ann. 


of g)oiit]^'Carolina» 37 

Evglijh Statutes made of Force. %?' ^\'^' 

What Things the Admiral and his Deputy Ihall meddle. 

A.D.13 ^ 

" TTEM, Forafmuch as a great and common Clamour and Complaint hath been oftentimes made before this Enforcti 
' ' J. Time, and yet is, for that the Admirals and their Deputies hold their .Sedijns within divers Places of this z H. 4. c. u. 
" Realm, as well within Franehife as without, accroachiii;; to them sri'cater Authority tiianbeloncjeth to their 1 Iijl. i(>o. 
" OfBcc, in Prejudice of our Lord the King, and the Common Law of the Realm, and in diminiiliing of divers 4 /»/?. 135. 
" franchifes, and in Deflruftion and impoverifliing of the common People;" ' (2) it is accorded and alTentcd, 11 Co. 104. 
' That the Admirals andtheirDeputiesfliallnot meddle from henceforth of any tiling done withni the Realm, but Ij Co. 42, 'i. 
' only of a Thing done upon the Sea, as it hath been ufcd in the Time of the noble Prince King Edv.'ard, Hcb. 11, 79. 
' Grandfather of our Lord the King that now is.' 196, 212. 

7. B:,tl!r. ^1^. sBulJlr.iOS. DyerlSg. 4 MnJ. 176. SlcIS S- 1- t. :i. m Tcljal Ph;e itl Mmimrs Juri/Jiaictt 2 Jtoll /ig-j. 

Joth /;.-. 

. A. D. 1391. 

The Duty of Juftices of Peace when any forcible Entry is made into ij-^-j. c.z. 


' TTEM it is accorded and affentcd, That the Ordinances and Statutes, made and not repealed, of them that Fcrmcr Statuln 

' ■*• make Entries with ftrong Hand into Lands and Tenements, or other PoiicOionswhatfoever, and them hold concerning forcible 

•' with Force, and alfo of thole that make Ini'urre(5lions, or great Ridings, Riots, Routs, or Afiemblies, in Dif- Entries and £iofi 

' turbance of the Peace, or of the Common Law, or in Affray of the People, fhali be holden and kept, and ccii/irmeJ. 

' fully executed ; (2) joined to the fame, That at all Times that fuch forcible Entry ihall be made, and Com- Ke!. 41. 

' plaint thereof comcth to the Juftices of Peace, or to any of them, that the fame Juftices or Jullice take fuffici- 3 Bulfr. 71. 

' cut Power of the Cotmty, and go to the Place where fuch Force is made; (3) and if they find any that hold M'.d. Cafes in 

'.fuch Place forcibly after fuch Entry made, they fhall be taken and put in the ne?it Gaol, there to abide conviiS Laiv 65. 

' by the Record of the fame Juftices or Jullice, until they have made Fine and Ranfom to the King: (4) And 

' that all the People of the County, as well the Sheriffs as other, fhall be attendant upon the fame Juftices to go fee il Jac. i. c. 

' and aftift the fame Juftices to arreii fuch Offenders, upon Pain of Imprifonment, and to make Fine to the King. IJ- ■u'bieli enables 

' ( And in the fame Manner it fliall be done of them that make futh forcible Entries in Benefices or Oflices J'iP'-'es to give 

' of holy Church." Reflitution in cer- 

In what Places the Admiral's Jurifdidion doth lie. 15 r. 2. ^. 3. 

" TTEM, At the great and grievous Complaint of all the Commons made to our Lord the King in thisprefent 13 Co. 42. J2. 

"" X ParUament, for that the Admirals and their Deputies do incroach to them divcrijurifdiflions, Franchifes i j?o//. 336. 

" and many other Profits pertaining to our Lord the King, and to other Lords, Cities, and Boroughs, other than 

" they were wont or ought to have of Right, to the great OppreOion and Impoveiifliment of all the Commons 

" of the Land, and Hinderance and Lofs of the King's Profits, and of many other Lords, Cities, and Boroughs 

" through the Realm;" ' (2) it is declared, ordained, and eftablithed. That of ail Manner of Contrails, Pleas, jj^^^ j,g_ 

' and Quarrels, and all other things rifing within the Bodies of the Counties,, as well by Land as by Water, and ^n H 6 V -. 

' alfo of Wreck of the Sea, the Admiral's Court (hall have no Manner of Cognifance, Power nor Jurifdidion , . £^ 106 ' ' 

' but all fuch Manner of Contrafls, Pleas and Quarrels, and all other Things riCng within the Bodies of Coun- (^^^ q^^ '(^ 

' ties, as well by Land as by Water, as afore, and alfo Wreck of the Sea, fhall be tried, determined, difcuffed, and ^ Siil/Ir -tz- ' 

' remedied by the Laws of the Land, and npt before nor by the Admiral, nor his Lieutenant in any wife. (3) Ne- L.;„i\ Cafe'' 

' verthelefs, of the Death of a Man, and of a Maihem done in great Ships, being and hovering in the main Stream j\j j "v^/ ' 

' of great Rjvers, only beneath the BriJ^;es of the fame Rivers nigh to the Sea, and in none other Places of the fame jaj,,,, 

' Rivers, the Admiral fliall have Cognizance, and alfo to arreft Ships in the great Flotesfor the great Voyages of . j,.(i' x-y 

' the King and of the Realm; faving always to the King all Manner of Forfeitures and Profits thereof coming; O71Y/1 122 ' 

' (4) And he ftiall have alfo JurifdiCf ion upon the faid Flotes, during the faid Voyages only, faving always to the j" ■ p„^(' ;„ ^^^ 

^ Eords, Cities and Boroughs their Liberties and Franchifes.' 

OU AhriJgaent. Raj!. 23. 13 R. l.Jlat. I. c. S. See Z H. 4. i. II. le/j/V/j gives Remedy to him lubo is -uronffiiHy faei 

in the Court of Admiraily. 

A Remedy for him who is wrongfully purfued in the Court of Ad- ^- °' ^"°'' 

miralty. ^H.,.c.^^. 

' TTEM, Whereas in the Statute made at Wefminf.r the 13th Year of the faid King Richard, amongft other 

• X Things it is contained. That the Admirals and their Deputies (hall not intermeddle from thenceforth of any j ^p//. Jq^ 203. 

' Thing done within the Realm, but only of a Thing done upon the Sea, according as it hath been duly ufed in j ., Cy. j 2. 

' the Time of the noble King Edw.vrd, Grandfather to the faid King RicH.vr.u;" ' (2) our faid Lord tlie King 7-/,^ St.nue if St 
will and granteth. That the faid Statute be firmly holden and kept, and put in due Execution. (3) And more- j{_ 2. /?. i. c, c. 
over, the fame our Lord the King, by the Advice and AlTent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and at tlie eonfiimed tom-hii'z 
Prayer of the faid Commons hath ordained and ftabli(hcd, That as touching a Pain to be fet upon the Admiral, t!,iAdmirafs "^u- 
or his Lieutenant, that the Statute and the Common Law be holden agsinft them ; (4) and that he that feeleth rifJifHon. '' 
himfclf grieved againft the Form of the faid Statute, (liall have his Aciion by Writ grounded upon the Cafe 15 jj. j.'c. 3. 
againft him that doth fo purfue in the Admiral's Court; (5) and recover his double Damages againft the Purfu- { Co. 106. 
ant ; (6) and the fame Purfuant (hall incur the Pain oi £,.10 to the Kinff for the Purfuit fo made, if he be at- ^.,./ i rg' 
tainted.' 603. 4 Mid. 176. i SaH. 31. Raj!. 23. j^ h. 6./. 7. 

Yi ^.r^^^Cro.Car.Z^^, 

Cije ^mlit ^m< 

A. D. 1712. 

N".' 330.' ' Engli/h Statutes ui^add of Force. 

A. D. 140J. 

4 Ji- 4- <■ i2. The Punifhment of an Attornev found in Default. 

]Voatfirl cf Mtii 
•i^Ubc A'.ltnin. 
'i hjl. 76. 
3 H. 6./. 29. 

::i.¥. 6./37. 
Ih.. Auur. 3J. 

'TTF. M, For fiiudry Djnngcs aiul Mifchlefs hive enfuc 1 b.-forc this Time ro divers I'-.rfmis of tii« 
Realm l>y ;i great Niim'jer i.i' Attori.ies, ignorant and not learned in the Law, as they were woi.t 10 be 

' before this Time ;" ' {^) It is ordained and ftabliflied, 'I'liut all the Attornic-s Ihall be e;i.iciined by the Jul- 
tices, and by tlieir DiCretions their Names put in the Roll, and they that be good and virtuous, and of good 
Fame, fliall be re^ieivod and fworn well and truly to fcrve iu tin ir oAccs, and cfpccially that they make no Suit 
in a foreign County ; and the other Attoruiei, Jhall be put out by the Difcretion of the faid Juilices; (3) And 
that their Mafiers, for whoni they were Attornies, be warned to take others in their i'laces lo that in tiic 
mean Time do Damage nor Prejudice come to iluir faid Mailers. (4) And if any of the faid Attorniet do 
die, or do ceafe, the Juftices for the Time being by their Difcretion fhall make another in his Place, which is 
a virtuous Man and learned, and fworn in the fame Manner as afore is laid ; (5 ) and if any fueh Attorney 
be hereafter notorioufly found in any Default of Record, or othcrwiie, he Ih.ill forfwcar the Court, and neve.- 
after be received to make any Suit in any Court of tlie Kitg. (6) And that tliis Ordinance be holdcn in the 
Exchequer after the Difcretion of the Treafurer, and of the Barons theiw." .• ' . : " 

j^H.a,.c.zy Judgments given fhall continue until they Ihall be revcrfed by At- 
taint or Error. 

in H d f in " T TEM, Where as well in Plea real as in Plea pcrfonal, after Jud^Tiicnt given in the Courts of our Lord the 

n ••tc i^r ' '^'"S- 'he Parties be made to come upon grievous Pain, fometime before the King himfclf, fomctimc be- 

y.i 5>3- 1 «< fore the King's Council, and f.imetimes to the Parliament, to anfwcr there of new, to the great impoverifh- 

C 1 7JC " '"S °' ''^'^ Panics aforefaid, and in the SubverCon of the Common Law of the Land;" ' (2) it is ordained 

ro. Jac. 335. , ^jjj ftablifhed. That after Judgment given in the Courts of our Lord the King, the Parties and their Heirs 

B '/' 2 - ' ''^*" '"■ '''^'^'^"'^ '" Pi-ace, until the Judgment be undone by Attaint or by Error, if there be Error, as haiK 

• "'■1''^' "* > 4' ' ' been ufed by the Laws in the Times of the King's Progeuitoia. ' 

''•5- . Dr. andSlud.c. 18. 
12 Co. 64. 

A. D. 1403. It fhall be Felony to cut out the Tongue, or pull out the Eyes of the 
^"■'^■'■^- King's liege People. 

" TTEM, Becaufe that mr.ny Offenders do daily beat, wound, imprifon, and maim divers of the King's liege 
Kchn" 65. " People, and after purpoiely cut theirTongucs, or put out their Eyes;" ' (2) it is ordained and liablilhed, 

/?y 11 ir* 21 Car. ' That in fuch Cafe the OiTetiden that fo cut Tongues, or put out the Eyes of any the King's liege People, and 
2 r. 1 maUckui ' *''*' "^"'v P'o^^d ^^id found, that fuch Deed was done of Malice prcpenfcd, they Ihall incur the Paiii of I'elony." 
Tuaiyrm h maJc ^'I'-'y •""•'&"' ■»"--;^-' "f CUr^. 

A. D. 1429. No Judgment or Record fhall be reverfed for any Writ, Procefs, &c. 
%ii.(j.c.i2. rafed. What Defers in Records may be amended by the Judges, 

and •what not. 

.Vo Jw'mtrtncr 

JiscrJ Jhall bt re- ' TTEM our Lord the King hath ordained and eftablilhcd by the" Authority of this prefent Parliament, That 
'.: rftJ nor dwiJiJ ' 1 for Error alfigntd, or to be adigncd, in any Record, Procefs, or Warrant of Attorney, Original Writ or 
ur aiif Ifrit Jle- ' Judicial, Pand or Return, in any Places of the fame rafcd or inlerlined, or in any Addition, Subftradlioii, 
turii.Procrfi\jc. ' or Diminution of Words, Letters, Titles, or Parcel of Leiterr., found in any fuch Record, Procefs, Warran: 
rafcd er interlined. ' of Attorney, Writ, Panel, cr Return, which Ratings, Interlinings, Addition, Subllraflion, or Diminution, 
iiyer 105, x8o, ' at the Difcretion of the King's Judges of the Courts and Places, in which the faid Records or Procefs by Writ 
215 231 260 ' of Enor,.or otherwife, be certified, do appear fufpcAcd, no Judgment nor Record fliall b.- revcrfed nor an- 
3JJ. • nulled. 

5 Co. 45. 8 Co. 138. Cro. Jae. II9. Cro. Car. zyl. 
the "luJgu may ' IL And that the King's Judges of the Courts and Places in which any Record. Procefs, V\'ord, Plea, War- 

r-/irm all De/e'cfi ' rant of Attorney, Writ, Panel, or Return, which for the Time fliall be, (hall have Power to examine fuch 
lit Beiordi ■wkith ' Records, Procefs, Words, Pleas, Warrants of Attorney, Writs Panels, or Return, by them and their Clerks, 
be Mfprifion of ' and to reform and amend (in Aflirmance of the Judgments of fuch Records and Pro<:elTe«) all that which to 
.tie Clerk. ' them in ihcir Difcretion fcemeth to be Mifprifion of the Clerks in fuih Record, ProiefTes, Word, Plea, War- 

' X H.C. I. JS- ' r..nt of Attorney, Writ, Panel, and Return; (2) cicept Appeals, Indictments ol Treafon and of Fehmics, and 
4 Mod. b, 247. ' the Outlawries of the fame, :.ndllieSub(lanceof the proper Names, Surnames and Additions left out in Original 
I'.'ti:! Dcfeclt in ' Writs and Wrili of Exigent, according to the Statute another Time made the * FirJI Year ut King Hr.NKV, 
k'lordi mil not be ' Father to our Lord the King that now i«, and in other Writs containing I raclamatiou; (3) fotbat by fuch Mil- 
eit ended. 'Setond. • prifiou of the Clerk no Judgment fhall be reverfed nor ailnulled. (4) .\nd if any Record, Procefs, Writ, 
fiirian'.e athdsed ' Warrant of Attorney, Return, or Psnel be certified dcteiflive, othcrwiie than according to the WrititTg which 
be-'.uern d Rnurd ' thereof reniaincth in the Treafury, Courts, or Placesfrom whence they be certified, llie Parties in Afnrniance 
and the Cenijicati ' of ihe Judgmenis of fuih Record and Procefs (liall have .advantage to alledge, that (he fame Wriiioe is va- 
tLreeflk-ill beby ' riant from the faid Certificate, and that found and certified, the fame Variance Ihall be by the faid Judges re- 
tb, "luJiii mirnd- ' fcrmtdand amended according to the firft Writing. 
,j_ ' III. And 

of g)outI)^Cai*oUun. 39 

Engii/k Statutes made of Force. "^n?" '\'"' 

A. D. 1^25. 

'HI. And moreover it is onlaincii, That if anv Record, or Parcel of the fame Writ, Return, Panel, Procefs, Z }J, (,. c. !■'. 

' or Warrant of Attorney in the King's Courts of Ch injery, Exchequer, the one Bench or the other, or in his T.TjheziU'hf of a 

' Treafur)', be willingly ftolcn, taken away, withdrawn, or avoided by any Clerk, or by ether Perfon, becaufe Rc;„i ivher^ht 

' whereof any judgment {hall be reverfed; that fuch Stealer, Taker away, Withdrawer, or A voider, their Pro- anifujamcntllcll 

• curators, Counfeilors, and Abettors, thereof iaditfled, and by Procefs thereupon made thereof duly convici ^^ reverfcJ is 
' by their own Confedion, or by Inqueil to be taken of lawful ^Ien, whereof the one half ihall be of the Men of ^^/i,„,_ 

■ any Court of the fame Courts, and the other half of other, fhall bejudged for Felons, and {hall incur the Pain SJ?. 2. c. 4. 
of i-"elony. ( 2) And that the Judges of the faid Courts of the one Bench or of the other, have Power to hear j q^ j jq_ 

• and determine fuch Defaults before them, and thereof to make due Punilhmcnt as afore is faid. 2 j;^//_ ^ 

' IV. Provided always. That if any fuch Record, Procefs, Writ, or Warrant of Attorney, Panel, or Return, A Recerdextmpli- 

■ or Parcel of the fame, be now, or hereafter (hall be exemplified in the King's Chancery under the Great Seal, f,cd,,„j,.r thtJrtat 

• and fuch Exemplification there of Record iurolled without any rafing in the fame Place in the Exemplification ^,,^1 ^^ innlted 
' and the Inrollment of the fame, that another 'f ime for any Error aUigned, or to be afiigntd in the faiu Record, ;„ ^/j^ Chaiuiri mt 

• Procefs, Writ, Warrant of Attorney, Panel, or Return, in any Letter, Word, Claufe, or Matter of the fame t, he r^jer[:d. 

' vailing, or contrary to the faid ExeinplificatioQ and Uie Inrollment, there fhall he no Judgment of the faid Set 4 Ann c. 16. 
' Re cordi_aad Procefs revcrfed or adnuUed.' ivLat Befclis may Ic aiid-u;hai nut. 

The Juftices may in certain Cafes amend Defaults in Records. 

' tTE M, it is ordained and eftablilhed, That the King's Juftices, before whom any Mifpriiion or Default is 8 Cc. 162. 
' X O' fi^" l"^ found, be it in any Records and ProcelTes which now he, or (hall be, depending before them, as I RM 447. 

• well by Way of Error as otherwife, or in the Returns of the fame, made or to be made by SiieriiTs, Coroners, 

• Bailiffs of Franchifcs, or any other, by Mifprifiou of the Clerks of any of the faid Courts of the King, or by 
' Mifprifion of the Sheriffs, Under-fheriffs, Coroners, their Clerks, or other OfHcers, Clerits, or other Mir.i- 
' flers whatfoever, in writing one Letter or one Syllable too much or too little, fhall have Power to amend fuch 
•Defaults and Mifprifions according to their Difcretion, and by Examination thereof by the faid Julliccs to be 

? taken where they ih-all think needful. (2) Provided that this Statute do not extend to- Records and Proccffes Pracejfts in IValcj 
' in the Parts of JValti, (3) nor to the ProcelTes and Records of OsiUa-.t-rUs oi Felonies, and Treaf.ns, and the and Outlaiurhs. 
' Dependencies thereof.' 8 H. 6. c 12. and i, Ann .-. 16. -^vhat ileftas maybe amaididaad ivbjt not. S R. 2. c. 4. 

An Ide7}iptitate Jiominis maintainable by Executors, <^-c. <)'H.(,'.c.t ' 

(See A. A. 1789.) 

" TTEM, For that before this Time many Outlawries have been pronounced againft divers of the King's liege 

" X People, as well before the Statute of Additions made at IVejimirjter the ill Year of King Henry the 5th 

'" Father to our Lord the King that now is, as fithence, in refped of which Outlawries, the Bodies of other 

" Perfons having fuch and like Names as they had which were outlawed indeed, have been taken and impriJ'oned, 

" and their Goods and Chatties for this Caufc feifed by the Efcheatorsof the King and of his noble. Progenitors : 

•* ( 2) And although that by the Common Law of the Realm a Writ of Idemputate nominii hath been maintainable q - £j^ -, ^-_ ; 

*' for the fame Perfon, wliich in the Form aforefaid was molefled -and grieved; neverthelefs if any Perfon of ^^afl. 407, 

" the faid Lieges, having like Name as any other Perfon of the fame liege People which wis outlawed in Deed, 

" had made his Executors, and died, often it happened, that by Malice andfubtil Imaginations the Goods and 

**■ Chattels of fuch Teftator, which had the fame Name as he had which was outlawed in Deed, were feijed 

** and efcheated to the Hands of our Lord the King and of his Progenitors, in Retardation of the Execution of 

*' the Tcftament of every fuch Teftator, for the Doubt which hath been, whether any Executors may by the 

** Com.Tion Law have a writ of Iddmpiitale nominis, or not." * (3) 'U^herefore to take away and remove all fuch An Jilttnptitaie 

' Ambiguities and Doubts in this Cafe hereafter, of the A{rent and Advice aforefaid, and at the fpecisl Reqtieft nominis maintain- 

' of the faid Commons, it is ordained and eilabhlhed by Authority of this Parliament, That a Writ of Idtinfti- able bt the Eicfca- 

• fate nominis, be granted and made good and maintainable for the Executors of every "I'eftator, tn the fame Ef- tors if a Tejlator- 

' fetft that the fame A(5lion of Idemptitate nominis was maintainable before this P,u-liament for any Perfon himfelf ivrongjaliy woU-fl- - 

' which was or might have been moleftcd or grieved becaufe or by colour of any fuch Outlawry. (4) And that ed Ly colour of any 

' this Ordinance fliall have relation and force, by Authority aforefaid, for the Executors of every Teflator, as well of Oittlaivry, 

' every Outlawry pronounced againft any Perfon at any time before tlus Parliament, as of all Manner of Outlaw- 

' ries to be pronounced againft any Perfon in Time to come.' ^ci/^- '"-I- 

Juftices oi Nifi Prius may give Judgment of a Man attainted or ac- 14//- 6... v! 
quitted of Felony. 

.THIRST Oiir Lord the King hath ordained, by the Authority of the faid Parliament, That the Juftices be- 
, 5. fore whom Inquifitions, Inquefts and Juries, from henceforth fhall be taken bv the King's Writ called 
_^ Nifi Prills, according to the Form of the Statute thereof made, (liall have Power of all the Cafes of Felony and Dyer f. i;o. 

of Treafon, to give their Judgments as well where a Man is acquit of Felony or of Trcalnn, as where he is lo £d. 4./. I',. 

thereof attainted, at the Day and Place where the faid Inquifitions, Inqucfts and Juries be fo taken, and then 

from thenceforth to award Execution to be made by Force of the fame Judgment:.' 



A. D. 1712. 
N°. 321. 

A. D. 1439- 
1^, H. 6.C. 12. 

ra^y tBaiHtymuhU,fl l!)! I/lJict- 
CM, Procurator/, 
an I Cnnjpirtitorsy, 
Rf.-lt. 134. 

.RaJI. PI. 123. 

A. D. 1451. 
31 II. b. c. 9. 

; l.Jl. 60. 

The for/fUurt 
,flbc Sbir.J 
'■which .hlb ml exe- 
cute the K'tit^\ 
IVril 0/ Pr^cU- 

Evglijh Statutes made of Force ^ 

Appeals or Indidments of Felony committed, in a Place where there 

is none fuch. 

" TTEM, Whereas in the Parliament holden at Wcftminfter, the 2d Day of May, the 9th Year of the Reign 
" ■■• of H^nry the fifth, Father to the King that now is, amongft other Thingiit was ordained and cftabliihcd, 
" for that many People i)y Malice, Env)- and Revenge, caufe often the King's liege People to be appealed or in- 
" diiSed in divers Counties of Treafons or of Felonies, fuppoling by the laid Appeals or Indi<Mments, that thii 
" faid 'I'reafons or Felonies were done in a certain Place in fuch a County where the Indi(51ment is made, 
" or Inch a Place as is or fhall be declared by the faid Appeals, where no fuch Place is in the fame County, that 
" tlie P'"occfs of the fame (hall be void, and holden for none; (2) and that the Indidlors, Procurators, and Con- 
** fpiratois, Ihall be alfo punifhcd by Imprifonment and Fine, and Ranfom for the King's Advantage, by the 
" Difcretion of the Juftices; (3) and that the faid Appellees or Indiiflees may have Writs of Confpiracy againll 
" their Indidors, J'rociirators, and Confpiraiors, and ihall recover their Damages. (4) And this Ordinance 
" (liall (land in his Fore until the next Parliament to be holden after the coming again of the faid late King into 
" England, from' beyond the Sea ; (5) whith Statute by the Deceafe of the laid late King, by opinion of Ibmc 
" is erpired, and by the Opinion of Ibmc not expired. ' (6) I'hc fame our I.c.rd the King that now is, confi- 
' dering that the laid OrcUnance was good and profitable for the Weal of him and his liege People, hath declared 
' and ordained by Authority of this prel'ent Parliament, 'I'hat the faid Ordinance made in the faid yth Year, and 
< fo by the Death of his faid Father, as lome think, expired, and not othcrwUe repealed, (hall be and abide an 
' effcdual and available Statute and Ordinance in Law perpetually to endure.' 

A Remedy for a Woman enforced to be bound by Statute or Obli- 

" yTE M, Whereas in all Parts of this Realm diwrs People of great Power, moved with infatiahlc Covctouf- 
" i iicfs, againft all Riglit, Humanity, Litcgriry and good Conlcicnce, have fought and found new Inventions, 
" and them continually do cxecvitc, to the Dan;;cr, Trouble, and great abufmg of all Ladies, Gentlewomen and 
" other Women fole, having any Subflante of Lands, Temmeiils, or other movable Goods within this Realm, 
" perceiving their great Wcaknefs and Simplicity, wiil take them by Force, or otherwife come to them, feem- 
" ing to be their great Friends, promifing them their faithful Friendlhip, and fo by great DilTmiulation, or 
" otherwil'c, get them into their Pofrelhon, conveying them into fuch Places where the faid Offenders be of 
" moll Power ; (2) and when any Women by fuch Means, or by any other Means be in their Government, the 
" faid evil difpofed Perfon or Pcilbns will not fuifer them to go at large, and be at their Liberty, until that they 
" will bind iheiiifelves to the faid OlVcnJers, or other Perfon or Perlons to their Ufe, in great Sums, by Obli- 
** gation or Obligations, as well fimple as conditional, or by Obligation or Obliga'.ions of Statute-Merchant, 
*' made before a Mayor or Bailiff, having Power to take fuch Recognizances. 

•* II. Alfo they will many Times iomi>el them to be married by them, contrary to their own Likings, or 
" otherwife they will levy the faid Sum or Snms on their Lands and Goods, and put their Perfon or Perfons in 
" danger, to their great Damage, which hath been, and is like to be an univerfal Prejudice to the Law of 
" Holy Church, and the Law of this Realm, uidcfs due Remedy thereupon be provided. ' (2) Said Lord 
' the King, (onfidering the Premilcs, hath ordained and (lablilhed, by Authority of this prefent Parliament, 
' That in all fuch Cafes aforcfaid, il'.e Party bcund may have a Writ out of the diancery, containing all the Mat- 
' ter of their unreafonable Inireaty, dircelid to the .'sherift'of the County, where any fuch Offences were fo done, 
' or after (liall be done, commanding him, that he, by i'oivc of tliis Writ, make Proclamation in the full 
' County, and in the next County-Court after the Receipt of the faid Writ, that the Perfon or Perfons contained 
' in the lai<l Writ (hall appear at a certain Day and Place prcti.xed in the faid Writ, before the Chancellor of £»»- 
' /a/i^ for the Time being, or otherwife before the Jufliccs of Affife, in the Counties where the faid Olfences 
' were done, or elfe before lome other notable Perfon to he alVigned by the Chancellor of England, for the Time 
' being; (3) at the which Day and Place, if the laid Parties appear, that then the faid Chancellor of £«f/>iW, 
' Jullice, or other Petlon fo to be adigiied by the Chancellor for the lime being, by Virtue of this Ordinance, 
' Ihall duly examine the laid Parties upon the Premifcs; (4) by which Examin ition, if they can find the faiil 
' Obligation or Oblig.itions, or any ol them fo to be made as is aforefaid, that then the Obligation or Obli- 
' gations, and all Pro.efs and FAetution fucd, or to he purfucd thereupon, fhall be void, and of no Force 
' nor FfTec'l. (5) And if it be found by Examination before them, that the faid Obligation or Ooligations, or 
' any of them, were made, or (liall be found to be made, for a true Duty, and by no fuch Mcan< as afore i« 
' iiiid, that then the faid Obligation or Obligations, and all the Procefs and Execution fucd, or 10 be purfued 
, • ' thereupon, (hall (land good and efi'edual. (6) And if it be fo that the Perfon or Perfons in fuch Writs named, 
' ' ortc be named, againll whom any fuch '/.elleri or Writs hereafter (liall be filed, make Defsult at the Day and 
' Place limited in the fame Writ or Writs, that then all fuch 'Jbligation or Obligations as be before fpecificd and 
' declared, and in the faid Writ or Writsexprcfl'ed, declared, and fpecificd, and all Manner of Prorcfsaiid Exc- 
' cutionfued, or to he fucd thereupon, (hall be void, and of no Force nor Effeel ; (7) and that the faid Sheriff 
' or Sheriff?, to whom fuch Writ or Writs upon tliis Ordinance here.iftcr commenced, (hall he diredcd, /hall 
' execute the faid Writs at cording to the Tenor of the fame, upon Pain of £.3"°. when of our Sovi reigu Lord 
' the King to have the one Half, and the other Half to the Party which (liall file the faid Writ of Proclamation. 
' (8) And that the faid Party fo grieved miy have an Aciion of Debt in every fuch Cafe agalnft the faid .She- 
' riff, for the Half of the faid £.300 fo forfeit, with Procefs of Outlawry, (v) And that ihc Party or Parties 
' Defcndanlsin any fuch Acflion hereafter to be purfucd agaiuft any Sheriff or Shcriffi, IliaU allcdge no Protec- 
' tion, nor fhall wage bis law, nor (liall be received to make or plead any foreign Plea, to be tried in iiny other 
Place than there where the faid Writ grounded upon this Statute is fucd.' JS^ Rcmcd V 

ot^outi) Carolina. 41 

Englifi Statutes rnade of Force. 'n^'ss^i?' 

A Remedy for Executors againft Servants that embezzle their Maf- ^fJ^-(,_\^_\^; 
ters Goods after his Death. 

"TT'IRST, Our forefaid Lord the King, confidering how that of late Time divers HouIhoId-ServaiUs, as 3 r,ij!. 104. 

" 1? well of Lords, as of other pcrfons of good Degree, Ihortly after the Ueith of their faid Lords and Alafters, j^,. ffi,, „fc.' 

" violently and rintoufly have taken and fpoiled the Goods which were of their faid Lords and Mafters, at the Jtujl. £nl. 2j. t. 

" Time of their Death, and the fame diftrihuted antonf.rft them, to the Impediment of the Execution of the Will 

" of tlieir faid Lords and Mafters, and to the great Difpleafure of God, and alfo contrary to the Duty and Truth 

" which they ought to have had towards their faid Lords and Mafters, and to a perilous Example in Time to 

"come, unlefs due Remedy in this Eehalf be provided." ' (2) Wherefore the fame Lord ilic King, by the 

' Advice, Aflent, and Authority al'orefaid, hath ordained and eftabliflied. That alter full Information made to 

' the Chancellor of E'le/anJ for the time being, by the Executors of any fuch Lord or Perfon, or two of the 

' faid Executors, of fuch Riot, Taking, and Spoil made, or hereafter to be made, by the Houftield-Servants 

' of their or his f.iid Teftator after his Death, the fame Chancellor, by the Advice of the Chief Juttices of the 

' King's Bench, and of the Common Bench, and Chief Baron of the Exchequer for the time being, or two of 

' them, fliall have Power to make fo many, and fuch Writs, to be diredled to fuch Shiriil's by their Difcrction, 

' as to them in this Behalf fhall feeni neceffiry, to make open Proclamation in fuch Cities, Boroughs, Towns, 

' or Places, two Market-Daj-s within 12 Days next after the Dehvcry of the fame Writs, a; to the fame Chan- 

' cellor, by the Advice aforefaid, (hall feem reafonable. That the faid Ofi'enders fliall appear before the fame our 

' Lord the King, or his Heirs, in his Bench, at fuch a Day as by the faid Writ fhall be limited, lb that the faid 

' laft Proclamation be made by Fifteen Days before the fame Day of Appearanre; (3) and if any fuch Writ be 

' returned at the Day contained in the faid vVrit, and the Writ be executed that Proclamation is thereupon 

' had and made according to the faid Ordinance, and then if the faid I'crlbn or Perfons, which Ihould appear by 

* reafon of the faid Proclamation, make Default at the Day ipecilied in the faid Writ, and do not appear, tltcn 
' he or they fo making Default Ihall he attainted of Felony.' 

' IL And if any fuch Perfons or Perfon do appear at the fame Day, then the Juftices of the faid King's Bench 

* fhall have Power, by the faid Ordinance, to commit fuch Perfon or Perfons, fo appearing, to Prifon, thereto 

* remain according to the faid Juftices Difcrction, until the faid Offenders in tlie faid Beiich do anfwer to the 
' faid Executors in fuch A<5tions, which the faid Executors will declare againft ihem, or any of them, by Bill or 
' by Writ, for the Riot, taking and fpoiling aforefaid, and that the fame AiSlions be determined; (2) fo that 
' the fame AiSlions be purfued with Effeift, and not Hackly, to the Intent to keep the fame Perfon or Perfons 
' in Prifon." 

' III. And if fuch Perfons or Perfon be fet at Liberty out of Prifon by the faid Juftices, that then the fame a f i • 
' Perfons or Perfon (hall find fufficicnt Perfons to be bounden with them to the faid Executors, byway of Recog- ^. "" "r ' V'' 
' nifance in the faid Bench, by Difcrction of the Juftices, to keep fuch Days as he or they fhall have by the fame ■'""!' J"'' J' '''S, 
'Court; (2) and if the Keepers of the Prifon, whereunto the faid Perfon or Perfons be committed, do let " '"}"/"!/""- 
' them go at large out of the Prifon of his own Authority, without the Confideration and Order of the faid <■'' "J""'"™ '" *" 
'Juftices, then the faid Keeper (liall forfeit and loofe 40 [400] Pounds to the laid Executors; (3) and that '^y " yh ''"''■'"J 
' no Protedtion be allowed in any Adlion to be taken upon the faid Ordinance.' iitatuie. 

Every Juftice of Peace may let a Prifoner to Mainprife. No Officer tk^z.^^'l^' 
fliall feife the Goods of a Prifoner until he be attainted. 

• inORASMUCH as divers Perfons have been daily arrefted and imprifoncd for .Sufpeftion of Felony, fome- ^'■'"y J'ifl''"' "f 
' 1. time of Malice, and fometime of a light Sufpecilion, and fo kept in Prifon without Bail or Mainprife, to "-f .^'''"'^P "'''' 

• their great Vexation and Trouble:' (2) Ik it ordained, That every Juftice cf Peace in every .Shire, City, or "='> ^ P'^'fi"" '^ 
Town, fhall have Authority and Power, by his or their Difcrction, to'let fuch Prifoners and Perfons fo arrefted, -"'"'■ •^'Z- 3- •''• 
to Bail or Mainprife, in like Form as though the fame Prifuncrs or Perfons were indifled thereof of Record be- ''' ^' ^' ^^ r r 
fore the fame Juftices in their Sefficns; ( .1 )' and that Juftices of Peace have Authority to inquire in their Seftions I^^-^''^- 5y.ii/. 
of all Manner Efcapes of every Perfon arrefted and imprifoned for Felony. (4) And that no Sheriff", Under- 'ul^' 

Sheriff, nor Efcheator, Bailiff of Franchife, nor any other Pcrfcn, take or feife the Goods of any Perfon arrefted y'-'"'!" V ^'"f 
or imprifoned for Sufpicion of Felony, before that tlic fame Perfon, fo arrefted and imprifoned,' be convidled or '"7"''"°*'^ hj'f- 
attainted of fuch Felony according to the L?w, or elfe the lame Goods othcrvvife lawfully forfeited; (5) upon ''"' °-f P""'- 
Pain to forfeit the double Value of the Goods fo taken, to him that is fo hurt in that Behalf, by Adion of Debt ' "r"' ^^^' 
to be purfued by like Procefs, Judgment, and Execution, as is commonly ufed in other Aftions of Tj :bt fued at ^''-^j- "49- 
the Common Law : (d) and that no Eftoin or Proteflion be allowed in any fuch Adion; nor that the Defend- ''•) ,'}'■'' }''% 
ant in any fuch Aftion be admitted to wage or do his Law. ' . ■"" Op:rr Jh,ill 

a Prifoner unfair he atlaintid or the Goo.UforfaUd. Ste ^1 Car. 1. c. Z./cil. -J. for bailing Pcrfini cmmitUd for Ttea- /'/='''" foods'/ 
fjn or Fdony, and nit indiSed ihr next Term. 

L The 

42 Cije" 33ut)ltc ilabs 

'n°.'s^u' ^"S^i/^^ Statutes made of Force. 

sH.y'./.t. " The Penalty for carrying a Woman away againft her Will that hath 

Lands or Goods. 

3 Iij/I. 6l. I T TK M, Where Women, as well Maidens as Widows and Wives, having Subftances, fomc in Goods movc- 

I ytiitr. 243, ' able, and lonK in Lands and Tenements, and fome bcinir Hiirs apparent unto their Anceftors, f)r the Lucre 

244- I AnJerf. ' of fuelilubftancesbccn oftentimes taken by Mil'-dotr=, contrary to their Will.and afteriiiarriedtofuch Mif-doers, 

115. I2C(/ 100. < or to other by their AfTtnt, or defoilcd, to the preat Uifpleafiice of Uod and toiitrary to the King's Laws, and 

'-"■ ^"^^ 403- ' Difpiiragements of the faid Women, and utter Heavincfs and Difcomfort of their Friends, and to the evil En- 

4X5, 4?8, 492. ' f;miple of all other:' (2) It is therefore enacted. That what Pcrfon or Perfons from henceforth that takelh 

liob.i^i.KtlM. any Woman fo againft her Will unlawfully, that is to fay. Maid, Widow, or Wife, that fuch taking, pro- 

fcloiiy !o carry a- curing, and abetting to the fame, and alfo receiving; wittingly the fame Woman fo taken againft her Will, and 

■way a IVoman a- and knowing the fame, be Felony; fs) and that fuch Mil-docrs, Takers, and Procurators to the fame, and 

gawf hir 'uiU, Receitors, knowing the faid OfTencc in Form aforefaid, be henceforth reputed and judged as principal Felons. 

thai hath lands or (4) Provided alway. That tliis A61 extend not to any Perfon taking any Woman, only claiming her at his Ward 

Goods or hHrlr or B..nd- Woman. 

apparerU to hir St:- 4Ws^-^M.c.S. 

iii.j.c. 3. juftices of Peace may let Prifoners to Bail. The Sheriff fhall certify 
the Names of all his Prifoners at the Gaol-delivery, 

ITEM, Where in the Parliament late holden at tVefminJIcr, the ift Year of Richard, late in Deed, and 
not of Right, King of England, the _;d; it was cna(5tcd among other divers Afts, "That every Juftice of 
' the Peace in every Shire, City, or Town, (hould have Authority and Power, by his or their Dlfcretmn, to let 
' Prifoners, and Perfons srrefted for light Sufpicion of Felony, to B.iil or Mainprife; (2) by Colour whereof 
* afterward divers Perfons, fuch as were not mainpernable, were oftentimes letten to Bail and Mainprife, by 
' Juftices of the Peace, againft the due Form of the Law, whereby many Murderers and Felons efcaped, to the 
' great Difpleafurc of the King, and Annoyanccofhisliege People :' (.■)) Wherefore, tl>« Juftices of Peace in every 
J -f. y. c. V ' Shire, City, or Town nr 'i wo of them at the leaft, whereof One to be of the ^orum, have Authority and 

^"fitH'iccs of the Power to let any fuch Prifoners, or Perfons mainpernable by the Law, that have been imprifoncd within their feveral 
Place may Irt a Counties, City, or 'I'own, to Bad or Mainprife, unto their next general Seflions, or unto the next Gaol-dehvcry 
Prifomr to Main- of tl>c fame Gaols in every Shire, City, or Town, as well within Franchifcs as without, where any Gaols been 
prifi ,-u.bois main- or hereafter (hall be ; (4) and that the faid Juftices of the Peace, or One of them, fo taking any fuch Bail or 
frrnable. Mainprife, do certify the fame at the next general Seftlons of the Peace, or the next general Gaol-deliver)- of any 

Ii/orccJhi I tS* f"''' Goal, within ever)' fuch County, City, or Town, next following after any fuch Bail or Mainprife fo taken, 
1 Phil, iii* Mar, upon Pain to forfeit unto the King for every Default thereupon recorded .v. //. (?) An<} moreover it is enafled 
,. i^. by the fame Authority, That every Sheriff, Bailiff of Francliife, and every other Pcrfon, having Authority or 

The Jherijf Jiiatl Power of keeping of Gaol, or of Prifoners for Felony, in like Manner and Form do certify (he Names of every 
■■trlifylhcnamciof fuch Prifoner in their Keeping, and of every Prifoncr to them committed for any fuch Caufe, at the next gene- 
al! PrifonrrsinlAs ral Gaol-delivery, in every County or F'ran'hife where any fuch Gaol or GaoLs have been, or hereafter (hall be, 
t.pth to the Jhf- there to be kalendcred before the Juftices of the Deliverance of the fame Gaol, whereby they may, as well for the 
ticci of Gaol-dtli- King as for the Piirty, proceed rn make Deliverance of fuch Prifoners according to the Law, (6) upon Pain to 
'••ri'. A Rrical forfeit unto the King for every Default thereof recorded, C. s. (7) and that the aforefaid AiJl giving Authority 
tfihtStal.oJi R. and Power in the Premifes to any Juftice of the Peace by himfelf, be in that Behalf utterly void and of none El- 
•;. f. 3. lonchinv feiS by Authority of this prefeiit Parliament. 

tailing 0/ Prifott- rrs. Kclyn^ 3. Sfc 3 1 Car. 2. c. 1. fell. J. for bailing Pcrfms comn:ilteJ for Trrafin or Felony, and not indiiltd 
tic i\ \l ''Term. 

.-,//. 7c. 4. All Deeds of Gift made to defraud Creditors fliall be void. 

.Enforced ly J i , T-pE^j^ That where oftentimes Deeds of Gift of Goods and Chattels have been made, to the Intent to de- 

*'■'■■'■ ' ■*■ fraud their Creditors of their Duties, and that the Perfon or Perfons that maketh the faid Deed of Gift go- 

A"d fit farlhtr , ^.j}, to Sanduary, or other Places privileged, and occupieth and liveth with the faid Goods and Chattels, their 

^]r^'r' ^' ' Creditors being unpaid :* (2) It is eiiadcd, all Deeds of Gift of Goods aud Chattels made or to be made 
alfo 29 Car. I.e. j. rp jj j„ ,|,g (jf^ ^f ,hat Pcrfon or Perfons that made the fame Deed of Gift, be void and of none Effed. 
3. and ■\ IV. tr^ ' 



Cofts, (^c. awarded to the Plaintiff, where the Defendant fueth a 
Writ of Error. 

I AV.'i 20f ' TTEM, That where oftentimes Phintiir or Demandant, PL-intifTs or Demandants, Ihat have Judgment to 

HM.Cifes in ' ■'^recover, be delayed of K.xeruti.m, for that the Defendant or Tenant, Defendants or Trinnts, againft whom 

7/^1, lii ' ludement is given, or other that been bound hy the faid Judgment, fueth a Writ or Writs o* Error tnadnul 

*" ^ j**i' J ,e> ,. _P f ■ 1 1 , . . .t 1- . ._. I- ^_ J..I.... 1? .: -f .1... r..;-i 1. ..)..,«..■... • /«^ 1* » .-.,.,/> ...1 

' and revcrfe the faid Judgment, to the Intent only to delay Execution of the faid Judgment ." (2) It isenaflcil. 
That if any fuch Defendant or Tenant, Defendants or Tenants, or if any other that (hall be bound by the faid 
Judgment, fue, afore Execution had, any Writ of Error to reverfe any fuch Judgment, in delaying of Executi- 
on, (0 that then if the fame Judgment he aflirmed good in the faid Writ of Error, and not erroneous, or 
(fro Car. IAS that the faid Writ of Error be difcontinued in the Default of tlie Party, or that any Pcrfon or Pcrfoiu tliat fueth 



Englijh Statutes made of Force. ' ^•^?- '\'^- 

Writ or Writs of Error, he non-fued in the fame, that then the faid Perfon or P;;rl'ons, againfl whom the faid A. D. i486. 
Writ of Error is fued, (hall recover his Cofts and Damage for his IJclay and wrongful Vexation in the fame, by 3 H. 7. <r. 10. 
Difcretion of tlie Juilice afore wliom the faid Writ of Error is fued. 19 H. 7. c. 20. 

Jiuym. 134. Co. pla. f. 2, 24, 162, 292. Confrmed hy I9 H. J.c. Jo. Andfee I3 Car. 2. Stat. 2. c. a./.''. 9. iMcb SM_ 20S. 
gi-v^s double Cojii on A£irviame after -VerdlSi ; and ^Aim.c. id. f:il. 35. it'hicb providt's farther for Cof< rn quajbing 
tVrUof £rror. 

A. D. 1487. 

All Juftices of Peace fhall execute their Commiffion, redrefs Injuries, 4 h. 7. c. 12. 
and maintain the Laws. 

T T E M the King our Sovereign Lord confidereth, That by the Negligence, mifdemeaning, Favinir, and 4 liijl, l-jo. 
■* other inordinate Caufes of Juftices of Peace in every Shire of this his Realm, the Laws and Ordinances 
made for the politique Weal, Peace, and good Rule of the fame, and for the perfcit Surety, and reftful Living 
of his Subjects of the fame, be not duly executed according to the Tenor and Effedl that they were made and 
ordaineJ for; (2) wherefore his Subjeflsbeen grievoufly hurt, and out of Surety of their Bodies and Goods, to 
his great Difpleafure ; for to him is nothing more joyous than to know his Subjects to !ive peaceably luider his 
' Laws, and to increafe in Wealth and Profperity, (3) and to avoid fuch Enormities and Injuries, fo that his faid 
' Subjeifts may live reftfuUy under his Peace and Laws, to their Increafe;' (4) He will that it be enabled, 1^.3.^.3. 
That every Juilice of Peace within every Shire of this Realm, within the Shire where he is Juflice of Peace, Ei'ery fujiice of 
do caufe openly and folemnly to be proclaimed yearly four Times a Year, in four principal Selhons, the Tenor Peace fat ca'.fe 
of this Proclamation to this Bill annexed; (5) and that every Juftice of Peace being prefcnt at any of the faid this Proclamation 
Seflions, if they caufe not the faid Proclamation for to be made in Form abovefaid^ fhall forfeit unto our Sove- to be made 4 times 
reign Lord at every Time xxs. in the Tear. 

II. The King our Sovereign Lord confidereth, how daily within this Realm, his Coin is traiteroufly 
counterfeited. Murders, Robberies, Felonies, been grievoufly committed pnd done, and alfo unlawful Rc- 
teinors, Idlencfs, unlawful Plays, Extortions, Mifdemeanings of Sheriffs, Efcheators, and many other Eijor- , 

raities and unlawful Demeanings daily grown more and more within this Realm, to the great Difpleafure 
of God, Hurt and Impoverifhing of his Subje<5ls, and to the Subverfion of the Policy and good Governance 
of this bis Realm; for by thefe faid Enormities and Mifchiefs his Peace is broken, his Subjedls troubled, in- "^^^ Bciirft\of 
quieted and impoveriflied, the Hulbandry of this Land decayed, whereby the Church of England is upholden, Hifiatidry. 
the Service of God continued, every Man thereby hath his Suftenance, every Inheritor his Rent for his Land: 
(2) For reprefling and avoiding of the faid Mifchief, fufticient Laws and Ordinances have been made by Autho- 
rity of many and divers Parliaments holden within this Realm, to the great Coft of the King, his Lords and . 
Commons of the fame, and lacketh nothing, but that the faid Laws be not put in due Execution, which Laws 
ought to be put in due Execution by the Juftices of Peace of every Shire of this Realm, to whcmi his Grace hath ^ 
put and given full Authority fo to do Cth the Beginning of his Reign. (3) And now it is come to his Knowledge^ . f''^'^^"'fi 'f 
that his Subje(fts be little eafed of the faid Mifchiefs by the faid Juftices, but by many of them rather hurt than 7"f"" of Peace 
helped; and if his Subjects complain to thefe Juftices of Peace, of any Wrongs done to them, they have there- "/'*"''" Execu- 
by KO Remedy, and the faid Mifchiefs do increafe, and be not fubdued. (4) And his Grace confidereth. That '""' 'f^l^'La'^"^- 
a great Part of the Wealth and Profperity of this Land ftandeth in that, that his Subjects may hve in Surety un- 
der his Peace in their Bodies and Goods, and that the Htifbandry of this Land may increafe and be upholden, 
which niuft be had by due Execution of the faid Laws and Ordinances, chargethand commandcth all the Juftices frf'^es negLffing 
of the Peace of this his Shire, to endeavour them to do and execute tlie tenor of their Commifiion' and thcXaid '" ^'^ecute their 
Laws and Ordinances ordained for the fubduing of the Premifcs, as they will ftand in the Love and Favour of CommiJ/Jons or any 
his Grace, and in avoiding of the Pains that he ordained if they do the contrary. (5 ) And moreover he charg- ""' obfrn/Bing 
eth and commandeth, That every Man, what Degree or Condition that he be of, that let them in. Word or them, liaUc to: 
Deed, to execute theit faid Authority in any Manner Form abovefaid, that they fliew it to his Grace; and if Pains and the 
they do not, and it come to his Knowledge by other than by them, they fnall not be in his Favour, but taken as King'sdifpleafire. 
Men out of Credence, and be put out of Coniniiftion for ever. (6) And over this he chargethand commandeth Per/iins grie'vcd 
all Manner of Men, as well the poor as the rich (which be to him all one in due Miniftration of Juftice) that is ""y complain to 
hurt or grieved in any Thing that the faid Juftice of Peace may hear, determine, or execute in any wife, that he Ibejajlieci of Peace 
fo grieved make his Complaint to the Juftice of Peace that next dwcUeth unto him, or to arrj- of his Fellows, ""'') 'f''^y '.""«• 
and defire a Remedy; (7) and if then he hath no Remedy, if it be nigh fuch Time as his Juftices of Afiifes come no Remedy, to the 
into that Shire, that then he fo grieved fhew his Complaint to the fame Juftices; (8) and if then he have no Re- 7'f""'°f "fpf'" 
medy, or if the Com.plaint be made long afore the coming of the Juftices of Afijfe, then he fo grieved come to "n'dtbintotheKing 
the King's Highnefs, or to his Chancellor for the Time being, and fhew his Grief; (9) and his faid Hig.hnefs ir hij Chancellor. 
then Ihall fend for the faid Juftices, to know the Caufe whyhisfaid Subjects be not eafed, and his Lawsexecuted; The Pnnijlment 
whereupon if he find any of them in Default of executing of his Laws in tlie Premifcs, according to his high ?A'*' '3'J^'>'-f'>ti"i 
Commandment, he fliaU do Iiim fo offending to be put out of the Commiftion, and further to he puniftied ac- gM<y of omitting _ 
cording to his Demerits. (10) And over that, his faid Highnefs fhall not let for any Favour, AffeiSion, Coft, his duly. 
Charge, nor other Caufe, but that he fhall fee his Laws to have plain and true Execution, and his Subjeifs to live See farther for the 
in Surety of their Lands, Bodies, and Goods, according to his faid Laws, and the faid Mifchiefs to be avoided, -&"'.V, ^^- "f 
that his Subjeifls may increafe in Wealth and Profperity, to the Pleafurc of God. ' Jnjiicesif the 

Peace X'Sf %P. 

Glerey^- '^ 3- ^- '^^ 

° J M. c. 10. 

44 Cfje 3^nUit 3Ca\»0 

%^' ''T' Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

A. n. 1487- Clerffy fliall be allowed hut once. A convi£l Perfon fhall be marked 

4/7.7. <:. IJ. °^ 

with the Letters M or T. 

CUrri Jhjtt be al- ' TTKM, Whereas upo:i Triift of the Pi'iv'.ljge of the Chirch, divers Pcrfons lettered have been the more 

l„tue,i iul oner. ' •*■ bold to Commit Mu.d-T, Rap •, Rohbtry, Theft, and all oth.'r mifhievouiDeedt, becaufe th;y have been 

//.'i. »83, i?4. ' continually admlited to the B:nel"it of the Cergy as oft ai they dilolT-nd in any of the I'remifes; (l) in 

A Perfon mnviH ' avoidinf; fach prjfuniptuoiis BMinefs," It iscujiMed, I'hat every Perfon, not being within Orders, which once 

JliU bf mttrlcil hath bt en admitted to tne Bon. -St of his Clergy, eftfoons arraijn.'dof any fach Offcnccbe not admitted to have 

tuith ill! Lllm the B-'ii;!it or I'r.vilf^e 'jf his Cl.-.-^y ; (3) And that every Perfon fo conviclcd for .\IjrJ;r, to be marked 

Mor 7. with an Mnfoa the Brawn of the I-et't Thum ; and if he be for anyother I'\.lony, tlie lime Perfon to be marked 

Rjjt. PLi.f. 56. with a T in the fame Place of the Thumb, and thofe M jrks to be made by the Gaoler openly in the Court be- 

Co. L':l. 50. fore the Judge, before that fuch Perfon hi delivered to the Ordinary. 
Bro.Carm.. ill. 

A.D. 1494. A. Mean to help and fpeed poor Perfons in their Suits. 

11 H. •. c. II. , -pR^YEN the Commons in this prcfent Parliament afTcmbled, That where 'he King our Sovereign Lo.-il, 
' X of his moU gracious Difpofition, willcth and intcndeth indilTerent JulUce to be had and minidcred accord- 
' ing to his Common Laws, to all his true Subjects, as well to the Poor as Rich, which poor Subjefts be not of 
' .•\bility ne Power to fue according to the Laws of this Land lor the R' drels of Injuries and Wrongs to them 
' daily done, as well concerning their Perfons and their Inheritance, as other Caufes :' (2) For Remedy 
whereof, in the Behalf of the poor Perfonsof this Land, not able to fue for their Remedy after the Courfe of 
the Common Law; be it enacled. That every poor Perfon or Perfons, which have, or hereafter fhall have Caufe 
of A(Sion or AiSlions againft any Perfon or Perfons within tliis Realm, (hall have by the difcretion of the Chan- 
cellor of this Realm for the time being. Writ or Writs Original, and Writs of i'l/A/xr/ia, according to the Nature 
of their Caufes, therefore nothing paying to your Highnefs for the Seals of the fame, nor to any Perfon for the 
writing of the fame Writ and Writs to be hereafter fucd; (3) and that the faid Chancellor for the time being 
Ihall aSign fuch of the Clerks which fhall do and ufe the making and writing of the fame Writs, to write the 
fame ready to be fealed, and alfo learned Counfel and Attornies lor the fame, without any Reward takini; there- 
fore : (4) And after the faid Writ or Writs he returned, if it be afore the King in his Bench, the Juftices thcrcfhall 
alTign to the fame poor Perfon or Perfons, Counfel learned by their Difcretions, which (hall give their Counfels 
nothing taking for the fame : (5) And likewife the Jufticcs (hall appoint .\ttorney and Attornies for the fame 
poor Perfon or Perfons, and all other Officers requifitc and necefl'ary to be had for the Speed of the faid Suits to 
be had and made, which (hall do their Duties without any Reward for their Counfels, Help, and Bufinefs in 
the fame: (6) Anil the fame Law .and Order Hiallbe olifervedand kept of all fuch Suits to be made afore the King's 
Juftices of his Common Place, and Barons of his Exchequer, and all other Jufticcs in the Courts of Record 
where any fuch Suit (hall be. 

x1/?;.'f;. Of Murder. 

No Lay Ptrfm "OE it ordained if any Lay Perfon hereafter prcpenfcdiy murder "their Lord, Mafter, or Sovereign immediate, 

■whicb Jolb fur- Jj they hereafter ihall not be admitted to their Clergy-; 

f.fily murder bii Majler, Vc. Jijll have bii Clergy. 23 H. 8. c. I. 1 Ed. 6. c. IJ. 

A. D. 1503. Proccfs in Adlions upon the Cafe fued in the King's Bench and Com- 
^^^- !■'■'>■ mon Pleas. 

WbalProctfifiall ' TT'ORASMUCH as before this Time there hath been great Delays in AiSions of the Cafe, that hath been 

be a-.i>ardcdiii Ac- • JJ fued as well before the King in his Bench, as in his Coiirt of his Common Ben, h, betaufe of which Delay* 

thill upon the Cafe • many Perfons have been put from their Remedy :' (2) Beit therefore enaiflcd. That like Proiifs be had 

/.f/m tbe Kiii;s hereafter in Anions upon the Cafe, as well fucd and hanging, as to be fued, in any of the faid Court*, as In 

Bench, or Com- A<5tions of Trcfpafs or Debt. 

mon Benib. Bro. Exigent, 29. I Sid. I48, 2J9, ido. 

r,H.:.e..o. Writs of Error. 

^ r r r /-'IDRAYEN the Commons in this prefent Parliament alTembled, That where at a P.irliiment holdenat 
,1 ^,, if'^H ' JL H^eJImii'JIer in the 3d Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord the Kinj; that now is, by the .•\dvice of 
lbe!,tat:iteojin. , j^^^j^ Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in the fame Parliament alTcndiled, and by Aiiihority of tJie 
7. f. JO. ""'^•''S . riinic,ilwa»enaifted, ordain-d, and eftablilhed, among other Things, That if any Defendant or lVn;int, Uefend- 
i,^j.,a-u>ar,tea M , _^^^^ ^^ -i-eiiants, or any oilier that fhall be bound by any Judgment, fue arore ICxccution had, any Writ of Error to 
, r,%' - J ' reverfe any fuch Judgment in delaying of Execution ol^the Party, (2) that then if the fame Judgment be aflirnied 
/T'/A irT ' go""*'" 'he faid Writ of Error, and not erroneous, or that the faid Writ of Eriorbe difcontmucd in the Default of 
antjaeib a rii , ^j^^ Party, or the Perfon or Perfons that fueth the Writ or Writs of Error he nnnfiiitcd in the f.ime, that then 
•J i-"^". , the faid Perfon or Perfons, againft whom the faid Writ of Error is fo fucd, flui'. n (M-r U\ Cods and Da- 


of g)otit!)^Caroliita. 45 

■Englijh Statutes made of Force, '^N^'goir 

•• mages for hit Delay and wrongful Vexation in the fame, by DiiVretion of the Juflices afore wlioiiv the fa'.d A. ]). IJOJ. 
' V.'rit of Error is lued : (3) Which AA or Ordinance hath not been as yet duly put in Execution, by rcafou 19 Ji. 7. c. :o. 
' whereof, as well Plaintiffs as Demandants, in divers Aelions by them lued Cth the making ot'the faid Statute, 
' have been oftentimes delayed of their Execution, to their great and importable Hurt, Lofs, and Charges :' 
(4) Wherefore the King by the Ad\'icc of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, enaiileth. 
That the faid Aift made the 3d Year of his Reign, concerning the Premiies, be good and effeftual, and that 5w/ir(i.-r 13 
from henceforth it be duly put in Execution. Car. 2. Sfat. 2. 

iivu JoiAU Damages on Afirmame ofth: I'erdia; and 4 A^n. c. l6.fAl. 25, 7e/.;V; /■r(rjidci farther for Ccjts m iju.ifiing ^■'i-f'-^- <). ■^'■•^ 
IVrit of Errcr. 

The Adl of Efcheators and Commiflioners. Ohfolete. j h. %'.c. g. " 

1, Set ElcheatAfl, 28th March, 1788.) 

Punifliment of Murders. Caufes of imboldening Men to commit 4 ^. 8.\.'2." 
Murders and Felonies. The Benefit of Clergy taken away from ^'f'n. g. c. i. 
fuch as commit Murder or Felony in any Church, Highway, <^'C. 1^^'^%''^]'. 

The Sale of Lands by Part of the Executors, lawful. n'^/f^g V"' 

' ATT'HERE divers fundry Perfons before this Time, having other Perfoas feifcd to their U/'e of and in , o // ,„c 
' VV Lands and other Hereditaments to and for the Declaration of their Wills, have by their hfl Wills r,,°j"jlf;r.j , i 
* and Teftaments willed and declared fuch their faid Lands, Tenements, or other Hereditaments to be fold by y J, r j- p 
' their Executors, as well to and for the Payments of their Debts, Performance of their Legacies, neccffary and ,« . * /" 
convenient finding of their Wives, virtuous bringing up and Advancement of their Children to Marriage, as al- " *^ " 

ana m tne lame oivers txecutors naniea anj maae, tnat alter tneueceaie oi lucn i eitators lome ot tne lame n . , 
Executors, willing to accomplifli the Trull and Confidence that they were put in by the faid Teilator, have ac- ■' ■ O' ■ i- 
' cepted and taken upon them the Charre of the faid Teftament, and have been ready to fulfil and perform all 
' Things contained in the fame; and the iv^-H^ue of the fame Executors, uncharitably contrary to tlie Truft that 
' they were put in, have refufed to intern-.::.:'' _ ;•.• 'ny wife with the Execution of the faid Will and Teftament, 
' or with the Sale of fuch Lands fo willed to " ' ..-i ';y the Teftator. (3) And foraimuch as a Bargain and Sale 
' of fuch I^ands, Tenements, or other Hercd.: micrr^fo willed by any Perfon to be fold by his Executors after 
' his Deccafe, after the Opuiion of divers Per(o:is, i;an in no wife be good or efleiflual in the Law, unlcfs the 
* fame Bargain and Sale be made by the whole Nu nber of the Executors named to and fa. ^iic fame; (4) by 
' Reafon whereof, as well the Debts of fuch Teftators have relied unpaid and unfatisfied, to the great Danger 
' and Peril of the Souls of fuch Teftators, and to the great Hinderance, and many Tines to the utter Undo- 
' ing of their Creditors: (5 ) As alfo the Legacies and Bequefts made by the Tcflator to his Wife, Children, „ , . ^ 
' and for other charitable E)eeds to be done for tlie Wealth of the Soul of the fame Teftator that made the fame " "■' f /'" 
' Teftament, have been alfo unperformed, as well to the extreme Mifery of the Wife and Children of the faid ""''"• '^*° '■'" 
' Teftator, as alfo to the Let of Perform.ince of other charitable Deeds for the WTealth of the Soul of the faid "f °" " *'.,, 
' Teftator, to the Difpleafure of Almighry God. (6) For Remedy whereof, be it enafied. That where Part of the ''""'S^ V " V ' 
Executors named in any fuch Teftament of any fuch Perfon fo making or decl.iriiig any fuch Will of any Lands, T"'^"^*""'/ ^"r 
Tenements, or other Hereditaments to be fold by his E.xecutor», after the Death of any fuch TcilaJor, do refufe ' '■"P™ y'^f ^/^r/- 
to take upon him or them the Adminiftration and Chatge of the fame Teftament and laft V\'i!l wherein they be " "J^ " ^J""" 
fo named to be E.xecutors, and the Rcfidui' of the fame Executors do accept and take upon theni the Cure and 'l, '^"j^ '' ■'/. 
Charge of the fame Teftament and laft Will: that then all Kargains and Sales of fuch Lands, Tenements, or , ' ' '""j'' ^^> 
other Hereditaments, fo willed to be fold by the Executors of any fuch feftator, as wel! heretofore made, as •?■ ' •■ . 
hereafter to be made by him or them only of the faid Executors that fo dotl. accept, or that heretofore hath ac- "' ' • ^ -S- J 
cepted and taken upon him or them any fuch Cure or Charge of Adminiilration of any fuch Will or Teftament, 
Ihall be as good and as cffeftual in the Law, as if all the Refldue of the fame Executors named in the faid Tef- 
tament, fo refufmg the Adminiftration of the fame Teftament, hath joined with him or them in the making of the 
Bargain and Sa!»_ of fuch Lands, Tenements, or other Hereditaments fo willed to be fold by the Executors of 
any fuch Teftator, which heretofore hath made or declared, or that hereafter fhall make or declare any fuch 
Will, of any fuch Lands, Tenements, or other Hereditaments after his Deceafe, to be ibid by his Executors. 

IL Provided alway. That this Aift ftiall not extend to give Power or Authority to any Executor or Executors ™.„ ti./- 
at any Time hereafter to bargain or put to Sale any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, by Virtue and Au- ., .' c,. . ^ ^^^ 
thority of any Will or Tellament heretofore made, othcrwife than they might do by the Courie of the common (; .' j- .,"''' £fore the making this Adl. •-.-; J.n i_cr mn- 

43 £/.<-. 8. 3oCa/. J.c ;. 4'e'5 JV. i5'M.c..Z4.fc. 12. isf A. A. 1787 '^ 1:"). """"■^ ^^'-■•"n 

M An 

46 %\)t ^vMit i.abs 

Engli/h Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 171: 
N°. 331. 

A. D. I519. 

21H.S.C. II. At what Time Reftitution fhall be made of Goods ftolen. 

Tlrrrjijll ie Se- T) E it enaiScd, That it any Felon or Felons hereafter do rob, or take away any Money, Good?, or Chattier, 
Jliliitiiiloliti,zuif Jj from any of the King's Suhjeds, from their Perfon or oilierw ifc, wirhin this Realm, and thereof the faid 
tr o/jlol.-n GonJi tclon or Felons be indii^led, and after arraigned of the fame Felony, and found guilty thereof, or otherwife 
after the attainder attainted by reafon of Evidence given by the Party fo robbed, or Owner of the faid Money, Goods or Chat- 
vftle Fel<M. tics, or by any other by their Procurement, that then the Party fo robbed, or Ovmcr, IhaU be reliored to his 

2 Bj'JIr. i\o. faid Money, Goods, and Chatties; (2) ami that as well the Jufticesof (iaoi-delivcry, asotherjufticcs, afore 
Cro, EI. 661. whom any fuch Felon or Fcl««3 (ball be found guilty, or otherwife attainted, by rcaiun of Evidence given by 
Kc'.jng 4%. the Party fo robbed, or Owner, or by any other by their Procurement, have Power, by this nrefent AiSl, to 

award, from time to time. Writs of Reftitution for the faid Money, Goods, and Chatties, in like Manner as 
5 Co. ixo. though any fuch Felon or Felons were attainted at the buit of die Party in Appeal. 

\z H. '%^.lfi\. For Abjurations and Sanftuaries. 

Noferfunaraion- ^''- No Perfon arraigned for any Petit Treafon, Murder, or Felony, be from henceforth admitted to any 
ed mu- italleii're percmptor\' Challenge above the Number of xx' . 
Mlmi/sx. " * The rcf^cf tlii All not made 0/ Foru. 

ajVs.Yi'' ^'^ ^^ concerning Convifts in Petit Treafon, Murder, (^c. 

Co. P!./. i$%. ni. Be it ena(5led. That no Perfon nor Perfons, which hereafter (hall happen to be found guilty after the 

CUr^y t aken frtm Laws of this Land, for any Manner of Petit Treafon, or for any wilful Murder of Malice prepensed, or foe 
feiieral Perfins robbing of any Churches, Ciuutls, or other holy Places, or for robbing of any Perfon or Perfons in their 
zvlncb ila commit dwelling Hoiifcs, or Dwelling Place, the Owner or Dweller in the fame Houfc, his Wife, hii Children or 
e/iven Offencet. Servants them being within, and put in Fear and Dread by the fame, or for robbing of any Perfon or Perfons in 
, Extended to Cfi:m- "T near about the Fiighways, or for wilful burning of any DweUing Houfes, or Barns wherein any Grain of 
tries viere lie Corns Ihall happen to be, nor any Perfon or Perfons being found guilty of any Abetment, Procurement, Help- 
Jl'Mery, Ufc. was 'Ugi Maintainmg, or Couiifelling, of or to any fuch Petit Trcafons, Murders, or Felonies, fhall from hence- 
>!ot commuted. forth be admitted to the Benelit of his or their Clergy, but utterly be excluded thereof, and fuifer Death in fuch 

3 /«/?. 64, 67, Mariner and Form as they Ihould have done for any the Caufes or Offences abovcfaid, if they were no Clerks; 
Ijj. fuch as be within holy Orders, that is to fay, of the Orders of Sub-deacon, or above, only except. 

I £J. 6. c. 12. Kilyn.?, 67, 68, 69. Dyer,/. 224. II Co. 2'). Extended to Rohberiei in Booths or •Tinli, tS'c. *)■ 5 tS" 6 £J 6. c. 9. 
1 li.'ljlr. 112. » 

zzH.i.c.z. An Aft againft Perjury and untrue Verdids. 

' ' I 'HE King our Sovereign Lord of his moft ^odly and gracious Difpofition, calling to his Remembrance 
' X. how that Perjury in this Land is in manilold Caufes by unrealbnable Means detcftably ufed, to the 

3 JnJI. 164. * Difhe.'itance, and great Damage of many and great Numbers of his SubjeiSs wcll-difpofcd, and to the mod 

' high DifpleafUi-e of Almighty Gc.d, the good Statutes againft all Officers having Return of Writs and their 
' Deputies, making Panels partially for Reward* to then given, againft unlawful Maintaincrs, Embracers and 
' Ju.''ors, and againfl Jurors luitruly giving their Vcrdid noiwithftanding; for Reformation whereof, and for- 
' asmuch as the late noble King Heiry the 7th provided Remedy for the fame by a Statute made in the Ilth 
' Year of his Reign, which Statute is now expired :' 

/ina'rl -niere lie "' ^'^ it therefore cnadcd, That upon every untrue Verdld hereafter given betwixt Party and Party, in any 


binr in Jem id ^"''' I''-'''"; or Demand, before any Tuftices, or Judges of Record, where the Thing in Demand, and Verdiii 
lendelhto LI thereupon given, extcndeth to the Value of xl. li. and concerneth not the Jeopardy of Mao's Life, the Party 
und eoncernetb not R""'^*'^ ''>' 'f*^ brwc Verdicl (hall have a Writ of Attaint againft every Perfon hereafter fo giving an untrue Ver- 
"ManiLife '''*^' and ever)- of them, and againft the Party which (hall have Judgment upon the fame Vcrdid ; (2) and that 

'jhtr ' f. 4l '" '*"" Attaint tiicre (hall be awarded againft the Petit Jury, the Party, and the Grand Jury, Summons, 

Co Lit las Refummons, and Dlftrefs infinite, which Grand Jury (hall be ot hke Number as the Grand Jury is now in At- 

Cro El <;o t''"t> and every of lliem that ihall pafs in the fame, (hall have Lands and Tenements to the Value of 10 Marks 

Mror n ^f ''^* ^'^"'' °^ Freehold, out of the ancient Demean; (,l) and upon the Diftrcfs, which (hall be delivered of 

n-l, D J' ^ ■ Record upon the fame, open Proclamation to be made in the Court there; (4) the Diftrefs (hall be awarded more 

Altaini^'^' ' '''*" '-5 Days afore the Return of the faid Diftrefs, and every fuch Diftrefs (hall be made upon the Land of every 

"kurort in All tint "^ '*'' '*'*' Orand Jury, as in other Diftredes is and hath been ufed; (5) and if the (aid Party Defendant, or the 
"m^t be tLorth'lo Pi^'it JufO", or any of them, appear not upon the Diftrefs, then the Grand Jury to be taken *gainft them and 
Marii a'vear "'^'7 of them that (hall fo make Default ; (6) and if any of the f.iid Petit Jury appear, then the Party coinplain- 
Dil!re/i v'teiilo *"' '" '''"' '^''''^'^ 'hall allign the falfe Scremcnt of the firft Verdidl untruly given, whereunio they of the Petit 
tea-ill dei Jury (hall have no Anfwcr, iftlicybe the fame Perfons, and the Writ, Proccfs, Return, and Alugnment good 

TieCrandiur\a- ""'' lawful exce]>tthat the Demandant or Plaintiff in the fame Attaint hath afore been Nonfuil, or difcontinued 
virltdinieM'l ''''^"'' of Attaint taken forthe fame, or hath for the fame Verdid, in a Writ of /\tiaint, had Judgment againft 
Pliai cfihe Peltit ''^' ^"'^ ^'^''' J"''*'- '"" ""'y 'h^' ''"^y m3.ic true Serement, which KTue ftiall be tried by 24 of the faid Grand 
7(rv ii luaiil J'"?' (7) '"^ '■^' Party (hall plead that they gave true Vcrdid, or any other Matter which (hall be a fullicicnt 

of ^i5utf):=Carolina» 47 

Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 
. N". 331. 

Barof the faid Attaint; (8) ancithat Pica notwithllanding the Grand Jury to be taken without Dtlay, toenquire ,, /r g , ' 
whether the iirft Jury gave true VcrJicl or no. „■' „ „ . ' ^ ^" 

K.-t. J.?. Dytr, 173. PUa- ofth, D^fi„>lant in Attaint. J ^'■■'- ^^^ 

III. And 1/ they find that the faid Petit Jury gave an untrue Verdidl, then every of the faid Petit Jury to for- Fi,rftiture of tit 
fcit XX. li. wliercof the one Half fhall be to tlie King our Sovereign Lord, and the other Half to the Party that Petit Jury At- 
fueth. ' tainted. 

IV. And over that. That every of the faid Petit Jury (hall feverally make Fine and Ranfom, by the Difcre- Dyer 150. 

tion of the Juftices before whom die faid lalfe Sereinent (hall be found, after their feveral Offences, Defaults, If tie Plea of tie 

and Sufficiency of every of the laid Petit Jur)'; (3) and after that, thofe of the faid Petit Jury fo attainted ftiall I'arty Defendant 

never after be in any Credence, nor accepted in any Court; (3) and if fuch Plea as the Party plead- be found agalnjl 

eth, which is a Bar of the faid Attaint, be found, or deemed againlt him that fo pleadeth, then the Party that him. 

fofueth, ihal] have Judgment to be raftered to that he loft, with hisreafonable cofts-andEamagca. HaJ}. Pia.f. 86. 

V. Forefeen alway, I'hat any uilare in Action or Caufe perfonal, or txcommengen^en: pleaded or alledged in the Outlaivry or Ek^ 
Party, Plaintiff or Demandant, Ciall be taken but as a void Plea, and to th»t he (hall not be put to anfwer; conanunicatiort no 
(2) and that in all the aforefaid Procefs fuch day fliall be given as in a Writ of Dower, and none Effoin orProtec- Plea aaahifi the 
tion to lie, nor to be allowed in the fame ; (3) and if the faid Grand Jury appear not upon the firft Diftrefs had plaintiff in For- 
againft them., fo that the Jury fo;- their De auit ilo remain, he diat maketh Default (hall forfeit to the King xx. s. feiturs of the 
and upon the fccond Didrefs xl. s. and after making Default, for every fuch Default v. Ir. and like Penalties and Grand Jury mai- 
Forfeituies to be againfi them, and every of them, that (hall be named in tlie 'Taiet, as is before exprelTed againft ing Default of 
every of the faid Grand Jurj' aforefaid; (4; and that for and by the Death of the Party, or any of the faid Petit Appearance. 
Jury, th^ faid Attaint (hall not abate, nor be deferred againft tlie Remnant, as long as two of the faid Petit Jury Ho'w long the At-- 
oe alive. taint is maintaina- 

VI. And if hereafter any falfe Verdicfl he given in any AcSion, fuit, or Demand afore any Ju.lice or Judge of ile. 

Record, of any Thing perfonal, as Debt, Trefpafs, and other like, which (hall be under the Value of that Attaint of a thin-r' 

then the Party grieved (hall have Attaint, with fuch Procefs and Pleas as is afore rehearfcd, and Delays to be under the vaiue of 

taken away, as is afore remembered; (2) except that in this Cafe of Attaint, every Perfon of the Grand Jury .v.'. li. 

that may difpend V. Marks by the Year of Freehold out of ancient Demean, or is worth an hundred Marks o{ Dyfr iio. 

Goods and Chatties, (hall be able to pafs in the fame Attaint. (3) And if the Petit Jury be attainted, thatthen I imn. 279. 
they (hall in this Cafe of Attaint every of them to forfeit v. li. whereof one Half to be to the King, and the other 
Half to the Party, after the Form afore rehearfed, and over that to make Fine and Ranfom by 3ie Difcretion cf 
the Juftices, as is aforefaid. 

VII. And if there be not Perfons of fuch Sufficiency within the Shire or Place where any of the faid Attaints I'^lei inanother 
fhall be taken, as may pafs into the fame, be it ordained by the Authority abovefaid. That then one Ts/cj (hail Counti if there h- 
be awarded into the (hire next adjoining, by tile Difcretion of the Juftices afore whom the fame Attaints (hall be ^f ful/cient" f e 
taken, which (hall be warned to appear upon like Pains as aforefaid, and enabled to pafs in the faid Attaints, as holders in tb f '' 
if they were dwelling in the Shire where the fame Attaint (hall he taken. (2) And that the fame Laws, Adion Count-i 'J"'"' 
and Remedy ordained by this prefent Acl, be kept for and to all them that (hall be grieved by fuch untrue Verdids _^„ attaint far him 
of any Inheritance in Dcfcent, Revcriion, Remainder, or of any Freehold in Reverlion or Remainder. (3) And ,„ R^erion or 
if the Party in Attaint given by this Ad be Nonfuit, or the fame difcontinue, that then the fame Party fo Nonfuit, Hewainder 

or fo difcontinuing the faid Attamt, make Fine and Ranfom by the Difcretion of the Juftices ifore whom the faid jSionfuit in attain 

Attaint (hall be taken and depending. '' ■''' 

VIII. And that all Attaints hereafter to be taken, (hall be taken afore the King in his Bench, or afore the Juf- /ittaints mull be 
tices of the Common Place, and none in other Courts; (2) and that Aw/IPWw (hall be granted by Difcretion of /^^j ,•„ ,4^ ^,-„^'Sr 
the Juftices upon the Dii^refs; (3) and every of the faid Petit Jury may appear, and antwer by Attorney in the Bench of commoa 
laid .Attaint; (4) and that the Moiety of the faid Forfeiture of the Petit Jurj' fliall be levied to the Ufe of our So- pi^^ 

vereign I^ord the King by Capias adfatisfacienJum, or Fieri fac' or Elegit, or by Adion of Debt againft every Per- Dy^r\oz 

fon of the Petit Jury fo forfeiting, and againft his Executors and Adminiftrators, having then fufifi^icut Goods of ^^^^ j . ' p/ g„ 

their faid Tellator not admniftered, and the other Moiety ftiall by like Procefs be levied to the Ule of the Party Dyer id 

thatfueth any Attaint given by this Ad againft every of the faid Petit Jury and his Executors or Adminiftrators, mfi pfii] InAt- 

having then Sufficiency of Goods, as is aforefaid, not adminiftered; (5) and the Judgment of Reftitution to the i^j„i ' 

Party grieved fuing this Ad, and Execution thereof to be had, and like Judgment for the Party defendant, or Aitornev in it- 

Tenant, to be difcharged of Reftitution, as afore this prefent Ad in Cal'e of a Grand Attaint hath hee^jufed; ,^;„f 

(6) and if there be divers Plaintilfs or Demandants in Attaint, that tlie Nonfuit or Releafe of any of them IhalJ '^udlnteni ard ex- 

not be in any wife hurtful or prejudicial to the Rclidue, but that they and every of them in fuch Cafes may be }cu!ion in attaint ' 

lummoned and fevered, like as it is ufed when there be divers Demandants in yVdlions real. <27.,; nonfuit or Re 

IX. Be it alfo cnaded. That in every Writ of Attaint hereafter to be taken by or upon this Ad, the which lea}"°fone °PL'<i- 
ftiall be fuch as ether Writs of Attaint be, and after the Trjle of the fame Vv'rit (hall be wriuen thcfe Words in Hf/hall not preia- 
Latin : ' Per Jlatutum continuatum ufquc annum vicfimum tertiam domini Henr oRa-ai, Dei gratia Angliit tt Franciee dicchiscomtanions 
•■ Regis, fideidef em et domini Hibernix:^. Dyer, f. 101. ' ' f 

An Ad that the Plaintiff, heing nonfuited, fhall yield Damages to 23^. g. .. 15. 
the Defendants in Anions perfonal, by the Difcretion of the Juf- 

BE it enaded. That if any Perfon or Perfons, at any Time after the Feaft of the Purification of our Lady, in Hull. 22,69, ?*• 
the 23d Year of the Reign of ourSovercign Lord King Henry the gth commence or fuc in any Court of i Roll 63. 
Record, or elfewhere in any other Court, .^ny Adion, Bill, or Plaint, of Trefpafs upon the Statute cf King i Roll lit. 



C|)e ^ut)lic §la\us 

A. D. tjiT., 
N". 33*- 

A. D. 1531. 
2.; ff. 8. f. 13. 
//r/.'i-v 146. 
8 f.l.'i. 2. . 
a A/?. 651. 
C«. £/. 177, 
300, 465, 503. 
Cn. Car. 541. 
3 iaMr. 248. 
Moor 625. /■/. 

i>r. Cd/?/, 23. 

3 /.:.». 92. 

1 SaW. 207. 
//c44. 219. 

2 i««. 9, St. 
I^orma pattperis 
Jhjtllir otbcrtvife 

1 SqU 88. 

Farl'nr frcm[ftm 
nncerning Cojii 

R-rhr.rd the id, made in the 5th Year of his Reign, fur Kntrit-s into Lands and Tenenicnts, wl'.cre ncn: En;ry 
is oivcn by the Law, (2) or any Action, Bill, or Plaint ofDebt or Covenant, upon any Efpctulty made to the 
Plaintlffor IMaintifTs, (3) or upon any Contriifl fuppoftd to be mad-' betwetn the Plaiiui.'i'dr PlaintifiV, and 
any othf r Perfon cr Perfons, (4) or .iny Adion, Bill, or Plaint of Detinue of any Goods or Chuttles, whereof 
tJic Plaintifl'or PUintiiTi, (hall luppof; that the Property belongeth to them, or to any of them, (<.) or any 
A<aion, Bill, or Plaint of Account, in the which the PlaintilVor Plaintiffs luppole ihc Defendant or Defendants 
to be their BailifTor BailifTs, Receiver or Receivers of their Manor, Mel'e, Money, or Goods, to yield Account 
(6) or any Aiftion, Bill, or Plain: upon the Cafe, or upon any Statute, for any Offence or Wron.; perfonal 
immediately fuppofed to be done to the Plainii/Tor PlaintiiTs, ( 7 ) and the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs in any fuch Kind 
of Albion, Bill, or Plaint, after appearance of the Defendant or Defendants be nunfuitcd, or th« any Verdict 
happen to pafs, by lawful Trial, againft the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs in any iuth Aiftion, Bill, or Plaint, that then 
the Defendant or Defendants in every fuch Aiflion, Bill, or Plaint, (hall have Judgment to recover his Coifs 
againft every luch Plaintiff or Plaintiffs; (8) end that to be affeffed andt.ised by the Difcretionof tlu Judge or 
Judgesof the Court where any fuch Action. Bill, or Plaint (hall be commenced, fued, or taken; (9) and alfo 
that every Defendant in fuch Acftion, Bill, or Plaint fhall have fuch Procel's and Kiecution for the Recovery 
and havine of his Cofts againft the Plaintiff or Plaimifls, as the fame Plaintiff or Plaintiffs (hould or might have 
had againit the Defendant or Defendants, in Cale that Judgment had been given for the Part of the laid Plain- 
tiff or Plaintiffs, in any fuch A<5Uon, Bill, or Plaint. 
rarlbcr Provifon rilalmg hrrcln, 4 jac. I.e. 3. M':J. Cafr, in L-r^v 344. Dytr f. 32. 3?I. Bin. Ctji, I3. 

II. Provided alway, That all and every fuch poor Perlon or Perl'ins being .Plaintiff or PUintiiis in any of 
the f^id A<3ion?, Bills, or Plaints, which at the Commencement of their Suits or Anions be a Imicted by Dif- 
tretion of the Judge or Judges, where fuch Suits or A<Sion (liall be purfued or taken, to have their Procefs and 
and Counfelof Charity, without any Money or fee paying for the fame, (hail not be commpelled to pay any 
Cofls by Virtue and lorce of this Statute, but iliall fuller other I'uniihment, as by the Difcretion of the Juftices 
or Judge, afore whom fuch Suits (hall depend, (liall be thought reaibnable ; any Thing afore rehearled to the 
contrary hereof nothwithftanding. 
8 Et. c. 1. 4 Jac. I.e. 3. 13 Car. l.Jlat. 2. e. 2. 4 Am. c. 16. 

24. ^.^"*. 5 That a Man killing a Thief in his Defence (hall not forfeit his 


' TT'ORASMUCH as it hath been in Qijcftion and Ambiguity, that if any evil dUpofcd Perfou or Perfons do 
' JT attempt felonioufly to rob or murder any Perlon or Perlons ill or nigh any common Highway, Cart-way, 
' Horfe-way, or Foot-way, or in their Manfions, Mtffuages, or Dwelling-places, or f.:loiiiou(ly do attempt 
' 'to break any Dwelling-houfe in the Night-time, (hould happen in his or th. ir being in their fuch felonious In- 
' tent, to be (lain by him or them whom the f.iid Hvil-doers (hould fo attrnipt to rot) ormurder, nrby any Pcr- 
' fon or Perlons being in their DwcUing-houfe, whiih thefamc Evil-doeri (houM lo •■ n-.m liurL' m l.rcik 
' by Night; if thefaid I'erfon fo happening in fuch Cafes to flay any fuh P :! . . 

' Murder or Buglary, Ihould for the Death of the faid evil difpofel Perfon forfeit . 
' for the f'nie, as any other Perfon fhould do that by Chance-medley (hould h. 

' Perfon in liisor their Defence;' (2) For the Declaration of the which Ambigu::; u :■ , .^ . , 1 lat 
if any Perfon or Ptri'ons, at any Time hereafter, be iudii9ed or appealed of 01 for the X):v ii of any luch evil 
difpofed Perfon or Perfons attempting to murder, rob, or burglarily to break ^lanrinn-hiiul'es, as is abovefaid, 
that the Perfon or Perfons fo indiiled or appealed lliereof, and of the fame by Verdift fo found and tried, (hall 
not forfeit or lofe any Lands, Tenements, Goods, or Chatties, for the Death of .my luch evil difpofed Perfon 
in fuch manner flain, but (hall be thereof, and for the fame fully acquitted and difcharged, in like manner a« 
the fame Ptrfon or Pctfons (hould be if he or they were lawfully acquitted of the Death of the faid evil difpofed 
Terfon or Perfons*. 

' Sre Ef:bcat Laiv. 28. Manh. 1 78!?. 

For fuch as ftand mute, ov. 

WHr.RF, at your Parliament holden at H'.f,m', in the 13 Year of your moll noi.le Reign, among 
other Things it was ordained, eftablilhcd and enuiSed, That no Perfon or Perfons which thereafter 
(hould happen to be found guilty, after the Laws of this Land, for any Manner of Petit Treafon, or of any 
wilful Murder of Malice prepcnfed, or for robbing of any Churches, Chapels or other holy Places, or for 
robbinc "f any Perfon or Perfons in their Dwelling-houfes or Dwelliiig-place the Owner or Dweller in the 
fame Miufe, liis Wife, hisChildren, or Servants then being within, and put in Fear and Dread by the finie, 
01 for robbing of any Perfon or Perfons in or near about the High-way, or for wilful burning of any Dwelling- 
I.oufes or Barns, wherein any Grain or Com (hall happen to be; nor any Perfon or Perlons being found guilty 
of any Abetment, Pncurcnient, helping, maintaining, or counfelling of or 10 any fuch Petit Treafon, Mur- 
thers, or Felonies, (hould from thencelbrth be admitted to the Benefit of his or their Clergy, but utterly be 
cicluded thereof, anrlfuffer Death in fuch Manner and Form, as they (liould have done for any ihc Caufcs or 
Offences aforefaid, if they were no Clerks; fuch as he within holy Orders, that is to fay, of the Orders of Suli- 

' deacon, or above all only eicept, as more at large appeareth by the faid .\ft. (2) And fotafmuch as thrfaid 
Afleitendcth only to fuch Perfons as be found guilty after tht due Courf^i of the Laws of this Land, divers 

' and many great errant Ro!)'jer«, Murthcrers, Burplarsand Felons, that do offend and commit divers and many 
Petit Treufone, Robberies, Burglaries and Felonies, contrary to the Tenor of the faid Afl, perceiving and 

' dearly underft.anding, hy tlie Wordsof the fame Statute and Aft, thatthey fiiall not lofe the Beiielit and Ad- of iluir Clergy, nnlefstheybe found guilty after the due Courfc of the Law, u|Hin their Arraign- 
.juent of and u)i.u ilic iiiJ 1 Monies, Robhcrietj and other Offences before faid, fo by ihem done and committed. 


3 I„jl. j6, 63, 


BrQflw 144. b. 

I Anicf. 41. 

7bcrrjball bt m 
iiti'in^ of any Per- 
fi.i Ibjl atlnnfl-J 

Cro. Car. ;44. 

A. D. isii- 

I Aitdtrf. 1 1 4. 
Clcrj^ net afU-wed 
I, Ibeji v.-hojlij 
Kjuii, or vbo Jo 
like per fmptiry 


Cerlai,, V.-frfls m 
i/> tbrfalulg 0/ 2 J 

H. %. '. 1. 

of §)outl)'Carolma* 49 

Evglifh Statutes made of Force. '^-^^ '|^'" 

' by reafon whereof, divers and many of the fame Robbers and Felons, upon their Arraignment of the fame Rob- .. tj o / , ' 

* beries and Felonies, Kpon their Inditflments againft them iland mute, and fometimes challenge peremptorily ^ • • c- 
' over the Number of to or elfe will not direcftly anfwer to the fame liidiiSments whereupon they be fo arraigned, 

' according to the Order of the Law. (3) And for that thefe efpecial Cafus be not exprefsly comprifed and 

* contained within the Letter of the fame Statute, it is nccefiary and expedient that the fame Cafe be clearly and 
' definitively expounded and declared by Authority of this prefent Parliament. (4) And whereas alfo divers 

* and many Felons and Robbers, that commit and do divers and many great heinous Robberies and Burglaries 
' in one Shire, and convey the Spoil and Robbery into any other Shire, and there be taken, indi^-led, and arraigned 

* upon Felony and felonious ftealing ot the fame Goods in the fame other Shire, than there where the fame Rob- 
' beries or Burglaries were done and committed, and not upon the fame Robbery nor Burglarj', for that it was 
' not done nor committed in the famt; (hire where they be fo indidled and arraigned, and by reafon thereof the 
' fame Mildemeanours, Felons, Robbers, and Burglars have and enjoy the Privilege and Advantage of their 
' Clergy, to the great Hurt and Lofs of the King's Prerogative, and great Boldntfs of fuch Ofienders. 

II. In Confideration whereof, be it cnaited, That every Perfon and Perfoiis that is or hereafter fliall be in- Cafes In luhhh the 
didedof Petit Treafon, wilful Burning of Houfes, Murlher, Robbery, or Burglary, or other Felony, accord- Itnefit 0/ Clergy 
ing to the Tenor and Meaning of the fame Statute, and thereupon arraigned, and do Hand mute of MiMck or a^unuti-alirwci. 
frowardMind, or challenge peremptorily above the Number of ao, or elfe will not or do not ani'wer directly to 

the fame lndi(5lment and Felony whereupon he is fo arraigned, (liall from henceforth lofe the Benefit and Privi- 
lege of his or their Clergy in like Manner and Form as if he had direcily pleaded to the fame Petit Treafon, 
Murther, Robbery, Burglary, or other Felony, whereupon he is fo arraigned, Not guilty and there upon had 
been found guilty, after the Laws of the Land. • 

III. And if any Perfon or Pcrfons hereafter be indicled of Felony for dealing of any Goods or Chatties in any 
County within this Realm, of Engla-iJ, and thereupon arraigned and be found guilty, or Hand mute of Malice, 
or challenge peremptorily above the Number of ao Perfons, as is afore faid, or will not upon hisfaid Arraign- 
ment directly anfwer to tiie fame Felony, that then the fame Perfon and Pcribns fo arraigned and found guilty, 
cr (land mute of Malize, or challenge peremptorily above the Number of 20 Pcrfons, or will not direcily anfwer 

to the Law, Ihall lofe and be put from tlie Benefit and of their Clergy, in like Manner and Form as they fhould ^ Man allah c I 
have been, if they had been indicSted and arraigned, and found guilty in the fame County where tlie fame Rob- ivhcre the Goads 
bery or Burglary was done or committed, if it fhall appear to the Julliccs before whom any fuch Felons or RoI>- tuere carriel 
bers be arraigned, by Evidence given before them, or by Examination, that the fame Felonies, whereupon they ivhhh ivere Jiolm 
be fo arraigned, had been fuch Robberies or Burglaries in the fame Shire where fuch Robberies or Burglaries in Coun.y. 
■were committed or done, by reafon whereof they Ihould have loll the Benefit of their Clergy hv Force of the faid ^8 /^. 8. c. I. 
Statute, in Cafe they had been found guilty thereof in the fame Shire where fuch Robberies or Burglaries were fo For farther Pra- 
committed or done. vif:or.i concerning 

Burglary, fee 5 55' 6. Ed. 6. c. 9. 3 IF. 13" M. c. 9. and A. A. 23 Aug. 1769. 

The Punifhment of the Vice of Buggery. 15 u- 8- c. 6. 

' TT'ORASMUCH as there is not yet fufficient and condign Punilhment appointed and limited by the due xlnjl.^'j, 

* \S Courfe of the Lawsof this Realm, for the deteftable and abominable Vice of Buggery committed with 

' MankindorBeaft:' (a) It maytherefote be enaSed, Thatthe fame Offence be from henceforth adjudged Felony, Hethatcommhtelh 
and fuch Order and Form of Procefs therein to be ufed againft the Offenders as in Cafes of Felony at the Common Buggery -with 
Law; (3) and that the Offenders being hereof convidl by Verdiift, Confeffion, or Outlawry, (hall fuffcr fuch Mankind or Beaji 
Pains of Death, and Loffes and Penalties of their Goods, Chatties, Debts, Lands, Tenements and Heredita- j?a//i.r adjudged a 
ments, as Felons be accuilomed to do, according to the Order of the Common Laws of this Realm; (4) and Felon. 
that no Perfon offending in any fuch Offence, (hall be admitted to his Clergy; (5) and that Jullices of Peace Reviiied and 
{hall have Power and Authority, within the Limits of their CommilTions and Jurlfdi<51ion, to hear and deter- made perpetual iy 
mine the faid Offence, as they do ufe to do in Cafe of other Felonies. 5 E!. c. 1 7. 

For Pirates and Robbers on the Sea. ^- °- '^^J- 

^^ II. 8. c. 4. 

WHERE Pirates, Thieves, Robbers and Murderers upon the Sea, many Times efcapeunpunilhcd, be- m; • , • 
caufe the Trial of their Offences hath heretofore been ordered before the Admiral, or his Lieutenant or . ineon-jetiien- 
Commiffary, after the Courfe of the Civil Laws, the Nature whereof is, that before any Judgment of Death p" ojthe Lnaloj 
can be given againft the Offenders, either they mull plainly confefs their Offence, (which they will never do '^"p "J'" :' 
without Torture or Pains) or elfe their Offences be fo plainly and directly proved by Witneffes indifferent, fuch '^'""'J' 7 '*'' "'^'' 
as faw their Offences committed, which cannot be gotten but by Chance at few Times, bccaufe fuch Offend- '^'^'^■ 
crs commit their Offences upon the Sea, and at many Times murther and kill fuch Perfons being in the Ship or 
Boat where they commit their Offences, which (hould bear M'itnefs againft them in that Behalf, andalfo (uch as 
(hould bearWitnefs be commonly Mariners and Shipmen, which for the moft Part cannot he gotten ne had always 
ready to teftify fuch Offences, becaufe of their often Voyages and Paffagcs in the Seas, without long tarrying or 
Protraction of Time, and great Cofts and Charges, as well of the King's Highnefs, as of fuch as would pur- jy^/j^^ '■hit 
fue fuch Offenders :' (2) for Reformation whereof, be it enaifled. That all fuch Offences done in or upon the r^^ ^S-" " 
Sea, or in any other Haven, River or Creek, where the Admiral or Admirals pretend to have Jurlfdiiftion, fiiall ■^;/, du^r"tl-"^" 
be enquired, tried, heard and determined in fuch Shires and Places in this Realm as (hall be limited by the Aiii, t"" J'j 
King's Commiffion to be diredcd for the fame, in like Form and Condition as if fuch Offences had been done up- ■^ , ■ / "'' 
on the Land; (3) * and that fuch Commiffions (hall be had under the King's Great Seal, direiSled to the Lord 
Admiral or Admirals, or to his or their Lieutenant, Deputy or Deputies, and to three or four fuch other fub- 
• rbis Po-wer ii vejled in tbi Congrif of the United States. 

N Ilantial 

A. D. t7i;. 
N". 33'- 
A. D. JS35. 
i7 H. 8. .. 4. 

Jlj ■wtiat Jurort 

Jhall bi inquired of. 

The Trial Jud^r. 
meat and Forfei- 
turc of offender, in 

U alUrwcd i 
rates. ^ 

to Pi- 

I Ha-U). P. 


•riling! taie 
the Sea hy ne< 


Pirate 1. 


See 28. H. 

'■ 15 

27 H. S. e. 10. 

I Co./. 123. 

1 Leon. 14. 

2 Leon. l6. 
Lane 93. 
lio-u, iy lie eom- 
mon Latv Lands 
ought to be transfer.' 

to another. 

i Buljlr. lis, 


Godioll 199. //. 


Several incenveni~ 

encies tnfifing by 

towveyance oftands 

tttttfes, and by the 

dewfing Item by 


I XcU 260, 327, 


l^o// 170, 335, 


Pi,fb. 21, 70. 

CUierl f,/„fcs and 


Tie poMon of 

lands fiMl be in 

him or them ttjat 

have ike ufi. . 

1 Leon. 2.? 8. 

2 Leon. 6, 15. 
i Cr. 903. 

Evglijh Statutes made of Force ^ 

ftantial Perfons a^ (hill be named by the Lord Chancellor for the Time being, as often as need (hall require, to' 
hear and detcnninc fuch Offences alter the common Courfc of the Laws of the Land ulsd lor Felonies done and' 
committed within this Realm. 

II. And be it cnajfled, 'Ihat fuch Perfons to whom fuch CoramifTions fhall be direfted, or three of t.'icm at the 
leaft, fhall have full Power and Authority to enquire of fuch Oftcnces, by the Oaths of 12 good and lawful Men' 
inhabited in the Shire limited in their Commillion, in fuch like Manner and Form as if fuch Offences had been 
committed upon the Land within the fame Shire; (2) and that every IndiAment found and prefcntcd before 
fuch Commiflioncrs, of any Felonies, Robberies, Murders or Manfl'-ughters, done upon the Seas, or in or up- 
on any other Haven, river or Creek, fhall be good and efteolual in the Law; (3) and if any Perfon or Perfons 
happen to be inditff ed for any fuch Offence done or hcrc.ifter to be done upon the Seas, or in any other Place 
above limited, that tlicn Inch Order, Procefs, Judgment and Execution fhall be ufed, had, done and ma'de, to 
and againfl every fuch Perfon and Perfons fo being indufted, as againll Felons and Murderers for Murder or 
Felony done upon the Land, as by the Laws of this Realm is accullomed; (4) and that the Trial of fuch Of- 
fence, it it be denied by the Offenders, ihall be had by 12 Men inhabited in the Shire limited within fuch C'om- 
mlffion, which fli.ill be dire(5led as is aforefaid, and no Challenge to be had for the Hundred; (5) and fuch as 
ihall be conviel of any fiich Offence, I'y Verdifl, ConfclTion or Procefs, by Authority of any fuch Commillion, 
fhall have and I'ulfer fuch Pains of Death, Lofles of Lands, Goods and Chattels, as if they had been convi(^ of 
any Felonies or Murders done upoTi the Lands. 

III. And for Robberies, Felonies and Murder done upon the Seas, or in any other Places above rehearfrd, 
the Olftnders fhall not bc-admitted to have the Beneflt of their Clergy, but be utterly excluded thereof, and ^o 
of the Privilege of any SamSuary. 

37. fin. Aber. v. I6. 346/0 353. 

IV. Provided alway, That this Aft extend not to be prejudicial or hurtful to any Pcrfon or Perfons for taking of 
any Visuals, Cables, Ropes, iVnehors or Sails, which any fuch Perlon or Perfons, compelled by Neceflity, 
taketh of or In any other Ship, which may conveniently fpare the fame, fo that the fame Pcrfon or Perfons pay 
out of Hand lor the fame Visual, Cables, Ropes, Anchors or Sails, Money, or Money-worth, to the Value of 
the Thing fo taken, or deliver for the fame a luflieicnt Bill obligatory to be paid in Form followingi that is to 
fay, if the Taking of the lame Things be on this Side the Straits ol Mamie, then to be paid within 4 Months; 
and it be beyond the laid Straits of Marroie, then to be paid within 12 months next cnfuing the making of fuch 
Bills; and that the Makers of fuch Bills well and truly pay the fame Debt at the Day to be limited within the 
faid Bills. 

An Adt concerning Ufes and Wills. 

' TTTHERE by the conunon Laws of this Realm, L.inds Tenements and Hereditaments be not devifable by 
' W Te'.Ument, (2) nor ou^ht to be transferred from one to another, but by folemn Livery and Seifin, 
' Matter of Record, Writing fuiiicicnt made io/uyiii-, without Covin or Fraui!; (3) yet nevcrtbclel's divers and 
' fundry Imaginations, lubtle Inventions and Prafticcs have been ufed, whereby the Hereditaments of this Realm 

* have been conveyed from one to another by fraudulent Feoffments, Fines, Recoveries, and other AfVuraiices 
' craftily made to fecrct Ufes, Intents and Trulls; (4) and alfo by Wills and Teftaments, fometime made by 
' nudeharolx and Words, fometime by Signs and Tokens, and fometime by Writing, and for the mofl Part made 

* by fuch Perfons as be vifitcd w ith Sicknefs, in their extreme Agonies and Pains, or at fuch Time as they have 
' ' fcantlyhad any good Memory or RrrtH-ndierance; (?) at which Times they being provoked by greedy and 

' covetous Perfons lying in Wait about llum, do many Times difpofc indifcrcetly and unadvifably their Lands 
' and Inheritances; (6) by Rcafon whereof, and by Occaflon of Nshich fraudulent Peoffmcnts, Fines, Recove- 
' ries and other like Alfurances to Ufes, Confidences and Trufls, divers and many Heirs have been unjufily at 
, fundry Times dilheritcd, the Lords have loll their Wards, Marriages, Reliefs, Harriets, Efcheats, Aids fur 
' fair file cbivalier, X^ pur fie mjrier, (7) and fcantly any Perfon can he certainly affured of any Lands by them 
' purcnafrd, nor know furely againll whom they Ihall ufe their Adious or Executions for their Rights, Titles 
« and Duties; (8; alio Men married have loll their Teniincies by the Curtcfy, (9) Women their Dowirs, (10) 
' manifcft Perjuries by Trial of fuch fecret Wills and Ufiis have been committed; (11) the King's Higbncfshath 
' loft the Profits and Advantages of the Lands of Perfons attainted, (12) and of the Lands craftily put in Feolf- 
' mcnts to the Ufes of Aliens bom, (13) and alfo the Profits of Waflc for a Year and a Day of Lands t f Felons 

* attainted, (14) and the Lords their Ffchcats thereof; (15) and many other Inconvenieneies have l.:.ppencd, and 

* daily do increafe among the King's Subjc(Sls, 10 their great Trouble and Inijiiietnefs, ami to the utter Subver- 
' fion of the ancient Common Laws of this Realm , ( 10) for the extirping and Exiinguifhment of all fuch f ublle 

* praiP.ifcd Feoffments, Fines, Recoveries, .\bufes and Errors heretofore ufed and accullnnud in this Realm, to 
' the Subverfion of the gooil and ancient Laws of the fame, and to the Intent that the King's Highnefs, or any 
' other hit Sobjtfls of this Realm, Ihall not in .my wife hereafter by any Means nr Inventions be deceived, da- 
' magcd orliurt, by Rcafon of fuch Trufts, Ufes or Confidences:' (17) Be it enai5led. That where any Perfon 
or Perfons fljnd or be feized, or at any Time hereafter Ihall happen to be fcized, of and in any Honours, Caftle", 
Afanors, Lands, Tenements, Rents, Services, Rcvcrlions, Remamders or other Hereditaments, to the Ufe, Con- 
fidence or Truft of any other Pcrfon or Pi rfons, or of any Body Politic, by Rcafon of any Barg.iln, Sale, Feoff- 
ment, Fine, Recovery, Covenant, Conlracl, Agreement, Will or otherwifc, by any Manner of Means wliat- 
foever it be ; that in every fuch Cal'c, all and every fuch Perfon and Perfons, and Bodies Politic, that have or here- 
after (hall have any fuch Ufe, Confidenee or Truft, in Fee-Simple, Fee-Tail, for Term of Life or for Years, or 
oihervvife, or any Ufe, Coniidcucc or TtuQ, in Remainder or Reverter, (hall from hencefurlh ftaudand he 


mtti)'€Kvolim. 5 1 

Engli/Ii Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 171; 
N«. 321. 

ftized, deemed and adjudged in lawful SeiCn, Eftate and Po-TefTion of and in the fame Hononrs, Caflles, Ma- A. D. 153.?. 
nors, Lands, Tenements, Rents, Services, Rcverfions, Remainders and Hereditaments, with their Appurtenances, 27 ^^- 8. c. 10. 
to all Intents, Con(lru6lions and Puipofes in the Law, of and in fuch like Eftates asthey had or fliallhave in Ufe, I Ce. 162. 
Truil or Confidence of or in the fame; (19) and that the Ellate, Title, Right and I'oiTeflion that was in fuch 8 Co. 94. 
Perfon or Perfons that were, or hereafter (hall be feizcd of any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, to the Ufe, I-I Co. 24. 
Confidence or Truft of any fuch Perfon or Perfons, or of any Body Politic, be from henceforth clearly deemed Cro.El. /i,6. pl.z. 
and adjudged to be in him or them that iiave, or hereafter Ihall have, fuch Ufe, Confidence, or Trull;, afterfuch Cro. yac. (t. 
Quality, IVlanncr, Form and Condition as they had before, in or to the Ufe, Confidence, or Truft that was in 4°!, 45.1- 
fliem, Cro, Car. 44, 

1 Andsrf. i^-:. Bro.Feoffm. allUfa SS> $(>, S^- Plotv.f. Ill, 34,6. iWoor 859, />/. I180. ZIyfr/. I.15, 135, 174, 2l8. 
309, 340, 349, 362, 369 Co. I LiH. 237. a. 272. o. 287 a. Co. Lit. 187. b. Lord Bacon's Reading on tiis Stat. Vin. 
At,r. y. 22. 176 to 291. I Halc'i P. C. 247. 

II. And where divers and many Perfons be, or hereafter (hall happen to be, Ijolntly feized of and in any Lands, Affurance madt of 
Tenements, Rents, Reverfions, Remainders or other Hereditaments, to the Ufe, Confidence or Truft of any of divers to the Ufe 
them that be fo jointly feized, that in every fuch Cafe that thole Perfon or Perfons which have or hereafter fhal] of one orfomt of 
have any fuch Ufe, Confidence or Triiil in any fuch Lands, Tenements, Rents, Rcverfions, Remainders or them. 
hereditaments, ihall from henceforth have, and be deemed and adjudged to have only to him or them that have, 13 Co. 55, 56. 

or hereafter Ihall have any fuch Ufe, Confidence or Truft, fuch Kftate, PoflefTion and Seifin, of and in the fame 2 Roll 246. 

Lands, Tenements, Rents, Reverfions, Remainders and other Hereditaments, in like Nature, Pvlanner, Torm, 

Condition and Courfe, as he or they had before in the Ufe, Confidence or Truft of the fame Lands, Tenements 

or Hereditaments ; (a) favingand referving to all and Angular Perfons, and Bodies Politic, their Heirs and Sue- Saving of the right 

ceffors, other than thofe Perfon or Perfons which be feized, or hereafter fliall be feized of any Lands, Tene- of Strangers. 

mcnts or Hereditaments, to any Ufe, Confidence or Truft, all fuch Right, Title, Entry, Intereft, PofTellion, 

Rents and Atflion, as they or any of them had, or might have had before the making of this A6f. 

III. And alfo faving to all and fingular thofe Perfons, and to their Heirs, which be, or hereafter fhall be feized Savim of the right 
to any LTfe, all fuch former Right, Title, Entry, Intereft, Pofleffion, Rents, Cuftoms, Services and Adlion, as ofthefeoffeestouf. 
they or any of them might have had to his or their own proper Ufe, in or to any Manors, Lands, Tenements, 2 Le'-). 126 127. 
Rents or Hereditaments, whereof they be, or hereafter ihall be feized to any other Ufe, as if this prefent adl: i .W^. 241. 
had never been had nor made, any I'hing contained in this AA to the contrary notwithftanding. I Anderf. 84. 

* IV. And where alfo divers Perfons ftand and be feized of and in any Lands, TenemeRts or Hereditaments, %Roll\o^ 245. 
' in Fee-Simple or otherwife, to the Ufe and Intent that fome other Perfon or Perfons ihall have and perceive -j Co. w. 

* yearly to them, and to his or their Heirs, one annual Rent of x. li. or more or lefs, out of tlie fame Lands and Dyer}'. 340. 

' Tenements, and fome other Perfon one other animal Rent, to him and his .\liigns for Term of Life or Years, Mojr inb. pi, 
' or for fome other fpecial Time, according to fuch Intent and Ufe as hath been heretofore declared, limited and ■545. 

* made thereof:' '"Jones 197. 

V. Be it therefore ena<5led. That in every fuch Cafe the fame Perfons, their Heirs and Afiigns, that have fuch Z.and afj'ured to the 
Ufe and Intereft, to have and perceive any fuch annual Rents out of any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, Uf^ slat Rent 
that they and every of them, their Heirs and Afiigns, be adjudged and deemed to be in the Poircfiion and Seifin fmuldbe paid out 
of the fame Rent, of and in fuch like Eftate as they had in the Title, Intereft or Ufe of the faid Rent or Profit, thereof to fame 0- 
and as if a fufficif nt Grant, or other lawful Conveyance had been made and executed to them, by fuch as were or ther. 

fhall be feized to the Ufe or Intent of any fuch Rent to be had, made or paid, according to the very Truft and i Anderf. 275 

I«tent thereof, (2) and that all every iuch Perfon and Perfons as have, or hereafter Ihall have any Title, Ufe 338. 

and Intereft in or to any fuch Rent or Profit, Ihall lawfully diftrain for Non-paymenl of the faid Rent, and in their 

own Names make Avowries, or by their Bailiits or Servants make Conifances and Jufiifications, (3^, And have 

all other Suits, Entries and Remedies for fuch Rents, as if the fame Rents had been a<51ually and really granted 

to them, with fufficient Claufes of Diftrefs, Re-entry, or otherwife, according to fuch Conditions, Pains, or. 

other Things limited and appointed, upon tlie Truft and Intent for Payment or Surety of fuch Rent, 

VI. And That whereas divers Perfons have purchafed, or have Eftate made and conveyed of and Atuimanfiall mt 
in divers Lands, Tenements and Hei-editaments unto them and to their Wives, and to the Heirs af the havehoth a joiulurt- 
Hulband, or to the Hulband and to tlie Wife, and to the Heirs of their two Bodies begotten, or to the Heirs, and Dw.ver of her 
of one of their Bodies begotten, or to the Hufband and to the Wife for Term of their Lives, or for Term of hiiflisi.d's Lam's. 
Life of the faid Wife ; (2) or where any fuch Eftate or Purchafe of any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, Co. fl.f. ill, 
hath been or hereafter fhall be made to any Hu(I)and and to his Wife, in Manner and Form exprelTed, or to any 172.- 

other Ptrfon or Perfon=, and to their Heirs and Afiigns, to the Ufe and Behoof of the faid Hufband and Wife, 
or to the Ufe of the Wife, as is before rehearfed, for the Jointer of the Wife ; ( },) that then in every fuch Cai'e, Co. I. 4./. I Xs".. 
every Woman married, having fuch Jointer made or hereafter to be made, Ihall not claim, nor have Title to D'cr J. 61, 97, 
have any Dower of the Refidue of the Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, that at any Time were her faid 228 248 266 
Hufband's, by whom (lie bath any fuch Jointer, nor fliall demand nor claim her Dower of and againft them that 317, 340. 
have the Lands and Inheritances of her faid Huiband; (4) but if (he have no fuch Jointer, then Ihe fliall be ad- 
mitted and enabled to purfue, have and demand her Dower by Writ of Dower, after the due Courfe and Order 
of the Common Laws of this Realm; this Aift, or any -Law or Provifion made fo the contrary thereof notwith- Co. InJI. 36. li. 

VII. Provided alway. That if any fuch Woman be lawful expulfed or evicted from her faid Jointer, or front A fhall he 
any part thereof, without any Fraud or Covin, by Lawful Entry, Action, or by Difcontinuance of her Hufband, endotxcd, ivhcfe 
then every fuch Woman ShAl be endowed of as much of the Refidue of her Hufband's Tc^nements or Heredi- jointure 'is recover- 
laments, whereof (he was before dowable, as the fame Lands and Tenements fo eviiJled and expulfed (hall a- edi Moor 717. 
mount or extend unto. , 

VIII. Provided alfo. That this Aifl, nor any Thing therein contained or exprefled, extend or be in any wife rir I ,1 f 
hiurtful or prejudicial to any Woman or Women heretofore being married, of, for or concerning fuch Right, Title, ""'"j "' ' '" 

52 %\)t ^xMit ilaVufi 

"'n^JsI^ EvgliJJi Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1535. Ufe, Intcrcft or PolTenion, as they or any of them have, claim or pretend to have fer her or their Jointer or 
•2; /f 8. c. 10. Dower, of, in or to any Manors, Lands, Tenements, or other Hereditaments of any of their late Hufband's, 

beinpnow dead ordeceafed; any Thine contained in this AS to the contrary notwithftandinp. 
A jointure afttr ,. '^' I'fovideJ aitb. That if any Wife have, or hereafter fli^ll have any Manors, Lands, 'J'cncments or Here- 
may le ditaments unto her given and aflured after Marri;ige, for Term of her Life, or otherwife in Jointer, except the 

/ aim <ir rrfufcd by f^""* AfTui sncf be to her made by Aiil of Parliament, and the faid Wife after that fortune to overlive her faiil 

''•! -j.,}fi. Hufband, in whofe Time the faid Jointer was made or alTureJ unto her, that then the fame Wife fo overliving 

r.'o. /. 3./. 27. '''all and may at her Liberty, after the Death of her faid Hufband, refufe to have and take the Lands and Tene- 

Mmr 7JI. nicntifo to her given, appointed or afliircd during tlic Coverture, for Term of her Life, or othcrwife in Jointer, 

except the fame Affurance be to her made by Ad of Parliament, as is aforcfaid, (i; and thereupon Co have, 

aflc, demand and take her Dower by Writ of Dower or otlierwife, according to the Common Law, of and in 

all fiich Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments as her Hu(band was and flood feized of any State of Inheritance 

at any Time during the Coverture; any Thing contained in this A61 to the contrary thereof nothwithftanding. 

Th'u Slaiule Jhal ^- Provided aUi>i That this prefent Ai!l, or any Thing herein contained, extend nor be at any Time hereafter 

txtinruijh noflatiitc interpreted, expounded or taken, to extind, releafe, difcharge or fufpeml any Statute, Recognizances or other 

•,!■ itcofnlzaiiu. Bond, by the Execution of any Eftate, of or in any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, by the Authority of 

i<c. thisAd, to any Perfon or Perfons, or Bodies Politick J any Thing contained in this Ad to the contrary thereof 

Il'ilh ithiJe bffort ' XI. And forafmucb as great Ambiguities and Doubts may arife of the Validity and Invalidity of Wills here- 
lh'ji^tute,orjhort- ' tofore made of any Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, to the great Trouble of the King's Subjeds;' be it 
/v a/tir, hotv liey enaded I'har all Miimer true and juft Wills and Tellaments heretofore made by any Perfon or Perfons deccafeJ 
jiall h laltn. <"■ t'"' f^^H deceafe before the ift Day of M.:y, that Ihall be in the Year of our Lord God 1536, of any Lands, Te- 

Dyrf. 143. ncments or other Hereditaments, (bill be taken and accepted good and effcclual in the Law, after fuch Fafhion, 

Htc farther con- Manner and Form as they were commonly taken and ufed at any Time within 40 Years next afore the making of 
ctrning IVills. t'''' Ad; any Tiling contained in this Ad; or in the Preamble thereof, or any Opinion of the Common Law 
Zi) Car. %.c.x. to the contrary thereof notwithftanding. 

4 Ann c. 16. XIV. AH and lingular Perfon and Perfons, and Bodies Politic, which at anyTime on this Side the faid id Day 

Cijtiiy jue uftmai "f Miiy, which (hail be in the Year of our Lord God I.?36, fhall have any Lftate unto them executed of and in 

takcallfuchadvan- any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, by the Authority of this Ad, fliall and may have and take the fame 

ta^ctaibiifaffics Of like Advantage, Benefit, Voucher, Aid, Prayer, Remedy, Coinmodity and Profit by Adion, Entry, Con- 

mi^ht ba-.-c baJ. dition or otherwife, to all Intents, Conftrudions and l'uq>ofes, as the Perfon or Perfons feized to their Viz of or 

in any fuch I-ands, Tenements or Hereditaments fo executed, had, fbould, might or ought to have had at the 

Time of the Execution of the Eftate thereof, by the Authority of this Ad, againft any other Perfon or Perfons, 

of or for any Wafte, DilTeifm, Trefpafs, Condition broken, or any other OITcnce, Caufc or Thing coDccrning or 

touching the faid Lands or Tenements fo executed by the Authority ul thib Ad. 

A. D. 1536. 

iiH.%.,.is- ror Pirates. 

tbc Commijfmner H. Be it enaded. That fuch Perfons to whom fuch Commiffion or ComminSoni fliall he direded, or four of 
authority. them at the leaft, (hall have full Power and Authority to enquire of fuch Offences, and of every of thcni, by the 

1 Leon. 106, Oaths of 1 1 gooil and lawful Inhabitants in the Shire limited in their CommilTion, in fuch like Manner and Form, 

170. as if fuch Offences had been committed upon the Land within the fame Shire; (2) and that every Indidmcnt, 

3 BlIJIv. 28, 29. found and prefented before ftich Commilnoners, of any Treafons, Felonies, Robberies, Murders, Manflaugh- 
ters, or fuch other Offences, being committed or done in or upon the Seas or in or upon any other Haven, River 
or Creek, fliall be good and effedual in the Law; (3) and if any Perfon or Perfons happen to be indided for 
triy fuch Offence done or hereafter to be done upon the Seas, or in any other Place above limited, that then fuch 
Order, Procels, Judgment and Execution fliall be ufed, had, done and made, to and againll every fuch Perfon 
and Perfons fo being indided, as againfl Traitors, Felons and Murderers, forTrcafon, Felony, Robbery, Mur- 
der, or other fiuh Offences done upon tlic Land, as by the Laws of this Realm is accudomed ; (4) and that the 
'I'rial of fuch <)ffcncc or Offences, if it be denied by the Offender or Offenders, fliall be had by 12 lawful 
Men inhabited in the Shire limited within fuch Commiflion, which lliall be direded as is aforefaid, and no 
The Punijhmer.t Challenge or Challenges to be had for the Hundred; (?) and fuch as (hall be convid of any fuch Offence or Of- 
'/ Offeuiliri. fences, by Verdid, Confeffion or I'roccfs, hy Authority of any fuch Comnuflion, (hall have and fuffcr fuch 

tSali.Ss. Pains of Death, Loffes of Lands, Goods and Chatties, as if they had been attainted and convidcd of any Trea- 

Co. Lit. 391. a. foils. Felonies, Rolibcriei, or other the faid Offences done upon the Lands. 

Moor 7(6. pt. "'• And be it enaded. That for Treafons, Robberic*, Fcloniei, Murders and Confederacies done upon the 

10^^. Sea or Seas, or in any Place above rchcarfed, the Offenders (hall not be admitted to have I'.ie Benefit of his or 

their Clergy, but be utterly excluded thereof and from the fame, and alfo of the Privilege of any Sanduary. 

T *• f TA' '^' P'ovided ahvay. That this Ad extend not to be prejudicial or hurtful to any Perfon or Perfons for takinp 

tbat"mJ keri"^'j ''"^ Vidual, Cables, Ropes, Anchorsor Sails, which any fuch Perfon or Perfons (compelled by Neceffity) takcth 

a may 'Jl""'' „f q^ j^ j^y Ship which may conveniently fpare the fame, fo the f.inie Perfon or perfons pay out of I land for the 

u^on necej/tty, anil j..^^^. vj^„j|_ C;ible«, Ropes, Anchorsor Sails, Money or Money-worth, to the Value of ihe 'Fhing fo taken, or 

fy^iJ"' '*"'• do deliver for the fame a fuflicient Bill obligatory to be paid in Form following, that is to fay, if the t.iking of the 

fame Things be on this Side the Straits of Marmlr, then to be paid within 4 Months, and if it be be beyond the 

faid Straits of Marrohe, tlien to be paid within Ii Months next cnfuing the making of fuch Bills, and that the 

Makers of fuch Bills well and truly pay the fame Debt at the Day to be limited within the faid Bills. 


Carolina. S3 

Evglifh Statutes made of Force. ^^P- '(i^- 

For Joint Tenants and Tenants in common. sf /A \^\^ 

' T7"0RAEMUCH as by the Common Laws of this Realm divers of the Kind's Subjcas, being fcifcd of Ma- GoSultZ^.fl.i)-;. 

* X nors, Lands, Tenements and HcreJitameius, as Joint Tenants or as Tenants in common with other, of Si:'ost^al inconvtini' 
' any Eftatc of Inheritance, in their own Rights, or in the Right of their Wives, by Purchafe, Defjcnt, or !■«"" eiifiiiug ky 

' otherwifc, and every of them fi) being Joint Tenants, or Tenants in common, liave lilce Right, Titlj, Intereft 1-oUlngi.uiilijcint- 

* and PofleHion in the fame Manors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, for their Parts or Portions jointly 6'j ^'' ^■'^ cor.immf 

* or in commcn undividedly together with other ; (2) and none of tJiem by the Law cloth or may know their le- t''-*"-^ "^<i vidcd. 

* veral Parts or Portions in the fame, or that that is liis or tlieirs, by itfelf undivided, and tar.not by the Laws of Kt'l. rjj. %s'a. i. 

* this Realm otherwife occupy, or take the Profits of the fame, or make any Sevjrance, Divifion or Partition -II- ^' 
' thereof, without either of their mutual AfTents or Confents; (,;) by Reafon whereof divers and many of them, 

' being fo jointly and undividedly fcifcd of the faid Alanors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, oftentimes 
« of their pervetfe, covetous and malicious Minds and Wills, againft all Right, Juftice, Equity and good Con- 
' fcience, by Strength and Power, not only cut and fallen down all the Wood; and 'i rccs growing upon the 
' fame, but glfo have extirped, fubverted, pulled down and dertroyed all the Houfos, Edillces and Buildings, 

* ]\Icadows, P^ftures, Commons, and the whole Commodities of the fame, and have taken and converted them 

' to their own Ufes and Behoofs, to the op;n Wrong and Diflicrfon, and againft the Minds and Wills of other ^'"' ■'''''• ^- ^4- 
' holding tile fam.e Manors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditame-nts joinUy or in common v/ith them, and they 47°-'" ^39- 
' have been always without -.JTured Remedy for the fame .' ' ' '*'°''^ ■''■ '• ^^7- 

' II. Be it therefore er:a<51ed. That all Joint Tenants and Tenants incomincn, that now be, or hereafter Ihal! J'-"/ '"■""I' anl 
be, of any Eftate or Eftates of inheritance in ■'• ir own Rights, or in the Right cf their Wives, of any Manors, ''"""I' in commcn 
Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments within this Realm of England, V/ales, or the Marches i;f the fame, fliall "'^ "rtfriUibk lo 
and may be coaelcd and compelled, by Virtue of this prcfent Aft, to make Partition between them of ail fuch "■"^'^ .''■^''^it'i"' iy 
Manors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, as they now hold, or hereafter Ibali hold as Joint Tenants or f^"''- 
Tenants in common, hyWnl D^ pjiiicipationt facL-n-ij, in that Cafe to bedeviled in the King our Sovereign Extended lajoiat 
Lord's Court of Chancery, in like Manner and Form as Coparceners by the Common Laws of this Realm hive ''"""■'•!■ ^'- Jpr 
been aJid are compellable to do, and the fame Writ to be puri'ued at the Common Law. 3 liulftr. 114. life or •/ears by ^^ 

Cc. //./. 410. Rj'irnind z^g. Z)v-r 128, 3jO. i. £rc. J>ariH. :i'i, a^. Co.El.TS!). Cr. Car. A,A. ^•^■'■'■'J- _ 
III. Provided alway, and he it enafled, That every cf the faid Jolu: Tenants or tenants in co;nmon, and their ■B.very af the joint 
Heirs, after fuch partition made, ihall and may have Aid of the other, (,r cf their Heirs, to the (ntcnt to dereign '-"""'^ and tenants 
the Warranty paramount, and to recover for the Rate, as is ufed between Coparceners after Panitioa made by •" '"mmcnjhall 
order of the Common Law; any in this ad contained to the contrary notw.'thltanding.* '"''" "U 0/ iht 

Ho!/, 175. 6 Co. IZ. S:ejjrlk:r 3 J H. S. c. y.. '^''''•''■■ 
* See A. A. Zlfi'june, 174S, and A. "A. ylb April, I7;4. 

The Bill of Bracery and buying of Titles. a. d. 1540. 

' ' I 'HE King our Sovereign Lord, calling to his moft blelTed Remembetanc-e, that tliere is nothing within j /?o/' sir 
' X this Realm that coufervcth his loving Subjcds in more Quietnefs, Reft, Peace and good Concord, than a Mod 84 
' the due and ju!l Miiiiftration of his Laws, and the true and indifTcrent Trials of fuch Titles and Iflues, as been g^,^;i ", 
' to be tried according to the ],aws of this Realm, (2) which his moft Royal Majefty perceiveth to be greatly zZ Ed\ 11 1 
' hindered and letted by Maintenance, Embracery, Champerty, Subornation of Witnefles, finifter Labour, buy- ^ jj ' , , rV j 
' ing of Titles and preteufed Rights of Perfons not being in PolVeflion, (3) whereupon great Perjury hath enfued, /7^^ ', 
' and much Inquietnefs, Opprelfion, Vexation, Troubles, Wrongs and Difmheritance hath followed^ hii . £j . ^ 
' moft loving Subjefts, to the great Difpleafure of Almight)' God, the Difcontentation of his Majefry, aiid to 20 Ed \ c 
' the great HInderance and Let of Juftice within thishis Realm:' (4) l-or the avoiding of all which Mifdemean- All I'atut'es ' d 
ors, and buying of Titles and pretenfed Rights, and to tile Intent that Juftice may be more fully and indifferently concernin "r^' t 
miniftered, and the Truth in Caufes of Contention plainly tried between his Subje<Ss of this Realm : (5) Be it „g„.^ ^.h""" " 
enafted, That from henceforth all Statutes heretofore made concerning Maintenance, Champerty and Embra- and eh '# / '^ ■ 
eery, or any of them, now ftanding and being in their full Strength and Force, fiiall be put in due Execution, ac- Paallbe'but'' "^^ ■ 
cording to the Tenures and EfTeds of the fame Statutes. cut' n '" """ 

II. And be it further enided. That no Perfon nor Perfons, of what Eftate, Degree or Condition foevcr he or iXw/j 166 nS 
they be, ihall from henceforth bargain, buy, or fell, or by any Ways orMeans obtain, get or have any pretenfed 2 x„„' ,0' .'g ' 
Rights or Tides, or take Promife, grant or Covenant to have any Right or Title of any Perfon or Perfons, in or q„ */ '/: irX ' 
to any Manors, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments (except fuch Perfon or Perfons, which fhall fo bargain, ■>il Moor'Cd 
fell, give, grant, covenant or promife the fame, their Anecftors, or they by whcm he or the)' claim the fame, */ 414 '""'-" • 
have been in PofleOion of the fame, or of the Revcrfion or Remainder thereof, or taken the Rents or Profits '^ ./,■„ 2-- 
thereof, by the Space of one whole Year next before the faid Bargain, Covenant, Grant or Promife made) (2) //oi °t't r"'"' 
upon Pain that he that Ihall make any fuch Bargain, Sale, Promife, Covenant cr Grant, to forfeit the whole Va- q^/j, ,' 
lue of the Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, fo bargained, fold, promifed, covenanted or granted, contrary Gji'w lai i' 6 
to the Form of this Acl; (3) and the Buyer and Taker thereof, knowing the fame, to forfeit alfo the Value cf i/jj,;^ . ,(.£" 
the faid Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments fo by him bought or taken as is abcvcfaid ; (4) the one Half of p/^J/' ,0 
the faid Forfeitures to be to the King our Sovereign Lord, and the other Half to the Party that will fue for the z>\rr ^I ' 
fame in any of the King's Courts of Record, by Adion of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Inicrraation; in which Aftion, .'c^ 't ^ - 
Bill, Plaint or information, no ElToin, Proteflion, Wager of Law, nor Injundion Ihall be allov.ed. %ro AT ■ 

Cro. C^r.43,232. iLd. Raymonds 7,1. Nonejhallhuy any bretenfed RMt in any Land, unUfs the Seller batb taken the ,9 'r "'IfT/' 
Froft thereof one year before. 1 ^»</.r/. 76, 78, 2CI. ■"- ^ - -> > ^ 38- t,..£/.25,. 


A. D. 


A. D. 1540. 

31 H. 8. c. 9. 
Ut,l.i-w/..l main- 
taiitingofa Suit 
Jeperiding in any 
ofibe lnng*s courts, 
(itjilfh. 113. 
430. 5 El. c. 9. 
Tit penalty is en^ 
larged to 40/. by 5 
£1. .. 9. § 3. 


9, 13, 14, 16, 
J 7, 18, 19, 20, 
f.r,t.nfli 7it!c by 
tim that u in Pf- 
f,£ion is U-.uful. 

^3"- Si- 
Prochtnation rf 
the Statutes of 
etamferty, l^e. 
JiyeUlbe mad: at the 

Within ivbat time 
rime tbe Ofen- 
RaJI. 119, 427 163. 
Co. Lit. 369. a. 

%-i H. 8. -:. 32. 

31 H. 8. e. 1. 

Joiirr Tenants isf 

Tenants in common 
for Lives orYears, 
Jhalt male Purti- 


a B::tjlr. 1 14- 
- I /.<;». 162. 
yoiiit Ttnantt for 
Lfc or Years are 
ctfl.peUable to make 
Hro. partition 38, 

Co. Lit. IIS- "• 

Dpr 7i.fl. 7. 
179.^/. 43- 
Cio. Car. 4A- 
Partiticn to be 
pirejudicial to none 
b'.t Parties. 
Co Ent.41l. b. 

32 H. 8. e. 3S. 
13 Co. 6. 

J Brovinl. 131. 

rin. r. 9. 79. 

Ph'eYears Pojef- 
b, fore bis Death. 
D-irrJ. J 19. 
Co. L:l. 138, 
2S6. a. 

Englijli Statutes made of Force. 

III. Andfurthtrrrore.TIiat no Mannerof Perioii or Pcrfons, of what Eflair Degree or Con>litiori f"cv.rhf or ?h 't 
he, do hcreafrer unikwfuly maiiu.:iii, or cauff, or procure any unlawful Maimenancc, in any Adion, Dcmaii.i, 
Suit or Complaint in any of the King's Courts of the Chancery, the i>tar-Chaniber, M-'br!,bal.', or eUtwberc u iUw 
in any of the King'5 Dominions of A/7^'/j//7 and li^a/ej^ or the Marches of tjic fame, whtrc any Perlbn or Perfons 
have or hereafter (hall have Authority, by Virtue of the Knig's CommKhon, Patent or Writ, to hold Plea of 
I.;inds, or to examine, hear or determine ar,y Title of l^ands, or any Matter or Witiicffcs concerning the Title, 
Right or Intcrcft of any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments; ^ 2) and alfo that no Pcrfon nor Perfons, of w hat 
Hftate, Degree or Condition foever he or they be, do hereafter unlawfully retain, for Maintenance of any Suit or 
Plea any Perlbn or Perfons, or cmbrate any t*n eholders or Jurors, or Inborn any Witnefs, by l^etttrs, Rewart'^, 
Promifcs, or any other Cnil'er Uahorr or Alcans, for to maintain any Matter or Cauie, or to the DiDurbajicc or 
Hindcrance of Jnftiee, or to the Procurement or OecaCon of any Alpnner of Perjury by fallc VerdiiTi or other- 
wife, in any Manner of Courts aforeiaiil, (3) upon Pain to forfeit for every (uch Offence x. li. the one Moiety 
thereof unto the King our Sovereign 1-ord, and the other Moiety to him that will fue for the fame by Ac*lion of 
Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information in any of the King's Courts ; in which Aclion, no Eflbiu, Protciiiion, Wager 
of Law, nor Injunclion (hall be allowed. 

24, 27, 28, 30. 32, 34, 39, 40, 41,42, 4.^, 4!!, 49, J", 5»> .!3- 

IV. Provided alway. That it fliall be lawful to any Perfon or Perfons being in lawful VofTclTion by tahing of 
the yearly Farm, Rents or Profits, of or for any Manors, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, to buy, oh, 
tain, get or have, by any re.-.fon il)'.c Ways or Means, the prctcnfed Right or Title of any other Perlbn or Per- 
fons, hereafter to be made to, of, or in fuch Manors, Lands, 'I'encmentsor ncredltaments, whereof he or 
they Diall fo be in lawful PofTelTion; any 'I'hing in this AiS contained to the contrary notwlihllanding. 

V. And for the due Execufiim of this prclcnt Ad, be it further enaded. That the Judices of Allife of every 
Circuit within this Realm, and eifewhere within the King's Dominions, (hall in every County within their Cir- 
cuits, 2 Times in the Year, that is to fay, in the Time of their Sittings for the taking of Aflifes or Delivery of 
the Gaols, caufe open Proclamation to be made, as well of this prefent ACl, and of every 'Ihing therein con- 
tained, (2) as alfo of all other Statutes heretofore made againft unlawful Maintenance, Champerty, Embracery, 
or unlawful Retainers, to the Intent that no Manner of Perfon or Perlr.ns, hearing the fame, ihould be ignorant 
or mifcognifant of the Dangers and Penalties therein contained and fpecilied. 

VI. Provided alway, That this Ad (hall not extend to charge any Perfon or Perfons with uny of the Penahict 
mentioned in the faid Ad, for any Offence by him or them committed contrary to the faid Ad, except the fame 
Perfon or Perfon^ fn olTending be lued thereof by Adion of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information in any of th« 
King's Courts, within one next after the fame Offence by him or them committed, as is aforcfaid. 

Joint Tenants for Term of Life or Years. 

' ■fT'ORASMUCH as in the Parliament begun at IWf.minJIer the 18 Day of April, and there continued till the 
' 3l 28 Day of 7'"",'''^' 3''^ Year of the King's moll: noble and vidorious Reign that new is, it was amongll 
' other Things there enaded and eftablilhed. That all Joint Tenants and Tenants in Common, that then were, 
' or hereafter Iliould be of any Eftate or Eftates of Inheritance, in their own Rights, or in the Right of their 
' Wive«, of any Miinors, Lands, Tenements or Henditaments within this Realm, of Enj^lanJ, M j//», or Mar- 

• chcsof the fame, (hall and maybe coaded and compelled by Virtue of the faid Ad, to make Partition bc- 
' twcen them of all fuch Manors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments as they then held, or hereafter fliould 
' holdas Joint Tenants or Tenants in (.'ommon, as more at large appeareth by the faid Statute : (2) And for? s- 
' mnchas the faid Statutadoth not extend to Joint Tenants auil'l'enantsin Common for 'lerm of Life or Year^, 
' neither to Joint Tenants or 'I'enant? in Common, where one or fomcof them have but a particular EOatc for 
' Term of Life or Years, and the other have Eltate or Eftates of Inheriuncc of and in any Manor>, Lands, 
' Tenements and Hereditaments :' (2) ' Be it therefore enaded. That all Joint Tenants atid Tenants in Com- 
mon, and every of them, which now hold, or hereafter Ihall hold, jointly or in common for Term of Life, 
■year or Years, or Joint Tenants or Tenants in Common, v. here one or fome of them have or (hall have Ellate 
or Eftates for Term of Life or Years, with the other that have or (hall have Eftate or Eftates of Inheritance or 
Freehold in any Manors, Lands, Tenrmcm« or Hereditaments, Ihall and may be compellable from henceforth, 
by Writ of Partition to be purfued out of the King's Court of Chancery, upon his or their C;Ue or Cafes, to 
make Severance and Partition of all fuch Manors, Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments which they hold jointly 
or in common for Term «f Life or Lives, Year or Years, where one or fom.c of them hold j lintly or in common 
for Term of Life or Years with other, or that have an Ellate or Eftates of Inheritance of I'reehold. 

II. Provided alway, That no fueh Patjifion or Severance hereafter to be made by Force of this Ad, be, nor 
(hall be, preiudleial or hurtful to any Pcrfon or Perfons, their Heirs or '^iK-fefT'irs, other than fuch which be 
Parties unto the faid Partition, their Executors or Aftigns. 

• See A. A. 9. April, I 734, A. A. 21 June. J 7 (H. 

An Ad that wrongful Difleifin is no Pefcent in Law. 

I WJ HERE divers Perfons of their infatiahle Min^ls have heretofore by Strength, and without Title, cn- 
' VV tercd into Manors, Lands, Tenements and other Hereditaments, and wrongfully difleifed the rightful 
' Owners and Pofteirnrs thereof, and fo being felfed by Difleilin, have thereof died Icifrd, by Reafon of which 

• dying feifed, the UilTcil'fe, or ftich other Perfons a« before fnch Dcfeent might have lawfully entered into the 
' faid Manors, l.snds and 'renemcnts, were and be thereby clearly excluded of their Entry intothe faid Manors, 
« Lands and Tenements, and put to ihtlr .\dioii for theii Remedy and Recovery tlicrcin, to their great Cofts 


)outf)-€arolina» 55 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 
N''. 331. 

* aad Charges^' (i) for Ri;formacion wher'-oi, be it enacled. That the dying- fcifed hereafter of any fudi -jH' » / i' 
Dilfeifor, cf or in any Munors, Lands, Tencmenti, or other Hereditaments, having no Right or Tittle therein, ' ' ' "^ 
ihall not be taken or deemed from henceforth any fucli Defcent in the Law, for to toll or tai.s away the Kiitry 

of any Inch Perlon or Perlbns, or their Heirs, which at the Time of the fame Defcent had gooa and lawful P^^"-'^'— 47* 
Title of Entry into the faid Manors, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, exccfit that fuch DilVeifor iiath hud ■''"''■ 243- 
the peaceable Polfeiiion of fuch Manors, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments whereof he fnall fo die fcifed, A Ann.c. l^, 
by the Space of 5 Years next after the Diffeifin therein by him committed, without Entry or continual Claim 
by or of fuch Perfon or Perfons as have lawful Title thereunto. 

For Marriages to ftand notwlthftanding Pre-contradls. 32 n. %.c. 38. 

' "TTTHEREAS heretofore the ufurped Power of the Bifhop of Roms hath always intangled and troubled 
' V V the meer Jurifdiilion and regal Power of this Realm of Englj::d, and alfo unquieted much the .Subic<5ls 
' of the fume, by his ufurped Power in them, as by making that unlawful which by God's Word is lawful, both What Marri.i^rs 

* in Marriages and other I'hinirs, as hereafter Ihall ..ppear more at length, and till now of late in our Soverign are h'wfulj and 
' Lord's i'ime, which is otherwile by Learning taught than his Prcdeceflors in Times pall of long Time have luhat iiol. 

' been, hath fo continued the fame, whereof yet fome Sparks be left, which hereafter might kindle a greater Z /«/?. 683. 

* Fife, and fo remaining, his Power not to feem utterly extin(il : 

' II. Therefore it is thought moft convenient, That two Things fpc-ially for this Time, be with Diligence The Emrmity of 

* provided for, whereby many Inconveniencies have cnfued, and many mo elle mought enfuo and follow; (1) as avoiding Marri' 
' where heretofore divers and many Peribns after long Continuance together in Matrimony without .Allegation ar,s hy Fruon- 
' 01 either of the Parties, or any other at their Marriage, why the fame Matrimony fliould not be good, jull traHs. 

' and lawful, and after the fame Aiatrimony lo]emnizcd and confummate by carnal Knowledge, and alfo fome- Fin. f. is, l(}%, 

* time Fruit of Childen enfued of the fame Aiirriage, have neverthelefs, by an unjull l^aw of the Biihop of 
' Rome, which is. That upon Pretence of a former Contrad: made, and not confummate by carnal Copulation 
' (for Proof whereof 2 WitnclTes by that Law were only required) been divorced and feparate, contrary to God's 
' Law, and fo the true Matrimony, both folemnized in the Face of tlie Church, and confummate with bodily 
' Knowledge, and confirmed alfo with the Fruit of Children had between them, clearly fruftrate and dilTolved : 

' (3) Further alfo, by Reafon of other Prohibitions than God's Law admitteth, for their Lucre by that Court "^^^ ini-oirjeiiici- 
' invented, the Difpenfations whereof they always referved to theinfelves, as in Kindred or Affinity between '''" of difjieiffatioiis 
' Coufin-Germans, and fo to 4th and 4th Degree, carnal Knowledge of any of the fame Kin, or Affinity ber to quarry. 
' fore in fuch outward Degrees, which elfe were lawful, and be not prohibited by God's Law, (4) and all be- 

* caufe they would get Money by it, and keep a Reputation to thtir ufurped Jurifdi(5lion, whereby not only mudi 

* Dlfcord between lawful marriedPerfons hath (contrary to God's Ordinance) arifen, mucli Debate and Suit at 

* the Law, with wrongful Vexation, and great Damage of the innocent Party hath been procured, and many 
' juft Marriages brought in Doubt and Danger of undoing, and alfo many Times undone, and lawful Heirs dil- 
' herited, whereof there had never elfe, but for his vain glorious Ufurpation, been moved any fuch Queftion; 

' fince Freedom in them was given us by God's Law, which ought to be moft fure and certain ; (5) but that not- Cro.JEl.2zS. 
' \vithftanding. Marriages have been brought into fuch an Incertainty thereby, that no Marriage could be fo Co. Lit. %^^. j. 

* furelyknit and bounden, but it fhould lie in either of the Parties Power and Arbiter, calling away the Fear All perfonsln:la^.v- 
' ol God, by Meansand CompaiTes to prove a Pre-contra6l, a Kindred and Alliance, or a carnal Knowledge, to f„l to coiitr^^} 

* defeat the fame, and fo under the Pretence of thefe Allegations afore rehearfcd, to live all the Days of tlieir marriage that is 
' Lives in dcteftable Adultery, to the utter Dellrutftion of their own Souls, and the Provocation of the terrible not finwitiited 6y 
' Wrathof God upon the Places where fuch Abominations were ufcd and fuffcred ;' Be it therefore cnafied. That God's La~.ii. 
from the ift Day of the Month of July ne>;t coming, in the Year of our Lord God, IJ40, all and evtry i'ucli Mar- Vauab. %ob. 
riages as within this Church of England ffiall be contraded between lawftd Perfons (as by this KA we declare all TIjat Marriage is 
Perfons to be lawful, that be not prohibited by God's Law to marry ) ( 7) fuch Marriages being Contrart and id- BilTolublc, -which 
lemnized in the Face of the Church, and confummate with bodily Knowledge, or Fruit of C'hildun or Child be- ;, contraBcd and 
ing had therein between the Parties fo married, fliall be by Authority of this preftnt Parliament afmefaid deem- folemuifdin the 
ed, judged and taken to be lawful, good, juft and indifibluble, notwlthftanding any Prc-contradl or I^re-con- face of the ChurJj, 
trails of Matrimony not confummate with bodily Knowledge, which either of the Parties fo married or both and confummate 
(hall have made with any other Perfon or Perfons before the Time of contraifting that Marriage which is foicro- tuithbodily Kno-a,- 
nized and coniummate, or whereof fuch Fruit is enfued, or may enfue, as afore, and notwlthftanding any Dif- /^.W or Fruit of 
penfation, Prefcription, Law or other Thing granted or confirmed by Ai5l. or othervvifc; (8) and that Child noi-witi- 
no Refervation or Prohibition, God's Law except, fhall trouble or impeach any Marriage without the Levitical flandinr-ant Pre- 
Degrees; (9) and that no Perfon, of what Eftate, Degree or Condition foever he or fne be, ffiall, after the firft contrail. 'Seefii- ■■ 
Day of the laid Month of July aforefaid, be admitted in any of the Spiritual Courts within this the King's Realm, tlu-r 1 Jcc. i. c. 
or any his Grace's other Lauds and Dominions, to any Procefs, Plea or Allegation, contrary to this forefaid Acl. j i. 

A Bill againft them that counterfeit Letters or privy Tokens to re- jC'^'^y'^'g.'fV. 
ceive Money or Goods in other Mens Name. 

' 'C'ORASMUCH as many light and evil-difpofed Perfons, not minding to get their Livings by Truth, accord- 
' J? ing- to the Laws of this Realm, but compailing and devifmg daily how they may urlawftilly obtain and ge: 
' into their Hands and PolVeffion Goods, Catties and Jewels of other Perfons, for the Maintenance of their un- 
' thrifty Living, and alfo knowing tliat if they come to any of the fame Goods, Cattels and Jewels by Stealth, 
' that then th.y, being thereof lawfully conviiflcd according to the Laws of this Realm, ffiall die tliercfotc; 

5 6 Clje ^^iitJlic ita^us 

^•'"^V/'". Englijh Statutes made of Forces 

.\ fj i^^j ' * have now of late falfly and deceitfully contrived, devifcdand imagined privy Tokens, and counterfeit Letters 

"'■' ' ' in other Mens Names, unto divers IVrioiis their fpeciul Frieods and Acouaintanccs, fi>r die obtaining of Mo- 

' ney, Goods, Cattcis and Jewels of the fame Perfons, their Friends and Acquaintances, by Colour whereof 
' the faid light and evil-difpofed Perfons have deceitfully and unlawfully obtained and gotten great Subftance of 
' Money, <Joods, Cartels and Jewels into their Hands and Puffellicn, contrary to Right and Confcience :' 
I 2)i/'Cr. 149.' U. For Refom^atiiin whereol, be it ena(Hcd That if any Perfon or Perfons, of what Eftate or Degree foever 

CiQ. C^i. J64. he or they te, at any Time after the lit Day of ///r/.'next coining , falfly and deceitfully obtain or get into his 
or theirH.'nt'.sor PofTciTion, any Money, Goods. Cattels, Jewels, orotherThingsof any other Peribn or Per- 
fons, by Colour and Means of any I'uch falfc Token or connierfeit Letter made in any other Man's Name, as is 
afortfaid, that then every Perfon and Perlbns fo offending, and being thereof lawfully conviel, by Witiieffes 
taken before the Lord Chancellor of EnglunJ for the '1 inie being, or by Lxan.inaticn of W'itnefles, or Confel- 
fion taken in the Star-Chambcr at W-'j?»:/n/?f»- before the King's mod honourable Council, or before the Jufliccs 
of ACife in their Circuits for the Time being, or before the Jullices of Peace within any Part of the King's Do- 
minions in their General Seflions, or by Adion in any of the King's Courts of Record, i) fhall have and fulfer 
fuch Correciion and Punilhnicnt, by Imprifonment of his Uody, letting upon the Pillory, orotiierwii'e by any 
Corporal Pain (except Pains of Death) as fhall he unto him or them limited, adjudged or appointed by the Per- 
fon or Perfons before whom he fliall be fo convid of thefaid Offences, or of any of them. 

I!L And be it funher ena.5led, That ;is well the Juftices of Allife for the 'lime being, as alfo I Juftiecs of 

TltJuJlMi Jtu- pgjjg j„ every Cciinty, whereof the one to be of the ^uorui/i, ihall have full Power and Authority to call and 

r •;'/''>•' i" oi'ent, by Procefs or otherwife, to the Affifes or General Seifions, any Perfon or Perfons being fupccled of any 

JaiJUjfaidtit. Qf theOffinces aforefaid, and to conimit him ot rhem to Ward, or to let him or them to Bail, till the next 

Alhfeiir General Sttiions, there to be examined, and funher to be ordered by their Dil'cretions, as is above- 


Tb,: Auihrily of IV. Provided always, That Juftices of the Peace witliin every City, Borough, Town and Franchife widhin 

jv/?;.r« of Peiue this Realm, or other the King's Dominions, (hall have like Jurifdidlon, Power and Authority, at their General 

in Cities, Vc. Sedions and otherwife, to do and execute all and every Thing and Things in all Points, as other Juilices of the 

Affifesin their Circuits, orjullicesof the Peace in the Counties, by Virtue of thisAiSl, be limited and appointed 

to do and execute, for the Punilhment and Correiftion of like Offenders, as by tiiis furefaid Acl is fpecihed and 

TbeRemcdf r.fibt declared : (2) Saving to the Party grieved by inch Deceit, fuch Remedy by way of AiSion or othcr\vifc, of 

I'Mtt tii'ned. ^""^ ^°' '^"^ fame Money, Goods, Cattels, Jewels or other Fhings fo obtained, as he might have had if this 

A&. had never been had ne made ; any thinf; in the lame contained to the contrary in any wife uotwithftanding. 

V. The aforefaid Jufticct ot" ."Vflilc or Juftice j of Peace have by Force of this A<S within their Jurifdidiuus and 

A. D. I54i. Authorities. 

37 //. i.i.f,. 

The Bill for burning of Frames. 

' TTTHF-RF, divers and fundry malicious and envious Perfons, being Men of evil andperverfc Dilixilltioni, 

' VV andfeduced by the InfVigation of the Devil, and minding the Hurt, Undoing and ln>iHiverifliment of 

■'ijn'"- ' ''■^crs of the King's Inie and faithful Subjeifls, as Enemies to the Common Wealtli of this Realm, and as no 

■rni^M Dmcei , true or obedient .Subjects unto the King's l^Iajefty, of their malicious and wicked Minds, have of late invented 

icndw^ to tie I jiijjj pradifed a new damnable Kind of Vice, Difpleafure, and damnifying of the King's true Subjeds, and 

damnifying of o- 1 ,|,^ Common Wealth of this Realm, as in fecret burnine of Frames of Timber prepared and made by the 

'*''"■ ' Owners thereof, ready to b: fet up and edified for Houfes, cutting out of Heads and Dams of Pools, Motes, 

' Stews, and fcveral Waters; cutting off Conduit-Heads or Conduit-Pipes; burning of Wains and Carts loaden 

' with Coals or other Goods; burning of Heaps of Wood, cut, felled and prepared for making of Coals ; cutting 

' out of Beads Tongues; cutting off the Ears of the King's. Subjeds; barking of Apple-Trees, Pear-Trces, and 

' other Fniit Trees; and divers other like Kinds of milerable Offences; to- the great Difpleafure of Almighty 

J It n I, T I „ ' God, and of the King's Majcfty, and to the mod evil and pernitious Example that hatJi been fccn in this 

l" fll ' "df' ' ^'^^"^•' 

i^uufLiiyjnajc- j|_ p^j. R,.fnj^,. xvhereof, be it enaiSed, That if any Perfon or Perfons, at anytime after the ift Day of May 
rrrtjr to burn or n(.j[t enfuing, malicioufly, unlawfully, willingly and fecrctly burn, or caufe to beburncd, cut, orcaufe to be cut 
'•r- "* "" ^ , or defiroyed, any Frame or Frames of Timber of any other Perfon or Perfons, made and prepared, or hereafter 
.mbcr prepared ,q (,p „jade or prepared, for or towards the making of any Houfeor Houfes, fo that the fame fliall not be able 
for mating a f^^^ ,j,j puqicf; for the which it was prepared; that then every fuch Ael and Adls fo to be committed, perpe- 
Houfe RtfeaUd by trated, and done by any Perfott or Perfons, Ihall be deemed and adjudged Felony, and the Offender or Offenders 

therein, being lawfully conviiSed or attainted, fliall have and fuffer Pains of Death, (a) and fliall lofe and forfeit 

Good* and Chatties for ever, and the Profits of their Lands, 'Fcnements and Hereditaments for 'Ferra of his or 

their Lives. 
Tbii Felon-i dolh HL Provided always, That fuch Attainder (hall be no avoiding of any Woman's Dower, ne Corruption of 
««/ maletbc M^ife Elood againft the Heir or Heirs of fuch Offender or Offenders, (i) hut be it cnafled, '1 hat the Wife and Wives 
Ufe ber Dviver, of fuch Offender or Offenders fliall have ihoir Dowers ; and that fuch Heir and Heirs fliall, afi-r the Dceeafe of 
n,r tvort Corruf- the faiil Offender, have and enjoy the faid Lan)]s,'Feaements and Hereditaments of fuch Offender and Offenderf, 
tionof Dkodin tie '" like Manner and Form ai they fliouM haye had, if this i\&, or any fuch Attainder had never hern had ne 
llrir. made. (■!) And that the Heir or Heire having the faid Lands, Tenements, or HereditameniNof any F^datc of 

Tbe OfTtndert Irhfriiance, (hall yield ur.totlie Party grieved for fuch Offence or Offences, his namnf:es of the Iri^fitsof tlie 
lieit Jh,.'.l fcli:fi fa'** Landf, Tenements, or Hereditaments of fuch Offender or Offeiidrrs, whireuoto he fliall be inheritable, by 
tic r..riifiie-je'. Ad ion of Debt to be taken in the Common Bench at Weltoiinfler; in which Aflion, 1.0 Wager of Law, Efiuin, 

nc Protcilion fliall he allowed. 

)out|)=Caroliua» 57 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. 

A. D.1721. 
N°. 33'- 

IV. And if any Perfon or Perfons, after thefaid ift Day of May, i •• iicionfly , wilfully and uijlawfiilly cut cr cauft ^ :, „ '■S'J-S- 

to be cut out the Head or Heads: Dam or Dams of any Pomls,, Motes, Stews, or other ieveral Waters, ?ri.p'''r 

or the H^.id or Heads, Pipe or Pipes of any Conduit or Conduits of any other Perlbn or Perfons, (2) or niali- '/. ^-""''y /'"' 

cioany, willingly and unlawfully, after the faid ift Day of May, !,uin or caufe to be binned any Wain or """"^ ''« to" »/ 

Wains, Cart or Carts, laden or lo be laden with Coals or any other Goods or Merch.indifea of ajiy other Per- ""-[ ■'"'Z" ."'"" 

cut off th . liar or I-ar' of any of the Kin;;s Siibjeds.othervvife than by Authority 9-'^'^ /■ r, . 

ic'den Afiray or Advc:nture; (6) or after thefaiuDay, malicioufiy, willingly or un- c°(?"'^^/ " 

Pcar-'l>ecs,orothcrFruit-Treesof acy&tliev Perfon or pcifcns; (7) that thenevery r ^."■f,"^ ^eau 

Day of May, 

of tlie Law, Chance -Medley, fu 

lawiiuly barlt ajiy Apple- trees,!*itt3,inwtiiiiiiu»L-i*i,(..>wi wiij oin:iAci;viit^ittiAi.'iis;^/^Lniiiijicijcvciy /• ~ 

fuch oli'cnder and Oii'enders ftall not only loofe and forfeit unto the Party grieved treble Damages for fuch Of- %"''L''''fi; -. 

fence or Offences, the fame to be recovered by Adion of Trefpafs to be taken at the Common Law, but alfo cr^ '"^ "■' "" 

ftiall iofc aud forfeit to tJie King's l^tajeity, and his Heirs, for every fuch, x. 1. Sterlirg in Name of a 

A. D. 1547. ^ 

An A£l for the Repeal of certain Statutes concerning Treafons and ^^''■^•'- "• 


Xm. Beit enaiaed,'That_aUv/llfuI Kill'rs- bypo;f;>ni-.i<; rf p.ny'Porfonor Perfcns, that at any Time hereafter T'7"' ^''''^^n ^ 
(hall be done, perr;-trarea b^ conTmit'ted, flia'.l be lu'juc^ jed, takenTmd deeriied wilful Murcler of Malice pre- ■'^"k"'™" -'■; 
penfed : (2) and that the Offenders therein, their Aiders, Abetters, Procurers and CounftUors fhall fuffer ""-'^'fl' """'''"'• 
-Deatlii and forfeit in every Behalf as in other CaJis of wilft:! Mtredcr of Malice prepenfed -. "'J '^' T' 

Pt'-zvJ. 473. 4Ct,ie, j^y„ Sie fhr:hcr c:iim:,'h.g Aiurdir, I J^c. I. .-. ?. ZI J.ic. I. c. 27. 
• The r/f. cf this all mt tmie xift'crce. 

A. D. 1551. 

An A£l for the taking away of the Benefit of the Clergy from certain j ''s^ejA.,.^. 


WHERE at the Parliament holden at Weftminfler by Prorogation the 23d Year of the Reign of the late ^'' ■^''''A' rolb'wg 
King of famous Memory, King Henry the Eighth, it was among other things then and there enaifted, ""S ^ Hovfi, tJ'i. 
eftabifhed and ordained by Autliority of the fame Parliament, That no Pirl'on or Perfons, which after that fi^'^l ^'"""^ ll" !>'- 
Time fhould happen to be found guilty, after the Laws of this Realm, for any manner Petty Treafon, or for "-_pi ^/"i^ Cti^rgy. 
any wilful Murtlier of Malice prepenled, or for robbing of any Churches, Chapels or other Holy Places, or ^3 •^* "• ^' ^* 
for robbing of any Peribn or Perfons in their Dwelling-houfes or Dwelling-places, the Owner or Dweller in "^J"]*' "5» ^^■^* 

* tile fame Houfe, his Wife, his Children or Servants then being within, and put in Fear or Dread by the fame, -'^^'y'"^ 67, 63, 
' or for robbing of any Perfon or Perfons in or near about the Highways, or for wilful burning of any Dwelling- "9- 

' houfes or Barns wherein any Grain or Corn lliould happen to be, nor any Perfon or Perfons being found guilty 
' of any Abetment, Procurement, Maintaining or Conceahng of any or to any fuch Petty Treafon, Murthers 
' or Felonies (hould from thenceforth be admitted to the Benefit of his or their Clergy, Iiut utterly to be excluded 

* thereof, and fuffer Death in fuch Manner and Form as thev fhould have done for any the Caufes or Offences 
' abovefaid, if they were no Clerks ; fuch as be within Holy Orders that is to fay, of the Orders of Subdeacon, 
* 'br above, all only excepted, as by the fame Aiff among other Things more ])lainly appeareth; (2) which At5l 
' was m.ade to endute until the laft Day of the next Parliament; and after that, at the Selhon of the Parliament 
' holden at Wcflmhijier by Prorogation in the 32 Year of the Reign of the faid late King, the fante A(5l with 
' other Ails was made to continue for ever. 

' II. .Sithcn the making of which S.atute it haih been doubted, that if fuch Robberies and Felonies have been Three feveral 
' committed and done in Dwelling-houfes and Dwelling-places, the Owner or Dweller in the fame Houfe, Vk Joiilu and ^tefi- 
' Wife, his Children or Serrants, being then put in Fear or Di cad by the fame, (hall not lofe the Benern of on rhcv. J uf«ri lie 

* their Clergy, if the Offenders, therein be found guilty by the Laws of this Realm, unlefsthe fame Robbery Stat.of 1^ H. ^. 
' or Felony be committed and done in tiie verj' Chamber, Houfe or Place where the Owner or Dweller in the c. I. 

' fame Houfe, his Wife, Children or Servants fhall hapjien to be or lie at the Time of Inch Robbery and Felony 
' committed and done, and put in Fear and Dread, although the Owner and Dweller in fuch Houfe and Houfes, 
' his Wife, his Children or Servants, at the Time of fuch Robbery and Feleny conmiitttd and done, were or 
' by in other Places within the Precmil of the fame Dwelling-houfes, nigh >mto the Hcufe or Place where 
' fuch Robbery and Felony Tiall happen to be done : ( 2) Or if it happen that the Owner or Dweller within the 
' fame Houfe where fuch Rohbery and Felony ihall happen to be done, his \\'\ie. Children or Servants to be a- 
' fljep at theTime of fuch Robbery and Felony committed and done, although the fame Robbery were done in 
' the Chamber or Place where the Owner or Dweller in the fame Houfe.his Wife, Children or Servants then lay, 
' the Offenders being found guilty thereof according to the Laws of the Land, Hiould not lofe the Benefit and Ad- 

* vantage of their Clergy. 

' III. And where alfo it hath beeti in Queftion and doubted, that if fuch Robberies and Felonieshappen to be Po/"'. S4- 
' conm-.itted and done in any Booth or Booths, Tent or Tents in any Fair or Market, the Owner of the fame, Br. Caron. iCc. 
' his Wife, Children or Servants happening to be within the fame at tlie Time of the coniniitticg of fuch Felo- 

P ' nie= 

Evglijh Statutes made of forc€. 

• nies, and |>iit in Ftar and Dread, the Offenders therein being found guilty after the Laws of this Realin, flioulJ 

* not lofe the Benefit of their Clergy :' 

IV. For the true Declaration and Explanation of the fame Doubts or Queftions before recited, be it cnafled, 
That '-''it happen any Pcrfon or Perfons to be found guilty according to the Laws of this Realm, for robbing of 
any Perfon or Perfons after the ift Day of May next enfuing, in any Part or Parcel of their Dwclling-houfes 
or Dwelling-places, the Owner or Dweller in the fame Houfe, or his A'ifc, his Children or Servants, being 
then within the fame Houfe or Place where it (hail h ipptn the fame Robbery and Felony to be committed and 
done, or in any other Place within the Precina of the feme Houfe or Dwelling-place; that fuch Offenders ftiall in 
no wife be admitted to their Clergy, whether the Owner or Dweller iu the fame Houfe, his Wife or Children 
tlicn and there being, (hall be waking or ileeping. 

V. And that no Perfon or Perfons which after the faid ift Day of M.'; (hall happen to be found guilty, after 
the Laws of this Realm, of and for robbing any Perfon or Perfons in any Booth or 'l\-nt, in any Fair or Market, 
the Owner, his Wife, his Children or Servants, or Servant, tln?ii being within the fame Booth or Tent, (hall 
not from henceforth be admitted to the Benefit of his or their Clergy, but utterly be excluded thereof, and fuffcr 
Death in fuch Manner and Form as is before mentioned in the laid Acl made in the faid xxiij. Year of the 
Reign of the lame late King, for Robberies and Felonies committed and done in Dwelling-honfcsand Dwelling- 
places, the Owner or Dweller in the fame, his Wife, Children or Servants then being within the fame, and put 
in Fear and Dread, without having any Refpeil or Confidcration whether the Owner or Dweller in fuch Booiiis 
and Tents, his Wife, Children or Servants, being in the fame Booths or Tents at the Time of fuch Robbcr;c6 
and Felonies committed, fliall be flecping or waking. 

An Adi for the avoiding of Clergy from divers Perfons. 

^ UnncceflTary, as the whole Statute, i Ed. 6. c. I a. is not of Force here. 

Such as rob in ate < AT 7" HERE in the Parliament holden at Weftminller upon Prorogation the 15th Day of January in the 
Sblrc, unify in- i VV 25th Year of the Reign of our late Sovereign Loid King Henr)- the Eighth, it is recited, Ihat at the 
Parliament holden at Weilminfter in the 23d Year of the Reign of the faid late King, amongll other Things 
it was ordained ellablifhed and enaded. That no Perfon or Perfons, which after that Time Ihould happen to 
be found guilty, after the Laws of this Land, of any Manner of petty Treafon, or for any wilful Murder of 

other holy Places, or for robbing of any Per^ 

A. D. 1712. 

N°. 33'. 

A. D. 155 z. 


J?torf/jry, the 
0-uiner, '^c. Iting 
I/, another Pjr! of 
4 l^i;. 40. 

Surtrlary in a ter.t 
or Booth in a Fair 
tr M<:rht. 
23 H. 8. c. I. 
for farther- Pro- 
vifions concerning 
Burglary, fee 3 
IV. ^ M. c. 9. 


S tj" 6 EJ. 6 c. to. 

to another, Jhall 
not have their 

J5 H. 8. .. 1 

2J //. Z. c. J 

Malice prepenfcd, or for robbing of any Churches, Chapels, or otli 
fonor Perfons in their dwelling lioufes or dwelling Place, theOwn 


P. C. 

his Children or Servants then being within, and put in Fear and Dread by the fame, or for robbing of any Per- 
fon or Perfons in or near about the Highways, or for wilful burning of any Dwelling Houfcs or Barn* wherein 
any Grains of Corn (hould happen to be, nor any Pcrfon or Perfoiii being found guilty of any Abetment, Pro- 
curement, helping, maintaining or concealing of or to any fuch petty Ircalbn, Murders or Felonies, Hiould 
from thenceforth be admitted to the Bcnc6t of his or their Clergy, but fhould utterly be cicluded thereof, and 
luficr Death in futh Manner and Form as they ihould have done for any the Caules or Offences abovcfaid, if 
ihcy were no Clerks; (2) which Aiil cxtcndeth but only where fuch Offender was convidlcd in fuch County 
or Place where any fuch Offence wasfo committed and done, and not where he or they did fueh Oflencc in one 
County, and were ukcn with the Maincr in another County : (3) wherefore is w,i.s confi.lered, that forasinufh 
as, divers and many Felons and Robbers that commit and do divers and many great heinous Robberies and 
Burglaries in one Shire, and convey the Spoil and Robbery into any other Shire, and there be uken, indiiilcd 
and arraigned of Felony, of the felonious Healing of the fame Ooods in the fame other Shire than wlu're the 
fame Robberies or Burglaries were done and committed, and not of the fame Robbery nor Burglary, for that 
it was not done or committed in the fanic Shire where they be fo indicted and arraigned, and that by Reafun 
tiiercolfuch Felons, Robbers and Burglarors had and enjoyed th; Privilege and Advantage €)f their Ciergy ;' 
II. For Redrefs whereof, it was enaCled in the faid Parliament holden in the laid xxv. Year of the faid lare 
King, '1 hat if any Pcrfon or Perfons after that Time, after fuch Robbery or Burglary by him or iheni done in 

Burn A'. I. J06. *"y """^ County, ihould be indidcd of Felony for ftealing of any Goods or Chattels in any other County wilhni 
this Realm, and thereupon arraigned and found guilty, or (land mute of Malice, or challenge peremptorily above 
the Number of xx. Perfons, or would nut upon his or their faid Arraignment direflly anfwer to the l.inie Felony, 
that then the fame Perfon and Perfons fo arraigned and found guilty, or (landing mute of Malice, or clulUi^g- 
iiig petemptorily above the Number of 20 Perfons, or that would not direc'lly aniwerio the Law, Ihould lofe 
and be put out from the Benefit of his or their Clergy, in like Manner and For.ii as they (liould have been if they 
had beciiindiCled, arraigned and found guilty in the fame Ctiunty where futli Robbery or Buigl.iry as is afoie- 
laid, wasdone or committed, if it Ihould appear to the Julliccs before whom any fuch Felons or Robbers llioiild be 
arraigned by Evidence given before them, or bj; F^xaniin.ition, that the fame Felons and Burglarors (liuuld 
have been put from their Clergy, in Cafe they had been indidcd, arraigned and found guilty, in the fame County 
where the lame Robberiesor Burglaries were committed or done, as in the fame Statute made in the laid xxv. 
Year, among other 1 lungs, more plainly appearcth. 

A. D. 1S.U- 
J LflP. 'J' M. 
c. 13. 

//. -.vlat Minner 
J.fice, of Pe.,cc 
mcy hdiiPerfont 
arreftJ of Felony, 

An A£t touching Bailment of Perfons. 

• -tTrilFRE In the Parli.mient holden at lVef,m„fer in the jd Year of the Rrign of King Henry the 
' W 7ih, it wa« among other Things ordained and euaCVcd, That no Prifoncr arrcded for Felony, 
' Ihould be Iclten to Bailor Mainprifeby anyl Judicr of Peace, but by the whole Jufliccs, or at Icaft by 2 of 
' them, whereof I to be of tlic ^orum; f 2) fincc the nuking of which Eftatutc, I Juftice of Peace in the 

* Name 

50UtI)^Carolma» 59 

^yuglijli Statutes made of Force. 

I JioU a68. 

A. D. 1712. 

N°. 331. 

' Nameof himfelfand lother of the Juftices Ii is Companion, not maki-.g the f;iij JulHcepurty nor privy unto ^ \^ %'p^i^\f 

' the Cafi: wherefore the f'rifon<;r fhnuM be bailed, hath oftentimes by finilicr Labour and Means let at large ^ ^ 

' the grtateiland notabltll Offenders, fuch as be not replevifabic hy the Lawa^ of this Reahn; (3) and yet the i^.^r.^r jj. 

' rather to hide their AfieiStions in that Bcliulf, have figned tlie Caufe of tlieii- Appreheniion to be but only for ''^"■'' 

' Sufpicion of Felony, whereby the faid Offenders have efcapcd unpunilhed, and do daily, to the high Dilpleu- y- j^^j/' 

' fure of Almighty God, the great Peril of the Kiutj and Queen's true Subjeds, and Encouragement of all 

' Thieves and Evil-doers:" 

H. For Reformation whereof, be it enafted, That from and after the ill Day of y///// next coming, no Juf- JSToneJliM beUtto 
tice or Jullices of Peace (hall let to Bail or Mainprife any l\ich Perfon or Perfons, which for any Offence or Bailiuhkb befor- 
Orlcnces by them or any of them coqunittcd, be declared not to be rcplevifed or bailed, or be forbidden to be iu^,.,, to be LiilcJ 
rcpievil'ed or bailed by the Statute of IVeflmliijler primer, made in the Parliament holden in the 3d Year of the /jy the Stat, of 3 
Reign of Kin.v £./ty^r./the iff. _ EJ. j. c 15 

III. And furthermore, That any Perfon or Perfons arretted fcir Manflaughter or Felony, or Sufpicion of Man- 
flaughter or Felony, being bailable by the Law, (hall not after the faid ittDay of April be let to Bail or IViain- 
prife by any JulVices of Peace, if it be not in open Seflions, except it be by z Juilices of Peace at the leaft, whereqj 

I to be of the ^orui.i, and the lame Jullices to be prefent together at the Time of the fiid Bailment or Main- 3 Ji^ljlr. 1 13. 
prife; (2) which Bailment or Mainprife they ftiall certify in Writing fubfcribed or figned with their own 
Hands, at the nest General Gaol-deliveiy to be holden within the Coaniy where the liiid Perlbn or Perfons fllall 
be arrefted or fupeiiled. ^ 

IV. AnA that the faid Juftices, or i of them being of the ^omm, when any fuch Prifoner is brought before Tie Jnficei duty 
tJiem for any Manflaughter or Felony, before any Bailment or Mainprife, ihall take the E.xamination of the in Bailment of a 
faid Prifoner, and Information of them that bring him, of the F.iCl and Circumftances thereof, and the fame, Prifoner; txteiuUd 
or as much thereof as (hall be material to prove the Felony, (hall put in Writing, before they make the fame to fuch a: fhall be 
Bailment, (2) which faid Examination, together with the faid Bailment, the faid Jullices ihall certify at the co^Timiitedfor man- 
next General Gaol-delivery to be holden within the Limits of their Comiuiffion, flaugfAer, tr*t-. 

V. And that every Coroner, i:ion any Inquilition befote him found, whereby any Perfon or Perfons (hall be 2 ts" 3 Pi. £s° il/. 
indisl.'d for Murder or Manflaughter, or as Acceffory or Acceffories to the fame before the Murder or Man- c. 10. inexamina- 
flau^j-hter committed, ihall put in VS'riting tlie Effeft of the Evidence given to the Jury before him, being mate- lion of him and 0- 
rial : ( i) And as well the faid Juflices as the faid Coroner, iTiall have Authority by this AA to bind all fuch by then, and certify.- 
Recognizance or Obligation, as do declare any Thing material to prove the faid Murder or Manflaughter, Of- in^ there f. a&3 
fences or Felonies, or to be Acceffory or Acceffories to the fame as is aforefaid, to appear at the next General Ph. & M. c. 10. 
Gaol-delivery to be holden within the County, City or 'i'own Corporate, where the Trial thereof fliall be, then The Coroner s du- 
and there to give Evidence againll the Party fo indifted at the Time of his Trial ; (3) and (hall certify as well ty upon an Inqui~ 
the fame Evidence as fuch Bond or Bonds in Writing, as he fliall take, together with the Inquifition or Indift- ftion found be- 
ment before him taken and found, at or before the Time of his faid Trial thereof to be had or made : (4) And fore him. 
likewife the faid Juftices (hall certify all and every fuch Bond taken before them, in like Manner as before is faid 

of Bailments and Examination . (5) And in Cafe any Jullice of Peace or j^/ori/OT, or Coroner, (hall after the The Penaltyofany 
faid iftDayof ^/W/ offend in any Thing contrary to the true Intent and Meaning of this prefent A&, that then Jujliceof Peace or 
the Juftices of Gaol-dehveryof the Shire, City, Town or Place, where fuch Offence (hall happen to be committed, Coroner omttinr 
upon due Proof thereof by Examination before them, (hall for every fuch offence fetfuch Fine on every of the fame his D.ity. 
Juftices of Peace and Coroner, us the fame Juftices of Gaol-deiivery fliall think meet, and (hall eftreat the fame, as 
other Fines and Amerciaments aiTifTed before Juftices of Gaol-dehvery ought to be. 

VII And belt alfo enacted by the Authority, aforefaid, That no Writsof Habeas Corf us or Certiorari fliall be Removing of a 
hereafter granted to remove any Prifoner out of any Gaol, or to remove any Recognifance, except the fame Writs Prifoner or Re-' 
be figned with the proper Hands of the Chief Juftice, or in his Abfcnce one of the Juftices of the Court out of cognisance, 
which the fame Writs (hall he awarded or made; (2) upon pain that he that writeth any fuch Writs, not being 
figned as is aforefaid, to forfeit to our faid Sovereign Lord the King and the Queen, for every fuch Writ and See 31 Car, 1, c. 
Writs, 5 Pounds. 2. J. T- for bailing 

Perfons conimitteJ for Treafn or Felony, and not indieledthe next Ter.n, 

A. D. JS'.S- 

An A£l to take Examinatioa of Prifoners lufpefted of any Man-^ ■zii^iP.&: m.- 
llauo;hter or Felony. 

'^ Jufi.-es >f Peace 

' '\'X7'^^^^ '" '''■'^ '^'^ Parhament holden at Weftminfter, amongft other Things it was enajfted. That fuch jt,atie^a,„i.,e Per- 
' VV Julticesof the Peace as have Authority to bail any Prifoners brought before them for any Manflausjhter yj^j^,.„fl,j/yr/;,. 
' or Felony, before any Bailment or Mainprife, (hould take the Examination of the faid Prifoner, and Infor- /o,,,,^ &ic. andflail 
' mation of them that bring him, of the Faift and Circumftances thereof, and the fame, or as much thereof as bind their Accufers 
' (hall be material to prove the Felony, fliall put in Writing before they make the fame Bailment; (2) which laid to rive E'jidence 
' Examination, together v/ith the faid Bailment, the faid Jidlices (hall certify at the next General Oiuil-delivery asairfi them, 
' to be holden w ithin the Limits of their Commiffion, as by the fame A(5t more plainly is contained, and m.ay i 5; a Ph, & il/, 
' appear: ^.13. 

' II. And forafmtich as the faid Aft doth not extend to fuch Prifoners as fliall be brought before any Judices 
' of Peace for ATanflaughter or Felony, and by fuch Juftice fliall be committed to Ward for the Sufpicion of 
' fuch Manllaughter or Felony, and not bailed, in which Cafe the Examination of fuch Prifoner, and of fuch Afiificeof Peace 
' as fhall bring him, is as neccffary, or rather more than where fuch Prifoner Ciall be let to Bail or Mainjirile ;' Jhjil examine him 
Be it therefore enabled. That from henceforth fuch Jti.lice or Juftices before whom any Perfon (liall be brought that isfifpeiled of 
for Manflaughter or Felony, or for Sufpicion thereof, before he or they fliall commit or feud fuch Prifoner to Felony, before he 
Ward, (hall take the Examination of fuch Prifoner, and Information of thofe that bring him, of the Fact and be committed to 

Circumftr.nce Prifm, ■ 

Englijli Statutes made of Force, 

A. D. 1712. 
N°. 331. 

■^ £{_ ■\j> ^ JV/ CircuTT.ftance thereof, and the fame, o. :is much thereof as iljall be material to prove tlic FeUii;y, ihall put in 

^ J. ' Writing within 2 Day? after the faid F.xaminotion ; (3) and the fame (hall certify in fuch Manner and Forn\, 

B'M.Vmgifthe Ac- '"d*' '>'^'> 1 inie, as they ihould and oui;ht to do, if fuch Prifoncr fo committed or fcnt 10 Ward had been Iwihd 

c'lftri til villi F.vl- '"' ''^' '" Mainprife, npcn Inch Fain ai in the faid fonner Ait is limited and appointed for not taKini;, or not ccr- 

Jeia ii-^aitill tit ''f)'"?' f">-h F-x3minations as in the faid former Ael is exprefled. (4) And the faid Jufiices fhaii have Aulho- 

Prifor^r '"'^y ^*y ^^'"^ Ael, to hind all fuch by Reccgnifanee or Oblijjation, as do declare any Thinjc material to prove the 

5(- 71 Ccr 2 e. '"'^"^ M-inflauolitcr or Felony ao^ainft (uch Prifoncr as ihall be fo c(>ninuttcd to Ward, to appear at the next Gtni- 

7. %.l.ftrhai!inr "' ^"ol-delivery to ho holden within the County, City or Town corporate where the 'Frial of the faid Manflaugh- 

Pirfons ct^mili-j '^'" "'' Fc'lony (hall be, then and there to give F.vidence againll the Party; (5) and that the faid Julliicsfhalt crr- 

for Trefoil or Fc- ''^Y *''* '^"' Bonds taken before thciti, in like Manner as they fhould and ouglit to certify tlie Honds mentioned 

hut aitiinc! hiiiic}- ni the faid former Act, upon Pain as in tlie faid former Aifl is mentioned, for not certify irg fuch Beads ai by ti>e 

ej'ibe next term, f^id former A»il is linated and £ 

1 appointed to be certiSed. 

ies in Murder 
the Benefit of Clergy. 

4 &.fi>.'& jk A" -A"^ that Acceflaries in Murder and divers Felonies fhall not have 

Acr-Jf.iriet in pel- ' TT'OR the due Pimin'.ment of luch as command, counfel or hire any Perfon or Perfons to commit, perpc- 
tflrrj/on, Fchny ' Jl tratc or do any petty Treafon, wilful Murder, or any of the Oflenees in this prcfent Aft mentioned ;' (») 
MiArileryJhaU nil Be it enaifled. That all and every Perfon and Pcrtbns, that after the ift Day of March next coming fhall malici- 
bd'jctbrir Cltr^y. oully command, hire or counfel any I'erfon or Perfons to commit or do any petty 1 realbn, w ilfuT Murder, or 
Sitvi/. 46. to do any Robber)* in any Dwcilinjj-Houfe or Floufes, or to comntit or do any Robbery ui or near ;'.ry Highway 

i))vr/. 183.186. in the Realm of F^iigland, or in any o: her the Queen's Dominions, or toeon'mit or do any Robbery in any Place 
II 6'/. 36. within the Marches of England againrt Scotland, or wilfully to burn any Dwclling-Houfe or any Part thereof, 

orany Barn then Ii.ivin"; Corn or Orain in the fame; that then every fuch Ofiindcr or ORendcrs, and evi ry of 
them being outlawed thereof, or bjing thereof arraigned and found guilty by the Order of the Law, or ! eing 
olhcrwife lawfully attainted or convidled of the fame OCencc ; or being arraigned thereof do Aaud mute of Ma- 
lice or fiov.ard Mind, or do challenge peremptor)- above the Number of 20 Perfons, or will not anfwer direcUf 
tofuchOlTcnce, ihall not have the licnefit of his or ihtir Clergy. 

4 & 5 A & i>/. An Adl for the Punifliment of fuch as fliall take away Maidens that 
be Inheritors, l)eing within the Age of 16 Years, or that marry 
them without Confent of their Parents. 

Pumjhment riff uch ' "XTirHKRi; Maidens and Women, Children of Noblemen, Gentlemen and others, as well fuch as bcHcirsAppa- 
^j /(Tieatcavw'^'- * VV rent to their Anceftors, asothers, having left unto them by their Father, or dther .Vnceilor and Friends, 
i/rni, &ci ■tuitbin ' Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, or otlicr great Subftances in Coodsand Chatties moveable, for and to 
'Jixteen yeart of * the Intent to advance them in Marriage, fomewhat like according to their Degrees and as might be moft for 
y^fir, &c. ' their Surety and Comfort, as well for themfelves as of all other their Friends ar J Kinsfolks, be oftentimes un- 

j H. 7. c. 2. ' awares to their faid Friends ?nd Kinsfolks, by Flattery, trifling Gifts and fair Po>mifes, of many unthrifty and 

' light Perfoiiages, and thereto by the Intreaty of I'erfonsof lewd Demeanour, and others that for Rewards buy 
' and fell the faid Maidens and Cl'.ildrcn, ftcrctly allured and won toconlrael Matrimony with the faid unthrifty 

• and ligl t Perfonages, and then upen either with Sleight or Force oftentimes be taken and con»eytd away from 
' their faid Parents, Friends or Kinsfolks, to the High DIfpleafurc of Almighty God, the Difparagement of the 
' faid Children, and the extream continual Heavincfs of all their Friends: Which ungodly Dealing, for lack of 
' wholefome Laws to the Rcdrels thereof rcmaineth a great, familiar and common Mifchief in this our Com- 

* monwcalth.* 

3 \Io1. 168,169. I'- For Remedy whereof, That it (hall not be lawful to any Perfon or Peifonsto takeor convey away, or caufe 

4 MoJ. 145. to be taken or conveyed away, any Maid or Woman Child unmairied, being under the Age of l6 Years, out of 

or from the PofTellion, Cufloiiy or Governance, ind againft the Will of the Father of fuch Maid or Woman Child, 

or of fuch Perfon or Perfons to whom the Father of fuch Maid or Woman Child, by his lafl Will and Tcflameiit 

or hy any other A(ft in his Life-Time, hath or fliall appoint, aflign, bequeath, give or grant the Order, Kcepin;', 

Education or (Jovernance of fuch Maid or Woman Child, except fuch ti.king and cunvi ying away as fliall be had, 

made or done, by or for fuch Perfon or Perfom, as without Fraud or Covin be or then fliall be the Mafter or 

Miftrefs of fuch Maid or Woman Child, or the Guardian in Socage, or Guardian in Chivalry, of or to fuch 

Alaid or Woman ChiM. 

The Penally fvr '"• Andifany Perlbn or Perfons above the Age of xiv. Years fliall from and after the ift Pty ol Afiril iicxt 

talinv a AfuiJ coming unlawfully take or convey, or caufe to betaken or conveyed, anyMaid or Woman Child unmarried, 

under xvi Veari being within the Age of xvi. Years, out of or from the Poffefllon and againli the Will of the Father or Mother 

tfAre. ' of fu'l" Child, or out of r.r from the Poflcflion and againft the Will .,f fuch I'lrfon or Perlons as then fti.ill hap- 

pen to have by any lawful Ways or Means, the Order, Keeping, F^ucation or tJovernancc of any fuch Maiden 

or Wom.ui Child, that then evei^ fuch Perfon and Perfons fo ollendirg. being thereof lawfully attainted or con- 

1 AM. I :8. viewed by the Order and due Courfc of the Laws of this Realm (other than fuch of whom fuch I'erfon taken 

away fliall hold any Lands or Tenements by Knights .Service) fliall have and fufler Imprifonment of his or their 

liodies, by the iipaceof i whole Ye.irs, without Bail or Mainprife, or clfe fliall pay Juih Fine for Iris or their 

faidOfiencc, as fliall be affeflcd by the Council of the Queen's Highncfs, her Heirs or SucieflVirs, in the Star 

Chamber at IVefiminflcr. 

IV. And 

df g>out!j-Cavol(na, 6i 

Englifk Statutes made of Force. ^K^'^i\^' 

TV. And if Rny Pcrfon or Perfons, after the faiii Day, (hall fo take Hway, or caufc to be taken away as is afore- < &\ J> Ar \Af 
faid, and deflower any fucli Maid or Woman Child as is aforefaid, ur Ihallagainft the Will, or unkiiovvirg ofor ^ o 
to the Father of any fuch Maid or Woman Child, if the Father be in Life, oragainftthe Will or unknowing of 'j'lj'g Pr„a't f 
the Mother of any fuch Maid or Woman Child (having the Cuftody or Governance of iuch Child, ifthe Father („^.,-^- jwCi '~ 
be dead) by fecret Letters, MefTages, or othinvifc contract Matrimony with any fuch Maiden or Woman Child, #o»,w//, , '«/ c^. 
except fuch Contrafts of Matrimony as fiiall be mace by the confcnt of fuch Perfon or Perlbiis, as by the Title tra^h -f ' - 
of Wardlhip Ihall then have or be imitled to have the Marriage of fuch Maid or Woman Child; that then eve- „„,^;fi, u/- 
ry (uch Perfon or Pcrfons fo oft'cnding, being thereof lawfully convicted, as is aforefiid (hall fuffer Imprifon- j!,^„ „,• v 
ment of his or their Bodies, by the Space of 5 Years, without Bail or Mainprife, or eifc ihall pay fuch Fine for ^t j,. 
his or their faid Offence, as Ihall be aiiefTed by the faid Council in the faid Star-CIiamber; (i) the one Moiety ■^ "" 
of all which Forfeitures and Fines fhall be to the Kuig and C^ueen's Majefties, her Heirs and SucceiTors, the other 
Moiety to the Parties grieved. 

V. The King and cVueen's Highnefs honourable Council of the Star-Chamber, by Fjill of Complaint or In- f^'l'omtiy htar anJ 
formation, and Jullices of AITife by Inquifition or Indiiftment, fnall have Authority by Virtue of t.his Aft to dtterminc th: Of- 
hear and determme the faid Offences; (j) upon every which Indiiifment and Inquilitions, fuch Procefs Ihall be f'""' afarefaiJ. 
awarded and lie, as upon an Indiftment of Trefpafs at the Common Law. ^'"^ ('<"'■ 4('S- 

VI. And if any Woman Child or Maiden, being above the Age of li Years, and under the Age of 16 Years, "^/j' furfthurt of 
do at any Time confent or agree to fuch Perfon that fo fliall make any Contraiil of Matrimony, contrary to the a IVaman cvifml- 
Form and Effeft of this Statute, that then the next of the Kin of the i'ame V^'oman Child or Maid, to whom the '-'^ '» "x •"lUwful 
Inheritance Ihoulddefcend, return or come, after the Deceafe of the fame Woman Child and Maid, fhallfrom cciltnif, 

the Time of fuch Affent and Agreement have, hold and <"njoy all fuch Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, as 3 J^^'J- 84. 

the fame Woman Child and Maiden had in Poffeffion, Reverfion or Remainder, at the Time of fuch Confent 

and Agteeiucnt, during the Life of fuch Perfon that fhall fo contrafl Muirimony : (2) And after the Deceafe 

of fuch Perfon fo contrafling Matrimony, that then the faid Lands, 'I'enenients and Hereditamenu, fhall de- 

fcend, revert, remain, and come to fuch Perfon or Perfons as they fhoiild have done in caJle this A&. had never 

been hsd ne made, other than to him only that fo fhall contraft Matrimony. 

An A(St for Punifliment of fuch as fhall procure or commit any wilful ^%J^'J,^l^' 


(See A. A. 1736-7.) 
' TTTHERE in the Parliament holden at Weftminfter in the 32d Year of the Reign of the late Kingof fa- 

' W mous Memory, King Hinry the Eighth, amongft other Things it was ordained, enaded andeftabiiflied, ^ ,?{ P""'f""tti!^ 
' That no Perfon or Perfons of what Eftate, Degree, or Condition foever he or they were, ihould from thence- 7*"" *f "/"Sfi/ 

' forth unlawfully fuborn any Witnefs or Witneffes, by Letters Rewards, Promifes, or by any other finifter La- "f"" ^■^rfii.-ij ivba 

' hour or Means, for to maintain any Matter or Caufe, or to the Difturbance orHinderance of Juftice, orto the "«^'"'' •"''•/« 

• Procurement or Occafion of any Manner of Perjury, by falfe Verdi(ft or otherwife, in any of the King's Courts ""T"'y- 

' of Chancery, the Star-Chamber, the Whitehall, or elfewhere within any of the King's Dominions of England ^ p,.'^^' 

' or Wales, or the Marches of the fame, where any Perfon or Perfons have or from thenceforth lliould haveaut'hority ^ -""' '95i 244. 

' by Virtue of the King's Commiflion, Patent, or Writ, to hold Plea of Land, or to examine, hear or determine 429- 

* any Title of Lands, or any Matter or Witneffes concerning the Title, Right or Interefl of any Lands, Tene- ^^ f' 'S^* 
' ments or Hereditaments, upon Pain of Forfeiture for every fuch Offence, Fen Pound, the one Moiety thereof 'rf : ^ 

' to be to the King, and the other to the Party that would fue for the fame, as by the fame Eftatute amongfl; di- \,""S-'- ^S'^- 
' vers other Things, more plainly it doth appear : J°' ^'"'' 3.''- 

ti^e Statute of izH. Z.C.I), made a^ainj) iht Subornation tf WU^^ts. Hetky IZ. Go^ibolt ■;!. fl. %(>. SamI 4^. ^ Rehmtfal of 
Mod. Cafain Laiu 1 79. 

' II, Sithence the making whereof, for that the faid Penalty isfo fmall towards the Offenders in that behalf, 
' the faid Offence of Subornation, and fmifter Procurement of falfe Witneffes, hath nevcrthelcfi greatly increafed ' lia-ui. P. C. 
' and augmented, (a) and by Rcafon of the wilful Perjury committed by the fame fuborned Vi^itncffes, divers '• °9- _ 
' and fundry of the (^een'sMajelly's Subjeflshave fuftained Diiherifon and great Impoverifhmer.t, as well of ^ J'a.esP. C. 
' their Lands and Tenements, a^allo of their Goods and Chatties: '?'■ 

III. Be it therefore enai5led, That all and every i'uch Perfon and Perfons, which at any Time after loth Day 

of April next coming (hall unlawfully and coiniptly procure any Witnefs or Witneffes by Letters, Rewards, Pro- 3 •o'.Ji'/-. 147. 
roifes, or by any other finifter and unlawful Labour or Means whatfoever, to commit any wilful and corrupt Pco- ^ ■^""'- 190- 
jury, (2) in any Matter or Caufe whatibever now depending, or which hereafter fhall depend in Suit and Va- ^, p ^°'' 
riance, by any Writ, Acfbion, Bill, Complaint or Information, (3) in any wife touching or concerning any ^■■" . p /"/ 
Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, or any Goods, Chatties, Debts or Damages, (4) in any of theCourts be- /J^''™'"'.??''"'^?'''' 
fore mentioned, or in any of the Queen's Majefly's Courts of Record, or in any Leet, View of Frank-Pledge or ^'7"'"^' 
Law-Day, ancient Demean Court, Hundred Court, Court Baron, or in the Court or Courts of the Stannery ^ 5'-^V'' ^j'' 
in the Counties of Devon and Cornwal ; ( 5 ) or (hall likewife unlawfully and corrupdy procure or iuborn any ifJ!:/ 4oi. 
Witnefs or WitnefTes, which (hall from and after the faid loth Day of April be fwom to teftify in ptrfttjam rti ^"'"J''- l?!- pi- 
mcmeriam; (6) that then every fuch Offender or Offenders (hall for his, hers, or their faid Offence, being tliereof 'Jp- 
lawfully convidedor attainted, lofe and forfeit the Sum of £.40. 7/"!i j """2 

IV. And if it happen any fuch Offender or Olfenders, fo being convicted or attainted as afortfaid, not to have g^'^h ■''^- ^- - 73» 
any Goods or Chatties, Lands or Tenements, to the Value of £.40, that then every fuch Perfon fo being convict 3/- 

or attainted of any tlie Offences aforrfaid ihall for his or their faid Offence fuffer Imprifonmcnt by the Space of 
one half Year, without Bail or Mainprife, and to (land upon the Pillory the Space of one whole Hoor, in fome 

Q_ Market- 

62 Hijz l^vMit %,n\o3 

''^x°' s't!' Evglijh Statutes made of Force^ 

'._ ' ' *■ Mar'cet-Tovvn next adjoining ro the Place where tlie Offence was committed, in open Market there, or in the 
i £..iz. c. 9. Marhet-J'own itfclf where thjOtience was committed. 

V. And that no Perfon or Perl'ons being f" conviiSed or attainted, to be from thenceforth received as a Wit- 
nefs to be deporcdandlH-orninany Court of Record within any of the Queen's Highnefs'sDoiuinioiis of England, 
Wale;, or the Marches of the fame, until fuch 'lime as the Judujment given againil the faid Perfon or Pcrfonj 
2 Lecn. \%. fliallbi; rcvcirfed by Attaint or otherwifc; (2) and tliat upon every fuch Revcrfal, the Parlies grieved, to recover 

his or their Damages againft all and every fuch Perfon and Perfons as did procure the faid Judgment fo reverfed 
to be firft given againlV them or any of them, by Action or Ac'lions to be fued upon his or their Cafe or Cafes, 
according to the Courfe of the common Laws of this Realm. 

V(. And if any Perfon or Perfons after the faid ictli Day of April next coming, either by the Subornation, 
unlawful Procurement, finiilcr Perfuafion or Means of any others, or by their own A<51, Confent or Agree- 
ment, wilfully and corruptly commit any Manner of wilful Perjury, by his or their Depofition in any of the 
Courts before mentioned, or being examined at/ dfr^r/wj/n rci memoiiam^ that then every Perfon or Perfons fo of- 
TLe ^'"^-'y "f fending, and being thereof duly convict or attainted by the Laws of this Realm, {hall for his or their faid Of- 
bm that Mb com- fence iof; and forfeit £.20, and to have Imprifonment fcy the Space of 6 Months without Bail or Mainprife ; 
mit tviljid Fcrju- ^ j^ j,p(| ^^^ Oath of fuch Perfon or Perfons fo oJfending, from thenceforth not to be received in any Court of Re- 
'^,' , cord within this Realm of England or Wales, or the Marches of the fame, until fuch I'ime as the Judgment 

t.okCyfla. 164. given againft the faid I'erfon or Perfons (hall be reverfed by Attaint or othcrwife : (3) and that upon every fuch 
^, •'■ Reverfal the Parties grieved to recover his or their Damages againfl all and every fuch Perfon and Perfons as did 

"■ *"'' procure the faid Judgment fo reverfed to be given againil them or any of them, by A(5lion or Actions to be fued 
"r}*' upon his or their Cali; or Cafes, according to the Courfe of the Common Laws of this Realm. 

Lro.Car. 99. y„ ^jjj ;f ij happen the faid Offender or Offenders fo offending not to have any Goods or Chatties to the Va- 

5 CUe, 99. ]yj of £.20, that then he or they to be let on the Pillory in fome Market-Placc within tlie Shire, City or Bo- 

rough, where the faid Offence Ihall be committed, by the Sheriff' or his Minifters, if it (hall fortune to be witli- 
out any City or Fown Corporate ; (a) and if it happen to be within any fuch City or Town corporate, then by 
the faid Head Onicer or Oflicers of fuch City or Town corporate, or by his or their Minifters, and there to have 
both his Ears nailed, and from thenceforth to be difcredited and difabled forever to be fworn in any of the Courts 
of Record aforefaid, until fuch Time as the Judgment (hall be reverfed, and thereupon to recover his Damages 
in Manner and Korm before mentioned. 
H'l' Ih llkave VIII. Theone Moiety of all which Sums of Money, Goods and Chatties, to be forfeited in Manner and Form 

^ .•' r ■., , J aforefaid, to be to the C^ieen our .Sovereign Lady, her Heirs and Succcffors, and the other Moiety to fuch Per- 
j. /', , fon or Perfons as (hall be grieved, hindered or molcfted by Reafon of any the Offence or Offences before men- 

y «' 1/ tniMi. tioncd, that will fue for the fame by Adion of Debt, Bill, Plaint, Information or othcrwife, in any of the 
Colleen's Majefty's Courts of Record, in the which no Wager of Law, Effoin, Protedion or Injunfiion to be al- 

IX,^And as well the Judge and Judges of every luch of the faid Courts where any fuch Suit is or Ihall be, and 
I'/h finll hrv! wherebpon any fuch Perjury is or fliall happen to be conmiitted, as alfo the Juftices of Affizes and Gaol-delivery 
ylulbirily to hear jn their feverai Circuits, and the Jiiftices of the Peace in every County within this Realm or in Wales, at their 
and determine the Quarter Selhnns, boll) within the Liberties and without, (liall liavc full Power and Authority by Virtue hereof 
Offemei aforefaid. to enquire of all ^d every the Defaults and Offences perpetrated, committed or done contrary to this Ae'I, by 
Cro. El. 105, Inquihtion, Prefentment, Bill or Information before them exhibited, or otherivife lawfully to hear and determine 
147. I4°> 267, the fame, and thereupon to give Judgment, award Proccfsand Execution of the fame, according to the Courfe 
4i8. of the Laws of this Realm. 

Cro. yac. 120, X. And the Juflices of Affize of every Circuit within this Realm, and elfcwhere within the Queen's Domi- 

'■'3' iiions, ihall in eviry County within their Circuits, twice in the 'Year, that is to fay, in the Time of their Sit- 

Thir Slalule fball tingf, make open Proclamation of this Ellatuteor of the Effedl thereof, to the Intent no Perfon or Perfons Ihall 
he proclaimed at bj ignorant or mifcognifant of the Penalties herein contained. 

^11 AJJizes, XII. If any Perfon or Perfons, upon whom any Procefs out of any of the Courts of Record within this Realm 

Procrft ferved uf- or Wales ihall be ferved to teftiiy or depofe concerning any Caufe or Matter depending in any of the fame Courts, 

on Witnejjei to (jj j^j having tendcsed unto him or them, according to his or thiir Countenance or Cjlling, fuch reafonahle 

■ 'V'fy- S jms of Money for his or their Cofts and Charges, as having Regard to the Dillance of the Places is neceffary to 

r Let/I. 121. J,j allowed in that Behalf, (j) do not appear according to the'l'enor of the (aid Procefs, havincf not a lawful ami 

Match \%. reafonahle Let or Impediment to the contrary; (4) that then the Party making Default, to lofe and forfeit for 

Cro. El. J30. every fuch Offence {,.\a, and to yield fuch further Recompence to the Party grieved, as by the Difcretion of the 

'3'' Judge of the Couit, out of the which the faid Procefs, ihall be awarded, according to the Lofs and Hiudirance 

that the Party which procured the faid Procefs il.all fuftuin, by Reafon of the Non- Appearance of the faid \\'\x- 

mfs or Wi'.neffes; (^ ) the^aid feveral Sums to be recovered by the Party fo grieved againil the Offender or Of- 

findersby Adiion of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, in any of the Q[iiccu'« Majelly's Courts of Record, in 

wluch no Wager of Law, Effoin or Protedion to be allowed. 

5 £/,'r. «. 14. An hdi againft Forgers of falfc Deeds and Writings. 

n,f,i-eral Penal- gex. A. A. I;j6. 7. 
tieiforforrin^ of 

J'erJi tbefrjlcr ' 'TT'fRASMlTCH as the wicked, pernicious and dangerous Pradice of making, forging and publilhing falfe 

f.-imiftime, tT'c. ' 1? and un:rue Charters, I'vldences, Deeds and Wrilings, h.\th nf late I'ime been very much more praiSlifed, tahle ' ufcd and put in Ure in all Parts of this Realm, than in 'I'inies jiiffcd, not only to the bij;l) Difpleafure of God, 

.15. The Mild- ' hut alio to the great Injury, Wrong, Hurt, Damage, Dllherifon and utter undoing of divers the Queen '« 

mfi of l.av bulb " Mr.jcOy's SubjccSs of this Realm, and to the great Subvcriiou of Juilicc and Trutli, (3) which fcemeth to 

i-icre.fid tb f.r^- ' have 

EnglifJi Statutes made of Force. ^•^- ^J^~' 

• have grown and happened chiefl)byre:\fon that the Pains and Punidiments limited for fuch great and notable , j-ij^ \ A 
' Offences, by the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, before this Time have been and yet arc fo fniall, mild and •■ Ifrt.'j 
' eafy, that inch evil People have not been nor yet are afraid to. entcrprife the pradifing and doing of faeh -^jf^a i'ot'i6o 
' Offences:' j,'^^^ .^' '' 

\\. Be it therefore enaifted. That if any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever, after the ift Day of 'jum now next j//^,,", pV fg, 
coming, upon his or their own Head OTid Imagination, or by falfe Confpiracy and Fraud with others, (ball wit- tiifa/ ' P C 682' 
finely, fubtilly and falfly forge ormake, or fubtilly caufe or wittingly allent to be forged or made, any faU'e Deed, 
Charter or Writing fealed, Court-Roil, or the Will of any Perfon or Perfons in Writing, (2) to the Intent 
that the State of Freehold or Inheritance of an^ Perfon or Perfons, of, in or to any Lands, Tenements or Here- 
ditamenLs Freehold or Copyhold, or the Riglit, Title or Intereft of any Perfon or Perfons, of, in orto the fame, 
or any of them,,' ihall or may be moleHcd, troubled, defeated, recovered or charged ; (3) or after the laid ill i)vf 288, 302, 
Day of yimifhall pronounce, publifh nr Ihew forth in Evidence, any fuch falfe and forged Deed, Charter, Writ- 322. 
ing, Court-Roll or Will, as true, knowing the fame to be faUe and forged, as is aforefaid, to the Intent above 
remembered, (4) and fliall be thereof convifled, either upon Adlion or Aftions of Forger of falfe Deeds, to be Rajl. ^^ij, 
founded upon this Statute, at the Suit of the Part/grieved, or otherwife according to the.Order and due Courfe 
of the Laws of this Realm, or upon Bill or Information to be exhibited into the Court of the Star-Chamber, 
according to the Order and Ufe of that Court, ( ;) (hall pay unto the Party grieved his double Cods and Da- The Penalty for 
mages, to be found or alTeffed in that Court where fuch Conviiftion ihall be, (6) and alfo Ihall be fet ujion the forging or fuUyb- 
Pillory in fome open Market-Town, or other open Place, and there to have both his Ears cut off, and alfo his Nof- ing ofafjfe Deed, 
trils to be flit and cut, and feared with a hot Iron, fo as they may remain for a pepetual Note or Mark of his ■zv/xreoy anolter's 
Fallhood, (7) and fhal I forfeit to the Queen our Sovereign Lady, her Heirs and Succeflbrs, the whole Iffues Freehold fhall be 
and Profits of his Lands and Tenements during his Life, (8) and alfo (hall fuffer and have perpetual Impri- troubled. • 
fonment during his Life; (9) The faid Damages and Cofts to be recovered at the Suit of the Party grieved as 
is aforefaid, to be ift paid and levied of the Goods and Chatties of the Offender, and of the IfTues and Pro6ts of 
the faid Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments of fuch Party conviifted or of i or both of them; the faid Title 
of our faid Sovereign Lady the Queen, her Heirs or SucelTors, to the fame notwithdanding. 

ITI. If any Perfon or Perfons after the faid ift Day of fune., upon his or their own Head or Imagination, or by Forgingofa Deed, . 
falfe Confpiration or Fraud had with any other, (hall wittingly, fubtilly and faldy forge or make or wittingly, fub- ■whereby a Leafe. 
tiUy and falfly caufe or alTent to be made ancTfbrged, any falfe Charter, Deed or Writing, ( 2) to the Intent that or Annuity nny be 
any Perfon or Perfons (bailor may have or claim any Eftate or Intereft for Term of Years, of, in or to any Manors, claimed. 
Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, not being Copyhold, or any Annuity in Fee-fmiple, Fee-tail or for Term Forging of an ob- 
of Life,^ Lives or Years ; (3) or after the laid Day (hall as is aforefaid forge, make or caufe or affent to be made ligation, Jicquit.- 
or forged, any Obligation, or j3ill obligatory, or any Acquittance, Releafe or other Dlfcharge of any Debt, Ac- tance,Ke!eafey&LC. 
compt, Aflion, Suit, Demand or other Things Pcrfonal; (4) or if any Pcrfore or Peribns after the faid ill Day Godbolt; $. 
of ji//;c fhall pronounce, publilh or give in 5-vidence, any fuch falfe and forged Charter, Deed, Writing, Obli- % Brotcnl. 49. 
gation, Bill obligatory, Accquittance, Releafe or Difchargc, as true, kno^^■ing the fame to be falfe and forged, i Lntiv. 190. 
(5) and (hall be thereof convieled by any the Ways or Means aforefaid : That then he fiiall pay unto the Party 
grieved his double Cofts and Damages, to be found and alTelTed in fuch Court where the faid Conviflion (hall be 
had, f 6) and (hall be alfo fet upon the Pillory in fome open Market-Town or other open Place, and there to have 
I of his Ears cut olf, (7) and (hall alio have and fuffer Imprifonment by the Space of I whole Year, without 
Bail or Mainpiife. 

IV. And the Party and Parties grieved by reafon of any the Offences aforefaid, (hall and may, at his and their TlefeveralReme-- 
Pleafure, have andfue his A(5lion of Forger of falfe Deeds upon this Statute, againft any the Offenders in the ^,„ of the Parly 
fame, by original Writ out of the Queen's Highnefs Court of Chancery, and (hall and may have like Procefs upon grieiied ogainjl the 
the fame, asin Cafesof Trefpafs at tlie Common Law; (2) or may at his Pleafure take his Suit againft any Offender. 

fuch Offenders in any the Premifes, by Bill in the King's Bench, or in the Court of the Exchequer; in which Suits 
no EIToign, Injunction or Prote(5lion (hall be allowed for the Party Defendant. 

V. And if the Party Defendant (hall be convicled for any the Offences aforefaid, according to the Order and p ii^tiso i 1— 
Form above limited, and (hall have received thereupon Punilhment Corporal according to this Ai5l; that then he ^n. j f„- n/-_ 
(hall not efffoons be impeached for the fame Offence, r. . n .it f A 

Y\. And although the Party or Parties Plaintl.Tin any fuch Aftion or Bill to be fued, as is aforefaid, ''1^11'^"%;/,^^/^'^^^'^ 
after Verdidl palfed againft tlie Defendant or Defendants, happen to releafe or difchargc the Judgment or Exe- .[ , r 
cutlon upon the fame, or otherwife fuffer the fame to be difcontinued , That yet neverthclefs the fame Releafe, Tl^P'''t'^'^^ 
Difchargc or Difcontinuance, (hall extend only to difchargc fuch Coils and Damages as the fame I^laintiff(hould n) /- p^-H, j-r ^ 
have h;id againft the Defendant; (2) and that the Judges before -vvhora the faid AiSlion or Suit (hall betaken, ^ ^'^ h h' ^ 
(hall and may proceed to Judgment of and upon the Refidue of the faid Penalties and Forfeitures, and to cnni- •*,, ' \, 
mand Execution upon the fame ; the faid Releafe, Difcontinuance, or other Diftharge had, made, doneoriuf- 
fered by the Party Plaintiff, in any wife notwithftanding; this A\5l or any Thing therein contained to the con- 
trary in any wifc.notv/ithftanding. 

VII. And if any Perfon or Perfons, being here after convicfled or condemned of any the Offences aforefaid, by Thtfnnd Offence, 
any the M'aysor Means above limited, (hall after any fuch his or their Conviclion or Condemnation eftfoons Felony. 
commit or perpetrate any of the faid Offences in Form aforefaid; that then every I'uth 2d Offence or Offences 
(hall be adjudged Felony: (2) and the Parties being thereof convi(ffed or attainted accord'ing to the ^.aws of: 
this Realm, (hall fuffer fuch Pains of Death, Lofs and Forfeiture of their Goods, Chatties, Lands and Tene- 
ments, as in Cafes of Felony by the Common Laws of this Realm ought to be loft or forfeited, (3) without 
having any Advantage or Benefit of Clergy or Saniftuary : (4) Saving to every Perfon and Perfr.ns, Boilics 
Politic and Corporate, their Heirs and fiicctlfcrs, other than the faid Offenders, and fuch as claim to their Ufts, 
all fuch Rights, Titles, Interefts, Polfeftions Liberties of Diftre.Tcs, Leafes, Rents, Reverfions, OlBces and 
other Profits and Advantages, which they or any of them (hall have at the Time of fuch ConviSlion or Attain- 
der, of, in or to any the Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments of any fuch Perfon fo as is aforefaid convidted or 


64 Cfje 33uI)Uc §la\yfi 

Englj/h Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 
N". 331. 

r/- '-^ attainted, or at any Time before, in as large an J as amyiU Manner, to all Intents and Purpofea as if thij AiJl h»d 

L.y '^'il'iij . never been had nc made. 

ihtr.jbaii-teM \/i\\_ Provided That any furh Convi<aion or Attainder of Felony, as is aforcfaid, or any Forfeiture by reafon 
/orjeiltiretj linu- ^j. ^j^^ f^n-^^ nj^U „,)( in any wife extend to take away the Dower of the Wife of any fuch Perfon attainted, nor 
'b/V/-'^"'^''"'/' '" Corruption of Blood, or Di(herifon of any the Heir or Heirs of any fuch Perlon or Perfons fo attainted; 
IStiMd Jar tills re- j|,jj^^_ or any Thing therein contained, or any other Statute, Law, Uftgc, Cullom or Thing heretofore ufed 
"'•''■ to the contrary in any wife notwithltanding. 

Ojf.:iaU or Jic- IX. Pronded That this A<ft, or any Thing therein contained, fhall not extend to charge any Ordinary, or any 
^'drrifuttiic', a their ComniilVaries, Officials, Regifters or any other their Officers or Minifters, with any the Offences aforcf.iid, 
limltaa tvill. for putting their Seal of Office to any Will to be exhibited unto them, not knowing the fame to be falfe or forged, 
or for writing of the faid Will or Probate of the fame; tliis Ad or any Thing therein contained to the contrary 
lybicb Jiijlicei x. All and every Judices of Oyer and Deltrmhrr, and JulUces of Affife in their Circuits and every of them, 

mjy irur and Je- (^j,n |, j^^ fy]i power and Authority in every of their Open and General Scflions, to enquire, hear and determine 
irrminc ibrfe Of- ^f j]] and every the Offences aforefaid committed or done within the Limits of their Commiflion, and to make 
/:"!<!■ Procefs for the F.xccution of the fame, as they may do againft any Petf'-n being indided before tl>cm of Trefpafj, 

9 Co. lis. (jr lawfully convided thereof. 

Cri,. El. 87, 601. XII.* Proviiled always, That this Aft, or any Thins: therein contained, (hall not extend or be hurtful in any 
To tubal Pcrfyrt ^jj-g jq ^^y proclor. Advocate or Regifter of any Ecclefiaftical Court within this Realm, for the writing, fcttinff 
ihit Slaluic Jlalt fo,th or pleading of any Proxy made according to the Ecclefiaftical Laws or Cufloms heretofore ufcd and alloweu 
Ki! extend. by the Ecclcliallical Courts of this Realm, for the Appearance of anv Perfon or Perfons, being cited to appear in 

anyof the faid Courts Ecclefiaftical, nor to any Archdeacon or Orficial, for putting their authentic Seal to the 
faid Proxy or Proxies, neither yet to any Judge EccIeCalUcal for admitting of the fame : (J) But that they and 
every of them may hereafter do in all Points concerning the fame, as they and every of them might lawfully 
have done before the making of this Ai5l ; any Thing in this Aft to the contrary in any wife notwithlianding. 
Forging of Dctdi XIII. Provided always. That if any Perfon or Perfons whaifocver, that hath of his or their own Head, or by 
tefoiehh Statute, falfe Confpiracy and Fraud with any other, wittingly, fubtilly and falfely forged or made, (l) or (hall before 
V frtfently after, the faid lit Day of June forge and make any falfc Deed, Charter or Writing fealcd, or the Will of any Perfon in 
Writing, or any Court-Roll, to the Intent that the Ellate of Freehold or Inheritance, or the Right, i'itlc or In- 
tereft of Inheritance or Freehold of any Perfon or Perfons, of, in or to any Manors, Lands, Tenements, or 
Hereditaments, being Freehold or Copyhold, (j) or that by any fuch forged Deed, Charter, Court-Roll or 
- Writing, before the faid ift Day of June fliall or may be inolefted, troubled or defeated of any the faid Eftatcsof 
any Lands, 1 cnements or Hereditaments, being Freehold or Copyhold : (4) Or if any Perfon or Perfons have 
heretofore publlffied or (hewed forth in Evidence, or before tlic faid jft Day (hall publilh or ffiew in Evidence for 
the Proof of any Title, any falfe or forged Deed, Charter, Writing, Will or Court-Roll, as true, knowing the 
fame to be falfe and forged as is aforefaid, to the Intent above remembered, (5) and fhall be thereof attainted 
or conviSed, according to the Order of the Laws of this Realm, either in an Aftion of Forger of falfc Faili, or 
in an Aftion upon the Cafe at the Suit of the Party grieved, his Heirs, Executors, or Afligns, that then the 
Party fo conviCled (hall pay and yield Damages, and Cofts of Suit to the PlaintilT, as fhall be affelfed according 
to the Order of the Laws of this Realm in any fuch like Aftion or Suit, i'6) and (hall fufur Imprifonment and 
pay Fine and Ranfom at the Pleafure of the Queen's Maierty, her Heirs and Succeffors. 
Tbe Penalty fir XIV. And if any Perfon or Perfons (hall alter the faid lit Day of June plead, publilh or (hew forth in Evi- 
fleadin^drfuhlifo- dcnce or othcnvife, for the Proof of any Title, any falfe and forged Deed, Charter, Writing, Will or Court- 
ing ayor^fi/ Z)«i/ Roll, heretofore falfely made and forged, or to be fulfely made and forged before the faid III Day of June, at 
tii'jJe befiretbit true, knowing the fame to be falfe and forged, (1) to the Intent lo have or claim thereby any £ftute of Inheri- 
Stiitute arjbarlly tanec. Freehold, or Leafe of Years, in or to any Manors, l^ands. Tenement! or Hcrcclitaments, or any An- 
tfier. nuity. Rent or Profit, forth of any Manors, Lands, Tenements or Hcredit.imcnt8 ; (.1) or to the Intent to alter, 

defeat, moleft, trouble, charge or recover the Ellate of Inheritance, Freehold, or for Years, of any Perfon in 
any Manors Lands, Tenements, Rents or Hereditaments; (4) That then every Perfon and Perfons that (hall fo 
offend, and (hall be thereof convidcd in Form firft above -remembered, (hall pay unto the Party grieved, double 
Cofts and Damages; (5) and ffiall have Imprifonment, LofsofEars, flitting and fearing of Nofe, and Forfei- 
ture of I.unds, in the fame Manner and Form as above is limited for any Perfon that fliall offend by forging or 
publilhing of any falfe Deed or Writing as is aforcfaid, after the aforefaid ift Day of June. 
A La-wyer or At- XV. Provided always. That this Aft nor any Pain, Forfeiture, or Thing therein contained, (hall not extend 
t^irnei th-adhio a to any Attorney, Lawyer or Counfellor that (hall for his Client plead, (hew forth or give in Evidence any falfe 
firg'eJ Deed. and forged Deed, Charter, Will, Couit-l^oll or other Writing, for true or good, being not Party or privy to the 

forging of the fame, for the pleading, (hewing forth or giving in Evidence of the fame; any Thing in thii AA 
to the contrary notwithftanding. 
Pleadiim a Writ- XVI. Piovided always, That this Aft, or any Thing therein contained, (hall not extend to any Perfon or 
inrexemplified or Perfons that (hall plead or (hew forth any Deed or Writing exemplified under the Great Seal of EneLind, or nn- 
reitim a, SeiU to ^er the Seal of any oiher authentic Court of this Realm; (2) nor ftiall extend to any Judge or Jullice, or other 
t,tfame. Perfon. that (hall caufe any Seal of any Court to be fet to any fuch Deed, Chiirter or Writing inrolled, not knovr- 

i,jgth.«jmc to be falfe or forced; any Thing in this Aft to the coniraiy not withftandiiig. 


)Otitf)'Carolina» 65 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 

N". 33.. 

A. D. 1562. 

An A£l for the Punifhment of the Vice of Buggery. s £i"- ^ i?. 

^'Unneceflary; as the i M. Scff. i. c. i, repealing the 15 H. Z. c. 6, (which is to the fame Purpofe as this Statute 

is not of Force here. ) 

* ATT" HERE in the Parliament begun at London the ;,d Day of November in the 1 ift Year of the late King T'^f"' Sl-jt'itt cf i-, 

* VV of mod famous Memory, King /ffwrv the Eighth, and after by Prorogation holdcn at Weflminfter in H.i, c.6.-ui,'icrc- 
' the 25th Vear of the Reign of tlie faid late King, there was one Afl and Statute made, entitled. An AA for h the committing 

' the P uniihment of the Vice of Buggery, whereby the faid deteftable Vice was made Felony, as in the faid o/^uggtry •^vith 
' Eftatute more and large it doth and may appear: (2) Forafmuch as the faid Statute concerning the Punifiiment Manliud or Biajl 
' of the faid Crime and Offence of Buggery ilandeth at this prefent repealed and void by Virtue of the Statute of '■' """/' P^!<"'y, 

* Repeal made in the ill Year of the Reign of the late Queen Mary : Sithcnce which Repeal fo had and made, rmiveJ. 

' divers evil difpofed Perfons have been the more hold to commit the faid moft horrible and deteftable Vice of ' //■'w, P. C. 0. 

* Buggery aforefaid, to tlie high Difpleafure of Almighty God.' iHjU'tP.C 669. 
II. Beit enabled, That the faid Statute before mentioned, made in the 25th Year of the faid late King 

Henry the 8th, for the Puniihmcnt of the faid deteftabfe Vice of Buggery, and every Branch, Claufe, 
Article and Sentence therein contained, Ihall from and after the ill Dav of June ncit coming !ie revived, 
and from thenceforth ihal! Hand, remain, and be in full Force, Strength and Kfieft for ever, in fuch Manner, 
Form and Condition, as the fame Statute was at the Day of the Death of the faid late King Henry the Eighth; 
the faid Statute of Repeal made in the faid ift Year of the faid late Quein Marj', or any Words general orfpeeial 
therein contained, or any other Afl or AiTts, Thing or Things, to the contrary notwitliftanding. Coh, 391. 

^ -'*• D. IJ65. 

An Aft for the avoiding of wrongful Vexation touching the Writ of 3 ei^zc.z. 


' "ITTHERE divers Perfons or their malicious Minds, and without aryjuft Caufe, do many Timescaofe and z-, H. 8. c. i.e. 
' W procure others of the Queen's Majefty's loving Subjects, to be very much molclled and troubled by At- ThcJrftiid.intjlalt 
' tachments and Arreils made of their Bodies, as well by Procefs of Latitat, alias and flurin capias, fued out of i-fcavir Cofls and 
' the Court commonly called the King's Bench, as alio by Plaint, Bill, or other Suit in the Court commonly Damage, tvhtre 
' called the Marlhalfea, and within the City of London, and other Cities, Towns corporate, and Places where the Plaintiff datb 
' any Liberty or Privilege is to hold Pleas of Debt, Trefoafs, and other perlonal AiSions and Suits: (2) And Jc'ay ordifcontinuc 
' when the Parties that be arrefted or attached are brought forth to aufwer to fuch A<Sions and Suits as ihould be' his fait, tr 11 mn- 
' objeded againft them, then many Times there is no Declaration or Matter laid ao;ainft the Parties fo arrclled fait, trV. 
' or attached, whereunto they may make any Anfwer; (3) and fo the Party arrefted is very malicioully put to i jRoU ^yi. 
' great Charges and Expences, without any juft or reafonable Caufe: And yet neverthelefs, hitherto, by Order Tie imouvinience 
' of the Law, the Party fo grieved and vexed could never have any Cofts or Damages to him to be judged or of purfuingof Suits 
' awarded for the faid unjuft Vexation and Trouble:' upon malice tuith- 

II, For Remedy whereof, be it enaded. That when and as often as any Perfon and Perfons, after the ift Day oat juft Caufe. 
of January next coming (hall fue forth, or by any Means caufe or procure to be fued forth, of the faid Court com- 
monly called the King's Bench, any of the Writs or Procefs before mentioned, againft any Perfon or Perfons Cra. El. 236. 
which upon the fame Writ or Writs ftiall happen to be arrefted, or which ftiall appear upon the Return of any of 

the faid Writs or Procefs, (2) and Ihall put in his or their Bail or Bails to anfwer fuch Suit as (hall be objefled 
againft him, according to the common Order of the Court; (3) that then in every fuch Cafe, if the Party or 
Parties at whofc Suit, Means or Procurement, the fame Writ, 'W''rits or Procefs was obtained or fued forth, do Cofis, Damages'^ 
notwitliin 3 Days next after fuch Bail had and taken, put into the fame Court his or their Declaration againft the Charges f halt te 
iame Party or Parties againft whom fuch Writs or Procefs hath been or (hall be fued ; (4) or if after Declaration azvardcJ, tvhere 
had and put into the fame Court, the Plaintiff in fuch Cafe fhall not profecute the fame with Eifeift, but (hall the Plaintiff, iltt'> 
willingly and ;.nparently to the fame Court fuCTcr his or their faid Suit to be delayed; (5)orftiall after Declaration delay his Sail, dcti 
(b had, fuffer tlie fame Suit to be diicontinued, or otherw ife (hall be nonfuit in the fame ; (6) that then in every difcoiitin-je, or is 
fuch Cafe, the Judges of the faid Court for the Time being fh^ll by their Difcretions from Time toTime, as nonfuil in the Hing' s 
they (hall fee or perceive any fuch Default to be in the Party or Panic's at whofe Suit, Means or Procurement fuch Bench. 
Writs or Procels was fued forth, award and judge to every fuch Perfon and Perfons fo arrefted, vexed, molefted 23 /f. 8. c. 15. 
or troubled by fuch Writs or Suit, his and their Cofts, Damages and Charges by any Meansfuftalnedby Occafion 4 Jac. I. c. 3. 
of any fuch Writs, Procefs, Arrcfts or Suits, taken, fued or had againft him, to be p.iid by fuch Perfon or Per- Cra. El. 69. 
fons that fo doth or fhall caufe or procure any fuch Writs or Procefs to be fued forth, as is aforefaid. Cro, Jac. ill. 

III. And if any Perfo:i or Perfons fhall after the faid i(l Day of January caufe or procure any other Perfon or A Remedy if the 
Perfons to lie attached or arrefted to anfwer to any Bill, Plaint, Afiion or Suit, in the faid Court of the Mar- Plaintiff Jo delay, 
fhalfea, or in any Court within the faid City of London, or in any City, Borough, Town Corporate or other difcontinue, or is 
Place or Pl.ices, w here any l.ilerty or Privilege is ufed to hold Plea in any Aiftion or AiSions perfonal, and do nonfiitintheAIar- 
not, in ail Ceurts having their Coi);inuance de die in diem, within three Days next after fuch Time as the Party fhalfea, or any 
Defendant or Defendants (hall be balled, or otherwife appear in Court, by Force of any Arrcft cr Attachment City or Toicn 
had and returned, and in all otlier C<iurts, at the next Seflions or Court to be holden after fuch Arrcfts or Attach- Corporate. 
ments, and Appearance of the Party Defendant or Defendants, whereas the faid Party Defendant or Defend- 

;uit6 (hall be compelled or ought to appear, (tinlefs a furtlier Dav (hall be fpecially given by the Diftrttlon of the 
Court from whenie any Precept, Procefs or Altachracnt (ball fee awarded) put and exhibit his Bill or Declara- 
tion againft fuch PcrfonTir Perfons, as lb by his Sui! and Means fliall be attached or arrefted, into fuch Court where 
tie Party by fuch Attavhsncnc 01 Arreft is compeiied or ought to appear: (2) or if any fuch Perfbn or Perfon*. at 

K whof£ 

A. D. 1712 

N'". 33 >. 
A. D. 1.165. 

66 Cije 9^ut)lic ilato 

Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

whofe Suit and Means any fi;ch Attachment or Arreft of any Perfon or Pcrfouf fliall lie fo had and made, after 
his Declaration, Bill or Plaint exhibired, do not from thenceforth profecute the fame his Suit with ilfieit, or (hall 
fufter the fame to he dillcmtinued, or Ihall after be nonfuit in the lame, or willingly and apparently to the fame 
Court, fliall for Vexation of the Dclenilant in fuch Suit delay the fame Suit: (?) That then in every fuch Cafe 
the Judi;e or Judjres of every fuch Court before whom any Perfon or Pcrfons (hall be fo fued, molcllcd or troubled 
by Occalion or Mean of fuch Attachment or Arrcft, or by fuch Suit or Suits, fliall forthwith by hii or their Dif- 
crction from Time to Time, as he or they (hall fee or perceive any fuch Default or Delay in the Party that caufcd 
or procured any fuch Attachment or Arrcft to be had, award and judge to every fuch Perfon or Peifons, which 
after the laid 111 Day of January (hall be fo attached, arretted, molefted, vexed or troubled, his Colls, Damages 
and Charges, by ^ly Means fullained by Occafion of any fuch Attachment, Arrell or Suit, fo had and taken 
a^ainR him, to be paid by fuch Perfon or Perl'ons that lo doth or (hall caufe or procure any fuch Attachment or 
Arreft to be fo had or made. 

IV. And if any Perfon or Perfons at any Time after the faid id Day of Januarj- (hall by any Way or Mean, 
malicioufly, or for Vexation and Trouble, caufe or procure any other Perfon or Perfons to be arrefted, or attached 
to anfwer in any the Courts or Places aforefaid, at the fuit or in the Name of any Perfon or Perfons, where indeed 
there 15 no fuch Perfon or Perfons known, or without the AflVnt, Cenfent or Agreement of fuch Perfon or 
Perfons, at whole Suit or in whofe Name fuch Arrell or Attachment is or (hall be fo had and procured ; that then 
every fuch Perfon and l^erfons, that (hall fo caufe or procure any fuch Arrell or Attachment of any other Perfon 
or Perfons to be had or made for Vexation or Trouble, as is aforefaid, and (hall thereof be convitliled or lawfully 
accufed by Indidlment, Prefentment, or by the Tellimony of a fufficient Witneffcs or more, or other due l*roof, 
fhall for every fuch Oftence by him or them committed, done or procured, have and fulfcr (mprilonment of his 
or their Body or Bodies by the Space of 6 Months without Bail or Mainprife ; (2) and before he or they (hall be 
delivered out t.f Prifon, lliaU pay unto the Party or Parties fo arretted or attached by his or their Means or Pro- 
curement, treble the Colls, Charges, Damages and Expences that he or they (hall be put unto by Reafon or Occa- 
fion of fuch Arreft or Attachment fo had; (3) andiliall alfo forfeit and pay unto fuch Perfon or Perfons, in whofe 
Name or at whofe Suit he or they (hall fo prtKure fuch Arreft or Attachment to be had or made, if then there 
fhall be any fuch Perfon known, the Sum of ;{^. 10 for every fuch OlTence. 

V. .And every Ptrfon and Perfons to whom any Cofts, Charges, Damages, Forfeiture or Payment of any Sum 
or Sums of Money by ^futhority of this Aiil (hall be awarded, judged or forfeited, fhall and may at all Times 
hereafter have his or their Remedy for the Recovery thereof, by Action of Debt, Bill, or Plaint, in any Court of 
Record againtt (uch Perfon or Perfons, their Heirs, Executors or Adminiftrators, as (hould or ought to pay the 
fame by Virtue or Eorce of this A<51 ; in which Adion, Bill or Plaint, no Edoifi, Protedion or Wager of Law 
fhall be admitted or allowed to any the Defendant or Defendants in the fame. 
arigkfrii. 4 Jac. I. c. 3. 13 Cm. 2. Jlat. 2. c. 2. 4 /inn. c. 16. 

An A(Sl to take away the Benefit of Clergy from certain Offenders 

for Felony. 

J "ITT" HE RE a certain Kind of evil-difpofed Perfons, commonly called Cut-purfes or Pick-purfes, but in- 
VV deed by the i.aWo of this Land, very Felons and Thieves, do confeder together, making among tJiem- 
' felves as it were a Brotherhood or 1 raternity of an Art or Myftery, to live idly by the fecret Spoil of the good 
' and true Subjefls of this Realm; (j) and as well at Sermons and Preichings of the Word of Ood, and in 
' Places and "lime of doing Service and Common Prayer in Churches, Chapels, Clofets and Oratories, and not 

* only there, but alio in the Prince's Palace, Houfe, yea and Prefence, and at the Places and Courts of Jufticc, 
' and at tlie Times of Minittr.ition of the Laws in the fame, and in Fairs, Markets and other Adcmblies of the 
' People, y .a and at the 'lime of doing of Execution of fuch as been attainted of any Murder, Felony or other 

* criminal Caufe ordained chiefly for'l'error and Example of Evii-doeis, do without Rcfpet5l or Regard of any 
' "Jiine, Place or Perfon, or of any Fear or Dread of God, or any Law or Punilhment, unde^ the Cloak of 
' Hintily by their outward Apparel, Countenance and Behaviour, fubtilly, privily, craftily and felonioudy 

* take the Cioods of divers good and honeft Suhjeds from their Pcrf<jns, by cutting and j)icking their Purfcs and 
' ether felonious Sleights and Devices, to the utter Undoing and Impoverilhing of many . 

II. Be it therefore tiiaded, 'I'hat no Perfon or Perfons which hereafter fliall happen to be indided or appealed 
for felonious I'aking of any Money, fioods or Chattels from the Perfon of any other, privily without his Know- 
ledge, in any Place whatfuever, arul thereupon found gnilty by A'erdid of II Men, or fliall confefs the fame 
upon Ids or their ;\rraignment, or will not anfwer direcUy to the fame according to the Liws of this Realm, or 
(hall ftand wilfully or of Malice or obilinatety mute, or challenge peremptorily above the Number of 20, or fliall 
be upon fuch liididment or Apnea! outlawed, (hall from henceforth be admitted to have the Benefit of his or 
their Clergy, hut utterly be excluded thereof, and fliall lutfer Death in fuch Manner and Form as they fliould if 
they were no Clerks. 

' III. And alfo whereas divers Pcrfons do oft-timce commit ami do divers and fundry detettahle Murders, 
' heinous Robberies and Felonies anil other capital Oflfences, forthe which Clergy is not allowable hy the Laws 

* and Statutes of this Realm, and after the fame Oflenccs fo do neither fl y out of the County or other Parts of 
' this Reahii into the Parts beyond the Seas, or keep tlicmfelves fecret in other Places w here they are not known 

* for a Time, and after happen to commit fonie other Felony for the which they may have their Clergy, 
' and being arraigned for the fame have their Clergy to them allowed, and thereupon committed to the C'uftody 
' of the Ordinary according to the Law and Cuftoin of this Realm, the former Ofl'cnce wherein Clergy is not 

* gmntable being not then known; (2) and (o by that Means cannot after be impeached for the faid other hor- 
' I ible and great Offences by the Law and Cuftom of this Realm, to the great Encouragiu}; of Offenders ufinjj 

^'•>/A- 107- ' fi"'' Prav'liccs of Forclaiowledge and fet Purjiole, for their DiTchargc of iJic fame :' IV. For 

rh, Penally fir 
"'rijlhig cf any 
I'crfm al the Suit 
*f another not 
^noiv'mg thereof, -Jac. 18K. 
JLultu. 166. 

A Remedy to rrcc^ 

■jer the Cojll and 

Damanej aivartj- 


See farther in 

what Cufes Cvjti 

He that tdltrth a- 
■.ua, pri-vilyfrom 
the P.rf.n ofano. 
thcr. Money or 
Go<jd4y Jhali net 
ia'vcl/h CUr^t 

Tbeimpudent bolJ- 
nefi of Cutiing 
purftt and Fuktng 

2 Roll I' A. 

jiurii. y. 1. 206. 

Where one fi all bt 
arraigned fir a 
fir.„er Offence, 
ha-vti,^ ill Clergy 
for a taller. 
I'.nfireed hy 1 8 
Mz. c. 7. 

J 5 ^i- a/-'- 3- 

of ^outi) Carolina* 6y 

Englifli Statutes made of Force. ' ^-j^?- *7'^- 

IV. For Reformation ivhereof, Be it further enai5le<i, That every Pcrfon or Perfons which {hall hfreafterurcn A. D. 1565.'' 
hisand their Arraignment for any Feliinylie admitted to the Benefit of his Clergy byihe of this Realm, and 8 Elis. c. 4. 
delivered to the Ordinary for the fame, and (hail make his due Pur^jjation ior the fame Oil'ence or Olfences whereupon 
he was fo admitted to his Clergy, and fhall before the fame AdniiUion to his Clergy have committed any other fuch 
OiFence whereupon Clergy by the Laws or Statutes of this Realm is not allowable, and not being thereof before 
inditfted and actjuitted, convitfted or attainted, or pardoned, fhall and may be indit?Lcd or apptaled for the fame 
and thereupon put to Anfwer, and ordered and ufed in all Things according to the Laws and Statutes of this 
Realm, in fuch like Manner and i-orm as though no fuch AdmiCion of Clergy had been j any Law, Cuflom or 
Ufagc to the contrary notwithllanding. 

An A£t againft fradulent Deeds, Alienations, i^c. 13 £/,>'. ^.j. 

' T7"OR the Avoiding and Abolilhing of feigned, covinous and fraudulent Feoffments, Gifts, Grants, Aliena- 3 H. y. c. 4. 

* X; tions. Conveyances, Bonds, Suits, Judgments and Executions, as well of Lands and Tenements as of FrauduUnt Deeds 
' Goods and Chatties, more commonly ufed and praftifed in thefe Days than hath been feen or heard of hereto- made to avoid the 

' fore: (2) Which Feoffhients, Gifts, Grants, Alienations, Conveyances, Bonds, Suits, Judgments and Exe- Debts of others 

* cutions, have been and are devifed and contrived of Malice, Fraud, Covin, CoUufion or Guile, to the i^viA, Jhali he ijoid^ and 
' Purpofe and Intent, to delay, hinder or defraud Creditors andothcrsot their jull and lawful Aiftions, Suits, the Penalties 0/ the 
'Debts, Accounts, Damages, Penaltifs, Forfeitures, Heriots, Mortuaries and Reliefs, not only to the Let or Parties to fuch 

* Hinderance of the due Courfe and Execution of Law and JuiHce, but alfo to the Overthrow of all true and fraudulent Aifur- 
' plain Dealing, Bargaining and Chevifance between Man and Man, without the which no Commonwealthor ar.ccs. 

* civil Society can be maintained or continued :' z£ulfr,2lZ. 

II. Be it therefore enadled. That all and ever)' Feoffment, Gift, Grant, Alienation, Bargain and Conveyance All fraudulent con- 
of Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Goods and Chatties, or of any of them, or of any Leafe, Rent, Com- veyances made to 
mon or other Profit or Charge out of the fame Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Goods and Chatties, or any avoid the Debt or 
of them, by Writing or otherwife , (1) and all and every Bond, Suit, Judgm.ent and Execution, at any Time Dutyofothcrsfball 
had or made fithence the Beginning of the Queen's M.ijefty's Reign that now is, or at any Time hereafter to be he -void. 

had or made, (3) to or for any Intent or Purpofe before declared and expreffed, fhall be from henceforth deemed Raji 207. 

and taken (only as againft that Perfon or Perfons, his or their Heirs, SuccefTors, Executors, Adminiftrators and %■] Eli::., c. 4. 

Affigns, andevery of them, whofe Actions, Suits, Debts, Accounts, Damages, Penalties, Forfeitures, Heriots, 1 Leon. 0, 223., 

Mortuaries and Reliefs, by fuch guileful, covinous or fraudulent Devices and Pratflices, as is aforefaid, are, fhall z Roll. ^qj. 

or might be in any waysdifturbeil, hindered, delayed or defrauded) to be clearly and utterly void, fruftrate and Latch, i^z. 

of noneEffeiff; any Pretence, Colour, feigned Confideration, exprclling of Ufe, or any other Matter or Thing to Dyer Itj'i, y I. 

the contrary nothwithftanding. 3 Coke^ 80.* 
5 Cv. 60. 8 Co. 171. 9 Co. I®8. loCo. j6. Ct Lit. ^6. a. I Zron. 47, 308. .ffoi. 72. Cro. El. 2lO. Sac. 

y. 2 — 601. Fin. y. 13 J33. 

III. And all and every the Parties to fuch feigned, covinous or fraudulent Feoffment, Gi.''t, Grant, Alienation The forfeiture of 
Bargain, Conveyance, Bonds, Suits, Judgments, Executions, and other Things before exprcllcd, and being privy the Parties to 
and knowing of the fame, or any of them; (2) which at any Time after the loth Day of June next coming fraudulent Deeds, 
fnall wittingly and willingly put in Ure, avow, maintain, juftify or defend the fame, or any of them, as true, c^^^ v,/j_ \(i%. 
fimple, and done, had or made iw/Ajf./t and upon good Confideration; (3) or fhall alien or adign any the Hob. 166. 
Lands, Tenements, Goods, Leafes or other Things before-mentioned, to him or them conveyed as is aforefaid, Dxer 'X'^.i. Cro. 
or any Part thereof ; (4) fliall incur the Penalty and Forfeiture of I Year's Value of the faid Lands, Tenements £1. (^ac. Cro. 
and Hereditaments, Leafes, Rents, Commons or other Profits, of or out of the fame ; (5) and the whole Va- y^,;. 270. 

lue of the faid Goods and Chatties; (6) and alfo fo mvich Money as are or Iliall be contained in any fuch covi- 
nous and feigned Bond; (7) the 1 Moiety whereof to be to the Queen's Majelty, her Heirs and Succeffors, and Who fhall have 
the other Moiety to the Party or Parties grieved by fuch feigned and fraudulent Feoffment, Gift, Grant, :\\\t- the Forfeiture and 
nation. Bargain, Conveyance, Bonds, Suits, Judgements, Executions, Leafes, Rents, Commons, Profits, Charges hy lohat JHeanst 
and other 7'hings aforefaid, to be recovered in any of the Queen's Courts of Record by At^lion of Debt, Bill, 
Plaint or Information, wherein no Effoin, Protetftion or Wager of Law fhall be admitted for the Defendant or 
Defendants; (8) and alfo being thereof lawfully conviiSlcd, iha!l fuffer Imprifonment for I Half Year without 
Bail or Mainprife. 

IV. Provided always. That whereas fundry common Recoveries of Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments Common recoveries 
have heretofore been had, and hereafter may be had againft Tenant in Tail, or other Tenant of tlte Freehold, agaiufttheTeuants 
the Reverfion or Remainder, or the Right of Reverfion or Remainder, then being in any other Perfon or Perfons ; of Freehold. 

(2) that every fuch common Recover)' heretofore had, and hereafter to he had of any Lands, Tenements or 
Hereditaments, fliall as touching fuch Perfon and Perfnns which then had any Remainder or Reverfion, or Right 
of Remainder or Reverfion, and againft the Heirs of every of them, ftand, remain and be cjf fuch like Force '' 

and EffeiS, and of none other, as the fame (hould have been if this Aift bad never been had ne made. 

V. Provided always. That this A6f, or any Thing therein contained, fhall not extend to make void any Eftate Malinir an EUati 
or Conveyance, by reafon whereof any Perfon or Perfons fhall ufe any Voucher in any Writ of Formedon, now luherehvaVoucheT' 
depending or hereafter to be depending, but that all and every fuch Vouchers in any Writ of Formedon fhall ftand ff^^^ be' ufed in a 
and be in like Force and EfFefl, as if this A(fl had never been had ne made; any Thing bofore in this AiSt contain- Formedim. 

ed to the contrary notwithftanding 

VI. Provided alfo. That this Aft, or any Thing therein contained (hall not extend to any Eftate or Intereft in e-« , 

Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, Leafes, Rents, Commons, Profits, Goods or Chatties, had, made, con- /",,' .'"A ''^°" 
veyed or aflured, or hereafter to be had, made, conveyed or affured, which Eftate or Intcrcft is or (hall be upon ^°\ , ""]"■""'""■> 
For farther Provifton againjl fraudulent Conwy.mces, fee 29 Car. 2. c. j. and 3 «'. ts" M. c. 14. ""^ '"»"' f'- 


68 CTje 53utlic Habs 

^n^'qoV."' Englijh Statutes inade of Force. 

15 £//'= t. ?. ' foo"^ Conficicration and htnafiJt lawfully conveyed or aiTured «o any Perfon or PerCons, or Bodies Politic or 
Corporate, not having at the lime of fuch Conveyance or AfTnrancc to them made, any Manner of Notice or 
Knowledge of fuch Covin, fraud or Collufion as is aforefaid ; any Thing before mentioned to the contrary hereof 
A. D. 1576. 

iiEiiz.c. 7. An Adt to take away Clergy from the Offenders in Rape or Bur- 
glary, and an Order for the Delivery of Clerks convidl without 

3 /«/?. 65, 214. "C"OR the rcprcOing of the moft wicked and felonious Rapes or RaTifhments of Women, Maids, Wives and 
Hot. 291. X Damofcls, and of felonious Burglaries, and for the avoiding of fundry Perjuries and other Abufes, in and 

about the Purgation of Clcrki convict delivered to the Ordinaries, (2) be it enaded. That if any Perfon or Per- 
13 Ed. \.Jlal. 1. fons Ihall fortune at any Time after the 111 Day of June now next enfuing, to commit or do any Manner of fclo- 
c. 34. nious Rape, Raviftiment, or Burglary, and to be found guilty by Verdifl, of any felonious Rape or Burglary, (3) 

None Jtall have or that any Perfon or Perfons fliall fortune to be outlawed for any the Offences aforclaid, (4) or upon his or 
Clergy tbdt com- their ^Irraignment Iball confcis any fuch felonious Rape or Burglary; (5) that in every fuch Cafe, every Pcr- 
mitlctb Rancor fon and Peribns fo being found guilty, outlawed or confelCng any of the faid felonious Rapes or Burglaries, fhall 
Burglary. fuller Pains of Death, and forfeit a> in Cafes of I'eluny hath been ufcd and accullomed by the conmion Laws of 

II Co. a. this Realm, without any Allowance of the Privilege or Benefit of C'Icrgj-; any Law, Cuilom or Ufagc herc- 

Fartberconeernwg tofore had, made or ufed to the contrary notwithllanding. 
Burglary fee 3 H'. &. M. e.g. '^ A. A. Aug„j1. 23. I769. 

No Man allowed II. And moreover, Every Periou and Perfons, which at any Time after the End of this prefcjit Seffion of 
hit Clergy, flail be Parliament, Ihall be admitted and allowed to have the Benefit or Privileee of his or tJieir Clergy, ihall not there^ 
iommittedto the upon be delivered to the Ordinary a> hath been accuilomed, but after luch Clergy allowed, and burning in tli; 
Ordinary, tut fire- Hand, according to the Statute in that Behalf provided, Ihall forthwith be enlarged and delivered out of Prlfoa 
renlly delivered. by the JulUces before w bom fuch Clergy Ihall be granted, that caufc notwithilandmg. 
4 if . 7. e. IJ. iCo.llO. Co. Joe. 4.?0. 

7he "JiijUcei may III. Provided neverthelefs, That the JuOices before whom any fuch Allowance of Clergy fliall be had, (hall 
retain Offenders in and may for the further Corredion of fuch Perfons to whom fuch Clergy (ball be allowed, detain and keep them 
Prifonfora Time, in PrifoD for fuch convenient Time as the fame Jullices in their Difcretions ihall think convenient, Co as the fame 
1 Bulfr. 137. do not exceed one Year's Imprifoiiment; any i-aw or Ufage heretofore had or uftd to the contrary in any wife 
To ino^va Wi>- notwithflanding. 

man carnally under IV. And for plain Declaration of Law, be it enacled. That if any Perfon (liall unlawfully and carnally know 
the Age of 10 and abufe any Woman-Child unelcr the Age of lo Years, every fuch unlawful and carnal Knowledge Ihall be 

Tearifhall be Fe- felony, and the Ollcnder thereof being duly convidled (hall I'uffer as a Felon without /VUosvance of Clergy. 
lony. V. Provided alw ays, Tliat all and every Perfon and Perl'ons, which (hall hereafter be admitted to have the 

He that is alU-.veJ Benefit of his or their Clergy, iball notwithllanding his or their Admidion toihe fame, be put to ani'wer to ali 
bit Clergy Jhatl other Felonies whereof he or they iliall be hereafter indicted or appealed, and not Iwing thereof before acquitted, 
anftuer to otber convi(iled, attainted or pardoned, ( 1 ) and iliall in fuch Manner and Form be arrai^^ned, tried, adjudged, and fuf- 
Fetoniet. fer fuch Kxecution for the fame, as he or they ihould have done, if, as Clerk or Clerks convi'iJt, they had been 

8 El. c. 4. delivered to the Ordinary, and there had made his or their Purgations, any Thing in this A.A contained to the 

Dyer iH.fl. 48. contrary notwithllanding. 

27 '£/.z. '.^4^" An h(k againft covinous and fraudulent Conveyances. 

13 Eliz. c. $. . ' T7'0R.\SMUCH as not only the Queen's mod Excellent Majefty, but alio diver» of her Higlmcfs good adj 
' Jl loving .Subjeds, and B<xlies politic and corpomte, after Conveyances obtained, or to be obtained, and Pur- 
' chafes made or to be made, of Lands, Tenements, Leafcs, Eil.itcsand H>.-rediuincnts, for Money or other good 

* Confiderations, may have, incur and receive great Lofs and Prejudice by K<:afnn of fraudulent and covinoui 

* Conveyances, Lftates, Gifts, Grants, Charges and Limitations of Uies heretofore made or hereafter to be made, 
' of, in or out of J /audi. Tenements or Hereditaments To purchafed nr to he purciui'cd : (2) Which faid Gifts, 
' Grants, Charges, EAatcs, Ul'es and Conveyances were, 01 hereafter ihall be, lUeHiit and intcndal by the Parties 
' tliat fo make the fame to be fraudulent and covinous, of Purpoie and Intent to deceive iiicli at have puichafed 
' or (hail purehafe the fame : (3)orelfe by the fccret Intent of the Parties the iamcbe to their own proper Ufe, 
' and at their free Difpiilition, (4) coloured neverthelefs by a faincd Countenance and ihew of Words and Sen- 
' tences, as thoujih the fame were made icBa^V^, for good Caufos, and upon iull and lawful Confid<iatioiis :' 

3 H. 7. «. 4. I', (■or Remedy of which Inconveniencien.and for tneavoidingof fuch frauuiileiit, fainedanilcoviimuiConvcy- 

Fr.^uiulert Cin- »Dce», Gifts, Grants, Charges, Ufe« and Eftates, and for the Maintenance of uprij;ht and jull dealing in the par- 

■jeya! ca made to chafing of I»u>d3, 1'encments and Herediuments; (x) be it enaetcd. That all and every Conveyance, Grant, 

deceive P.rclaferi Charge, Leate, Eftate, Inciimbertnce and Limitation of Ufe »r U(o«, of, in or out of any Land*, Trncmenta or 

Jhatl be vcid. other Hereditaments whaifoever, had or made any I'ime huctoforc fitlicncc the Heginoing of the Qneen's Ma- 

Alxr <02. jelly's Reign ehut no.v is, or at any Time hereafter to he had or made, for the Intent and «l Pur|>«>fe to defraud 

//. iii. 61J. and deceive luch Perfon or Perfoiw, Bodies politic or corfioraie, as have puri-ha<id <>r Ihall afterwards purehafe 

//. 843- in I'ee-finiple, Fee-tail, for Life, Lives or Years, the fame LamU, Tenements and Hereditaments, or any Part 

1 J?»// 167. or Parcel ther.of, fo formerly conveyed, granted, leafed, charged, incumbered or limited in Ufe, (3) or to de- 

J,ant 47. f.aud aiul deceive (uUi at have orlhall purehafe any Rest, I'rolit or Conunodity io or out of the fame, or any Part 


of ^outf):=Catoliita» (^9 

Englifi Statutes made of Force. %\^^^x.' 

thereof, (4)rnall be deemed and taken only as againft that Perfon and Perfons, Bodies polilic and corpCrate, his ,, PM-.c.^.^ 
and their Heirs, SticcelTor?, Executors, Adnilniltrators and AHigns, and ag.iinfl; all and every other Pcrign and },v,v^.,"'i"2. ' 
Pcrfons lawfully having or claiming by, from or under them, or any of them, which have purchafcd orfliall (j^/m^ %_pi, n, 
hereafter fo purchafe for Money or other good Confidcration, the fame Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, , ^^_ gg''^ '^ f-,^ 
or any Part or Parcel thereof, or any Rent, Profit or Commodity in or out of the fame, to be utterly void, fruf- gj, " g ^^ ", ,_ 
trateand of none Effc6l; (j) any Pretence, Colour, fained Confideration, or exjirefiing of any Ufe or Ufes to the u'^, n,' 
contrary notwithftanding. Cg. Jac. ibi. Hob. l6(>. /m. F. 13-526. Co>. JE/i/r. 677. (;,.„_ ^^ ^■^_ 

111. All and every the Parties to fuch faincd covinous and fraudulent Gifts, Grants, Leafes, Charges or Con- The P;„3ii.''„fti,, 
vcyanccs before cxpreifed, or being privy and knowing of the fame or any of them, whieh after the 2GthDay of />j,.;„ to'fraiiJu- 
April next coming fliall wittinj-ly or willingly put in lire, avow, maintain, jullify or defend the fame or any of ;^,„, ' Cou-uiy:mces, 
them, as true, fmiple and done, had or made, bciui f..h. or upon good Conlideration, to the Difturbance or .„,/,, jj ^miu <if 
Hinderance of the faid Purchal'cr or Purchafers, l.effccs or Grantees, or of or to the Diilurbanre or Hinderance ,j„,_ 
of their Heirs, Succeflors, Executors, Ad.^liniftrator5 or Adigns, or fuch as have or (hiU lawfully claim any 
Thing by, from or under them, or any of them fliall incur the Penalty and Forfeiture of one Year's Value of 
the faid Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments fo purchafed or charged; (l) the one Moiety whereof to be to 
the Queen's Majefty, her Heirs and Succcffors, and the other Moiety to the Party or Parties grieved by fuch 
fained and fraudulent Gift, Grant, Leafc, Conveyance, Incumberance or Limitation of Ufe, to be recovered in 
any of the Queen's Courts of Record, by Aftinn of Debt, Bill, Plaint or Information, wherein no Effoin, t'ro- 
»e(ftionor Wajer of Law Ihall be admitted for the Defendant or Defendants; (5) and alfo being thereof lawfully 
convicfed, (hall fuffer Imprifonraent for one half Year without Bail or Mainprife. 

VI .Provided, That this Afl or any Thing therein contained (hall not extend or be conflrued to impeach, defeat, 
make void or frullrate any Conveyance, Aflignment of Leafc, Affurance, Gr^iit, Charge, Leafe, El*ate, Intereft Conviyaiicn made 
or Limitation of Ufe or Ufes, of, in, to or out of any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments heretofore at any upon good corj'idir- 
Time had or made, or hereafter to be had or made, upon or for good Coiific'eration and ianafd/, to any Perfon ations, iyUnafdr. 
or Perfons, Bodies Politic or Corporate ; any Thing before-mentioned to the contrary hereof notwithftanding. Goldjl. iiS.fl. 2. 

V. If any Perfon or Perfons have heretofore made, or hereafter Ih.all make any Conveyance, Gift, Grant, 2 Jioll. 305. 
^emife. Charge, Limitation of Ufe or Ufes, or AlTurance of, in or out of any Lands, Tenements or Heredita- 3 Co. 83. 
ments, with any Claufe, Provifion, Article or Condition of Revocation, Determination or Alteration, at his or Landtfirjl cotiv^y- 
their Will or Pleafure, of fuch Conveyance, Aflbrance, Grants, Limitatioii^i of Ufes or E(?ates of, in or out of edivith Condition 
the faid Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, or of, in or out of any Part or Parcel of tlicm, contained or men- of Revocation, or 
tioned in any Writing, Deed or Indenture of fuch Affurance, Conveyance, Grant or Gift; (2) and after fuch Alteration, and 
Conv«yance, Grant, Gift, Demife, Charge, Limitation Qi Ufes or Affurance fo made or had, Ihall or do bargain, after fold for JVTo^ 
fell, demife, grant, convey or charge, the fame Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, or any Part or Parcel ney or other good 
thereof, to any Perfon or Perfons, Bodies Politic and Corporate, for Money or other good Conlideration paid con/ideration. 

or given (tlic faid ift Conveyance, Affurance, Gift, Grant, Demife, Charge or Limitation, not by him or them Cro. Jac. iSo. 
revoked, made void cr alt ercd, according to the Power and Authority referved or expreffed unto him or them 
in or by the faid fecret Conveyance, Affurance, Gift, or Grant,) (3) "That then the faid former Conveyance, 
Affurance, Gift, Demife and Grant, as touching the faid Lands, Tenements and Hereditaments, fo after 
bargained, fold, conveyed, demifed or charged, againft the faid Bargainees, Vendees, Leffees, Grantees 
and every of them, their Heirs, Succeffors, Executors, AdminiHrators and Alligns, and againft all and every Per- 
fon and Perfons which have, iliall or may lawfully claim any Thing, by, from or under them or any of them, 
fliall be deemed, taken and adjudged to be void, frnftrate, and of none Effeift, by Virtue and Force of this pre- 
fent AA. 

VI. Provided ncverthelefi. That 1I0 lawful Mortgage made or to be made iona fide, and without Fraud or 

Covin, upon good Confideration, fliall be impeached or impaired by Foi;ce of this Ad, but (hall (land in the Mort'rnget lato- 
like Force and EfTefl as the fame fliould have done if this Ael hid neTeriieen had nor made; any Thing in this fdh made. 
A& to the contrary in any wife notwithftanding. 

An A£t for the follo'wing of Hue and Cry*. 

• "VT/" H E R E A S hy 2 ancient Statutes, the I made i;i the Parli. ment hn'.den at IVinchefirr in the 13th Year 
' VV of the Reign of King £iw<ifi' the ill, and the other in the 28th Year of the Rcigu of liing £</OT<ir</ the iy„ a d Cr h 
' 3d. it was for the better Rcyrefling of Robberies and Felonies (amongft other Things) enaiJed to this Effecl, ardh" hll- ^"^i- 
' That if the CountP)- do not anfv/cr for the Bodies of fuih Malefaelors, that then the Pain (hould be fuch, that ^ 

' is to wit. That the People dwelling in the Country fliall be anfwerable for the Robberies done, and the Da- 

^ : appear. r^,^ 

' II. Forafmuth as the faid Parts of the faidfeveral .Statutes beiRg of late Days more commonly put in Exe- [,„ 
• cution, thanheretofore they have been, are found by Experience to be very hard and extreme to many of the Sr^ju- mcoin' , 
' Queen's Majelly's good Subjecls, hecaufc by the fame Statutes they do remain charged with the Penalties cmit"e'rifiii7flhe 
' therein contained, notwitliftandintr their Tnp.hiliiv rn frttjafv flip fame Mn.l th»«trt-ii fh*.,. S^ o.. «-..., 1, .,0 ;., t3„«r — . - /. ^-^ 

Engiifh Statutes made of Force. 

A.D. 1712. 
N°. 33>- 

' likewife given unto the Ofiendcrss to commit daily more Felonies and Robberies, as fceing^t in Manner im- 
' poflible for tli'j Inhabitants and Kcfiants of the faid Hundred and Francliiles wherein -the Rolbcry iscomniit- 
' led, to apprehend them without tile Aid of the other Hundreds and Counties adjoining; (4) and for that 

* alio the Party lobbed having Remedy by the afoi^faid Statutes for the Recovering of his Goods robbed and 
' Damages againft the Inhabitants and Refiants of the Hundred wlicrein the Robbery n-as committed, is many 

37 EUx. c. IT. ' ^ 'lies negligent and carelefs in jjrofecuting and puri'uing the faid Malefa^Sors and :' (r) Our Sovc- 
1, Hatu.P. C. reign Lady the Queen's Majelly, not willing therefore that her People Ihould b« impoverithed by any fijch 
p -r Pain or Penalty which fhould be hard or grievous to them, and having fpccial Regard to abate the Power of 

Bae. y.%.p.6s. "■^'ons. and to reprefs Felonies, (6) doth fo! Remedy hereof. That the Inhabitants and Refiants of every or 
Hot. lit. any fuch Hundred (with the Franchifes within the Prjciiuft therefore) wherein Neghgence, Fault or Defect of 

The Jnbabitar.lsvf Purfuit and frelh Suit, after Hue and Cry made, (hall happen to be, from and after 4c Days next after the End 
toe hundred 'oihirt °f 'l*'^ prefent Seflion of Parliament, ihall anfwer and I'atisfy the 1 Moiety or Half of all and every fuch Sum 
frtib Juit Jhall tt'A and Sums of Money and Damages, as fliall by Force or Virtue of the faid Statutes or cither of them be recovered 
it maJc Jhall an- °^ ^^^ againft or of the faid Hundred, with the Franchife therein, in which any Robbery or F'clony (hall at any 
fxvtrhalfDama- Time hereafter be committed or done : (7) And that the fame Moiety (hall and may be recovered by Ai5tioii 
of Debt, Bill, Plaint, or Infvrmation in any of the Queen's Majefty's Courts of Record at lVeJhninj>;r, by and 
Tbt MoittyJhaTl '" the Name of the Clerk of tlie Peace for the Time* being, of or in every fuch County within this Realm, 
ic recovered h thi where any fuch Robbery and Recovery by the Party or Parties robbed (hall be, without naming the Chrillian 
Citric/ the Peace. Name or Surname of the faid Ck-rk of the Peace; (8) which Moiety fo recovered (hall be to the only Ufc and 

Behoof of the Inhabitants of the laid Hundred where any futh Robbery or Felony (hall be committed or done. 
The Death or re- •"■ If any Cleric of the Peace, of or in any County within this Realm, (hall at any 'J "me hereafter com- 
ma^'intr of the clerk mence or prefer any fuch Suit, A^ion or Information, and (ball after the fame fo fued, commenced or preferred, 
o/tbe'^Peaeefial! happen to die or to be removed out of his Office, before Recovery and Execution had ; That yet no futh Aftion, 
mt itaft Ibi Suit. S"i') B'"i Plaint or Information, fued, commenced or preferred, (hall by fuch Difplacing or Death be abated, 
difcontinued or ended; (z) but that it (hajl and may be lawful to and for the Clerk of the Peace next fuceed- 
ingintlic faid County, to profecute, purfue and follow all and evary fuch ASion, Bill, Plaint, Suit and Infor- 
mation, for the Caufcs afortfaid, fo hanging and depending, in fuch Manner and Form, and to all Intents and 
Purpofes, as that Clerk of the Peace might have done which ill commenced or preferred the faid Suit, Bill, 
Plaint, or Information. 

' IV. And although the whole Hundred, where fuch Robberies and Felonies arc committed, with the Liber- 
' tics within the Precinct thereof, are by the laid 2 former Statutes charged with the anfwering to the Party 

• robbed his Damages yet neverthelefs the Ri»:overy and Execution by and for the Party or Parties robbed, is 

• had againft I or a very few Perfonsof the faid Inhabitants, and he and they fo charged, have not heretofore by 
' Law had any Meaa or Way to have any Contribution of or from the Refidue of the faid Hundred where the 

* Md Robbery is committed, to the great Impoverilhmcnt of them againft whom fuch Recovery or Execution is 
' had:' 

. ,. V. For Remedy, whereof. Be it cnaiSed, That after F.xecution of Damages by the Party or Parties fo robbed 
AKemtdyforthc.Je ^^^^ it (ball and may be lawful (upon Complaint made by the Party or Parties fo charged) to and for 2 Jufticcs 
a^atnfl -.vhim re- ^[- ^^^ Pcaec [whereof I to be of the Riorum) of the fame County inhabiting within the faid Hundred, or near 
cwery and Exau- unto the (ame, where any fuch Execution (hall be had, to alTcfs and tax ratcably and proportionably, according 
licnt,,tobj'.,e („ thdr DifcTriions. all and every the Towns, I'arilhes, Villages and Hamlets, as well of the faid Hundred where 
ContriUlion. ^^^ ^^^^^^ Robber/lhall be committed, as of the Liberties within the faid Hundred, to and towards an equal Contri- 

bution to be had and made (or the Relief of the faid Inhibitant or Inhabitants, againft whom the Party or Parties 
robbedbefore that Time had his or their Execution; (2) And that after fuch Taxation made, the Conft.ibles, 
Conftable, Hcadboroughs or Meadborough of every fuch Town, Parilh, ViUagc and Hamlet, (haM by Virtue 
of this prefent Acfl have full Powerand Authority within their feveral Limits, rateably and proportionably to 
_,, _ . - tax and affefs according to their Abilities, every Inhabitant and Dweller in every fuch Town, Parilh, Village 
I'J-'^,; and Hamlet, for and towards the Payment of fuch Taxation and Affeflment, as (hall be fomadc upon every fuch 

■; V ... -" may be lawful to and for the laid Conllables and Headborouglis, ami every ot tlicm within tneir levcral L-iniils 
tie {.onjlabla. ^^^ Jurifdiaiuns, to diftrain all and every Perfoit aud Perfoiis fo refuling and denying, by his and their Goods 
Di/lrainwT and and Chatties; (4) and the fame Oiilrefs to fell, and the Money thereof coming to retain to the Ufe aforcfaid; 
Slle of Dijlreft (5) and if the Goods or Chatties fo diftrained and fold (liall be, or more Value than the faid 'J'axation (hall come 
for Default of unto, that then the Refidue of the faid Money, over aud .above the faid Taxation, (liall be delivered unto the 

Payment. faid Perfoii or I'crfons fa diftrained. •,- . ■ r ii- • 

The Conllailes VI. And all and every the faid Conftablei and Hcadboroughs, after they have within their feveral Limit» 

fball deliver the and jurifdielionsle. led and colledcd their faid R-ites and Sums of Money fo taxed, (hall within lo Days after 

Monei colleileJ lo fach Colkaion, pay and deliver the fame ova unto the faid Juftices of Peace or t of them, to the Ufc and Behoof 

tbej'uflicei. of th- faid Inhabitant or Inhabitants for whom fuch Rate, 'I'axation and Airdlmcnt (hall be made and lud at 

' aforcfaid; (2) which Money fo paid (hall by the Juftices or Jufticc fo receiving the fame, be delivered over 

(upon Requeft made) unto the faid Inhabitant or Inhabitants to whofe Ufe the fame wascoUeiilcd. 

Zci'jrn^ of Ihr ^ yil. And the like Taxation, .AftV-iTmcnt, Levying by Diftrcfi and Payment as aforcfaid, (liall be had and 

conlri!,ution in the jo„j within every Hundred where Default or Negligence of Piirfuit and frcfli Suit ftiall be, for and to the Benc- 

HanJred -where jjj of all and every Inhabitant and Inhabitants of the fame Hundred where fuch Default fltall be, that (hall at any 

Default of Purfiiil •)•;„,£ hereafter by Virtue of this prefent A& have cny Damages or Money levied of them, for or to the Pavment of 

Jhall tie. t),,. , Moiety or Half of the Money recovered againft the faid Hundred where any Robbery (liall be hereafter 


VIII. Provided 

of g)OUtlj=Caroltna. 7 ^ 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. \^; ^^'';- 

Vm. Promdcd That where anyRohberj isorfhall be hereafter committed by 1 or a greater Number of Male- ^. j,,J ^ j,"'' 
feclors, and that it happen any I of the laid Offenders to be apprehended by Purfui: to be ni.ide according to the 2v'o Peualty:v'hrrr 
faid former mentioned Laws and Statutes, or according to this prefcnt Aift ; That then and in fucii Ca.c, no of the ORtnil- 

Hundredor Franchife ftall in any wife incur orfall into the Penalty, Lofsor Forfeiture mentioned either in this ,';, f.'l ^f,p„if„j,^^ 
prefcnt A(ft or in any the faid former Statutes, although the Refidue of the faid Malefadtors fhall happen to ji,/^,,.^./^^ j,^ 
efcape, and not to be apprehended; any Thing in this Statute, or in the faid former Statutes to the contrary not- ^ ^.^^ ^ ^ ' 
withftanding. , <rt c •< /!.„;' *• 

IX. Provided alfo. That no Perfon or Perfons hereafter ribbed (hall take any Benefit by Virtue of any the J t.i !iu,i Jbal. bt 
faid former Statutes to charge any Hundred where any fuch Robbery (hall be committed, except he or they fo caamumed -.viilim 
robbed (hall commence his or their Suit or Adion within I Year next after fuch Robbery fo to he committed. °p ,,"" "■' 

X. No Hue andCrv, or Purfuit hereafter to be done or made by the Country, or Inhabitants of any Hundred, Jiol'lury. 

fhall be allowed and taken to be a lawful Hue and Cry or Purfuit upon or after any the faid Felons or Offenders, •'"jwja; i>ortHue 
except the fame Hue and Cry or Purfuit be done and made by Horlemen and Footmen ; any Ufage or Cultom to f"" ^-O'' "'^ •^•"'- 
the contrary notwithftanding. ■', ■' , j^ Tir^" 

XI. No Perfon or Perfons that (hall hereafter happen to be robbed (hall have or maintain any AcTiicn, or take L"! p l^''^!?', 
any Benefit hv Virtue of the faid 2 mentioned Statutes or either of them, except the fame Perfon and Perfons ^ « fart^rcbbeU 
fo robbed (hall with as much convenient Speed as may be, give Notice and hitedigcnce of the faid Felony or J^^" S'^^ ■^°''" 
Robbery fo committed unto fome of the Inhabitants of fome Town, Village or Hamlet near unto the Place wherft. '^".'"J '" '*' '"" 
any fuch Robbery (liail be committed ; (i) nor (hall bring or have any A^ion upon and by Virtue of any the babttanUaJJomc 
Statutes aforefaid, except he or they (hall firft within 20 Days ner.t before fuch .\dion to he brought be exami- -('"'■''> '^'• 

ned upon his or their corporal Oath, to be taken before I'ome I Jiiftice of the Peace of the County where the i-rii.Jic.bys. 
Robbery was committed, inhabiting within the faid Hundred where the Robbery was committed, or near unto h-^p',,. 
the fame, whether he or they do know the Parties that conv^itted the faid Robben-, or any of thein : (3) ibc farty rcbbtd 
And if upon fuch Examination it be confe(red that he or they do know the Panics that committed the faid Rob- "[""','"" '"J"" " 
bery, or any of them, That then he or they fo confelBng (hall before the faid Affioii be commenced or brought, J°J''"j ■whether 
enter into fufEcient Bond by Recognizance before the faid Juilice before whom the faid Examination is had, ef- kctncji any of the 
feelually to profecute tlie fame Perfon and Perfons fo known to have committed the faid Robbery, by Indiiftment, ^'""f."- - 
or otherwife, according to the due Courfe of the Laws of this Realm. _ ' "'^' ^^ ' 

Cro. El. 14a. Co. Car. 16, 37. Z 5a«. 614. C/l/t. E„t. 378. -«"/• 400. 

An Adt to prevent Extortion in Sheriffs, Under-Sherlffs and Bailiffs 2<,ei,z.c.a. 
of Franchifes or Liberties, in Cafes of Execution. 

(See A, A. called Fee Atft.) 


hces, toh«._, .-^^..^ — ..^ V. -..^ * w^.... v.. ^ ^......v ....»..vj^ .^., — ..w..^ „. _,, — — ^ 

executing of any Extent or Execution upon the Body, Lands, Goods or Chatties of any Perfon or Perfons what- ^y^i- 
foever, more or other Confideration or Recompence, than in this prefent A<S is and (hall be limited and appointed, tiL^cp"' " i 
(2) which (hall be lawful to be had, received and taken, that is to fay, I2d. of and for every 2Gs. where the r Wf '""■■^ 'r ^ 
Sum exceedeth not £.ico, and 6d. of and for every 20s. being over and above the faid Sum of ^100, that he or J'rtbejervi/igo/an 
they (hall fo levy or extend, and deliver in Execution, or take the Body in Execution for, by Virtue and Force ^^""'o"' , . 
of any fuch Extent or Execution whatfoever, (3) upon Pain and Penalty that all and every Sheriff, Under -Sheriti, ^^J" "J ''r ' 
Bailiff of Franchifes and Liberties, their and every of their Minillers, Servants, Officers, Bailiffs or Deputies, ^^?^', 
which at any Time after the faid ifl: Day of May now next e.ifuing fliall dlredly or indiredly do the contrary, * ^ n' ^^°" 
(hall lofe and forfeit to the Party grieved his treble Damages, (4) and (hall forfeit the Sum of £.40 of good and ' *• 331- 
lawful Engli(h Money for every Time that he, they or any of them (hall do the contrary ; the one Moiety there- 33^- 
of to be to our Sovereign Lady the Queen, her Heirs and Succeffors, and the other Moiety thereof to tlie Party ■^^"'''405. 
or Parties that will fue for the fame, by any Plaint, Aiflion, Suit, Bill or Information, wherein noEIToin, Wager ~.'''''^','^^ 
of Law or Proteflion (hall be allowed. '"'''• J"'- '°5- 

Cr0.Car.lS7. 'Thtfnrjr,tureoftheOftniir,anihoivitJhaUhereco'jera. f p f 

II. Provided always. That this Aift, or any Thing therein contjined, (hali not extend to any fees to be taken '•'"pr t.xtmSiom 
or had for any Execution within any City or Town Corporate ; any Thino- abo\ e mentioned to the contrary there- '"'''■"" '-'•<'' "r 
of not«ithftanding. i- . / o T.ivus Coricrc^te. 

A. D. 1597. 

An A£l, that no Perfon robbing any Houfe in the Day-Time, al- 39-e^'~'^- J5-- 
though no Perfon be therein, Ihall be admitted to have the Benefit 
of his Clergy. 

WHEREAS of late Years divers lewd and felonious Perfons, underftandlng that the Penalty of the jobbing , j^it (5. 
of Houfes in the Day-time (no Perfon being in the Houfe at the Time of the Robbery) is not fo penal, j- /f jj^^ " - 
as to commit or do a Robbery in any Houfe, any Perfon being therein at the Time of the Robbery; which jg ^/ ^ - 
hath and doth embolden divers lewd Perfons to watch their Opportunity and Time to commit and do many 
heinous Robberies, in breaking and entering divers honeft Perfone Koufes, and efpecially of the poorer fort of 
People, who by Reafon of their Poverty are not able to keep any Servant, or otherwife to leave any Body to 1 Haiv. P. C. 
look to their Houfe, when tlieygo abroad to hear Divine Service, or from liome to follow their Lr.tuur to get e. 33. 

' t-Utir 


A. D. i;i2. 

N°. 33'- 

A. D. IJ97. 

39 E!iz. c. IS. 

Hejhall not ba'iie 
til CIrrgy that 
tMciL a Houfe 
in the Day-time tf 
the rulu: offvc 
KchnjT 21. 
A Co. 40. 

A. D. i6oi. 
43 £/'•=. c- 5- 

At ttibat Time a 
ir'iit to remove a 
Suit tfep^endtHg in 
an inferior Court 
Jhult be delivtredlo 
tbe JnJge or 0#. 
ccr oftbej^me 

I Ha-ai. P. C. 

JI3 PJiz. c. 8. 
tra„Jpraa:f;d in 
t.ikinx of AJinini- 
jirationt to deceive 
Other, rflbeir 
latvfvt JUl,. 
H Ed. i.e. II. 

£y Fraudulent Ad- 
tefljlet G,.'J,, iLe 
Pmly fiall be 
ebargedc. £a«.. 
tor of lit ozvn 

AUnoanu of juH 
laifil Ptivweati. 
JEurlher Pr<r.'i/i- 

Englijh Statutes made of Force, 

iiitii j.iviuxt "iiiLii I'* 10 the Hinderanc< 

Willows, fole ■Woijitrn, and v.llur People 

II. Beit thercftrcenac'icd, Thui ifany Perfon or Perfons after the End of this prefent-Seflion of Porliament 
fhall be found guihy, and tonvifled by Vcrdi<3, Confellion or otherwife, according to the Law.softliis Realn^ 
for the feionious taling'away, after the Feaft of Eailer now next enfuinir. >n the Day-time, of any Money, 
Goods or Chattel, being of the Value of js. or upwards, in any Dwelling-houle or Houfcs, or any Part thereof, 
or any Out-houlc or Out-houfes belonging and ul'ed to and vith any Dwelling-Houfe or Houles, although m> 
Perfon (hall be in the faid Houfe or Out-Houfes at the Time of futh felony committed; then fuch Perfon and 
Perlbns (hall not be admitted to the Benefit of his or their Clergy, but (hall be utterly excluded thereof. 
Cro. Car. 473, Fartber Pro'Ajwm relating bereto, 3 W. Ss" M. c. 9. SS' A. A. 23 Auguft, 1769. 

An Acl to prevent Perjury, and Subornation of Perjury, and unne- 
ceflary Expences in Suits of Law. 

WHEREAS within divers Cities and Towns corporate, and other Places within this Bealm cf Enghnd,and 
the Dominioni thereof, there are Jurifdiclions, Culloms and Privileges to hold Plea in AiSions of 
' Debt, and other Adions, Plaints and Suits between Party and Party, and divers of her Majelly's Subje<fts do 
' daily conimence many AiSions, Plaints and Suits in the faid Cities, Towns Corporate and Places, according to 
' the Jurifdiclions, Cuftoms and Privileges of the faid Places: (2) and many Defendants in A(f>ions, Plaints 
' and fuits there brought and commenced, will fuficr the faid Anions, Plaints and Suits to be proceeded in and 
>^ profecuted there, until the Caufe between the Plaintiffs and them be at lITue, and the Jury fworn, and Evi- 
' dence given on the Plaintifi's Part, before the faid Defendant will deliver into the Court wliere the faid Adions, 
' Plaints or Suits are to be tried. Writs formerly fucd forth by them, to remove the Caufe there depending, in- 
' to lome one or other of her MajcOy's Courts of Record at Weftminftcr; (3) which keeping bad: of the faid 
' Writ, is done by the Defendant, to no other Purpofe or Intent, but to put the Parties Plaintitfs to as great 
' Charges •.-.nd Eipences as they the faid Defendants can, and to know what Proofs the Parties Plaintifls can 
' make for the proving their IfTue, whereby the Delcndants that fucd forth the faid Writs, may have longer 
' Time to furnifh themfelve»with fome falfe witnelTes, to impugn thofe Proofs which the Plaintiffs have openly 
' made hy their Witnefies and Proofs, which is a great caufe of Perjury and buboruation of Perjur)-, and great 
' Exr;nces to the Plaintiffs :' 

II. For Remedy v.hereof, be it enaiSled, That from and after the End of this prcfent Seflion of ParlLiment, no 
Writ or Writs of Haiieai Corpus, or any other Writ or Writs fued forth, or to be fued forth, by any Perfon or 
Perfons whatfoever, out of any of her Majelly's Courts of Record at Wcftminller, to remove any Adion, Suit, 
Plaint or Caufe, depending or to be depending, in any Court or Courts within any City or Town Coiforate, or 
elfewhere, which have or iTiall have Jurifdii2ion, Power or Authority to hold Plea in any AAion, Plaint or Suit, 
Ihall be received or allowed by the Judge or Judges, or Ofliccr oi» Odicers of the Court or Courts wherein or to 
whom any fuch Writ or Writs (hall be delivered (but that he and they (hall and may proceed in tlie faid Caufe and 
Caufes ready to be tried, as thoegh no inch Writ or Writs were fued forth or delivered to him or them) except 
that the faid Writ or Writs be delivered to the Judge or Judges, Officer or Officers of the faid Court, before that 
the Jury which is to try the Caufe in Quedion between the Party or Partie* Plaintiffs, and the Party or Par- 
ties fued fonh the faid M'rit or Writs, or for whofe Benefit the faid Writ or Writs is or Ihall be filed forth, 
have appeared, and one of the faid Jury fworn to try the faid Caufe. 

An Adl againft fraudulent Adminiftration of Inteftates Goods. 

' "IT'ORA.'iMUCH as it is often put in Ure, to the defrauding of Creditors, that Inch Perfons as are to have the 

* 1. Adininilfratlon of the Oooils of others dying inteftate committed unto them, if iliey require it, will not ac- 
' cept the fame, but fuffer or procure the Adminiftration to be granted to fome Stranger of mean Eftatc, and 
' not of Kin to the Inteftrte, from v/honi themfelvesnr others by their Means do take Deeds of Gifts .ind Aiitho- 
' rit'cs by Letter of Attorney, whereby they obtain the State of the Inteftate into their Hands, and yet (land not 
' fulijefi to pay any Debts owing by the fame Inteftate, and fo the Creditors for Lack of Knowledge of the Place 
' of Habit-tioii of the Adminilfralor, cannot arrell him nor fue him ; and if they fortune to find him out, yet 
' for Lack of Ability in liim to fati.'fy of his own Goods, the Value of that he hath conveyed away of the In- 
' teftate's tJi«>ds, or rcleafcd of his Debts by Way of Wading, the Creditors cannot have or recover their jiill 

* and due Debts:' 

11. Be it eii.iiled. That every Peifon and Perfons that hereafter (liall obtain, receive and have any Good« or 
Debts of any Perfon dying inteftate, rr a Releafe or other Difcharge of any Debt or Duty that belonged to the 
Inteftate, upon any Fraud, as in aforefaid, or without fuch valuable ConCderatmn as (hall amount to the V.-iluc of 
the fame Goods or Debts, or near thereabouts, (except it be in or towards Satisfae'tion of feme iuft and principal 
Debt of the Value of the Ccods or Debts to liim owing lyihc Inteftate at the 1'imc of his Dcccafc) ftiall 
be thiirged and chargeable as f.xecutor of his own Wrong; ( l) and lo far only as all fuch Goods and Debts crm- 
insr to Tii« Hands, or whereof he is reUafed or difcharged by fuch AdminiOraior, will fatijfy, dediicling nevir- - 
thclefstoand for JiimfeU Allowance of all jnft, due and principal Debts upon goodConfideration, without Fraud, 
owing to him by tbe ir.teftate at the Time of his Deccafe, and of all other I'ayn enti made by him, which law- 
ful Eitccutors or Adniiniftr..lorsmsy and ought to have and pay by the Laws mid Statutes of this Realm. 
oiurrfjiaingadmimfraUin.fee 22 t7 2 J Car. 2. 1. 10. Zj Car. 2. <. J. I "■" • •? ■ ' "• 


of §50utf)^Carolitta, '^t, 

Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

A.D. 1712. 
N°. 33'. 

An Adt to take away the Benefit of Clergy for ibme kind of Man- ly.'i. '<:. 8. *' 

flaughter. fefl^Jj 

' '"p'O the End that ftabbing and killing Mpr on the fudden, done and committed by many inhumane and ""^t""' ka^mngnol 
' L wicked Pcrfrns, in the Time of their Rage, Dnmkennels, hidden Difpleafure, or other PalTion of Mind, " "^y/""'^ra-WH. 
' contrary to the Commandment of Almighty GOD, and the common Peace and Tranquillity of this Realm, \, j."^' '^' 
* may from henceforth be reftrained through fear of due Punifiinicnt to he infii<2ed on fuch erticl and bloody ^'^'"''' 154- f'- 
' Malefatlors, who heretofore have been thereunto emboldened by prefuming on the Benefit of Clergy :' ^°4- 

II Be it therefore cnadled, That every Perfon and Perfons which after I Month next enfuingthe End of this g^-j or ,a 
prefent Selhon of Parliament, (hall ftab orthruft any Perfon or Perfons that hath not then any Weapon drawn, ijj^ig'.'p r !(./, 
or that hath not then firft flricken the Party which ihall fo ftab or thruft, fo as the Perfon or Perfons fo ftabbed p^/j • j? /, e 
or thnift Ihall thereof die within the Space of 6 Months then next following, although it cannot be proved that Cro'wn Caf 
the fame was done of Malice forethought, yet the Party fo offending and being thereof convi<5ted by Verdift of j// ' . ^ ' 
IZ Men, ConfclFion or otherwife according to the Laws of this Realm, ihall be excluded from the Benefit of " 4J) 44* 
his or their Clergy, and fuffcr Death as in Cafe of wilful Murder. 

III. Provided always, I'hat this Acl or any Thing therein contained, fhall nut extend to any Perfon or Per- Killing ^mthfr in 
ions which Ihall kill any Perfon or Perfonsy> defendcu^h^ or by Mitfortune, or in any other Manner than as afore- d^ft:uce of bimfelf, 
faid; (2) nor Ihall extend to any Perfon or Perfons which in keeping and preferving the Peace ihall chance to hy misfortime, m 
commit Manflaughter, fo as the faid Manflaughter be not committed wittingly, willingly and of Purpofe, under (irefcrving tbf 
Pretext and Colour of keeping the ; (,i) nor (hall extend to any Perfon or Perfons which in chaftifing or Peace, vr ^hir.^ 
correiiling his Child or Servant, fhall befides his or theii* Intent and Purpofe chance to commit Manflaughter. Cvrreclion. 

An A£t to reftrain all Perfons from Marriage until their former Wives i 7- 1- ^- "• 
and former Hufbands be dead. 

' TT'ORASMUCH as divers evil difpofed Perfons being married, run out of i County into another, or into /• ' ""7 S ^""7 ' 

' J? Places where they are not known, and there become to be married, having another Hufband or Wife liv- /IJ'^ 7 "r °^ 

' ing, to the great Difhonour of God, and utter Undoing of divers honeft Mens Children, and others;' (2) i ■ r .'J"''""' 

Be it therefore ena(5fed, That if any Perfon or Perfons within his Majefty's Dominions of £/;j/:iT<yand lVales,being "/VrR^" 

married, or which hereafter Ihall marry, do at any Time after the End of the Sefliou of this prefent Parhament, ?. "■' pf 

marry any Perfon or Perfons, the former Hufband or Wife being alive ; That then every fuch Offence fhall be r!^°' „ '~' '/' 

-■' '.._. ._. ._.. ....__=. ._. . • Cm. Car, 461. 

March lol. 


Perfon or Perfons Ihall be taken or apprehended. Tk" ff n j 

11. Provided always. That this Afl, nor any Thing therein contained, fhall extend to any Perfon or Perfons ,pr^„ f ."" ,, 

whofe Hufband or Wife ihall be continually remaining beyond the Seas by the Space of 7 Years together, or ^ 'je-, eingajen 

whofe Hufband or Wife (hall abfcnt him or herfelf the 1 from the other by the Space of 7 Years together, in any ,^'" l ""'J'""' 

Parts within his Majefty's Dominions, the I of them not knowing the other to be Uving within that Time. ~° '/' „ 

HI. Provided alfo. That this Ail, nor any Thing herein contained, (hall extend to any Perfon or Perfons that ,1°'?,"', a^/' 
are or ftiall be at the Time of fuch Marriage divorced by any Sentence had or hereafter to be had in the Ecclefia- " ^'"'"''J'"'''- 

ftical Court; (2) or to any Perfon or Perfons wheie the former Marriage hath been or hereafter (hall be by "" "'""'• 

Sentence in the Eccleliaftical Court declared to be void and of no Elfeel ; nor to any Perfon or Perfons for or J*^o corruption of 

byReafon of any former Marriage had or made, or hereafter to be had or made, within Age of Confent. Blood, lofi of do-ti- 

IV. Provided alfo, That no Attainder for this Olfcnce made Felony by this Act, (hall make or work any Cor- er Qr'inhtritanct. 
ruption of Blood, Lofs of Dower, or Difinherifon of Heir or Heirs. 

An A£t againft Conjuration, Witchcraft, and Dealing with Evil '5'- '•'• di- 
spirits. — Obfokte. 

An h.di to give Cofts to the Defendant upon a Nonfuit of the Plain- 4^.1.'^.^° 
tiff, or Verdidl againft him. 

' "ITTHEREAS in the 23d Year of the Reign of King Henry the Eighth, of famous Memory, a good and ^4" -^bcrtmly 

' VV profitable Law was made, whereby it was enaeied, That in Cafes where the Plaintiff in any Acflion, '*" Statute made 

' Bill or Plaint of Debt, Trefpafs upon the Cafe, Detinue, Account, and in fome other Aftions therein efpecially ^3 ^' ^' '• 'J- 

* mentioned, fliould become Nonfuit, or a Verdiel fliould be had againft the faid Plaintiff; that then in fuch the Defendantjhall 

' Cafes the Defendant (hould have Judgment to recover his Cofts againft every fuch Plaintiff; as by the faid recover the Cojli. 

' Law appeareth: (2) Which Law hath been found to be very good and beneficial for the Common Wealth, Heiley 146. 
' and thereby many have been difcouraged from bringing frivolous and unj uft Suits, becaufe fuch Parties are to 
' niake Recompenceto the Paj-ties unjuftly vexed, for tJie faid unjuft Vexations. 

T ' II. And 


A. D. 1712. 
N°. 331. 

A. D. 1606. 

Aj.-i.c. 3. 

1 Butjir. 189. 

2 Buljlr, 261. 

3 Buljlr. 248. 
Hevtrat Cajet 
ivbertin the Dt- 

JendantjhM rtciy- 
■^tr hi, Ctfi, a- 

a Eiix. c. 2. 

2 Xoll. 75, 87. 

213. . 
//Ji. 219. 

A. D. 1609. 
7 7. I. .. 12. 

Sbi^Booifoall he 
no Rvidcnce to re~ 
cover a Debt. 
}%£<!.■}. Stat. I. 

■X Sail. 690. 

Jntertourfc of 
'rrnjjjci betiveen 

Engli/lL Statutes made of Force. 

' IT. And for?f:nuch 35 AiSionsof Trcfpafi, and AcUons of £v,7/i/.f /fr/K<r, and many other Anions real and 
' perfonal, are within the fame Mifchicf, as the laid other Anions were at the Common Law, and yet were 

* omitted out of theProvilionof the fai<l Law:' {ij for Remedy whereof, be itcnaftedjl'itatifaoy PerlonorPerfons 
at any Time after the End of this prcfent ScfTion of Parliament, fhall commence or fue in any Court of Record, 
or in any other Court, any A<5tion, Bi!! or Plaint of Trefpafs, or £/.-t9io»e JtrrnTy or any otlier Action whatfo* 
ever, wherein the PlaintiJi or Demandant might have Colls (if in Cafe Judgment fliould be given for him) and 
the Plaintiff" or Piaintil^s, Demandant or Demandants, in anyfuch Adion, Bill or Plaint, after Appearance of 
the Defendant or Defendants, be nonfuited, or that any Verdict happen to pafs by any lawful Trial againU tlir 
Plaintiff or Plaintiffs, Demandant or Demandants, in any I'uch Ad:ion, Bill, or Plaint, that then tl\c Defendant 
and Defendant^, in t very fuch Action, Bill, or Plaint, Ihall have Judgment to recover his Cofts againll every fuch 
Plaintiff and Plaintiffs, Demandant and Demandants ; {3) tobc allefl'cd, taxed and levied in Manner and Form 
as Colls in the laid recited A<3ions are to be alTcired, taxed and levied in and by tlie faid Law of the 23d Year of 
King Henr)' the Eighth. Ceie Ent. 29. 

Hutt. 16,22. March 24. Cro.Jac.2Zt). Cro. Car. 29. 23. i/. 8. <. I5. In luhat Cafei Ci-Jii are given Je^artber. 
13 Car. 2. St. %.c. 2. 4 Ann. c. lb. 

An Adl to avoid the double Payment of Debts. 

(See loth Seiflion of County and Precind AcS, 20th .September, 1 721.) 

' TTTH E R E a S divers Men of Trades, and Handicraftfmcn keeping Shop Books, do demand Debts of their 
' VV Cuftomers upon their Shop-Books long Time after the fame hath been due, and when as they havefup- 
' pofed the Particulars and Certainty of the Wares delivered to be forgotten, then cither they themfelvcs or their 

* Servants have infertcd into their faid .Shop -Books divers other Wares fuppofcd to be delivered to the fame Par- 

* ties, or to their Ufe, which in Truth never were delivered, and this of Purpofe to increafe by fuch undue 

* Means the faid Debt : (2) and whereas divers of the faid Tradefmen and Handicraftfmen, having received all 
' the jufl Debt due upon their faid Shop-Books, do oftentimes leave the fame Boohs uncrolTcd, or any Way dif- 
' charged, fo as the Debtors, their Executors or Adminillrators, are often by Suit of Law enforced to pay the 
' fame Debts again to the Party that trufted the faid Wares, or to his Executors or Adminillrators, unlels lie or 
' they can produce fufficient Proof by Writing or ^'itneffes, of the faid Payment, that may countervail the Crc- 

* dit of the faid Shop-Books, which few or none can do in any long Time after the faid Payment :* (3) be it 
therefore enabled. That no Tradefman or Handicraftfman keeping a Shop-Book as is aforefaid, his or their Exe- 
cutors or Adminillrators, ihall after the Feaft of St. Michael the Archangel next coming, be allowed, admitted 
or received to give his Sho])-Book in Evidence in any Adlion for any Money due for Wares hereafter to he deli- 
vered, or for Work hereafter to be done, above one Year before the fame Ai9ion brought, except he or tl)ey, 
their Executors or Adminiflrators, (hall have obtained or gotten a Bill of Debt or Obligation of tne Debtor for 
the faid Debt, or ihall have brought or purfued againll the faid Debtor, his Executors or Adminillrators, fome 
A(5lionforthe faid Debt, Wares or Work done, within I Year next after the fame Wares delivered, Money due 
for Wares delivered, or Work done. 

II. Provided always, That this Ai5l, or any Thing therein contained, ihall not extend to any Intcrcourfc of 
TrafiSc, merchandizing, buying, felling, or other trading or dealing for Wares delivered or to be delivered. 
Money due, or Work done or to he done, between Merchant and Merchant, Merchant and ''radefman, or be- 
tween Tradefman and Tradelman, for anyl'hing diredly falling within the Circuit or Compals of their mutual 
Trades and Merchandife, but that for futh 'J'hingsonly, they :ind every of them (hall be in Cafe as if this Acl had 
never been made; any 'i'hing herein contained to the contraiy thereof notwithllandijig. 

An Adl concerning Women convidted of fmall Felonies. 

• "ITT HE RE AS by the Laws of this Realm the Benefit of Clergy is not allowed to Women convieled of 
' W Felony, by Keafon whereof inany Women do fuffer Death for fmall Caufes;'' (2) Be it enaded. That 

A. D. 1613. 
21 y. I.e. 0. 

For Felony tukn 
Cferjry aitoived to 

the Aiaii,the Wo- any Woman being lawfully conviited by her ConfelTion or by the Verdid of 1 2 Men, of or for the feloniou* 

»7<i/i^^i//tfiar/iri/ Taking of any Money. Goods or Chaiiles, above the Value of n pence, and under the Value of toShillings, 

m the Hand. or as accelTary to any fuch Offence, the laid OHcnce being no Burglary nor Rolibcry in or near the Highway, nor 

2/fi»«/./'.C.339. the felonious Taking of any Money, Goods or Chatties, from the Perfon of any Man or Woman privily, without 

his or their Knowledge, but only luch an Offence, as in the like Cafe a Man might have his Clergy, (hall for the 

id OflTence be branded and marked in the Hand, upon the Brawn of the left Thumb with a hot burning Iron, 

having a Roman r upon the faid Iron : The faid Mark to be made by the Gaoler openly in the Court before 

the Judge; (3) and alfo to be further punilhed by Imprifonmcnt, Whipping, Stocking or fending to the Houfe 

of Corredlion, in fuch Sort, Manner and Form, and for fo long Time (not exceeding the Space of i whole Year) 

as the Judge, Judges or other Juftices before whom Ihe dial I be fo conviiled, or which (hall have Authority In 

the Cau(c, (hall in their Diferction think meet, according to the Quality of the Olfcnce, and then to be dcUvcrcd 

out of Prifon for that Offence; any Law, Cuftoni or Ul'age to the contrary notwilhdanding. 



of g>otit!j-Carolinat» 

Evglifh Statutes made of Force^ ^■^^• 

A. D. 1623. 

An Ad to enable Judges and Juftices of the Peace to give Reflitution- ^'•?- ^'■'^• 
of Poifeffion in certain Cafes. ^^ „ g 

Bli it cnsfled, That fuch Juriges, Juftices or Juttice of the Peace, as lij- Reafon of ary AA or Aflscf Par- ^f/l'^""^ . 
liamcnt now in Force are authorifed and enatiled, upon iLrnjuiry, to give Reilitution of I-*offefiion unto 'IV- ^^J/'U/'°"J"^*' "^ 
nunrs of any Eftate of freehold, of their Lands or Tenements wliich ihall be entered upon with Fc "" "' 


them witholden by Force, fliali by Reafon of this prefcnt Aift have tlic like and the fame Autliority and Ability •^"'''ww'" 
from henceforth (upon Indiilment of fuch forcible Entries, orforcible Withholdings before them duly found) to ^°'^C'"' J^' 
give like RelUtution of Poffedlon unto Tenants for Term of Years, Tenants by Copy of Court-Roll, Guardians J"'' ""' ^ 
liy Knights-Service, Tenants by e!rgit, Statute-Merchant and Staple, of Lands or Tenements by them fo holdeu, -^'''™ loj- 
which ihall be entered upon by force, or holden from them by Force. 15 R. 2. c. 2. 

An Ad for the relief of Creditors againft fuch Perfons as die in 217.1.^.24.^ 


FORASMUCH as heretofore it hath been mnch doubted and queftioned, if any Perfon being in Prifon The Lands of him 
and charged in Execution by Reafon of any Judgment given againllhim, fliould afterwards happen to die that dies in Execu^ 
' in Execution, whether the Party at whofe Suit or to whorii fuch Perfon flood charged in Execution at the timfiM be chai- 

* Time of his Death, be for ever after concluded and barred to have Execution of the Lands and Goods of geable ivith the 
' fuch Perfon fo dying : ' Dcils. 

' II. And forafmuch as daily Experience doth manifeft. That divers Perfons of Sufficiency in real and f^,„, y, u. 2,y, 
' perfonal Eftate, minding to deceive others of their juft Debts for which they flood charged in Execution, 

* have obftinately and wilfully chofen rather to live and die in Prifon, than to make any Satisfa^ition according 

* to their Abilities :' to prevent which Deceit, and for the avoiding of fuch Doubts and Queftions hereafter; 
(2) be it enaifted, That from and after the End of this prefentSeflion of Parliament, the Party or Parties, at 
■whofe Suit or to whom any Perfon Ihall Hand charged in Execution for any Debt or Damages recovered, 
his or their Executors or Adminiftrators, may after the Deathof the faid Perfon fo charged and dying in Execu- 
tion, lawfully fue forth and have new Execution againft the Lands and Tenements, Goods and Chatties, or any A nciu Execution 
of them, of the Perfon fo deceafed, in fuch Manner and Form to all Intents and Purpofes, as he or they or any way Le aiuarded 
of them might have had by the Laws and Statutes of this Realm, if fuch Perfon fo deceafed had never been taken againjl the Lands 
or charged in Execution of him that dies in 

III. Provided always. That this A& fhall not extend to give Liberty to any Perfon or Perfons, their Executors Execution. 
or Adminiftrators, at whofe Suit or Suits any fuch Party fhall be in Execution, and die in Execution, to have or This Aapall iwd 
take any new Execution againft any the Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments of fuch Party fo dying in Exe- extend to Lands 
cution, which fhall at any Time after the faid Judgment or Judgements be by him fold bona fjj, for the Pay- fildbonafde. 
mem of any of his Creditors, and the Money which fhall be paid for the Lands fo fold, either paid or fecured to 
b« paid to any of his Creditors, with their Privity and Confent, in Difcharge of his or thtir due Debts, or of 
fome Fart thereof ; any Thing before in this Aft to the contrary thereof in any wife notwithftanding. 

An Ad to prevent the deftroylng and Murthering of Baftard 217. i.e. 27; 


•" TTTHEREAS many lewd Women that have been delivered of Baftard Children, to avoid tlieir Shame, 
' VV and to efcape Punilhment, do fecretly bury or conceal the Death of their Children, and after, if the 
' Child be found dead, the faid Women do alledge, that the faid Child was born dead ; whereas it falleth out 
' fometimes (although hardly it is to be proved) that the faid Child or Children were murthered by the faid It fhall be Mar-- 
' Wcmen their lewd Mothers, or by their Affent or Procurement :' ther for a Mother 

II. For the Preventing therefore of this great Mifchicf, be it enafted, That if any Woman after one Month loconcealthe Death 
next cnfuingtheEnd of this Seffion of Parliament be delivered of any Ifllie of her Body, Male or Fe.male, ofherbafard 
which being born alive, fliould by the Laws of this Realm be a Baftard and that flie endeavour privately. Child. 
either by drowning or fecret burying thereof, or any other Way, either by herfelf or the procuring of others. Burn, V. 1. 137. 
fo to conceal the Death thereof, as that it may not come to Light, whether it were born alive or not, but be 
concealed : In every fuch Cafe the faid Mother fo offending Ihall fuffer Death as in Cafe of Murther, except 
fuch Mother can make Proof by one Witnefs at the leaft, that the Child (whofe Death was by her fo intended . 
to be concealed) was born dead.. 

The Petition of Right. — Obfokte.. 3C.1. 


-^•j^?- '"^'^- Englifi Statutes made of Force. 

li'c. ifai. 2. An A£t for Prevention of Vexations and Oppreflions byArrefls, and 
'■ *■ of Delays in Suits of Law. 

7ie ar.cicnlfun- • TTTHEREAS by the. ancient and fiind:.nicntal Laws of this Realm, in Cafe where any Perfiin is filed, im- 

Jamenlal Lu'j.- in ' VV pleaded or arrcftcd by any Writ, Bill or Procefs iffuing out of any of his Majefly's Coiirts of Record to jir- ' at Wcliniinl'ter, in any lommon Pica, at the Suit of any common Perfon, the true Caufc of A<ftion ought to 

refls ir/ion Suits, to • be fct forth and particularly cxprclVcd in fuch Writ, Bill or Procefs, whereby the Defendant may have certain 

rxjirrfi thetrue < Koowledge of the Caule of the Suit, and the Officer who Ihall execute fuch Writ, Bill or Procefs, may know 

Caife nf ABwn ' how to take Security for the Appearance of the Defendant to the fame, and the Sureties for fuch Appearances 

intbt frocrfs. • may rightly underltand for what Caufe they become engaged; (i) and whereas there is a great Complaint of 

' the People of this Pvealm, that for divers Years now laft pall very many of his Majefty's good Subject have 

' been arrclied upon general Writs of IVcfpafs, ^miv cljifum /regit. Bills of MiJJhJix, Laliljti, and other like 

' Writs, ilTued out of the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, not ejtpreliing any particular or certain 

* Caufc of Action, and thereupon kept Prifoners for a long 'I'imc for Want of Bjil, Bonds with Sureties for Ap- 
' pearaiites having been demanded info great Sums, that few or none have dared to be Security for the Appcar- 
' ancesof fuch Perfons fo arrcfted and imprif<ined, although in Truth there hath been little or no Caufe of Ac- 
' tion: (3) and oftentimes there are no fuch Perfons who are named Plaintiffs, but thole ArrelUhavc been many 
' Times procured by malicious Perfons, to vex and opprefs the Defendants, or to force from them unreafonable 

* and unjuil Compofttionsi'or obtaining their Liberty; and by fuch evil Pradices many Men have been, and are 
' daily undone, and deftroyed in their Eftates, without Pollibility of having Reparation, the A>9ors employed 
' in fuch Prailicev having been (for the moft Part) poor and lurking Perfons, and their Aiflings fo fecret, that 
' it hath been found very difiicult to make true Difcoverics or Proof thereof :' 

Prr/ini arrtjicd II. For Remedy and I'revention of which fo great growing Evils and Mifchicfs, and alfo for difconraging all 

by Proaft out of frivolous and unjufl Suits, and caufelcfs Arrelh for the future; (2) be it cna<3ed. That from and after the nth 
tbr King's Bench Day of February, in the Year of our Lord 1661, no Perfon or Perfons who (hall happen to be arrefted by any 
or Common PUjs, Sheriff, Under-Sheriff, Coroner, Steward, or Bailiff of any Franchife or Liberty, or by any other Officer, Mi- 
not cxpTcJJing the nifter, Under- Bailiff, or other Perfon or Perfons wliatloever, within this Realm, having or pretending to have 
Cavft of Action Authority or Warrant in that Behalf, by Force or Colour of any Writ, Bill, or Procefs iffuing or to be iffuing 
*■!•» to be bailetl out of his Majefty's faid Courts of the King's Bench and Common Pleas, or either of them, in which faid Writ, 
andfet at liberty. Bill or Procefs, the Certainty and true Caufe of AiSion is not expreffed particularly, and for which the Defend- 
v^n their attin ant or Defendants in fuch Writ, Bill or Procefs named, is and are bailable by the Statute in that Behalf made in 
Bonds for Aji6ea- the 23d Year of the Reign of the late King Henry the Sixth, thall be forced or compelled to give Security or to 
ranee. enter into Bond with Sureties, for the Appearances of fuch Perfon or Perfons fo arrcfted, at the Day and Place in 

the faid Writ, Bill or Procefs fpecified or contained, in any Penalty or Sum or Sums of Money, exceeding the Sum of 
jC,40 of lawful Money of England, to be conditioned for fuch Appearances ; (3) and that all Sheriffs and other 
Officers and Minifters aforefaid (hall let to Bail and deliver out of Prifon, and from their and every of their cuf- 
todiesrefpetflively all and every Perfon and Perfons whatfoever, by them or any of them arrcfted upon any fuch 
Writ, Bill or Procefs, wherein the Certainty and true Caufe of Adiou is not particularly eipreffcd, upon Se- 
curity in the Sum of £.40 and no more, given for Appearance of fuch Pcri'on or Perfons fu arrcfted unto the faid 
Sheriff or Officer aforefaid, according to the faid Statute in the faid 13d year of the Reign of the faid late King 
Henryi\it Sixth in that Behalf made and provided. 

III. And upon Appearance to he entered in the Term wherein furh Writ, Bill or Procefs is returnable, with 
the rcfpcdlive Officer in that Behalf, for the faid Perfon or Perfons, ■ y Attorney or -\ttornies in the faid refpcc- 
tive Courts from whence the faid Writ, Bill or Procefs iflued, unto fuch Writ, Bill, or Procefs, the Bonder 
Bonds {givenfor^ Bonds fo given for Appearance thereunto, be atid are hereby fatistied and difchargcd ; (2) and that after fuch 
dif.harged upm Appearance fo entered, no Amerciaments be let or eftrcated upon or againft any Sheriff or other Offiier afore- 
Appearanee. faid, or any other Perfon whatfoever, concerning the W^ant of fuch Appearance; (3) and unlefs the Plaintiff or 

Nonfiitfor IVant Plaintiffs in any fuch Writ, Bill or Procefs named, (hall put into the Court from whence fuch Writ, Bill or Pro- 
ofa Dec aralion cefs drd iffue, his or their Bill or Declaration againft the Pcrfim or Perfons fo arrefted, in fonic perfonal AiSion, 
before the F.iid of or ejeilione firmx of Lands or Tenements, before the End of the Term next following after Appearance, that then 
the next 'Term nf- a Nonfuit for Want of a Declaration may be entered againft the (aid Plaintiff or Plaintiffs in the liiid Courts re* 
ter Appearance, fpctlively ; (4) and that every Defendant in ever)' fuch Writ, Bill or Procefs named, (hall or may have Judg- 
and Judgment and ment to recover Cofts againft every fuch Plaintiff or Plaintiffs, to be afleffcd, taxed and levied in fuch Manner, 
O.Jls agalnf. the and according as it is provided by the Statute for Cofts, made in the J3d Year of the Reign of the late King Henrf 
Piaintij". the Eighth; any former or other Ac'l, Statute, Ordinance, Law, Cuftom, Order, Courfe or Ufage of cither of 

23 //. 8. c- 15. the faid Courts, to the contrary thereof heretofore had, made, admitted or ufed in any wife notwithftandlng. 
ArrrJIs upon Ca- IV. Provided always 'I'hat this A(Sl, not any Claufe or 'J'hing herein before fpecified or contained, (hall not 
pias l/llagalum, extend, nor bcconftrucd or taken to extend, unto any Arrefts hereafter to be made upon or by Virtue of any 
Attachments upon Writ of Cupiui L't!.i;.itinn, Attachment Upon Refcous, or Attachment upon any Contempt, or of any Attach- 
Refcous, Con- ment of Piivilege at the Suit of any privileged Perfon, or of any other Attachment for Contempt whatfoever, 
tempts, and of iffuing or to he iffuing out of cither of the faid Courts, although there be no particular Certainly of the caufe of 
Privileuei exeep- AtSion exprefted or contained in the faid \^'rits; (2) but that nevertheltfs no Sheriff nor Undir-Shcriff, nor 
hd. " any of the Ofticeis or Minillers aforefaid, ftiall difchargc any Perfon or Perfons taken upon any Writ of Capijs 

l/dagatum nut of Cuftody, without a lawful .'>K;V</f./c« ift had and received for the fame : (3) And that upon 
the faid Writs of Attachment, fuch lawful Coirrli be taken for Security for appearanic therein n hath been here- 
tofore ufed; any '1 hing herein before expreffcd to the contrary thereof in any wi('- iiotwihil inding. 

' V. And whereas many Perfons out of ill Intent to delay their Creditors from recnvi ring their iuft Debt», 
• continue Prifoners iu the Pleet, who cannot be proceeded againft in fuch Manner a« they might be, if they 

* wcie 

of g>outI)^Caroltna» 77 

Engli/Ji Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 17U 
N". 331. 

■" were »l large;' now for the better enabling all Perrons to recover their juft Dcbtsnn 1 Demandtiagalr.ft fuch j. q i flat i 
rrifoners, (2) be it further eiiaifted, That evti7 Perfon or Perfonsv.hutibevcr, who now luthorhavi;, orwhich ^.'^j • -J ■ 
at any Time hereafter fhall have, Caul'e of any pc ri'onal Adiion aij jii.ll imy Perfon being a Prilbiier in the Prifon ly, ' p^r/ivj 
of the Fleet, may fue forth an origiual Writ lipon his or their Caufe of Ai5lion; and that a Writ o(Hak.ij Cirfus j^^^;,,-, Ca-jfc of 
be granted to every fuch Perfon or Perfon!, being Plaintifl" or Plaintiffs, deliriiig the lame, to be direflcd to the Jfn:„% wavfl- • 
Warden of the fame Prifon, to have the Body of fuch Prifoner before the Juftices of the Common Pleas, at fonic ^^'^j ,-.c7fn/)Fri''i- 
certain Day in any Term, to anfwer the faid Plaintiff or Plaintiffs upon his or their faid Caul'e of AiSion; and 'rrsmtheFhet 
that if the faid Plaintiff or PlaintiflTs at the faid Day, put into the faid Court his or their Declar.itioii, according to p^rlhuPrcvi^im 
the faid original Writ, againfl the faid Priftnei- being prcfent at the Bar, the faid Priibner (liall be bound to ap- ^^ ■.;(;,.it /,j Prf^. 
pear in Perfon, or to put in an Attorney to appear for him in the laid Ai5!Ion; (3) and unlefs the faid Defendant ^^^".^ ^^ 

plead upon a Rule jr>vcn, to be out at K Days at the leall after fuch Appearance, Judgment by nil'il Jkit may be jj i' zi Car 1 
entered againll fuch Defendant as appearing in Perfon, which fliall be good and cfTec^ual in i^avv : (4) and fuch . ^^ 
Charge in Court by Declarations, fij:;nified by Rule unto the faid Warden, fa a 11 be a good C'aufe of Detention of ^'^"r i-y ■■■■f -.r 
fuch Prifoner in his Cuftody, from which he ftiall not be difiharged without a lawful Suftrfc(/, or Rule of 7^j. 
Court: (5) And if the iaid Warden fhal! do otherwife, he Ihall lie refponliblc to the Court, and to the Party 
grieved, for Damagt-s, by Aelion upon the Cafe to be brought againflhim for dlfchargingiuch Prifoner. 

' VI. And whereas very many Suits comm»nced by original Writs have been protradtBd and lon^ delayed Di'ays in SuiU l/y 
' from Judgment and Execuiign, by Reafon of the Neceffny of having Bfteen Days at the leall between the Days Rcafin i>fi$ D<iyt 
' of the Tr/}f and the Days of Retiu-n of V\'rits now ufed in perfonal Adions, and alfo in AiSlions of EjiSkne I'et-wefii its Tj!e 
' /frmi', for J^ands and Tenements:' ( i) for Remedy thereof, and for the more eafv expediting Trials, and the ai-d Rtia,n of 
better and more f]r>cedy execrting of Judgments for the Time to come, {3) belt turther enaCled, That in all Writs, rexudiii 
Alliens of Debt, and all other perfonal Anions whatfoever, and alfo in ail Actions of Ejriii9iie frmx for Lards ir, Aahi:i fir- 
or Tenements now depending, or which at any 'I'imc heicafter Ihall be depending, by original Writ, in either of /«'.;'. 
his Majefty'f Courts aforefaid, after any Iffue therein joined to be tried by a Jury, and alfo after any Judgment EjeSionefnna, 
had or obtained, or to be had or obtained, in either of the Courts aforefaid, hi any Auh AiSion as aforeiaid, there Venire facia,. 
Dial! not need to be fifteen Days between the Tijic Day and the day of Return of any Writ or Writs of Viniicfa- Halieas mrfora 
cias, Habeas Corpora Juratorum, or Dijiringas Juratores, Writs of I'irii Facias, or Writs of Capias adfotiifacicnilnn: : furatur. 
(4) and that the Wa"nt of iifteen Days between the Tj/?!' Day and the Day of Return of any fuch Writ, fhall Difringas Jma- 
not be, nor fhall be affigned, taken or adjudged to be, iny Matter or Caufe of Error, any Law, Cuftom, Statute, tor. Fieri facias, 
Courfe or Ufage to the contrary thereof in any wiie notwithllanding. Capias adfatisfa- 

VII. Provided neverthelefs, That this hSi, nor any Thing therein contained, ihall not extend or be conftrued ciendam; 
to extend to any M^rit of Capias ad fati faciendum whereon a Writ of Exigent after Judgment is to be awarded, nor ■uhere Exigent 
10 Capias ad fatisfaciendvm %^-im{^ the MdinnAam, in order to make any Bail liable, but that the fame continue Heth after 'Jiidr- 
and be as if this A(5t had ncvet been made. meat, or to mate 

' VUl. And whereas by an Ad of Parliament made in the third Year of the Reign of onr late Sovereign the Bail appear, 
' Lord King James of bleffed Memory, a very good Law was made for avoiding unncceirar}' Delays of Exe- excepted. 
' cMtion, whereby it is enaded. That no Execution fhall be ftayed or delayed upon or by any Writ of Error or touching Jiaying 
' Superfedeas thereupon to be fucd for the reverfing of any Judgment to be given in any .'^(ftion or Bill of Debt, Executions by Su- 
' upon any fingle Bond fur Debt, or upon any Obligation with Condition for Payment of Money only, or upon perfedeasor H^rits 
' any Aiftion or Bill of Debt for Rent, or upon any Contrail fued in any of his Highncfr. Courts of Record at of Error, and in 
' fVeJImiiiJler, or in the Counties Palatine of Chc/hr, I.ancajier or Fh-rham, or in his Highnefs Courts of great Sefli- '^'hat Aeiicri it 
' ons in any of the twelve Shires of IVales, unlcfs fuch Perfon or Perfons, in whole Name or Names fuch Writ may kejiayed. 
' of Error fhall be brought, with two fufficient Sureties, fuch as the Court wherein fuch Judgment is or Ihall be 
' given, fhall allow of, (hall lirft before fuch Stay made, or Superfedeas to be awarded, be bound for the Party 
' for whom any fuch Judgment was or ftiould be given, by Recognizance to be acknowledged in the fame Court, 

* in double the Sum adjudged to be recovered by the faid former Judgment, to profecute the faid M'rit of Error 
' with Effe<51, and alfo to fatisfy and pay (if the faid Judgment fliall be atlirmed) all and fingu'.ar ihe Debts, Da- 
' mages and Coils adjudged or to be adjudged upon the former Judgment, and all Cofts and Damages to be alfo 

* awarded for the fame delaying of Execution ; which Law hath been found V-y Experience to be very good and 
' beneficial to the Commonwealth : (2) and forafmuch as divers other Cafes within the fame Mifchief; by De- 
' ^ys and Staying of Execution by Writs of Error, and Sw/x-ryJ'o'Mj thereupon, are not provided for by the faid 
' Statute :' for further Remedy againfb Delays and Stayingsof Executions in the fevcral Aiftions hereafter fpe- 
' cified. 

IX. Be it further cnafled and ordained by the Authority aforefaid. That from and after the twentieth Day Fn -what APAins 
of January in the Year of our Lord one thoufand ^\% hundred lixty and one, no Execution (hall be flayed in any Execution may te 
of the Courts aforefaid, by any Writ (.r Writs of lirror or Superfedeas thereupon, after any Verditft and Judgment flatted (iy fVrit of 
therenpon obtained, in any .-\(5lion of Debt grounded upon the Statute mad* in the fecond Year of the Reign of Error) ly this 
the late King Edward the Sixth, for not felting forth of Tithes, nor in any Aelion upon the Cafe upon any Pro- Statute. 

mile for Payment of Money, Ailions/v/ Trow-, rtilions of Covenant, Detinue and Trefpaf', unlefs fuch Re- 1 Lev. 260. 
cognizance, andin fuch ?vlanncr, as by the faid recited former Aiil is directed, fiiall be ift acknowledged in the The Defendant to 
faid Court w.hcre fuch Judgment is given. have dou'Je Cots 

X. And be it alfo enabled by the Authority aforefaid, That if any Perfon or Perfons after the faid Day (hall /t.r Delays of lis 
fue or profecute any Writ or W'rits of Error, for Reverfal of any judgment whatfoever given after any Verdidt Executionhy'lVrit 
in any of the Courts aforefaid, and the faid Judgment fliall afterwards be affirmed then eveiy iuch Perfon or of Error. 
Perfene Oiali pay unto the Defendant or Defendants in the faid Writ or Writs of Error, his or their double Cofts, Popular ABi'j':' ; 
to be afTefTed by the Court where fuch Writ of Error fliall be depending, for the Delaying of Execution. or upon a penal 

XI. Provided neverthelefs. That this .Vft, nor any Thing therein contained, iTiallnot extend to any Aition Latu, Fiidiil- 
Popular, nor unto any other A(5lion which is or hereafter fhall be brought upon any penal Law or Statute (ex- rienit, !?<:. «-; 
cent Dtbt for not fetting out Tithes as aforefaid) nor to any Indidlment, Prcientment, Inquifitlon, In-formation laitiJn this i;..- 
or Apnea!; any Thing herein before cxpreffcd to the contrary thereof ni.tvvithflanding. tu.e. 

U An 


Englifli Statutes made of Force. 

A. D.i;i.. 
A. D. 1664. 

i5 c. 2. .: 6. An A£l to prevent the delivering of Merchant Ships. Obfohte. 

icc. 1... 7. An Acl againfl: deceitful, dlforderly, and exceflive Gaining. 

Tie i/iccnvrnhn:! "XXTHEREAS all lawful Games and Exercifes Ihould r.ot be oihenvife ufed, thaii as innocent and moderate 

if immoJerQU un- ' VV Recreations, and not as conllant Trades or Callings to gain a Living or make unlawful Advantage 

ij^vfulUficf ' thereby; (2) and whircasbythe immoderate Ufc ol thini, many Nlil'ihiefs and Inconveoieneiesdo anic.aiid^rc 

iiaming. ' diily ibund, to the maintaining and encouraging of fundr)', idle, loofe and diforderly Herfoiis in their dif- 

5 MJ. I, 4, iS- ' honeft, lewd and diHolute Courfe of Life, and to the circumventing, deceiving, coufcning and debauching 

' of many of the younger Sort, both of the Nobility and Gentry, and others, to the Lofs of tlicir precious 

' Time, and the utter Ruin of their Eftates and I'ortunes, and wiihih-awing them from noble and laudable 

' Imploymcnts and Excrcifes :' 

l\. Be it therefore enaiSled, That if any Perfon or Perfons of any Degree or Quality whatfoever, at any 
lime or Times after the nine and twentieth Day of StpUmh^r which Ihail be in the Year of our Lord God one 
T) t d r - t'loufjiid fix hundred fiity and four, do or ihall by any Fraud, Shift, Coufenage, Circumvention, Deceit, or 
c s jjin- uni3jyj-„i Device, or ill Pra(Jlice whatfoever, in playing at or with Cards, Dice, Tables, Tennis, Bowles, 

p. p. °' Kittles, Shovel-board ; or in or by Cock-fightings, Horfe-racts, Dog-matches, i'oot-races, or other PaUimet, 
pl, ■ Gaine or (James wliatfoever, or in or by bearing a Share or Part in the Stakes, Wagers, or Adventures, or 

s' a A li '" *"^ ^y betting on the Sides or Hands of fuch as door Ihall play, a(fl, ride or run asaforefaid, win, obtain, 

" ' ■ *■ or acquire to him or tliemfelves, or to any other or others, any Sum or Sums of Money, or other valuable 

tj-L p I. Thing or Things whatfoever ; That then every Perfon and Pcrl'ons fo ofTending as aforefaid, ihall ipfofjlla 

^' forfeit and lofe treble the Sum or Value of Money, or other Thing or Things io won, gained, obtained or 

acquired; the one Moiety thereof to our Sovereign Lord the King, his Heirs and Succeflbrs; and the other 
Moiety tlicreof unto the Perfon or Perfons grieved, or who ihall lofe the Money, or other Thing or Things fo 
gained ; fo as ever)- fuch Lofer and Perfon grieved in that Behalf, do or ihall profeeute and fue for the fame 
Ho-^' to be fued f ^^''''^'"''^ '^^'"^"dar AI>nths next after fuch Play : (3) And in default of fuch Profecution, the fame other Moiety 
, .—J„j to iuch Perfon or Perliios as ihall or will profeeute or fue for the fame within one Year next after the faid fix 

Months expired 1(4) And that the faid Forfeitures ihall or may be fued for, or recovered by AiSion of Debt, Bill, 
Plaint or Information, in any of his Majelly's Courts at Wefiminfi^r, wherein no EIToin, ProteClion or Wager of 
Law ihall be allowed, (5 ) And that all and everj' fuch Plaintiff or Plaintiils, Informer or Informers,lhall in every 
fuch Suit and Profecution have and recovered his and their treble Cofts againil the I'erfon oifending and forfeiting 
as aforefaid ; any Law Statute, Cuftom or Ufage to the contrar)' in any wile notwithftanding. 
Fment'im of ex- '"• And for the better Avoiding and Preventing of all exccirive and immoderate Playing and Gaming for 
ccjfive and immc ^^ Time to come ; ( i) Be it further enafted. That if any Perfon or Perfons ihall at any Time or Times after the 
d.rjtc Gaminr. "'""^ •""' twentieth Day of S^/Zfinifr aforefaid play at any of the faid Games, or any other Paftime, Game or 
I AV/Ff. 2i3. " Games whatfoever (other than with and for ready Money) or fhall bctt on the Sides or Hands of fuch as do or 
I Lul-.u. 180. '''''" P'^y thereat, and ihall lol'e any Siun or Sums of Money, or other Thing or Things fo played for, exceed- 
iM"/. 54. ing the Sum of one hundred Pounds at any one Time or Meeting, upon Ticket or Credit, or otherwife, and 

I S^li. -44. '''''" ""t pay down the fame at the Time when he or ihey ihall fo lofe the fame, the Party and Parties who 

i /.rr. 94. lofeth or ihall lofe the faid Monies, or <>thtr Thing or Things fo played or to be played for, above the faid Sum 

4 MtJ. 4C0. °f °"<^ hundred Pounds, (h«ll not in that Cafe be bound or compelled or compellable to nay or make good the 

fame; (.?) but the Contract and Contrads for the fame, and for every Part thereof, and all and Cngular Judg- 
ments, Statutes, Recognizances, Mortgages, Conveyances, AITurances, Bonds, Bills, SpeciaUies, PromiiTcs, 
Covenants, Agreements and other Ac's, Deeds and Securities, whatfoever, which (hall be obtained, made, 
given, acknowledged or entered into for Security or Satisladlion of or for'tlie fame or any Part thereof , iliall 
fie utterly void and of none Lffeit : ( 4) And that the faid Perfon or Perl'oiis fo winning the faid Monies, or other 
Tl-e Penalty. Things, iliall forfeit and lofe treble the Value of all fuch Sum and Sums of Money, or other Thing or '1 hlngs 

Ftirioer Mnvi/i- which he ihail fo win, gain, obtain or acquire, above tJie faid Sum oi £. 100; (..t) the one Moiety thereof to our 
ciureljtiiig there- faidSovercign Lord the King, hisHeirs and SuceelTors ; 'and the other Moiety thereof to fuch Perfon or Perfons, 
to, 9 .i/in'c. 14. as ihall profeeute or fue for the fame wiiliin I Year next after the Time of fuch OiTunce conuniued; (6) and 
to be fued for by Aclion of Debt, Bill, Plaint qr Information in any of his Majefty's Courts of Record at ll'ij!- 
TO;;>/7rr, wherein no i;iroin, Proteilionor Wager of Law ihall be allowed : (7) And that every fuih Plaintilf 
or Plaintilfs, Informer or Informers, ihall in every fuch Suit an.l Profecution, have and receive liis treble Cods 
agaiuH tile Perfon and Perfons oHending and forieiling aaal'orvfaid; any Law, CuAom or Ufage to the contrary 

(6fj'irc.2..!!. An A6;to prevent Arrefts of Judgment, and fuperfeding Executions. 

TluA,7e..:d.d (See A. A. 9th April,.-.;...) 

i„IVrni>,f Mm- ' TTT'HtREAS great Delay, Trouble and Vexation hath been and ftill is occafioned to ihe People of this 
Jim-jj, \Sf e. ty II ' W Re,ilm, as well by arrclling and rcvcrfiiig of Julgmems, as by Haying Executions by Wiiisof Error and 
W»/i«-,c.2o.§ 7. ' S.jf.,/,Jeji: fijl'or Remedy thereof, 6e it tnadcd, That if any Verdici .if la Men ihall be given in any Ac- 
//i T«i<j/ Court aid ' tion, Suit, Bill or Demand to be i<> ed from and after the i.<tli Day of March, which (lull be in the Year 
Ci/ei jfuJcaenI of our Lord 166;, in any of hi-. Majefty's Courts of Record at Weftminfter, or in the Courts of Record in the 
after rerdtcTfiaU Counties PalatMie of Chcfter, Luncaftcr or Durham, or in his Majelly"* Courts of the Great SeiTions in any of 
K«t beJiiiyeJfor the XX Shires of Wales; Judgment thcrcuimii Ihall not be flayed or rcverled, for Default in Form or Lack of Form j 
D.fjult of Form (3) or by Rcafon that there are not Pledges, or but I Pledge to profeeute, returned upou ihc original Writ ; 
n filejdinj. (4 or 

of #0utl) Caroluta. 79 

Engli/Ji Statutes made pf Force, \^.'llu' 

. , - r T^ ■ , r A. D. 1664. 

(+>or btcaUK the Name of the PuonlTii not reruniod u-.vjn fjc!'. or.;;inal Wri'; (j) or Of ..;:i!t oi entcnnj^ i(,St.f7 C.2.i. 8. 

riedges upon any Bill or Declaration ; (6) or for Default of alledging the bringing into Court of any Bond, Bill, j ^^^^y_ 'g ' 
Indenture, or other Deed wh.ufoL'vijr mentioned in the Declaration, or other Pleading; (7) or for Default of ^ 5^//./ ^.^ "^g_ 

Allegation of ti:e bringing into Court of Letters Tcftamentary or Letters of Adnainiftratiou ; f 8) or by Rciifon j,^_^,J Cj/a In 

ofiheOmiflion;"; ■:jf yirrxis or Contra fia^^m; (9)orforor by Roalun of the miiiaking of the Cliriftian Name or i^,„' jog ,rfj. 

Suniaine ot the Plaintiff or Defendant, Demandant or Tenant, Sum or Sums of Money, Day, Month or Year, '' ' ''■ 
by the Clerk, in any Bill, Declaration or Pleading, where the Right Name, Surname, Sum, Day, Month or 
Year, in any Writ, Plaint, Roll, or Record preceeding, or in the lame Roll or Record where the Miftake ii 
coramitted, is or are once truly and rightly alledged, whereuuto the Plaintiil" might have demorrcd,and 
the fame forCaufe: (10) nor for U'ant of the Averment /foe ySjrj.'i//./ i-rn/.vjiv; (u) or for H-:; fiaralut tf ■vcri- 
fi.^n per i (12) Of fornot alledging Prout fatit fcr RicorJ:'m\ (13J or for that there is no Right Venue, 'io 
"asthe Caufc were tried by a Jaiv 01 the proper County or Place where the Action is laid; (14) nor any Judg- 
ment after Verdift, Confe'lUon by C<i.^r.irviS ASioncm or lielWa ■ver'ijicatione iliail be reverfcd for Want of ivHjcrjcorji,i 
or Cipiatur; ( 15) or by Reafon that'a Cayijiiir is entered for a M:fcynorJij, or a Mi/cricorJia is entered where a 
Cj^/<7///ronght to have been entered; (16, nor for that /oVo oonujfiim rj} fey Curicinh entered for I.Lo coi^iJeralum cjl 
per Curijm^ (17) nor for that the Increafc of Cofts after a Veriiiiit in any Action, or upon a Nonfuit in Replevin, 

are not entered to be at the Requcii of the Party for whom the Judgment is given; (18) nor by Reafon that Farther Pnvijl- 

the Cofts in any Judgment whatfoever are not entered to be by Conlent of tlie Plaintiff; (19) but that all fuch ons ofthh Ki/iJ. 

Omiflions, Variances, Defeifis, and all other Matters of like Nature, not bemg againil the Right of the Matter 4 Miij:, c. 16. 
of the Suit, nor whereby the Iffue or Trial are altered, fliall be amended by the Juftices or other Judges of the 
Courts where fuch Judgments are or fliail be given, or whcreunto the Record is or Ihali be removed by Writ of 

II. Provided always. That, this Aift, or any Thing therein contained, Ihall not extend to any Writ, Decla- Prwifo for Ap- 

ration or Suit of -Appeal of Felony or Murder, nor to any ludiiftment or Preftntment of Iclcny, Murder, pea!i, IndiSments 

Treafon or other Matter, nor to any Procefs upon any of them ; ( 2) nor to any Writ, Bill, Adion or Inior- Aaions upon Pe- 

mation upon any Penal Statute, other than concerning Cuftoms and Sublidies of Tonnage and Poundage; any nd La'uj, other 

Thing in this .Act contained to the contrary thereof in any wife notwithftanding. than for Ci.f.umi 

in. And be it further enailed. That from and after the 20th Day of March in the Year of our Lord 1664, no a:id Suhfidks. 
Execution (hall be flayed in any of the aforefaid Courts by Writ of Error or Superfedeas thereupon, after Verdid and Jx '^uhat Cafes ex- 
Judgmcnt thereupon, in any AtSlion Perfonal whatfoever, unlefs a Recognizance with Condition according to ecution fiall mt he 
the Statute made in the 3d Year of the Reign of our late Sovereign Lord King James, fliall be III acknowledged fayed by Writ of 
in the Court where fuch Judgment Ciall be given: (2) And further. That in Writs of Error to be brought Error, but upon 
upon any Judgment after Verdicl in any Writ of Dower, or in any AcSion of Ejeaionefrm.e, no Execution fliall Recognizance en- 
he thereupon or therchv llayed, unlefs the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs in fuch Writ of Error fliall be bound unto the ttred ^cording to 
Plaintiffin fuch Writ of Dower, or Adion of E}eaionefirm.e, in fuch reafonable Sum as the Court to which fuch 3 J"':- I- '■ 8. 
Writ of Error fliall be direded fliall think fit, with Condition, That if the Judgment fliail be aSirm.ed in the faid Carihe-w. 121. 
Writ of Error, or that the faid Writ of Error be difcontinued in Default of the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs therein, 3 Lev.'lTi, 
or that the faid Plaintiff or Plaintiffs be nonfuit in fuch Writs of Error, That then the faid Plaintiff or Plaintiffs 
fliall pa\ fuch Ccfls, Damages, and Sum and Sums of Money, as fliall be awarded upon or after fuch Judgment 
affirmed, Difcontinuance or Nonfuit had. 

IV. And to the End that the fame Sum and Sums and Damages may be afcertained. It is further enaded, Provifo touching 
That the Court wherein fuch Execution ought to be granted upon fuch Affirmation,- Difcontinuance or Nonfuit, y^dament in * 
Ihall iffue a Writ to enquire as well of the mean Profits as of the Damages by any Wafte committed after the lib /)„,„,. ^„j £L_. 
Judgment in Dower or in Efilionefiira:; and upon the Return thereof. Judgment fliall be given, and Execution tione firmce. 
awarded for fuch niefne Profits and Damages, and alio for Cofts of Suit. 

V. Provided, That this Ad, nor any Thing therein contained, Ihall not extend to any Writ of Error to be To it-hat Aftions 
brouglit by any Executor or Adminiftrator; ( 2) nor unto any Adion popular, nor unto any other Action which is //,/j ji^ n.^i „(,* 
or hereafter fliall be brought upon any Penal Law or Statute (except Adions of Debt for not fetting forth of extend. 
Tithes); (3) nor to any Indichiient, Prcfentment, Inquifltion, Information or Appeal; any Thing hereiji 

before exprcffed to the contrary thereof in any wife notwitliitanding. 

An Ad: for avoiding unneceflary Suits and Delays. i;"c. 2... 3."" 

FO R the Avoiding of unneceffar)' Suits and Delays, Be it enaded, 1 hat in all Adions Perfonal, Real, or X'.-j.'i rfeilber 

Mist, the Death of either Party between the Verdid and the Judgment, fliall not hereafter be alledged for p^rty between tit 

Error, fo a? fuch Judgment be entred within 2 Terms after fuch Verdict. ' ii,^ Verdid and 

II. And bt^ it ftnther enaded where any Judgment after a Verdid Ihall be had, by or in the Name of any fitdvtnent. 

Executor or Adminiftrator; infuch Cafe an AdttimUmor de bonis non may fue forth a Stiri facias, and take Exe- i 2,,^,, 277. 

cution upon fuch Judgment. Salt. 8. 2 Keb. 800. 2 Vent. ca. 220. yud^ment obtained by an Executor. Vei<u. X 33. i Salt. 323. 

. . - . . . A. D. 16 ;o. 

An A£t to prevent malicious Maiming and Wounding. 22 is- 23 c-. 2. 

VII. And for Prevention of the like Mifchiefs for the Time to come. Be it enaded. That if any Perfon or Malicious Maiw- 

Perfon?, from and after the 24 Day of Jure which fliall be in the Year of our Lord God 1671, on Purpofe and ingmaJe Peloity. 

ot Malice fore-thought, and by lying in wait, fliall unlawfully cut out or difable the Tongue, put out an Eye, Rex. v. Coke 

ilit the Nofe, cut off a Nofe or Lip, or cut off or difable any Limb or Member of any Subject of his Majefty, apud Bt.ry. 

\\ ith Intention in fo doing to main or disfigure in any the Manners before menuoncd fuch Ids Majcfly's Subject ; 8 Geo. I. 


8o '^ijt public ila\ys 


Engiifh Statutes made of Force. 



12 &, J 1 C. z.'r I. 'J'*""™ •'"J in every fuch Cafe the Pcrfon or Pcrfoiisfo offtniling, their Counfcllora, Aidei-J and Al'cttori, 
(knowing of, :uid privy to the Ofiencc as aforcl'aid) fnall be and are hereby declared to be Felons, and (hall luffcr 
Death as in Cules of Felony wiilmut Benefit of Clergy. 

Icrf.-iture. VIll. Provided, 'I'hat no Attainder of fuch Felony fti?.ll extend to corrupt the Blood; or forfeit the Dower of 

the Wife, or the Lands, Goods or Chatties of the Offender. 

rhcr:f ofthh Atl T<w /,..' maJ.' cf fir.f. 

T;.^^^^" ^' An Act to prevent the malicious Burning of Houfes, Stacks of Corn 
and Hay, and killing or maiming of Cattle. 

Felony ffjriuUful ' ■TT7'HERF..A.S divers lewd and evil-difpofcd Pcrfons intending the Ruin and l.ajpoverilhtnent of their fellow 
burning of j-iy ' V V .Snhjeijts, have d( vlfed, and of late fecretly in the Night time, and at other Times when tl\ey think their 
Riits of Corn, ' Deeds arc not known, frequently praiSil'ed in ieveral Parts of this Kingdoni, unlawful and wicked Courfcs in 
Hay, \Sc. or ' bumiBg of Rirks and Stacks of Hay, Com and Grain, deftroying of Buildings, I'rees, and tutting;, maiming, 
B,inis,lgc. inttt ' wounding and killing of Horfcs, Sheep, Bealt?, and other Cattle, in Contempt of the Laws, and to the m- 
Nigbt-time. ' fupportahle Wrong and Damage of many of his M; j.'fty'spood Subjeds:' 

3 Injl. 66, 67. II. For Prevention whereof, and Difcovexy of the Offenders, be it enafted, J'hat where in any Part of thij 

37//. ij. £. 6. Kingdom any Pcrfon or Pert'ons after the l(! Day of Match in the Year of our Lord J670, (hall in the 

Niglit-timc malicioally, unhnvlully and willingly burn, or caufe to be burnt or deftroyed, anv Ricks or Stacks 

of Corn, Hay, or drain, Barni, or other Houfes or Huildings, or Kilns, <it (hall in the Night-time, malicioufly, 

. unlawfully, and willingly kill, or deftroy any Horfes, Sheep, or other Cattle, of any Pcrfon or Perfons what- 

foever ; every fuch Offence fliall be adjudged Felony, and the Ollenders, and every of them (hall fuffer as in C'al'e 

of Felony. 

/itliinJerJba'.S not HI. Provi<ied always. That no Attainder for any the Offences made Felony by Virtue of this AS, (hallmake 

•uork ccrriiftion of or work any Corruption of Blond, Lofs of Dow< r, or Difmhcritance of Heir or Heirs. 

Blood, l^c. I V. In Cafe any Perlon or Perfons who flinll be ccnviel or attainted of any the Offences maile Felony by Vir- 

Tbe Parly at Li- tue of thi"s A<ft as aforefaid, (to avoid Jtidgnicnt of Death, or Execution thereupon for lueh bis OffenceJ fliall 
hrrty to to lyanj- make his Election to be tranfported beyond the .Seas, to any of his Majelly's Plantations; That then the 1u(iices 
potted for feiiui tsi Aflize, Oyer and Terminer, Gnol-delivery, or Jufticcs of the Peace, before whom fuch Otl'cnder fliall be 
'i-'^'^rt. conviiSt or Attaint by Virtue I'f this \d, and every of thim refpedively, fliall caufe Judgment to be entered a- 

iHatv.P.C.xo^. gaini^ every fuch Offender, that he be tranfported beyond the Seas to fofiic of his Majefly'a Plantations, in the 
1 Halt's A C. (aid Judgment to he particularly mcutioned and expreffed, there to rcmtiii for the Space of 7 Years; and that 
566. ?sV. in Purfuance of the laid Judgment, the Sheriff or Sheriffs of the County or City where fuch Offender (hall be fo 

Felony to nturn convid or attainted, (hall caufe the laid Offender to be fafely conveyed and embarked to be tranfported as afore- 
trfore tie feven faid ; and if any fuch Offender (hall return info this Kingdom belore the E\7)iration of the laid 7 Years, he fliall 
1 ears expired. fuffer Death a* a Felon, and as if no fuch Eledion to be tranfported had been made by him. 
Ti-eWir Uainagct V. If any Pcrfon or Perfons "(hall in the Night-time malicioufly, unlawfully and wUUngly maim, wound, or 
for maimiiir of otherwil; hurt any Horfes, Sheep or other Cattle, whereby the fame ftnll not be killed or utterly deflroyed, or 
Caille, or throiv- fliall dellroy any Plantations of Trees, or throw down any Inclofuies, in Manner afortfai J ; That then every 
iiig down of Inch- fuch Offender or Offenders flfall lofe and forfc-it unto the Party grieve<l treble the Damage which he or they (hall 
/-/•«, es'c. in the thereby fulljin ; the fame to be recovered by Adion of Trefpal's, or upon the Cafe, to be taken at the Conimon 
Xi^it-time% Law. 

Tbr,.e or more VI. And be it further enacled. That upon the Complaint and Rcquefk of the Parivor Parties injured in any 

JuJIices of the fuch Manner, any three or more Jufticcs of the Peace for the County, Divilion, City, i'own Corporate, or Place 
P^Mcbuve Potv- where fuch Offence fliall be committed, whereof I to bi- of the ^iimm, fliall and may, and they arcthcreunto 
rr to enquireoftlte aUthorifed and rcqi:ired by Virtue of thisAd, to enquire, as well by the Oaths ot \i lawful Men or more of 
'Offence, and punifo the fame County, 'as by ICxamination of Wimeffes n|ion Oath, or by any lawful Ways or Means winch to 
the Offenders. them (hall feem meet, of and concerning any the Offences before incurred, and Offenders therein; and in Order 

thereunto, to iffuc out Wapanls, as well for the fummoning of Jurors, as for the apprehending of all fuch Per- 
fons, as fliall or may be tiKircof fufpeiScd, and to take their F'xiiuiuaiioii touching the fame; m alfo to caufe all 
fuch other Perlnns as to them (hall feem likely to make Difeovcry ihcrcnf, to appear before thini, and to give 
information upi'n Oath, of and concerning their Knowledge of the Prelnifes: f<i as no Pcrfon fo to be examined 
by the faid Juftices of the Peace, (hall be tk.nvirtcd, or in any wife proceeded againft, for or by Reafon of any 
Offence concerning which heor they fliall be lo examined as a Witnefs, and Ihall upon fuch his Examination make a 
true Difcovery thereof: {^) and in Cafe any Pcrfon or Perfons, who by the faid Juf.iccs be thought likely to 
majte Difcovery as aforefaid, fliall n fufc to ap()ear or to be examined as a Witnefs, being duly fumiuoned by the 
A Witnefs refnf- faid Juflices in Purfuance of this Ad ; it fliall and may be lawful for the faid Jiillices of tlie Peace to commit the 
/ny to appear Jhatl Party fo rtfuling, to the common <5aol for the faid County without Bail or Mairprife, until he (hall lubinit lobe 
br committed to examined upon Oath, of and conceining his Kjlowlcdge touching the lame Offence, or the Offciidcts by whom 
Prifon. the fame was oonunittcd. I r il 

No P.rfon fiatlhe VII. Provided, 'I hjt no Pcrfon who fliall be puniflicd for any Offenrr by V!rtu6 of this Acl. fti.ill he punifllfd 
ttvire pinlfiedfor fi,r the fame Offence by Vittiie of any otiirr Aift or Law whatfocver: nor (lull ht (jueftioned for the fume, uulcfs 
tUt OJffnet. he be proeretied againu v»ithin 6 Months after the Offcncr conimittrd. 

The Pi.f.utian ,m,fl h, -uitUifix Moiths. 


of ^out!i-Carolina. 8i 

Englijh Statutes made of Force. ^'^- 'J^'-- 

An Adl for the better Settling of Inteftates Eftates. ai& 

(See A. A. 17^9.) 

BE it enaifted, That all Ordinaries, as well the Judges of rlie Prerogative Courts of CnnterlKiry and York for ^// Ordinaries 

the Time being, as all other Ordinaries and Ecclefiailial jucges, and every of them, having Power toAo ha-uc Poioer 

Sc commit Adminiflration of the Goodiof Perfons dyiaglntcltate, fhall and may upon their refpedive granting to grant AJmmi- 

and committingof Adminillrations of the Good? of Penous dying Inteftate, after the ril Day of June 167 1, of flrafions, have 

the relpedive Pcrfon or Perlbns to whom any Adminiitradon is to be committed, take fufficicnt Eonds with lor paiuer to tah band, 

more able Sureties, Refpeift being had to the Value of the Eftaie, in the Name of the Ordinary, with the l/'aughan, 96. 

Condition in Form and Manner loliowing, mutatis mutandisyi/iz. ^I £j, 7, i-. n. 

' II. ' I 'HE Condition of this Obligation is fach, That if the within-hounded ,^'. B. Adminillrator of all and 

• X lingular the Goods, Chatties and Credits of C. D. decealed, do make or caufe to be made a true and 7he condition tf' 
' perfert Inventory of ail and fin^ular the Goods, Chatties and Credits of- the laid Deceafed, which have or fhall the Bonds, 

* corae to the Hands, PolTefiion or Knowledge of him the faid yl. B, or into the Hands and PoffciTion of any 
' other Perfon or Perfons for him, and the fame fo made do exhibit or caufe to be exhibited into the Regiftry 
' of Court, at or before the Day of nextenfuing; (2) 
' and the fame Goods, Chatties and Credits, and all other the Goods, Chatties and Credits of the faid Decealed 
' at the Time of his Death, which at any Time after (hall come to the Haudsor PoffeCion of tlic faid A. B. or 
' into the Hands and PolTeflion of any other Perfonor Perfons for him, do well and truly Adminiiler according 
■ to Law; (3) And further do make or caufc to be made, a true and jull Account of bis faid Admiiuftration, 
' at or before the Day of And all the Reft and Refidue of the 
' faid Goods, Chatties and Credits which Ihall be found remaining upon the faid Adminiftrator's Account, the 

' fame being ift examined and allowed of by the Judge or Judges for the Time being of the laid Court, (hall i Sail, xl^,^lC', 

• deliver and pay unto fuch Perfon or Perfons refpedlively, as the faid Judge or Judges by his or their Decree 
' or Sentence, puriuant to the true Intent and Meaning of this A<51, Ihall limit and appoint. (4) And if it 
' (liall hereafter appear. That any laft Will and Teitament was made by the %id Deceafed, and the Executor or 
' Executors therein named do exhibit the fame into the faid Court, making Requeft to have it allowed and ap- 

* proved accordingly, if the faid A. B. witliin-bounden, being thereunto required, do render and deliver the 
' faid Letters of Adminiftration (Approbation of fuch Teftament being ill had and made) in the laid Court, 
' then this Obligation to be void and of none Effeift, or clfe to remain in full Force and Virtue." 

III. Which Bonds are hereby declared and ena<Sed to he good to all Intents and Purpofes, and pleadable in 
any Courts of Juftice : (2) And alfo that the faid Ordinaries and Judges refpeiSlively, Ihall and may, and are Ordinaries tare 
enabled to proceed and call fuch Adminillrators to Account, for and touching the Goods of any Peifon dying Po^ver to call Ad' 
Jnteftatc; (3) and upon Hearing and due ConfideratioR thereof, to order and make juft and equal Diilribution minijirators to Ac 
of what remaineth clear fafter all Debts, Funeralsand jult Expenccs of every Sort III allowed and deduced) count and to mate 
amoogll the Wife and Children, or Chilifren's Children, if any fuch be, or otherwife to tlie next of Kindred to difribuiionnmoncli 
the dead Perfon in equal Degree, or legally reprefenting their Stocks ;»ro_/uo caiiiuejare, according to the Laws the Wife and Cbii' 
in fuch Cafes, and the Rules and Limitation hereafter fet down ; and the fame Diftributions to decree and fettle, drtn, \^c. 
and to compel fuch Adminiflrators to obferve and pay the fame, by the due Cnurfe of iiis Majefty's Ecclefiaftieal ''"'■ ^•14,464. 
Laws: (4) Saving to every i.fuppofing hiin or themfelves aggrieved, their Right'6f Appeal as was always in Wood P,\.\y^. 
fuch Cafes ufed. Exphfned by i . 

V. Provided always. That all Ordinaries and every other Perfon who by this AtS is enabled to make Diflrf- JacLciy.^.S, 
bution of the Surplufage of the Eilate of any Pcrfon dying inteftate, ihall diflribute the whole Surplufage of Skinner ib, 
fuch Eftate or Eflates in Manner and Form following : That is to fay, (2)1 third Part of the faid Surplufage to the t^o'w and to ii'hom 
Wife of the Inteftate, and all the Refidue by equal Portions, to and amongft t.he Children of fuch Perfc^ns dying 'be Surflujage is 
inteftate, and fuch Perfons as legally reprefcnt fuch Children, in Csfe any of the faid Children be then dead, '" be dijlribulcd. 
other than fuch Child or Children fnot being Heir at Law) who fhall have any Eilate by the Settlement of the ^ Mod. 20, lol, 
Inteftate, or ihall be advanced by the Inteftate in his Life-time, by Portion or Portions equal to the Share which 3 Mod 5%. 
Ihall by fuch Diftribution be allotted to the other Children to whom fuch Diilribution is to be made: (3) And in ^ f^ern. 465. 
Cafe any Child, other than the Heir at Law, who (hall have any Eftate by Settlement from the faid Inteftate, Advancement by 
or fhall be advanced by the faid Inteftate in his Life-time by Portion not equal to the Share which will be due to Borthn. 

the other Children by fuch Diftribution as aforefaid ; then fo much of the Surplufage of the Eftate of fuch Intef- 
tate, to be diftributed to fuch Child or Children as ftiall have any Land by Settlement from the Inteftate, or were j Shower 2 T 
advanced in the Life-time of the Inteftate, as ftiall make the Eftate of all the faid Children to be equal as near as 
can be eftimated : (4) But the Heir at Law, notwithftanding any Land that he foall have by Dcf^ent or other- Heir at La-w /» • 
wife from the Inteftate, is to have an equal Part in the Diftribution with the Reft of the Children, without any ha-je an equal- 
CoriBderation of the Value of the Land which he hath by Defcent, or otherwife from the Inteftate. Part. 

VI. And in Cafe there be no Children nor any legal Reprefentatives of them, then one Moiety of the faid I fen. 310. 
Eftate to be allotted to the Wife of the Inteftate, the Refidue of the faid Eftate to be diftributed equally to every 2 Lev. 1 73. 
of the' next ICindred of the Inteftate, who are in equal Degree and thofe who legally reprefent them. 2 fen. 317. 

I Mod. 209. 2 Mod. 204. .. 

VII. Provided, That there be no Reprefentations admitted among collaterals after Brothers and Sifters Chil- Jf no Wife, tier.. 
dren: (2) And in Cafe there be no Wife, then all the faid Eftate to be diftributed equally to and amongft the to be dijiributed a- 
Children : (3) And in Cafe there be no Child, then to the next of Kindred in equal Degree of or unlo the In- monifi the Clil- - 
teflate, and their legal Reprefentatives as aforefaid, and in no other Manner whatfoever. dren. 

I 5a«. 250. Raymond 4i)(l, Cartbew SI. Jones Sir Tho. c/^. 2 F«;/«n 169, 170, 233. 

X - VIII. Provided 

82 Cf)e public 3la\DS 

^j;^?' "j'^' Evglifli Statutes made of Force. 

11&2%C 1 c 10. VIII. Provl led alfo, and be it likewife enatSed, To the End tl>at a due Regard be had to Creditors, that no 
Vo Dinrhutica ' ''"^'' Uiltribution of tl>o Goods of any Perfon liying Inteftate to he made till after one Year be fully expired after 
t'l! afttr I \tiir. the Intcrtate's Death; (l) and that fuch and every one to ■whom any OiHribution and Share (hall be allotted, (ball 
// Dtbts after- S'^^ lioiid with fufficient Sureties iu the faid Courts, that if anyDebtor Debts truly owing by the Intellatefhall 
v.itrJs appear afterwards fued for and recovered, or otherivife duly made to appear; that then and in ever)' fuch Cafe be or 

then alt te refund ^' '^*" fefpeiftively refund and pay back to the Adminiftrator his or her rateable Part of that Debt or Debts, and 
probortidnaui. °^ '^^ Colh of Suit and Charges of the Adminiftrator by Reafon of fuch Debt, out of the Part and Share fo as 
" ' al'orcfaid allotted to him or her, thereby to enable the faid Adminiilrator to pay and fatisfy the faid Debt or Dcbtt 

Thii All Jhallmt fo difeovered after the Diftrib\ition made a> aforel'aid. 

txttnd to Admitii- 'X. Provided always, In all Cafes where the Ordinary hath ufed therefore to grant Adminiftration cum TrJIaminto 
firat'wn cum Telle- annexo, he fhall continue fo to do, and the Will of the deceafed in fuch Teftanient expreffcd ftiall be performed 
mento amexo. ^nd obferved in fuch Manner a> it fbould have been if this Ai5l bad never been made. 

2i&23C.j.f.2o. An Adt for the Relief and Releafe of poor diftreffed Prifoners for 


Feloui and Prlfin- ' XIII. Whereas it is become the common Praftice of the Gaolers and Keepers of Newgate, the Gatehoufe at 
en for Debt tiot It ' Weftminftcr and fundry other Gaols and Prifons, to lodge together in one Room or Chamber and Bed, Prifo- 
ie IcJged tc^ether, ' ncrs for Debt and Felons, whereby many Times honeft Gentlemen, Tradefmen and others, Prifoners for Debt, 
' are dillurbed and hindered in the Night-time from their natural Reft, by Reafon of their Fetters and Irons, 
' and oiherwile much oft'endcd and troubled by their lewd and prophane 1 anguage and Difcourfcs, with moll 
' horrid curling and fwearing, (much accuftomed to fuch Pcrfons);' (a) be it cnafled. That it (ball not be law- 
ful hereafter for any Sheriff, Gaoler or Keeper of any Gaol or Prifon, to put, keep or lodge Prifoners for Debt, 
and Felons together in one Room or Chamber.; but that they fliall be put, kept and lodged fcparatc and apart one 

1 EJ. i. Slat. I. from another in diftincl Rooms; (3) upon Pain that he, fhe or they which fhall offend againft this Acl, orthe 
& 2. c. 7. true Intent and Meaning thereof or any Part thereof, fhall forfeit and lofe his or her Office, Place or 1 mploy- 

2 InJI. 35. ment, and fhall forfeit treble Damage, to the Party grieved, to be recovered by Virtue of this Ad ; any Law, 
77'e Forfeiiurifar Statute, Ufageor Cuftom to the contrary in any wife notwithllanding. 30 Car. 2. 

Offending againj tbii A{1. Farther PrcviJ'ions relating hereto, 4 tS" 5 IV . ts" M. c. 21. 

Tit XJlof tbii Aa-uiai not made of Force here. 

a9c. I.e. 3. ■ An A6t for Prevention of Frauds and Perjuries. 

(See A. A. 1789.) 
I Roll Abr. 24. 1 -|-i o R Prevention of many fraudulent PraiJlices, which are commonly endeavoured to be upheld by Perjury 
a Lev. 227. 1 J and Subornation of Perjury ;' (2) be it cnadled, That from and after the 24th Day of Jime, which fhall 

Parol Leafes and (,g ;„ ,(,(. y^.^^ Q^r Lord 1677, all I,cafes,|Eftates, Intercfts of Freehold, or Terms of Years, or any uncertain In- 
Jnterejlof Freehold terell of, in, to or out of any Melluages, Manors, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, made or created byLi- 
jhallha-ae the force y^ry and Seifin only, or bf Parol, and not put in Writing, and figned by the Purlin fo muling or creating the fame, 
afEftalei at H^ill q^ (heir Agents thereunto lawfully authorifed by Writing, fhall have the Force and EffeA of Leafes or Eftat» 
"">■ at Will only, and fliall not either in Law or Equity be deemed or taken to have any other or greater Force or ' 

r.fTeiSl; any Confidcration for making any fuch Parol Leafes or Eftates, or any former Law or Ulagc, to the 

contrary notwithftandin^. 
Except Leafes iitt II. F^xccpt neverthclefs all Leafes not exceeding the Term of 3 Years fiom the making thereof, whercuponthe 
exceeding three Rent refcrved to the Landlord, during fuch Term, fhall amount unto two tliird Parts at the Icafl of the full im 
Tears, IS'c. proved Value i f the Thlnj demilcd. 

No Leafes or HI. And moreover. That no Leafes, Eftates or Interefts, either of Freehold, or Terms of Years, oranyun- 

FJIaics of Fret- certain Intereft, not being Copyhold or cuftomary Intercfl, of, in, to or out of any Mefluages, Manors, Lands, 
i old fhall be grant- Tenements or Hereditaments, (hall at any Time after the faid 24th Day of June be afTigncd, granted or furren- 
ed or furrendcred dered, unlefs it be by Deed or Note in Writing, ligned by the Party fo affigning, granting nr furrendrring the 
ijr H^ord. fame, or their Agents thereunto lawfully juthorixed by Writing, or by AS. and Operation of Law. 

Promifes and A- IV. And be it further enaded. That from and after the faid 24th Day of June no A^lon (ball be brought whereby 
greemenlsbyParol. to charge any Executor or Adminiilrator upon any fpeclal Prontile, to anfwer Damages out of his own El\ate; (2) 

1 Siotuer l5. or whereby to charge the Defendant upon any fpccial Promife, to anfwer for the Debt, Default or Mifcarriagen 
SUnn. 142, I43. of another Perfon; (3) or to ch.irge any Perfon upon my Agreemcti made uf-on Conftd.raiion ol Mirriigc; (4jor 

2 Mod. 310. upon any Ci.»//oflor.Sa/cf of/.a<i//,'l enementsor Hereditaments, or any Intercil in or concerning them; (5)orup- 
* 1 feat. 361. on any Agreement that is not to be performed within the Space of one Year from the niakitig thereof; (6) unlef« 
362. the A^^rcement upon which fuch Acfion fliall he brought, or fonic ATi-moranJum or Note thereof, fhall be in 

3 Lev. 65, 66. Writing, and figned by the Party to he charged therewith, or fomc other Perfon thcrtuuio iy him lawfully autho- 
V Salt. 280. rifcd. 

Devifes of Lands V. And be it further enaiSed, That from and aftcrihcfaid 24th Dayof June allDcvifes and Bcqiicfts of any Lands 

fhallbeinH^rilirg or Tenements devifable cither by Force of the Statute of Wills, or by this .Statute, or by Force of the Cuftom of 

and altejled by 3 Kent, or the Cuftom of any Borough, or any other particular Cuftom, fhall be in Writing, and figneJ by the 

ir 4 Wilncjfes. Party fo devifing the fame, or by fome other Per(bn in hi-. Prefcnce and by his exprefs Dire(ilions, and ftiall be 

3 Lev. 86. attefted and fiibfcribed in the Prefcnce of the faid Devifor by 3 or 4 credible Wilucfus, or cUc they fhall be utter- 

C<j/-(/;«u 35,514. ly void and of none Eftc.!!. 
-, Mod. ii%. 

;6i. VI. .Vnd 

of §)Otit!j=Carolttta* 83 

Eriglifk Statutes made of Force. ^P- *7*-- 

VI. And mortover, no Devife in Writing of I,ands, Tenements or Hereditaments, nor any Claufe tTiereof, ^i c 2c. ■i, 
(hsil at anyTime after the faid 24th Day of June be revocable, otherwile than by Ibnie ether Will or Codicil in Hozuthl f'l'^'r Hi ill 
Writing, or other Writing declaring the fame, or by burning, cancelling, tearing or obliterating the fitme by the ^^ nvocabU 
Teftator himfelf, or in his Prefence and by his Diredions and Confcnt; (2) but all Devifes and Bequells of Lands , j)^„^ j^q_ 
and Tenements Ihall remain and continue in Force, until the fame be burnt, cancelled, torn or obliterated by 

the Teftator or his DireiSions, in Manner aforefaid, or unlefs the fame be altered by I'ome other Will or Codicil 
in Writing, or other Writing of the Devifor, figned in the Prefence of 3 or 4 Witneflcs, declaring the fame ; any- 
former Law or Ufage fo the contrary notwithftanding. 

VII. And be it further enaded. That from and after the faid 24th Day of June all Declarations or Creations of AU-Dniaratimi' 
Trufts or Confidences of any Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, Ihall be manifeftcd and proved by fome or Creations ct' 
Writing Cgned by the Party who is by l>aw enabled to declare fuch Truft, or by his laft Will in Writing, or elfe Trulls Ihall be in 
they (hall be utterly void and of none Efleift. •writing. 

VIII. Provided always. That where any Conveyance Ihall be made of any Lands or Tenements by which a Explained by 4 
Truft or Confidence Ihall or may arife or refult by the Implication or Conftrucfion of Law, or be transferred or ^„„. t. 16. ■$. 1 5. 
extinguiftied by an A(5l or Operation of Law, then and in every fuch Cafe fuch Truft or Confidence ihall be of Trulls arifintr 
the like Force and Eifeil as the fame would have been if this Statute had not been r'.ade; any Thing herein be- tram/erred or ix- 
fore contained to the contrary notwithftanding. linguijhed by implhMion of Laiv, are excepted. 

IX. And be it further enaifted. That all Grants and Affignments of any Truft or Confidence ftialUikcwife be AJUgnments of 
in Writing, figned by the Party ^ra«t/«^ or ajfgning the fame, or by fuch Laft Will or Devil'e, or elfe (hall like- Trulls Jhali be in 
wife be utterly void and of none Effeift. , IVritinv 

X. And be it further ena<5ted. That from and after the faid 24 Day of June it fhall and may be lawful for » Read 2 Vent. 
every Sheriff or other Officer to whom any Writ or Precept is or (hall be direAed, at the Suit of any Perfon or Lands, {s'cjhall 
Perfons, of, for and upon any Judgment, Statute or Recognizance hereafter to be made or had, to do, make be liable to the 
and deliver Execution unto the Party in that Behalf fuing, of all fuch Lands, Tenements, Redories, Tithes, •Judgments, ts'i-. 
Rents and Hereditaments, as any other Perfon or Perfons be in any Manner of wife feifed or poffeflcd, or here- ofCefluygue Trull. 
after fliall be feifed or poffelTed, in Truft for him againft whom Execution is fo fued, like as the Sheriff or other And held free from 
Officer might or ought to have done, if the faid Party againft whom Execution hereafter flull be fo fued, had. the Imumberances 
been feifed of fuch Lands, Tenements, Redories, Tithes, Rents or other Hereditaments of fuch Eftate asthey of the Perfons feif- 
be feifed of in Truft for him at the Time of the faid Execution fued; (2) which Lands, Tenements, Re6lories, edin Trull. 
Tithis, Rents and other Hereditaments, by Force and Virtue of fuch Execution, fliall accordingly be held and Trull fhall be Af- 
enjoyed free and difcharged from all Incumberanccs of fuch Perfon or Perfons as fhall be fo feifed or pofleffed in fdtsin the Hands 
Truft for the Perfon againft whom fuch Execution (hall be fued; (3) and if any Ciflny Truft hereafter ihall of Heirs. 

die, leaving a Truft in Fee-Cmple to defcend to his Heir, there and in every fuch Cafe fuch Truft ihall be deem- 2 Vern. 248. c. 
«d and taken, and is hereby declared to be, AiTcts by Defcent, and the Heir fhall be liable to and chargeable 232. 
with the Obligation of his Anceftors for and by reafon of fuch Affets, as fully and amply as he might or ou<Tht 
to have been, if the Eftate in Law had defcended to him in PolTefiJcn in hke Manner as the Truft defcended- 
any Law, Cuftom or Ufage to the contrary in any wile notwithftanding. 

fCI. Provided always. That no Heir that (hall become chargeable by reafon of any Eilate or Truft made Af- ^0 Heir fhall by 
fcts in liis Hands by this Law, (hall by reafon of any kind of Plea or ConfelTion of the Aiflion, or fuffering Reafon thereof he- 
Judgment by Nient dedire, or any other Matter, be chargeable to pay the Condemnation out of his own Ellate- ''"'" chargeable of 
(2) but Execution ihall be fued of the whole Eftate fo made Affets in his Hands by Defcent, in whofe Hands t't '■vn Efiati, 
ibcver it ftiall come after the Writ purchafed, in the fame Manner as it is to be at and by the Common Law, 
where the Heir at Law pleading a true Plea, Judgment is prayed againft him thereupon; any Thing in this 
prefent Aift contained to the contrary notwithftauding. 

XII. And for the Amendment of the Law in the Particulars following; (2) Be it further enaded. That from Efatespur auter 
henceforth any Ellate/i/!-..;»(fri';i fliall be devil'able by a Will in Writing, figned by the Party fo devifing the -"ie fhall be deviff 
fame, or by fome other Perfon in his Prefence and by his exprefs Directions, atteile'd and fubfcribed in the Pre- "Me. Andfhall be 
fence of the Devifor by 3 or more Witneflcs; (3) and if no fuch Devife thereof be made, the fame iliall be charge- AJfcits in the Heirs 
able in the Hands of their Heir, if it fliall come to him by reafon of a fpecial Occupancy, as Affets by Defcent, Hand. 
as in Cafe of Lands in Fee-fimple; (4) and in Cafe there be no fpecial Occupant thereof, it (hall tro to the Andiuheretliereis 
Executors or Adminiftratois of the Party that had the Eftate thereof by Virtue of the Grant, and ihalllie AiTets no fpecial Occupant 
in their Hands. fhall goto the Ex- 

' XIII. And whereas it hath been found mifchievous, that Judgments in the King's Courts at IVeflminfler ia ecutors. 
' many Times relate to the ift Day of the Term whereof they are entered, or to the Day of the Return of the Cartheru 376. 
' Original, or Filing the Bail, and bind the Defendants Lands from that Time, although in Truth they were 1 Salk. 464. 
' acknowledged orfuffercd and figued in the Vacation-time after the faid Terra, whereby many Times Purcha- 2 Vern. 719. 
' fers find thcmfelves aggrieved :' c. 3©7. 

XIV. Be it ena<5lcd. That from and after the faid 24th Day of June any Judge or Officer of any of his Ma je- 7he Day ofSign- 
fty's Courts of Wf/?mijy.'rr, that fliall fign any Judgments, ihall at the figning of the fame, without Fee for doing, ing any Judgment 
the fame, fet down the Day of the Month and Year of his fo doing, upon the Paper Book, Docket or Record fk"!! I": entered on 
which he (hall fign; which Day of the Month and Year ihall be alio entred upon the Margcnt of the Roll Re- tt^' MargenI of 
cord where the faid Judgment (ball be entered. the Roll. 

XV. And be it enafled. That fuch Judgments as againft Purchafers fona jf<iV for valuable Confideration ei And fuch Jfdg- 
Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments to be charged thereby, (hall in Confideration of Law be Judgments only "tents as againfl 
liom fuch Time as ihey fliall be fo Cgned, and fliall not relate to the ift Day of the Term whereol'they are en- Purchafers fhaU 
tered, or the Day of the Return of the Original or Filing the Bail ; any Law, Ufags or Courfc of any Court ''elate tofmbtTime 
to the contrary notwithftanding. ' «„/». 

XVI. Aiid 

84 Cf)e l^iMit I^aVus 

\^- '\'^' Engiifh Statutes made of Force ^ 

A. D. 1672. 

21 C. 2. c. 3. XVI. And be it further enaaed, That from and after the faid i4th Dayof y- « no Writ ot Fitrt pclj, erotber 

fVrili of Extcu- Writ of Execution (hall bind the Property of the Goods againft whom fuch Writ of Execution is fucd fonh, but 

tknfcM hind tit from the Time that fuch Writ fhall be dclivertd to the Sfieriff, Under-Shcrilf or Coroners, tc be executed : Ami 

fraperty of CkJi lor the better Manifcftation of tiie faid Time, the Sheriff, Undcr-bheriff and Coroners, their Deputies and 

but from the Time Agents, (ball upon the Receipt of any fuch Writ, (without Fee for doing the fame) cndorfe upon the Back 

of their Delivery thereof the Day of the Month or Year whereon he or they received the fame. 

to the Officer. XVII. And be it further enafted. That from and after the iM 14th Day of June no Contr3<ft for the Sale of 

J SaU. 320. any Goods, Wares and Merchandifcs, for the price of £10 Sterlirg or upwards, (hall be allowed to be good, ex- 

Carlhew 4T9. cept the Buyer (hall accept Part of the Goods fo fold, and aftually receive the fame, or give fomethiug in Ear- 

1 Moife. 188. neft to bind the Bargain, or in Part of Payment, or that fnme Note or Memorandum in Writing of the laid Bar- 

2 Kei. 257. gain be made and figned by the I'arties to be charged by fuch Contrad, or their Agents thereunto lawfully au- 
Ctntraasfor Sales thorifed. 

cf Goods for lojT. XVIII. And be it further enaded. That the Day of the Month and Year of the Enrolment of the Recogni- 

«r more. zances (hall be fet down in the Margent of the K oil where the faid Recognizances are be enrolled; (2) and that 

thuan. Hifl. from and after the faid 24th Day of June no Recognizance Ihallbind any Lands, Tenements or Hercditamenu 

lib. 39. §. 25. in the Hands of any Purchafcr bona fide and for valuable Confideratioii, but from the Time of fuch Enrol- 

The Day of the ment; any Law, Ufage or Courfe of any Court to the contrary in any wife notwithftanding. 

Enrolmnt of Re- ' XIX. And for Prevention of fraudulent PracSices in fettlng up nuncupative Wills, which have been th^ 

ttmiixancesJtaJl ■ Occafion of much Perjury;' (2) be it tnadlcd. That from and after the aforefaid 24th Day of June no nuncupative 

tr/etdr-wn, and Will Ihall be good, where the Eftate thereby bequeathed (hall exceed the Value of £.30, that is not proved by 

LnnJs in the the Oaths of 3 Witnctfes (at the leaft) that were prefciit at the making thereof; (3) nor unlefs it be proved that 

HundsofPurcba- ^^ Teftator at the Time of pronouncing the fame, did bid the Pcrfons prof at, or fome of them, bear Witncfs, 

fri lipinidfrom that fuch was his Will, or to that Eff.ri;!; (4) nor unlefs fuch nuncuijaiive Will were made iu the 'lime of the 

tl'.it Time only. Jaft Sickn.cfs of the deceafed, and in tlie Houfe of his or her Habitation or Dwelling, or where he or (he hath 

Noncufative been refident for the Space of lo Days or more next before the making of fuch Will, except where fuch Pcrfon 

tVillt. was furprifed or taken (ick, being from his own Home, and died before he returned to the Place of his or her 

Explained hy Dwelling. 

4. Ann. i. 16. XX. And be it further enaiSled, That after 6 Months palTed after the fpeakirg of the pretended Teftamcn- 

5. 14- tary Words, no Teflmiony (hall be received to prove any Will rvjnciipative, except the faid Teftimony, the Subf- 
frobatet of Nuif tance thereof, were committed to Writing within 6 Days after the making of the faid Will. 

cuftttive IVills. XXI. And no Letters Teftamentary or Probate of any Nuncupative V'.'ill (hill pafs the Seal of any Court, 

till 14 Days at the leaft after the Deccafe of the Teilator be fully expired; {i) nor (liall any Nuncupative Will be 
nt any Time received to be proved, unlefs Procefs have (irll irfucd to call m the Widow, or next of Kindred to 
the deceafed, to the End they may contcft the fame, if they ple^fe. 
Raymond ii^. XXII. And no Will in Writing concerning any Goodsor Chatties, orperfonal F.rtate, (hall be repealed, nor 

(hall any Claufe, Devife or Bequeft therein, be altered or changed by any Words, or Will by Word of Mouth 
only, except the fame be in the Life of the Teftator committed to Writing, and after the Writing thereof Pcad 
ujito the 1 eftator, and allowed by him, and proved to be io done by 3 ■WitnelTes at the leaft. 
Soldiers and Ma- XXIII. Provided always. That notwithftanding this ACt, any Soldier being in a(ftual Miliury Service, or any 
rineri IVitliex- Mariner or Seaman being at Sea, mav difpofe of his Moveables, Wages and'Perfunal EiUte, as he or they might 
ctfled. have done before the making of tills r,&. 

22 & 23 Car. 2. XXV. And for the explaining one Act of this prcfent Parliament, entitled. An ASlfor tit tetter fettling a Im- 
c. 10. tejiates Ef.jles; (2) be it declared. That neithci tli. faid Ai5I, nor any Thing therein contained, Ihall be conftruci 

Hufhands not com- to extend to the Eftatts of Feme Coverts that (ball die Inteftate, but that tficir Hulbands may demand and have 
feliaile lo male Adminiftration of their Ri'^hts. Credits, and other perfoual Ellates, and recover and enjoy tlie fame, a> thejr 
Di/iriiution of tit might have done before the making of ttiCfaid A<if. 
ferfonal Eftates of their iVives. I Mod. 231. 

A. D. 1677. 

30C.2. r. 7. ^^ ^^ ^Q enable Creditors to recover their Debts of the Executors 
and Adminiftrators of Executors in their own Wrong. 

(This Statute is copied verbatim into tlie Probate and Executor AiS, of 1 789.) 
'■^XTHERKAS the Executors and Adminiftrators of fuch Pcrfons who have poflclfed thcmfclvet of confi- 
' VV derablc perfonal Eftates of other dead Perfons, and converted the fame to their own Ufc, have no Re- 
' mcdy by the Rules of the Common Law, as it now ftands, to pay the Debts of thnfc Pcrfons whofe Ellatelliith 

• been fo' converted by their Teftator or Inteftate, which hath been found very mifchicvous, and many Credi- 

• tors defeated of their juft Debts, although tlieir Debtors left behind them fuITicient to fatisfy the fame, with a 
, T/.y ,,, ' great Overplus." 

'■ It. For Remedy whereof. Be it enacted. That all and every the Executors and Adminiftrators of any Perfon 

or Perfon-,, who as Executor or Executors in his or their own Wrong or Adminiftrators, (hall from and after the 

^ .1 ,, ift Day of y^i/f/j/J next enfuing wafte or convert any Goods, Chatcles, Eftate or AlTcts of any Pcrfon dcccifcd, 

T fac. .. I. 17. 1^ ^1^^.^ ^^^^ ^jf^^ j^^H j^^ ii^JjI^ ^jjJ chargeable in the fame Manner as their Teftator or ImelUte would have 

bccniftluy had been living. Enb.rgedby 4 & 5 W. & M- c. 24. §. U. 


df ^outf>Cavoltna» 85 

Englijh Statutes made of Force, ^i^.'Hu' 

A. 0.1685. 

Ati Ad for R evivingand Continuance of feveral Ads of Parliament 17.2.^.17. 
therein mentioned. 

V . Be it enaiSed, That I other Art made in the 1 7th Year of tii^ faid late Majefty's Reign, intitled. An Aa 17 ^'•_>'- '• '• ^• 
for avM-ng unfufpry Suits and D.-la^.; : AnA alfo 1 other A& made in the 32d and 13d Years of his late Majefty's '/'^""'•"S V^'p' , 

"Reig-n, intitled, An Aa f.,r -.he Lhcrffttiittg htrfaUs EJlulcs f which faid latter Ad is explained by a Claufe in «"</ 12 « 23 ^«r. 
I other A&. made in the 29th Year of his faid late Majclly's Reign, intitled, An Ail for Prpventhn of Frauds and ''■■'■ }°- "J dJ'f- 
P^rjurirs) both which faid Arts, with the faid Claufe, are continued by I other A& made in the 13th Year of his inbuUonmadcftr- 
faid late Majefty's Reign, intitled. An Aa/or rtvi-jing both tb.- faid former Ads. All which faid Ads and Claufes P''""'-- 
fliall be in Force, and is hereby made perpetual. - *^ '*"" "^ , 

Claufe in 29 Car. 2. ,-. 3. «. 25 o/l2 & 23 Car. I. c. 10. of Dijiributions, made perpetual , 30 Car. ^, '."'.• '' '' °- 

VI. It is hereby enafted. That no Adminiftrator fliall, from the 24th Day of July next, be cited to any the Mmimjtrator 
Courts in the faid hft .Ait mentioned, to render an Account of the Perfonal Eftate of his Intellate (otherwife contpelUtb.e toa:- 
thanbyan Invtr.tury or Inventories thereof) unlefs it be at the Inftance or Profecution of fome Perfon or Per- 'ounton.y to Per- 
fons in Beh.ilf of a Minor, or having a Demand out of fuch Perfonal Eftate as a Creditor or next of Kin, nor be J""' •ntere/led. 
compellable to account before any the Ordinaries or Judges by the faid laft Ad impovvcred and appointed to 

take the fame, otherwife than as is aforefaidj any Thing m the faid Ijft A<S8 contained to the contrary not- 

VII. Provided alfo. That if after the Death of a Father, any of his Children fliall die inteftate without Wife Brother and Sifter 
or Children, in the Life-time of the Mother, every Brother and Sitter, and the Reprefentatives of them, bi-i-W fiallfhare equally 
have an equal Share with her; any Thing in the laft merftioned Acts to the contrary notwithilanding. tiiVi the Mothu. 

The rejl of this Statute -was not made of force. 

, A. D. i6S;2. 

An Ad for the abrogating of the Oaths of Supremacy ana Alle- liy.uM.e.'^. 
giance and appointing other Oaths. Obfokte. 

A. D. 1690. 

An Ad for enabHng the Sale of Goods diftrained for Rent, in cafe iiv.&:m.c.j. 
the Rent be not paid in a reafouable Time. 

'XTTHEREAS the nioft ordinary and ready V.'ay for Recovery of Arrears of Rent isby Diftrefs, yet fuch 
' VV Diftrelfes not being to be fold, but only detained as Pledges for enforcing the Payment of fuch Rent, 
' the Perfons diftraining have little Benefit thereby :' For the Remedying whereof, 

II. Be it ena(5led. That from and after the ift Day of Ju/it' in the Year of our Lord 1690, that where any Goods dl/lraine f 
Goods or Chatties fliall be diftrained for any Rent referved and due upon any Demife, Leafe, or Contract what- for Rent may be 
foever, and the Tenant or Owner of the Goods fo diftrained (hall not wiihin 5 Days next after fuch Diftrefs tak- abpraifed and fold. 
en, and Notice thereof (with the Caufe of fuch Taking) left at the chief Manlion-houfe, or other moft noto- Farther provided 
rious Place on the Prtmifcs charged with the Rent diftrained for, replevy the fame, with fuSicient Security to forbyZArm.c. n 
be given to the Sheriff according to Law, that then in fuch Cafe, after fuch'Diftrefsand Notice as aforefaid, and 
Expiration of the faid 5 Days, the Perfon diftraining fhall and may, with the t-herifF or Under Sheriff of the 
Coimty, or with the Conftable of the Hundred, Parifli, or Place where fuch Di;lrefs fhall be taken (who are 

hereby required to be aiding and alTifting therein) caufe the Goods and Chatties fo diftrained to be appraifed by 
2 fworn Appraifers (whom fuch SheriS, Under Sheriff, or Conftable are hereby impoweted to fwear) to ap- 
praife the fame truly, according to the beft of their Uhderftandings; and after fuct Appraifement fliall and may 
lawfully fell the Goods and Chatties fo diftrained for the beft Price can be gotten for the fame, towards Satis- 
faftion of the Rent for which the faid Goods and Chatties fliall be diftrained, and of the Charges or fuch Dif- 
trefs, Appraifement, and Sale, leaving the Overplus (if any) in the Hands of tiie faid Sheriff, Under Sheriff, 
or Conflable, for the Owner's Ufe. » / <■ irf 

' III. And whereas no Sheaves or Cocks of Corn loofi or in the Straw, or Hay in anv Barn, or Granary, or ""' "j'' .'■ 

• on any Hovel, Stack, or Rick, can by the Law be difti^ained, or otherwife fccured for Rent, whereby Land- """//-ft '*''"•«'' 
' lords are often Times coufened and deceived by dieir Tenants, who fcH their, Corn, Grain, and Hay to Strang- ""J" • 

' ers, andrcn. ve the fame from the Premifes cliargeable with fuch Rent, and thcreSy avoid the Payment of 

• the fame;' Be it further enacted. That for remedying the faid Praftice and Deceit, it fliall and may, from and 
after the faid ift Day of 'June, be lawful to and for any Perfon or Perfuiis having Rent arrear, and due upon any 
fuch Demife, Leafe, or Contradl asaforefaid, to feize and fecure any sheaves or Cocks of Corn, or Corn looft. 
or in the Straw, or Hay lyiny or being in any Bani or Granary, or upon any Hovel, Stack, or Rick, or other- 
wife upon any Part of the Lain! or Ground charged with fuch Rent, ind to lock up or detain the fame in the 
Place where the fame fliall be found, for or in the Nature of a Diftrefs, until the fame ihall be replevied upon 
fuch Security to be given as aforefaid; .^nd in Default of replevying the fame as afortliid, within the T:me afore- 
faid, to fell the fame after fuch Appraifment thereof to be made; fo as neverthelefs fuch Com, Grain, or Hay 
fo diftrained as aforefaid, be not removed by the Perfon or Perfons di.ftraining, to the Damagi of the Owner 
thereof, out of the Place where the fame fhall be found, and fcized, but be kept there (as impounded) until 
the fame ftiallbe replevied, or fold in Default of replevying the fame within the Time aforefaid. 

IV. .-ind be it further ena(3ed. That upon any Pcnnd-brcach or Refcous of Gor.ds or Chatties diftrained for Treble Damages 
Rent, the Perfon or Perfons grieved thereby fliali, i.". a fp eiial Adion upon the Cafe for the Wrong thereby for found-bread. 

Y fuftained. 

86 Cfje ^utjlic iLatofi 

Englipi Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 
N". 331. 

„^ «■ ^" ■ fufiaincd, recover hi? anc! their treble Damages and CoP.s of Suit againft the Offender or Oflendei! in any fuch 
, ■ ^, j'/" Rcfcous or Pound-breach, any or either oi them, or againft the Owners of the Goods diftrained in cafjthe fame 
C r^" I -nr '"'^ afterwards fojnd to have come to his Ufe or Poflefllon. 

]-,'" LI ij"" " V. Provided, Th:it in cafe any fuch Diftrefs and S;ile, asaforcfald, (hall be made by Virtue or Cohiur of this 

^jl'r ""' ^ 'p prefent AiS for Rent pretended to be arrear and due, where in 'IVuth no Kent is arrcar or due to the Perfon or 
^'' f i^t ■ Perfons diftraining, or to him or them in whole Name or Names, or Right, fuch Diflrcfs fhall be taken as 
■uronaju ijirain- ^[^^^r^^^^ ^^liA then the Owner of fuch Goods or Chatties diftrained and fold as aforefaid, his Executors or Ad- 
miniftrators, fnall and may, by A<3ion of Trcfpafs, or upon the Cale, to be brought againft the Perfon or Per- 
fons fo diftraining, any or either of them, hisortlieir Executors or Adminiftrators, recover double of the Value 
of the Goods or Chatties fo diftrained and fold, together «ithfull Coi^sof Suit. 

iS^Aw'-kM-c). An A6t to take away Clergy from fome Offenders, and to bring 

others to Puniftiment. 

aj H. 8. c. 3. 

Any ferjon con- ' TT'ORASMUCH as divers wicked and lU-difpofed Perfons are encouraged to conmiit Robberies t:pon Men'j 
vifloftMinga 'X? Perfons, and in their Honfes, and oiher Oifendcrs, by the Privilege, as the haw now is, of demanding the 
D-welUng-houfe ' Benefit of their Clergy;' be it therefore enaifted, That all and every Perfon or Perfons tlut (hall at any Time 
-.uhircin tberc h from and after the ift Day of March, in the Year of our Lord 169I, rob any other Perfon, or (hall ftlonioufly 
any or no Pirfm, take away any Goods or Chatties, being in any Dwclling-houl'e, the Owner or any other Perfon being therein, 
X^c. orJlaiiJing and put in Fear, or (hall rob any Dwelling-houle in the Day-time, any Perfon being therein, or (hall comfort, 
mutc,Jballlcfc bis aid, abet, atfift, counfcl, hire, or command any Perfon «r Perfons to connnit any of the faid OfTence*, or to break 
Clergy, any Dwelling-houfe, Shop, or Warehoufe, thereunto bcJongitig, or therewith ufcd, in the Day-time, and feloni- 

oufly take away any Money, Goods, or Chattel, of the VaFue of 55. or upwards, therein being, although no 
Perfon (hall be within fuch Dwelling-houfe, Shop, or Warehoufe, or (hall counfel, hire, or command any Perfon 
to commit any Burglary, being thereof cciivifled or attainted, or being indiifled thereof (hall ftand mute, or 
will not direiflly anfwer to the Indidlment, or (hall peremptorily challenge above the Number of 20 Perfons re- 
turned to be of the Jury, (hall not have the Benefit of his or their Clergy. 
Ptifoniliulifiedfor II. And if any Perfon or Perfons whatfoever be indided of any Offence, for which, by Virtue of any former 
m Crime, ofivhijj Statute, he or thty are excluded from having the Benefit of his or their Clergy, if he or they had been thereof 
being conn/id they conviiSed by Verdid or Confeffion; if he or they ftand mute, or will not anfwer diredly to the Felony, or (liall 
VKulJ not have challenge premptorily above the Number of 20 Perfons returned to be of the Jury, or fliall be outlawed thereupon, 
their Clergy, if fhall not be admitted to the T.enefit of his or tlicir Clergy. 

they jiand mule ii^. III. And if any Perfon or Perfons hereafter be indiifted of Felony for ftealing of any Goods or Chattel in any 
fcall not bav! it. County within this Realm of England, Dominion of Wales, or Town of Berwick upon Tweed, and thereof be 
Perfini indlcicd 0/ convie'ted or attainted, or rpon his or their Arraignment ftiall ftand mute, or will not dircClly anfwer to the 
a Crimean abo-ve, Inditfiment, or (hall challenge peremptorily above the Nimiber of 20 Perfons returned to be of the Jury, he 
in n ivrong Coun- or they (hall be totally excluded from having the Benelit of his or their Clergy, if it appear upon Evidence or 
ty,iftbeyjland Examination before the Juftices, that the faid Goods or Chattel were taken by Robbery or Burglary, or in any 
mute, &c. Jhall other Manner, in any other County, whereof if fuch Perfon or Perfons had been conviiled by a Jury of the faid 
net bam ii. other County, he or they are excluded, by Virtue of this or any other AA, from having the Benefit of his or their 

a Hav!. P. C. Clergy. 

eb. 33. ' IV. And forafmuch as Thieves and Robbers are much encouraged to commit fuch Offences, bccaufe a great 

Suycri ofJlJen ' Number of Perfons make it their Trade and Bufjntfs to deal in the buying of ftolen Goods;' be it therefore 
Geodj refuted yie- enafbed. That if any Perfon or Perfons (hall buy or receive any Goods or Chattel that (hall be felonioufty taken 
lejjariei to Felony, or ftolcn from any other Perfon, knowing the fame to be ftolen, he or they (hall be taken and deemed an At- 
See farther con- ceffary or Acceffaries to fuch Felony after the Fafl, and (hall incur the fame Puniftiment, as an Accefl'ar)' or Ac- 
lerning Aeciffariei ceffaries to the Felony after the Felony committed. 
ani Receivers if Jlalen Goods, I Ann. flat. 2. t. 9. A. A. 23 Aug. 1769. 

' V. And whereas it is a frequent Prailiee for idle and dlfnrdcrly Perfons to hire Lodgings with an Intent to 
' have an Opportunity to takeaway, imbezil, or purloin the Goods and Furniture being in luch lodgings;' be 
Stealing Goods it therefore enaded. That if any Perfon or Perfons (hall take away, with an Intent to fteal, inibczil, or purloin 
from lodgings any Chattel, Bedding, or Furniture, which bv Cnntradl or Agreement he or they arc to ufe, or (liall be fet to 
felony. him or them to ufe, in or with fuch Lodging, fuch taking, iriliezilling, or purloining, (hall he to all Intents and 

Purpofes taken, reputed and adjudgeil to be i.arceny and Felony, and the Offender (hall fuffer as in Cafe of Fe- 
Wo-nen convifl of 'VI. And whereas by the Law of this Realm, conviifted of Felony for ftealing of Goods and Chat- 
Crimesfor tuhicb ' ttl of the Value of los. and upwards, and for other Felonies, where a Man is to have the Benefit of his 
menbaiietbcir « Clergy, arc to fuffer Death;' Beit therefore enadled, 'I hat where a Man being conviiSed of any Felony for 
Clergy, uf,',n fr.iy- which he may demand the Benefit of his Clergy, If a Woman be convided for the fame or like Offence, upon 
er purtifhediismen. her Prayer to have the Benefit of this .Statute, judgipent of Death ftiall not be civen againft her upon fuch Cgn- 
vi(5tion, or Execution awarded upon any Outlawry for fuch Offence, hut (hall fuffer the fame Punilbn-eni a» a 
Man (hould fuffer, that has the Benefit of his Clergy allow ed him in the like Cafe ; that i» to ("ay, ftial! be burnt 
in the Hand by thr Gaoler in open Court, and furihi-r be kept in Prifon for fuch Time M the Juftice* in their 
Difcretion (hall think fit, fo as the fame do not exceed one Year s imppfunmcnt. 
Habere a Perfon ' VII. And forafmuch as fuch ^.len who have once had their Clergy, and fuch Women who (hall have once 
baibiidbis Clergy ' the Benefit of this .Statute, m.'V happen to be indidled for an Offence committed afterwards in (ome other 
Ix anotter county, ' County;' be it therefore enadli u. That th' Clerk of the Crown, Clerk of the Peace, Clerk of the Affi7es, where 
Cleri of tht fuch Man or Woman fliall be coi.viijled, (ball at the Requell of the Profetutor, or »ny other in their Majeftics Be- 

of §>C!Utf)^Cari5linii» 87 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. \?; g^'"- 

half, certify a Tranfcript, briefly and in few Words containing the Effedl: and Ttnor of every Indi(?iment and j^ ScM eg. 
Conviaion'of fijch Man or Woman, of his havino; the Benefit of the Clergy, or her having- the Benefit of this ;^,.„,',„ ts"...' /jj/} 
Statute, and Addition of every fuch Perfon or Perfons, and the Certainty of the Felony and Conviftion, to the ^^^^jV },_ 
Judges and Jnftices in fuch other County, where fuch Man or Woman fhall be indiifted, which Certificate 
being produced in Court, lliall be a fufticient Proof that fuch Man hath before had the Benefit of his Clergy, 
and that fuch Woman hath had the Benefit of this Statute. 

3 & 4 »'• & M. 

An A(fl for the Relief of Creditors againft fraudulent Devifes. '■ ^t. 

' "TTTHEREAS itis not reafonable or juft, that by the Practice or Contrivance of any Debtors their Cre- 
' VV ditors ihould be defrauded of their juft Debts; and neverthclefs it hath often fo ha;.iiened, that where 
' feveral Perfons having by Bonds or other Specialties bound thenifelves. and their Heirs, and have afterwards 
' died feized in Fee-limple of and in Manors, MefTuages, I^ands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, or had 
' Power or Authority to difpofe of or charge the fame by their Wills or Teftanients, have to the defrauding of 
' fuch their Creditors, by their Laft Wills or Teftamems devifed the fame, or difpofed thereof in fuch Manner 
' as fuch Creditors have loft their faid Debts :' For remedying of which, and for the Maintenance of juft and 
upright Dealing, 

II. Be it en^dled, That all Wills and Teftaments, Limitations, Difpofitions, or Appointments, of or con- „ Ji t 
cerning any Manors, Meffuagcs, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, or of any Rent. Protit, Term, or '■' i'r" irt'" 
Charge out of the fame, whereof any Perfon or Perfons, at the Time of his, her, or their Deceafe, Ihall be ''S'""J' re i ors. 
feized in Fee-fimple, in Pofleflion, Reverfion, or Remainder, or have Power to difpofe of the fame, by his, her, 

or their laft Wills or Teftaments, to be made after the 25th Day of il/ariri in the Year of our Lord God 1692, ftiall 

be deemed and taken (only as againft fuch Creditor or Creditors a^ aforefaid, his, her, and their Heirs, Suc- 

ceflbrs. Executors, Adminiftrators, and Affiens, and every of them) to be fraudulent, and clearly, abfolutely, Viii. V. 13.521 

and utterly void, fruftrate, and of none Effeil; any Pretence, Colour, feigned or prefumed Confideration, or 

any other Matter or Thing to the contrary notwithftanding. 

III. And for the Means that fuch Creditors may be enabled to recover their faid Debts, be it further enaifted, DM upon Bond 
That in theCafes before mentioned, evcryfuchCreditor (hall and mayhave and maintain his, her, and their A<Sion j<""»y !""¥'. "' 
and Actions of Debt, upon his, her, and their faid Bonds and Specialties, againft the Heir and Heirs at Law gahf the Heir &. 
of fuch Obligor or Obligors, and fuch Devifee and Devifees, jointly by virtue or this A<S; and fuch Devifee or Detjifee of an Ob- 
Devifees ftiall be liable and chargeable for a falfe Plea by him or them pleaded, in the fame Manner as any %"'■• 

Heir ftiould have been for any falfe Plea by him pleaded, or for not confefRng the Lands or Tenements to him Ucvifre chargeaile 
defcended. _ /"• "^^/^ ^^'"^ 

IV. Provided that where there hath been or fliall be any Limitation or Appointment, Devife or Difpofition, "'"".f^"''' 

of or concerning any Manors, Meft'uages, Lands, Tenements, or Hereditamens, for the raifing or Payment of lJe'^"fi for ""Jnig 
any real and juft Debt or Debts, or any Portion or Portions, Sum or Sums of Money, for any Child or Children Portimspurfuant 
of any Perfon, other than the Heir at Law, according to, or in purl'uance of any Marriage Contraft or Agree- '^ " Marriage 
ment in Writing bona fide made before fuch Marriage, the fame and every of them ftiall be in full Force; and ('"•trait, good. 
the fame Manors, MelTuages, Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, fliall and may be holden aiid enjoyed by 
every fuch Perfon or Perfons, his, her, and their Heirs, Executors, Adminiftrators, and Affigns, for whom 
the faid Limitation, Appointment, Devife, or DifpoCtion was made, and ty his, her, and their Truttee or 
Truftees, his, her, and their Heirs, Executors, Adminiftrators, and Afiigns, for fuch Eftate or Intereft as ftiall 
be fo limited, or appointed, devifed or difpofed, until fuch Debt or Debts, Portion or Portions, fliall be rai- 
led, paid, andfatislied; any Thing in this A(5l contained to the contrary notwitliftanding* 

' v. And whereas feveral Perfons being Heirs at Law, to avoid the Payment of fuch juft Debts, as in regard If the Ue'ir alier.e 
' of the Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments defcending to them they have by Law been liable to pay, have before ASlion 
* fold, aliened, or made over fuch Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, before any Proccfs was or could be if- brought, bejhalt 
' fued out againft them;' Be it further enafled, That in all Cafes where any Heir at Law- fliall be liable to pay be liable to ihe-va- 
the Debt of his Anceftor in regard of any Lands, Tenements, or Hcredit-amcnts defcending to him, and iliall lue of the Land. 
fell, aliene, or make over the fame, before any Adion brought, or Procefs fued out againft him, that fuch 
Heir at Law ftiall be anfwerable for fuch Debt or Debts, in an A Aion or Adlions of Debt, to the Value of the _ . 
faid Land fo by him fold, aliened, or made over; in which Cafes all Creditors fliall be preferred, as in Actions Creditors frcfer- 
againft Executors and Adminiftrators, and fuch Execution fliall be taken out upon any Judgment or Judgments red, aiinyjiiioiis 
fo obtained againft fuch Heir, to the Value of the faid Land, as if the fame were his own proper Debt or Debts; agamji Lxeeutori. 
faving that the Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments io/ii7_^A aliened before the Adion brought, ftiall not be 
liable to fuch Execution. 

VI. Provided That where any A<3ion of Debt upon any Specialty is brought againft any Heir, he may plead Ufon Riens per 
Riem per Defcent, at the Time of the original Writ brought, or the Bill filed againft him; any Thing herein Drjcent fleadeJ, 
contained to the contrar)-notwithftanding; and the PlaintifFin fuch A<5lion may reply, that he had Lands, Tc- Jury Jhall enquire 
nements, or Hereditaments, from his Anceftor before the original Writ brought, or Bill filed; and if upon Iffue y^''-"' -^alue oj the 
joined thereupon, it be found for the Plaintiff', the Jury fhall enquire of the Value of the Lands, Tenements, Lands. Oiherivife 
or Hereditam.ents fo defcended, and thereupon Judgment fliall be given, and Execution fliall be awarded as '/ Judgment by 
aforefaid : but if Ju.-lgment be given againft fuch Heir by Confeflion of the AiSlion, without confefling the Af- Confefpon, for 
fets defcended, or upon Demurrer, or Nihil dicit, it (hall be for the Debt and Damages, without any Writ to Debt and Dama- 
enquire of the Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments fo defcended. g"- Carthe-.u 

VII. .Provided alfo, and be it further enacfted. That all and every Devifee, and Devifees, made Uable by this 353- 354- 
AS'., ftiall be liable and chargeable in the fame Manner as the Heir at Law by Force of this Ad, notwithiland- Devifee cbargealU 
ing t'lt Lands, Teocmeuts, and Hereditaments, to him or them devifed, fliall be aliioed before the Ailion "■■ Heir.. 
jrlught. ^^ 

88 CJe ?3ii!)ltc CalDS 

Englifh Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 
N". 331. 

A. D. 1692. 

*^^i»'.s<.M. An Act to prevent Frauds by Clandeftine Mortgages. 

(Sec A. A. gthOclubcr, l6;8.) 

' TTTHKREAS great Frauiis and Deceits are too often pra(ftifed liy nccefTiioui and evil-difpofcd Pcrfonsin 
' VV borrov.inff of Money, and giving Judjrmcnts, Statutes, and Recognizances ]irivately, for fccuring the 
» ' Repayment of the faid Money, and the fame Perfons do afterwards borrow Money iijion Security of their 

' I^ands of other Perfons, and do not acquaint the latter Lender thereof with the fame, whereby fuch late Lcn- 
' dcr is very often in Danger to lofe his whole Money, or forced to pay oil" the Debts fccureJ by the faid Judg- 
' nients. Statutes, and Recognizances, before they can have any Benetit of the faid Mortgages. And whereas 
' divers Perfons do many times Mortgage their Lands more than once, \yithout giving notice of their firft Mort- 
' g-'ig^. whereby Lenders of Money upon fecond or after Mortgages do often iol'e their Money, and are put to 
' great Charge^ in Suits and otherwifc :' For Remedy whereof, and preventing the fame as much as may be fur 
' the future,' 
DiUorupon'Juig- 11. Be it enaiSed, That if any Perfon or Perfons from and after the ift Day of May which (hall be in the 
mcnt, &c. taking^ Year of cur Lord 1 693, Ihall borrow any Money, or for other valuable Confideration, for the Payment thereof, 
up Money of ail,- voluntarily give, acknowledge, permit, or fuffer to be entered, againft him or them, one or more Judgment or 
ther upon a Ml 1^- Judgments, Statute or Statutes, Rccognizamcor Recognizances, to any Perfon or Pcrl'ons, Creditor or Creditors; 
gagt, tMitout ?> a- and if thcfaid Borrower or Borrowers, Debtor or Debtors, fhall afterwards take up or borrow any otiier Sum or 
ticf 0/ tte yaJ^- Sums of Money of any other Perfon or Perfons, or for other valuable Confideration become indebted to fuch Perfon 
men! to the Mott- or Pcribns, and for fecuring the Repayment and Difcharge thereof, (hall mortgage his, her, or their Lands or Te- 
SV/'fi"!! lof' ^" nemects, or any Part therof, to the faid fecond or otherLender or Lenders of the faid Money, CretUtor or Credi- 
iijinty to I edeca. tors, or to any other Perfon or Perl'ons in Truft for, orto the Ufe of, fuch fecond, or other Lender or Lenders, Cre- 
ditor or Creditors, and lliall not give Notice to the faid Mortgagee or Mortgagees of the faid Judgment or Judg- 
ments, Statute or Statutes, Recognizance or Recognizances, in Writing uniier his, her, or their Hand or Hands, 
before the Execution of the faid Mortgage or Mortgages; unlefs fuch Mortgager or Mortgagers, his, her, or 
their Heirs, upon Notice to hhn, her, or them, given by the Mortgagee or Mortgagees of the faid Lands and 
Tenements, his, her, or their Heirs, Executors, Adminiflratois, orAffigns, in Writing under his, her, or their 
Hands and Seals, attclled by two or more fuflicient WitnelTes, of any fuch former Judgment or Judgments, 

Statute or Statutes, Recognizance or Recognizances, (hall within (1 Months pay off and difcharge the faid Judg- 
ment or Judgments, Statute or Statutes, Recognizance or Recognizances, and all Intcrcll and Charges due there- 
upon, and caufe or procure the fame to be vacated or difcharged by Record : That then the Mortgager or Mort- 
gagers of the faiil Lands and Tenements, hi<, her, or their Heii-s, Executors, Admiiilllrators or Alfigns, (hall 
have no Benefit or Remedy againft the faid Mortgagee or Mortgagees, his, her, or their Heirs, Executors, Ad- 
minillrators, or AlTigns, or any of them, in Equity or elfewhere, for Redemption of the faid Lands and Tene- 
ments, or any Part thereof; but the faid Mortgagee or Mortgagees, his, her, or their Heirs, Executors, Admi- 
niftrators, and AITigiH, fli.ill and may hold and enjoy the faid Lands and Tenements for fuch Eftatc and Terra 
tncrein, as were or was granted and fettled to the faid Mortgagee or Mortgagees, againft the faid Mortgager or 
Mortgagers, and all Perfon and Perfons lawfully claiming from, by, or umler him, her, or them, freed from 
l^quity of Redemption, and as fully to all Intents and Purpofes whatfoevcr, aj if the fame had been purchafed ab- 
foluteiyand without any Power or Liberty of Redemption. 
Perfon Morlg/ig- III. And if any Perfon or Perfons, who have or hath once mortgaged, or from and after the faid ift Day of 
ing iTi'he ivitboul May (hull mortgage, any Lands or Tenements to any Perfon or Perfons, for Security of Money lent, or other- 
Notice of the Firfi wife accrued or become due, or for other valuable Confiderations; and if the faid Mortgager or Mortgagers 
Mortgage, kfe: fliall again mortgage the fame Lands or Tenements, or any Part thereof, to any other Perfon or Pcrlims for 
/•// Equity. valuable Confidrrations (the faid former Mortgage being in Force and not difcharged) and (hall not difcover to 

2 Fern. 589. the faid fecond or other Mortgagee or Mortgagees, or fome or one of them, the former Mortgage or Mortgages, 

.!:;o- in Writing under his or their Hands; that then and in thofe Cafes alfo, the faid Moitgagcr or Mortgagers, his, 

her, or their Heirs, Executors, Adminiftrators, or AlTigns, (hall have no Relief or Equity of Redemption againft 
the faid fecond or after Mortgagee or Mortgagees, his, her, or their Heirj, Executors, Adminiftrators, or Aftigns, 
upon the faid after Mortgage or Mortgages, but that fuch Mortgagee or ^lortgaget», his, her, or rheir Heirs, 
Executors, Adminiftrators, and AITlgns, (hall and may hold and enjoy luch more than once morgtiged Lantls and 
Tenements, for fuch Eftale and Term therein, as were or was granted and conveyed by the laid Mortgager or 
MortgageiK againft him, her. or them, his, her, or tlieir Heirs, Executors, or Adminiftrators refpeiftivcly, 
freed from Equity of Redemption, and as fully to all Intents and Purpofes, as if the fame had been an abfolute 
Purchafe, and without any Power or Liberty of Redemption. 
VnJer Mortgattet 'V- Provided nevcrthclefs, if it lo happen there be more than one Mortgage at the fame 'Time made by any 
may reJeem. " I'erfon or Perfons, to any I'erfon or Perfons of the fame Lands and Tenements, the fevcral late or under Mor- 
tgagees, his, her, or their Heirs, Executors, Adminiflrators, or Afiigns, (hall have Power to redeem any former 
Mortgage or Mortgages, upon Payment of the principal Debt, IntcreiV, and Coftsof Suit, to the prior Mortgopec 
t r Monagecs, his, her.or th;ir Heirs, Executors, Adminiftrators, or Afiigns; any thing herein contained to 
the contrary thereof in any wife notwithiianding. 
Ptuir favei. ^- i'fovided always, 'That nothing in this Aet contained fh.tll be conftrued. dcemetl, or extended, to bar any 

' ' ' Widow of any Mortgager of Lands or Tenements from her Dower and Right in or to the faid Lands, who did 
not Icgallv join witli her HuPjsnd in fuch Mortgage, or otherwifc lawfully bar or exclude hcrl'cif front fuch her 
n..v.,, .>rR,,;l,;. 


cf g>otit1j Carolina* 89 

Engli/h Statutes made of Force. ^^?- \^\^' 

An A£t for delivering Declarations to Prifoners. a^s at. & m- 

'^ TTT HEREAS by the Courfe of Pradice in the refpecSive Courts of Record at IVcfrnhfcr, after theTlain- 

• W tiff or Plaintiffs, in any Writ iffued out of r.iiy nfthc faid Couns, have been at greai Charge to arreft 
^ the Defendant or Defendantsupon fuch Writ, and the Defendant or Defendants, for want of fufhcient Bail, 
' are often committed to Gaol, and unlefs the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs foall, before the End of two Terms, next 

• after fuch Arreff . caufe fucli Defendant or Defendants, by Writ of Hjie i Corpus^ to be removed, to be ch^irg- 
' ed in the faid refpc<3ive Courts with Declarations, of tlie Caufe of fuch A<3ion or A<ftions, futh Fnfoner or 

• Prifoners are upon a common Bail or Appearance by Attorney difcharged from their Iniprifonment, to the 
' great Prejudice of the Plaintiffs;' For remedy whereof, 

II. Beit enaiSed, That if now, or at any Time alter the l^thDay cf Manb 1693, any Defendant or Defen- 22 52" 14 Car. ^. 
dants be taken or charged in Cuftody at the Suit of any Perfon or Perfons, upon any Writ or Writs out of any c. 20. 

of the faid Courts at iVfjifrirtjler^ and inprifonedor detained in Prifon for Want of Sureties for their Appearance Pri/ctter in Cuf- 
to the fame, the Plaintifl" or Plaintiffs, in fuch Writ or Writs, (hall and may, by virme of this Aft, hclore the y^^^ bayj cbarped. 
End of the next Term after fuch Writ or Procefs fhall be returnable, declare againfl fuch Prifoner or Prifoners 
in the refpetftive Court or Courts out cf which the Writ or Writs Ihall iflue, wheretpoa the faid Prifoner or 
Prifoners fhall be taken and imprifoned or charged in Cuflody, and Ihall or may caufc a true Copy thereof to be 
delivered to fuch Prifoner or Prifoners, or to the Gaoler or Keeper of the Prifon, or Gaoler in w hofe Cuftody i Salt. 98. 
fuch Priiotier iliall be or remain : 'fo which Declaration or Declarations tlic faid Prifoner or Prifoners iliall ap- 
pear and plead : and if fuch Prifoner or Prifoners fhall not appear and plead to the fame, the Plaintiff or Plain- 
tiffs in fuch Cafes fhall have Jtidgmeiit in fuch »• anner as if the Prifoner or Prifoners had appeared in the laid 
rcfpeftive Courts, and refufed to anfwer or plead to fuch Declaration. 

III. And in ail Declarations againft jny Prifoner cr Prifoneis detained in Prifon by virtue of ajiy 'Writ or I" tlr Kind's 
Procefs iiTued 01 to be ifTued out cf tlic Court of Kh:^'i Batch, it fhall be ailedged, in Cufiody of what Sheriff, 'Bench Declaratim 
Bailiff, or Steward of any Franchifc, or other Peifon having the Return snd Execution of Writs, fuch Prifo- mijl In 'm cvJitJU 
ner or Prifoners fliall be at the Time of fuch Declaration by virtue of the Procefs of the faid Court at the Suit of fuch a SbcriJ', 
of tlie Plaintiffs : Which Allegation fhall be as good and effecftual to all Intents and Furpofes, as if fuch Prilo- t:'''- Carlbcij. 
ner or Prifoners were ii; the Cufiody of the Alarfiial of the Mcjh^fa of our fovercigii Lord and Lady, tlie 469- 

King and Queen. 

A. D. 169J. 

An Adl for the more effefflual fuppreiTing Prophane Curfmg and <5i;7 -^^^ 3- 


' ^TTHEREAS it is found by Experience, That an Ad of Parliament made in the sift Year of the Reign of 
' VV King JaOTM the Firft, tnux\ei, Jk Aa to prcjcnt and reform Profhane S'u-earwg anj Cur/rghath f toyed 
< ineffeaual to die SupprciTmg of thofe detcltable Sins, by Reafon of feme Deficiencies in the faid Aift ;' he it 
therefore enaded, 1 hat if any Perfon or Perfons fhall (after'the 24th dav of June, in the Year of cmr Lord 1695) the ForfcHurei of 
prophanely fwear or curfe in the Prcfcnce or hearing of any Juftice of Peace of the County, Riding, cr Divifion, fvera! Decrees of 
or of the Mayor or other Head Officer, or Juftice of for any City or Town Corporate, where fuch Offence Pcrfo:^fcrf-u;iar- 
is or fhal! he committed, or that fhall be thereof couvi,.'lcd by Oath of one Witnefs, or by the ConfciTion of the :ng. 
Party offending, before any Juftice of Peace of the County, or Mayor, or Bailiff, or other Chief Officer or Mod. cafts hi Uit 
Juftice of the Peace of fuch City or Town Corporate, where the faid Offence ftiall be committed ; that then for 58, 366. 
every fuch Offence, the Party ib offending fhall forfeit .tnd pay to the Ufe of the Poor of the Parifii where fuch 
Offence or Offences ftiall be committed, the refpedive Sums herein after mentioned (that is to fay) every Ser- 
vant, Day Labourer, common Soldier and common Seaman, Is. and every other Perfon, 2s. and in Cafe any 
of the Perfons aforefaid ftiall after Convidion offend a fecond Time, fu^h Perfon ftiall forfeit and pay double; 
and if a third Time, treble the Sum refpedively by him or her to be paid for the lirft Offence. 

II. And upon Negled or Refufal of Payment of the faid Forfeiture, any Juftice of Peace of the County, Rid- Tole Inieily 
ing or Divifion, or Mayor or other Head Ofticer, or Juftice of Peace of any City or Town Corporate, where Difircfs. 

the faid Offences fhall be committed, fhal! ,ind are hereby authcrifed and required to dired and fend his Warrant 

to theConftable, Tything-man, Church- warden, or Ovcrfeer of the Poor of theParifti where the Oftence fiiali 

he committed, or where the Offender ftiall inhabit, thereby commandinc; them, or fome one or more cf them, 

to levy, by Diftrcfs and Sale of the Goods of the Offender, the Sum fo forfeited, for the Ufe of the Poor of the //• .. nWr-r, cf 

Parifli, as aforefaid ; and in Cafe no fuch Diftrefs can be bad, ilien e- ei v fuch Offender, being above the Age of Lj,. ,A "i /■' 

16 Years, ftiall, by Warrant under the Hand and Seal of the faid Juftice of Peace, or other Ofiicer as aforefaid, theStoch 

be publicly fet in the Stocks for the Space of i Hour for every fingle Offence, and for any Number of Offences 

whereof he ftiall be convicled at one and the fame time, then : Hours; and if the Partv offending be under the 

Age of 16 Years, and ihall not forthwith pay the faid Forfeitures, then he or ftie fliall, by Warrant as aforefaid, 

be whipped by the Conftable, or by the Parent, Guardian or Mafter of fuch Offender, in the Prefence of the 


III. And if any Juftice of the Peace, or Chief Magiftratc, ftiall wilfully and wittingly omit the Perform. ?/ PenaUy upon 
anceof his Duty m the Execution of this Ad, he ftiall forfeit the Sumof £<; the one Moiety to the Ufe of the Juflke of'p/acr 
Informer, to be recovered by Adion, Suit, Bill or Plaint, in any of his Majefty's Courts at Weftminfter, where- „ot exe/ufwg ibe 
innot.Uoin,Proteaion, or Wager of Law ftiall be allowed, nor any more than one Imparlance. /la. 

IV. And if any Adion or Suit ftiall be commenced or brought againft any Juftice of Peace, Conftable or Ofliitr faeJ for tx- 
other Officer or Perfon whatfoevc r, for doing or caufing to be done any Thine in Purfuance of this Ad, con- uufmgthu AB 

lerningthe faid Offences, the Defendant in fach Adion may plead the general IfTj-, and give the fpecial Mat- may pUaJ General 

^ ter IJfue, ts-i. 

90 C|)e ^utjlic ila\u0 

"N^'sru' Englifli Statutes made of Force. 

6& 7 ^. tJc.11. *"" '" ^'''''^""=; ^""^ if upoiifuch Aiftion Verdict be given for tlic Defendant, or the PUintilT become Nonfuit, 

or difcontinue his Adion, then the Defendant dial! have trclile Co!-s. 
Timt fer brnftcut- ^' ^''"ovi'led always, and it is hereby enailed, That no Perfon fliali be profccuted or troubled for any Offence 
iia ubon thii AH. *S*'"'' 'l*'^ Statute, unk-fs the fame be provt d or profecutcd within 10 Days next after the Oficncc committed, 
'/o U rtad in ' ^'' '^"'^ " '* further enaifled by the Authority aforcfaid, 'I'hat this ASt. (hall be publicly read four feveral' 
Chiircha tTc Times in the Year in all Parifh Churches, and ill public Chapels, by the Parfon, Vicar or Curate of the refpec- 
' ' tive Parilhcs or Chapels, immediately after Morning Prayer, on 4 feveral Sundays (that is to fay) the Sunday 
n?xt after the 24th Day of June, the l()th Day of S'-ptembcr, the 25th Day of December, and the 25th Day of 
March, under the Pain of 20s. for every fucii Omiilioii or Nejrlcdt. 
Conv'Bkri to h- ^"' ■A"'' 1^"^ '"' f"''''^'' *"''"*<^ ''y ''■« A'"^'^^'fy "fo-'^f*'<'i That the Jufticcs of Peace, Mayor, or other Head' 
rurilitred ' OS&KT, fliallregifter in a Book to be kept for that Purpole, all the Convidions made before him upon this A6, 

'*■' ■ and the Time of making thereof, and for what Offence, and iliall certify the fame to the next (General Quarter 

Scflions of the Peace for thefaid County or Place where the Offences are committed, to be there kept upon Re- 
cord by the refpeCtivc Clerks of the Peace, to be fcen without rec or Reward. 

7 /*'. 3. (.3. An A£t for regulating of Trials in Cafes of Treafon and Mifprifioa 

of Treafon. 

fSieHi(lai!JnnlhSeaioa(ifJuryLaw,10thA:igaJI, 1731, and SeMlion Ad, lllb April, I776.7 

2? £</. 3./^-/. 5. • '\'T7'HEREAS nothing is more juft and reafonable, than that Pcrfons profecmed for High Treafon and 

," j_ , W Miforifion of Treafon, whereby the 1-iberties, Lives, Honour, JCflates, Blood, and I'oftcrity of the 

, SubjC(Ss, may be loft and deftroyed, (liould be juftly and equally tried, and that Perfons accufed as Oficndcrt 

therein (bouid not be debarred of all jull and equal Means for Defence of their Innocencics in futh Cafes;' 

in order thereunto, and for the better Regulation ol Trials of Perfons profecutcd for High Treafin and Mif- 

prifion of fuch Treafon; belt enaded by the King's moflExcellcntMajelly, by and with the Advice anJCoufcnt 

of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and the Commons, in this prcfcnt Parliament aflemhled, and by the 

Fromi'lh March Authority of the fame, That from and after the 25th Day of A/inl.' in the Year of our Lord 1696, all and every 

1696 Perfons in- Ptrfon and Perfons whatfoevcr, that (hall be accufed and indicted for High Treafon, \>hercby any Corruption 

Jiacd for Jiisri of Blood may or fhall be ma.^e to any lucli Offender or Offenders, or to any the Heir or Heirs of any fncli Ol- 

and U mahtleir any fucli Treafon, as aforelaid, or for Milprifion of fuch Treafon, from and after tlie faid Time, fhall be receiv- 

Drfcn:t by Coi-n- cd and admitted to make his and tlieir full Defence, hy Counfel learned in the Law, and to nuke any Proof that 

f.-l, and iVitmlT:! he or they caii pro^loce by lawful VV'ltuefs or Witncffes, who fliuU then be upon Oath, for his and their jull De- 

InOalh. fence in that Behalf; and in Cafe any Perfon or Perfons It accufed or indicted (hall deGre Counlel, the Court bc- 

Cottrt u'uthorixci fore whom fu:h Pcrfon or Perfons fhall be tried,, or fOme Judge of tliat Court, (lid! and i., hereby authorized 

to ajpn Counjd. and required immediately, upon his or th,,ir Requeft, to afli^'n to fuch Perfon and Perfons fuch and fo many 

* ' Counfel, not exceeding Two, as the Perfon or Perfons (hall defire, to whom futh Counfel ihall have free Ac- 

ccft at all feafonabic Hours any Law or L'iajjc ta the contrary uotwithllandlng. 

Na Perfon to te "• And be it further cnafted, 'That from and after the laid 2ith Day of Mar,h, in the Year of our Lord l6;6, 

tried for Hi^b no Pcrfon or Pcrfons whatfoevcr fli ill be indited, tried, or attainted, of High Tre..fon, whereby any Con u|>- 

7V«/ot iui'on tion of Bl.«d mav or lliall be made to any lucl. O.ffen Icr or O.Teuder.s or to any the Heir or Heirs of any fuch 

lie Oalb of % Offender or Offtiiders, or of Mifprifion of fuch Treafon, but by and upon the Oitlii and Telhmony of two 

WilnelTe!. lawful Witncffes, cither both of them to the fame Overt Ail, or I of them to I, aad the other of them 10 ano- 

thcr Overt Ae'l of the fame Tieafon, unlefs the Party indiiScd, and arraigned, or tried, Ihall willingly, 

without Violence, in open Court, coiifefs the fame, or (liall (land mute, or refufe to plead, or in Cafes uf 

High Treafon nir.;i peremptorily challenge above the Number of 35 of the Jury; any Law, Statute, or Ufagc, 

to the contrary notwilhOanding. , ■> r r 1 -i- r 

^rrfem indiSled "1. Provided always, 'That any Pcrfon or Perfons, being ind!<3cd, asaforefald, fir any of the 1 rcafons, or 

mti be tulh-wed Mifprido.nsof the Treafensaforcfald, mi^yl.e outlawed, and thereby attainted of or lor any of the faid Offencet 

Bit have Benrlit of Treafon, or Mifprifion of Treafon ; and in C;;fe» of the High 'Treafuns i.forefald, where by the Law after 

oftfu Acl. fuch OutlawTy, the Party outlawed may cottic in, and be tried, he Ih;Jl, uj on fuch Trial, liave the BtncUt of 

(his Aft. 

One K'iln-f, ti I I'V. And be it further cnaflcd and declared by the Authority dfonfaid. That if 2 or more diaiinft Trcafoni of 

rrvfin and an. divers Headsor Kinds (lull be alled^cc! in I Bill ef Indidment. i Witnels produced to prove I of the faid 1 rca- 

^il.7rto o-oiber, fon., and another Wltucfs produced to prove another of tlic faid 'I'reofons, (hall not be deemed or taken to be 2 

■f 'r </V«J 2 Wilmffcs to the fame Trealon, within the Me;.ning of this Aft. . ,,,.,-, 

V. And to the Intent that tjic Terror and Dread of fuch ciiminal Acculations may m Tome reafonable Time be 

Ion 01 Offence dene or commitlcJ 

)OUt!)=Carolitta> 91 

Engli/k Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 171s 
N". 331. 


VI. And that no Perfon or Perfons Hull be profecutcd for any fuch Trealbn, or Mifprifion of fuch Treafon, ,, /^ ,\ , 
tted or done, or to be committed or donj, within the Kingdom of iingUnd, Doniiniun of W^les, or 7\r^ J>.Jrc',tia 
of Berwick upon Twtcd, before the faid z?th Dav of Marcli; unlcl's lie or they (hall be indided thereof " ,, , ■":!,'■.,'' 

Town of Berwick upon Tweed, before the faid zjth Day of March; unlcl's lie or they (hall be indided thereof 2,j^r^ iitd^ited 
within 3 Years after the faid z.ith Day of March; always provided and excepted, 'I hat if any Pcrfon or Perfons ^^litbin %Tcars ' 
whatfoever, (hall be guilty of deiigning, endeavouring, or attempting, any AUallination on the Body of the King', ^jj^.„,;f^ 
by Poifon or otherwife, fuch Perfon or Perfons may be profecuted at any 'lime, notvvithftanding- the aforefaid ' '^' 

VII. And that all and every Perfon or Perfdns, who (hall be accufed, indiAed, and tried for fuch Treafon as Pcrfaiu trkd lo 
aforefaid, or for Mdprifion of fuch Treafon, after the faid 15th Day of Match, in the Year of our Lord 1696, ha-ve Cvpics of tit 
fliall have copies of the Panel of the Jurors who are to try them, duly returned by the Sheriff, and delivered unto Panel J ilajj hc- 
them and every of them fo accufed and indiiSed rcfpeaively, i Days at the U;-.l: before he or they fbali be tried fire Trial. 
for the fame; and that all Perfons fo accufed and indited for any fuch Treaioa as afore(aiJ, ihall have the hke Procejs of tie 
Procefs of the Court where they (hall be tried, to compel their Witneffes to appear for thein at any fuch 'i'rial or Cmirt to compel 
Trials, as is ufually granted to compel Witneffes to appear againfk them. Witncjfes ta u4- 

VJII. And be it further enacSed, That no Evidence (hall be admitted or given of any Overt A& that is not feur. 
cx]irefs!y laid in the Indidment againd any Perfon or Perfons whatfocver. No E-vidcnce of 

IX. Provided alfo, and be it enaeled by the Authority aforefaid, that no Indictment for any of the OfTences ABs not UUin 
r.forefaid, nor any Procefs or Return thereupon, (hall be quafhed on the Motion of the Prifoaer, or his Counfcl, the hidlilrr.ent. 
icr niif-writing, or mif-fpeUinjf , falfe or improper Lalm, unlefs E.nception concerning the fame be taken and No Indictment lo 
made in the relpedive Court where fuch Trial (hall be, by the Prifoaer or his Counl'erEll:[;ned, before any Evi- bequnjhcdfar inif- 
dence given in open Court upon fuch Indiilment; nor (hail any fuch mif-writing, mif-fpelliiijj, filfc or improper ix'ritin^, \lfe. im- 
Lutin, after Convi^flion on fuch lndi<3ment, be any Caufe to (lay or arreft Judgment thereujon : But neverthelefs Uf, he 
?-ny Judgment given upon fuch Indi(£lment, (hall and may be liab'.e to be reverfed upon a Writ of Error, iri the made before Evi- 
famc Manner, and no other, than as if this A<H had not been made. dence ^imen. 

' X. And whereas by tlic good Laws of this Kingdoni, in Cafes of Trials of Commoners for their Lives, a Jury And not to Juj 
of 12 Freeholders mud all agree in one Opinion before they can bring a Vcrdiil, either for acquittal or Condem- fudgment. 
nation of the Prifoner : • Jury of \% Fiee- 

'XI. And whereas upon the Trial of Peers or Pcercffes, a major Vote is fufficicnt, either to acquit or condemn \ bolder s. 
he it further enafled by the Authority aforefaiil, 'I'hat upon the "l"i-ial of any Peer or Peereis, cither for Treafon or Peers jo be fiim- 
Mifpnfion, all the Peers who have a Right to fit and vote in Parliament (hall be duly funimoned, 20 Days at lead mmed 20 D.iys 
before every fuch Trial, to appear at every fuch Trial; and that every Peer, fo fummoned and appearing at fuch before Trial ; and 
'J'rial, (hall vote in the. Trial of fuch Peer or Peerefs fo to be tried, every fuch Peer Crft taking the Oaths mention- faall take the 
edin an A&. of Parliament made in the id Year of the Reign of King IViUiam and Ciueen ULiry, entitled, A;t Ail Oal/.i, ts'e. 
for abro^aiing the Oaths tf Supremely^ and Allegiance, and appointing other Oaths ; and alfo every fuch Peer fubfcribing I ft'^. &. Af.J". I. 
and audibly repeating the Declaration mentioned in yJn Ael for the mare efeSual prefervir.g the Kind's Perfon and c. 8. 
Government, by difubling Papip from fitting in either Houfe if Parliament, and made in the joth.Year of the Reign of 30 Car. z.flat. 
King CAar/f-j the Second. 2. c. I. 

XII. Provided always, that neither this Aft, nor any Thing therein contained, (hall any Ways extend to, or Ait not lo extend 
be condrued to extend to any impeachment or other Proceedings in ParUament,Jn any Kind whatfoever. to any Imjicach- 

XIII. Provided alfo. That this Ail, nor any thing therein contained, Ihall any Ways extend to any Indi(5l- ment in Parlia-' 
ment of High Treafon, nor to any Proceedings thereupon, for counterfeiting his Majtdy's Coin, his Great Seal, ment. 

or Priv)' Seal, his Sign Manual, or Privy Signet. [The Benefit hereof is extended iy 2 13" 3 Amice, cap. 20. §. 43. to 20 Geo. a. c. 30. 
Treafins -witlin that Aa.] Nor to counterfiil- 

ia^the Coin, l^c. Farther Provfnns concerning Treafon, 9 IV. 3. e. I. I3 W. 3. c. J. Isf 6. I Ann. flat. 2. c. 17. 2 55" 3 
Ann. c. 20. 4 Ann. e. S. 6 Ann. c. 7. 7 A'in. e. 21. I Ceo. I. 5.'-i. 2. ... 33. I7 Gc. 2. .. ,3:;. I'; C.J. 2. ^. 9. 
20 Geo. 2. c. 30 t3* 46.. 

An Act requiring the Pradilers of Law to take the Oaths, and Tub- ^ ^ ^^^^^ 
Icribe the Declaration therein mentioned. Ohfolcte. 7ic8/.".3. ..-j. 


An Ad; to enable pofthumous Children to take Eftates as if born in 
their Father's Life-time. 

''HERE.A.S it ofttn happens, that by Marriage and other Settlements, Edatcs are limited in Remainder jg ^ jj ^r\ 
to the Ule of the Sons and Daughters, the Iffue of fuch Marriage, with Remainders over, without h- ^ ,(. "J' 

' miting an Edate lo Trudces to prcferve the contingent Remainders limited lo fuch Sons end Daughters," by 
' which Means fuch Sons and Dau^^hters, if they happen to be born after tiie Deceafe of tliclr Eailicr, are in 
' Danger to he defeated of their Remainder by the next in Remainder after them, and left unprovided for by Via. f. 18. 408. 
' fuch Settlements, contrary lo the Intent of the Parties that made thofe Settlements;' Ee it enaflcd, 'VhiX Eflates limited in 
where any Edate already is or fhall heieaftei, by any Marriage or other Settlement, be limited in Remainder K.viainder to the 
to, or to the Ufe of the fird or other Son or Sons of the Bod;f of any Perfon lawfully begotten, with any Remain- lawful Jjfne of the 
dcr or Remainders over to, or to the Ufe of any other Pcrfon or Perfons, or in P..cmainder to, or to the Ufe of Body of airy Per- 
a Daughter or Daughters lawfully begotten, with any Remainder or Reniaiiiders to any other Perfon or Perfons, /on ; Son or 
that any Son or Sons, or Daughter or Daughters of fuch Perfon or Peifons lawfully begotten or to be begotten, Uavghttr hornaf- 
that (hall be born after the Deceafe of his. her or their Father, fiiall and may, by Virtue of fuch.Sctt'ieimnt,' take ter the Deteafe of 
fucb Eftitc fo limited to the Crll and other Sons, or to the Daughter or Daughters, in li.e fame Manner, as if the Father, ,nay 

lorn tale fuch at 

^2 %])t l^nWt 3La\us 

%^.'ll'o!' Englijh Statutes made of Force. 

to it II IV, %. ^"™ '" ^' l.ife-tlnie of his, her or their Father, although there (hall happen no Eftate to be )i.niit( d to Trudecs, 

, z ' ' after the Deceaic of tlie Father, to prcl'erve Uic contingent Remainder to fuch afterboro Sun or Sons, daughter 

if llrn in lit or Daughteis, until !k, llic or thuycomc in i£i, or are born, to take t!ic fame ; any Law or Ufage to the con- 

lif^f^lac i^c "■'■•■)■ '"iny wife notwithiianding. 

a'tbo'n'h there b- "■ I'"'''''"-"'' always, Tliat nothing in this A& (hall extend or be conflrued to extend to divtft any Eftate in 

ti'i" limitation to R^fainder, that by \'irtiu i.f any Marriage or other Settkinetit, is already come to the PufllQion of any Perfon 

TriUcisl^c Pro- Of P'ff^ns, or to whom any Right is accrued, though not in aiSual Pofleirion, by Reafon or Means of any afltr- 

^jrj' ' born Son or Sons, or Daughter or Daughters not happening to be boruintlie Juifetimeof his, her or their Father. 
A. D. 1 700. 

II & 12 fi: 3. An AQ. to enable his Majefty's natural-born Subjefts to inherit the 
Eftate of their Anceftors, either lineal or collateral, notwithftand- 
ing their Father or Mother were Aliens. 

' TTTHEREAS divers Perfons, born within the King's Dominions, arc difabled to inherit and make their 

' VV Titles by Defcent from their AncelWs, by rcafon that their Fathers or Mothers, or fome other An- 

• ceftor (by whom they arc to derive their Defcent) was an Alien, and not born within thr King's Dominions:' For 

Remedy whereof be it enacbid. That all and every Perfon or Pcrfons, being the King's natural-bom Sub- 

je<S or Subje<3s within any of the King's Realms or Dominions, fball and may licre.-if:er lawfully Inherit and be 

Kliig'i itatiTirl- inheritable as Heir or Heirs to any Honours, M3nor8, Lands, Tenements or Hereditaments, and make their 

lorn Suhjeili Jhall Pcdignjes and Titles by Defcent from any of their Anceftors lineal or collateral, althoujjh the Fulher and Mo- 

inhtril at Heirs to ther, or Fithers or Mo'heri, or other Anceftors of fuch Perfon or Perfons, by, from, through, or under whom 

any lienors. Ma- he, fhe, or they (hall or may make or derive their Title or Pedigree, were or was, or is or are, or (hall be born 

nori, &c. th.ugb out of the King's Allegiance, and out of his Majefiy's Realms and Dominions, as fr.ely, fully, and eflfetSually, 

ih:ir Parent: to all Iiittnts and Purpofes, as if fuch Father or Mother, or Father's or Mother's, or other Ancedor or Anccf- 

nverehorn otttof tors, by, from, through, or under whom he, flie, or they (hall or may make or derive their 'I'itle or Pedigree, 

the Kini't Domi- had been natnr.di2ed, or natural-born Subjefl, or Sul'jcc'is within the Kind's Doniiaions; any Law or Cuftou: 

niont, &c. to the (.oiitrary notwithllanding. 

lAnn.ji.i.c.iz. An Ad to declare the Alterations in the Oaih appointed to be taken 

by 13 W. 3. c. 6. Ohfolete. 

A. D. 1701. 

i^///../. j.^. 9- An A£l for punifhing of Acceflbries to Felonies, and Receivers of 
ftolen Goods, and to prevent the wilful burning and deftroying of 

Jf principal Of- ShipS. 

fender be "^•'''_^ , ■|-'ORASMUCH at the Counfellors and Contrivers of Theft and other Felonies, and tlic Receivers of Goodi 

% I'b'T ■flio ' -t^ '''^' ^*'" ^'"'■'" '^olcn, are the principal Caiifc of the Comminion of fuch Felonies; and as the Law now 

jai. e "vjii J .^^ ^^ Acccffory can be coiivicled or fuffer any Punifliment where the Principal is not attainted, or hath the Be- 

(roeeeaagawjt^^^ < nefit of hif Cli rgy ;' lie it therefore enael-ed, That from and after the nth Day of February, which fhall be in 

/iaejjjryi ^''-""^^ ^y^^ Year of our Lord 1702, if any principal Olfcndcr Ihall be convided of any Felony, or ftall (land mute, or 

on conrif. lonj a pj.j|^pjjjj.j|y ^.i,.ji^.„j,c above the Number of 20 Perfons returned to ferve of the Jury, it (ball and maybe 

i^aiil&x' "' 'awful to proceed againll any AccclTory, either bcfcrc or after the Fafl, in the fame Manner, as if fuch Princi- 

- & 1 If Sc M P''' Fc'onha'l been attainted thereof, notwithllanding any fuch principal Felon fhall be admitted to the Benefit o( 

•' \ ■ g^^ ' his Clergy, pardoned, or otherwifc delivered before Attainder; and every fuch Acceffory (ball fufler the (ame 

'lAi-iAiiir Punifliment, if he or (he be corviaed, or fliall (land niuie, or peremptorily challenge the Number of 

1760 *° Perfons returned to IVrve of the Jury, as he or (be (ho-. Id have fufitred if the Principal had been attainted. 

J? cfP.olen ' "• ^"^ forafniuch as Buj-crs and Receivers of ftolen Cioods do oftentimes coniey av.ay and conceal the princi- 

GmjTma It" Pit- ' pal Felons, fo that they cannot bccoiivided of fuch I'rin.ipal Felony, and thereby fuch Buyers andRcceivcis have 

;A J ""'ler 'the ' tfc^r"* "'' Manner of Punifliment, which hath greatly encouraged the buying ;jid receiving of fuch flolcn 

7rin i/>l'l fetonij ' tJoods;' For Remedy whereof, be it enaeled. Ihat from and after the faid I2th Day of Febrnary 1702, it fliall 

tKi^convideJ '""' """y '"' '•■''"'"' '0 profecute and punifli every fuch Perfon and Perfons buying or receiving any flolcn Good», 

knowing the fame to be flolcn, as for a Mifdcmeanor, to be puniflied by Fine an;* 'yprifonment, although the 

principal Felon be not before convided of the faid Felony, which fuall exempt the v- 'i'ender from being puiiilhed 

as Acccffory. if the Principal (hall be afterwards conviAed. 

tVilneffeifor Pri- jjj ^|,j (,j jtcnafled. That from and after the faid lilh Day of February, 1702, all and ever}- Perfon and 

finer on Trial far p,,f f„n,^ „|,o jhajl be produced or appear as a Witncfs or Witncfrcs on the Behalf of the Prifoner, upon any Trial 

Treafn or Felony, f„r Trcaf-in or Felony, b.fore he or (he be admitted to depofe, or give any Manner of Kvideiice, lliall fird take 

fkMdrpcfeom ,„ Oath to depofe the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing bnt the Truth, in fuch Manner, as the Wiinelfes 

Oath, in furb f^^^. ,,,^. Q„pj„ ,„ by L;iw obliged todo; and if conviiSed of any wilful Perjury in fuch Fvidenre, fli.ijl fufler all 

Manner ai the t|,e I'unifliments, PrnaltiLS, Forfeitures, and Difabililies, which by any of the Lawt and Statute, of this Realm 

S^ren 1 II .<- ^^^ ^^^ ,^^y j,^ i„fl;acJ upon Perfons coiiviflcd of wilful Perjury. 

Penalliel if tin- IV. And 

liJeJ of Perjury. 

of §)outi)=CaroIina» 93 

E77gii/h Statutes mack of Force. 

■ Owners thereof, or of any Merchant or Merchants that fhail load Goods thereon, he (hull futfer Death a»a .^ « ^ 
, ' ' IKO-, 6CC. any 

V. Andbcit enafted, That all and every the faid Offence and Offences committed on the high Seas, or where n.J 

the Admiralty iiath Jtirifdiftion, /hall he inquired, tried, heard, determined and judged, in fiich Shires and "Places „', '«^ 

in the Realm, as fhall be limited by the Queen's CommifTon under the Grtat Seal of England, infuch Manner ' "-l! j 11^ uf'i- 

and Form, as in and by an A& made in the aSth Year of the Re ign of the late King Henry the Sth, is direfted '1' 'f "" j' .'^ 

and appoi:;t'!dfor the Trial of Pirates; and that all and every Perfon and PerfonSjVuho, from and after thefaid I2th '. "" "^i,* '" 

Day of February, 1702, fiiall be convicl of any the faiJ Ofi'ence or Offences laft mentioned,, or fhall (land mute, '1 '?/"". /. 
or peremptorily challenge above the Number of 20 Fcrlbns returned to ferve of the Jury, fhall fufler Death v/itli- tf rf « "' » ' 

out Benefit of Clergy. Pc,fcnc(,nmacJ Ih^rctJ tofujer Di'ath ■u.-ithout Ber.efit nf CUrg^ . ^^ '' ^" 

An A£t for giving like Remedy upon promiffory Notes, as is now 3&4.^««.r. ?. 
ufed upon Bills of Exchange, and for the better Payment of inland 
Bills of Exchange. 

' •tTTHEREAS it hath been held. That Notes in Writing, Hgned by the Party who makes the fame, 
' VV whereby fuch Party promifes to nay unto any other Pcrlon, or his Order, any Sum of Aloney therein 
' mentioned, are not affignable or indorfihle over, within the Cuffom of Mcrchp.nts, to any other Perlbn ; and 

* that fuch Perfon to whom the Sum of Money mentioned in fuch Nets is payable, cannot maintain an Ac- 
' tion, by the Cuftom of Merchants, againft the Perfon v/ho fird made and figned the fame; and that any Per- 

* fon to whom fuch Note Iliould be afligned, indorfed, or made payable, could not within the faid Cuilom of 

* Merchants, maintain any Ailion upon fuch Note againft the Perfon v,*ho firit drew and figned the fame:' 
Therefore to the Intent to encourage Trade and Commerce, which will be much advanced', if fuch Notes ihall 
have the fame Efferfl as inland Bills of Exchange, and fiiall be negociatcd in like Manner ; be it enaCfcd, That 
all Notes in Writing, that after the ifl; Day of May, in the Year of our Lord, 1 705, fhall be made and figned by „ 

any Perfon or Perfons, Body politick or corporate, or by the Servant or Agent of any Corporation, Banker, 'omijoryi otes 
Goldfmith, Merchant, or Trader, who is ufuaily intruded by him, her or them, to fign fuch promiflbry Notes "^"J *' 'i/'.?''™ "'" 
for liim, her, or them, whereby fuch Perfon or Perfons, Body politick and corporate, his, her, or their Servant "'"'"j"',' "" y'' 
or Agent, as aforefaid, doth or Ihall promife to pay to any other Perfon or Perfons, Body politick and corporate, . "?" """"''"""' 
his, her, or their Order, or unto Bearer, any Sum of Money mentioned in fuch Note, fhall be taken and con- i'"j°"^n' °'f p 
ftrued to be, by Virtue thereof, due and payable to any fuch Perfon or Perfons. Body politick and corporate, ^ °-' ' 

to whom the fame is made payable ; and alfo every fuch Note payable to any Perfon or Perfons, Body politick p?"?''.„ j. 
and coi-porate, his, her, or their Order, ihall be ailignable or indorfible over, in the fame Manner as inland Bills, y'""*'ff'"' ^^- 
of Exchange are or may be, according to the Cuftom of Merchants ; and that the Perfon or Perfons, Body po- -''" V, „ "'"■^ ""^ 
litick and corporate, to whom fuch Sum of Money is or fliall be by fuch Note made payable, ftiall and may '"^ ^y '■ 
maintain an AAion for the fame, in fuch Manner as he, file, or they might do, upon any inland Bill of Ex- 
change, made or drawn according to the Cuftom of Merchants, againft the Perfon or Perfons, Body politick and 
corporate, who, or whofe Servant or Agent, as aforefaid, figned the fame ; and that any Perfon or Perfons, 
Body politick and corporate, to whom fuch Note that is payable to any Perfon or Perfons, Body politick and 
corporate, his, her, or their Order, is indorfed or affigned, or the Money therein mentioned ordered to be paid 
by indorfemen' thereon, (hall and may maintain his, her, or their Adion for fuch Sum of Money, cither againft 
the Perfon or Perfons, Body politick and corporate, who, or whofe Servant or Agent, as aforefaid, figned fuch 
Note, or againft any of the Perfons that indorfed the fame, in like Manner as in Cafes of inland Bills of Ex- 
change: And in every fuch A(Jlion the Plaintiff or PlaintilTs fiiall recover his, her, or their Damages and Cofts 
of Suit; and if fuch Plaintiff or Plaintifis fliall be nonfuited, or a Ve. dicff be given againft him, her, or them, 
the Defendant or Defendants fliall recover his, her, or their Cofts againil the Plaintiff or Plaintiffs; andl every 
fuch Plaintiff or Plaintifis, Defendant or Defendants, refpeftivcly recovering, may fue out Execution for fuch 
Damages and Cofts by Ca/.ias,, Fieri facias, or Eierit. 

II. And be it enaiiled. That all and every fuch AcSfions fliall be commenced, fued and brought with- JJoix: AdknJhaU 
in fuch Time as is appointed for commencing or fuing Aiftions upon the Cafe, by the Statute made in the 21ft bebrmght. 

Year of the Reign of King 7</m« the Firft, entitled, An Aitfcr Limitation of Anions, and for avoiding of Suits in 

III. Provided, That no Body politick or corporate (hall have Power, by Virtue of this A(5f, to iffue or give Proiiifo againji 
out any Notes, by themfelves or their Servants, other than fuch as they might have iffued, if this A.i5t had never <f'i''"f ""' A'oto. 
been made. 

IV. ' And whereas by an Aft of Parliament made in the 9th Year of the Reign of his late Majefty King Wil- 
' /wm the Third, entitled, An Aa for tht belttr Paymint of inland Bills of Exchange, it is, among other Things, 
' enadfed. That from and after Prefentation and Acceptance of the faid Bill or Bills of Exchange (which Ac- 

* ceptance (hall be by the imderwTiting the fame under the Party's Hand fo accepting) and after the Expiration 
' of three Days after the faid Bills fliall become due, the Party to whom the faid Bill or Bills are made 
' payable, his Servant, Agent or Afiigns, may and Ihall caufe the fame Bill or Bills to be protefted 
' in Manner as in the faid Adl is enacled : And whereas by there being no Provifion made therein for 
' -protefling fuch BiU or Bills, in Cafe the Party, on whom the fame are or (hall be drawn, refufe to 

A a ' accept 

94 Cfje l^nUit ilalD0 

AD. 1712. Emlifh Statutes made of Force. 

y, jt ' s^^^F- '^"^ fs'.i>c, by undcmriting the fame umler his Hand, M Merchants and othcr< da rcfiifc isr 

^ U 4 Aim. e.g. , underwrite fuch Bill or Bills, or make any other than a promiiror)- Acceptance, by which Means the 

' EffeiSand good Intent of the faid Acl in that Behalf is wholly evaded, and no Bill or Bills, cm be protcfied 

' before or for Want of fuch Acceptance by underwriting the fame as afbrefaid .' Tor Remedy whereof be it 

Party rtfu'tn! to enafted. That from and after the firil Day of Aljy, which Ihall be in the Year of our Lord 1 705, in Cafe, 

undirviritc Biil of upon prefcnting of any fuch Bill or Bills of Exchange, the Party or Parties, on whom the feme (hall be drawn, 

ExcbanZ'y futh ihall refufe to accept the fame, by underwriting the fame, as aforcfaid, the Party to whom the faid Bill or Bills 

BlUmmhlprcirfl- are made payable, his Servant, Agent, or Afiigns, may and fliall caufe the faid Bill or Bills to be protcftcd for 

ed iar Noa-accip- Non-acceptance, as in Cafe of Foreign Bills ol Exchange ; any Thing in the faid A&., or any other Law, to 

ta„cf, the contrary notwithOanding : for which ProtelP'there fnail be paid 2 Shillings, and no more. 

No Accfbtnrut of V. Provided always. That from and aftcrthe faid firft Day oi May, no Acceptance of any fuch inland Bill 

Inland B'lUi of "f Exchange ihall befufficlent to charge any Perfon whatfcevcr, unlcis the fame be undervvritten or indorfcd in 

Excbanirtto be Writing thereupon ; and if fuch Bill be not accepted by fuch Underwriting,- or Indorfcment in M'riting, no 

fulRc'icnt unltjitlc Drawer of any fuch inland Billfhall be liKblc to pay any Coils, Damages, or Intereft thereupon, unlcfs fuih Pro- 

famtbtuLJiTiurit- tefl be made for Non-acceptance thereof, and witjiin 14 Days alter fuch Protefl, the fame be fcnt, or otherwife 

trn nor Drawer Notice thereot be given to the Party from whom fuch Bill was received, or left in Writing at the Place of his 

thereof liaUt It ""■ J^f ufual Abode; and if fuch Bill be accepted, ind not paid before tl« Expiration of 3 Days after the faid 

Cofit &i. Bill ihall become due and payable, then no Drawer of fuch Bill ihall be compellable to pay any Colis, Damages, 

or Intereil thereupon, unkfs a Proteft be made and fen;, or Notice thereof be given, in Manner and Form ahove- 

memioned : Neverthelefs, every Drawer of fuch Bill ihall be liable to make Paynit nt of Colts, Damages, and 

Intereil upon fuch inland Bill, if any one Protefi be made of Non-acceptance or Non-payment thereof, and 

Notice thereof be fcnt, given or left, as aforelaid, 

V p 'fl r. ^'' Provided, That no fuch Proteft fhall be neccffary, ci:her for Non-acceptance or Non-payment cfanyin- 

i o ro.eJ.ntcrj^- j^^^ Bill of Exchange, unlsfs the Value be acknowledged and cxprelTed in iuch Bill to be rctrivi J, and uulefs 

Jaryjor 1 on ay- ^^^^ ^.^^ ^^ drawn 'Vor the Payment of aol. Sttrlnig or upwards; and that the Prolcll, hereby required for 

fi'/'i"^- '.Vr Non-aeccptancf, ihall be m-de by fuch Perfons as arc appointed by the faid recited A<a to proteft inland Bills 

•zo/ or Itinar/is of Exchange for Non-payment thereof. 

It' I °p ,a VII. And be it further cnaiSed, That from and after the faid firli Day of iV/dv, ifany Perfon doth accept any fuch 
(h uV^"" ■ " ^'" of Exchange for and in Satisfadion of any former Debt, or Sums of Money formerly due unto him, the fame 
J albemaae. ftall he accounted and efteemed a full and complete Payment of fuch Debt; if fuch Perfon, accepting of any fuch 

' II dftip' ^'" f""' hlsDebt, doth not take his due Courfe to obtain Paynit nt thereof, by endeavouring to get the fan.e 
tj eemeaaju ray- ^^^^^^^^ ^^j p^j^^^ .^^^ m3k& his Proteft, as aforefaid, either for Non-acceptance, or Non-payment thereof. 
meat oJUcbt. M\\\. Provided, That nothing herein contained Ihall extend to difcharge any Remedy, that any Perfon may 

loviju. j^^^^ againft the Drawer Acceptor or Indorfer of fuch Bill. 

^M^'cJIo^' An Adl for the Amendment of the Law, and the better Advance- 
ment of Juftice. 

£t 9 yinna. TT'OR the Amendment of the Law in feveral Particulars, .ind for the eafier, fpcedicr, and better Advancement 

t.'io.fecl. 7. X* of Juftice, be it cnacled. That from and after the ift Day of Trinity, which flull be^ in the Year of 

Tbii Slatutehex- our Lord 1 706, where any Demurrer iliall be joined, and entered in any Aiilio;i or Suit in any Couit of Record 
tended lo H^rltj cf within this Realm, the Judges (hall proceed and give Judgment, according as the very Right of the Caufe and 
Mandamus and Matter in Law ihall appear unto them, witlio\it regarding any Inipericaion, OnniTion, or DefeOl in any 
Jnfomationi in Writ, Return, Plaint, Declaration, 07 other Pleading, Proccfs, or Couife of Proceeding whatfocvcr, except 
iLilure of S"' thofc only which the Party demurring iliall fiHieially and particularly fet down and txprefs, together with his De- 
IVarranio. From njurrer, as Caufti of the fame, notwithftaiiding th.U fuch Impcrfeaion, OmiiTion or Defea, might have herc- 
Trinlly Term tofore been taken to be matter of Subfti.nce, and not aided by the Statute made in the 17th Year ol Qi;eeii Jlhza. 
1 706 JuJgesJhaU beth, emi-Jed. An All for the Furloeran.e ,f -J.Jlue in Cafe of U,«,ur,er and PleaM,^,, fo as ful^cient Matter appear 
give Judgment on in the faid Pleadings, upon which the C-ijrt may give Judgment according to the vei7 Right of the Caufe ; and 
Demurrer, &e. therefore from and after tiic ift Day of Trinity 1 crm, no Advantage or Exception ihall be taken of or for an im- 
■witbout rerareSnr material Tra v. rt; oroforfor theDcfault of entering Pledges upon any Bill or Declaration; or of or for tlic Dc- 

anyDefeSin -^ " ■"■'•■-■ -■--' '^ ' ••■>■••'■• ~ ..J ... .1., 


for not alledging />«■// /'^.w/^r57.:.rAi», but the Court ihall give Judgment according to the very Right of the 
Caufe, as aforefaid, witncut regarding any fuch Imp. rfeaions, Omilliom, and Defclis, or any other Matter of 
like Nature except the fame ftiall be fpecially and particularly fet down and fliowii for Caufe ol Demurrer. 
AUSlalule, of II And be it cnaaed, -ihat from andaficr the faid lit Day of Trinity Term, all the Statutcsof Jeofails ihall be 

^eofM, to be ex- extended to Judgments which Iball at any time aftemardsbe entered upon Confefiion, A',/// d,ni,m Nonf^m,r,f,r- 
iemledto 7»*- ».'"". in any Court of Record; and no fuch Judgment ihall be reverfed, nor any Judgment upon any Wni of,upon nihil Enquiry of Damages executed thereon be Hayed or reverfed, for or by Reafon ol any lmp<.rf.-dion, Omiffioii 
rfW( (^c nofuib Dcfia Matter, or Thing whatfocver, which would have been aided and cured by any of the faid Salutes ol 
to ierc^rfed. Jeofails in Cafe a Verdiil of 1 1 Men had heeu given in the faid Aftion or Suit, fo a. there be an original Writ 

or Bill, and Warrants of Attorney duly filed according to the Law as IS now ufcd. „ „ ., i- ,.r 

ti^i iv.rrn„i, HI. Providcd, 'I hat thcAtioniey for the PlainlilT, or Demandant m any .A.aion or ."Juii, ilial file hi. W arrant 
"fZuZ'yftall of Attorney wiUitUc proper Officer of the Court where the Ciufc i. dcpcndiDg the fame J erm he declares; and 

Engli/h Statutes made of Force^ 

A. D. 1712. 
N". 331. 

A. D. 

tlie Attorney for the Defendant or Tenant fliall file his Warrant of Attorney as afortfaid, the fame Term he ap- ", ' '- •'" 
pears, under the Penalties infliiccd upon Attornics by ;iny former Law for Default oliiling their \\'arranls cl At* '♦'•'•• 
torney. ^ 

IV. And be it enadled, Tliat fronx and after the faid ift Day of Trinity Term it (hall and may be lawful for Defendant, &.c. 
any Dcieudant or Tenant in any Atflion or Suit, or for any PlaintiiF in Replevin, in any Court oi' Record, wiuii tna-^ pUadJc^eral 
tile Leave of the fame Court, to plead as many feveral matters thereto, as lie /hall think necelTiiry for his Defence. Alatlars. 

V. Provided ntverthelcl's, Tha.t if any fuch Matter ihall upon a Demurrer judged, be deemed infufficient, J' mifg touching 
Cofts Ihali be given at the Difcrction of the Court; or if a V'crdid fliali be found upon any Idue in the faid Caufe Ccjls. 

for the PUintiii or Demandant, Cofts ihall be alfo given in like Manner, unlefs liie Juvige, who tried the iaid 
Iflue, Ihail certify, that the faid Defendant, or Tenant, or Plaintiif in Replevin, had a probable Cauie to plead 
I'uch flatter which upon the faid liiue fhall be found again!! him. 

' VI. And whereas great Delays do frequently happen in Trials, by Reafon of Challenges to the Arrays of fc^re facias bo^.u 
Panels of Jurors, and to the Polli, for Default of Hundredors :' For Prevention thereof for the future, be it en- to be aioarJeJ, 
a6led. That from and after the faid III Day of Trinity Term, every Venire fuciai for the Trial of any liTue, in 
any A(5lion or Suit in any of her Majel^y's Courts cf Record at Weftminller, Ihall be awarded of the Lody of the 
proper County .wjiere fuch lifue is triable. 

VU. Provided, That Nothing in this A<3 before contained, fhall extend to any Writ, Declaration, or Suit of Not !9 extend to 
Appeal of relony cr i\ilurdcr, or to any Inaicimcnt or Prefeniment o;' Treafon, Felony, or Murder, or other IVrits of Appeal 
Matter, or toany Procefs upon any o/thcm, or to any Writ, Bii!, Aiiion, or IrJorir.auou upon any penal bta- o/i^f/o'O'or il/ur- 
tuto. der, 'Jfc. 

VIII. And be it enaif:ed,That from and afterthe faid ift Day of Trinity Term in any A6Hons brought in any of Whercfurori are 
her Majefiy's Courts of Record at Wefiminftcr, where it ihalJ appear to the Court in which fuch AiiiioDs arc de- t' ""ie'-v Lands, 
pending, that it will be proper and necelTar)', tr^at the Jurors who are to try the liTues in any fuch AiSions, ^'"• 

Ihould have the View of the Meffuagcs, Lands, or Place in Q^eition, in Order to their better Undcrflanding the Court may order 
Evidence that will be given upon the Trials of fuch IITues, jn every fuch Cafe the rt-fpet^tive Courts in which Special iVrits of 
fuch A(SioRs fhall be depending, may order fpecial Writs of Dijiringas or Haiias Corpora to iffue, by which the Ijiflringas or 
Sheriff, or fudi other Omcer to whom the faid Writs fhall be direftcd, Ihail be commanded to have 6 out of the Habeas Corpora., 
firft 12 of tile Jurors named in fuch Writs, or fome greater Number of them, at the Place in Queftion, fome con- 
venient Time before the Trial, who then and there Ihall have the Matters in Quellion fhewii to the'm by 2 Per- 
fons in tiie laid Writs named, to be appointed by the Court; and the faid Sheriff, or other OSicer, who is to 
execute the faid Writs, fhall, by a fpecial Return upon the fame, certify that the View hath been had according 
to the Command of the faid Writs. 

IX. And be it enafted. That from and after the faid ift Day of Trinity Term, all Grants or Convey- All Grants and 
ances ther>;after to be made, by Fine or otherwife, of any Manors or Rents, or of the P.everfion or Remainder Conveyances, l^c. 
of any Meffuagcs or Lands, fhall be good and efTcifiual, to all Intents and Purpofes, without any Attornment of to lie good, ivitheut 
the Tenants of any fuch Manors, or of the Land out of which fuch Rent fhall be ilTuing, or of the particular Attornment of 
Tenants upon whofe particular Eflates any fuch Reverfions or Remainders fhall and may be expeclant or dcpen- Tenants, 

ding, as if^ their Attornment had been had and made. 

X. Provided, That no fuch Tenant fhall be prejudiced or damaged by Payment of any Rent to any fuch Provifo, 
Grantor or Conui'or or by Breach of any Condition for Non-payment of Rent before Notice fhall be given to him 

of fuch Grant by the Conufee or Grantee. 

XI. And be it enafled. That from and after the faid ift Day cf Trinity Term, no dilatory I'lea fhall ""^ ^'^i^'ri ^'"^ 
be received in any Court of Record, unlefs the Party offering fuch Plea, do, by Affidavit, prove the Truth '" "' recei'ned un- 
thereof, or fhew fome probable Matter to the Court to induce them to believe that the Faifl of fuch dilatory Pica J' '" ^ffi^'"''- 

XII. And be it enaiSed, That from and after the faid^lft Day of Trinity Term^ where any Aflion of Debt fhall -Aaion ef Debt 
he bro'a;;ht upon any (Ingle Bill, or where A(3ion of Debt, or Scire facias, fhall be brought upon any Judgment, brought onfmgle 
if the Defendant hath paid the Jvloney due upon fuch Bill or Judgment, fuch Payment fhall and may be pleaded -S''A orfudgmeul,, 
in Bra- of fuch A6cion or Suit and where an Aftion of Debt is brought upon any Bond which hath a Coudition "/'" Money faid,. 
i>r Defealance to make void the fame upon Payment of ailcffer Sum at a Day or Place certain, if the Obligor, his I"^^ Payment may 
Heirs, Executors, or Adminiftrators, have, before the Afiicn brought, paid to the Obligee, his Executors or be pleaded in Bar., 
Adminiflrators, the Principal and Intereit clue by the Defeafance or Condition of fuch Bond, though fuch Pay- fl^^be likeonMonds.. 
ment was not made ftriclly according to the Condition or Defealance ; yet it fhall and may neverthelefs be 

pleaded in Bar of fuch Action, and (hall be as elTcflual a Bar thereof, as if the Money had been paid at the Day 
and Place, according to the Condition or Defeafance, and had been lo pleaded. 

XIIT. And he it enac~ted. That if at any Time, pending an Adlion upon any fuch Bond with a Penalty, the De- Principal and In- 
fendant fnall bring into the Court where the Atition fhall be depending, all the principal Money, and Intereft due terc/lon Bonds paid 
on fuch Bond, and alfo all fuch Coiis a= have been expended in any Suit or Suits in Law or Equity upon fuch 'n Court, Su, 
Bond, the faid Money fo brought in fhall be deemed and taken to be in full .Satisfadion and Difeharge of the faid Court may dif- 
Bond, and the Court fhall and may give Judgment to difeharge every fuch Defendant of and from the fame ac- 'barge Defendant. 

' *X1V. And whereas by an AA of Parliament made in the 29th Year of King Charles the Second, entitled, An Noncupati'^e 
' All for the Pre-jcntiou of FrnaJs and Perjuries, it is enadled, That no Nuncupative Will (hall be good, where the '''''*■ 
' Eflate thereby bequeathed (hall exceed the Value of £..30, that is not proved by the Oaths of 3 WitncflTcs, at the 29 Car. 2. c. ;,. 
' lead, that were prefent at the making thereof;' it is hereby declared. That all fuch WitntfTco as arc and ought 
to be allowed to be good WitneCfes upon Trials at Law, Ivy the Laws and Cufloms of this Realm, fhail be deenied 
good V/itneffcs to prove any Nuncupative Will, or any Thing relating thereunto. 
' See X Seil, A. A. pth April, 1734, and A. A, I789. 

'■XV. And, 

96 %\)t l^xMit ila\DS 

^•j^°- '7'''- Engli/h Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1705. 

4 Ann.c. J 6. 

' XV. And whereas it hwh bc<:n doubted, whether fince the making of the f;ud laft mcnticncd Ai5! of P^irlia- 
ment, the Declarations or Creations of Ui'es, Trufts or Confidences, of any Fines or common Rcttivrrits maixi- 

■r^^' '^ "y '■'j, fefted by De-.d made after the levying or fuffciing of fuch fines or Recoveries, are g^od and efildral iu Law;' it 
t//ij, ''"■P"' *■ is herel)y declared, That all Declarations, or Creations of Uies, 'rriills, or Confidences, of any lints or common 

vf Fines tr Re. 

Recoveries of any Land^, Tenements, or Hereditaments, manifefted proved, or which heraftcrihall be manifcilcd 

D-nd proved, by any Deed already made, or hereafter to be made, by the Patty who is by Law enabled to declare 
20 Car. I. f . 3. ^^'^ ^iki or Trufts, after the levying or fuffering of any luch Fines or Recoveries, arc and fliall be as good and ef- 

feiSlual in the Law, asif the faid lail mentioned Ad had not been made. 
No Oa'im or F.n- t-'^^'- And be it enabled. That from and after the faid ift Day of Trinity Term, no Claim or Entry to be 
<rv toil oC Farce '"^'l'-" "f <"■ upon any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, Ihall be of any Force or KfTeil to avoid any Fine 
li avoid Finr lev] -i l'^^'^*' <"' '° ^^ levied with Proclamations, according to the Form of the Statute in that Cafe made and provid- 
-t'-lb Proiijmiti- ^^ '" ''"-' Queen's Court of Common Pleas at Wellmiuftcr, or in the Courts of SeQions in any of the Cotmties 
lit is^c. unlefi an Palatine, or in C.ou. ts of Grand Scflions in \Vales, "of any Linds, Tenements or Hereditaments, or fliall be a 
Ahionlieiommenc- fuflicient Entry or Claim within the Statute made in the nil Rear of King James the Firft, entitled. An A^ for 
tdin\ Year after i'i™*-''-"'" of ■^^'''om, as:d Jor uviiilii.gofSmIs in La-.v, unlefs upon fuch Entry or Claim, an Action fhall be com- 
(tcb Entry made, •''^""•C'i within one Year neit after the making of fuch Entry er Claim, and profecuteu with EffeCl. 
S-ament IVate'i. XVII. ^Vnd be it further en^etcd. That all Suits and Ailions in the Court of Admiralty for Stamen's Wages, 
which fhall become due after the faid ift Day of I'rinity Term, iliall be commenced and fucd within 6 Years 
next after the Caufe o( fuch Suits or A6lions (hall a'ccruc, and not after. 
Provifuin cafe of XVill. Provided, That if any P-.rfon or Perfons, who is or (hall be intitUd to any fuch Suit or Aflion for Sea- 
Kmige, Feme men's Wages, he or (hall be, at the Time of any fuch Caufe of Suit or AiSion accrued, fallen or come, witliin 
Covert, or Kon the Age of II Years, Feme Covert, Non comjios ineiilis, imprifoncd or beyond the Seas, that tlien fuch Pcrfon or 
!jnifoj mentis. Sic. Perfon-. (hall be at Liberty to bring the time Aiflions, fo as they take the fan)'' within 6 Years next after their 

coining to, or being of full Age, difcoveit, of fane Memory, at large, and returned from beyond the Seas. 
Anion atainll XIX. And be it further ei!a<51cd by the Authority aforefaid. That if any Perfon or Perfons, againft whom 

Perfon,tineb-\ond ^^'"^ '* <"■ f''^" '"^ ^^^ '"'^'^ Caufe of Suit or Aiftlon for Seamen's M'ages, or againll whom their (liall be any 
the Seas may he '-'"'''-■ °f A(ftion of Trefpafs, Detinue, Aclions fur Trover, or Replevin for taking away Goods 01 Cattle, or of 
hroiitlit'aricr their Atftion of Account, or upon the Cafe, or of Debt grounded upon any Lending or Contrai5l witliout Specialty, 
J< turn of Debt for Arrearages of Rent, or aflault. Menace, Fatte:y,woiHiding, and Imprlfonment, or any of them, be 

or (hall be, at the Time of anyfuch Caufe of Suit or A<5lion given or accrued, fallen, or come beyond the Seas, 
_ That then fuch Perfon or Perfons, who is or dial! be entitled to any fuch Suit or Adion, fnall be at Liberty to 

Provfo. bring the faid Adions againll fuch Perfon and Perfons, after their Return from beytiid tlic Seas, fo as they uke 

the fame after their Return from beyond the Seas, within fuch Times as arc relpedivcly limited for the bring- 
ing of the fai J Adions before by this A&., and by the faid other Ai51 made in tlic 2lil Year of the Reign of King 
James the Firft. 
Bail BonJialen XX. And be it enartcd, That if any Perfon or Perfons (hall be arretted from and after the faid ifl Pay of 'Pri- 

*v SI/er'tT &'• "''y ^"'■■•■"'> ''y ^"y ^^ rit, Bill, or Procefs, ifTuing out of her Majefty's Courts ot Record at Wellminfter, at the 
niatbeallhneJlo ''"'' of any common Perfon, and the Sheriff or other Oihcer takcth Bail from fuch Perfon, againft whom fuch 
Plainliff." Writ, Bill, or Procefs is taken out, the SherilT or other Officer at the Rcqueft and Cofts of the Plaintift"in fuch 

^' Aiftion or Suit, or his lawful .'Attorney, Ihall affign to the Plaintiff in fuch Aolion the Bail Bond or other Security 

taken from fuch Bail, by endorfing the fame, and attcfting it under his Hand and Seal in the Prefcnce of two or 
more credible Witneffes, which may be done without any Stamp; provided the Aflignmcnt fo endorfcd be duly 
Pro-vifo. ftarapt before any Adlion be broiight thereupon ; and if the faid Bail Bond or Allignment, or other Security taken 

for Bail he forfeited, the Plaintiff in fuch Adion, after fuch Allignment made, may bring an Aftion and Suit 
thereupon in his own Name, and the Court where the AiSion is brought, may by Rule or Rules of the faoic 
Court, give fuch Relief to the Plaintifl'and Defendant in the original Adion, and to the Bail, upon the faid Bond 
or other Security taken from fuch Bail, as is agreeable to Juftice and Reafon, and that fuch Rule or Rules of the 
faid Court Ihall have the Nature and Effed cf a Dcfeazanee to fuch Bail Bond, or other .Security for Bail. 
_, I I T XXI. All Warranties which (hall be made after the faid ift Day of Trinity Term, by any Tenant for Life, of 

"iV"!-/ V any Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, the fame dcfcending or coming to any Perfon in Riverfion or Re- 
■,intjerl.iJevoia. ^^^^^^^^ j^^|| |,^. ^^^j^ ^„j ^f ^^^^ j,,,^^^^^ . ^„j Hkrwife all collateral Warranties, which Ihall be made after die 
faid ill Day of Trinity Term, of any Lands, Tenements, o> Hereditaments, by any Anccftorwho has no F.ftate 
of Inheritance in PolTelfion in the fame, (hall he void againft his Heir. 

XXII. And be it eiiadcd. That no .Sui/rf-//./, or any other Procefs for Appearance, do ilfue out of any Court of 
A'o Suifixna to Fquity.till after the Bill is filcdwjth the proper Officer in the rcfpcdivcCourf- of Equity, except in Cafes of Bills for 
IffutliU after Bill jnjundions to (lay Walles, or f^'Suits at Law commenced, and a Certificate thereof brought to the ."ii/A^«.r/i» OfTice, 

fled. Excej-tion. or to him who ufually makes oni Sniprrnai or other Procefs in the feveral Courts of Equity, under the Hand of 
the fix Clerk, or other Clerk or Officer who ufually files Bills in Equity, for which Certificate he ihall receive no 

XXIII. And for the better preventing vexatious Suits in Courts of Equity; be it further cnadrd, That upon 
OndifmifTinyBill: "'lie Plaintiff'sdifmilling bis own Bill, or the Defendant's difmilling the fame for Want of Profetution, the Plain- 
in Eoi.iiy, Plain- tiff in fuch Suit (hall pay to the Defendant or Defendants, his or their full Coflc, to be taxed by a Mailer: And that 
tiff or PJendaut no Copy, Abflrad, of Tenor of any Bill in Equity, do go with the Hedimus or Commilfion for taking the Defend- 
to pay full Cops. ant's Anfwer; butin I.i-.uand Rccomnence thereof, the fworn Clerks of the C';urt of Chancery (hall take to 

their own Ufe, in all Claufes, the whole Term Fee of 3». aA. and alfo the whole Fee or Fees of and for all fniall 
Writs made by the laid fworn Clerks.- 

XXIV. And be it further cnaded, Thatfrom and afterthe faid ill Day of Trinity Term, this Ad and all the 
Aa loexiendto all j;, jy, ^f leofjils fliall extend to all Suits in any of her Majefly's Courts of Record at Wellminfter, for Rcco- 
l;.'"/';,":' ^ ver, 
^'"•f ' ■''"'''> t See 3d S..?. Lin:itati.>n AH, lilt Detemler, I713. 

of g>outf)^'Carolina. 

Engli/h Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1712. 
N°. 331.. 

'very of any Debt immediately owing, or any Revenue belonging tt> her Majefty, her Heirs or Succeffors; and '. ' (./ 

fliall alfo extend to all Courts of Record in the Counties Palatine of Lancaftcr, Chefter, and Durham, and the ^/ ""'v'ti.i, ;. 

Principality of Wales, and to all other Courts of Record within this Kingdom. <{ " ^' ITl' i-a'h 

XXV. And for the preventing great vexation from luing out defective Writs af Error; be it enadled, That n"\ji,' ■', 
upon the quaihing any Writ of Error to be fued out after the faid ifl Day of Trinity 'I'erm, for Variance from "j' '^ "K , 
the original Record or other Defeft, the Defendants in fuch Error fliall recover againll the Plaintiff or Plain- °-( ""J Cp 
tifTs, iffuing out fuch Writ, his Colls, as he fnould have had if the Judgment had been alBrmed, and to be re- ' ° ' ■'"' 
covered in the fame Manner. 

XXVI. ' And whereas great Trouble and Expence is frequently occafioned to the Widows and Orphans of FrohahsofWdU 
' Perfons dying inteftate to Monies or Was;csdue for Work done in her Majefty's Yards and Docks, by Difputes "tid AJminiJhali- 
' happening about the Authority of granting Probate of the Wills, and Letters of Admifliftration of the Goods <"''■ 

' and Chattels of fuch Perfons, and for preventing fuch unneccffary Trouble and Expence;' be it enatled, 

That the Power ef grantirig Probates of the Wills, and Letters of Adminiftration of the Goods and Chattels of 

fuch Perf<)n and Perfons rgfpci5tively is, and is hereby declared to be, in the Ordinary of the Diocefe, or fuch other 

Perfon, to whom the ordinary Power of Probate of Wills, or granting Letters of Adminiflration do belong, 

where fur.h Perfoo and Perfons (h.dl refpedively du; ; and that the .Salary, Wages, or Pay due to fuch Perfon 

or Perfons from the CTueen's Majefty, her Heirs or SuccelTors, for Work done in any of the Yards or Docks, fliall ■"'"•' "J-™'-'^. 

not he taken or deemed to be Bona mtaliilin, whereby to found the Jurifdiclion of the prerogative Court. 

XXVII And be it enafled. That from and after the faid ifl: Day of Trinity Term, Adtions of .i ccouiit fliall Aaioni cfA::ii-:t 
and may be brought and maintained againll the Executors and Adniinillrators of every Guardian, Bailiff, and may ii brouyht u- 
Receiver; and alfo by one Joint Tenant, and Tenant in Common, hi« Executors and Adminithators, againft gaiiijl Exccut'>r; 
the other, as Bailiff for receiving more than comes to his juft Share or Proportion, and againll the Executor and o/Guaman, Biii- 
Adminirtrator of fucii Joint Tenant, or Tenant in Common ; and the Auditors appointed by the Court, where liff', dcir. Ai/ditari 
fuch Aclion (hall be depending, (hall be, and are hereby impowered to adminifter an Oath, and examine the totxainim li^ 
Parties touching the Matters in Queflion, and for their Pains and Trouble in auditing and taking fuch Ac- Purtia an Octh. 
count, have fuch Allowance as the Court (liall adjudge to be realbnabie, to be paid by the Party on whofe lide 
the Balance of the Account fliall appear to be. 

An A£l to enable Infants who are feized or poffefTed of Eftates in Fee, a. d. 170?. 
in Truft or by Way of Mortgage, to make Conveyances of fuch t^""-'-^'}- 

' "^TrHEREAS many Inco.nveniences do and may arife by Reafon that Perfons under the Age of 21 Years 
' VV having Eftates in Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, only in Trufl; for others, or by'Way of Morr- 
' g^ige. eannot (though by the Dire(Sion of the G/.-.y que Tri.J},oT Mortgager) convey any lure Eftate in any fuch 

' Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, to any other Perfon or Perfons :' For Remedy thereof, be jt enafted Aft<r 10 Mcy 

That from and after the loth Day of May 1709, it fliall and may be lawful to and for any fuch Perfon or Per- 1709, any Perfon 

fons, under the Age of 21 Years, by the'Dircflion of the High Court of Chancery or the Court of Erchi-quer, '•■«*'• 'I" ^f of 

fignified by an Order made upon hearing all Parties concerned, on the Petition of the Perfon or Perfons for ^I. *''".?■ Trpftr, 

whom fuch Infant or Infants (hall be k\?.ci or pofielTed in Trufl:, or of the Mortgagor or Morgagors, or Guar- Ss*.:. may by the 

dian or Gardians of fuch Infant or Infants, or Perfon or Perfons entitled to the Monies fecured b'y or upon any Oireliiom of tie 

Lands, Tenements, or Hereditaments, whereof any Infant or Infantsare or (hall be feized or poffefied by Way Courts of Chanct- 

of Mortgage, or of the Perfon or Perfons entitled to the Redemption thereof, to convey and aiTure any fuch n-> " E'cherjmr, 

Lands, tenements, or Hereditaments, in fuch Manner as the faid Court of Chancery or the Court of Exchequer con-veyfich Lands, 

fliall, by fuch Order fo to be obtained, dircft, to any other Perfon or Perfons; and fuch Conveyance or AITu- ^t^- 

ranee fo to be had and made as aforefaid, (hall be as good and efTeiflnal in Law, to all Intents and Purpofes "«'</"''£* Con-jey- 

whatfoever, as if the faid Infants or Infant were, at the Time of making fuch Conveyance or AfTurance, of the '^ncefhall bego d. 
full Age of 21 Years; any Law, Cuftom, or Ui'age to the contrary in any wife nofwithftandino-. 

II. And be it enaded, That all and every fuch Infant or Infants, being only Truftee or Truffees, Mortgagee £" Wantbsinf, 

or Mortgagees as aforefaid, (hall and may be compelled by fuch Order, fo as aforefaid to be obtained, to make ^''"J'"' f^'' "'"J 

fuch Conveyance or Conveyances, AlVurance or Ailuranres as aforefaid, in like Manner as Truftees or Morga- 'j"'"/' , i'" 

gees of full Age arc compellable to convey or alUgn their Truft Eftates, or Trfortgages. makefuchtonvey- 

'^ """• '^^■ 

An Ad for the better Security of Rents, and to prevent Frauds com- a. d. 1709. 
mitted by Tenants. ^A.n.a^. 


taken by Virtue of any Execution on any Pretence vvhatfoever, unlefs the Party at whofe .Suit the laid Execution f'on fc „„A/> 

IS lued out, fliall before the Removal of fuel, Goods from off the faid Preniifes, by Virtue of fuch Execution or ihe 'Party b,fL 

Extent pay to the Landlord ol the laid Premifes or his Bailiff, all fuch Sum or Sums of Money as are or fliall Ren,ovJJtb. 

be due for Rent for the faid Premifes at the Time of the taking fuch Goods or Chatties by Virtue of fuch Execu- Goods IsfT. p<t^ 

tion; Provided the (aid Arrears ot Rent do not amount to more than I Year's Rent; and in cafe the faid Arrears the Landlord'thi 

J^IJ (hall Rent dm. 

98 C|)c ?i)uMic iLa\us 

"n^'ss.'!* Evglijh Statutes made of Force. 

A. D. 1709. 

8 Ann. c. 14. ftiall fxteed r Year's Rent, then the faid Party, at whofe Suit furh Eiecutioii is fued out, paying the faid I.anJ- 

jzH.J.c. 4. lord or his Bailiff, I Year's Rent, may prcteed to cxicute his Judgment, as he mipht have done Defore the niak- 

13 £J. I.e. 37. ingof this AA ; and the Sherift' or other Otticer is hereby impowcrcd and required to levy and pay to the Plain- 

a W. & M.j'iat. tiff as well the Money fo paid fur Rent, as the Kxet^tion Monty. 
I. t. S- PruviJcd Uam<,unt to nn xorc than I Teur'j jlrrtl. 

ThcSliciiff, Sit . 10 II. And in cafe any Leffee for Life or Lives, Term of Years, at Will or otherwife, of any Meffuages, Lands, 

Uvf ibc Ktr.t ai or Tenements, upon the Demifc whereof any Rents are cr Ihall be refervcd ur nude payable, Ihall, fioni and 

'.vrltistbe Execu- after the fjid ill Day of Mny, frjuiUricntly or clandeftiuely convey or carry oflor from fuch demil'cd Premifes 

iionMonry. If his Goods or Chatties, with Intent to prevent the Landlord or Leflor from dirtrainin.j the fame for Arrears of 

any LrJJet, Si.t. iiich Rent fu relerved as aforcfaid, it (hall and may be lawful to and for fuch LelTor or Landlord, orany Perfon 

fn^UfrauduUntty or Pel fons by him for that Purpr.fe lawfully impowered, within the Space of j Days next enl'tiinp- fuch convey ■ 

carry off Goods , ing away or carry off fuch Goods or Chatties as aforefE id, to tike and fiizc luch Goods and Chatties where-cvtr 

&.'. the Lrjpir, the lame (hall be found, as a Difircis tor the faid Arrears of fjch Rent; and the lame to fell or otherwife difpole 

iicmny ivUhin $ of, in futh Manner, as if the (iiid Gocdi and Chatties had aAu.illy been diftrained by fuch Leffnr or Landlord, 

Days a/trrfrize in and upon fuch demifed Premifes lor fuch Arrears of Rent ; ai.y Lnv, Culloni, or Ufage to the contrary in 

fjcb CooJi, &c. any wile notwith'.tanriing. 

and f til tic fame ai if ihey had Urn difraincil. 

Pro^fu,fiicb Lrf- 111. Provided That nothing in this Afl contained (hall extend, or be conftrued to extend, to impower fuch 

fr, &i. Jlali ncl Leffor or Landlord to taiie orleize any Goods or Chatties as a Di'lrtfs for Ariejr^ of Rent, which (hall be fold 

fize any Goods, iona^i/c, and for a valuable Conlidcranon, before fuch Seizure maiie; any thing herein ccntained to ll>c contra- 

&f. ■abichjhall ic ry notwithftanding. 

bonafdtfoUbtfrt. ' IV. And whereas no AiSior of Debt lies againft a Tenant for Life or Lives, for any Arrears of Rent, dur- 

Dtlitmayie ing the Continuance of fuch Eilate for Life or Lives,' Be it cno<flcd, 1 hat from and after the faid III Day of 

lirougbi arainfl May it fhall and may be lawful for any Perfon or Perfons, bavin? any Rent in Arrcar or duo upon any Leafc 

'Tenant for Life or Uemife for Life or Lives, to bring an A (9 ion or Actions of Debt for fuch Arrears of Rent, in the fame 

f;r Rent. Manner as they might have done, in cafe fuch Rent were due and referved upon a Leafe for Years. 
Difircffti Habit to V. -A.nd it is hereby enaded. That all DiftrtlVes hereby impowered to be made as aforcfaid, (hall be liable to 

fuib Sates, and to fuch Sales, and in fuch Manner, and the Monies arifing by fuch Sales to be diltributed in like Ma.incr, as by an 
be Jifirihuted, as AiS made in the id Year of the Reign of their late Majedies King William and Queen Mart, intitled, 
by tbe AS 2 W. An AH for enaoiing the Sale of Goods dif.rained for Rent, in cafe the Rent be nut faid in rtafonaUt Tint, is ill that Be- 
it M. f I. e. 5. half dire(?.ed and appointed. 

Rent in Arrear ' VI. And whereas Tenants/»r ailf.- v.v and Leffccs for Years or at Will, frequently hold over the Tene- 

uf on a Leaf e for ' mcnts to ihcm demifed, after the Determination of futh Leafes : .And whereas after the Determination of 

Z!fe, Sic. expi- ' fuch, or any other Leafes, no Dillrefscan by Lawbe made for any Arrearsof Rent that grew due on fuch re- 

red,MayiediJ}rai- ' fpeftive Leafes before the Determination thereof;' It is hereliy enadlcd. That from and after the faid lil Day 

nedfor after tie of May 1 710, it (hall and may be lawful for any Perfon or Perfons, having any Rent in Arrear or due upon any 

Dtlerminatian of Leafe for Life or Lives, or for Years, or at Will, ended or determined, to diflrain for fuch Arrears, after the 

tbe Leafe. Determination of the faid refpeclive I-eafes, in tlic fame Manner as they might have done, if futh Leafc or 

Leafes had not been ended or determined. 

DiRrefstoltviitb- VII. Provided, That fuch Dill rcfs be made within the Space of 6 Kalendar Months after the Determination 

in b Months af- of fuch L.afe, and during the Continuance of fuch Landlord's Title or Intcrcft, and during the Pollcflion of 

tertbe End of tbe the Tenant from whom fuch Arrears became due. 
Leafe, and during tbe Landlord's rilUandTe,:ant's Pof.Jlon. 

This Aafiall not Vlll. Provided, That nothing m this A& contained (hall extend, or be conllrued to extend, to kt, hinder or 

binder the guetn, prejudice her Majelly, her Heirs ir Suceffors, in the levying, recovering or fcizing any Debts, Fines, Penalties 

Su. to letyStc. ' or Forfttitures, that are or (hall be due, payable or anfwerable to her Majedy, her Heirs or Succeflbrs; but that 

any Debts^ Fines, it (hall and may be lawful for her Majcl-y, her Hiirs and Succelfors, to levy, recover, and fcizc fuch Dc' .•. 

^c. diuiotbe ' Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures, in the fame Manner us if tJiis Ail had never been mule; any Thing in this Art 

Crtnvn. contained to the contrary thereof )D any wi(e iiotwitldlanding 

.Statutes referred II. In any of the above enumerated flatutes where any reference is made to any former 
to or explaining ftatutc, as to the penally or tlie iiianiur of rccovci y, or execution ol the (aid ftatules, or 
the biforecnu- ^yhcre the (aid (lalutes are. explained, or continued, tpr m.jdc perpetual, or confirmed by any 
mtratcdnatutcs, ^j-^^.^. (tajmc, that in fuch^'Cdlc the laid Statute lo relcrrcd to, or that doth continue, make 
Smeforc • ' ' perpetual or confirm any of tlic faid enumerated flatutes, as to fo inucli of them as is lo re- 
ferred to, or that doth explain, continue, make |)crpctual or conlirm the above enumerated 
(latutes, arc hereby declared to be of as full force in this province as if particularly enume- 
rated in this att. 
Alfo all the fta- HI. All tlif [ialuttt of the ktHf/om of Eny,land rclalinr, lo tlie alke,iame of the people to her pre- 
lutes relating to a„; Majejlv Qiiten Anne, anil her lawful Succejfor.f, and the/cverat puhli( Oaths, and fubfcnbing 
n"^d^"l'^^'^iT' h ''"^ '■'.fi^ required of the people ij Lnfjatid in f/iieral. Ay any of the faid flatutes oftliefaid kingdom, 
r;ght"and"l!her- "nd alfo allfuehjlalutes in the kingdom cf England, as declare the rights and liberties ofihefubjeSls, 
tics of the fub- and enact the better Jeiuring the fame, as to Jo much of the faid futules as relates lo the above men- 
. jecis, Iliall be of i,g„(j partirulars of the allegianic of the pecpU lo their Sovereign, the public oaths, andfutjcribing 
full force ill this !/■.• 


of g'Otitfi-Carolma. 99 

tht tefls required of ihem, and t'le declaring and fecurinq the rights and liberties ofthefub;eBs, are A. D. 1712. 
hereby enaEled and declared to extend to, and to be of full force in this province as if particularly enu- N°. 331. 
ineral^d in this acl, 

IV. And for the better putting in force and execution of all and every the before enume- The General Af- 
rated ftatutes, paragraphs, fettions or numbers of paragraphs of Statutes, Be it further^ enadlei, ffml'ly of this 
That the General Aifembly for that part of this Province that lies South and Weft of Cape J|™^''"'^<=' '"'^ 
^ , . r 1 1 . r n 11 1 i ,- 1 i • ■ ' Governor iiud 
Fear, and the leveral members thereot (hall have the lame power and authority m any matter Council the 

or thing relating to the faid ftatutes, or that is given by the f ime to the Parliament of England, Chief'Jullice.the 
or the members thereot ; and tlie Honourable the Governor and the Council of this Province JulliteaofPeacc, , 
for the time being, fhall have all the power and authority relating to the execution ol the faid =r.1 r«ry Oili- 
enumerated ftatutes, as by the fame or by any other the laws ot England, or given to the ^^^ execute the 
Lord Chancellor, or the Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England; that the Chief Juftice fame Power as 
of this Province, and his lawful fucceflbrs, fliall have all the power and authority in the anyOfllccrof the 
execution of any the faid cnuncrated ftatutes, as the Chief Juftice or any the [uftices or f^™<^' '"''-' "■j'i'^'-'* 
Judges of the Courts of Queen's Bench or Common Plexus, or the Chief Baron or'Buons of ?°'^J"7J°J""'"' 
the Court of Exchequer, or any Juftices of the Seffions of Commiftioners of Oyer and Ter- 
miner and Gaol Delivery in the kingdom of England, can or may have or do ; and that the 
Juftices of the Peace in this Province fliall ha\e the powers of the Jufticebof the Peace in the 
kingdom of England, and every officer, minifteror under officer of (his Province, ihall have and 
execute the fame power and authoiity of every Juftice, officer, minifter or under officer of the 
fame name, ftile,'title and ufual office, employment and authority in the kingdom of England, 
in and about the execution of the prcmiles, to all intents, conftrudions and purpofes whatfo- 

V. All and even,' part of the common law of England, where the fame is not altered by 

the above enumerated afts, or inconfiftent with the particular conftitutions, cuftoms and laws The common 
of this Province, excepting fo much thereof as hath relation to the ancient tenures which are Jf™," .^yc'"^ 
taken away by aft of Parliament, made in the 12th year of the reign of King Charles the 2d, in ;h is Province 
chapter 24, entitled, An aRJcr taking away the court 0} wards and liveries, and tenures in capite, tsceptions. 
and by knight Jervite and purveyance, iSc, whereby it is enafted, ' That all tenures by the com- 
' mon law, whether held of the King or any other perfon or perfons, are turned into free and 
' common foccage,' and which ftatute as to that part of it which doth enacl, that all tenures 
be turned into free and common foccage, is hereby enafted and declared to be ol as full force 
in this Province as if particularly enumerated by this aft; '*and aljo excepting that part of the 
common law which relates to matters ecclefiajlical, which are inconfiftent with or repugnant to thejet- 
tlement of the Church oj England in this Province, by the feveral aEls oj ajfembly thereof, be and is 
hereby made and declared to be in as full force and virtue within this Province, as the fame 
is or ought to be within the faid kingdom of PLngland, and that the Governor for the time be- Court of chan^ 
ing, with his Council, conftituting a Court of Chancery in this Province, fliall have power """y- 
to put in execution, and caufe to be put in execution in this Province, fo much of the faid 
common law, except as before excepted, as the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper of the 
Great Seal of Great-Britain may do in the kingdom of England; and the Chief Juftice of 
this Province may put in execution fo much of the faid common law of England, within this 
Province, except alfo as before excepted, as any of the Juftices or Judges of any the Courts 
of Queen's Bench and Common Pleas or Barons of the Exche([uer, or Commiftioners of 
Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol Delivery, may do in the faid Kingdom of England, and every 
officer, minifter, or under officer of this Province fhall execute lo much of the faid law with- 
in this Province, except as before excepted, as any officer, minifter, or under officer of the 
fame name, ftile, power and authority in the kingdom of England may or ought to execute 
within the fame. 

\^L Every Perfon refpeftively whatfoever, which derives any authority or power judicial ?^'^JT*"'^f ?"' 
or minifterial from and by this aft, which fhall or doth negleft, refufe or omit to do and exc- j\^^\\ (,c fuhieft 
cute all or any fuch things which by the afts before enumerated, or made of force in this Pro- to the fame Pe- 
vince by this aft, or required to be done and executed, fhall undergo fuch penalties, forfeit naltiesastheOf- 
fuch fum and fums of money, lofs of place or office, for each fuch negleft, refufal or omiffion fi*:^"'" England. . 
as every refpeftivemagiftrate, officer, minifter or perfon whatfoever, within the kingdom of 
England or South-Britain, ought to undergo, forfeit and fufferby every refpeftive aft, to be 
profccuted, recovered and difpofed according to the dire6lions of the faid feveral afts in any 
of the Courts of Record in this Province. 

* See'^ZthclaufeoftheConfliluUon. - \T\\, And 


Clje J^iibltc ilaVas 

A. D. 1712. VII. And k it further enacted by the authority aforcfuid, the Governor, the Chief Juf- 
X"', 331. tice ot the Court of Common Pleas, and every other officer, minifter, under ofEccr and every 

_ , other Perfon whatfoevcr concerned in the execution of any the beiore enumerated afts. (liall 

Fees appointed , 1 r i 1 /- < ,■ r < ■ , ■ ' 1 1 • ' ■ . 

I>y the act of af- ''"" ^^Y '^''^ '"'^" *"'* '*' ^^ch iees tor doing and executing every matter and thing contained 
fcmbly may be within the faid afts, as by one afl of aflembly of this Province made and ratified at Charles- 
Liken. Town, the 8th day of Oftober, Anno Domini, 1698, entitled, * An ail for afccrtaining publk 
cfucrsjees, they may or ought to take and receive, any thing in any of the ftatutcs mentioned 
in this aft to the contrary contained not with (landing. 
Courts of record VIII. Every court of record within this Province, fhall be taken for and have and exe- 
iliall have the cute the power of the King's or Queen's Court mentioned in any of the before recited a£U; 
power of the g,,^ (j^^j []jg rnarflial's houfe in this Province, or fuch public prifon as (hall afterwards be built 
Oilcan's Courts ^^ ^^ °^ ordinances ol the General Affemblv, and declared